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T ■i il University City High School 6949 Genesee Avenue San Diego, California 1983-1984 Volume 3 Opening 1 Looking Today At 2 Opening Yesterday ' s Dreams E. K Opening 3 " Nothing happens unless first a dream, " Carl Sandburg tells us, and one of the first places where enduring dreams are made is in high school. Our years at University City High were not just hours of classes and nights of homework. They were times of dream making. We dreamed of pleasing that certain someone, of finding just who we were among the crowd, and we dreamed of scoring — on the field and off, in whatever endeavor. We tried on roles and goals, and we tasted the more exalted dreams of fashioning a career and future for ourselves. In our dream making, we absorbed all around us. We formed our dreams from the heroes of our youth, by the models of our teachers, the historical greats we encoun- tered, the generous outpouring of ideas from our parents and teachers, and no less, by lis- tening to each other. Even career speakers, college visits, the unforgettable Career Plan- ning Inventory (Remember: " Would you rather work outdoors with your hands or inside at a desk? " ) helped form our aims. So did the wis- dom of the past and the energy of the present. X: ll : i fl " i( liiiiilltlfili llllijlll! i ' iiii ! ni jTi Open(ng 5 5 Opening Opening 7 T We fulfilled our dreams by thinking " Why not? " instead of saying " I wish, " and such thinking led to memories. Because we thought and reasoned and dreamed together, we had a homecoming parade, a first-time, tradition-set- ting event in the community at large. Because of this idealistic thinking, the Centurion em- blem graced our gymnasium. Due to the dreams of the men and women athletes, we made our name among the athletic teams of the city. No longer could anyone say " Universi- ty who? " More personally we shaped our dreams in solitude, shared them in friendship. We dreamed dreams so daring we told them with hisitation to only a close few in the late hours after " scheduled " activities were over. 8 Opening 10 Opening I u We shared our urgent ones in notes none- too-subtly passed in class. We shouted others from the bleachers. We discovered that he who possesses a dream knows doubt no longer. Our parents told us that good dreams lead to good memories, that remembrance of things past can be bitter if we don ' t follow our dreams, so we questioned those dreams. We learned more than what was taught in class. We discovered where we were strong, where we might fall. We grew to temper our loftiest dreams with reality, practicality. We learned that Utopias are not easily made, yet we real- ized, too, that when dreams wither, there is no more greatness. 12 Opening -rriiiihi I I Opening 13 In that learning process, we created memor- ies — some indelible, others vague; many won- derful, some just plain silly, inevitably a few painful. Though memory might be cruel, for- getfullness comes to the rescue. That ' s fortu- nate. Looking back on yesterday ' s dreams — the ones we achieved and the ones we outgrew — our hearts are warmed. 14 Opening Opening 15 1 i 16 Opening wn Contents Opening Activities Clubs Organizations Staff Sports Classes Closing 18 Activities Happy people are active people, people who are involved. U.C.H.S. not only provided stu- dents with educational courses and sports but also offered a multitude of activities to suit the needs of the students. Involvement was the ey factor that generated the Centurion spirit, ep rallies, formal dances, drama, spirit week, and the talent show were just a few extra ac- tivities that made school more enjoyable. Activities 19 Let ' s Celebrate Friday October 27th was a day for anticipa- tion at UCHS; chairs creaked as students squirmed and thoughts dwelled not on F=ma or Chaucer ' s Canterbury Tales, but on the evening ahead, the evening of UC High ' s first Homecoming dance. It was to be the first Homecoming with re- turning alumni and the school had prepared a parade fitting for the occasion. Organized by Mr. Michael Price, the parade, consisting of three class floats and one anonymous skull, began at Standley Park, proceeded through the UCHS campus, around the track, and past the crowd assembled to watch the televised football game between the UC. Centurions and the University Dons, with the ceremonial crowning of the King and Queen during half- time. " The parade almost didn ' t happen, " said Mr. Price, " I had to haggle with the police de- partment for weeks before they would agree to provide an escort, and that didn ' t happen until just before the parade was due to start! " The Senior float of a Centurion in a bathtub with a beer in his hand took first place, with the Junior and Sophomore entries coming in re- spectively. The former queen, Diana Covert, relinquished her crown to Nancy Nadeau and Matt Brock inherited the throne of king from Ron Vance. The prince and princess were Eric Bridge and Bebe Abrigo, the Duke and Dut- chess were Steve Mamber and Beth Nadeau, and the senior attendants were Darnell Hop- kins, Randy Barnes, Lisa Khoo and Jill Heming- way. U.C. High ' s first homecoming game ended a victorious 31-14 over the Dons and ushered in the enthusiasm for the dance ahead. Tires squealed and engines roared as the students raced off to prepare for the celebra- tion, wining and dining before venturing back on campus to the dance. The lights dimmed as an announcer stepped to the center of the floor, setting the spotlight for the introduction of the Homecoming Court. Tears ran and flashes burst in honor of the joyous celebration and everyone danced to the theme song " Celebrate Me Home. " The float parade, the returning alumni, the victorious game and a smash of a dance all contributed to the memory-making success of U.C. High ' s first homecoming. The Homecoming Court anxiously awaits the results Junior Prince. Eric Bridge, and Princess, Steve Mamber and Beth Nadeau delight in a spe Bebe Abrigo. enjoy the traditional slow cial sophomore Duke and Dutchess dance, dance. 20 Homecoming The luniors exhibit their creativity in the Homecoming float. Mk mk VH The sophomores display a unique interpretation of the Homecoming theme. Homecoming 21 Guilty Or Not Guilty Mrs. Saracino ' s five drama classes were overflowing with strong talent and ambition. The first mysterious production of the year was the Agatha Christie tale, " Witness for the Prosecution. " The action revolved around a young man accused of murder. The testimony of his wife was expected to save him, but she turned aga inst him and stopped just short of hanging him. The suspenseful thriller didn ' t end there. With its uncanny twists and ploys, it kept the audience gasping up until the final curtain. The major roles were played by Greg Henry, Jackie Kutnick, David Newell, Chris McCauley, and David O ' Barr. All twenty-two members of the cast impersonated English and German ac- cents superbly and made the audience feel as though they were in the actual trial. Rehearsals began in mid-October and ran three to four hours a day. The def(?r dant. David O ' Barr, awaits the decision of the jury. I r Adam Wopshal, the barrister, stands by as Jackie Kutnik takes her oath. Sean Safreed. Brigette Klein, and Mike Howell progresses. the jury, listen intensely as the trial 22 Winter Drama Production Kent Ninomiya contemplates the possibility of a lefthanded murderer. Michelle Myking, the stenographer, silently takes down the proceedings of the trial. David Newell awaits the answer to his prying question. Winter Drama Production 23 Guilty Or Not Guilty Mrs. Saracino ' s five drama classes were overflowing with strong talent and ambition. The first mysterious production of the year was the Agatha Christie tale, " Witness for the Prosecution. " The action revolved around a young man accused of murder. The testimony of his wife was expected to save him, but she turned against him and stopped just short of hanging him. The suspenseful thriller didn ' t end there. With its uncanny twists and ploys, it kept the audience gasping up until the final curtain. The major roles were played by Greg Henry, Jackie Kutnick, David Newell, Chris McCauley, and David O ' Barr. All twenty-two members of the cast impersonated English and German ac- cents superbly and made the audience feel as though they were in the actual trial. Rehearsals began in mid-October and ran three to four hours a day. The deftJTidant, David O ' Barr, awaits the decision of the |ury. Adam Wopshal, the barrister, stands by as Jackie Sean Safreed. Brigette Klein, and Mike Howell, the jury, listen intensely as the trial Kutnik takes her oath. progresses. 22 Winter Drama Production Kent Ninomiya contemplates the possibility of a lefthanded murderer Michelle Myking, the stenographer, silently takes down the proceedings of the trial. David Newell awaits the answer to his prying question. Winter Drama Production 23 Halloween Spirits Ghosts and goblins? Well, maybe not, but a bear on a unicycle flashed around campus and even a tricycling Charl ie Brown was spied. Halloween itself held the costume judging contest. The winner ' s circle included Monique Moxey as a nerd and a mutated Mr. Owen who appeared to have spent too much time near Jeff Folsum. Last, but not least were the men of the sea; Steve Mamber ' s pirate. Randy Barnes ' Captain Crunch, and Old Spice man, Joe Weigand. The annual pumpkin judging was divided into two categories, the pure pumpkin and the pumpkin plus. The pure pumpkin category was for all standard carvings and was won by a grimacing pumpkin from Mrs. Climes ' class. Pumpkin plus was the category for those who wished to add props or decorations to their pumpkin. This category was taken by Mrs. White ' s class with their version of Mr. T. Mr T knocks out the others in the homeroom pumpkin carving contest. Women wait for Joe Weigand to come home from the seas. To bee or not to bee " Anyone need a hand? " asks Brenda De- barko. Hey. Linus! Throw me the ball! 24 Halloween Ascending Stars Air bands, dancers, singers and Maurice Johnson-what could this be? The talent show, of course. The show, co-ordinated by Mrs. Sar- acino, featured a variety of acts. Two air bands performed, one poked fun at Boy George: the other imitated Judas Priest. The most humor- ous act had to be the Glimmer Twins, a parody of disco-dancing in the seventies complete with gold chains and polyester suits. The In- mates returned with a hot set of U2 songs. Maurice Johnson provided the humor and kept the audience in line by reminding them that he knew where they lived. Piano soloist. Eileen Alfonso, plays " Remember IVIe ' The Inmates reunite, performing a U2 medley. Tfie sfiow ' s Master of Ceremonies. Maurice Jotinson. takes It off. % Ttne Glimmer Twins " . Geoff Folsom and Ananda Turner performs a solo dance Steve Powers add a humorous touch to medley, the evening Julia Freer and Manuel Wingfield perform " On the Wings of Love " Er Talent Show 25 ASB Ball Rocks All Night Long The Regency Ballroom of the Hyatt Islandia was the site of the traditional ASB Ball. The students danced to the sounds of The Mon- sters and Music As You Like It. The theme of the dance was " All Night Long " by Lionel Ri- chie. The decor was simple and sophisticated with white tableclothes, flaming hors d ' oeurves, and bright lights. Tables were set around the dance floor for tired dancers to rest their feet and sip fruit punch. Stuffed mush- rooms and a variety of desserts were a few of the hors d ' oeurves that were served. Elegant dresses and tuxedos filled the crowded dance floor until twelve o ' clock when all went home full of memories made that night. Mmmmm, those look good! " , comment M. Meyers and Mike Fitzsimmons. Lisa Hunt and her sharp dressed man, Steve Asselin R. Miller and K. Melcher dance to the sounds of Music As You Like It. 26 ASB Ball Liza Raymond Damon Werner dance to the theme song. " All Night Long. " CHEERS " ASB Ball 27 Novice Thespians Produce Fun Evening " They showed a lot of interest in drama and were very motivated for a first year class, " commented Ms. Saracino of her beginning dra- ma class, who under her direction put on the second annual Night of Scenes. The purpose of the Night of Scenes was to provide the stu- dents with a chance to perform in front of a live audience. The money raised from the night went towards funding the Spring drama pro- duction, " Don ' t Drink the Water " by Woody Allen. The show consisted of six scenes from well- known dramas and comedies such as " The Owl and the Pussy Cat, " " Blithe Spirit, " and " The Importance of Being Earnest. " There were no sets for the scenes and props were minimal so the audience had to employ their imagination. Stacy Greaton and Dawn Clark go Greek, Helen Carson belittles Cherie Tedde. Dawn Clark comes back to life as El Vira " One lump or two? " asks Ptiilippee Hammerhng. 28 Night Of Scenes George Balle and Kent Ninomiya discuss camera posture and procedure. r {■» ' • i»..-v , _ - On Campus News " Hello and welcome to this week ' s edition of Student View! The on campus news program which gets you the inside story on the campus- life news you want most. We ' ll cover everything from sports to dances, A.S.B. activities to the latest in local news. Getting the opinions of you students for this, your news station, the Stu- dent View. " " After the first few productions I acted as an advisor and tried to let the students, mainly producer George Balle, run the show " com- mented John Collins, supervisor of Student View. Student View was created by University City High School students and was aired over closed circuit television in all English classes. " Writing my articles plus being the anchor- person was a lot of work but I feel that my experience from last year helped me a great deal. " reflected David Adams. Also helping David Adams was co-anchorper- son Michelle Rilley and spo rtsperson Kent Nin- omiya. Ttie Student View Announcers in camera pose Top-Greg Smith. Kent Ninomia, David Rauch; Middle-Jordan Shipiro, David Adams, Lisa Khoo. George Balle, Michelle Riley: Bottom-Brian Steffen. Geoff Folsom. Ken Kashman, Robert Carlson. Cameramen Greg Smith and Brian Steffen set up the camera 5. 4. 3, 2, 1 Action! Cues technician Geoff Folsom Director George Balle taking charge of operations Student View 29 A Helping Hand The Booster Club to ttie rescue! Have you ever wondered how the baseball team got a pitching machine or the football team got a blocking sled? Thanks to the U.C.H.S. Booster Club, which has been aiding the school for three years, we were able to have those conve- niences. A few of their other contributions were loop films and starting blocks for track, a communications system for football games, and socks for the soc cer team. The Booster Club was organized in 1981 by Joe Tefoya, former vice-principal of U.C.H.S. and Majorie Johnson, an active parent. " Our purpose is to assist coaches financially, where the school can not, in getting equipment, " said President Bob England. The club started out with a hand- ful of parents contributing a five dollar annual membership fee and has grown to a member- ship of about twenty families with over two- thousand dollars in their account. The Booster Club raised most of its funds by sponsoring dances and social functions like banquets and the ever popular Dr. Dean. These funds were put aside until a coach or parent approached them with a need and the club helped them out. As an all-school booster club, it welcomed input at its meetings which were held when- ever there was an issue to be discussed. The Booster Club is an invaluable asset to the school and with continuing support it will keep on doing its best for U.C. High. Pat Schneider, Werner. Sue Wilson, Sunny Pippin. Bob England. Sharon Paladino Absent. Bill " Listen, this is really a great idea, " says Pat Schneider. h . S; |H|R« H mt S r ts. m " We only need to raise another three thousand dollars! " " OK, I ' ll sign, " says President Bob England. 30 Booster Club Dancers Break Tradition First row: Terry Carter, Dominic Lucina. Mike Hansen. Allen Daniels. James McHenry. Joe Jordon. John Williams. 2nd row: MsMendoza. Dwight Bagby. Front: Frank Fogliano In the sixties we moved our feet side to side like windshield wipers on a rainy night, and called it the twist, and in the seventies John Travolta, and the Hustle became the big trend. Now in the eighties, students are not only do- ing all of the above but they are spinning on their heads like tops and even wiggling across the floor like worms on a hot skillet. This unique and extraordinary form of dancing be- came known as Break dancing, and has be- come popular cause of its popularity students have been Breaking in places that range from shopping malls to school hallways, it was for this reason that the Breakers Club was formed. Mrs. Mendoza agreed to be the sponsor and a new club was born. In the future the Breakers Club hopes to go into competition with other Breaking Clubs in San Diego. Eddie " The Snake " Ellis demonstrates some new moves John Williams practices his original moves. Frank Fogliano shows how to " freeze Breakers 31 The Brainy Bunch A box contains eleven balls, numbered 1, 2, 3 11. If six balls are drawn simutaneously at random, what is the probability that the sum of the numbers on the balls drawn will be odd? Problems like these were what attracted more than twenty students to join the Math Team. The Math Team headed by advisor Nanci White, met two Wednesdays of each month in room 450 to work on problems simi- lar to this one, and to discuss upcoming con- tests. The team competed in contests both county and statewide. In the San Diego State Math Field Day on February 25, Mike Liang received honorable mentions for excellent scores in games such as " Chalk Talk " , " Rapid Transit " , and " Calculator Capers " . In the California Math League Contest, to which our Math Team belongs, members com- peted against other California high schools by taking tests every month. f Front left: Mrs. White, Dave Nicklas. Randy Zounes. Chihhsin Chiang. Craig Haider, Brian Vowinkle, Victor Wong, Edwin Lai, Hans Rose. Randy Zounes and Dave Nicklas relax before taking a Math Team test N i 32 Math Team Victor Wong peruses an intricate problem. i m m Ceturian Spirit Soars Pep Rallies- we all attended them. They promoted school spirit and pride. They gave many students a chance to relax from a vigorous schedule of classes and a chance to become involved in the activity . . . or a quick trip to McDonalds. Throughout ' the year the Pep Rallies that v ere offered displayed the class and spirit U.C. maintains. The Homecoming Pep Rally with the cheerleaders performing a colorful skit was one of the most suc- cessful pep rallies during the year. In case one wonders just who the masterminds of these activities were, try looking at the cheerleaders and student government officers. The planning, writ- ing and much of the performing was done by these groups. Although pep rallies were fewer this year, the success of many of the athletic teams made them more exciting and livelier than ever. » Class points are in the bag for Dave Moore Cheerleaders song. ' can can " to the fight Varsity cheerleaders in flight formation. Junior Gretchen Smith makes a Pepsi dive. Pep Rallies 33 " You did what with my lolli- pop?! " POPULAR PRICES Levi ' s $21.00 Guess jeans $52.00 Converse high-tops $19.99 Plastic shoes $6,99 Good haircut $16 00 Suede boots $34.00 Esprit sweater $36.00 Double belts $1500 Long earrings $4-$17.00 Ear cutts $6-$12 00 Scarf $9.00 Sweats $2000 Miniskirt $19.99 Jean jacket $8100 Bracelets $5 00 Short socks $3.00 Funky Fashions And Freaky Fads Like, you know the school year 83-84 was totally radical. It ' s like the most awesome styles were, like seen, everywhere and most everyone wore the coolest fashions. Guys as well as girls like had their hair bleached, and wore ear cuffs and like lots of make-up ' n stuff. With the maximum of holes were in lots of their ears with long earings dan- gling from them. Then there were like the rockers with their spiked wristbands and concert T-shirts, always wearing worn-out jeans with radical Levi jack- ets and had their favorite rock group printed on the back. It ' s like UTC was just the totally in place to be. The movie theatre and the arcade were like really popular to almost everyone around the school. Next year might not have the same unique styles as we had this year, but there will be a lot of newer fads to take their place. Bobby Clark; The personality, the athlete, the man! " Can I read your purse? Tom Goddard. a new-wave hair- cut " Hey dude, what ' s shakin ' ? " " Times are hard. The serious partying scene is fully flounder- ing. " " Hang with it. Do some scamming, hit the happening scenes, you ' ll be jamming, it ' s no problem. " " I can ' t deal with my teachers. They ' re wenching on me. " " That ' s bogus You ' re achin ' . Get a clue, go for some heavy skankin ' . Have an idea! " " 0-tay. Let ' s get some scoot. " " Too cool. Thrash on this lagging scene. " r it , 1 J ' ' , 0 ' ™ - , . ' M v " ' - i " i if " F ' 1 34 Fads Put your right foot in. put your right toot out Becky Muka gets prepared for her next act, " I give up. who is it? ' f Spirit Week A Sizzling Success Just another spirit week at U.C? No way! Lunchtime activities like the Licorice Kiss and dress-up days sparked the students ' spirit. On Friday, School spirit and unity culminated in the most enthusiastic pep rally ever. Enthusi- asm carried into that night ' s big hoops game against Clairemont. The pandemonium ot the crowd Ignited the Cents to a satisfying win. The goal of the ASB for spirit week was to create a strong sense of pride and unity. In addition, they brought enthusiasm to a fevered pitch. School spirit prevailed throughout the U.C. campus. " How would you like to carry a load like this around? ' Spirit Week 35 Beatle Revival THE BEATLES ARE COMING!, or so read the headlines of 1964. Now, in 1984 The Beatles have come and gone but their music lives on. Penny Lane, the Las Vegas night club group, specialized in Beatles music. Songs such as " Yesterday " and " Hey Jude " as well as a cou- ple of their own songs, " Simple Girl " and " Crack of the Whip " were performed for U.C. students in an evening concert and daytime preview in February. After the concert the mu- sicians handed out photos and signed auto- graphs. Although the audience was small the music was excellent. The fans enjoyed an evening of music from a past generation. Penny Lane brings back an era that we were too young to appreciate. Vic Campanero assists on the keyboard to recreate the , , . . . , . , . , ever popular Beatles music. Jim Campanero. on, vocals and guitar, portrays the late John Lennon, ' 36 Penny Lane lames Young takes time out to call hiis girl. Sheryl Martin kicks back on the way to Washi- gain. ington. itting: Shieryi Martin, Anh Iran, James Young, Cory Krell, Celeste Ogata, Standing: Richard alien, Mr. Sam Wong and Madelin Gooden. U.C.H .S. Close-Up How far would you go to further your educa- tion? Eight UCHS students went 3000 miles to further their education in Washington D.C. What would seem to be a vacation from school was no vacation at all. They were up by 7:30 every morning, attended seminars and work- shops until 9:00 at night. " The seminars were intriguing and we met a lot of important politi- cians " exclaimed Sheryl Martin. This trip gave students a chance to talk with such public officials as: Congressman Pete Wil- son Congressman Bill Lowery. They attend- ed seminars on topics ranging from the Art of Lobbying to Defense and everything in be- tween. The teacher who went on the trip was our ASB advisor Mr. Sam Wong. There were over two hundred students total; from South- ern California and Delaware. They broke up into groups to visit their own congressman. The last day in the capital, the students were set lose on their own. Most of the kids went shopping and looking for the steps shown in the movie " The Exorcist " . " It was more fun than I ever thought education could be! " stat- ed Celeste Ogata f||llllli% The Capitol Building: center of the students ' study. Anh Tran, Cory Krell. and Chris Halkin study the agenda. Washington Trip 37 Clubs and activities- they gave us direction, an area to direct our talents and a place to utilize excess energy. The wide variety of clubs offered a niche for everyone. Whether you were a math whiz or a science fanatic, clubs and activities offered a sanctuary, an escape from normalcy. By providing social activities, clubs helped people enjoy themselves, meet others with similar interests, and occasionally learn something. Although they required long hours, learning was better through clubs and activities because it came through being ac- tive. From hiking trips to the Grand Canyon and ski trips to Mammoth; Dungeons and Dragons to Chess, clubs and activities were a place for students who had many talents. " Where are those pictures I was prom- ised?! " a desperate voice cries out on deadline day. All eyes fall to the floor to avoid that per- secuting glare someone gives you when they undeservingly get stuck with the burden of meeting a deadline. Some feeble excuse is mumbled and unease sets about the room. Suddenly, a fatigued photographer bolts through the door with his final prints. The staff sets to work, redrawing a new lay- out, cropping pictures, and exchanging ideas on preparing the last minute idents. The pages are completed and the deadline is met, en- abling a June distribution instead of Spe- tember. " The Yearbook Staff is really just one big family, " Advisor Rob Coons commented. " There is so much pressure loaded on our shoulders that we have to work as a team to accomplish our goal: producing the best qual- ity yearbook we can, on time, and at the lowest price possible. " The improved quality was aided not only by a conscientious staff, but with the help of volun- teer copy editor Susan Vreeland, a literature teacher at UCHS. In overseeing the various stages of compos- ing the yearbook, Lisa Monita, editor-in-chief, was supported by assistant editors: Jeni Bets and Diana Lublin; copy editors: Collette Mur- phy and Karen Phillips; layout editor: Diana Lublin; and head photographer: Tom McSherry. Mr. Coons added, " We only had five people returning from last year, so they had to train Headlines To Deadlines Made Times Hard!!! Between trains: Mike Houghton. Mark NIcholaw, Tom McSherry, Jem Betts, Climbing on tram: Celeste Ogata. Under clothesline: Leesa Drost, Kim Kramers. Lori Phillips. Karen Phillips, Michelle Silva. Standing: Sue Ventimiglia, Maurice Johnson, Monica Meyers. Sitting: Mary McGroarty, Diana Lublin, Collette Murphy, Kim Kaas. Lying down: Rob Coons " I can ' t believe they expect the yearbook to print this Collette Murphy makes corrections on Yearbook copy. 40 Yearbook ' Congratulations Coons, we made our deadline! " Karen Phillips adds the final touches to her Maurice Johnson sketches his layout plans on copy. a dummy. Mike Houghton focuses in on the cheerleaders. " Our deadline is today?!?! " the rest and carry a significant part of the bur- den of the first deadline. " The staff was short on numbers at the beginning of the year be- cause many students ' applications were reject- ed. Yearbook is a demanding class that re- quires hard workers with particular skills, con- trary to the misconception that it is a " cruise class " . " Sometimes we work harder for this class than all of our others put together! " agreed the staff. We thank all those who helped us create the memories this year and put them into print; resulting in the finest quality yearbook this school has ever produced. ■| don ' t know who he is. but I wish! ' Yearbook 41 Opening Locked Doors " Hey, why didn ' t you join the Key Club? " " Why? My dad isn ' t a locksmith! " " No, it has nothing to do with keys. The Key Club is . . . " A community service group. It is affiliated with Kiwanis International and plans events to- gether. If you can remember back to Christ- mas, you probably bought your tree from a Key Clubber. They took your shoes at the dances in the gym and, in addition, planned a fund-raising dinner, with the proceeds going to Children ' s Hospital. They looked forward to more chances to serve their community. The officers of the Key Club go over their notes. " Bill, Please don ' t eat the magazine! " screeched Chris Lechner. Back row; Ajay Narian, Roger Joe. Omar Rodes, Andy Micone, Martin Lechner, Ramone Murray, Sean Safreed, Heather Beaton, Biran Engleman, Coach Mitchell. Middle row: Robin Gibson, Cory Krell. Tina Streeper. Bridget Klein, Kim Long, Sandy Rodes Kneeling: Benny Singer, Gretchen Smith, Chris Lechner, Bill Autenreith, Richard Kim. 42 Key Club No Guts No Glory Mike deGuzman takes a break while loading the bus Snow! Where? In U.C? Well almost. The U.C. High Ski Club headed by Jean Baumann and Ed Yandall, in a sense brought snow to U.C. High. The club offered the students an excellent opportunity to ski at conveniently re- duced rates. The first trip was to Mammoth where they encountered a wind chill factor of forty degrees on the first day. " The rest of the weather was great and the snow was all pow- dery " commented Maurice Johnson. The trip accommodated experienced skiers as well as first time beginners like George Balle, who dis- covered paralleling on his second day. " You just have to go for it! " said George. Another benefit of the Ski Club was being able to ski with classmates and friends. The skiers got to know their fellow members better and also ex- changed skiing tips. " We have a fun group " commented Ms. Baumann. Kristen Strange and Jackie Rios take a lift to the top, Kris Stewart having a little trouble with her skis. Maurice Johnson heads for the lift lines A little ski ballet from George Balle. Kelli Gragg and Ross Talner get ready for a run. Ski Club 43 United Are We " Let me see you get down, " yelled Nikkie Weaver smiling as she twisted down to the ground. This was a favorite cheer of the Varsity squad in which the crowd and the girls took turns " getting down. " Another bizarre antic of the squad was the one and only cockaroach. The girls lay down on their pom poms flailing their arms and legs in the air like an overturned cockaroach. When it came to crowd involve- ment the girls were prepared to do whatever it took to get them motivated. " Anything goes, " as Nancy Nadeau put it. In addition to cheering the Varsity squad or- ganized and participated in the school pep ral- lies. The first one right after summer had a beach theme, in which the girls entered in beachwear but threw it off, symbolizing the end of summer and the beginning of the school year. Dancing was a big part in the pep rallies, the most memorable being the traditional fight song at the conclusion of the rally. All of these activities took a great deal of time and effort. The girls spent most of their summer learning cheers and many long, hard hours after school drilling and perfecting them. Spending so much time together resulted in a very close group of friends, like a family with head cheerleader Julie Aylesworth as the mother figure. Each had her own personality and contributed to the completeness of the squad. Although they were all different, in the way they strove together to promote school spirit, they were all the same. They were united not only on the field and in voice but in feeling and friendship. The sentiment of being togeth- er as one was best illustrated in the cheer, " United are we! " OK, who took my skirt? You can go to battle. I ' m going home. Come on. take the picture Don ' t mess with U.C.H.S. 44 Varsity Cheerleaders Top row: Pat Tanquaqio, Jill Hemingway. Annete Peynado, Andrea Hill. Celeste Ogata, Bottom row: Lydia Rios. Nikkie Weaver, Junifer Ravelo, Julie Aylesworth, Heather Croft, Nancy Nadeau. How sweet it is. Hey look us over. Varsity Cheerleaders 45 Our Spirit Is Sl y High " Boy are we enthusiastic. We are feeling G- 0-0-D, " cheered the eight members of the J.V. Cheerleading squad. Their kicks, flips, jumps, and pyramids combined with an assortment of catchy cheers helped to excite a crowd that came to cheer their team on to vi ctory. Each girl was a different individual who pro- jected her own personality and expression in stylized cheers and chants. Laney ' s alto voice could be heard throughout the stadium (even without a megaphone) shouting, " Let ' s go big blue. " Jenna Scarafone ' s back handspring dis- played the perfection of an acrobat. The purpose of these eight highly motivated girls was to get the crowd ' s adrenalin flowing at football and basketball games and also at pep rallies. This they did when they led the crowd with easy to remember cheers that encour- aged the fans to clap their hands and stomp their feet. It undoubtedly inspired the teams to give just a little bit more. The girls had much devotion. " Our squad this year worked together as one and we devel- oped many special friendships! " commented Head Cheerleader Sue Ventimiglia. Lara Klein replied, " A good cheer squad succeeds in pro- moting school spirit if they do it without think- ing that they are better than everyone else. " ...u,a . 3iLJ;.-, Top row: Laney Beres, Jenny Lees, Beth Nadeau. Wendi Scheck Hayakawa. Lara Klein, Jenna Scarafone, Sue Ventimiglia. Bottom row: Rosalia The cheerleaders enthusiastically inspire the crowd. " All right, all right, all right, awesome, awesome, awesome Head cheerleader. Sue Ventimiglia, gives her dazzling smile 46 J.V. Cheerleaders ' Hey, Crowd! Show your spirit! Bottom Row: Mr. Asakawa, Ken Parker, Mara Dillo. Kevin Knox. Patrick Herman. Steve inch. Robert Falcone. Mr, Reed. Top Row: Kevin Kempton, Mark Slater. Ayad Kazzazi. ike Stewart. Ptiil DeMarco Fishermen Angle For Results " It was enjoyable to be a member of a group of people who have the same interest and hob- bies. " commented Kevin Knox, President of the UC Castmasters Fishing Club. The club has been successful and active for three years due to the close friendships that have developed. " The friendships I ' ve made have been well worth the catchless fishing trips, " said Kevin Knox. The Fishing Club met every Monday and Fri- day during lunch to plan their upcoming fishing trips. One of the many trips taken was to the Salton Sea, where the Club camped out and fished for several days. " When there wasn ' t a fishing trip planned, small groups would get together and go to Mission Bay to salt water fish, " said advisor Mr. Reed. All in all the Cast- masters Fishing Club had a prosperous year. U.C. fishermen are awaiting the fishing paradise. " Mike Stewart displays his dinner while Mr. Reed already starts on his. Mr Reed and Steve Lynn gaze in awe at David Hymann ' s award winning catches Patrick Herman shows off his barracuda and bass. Fishing Club 47 A Mark Of Excellence It requires a 3.5 GPA or better, life member- ship earns a gold seal on your high school di- ploma and it takes a year-end trip to Disney- land. What is it? UC high ' s finest group of high achievers, the CSF. The California Scholarship Federation is an organization designed to acquaint eligible stu- dents to the scholarships available to UCHS. A $500 scholarship will be av arded to the most outstanding student in each of the fields of math, chemistry, physics, English and history, and a special Seymour scholarship goes to the most outstanding student overall, evaluated by a scholarship council. " CSF meetings consisted of boistrous lunches and discussions on scholastic opportu- nities. " said one member. " I also made a few new friends and had a blast on our Disneyland trip! I definately found CSF a worthwhile orga- nization! " H Back row: R O ' Barr, M Jungling, C Colborn, C Thomas, T Wilson, E. Sorenson, S. Waisman, M. Ban, F. Hooks. S. Huckleberry. R. Joe. R Kim. J. Ring. 3rd row: B. Creek, D. Skogland. J. Shyu, S. Shih, J. Lin, S Hsu. B, Engleman, G. Smith. H. Croft. C. Ogata, F. Morocco. K, Miller. M. DeGuzman. L Mathis. D Adams, S. Gordon. S- Martin, W. Janon, A. Tamano. Mrs, White, 2nd row: R. Kelly, D. Nicklas, S. Smith, R. Gibson, J. Freer, L. Ferguson, M. Noorani, T. Ong, P. Tan|uaquio, J, Hemingway, J. McCracken, Front row: R. Zounes. C. Chiang, E, Ryan, J, LaMotte. H, Phillips. A Bakhos. K. Romito. R. Day. D, West. K. Kellers- fitt P Jft M -v- W -f ' .4 President Eric Ryan leads a lunchtime meeting. CSF ofticers: Katy Kellers, Dave Adams, Rosemarie Day, Eric Ryan, Debbie West. Richard Kim signs in at a lunch meeting. iii 50 CSF Mrs White. Katy Kellers, Eric Ryan, and Debbie West go over plans for the Disneyland trip. It takes all kinds, but everyone still eats! It Takes All Kinds " Trying to get students to react with each other outside the class as well as inside is what Race Human Relations is all about, " comment- ed Harriet Balle, head of the Race Human Rela- tions Committee. The Race Human Relations commission is made up of a faculty committee and a student committee. Both committees work together to promote and create integration activities. In the future the Race Human Relations commis- sion hopes to organize some lunchtime activi- ties. Madelyn Gooden awaits to present tier ' i know you like sctiool. Bill, but its 2:05pm and time to go tiome, " says Mrs. Balle. ideas », W V You dont REALLY have film in ttiat ■! should have had a V-8! ' exclaims Bill • ' Don ' t look until I ' m finished. " sighs Lupe Alvarez, camera, do you? " asks Mrs Balle. Race Relations 51 Cultural Interaction Promotes Friendship V Imagine the babbling of many different lan- guages. . . A room filled with Spanish, French, Hebrew, English, Persian, and Danish accents. The aroma of homemade Italian lasagna, steaming Mexican enchiladas, Greek baklava, delicate French crepes, Chinese wontons, and American hamburgers is all around. Imagine people buying and selling cultural artifacts and crafts, and others listening to mu- sic and dancing their national dances. This scene describes the Int ernational Fair, and the club which helped organize it was the Interna- tional Club. This club was mainly concerned with exploring different cultures, meeting those of different backgrounds and social groups, and promoting friendship. The club was composed of ten students all of whom had different ethnic backgrounds — Philipino, Is- raeli, Persian, Mexican American, and French. The club had several fundraisers, such as But- ton sales and the International Fair, which en- abled the students to participate in fieldtrips which allowed them to learn more about other ethnic backgrounds. From left to right: Mr, Ron Schmidt. Maria Medina. Nancy Feinberg, Michele Martin, Evangeline Bigornia. Steven Scuderl, Deanna Tulagan Climes. Sitting: Peter Wright. Kathy Wnght, Mrs. Priscilla I ' g u a E 52 Mr Schmidt daydreams about France. ■| sure bet France beats this. " Top row; Kent Ninomiya. Laura Ferguson. Mary Proenza, Felice Marocco. Caryn Gold- Bottom row Ms McGowan, David Skoglund Citadel Provides Literary Opportunity The Citadel is the name of the school ' s own art and literary magazine and it is also the name of the club who produces it. This year ' s Citadel staff was led by the senior officers, Caryn Gold, Mary Proenza, and Kent Ninomya, who were appointed by the sponsor Ms. McGowan. The staff began collect- ing poems, short stories and artwork in the Spring. They met once or twice a week to edit the manu- scripts and select the best pieces for the Citadel. The Citadel provided an opportunity for students to have their artwork and creative writing published, and it gave pleasure to all those who received a copy at the end of the year. ' ' Wlbj ' -- ' You want me to do wtiat?! " " I ' m tired of reading this stuff ' Selections for the Citadel are being chosen by Caryn Gold and David Skoglund. Citadel 53 ' Come on, don ' t you want to advertise in our paper? Tina Sullenberger working vigorously on an article for The Com mander. 54 Newspaper Lisa Rahiser and Pam Ceren are thrilled with their new assignments Extra! Extra! Read All About Us! " For the most part, being inexperienced and having to struggle together gave us a great deal of personality! " exclaimed Commander Editor-in-Chief John Griffen. John said that he and the roct - |- staff were proud that they put out a paper almost twice as often as they did the year before. Major efforts were made by Advisor Ms. Arlene LaPlante and Co-Editors Yasuko Shirakawa and Adam Behar, to make sure that people met their deadlines and pa- pers come out on time. Many steps were necessary to put out a pa- per every three or four weeks. First, articles had to be conceived and the writing and pho- tography assigned. Finished articles were sent to the printer and the returned columns of copy were fit to the earlier layout sketches before final printing was done. After each issue was printed the staff critiqued the completed paper. Mistakes were not blamed on a few; the entire staff took responsibility for both victo- ries and defeats. This made the Commander staff a close one. According to Ms. LaPlante " We either sink or swim but, we do it togeth- er. " Mrs LaPlante and John Griffin are stunned by a good idea Mark Richards and Editor Yasuko Shirakawa work on a layout. Back row Tina Sullenberger. Pam Ceren, Lisa Rahlser, John Ring. Adam Behar, Trevor Wilson. John Griffin. Mike Lupro. Paul Sinfield. David O ' Barr. Front row: Kim Kramers, Yasuko Shirakawa. Monique Craven. Mrs LaPlante, Bill Yeamans. Sitting: John Helsing, Mark Richards. Vic Villiapando Not shown Ajay Narian. Paul Sinfield critiques his article on Rastafarians. Newspaper 55 All That Jazz The stage lights go out, the audience is silent and a voice is heard over the microphone. You realize that the months of hard work spent practicing are going to be put to the test. Your heart beats faster as you hear, " And now it ' s time for this year ' s dance production, " A Dance Kaleidoscope. " Under the guidance of Ms. Josie Scanlon, two dance performances were held during the year. The dances were performed by her beginner and advanced classes, and included jazz, ballet, Polynesian, and Spanish dances. The show featured twelve dances. Among them were a ballet danced to " 5th of Beethoven, " an eerie " Dance of Hy- dras, " a futuristic look at " 1999, " and a 20 ' s style dance " You ' ve Got To Be Modernistic. " The addition of four male dancers enhanced the show in " Puttin ' On The Ritz " and " Sexy and Seventeen " . The students spent their dance periods, school lunches, and many hours after school preparing their routines. Not only did they contribute a lot of their time towards the perfection of the performance, but they also made and financed their own costumes. As the finale ends, the dancers watch the curtains close and realize that their training has been validated in their growth in self-confidence and experience. Mark NIcholaw puts on the ritz. Tanya Perkin and Carolyn Wolf swing to the Charleston. Dance members dazzle the audi- ence. Matt Mohr as Charlie Chaplin 56 Dance A taste of the islands with Leslie Buscit. ••-■»■ . . fcii Mrs. Romito. Kathy Romito. Carol Sonnenberg, John Eichhorn. Matt Jackson, Ray Kelly, Ajay Narian, Coach Mitchell, Eric Belz, Scott Schneider, Doug Lewis, Ron Freedman. David Nicklas, David Gosney. Chip Buck, Peter Wright, John Ring, Packing It Up When one thinks of backpacking, their first thought is one of a treacherous, tiresome jour- ney up one side of a mountain and down the other, but actually there is more to it than that. " Backpacking is totally isolated from civiliza- tion, your survival depends on your camping supplies " commented John Ring, president of UCHS ' backpacking club. After a few delays, Mr. Rick Mitchell led his backpacking troop on their first adventure to Sheep Canyon, located near Borrego Springs. The high desert and tall rock terrain made it the ultimate backpacking experience. On this two day trip they hiked 110 miles round trip. The club was formed by Mr. Mitchell and John Ring, baised on their common interest of backpacking. The club consisted of twenty ac- tive members who met twice a month to dis- cuss the tricks of the trade, and went on two to three day trips throughout the year. ' . K ' «P On the road again Ray Kelly searchs for his teddy bear. " Powdered eggs anyone? " , asks mess attendant John Ring. " » r «i " Kathy Romito takes the plunge Backpacking Club 57 Fun, Credit And Experience " It ' s one of the few places where you can see the results of your work, " commented Bill Yeamans, a member of the Graphic Arts Club. The purpose of the club is to give graphic arts students the opportunity to finish and get ahead in class projects. Advanced students worked on production for the school and print- ed material for the community. Chad Neale reflected that Mr. Schofield ' s curriculum " was demanding, but really helped us find our abilities. " A few of the student monitors for the year were Eric Kay, Dora Barrett, Junior Williams, and Tami Lopeman. The club finished their year of production with a relaxing two-day trip to Magic Mountain, a well-deserved break from the schedule. Back row: Ayad Kazzazi, Bill Yeamans, Brian Engleman, Mike Boren. Claire Scott, Mr Schofield. Junior Williams, Tami Lopeman. Middle row: Debbie Fugita, Farhut Ban, Dora Barrett, Front row: Vic Villapando. Eric Kay, Tim Danziger. Dora Barrett and Ron Crena put their heads together on a project Peter Snee not so cautiously using the paper cutter. Concentrating on her silkscreen is Debbie Fugita. " What?! Finish this by tomorrow? 58 Graphic Arts Top Row: Left to Right-Sean Safreed. David Newell. Jackie Kutnik. Michelle Myking, Shayne Ireland. Chris Halkin. Bottom: Left to Right. Helen Carson. Kim Cox. Judi Hams. Kim Rose. Monique Moxey, Linda Wallace Drama Creates Creative Illusions " The Drama Club is really the nucleus of the Drama Department, " explained Drama teach- er, Mrs. Saracino. The Drama Club didn ' t put on any of their own productions because it would have cut too many other students out of the picture. The club did, however, put on small performances for the general public around Christmastime. Eight Drama Club members went to University City Village and performed five scenes there. Mrs. Saracino was trying to get UCHS to become a chartered member of the Interna- tional Thespian Society. The members of the club had to earn at least ten points to qualify for admittance to the Drama Club. They earned their points by having a role in a play, working on lights, setting props and building the sets for productions. At the end of the year they finally had enough people to become chartered members of the UCHS International Thespian Society. " Charmed I ' m sure " " Oh darling it ' s alright. " Oh no Don ' t take my picture! The U.C. High Rockets Drama Club 59 Taking Care Of Business Tricycle races, apple bobbing, and balloon stomps ... To whom do we owe all these crazy memories? The Associated Student Body was the student government who helped bring about the fun side of school. They sponsored many of our dances, pep rallies, and lunch ac- tivities this year, and made school more excit- ing than the students ever imagined. ASB tradi- tions such as the Homecoming Parade were started, and past traditions such as " pie in the face " continued to be a smash. Besides all the entertaining activities, ASB also arranged canned food drives, blood drives, and had sev- eral other activities in order to raise money for the needy. The goal of ASB last year was to lay a strong foundation for future years, establish a sound base, and to maintain a good number of fantastic activities throughout the year. This year they accomplished all their past goals, and also got more people involved in school decisions, activities, and policy making. Mr. Price, the ASB advisor commented, " We want everyone who leaves this school to be able to say that they had a part of it. " . ' A -N —- Ken Park prepares a fun-filled A.S.B. activity. ' «■:»? Class officers: tVlitra Noorani. Erin Shean, Felice Morrocco, Gretchen Smith " Well, what do you think?, asks Mr. Price. Eric Ryan. Nancy Nadeau. Kathy Romito and Rosemarie Day pre- pare a Homecoming Centurion. 60 AS B Sophomore Class Officers Dave f oore. Bill Auter- neith. Scott Jalowayski. and Brian Vowinkel Senior Class Officers: Jeanne LaMotte. Paul Sinfield. Ken Parks and Pam Ceren Nancy Nadeau asks, " Is tfiat really me? ' I S - H Roger Joe paints by numbers Ken Parks and Paul Sinfield " Socrafes and Aristotle " A SB 61 High School Days Teenage Nights Pondering thoughts, dreaming dreams, Going to dances, devising schemes. Planning a party, taking a test. Always remember, never forget. High school days and teenage nights. Getting cars and motorbikes. Watching TV and drive-in shows, Where ' s the time gone? No one knows! Chasing boys and running wild. Your mom still treats you like a child. Home by ten, asleep by eleven. Up in the morning for school at seven. The school ends, it ' s been the best. Now our friendship ' s put to the test. We must part and go our way But our memories will never fade. Michelle Henry Jessica Olsen Hi ho! Hi ho! it ' s off to college we go. We shouldn ' t worry and shouldn ' t fret. Don ' t do anything that we ' ll regret. It ' s time to party for a while Celebrate with a smile. Class of ' 84 IS best, I can speak for all the rest. Good times, good friends, memories too. Let ' s not linger to get through. Your high school years are soon to be. Locked, and kept through eternity! Andrea Drucker Suzie Dieter REATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVIT 62 Creativity A girl is a person Just like you and I. She likes to go out And have fun with a guy. She may take you out, On a trip far above, But just ' cause she ' s friendly Doesn ' t mean she ' s in love. To a record she ' ll dance. And a radio she ' ll sing. But she might take her stance And do not a thing. She ' s someone who ' s with you From beginning to end. But if she just likes you She could be a friend. Laura Christensen Mark Nicholav Darkness falls and the starlight shines And the moon glows full and bright This is when my true life starts With the beginning of the night While all the world lies in slumber My spirit runs wild and free And travels to enchanted lands Across the distant seas A horse of Zephyrus leads me through Magical heaven and beyond While silver angels dance above And the wind sings a haunting song But alas my journey comes to end With the last sight of the night Thus returns my spirit with the dawn Back to earth and mortal light . . . Yasuko Shirokawa Teresa Ong JREATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVn 63 My 1st Job The first day on my job was the worst one of my life: I dropped the food on the floor, and cut myself with a knife I mixed up the orders, and the customers complained If it weren ' t for my break, I would ' ve gone insane The day was finally over, and boy was I tired I was really quite relieved when the boss said I was fired Debbie Fischel Jim Bremner Patty Mercado Leesa Drost Lorene Phillips mEATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVIT 64 Creativity " f The Word With An Unknown Meaning There is a word with an unknown meaning a meaning not even a dictionary knows This word can bring us happiness like the petals of a bright red rose. Not only is this word happy but It can also be very sad. And if it is used the wrong way it could make one very mad. Sometimes when we hear this word It could make us want to cry, but if it wasn ' t for this word I believe we all would die. This word can be found most everywhere in a song, a poem, or book. It ' s in flowers, and trees, and animals It ' s everywhere you look. What is this word God gave to us that we are always thinking of, the word that we all dream about, this mysterious word is " Love " Tina Caldwell Karen Phillips I Believe I believe in God, for he ' s shown me the light; I believe in the Sun, for it shines so bright, I believe in love, for it has found you, I believe in these things, for I need them SO true. Johnny Tabur I aura Mathis REATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVITYCREATIVIT Creativity 65 ( TTEII04«C£ 66 Faculty Administration " Why do I have to go to school? Who really cares? " There are hundreds of people who care. No, they are not your friends that you see every- day; these people are teachers, administra- tors, counselors, T.A. ' s, gardeners, and cafete- ria workers who are interested in you and your well-being. Have you ever complained about having to get up at 6:30 a.m. to get ready for school? Just think. Some of these people are already at school by the time you are starting to crawl out from under your sheets! They don ' t do this for the monetary aspect, they do it because they really enjoy working with young people and seeing that they receive a good education in a clean and healthy env ronment. Administration Faculty 67 ■ ye Backfco , A d - ministra- tion? Who, or what is that? The administration is the spine of our school. This highly skilled threesome is responsible for making UCHS tick without skipping a beat. Two new recruits were added to the staff of administrators this year. One of them was our principal, Robert Press, and the other, John Nagle, a new vice-principal. Mr. Press is not entirely new to the U.C. area. He was the principal of Standley Jr. High for its first two years and spent five years at Gompers Secondary School. Mr. Nagle comes to us from O ' Farrel Jr. High after having spent seventeen years there and two years at SCPA. Along with these two newcomers, we still have Ms. Mary Castleberry who has been with UCHS for all of its three years. This trio was devoted to pouring themselves into their goal of making UCHS a place for students to get an excellent education while at the same time enjoy these precious high school years. Mr. Nagle and Ms. Castleberry have carried things as far as being substitute teachers for various classes on campus. This is the threesome that it took to succeed in making the third year of UCHS the best it could be. Mr. Bob Press. Principal 68 Administration Ms Mary Castleberry, Vice Principal Mr, John Nagle, Vice Principal " You want me to sit in for WHAT class?!? " ' He actually said that to Ms Peterson? " Ms Castleberry decides on ttie winning pumpkin. I I 4 Mr Press is always ready witti a smile- ' Whatever it was. we didn ' t do it! " Administration 69 cJCV P S Our Ore , CHAIRPERSONS; Art-Rob Coons; Indust Ed -Pat Scanlan; Math-Nanci White; Social Studies-Sam Wong; English- Madelon McGowan; P E.-Alan LaMotte; Cons Fam, Studies-Madeline Noakes; For. Lang-Donaldo Viana, Bus. Ed- Nadine Reid; Science-Clint Owen; Music-John Gilliland. The UCHS faculty was a special group of teachers because they were more than just instructors of basic skills. They taught the students other important things such as morals and responsibility by using their own experiences and ideas, as well as by pushing the students to live up to their full potential. In every student ' s memories there will be a special teacher. It could be the math teacher who spent her lunch hour explaining a tough concept in trigonometry, or the physics teacher who jumped from a desk to prove the laws of gravity. It could also be the English teacher who, by giving the student an understanding of the author ' s ideas, made the class a true experience, or the coach who used his knowledge of the sport to help iron out an athelete ' s problem. When the students look back, they will see that their dreams were shaped by this special faculty. ■ 1 W- ,. , ' - p ' - ' ' " • 1 k , ¥ Mr Wong sports his favorite hat 70 Faculty Byron Asakawa Science Harriet Balle English, Journalism Jean Baumann Special Education Carl Baxter Computer Science i- Terry Goodhue Sandra Goehnng History. American Business Education Government Allan LaMotte Physical Education, Athletics Rob Coons Art. Yearbook. Athletics Faculty 71 Donna Morris Ed Newton Cons. Family Social Studies Political Science Anita Mendoza Rick Mitche Special Education Mathematics, Athletics Madeline Noakes Joy Nowak Cons. Family Studies. English Spanish " What ' s a guy to do when the class doesn ' t show up after lunch? " 72 Faculty Clint Owen Science Roy Owenbey David Pais Social Studies Mathematics. Athletics Tern Peterson English. German. Athletics Patricia Phelan Dick Pilgrim English Calculus Michael Price Mathematics. ASB William Reed Nadine Reid Science Business Education Virginia Rodriguez English, Spanish Mr. Yandall sermonizes Puritan ethics. Belinda Saracino Drama. Public Speaking t Mr Owen exibits the effects of physics on a person ' s mind. ■Whan that Aprill Faculty 73 .- t ■■ A second childhood for Mr Price. Gerald Stukenberg Social Studies Rick Schofield Graphic Arts Gloria Stipe Nurse P «!!». • w Richard Thornton Science Connie Thompson P E , Athletics " 25 down. 159 to go. 74 Faculty Donaldo Viana Spanish. Athletics I Jean Vigneault Susan Vreeland Mathematics, Science Enghsh Sam Wong Social Studies Well. It seems your son just cant get to class on time. ' V I Ed Vandal! English. Athletics Mrs. Climes finds a student with a sense of humor. Faculty 75 . Ana TritouX " Help. " " What ' s the problem? " " I gotta get out of that class. The teacher lags. I just can ' t hang with another day in there! " Sound familiar? It did to the U.C.H.S. coun- selors, Boyd Gilliland, Nancy Goodpasture, Weldon Keating and Sandy Madden. In addition to their regular duties, the counselors were also there to talk to when you just broke up with your boyfriend or girlfirend or when you were trying to decide which college you want- ed to go to. They sacrificed many long hours and several Saturday mornings for planning and reworking schedules and for PSAT and SAT testing. They spent several weeks in the sum- mer trying to fit everyone into the classes they wanted. Making the school year easier and more profitable for everyone was the end re- sult of their labor. Head Counselor. Dr. Gilliland 76 Counseling Dr Gilliland. Dr. Keating. Mrs Madden, Mrs. Goodpasture Dr. Keating: N-Z counselor Mrs Goodpasture: G-M counselor p Dr. Gilliland not only helps find the right schedule, but Mrs. Madden: A-F counselor 77 , e ,,4oo d Ne Be Wif Cafeteria: Ruth Bosch. Evelyn Prokopchuck, Georgana Vincent, Teresa Lacky. Mike Shelmon. Joyce Edwards, Dorothy Rusnell, Dee Sullenberger, Sophie Pina, Mary Rolz " The gardners on the lawn mow, Custodians watch the garbage grow, Secretaries seldom type slow, Librarians line the books in a row, T A ' s guard the lot you know! " University City High School ' s classified Staff worked hard to keep our school organized but, unfortunately got very little recognition for it. Sue Toth, the attendance secretary, spent endless hours writing passes for tardy stu- dents. Outside, Chuck relined the football field for the game against our archrivals, Mira Mesa. Although seldom seen, head custodian, Paul Schnaubelt, was chairman of the Principal ' s Advisory Council and was very active in this organization. In the Media Center, Sandy Pais assisted students in locating research materi- als needed for their term papers. John Collins was frequently present at some afterhours events insuring that sound systems were func- tioning properly. This supporting staff was es- sential to our high school experiences. The cared about the kind of place UCHS was, and acted from that concern. 78 Classified A shocked Ruth Bosch makes change tor a Hal- loween Dracula. " What did you say about my hamburgers? Attendance Secretaries: Sue Toth, Ruby Littler ' »« Garde ners: Don Gibson, Chuck Floyd. Jim Rexroad. Chuck Cardwell, Karen Fear, Gary Takeshita Media Technicians: Sandy Pais. Betty Kellers. John Collins mm •mmmf ;elor Custodians: Paul Schnaubelt, Jean Lameroux. Donald Pero. Bob McDonald. Don Counseling Secretaries Helen Good. Carolyn Lacey. Mary Martin. Gotten. Joe Danscuk Dianne Cooper Office Secretaries: Eileen Fagan. Li_ Kilburg Administrative Assistant: Deanie Stevens Instructional Aides Vivian Merz. Ann Armstrong Classified 79 ' ♦MaMWMlSWPlJB f f I m ii jail 1 p p - g- k l Aa ' VJJtkUklj ' r vvmvm ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . Experience Pays Off Wham! Bam! Crash! Unngh! Shivers run down my spine as my legs grow cold and tense and my hands burn from being stepped on. My mind races with the agony of knowing that in an instant bruised bodies will come crashing down upon me. The second year Varsity Centurion Football Team was through earning respect and had its goals set on the C.I.F. playoffs. Hard work, determination and enthusiasm were what made the team strong contenders for a playoff berth in the tough Western League this year. " I was pleased with our team ' s per- formance this season, " said head coach Steve Vukojevich, " For only being a second year team we ' ve made tremendous progress. We played good football with everyone in the league. " Headed by coaches Steve Vukojevich, Allan La Motte, David Pais and Greg Hill and led by team captains Matt Brock, Maurice Johnson and Darnell Hopkins, the team showed charac- ter and unity as well as a decent record. The team was also s trengthened by a powerful vet- eran offensive line, by quarterbacks Mike De- Guzman and Eric Bridge and by returning wide receivers Albert Crosby, Darnell Hopkins and Bobby Clark. " A football team is only as good as its offen- sive line, " Coach ' V remarked, " and I feel we have one of the best. " Many of the Centurions played both offense and defense this year, inviting the institution of a conditioning program which proved invalu- able in many fourth quarter comebacks. " We knew what our offense could do but the de- fense consisted mainly of unproven j.v. gradu- ates, though as the year went on they proved to be just super. " coach commented. The Centurions were a more experienced team this year, showing that one more year together fortified the team ' s fighting drive, making for better unity and a more successful year. • 1 Coach V paces the side lines Darnell Hopkins clashes down field for a big gain. 82 Mike Houghton sticks a Mira Mesa ball carrier. Spotting a down field target. Eric Bridge sets up to pass. « 1st row Kevin Smith. Mike De Guzman, Albert Crosby, Harold Davis, Maurice Johnson, David Carjvjiites. John Fitzhugh, Tim Danziger. 2nd row: Coach Vukoievich, Coach La Motte, Mike Houghton, Adrian Banks, Rico Mc Dowel!, Tony Thomas, Darnell Hopkins, Eric Hendrix, Coach Hill, Coach Pais. 3rd row: Mark Roberson, Tony Moscato, Frank Hooks, Scott Harris, Jerry Musial, David Gray, Bobby Clark, Robert Fidel, Ron Anuskiewicz. 4th row: Scott Holslag, James Young, Jeff Purcell, Richard Synnott, Tom Dickerson, Damon Becker, Charles Bridge, Steve Jones. 5th row: Eric Bridge, Joe Luis, Steve Herrick, Jerry Paladino, Matt Brock, Scott Huckleberry, Scott Westin. Mike De Guzman holds the ball as Scott Huckleberry attempts the conversion Richard Synnott gets a taste of victory Varsity Football 83 • - ' tw Kf ' ztatiir. a)» m Mike De Guzman scans the field tor tiis receiver. ' -wr Darnell Hopkins narrowly escaping ttie grip of a Mira Mesa back. iU Centurions swarm upon ttieir prey. " Hey guys, we really got ' em this time. ' Exhaution engulfs Matt Brock at the end of the game. 84 Varsity Football Runningback Maurice Johnson shakes off a Maurader as he heads for the end zone Eric Hendrix awaits instructions on the sidelines. Maurice Johnson powers through the hole his linemen created UCHS demonstrates excellent defense as Scott .■ ••— pulls down a Mira Mesa man while Tony Thorn : him. Albert Crosby leaps to recr •- " —t San Diego High. Varsity Football 85 J.V. Works Their - Way Up! This year the J.V. Centurion football team quenched their thirst for success. With help and training from Coaches Yandall, Manson and Christy the ' 83- ' 84 team was better than ever. This year ' s offense was led by quarterbacks Jamie Lynn and Steve Nemmeth. Protecting them on the passes and opening the holes for runningbacks Tracy Williams, Joe Pleasant and Doug Grant were linemen Mike Fentress and Chris Hobbs. Hauling in Lynn ' s and Nemmeth ' s passes were receivers Jeff Venzon, Aaron Root and tight-end Steve Asslin. The key to the great success of the UCHS J.V. football team was their awesome defense. In the trenches for the Centurions were line- men Ken Kries, Jerry Lopez and Ron Ventimig- lia. Leading the team as captains were Ken Kries, Steve Asslin and Tracy Williams. J.V. Coaches wonder why the play they sent in isn ' t being executed. Jerry Lopez makes a finger tip catch. UC ' s iron curtain stops Mira Mesa. ■ (jjHi. • . ' i •-.J: 86 J.V. Football John Jauregui fights for the extra yara. - it ' h ( » « «14« 23 37 74 27 1 : TOP ROW: Jamie Lynn, Rudy Lovato. David Gosney, John Samuels. Robert Fjsher, Thad Krebs 2nd ROW: Steve Hawley, Ronnie Cowell, Trevor Laurence. Russell Hensley. Stefan LaCasse, Jason Sardina, James Guerra, Mario Lovato 3rd ROW: Chris Hobbs, Paul Banish, Mike Malolie. Ken Pippen. Doug Grant. Jetf Sardina. Chad Neale. Jimmy Anuskiewicz, Sam Thomas 4th ROW: Coach Ed Yandall. Jeff Venzon. Jerry Lopez. John Jauregui. Doug Murphy, Rudy Martinez, Steve Nemmeth. Michael Fentress. Ron Ventimiglia. Alvin Pangilinan, Coach Scott Christy BOTTOM ROW: Ken Kries. Robert Aviles. Francisco Borstel. Aaron Root, Tracy Williams, Jeff Pleasant, Doug Lewis, Marc Miller, Mickey Castonguay. With plays like thib. J v l.eM Maj Mesa scoreless. Tracy Williams shows why he ' s one of the most valuable players. J.V. Football 87 Poised To Spike " We are more intense and better defensively this year, " expressed Varsity Volleyball coach Lori Schwalbech. Three returning varsity net- ters, Katie Kellers, Jeanne LaMotte and Mary McCahon, guided a team comprised mainly of members from last year ' s J.V. squad to an- other successful season. Thanks mainly to their aggressive play and " never say die " attitude, UC gained respect- ability in the talent-laden Western League. De- spite some early season setbacks, UC refused to be intimidated by their more experienced opponents, and after they pocketed their first victory they gained confidence to go along with their enthusiasm and aggressiveness. Improve- ment could be seen from day one of practice and by midseason the squad had proved it could compete against the traditional power- houses, Pt. Loma and University. Top row: Donna Kline. Mary Margret McCahon, Sally McMullen, Jeanne LaMotte, Kirsti Mykles- tad. Coach Lori Schwalbach, Bottom row: Mary Ribant, Katy Kellers, Kathy Anuskiewicz, Kelli Russell Kelli Russell delivers a wicked serve ■•»s ia«s»c --s i... 88 Varsity Volleyball Mary Margret McCahon and Katy Kellers combine ef- forts to block a hit. Jeanne LaMotte returns a serve Kelli Russell and Sally McMullen go up for a block. Mary Margret McCahon goes up for a dink. Jeanne LaMotte bumps tfie ball to tfie setter. Varsity Volleyball 89 A Bump Set Hit To Win We had to run the mile in under seven min- utes every week, " exclaimed the girls on this year ' s J.V. Volleyball team. Besides jogging, the team practiced their individual fundamen- tal skills such as passing, smashing, serving, and spiking for at least two hours every day. Team defense played an important role in the success of the game. Without the cooperation and team effort between the defensive players, winning would have been impossible. With the exception of two returning players, all the members of the team were beginners. Several team members expressed Great potential for the future. " Kim Manning had an incredible serve, Michelle Silva was a good defense play- er, and Annette Backos showed her strength as a good all around player, " commented Coach Karen Brown. These players added to the all around performance of this year ' s J.V. Volleyball team, and are all looking forward to playing on next year ' s Varsity squad. Standing: Heather Taylor, Kristlna Kaufman, Joanne Lamonte, Annette Bakhos, Coach Karen Brown. Kneeling: Amy Hilgers. Silva, Suzanne Fentress, Kim Manning, Mary Grant. Kim Ball, Michelle Heather Taylor prepares to return a serve 90 J.V. Volleyball Kim Ball sets the winning point Which way did it go? Badminton Serves Opportunity " Watch the birdie, hit your raquet and follow through, " said Coach Scanlon to her Badmin- ton team. Badminton is a game that requires endurance, finesse, and lots of practice. This ancient game can be great fun and very competitive. This can be attested to by the twenty one members of the team, which con- sisted of twelve boys and nine girls. Brian Creek was the only returnee this year. The team practiced two hours every day working hard on fundamentals, strategy, and an atti- tude of winning. Many members had that de- sire to compete against their opponent and bring glory to U.C.H.S. •■| got It! " Andy Schofield goes for the overhead smash. Badminton 91 No Pain No Gain " Push it, push it, pump those arms, " yelled boys cross country coach Rick Mitchell as his runners did a grueling hill run. Hills, ladders, triangles, and speed workouts were just some of the things the boys did to keep in shape. All of those activities took a great deal of strength, endurance, and above all, will power — the power to say " I can " when the body says " I can ' t " , the power to push one self to the limit. There is a certain point a runner reaches during a race when he feels he can go no fur- ther. His legs ache and his lungs hurt but by sheer power of the mind he keeps pushing on until his foot crosses the finish line. Talent and a dedicated mind were the two qualities evi- dent in all 35 team members. The top runners on the team were Geoff Folsom, Shawn Smith, Scott Schneider, Randy Barnes, and Jim Eve- leth, all of whom ran the previous year. Mike Cohen, who was injured early in the season, ran up to 700 miles this past summer on his own initiative. A combination of disciplined minds and healthy bodies enabled the team to go the distance. Geoff Folsom and Chris Beresford struggling to keep their pace. Randy Barnes contemplates his strategy for the next race. Strong Centurion start for another win. 92 Boys Cross Country -4iufs Top Row: Rick Mitchell, Chris Beresford. Mark Kellogg. David Koenig. Scott Schneider, Dan Hood, Jim Edgett, Larry Geller. Jeff Gurley, John Shafer, Sergio Waisman. Chris Norberg, Mike Stingling. J V, Coach Robert Grant. Middle Row: Shawn Smith, Randy Barnes, Geoff Folsom. Ken Cashman, John Griffin, Cliff Gordon. Jim Eveleth, Richard Kalichmay. Jeff Randall. Randy Zounes Bottom Row: Jed Sexton. John Hellsin. Thomas Jetton. Donald Marks. Manuel Gonzales. Robert OBarr, Cliff Gordon striding toward the finish line with determination 1 S While stretching. U.C. runners plan their attack. 94 Girls Cross Country Yvonne Coiner glides to the finish line Tanya Keil keeps on pushing standing: Denise Irvin. Jill Newman, Aline Zirino, trin Barr. Tina Robinson. Bonnie Lopez Kneeling: Karen Hylen. Eileen Alfonso, Erika Allen, Debi Beard, Debbie Starks kl — 2 k Debbie Beard and Eileen Alfonso push on past the one mile mark at Morley field. - - I Aching For The Finish Line " We should see a lot of improvement during the season and a stronger team next year, " exclaimed Coach Harding at the beginning of the 1983 Varsity Girls Cross Country season. The team was in a building period this year because many of the girls on the ' 82 team graduated. The team, led by sophomore Jill New- man, and junior Erika Allen, was very competitive and determined. The runners needed endurance and discipline. Their bodies were often called upon to push beyond the limit. " It ' s hard sometimes to keep on going when your body is sore and tired. You just push harder, and when you finally reach the finish line you feel so good that you ' ve made it, " said sopho- more runner Tanya Keil. All of the 14 girls on the team were hard workers and got along well. Their true ef- fort and high spirits paid off, if not in their standings, then surely in their own per- sonal satisfaction. Aline Zirino keeps a good pace. Erin Barr pushes herself to the limit. Girls Cross Country 95 Girls Tennis " All of us on the tennis team are like sisters! " exclaimed UCHS Varsity girls tennis team cap- tain, Debbie West. On the top of the ladder was senior Cindy Benshoff, followed by juniors Gail Sheean and Cindy Buzard. After the loss of Cindy Benshoof ' s expert match playing (due to her injured leg) the team remained a pretty evenly talented group. The girls on the ' 83- ' 84 team were a truly dedicated bunch. They began a two hour prac- tice day schedule during the last two weeks of summer. The energetic atheletes continued to sweat thro ugh endless workouts throughout the entire season. Coach Connie Thompson helped the girls de- velop better tennis skills and taught them strategy to use during their tough matches. The long hours and hard work led to a " smash- ing success " for the UCHS Varsity girls tennis team this year. A tough return in the making by a determined Cindy Buzard. Karma Heimburger shows us her smooth backhand. Team captain, Debbie West, checks the pre-game roster. 96 Girls Tennis Aces Another Season wmmtmimmmmm i !:indy Benshof displays her unique style Shirl Washington concentrates on a winning return. Top Row: Julie Emerson. Wendy Wheeler. Lisa Marincio. Cindy Benshoof. Laura Ferguson. Karen Lillie. Laura Korbelak. Shirl Washington. Lisa Hunt Bottom Row: Gail Sheehan. Debbie West. Cindy Buzard. Heather Phillips. Amanda Foster. Akiko Tamano. Andy Sickles. Tina Mertel. Karma Heim- burger. It IS all in the grip according to Gail Sheehan. Girls Tennis 97 Pass, Pass f Score! ' " A quick sprint and a perfectly executed slide tackle by the fullback regains the ball in Centu- rion control, only to be quickly released to a halfback who dribbles downfield allowing the offenders time to set up. A quick pass to the wing and the strategy is obvious: a loft across the face of the goal and a connection with one of the sure footed forwards provides the finish- ing touches on the typical scoring drive so of- ten executed by the Centurion soccer team this year. " I like soccer players that hustle! " Coach Donaldo Viana exclaimed, " And we have a whole team of them this year! " The Centurions were a large team this year because of the junior varsity team being cut from the pro- gram. This made for lots of anxious people on the bench and frequent substitutions to keep everyone fresh and give everybody a chance to play. " I felt that the key to success was teamwork, hustle and conditioning, " Coach Viana com- mented, looking out over the field where the players were running wind sprints. They ran sprints, jogged miles and drilled on numerous soccer agilities all year long to hone their skills and stay in shape, practicing plays and basic soccer strategy, passing and teamwork. The Centurions were a powerful team, con- sistent in their drives and dominant in ball con- trol all season long. They had few goals scored against them due to an unforgiving, iron-clad defense and goalie, Scott Huckleberry, who yelled plays and set up the defense for impend- ing attacks. However, the Cents scored an average of five goals a game due to a vora- cious, goal-hungry offense led by Aaron Ellis, the leading scorer for the Cents. Those quali- ties led them to victory for their first thirteen games, including winning both the La Jolla and Vista Tournaments before starting into regular season play, in which they won the Western League title and entered C.I.F. competition. The 1 seat. Coach Kelly and Viana discuss second hour strategy during halftime. % m -»i • Eric Ryan and Aaron Ellis celebrate the winning goal of the LaJolla Cup. JHI 98 Varsity Soccer Vincent Wong powers through Madison defenders on yet another goal scoring drive. ' % it i 1 a " . v - V.: r.. Aaron Ellis shows ball control. Fred Hernandez uses his head. ■ ■ ■•• r- V-.- " -.I " »■ Brian Harrington fights for the ball. ' -w Front Row Tom McSherry. Craig Haider, Brian Harrington, Steve Beck. Randy Zounes, Marc f iller. Matt Tlllotsen. Thane Hall, Michael Maister. Vincent Wong. Ken Pippin, Richard Sousa, Mike Khoo Back Row: Sergio Waisman, Fred Hernandez. Damon Werner, Jeff Jonilonis, Aaron Ellis. Joe Luis, Scott Huckleberry, Jeff Purcell. David Hurst. Bobby Sickels, George England, Eric Ryan. Varsity Soccer 99 w- Girls Soccer Kicks Toward Winning Season Being a first year team the girls had a lot of work to do but they seemed to have accom- plished it with apparent ease. The twenty-one member team was guided by first year coaches Terri Peterson and Scott Harris. " I ' ve wanted to coach for years because I love soccer! " said coach Peterson. She also plays in the Peninsu- la Women ' s Soccer League. The practices, led by Senior Scott Harris, consisted of a lot of running, drills, and scrim- mages. " He makes you want to work. " said Teresa Ong. Most of the girls were veteran soccer players and some, like Wendy Janon, have played for up to eight years. The team ' s competitive drive turned out many victories and always kept them looking ahead to the next match. Each game brought the girls clos- er together in knowing each other ' s skills and complementing and anticipating one another. They became Western League champs and went on to the CIF finals. i a ' - ' ■ Jill Newman brings it up the wing. Front: Teresa Ong, Gail Sheehan, Lisa Khoo. Julie Jonilonis, Wendy Janon, Jill Newman. Middle: Karma Heimberger, Kim Grennan, Becky Muka, Tina Mertel, Missy Henry, Lam Schlafman, Linda Rockwell. Back: Scott Harris. Debbie Rickard, Danica Rigoli, Kathy Romito, Julie Lingo. Chris Thomas, Coach Tern Peterson. .,J ' i ' Recharging for a second half. dl 100 Girls Soccer Lisa Khoo evades her opponent. " They don ' t look that tough Julie Lingo boots a goal. 2 i " Another day. another win. " Teresa Ong takes a break during the action. Varsity G " 101 Match Point The hot sun glaring down across the courts, the sweat running oft your brow and the tensed ache in your arms and legs all work to impede your concen- tration as you focus on that 10 ' X 15 ' service square on the other side of the net. Your heart beats with anticipation as you loft the ball high above your head into the sky and leap after it, your raquet driving through the ball with a " swish " as it slices out over the net and then dives into the square beyond. It is returned firmly but you are determined to take control and you fire it back cross-court, forcing your opponent to a side- on defense; running up to the net his returning shot approaches. You slam it back across the other side and he dives after it fruitlessly, your smash winning the match with the point, moving your team forward with the first win of the meet. This year ' s Centurion tennis team was coached by Shaun Evans, an ex-collegiate coach for New Mexico State who emphasized fitness as a key to good ten- nis. " We practice the way we play, " he said. " Hard and as a team; and I think we have one of the finest teams in this respect. " The Cents, led by 1 player Chris Henderson, did sprints, drilled on strategy and practiced volleys in preparation for the matches each week. Aaron Ellis lunges for a cross court-line shot. Scott Ezell hits a solid forehand. n Chris Henderson makes a careful follow through. Victor Wong discusses strategy with Coach Evans. 102 m Richard Kim poised to serve. Lionel Leger perfects his topspin form. Top Row; Coach Shaun Evans. Josh Ramas. Chris Hobbs. Chris Henderson. Aaron Ellib. oluU Lzell. Iin, McGinms. ,. [ i Row: Mike Houghton, Matt Cornforth. Lee Sonnenberg. Ludi Munevar. Roger Ahern. Lionel Leger. Stephen Lachmayr Kim. Bottom ••itWM ,.£. % Drive, Pitch, Putt- Elements Of A Winner Golf has been described by many students of the game as frustrating, challenging, and prob- ably the most difficult sport to master. This year twelve members of the U.C.H.S. golf team attempted to par various courses in the county and bring a championship to our school record. The team consisted mostly of juniors, some sophomores and one senior. Of the twelve members of the team only six played and five of the best scores were counted to determine the winner of the match competition, while the other six were on stand by. The golf team ' s home golf course was Torrey Pines which is a nationally recognized course where the Andy Williams Open is held. The players had two matches a week and they practiced on their own time. Team member Ron Ventimiglia com- mented, " The reason we were so competitive this year was because most of our players were involved in the junior golf program. " The golf team this year developed a love and true un- derstanding for the game. ■■ A t ■■ . -v Jimmy Anuskiewicz looks for a birdie on hole 3 as Peter Hissong watches. Craig Haider hits a wood shot on number 10 as he goes for a par. 104 Golf Peter Hissong. Jimmy Anuskiewicz. and Craig Haider tallie scores at Torrey Pines fi 8 Marilyn Gennetten prepares for her Coach Anderson gives a final pep talk before the dive. meet. Top Row Eric Belz, Roy Miller. Francisco VonBorstel. Marty Walsh. Erik Hamnar. David Rauch. Pat Grady. Peter Kellers. Craig Randle. Paul Livesay Second Row Michele Clark, Marilyn Gennetten. Jenny Lees. Lisa Baker. Kris Stewart. Jessica Olsen. Diane Huth. Anne Nebiker. Karen Ketchen. Amanda Foster. Coach Sandy Pais. Coach Mike Anderson H The team awaits upcoming instructions. Swimmers Stay Afloat " Are you leaving campus right now? " " Yeah. " " Can I have a ride up to the pool? " " Sure, come on. " " Great! " Does this conversation sound tamiliar? It was a common one to overhear after fifth peri- od during the Spring season. The swim team held their practices at Swanson Pool Monday thru Thursday from 1:30 till 3:30. and rides were sometimes hard to come by. " It ' s a young team, but they ' ve got a lot of spirit and a lot of drive. " comments faculty sponsor Sandy Pais. Several members of the team made CIF qualifying times during their very first meet. " It ' s hard work sometimes, but always worth it! " comments Karen Ketchen. The team worked hard with rigorous workouts during the weekly practices to prepare for each Friday ' s meet. Some of the boy ' s team ' s top swimmers were Pat Grady. Craig Randal, and Roy f liller. Promising members of the girl ' s team were Karen Ketchen. Lisa Baker, and Katy Kellers. l.UiWl.liliUUUkiUVl V ' - Scott Harris struts his racing dive. " Lisa Baker awaiting her turn on the starting block Jei.i.,) Scarafone practices her butterfly stroke Swim- 106 Hard Hitting— Fast Pitching " Our goal is the playoffs, " said pitcher and first baseman Nate Hopper. With excellent pitching and a solid defense this year ' s Varsity Baseball Team had some real potential. The pitchers were Mike deGuzman, Brian Clark, Eric Bridge, Tom Vandenberg, and Nate Hop- per who commanded the mound as well as other fielding positions. The players showed a lot of skill and versatility which contributed to their competitiveness out on the field. The strong twelve-man team was aided by four Ju- nior Varsity members who alternated between teams for experience. " We ' re looking for con- sistency in our playing, " commented Coach LaMotte. The loss of many big hitters made the team even more determined to prove their winning capabilities. Kevin Smith, Eric Bridge, and newcomer Mark Dizinno were the main hitters. The players gave the fans an exciting, fast paced game as well as a team to be proud of. Eric Bridge exhibits his successful batting stance A concentrated effort by Mike deGuzman. 2 r fx kr9 £S3 S|SS!S[SS« SzSMueai Coach LaMotte is in complete command. Eric Bridge waits patiently to bat. Steve Jones rifles the ball to the plate Kevin Smith lines up his throw. v.» « ' 3fi - ifc ;. .-»--• .= h Mike deGu man delivers his tjst ball Steve Jones practices his Hank Aaron imitation. Top row: Coach LaMotte. Mark Dizinno. Nate Hopper. Eric Bridge. Steve Jones. David Gladstone Bottom row: Tom Vandenberg. Mike Fentress. Brian Clark. Jeff Nichols. Mike deGuzman. Jason Bierholm. Mike Fentress practices his catching skills Nate Hopper stretches at first for the last putout Varsity Baseball 107 A Swinging Success Their main goal was to prepare themselves mentally, physically, and technically as a team so that they could play the game of softball to the best of their ability. " I am very much im- pressed with the closeness of the girls and the way they work together " , commented Coach Coons, " The ability level of the team is not only in the Seniors but also in the Juniors and the two starting Sophomores. " Having the winter season changed to spring was a big advantage. The days were longer and there was hardly any rain. The team practiced hard and strong to achieve a powerful defense as well as an offense. They played their games very competitively. Having four returning varsi- ty players, seven players that moved up from J. v., and three new players, the team had a very good season. Mary Watson gets the out with another excellent throw. Starter Jeanne McCracken calls for a pitch out. 108 Varsity Softball Top row: Tami Napp. Mary Watson, Lorene Phillips, Selynthia Armstrong, Sharon Stoltz- fus. Cindy Benshoof, Kristin Koehler, Suzannah Banet, Karol Solt. Michelle Henry, Coach Coons. Bottom row: Jeanne McCracken, Yvonne Body, Kelli Russell, Michelle Silva, Heather Phillips, Mary Beth Zopatti. Sophomore Suzanna Banet takes a hard shot Michelle Henry comes set. Senior pitcher Mary Beth ZopattI fires in another strike. Kristin Koehler gc- _ ' louble play from third base. Only A Base Away " Team work is the name of the game " ex- plained Coach Vukojevich, " without it you don ' t have a team. " The Junior Varsity Baseball team led by coach Steve Vukojevich was a strong and pow- erful team. " I believe it is the most powerful team since the school began " boasted Vukoje- vich, and when asked to sum up the team in a few short words " fine potential " was his an- swer. The team consisted of fourteen enthusiastic players, all of which practiced endless hours of batting, running, sliding, infielding, and out- fielding to prepare for their season games. The Junior Varsity Centurian Baseball team mostly prepared themselves for future posi- tions on Varsity. The eight Juniors and six Sophomores practiced hard to make it a pro- sperous season. Coach Vuko)evich stresses team work as his stiate- gy • Y 7 Frank Hooks fires a ball to first. Darell Woodard warms up before the game Damon Becker, Frank Hooks. Kurt Schilling. Jerry Musial. James Guerra, Gus Bojkovsky, Darrell Woodard. Brian Martin. Tony Thomas. Mike Swafford, Steve Beck. Aaron Root. Scott Jalowayski. Mark Roberson. 110 J.V. Baseball Steve Nemeth fields a line drive Steve Beck slams one down the alley Team Play " Very supportive attitudes this year " ex- plained Lori Schwalbach. This year ' s Junior Varsity practiced every weekday to come to- gether as a team to make it a winning season. " We have a lot of talent " stated team mem- bers, " We think of ourselves as equal, no one of us is better than the other. " This year ' s Junior Varsity Centurion Softball team coached by Lori Schwalbach, consisted of fifteen girls all of which practiced offense and defense strategies as well as attitudes to- wards the game. Switching to Spring from Winter league brought better weather to the Softball teams. Powerful playing as well as unity gave the play- ers experience and prepared them for Varsity play. A good stretch by Tammy Mariano to make the second out. Coach Lori Schwalbach writes out the line up card Kim Manning slingshots the third strike. Bonnie Lopez fields a hard hit grounder. Top Row Coach Lon Schwalbach. Sally McMullen. Julie Becker, JoAnne LaMottc. Sheryl Nunes. Donna Kline. Karen Merker. Amy Gauthier. Bottom Row; Becca Carcabuso, Kim Man- ning. Johanna Cottle. Bonnie Lopez. Erin McDougall. Heather Taylor, Tammy Mariano J V Softball 111 A Rebounding Season " Awesome! " That was the only way to de- scribe the Boys Varsity Basketball team. Playing an aggresive defense, and a half court style of offense, the Centurions raced off to a 10-2 pre-league record. In the course of those victories the Centuri- ons captured the Pennisula Classic and fin- ished second in the Kiwanis tournament. " The team has really molded together. We ' ve taken our beatings the past two years and now we ' re the ones giving out the beat- ings. " said Coach Mike McDonald. The team was assisted by Steve Vukojevich and Greg Hill. " They really pulled us together and kept Coach McDonald calm when he would start winning. " said Co-Captain Jerry Paladino. The other captain was all C.I.F. candidate Matt Brock. The 6 ' 6 " senior is the mam reason for the team ' s success and his performance will determine how far they go. Christian High defenders are intimidated by Matt Brock ' s ability to score. The players wait for the game plan. 112 Varsity Boys Basketball James Alexander drives through a defender for two points- Larry Porter displays his shooting style in front of two defenders Varsity Boys Basketball 113 Queens Of The Court " It ' s just a matter of keeping things in per- spective " , explained Coach McDonald about the 83-84 Varsity Girls Basketball team. They lacked experience but made up for it in tech- nique. They were new to the Varsity competi- tion since most of the girls had played on the J.V. team the year before. They won their first game, against Castle Park, with a 43-17 final score. They weren ' t as ta ll as the other Varsity teams. The tallest player was only 5 ' 9 " and other teams had two to three inches on them. There were only four seniors on the team; the rest were juniors. " The team should be stron- ger next year when we have more exper- ience, " commented the coach. They were re- alistic about their talent but didn ' t let it get them down. " They ' ve come a long way since the beginning of the year " , exclaimed coach McDonald. This IS basketball, Heather, not soccer. Kathy Anuskiewicz drives for a two point play. 114 Varsity Girls Basketball Standing: Coach McDonald, Selynthia Armstrong, Sharon Stoltzfus, Annette Bakos, Kim Ball, Sheryl Martin. Jeanne LaMotte, Laura Ferguson, Rhonda Chester, Kirsti Myklestad, Heather Taylor, Kneeling; Kim Manning. Kelli Russell. Kathy Anuskiewicz, Heather Phillips, Tracy Lynn, Mary Ribant, Jeanne McCracken, Jams Gruver. Kathy Anuskiewicz passes off Selynthia Armstrong makes an out of bounds save. Sharon Stoltzfus breaks tlirough a defender Kathy Anuskiewicz takes the ball on a fast break. Varsity Girls Basketball 115 JV Boys Basketball Builds Tradition Five players ran down the court dribbling and passing the ball as they looked for an opening for a " lay-up " shot, and U.C. scored two points. Basketball, the most popular of all indoor sports and a feature event in the 1984 Olym- pics, gathered momentum at U.C.H.S. The team played better as the season went on from December to February. More and more people came to the games and supported them. The team consisted of twelve players, four sophomores and seven juniors, four of whom were returning. They practiced everyday after school for two hours to develop their skill at handling the ball. Basketball is a sport that requires a great deal of agility, speed, intelligence, and team- work. The J.V. Basketball team displayed all of those qualities. J.V. player Andy Scofield re- plied, " Our team has a lot of quickness. " Coach Vukojevich commented, " They are a group of players that work well together as a unit and there isn ' t just one star on the team. " Coach Vukojevich preps the team before a tough game. Scott Ezell knows practice makes perfect. ' sky is the limit for Mark Rober- son. James Young drives for a two pointer. 116 JV Boys Basketball Top Row: Steve Schmunk, Jerry Black. Andy Scofield. Brian Creek, Scott Ezell, Rudy Lovato. James Young. Bottom Row: Mark Roberson, Ron Cowell, Mike Malolie, Jeff Randall. Mike Norris. Hustling Hoopers Joanne LaMotte drives hard to score. " What we lack i n numbers we make up for in spirit, " comments Coach Greg Hill of the Girl ' s Junior Varsity Basketball team. " We ' re a physical team and fundamentally sound, we should give any team in the league a run for their money except for our inexperience on the court. " The novice hoopers carried " team play " to its fullest as no one player stood out from the bunch. " There is no one all-star on this team, " said coach Hill. " They ' re all outstanding and they should develop into a first class team by the end of the season. " Joanna Cottle shoots from the line during practice Top Row: Stephanie Cucero, Shirl Washington. Joanne LaMotte, Theresa Moore. Gloria Palacius, Coach Hill Bottom Row: Mary Grant, Joanna Cottle. Bonnie Lopez It I Stephanie Cucero practices free throws Tonya McClellan shoots before the sec- onds of the game run out. JV Girls Basketball 117 Get A Grip! The whistle blows and you shoot out at your opponent without even thinking, your concen- tration centered on getting a hold on your foe and receiving the first takedown, the first key step in dominating and winning a wrestling match. You force him to his back and get those first two points, working up the body to the head for a " head and arm, " the most lethal of the pinning moves in its easy access and effi- ciency. Your opponent struggles to roll you, sensing your superiority, and you shove his arm across his face to cut off his breathing. He wriggles frantically to keep his shoulder blades off the mat for a few seconds and then slows, your iron grip draining his last spurts of energy along with his breath. Then, " Wham! " The ref- eree ' s hand slaps the mat as the whistle blows and you ' ve won your team six more points, adding another pin to your record. This was the dream that kept every wrestler going this winter when he stepped back onto the mat for another three hours of grueling practice. Every day the Centurion wrestler was met with the wrestler ' s mile, consisting of five laps including stairs (because wrestlers can ' t count) before practice to get them in condi- tion. " We were a much better team physically this year " . Coach Yandall commented. " The extra conditioning kept us from tiring in the last period and won us a few bouts as well " . Led by team captains, Mike Houghton and Jeff Benzon, the second year grapplers added victory after victory to their individual records and the team competed fiercely in the Western League as strong contenders for the title. " Few wrestlers returned from last year but those who did helped to teach the newcomers and added drive, unity, spirit and experience to the team, the key ingredients to a successful wres- tling squad, " Coach Yandall said. Gary McDowell and George Brooker also helped coach the team this year, getting into the ring with the wrestlers and showing them precisely how it ' s done. Going to all day tourna- ments and pushing the wrestlers to victory, where at the Orange Glen tournament. Coach Yandall got news that he was now the proud father of a baby boy, Eki. the team ' s mascot. Standing: Coach Ed Yandall. Gretchen Smith, Mike Anderson, Mike Houghton, Steve Harris. John Kapitze. Tony Moscato, Steve Hawley. Alvin Pangilinan, Coach Gary McDowell, and Coach George Brooker. Kneeling: Craig Morrison, Kevin Aylesworth, Todd Brehe, Jeff Venzon, Kent Ninomiya, John Shafer, and Paul Livesay. Jeff Venzon puts the crunch on his opponent. Standing: Coach George Brooker, Coach Gary McDowell, Bruce Stone, Steve Manber, Brian Vowinkel, Craig Jerpseth. Larry Geller, Coach Ed Yandell, Kneeling: Daniel Glazerman, John Helsing, Brian Engleman, Francisco Vom Borstel. and Kyle Yasuhara. 118 Wrestling -»- (y ' -» Kyle Yasuhara and John Shaffer concentrate during Coach Ed Yandall keeps track of Centurion points on the scoreboard a take-down drill V Tony Moscatos opponent tries to crash his " arms of steel. ' Steve Hawley and Tony Moscato work for a take- down. Wrestling 119 Sharing The Glory All noise dissipates as you tune your senses to their highest level, the blood running hot through your legs as they tense, your fingers tingling with anticipation. " BANG! " cracks the gun like a whip. The runners herd forward like a team of horses; cheers filling the infield as teammates and fans spur them on. The first runner approaches the end of his quarter of the race, and with his last ounce of strength, passes the baton to his team- mate. The race continues as other events come to a close, the results of each event contributing to the overall outcome of the track meet. " Track is a team sport, " commented Coach Mitchell. " It ' s comprised of many individual ef- forts which all contribute to one single cause — winning. " The Boy ' s Track Team coaches were: John Hutsel for discus and shot put; Connie Thompson for hurdles and infield events; Nick Ciaccio for sprints; Robert Grant for long distance running; and Head Coach Rick Mitchell, who with the help of various volunteer timers, announcers and offi- cials from the UC High Staff, engineered the pass- ing of this symbolic baton, (representing the hearts of all the athletes and coaches combined) to carry it down the final straightaway to victory. Scott Schneider pulls ahead in the 2 mile. Doug Dixon sprints to gam the lead. -i PhS ' I am going to go over that bar with this pole? Back Row: Gerald Black. GeoH Folsom. Randy Barnes. Cliff Gordon. Dan Hood. Tim Patrick. Jofin Eichorn. Jofin Samuels. Mike Jungltng, David Gosney. Tony Romag, James Young, Rich Synnott. Scott Sctineider. Ctiris Coibom.Thad Krebs. Mark Schoonover 4tti Row Ken Pippin, Andrew Goldstein, Richard Diaz-Canedo. Jim Eveleth, Jeff Gurley, Maurice Simmons, Mike Cohen, Rico MacDowell, Mike Norris, Don Marks, Larry Gelier, Ricky Gish, Ray Kelly, Jeff Randell, Doug Dixon, Doug Grant 3rd Row Tom Jetton, Robert O ' Barr, Cory Krell, Doug Lewis, Chris Beresford, Mike Meister, Jeff Hunter, Darnell Hopkins, Damon Werner, Albert Crosby, Sam Thomas, James Jones, Glen Rogers, Joe Scaratone, Shawn W Smith, Scott Mraz, Robert Marcos 4th Row: Coach Ciaccio. John Hutsel, John Mamber, Robert Grant, Coach Mitchell, Coach Hill The UC runners give it their all in the 100 meters. 120 Boys Track John Elchhorn throws for the winning mark. David Weinbaum follows through on a powerful release. 94 Sam Thomas builds speed in the final turn. The 800 meter runners push it in the last lap, Doug Grant explodes from the starting blocks. T The Krebs leads the team to another UC high jump victory. Hoppy sets a pace in the 400 m relay. Geoff Folsom pushes towards the finish ine. Steve Mamber builds speed in the turn. Centurion runners come in first in the 2 mile. Boys Track 121 Feminine Footwork Runners to your marks. Get set. Go! With these words from the starter, this year ' s UCHS Girls ' Track Team got off to a great beginning. " I know that some of the individuals from the team will even make GIF championships, " exclaimed runner, Tosha Delaca. " With all of their hard training, they deserve it! " Tosha added. The UCHS Girls Track Team worked strenuously everyday. Increasing their speed, improving their form and building up endur- ance were three key goals the girls set for them- selves. " Aside from training, a team needs to feel like a team to be a team, " stated long jumper Lynn Bremner. " I think we have a really outstanding team this year because no matter how we do, we always have each others ' support. " The endless effort the girls put into training was evident especially by the achievements of girls like Monique Weaver and Lynn Bremner. Monique set school records in 100 meter and 200 meter sprints as well as m the 400 meter relay with times of 12.2, 26.3, and 51.0 seconds. Lynn Bremner ' s talent lay in the long jump where she beat her own record from the year before with a length of 18 ' 1 " . Whether in hurdling, shotputting, sprinting, relay- ing or high jumping, the girls track team of ' 84 gave it their all. Tina Robinson, Andnda Turner, Monique Weaver, Shirl Washington - U.C. ' s fabulous foursome. Kim Grennan glides through the air with ease. Lisa Clark summons a the shotput. her strength for Ananda Turner gets off the line with power and grace Lynn Bremner gives the triple jump her best ef- fort t " I don ' t think there ' s anybody back there! " states Cheryl Washington. Monique Weaver rounds the turn and heads tor Heather Croft stretches out during practice, o " ' " ' " 0 ' ' ' y Nancy Nadeau makes a one point landing in the long jump. 122 Girls Track Monique Weaver and Ananda Turner patiently await the 400m relay Aline Zirino. Rosalia Hayakawa and Heather Croft take a few practice laps. Andrea Hill limbers up before the meet. Lynn Bremner reaches for those extra inches Shirl Washington spends long hours developing her form. -iX- Nancy Nadeau crosses the hu ' Second Row: Carol Sonnenberg. Mary Ribalt. Yvonne Coiner. Amy Perkins, Lynn bremner, Ji.-.jmul- nation and confidence. LaMotte, Nancy Nadeau. Latonya McClellan. Leslie Evans. Danica Rigoli. Kim Grennan. Debbie Rickard. Tosha Delaca. Andrea Hill, Front Row: Meraliann Grant, Jill Newman, Erica Allen. Gail Shehan, Pat Tan|uaquio, Monique Weaver, Rosalia Hayakawa, Ananda Turner. Heather Croft. Celeste Ogata, Aileen Alfonso. Aline Zirino, Tina Robinson, Debbie West. Cindy Buzard. Erin Barr. Shirl Washington, Coach Thompson Ttermi- Girls Track 123 ,,5 ' ts- Coming to a high school where everyone was older and seemed to be taller was a frightening experience for most sophomores, most of which only saw the bad points. After being at U.C. for a few weeks the tenth graders found out that there were some good points too. " I like the fact that everyone was older and more mature, but I don ' t like being teased about my grade! " commented Karen Merker, a sopho- more here at U.C. The juniors on the other hand already knew what high school life was like, eased through the year with a sence of pride. " It ' s better than being a sophomore " was a big response among most of the juniors, but the biggest thought was " I would rather be a senior! " The two classes looked forward to the senior year when they would be the " superior class. " 124 Classes w Classes 125 " I ' m going off campus for lunch I ' ll be back tomorrow Sopfiomore class officers: David tVloore. Bill Autenreith, Scott Jalowayski. and Brian Vowinkle. SOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMOREi f- ' TTTr r- ' I " f .. ■ They ' re twins . . . maybe someday they ' ll be omeletes? What goes on behind closed doors? 126 Sophomores iHkifi Paul Acosta Roger Ahern Angela Aldndge Eileen Alfonso Guadalupe Alvares Jimmy Anuskiewicz Aril Armentia Jeanette Arsenault Vito Asaro Danielle Auletta William Autenreith Roberto Aviles Kevin Aylesworth Marlene Baddour Dwight Bagby James Bailey John Baldwin Suzannah Banet Paul Banish Lourdes Banuelos William Basham Eleanor Bautista Stephen Beck Julie Becker Eric Belz Michael Benne tt Eileen Beres David Billings Lisa Bittar Gerald Black OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES I wish I would have made the football team. " ' She couldn ' t have been serious, 1-100 all! ' Sr, 127 Jennifer Bonder Pamela Braddy Todd Brehe Steve Brevick Kim Brooke Gus Bujkovsky Melinda Bunch Christopher Burton Tina Caldwell Stacie Campbell James Canty Rebecca Carcabuso Jennifer Carruthers William Cary Mickey Castonguay Corinne Castro StacI Cerrudo John Chew Caryn Chick Eric Chnstensen Joy Chuang David Cipra Dawn Clark Michele Clark Jeffrey Cohen Eric Cohen Michael Cohen Susan Colaneri Gary Cook Shelley Craig SOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMOR 128 Sophomores " Jane . . . sees , . Spot . . . run A survivor of the 80 ' s. John Creel Ronnie Crena Mary Davis Susan Davis Tim Dayney Philip Demarco Joseph Depuy Paul Desaulniers Julie Diehl Mara Dille Kristin Dinniss Dana Dixon Andrea Dizon Laura Dossett Donna Douglas Tracey Duncan Jennifer Dunham Monique Ebipane Julie Edwards Cristy Emerson Rene Enemas Sarah Escritor Joseph Estus James Eubanks Aileen Evans Scott Ezell Robert Falcone Jason Farmer Nancy Feinberg Suzanne Fentress OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES Bill Autenreith is baffled by a math problem. It ' s |ust a costume. " Sophomores 129 Andrew Ferrier Steven Finch Eduardo Flores Lara Flower Regena Franklin Karen Freer Michael Garcia Debra Gelfand Marilyn Gennetten Amy Getrost Richard Gish David Gladstone Daniel Glazerman Bronia Gmach Sepiden Goltapeh Manuel Gonzalez Kimberly Gore Matthew Gorsuch David Gosney Stephanie Crammer Meraliann Grant Alexander Green Deanna Griffen William Grimes Tiffany Gross James Guerra Jose Gunther Jeff Gurley Daniel Haas Craig Haider mIm SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORI 130 Sophomores " I know, It ' s the uh , uh " What ' s up Doc? " J Deborah Hall Scott Hamrick Lori Harral Kelley Harris Stephen Harris Elizabeth Hartigan Kim Hawley Rosalia Hayakawa Maureen Heck Karma Heimburger John Helsing Kristin Hengstenberg Russell Hensley Jennifer Higgins Peter Hissong Christopher Hobbs Lynn Honson Stephen Holliday Gina Hout Tanya Howe Michael Howell Lisa Hustosky Diane Huth Stanley Hyman Nancy Jacobsen Scott Jalowayski Kathryn Jarvis Craig Jerpseth Thomas Jetton James Jones jOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES " Its not my favorite thing to do. but its why I ' m here. Hey cutie! What ' s your phone No? " Sophomores 131 Vicky Kamen Stephanie Kaneko Alae Kazzazi Keh Kear Tanya Keil Peter Kellers Susan Kellogg Michael Khoo Tetsu Kidokoro Kurt Kieselbach Steve Kim Julie Kinslow Lara Klein Joe Klostermann Tammera Knapp Michael Koenig Michael Korch Robert Kovaleski Thad Krebs Laura Krell Bard Laabs Stefan La Casse Lily Lai Joanne La Motte Martin Lechner Gloria Lee John Lee Katherine Lee Wayne Lee Jennifer Lees SOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES Stacey Campbell . out of class again. " Where ' s Andy?! " asks Raggedy Ann. 132 Sophomores i n ' d ' l jiMi Gregory Levorchick Thomas Lin Julie Lingo Sophie Liu Paul Livesay Evelyn Lopez Yvonne Lopez Jill Madeja Jesse Mallinger Elena Manalo Steve Manber John Mandley Sharon Manor Cecilia Manzanero Robert Marcos Donald Marks Andrew Martin Michelle Martin Claudia Martinez Rudy Martinez (. nstina Matos La Tonya McChellan Erin McDougall Frances McEvilly Mary McGuire Eric McKillican Maria Mealey Maria Medina Patricia Mercado Karen Merker ;OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES r f w 1 Dont you wish you were as cute as me? ' Eenie. meenie. mynie. mo Sophomores 133 Catenna Mertel Anthea Michas Michelle Millam Rachel Miller Eric Mitchell Matthew Mohr David Moore Douglas Moore Theresa Moore Collin Morrison Cathy Mortazavi Joseph Moscat Carl Munn Lisa Nanncic Susan Nadeau Jill Newman Karia Nikkinen Jodi Ninomiya Cheryl Nunes Stephen Obarr Arthur O ' Shea Monique O ' Shea Steven Ourand Ann Mane Palma Dana Parker Lisa Parker David Pechulis Amy Perkins Gina Peynado Karen Phillips 50PH0M0RESS0PH0M0RESS0PH0M0RESS0PH0M0REI ' Tom Cruise, here? Where!? " The newest fashion in eye wear. ' 134 Sophomores Mike Phillips Shannon Pippin Alicka Pistek Joseph Pleasant Michael Price David Punnton Diana Purves Antonio Ramirez Josue Ramos Jeffrey Randall Cornell Reed Evan Richman Tamara Riggs Maria Rinaldo Kelly Robbins Tina Robinson Brian Romag Henrik Romberg Aaron Root Thomas Roy Christy Rueden Avram Sachs Stephanie Saladino Celia Samaniego Sarita Santana Jason Sardina Jenna Scarafone Wendi Scheck Curtis Schilling Steven Schmunk OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES Donald Marks. THE FONZ " of the 80s I like the way he walks Sophomores 135 James Scoffin Steven Scuderi Eve Selfridge Juan Setunno Jed Sexton John Shafer David Shapiro Jordan Shapiro Sharon Shatoff Miyako Shirakawa Yoram Shtrikman Sara Shuftelton Eleanor SIckels Serena Siebuhr Todd Simonis Stephanie Slack Michael Smay Gregory Smith Peter Snee David Sousa Matthew Stevenson Kristin Stewart Michael Stewart Bruce Stone Daniel Sztuden Orly Tal Ross Talner Debra Tanghigh Heather Taylor KImberly Taylor 30PH0M0RESS0PH0M0RESS0PH0M0RESS0PH0M0RES 136 Sophomores " We ' re going to the movies tonight, right? " " Thank God Its Friday " Samuel Thomas Alicia Thweatt Seoul Tighe Matthew Tillotson Stephanie Torrinello Paul Tucker 1- Deanna Tulagan Jm ' , Ananda Turner John Ulrich Melissa Vidana Albert Viramontes ' ,.J» David Vitala Brian Vowinkel Kim-Chi Vuong Shirl Washington Gary Watkins Mary Watson Brian Wenzel Jennifer Wermers Lisa Wheeler Wendy Wheeler Laural Wicks Manual Wingfield Anita Wolf Vincent Wong Kent Wyatt Kyle Yasuhara Troy Young Armida Zavala Ahne Zirino ;OPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORESSOPHOMORES HS Sharon Manor Keeps her eyes on her own paper " So I don ' t have Vogue P.E Clothes! " Sophomores 137 " No way! Monday again so soon!?! ' ' What do you mean it ' s due at the end of the period!? " UNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIO ' Boy are we enthusiastic! " , scream juniors at a UCHS game " You called. 138 Juniors The Junior candid smile. " Is this picture in the yearbook? SJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUr Beatrice Abngo Burt Adams Grace Aguilar Hayzel Aguilar Audrey Alferos Erika Allen Rodney Allen Christine Anderson Kristen Anderson Mark Andrus Kathy Anuskiewicz Keith Archibald Susan Armstrong Scott Atkinson Denise Bailey Anthony Baker Debra Baker Kimberly Ball Mujhaid Ban Vivien Bascos John Batzloff Rhonda Beaulieu Cynthia Beaver Yvonne Beck Damon Becker Hormozd Behi Juniors 139 ' Once upon a time, in a land far away " " Are all these interuptions really necessary? " JUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIC Bryan Bemis Lance Bishop Heather Boles Diana Bonder James Boren Dawn Braddy Elaine Brazeau Lynn Bremner Eric Bridge Steve Browning Charles Buck Leslie Bucsit Sandra Butler Cindy Buzard Romeo Carcabuso Eric Carlson Helen Carson Terry Carter Tina Cartwright Hanis Cavin Edward Chapin Amanda Chapman Julaine Chattaway Laura Christensen 140 Juniors I I know I ' ve got the answers in here somewhere. Inseperable buddies torever. SJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUN Larissa Clark Bradley Cline Ellen Cobb Mark Codding Kim Codiamat Richard Colavin Christopher Colburn John Cole Anne Colletl Yvette Conrad Kaylee Cornofsky Lois Cotter Richard Covington Kimberly Cox Chen Craig Monique Craven Lisa Creadick Brian Creek Trina Cremans Heather Croft Michael Daligdig Alan Daniels William Davies Marsha Deestrada Juniors 141 " Did he call on me? But I didn ' t raise my hand! " Erik Hunsaker hard at work. lUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIO Gina Demangos Scott Denton John Depuy Thomas Dickerson Mark Dietter Douglas Dixon Michael Doyle Brenda Dubarko Dean Dupont Mane Duran Karen Dykes Andre Ebipane James Edgett Aaron Ellis Michelle Elmore Mark Emerick Brian Engleman Yvette Espinosa Samantha Eyres Mark Fabrizio Kristlna Fain Michael Fentress Laura Ferguson Scott Ferguson Teresa Ferrer Robert Fischer Monica Flores Peggy Foretic 142 Juniors " I vote we |ust cancel this assignment altogether ' " Can I help you ' I UUNIORSJUNiORSJUNiORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNt Amanda Foster Natalie Garcia Amy Gauthier Kristopfer Gent Karen Gibson Robin Gibson Andrew Goldstein Madeline Gooden Clifford Gordon Susanna Gorton Douglas Grant Michael Grove Janice Gruver I Gregory Guiness Thane Hall Rhonda Hamilton David Hancock Michael Hansen Daniel Harrington Judith Harris Kurt Hartman Craig Harwood Stephen Hawley Jeff Healey Stacey Hearn Eric Hendrix Patrick Herman Amy Hilgers Juniors 143 ■■ - dQJ " Audrey. I think you missed a spot " The G.Q. face of the 80 ' s!!! JUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIi Andrea Hill Erin Hill Kendra Hill Robert Hill Gweneth Hollister Scott Holslag Kimberly Holt Daniel Hood Francis Hooks Todd Hoover Nathan Hopper Susan Housh Daniel Houston Harold Hsu Ronald Huber Rachael Huggard David Hunt Tonia Hunter David Hurst Marcy Hurt Karen Hylen Susan Ignatoff Denise Irvin Brian James 144 Juniors " Attendance Office: Please excuse Doug Grant " I already told you I don ' t know the answer to number one! " 5JUNI0RSJUNI0RSJUNI0RSJUNI0RSJUNI0RSJUNI0RSJU Jotin Jauregui Ttiomas Jenkins Julie Jonilonis Michael Jungling Kim Kaas Vicky Kaku William Kalchik John Kapitzke Susan Katz Kimberly Kelso Kevin Kempton Karen Ketchen Paul Ketchen Donna Kline Kristin Koehler Kimberly Koenig Sara Kopels Laura Korbelak Michael Kries Lisa Kroeker Jennifer Krouse Jacqueline Kutnik Edward Lampkin Trevor Laurence Juniors 145 " In my opinion, we should have an extended lunch every " You expect me to go out with him! day " UNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIC James Laurino Christopher Lechner Aymee Leech Karen Lillie Beverly Loiacono Michelle Loomer Rudy Lovato Richard Lowe Jacquelyn Lucas Stephanie Lucero Dominic Luina Kelly Lupro Binh Luu Tracy Lynn Joel Maister Michael Malowney Felice Marocco Ronald Marr Bryan Martin Sheryl Martin Laura Mathis Wendy Matthews Colleen McCahon Latisha McClellan Jennifer McClure Shayne McCool Rico McDowell Heidi McGinnis 146 Juniors Joel Maister discusses weekend plans with Beth Nadeau. " Now. where did he go?! ' SJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUN Mary McGroarfy James McHenry Steven McKay Robert McKinney Sally McMullen Thomas McSherry Gennady Medvinsky Mallna Mendola Denlse Miles Kathryn Miller Marc Miller Roy Miller Douglas Milton Richard Monita Helen Montague Ludwig Munevar Collette Murphy Gerald Musial Michelle Myking P.ujI Naylor Ann Nebiker Stephan Nemmeth David Newell Sherry Nolan Mitra Noorani Michael Norris Robert OBarr Deron O ' Bryant Juniors 147 ' Blowing in the wind. ' A pop quiz today, but you didn ' t tell us. ' iUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNid Kent O ' Dell Celeste Ogata Jessica Olsen Teresa Ong Alvin Pangilinan Lonn Paul Lonnie Perry Vincent Perryman Maithao Ptiam Heather Phillips Raquel Pina Kenneth Pippin ■j Hj Jennifer Proenza STIm Jeffrey Purcell j H V - y Jennifer Quinn H H Lisa Rahiser . l l David Rauch RB fei H Junifer Ravelo Sr Liza Raymond H « H Todd Repp John Revilla IB Jv Mary Ribant HC - - Ts Holly Rickard Danica Rigoli " 148 Juniors ' Are you sure you don ' t want to go out withi me? " Smile. David! {SJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUI David Ring Regina Ringgold Kimberly Rose Michael Ross Yael Rubin Sean Safreed Jotin Samuels Jeffrey Sardina David Sarwinski Steven Scfiechter Elana Sctilafman Diedre Schloyer Irene Schneider Scott Schneider Andrew Scofield Clair Scott James Scott Suzanne Scott David Shanks Erin Shean Gail Sheehan Shannon Sherlock Edward Shiloff Joanna Shyu Juniors 149 " I don ' t know what ever made me want to go out with ■ ' Hey Mike, pay attention. They ' re taking our picture. " him in the first place. " UNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNiORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIC Robert Sickels Terrence Sieving Michelle Silva Maurice Simmons Christopher Skinner David Skoglund Brandt Smith Gretchen Smith Karol Solt Leonard Sonnenberg Eric Sorenson Richard Sousa Julie Spahn Bradley Stevenson Daniela Sylvers Anna Tafvelin Pat Tanjuaquio Dennis Taylor Ruth Taylor Mark Tettenburn Anthony Thomas 150 Juniors ■Psst. what ' s the answer to number one? " ' And then he said. SJUNiORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUNIORSJUr Christopher Thomas Flemming Tranberg Patricia Uhlir Arthur Valentine Ronald Ventimiglia Suzanne Ventimiglia Jeftrey Venzon Jon VIdana Lisa Viertel Carmela Vitrano Leslie Vogt Sergio Waisman Cynthia Wallace Richard Wallen Martin Walsh Patrick Watson Jennifer Wesley Scott Wetzel Sharon Williams Lana Willis Trevor Wilson Carolyn Wolf Tanya Wolfson Darrell Woodard Sabrina Woodin Susan Wright Jeffrey Wyatt James Young Juniors 151 " Senioritis. " That ' s what Maurice Johnson called the affliction that effected the seniors this year. It was an eager excitedness over finally graduating and going on to fulfill one ' s life ambitions, and at the same time, sadness over leaving the security of high school and the friends they ' ve known for years. It was also a time to slack off in studies and enjoy the last of the carefree years. Led by Class President Nancy Nadeau, the second graduating class was the first to show a true sense of unity and school spirit at UCHS. Their spirit was seen in their participation at pep rallies, on the field and in the stands at athletic events, at dances and other school functions. Many friendships were made that will endure long after the last game was won and the final bell sounded. Of his classmates, Bobby Clark remarked, " I think they ' re awe- some! " " I i ' W, 154 Senior Standouts The Most And The Best MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED John Gnffen Rosemarie Day MOST FASHIONABLE Jackie Rios Albert Crosby MOST WANTED TO BE SNOWED IN WITH Matt Brock Suzi Danziger j qST SCHOOL SPIRIT Nancy Nadeau Ken Parks MOST LIKELY NOT TO BE IN CLASS Frank Jauregui Sharon Stolzfus CLASS COUPLE Scott Harris Carol Sonnenberg • W ■•v.v.;. ' ' V • ;•■,■ » 4 4 I -i J INSEPARABLE BUDDIES INSEPARABLE BUDDIES Mike Fitzsimmons Bruce McKilhcan Kristen Strange Jackie Rios Remember peering around corners and over your shoulder to catch a glimpse of that irrisis- table body that just walked by? Or the awful punch lines and funny pranks of the class clowns? Or how about that empty seat next to you in English class-by the body that was sup- posed to be sitting there. Remember the cou- ple that always seemed so perfect for each other? Or the friends that were always so close they seemed inseparable? Or how about the people that always dressed so stylish, model- ing the latest fashions for everyone else to copy? Remember the people that always had it together and were sure to succeed? Or what about the ones that stood in front of the crowd and led the cheers, generating school spirit in all of us? Seniors were voted for in January for all of these categories, the winners crowned with title of " Senior Standout " for 1984, but shall live in our memories forever. CLASS CLOWNS Mike Lupro Becky Muka Senior Standouts 155 DAVE ADAMS-3 guKk Years Fun and good lime al UC All those parties, tMStbuds Mau ' ice Jim Mike lOlh grade ski inp What a blast ' A " Big Daddy, Times are hard Torry Pmes ' Hip Shooters. Gulp. Gulp Student View Thanhs JC Ski Club Prcs A Vice Pres Thanks Mr YanSee ouon the slopes JV Cheer party, Ha ' , INMATES Dec 18 1980 First 8ig ' D ' party Franksaud. Crown Point Thanks SE. TC. MM, AM. JK HP G ' flof my dreams SW New Years Eve 80 Cheating on ' Market street- Thanks BG A tec games. Party Crew tt anks hay You will always be special So long SD Hello LB ' Bye lo the Iriends and memories that mean so much to me CLYDE ARHRENS Lots of good times with the boys MH. RC KW. RK Onnkin pitchers at Il e Iron Doorlookinp tor hogs KW runs Over RH in ttie buggy- Rob. Rob there s and m my eye ' M-ssions to the cross wild parlies gt RK s on Thanksgiving mghl Donuts in the opal on Denmson The mission through the canyon with the 4X s-great fun MH rolls fiis truck-good humori my lilebut ME youre still »! ' Thanks lor everything mom 0»d Goodbye UCHS ' JAMES P ALEXANDER-These last two years at U C H S I had some good times and some Hardtimes bjt, my Senior year things started to happen I made the Hoop squad the leam It ' s rny drst year playing a sport since my rn|ury I met somecoollnends at UCHS Bobby Clark we call oufselts the BailBondsmen to my accouniant Buddys DM-WH I wtD always have lun remember me as I will you I have so many friends I can ' t write about Ms Goehnng s class was lun My Junior year Junior year JM-OFVBDM we had tun well the years have be«n Joy lul Eat Rice lorever-SL AR stay cool My good FriendsMarkb odgett Lou leMansoneilorceMHSeeVouintheyr IOC omeUCHS 1984 ' ANAMARIA ALVAREZ -GdO ' UCHS ' Hwkdl evr IgtU ' Bst v mmres w DAD- O ' URnol llvUAlF ' astvfrnjwvMBMF5Dg.MYMA JAlMBlnvrfgtll we wnt tru M,aits v mmres ' MB rmbr U aiwi-The laco shop ' Kn I Sa enfw R mmres ' Para mis pnmas. RP RP lUu ' RP rmbr Ifie tms at my pd w ' BRiJG iOJ s prlthe attr atks ' Gd tms w RP i TG hp mny mo 2 km ' - R TJ trp ' RP JR 4 TG U gt a |ti- bg m era ' 2 my tio M nvr tgl wt U tO me, yt spn Ivi wme 4evr ' 2 my mom 7 dad gracas por todo. I LOVE YOU " Gdbye UCHS ' SHAWN AMBROSE- SolongUCIIsbeen Fun Slacksw CB JBdl6GL KC PlgdeeSCrKnShores w BM Ks SJ(Tommy)iTheCLMTI uys RFKf RL bo DM 5L ScaminlnSB w KFerockWCB Uvmgatcris ' s 360 5inthepafkRocKDadies4e¥rWaveDancinw ' BM Kimis Dirty FacesKS onFirelnUC Da«nThan.4BeinmySurt ' ChiCh AllMyLu«WillCapnH00ke vugetit ' KS GtSBubba(GO " enlHaveSlut!biesrv 3R0LG SanEiejow Pa ppaSmuHKF RayRayKSSJ BM GK KW MR MRS iichlylTheSoccerTea mWhatanunrealTripThannforTheMemoriesDonHgetMeToAIIThepeopi eno t men 1 1 onedy ou Losel Baj aPene t ' a t o rs U n kno wn s Wha m ¥ a rS t u di o E a sterClassicBye MICHAEL ANDERSON-HECTIC POINTS MOLECULAR STRUCTURES NIGHT FLIGHTS ON COAST WALK SWIMPIER W TH CART WECALE THANKS RP FOR A GREAT WRECK IZZUCAJ EISUS NO ART BRODAT XMAS IN NEW YORK W MJ PCHOPHILL SBM-CLEAN CAREER MISSED AGAIN WATEVEROUDE RG CG LA SV PH GJ JR TH RP PK DC AS CH JT AE AJ BR JL MCA RONANUSKIEWICZ-OboY ' Mikedbllearn Stick TowelP ' ob lem ' Notatall. Loser, onetwothreeD AppleD Koolaid Myhouse.Sanyo.D eflepHandShake DumbMovies,YourHouse,Comp,Omnimon Pin3,Bolb dheisl,MagsUCDeli RamwinwipeHudiMadd.Pr.ceClbAisFavPiateFootb ICLMTSiiydslnlBumDea ' OwenRellopRobTheOoorNolThalTunesAILun chQR.DL.PB.EB.ASTJimAtBoieiodgWrongWayFollowefSVslWhP.n: JENNIFER ARMSTRONG-LA Wl LA -COULONT TAKE ONF W, OUT THE OTHR HEYDH WHEN DOWE START BOKCHOY ' BETTER FIND SOME MEAN GERMANS FIRST CG ' HEAR SENIOR MEMORIES ARE MORE EXPENSIVE IN WESTWOOD LB46L6APRK (I WONDER WHOS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE POND SC LA-2 ' i yRS IS OVER-WHEN SHOULD WE HIT AUSTRIA . ' STHERES A LOT I CAMT SAY ON THE ANSWERING MA- CHINE L WHAT WAS BST ' COFFEE BNS HAPI COATSWOf THROWN IN- CHRIS WONT GET OVRTHT TRP. WILL HE ' CG E R IS LOOKING GR YOU COVS I HRO IT IHRTHE GRP VN GO TO BOBS CAFE CVVSIT ME IN VENICE ' SMITHE ROSE CAFE. PICS AT SNAVNTR NEVROTIC BALI ' LID RTHR HAVE OVR APT i. SOME ESNCE OF CHKN SOLYNTHIA R ARMSTRONG LUNCH WAS FUN W. ' LATONYA A u; 3RD PER ENGLISH WAS FUN W SOillZtOFAAH FRENZ 4 EVER MY BES- TEST WHITE FREN KELLI RuSSELL REM THE LOUD MOUTH GiRL A- LWAYS BASKETBALL FANS NEVER FORGET LOUD MOUTH PINKY GOODLUCK TOO ALL FRENZ REM GOOD TIMES AND CONFLICTS SHARON REM 1 J V 83 SOrrgALl REM «1 SENIOR POWOERPUff TEAM Bd CLASS OF 84 WILLALWAYS BE lEGlT WELL ALWAYS 8£ REMEMBERED REM THE GOOD AND THE BAD TIMES. TEACHERS AL- WAYS REM THE GIRL WITH THE BIG MOUTH I LI BE SURE AND SEND FUTURE RELATIVES HERE I ALREADY HAVE 13 IN LINE MOM THANK FOR ALL THE SUPPORT YOU TOO MAC LOVE YA ' ! ' JULIE ANN AYIESWORTH- J v-VCheerRah ' 2muchiun Toppy rmdsDNTdrpME ' SwimNCIolhi ' lilembar Ksnowtlfc lhn»4stiCw ' mft.SP ElrlalAtor.6stlime ' JUNI-babes ' (lLU)SoClOse,2ClOie ' TNTwho eedlHe m ' PATsoTRUE-Rparty St.c2gether l2IKEVnybro(FRDlthni ' 2eiPUmak emeSmile LDsooLongFROZagam ' AAprvt talks DniTelLAndyURAQTImy Hub-JSlCC0)PRegyel ' lilsisJS(ILUlMJ-Rembe ' When T(wShof1ILyd-P SSI DntTellanylLPblalwaysilseemed spectome ' Deb-nSUCS BcuRAOOL l,EB TPienan.whreRyourShoes (H)RCoystersrNA ' WNmof«-mean5 Somuch-takesololOTWT KM,Ces1.HC.JHneverdget!NoniOAOThan.4 helpingme!(llU)lols THANKSEVERYlBestIimesPSCheefDnTir.theohi ' SUZANNEBAEZA-WeiMvedonemytimeAi-rilinallyoutsom egoodtimesherebutOestotallmeetingyouJCIlvU myb«stttUClOHIhanjcto ralwayst)emgthere,sorrylorthesoggyshoiderlookwnatNoohwha!t Love ChineseloodcantgetJmucholthat.Butbecaretulremernb fwhathapoe ned2me ' DHiJJwhatdidllelU ' 2MMichaswhydo ' n ' tlevefSeeyouURAgO odbudidontgetlobusytoseeme SDAmemclaydon HorgettT esue.wehav 2doiomethingok ' CGweightslastyt Chillwaslun U3takec3feofyours lv es MelorelmissU ' Ebrastamanualwaysmademyday ' PBremcrnbermeOK ' BufAme6thperiodenglish Through thegoodAbadmyelem DuvZu alw aysaspaceinmyheart4UJamesRGrasshulinngwii.|uslme4U(4baby ' lT HANKSAeverythmgrnom ' GAYLEBAILEY-TDJSTBTWNONMEKlONBEARi JSTINORI VINSlSTKYPLCSNOMREFTNGJUNEUILVUFREVRC5AT.3fn0nteswmn g5tn)yplcs■ u4THANXPIGSLVEM5N8AYKKKASAANtOBOGYILVUSTPE ATNGHP1LLM1SSYADBWHNRWEG0NG2LNCHSZVDSTRAN6GYSATM0 RSTRFYKYMRGARTPKDSACHDEWLVBLASPKSHBCRLSJR ' HMOOO ROGERieSTPGRWNGLNGTMFRNDSMR MRSDILVUATHNXMAM OA DSTPLKNGINMYICESKTSILOVtUHOWMUCHOO ' GTFRTHlSREPRTCHO •WHOSCLMT ' DSNVLNDACATALNAPROMISESPROMISESTIMSTPCH WNGY0URFNGRNLSLTSSPNDTHENT2GETHR6Y6YMSPHLNARNTAKI TESVCLASSOF84TAKECREMESAHHICOME GEORGE BALLE-I GAMISS-BIGAMISSMilGAMlSS HAYB UBASTOPSWISININTHESTOKEABOKALOUNGEANDCHEASONOVER AS D0NTHEBEACHC0M6ERSAYS UAURWHAT[)OSEONESAY THEFISHER SKITEAMM BDCCSJIMMAMGS MICAL T PUZZWHOAREYOU ' LAURABEATMITSWELLPASTIO ' CLOCK EIGHTYDOLOR-U-TURN CHRIS E SINLOVE V ' I ' DaveKONlGEBVDAYT-BONEBVNIGHTWELLeuBWEREB LAZENTHESCEANTOMn " " PEROPERONOPORFAVORAYUDAR-LISASA YS NOCANASTA ' K S ULETMESLEEPINTMEGUTTER " ' CARLOSMURP HYSIMERBIES CLMTYWITELABLE8ECAUSEYOUR0NCE23TIMESALAD Y ' C BD W T V J M L K ANDK KI V PflRTYT0NIGHTY-AMERICA-4EVE RANDY BARNES-Once teeling time 10 thinh, I rememt ered it was long ago. images of yesterday Little things that meant so much But wait- ing, the luture Far away times held faraway places buned memories of laughter almost lost now University City High becomes a myth III travel now in a driterentland-we are here only lo leave years later, a Sleep once more all those memories will appear waKuTg up. Ton«ly alone Short, wordless glances back What can I say? There is no emo- tion left to give lorce (O thought. There is still contusion, but a huge grayness descends and erases ERIN BARR-Mom. Dad John ihann for helpen me Ihrough the laHer 4 tears of the years and just mease you didnt know •! I love You! Happmes runs in Bvrtianan Blood so (he last Happy mission « to spread smites where ever you R AZoais i wont 4 get Thani lor the ericouragement coach MAH loniakecare EA kepp ' unoen Letsaiistay m louch TPing missions in the night DB (ham 4 the fnendship lyeilow Balloons in the sKy) YC Coot friend (rudeotf the ledflosed reindeer is a coo! group) DN. JE. Rk SS, RK Slay Happy The ellowgloves wi " gfo»4ever. F gs cows and yellow Mowers ' ive m my photo album DORA BARRETT-To my most special A best fnend fA ma Luvva MW MM made 84 2dec en t Nugget runsw Mafy, We d ' en i gomg to make It lots ol coHee w mon Halloween w the gang, JM GM SW, NB. ect Our seiy costumes Christmas in a hangar, oh my What hapnd lo bill- bob ' Bwling w MM FP A Jh Who are the Gutter Ousters ' Wtiats today Sill ' Good hmes in english w St, BK 8. JM Than Shem lor being such a good friend Good luck w, Levi MiSs ya Lisa, IrienOs forever RC. see I put you in ' Mary you are real speaal GOGA-CHUKA ' luv yow Mom DAD OUT THE DOOR IN S4 DCei eEARD-C CATRAK ACM ARIZONA CAMPN MAMA HAPY MISIONS W. ' CB YC CC MC OS DN JEATHE REST RT KIDS WE DANCE 2 MUCH. GET 2 WORKi HEY RK AZ = RESOL MAMA ' KSTHANX4THe NON LINEAR HAIR SNAG A FLAG SI ' 2VC PLAG! BUT HOW SAD MR HOOPER DIED l;19 B4 BIG IB NOW WER ■-- N FUN BABY MH TKANX 4 THE ANSAFHENSHP ANTMUSiC TOM TSBYAZ BUT GO GY S PLE2 2MANY PARTTS NOT EHOf WC S WEIL OK MAYBE REB THANMTHE HUGS NEWGLOVS 2 ALL MY2COOL FRENZ B AF AIRN 6ARR MY IBUD GOODLUCK AT UCS8 OROX. BUT MR I GOT THE SE BOWLINGSHOES AT A GARAGESALE BY KIDS LUV U UC 1 IITU VELOW SMILEY GUYS UV- N MY RUNING SHOES 3£ i R ' tLOWBALOONSNTHESKY iiic It Lasted Thanks AD. BK. G8. ( 6 gm 4 me To rny Carts Jr HEATHER BEATON-Well, it as fur DL. TP 4-being there Dana no n bu4diesKimT«ri. A Gail n ileU were there Madeitaloi ct fun. ' B3 ' J.V S6 1 Brigiitedonlbe late lor 5tn 1 -der what KW rs up 2 remember the group SS, KC. YC, OL. JL, HB We madalot ol good times Pom where did you get those spikes Kim rememl cr the Christmas party SPLASH " thank you mom and Jenmler I would have never made il •nthoul you. SIEVE fiENNY-T7 0M8 JH Iwu FM Ihemosesknows GE getajob I would ' ike to thank my grandparents Ipr putting up «iih me And a very special Ihank.s to m, mom and dad May Bot live for ever llaielse lails Fl and (hen gel a fver surfing fias bMn b«rry good lo rneTT MrB has been berry good to me TT th Columbia run NF skiing or in P-imo East PM tennis TT Have tun P all fnends wtiat the heck go tor il Capt BIy search ar d destroy kiH st will m. y we k M the PuUelS CLarmont Hicks VV Paza and secret spot places 10 rmmbr Iners al ompm ampm run. senil ynam dnaiguotd y nam mot had tun PT ing CINDY BENSHOOF-L OS NE I»Vtennis,Sttban828384gdIrn ds SW SG SR LH KG PE DMWndnSeaWompAibertos AMDWest Thras h Nchos TTWins ILVSeregodsrt Prtys Prt sl 1 .12. 19.B30MC,Obs4ev rCLn.25«Nvr4get w. ' UD br whmtheprtyi ' MAm wyefd,ar .«lylhun(, sklTfpspoptrts PoiiceCiKrl PmaVal LJGuysE ehg,omgoalt ch tsmtb Pa li.iwng.tJb.spys.Wndo»kimg,thnks4supond ' ingi rieein|ury URATRUtrn dAskibudNeal.CongratsAhrvd-Zaltrowdws.bst timeevriSallwhonewme well.yes,llkU2!E spmkickib. (nrkht4slutuimvr4g«l4guysir)closet2anmyl rf»ds.thnk 4all ge ' ' v dyih3.eturi ILuvU CMR ' SBERESfORO S T OK ASAK AB U B B A WHATASCHLAP ' NElH£Y, ' eJORNANBENNY,LOS E)OS FORIGN.. ' SHRE0DERS SLOW DOWN ' Y£flONLYl7 ' .BADMANNERSTE0LEITNEHGUAM.-WHATEURJO HNEBOY.THEMASTER — YOUOECIDE OEADMANSBLGSPLASHIRESO LESSIZONSLAFIAYAOENEGROHEY.GLENN WMAAAT ' GEORCIE ' KEN KING ' 5Tli.kMANvlS THE ' ' WIND BL0WlNG ' HEYGE0FFL0SER RUN PIP ' ET eov WHITE LABELARIZONA YOU ' WADXC ' MEET ' GOSHDAVE N RANDY WE WERE REAL THIRSTY .That DAY COA CH MITCHELL URTHEBEST ' CHAMPIONSOEGLORY SHAWNBUBBA we thwacked ass. waves-- an piugdieste am jester meatme N UHKNOWNS CMEVETSCHUPS ROCK DADDY ONEDAKiNE mm ES6ON0. ' LllAMISTflESS OF JENI BETTS YBhO II l;ast ED ' i been interesting thro 2 my bwJs YB stjif. Wongsperl. g ' i- . ■ ■ ' K ' P Lee Tosh. Lisa. TR, TS, EB KW. MR. MPMCECM ' Iru 2 All i-r ;..,-. ,ith p,| -Do yow ever work " ' NA itsa bad habit Hey iM ' two i . rir iome candy ' BW lu« U ' DA-my lavorite SOSU Bum ■ im being brandt-J Loved tieing w- ' u new year ' ' B als are lor not sailing BC the only wat to go " MS PS JiU ML EO- SUMMER 83 -WOW " Lee BP-Aviod- ' were awesome! Lisa lei the good limes roU (All the wayt Thn. UCHS lor thr E ' lucatioo A Fiwnds ' Coons- J6 aren ' t Just my initials ' we imaHy ma ie parail see ya at SDSU good luck inmates UCHS Take Care ' AMY BISCHOFF-HTT-my Be trel 4«ver Th ru ' ormaking me laugh Thana 2 my fliw " elite Sr Sqo» ls " onthe S ' :our c ' lTrou ' «3 ' ' y f " ' " ' Istyr great ' HT They nad 4 cars go clothes -.hpng all over the worlds WhydidniwestayT Lots ol lun m the sun panyswMarV. Scott. Rtcky A the Sarruonsclan NontoreLZIC ' r Pa ' R Inalylraod HT-( wnt ppcrn 4 asnckrsT wk «mom-4Jttngme6i-.- ' ' hni wsnt I luv ya HE2. lets keep thelndshpgoinhuhJHt-howdOLJ ' e sc -mbkl eggs anyway ' I tove you Rock (oi twing 5uch a part C niy hie ano making everything so special for me ou v.iii be a part of rue lorevei MAHIA BISHOP- BKA-eiJfMT a Mariolhn«4aMtheun4getab letiifwsw.ouitwouWbeaBorelMitfc-mypoiWhoisalwysther ' mybudsunsh in el»o II n ¥ r 4 ge tU Oonllo rget ourc .- V t ■ m e sa imv I lage Rm be rttteni tcu h e r aevrythng " rmsoemba esdfHeat ' ier i.i W jiifesaver1hn«aJUsavedmyho oey ' .AnauRlspecla ' FrndTeQuieromi|aidonllelnolgetudwnJack.eUR5 owacky ' JennineUwillalwaysBMV lFr endlluvU ' SusieUbeltercomebac ktoUC ' 1984hadmnychanges apt-redmstangMomlloveU4ever ' Jimbec oo1Astayoutottrble ' migueltequTeroyeslaverdad ' ltl4gottotayanything|u strmemberURinmyghoughtsalsays ' ByeClassof84 ' CLMT«lliuv3Hmypa ISingood ADAM BEHAH-NWSpaper StaW 10-12 CO-editor J G -it worked out well. UCSB the nent step Pam a defin.le socology major Tom G get shner gord Erhy morn sesions I wil rember MR JR (sory bout article). SA, MM, OW (Sano). AZ. MMM Steve B Surt sessions Surt pli Crazy Driver Anita W-Thani 4 all the help-visit me David Wayn (Mr S 7th) Rad talks. No UTCm Nanusn b uts effects,,. What a joke Jog a mile a day. remver Comado Bnan C, Great fnends Distlry. old beverage (remem- ber) jsm 4ever mabe not 4ever keep in luch RG Equals Perfection Pavj (Tony) - NTV B8 P8 The Amrcan Way The Best Fnendshp ' Mom. Dad. Yor inftunc is prides MEIBA YOLANOA BLAND- liuvUmomthan.4everthing2KHT hemem oflhelO U,l2,RmZoZcu1snipsew islthgtspeCiSkSanceandwec an ' tto ' getRl3VorileTUPn ' Lemahlhan«2LDtoryouknowwhat ' alsoforallt heha-haswesharedlogether2T B downinliteSaveryspecialmemtnmyl. leBSandECliu«U8oth2KMJ(ren74ever Hoilapackson HahatoaMthe H OMlES " VG,CR,RC,RT.NW.PHNmiagetmBmthBcad-d3d2PHSOwehadt ogobuttakeoverwherewelettotf.Luvya TomyfavoriteteachcrHarnelBall erilniissyounneyer4getyou2thememot455sesyeysrilneverforgelyoua ndthelaughslhociass5hared2mymi|6rilreallymissUluvUalwaysn4evef StudyiesspartymorecurwertheclassotSAOiayAeracI ' veplaythosegiris BHIuvYa MARK BLODGETT-goodtimes playing sports al madhouse last ealing and, running at bobs and Oennys with DC RM TO loosing my foot at crown pt With MBAMP Good times wrestling my Jr year and going lo Clf Thank you EvaniChrts for cusher wish I had a IJtor all the reebs I had thank you BuddyAOC tor slicken with me when we IirsI got lo UC Ao thank you Ron and Mikes couldni have made it lo school without you crusme cases with root and doing homework he did first time in Tj with J A and TO we had rough times Sandy you owe me thanks mom and dad for helping me through Me goodbye UC IIS Been tun DD Best Fnends YVONNE BOOY-To Alt Camp Shinky counselors Summer session is aboul lo begin An experience you wont lorgel ' Garcia will you ever be a Cardinal ' Sparkie will trust me yet dont worry 9 you have lots ol Muscles youre my (avorile hOOPSTER ' JN call me even il you re not nch Mickey lOves you! But wheres Mr Bud ' MiKEBORENThanks ' u ' 3 nice year Mr S D F Our tirrws together last year were the best ol my irte C S the umas party was great too bad we coukJn t make daih together Hey kids m M« you around I st ' II I love mommy D F Hawaii nent summer wift J, S ! Thanks guys mG A for all your help Tami and Vic thanks for a great dnner ' M W thanks for your helpinEngiishiMonwny wemlssyou. Mr S Looking forward to Knott s ' Also big busmesst! DAN 6RA0YBG FT RL DR FW Bl UPSTAIRS W TME WIXARO RW no I wtieres my burger good bye JE Croise ' n TN Das Boot Ditylum ' SO Scool Gordon and StJohn Scott Curren Pelmo Tony ' TWV Whompm Mar SI Haunted House its all over me AA what a babe Crvslal bay go back Gl sa and CB SB Hey bud BH is all while CE almost on my fool Thanks Mom Lalers UCHS Have F.m JIM BREMNER-Thanki Qave Mike T Mike D Steve i M,. ' k tor tf the great t me Ski Trip 1-13-84 was great Oav ' ■ - going down scotty ' s with yOu SN. A MR N had a lime 1 We ' ll have lo go at night sometime Mjrk manks loi ' ■: . Chem a tot easier tor me kj you ' e rejUy sweel A I ' m gl«l i ••■ ' ' • - JE we n f ave lo go bjck and finish ekplonng that old mme CHAR BRIOGE-Many good times with BM DP JM JR PK SH, CC Brian, yoor stumbling Phil, dont yen at cats when driving home Brian wtien are yovt parents going lo !■ again ' Bowling at 2 intense poker road trips, many sodas and aH those dead soldiers Brian remember New Years not moeh a it I bet S ' eve-look out for cops at Ciairemont theater what a rookie ' Joe. your a human steam roller in football, and why was bnan weanr a laKfer shirt ' Steve kills a soda in S seconds Brian I can kill more sodas than you Many good limes still ahead LAURABRIOGE-LOlhgf H C Geoff FAourmems 2Chr aShel(Mngm«lhroki«heachdayCindy BAUsa Hmems otmammothmt S levePowers Geotf f D B PeoulALaura F never For elVK.VUIageAtheA S B Baii 4 Ar dmyiiitiebro everyphoneCaltwaslO ' » ' im thatswhyfusedlh M RMitchelHormakingmeaVarsityrunnerasasophmo ' e82Schoolsgone Susan inomorerestnctionsGoodluclitoallmytrienOs ThanksmomADad ASPECIALTHANKSTOKENrLLALWAYSl0VEY0U " Bye-ByeU C High MATT BROCK-MP MB mission Irom Gad was rad TV it ended too soon BC Hot 4 my RO CIF Hoop Season Thanks guys Stick Ball Coach V and all Ihank you for opening my eyes JO TuM times but we can do it I still want thai hot BB Baby NN and the Gang, Lake Morena, God that was cold NN one ol These Days we should end your VHomecoming Jess what a haslie TV what an ciperience your tun JO to much to do 10 little Tyme !□ all my friends, thanks tor my high school days t will never forget any o you Oh, by thenay. UCisasoap All my teachers were nice encp MM. God Im done. ERIC BROWN-lm unally going to be paroled from UC State Penn Have had a lot ol rad timea with all ol my fnends who I met after comming here from MHS The rad 1-mes were in the summer with all of the rati. The best limes wee spent wilh K S I ' ll never forgel you " good luck (o the bowling team VB JG you fnjoles. ' To RG wasn t third world rad! I ' m gomg to rmss P G animal House A toasi to all Ihe party people at UCHS Good luck lo all my Iriends ' JAM RASTAFARI ' Bob Marley lives! KELLY BROWN-J R remember our little desia. rjquelbaH. and Oiiney ir the ram not to mention the f 0 V, and talks but I wouldn ' t rade il lor anything. 1 know you II be the very best but Christmas ' s are irt saved lor me not a o ce of metal I LOVE YOU Jenny how vull we survive with rw more P E gossip sessiorw esp during tennis gabooimg ' And Karen its op to you to liven up smythe I know it H be tough withiout me but To that special frtend 1 wish all Ihe success of the world you worked hard and III always remember you Good Luck ' Oh MDKie and Davidiyou flutts) Richard too good Luck! Esp at Burger Kingi MIKE 6R0WN-THE FIRST YEAR HERE WAS FINE, AU WE DID WAS WALK THE LINE THE SECOND YEAR HERE WE (THE JUNIORS AND SEN lORS) HAD TO PUT UP WITH BRATS-SOPHOMORES BUT WE ALREADY MAO THINGS DOWN PAT THE THIRD AND LAST YEAR HERE WAS RAD CAUSE ALL WE DID WAS GET RAD WE HAD AN EASY CRUISE!! ' NOW WERE THROUGH AND NOT TOO SOON EITHER! ' GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 85 WILLIAM BUCHANAN-Thanks lO the Swiss. Canadian. Puerto Rican. Mencan and Columbian, eiiporl business that made this year so enjoy- able To all the great Iriends that made UCHS bearable, BM, CW, RB. ML SL. TE. JS Scoop kept singing those songs Club to our business venture Look at that plane ' What t ear ' Hens to a great ASB Bad and to Vons tor all Iheir help No slamming please Toe you are a master with the Declaration When is Ihe tank going t gel some tires Henry is a cool guy Sue Ihe argyles The mobil Rar Car are Tolling to your nert party Randy beat 6 2 sec A or 2 John good-bye to Comp UO MARTY BUNCH- MikeremembertheaileonGenessee T,- OWitwasraddragracingat Kearney V III aroad SW DW RB RF andMrf itwasfuninperiwo MFandb ' otherMFwehadgoodtimesworkmgir ' s DonL keeponwreckingyourcars.ietsraceatCarlsbadsomewee " i- ' ■ COlOgyWasreattun GTliteraturewaslun ThanksmrScanilonformyknowl edgeincars MT JK.andthereslofyouguyslhavtoshoptakeiteasy DWDLr ememberatMFsHousedunngxmasvac Idont ' DW.MF.BMCflrememberb owling TS OP SGElectromcswasdestroctive DonL Remembe ' lheraces Saturdaynightwhenwe ' aced.LaLaLa LDgoodluckmphoIOgraphy Brian S HVandDWradpartyletsdoKagam DWWhenareyougoingtobowlLikeano rmalperson PATRICIA BUNZY-I thank my mother Ann Buniy for helpir me through the 63-84 school yrs I also thank AH DE 1 Thanh my buddies Cheryl Tma Beverly A Tinker for a great year at PL I thank my dearest Bro Eddie 1 great track star at UCHS and Oeone A Boston I Love U ALL and sweet nephew who put a smile on my face the rest of the school yi had tun in PE with JL RC TH TS SO G8 you still have TD good luck JL keep laughing So I tinally may it sometime it was hard but my mother AB kept encouraging me 1 iank you I hope I made you proud good luck classes to come TW 1 still care Love yourgi Diane ELIZABETH eUTLER-Now is the time to go School was a drag but inter 3rd per tun w SA SO AH OF and Scool Haye fun htlte sis VP lets get lat MB get a job GO get serious DB stop laughm Mrs 6 Thanks SA find yoursett a man Thanks mom for your support LB and CB stay happy As Oave fun W, the kids VP and VM lets triple date WB Luv U Class of 64 is the best 91 Cents MC my sweet hieart of 3fd period Charisse hang m there TBGJR Love U stay sweel SA and VP ROB CAMPBELL-BEST MEMORIES WITH THE CHEW KW MH. CA. RK EK DESERT TRIPS EVERY MONTH WITH GOOD FRIENS WHEELING DESERT ON MY ATC OCOTILLA WELLS WAS BEST GLAMIS ON SUPER- BOWL WEEKEND 5TH GEAR WMEELIES ON 2S OR BUYING AT AMPM SAVED TIME MANY MORE MEMORIES CAN T REMEMBER I ' LL NEVER FORGET YOU Ml SKI MAMOTh. NOT WITH SCHOOL. THERE HAIRED MY CRAZY FRIENDS CLIMBING TOWER AT PORTS CLYDE AND HIS DATES MH ROLLING SIO HEAVY METAL KMET 94 7 KLOS 9 S S WHO NEEDS A REEB ' LEO ZEPPELIN WILL ALWAYS BE WITH US UsS3 SCORF S RIP BZ S DAVID CARAVANTES-Thanks Mom Dad and flower lor aH the years o( happiness and love your the Best Ihey corrve " God lake care of who was my besi tnend for 17 yesrs Flower np Michelle thanks lor being there and taking her place Mom all those years of Patience love and Irusl every minule was worth it Walk home from Riely birthday parlys running down the slieel sun Iheb ram hoi chocolate. Aladin Gang Ke- ven Kenny Rudy Steve Billy Terry Jaws Stacys celica dum move Re- member the good old day l e ' is wooden spoons hads it was all worth it wnght 63 lord thanks lata nana Mom Dad Larie Flower Michelle Rela- tives I Love You KENNETH CASH MAN TO ALL CR. SKULL, BLAK RYDER, KAPP. LUPO DW. JM. DK, SA, B M RB RZ KK BC AND MANY OTHERS-THANKS 4 MAKIN SC SUR PLCELOONOT. WELDER. RTY H. HUMOR. NITES OF ROUND TABLE DEOMNS FNAL TEST R GNRIC BtGNOSES MOVIES BAJA. LA2AR0. BONDo ' Js -SEVER JACUZI TL. QUAS IN JALPLING GRNHOUSE THRASH-DAMrtS MASTER-SUPREME BEING SIG GO S SCI FAIR FLOAT DIB CLUBBYIS AFREAKASIOD, BERK BELL STUB BIES, BAJAEB AR1Z0NA 3BP-REP£L1NG HUMOR GO S 705 805. MO SAIC. L GIRLS-GORILLA. SPACE-ASTEROIDS, STOOK-VIET YALTAOEF MiCEBOY. MOPEDPATRL TOMY TEACHERS 4M0MADA0 - THNX ' SAILS UP i ' H20 CLEAR PAMELA CEREN-ASB sec pcr4 ComrriaBder-WhO wants donuts ' CG Hawaii in Aug ' comtocimaiors JG CG and tnel CH I ' m learning to defrost ' Shea: snoopy oag Toby Tyler, Farels A backgammon Thanks for everyinngas we 11 meet people " Gary n ' En rughts m LJ Thanks Beniusal Ser»ii;es w your " Harvard frienil Amersctwoi ol bariending- youre going there ' : d t nutrition make sure he hea ' s a good jO- kel JP- lunches al safeway 30 sec! boogietwarding in Del MarJT in cars CM Le Paplon we should all play Irte someiime DNH I miss you Thanh you CG 5H CM, JP. CH, OR and especially mom Goodbye UCHS Hello r . v RHONDACHESTER-2 mom. ' n dad iiuwu.ihan. 4 evry lhng 2thepeplewhomadethisyeartun TH ' CR. ' VG ' JR MP 0R. ' PH H O ' RO. ' AG ' JG RT VP ' PH LE CD LM VM CN JM YW JAT ani4allthelaughsandthegoodtimes 2lhepartycrewatU C partyallnighl long 2allthe le3Cher5,lluvu verymuCh Ms B Ms M Mr L ' Mr V Mr W. Ms S ' lomybesimaleboyfriendinSlhper Fredwiththeseiiylegs 2allth ei player act ives b ' sweet n lwilialways luvu RB TF JM staycool 2allthe phd ' we had ' lun. ' ruling ' the. ' boys at U C imy homegirls TH VG ' CRvRhondaChester we are the homies in B4 smile and CHRIS CHILDRESS-super bo» desert irips- lun guy ♦ cool C ' irt-tune hack up with wtl of hasn t been real fun KK. LC, BC. ♦ Steve ' s idru. jeppelin, lloyd get real its been lun but it BOBBYCLARK-fl ballgfl nvr4gelmbgameorhugsfrm.N arlcyalte ' games-EBcru inbud.urtiell rmtylatenightsatnn-reeb.-JEthan rttiamindgames. hoops. scootawesom«t roadw ay. tiuston. chased. ur the teendselterthan -M B sf eshof4urR O D ' Hop wont4gettheshake-MJ kingoiihecrew-KSurspecialnvr4getuo ' thegliderporis.peb JRhouse.nic e ' l wishitworkedmybe someday ' -SL,thanii4thatlatenitelalk-JR,shat sup ' Hangnoulingirlscloseiwdw EB BW-yolandaurasweetheart-NN.urthehi ghkteolmyyear ' thrownrocksatEBwindo homecomn,tplfhneiit1imecs.v vprtyrmorthegirl(iip)lhosewerethedays-MAOthana,loveya ' sboth-u2N 3deau-toiheciassolS4ietsgetiooped ' MIKE COKENK country track 10 V 11 12 CIF champions we linally did itf DS ttveres a snake m this car ' Lgl md ' fer sure Andy Ann comma holy smokes! Mbl ives Irk-a-id Lisa you do have a pass dont you ' Oancnw ' EB, 08, CC, wht a 4sm MC MS. JA. I nvr md the cp ' Yc to the ends of the unvis Wll the Barr cm pis rprt to the oMice C Mitchell thnu your it 1 Scott wtiere are we ' Jenny marry me ' Long live Mary queen of scots Pis pis tell me now, ok you ' re cracking up Lunch mac outs Love ya DS. LK all you olf er runners! Well its time lo do another 17 miler anyone want to come ' ! 156 WONNE COINER-Than TCK Beit friend ' Don! 4get Hmss wil help TK, SK. JS, NS. thariK, u neen tuch special treni Many nites 2 remember J niy i„ lij " bjr ans4hapytnnes. ten trach, lllti, 12lh lur I ■ - .iijod Run : ' EBIm;pJ ' t(ei £B iUy sweel n hapy DS. 5 n.ipy miHiions w oe. tB. OS, MC, JE, ON. EAgooa luc . I irock. TK, your pony hm o red bOW n u ran the wrong w,iy Y.5II0 dwioni In the vhy GooiJ luch to all ot my Irionds in the f Iu1ur« TK, SK. JS. NS. always iloy dote. I luv u. All my Bnrr treni ttay J Close n hjpyi Thanks UCHS for good tim«s Slay hopy Coach M HEIDI CORIC ?r d gradi of UCHS! Hi been fun CCM-donI ever 4gel tvir S6I MM ' WhDia botgn n TL-Csn I hava r.hip ' HMI lost my Ir.iin or that Oble-Thani 4 being such a good t ' leru) Cneryi-we ' H be t «st buds 4ever. I luv yi) ' MK KK-lt was lun drivn ys 2 skool luncli LS-youre a sweetiel WhallymeiMl ' David. ihalcjnluyF Vouvemaderny Jr. Sr yrs the t eill Ttiiinii 4 being so wonderful Can i cut you ' hair? W M would I do without you ' I love you. David, and 1 know we will be logettitr forever I haven ' t cra rd your car yelt ' I wuH ooh 0»bid Knei. and thai s 4ever! MATT CORNFORIH-Will be attending either U C Berkeley or Cal-Poly San luiv Obispo for a oosvble degree in architectural engir e« ' ing. I wish jii ihoM graduating in 1984 goo .l luck Good luck to Tim Mc{3 nnis and Tuny Romag m college Alio good im k lev big Steve stud and lo Ed m I9M-1985 nttOEE COUCHFun donees hDm -orh Mi 6J where s bear? Vouth to yiiuthroteMr Reedin marine science Thanks tor calling fet ' ie ' l may I fiuloyou ' I vemiSMdyou Julie, remember trash ' Andy thanks tor yOur f ' f ' n ,t:ihi|p good luck Rich Karen do you ever think we ' ll ever pich up a ' •i ' iigjin! Steve a special person lo me m five years you ' ll see Farrah [111 ' i-ul« fourth ward bow ties boys I love you Mike, remember June 1 1 B j ' Our future dreams arc soon coming true. 1 love you Ronnie You ' re oiw.iys with met Thanks Mom and Dad for everything you ' ve done for itie ' I love Voul ' M SUSIE OANZIGER lt ' sbinalng3yrswllBgld2Boutofh«e-R ghtCG?F nd CGHWS8,RaslamnEBtGDFrnd5onoisde.Barties Concert s4sMln.w BPBeastl glhrutn ■ w CCGDcrashingmyVoIal llhMooniO GPromw CG MW ' Newyejrs DddbyngTn0myHonda.painl|OD-ThnxM DlSinSdayw trndsVBK.giitlnggTeMyatJir B.KayBeew NNwkndsw H Odg «,(my0abe) h lrnds. Summer84 ' ■Sgoing26somthing2l00k4ward2 ' l ' moutorh«r« ' TIM DANZIGER-lOth-Wata r y» ril u I rmmbr w» II wrth , L no ' LK rubbish JV5o« l.TT. JJ-Jnl7Gayle. ILU immr. jsl btwn u n me-lllh g ' l yJVfb kK, hd«e,ohh ' hndi-grrts. Si lam. et(,y(w)e4vr- MB fires KK KA, SA. AN-ASB bll. bst dnce evr. ihn. GB, p ' o-r. 34 alt m Ing lyr, 4vr smmi fiftog. fH, DW. SB-2nd bsl Bonita Me- -wi.5 bg etch wtngl2th-se " ior yrbSl yr ol my He-V Fe»45. Oncnggr hn, ,s JY. AC. JF-craiy bOgFv TM-brwnr »es Iwg n swi Rich-or rti TA Ek wata blsl L ola ds-hvy mil rn d. go iMI-wash. here I come-Gayle l my iv iwys ana 4yr 2uslnly pepi 1 my fmdskpn tuth-l IStthng Mey UCMS w,)kei9(lts I9ft4 -antmuiic4vr DANA DAVtS- ClsB4ma l«itlBs1wishs lluvuMomthani4e vTVJSLRSCIhesgr«Jttime»456.tpartycsskir¥popersDKdonttell1Smli5t Thsum82 SMyrimbywygehrcISbfii ' gclosedrs45Swew3ntu " TV4mae d musl3ng ' 74 Thumper ' TV •If BigBearguys.fcladrft ' Dmarivmuch ' Lf ' DldmluvumiSSu OJbcsHipnJalwys Babyelephanl. ' unway. freeway ' caristlime Melp " Wilrti:iaryaiconilfDJGBeBSCGHDRIIuvuall JG VBgm scarasJHH ' S ASBball ' TomuchloodShm Da netmore T4C3541.ThanirG E Jallmylfiendslluvu BrentthJnI4bel gtherewemaOel| ' lloveyou tways 4 vei Studylessandpartymorecausewe re thee lass of 84 XOXOseyoua GLENN DAVISStoka bocca Tony. Don. Mannie. Mart Terry, Chris. Jelt Damor Scott Hey everyone Gci.. ' .i ha ha game quasi. Don ' Of vejr lull of memories with ■K ' ? Sieve Inm John. -ach M. Bandy, Joe. ■lie. ' SRSchk . .KJventui- ■ ' Gpf SSoiam good luck all my aresimy heartr Dede .lin divelie LisaM «aty Julie S Debbie W Julie E Kelli Mi-.r.e(le Lauu Al.cra ps Gail S Cndy B Lisak,. Kathy R Carol Mary (S ' S) What lo say " Growing up with you all means alot Best ol luck m lile ' All important to me. Renwmber good times Quadropr enia lunmDeiMar. HAROtD DAVIS-The clasi d 1 84 WiH be th b«5l evWfV GrttOualine deploma. out all nigM long ■ ' tt «rk rny rT othe ' Vlwan Hubbard ' c- helping me out and raising rr-r • " a wpH le«J fwTi I ' ve le.iriwii aiui throughout the years of scriooUng and will put good uip of if m the tulure Now the time has come to make rniluonslU L-dOom Ww) P- smooth Thank god omighty I ' m free at lasl ' " ROSEMABie DAY Happy w ' no sleepMstS Of ballet Csicgtus confuv ■ w Randy. Scott H ' siJoe Cold war group Valla ' The best S». -.lh,- ever ' EricR camp-tires,, Lisak mcegW ' KathyR. l compet lo ' g ' eat rriend tor 1? yrs JohnG mon arni mtelligieui. niefcH On dyAUiaH-kickball tuv- t club fi-eni str»c« Marcyr To my GS tiuddies Katy Benihana ' Ca ' OI b«SI compasi team Diane ioupeich,irigfl ' irr, deepest gratitude to a true frieno. Mika B-rooves. fTT i. proT, 83. I n always love you MomiDad-thank you lor your perpelu.H support, 1 love you both so much Bye-bye boil«t UC High ' IK mist il j ' i ' ' ui ! " lo D»n 2 See you in 10 yrs " MIKE DeGUZMAN-lOthJvhoop. JVbbaS UthjVHM Vbball .:- ' ■ " Vbball ' ' slli6. QB P, ol honorable menin ni Ftbl l?invitt)i Me t IhingatUCHS Than. CoaflhV. H.ii, LaMotte. Pais MaunceADave best buds good luck tranksAvA SafCwayABuik. II Thoprcss prov Big daddy BigO Mission iiial. Talcfrtshcv sfcidu ' ' ■. .t " !. " . " - -t.i ' i.r main Wendy pf-y.i.. % r S tooniceS ' U ' lnk , EvegioBi lip - ' I ' ' ri I ii.. youve " ladf It 50 .- ■ , ' ■ •le senro ' icjvc i. ' r ' nn mC 10 bfiOg ' gooO Thani Mom40ad i luw yu S«« YOU on the llou-ci MoiDavc ( IW Sg». ' - ' i iciT GREG DELACRUZJI loM -■ " e - ' " ust i burned ani) Jying leavHtf lofijmri Whatlwa(tlrr arw a moni(r»t« cww. endless bwfMStir a 0 « 1 " ' ' - TOSH4 r.LACA-Fun T„.. ii t.;. , . _ lee I- -I- - ro ' nojo ' T e. tm gUO • ' • ' - yo t wrr»e tR-En ry »» forever MM e«ofi " . , lorful 18 »«) OR-tKinks to tr _; : trad. Lading l- |he " -ats BM-d«rtonc alligators, kjggies ir !- « me-WH DROeiMar.Bubt on ttw beach MCB- e«l eKpianitory n»ano(-a p»e- oous class-COmM Law w i n«at ttw s ar d carvjy Ur Re« l-yo jr a Clas- sic UCHS-lts time to move on — but it was great TKanks ' LEILADeLEON- Ihahomeglriskil Thiopaunturtletoolor u n d , im wb s we et ph f in dl uv r I keo pa sm 1 1 • , VQ s lopsg« akihRClin d smon , C r stopb-ingfflj|NMb5topfiiriinK . ' jiihr j; «! " J SJ,IP,BC.BH.E,H.JM.TC, GR.RFIhopeyaiifin.i. ■ ■ Lvt ' fmoctiv .2thoguyslhitr 1 PS potwlijicvi ' i " .iMiriura(re«woman4now S taytvreet.ToLeslieburi. . . vululitllo ilyoukeapmo »smroundtomolhlngwiiiPiri ' -imiu jyjkki. ' uiBnflhovetunpuppym»r idl8k ecarcMrSchmidtaurevolrMrQongkv«pllupMiBallcluvy«MrR «dsolong 2ValURatolalspajVickielindthertl2Jo2i}staysweol2inoopmyt)abylova alwayMMbynbyeimurfs RICHARD DiAZ-CanedO ' To all you friends. Ihanki for helping rr « alorig the way csp. Mom Oad To Others, RZ KZ DB E6. running maniacs, MikeC Oilman. MN GH. KK. u. good luck DR G R Mitch, thunks lor all the support I will see you at Mo " Fo ' ali you others I only had S (run Keep m louch now. you all SUSIE DIEnER-loyeyou Pina ' That evanlful summer ' 81 ' Trips to Twn- CI ' ■ Hi-Ldprkl 3 yrs G timt-sl WOnt forget you ' Wl al up Lamsn a ' 83 alive yri Remember chi ' « Ui, Ingo, Tim, Bub Trips lo S £ in Gr««n machieni misn Bay Troy spartdei ' Prince night w Tim Fool Caidaddy pbviNtrvri forget you GA Got to get it RP! Concerts w my bro In er never lorgPtS-yrsol football I ' m NFl bound Cooch Vf Than RobbyR l ' - ' • .ippreciation Mom Hank. I ' ll b«okl Bo nice SA +CB Be dowT fi.j i.ii Whji up Daddy-o + Anna ' Love you RL vou re my 1 will k.n.i.i ■, co.iulilul Class of ' 84 will always bo live ' BRENT DOUGMERTY-Thnx lo all Ihe rati 4 Fn nights tn the hot« (fri) RoM.i mon ( B.F JO Rmbr rqtball courllhQ mt that stares at you in the djik Jimmy Page rips. EdOie VonHaUm new horo 1984 Hcnvy metal 4 i ver. Lunch time with the Rasta crew Sal. nlght-Gorcia ' s. too hot good to havo friends 83 many reeb sessions, 84, more to come, mini skirls are looking good Rati Ralz n more Rati Rat patrol cruirin ihe halls while o o,c Oavid Lee is always the first sign Thank God tor beautiful girls. Hoovers Inoi. and Taco Bell. Gr«a«w wiihdrowls-too much for Ljptain chaos Rastalari! Hey dance (Bcuisor) Jump " Adios lEESA OROST-Hoy p«r |-donuIt anyone ' TD-rem«mb«r " sat " night Don ' t run up th« stairs ' " Forget our pastils over nowcromosone song loveya JSgood times-great -bad4gol ten rem disneylmac runs at m nightP Pal beach sum ol S3 TD JB fiomndks Mikee yous d besl only sweeitc lor m« rem rabbits o» beach the point. 10 ys at noonBu the way-lloveyou somuchWways AL-that girl was wend, huh7 JA-rempcr 2 4it waslolsalurt-luckw ' you jr Mom you re d best I could ask4 don t wrh so hard-Have som« un! Thnks 4everythiiig? Pis dont cu al atad lloveyou, have fun n« t yr jn AA-luckw DB! We sr ' sr out d door m d SM. JB. TR, riomoaceideoK ' F l» ' Bye ANDREA ORUCKER-GoodbiUC ' Hello colege ' So mny memryi of grB litni nd gr8 trends wspeclyRL 1 lov U so mucht Rembr fenly clas Oahla ntl no HC parod ' Bla ' C wrid no dmlr We tiniy made it 2 la Save ■! 4 iir ' Fiiconct, slepover Ton-n-bch. Cofeshpi ' Bch partys w KT. IM ftl Srpris partial Farts ' 9 ' S3wk ml dean nd MX. DC JO Salmndzo GrS timr w TH. OD Lt8 mts 3:00? Hpy ny? partis LIS go shopin! Wnt lom .:ol« ' FrWy Wow Blah ' ASB Mov U Yr spd 3 mei Tham MC DS LP. HB 4 lunch Thani MC 4 trkyf Im sure Lts tev engll Tham 2 all mi Irds yor th bit ' Lts dp m touch 4«ver Ivd nd flobrt I lov u ' Mom than» 4evrit I lov U DAVID ECMEVARRIACLASS OF 84 Best wishes lo everyone! ' 1 3 years Of school now come to an end To all my friends-hope to keep in touch m the college years We shall all part to good old times Julie I shall rov« forever Leaving brtimd to rulo the school Happy yoors lo everyone JOHN EICHHORN IT ' S TIME TO GIVE CREDIT TO ALL THE vaERANS OF U C H S JOE, LONG TiMl FRIEND, THERE IS HUMOR IN SPACE, SEE you AT BERKELEY ' MIKE FEUOW MOWHANK. LOOK AT THOSE TWO BOYS ' WHERE S THE DECLARATION; MARK 64. LENNON FOR EVER THE CHEMIS TRIO WILL NEVES DIE BILL YOU IL ALWAYS HAVE A GUIDE GEOFF. DON ' T WAIT FOB ANY SLOW ELEVATORS BAG-MAN. LHS GO TO THE DRIVE IN TRONI DAVID. I HOPE 10 SEE YOU ON THE STAGE SOON IN A GOOD PUNK BAND FREE THE ARGYLES ' THANKS TO RANDY STEVE PAUL JO K C , M M . R T J G , K R HUCK. C S . JR KM AND ALL THE HAPPY t;ROWD LOVE AND ANARCHY, CLUB- BY COCONUT JUUCEMERSON CLRNDA-8f RNDS-SC-MHCDESRCHME N ILUWJSUZN-flFRNOSWATCMR ' .f lBAWBTAE ILUVU CRSTY-BST LTLLSlSTHNWRLDCE DDlAlW I I VU LISA-MYIUVFREVR IH ♦ RE MRCMELDN-eSTOfLUK rORSPi AL ILUVU CHlOSRMOSTHNKS Y ORLUV weRGHeAT2GETMR-MYM0ViESTR-ILUVUALWyS DW-TDYBR S-»THRASHG-ILUVU JDEPUY-DD JT ILUVU TEN(STM-BST8I 84 1 OANNY-SRFNGATfcAMZDRK SUNSET BIAKSATNITE TIDE POL S-ST ■ ' ' • lAuRNPRFUM SEPRTVILAGE BNANASHAKSRW turtlwomn ' ik-CAROS LETRS SLKRIBNS tARBNDS-POPCICLS-OFTC ■. MN-DODTBTS BtCMCAMPNG 18B doyWE LLBE?GETMHA GAlNi Mi.i V ILOVtVOUfOREVEROBB GEORGE CNGLANO-MV FAVORITE MEMORY IS JILL € HEMINGWAY THANK?, FOR ALL THCOBtATtlMES AND MEMORY ' S YOU HAVE GIVEN ME LIKE THf TRIP SKIING WlTM TMf S( huOL THE TRiP TO YOUR CABIN WITH f i K, JJ, MG. ALSO THE GH[ I TIME WE HAD MORSE BAC- HIDIHG WiTHpT AJSANDALLTMl W( ' T OF THE GREAT TIMtf rvf HAD TOGETHER i LOVE YD L Vi ' ( i have BEEN GREAT TO Mi BASE. TO ALLM FRllNDSTHE HI ' .-TOt l ui - .N THE FUTURE " " •. AGP TIME GROWING-AJPWITH Vdll i.lJV-, i n i r.UYS ARE JH. tS ( ■■ JS DD TT SO, TV Lfl-Sfl FH. DWAAii the f-f ' .t OF YOU. TO SB TT ITS BEEN GR VWTH MR BUD PARTY ' f Uf ' i ASS OF 84 PS I [ " Vr YOU JILL EU2ABETH HEMINfiWAVI ■■ fSPiNO A THE Ml I ■ ' E SUN AND FUN ■ SivE I 1 I AT MY rpiEWK ■ PER LAft ' IC-LS ■. wnuANOtr iw am ' EPTDBKi MiN1,i ■ EIRC EYRES TE R,l8,TS.TL,BK.J8.TDlOMTI1wasABia steulNeverAgmn TOALLICallFriendslLovaVALL TERTHHANKSForAiiTh oMovias ' ' AndworkingoutonTtioFORARMSatihelRONDOORandthose monyDeserlTRtKSandCHASINGTHE29CONVI PUAndlhanksForTheB esloaimesmayThereBi ' MANYMOREVearsorThomTL BK PBIHANXFor AllyouOaveME.IvmllNovnrForgOtYouTHANKSFORIhftHELPANDSUPORT PSCANLANBRElOANDMRNAGLE(Hop iYou finisnTHEHOTR(Jli|83llSN O llNLine4CYlS WilhROCKtTFUtlIJS.IB.LEW.Itmake200PLUSsome day ' lTERNOMOREMEXlCAN SPf fDRACFR LIVCSONrORtVEROAD M OM.CS.AND.StlLOVEYOU THANKSFOREVERYTHING IflUNBai DIRTI SF0RRACINC1 ARLESAFlElDER ' OKwaiookthvgoodwithabadandinook 1IHew«aregoingtomakaillloveyouar dhopow«canalwaySwnrh t ingscui DTk oklik«wemadeittiopethe«rMJingofHlghSchoolwillnotbf " -i ' ' " .i ' ' ' i r1ri«ndshipbec4Uselhavokrtownyousincesuthgr3da ' d rerolii ' F ' ' ' .ih opeyouanJFPmunchhappmastinirielulure MPgoodluckyourluturr ' jri.]i nallthingsyoualtemplloOofromarrianda ' wavs ASJCL8VPVMLEMMMP MMEwr rl lheclassof84goodlucklnthefuture Iwouldaliotikelothankmy par «n 1 si Ol al I the iri ir g« I ha 1 1 he y ha va d onef o r m nil ov ey o u bot h MINNETTEFINK ' Zmyraukids.LSJSJRGA AT Vor ' realivr rytp«cul2me.SpKiallhani2MommyiDBddy4dMlingw |h»naircutsj.t hiKOior lloveU ATinbillieJean lmmadas%i f ' Voud dnorhave2jumpm eoffUustleelingluvUShyShygoodbyagirls SomyMotherdressesmetuny MM thanxAunderstanding Your wink sculc Homocomingw OolThalsag uy ' ShOwingomhowtOgiooveMrgiMrsfunk.orisitFinkllorgot.Skiingw L STHM.Thos guyswannadowhal ' ohdear JS.slillwannaorderlgfnr ' i ' L S hap»U BLmakehisiory2gethei BesttimMAIhobeach.aboull 30l ' rr i. hlhuhrvarooml234! , aelingsk»opcomingaiive Umadom«piom it i|j ' omisei.Allmylove D£BBI£flSCHEL-Ciflsof84fNft«-2.manyfufitirn«slC Jci ' i Yum)0«lTaco,2 vdo ' v,»ummrol83.BRyuck ' Crlstr4lunctiw VJ GP|.U BstofFrn;4«var1Vic-sIud!GoodLuckn)ilyr manyluntimes.BtianlKjU ' Sx QUNIFunl musin6thprw U.AB MM,AW,SI,KWO«rtynoatSwhanRwegoi ngeut ? 6n n yens ' US XVThng URAQT Budoys4evr,«o»oDebs KR mmm4 yrs oflals ' I DthgradePor t y Pal wtiodollvlhiswk ? 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I lovt aH my femaK RQTSL PTNRS U know wfto u rl Dava Dr drylaarnto play lannis god knows u iiiri i I " RQTBL! Bob tcherrv4«vBr actioo ' Sum Grt ' your Mama Sar)dy( ' I I " ' ink you very beautiful. Ml miss U Kim-oooIhos« shoulders ' Ca«c-ou. ' I WeOeeyourtnecutesI! FunP ' ty tun cool«ini(?)Fun a FFC and (».ngw you Good luck i BYU luv ya Mike M- Harrg FT you bean ' Edwin no more piua ' Burp ' JeiinyW [inve ilraigiitl ' Owe ' s Pttys- ■ci swoosh ' MapiesS3Art Mist was the br-sl Lori J where ' u ' i (■ UCHSt utSlCM UCSDHere I come " ZZlopl Ski Sf ow weie Rad ii JULIA FREER ' Ensemble it s b -en greaT i n tuss ya Whal wd you ever do with out me ' Don i wor ' y I ' S give you .iren Yas. Oi " S, Itsc io»fl ol your tile April 28th will be fun No rrtora Mustard Tanrvis shors out the window Robin Ihani 4 avflrything Good Irwnds are r ji ' d 10 ilrtd k «| ar dScoil Want eve-ythlr lrottBuWuina ' Gomg sn iiing C« i ' ct vl here I ■ i- ' rr i- ' M.k days are aWlr M done Omnrd a .J Upwa ' d ' OFBBit FUJIIA-Mr ■ Mr» W hi. . ■ AJ ' - NKSEICAPANO . JUlK 1031 a3 ■,S WITH MOLES WiSeiGPARTIfS v..iC.C " to « " -■■■ ■ -■, good bwd i)ma»a«t ' uch;, hr MrSor Mn M ' riKf .. ' ■ ir f«,-..p t AC ' MIDNIGHT jwr CARCt Party 0 " F -s S ' - rC. ' e » " i ri 1h« w fote works ■ %ice ' fias (WSI begun fl ' «. ' d» ' eof ' Ol fOckArot FchOI ' Banana w 2 raisin ayes l looowa yoouul Darin UR my rl mom Tom FEE. 1 love U so much! C ' mon!! Mus ya UCHS! CHRISGARZA-MyluvZallmylroniiThanvMarioAevrthng Mn ' ver4 gelouririp2Dlsney Hapib-dayallnighl(s)Lr gP S idnd-lh«aranyt hngM V AfvrTomybestestkd Si s.ssthelmswaumginLns Whodouwnt ' l uvya!luv2hum ujIwyimllt.jgbigiiirrTiif Mr jnJMis Blp iliinnnP S me mbrfNTmsatlhemus,! mbaCkiMFWcilrJdiu.yjmiulcjKJ ' " ' U ' ' " -Klew mnandsi ' Luv?tnakdsand r«ruinR0PTchfryar2 FtOPgangManoSharw . ood,Moms,Harf y Carl1on!kill«r2myrvn Aniadunc Nanda.mylov«?allor ' U!lhivuLeahandCyni«t a-avrlGlvemeabraak momandldoioveyouHspac ialmemoiicsandmoments2MTB.Dayle.8Sor86 ' mylov«2UB waysfT« iti ' cffo Iiggernsunthine GooOhyeSchlda l CAMILLE GASCON 3Long yrs ' lOth-DMLDJ your memories last DH no I haven I forgoltan (CA locker coolers) 1 1 th-no drafting SO missaO I si « ' i:rash top party boys Ms V thank you! GD I too manyl HW we did It. Itianks Aeverttiing DJ 4lh SD your a great (riand aUs Mario N«w Vaars have 1 morp Beast monsters 4-ev«r tieat sooa! system may you someday learn ' Mike Tham Oadl You ' ve done so mucti Ramam- b«f . are love can with stand! I love you too much! Thank yow awefyonel TANIA GAn-SBtTG-BESTFRIENDSi BESTTIMESI DRIVWC TftUCKS. PLAIN BROWNIES, ORTHOPEDIC SHOES COIN FOR A LITTLE RIOEf HEY WF GOT THE WANTS ' TAKE CARE SB4DL WHAT NOW ' DH AD, LP. JW BIG TALKS ' MF WILD TIMES AT W S PS MY MOMMV MADE MY LUNH TOO ' CHRIS HI MOM DAD THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING YOU ' VE DONE FORME AND GIVEN ME 1 LOVE YOU BOTH VERY MUCH TO THE GRAVES 1 MAURES 4 ' ROCKY HOW YA DOIN HOW YA DOIN JON YOUR NOT ONLY MV BOYFRIEND BUT MYBESTf RIEN YOUR VERY SPECIAL TO ME 4 I HOPE ILL ALWAYS HAVE YOU. I THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING ME AND JUST BEING YOU I lOVC YOU VE HY MUCH LOTS OF XOXOXOXO S TO VOU ' I ' JOANIE GILBERT- To Jam eslamsoHappy for a II the lima sw e ip eii 1 1 ogethar TakegodcareLuvJoani«MPH«yyoubell«rL«arnHowlosl a p rn e ss I ngwithm y nose S ta y c oo U L E w e r e al ly di dn tge 1 1 o Cl oscbu I wafiav chadaiolottuntakecareolyourseitJGNu ' sieWeHaveHadalotollunlhaslJi yearswespenllogatherDonteverlorgetmebecBuselwillnevertorgaryouL ov e J G J ac kie L H Eyih ISIS It B oy i5 1 dn t we h a ve al of o tf un St ay sw at andnave r lorge tm L »e J oaniePH we r itt al ol ofmemo ' lesofeachot hieMhatneithe roneolusshouidaltorgetbulesejlhebestfofyc ' uinlheyeBrstocomalslillh avef«clingiinsi li olmalhat|ustwantcomeoutbu1lmusrforgetlhamb«ca usa lam T 00 k I n gL V e J oanic Rober I G SI a yC oola nd s I o p« a t ingsomu Ch Lov eJoaf ieLuv DONALDGLASER H«yHowiWaHadelflOth 1 11hWer«-2 BULAR yrs.Btl2thHadClass.HVJS.SM.JNUwereRghtAbtJS Heather, Thank slo ' Ca ' etngiYourSoClASSV.HIcareAU Always IN an cy.ThankStOrW lYou ' AO,, .: JRIifcf A%.i:r.,e ' NewYrsAtTheDSPhse JimGoOnWthotMa VgrmsTjSlNG OWhtAngt ' TPingOnGradNgt PepRaiyPics Mika.SLOWD OWNIOnoRerdlgtsRFIshn SummarNgtsir lnaMarrioth Than.4Tn«Danc eHC URsoCLASSV MRembrlta er Marty. TheDOORSIveOniJulieA.You rLegsHsoOi»trvtr ' CBnlSQ»e Th«Charmin ' Ya»nahaForSaleChae( ' Mrs Gorhring33%anlBad Fnjla i nF elanPMontiDadlluvYoulals ' ThanaUC forttieGreal Times 2lhe83-84Ch«rl«aOwsYourAII»lSDSUtDSP- SHE REIcomctfTCOMlT DEBBIE GLJUERMAtt-H-ScUovrbtmamrias 1st 4«vr grt tmt ngrt Irnd grusmgsm? mom. dad, no-no . nthn tsay by I luv yu t ny bsl lil bro LH suprlrrKj luvya ncno rm NY mcfwacy S md Glmuny LSa Pekr SnmpI Cp pu yur nahty msv SM -h«y Otbry ' bbOOtir-«lhrm ftr prclngo sIpmhous-sMmin spr goty tjckgrnn lluvyu Blub(rs4vr KR Soygrs CIS PnhOi ' grt Until Itsofun gdlcV gt 6rWy SHa llhr 4 evr MslrButl Pink MrtyFeWmn movy rT sj«es CB-wn s«B DvdBwy Bcntfwtvi womp DW-lvr yi nme btico Hdtco st eno ctiby QT ER ai»k at ea nayV giUuknSF IK- hvnfdvt»to«vUcGwru ' bny CS-Cld iive r tif frrM CF BtiT-yr rtghty-Kivd • mas prvil SlHa-M yCftms- LuvDebbo TxOM GODDARD-OIAR SUSIE THANK YOU FOR MAKING MY SENIOR SO IN ' FT OlflLY CONFUSING ILL NEVER FORGET YOU IF I TRY UICK Er t .! ' SLLYILIMIS YOU TOO YOU ME AND BUTCH HAVE AlOT IN COMMuN r OT TO MENTION THE COW THE LTO-IF YOU KEEP XitM- CINSOWIILI IF YOU KEEP LOVING I WILL TRY TOELMOT RfMOA POltCE ' REM OiMGO KEEP THE FAITH AND DEEP IN TOUCH ' FORCtVl r STOLE YOUR HEART. RA£l GABFnEL GOREVER ' STUK£N«jF«; ' E(tW- RONC ' ENOSIFKATKM IS MY DEDICATION CRIUSON BLUE S Uv Of a MUSICAL MOVEMENT HERE I COWC- ' EIGFfrV-FOUR ARE WE UNOONCr TG CARYNGOLD BYEUCHSNOWIHWALKININLA AS -NO WW ECANMEETPEPLE UCANiCECUKMCB -JA »TTMEi5V ' P " St«»(0Y USt UCSDPREPCRSE-HEDJGRYWWIWIlljOOr-- ' ' - - RUPB FSR WRED0WEG04LNCM ' PJOflWHTlNi UETI ME WEG02BE0nTBI ' BEN UHSTTMFOWi ' . ' .HRV RDBlJti ' NOIMACUZFRMMOLISAA »-b.! . ■. ...,_ -. .. ' .COUP D WIS ' I. ISDONTmRE ' THNKTHIKYWtPA U LOuS litW» ' C4 l LLTS! MC-HSBND WiLLKNGDMLASt ' HOWZOlSCOHAlL ' MWiJCSS I5 i C,RFCT4DP-knGDMUS ' ' mOWZOISCOHAUI MW»JCSSISSO t RjCTfcOP-FG ' NWtDK VfrriN ' FrSNGVR WRKBFTIL 1 [ l,UClA«.UVU ' MOMIDAD UHTMEBEST. DAN .lAYCOOLTAPW LCROUTEHANC IEAVES0MEFO0DLCLTHS4R(l,T0FWOALDPJC as MW.0 .JA.WC U AUUKEUCHS-SPCLTME-BMRYIMLTHY HLFV-U ALL ' FRANCISCA GOMEZ SOSf NIORS WE ARE flMALlV GUDUATlPlO ' JUL THESE YEAHSOTH " ' ' - ■■■•=• " v.. . -■ r.,r. ... . .,..-.,., ,;y«py FOR ALL THOSE H«GM SCrtOOL TAK( n (- ■ ■■ . BUT 1 U MISS AIL ThOSI- KAO SO LONG ALL YOU JUMi-JCi A, i iuPHOMuftl;, MA) TMi HIST QT VOUR HIGH SCHOOL YEARS BE Bt TTCIt THAN laiNt DIANE COSNtV-Te ptt ' •r- " H CM ' boo ' bwcMI V top ' Jl sr vrmt t »nmf i -b0r ■■ - at rr» al bwdtfy CTi s sluwig. iav stage gossf i " fe •» T«u- (S-w Mi Lais bwAd a OOg ' " ' -. « ' UKM »owTrns " IKani 4 ■• tf a ■: r «v»-ai AW , . -■. wKartfs4« tMr» ns 4 j -yir Host Mil ar-tfryjing iporttanaty t icr«h 4 taaiv taBnng laAvig ftasl tnands 4 « rt ryiTwif I k»v» y«u a lof ' NNf GABRI rr Tnara rsav r- ' I wa i to (hank aa nv v M (t b««n tor braOt -• »M r«gM tong W- ' J: - jtm] Kna Owit Jofr- u ' u ' ■: lUtf ' i s past yow TFviru to tha t«st nOKinCOUOY Sftank ng-in-ih«-»tr«at-w 0 kft«r e-TNrufdrork) Ct»r rw ' f B tm a ' r ' . -e ' H »C»at- ' at a Urn- sv SSCGDF MB ' - ' .tfm tnr ' t -mnSrtOQ tK ■ - - »;! •» gV M kegs BowiJ, nUift v the past 3 years - ,- - .-- ,...-. . .. I .t, V aHaOySnarronStia an»a ««-nTy-«rwno»- (A iMa eotiWan«7 157 KELLI GRAGG-Summef at Law Sl-Me missions lo Village Out w a bist Police w crew-Nanc-gia wr InOi Bubtile mdnss {SI 98 spcl) Gowie cncrt-prty on Age ' MB drp oul-Sfildv styd Cms prty vkngs Its ply 25 Cns, Kay, Bud. Georg. Ere Ont frgt to lap ' New Budy Sandy gid I mel U Up all n.te before ACH w AR, NAiEE-thnks Erie lOUILts sk. (nvi nt snow) Jan tfp w PH, JR. KS, CB evryi else Its go jaccumng Jenny-pay atenton ' Glen Cheer up no mofe Ms V ' 8st frnd-hey S ' S U win. Lois late nites spent on Ingraham Sl-Gud dont get evictedl Im gId I hawe so many sped tr nds ' Mom-thanks for Putn up w me 8ye UCHS HELLO VVORLD ' V DAVID GRAY-Mny thanks 2 all who have helped me thru the yrs I couldnt have made it without ttis help esp frm my trnds TR OD BC rmber all those eitrmly eiclng tunehs K.m I rmbe ' a " the Special 1ms lik meeting my parents cabm all thos latenile goodbys -n Ihe g ' een ramm-puipul Those times were great The ' was a special closness between us Lau ' a Remember ASB 7 roaches 4 dinner hop-ng 4 mny mo ' lun napy speoal bmes 2gelher I think youre great Im very hapy 4 whals happened Thanks mom Dad cam believe I linaily made tl KIMGHENNAN-JL W o m e n L J o v e a t mi dn ite .letsgrl r o wd y.dancs.CHUVIT.MMskiershighiprlys ' CB DNTBXMEN.TANOOOULKU Z?Famlylatnss-weins.Skilfestyl AHH ' RZ Pigpowr.antiemimas.mitymop ed.oink ' oink ' TO TAKECAREOFVOURFACE ' DR SkilftlinegOSip-grS ' SKIT RPPRTY,GIRLZSOCER»lTOTALV-WERHOT ' LeonlyI2wnt2slow. me2t Op-nKtlme.lraccompelior pflvpr1nef ' KH Carlsjrpsychiatrist-lmGoINi nsane ' or)ngs4everiLK Socer.Rowdys4ever.5ttdanimlslIrnd5hp!Girl« ocer.TOPSIDRS.OJ MUSTANGS-YEA ' 2ALLMVFRNDSIWISHTHBSTOF LK1HAP!NSS ' IIVUALI ' C0LL£GEGIRLN0W ' THANXM0M40ADF0RALL THESUPPORTiLOVE YOURETHEGREATEST ' COMeCA MB.U PL W£L NVRCHOKE! STACY GREATON-THANX FOR MAKING S4 A YR TO REMEMBERMAR- lANNA, ANNA, KIMUAN I WILL NEVER FORGET HOLLWOOD W MAR- RIANNA, ANNA. MICKEY. MARK ROCIN W WARRIORS FIGHTINGTO THE EARTH I WOULD HAVE NEVER MADE IT WITHOUT RGDAS TO MV DAD THANX FOR MY METAL MUSTANG I LOVE YOU ' CRUSIN LIMOS ON HALLOWEEN HAPPY BOAY MARIANNA ' ALL NIGHTERS AT BROS WITH LISA. ARTRS. OF CAMPUS LUNCHS WWWDWY METAL MUSTANG-TOO FAST FOR LOVE ' M M I WONT FORGET U RB YOUR QUITE THE PLAY- BOY KLUAHJ ' TO NV, STUDIO 54 SWERIBAW8I0 LY JOEL BLON WERE FRIENDS LV ARTIE VAS GLNY THANX FOR THE LIPS CRUE LY 84 YOUR THE GREATEST ' JOHN GRIFFIN-When the Ground turns to silver snakes under your eet arfd tumbles away to show a plain and laded lace, are you dreaming ' could this page eaplode with a screech and make a hundred bears drive tractors around you ' It you are on an emply road can someone be behind you ' Sometimes we must deal n concrete and slee ' . but phan toms and shadows it always around Thanks lor two great years UCHS Cross Country was glorious, the newspaper was Big fun and ttyt people were untorgeiable. espeoally RO, DO, MEL. R2. TV. JS. RB, KR MR. KC. CB, GF, CG. Mr 0. Mr S and o( course Ted L Good Luck! SANDY HAISHA-GREAT TIMES AT UNI FROSH 1980 Home pnn cess- SL Jd Incred Times a1 Carries with BL CO SS Jogging w C ar n IstC Super stud-passes ' 2 2 82 w GH JT III never 4get ' Jack my big bro BB hub- Hi Clairmont — God us Jerrys w CLWM 1 dmt 4gel UC Another Sch Again ' ? My new bud Kelli-Hi Mom-8 13 82 Ann V Proom 83 w Anthony Sherton Ht will never 4gel Susan Lyals LF miss ya-PE W GH Thank Fusl by baKing up tarties. DiM schools, and gossip Loves the friends and esp Anthony Godd i w. ' Anthoony or spol SG JT Grits the Bay Miss ya Um-Mom Dad 1 love you BYE CHRIS HALKIN-Thank Buda its over Like to look back a bit. to: let paper lovers. Hopper at head desk, vew teachers, new faces, new giris-looks like hospital everythin is white walls Cross Country lots ol fun got under 25mins Then track, coconut gang back together bad grades wel try again neit year Start otttootball tough day start with more steam-more power Acting comes into play up the Down Signed Jose Than picnic robbdofarole Ah Senior year big lis here 1 yr 12 yrs behind College coming all decisions are here and now Wrestling starts all ' S well I name of Hulk goodbye Farewell ONBJA DEBORAH HANSENThank you Suie 4 stayen by me when no one else did BBuds always-dnt 4-gel mynen 11 ishus ot PG- ' U elo chines lod who Cftnson ' I know why- look whal 1 Sue SflAJC DH4SS Camille llunitor Syfs of friendship it shouldn i have ended TG tun gossipn w ya. ten dax ' OHNO ' ALH goodfnend Lews are Brats-dnt 4get them not dogs MFu promised MLP ill prtect u ' PH your Ihe twy neit dOor Than. MOM-DAD-SIS were lalkm much love 2u ' SAM 1 LOVE YOU WITH ALL MV HEART AND I ALWAYS WILL October 18, 83 XOXOXO P s Mfur 2 funky 4 me ' .AII Ihe best wishes to rny good friends Love Debi ANNA-LISA HARKONENIts Over (hank God were linally out ' " TO thank you 4 being the bsl Irnd I could ever have Always remember All the long talks so Logicall (haha) how could we ever forget CP and OG WERE MOVING UP KID " PM I more year engoy take care BH never lorget your sense ol |umor 4 get the cheese dogsNcold tacos you better take care ot yourself, you know what l mean ' Mom I love you. don ' t worry about me I ' ll be OK. Goodnight all BRIANHARRINGTON-VSOCCER 10 I 2-84CIF CHAMPS- GRT-TIMES-W, ' RE FH-HALFERS-OF WAFFERS-ON-THE WEEKEND-RM -lIO-ON-52-AT2AM-W 8-LG-IN-POL-CAB,TAGGlNG-TA J8-DRIV1NG AL L-PORSCH-ON-OFF-ROAD-AT-POMONA-GL PRAYING-TO-THE-BOWL-G OOS-AT JB AFTERIO-DM-WHO S-HOME THIS WEEKEND ' LETS GETS 0ME-%S 4« ' as AND PARrvMT-SBDMARGE T-A-GRIP-IN-C LIME 5-T MRASH-THEROOMIN-85-GOODLUCK-lOTH-ANO UTH 1N-85-G000- BYE -UCHS SCOTT HARRIS-Oear Mom and Dad Thani you for giving me my roots to live by) and by wmgs (to fty on) I love you Carol-we ' ve had some Of Ihe best times together Than» you for a lot of t eauti ul memories What else can I say I love you ' " Huck. Oebbo. Kathy, Lisa Enc. Gail. Steve. Rosebud- you ' re the besi (nends anybody could ask for I love all you guys ' Huck-baby blue lorever, maverick-can I borrow a quarter sock- er ' s games yogurt runs, Rosebbud-Nut cracker Debbo all me ' lOes to school To UCHS girls soccer leam-you 3 ' e one Of Ihe best teams 1 know. Thank you for alot of fun UCSB awaits Remember Always Be happy WENDY HEATH-GrS memrys of grB trendz and times Never 4get Jnnm to 5th W DMS hole, going 2 BN in zoo Tpn, Shen, Ltmo pty. tko bidy can lookn 4 gs cap TJ Wui 2 lun Ijeen mpm lately DM? Gtny lUce, seeny sukrs ' Than 8F Uwrdy Aevthgalwys rem WM Sp mmts fsl luvMM ' WMmtc, pr83, Grcs whal hapnd Hy alw wnt thna 2416 ' OnceFnk. Wii, Hrm Lint CslmsA dnce pty brhn rem Frlnhll scro sli exctmt grS Dncebuds Cr2n nfst w OL who us ' ur2bnny SIP ncebth 2criy CE JE Laughs 2J3lrpn ' n nIthDBS C Cpty RM KI StystrtU mtbgs MTJ Thns WM Mom Dad 2ndgrdclass gdick Ikecre Tis sniy beginng ' JILLHEMINGWAY- VCher- 12 whata Thriller " ' DonI4ge ' 2lungeSkiBudsw. ' Celesle-ALLNigh(long ' RDEiB-DoUPlayPopWarnrFu ball ' Whatlafs ' Yogurtruns-MargsatLyds sleep ' llsonly5am!HK|okeSW- Pattheycalledback-Celestegrtolttheflor ' (Pal ' satrip)Thumpr«, ' TKCDP US YrBK,DnceProd,-l lCsF3yrsASBallCourt-10w, ' Johnny-nvr4getu|H ComingCour1-12(w, ' KsAJB than«RB)JtNaylor-hadablastatASBalIW ' E B4EB4olcourse-Phillip,lhelimoole; MissuTeryGrealTymzW ' KS-Hawai iSummer 83(MTV4oldermen)PI- oinkslUFa.ry BBud w ' SBiKPfuNevr Can)BFW,Whangef(MG)Crak Jahs4Madness-UCSSwer ' there ' Scrul-Fu n4lovnTymmi WhichWy2Hvn ' Ly4ev lwys-ILY MICHELLE HENRY-Sftbl 7Ser4evrUK-My5pe5-al sisPad fes4VarBB 12 JB4»9-T0 ' CoachH,li-TrainingwsGREAT?llimissya!(S.W iHUmissELVIRA»lM4M Thnx4mtlngFiiysnryrlheBEST44yourFrndshp!C h K n M c Ngt s4 Don u1 ' u n s 4gi rital k ' H uck I B-Hm cming-memr ys4e V e r ' F G p rcticewsablstfThniUL- HeyLaura-olook.ftson3- ' 4iSM-HapyNwYr WJ-Ja mes ' SpellCOWIMarcM-ASBBaH ' MaBnxtYr ' lUBtnREALLY ' JT-t-pDMawy trmME ' MR-6ST|.mesLSome0ayLoveW.flFindUs!Lp-SlpSn3kn Thru4a WndrFinght ' Dr.Aclu!chB4?(or0oUaJwysSTAL ' )»uvU ' MomyDearesi !B reKaM ySif KlDad-lll3lwyshaveFCs( HAH A)4Myprsn3lty SS bILarntvery BIG iM4D-Than 4t.ngtherthrugd4bd ' UmademyHsyrsatUCHStheBE5Tr FRED HERNANDEZ-Aii the way Class of 84 lun times m 4S6w JS DOrVLRispeciallimesw CS ' DIyi-- " los Soccer Rq balt other fun things wiihmy bu04 Bucwheei Lisa A Tfeity ' l UC Soccer tfiere rt no sob HHKFC Whais up Boh ' Luv all them Scotfs JS. SS, 4 BSM leWFYSS BSily Jen Shut up ' DW 1 Nile Slandfishmg TDDwsBGE -lJJP27Bucs wUh DW Skmk still lost Cheer lead-ers NN, NW, JR LR, CY. JH JA tove ya ' You also JV loud times 455 vrtvere are my WEYS Mrs D were talking TlSmerts w Shawn, Luv ya MOM. 0AD4Sisier5 LVBof RRISTA HESS-Thanks to all who na t ioucheOm,i.te ' Bustie. MALA 4Nina Front seat laughs who cares n Ethy. ' agnus COnl bowl Lost m Dark town sorry KAgg Spankeys was lun NewYoork Westr is not an Airlines Play another slow JamAmet LiL ST Your ■ PorcupuW Ciowns- miies. TeddybearstheaMs ' Yes ' Yes ' Yes ' Sept 14 Balboa Park. Wong with me The best is yel lo be ' " 80 Tb.rds gone Car wash with Pam, Sandyft Jackie I hated bemg the Middle man who Cares anyway stjuare Pan give me a break " MomiDa ) i wont use Sprml from South Western Love ya all chee ya later Blue Per suasion PETER HOBBS-tUndymsnw peach 6 months GLOWmrt. ' Kdler skiPrip Jr RGRS MUNot enough snoow loo mucJi run JRS sports RP RP never lorgel ya All Right Hamifton coW Arthur OC Your too Sleepey Love ya Mrs P and you too Mom Toomany bmgsw Oscan Th: DC MA. AS Remember the Uue room Missing Keyss Bowi Sunday Pony at Pedros-DC s 6-day Too much WE-OW KJ GOT too many pnts BS stud Giiflarreis at Hills W. ' TH GJ, DC, AJ, TG, MW Love ya JR_ RP ' " enOs lorever Greggy shools tor ? GJ getsin Thumpe chase LA Bro on Back Sq much tor that resolution TH D dn( torget yaJH MARK HODGSON-KW RC CA Hope ypw have as goodi time as we nave had Goodt ye Toy Rollover SIO CA Says shut TheDoor as He Rams Ihe SIO The Desert was Fully Blown out a few Times Inspector Hodgion and Advanced 8L s 34 Torrey Pines Course Runs Mesa Soledad Trips Free Champs FootPeg4 Blinker Prevailed DG Thrash Oonuls at Sland- ley pool PMBR RELLIM REEB Oydes HAWGS RK andKW Steal a Urge Metal container COOL Mr K DARNELL HOPKINSHeres 2 the GANG Friends III nevf 4Bet I The Felus in FBALL. BC (May you nevr 4get the Hansk) ManJohns (well keep in tooc MeGowan class-a Blast BABY ' BABY ' 2 EricRyan (who help me so boodluc in soce) BB was col But McDon takes the cake Track |ust Hanging oul man went 2 CIF the Bsl yr 4me 2nd the Ladies ol UC may the smurUs sty weeel 4 nice loking 2 oriten up our day But thir wont beno other like Lisa Khoo Bad tims in 12 But UC is the Bst To Skpr BRA{cmdBU2rd)May IcualMomcming And 2 KATHY MILLER I find ver allracted to may we mel agin, BYE UCHS HELLO UCB KATWNA HORNE- HEY,SXY,GMAMA THANX 4EYRTHN G ILUVU ' NW, ' PH ' TME ' 5UMW0W WHAT FUN MB REM 0UR151. HE U FULLEH BRO. WELUVU ' HENHYWEMISU, ' MflPRlCETHANX4E VHYTHNG RHONOAFRENZTILTHEEND 2ALLTHEH0MIES B-00WN N LlFE HE JACKlESTAywACKYMKHT. WELUVY0UREYESFRED455 2ALLU PLAYER. ACTIVE. PEOPLE. AND FANS B-COOLV JOE. ' IMGOI NGIOM)SSU UHAVE6EENGR£AT PH671SBETERTMAN511 NW. ' PH TH EPRICEOnUBTLEWAX. JW.STILTHNKNGABOUTU NW PH GHEE LADAODVMILTONLUVSU. 2AIL0FTHESTAFFY0UREGRET. ' HEYU6AN OIISCARRYONWHEREWELEFTOFF ' . BABYSNCW.TGOSMOOTH WAC KYI I STILL LUV ' U ' GUYSLM EENTHOUGHEWARGUEOYOOURESTE LNICE TO THE CLAS OFaa. WE. ' STILL G0TM0R£ IN;84; THE CL ASS.0F S4rlS LlVE MIKE mOUGKTON- OIANAiwOW ' 6SPRTS-VFB3.VWR2SO CBB TRK.TEN-I GRNDlpalPAWSbrdmnlbrMYn ' MaolmmlhiBGbrlltis ' asMARsl0CIFS0Bssunrun4GYMwMNIhumperURFGRNDCNYN-Lllyeg 3sniie 4W-3G« cAto24HotodblTM NanymMONATE ' SCHspB. bufGr WJnM ' scarHLPmeHONDAu ltindlmn ' Superswealies,a beachUCSpilsIr BAD ' SUM VENTURE CorolsWPOwskibikeerdsOBOYgelLnCARnUC ' dam HSVASUclf5tLCTgirPOCwFalllHERM£TRPDoHDEF!t.C 64cmb30PAR AonRCKScoiagesS 99myCARLIN344offcmpswFONr blHNTNG.FBKO lsliCkWR»lMEAOBUTTMEGUSIANTODAS ' ARTwBOSTiGsprducKU MMAGUMMAhwslte ' RUFF ' JUlIANso.:eALLIrHUNTSTASHASAPONAgo HWOTlyoHOUEVeiamiley ' UNL Nptty-FflZ ' THNX2myFRIENDS43grYrS OotMarcoronBfOTJ-KPnTCM ' SCOTT HUCKLEBERRY Having surgery on my hnee this year, Ive had to content with IM worst feelmgs o ' my lite Its tfthen aUI of understanding from my fnefrfs to help me overcome my problem Thanh you iror all of my hear! lor CWngOOP Jt hN. RJ, MH, 2JL espetialty to SH, DG. GS, KR CS. Kl, SB, LHandDW i love you and wiu never forget what you ve done for me. Now simple reminders — Blue boiers, JealttUSy. Meiico Mr Minahan. Zouness party. SIOO. 47yd held goal, lallir in Ihe pool FUDGE, POLICE CONCERT. Varsity Soccer team .s 1 forever- Ihe iron delense4.a Jolla and Vista cups CIF ' Christmas Dance-l rnet a dream gui-Gsil LISA HUNT Tennis 82, 83 FUN S3 much better 2all my good friends Thani 4 all the tun times U made the yrs fun I luv U all Never 4gel AJbertos 4 AmPm rum lam, wmd n sea. Sorrego, Police Concert. Parties ASBball 83 Tedybrs ( 2 421 Cherry Icecream smilealways CB-ski bud {Go fish Dys upstairs poplrts) lennrs camp, oma Valley (fun ' i Lahamalia DW hey JT? Chubby Chubby lives, R U rrry fnend? AWW man, 0-Tay RaquelOafl champs 4ev r. Nachosmmm. can I c ure room ' DG- NewVork-a blast c nvjn say Macy Wacys. E» smogurt cup PU OR-getdown Hey ol whatsyadoin ' Someday Ron Well l guess this IS it ' Than UCHS Chuck we are high school grads. Now what ' Cartoons ' Youcan t make a living at that, can you ' Can I forget track ' Chris Tony John Whane Cort, The Coconul men ' ' slowly I crept, step by step ' The acvenlures of the discus fug Heavy man relay ' " Louie, Louie ' 120fl Son of a Duck here it comes ' Ne ' t stop Olympics ' Yeah right ' OK lets not dwell on the past, to the future ' Here here ' Community College here I come ' Gotta get a 6 ave OK das of 84 ' Lets try not to blow ourselves up ' RICKY HUNTER- THEB-DAYAOFNGRADUATIONOISYONE, STHATAWILLNBRINGIBACKCFONDEMEM-DRIESBOFOTHEVPAST ' THR EEYEARS E5PEC1ALLYA0NE S5ENI0RS YEARS STLACHERSAMAKlNlT tANCESPEClALLYPLEASANTBSENIROVEARVHEREAABTlSUCHSIOLEA RNEDCENOUGHAFROMLCUEACHLCLASS UENOUGHSTOWCARRyAO NTHATSCARLOS.TVATHATNWILLISEECEMEMORIESPOFRALLOOFJMY EG(X)DCTLFRIENOSWiLLlCONTlNUEMTOWBEASAWITHNM£lUNTlLCT HATEFATEFULPDAYWHENRIOMUSTJLEAVEEMyCLIFETON ' RMOTWER DEARTH SSE PIOUSLY ErMMTOTALLVRJEALOUSIOFeRANDY ' SWOFF BUTAINGREDIBLESUNDERSTANOINGSARIALSOOFNMATmEMATICSIA NBCSC1ENCE EGIRLALSO MYFAVOR 1 ' E TE AC hersinlluBEAUSSIEA NDTHEMUTE SHE-MAN ' YUK ShayNE lRELAHD t omiDadwere ' .gi-. ' ' " Inesewereveryg ooOyrs ' BONKO ehadlhebestlimes-dhechdpr Q R£STLASVEGA£ man ym Of e)yauatwaysholOaspeca ' lplace inmy he ar 1 lloveyou .Lit ew ouidsuck w. ' ofrwwlikeCMMMJLAAJTCAOBBKESXBLHjSDMKK theresI ' MPCMJ L4others-youreally unnypeopIe!ThanK4aiJinghumortDmyiile Partytie msw DBGLCCCBAAJT4aHtherest ' ThanKGod491XiOINGO,THETWINS ADAM.CUBE CLUB A2ett2greatleachersTPBHMM6S JB Youlaugh tmealotThjniievei-ylhing ' DW-waitnsee-lmgcinnabefich ' SHOOBE.WIL ONAwhere sNAOINE ' Throwuponps?OK!Classot84-wefinallymadeit ' Go odbyeUCHSigoodridd»ncelThn«YRBKst3tf4memoriesiUCSBhefelco VrtNOY JANON-81-82 JvinW4bSktbl captured 5th place 82-84 vsHbi 1 sccr MH-James Read, spell cow Ichabod Fredde Imitations- Eddie tdurphy Phil Donahue Hilling i| de-hiliing it Jim Crow ' s miOmghi kitctwn L luv Watly C Eddw M CS-got your wally button, I do Toad s Wild ride IS stiP the l est £J orcle-A great employment expenence DG, JL-Bent pole at (fw yogurt Sfiop Funny huh ' OH-rememt er Ihe messed up labs ' I will never forget ToaBof rny trier ds, DG. JL. AT, OH, JL JM, KC KSIJ, FJ, etc and lami Amy My little yO Thanks tor everything I love you ail DR My wondertwin FRANKiE JAUREGUMWioa lis t IS 3 ramtww with mus playm already ' Well im stiH alive Kiiier-iite a party happenin and yer all invited yeaghhhhV Tnani lo atl the boys-we had some killer mghts and they amt over yet ' I gola thank all the rrveial dogs -rasrals-crazy kids -eel for the killer memo ' ies-Mickey still lives ' I love womenl! and music is my life and twy ' S rriy life loud ' -isia Edward VH rips BM Inres — Boy did I gel a bang out oi da irain-Randy Rhoads is jamm m heaven I belli its loud i " listerv-oooohh year beautiful girls ' I luv hounddogswell on to the musk life rmblor RICHAffOB JENNlNGS-83, 84 a weci«yr4me. a thani to my Mothei and Father, who brought me up in this world A special special thann to a speOBi person JYM, who got me Through my senior year l dont know whal would riave happened 2 me rf I wasnl pul inio c d JYM We had lots Of lun and those f I Ihjl we seemed never to get to ag a class lo renwmber I II never forget, g . JYM ASB ball a nighl lo remember JYM your 1 your the only one lor me I ' ll never forfet thememofies I hope theres more to come, i lov you JYM and thanx again ROGER JOEI m almost a man ' Vglf. vcc (2ml, VbsMbI (m). rqtbl .ntmrl 1. ASB puby. bull bros, admc Oec-2 3rd pic awrds, emcees rule ' 2myinsprtnlbros Chico, BR, CS, Vbs Teach. Luck Kid. Big JR 4 sts Gfowdy. Taf D4RL maneater, B esplTrace- coni 2shyne4him, pray 4 ya ' " MN " Whatevhapwesttrds an we reHol ' Holm I- RH 4 stooge ERarm dont overlook heavon ' 2 BrXstress, LK Bfker KP fir rs mighly Slippery ' Care NeHe-Wie gehts ' Gotta remember prov 3 s-64|mes 1 2-3cause we(StefAi)do ' Than. 2 all my teaches who tried 2educale me- nice try ' M D always there to listen, advise 4 civilne, I luv yow ' When do I get a car ' 84-A class w Ciaul MARY JOHNSON-Bod girl yawn ' SprmgMd t«er amaion2 tardy sweep hahaha K-men od on hon-ieworfc ' Boy d GMrge same bat place, same bat time Shakespeare = vreeiand ctv ecaowotaik? TheSS Leas prom- night ' Raider hater charger Ian ' Duran duran tf e boyd people 6 Orwell lockhe d escape from GH My (avonte m«rttons - TS, MM, FB, TL, SS, ME Farhat = handkerchief Monique • mitohake Mobileeba nerd, were con ' ident secure ' Jill = my moms better th»n your mom ' Tina -• KP, OL MN,TM,MS.AG SS,Mr Rogers collefHwVa uC by schofieid Ph.l and kelly tammy hit robe " tor me meet rt cNpindalei lune ISlh by oebbie MAURICE JOHNSWJ-Meihones of the hard times 10th Buddies 4cver DavwrnAelarry-A ' thetwatOee IB Big daddy tnn. BH SE KR TO Bad tii« alsdriven - in lt»n» en 20 20 lorry pines Hip shooting LJ chev rocKet nek rodney no respect playboy bOCMieid BW press new evetn. JS safeway patlong Thn. LM I Ith talent show mmates HQ crown asn Eric root Ski trips frank audi think LHi2th;Bob( +00 + S)Eric B party oew reeps 25« Party-P Artec games market ThmGB lhan MT 4 FM Scwrvning at UTC 6 V Village GOD BLESS every who played apart m my many memones I Luv you a " etc GOO Bless America Long Beach JEFF JONILONlS-Jetf «3 2 yrs var sock big fun in 84 Should av gone al the way ClF 8283 ski tnps wee tun Don! forget to dump JD ' LISA thani 4 ndes aiwi a frnd Kep smim dont lose th great X ' s wige ■ ■ JH Bays beach, Jacuject hope ya both makell FRUSBY, hmwk notrana fights wont Aget GEJH FHDWSHSMD ' LKKSJRTESPMG Favorls taking pic h es of btfui Ihing. porsh 91 1 1 walking on Ijeach 4 watch sunset vnmg fTwm A dadsuits tham 4 everything I luv Uall4 esp lo the H tu thani 4A1I the great X ' s at the beach DL at JH s m Jacui Hcomngs 83 4 cani wait hll prom so many more le come I luv U fore GIBLIN 6-23-82 r 4 always Mane JEFF HUNTER-Who me f Homework? Well, i ' Someday im going to get orgonned. ' Got m like this A likely story. HEY Chris. Dig C , fiarly. ERIC KAY-I served my 3 now Im tree ' fun HmtS with Dwirm many partys roll It with ES nvr forget BM member hclandl MJ TP partys and Cp 2many barrels 2 many rowdie times with JH and tt rest o( Mw west end garig scorps croe watch oul for the tower many good limes in GA with family lots of Rad SS Thanks lor being there SL til never lorget you LK fT«ny Boggie speaal thanks Z RS, GA and mom fo ' putting up wrlh me ' never forget summer sessions womp good Luck ' Thanks lo every one else i missed you 2 RY and KW, IB goodbye YCHS FOREVER KATV KELLERS- OW-SlGFLGS-TMERE IS only one way to take a book off a shelf ' I ' m going through some permutation ' JL-Get rowdy ' UCVB«I M4M- Homecoming the mile ' Probeth can you relate ' Donl jump on the rvet and lets go skj ASS BALL84- Shades -diner! Scotty, Thanks4gr- 8MTies-FRLCTI0N-GD, Boomboom -cookies. Hugs KiSSes. For you and Amy! DS 200 I ' m relay CIFW KK ' RMD-digildigitdigit ' CSMousetand m the ram ' The pohce-DS4STing4ever ' CJM-Put ihal puuie piece back ' MC scoopicecream4me ' KB Trrg 4 Apah ' PFKjr lake care of UCHS! TS-surpnse! Thanks Ma 4 Pa 4itall-llove you ' Spacey I thak god for you! Shoothosehoops ' I LL MISS YOU ALL (MCK) RAYMOND KELLY.3STO0GES FOR EVER ARIZONA RAPIDS REPELING HEY DEBI ' AZ = TREDRESOL CROSSCOUNTRY IS«l! ' HEY GEOFF- SHUCK 4 PLOW OOOOPIEHALFDAY WATER-BALLOON FIGHTS BACK- PACKIN WAS GREAT COACH MITCHELL IS THE BEST " CHEECH-MICE WLLL0SE4N0 TRAVESTY HERE SAYS WHATMAN COBBY THE PEIK- ING GOOF " HEY JR-HUEYS ALL THE WAY ' AGENT x WILL RETURN GOOF-ACLES, CHEECHIPADES OOOOPACLES-YOU ARE GREEK MOM- MAS RNO TBL ISN T THE PLACE TO BE ' SHAWN-REMEMBER THE i ERACRUZ ENCOUNTER ' LUPRO. t GOT THESE 2 NEW FINGERS OH WOO WOO WOO WOO CLUBBY-FINISH THE SENTENCE LOOK OUT FOR THE HAPPY RABBIT JOHN R - GET A REAL CAR, U OF A AWAITS UCHS IS NUMBER ONE ' PHIL KENNEOY-FINALLY OUT OF THIS PRISON " " THANX MS VREE THE B AT BEACH BER OLA MEMRIETO JS SN DEL CERNO WITH AMY ' S COZ PARTY NEW YEARS AND GOOD TIMES WITH BS DM JR JR AS OF JS4SN KJ KK RC FD CA GOOD LUCK KIM K A VERY SWEET PERSON AND TO EVERYONE ELSE IVE PARTIEO WITH AND DID NOT MENTION LISA KH(X)-My Special Pals, I know the |oys ot friendship and how precious it IS. and whal special memones it brings. I know becu of you Thani lor the smiles, laughter and kmd words ihal kept me going Thane-Words can t eipress Ihe fiappiness YOU have trough! into my hie The lime we have shared together are memories never lo be forgotten There will always be a special place in my hearl reserved4U I Love You Mom and Dad, lhan for giving me so much. 1 Love you Mike bro stay Khool TO ALL-Parted by miles, together m heart I WISH YOU HAPPINESS WHEREVER YOU MAY GO KEEP ON SMILIN ' AND YOU WILL GO FAR I LOVE YOU ALL!fl RICHARD KIM-HURRAY ' WOOPEE ' ITS OVER, LETS CELEBRATE AND PARTY ALL NIGHT LONG ' ON MY WAY TO SANDY BEACHES SUNSETS, ANO FULL MOONS ALL YOU CAN DRINK PINEAPPLE 4 COCONUT JUICE HAWAII HERE 1 COME UC I HAD FUN FOR 3 LONG YRS ThANX TWO THE BULLETIN BROS WISH U GUYS MUCH SUCCESS BUT PLEASE OONT GO INTO BROADCASTING ANYTHING ELSE BUT THAT ALL VBALL PLAYERS MANAGING VBALL WAS GRBBEST WISHES 2 KK, JL KR MM MUCH SUCCESS 2 ALL UC SPORTS I HOPE U WILL WIN EVERY CIF MY FRENZ WISH U ALL SUCCESS AND DON ' T LOSE CON TACT ALL STUDENTS OF uC BEST HOPES IN THE FUTURE KEEP UP THE SPIRIT tSTRENGTH OF UC BOTTOMS UP ' TAKE CARE UCHS 8RIGETTE KLEIN-Here s of course spin years lei s try for a noolight rides on the bay, good friends anc ■hich started everything. Bayviews, Gala T those 1 care about Heather-it s been si I more ' Dora-apple-strawberry juice-peso ' peos ' Shayne-do me right ' ShoobeWaiona David D -you will always be my Big " O " To my paperboy who will always be special someone in my heart Diana-lo whom clogging and qidge ' would never be possible ' Chris MC -who has Ihe best tails in town ' Honor choi ' Ihe best ever ' Michelle-who IS my converter ' Eric, Terry when you break worlds record for speed I ' ll buy KIMBERLY KRAMERS-9-GC U 10-KM IWALU, Rny Nts, Sccr, Stpd Fts Nvr 4g1 U 1 1-UCHSNwsp, Gd Grds, Bchs. DG Than.4 yr Lv Ga N 6d " Bt I Lvd U, Cbn Hmcmng LI NIs n PNT, Smis n Trs We Shfd MSWfiF, Srry-Gd Lck ' 12 Nwsp Yrbk, FC, Wk out, LP gri Frnd Drk ASBBal ZofaKnd Cids Shvrr ' URSC My buddies MS MC, PK, BC. LH, DW JE SV JO, TS, KS ThniABnThr ILU. KpnTch ' LN-Bst Frnd ILU, Scrl TIks Ostllry G(JGyS UHnks, Prtys, WrkngWmn 584-6s ' NC, WHAM. KfKThJrk, TmnCrs-Dks ' HTTE LN-BFF ' Daddy-I en Nvr ThnhUenI URTB ' T46NTMt2LMMMOD ' ILU ' Mom-IWsh we hd spntMTT ILUANIWVEINIP USD-my drms N amhtns, sccss n Lv n I Gdby UC-Wshmeick ' KYLE KRAUSE UCHSN0M0REKRLWJB6IGMISTAKEMMU RGREAT ' THECAVEUH-OHDONTFALLLLTOALLMYFRIENOSISALUTEYO U ' HIS0YUMTOALLTHEGIRLS(MYEYESARESOR£)ANYBODYFAORAGUI TARLESSON ' ANOTOTHESTlTNEVERLETUSDOWNTHANKSLLBCDONT LAGGOFORIT IGETAJOB ASTRYANDKEEPAJOB NOWISAYITSTIMEIOG O OHVEAANOTOThEWHOLESENIORCLASS lAKElTEASY HAVEAWON DERFULLIFEALWAYSMEK4EE0HAN0BYTHWAY.IMN0TANAZL, THANK SAS THEORIGlNALIIT ' SBEENREALANOIT ' SBEENFUNBUTITHASN TBE ENRealFUN SORRYCCF YEA ' CORY KRELL-Meuco homestays. F F tnp lo Washington, Pole vaulting Soccer, Cross Country Mgr tun car pool " Thanks all ' . 6th per sit in car and listen lo music " class 1 and a hall hour lunches at Chinese. Mei etc Restuarants yellow hair spray Be Happy ' Thani coach Mitchell for being so nice Special thanks lo my Inends Shaynel " I can I Feel below my wails ' ' Anh T Playing games al lunch, Sundari R - 2 mi wJ the emergency brake on Atay N -interrupting 2nd per Math (VAY), Cathy S Imlosi Laura Z (Go-Go dancer) YOU all wondered so: Phred (Ooonsbury) (Andy Capp s Reg) Smythe TO ALL- ENJOY ' JEANNE LAMOTTE- Class84-UCHSpridetrslrshn Glory ln3VB. 2B6.2 ' Trck,Patti4Rick«l coaches Tharuisharonforffiedmans4 Lacedew4bikefedmari DeAnna4A-dancin,Mei, floats, hicBestwampina tMnw, 04A Kimmy4twins.K4RGf ,SP,Lilgrds geet ' Advnlrwy skll.To m,MF Cltwmn4U Jester sAwadhs, esp Cshmn-besUr mems4argumnts- Junglefilms.Scnops-compeMionlives ' KrssyBestletrs4soledad(Hari ' )R andy4Noises.lnc Chngchng Nicelegsbeslhomecommgever ' Alwaysdeh illil4hillit.Wendy ' Surprizseem(semaiungs-KK BuenaPark4Jimbost oun d ' L salSft00f4Wesf4reebgames4Oingo ' LuvyaRwdyfreni " Wadhpeopt e M4M.KM,MH,BM,KR,ER.Carol4Playmor!Luvmom.Gram4Papa SING LEE- tankstomytwogoodfriendsDMWh lor everyt hingandespeciallyDMforbeingtherewhenlhadproblemslLuvyouboth K MKSIetvememberalllhegoodtimeswehaO CBthanhslorallyourhelpon physicshomewofk ThanksMDtorallyooriaughesand|Okes.staycoolandh anginlhere It sniceknowmgyouMJDB.VB LRlhanksforyoufcnowwhat,d aybeloredanceproductionshowarvdaisobelo ' eDanceproductionshow B Hhanhsforthegrltonmylgthbirthday Andalsomom dadlhanks ' oryouri upport andfofabiandnewcarlormybirthdaypresent lluvyooali Bye " toa llmygoodfriends JACQUELINE LEMOINE- Wacky. laughmaHthetimehaaha mom4aadjllmylo»e fhanil ITomyfrien JGwatchouttorthosevac cle aners,yourthebes1!TH ' MKHT youwerealwaysbehmdmetohelp lhan« MBpeattriendhadlungoinout holdontitsMr Miguelisyour ' (Dontsaythat wo ' d CGweneedpaper ' Siay»nthDayie MSROPdnvenselvis Stopstanng ,turnupiher3dio,whal ' Mewannadarvce ' pleasedonlleilmaria BMstopb urpin Mr.isyrstruly MWmybodyguardlreallyloveyou ' MPHailmary MrC oons.YouicoolhopemygigglesIOllowyoulCoachVthoselegsWow ' IfldonIs topthinkinaboutSXIwiBdielaughin!KeepIhesememonesotthewaywere I iimissyaU C lakecare.loveme 158 MARIA LEON-FOR ALL THOSE TIMES I NEVER HAD LUNCH MONEY OR ANSWERS FOR MRS BALLES ESSAYS, THANK YOU TRES BEACOLtP A , IM SO GRATEFUL Tl GINA AND AVMEE FOR THEIR CONTRIBU- riON TO MY CULTURE CLUB COLLECTION VERY MANY TMANX TO VIV FOR THE »2S0 WATCH Jl 3BAG, FOR TH£ NIGMIS AT THE GASTRAMP TOMARIA. THANKS FOR ALL THE FUN TIMES OUT ON FRENCH WAS FUN ESPECIALLY W MS ' (HA ' ) JENNIFER IS A GOOD FRIEND TO WENDY REMEMSER-ROOTHIEAMUNDO? NO MORE HAVE A NICE SUMMER- NOW ITS " HAVE A NICE LIFE " TO THE EIFEL TOWER, CHEMISTRY WAS FUN ' TO UCMS. ITS BEEN FUN ' LOVE MARIA AND KERI JENNY LEWIS WJ WE HAD SOME GREAT TIMES TOGETHER THANKS FOR THE JOS fli [J5 IT WAS AN EXPERIENCE ' CALMDOWN WHEN DRIVING i ALWAYS REMEMBER TO PUT THE CAR IN REVERSE WHEN YOU WANT TO BACK UP Kl Kl 3 DONI FORGET TO NEVER SKI ON ADV RUNS WHEN IT IS ICY KB WE HAD LOTS OF FUN IN PE THE LAST FOUR YEARS WE SHOULD CONFESS TO KL ABOUT THE KNOTS DG IT ONLY TAKES A COUPLE OF HOURS I NEVER WANT TO SEE ANOTHER RUFFLE IN MY LIFE ' YOUTH GROUP WAS LOTS OF FUN WITH U6Z KK JL DG KS AT4RD BEST OF LUCK NEXT YEAR TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS SEE VAIN THE SUMMER GREG LITTLE ToTheBiacli -eBUCBJBSA.KK.PIugthe leendingislheonlywaytOgO ToBMIelsgotoMemco Ikeneedlodom jnaDraheturn5ingf3« ToKahtyw love BeEKhMluroIlawsdo Chr isandBenrty Burgers RSYoushouldseltledown KMHopeyouhadlun.l-JS MIoveGreg ToSAKMCBETC Beverage%arer rce MARIALITTLEH ANITA WTNX7MSA8VRPLNFRSURE ' NNT HGRDWZTHEeGNGFKLRSiNFSIONMMYOURlTLBRTHR BATWMNLI VESON THAINTRKSiSTKSINMYHAIR BUtUWEfttRNGFAST DRIVE NM DVIE kSGPORSLIN AGAINOHOWCOULDIFRGTUTC ' NOPRPOSE ' SflID ENF " THN W0M4ALWZ8EINGHERE ' HUNE,TANEISAFISHTAC0H0WB0 (ATHOTDliLO ' NOMORBLNOOATSAUWNOrrHEZDAZWE LLFNOA PRT hlOWNSHUDBFRGTNIHOPETOHAVEMANVMORESWINGINTIME U — BECKUS-HOWHYA ' ARTWZABLASTBUTISTLTHNOIOTHWZTH EBEST DONTFRGTMEKAHEN JUSTTHINQUWILLNVRBLATETOSKOOL AGlNiABSOLUTElYNOMOREBINGING-SSOOOCAlP OAYISNOrrHEW 4YTOLOSELBS WATIL2WKSBFORESMR YARITE ANITAIJUSTHAVETOT THATURMYBESTFRIEND-0ALM0ST4GT-UCHSISW0NDERFUL0Y A ' SHAWNM LOGUE-M0ENHVN-Gftmemsof«sw DMC thyrenolovryel, lmissU,BFF!EAB-FB,RL Slodtghls -jlwysmadeup. Beepahone wWwId ' ome ' .LUJSBF.shudup.RUhogy ' uoatlveSL.grchyiltiyimniyLL- B1+? t.bsylv.n%,lm tl ' LRMGs,HTMTS,l 31 84Adrmcmeitue,URspcl MUdntdosmelhngabtitJwiil ' ■.Thni4ondrMni)ngIV-TOE.tull-on.AS 384,Nvr4pgit iwUDD- ' lainltahiiigUfn (ghlidnorin-Sry.ltytlsePM (rndMrmbgnmgU ' llalwysBspcl2meNvf4gl ES,RS,OW,FH,NN,GE.JH,KS CS.EK.SL SmfLvrs 2mnymems2wfIedwnllyXa.e-3. ' 21 81- bs 3yf4 .pni U-lkng4viard2fnre,llyAJImyluvwthe ' P " ' amShaniTtiofTi-bstottc islwys llyOadAmom-Thnx4everythngJLoveVou (IM LONG-UCHSlCJass ol S4 4«vef ' DG, JU Than 4 the years at ilanofey Jc yea ' w Tina Sandy. swim team manage ' Classes w GP. DM. LS. RAH K n-lhan» 4 homecoming the ' un limei Laura- ' hysics UGH ' , t hr»ow I m a gum addict. Ihann 4 the Inendship wat- I UCSB! B ' o BTi-ltiani 4 putting up M-ng a ' ound to pic i Tie up Bday at cabtn v. MB Kim Kim thanx 4 alt the years of shared lemorys. you relanlasln; " Than " 4 putt ' Ogupw Rich everyone ' Oave-I on t 4get wrecked cars, ASe Ball, i Look oui Purdue ' ? Than 4 all the iupport ' Have lun in HS Steve ' Mom Dad I love U lhanx tor all your support UCHS «1 always TAMI lOPEMAN-JBW THANKS FOR BEING A GOOD FRIEND SORRY IM .UCM A PAIN PB I HOPE WE STILL ARE FRIENDS SORRY FOR ALL THE THINGS I DID JN BG S RUL KKREMBER BEACH AND CCS HOPE WE ITAY FRIENDS A LONG TIME SW GET A REAL CAR IB GROW UP GOOD .UCK BL AND JT HOPE YOU STAY TOGETHER DB HOPE YOU HAVE FUN N YEARS TO COME YOUR A PAIN BUT I lUV YA ' BUT GROW UP SOME ' LEASE! MMM HOPE EVERYTHING GOES GOOD WITH JP TQ THE REST or MY FRIENDS GOOD LUCK IN YEARS TO COME TRL. )IANA LUBLIN H0SUMGR8TYM2AT6R ' LZ-GW 0HR4EV »!TKGDCHVMyfAVCSTMRSlPL2 ' ) GETSUMBIGTPS FIFI.UR2KUL W ' ) PR0BSI ' LLMISUAlL " WEN.A-0NMT4CHACR ' 2MCHFUN " HEYSLUG ' OWSLlFE ' RM6R ■■THATSWATILIKEABOUTYOU ' ' !lTKITHOMEiF£E )ITTOBLACKIE SAYWHAT ' HDLTSOFFUNSTHINl ITH ' HS WARVYAB :EN ' L NGTYMNOSEE ' MABEOVHYRSWECNSEMOROFEAOTHR ' DEe-NV MGEl PINTOMEMRVS ' BRKNIG ' GLNRNOVRAKD ' DONTTHNKSO ' . ' M «-LNi. HATMRA S LRN3PHK ' FL0NDRGHTNTHEHUMN0e;RT-WHTHP •«D2R0ASS ' WENEEDACACTUS?SHLNVHSPLTUSUPLM BSTFRNDS4E R!KAT-(LNVR4GETU ' PAM1LISA-CLGING8UDS ' BGBR0S-DA,SS MSD THNXM0M DAD ' ILUVUVRYMCH UVBNGR8 ' THNXMIKE4THESPCIM «RrZ ' THN«U2UCHS-SOPHS4JUNSITSNTOVR.ONLYJST8GINNING lOSE LUISfor all the (un years thanks everyone Tfiani HS, OS, Jpheener n the name Take .:are ol (he gfe«n nuchine BT, Dodge i- •ver 6S but Datsun is lb« way fo go Breakers are the W m ilay cool School occe- ' xiasfuri, great seasons tobe a pari of il Good luck to ■n the yean lo come. To the group m 215 ttian» for a fun year My e 10 L ' sa S tr « oesi friend I will ever have, hope it will always be itut y I will wme. lo all coaches Ihani lor ghMfig me » chance I wiU rtever orget football To .iJl the cheerleaders your the best To all ol the rest WIKELUPRO CAPI CRUNCH + RALIEHMILLSMENWARD 3FFPRINVASI0N JOESLEEPSINCLOSETS-YAHMEL AUTOBARNES MO HAWhSRUINOlSNEYLAND-CAPCLUBTHEDECLA RATION AH07DAY5IN lUMMER ILOVEWHALES(USFEST) TANK-VA OAGMAN-IIUNG SLAMB JURELYYOUJEST GYILOUT NOMlPPIESIHTHEARMY-YAMORON-BENE SeAYPARK-fELONHEADS.OFFTHEROOF ' PEROXIOE,£IFMAN-NRK- OH ' THOSEFEET ' -SCINTILATE-STOOGES-KITTENSUNDERSHIRT AGUY rALLEOMORRlS-JAHRASTAFARI.POWDERPUFFLIQUinnNGPRACTICE BURGERKING-HIMOM ' -GYtLOUT-YURAHJOOH.AL£X.ABUMSHLABUM FERMINALLYACUTEPINHEAOULARfRUSTRATlON-NOSLAMMINGATC JMRMONTPLEASE-1WANTTOGOTOBERKELY,60S- DON LUTZ-I would like to remember the friends JV, TG TS, EE. PC, MB, :B, MB MT And most o " all Sheri B, and the Parties JO, and 151 and e can I Torgel the V-8 Vega the Ctievelle and of course the Tur n l ammed El Cammo Fiesi lsl«r d The C ' aJy s and 400 feet of Bumi uDtier trie best years so far, I hate to think of a(i I miMed. ar dl ' dMte to Thank everyorw. Mom Dad Andy and everyorie else that twi helped through Ml MI remember the wet rear 4n the Veite ELl Y LYNCH- GOODTIMiSWlTHSHARON-BElNGSTPDlN DU RC L ASSE S-THANXAiOTTOC H R1S NDE ANFOREv HVT HtMOTHCYltT JSDO ' FUNTIMESINB10LOCYWITHKIM,SKAYNtAHD60B8¥-PARrVIN ITMEVERYONEWHENEVERTWETIMESWASRiCHT ' TKAMKSMOIIIMD JADFORtVERVT HI NGLOVEBOTMOFV 00 ALWAYS ' THANKVOOJOMHMV ■OHEVERVTHINGLOVtBOTHOFVOUALWAYS ' THANKYOUJOHNHVfOB EVERrTHlNGYOUMAVEDONEFORMEntLAlWAYSlOVEVOUANDBEWIT HYOU! ' MIKE MAISTER-CRACKINSHORZ WITH JOEL AND THE GUYS HM YOUR STILL COOL FROM KYKY GAGALS OUT OF HER MIND AND OUTA CON- TROL JR IM GLAD WERE FRIEND? TONY 8 OR MICHEL JACKSON IS A SWINGER KLMML Both of us CSA and KS Are REALLY glad were tiiends Bruce MaBe SomeDayUWilactuslly BeGQ Mario we love you party al- most gets It Kyle this is great I hear the women in college are da kine embryo wenare you going to get real icnyP Why dont you gel a c ' ue Jimmy lets sa lat one lo the top Marry get serious Jack get a haircut Ted See ya ai studio PapaSmrf 1 2 at camp KF Onreol Puvsellt Gts calender From SA KIM MALONEYKrisien- Belt FnendinowandFof ever iSo manygreattimes-L V RmbrtheOavM.ChntandMarktSppcialFriendsJull eA andLisaP lOlhKnt sandD$nyld-BesltimeflForue ' JAineeil6pariy w hataBlitiKS16lh somuchfun ' lstdblBandlNv(Fgt!WIflmslk(LimoUS4c f nISL-Thanii4evvlha?Toallmylriends.BestOlluckllLuvyouKristen.Julle andLisa ' HpalludrmscmlruelThar xOBd4somuch!UtoGandGU ,K.D.T,K- YOU REGREAT ' ILUVUALL! RON MANtH I Y GREAT 8U0S PK CR ES JN TM. ALL OF YOU GET SOME RESPECT (ESP U CR) WHO SAID THAT " NEVER FORGET ALL OF YOU PARTrANlMAlS DRKEEPITCRANKlNflURNINUPATUSFEST DAY? I STILL iHINk MOIORHEAO IS leHMBOTFOTE ML THANKS FOR HELP- ING ME GROW UP ILL NEVER FORGET YOU GOOD TIMES WITH DM IN ENGLISH AND IN MIX . LETS KEEP IN TOUCH, LITERAUY, IF 1 LIKE THE WAY THE LINE RUNS UP THE BACK OF THE STOCKINGS, IVE ALWAYS LIKED THOSE KINDA HIGH HEELS TOO TEARIN UP AT T SHOW 75 CAMERO IS FINAi I y MINE ' ! SPECIAL THANKS TO MY MOM AND DAO FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME, WHAT IS THIS TALK I ' M HEARING ABOUT COLLEGE? LOUIE MANSON MOM N DAD THANXM ALltheGRE AT. ' TIMES, ' 2 ALL MY FRENZ GW JPA tP Sj NH DG. ' GOODLUCK 2: ' ALL,TH£ WOMEN WHO MAVE BEEN FUN 2 e WITH TH RC- ' TC VG.CR AS MC TO AS. SORRY THINGS,- ' DI0NT-WORK OUT " MAYBE IN, THE FUTURE HOW COULDI fORGET TM. ' LUVU,TH ANX4EVRYTHNG ALL THE GOODv TIMES SOLONG PH. ' JR MC JC RH TMC ' RA 2MY FRIEND ' JPA HOPE U MAKE rT IN LIFE FRENI ' 4 EVER 2AII THE FREAKS AT UC H STMC nC VG CB AS MP RA.Th Tm THATSfOR ALl ' THtyGOOD FEELS TRICK YOU. ' GU YS STAY SW£ET AND 00NT B. ' PUYING.0N ' ME1 2 THE, ' H0M(£ S.THANX,4 MAKING THIS. ' YEAR; FUN ILL , ' NEVER ■4-Grr U AMY MARSHALL-GOOD LUCK TO THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK VOU ' LL NEED IT AND THE REST OF YOU. DONT GO GETTING TOO FAMOUS ILL JUST SAY " HEY I USED TO KNOW HIM " SO LIKE THE SONG SAYS ITS 1984 MARSHALL, AMY ELIZABETH PATTON RUSS MARTIN-R PRTN KRWA! ERK GRSH TMSIRS N WKENOS WTGSMNE? WMPN NXT YR, 02YA ' JFHLE WE LV TH2 HIMLK MNVRS DW, (HEYHEY )GRLKNTRLATZ8CHJNC0, EOE, HERZATOST TOAVRE WT GSHHED BRD KN 1 8R0 YQR BLK ' TAG, RMMBR ROC H N RD ANTS, WT A KLASK ' I YR TO LAT1 TO MANLY RON N EV LONGLVMF- BURGRS RON BWER VKLOWOROOMS MMNOD THNX FR ALL. PATTl MATHEWS-10, II Snbll, TY We spent many special moments together, thani tor l eing a part ol my liie. I will never lorgel you, love yd much OF more Irat parlies, car limes, more men, pholo session, is modeling neit ? JL have you seen JP. TV. JC ' Where should we drive to tonight see ya round. TV SL, JS, CS. OD Lr, Thumper BiW Bmu. poppers, want another ' TV men. Men, Men, SL than« lo ' many memc ries. who has your car today IH pom poms, please ' JS are we siiiy when we r having lun. OD when is the wedding ' CS stop already, MH 1 PHI want your twdies ' LuvU mom 1 dad Berthas wild tonight. Luv IJ all MARY MARGARET MCCAHON- II sfmallyovei ' veatlbuddie KK.JL,0H,SM.KM.MR.0K4HK Greattimeslllnever4gel OropsAeve ' jT f leldtrips lunfunRuorarentU ' MWHCJTTharii4openea ' sihe(pw, 19 5-2 4!HC-elepaniwomanf ' WABLeopooh«hererU?TLIreni4everncve ' 4gct KO ' KM2lor24TMR MichisOKReally.lis HighSchooldaysarereallygonelt ssohardto believe Iwishallmytnendsthebeslofluckintheluture AJImylov etoJohnP WearegoingtomoVeit ' " CHRIS MCCAULEYIF YOU REALLY WANT TO HEAR ABOUT IT I CANT WRITE MUCHV MEET YAAT THE HAM N FEED. BREEOHNO N- ADINE DOZ BALB PARK AMAZIN GRACE, KtTTLITTLITTLITT AND TO TOP IT OFF MELIS GOT UP ON THE TAftU , TURQUOISE MOUSE HEV-IF U CANT HANDLE KARMA CAMELIAUSRPM , LIARLtAR EGG ON HEAO B-BCUZ ITS BERKELY, ' WHITE HORSE PUSS£R, ' GREAT BUIl DING ' LOSE SOMETHING, MYRTLE ? XTOFFUR XTOF FRWHAI ' , j ' WALTER ' BHEEJ eOZ ' LONDON N ARU8A. KOOK SHLUMf CONNECTANUDC COULO YOU WOULD YOU W AGOAT ' TOMA TOES ' viOlETHHEAT ADUCK PSiLU I HRT CRIK STU THE 5, MY FAM8LY I SEE VDURE LOOKIN AT MY FEET SAILING I REALLY WISH YOU COUIOVE BEEN THERE JEANNE MCCRACKEN-Refleclion ol my athletic e»per.cnce at UC Vars. ty Softball V volieybsn Sssketbaii Speotf fnends make a special year-The bor«3 of friendship cannot be defined by words KK. WJ MM KL. TS, GP To the Honor Em mble Gang long d»nct " tr no ' ti key to our success -1 was our unity M « «»hoie Andy (OOT, Ventii A Ice from theceUing) " She has achieved success wt o has lived wpli i.iugh»d Often and loved much Joi yifi my fri»nd ft Snier Mom -er embef me with povtive thoughts-l Lo. .. j both dearly. You ' ve beo good (0 me UCHS but Arizona Stale hp-r i rm ' Watch OUT WQRiD- CTI7 i M GONNA MAKE MY MARK ' ' MEATHEHMCOONAID-We ' lgang . ' . nw;Mar.oCareitonMo ' riiMFi-JLMBiti ,j j,...W;- . .-. i-.jrf tvulmn ■ eyiand theSpittingBrats ' i v«MadAlototgoodt n-v«t son%eHdZ.Trying2 getback2mybest1nend ' Heid ' .you ' Ulel(osimyt ainofthouRhl!o»nvsftCr as woman Wicket 2Tubs ' ' FRANKILovewhanUeatca ' 0ts " lhavclaw dthtp astiwoyearsw yooCantwaitfof»lloftherest ' l9826«lboaHosp MrsPhif lansclasswasaioke ' —JAAMonicalhadlunGoswpinginMsGsrmOOOPS ' i meanco rrect inglT h anktUom4aii oiyoursupportLoveUaiiiDebJandourii ttleioo!vrelilheM4reouri«thi»4i oQdbyesLuvyaa ' iTLetsiwepinttMiCh 1t BYE! ' ! BUFFY MCGUI RE THANKS CLfYS 4 MAKING MY VR SO SPECIAL I MISS UCO LOIS LETS GO DANCIN RUCAY ' ARAP EUG CAN I BORROW YOUR CAR ' THANKS BIG BROTHER REUBR MRV ' MAR GOOD LUCK NXT VR MF LETS BAIL SPNSM TS REMBfIR DATE! LETS GET ROCKEO. THANKS CO.LC,ES.Iiiy.TS TS SB Df ah EVERYONE ELSE i F0RG0T4 JUST BEMG UV FRIENDS THANKS MOM DAD SA VB CO ES LC MM yMLVU Au BYE BURTMA ' BRUCE UCKILUCAN Surfm slwres ■ KS SJ TC SA 4 UF IB nps NY team GAS sitnwr moni cftase - MM JM TC t me EB mr Frfl U tfwA god AM maao It Ceo fun w. TC NC LDIrgiv me New Friends KW ES HM GA Wave hop«r SA mudball kill Kyle Max Film w Scott Late nght talds w GA Spcl time w MO at AS6 lOth grade MM no (egrets Parly New Year to many rcobs no momofy Kyl« Y R U so skinny GA out of your mind Sining behind Mary M GL stand up OB no more RW Scott Style in the water Mike t unnm people ovei BS Me»ito amigo Good Lock to a " my ANITA MEHR-MARIA MY BEST FRIEND ALL THROUGH H S RT TO MESA ITS BEEN FUN THESE 5YRS WE MADE IT ' II WOULONT OF BEEN THE SAME W. ' OUI YOU THIS IS OUR LIFE 9TH 1ST TIME FOR EVERY- THING lOTH ORANGE PHOENIX 1 ITH lOOP I WEE-OW l TH CAB PAYMENTS WORK WALOT OF FUN NIGHTS OUT ' YOUR MV BEST FRIEND NOW FOREVER 1 LUV U ' JN JUMP FOR 1984 KEEP JAMMING, EDOlE IS WATCHING YOU ' PM GLUCK W ' THE TRUMPET DAY 10, 681 IN PROGRESS, COMPLETE DISREGARD AK THANKS FOR HELP ON THE PRESS BR JS DONT SEE 2 MUCH OF U LUNCH WAS FUN OCC NIGHTS OUT BOTH OF U CLUCK IN COLLEGE JT A 8L GLUCK TGHER MARIA SUMMER IS HERE. FOREVER!! MARIANA MICHAS REDHOTTIMSW THECRUE-ANAANTST ACYSNAKKIMJAN4MVBBYTHATLIKS2ROCKNHOLLWELLTAMETHEPE PLE ' LVUMRTINAGUSTNIRSBRVS PDNATRRAOKUTASFLMNSSLPLSS NTSCHSNNTHCNrfGDTMSW SBACSCLSMPHYSBDdAYKSSFRMICG DLKLWEMDSRPRM83THNXMSSRYJSADT4PSN0UT»1SCRP(0IWNTY RJEPH£YJSTELRMBRRTA2KA0SNPLWELWH ' NDlSSLNCHSCRSNW ' AlNCEPEPRLISPNUTBnRVOlVOSMTlMSTNGTRCHNTHEHVNSW R VNMADRIPJPHTSMRNTS4TPLSSDZD0RYPIYSKYMIJEANDNTTHNK4 VRSLrASKYRKEPR-LVUPISBR0CKT6ROWKNGINLAFIGMTNG4THEER THWWARIORHELOHHYWOCBVBUZZSTACUHRTBHKRISAVYRSLYSOK EPITLODIOSHAMONTHENITfHAlOWENLIMOSNSWNGAGNFNOSTILIS HAMONTHENTLKSTHATKILSCRPJOMSTBCPRCRNLSTWROS SRCH4T HESIGN ANDREWI MICONE Senior times f Un times lime to change and grow Times lo remember To Jeanne, one of tho most special people m my Me, thoughts ol love, appreciation, and inendship The feelings and memories we share are eternal. To the Ensemble a lamily more than a Class With a lamilies ups and downs, I hold precious memories ol good lirries To Mike, a treasured friend, 1 hold regret that our schedules get us different ways, but friendship still prevails To my Classmates, a smiling face or a casual conversationalist, thanks for some tight in a dreary day Rememtwr me with good ihoughij JOHN MILAM- IWASONLYAIAOW ' NOTMUCHCREYMATTR WHOLOVGDLITTLEGIRLS IWASINMYGWNPRIVATELIFEW NOTHINGT OFEARBUTFEAfinSELFWHENALlOFASUDDENIWASCAPTUREOAONSE NTTOISLANOSINTHESEABYRPTILESANOSAMURAMNSECTSKEPTSCR EAMINGTMECRYOFTHEVATOSANOASKING ' WHODOYOUWANTTOBET ODAYANOIREPLIED WHATUSEEISWHATUGETIWASRESCUEDBYELFM ANANDR£TURNEDHOMEW.ANEXPERIENCETHATWASG0004MYSOU LANDREALIZINGISH0UL0WAKEIITSl9e4AN0N0THNGRA0EV£RHAPP ENSTOME STOKAeAWKA.MADOOG DAVELOSINGAGAIN CHOPATH RASHMONGtReESTFRtEN0S4LnNGT(MESTHANX,LSAANOCINOY.rLI KETOGOFAST MO TuENILt ' TPERSONIVEEVERKHOWNCB GITZAGIT ZA TMRASH1HAN0YDANOYCOTTONCANDY-GIL GIL BJSTRONG LISAMONiTA YBK ! 1 I vG S 6 M G R I 2 - £ L C M M R C-URG H8 STAFFIS I OL-MS YA JB-8STFHN0ALWAS ' STYCL0S BGOOD ' DA-G FRNOTMNZILAFSASUCANNABGOZST SM-WHERESMYCANDE ' THNZ.T RRONDNRONOURGRS JV MEMRVSRMAINTMNZIGC-STATAN ' GRaf H ND to WATSPSI2PST CM-ABeRO SJ-THNZ4LUVF1NL V;08-CR8FRND STYNTUCH 8M MADHOUSE BUOLUVYA JK-BST8UOLOVYA2 UTCCAN G-GR8TIMZ ED THNZURGfl8 ' JPWH£RSMYDATE?RSHC8?!MNZ,RM ASB83 PR0MS4 LTL£BR0 IUVU2LOADS IWOODMVENVtRMOEIT Rl CK-IIUVUSO TMEARMYWIlPAS 2NDTIMEARNDN03HDSCHEEflS2 ' i L WA»wiLU ' UfiSPCLE2ME2-ll 84FEIFINE ' 00RE1RNIUL ' 04D-UR»I MIKE-MAYLIFEFILLTHEM0ST4U URSOSPCLE ILVLTLEBRO STAYHEAL TMY.I ' LLMISSUWHENVOUGOlLOVEU!. DONNA M0RAFCIK-MEMSR4EVTHNKG0DHSISNT DNC62 4HFMLDYR0BRKNTRNSfNRVSILUVDEVRYMNT0FlT MA 7 I62AIWY SlLYeJA.FELXMOREWEN.CLST,SMRTSTPAL THNKS4WATNINTMMRN SLNGLNCHS6LUSLPSAS8BIL LIMOKNTS LPALMA SlNG?TPKS,SlW MOShN THNKS4LSTNS0MNTTMS,IWU0NTHVMDEirw 0U LT2ACTN G ' EROP2GTHRSMOAY ' JTNESY2LUV,HH0ST2lETGO2YRPNPAL,G06 YE JW DPNDBLBUDY ASBBLL ' GRTISTNRSTACIS YVE WTHPND ' Gl 0WGTIT26TH LAFS.MEMS-SF LUVVA JQ SMLE RM-TJ.FLRTN SOLISB ST VB WOWSTYSTRT ' lAFSW JAJMOFINENG BLS PRMS5JDRS 08 T HNKS4THCHS CRKRS MOM ILCLNMYR00M2M0RW OAD-IMDEIT-ll YBOTH ' PUNKN WHRDUGO ' CIS84CUIN10YRS1MONMVWAY JOY MILLER 93 84 WAS YR »1 4 ME I WAS NEW 10 S D BUT IT WAS T LONG BEFORE I MET A LOT OF NEW AND FRIENDLY EPOPLE THERE WERE NEW FRIENDS TO BE MADE AND NEW RELATIONSHIPS lOBEHADINENG IHAOFUNW DB SI B K LITTLE FIELD TR1F S TO GET MUNCHIES THE e 1 PART OF UC WAS AND IS R 8 J A SPEC MESSAGE RBJ REMEMBER THE ClAM CAl COO VV ASB BALL WALKS ON THE BEACH OUR SPILL YOUR GUTS SESSIONS, AND THANKSGIVING MOST OF ALL YOU ARE THE ABSOLUTE 8EST Al READY WE HAVE MANY MEMORIES TOGETHER THERE ARE LOTS TO COME 1 M YOURS 4EVER YOU LI ALWAYS 8E LOVED BY ME OS 1 1CS2U TONY MOSCATO THE BLUE HORNET ' " 3S MPH IITH 4 I2TM RSTlN HNOY MN S H a S M A8USD IN TRIG BY W H BY THE WAY R M CMAROS SIK ' SO OOtS GETN STUK IN THE MUD J H BUGS R 4 WMNID IG-BTHANH BOGEY ' " SPGTTI60Y ' JJ»,V0UG0T TO LIFT hTTHD MNTV PTMN SH. you SMElWERS UR Ct AR NUK ' TR6 IS INK J.S GOVT TD GB, DR AB 8AI ENG h.M l m k R - OH WELL ONTO Ml T.BOieAS 3MeT8 OFuM. " AVLEY MOSS ITS MILH IW 2 • Ou U ' r MR BWOkMUO ' :-.■ lIBSCtBLEFY G EiAP ' ' . , ' . ■- TURN ' CATAUNA DREAHBOAT JN Wl ' ' SOFTBALL WANT AM : ■ ■ TOR TRIPS GOOD SHOT (vR W» " f ui DtflHOO ' RAM ' OO ' E LIVES ' ITS ONLY HTi HUUA-NO PMOENU TM U WIMP ' FLir LUIGI TMMXOAN " u R RNiNC. OUT OF f j " wnH ..ACS ' AMO . ..r,NH ' MONIQUC MOKTV-OUTTHEOOORiN ft4 MESA BOUND TS WHAT CAN I SAV ' HERIS TO THE FXJTUfit lii-OO YOU HAVE A NiCKLE ' stay REAL! SS-STAY SUPER BR- WOHT MOVE Hl-VOUR KILLER 4TH PI " 00 MADE BEARAeiE BY AMY M rNtENDS FROM IMTMSS BRtAKA LEG DN ci u - Ml ' -.- r-r r. " iin -- a ' -. iF- ,i u ' cmtiuc FOLLIES .-..■.- sTRf CRUZIN ISL ' ---INC ' HtCMT At " . S.i INC GALS TSANDMMI I AM LAUCHINGI VOU NERD ' BE REAL IM SURE ' WELL I GUESS THIS IS ITI LOOK OUT WORLD MERE COMES THE ONE THE ONLY MONIQUE MARIE MOXEYt ' APPLAUSE MASS HYSTERI 8ECHYMUKA-NE wAi.iude HomecomingFioatlSl.pass etLsc ey, X m asgr eenhair Ball upallmght Par ty IliSh, lun woogieffroubte ■ causeit,donlgelinloi( soccer rowdies ' UCCIF ritriiZutf uncti.lraclur etBiangie ForGBineKRcareKRhurlKRiovaKR-Fnond MF2DR.JS.JSP rioressV STarvenn HEY Baby watiShaken?Cool3v»cont-Jan " sJeani 4syritii(eroiSHWdrawTMMontyPithonChrisSm les6rvn,Grovcl.dive.wi n!GoGfeenClow 8B ' eoo ) " ' e " 3A-Stev«Coke milk budsToshXXSkip fipiH-lrtp,Cheriiyntteili2ufl " r ghton ' TrueFrndcomecontusidnhomewor k w Oe bF 1 1 nbug- Eichhorn Skull Joe-Maia-woogiewoove-bye-clotecu RAMON MURRAY-l ' M SO GLAD WE HAD THIS TIME TOGETHCRI " HA- HAHAI! NO RELLY, WHAT A YEAR STEP ASIDE PLASE HAPPINESS IS READING THE RAZORS EDGE i WANT SOME, YOU CANT HAVE NONE IS THERE LIFE AFTER YOUR SENIOR VEARf BEAM ME UP SCOTTY LIFE AT UCHS IS REALLY JUST A etG BOWL OF CHERRIES WITH YESTERDAYS PITSV IS THERE LIFE AFTER A PEP RALLY ' I DONT KNOW. ASK THE DOGI ' MIONITE MOVIES UVE FOREVER ' MOW ABOUT A RIPE ROUl ' DON ' T CRASH YOURCARl ' THt RAZOR ' S EDGE WILL LIVE FOREVERI SHE S A MANIAC " WHERE S THE BEEF ' ) VG, MB, TH. VP, C LUV VOU ALL ' WHERE S THE PARTY ' PARTY OVER HERE! IT MAS BEEN AN ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE " BYE KRISTI MVKLESTAO AM, HIGH SCHOOL IS A BLAST ' FANTAS VAC 4 HOL.SF M£X,, L V CR C PRTICS4C0PS M4M MICH -M , -2CR J S WHEN FOOD ROWDY V B -CSON KEEP ROW rEVEB, LAM ' SURV TRIG. THANKS 2 K K SPL U C B-B CSON WIN FRIENDS SPACE A CRAZE A B BACHPUNNER MATE L F - LJ FAN H P - CURL HEA BOYS, COL PRT - ei FUN 2 ST CH M4M S LEGS EV DAY COMB: LOCK 23-37-13 THAT ' S IT C U IN NORWAY U C STUO!!! NANCY NADEAUCHEER CAMP ARTE SANS BB 4 F8 GAMES MB WHAT HAPENED JER ' 6AS SUNB00F ALL NtGHT£RS W TORRY 4 ALBERTS DONUT SHOP LAKE MARlNA Fl GUM IN MY HAIR MATT 4 GOOD TIMES IN BOAT MR BUD 4(lVER BALL ROOM DANCING W, ' SP 4 BE WHAT ARE MY NEW NEIGHBORS BESIDES CRAZY 2M GAMES TRY TO LOOK NORMAL HT W WHERES THE PARTVS? GOLF W. ' JE SURFING W MM SAILING W. ' EB, DONT WORRY WE WONT SINK MP ROCKY UVES ON! S R W DC BETH CARRY ON TRADITION BUT FORGET THE lOUO UUGM YOU ' VE ALWAYS BEEN THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU DAO THANKS 4ALL YOUR SUPPORT LOVE YOU LOTS BUT DO WE HAVE TO HAVE TV DINNERS AGAIN? JUAV NARAINB B only 1 year Living for transcript over ' r Drive lor Back Packing Club ' (keeping up with the cross country) you take Ihe intro. I ' ll lake the cone Lost on US? Maia. I guess rii take the check TN T during 4th (What speed LimlP) Hey J, I ' ve gotta do the bulletins, you take the passes S R long Kve the I.Y.A Thanks to all my friends for making senior year the t e t UnW next Umt 0AV10 NICKLAS-GROG FOREVER ' Mr Happy lives ' JIMML to Ihe win- ner ' Thanks for ttemg you HUCK-EEE-EEE Movies grog w»terb»lloons CHEECM can t major m video games ' Calc would be lough w o you SHAWN Watch out lor those killer Trees Bob wanis to go to the beach RayOon t laugh .f it runs Thani lor the rides KEEP PUSMIN fudge 1 year lo go Thanks for speedwork coacti Rocks, morning roadruns CIF Champs Tham for Europe Tern Love ya EBB ' BOWIE Don t worry there IS Some iile m jhS iRy Janneli Waich out RPI Here I come BE HAPPY- KENT HINOMIYA-Classol 84 ' " • ' MA wtieie are U ' We miss U Track 10, 11, 12 VAR Wrestling II 12 Western League Champs ' StepS ' Thana coaches. 2 bad about my kne« TB JV BE MH SH SM-go CiF A me, OK? ABgeteligible ' Wit 4 Pros was tun AW you stud geog ' Good luck at SDSU Wiii Stud View ever be ' , ' There s nothng wrong w or»nge van- s " ' Heytaii honk TA buddy-yea U SMuck, good Z know U TAPUR the best ever ?Bcrkeley ' Good Luck til sis, U vnll need itl RH-l am your secret admirer •■ ' Stacey i love yoo " EPiTAPH isnt this whi life an about? isnt this a dream corT e true? Isnt this a meghtmare loo " -OB Its tittn fun VAKI was ttttt MARK NICmOLAW-AII frnds 4 enmys I Luv Ya BC 4 Ostlry no S4 EK 4 KAO Skwe C Pen Ights Sery N 17 4 Riti auity A Co SS. MSCATA 4 00 time LI Joultr A Ten Bsl Irnds JW 1 on I A good tmei at Ihe boat Doty A Mike Snbad Srch ZASUNCUMUA SA Nvr 4g t me Ootlatr el SigKingAimrtal ' ly C ' eepsAWads JRAPnutis MI cars A A ts HJ wtevr haps sti frni KP W,A220doo ' RK A Puggy lul ' Sv t LUV YOUR EyES ' ' ' MH WrkoulsASuprSweat jVwerriadeil DL A Drty rrund JB4 Chem Subbeirippen ' Ocff BobinZoomCatey KS 4 Flowrs. JN A Bogws Bug Where s Bt ' DW keep Gtar Strmen Artevarrs 4 Evr UC Jrs Bhave ROCKY NORTON-years were long frut later day Times were hoi « 10 w OOC Sevei A yousenrooter The crurwhed up Toyot el MKh wM HolBrock you e«per enced ' t winter d ys belor school wonding was killer watching Fred fUnslorie go over the laiis playv basebae was Iwl w NokeAgOOtiesskitrips w. ' the Bros were trt« Hot est Ihe older Bros brang Fun Times ever you mwnchkm out ol tow ' Irip were always lun 4 wild later to aO Tfy Inendt and l led sorry lor you prrsor «rt h m a e stuck her lor one " Ore year QAVID BARR-HOT MUCH TO RCMEER 3 YEARS 0 FUN lOTH-CAP TAINW FOOTBALL 1 lUPTHDWNSTRCSE HEy DAVE U CROSS CON- TFTYSlMTtAH I HATE TO RUN ANYVIAV I UKE TO OANCE SUACK ' anarcmy ' mey ' where S my trmcmcoat ' fade away HK mowing ' stones mmwmpl i much more tzth srfpnks ur- BANEGORlllAS MORMON DANCES WITM EM TV ETC NO SlAM OANCINC ' CLRMNT HOLL NtVER ' ORGET LUNCH FUN HA HA MA I C HT BHEATM PNRog ' M SO BORED w, UCMS BRCRknG NO ClASS ADVENTURE COMANORS taff dONT miT ME ' SLF kana K)E CWSHOinwAiT MUCH MORE ALL MY PALS MPCl RT IM PS JS • CC-1V-KB-MA EM MK jMGrv jE CS lS Oh St - WHAT IS JCSTfR ' TOUANY so SAO GOOD BYI lOVt OAVID FuN FUN FUN ' JERffTPAiAOINO UCMSseeyaiaterMefelcome«o " d ' CM ■hatigr e at f « " dfJOpeiTwiieas Ho eve rCood ' wCA« ' ie» ery trxtguOO ' MB hat e lAf ' ' tseerir t n-: — i -,- • j ' t " - r ' -r ' ' ' - ' • ' ' ■ - ■ ■ — ■ " - i • a wvi»e(oitv«s " -i-- - ' w • ' iemfre fTw«iei«n|iou(i tr k- ■ fy I ia a ae tp«veg yot «vi i - rts « e lAIWisMnrcv«tw : ' --. ■• rdlo««JtOCc« ' lt . £rr,c .xheip TVThart»ton - ooraiTace6eKNDK r»uMt . . l(ENMUtkT M«nd«nMr IOWTUCMSJVtSSL vn— L f n wotNp «SEt ' -ri PISA (Wp CAC Ree UV M r«v UP IM.M - KP erlis 159 » mmatry OG Hang .n the ' e you ' i go far, we did Guleo Afbeif Mesa caused much gfiel. but made t RJ htepBrkmandgooatuchat UCLA. D Joe PS you ' one wild and crazy guy. Thanks lor your help. JH 4 KS A JH BC remember baloney man JH " why don ' t you call ' " Imglad we :a stay tr.entJs even though «e don ' t tall " like we used to. Lu» ya keep m touch BC your the best I owe you so much. 6u1 what are tnends tor. sorry to pick on you w RQTBL but when you got it ' Thani AT 17 Igel t, MLW you always •nside JILLPAUL HolaButt y Ha-ryjuiuSuLonnAFf lenzw. ' non. ckmamsBdlitbiiFlblieve ' TPclubwalchouttofshoppaigcarliMiwygrLof I ' RaiorsEOgeiJeffyMcMuttyruie SchoolSpFfitUp ' SerM0filisS ' ' ucke3ri, iCon«llbsUleirul ' WhereiRD-QTs?L-vitupKIOSlie ' eal!JacuZAjRoiiinGSt onesBowieOT ' GfalArtvMyMumsbelrMary ' Nitelegs.lon air.RocknHoi IRoxanneRUIhefe?Dontgetcaoght(iomorecuHew!lniarebellDonaldOui: k.PamPlglsslillcutriNomorePerncils drtyloksNocompfendoV.da ' Me y,MomiDad»inallyma Jeitlhfu,th3n(toU ' Sefl ors2 )aysRday ' Hi2Sam SBM-iustRnBSOthereUR ' ltsmesmileByDwayOmeanwgollileislove.Mul fyJerry.PamiJ.IIJJJ MAfil PEET-Finalty out ol Humor High ' 3 long years ' CG SO lunches are loo shorll MB BV Flymg to EFs house 15 mms counting III actually misi some ol these people, but not many, even some teachers I I ' ke Vabie Schotield you- alright ' AD scunk Nick buday was cool ' 5 4 6 Graphics were tolally good Humor. Sorry JI I didn ' t know whai I was doing! oh welt BL loo bad all the cute guys teh last year Now aHer we leave there isnt going (o be any parliers left ' Than» lo Babe lor helping me survive this place I love you Tod Embryiv HEATHER PERI-Michelle Rdeysee l told you you ' d see your name .n pr.nt ' - she wants to be an actress WERE SO CONTINENTAL to (he Greek Gods a Scarpe ia to ihe French tg La Papillon 4 the Punker s a Panakm Chfis Mc-Vir|ues runs rampant in Ihal redtiead ' AEIOU and somelimes Y-lets have a cup ct OF cotlee were |U5t fashionably late tor Grad of S3 Rye will Boston change his name lo protect the innocent f CLOVE COVE RVE d ' d Peie le " you Punky was a wabtjii ' Linda Wailace-you lovely roomie-Can I borrow your car . how about a sweaterd ' GOODBYE Maior TorT hope Michaels in Minneapolisl Hollywood Here I Come ' Goodbye UCHS TANYA PtRKIN Mel, besi trrends 4ever (Lem Perks) Ralph F. [OIls. 4am Ya slumbers, Cf-dr.tis 4 Ci ■ tails vasuko- ' K-ller " . WILAY 4 SMAA M- Valley- shopping fo- what ' Purrr Rasia tan man my bwWy many more JeM-Rosanta Ja-I ' f Jacks. E e 4 Woify keep on 6ancing AD still friendsl Many herblea Wheres SAs photo CM 4 Je ' sey Idik 84 Yearbook Staff HomecomMig i ASB Ban SA sum- mer of 82, surprise Bdays 4 lots ol photos ' Memories w, ' JS. ML RB RG, TG. M. C. 4 8C Thanks everyone for my senior year tvere so great ' ANNETTE PEYNADO Lady SO smooth ' Rude gitl Var Mascot 63-M will never forger Ihe Good times, Cheer, rtdes w ' buds FootbaH 4 Bsktbl games, pep ra ' leys those crowds Gives her love lo God Moms 4 Pops, and to one and only Carlos Tucker Wishes the Best ot luck to Gina PeynaOo My S ' Sla " DM My Goodie Ole pal and lo all her very good friends Her goal is to tw a success m business as well as the Fashion Field She says In time will reveal because this time loves lor real ' To her Babes Carlos MS A MICHELLE PHILLIPS- Looksl.kewemadeit ' Les. Whale hawashyobodywith ' Wanda. Imgonnagetyournoseismilellesa.thanKlor lhegrealtimesJoanie,ustillcantdance-whatdouwant2B ' lugrowupf(smil e)HeyTrena.can1haveabile?Justhadtosaythn»uguys4alllhegrealLAFS- RCMWJBMKVG4therest ' Rhonda,cuatntc ' Les.ttwicecreammaniscomi ng Wanda, rememberlhedark ' UsoNITEw VC4RH?Lesaslowdownont hehickiesurworselhanJG4LesLes,rememberplateLS,6L,FACH.C0NNI EATheresto(theSlank ' )J do ' hes ' Mickey. iniuvu always AJstoptrying 2esoGQallthetimeCoopahwell ' Momheres2you4allyourgreatne$s 4all hingsuaid4metheseI2yrs,V3rsilyMascotai-83-AMP LORENE PHILLIPS-SBareyouhungery ' Memories ol Dora sbeQQh Ihe counter. Blading guns, Gemcos run away carts. Lunch .n History. Soft- ball injuries. Yearbook deadlines. Sniker lunches w. ' JW HPs book ol words. 4 AD. TG. DG in 2nd Best wishes to K(( Than» Mom 4 Oad lor everything you have done lor me 1 love you both Karen we may have our differences but you are special To my Besl Inend boyfriend EO, thank you lor understanding me A making me happy Our memories may lie in Ihe past bul our dreams he in the luture I will always love you Ed You mean alot to mei I got you thats all I want LISA PIATT. lmspchlesbulillmisUhefes2theonellMvAf m and o B abic aks4e ve r pr oms 42 1 he s ■ edctasse SI n i -Sperwel I M s I n noc eot Howm. nimorthsSlrememberCT5lingern8ii4thelimoCTI1lnever4getGil ijs6eauiivesuriGuodi ' nTesSlratiis4SXdome4everDebthanii4aiiCJwasgr eatMCyoulookcuiinihemiightsaihauntedhouseJAilialwaysiuvyatiegoo dDoesthismeanwefwebrolienup ' Yah TTloweyouiridesliikeihembabio »tal " SlllkepSludtrigfubStepingTVJCegelrowdybythewaytheJud|was25 mallMyBeslBudCheleUhelpt melons Boost inlluvuAtakecareolRobuonly iivcincBabicaksuiLiiwaysbespeciOlinallwayslmisuairediBegoodHaweFu FJiHI ' APINa W.. nif. dao lhni4yrHlo llvu eR-mylvrtBd ' ilijvJi ' JSAIwlvstU ' RP.JA.Oops ' ThrGstheBHTh-tdrp OMvElkS ' JAc ' inir, ' Hono.WIUcln4uS ' RP.TG.TH-PrtysAIEd5pd TJ-MmbI itillvu OOlPd ' i F ' Lh-iL ' .ldiyY(Ci ' CsnAnna-lly Tjw-PH JR.GJ.TH Skng wvBR.JS.JS li Du|uN0¥|uTrnd ' UnsnpYr6tsJenfSD GlOwn ' Thn 4spl WdEH1PrtyPlns4AA5Pdw BR,RPSDwuw.JS3 BR.Mrfcwho ' Hgo ' Ugh ' CnUhrusfeR-RmUrstreg ' ewlngWMhecew Pnchng TG-URAQT IQ-U Rgorlus IRJlATG-Mrslicrw,lglAJbSmr83-BchEvryDyw ' TH OopsiPrnis (Mer)yFfmSEItvuTimmy.llinallymadeit ' -Classota4ADIOSUChigh VALERlt POUGH-TO ALL WHO WISH TO SUCCEED FOLLOW IN MV FOOTSTEPS ' VICKIE DID IT COME ABE MAO RC FAST MOT 4 AVAIL- ABLE ' ! L8 010 YOUR MOM BALL YOU OUT ' TO ALL ONORAY SHER- MAN LOVE ' S ME MB WHATS LATEST SCOOP ' JA THIS TIME WILL YOU PASS ' VM PID YOU SEE HIS SHOES ' HA DM 00 YOU 5TIL DREAM ABOUT ME ■ se STAY HOME SOMETIMES COUSIN 5C0AL STAY IN THE MIX AH DON T GER TO PROPER JAMES JONES YOU CONARIIST HO WHAT ARE TOUR FUTURE PLANS ' TO ALL YOU lPARkERS DON T QUIT YOUR DAY JOSS YOU NEED IT but on the SERIOUS SIDE IF YOU DON T GRADUATE THIS YEAR DON T tvEN THY His tilrui lui.-e jndL ' sa Ciu i..- Drivemn, and the beach Ron. can m ting gf:i,»ier oi.,i .].-,ni f,-.i|. ' , i ' r.,. Evan IS PnTKe. Tearing em up at the talent show ana showing l n some ' Yeal " musiC I woni forget cold nights al VV , Ron needing ii get some respect and both ol youre naicuious army Pants and t.n Will tip forever scarreO by memory oi tion fisl " ' tGawan and eve ' y tfiirg else that h,ip[.eneJ during the year CRAIGRANDLE-ILIVETOHEARTHEJAMTHEYOUTHCOREA LLMODCONSUCHS STANDLEVNORADSBTHFERDONWRSGETAHAIRC UTDWLETSCLEANHULLSBHIANTHECONOUCTOHSANDORGANIZERSD HISALirTLEJ.B HENEEOSASHOWERMODSAREALWYSMODSORTHEIR N0TM0DUYF0REVEHDWSEEY0UATMtSAPGBV4M0MAH£SJUSTALi TTLEJBTHEWHOGO ' S SUNDARI RANGANATHAN-KS-gOl my license! lets gol Where ' s my waller ' Weil take hall thai order GUI OF GAS ' PARKING BRAKES ' genesee ' Jun 17 SIX Dance KS ' MAM ' Runnm on lumes ' Dancing ' Aug KS 1.1 Quick hide it ' Checkout that spioeri EK jl ma letsdiich em- aiberios-6. H, 6 Sepl 10 STRATUS JM RL which one. LZ ' DL ' UCSB- Fianiorr Lowel that disgusting p ' ! Dec 3 ' Vol SN ' I was holding it ' Funehng! Blue on pink L2. what were U doing ' DIST- M T New Years! Get that V In the Van Spend tfw N ' 8io ' Eng Tardies-2 ' 100 ' l8- Bomla on impulse ' watch out? the mustang ' KSon U Park ' L2 A KS U R THE BEST 4 1 LL TUMBLE 4YA ' XXears ' Lots OF FUN TO COME " MARK RICHARDS-THANKS TO THE LORD, FOR HIS OlVINE GUIDANCE THRU THESE TURBULENT YEARS OF MY EXISTENCE TAKE PLEASURE IN THE WAYS OF THE LORD AND HE WILL LEAD YOU TO THE WINDOW SEAT ON THE JUMBO JET OF ETERNAL NIRVANA MARK AND RUSSELL FRIENDS TO THE END JGIV. DO PS MPLI AND I WILL DUMP THE AMAZONS VET A SALUTE TO RAS PAUL MR TOSH, JAMAICA ALL THE BEST TO CCR, CEH, GSD MG. GOD, GB IK, PEACH JR AND ALL THE REST WHO MADE UCHS BEARABLE PIP YOU ' VE BEEN ft BIG HELP. TOO THANK GOO FOR REAL SUGAR CAUSE NUTRI-SWEET IS DAN GEHOUS 6YE, ALL, FTS SEEN PRETTY GOOD WITH ALL YOU GUYS TODD HICHARDS-Dad, Thanks You will always Oe number 1. Thanhs Mike H PLLC and HPK Brett thanks Wendy ihanki lor irymg Martm, the radical times were great Run a red light asking as the P.A columns get there or Ihe concert tickets are bought The bands were kfller Rock on, Eric. Stepti, Bill Martin. Ron, Steve Mike. Dale, MAe. Groupies Les I will newf forget you The parly is Over Rock on 1 m heading out lo The Highway I got nothing to lose at all Gong to do il my way Take a chance before I tau DEBBIE RICKARO-I will never forget aU my (r,ends who made school happen 2 Lisa ' Ctwr 4 making 83 themosi outRAGEous summer imag- inable SDSU dances US Fest Where was Lisa dunng The Policei She ' s morman L8 S irKessanI list ISIh b-day 4 Limo My small soccer ' " party Cins anioety; wftyRD ' MAM ' DW4LH Let me see ya get down ' ' Rowdies A UCHS Soccer «UNO " Randy-You ' we always been special ASB BALL-84, tower at Vac Viii, danong 4 smiles Thanks Ran ' Thanh U mom A Oad 4 all your trust A luv A specat tt anhs 2 my second set ol parents, the Bemtetts Adios UC K Pasa UCSBI BECKYRIODLE-VrsollaughtrAtrs tapw RP-ML ' Sarldsa strs-bwIngw AJ Th RP TGARaq BadMw, ' AJ,AMASF-pnkbrlntgoulsou ad JS RP HT LSASW-hgbll timew JS-URgn ' sprscisrpanic-UCDw ' mo m-ArneKcarlhan»ichclte-PJtghlw fiP-lluvURP ' rmbrtrndshpgvswfigsto thbrt-EngnapsAyapsw ' ' BR HC.LS OH losngAJimyshoeatlhWho-lhan ■AlhtruthDCLolitahtslhslpsw fngrcghlinbmdng-gtlwrpngatRbn ' sAHg hidi . helplrbaldbls AJrc h4thSlrs U Rsure logti ■Sowie-P inasslyngatmyhs elstsmr.sprii ' hmerly-luvAthaniMom Dad HuvUArne ThSnhsrsn ' Hell oliie: MICHELLE RILEY-LV U mom A dad Ryez at it er LA SM SO KD Basically I miss U Lt the gd limes roll Bst trnds Jrny Clu cone Christopher M I miss U Pris Angra CV LP PrsdioNY sks 5th is mruls ths lime oyear whi hrs Whs DC bubles YntI tuby CId nose Yll mak it HP wnts 2 b n acirs so contntlRdy n adunc Grh mn CE Scrps JBgrb hm Fns Brknslcs wr she bings TG Rael y mn crts whr R art LS Pth a hrt Chrms eve CWSButch SH U intrg me nd a cloveTU Prd Anchf Ih bst SV DY n cicl up of th (c rad wn rsl EnglMissy smdy LU w frtd you CL Sir FItry Wl gt U evrywhr PH BC I CId 1st Ctmn htl LR CIcK Ahh Gosup Tbn Sy ' t snl so Jurss JOHN RING-FOREVER MORE CLASS OF 84 ' ! UC » I Ray-UolA all the way- SS USAFA MN Prince Capns A g-rls " GOOD TIMES Kelly 28 Nov S2 ' l FIESTAil Blue jeans ' Airports ' Ants and pennies ' remember good things! LOTS OF LOVE RJ Many yrs Ol Friendship and support always keep laith n HIM Eric Keep smilingn new Friends and old keep you going Carol. or mav) Never forget to keep smilmg " Backpacking SIERRAS CRYSTAL CLEAR PERFECTlONn Old tnends are a phone call away ' Love A smiles irom the KING ' Cloby, stay out ol erwHones " Keep on the i aii to t appiness bckpkrs SpeciaJ memories Irom special people! GOOD LUCK TO ALL ' UC 1 JACQUELINE BIOS- SOLONGUCHS.HELLOCRUELWRlD ' Th ■AltsOIGrtTms BSTBUD-KSNevr4GetColo ThatNcePceOtRDMT!Humr ' MaybeWeWillLinNitSumrNolToSitOnTheKlchnnrAMkeNoisslPH-UHv eBnMyeslGuyBud4AlongTme ' SoSleeper DntGel2MnyPntsDuiJe B C-YouHveBnGrt Dont4GetYourHell ' Nv ' 4GetlstLve-GJIStillveU!OhWell JE BJERMYTEDBEAR-jflCouldOnlyBeAsTalAsVouSolCouldYelieakAIYo uLooknStnlnYourEys ' SkiTrp 84 LuckSirksThe4ByslnTheClst-6CBWE flDWlmFnlyAnAunlToJAFMF-XBestFrdStilLveYaRemlaho ' CaMMcSolC nComeUpAPly IrdPrd-ChpBeavAHerEarngsAlngW. MMAHarldAPH.O DCSKS-PoddisARegrllt KGLIsGoSking ThnxGA4AIITheBeniRdsLR4FR NoFghisPieiGdLuchlRAOH RP-AChpMARS C YA LYDIA RIOS- J V I V I 2r3h ' DncelO-l2C£-dasvadani ' 83 ■84»iSQ( ' CAP-s0rACCIPJpny-margiChe er4ev EAB 7is lJ-lfrn7 ' SML-T4lrshpAHMH ' D-FIRE ' TV-GdlmzFH- mypa1!llovU ' EV-Ltsmove ' 0W-WfTGGT Love2aHmylrniiThPastw ' Joh nMTSIS8-30-82TKcaielP(om83wM3nuel(Spclfrni)lnfalw ML(I0 ' Jltsl uv ' LBAyC LuvU ' AS-ThnilTer-TNKFLRiJS-TAAS ' halST.MissUykwesom e ' LSlSmrw ■ SleveBeiJevr ' LuvU ' INSEX ' prlys ' OCAB ' F-lrnohvays ' MO M4DAD ' LeonllUVU ' MOM4DAO ILOVEYOU ' Finally Lori myohaif L ngtihsHevrTiue-BsllrnniltheendlThrm ILOVEYOU ' Thom-D4P4e v ' Wewetelhelsl43yearsU CHS FOREVER ThESESTMi SANDY RODES-Thani to all who have touched my Ii1« here at UCHS KL lor pulling up with me lor two years LZ. SRKS (or making Biology more inieiesting Thanks Knstal for being my buddy ' during History and English Jl for been rriy friend. Let ' s slari all over okay ' All you wrestlers IhanK you lor making my managing |ob harder Dan good luck in you ' remaining yea ' s here at UCH The best of luck to you please rarse your grades. Momlhani for all your lovingsupport during my years at school ' I Lcte you tor everything mom and Dad IH miss you UCH TONY nOMAG 10 LIKE TO THANK THE GANG FOR BEING AROUND DAVE GLENN MARV. GEORGE, MANNY. AND LAURA. YOU HAVE AIL BEEN GOOD FRIENDS I WOULD ALSO LIKE TO THANK MY OLD FRIENDSFORBEING THERE DOUG. DAVE AND BRIAN THANKS GUYS I ALSO WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS MY AFFECTIONS FOR MY WOMEN LISA KHOO AND KATHY ROMITO YOU ARE TRULY THE OBJECTS OF MV AFFECTIONS TlMGETASPlNE I SALUTE MY NEW FRIENDS THANE AND MANNY 1 LEAVE THE SCHOOL TO MY BROTHER BRIAN SO HE CAN RUl E FOR HIS LAST TWO YEARS MY FAVORITE SOPH ' S SCOTT DAVE JILL STEFAN. AND MIKE K SPANDAV DALLET RULES I WILL PURSUE WOMEN, AND WOMPING FAREWELL KATHY ROMITO-TO ALL MY FRIENDS-SCOTT 2 (LT BLUE AT SCRIPPS) DEBBOlSEARPARTIESi CAS (SMILES 4 ADVICE). AND MY BUNNY-THANK YOU FOR BEING THERE WHEN I NEEDED YOU-FOR ALL THE GOOD TIMES YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST FRIENDS ANYONE COULD HAVE ER-WHAT CAN I SAY ' GAIL S . JULIE L . STEVE H-SO GLAD I MET YOU KIM-GOTTAGETOUTOFCJS UC SOCCER IS 1 ' TO MY FAMILY- THANKS FOR THE LOVE AND SUPPORT MEEMER- YOU ' RE THE GREAT EST ILOVEYOU ALL ANDILL MISS YOU NEXTYEAR GOODBYE UCHS IM NOT SAD TO BE GOING-TmANKS FOR THE BEST YEARS OF MY LIFE SO FAR ' HELLO LIFE, HERE I COME ' LISARUBEN-I LisaRuben willneverlorget KevioGalat.s andlwoyearsoltrueioveEricB;DooNAK:Sharron SJulio.andrilespecially rememberVinceB andaHourtuntimes lege the nnschoolanOoutolschool duringou ' senioryeaftogettver IhopeB M giowsupandthalJulieBarenoa nd (have aUastm Hawaii Dancingalproductions4prac1icingwilhScanlon pcndatjie wayout Mr Nagle spreciousunderstandingandlruecaringwill neverbelorgoHen FuntimeswithO D ASingaldaneeaodirvingtounderst andD.M.AW H.swayswosalso ' tun LolsofhomeworkarWhigh standard shave provenserTusuccessfulbutlstilllov emy baby cak es K ov ie ' KELLI RUSSELL-BUBBA-V65 MAGNA. FUN TIMZ -GETHER W MANY MORE 2-COMEI I LUV YA! PINKY YOUR MY BESTEST BLACK FRiEND ALWAYS MB-MBSC PARTIES 16TH B DAY HM-Mr B MANY FUN TIMZ 4 LOTS OF LAFS-COU SLAW TRIPS TO DENNYS AL6EHT05 MANY LAF5 IN 3RD PERIOD W AV TG JW LP EK SOFTBALL 10-12 VOLLEY BALL 10 A 11 LOTS-O-FUN ' SOFTBALL CAMP-LOTS OF ICE CREAM VOLLEYBALL CJWP ACHES A PAINS lUCSB) ELEVATORS, PiZIA SWITCHING ROOMS 4 BRINGING MAIRESSES DOWN THE HALL TO MBS ROOM-HAYLEV WILL VOU EVER GET 2 SCHOOL ON TIME ' THANKS MOM A OAD 4 ALL OF YOUR HELP! i LOVE YOU! ' POQKE BEAR (Jr 1 LIVES1 CLASS OF 84 RULES ' ERIC RYAN-Soccer tfl ' Deffl ' ASB-BEST ' KP. II190? OG Where my shorts ' RRRRandy ' Pepp RD ' Dancm; specl trends Diane DH How r pigs ' CS-greal trends dgl ' Sock games. Fisle. cove swim w kR Sh CS Keep smiling GS CW-easy on guys Huch fight? Soccer ' m Icr.ii.e sunsets do tish lay eggs ' Miss ya LK 4eve ' specJ ' hi TH. Dont worry tjoulphys. CR Sh F nk ' lots oHimes 2 rmbr Brolhers Ttwn» Harris ' , Romitos-sped lamilies Stay cool Bob! My love n trendship 2 U. KR 4ever in touch n best o» Irends 2 all my Irends-l couldnt tiave made rt w oU III miss U Good lull TharM lor best yrs o» irte Haifa la bye bye UCHS Hello mom. Stan Beierkeley Yahooo ' JAY RYAN-ThE EARTH IS ROUND BUT IT HAS MANY CORNERS JUST WATCH OUT FOR THE DEAD-ENDS ' LIKE FISH-HEAD AND THE PIA TEAU THE PARkGOT DARK ' 9 IN THE ROOM AND 2 TWIVS IN THE FRIDGE, OUT THE WINDOW! ' RELLIM REEB OB MICKEY WANNA BUY A FIAT ' THE CAVE AT CARDIFF WATCH OUT ' LEBCH IS LURKIN ' HACKY AT WAYNES AFTER A RUN WANT SOME CANDY JENNIE ' HOW S REID PHil ' GOLF COURSE BRIAN ' NEVER GO TO BKRSFCK AS JC LARA IS ABEAUTY ' EVERVBOOY- KK LL BC BD KIM PK BM JR AS JC AND flC 84 IS THE YEAR ARTIE SALCtDO Thevegetablebrolherscrusingmolhers Audi. Sal Jan 28shiioginlhewNt«tontiall ' mosgomtheHoielDeiLunchw StacybabyJ.M a T M M tock n hallwilhravenmadgoloritmickeyw thed evil ' imusic ' HeymoiecuTetawsewagea II theway " ' Part yhardyw Peteand ArtleCoastwalklaJollathen theblue ' uoni Don Iturnouttheiights Becau sethisparlyisnotoveri MARISSA SANCHEZ ToaHmybrandnewlrlendsthathavem adethisyearmylavoritehlghschoolyear Jackie, MariaHeatherChr is Shar onBobhychuckEricRoberlG DayleJuniorAnna Thanhsloralllhememori esandlhopelneverseeyouagam ParamireyEnnqueJawerlequieroporvl da ToMicheydon tthinkllorgotyoucu tdnd Ikeepstraightandstayoutoft rouble.ToYoi ' mybestfriendinthewholewiOeworkJImissyouandlhopeour triendshipneverendtevenitlneverseeyou We ' lsolongfomowUCpeoples eeyOuSOOnloveya.Marissa(Morris.timetordin-d n) JUUC SANFILIPPO- 2MY26U0SLS4MFILY1WV6HOALTOFG RTTMSTMS WREJSTSHYGlRLSYESILHVE2HGFLIESPLEZ0URDI£T FFS ADIETPEPSIOURSONG-SHEflLINDEDMEW.SCIENCEZMYeESTESTBU 0-TS-NVR4GETTH£GRTTMSWVEHDCUZINVRWai KEEPINTOCHICAR £-GLENNTHANX4BEINGMYGOODFRtEND2MVCUZ-SISVlTAWVEHAOG HTTMSTEZINGTHEMAGS-WHEREISP£PE i2C0ACH VLYBlWASFUNiG DLUCKNG0LFT0BRENT.THANK4TEACHINGME2Ski " i|TWASFUNBUTI LLNVR4GIVEU4TAKINGME2THET0P7LAFINGWHENIFELL0NTHE SAN D OH IMEANSNOW ' HAHAITHATWASFUNNYTHANKAALlTHEGREAm MESBABE ' THERESMORETOCOMEILY ' GETEMT.Ot G ' THANHMOMADA D4EV£RYTHING ' ANTH0NYACELIA.Y0U ' LLALWAYSBEMR ANDMRS C LASSTOME JOE SCARAFONE MIDNlGHTMOVtES-GEOFF-GUMBAlLSI NTHECANV0NW CLU8ASKULL-CRICK ' SCHRYSLER4 lSi-EXTlNGUI SHERSUMMER JESTINGINARIZONA HISIORYSLEEPSESSION-CAROL HASNEATFEET ' APLUNCHPARTY MURANADATHEFROGMAN-OELMAR UNION JACK A4S£AlBURl£RS-» 16 BIGDEAL-SKULL SI 7,UNOHENEVE RGETSANV-MOHAWKS. DISNEY-SNOWFALLINSUMMERU FEST, MOM ICAN ' TFEELMYLEGSJUSTMIXIN -HOMECOMING. ASBNOMOHECLOSE TS " BIGFUNW SKULL. REBEL CLUB MOM SKILLER-8YRSWILK4IWAN TMORE-OON TFORGETTHEREST.ML.OS.DO.LC GS.SH,SH,CS,KR.BB. ER.NRK-SIBLINGTAKECARE-GOOOLUCK.UC JENNYSCOTT Thn.MomADad4eyerylng-lluvYou " ' TV SL.DD.CS,LR.PM-FRNZ4EVR!XMSPty THUMPER ' Tor JVSftbllO lhi5 .thn«4be ' nther ' Shawn-lwuvudism :hiJokyvnft.GH HmekrtingB3-w»ke up ' Dana-thni4lhice!lyd-dntdkotus!Golnb»i4sknds ' Chrn-PSlLUBgKiss Ostpil PatishyshoBSDflprd ' FH-Shutup ' SBAMMmylOgrade-budy s ' shitps,sxtk5w Mria?MihiSnrPn 83,Bunions ' Wt-u2Tor ' DJ-gdXsAmerLit !VF-sokrgmes.Shitrp2Mmoth LIsSwich ' VBASC-gdlk ILY ' Bnn afluds ' Ka th-Hvaqtr-NuYrs ' TB-llsM0inlViTommymyluv-ri n.4ASBBl«354l.hd ablst ' MC InoUmisme ASBBlkRU ALLNIGHTLONG ' SL TimeWillRevea li|-22-e20erekG ' egrylLOVEYOU " Thn»4Thbstolii ' s,Hlnvr4glu,Puntin ' ' Sykrsoie4MisU ' BILL SEVIC-To P K Remember when Raq BLEW IT TO C R Watch the tMWl haircuts to Amy G You can still hit me l you want ALISE SHATOFF Hey goidy be line and you Lets sing some ol our tavorite commercials Five years and still going strong ' UCLA all the way Great Buds MW, MC PC. LH. KM and KB. Leis meel in ten years ' Math with (he lerk. a lero lor you too-TP CM AT DO GF. Si and ol course CKL what would you ail do without my help Ha Ha ' Hey MC. MW. CG and visitor lets go and 1p you know who ' s hous. Ha Ha orange ' SS will never forget Im hungry let go to burger King 3rd period ML, KB, JS. DO and MlSSB Hey girls where do THEY all go ' someday well knowi I cant wail lor ttie Bio test, oh no ' Rand H in english! Thanks mom and Dad, wasni a bad year YASUKO SHIRAKAWA- KILLERY£ARiSuianne-lrenl4e slorys-Clasic BerlmMM lambhndbars whatatripiAummermtesapart eAA.YouAD sepratspciaimemrys MissedU SDS-0J4 ' J4J bailhlplssn OS Chris-goiago sni?lBBs ' Cmen ' T3nya-Angels4evr.4getprayrs plys.mdnileihshng 2fun!Spyng ' LookoutRR ' Yaiins-p3rdise ' TWILAYi onica-byrsTeri BAM.ihan)i.Sun,surf,Scpionlrak.rieat!Diana-PoliC dnessi) ' nng.2harsh Dancintil2 slrtswhosth3l ' Rl«ll-Blacky ' Mike-fas oofun heeprunin!Yaks Lodel-lern2walk ' Fontime5-Homcomngw OM iKer ' ASeBatbiwasnt At-lorever Billybaby ' MAD thamdloveyouall ' UCH IMissUButlmnotEVENthroughyet ' ! ' TERRY SIMONIS-The years ol school have come to an end. and tl good times we know are m Ihe past Thanks 2EF. MB. KK. KK. Kl . PI IB JES. SH 2 Lotsa Movies ' Parkin lots 4 more 2 scnpps with G A T Abst.lrnd. RM ZMeiicanat KKs with EE. MB (Hands Off switches) C JT arid aU, Thanks M2 lor a If ip lo a hole in Ihe ground 2 Pitcher littin and runnm arout« TRKS at night 2(3 I415927iand turkey al lunc HI JB TT LM, GD. Buf 4 MM Thanks Mom 4 Dad. ET 4 6T TS, and It nieghbortiood gang Thanks P Scanlon. M Price R Milchell A Mr I CAR(831t 132 GC-FAST-fOREVER-HI CUTIE (HA, HA) Lets jurr m the air and gel w et " Cass of 84 ' . PAUL SINFIELD-HEYYV ' KEG LEG ALUMNI REBEL RASTAMANi COM TKOVER SLANDER DANCING LATE NIGHT ALBERTOS THKS RE (1 RA ' LOUIE LOUIE -GLAD IM NOT O MOD ' SPLIFFHEADS W JAH PETE (0 THAT WAS BOWLING) BOB MAHLEY LIVES! (SCOOTER MANNY, HOP. LONG! TANYA. CAN I BORROW YOUR ERASER ' ML JS DM BB SM fi DOB MR AND ALL UCHS WAS IREE BCAUS OF YOU ' ! ASB6LL PIZ2 MEN WHO EAT LAUNDRY DET THNX KOLOVE TO DANCE TUXNHITQF TOGAi GUY CALLED MORfllS " DONT PULL A MICHELLE ' FUG SHI TUP JIM DID ANYBODY KNOW I WAS VP ' -OH WARD CLEAVER LIVE ' LQUID BRKFAST BIGFUN YOU DEER- TEN POINT ANTLERS ' LOVE RE GAE MUSIC BYE UCH5-IT WAS HUMOROUS ' - THE RASTAMAN eENNYSINGER-HerelcomeSDSU ajORNPartyalTij aTecaieSFSia SOVogasHoltywood MactaliecareoiDeeDee Pki Bathroom keyClubgoodluck Cuervo4e,r HZoPamlsforMike. Graph shcwthemtncks Room234animalhouser NancylloveYoubaby Marn asveryniceW ualllhos«limes MrOwmbeyCerts4evr Billthe Ron3ldR agar iveandtetleve Mrs Climes Scope ' ihaniMr Scholieid Me oveyou ' ELT£COLOTE«lHeslaurani Mr Wong«iieache ' Mf Miti thatisallthereiStoit Jimthetich Rristmlakemeouttorlunch Oavidl e4evT ' PS0ee0eehvililoveYourevr, Mexico ]- LEAH SINGER-Cheers to 3 years ol great times Debbie A Shayne Bei wasgreallNoRlblc. thani Aileen, are U modno just chic S 4 a Kop( I love U Julie S. good Hmes, cheers 2 older meni BL a deiighl , ' il Don f eat rude spaghetti Mnef! Studio was fun We re ail naughty. Jen can I borrow Ur mkup Rsecrets fi treasures ' Oan, see U B 45th p KiMWoverals R ClassiQe Heidy-SaOy, tlie good life is on the slopes ' Kyles. DAN B Scott J, Tony 4 Steve. UR Super JV cheer I love u al Reed U R a sweetie Retie P erei un amor Br, HP, JS, I luv ya. Heidy Dave U R a neat pair Hndrck U R a Mirt Take care everybody Goo luck Always love u alt KRISTEN SLATER- JA, KM-LsVgs The DAVES ' f T ? dnt IrgtthePVSI N moreKeZ ' 4onihelevaior ' L A WkndKMJALP-Nvi fgtiT-KppKrs Hoti Oel-Thn. 1st dbl e Ime Julie- Spil frndURtvaknij LS AM,0 Lngdstn frnds Lwys LPWht3rdprd? BOOSTIN ' Good tms al rnk Georg«-1t on! TWR Kim LV-skp ' Rmbr the mnrs ' MAC-ltsttgt! OM-rweki TFTMBF D0-eTRJ-eni4aLletme ' MOM A OAD URBST-LUVYA. SOSU-o my wayl ANDREA SMITH-THE TIME HAS COME FOR THE SENIOR CUSS 1984 TO SAY OUR GOODBYES. TO THE PAST 4 HEUO TO OUR FL TURE A SPECIAL Than; TO MRS NOAKESAMR WONG TWO EXCEL LENT TEACHERS FOR THEIR HELP A ENCOURAGEMENT GOODBY HUNGRY PERI MB EB. MR. GD MR A KH PER 6 IT WAS SHORT BU FUNGOSEECAl GB DA CR FIND SOMEONE GOOD ' R O.P HAS BEEI AN EXPERIENCE GOODBYE BABYSITTERS OF TOMMAHROW. GG, T VW, KH MOM A DAD THANX FOR SHARING MY UUGHS 4 TEAR£ YOUR THE ONES I CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOl. KISSY, KISSY Q S S S MY BROTHERS MC MAY OUR FRIENOSHi: ALWAYS BE THE BEST ' CP PAGNE NIGHT ' IT ' S OUR YEAH 1984 ' CHRIS SMITH-TIGER THIS IS 4 U ' WE SHARED ALOT ZGETHR MADE IT THIS FAR. LETS HANGON FA FB LIKE TOTALLY LIVE TOKl UNTlLL U CHOKE ON THOSE STICKS UR SPECIAL TIGER ILOVEU V OFF ROADINALLTHE WAY IWALYMMDLUE FAITHFULLY HAY SIS II C U OVER THE SUMR WE CAN PUY VBAT8 GB IWYFS TA BUCK WHUT PIGGYS LIVE ON BUNBEKEENES DILU, GNNITBR WHAT HAP PENED 2 US KID WHERE DID ALL THE GOOD TIMES GO ' JW IWM[ 2ftA( 1 WISH THE BEST 4 EVERY I l REMEMBER THIS IS JUST THE BEGININt HAY CLASS OF 84 THEY FINALLY OPENED THE DOOR TW WATCH yOUI STEPl ' l MIKE REMEER THOSE GOOD TIMES THANKS MOM A DAD GOODOY 2 LMKRHMISLBJWEEA OTHERS ' ! KEVIN SMITH-TO Karen Merker you made my year Speoal lo« Reeb us cops Football party Jery and my party Shi trip to Mamoth ASt Ball Home Commmg 84 Days belor ttie last day ol school was a lei trip Football season was the mosi tun I ever had 3-23-84 Number ' ' DUCE IS LOOSE Happy Trails to the class ol 84 ' May are V Basebai team place 1st 1983-84 Football Deience Team remember the time we stuck the oposiiion Well I can nol (ell the luture but good times u everyone and don I lorgel lo call me lo party some lime ' Love yoi SHAWN W SMITH-V-Xcountry. V-Trach: lOIh. lUh A 12lh ICIF loi Coach M- You deserved it Aiizoni2, Watch out for that tree! Thanx ti the loHowing M M - MY Editor F H sends his regards D N A Co Foi putting new meaning m the word GROG M N Only Ihe good die young Imnoangel KP I want a in the Jag AFinallyTERI Iheonlygir who gave me a second chance NOTES lor the wise I WAS A MANK eskimo who walked in the rain i2th grade and no relief m Sight remember — the worldisbut atrack a we are merely runners ' don t forget practice is almost over ' " cuss 01 84-gooo luck to you all CAROL SONNENBERGYAHOO ' SO MANY great times a UC I got bj w a little help Irom my Iriends And gummi bears. Ir yog. Sockers beacnes(a mle). Caiil. Robm. soccer, neat leet , soccer, ru long talks A love SH ER. KR-FIESTA. Clam2Shores-Ynot? ' Huckanuck blue huh Mr Who " Lit Sis-UR so tunny A cute , gd luck. lu. ya lots Kath-thn«4teafs A smiles John yes Inends are lorever Mof-au ' Deulsch u hamboy ' Hi Honey ' LS HEYUGIRLSCOUTS- dont, hide, wt had fun. sierras2supai 11.12 Track 1 2 soccer-comeca! Ausgezeichnet ' CIF?! Scott I wanied to hold your hand, you wanted lo see me smile 160 " Bye UC. M. D, LKCCAN r LOVE MISS YOU ALL ' Keep smilingt Mav nch AL SOurHWEl.L-1 shall not relufnl CHRISS0UZA-M4DTHANX-K ,MAJ,B4J,edSrSafiOIILUVU ALl-R0,THANX4beingthereiS6,CC,HS,TM.U8UVsRdean(nds!WelitNiii itiJenny-Torrey-Oayno-Pstty-youguysoreTHEGREATESTiJSyomiago 1 BEARS ' rV-L£TSGETSTUPID.BurdonttiCliieme!OD,VPSDK ' PM-n I ot lunch SL.UdontlitiemyOacis ' OM-IMisiUl-T CLIMOSCMARGERSPjPRT Yw 6V ' TG-SRn)mafhslJS-eMABuitay UwoplFH-Kiiime GEyournculiel JAMESCARD0SAlSTILLUVU ' hSiJRLTSGO2APAnTVIMARIANA-8ABV ' F RDS4tlFe-M£MORI£S2 SARHA-ALLSCORPIOSBEGOODI ' lFUONLYKN EWMTSTHeCLASS0FMTHATSG0lNGT0MKEn ' 2£VRY0NE XOXO A SBaALLMRmSSAlSalllOltwaigfeatlThonsFredAnileSRomBef-TOALL F M RED ' KO EVANSTACHELEK Newschool IslIhroushS ChcgoTfoG C SNR.Fl.MGrog.WEEVtunRENOK« Mmwhy ' fiiyerFfoesD.T DIGN.Bn ilIsC R MrningslateR M.DfivjGoodP.K.WhfsPas!i2570blesHoo ' ' sGiflvi cYrasunUenUatngleDPSHJvatalhSHAJJVSOSULNdGflsATSchlNjinfy.S H J H L K H W B-DyCfdBobC NC UNICHCKSV V DEC 17 WEEEEEEEE NATCKSLaltLuvHf G C TeomLooKnGoodStvT-PrtysSO ' s SUP69-Fer ' eri P R B R T T RobmalhmiichlStfysNPiiaLuy-young-smile-PfeiSre-Eun- WEEN.FAMILV.BROREMBERALUWILLEVAN KATMY SrAHKEY Thanks to jll the wonderful people who ivo shored lO many prcoous momanls wiih Thani to Mom t Dad and my d«sI (rtend Laura Z and Sunni R especiolly Love also to MM. SM, DW. CC, BS, CG. ON, AN and EROS Rem«mbe ' Mildeguard-Gurtrude-Gladict ' That my necklessi Ed L John, Parting b ' oak, just gol tucvy. Late ntghi talks, UCSB! calculos-Mane CoWndors ' Late to 5th again ' Homecoming. ASB tttU. G 5 , Things thai sparkle! Alpho Stat«. doni lesv« us alon»-36 . taking piclurea. danc-ng, L s driving with me navigating. Pink and blue Greal times ill never lorgel WATCH OUT WORLD. HERE I COME ' ! ' DEBBIE STARhS- I 11 12Vsw4cc MedHlyClfbound-MK .KfyK.JSluvyBB ' KKsumemitesinkitchen-WhiattuniKelers MarBio.Apar this-lithe ' oanythmgelieweconstudy ' Luvll luvlt.Luvlt ' HapyPols DB.E B,YC,DN,JE,CK SS,MCb«yelow MCifyaonlynewhowmuchlLuvU ' Almylu vtolhebc(!mathgrouo CG.MW.CS-HELPiSofyMW.Nomesociaslotmefl ol,PWhem (asthelosttim«?Huh,sotdjy ' t3ri)periCaflsJr •infonieestBu dPL-youngguns ' iNsumlunlLllePlet thanrtotpret liIesRK-Wowerec ' Ji y,bulrtwasliin ' 06«58Li eson4ever ' PopTans4DlngOongiiJA.CG-Chni BFoodUCMSLoweiclOSmen,It fltiUKK,beslollucK,l " ltmiaUWatcfioul He ' ClocmeOU O E S BRIAN STEFFEN-The Best new wave group .s XTC I respect the BEA TLES. Went the wrong way on La Joila Drive t don t knowhowliervwed I was in a car crash It was a splosh I tryed to dash but 1 crashed I remember last year when I went to a concert to tee ultravoi we had lun before the concert ot course. In trie concert everybody was dancirig After [he Concert was over we gol lost then ran Out of gas right ne»t to the movie theater We had to push the car But someone helped ut We were out of if but got home t can ' t wait until I get away from ttwse youngsters and go mto the real worio KYLE ST JOMN-CRACKIN SHDRZ WITH SJ BM AM SA RW S AND I lUV DRYIN OLfT WITH GA KIM AND LIL COLLIN SA JUST MIGHT BEBl RW JC TC MA BM AM SA SU STAY FRIENDS STUDIO AND PART1E2 AND GA WERE FUN BUT 2 BAD THEY DIONT LAST KIMMI YOUR A COOL DUDE TB SURFER DUDE LOCAL MOTION YA DD TT AFOS ABC DM SB AN D DB ALL THE WAY -ERIN IHANX FQR LiSTENIN SA IS AFiRt IN SQUARE MONT SJ OR TOMMY RIPS LA JOLLA TAHO WAS FUN WITH FT BF KF RH AM CS BUT WASTED 28DOLLARS ON GA DEALING IN G 4 S CLOTHING H M AN D GA HAD FUN BUT TO BAD VOU CHANGED MD GLAD WE WERE FRIENDS JC ONCE FOR ME OANBYOU LOADESOISFIEM racial conlreen tations in Sth period wilh 16 AND JOHNFKS SHARON ST01T;FUS-High school Me .snow gone thank you God Look out teoi wo ' iO he ' e i come " Helly L I think we owe a thank you to ert who helped us through the year JL lets keep up the good times shoot- ing hoop end Uce dew In Powder Puff Class o! 84 it bad to the bone Pinky " 1 liket it ' Mr Bagel. Chrn, and Denn youll never catch me ' JENNIFER STOOKEY 82 SstFrndsW HTbdiW ABSE-Sl 83 BDTOopitLtsOfFunW BR GRotU BchE»ryDy84 BstYrW BRRPHT IS.MLAM RP-UglS2KpUft50nOgrrKjlSkngW, ' RP.BR,lS.JS-2mchPn M LLtiGoOufi KRISTIN STRANGE- JR-BstBudwhereareweAplelrecshan tyCo o,SKyshw-OopsLDwhatlsatin.mchokedipWhere«dwelrnzeaI?Gol anich ' RM-MrtCaFetambourinemanJF Rumow ' Phoeni Mawanehatnei t ' BC-flev ' 4gelthetunwehad P4B havanothubaaugofsick NewyrsUrai ' UR4evr»pecial ' ei|P Aiw»iLKoul4me Than. urC H-Whnimyn«(IO-siesn ' aC EBDW-nevrlhotwe dgelawayw il-CUindacI O»eln)mf pguys!Befiny40u(Je5iliPany ' KK Aiwyswnice TM-CladlmelU lSi»pir(3 ' )Thjn«TP-83sumrwasgn ' CS.DD JH ilsdosummpoprs PH-CH EAP ' BW-AlMysmybro j;-itSJCZiJJ ' Scruff-Grndma4pathn 4lhecariM4 DlluvUUR-siaycKne U2BC ' CiassofB4GoodLuck-SEEYA CHRISTINA SULLENBERGER Look Mufty a t ook lof us ' Does anyone wannulDto Ih« Prom PLAID, Ooa. argies aiiigaio ' s Best buds • Mj DL RM. CS, AG. MM - weve been thru aiot ' Dgrjn. Ouran thani 4 the tunes GET REAL ' Saddle shoes lets be Doppers iSROVAMMOOM luv U Ma.Pa Ihani for aii the talki at Dinner Graduation I AM CRYING ' God, Ann) JE Cheering .$ btktbl gms Crunn w MLSHKS DON T TAKE THE CAR YOULL KILL YOURSEELF ' SS Keep runnm you got the legs ' (right MVr) Math w o teart Ms Hrdng UR lt e best ' Boy talks w. MJ MM simbr prtiet all my doe Kalian Inends Be a nerd! SS-you heart breaker ' F rapcar-VW wabbit UCHS almjmaler Atwaytlm a college Preppte now ' RICH SYNOTTVF-whatf CiF HJ bud s FH DW 8H MW BC Mj CB DA TD BW MJDS member LL BW-DI OH-her dude OU Ptn before school CosV- ORYBJHKS give me j maw Bwtig s DW lake her out DIWG SW no way BC-she s not awesome GH-your art ' els lake your Dad s car Hey HO SL-donlcry gel a grip FH-heyilup.d youriost noclue CO-WC ' Me the good times KK tump high MK B friends 4«ver po ms- roi s " PG itA Hom-Comlun. CO lo bubbles CO- shopping ejling. luft JPttOppu «hii,g meSVyou re VALY U imengood ASSaii was g " ad run tham SV CO- TRUE thmhi Liiv20MI ' Cuddle»bemiri Hey Scugiy i-luv-yeunv«r 4|M you Bye-UCMS have fun Jrs Sr HEATHER TAMMARINE J S 4 A R - r n»l wa y s i o • « . o u ' h c y it l IheRambierCruisei ' ASBeAli nervoushreaKdown ' BR It sSohtrdloansw erqueslionsUS 2Seaisinab8thtub ' ThjriiRevt)enFie«-ne«dhMIMtAatC ers ' ME Youaremy1i(e4ll0veyou Thank y iulOrevery!h.r.g ' M0VoolreSuC hagoodf ' -end lloveyoudoil ' PanieswthAfi Mf SS.SG.MD D ' Ktltper m ake-up RP BR lS4JS ' JS BeFn siEnds shhh ' AB-nomorenu ' w ' iRM-oa ntsaiitiietrght ' iME Hawan ' ChimiMtTP ' Theya ' einconvenciiitrfWIdon ' 1havetirr elobeherollstheOpelrunnlngloday PAB-WhathappeneOlotho meriwithmoney MlmadettthfoughwIthyourhalpmom.lloveyou ' Toallmyl r.endi.lloveyoualMMARKILOVEYOUIt)fSALLOVER ' |i| ' MOUTi WANDA TEMPiE-l Remember When 1 Gol Locked outside the houie 4 F P 4 ME sat out there until 12 O ' clock in Iha morning Remombor when OR used to switch bach and lorth to UCiP I Love Mom 4 Dad For helping me moke it liiiough school yrs Love FP always 4 Forever yours truly WT Remember when A f 4MP IME used lo hong out like the three Stuoges In sewing class If R A wasn ' t sleeping she was gossiping 4 when A.S Cut my shirt in sowing ClMS Remembo ' when V P 4 ME used to alwayti say something smart to each other overytime they spoke JULIE THOMAS-Qlad its overl Bobtiytho last 3 yeors hove been greall III nover forget our summers together ' MM-thann lor going on those (leld I ' lpi and everything else ML 4 AM-than for being my pals ill never forget Bill s Class 6 period MH 111 keep DM away from you SB I wish you were still here SKI wish you could Oe here To AM-you know who you are-Ill always be your fnond ' MM I Ihought I wosi CT youre not so Oodl RM 4 RMPaiS? PO-l like youl Sc mmer-loo bad 1 never get to see yout BL-ill always love you ' Than MomI III never lorgei the timp? with BLDLKKLP4PT Take cnro PS 2-tm happy were tietter Irionds ' TOM THORPE -CAPT BLV KNOWS WHLN TO ARISE COL RUN SOON PARENTS THANKS FOR THE HELP S D THANKS FOR THE MASSIVE DESERT MISSION MR BREST-STOP DENNY S AND OF COURSE 80NDSD PR AND THE BEST SO MT C BStlGROGS MOVIES KOOL CUPS BLENDER IS MINE SB GREAT IIMES JISYOURS CLMT FLICKS BR P1Z2A PARTY UNI AND W ALL THE BEST JS BUCKWHEAT ALWAYS FRIENDS L G ONLY IF YOUR NEW BULLET 1 2ER ALWAYS TM WE NEED MORE HUBERS ESDTSD SBEG GROGS FOREVER COOLERS AND ICE SB FU TURE WILL BE GOOD TIM THROCKMORTON-Well, If looks like the end But Before I go I would like to say Good bye to all the peoplo I will never see again Hey Tom, I foughl the lawl Donald, Keep those girls commmg Now Bnuiv Howard. Joe Oonl pariy loo much Terry, Good luck m fife and Ken you hod lun at the ball. I guess you v done that night or what ' un and eict U C High and Staff One more th.n, succeed Finally, Karen I hope 1 never know what I would have ■nent we could of had good bye Lisa have lun RICHARD TIN-This is the end. beaulitui friend This Is Itw end. my only friend, the end ol our elaborate plans The end. ol everything (hat stands, the end. No safety or supnse the end I II never look into your eyes again This Is the end beaulitui Inend This is the end. my only Irwnd, H hurts to set you Iree bul you wilt never follow me The end Ol laughter and iotX lies This is the end. beautiful Inend. Ttiis s the end. my only Inend. II hurts to set you Iree, but you ' ll never (oilow me thf end of laughter and soft lies. The end Ot nighls we tried to die This ii ihe ANN TRAN To My friends SR. CK. AN TS, MJ JM OR, weird, sis Al II III Rk good luckbwithcwhatuYou Doiin the Future Had great time at 4 huh CK. SR. AN. KS. M CAL The BesI Great time bowling, and Ding al Dis and Strai with fnends GOD TINKER, quiet then, too lalky now. PRO No more inter OH YEAH. HEY c ji glad you made it here this year great hme at K Club — sona Heyh-allyJioveREthannsOfor AllWhelpand- DearsgoodD Reictshuh ' Too badPar say nogo welimaytje NV rmmbr Jb at SFW in summer thaniis lor an help 4 you ' re bd on my lisl and ibni K Ch. Grt I ing to you. AS KS, P ' , Si, VW. LL. PERV ED L . HR, EB. TB, KB. BAO 4 BICH ROCK. TKCU2 GOOD LUCKf B0B 6V TRiMBLE-Just saying hi to BS. Jl. RS. OS, MF, SF. JJ Why did I bother coming to school ' Me and Mr jack Playing with peasants Getting fat at Yog Cup slocking up at Wang s party at my house GF who ' s the OMP Per 4 With Spheener Nik Kua. and SS Fun Times Cruising the woody Hey Ferg show me how Picking up KM each day I liked it playing cool with my litlle fat buddy (Where ' s Phill) Ron who ' s King ' Dave clean up the locke ' JJ i Best party s I gel her someday Playing poker and pumping gas. my two other jobs BS 4 HC Someday Mr Jack IS not my Inend but Mr Moose is And what ' s wrong with driving a green car ' MIKE TULLER- Thanks lor the good times at UCHS JB. LB MN. TJS. TS. ECE. LP W AP AM PH JN For you FORD fans ECE. TJS. JW JN JB TR This IS Ford Country If you lisien carefully you can hear a chevy rusting away Remember the off road races ECE TJS, TS Thanks lo Mr Scanlan for the best 3 years in auto to the Dave the WL. surler to my good Inend CR. DON LUTZ THE HOT RODDER OF UCHS UCHS THE BEST " ! TOM VANDENBERG Wh a layeartTihiXCntry-swimieamD oitnowiMangoLAZAROyBAJAfilms ManysurlmissionS ' nail4everiFlagda ncescohjugo THANKS2ALL.MADDOGBALLE T-BONE KCANASTA.JOHN GLEITNER CHRIS FlTZ.OBAHR.ERIC.ANDGREG.MOSTOFALLTOMILAM BSTFRIENDS VWTHINGWILLROLITOUCSB ' GETTINGLOSTONWAVTO BALL SORRVCB HC HEYGH APHIOMAN OINGOTHRASHLISA MRS KR ON ' GOODLUCKDEIDRAEB SQUEEGIE Krishna HIGHTOPBALL BLACK RYDERLIVES PACIFICSHORESWILLBURNiGETVOURMONEY SWORTH NOBOOYDANCESTHATGOOD ' SMILEY 8ADMANNERSNE 1 DEADMANS JUMPINGSOCIETYLtAPSTOGlORY ' HEYDAVEWGETROWOVATBALL Z OOKINiGWEN-LOOKOUTFORINDIESWHlPiKRONLIVES ' TOHREYC VANCE ITWSFUNCLSSOFBAMISVA ' MR R IM WAITING MB Oliver GLDRPRTS LuvU4«Ter-t40 interest Fred-myfav year DM Iwishuwerehere JVS ' bar82V6 ' f 8ll e2 83 JV Truckwillreturn SO AreJndsbetter ' SL.JSOOCS.LR.PMNN X MASPARTY ' DOUCPW t ickel lom4nylocount " JS-Homecoming Boytaiks IhanksSL SC ASBBA lL,Smurf,MDENHVEN " Everyt.wherearewe80ing ' PaimSprings Hawaii ?Willweeveragreeagreeonanything7LR-Where ' slheiar CS Stupid YW ?TITNWUW0NKUC8PMJLM 2mioy2wnte.LYfFF CVS Still ' NAN B4L COOD Maynard Sunrool HI SNSFAT-Albrtos ainghtrs 6 dyOUHVETHE RNSYT ' D NulsatlZatngtlovefyJuitLove ' y Thank smom4b ' os Mustan VIVVILLALPANDO KARENMARlCPHIlLIPS ILLLOVfYOUF 0 " ! vt R W»v»Hj(!SomeGoodIimesAndSomeBoughTWn»»8ulMo»tlyC rMtIime AndiiiLookFowafdToTheManyGoodTime»Ahead VouMakeM «SoHappyJUDWMitToOoMMieVouHappyAndEn,oyLite ToKMPThrsAi wyiSmtMftgThrToRmndM DntChnf tGlU llmitBtV FriiKiCmpInd U nYaLvsM rla UKIbeFrNwVr RnyDyS FrMsicMbFlMn EynitnTr ShKyLgs Nvmtirl2lLOVEYOU«MP ' Than»iMom DadiLoveYouBoth GienDeuce 6-GdTmt8dTmiYIUtwys6Myfiiirrn.1 UES ArviyiRnWnLltFlihonFI Tnk sRB MF STVCL GdFrns MC B1 BN6 MT WMF DB MS BC TS OAF LL K K AS flS DS PB GW MN NN Mr S M TKG POL vmSNvrDM Btllgr Sivrv Mm Mkbetvr rtStThMmnu ft vrfttlliMKUP ANTONINA VIRTRANO GLAD ITS 0VER1 ' 83 Was the best ' KH remem- iMii JO All the GrB limr in 6th per PE can 1 til them all in too manyl Good tim with GREAT fren remember lunfhej Sgether ' How much money do U have ' 7 11 stop B4prahlis Doni worry U will get Oetr in the SOO ' U cunt get any worset ' Best ot Luck w T? PP Mang in Ihoio English wa a binstl 2 bod wo didnt im 2 much ' t DB CALL MEf EB U 2 DBEB PPKHMM stay m louchl Hey U cra y dude GOOD LUCK ' GOOD LUCK ' Mel noone left next yearll U will survive Thitni mom and ddd ' or jii oi your ipctures ,»nd U thought I nevr lislenedit Luv U BOTHM U TOO MEL ' MARY WACHTLER WereouMFinallyFreeVWalChoutWorl dI ' monmywayup ' FreniAEver Dora4MonicaMickeyD ' tNVEmoonriseLG ourmetmunchieswe ' reneverGonnamakeit ' SherrylmissulFonOmamt R B RealEstateAg BnlHR DBIatenileFdrunsmcBestBroeverBCBdaylaug hsM4MThan«w mAnTALKmmSWn6loverBoyToMyBostHonHSBud JM BEWCArbWtofiiiL-iinBBo ' klikvAHAMSleiGmlHAVEnoleelings TOJimMA rlin newchoirsum BBCrashm.ig mtn BDnyDogflllmylov»4 ever lloveyo unotfofwhoyouArebutforwholAmwheni mwilhyouyou romyBeslfrlend ' mon,-Di)rAThe3i rusnreGonnomAkeitnomullerHowman,uGBChacasth LINDA WALLACE-TOLOLiU i KYLE WE ' VE HAD A LOT OF FUN U GUVS R GREATt 2 MV SPETial i OVE AARON. VOUVE BEEN MY BEST FRIEND ANDHAVF HtlPtD Mt IN MANY WAYS I LUV Ul LETS 60 SKIING REAL SOON " I MISS KRISTIN ' I? EVERYONE AT OUR ENGLISH TABLE-WE MAD AlOI OF FUN NOT LISTENING TO MCGOWANi KEEP IN TOUCH! MS PtRt, THANX SO MUCH FOR EveRYTMlNG ' LOVE ALWAYS, LINDA MONIQllI (NIKKI£)WEJ VERT0TH4PHIMANX4THISSUM .A llthfli.i( !.G00DXWEHADTheM0VSpaitsparksAptselcSSKDJL6Tthnn. ■lfou ' iiiWi:iW ' FredH-Leg9thanx4AllthegoodXwesharodhintTheHomEST HPHRLSAMFiMPCRKWrVGOODLUCKUguysumBdeUCAIrpBdownBand lt playlhemAcliverOtheHOMEBOYS8downlNLilE4ulgOfarTOGMRStill on(e»triClSBIrememPH67 sbellhawSI ITHTUiTMANTRIPSUOUTPTC ONNJHJAIRHCPHlRAPthoi4thlsyrnchorld4lhebsd4GoodXwehadPT hagMWitAt.KiN(ii,IFRClSJAFMthonii4theXin2perwEsharodhinlPLIhjn .4AchemhelpJHiFLiri.,n.45prSSnlcelocuiNi;iusi4rememBdmiml)lw6 nMAlchsT0TH4PHMILT0NLUVSUguysHCABOMBOOMTO5WNW4MO MAihani.uguys4aiwey«Bingtherewhenined dUThanjH)IHEuCCftOWD Sthanx JOSEPH WEIGAND ' Bring music lo the world, as I brought Stifl Little Fingers nUCHS, Thank U! DM 4 ' tosI ot fun memones, dance, Limo. Class etc Magmlicent 7K MR Da b ' r Mr SM HV n F wknd inyat MiKe ' s Bar nGrm Jansons Booster c!ut ndi,ii ' " ir3ng PPVond Jul. nriem n the Arts DS-Th.FrDng U HugsmeRwra v .e u n future flPCR RM RM DM FS LR TU Room the HvymtlevpcRS Uoushmg giri do. roy Fslp-ng Ihrgh Stmral Hjho Jennj DM KL KT WM JS CG LR SD WH SH FA Kacham CleWakiCk down the doors iri the class ot 64. BBiswalching you The people I did not mention H. xTc Thax mom n dad lor your suppori. Celio 79 cpc goodbye UCHmg n SOSU CAVIDWEINBAUM-HeyBUBBAS WhgtsTheDeai BaJaMiss lonsW KCCBJBSATVDK OuauyinleTheRockwCB-FedeXpresPlpesTo OBtGBlVWbUglsThtThgLegaiAimoslRolOKoutSunRool NewToBeRysJ 8JEIsBB-MOTOmadnesFreRcebsatEdsLet6MakeAbomt)poolAcd + AI m -HydGstSntkBBUcrew-CBDr5chlapJ6KC4restTheCoodTimes,WeAi waysHaveTlMfood4rheBstWaves MBSHBGatClrspartygoodLaf JCsat MPs4MargtbfOrDoehnyW GflTVJMCBje SA ASBw MBIfntmOonPo blo4ShgnlyJorVamooseJBpadUCSDIheCnf 4FlmHaOsP ' cMedStdLnO ceonFlflsleepCa ' ISMurphsin4outonBiich-,«.C ' 0 ' mHjllwyA + Muir3fdFi rCHSslamRBnude ' unDKSM4l-Tarian ' SMijyvOnMopSW GBDKKC6S BB GLhrbrThn Mom4DadlorplngupwithmeKidoTMToeitSoSh kenBa kelmOutlaHere KEVIN WENZEL MT SOLO Missions Desert liip w; £K MHiTlieNook Blow al Blowsand. DG Thrash, the crew EK RK. RC CA MM roll over rover ' CVR Clyde and his hogs rellimreeb load up Rob ties ' hmesw lhe Crue. Free trips lo Torry-GC anyone nee a Dnnk Adv 8i i 5 6 RK ' spad what the suns op. Hello Raleigh hills we need the group plan ' Wheres Ihe partys at ' Here comes Chris Wheres The bingl Going I o 1st Per Half- way RKs pad w, ' the lunch bunch Lagnal Clydes a |afo when we go skirngii s D4RN R to those foiy girls CG4S0 1 luv U Ihanns everyone tor a twlchen yea ' were finally gone ' ' Thanxs DAMONWERNER N O I P a r 1 1 e s E j r o p e 1 1 k e A S P A AD,ON.GA hospitality 3070yds Soccer. LJCMVP.tophetdlags.keephangingHuck GoNavyNN AS6BallLR,NN,MM,Bnd5ThName GrttimesW MD LB).WS Hrtbrkrs ES JC EK CIsetcases UCSCC EBBC jstaltfingrBW CSMusleng nDL ' ENDLit RsritoBchRnsW ' FtboyTimesRgtngbtr.USDROTC.AcdmyO licrMtrial SmdaJS VclmsStil MBCJR.SD CG Prsnl NN KHLG).Ae,PM. JH KF CO PC CJ DC,LR.KH.AD,HH.AE Dl SB.KS,WS Ihanxmchmoman ddad Youalwayshadthesupportlneeded ItwaslhatNLRw gummylWBrt TakecareUCHS DEBBIE WEST S I -I lUV U TMANX 4 THE BEST TIMES ' ALWAYS REMEM- BER U L H GET ROB LOWE ' A STEVE ' BORREGO HEY CUTIEI RU MV FRIEND ' C MRPHYSCB BIG MAC ATTACK U2 • THBASMMOBILE lOS DETECTIVE ' SI LH SB DGDRKKGR8KG1ESTAS FUN IN WELNGETSO WHAM ' HMCMNGS ASB BALI GRB TIMES SENIOR FLOAT NO B2S WIND N SEA DO WNQMPALBRTSZAM ' CONCERTS HEY AlVIN ' 21 ' IDs TEAM MIP 4 CAPT MC CBUZ GSFAKL TAKE CARE OF UCHS S BUNNY OLVE JUICE DAS SI S NYEVES PARTY ' 25| MASTA lUEGO UC GRAT2 MUCH! HV THANX 2 ALL MY FRIENDS 4GH8 MS YRS AND THANKS MOM 4 DAD UR THE BEST ILY CAL ISN T SO BAO THANKS PAM SLS-CLASS 84 WE 010 iT-CONGRAT2r ' fill KIM WHEAT UCHSim at tt»e end of my rnbw Where is my poi o ' GLOf I will miss all of my fr enr MDwilmuiei no more Mario ASSball or liie srfr dud the tim7 wu ' fw but the fnendshp grws on luv VM KyKy dude HI wear my shirts 4«ver Sty rncnirl SA dstlry wu tun wMlU. NM and OF ay rHlin ' wave IS the only ESU H si; j g.t ir.nd m»n»teM. GQ CCZ n. GRLZ-U ISR U ghna gel outta ni(h ' SJ-NTB-trlS up ' MF the thkj gnrxa bourse ' TR Spnda« V», Otr CMf DM) M t oy Chv tuvit Iti rto probim »ihe ' sto(nqrfMni;JSMPSGAE IZ SR KS aw PS-n the rest ' Thana mom Oatf-n-Grrg 4 e.rylhngi luvla April-n-Mal AKWO S4 VOLANDA WHItf ? BJ I LOVE VOU SOP Of UC STARING MBKHCRRCVGNWPNKPME MY Seirihe 83 84 tchool ytv at UCH% M the lun i mes I spent with JY and rrtoil of M tha on fitnon (hat I CMM nev» ' 4fe1 BC 46610 ? the 2 pMfiteirul iT »d ItM a iwn y«« TV DO »n s»i, Eyes o ' 44S I CouU never 4fl»i my CO Cl »i with KHGPTMASTY 1 Thnk my (wrtMl yew wm U « ittXHH v«er And Ihe perMfi thai I raaSy en)Ov b««n nMH «m jamet Young I I M k ha nude my year 2 in ciM« ot 84 Fe Study lew and party more b ca M We re Hw dMt o« 84 my best anh 1 the tian$ ACB NS ACS CHEfluVNWICKS-Caod -limai ' God ' -iimes Mr A M P t P (CA ve ont ' A lrwe IO « ' lor kie wt ' ' my bif bwddy frstwif ris r«4, ' an4t mor«, ' iitfHn(. iaie. fi ' ti ' pauLaie garagas TIKi on ,two nnd throe Lale nights in the canyon Rldir along tn the z UFinoDile Here s to ' The ' Scuge SBy good-bye lo lhe ' preity bird WOOGlEWOOGlE lo BocKyand ' tho Oblib yTheres no booino»» The Slupro ' Stop ' cauie his nanw M Clubbl toohing onrto lwo year from. ' no w wiin esltement I- Stevel Richard C slop taking things tram unsuipect ' ng ignio ' «.lhree yea ' t fllled wirh lova an d fun Don ' i;war t 1o do it aBA ' n over SKERMANWICKS JACtJUELlNE WlRTZFamoui words life goes on ' Remember the firo drill that always kept going on SkSlng with betl friend MOO Towne Center blues best soap m town memories ot Snickers, UTC, early mornings 4 bad smalls in 3rd per Sleppery lloors in 400 b ' dg (Booti) Bflsl wishes to LP 4 EO laughing with LP, TG, KR in 3rd Thanks for all your help SS 4 For being friend Some good limes with LP most Ol all Thanks mom 4 Dud, love you both. MOO you II always be my beslelt friend. I love you rrmomt e ' the beach. La Jolla Cove Remember Ihe sign from Vons f mooo ' Meyl LP wnddte Boom waddle waddle! Good luck Juniors ' VICTOR WONG ' OOOOP ( ' ). the eraser god 1 out to get you ' l Rm 433 shall lorevor be haunted by the ghosi of Ihe Green Rudlergymmrt ' l Bya U C Out of the pan and mlo the fire ' What happened lo Ihe Organisation ol Oriental Supremacy? loo bad about ankle Muck Good luck, ail you unluckietinmuluntimess Luvyo MW, JA JL OG, KM, CG SSUSAf ' r DN ' Ihe rat king lives ' We ' ll meet again all Class of 84 May Ihe force ba with you ' Real world here come Tennis e2 ' S4 ADAM WOPSCHAll Such the life ol a retired utile inmb wrestler Having nip bud KN as WR partner Progressing thru MS with tpiri colleagues Good limes with AB, CD EF GH IJ Frad Weppet nothings Close, Nudl- Eh Future m ncting ' maybe us lulllimo Barnsler Meirtiul head. sublractum UVBB, where) Pepi ' E C jnd Rich forevei ' iMM n MM You chicks made Ihe ASB BALL CONTACTSI ' What does Ihe future hold for the class of 84 ' " Ttie garage " , what spodlKO, my neat locker partner ika hij and the skj yota rulers Ol the llraaiA Goodbye, and God GARY WRIGHT MV SENIOR MEMORIES ARE ALL WITH TINA CARTW- RIQMT and LIHLE sister ANDREA SMITH PETER WRIGHT- THANKSTOUCSHCOSMOCLUfl456PER6 MDiKPROUNDWOHlDMDV ' KNNEVeRLiARNEDTOUSEACURllNGlR ONPP60R7ARTICL£SXWORLORULEfl6SWHOMADETHESTAVMOR£PL EASUNTSPICKMATHBAREABLEINThERAINGLCLUBBACKPACKINCCL UBMICHELLEBEINGAFRiEND CX348TIL258 GOODBYEAIL JEFFW(YMAN-0UTDD0N84 Bout time 8n f un MN JN grl frnds Hd gri tms MN OM Fflir Biu Whl, Whi n caboose ' 1 on 1 Rmbr MR DM. I ' ll Loss Thnu 4 evfy Ihng. JN Hey t ' u ' i ' jri i-,jme. Lng lime Irrtd. Than. 4 hip on Stang 2 mny yrs ot ' -..-iii , t i. ' j (n) Whrs the Bl? luv GRAN THtt Thon» 4rdin BOGUS BUG Hvy Mil rut Ol Chvy Who? MFbuy J ' SJi -jr ' CS Ro»« ' TL grtirnd AC -Pky Fn mling IntrsTng ph calls Wndow.irn ' Buysminr Us Rut Hveagdi (Thaniandgd LcA 2 my Irndi) PL ij h,,,, ., • Di. del ml ASB ' MC The gd life MB or Yachting both g-i irm. A best of timet U will alwys b special 2 mt (Pom always remb. m,-. .qu) GOOD LUCK TO AUi ROSS YAGODA TOO MANY ? s UC THE HAPPENINALL MY BUODYS OF 83, IM FREE NOW THE CRUE I ' lOAS SCORPS MAIDEN, ARE ALWAYS » TO THE CLASS OF 84, Wf ' -l ' UT Of THE UC PENATENTIABY f OR GIXID TO ALL MV ADVlSi l.- " M! TEACHERS THANX FOR PUTTING UP WITH ME I COULD Nl T Hi , l made IT WITHOUT YOU RAT2 GNOB SDAOL ALSO HELPED A i.HtAT USai TO ALL THE GORGEOUS WOMEN ON UC CAMPUS. IM 50RRV I DION T GET TO KNOW MANY OF VOU AS MUCH AS I WANTED BUT THtRES AL WAYS THE FUTURE WHICH WIH GET BETTtR AND BETTER THERE ARE TOO MANY FRIENDS TO LIST THEIR INITIALS SO PRIORITY « I FOR IME FUTURE: KEEP IN TOUCH, EVERYONE. 4S72246 THANX MOM AND DAD. IM OUTSTOKIN GREG YAVORSKY-I leave picking on me Also I leave with Mr ScholiCld Abo 1 le; visit some of the teachers homework to my friends i ' the ones that 1 sit with m E iDfii .viih ttte memories of people iT t ii school r that ol Graphic Arts the memory Ot Only coming back 10 :,iyr ortMrtd ma the books and lt»» J good ■lp1 y Me wherever they (o. I invc bahind my skills m octu LAURAZIRIN0-Kaihy4Sunr u r .ir -. , ,. awesome ' We ft a TtM ' 9-10. Where il all started Dan: " . ' ,1 , v ■ ; n Harvey 4 Ctvxtme UCSB FT »3 Kethy (you calU misrule tr,ps Ic Bonita (What etcuse now ' ) Bonrta guys (John, Oav d Roger] Thann tor the kiss John Roger Thanks lor WHATEVER ' Who knows wtso H b« neit r I K4S ' 12 3 BUSTED ' 4 am m dos ' - ' votSN ' I I V at Slralirs Oh senioritis! 4th per off-campus Mcape ' i •art i prupjisive n the only «ay to be ' Thanks for all ILY? Kim Isang ■ " t-i- ' f Eunana: Girls w o Matt ( " lMom40 drhankss. " -.t n . OH 10 UCSB I MADE rt " TO al) the fun lirf ei, many more li ■■■, " -! ' Byeby MARYBETMZOPATTI rh |it |l om»aU 10 l. • i«-.t..ill II Uany good limes Ke t Hoy MBSC ' Lets go surfirtg Ke t 1 Mari Cwsar ' VB camp elevator ' Sal-OTL Rules ' We m ' Grand Canyc ' 4 Rn«r w Katffy one more mile Ann David 4 Mike Thanhs For al tfs lm % m Gov Hey Culi Woman ' Ready f Advenlur»«o For il ' HaiT olh was kiOari D t» thani •or all the rides lo tcnool SMI dpn T bekeve you Oid that IS thwiRt for bems a friend CUss ol 84 Rules) Good bye UCHS ' tood luCk evwryonf KRI SV ZOUNf S FRANCC ALl THE WAY ' R7 WROTE THIS ' PtC MANIA HAPPY AU T HE TIME WIU HISS ALL Of MY TEACMfRS iSABtl BEOEl YELLOWNESS IS A WAV Of LIFE Wtti IT Bl UCSO OB WORLD COLUCE ' THANKS rvEHVONE GET ROWDY PLAY SOCCER WOUt YOU» TRACK CROSS COUNTfTV ARIZONA COACH MITCMtLl RUN IN THE MORNING MOM 4 COACH MAYBt KNEE pnOSlEMS AND STBESS FRACTURE WISH urcOUlD WRITE THIS FOR HEBSfLf THE OLK:lOS JF. OS SUMMER 0 ' 82 ASEAN STEPH AND MARK N C CCMNER THANKS TO AU, AND TO ALL BEST WISHES ' " THANKS DAD KAREN. AND MOW fOR EVtRYTMiNG ' RAHOV lOUNfS THANKS COACH HIT CHCLLrOREVERYTMHC — VOU SAtO I WOULD PROJECT GIRIM OR IS IT GRW CROSS COUNTRY 101t AND llthMAVVt l»h TRACK SAME SOCCfRAii ThC MAY in jTii x COUNTRY ri CHAMPS ASAKAWA AND TMI KLUNDfR aROTHtPS OR REAIIP«v. " f»i Li ' SUP ABTtiAiS RiCKV iNTfNSfTVOF ABS IWS ' JEO ' ' ■ " ' ' ■ ■ " .UNTIL lllhCRAOfWAS TOUCH ' STU«I ■ -vStCS PRiCl i?,TM A REAL BLAST All AS a. avSCiREMA eiANHRIROe KC Rk Jf MN SN [h I : H ' .»• BD RM VWLK AND THE REST) ' PEACETOAU TMANKSMOMDADKARtBERKHlRttCOHl THANKS DY RM ANDCODBlESS All REM PURMARI 16X David Adams Clyde Ahrens James Alexander Anamaria Alvarez Shawn Ambrose Michael Anderson Ron Anuskiew icz Jenny Armstrong Selynthia Armstrong Julie Aylesworth Suzanne Baeza Janet Bailey George Balle Randall Barnes Erin Barr Dora Barrett 9R ' Deborah Beard Heather Beaton Adam Behar Bradley Bendett 162 Seniors Steve Benny Cynthia Benshoof Chris Beresford Melba Bland Mark Blodgett Yvonne Body James Bremner Muscle Man " I suppose guys who don ' t know me might be a little intimidated by my body " , commented body builder Phil Hernon. He started lifting weights a year ago for foot- ball, but when the football season ended the lifting didn ' t. He continued to lift be- cause he liked the feeling that " some- thing has been accomplished " . Phil worked out one to two hours a day, six days a week, on different muscle groups so all muscles got worked twice a week. He was featured in Flex. Muscle Up. and Muscle Digest magazines for winning his first competition. " Teenage West Coast " . Phil worked out at Gold ' s Gym for free on the condition that he compete in " Teen San Diego. " He strictly condition- ed just before his competitions while on a starvation diet. While not working on competition form he built up his muscles and was on a low fat. high protein diet. The 5 ' 7 " . 175 pound senior was an all around athlete. Besides football and weight lifting he also participated in base- ball for seven years and track and won the San Diego North County tennis cham- pionship last summer. He said he didn ' t want to get into sports in his senior year because. " I don ' t like coaches breathing down my neck. " Seniors 163 Michael Brown Vince Bustamante Pamela Ceren 164 Seniors Ike Bruckman William Buchanan Martin Bunch Patricia Bunzy Elizabeth Butler Rob Campbell w David Caravantes Kenneth Cashman 1 Bob Chamberlin Rhonda Chester Chih-hsin Chiang James Childress JiMAtu Brian Clark Robert Clark Michael Cohen Yvonne Coiner Heidi Coric Matt Cornforth Dee Dee Couch R Albert Crosby Susan Danziger Tim Danziger Henry Davenport Dana Davis Scientific Student " I was never really interested in Eng- lish, I even received a couple of D ' s in second grade, " stated Randy Zounes. This was one of the reasons why he be- came involved in mathematics and the sciences. He was raised by science-ori- ented parents who obviously influenced him. Planning on majoring in engineering sciences and having a minor in math- ematics, he chose three colleges which he might like to attend: U.C.S.D.. Harvey Mudd College, and U.C. Davis, in that or- der. In the ninth grade, he took first place in the State Science Fair. " It was the most glorious moment of my life. I was in a daze for almost a week. " This project took almost a year for him to complete. It was about the geo-magnetic pulsations of the earth ' s magnet field and determined that they were caused by sunspots. Ran- dy has completed two other Science Fair projects and took first place with them also. " The thrill of winning is the thing that I like, " he explained. Although Randy has done very well academically, he also has participated in many sports. He has received four varsity pins in track and cross country, and hopes to receive one in Soccer. Randy hopes that in the future he can keep up his scholastic grades and his physical activities. Seniors 165 Glenn Davis Harold Davis Rosemane Day Michael Deguzman Tosha Delaca George England Clormda Espinoza 166 Seniors Michael Fabrizio Michael Fagan Robert Fidel Arlesa Fielder Debra Fischel John Fitzhugh Mike Fitzsimmons Kim Fleshman Michelle Flores Geoff Folsom Bijan Forutanpour Julia Freer A Dancers World Seven musicals so far and mere to come! Clonnda Espinoza has danced in three professional musicals and four school productions. In one musical she had a lead acting and singing role for which she received actress and dancer of the year from her high school. El Capitan. Her most recent production was " ' Guys and Dolls " with Grossmont College m which she was the youngest member of the cast She began her dancing career at t- ■ three by taking ballet, acrobatics, and lap ing. At eleven she became involved in synchronized swim- ming or underwater ballet At the same time she also played soccer holding the prestigious position of center forward She practiced soccer from 3:00 to 5:00 and then swam from 6:00 to 10 30 daily In addition to this she took up gymnastics at her pre- vious high school. El Capitan When asked how she managed it all she replied. " I like to be busy I hate idle time " At 14 she stopped swimming and soccer to do some serious dancing At 15 she was the head phys ical education director at the East County Girls Club and taught ballet and azz " II was my first |ob. " she said with a smile and that was just the beginning Upon moving to University City two years ago she has enrolled in the vocal, drama, and dance pro grams here at U C High Putting more emphasis on education last year she held a heavy load of classes plus a )ob as assistant manager at Fashion Conspir acy in the University Towne Centro For the future she would like to gi ma|0r in business because she " can t ,,., ,.:. , ■•„,:. ing career alone. ' and business fascinates her But Clonnda would like to minor in theater arts and maybe someday open her own dance studio Seniors 167 Deborah Fujita Gray Fuller Jams Garcia Todd Garrison Christine Garza Camille Gascon Tama Gatt Joan Gilbert Donald Glaser Deborah Glazerman Thomas Goddard Caryn Gold Francisca Gomez Ricardo Gonzalez Vonnie Gorham Diane Gosney Robert Goudy Kelli Gragg David Gray Kim Grennan 168 Seniors John Griffin Sandra Haisha Chris Halkin Deborah Hanson Anna-Lisa Harkonen Brian Harrington Scott Harris Wendy Heath Kevin Heck Michael Heck Jill Hemingway Chris Henderson Hangouts Where ' s the party? " My parents are out of town Let ' s all cruise over to my place, " But what were seniors supposed to do when their parents didn ' t leave town? Sit around and watch " The Dukes of Hazzard " ? There had to be a place to go on a Friday night, and in front of the television certainly wasn ' t If, " What are we doing tonight? " " Let ' s go to Crown Point or the Frontier, " " Today ' s Tuesday, we should go see a dol- l,)r movie at the Towne Centre, " Often when the parents were at home the students made hangouts like Crown Point. Frontier Drive-In. and University Towne Cen- tre their own personal inner sanctum. There are many memories of all those " Mr, Bud " " and " Mr, Gumby " parties. It sure was cold on a late Friday night at Crown Point, Although heat came from the bon fire, a greater warmth came from the friendship Everyone stood around in the dark parking lot and the only face you could see was that of the per- son directly in front of you; the others were merely silhouettes. The music was supplied by our car stereos and under that, mumbled fragments of different conversations could be heard. " We should have beaten Clalremont! " Mr Mitchell sure is a cool math teacher. " " Who are you taking to prom? " " As the hours passed, the cars thinned out tf) only a few and all were gone except for the ashes from the fire But the real lire never stopped burning It simply took a rest in ev- eryones memories At the next party its flames roared again, because the real fire is one of friendship made in a cold parking lot hangout Seniors 169 Mark Hodgson Ann Hoffner Marshall Hopkins Katrena Home Shihyen Hsu Scott Huckleberry Lisa Hunt Ricky Hunter Wendy Janon 170 Frank Jauregui Richard Jennings Roger Joe Michael Houghton Shayne Ireland Mary Johnson Maurice Johnson Danielle Jones Stephen Jones William Jones Jeff Jonilonis Richard Kalichman Eric Kay Katy Kellers Raymond Kelly Phil Kennedy Sandy Keshavarzi Lisa Khoo Seniors On Ice Dedication is what it took to be an Ice skater and still maintain a social life and a decent grade point average. Dee Dee Couch and Monique Moxey at- tempted to do just that. Every morning they crawled out of bed at the ungodly hour of 3:30 a.m. and began skating at 4:30 and worked continually until 10:00 a.m. Early in the morning while most peo- ple were still sleeping soundly Dee Dee and Monique jumped, stretched, and con- centrated solely on their skating skill. The courage and flexibility it took to achieve in skating was reminded to the skaters ev- ery morning. They had to continually keep their goal in sight and go for it at all times. Each of them attained many trophies for their outstanding efforts in competi- tion. Although their goals in skating are dif- ferent. Dee Dee is interested in pair skat- ing while Monique ' s interests lean to- wards single skating, it still takes the same amount of dedication. UCHS hon- ors the efforts of these two ambitious stu- dents. 171 Richard Kim Brigitte Klein Kevin Knox David Koenig Kent Korson Kimberly Kramers Kyle Krause Lionel Leger Cory Krell Jacqueline Lemoine Maria Leon i4il Jeanne LaMotte Seung Lee Mike Liang Gregory Little Maria Littler Shiun-Chi Liu Shawn Logue 172 Seniors Kimberly Long Tami Lopeman Frederick Loucks Diana Lublin Jose Luis Michael Lupro Donald Lutz Kelly Lynch Steven Lynn Michael Maister Kimberly Maloney Ronald Mandley Guardian Angel A group of thirteen young men banded together in February. 1979 m a rundown tenement in the South Bronx. These were the first Guardian Angels. Mark Nicholaw. a member of the San Diego chapter explained. " We are primar- ily here for two reasons. We function as crime deterrents by patrolmg neighbor- hoods and intervening in crimes in pro- cess. We also serve as a constructive or- ganization for young people. Being an An- gel gives us a means of developing a posi- tive self-image while being of service to the community as weM. " Mark Nicholaw joined the Angels in July. 1982. Three months of strenuous physical conditioning, martial arts train- ing, and actual street patrols were re- quired to become a graduated Angel. " We are required to follow a code of conduct, and wearing our uniforms is a privilege that must be earned. " The red and white shirts that the Angels wear must be earned during a period of proba- tion following the initial training. The de- sign on the shirt, an eye set m a triangle With wings extending is symbolic of peace and the Angel duty to protect and see all. Mark has participated in approximately two patrols a week. His patrols primarily walked the streets of Logan Heights. Downtown, and Southeast San Diego. " It was all worth it though, " he said, because I was tired of seeing people ifraid to walk the streets. Joining the Guardian Angels was my way of doing something about it. " Seniors 173 Louie Manson Michael Marincic Amy Marshal Russell Martin Patricia Mathews Mary McCahon Christopher McCauley Marianne McCoy Jeanne McCracken Heather McDonald Timothy McGinnis Buffy McGuire Bruce McKillican Vickie McLemore Anita Mehr Karen Melcher Monica Meyers Ofelia Meza Mariana Michas Andrew Micone 1 74 Seniors John Milam Joy Miller Mary Mills Steven Misleh Lisa Monita Phillip Mooney Donna Morafcik James Morris Anthony Moscato Brian Mosher Monique Moxley Becky Muka It ' s All Relative " Convenience is the best thing about it, " agree seniors George Balle, Katy Kellers, Jeanne LaMotte and Jim Eveleth on the sub- )ect of being related to a member of the UCHS faculty. " If I ever needed a parent signature, money, or the car keys, all I had to do was run down to the library and ask mom! " Mrs. Kellers has worked at every school Katy has attended, Spreckles. Standley. and now UCHS, " It would be strange not to have her here. " commented Katy. Jim g ot a chance to see his uncle. Coach Mitchell, on a fairly regular basis because he coached both the track and cross country teams which Jim actively participated on. " He requested not to have me in any of his math classes though, so as not to create any con- troversy. " remarked Jim. Whereas Katy and Jim saw their mom or uncle all the time, the other two rarely associ- ated with their parent on campus. " I never see her. we don ' t drive to and from school togeth- er and I don ' t have any of her classes. " said George of his mother. About her dad, Jeanne remarked, " I haven ' t been in any of his p.e. classes because I have always had athletics with a female coach. " None of these students minded having mom, dad, or uncle on campus. " It really helped my financial situation because I sold vocabulary tests to all of my friends in my mom ' s classes, " said George with a mock seri- ousness, " prices are negotiable " Jeanne real- ly enjoyed having her dad here. " The best thing about it in my junior year was getting to drive the car, in my senior year it ' s the motor- cycle! " Having a parent on campus might make some people think one would receive special treatment, however, these four neither want- t d nor were given it. They all agree, " we ' re no iifferent. " Seniors 175 Jeffery Nichols David Nicklas Kent Ninomiya Chris Norberg Rocky Norton Mark Nunes David O ' barr Bob Osborne Jerry Paladino Kenneth Park Ken Parker 176 Sherri Passin Timothy Patrick Jill Paul Virginia Payzant James Pechulis Mary Peet Heather Pen Tanya Perkin Annette Peynado Adrianne Phillips Lorene Phillips Lisa Piatt Rebeca Pina Larry Porter Valerie Pough Parissa Pourhosseini On Her Toes " She would dance whenever she heard music, and she really enjoyed it. " com- mented Rosemarie ' s mom. Rosemarie Day began dancing at a very early age. Her parents and teachers noticed that she had a natural beat, so they enrolled her in a dance class at the age of six Rosemarie has been dancing for the past eleven years. She has learned jazz, char- acter dancing, and a little folk dancing, however, she has mainly concentrated on ballet. Rosemarie attended dance class SIX days a week where she trained rigor- ously for four hours every day. The first two hours were spent warming up. stretching, and developing combinations and steps to her dances, whereas the last two hours were used for the rehearsing of the dances which were to be performed on stage. Rosemarie performed in a well respected professional troupe called The California Ballet Company. With a com- bined ensemble of twenty men and wom- en, the company performed in f lexico. Palm Springs, and Long Beach, as well as in San Diego. At school, too. Rosemarie exceled. She was enrolled in many honors classes as well as an auto mechanics class. " I don ' t want to be a helpless fe- male. " she commented when asked why she took the auto shop class. After a lot of debating, Rosemarie has decided not to continue with her ballet career after she graduates. She wanted more time for her college education and her social life. She admitted, however, that if she misses dancing a lot. she will return to her ballet Seniors 1 77 Chris Ramras Craig Randle Sundari Ranganathan Mark Richards Todd Richards Anthony Romag Kathleen Romito Lisa Ruben Kelli Russell Eric Ryan 178 Seniors Jay Ryan Arthur Salcido Marissa Sanchez Julie Sanfilippo Joseph Scarafone Jenny Scott William Sevic Alise Shatott Yasuko Shirakawa Terry Simonis Paul Smfield Benito Singer Bonjour Mes Amis! " It ' s so great to be able to see the works of art you read about with your own eyes, " exclaimed Krissy Zounes in one of her letters from France, where she spent the first semester. She lived with a family in Chaumont. which is a city in a low lying mountain area around 220 kms from Pans. She went through an organi- zation called Interschola and her only costs, air fare and some administrative fees, came to $2,000. While m France she attended school, taking a light load of classes. Krissy found the people kind and helpful while she perfected her spoken French. Whether hanging out at the local cafes with her friends from school or eat- ing those delicious French pastries, Krissy found France to be an exhilarating exper- ience and certainly one she will never for- get. Seniors 1 79 Christine Smith Kevin Smith Shawn 0. Smith Shawn W. Smith Carol Sonnenberg Alan Southwell Christine Souza Evan Stacheiek Kathy Starkey Debra Starks Brian Steffen 180 Seniors Sharon Stoltzfus Jennifer Stookey Kristin Strange Christina Sullenberger Richard Synnott Akiko Tamano Heather Tammarine Cherie Tedde Djuanda Temple Gary Tettenburn Julie Thomas Thomas Thorpe Tim Throckmorton Richard Tin Anh Tran Robert Trimble It ' s A Racket! " Competition! That ' s what I like about playing tennis, " replied Chris Henderson. a three year Varsity member of the U CHS. tennis team. It started about eight years ago for Chris when he first started playing tennis. His mother in- spired him to start playing because she recognized that he had the talent. And he does have the talent. Chris is not your average tennis player. As a matter of fact, he IS considered one of the top five tennis players in San Diego. Chris works out about two or three hours a day playing tennis. He hopes that working this hard will win him a scholarship or hopes that someday he might play tennis profes- sionally. Seniors 181 Torrey Vance §iMmM Michele Trombley Daniel Trout Michael Tuller Derek Underwood Allison Valencia Tom Vandenberg Vic Villalpando Howard Vitkus Monique Weaver 182 John Webb Joseph Weigand Antonina Vitrano David Weinbaum Kevin Wenzel Damon Werner Deborah West Kim Wheat William Wheeler Yolanda White Cherilyn Wicks Jr. Williams Maia Winters Jacqueline Wirtz Adam Wopschali UC ' s Ace " Adding full power and pulling the plane off the runway is a high only those who have experienced it can imagine, " com- mented Dave Adams when asked to sum- marize the feeling of flying a plane. " I ' ve wanted to fly ever since I was little. The only toys I ever played with were planes. " Dave Adams started turning his child- hood dream into reality in November. 1982 when he started ground school with the P.S.A. Flight Academy in Mira Mesa. " Flight school wasn ' t as hard as I ex- pected. I had to do a lot of math and physics and I had to learn how to read weather charts. I didn ' t even see a plane for the first three months. " explained Dave. After Dave completed his twelve hours of instructed flight time he was ready to start his solo flight time. " The first time I soloed I felt an incredible feeling of free- dom. The cockpit was silent and the only thing that stood between me and the ground was thousands of feet of nothing and I alone glided across it like it was a giant pillow, " reflected Dave. During the year Dave Adams flew with the Golden State Flying Club. Through the club David rented his airplanes and con- tinued his flight studies. " There ' s nothing like flying up the coast, " commented Dave when asked about his favorite flight route. For Dave Adams, fulfilling his childhood dream of becoming a pilot added a new dimension to his life. It not only fed his enduring hunger for flying but gave him his own private heaven. Seniors 183 Gary Wright Peter Wright Ross Yagoda Greg Yavorsky Seniors Not Pictured Dupree Adkins Hooman Asbaghi Adrian Banks Farhat Ban Jason Bierholm Anthony Bullard Robert Butte Mitchell Cavna Ricardo Diazcanedo John Eichhorn Minnette Fink Lana Fisher Reed Fry Suzanne Garrett Shelda Harris Tracy Heckler Paul Houston Donald Hunt Jeffery Hunter Josephate Jordan Jr. Meenu Kaku Ayad Kazzazi Edwin Lai Otis Lambert Trine Larsen Joe Lewis Ethan Loeb 184 Seniors Seniors Not Pictured Barmak Mansoonan Hayley Moss Ramon Murray Peter Otoole Ken Patrick Mary Proenza Susan Reinhardt Glenn Rogers Bjorn Romberg Anthony Rueden Darren Sam Kenneth Sipe Kyle St. John Glenn Westm Sharon Williams Hilleary Wilson Salwa Yousit Suhail Yousif Bill Yeamjns Laura Zirino Mary Zopatti Krisena Zounes Randolph Zounes 185 186 Closing Closing 187 188 Closing ssss- Closing 189 190 Closing Looking Today At Yesterday ' s Dreams To the underclassmen, from the class of ' 84 In our four years, we; Lived our days - gave them our best But now they ' re gone - laid to rest Recall them often - in our mind But they keep falling - far behind Time must rush - another day Whisking yesteryear - away Life brings on - still more dreams Casting old ones - down life ' s stream We can ' t make today - forever Even our dreaVns - are not that clever Life must match time ' s tireless pace Until time drops it - from the race We say to our classmen - to this end Today cannot return - ever again Let time bring on - days anew For time itself - belongs to you Use It _ Live it Lead it on Until the last of it - is gone Burst your days - right at the seams For tomorrow you ' ll look - at yesterday ' s dreams H 1 1 Hr -- ss,- --- ■ H H Ite - H - jHHHHHpH I H K» P!PP ' ' " «« WW .i-oi Ss .., ■- .■:M ' ; ' i»Jf!»- ,!. 1983-1984 Yearbook Staff ADVISOR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ASSISTANT EDITORS-IN- CHIEF LAYOUT EDITOR ASSISTANT LAYOUT EDITOR COPY EDITOR ASSISTANT COPY EDITOR COPY CONSULTANT SALES, PROMOTION, DISTRIBUTION FUND RAISERS CHAIRMAN HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER Rob Coons Lisa Monita Jem Betts Diana Lublin Diana Lublin Jem Betts Collette Murphy Karen Phillips Susan Vreeland Celest Ogata Tanya Perkin Michelle Silva Lon Phillips Tom McSherry SOCIAL CHAIRMAN JOSTEN ' S AMERICAN YEARBOOK CO. BUSCO NESTOR STUDIO LAYOUT, COPY, PHOTOGRAPHY Sue Ventimiglia Rod Williams Darryl Obayashi Eric Bridge Bobby Clark Leesa Drost Mike Houghton Maurice Johnson Kim Kaas Kim Kramers Jenny Krouse Mary McGroaty Steve McKay Monica Myers Mark Nicholaw Ken Patrick Michelle Silva Bill Yeamans 19 192 Closing R, vv_y Ih d{Ja ivfV ' f ' ' c S VV I) - U e i v avsO - ' 1 -tl " ' V o ve Aow nUrKs V ck looks prri ■ V 1 .--. ( k;. I i ' - u I " ' 1 ' . ; 1 ■v- " A rr-f; v-J Directions: In February of 1994 Please address this postcard and mail to U.C.H.S. Please do not be late. It is important to mail this on time so reservations and plans can be made. of persons attending note Please include your current mailing address on the other side so that further information can be sent to you.

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