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THE ECHO JUNE 1938 Published by the SE N I OR C LA S S of VASSAR PUBLIC SCHOOLS Vassar, Michigan The PROGRESS--the forward move- ment of all things that are worth- while, of all things that are noble and good-has been the marked characteristic of Vassar Public Schools. Within these pages we have attempted to bring before you suggestions and intimations of the new and the old, of the fas- cination of the present and the heritage of the past. We do not hope to give you a masterpiece, but in the years that await uz when these days at Vassar will have become dim and pleasant memories, if this book succeeds, in some measure, in reawakening' re- membrances of your school career we are well repaid for our efforts. FGREWORD ADMINISTRATION SENIORS CLASSES ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS ALUMNI 7 21 31 39 61 69 if CGNTENTS Donald Henry Yonker-a true friend thorough in all things-whose con- stant searching for truth not only in physical sciences but in the science of humanity, and especially of youth, is a genuine inspiration to those with whom he Works-Whose sense of duty admits no limit to the time and energy devoted to the interests of the students-who has aided mater- ially and spiritually in the produc- tion of this Echo-whose strength of character and integrity of purpose are reflected in the highest ideals of Vassar High School, this book is respectfully dedicated by the Class of Nineteen Thirty-eight. Administration Page PRESENT SCHOOL BUILDING ON NORTH MAIN STREET History of Vassar Public Schools The progress of Vassar has been marked. by the increasing ex- cellence of its school system. The first school in Vassar was held only a few months after the town was officially organized, in 1851. It was started through the efforts of Townsend North, the well known founder of Vassar. The "Curtis Shanty", 0.1 South Main Street, where the Vas- sar Dairy now stands, was used for a school house. Miss Augusta Slafter was hired to conduct school for three months during the summer, at a salary of one dollar and a half per week and the privilege of 'boardinf around' with the parents of pupils. It is an interesting fact that Tefl Slafter and Ted Hart, Seniors this year, are distantly related .to Mis: Slafter. The next year a frame school house was built. D. G. Wilder. Charles Fonda, and A. J. Leach taught here during' the terms of 1852 and 1853. This served as a school building for several years. In 1860 a brick school house was built on the place where the High School now stands. Mr. Keyes was the t"rst principal in this new building. It was graded in 1864 bv ex-congressman IC. P. Allen. but diplomas were not granted until 1871. An addition was made to this building in 1881, to provide for in- creased enrollment. Later, excavations were made for basements, but work was never completed. Cement steps were built to replace the original wooden ones. ln 1886 a school was built on the east side of the river. This was later named the McKinley School in honor of President McKinley. At one time the mothers of children in this school formed a lVIother's Club. This organization accomplished, among other fine things. the remodeling of the basement of the McKinley School into a playroom for the children. Eight Another small school was built in 12569. '1'n1s was known as tne Townsend Norm bcnool. 'ine build- ing, on Maple Street, has now been con- verted into a two- tamily house. Catastrophe in the form of a Iire, came in 1917. Since it happened at night theie were no casual- ties, but it was a serious loss to the community, as not only tue school building, but also many valuable re- cords, were destroy- ed. A new school building was imme- diately started, and completed in time for the fallterm of 1918. Recent progress in Vassar Schools has been the completion and dedication ol' the New Addition on SECOND SCHOOL BUILDING January 21, 1937. An ever increasing attendance has demanded a larger building. The Addition was made possible through the I-S711 av . R-3m,.,i,. , . . 1 ' QB 'iz' I -" 310, I "1 kilt.. 1- Tl lfye- . '- J 0, "" "A ' efforts of Superintendent Brant and the Vassar Board of Education. Funds fri- ' Q' I, ' . . I D v ' .4-XY ' -.J 1 'Ja 7 FIRST BUILDING ON SOUTH MAIN Page Nine Page were obtained through a Public Works Administra- tion grant and a local bond issue. The building con- sists of a combination gym- nasium - auditorium seat- ing 1,000 people, a modern Home Economics depart- ment, and an administra- tion office. Splendid new locker rooms for both boys and girls are included in the new building. We are deeply indebted to those early settlers who realized the need for edu- cation, and to all who have helped our school system grow throughout the years. We are certain ihat the same high standard of pro- gress will be carried on in the future. McKINLEY SCHOOL Qld and New Courses of Study One of the most important fields in which progress has been made in the Vassar High School is in courses of study. In 1904 there were tw0 courses: Language and General. The Language courses required four years of foreign language, Latin and English being offered. The other subjects were mostly English, Mathe- matics, History, and Science. Commercial subjects were evidently just being introduced, for one-half year of Commercial Arithmetic was offer- ed with one-half year of Bookkeeping. Extra curricular activities were rather frowned upon at that time, as detracting the pupils attention from their other studies. The Lyceum consisting of oratory contests, and a mixed Glee Club, were greeted with enthusiasm. When the present school building was erected in 1918, practical courses had gained importance and provision was made for such subjects as Agriculture, Manual Arts, Home Economics, and Commerce. At present the high school offers five courses of study: ill College Preparatory or Academic. f2J Commercial, C31 Agriculture, C43 Home Economics, C53 Manual Arts. A wide variety of subjects is offered under these headings so that every student may be able to select an interesting schedule. Each course of study requires a minimum of sixteen units of credit Four full-time subjects completed successfully, over a period of one year, give four units of credit. It may be of interest to the reader to know that Vassar High School fully conforms to the new college entrance reouirements, as re- cently adopted by the University of Michigan and the North Central Associationg and that this school has been accredited by the University Ten of Michigan continuously since 1899, longer than any other school in the county. The qualifications of the faculty and the standards maintained by the Board of Education, have also made it possible for the Vassar Public Schools to belong to the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges since 1930. Certain extra curricular activities have become increasingly im- portant. Beginning this year high school Art and Band have been ac- cepted as full credit classes, meeting five days a week. Speech has been given full credit for some time. In so far as the course of study in the grades is concerned, much has been done to make the work more profitable and interesting. In our school we have a testing program which extends thro-ugh the eighth grade. This enables teachers to determine the amount of progress their children are making in relation to similar classes throughout the coun- try. In connection with this program, remedial work is given to those pupils who are in need of special help. The grade program is also made more colorful by grade pro- jects, such as operating a Grocery Store, Post Office, Rhythm Band, Vocal Music, and Art. In the gymnasium a health program, through physical education, is given to every boy and girl. The progress which has been made in courses of study has done much to make school life at Vassar more interesting and .to offer more practical training. Some Interesting Facts Relative to the Vassar Public Schools The Vassar Public Schools were organized in 1851, and still oper- ate under the special act of the legislature of 1859. .,. The Vassar Public Schools now employ twenty-two teachers. In 1916 fourteen teachers were employed. The school population is stead- ily on the increase. Vassar High School has been accredited by the University of Michigan since 1899 and approved by the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges since 1930, the highest attainment any high school may reach. By being so accredited, Vassar graduates, upon recommendation of the Superintendent or Principal, are admitted to the University of Michigan and other colleges in the State of Michigan with- out entrance examinations. The Parent Teachers' Association organized in 1925 has proved to be a very worthwhile organization and has been a fine medium to bind the ties more closely between pupils, teachers, and parents. The Activities Council, composed of a representative from each class and the various organizations, provides closer cooperation between the students and high school authorities. , Vassar High School has much to offer in the field of practical courses: Farm Crops and Soils, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Eco- nomics, Shop I, Farm Shop, Advanced- Shop, Home Economics which in- cludes sewing, cooking, and home making in general, Bookkeeping, Typewriting, Shorthand, Junior' Bl1Siness, Comercial Arithmetic, and Com- merical Law. 1 Page Ee 'ven Graduates of the Commercial Department take positions in offices without further training. There are splendid opportunities to participate in Football, Basket Ball, Baseball, Track, Tennis, Intramural Athletics, Band, Boys' and Girls' Glee Club, Dramatics, Debate, F. F. A. Agricultural Club, Radio Club, Camera Club, Archery Club, Girls' Home Economics Club, Girl Reserves, Library Staff, Newspaper Staff, and Annual Staff, also grade and high school assembly programs. All students also have an oppor- tunity to secure Instrumental Instruction without cost. Vassar High School Complete Course of Study NINTH GRADE: English, Algebra, Biology, Home Economics I, Shop I, Civics, Safety Education, Junior Business, Band, and Art I. TENTH GRADE: English II, Plane Geometry, World History. Bookkeeping, Latin I, Crops and Soils, Farm Shop, Commercial Arithme- tic, Band, and Art I. ELEVENTH GRADE: English Literature, American History, Com- mercial Arithmetic, Latin II, Advanced Algebra, Solid Geometry, Chemi- stry, Animal Husbandry which alternates with Agricultural Economics every other year, Advanced Home Economics, Advanced Shop, Short- hand I, Typewriting, Band, and Art II. TWELFTH GRADE: American Literature, Economics and Ameri- can Government, Speech, Advanced Algebra, Solid Geometry, Latin II, Advanced Home Economics, Animal Husbandry which alternates with Agricultural Economics every other year, Advanced Shop, Physics, Type- writing, Shorthand, Band, and Art II. From the above course of study, students desiring to meet college entrance requirements must have the two Major and two Minor sequences, which are required under the College Preparatory Course. School opens Tuesday, September 6, 1938, at 1:00 P. M. There will be a teachers meeting at 9:00 A. M. 2 Old School Records Reveal the Following Interesting Data: At a meeting of the School Board held at the' Post Office on the 26th of July, 1861, an order was drawn in favor of William Lee, Jr., tak- ing care of school rooms at 36.00 per week. At 9, meeting of the Board of Trustees held at the old Post Officz building on the evening of Saturday, October 5, 1861, it was "Voted that Miss Mildred Padman be employed during the coming winter term to teach in the primary department at 253.50 per week." At a meeting of the School Board held at the office of the Secre- tary on the evening of June 29, 1863, it was "resolved that for the better efficiency of the school and protection of the House. that the request of the Eureka Lyceum to use the House for their Exhibition be not granted, that the janitor, Wilfred Kellogg, be instructed to keep two of the keys to said House exclusivelv in his possession and to use them for no purpose except that for which the school demands, and that he close the House at all times whenever he leaves it at night. that the House shall for NO PURPOSE be kept open evenings LATER than one- half past 9 P. M. Page Twelve BOARD OF EDUCATION Oscar Curell William Dierck Lee Sevener Rex R, Gunnell Walter C. Furman Ray E. Kriseler Ray E. Kriseler-President Lee SevenerATrustee VValter C. Furman4Secretary William DierckfTrustec Rex R. Gunnell-Treasurer Oscar Curell-Trustee The students of the Vassar Public Schools have enjoyed and appreciated the benefits afforded them through the cooperation, ef- ficiency and interest of the Board of Education. Through its efforts the School has become one of the best in this region, and the students have been provided with excellent facilities and the most modern equipment. Through the efforts of the present Board it was made possible for Vassar to have one of the finest auditoriums in the Thumb District. Through their genuine interest and untiring efforts, together with a gift of 316,363 from the Federal Emergency Administration of Public Works, the Board of Education very efficiently effected negotiations for the purchase of equipment and completion of the New Addition. The progress of the school has been marked by the purchase of new typewriters for the Commercial Department, powered equipment for the Manual Arts Department, redecorating of the interior of the old building and installation of a new heating plant. Additional sup- plies and equipment for the Science and Music Departments, new tables and chairs for the Primary Rooms of both Central and McKinley Schools, and additional teaching supplies for both High School and Grades have all been accomplished through the efforts of our Board of Education. For these many advantages and for the earnest, sincere, and successful efforts on the part of the members of the Board, the student body wishes to take this opportunity to express its genuine gratitude. Page Thirteen SUPERINTENDENT Ralph E. Brant, for the past four years, has ably superinteided the Vassar Public Schools, safe-guarding its ideals and promoting its progress. Selected by the Vassar Board of Education in the fall of 1934, Mr. Brant came to Vassar especially Well recommended. Fora number of years, before taking his position here, he was head of the Caledonia Public Schools and was formerly Principal and athletic director of the Augusta Public Schools. Mr. Brant, who graduated from the Bellevue High School, re- ceived his A.B. degree from Olivet College, and his Masters' Degree in Education from Teachers College, Columbia University, New York City. Columbia also granted him a special diploma for excellence of work in the field of school administration. Superintendent Brant Was appointed by the Michigan Educational Association headquarters to organize the Tuscola County Teachers Asso- ciation. He is to be commended for the fine efficiency with which he carried out this responsiblity. He was prominent in his position as president of that organization for the following term during which many worthwhile projects were corrpleted. He is active in a number of local organizations, holding offices in several. Community service, to which he gives most freely of his time and effort, is his by-word. His accomplishments and interests in community life are a fulfillment of his natural enthusiasm and high ideals. Members of the faculty and the students realize and fully ap- preciate all the fine achievements that were brought about through Mr. Brant's efforts in this school. We, as a group wish him many more successful years as Superintendent of the Vassar Public Schools. P Paqc Fourteen VASSAR PUBLIC SCI-1001.5 RALPH E. BRANT. Superintendent VASSAR, MICHIGAN May 27, 1938 To the Parents, Students, and Patrons of Vassar, Michigan: I take pleasure in using the "Echo" as a medium through which I may .peak to the parents, students, and patrons of our community, concerning the Vassar Public Schools. I particularly desire to congratulate the Senior Class, and the "Echo" staff for their earnest effort in making this edition possible. Through its pages this publication presents a pictorial cross-section of the day-by-day activities of the boys and girls of our community, from kindergarten through the high school, which stand in contrast to the school of yesterday. "Progress" is the watch word - The school of today, without losing sight of those "Basic Skills", - reading, 'riting, and 'rithmetlc, has improved in methods and in expansion and variation of curriculums, to the point where for the most part, school has become a place where children want to go, rathei than have to go. School children today are provided an opportunity, through individual and cooperative endeavors, to practice self-direction, self-control, and self? appraisal, by engaging in projects, group work, informal discussions, exhibits, and dramatizations, such as our grade and high school students have presented both in the class xooms and in assemblies. All instruction is subject to survey and appraisal throughout the year. Standardized testing programs provide one means of determining the effec- tiveness of instructional practices. Parents are advised of the progress of their children through report cards designed to show growth, personal quali- ties, and rank in class, as well as control over subject matter. As we speed along in this era of Progress equipped as we are with modern educational facilities, we should not lose slght of the Church and the Home as two major influences so necessary in molding the student's spiritual and moral well-being. With the Home providing love, security, and an ade- quate standard of living, and the Church giving moral and spiritual direction, the School can do much to develop those qualities ot character which are of special significance in a Democracy. In conclusion, our goal for the Vassar Public Schools is to strive to provide for every student an education which, through the discovery and de- velopment of his individual abilities, prepares him for life, and through train- ing and vocational guidance prepares him for a living which will yield him the maximum of satisfaction. Sincerely, RALPH E. BRANT, Superintendent of Schools. Page Fifteen High School Faculty Page Sixteen WALTER MAIKOWSKI4A. LORETTA HARE- fA. B. Commercial Department News Staff Sponsor Assembly Council Sponsor Music Department 7th Grade History MARY MILLER-B. S. Home Economics Dept. Seco Club Sponsor HOPE WELLEMEYER-A. B. English Girls Physical Education Library Seventh Grade Sponsor Girls Intramural Sponsor RUTH WOODMAN-A. B. English, Latin Girl Reserves Sponsor Dramatics Club and Play Coach Freshman Class Sponsor B. CHESTER HOYT-B. S. Manual Arts Dept. History Archery and Leathercraft Sponsor LLOYD MILLER-Life Arithmetic, Geography Science Boys Physical Education Eighth Grade Spons-or Junior High Coach Boys Intramural Sponsor T. B, PEMBERTONAB. S. Agricultural Department F. F. A. Sponsor Junior Class Sponsor 4-H Club Sponsor E. H. WERNET-B. S. History Department Physical Education Department Athletic Coach Sophomore Class Sponsor Noon Hour Activity Spon- sor DONALD H. YONKER-B.S. Science, Mathematics Camera Club Sponsor Radio Club Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor Echo Staff Sponsor PRINCIPAL RAY H. HAMILTON, A. B., Olivet Government and Speech Debate Sponsor JANET ALLUREDW-A. B. Kindergarten High School Art Elementary Art and Music VEDA BOETTCHER--Life Third Grade ELIZABETH CURTIS-Grade Fifth Grade LELA KELLY-A. B. 4th, 5th and 6th Grades Chairman of Testing an-J Remedial Work Marble 'Tournament ESTHER BIERI--Life Kindergarten, lst Grade, Music, Art, and Rhythm Band, of the McKinley School ETHEL COTTRELL 4-Life Fourth Grade Safety Patrol EDITH I-IAYNER-Life Second Grade AVICE PENNER-Life First Grade Grade Library Rhythm Band Sponsor FLORENCE REED--Life GRACE VAN WERT-Life Sixth Grad? second and Third Grades Girls Sefvlce Squad of the McKinley School Sponsor Grade Faculty Page Seventeen .CUSTODIANS Mr, Bens Mrs. Bradley Mr. Downer One of the most important phases of high school work is that of the janitors. Therefore we, the senior class, have devoted this part of the Echo to "Our Custodiansf' Mrs. Bradley has been with us for twelve years. She was born in England. Her son and two daughters are graduates of Vassar High School. Her twelve years of service in the school have been of great clean is only a part of this benefit. house he would certainly benefit to us in a number of ways. Her fine work in keeping the school If one were to inspect our school comment on this exceptionally fine point, which place. But more than this, the presence of her adds to the beauty of the cheerful countenance has many downcast spirits as unconsciously been the means of lifting a good students come in contact with her throughout the day. Mr. Bens, who has only recently taken up his Work here, was a student of Vassar High School. He is an especially fine man Whose work is greatly appreciated and highly commended for efficiency as well as cleanliness. He has taken the important responsibilities of the furnace and ventilating rooms wonderfully and his willing co-operation has added to the smoothness of each day's activities. The McKinley School, which is also a part of this school system, is very fortunate in acquiring a man who in ready and willing to take care ol' it. Mr. Downer has conducted his well and deserves much credit since of the McKinley School has fallen to We wish to use this book as thanks, and to acknowledge the debt and as a school. Pace Eiahteen work of the past three years very the entire responsibility of the care him. ' a medium to express our hearty of gratitude we owe them, as a class SECRETARY TO THE SUPERINTENDENT Miss Eileen Smith, graduated from High School as Valedictorian, at Mio, Michigan. She later graduated from Bay City Business College with an exception- ally fine record. Late in 1937 she accepted the posi- tion of secretary in Vassar High School. She replaced Juno Schlict, who left to accept an advancement with a banking firm. In the short time she has been with us, she has more than proven hc: ability in so responsible a position. Her pleasing personality and cooperative nature make it a pleasure to have her with us. Vassar' Public Schools, Superintendents 1850-1851 Miss Augusta Slafter 1877-1878 L. A. Park 1851-1852 D. G. Wilder 1878-1880 Silas Wood Charles Fonda 1880-1882 L. S. Norton 1852-1853 ? 1882-1887 E. A. Wilson 1853-1854 ? 1887-1898 Ira L. Forbes 1854-1855 Edwin G. Dowd ? 1898-1901 Austin E. Wilbur 1855-1856 'Z 1901-1903 A. F. Rockwell 1856-1857 Dr. Dillion Chub 1903-1907 W. Sherman L'ster 1857-1858 A. J. Leach ? 1907-1908 C. S. Paxton 1858-1859 " 1908-1911 J. K. Osgerby 1859-1860 ? 1911-1912 J. K. Osgerby 1860-1861 L. D. Keyes E. M. Conklin 1861-1863 L. D. Lewis ? 1912-1913 Don Harrington 1863-1864 G. N. Van Wormer 1913-1914 B. L. Odle David Ma'in 1914-1918 J. K. Osgerby 1864-1865 ? 1918-1919 J. K. Osgerby 1865-1866 S. N. Hill ? Earl Finch 1866-1870 L. D. Lewin 1919-1920 Earl Finch 1870-1873 L. A. Park 1920-1924 Menno Otterbein 1873-1874 L. A. Willard 1924-1934 Thurman M. Clay 1874-1877 Silas Wood 1934- Ralph E. Brant We are indebted to Mr. David Malin, Mrs. Metta Gage Clark Miss Ella North and Mr. Ralph Brant for the above list. rate than s difficult to find accu Between the years 1852 and 1870, it wa information, thus the names were gathered from memory rather actual records. Page N n teen Pals Bright and Early Big: Shots Tull Oaks frnm Littlv APll1'U'i fining' Homo Lurillfl tn Mothm' Gllzzlin' Rows Way Back Whnn Sou1h'n Swing 0111 l'.gz,qL- '1'wf-uty Long Agn Ain't Love CITIIN1 Fowvm- Thinf' C11'0r'n! qc, Now Smile :md Han UVM ' A wvamch me Bmw- g Initiation, :md How Truckin' SENIORS eniors l l Page Twenty-two MARY GARNER Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Declamatory 2 Echo Staff Newspaper Staff 3, 4 President 4 Junior and Senior Plays "Efficiency in person" BERNADINE SCI-IAFER Camera Club 3, 4 Echo Staff Junior Play Newspaper Staff 4 Secretary 4 Activities Council 4 "Work fascinates her" MELVIN C. STANGE Football 3, 4 Radio Club 4 Echo Staff Camera Club, 3, 4 Junior and Senior Plays F. F. A. 1, 2,3,4 . Dramatics 4 "Just a playful little fel- low" FRANCES RUSSELL Declamatory 1 Camera Club 4 Seco Club 4 Treasurer 2 "A likeable giggle" JOHN COLLIS "A strong silent man" GRANT BATES Football 3, 4 Library Staff 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior and Senior Plays F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Vice-president 3, 4 "Small? But I make my- self heard" CLARENCE F. RAUSCH Baseball 3, 4 Track 4 Boy's Glee Club 4 rC'peretta Cast 4 Echw Staff Senior Play Treasurer 4 "I wait for no man, but Women-" MARIE BATES Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Oratory 4 Gil-l's Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta Cast 4 Echo Staff Declamatory 2 Newspaper Staff 3 Activities Council 3 Junior and Senior Plays "A good disposition is rare" RUTH GOHSMAN Seco Club 4 Library Staff 3 Girl Reserves "Speech is great, silence greater" NORMA ANDERSON Girl's Glee Club 2, 3, 4 Seco Club 4 "Hard work never did agree with me" VHS MARGARET SCHACK Echo Staff "Without labor, nothing gained" Y BETTY LOU JOHNSON Band 2, 3, 4 Seco Club 4 Junior Play "Thinking is the hardest work" EMMA F Girls' Band Echo ANDREWS Glee Club 1, 2, 3. 4 1, 2, 3, 4 Staff Operetta Cast 3, 4 Library Staff 3 Junior and Senior Plays Vice-president 2 "Good words went with her name" NORMA FROST Camera Club 4 Seco Club 4 "Short and good natur- edu LOYD L. DRAPER Radio Club 3, .4 Echo Staff Dramatics Club 4 Junior and Senior Plays "Not in the roll of com- mon men" UH JUNIOR H. INSCHO Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Radio Club 3, 4 Junior and Senior Plays "A bold bad man" AUDREY GLAZIER Football 3, 4 Baseball 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Echo Staff Band 1, 2, 3 Junior Play Boys' Glee Club 4 Camera Club 3, 4 F. F. A. 2, 3, 4 "Study liuins my eyes nv LUCILLE PLUMB . Assembly Committee 4 "Our studious girl" TED HART Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Echo Staff Boys' C-lee Club 1, 2, 3, -1 Camera Club 3, 4 Extempore 4 Newspaper Staff 3, 4 Senior Play Dramatics 4 President 3 "None but he could be his parallel" fr -x. MILDRED BRADLEY- Junior Play "There is a woman at the beginning of all' great things" Seniors 1958 Page Twenty-three Seniors 1958 Page Twenty-four A EVELYNE FISCHERN JACK I-IONSINGER Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta Cast 2, 3, 4 Junior and Senior Plays "That which is popular deserves attention" RAYMOND STOLEY Track 4 Baseball 4 Camera Club 3, 4 Echo Staff "Why should life all labor be?" HENRY STREETER Football 1, 2, 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Extempore 4 "Foremost in the ranks of fun" ALICE MARY FURMAN Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta Cast 1, 2 Echo Staff Seco Club 2 Oratory 3, 4 Declamatory 2 Library Staff 2 Junior Play Newspaper Staff 3, 4 Assembly Committee 3 "Too beautiful to be neglected" MARION SALENA DuBOIS Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3 Operetta Cast 2, 3 Treasurer 3 Echo Staff Seco Club 1, 2 Junior and Senior Plays "Beware her fair locks" Football 3, 4 Junior Play Secretary 2 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Echo Staff Boys' G-lee Club 3, 4 Operetta. Cast 3 Camera Club 3 "An answer to a maid- en's prayer" ALLEN LAMBERT Football 3, 4 Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 3, 4 Echo Staff Newspaper Staff 3 Camera Club 3, 4 Extempore 4 "Gone with the wind" THEODORE SLAFTER Baseball 4 Band 1, 2, 3, 4 Echo Staff Activities Council 4 Junior Play President J '4Neat, with never a hair misplaced" LAWRENCE E. ESCKELSON Boys' Glee Club 1, 4 Track 3, 4 Basketball 4 F. F. A. 1, 3, 4 "It is a friendly heart that has plenty of friends" MAXINE G. ESCKELSON Girls' Glee Club 3, 4 Seco Club 4 "Silence is golden" UH ROBERT H. STREETER MARY ELIZABETH "Teachers in heaven? Then let me stay here" CLIFFORD A. WILKINSON Band 1, 2 Radio Club 3, 4 Junior and Senior Plays "Greater men have lived than I? I doubt it" SINCLAIR OPPERMAN Football 3, 4 Echo Staff Baseball 1, 2, 3, 4 Basketball 2, 3, 4 Activities Council 3, 4 F. F. A. 1, 2, 3, 4 "Every day ladies day with him" MAE STEVENS BARNES Girls' Glee Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Operetta Cast 3, 4 Echo Staff Seco Club 2 Library Staff 2 Newspaper Staff 3 Senior Play "Fairest of all on earth, ask Ted Slafter" ROSEMARY ELLIS Band 3, 4 Operetta Cast 4 Girls' Glee Club 3, 4 Echo Staff Library Staff 3 Seco Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Play "A monstrous little voice" MYRTLE FETTING Junior and Senior Plays Echo Staff "There is a lady who loves to talk" GLENN L. XVELSH Radio Club 3, 4 "Behold! A woman cf F F A 1 few words' "Neither kiss of love nor maiden's hand in mine" VHS O Seniors 1958 ETHA MORSE Cno picturel Girls' Glee Club 2, 3 Library, 2, 3, 4 Page Twenty-fir Page Senior Class History By Bernadine Schafer On one fine autumn day in the fall of 1934, 64 future builders of our great nation assembled in Vassar High School. 'They had come to acquire more knowledge so that they might some day be able to try that great "boundless sea of life" well prepared. The first few days were spent in getting acquainted with High School life and the exceptionally fine staff of teachers. As Freshmen we elected as our class president, Don Garner, vice-president, Beatrice Web- sterg secretary, Alberta Reichleg treasurer, Edward Swanson, and Mr. Hamilton as class sponsor. One day late in the month of September we were instructed to appear at school the following day, the girls wearing their dresses inside out, bows in their hair and carrying dolls, the boys wearing over-alls and aprons. The Sophomores called it initiation and of course the Freshmen were compelled to agree with them. The next fall, fifty-nine out of the sixty-four returned as sopho- mores. Many interesting and successful events occurred during our sophomore year. We succeeded in selecting our class officers which were: Ted Slafter, presidentg Emma Andrews, vice-presidentg Jack Ho.1- singer, secretary, Frances Russell treasurer, and as our class sponsor, Mr. Slaughter. The wheel of time spins rapidly 'round, and We were Juniors be- fore we realized it. Ten, we are sorry to say, did not return. By this time we had grown to love old V. H. S. and were ready to uphold her standards. We immediately began this season by electing our officers: President, Ted Hartg vice-president Grant Batesg secretary, Alberta Rei- chleg treasurer, Marion DuBois3 sponsor, Mr. Pemberton. The Junior play, "Growing Pains" coached by Miss Hare and Miss Wellemeyer, was very successful. It supplied the funds for one of the best Junior-Sen- ior banquets, which was sponsored a week later. We all looked forward to the opening of school the next fall when we would assemble as "Dignified" Seniors. The next fall thirty-eight of the sixty-four, who had started as Freshmen, came back to finish their high school career. The officers for this last year were: President, Mary Garner, vice-resident, Grant Bates, secretary, Bernadine Schafer, treasurer, Clarence Rausch, and as sponsor, Mr. Yonker. The play selected by the class was "Guess Again", which was very successful, and was under the able direction of Miss Woodman. This year has been a very busy one for us all. Besides our regular work we have published the "Echo", the first annual since 1926. We have tried to make this publication a creditable oneg we leave it with you to decide whether we have succeeded. With graduation in view our class chose as its flower the yellow tea rose, class colors, blue and gold, and the fitting motto, "Building for Eternity." As the last few weeks of school approached we look forward to all the happy events which were to be a part of our graduation. One of the outstanding events was the Junior- Senior Banquet on May 27, for which we wish to sincerely thank the Jun- ior Class. Other Senior events were the Senior Day on May 25, Senior Assembly on May 18, Baccalaureate Service on June 5 and finally Com- mencement Exercises on June 8. . In closing I wish to express for the class the hope that thus far in our climb toward a goal of higher education We have cariied on worth- ily the traditions of Vassar High School. Twenty-six Senior Class Prophecy By Emma Andrews and Clarence Rausch The time is ten years after the commencement, 1938. Emma Andrews is private secretary to the president of Consumers Power Company at Battle Creek. Clarence Rausch is a beautition in Hollywood. Mary Elizabeth Garner has found her success on the stage. She insists on washing her own dishes and being late to work for old times' sake. Norma Anderson is reducing five pounds a week with a certain system she has worked out. Norma Frost and Frances Russell are grad- uate nurses at Ford Hospital. Out of the bigness of his heart Grant Bates is financing a huge modern Orphanage in New York City. Mary Elizabeth Barnes and Ted Slafter are married and are famous for Food Distributors Inc. They started witha lunch counter and now they own a chain of restaurants extending across the United States. Mrs. Marie Beecher, formerly Marie Bates, and her husband are touring the country and playing over the radio. Evelyn Fischer is singing in the Metropol- itan Opera House while Mildred Bradley sings cowboy songs on the Tom's Liniment Program. Alice Mary Furman is married to a fine old gentleman and uses her musical ability to entertain her husband. Ruth Gohsman is the band leader at Caro. Myrtle Fetting is a teacher at Reese Kindergarten. Maxine Esckelson is a substitute teacher and is very popular. Floyd Draper is a beauty operator. The only thing he hates is polishing ladies' fingernails because he has to hold their hands. Melvin Stange is now chaplain at Jackson Prison where John Col- lis is Warden. Lucille Plumb is the Superintendent at the Evart High School. Allen Lambert handled the job as Business Manager on the 1938 Echo staff so well that he is now employed at Hudson's Department Store as Advertising Manager. W Audrey Glazier has perfected an invention for automobiles which run backwards or forwards with equal ease. It has a steering wheel in both ends. Clifford Wilkinson and Glenn Welsh are employed at the Millington Short Wave Station. . Marion DuBois is rapidly becoming a millionaire through her com- mercial art. Rosemary Ellis has gone . back to being Mr. Hamilton's sec- retary after getting her Do,cto1"s"'Degree in Business Administration. Jack Honsinger is an astronomer. 'No wonder, he always liked to gaze at the stars on a nice moonlight night, especially in company with a nice young lady. Ted Hart is a professor at one of the leading universities and the latest report said he's engaged to the Latin professor. He always said he was going to wait until he found someone who knew more than he did. Betty Johnson is proprietor of the College Inn in Chicago where she began as a waitress a few years ago. Sinclair Opperman is in shape to meet Junior Inscho in a championship bout. Vassar High School Girls Basketball team will play Saginaw Girls May 25. Margaret Schack is the instructor at Vassar. Bernadine Schaf- er has broken all former worlds records in typing and shorthand. Mae Stevens has written a book entitled "How to Keep Quiet." Itfs the best seller of the year. Henry Streeter joined the marines as he always planned. He's in Europe now and has a girl in every port. His brother. Robert Streeter, has taken over his father's job as postmaster. Raymond Stoley is president of the State Bank of Saginaw. Page Twenty 'SEUCH Alice Mary "Toots" Allen "Lam'y" Audrey "Aud" Bernadine "Bernie" Betty "Suzy" Clarence "Butch" Clifford "Cliff" Elizabeth "Liz" Emma "Babe" Evelyne "Squirrely Floyd "Rock-a-bye" Frances "Fanny" Glenn "Chink" Grant "Gabby" Henry "Hank" Jack "Hon'y" John "Johnny- Junior "Babe" Lawrence "Larry" 'N Page Twenty-eight Senior Humor Weakness Bennie Goodman Lucille "Cille" Gabbing Mae "Maggie" Freshmen Margaret "Margie" Holding hands Marie "Dorie" Mouth-organ Marion "Muggins" Reichle Mary "Mitzy" Radio Maxine "Mac" "Coiffures Melvin "Melv" Blonds Mildred "Mil" Screeching Myrtle i'Mutz" Woman-hater Norma "Babykins' Giggling Norma F. "Frosty" Criticising Raymond "Ray" Akins Robert "Bob" Dancing Rosemary "Ro'ie" Jittezs Ruth "Rudy" Fords Sinclair "Sinky" Bessie Ted H, "Teddy" Cars Ted S. "Slicker" Class Poem by ALICE MARY FURM AN Our Senior days are over, And the joys we knew so well Will forever linger with us No matter where we dwell. We've started from the bottom And never ceased to climb That pathway to achievement Which makes progress so sublime We're "building for eternity," We strive to do our best, These four long years in high school Have only been the test. As we leave Old Vassar High School, Our future we can't foretell, But we wish success for years to come And bid you a true "Farewell", Weakness Accordion Quletness Its a secret Trumpet player Indians The stage Sailors Photography Hiccups Marriage Baby talk Hearty laugh Blushing Love stories Movies Clarence Temper Pineapple Sundae Neatness VASSAR HIGH SCHOOL SIXTY-SEVEN TH Annual Commencement HIGH SCHDOL AUDITGRIUM June 8, 1938 8:00 P. M. Processional .... High School Girls' Chorus March of the Priests-Mendelssohn Invocation .... Rev. E. H. Hazard Song ..... High School Girls' Chorus "My Love Dwelt In A Northern Land"-Elgar Salutatory Doris M. Bates Class Roll Allen F. Lambert Valedictory . Ted S. Hart Songs . . . High School Boys' Chorus "Beautiful Savior"--Wick "Eight Bells"-Bartholomew Introduction of Speaker . . Prin. Ray H. Hamilton Address .... Mr. W. J. Cameron of The Ford Motor Car Company . Solo .... Ted S. Hart "Where'c1' You Walk"--Handel Presentation of Diplomas Supt. Ralph E. Brant X Benediction . Rev. Milo N. Wood Page Twenty-'nine Page Thirty CQ' a gin nmurmm DONALD SUTPHIN July 16, 1920 November 29, 1935 WAYNE S. DOBSON December 29, 1920 December 31, 1936 VENETA J. JACOT June 29, 1922 February 5, 1938 VERN ADAMS October 15, 1917 February 19, 1935 JAMES R. JOHNSON October 15, 1877 January 4, 1935 "There is a remembrance of the dead to which We turn even from the charms of living." Washington Irving. CLASSES Page J U N I CD R S Top Row:-Henry Trombka, Edward Datz, Clarence Keech, Waldo Reif, Wendell Bauer, Floyd Taylor. Second Row:-Donald German, Allen Jaynes, Roy Schmandt, Har- vey Rowland, Norman Roth, Howard Hecht, Robert Taylor. Third Row :-Leo Smith, Dorothy Freeland, Irene Braido, Eleanor Tylor, Margaret Pierson, Anna Hohman, Jane Walton, Margie Schultz, Florence Mc. Neal, Mr. Pemberton. Bottom Row:-Pauline Thompson, Marjorie Heindl, Anna German, Doris Evans, Margaret Mary VanPatten, Margaret Trea, Wilma Allen, Dorothy Dierck, Phyllis Glady, Delphine Oss. Absent :-Mae Baxte1', Leonabelle Ensch, Edith Allen, Carl Frahm, Elion Baker, Lloyd Hughes, and Wanda Penn. President-Dorothy Freeland Vice-president-Irene Braido Secretary-Eleanor Tyler Treasurer-Pauline Thompson Advisor-Mr. Pemberton Class Colors-Salmon and Silver Class Flower-Salmon Tea Rose with White For- get-me-nots Class Motto-Tonight we launch, where shall we anchor? As Freshmen, we elected officers with Milford Putman. as presi- dent. The other officers were Edyth Crawford, Eleanor Tyler, Jure Strope and Mr. Shott as advisor. We were As Sophomores we elected our The other officers were Jane Walton. as advisor, Mr. Hoyt. As Juniors our first party this Junior-Senior Banquet which was put initiated by the Sophomores. officers with Leo Smith as president. Dorothy Freeland, Irene Braido and year included a fashion show. The on by the class was very well liked and will no doubt be remembered by the Seniors. We are looking forward to an eventful Senior year. Thirty-two SOPHQMURES Top row:-Adelbert Hunkins, Wilford DeCoe, Kenneth Barnes, Junior Titsworth, Carl Reif, Albert Martin, Milton McIntyre, Mike Fran- ko, Bob Russell, George Beach, Arthur Seymour, Elwyn Dobson. Second row:-Main Ross, George Glazier, Wilbur Hoover, Albur- tus Reda, Elgin Miller, Gene Seney, Neal VandeBunt, Norman Trinklein, Curio Tremonti, Lynn Curvin. Third row :-Kenton Smith, Conrad Gunnell, John Heusted, Arline Hewlette, Helen Koral, Virginia Lambert, Betty Pierson, Lorna Auren- liamer, Irene Esckelson, Wright Freeland, Nick Miihlbach, Walter Bielan- ski, Mr. Wernet. Bottom row:-Mattie Harper, Marjorie Davis, Margaret Akins, Dorothy Caterfield, Charlotte Whitcomb, Marion Bader, Rosa Martin, Alta Draper, Familia Tansky, Loraine Gohsman, Jean Barnes, Dorothy Land. President-Wright Freeland Vice-President-Margaret Akins Secretary-Jean Barnes lreasurer-Mariorie Davis t-,ponsor-Mr. Wernet Class Colois-Blue and Silver Class Flower-Bay Rose Class Motto-A sound mind in a strong body As a Freshman Clasfz of fifty-five members in 1936 we elected Conrad Gunnell aw president, John Heusted, Curio Tremonti, and Jean Barnes as the other officers, and M'ss Wellemeyer as sponsor. Our parties, one in December and one in February. showed what a Fresh- man Class can do with the cooperation of all its members. This year we returned the courtesy of initiating the new Fresh- man Class. They will no doubt remember their introduction to high sq-bool life, Our parties this year, December third and April first, were well planned and original. By our rrirnest efforts we hope to fulfill the Class motto which we have Chosen. Page Tll.i7'l!l-Ill. Pa if c FRESHMEN Top row :-George Edd Sevener, Russell Grinnel, Loren Stevens, Charles Keech, Fred Hohman, Donald Frahm, Donald Mille1', Donald Simpson, Oliver Beebe, Ray Reif, Melvin Reif. Second row:--Stanley Datz, Lloyd Stevens, Henry Gootee, Helen Korthals, Alice Hecht, Hilda Bradley, Marguerite Jaynes, Joyce VanPet- ten, Leatrice Haines, Geraldine Wilcox, Hannah Hope, Ruth Bauer, Mae VandeBunt, Marilyn Simpson, CeliaBende1'. Third row :--Betty Baldwin, Lola Welsh, Shirley Hope, Vivian Streeter, Jane Russell, Dorothy Frahm, Louise Moody, Annabelle Collis, Marcella Metro, Helen Schack, Clara Bradley, Ruth Schmidt, Leah Enos, Erna Cheney, Miss Woodman. Fourth row :-Carolyn Johnson, Nancy Riggs, Henrietta Meineke, Madeline Stoley, Eileen Parry, Betty Hyslop, June Lewis, Marion LewTs, Alice Tinglan, Myrtle Houghtaling, Dorothy Beach, Leona Garlick, Fric- da Pickleman, Evelyn Wells. Bottom row:-Mack Seney, L'oyd Tinglan, Claude Roles, Allen Lawrence, Milton Yanovich, Robert Roth, Richard Roth, Harry Davis. Walter Gromek, Paul A1'lldt, Floyd Heindl, R. D. Stacer, Armand Black- more. Absent:-Orville Snider, Francis Anthony, and Helen Berry. President-Fred Hohman. Vice-president-Helen Korthals SecretaryLLloyd Tinglan Treasurer-Clara Bradley Sponsor-Miss Woodman Class: Colors-Rose and Silver Class Flower-Carnation Class Motto-Out of school life into life's school At the beginning of the 1937-38 school year there were seventy- five enthusiastic Freshmen students both from schools around this com- munity and pupils graduating from the eighth grade here. We were taken into the high school by the customary initiation, given by the Sophomore Class. Both Freshman parties, The Harvest Party on November fifth and Spanish Fiesta on January fourteenth were very well attended and en- joyed by all. Thirty-four JU IOR HIGH President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sponsor Royal Glady Carl Hacker Eleanor Gootee Alice Brown Mr. Miller SEVENTH GRADE President Vice President Secretary P Treasurer Sponsor Bob Rigg Thelma Beecher Beverly Gohs Stella Andreychuk Miss Wellemeyer Vassar Junior High School cinsists of the seventh and eighth grades. The Junior High group have a class and study program similar to that of the high school. Under the able leadership of Junior High pupils form an active schools. The group is noted for its in the planning and sponsoring of Junior High Athletics is an the Physical Education program of Miss Wellemeyer and M1'. Miller the and needed part of Vassar public quick and whole hearted cooperation school affairs. ' important extra curricular activity in the school. Several football teams were active during the fall and a nimber of games were played. The Junior High basketball 'team played a schedule of ten interscholastic games with the fine record of nine victories and only one defeat. An extensive interscholastic baseball schedule has been planned and a fine group of boys are out to make the team. Each year the seventh and eighth grade boys paticipate in the county track meet al: Caro. Page Thirty fwe Central-Sixth grade, fifth and six overflow, Fifth grade, fourth grade, third grade. GRADE SCHOQL The later elementary grades of Vassar Public Schools have been unusually busy during the past year in activities both in the class room and out. The sixth grade, in addition to its regular class work has been unusually interested in musical activities. Nine members of the class are in the Senior Band and twenty members in the Grade Band. The members have been very active in service to others. A box social was held, the proceeds of which were canteributed to a fund for crippled children. The class also contributed a Thanksgiving box to the same cause. The fifth and sixth overflow room has been busy this year. A number of activities in which real life conditions are 'set forth has been the theme for the year. The fifth grade has been unusually busy in correlating playlets, songs and recitations with the regular class work. A number of social parties have also been sponsored. The third and fourth grades have planned their work to include programs in honor of important national holidays. i During the year ten Grade Assembly Programs are provided for all the grade pupils and their parents, each grade room presenting one Assembly. Through these assembly programs the grade children de- velop poise and confidence which may help them to serve as better future citizens cf the Community. One of the most outstand'n0: events of the year in which all the grades participated was the Marble Tournament, sponsored by the Flint Journal. Champions from each grade were first decided and final'y the school champion, Lawrence Gillman, was picked by tournament play from this group. Page Thirty-siar A 7,1 FZ ,- ' McKinley-Kindergarten, first grade, second grade and third grade. Central-Kindergarten, first grade and second grade. GRADE SCHGGL Activities in the early elementary department of Vassar Public Schools stress not only the curriculum subjects but also the extra-cur- ricular activities of the group which tends to supplant and aid the regu- lar class Work. At McKinley School the second and third grades have been heart- ily engaged in a most interesting and educational post office project. The kindergarten and first grades have completed a fully equipped grocery store. These projects of buying and selling groceries, writing, mailing, and delivering 'letters enable the pupils to learn the processes which are actually going on in life. At Central, the second grade has been intensely interested in the study of plants. They have been unusually fortunate in growing a num- ber of beautiful flowering plants. The first grade has been interested in a grocery store project and also in equipping and running 3 grade li- brary. Orange crates Were made into fine looking book cases and chairs. The kindergarten at Central has centered its activities about an ice cream store and green house. The kindergarten child, by participating in acti- vities which are a part of his environment Will be better prepared for the all-important task of learning the work presented in later grades. The Vassar grade teachers have cooperated splendidly in mak- ing it possible to have an extensive testing program, extending from the first grade through the sixth grade, which has been in progress for the past four years. The testing activity enables the teacher to present those things which each particular student needs most. Page Thirty-:even Trio Second Page Thlfrty ff-gil t Debate Band Library Hold Shop that Pose Year Shorthand Camera Club and Then Some F. F. A. Officers fur '38-'39 'Typlng 4 ACTIVITIES Page CHADWICK SCHOOL PUPILS Chadwick School -- Rural Transportation The Chadwick Rural School District No. 3, Vassar, had the mis- fortune of losing its school by fire January 3, 1938.. Because of this cat- astrophe the electors of the District voted on Friday, February 14, to sengl their children to the Vassar Public Schools. Accordingly a bus was purchased, through' the "State Aid Tran- sportation Program Offered Rural Districts," and the Chadwick children are now enjoying all the educational advantages offered by the Vassar Public Schools. The Board of Education and the electors of the Chadwick District are to be congratulated on making it possible for their children tc- secure the same educational opportunities as children in the city schools receive. The school transportation program of Michigan has expanded with extraordinary rapidity in recent years. In 1919 four hundred pupils were transported daily. In 1936 about 35,000 pupils were transported daily in 800 buses operated by the school districts of the state. This number of pupils does not include many additional thousands transported in other vehicles or by the parents of pupils. Greater liber- ality of state aid for bus transportation is increasing, year by year, the number of school buses in operation. The State reimburses Rural Districts for the transportation of their pupils to graded schools when such schools are closed in Whole or in part. The State provides such transportation in order to provide adequate edu- cational opportunities for all childrcn. ' The amount of reimbursement is determined by the Superin- tendent of Public Instruction but cannot exceed 840.00 per pupil tran- sported. When a Rural School District votes to close one or more of its grades, the State also reimburses for the transportation of High School pupils from that District who are at that time attending' High School, thus saving parents of such children considerable expense. For further information concerning transportation services offer- ed by the State, Rural Districts should consult Superintendent Ralph E. Brant. Forty Vassar High School and ltps Rural School Program Each year Vassar High School offers rural schools a Rural Athletic Meet and Play Festival in which four hundred ninety-nine pupils from twenty-six rural schools participated this year, an annual In- door Baseball Tournament, and motion pictures of Rural School Day acti- vities taken annually. It also provides speakers and vocal music to rural school Parent-Teacher Associations. It provides for girls, a new, modern, and complete Department of Home Economics for teaching cooking, sewing, and general home manage- ment, and offers the services of a trained instructor who supervises girls' home projects through the school year and during tthe summer vacation. ' In addition a Department of Agriculture is provided for boys de- signed to teach Crops and Soils, An'mal Husbandry, Agriculture Econo- mics, and offers the services of a trained instructor who supervises boys' farm projects, and cooperates with the farmers of the surrounding rural community during the school year and summer vacation. Also a De- partment of Manual Arts designated to teach woodworking, general and farm projects. It provides a High School on the four-year accredited list of the University of Michigan and the North Central Association of Secondary Schools and Colleges, which maintains a staff of well-trained, experienc- ed teachers who are interested in developing the individual interests of each and every student. Graduation from High School is becoming ever more important. A high school diploma is an additional badge of character. It shows to the world that you possess sufficient energy, courage, and determination to complete a task once begun. Your high school course will strengthen your character because it will make you better able to select your life work. A high school di- ploma will add to your prestige in in the community and position in the world. Completion of a high school course is absolutely essential for ad- mission to colleges or professional schools. Statistics show that the person who possesses only an eighth grade diploma earns on the average a salary of eight hundred dollars per year. The high school graduate will average for the balance of his or her life an income of one thousand five hundred to two thousand dollars. You can graduate from High School. It will at once place you on a higher level in your community and give you a higher rank among your fellows. Page Forty one ECHO STAFF Top Row-C. Rausch, T. Slafter, R. Stoley, S. Opperman, M. Stange, A. Glaizier. Second Row-A. Furman, E. Barnes, M. DuBois, M, Garner, R. Ellis, M. Schack, M. Fetting, E. Andrews. Bottom Row-J. Honsinger, B. Schafer, A. Lambert, T. Hart, F, Draper, M. Bates, Mr, Yonker. Editor-in-chief Ted Har: Athletic Editor Jack Honsingcr Associate Editor, Bernadine Schafer Assistant Athletic Editor t - - Margaret Schack Assistant Editor Marie Bates Music Editor Emma Andrews Bvsiness Manager Allen Lambert Organization Editor Ted Slafter Assistant Business Managers Raymond Stoley, S. Opperman Art Editors Elizabeth Barnes, Marion DuBois Circulation Manager Floyd Draper Ass't. Circulation Manager Assistant Organization Editor Rosemary Ellis Senior Editor Elizabeth Garner Undergraduate Editor Clarence Rausch Photograph Editor Audrey Glazier Myrtle Fetting Alumni Editor Alice Furman When the idea of publishing a year-book was presented to the Senior Class in January, it was immediately taken up with enthusiasm. It soon became evident that their enthusiasm was supported by that of the administration and the alumni. Since it was the first to be published in the school in several years the ciass realized the difficulty of the task they had undertaken. After committees had Worked out the details for the organization to do it, the staff was chosen with much delibera- tion. In order that the important preliminary work of the business staf' might be accomplished in the short time allotted, the editorial staff turned its efforts toward that phase of the work for a few Weeks. Several well-planned assemblies and sales drives were carried on successfully. When the actual Writing was begun the individual initiative of the various staff members was brought into play in arranging their depart- ments. A much needed staff room was constructed and equipped by the staff on the second floor. The cooperation of the staff members iii carrying on their work was commendable. The day set aside for photo- graphing the various groups will not be forgotten. Mistakes were made no doubt but the staff-'feels that its venture was a success and hopes that it will be carried on from year to yea: by future Senior Classes. Page Forty-two NEWSPAPER STAFF Top Row-B. Schafer, T. Hart, N. VandeBunt, W. Bauer, A. Furman. Bottom ROWAM. Garner, M. Heindl, D. Freeland, M. Harper, M, Pierson, I. Braido, Miss Hare. Editor Dorothy Freeland Assistant Editor Irene Braido Bus. and Circulation Mgr. Neil VandeBurt Sports Editor Wendell Bauer Featuzes Ted Hart Features Mary Garner, Mattie Harper Maijorie Heindl, Margaret Pierson Typists Maiy Garner, Bernadine Schafer Alice Mary Furman Faculty Advisor Miss Loretta Hare Tlze newspaper staff was organized at the begirning of the year with Miss Loretta Hare as faculty advisor. The local Tuscola Pioneer-Times kindly allowed us a section in their edition in which we inserted the school paper called "The Voice oi' the School." Through excellent cooperation on the part of every staff member, the publication meets the dead-line every week, with a better paper than the last one. To have the local newspaper print our school paper in itself, is truly an advantage. Not only does it give us a very professional looking paper, but it also increases thc circulation to parents as well ai students. In March we visited the Saginaw News Building and enjoyed an interesting trip, getting much information on the printing ol' at modern daily newspape1'. Each week we have attempted to bring you reports, news, and humor. The reporters have brought the latest news from classrooms and activities. The spot: section has given resumes of the games as well as inside information on the team. The features included "Close Ups" and "Funny Bones." We feel that our progress in journalism has well compensated our effoits in this organization. Page Forty-Hue Page GIRLS GLEE CLUB BOYS GLEE CLUB GIRLS' GLEE CLUB Top Row-H. M. Bradley, M. Pierson, A. Tinglan, D. Dierck, C. Bradley, J. VanPetten, E. Cheney, L. Welsh, M. Houghtaling, C. Johnson. A Second Rcw+M. Bates, C. Whitcomb, R. Bauer, H. Hope, E. An- drews, R. Ellis, A. Hecht, E. Barnes, M. Garner, A. Furman, J. Barnes. Third Row-M. Lewis, F. Pickleman L. Moody, D. Frahm, J. Wal- ton, N. Anderson, E. Fischer, L. Enos, I. Perry, B. Pierson, E. Tyler, M. Esckelson. Bottom Row-S. Hope, G. Wilcox, L. Haines, D. Evans, D. Freeland, Akins, R. Schmidt, B. Hyslop, N. Rigg, A. Hohman, F. McNeal, Glady, Mr. Maikowski. BOYS' GLEE CLUB Top Row-M. McIntyre, C. Reif, L. Smith, W. Freeland, F. Taylor M. P. A. Glazier. Second Row-E. Datz, F. Heindl, M. Ross, A. Reda, R. Schmandt H. Hecht, R. Reif. Third Row-M. Bates, C. Rausch, J. Honsinger, M. Seney, T. Hart Gunnell, K. Smith. J. Heusted, Mr. Maikowski. Bottom Row-H. Davis, A. Lawrence, L. Tinglan, H. Gootee, R. D Stacer, P. Arndt, L. Esckelson. C. ' The Girls' Glee Club of 1938 has had a very successful year in the Vassar High School. Under the direction of Mr. Maikowski the 45 girls have progressed steadily the past two years. The Glee Club was privileged to attend many festivals this season. The annual trip to Mt. Pleasant has become one of the major events of the year. Each year they have attended, the girls have rated high in comparison with the other Glee Clubs. The Boys' Glee Club has greatly increased in size and qualitv this year. The annual trip to the State Music Festival at Mt. Pleasant as well as the trip to Bad Axe was considered a great success by the lub. Marie Bates deserves much credit for the excellent way in which she accompanied the Glee Clubs. Forty-fcur X SENIOR PLAY JUNIOR PLAY Janet Moore Bill Douglass Henry Grimes Waldo Fitts Mrs. Skinner Dora Mae Olive Ordway SENIOR PLAY Top-Miss Woodman. Top Row-T. Hart, M. Garner, Wilkinson, M. Bates. Bottom Row-E. Enclrews, M. cho, E. Fischer C. Rausch. JUNIOR PLAY M. Stange, F. Draper, M. Fetting, Barnes, G. Bates, M. DuBois, J. Top Row'-'F. Taylor, N. Roth, A. Jaynes. Second Row-L. Smith, W. Bauer, A. Hohman, J. Walton, P. Glady, McNeal R. Taylor. Bottom Row-Mr. Pemberton, I. Braido, P. Thompson, D. Evans, Tyler, M. Trea, Miss VVoodman. "GUESS AGAIN" Mary Garner Clarence Rausch Floyd Draper Grant Bates Myrtle Fetting Marion DuBois Marie Bates Marcella Jenks Lord Wiggleton Bertie Blodgett S. H. Pratt Renee Lamour Lulu Perkins S01 Messer Emma Andrews Ted Hart Junior Inscho Melvin Stange Evelyne Fischer Elizabeth Barnes Clifford Wilkinson The plav was presented bv the Seniors, October 22 and 23. It had an exceedingly interestinf! and humorous plot which ran along smoothly. Olive, with her uplift Walk was especially amusing. "NEW FIRES Iucinda Andrews Anne Hohman Olive Doris Evans Suzanne Faler Florence McNeal Eve Margaret Trng Sid SPQWY Bob Taylor Dick Wendell Bauer Je,-I-y Allen Jaynes Stephen Santry Leo Smifh Doctor Lynn Gray Norman Roth gmv Floyd Taylor Mary Marshall Pauline Thompson Phyllis Eleanor Tyler Mrs. Marshall Irene Braido Anne Jane Walton Angie Sperry Phyllis Glady Presented, by the Juniors Anril 7 and 8, the play had its setting in a farmhouse where a modern city fnnily comes for a bit of country life. The theme was the importance of havlng a purpose in life. Page Forty fm OPERETTA Top Row-A. Blackmore, R. D. Stacer, C. Roles, P. Arndt, L. Tlnglan, H. Gootee, A. Glazier, F. Taylor, M. Seney, M. Yanovitch, K, Smith J. Honsinger, W. Freeland, E. Datz, F. Heindl, L. Esckelson, R. Seitz, A. Lawrence. Second Row-H. M. Bradley, N. Rigg, C. Whitcomb, G. Wilcox, R. Bauer, E. Tyler. M. Davis, M. Esckelson, F. Pickelman, M. Hough- taling, D. Frahm, I. Perry, J. Barnes, M. Garner. Third Row-Miss Woodman, E. Cheney, P. Glady, D. Freeland, C. Bradley, N. Anderson, D. Dierck, R. Schmidt, H. Hope, S. Hope, L. Moody, L. Enos, V. Jacot, J. VanPetten, B. Pierson, L. Welsh, A. Ting- lan, A. Hohman. Bottom ROWAA. Furman, C. Rausch, D. Evans, J. Walton. H. Hecht, T. Hart, E. Fischer, Mr. Maikowski, J. Heusted, M. Bates, C. Gunnell, E. Andrews, A. Reda, R. Ellis, M. Pierson, C. Johnson. Mrs. McCann Elsa McCann Anne Blackwell Archie Fitzgibbons Zelinda Rose Lily Marie Bates Emma Andrews Rosemary Ellis Clarence Rausch Doris Evans Carolyn Johnson Margaret Pierson Ali Ben Mustapha. Hasson El Carib Jewel Bob Ballentine Bill Blake Henrietta Whipstitch Dick Taylor Howard Hecht John Heusted Evelyne Fischer Albertus Reda Conrad Gunncll Jane Walton Ted Hart The operetta this year was a beautiful and tuneful spectacle. It followed the adventures of a youn? aviator, Dick Taylor CTed Hartj and his two assistants Bob and Bill, fAlbertus Reda, Conrad Gunnellj in their search for the mysterious "Belle of Bagdad", whom they wished to offer a screen contract. Dick falls in love with Jewel fEvelyne Fischerl the daughter of the Caliph fJohn Heustedl. She later turns out to be the "Belle" and promises to marry Dick and go to Hollywood. The comedv was furnished by Henrietta Whipstich CJane Waltonl, a disappointed spinster and Archie Fitzgibbons fClarence Rauschj, who loved not wise- ly but too well. The oriental atmosphere of the setting and the music made the operetta rather unique. The operetta cast and chorus were made up of approximately 80 people. They enjoyed working together for the production of the oper- etta. The work of the chorus as American tourists and native Persians was noteworthy. Mr. Maikowski and Miss Woodman directed the operetta very com- petently. Miss Alice Mary Furman accompanied the musical numbers of the operetta and deserves much credit. Page Forty-six 5 .X 1 BAND l Top RovwL. Tinglan, C. Glazzier, C. Gunnell, K. Fox, B. Taylor, F. I-Icindl T. Slafter, J. Honsinger, H. Hecht, A. Jaynes. Second Row-L. Dykhouse, B. Collis, J. Smith, S. Schwartz, W. Waterhouse, D. WVigley, M. Bates, B. Johnson, M. Houghtaling, A. Hecht, E. Cheney. Third RowfJ. Honsinger, S. Andreychuk, E, Andrews, R. Ellis, E. Welsh, T. Hart, L. Welsh, P. Arndt, A. Tinglan, J. Bates. Bottom Row-Mr, Maikowski, A. Lawrence, B. Collins, R. D. Stacer, M. Stacer, A. Roth, B. Russell, A. Blackmore, J. Causgrovc, C. Reif J. Barnes, C. Johnson, J. Joyce. Vassar High School is proud of its band. It is in a better con- dition this year than eve: before. It consists of 45 members ranging from grader: 6 to 12. The schedule was arranged the past year so the band could have practice every day. The pupils receive a full credit for the year's work. With this arrangement the band has had an opportunity to progress very rapidly and under Mr. Maikowskifs excellent leadership they have gain- ed a high standing in the minds of the citizens of the community as well as all other people having the privilege of hearing them. The band was much improved by the addilion of several new in- struments including a sousaphone and an alto horn. By working with people inthe grades Mr. Maikowski has been able to make the various sections of the band more balanced. The band has attended many band gatherings. The most impor- tant being the band festival at Owfsso. This was helpful to each mem- ber. They had the opportunity of hearing other High School Bands of Michigan play and also had the privilege of taking part in the mass band. The annual concerts were orginated by Mr. Maikowski and have proved ta be very successful. Many citizens of Vassar and near-by towns witnessed the fine concert given thi: year. It was named the "Band Blaref' One of the most important events of the year was the county Band Festival held at Vassar in April. Bands representing Caro, Cass City, Mayville, and Millington were present. A clinic band made up of selected players from the five bands present was conducted by Dr. Wil- liam Norton of Flint. Mr. Maikowski is to be crezlitcd h'ghly in the way he has improv- cd the technique of the band. Page Forty-s lf 1 F. F. A. Top ROWAR. Grinnell, F. Heindl, G. Glazier. Second ROWQW. Decoe, N. Trinklein, M. Franko, C. Reif, B. Taylor, K. Smith, D. Frahm. Third Row-AJ-Iunkins, C. Roles, M. Ross, O. Beebe, D. German, A. Reda, E. Dobson, R. Reif. Bottom Row-G. Bates, C. Frahm, L. Esckelson, S. Opperman, M. Stange, A. Clazier, Mr. Pemberton. President Sinclair Opperman Vice President Lawrence Esckelson Secretary Melvin Stange Treasurer Audrey Glazier Reporter Carl Fiulim Advisor Mr. Pemberton The Vassar Chapter organized in the year 1932 with Her- man Rosencrants as the President. The activities of the organization are large in number. The "Junior Farmer Week" is the mcst important and the one most looked forward to. Each year in May all members go to East Lansing and compete in judging contests. The annual summer trip is another activity of importance. Trips taken thus far have been to Traverse City, Houghton Lake, Lake City, and Benton Harbo1'. Estab- lishment of the Tuscola County F. F. A. was directed and started by the Vassar Chapter. The annual Community Fair, sponsored by the F. F. A., is usually held for two days in the latter part cf November. The important com- mittees of the fair are the Entry, Premium, Program, Advertising, Rules and Regulations, and Clean-up committees. The General Chairman is overseer of the various committees. The annual Parents' Banquet is held in March. It is for the pur- pose of showing appreciation for the fine cooperation of the parents in allowing the boys to carry on projects. It also marks the official closing of the projects for the past year and the beginning of projects for the ensuing yea1'. The aims of the F. F. A. are to better farming condftions and to help the farmers of thi: community solve their problems.. It develops leadership among the boys and teaclzes them cooperation, thrift and re- sponsibility. Page Forty-eight Y!.,4 faxii, ,,,,. The Seco club is the Home Economics club of Vassar High School. The club was organized in 1935 to stimulate interest in Home Economics and was under the leadership of Miss Marion Wright. The State Home Economics Club, in which the Vassar Seco Club is a member, sponsors a Vocational Camp each summer at Dowling, Michi- gan. Our club has sent a representative each yea1'. Anna Hohman Went in 1936 and Rosemary Ellis in 1937. Several methods of making money have been used for the expense of this camp. In 1936 the club made recipe books that were collections of favorite recipes chosen by the club. In 1937, Orange and Black yarn dolls were made and sold for school emblems. In 1938, candy, hot dogs, and stationery has been sold. The theme of the programs for this year has been "Improvement of the High School Girl". This improvement was brought out in each meet- ing by speakers or discussion groups. Mrs. Theodore Hoffman spoke on the "Career of Nursing," Mrs. D. C. Atkins on the "Social Life of the High School Girl" and Mrs. Merle Giddings on "Personal Improvement." At Christmas time the enthusiastic club members prepared for the needy, baskets of food and clothing. The members also gave a Hobo party of the F. F. A. boys and a picnic to complete the program. For next year the club plans to organize a "Big Sister" week for the new pupils in the High School and looks forward to a bigger and better year. President Rosemary Ellis Vice President Marjorie I-Ieindl Secretary Dorothy Dierck Treasurer Maxine Esckelson Advisor Miss Mary Miller Bottom Row-A. Collis, V. Streeter, A. German, J. Russell, H. Korthals, M. Esckelson, R. Ellis, M. Heindl, D. Dierck, M. Bader, M. Houghtaling, F. Pickleman, E. Wells, D. Beach. Third Row-L. Auernhammer, J. Van Petten, S. Hope, A. Hecht, M. Jayes, R. Gohsman, F. Russell, N. Anderson, M. Stoley, M. M. VanPatten, M. Trea, D. Frahm, Miss Miller. Second Row-M. Shultz, M. Davis, G. Wilcox, D. Freeland, H. Hope, P. Glady, N. Frost, H. Schack, E. Cheney, L. Enos, L. Moody, L. Haines, A. Hohman. Top Row-M. Lewis, J. Lcwis, P. Thompson, R. Bauer, E, Allen, M. Vande Bunt, B. Baldwin, N. Rigg, C. Johnson, B. Johnson. SECO CLUB Page Forty mnc Page of boys who were interested in short of what is now Vassar Radio Club. of 1936 they found that the new science interested in this branch of science. Cooperating with him they formed the organization which has been very active and successful. Two years ago a number wave radio formed the nencleus When school started in the Fall instructor, M1'. Yonker vias also The officers for the first year were as follows: President, Floyd Draper, Vice-president, Clifford Wilkinson, and Glenn Welsh as Secre- tary-Treasurer. Radio Club owes much of its rapid progress and activeness to a number of radio dealers of Saginaw who were kind enough to give us a number of old radio sets for experimental purposes. A fitting' climax to the first years' work was the initiation of new members which was held the following spring. Last fall our members returned to school in high spirits and with to make the club better than ever before. There were a determination difficulties of course, one of the greatest was the lack of a proper room in which to work. VVe succeeded in obtaining a cloak room which fitted the requirements perfectly. This was immediately transformed into Il radio laboratory. The club has now purchased a professional Hallicrafter Radio Re- ceiver which has been paid for entfrely by the club members themselves. The purpose of Radio Club is to work toward obtaining an ama- teur radio transmitting license. Radio club will always be thankful to the faculty who patiently refrained from complaining of the odd noise.: and squeals which at times escapei from the Radio Laboratory. President Floyd Draper Vice President Clifford Wilkinson Secretaiy George Beach Treasurer Glenn Welsh Top Row-C.1'loles, C. Trcmonti, M. Stange, W. Blelanski, M. Yanovich. Bottom Row-F. Draper, C. Wilkinson, G. Welsh, G. Beach, J. Inscho, Mr. Yonker. RADIO CLUB Fifty In the fall of 1938, under the able leadership of Mr. Yonker, the Vassar Camera Club was organized. This organization is the first of its kind, in which school students participated in Tuscola County. The club pin used by thc members the preceeding year was again adopted. It was a miniature gold graduate, mortar and pestle with V. C. C. lettered in black. The purpose of the club is to promote general interest in photo- graphy, and to acquire knowledge concerning the different phases of photography by means of experiments, demonstrations and other sources. The success of the club surpassed everyone's fondest expectations. The members all cooperated and did their best to make every project, party, or event the best of its kind. Through the efforts of Mr. Yonker and the members, the club now owns most of the necessary equipment for a complete dark room. Mr. Yonker and the club should be congratulated in the way they work- ed to make this possible. An enlarger was donated by Mr. L. Garner which makes further study in Photography possible. The members all appreciate this dona- tion and have made good use of it. They had two skating parties in which the Radio Club also par- ticipated. The club participated in the Community Fair. Pictures were taken both nights of the fair, printed, and developed by the club. Contests are held at regular intervals during the school year with prizes awarded the winners. A group of lectures and lantern slides were secured from the Eastman Kodak Company by Mr. Yonker. These lectures and slides were very interesting and educational. Although over half of the members are graduating, those who remain and those who join in the fall are eagerly looking forward to another successful year. President Audrey Glazier Vice President Jane Walton Treasurer Melvin Stunge Secretary Bernadine Schafer Top Row-AA. Lambert, E. Tyler, N. Frost, F. Russell, R. Staley. Bottom Row-T. Hart, J. VValton, M. Stange, A. Glazier, B. Schafer, Mr. Yonker. CAMERA CLUB L Page Fifi y-un The Vassar Girl Reserves Club was organized October 26, 1937, under the direction of Miss W'oodman. Before the club was formed two representatives of the Bay City YWCA talked to a girls' assembly, explaining the organization of the club, its aims and activities. As a part of the Young Women's Christian Association, the or- ganization attempts to develop a spirit of friendliness and cooperation among the girls. It further attempts to furnish a guidance program for its members, helping them to find those activities to which they are particularily adapted. The club is divided into four groups, Homemaking, Athletics, Scrib- blers and Dramatics. Each club member belongs to one of these four divisions. The activities of the club are planned by six committees, namely: Membership, Finance, Piublic'ty, PrJgram, Social and Service. These committees are an important part of the organization and should be commended for their fine work during the past year. The club held its first Ceremonial meeting on November 15, and invited the mothers of the girls as guests. In addition to regular busi- ness meetings, several very enjoyable evening parties have been held. At Christmas time the club presented 3, number of practical gifts to a needy family. In February, two representatives of the club, Helen Koral and Anna German, attended a Girl Reserve State Conference at Grand Rapids. The members of the club are looking forward to an improved club next year and wish to extend a sincere and hearty welcome to all girl: of the high school who wish to become members. President Jean Barnes Vice President Nancy Rigg Secretary Leah Enos Treasurer Carolyn Johnson Top ROWYV. Lambeit, H. Koral, R. Gohsman, J. Lewis, L.. l.Velsh, M. VandcBunt, M. Simpson, A. Hewlett, B. Pierson, L. Gohs- man, I. Escl'c'son. Second Row-V. Streeter, M. Jaynes, J. VanPetten, L. Moody, R. Bauer, C. Bender, R. Schmidt, M. Akins, F. Tanski, C. Bradley, M. Lewis, Miss Woodman. Bottom Row-A. Collis, B. Hyslop, D. Frahm, J. Barnes, N. Rigg, C. Johnson, L. Enos, M. Stoley, H. Meinecke, A. German, H. Schack. GIRL RESERVES Pug Fifty-two DRAMATICS CLUB Top Row-F. Taylor, W. Allen, V. Lambert, R. Taylor, H. Koral, A. German, E. Dobson. Bottom Row-M. Heindl, L. Gohsman, A. Hewlette, D. Oss, F. Tnnski, E. Allen, D. Beach, Miss Woodman. President Delphine Oss Secretary-Treasurer Famelia Tanski Sponsor Miss Woodman The Vassar Players, the dramatics club of the high school, is one of the youngest clubs of the school, having been organized in November 17, of this school year. It had twelve charter members participating in its organization. The club presented at the Christmas assembly two plays, "The Last Christmas", and "The Guest at the Inn." It has also sponsored two one-act plays for the benefit of the Activities Council. These plays were "Not Quite Such a Goose," and "The Valiant". "The Valiant" was later presented in an assembly at Cass City where it was well received. At an assembly in May 9, brief scene entitled "Derelict" was pre- sented. The last project of the year for the Club was the production of two plays that were presented at an evening performance for their par- ents and invited guests. The plays are "The Patchwork Quilt" and "Two Crooks and a Lady." The aim of the club is to familiarize the members with the funda- mental principles of dramatics, to develop and maintain an interest in the dramatic art, and give actual experience in play-acting and play-mana- gement of the members. Any student of Vassar High School is eligible for membership. Page Fifty-Ihre DEBATE D. Evans, I. Braido, Mr. Hamilton, P. Thompson, M, Schultz The debate team of 1938, d,.Le to the graduation of its former members, was a team composed of all new members. The question for debate this year in all the High Schools in Michigan was Resolved: "That the several states should adopt a unicameral form of legislation." Vassar, taking the affirmative, won over Flint Bendle and Lapeer by unanimous decisions. She then debated on the negative side, losing a two to one decision to Flint Beecher, but winning over Swartz Creek, thereby making a total of thiiteen points. This put the team in the elimination series and upheld the record of Winning a wall plaque every year for the past three years. In addition to a wall plaque for the school, through the courtesy of the Detroit Free Press, all participants in elimination debates received a pin or lapel button. The school also gives a pin to debaters of merit who complete a successful season. Probably in no year since Mr. Hamilton has been coaching the debating teams of Vassar have they enjoyed a more complete season of participation. In addition to the regular league debates, an affirmative and a negative team were sent to the Fourth Annual Debate Tournament at Flint Cen- tral High School where Vassar met two Pontiac teams, Grosse Point and Flint Beecher. About twenty practice debates were also scheduled. The first elimination debate was held in Vassar with Bad Axe taking the negative side of the question. Margie Schultz, Pauline Thompson and Doris Evans represented Vassar and presented a very good affirmative case, but the Bad Axe team, a group of veterans who had been defeated by Vassar in 1936 and again in 1937, turned the tables and won by a close margin. This defeat officially ended the debating season with the excep- tion of attending the championship debate at Ann Arbor on April 29. At this time the University of Michigan entertained debaters with a speech clinic, demonstration debate. Campus tour and baseball game. Vassar is rapidly gaining a reputation in debating. All this year's de- baters will be back next year. Watch Vassar in the debating circles for 1938-39. P 111 Fifty-fmt? LIBRARY STAFF Top Row-H. Korthals, F. Tanski, M. Davis, V. Lambert. Second Row-Miss Wellemeyer, J. Russell, R. Bauer, M. Vande- Bunt, B. Pierssn, A. Hewlette, L. Gohsman, M. Harper. Bottom Row-W. Allen, B. Hyslop, B. Baldwin, C. Whitcomb, R. Schmidt, D. Caterfield. The Vassar High School library was completely reorganized th's year under the competent supervision of Miss Wellemeyer. Book shelves were entirely rearranged in a definite order. The card index, contain- ing a filing card for each book in the library was checked thoroughly so that each book may be accurately recorded when loaned to students. The library is an essential and extremely important part of the activities of Vassar High School. Students have come to rely upon the library as a source of recreational reading as well as reference material for regular school Work. The staff, although entirely new and inexperi- enced this year, have succeeded in making the library system very effl- cient and orderly. A number of new books were purchased for the library among which were, "Gone With The Wind", "Yang and Yin", "East Wind - West Wind", "The Good Earth", 'iLost Horizon" and "Magnificent Obsession". Many new and interesting books are on the list for next year. Maga- zines, of particular interest to the extra-curricular activities are also be- ing considered. The card catalog, which at present is used only by the library staff, is to be moved into the general session room Where all students may use it. Each student in the high school will be taught the essentials of the filing system so that they will be in a position to use similar systems in other libraries. The library staff wishes to extend their sincere appreciation to their director, Miss Wellemeyer. She has been more than patient with the stumbling efforts of the staff in attempting to become efficient li- brarians. p Pay.: Fift 11-for ACTIVITIES COUNCIL Top Row-C. Gunnell, T. Slafter, Mr. Brant, S. Opperman, F. Hcindl. Bottom ROW+D. Evans, C. Whitcomb, L. Smith, B. Schafer, E. Tyler. President Leo Smith Vice-President Sinclair Opperman Secretary and Treasurer Bernadine Schafer In order to finance school activities, to create a better school spirit, to support any project for school improvement, to aid in activities of the school and to offer suggestions for the betterment of the school, the Activities Council continued its existence just as enthuslagtically as in the past years. The members were appointed by the student body as representatives of the four upper classes, football, basketball, baseball de- bate teams and band. These reliable and competent members were under Mr. Brant's able and sympathetic sponsorship. The busfness meetings were conducted in Mr. BranL's office, from 8 to 8:45 on Tuesday morning of each week. Many of this years events will be added to the history of the council, of which the two most profitable were the engagement of Mar- quis the Magician and the two one act plays produced by the dramatics club. The two one act plays were a great success. They were presented to a large audience on February 18. The Music Department also offer- ed assistance for this program. In March, the council sponsored the taking of moving pictures of school activities. These were later shown publicly in the gymnasium. The council also accomplished many other successful events. They had the honor of selecting the assembly committee, of conducting the Award Assembly, of sponsoring a Hallowe'en Dance and program, and appointing capable boys to send to the Rotary Club meetings with Mr. Brant. One of the outstanding services of the council has been to pre- pare a constitution under the leadership of Leo Smith, for a student booster organization. The constitution has been approved by the council. In the event it is approved by the s'udent body, one ticket, showing membership in the organization, will permit participation by the student in many of the school activities at a real saving in comparison to the cost in other years. The council wishes to extend their gratitude and thanks to Mr. Brant and success to all future council members. Pa gc Fifty-.seirxc One of the best ways to judge the spirit of a school is to see the cross-section of an assembly. The assembly is the meeting place of the entire student body and faculty and it should serve as a socializing unit. The assembly committee is composed of one member from each of the four upper grades. These are The Superintendent and Principal act On, November 4, the Assembly on by the Utica Jubilee Singers, four under the direction of Miss Hare. as ex-officio members. Committee sponsored 3 program put colored men who were very enter- taining. November 11, Reverend Wood gave a peace talk. November 24, an Intelligence Quiz furnished fun and laughter for the students. December 23, the last day of school before Christmas, the committee arranged for two plays, "The Last Christmas" and "A Night at the Inn" which were presented by the Vassar Rounds gave a safety talk. January Dramatics Club. January 7, Mr. 28, the committee was fortunate to arrange a talk by a G-Man, Mr. Newman. February 9, Ben East, the famed photographer showed pictures and talked on his travels around the life of George Washington. March was the students enjoyed a Band Concert ski, also, the Boys Chorus sang a few Hudson Bay region. February 23, Judge Crampton told about the 4, Cass City gave a program. This an exchange program between Vassar and Cass City. March 17, under the direction of Mr. Maikow- numbers. April 1, consisted of a 10 minute program from each. class. Other programs which were included during the year were, a program by the faculty, one by the organizations of the school, and others by outside speakers. The Assembly Committee wishes to thank the entire student body and the faculty for their co-operation during the year. C. Johnson, L, Plumb, Miss Hare, P. Clady, M. Akins. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE Page Fifty-s fflV'T'l, Pa gc The Vassar Archery Club, under the supervision of Mr. Hoyt, was formed January, 1938 and meets each Tuesday and Wednesday during the activity hour. It followed the Leather-Craft Club of the semester before, being made up of some of the previous members. They obtained the material to make their equipment from dues. Their bows are made of hickory, varying from five feet and a half, to six feet long. It was a long procefs taking two to three months unless extra time was spent. The bow string proved a stumbling block to some since twisting it made it too short. They also made and feathered their own arrows, using electric toaster wire carrying an electric current to trim the feather tops. Archery is an age old hobby as well as a sport which one can neither outgrow nor forget once he has learned what it has to offer. The craftsman learns about kinds of woods suitable, the importance of seasoning and drying as well as the use of tools in shaping the material. The sportsman learns how to practice alone, live out of doors, yet how to share with others in competition. The members can tell you all about William Tell and the King's Archers while developing that right aim at the same time. Fair weath- er finds them outside shooting, stormy weather finds them inside shav- ing. All boys and girls interested in becoming members will be welcom- ed by the club. President Harvey Rowland Secretary-Treasurer Nick Miinlbach Top Row-W. Bauer, H. Rowland, G. Sevener. Bottom Row-S. DuBois, N. Miilhbach, M. Seney, N. Roth, Mr. Hoyt. ARCHERY CLUB F'ifty-eight 1 SAFETY PATROL GIRLS SERVICE SAFETY PATROL Top Row-M. Gohsman, N. Andreychuk, G. Catterfield, T. Wightman, J. Wilczak. Second Row-K. Bender, G. Chestnut, D. Bodimer, R, VandeBUnt, D. Miller. Bottom Row-C. Germaine, N. VanWormer, 'Miss Cottrell, W. Lambert, D. Vvaterhouse. GIRLS SERVICE SQUAD Top Row-M. Mell, N. Frost, L. Snider, Miss Reed, J. Bates, E. Colosky, J. Sergant. Bottom Row-G. Stuwe, M. Cfootee, B. Miller, G. Gleason, L. Roth. R. Koral, E. Wood. THE SAFETY PATROL Captain Kenneth Bendeit Lisutenzints Nick Andreychuli Dale Viizterhouse Sponsor Miss Ethel Cottrell The Safety Patrol was organized in Vassar in 1936. It was origi- nally organized in the Detroit Schools in 1916, but has now spread to nearly every state in the Union. The Vassar Patrol boys are leaders not only in safety, but in their studies and deportment. The duty of the Patrol is to caution others in safe practices and to hold children at cross-walks until they can cross safely. The captain has charge of the other patrols and sees that they are on active duty. He sends in a report to the Automobile Club every month. The safety patrol this year has been distinctly honored by the award of a safety trophy by the Automobile Club of Michigan. GIRLS SERVICE SQUAD Captain Joyce Bates Lieutenant Lorraine Snidex Sponsor Miss Florence Reed The purpose of the Girls' Service Squad is to develop a safety attitude toward problems of the home and schoil and to nrvakc those impressions that eventually develop into habits. The duties of the squad are Wide and varied in scope. Cooperat- ing with the faculty, the squad is doing excellent workin regulating hall traffic in the building. The squad also serves as student ushers for all grade assemblies. The girls are to be congratulated on their fine service. Their efforts have aided in the establishment of the fine spirit which is found in the Vassar Public Schools. Page Fifty -nin captain Time Out Bottoro Up Over the Top Intrzlmural Champs Plus! Got It Page Sift!! All Yours Out! Across the Plate ATHLETICS 1- w FOOTBALL Top Row-W. Reif, J. Hcusted, C. Reif, G. Bates. Second Row-Mr. Pemberton, M. Stange, S. Opperman, H, Tromb- ka, W. Freeland, Mr. Wernet. Third Row-A. Lambert, J. I-Isnsinger, H. Streeter, C. Gunneil, L. Smith, A. Glazier. Bottom Row-Earl Bates. Ralph SeitzfAbsent. The 1937-38 football season was launched successfully under o.1r new Coach, Mr. Wernet. The team developed nicely and much credit is due Mr. Wernet for his fine coaching. The lettermen returning to back- field positions were Captain Streeter, Smith, Freeland and Honsinger. Those returning to the line were Opperman and Dafoe. Opperman, forced to give up most of the season because of a knee operation, re- turned in time to give a good account of himself in the last two games. We started the season off by defeating a highly touted Mt. Morris team, 32-13. The next Friday we encountered a heavy Sebewaing team for our first home appearance, and won a hard-fought game 6-0. We scored in the third quarter on our favorite play, a pass from Streeter to Dafoe. The game ended with Sebewaing knocking at our goal line. We received our first defeat at the hands of Cass City at their field. Although the game was close for three quarters, we finally lost 27-13. The outstanding play of the game was Smiths interception of a Cass City pass and 80 yard run for a touchdown. We took the next three teams in our stride, Marlette, Sandusky, and Owendale before meeting up with our traditional rival, Caro. The scores were 13-0, 21-0 and 19-0 rezpectively. The big game of the season arrived. We played a heavy and experienced Caro team Nov. 3. Hopes were high, but the Caro power was too great with the game ending 24-0 in their favor. The ffnal game of the season resulted in an upset when an inferior Millington team de- feated an over-confident Vassar team 6-0. A few final figures show we won 5 games and lost 3. -In league play we won 3 and lost 3. Although we flnished 4th in the league, we were in second place two weeks before the finish. Page Sixty-two BASKET BALL Top RowiJ. Heusted, B. Russell, S. Opperman, G. Bates, Mr. Wernet. , Bottom Row---H. Streeter, A. Glazier, L. Smith, J. Honsinger, C. Gunnell. The 1937-38 basketball squad consisting almost entirely of vete- rans of the last year, had bright prospects for a strong team. Although the season was not a spectacular one, the team played good ball through- out the season and the orange and black supporters may be justly proud of their record. The team ended the season with two victories each over Millington, Mayville and Sebewaing, winning once from Cass City, while losing to Caro twice, Cass City, Marlette, Fairgrove, Sandusky and Brown City, each once. One of the best games of the season was played with Cass City on Vassar's home floor. The game went into an overtime period with Vassar finally winning out, 20-19. The Class C and D District Tournament was held at Vassar on March 3, 4 and 5. The only Class C game held on Thursday night, March 3, was between North Branch and Vassar. Although we received plenty of opposition, we defeated them 29-19. On Friday, the second night of the tournament, Vassar was paired with Millington, and Fairgrove with Mayville. Although both games were close, Vassar and Fairgrove emerged the victors and were sched- uled to fight it out Saturday night with the tournament at stake. The game between Vassar and Fairgrove was the outstanding game of the tournament, with both teams fighting for the lead until the final whistle blew. The game ended in a deadlock 26-26. In the over- time period, neither team was able to score, although both came close several times. Officials decided the game by the honor point method. Vassar was awarded five points for making the greater number of field goals, while Fairgrove received three points for making the greater per- centage of foul shots and four points for having the least number of per- sonal fouls. Thus Fairgrove was awarded the extra point giving them the game and the tournament. Page Sixty -thrwe BASEBALL Top Row-J. Miller, L. Curvin, N. Miihlbach, K. Smith, N. VandeBunt, M. Seney, J. Titsworth, A- Seymour. Second Row-Mr. Werent, A. Hunkins, W. Hoover, W. Freeland, C. Tremonti, A. Glazier, T. Slafter. Bottom Row-A. Lambert, J.Honsinger, H. Streeter, S. Opper- man, C. Gunnell, C. Rausch, G. Bates. The baseball team coached by Edward Wernet played through a successful season. The squad, that reported for practice late in March consisted of about thirty-five boys. All of last year's team with the exception of two were available this year, and with the help of the new boys the team won their share of the games. The lettermen from last year's team are Captain Opperman, Free- land, Hunkins, Lambert, Streeter, Bates, Rausch, Gunnell and Honsinger. The pitching staff was strong this year consisting of Freeland, Hunkins and Bates, who also plays in the infield. The first game of the season was played at Reese, April 14. The game was close in the first two innings, neither team scoring, but fin- ally the Vassar boys found their batting eye and drove in thirteen runs. The game ended thirteen to nothing. Hunkins, our pitcher allowed Reese only three hits while we collected fifteen. Sebewaing came to visit us for our first home game and although we collected seven hits to their three, errors bv the infield resulted in de- feat. The game ended six to three in their favor. We next played at Fairgrove and returned home the victors by the score of nine to two. We were defeated in the next game by Marlette with a score of six to nothing. Vassar came through the victors in the Frankenmuth game, which was played before an exceptionally large crowd, with the score of six to two. . Other games played were Caro, May 10, Frankenmuth, May 17, Cass City, May 20, all of which were played away, and Millington, May 12, and Mayville, May 26, both of which were home games. Page Sixty-four The 1937 track season was the most successful one in the past several years. Coached by Mr. Lloyd Miller, the team won thc County Track meet, placed a close third in the Upper Thumb, and also placed in the State and Regional meets. In the County Meet we received a large number of firsts. The team took lst, 2nd and 3rd in the 100 and 220 yard dashes, 1st, 3rd and 4th in the broad jump, lsts in the relay race, 440 yd. run and mile run and a number of 2nd, 3rd and 4th places in other events. Caesar Harper, who took three lst and was on the relay team, was one of the fastest men in the state. In Class C competition in the State Meet, Har- per took lst in the 220 yd. dash and 2nd in the 100 yd. dash. The team received two trophies for winning the County track meet r and relay race. Although half of last year's championship team were lost by graduation, the team this year has a good chance and is considered a serious threat in the Upper Thumb and County track meets. The lettermen of last year's champions lost by graduation are: Harper, Tanski, Curvin and Kaspryzk. Bob Dafoe moved to Owen- dale. The lettermen returning this year are Captain Esckelson, Smith, Freeland, Taylor and Jaynes. Added to the group is a fine squad of new boys who promise to make this year's track team one of the best in the history of the school. A great deal of credit is due Mr. Miller for his fine coaching and help. Top Row-L. Esckelson, D. Simpson, M. McIntyre, KL Smith, II. Hecht, H. Gootee. Second J"owfR. Russell, W. Freeland, W. Bauer, A. Jaynes, C. Rausch, Mr. Miller. Bottom Row-L. Smith, J. Heusted, N. Roth, R. Stoley, F. Taylor, P. Arndt. ' TRACK Page Siu-ty-fi The second team had a more successful season than did the var- sity. They began practice several weeks before opening the season with Millington on our home court. Undefeated in the first two games with Millington and Fairgrove respectively they were spurred on to re-double their efforts in the remaining games of which six were played on the home court. They won ten of their fourteen games, defeating Millington, Fairgrove, Sandusky and Caro each once and Mayville, Cass City and Sebewaing, each twice, while losing to Marlette, Millington, Caro and Brown City each once. The usual line-up was: Heusted, left-guardg Inscho, right-guard, Lambert, centerg McIntyre, right-forewardg Tremonti, right-forewardg Franko, left-forewardg Bauer, left-forewardg and Freeland left-foreward The most outstanding game near the close of the season was with Caro on our own court. The hard-fought game resulted in victory. The closing game of the season was with Brown City, February 22. The scores for the games played on the home court were: Vassar 12, Millington 105 Vassar 11, Marlette 22, Vassar 10, Cass City 8g Vas- sar 22, Sebewaing 6, Vassar 12, Millington 13g Vassar 22, Caro 16. Those played away Were: Vassar 12, Fairgrove 123 Vassar 14, Mayville 10: Vassar 40, Sebewaing 85 Vassar 23, Caro 263 Vassar 13, Cass City 12: Vassar 29, Mayville 125 Vassar 15, Sandusky 93 and Vassar 14, Brown City 223 making a total of two hundred forty-nine for Vassar and one hundred seventy-six for opponents. With most of these boys returning for next year's varsity material, the outlook for 1938-39 is very bright. Top Row-W. Freeland, M. McIntyre, N. Miihlbach, S. Dutz, Mr. Wernet. Bottom Row-C. Tremonti, M. Franko, A. Lambert, J. Inscho, R. Stoley, W. Bauer. BASKET BALL RESERVES Page Sixty-sian l INTRA- MURAL It is the purpose of the athletic department of the Vassar High School to provide an opportunity for every boy and girl to take part in some form of athletic activity. Our intramural program consists of basketball, basketball foul shooting, volleyball, ping-pong, checkers, softball, tennis, track and horseshoes. Awards are given to the winning teams or individuals in the dif- ferent activities. In basketball, volleyball, ping-pong and checkers a practice series of games is played before the elimination contest takes place. The indoor intramural program is climaxed by Intramural Play Night which is held about the end of March. At this time an exhibition of the work of the various gym classes is given and the finals of all in- door games are played. This year's winners of the different contests were: girls' basketball, Seniorsg boys' basketball, Freshmen, ping-pong for girls, singles, Margaret Akiiisg doubles, Charlotte Whitcomb and Marion Bader, ping-pong for boys, singles, Conrad Gunnellg doubles, Grant Bates and Conrad Gunnell. George Edd Sevener of the Fresh- man class Won the foul shooting contest by making fourteen baskets out of twenty-five tries. The volleyball was Won by the Junior boys, who Won all three games played. The boys' checker tournament was Won by Grant Bates. Early in May the school field and track meet is held and the Win- ners of the different events represent Vassar on its varsity field and track team. In softball, tennis, and horseshoes an elimination series is played, leading up to our school Play-day at the end of the year. Approximately one-hundred and fifty students have taken part in the contetsts this year. Page Sixty-seue L Ceometry Any School Day Carolyn Up from Below Aud and His Twin WJ Ex-secretary Buddies Coach Manual Arts Three Mosquiters "Tommy" Puffs' Simly-right ALUMNI Vassar High School Alumni A Vassar High School Alumni Association was started a number of years ago, but there was little activity involved until 1936 when the association was revived. It was revived in June, 1936 when the class of 1933 sponsored a banquet for the Alumni. About one hundred grad- uates of Vassar High School attended and elected officers for the organ- ization for the coming year. The officers elected were: Shurley Mc- Intyre, president, Carson Atkins, vice-president, Mrs. Kenneth Priestley, secretary, Mrs. Wil-iam O'Dell, treasurer. It was decided at this meeting that each year the Alumni activities would be climaxed by a dinner dance to be held the first week after graduation each year, so that the last graduating class could take part. It was learned at this meeting that members of the class of 1885 had circulated a round robin letter which was circulated between the ten remaining members of the class. Miss Ella North represented the oldest class present. In 1937 about one hundred and fifty graduates attended the ban- quet and dance which was held in the new auditorium of the Vassar High School. At this meeting a letter was read which had been received from Hiram Sturges, now a prominent attorney in Omaha, Nebraska, who is the only living member of the class of 1907. Miss Ella North again rep- resented the class of 1873, while Mrs. Ida Wells and Mrs. Lena Wight- man represented the class of 1884. Officers for the comizg year were elected as follows: President, Irma Gruber, vice-president, Lewis Garner, secretary, Gretchen Haines, treasurer, Glenn Miller. On June 10 of this year, The Alumni Association is again sponsor- ing its annual banquet and dinner-dance. The Assoc'ation extends a cordial welcome to all alumni of Vassar Public Schools to attend this meeting. This will be an opportunity to not only greet old friends, but to welcome the class of 1938 as well. The Class of 1938 wishes much success to the Association of which they will soon become members and sincerely hope that their fine efforts will continue to make a bigger and better Alumni Organization in the years to come. Alumni Roll CLASS OF 1871 James A. Smith F. S. Lewis tdeceasedl H. A. Sturges, Omaha, Nebraska CLASS OF 1872 Louie Dean Sabra Sanford QMrs. G. W. Edwards? Mary Kesler fMrs. J. F. Oliver! fdeceasedp CLASS OF 1873 Ida Cottrell 6Mrs. Earl Bradleyi Cdeceasedb Mary Meehan CMrs. J. A. Trotter? ideceasedy Della Gibson CMrs. W. Kimballl Windham, N. H. Ella North, Vassar Eliza Dopking KMrs. John Beach? CLASS OF 1874 Glenn McElory Page Seventy Millard Haywood ideceasedl Clarence Tappan John J. Carey CLASS OF 1875 Amelia J. Allen Joseph Selden Cdeceasedl Anna C. Harmon fMrs. E. B. Hayes? CLASS OF 1876 Carrie Carlton 4Mrs. L. Tannery Jennie Wilson fMrs. Jennie Furmanl ide- ceasedj Joseph L. Johnson CLASS OfF' 1877 May E. Banghart lMrs. John Smithl Mary McDonald CMrs. Mary Chandlierb O:-son W. Cooley Mrs. J. -Elliot Mary Cooley tdeceased? Lily C. Brockway iMrs. Lily Hadsall? Ida Nelson iMrs. I. K. Brown? ideceased? CLASS OF 1878 AND 1879 No Graduates CLASS OF 1880 Theda A. Sturgis tMrs. Arthur Welsh? ide- ceased? Lucy M. Wickinson tMrs. Lucy M. Homes? West Ferndale, Michigan. CLASS OF 1881 No graduates CLASS OF 1882 Anna B. Selden fMrs. Geo. E. Peck? ide- ceased? CLASS OF 1883 Anna Huston iMrs. William J. Spears? ide- ceased? Lizzie Johnson ideceased? Olie S. Johnson tMrs. Frank G. Collins? Vassar Dora C. Lane 1Mrs. A. A. White? CLASS OF 1884 Lena Davis tMrs. Lena Wightman? Vassar Abby Saninders tMrs. Chas. Stone? Clare, Mich. Clyde Stilson, Duluth, Minnesota Norris Wentworth, Bay City, Mich. Ida Garner KMrs. Chas. Wells? Vassar CLASS OF 1885 Nellie N. Johnson CMrs. A. S. Rogers? Vassar Lizzie Laking Cdeceased? Will S. White, New York City Kittie M. Sage iMrs. John Hancock? ide- ceased? CLASS OF 1886 Vinnie Barnum . Laura A. Moore iMrs. Guy Walter? John A. Loranger, Caro, Mich. Anna I. Bergman iMrs. James Thurston? tdeceased? Gertic M. Miller tMrs. G. H. Moore? ide- ceased? Clara A. Lane tMrs. H. J. Miller? ideceased? Lizzie E. Thurston iMrs. George Gray? lde- ceased? George W. Walworth Cdeceased? Chas. L. Brainard, Marquette, Mich. George C. Tappan Jessie D. Bullard iMrs. H. B. Lindsley? Fenton, Mich. CLASS OF 1887 Emma Meehan iMrs. W. H. Engle? Glen- dale, California Sadie Hovey iMrs. William Boardman? California CLASS OF 1888 E. R. Cole CLASS OF 1889 Will Johnson fdeceased? Thad S, Lane, Spokane, Washington Edward S. Reid CLASS OF 1890 Mazio Brainerd tMrs. Mazie Clark? Hig- ganum, Connecticut Bert Stevens, Evanston, Ill. William Moore May North, Vassar Stephen A. Graham, Port Huron, Mich. Winnifred Manchester 4Mrs. E. B. Long? Lillian VanSickle 6Mrs. Charles Bradley? ldeccased? CLASS OF 1891 Metta Gage tMetta Gage Clarke? Vassar Walter Loranger Cdeceased? Lelia Vandermark ideceased? Nettie Wentworth 4Mrs. Thos. Markle? fdeceased? Cora Lane iMrs. W. B. Chapman? Ula North, Vassar Bertha M. Halsay KMrs. Hoxie? Cora Proctor fdeceased? CLASS OF 1892 Maude Merrill tMrs. Elmer Pickering? ide- ceased? Mary G. Reid tMrs. Chas. Cane? ldeceased? Laura Clough 1Mrs. Cyrus Reimer? Grand Rapids, Mich. S. Budlong CMrs. Douglas DuPexier? ide- ceased? Ailen E. Johnson fdeceased? Agnes Atkins fMrs. Frank Oakes? Saginaw. Mich. Bertha Schoff CMrs. C. M. Pierce? Vassar CLASS OF 1893 James Allen, Jackson, Mich. Harvey Morris ideceased? Hattie Jackson iMrs. R. T. Kilpatrick? Detroit, Mich. Herman Curtis fdeceased? Addie Brainerd CMrs. L. T. Clapp? Almon Perry, Vassar CLASS OF 1894 A. Atkins CMrs. S. A. Warner? Vassar Preston Perrin Joseph Persing Anna Park fMrs, Chris Buckner? Pontiac, Mich. CLASS OF 1895 Helen Bournes CMrs. Brete Jenkins? Lloyd Johnson Elgie Dalby, Trenton, Mich. Julia Varnum iMrs. C. E. Miller? San Diego, California Will Wellemeyer, tdeceased? Grace Huston iMrs. E. C. Woodruff? Penn- sylvania Lizzie Borland 4Mrs. E. L. Casterton? Winifred Perrin Florence Forbes CMrs. Lewis Hnscall? ide- ceased? John Blackmore ideceased? Morley Osborne Rena Furman fMrs. Rena Stephen? Vassar Mae Wilson iMrs. Mae Musser? Detroit, Mich. Page Seventy one CLASS OF 1896 Lula Blakwell CM'rs. Milo Lamphier! Margaret Green CMrs. Margaret Staples! Flint, Michigan. Edith Ellsworth, Detroit, Mich. Jennie Green Carrie Cowles fMrs. Gordon Leacock! De- troit, Mich. Lettie Whitcomb iMrs. Lettie W. 0'Keefel East Grand Rapids, Mich. ' Cynthia Caryll CMrs. Jas. W. Lyons! Guy Ofrmes, Caro, Mich. Carlton Forbes CLASS OF 1897 Mayne Atkins fMrs. E. W. Sanford! Mar- lette, Mich. Mary R. Haines fdeceased! Jennie Dean, LoTing, South China Audley Wilson Clay Harrison Cdeceased! Bessie Crosby lMrs. Howard Luther! Pon- tiac, Mich, Vina Johnson lMrs. T. Sanford! fdeceased! Maggie Graham CMrs. Fred Taylor! Jennie Borland lMrs. James Kirk! Vassar Luther J. Hull, Seattle, Washington Hattie Fairleigh 4Mrs. Harry Mana! David Rutherford, Oregon CLASS OF 1898 Josie Adams CMrs. Louis Hinson! Ida Root CMrs. Harry B. Sissons! Detroit, Mich. Gertrude Lane fMrs. Frank Sherk! May- ville, Mich. Carl Garnum Lulu Graves, fdeceased! Gertrude Thompkins CMrs. Chas. McKey! Maude Lake CMrs. Earl Oversmith! ide- ceased! Rachael Borland, Racin, Wisconsin CLASS OF 1899 Orla H. Baker Cdeceased! Carrol Forbes, Wahjamega, Mich, Veva Wilson tMrs. Veva Garner! Detroit, Mich. Jessie Cottrell CMrs. Norman Blaylock! Vassar Mary Wilson fMrs. Erastus Brainerd! Vassar CLASS OF 1900 Tena Graham iMrs. Earl W. Jones! Flint, Mich. Mattie Kirk fdeceased! Lena Graves iMrs. Frank Baker! Vassar Fannie Elliott iMrs. Clayton Stephen! Vassar Kattie Green 4Mrs. Mose Garner! Vassar Eva Knight 1Mrs. Eva Clark! Vassar CLASS OF 1901 Louis Ellsworth, Sewickley, Pennsylvania Harold Gaunt, Atlantic City, New Jersey Roy Bodimer, Detroit, Mich. Clayton Stephen Cdeceased! Grow Schoff, Sugden, Alberta, Canada Ora Thompson, Decatur, Illinois Ethel Cottrell, Vassar Hattie Aldrich Page S even ty-two Lew Whitcomb, Vassar Will Beecher Cdeceased! Harold Adams, Richmond, Mich. Earl Oversmith, Denver, Colorado Helen Heusted iMrs. Harry Cottrell! Vassar Mary Smith fMrs. David Smith! Vassar Ola Smith fdeceased! Ella Bates lMrs. Will Moore! -Wayne, Mich. CLASS OF 1902 Guy Stark Cdeceased! Mabel Root, Chicago, Illinois Edith Garbett, Cleveland, Ohio Mae Laramie Cdeceased! Grace Lane fMrs. Howard Smith! Vassar Maude McComb iMrs. Maude Stilson! Flint, Mich. Roy Brainerd, Detroit, Mich. Carrie Varnum fMrs. Carrie Johnson! Vassar CLASS OF 1903 John Davies, Saginaw, Mich, Ruth Trotter tdeceased! Maude James fMrs. L. A. Janes! Lapeer, Mich. Lena, North 6Mrs. Roy Bodimer! Detroit, Mich. Edna Schoff iMrs. B, J. Greenaugh! East Orange, New Jersey CLASS OF 1904 D. C. Atkins, Jr., Vassar Tom Atkins, Vassar Beulah Blackmore, Syracuse, New York Barbara Borland Erma Boyd Lillian Dean 4Mrs. F. S. Miller! Chungju, Korea Lawrence B, Ellis, Vassar Hattie Goodman 1 Mrs. Elmer J. Titsworth! Vassar Alice M. Graves CMrs. O. H. Knight! Vassar Newell Hill, Birmingham, Mich. Belle Holiday fMrs. S. T. Shaw! Melvin Lewis, Vassar Dora Lockwood fMrs. G. W. Stark! Chester Owen fdeceased! Lillias Parker iMrs. Verne Stull! Niehart, Montana Will J. Ross Cass Selden, Detroit, Mich. Anna Skelley Ione Swan fMrs. Guy Morgan! Gibbins Walker, Warren, Illinois CLASS OF 1905 Stilson R. Ashe, Detroit, Mich. Effie Brainerd lMrs. Frank Kiltz! Kala- mazoo, Mich. Isaac Carey, Memphis, Tenn. Bertha Graves iMrs. Lee Garner! West Branch, Mich. Nellie Gunnell, Tacoma, Wash. Betsy A. Husted, Elkhart, Ind. Lizzie M. Kirk fMrs. Elizabeth Coates! Flint, Mich. Ruby E. Randall fdeceased! Florence M. Parker 1Mrs. F. J. Quick? Glennie, Mich. Hilton B. Richardson ldeceased! Alice Skelley, Detroit, Mich. Bessie M. Smith QMrs. Bessie Starkweatherl Flint, Mich. Glenn H. Stephen, Flint, Mich. CLASS OF 1906 Fred Bancroft, Detroit, Mich. Olive Copp iMrs. Dr. L. D. Harrisonj Flint, Mich, Winifred Higgins QMrs. C. E. Aldrich! Addi- son, Mich. Lulu LaForge CMrs. Russell Keleyj Engle- wood, New Jersey Lena Laramie Florence List, Bay City, Mich. Matilda Norris 1Mrs. M. Hazlewoodl Detroit, Mich. Edna Reid fMrs. John Barnumj Kdeceasedl Mildred Smith, Vassar Hazel Spaulding lMrs. Hazel Honsingez-J Vassar Mrs. L. B. Gregory, Jackson, Mich. CLASS OF 1907 Alta M. Blaylock tMrs. Ora Garner? De- troit, Mich. Lucille Chappell, Vassar Albert H DeCoe, Detroit, Mich. Alanson C. Hobart, Rochester, Mich. Edna Lockwood fMrs. Fred McQuinnJ Ferndale, Mich. Anna K. McClocklln iMrs. W. G. Smithj Howard Slafter, Tuscola, Mich. Andis Stilson tMrs. Archie McCloyJ Fair- grove Daisy L. Stilson fMrs. Daisy Stilson Barriel Detroit, Mich. Will T. Wilson, New York City CLASS OF 1908 Grover Bates, Vassar Cass M. Cullis, Fayette, Ohio Lewis Garner, Vassar Will Goodrich, Diamondale, Mich. Bessie Lewis QMrs. Bessie Dibblej Lansing, Mich. Mary Lewis Cdeceasedb Florence Reed, Vassar Nina Skelley, Vassar Marjorie Smith Belle Sutherland Eva Tibbitts1Mrs, N. Allenl Kingston, Mich. Frank B, Tinglan, Vassar Joseph Wells, Vassar CLASS OF 1909 E. Pauline Buck tMrs. T. E. Hoskleyb North- ville, Mich. Arthur McDonald, Detroit, Mich. John Gunnell, Lansing, Mich. Alice Hascall Harry Hemmingway Harry Laramie, Jackson, Mich. CLASS OF 1910 Lloyd Ashe, Jackson, Mich. Maude Ellithrope 4Mrs. Roy Germanl Vas- sar Norris E. Grover, East Lansing, Mich. Ruby A. Hascall tdeceasedl Otto Hess E. Mabel Higgins .1Mrs. J. T. Brockwayl Detroit, Mich. Nellie Loss, Flint, Mich. Bessie Shumway iMrs. Morris Kingl Detroit Mich. Veda Smith Fern Stevenson, Detroit, Mich. Norman Tibbitts, Pontiac, Mich. Mary Widden fdeceasedl CLASS OF 1911 Ceo. W. W. Butcher Kdeceasedj James B. Caldwell fdeceasedl Ernest R. Grover , Ethel J. Harris Qdeceasedl Goldie Humes lMrs. Goldie Blumj Saginaw, Mich. Grace James iMrs. Albert Steffensl Vassar Beulah Logan fMrs. Dr. C. A. Ricej Earl H. Miller, Vassar Max G. Richardson, San Diego, Cal. Gertrude Ross lMrs. T. P. Petersonl Gray- ling, Mich. Otto Vergeson CLASS OF 1912 Edna Curtis Elvi Davis Austin Garner, Detroit, Mich. Pearl Graham, Davison, Mich. Glenn Gray, Vassar Edward Hascall Mildred Buckle fMrs. Ralph Clarkl Erma E. Humes tMrs. James S. Porter! Flint, Mich. Lyle C. Humes William Laux Clarence Loesel Edna McComb iMrs. Leo Rosencrants! Vassar Lester Murdick, Port Huron, Mich. Bessie Reed Mona Sergent fMrs. Bert Hungerfordl Pontiac, Mich. Edward Sutherland, Ferndale, Mich, Samuel Throop, Detroit, Mich. Davis Wightman, Vassar CLASS OF 1913 U1-fried Boyd 4Mrs. Lawrence Ellistonl Highland Park, Mich. Harry Dean, Detroit, Mich. Marv Frisbie Bessie Gray fdeceasedj Vlfalter Higgins, Saginaw, Mich. Nina Price iMrs. H. B. McCombl Kalamazoo, Mich. Herman B. McComb, Kalamazoo, Mich. Gertrude McKenzie lMrs. Myrl Thompson? Vassar Orpha Miller fMrs. Ed. Hascallj Birming- ham, Mich. Frieda Moffat fMrs. James E. Colel Detroit, Mich. Karl Mott ideceasedl Florence Newton tdeceasedj Leonard Schupach, Port Huron, Mich. Hazel Jean Stephen lMrs. Ed. Sutherlandl Curtis Thompson ldeceasedj Grace Thurston tMrs. Jos. Wells! Vassar Meta VanPatten tMrs. Curtis Thompsonfp Grand Portage, Minnesota Page Seventy-three Page Arthur Wilson, Royal Oak, Mich. CLASS OF 1914 Freda Andrews fMrs. Gaunty ideceasedb Arthur Bates, Vassar Nina Bates fMrs. Don Leachl Flint, Mich. Lloyd B. Botimer, Vassar Hazen Dennis, Vassar Clifford Guyette, East Tawas, Mich. Florence Hammond fMrs. E. A. Lanel Vassar ' Margaret Higgins iMrs. Herbert Nelsony Lakeland, Florida Mildred Jackson Relva Lennox fMrs, Arthur Bates! Vassar Isadc-re List, Saginaw, Mich. Thelma McDonald fMrs. Thelma Rainl Peru, Indiana Frieda Ross Lester Thompson, Jackson, Mich. Lulu Williamson CMrs. Frank Seneyj Vassar Dorothy Worden fMrs. Lloyd Botimerl ideceasedj CLASS OF 1915 Dorr Gunnell, Lansing, Mich. Bertha E. Hunt CMrs. Bertha Hunt Frostl Saginaw, Mich. Leroy Lewis, Vassar Beulah B. Osgerby iMrs. R. Chadwick? De-- troit, Mich. Fenton Osgerby Cdeceasedb Helen B. Shaver Fred Shumway, Detroit, Mich, Vila Spencer I Mrs. Frank Henderson, Standish, Mich. Howard Shaw, Detroit, Mich. Mrs. Viola Cooper, Hilman, Mich. CLASS OF 1916 Helen Shaw, Detroit, Mich. Mary Bates 4Mrs. LaVon Robinsony Pitts- burgh, Penn. Robert Chadwick, Detroit, Mich. Oneta Currie fMrs. Orville Rothmannl Ida Lovejoy fMrs. Earl Saffordl Vassar Nina Schupbach Myron Turner Jean Butcher CMrs. C. Matthews? Mt. Clemens, Mich. Hazel Frisbie Clinton Mott, Detroit, Mich. Neta Whitaker CMrs. Frank McGinnisJ Millington, Mich. Mildred Clark 4Mrs. Harold Johnsonb Calc, Mich. CLASS OF 1917 James Daniels, Boston, Mass. Elizabeth Alexander lMrs. J. Stonerj Sag- inaw, Mich. Jennie Greenough fdeceasedj Edith Gray CMrs. Edith Sawyer? Vassar Jennie Craig Hazel Norris, Detroit, Mich. Vera Garner CMrs. Wm. Hessb Vassar Mvrtle Pifenburg Idid Reid fMrs. Lucian Halll Vassar LaVon Robinson, Pittsburgh, Penn. CLASS OF 1918 Harold Hemingway Seventy-four Ruth Allen iMrs. Fred Lambert! Vassar Shirley Pierce, West Springfield, Mass. Laperta Ball fMrs. Lavern Ingersolll Royal Oak, Mich. Catherine Clark 1Mrs. Rex Gunnellj Vassar Lois Gray fMrs. Lois Whiteleyl Ajo, Ariz. Clayton Rutherford ldeceasedj Flossie Murdick CMrs. Edwin Millerj Ken- more, New York Leo Viullemot, Flint, Mich. Gage Clarke, New York City William Sutherland, Nicholasville, Kentucky Doris Dean iMrs. Doris Watersj Monroe, Mich. Maybell Aymer iMrs. Kenneth Barkley! Florida Iris Sinclair fMrs. Louis Oppermanb Mill- ington, Mich. Margaret Sutherland CMrs. Margaret Wig- ginb Detroit, Mich. Mary J. Gunnell, Ventura, California Gladys Dressander fMrs. Carl Spitlerl Petoskey, Mich, CLASS OF 1919 Lawrence Atkins, Detroit, Mich, Dana Ellison iMrs. Dana Dowdb Detroit, Mich. Gertrude Schupbach fMrs. Harold F. Elder! Cleveland, Ohio Beatrice Hornung iMrs. Lawrence Simpsonj Vassar Beatrice Aldrich iMrs. Deyo Hainesl Gilford Clyde Currell, Washington, D, C. Earl Morgan, Highland Park, Mich. Glenn Miller, Vassar Harold Stephen, Royal Oak, Mich. Laura Kuhnle fMrs. Ed. O'Conner3 Detroit. Mich. Irene Childs iM'rs. James R. Tribbeyj Flint, Mich, Zelpha Merrill Daisv Reid fMrs. Ralph Honsingerl Vassar Beulah Hess, Vassar Bernice Gunnell, Northville, Mich. Dwight Hammond, Vassar CLASS OF 1920 lloyd Miller, Vassar Lucille Atkins 4Mrs. Harvey Marshl De- troit, Mich. Ardath Bratt CMrs. Ardath Thompsonj De- troit, Mich. Lewis Birdsall ideceasedb Della Bogert, Saginaw, Mich. Paul Stephen fdeceasedy Verne Shaw Mildred McComb CMrs, Mildred Vasoldj De- troit, Mich. Edna Tester QMrs. A. M. Woodheadb Wan- chuma, Florida Russell Lovejoy, Ingram, Wisconsin Beulah Nickless iMrs. Henry Baumerj De- troit, Mich. Howard Van Petten, Vassar CLASS OF 1921 John Baker, St. Johns, Mich. Sadie Craig Florence Cook Nora Cook Mazie Dean 1Mrs. Robert Gleasonj Vassar Carl DeCoe, Flint, Mich. Martha Dick 1Mrs. Martha McIntyre! De- troit, Mich. Leslie Dcdd, Detroit, Mich. Cleo Everts, Vassar Lyndel Frost iMrs. Earl Marsh! Flint, Mich. Helen Garner iMrs. R. B. March! Grand Rapids, Mich. Marion Gohsman fMrs. Glenn Gray! Vassar Benny Greenburg, Los Angeles, California Herbert Kern, Richville - Paul Longhurst, Ypsilanti, Mich. Harvey Liszt Agne Long, Detroit, Mich. Cecil McKeen Paul McKeen Mabel Miller lMrs. Raymond Blaylock! Kenmore, New York Mildred Parry KMrs. Waldo Proctor! Walled Lake, Mich. Mathilda Pecure ideceased! Inez Parry iMrs. Benny Greenburg! ide- ceased! Doris Pinkerton CMrs. Elwood Bogert! ide- ceased! Viola Renner CMrs. Viola Pabst! Glenside. Pemr. Leona Southam George Service, Vassar George Thurston, Vassar Arlie Throop Lamai Wood, Cadillac, Mich. Ruth Garner 4Mrs. Pulaski! CLASS OF 1922 Raymond Blaylock, Kenmore, New York Doroiha Brainerd QMrs. Ed. Proctor! Col- lins, Georgia Florence Geach iMrs. Lloyd Miller! Vassar Beatrice Gray lMrs. Ben Terry! Saginaw, Mich. Hildred Hart, Howell, Mich. Marie Maxwell iMrs. John Newton! Vassar Lucenia Merrill 4Mrs, Claude Meesham! Dayton Parry ideceased! Beulah Dean CMrs. Leon Hall! Vassar Mildred Ellison Clarence Greenough, Pontiac, Mich. Beal Huested, Midland, Mich. Leona Joslin 1Mrs. Wm. Bell! Vassar Alice Nickless iMrs. Bob Swartz! Vassar Wallace Pecure ldeceased! Howard Pagel, Flint, Mich. Irvin Pagel, Flint, Mich. Emmeline Tu.rner CMrs. Harold Frost! Flint, Mich. Irma Vcsold, Lansing, Mich. Anna Whidden Fred Tlnglan, Mayville, Mich. CLASS OF 1923 Carson Atkins, Vassar Celia Baker Josephine Banbury CMrs. Wm. Sestack! De- troit, Mich. Aline Brainerd tMrs. Jack Emens! East Lansing, Mich. Doris Curell iMrs. Doris Piazza! Saginaw, Mich. Mary Hall iMrs. Frank Straub! Bay City, Mich. Lettie Hall QMrs, Vivian Aulbert! Fairgrove Mich. Irvin Hughes, Vassar Evan Higgins, Flint, Mich. Bernice Jackson Bruce Nickless, Flint, Mich. Wollcott Pierce, Lansing, Mich. Waldo Proctor, Walled Lake, Mich. Don Reid, Detroit, Mich. Gertrude Stephen tMrs. W. K. Mclnally! Jackson, Mich. James Stephen, Vassar Coral Craig, Fairgrove, Mich. Clare Gugel, Vassar CLASS OF 1924 Julius Barbour, Alma, Mich. Oratha Bauer CMrs. Ernest Nichols! Vas- sar Harold Briggs, Vassar Blanche Butterfield CMrs, Gerrett Quick! John DeCoe Glen DeCoe Hazel Dodd, Kalamazoo, Mich. Helen Gaunt, Vassar D. S. Gray, Vassar Carl Gugel Milton Higgins, Lansing, Mich. Lou Hawley iMrs. Don Reid! Detroit, Mich. Marion Johnson Evelyn Lambert Orpha Marsh Charles Palmeter, Vassar Vernon Pierce, Flint, Mich. Mary Schlict fMrs. Frank Lakinski! Sagi- naw, Mich. Oleta Rutherford, Saginaw, Mich. Elma Richmond CMrs. Raymond Seabright! Mayville, Mich. Lucile Simpson tdeceased! Ruth Stephen CMrs. John DeCoe! Maxine Varnum fMrs, Henry Gohs! Vassar Viola Kuhnle iMrs. Viola Hamilton! Detroit, Mich. Nita Willett CMrs. Carl Wolf! Ypsilanti, Mich. Leland Wellemeyer, Vassar CLASS OF 1925 Milton Saunders Bessie Ackerman lMrs. C. E. Whitsitt! Marine City, Mich. Ruth Perry Ruth Beebe iMrs. Ruth Barton! Davison, Mich. Dorothy Bradley fMrs. Lloyd Botimer! Vas- sar Madie Dennis iMrs. Al Davis! Vassar Laura Fitchett fMrs. Earl Randall! Fair- grove, Mich. Hattie Fuller CMrs. Norman Torrey! Mill- ington, Mich. Agnes Garner CMrs. Myron Eggleston! Tren- ton, N. J. Katherine Greenough, Pontiac, Mich. Gladys Garner fMrs. Dorr Wiltse! Caro, Mich. Mark Gibson, Vassar Mable Greenough, Pontiac, Mich. Arthur Gugel, Caro, Mich. Lillie Hall fMrs. Lawrence Glllman! Vassar Russell Hughes, Detroit, Mich. Page Seventy we o Page Baker Humes, Flint, Mich, Helen Higgins, Vassar Mildred Hoover iMrs. Erie Freemanj Flint, Mich. Harold Lovejoy, Elkton, Mich. Leland Merrill Ianthe Morse, Reese, Mich. Wm. Owen Elizabeth Varnum fMrs. Floyd Waterman! Vassar Ruth VanPetten CMrs. Alfred Seitzl Sagi- naw, Mich. Ida J. Young iMrs. Alex Menterj Toledo, Ohio Andrew Thompson, Birmingham, Mich, Irma Gruber, Vassar Faye Saunders CLASS OF 1926 Gordon Giddings, Elkhorn, Wisconsin Bessie Reid, Chicago, Illinois Elmer Haines, Vassar Hope Wellemeyer, Vassar Pauline Curell lMrs. Ivan Sergentl Vassar Earl Backenstow, Saginaw, Mich. Eber Baker, Ann Arbor, Mich. Arthur Beebe Cdeceasedl Thomas V. Blasius, Vassar Robert N. Blaylock, Buffalo, New York Loraine Bogert lMrs. Wm. O'Delll Chicago, Illinois Raymond Briggs, Vassar Bertha Butterfield lMrs. Willard Phelpsl Mayville, Mich. Dorr Carr, Vassar Leota Elliston iMrs. Wesley Mathewsy Vas- sar Elsie Findlay CMrs. Elmer Cramer! Reese, Mich. Florence M. Gaunt, Vassar Harriett Hazlewood, Parkin, Arkansas Geraldine Higgins, Detroit, Mich. Ruth Joslin KMrs. Reid Thurston! Caro, Mich. Edwin Kern, Richville, Mich. Willard Newton, Vassar Lillian Parry fdeceasedl Rowland Perry, Vassar Clara Reynold tMrs. Alva Williamsl Flint, Mich. Lucille Ridgeman tMrs. Floyd Wilkinson! Reese, Mich. Francis Robinson, Bay City Leona Roth, Flint, Mich. Raymond Simpson, Vassar Leota Stanton iMrs. Leota Foxl Mayville, Mich. Mildred Taylor CMrs. Clare Stonel Vassar Reid Thurston, Caro, Mich. Carl Varnum, Bay City, Mich. Floyd G. Waterman, Vassar Raymond Workman, Vassar CLASS OF 1927 Beulah Ackerman Elsie Abernathy Schlicht, Reese, Mich. Helen Bates CMrs. Clyde Smithl Dearborn, Mich. Maxine Bens, Vassar Elizabeth Beebe, Flint, Mich. Dorothy Barnes iMrs, Merle Ashel Vassar Ilia Fern Baldridge S efventy-sian Ruth Brainerd iMrs. Clarence Wright! De- troit, Mich. Madoline Briggs iMrs. Floyd Murdickl Keith Dalby, Vassar Lee Davies, Detroit, Mich. Norma Davis, Flint, Mich. Norman Felske Margaret Gohsman, Goodrich, Mich. Minnie Hall Pearle Louise Gibson Joseph I-Ielmbold, Vassar Esther Kobs fMrs. James Dostali Windsor Theodore Kuhnle, Vassar Pauline Lambert, Vassar Pauleen Kauffman Wendell Malin, California Dorothy McGinnis 4Mrs. Dorothy Blake? Ferndale, Mich. Pauline Miller iMrs. Ellsworth Lewisl Vassar Leroy Palmeter, Vassar Alfred Schluckebier, Richville, Mich. Irene Schlicht fMrs. Robert Dosserl Mid- land, Mich. Thelma Servis tMrs. Hilton Kriselerl Vassar Clinton VanPetten, Reese, Mich, Ralph VanPetten, Reese, Mich. Dorothy Vasold, Lansing, Mich. Edna May Williams iMrs. Kennardl Calif. Vena L. Willett 4Mrs. Geo. Jacobyl Ide- ceasedl Walter C. Dress ldeceasedl CLASS OF 1928 Harold Ackerman, Clio, Mich, Leota Keyes iMrs. Leota Botimeri Vassar Frances Warren Eugene Haskins, Vassar Mable Sergent iMrs. Mable Gohsmanl Vas- sar Norman Palmeter Clarence Haines, Vassar Hubert Lewis, Vassar Ellis Briggs, Vassar Clyde Masten, Tuscola, Mich. Newell Hart, Detroit, Mich. Leon Conway Esther J ex Winifred Stephen iMrs. Fenton Lossl Vassar Elizabeth Nagy, Vassar Helen Miller CMrs. Davis Pike! Fairgrove, Mich. Walter Bradley, Ypsilanti, Mich. Iilly Krueger, Vassar ' Hortense DeCoe fMrs. Raymond Briggs? Vassar Ernestine Williamson CMrs. Dayton Davisl Vassar Eugene Atkins, Vassar Lee Taylor, Fairgrove, Mich. Fleming Barbour Wilma Land. lMrs. James Hartley? Gray- ling, Mich. Lewis Tinglan, Vassar Alleyne Aldrich KMrs. Lewis Tlnglanl Vas- sar Joseph Young, Fairgrove, Mich. Ena Hunkins D. J. G-erstein, Tuscola Leota Parry, Royal Oak, Mich. Onalee Kilbourn, Vassar Minnie Whidden CLASS OF 1929 Dorothy Murdick iMrs. Austin Stoddard! Watrousville, Mich. George Gaunt, Ann Arbor, Mich. Louise Cottrell iMrs. Lawrence Heath! Vassar Dorothy Stott QMrs. Clarence Dinsmorel C-ilford, Mich. Laura Davies fMrs. Walter Enos! Vassar Lorna Gruber tMrs. Ellis Briggs! Vassar Melvin Stewart, Vassar Elma Sevener tMrs. Ted Kuhnle! Vassar Herman Walt, Reese, Mich. Elsie Allen CMrs. Elsie Orr! Millington, Mich. Albert Huber Gladys Service CMrs. Glenn Roth! Vassar Bradley Wellemeyer, Vassar Beatrice Gerstein QAM:-s. DeForrest Dykes! Lapeer, Mich. Ruth Bentley, Detroit, Mich. Eugene Slafter, Flint, Mich. Alma Simnson iMrs. Eugene Atkins! Vassar Harold Winkler Mary Jacobus 1Mrs. Leon Meader! Brook- line, Maine Harry Hawley, Vassar Phyllis Garner tMrs. Harry Fitzpatrick! West Branch, Mich. Glenn Roth, Vassar Cora Palmeter fMrs. John McCormick! Flint, Mich. Albert Warren Nina Perry, Vassar Floyd Hoover, Flint, Mich. CLASS OF 1930 George Henry Atkins, Vassar Clavton Atkins, Vassar Birdie Ashe tMrs. Garner Thompson! Vassar Beatrice Earls iMrs. Harold Blaylock! Vassar Pearl Enos lMrs. Clayton George! Vassar Clayton George, Vassar Beulah Enos fMrs. Clare Williams! Lloyd Coatta, Detroit, Mich. Virgil Conway, Rose City, Mich. Waldemar Foess. Vassar Helen Kriseler CMrs. Bob Dow! Flint, Mich. Erma Sevener 1Mrs. Harold Kuhnle! Vassar Richard Fox, Gretchen -VanWormer lMrs. Clarence Haines! 'Vassar William Greenberg, Beverley Hills, Calif. Harold Blaylock, Vassar Merle Giddings, Vassar Bernard Bogert, Vassar Louise Kruger, Birch Run, Mich. Dorothy Humes 1Mrs. Ernest Buchinger! Reese, Mich. Ervin Dean, Millington, Mich. Harold Palmer, Vassar Max McComb, Vassar Florence Johnson, Vassar Max Harpham, Vassar Elsie Dalby iMrs. Gus Jarvis! Vassar Ilene Willett tMrs. Leslie Douglas! Benton Harbor, Mich. Kenneth Priestley, Vassar Lila Garner 4Mrs. Bernard Phipps! Otisville Mich. Mary Worden Edward Hart, East Lansing, Mich. Lawrence Malin, California Margaret Beecher, Vassar Bob Blackmore, Vassar Ione Ashe ideceascd! CLASS OF 1931 Martha Bauer, Farmington, Mich. Florence Manthey, Vassar Irene Stoley fMrs. Claude Empey! Vassar Raymond Mueller, Reese, Mich. Louise Knight, Vassar Olive Davies iMrs. J. Lee Stephen! Vassar Sarah Thurston lMrs. Kenneth Priestleyl Vassar Clarence Keinath, Reese, Mich. Elizabeth Walt, Reese, Mich. Genevieve Kriseler, Wayne Mich. Irene Wescoat tMrs. Ward Moffatt! Vassar Arlene Mueller, Saginaw, Mich. Ardath McCreedy, Detroit, Mich. Eugene Roth, Richville, Mich. Marjorie Fitchett tMrs. Russell Raymond! Big Rapids, Mich. Mabel Kilbourn, Detroit, Mich. Norma Garner 4Mrs. Arnold Kingsley! Vassar Verda Barnes CMrs. Glen Muhlenbacher! Royal Oak, Mich. Hugh Haskins, Vassar Gladys Fox 4Mrs. Gerald Benedict! Royal Oak, Mich. Margaret Seres, Vassar Elmer Lewis, Toledo, Ohio Ray M. Montgomery, Gilford, Mich. Walter Lee, Vassar Arnold Kruger, Frankenmuth, Mich. Frederick W. C. Jones, Wyandotte, Mich. Vietta Larabie Cdeceased! Rose Freed, Detroit, Mich. Hc'cn Henderson iMrs. James Barnes! Vassar Raymond Amberger, Saginaw, Mich. Madel'ne Haight iMrs. Leon Harphaml Vassar John Allen Rdland Hazlewood Nada Morse fMrs. Irvin Dahn! Davisburg, Mich. William Lambert, Saginaw, Mich. CLASS OF 1932 Fvelyn Smith, Oberlin, Ohio Helen Smith, Mayville, Mich. Augusta Szyzak Beatrice Tinglan tMrs. Leonard Seecc! Vassar Margaret VandeBunt 1Mrs. Margaret Rhiness! Flint, Mich. Arthur Walt, Reese, Mich. . Irma Battishill CMrs. Frank Piper! Dear- born, Mich. Clara Bodja, Chicago, Iill. Max Sevener, Vassar Carl Schiefer, Vassar Theo Rosencrants, Vassar Herman Rosencrants, Vassar Mary Petoskey CMrs. J. C. Braham! Mill- ington, Mich. Howard Perry, Vassar Catherine Jex, Vassar Raymond Keinath, Reese, Mich. Page Seventy-svvrm Adolph Korthals, Vassar Saville Ladner, Grand Rapids, Mich. Vera McLaughlin iMrs. Vera Henryb Caro Mich. Alta Miller tAlta Miller Hart? Lansing, Mich. Clifford Miner, Vassar Zelma Hawley, Vassar Barton Beecher, Vassar Nelson Hart, Vassar Gertrude Guest 4Mrs. Marvin Sullivanl Pontiac, Mich. Rose Greenberg tMrs. Rose Kentl Detroit, Mich. L. D. Grainger, Frankenmuth, Mich. Elston DeCoe, Vassar Maxine Cutler 6Mrs. Adam Krentzb Detroit, Mich. Wilma Andrews tMrs. Pierce Hiscockl Chi- cago, Illinois . Harvey Hornung, Vassar Alex Andreychuk, Detroit, Mich. Annie Baranic fMrs. Annie Ellisl Caro. Mich. Ada Barnes iMrs. Max Sevenerb Vassar Dorothy Boesnecker CMrs. Edwin Kernl Richville, Mich. Vvalter Boesenecker, Jr., Vassar Elmer Bickel, Walkerville, Mich. Elsie Shaw Ford Palmeter, Vassar Kenneth Parry, Pinedale, Wyoming CLASS OF 1933 Alice Ferry, Vassar Marvel Wruck fMrs. Chas. Wruckl Saginaw, Mich. Katherine Bradley, Vassar Cecil VanWormer, Vassar Chas. Main, Vassar Laura Hilton, Vassar Louise Safford, Vassar Georgina Collis, Vassar Flora Collis, Vassar Elmer Fetting, Vassar Henry Trump, Frankenmuth, Mich. Robert Kreuger, Frankenmuth, Mich. Arnold Schultz, Richville, Mich. Pete Walworth, Vassar Leonard Gilman, Vassar Clarence Gugel, Vassar Haines Dennis, Washington, D. C. Don Williams, Detroit, Mich. Ruth Fr-as fMrs. Don Williams! Detroit, Mich. Jeanette VandeBunt, Vassar Hazel Mead ,tMrs. Clarence Sutherlandl Vassar Wljn. Farnum, Vassar Frank Taylor, Vassar - Gertrude Best CMrs. Carson Waterman? Vassar Berton DeCoe, Vassar Adelaine Cottrell Harrv Mueller, Richville, Mich. Dorothy Service iMrs. Dale Williamsl Evart, Michi Grant lee, Vassar Virgil Hazlewqod, Vassar John Gromek, 'Vassar Roberta Preston CMrs. A. Vosl Vassar Wayne Roth, Vassar Page Seventy-eight Dorothy Werle Peter Fischer, Vassar Oleta Botimer Darrol Reynold, Vassar Carson Brown, Vassar VVylie Rutherford, Vassar Peter Stillwill, Vassar Almeda Beebe, Mayville, Mich. Marion Thompson CMrs. Marion Hainesl Vassar Marvin Barnett Dorothy Swartz fMrs. Erhardt Korthalsl Flushing, Mich. Shurley McIntyre, Vassar Bessie McIntyre QMrs. Pete Walworthl ldeceasedh Curtis McKenzie, Vassar Alphirna Gilmore CMrs. Hutchinsonl Pon- tiac, Mich. CLASS OF 1934 Mildred Zwerk Lela Miller, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Victor Cutler, Detroit, Mich. Norbert Schafer, Vassar Jean Jacobus, Wheaton, Illinois Earl Hart, East Lansing, Mich. Genevieve Taylor, Vassar Barbara Miihlbach, Detroit, Mich. Eugene Oss, Vassar Gertrude Tinglan fMrs. Arthur Heidtl Vassar George Barnes, Jr., Vassar Elmer Knight, Vassar Donald Daugherty, Flint Marguerite Barnes fMrs. Frank Piazzal Vas- sar John Lawrence, Vassar Edward Korthals, Vassar Donna Bissell CMrs. Clifford Minerl Vassar Marion Smith, Detroit, Mich, Kenneth Heindl, Reese, Mich. Pobert Aldrich, Vassar Dorothv Titsworth lMrs. Walter Lee? Vassar Ted Andreychuk, Vassar Waldo Garner, Vassar Gordon Glazier, Vassar Carroll Ward, Vassar Ellen Fox lMrs. Ellen Gilmanl Vassar Jessie Hilton, Caro, Mich. Howard Ducker, Caro, Mich. Anita Wyneken, Richville, Mich. Omer Miller, Vassar Raymond Hart, East Lansing, Mich. Dwight Lewis, Vassar Blenford Lewis, Vassar Carl Hoerlein, Richville, Mich. Jane Ward KMrs. Max McComb? Vassar Martin O'Brien, Mayville, Mich. Clifford Dodd, Detroit, Mich. Mary Fischer 6Mrs. Ted Foote! Midland, Mich. CLASS OF 1935 Eva Hascall, Vassar Margaret Heusted, Bay City Opal Dobson iMrs. C-rant Leel Vassar Lillian Bauer CMrs. Ronald Earlsj Vassar Paul Willert, Vassar Leon Swartz, Vassar June Schlicht, Midland, Mich. Reuben Keinath, Vassar Eldon Taylor, Vassar James Seney, Vassar Chauncey Furman, Kalamazoo, Mich. Harry Smith, Saginaw, Mich. Jean Rutherford, Pennsylvania Aletha Blake, Vassar Walter Roles, Tuscola, Mich. Alvin Frahm, Frankenmuth, Mich. Ivan Perry, Vassar James Garner, Vassar Lewis Garner, Jr., East Lansing, Mich. Rex Garner, Vassar Gertrude Worden, Saginaw, Mich, Helena Muzichuck, Detroit, Mich. Laperta Baker fMrs. John Schackl Vassar Carl Safford, Vassar William Jex, Vassar James Tanski, Flint, Mich. Sxlbert Heindl, Reese, Mich. Maxine Steffens, Vassar Clara Huber Virgil Jaynes, Vassar Richard Schafer, Vassar Mary Beebe, Mayville, Mich. Gerald O'Brien, Mayville, Mich. Leroy Houghtaling, Vassar Marguerite Williamson lMrs. Russell Cur- tlsb Vassar James Camp Austin Stillwill, Vassar Rita Sevener tMrs. George Opreaj Vassar CLASS OF 1936 Mark Halsted, Detroit, Mich. Betty Lewis, Vassar Neta DeCoe, Vassar Beatrice Sevener, Vassar Bob Jackson, Flint Harold Roth, Vassar Norman Stoley, Vassar Burdeen Rowland, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Alice Garner, Vassar Ilis Fox, Vassar Ravmond Fox, Vassar Reta Braido, Detroit, Mich. Bob Bates, East Lansing, Mich. John Datz, Vassar Bob Enos, Vassar Dorothy Hart fMrs. LeRoy Houghtalingl Vassar Lola Hart CMrs. Kenneth Rosencrantsl Tuscola, Mich. I-eona Hoover, Tuscola, Mich, , Lloyd Hunkins, Vassar Hilda Rosencrants, Vassar Geraldine Lewis, Vassar Evelyn Collis, Vassar William Collis, Vassar Beulah Empey iMrs. Lloyd Coattal Detroit, Mich. James Coloskey, Vassar Bettv Ann DuBois, Vassar Allce Blackmore CMrs. Leason Moffatl Vassar Fred Brauer, Vassar leason Moffat, Vassar Margaret Fetting lMrs. Stanley Poshl Vassar Bob Gohsman, Vassar Agnes Blaylock, Detroit, Mich. Sherman Curell, Vassar Alden Barnes, Vassar Maxine Adams, Vassar Albert Schmidt, Alma, Micn. Mack Williams Frances Glazier Milburn Chrysler Lawrence Miller Richard Loss. Kalamazoo, Mich. Ervin Roth, Vassar George Jex, Vassar Edna Wyneken, Richville, Mich. Olen Jaynes Cleon Hammer, Vassar Norma Dean Theodore Greenberg, Vassar Joe Schack, Vassar Hazel Cottrell Roberta Smith, Vassar Ruth Wilkinson tMrs. Elmer I-Ieidenburgerl Vassar CLASS OF 1937 Charlotte Draper, Covington, Kentucky Mary Hunter, Vassar Ronald Curvin, Vassar Gertrude German, Vassar Catherine Milhlbach, Kalamazoo, Mich. Everett Murdick Geraldine Meinecke, Saginaw, Mich. Robert Reif, Vassar Inez Williams, California Stuart Frahm Alice Roles, Tuscola, Mich, Ralph Dierck, Vassar Avis Brauer, Vassar Lodia Trombka, Vassar Ravmond Kaspryzk, Vassar Esther Schafer, Vassar Genevieve DeCoe, Vassar Archie Stevens Violet Morley, Vassar Jack Cole, Detroit, Mich. Claudia Piazza, Caro, Mich. Marion Lewis, Flint, Mich. Phyllis O'Brien Allan Davis, Vassar Elinor Miller, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Maxine Smith. Vassar Pauline Safford, Vassar Jane McNeal, Vassar Iloyd Seney Arlene Collins, Vassar Eleanor Jewell, Mayville, Mich. Grant Church Jack Stockenauer, Vassar Allen Petty, Vassar Erma Bissell, Tuscola, Mich. Vivian Hullinger, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Frank Beebe Virginia Lou Atkins CM'rs. Andrew Schottl Bay City, Mich. Ceasar Harper, Saginaw, Mich. Constance Joyce, Detroit, Mich, Beatrice Lane, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Eleanor Heindl, Big Rapids, Mich. Mary Esther Brainerd, East Lansing, Mich. John Tanski, Kalamazoo, Mich. Page Seventyfnim Page Compliments of Atkins Funeral Home, George E. Atkins and Clayton L. Atkins, Vassar, Michigan. Compliments of Vassar Hotel Vassar Home Appliance Store, Frigidaires, Philcos and Maytags. Ph. 74. See Nichols and Barabas for your barber work. Ernie's and Fay's "Central Barber and Beauty Shop". "It pays to look well." Zenith Sales and Service, always a year ahead. Vassar Radio Shop. Brauers, Tailoring and Dry Cleaning, Phone 88. ' Hart Brothers, Coal, Feed, Grain, Beans, Flour. Phone 72. W. P. Bauer, Coal, Cement, Bran, Middlings, Bulk Plaster, Lime and Fertilizer. The Great A 8z P Tea. Company, "Where Economy Rules," Harold Braun Manager. Modern Shoe Repair Service, Oscar Curell, 132 Huron Avenue. Compliments of the State Bank of Vassar. Instant Electric Shoe Repairing and Harness Shop, Steve Sziber. Clean Community Recreation, Howard Burlison's Pool Room. Gugle's Home Bakery, a Square Deal to every Customer. Art's Barber Shop. "First Class Barbering and Bath." Dr. W. C. Freeland, Dentist X-Ray. Compliments of Dr. H. D. Gulliver, Dentist. Compliments of Schafer's Lunch Room, Near the Foundry. Dr. Otto Von Renner, M. D., Phone 94. Florence Anderson's Beauty Shop. Try Chapman's Lunch, Vassar, Michigan. McKenzie 8z Bogert, Hi-Speed Products. Vassar, Phone 13-F2. Compliments of Harry Rowland's Gas: Station, Phone 9286. The Miller Grain Co., Beans, Lumber, and Coal. The Vassar Auto Laundry, 105 Cass Avenue, Expert Painters. A. P. Wruck, Groceries and Meat, Phone 5, 428 Huron Avenue. Save with Safety at your Rexall Drug Store, E. H. Miller. Baker Tire and Battery Service, Phone 238, Willard Batteries and Fire- stone Tires. Tibbits Service Station, Shell Oil products, 327 Main Street. Wightman's Jewelry Store, Jewelers, Optometrists, next to Post Office. Compliments of Theodore E. Hoffman, M. D. Erb's Food Store, "Yours for Friendly Service," Corner Huron and S. Main Streets. Burrington's Pharmacy on the Corner, Vassar, Michigan. , George W. Barnes, Plumbing and Heating, Sheet Metal Work, Electric work, "A Complete Service." Freeland Implement Company, Dealers in John Deere Tractors, Phone 43, 113 N. Main Street. Gamble Stores, the friendly store,, electrical appliances, Hardware, Au- to Supplies, and Accessories. Kroger, the Complete Food Market. Glen Roth, Manager. Central Meat Market, "Home Killed Meats," Phone 20. Atkins Hardware and Furniture Store, 3rd Generation of Complete Home Outfitters. DuBois Hardware Store, Phone 89, Vassar, Michigan. Eighty Compliments of L. J. and Gorden's Barber Shop-Vassar. F. T. Petrequin, Jeweler, Vassar, Michigan, Boys' and Girls' Elgin Watches for graduation. Ray Simpson-Quality Meats and Groceries, Phone 25. Compliments of Grove Brothers 5c to 81.00 Store-Vassar, Michigan. Diamond's Department Store, Vassar. Complete Stock of Wearing Ap- parel and Foot Wear. Crmpliments of Beedle Brothers 5c to 81.00 Store, over 3,000 items to choose from. Ransom S. Park, Cemetery Memorials in Granite and Marble, Vassar. John C. Nebb, Distributor of White Sta: and Socony Vacuum Products. Commercial House, "Just Like Home," 515 E. Huron Avenue, A. T. Schmidt, Vassar, Michigan. Lee Salvage Co., New and Used Auto Parts. Lemuel Lee, Phone 91. "Say it With Flowers," C. A. Hawley, Phone 122. Compliments of C. H. Haines, Dealer of Standard Oil Products. Pure Oil Service Station, Adam Kralick, Manager, E. Huron and Foun- dry Road, Vassar. Visit the Town Clock Cafe for Lunch, Tom Gullifor. Compliments of Nadiger Brothers, "That Good Gulf Gas," Phone 242. Pure Oil Service Station and Vassar Villa, Carson Lane, Proprietor. "Where Welding is not a Sideline," Vassar Welding Works, South Water Compliments of Dr. C. E. Blossom, D. C. Compliments of Perry M. Johnson, Funeral Director, 208 Cass Avenue. Stephen's Dry Goods and 5c to 10c Store. Mrs. M. H. Stephen. Vassar Dairy, Pasteurized Dairy Products. Phone 6. Edna's Beauty Shop "Vassar's Oldeit Shop." 278 S. Main Street. Vassar Electric Service, 215 Goodrich Street, Electric Motor Repairing. Eaton-Erb Foundry, Division of Eaton Manufacturing Co. Compliments of Henry Gohs, Recreation. W. S. Rundell, Attorney at Law, Vassar, Michigan. Bowl for Your Health at Hill-Top Recreation, Rudy Hildner, Prop. E. C. Swanson, M. D. George Reichle. Come in look over our Stock of men's and young men's Suits. Low Prices. Compliments of Compliments of Compliments of Henry Hornung Lloyd Botimer, Doctor Annie S. Compliments of Compliments of Van Patten Green House, Phone 257. Blackmore, "Your Home Modernizerj' Phone 97. J. H. Service, Cash Cream Station. Sales, Chevrolet, Buick and Pontiac, Phone 85, Vassar. Eaton-Erb Foundry Lunch. Service. Rundell, 120 S. Main Street. Smith Bros., "The Theatre Beautiful," Air Conditioning. Vassar Poultry Plant. Michigan Mutual Liability Co. Blue Ribbon Automobile Insurance Pol- icy, Wm. Gruber, Phone 246. Compliments of State Savings Bank of Reese, Michigan. Blue Sunoco Motor Fuel "Top Performance at Regular Prices," Good- rich St. on M-15. Janie Lincoln Beantv Shoppe, Freda "Schultz" Nickodemus. Phone 2- 111 Reese. Michigan. Massols Service Station, Plymouth, Dodge, DeSoto, Crysler and Case Im- plements. Reese. Michigan. Compliments of J. C. Penny Co., Caro. Michigan. Florence Anderson's Beauty Shop, Offices in State Savings Bank. Page Eighty-an Compliments of Frankenmuth Brewing Co., Frankenmuth, Michigan. Fischer's Hotel, Chicken dinners our specialty. Herman Fischer, Prop., Frankenmuth, Michigan. Compliments of Zehnder's Hotel, Fred W. Zehnder, Prop., Frankenmuth, Michigan. Compliments of Star of the West Milling Co., Frankenmuth, Michigan. Compliments of Mr. Swartzendruber, "Freezer Fresh Ice Cream," 108 Huron Avenue, Vassar. R. D. Stacer Sales and Service, Oldsmobile, Dodge, Plymouth, Power Wrecker. Phone 78. Perry 8x Stewart, Dealers in Sinclair Gas and Oils. US 15 and 24. Elmer Weber, Dealer in Lumber, Shingles, Steel Roofing, Mill Work and Hardware. Phone 115-F-31. Reese Motor Sales, Authorized Hudson, Terraplane, Willys, and Packard dealer. Reese, Michigan. White Motor Sales, Ford Sales and Service. Phone 43, Vassar, Michigan. Gladys Atkinson Chisholm, Pianist and Teacher, Phone 128, 109 South Main Street. Harrison's Food Markets. Our Stores are open evenings for your conven- ience, Phone 10 at Vassar and 20 at Millington. Elnarnla Qlmmtg iiinnvvr-Efinwa "The Oldest Newspaper in Tuscola County" Engraving in this Book hy Jahn 8 Qllier Engraving Company Pictures in this Book taken by Camp Publishing Company YPSILANTI, MICHIGAN l"'A'A'A"'""A'A""""'A""'"A""""'A"'T l""'A""'A"'''AF""""'A"'A"""'AW 'vu 1 1 1 1 ls I 11 i 11 :E H. R. Terryherry Co. It 2: Comphments :E 1 M I ' 1 1 1 3: anizfac urmg 3, of the .Q Pratermty Jewelers .g .g :Q I, lg lg E. P. McFadden Co. If 1 1 1 gl "Manufacturers of Your 1 - . 1 1 Cl R d P " 1 1 ass lugs an ms 1 1 621 E. Hazel street gf 11 1 1 11 11 Grand Rapids, Michigan 11 LANSING' MICHIGAN 'I Uguuuuu AAA, AAAA j 1 -M AAAA Au-UM-A Al Page Eighty-two ... A.. ,Q 1-ff-' Za :rfb ta' -nfs? J' H.: .L.gfp.,,axf.'1i.-I:l,n.'iV +4 :O--6sInfiib6 1"k, 1fJs",i 1 'S-vii-a,nf'1ViL4:T'1!1'A1.-af -4 9 'J -5' .2"'!-1'?' SQA.: ir 14'1'i..:-1-J Ya.. S9 34:14 x-4 4-rlis-35.4 141-L42"lLu u,n'-a-olaliwlus-"'?a4'sT-' is.-:F 55 5" 3-A'f"'V- --.4 1 Eg-9 H--E"-'Q' '31 'Wg-ag3M4 532, .. ...Lf f .1 f' -' 2 W: war? - 4 V-V-V-fe -V-- ef ff' KV-"ff 'q"'f'f" 'if Sf if :vf+f5fVf' V .aw Viwff--J ffm up-.K L.-. uw- I' 2 '5""".72'b'W""""""1' "E"-'+'f""f 'f"'T P-'ff iff' f tr ' V- ff?" 91 ::',':j 'S'rff-ffm ',w ft -S: ...Q W- -,J -4 5, - 1.5.1 Q , ,1,.wa..z'-.L..-as--5'-.a...-V.4Vy .ug-ua hs2'1-nib'-'fry we? ff' ff 'f '+- -0 - xl 'Pi-Af' 'fwfr-v 'V wqasf4:?"V-1:1 I ' Q,-,I -' F- , 5- , 4,-s J... 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V gn Xu! xxx-.5 .2 's L4 , ,--.5 -A-.M ,,.,..-, T5 :WY .I .,, ' va Q 'inf f 1 . f 1 f ' n f f' fr I 1' ui , , L A1 - 1 --... 1 x f - Q rr xx K Q, 4 , . ,ky 5 1 I 5 K. MJ, 1 5 ifw Qfi '3WiJ9w Em Dam if fmyfv V, 42141-Xp QAAW' Q 1' - 0 L i V55":':-lf' 49 531, GLM W , f 5 ilffliff-9' Q pndlmpgggmeujun fdf - Q,,aM'A5 Q I Cf'5f7J . X 24' W-ffm fig ggfkjmfywg. Hr rf"J,,,,ff fz5"'?M" PM Q36 CEQA 13004, k MJ pf Wof'4!,U M74 N 41014 ffjpwfwf 429' , QM W fayizfy' X vb I DQ, HHH Mxswowc, b OL JAM ink 0ANl'K?vl,QaWQg ,,1Qil ' fv C. ' 32 A A when .Am I Q I n K' jfwx Sung, , aaa ,ff xi ' ' A, ,I "ah Q ' K RNQWVOAQ W'WMfUf,RgQ2fa If ffl LNG . if -- .vlq 4 3 Od U Q 5? Je' 422,32 5 QE-'QQ - X6 - Q1 Q Ki SN J Yi Fi ffl! -C, ' . ,.. .A .,,.a.-1- , ,,,L ,, , 123 ,....m.L-.. . ,.,-,.,.1A. L. Dial 1984 University City Senior High School 7 401 Balson Avenue University City, Missouri 63130 Volume 58 f o s . -,Qu ,gg X fs ,ix 'X -. , ft' .Q X ,Es , .. S' " . FX., Q-'QQ Q X K, ax. A '. I QQ.-X A . . - I A A -. xi 533' L' SN YQ ,Q 5.1" ' b 4 ' -Q its T 'Q Q, 1 ' Qwffiif f-Z , B " f ' lgq-.g '-'X' ' 52" VMI- 'wi -ff . an .lg N ,:,.: I "' M X E X w we sf if, I 5 f . -y xwwinkv-N , ,,L!,, , . A ., v if 1 1 ww wx. . v , J W-1.x3Mj..,m ' Mm . -Sq .f-fwilf. Mx A " ,Q iii WN K- 3 ,z 4 f M' ' If gf. , ,V ,wif W Q S mgasgfwz if j 4 1 1 5 W ' 5, , f f Q Wag of , V ,t W x 2 I MLAVK , if , g fs ' W YW' 5, ,Y H " 1 II Q 5 R S II ,E 'E IE I N IH ID A I II A ll 6 S -I5 5 IE 'U Tl' IH ll A 1' IE ai 5 41 2 I 'U IE U N 5 W ID 'U an A T? 1iRefur1ibf The 1nQ11an5 , . o .'- . V , . UNIVERSITY CITY DIAL .. CHAPTER Lvux LOOKING BETWEEN 'rx-rf: Lions - nv ncrsrvz vxcrrony U.c, syrup URVRIED 'rr-Ir: 1983 sb!-xoor. YBAEITTS s xvnvznn RELATI ' N"ER""3Ns'zE-A-1-Hmm VELY f5E'?g?fZ54'Q'ai"fis?fi'n'f5"?S'fHfN ' , 1 As t ia class of 1983 , A moves on, the class of ' 1984 moves in. 4 ' wi . O 1 ' 5 s Senior Class President Pau Scott returns tg UC incomplete-Hey, Paul ' w-here's your briefcase? mmm f.....,. , 2 FMR , - A lsr- 3 if-Effdm 'hr Fi r-1:-rr-1 fri Here lies ... " 'Tho first casualty of the 1984 Sch-ool Wars - iunior Silvia De Weei: 0 . G v . . - '- o . 0 wr,..' , ' Q50 I. A ' l . -,lu ' . Q ,. . n I 4 . ' o , 3 ' ' -k . ,Q O ' O ' 1 . L f U ' O 'N w 'N I . , . ' ' - ' Crossing the- great sea, . ' The Jazz Band embarked upon a perilous journey-. -Their mission: to discover the strong, exciting peoples . and sights of the mysterious 'land called . . ' France. It was here they found the fame and - i - ' N inter,natibnal acclaim they had sought for so long . ' ' Andi then the School Wars began again. With hopes of fall . victories, victories that could transform their name into . 'D legend, the mighty' warriors charged dn to the, 'S ' ' soccer, field hockey, softball, cross country, tennis, volleyball - and Waterpolo.'Day after day, the warriors survived the rigerous trials of waiqn-ups"-and work-outs, as well as the most fearful 'trial of all 4 summer heat . . , - . I Seniors Andy Coon and Ed Cguikshank congratulate'each other on' their H20 polo- state victory. -Yr- fl .'w , , Senior Mary Lyle: "I thought I was supposed to- - . party this year."- - lJ.C. aifconditioning - don't leave home,without . ..1t! . , . I . , IH! Illll Hill ffl!!! a" 1' 1 ' - 'Lh. . , - , .. The iceman com? ,pagggfg , I if-ing' , . ., X 1. - 1 ag v 1 o - . X: is Qgfgaiz-55? ' 5 4 "ff .N A M . A 'Q,Qf:21gl Q ' i b f . as ' 51.33, W -i N I I . . ,.. 'Z 1 . ' ' , - "The Dreaded A. 'Heat hung over the ' . . city for weeks, send- ing, temperatures to ' highs that few could with- l. stand. But still our heroes, i forged on Trapped in-the clutches of the vile Heat, the un- daunted student body braved .c1asses, striving to learn .despite the oppressive' tefnperatures, their only reward an occasional cup of ice sent by the Great Ones gk, . S ' Anderson West sweats it out.-, wr'- 1 ' -0 ' . , . 4 .Q . . , , ' . I P ' . ' 0 ' ' ' Scnioi' Johanna W6od gets -back to " ' Lhq basics of stucjying. , ,MN A 'M O Q. 1' - ,. 4" .fy Q' fa Sha- ll00Sli'l.! lSusie - E Fiquetlck! ". J EQ l ik A If if iz Q. gd s ' .I 5. . .- . , H0 docs! flieith Fulleql gi I . . 9 Qfwmww-ww Wm ,, f, Xvvm "tilt MEL. Bufnol her! Ukrndil Washingtfml. . V Jbining the students ir: their quest for knowledge we e teachers, -both' strange a d familiar, and together thT:y began again the long' - , struggles ot'the slchool year .lf I , . .. . 9 '. 4 l . -' v - I -at Ditto! mnahokiy :. L- K 'ofgzxl' 5 llvr too! lSavitria Gibson! 'QS V Q n, KV Q an 1 Wi ,w AAZA, ,A ,jill ,,f qi 162' 2 4 7? W 4 is 'lla lag lv W 4' tr A 4 lv .J rl Q 9 I 1 I fi" 1 c., If . C W O , ' ' 1 o . , . Q'eF. Oar w ,WQ 'Q im! 11 1' ' ' 'illtt I l'A'- Y . Q l f ffl? flfi 4f L ' 1 I' ' ?' , fiivgfgg 113 Lg 2 qi! Q Q 1 1 V o f'.'..r A fs 2 1 ff WB! ' .flaa , ,,w,'. I Z . S 9 Vg x 'fgg gl 1 1 Q 'wif , 'grin' fiffafiit introducing the Grand Marshals, Pete Woods and Louis Howard, Mr. McWhorter shows the Pan Am winner what a strong grip is. W ,,.. I-ley, Valerie! Is that Mark Zach hiding behind those Foster Grants? Willie Woods envisions fame and fortune as he jams at the dance. Dear Diary, i Last night was a really special night, the Homecoming Dance! The Big Gym had streamers, colored lights, and tables and chairs all along the walls. Unitas Cooper and Reyna Meyers were the lucky king and queen. K The whole atmosphere of homecoming is so romantic! It's also fun to see friends, too. Just picture Kim in heelsg Pam in a dress and Mark and James breaking. Lots of homework to do- f bye! Sidelines if foot. The flag squad starts the Homecoming Parade off on the right 12 Sophomore LaTonya Jones is mesmerized by another fabulous catch by Nate McGhee. The air was cool and crisp. It was Bonfire Nightg the heap in the center ready. "Nah-na- na-na-Nah!" The familiar Indian beat pulsed through the crowd, and students circled the pyre, beginning i the tribal ritual. The flame caught, the night growing brighter and brighter until it exploded into a raging bonfire! As I watched silhouettes of students projected against the blaze, I noticed the face of an Indian Chief beginning to form, his jet black eyes peering at me. Could the chanting have summoned the spirit of a dead Indian? Had he returned to watch over his tribe? Perhaps that night, his spirit was infused into the souls of our team and directed them to victory. "Hey, hey what you say, throw the ball the other way!" orders Coach Cayce. 'AUTH' i If-mweiltgw uw H f""'!'1nH"- my nntlpl MV. a K' ,Myn- A N."'--.NF ff 14.-.ul""" I n p ..f' u Offensive Lines 4 I+-37 ' 4' With one second left. the Indians have stomped Eureka in the ground. Mike Wilner cymbalizes the enthusiasm of the marching band at half time. C 4 ,I-c' J7t,'ftsv .1 . Faster than a speeding bullet, U. City's super speed leads to a super score. omecoming, the most exciting week of the year. utrageous costumes aking spirit Week fun. veryday, students dress as babies, and black and gold. heerleaders, floats, and flag squad display f spirit and color parading through town. arching band pied pipering ndian fans into the stadium for the Big Event. othing could stop us. Touchdown, Touchdown , and then again some. lory - We beat them. They got 64 We Got 31. 4 I 41-rfnllifkh Anthony Amos rides silently M hw the freshman float, proud to be an Indian. l l l l l i . Toivo the Barbarian. al' At ,L Q.. i A f ,!.f'x James Humphreys, Donna Dettling, Steve Norkaitis, and Darrell Ward ride the German Club float to victory in the homecoming parade. Life Lines p 6 0 0 '4 mimi - Junior Anthony McAfee remarks, 'Even army food is better than this!" : ttlzhllll Sophomore Brooks Gilley waits for brother Elwood to buy a yearbook. An uncomfortable sophomore Jennifer Halasey wonders how her grandmother survived wearing those clothes all day. I i , f' Q ff' Im? is Greg Echols thinks, 'The place bums me out!" r mt' Fx 'hui'-Egan wa any ne w I A Senior Merilyn Jackson is glad her mother taught her how to be a lady. I i ! 'i F R Teddy McConagh'y gives a happy salute as John Bellone keeps his eyes on the field commanders during the homecoming parade. Bud Bellone leans on his teammate for support after a gruel ing play. 'ji RWM: i . X Wh . W ,:5ti?7fl is -. i X N, '. Dan McWhorter presents the grand marshalls with plaquw at halftime. xxx. li pi pp g . Men's cheerleading jumps to new heights on the football sidelines. Q I IUWUFIIN' N - V ws., Vrsihlbf :wmw1l i W - 1 T if SW. ,Y E Q .SY S' fi if :ii A 3, Q.. Lion And Tigers And Bear The circus came to town!! This year U. City High pre- ented Barnum, a recent Broadway hit, for its spring musi- ual. U. City was the first local high school to present it. Based on the life of P. T. C'there's a sucker born every ninute"J Barnum of Barnum SL Baily Circus. The show is lull of clowns, acrobats, music and singing, as well as a rich Iariety of illusionary props. Performances were in March and attracted kids of all iges. Says Randall, "The show is a lot of fun. Students get i chance to be more than dancers-they are performers who must become circus characters." 'i l l i l Barnum's brief rendez-vous with opera singer Jenny Lind. Producerf'Director Dolores Kane Barnum David Brick Choral Director Larry Thomas Chairy Shellie Metcalfe Band Director John Brophy Ringrnaster Jeff McGhee Set Director Carl McKenzie Tom Thumb Warren Jackson Technical Director Kevin White Joice Heth Dorthea Nevils Lisa Quinn Holly Wagoner Jazz Singer Choreographer Pam Randall Jenny Lind Female Singing Chorus Judy Alexander Molly Elkin Michelle Bernstein Marjorie Moore Beverly Dettling Jennifer Morris Claudia Duke Chris Braeske Keith Brown Bevanne Bean Leah Blevins Beth Davoli 'Steve Garmon John Pearson 20 Male Singers Carl Glad David Krone Hubert Whitley Female Dancing Chorus Kim Gaines Anna Kelly Jane Leonard Male Dancing Chorus George Smith Darrell Ward Sidney Rush Shawnda Turner Jean Williams Margaret Williams Robert Williford Andy Wood Nora McCauley Donna Pelley Dawn Quinn Farrell Williams Steven Yaffe No wonder Joice Heth "Thanks God She's Old." tHer mal entourage: Brown, Pearson, Yaffe, Garmon, Woodj THE LEADS: As Ringmastcr, Jenny Lind, Barnt Chairy, Jazz Singer, Tom Thumb, and Joice Heth. i E E 1 F MJ' t 5 A Sk IV, n Millerjugglcs hls way into thv hearts of circus fans, 5 ' 'f'! , w I X5 NX -1. 1 Whats a C1I'CUS wlthout pretty gnls and h xndsomt gnu ttttt Barnum singing to WlfC Chalry I I lk? Your Stvlc' The Cast of The Greatest bhow on harth M07 L,-Q "' A ttt j 5 t I. Cm-Q 2 A A, 'if AM f, ,M 4, A W 'ki 3 av S' -, sz Q M-QW 5 4 1 T J Y W 5 Zolonel Blake CD. Yaffe.J warns Major Burns CA. Coon! cissing hotlips will turn his mouth green. 'Att swsmwm S S fl TN MW'V'FF irk Fletcher of the Tech Crew films the homecoming pa- de. At the Black History Assembly, Chez Black and Susan Barber recited from Dumas, Stage Crew: lst row: Kilibrew, Kaiser, Heries, Schwartz, Williams. 2nd row: A. Hardaway,,L. Hardaway, Troy, Oliver, Stcwart, Jack- son. 3rd row: Harder, Jackson, Merbaum, Zegel. This year's stage crew had an advantage over all previous-the use of the wood shop. This was because Stage Crew director, Carl McKenzie, is a woodwork- ing teacher. As a result of this innovation, the work went much faster. Have you ever wondered why the stage lights are on at the right time? How you can hear the perform- ers speak? These miracles, among others, are accom- plished by the Tech Crew, under the direction of Ke- vin White. Official Tech Crew: Fletcher, Hyde, Landau, Peter- son, Shrauner, Smith, Cowan, Lammert, Thorpe, Laue, Merriman, Newberry, Simpson, McLaughlin. 23 A Chorus 7 f f f ff' 5 I v X ,Al I Our Chorus Line Pam Randall-instructor Donna Butler Andy Wood Darrell Ward Donna Pelley Beverly Dettling Steve Garmon Steven Yaffe Audrey Black Cassandra Morris George Smith Jane Leonard Dawn Quinn John Pearson Kim Gainers David Krone Anya Bond John Miller 24 Line Singin' sure is lots of fun! Show Choir: Alexander, Alexander, Ashford, Barnett, Brown, Davis, Elgin, Fox, Hayes Hicks, Jackson, Kinnel, Korman, Marion, McGhee, Ray, Shields, Williams, Williams, Williford. nfmwk Lg as A . Q Y L12 i ?' .40 Staff Lines We Vincent Danner, tuba player in Youth Orchestra, Jaz Band I, and Barnum tries out a new talent as field commander for the marching band. Sam Crews and Sarah Gottman of Wind Ensemble share music. Two year outstanding soloist award winner Todd Williams jams at a Jazz Band rehearsal. is Director John Brophy studies the score to find all the band's mistakes. "I better not mess up or Mr. Brophy will kill mel" think Jazz Band sax section members: Katherine Van Uum, Debbie Chase, and Holly Wagoner. Jazz Band I, competing in fes- tivals throughout Missouri, is a great group of talented musi- cians. As Mike Wilner said, W "Being in Jazz Band has been 1 the biggest accomplishment of- my high school career." Wind Ensemble, playing mu- l sic ranging from classical to symphonic, is also an accredit- ed band. They planned a trip to Kansas City for a festival. Jazz Band II and concert band, made up mostly of under- classmen, spend the year prac- W ticing hard to make either Jazz i Band I or Wind Ensemble. JY l'Crash, bam, boom, bang!" Greg Echols-what a drummer! ' 5 lre- IQ lf? s.i'x'1 t 'Q -'ffwl 5 .f , f f K 3 E- il 'i"'.- JW' .af dy Wood and David Shaw concentrate on get- gf the notes right. -i xl Laid back Wind Ensemble and Concert Hand director Casey Geisz taps his baton to thc bcat of the music. gutter' I i Charles Shipman keeps the beat for trumpet players Amy Wilson, Cary i Breedlove, and Paul Blanchard. l 1 Fine Lines E The U. City Art Club, made up of fifteen members is a very unique organization. The club does Work for school as Well as for their own enjoyment. They meet every Tuesday with Mr. Der- leth and Ms. Ray. As David Yaffe said, "We get together to enhance our creative abili- ties." True American Gothic-Ms. Ray and Mr. Derleth if-4' s T' r- D 2 S 2 E. 2 Q. W' 5 O 2 5 5' "1 5 FD 2 9: 75' 3' FD Q D3 '3 Q- O 5. U1 Q. O- D3 R4 fn ' X LQ m A x iff! iii ali SSS, Learmng ew Lmes -5 Art Club: lst row: Angela Davenport, Raymond Thomas, Pat Harvey. 2nd row: Pat - Dorsey, Mark Jones, Davld Yaffe. 3rd row: Damn Grant. eff s 5 ll 4 1. , 1 Cecilia Broussard learns new art medi ums from Mr. Derleth X Angela Davenport- what masterpiece will she create? Ms. Ray shows Steve Fox a better way of drawing, IHIQIEIIZII all 'W D3 IFIIQAM I S 51 .1 Q QE xx Q QP' CD QQ 9 Liv ook - Belts Judith Alexander Angela Allen Katherine Allen Stacy Allen Kenneth Anderson Mellody Anderson Tara Anderson Valerie Anderson Vincent Anderson Michael Baker Sara Banaszak Jeanine Banks Susan Barber Robert Barnes Sylvia Beard Rhonda Bell Veronica Bell Wayne Bell Thomas Bellone Tremetria Belts 33 3ennett - Collins Fest your readiness for the future by taking the following quiz: .. I go to school because al my mom makes me bl I already have 14 lbsences cj I like someone in my 2nd hour class dl I want to learn 2. My goal is to al pass a Fahey test bb graduate cl be President 3. This year I took the ab SAT an PSAT cl ACT dy none ofthe above I 4. The PSAT is a qualifying test for al the army bl graduation cl Broadway dj Merit Scholarships 5. I am in the class of al 84 bl 85 cl 86 dl 87 el other Cwhy are you in high school, anywayb If you had difficulty answering these questions about your future, feel free to see your counselor or use available reference material. right: Seniors Mike Vanderwaert and Shellie Metcalfe gn, , 1 xl Ax" Alvin Bennett Michelle Bernstein David Berryman Paul Blanchard x. X ,fl if Marilyn Bolden Renee Bolden Renette Bolden Terrone Bolden Stacey Bonds Anna Bonduryansky Ju'Lene Bowie Kelly Brading R -.. i N65 Trentis Brantley Cynthia Brown Denise Brown Donna Brown Keith Brown Crandle Burgess Mark Burnett Sharon Burns Pam Calmese Paul Cannon Tonya Caradine Alicia Cavitt Deborah Chase Evette Chatman Michelle Christian Helen Chung Lavonzell Clark Dewana Coleman Keith Collins Tammy Y. Collins l funk X 5. fibf f 4 v Claudia Duke Darlene Dye Dorothe Edwards Sheila Elphage Christopher Evans Kim Favell Pauline Finley Angie Finney Jeffrey Fisher Steve Fox Aida Fuentes Cynthia Fuller Keith Fuller Cloyce Gardner Steve Garmon Clint Gholston Kimberly Gibbons Savitria Gibson Aaron Gilbert Bernard Gilkey 37 Givance - Hudspeth Rosalind Givance Carl Glad Courtney Goodman Bridget Graham Wendy Gram Darin Grant Jill Green Lisa Haddon Michael Hamilton Jerome Hampton Zera Harper Keith Harral One long-awaited Week in spring 166 seniors, luggage did bring. Loading buses in front of school, Senior Trip was starting out cool. The travellers were never lazing. Caps, clowns, candy, and a dance, They had to sell at every chance. First top - the sunshine stateg Kids and Chaperones feeling great. Miami-the trip still not completeg A Caribbean cruise cannot be beat! So onto a ship for a short Week- excitement and fun at its peak. Such memories that trip did make, We won't forget '84 spring break. All possible through fund raising 1 if Win 38 Aaron Harris Jean Tu Harris LaTonya Harrison Patricia Harvey Yolanda Henderson Doreatha Henley Guy Hernandez Genevlyn Hicks Dana Hill David Hill Lisa Hobbs Erica Hodges Frank Hodges Fred Hogsett Paula Hogue Darren Holbrook Angela Holland Herbert Holly George Hopper George Hudspeth 39 Hughes - Lovejoy Craig Hughes Clorice Irving Merilyn A. Jackson Wendell Jackson Philip James Vicky J effress Anthony Johnson LaReecia Johnson Michael Johnson Avia Jones Daphne Jones Robert Jones Stacy Jordan Tracy Jordan David Jungkuntz Kathy Karakas Dan Kasten Maria Kinnel Jennifer Koenigs Kimberly Lawrence 40 ' 7 ,Z 2,11 ' .xx iw W A lat X id I . 'Q so ,., l 4 uh... If 'I Terri Lawrence Richard Lee -ai ,A W l 5 xi , . ,IF 4. ., 'N W1-7' Lisa Lester Brady Lewis Cynthia Lewis Shantay Little 2 Krista Lloyd Jill Loftin John Lofton Dana Lovejoy They started in Augustg it was 100 degrees. They practiced twice a day, every day. They pushed themselves to the limit: they ran, they drilled, they sweated, they schemed, and they prepared. Finally, all that work paid off. For the first time in U. City's history, we have been named Team of the Week. What a thrill! This honor means more than receiving black and gold "Pepsi Cola Team of the Week" base- ball caps. It is the recognition, the symbol of excellence and achievement that is so well de- served by the team. With the guidance of Mr. Villars, who has in two years turned the team around, and Michael Ba- ker, fleftl, the senior quarter back who has broken many school records, everyone else now sees what we here at U. City have always known - that U. City is a winner. As T1-entis Brantley says, "We're on fire. Nothing can stop us now!" Judith Lebowitz Anita Jane Leonard Loving - Moore Le'Cresha Loving Mary Lyle Margaret Lyons Karen Majerus Yolanda Malone Stephanie Marchbanks Marc Marion Leon Marks flu Vonda Marner Dwayne Martin Kenneth Martin Sharon Martin Family and Child Develop- ment, taught by Dr. Ferguson, is a new class offered at U. City. It gives students a chance to de- velop parenting and teaching skills by working with gram- mar school kids. The class members enjoy the class so much they give up leisure time to work on projects. One activity Was Working on Kaleidescope, a travelling arts and crafts show. With the help of seniors such as Michelle Johnson and Diane Carroll, over 3,000 kids explored cre- ativity through sensory exper- ience. By teaching the younger kids, U. City students learned, too. if 91" D i', 4 Q -.N 1 Vincent Martin Delinda Marzette Clyde Mason James Mason Terrance May Cynthia McClure Jeffrey McDonald Nathaniel McGhee Kevin Menkus Marc Merbaum Shellie Metcalfe Reyna Meyers Curtis Minor Derrik Monson Gwendolyn Moore Jacqueline Moore Marjorie Moore Newell Moore Patricia Moore Patrick Moore 43 ff l 1 til' - wx ,og KF X f A if-MM Cynthia Roberts Barbara Rogers Denise Ross Christine Roth Sydney Renee Rush Don Ryan Carla Sanders Laura Scandrett Becky Sharpe Charles Shipman Susan Sieal Audrey Slack Donna M. Smith Donna R. Smith Ronnie Smith Yolanda Smith Meekee Sodon Derick Spillar Marcus Spraggins Brian Stanton 45 Ma H M MQ 'U 1: -gov -git' fu' rl?" W v . 1 The class of 84 will be remembered for artistic vandalism, thanks to Delinda Marzette and Raymond Thomas. "84, need we say more?" insists Stacey Bonds at the pep assembly. Dreamed of since freshman days Yee ha! It's finally here! Nothing now could stand in the way of our glorious SENIOR YEAR! Pranks on teachers, water bombs, Senior skip day to Forest Park, Luncheon, no more finals, prom. The last days, happy as a lark. A sudden thought begins to occur. High school may be almost thru, But what about the future? Oh, what are we to do! Dancing and shouting, we're glad we did, For it's our last chance to ever be kids! Cassandra Wallace Fred Ware Arnell Washington James Webb Monica Wells Steven A. Werner Dave Whiteside Eric Williams Margaret Williams Reginald Williams Stacy Williams Twyla Williams 47 illiams, V. - Zenke Victor Williams Michael Wilner Arlene Wilson Andy Wood Johanna Wood Pamela Wool Anthony Wright David Yaffe Mark Zacharewicz John Zenke 48 'ZF 9, i ', it 1 iaeei A p ,ip if k-,141 Hey Ed Cruickshank, are all seniors this excited about their classes. Seniors pep up for the homecoming game with plenty of spirit. T 1, lr J, ,X W 7 Ku Z, J", ,, . 95 :TM f f 1 ' L,,, U. V I -if , , . z 'y WSW Aa S ,lg X Z' 3,11 w, If A M ,Q WM ...wk 5 23, Z Q ,W 2 I if M in ,mmm I 2 U40- . f by s ff ,......Nuw A , A V .gf ' v Senior Superlatives QDGE57' SWGEQ5 ,Keg MLGWC S 'NKQQQ ' , ' Lie boccfget Lk T0 wwf CC, ,JMX N 41.5 X ,R5V1eK'u6gf6 M6750 B257 lDfAKNC'Ep-5 I Wff' Q my TBQHXZ5 Www V065 NL A 'B 327 ff QYYCLL A f 0 Q , 41 if C Dol-la A QS, I I il ' I f s 1 ,, ,IN I. 'ff A-air? " f X - 9 , I , -if I !!f 5 f 2 'ff' """',,..fa"-' ,,.-2-0' A -2.-3 ff --fp-Q " MOST ...,:222--2 Scvxool. fi! K QPIYIT M, BE57 WXUS TCJAMS, MICWQL. WWMHV' X fffff' 3 mf ae55,Q H A615 X ' -1? Q yf Y, , AQ ' l ig . ' 4 Zig ,Zfqgm'j6ib,m, 41' ,L-'1:'. lwf' f y -- I , 4 P ' f 1 ,- ff! n 4 Qfxf A P657 ' ' 0-J f Kyiv A - .... ,-it-ti-Q WXXQSW' A'f !4s Liufgg E6VrJ QVQ 2 Cjewfu H164 X .FV 5 X 5cOTf I UUAJNJW W X LQQ7OUJ3TZ l P , 4 X , .S 1 K , I ' I ,I i zfi W 61 wa my 4 5 'Joy 17 -1 if R M 'fuk flgfirzl 2 MJT 1 fix I' A CMC f 7 Exgd WWfv 7' MQST HQMQVOUL5 0 ,P XCCZ94 5 84in'78 Q 4 9 Q mm Mn X-W, Aw xx Wsv M. su mmm. A - 4 Www A, V umm. AI Gum M Am Amman A ,m nm! waitress u Kvmwm 4 30098 :mule-nv A1 was ima AMD: WW l-WM Susan -aww? A-fwiiuoai - www Anvbfun ,. ,, mfwhwmu Avail f, hum taker ' Midwd ldivlv I was 0-wana! f, Ko-in is.-an livin labor MMMI9mu,, Mandala! wmonawlal lad ltiam , rvvndfnlhhl ,ff Ama land! i ff ,Www M, Muhih ,,: E Dwrd M terry Mwsylmb I , ,.f, 1, f new Umm 2+ Q was in M .uhm Samlaawhi " hrmudldlvli f,"' KWH Sixth Gfmir g L 1 L, A if w ,M Q ls! M ,pi 'E' 2 Afu uw 1 ff f Hz 3: 4? muh bn-dr fa vs mmm ff, f fam. f Az iaiinn ff A fm Cfziwn Jun Cwvev WW W Cuwll M., aww, f-fm cm' ,Um mm Yzvwk C0001 mad tmvdad wffdwnm Cwvdprd 4 Wfwxka LN!! m Emu aww: Cues hdw d Duiiinlxgg, -MZ.. fm, fwrrm CMYQQS Wm!!! Dlvldii Ah90lo99iIOl ',:,'. vnu Dwvihvl 546106 Dew tuwfvlll Dvd! TMI DOM David WMM lumen Dunn cmxdoouaons I 1 mm on-nv fi-vw Hanna ihsvw Dun! rvmdvhfuy ,I ,k 5 fiffw ' , Onffvbnqin' Clcudkil 5030500 unbvnr oummwi uawpiizkh vm-frmumy pgmmyiamnnrh Wm: Mandi , . 3 , sw wa ' ww- nw., ' ,V , 3, ' v,.rr.,,,,,,,, 9 ' . 7 , . ' ' A . , 'wp W ' ", J , f , A ff W ' , . S ' 'Www Mum f' V if ,, ,y M9 ZW , , I f',w' E' M'miW?MxW'w ' H - 7 1 ,,:, 2 V, , nf A v ' M ., 1, , 5, V V VWNWHWWMQWE jr Kg fp -W4 ' ,M ' eh Q ' 2 W4 , 4 mm fy 4 .4 www f df ' , V' M .W .W AZ , -I ,V 9 -ff : .mm Zigi? , ,- M Mk may A Alf, ,W A ..r.: Q mmm -f vii ' in A "1 , if WL: I M 5 - ' , ,KM ' 1 25 ' ' ,ifirf 5 gf' w g ? 4 ' ' ' A ,d V j ck ' Y Q. lf, an-is fi : "" 311-f 2, Y ' M 4 'Q ' . i 1' has ,," ,ggi ::f2f"i ' , - ,,f ": '2 n 153, 1 fif1Q"- K, mi -wf+ ww, 4 .I . ,, 4 M :V,,V 5:11.15 -Mm mmm- ,J 12535 ,I mm me mn. M-.4 mv swam ws, wwf-g -ww umm WM mmf Kevin Www: Nan lvmfn D91-M4 Nunn' WMM Mmm Lon Your un MM Chan!!! lwitll ilvvvr lam Edwin! has Wham: latin laude Cddlnt Nloarvtt 415453 ilfe0nCUnd40 was mum Carmen one cm 10011 Chfldmt Unlfldk C110 ima Cum-on Aiiobflbvff' lmlMChlii 0601 Chtlwbtfi Dlbbd Chu 5110! Chdmlfl lt! Chillfln Ermflulobvl WQMMCNWO NQIIGQUHQ SQMCMG LnnlmdChds lf A W1 , VV, A AW Magi? Hulk their V. f 2 pymoa BUQGCIQ51 wacxqbw- rnc0w'M DHMOUICMAMUI namyumw- f ,W raw V 1 ef-mn mv-wg mwmgn M 4 iz 4 f ,w,,,,f1 . WV nfwun w W .M www, , m-YW. 1 W, ,.nY,, LM Mm- ..,,,,L, www mm Aww ww.. H1- uqw., mmm ,,Lmv,.,,, 4. vw ,AL 4 ,MW mi. mmm wwf Wm ,ywwvw wma fm Aw lawfwv OWN" QM' awww iswmm GW" ' Lawn 6110? 1010014 60501 lalliumi GMM' 'Lofh 5204 0001015-N anmmam 'mm Gorda' may Gwhvv wma, cfm sum-1 Bfmwvv Dum Cwuvi tgvnxoamdff Lcvmvv Gran' hlfwm Hnknbz M-:had NQINVSW tbovhw s+wu-wa LMP! '49'14Y01' , - V .1 .M 19,00 ff cfm .H QM, , , w 3, umm., ,mv vw n -my ,,,ML,L., WY..-.f W. W ww . s.1+f.w ff Mn NNW ,,,,,, ,M-M,,, AM mm Oaofwv rc'-41 my fn... nw ,mn mmw NM. cyan- J-ww. aww aww fm, may vm-M, bww, rum, wfqnwf had Kina ww wav, mmunaf arf : ' if in KWMWJFHA --'v f, 1 ' fl an M V ,hVV A ,ary '4 WZ W MQ 6'1i,wm 'f- ' V' . , , T ugh 'V" 1 , ,,,:f - L 19" QWQM QQ! g3?wUM , LVQM ,,,Z,A ,,,,,, W' AJW . , ,., . -1 ' " "Q n, ,hgh f wWW yy !l!l n W . f gh I I ,ww 7 , ,, Sixth linda- nv in f N, . if BAE V419 5655 Da Kuhn ea-me um., sv-0. mam mm.. mm, Him Kwan! Mu uwnuw wr uw, 1-'Wm umm cr-mum nm Dump ua.. mn um- mm-hvsy mamma Yom 501000419 Mm annum Defy! up nom ue AW Je . , HEY . X f " .. 0 M' ""i"' Q5 .. . h n " ' ., ni I ' K' K X3 Maxam, Rvws xumra qw um, mam. gum WMM mn. 4,41 k 1-W adm mm MM www .. feb.-1 g,,,,,,u"" ' J .mm av-Q., . xx. f' . . """" lun 'F' 5 NWN kung, - Ar-.m gym ww., L,,,,,, .. ze' ... - g,,,h,,, . 'WW 'hymn new Ming. WW Moms va-au um.. Mwfouam 0-nymnqfu, annum www Numa www: Mem A Qu 5 K ...,..,,,,,,, . x 5.1, !,: L , Q.M....i' ,, "1 1 Q fs+,' P' n... M-dba! . Owe M0-an Ovvvd Utltn -Sf. Inman has ' . rm, ay., L IQCQQQ A:aa!40uvo Kcnndtltifiy V ::vNNmn,,, Nvv'-anno' uwnnm, ,. Moqam Lp, llvulii Wiihhulidb cwwmulcrgf. Hhs Moana ,,, -Mohr . mmm, NNN fi. ww- m...""" N' Nts : .k.' PM-In-4... mg, g me he-up . mmm V hwhninu lun-Ong ize-..fl. Www tangy 15 ? K 'ww . m Wahl , fi """" mm w if ? - -.1 NN Ns 'W 'N Chrimnnibk' K--' 'H' 'H' g mamnug 1-ww. swf sa ws, Maint indian bond: WN ms., my-.Q cw .Q ww, cm. :mm www rum. 'wr www. hau 'vm-,sq Yfwnfhwaa umm-nw. Yroqlbas-gp blhdphvn ummrmq 18310500 XOVQIIKUQ Oihligl UUNQII Bnnlduf nm-quam. benchma- llflll Km!!! Arno!! Wm! hwy 1. . Q, H.-F mum-Pav - P-zxwiva Wes"- -Qswa vm-. Mn:YNl'WQ WN' lain.-vs ws-gem. n lewis ww.. Xnmnfs with kfvvfvk WQSTX Vlvvrf Nw' e Cn-'nr Mvlxn H0610 Wlwv w-nan Q96 www mm vwvm www.. .41 Aw wa .l 1 X - -'sf W Q if X Q. . . HQ A ' f at X Q . - X 1 kg? wb S x . 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Allnhvkbvvl Irwtivitv ltdslngn lilniuhuqdwi mmm an nsm rn svn wm- un raw can vo-an-an Ch-wuvu new . ,M k, 1. .vw mn 4. , ,, ,MW My zJ...,..-.fa .. M nw. uw, A. .A . .. Awww NQNO 'wh' .,,,..,. woo- PGY' Qpvwea www mwah Mq-1 'ww PON' Gown 00150 H0091 lil! Sinbad! ow bm... Wanda man 1.4, new-an IIUNONI POINONIOM1 wwmrm uv-sqm iermh hmm Binh Gulf xiuh lmulf lawn DUNN' Univ! 919101 au- su.. on v.-,Q Ckw Vlilwlfl Gloria Aldridge Kimberly Alexander Kimberly Alford Carolyn Allen Le Trisa Allen Veronica Auberry Michael Bailey Sonja Bailey Kimberly Baker Ben Banks Gina Banks James Barbee John Barbee Alphand Bazet Bevanne Bean 54 i. sf Maurice Adair Trina Albright rw J , a n 5 A ,,,,vf' row Q ' ' 1 , A We an 4 ,mam , Sharon Beatty Sherrone Beatty Juan Beavers Debra Beck Tawana Beck Darren Bennett Holston Black Lindsay Blalock Jesse Bohannon Lydia Bolden Yulonda Bolden Elizabeth Boleto Tracey Bowman Jacqueline Boyce Stacy Bradford Chris Braeske Michael Breeding Charles Breedlove Cecelia Broussard Daime Brown Vera Brown Walter Brown David Bryant Richard Burrell Steve Candido Michael Cann Susannah Carr Kelly Chapman Marina Childress Roberta Clark 55 Coben - Givance Rachel Cohen Gazetta Cody Rodney Colfer Kimberly Coffman Christopher Collins Pangela Conner Sharon Cox Tracy Craig ' William Crawford Kevin Crayton vlarva Cross Paul Dalziel Walter Daniels Warner Dash Kimberly Davis Sandra Davis Anthony DeDeaux Beth Devereaux Laura Dew Silvia De Weer Amanda Diemer Ernest Dorsey Timothy'Dorsey Wendal Dorsey Mark Douglas Treva Downing Ronald Dumas Dana Duncan Sheila Dunn Noah Durham 6 X ... X x xx NX of x 'NX , C .,:, . wie X Ne i l . is- .se 531 as -X ' .. .l is i X N K Wal, - f -l-.. e if fi? 4 QQ aw 'R ii X ex le x QN X .:, C ,Q X he X sxxhx 'P if i K X ,, X .... 7 N-1' 5-65- il' Talayna's Restaurant desires part-time bus and kitchen help. We do not discriminate on the ba- sis of nationality, race, or sex. Call 863-2120 for info. I...- McDonalds has many positions open at its 8127 Olive, 9406 Olive, and -7227 Page restaurants. Students welcome. Write to each franchise for information. L . lop to bottom: Pat Dorsey' Nationals Mi- chael Breeding Jeff Smith- Shady Oak s De- bra Samberg Ev. 43- K I' , lt ,m as ,x,x,,J, iii 3 Q' X wi ai' x Q, . ,:?,. 'Q' Mr. Donut needs part-time help for early Saturday SL Sunday mornings. If interested call 863-8005. National is looking for part-time baggers. If interested apply in person at National 7434 Olive. Lettuce Leaf wants part time: Busboys Waiters Kitchen Help Send resume Lettuce Leaf nc. 25 S. Bemiston Suite 212 Clayton MO. 63105 Geofrey Dye Anjali E1-Amin Angelia Elgin Fatima ,Epps Sheila Evans Laura Fineberg Freddie R Fitzgerald .. N- Michael Fowler Erna French David Friedman Rebecca Fults Kimberly Gaines Djuana Garrett Vincent Gear Brian Givance Glenn - Laue Rusty Glenn Stephanie Golden Robyn Greene Lori Guberman Kimberly Hamilton James Hamm Astra Harclawa Angela Harden Nichelle Hardy ggglonzo Harris Angela Harris Anthony Harris Bryan Harris James Harris Karen Harris David Harrison Julie Harwell Jonathan Hayes Biossie e Henderson Ingrid Higgins Vicki Higgins Brittiania Hill Steven Hill e William Hodges Chandra Howell James l Humphrey Gerald Hutchinson Anthony Jackson 1 Charlotte Jackson Denise Jackson' nip Fw? dj' h i f Q R 2 Q X Rhonda Jackson Wayne Jackson Eric James Renardo Jennings Jennifer Johnson Julie Johnson Karen Johnson Patricia Johnson Reginald Johnson Angela Jones Becky Jones Donnell Jones Harold Jones Kimberly Jones Taris Jones Tomeika Jones Steven Juncker Lisa Kahn Alice Kaltenthaler Peter Kantranides Michaelina Karina John Kennan Heather J Killebrew Ronnie Kimbrough Mack Kirksey Susan Kleeman Kimi Kobayashi Billy Kollmar Donald Lark Andrew Laue 59 Laycock - Reed ioseph Laycock Sabrina Lewis Zortez Little Qrvinia Love Darlene Luster James Martin 4 Haney Martin Eva Mays Anthony McAfee Anthony McCanery Monica McDade Sylvia McDaniel Kenneth , McGhee Kyran McHugh John Merriman Chandra Meyers Cassandra Milton Sandra Mitchell Tracy Mitchell Carla Moore Jason Morrow Tony Mosley Keith Murphy Feyon Murray Margie Nance Dorothy Nason Harriette Newberry Jenny Nourse Lisa Nuniey Robin Nuniey 60 X x :ol .L ,.,., so SQ . ia? xx. 2 if ,ffki ii :sie 3 2 Y HQ me ' 5 K 1 if , , N if? t an A W t .., R15 ' ,- n iff' SNR: QNX Q,.' Leslie O'Neil . Kim Peebles l , Donna Pelley E Carmencia s f Peoples x Joelle Permutt L x . Anthony Perry 1 pppp e L- Felecia Perry A Jonathon i Peskind x ' X W it X ' p Peggy Phang s Willie Phillips Johnathan Powell Joseph Purdon Dawn Quinn Sharon Ray 5 ...fn Christy Reed Pom Pon Squad Members twenty one Requirements Members cho sen by tryouts in May and they must purchase their own uniforms because the club is not school sponsored Activities. Cheering at home basketball and football games' raising money to pay costs' attending practices and a pom-pon clinic to learn new routines. Attitudes: Angie Harden- It's like having a lot of sisters. Captain Tammy Smith- Ev- eryone gets along, because if we didn't, nothing would be done. Left: Jennifer Johnson and Vicki Thorpe concentrate on a pom-pon rou- tinc. Reed, J .-Turner Jeffrey Reed Janette Reid Richard Reynolds Sara Rice Anthony Richardson Gregory Rodgers y S Leslie Rogers X Jos is Aaron Rome 'Ti s Felicia Royston ' NS Q x:"" ' ss Mary Rush ,X 5 Lee Sarnaie Debra Samberg Jenny Seltzer Ernest Shields Todd Shepard X Are you interested in getting a head start on your career? Does police work excite you? Many U City students answer ing affirmatively decide to get a head start on their careers by Joining the Explorers Junior Police program If you are be tween 14 and 20 and have first aid and CPR training you qualify for this exciting exper ience The Junior Poiicemen have the thrill of riding in po helping people If you want to he - .mf 5 . ess . Roux. El' ' its Wye- ,N.,+..N::--.Ms-: .. EM. sw. YA .HW XE x xt me lw 5 .1 nw. Pts X mes 'Q -if I participate in these rewarding opportunities simply Contact involved students As Junior Rebecca Stevens says Its a hard job but it can be reward ing and even fun' lr xploi cr Becky Fults and iumor police man Darren Whitehorn stand proud lice cars, going on calls and . AK Y 62 mv" - 5 'E . K ff F 'Klux Jacqueline Shivers Christina Shornick April Silverman Kimberly Simms Kelly Sims Kelley Sledge Jacqueline Smith Lamarr Smith Stephanie Smith Tammy Smith Marcia Stallings Antonio Steward Mark Symmank Stacey Talton George Taylor Michael Taylor Michael Teason Holly Terry Lisa Thompson Shawn Thompson Stacy Thompson Vicki Thorpe Delcina Toliver John Torno Gregory Trotter Diana Tucker Anthony Tullock Kevin Turner Shawnda Turner Yvette Turner' 63 Ulrich -- Zelman Douglas Ulrich Ai Viet Ung Hung Minh Ung Sarah Vogel Teresa Vossen La Royce Wagner Christopher Wagoner Karen Walker Kim Wallace David Walter David Ward Kimberly Washington Sonya Washington Kim Weakley Nancy Webber Heather Weeden Lee Weiner Kit Wellman Hubert Whitley Daniel Williams Farrell Williams Todd Williams Barbara Wills Amy Wilson Jolanda Wright David Yang Deborah Yates Dorothy Young Ike Young Marion Zalman 64 as Es.-ae.. in-ages:swiss::fsf,,2:gq,5g-.igg --g .--- :qi-grg.:2f W-5,5 Q t r X 1-Q? WX :.,, Q, D 3 r.., HQ- sk if , A. 4 at ,ar-"' NW KS . ,V-M if SN wr- .. :Rza W s N Q X 2 QQ is ,i c Im .J f'2,.ss me ' Elia Ahmed V 2 Anderson ,Q v Jerome i WL! 4-41 , ' fa 1 .wr " i A 43' h A YDQ AW- , ii: Q5 e rx K gyi . ,,.. I V- .V . . uv -an 0 W I' 'un 4 Wi' ylggfi Wrffvg A .,.,,, .L my , ,,A,. ,I a l I 1 5 1. Michael Anderson Michelle Anderson William Anthony Erin Apollo Amy Bacrnstein Maurice Baker Thomas Bailey Willetta Banks Tracey Bannes Sanford Barber Leslie Barnes Elizabeth Barry Audra Beeson John Bellonc Todd Blount 65 Bolden - Davis Lisa Bolden John Bollinger Joey Bonner Paul Bowser Susan Bowser Darryl Bradley Waldo Bracy Steve Braeske Jacinta Branch Fatima Brinker Barbara Brot Berdina Brown Crystal Brown Keith Brown Lisa Brown Patrick Brown Emily Bruder Arthaniel Bryant Dawn Bryant Eric Buckner Andre Burgess Edward Burton Donna Butler Veronica Butler Miquel Byrd Ian Caine Kris Calrnese Yolanda Campbell Rolanda Carter Anne Castigliano we as L ls... f"..l.H'.6 like HQ Q' af .ck Q F N Q K was Q Ibm gr . Ads X. 2 if f in if X -f r Bill Chase Lemonte Christian Grace Chung Marvin Clark Vickie Clark Marnie Claunch J ohnifer Clay Joe Clay Sheronda Clay Anthony Cobbs Joshua Coben Shana Cohen Taijuana Cole Patricia Collins Rodney Collins Reneise Conner Wilma Conner Teres Cooksey Angela Cooper Troy Cooper Ronda Cowan Maureen Crawford Ruth Crockett Pamela Croft Melody Crutchfield Ben O. Davis Ben W. Davis Danny Davis Jon Davis Michael Davis 67 Dawson - Gilley Anita Dawson Dorthea Dedeaux Marilyn 'DeGraffenreid Donna Dettling Tavo Diaz-Granados Donna Diggs Brooke Dine Angelisa Dixon Kimberly Dotson Calvin Douglas Katherine Dryden Kim Dudley Sherry Dunn Henry Easley Timothy Easton Greg Echols Charles Edmond Molly Eikin Anthony Mark Evans Cynthia Evans Jacqueline Evans Kenna Ezell Brian Farbush Jimerlean Farr LaDonna Farr Leniel Fields Lisa Fields Sarah Fields Tonya Fields Susanne Fiquette 63 .NN . ..,- - as N, J" V X Aw x X X N l S iii sig X ss S is gas? .l-,.- . ,. - if iest is J ,ia i ,:-.a' 1 f . is. 5 Q a K ans? "U, r- ..- f ' 5 " ' Nancy Vhfhbcr :mi Philip .l'ln oe. I F ,g ,Q F? W: Beth Flowers Sandra Ford Y L ak Kevm Ford ra ,y,"f ff'-,,., rm Stacey Fox Eric Frazier Becky Freiman Regina Gardner Shaunta Garrett Carmen Garth Diane Gates Sean Geyer gf, Greg Gibson 3.7 Brooks Gilley 69 Goldstein - Kevin Goldstein Leslie Grabel Florida Graham Cindy Graydon Farrakhan Grayson Loryn Green Ulas Green Courtney Greene Timothy Gresham Vicki Hahler Jennifer Halasey Gwendolyn Hall Craig Hampton Darren Hampton Marlon Hampton Sharon Hampton James Hanselman Lisa Hardaway Angela Hargrove Angela Harris Dwayne Harris Terry Harrison Melissa Harry Larry Hayes Liz Hegel Philip Hendricks Alex Henry Cheryl Hicks Thomas Hill Orlando Holley -vw f 5' aa yii if Hli H Hlia H Krojanker 'Wsi' ,if 2919-00 , ill .l,l i iiiii ,iyk ,,,. I rkyg 11 'M ., - , ', i is X 70 ,'1' ""' ',"" ll 4 K1 AQ pf W 45 M I We 2 Q ,.... ,mi k Bobby Holland McKinley Hopkins Ivan Hudson Vincent Hudson Debra Hurd Nicole Hutcherson Calvin Ingram Bennie Jackson Jonathon Jackson Michelle Jackson Robert Jackson Warren Jackson Andrea Jarrett Darren Jefferson Candres Johnson Charles Johnson Darren Johnson Donald Johnson Kevin Johnson Antoinette Jones LaTonia Jones Tomara Jordan Anna Kelley Kenny Kelly Cybele Kernpe Patricia Kerney Paul Kimball Michael King Steve King Diane Krojanker 71 Krone - Platnioo David Krone John Lammert Richard Lands David Larrimore Lamorris Lathon Kerrick Lee Monty Lee Pamela Lester Earl Lloyd Karen Loftin Ynlfkif I l ...V 'Q X TN L, 5 ...' A i' .F 1 I Y i ami Q ' rw Tonya Lunceford Cardelro Luster Catherine Luzkow e x my up fl A-qv l',C'i1y's own melting poll Taijuana Cole, Tracy Smith, Mike Poscover, Lu'ong Luu. Jenny Halasey 72 X ar e 5 1 ,, , N.. kit Ns me S Bt A i 5 f E4- , 1..1.. I fi Q Q ,.i Y Q eeel yi f , 1 i k .- K ,.,:ai+" , .She :iv Q ir 'ti ,M as i if ,ffl P is Q ' - A-"2 we ss ,Q NSF si ff 1 s W rgf""f e Maurice Malloyd Tony Martin Sonya Matthews Nora McCauley Avery McClure Leslie McClure Brian McDaniel Angela McNeal Richard McQuay John Miller George Mimms Chris Mitchell Timothy Murphy Nicole Neuefeind Cardell Nickels Steven Norkaitis Rodney Norris Cheryl North Matthew Nourse Deborah Olander Dee Oliver Jerard Owens Thurston Owens Ronya Parker Jared Pate Terence Payton Christian Peay Darlene Perry Kore Pickard Matthew Platnico 73 Poke - Tharpe Gerard Poke Ruth Poke Michael Poscover Bien Quach Lisa Quinn Angela Readus Kenneth Rice- Demetrius Rich Leslie Rimson Debra Robinson Leitha Robinson Paul Reesler Marci Ronken Aaron Rome Kay Ross Toivo Rovainen Rebecca Sandler Shelly Schaefer Maria Schatzkamer Alissa Schwartz Kristal Scott Timothy Scott Kevin Selig Al Sharp David Shaw Stephanie Shelton Jeanetta Sigh Deshon Simms Darnell Singleton Jacqueline Slack 4 la, ee? 1. ' X 5 :R La X 'eu i, S X SN 4 X S N we X SEN X 5 N -fff-,ev H ., ,,,, S Lc eeer l 5 QE Q iw 'o.. , ' S Q ,. 3 X 5' , s 3 X ka :.-ska sr lx , S ff iii S 1: - is swag S I-Na , r- r - as was X is l S fl N S, S ' 'Xa f , , -1 il? 'Xa i S 1' - r Amanda Smith George Smith Jeffery Smith Larry Smith Laurette Smith Mark Smith Michelle Smith Nathan Smith Orlando Smith Patrick Smith Roderick Smith Stacy Smith Tracy Smith Yolanda Smith Adrienne Snipes Troy Sorrell George Spears Dawn Stein Allison Stern Dana Stevens Anthony Stewart Keita Stuckey Marion Suarez Craig Sutherlin Fred Suttle Wendy Sutton Tracy Tao Dana Taylor Joseph Taylor Jeffrey Tharpe Thomas - Zuckerman Delores Thomas Earl Thomas Laura Thomas Marcia Thompkins Sonja Thompson Timothy Thompson Brenett Thornton Chantelle Thorpe Willie Threadgill Vanit Tillrnann Michael Tom Bernard Tomlin Bryan Tomlin Jill Troy Melissa Tuckson Cynthia Turner Ngo Lam Ung Brooke Van Buren Katherine Van Uum Angelique Vault Roy Viliagran Darlene Wade Elizabeth Wagoner Brian Walker Dionne Walker Darrell Ward Antoine Watson Eric Watson Keith Webb Ryan West 76 :yi 1, ' if mi' S f af ,Wt Y Q X f X ,L 4 V. Nm iq 2 5 , 'ZX' I 5 ..... 4-A 189 I KI? 1. ff Sw H f K MAX' Ron Weston Fred Whitaker Jerome White Cynthia Allen Anthony Amos Shynette Auberry Danielle Bady Darron Bailey Lisa Baker Troy Balthazor Wilart Banks Gbanjah Barnes Nicole Bartlett Edmond Bass Angie Beard Charesse Beasley Christoph Beckwith Peter Bellone 78 A . 1. ra. Jessie Akers , A Andrea 15 Alexander ' M it W M s I 3 ji A so xxx axis KX X559 X Q . .l fm A 1f" A E' B ' 2 is A. Izq, K ' i' - Nl -Q A t.'L A - ,as wi l Q at fu k .E H 'js Y ,t., Q X 'E fx is s "Sd JM aff 6 ef? 5 ggi? ia W an 'Z' V 1 kia f" f "4"Yv5 r,.,:'?' 4 ,. I 'iw 12 ti... 'bf if 'if 9 6 37 ' ' li .W H. 'iam .W V, as ,I 'Was fire 17 x it it A are , at , 42 wav f f Eric Bennie Wesley Berg David Berger Rachel Berlak Mardell Blakemore Leah Blevins Reynaldo Bonds Kechia Borden Jason Borgman Darius Bradford Janice Bradley Lynn Brady Scott Breedlove Baugh Brent Victor Bright Fatima Brinker Timothy Brison Chermal Brooks Angela Brown James Brown Larry Brown Yolanda Bryant Ramona Buck Paul Buddenhagen Marvin Bullard L.V. Bunting Carol Burlis Virginia Bush Cynthia Calhoun Charisse Campbell 79 Caradine - Easly John Caradine David Carter Ernest Carter George Casey Jennifer Cawns David Chandler Bridget Charleston Sonja Charleston Curtis Churchman Eugene Clark Gary Clark John Clark Harolton Clayborn Ronnetta Coffer Andre Cole Octavia Cole Wayne Combs Amy Conway Reggie Cooper Barnabas Creer Scott Cressie Samuel Crews David Cross Casey Crump Valerie Cummings Krystal Cunningham Kathy Dabney Eddie Davis Leslie Davis Margot Davis X if if E X 'Eid as a is 'X S asa 4-sw 41 ff? f f 4-Tb 4? , , .,:Z A V,,, i Q f f , u 4' , I af W Raymond Davis Tony Davis Elizabeth Davoli Lasandra Dean Allison Dew Carlos Diaz-Granados Kevin DeRamus Colin Diemer James Douglas Darryl Downing Clark Duke Christopher ' Duncan , i lif' Sherri Dunn Lysa Durham H Andre Easly 3 "There is nothing good about being a freshman," declares Jon Easton, probably the most dis- gruntled ninth grader in the high school. 'Tm sick and tired of be- ing teased by upper classmen and teachers. I even get it from my dad! And my brother, Tim, and his friends ignore me. I never asked to be a freshman!" Other freshmen seem to have the same problems as Jon. The most com- mon complaint is the lack of re- spect which accompanies the title of "freshman". Ron Still and La Tonya Harris both say that they are tired of being put down by the upper classmen. However, by the end of the year, most freshmen have learned to adjust to life at UCH and look forward to the next year when they will finally get the respect they have longed for. "Give me a break," sighs Audra Spencer Easle e Kelly Easley Eonathan Easton Zhris Edmonds Iulia Essex' Lisa Evans 'iloria Ewing Keith Finn Amy Fisher Zharnell Fisher Dirk Fletcher Darryl Foney Brent Foster Lawrence Fountain Lisa Fowler Rodney Freeman Alma French Fonathan Gamer Iames Gardner Veronica Gardner Lisa Garmon Tisha Gholston Terry Gibson Elizabeth Gilpin Sarah Gopman Elizabeth Gram Leah Green Patricia Green Dana Grooms Lamonte Hamilton Wendy Hampton 82 Y Q, R X 5 .5 X e was " ai v 'Qi Q .- - . L e2P5fs'5XN "5 o G 'N G ?eSS'. 'E-ff W3 We ff x af -mmm 5 aa Nw ek WN gym ,,,S.rg-Wye ,egg 3 ff' Q ie aa R .r , . I . xi-5 'N f Qwfewhuxtwe News NN af if new .J is iii! WS rg. I - ,. ,N . 'Ag LA,mf- , ., 1 .s T . e J 7 P X . 1 . s 2. - f rs.- in ' 1 ' I, 1. 5 5 . ,- :AX . we iii S X11 X i an 4 ..,, F em k H 'ss Af' is 4... U ,N., e 5 Us mlliis is M is at As. ,... :- Chris Hand Evanda Harbour Gina Hardaway Laura Hardrick George Harper Darrell Harrell Daroid Harris Monica Harris Tammy Harris Jane Harter Leon Hayes Richard Henderson Rosetta Heron Curley Herrod Shanteale Hibbler Tim Hickman Charmel Hicks Toby Hilton Mary Hines Gordon Hodges Antonia Hogsett Robert Holbrook Saundra Holland Howard Hollingsworth Sandra Howard Anthony Huddlin Tamara Hudson Terrance I-Iudspeth James Hull Patrick Hunter 83 Hyde - Lee largo Hyde larryl Jackson ary Jackson ennifer Jackson .ynette Jackson 'aula Jefferson 'hris Jenkins Lara Jensen liels Jensen Darryl Jerrigan assandra Johnson hauntel Johnson herri Johnson 'olanda Johnson .lfredo Jones ky , ,L VI:- 1' JJJJ o e 11 f 1 ah? 111K ,f W f 2 1 1 , ,,,. , 1 1 1 ,,:f,,,, v 1 ' -,f",,LJ, ,,,,, , ,MM W1 5 ff 11 21 'A 1 1 f ff X f ff 11 ,1 I If 4' 2 ff 1 1 !11X t 1 1 4 ,. an 7 Q J' 1,,, 1 Nancy Reagan + 1 nation's concern: The Chemical People Chemical People: 2 T.V. programs + community meetings Chemical People 9 aware and concerned communities Aware and Concerned Communities 9 less drug abuse The above equations represent what has been haippening in our country lately. Nancy eagan and others have tried to make Americans aware of the growin teenage drug abuse problem in the U. . The results of their efforts were a T.V. program, the Chemical People, and community meetings which sprang up to discuss the problem. U. City participated in the program by setting! up meetings to view t e shows and then discuss drug abuse at U. City. The committee enjoyed an enthusiastic res onse from P the community. pf, CAL gli- .. Y Q if KKK, . saw 'N N-'Q-'Y 'R ee m if all iv r g F I 4 kk b ' ij if M VCX L.. W Qs. f 4 ' Vw' Cassandra Jones Christina Jones Decrese Jones Jillisa Jones Morey Jones Sharon Jones Tracy Jones Angelica Jordan Tracey Judd Laura J uncker Emily Kaplan Amy Kasten Kelli Keenan Yolando Kelley Gregory Kemp Jimmy Killion Felicia Kirksey Scott Kobayashi Kathryn Korman Peter Koranyi Rachel Kubie Ngoc Lam Lee Landau Jack Lane Carlton Langford Shelton Lattimore J eanette LaValle Sherri Lawrence Cheri Lee Terrance Lee 85 Lemmons - Powers Nicole Lemmons Ronald Lester Leslie Lewis Denise Lieberman LaVe1'ne Lofton Leroi Lofton Anthbny Love Glenda Luckett Luong Khai Luu David Lyle Tammy Lyons Scott. Marlow Tracy Martin Corey Mason Ginette McAllister Kimberly Mcfladney Leslie McCall l Kenneth McClain Teddy McConaghy I-leather e McDonald Jerry McFadden Eunice sMcGinister e Jascin Mclntoshl Angela M.cLucas James s e McPherson - Kimberly McPherson Gene Mcwngm Lorece Mebane Ted Mikel Alicia Mills 86 s J X 1 new K QW' :ESE . Q 215 f .N E 4 X ls 4 F vffe - ss e- 1 he ' ee Y- P- e-1 sill.. QW-'L' W ,... we ugzx gzaiilggg ,sJ. , We am Q S19 fy 1 s g ' W-sl Q 5' ll f, Q X S' X fl' is i t . .."",k at .f gi Q aw-1-vi -X. W' at Q... if 3 ,S xv l ,F .Y Q5 ia? 'X if-is Xl we .l , ,.:L"?f' 4, . At W x.,..W I DJ ff 5,5 S . : Q k ik :Ak :Y X 8 X X S I Troy Minton Terry Mitchell Stephen Moore Tywanalatrice Moore Dionne Moorehead Lon Morgan Jennefer Morris Anthony Morrison Wendell Mosley Mary Mulley Rosa Nadal Angela Neal Barry Neal Harold Newberry Steven Noble Michell Nutall Christine Oliver Dion Paige Alesha Payne Shana Pearlrnutter Tracy Pelly Rebecca Perry Leslie Person Kimberly Person Kristen Peterson Elizabeth Petrovics Stuart Platt Demone Polk Laura Potash Charon Powers 87 Price - Sterbenz Byron Price Tracy Purvey Mary Puterbaugh Donnell Qualls Tonya Rainey Yolanda Redditt Alex Reedus Matt Renner Kevin Reynolds Daniel Rezny Eric Rhiney Sharon Rice Laura Rich Rochelle Richard Mary Riles Mitchell Rockette Lee Russell Kerry Schiele James Scott Rhonda Shannon 4,6422 EZ? nf' wh en lie Darel Shelton I , l Kathy Shivers 1"2 l e azv. - '---e aay V yll. Vval , Jay Shrauner il, llll l ly y Tarhonda "' 4 l Siddell It h ,ly v":ea:1-1 1 " Darryl Simon 9, yyyy ,zL, Y , Terrance Simon , VV,,. . A' ' Tina Slaughter f A .- Nathaniel lm y WV Sledge ' Q Cynthia Small . Andrea Smith l,,y,,,lEl 88 A " "el' 'A ' , 72. A f f ng . , 9 h if 3 1 M gn ,gxvifif Grv ' KH HZ , 0, S . ff W 5 f x f 'Ti .4 4 V LY 1 r f for I , ,Q e ' 5' A V' 1 f I 1 M li' Q IAV: Q , M, 75 f , f "" if M -f if '-,,,.. qM,o.,n L ll'1 I if 4 X f M 'fi , as 4 will 1' in , -.W in . " Q You are riding through a shady wood on Crest, your gallant steed. Suddenly you see loom- i ing before you - the Dark Tower! Large and imposing, the toWer's very presence em- bodies evil. Feeling quite frightened, you leave Crest and Walk up to the heavy iron gate. To your surprise it creaks open and you step inside, sword in hand. Sud- denly out of the darkness springs a fire-breathing hobgoblin! You blink in amazement and look again, realizing that the hobgoblin is only Toivo Rovainen. Other people can be seen stooping over a table, obviously fascinated by something. You won- der where you are. Who are these people and what are they doing? This is the Dungeons and Dragons club, you discover, and the members assemble each Sunday at president Adam Matthew's house to create fantasy and adventure. This game, played with all sorts of dice, helps U.City students escape everyday pressures and explore the depths of their minds. You join the game and as Toivo breathes fire you go forth to do battle and find treasure. Angela Smith Lorraine Smith Robin Smith Shawnette Smith Sheri Smith X Q ' if 5 -Q..-'IS do X ' 1 gi hx x . we J 'x S . ' fii Tracey Smith g ij S Youlanda Smith T S Daniel Soda ... is is John Solodar fs gi orlando gg 1 T N .Q Solomon Adrienne X Ji Spencer s ,QQ ,, -22 Audra Spencer so Damon Spotts ,V I A S Philip Stanton Eiizabeth S T Sterbenz E Steward - Young Terry Steward Sharon Stewart Una Stornes k Debbie Streifford Deatrice Suber Jeffrey Suttle Felicia Sutton Suzanne Symmank Gloria Thomas Grantford Thomas Anthony Thornton Raykel Tolson Jacqueline Turner Yvonne Turner Chris Ulrich Cynthia Union David Venn Adrian Walker Kurt Walker Sabrina Walker Shawn Walker Stephanie Walker Jonathan Ward Michael Ward Willie Warren Dionne Washington Meianie Washington X Dianne Westphal e Jeff White Teresa ' D Whitehorn J: ..,, K . x an X ar r Xi X rmnsf 3 3 akf Ik X Q X X ' we X Q X ear e er Qrf, S Ne ' X 5 X Eg X Eg QF XX , N - me vs Q .K+ Q' X X MS X Q X e M19 if ' ul Isis' . f - V ff I sn, ,MA 4 V. xx 'Wh , X ff A lv' L f all t not 7 .. .lf Q 0, gs 0 M QW' x Zftlfffgr- .fits L, fplpgtfv R- mi 155 5 I A W 4 A .Ef f VZ? I if Al 'wif H ff Delrick Whitehorn Leontyne Whitley Brenda Wiley Carmen Williams Landers Williams Todd Williams Robert Williford Arthur Willis Lynn Wilson Nicole Wilson 7:45 5 10 00 10 45 1115 1200 12 30 2 55 530 Ronzell 6230 Wilson Christine Wojak 8 00 9 00 Lisa Wolff Jonathan Wood Melissa Wood Andrew Wool 10330 Stephen Yaffe Piper Young Arghh! Late again! Where are some clean clothes? The tr1ck for gettlng to class safely IS creeplng along the walls 1nconsp1cuous t upperclassmen Maybe camouflage would help Watchlng the rnovle I am Joe s Stomach 1n Blology The llne Now that you re 1n hlgh school act more mature gettmg old P1ck Up for lunch COff campus oh boy'J Grade level pr1nc1pal Mrs Underwood says Please dlspose of that properly or u ll be school Is It latltude or long1 tude that goes up and down? What takes the bell so long? the b1g gym Forgot your shoes' Walklng home w1sh 1ng that your 16th b1rthday were soon Pract1c1ng saxophone for Jazz band tryouts Oh no' Th1s IS the flute part" You ve been on the phone for 45 m1n utes' yells mom A frlend asks Have you read up to page 215 ln Tale of Two C1t1es" Oh nol' Slam down the phone search unt1l you f1nd your book ln the bathtub where your l1ttle slster was test 1ng to see 1f It floated Sklmmlng pages 11 215 wh1le l1sten1ng to the rad1o T1me to get some sleep Someone forgot to set the alarm Cagaml 9:1 ' ' ' o Y . n ,H ig yo ' in ,in- 3:l5 Basketball tryouts in er. ' ' 79 9:15 ' ' l 91 Q .2 Y ge A M :W-,X , QQ. ..,. 3 ik ru' n:' :i..'K E as Y? QQ U Wulymisxh 4 QFWJEIMPJ ix" is in 5' ' ll N7."'f .PALQ . 'ru my-V hill! X Z 5 I fK 4 3: 1. -v- 'y jf r Navi' 1 .. ,,.,, g A L 1A ,I FSM X .'.u..-x Xa s 4" -fmt' f ty F GN Af i - Llffflflff a K rf ...N ' K Wqsgwegs., gwpww M A Q M wi mwww. fx nw A W, LU , , p ,:gg '- ff f -4 E f' L' W1 pf ,. 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'he newspaper, which is not fraid to present controversial Jpics pertinent to the student ody, is a publication of which re can all be proud. Ms. Donnell, the new advisor, leads the Tom- Tom class in a discussion of centerspread ideas. Caren Teitelbaum, news editor, comes up with an interesting idea for the spread. CANDM C NTS JB At a luncheon for journalism students, Jane Leonard, Wendy Gram, Laura Scandrett,,Kelly Sims, Andy Coon, and Pam Wool compare publications. Fund Raising In an effort to supplement the school newspaper budget, the staff of Tom-Tom continued its tradition of selling donuts and soda to students in need of re- vival after the long school day. Money went to pay for the an- nual holiday edition which per- mits students to send personal messages to their friends. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ............. MANAGING EDITOR ............ U PRODUCTI-QN MANAGER .... .. 'BUSINESS MANAGER .............., ART EDITORS ............... PHOTOGRAPHY EDITORS FEATURE EDITORS ...... Kathryn Conrad Andrew Coon Jane Leonard CHIEF STAFF WRITER ........... Pam Calmese EDITORIAL EDITORS .......... Denise Jackson Laura Scand rett Kim pany' ASSOCIATE EDITORIAL EDITORS ............. Raymond Thomas Thomas Bellone David yang Sandra Mitchell pa, Harvey NEWS EDITORS .... ........ K evin Crayton ,leantpaul Tgmo Caren Teiielbaum - CWS Bfaeske ADVISOR ...... .... M s. Susan Donnell Nancy Webber ctRUEl'lllllIlllAI5l l l I Spectrums is a literary maga- zine edited by U. City students and sponsored by Mrs. Massie and Ms. Van Ausdall. Any high school student may submit prose or poetry to the judges who will select the best entries for publication. In addition, winners receive a ten dollar prize. Students with literary talent hope Spectrums will con- tinue Nbringing us the giant pencil" for many years to come. ', 'T .N MAE' F Several members of the Spectrums staff: Alissa Schwartz, Caren ,Q ,,, 3 - 4 Teitelbaum, Pat Dorsey, Steve ' -3' Q 'N' Garmon , ........ , ll .l N ....... Kathryn Conrad, editor of the tionalxCouncil of Teachers of English Achievement Award in writing. Kathryn, along with 5,000 other high school stu- dents, had to submit a sample of her prose or poetry and take a one hour writing test. Her short story, "Under a White Sky," and the essay were judged to be one of the 500 best in the na- tion. Her name is listed along with the other winners in a na- tional publication. Tom-Tom, has received the N'- Kathryn is also the winner of other awards. She is listed in the Who's Who in American High Schools with other out- standing students who are rec- ognized for their achievements in academics, music, or leader- ship. Kathryn has been on the honor roll for four years and a member of Spectrums for three. Congratulations to Kath- ryn on her prestigious achieve- ments. em name tak lngrid Ngueieind. Xch bin aus Kohn am Rheem uqd ylohhg seix X978 rim memes iamihe m Um- verskxy Cxxy. Me espa Ham 4 I7 City' Ol emo Sta H6098 Me g C100 . N para fam, Usra e"fgf0"'fe, "' 'Vir eaDrennSef,ad9 Un Ense n el mCL6IgdOfrSSpai7V5rsi?5? O de fe - Es ho nga .Y. as SUXS Je m'appeXXe Anna Amehmg Je itahenrxe. .Yenseigne Xe irancais ex Xe Kahn. Sum iemma. Non sum ameri- ' Kaunam amo. can a. Lmguam , yax im 39 ydavveue SSW! Kgzxoaxoxeoam mes exudes 655' LOWS oaks C' QSX ' ms pvoiesseur de iran ee ex Se Se S ermere aovee 5 C2 we ' 3 pr Q5 choueikex- 4 ff f A I I W I m"+'MfzZW5 10 U-Qywe XY , ,gsm Xe ' .M amy M fi" f WWWJMQE ., -My M U5'2fgT,"Zf""f'f.."f 0 MW ,,,,r""' .NN 'x UWMMUGCMM 'WU' .WM m A Me Ilamo Evelyn Strubinger. Tra bajo en el laboratoria de lenguas y tambien enseno dos clases de espanol. Me mteresan todas las 1 guas. Por eso me encanta e que tengo. en- 1 trabajo Je okenflgselt .th he Meredl 'app Je m 3 Y . a - tele cayS ygl yy fra? aff' sur ie 8 23+ Hen SUXS U15 AU dePdA me 10' exudes S me emu xanmence . om a1 C Y Mi nombre es John Bilge:-e y soy profesor de espanol aqui en Univer sity City. Vivo en esta ciudad co familia. Me gusta U City tan los alumnos. I7 mi y me gus- Lines Of Latitude 2 ff Y! 102 Annette Conner Dennis Lubeck-I'll give you an ob- jective view of the candidates for next month's election. Melvin Donna Rogers-I just don't under- stand why they turn the heat in this room up to 90 in November. fx-r-my zmfff Ron Villars-Football's over, let's get down to history. iff " K --Zi! I fi -pi ffl" fn as fi 4' Z f' X, , K ' f ' Weisbrod- 5 more months! MW' Ann Fahey-Cheer up, gang! The final' s only a hundred questions. problem. L I fff 1 Bertha Smith- It's second semester-time to really work! Roger Cayce- It's a personal Jeanette Ivy- The only reason I got you is no one else wanted you! "ills .MU Q' 4,5 Barbara Shapiro- Which are you? Jack Shelnutt- Quiet, or you'l1 go to Outer Siberia! Harold Crawford- The answer's Jesse Jackson not Alfred E. Neuman. ' 1.5 If W 4 f 4 suv, 01.01 ' 0 .N N' in XX f HMBN ,ff vi, RB' - 'A , ff? , lf? , " Vg! ,f IZ, , g 2773 Q y 103 A 'af Qs .Mmm ww 3455 K 'f x ' : 's-ml' i" - R ' -. 31v-aw-- -I Y X. N .X X . 1 X N K . NS . , Xl P f uf ..,. X , E mfg 3 f ' I 2 1 K5 N 5 is Xg,M1. g R X .q. S i g? f K sg 'S I A K Sl? .W k' Tir-4 .. 341. N, ..-, 9 Y? .55 f E l IITFI. W Newcomers In Playoff Story ha a lock Live Saturday night sports! Top story tonight! U. City! Football! Lots of scoring, 8 victories! PLAYOFFS! First time in histo- ry! Michael "Brick" Baker! John- ny Stidum! Jeff Pointer! Nate McGhee! Wayne Bell! Maurice Campbell! First all-conference uonors! think? "WE DOGGED! if? t Ron Villars! Norman Polsky! Roger Cayce! Great coaching! Great season! What do the players kick. H Q on excellence K 9' aster than a speeding Parkway player-1t's Mike Baker: We Kit Wellman trots off the field after' making another great all-Conference 'ski .iv 1 si Less 5 r e were fi' 'af' ARE number one! Check us out! 54? V sf 4,!' 107 Line Of Scrimmage Our award winning 1983 Varsity Football Team! There was lots to cheer about this season, as both the sophomore and freshman teams finished with win- ning records. The freshman team ended up with a 4-2 record, and the sophomores had a record of 7-2-1. Freshman Harold Newberry said, "Our defense was the key to our suc- cess. This is why we beat Oakville 48-6." On the other hand, Sopho- more Joey Bonner said offense was the reason they won seven games. Despite these achievements, J V football got almost no recognition this year, probably due to the varsi- ty's outstanding season. "JV teams have always played in the shadow of the varsity," said Harold Newberry, "This was especially true this year." However, the JV players show defi- nite promise and can look forward to many glorious victories as varsity players. 'N l 1 T' t' fl f f f 44,114 X IW fb' !f ' nwlf JV?-'A ' 1 'W ' JF, AX Ml ll Y xmas! l 108 t f 8 X 1 A, pf , T Qf AT T . T, ,ijff T 4 . . If l ly I f it!! .KI N ix' gal g .nfl X7' N l 'iw' NNW. V, f f, ll, Q YN? Ll- Mgt" Tiff f f if T 117 N A 2 ly, L ,'!l-Xie, fy i'1f 'rf U V iv, T' If I, .A fl- . r xxx XX' it Xl 'lil' ff l w ,A T 'ln' xr 'X' A i 1-tlligwz ,I Xlxxitlg fl t fy M will Mtn NXiml'l' 1iMV ,l T' ' Junior Varsity Coaches- Luther Maufus and Julius Sims no. name 12 White, Jerome Smith, DeAndre Hendricks, Phil Ross, Eddie Clark, Gary Lee, Anthony Webb, Keith Love, Anthony Rich, Demetrius Singleton, Allen Smith, George Christian, Lemonte Sutherlin, Craig Lloyd, Earl Smith, Orlando Owens, Jerard Bonner, Joe McClure, Avery Williams, Todd T. Henry, Alex Price, Jason Collins, Rodney Lee, Monty Rice, Kenneth Grayson, Farrakhan Kelly, Kenneth 15 24 25 28 32 33 35 41 42 45 58 59 62 63 64 65 71 73 74 75 77 82 86 87 90 92 Brown, Ivory I YM f x 'A ' 'M - : ff . 4.25 J f M 'X Q - it 'J ' ' YJ, l',l N . vw . t t ,U Vu, if Mi ,N fi ,,.v i ' 1 xx I Q Xl N ". 'I pi ' o My itll' rf, 1 X I' n iv XX .X ANN ,A . N., , . . b Both Varsity and Junior Varsity field hockey teams v were coached this season by Joyce Vespa from Brittany. 4,64 Said Vespa, "Our record unfortunately did not reflect ,MQ the effort and enthusiasm that the girls had." The team had very few returning Varsity players, but they will ,ff have a large group returning next year, and hope for a W better season. - G . 4 f Leading scorers this fall were Juniors Beth Devereaux ,f and Silvia De Weer, and sophomore Allison Stern. ,QV Defense was powerful, too, especially team MVP and f fullback, junior Laura Dew. Co-captains were senior I Debbie Chase and junior Beth Devereaux. if Both Varsity and Junior Varsity teams improved with 0 I mill' every game. Team members showed a lot of team spirit l aj ff and stamina, as well as individual and team talent. They ff I look forward to a stronger and more experienced team next fall. Varsity: Back row: Chase, Stern, Wool, L. Dew, DeWeer, Kaiser, Halasey, Front: Watch those Hsticksn' Debbie Chase! Brading, Sandler, Dettling, Leonard, Fineberg, McHugh, Sledge, Esser 311 g Vi, 1 l ' I r ' it A ,f ly. 1 At the advice of Coach Vespa, Junior Silvia DeWeer JV: Back row: Williams, A. Dew, Davis, Halasey, Wood, "goes for the goal". Esser Front: Alexander, Ahmed, Symmank, Dettling, 110 Sledge, Oliver, Jackson, Kaiser Service Line Nina Q ' 1 S - ck row: Nora McCauley, Debbie Streifford, Alissa Schwartz, Joelle Permutt, cole Neuefeind, Tracy Tao, Alison Alton, Susan Kleeman, Vicki Hahler, Jenni- ' Morris, Sarah Gottman. Front row: Marjorie Moore, Margaret Williams, Wil- ms, Coach Reinhardt, Nancy Tao, Laura Scandrett i 1 wnanm... .a niors Nancy Tao, Laura Scandrett, and Margaret Williams find concentration essential ingredient for success. 'S 4- S ,rin xr ff' Z J 1 11 f , If af ' ' I ff 'V XZ' W1 I l l l ,YQ For the 1983 girls' tennis team, winning wasn't the most important thing. In spite of their record, the team managed to enjoy themselves. The high turnout of 18 girls over last year's 8 brought with it a great deal of inexperience and room for improvement. Team captain senior Nancy Tao, was named MVP. Senior Margaret Williams, who played first doubles, said, "We all worked hard and improved a lot while we had fung that's the most important thing." Because many team members were underclassmen, coach Judy Reinhardt expects the experience gained this season to produce a winning team next year. 1 A , 11 P 1rVh,.i.4..' ev' L ,f','H'f Y 'A N. it Wah wu.,,,g,,41,1akkgl Q, ,. iff . f"'. ,,., 111 Varsny: Laue, Humphry, Chase, Zach, Pearson, Taylor, Shipman, Crews, Riney, Rapp Clarkson, Dorsey, Nourse, Buddenhagen, Hernandez, Friedman, Candido, Merbaum Borgman. 4 :lr- Q. 3 3 S' X . M5 1 a ' X M dk Q an "I1's gonna hurt, I just know it!" cringes "The bal1's supposed to be on the Andy Wood. ground, isn'L it?" asks Paul Buddenhagen. 'It's a bird, it's a plane . . , " thinks David Friedman. s Vg Davis, Ulrich, Renner, Narkatis, Shaw, Kobayashi, McConagy, Wood, ioloder, Balthazar, Hollingsworth, Caine, Borgman, Gainer, Edmonds U. City sports are packed full of team spirit, loyalty and just plain fun. The boys soccer team is a perfect example of this attitude. Even though neither Varsity nor JV kept winning seasons, they kept their spirits high. Varsity coach Paul Wright worked the team hard throughout their season. Captains Kit Wellman and David Friedman were also helpful assets to the team. Every member of the team played to the best of his ability with outstanding performances by MVPs Guy Hernandez and David Friedman. .IV's Coach Carlos led his team to an outstanding performance against Webster Groves. Captains Ian Caine and Matt Platnico, leading scorer David Shaw, and the entire JV team can look forward to upholding the high standards of U. City soccer. Kit Wellman gets ready for another perfect kick. Frgnt Llne , ggggggggl llllllllllllliuun The 1983 volleyball team ' I had a disappointing season ' ' statistically, but profitted from experience. Coach Connie Harris Stated, "The season was marred by team Onto Vlctory inconsistency which served as a learning experience for all." Individual talent was demonstrated by team members such as Genevelyn Hicks, Kim Favell, and Teresa Vossen. Kim Was the team MVP while Teresa was chosen for first team and Genevelyn for second team all-conference. Connie Harris was also coach for this year's junior varsity volleyball team, and the freshman team was coached by Joyce Sabine from Brittany. Both teams had a fair season and look forward to improving their records. Coach Harris gives an intense pep talk hoping her words will spur the . AI '. ' A I' --l-.l'- I i Q i ' T Y 1 Y snip Back row: Banks, Malone, Favell, Staples, Hicks, Connie Harris Ccoachl Front row: Yates, Conners, Reed, Bell, Vossen Teresa Vossen serves another one of those points that earned her all-conference honors. 'via ,W :S 41 .23 Q Q ff' 3' WWA Mfg , ,. H 1 -4,2 ' Q, -' f. L .-QL. JM 1 x' g jzw 1 f f 1 ms, df M if 1 Q Q , A " -B ,W w ' ' 4 L . ,f N, 1 f 1 ,. 'MM I x Q in 0 do ' ' . M W 1' J 2 f 'ZH P' 'I M 1 n Hiif X 1, fu is " v -' 1 Av' v M 4. 42,,'f if E , W f W YQA ,x xx 'K- 5 1 , k . 4 X V v Q . 24535 1 x 'X k N ' if f N . ff: ' 'L .. K' all x 5 -X 1 .s in K 1 - .X -K M . - 'K ik S -1, x f ' Q f ' w i- U 311- Q i QM E . . . ,. . X X .K Repla I .ZR K ior Adam Matthews-one stroke ahead of the rest. The varsity water polo team was led to an "instant replay" state championship this year by coach Dick Scoville. Motivated by their only loss of the season to Parkway West, the team worked tirelessly to gain the state title for the second year. High scoring seniors this year were MVP Andy Coon with 66 goals and Ed Cruickshank with 57. These two were also co-cap- tains. A strong defense was a key asset to the winning season especially with Mike Vanderwaerdt in goal. The JV team showed much improvement to finish with a record of 7-6. Having gained from the experience, they'll improve even more next year. Dedication clearly pays off. r..--. Hopefully, with hard work- there'll be another "instant replay". M i I 'ina 6 ln , mia mack row: Braeske, Berg, Wool, Platt, Roesler, Coach Scoville front row: Quay. EHSIOI1. H21I1SClman. Zuckerman. Collin "Once again, we are number one!" gleams Senior goal ie Mike Vanderwaerdt. i Zenke reaches to new heights 117 Michelle Christian's intense concentration makes her pitching great. .M N .... if 'i X tx it X X , r X V 3 K 0 l Ya' ' X! Softball had a great season finishing with an ipstanding record of 500. Fheir season was fun- 'illed and action-packed. 3eating Ladue after splitting games at the 'egionals was their best noment. Convincing Rosalind Givance that ,he opposing team's mitcher was blind was the 'unniest moment. MVP was given to Jeanine Banks who also made irst team all-conference. Rosalind Givance who avas co-captain with Brigette Graham and leanine Banks, made second team all- zonference. Baseline Shawn Thompson awaits another perfect pitch Finish Line I Do you have a V back row: Douglas, Smith, Morgan, Seagal, Marlow 'ont row: Kemp, Willford, Solamon 45' Q. Varsity: Polk, Hogsett, Quinnones, Hudspeth, Jackson, Steven- son Faster than a speeding bullet, able to pass the competition in a single stride. It's a birdg it's a plane. No, it's an Indian. This year's cross country team, excelling with great leaps and bounds, wound up with about a 500 record. The highlight of the year was their first ever win over Webster. MVP was fast-as- lightening Senior Derrell Polk. ' I Free Throw Line SLAM-Bernard Gilkey Coach Crenshaw looks on happily as his team wins yet another game. The U.City boys' varsity basketball team had an enthusiastic and amazing season. It began when they Won the Suburban West Tournament. Coach Ed Crenshaw said the team is success- ful because "they help each other im- prove, and we take advantage of the bench." The team profitted from a large number of returning senior players, who had Worked together for three years. Feels team captain Bernard Gil- key, "A winning season is a result of unity." VARSITY ROSTER Boris Clayborn-34 Jim Humphry-50 Pee Wee Johnson-44 Maurice Campbell-54 Tony Wright-30 Curtis Minor-22 Bernard Gilkey-20 Lamar Smith-40 James Mason-12 Richard Burrell-22 Jeff Reed-14 Derek Monson-10 Chris Peay-24 120 Senior Pee Wee Johnson stretches for that extra inch U. City basketball-one step above the rest! Up, up, and away! ,B n, -., A we a i ' JV e ROSTER Greg Whitaker-33 Cardelro Luster-2 DeAndre Smith-4 SL. Collins-43 Kevin Johnson-11 George Mimms-51 Darnell Singletonl-45 Larry Hayes-35 Earl Lloyd-31 Alex Henry-53 Eric Watson-23 Gregory Echols-55 Ken Kelly-25 J eron White-34 Herold Newberry-56 Zone Line Varsity girls' basketball jumped to new heights this year. Their overall record im- proved tremendously from last year finishing with a 20-6 re- cord. This was due partly to the large number of seniors, 6 out of the 8 team members. Coach Roberts was very pleased with the team's quickness and high percentage of shooting. Con- gratulations to a great team and a great season. Asst. Coach Simns, Rosalind Givance, Shawn Thompson, Karen Walker, Kim Farell, Genevlyn Hicks, Lisa Hender- son, Wendy Gram, Jeanine Banks, Hol- ly Terry, Coach Roberts, Missing: Stephanie Staples, Sharonica Moore. Q A ff f 1 7 f, 7 f' R 1 1 5-fs if 54, X I. lg 4 Roberts gives Genevlyn Hicks half-time vice. Gina Banks-24 Charlotte Thompson-22 Karen Walker-40 Deborah Yates-10 Lisa Kahn-44 J Donna Jordan-32 V Dawn Stein-20 Sarah Fields-34 Tarjuana Cole-54 Darlene Perry-42 Tiffany Johnson-30 122 Ronya Parker-14 N, if Q Q 55 Mt 8 Rosalind Givance easily avoids her defenders. Debbie Yates passes the ball to a teammate by dodging her opponent. Alicia Mills-22 Tracey Pelley-30 Felicia Sutton-50 Robin Glover-6 F R Lisa Garmon-10 Tammy Cross-40 E bf! Tammy Lyons-7 Charmel Hicks-52 S MZ Leslie Davis-24 Yolanda Metcalf-12 H Sherry Smith-1 Andrea Smith-5 M X Dana Grooms-2 Rosetta Herons-3 E I Stephanie Johnson-42 Angela Smith-32 N . ...Q t s I W f ..lll'lflf'ff'! Shawn Thompson leaves her opponents behind in a run for the basket Fl'0ShmHll Coach HHI'l'iS tries L0 bv Calm Whilc watching her team. Felicia Sutton-dynamic dribbler. 0 Q 0 9 1 QQOQGQ ' 0 Q o o ,, o o qua Jocks of his time The men s swim team had a good season, finishing with a better record than last year Not surprisingly, Senior Andy Coon was the best swimmer on the team. He made state in both the 50 and 100 yd. free style events. Other qualifiers were Seniors Ed Cruickshank and captain Chip Zenke. Also, the 200 yardx medley relay team made it to state as well. In the words of Sophomore Tim Eas- ton, "Swimming is hard Work, but it keeps you in shape." Con- gratulations to the whole team for the great improvement, and especially to those state qualifi- ers. 4' is H F Senior Chip Zenke is determined to knock seconds off 'Ii Q ,X 5 Z E.. Junior David Ward gets ready to start the backstroke. i , wean 'E from row: Berg, Vanderwaerdt, Kasten, Zenke, Price, Venn 2nd row: Collins, Bellone, Wooi, McCaul, Jungkuntz, Ward, Matthews, Laycock, Silverman back row: Easton, Jensen, Buckner, Coon, Cruickshank fthis is a belly flop, I'll die!" fears Kara Jensen. sg, 4, f if MW, Xl? itraight as a board, Margo Davis 'lunges into the water. fiv ft? ei W. 5 9 e egg s. Dine, White, Tao. Roth, Dettling, Lebowitz. Johnson, Aubcrry, Law, Dew, Wolf, Castigliano, Davis, Tao, Durham. Scoville, Bowser, Ronkin. Glover, Wagoner, Hahler, Dryden, Dettling, Hightower, Halasey, Rice, Greenwood. ' :JJ Ei Coach Dick Scoville starts his team on another practice run. The women's swim team also did Well this season. "A lot of good freshmen came up this year, which added to our strengths," said captain Judith Lebowitz. In addition, many seniors, such as Judith, Nancy Tao, Christine Roth, and Be- verly Dettling returned. "Our experience, plus the new girls," said Judith, "gave our team more depth. We had a well-ba1- anced team with good swim- mers in all events. Even though it's hard work, it's fun, and you make lots of new friends." ' fr 452. 125 Keeping It In The Lines What did this year's tennis team have more than enough of? EXPERIENCE! With Sen- ior Charles Shipman, who was MVP for the last three years, and 4th year players Marc Mer- baum and David Hill, the team abounded with talent. To keep up their skills, the guys even got together and played on in- door courts during the winter. Their dedication was clear. "We really wanted our team to win," said Shipman, who has been to state the past 2 years, "So we tried hard individual- ly " L to R: Dave Larimore, Eric Rapp, Kevin Turner, Keith Fuller, Ben Quillian, Jeff Reed, Marc Merbaum .ssasiiiasis:isissssssssssassfssiassess'-sfsssassssssaafifsafss5'assississaassssasisssssa Able to leap high tennis nets in a single bound ,. . it's the tennis team. Marc Merbaum watches Keith Fuller, amazed at what con- 126 ditioning can do. Ring Lines The wrestling team always fights their hardest to win. A 'SYN Q 1 ,X M FIC Jggfxi, -1:1'4x,,,2f if , gui'-' i Agp, f .iff - ' ,f 92 W , The wrestling team did not have a sterling season. Said Soph- omore Ryan West, "We had a lot of new players this year who haven't got much experience yet. But in the next few years, I'm sure they will improve." Despite the low number of team victories there were some very fine indi- vidual performances. Sophomore Ryan West, Junior Orlando Fraizer, Senior Terry Mitchell, and Freshman Dwaine Cardwell each made outstanding perfor- mances and racked up quite a few individual wins. Bottoms up! front row: Churchman, Cardwell, West, Frazier, Smith, Webb, Mitchell back row: Mack, Rich, Patterson, Rickett, Nash, Carter, O'Neil, Poke, Akers 127 Line Drive 1 'rust 4 'A it if uf 1 I Yf V17 jr K ,J ' ,g ,fx "VX The batting Indians Ei continued their fine baseball tradition. Led by a number of return- ing lettermen and an ima outstanding crop of new recruits, the team looked sharp. They Michael Wesley is "Saaaafe!" . , . Again. bunted, stole bases, and scrapped their way into the scoring column again and again. Play- ing hard, solid ball justi- fied Coach Buffa's faith in them. As an excited .- observer said, "This is a fine group of young men!" Ah, f tl QA? AJIJJCA1 Despite the golf it team's six man loss, they managed to bounce back and have an enthu- siastic, hard-working season. Says sophomore David Shaw, "The whole team improved so muchg we more than in If made up for the seniors that left." Returning players and hard-work- ing freshmen made the 128 golf team swell. U. City's most demanding sport-Golf! p The Line 'f I The prospective girI's soccer team. i '32 . X Q .4 -- sf -M , Q F - ' Wg- : is ' gifs' i bk .WL D Alison Alton kicks another fabulous shot. I o . .Q . x ,V ,'l Mt K 5' vA,xJ,u vt! Gaul!" 'mn NA, The U. City women's soccer team started their second season with high spirits and anticipation, un- daunted by last season's disappoint- ing record. Team members point out two things that were in their favor: 19 They are no longer inexperi- enced, and 27 They prepared for the outdoor season by playing indoor soccer in the winter. Team coach Paul Wright said that "these girls are really receptive to any advice and learn quickly with a lot of enthusiasm." X X. iier . .K i si Q as ai Jessica Wilner dribbles gracefully down the field, 129 . i. is -3353. , 'Stir Q S .-X sawn N X n The Line w ewell Moore Rodne Garrell 2nd row' Fred Hogsett James Hamm ' A 5 1 lst ro : N , y . . , , M1 chael Hamilton, Steve Garmon 3rd row: Edward Keithley, Alphonso Quinones wg A v' ffff' 'K ff X a 'X ,, r " f f 4 P , , , 'J ff ,A W If Support Lines Varsity cheerleaders clockwise from left: Robinson, Weakley, Stallings, Cody, Elgin, Chapman. XJ' c eoiel cc it 5 :Q,,,..,..,., :A I , ff f ' 73 gin? ...L tfnwf A- AQ n,'ajrif!', .f" . 3' 3 .Q-gifts' .' 45 p Wlgj U. City's cheerleaders, of course, have an enormous amount of school spirit. They work hard practicing. Sometimes they cheer at as many as four games in one day. Despite these huge demands on their time, they all manage to maintain a 2.5 or higher G.P.A. They also help U. City's elderly shop and teach them to conserve energy. The cheerleading squad is certainly a successful, exciting 'fi' ass Sa' xii ' ' 1 'jx' V ., ! X. WS! club at U. City. Varsity mount from top to bottom: Weakley, Chapman, Stall- ings, Green, Shievers, Elgin, Robinson, Wool. McCaul. mior Varsity cheerleaders top to bottom: Readus, Butler, arris, Snipes, Stuckey, Slack, Banks, Tolson. 131 5 VV E5? 1 SE F i .k ry V N V, ,t., , :Z , YW gp. .a+'Q2-X - 14 if , f ,M R. I' fe! 'V '. 'Fai 9. o' 4 'O 'l I 2, X Y A 'CIIIENUE , , 1 1 A A I I I mv 5 2' wwf! ,?f?f?? f 4- , Zyl 'sm' ' . ' 6, 551-f. ,, mrwjyy Q if Q Felis Leo uk Vklcgm 22.98 Sodium Dum Hunk Boron 70.8 'll ,044 Philip Mallotlc i Iucw Wx nn Beverly Frazmcr Evorotl McClellan L 1- , - -,g--1 lNQ0xSC,y2f lf. HR F SX f' rmfl 'HT Y ' 1.1 134 in A 4 1. k,., I -.UM f li X Li., l Eva Mesmer vt, Russ Haviland On November 20, ABC Motion After", a film depicting the hor- 36 Pictures showed "The Day K r Krypton rors of nuclear War. Stu- dents' and teachers' re- actions to the film were mixed. Said sophomore Evette Hightower, "It was a good film because it was a warning of what could occur." But teacher Donna Rogers said, "It was an antiseptic -war-you couldn't feel the pain. The idea that man could func- tion is fictionf' The producers l Alf' llenry Kaltcnthalei ludith Crouch state their message: We hope this film will make peo- ple end the threat of nu- clear war. luorine lefficw I war - Q l - Q- .---x 1 "vw "' A W TT 1 1 T fm -5 , , ag, 13 Teaching Little Lions In the beginning there was nothing. There was no Eco-Act at all. Students interested in science were forced to be con- tented with only their daily sci- ence class and Nova. Then, there was Eco-Act. A telephone call to Russ Haviland sparked the development of a program that teaches U. City students to teach science to Jackson Park and Delmar-Har- vard kids. Doubtful at first, U. City's ad- ministration insisted that Eco- Act could only be extra-cur- ricular. It wasn't easy to find students willing to participate in the long, hot summer train- ing sessions. Enough were found, and Eco-Act evolved into a strong program. In its second year, there were enough interested students to start an ecol0gYfEco-Act class. By next year, it will have its own class. In ten years, who knows? "Don't all answer at once!" Pleads sophomore Richard Lands. Eco-Act: lst row fl. to r.J: Billy Kollmar, Tracy Jordan, Doug Ulrich 2nd row: Karen Majerus, Michael Tom, Richard Lands, Russ Haviland fteacherl Tracy Jordan teaches her class about ecology Doug Ulrich spends time with his eco- act friends. Doug Ulrich poses with his Jackson Park class. umber Lines ,I Alphonso Dunn Jerry McSpaddcn My .W 41 T o 1? f K' T -5,0 Lou Newport Coach Kovar William Naves l0,4 Susan Donnelly Q Q r. .f j s- 'Q -I1 .gms K i sggx S 5 R' Q xx 35 is S QE SX X1 X S ss 5 Burks Ross Arthur Glusenkamp Linda Bethanc Sandra Self Knowles Dougherty 1 L ,J R S-' li - sl, k.fs,n 5 .1 A A - William Beckman -pg . Ali vile w 'Q X Roberta btewart kv 62,1 56,02 8,0 Computers William McLaughlin andthe attendance office staff: Ruth Sabol, Mar- iano Valdcabclla, and Dorothy Lyles. Kathy Wilke This year the Attendance of- fice has begun running ever- ything by computer. The use of scan sheets has greatly reduced paperwork, which is pleasing to teachers and Attendance Office staff. The Career Resource Center is a service where college or job-bound students can get in- formation about the college or job that they want. This service is run by Ms. Watson in room 260 nw ... , 'JW-1 m.,,w'1 1 K .Ny AS IUSUUAII 'lm in l 1984 marks Dr. Doughty's sec- ond year as superintendent of the University City school system. Her dedication and enthusiasm have paid off: this school year has been one of U. City's finest. CAT scores have improved sub- stantially since she's been at U. City, and the whole attitude of learning has been uplifted. Much of this rejuvenation is a result of Doughty's general beliefs on edu- cation. She has a concern for all students, believing that they should be involved in the educa- tion process. She feels a special commitment to teenagers. In her opinion, high school should be a job, in which students develop necessary skills to help them achieve later in life. Also, she be- lieves that a full person needs a wide range of developed skills, therefore she encourages sports and other extracurricular activi- ties for U. City students. This year under Dr. Doughty's supervision, U. City has grown and strength- ened, further proving that "to- gether really is better." School District Administration as R. Q. S te C M1 Superintendent Dr Rosie Doughty lm Q? School Board Members. Mr. Carl Seltzer, Dr. Jerrold Lander, Mr. James Richardson, Ms. Barbara Fraser, Dr. Carlos Daughaday, Ms Joy Lieberman. Dan C. McWhorter-Principal ia.. Sophomore Class Principal Senior Class Tom Spencer Principal ,,,.,-s-- Sam Austin Jr. Junior Class Principal 5 7' Q 1, c-I ' ,. . 4' ,f ' , , Q , Ron Bergmeier 1, ' - , Director of Athletics H p ' u f 5 ,X 'N Q . f 5, it L .. A f -I AA ,V A i I J Catherine Underwood-Freshman Class Principal In The Line Of Dut Superintendent Doughty at homecoming with Student Coun- cil President Paul Scott and School Board Representative Aaron Gilbert. Student Council Advisors: Kathy Wilke and Roger Cayce. l 'l'he before school government class. I E S S s l .lunior Class Officers: Denise Jackson isecretaryb, Ronald Nl son tpresidentl, Julie Johnson fvice-presidentl, Kevin Crayt tpresidentb, Walter Daniels tvice-presidentj Y., 5 ,, ,M -1,4 Q , A , it 24 91 , gi af2-,g,f 3 The Future Business Leaders of America Student Council Officers: Savitria Gib- son tpresidentl, Stacy Jordan tsecre- taryl, Kimberly Alford tvice-presi- dentl. Aaron Gilbert tstudent rep. to boardl, Jerald Owens tparliamentar- ianl. I' 5 ophomore Officers: Marcia Thompkins and Audra Beeson :o-presidentsl, Michael Poscover fvice-presidentl, Vicki lahler ttreasurerl, Rhonda Cowan tsecretaryl anior Officers: Savitria Gibson and Paul Scott tco-presi- zntsl, Le'Cresha Loving tvice-presidentl, Stacy Jordan fsec- itaryl, Avia Jones Ctreasurerl, Sydney Rush, Twyla Williams, id Felice Thompson Cadvisorsl. Student government has become a substantial part of U. City High: Leaders of student government have expanded their roles in promoting school spirit and unity. Each grade level has class officers, and a representative from each social studies class is welcomed by the student council, sponsored by the enthusiastic Kathy Wilke and Roger Cayce. Another student organization is the Future Business Leaders of America - the ones always sung to during morning announcements, "Calling all FBLA ers!" This group is dedicated to developing leadership and business skills and is sponsored by Jackie Williams. The course offers opportunities for students to get on-the-job training, a head start in the business world. Freshmen Officers: back: Gary Jackson ttreasurerl, Lisa Evans tpresidentl front: Sarah Gottman and Andrea Alexander tco vice-presidentsl At right: Jacqueline Williams Below: Fred Rock 'Wm Charmaine Blair Q Gene Blankenmeister i l i Safety Home Economics Health Reverend Dr. Gloria Ferguson Mary Ann Mathews Henry Buffa Maflha RODQI' Lucille McLain i xv, Zarl McKenzie Alternative Mike Henley Industrial Arts X-Nl l Marlin Henley L Robert Johnson ' 3 ' "s Programs uther Maufas iff Lindsey Wilburn Ellinder Murray James Young Bridget Gierer 147 me The B ottom L 'ki 2 K fge we-.V -ruff Joyc 5 e Phihips gf . If . aim Tansie Mayer Patricia P Crrvznf - dil No Fmall Polsk Y Q 'Mx' Judy Remhardm Binh . e B1-lghmold 148 Carokyn Becker Nurse Barbara Tanner Margaret David J Regisxrar ,wi Sharion Mmm- mum uffirfv Mar gazrvl Jomw- mam 1 ofI'1w Ruth Kaplan- mam uffwv kmq- smmr crfflm Q , , ' . BCNNCC 1 vm , . ,US G1-fmlg' iL1mO1 ow . L . Nadmff DUNF4 MCD2 . f1'if'V mm 0 U , E 1 ,Uphnn mmfl F Ora KQV- freshman offlcv B randi: Cfusvy- mmlzmml vm Izlcwmz' Lvivh ,r L w- L M i .... ...QF .f ' I ,, - f1!llJllSC'lCJ!",4 wffmf I4 What's My Line? Lillian ALCYHSOD I ,xii r L5 Susie Petty Frieda Adelman 1:22 Jill E Marylee LeBran0 Octavia Nehmen Frances Kantor- bookroom Barbara Lawrence- bookroom 150 Celia Friedman Carol J A Gradlilarlesackson' Jobs f0r Mxssouri H Special School i D District V An v l Yvonne Anderson f "' Z Ella Finney , ii Regina Hasty Lea Washington y Ann Mary Perks , ' y Margaret Lawter 'y Jane Ivol Q Dianne Taylor Dovie Dungy Yvonne Donnell Teri Dolan 7.113415 in fs vlelvin Childress- Hall Monitor Catherine Smith- Hall Monitor Our cafeteria staff! The maintenance crew. 1 K N., ..,, M-Jx 3 "-Q itil in + Y x 5 N S K K lx My -... .. -N x E I , H -Q. "l" fs-'.-"M , -f X. x K Af .wi -.'- M .W .N L f T' Y' N ' ' xx - ' Q - - . 'W -1,-Q L'-'L. gf' K 7 ' , . , q ,. S .f l , ff? ,1 1' 5 f'WW"W"f - as-if X- Q -1 7.1, 5?-x A K - -Q M ff 2 fszssifirffi? IN! N A ' 1 'ff 'JG' Il ,..,,, ,pvfw . 'Wx L ,K K ' '2 5 f Aix? f f Af 'dy Q. , pid? f-'M' X put Ara. 4 nl:'1?'?:JS""' ' si f 3 Rf if , 'Wk f inf is lQ'i"'r R HX M in 3 3 ivy, ax Z' 4 F, X X :I ' LVA 1. Q I ki Q Q .5 I7 g ai 1 ,I 2 ., ,iw . .K " .W 4. 2, ,K ' 5 W 'X , ' vf Lu' 'fn it ' A- mr S 'L Q X F 1 A-4 ,r fm.-vu. iili il! In v 'Z' K . Q x 51 , 1 s .f 5' S 3 5 , 1 'Q' -YL T f i-,S 1. I W K 3 3 'b ii ii M5 , sol 5' v t.: lffi 1fr7Pf'?F!"'T Mg fir' if H I Y i 1 e riff! Wx Remem ' King at 1963 march on Wash ington: 'Hea vy symbolism ' Holiday to hgnor Dr. King GUION BLUFORD ., a na ive son w o black asmmau ., ,I R t h rocketed into history as the nation's first 4 I Jackson Tells Blacks QVVO 9 Our P11116 Has Come, With the fight against racial discrimination He broke the barrier across the nation. I For racial justice he made a plea, In hope that one day all men shall be free. Boycotts, sit-ins and marches he did lead, For racial discrimination to heed. He worked by non-violent means, Yet his struggle was seen. He won the support of both black and white, While peacefully leading this fight. He planned a march on Washington for 1968, But did not lead it because of one man's hate. The trigger was pulled for all to hear, And the world froze in fear. Cities arose in flames, violence, riots, and looting, All because of this one shooting. Who could this one man be That wanted to set all men free? Who was the real keeper of the dream That can be ripped apart at the seam? His name is Dr. Martin Luther King, And a new nation he was sure to bring. All he had done to unite our brothers Has been heard by one another. This man deserves to have a national holiday Because of his struggle from day to day. And to honor him with a special day Would help us all to peace along the way. by Lisa Hardaway RUSIB N. Unllghty Cahovel was appointed superintendent ofthe University City CMo.J School Ilistriyt in March of l9V82. Before then, she was an assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction Rir the 'Ibledo lOhioJ Public School System. lrlniversity Cityis current enrollment is 5,600 students, most ofwhom are Black. The city of42 000 yvhich IS-jll,SI40llfSldC Louis, is 40 percent Black and 60 percent White. The districts annual lnidgel I5 515.8 million. A major prohlem the district now faces, says Dr. Doughty, is how to maintain high standards while undergoing drastic cuthaelcs in state and federal funds. "We must have the survival of pulmlie schools," she says. H, lin McClintock with maize: Jumping genes James G. Watt. Presl- dent's strategists say he is becomino an alhatmsss ,,,,.gnsw 'il f M v xl M M ,v WF Vw A A Y ' " Q Y Sffiifw ' r , if 6 M Y M mmm M awww' , ww xw ,Q Mtv ff., "5" 1 t sw M 1 ,Ji ,i Ww w " 1 Y ', my 5 ,M I i ,Wi , it fi , li J J f V W i "l 1 " H ,mwii h W ,WW ii ' JVM 'fi VH ,J f i W i. . Tw- , ltr, t, F u ' 5 ' I JM hy J H i""' 'N?wf.f,...mW 2 it his L 'nfl News Items Flight 007 Lech Walesa awarded Nobel Prize Challenger s maiden voyage Lebanon Grenada El Salvador AT8nT break-up AIDS Chisto s pink plastic island Jim Hart to Redskins Johnny Carson s divorce Hitler's Diary March on Washington Greyhound strike Drugs in sports Lost satellites Desegregation case Miss Universe in St. Louis Unique In '84 Election year Olympics George Orwell's 1984 Leap year Chinese year of rat Fads And Fashions 'Cabbage Patch dolls Japanese symbols Torn sweatshirts Multiple earrings Flavored popcorn Trivial Pursuit Vans!Velcroe shoes Debutanting Computers Pedal Pushers Argyle sweaters Break dancing Being a sponsor of The 1984 Olympics Winners Aussies-American Cup Raiders-Superbowl Orioles-World Series NY Islanders- Stanley Cup 64 in a row? Harold Washington Carl Lewis Lewis Howard Andrea Yeager Entertainment Hill Street Blues sti Thriller Return of the Jedi MTV still Police- Syncronieity Tour Cheers Flashdance Risky Business Eddie Murphy sti Silkwood David Bowie still War Games Boy George The Right Stuff Best video-Michael Jackson Best album- Michael Jackson Best single- Michael Jackson Most albums sold- Michael Jackson Best choreographer- Michael Jackson Best producer- Michael Jackson Best director- Michael Jackson Best short film- Michael Jackson A' , , in J - if J J tii lt, Jyy fl Prices 8-pack Pepsi 83.50 Movie ticket 54.00 1 Gal. Milk 31.52 1.4 oz. Hershey Bar 350 1 Gal. Reg. Gas. 990 1 Gal. Unleaded 51.07 Big Mac 81.25 Post-Dispatch-Daily 250 Cigarettes 95c Dial 319.95 Levi's S24 V2 lb. Doritos 5151.29 1 Oz Gold S380 Record Album 37.98 Musical fBa1-numb ticket 83.50 Plate Lunch 750 1 lb. coffee 82.68 1 lb. Ground beef 81.69 Ice-cream cone 57c "Retires" James Watt Rita LaVelle Billy Martin Christine Croft AT8:T Globe Democrat Menachem Begin Jane Byrne Stix Baer 84 Fuller Dan Dierdorf Home video games Returns Sugar Ray Leonard George McGovern Sean Connery Margaret Thatcher The Blues Admiral Chrysler Christine Croft Billy Martin Dirty Harry Union Station Farewells David Niven Yuri Andropov Ethel Merman Muddy Waters Eubie Blake George Cukor Jack Dempsey Henry "Scoop" Jackson Arthur Godfrey Buster Crabbe Terrence Cardinal Cooke Barney Clark Tennessee Williams Lillian Carter Frank Reynolds Jessica Savitch George Balanchine Wilke Michael Conrad .A .fuk 'SKF v-.J V mx ii- ' " ' i l" 1 . , 1 ,1 'W1 1 M ,am 1 tw" ,W K, 1' il V w 1 il . " , VWV p f "l' . . ..if 1111 X1 x I if l -if ti Wil' V ' f W an will i X l : N Alxlxr WM Wlxxl l .. XM , .. W O . ,il Awww , Y . 5 1i11111 l?i'il'Tfm .' ' MM 1 1 . Jim' 1. . lk' M 551 W" . l 1121 IQ 7' . - ..i. 1 1 . 7. rw, I ' 1 X T 3 , Q ? V J , , I' Q ni ,jf- Biliy Zoom, John Doo, Exene Cervanka and DJ. BGNEECFSKG of X. 160 'Hi' Ulkeruutr 'hands o o o if ' 15: f' 'Nw-F' ' 5 szmngm 'H--N Www- ,.. gf Q ooo - ' , Bal Takes the Serles umdmvn ilu' A X u 'W' ' mcrica's Cup W X l x Ha W' 'N l n u K k M 'WW!f'M 2 1" N' . f-J'V WI TER OLYMPICS 1984 it W -1 1 ll WW X. Every four years the world comes togeth- er for a display of peace and friendship to compete in the Olympic games. This year from February 7-19 more than 1200 athletes from 40 nations competed in the winter Olympic games held in Sarajevo, Yugosla- via. The United States' athletes traveled to Sarajevo pursuing hopes and dreams that all of their years of hard work would pay off with a medal. The U.S. team faired well with gold medal performances from figure skater Scott Hamilton and skiers Bill Johnson, Debbie Armstrong, and Phil Mahre. Many others gave performances that moved, dazzled, and made all Americans proud. The athletes from around the World em- braced hands to dance as the Olympic flame was extinguished on February 19, signify- ing the close of the Winter Olympics. 'W-mm SARAJEVQ 'Bd ll gs-N ,SN ' W f 'S 5 5 xx WWW 4 MW. +2 f . , ,A A, Rf ' . t W Z ,L., ,',,V K - ff .L ',"- .. L A ,mu' Www' "m" . H fk BA 'QMJJ .:,fnM' ,mm WAY ',,7 iw! , wfZ4f,v 1 1 'f' - M G f fy W ffi:g,,mfn V, .NW 3 kL5k . H rf fm: Q B ap nk i ,,.- ,, ,L ' Q ' A -F A 4 I 'Y x V.. ' E 6:35 L N inf Rl .".. K4 ' K NU Em ww S- ix ,IH K' ii" 5 .7 A K , M Q. K - - - - A -.--- Km : - , Q ., .1 g Q K Q X Q.. S Q 3 ,if ff :rv Mi L4 mm , :rw ' ' k V, J , f,,..,1 fr Jw. N , 'Amr -W ' " N ,f A :ml f r K. Img' hw f K, ,mf ff- , ,I if-f-H1-""' , A nf -Xi. ,N-I H -, Y'-5 -Tix .AMW -, z'k "7 .swf:ffiW+wf+ff" ' W.: ggwyg f -H rf fvif :Sv - a " K' U U.JPxNLP"'A2? Hffw gn Q ,4,.ar..,p L, - 7 4- f N! 'IWW 1 fdfxf' fd' We -,. ,Q dn .,,X,,,,-we :im --gras :fmwvu 'uw' 'K "'f'il3 391 zinecvrwwvf "N Um mf f J, Frffi?m.f 3, Q,-,,, 'y,,n,w L, K K, ev my 41,-1 ,frerxl Q ,,, 'K' ww La? ' Vw 1, F... W 5- 5 ,fri ,ij I .ngfffyi N S.fJf!FF'? .ff 52' 'Fri K if ' X- f M- f-- ft.,-Q 5, M fu' km l 105 "" PQ mf ififffkfsff V4 ,. ,v r M fm, 1 C +4 1 i 'Q ff. 2 v Q gg? W ? f 56 " 1 'Q 12-15 V . Q 1 A ot - I ul f M111 7' 1' . . , 4 , v 5 4 , in , , ,915 Z 'VW ' m " af :M Awards WATER-POLO Andy Coon: lst ALL-STATE Mike Vanderwaerdt: ALL-STATE Ed Cruickshank: ALL-STATE Chip Zenke: 2nd ALL-STATE Dan Kasten: 2nd ALL-STATE FOOTBALL Mike Baker: lst ALL-STATE, lst ALL- LEAGUE, lst ALL-METRO, ALL AMERICAN Nate McGhee: ALL-LEAGUE, 2nd ALL- STATE, lst ALL-METRO Wayne Bell: lst ALL-LEAGUE Jeff Pointer: lst ALL-LEAGUE John Stidum: lst ALL-LEAGUE, 2nd ALL- METRO Kit Wellman: lst ALL-LEAGUE CROSS-COUNTRY Derrell Polk: ALL-LEAGUE SOFTBALL Jeannie Banks: lst ALL-LEAGUE ilst base! GIRLS VOLLEYBALL Teressa Vossen: lst ALL-LEAGUE Book Awards Caren Teitelbaum-Harvard Guy Hernandez-Yale Steve Garrnon-Brown National Merit Finalists Charles Shipman Andy Wood Johanna Wood Winner of the Dial photo contest Mark Oppenheim: "Camel and Arab" 166 R 'Q H! lo, 8 J' 0 mnni hwastheyaav of ihff: high W1 nw 2 mr I Q H "e ?27' ' "' '37 X ,. ...Q Q f ff B01 Y"'u " W Q' ! my 'Q' W 51 f, , lf -"- f W V Q , Uyn .1 SQ uc 51835 vo 1 ' -,, , fx, , ,1-3. MK. Q KNNK O- --Q, Q, K . Gw,,,'p has -.4 """"-. mninm ,LQ-.W V ,,. 'ff 1 M Wy, My wi wx, ,ww ffm WV' J-,412 Q , 2 "vw ,Q I M M ww, ,, fx A , ..,,m .. ,Sa .M , I M dians lb- fu? AX 'x ,M we r Mmbwgk 079,71 A -A . , vm Z. A. ' :mf-25,f k fr'-f nf" M M ww 2, , ,G 9 fsw., W 5 W W ggi , " f ff ,, ,, " , , , 'WL e-.....,- M., V , ,. fl f--1-ff-an-...,.. ID Q, II A S il 41 Q Advisor: Mrs. Dolores Kane Editors-in-chief: Wendy Gram Pam Wool Production Manager: Patrick Dorsey Copy Editors: Debbie Chase Laura Dew Layout Editor: .ludith Lebowitz Photography Editor Patricia Harvey Asst. Photography Editors: .lohn 'Porno Brian Stanton Dirk Fletcher .lulie Harwell Art Editor: David Yaffe Public Relations: Le'Cresha Loving Business Manager: Stacy Bradford Copy Staff: Ben W. Davis Silvia DeWeer Laura Fineberg Michaelina Karina Jenny Seltzer Layout Staff: Lisa Hardaway Monica McDade Kyran McHugh Photography Staff: Rachel Coben Brooke Dine Brooks Gilley David Krone Nancy Martin .lohn Merriman Art Staff: Margo llydc lndcx: .lohn Simpson 171 Sr 5 8 .wig Y' ,fo QA Qbbf U vin ID wi Q S KW fO OELOV Q , 4 , A . U 5 gg Y? La ,agfr , , Nt O X? Vu 5, 510 xg X 5-Jfkgwff 5? AV? gp SEFQQ3 Jwv vw wg A3 vvi W 441 W J OWV ?wff fa Qian Agqw WA Q'UwJ vv 8 0- O5 3 O gg ig ff", fU . Q 6? vs fz5"S.s 55 s 5 Q Q25 Q, 9 is W SYQG 3 Q?tg Sf Q 0 N Qu O T OA T555 N1 T sw W Q 5 06' 0 , ' -Y A 9 9 is if Om? 'U 1 LQ Q O5 A 30 'X -C S Lk ff 5 O Q5 -P? v X 5 0 K +6 35 J' '55 T06 F5 bbw 3:6 Q UD P? fv Q SFU O5 4? Qocofx 'F' Q S fxo3'5':'fO 'o -F Sfiiobwglmfo 4? S 9 Dvjgvc. ff. 3, Q 53' -5 w O Q 'gl 5 '51 -L, 01 bw? 0 if 63' 4 gf QR os co O 67429 Q vo ' 'D 5 SLO con? SI Q5 S N I -U E P 3'UQ'Q3O,"1 U' fo Ofjfbiofk' Q: 'ko R' 5L7bCbf0 'N ,bgmg NI GJ 5 5' me I A Salute For XMWEEMEHDNNQY Q Qnligllllllll - a scholar - a good athlete QNXJZZA a Wonderful yearbook Gd1tOI' Tlmwi fl a super person lla Alam a W1Sh for cont1nueol SUCCESS K W1th love from N W W lp, Mom Dad Jenny LIZ and IF' Papa Karfeld ll twtexa My W if X O99 If - 2 ' - N M ... nl . . V X My . l ,f 4 X V ' . ttf ,W ' ' ' ' -Ally l va I 'Q , Q V- .5 , -Hr '--M, I . rg lv l ' .1 V CONGRATULATIONS STEVE! Good Luck at Oberlin Dad, Mom Kz Lisa CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF '84 from "California" J ON KALIN Good Luck, folks BEFORE AND AFTER Joel '82 Judith '84 'Bye U. City High! Q- A yn , W M sm ik if L ' 'f 3 :I Y ll o'o X KIA I ...U 'eww ' - V L Sufficiency 553 mum- MCU be Z The English L g g S h ol Q ST. LOUIS, MI Q C3145 727-7396 BpIIe'r REPERTDRY - 7207 DELMAR - 727-2088 Y .gl 17861 OHPCEI '-IVICI A Special Thanks ta a mast talented creative and eanaenial DIAL staff. It was a areal YCCITI if Hwy QQ 12. .I-. .li L... C13 I... 1... IZ V... .L.. .EZ-'.. LQIQ: .L-li.. .a. Q, J' UU QQ .zu .,-qfn 'N E853 CESCU ,.,s :Soho was 3205 cvoffi ,500-4 E' n-3 41 I'-1 D cu S-4 35' Cl cu cu .S +9 ml 5.55 s-HUI5' 52,53 UU EEE 5:5 'U mcg 515.1 QE ....C23..J ..L-. LZ. 5 .l... E.-Ll 6 5 IZ Il 'wr HI OPAL-PNESBV1 IAN LM SAINT lZUKE'S HQSPITALS If ,I Hi , 5535 DELMAR BOULEVARD 0 SAINT LOUIS. MISSOURI 63112 so vunmou or eo O4 ve Q O ci go O 90 El Z7 ursing Could Be In Your Future N, FCE I r X if X 0 o 00+ . , , . , , E , K Looking for a challenging, rewarding, secure profession? nursing could be for you! XPERIENCF' f Established in 1889, St. Luke's Hospitals School of Nursing offers a 3 year diploma program in professional nursing. As of 1983 St. Luke's graduates can complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing through Webster University in one additional year of full time study. The program is open to qualified men and women of all ages. Are you interested in surgical, maternal, pediatric, medical, psychiatric, operating room, emergency room nursing? These and many more are available to you as an R.N. If you want strong clinical experience, close instructor supervision, small school atmosphere - then St. Lukes may be for you. For more information write or call Debby Meyer, Admissions Officer St. Luke's Hospital's School of Nursing 5335 Delmar St. Louis MO 63112 s ' Louis 7V1,X t314J361l1212,extension 3624 15 H0 'E-Q' '94 Q I .J P 65. co . JAG" ui.. '1"z .fi 5 J ' 'J N'--' 6691 Delmar JG J LFUU KAFULEG 6 HBJMUE RGYALSERVIC E . . . Money Market Accounts Minimum Balance Free Checking Certificates -Your Choice Maturity Date Call or Come ln . . . Th e Boyal Banks 8021 Olive Blvd. 63130 993-6040 0 West Side, n.a. 9990 Manchester Road 63122 966-6630 Members F.D.I.C. 1 U N L1llVll'l'lilD l'l'b Y-l-1 PU i Q15 , 3 X x ' f-ss A m , x -:Q ik Q' Q-'S Q S? -K:-X x Gfficial DIAL photographers X X f f UNITED COLLEGE FORMERLY BROWN'S BUSINESS SCHooL E Are you looking for a job or a CAREER? lnited College with campuses in Bridgeton and Hampton lillage, offers comprehensive "no frills" job training :rograms with a single purpose: preparing Students for uccessful employment. i Bookkeeping Accounting :,L1 ::it Clerical Receptionists -1' 1933 Secretarial Stenographer Keypunch Date Entry 'ff .fl Word Processing Court Reporting Machine Shorthand Computer Programming 'OB PLACEMENT XSSISTANCE FINANCIAL AID AVAILABLE AORNING, AFTERNOON. EVENING 'ROGRAMS STARTING FREQUENTLY 291-0511 N BRIDGETON CAMPUS 12735 CARROLLTON INC. CT. 351-4405 IAMPTON VILLAGE CAMPUS 4401 HAMPTON AVE. famous IMEET THE Monsmv ShoeSrores TIME TRA vet ER ETI MEF O by ZH-fck, Dar-say' C 762 pw x . ll, 1 I ahf . N 1' Rurick's Advanced Bmlogy Lazar's Advanced Chem "It Wasnft Supposed To Do That" .,. Wiegers' Advanced Physics 4-7 U1 -r--1 I orld ey's il ' Ii'-'izm I-333 E3 E-4 Q-4 EO 8' .5025-' GJC! ,QCD QE Eff. 'U 1--I S-I 0 52.9 WO Nl Q viii' U1 .2 'U 5 St E111 GI' 1C ver's Am Rogers' 8: O11 Index Adair. Maurice 54 Ahmed. Elias 65, 110 Akers. Jessie 78 Albright. Trina 54 Aldridge. Gloria 54 Alexander. Andrea 24.78. 110. 145 Bennett, Darren Bennie, Eric Berg. Wesley Berger. David 55 79 79, 117, 124 79 Cooper, Unitas 11, 36, Crawford, Maureen 106 Cowan. Rhonda 23, 67, 115, 145 67 56 Crawford, William Alexander. Judith Alford. Kimberly ooonoononoooooonoo cocoon mmmmg :rgg3"2'39-13332335SS" "W"-i'-135' 5555-1 9L-aswfzraagggrfeggsag Sgsagg PKKFS 'D3Ef'w!"".i?2"I":mi-'--Cac' S' Sac' 7749 Zum ' " '::'i55?om Hmm:-' .... Q:-Qgegxgutgogrwnw-: ::---g Wigan: .- , O D m. .. M PxU35295S5v:U4Qve4 goxxg 5355i w mms, fu ggiofbcmo 3. :1 ..::x,...m 11405 !32Qm!e35'S: gesma aww' Elisa -1 :P 5'm :s 15,7 E rv Q' On fo Q. cm D m N mm P UV 5 3 3 9 - 3 5 U-I -i I-I it-1 I-l Q SESSSSESSSSEESSUESSSESSSE Sigma 24. 33 Alexander. Kimberly 24. 54 54 33 Allen. Angela Charleston. Sonya Chase. Debbie 27. 35. 110. Berlak, Rachel 79 Bernstein. Michelle 20. 34 Berryman. David 34 Black. Holston 55 Blakemore. Mardell 79 Blalock. Lindsey 55 Blanchard, Paul 27. 34 Blevins. Leah 20. 79 Blount. Todd 65 Bohannon. Jesse 55 Bolden. Lisa 66 Bolden. Lydia 55 Bolden. Marilyn 34 Bolden. Renee 34 Bolden. Renette 34 Bolden. Terrone 34 Bolden. Yulonda 55 Boleto. Elizabeth 55 Bollinger. John 66 Bond. Anya 24 Bonds. Reynaldo K. 79 Bonds. Stacey 34. 47 Bonduryansky. Anna 34 Bonner, Earl 66, 108, 109 Borden. Kechia 79 Borgman. Jason 79. 112. 113 Bowie, Julene 34 Bowman, Tracey 55 Bowser. Paul 66 Bowser. Susan 66. 125 Boyce. Jacqueline 55 Bracy. Waldo 66 Bradford. Darius 79 Bradford. Stacy 55. 171 Brading, Kelly 34. 110 Bradley, Darryl 66 Bradley. Janice 79 Brady. Lynn 79 Braeske, Chris 20, 55 Braeske, Steven 66. 117 Branch. Jacnita 66 Brantley. Trentis 13. 35. 41. Chase. William Chatman. Evette 67. -n-m n-v-4 00143 301191-' Crayton, Kevin 56, 144 Creer, Barnabas 80 Cressie. Scott 80 Crews, Samuel 26, 80, 112 Crockett, Ruth 67 Croft, Pamela - 67 Cross, David 80 Cross, Jo Ann 36 Cross. Marque 36 Cross. Marva 56 Cross, Tambra 123 Cruickshank, Edward 6. 36, 48. 117, 124 Crump, Casey 36 Crutchfield, Melody 67 Cummings, Valerie 80 Cunningham, Krystal 80 Curry. Tom 36 Dabney. Kathy 80 Dalziel. Paul 56 Daniels, Walter 56. 144 Danner. Vincent 26, 36 Dash. Warner 56 Davenport. Angela 29. 36. 118 Davis. Ben W. 67. 171 Davis, Benjamin D. 67, 113 Davis, Danny 67 Davis. Eddie 80 Davis, Jeff 36 Davis, Jonathan 67 Davis. Kimberly 56 Davis. Leslie 80, 123 Davis. Londgray 24. 36 Davis. Margot 80. 110, 125 Davis Michael 67 Davis Raymond 81 Davis. Sandra 56 Davis. Tony 81 Davoli. Elizabeth 20, 21. 81 Dawson. Anita 68 Dean. Lasandra 81 Dedeaux, Anthony 56, 106 Allen. Cynthia 78 Allen. Kathy 33 Allen. Letrisa 54 Allen. Stacy 33 Alton. Alison 111. 129 Amos. Anthony 15, 78 Anderson. Jerome 65 Anderson. Kenneth 33 Anderson. Mellody 33 Anderson. Michael 65 Anderson. Michelle 65 Anderson. Tara 33 Anderson. Valarie 33 Anderson. Vincent 33 Anthony. William 65 Ashford. Marvin 24 Auberry. Shynette E. 78 Auberry. Veronica 54. 125 Bady. Danielle 78 Baernstein. Amy 65 Bailey. Darron 78 Bailey. Michael 54 Bailey. Sonya 54 Bailey. Thomas 65 Baker. Kimberly 54 Baker. Lisa J. 78 Baker. Maurice 65 Baker. Michael 33. 41. 106. 107 Balthazor. Troy 78. 113 Banasak. Sara 33 Banks. Gina 54. 122 Banks. Jeannine 33. 114. 118. 122 Banks. Wilart 78 Banks. Willetta 65 Bannes. Tracy 65 Barbee. James 54 Barbee. John 54 Barber. Sanford 65 Barber. Susan 22. 23. 33 Barnes. Gbanjah T. 78 Barnes. Leslie 65 Barnes. Robert 33 Barnett. Robin 24 Barry. Elizabeth 65 Bartlett. Nicole 78 Bass. Edmond 78 Bazet. Alphand 54 Bean. Bevanne 20. 54 Beard. Angie 78 Beard. Sylvia 33 Beasley. Charesse 78 Beatty. Sharon 55 Beatty. Sherrone 55 Beavers. Juan 55 Beck. Debra 55 Beckwith, Christopher 78 Beeson. Audra 65. 145 Bell. Rhonda 33. 114 Bell. Veronica 33 Bell. Wayne 33. 106, 107 Bellone. John 17, 65 Bellone. Peter 78, 124 Bellone. Thomas 17. 33. 106 Belt. Tremetria 33 Bennett. Alvin 34 106 Breeding, Michael 55 Breedlove. Charles 27. 55. 97 Breedlove. Scott 79 Brent. Baugh 79 Brick. David 20, 21. 22 Bright, Victor 79 Brinker. Fatima 66, 79 Brison, Timothy 79 Brooks. Chermal 79 Brot. Barbara 66 Broussard. Cecelia 29. 55 Brown. Angela 79 Brown. Ann Denise 35 Brown. Berdina 66 Brown, Crystal 66 Brown, Cynthia 35 Brown, Daime 55 Brown, Donna 35 Brown, Ivory 109 Brown. James 79 Brown, Keith 20. 22. 24. 35.66 Brown. Larry 79 Brown. Lisa 66 Brown, Patrick 66 Brown. Vera 55 Brown. Walter 55 Bruder. Emily 66 Bryant Arthaniel 66 Bryant. David 55 Bryant. Dawn 66 Bryant, Yolanda 79 Buck, Ramona 79 Buckner. Eric 66. 124 Buddenhagen, Paul 79. 112 Bullard, Marvin 79 Bunting, L.V. 79 Burgess, Crandle 35. 66 Burlis. Carol 79, 97 Burnett. Mark 35. 106 Burns. Sharon 35 Burrell. Richard 55. 120 QQ OOOOOOOGOG0000QOQQQOOC0051CQOOOQQOQOOOOOOOOOOCO o oooooocoooocooo oooooooooo--------5--55:55:33 08 go::::::3 ---- ------smmmnvccmmmmwmmm Nm :cann- :::::::mmm mmm wwwzwcwwnnnnw --- Hg ?5ff3333U3S535:J3"35223S2Hgv"-efffffffgggmwi 11 ymWWawmn??W9????mHP-N"Q-" 0mhh?S""":--"m - - tgwgug. . . . 9,5 5 L- -1-13-QQ ggi-agp-1 mmm ::.-- ,am .U Op... tn,:J:Um:U 3':s:,.,m:- 53... momciggnppm E? eagv55??5weEe??zeEEixSaa:525gaaa5,aEgiQeS2sgrg WW 02m35'55Y5':J:'-m: 5'55:7:'mo57?3:5-: :'m0-m WW E 3Wm: Fm W3 mmm 0 - : Iwo W ...- 00140 ,,,, 3 mow gm fu, -9, -,-sun. -1 Q, N Q0 5--, mg, mm: .,m2mm.c ,mg ,, 65:4 ,305-,tu m-1 2 C ::-O... lo as -5 mm E an 5 0 .. E gag go ec :x w 'Dm 3 ' 3 H. . w - m umm . FP g 5 H 5 gg 5 www L mpzm 'mam w"m5 ww5 mmmwwzbm Emmmmpmmw Mm 3429433342qgmgsqagmmmgqmomm-QQSQQQQQNQQMSSO Cooper. Tony 67 Dedeaux, Dorthea 68 Degraffenreid. Maryl 68 Dennis. Haze 36 Deramus, Kevin 81 Dettling, Donna 68. 97. 125 Dettling, Beverly 20, 21. 24.36, 125 110. Devereaux, Elizabeth 56, 110 Dew, Allison 81, 110, 125 Dew, Laura 56, 110. 171 Deweer. Sylvia 5.56. 110. 171 Diaz-Granados, Tavo 68. 81 Diemer, Amanda 56 Diemer, Colin 81 Diggs. Donna 68 Dine, Brooke 68. 125, 171 Dixon. Angelisa 68 Dobbins. Leman 36 Donnan, Victor 106 Donnell, Sherrie 36 Dorsey. Ernest 56 Dorsey, Patrick 36. 98, 171 Dorsey. Timothy 56, 112 Dorsey. Wendal 56 Dotson, Kimberly 68 Dotson, Stephanie 36 Douglas. Calvin 68 Douglas, Gerry 36 Douglas, James H. 81 Douglas. James M. 81 Douglas. James P. 81 Douglas, Mark 56 Downing, Andre 36 Downing, Darryl 81 Dryden, Katherine 68.97, 125 Dudley. Kim 68 Duke. Clark 81 Duke, Claudia 20. 37 Duncan, Chrisopher Duncan. Dana Dunn, Sheila Dunn, Sherry Durham. Lysa Durham, Noah Dye, Darlene Dye, Geoffrey Easley. Andre sd 561 56l es. 815 81. 125i ss avi 56 l 81 Easley. Henry 68 Easley, Kelly 82 Easton, Jonanthon 81. 82 Easton. Timothy 68, 81. 124 Echols. Gregory 16. 27. 68. 121 Edmunds. Charles 68. 113 Edmunds. Christopher 82 Edwards. Dorothy 37 El-Amin. Anjain 56 85 59 Elgin. Angela 24. 56 Elkin. Molly 20. 68 Elphage. Sheila 37 Epps. Fatima 56 Esser. Julia E. 82, 110 Evans. Christopher 37 Evans. Cynthia 68 Evans. Jaqueline 68 Evans. Lisa 82. 145 Evans. Mark 68 Evans. Sheila 56 Ewing. Gloria 82 Ezell, Kenna 68 Farbush. Brian 68 Farr, Jimerlean 68 Farr. Ladonna 68 Favell. Kim 37. 114. 122 Fields. Leniel 68 Fields. Lisa 68 Fields. Sarah 68. 122 Fields. Tonya 68 Fineberg. Laura 56. 110. 171 Finley. Pauline 37 Finn. Keith L. 82 Finney. Angie 37 Fiquette. Suzanne 8. 68 Fisher, Amy 82 Fisher. Charnell 82 Fisher. Jeff 37 Fitzgerald. Freddie 56 Fletcher. Dirk 23. 82. 171 Flowers. Beth 69 Foney. Darryl 82 Ford. Kevin 69 Ford. Sandra 69 Foster. Brent 82 Fountain. Lawrence 82 Fowler. Lisa 82 Fowler. Michael 56 Fox. Stacey , 69 Fox. Steve 24. 29. 37 Frazier. Eric 69 Frazier, Orlando 127 Freeman. Rodney 82 Frieman. Rebecca 69 Frieman. Rebecca 69 French. Alma - 82 Friedman. David 56. 112. 113 Fuentes. Aida 37 Fuller. Cynthia 37 Fuller. Keith 8. 37. 126 Fults. Rebecca 56. 62 Gainer. Jonathan 82. 113 Gaines. Kimberly 20. 24. 56 Gardner. Cloyce 37 Gardner. James 82 Gardner. Regina 69 Gardner, Veronica 82 Garmon. Lisa 82. 123 Garmon. Steve 20. 24, 37, 66. 99, 130 Gafrell. Rodney 130 Garrett. Djuana 56 Garrett. Shaunta 69 Garth, Carmen 69 Gates. Diane 69 Gear. Vincent 56 Geyer. Sean 69 Gholston. Clint 37 Gholston. Tisha 82 Gibbons. Kimberly 37 Gibson. Greg 69 Gibson, Savitria 9, 37. 115. 144, 145 Gibson. Terry 82 Gilbert, Aaron 37. 144 Gilkey, Otis 37. 120 Gilley. Brooks 16, 69. 171 Gilpin. Elizabeth 82 Givance. Brian 56 Givance. Rosalind 38. 118, 122 Glad, Carl 20. 38 Glenn. Rusty 58 Glover. Robin 123. 125 Goldstein, Kevin 70 l Goodman, Courtney 38, 97 N Gopman. Sarah 82 1 Gottman. Sarah 26, 111. 145 Grabel. Leslie 70 Graham. Bridget 38, 118 Graham. Florida 70. 118 i Gram. Elizabeth 82 3 Gram. Wendy 38.98, 122, 171 l Grant. Darin 29. 38 , Graydon. Cindy 70 3 Grayson, Farrakhan 70. 109 , Green. Jill 38 , Green. Leah 82 l Green. Loryn 70 1 Green. Patricia 82 l Green, Ulas 70 1 Greene. Courtney 70 l Greene, Robyn 58 ' Gresham. Tim 70 N Grooms, Dana 82. 123 ' Guberman. Lori 58 T Haddon. Lisa -38 Hahler. Vicki 70, 97.111, 125. ' 145 Halasey. Jennifer 16, 70. 72. Hall. Gwendolyn 110, 125 70 Harris. Dwayne 70 Harris, James 58 Harris, Jean Tu 13, 16, 38 Harris, Karen 58 Harris, Monica 83 Harris. Tammy 83 Harrison. David 58 Harrison, Latonya 39 Harrison. Terry 70 Harry. Melissa 70 Harter. Jane 83 Harvey, Patricia 29. 39. 171 Harwell. Julie 58, 171 Hayes. Jonathan 24. 58 Hayes, Larry 70, 121 Hayes. Leon 83 Hegel. Elizabeth 70 Henderson. Blossie 58 Henderson, Lisa M. 122 Henderson. Richard 83 Henderson, Yolanda 39 Hendricks. Philip 70. 109 Henley. Doreatha 39 Henry. Alex 70. 109. 121 Hernandez, Guy 39. 66, 112. 113 Heron. Rosetta 83, 123 Herrod. Curley 83 Hibbler, Shanteala 83 Hickman, Tim 83 Jackson. Anthony Jackson. Bennie 1 Jackson. Charlotte Jackson. Darryl Jackson, Denise 58. 14 Jackson. Gary 84. 14 Jackson, Jennifer 84. 11 Jackson, Jonathan 7 Jackson. Lynnette 84 Jackson, Marilyn 16. 24. 40 Jackson. Michelle 71 Jackson, Rhonda 54 Jackson, Robert A. 7 Jackson. Warren 20. 7 Jackson. Wayne Jackson. Wendell James, Eric 5 James. Phillip 40. Jarrett, Andrea 71 Jefferson, Darren 71 Jefferson. Paula 84 Jeffress, Vickie 40. 115 Jenkins, Christopher 84 Jennings, Renardo 5 Jensen. Kara 84. 1 Jensen. Niels 84. 124 Jernigan. Darryl 84 Johnson, Anthony 40, ICH Johnson. Candres 71' Johnson, Cassandra 84l Johnson. Charles 711 Johnson. Chaguntel 84: Johnson, Darren 71' Johnson, Donald 71 Johnson. Jennifer 59l Johnson. Julie 59, 125, 144 Johnson. Karen 591 Johnson. Kevin 71, 121' Johnson, Lareecia 40 Johnson, Michael 40 Johnson. Michelle 42 Johnson, Patricia 59 Johnson, Reginald 59 Johnson. Sherri 84 Johnson. Stephanie 123 Johnson. Tiffany 122 Johnson. William 120, 121 Johnson. Yolanda 84 Jones. Alfredo 84 Jones, Angela 59 Jones, Antoinette 71 Jones. Avia 40. 145 Jones, Becky 59 Jones. Cassandra 85 Jones, Christina 85 Jones, Daphne 40 Jones. Decrese 85 Jones. Donnell 59 Jones, Harold 59 Jones. Jillisa 85 Jones, Kimberly 59 Jones. Latonia 12, 71 Jones, Mark 29 Jones. Morey 85 Jones. Robert 22. 40 Jones, Sharon 85 Jones. Taris 59 Jones, Tomeika 59 Jones, Tracy 85 Jordan. Angelica 85 Jordan. Donna 85 Jordon. Stacy 40. 145 Jordon, Tamara 71 Jordon .Tracy 40. 136,144,145 Judd, Tracey 85 Juncker. Laura Juncker. Steve Hamilton, Chanell 115 1 Hamilton. Lamonte 82 lHamilton, Michael 38, 130 lHamm. James 58, 130 lHampton. Craig 70 Hampton. Darren 70 1Hampton. Jerome 38 lHampton. Marlon 70 lHampton, Sharon 70 lHampton. Wendy 82 1Hand. Eleanor 83 Hanselman. James 70 lHarbour. Evanda 83 Hardaway. Astra 58. 23 Hardaway, Gina 83 Hardaway. Lisa 23, 70, 171 Harden, Angela 58. 61 Hardrick, Lora 83 ardy, Nichelle 58, 118 argrove. Angela 70 arper. George 83 arper. Zera 38, 115 arral, Keith 38 arrell. Darrell 83 arris. Aaron 39 arris. Alonzo 58 arris. Angela M. 70 arris. Angela R. 58 arris. Anthony 58 arris. Bryan 58 X arris. Darold 83 Hicks. Charmel 83. 123 Hicks, Cheryl 24. 70 Hicks, Genevlyn 39, 114. 122 Higgins. Ingrid 58 Higgins, Vicki 58 Hightower. Evette 135 Hill. Brittani 58 Hill. Dana 39 Hill. David 39. 126 Hill. Steven 58 Hill, Thomas 70 Hilton. Toby 83 Hines. Mary 83 Hobbs. Lisa 39 Hodges, Erica A 39 Hodges, Frankie 39 Hodges, Gordon 83 Hodges, William 58 Hogsett, Antonia 83 Hogsett, Fred 39. 119, 130 Hogue. Paula 39 Holebrook, Darren 39 Holebrook, Robert 83 Holland. Angela 39 Holland, Robert 71 Holland, Saundra 83 Holley, Herbert 39 Holley. Orlando 70 Hollingsworth. Howar 83. 113 Hopkins. McKinley 71 Hopper. George 39 Howard, Lynda 115 Howard, Sandra 83 Howard, William 11 Howell. Chandra 58 Huddlin. Anthony 83 Hudson. Ivan 71 Hudson. Tamara 83 Hudson, Vincent 71 Hudspeth, George 39 Hudspeth, Terrance 83 Hughes, Craig 40 Hull. James G. 83 Humphrey. James 58, 112. 120 Hunter. Patrick 83 Hurd. Debra 71 Hutcherson, Nicole 71 Hutchinson. Gerald 58 Hyde. Margo 23. 84, 171 Ingram. Calvin 71 Irving, Clovice 40 Jungkuntz, David 40. 116, 124 Kahn, Lisa 59. 115. 122 Kaiser, Pamela 110 Kaltenthaler, Alice 59 Kaplan, Emily 85 Karakas. Katherine 40 Karina. Mikhaylina 59.97. 171 Kasten. Amy 85 Kasten. Dan 40. 116. 124 Katranides. Peter 59 Keenan. John 59 Keenan. Kelli 85 Keithley. Edward 130 Kelley. Anna 20. 21. 71 Kelley, Yolanda 85 Kelley. Kenneth 71. 109. 121 Kemp. Gregory 85 Kempe. Cybele 71. 119 Kerney. Patricia 71 Killion. Jimmy 85 Luckett. Glenda 86 Lunceford. Tonya 72 Luong. Khai Luu 86 Luster. Cardelro 72. 121 Luster, Darlene 60 Luu. Luong K. 72 Luzkow. Catherine 72 Lyle, David 86 Lyle. Mary 6. 42 Lyon. Margaret 42 Lyons. Tammy 86. 12 Majerus. Karen 22. 42. 136 Malloyd. Maurice 73 Kimball. Paul 71 Kimbrough. Ronnie 59. 106 King. Michael 71 King. Steven 71 Kinnel. Maria 24. 40 Kirksey. Felicia 85 Kirksey. Mack 59 Kleeman. Susan 59, 111 Kobayashi. Kimi 59 Kobayashi. Scott 85. 113 Kochmann. Julie 22 Koenig. Jennifer 40 Kollmar. Billy 59. 136 Koranyi. Peter 85. 97 Korman. Kathryn 24. 85 Krojanker. Diane 71 Krone. David 20. 24. 70. 171 85 Kubie. Rachel Lam. Ngoc Malone. Donna 114 Malone. Yolanda 42 Marchbanks. Stephany 42 Marion. Marc 42 Marks. Leon 42 Marlow, Scott 86. 119 Marner. Vonda 42 Martin. Dwayne 42 Martin. James 60 Martin. Kenneth 42 Martin. Nancy 60, 171 Martin Sharon 42 Martin. Tony 73 Martin. Tracy 86 Martin. Vincent 43 Marzette. Delinda 43. 47 Mason. Clyde 43 Mason. Corey 86 Mason. James 43. 106, 120 Mason. Ronald 144 Matthews. Adam 89, 116. 117. 124 Minton. Troy 87 Mitchell. Christophe 73 Mitchell. Sandra 60 Mitchell. Terry 87. 127 Mitchell. Tracy 60 Monson. Derrick 43. 106. 120 Moore. Gwendolyn 43 Moore. Jacqueline 43 Moore, Marjorie 20. 43. 111. Moore. Newell 43. Moore Patricia 43 Moore. Steven 87 Moore. Tywanalatrice 87 Moorehead, Dionne 87 Morgan. David 44 Morgan. Lonnie 87 Morris. Jennefer 20. 87. 11 Morrison. Tony 87 Morrow. Jason 60 Mosley. Tony 60 Mosley. Wendell 87 Mulley. Mary 87 Murphy. Keith 60 Murphy, Timothy 73 Murphy. Tracy 44 Murray. Feyon 60 Nadal. Rosa 87 Nance. Margie 60 Nason. Dorothy 60 Neal. Angela 87 Neal. Barry C. 87 Neuefeind, Nicole 73. 111 Nevils. Dorthea 20. 44 Newberry. Harold 23. 108, 121 Peyton, Stephanie 44 Pickard, Kore 73 Platnico, Mathew 73, 113 Platt. Stuart 87. 117 Poindexter. Derrick 44 Pointer. Jeffrey 44, 106. 107 Poke, Gerard 74 Poke. Ruth 74 Polk. Demone 87 Polk, Derrell 44. 119 Poscover, Michael 69, 72, 74. 145 Potash. Laura 87 Powell. Jonathan 61 Powers. Charon 87 Price. Byron 83 Price. Jason 109 Purdon. Joseph 61 Purnell. Staci 44 Purvey. Tracy 88 Puterbaugh, Mary 87 Quack. Bieu 74 Qualls, Donnell 88 Quillian, Benjamin 126 Quinn. Dawn 20. 24. 81 Quinn. Lisa 20. 74. 114, 115 Quinones. Eusevio 44 85 Lammert. John 23. 72 Landau. Lee 23. 85 Lands. Richard 72. 136 Lane. Jack 85 Langford. Carleton 85 Lark. Donald 59 Larrimore. David 72. 126 Lathon. Lamorris 72 Lattimore. Shelton 85 Laue. Andy 23. 59. 112 Lavalle. Jeanette 85 Lawrence. Kimberly 40 Lawrence. Sherri 85 Lawrence. Terri 41 Laycock. Joseph 22. 60. 116. 124 Lebowitz. Judith 21. 41. 125. 171 Lee. Anthony 109 Lee. Cheri 85 Lee. John 106 Lee. Kerrick 72 Lee. Monty 72. 109 Lee. Richard 41 Lee. Terrance 85 Lemmons. Nicole 86 Leonard. Anita 20. 21. 24. 41. 110 Matthew. Sonya 73 May. Terrance 43 Mays. Eva 60 McAfee. Anthony 16. 25. 60 McAllister. Ginette 86 McCadney. Kim 86 McCall. Leslie 86 McCanery. Anthony 60 McCauley, Nora 20, 21. 73. 111 McClain. Kenneth 86 McClure. Avery 73. 109 McClure. Cynthia 43 McClure. Leslie 73 McConaghy. Teddy 13. 17. 86 McDade. Monica 60. 171 McDaniel. Brian 73 McDaniel, Sylvia 60 McDonald. Heather 86 McDonald, Jeffrey 43 McFadden, Jerry 86 McGhee. Jeffrey Y. 13. 20. 24. 25 McGhee, Kennith 24, 60 McGhee, Nathaniel 12. 43, 106. 107 McGinister. Eunice 86 McHugh. Kyran 60. 110, 171 Mclntosh, Jason 86 McLaughlin, William 23 McLucas, Angela 86 McNeal, Angela 73 McPherson. James M. 86 McPherson, Kimberly 86 McQuay, Richard 73, 117 McWright, Gene 86 Mebane, Larece 86 Menkhus, Kevin 43 Merbaum, Marc 43, 112, 126 Merriman, John 23. 60, 171 Metcalfe. Shellie 20, 34, 43 Newberry. Harriette 60. 87 Nickels. Cardell 73 Noble. Steven 87 Norkaitis. Steven 73. 113 Norris, Rodney 73 North. Cheryl 73 Nourse. Jennifer 60 Nourse. Matthew 73. '112 Nunley. Lisa 60 Nunley. Robin 60 Nutall. Michelle 87 Nutter. Stella Olander, Deborah 73 Oliver, Christine 87. 110 Oliver. Dan 73 O'Neil, Leslie 61 Oppenheim. Mark 44. 66 Osby. Faye 44 Owens, Jerard 73. 109 Owens. Thurston 73 Pace, Lavonda 44 Paige, Dion 87 Palmer, Carla 44 Parker, Ronya 73. 122 Pate, Jared 73 Payne, Alesha 87 Payton. Terence 73 Pearlmutter. Shana , 87 Pearson. John 20, 24, 44, 112 Peay, Christi 73. 106, 120 Pelley, Donna 20, 21. 24, 61 Quinones. Nitza 119 Rainey. Tonya 88 Ransom. Pamela 44 Rapp. Eric 112. 126 Ray. Rodney 24. 44 Ray. Sharon 61 Readus. Angela 74 Redditt. Yolanda 88 Reed. Christy 61. 114. 115 Reed. Franklin Reed. Jeffrey Reed. Marion 106 62. 120. 126 44 98. Lester. Lisa 41 Lester. Pamela 72 Lester. Ronald 86 Lewis. Brady 41 Lewis. Cynthia 41 Lewis. Leslie 86 Lewis. Sabrina 115 Lewis. Willa 60 Liberman. Denise 86 Little. Cortez 60 Little. Shantay 41 Lloyd. Earl 72. 109, 121 Lloyd, Krista 41 Loftin. Jill 41 Loftin. John 41 Loftin. Karen 72' Lofton. Laverne 86 Lofton. Leroy 86 Love. Anthony 86, 109 Love, Ervinia 80 Lovejoy, Dana Loving. Le Cresha 41 42.145, 171 Metcalfe, Yolanda 123 Meyers, Chandra 60 Meyers, Reyna 11, 43 Mikel, Ted 86 Miller. John 21, 24, 73 Mills, Alicia 86, 123 Milton, Cassandra 59 Mimms. George 73, 121 Minor. Curtis 43, 120 Pelly, Tracey 87, 123 Peoples, Carmencita 61 Permutt, Joelle 61. 111 Perry, Darlene 73. 122 Perry, Felicia 115 Perry, Kimberly 44, 87 Perry, Rebecca 87 Person. Kimberly 87 Person, Leslie 87 Peskind, Jonathan 61 Peterson, Kristen 23, 87 Petrovics, Elizabeth 87 Reedus, Alex 74. 88 Reeves, Lisa 44 Reid. Janette 62 Renner. Mathew 88. 113 Reynolds. Kevin 88 Reynolds. Richard 62 Rezny. Daniel 88 Rice. Kenneth 74. 109 Rice, Sara 62. 125 Rice. Sharon 88 Rich. Demetrius 74. 109 Rich, Laura 88 Richard. Rochelle 88 Richardson. Anthony 62 Richardson, Audrey 44 Riles. Mary 88 Rimson. Leslie 74 Riney. Eric 112 Roberts, Cynthia 21. 45 Robinson. Debra 74 Robinson. Leitha 74 Rockette. Mitchell 88 Rogers, Barbara 45 Rodgers, Gregory 62, 106 Roesler, Paul 74, 117 Rogers, Leslie 62 Rome, Aaron 62. 74 Ronken, Marci 74. 125 Ross. Denise 45 Ross, Eddie 109 Ross, Kay 74 Roth, Christine 45, 125 Rovainen, Toivo 74, 89 Royston. Felicia 62 Rush, Mary 62 Rush. Sydney 20, 45 Russell, Lee 88 Ryan. Don 45, 106 Samie. Lee 62 Samberg, Debra 62 Sanders, Carla 13, 45 Sandler. Rebecca 74, 110 Scandrett, Laura 45, 98, 111 Schaeffer, Shelly 'M Schatzkamer, Maria 74 Schiele, Kerry 88 Schwartz, Ali sa 74, 99, 111 Scott, James 88 Scott, Kristal 74 Scott, Paul 5, 144, 145 Scott, Timothy 74 Selig, Kevin 74 Seltzer, Jenny 62, 171 Shannon, Rhonda 88 Sharp, Alfie 74 Sharpe, Becky 74 Shaw, David 27, 74, 113, 128 Shelton. Darel 88 Trotter, Gregory Troy, Jill Tucker, Diane Tuckson, Melissa Tullock, Anthony Turner, Cynthia Turner, Jacqueline Turner, Kevin 63 76 63 76 63, 116 76 90 63, 126 46 Whitehom, Darren 62 Turner, Lawrence Turner, Shawnda 20. 21, 63 Turner, Yvette 63 Whitehom, Delrick 91 Whitefom, Teresa 91 Whiteside, Dave 13, 47, IM Whitley, Hubert 20, 64 Whitley, Leontyne 91 Whittier, Freelando 77 Wiley, Brenda 91 Williams, Carmen 91 Williams, Daniel 64 Williams Eric , 47 Williams, Farrell 20,24,25.64 Williams, Jeannette 20, 77, 110 Williams, Jerry 77 Turner, Yvonne 90 Ulrich, Christopher 90, 113 Ulrich, Douglas 64, 136 Ung, Ai Viet 64 Ung, Hung Minh 64 Ung, Ngo Lam 76 Union, Cynthia 90 Valeriote, Chris 46 Williams, Landers 91 Williams, Margaret 20, 24, 47, , 110. 111 Williams, Reginald 47 Williams, Stacy 47 Williams, Todd 26, 64, 91, 109 Williams, Twyla 47 Williams, Victor 48 Williford, Robert 20, 24, 91, 119 Shelton, Stephanie 74 Shepard, Todd 62 Shields. Ernest 24, 62 Shipman, Charles 27, 45, 66, 112. 126 Shivers. Jacqueline 63 Shivers. Kathy 88 Shornick. Christina 63 Siddell. Tarhonda 87 Siegel. Susan 45 Sigh, Jeanetta 74 Silverman. April 63 Silverman, Robert 116, 124 Simms. Deshon 74 Simms. Kimberly 63 Simon, Darryl 88 Simon. Terrance 88 Simpson, John Anthony 23, 171 Sims, Kelly 63, 98 Singleton, Allen 109 Singleton, Darnell 74, 121 Slack. Audrey 45 Slack. Jacqueline 74 Slaughter, Tina 88 Sledge, Kelly 63, 110 Sledge, Nathaniel 88 Small, Cynthia 88 Smith. Amanda 75 SMith. Andrea 88, 123 Smith. Angela 89, 123 Smith. De Andre 109, 121 Smith. Donna M. 45 Smith. Donna R. 45 Smith. George 20, 24. 75, 109 Smith, Jacqueline 63 Smith. Jeffrey 75 Smith. Lamar 63, 120 Smith. Larry 75 Smith, Laurette 75 Smith. Lorraine 89 Smith. Mark Allen 75 Smith, Michelle 75 Smith. Nathan 75 Smith, Orlando 75, 106. 109 Smith, Patrick 75 Smith. Robin 89 Spencer, Audra 81, 89 Spiller, Derick 45 Spotts. Damon 89 Spraggins, Marcus 45 Stallings. Marcia 63 Stanton, Brian 45, 97, 171 Stanton, Philip 89, 97 Staples, Kevin 106 Staples, Stephanie 46, 114 Stein, Dawn 75, 122 Sterbenz, Elizabeth 89 Stern, Allison 75, 110 Stevens, Dana 75 Stevenson, Antonio 119 lStevenson. Loren 46 Steward. Anthony 75, 90 1Steward, Antonio 63, 106 lStewart, Sharon 90 lsnaum. Johnnie 106, 107 !SHH,Rondd si Stokes, Byron 46 Stokes, Ilean 46 Stornes, Una 90 Streifford, Debbie 90, 111 lStrickland, Aaron 46 Stuckey, Keita 75 Suarez. Marion 75 Suber, Deatrice 90 'Sutherlin, Craig 75, 90 Suttle. Fred 75 Suttle. Jeffrey 90 iSutton, Felicia 90, 123 iSutton, Wendy 75 iSymmank, Mark 63, 116 iSymmank, Suzanne 90, 110 iTalton. Stacey 60 iTao. Nancy 46. 110, 111, 125 ,Tao, Tracy 75, 111, 125 iTaylor. Dana 75 iTaylor. George 63 iTaylor, Joseph 75 Eaylor. Mark 46 aylor, Michael 63 lTaylor. 'ready 106 !Teason, Michael 63 iTeitelbaum, Caren 46, 66. 98, i 99 Terry. Holly 63, 121 Tharpe. James 46 Tharpe. Jeffrey 75 Thomas, Delores 76 Thomas, Earl 76 homas, Gloria 90 Thomas. Grantford 90 homas, Laura 76 ffhomas, Raymond 29, 46, 47, i lm homas, Terry 46 omas, Tracy 46 hompkins, Marcia 76, 145 hompson, Charlotte 118, 122 hompson, Felice 46 ompson, Lisa 63 hompson, 1 Shawn hompson, Sonya ' 63, 118, 121, 123 76 Smith. Roderick 75 Smith, Ronnie 45 Smith. Shawnette 89 Smith, Sheri 89, 123 Smith. Stacy 75 Smith, Stephanie 63 Smith, Tammy 61, 63 Smith. Tracey 89 Smith, Tracy 72, 75 Smith. Yolanda 45, 75, 89 Snipes, Adrienne 75 Soda, Daniel , 89 Sodon. Meekee 45 Solodar, John 89, 113 Solomon, Orlando 89, 119 Sorrell. Troy 75 Spears. George 75 Spencer, Adrienne 89 hompson, Stacy 36 ompson, Timothy 76 ogpton, Anthony 90 hornton, Brenett 76 hornton, Sandra 46 orpe, Chantelle 76 horpe, James 23, 106 horpe, Jeffrey 106 horpe, Vicki 63 hreadgill, Willie 76 'llman, Fernando 46 illman, Vanita 76. oliver, Delcina 63 olson, Raykel 90 om, Michael 76, 136 omlin, Bernard 76 orno, John Paul 63, 171 tter, Armand 46 Vanderwaerdt, Mike 34, 116, 117, 124 Vanuum, Katherine 27, 76 Vault, Angelique 76 Venn, David 90 Villagraw, Roy 76 Vogel, Sarah 64 Vossen. Teresa 64, 114 Wade, Darlene 76 Wagner, Laroyce 64 Wagoner, Christopher 64 Wagoner, Elizabeth 20, 27, 76, 125 Walker, Adrian 90 Walker, Brian 76 Walker, Dionne 76 Walker, Karen 64, 122 Walker, Kurt 90 Walker, Sabrina 90 Walker, Shawn 90 Walker, Stephanie 90 Wallace, Anthony 9, 106 Wallace, Cassandra 47 Wallace, Kim 64 Walter, David 64 ssess ge: 2: 2 2: . F-P-F-9 3559? Q.:-535.3 isa! is S -B asia asses SSS 22222 W 0 3 5 5 Nasa PFQSE Eiga: 65' as 5525 ES 5. 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Arthur 91 Wills, Barbara 64 Wilner, Jessica 77, 129 Wilner, Michael 14, 27, 48 Wilson, Amy 27, 64, VI Wilson, Arlene 48 Wilson, Lynn 91 Wilson, Nicola ' 91 Wilson, Ronzell 91 Wilson, Yvette 77 Wojak, Christine 91 Wolff, Lisa 91. 125 Wood, Andy 20, 24, 27. 48. 66, 112 Wood, Johanna 8, 48, 66 Wood, Jonathan 91, 113 Wood, Melissa 91, 110 Woods, Lashawn 77 Woods, Willie 11 Wool, Andrew 91, 117, 124 Wool, Pamela 48, 98, 110, 171 Wright, Anthony 48, 120 Wright, Jolanda 64 Yaffee, David 23, 28, 29, 48, 171 Yaffee, Steve 20, 22, 24, 91 Yang, David 64 Yates, Deborah 64, 114, lg 1 Yates, Roy Tl Young, Dorothy 64, 118 Young, Eisenhower 64 Young, Piper 91 Zacharewicz, Mark 11, 48, 112 Zelman, Marian 64, 97 Zenke, John 48, 116, 124 Zuckerman, David 77, 116 s Y E 1 'lr K Q A L V i i .L is m K -1L-1 1 -.-1 , ',:.' .Sr .: . ,gf Q U56 mQAW,QASi?,,QAW" M091 y flwmm JV. W Wa.- -Yoo Lmwxw Sew vvwfifw lk qou X995 eo? 9, +xp.arNs as K5 . iq- we 0996 T0 f ce.'s 3? 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Suggestions in the University City High School - Dial Yearbook (University City, MO) collection:

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