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( S - " nu3LO L. pA_ Aiuo u tP- . yo ' x X O yiVn - lU. OJU X. 0- c ? O CS 6 " . O ' . 6 ' v AAA ' y: ; jr ? S 0 0- v_ Of ' C O 4k fefee , _ H O c( d OA i Uifi f TD . AiC ricusi.ycx. thv() o ' iu ox s (2jph 4 u ' iw:. 3€ cr ufi fl vv - :: . Sp a Umc jiijoa Ddux University City High School o c jo (XfC samc ( ' x:r-6949 Genesee Avenue (X OUot % - San Diego, California 04x3. Jo x, c o v OKxxT mkr, 1982-1983 }dt J di i mavK J J Aoo djo :15lU p.yolume 2 Opening I " 8 2 Opening Opening 3 4 Opening -■»«« - ■- - ' , [ t Unforgetable! Memories are brought back to life and recaptured in the high school yearbook. Fond moments are relived from the past. Those fun times spent in the sun with friends and fellow students, partaking in various exciting activities; hanging out at the local pizza parlor, going out to the movies, or going to the varsity football game. Cruising to par- ties and dances on Friday and Saturday nights also fill the schedule of the high school student. Then there are those special events during the year such as the Prom and Homecoming, and all the worries involved. For the guy such questions as, " Who Opening 5 6 Opening Opening 7 g Opening should I take? Where will 1 take her for dinner. ' Where do I get the money? " For the girl the con- cern can get even worse. Spending numerous hours by the phone or door hoping for that special guy to ask the big question. This is the type of hectic activity that is so pleasurable to look back upon in Opening 9 10 Opening -.. iJ- . • ,vft Opening 1 1 12 Opening Opening 13 14 Opening our social life. In addition to our social life, howev- er, is our academic life. This aspect when set to- gether is what gives our high school years the well rounded shape desired. It is in high school that most of our future decisions are made. College, Tradeschool or employment are the choices to se- lect from. Trying to plan your life for the best possible outcome. Gathering as much education as possible and struggling through the academic week composed of homework and tests. When the last bell rings, however, we will all look to the future . . . and remember the past. Opening 15 16 Division Page r ' i mt i MJStV mm ' uiiJIWIimilllllilTIH £ Division Page 17 Inspiration Begins At The Top Students didn ' t realize the duties of our adminis- tration at U.C.H.S. The administration was the backbone of the school, the key that made this school run smoothly. Heading this department was Principal Catherine Hopper, Mrs. Hopper not only fit and exercised the definition of a Principal, but she also surpassed it! Working the long and in- volved hours, for the benefit of a student body and school in which she believed in, had been a tedious but rewarding job. Her two energetic Vice-Princi- pals Mr. Joseph Tafoya and Ms. Mary Castleberry aided as well as advised her on many community and school activities. Working together they built a structure of unity between teacher and student that was to be a never-ending trust. Mrs. Catherine Hopper, Principal The Adminislration wilh their campus racer. 18 Administration Page sponsored by Mr Mrs Raimundo R Rios Joseph Tafoya, Vice-Principal. Ms. Mary Castleberry, Vice-Principal. ig in there, Mrs. Hopper! Mrs. Hopper discusses the school year with students. Administration 19 Aiming Students Toward Success Most students perceived the idea that Counselors were there for one reason only; to change or drop classes off a students schedule. This was a fallacy. Head Counselor Boyd Gilliland and colleagues Dr. Keating, Ms. Brookes, and Ms. Steinhart com- bined; advised the bulk of the student body at U.C.H.S. Their duties also covered such areas as; class adviser, assisting in student happenings. Col- lege Prep. Aide, news informers and other areas of which they were not always accredited for. The Counselors were there to advise you, as well as to be your friend. The success of the counseling de- partment was due to the true spirit of dedication and commitment that was unique among our coun- seling staff. ) Dr Boyd Ciilliland, Head Counselor. Ms. Sandy Brookes, Counselor, 20 Counseling Dr W ' cklon Kc.ilmj;, Counselor. le dedicated UCHS counselors. i. Nancy Steinhart, Counselor. Dr. Gilliland after completing the Master Schedule. Page sponsored by Ted Bobbi Harwood Counseling 21 Jean Bauman Special Education Leading The Way o James Berger Science, Athletics Coach Coons advises his students in the produclion of Ihc yearbook Molly Harding Mathematics, Athletics Nicholas Km;; Social Studies I Byron Asakawa Science Priscilla Climes Mathematics 22 Faculty John (iilliland Music, Health Drivers Fd Alhin la Moltc P.F,. Athletics Harriet Ballc English Rob Coons Art, Yearbook, Athletics Sandra Gochring English, Business Ed. Arlene la I ' lanle English Madelon Mc Gowan tnglish |yj|. Berger reviews his lesson plan. Mrs. Salkin goes over her order list. pr- » k.=. 4 ;vSi i Anita Mendoza Special Education Rick Mitchell Mathematics, Athletics Donna Morris Social St., Consum. Family St. Ed Newton Madeline Noakes Political Science Foreign Lang., Consum. Family St. Clint Owen Science Roy Ownbey Social Studies David Pais Mathematics, Athletics A i Ht Ed Patterson Terri Peterson Industrial Arts Foreign Language, English Page Sponsored by Mr. Mrs. V.R. Daligdig Faculty 23 1 . -4 Patricia Phelan English, Journalism Dick Pilgrim Calculus Michael Price Mathematics, ASB X- ■ -.„J . . m William Reed Science Nadinc Reid Business Lducalion Kathy Salkin Librarian -rv? ■ V; ' Virginia Rodriguez Mrs. Saracino is amused by her class. English, Foreign Language Belinda Saracino Drama, Public Speaking Pat Scanlan Industrial Arts Mr Owen explains the finer points of physics. Josephine Scanlon PR, Athletics ' f 1 NJ Ron Schmidt Raymond Schoficid English, I oreign 1 angaugc. Industrial Arts ESL Nancy Stcinhart English, Counselor 24 Faculty Page sponsored by Mr. Mrs J W. Anderson J M J 11 1 f ' f ' f A i ' fM : " . ,._,— ift Daryl Stermon athematics. Industrial Arts d V W iflp y « 7 S t ( . ' S Connie Thompson P.E., Athletics Susan Vreeland English f jnfrr •« Gloria Stipe Nurse Gerald Stukenberg Social Studies Richard Thornton Mathematics, Science 90 Donaldo Viana Foreign Language, Athletics Ms. Vreeland is surprised by a student ' s answer. Steve Vukojevich P.E., Athletics Nancy White Mathematics Sam Wong Social Studies Ms. Harding reviews a math exercise. Ill al(Mi (A Edward Yandall English, Athletics Faculty 25 Necessary People Make It Work The classified staff at UCHS had many hard work- ing and dedicated people who icept our campus running " smooth. " Our cafeteria staff started their jobs early in the morning to prepare the meals served each day. Not only feeding UCHS, they prepared meals for six other schools. The custo- dians, calling themselves the " Clean Sweeps, " managed to keep our campus beautiful while doing other odd jobs. The many jobs performed by the secretaries affected ail of the students. Their jobs ranged from recording grades to keeping track of sports, ASB money and other school oriented ac- tivities. Our deepest thanks for the services which we too often took for granted. A Eric Brockmirc, Bill (iilman Carolyn Lacey. Sue Toth. Cecilia Leonard. Judy Macander, Barney Davis, Keia Savage, Noren Crossman. Helen (iood Robert McDonald. Dave Adkins. .lean I .imorcaux. Ron Sight. Don Pcro, Paul Schnaubelt Betty Keller, John Collins Ms. Cooper advises a student on college information. ' X top row: Janice Bailey, Vcrdean Harris, Evelyn Prokopchuk, Dorothy Rusnell Dee Sullenberger, Beverly Ottiano, Barbara Seritella, Jean Shepherd, Sherri Griggs, bottom row: Sophia Pina, Georgana Vincent, Stephanie Tate, Nancy Durham, Joyce Edwards Chuck Floyd, Ellie Home Classified 27 28 Division Page Division Page 29 Senior Class Officers ■■ ii ? » »% Row 1; Belh l-nsch, David Owen, Miiniquc Marino, Row 2; Kara Smilh, Dana llarwood. Elizabeth Ackcrmann Jennifer Anderson Mike Baddour William Baddour Marina Bacza Suzic Baghcri Bailey Deanna Bakhos Malt Band Brel Barber Margarita Bastida imber Bean Michael Bennett John Beresford Sheri Bergeron Christopher Bevis ohini Bhola Cathy Billy Christopher Boles Dieter Bothe Mark Boyd radley Braddy Jon Brelin Rosemarie Brewer Karee Bright Kenneth Brucker Page sponsored by Mrs. Betty Davis Seniors 31 Mark Canterbury A l ' ii Stephen Carpowich Rd McCiroarty. Jerry Paladino. and Mark Boyd prepare themselves for the first bell Pani Cashnian Ted Cassidy Cynthia Chancy Jeffery Charvat Chih-Ming Chiang 1 aiiri C leveland 32 Seniors Page sponsored by Mrs C alherlnc Hopper Cloutier Margo Cohen II Cole William Coles Colette Coiner David Conger :ly Cox Carol Croft Shaun Crosby Most Likely to Succeed: Dave Owen, Carol Croft and Dave Michael. Nancy Goldstein contemplates the future and what it may hold. Seniors 33 Most Spirited: Olivia Price and Glen Livesay. ll .Ml Margie Bastida shows school spirit. 34 Seniors Ellen Dobecki Marita Donck Del Donk . !.. it iti Mallhcw Doyle Ronald Drobcck Trov Duncan Scarlet l-dgen Sylvia Eggcrs Jon Ekcroth izabeth Ensch Karen Epler Cheryl Pagan Cynthia Feagins Sharon Ferrier ois Fleming Lex Fort Matt Banet composes a newspaper article. Mikael Frisk icki Fulciniti Reginald Fuller Joseph Garcia Derek Gascon Whitnie Geer Page sponsored by Mary Caslleberry Seniors 35 Kathryn Gowland Robert Grant f 4 5 1 id ■( M Steven Gutierrez Susan Guy Gregory Haap Michael Haider The masked avenger prowls the U.C. campus. 36 Seniors Page sponsored by Mr. Jim Werner ■cs j All pana Harwood Thomas Hawley Kenneth Heidman Lisa Hernandez Simeon Hernandez Adriana Herrera ' amela Hoffman John Hoffner Courtney Home Most Outgoing: Kara Smith and Greg Kopels. Ellen Dobecki and Jeni Warthen exhibit their modeling talents. Seniors 37 Most Athletic: Greg Haap and Linda Stone. Terri Home Pamela Howe Petra Jansen Vicki Fulciniti reacts to her teacher ' s comments. James Horning Daniel How Kevin Hugli Monica Irvine David Janssen Paul Jastcleky Arne Johnson Arthur Johnson Jcanetlc Johnson 38 Seniors Don Fess and Cherly Fagan spend a few moments together at lunch. Kathy Jung Heidi Jungling T-i r mi[dpA» ,Ak Shawna Kaylor Russell Kennett Gary Ketchen Karen Koberg Gregory Kopels i Susan Kosta Keven Kries Eric Kron Hartwell Ku Kathryn Kuhn Page sponsored by Mr. Mrs. Chuck Adams Seniors 39 Lori Leon Michael Liberal ore Serena Liberatore Drahoslav Lim Eunice Lin L I -1 -T iir James Lin i S, mJ B Vvw ' Pei ' ee Lin Gregory Linarelli Glen Livesay Dave Jansscn observes lockcrbay aclivities. Glen Lublin Jeffrey Lucas Page sponsored by Mr. Mrs. " Buddy " Burns 40 Seniors V.MH Richard Lynn Kristie Madden Donna Maestas Carol Marchione Susan Marchione Monique Marino niii Claire Marocco Robert Marrow James Marshall Lori Martin Robert Martin Julie Marvin Best Dressed: Ted Cassidy and Diana Covert. " It ' s lonely at the top, " Seniors ' Class Clown: Robert Clark and Dana Harwood. (i it W Proud parents show orf their children. c if k Roger Maurer Roger McCollough Mark McDonald William McDonald Cheryl McGce Kdwin McGroarty Angela Mendola Ricardo Mendoza David Michael Julie Micheletti Victor Misleh Deborah Montague Allison Moore Linda Moore Scott Muglia Gunilla Bergdahl finds school work much eaiser here. Alvaro Munevar Cheryl Nagel Joseph Naylor Ronald Neary Roy Needham Michael Nerenberg Terri Neusch Page sponsored by Mr. Mrs. H.F. Wenzel Seniors 4; Gary Oakes " What in the world is she doing? " , questions Rob Martin. Stephanie Ourand David Owen Teri Paladino Dan Person Tony Peterson Tiffany Piper Steven Pitkin Connie Plutchak Page sponsored by Mr. Mrs. Larry White 44 Seniors Shannan Pratt Madelon Preston Olivia Price John Quinto Crystal Raimey Ronald Ravelo Lisa Rayspis Anthony Reed Brian Reed Tim Reeves Allison Richey Richard Rigoli Colette Coiner and Elise Newall, friends to the end. Ed McGroarty adds the final touch to the Commander layout. Seniors 4: Karen Koberg assists a U.C. fan in getting a better view. if Lori Shafer a nd Andrea Fife laugh while Cheryl McGcc is left bewildered. Sherilyn Sam Mark Scanlan William Schcffcl Su.san Schneider Jennifer Schull c Ronil Schwartz Lora Shafer Sluart Shaffer Ricardo Singer 46 Seniors Matthew Sirota Kara Smith Mark Smith Stephen Smith James Snook Jill Sorensen Shelia Spahn Susan Starr Jason Stell Theresa Stevens Quick! Don ' t look suspicious and pass the answers! Jacqueline Stookey Pamela Su Page sponsored by Ernie Sanndy Lippe Seniors 4 ' W - t Sue Taetzsch Sherri Taylor Derek Thomson Kathy Tin David Turner Melanie Turner Robert Vance Ronan Vance Peter Vandenbergh Terri Vandcrhoof Clydcnc Vincent Jennifer Warthen Matthew Wass Lance Watkins m p ' f i M zl Derek Weber Kurt Weber Raymond Weigand Mary Wemrich Stephanie Wells Page sponsored by Charlie Sandy Smith 48 Seniors I lk John Werner Diane Wilson Janene Wirtz Mark Wos Paul Wundrow Antoinette Wyman Avideh Yaghmai Lynette Young Michael Zimmerman John Zvirbulis Seniors Not Pictured Stacey Baker Raymond Barnes Gunilla Bergdahl Robert Bobzien Roger Boucher Thomas Cartwright Stephen Dockter Lavon Swyer Cassandra Ellis Dale Filo Jacqueline Frost Jeryl Frost Diane Golem Elizabeth Grow Tuongkhanh Ha Rebecca Hale Pamela Haywood Patricia Haywood Kenneth Hickman Eddie Hill David Holloway Jonathan Jacobs Robert Johnson Delano Jones Jerry Jones David Kaiser Cheng-Kang Lin John Long Adriana Malo Monica Malo Sami Misleh Scott M on fort Rodney Patterson Marina Picinbono Duane Raymond Ronnie Reich Robert Rouse Eddie Singleton Wily Smal Kimberly Sproule Johnn Ventimiglia Daniel Wedrick Brandon Weiner Ronda White Creag Wright Seniors 4? LISA ACKERMAN- Y-show mc wy lo go home-midnile cruzs-7 monsir To SS. PP. KS. V W.-cheers to good ok duys-l ' U nvcr frgct cm- closci lallts-cold nighis in garages? PP-ihanx for best laughs of em all. Comando Raids. Lucadia Missions-whal a wiiy to grow up. GS, JM- lotsa luv. Sew crdc-Paim Spr.. bublcs again ' CC-doni laugh. CBS-one ihc frst lime, snakes RR trks-ultimale tnalf-frcvr. Powdr Puf, Surf. So mny good times-take carc-gonna miss you all! Hands JER RY ALDINI-Many thanks to my special friend Stcph and to Kara. Dana. Pam, Sheila, Dave. Dave for really helping mc to " come alive " during my junior and senior years, in the true sense of the words, I ' ll never forget running for ASB (why was I disqualified?!) Homecom- ing 1982, and Ihc rest Ward Cleaver will always live! UCHS truly is the best And most of all. I owe il all to Bill Murray-where would I be intfaoulyou? Don ' t be a ' $% @. Remember Aldini!! JENY ANDERSON-I made it!! JV Cheer. ACT l-LR? (Boys Boys Boys) DnJ ' VRBKnSX tksw MMSWDM Dance Prod-LITS FUNK ' KYMBRLYnME-Bcstesl Bud (LYBFA) CnCD wkends. those Bubblic nighis-I did what? STUDDSSHnEB. Why nof Sweet 16 (VICn the Divmg Board ' ) ABANDON skiing by DHnKK-Ihanx guys. REGGAE moods. Bl U EYES n Skceter HTBS-RVnRD (QTs) thks MM-01LS! CB-youre a sweetheart! To all my true fnends-thanx for not changmg IVIOMnDAD (ILY) 1st GRAD. Class-I love u ALL! PAULA APPLEGATE-CG Cj. ip. U.G. FV.SwCramp. QQQ. Skeems F guys P D.R. Running S. Pe. A. Love ya B F.F. MD. M.up, sh. Bikes Bon F PH . Salut! JP TB LYLAS BF. LARY.LR. PR. Heue. sc. YY ' s. lyp. E. danc w TnT. K. SSS. SCLITFWT LY.Melba gt. Ac ' s U- Song Har. Ly. CB, FF. el w fro. Luv my FC. PC. Kil VJ LMAOFAN, Future H. F. F. L. 3K (2G 1 B) TT Cancer. Thanx for good times LYA. RN DM SH TP JnJF PH CB DD ED PS MP WM SI LY ALL MARK ARMSTRONG-FLASH WISH HAD $ EVERY REEB OTL. RV.ASLEEP. RMRC DOWNING REEBS RH AND CJ BUYING THANKS RVRM FOR THE ROLL. $1800 MARINE STREET. RC EATING SAND FUN AT COURT. AND IN MUD RM BW PASS. BLYTH DANKE. RED. REAR RMBR MEX. DM HOUSE, ATTIC. DINNER AT R E.LEE. OWE U CONTACT, I ' LL NEVER FORGET JE THANKS FOR i SIXES, COMIF.S, FLASH 1st DAY BACK TWO SICK BE.ST I UCK RCRVRMJS AND BLYTH. UCHS BYE. BILL BADDOUR-Wcll now that its ovr Id just like lo say Im glad. DJ Clink Vas isi dis man doing here! 2 all of those gr8 people who were n pcrS AKTV, PS Mr. O. Twas a grS class at times Rembr Pcr6 Drama what a joke By MB rembr goin ovr 2 u no where aftr schl LL u r a cool dude c u ISr. By JVTHDW Ima lawyer. KWLL Rembr the clouds. Where did the Gloops evr go? Rembr the cast prty LVLLTV KK that wasgrS. Rembr lunch time everyday Amy. rembr Dcscanso- Well I have 2 go out n the wrld. Now Byc- MIKE BADDOUR-The yrs of fun from sUrt 2 now arc almost behind us now. Only memrics 2 look back on. Memrics w HKK. PH.GD. TS. HE. CB, KC. GT. iJI- Best times specially w lhe Z the 58 hp. but who could ever forget BIk Bcauly! fishin gamin beaches, houses, buildings, the shores, glider port, fiesta. Partys all over! These memrics made il much easier 2 live by. the Class of 83 will be the Insane. Radical clss of the UC clsses 2 come! MARINA BAEZA-HEYYY!nunothat ' !FRSTG RADASBEC 83FRSTrANRCHLDTGACRW-KGSBAMJP-MRBUDJ RDMSH-ROShSFROMSAMITHANX-ATC-FUNFUNF UN-PCNCKINXM ASW PALSCLIMSON CLOVER ' 7 4SORYTHNGSNVRWORKOUTTRPSTOMEXILLNVR KNOIJANRETREAT-SAFEWAYRUNSW JRSTFPNO UTW RAY(IKNOIMBAD)CANTWAIT ' BUFNTAPINU PW C0ACHIHMYLUV-YR2KIND ' SKITRPWLBFUN! GREG-HOWCANIGO-ONW OUTBNGCAl.D.MERNA. MLAW. TONYTEC? ILLDI! OTHERS-MARISUZ. THEBEAN. TITUBA GOSHaOSCO??SPNDNGTYM I NTH EGRLS B-ROOMfKB2l82DELMARCAFE-MISSINGALLLOVE. ME(BIGM) SUZIE BACHERI Grt (rends: SPECIAL mcmrys. Mustngs. Motrcy clc. Srfbds Volvo Marila nvr mind! Ed lookingovr FB, SW grt gosipr AH thanx, Slacey URSprGrt Margw nvr 4gcl IJ wlch. Thanx ST. SS, AF. CM. CC St.. MB- Lisa sis membr TCturs. Ilnvr 4gcl IJ Membr luncheslooking 4RK. JH. DW Hng out at YC Cheryl nnvr4gct the fun tims we had membr Set fairs, LuvU. Killr. Wow. Noway, Radical Sking was gri. Lisa my glawcs. Slacc keep smilin ill b ok GOOD LUCK EVRYI VICCI S BAILEY-Tony. thanks for all the piggy backs and delicious doughnuts! Mike, all lho%c choc chip malls, hot tubs live forever! You two made a great senior year ' Gi zy bear. Duran lives forever, its gelling hot in here! l oni forget BF docs it always rain in your sunroof? When do I gel the to keys to ihc 44 ' Hope for W inNp, Bullet, good limcit in 4, keep secrets quiet, keep in touch, come to W in Np Gary- " Hcavcn can wait " ! John-1 ove you forever! Ill mis u ' All guys should be 32! DeANNA BAKHOS-Thanx friends-AL AR CF good advicc-M B rondevu-Vball I ' puff track-Extinguish SkuU Barnesing MM FUN- Chccrs 2 fun 2 w gos-sip-TC your admirer-JL PS my mspiration-JD lalk-Palti Rick best coaches-Krissy keep your feel moving-Slcpll yo- gurt or bust-cleaning KH? Richard up in smoke-Hawk w safari hat- goita go. tatc-tc guslas whips? Run dance sing til death do us part! Annette best friend always-Hopc 2 see u in SP Gilbert , , HOME!!! SUMMER BRET BARBER- Football II. I 2, To all my friends, thanx for good times, Bmysbm bud. Rap sessions, its your project, skyshow remember ' GH-SBM bud. TpFootball. REF. gel a clue, skyshow TP-old friend, midnite mouse, deep ditches. NP mission. TH-Bail out mission, old limes. UCSD fun, warped humor, RR-fun poolYB-summer bud. recb bust BU. rap sessions friends always, alt my love, BUDS-TP. TH, RR, YB, EM, SS family-YB, TB. M N, SM, CM, EK. thanx for good times MARGIE BASTIDA-Red Volvos Blue Mustangs motorcycles! MD u r in my hart 4evcr! LH my lil punkin head 111 miss U! Smile KK! Good Buddie Magic! ey Prom Kinks R 1! Love Cold Pickles CF ' Cruzin aftr gamz w AH Galo Kitty munch lard 7 monster Levi Live 4evcr! MW PH best pals always mr Ed Band (member munch?) Luv lo LH, SB, AH, SB, KK. CC. PH. MW. MR, CF. RB. SO MD GOD BLESS! Thanx mom ily! Love warm fuzzies UC!! SHERI BERGERON-Thanx for all the special timcs-FN. RB, SS, NG and my twin LH.Tping and football game! Ill never forget my Mule family-TG, TV and especially SM who ' s 1 Jacuzzi, beach parties and dances! Rolling guns and BIGEYES! Flora-ncver cat 2 sandwiches and beware of slippery milk cartons! Love ya all! ' 83 ' CHRIS BEVIS-Lookout world, the classof ' 83 is loose. Words from a wise old man to remember. Make fun-MS. MB, PH, JE, (BJ), GT and SD, PD. Swimming at the " Y " anyone? Membership $5 069 right Matt! Is solar healed. CATHY BILLY-ASBTRES: JVCHEERIl VBBBSBCHS: YRBKll. 12: RADAH: 2my budsthanx4evrthinmisua[l Grca- limzw SEWINCIR-MY2ndfamily; PSS trip, bubl , part?, als(gt). RIBBIT ' HOWBOUTHOSEPADRES " HolmesnCO: LA-pizaBF nevr4get7-IO-82. BS. RATLESNK RRTRKS, Ithelsi time CC- AFNO!Telmevrylhin! LC-knok3timzleave! KM-spy AG-M MsCM- wherz the bathrm! PC-SKIPALJD MOfiUl DONTMIX ' MM- GW; DHGWER FRNDZAGAIN: HCW FB 16 21 OH THANX TPCREW: PDPF YANDALLSYOYORULZ (SW) FLEAFLIKER: RB HEYKIDILMISU TN BF9MAMMOTHMEMRZ LUVUAI - TAKE CARE KEEPNTCH, CHRIS BOLF:S-Thanx lo my gm d friendsPH JS IS C(i DT GS. Cruzin at CHS Parties with Jay Bud. Toga at F-su ' s. UCHS party life (HAHA) Labor at the YBR Bon fires at Marine ST Hey MO! Carlsberg LS the brtndr Bying 1st car. Skiing at the ' bird, Wingansea. Hawaii no ka oi, Tallgating al Ihc Sky Show Condominium parties, Ciirls!! ' ' Concerts, OTL Coach Lampshade. Summer Vacation, PH Shock Lobster Mammoth Skiing. Womp! Imports, I ' ll never 4gel the good times Later ' Class of 83. ROGER BOUCHER-Oul of here. AV. Mcch. UCSD. houscwivws in alien, bailing, partying. BB. DW. RW. DLl. RY. DM. RN. MRbud. Lake Morena. Sam ' s lunkcr Lakellcnshaw. Alpine, partying, fun wilh shnoids. any prctly girls ' MC. JH, AR. especially KS, Chargers, football in mud, quarts, Yukan. TJ, Coronado, Chuty: ' s, Scorps, Boone ' s, partying Rocky ' s and stuff, MARK BOYD-IO. Il-Lt. Blue forever CF-shoulder thanx RS. MB. Cil. -magic mountain NN-IHLU I just want you lo know that Marcy Slam Crcw-ltl miss you all LunchBunch see you later the Look. IheWALK Friends wilh Ihc grinch " Sup, Luther 3rd period English ruled! No longer mourn for me when 1 am dead Peppcrdinc look oul! JP-Goodluck in 12th Crucifer-Thanx for nothing ' Friends anyway! JE- Good friends Help out with NN, BRAD BRADDY-111 hve 1 4 the strip I 4 street thanx 4 ihefun Al.C all the luv we shared 2 those who ask were wc?-yes-JV 641 2- 7.1 wee know ihcy rule, fords 4evcr. may the cobra run for into the future JBW may your slang bcom complete. MI MM no ch.illcngc RM our limes in Clml here. Lets continue on, Thnx all you people 4 the fun times Take life easy, 4evcr loving ROSIE BREWER-Thanks for all the wild and crazy times SB SS IN CC and SI A pcom about an armadillo ' I ' m sure We had a TIDAI - LY hot time in Marine Science I ' m gonna miss ya SS remember the ink dcwcy dcweys and the rabbit dog KIT always or else. The Club ha ' , gol lo stay together. SB the radical times never cease Gee Louise .ind all the rest. I ' m glad we ' re friends. Can you believe we ' re finally graduating? (jood bye UCHS ' I ISA BRYANT-Senior Class of UC we ' re coming oul. SC my bcsl friend, we been through a lot through the years and still wc are friends, let kccpnithoi. Remember " Walk " TR my Ace partner Remember our favorite song AF Remember our funny jokes AS I know I talked you lo death in Pcr6 Remember MH. FT, G-limes MH luv u.DJ What happened to Mon. night movies MT keep dancing KK stay crazy. And we ' re alt doin it cuz. FRANK BURNS-Mad ' s Toga parly, mexico bambi ' s. twisted, mr. bud Movies wilh sheila, king, conger, and dana SFandDI skiing. Fun limes wilh Sheila, and Dana. Kara, Caihy. Dave. Dave. Dean. Rod, Sam and everyone else. Homecoming Molina and Flame trying to drive. MTV. playing pool. Coach Hills class Susan D.. Mom and Dad, thanks for everything Thanks UC High for two great years. First graduating class of 83 rules. Gillcs Villeneuvc No, 27 Ferrari 126C 1952-82. JIM CAFFEE-Finally out of here Its been much too long 1 ith grade was better. Life really starts now Goodrums RIP! Rebbeca A Julie, lots of memories. Wong. Coons. Mitchell. Coach V. STEVECARPOWICH-Football 10, II. 12 Mile high sports talk with PC. (original, huh?) Sun with DC and Slick, R,V. they ' re playing our song ( " 76 P,T. title track) Good limes with A.M., R.V.. J W., PC . G.H . and R M {nice act-l8). MC. thanx for everything (can ' t sai. envi!) Been great, adios, anlwekyuslfafviimsuh? PAM CASHMAN-tCbuddy. maynurd. Croftski. yark ' Omigod it ' s the rolling stones! Beach prtz. cvriz in the h20-( ' igars? Nap atlack X- mas Irz snow LCwanna dance ' No dips plez. KM., CM, AG, LA, - prl lets go CBski(w o JD) rr thanx frnd 111 erf do-lz, tsrts hang- man RS whatever ET ED Ihanx 4 making me laugh MJBlhanx 4 the bst smr TH TP=JP RP. Kevin- vacuums raketbls. sure RB- memnes Flamers RR. RN BS in trig GL jeronimo-who? MM . OP smr fun SRS. " . 83. TED CASSIDY-Progressing through the times with Duran Duran H- 100 A-F-O-S. The righlsluff canyon quicksilver Hitting the surf with J.T.J.C.D.WD.R. Lots a fun with susic at homecoming, hanging oul al TT Susies B-Day party Fun m LA fasion forever Wrapping with B M DW R,V, rides with MH M D jacuzzing. S A.L.S re- minds S T T.W.A.L.S. Dancing with S.T. fun in the sun. Beach partys. Love susie! Good-byc U.C.H. Good luck everybody see ya! CYNTHIA CHANEY-Class of ' 83 rules ' Telefunken u-47!! Having fun with R W S 2y Dt»n ' l forget CI MT Bcsl friends always suzetlc. I ' ll stay away from MB. Fast times al ihc Fun center U.T.C Boredom at Robinsons love ya s.b. s.b. m.b, a.h, l.h. k.j, Bob you ' ll always be HMFTlC-l love you JEFF CHARVAT-This year is coming lo a slow end but with great weekends. Playing football and the prcgamc activities at J.R ' s was always orginal watching out for AS ' s dog was always exciting. Now I ' ll hopefully have more time for LA MD. and ART on their is cool . good luck lo them 2nd Period media center tnps always made the day. Take it easy everyone! ROBERT CLARK-To bfricnds MA. JE, RM. thank you. RM fun ski trip have to make one more like that Wc found out but it wasn ' t worth it. Good times m sumer FMP remember Ihc trash can hey BARB JE sorry about last day of school and that fball MA water sure was cold but it was worth it. Maybe someday drink more rccb than me. didn ' t bring me when rolled truck, don ' t let girLs drive your truck, RH. CS had turn in lot last year. LAURI CLEVELAND-Thanx 2 my 2nd fam. for sho«in mc the best times in life so far. CB-crusin PS. I think you have 2 Uwk m2 their I ' s. Nock3 dont entr T w jloCms cc-b-cakes will u mary mc. giglc. gigle, fornials(oi-vay) Albrtos aftr partys is hapin UWABFAVP2H Keep dreaming AG- TK IT ' S 52 PS catin ice A bubics RLiI F KM ATS- case. i ' m gclouscfircdrils, 18 nit e PES. CM-BB ' s alwayswc planed it al) along Flyin onbw, mifmbaby ' Pricelcs talks (fuir) ID ' NT K WIL- W OU Luv SMILES ALWAYS MARGOCOHEN-Badminlon The spaghetti f.-»ctory Tping JN ' s Jill don ' t wander off, Tom wc love ya purple hearts rule per 3 The eternal threesome Triplex. Lise Mary queen of scots Julie don ' t forget garcon scul, N. housen, al least I can sptll it right Mike don ' t slop Tuning! To the other M, NH, PH. JG, JS, BC. AS, t G. WH, CC. JN, AT. CM. I love you all ' To the class of ' 83-61 ST OF LUCK TO EVERYONE! WE FINAI LY MADE IT ' ! COLETTE COINER-CIF crosscountry A varsity track. 10. It, 12 would-be pi lc vaultcr Advenlurc runs wilh J J F, Triplet power! KZ. if your ' c happy, gtvc an oink ' Camping in ari ona w the cross-counlry team. Thanx coach M. you ' re 1 Going to UCSD library, gol your license ' Mini golf w FN. SS, w M M RZ. to the rescue again. En, 2of3 musketeers left, best friend " coach " anyone could ask for Good day sunshine, bu du bu dum Be happy everyone ' 50 MARYANN CORALLINE-Class of ' 83 is the besl thanks to all my super friends who made it so special AF, AG, RR. DH, SM, LS. SB, LR. especially you babyB I luv ya- were we that crazy guys? Stalling the chevet like a rookie, endless parties by the sea, Scott, mammoth in march will always be special to me. I yr.3mon, together is only the beginning of the life time I want so very much to spend with you- I love you babe, DIANA COVERT-vcheer-H, 12 artesians, ihanx JB-hello cheer ' MM-laughing! TN- our secrets NN-2rs CF OPcars shoulders DD. DE, RR, CF,-remember diand J N-smile for me, SH KS-fun, picnics, chicken soup: CLF-luv u EB-RTC. when im 20 MB MPmis- sion from god CH, RD. DM-greasy chin in math I I JW- summer fun w SW SW- Where ' s Ramon ' ' SC-sun w pc CL-broom. Albertos MC- listen LM SL-lost again w SB-WCBS-the wall-champs- 1 27-BBF RCV- prom ' 82. 40fs, HTSIS, 5 23. greece, BE ILY, KHELY COX-MH I luv u now will 4ever. Ubrought a very special happiness 2 methat I ' ll always rmmber AL for Syrs youve been a very special friend, wveve had alot of great fun grrt memories together. It wont be ihesame w o u. Our friendship will 4cver grow stronger. KJC u r a girt little sis. Have fun in high school w o me. SE u r a grrt friend well beat comp sci yet CB MB weve been friends for years, thanx 4 the 280zx TR, MG, MR u guys r grrt. ill miss you all keep in touch. CAROL CROFT-Heres to friends III nevr 4get: The gang. CB (baby) to AF. no! LC (BBYCKS) no airheads! AG SSB wed, rides canuhear? KM (MMC) cute knees! CM (mom) kid patrol USDT! LA scodies prsly ' PS (the strip) ribbit, dance, forefend, $25, prties. tny bulbs, brkn grmum. LUVUALLPOPS GL URAKID. EM dawsons hot! SK- 8 " s my pal! PCOMGTITRS JD LZ ST tngrine? HEC bop mini-rah luvusis. MWC (meegle) hey bro! PDC. MAC TY ILYVH!! Bye UCHS, hello UCSB NANCY CURLEYYahoo Wazoo! SKIW JB, MP, KP. AM, Clam- ss. Mt km Lts hve a party-an axe-are you sure? WNTSMECNDY V.F. ' S.K. lent blveil ' D.M. fellow Gredy 3rd w C,S.Joke hey Royd. B.B,Jen thanx chunkyand crunchyarethesme. LTElstper, drma682. MP, KPLTS befrnds. ML, AM, DNT get crzyw ome, RRB4-ever JB W old pis. thanx toall teachers good luck to 83. thanx mom dad for cher dreams, love to ail. look out fm free! 1988 oly. Evntrs do it 3days 3 waysRGCED JENNIFER DAVIS-Volleyball. basketball-ll. 12. Hey mad dog re- member all those inventions late night ideas-somcday PJ ' s is gonna make us rich. VB ' 82. WE were AWESOME! Good luck to my passing pal CS think posttve, DB III tell you in English, Howdy Rowdy (what a crew, we knew everythmg). monday morning talks in 1st with there-sa. hey marks out front. " Im so confused " , " no biggie " Memories of fun fi lled " magic " times with friends. Lunch with JS I always had fun! ELLEN DOBECKI- My favorit pook, foods RM. look-outs w su-z. to my BF, JW-Y do you ihimk u should set u r priorties? Corny! Take it back! g-o-o-on!! M-U faces, lafs al P.P,-n-P.P. sxlhealin: Muslz. ABC, Yum good Erth, L V, Valets, ooh-la-la. Thanx ma-n-pa u made me possible ! Am I a typ-teen ? Late daz in E.L. G.S. w K.K. about B.C.RTS.. Beware of RM !Hasta luego UCHSNLN. MARITA DONCK-Big sis alf-ff thanx. HUC. browns, CHPEM and Sam. L S. Ree or-BB, Mango, blackrider. Oin-Oin. lazaro. SBF. later days BBB, the OLITBFC lives on. Mensa in 1 0th. why Len? Walkman in mads with D D- I walk the beat! Lunch with PJ Tr, Homingcom- ing-IO:00 haha! Our code PJ, always being there. Hey cuz! All those parties, susie-chong. Hi pab-August 6th, always in trouble Huh ' ' Tysm! All my friends- you made these years the best! I WUB U! DEL [X)NK- Thanx DC, for 2 great years, 83 was the best! JL. RV, KH. MB, AM. AB. TP, CF, thanx for being such good friends RV, who has the hall pass? JL. gel a license! MB, 2 bad hes married MD, Im telling mom! Tv glad you finally found a job, CV youre the best ' where would I be without you? CV and me forever! Please disregard this fire alarm! Good by all and good luck. RON DROBECK- IZOPS 501 s, RR-definition Workouts, bulubol Ip-USA boy. In the huddle w df. op-sweetest thing on two ft, CF- thanx for the cookies. JS dancing on tiptoe, laughs w sk. DC-get a grip! DM-URSO out of it! Chem w VF MF (munchies) MM SW GO LUVRZ 76 petroleum transfer Engineer, early morn, book work no thanx, not thirsty! Scripps pier, pedestrian in 1 2th! Id rather b sking Sr Prom w ! Golf w RR, years w CM. KM, 76, ihanx 4 the good times, wish me luck. TROY DUNCAN-CL 80-81 JVFTBL 9-0. homecoming court. UC 81-83 VFTBL, VBSKTBL, VBSBL, 1st yr, BSKTBL 0-20 but whos counting, thanx for comp 7. TD-tackling dummy, good one JJ thann all coaches teachers. A teacher effects eternity, he never knows where his influence steps. sc-7up smuglers. MB ' " rockin all night-long " HA HA DC-short sweet, thanx anyhow RD Ihanx for help in comp sci. DM thanx 4 a wful evening ' LUV 4a sis. M D all things in lite will pass, only whats done for chnst will last! SCARLET EDGEN-Life goes on , , On to fulfill my dreams many good memories to remember! Late nite raps, SSL. BE (why were you so young) . Crusin caddy w the intergralors! Couldn ' t have made it w oyou L, Bonita III always cherish the friendship Hawaii 83 Truly an experience! CL, where were you? thanx for the start! Benny Bear lluv u! Future in his hands! , Bye mom! SYLVIA EGG ERS-HJ, I rmmbr flbll games w blu orng Inch on t ' grss fscinatn w yer hair, wlkng hme-4mls lots of honks! V-bl! gmes " u can do it " ! thanx! I hope R frndshp -like yer legs-goes on 4ever. celebetn! Hons engw sheep on the beach, sprking cidr moon- tans, JS HJ fstvl at usd " wht ' s yer mdium? " CP, its been cool! Joggingl, 2, choc ' n reeses-frzn ygrt. " legs! wanna ride " ? Ill miss you next yr! we r ' nt cute-we r great! ski aspn! Luv ya alwys! V-2 A KC! JON EKEROTH-V base n basketball II, 12. best friends RC lots of mem, 1 Ith gd harding. FBgame. you maat G ports Flasken at hall, givin everyne a hard time, bobby Cur the greatest, BB budy ego buildr, beter make all CIF in84 MB. MA, EB, RS. EM. SS, of course DAF. thanxNN keep laughing, great times to my 3 spec. buddiesKL),SW, ED, TNI LY never forget Mthgd JEH. I love you, DR EB n ivory 4 ever. Zeek thanx 4 being zeek, I luv ya never 4 get you. CASSANDRA ELLIS-Good times w S. Edgen L, Bonita (38) cooling out in the rad cad w the intergrators gettint crazy w micky the smurfs! Let the good times roll with . K, Smith!N,Y, lookout for sumer of ' 83, Remember T. Russ. th house, R.A. K R K! I won ' t forget gettingS.T.H,S.E. LD! Ill miss KBM. PHILLIPS RA. MM. NR. TR. SC. ST. RC! BETH ENSCH-Meine liebchen, what a year! never 4gel coughing at HQ. crak that jak, mt si helens. beach pickups, crusin vark n mag. bid BD, otI(reg?). FC nev. t pines curse, dfoop, nachos, loaf fochts, scorps. who, rush, creepshow, bob those guys, wdfch-ha! lafing n ping! thanx 4 everthing, I luv U! SR SEC. KS n DH-thanx ' Munchm in isl per J A N dancebuds-wanna funk? schluf-whos on 1st? 6th re-u gr8! LW, MM n ME- " the crue " , MC-miss n luv u goodbye 4 now KAREN EPLER-Heres to us! Made it at last. RC best of friends summertime, beachlime GL after all these times, we still have a great friendship, catalina- those were the timesboyscout counslers, camp- fires, paddieboards, wmdsurfers EN what a pal. stay close, dont get lost, how about a doughnut ML. MW, MG, MR had the best classes. To all the others I havent named. The best of luck to you all! I love you mom dad CHERYLANNE FAGAN-OP. JS-Best Pals 4ever. V, Cheer. Burglar Club, Splatman. Cheese. On The Line, Gossip- DC-Thanx Shoulder- RR-(165) Best Party! Rons Figuretique, Jacuzzi-RD-LIRAQT-RR- Thanx Big Bro-TN-V Cheer. New Guys! DA-I ' ll Never 4get U-CV, MM. MR-BOYS ' ' MD-Sing-MB(crucirier) RV-memories-SK (Work Wave) JW + JA = LUV SB (LUV YA) TR-{Thanx For Animal House), CF. CT, BS, MB. LH, SW. MM, JR, SL. TV-Thanx For Great Times-l ' U Miss Ya! Colorado Here I Come! CYNTHIA FEAGINS-JTN ThanksforthefriesILuvYatruly. DC Without youl ' dbecrazy, ST Toldyalifegoeson, SC Thankslwontfor- getthe goodtimesFarrells, SH M M Thanksforeverythingl Luvyoualt. KR Always mySQUEEN, Mom ILOVEYOU, KNKC BEST- FRIENDSILOVEYOU. JP Goodbye l5 nomorehurt SHARON FERRIER-JMoRBgGlad its over ' KGB. MGB, KT. Scripps Ranch today ' ' Bet, UTDS, atilla. Physics McCarthy F2 -f 2 Vanhoe. our " men " T3b. Yogurt + Pams Does the end justify the means? This is the end my beautiful friend This is the end my only friend the end of all elaborate plans the end of everything that stands the end no safety or surprise Ihe end I ' ll never look into your eyes again J, Morrison DON ALLEN FESS-81-83. bst yrs of my life, VFB. VBasketball. 2yrs VBB. CAF-greal limes Jacuzzi, HC-83. stay in touch. Old Friends-JS. RR.OP. JW. DC,TR, JE. NewOnes-RD. EB.SW, DH, KS.CB.SK, RR, EB, GL-chip 7UP, piece of what a night, DC-thanks for everything (notes in AG), RR ' s party was a blast. New Years was different Airhead-stay sweet. UR great. Jake-UR beautiful, SK-carry your books? TP-CREW, SAC PAC still lives, RR-slay close Nt hoops-EM, MB. MOM, Dad thanks for bearing with mc. Dirk. Doug here I come. ANDREA FIFE-Mcmorics never to forget. BRFT with Sis + buddies at CHS great fun, Thx Prom 81 Thx CW UCHS + much fun with friends, MA.Kim.Chy.TV,AII,SC82, DJ.TV, RB, -1 dinner, HC 82 Thx LF. To the good times, Cuz Orly + many Laughs, Mornmg Runs with sis -1- many more super times. Sat Art class Chy. Long talks hee. hee. Hay SS grt Frd, your super, gd LK Alys John, special Always. Mom, AJ -•- shg adv Mom, Dad Luv ya. Yr bt, God bless you KIMBERLY FISHER-Always remember good times w Boncs Drea, Blackrider says Otn, OIN to MD. LS, KK Ellen-Only the Lonely A K dragging the CHUVIT. Bones Stalling, OH NO. BAM! Words on NYE w good buddies, Torito times w A S. Best bro Skin- ny Scotty Love ya. Thanks mom, A K on their way to Colorado AG KF best friends always. Do you take checks Quick call mom. See ya in 10 years, LEX W, FORT-Life at UCHS ok Change U C H.S. life is belter. Finally leaving where? Til check C dog A load. J, J. Later Greg good skiing good ol ' Ishy M V big mouth and J.B. keep screamin ' . Mad Mitch Starr JaM beach nights. Dance lights, be cool break your neck next time JD And to the girl of my dreams wherever you are. bye all ES, JL. RJ, RJ. MB and U.CH.S, JACKIE FROST-Won ' t 4get the triangles hills and solar ramps, it ' s like totally awesome it ' ll pay off slumber at the track Stay up all nite at the beach Beach runs on the boardwalk owe ' !! R U ok. Hey triplet What a trip ' loks all the way erg mornen runs burr!! Mrs. Zounes and I stride 23456 stprint 23456 work that bod and the Stones still live under my thumb JERI FROST-Oh Wow ' Hey triplet! Is it time yet? Is it lime yet? Is it time yet? Yes!!! O.K , let ' s go now! See the people walking down the street! (Shoot Man!) What a trip! Runners high, totally Mitchel ' s triangles. Yeah! For sure For sure, your in there Killer hills all you need for that runnmg speed. Hey Krissy, Oh yea under my thumb. VICKI FULCINITI-Have any candy NC Besl friends CG. KS, JB. JS. JA. NC, JA remember kf party? I do NN diseased measles. New Years at DT aunts uncles w gang, JS me alone al 12pm, GH remember when you spilled on DT carpet My Bday al JH house. Played games w 25, having fun in the Jacuzzi w GH, DT, JS. ES, you? is way out of line. CG, JB your the greatest! MS We ' ll never forgive you! Great limes w GH at Slanly scnyn remember DT, JS? GH 1 know we ' ll be together 4ever I love you! WHETNIE GEER-Is there life after high school? Orange crush acci- dent or 5 ' Hi to Eng Lit people MD, KG, LS, fXT. DM, KH. SP and Rad Mad! Tennis team 82. 83 Hey DW what school are you from? Do you have seniors ' ' Love to AG your a true friend we ' ll be forever filed next to each other Will always remember Gra, Arts w Schoie and the S.S. family YB, SM, EK. TD, BB, CM. JS. SW thanks for all the fun times, hydroplaning in Ramona Thanks SM you showed me what true devotion really is, Hope its not to late for me. Hey DC hugs and kisses, nicknames forever AMY GENNETTEN-WG-Thanks 4 all the rides, your a pal. MM- Thanks for all your pep talks Shabot Shalom. KF-Dalfi car, Party- Scotts Surprise BFF! Durango here we come!! SWK fur den, den ich mil ganzen Herzen liebe , Ich liebe dich. Thanks Dad, I couldn ' t have done it without you! You too Mom. I love you both! El Torilo-no checks-Kalua cheesecake-My besl! Look out world, here I come. GREG GIBSON-Back to the plant by 12:05. Dr. Terrorlitsov Fizzies Quizes, We sold our souls for Rock and Roll. Exit Stage Left, the Song Remains the Same, Comfortably Numb. The Blue Volks. JENNIFER GODWIN-Memories of good times spent with my best bud Pam, Remember always parties, cove, shores, Waikiki Terrace 9. DM Fair. OTL, VW crusin. jakarlas. spanado. Working at Vacation Village, meeting Eva Special friends. Reg-Beastie-F. Sparky, Pam- Pat H. LD, SE. MM. KK. SB, JM. JW. bro Steven Yearbook staff 81-82. Auto Shop, thanks to my fav teachers, Mr, Scanlon. Ms. Ricd, Mrs. Noakes, Nursing School here 1 come. Jeffrey luv you. Love you. Mom. Dad, Jill. NANCY GOLDSTEIN-Varsity Badminton 12. Fun parties, M M ' s. Jill ' s unnolicable laugh. Thanks for T.P. Gary and friends. Good luck in the future JG. MC. PL, JL, GO. PH and the rest of the gang. Hang in there little brother. 1 2th will be here before you know it. We made it! Thanks for Ihe great times U.CH.S. Luv you all! ANNETTE GORHOLT-Memries of an unforgtble yr: 7yr pal CC- glagrp maynrd hvnff! Litle sises: CB(MMs) LC-wrntairhds ' KM stcts- 100 pnsrs ' ' Pita, ygrt, tahoe-its 56! PC LA: parties-bubles? Famly Ife I Iveuali ' Atma-evthg GL? 4ever buds MM; Hws glv EM? Is tht u JP? L S crse swng-chlk it up! Fnd our nee bys-nmsgp. special frnds alwys, Whtevr MB 3rd tmes chrm. FFBHLMS-seeck! A rck? No chnce-bul y ' re the best anywys Thankx M D. So many grt imes- memries last 4ever, KATHY GOWLAND-Hey Clyde Mellow out chick, took at the sky! Dunkcrs r cool. Smile Molly! Otaky Buwect, Jr Bmen, PB watch out! MD LS Ihanx 4 helping me in E Lit Lance I ' m dedicating Super Lube to you, A hug 2 my budy Jon, A Kiss 2 all the cutiz VJ RB BM JS TC. Gcorj Shiela Biology- Keep n tuch. Dana Kara Allison Marina official toga crew-sorry Mickey S.Pitkan I always wanted 2 meet u. Chrriss I ' ll miss u, AL thanx 4 the memories. Clyde Mol " let ' s " tv. " e! Good riddens UCHS! ROBERT GRANT-Cross Country 10. 11. 12 MVP „s : ' • „.- " -Sm Senior P ' .t c% iV.iors ; same, fun times. Gel Back GcofP Arizona. How many people in cafe de " moon " Geoff? Sorry Coach. The clam w RM. SS and sis. Blacks Bcach Naw. Longbording ' 82 ' " Team Log. 8 8 81 LS spagelte. Alvira.JP hands. Bad nighl 9 6 82 Big 18 total inebriation who drove home? Thanks 2 alt my friends, teachers and esply Mom and Dad ILY. " 71 " MOB sec ya in 10 years. MIKE GREENING- Noi a " Kid " yd. won ' t be long though. Just to shut Boston and Tony up. All the fun and all the jokes. The real Zorro! I ' ll never eat ice cream or doughnuts again, especially muy muy slun- ods. Juan Largo strikes again. Hondas Rule especially Accords. Tem- pest Rides HRH Lives. RAAAR! ADAM GRIFFIN-2Monica what an excllcnt woman. Work at Tune Craft ev ' ry Sat. La Bomb Bel Air 283; thank you Mark Parkin. I can ' t forget August 8, 1982. I love my mother, the warm mountains offer little. Early start to colege. pck it as Matt might say. I often feci like that. Flute and harmon. Rough year. Blibblcsnort. SnJklac? Bal ' s a great guy. Dinner every friday. Saralcc and Harry. Bclty-nol Dave daml. Andy. Nan, my father and sisters. Mc MG CATHY GROVE-PA-BFF. VF. CB. RN. DM. GH; Thanx For All the Great Times; CHS-FollowingguysDt.JH, PF. HR. R cs t r i c I i o nBracesHaHaPF.PHPcr5;0Q0SneakingPaOulSpitlingY ouguriUG-SkyShow ' 82BM-HcyVic.Thcre ' sSaladUnderM yGasPedalUWasYourFauUAndTheKillerCollegeParlyOn HaIloween ' 8l-EngIishPer6 ' 81-8 2WhalDoesNorgeMcan ' C arlsJr.JumpingBcansInThcCoffecWhcrc ' sMyFavoritcBnc rYou ' reTalkingTooLoudCRAMP!HeyCuzSkingw friends LaughingGasClassOf83Bye. SUSAN GUY-Hey Flags! They clapped for Birdland! Linda-doing stations! Water and whole milk. Not chicken! Eva! A-the Med. Exp, WW. I ' m gonna be sick- Call Mcd-a-vac! Baskin Robbins Big L, New Guinea? NP Baby! Harry! Mable! Leftover meatballs. LV lifeguards! Ceasar ' s was best! Chili For brkft. Bclh and the career center. CEBC and disciplcship! Hey. you guys are the best! Love you all! I ' m a college girl now! GREG HAAP-Grealtimesw DT.JS.CG.SH.GC.JW. ES. RS. KM and of course Vic. DT, PC. SH m trunk. Sky Show 82 w VF. MP, EK, CG. and BM the stepper. I still have 6 more SBM. NN the mcasle victim. What up Merna. MLAW Aztecas. Watch that purse DC. Get a haircut Hage Soccer CIF Champs, Football and Baseball. RV friends for many years. S. Mission lbdl. OTL. and THO ' s. EK ' s parly remem- ber VIC, I dont think so. POKER. MOTLEY, OTL. and VIC my love to you always. December 22. 1982. MIKE HALDER-Party wcckcnds 7up, Coke John H. and Tedrick (T.C.) , . - surfs up! Acsops Tables w I ave M. (pres) and Bob B.- " thcre is a bit Greece in everything we makc " Physics w Owens Cal- culus partner Cheri N. Rowdy-T.G., K.H, (Kcnman). MS. MS moon, M D El Camino. Camaro. Jeep. Volvo, Mustang B in the PM w M.D. the crew Its been a blast!- Progressing into the future CLASS OF 83! BECKY HALE-Mom-you came to all of my cross country meets, you came to watch football games with me. You helped me out when I was down. You brought my running shoes when I left them at home. Mom even though you cant be here to sec me graduate, I want lo thank you for all the wonderful things you have done, and tell you that I love you. To Astronaut High School and U.C. High School thanks for the nemorics. DANA HARWOOD-HI KIDS ' Isi GRAD CLASS! 1st ASB PREZ n SR VP 12 YR BK 11. 12 SKI CLUB PREZ I2 9GR MEX TRIP SW " ROW ROW! ■ " BOOM BOOM OUT GO THE LIGHTS! " CB RAVIOLI TMf BARN AND HAWAII 81 W KS SW SENIOR TP JOB PARTYlNCi B4 (lAMZ " HFY CHEERI DS " MY FAV- RITES )l JAKI- Dl KARAMY BESTEST BUD, SKIING MAMMOTH. SURKIN.CRUZNPEDS.ATC. VANS SHORTS, BUZZY 4EVR. BRRRAAH ' MUNCHIN IN ENG W RR KS BE JSDRTY JOKF.SIN 3rd AMI R GOVT JAMIN GFTTIN BUFF W KS AM MB. EKIA KATH THANX 4 liVl-RYTHINC;. CHAZ- MY Isi LUV NfcVR 4GET U. MOM DAD LUVU SEE YA KIDS TOM HAWLEV-IO-fun times at Clmt HSJV soccer w Mcoihead. BJL.jr II, 1 2-V Football. Soccer. Baseball more cigbuits MB-Chuck- leugooul back.kcy in ski pants. UCSD jumpoui. fire crackers out ihe window, GDFD Cathy. Hang locisc in O side w Kevin n Jjjeff Bu cuzinsRR.TP, BB Mnght Movies, parties Cru n MX.MAV.4II OP A cool muter SK-Ms 3 9 KMTmd your luggage I thmk Ivc done it before, whllever Bret! PC-Led Lives (Ihe) Rock GOOD LUCK ' LISA HERNANDF.Z- Hi SchI da il over 4 gi u ' Lrng lodrv n trng lo ski. gng 4 ln,smc cmp. ntc wlks-Blu hones, Rd v vs Mircykles n gng lo I " c " wichng Marvy Muves. Mr Wngs ciss gosp scuion Clais of 83 Its been great! UC is l grad class! I wnt have madi it w o yrc hip- staccftuzi. margi. my twin SB. NH. AH,CC, KJ.C f. JH. MD. RG. FB, LV. SW, LM. LS. MH. MA DAD. pepe. sis. nan ihnx a million III Always luv ya! SAM HERNANDEZ- HEYYY ' Mcx trips-bambis ripped ai the bak- ery Toga N P00I1 Daves Rodney lives! Twisted w RN DM J B DC Fun times w crew Morcna trips the " talk " FB blew it a- TP good friends MB MP AM Ijie niic Albcrtos. Lisa and the " bench " First Graduating class 83 rules forever. The year was a blast. Outia here finally. ADRIANA HERRERA- Bus rides to SD with CW. lets go the long way. Lunchiime fun lime with SB. MB. LH. Baker. CJ and CC. Crusn with MB after FB games. Amatas-metting. car washes, bake sales. SB my co-driver (wjnkics and cokes. Lisas lets go to Ensenata. SB Baja lover. Thanks to all of you for being there. I love you all. bones. FRED HILGERSSocccr 81-82 V with TH. GL. CIF Bound Claire mont JV with Tony. Don-bro. TH rmbcr Berner and the bench? TP 1 1 ' 6 " and I was there, way to go hero. Prices malh class Chuckles, EM, TH, TP. Late night study mis.sion V Fiwlball 82. RV rmber SD clothesline. Mar Vista Domination. SS late Night cleaning with Stan, wrestler of the two. Dana spell Success, AM my true fnend through it all. thanks TP Remember the good times. PAUL HISSONG-To my friends CB. DT. TR. PA GG. the best of luck in your future. Marine St Melvins. Mag fires, exploding fuel. Mammoth trip for less. Homecoming at Tims or Rons( ha-ha) Aug. 6, best nighl V Soccer 1 (good luck next year) Strout 7 the Dl;. CB DT late swims in the pool. Good luck at Davis CB Keep in touch. For some real special memories, here ' s to you MD (smack). To all those who made this year fun and rewarding, so long. PAM HOFFMAN-Many laughs w SK JW! Burnin rubber in the boat. Bend those index finger. 2 many goons! I te nitc fishin w EWSKDC. Dark cave! Spyin. detectives, balloons, gossip woowoowoo! Cruisin Ferrari. Stallin van 6x in a row! Lunchin w Jr PE w Lumpy, Skippy. Spanky you are great! Give us a push Oh for Gods Sake! Things we can be talked into. Best lo AM. MB Great times w EW. Im free now lets go have some fun! Luv you ait! PAM HOWE-POLKSTREET HERE I COME HIMALAYA STOP GROWING EVERYBODY MUST GET ST NEVER MIN- D UH. MARGO OUTSIDE NUKE THE VALLEY CHICKS- RACHAEL. WE ARENT OVER 21 $% :aCRICKY LIKES INFLATABLE DOLLS MARGIE YOURE A PAL RAY AND DAVE DAVIES SWOON! SHARON F. CRUIZINK AND CHEAP WHAT HAMMY HAS NO HAIR ' LONG LIVE THE KINKS JOEY YOURE SWEET CHOCOLATE. TEDDYBEARS, BACK RUBS. AND MATT KNOCK YOURSELF OUT 83 MATT I LOVE YOU PAM HOWE KEVIN HUGLI-lts over and yet its just begun We will now move forward see what the future holds Thanx 2 the friends who have made it easier. RB. AR. PC. SR. BC. MC, RB BC, MC the Rowdic Audi, guzzling. MH parlies at SB. RB thanks for being there! AR thank you for being the special friend cvryonc needs, I luv U! SR lake care of Ms. PPMSC! Mr Schofield thanks 4 keeping me in line Oin. Oin-Coach Assist. Coach take care thanks 4 da advice! Long live The PianoMan! ARNE JOHNSON-To my greatest memory and greatest hope. Becky I ' ll love you always We ' ve had many great times. The Reverend Willy Ci-, BobularBuddy, The Rastafarian. Murphy ' s Madness. Side F,X,. Rock-n-Roll. [-ate Nights and F.arly Mornings. Racketball, Acsops, Philmorc and who knows what else? ARTIE JOHNSON-It ' s been a cool year The concerts, the people, the parties Mud fights in soccer. CIF this year no problem Chess battles with CC. MB and TC! in F.nglish, not much else lo do I guess Jaccuzi times at JC ' s The dead Artie Van " Ho mobile " lives again. Don ' t forget the parties, weekends etc. this year. Best thanks Kaien Weiss for the bcsl year and future, lo say the least, JEANNETTE JOHNSON-WILL never forget the good times at UC SquarePan Pirza with the boss, running ihe 440. Love thai Alunda! Sherrel we ' re on our way 2nd per AM Don ' t ever leave mc YW! I ' ll miss my fans at UC like SA. MW. EB, VP. YW. PH. Tm. MB and ET. but I hope you have fun next yr. CtJachV your awcNOmc so never furgcl mc of the class of " 83 " Thanx mom for everything! KATHY JUNG-Amadas l2th Marchmg band " Oh well wc tried Thanks for being Iherc MB LH AH SB ( C SB ( C SB Bll PH AY and RS. I hope you all know who you arc, Mrs. M ' s coffee club, keep it going Don ' t forget Pee Wee Herman and be sure not to be a Mr Bungle! T A Mr C What a life ' TV thanks Tor kccpmg m c company Chauffeur for the family No time lo play Hey PM. don ' t l.ig on your horn and I ' ll do the same on my V Hi R BB Good Luck!! HEIDI JUNGLING-A glimpse into ihe past: Sierras, Colorado River, Third AngcP LAS D. -bics Nov Vc-;,r l« H2, 17th B-day ADreams of Iowa Farmland Sports Forever! Love ya MAD DOG. MAGIC, BOUNDER. SPAZTIC. KOBRICKY and the gang VBABB rules! Who was thai in ihe car? Was ii ■ " Yesterday is already a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision but today, well-lived, makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope " SHAWNA KAYLOR-Vcheer 11-12 lean it to the left, cs at camp, chilies r u ready ' cowboy iprsr 1 82 how lh slow elr. wail for mc! splattman taxi neone " ' JS distil bud wanna ride " CC my bud forever keepniouch NC h20 ' ' RGCED JD gossip JA doodly shcrri bud ffasiTPWJAY SW free cheat in halftime di incss DAF carry my books JU friends. 6yr5? RD thick HLH TH fnends DG-OTWT SCDSB bye UC, college calls! Thanx mom(lLY). RUSSELL KENNETT-Missions in the chinook to the cross, rocks, fisk the birds house w KW. RC AFK. tails at the tracks. Advanced BLS3-4per 1, latc journcys in the rail at the desert riding the 185s up blow sand, good humor » rog Dave. 3 rd per vegetation w TH. Mr, shafer lOthgrd KW dropping the turkey, dinner w RC, KW, A dad. packing the ice chests, going to red hill in Ihe loyola Attempted wheeles on hte 5 hunsky. KAREN KOBERG Thanx for the memories l-S, JM. MB. TD. GH, MH. RV. KH squirt fights. SR forever bikers live ' BBall-I cant ' ouch! ouch! Coach ' April fools h2o A food fights, not GH! donl tic me down! flball-h20 girl, us start afighl? NOWAY! Luv train n thanx coach, hills angel, swcctchceks. coach kobricky. turkey ' see ya when I sec ya Owen ' Reed ' smile ' RRYOULOSER! I love you anyway ' BK HICCUP ' Ha Ha oh no ' nol my earing ' oops! off the seat! APPLE-2-APE! life goes on Thanx UC I luv you! SUSAN KOSTA-rcal groovy limes w pam A jeni- our extra long lunches gossip sessions graphics was fun dnvin DS ran. eddies boat! slaying out late fishing A CiLAMIS trips-rad Toyotas 4x ' . gctlmn nasty. Gina youve been such a fun friend, good luck Lisa AScott. crusin dads ferrari at lOOmph! yea thanx mom A dad. I give you. DC my everlasting love A friendship. The who concert 2 wk ski trip w DC. KEVIN KRIES-As I look into my senior year I see that not only did the school help me, but I helped ihe school makes Ihanx for your help miss. Hopper I also remember my typing ciassA my P E. class for the first part of the year. A special thanx to Jr for just being there, " wctp, gala go, take it easy juniors " ERIC KRON-lt went 2 fast, I remember MB. 2 yrs at UC DW A TCR oldies but goodies. 1st bing gone, rippin parks M PARC car towd at LJ party. SURFEDMANYBREAKS-twisied before blacks mis- sions YA-HAs R out free fl ai footlocker. niies in the nook, living at the ctiffsWway. stepper all-ways came thru fogy eves al ml, sol, lost DM the boys KW, M P. RK. RC. were best OICU Va GJ went GQ IT was fun- but im gone HARTWELL K, KU-Memories that will never be forgotten with friends MB. GD, MD. TS, PH. DL, JG, LG, MZ. CB Alcachers; Climes. Reid. Lamont, Peterson. Ownbey Great love A much thanx to Marshall AFcrnandc Robinson, my Mom A Dad, coast graphics. Inc, DAP. Ku.h Ku. A the rest of my family m hawaii. class of 83 KULIA IKA -NUU Z-28 ' ' M B450 1 (wc seek the highest). KATHY KUH N-Ace 1 Pilot DL ISH ND Junmc RBMD LM Everything together CMs BS Vball 81-82 . KF Black rider says oin oin LM can;fon run. rice panics arc they really marines TJ lobster talcs 3pld the tails of zorro ... my loy died Dats AM FM at last Rs hugs, prettyeycs 111 love you forever CDL A lis your drivers license nol your initials KF AMY KURLAND Had super times w T V . NG. 1 H. MC. BB. SB, SB. RV. PS. A RG all put " spice " in my class life " 82 " drama. " Blazing guns at roaring Gluch " Fantastic! Thank you Mrs. mcndosa. UC. " powder puff, senior girls rule party with " the gang " . Love rock n ' ro;l. best times after school A wk ends w my b f, MF The " rock " is where its al, la jolla cove, soaking the sun, gelling black, wonderful times BETH LACY-Good luck to my best friends LM. CM. SG LM I never could have found a more special friend CM you can always make mc smile and forget mc problems SG you have a special way of spreading happiness, because of ihal you ' ll go far All my love lo SF, you have open my world and made it more bcartiful I.MC ' M. SG remember the orange and blue, championship Now it ' s limc to pari, but lets nol forget ihe mosi important yean, in our livcs-kls learn from ihcm MONICA LAKF-ll wouldn ' t h;ivc been ihc s;imc w out you ADAM " Life ' s Tough " -Oh. but all the ' It ' a iimcs " Remember DRI (i I Love You-You ' rc Beautiful ' Thin to fncnds-Scrcna. lorn A lerri, CLMT Baksh priy H20 melon K 1 Ah ' TRTl pie-my favni Ciei ' n caught ' ' • McMSTG Yearbook lIA12(Nomorc D- Lines) Thanks for Everything, M.i ' I nday nites :it S I ee ' s-my simch can ' t take it What about the future UC Condo bilN. workAschI M. SARIove You 52 loo ' ' 81 New Years Evc lhc MTS w my AD.FTRE MG. " UC 1 (.RADS " ! SI AN LATHAM-I hope I gel out of here 1st n last year. Favorite crazies, SW, SBnSB. LH. NNnTN, The parly SW missed. SBnDW. SBnRK,Go4ilu 2. Cant wait 2 ski Isttiine Mam. LHnJH u 2 Evry 1 .isks ■■What is thai ' " 10-27-82 Remmber The WHO! Gradnite will b hot Coamt waits PORSCHE, Evry 1 wants mine ' sort oP RATHER have the I car ADRIENNE LEAVENGOOD-Psychic DB, never wrong. SG 18 yrs behind us. many more 2 go. PTL, LM Scripps DH! SE summer Iclters, every yr. HJ always helping me. PS 9yrs. with MI60-l much more TR MG tiekles SOfood. thanx again Best of times with Mede- vK KZ, TA. KH, DK, EH7other special PMs EMTs. [LYA so much, thanx 4 everything! KC 5yrs, closer every I . Priceless memories of our special friendship Always Need U. U-WMO, M2, otter. Me- Pickles or PtGEB?? Friends 4ever. FN miss you all, but off 2 UCl 1 OR I LEON-Lu v2mygdfendsatkrny- lmissu!Lyd-Sh ,im-pag-kneeyeaprobably-hrtlksofSH,SP.JS.Luv ' emnLe av ' em Distillery- my be nxtlme " Tol he wkend " -ThselngntsatS Mprtyswhy?Ben-Rckoul!SI-wrenotfrnds-jstrltvsbtu ' rgrt!L ust4JS-drms-atDonnas-whatajke " Dad " Janl7,82 smedayS cotty!Lslsmmrw David!Vic Fred-lluvyou ' r2vryspclfrnds ■Gdluck ' Drvngnsilnc-borng!OncePrds-Kckbck2-ThnxMsS canlon-Rabia-rtDD!Mom Dad-thnxforeverylhing-ILOVE YOU!! MIKE LIBERATORE-Greal times arc passed: Early days Good-Bye Good Luck. Amen Praise the Lord Race Camaro, BP TN KST women - girls Females parlies Football girls girls 83 Seniors Rule Friend for life I crazy guy Yeah the future. Good time here I come Good Luck SERENA LIBERATORE-Remembering my H.S. yrs. 11 12 were the good times. A.S B Ball •83-Prom!!! Thanks MOM DAD for your support. Lunch times were fun, Terri. Monica your the best spe. friend-will treasure the moments Thanks Mike for being there when I needed you, HA HA!! BYE LICHS friends-See you in " Ten Years " . God bless to ail GLEN LIVESAY-Boz? SW (I ' m N S ' s B.) - Reject! DM (our Gang 10 Orient.) RS (Robcat-SRA in 61h-Hhhh-lil Doomsday ' ' ! 7 years with RS, MB, EMC, CC, AG-MB (Spilwad ' ' Whatever) H20 Polo with Chuck (Ready, Go!) Soccer (Mealhead FH) Commander (move- d) but only 2 true) I can ' t complain. Boza-heart for 5 years. (CHS)- B L ER (Library Y or D) Do Dang right PC-(JT) (LZ lags)SW (BBE faint ) ( freezer tape? " What ' s the story? ' ' ) Poster (rain) (Sac) remento - Hey Duke ' SDG E=They were ASB! " GLEN LUBLIN-UCHS Thanx 4 the memories VFtbl, BE, BskB Thanks to the coaching staff you made it all possible D M.C. thanx 4 theshort time we did spend together. Sorry for the problems. DMC SML get a grip. Truely SS thanx for all those fun nilcd nights w Mr trogy. Good luck w L.S in the future Hope it works out (long live Simba) DF, EB, GL Champs i 7UP wishes w piece of glass 2 bad they didn ' t come true. Street Ftbl in church pking lot a 12:00 SML Homecoming was a blast KRISTIE MADDEN-Cheers to Best Friends: rem times w sewing cir, yogurt, movies, Tahoe ' limo-gigolo, foodfoodfood, dancin, camera-act, guys, cm-ma, cc-pa, ag-old, LC-mid, CB-babe = family ties! CM. LC-J stooges CC, Ag, LC, LA-dredded shows. Smile big! CM-rad tercel, lampshd woman, Ispy FHS. CB-spyn, Calc mesa. LC-chem. bud, shhh, fallout down CC-feed me, cry time, dance buds. Ag-dancin, Ms. Teen, mini-skirl RD-Comp. Sci, tickle-sports. Rem; Happiness is Fun Friends. DONNA MAESTAS-DC CM. RD You ' re so out of it. Surfsiss. w . TP SS SJ LBboys DelMar LB stubbies TM BRcrew Mcx yoog Johnny RosaritaLJ Parties Rasla CF GT RoloRB Rat TickilOneday ML MS OPpro ST CH Adv Hr Vino. TP Bub Reggae. Wind ' n loooky TP lonicA tapemeas MP AMP. kook SS it doesn ' t matter because DCclam RD, Pizza Womp. Hey Smilty. BRAVE. LJscenics. ' ' Cove UCSD. CAROL MARCHIONE-ThanksAR SM KT SN for making this year the best! AR, feel like spying on RS, how aboul looking for DZ ' s car. SM-how can I tell us apart ' Lets stop making fools of ourselves KT, SN-who cares what the other school ' s tennis team says about us? Thanks JSSF OK for all the laughs in English SB MM ST keep up the good art work, UC tennis team 1 , you ' re all great! CS JS, please write. AR SM Europe here we come! See you at the reunion! SUSAN MARCHIONE-Thanx AR,CM, KT.SN, MC, JM.SF. JS. CS for a great year AR my bf-not another worksheet ' I say MC what fun in Journ, KT warned u aboul 1st. CM you ' re my favorite twin. SN phone home. JS and CS u belter write! Work pals you ' re great long live Frzn. Yog.! Tennis team a success, miss you ' CM, AR shopping in L.A Europe here we come ' class of ' 83 forever ' MONIQUE MARINO-VSwimlO. VCheerll. VSXFNI2, ZUNXTCTKS-SW, My-List, JB-What , TVDebu-AB, ZAZLE- 4ME(M0RTBETR1. Emma ' sHere, Toothlcs, PPVisil-DH, Hornts- RURede, DCIDRV, RDInct, I4LUV. BD4Mc. MM(lnslrs), Snek- noul. Lyn. LYFOFRSTRCTON. AG-MyMan. Buds4evr-OPJS. Ski- Fun. Dancn. -CB, CYEspre. WekenzNoPrnts, Advce2JAKF, BM- MON, PunkModNowMe, Buenamiga-LS, LuvU-SW, MEN, Sumer- 81 (Scamn)JSPPLMLA, PasOulCLASH, Nites2Rembr, SgrDa- dyWIth Fme, UCLA, ChngnSW, URPDRM, Sldo9, Bi-Boyz, RD4SM, Hotly woodHerelCome, MemresNevr2B4gotn BYE2ALL! CLAIRE MAROCCO-Besl limes w ScwingCir-CorCrams, partys, bubles, earn, ice, PS, VCR-PF ' AG-MyCloset Bud. CC-couponPops. CB-OinknOut. LuvYaToots! Special Thanx to KM (suitCWom. IspyFHS) LC (Sunnyw GuslyWinds) 4all the talks, fun. (3stooges, WindowAction) bein there. Ure in my heart 4ever! Memrys w DM, LA, HJ,CP-ILMA, icroistsus? RDBertha! LuvU Boo-UreCool. si,s. LC CB goin4the LMs in SV Mathw DMDCRD KissinUp (Al- waysA Smile) Cruzn, Schemn 4ever on the PHONE! MomAFJ-lLY. ril do il for me U. dad. JIM MARSHALL-IOlh Grade CImt Band Good times with MW, MB, WW. wish we could have stayed!!! MYF with LM. . RJKI. CP, LW. PT, DP Remember the GWINF-S FR with MM and DH Je parleing good. Eng with CM and LL-TEIFH! LORI MARTIN-Clmt UB Thanxs to my friends SP-Bighearlcd. Hcoming, DL-coupons Hi Kid UBlong w the zu, KK-meow everything together! MM-crazy kid BF(a4, S tje rest pf u thai have by me through the past All my love TM DDAJ RM RR and $ lo Fon Bis. SM-come home LB-Sea pop I Vig Sandpools. How ' s Wash? SP L Z. Lives huh? Scaling all nighlers LH Long Live my skis-Aspen Tahoe C. Taryec Mammoth. RF DM-R.I.P. Thanx Mom ' s Lov ya Sunshine ROB MARTIN-Football JV Varsity. Goodtimes partn. Thnx RCRVRRRGMASSMS and ESP u KS-ILUVALWYS! Octnready. goodtimes Shi, RC how do we gelit w oul a tap ' Comics! 1 800 in 1 roll MA. PGA-RV, Hey Barb! Skitrips. Those wondful summers. RCnRV- 5Ltrs is funer Gonawypanys4 RC. Hilton ice at 430, RV are u asleep or just dead? Surprise SC I wasin the closet RC, Skyshow-JP-yourar- iol FMparly-spitonthewindow Granprixs, Skicolisions. My l8B-day, thnx KS Starin at 7 RG. Us been fun. bye all JULIE MARVIN-So much lo remember SF: Piggy and Haggis fore- ver ego bag Attila zJls Love you London cruises the Carribbean- AAAH! a what? CM: " You ' re so special " I ' d cry if you got hit by a truck MM: You ' re beautiful zizzy Heeping thin-no dieting I ' ll do il tomorrow Linda, let ' s do a seminar KK: boy troubles Chemistry ka- zoo club Up the Down Staircase a blast Ivanhoe Commander LL and KK huck huck fooIball MGBIOI Bye UCHS Thank you God. ROGER MAURER-BNB Remember times at Clairemont High, when we were Rad and still are. May your slang run long and fast. Z 28 is great (Chevy rules) BB4.MC. To everyone who called me MOOSE have a good year and years 10 come. To BaBies whom I LOVE very much now and Forever Love R.M. BILL MCDONA-Football 81 82 Track Bngn w lhc crue. Clay ' s pad Iron Miden Sl. Paul ' s Window missions w w Sky show antics Lance ' s Kgr Garstia Thrill Hill AWOL Hip Red Wos KW Yoda Crosby PZ sissions in OB w EK Wen FIYH Seniorilis strikes Playmov snowstorm 81. Murphey ' s. LJ Fed. Ckn Grkshl MMWW w B C Tapn at Aesops Partyin at Blacks Halin CImt. Wally ' s South Arne Shrmn TJ w WMJ Haired by wigs Thanks Wenfor everything ILYF. Av revoir UCHS The Stepper CHERYL MCGEE-Clairemonl 10. V-CrossCounlryl I, JV Basketball II. V-Cheerleading 12 Will never forget great times with LM. BL. SG others in lOlh To bad we couldn ' t stay ' Always remember m- parties. dancing, lunch etc. with LM. LF. AF. BL. SG. SB. LH. LS. MD Surprised when I oi would come. Won ' t forget any of you. You ' re all the greatest. Thanks Linda for always being there, Mom Dad. Love you always. Best wishes lo everyone love ya all ED MCGROATY-IOth Clairemont. lost Nth UCVHoop, V Baseball KS, DH-2 Al good eggs. LR-you ' ve got a spell on me. DAF, JJ, JE, summer ball 82 OP-Newcoming, Thanks. I 2thVFootball, don ' t count me out, I ' m cleaning the cleats for college MB-best friend ever, AG- glad It worked out. TH, TP-us 3 logelher, forget it! Monlicgo, Omega cruism DAF, MB. RS. JP. MB-Nile Hoops. Spreckles. DM-You ' ve been so good to me; when you ' re 18. you me, I love you FH-you ' llbe Hll: WO ' D you ' re special. MOLLY MCGUIRE-Smile Kathy! Jr brdmn UNITE! LS you ' re a star, Srfrwm-I wsjslkdngabl th whls TW. SW Jac 4-evr, TD. GR hq, and trpi dts GL no more pics Paul m ' hid. u cn ' t tch Ih wis, Brucie-bl dnts n dn plrl. TR-I ' m free ' DI.IDF! I i a it ' s dry. NN. MM. JF. JF. GRSrfSfrindnts SW 1st dnc ' 82. Oink Oink! TP you ' re a star, TH tk cr of Mr Smrf KYLElSmy Spm Ivs ' Mitch m h els n zoo GA. MF. JR-Baby! CV. KG n me. Let ' s move out. MONICA MELDEN-Nobody knows so gel a clue Sph yr. at CHS having met my bestfriend Tim H. already having 1 KSTJ givin the best 10-12 exper cant wail 4 more I like! Palm S. luvin U TH ANL L.V. honeymoon Sen Yr. this is H.S.? Difnnclly on my way to bigger n better things mom ur the best ANGIE MENDOLA-HHH-mmmEYE Luv 4 Ever! Thanx 4 Ever- ything Mom, I Luv You! English 3rd per X-talks MM, SW, MM, AK, Banana Buds SW and Me! Come Back Daddy, Daddy I Love You! Henri and me. no mor files now; Be nice me!! (MOP) UCHS 1st Grad Class! Ski trip, reverse p-raid SS; Quick bide il JW! Trouble! BYE-Bye now. have fun! Bad-HI Love You! DAVE MICH AEL-OG AAL, NGA, RV. head for the table, quick! TP Kevin ' s car?SDO and E is number one! Who shot JR? SW has purple hands. GL likes a GW. LF and LC US Festival. Oono. Holmes, the nose Knows! CM-Thats good, Claire. JL-whal happened lo AH fever, you ' ll get the HW The Greatest ' 9-HWHS, RP, LCBJ, OWCC. GLT. MW and CC. the FS. 10-music. fish, books, drive-in. Ms yard. GB party. ll-Hello SD Sun. Fial FFVF. BB city. CDis 1 Work! 12- AAso far. ASB 1. I ' ll miss it ' Adios SAMI MISLEH-V-Football ' 82. Hitem Getem, 2 adays. 77 hate life. Samurai. BoomBoom. Samwa. Sameye they even called me Abdul, Cldn ' t hve made it w o friends cuz? AM. MB, LD, RB whole V-squad, Cuz JMAMJMHMGMSM all Ms in family, Esp, my bro VM w cool temper My mom dad are always there. Alwys remember few Bruise Keys at the Bay. Anton rember all the late night fuss ' n at UCSD Lib. It really " stunk " Thanx to you I ' m college bound Remember I is edgekatit. Good luck all you seniors. VICTOR MISLEH -2 my parents w o lhem I woul d B walking 2 schl.Thands 2 Ep SW JC 4 making this Bst yr 4 me.2 SM who plyed good Football But md e me go 2 wrk 4him.2 SP hu made me laf in gov al ong with JBV2 SNM hu kps wshing his car 3 limes wk good luk nxt yr alonc.2 VM car that Brot him 2 schl eachday 4 2 yrs.2 my cuz AM JM JM LM GM EM ESP LM hu mde my da y whn she came 2 visit u s rom VA.was fun having u come bck soon Good luk class 83 Thnks Mom an Dad. DEBBIE MONTAGU E-Ladys nite oul w Rye Mary. Trips dwn undr. 50 1 ' s. BOYS? Chew, hot tubs, pigmies, tedy brs, CCS. Iluv u2 Remembr Rye " Dm Slop Belivng " Someday luv will find us both! Special times at hangldr pt Bettsyanne " The black streak " Mem- ries of MR, llearnd from my tears. Tickid Pink w MN JW. Thanx Mom Dad. I told u I would make it. Good Luck little sis ANSR MY PHONE! I luv u3 vry much. May God bless those special people who have touched my life. ALLISON MOORE- 1 GRADS of UC!! Class Prez ' 82. ASBUDS- do urent palms? GoCenIs! StefJiow ' s MrX? 724cver! HiOL NEbase- ball2day ' ' We ' re Jammin-KDM. ■83TPUC. TOGA!? Partysbe4games- dances. HeyPcrvv! Jerryislhal u? Ifell GOSHO. Thanxbud. Whitey. Ter Lynwho ' ll go 1st? NotME!! Buyingfromals. lifting skiingwith- pals LOBS, in Mexwiththecrew, NO!! Pleasedon ' tgover ' AAAAY ' MrBud DH partys. Mypals-DMJrPHBUCSH- BifJQTPDHKSMBFHSSL-y- Thanx41heBcstyrs. inlife Mom Bun- ylwillMissu! Goodbye UC Hello ' ' LINDA MOORE-Clairemonl High, Flag ( orp 10: UC High JV Bas- ketball, CSF 1 1 : CSF 1 2. CHS was Great ' ! Max and the bus gang are unforgetable! Hey ShirleyMay— Thanks for putting up with me and for giving me confidence and support when I needed il. CM. BL. SG and all my friends. High School wouldn ' t have been Ihe same without you!! Good luck to you all Good-bye. San Diego -I ' m going to miss ya!! U.C. Irvine, Here I come!! DEAN MORAFCIK-Blind dales on Homecming the best MM 3rs glass is cold on the cheeks ask Ron Hey Jenny Ihanks4lhe black blue marks on my arm thai will never go away. Mexico $4.50 cruz Blanca. Rad Mad gre:it toga next lime bring your own coconut oil Late nite Alberlos. SDPDat Torrey Remembr Minnette. Many more Lake Mor- ena trips w my Toy Keep left? Li Ly I ' ll nevr forget the summer Pool at Daves Thanx Supercopy Monica where are U? ALICIA MORRIS-Marina Remember hand, face, slap! Jeannetlc and Debbie when ever you watch FAME, think of " JOSIE AND THE PUSSY CATS. " Mrs, Noakes I ' m going lo miss hearing your stories. The class of ' 83 ' RULES! A R M .SCOTT MUGLIA-LC. JJ. KH-REMEMBER THE JACUZZI ' JJ. LC-WET CIGARETTES ' VJ-PEDPOWER ' GANG IN BALLES CLASS THANX 4 AN A ' UNI vs UC-GIMME A G ' PINE- BRO ' JJ-SEARS TREE ' (GL. DF. JJ LR) OC-I CANT BELIEVE YOU SAID THAT ' LC DOGHOUSE. Bl.UF.S ' THF GODFA- THER STILL LIVFS ' TOWNE CENTRE ' MTVTOO HIP ' U- CLA-ROSE BOWL CHAMPS ' FAST TIMES KIRETRUCK DING DINCi WHAT DO YOU CALL A MAN WITH Bl KERIDEING TO FOOTBALL PRACTICE ' BYE. UCHS-HAI- LEY THIS ONES FOR YOU ' AL MUNEVARLifling all summer at CHS Rcete ai Byrds, Joe ' s Bio Class Kay Isi period, all rise. Laying down at JW ' s KSm Lunch at your place, make mc Late for 5th. Mc and SC doubling at Frontier. Thriflics Run your turn Carp BK Run. 3rd period. Phabcs. no it ' s not OK. AM takes the Rap Thanks for the RV Hanging Lights at Sides. Betty in Red VW SurPins Pines. DP C bees Popcorn. Kate your special i ' ll never forget you. Thanks to SC RV. CHERIE NAGEL-BY MY 1 vets The BoyslLY Shi Jaks MGs The- Panics DuMachiEinTodeMankommsl Powderpuff BE 7 yrsThanx- 4BcingAFricnd rmCravcn4Crdvcn ' s SkyshowThc Fochts ChrislOUl MagicMin Jy UR I JnB at 2am Drivin BigM ValcLsLV H20skiing CarTroublcAgain Goodluck MF NN MSP Honey Ouik6-12? Some- FirstDate SSmyknight GL Sp WillNevcrKnow UCFB Goodluckln83 lFanMomDadBN Thans PK URA GrcaiKid ChemThanx4Thc- Homcwork MrB LatcAgam MrC LuvYa UCHS Thans4thcMemor- ies DP UR AlwaysThcrc TERRY NAYLOR-CIa. s of 83 is Hot! DM-to al! the fun with you. You are very special. CF-Happy Easier Smilcly. DC-I will only smile if you do, wakcup wakcup. Checrleaders-kccpshakin your PomPoms. Wrcsllers-Practice moves on your girlfriends. OP-Foxy lady TR-PIN SP-One step beyond Short hair i.s best .so get a haircut rockcpi. CS-Try ski ing standing up. SK-Dizzy yet. halftimc. Sorry Blondes. Good Times People. RON NEARY-Heeyy! Mr.Bud4evcr- ThanxSupercopy. FirslGrad- Class83! Homecoming Hasscis, 3rd period Safeway runs w Marina Hi Goons! LovcYa Maddy li ard. Toga! Got my 240. 25« games. Help Me. the Norge is on the loose! Wear this Donna Cris. Lake Marina in the B-Tutin MidNtic Alberto runs. Hey Flamcrs! Hi MrsWhilc. Mr. Bud. Hawaii here wc come Ridgemont High 4 ever! Bye. TERRI NEUSCH-V.Checr n-I2 BFWLydia-Lifes Hard! FTVSWKF 2 the Cang-Thans 4 the partying times, I luv ya ' ll! RC- U ' re sexy CF, DC-all those great talks I luv you Mick Jagger LNMWK-ni never 4gct. 2 my Special fhends-Luv Ya. KF. TN, JS. LR-TA4S Mick-ni gel u someday TTLA-GCJ I, R-turns Ding Dong! 25t Games thank u. Sir may I have another cru ing WNTTA-ya probly CS. BF. RK. my SB! Kirk YWABSTM Jon-ILYS Luv U UC- Here I come Mick ELISE NEWELLThanks for the great times: CC. SB. RB, LC. KW. NG. John. J J Lucas, ShawnA others. CC. U R like a sister to mc. Nothing will ever reck r friendship! Thanks for just being u . for watching out for my well being. I will always be here for you. Caution: BewarcofihcaffcctsofM M ' s especially when play ing miniiurc golf, I wish everyone the best of luck, success. happiness in the yrs. to come ' JENNIFER NEWMAN-Thanks for letting mc be here ' Thanks to tot of you for being my friends. I feel so proud to be a graduate of UC, High! STEPHANI NICHOLAW-Tothc AINghl bch Prtys, Pacman Blstrs. Ndecision crushs, BBQ pigskns. SHAVF CRM fghts. shampoti coach hair. B4-don ' t u want me baby, Aftcr-don ' i u want mc porky. SNR DTCH Day yet to come! Nature Call-under bndge-don ' t look, TP2, Co-conut. Blossom Changes. Albcrtos. Mr Purple. Innoccnsc gets an A. Valley Girl. Idon ' l know? 5n2days which one " Both vcr good- w qt = belter, 1 1. Romantics. Carol Susan tennis laugh attacks, rcct, bud, bst friends in love STEPHNAIE OURAND ( rusin around w the crew. Stuck on cam- pus at lunch. The friday nights al work. E B, -always causing troublc- I ' m glad wc met! f J and Sii. you two arc real comedians. DW the best to you! You have helped mc through alot GC the good w ihc bad is what makes u.s friends, I and JB the scamming sessions. BV and everyone LM get ihcm all. MM buddies. Bio Class w I.R, MM and AS, To DR I misi you Thanks to my family-Ciood bye UC TERI PALAOINO-Mc A-lhanx for everything, you ' ve made living in Cat a dream! Cio fetch what ' ' A-all the tears were great! Fred-you ' re spccial-l.ove ya-ncvcr forgcl all thou: nights of Mlv HBO-Kecp in touch! Good luck Pud-Face! Hi Glen! Dean Run-Albcrius " Dana Kara Ihanx fur all the hard work and trying to make this year the bcsl ever! Mom and Dad. Thanx for all yimr support, t never would have made It wilhoul you! I I ovc You ' Here ' s to I K the Clas-s uf S3!! MARK Pit KHAM-You mean it ' s over. FK Phone home, trips lo Mts. Gosh , foggy, fun with my buds MR LK KK , V Basketball was an cxpcr,. m,c. MB KK JW ihc hnio was uu . MB ( iassics. OK Where ' s ih-: p " Ues. " Champ " fan. JP 1 1 27 ihc Scorps, Co mes- senger from i p l GJ goc GQ. Di shhh, f-arly sessions. Mr O with J bud. DM " o k.M k.CB MM lives m 440. Midnilc strolls around the cross with JW. 2much2do-2 little lime but I tried, Thanx Ma Pa. lOU one. We were the 1st. TONY PETERSON-Football II, 12 Track 11. 12 Wrest 12 EM calc, bros. DC-It ' s physical impossibility Air fresheners? MB-Tom Metzger for president! Is your mom back? BB-makc a run to NP? Whatever. Bret TH-hey Bendeko! It ' s " the " Rock! Cruzin in the montego, omega, 411.914. Lit rirccrackcrs go out windows! Ouch! My back! 1 think I ' ve done it before. You ' re a Jinx. What red light officer? You ' re a nut ! e Harvey! My lip hurts. I ' ll see you at mesa tech, CONNIE PLUTCHAK-CIass of 83! Never forgct-Sylvia: yogurt, legs, wanna ride! SE n TW, taking pics, jogs on beach, beach parlies, hats, beards. Heidi: Laugh in math, slap that boy, people watching in the car. Claire: ILMA! 9th grd tcrrorisis(they never guessc) Choc Stars, Jennifer: 15 yrs! Super Friends, Many memories. Debbie and Patty: BHAA. great friends forever! Christine. Jodi. Sheryl. everyone: Love Ya! CSU here I comc. MADELON PRESTON-Bulwait. Mr Bud. Late nite Albcrtos. Toga. Luv JR Dean, Powderpuff, Shwevka, late again. Hold your Harses plug your nose, Kira lets have a Dinner Part y, Zoo, Cheska, Monica, whats next? Rosarito. Rowdys. Spydcrs, NC. KP. MP; follow that car! Snooze at DC ' s all 8 of us. Pool at DC ' s. Skiing. UCSD. crawdads. Drama 82 " , Anitaklcnex. Teresa you better drive. Now were free 83 " . OLIVIA PRICE-V-Chcer 11. I2-jacuzzi. camp, P.Puff. hit the deck, budclub, Formals-who needs em, near crashes orcos, Cride, crusing, massive guyss. ts up dud, TN-URblind, DH. KS gang I7th supnsc never24get- Shoulder(DC}2mchfun; MM-LuvU. RV-lilmaniac. lunches; Al-01 miracle Med. RD-doll, RR-BigBro. wanna Uff ' DA-im no airhead; BM-sumrfun; PW-my Tbear JS-yrs of fun, bcstest pal. LuvU4cver. CF-freakout, VGs 4ever, best pal, cu in C, LuvU, UCH missU; Luv4ever mom dad; tally hoogie-lcts boogie; GOFORIT. RONALD LANUZA RAVELO ESQ -10-DudAtClmt VTennis, JVFootball, the2GuardBrosDA l, 1 1-SacPacWilILtvc! Ouch, myK- nec! Cruising Crapi Stang w sci-fiLcgApparatus. ThanxJW TR. RavctoCrashPad. Ute NightHBO MTV: WakeUpRv ' (Good- ShoiMB) JacuzziTimes w Nick, Sandy. Gorgeous, Rhoda Jaqucline- C ' cst Mot! 12-NoVFB. WanThatApril, EngBuds PaRRty: " CurbJob " NEl. D-landlnMind4cv erThanxDCDACF PumpFc: RDURsoBufH mc205- 1 70. wow! R MrememberOnlyThcGoodtinies (ClamEtc ) ThanxK2AII FriendsCUin ' 93-LuvPhilBulibol, DUANE RAYMOND-ln the remembrance of the UCHS staff. I would like to thank each and everyone of you for being a wonderful part of my life, and for having a very positive baring on my life 1 also wish each person the best of happiness in years to come. As a whole, thank you very much and I tove you all P.S. To a very special friend of mine, with sincere love from my heart. I ' ll never forget you John Ekcroth. TIM REEVES-Bulibol thks for all the great jokes kepin my head above H20 in F=Ma; Waily it was fun in Yb thks for the great times; SL the times were great but wc must move on FHFL, LMAO: CGrembr the pasf MD tkc care; SK rembr 6lh grd; CF thks frnd; RD tec off 4; JW kep the rythm goin. fcclin gliy. racc( pri, Mr Bud don ' t get hil b) .iny barrels; TW no more .icro irks, RM alius piz a boy. M M rules; VB sty out of trblc, Lt Bro Take care all! RON REICH-Thanx to all who made slow limes at 11C:HS faster. JJ- what guts ' Yeas sir Capt ' Watch the teeth! MB-through the years mc. a bad influence? Now inhale, ' Ludwig mission ' ' Bal-angcr. Midnight Gas Station. RN-must be 240Z A flamcr ' ' PC-Mrs. Whites class-a flaming success-take care. To my buz-zin ' cousins-TP, TH. BB-No ptJinting-No cussing Thanx to — C-C, AG. LC, KM, CM, CB, LA Good Luck! Don ' t Drift ALLISON RICHEY-SMA( M, what a great year! Tenms team Coach T-kecp up the good work. 1 will miss you Let ' s park by RS ' s house CM! Oh. Mikcy in Ohio, SM ' [ eAnna. do my face! Sylvia, thanx for everything. David, what can I say ' ' Mivsing Persons and Class of ' K3 forever! Europe, here we come ' PS 1 luv u Adam Am! RICK RIGOLI-Thanki UC for all your kindness TP Crew Strikes. RR. JW. DF one more lime ' cruising old Blue To Distillery and back at 1 10. come on Capri, Lwik out for Ul O ' s Rons ' J,A J Uin in.i ii last Thanx coach, the donuls were giMxl Hey John lets gel breakfast Thank you CF, 1 think I can grab the can ' Lets d.incc. RR had the parly of the year! Thanks Ron Child Dcvelopcmenl. whercs my egg- (babyl Track Team fulcs. BA and moon al Uni. Thank you 7-11 for making all of this possible! See-ya TRACEY RUSS-V-checr " 82-83 a live year ' To my partners: K-K. MT. RC. IB.SC. MP, Ih.inks 4Micking w mc through K2 We made it guys, we ' re oul ' SC. it ' s i.illcd survival Wc did il ' I B. we ' ll always have the voice BooBoo thanks 4 everything t ouldn ' t hvc done il w out ya l.uV ' U MP never a dull moment, gossip ' RC the crazy fun limes w chccr, no say si» ' What could wc do ' (itiod luck girl! K K ihe wndows ' The back end of your car! G-times! My junior partners hang lough ' SHERILYN SAM OTLED w bud-my plbb 4ever Thanks BBS for YORFF-Pakii. Bt. SI. JN. BS. CC. JV. EN. DF good timcs-luvyall! OG(m 2)- IHJV4ALWAYS-WHATITW! Ski MM 9Mcx-mudb- lasl! Dict-SZ3 4cvcr. Clas.sora3 WAB 1! No more SW Nyr Yeh- College Hricm! Prom 82-fun-Prom 83 I ! I hate mopds waps! ThxfLIN-YRA Swcelie! Lucklifelaughtcr 2 everyone. BYE 2 ALL ' MARK SCANLAN-Hotel Chaos Southern mornings wakin up asleep Offrdn with sum side FX Mesa in 83, more in 84, Quarlcrs- KH, DG moi n Rm-Fence sleeping, b-bs. Wadnneck Advanced bings 3-4 MH pyramids. Livin off Albcrtos Carne Asada, Summers Jeep flippin. hairy!!! AfJVl reserved Night raids on local frats, Cerams a cruise. Steppin out m Class EBNNLR. Jet skiing in desert, spittin wishbones. Future? undecided! BILL SCHEFFEL-Thanks to all my buds: RN (alias Jr ) GK. DM. CB. SH, MM, JZ. VB. and especially CF (alias BC:) for being there when I needed someone to talk lo about problems and stuff. Mr Bud and the Pacific Mrs Whiles class. Flamcrs forever Playing in CI. F finals for Varsity Golf Clipper Missions with Fosters and Taco Bell- Later on Luihcr Cal Poly here I come. SUSAN St HNEIDER-Bike crashes 4 Mr Ham. AG-Our jester act. skiing. Tennis we always won. Running Dicos, Milkshakes Pay- Day. PP. LA. KS. VW. rice chex w cal.sup. diving off roofs, gein stuck, sleepn n the garage Endless gt od times III nvcr 4gel Chair sliding at ASB ball81. Journey, lexies. slides after prom Philosophical runs with LS, DM Bougoirs gettin tubed, Il doesnt matter because wc SCJ 1 Luv U, U made it all worthwhile. Thanks JENNIFER SCHULTZF-Meeting eachother in kindergarten, 7th grade and our sophomore year Getting lo know each other, becoming what we arc today Stay in touch. Celebrating anything and everything at our dinner beach parties Bet you doughnuts for the class MR what arc you taking lo the fair this year? Trying lo keep TR in public places and out of DRs Working on graphics into the wcc hi un of ihe night, Benihanas. gorillas and poker, here wc come Magic Mountain LORI SH AFER-cross country Track 1 1 th 1 2th. Mitchell fun runs intervals quarters etc KR thanks for the r runs friendship Ree-EE weeblc Judas Mango double makcoul! Tom Ken wad M man Beav so cute Freda L S whal-ebs some fish I wub you ' KieT-2 years! My sweetie, thanks for everything never forget our good times-play- ground, dinner fun. dances-crazy legs, so much to say! I love you! Coaches M H-Youre the bcst-Thanx Mom Dad- I love you both! Good luck everyone! RICARDO SINGERHcy buds Thanks honkey. Haap for being the best in school, also to ES, RV. GC. SH. Kim you punker to bad you left- Where ever thers Grogs we down them alt, Hagen take it slow. Us been FUN. Mr, Wong youre the BEST I Love You all. Ricardo Sineger. KARA SMITH I si SR Pre? ASB I l-First Grads! 6Mr C-9Mex. SW " Row Row ' " " BOOM BCX)M oul go the lights ' " HAWAII 81. DHSW-MgMm w gang " what 1 like " -Barn MrPeru-Pedcruzn- RHO-Ski Surf w 1 bud Dana ' -SCCanyonUTCcookw olpalMR- kitlcdfor Roger al WMO-oul w DM 1 iSamoan. beach Jac - " Cele- brate 747 " .FLinc I Mo $$Sh.ike il Up " ' al UC-TPCC-Buzzy 4cvr- ATC RRSAMBDll-ncw bug v SR Vans Shorts-Sorry D Kicks R 4 Trids and Ircnc-LobmRosar » all-Parties MBud DH. " Umpah " - Jammin w AMMBDH-TanxM D!To all my friends. UC was great because of YOU ' Brrraaahhh! MARK SMITH-Rad Partying this year with KH MS IXl Moon KH curb slappin MS Jeep Rollin 1X5 Guitaring Moon wasted days C.cttin out of control in the ELC Class party sessions w Mil MI) TS SH and others Judas Priest Black Sabbath Blackfool Molly 0 other concerts Heavy and Southern Metal Chcvys Rule TRs Silver Bullell JZs Rud Vciic MH :H4 424 KHs Camaro 4- wheeling in Colorado Snow skiing A 45 MBI parly 4 evr w g JIM SNOOK fB ' sTB ' P.irlies a JcfTs ' Ncw Years Eve ' Whal Nc« Years Fvc ' BM JS the MM ' JV. HV, JN. SM. SM. TM. BM. IXi. JH, BB DW youre wanted for crucifiction. seriously I had fun lurking with you ' Artie. mikc Chih yvmknow whal ' -t SFERS ' Mr A. Mr P. Ms Mc Dr G. Dr K. thank ou»bc,ich panics a M HA I I ' Il P A- licc Muslang scats arc loo small!- ni hack still hurls Spending ihc nite .§ trace ' s AJ. MB-U.C. Pyras torc ii JILL SORFNSFN-GwkI times w l M. MM. PP. I A. " the Crc« " Punk M k1 NewRO. Havcnl wc done it all " Thrift stores, ski trips, parly crew, surf crew. Remember ' Dunce, Dance, Dance Hollywood weekends Unforgclables. IS (Screco. I owe you one dinner ' ) JD (iheres more lo come) More diet t oke Jen ' I. ovc you RCB. always Class of " 83, wcarc the best Thank vou all who have contributed to my fun limes and my success Hcres to the future ' 54 SHEILA SPAHN.Liebchllin)i4 Makngmdar, Alendng SuccsfulPar- I ly lhrowinA Dud-TPcursd-W Mag Vark-l RauchnYacsATLJ Ne- ■ verbrokeOurRecord BrdsW Bobob Frcnz- ' cre, DidWeSaveA Birds- : Life ' ' Wrestle OTL WHO boatW BE NN EB LR , WerR YourShorts? Goscrm BORIS BalromDancinWhoo FcityNev Wers- ' MyClos Ensh ' ' WcirdRash Burnt SnckinOutWcrsTheClutch? Boir- I RaidW Ange YisEvrylStaringAlMeDidI ForgetThe Sunblock? Go- I lAnySecrelsRob-3slill. By! SUSAN STARR-Pdl lets go dancin! lluvya-JS ' s LK Pd2.MM. KS, I DH-hlchoc. Ihiix4bing so iiice! Pd3-LR. PADJ: urgrt! Pd5-oo, 3bufs! I TkCr-ML, KF, MC: Dray-ns shrl! Pd6-ED. SW, SB. LH-gsip hr- I MM lafalak! SB-lhns4gm! Lnch-LS, CM, LM. AF. MD, -peplwachrs! SB-lspyWsl!? YgrlCP2-lwns, LH, DGMD-awys mcmbr grilalk lo ■ Skeelerbug Frmsusong: I en nvr fit n so litl rm wat hr frnshp hs nint 2me-U hv dn so mch 4me wout askng 4athng n rtrn; GdLkw-Jon- GdCach! To Fife fam -Luv Thns 4all-ur vryspciai 2 me, JAY SELL-Out of humor high. Awesome w UC Crew. Thnx to my friends 4 making this crazy yrCB. PH, MP, EGG Y.JIM Brah Guam. LW. MA. Diamond. Barney Tubes w the 3 buds: JS. DD. LS, WEDGE. MarineST Bonfires Chasm girls Windansea. BIood Guts was a joke! Chris his Imports- Mex this summer whoo. White Legion (Ha-Ha), Motleys hoL Guitar always. EDDIE VH RIPS. Always at the beach w buds FAMOUS LAST WORDS; Donl do anything i would do. Rock 4ever. Thanks for alt mom. I luv u. THERESA STEVENS-Varsity Softball Track 81-82 82-83; CIF irack semi-finals 81-82; Mammoth Mountain 82 " oh well " pizza and reeb! OOps! Rowdies WAS the best!!! Luv ya Norm and Ann! Here here Mr Bud The one only 1st senior class lives forever! Thanks for patience understandingMMcGowan, SWong, Bill Reed. GStipe, MPriceOur ever present rainbows brightened everything! To all my closet friends-JDLSMPKKPDMKKJNJSDB GKMSOPAGTPand all the locals! ILUVU-WSRSTS PATTY STIENS-Crosscountry-get up that hill-joke! Hey its Roger Daltrey. Lunchtime! Ml and TV III never forget you! RV thanks for help m govt. Meeting DLW sigh! Homecoming was fun. after parly was better. Can I stay at Terris? Mom its too foggy! 3 ' s better than 2! Ml. PS and DW-pokcr anyone? Monica lost. Ml meets JS. about time. Hope it lasts. Best wishes to Monica, your best friend. Splatty, LINDA STONE- Varsity VB and BB. Co-Mop. Thanks to all my pals. KK. JM. ST. JD. PS, HJ. TS. MB. JN. RV. DM. JL, GG, You all made it worthwhile! Karen- III never forget you! SR Forever! Pam- Is the Pope Catholic? .Sue-read my sign- youre great! Hawaii, bicycling, skiing, bb camp. Squirt fight. Rocky Horror, scamin on guys, DB concert. WHALES! Ahh beach VB-Singin! Sis I Luv You! Mom You ' re 1 1st is always best ' . Believe in Magic! JACQUELINE STOOKEY-V-Cheer, II. 12-camp, cigs? Kcynbra, ncowboy, brglrclb. M,B, in 10. DAuragigalo. RRwntabod. SKmyTwin, qtsAt Distil, JWuradoll, Daisy 82, 2Bulr83 Mono-RemebrTheCord? TNhowmanySteps? Phil. Rhoda. Jose. Nick-lluvUall, CF-MT,Helens. never 4 get TheFun. BudsAlwys-evcn inCO, Blab-great Memries Thanx2U, Friens4ever, narly Crashes, aye ' ! Can ' tTake Me Anywhere- LuvUalways. Hey Mickey, Itchman, Bubba, TP, jobsOnSkool, GdbyEngiish Budys, MomNdadluvUlots, OhWell-Jakc, PAM SU-JV-VB. BB, V-Field hockey (2nd Team ' ). VB, BB, Flamin- go— MadDog. CHS— UC Miss you. KimboiSCin I hale knees! LS-is the Pope Catholic? Chaddup! CokeRuns Donuts in the prklt. VB 2-a- days. But Patti ,,, ! Ranked I21hi SW-Mcmoirs ' HYMs Always, (MP EMI Blue eyes slay me, Calculus-whalamiDOINGhere? JD- DB. BeverlyHills SpirilNite! HJ-Mngr Slat SLAVE ' Thanx JDHJLS-Special Buddies . you were o-so-good. Our CIF list- CUTE! GoodLuckJN. Summer. Beach, S K SLURPEERUN!! SUE TAETSCH-SimiHS. Interdep, Camp, Papa do run Run, Uke Tahoe trip w ski club from SimiHS, summer of 82, mens Volleyball games Doobie Bro, Farwell concert, UCHS, volleyball mgr , Home- coming, Deaf Day Disneyland, Simi Valley, Skiing in Big Bear w ski club, ski bum, beach bum, love seagulls, Hirling w guys. Love Tom Selleck! Thanks to all my friends at UC, esp, Linda S, and Allison M , Hey Linda keep up the good work! Talk with your hands! SHERRI TAYLOR-MHSVRSTFB, UCTLKNOOSP SWSKMTHXSHH, SWOLDRMN? SK FNXSDSTLGOTP- BUDFF. RVRBXNENG, C-JR, SP. NVR4GTU ILUMYBSM- DYZMDENHVN. GRTXS JS. PNFCE, JTNLMN YNTHNX4HLPILURDONTRNS, BMLK NGDBWCSTLL. H prmBC, KLGRTFRNDILUVU, NCMP, IVEGTBTHRM, LRLKSLKEWEMDEIT! FFTH, VOJ: C-la. bhnd schlw TER, TNLTSMKEITWRKTHFF? TWILU, ERbFRENZ. Jhn. grlxsspclLUVALYS. URGNT MOM, t)ADSRRY4lheHRDXX, URgRT, ILU, w OUIDNVRHVEMDEIT gDBYUCHLLOW- RID " ! DEREK THOM.SON-CG, SH, GH, JW, ES bin ahcluva great time Mics cards, skool ski trips, wat a blast, Hagen w paper wad fights w egg hurst. Franks aheluva guy yah ' rs tis up dudes Teachmemel- low OTL champships herewecome summer beach houseL. L L wata- combo Thanks for everything mom dad Jen-Jen ILY. I won ' t ever 4- get u thanks for the best of times, KATHY M TIN-At long last what a great 4 ycars SM and MC jounalism Ahh JB problems JM buck buck SF which way to Scripps Ranch Jim thanks for some great memories-Luv ya always JB. CM, SM, and SF see ya all at UCSD Goodbye UCHS ROB VANCE-J V. FB; lO ll, Vr FB; 12, Excelsus CO ED; I1 I2. So this is it EH? Who ' s Car ' s, let ' s Rush, Ylw KG. so cool. JL, DM, TR, GH, SW, MB. KK. LS. KH. DD. CM. CF- ' twas nice, the YRBK staff-THANKYOU Let ' s hit the table DM Where ' s the Boss AH, JL? MC-the Vail, she ' s a bomb JL, Oct,27-just WHO are you? Flip-i ' s, what ' s yer favorite color JL? No neighbors DM look 4 sun. fun, ladies. Sprt ' s cars loud tunes. The fab 3 BR-GRMN-ITLN, Let ' s race ' CLS of 83 1 First Grads. Thanks Mom Dad RON VANCE-Football 10. II, 12 baseball II JW, SC, AM, 10th- Birds, parlies, 2S«, RM-ski. Newport girls. SC, J W, RM, NN, dance- nice clothes- Wanting DC, Mammoth trips-FRANKSAHEL UVA- GUY, OP-eats in 4th, ALM-drawing pictures in McG ' s, SC-good for asthma, AM-horse races MA, RM-off roading, RC, RM. GH-public enemy 1, DIANA-SL ' s 4 3. 7 4-rireworks, fun! JBonet, Catillion 82, Greek dreams, more good times to come, I will love you always. Can ' t believe it ' s over, bon voyagee! PETE VAN DEN BERGH-Rockin ' with RUSH and RICK (the bug man!), Maurice J, HEY RODNEY! YOU A LIE ' Hey Rick, whatt ' ya lalkin ' -BOUT ' Bobby M. huh? CHOO CHOO ' with Sherri W.Hey Rick, who ' s your girlfriend ' ' Jamming on RUSH.SCORPS. PRIEST, IZZY, WHO, BLUES BROS,, FLOYD, Hey Rick Best wishes to all my friends; RICK POOL RM MJ DA JS WJ J W SP CN SW TM KR RM CW DL SH EN PU DO MT and any I forgot, Adios!! TERRI VANDERHOOF-The Good Times At UCHS, Run up that hilt , , , What a joke! Lunch Time! BF M L, SL. Had great times with AK, NG, PS, Ml, LH, ED, Thanks Mr, Schofield Dad for making my days at U,C, the greatest. Thanks mom for alt the help and support you gave me throughout my high school years, RB ILOV YA. Banana. Yellow pants. October 1984!! It was great on the yearbook staff, keep the good work up Mr. Coons, Remember May t. 1982 AF, Got it!!!! Class of 83! JON VIKANDER-The boss is back. Who ' s got the keys? Thanks TG, JS, JN, BM, Auto ' s a blast, thanks guys, Redline, breaking the S.L. in the fast back, Tania thanks so far but it ' s only begun. Thanks all those mustangs out there for making this all possible, BB ' TO ' TR ' 70 ' GL ' 70 ' RM -SS " JS ' 68 ' BM ' 67 ' , Thanks JD for the weekend ' s. CLYDENE VINCENT-Hey! Chica Gowland MELLOWOUT! Molly don ' t smile! JA I ' ll be thinking of you! Call me on my nice sounding phone and we ' ll go to Venice ' prpl and turqse forever! P.B. better watch out. here we come! CF Good Luck in Colorado! MD how ' s ing? Hey punker! TP and RM I really don ' t hate you LY. CF, MD, JA, MM. DH. KG. TP. ME. LW. Keep in touch! FB don ' t be a stranger! Molly wanna move out? Miss ya all! JENNIFER CLARE WARTHEN-Grt times! bst bud In! Crz n my car. All dressed up no place 2 go, Mak-up faces, Groons Coolola Clothes Fntcs SK. PH. thanx 4 the go times. Late lunches MM KK. gspng bout the guys all the way! DSTLRY NO Bubly cvngs ' ' Yes! Gtng roz from Ihc wrng people. ADV Dance Prod, A blast w J A. LR. DD. Etc Tit show Big spender, wow! My prlGD4a mrbud UC prtz! Beach nites. mextrp. dm rn bst frnds, Stpn Out. when am I quitn? Swng sngles Mom. Rob, and Dad luv u alwz, M ATT WASS-Goodtimes UC home work per.VDPflang SkyShow Mounlsoledad sabbath MC 7000RPM JVlheB oss Teach JCmediaLab Mr.SAulo GT JVThanksforride s AmfMissYa Lalcnight Blipin AG 4evcrfricnds Love MC Maddog Bfg4UCHSPOAD GoodLuck MARY WEINRICH CImt Band 80-81 Best of limes Office Gossip Sessions Dont cry mouse MB a friend lo the end ' RZ and LL Road- trips Downunder " Its what I live for! " MR an DM l.uvu! MED, Ladies Night out! Bunny. PP. Bear. Fllie, an Buff Hugs 4 ever! Live from the boys room Story tetter! The Kingdom take 2 1 b Ay filip this is Calypso, filip, UatI R in my heart 4 ever ' Praise God! Thanx Ma an Pa! Thanx 4 everything Ms. McG! Cheers and Warm Bunny Hugs UC! .STEPH WELLS-Whal EVER, high school! Hey GL (I ' m NG ' .sO) PM (OGAALNGN), DO. KS (f cm beat ASB camp!) DH. AM ( 72 4ever) MB. EM. RS Hhh ' BE. PS (memoirs) .SC. PS (FB). Di (Am- Top3n), JD (SIS), RM. AP thanks for making, like Mark said, " The best years of my life-so far " Jerry Gruocho, Stephaside-Funny as a crutch (tip) 1 heart RD (bbe) , DZ (bge)The Beatles arc gear and the kids are alright What? No RCIO? Drama, Commander, Powder Puff, The Voice, and most of all SDG E-hey, we ' re ASB! SHEILA A WENZEL-9MexTrp-KDRow! Viv ' EnEIGranCudad. 2Mcdls W RahMytLuv 6-16 RSpecialDA! IDPromDK- Movez? Hawwaii W D-K Thanx Helen ' IISC-DK- HCRR-l6 4dnr VMan- Watch )-? DAVID 3x10 $ ILUVU-NOWN4EVR! BstBds- MMDHKSFBS-DT,SiSF W Frendz- DT2UALL! MEXNEL ' DK- Wherz Frendz ' Boofeez! MM. RSxTlks! My P Rendezvous-LPV- UR I, My PRT-Wherz Sheila? WHO CRM(RD)YOW!! MM PPQB! Dimonz R 4EVR! (HINT) Wherz Myn I DO!! VI4US MMLU ' TPUC UOnlyLivlz. ButlfULivRite. IzZEnuf ZUNXTCMM! Thanx 4Everylhing Mom Dad-Luv UColege Daz R Calin, Anchor Women on Channel ?-Love 2 All. bye- JOHN WERNER-Never forget party ' s at RR or SAC PAC nights with RR. DF. Rick R, Thanx MM for Band Stand, Thanx Rick R for those kill 50 yard tines HA HA and party ' s with JB, Thanx RD for letting me get to know you, ThanxSteve C and Rick R, for brunch Thanx Shawna K- for staying good friends, but most of all thank you Julie A- for understanding me, I will and could never forget, BRETT WILSONVF-ballJr-SryrLt Blue 4-evcr,Jer ' bout7up,EKl we got punked! MA what a play! 30t 7-TD! EB U-hd of yor tme, SS sorry! Bobby C thanx ' G S lets bet, Little Girts? Got chased, shot kids, NVR-4-get! Nwspapr plenty of picsWendi bout AA lets make a plan, BET! Lisa thanx for all the hetp.DI I ' ll nvr 4get ya, Youre to special (Oh one of these day ??) Broadway must move on, Thanx everyone U-2 Mom! DIANE WILSON-Lunch on the watt with 50,34 lardies in Mr. O ' s. SO you ' re the best. Ms LaPtantes 6th period English with DW. JH and RK,$th period volleyball with TH. KH. KK. SM. MH, and RH KH you ' ll always be too short, " Set it up! " Lm leave some for others Robbie our time together will come. I ' ll love you forever, Thanx for everything Mom and Dad I love you both. GoodBye UC, JANENE WIRTZ-Kim Rose- best friends always! UTC Nights-fast Times at UC High ' Good bye UCHS. Hello World! 1 love you Mom and Dad! Out of sight, but I hope not out of mind! MARK WOS-Alot of great times at Uc. some great pictures of me an Toucan, Lots of memories, outrageous parties, Judas and Scorps the hottest, Thanx Mom ans Dad for helping me get through these years alive. But most love goes to Janis for helping me get through school and for giving me so much love. Love you always Janis. You ' re so cute! Love Mark AVIDEH YAGHMAM would like lo give my special thanx to my parents who gave me the best opportunity 2 continue my education, Haleh Vahid. thanx for caring you guys are real pals. Hi Heidi Mamy ! I love you all. Pei-Lee Thanx 4 all the help in Physics, remember M B? Kathy. Ill Remember to go first when you open the door next time. Pie Ro. see ya in Santa Cruz. Hege, Ronit, Harise. KP. RB. UCHS, I.YNETTE YOUNG-UCHS, its been good- ' 83 yeh! Ter, remember: count, throw out that gum. one more time. MC chewing gum- ally, friends forever! call me. who me? Opposites attract chick en noodle soup two spoons please Hearlbrcaker! Love ya. DB our time will come, two years have gone by fasl. just a few more months- St- paul here I come, hopefully! Its been great. MIKE ZIMMERMAN-Memories that could never tie forgotten w GD. TS. DL. KK. MB, PH .in the future may life be rewarding Thanx to my teachers P. Scanlon. R Si.hoficid T- Peterson. S. Gcohr- ing R. Ownbey- Much love to Mom A Dad- Nobody can top the class of ' 83 the 67 ELC! MIKE ZIMMERMAN- " ° . ' ■ (S FIRST GRADU 56 All Senior Picture r% fi 0 f 4TING CLASS All Senior P ' " Junior Class Officers Vice Presidcnl; Don (ilascr. President; Katrcna Home. Secretary: Michelle Henry, Treasurer: Mike l.upro. David Adams Clyde Ahrcns Anamaria Alvarez Shawn Ambrose Mike Anderson Mark Andrilla Ron Anuskievvic? Jennifer Armstrong Sclynthia Armstrong Julie Aylesworth Suzanne Bacza Ciayle Bailey Cieorge Ballc I arhal Bari Page sponsored by Roger Maurer .r- ' 3 » 58 Juniors ( fffi Randy Barnes Erin Barr Dora Barrett Debi Beard Heather Beaton Adam Behar Steve Benny Cindy Benshoof Chris Beresford Jeni Belts Aki Bihl Amy Bischoff Maria Bishop Melba Bland Mark Blodgett Yvonne Body Michael Boren Dan Brady Jim Bremner Charles Bridge Laura Bridge Kelly Brown Mike Brown Steve Browning Ike Bruckmann William Buchanan Martin Bunch Patricia Bunzy Vince Bustamante Elizabeth Butler Rob Campbell Dave Caravantes Kenneth Cashman Madeline Cassin Mitchell Cavna Pam Ceren Rhonda Chester Chih-Hsin Chiang Chris Childress Brian Clark Bobby Clark Mike Cohen Page sponsored by Sami Mislch Juniors 59 Yvonne Coiner Heidi Coric Gina Curry Susie Danziger Tim Danziger Phyllis Darnell Henry Davenport Dana Davis Glenn Davis Roscmarie Day Mike DeGuzman Tosha Delaca Leila DeI.eon Susan Dicller Lance Dolson Brent Dougherty Lecsa Drosl Doug Dwycr John Eichhorn Julie F.merson George England Clorinda F.spinoza Leslie Evans Jim Evcleth Eric Eyres Mike Kabrizio Mike Fagan Debbie Eischcl John Filzhugh Mike I it simmons Kim Flcshman Michelle Flores 5 07 Matt Cornforth Albert Crosby i - ■• . i Gina Curry always smiling. 60 Juniors Page sponsored by Moniquc Marino. Jeff Flower Geoff Folsom BJ Forutanpour s Julia Freer Rachel Freifelder Elizabeth Freitas Lisa Marie Frisone Deborah Fujila Janis Garcia Suzanne Garrett Todd Garrison Chris Garza Camille Gascon Tania Gatt Page sponsored by Sheila and David King. Friends reaquaint after a long summer. Lisa Frisone patiently wails in a long lunch line. Juniors 61 Jill Hemingway in an emply locker bay. Ricky Hunler bores friend. Robcrl Marrow, as he does lasl minute homework. - 1: -V " " , " 3 _ Joame Ciilberl VW kJI Don(ilaser %•tA ll% Debbie Glazerman Tom Goddard 3 4 0 ' :i 1 ' Oy 5- ' .:- p 3 o si " " Caryn Gold Diane Gosney Robert Goudy Kelly Gragg 5 i o ■ J A 6 A % David Gray Kim Grennan 5 - t ; John (jrilfin Deborah Hanson % 5 ? 5 ' o ' ! -3. lUftt ' Annalisa Harkoiun Brian Harrington t Page sponsored by Harry L. Summer Inc. 62 Juniors Scotl Harris Anthony Hasten Wendy Heath Kevin Heck Michael Heck Jill Hemingway Greg Henry Michelle Henry Fred Hernandez Krisla Hess Andrea Hill Pete Hobbs Mark Hodgson Ann Hoffner Anneliese Holden Marshall Hopkins Katrena Home Mike Houghton Paul Houston Scott Huckleberry Lisa Hunt Jeff Hunter Ricky Hunter Shayne Ireland Wendy Janon Frank Jauregui Brian Jennings Roger Joe Maurice Johnson Dale Jones Page sponsored by William Gable, D.D.S. Juniors 63 Danielle Jones Stephen Jones Jeff Jonilonis Richard Kalichman Eric Kay Ayad Kazzazi Katy Kellers Raymond Kelly Phil Kennedy Sandy Keshavarzi Lisa Khoo Richard Kim Kevin Knox David Kocnig Kent Korzon Kim Kramers Kyle Krause Cory Krell Jeanne LaMotte Sing Lee Jackie Lemoine Robert Leonard Jenny Lewis Mike Liang Dcnisc Linn Greg little Maria Littler Susan Liu Shawn Loguc Kim Long Tami Lopeman Fred Loucks Diana Lublin Tim Dan igcr models iha latest hair style. Page sponsored b Mr Ncls Anderson. 64 Juniors Jose Luis Michael Lupro Donald l utz Kelly Lynch Steve Lynn Rob Maddux Kim Maloney Ron Mandley Dennis Marcos Michael Marincic Amy Marshall Russ Martin Patti Mathews Mary Margaret McCahon Page sponsored by Mr, and Mrs. Weldon Keating, Benito Singer prepares for his next class. David Adams and Heidi Coric try out for a " Coke " commercial. Juniors 65 A typical football game crowd. Tanii l.opcman, Mike McMullcn and Monica Malo discuss a graphic arts project. ( ' hristophcr McCaulcv Jeanne McCracken Heather McDonald Tim McCiinnis Bruce McKillican Vickie McLemore Anita Mchr Karen Melchcr Monica Meyers Ofclia Me a Mariana Michas ,!ohn Milani Lisa Monita Phillip Mooney Page sponsored b .1 Ballard and I lame C healham. M) .luniors Donna Morafcik Tony Moscato Monique Moxey Becky Muka Trang Nguyen Mark Nicholaw Jeff Nichols David Nicklas Kent Ninomiya David Obarr Bob Osborne Fernando Pahuriray Jerry Paladino Ken Parker Sherri Passin Kevin Patterson Jill Paul Mary Peel Heather Peri Lori Phillips Michelle Phillips Lisa Piatt Rebecca Pina Larry Porter Valerie Pough Parissa Pourhosseini Susan Powers Mary Proenza Craig Randle Sundari Ranganalhan Page sponsored by Evangelina Mintcr. Juniors 67 Mark Richards Debbie Rickard Becky Riddle Michelle Riley John Ring Jacqueline Rios l.ydia Rios Sandra Rodcs Tony Romag Kathleen Roniito Lisa Ruben Georgia Rubin Kelli Russell Julie Ruys Eric Ryan Jay Ryan Artie Salcido Darren Sam Julie Sanfilippo Joseph Scarafonc Christine Schult e Jenny Scott Bill Scvic Imelda Scvilla Ken Sharp Alise Shatoff Yasuko Shirakawa Terry Simonis Paul SinTield Benny Singer I.eah Singer Kristcn Slater Mark Slater Aaron Smith 68 Juniors Page sponsored by Jeanne Vanderhoof. Andrea Smith Christine Smith Shawn Smith Shawn Smith Carol Sonnenberg Alan Southwell Christine Souza Evan Slacheiek Kalhy Starkey Debbie Starks Brian Stcffen Sharon Stoltzfus Jennie Stookcy Kristin Strange Page sponsored by Fred Fleshman. ■ ■4 VV 9» ««• « • ♦ ••» " ••• ••• •• V A. tA » ♦ » •♦♦ AV» • ♦ ♦ » » » J . ♦♦» ♦»♦»♦»»»»♦»♦♦♦♦»«» - ■♦♦♦♦♦ »«♦♦♦♦♦♦♦»♦»»••» ' ■■« " ' » ♦ » ♦ ♦ ♦»»♦♦■ i 4 • » » ♦ ♦ ♦ « • • • ♦ ♦ ' A A.» » » ♦ I i ♦».♦.» !♦!♦ r ♦♦ " ' ' ♦.♦ » • .♦. ' - •• » ' k. ™ • • ♦ ♦ , • •• , ■ 7 ' • ilk •• sT 1 « k ' ♦ ! ■ » W ' 5 w % •L , ' I S X 1 IL [_ Mary Wachtler and Lois Cotter were relieved after a long day. Michael Heck and Julie Ruys catch the camera between classes. .Iunit rs 69 The amiable Andrea Smith. Albert Crosby eaught by surprise. Christi Sullcnberger Rich Synnott Akiko Tamano Heather Tammarine Djuanda Temple Gary Tcttenburn Julie Thomas lorn Thorpe Tim Throckmorton Anh Tran l)nbh 1 rimhic Michele Iromblev Mike Tullcr Ron Tysoi I ' agc sponsored by (llenn Dcinli.ini 70 .luniors AJjAfa Derek Underwood Allison Valencia Torrey Vance Tom Vanden Berg Robert Varela Vic Villalpando Howard Vitkus Antonina Vitrano Mary Wachtler Jenny Watson Paul Watson David Wayne Monique Weaver Joe Weigand David Wcinbaum Kevin Wenzel Damon Werner Debbie West Bill Wheeler Marian Whitehead Cherilyn Wicks Heather Wilson Maia Winters Jacqueline Wirt Victor Wong Adam Wopschall Peter Wright Jeff Wyman Ross Yagoda Greg Yavorsky Bill Ycamans Salwa Yousif Suhail Yousif I aura irino Mary Beth opalli Krisena ounes • ' ' ' Randy Zouncs Page sponsored by (ilcnda Johnson. Juniors 71 Sophomore Class Officers ' if?p.k ASB Sophomore Class Officers: Prcsldcnl Craig llarwood, Vice- President Jill Grishamm, Secretary (jrelchen Smith. Treasurer Tom lernande . W Julie Abolafia Beatrice Abrigo Burt Adam Grace Aguilar Hay el Aguilar Audrey Alferos Rodnev Allen K.Uh Christine Anderson Kristen Anderson Percival Anderson Lisa Andrilla Kcilh Vrchili.ild Armslronj; Page sponsored bv Mr H.iker. 7 ! Sophomores A Scou Atkinson Denise Bailey Anthony Baker Debra Baker Lisa Baker Annette Bakhos Kimberly Ball Mujhaid Bari Robert O ' Barr Vivien Bascos John Batzloff Cynthia Beaver Yvonne Beck Damon Becker Scott Beddome Hormozd Behi Bryan Bemis Antony Birch Heather Boles Diana Bonder James Boren Dawn Braddy Lynne Braley Elaine Brazeau Paul Brelin Lynn Bremner Eric Bridge Andrew Brighlman Charles Buck Sandra Butler Cindy Buzard Nicole Cabral Maria Campbell Eric Carlson Helen Carson Tina Cartwright John Cassels Edward Chapin Amanda Chapman Laura Christensen Lisa Clark Mike Clewis Stephen Clift Brad Cline Darcy Cloulier Ellen Cobb Chris Colborn John Cole Page sponsored by Mr. Aline. Sophomores 73 Anne Colletli Yvette Conrad Kaylcc Cornofsky Lois Cotlcr Kimberly Cox Monique Craven Lisa Creadick Brian Creek Trina Cremans Heather Crofi Tcrrence Crosby Carol Curameng Michael Daligdig Alan Daniels William Davies Marsha Deeslrada Pilar Delaluna Gina Dcmangos David Demonl Scon Demon John Dcpuy Sieve Dern Mark Dielter Danny Dillard James Dines Doug Dixon Analyn Dolopo liric Dorman Mike Dovic Harold Dreiss Brcnda Dubarko Dean Duponl Bryan Dwyer Karen Dykes James l-dgell Mac I-dwards Michelle I:lmorc Mark limeriek Brian l.ngleman lii) 74 Sophomores Page sponsored b Mr . t Mrs ( ole. 14 Yvelte Fspinosa Samantha Eyres Mark Fabrizio Michael Fentress Laura Ferguson Scott Ferguson Thomas Fernandez Teresa Ferrer Patricia Fillet Robert Fischer Rebecca Folsom Peggy Foretic Amanda Foster Edward Frecdman Donna Frisone Amy Gaulhier Page sponsored by Brian Claudellc Fagan- Steve McKay gels caught in the act. Damon Becker practices his sleeping ability on studying. Celeste Ogata gives her ultra bright smile! Sophomores 75 Pal Watson concentrates on more important matters. fi ifjk -K m J- • 4. Warm weather brings students outdoors. Report card day brings shock to Yevclle ( onrnd Kristopfer (ienl Karen Gibson Robin Gibson Andrew Goldstein Madeline Goodcn Cliff Gordon Seth Granger Doug Grant Jill Grisham N Mike Grove f Peter Quarrasi Greg Quiness Hall Khoiul.i ll.uiiillon Page sponsored b Mrs Hess Micha ' 76 Sophomores ' %i : m I ■ 5 r» Philippe Hammerling David Hancock Daniel Harrington Michael Harrington Susan Hartley Kurt Hartman Craig Harwood Stephen Hawley Stacey Hearn Eric Hendrix Patrick Herman Suzanne Herrick Amy Hilgers Robert Hill Gweneth Hollister Scott Holslag Kimberly Holt Daniel Hood Frank Hooks Todd Hoover Nathan Hopper Denise Horner Gregory Hoyt Erik Hunsaker David Hunt Tonia Hunter David Hurst Marcy Hurt Karen Hylen Susan Ignatoff Denise Irvin Matthew Jackson Brian James John Jauregui Vic Jerome Heather Johnston P Julie Jonilonis Mike Jungling William Kalchik John Kapitzke Mark Kellogg Page sponsored by Dorthy Ernie Snook. Sophomores 77 Kim Kelso Kevin Kempton Karen Kctchen Paul Ketchen Donna Kline Ursula Koberg Kristin Koehler Sara Kopels Laura Korbelak Mike Kries Lisa Kroeker Jennifer Krouse Jacqueline Kutnik Renato Lachica Edward Lampkin Nathaniel Lampkin Trevor Laurence James Laurino Karen l.illie Julia Lin Ingrld Lincoln Beverly I.oiacono Michelle Loomer Rudy Lovato Richard Lowe Jacquelyn Lucas Stephanie Lucero Louis Luick Kelly lupro BInh Luu Tracy Lynn Mike Madden Mike Malollc Michael Maloney David Marchand Felice Marocco I ' am Marousch Ron Marr Bryan Martin Shcryl Martin Lisa Marline Kara Marlizcr Q A I ' i A _ k P,WW « .4 78 Sophomores Page sponsored by Clyde . C mdy Slrani. Mrtndy Marvin Laura Malhis Wendy Matthews Colleen McCahon ■ .- Latisha McClellan ' Jennifer McClure Patricia McGillen Heidi McGinnis Mary McGroarty James McHenry Steve McKay Robert McKinney Sally McMullen I Tom McSherry i Malina Mendola ' Michcle Mercer Page sponsored by Mrs. Mae Biere. Kristin Koehlor takes advantage of the lunch time break. ' Make a wish, maybe I ' ll disappear from this class. " For John Rickard, the pressure is on. Sophomores 79 " She really wants to go out with me? " Mr King lends a helping hand to students. For Reggie luller, lime is not an ally. Maria Micolic yk Kathy Miller Roy Miller Doug Milton Richard Monita Helen Montague Ludwig Munevar Colletle Murphy Douglas Murphy Catherine Murty Michelle Myking Paul Naylor 1 ' Ann Nehikcr Stephan Ncnicth JAJ David Newell Milra Noorani Page sponsored by Myron 0. then 1 ublin 80 Sophomores Michael Norris Wendy O ' Dea Deron Obryant Kent Odell Celeste Ogata Teresa Ong Crispin Pahuriray Alvin Pangilinan Lonn Paul Maithao Pham Heather Phillips Raquel Pina Kenneth Pippin Jenny Proenza Jeff Purcell Jennifer Quinn Lisa Rahiser Gerald Raimey David Rauch Junifer Ravelo Liza Raymond John Revilla Darel Reynolds Holly Rickard Danica Rigoli David Ring Mark Roberson Kim Rose Michael Ross Evelyn Rosario Joanne Russo Shereen Russo Sean Safreed John Salyer John Samuels Jeff Sardina David Sarwinski Elana Schlafman Diedre Schloyer Scott Schneider Clair Scott Susie Scott David Shanks Lulrell Sharpe Gail Sheehan Shannon Sherlock Susan Shih Eddie Shiloff Page sponsored by Mr. Mrs. Glen Crowder. Sophomores 81 Joanna Shyu Bob Sickels Terry Sieving Michelle Silva Maurice Simmons Sean Skinner David Skoglund Colette Smal Malt Smiley Adrian Smith Brandt Smith Gretchen Smith Karol Soil Lee Sonnenberg Eric Sorenson Richard Sousa Julie Spahn Oddrun Steinkjer Sid Stern Brad Stevenson Mechele Stiving Tina Streeper Gabrieic Styler Julie Sulkowski Elizabeth Summers Mike Swa fiord Chris Swain Danicia Sylvers Pat Tanjuaquio Lezlie Tapp Celeste Tarkany Dennis Taylor Jacqueline Tcbcau Christopher Thomas Mark Thomas Cindy Thompson Klemming Tranberg Mary Tronibley Patti Uhlir 82 Sophomores Page sponsored by Mr Mrs (ilen Crowder. ' . «l H Ronald Ventimiglia Suzanne Ventimiglia Jeffrey Venzon Ty Verougstraete Lisa Viertel Carmela Vitrano Sergio Waisman Scott Wallace J Richard Wallen Richard Walton Pat Watson Paul Westover Scott Wetzel Ana Willis Trevor Wilson Carolyn Wolf Tanya Wolfson Darrell Woodard Sabrina Woodin Hans Wright Susan Wright Jeffrey Wyatt Glenn Yavorsky James Young Page sponsored by Mrs. Jackie Hammond. Doug Dixon: " Smile your on candid camera " " You remember the one about. Dan Hood takes a lunch time break. Sophomores 83 Sheila Wcnzcl. " Can teachers actually tell jokes? " 84 Academics Jon Brelin explains his problem to Ms. McGowan. Mr. Pilgrim caught in the act of teaching. A strong emphasis in our educational departments provided the students with a wide variety of knowl- edge during their years at UCHS. Our outstanding academic programs of math, science, foreign lan- guage and english earned the teachers an unsur- passed reputation throught the school district. The students consistantly marked high on the compe- tencies and a greater than average percentage of the seniors advanced to higher education following high school. Just to spend a year here is an added advantage to students who are fortunate enough to be a part of the UC curriculum. Carmcia Viirano I ' mishcs up her science lab. Page sponsored by Carol Goldstein. Academics 85 ilw fm S(i Spurts V -« Sports 87 Warriors Afield History has now been made. The Varsity football squad, led, by team captains Ron Vance and Matt Banet successfully completed their first season. Their coaches were Coach Vukojcvich, Coach La Motte, Coach Pais and Coach Hill who used their expertise to improve the performance of the team. They started their practices two weeks before school began in an attempt to be fully prepared for the season ahead. They played such teams as Clair- emont, the defending C.l.F. champions, which made their schedule that much more difficult. Al- bert Crosby, Darnell Hopkins and senior Greg Haap made great yardage for the Centurions as recievers. The defense made a large improvement over the season with such people as Steve Carpowich, Matt Banet, Don Fess, Glen Lublin and Matt Brock. Although the statistics were not all that great, the team played hard and recieved alot of support from the students and community. wfP Bill McDonald fakes his Clairemonl defender. Troy Duncan watches downfield for an open reciever. f ri V- I fm ' ' dsmw iBt s t? g r - l lf ' H ' i ' Top row: David Owen, Rob Martin. Mall Brock, Jerry Paladino. .Scot! Muglia, .Steve -Smith. Dcmclnus Smith. Delano .lones. Rob Moscato. Second row: Tony Peterson. Malt Hanel. Ired tiiigers. Shannan Pratt, (ilen Lublin, Ron Tyson. Mark Armstrong. Courtney Home. .Mbert Crosby. Coach Vukojcvich, 3rd row: Coach la Molte. Coach Hill, Tom Hawley. Damon Werner, Sami Misleh. Ron Drobeck. Troy Duncan. Sieve Carpowich. Don Fess, Coach Pais. 4th row: Darnell Hopkins, Henry Davenport, Mike Houghton, Bret Barber, Bret Wilson, Hddie McGoarly. Bill McDonald, David Caravanles, Ron Anuskiewic , Bottom row: Steve .lones. Maurice .Johnson, Rob Vance. Gregg Happ, Ron Vance. Francis Hooks, Derek Thomson. 8» Varsily Football The Cenlurions gel the jump off the Mne Maurice Johnson eludes his opponent. Varsity Football 89 Troy Duncan rifles the ball down field Centurion defense goes after Hoover. pi li Prcgamc tension mounts as the (enlunons line up for the N.iluuKil Anthem Team captain Ron Vance confers with defense coordinator Coach Pais 90 Varsity Football Glen Lublin and Delano Jones look for an interception. Otis Savage gains more yardage with a block from Demetrius Smith. Albert Crosby, Steve Jones, and Darnell Hopkins await fumble recovery anxiously. Wi de receiver Steve Jones concentrates of the opposmg defensive secondary. Doctor Anderson examines Derek Thompson ' s knee for possible injury. Centurions lead Hoover with one second left in the game. Varsity Football 91 The Centurion defense is ready to slop anything. Coach Yandall anali es his team ' s preforniance. no o ( o 92 Top row; Tony Moscato, Steve l.ynn, liric Bridge, Sieve Assehn, Vitlor Jerome. Rob Cambell, Slcic llcrrick. D.iMci (ir,i . Scoll Atkinson, 4lh row: Terry Carter. Michael Norris. Riibcrl McKinney. Troy I uller. .Scott Holslag. JelT I ' erccll. Darel Resnolds. Coach Manson. Coach Yandall, 3rd row: Tim Dan iger. Mark Roberson, liric llcndrix. Darrcll Spier. Rico McDowell. Bobby Clark. Mike Madden, Steve Hawley. Damon Becker. Scott Mra , Coach Christie, 2nd row: Mike Dcgu man. Adrian Banks. Brian Mosher. Steve Ncmeth, Tony Thomas, Scott Wallace, Doug Dixion, Chris Halkin, Ken Kries, Jerry Lope , I irst row ( h.irlcs Bridge. Mark Nunes. Bcnilo Singer, Pete Hobbs, David Wcinbaum, Scott Denton k Junior Varsity Soars! Energetic, optimistic, enthusiastic, hard working, and very respectful, were some of the many ways that described the Junior Varsity Football team. They began practices a week before school started and everyday after from 1:30pm until 4;00pm. On the field they worked together to produce a great season, and prove how competitive they were in their games. Also this year, the J.V. team passed much more on the average than any other J.V. football team. Both teams were aided by the First Baptist Church, here in U.C. The church twice supplied dinners, and a few Charger Highlight films on a couple of fridays after their games. Coach Yandall had hoped to go undefeated but, " We had a enjoyable year and things went well. " Steve Asslin checks his equipment before the game. iiMiu X Eric Hendrix brealcs through the defense for a gain. ' RS 5 Bobby Clark intercepts University ball. t Coach Yandall explains strategy for the second half. Junior Varsity Football 93 Standing: Sue Taelzsch, Chris Smith, Heidi Jungling, Jennifer Davis, Jeanne Lamotte, Deanna Bakhos, Coach Patterson, Kneeling: Linda Stone, Debbie Glazerman, Katy Kellers, Mary Margret McCahon, Jeanne McCracken, Pam Su Heidi Jungling executes a perfect serve Sue Taetzsch watches along the sideline Jennifer Davis looks over the opposition. 94 Varsity Volleyball Spiking It For The Win Hard work. That ' s what it took for the 1982-83 Volleyball team to come as far as they did. The team consisted of many returning players and a few new ones. Ms. Patterson was a great help as she used her coaching abilities to earn a credit towards her masters degree. They met as a team two weeks before school started and practiced for many long hours to achieve their own standards of perfor- mance. The team was a little disappointed because this year they had to share their courts in the gym and their practice time with the newly formed Bad- minton team. But in the long run, it improved their playing on the challenging sand courts near the gym. " It was a little disappointing because we lost Ms. Scanlon, our coach last year, " commented Katy Kellers " but her advise enabled us to contin- ue on. " Coach Patterson gives her team encouragement. Jeanne Lomotte blocks the opposing spike. Jeanne Lomotte decides exactly where to place her serve. The Centurions in pre-game warm-up. Varsity Volleyball 95 J.V. Sets It Up Using enthusiasm and consistency as their lance and broadsword, our J.V. Volleyball team con- quered the tyrants of the Western league, and es- tablished a presidence for future members. One of their main assets was their coach Lori Schwalbach, who before coming to us was previously the assis- tant Basketball coach at U.S.I.U. " There aren ' t any outstanding players " , says coach Schwalbach, " they ' re all well rounded and supportive of each other. " r 5= : . A Top row: Coach Schwalbach, Tami Lopeman, Annette Bakhos, Donna KMne, Julie Ruys Bottom row: .Sally McMullen, Sherry Passin, Janet Bailey, Kelli Russell, Mary Beth Zopatti, Kathy Anuskiewicz. . I- m • ' — «_ Kelli Russell keeps the ball In play. Mary Beth Zopatti studies the defense Donna Kline looks to the coach for last minute before the serve. instructions. Coach Schwalbach reminds one of her girls that it is only 96 J.V. Girls Volleyball Sherry Passin waits for a chance lo show her stuff Top Row; Coach Thompson, Stephani Nicholaw, Allison Richey, Lisa Hunt, Christine Schultze, Julie Emmerson. Cindy Benshoof, Laura Ferguson, Julia Lin, Heather Phillips, Monica Meyers, Bottom Row; Carol Marchione, Susan Marchione, Amanda Foster, Holly Rickard, Sundari Ranganathan, Gail Shee- han, Cindy Buzard, Debbie West, Whitnie Geer, Akiko Tamano Lisa Hunt starts the match. Cindy Benshoof prepares her forehand. Coach Thompson goes over the team ladder with a few players. Girls Tennis. . Smashing Success! The 1982-83 Girls Tennis Team did very well in their second year of competition. The members met everyday after school to practice for their up- coming matches, and their time and efforts were rewarded when they produced a winning season. With the help of their dedicated coach. Miss Thompson, the team strove to accomplish higher personal goals and as a result of their intense prac- tices, the team found a strong sense of unity. Holly Rickard concentrates on a service return. Monica Meyers exhibits volleying style. Girls Tennis 97 Keep Your Eye On The Birdie! Being the first season of competition for the Bad- minton team. Coach Scanlon considered it more of a learning situation than an actual competitive year. The team hoped to break 500 this season which was said to be a very reasonable goal for a first year team. It was also predicted that although there are no team finals expected, there will be a few individ- ual finals. Previous to this year, Coach Scanlon had coached Badminton for seven years. Her team this year consisted of thirty-two members. Only seven teams played at a time, so she always had eighteen extra players to choose from should something come up. David Conger watches the camera instead of the birdie. Jeff Nichols gives it his ail. Ricky Hunter dives for the forehand. 98 Badminton Richard Kim shows off his serving ability. Brian t lark leaps for the return Standing: Ricky Hunter, Danny How, Richard Kim, Jeff Nichols, Bjorn Romburg, Gary Oaks, Mikaei Frisk, Brian Creek, James Lin, David Conger, David Turner, Brian Clark, John Lin, Anh Tran, Coach Scanlon. Kneeling: Sandy Rodes, Nancy Goldstein, Pam Howe, Jill Grishom, Margo Cohen, Suzanne Garrett, Sharon Stoltzfus, Kim Kroners, Yvonne Body, Monique Weaver, Sitting: Buffy McGuire, Coni Ostmeir. Pei Lee Lin, Heather Peri, Eunice Lin, Monica Lake. Richard Kim displays unique form. David Conger delivers game point. Sharon Stoltzfus after her opponent. Jeff Nichols awaits the serve. Danny How prepares for an overhand clear. Badminton 99 Strides For Perfection A successful year for the U.C.H.S. Boys Cross- country team was achieved because of the support they had for one another. The team was willing to put forth the time and effort which was needed to become more skillful. With many returning run- ners from last year, plus incoming participants, U.C.H.S. had a well rounded team of 56. Entering his second year of coaching U.C.H.S. Boys Cross- country, coach Rick Mitchell felt the team accom- plished their goals that they had set for themselves. It wasn ' t just the winning. It was team satisfaction. 4a -J - ' . - Geoff Fol.som pulls ahead of Poway. Richard Kallchnian strides to «in. John Ciriffin and ficoff l-oLsoni concentrate on their running strategy. 100 Varsity Boys Cross Country Standing: ScoU Schneider, Don Wrixon, Robert Grant, Randy Barnes, Mike Cohen, Ken Cashman, Geoff Folsom, John firiffin. KnecMng: Chris Bcrcsford, ,loc Scarafone, Shawn Smith, Jim Eveleth, Randy Zounes, Richard Kalichman, Todd Garrison. Page sponsored by Mr. Mrs, .Sluart K. Leonard Varsity Boys Cross Country 101 Varsity Soccer Kicks Off A Successful Season " Excellent " , was how Head Coach Donaido Viana described this year ' s Varsity Soccer Team. The team was comprised of nineteen dedicated and de- termined players, fourteen of which were returning from last year. During their strenuous practices, the players worked on controlling the ball, improv- ing passes, and making goals. Playing consistantly enabled the players to become a very competitive team. Their teamwork and winning attitude paid off in a very successful season. Aaron Ellis battles for possession ol the ball tiric Kyan, Glen l.ivesay and Ircd Hilgers do their final stretehLng. Scott Huckleberry saves another attempted goal. iVit ' Ti " (ireg llaap goes fur the line drive. The Centurions swarm for the ball. 102 Varsity Soccer Page spt nsorcd b Richard and K.iren (Irennan, Greg Haap defends his goal with agrcbsive style. David Holloway takes the offensive. fll i standing: Coach Viana, trie Ryan, Damon Werner, Aaron E1II.S, Paul Hissong, Russ Martin, Scott Huckleberry, Greg Haap, Tom Hawlcy, Greg Kopels, Jeff Jonilonis, Manager Pam Cashman. Kneeling: George England, Brian Harrington, Thane Hall, Derek Thomson, David Holloway. Fred Hilgers, Glen Livesay, Fred Hernandez. Coach Viana discusses strategy. Aaron Fills breaks away lor ant)lhur U.C. goal Greg IFiap laces his opponent one on one. Page sponsored by: Anita, Wendy and Amy Janon. Varsity Soccer 103 Monique Moxey displays her ice-skating form. William Coles kayaks at sea. Lisa Khoo and Cathy Billy compete for possession. Beyond The Fringe Not all athletically inclined students were involved with school sports. Many spent countless hours and hard work on their individual interests. These sports ranged from kayaking and soccer to riding rapids down the Colorado River. Whether their hobbies gave them National recognition or just the satisfaction of self accomplishment, ail that count- ed was that they were having fun! Nancy Curley exhibits her jumping ability during a three day event. 104 Outside Sports Standing: Tom Vande Berg, Jack Beresford, David Koenig, Jon Brelin, Dan Houston, Ken Sharp, George Balle, Chris Colborn, David Obarr, Kneeling Roger McCullough, Pal Grady, Dan Hood, Paul Brelin, David Nicklas, Mark Andrilla, Ray Kelly, Trevor Wilson, Cliff Gordon. David Nicklas and Tom Vande Berg, compete with each other to the end. Trevor Wilson flies by as he finishes the last stretch. Eric Carlson sprints toward the finish line. David Obarr and Mark Andrilla keep up the pace. On The Run U.C. High is beginning to show its prowess in athletics. In its second year of existence our J.V. Boys Cross Country team has placed first in its league. " What can I say? " , says Coach Mitchell. " They ' re very good. They ' re ranked third in the county " . Many of the J.V. teain played intermit- tently on the varsity team for a mutually auspicious season. Coach Mitchell has great aspirations for the J.V. team next year. Losing only three seniors this year will give them an even better year in 1 983. George Balle gets the lead on his Ken Sharp, pushing It to the limit, opponents. Junior Varsity Cross Country 105 T Troy Duncan shows his expertise during warm-up. Matt Brock battles for the tip. ,f - W A Mali Brock takes llie fast break down Ihc court 106 Varsity Basketball Jon Ekeroth goes up for the score Varsity Bounces Into Action In the months following December the source of excitement and entertainment was found with the UCHS basketball team. With ten out of thirteen players returning the team put forth a tremendous amount of fast pace and fancy footwork. Having played together the past year helped out extremely, for in 1983 they worked together more as a team. All the players stood out but as a team they were even better. Jon Ekeroth and Matt Brock were two of the outstanding players who brought the team together. Standing: Head Coach Mike McDonald, Jim Evelelh, Darnell Hopkins. Jon Ekeroth, Rob Shaffer, Alan Southwell, Larry Porter, Jerry Paladino, Matt Brock, Mark Peckham, Mark Boyd, Duane Raymond, Troy Duncan, Brett Wilson, Greg Hill assistant coach trainer. Kneeling: Managers Pam Su, Torrey Vance, Hiedi Jungling, Jenny Davis. Karen Kolberg. Linda Stone. Coach McDonald sweats it out. Varsity Basketball 107 Kric Bridge watches his free-throw in hopes Bobby Clark cxhibiles good extension on a penalty sho t Up For Rebounds Basketball was one of the main events of the winter sport season and the teams spirits were high in preparation for another superb year. Under the unyielding guidance of Coach Vukojevich, seven sophomores and five returning juniors, made up the 1982-83 Junior Varsity Basketball team. They be- gan practice at 3:00 p.m., following the Varsity team workouts and ended at 5:30 p.m. During practice they worked on improving their skills for each upcoming game. They had some struggles and compared to other league teams, " Our Junior Var- sity players tended to be on the short side " , com- mented Coach Vukojevich. Standing: Brian Creek. Nalc Hopper, .lames (Oleman, Trie Bridge. Ken Cashman, Andy Sehofield Kneeling lames Young. Rob Leonard. Bobby C lark, Mike Malolie. Albert (rosbs. Steve .lones 108 J.V. Basketball Court Kings " IShju Y " 5,. ' 5U-J ; Chris Henderson concentrates on his volley. This years tennis team competed during the year with style and a positive attitude, which enabled them to achieve an envious record. Individual ef- forts stood out throughout the year and enhanced the total team performance. The team, under the guidance of Coach James Berger and led by Chris Henderson competed strongly in the western league. Predominantly made up of sophomore and junior players, the team not only participated in matches but also spent many hours perfecting tennis skills necessary for continuing excellence. The team relaxes before a match. Jim Edgett hits an approach shot. Ron Ravelo starts the match. PI f e M f Standing: Coach Berger, Richard Kmi, Percy Grave, Steve Pilkm. .Iini [idgett, Michael Frisk, Chris Henderson, Aaron Ellis, Lee Sonenberg, Victor Wong, Kneeling: Matt Cornforth, Ludi Munevar, Eric Carlson, Paul Kelchcn, Ang Traahn, Ron Ravelo, John Quinto. Tim McGinnis Coach Berger, leader of the Centurion Tennis Team. Boys Tennis 109 Swinging Into Action University City High has been in one of the most dominating leagues since their existence. The young team, however, played competitively through the season, and never gave up against such tough defenders as Misson Bay and Point Loma. Having seven returning veterans, added to the ex- perience and unity of the team. A few exceptional players moved up from J.V., and with a couple of new acquisitions, the team had well rounded talent. was their strongest point, and with extra effort, their offense improved over the season. With their aggressive style of play, the Centurions left their fans anxious for the following year. As the opposition takes the field, Sharon Stolt fus looks for a weakness. Coach Coons gives a signal to the hitter. Pitcher, Tiffany Piper, checks the next batter as she receives the ball. Kristin Koehler heads for first on a double Infield tension mounts as Jeanne McCracken prepares to run home. no Varsity Softball i f l.SjUptlju. f Kristin Koehler prepares for another hit performance. Jeanne LaMotte concentrates on the fastball. As the opposition retires, the Cents hustle in for offense. Front: Jeanne McKracken, Mary Proenza, Patti Mathews, Vicki Fulciniti, Mary Beth Zopatti, Sally McMullen. Back: Trainer-Coach Hill, Manager-Amy Hilgers, Theresa Stevens, Sharon | Stoltzfus, Kristin Koehler, Cindy Benshoof, Jeanne LaMotte, Tiffany Piper, Manager-Lisa i Monita, Coach Rob Coons. Coach Hill examines Jeanne McKracken ' s knee after sliding home. The team talks it over to relieve pre-game tensions. Varsity Softball 1 1 1 J.V. Swingers " Very competative players " , stated Junior Varsity Softball coach Lori Schwalbach. She was very im- pressed with the intensity coming from each of he girls, their attitudes, and the enthusiasm they put forth during each game and practice. Cooperation and unity led them to play a great season. Heather Phillips did an excellent job as pitcher and was backed up by a powerful defense. The team consisted of 13 players, with each girl holding an important position. They were a very strong team, dedicated and determined to be the success that they were. ' i Kelli Russell steals third base in a game against Serra. l,ori Phillips catches a high pitch. Heather Phillips watches intently. Carol Soil rounds first on a fly ball Carol Soil pitches the third strike 1 ront row: -Selynthia Armstrong, Heather Phillips. Kelli Russell. Nvone Body. Moniquc Weaver. 2nd row: Carol .Soil. Susie Scotl. I ani Schlafrman. Michelle .Silva, .Vd row: Coach 1 ori .Schwalbach. Wendy .lanon. llc.iihcr Beaton, l.ori Phillips, Julie Spahn. Donna Kline. 1 12 Junior Varsity Softball Back Row: Eddie Hill, Doug Grant, Brant Smith, Wayne Fort, Maurice Simmons. Delano Jones. Courtney Home. Tony Romag, Darnell Hopkins. Tony Reed. Al Crosby. 2nd Row: Victor Villalpando, Ken Ninomiya, George Balle, Frank Burns, Chris Halkin, Jeff Hunter. Chris Beresford. 3rd Row: Cory Krell. Mike Cohen, Mark Richards, Greg Hoyt, Richard Synnott. Kevin Kries, John Werner. Front Row: Richard Kalichman. Todd Garrison. Joe Scarafone. Geoff Folsom, Shawn Smith. Randy Barnes. Robert Grant. Geoff Folsom passes the baton to Randy Barnes. Taking It In Stride The boys ' track team did very well in competition this season despite the late start due to rain. The team ' s outstanding performance was credited to the long hours of practice after school, consisting of a half mile warm-up, and stretching under the supervision of Coach Mitchell. The team was con- sisted of nearly a dozen returning athletes and an enthusiastic new group. " The unity was an impor- tant part of the boys ' success, " Coach Mitchell commented. " They had lots of hard workouts and they gave it their all. " Their season ended with high hopes for an equally winning team next year. Branl Smith gets positioned in gates. Mark Nicholaw exerts all his effort. Boys ' Track I I 3 John Werner is one who never quits. Darnell Hopkins perleel l.inding. S a One more lap lo go George Balle assures himself ihe bar is slill up. fieofr I olsom holds onio first position Kevin Kries stretehes to make it. 1 14 Boys ' Track Cents show determination against La Jolla. Centurions keep it in the lead. Albert Crosby soars in the long jump. John Werner keeps kicking to the end Kevin Kries tries for a new record. Boys Track 1 1 5 Tony Mascoto centers conccntralion on a Claircmonl Anlhon Uakcr sho«s his expertise at controlling his opponent opponent. I 16 Wrestling l in l ellerstnt mats his opp tnenl Take Down And Pin Robert Fisher scores on a take down. Beginning tryouts with almost sixty prospective wrestlers and ending with less than forty shows one the difficulty present, and training necessary to be a wrestler. The wrestlers worked for long hours each day lifting weights and practicing drills. A few days before each match they had what was called a " challenge match " (or wrestle off) between the wrestlers of each class, and the winner of the " chal- lenge match " competed against other schools that week. " They didn ' t meet my expectations " , says Coach Yandall, " because my expectations were too high. I didn ' t realize how hard wrestling really was. " Tony Peterson prepares to start a match. Darell Reynolds drops his opponent for a point. Tony Peterson struggles for good position. Wrestling 1 17 Richard Wallcn, Craig Randlc. Katy Kellers. Julie Spahn. Lisa Baker. Roy Miller. Julie Jonilonis. Lisa Martinez. Ann Nebiker. Denise Bailey. Karen Ketchen, Amanda Foster. Debbie Slarks, Tami Lopeman. Krista Hess. David Rauch. Kent Odell. Kevin Kempton, Patrick Grady, Chad Neale, Coach Odou. Antonina Witrano. i . f XHX iSw s»v Centurion swimmers prepare lor their prcmalch warm up David R.iuch finishes his last lap. I IK Swimming Kevin Keniplon practices his slarlinj; loriii i Different Strokes Lisa Baker, Denise Bailey and Lisa Martinez relax after a hard worlc-out. " A very energetic and enthusiastic team, " was how Coach John Odou described U.C. High ' s first co- ed Swim Team. The twenty-four dedicated and highly motivated swimmers practiced two and a half hours per day at the Boy ' s Club in Clairemont. Being a new team, their goal this year was to build a solid swimming program from which their skills could be developed. Lots of patience and a good attitude combined with school spirit made th e swimmers a competitive team. A 4 ' ' li m Coach Odou gives a pep talk to Katy Kellers as Karen Ketchen listens. William Coles demonstrates his butlerlly during work- out. Julie Spahn exhibits her form in diving. Swimming 1 19 Hooked On Swing Baseball has always been a source of excitement and enthusiasm. With this years ' strong defense and pitching the team looked toward the season optimistically. With many players able to perform well in two positions, Coach LaMotte was able to juggle the line of offense and defense, keeping there oppo- nents continuously on their toes. With many com- petitive players who knew what they were doing and how to do it well, the team gained the exper- ience to command respect for the future years. With all things considered. Coach LaMotte had assembled a team he had many reasons to be proud of. Coach LaMotte stratigically advices his runners. The Centurions anxiously await the start of the game. Eric Bridge shows style in his throw. 1 roy Duncan hustles the throve lo lirsl Steve Smith warms -up his pitching arm 120 VarsitN Baseball » Standing: Tom Hawley. Nate Hopper, Steve Jones. Matt Banet, Brian Clark, Eric Bridge, Glen Lublin, Steve Smith, Coach LaMolte Kneeling: Mike Fabrizio, Mark Nunes, Jason Birholm, Dave Caravantes, Jon Ekeroth, Don Fess, Mike DeGuzman, Troy Duncan, Greg Haap. Jon Ekeroth strengthens his swing. Don Fess tags first on a double play. Dave Caravantes slides safely into second. Matt Banet awaits the pitch. B.iscrunncr Dave Caravantes jumps back to first. Tro Duncan lakes his lead off first base. Varsity Baseball 121 J.V. Baseball Comes On Strong This year ' s J.V. Baseball team consisted of four- teen well rounded and hard working players. A li i of time and effort was put into practices and games. Their practices were led Coach Vukojevich, and for two to three hours a day, consisted of running, batting and fielding practice. Despite the fact that the team was short on experience, they fought hard and ended the season with a very re- spectable record. " Everyone got along well and did their best throughout the whole season, " comment- ed Coach Vukojevich, and " I felt the team was twice as strong as last year ' s. " Over all it was a good season for the Junior Varsity baseball team. The players gained experience, and in the process prepared themselves for varsity play. n n •ieftWrM . »rv hr«. ' ; " . :■ }k ' " T Front row: Mike Swafford, Mike Houghton. Tom VandenBerg. Ken Cashman. Darrell Woodard, Tony Thomas. Back row; Kevin Smith, Jeff Purceil. Mike Fentress, Bill Kalchik, Bryan Martin. Cireg Guiness, Jeff Nichols. Mike Swafford slides under the tage at second. 122 J.V. Baseball Ton and Mike .Swafford complete a play. Coach Schwalbach concentrates on a new strategy. Standing: Gretchen Smith, Annette Bahkos, Laura Fergeson, Cheryl Martin, Kim Ball, Sally McMullen, Coach Schwalbach, Kneeling: Tracy Lynn, Lois Cotter, Heather Phillips, Mary Beth Zopatti, Kathy Anuskiewicz. y r„ l - ' Cheryl Martin covers her opponent. Kim Ball goes up to start the game- Mary Beth Zopatti dribbles down court. Shooting Stars Th e J.V. Girls Basketball team consisted of many talented players who performed tremendously this past year. All the players were a benefit to the team because their performance was outstanding and many of them put alot of time and effort practicing after school. The J.V. Girls Basketball team was a wealth of talent and had the potential to become, in later years, western league contenders. Coach Schwalbach anticipated that having a powerful re- bound and a strong defense would play a major part in the teams ' success. Guidance from seniors inspired the girls to do their best. Mary Belh opalli .ind Heather Phillips struggle lor a recovery. JV Girls Basketball 123 From left to right: Rob Shaffer, Linda Stone, Pam Su, Sharon Stolt fus. Cindy Benshoof, Hicdi .lungling, Jennifer Davis, Torre Vanee, Karen Koberg, Selynthia Armstrong, Kelli Russell, Alicia Morris, Alan .Southwell, Coach McDanald (- oach McDonald m off court instruction. Heide .lungling for the tip-off. I.inda Stone passes off on a power play. 124 Girls Varsity Basketball Alicia Morris and Pam Su befriend an Hoover opponent Coach McDonald and a weary smile Jumpshots With A Feminine Touch This years ' girls basketball team was filled with many difficult experiences. They started off slowly but by the end of the season they had matured into better players. Everyday after school, the girls worked harder than the day before, learning from each other and picking up tips from their oppo- nents. With seven returning players, the team knew what to expect from the competition. The team played to their full potential in very game, working as a unit. Linda Stone dribbles past her defender. Hiedi Jungling reacts on the rebound. Girls Varsity Basketball 125 Girls Cross-Country Takes The Lead Strength, ability and talent. That ' s what it takes to be successful. U.C.H.S. Girls Cross-Country team proved to be better than ever. They had enough in fact, to take them to C.I.F. finals. Their sense of will power and competitive spirit kept them in front constantly in the competition. Hours of hard intense practice and unlimited dedi- cation payed off in the end. When the team went to C.I.F. they competed very successfully against some power house teams. The final outcome was a U.C.H.S. Girls Cross-Country team that became closer and more experienced than any other up to date. On your mark, gel set, go. Krissy Zounes and -leri trosl take the lead lor U.C.H.S. Standing: Lori Shafer, Susan Schneider, Julie Ruys, Kathy Romito, Debbie Rickard, Becky Hale, Colette Coiner, Lisa Clark, Coach Harding Kneeling: Jeri I ' rost, lirin Barr, lirica .Allen. Denise Irvin, Lisa Koo, Celeste Ogata, Annalisa HarKonen, Jackie F rost. I isa Clark pulls ahead 126 Varsity Girls Cross Country Members of the leani relax after an exhausting race. Susan Schneider and Lori Shafer discuss an upcoming race. Susan Schneider-determined to make it to the top. Cross-Counlry Team limbers up. Kalhy Romilo passes her Patrick Henry challenger. Varsity Girls Cross Country 127 Making Tracks Forty Varsity girls competed in a myriad of events on the large and powerful girls track team. Their coach Mrs. Thompson ' s outlook on her team was superb, " Although we lost our first meet the loss was to last years league champs La Jolla " . The team improved over the summer and it ' s members started breaking school records at the first meet. The girls could compete in a maximum of four events. The distance runners usually ran one to two events, while the sprinters competed in the full four. " We ' re strong and we ' re good! " , commented sprinter Nikki Weaver. The large squad performed well and finished with a victorious season. Part of the U,C- team plans their meet strategy. fcfe U.C. runners take the lead 128 Varsity Girls Track :;7,Ti ur i k • Row 1 Junifcr Ravelo. Heather Croft. Cathy Murty. Lisa Khoo. IX-nise Irvin. Yvonne Coiner. Krin Barr Debbie Beard Row 2: F.rika .Mien. .Andrea Hill. Donna Kline. Dora Barrett. Lisa Andrilla. Monica Myers, Danica Rigoli. Gail .Sheehan. Row 3: Lisa Clark. Kim Grennen. Carol .Sonnenberg. Kalhy Romito. I.ora -Shafer. .Susan .Schneider. Lynn Bremner. Samantha F.ycrs. Melanie Turner. Row 4; Cindy Bu ard. Malina Mendola. Debbie Gla erman. .leanne LaMotte. Colette Coiner, Jeanette Johnson. Tosha Delaca. Yolanda Sampson. Leslie Llvans. Row 5: Celeste Ogata. Jackie I rost. Jeri Lrost. Deanna Bakhos. Diane Richardson. Denise Miles. Regina Curry. Leila Deleon. Row 6: Caria Roberson. Moniquc Weaver, Shcrri Passin, Katrina Home. Mary Wachller. Michelle Phillips, Traccy Russ. Page sponsored by Dr. Joseph Tafoya. .alrina Home passes the baton to Monique Weaver during a relay losha Delaca clears the bar for added points. Varsity Girls Track 129 I 30 Clubs Organizations Clubs Organizations 131 A.S.B. plans the activities that gather the students together. Commissioner of Spirit, Sheila Wenzel tallies up the points for Spirit Week. _J .?WI Ken Sharp and Cathy Billy discuss financial problems for the Sales J primary sign painters. Stephanie Wells and Glen Livesay. Committee. FEATURIMG r ■ C IM rnMCFRT AND BEYOND 132 ASB linlerlainmcnl for 1 ed cppelln fans was provided by A.S.B. Page sponsored by Mr Mrs Ruben Kavelo The 82-83 A.S.B. Council: Dave Michael-President, Glen Livesay-V.P., Sleph Wells-Publicity, Jeny Anderson-Clubs, Sheila Wenzel-Spirit, Cathy Billy-Treasurer, Marina Baeza-Secretary, Ken Sharp-Sales, Paul Sinfield-Events. The leaders prepare to make their speeches. Dave Michael and Glen Livesay, executives of A.S.B. A.S.B. Officers Give It Their All. Most of the students at U.C.H.S. had no idea of the great deal of time and effort the A.S.B. put into their school to provide an enjoyable atmosphere. The officers spent countless hours of participation and frustr ations for the activities that many take advantage of. All of their work was done after school and during their own spare time. The extra- curricular activities can be attributed to the few leaders that were willing to give their all to please the student body. Among the many contributions they made were planning the Homecoming, Spirit Week 82, Halloween activities, the Powderpuff game and countless others too numerous to list. Mr. Price, the A.S.B., advisor had a goal in Sep- tember to provide a program that would involve the most students possible and as the year progressed it was evident his goal had been fulfilled. Michael Price, " Mr. Organized " was Ihc A.S.B. advisor. ASB 133 Nancy Goldstein prepares candy canes lo be sold. r O J o Christine Schultze works during ihe Christmas rush. ct ;f • « ii Standing; Mrs. White, Lisa llernande , Su ic Baghcri, Kathy .lung, Mary Mills, Krista Hess. Nancy Goldstein, Christine Schultze, Ms. Harding. Kneeling: Margie Bastida, Adriana Herrera, Stacey Baker, Susan Marchione, Akiko Tamano, Cynthia Chaney, Carol Marchionc, Kim Long Service, Sponsorship I And Support One of the more low profiled clubs formed at U.C.H.S. was the Amatas Club. They were a .ser- vice club affiliated with the Zonta or " Z " club, an executive women ' s organization, and they helped te school and community through volunteer work. With a compliment of nearly thirty members, the guidance of Mrs. White and Ms. Harding, and the strong leadership of Jennifer Schult e, they met bimonthly to arrange money raising ventures and to choose worthy recipients of well earned funds. Wendy Janon and Diane Gosncy smile after their successful sale. Stacey Baker, Su ie Bagheri, Adriana Herrera, and Cynlhia Chancy discuss future club plans, as lhc work on cand canes. 134 Amala Page sponsored by Mr and Mrs John K life. Mr. Schmidt discusses his plans with Marina Mr. Schmidt and Mrs. Climes react to Andre Ebipune ' s Picinboro, Peter Wright and Andre Ebipune. suggestions. Rachel Freifelder eats her lunch as she listens intently at a weekly meeting. Mrs. Climes and Avideh Yaghmai plan for the International Fair World Gathering Under the guidance of Mrs. Clines, the Interna- tional Club started its first successful year at U.C.H.S. in September. The club was comprised of ten students, each with a different cultural back- ground. The International Club was intended to promote friendship and understanding between students of different cultures and backgrounds. The members took part in many activities that helped the students learn more about each other. The club also organized several fund raising events to help raise money for the end of the year ' s Inter- national Fair. The president of the club was Avideh Yaghmai and she felt this year was a success. " We had a lot of active members and we all enjoyed being together and meeting other people. " Standing: Mr. Schmidt. Rachel Freifeilder, Ronit Schwartz, Marina Picinboro, Mrs. Climes. Sitting; Andre Ebipune, Avideh Yaghmai, Peter Wright. International Club 135 n Jackie Stookey and Nancy Nadeau exhibit unity Diana Covert and Tracey Russ motivate the crowd. Mr Price congratulates Cheryl Fagan on a fine win during a class competition. if) " The relationship of the squad was more than jusl cheering this year, it was building friendship, " commented Olivi a Price, the Head Cheerleader of the squad. The girls practiced over the suminer every day to perfect their cheers, three hours per day for football, and two hours for basketball. The year began with a four-day session cheerleading camp at Santa Barbara. At the camp they won a plaque for the hardest working squad and a trophy for the best over-all cheer. For voters registration day, they competed against Clairemont and Madi- son High School in a dance at the U.C.H.S. gym and won. They then went on to compete against four more high schools in the district at the Civic Center in downtown San Diego. Most felt that a good rela- tionship of the squad led lo better cheers. Some of the cheerleaders prepare a half time dance ' 9 u A Time For Cheers 136 Varsity Cheerleaders Cheryl Fagan and Shawna Kaylor move to the beat. d ? Clockwise: Terri Neusch, Michelle Phillips, _f Cheryl McGee, Tracey Russ, Cheryl Fagan, Olivia Price, Shawna Kaylor, Regina Curry, Nancy Nadeau, Diana Covert, Jackie Stookey. Olivia Price shows her spirit. The squad awaits the voter turnout registration results. Page sponsored by: Mrs. Hulme Varsity Cheerleaders 137 a, Kim Fleshman anticipates a win Heather Croft exhibits her Centurion spirit. Cheerleaders start a pyramid at a pep rally Wendy O ' Dea generates the crowd ' s support. Leah Singer creates a spirited atmosphere. Julie Aylcsworth stirs up enthusiasm. Spirit Motivates The Crowd " I enjoy cheering and wanted to promote school spirit, " stated Leah Singer when asked why she wanted to be a J.V. Cheerleader. This year ' s squad was comprised of eight enthusiastic girls who spent much of their time and effort cheering at J.V. games. Although all the cheerleaders worked hard to raise school spirit, the most difficult job wcnlto Kim Fleshman, who had the honor of being elected head cheerleader. Because of their demanding du- ties as cheerleaders, many girls had to give up jobs and other outside activities that intcrferrcd. Even so, they all agreed that cheerleading was definitely worth it. Standing: Heather C ' rofl, Wendy O ' Dca. Audrey Alfcros, Juniffr R.ivcio Kneeling I ois C ' oller, Mascot .SiUing; Kiin I Icshinan, Julie Aylesworlh. Amanda Chapman. I.cah Singer. 138 J.V. Cheerleading " May we help someone? " Ken Parker returns the correct change. A Place Of Necessity The student store, run by the cafeteria personnel had a second successful year of operation. The students who donated their time by working in the store, received class credit for their efforts. The store was enjoyed by many students, being convenient to get the necessities needed for school. Even a few snacks to hold the students throughout the day were available. It was a very successful idea, and worked well, with a monthly percentage of the profits going to aid the ASB. Standing: Avideh Yaghami, Laura Bridge, Selh Granger, Dede Schlover, Lonn Paul, Sitting: Ken Parker, Tracy Lynn. Student Store 139 M ' : Chorus and vocal music is my life. sure it is. " I said I liked piano, I didn ' t say 1 could play it. ' Piano, Akiko Tamano Front; Lisa Kroeker. Becky Hale, Yvette lispinosa, Monique Weaver, Ted C?assidy, Heidi McCiinnis, Valerie Rough, .Sally McMullen, Krislen Anderson, Back; Shereatha Poe, Shcrrecn Russo, .Shrei Taylor, Robert Fidel, Kevin Kempton, Tracey Russ, Andrea Hill, Susan Reinhardt. Good Vibrations Music! Music! Music! Choir offered ail partici- pants an opportunity to express themselves musi- cally. Choir was for training the musically inclined vocal- ist and was designed to famialarize members with various types of music. These students were under the guidance of Mr John Gilliland, who helped them gain confidence by performing outside the classroom. This year the choir participated in a spring concert singing selec- tions from Godspell. Throughout the year they sang at the city festival and during Christmas, went caroling at University Town Center. Chorus classes require a variely of responses. Mr. Gilland enthusiastically gives a pep talk to all of his students. 140 Choir Page sponsored b Ihc lliijili I .iniily ♦Wfti-W Some ensemble members finish off a performance. Top Row: Julia Freer, Janene Wirtz, Tom McSherry, Lex Forte, Elaine Brazeau, Madeline Cassin. Bottom Row: Robin Gibson, Mary Weinrich, Jon Brelin, Kevin Heck, Courtney Home, Michelle Henry, Michelle Riley. High On Vocals. For the first year, it took auditions, a lot of exper- ience, and a little luck to be in Ensemble ' 83. The ensemble was rewardwd with 15 very talented stu- dents, consisting of nine girls and six boys. Their director, Mr. Gilliland prepared them for a variety of community groups. Their efforts and hard work was well appreciated by their audiences. Ensemble offered students with special talent the chance to gain experience through performing. M. Henry, E. Brazeau, M. Riley practice their production. Mary Weinrich, Julia Freer practice their ensemble routine. Page sponsored by Dave, Brec, Brocklyn Samain. Ensemble 141 Tim Reeves, " The lone photographer " Terry Vanderhoof and Monica Lake look for ideas. Mr. Coons, Dana Harwood and the senior class roster. It ;E Don Fess and Steve McKay volunteer. Just another celebration for the yearbook staff. Idents, folks idents! " My shoulders. Tim! " Editor in-chief Rob Vance types the final copy. 142 Yearbook Standing: Mr. Coons, Terri Vanderhoof, Andrea Fife, Kara Smith, Tim Reeves, Don Glaser, Rob Vance, Sheila Wenzei. Don Fess, Lorri Martin, Jill Hemingway, Ron Ravelo, Tom McSherry, Tony Reed. Kneeling: Lisa Monita, Diana Lublin, Jeni Belts, Monica Lake, Cheryl McGee, Vicci Bailey, Rosie Brewer, Cathy Billy, Steve McKay, Avideh Yaghmai, Dana Harwood. Coons Inc. The second Yearbook Staff was like one big family led by Mr. Rob Coons. As the year progressed, the staff grew close and celebrated many birthdays and special holidays. The crew consisted of thirteen returning year- bookers and twelve newcomers. The editors-n- chief, Ron Ravelo and Rob Vance were a superb help to the staff. " We worked well as a team, but when one member was missing, we all felt it, " commented Ron Ravelo. " Deadlines were the worst, " commented exper- ienced yearbooker, Jeni Betts. To meet them, the staff worked on copy, layout, and photography as- signments. Many long hours were spent making those deadlines. Occasionally extra time spent after school, week- ends and a lot of effort were what made it possible for you to be reading this final edition. Editors in chief, Rob Vance and Ronald Ravelo with Advisor, Rob Coons. Yearbook 143 i Ski Club: Dana Harwood, Erik BnjlgeTlVlarina Baeza, Kara Smith, Elise Newell, Heidi McGiness, Allison Moore, Grg Hill JiiekleLucas, Theresa Stevens, Rob Martin, Greg Hoyt, Diana Covert, Maurice Johnson, Ron VatrCeTJackie Kutnik, Laura Korbelak, David Adams, Susan Armstrong, Rick Rigoli, Heather-1 hillips, Grace Aguilar, Michelle Myking, Laura Bridge, Mitra Noorani, Bruce McKillican risten Kohler, Jim Bremner, Julie Sulkowski, Margie Bastida, Debbie Glazerman, Cindy Benshoof, Rosemarie Brewer, Sherilyn Sam, Lisa Hunt, Danika Rigoli, Lynn Bremner. Mr. Yandall in high spirits for skiing. Ron Vance. Rob Martin, Allison Moore and Marina Bac a take time out lor lunch Kara Smith checks her luggage. 144 Ski Club Allison Moore and Leah Singer stop off in the lodge for a short ,. J J w y " y Thc ski bunnies gel ready for a nieht of skiing at Snow Valley. J g The rowdies on the bus didn ' t let the long ride get boring. Marina Baeza and Coach Hill get ready to hit the slopes. Kathy Yandall, Leah Singer, Kara Smith and Dana Hawrood snowball The troops prepare for their ski adventure. fight. UC Ski Team Mammoth Mountain, a popular ski resort located eight hours from San Diego hosted the UCHS Ski Club during the weekend of March 25-27. The weekend called for gusty winds and blizzards but despite the cold many skiers braved the slopes. Other trips included a night trip to Snow Valley located in Big Bear. Thanks to advisor Ed Yandall and president Dana Harwood, the Ski Club was noted for providing a lot of fun and exercise for ' 1 Mike Bennett concentrates on Jim Snook ' s move. Dave Owen moves m on his opponent Kent Korzon. Phil Kennedy plans his strategy against John Cassels Checkmate " The main objective of the club was to improve one ' s individual skills as a chess player, " comment- ed Mr. Owen on this year ' s chess club. The club was comprised of approximately twenty-five mem- bers, who played on and off during lunch in Room 440. The members of the club played on a ratings system simular to the United States Chess Keder- ation and competed in an intermural chess tourna- ment. Anyone was welcome to play, as long as they were interested in playing a challenging game of chess. According to Mr. Owen, who supervised the club, " Everyone enjoyed themselves. " Ronnie Freedman advances toward Chih-Ming Chiang. Top Row: Kent Kor on. David 0 " burr, John Griffin. Jeff Hunter. Artie Johnson. Robert Rios. Bottom Row: trie Hunsaker, Jim Snook, Chih-Ming Chiang, Tim Conner, Chris Halkin, Glenn Yavorsky. 1 46 Chess Club Barbara Coleman chairs a committee meeting discussing upcoming activities with Mary Castleberry, Tony Montellano and Denise Miles. Courtney Home, Jon Brelin and Wayne Fort form a musical trio. h I David Adams and Heidi Coric know that cooperation is the real thmg. Krista Hess, Andrea Smith, Cassandra Ellis, Wanda Tempel and Stacey Baker in Child Development. United We Stand This year ' s Race Human Relations program was headed by Barbra Coleman. The committee con- sisted of teachers, students, administrators, parents and community members. This group was responsi- ble for planning activities throughout the year to promote integration. Some of the activities that were included in achieving integration were stu- dent rap and orientation groups. These programs allowed students to ask questions and talk about their concerns. Every student enrolled in a Social Studies class had ten hours of Race Human Rela- tions instruction. The UCHS staff also participat- ed in several workshops on the subject. Through these many activities the Race Human Relations committee has set up, it is hoped that students may begin to realize that similarities and differences occur in individuals, not in groups. Olivia Warner, Sam Wong and Pat Smith discuss the Race Human Relations program. Page sponsored by Nancy White. Race Human Relations 147 I Missy Giblin and Sheri Bergeron rehearse skits. Ms. Seracino discusses upcoming events with her class. ' V. Chris McCauley and Chris Anderson practice lines for a new skit. Stephanie Wells and Roy Nccdham select a new skit. The Land Of Make Believe The Drama Cl ub consisted of approximately thir- teen members, who met during lunch and discussed drama activities to be presented to the community and to the school. They also performed skits within the classroom, and the community. They rehearsed after school for two and sometimes three hours, along with designing their own stage sets. All mem- bers worked very hard to make their club and activities a success. Top row: Scan .Safrecd. Laura irino. Stephanie Wells. .)ud Harris. Lisa Vierlel, Roy Ncedham. IX-an Duponl Middle row Shcn Bergeron, .leanne Wirlz. Bottom row: Peter Wright. Kim Cox. Kim Rose, Helen Carson, Mandy Marvin 148 Drama Club Rachel Freifelder looks over artwork while Mark Andrilla glances slyly at the camera. ' ■■ ' Mary Proenza takes time from reading to enjoy a joke. Mark Andrilla, Rachel Freifelder, Mary Proenza, Ms. McGowan, John Griffin, Caryn Gold, Joey Scarafone. Getting Closer To Fame The Citadel was a literary magazine filled with creative writing and artwork submitted by the stu- dents from U.C. High. This magazine was the only one of its kind published at this school. It was very important for recognition last year because Quest, the district magazine, was no longer being pub- lished. The purpose of the magazine was to encourage students to have their artwork and creative writing published. When all the entries had been received, six hard working students spent countless lunch hours reviewing and editing the manuscripts. They were then put together for the one edition of the Citadel which came out in May. John Griffin and Joey Scarafone carefully edit Poems. Page sponsored by Mr. and Mrs. Belts. Literary Publication 149 Editor-in-chief. Stephanie Wells, hard at work putting together the Commander. Top Row; Jancnc Wirtz, Kent Ninomiya, Eddie McGroarty. Dan Person, Tom Goddard, Adam Bchar, Lisa Rahiser, Mike Cohen. Don Glaser. Midic Row; Yasuko Shirakawa, Mrs. Phalen, Missy Henry. Kathy Tin. Susan Marchione, Sitting; Ram Su, Sheila Wcnzcl, Julie Marvin. Making News Available The name remained the same but the staff was improved immensely! Under the guidance of Mrs. Phalen and editor-in-chief Stephanie Wells, the class reported the local and school activities. Other features included, student opinions, outstanding athletes, superior students and Bret Wilson ' s out- look on life. All the reporting, photography and layouts were done by the students. The Command- er was well equipt with last year ' s returnics and the knowledgeable new comers. The staff successfully reported and published The Commander for a greatly improved second year. Sheila Wcn el and Kalhy I in find it difficult writing idcnts. I 50 Newspaper i Dan Person and Kent Ninomiya put together the Sports Julie Marvin helps Ashley Wirtz with the layout. section. iiyAMj p " •- Sheila Wenzel puts her finishing touches on the copy Matt Banet intently focuses on his work. Bret Wilson reviews his layout. Mrs. Phelan advises Glen Livcsay on his layout. Susan Marchione and Mike Cohen plan headlines for an upcoming issue. Newspaper 1 51 Ayad Kazzazj displays his prize winning fish. Jii Maria Coronado eyes the others while trying to catch her first fish. • i ' Ron Marr awaits his friends before a meeting. Secretary Michelle Mercer takes notes during a weekly meeting. Castmasters The Fishing Club was re-instated for yet another year to discuss that fish that got away! Under the supervision of science teacher Bill Reed, the group traveled to many fishing locations in San Diego county. They often went to Miramar Lake and on a few occasions went ocean fishing on commercial fishing boats. Awards were presented for the big- gest fish and most fish caught during their final meeting. They obtained apporximately twenty-five coed members. The average number of fish caught by each member was twenty-five. Cx iL " iP Vail Ken Parker listens to suggestions for an upcoming trip. Ricky Lynn shows his skills as a master fisherman. .Supervisor William Reed and Avideh N aghmai enjoy a nice day fishing at Shelter Island IS2 Fishing Club --J ■ Students ask for Mr. Schofield ' s approval. Bill Buchanan opaques his project. Mike Boren checks over printed material Debbie Fugila assists Jennifer Shultze in silk screening. Clyde Ahrens in the process of padding. Matt Ruttan was preoccupied with finishing touches Visual Effects The purpose of the Graphic Arts Club was mainly to give students the opportunity to finish or get ahead with class projects. In addition, the ad- vanced students worked on productions for the school and printed material for the community. The club met every Wednesday after school from two to five P.M. These students took advantage of the extra time given to them and used it wisely. Participating in the club was also a rewarding ex- perience for each member because they were able to use learned skills in producing creative projects on their own. Mr. Schofield received tremendous assistance from his T.A. ' s, Jennifer Schultze, Tony Reed, Kevin Hugli, Debbie Fugita, Mike Boren and Mike Nerenberg. Front: Debbie Fugila, Jennifer Schultze. Mike Nerenberg. Back: Kevin Hugli, Mr. Schofield, Tony Reed, Mike Boren. Page sponsored by Mr. Mrs. Vikander. Graphicarts Club 153 Mike Zimmerman mounts the tire on the rim. Kurt Weber drains the oil from his car. Larry Porter and Darrin Sam adjust valves with precision. ' k The bead blaster proved to be a great help to Mark NIcholaw. Students In Gear After two years of operation, the Auto Shop Club proved to be a very successful extra curricular activity. Interested students of all grade levels were able to go to the well equipped Auto Shop after school and work on their cars. Among the available facilities arc an engine analyzer, a brake lathe, a valve grinder, and a four-post hoist to make their projects easier and safer. Mr. Scanlan, the advisor, with his high standards of achievement set an in- valuable precedent for his students. Kent Korzon and Mike Boren were dedicated workers. 154 Auto Shop Club John Howick determined his spark plug was faulty. Page sponsored by: the 1 ivesay Family. sK Standing; Mrs. White, Robin Gibson, Lauri Cleveland, Carol Croft, Cathy Billy, Annette Gorholt, Cindy Benshoof, Kara Smith, Malt Banet, Heidi Jungling, Jeanne LaMotte, Claire Marocco, Adrienne Leavengood, Pam Su, Ron Ravelo, Kneeling; Monica Lake, Linda Moore, Rosemarie Day, Jeanne McCracken, Chih-Hsin Chiang, Connie Plutchak, Keely Cox, Sylvia Eggers, Jenny Newman, Adam Griffin. Ron Ravelo and Ms. White discuss entrance requirements. r n „S ' Adam Griffin and Monica Lake enjoy their lunch while awaiting the beginning of the meeting. Scholarship For Service The California Scholarship Federation was a unique organization for high school students with exceptional academic abilities. These students were offered special opportunities, including college scholarships set aside for mem- bers of more than four semesters. There were also awards given to high achievers in the club, such as $500 to the outstanding boy and girl in each of five regions, and the Seymour award, which was a me- morial to the founder of CSF. There were certain requirements that had to be met before a student could become a member, such as an approved application, a $1.25 fee, and a mini- mum of ten CSF points coming from academic classes only. Matt Banet checks over the meeting ' s agenda. CSF 155 Back row: Tracey Vaughn. Mitra Noorani, Clorenda Espinosa, Kim Rose, Heather Tammarine. Helen Carson, Melanie Turner, Elaine Bra eau. Vicki McLamore, Andrea Smith. Caria Robinson. Jill Hemingway, Vicki Fulciniti, Olivia Price. Middle Row: Beth Summers. Mrs. Scanlan. Kristen Anderson, Madalie Gooden. Front row: Laura Korbalak. DeeDcc Schloyer. Lisa Viertal. Kim Cox, Karen Liliie, Colleen McCahon, Kerri Bright, Diana Bonder, Susie Wright, Jenni Butcher. Monique Moxey. Lydia Rios exhibits her talent. Cherilyn Wicks, Lydia Rios, and Kristie Madden display French frolic. Back row: Clydcnc Vincent, L netlc Young. Dana Davis. Flise Shaloff. Cherilyn Wicks. Dawn Braddv. Kalhy Starkey. Diane Gosney. Teri Paladino. KclK Gragg, Donna Morafcik, .Jackie l.eMoine. Wends Heath. Shereatha foe Middle row: Mrs Scanlan. Lisa Ackcrmann. Beth Lnsch. .leny Anderson. Lydia Rios, Shawn l-ogue. Sing Lee, Joannie Gilbert Front row: Stephanie Ourland, Laura Zirino. Mary Weinrich. .Icni Warlhcn. lauri Leon. Lisa Piatt. Rachel I reildeldcr More Than Fancy Footwork " What can 1 say, the perforiiiancc wa.s fanlaslic. It was a tremendous success and the audience was great! " replied Josie Scanlan, the dance production teacher, after their first performance entitled " Fantasy, Funk and Irolic. " Sixty-five girls took part in the dance prt)duclion which was held during periods three and ft)ur. The preparation for the production look ihriieen weeks, which consisted of hard work, dedication and many extra hours spent after school and during lunch. The m.makins come to life 1 56 Dance Although this being the first year in existence, all productions ran smoothly and vserc well received. Jeff Flower concentrates on his flight simulator Standing: Mike Liang, Gary Oakes, Dranoslav Lim, and Mr. Stermon. Kneeling: Andrew Goldstein and Andrew Micone. Jeff Flower enjoys a video game. Andrew Goldstein works on a graphics program. The Apple Of Our Eye Andrew Micone modifies a program. For some twenty members of the Computer Club, a computer is the Apple of their eye. Their supervi- sor, Mr. Sternom, instructed a large number of students in the use of the Apple Computer. In these days of high technology the Apple proved to be capable of improving with the times. The computer does only what man tells it to but faster than hu- manly possible. This organization met every Wednesday in room 436 for an hour and a half. Some of the students just played games but a ma- jority of the members were either just starting out or into designing programs. " The computer is a dumb machine, soft wear (programs) makes it run. " commented Mr. Sternom. The Computer Club enables them to do just that, in their own spare time. Computer Club 157 Death People write about death everyday How do they know the price you pay? They ' ve never been there until they ' re gone It ' s not a button you can turn off or on You think everything is going great Your relationship with that person is full of fate People say and write that death is grim How do they know until its hit them? All the gifts and secrets we shared Are like no others, it was very rare I ' ll never forger the memories and love While I look into her eyes up above The death of a friend is very grieving But you can never stop, just keep believing I thought I had a friend for life But death took her away with that piercing knife I must have been too selfish with my friend Because God took her away and made it The End. Gayle Bailey An Everlasting Rose My love for you is like a rose with every petal that unfolds. In each petal it seems to show how my love for you can grow. I wish we could always be together. to share our love as one forever. Amanda Chapman Stephanie Wells Madclon Preslon 1 58 Creativily Page sponsored by Mr Mrs. Chas. Hough, Sr. Mike Nerenberg HAVE YOU EVER WONDERED. . . What it would be like to fly so high you could touch the sky. Walk down the street and have people remember your name. To live forever. To dance upon your toes. To soar through mid-air. To give it all you have, and gain recognition applause. To slide down a rainbow. To sing, and dance in the rain. To be one in a million To be you . . . Jenny Godwin Page sponsored by Mr. Mrs. Douglas Wilson Creativity 159 To You Only To live and love with you and be one forever To be near and reach out and touch you To make love with you, laugh with you, cry with you, talk with you, and be silent with you. To hold you close every night, to wake with you each morning To share with you my secrets and to be honest. To understand and respect you, accepting you for you To find shelter in you when I ' m afraid and To hold you when 1 need warmth. To be with you through all the seasons, walking in the snshine and cuddling in the cold To care for you when you are ill and to be joyful when you are happy To grow old and be with you until I grow old, and my time has come to end With you only I want all these things. For you only I would do all these things. To you only, All my love. Jennifer Anderson Brad Clinc Linda Moore 160 Creativity Page sponsored by Starkcy lintcrpriscs Celeste Ogata Thank you friend, for being here. It helps to know, your always near. When school ends, and we must part, I ' ll keep you near, Deep in my heart. And one bright day, our paths will cross. And I will know. You were never lost. Rick Rigoli «S ' V . ' ' , Wr. Angle Mendola Interlude Lying in the meadow eyes closed mind flickering images of time gone forever How sad was the scent of heather Thundering hoofs across a wild Untouched moor sad because I was happy then and happiness was an interlude which did not last and then all I had were memories My spirit was transported back to things gone by and I turned over and sobbed burying my head in the cool earth and sweet grasses and was comforted. Mandy Marvin Page sponsored by Mr. Mrs. Wheeler Creativity 161 Ken Parker Dedicated to the U.C. Locas . . . A shoulder to cry on, an ear to bend, money to borrow, clothes to lend. Friday night movies, afternoon walks, being together, our " private " talks. Mending our hearts, crying those tears, planning our future, voicing our fears. Our memories together, may they never end, always together, FOREVER FRIENDS! Maria Bishop 7 i Lisa Khoo Cheryl Mc(iec 162 Creativity Page sponsored b Tcrri Vaniierhool ' ock N Roll Ballad It knew no bounds his is the story of a, ock N Roll ally, n ally so strong that ven dreams couldn ' t die. e was a young and arefree sort of man. Guitar finding new rhythm, voice, new sounds His name made big times He knew the score People would scream And shout for more! Returned to his soil. He made his appearance What a sight to behold! It was a night among nights That would often be told. aying " Come on, opy me, if you can! e loved to sing and lay his guitar {nowing one day he ' ould be a great star. umming while strumming is precious toy miling and chuckling like pleased little boy. e wrote his own songs nd played his own tunes ever playing anything nyone else used. e joined in a band ' ith him in the lead nd that ' s where he planted is well formed seed. he seed grew and grew He signed a contract His life for fame Never knowing his dream Would only bring pain. He aged with the years Rocks changing ways He changed with the tune, Determined to play. Everyone knew him His voice, his style Fans came to see him From many a mile. As he got older and More run down His dream had changed To his own home town. He struggled and strained Against his inner turmoil But finally relented and Vicki Fulciniti The people, they loved him You could feel their screams And this he realized Was the end of his dreams. With this in mind He gave his all Holding everyone in Animated enthrall He never played so well In his life But he knew he ' d come home and put an end to his strife. Now he ' s gone, " Cause unknown " But no one can replace Him upon his throne. He played his guitar And thus he died The end of " The Star " . Page sponsored by Terri Vanderlioof Creativity 163 164 Aclivilics Aclivilics 165 ■im The 1983 ASB Ball Court. King and Queen Tony Peterson and Olivia Price Karen Hylcn and Don Glaser boogie to the beat Wayne Fort, Jeanctte Johnson, .lohn Ciorc and .Micia Morris take a break. A romantic rnornenl lor .lulia I rccr .nul Mike 1 iiiijjo 1 is.i flark and .loe I uis dance the nighl a»a 166 ASB Ball Moving to the sounds of Incognito are Karen Lillie and Hugh McCutheon. Coach and Mrs. Pais show the " kids " how it ' s done. Prince and Princess Geoff Folsom and p m Howe and Matt Sirota in their matching tuxedo Hunt share a dance. Julie Ruys and Mike Lupro dance. Thane Hall and Heather C rofl, Duke and Duchess. Let ' s Have A Ball University City High School ' s first ASB Bail was held Friday March 18, 1983 in the Corinthian Room of the Scottish Rite Temple. Students " Stepped Out " to the sounds of Incognito and a D.J. The Corinthian Room was transformed into a 1920 ' s social event with a black and white color scheme and murals of the New York City skyline decorating the walls. Many hours of anxiety, prep- aration and excitement all paid off in a thoroughly enjoyable evening for all. ASB Ball 167 The duo, Jon Brclin and Leah Singer, perform " I-Aerything I Own " . The " Keg Legs " , humor ihe audience with their performance. A Night Of Music Lights, Camera, Action-and on with the show! The second annual Talent Show was held in the UCHS auditorium, on February 1 5th and 16th. This year ' s talent presented students, faculty and friends, with an all musical show which was hosted by the Senior class. Both shows included sell-out crowds v ho were delighted by the wide variety of musical en- tertainment. 168 Talcnl Show Valerie Pough. accompanied by Wayne Port anil Maurice .lohnson. overwhelmed the audience with their talent Cathy Murly carefully tunes the audio effects. Jill Gnsham and Audrey Alferos decide what to do with their mother. Amy Gauthier and Susie Wright talk about a man over board. Mark Slater operates the lights for a " Night of Scenes. " Night Of Scenes A hush fell over the crowd as the house lights dimmed. A night of action packed performances began. Scenes from such works as " Our Hearts Were Young and Gay " , " The Children ' s Hour " , and " Y ou Can ' t Take It With You " enthralled the audience. Members of the beginning Drama class spent many hours practicing after school as well as during class. For most of the students it was their first time performing before a paying audience. The money collected from this performance went to the Drama department to fund future productions. One Act Plays 169 Sherri Taylor makes a tough decision. Boston Ventimiglia and Cynthia Icgan make a Jack-in-the Box comparison. Out To Lunch 1 1:25 a.m. students rushed through the hallways to the parking lot. Many piled in their cars and skid- ded out of U.C. High on two wheels. Most students headed to University Towne Center for a variety of international foods, while others went to near by fast food restaurants. Students at University City High were given the choice to eat on or off campus everyday. .Sonic- found it difficult to spend their lunch off caniptis, because of the limited half hour lime period. Ihc few who chose to leave found this freedom enjoy- able. 170 Off Campus Lunch Music to the ear as you listened to a Walk Man Radio. Izods were seen on many types of clothing this year. Argyle socks, one of the more preppie looks you saw. Top Siders and After Hours were favorites for the dressed up look. Steppin ' Out In Style Fads and fashions come and go. This school year was filled with unforgetable styles. Hemlines grew shorter into the " mini " skirt look. Hair also was shorter in the " GQ " or mod style. Guys in general began to have the more " dressed up " look. Tennis shoes were replaced by leather Topsiders. Mem- bers Only jackets and Alligator shirts were also favorites. Other styles were Bermuda shorts, Vaur- net glasses, argyle socks and Walkman recorders filled the campus. Next year will prove to have more fads and fashions but the school year of 82-93 will be remembered as the class that " stepped out in style " . Page sponsored by: Clyde -h Cindy Slrani Fads 171 Benito Singer. Rodney Allen and Mark Slater form pari of the technical . u t r t ki i j ci, i m-.„,,i ' ' ■ ' ' Anchorpersons 1 roy Duncan, lerry Naylor and Sheila vVenzcl. Victor Mislch directs the show. fJary Kelchen works out the sound I Mr Collins assists Rieardo Singer U.C. News Crew The " Student View " production under the supervi- sion of John Collins was a news column with cam- pus and community activities. It was aired over closed circuit television in various F.nglish classes. The show began in the second semester during a fifth period Media Productions class. Sheila Wcn- zel and Terry Naylor were the co-anchorpcrsons. with Troy Duncan on Sports. With Matt ass as the producer, and nearly 20 students responsible for the camera, sound and script, the show ran smoothly. The purpose of the production was lo make a successful student information show and as the year progressed the Media Production team was satisfied with a job well done. 172 Student View Student View Cast: Back row- David Adams, (iary Kelchen. .lohn Collins. Rieardo Singer. Mali Wass. Rodney Allen. Cheri Nagel Middle row- Troy Duncan. Terry Naylor. Sheila V en el I ronl row- Vichir 1islcti. Ik-nilo SiniHT ( i.-.-r,.,- ' H . II.- M.rt m.,i.r Coach V. gives his outlook for the season. " Coach Russ " instructs the team. We ' ve Got Spirit The main purpose for this year ' s Pep Rallies was to promote school spirit and to introduce the upcom- ing sports activities. The Pep Rallies were led by the Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleading squads, and consisted of cheers, yelling contests between the classes, skits, introductions of the sports teams and encouraging words from the coaches. Many students turned from uninvolved students to proud Centurions after the Pep Rallies. Pep Rallies 173 ,NJ David Newell brings the ditching Kyle Krause back lo Julie Marvin. The deviant Kyle Krause is escorted by administrator David Newell. Mrs. Saracino corrects the stage lighting. Maria Campbell expresses her feeling Julie Marvin as Mrs. Barrett goes over the towards the teacher students ' papers Drama Takes Successful Steps " I was really pleased with the performance. " said Belinda Saracino, advisor and director of " Up The Down Staircase. " Presented on December 9th and lOlh, it was a comedy drama with Julie Marvin, Stephanie Wells, and Bill Baddour leading the well talented cast. The actors and actresses di a fine job in convincing the audience of the story which took place in an American school. The Stagecrew provided the lighting, sound, and sets, and without these assistants the production would have been impossible. Students, teachers, and parents alike enjoyed the excellent entertainment. 174 Up The Down Staircase Page sponsored by Roma Beaton Julie Marvin and Stephanie Wells rehearse their parts. Chris McCauley listens as Julie Marvin comments on a previous scene rehearsal. Jackie Kutnik awaits teachers instructions. Chris Halkin puts on his finishing touches. Mark Andrilla performs his role in the production. Page sponsored by Myron and Cheri Lublin. Up The Down Staircase 175 If 1 Mrs, Naokes golfing in Hawaii. Coach LaMotte plays the Trombone in the Windjammers. Mrs. Climes and her family on the starting line. Molly, Sean and Murphy with Ms, Mcdowan, Off The Job Sometimes it ' s hard to believe that teachers have a life outside of school. Although once at home, they have papers to correct and grades to make out, they are involved with other activities. It may seem unusual for the head coach of the PE department. Coach LaMotte playing the Trombone in a profes- sional band called the " Windjammers ' " , When Mrs. Noakes has free time she can be found out on the golf course, Ms. McGowan, in her spare time takes her four Irish Setters for a walk in San Cle- mcntc Canyon, if the surf is up, Mr. Yandall will be out catching the waves at a local beach. Riding and racing motorcycles is a favorite pastime of Mrs. Climes. Teachers, like students, look forward to the weekends to spend lime involved with their individual activities and interests " off the job " . Mr Vand.iU surnnj? in ( ,iho Sail I ucas. 1 76 Teachers Outside School Stepanie Ourand: Square Pan Pizza. Lisa Monita: Our Gang Hamburgers. Anna Tafvelin: U.C. Pharmacy. Susan Schneider: U.C. Pharmacy. Students At Work Many of the U.C.H.S. students acquired part-time jobs in addition to their school schedule. Friday nights, after school activities, and free time were frequently forgotten to pursue these jobs for career experience. Some students enrolled in Work Ex- perience qualified to recieve school credit for work- ing depending on the amount of hours worked. The jobs ranged from fast food places, being the most popular, to clothes stores and gas stations. The Work Experience program was very successful and beneficial to students and everyone involved. On The Job 177 Duke and Duchess: Anna Taveline and Jeff Percel. Roses arc presented to the court. King and Queen: Ron Vance and Diana Covert. Ricardo Singer and Ehzabcth Grow danced to the sounds of Side FX. Soul Trainers " chug " to the beat of the Boogie Machine. 178 Homecoming Page sponsored by: Jcannic I leshman. Ricardo Singer visits with the band Side F-X. Artie Johnson and his date join in the train. A Celebration To Remember November 12th marked the day of U.C.H.S. first Homecoming. Although there were no alumni, the day wa a tremendous success. At 2:30 the excite- ment started with a football game against Mission Bay and ended with a semi-formal dance held in the gym. The chosen court led the traditional Homecoming spotlight dance to the theme song " Celebrate Me Home " . The music was provided by Side F-X and the Boogie Machine, which kept the festive occasion going. The spectacular evening ended at 12:00 when the lights flickered on and the days events became a memory forever. Homecoming 179 Mrs. LaPlanle gets the pie in her face. Leslie Evans gets ready for the licorice rope eating contest. Wearing an original toga is Randy Barnes. Roscmarv l .iv -tw.iils iici lIi.huiI 180 Spirit Week Lunch time entertainment provided by " Rocks Off. " " Rent-A-Cent " jocks flex for higher bids. Don Fess; winner of the licorice eating contest. Dave Michael strives for the end of his licorice. Toga Troopers at large! Stephanie Wells uses her own technique. Spirit At Its Peak October 18th began the week of festivities through- out the student body known as Spirit Week. This week was held to encourage a sense of school pride and spirit. A licorice rope eating contest on Mon- day the 18th kicked off the week, followed by a " Rent-A-Cent " auction, where the students bid on the legs of football players. The next day the play- ers became the slave of the highest bidder. On Wednesday, UCHS ' s students showed their spirit and a little Roman style by wearing many creative and original togas. The band, " Rocks-OfF ' , capti- vated the attention of the students at lunch time to top off the days activities. The week ended with a school color dress up day and the announcement of the " Pie in the Face " contest finalist. The winner, Mrs. LaPlante, was awarded her prize, of a blue- berry cream pie in her face. The week was full of fun and excitement with the Seniors winning the first " Spirit Week " classs competition. Spirit Week 181 The Prize winning Pumpkin Coach displayed great originality. Adam Griffin goes bear for Halloween. Mr. Wong and his jury: first row; Kim Fisher. Pam Cashman, Jcny Anderson, Dana Harwood. Second row; Marita Donck, Mark Armstrong, Sheri Bergeron, Mr. Wong. Kara Smith, Sheila j y Anderson appeared lo be a true Mouskateer. Spahn, Beth Ensch. Elise Newell- the human pumpkin. 182 Halloween Minettc Fink awaits the big payoff. Monique Marino, Sheila Wenzel, Paul Sinfield, Steve Carpowich, and Leah Singer go all out for Cheerleader Yandall flirts with surfer Ted Halloween. Cassidy. Pac-Men Kara Smith and Dana Harwood invade U.C. High. John " Zorro " Hewick dazzles Heidi Coric. A Freaky Friday Spirits were high on Halloween this year. The cos- tumes ranged from space men to pac-men and many other creative characters. At lunch there was a pumpkin carving contest, with Mr. Yandall and his homeroom students as the victor with their pumpkin coach. It proved to be an enjoyable day for all. Nurse Rick reports to duty at U.C. General. Halloween 183 % The dedication cake was a delightful sight. Dedication ceremonies fill the gym. Charles Smith pres ents the attending dignitaries. The dedication attracted a large community turn-out. Dedication: University City High 184 Dedication Closing 185 186 Closing Closing 187 188 Closing Closing 189 190 Closing Closing 191 iwvW 982-1983 Yearbook Staff nr ' Rob Coons rin-Chief Ron Ravelo, Rob Vance II Editor Diana Lublin Assistant Layout Editors Lori Martin, Lisa Monita Copy Editor Sheila Wenzel Head Photographer Tom McSherry Assistant Head Photographer Tim Reeves Sales Promotion Distribution Cathy Bill» Fund Raisers Chairperson Terri VanderhoJ Assistant Fund Raisers Chairperson Monica LaH Social Chairperson Jill Hemingv™ Assistant Social Chairperson Vicki Bai Josten ' s American Yearbook Co. Rod Willi. Busco Nestor Studio Layout, Copy, Photography Darryl Obayashi ._ Jenny Betts , Rosie Brewer Don Fess Andrea Fife Don G laser Dana Harwood Cheryl McGec Steve McKay Tony Reed Kara Smith Jim Snook Avideh Yaghmai 192 Closing uoxM oj x Jmj .A oTrr -Lyv, d qj AfiL i LQ ieYo o r 3 ' ? S ' ' ; - D P i 8 ■ ? i3 ;? K ' !i i: (;- i III 5- f 5 1 cl 5 5 9 2. r : o, C C uoo -to:) av€ a«xi - ' eo t)4 v£r ,. . " n (3c » (fAUq 4 . ' r ( j - c OCT cr cr v vj K - ■

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