University City High School - Excelsus Yearbook (San Diego, CA)

 - Class of 1983

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University City High School - Excelsus Yearbook (San Diego, CA) online yearbook collection, 1983 Edition, Page 55
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MARYANN CORALLINE-Class of ' 83 is the besl thanks to all my super friends who made it so special AF, AG, RR. DH, SM, LS. SB, LR. especially you babyB I luv ya- were we that crazy guys? Stalling the chevet like a rookie, endless parties by the sea, Scott, mammoth in march will always be special to me. I yr.3mon, together is only the beginning of the life time I want so very much to spend with you- I love you babe, DIANA COVERT-vcheer-H, 12 artesians, ihanx JB-hello cheer ' MM-laughing! TN- our secrets NN-2rs CF OPcars shoulders DD. DE, RR, CF,-remember diand J N-smile for me, SH KS-fun, picnics, chicken soup: CLF-luv u EB-RTC. when im 20 MB MPmis- sion from god CH, RD. DM-greasy chin in math I I JW- summer fun w/SW SW- Where ' s Ramon ' ' SC-sun w/pc CL-broom. Albertos MC- listen LM SL-lost again w/SB-WCBS-the wall-champs- 1 /27-BBF RCV- prom ' 82. 40fs, HTSIS, 5/23. greece, BE ILY, KHELY COX-MH I luv u now will 4ever. Ubrought a very special happiness 2 methat I ' ll always rmmber AL for Syrs youve been a very special friend, wveve had alot of great fun grrt memories together. It wont be ihesame w/o u. Our friendship will 4cver grow stronger. KJC u r a girt little sis. Have fun in high school w/o me. SE u r a grrt friend well beat comp sci yet CB MB weve been friends for years, thanx 4 the 280zx TR, MG, MR u guys r grrt. ill miss you all keep in touch. CAROL CROFT-Heres to friends III nevr 4get: The gang. CB (baby) to AF. no! LC (BBYCKS) no airheads! AG SSB wed, rides canuhear? KM (MMC) cute knees! CM (mom) kid patrol USDT! LA scodies prsly ' PS (the strip) ribbit, dance, forefend, $25, prties. tny bulbs, brkn grmum. LUVUALLPOPS^GL URAKID. EM dawsons hot! SK- 8 " s my pal! PCOMGTITRS JD LZ ST tngrine? HEC bop mini-rah luvusis. MWC (meegle) hey bro! PDC. MAC TY ILYVH!! Bye UCHS, hello UCSB NANCY CURLEYYahoo Wazoo! SKIW/JB, MP, KP. AM, Clam- ss. Mt km Lts hve a party-an axe-are you sure? WNTSMECNDY V.F. ' > S.K. lent blveil ' D.M. fellow Gredy 3rd w/C,S.Joke hey Royd. B.B,Jen thanx chunkyand crunchyarethesme. LTElstper, drma682. MP, KPLTS befrnds. ML, AM, DNT get crzyw/ome, RRB4-ever JB W/old pis. thanx toall teachers good luck to *83. thanx mom dad for cher dreams, love to ail. look out fm free! 1988 oly. Evntrs do it 3days 3 waysRGCED JENNIFER DAVIS-Volleyball. basketball-ll. 12. Hey mad dog re- member all those inventions late night ideas-somcday PJ ' s is gonna make us rich. VB ' 82. WE were AWESOME! Good luck to my passing pal CS think posttve, DB III tell you in English, Howdy Rowdy (what a crew, we knew everythmg). monday morning talks in 1st with there-sa. hey marks out front. " Im so confused " , " no biggie " Memories of fun fi lled " magic " times with friends. Lunch with JS I always had fun! ELLEN DOBECKI- My favorit pook, foods RM. look-outs w/su-z. to my BF, JW-Y do you ihimk u should set u r priorties? Corny! Take it back! g-o-o-on!! M-U faces, lafs al P.P,-n-P.P. sxlhealin: Muslz. ABC, Yum good Erth, L V, Valets, ooh-la-la. Thanx ma-n-pa u made me possible ! Am I a typ-teen ? Late daz in E.L. G.S. w/K.K. about B.C.RTS.. Beware of RM !Hasta luego UCHSNLN. MARITA DONCK-Big sis alf-ff thanx. HUC. browns, CHPEM and Sam. L/S. Ree/or-BB, Mango, blackrider. Oin-Oin. lazaro. SBF. later days BBB, the OLITBFC lives on. Mensa in 1 0th. why Len? Walkman in mads with D/D- I walk the beat! Lunch with PJ Tr, Homingcom- ing-IO:00 haha! Our code PJ, always being there. Hey cuz! All those parties, susie-chong. Hi pab-August 6th, always in trouble Huh ' ' Tysm! All my friends- you made these years the best! I WUB U! DEL [X)NK- Thanx DC, for 2 great years, 83 was the best! JL. RV, KH. MB, AM. AB. TP, CF, thanx for being such good friends RV, who has the hall pass? JL. gel a license! MB, 2 bad hes married MD, Im telling mom! Tv glad you finally found a job, CV youre the best ' where would I be without you? CV and me forever! Please disregard this fire alarm! Good by all and good luck. RON DROBECK- IZOPS 501*s, RR-definition Workouts, bulubol Ip-USA boy. In the huddle w/df. op-sweetest thing on two ft, CF- thanx for the cookies. JS*dancing on tiptoe, laughs w/sk. DC-get a grip! DM-URSO out of it! Chem w/VF MF (munchies) MM SW GO LUVRZ 76 petroleum transfer Engineer, early morn, book work no thanx, not thirsty! Scripps pier, pedestrian in 1 2th! Id rather b sking Sr Prom w/~ ! Golf w/RR, years w/CM. KM, 76, ihanx 4 the good times, wish me luck. TROY DUNCAN-CL 80-81 JVFTBL 9-0. homecoming court. UC 81-83 VFTBL, VBSKTBL, VBSBL, 1st yr, BSKTBL 0-20 but whos counting, thanx for comp #7. TD-tackling dummy, good one JJ thann all coaches/teachers. A teacher effects eternity, he never knows where his influence steps. sc-7up smuglers. MB ' " rockin all night-long " HA HA DC-short/sweet, thanx anyhow RD Ihanx for help in comp sci. DM thanx 4 a wful evening ' LUV 4a sis. M D all things in lite will pass, only whats done for chnst will last! SCARLET EDGEN-Life goes on , , On to fulfill my dreams many good memories to remember! Late nite raps, SSL. BE (why were you so young) . Crusin caddy w/the intergralors! Couldn ' t have made it w/oyou L, Bonita III always cherish the friendship Hawaii 83 Truly an experience! CL, where were you? thanx for the start! Benny Bear lluv u! Future in his hands! , Bye mom! SYLVIA EGG ERS-HJ, I rmmbr flbll games w/blu orng Inch on t ' grss fscinatn w/yer hair, wlkng hme-4mls lots of honks! V-bl! gmes " u can do it " ! thanx! I hope R frndshp -like yer legs-goes on 4ever. celebetn! Hons engw/sheep on the beach, sprking cidr moon- tans, JS HJ fstvl at usd " wht ' s yer mdium? " CP, its been cool! Joggingl, 2, choc ' n reeses-frzn ygrt. " legs! wanna ride " ? Ill miss you next yr! we r ' nt cute-we r great! ski aspn! Luv ya alwys! V-2 A KC! JON EKEROTH-V base n basketball II, 12. best friends RC lots of mem, 1 Ith gd harding. FBgame. you maat G ports Flasken at hall, givin everyne a hard time, bobby Cur the greatest, BB budy ego buildr, beter make all CIF in84 MB. MA, EB, RS. EM. SS, of course DAF. thanxNN keep laughing, great times to my 3 spec. buddiesKL),SW, ED, TNI LY never forget Mthgd JEH. I love you, DR EB n ivory 4 ever. Zeek thanx 4 being zeek, I luv ya never 4 get you. CASSANDRA ELLIS-Good times w/S. Edgen L, Bonita (38) cooling out in the rad cad w/ the intergrators gettint crazy w/ micky the smurfs! Let the good times roll with . K, Smith!N,Y, lookout for sumer of ' 83, Remember T. Russ. th house, R.A. K R K! I won ' t forget gettingS.T.H,S.E. LD! Ill miss KBM. PHILLIPS RA. MM. NR. TR. SC. ST. RC! BETH ENSCH-Meine liebchen, what a year! never 4gel coughing at HQ. crak that jak, mt si helens. beach pickups, crusin vark n mag. bid BD, otI(reg?). FC nev. t pines curse, dfoop, nachos, loaf fochts, scorps. who, rush, creepshow, bob those guys, wdfch-ha! lafing n ping! thanx 4 everthing, I luv U! SR SEC. KS n DH-thanx ' Munchm in isl per J A N dancebuds-wanna funk? schluf-whos on 1st? 6th re-u gr8! LW, MM n ME- " the crue " , MC-miss n luv u goodbye 4 now KAREN EPLER-Heres to us! Made it at last. RC best of friends summertime, beachlime GL after all these times, we still have a great friendship, catalina- those were the timesboyscout counslers, camp- fires, paddieboards, wmdsurfers EN what a pal. stay close, dont get lost, how about a doughnut/ML. MW, MG, MR had the best classes. To all the others I havent named. The best of luck to you all! I love you mom dad CHERYLANNE FAGAN-OP. JS-Best Pals 4ever. V, Cheer. Burglar Club, Splatman. Cheese. On The Line, Gossip- DC-Thanx Shoulder- RR-(165) Best Party! Rons Figuretique, Jacuzzi-RD-LIRAQT-RR- Thanx Big Bro-TN-V Cheer. New Guys! DA-I ' ll Never 4get U-CV, MM. MR-BOYS ' ' MD-Sing-MB(crucirier) RV-memories-SK (Work Wave) JW + JA = LUV SB (LUV YA) TR-{Thanx For Animal House), CF. CT, BS, MB. LH, SW. MM, JR, SL. TV-Thanx For Great Times-l ' U Miss Ya! Colorado Here I Come! CYNTHIA FEAGINS-JTN ThanksforthefriesILuvYatruly. DC Without youl ' dbecrazy, ST Toldyalifegoeson, SC Thankslwontfor- getthe goodtimesFarrells, SH M M Thanksforeverythingl Luvyoualt. KR Always mySQUEEN, Mom ILOVEYOU, KNKC BEST- FRIENDSILOVEYOU. JP Goodbye#l5 nomorehurt SHARON FERRIER-JMoRBgGlad its over ' KGB. MGB, KT. Scripps Ranch today ' ' Bet, UTDS, atilla. Physics McCarthy F2 -f 2 Vanhoe. our " men " T3b. Yogurt + Pams Does the end justify the means? This is the end my beautiful friend This is the end my only friend the end of all elaborate plans the end of everything that stands the end no safety or surprise Ihe end I ' ll never look into your eyes again J, Morrison DON ALLEN FESS-81-83. bst yrs of my life, VFB. VBasketball. 2yrs VBB. CAF-greal limes Jacuzzi, HC-83. stay in touch. Old Friends-JS. RR.OP. JW. DC,TR, JE. NewOnes-RD. EB.SW, DH, KS.CB.SK, RR, EB, GL-chip 7UP, piece of what a night, DC-thanks for everything (notes in AG), RR ' s party was a blast. New Years was different Airhead-stay sweet. UR great. Jake-UR beautiful, SK-carry your books? TP-CREW, SAC PAC still lives, RR-slay close Nt hoops-EM, MB. MOM, Dad thanks for bearing with mc. Dirk. Doug here I come. ANDREA FIFE-Mcmorics never to forget. BRFT with Sis + buddies at CHS great fun, Thx Prom 81 Thx CW UCHS + much fun with friends, MA.Kim.Chy.TV,AII,SC82, DJ.TV, RB, -1^ dinner, HC 82 Thx LF. To the good times, Cuz Orly + many Laughs, Mornmg Runs with sis -1- many more super times. Sat Art class Chy. Long talks hee. hee. Hay SS grt Frd, your super, gd LK Alys John, special Always. Mom, AJ -•- shg adv Mom, Dad Luv ya. Yr bt, God bless you KIMBERLY FISHER-Always remember good times w/Boncs Drea, Blackrider says Otn, OIN to MD. LS, KK Ellen-Only the Lonely A K dragging the CHUVIT. Bones Stalling, OH NO. BAM! Words on NYE w/good buddies, Torito times w/A S. Best bro Skin- ny Scotty Love ya. Thanks mom, A K on their way to Colorado AG KF best friends always. Do you take checks/ Quick call mom. See ya in 10 years, LEX W, FORT-Life at UCHS ok Change U C H.S. life is belter. Finally leaving where? Til check C/dog A/load. J, J. Later Greg good skiing good ol ' Ishy M V big mouth and J.B. keep screamin ' . Mad Mitch Starr JaM beach nights. Dance lights, be cool break your neck next time JD And to the girl of my dreams wherever you are. bye all ES, JL. RJ, RJ. MB and U.CH.S, JACKIE FROST-Won ' t 4get the triangles hills and solar ramps, it ' s like totally awesome it ' ll pay off slumber at the track Stay up all nite at the beach Beach runs on the boardwalk owe ' !! R U ok. Hey triplet What a trip ' loks all the way erg mornen runs burr!! Mrs. Zounes and I stride 23456 stprint 23456 work that bod and the Stones still live under my thumb JERI FROST-Oh Wow ' Hey triplet! Is it time yet? Is it lime yet? Is it time yet? Yes!!! O.K , let ' s go now! See the people walking down the street! (Shoot Man!) What a trip! Runners high, totally Mitchel ' s triangles. Yeah! For sure For sure, your in there Killer hills all you need for that runnmg speed. Hey Krissy, Oh yea under my thumb. VICKI FULCINITI-Have any candy NC Besl friends CG. KS, JB. JS. JA. NC, JA remember kf party? I do NN diseased measles. New Years at DT aunts uncles w/gang, JS me alone al 12pm, GH remember when you spilled on DT carpet My Bday al JH house. Played games w/25, having fun in the Jacuzzi w/GH, DT, JS. ES, you? is way out of line. CG, JB your the greatest! MS We ' ll never forgive you! Great limes w/GH at Slanly/scnyn remember DT, JS? GH 1 know we ' ll be together 4ever I love you! WHETNIE GEER-Is there life after high school? Orange crush acci- dent/or 5 ' Hi to Eng Lit people MD, KG, LS, fXT. DM, KH. SP and Rad Mad! Tennis team 82. 83 Hey DW what school are you from? Do you have seniors ' ' Love to AG your a true friend we ' ll be forever filed next to each other Will always remember Gra, Arts w/Schoie and the S.S. family YB, SM, EK. TD, BB, CM. JS. SW thanks for all the fun times, hydroplaning in Ramona Thanks SM you showed me what true devotion really is, Hope its not to late for me. Hey DC hugs and kisses, nicknames forever AMY GENNETTEN-WG-Thanks 4 all the rides, your a pal. MM- Thanks for all your pep talks Shabot Shalom. KF-Dalfi car, Party- Scotts Surprise BFF! Durango here we come!! SWK fur den, den ich mil ganzen Herzen liebe , Ich liebe dich. Thanks Dad, I couldn ' t have done it without you! You too Mom. I love you both! El Torilo-no checks-Kalua cheesecake-My besl! Look out world, here I come. GREG GIBSON-Back to the plant by 12:05. Dr. Terrorlitsov Fizzies Quizes, We sold our souls for Rock and Roll. Exit Stage Left, the Song Remains the Same, Comfortably Numb. The Blue Volks. JENNIFER GODWIN-Memories of good times spent with my best bud Pam, Remember always parties, cove, shores, Waikiki Terrace #9. DM Fair. OTL, VW crusin. jakarlas. spanado. Working at Vacation Village, meeting Eva Special friends. Reg-Beastie-F. Sparky, Pam- Pat H. LD, SE. MM. KK. SB, JM. JW. bro Steven Yearbook staff 81-82. Auto Shop, thanks to my fav teachers, Mr, Scanlon. Ms. Ricd, Mrs. Noakes, Nursing School here 1 come. Jeffrey luv you. Love you. Mom. Dad, Jill. NANCY GOLDSTEIN-Varsity Badminton 12. Fun parties, M M ' s. Jill ' s unnolicable laugh. Thanks for T.P. Gary and friends. Good luck in the future JG. MC. PL, JL, GO. PH and the rest of the gang. Hang in there little brother. 1 2th will be here before you know it. We made it! Thanks for Ihe great times U.CH.S. Luv you all! ANNETTE GORHOLT-Memries of an unforgtble yr: 7yr pal CC- glagrp maynrd hvnff! Litle sises: CB(MMs) LC-wrntairhds ' KM stcts- 100 pnsrs ' ' Pita, ygrt, tahoe-its 56! PC LA: parties-bubles? Famly Ife I Iveuali ' Atma-evthg GL? 4ever buds MM; Hws glv EM? Is tht u JP? L S crse swng-chlk it up! Fnd our nee bys-nmsgp. special frnds alwys, Whtevr MB 3rd tmes chrm. FFBHLMS-seeck! A rck? No chnce-bul y ' re the best anywys Thankx M D. So many grt imes- memries last 4ever, KATHY GOWLAND-Hey Clyde Mellow out chick, took at the sky! Dunkcrs r cool. Smile Molly! Otaky Buwect, Jr Bmen, PB watch out! MD LS Ihanx 4 helping me in E Lit Lance I ' m dedicating Super Lube to you, A hug 2 my budy Jon, A Kiss 2 all the cutiz VJ RB BM JS TC. Gcorj Shiela Biology- Keep n tuch. Dana Kara Allison Marina official toga crew-sorry Mickey S.Pitkan I always wanted 2 meet u. Chrriss I ' ll miss u, AL thanx 4 the memories. Clyde Mol " let ' s " tv. " e! Good riddens UCHS! ROBERT GRANT-Cross Country 10. 11. 12 MVP „s : ' • „.- " > -Sm Senior P ' .t * c% iV.iors ;

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