University City High School - Dial Yearbook (University City, MO)

 - Class of 1971

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rs. ' 'I W .. Q. -.f, . --aw .A-. N Q, , ' , N . rx V '-I . G-'42 I 1 Q L:-:Y -A 4? I' ev 'P' ' f Q ' .fa V-:aff 'ffm' N . - ' - Q ' . 4 - u ' A' p ,JY Q A 1 K U I - ' ' 1 df n, 4, .QQ ' ' 5 ' 5 Y, " 0- q' - 4 9' f '-I " 9' " 1 1 'igg :4"' 4' fi , D " '28 ' va. ' 4 .. .nba .f Q, sp ff' '- ' " . C ' Q I a . ' 1 . ' ' s 4 ' ,. " "' 1 " .9 I . 9 - . , , t 4 Q - ul ' 'F T5 v . in - xx ' ' 'f 3 ' s -A f 8" .- x '1 '- b t Q- ' ' .- . '- f' 4 ' ix ,,, ,i, 3 4 ,. 4 ' . NSW mf! 'wi 4 f ,-9' 'af 'G ' '-uv 'Y' 2 sq., VUW ' o 4: .1 "1 I fu.- if - if F 145-'ff f ' ,gi fix FT . "fw- 1 i ' 5 f... 5' ' ' -- . 4.-fu. A "-""" '. Af . .,, -. 4.14-Q . , .- + .- -"""f'l':v rf f 1' " Q' ' 7' ' 7 ' ' f 3 . . , . ' Q 9 -. . Ar., ', ' ' . L JJ 3 5 Y ,, 1... . ...f -, M' , Te f-,,.w-- 4 . V - .N G ,O , '. . ' -'bt' f" 1 za 1" , 4 P 14 V, , 1? r.. , 1 I 1 O J I I .. - 4 ,, 1 -H 1 . h . . .V : -if is ' I' ' 5 . ,lf ,,, .. b Q 5 XQQIT nw 'r, ,b- '21, . , -'w i X ' ,'r . . . . Q AN I 3. t . 'Jeff 8' ' "2 ' 9. - y , .K ' ' ' " ' 1- 4 - 5 5 . 1: A . ,. I . I 'I 'ff 4 f4'?"'r' ' ' , .'- - - . . 'A If' Ii" :riff-,, -Y ' ' 1' ' ,. , " I I .' ."" "b f A LY ' K ,.f'ff'f::+ . j,4Lg4.w ,. 3,-Y . ' f ' 4 J. ' -' A-4 ', ' ' r Y ff' '. ,ff pg, Q V 4 -" 7 ' ' P' " I 1 0 of , l 1 . h A-' Wt ' ' ' -.. 2 Z ' I 4-' . , . 1 'K W , uw . -N ax u 5 ng" nyc,- at--IF. . 1 aa' . , .- . ,,. 5, v ,s. ,my .HIE 'J -'A l . 'J A rf ".' '1 . av Q.. , . '-. u. ,, .P 1. J? 3, " 6 L J 5"+':'sv .fn . K , ,-4 Su- ml.. P 1-. 1 x uf! 'Q , u 9 1 f. 3 vw. U 1' lk . xy-,-.wx I uf xy' 1 gy Q .wif ' -0 1 ' . 4' 1, - 1 J 4- -, . :5-,X 1- 'Na -A15 '- Q' I Qi A ' .v iff- 1' 4 ii 0'i"Y-' -l-Ov ' C ' , s ' I 1,1135 iam 'Y x'2"i"26'52H'LH ?e2Q'wf'L J Ziffwfm ffifm ifggiiq YSQQYQKQW? - M Mk Vai? ?"5L1f'fiQ9f 545 W57ZL C, iff-if - 521.93 iQ QgQxQwggE?3y5k 94 7 7- ' gr- J ' E fZ'f'fC LH X0 if 4152 Sf? QLZWQ, N , ki sg fegqgiigggxigxw 'fSi'ff1T:kf4 P , -Cask kwa, 4? 1 Q55 J iw ' F' fffwfgf ,ggfyy gi? Q aE'.?'ff.,.J XE Q . H ' M? -, X Q v Y QQ? 451 5 vi! fivgfw S Q3 ' WEBB! uf ' 21 W Kg? W AU S WMM, Ucfjjg 'P+' D5 , I 1 5 YM. QJd b,J?,QLvJ V76 , W gy ,WLLD3,,W,5L,,,W.,woc Sw X? 35 ww W is M Wfmfwf' P59572 X TV 'Pg xi , 9, Q, QQJQ -90451, U be' .. Perhaps someday it will help to remember eyen these things-Vergil W' ill Y LC J-L fre fllffe R ral mi 9 V iii if i if i to f Q 'hh' ' IILLLL ,P ' l If i5 if V ' 'il . if fi 'fl of ww N. As. flu L H VX 1- ' mail, i . . vi . iw ll l ,my ZQRSH -my i i i rlr M is , H10 so 3 1' ,lf 'Y 'K i ' 'il' .' K ' p -' K, 1' ' .W JV l fue TL' . ' 'klr fi A ig 1 'V 'U' ' J , ff' iff "I l U E V ' fi A- 1-.ji-I: Q .Lx .. A ,pf ,sf A l ll-IU N iwwbila X I jj Q ' LY -gli, -1 1 A , 1' ll th X td! l ,I -- -vA. 44 ,, ,,. sta. 'fr ! t -,F , M .i -' - 4 I N fix 1 LG' Jil 'lfjfun 8 ,Q lb "'.' JJ! . , , f XX P 'si' it Q", or , f W' 5 Q - , ' 2 -Lbilff 1 Lf F1 A .ji K - A : x X I L L 11 If ' . : fl' , K xi w V J L' ' 'J Av v Y' V . 5 A A i ' I4 I , ,Y sxixf. s rj xxx Q "J if Q. W . y U I V'.' A ' f Xee' fjgks U ef Q, l i f l rrl l is jiidkirf gg sf . .Ii 'N 1 NX' A ,Qx l x , Y ' ' 4 by N l Qfr QM 1 - X v Q'.Ai 'giwbn X si ' Y A . i Presented by: 5 , 'f F l . W' e' Withthelr1valuaAbleAi?Of4f N N X A f- E Nancy Shatzman " ' ' if .fl-f Geiaidiniika we Y i"!.Ai Q' V .1 EdlI0rS . l-"' ' ' Dj' Michael Lyss .Q N -X xl 7 . w fi . ' 'ws ,NWN-P N -, - N lf' NM if so if SQGJJQR df 5 ! . 'i4Qj.,i.--XX i QNISX lrpgwgyktgfw , I 'BLM Viable, KJ 305 'UH Sis ' S QNX! "4 J ' ' ',1,L'l,'fi,fi, Ax in X fy K , ff ,L rx N! , N 'If-Mig ,017 A5 'University City High School V. ,M f University City. Missouri - hy L JJ f f Volume 45 , f Q UAJZU'-211' MJ ll i Q Q VF if 1 i wif 9M,' pri . N' JJJJ X r 5 ai.. ,A . E ' lien , gp , ag, fx ,w X ..A. . M. P -uf ' . . - , uf- .- -sm mg?" ,l.v,!'l 'VV Ji,-. a""'xvvIfv .1 luv" .-,. . T, , . ,dim-r '..,,'- ,I . ,.,. A. , -.Tw -' M.. -'V ' V l Jw , Lys' il f -y' Q? ,Y .J JA' 'TI ,f 1 - 1 I ksyif- -, X ,ny . V - iff 1 L, fi l- 3 D- 3 P I U I l.. L .L you shall above all things be glad and young. for if you're young, whatever life you wear it will become youg and ifyou are glad whatever's living will yourself become -e. e. Cummings 'rt' if 7 Q Q 3' ser Q Q Life, like a dome of many-coloured glass stains the white radiance of eternity -Percy Bysshe Shelley I 4 l,-X X, I X X XJ ' li gl gf' X J ,X 'x , , ,tx If ' ik! X ,Q I should give everything un- til there is not a single pain, a single misery, a single sin in the world -Michael Quoist ?. p"3-"Q" 4 - x A 'F " ' 1 - .Au-U' fs M' U-,,. 9' ' A, ' . Su' wg, -eu Q . sei X Q 4 -fl So placidly a, hid tlge noise' aqd ham? and Tb: J 'uxdfpi ', memb er!wl1at,p oeyse may,he ffgsvli J l' A, AA f':i.F far agspgsslble wltho sQurrend5 n good 37: i " , n 7 N 4 s, , 'Y terms wiahfall pgrsons. If you Clin A e ur! L ,Q 3 , A with others ou mayshfo 6 an " Q' - Y A, ' - A ,xA w,53, 1 A-Q. i always th'BrQ'w11lYb'E1gIe5te,r Q d A wipers ' N sf, tmawywlfn 1-s'f' .Q As A A Cx - , A,,,u so AA . fr 1, A zliq . X AA -fn ' . is N f- A - J A' " -'in' 0 'M -. iw ' iw! ,Min A A I blbqzqq 1 biu., A , 3 A Xu 'P ,kv ffl , ur '-'if 'A M W o s - v- Q vi i f .:.' A Q ss -s .. Q at i 'W is A u g lq lb A I mit Qu Y Q I 2 V 1 As . 'AM an WR ifs !: , Ab I sg, . 'gp ' G ss f 'UAW ',,WX?y1Nx Ls ' og. Mfgfg s x so was? Q5-, V 4' in mf is Ng, 5 'ig ag dg'jAggANq,.. ,K W , PM ' 4 .. , V A HY ,sh ff Q Va., ul. A - .., Avwfj AA if' K .I Vic W' 'f . is QQ I A Q .1 X Y WV K A ,Ig Mi s f in in ., J V it A -V ,'lEv- , . 'L ni 'Q Q Q 'W-gpm' . ,.ss Y wg- .Q . "" 'F WA, of W "":Q.,gA 1, A Wil " A, A N. N 0 '..,my" il- le fw X' T N, -f o -A , Q f s Y Q as s A 2 V 'o " ,.,. i f A gf Q? yu. 1 .qi . 1 W' , is RA I y U 1 swim' , Q hbyiqi ' I t "T ' 'N g 5. 41 f A- s o 1-. . A A I ,W VAAA Q AA ,A A .' 5 pw -- 1' ?' A1 f' K o g2" ssc+M A Hs ' i 7 1 1 I , 1'-' 1 Q HH! 74 Therefore, be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be, and whateveryour labors and aspirations, in the noisy confusion of life, keep peace in your soul. With all its sham drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beauti- f c r ful world! -Max Ehrman , . l My i 1 . M ,UM , J ,, Vim 1. ir AJ I , up ,' , , lf .Y F 9' " Q 1, 1 'l 'ff 6 A 3 U pi ' a 5 Wjxw' 'ww ff 4. 'X ,,,1m73j, A m5uev4ip3iEQ Q up? ,I 4 S9 ' M ..!' , JJ f ' J L Jgffw LM..- . ...,-... .-,..,..,.. , -M.,6f.J:,,mx144N..W....'-,N--.,,g.Q L-.'-.fu 4 , . lb ,M ,V 4 4 WWW .JW NWQ .QA r Q M, , I 1 I .-5 is u bv- ll H . To .,.---...- ,, 5112 w 9 1 A i S r -fda .f f -V 2 4- Y. f ,swf i gs wfli A bi F' ff x j ggi :i a 1 , t. . A4 W H I L f I . ., -I - ii! rftff "' 5 g y- 1 'Z' N' Muffy In f X 4 au lim 'Ki 1 iv,--'SQA 9. I I still find each day too short for all the thoughts I want to think, all the walks I want to take, all the books I want to read, and all the friends I want to see. The longer I live the more my mind dwells upon the beauty ofthe world. -John Burroughs me FRI ---..,,, 1 ar' 1 '41-ML -L I 0 ua 7-' S. A rxx w :1 1 ugv---Y' 4. L-1 1 If iv ,I 'WE 5-5- an . ,- Q. -A I ws., nznfrwrau' " A' 4 'B' ,f.f.,,.' ,M ' t,S3 xkl? '- HL .4 A sa . ,f f I, ' I 'fhw ,I L4 fu. , , 'Y 4' .42 'X' ' 3 - , , . qi Y- L f . I it-f-,-5, V R X- 1 Q' Q ' . ' - f' 9 . , . .y W 1 .Q XP! f in 'ffif l . 5 ' -. l i s -VVV ,, yr- gl J,.':gRV A'- 7' if 2 M - iff! A M 2 N H W: H s s , A, 'A.' . Aui far: A fzkweqaf- ,s 1' ' f ' - g fy 'fA,"k7'-S313 ' .4 1 ,Zvi . - 4 !,i . s www A my M - cm , ia . laful 11fJi L w y!,y1-M06 ,.,.- - ,., -'M A kingdom is a nest of 5 s if . . . as , Q , pdjv N fam1l1es, and a famlly ll X a small kingdom " ' fx' rf. 1 M -. 5' . .if-:ep -fyfs., new 2. , " Q ' gn' 7 M , Helq G X 4,.-jpv mf W' s ' . 'T H'-1 ' M' WLDJ r - 3 43?-?'-M! ,MN 1, 'ik 'W 'K af' J' M- L Q 1 X O ' '40 KL.-,., ' V Q ff Q is -All Q. A, -fi , If It , 'Q iy fl fN'QoffiQ2'f,s ,, W, ,K m Y If f' , , 1 , Q iq, ' j fn-ljb Vfyyv fp,-,gc ' J. -1 pw . fiiv 1 , f - L, yr ,f1wl,n1qfjQ.- L ' , AJ Z G " 1 'f-'hr' it -Caffe ..Afa14,f4,, j fy!-g,C4f xgxieylx 6, 'fi- M lm J W A 5 7 'w "aw fl, Q 1 I if-fe v " S. . a teacher affects eternityg he can never tell where his influence stops 9 . U gp I' Y.- 4 f .Q be Y' Q T " 3 Vw gc I K? 2 5 , -1 - -vu 4 Qi H , fy 32137 I bs -4 1 ff M W X! I H ': g A' ,g T . if ff .. 1 . f X 1 f .f .qv - y a y 5 1 V 4 , R f 4 , A 9' 2 if - 3 ' f W , 1 . "?f -751,1 , iff' P2 3 'Q X We 5 . j '1l',jr,:'f,QzfJ ,S if 1, Wf- Y x ' t 1,104 1.54, ,-.cygygqk gl- ff fwfifffffg 'g -fmfn ,,,,- W f ' fr'yf.f1:-' ,, J 1x , 'Q 'S' W 17 4, V QQ' ww ff ff ef wf, sf' f 1 7-' ,mf "vi: 4 f L3 , , ' 4 W' 'JU ' 2 ff, ffivvi-,1fa5" ff? ' . N, 4, , f fd gf 'f 1 L,, if? ,, f,,A I ,f V Y? 14, 4- , , "':-. x 1 9-L , .. s- ..',y f! 1 .i' Q-A -.Q riff. 1 1 lilmh. 55 4 V 4,05 V . .., 1. 5 'gd ,. 1- , t . 3 L H 3 't ' ,fwwg , ,. iff: V ,ss I I -Q ,wat if Q 1 'i .L 1' Q fs- 1 -Q N "", '4 ' 'wt E 'fly H ,, 5 F I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance -e. e. Cummings v 11 'ff , Z' 'ii ' A 31-w 2 iv--f 'W lun.. I 1 f 1 fi? f iii ff 'R Wi :Qui 1 :gi 'fi i as we stood there i y.. ,.1 reliving the past and as we paused at x the edge oflhefuture fr nz Y, spew, me W- " A MW . 'N we bid our childhoodfarewell ii i fbrever -sholefiiiidieichem ' rv if A s -ai -. 1 ' if ff! 9 fine wi, ri ' , Ni' ,i,, Tl 9 lwl if 1" f.. 'I if - J I . - fi A I r O 1 . ., ,. g 1 X , fiew "H AW! -i.-1 D gi5e7':Mf?'A"Z , F 1 U X71-:hQf1f acu I FL ffxx 'ff , y iff . ff 59 ' A ,, J, . I 5 A Cll'Vl'll'6S 'Q -L 4, gf' 1 sr? -. 'IQ M1 Z I M WYQT Events wg ,KH ?'f !'ir.-".3"vef2 - f.. A dm1'n1'sIraI1'0r1 as A f i 2 l Mr. Richard Bagenstos Assistant Principal-Senior School State University of Iowa, B.A. Columbia University, N.Y., M.A. Mr. James Lanman University of Pittsburgh, M.Ed. Principal Oklahoma State, B.S. University ofOklahoina, NLE. egg i'7'?QkSi r I 4 X kitty ,N . 4 Q Npli- X x A 5 Mr. Russell Tuck Mr. Earl C. Beeks Assistant Principal-Junior School Assistant Principal-Sophomore School Union University, B.S. Lincoln University, B.S. George Peabody College, M.A. Washington University, M.S. 'pl 'vzav' S 'it .l , 53' fl QFXW' S C ris- ' A .QL f f at I I' A ". i ' F ' ' " ., 1 P "i Dr. Gabriel Reuben Superintendent ofSchoolsWUniversity City State University Teachers College. B.A. New York University, M.A. New York University, Ed.D. Mr. Fred Rock N.E. Missouri State, B.A. Washington University, M.A. W I, tvs? Mr. Preston Robinson Assistant to Principal Southern Illinois University, B.A. 2l 'lg-sg Mr, Hugh Burns Fairheld University, BSS. St, Louis University. Mlid. Mr. Herman Shaw Illinois State University, BA. -- -Q . - 135,- ff as ., .V E519 ef f ', 2 4 D66Z'l'CUIl'Ol1.' David Suits December 4, 1921 December 12, 1970 David Suits knew beauty. He lived and taught through art, music, dance and nature. He responded to all who needed help. He in- spired everyone who knew him. His whistle and hearty laugh preceded him down our halls for ten years. Now they are gone. David Suits-Husband, Father, Teacher, Craftsman-a Friend greatly missed. 22 V' usiness Ea'uCal1'011 1 Mrs. Jacqueline Williams "Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise." Mr. Eugene Blankenmeister if Lewis Carroll Mrs. Sue Poe 1 if L new Teachers who do not appear: Mr. James Anderson Mrs. Mary Fahlberg Dr. David Leventhal Miss Sandra Morris Mrs, Mary Paznokas Mr. Kenneth Poos 23 Miss Janice Small English x fx QUS Miss Wanda Bowers Miss Ruth Rothschild Mrs Karen Jackson s f' 3 ' 1 1 E M f Miss Wilda Flint Mrs. .lo Anne Fritz Mrs. Viva Ruesing Mr. James Harrod Mrs Louise Domrese f""'? U I Xxi' X 'St f.,.i T? Mr. Dan McWhorter Miss Marjorie Harris Mrs. Faye O'Shea "A teacher who can arouse a feeling for one single good ac- tion, for one single good poem, accomplishes more than he who fills our memory with rows on rows of natural objects, classi- fied with name and form." -Goethe Mrs. Billie Jacobs Miss Barbara Simpson S is L. Qs fi? 1 a 34 jf! Mrs. Gloria Moses Mrs. Karen Weinhaus .Aff 25 v"-""? l , Miss Carol Cappa '53 P FI E ART Mr. Tom Lawless , ,v,....,.-1 ff' -1-,..f,w- 1 f1v X. K, or 9 e Qs , Ni ' as ,, , M 1? Af P , 1 Z, au ry! Wing 5 "K Mr. Larry Thomas .ly Miss Ellen Rahn "The entire object of true education is to make people not merely do the right things, but enjoy them-not merely industrious, but to love industry-not merely learned, but to love knowledge- not merely pure, but to love purity- not merely just, but to hunger and thirst afterjusticef' -John Ruskin Mr. Roger Warner 1 26 Mr. David Suits ' 7' sy! e il '1 ' 5 5 U 5. ff W. f Mr. David Shipman , Foreign Language Mrs. Carol Kappus Mrs. Patricia Langenberg Miss Patricia Doyle Mrs, Rogalia Herr Wallace Rosenbaum Klein ' , X ' Miss Evelyn Mrs. Dalia Patterson Rosen Miss Cindy Ginsberg Mr. John Bilgere Miss Marie Gonzalez 27 Guidance Miss Jean Matheson I 'Of Miss Lucille Dye Wir Mr. Arthur Glusenkamp "There is nothing so laborious as not to labor. Blessed is he who devotes his life to great and noble ends, and who forms his well-considered plans with deliberate wisdom." -Saint Augustine Mr. Lilburn Ochs wp-1 28 Miss Virginia Lee Watts Miss Mary Jane Euston ' I MU W ,uf f ww M Health and Safety J rs. Emily re Mr. Toby Adams Mr. Henry Buffa , M r. James Densford Mr. Paul Wrnght i Mr. Robert Boehlow Mathematics EK V3 ,,,x - M" ,LD Lbgrvvilyyv' J M rs. Leodora Extein .if 'Msn' Mr. Fred Kovar A Mr. Jerry McSpadden .l Miss Loretta Benso Mr. Miles Edenburn Mr. Wayne Shelton 30 Mr. John Woll Mr. Charles Edmond M iss Dorothy Hanpeler Mr. Richard Greenbiatt Physica! Education Miss Georgiana Pliakos Mr. Ronald Bergmeier Miss Catherine Underwood Mr. Charles Beck 31 Practical A rls fi-'T "To create a little flower is the labor of ages." sWilliam Blake Mrs. Donna Hood -4- . vm A Mr, Michael Henley Mr. Robert Johnson Mr. Marlin Henley Mr. Lindsey Wilburn 32 "But if you tame me, then we shall need each other. To me, you will be unique in all the world. To you, I shall be unique in all the world .... " -Saint Exupery Mrs. Shirley Kung Q-uf Mr. John Wiegers Ml J I. Jiffnlfg x Mr. Joe Hale pf 33 Science "What do we live For if not to make the world less difficult for each other?" - George Eliot Mr. Robert Alexander Mrs. Jennifer Heist Social Studies Mr. .lack Shelnutt Mrs. Patricia Jordan Mrs. Rita Slack Mr. Richard Burns tl.: S ff "Nu ' Mr. David Page Ifwe work upon marble, it will perishg' If we work upon brass, time will efface itg If we rear temples, they will crumble to dust. But if we work upon men's immortal minds . .. We engrave on something which will brighten all eternity. Mr. Curtis Jennings Daniel Webster Mr. Julius Giebler 'hunk 55" 34 E , Miss Pamela Heim Mr. David Littman I' -M My 'J'-P-4-5 5141 Mr, Frank Kegel XML V u Z X My tg 1 Zpfwlwjvf' " if Vnmfiwfa vi will C W7 My wvsffwgm , Mr. Marc Hansen 4, . 'o"" .QW ,ro 1' ' - 1. 2 -QINPE '19, 44" ep' "V br! 3' xy" el Q RB 'QA' Mr. Robert Nelson V 4 , U 'Ev' 'Sv' .V LIL - -Tr-Z. Lf Special Faculty -, ,Q - xi LJ, gl fruit Mylar fx, 1, ff . v!,,7, ' C?Ql:,W,4, MJ- 7 Cf 4 gfff' ,.,,.y"f,Vj 'D VlAf'T V .I 449' Af , 1 A Z3'4'.ff'X' ' if rf V Mrs. Lillian Spector I 'XVNJ ,Why ff: s Ijj X Mrs. Dee Shamel Mrs. Anna Thaller Mrs. Ruth Fues Mrs. Susie Petty W H 36 'Wings' Mrs. Carolyn Hundelt gf fw UQ n 1 'f l E -'Q a 1 tang, fax f ,gi H 2 A- ' R ' p Q 1 x 3 t Miss Virginia Dicus Director of Activities Mr. Terry Barrett Mrs. Lois Ebert Media Specialist Graphic Arts Mr. Harris .Iackoway Mrs. Virginia Johnson Media Consultantf Secretary of Media Lab University City "They who educate children well are more to be honored than they who produce them, for these only gave them life, those the art ofliving well." -Aristotle Mrs. Barbara Tanner Nurse 'W dv X 'C7 , 37 '51 gn-J' N-v Mr. Al Sokol Research Coordinator Special Projects Q23- P . v ' X la. i Mrs. Fay Trueblood Mrs. Jane Stoutz Secretary to Principal Business Lab Aide Mrs. Frances Kantor Business Office Secretary sv' - J f 1,4 'E Mrs. Marie Seymour Mrs. Esther Mueller Senior Guidance Secretary Attendance Secretary Mrs. Janet Loiterstein Mrs. Sylvia Kaplan Instructional Secretary Sophomore Office Secretary Mrs. Margaret David Registrar 38 Mrs. Margaret Cornell Senior Oliice Secretary Cafeteria Staff l l ' l t i i , ,J 4. bl' ' , Q - .4 1 D ' WSI' lx K if X ' ROW 2: Mrs. Thelma Daniels, Mrs. Mildred Wright, Margaret Taylor--Co-Manager, Mrs. Jo lncrivaglia, Mrs. Adele Henderson, Mrs. Viola Schadler, Mrs. Mrs. Helen KingWSupervisor, Mrs. Loretta Piazza, Mary Niebur, Mrs. Bernice Stieman, Mrs. Florence Mrs. Sarah Jaffee. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Geraldine Justin, Mrs. Sadie Williams, Mrs. Freda York, Mrs. Lowe, Mrs. Edith Mellman, Mrs. Goldie Stein, Mrs. Hazel Luckett. ROW l: Mrs. Bonnie McPherson, Mrs. Florence Silverman, Mrs. Florence Wolf. CusI0d1'alSlajjf l Q, A . r X " ROW 2: Mr. George Prica, Mr. William Daughtery, Davidson, Mr. Don Dulesky, Mr. Joe Jones, Mr. Joe Mr. William Whitworth. Mr. Harry McClure. ROW Kirby, Mr. Herb Nevis, Mr. Charles Pepper. Mrs. l: Mrs. Ann Flesch, Mrs. Olivia Reefer, Mr. Ernest Dorothy Stephens, Mr. Bill Whitmeber. Whitmore. NIGHT CREW: lNot picturedl Mr. Art 39 K 'llx 31M,'if,:M'M!'M3M1:M11M'!MN'M1EN'fMl'MMNMMY4 wxl, 'M M, ,N X ' 'MM"YWMM'!FUMMMM MMMMMMMMM ' ' " UW" MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMM v M,,MM M M MMMMMMMMMMM M MMMMMMMMMMM v+ M M W , ,M M M MM M , fb ,'MML, MM MMM M v ' MW'UMM,M WM MMM? 'AM WW ,MM ,M MMMMMM, JUV M ff ,MMMMMM MM .M Wjf jWoM"MMMfiMff , MMMMMMMMMMMMMMAMMMMMMMM-MMM M , nm, M ,MMMMMMMMMP V M MM MMM M M + l 2 MMMM MM,M M MM, MMMM , + H M M 'M M H MMM , + WS! ofa? MM , MMMMM ffiff MM M W L ,, P' , M J' M 4 , , f , , 'L Www mm W Y MM, , M ,MQLQM , M EMM Mw ' MMM , M MM M 4A M MM f f M MMM + , M f M f M pMMMMMWMMMMM MMMY , W , MMM MM M' M ,ff M M , , 4 ,M MMMIN M M MMM MMM M M" MM jk MM, fvwffii M MMMM MMM MMM MMM MMMM MMMMMMM M MMM J NMMMMQMWZMZM, WM wk ,,,,MMMM IM M M MMM ll I MMM KL 'M MMKVMMMMMMM M .A q M 'MMM ' ,MM ,M M H ' W M 'WM WM ,MMMMMMM MMI M , , WM MMMMMnM I M ' MM V ' W'MM1 M V" M ' ' ' MW!! rl X NMMXM 'M 1 NMMMMMW , ,M,,, , M M M, ,MMM , MM ,," ,M " ' " , ,M1', MM M Mlillilll. X M ' 'x.,M, ' GMM MMMM Y ,XM IWW MM " I V, , MMMMMI M 4. M ,M ,M ' M 4 M NM ,MM M MMM M M 1' MMMM0 M ,,,MM MMMMMMMU MMM WM M MMMMMM M Mvliing WWA M ' III V M M MMMMMMMMMMW ' M '1""' ' 'VM , ,M M , M M MM MMMMM M M M lllNlN""""'HM" M M M M f MMM M 'WMMMMMMMM t WMWMMM M MM 'M' ,M M, M My M M, 'M M MINHMM M YM M X MM "MM1MMMM, M ','1 MM 'My MV' YM' MM N' mf, M M M llllllil, ll IMMMM MMM MMMMM MM H ,, M , M M M M Y M! M " M ' M .X 'M M M N N H ,wx X MM . ,N M ,w,M,MM',IW X MV, N ,M vw M WM !j1M'!"t!MVN M MMNNMMM MMM M M M M M, M.M, WWwMM M' M WM ,',,M'FM M M! M , , , MM MMMM MM M MMMMMMM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM M MMM MMMMMMMMMMMMM MMMMM MMM MMM M M M W 'MMWWW WMWWHMMN MMMiQwnW7dM!FilM Q t W M M X 1 MMM Ml' 1 !"' ' ,'M,'MM'M M M ,WMM WW W 1 MM 1 MMM WMM, V, Y'MY,,NMM Y MNMMMWMMMMMX N MX M ' I MM I MMMMMMMM MM' 'MM M M L6' N YW XMXMWMNM X IM MM M MMM , , M M 'MM, M, MMMMMNLMMMM IU MMIMMMMMMMMY 1 ,MM,M 5,g M'?fVQ M MM ,ff MM MM , , MM 1 + WM M MM .MM.MllMWW4mMWWfW:M'MiM ,M Y M' A W JJ'IL,.LT. --M ' 'VM M WMM 'AA'A K 'M'MMM MM WEMMXMMMMMNMMMMMM 1 W 1 YWMWMITX ,M 'M W,,MM!3 MM MMM M MMM M M M ,M MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM M MM M MMM, MMM,,M Q...A ,.. ,,..,. MM MMMM w MMM- ,M , , MM M , , , ,, M MM XM , M MM M M M M Y Y K MM MMM MMMM M M, M M MMMM MMMMMM MM M M M ,M WMMMMMM '- M11 MM! ' ' M' MMM' MWMMMMMMMMI "MM-, 'MM' ' M M, . ,MMXMM ww: MM','1,',M'1' , M, ' 1' M ' E M MMHXMM 'UWM WM' M U' MMMNM MMM I 'MM MH MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMWW,WK M W W f , MM W' ,WW MMMVM M MMM ,MMMFMWMMQVQf+ ,lM MMMMMIMMMV , NM MMMMNMEM MM A M MXN W M M W M MM,MM1M,M!MwMmMM, M M MNMMXMMMMMMIXMMMXWXMMMMMEMMM V N MMMMM M MMM MM MM MMMMMMMMMMMMVMMMM MVMMQMMMMMMMMMMMMMMYMWM WM fgM MM MMMMMMMMMMMMMMNM "MM MMM I I 'MMMM Ml MM MW'MM MM M ,MM' M MMMM 1 M,M, 'M 1M M M M H Mmm Mx M M X ' 'M MMMMMMMMMM ,M, ,, ,MM M,,M, , , MMM,,,MM,,,,,MM,,M,M,M, , ,M, , 'W' 4' M,, MMM, M,, M M, N , , , , xMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM MMM , V Commencement Program PROCESSIONAL-Pomp and Circumstance Edward Elgar The National Anthem University City High School Band Belinda Leigh Drews, Class of 1971, Conductor INVOCATION ....,......................,.............. Rev. Chester A. Jackson Newstead Missionary Baptist Church ADDRESS OF WELCOME ....................,..... .,.. E tta Jean Jackson MUSICAL INTERLUDE ....,...,. .r........ S enior Ensemble "The Impossible Dream' '.,.....,.......... Mitch Leigh Charles L. Tomlin, Class of 1971, Guitarist "With a Voice of Singing' '...,.... .......,.... M artin Shaw COMMENCEMENT ADDRESS-"The School Community" ...... Robert Hay Enders Presentation ofthe Class to the President ofthe Board of Education Mr. James Lanman, Principal Awarding ofthe Diplomas by the President ofthe Board of Education Mrs. Leonard P. Fuchs THE ALMA MATER .................. ............ T he Class RECESSIONAL-University Grand March Edwin Franko Goldman University City High School Band Mr. Roger Warner, Director alma mater 42 aft - Senior Cabinet :In ROW 4: Bob Ebert, Eugene Carter, Rochelle Burnett, Debra Riggins, Brenda Baker, Daisy X. Carter Lorraine Garfield ROW 3: Linda Berns, James Wilson, Sheila Britton, Linda Hendin, Stephanie Brown, Debbie Dalin, Kathy Mayorwitz, Mr. Wallace Klein ROW 2: Carlotta Lewis, Steve Oberman Judy Kaplan, Anne Giraud, Gail Satz, Terri Pillars, Pamela Andrews, Jeanette Liggins, Renee John son ROW l: Arvis Lynch-Secretary, Etta JacksonfPresident, Clarence Teeters-Vice-President Pam Paige-Treasurer NOT PICTURED: lrene Aach, Yvette Albright, Joyce Keil, Susie Meyers Joanie Sacks Class of '7l's planning senior Senior Cabinet would generate Breaking tradition was definitely one of the strong points. Involvement was the key word in activities. The traditional class spirit was absent. began optimistically with spirit that they hoped throughout the Class. The Senior Cabinet kicked ofi' its season with a Unicef Drive, Canned Foods Drive, and Clothing Drive. The Senior Play during first semester, "Pillow Talk," proved that our class had what it took. After their last finals more than two hundred seniors attended the Senior Smorgasbord celebrating the coming of Breezin' Season. The successful Senior-Faculty basketball game, pro- ceeds going to the David Suits Memorial Fund, was one of the Cabinet's better attempts at combined involvement and rele- vancy. The Senior Talent Show gave Seniors another chance to prove their capabilities. The Senior movie "Catch '7l" was even more fantastic than the talent show. U. City has changed Senior Cabinet and the Senior Class has changed with it. The Senior Class of '71 would like to thank its sponsor Mr. Klein for his guidance and help during those times ofchange. 43 . ,.., ,N g 4' A any -Ing lrene Aach Bela Abodi Melba Adkms Paul Ahlvm "What though the radiance which was once so bright Be now forever taken from my sight, Though nothing can bring back the hour Of splender in the grass, of glory in the flowerg We will grieve not, rather find 'vt- ,,,,,,, Strength in what remains behindg Juan Alba Yvette Albright Kenneth Allen Luanne Allman 44 . A svn-rw-xr .g' Edward Adelman ?K,,,1 .t,. . Q , v v xff X Y Pamela Andrews S X B. . JJ," .,r- Xppvgn I 3. U ' lf' If Y ' wx' r 2 1 xr is - W , ' ' xl 'H wcf,5g eN1fjff"fffff1fv v i f yr ,M gf if of X kjj , XL' 'xy' fu Y f Q---v Sharon Arnold Janet Askuvich Judllh ASKUVM1 Sharon Austin Gerald Axelbaum In the primal sympathy Which having been must ever beg In the soothing thoughts that spring Out ofhuman sufferingg In the faith that looks through death, In years that bring the philosophic mind." William Wordsworth Nancy Babchick Joyce Baer Brenda Baker Mary Ballard David Bamburg 451. 45 Herbert Baron 5 4 Linda Berns 'WNW Michael Baruch Howard Bass Gary Beitch Howard Belsky Keith Berman Robin Berman gg, Jaina Best Peggy Biddlecombe 46 Rebecca Bierman Scott Black Terry Blum W1 Sam Blumberg Howard Blustein H . ' CII-'f Vnrgmla Chelle Bockmeier Boguslaw Warren Bowens Marian Branham Harriet Brasch 47 W 11-7-'Y Barry Brimer 3, , Q'Z"'Tb 'N X ,ff gas 19' -vi James Bristow Sheila Britton Denise Brown Gloria Brown Go often to the house ofthy friendg for weeds soon choke up the unused path. Scandinavian Proverb Stephanie Brown .Iovanar Buford wr-' ,f59w1" Rochelle Burnett Michael Bylsma Annette Callen ,gig W 1 V in i Wi?- 3' i fab 48 --1 Gerald Campbell 'ff' Pi Charles Chinn . Joel Campbell DaisyC:1rtcr Eugene Carter Mary Carter Brenda Chamberlain Janet Chinsky if 49 5,44 -gi Wvff l John Carroll FTW- , Y . Y- nv.,- Jcllrey Chosid .M ,I ix f 5 pa - V- .+- Kalhleen Clooney .JM Brennadell Cock rell Linda Cohn Xi I Q. X 1 4 i ,f 5' I Q V , ll I? Lanier Collins Harriet Colonna g Q Gwendolyn Cook James Cornbleet Lawrence Cornfeld M, ., 'ini Carol Cosentino 5 f C2 50 Robert Cover A44' If "W Pamela Cox John Crabtree Cathv Cramer Alleize Curry "One only understands the things he wr-"" tames. Men have no time to understand anything. They buy things all ready made at the shops. But there is no shop any- .. 36? - Robert Craig 'Mm ,441 where where one can buy friendship, and so men have no friends any more." Antoine de Saint Exupery I Carla Curry Vick1Cuttler Deborah Dalin Russell David 415' Deborah Deppe I fs gl 5l ' gfafefffdf WW so C W, 'Qgr-rj! Y' Janice Derfeld Karen Detjen Q fi- , ,Q i i Mary Dickinson Ellen Dorb exhibited in public museunisiijiflstiiiasvanw A day win Come when Alannah Qili bee gr fl instrument of torture is nowi and peoplefffllf will be astonished how such a thing could pig, '53 Mark De Wolfe M , fc l 1 u i l ll t ' have happened. is Victor Hugo Michael Duggan Jerry Dunne xl it N Peggy Doss Belinda Drews 6 Z Paul Durham 52 NM Lk' . Joan Dyer Robert Ebert .lulie Edison WW Charlea Eisen Robert Enders IN Qs 4tT""'5 Jai" 1 Mary Entwistle Miriam Epstein Richard Erlich Michele Evans Deborah Fields 53 7-if fjgdfy oqiljtevljlj ef Q, NC-47 F 5705? 5 07 My .Tl s... Q. f jj I, ,222 ,Q ' Ellen Fisher Michele Fixler Elaine Fixman Everett Forniss Joel Foster 'KQV' We u IVIY VVAY ' s James Fox Brenda Freedman Alan Frey Mark Friedman Perry Fuller 54 we F juv- Christine Gakes Charles Gale JefTrey Gale Jeremy Garber Lorraine Garfield "Do you expect sincerity in man when hypocrisy is the very keynote of human nature? We are nurtured on itg we are schooled on it, we live by itg and we rarely realize it." aRafael Sabatini Bunne Gellman Dione George James Gerber Arthur Gerhard Allan Gers 55 fr" AF 'V' .Quan ww Morey Gers Barry Ginsberg Anne Giraud Carol Glenn Regina Glovinsky ,M,,.,...----H 4 S Robert Gold Harry Goldberg Steven Goldberg Irvin Goldenberg David Goldman ith' 56 11 75 1,9 Qs .lcllrey Goldstein Joel Goldstein Joyce GOHWHSSLF N r xx' X X Julle Goodman Lawreme Goodman No one IS useless ln the world who lightens the burden to any- 1' ,.s,4 'L' one else. eCharles Dlckens Suzanne Goodman Michael Gordon fl Colleen Gorman is- Allan Grafman fel J 57 Callie Graham l 'lx ', L 4 11-'Lv' Annalee Greenberg Mark Greenberg Barney Grosberg , Brenda Grosman Mark Gross 4-fd' Robert Grossman Sandra Guberman Keith Guller Eric Guttin Karl Guyer 58 4'-E' Lori Hanlan Lynne Harrison Terry Hayes Janice Hellgman "That dim, murky period when regrets come to resemble hopes, and hopes are beginning to re- semble regrets." -Ivan Sergeyevich Turgenev i Linda Hendin Vincent Hennessy Artie Hill Carmer Hill Cav 0-"" Mary Hauswirth Renee Hines 59 if! K lv' 1"- I . F' 'W 'P 5. ,fy ' as r f-- as Carol Hoffman Joseph Humphrey Kathleen Humphrey Jane Hunkins Mary Hunkins My father planted for me and I plant for my children. Talmud 95, fmt 'akin -, Angela Hunter Richard Hyatt Keith Hyman Lori Hyman Gerald lnukai wa' N, 1 axe We 60 l Cs Etta Jackson Jeffrey Jacob fr " ' Reuben Johnson Timothy Jones N V 9 J l J J alt :ln-yi J .-N T'-"T Diane Kahn Eve Kahn Barry Kaplan Judith Kaplan Renee Johnson as wr- Daniel Katz ig 61 1 -fe' W Joanne Katz Louise Kaufman Joyce Keil Robert Kelley Matthew Kincade 1 i. , QNX i weffvg 5 K L i f X g M E wx ' all 1 I Chester King Eileen Kinsella James Kissane Shari Klayman Albert Kleiman 62 c-41 Edward Kleiman Mark Kloeckener Ruthie Kohm 1 Irene Kolivaki Marcia Kornblum L- C' Co-operation is essential ' to all undertakingsf " so don't be afraid to share your pleasures. -li Cynthia Kranzberg Robynn Kranzberg Deborah Kuhn Beth Ladin Margaret Larson -F" 63 4 X 'nr' 'Uh Joann Lay Alan Leavitt George Leonard Phyllis Lever - .. - 1 ,- - .. ::..1:1v rw '-2g,ffgp5,f -, M , f me vga - .f ' g t. M .fi,l,A,s,, yi mn, ,5 gy. 'fl pk' . '55-JST f 4' yg ' . f :r,5ffrS" Q , . U to Q ,,.. V. I ,.M,, W ,r., , l f , H Maia? L .. -. Q . , -' Xe,:u 1ff- Q ' " W.:-.,,t-, 1, . .W Q 4,35 2 -4? fi 1 l Q ff i we 3 P Q t g V L 5 AA Hang? .. M A ' .' ' v ,r,-'J ' ' 'lf ': L 2-1 i it my fs' X ' if M S we ' . x 1. sk ia - if f' 'ff' me J 5 we QA f f 6 eg? 2422? v. . gg 9 X , gg gs X 2 ' i ,Sf J Q A--X Ns X32 f 51 E , Q Mt, X ki V tty if , - i z iff-QLQHQT A .. 5 za .. Donna Levin Babette Levy Carlotta Lewis Jeanette Liggins ff' I I . I 1 X f L 1 64 K i i -ln. Q Vicki Leon 'ff ,, A .4 , X5 'HT' Robin Light W -2 i 1 .. Sam Lipschitz Timothy Lorenz Maria Lourenco Mary Love Elizabeth Lutz The great peace IS something essentlally d1lTerent from the ab- A I sence ofwar. Martin Buber Arvis Lynch Michael Lyss Marilyn Magidson Bryan Maltzman Lester Mankofsky 65 'X ll Arnold Marcus Claire Martel Robin Marx M df J M - l '. f ll- John Mathes R, lbb,f'-fQ'u, Iedfllilayer? L l EIO ng, f f H Aff f WJ A .,l , ,ww K, Di, . 1 0' , Ojjxixflflikjjlk ,. .K VJ ' V 4 I ' v Jlwpl' wi 6 E5 'ffff :IV Kathy Mayorwltz Robert McGee Daniel McKeown Mary McKeown Jeanne Meesey wi 66 Nina Melechen I o-1 X M Patricia A. Miller Y Jane Merschen Susan Meyers Elaine Mendelson Marc Meyer "Friendship is a sheltering tree." -Coleridge Cynthia Millburg Patricia E. Miller 67 ., 'ri ', Norman Merrill 'YZ' Frank Mischeaux ,f?ff""" fi" 2: -.I x A-.s I .il Anna Mitchell Rv' -Q--fry' Kevin Mueller Z"'h-IW John Moberly Donald Moonshine on iv - ff - f Sarah Mordhorst Paul Morris I I T ,Q v4 i 5- ' I ,tgzg wy.. 1 1 4 J 5? R-nina New. r J. A 1 ,ky-1 'X 4r"'!nix ,Z ' ll' it sg 38 -h ' f if , wt il 5' 3,9 U XJ? K Steven Moshkowsky Richard Mosley Scott Nelson Steven Nelson 68 1, 5 X X S I , fi? 4-"' David Neumann .lohn Nicholson Aaron Novack Steven Oberman W bi c"x T17 ff 3 l 'AQ Lynne Ohlman Daniel O'Neill D Pamela Paige Michael Palmer 69 Susan Niland in-f Mayer Parker Elizabeth Parks Susan Payne Betty Peloquin Leslie Permuter Julie Pevnick rw Work is not mans punish- ment. It is a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a face of hope. Kali-Das users ,gy-nay, Nelcy Phipps Terri Pillars Michael Pocost Julie Polette Scott Portnolf 70 I' I " Alan Pratzel Scott Price Janice Propps Hermione Pruitt Sheila Radman he fi! 1:17 T219 Michael Reich Michael Reiss Debra Rennard Frank Richards Eric Richman . . 15, X 71 Ben Ridley Debra Riggins David Robinson Jill Roesler Lawrence Roesler i Bonnie Rogers Joan Rosenberg Ellen Rosenblatt Janice Rosenblatt Pamela Rosenthal 72 'X Linda Roth Susan Rubin Kerry Rudm 1 wi . Gregory Ryland Joan Sacks "Great Man complains about hrs own inabilities, not about people's Ignorance ofhlmself. Susan SafTern 'G'?Lgt 4-:if Confuclus Jamce Saenger Robert Saffern Kenneth Sallade Ava Salniker 73 tiff' rx Martha Sandweiss Gail Satz Thomas Schaef Robert Schrick , , V .,f ll'lS Sehankman Peggy Scheuer Belle Schnelder Mary Schnelder Jeffrey Schreiber Sandra Schultz 74 iv-- h Phyllis Schwartz Deffickhfgll Q OJ I. Deborah sen! 'l 0 ll A5 ' in Sharon sem L, llclhlasioplklerslg i Y Xi Ml 1 UA l V lllllblqrfl lily! fl XL? x Q fc,-'Q . k Charles Angerer, bouncer Robert Shands Marsha Shanker Richard Shanker William Shapiro Pamela Sharpe rn f mg, ri" f ' ff ,- Cl" 75 rw 'S .p-I-'N Nancy Shatzman Joel Shedlofsky Grover Shelton F,,.,.x .. Roslyn Shelton Abu Sherlff Who conquers self-he is hero born, Hrs name may due, forgotten by has peers, Be yet the seed he sowed ln care and tears Shall bear rlch harvests through 6,53 immortal years. 1-""V1 Laura Sidel Robert Sieber John Siempelkamp Candelaria Silva Doris Sinkheld V fm 76 r i Q X alt X 1 Kenneth Skaggs Barbara Smith we Belinda Smith Janis Smith 4-,pt Let us be content to work to do the things we can, and not presume to fret because it's little. -E. B. Browning JA-six Q57 Jean Smith Valerie Smith Marlene Sokolik Michael Sollot SZ , , . ,, . .ff-v 77 Belinda Smith E . ,S-W i...,..e Joseph Solomon fel 'N--Q Pamela Solomon James Sonderman Phillip Sonenschien fl Jerry Sorkin Laura Soucy Tm! 'ai N . Q A an X- K Q ' l if 4 Q, A' Z if E51 I A .J , .. y - .' Q " .' if 2- f 9 Q , o if 1 E f 4 Marti Spector Ronald Spiegelman Sheri Starr Marc Stassevich Deborah Stayton 78 .iff Janet Smith Ann Stokes Steven Storozum ,vff "" ' . " T Leslle Strlcker Marla Stuhlman "The best way to know llfe IS to love many thmgs- . .. . Vincent Van Gogh Wrlllam Stults Wnlluam Sunderman Jeanette Sutherland Jerry Tabak Terry Taryle Q-4 TT 79 ' S. l x Ivra Taylor Clarence Teeters Steven Tenzer Q., A, ,,. , , is ,.,-.: Michael Tessler Steven Toder "Only a momentg a moment of strength, 4 . of romance, of glamourkof youth! . . . a flick of sunshine upon a strange shore, the time to remember, the time for a sigh, and-goodbye!-night-Goodbye . . .!" -Joseph Conrad sf..-f Victoria Tolmach Charles Tomlin Susan Topper Phillip Van Neste Joel Waldman 80 Shelley Weinhaub mWharton l W i 177 Ronald Walker Robert Watson Miriam Weinberg 1" . 5 Jeanne Williams Kenneth Williams James Wilson Sharron Wilson Stephen Wilson Mary Winker W6-if "All babies who are smiled at and hugged will know how to love the members of their families, and when they grow up will know how to respect their elders . . . It only re- el H mains for us to spread these virtues through- e out the world. Nothing else need be done." -Mencius Thomas Winokur Barbara Winthrop Gary Wolfe Agnes Wong Soong Tak Wong ,,,,.Ll'- 82 ,-- ...www- Stevcn Woodside P 0 . . , ' Q Brad Wood Susan Wright l "ffZ.7 bl' C' Mary Zaltzman Kim Ziegenfuss Rhonda Zimmerman Jane Zinner Burlram Ziskind 83 Vicki Zuckerman e MARY MOORE KENNETH MORRIS GEORGE MULLER LEHRUE NELSON PETER NORBEROR A DONNA OLIVER' 5 A 3 MARK PERLIN ' JOHN .PFEPFER A RRNOA. ' BJORN4 GA RY FA RINA fmomgs sANDEL1 f A ',Aw. ALAN SC HOWENGERDT RIJOSSELL SCHRIERO MINDY ' 5- Who knows X i where the time goes, center ofyour whole Izfe -time- the ruler the creatorfzgnore ll Chaos Candy Silva Z'-S Junior Board 2-? '21 ni mi ROW 3: Donnie Harris, Allynson Graham, Carol Webster, Alan Goodman, Larry Slate. ROW 2: Nancy Schucart. Sandy Suflian, Marcia Landau, Debbie Wehrenbrecht, Robert Cohen. ROW l: Terri Engel, Jacci Chinsky, Elaine ZemelfPresident, Susie Holtzman4Vice-President, Hulda Singleton, Mr. Rick Burns. Junior Board got off to a late start this year because of the con- Hict which arose in student government. The sponsor, Mr. Rick Burns, an American Studies teacher, worked along with President Elaine Zemel, and Vice-President Sue Holtzman, to give the board a helpful hand. Junior Board's first activity, H.O.G. Day, turned out to be a very successful fund raiser. H.O.G.'s fHeart O'Gramsj also helped to achieve the Valentine Spirit in U. City students. The board was also proud to sponsor service projects throughout the school and community. Junior Board continued the tradition of the Junior-Senior Prom which was held at the Ramada Inn. 87 Miss Benso ROW 3: Lindsey, Eric: Lane, Thomasene: Jones, Garry: Lander, Susan: Landau, Marcia ROW 2: Lassar, Bruce: Lapidus, Harvey: Krausel, John: LainolT, Suzi: Kolley, Marcia ROW l: Krasnov, Barry: Lending, Scott: Kovar, John: Lazaroff, Paul: Lebenberg, Marty: Kovol, Rhonda Not pictured: Hovland, Clare: Kolker, Karen: Landau, Kenton: Lawrence, Eddie: Lee, Christine: Lemoins, Michael: Leven, Ronald: Lewis, Rosalyn: Lieberman, Sharon M1ssCappa ROW 3 Pickens Winfred ONe1ll Tim Polsky Mark Pearl Allan Novack Neal Plunkett Bill Nelson Marshal ROW 2 Passer Scott Phillips Chris Paskal Steve Patrick Simon Powers Brian Owens John Oppenheimer Howard ROW l Oswitz Gale Perry Cindy Ozment Mary Pickens Jean Pitts Sheila: Nussbaum Nadia: Perez Marc Not pictured: Niland, Judith: Nixon, Denise: Nuell, Stephen: Patter- son, Beverly: Peden, Linda Class Mr. Axt ROW 3: McMillion, Joe: Moten, Joan: Morganfield, William: Moore, Ottie: McCadney, Ceatrice: Meyer, Robert: Meyer: Bill: Newport, Tom ROW 2: Morrison, Frank: Mitchell, Olivia: Mayer, Lincoln: Montague, Eli: Nanos, Greg: Murphy, Terry: Mink, Ronald: Meehan: Joe ROW l: McMillion, Rose: Nixon, Denice: McPherson, Wendy: Murphy, Jean: Nelson, Gretchen: Mitri, Ogi: Payzer, Stan: Mellman, George Not pictured: Mayo, Sandra: McMillan, Lark: Meesey, Nancy: Moellenbeck, Dave: Parks, Steve Miss Bowers ROW 3 Abernathy Byron Basemore Donald Banks Manuel Hayden Mau rice Berger Roger Bernstein Mark ROW Z Boehm Sandra Blackman George Williams Betty McM1llion Rose Block Larry Benson Joseph Bleisch, Bill ROW l: Blum, Kathryn: Burke, Jean: Bosch, Jeanne: Benthal, Cathy: Baker, NiRita: Nixon, Denice: Moten, Joan: Boothby, Mark Not pic- tured: Ashbury, Joya: Beaudoin, Richard: Belsky, Jonathan: Best, David: Bigger, William: Billis, Steven: Birdsell, Debbie: Bolin, Barbara: Boman, Beverly: Bonzo, Tava: Borreson, Linda: Bourbon, Terry: Bryant, Victoria Z 0f1972 Mr. Denslord ROW 3: Wilson, Aaron: Williams, Algie: Whitely, Glenn: Zimmer, Florence: Wolf, Elizabeth: Zimmerman, Sally ROW 2: Woods, Christopher: Yates, Ernest: Wil- liams, Reuben: Williams, Rudolph: Wood, Phyllis: Williams, Sandra: Wirtl, Brenda ROW l: Zigler, Leslie: Wolkowitz, How- ard: Winoker, Kenneth: Wilkes, Lcmar: Wiseman, Debra: Zuckerman, Cindy Not pictured: Williams, Angela: Williams, Mary: Wirtz, Steve: Wright, Barbara: Wright, Beverly: Wright, Floyd: Young, Paula: Zemel, Elaine Mr, Edmond ROW 3: Redden, Bill: Sauls, Quida: Thompkins, Kathy: Brown, Mary: Tay- lor, Verleen: Smith, Nick ROW 2: Suf- han, Sandy: Toney, Mary: Torin, Larry: Strominger, Linda: Syverson, Mickey: Tucker, Mike ROW l: Terry, Dan: Sut- ter, Cathy: Thorwegian, Dana: Tessler, Pat: Sundland, Barbara: Swartz, Craig: Stueck, Matt Not pictured: Susman, James: Sussman, David: Taylor, Ter rance: Taylor, Thomas: Tessler, Ronnie: Threats, Lestine: Thumman, Paula 'H -il .-I, H- 1 M r. lidenburn ROW 3: Rosen. JelTrey: Rosen, Norbert: Rybolt, Gayle: Safran, Debbie: Roscoe, Jennifer: Romano, Lee: Roesler, Ann: Rosenbloom, Debbie ROW 2: Suelflow, Mark: Rogul, Phillip: Roberts, Angela: Rousos, Diane: Rentle, Freddie: Ross, Cassandra: Sandel, David: Paterson, John ROW l: Rubin, Arlene: Rosen, Charlene: Rhodes, Harry: Rosenfeld, Pa- tricia: Rosenfeld, Marsha: Roos, Cynthia Rubin, Leslee: Ross, Terri Not pictured Rentle, Freddie: Robinson, Ruby: Roscoe Jennifer: Rosenbloom, Joseph: Rucker Patricia Mrs. Fahlberg ROW 3: ManilolT, Dean: Mack, Ricky Lucky, Tom: Markman, Peter ROW 2 Lorenz, Jill: Madeson, Marianne: Male van, Lynn: Magidson, Judy: Lovelace Lisa: Martin, Alexandra ROW l: Lilly Brian: Margolies, Billy: Lugger. Phyllis Magee, Suzanne: Malin, Vicki: Marx Kim: Madison, Linda Not pictured: Lor berbaum, Michael: Madison, Anthonette Madison, Dave: Mancuso, Vicki: Mar bain, Steven: Marx, Wendy: Matlock Ellen: Maxey, Tanya Mr. Hansen ROW 3: Harford, Carolyn, Giefenkamp, Greg, Goldstein, Jeff, Gray, Steven, Hansen, Craig ROW 2, Harris, Donnie, Harskins, Loretta, Harris, Pam, Gra- ham, Allyson, Goldstein, Carol, Hanke, David ROW l: Hadas, Deborah, Gru- baugh, Kathy, Guller, Susan, Grafman, Carol, Harris, James, Goodman, Alan Not pictured: Gorden, Gene, Gordon, Randall, Grady, David, Hamblin, David: Harris, Angela, Howard, Ramona N'-f ax: it N Mrs. Jackson ROW 3: Kaufman, Ann, Johnson, Cindy, Jones, Ronnie, Kallas, Lewis, Jobe, Dave, Kaiser, Marc, Keshner, Gary ROW 2: Johnson, Adrianne, Garrett, Janice, Hutchinson, Valerie, Crawford, Veroni- ca, Kane, Paul, Karros, Alec, lken, Ronnie, Klayman Steve ROW l: John- ston, Karen, Jodlowski, Debbie, Jame- ton, Dorothy, Kohen, Sandy, King, Jane, Kellerman, Karen, Kay, Pam Not pic- tured: Johnson, Shirley, Jones, Gary, Kantor, Frank, Karroll, Brad, Kirkland, Jack, Klamon, Susan, Klarfeld, Melvin Miss Gonzalez ROW 3: Humphrey, John, Hartrich, Eu- gene, Humphrey, Donald, Haynes, Eric ROW 2: Hopson, Bill, Hoffman, Elliot, Hotchner, Kirby, Hay, Peter, House, Charles ROW l, Hearon, Paulette, Herz- berg, Mike, Heckendorf, Chris, Houlihan, Kathy, Hunter, Mark, Horskins, Janice Not pictured, Hartle, Larry, Helmich, Steve, Henry, Helen, Hill, Beverly, Himeles, Mike, Holley, Eugene, Holtz- man, Susan, Howe, Craig, Howell, Al- len, Huber, Charles, Humphrey, Deb, Hutton, Michael, Imergoot, Richard, Jagust, Donald d,1Llz'V, ,A t 'Q L42 I7 Mrs. Heist ROW 3: Diboll, Neil, Demis, Nancy, Falconer, Leslie, Emison, Debbie ROW 2: Dubman, Charles, Dennis, Charles, Randall, Robert, Evans, James, Ecken- bom, David ROW l: Ehrlich, Gail, Deruchia, Rosanna, Dunn, Regina, Evans, Ronald, Dulaney, Clarissa, Edwards, Don Not pictured: Dorsey, Diane, Eckert, Shelley, Edwards, Ken, Ellison, John, Ellman, Bob, Engel, Terri, Exler, Mi- chael, Feely, Shauna ,P Mrs. Kung ROW 3: Bader, Jon, Allen, Herman Babchick, Mark, Barrett, Tim, Adams Earl, Beard, Truman ROW 2: Aber nathy, Lynn, Baker, Marilyn, Attoun Fabian, Allen, Becky, Arnold, Jan, Aiken David ROW l: Amitin, Larry, Allen Vicki, Baker, NiRita, April, Steve, Ask uvich, Marilyn, Baum, Sharon, Anderson Debbie Not pictured: Adler, Marilyn, All mon, Cecil, Ash, Mary, Ashley, Dianne, Baker, Allison, Bass, Marilyn I-. 4 Z , Dr. Leventhal ROW 3: Stern, Gary, Stansbrough, Patti Rhodes, Harry, Stevens, Peggy, Sokolik Barry, Soller, Larry ROW 2: Statler Charlotte, Stegman, David, Stone, Nate Steiner, Ron, Smith, Stan, ROW l Spetner, Steve, Spitz, Mickey, Stein Linda, Stewart, Dale, Stewart, Mike, Stein, Mike Not pictured: Smith, Pamela Soucy, Peggy, Stansbrough, Phyllis Steefel, Sarah, Stiles, Gerald, Stix, Su san, Stinson, Roger, Strode, Sharon Stokes, Jim, Spielberg, Scott Mr. Lawless ROW 3: Smith, Nick, Nixon, Denise, McMillion, Rose, Thomas, Verleeng Cohen, Jonathan, Stinson, Roger ROW 2: Cross, Don, Lewis, Regina, Dansker, Andy, Damos, George, Dawson, Wanda, Davis, Anne ROW l: Gammon, Donna, Williams, Angela, Couzart, Brenda, Cooper, Debbie, Corkery, Maureen, Cor- son, Cathy, Corman, Mark Not pictured: Cohen, Linda, Cohen, Robert, Cohen, Steven, Condran, Patrick, Cook, Caro- lyn, Crowder, Sharon, Cuff, Alan, Dab- ney, Richard, Daniels, Reginald, Dantz- ler, Joan, DeBlase, Eileen, Decker, Richard Miss Morris ROW 3: Reiter, George, Reed, Frank: Prather, Steve, Randall. Robert: Raleigh, Bob ROW 2: Prott, Craig: Presser, Howard, Reed, Dan, Prelutsky, Dave, Prelutsky, ,lon ROW l: Raber, Mary: Ralky, Joyce, Reece, Bonnie, Preiss, Bill, Reeves, Boni, Rainey, Dennis Not pictured: Powell, Bill, Propps, Judy, Pruitt, Percy, Rebson, Dan, Reeves, Tom, Reichman, Sarah, Reiss, Edu ard X: 'I ' i 'Qi ax .. ,f Mrs. Ruesing ROW 3: Sanford, Mark: Sandler, Mike Schmelze, Mark: Sandheindrich, Paul Sandler, Jeff ROW 2: Schaef, Tricia Schweig, Caroline: Schankman, Linda Schermer, Jill: Schlef, Carol: Scissors Steve ROW l: Schaeffer, Kathy: Schott Marsha: Schainblatt, Ellen: Scissors Debbie: Schneider, Barry: Monat, Peter: Schucart, Jerry Not pictured: Sandler, Michael: Savan, Terry: Schmertz, Louis: Schrier, Daniel: Schweig, Eugene . - .f..- 1 s Mrs. Paznokos ROW 3: Shore, Bobbie: Seitz, Mark: Shanker, Howard, Slattery, Tom ROW 2: Smith, Cathy: Smith, Becky: Sherman, Roslyn: Shaller, Terry: Shaw, Bill ROW l: Singer, Diana: Shelvy, Gloria: Shu- cart, Nancy: Sims, Derwin: Smith, Clar- ence Not pictured: Scott, Don: Selikson, Sandra: Sessel, Patti: Shedlofsky, Gerry: Silverman, Pat: Singleton, Hulda: Skaggs, Jane: Theis, Mark: Theis, Melissa NJ .J ' 'fx S he i V ,N, ,Pt 'xy , -- ' -A ' ,A 'V , , , X L if , -I . ,L ,JN Ng 5 XE, ,gk Wx ' -1.1 W, df. , .P Xxffa fi ie Eg EFX!! twiki, A 'KX s X . . JJ 5 N-f ,C .Q-Q -at T., 1,4 I . J ,JJ :ff W ,X ix , 1,111 .Jf . Q .4 J, .. :yy ,f X , , XJ ,R A C X- ' ii ' J Mr. Shelnutt ROW 3: Fuller, John: Fictenbaum, Rudy: Freeman, Robert: Freedman, Steve: Friedman, Jenny: Fields, Bernie ROW 2: Flum, Leslie: Ellick, Elise: Ferguson, Mark: Finnegan, Robert: First, Tom: Feit, Burton: Friedman, Laura ROW 1: Ferber, Kris: Felton, Catherine: Frnak, Sharon: Freeman, Raymond: Foster, Donna: Foster, Deborah: Fowler, Paul: Ferzacca, Steve: Frank, John Not pic- tured: Finkelstein, Jack: Fox, Barbara: Fox, Stephen Mrs. Slack ROW 3: Gammon, Craig, Goldenberg, Barbara, Blake, Dena, Goldman, Larry, Goldberg, Judy, Gerber, Jon ROW 2: Gay, Tom, Givens, Jackie, Garrity, Susie, Goldstein, Rick, Givens, Leon, Glazier, Terry ROW l: Gale, Roslyn, Goldfeder, Joan, Garfield, Jessie, Geldman, Esther, Goldberg, Adie, Goldstein, Audrey Not pictured: Fuselier, John, Georgen, Mi- chael, Glazier, Louis, Glickert, Paul, Goffstein, Janice, Gaggin, Marsha, Gold- man, Ricky, Grady, Eugene Mr. Woll ROW 3: Chollet, John, Brigham, Earl, Brody, Carl, Carl, Richard, Chang, Po, Brown, Roy, Chollet, Mike ROW 2: Bur- gess, Karen, Cassell, Robert, Bricker, James, Cohen, Alan, Chipman, Grace, Brown, Jerry, Woll, John ROW I: Bur- stein, Elyse, Burroughs, KennAnn, Brody Sandy, Cover, Kharyn, Breunig, Pat' Brechmacher, Diane, Bryant, Gay, Cade Pauletta Not pictured: Breiner, Jerry' Chinsky, Jacci, Clark, Deborah i s v - Miss Small ROW 3: Gammons, Craig, Waxman, Scott, Weinstein, David, Wexelman, Joey ROW 2: Walker, Kevin, Vaughn, Don, Weinstein, Stuart, Wehrenbrecht, Debbie, Tyner, Laurie, Sanderson, Gay- len ROW l: Webster, Carol, White, Lauren, Taylor, Garland, ,Valentine, Duan, Weber, Kim, Vainkos, Linda Not pictured: Banks, Karl, Trice, Diana, Vitale, Gino, Walker, Anne, Walts, Bar- bara, Ward, Pamela, Webster, Edith, Weiner, Maury, Wells, Ron Q Q "Mr. Hale, what do you mean I'm not getting an S., "Irv, you are getting a G, and that is final." "I am a Senior, we don't have finals." "Irv, that was awful, you will pay for it." Double, double, toil and trouble The bathrooms were all locked, where else could I go 94 "Okay, Mr. Hale, I'll take my G." Every time I forget my Boy Scout handbook, I get lost annum,- KS.. . Q, . 1 , '91,-5 isp? ,J J 3 xy - wi my -5 A - L., ' 'ff' f.Q'!,:f'-1V5f- W ' 1? f ' far 5 11 '5- Y. Az .K QW lx A JL S , ,lv ,fb Af A . , fcifff' 17 fw""1 "' L"1'D -f W 4 -a .Ur ,J . , ., - --- k JW1' Nfl fifvf. QQ , 12 A QQ.. N . I Q .L,L,:f Q J 2 ,.',U,' f1,u,'15 7.2 I . 1 Jnrfk AM A! ZJVLWZ Mr. R. Burns ROW 3: Esterson, Avi: Eisen, Jim: Ep- stein, JoAnne: Feldman, Jody: Fox, Peg: Hubbard, Earnesteen: Fulks, Sharon ROW 2: Enders, George: Eichler, Robert: Feinberg, Larry: Fleeman, Karen: Flem- ing, Roger, Cannaday, Shirley ROW l: Fitzgerald, Phil: Feldman, Shelly: Fried- man, Andrea: Fine, Mike: Elder, Danny: Farrell, Denise: Frye, Derrick Not pic- tured: Eisen, Thomas: Elliott, Eva: Ent- wistle, Ruth: Epstein, Ned: Farias, Linda: Feldman, Barbara: Feldman, Philip: Finbloom, Karen: Fishwick, Richard: Frazier, Jack Mr. Henley ROW 3: Jarboe, Rodney: Kern, Ralph: Jordan, Reginald: Pelley, Vicki: Kinnard, Russell: Kirksey, Irma ROW 2: Kinsella, Mike: Jordan, Lisa: Jen, Michelle: Keil, Eva: Keith, Gretchen: Kellum, Arthella ROW I: Kahn, Debby: Katz, llene: Kahn, Jane: Johnson, Jana: Johnston, Kimberly: Keil, Linda: Kalata, Yolanda: Johnson, Howard Not pictured: Kahan, Pamela: Keyes, Kenneth: Lamb, Vicki Class Mr. Alexander ROW 3: Chiles, Marcia: Covitz, Nancy Cassell, Debra: Corson, John: Cohen Byron: Corman, David: Cormack, Greg Carter, Carolyn: Childs, Bobby ROW 2 Conner, Joyce: Cash, Barbara: Cornell Barbara: Cavitt, Tamara: Clark, Gayle Callen, Rhonda: Cosentino, Sandy: Col- lins, Pat: Caro, Roberto: Collins, Frank- lin Don ROW l: Choden, Gale: Corkery Peggy: Cirio, Phoebe: Claxton, Angela Cannaday: Crockett, Pam: Cohen, Julie Cohen, Ellen: Rosenberg, Edie: Clax ton, Don: Conley, Dan Not pictured: Bur row, Kim: Carradine, Shirley: Casey Earl: Childs, Euralee Mrs. Domrese ROW 3: Guttin, Keith: Hearst, Bill: Har- ris, Larry: Hayden, Julia: Grisham, Sheri: Harris, Sharon: Hackmeister, Joe: Green, Curtis ROW 2: Hadas, Edward, Heaton, Becky: Haynes, Sam: Harris, Betty: Hayes, Lonnie: Hennessy, Matt: Hankin, Robin: Grossman, Ellen ROW l: Guilfoil, Vicki: Gruenberg, Sandra: Gra- ham, Sheree: Gregory, Chris: Harris, Donna: Haughton, Cheryl: Gregory, Diann: Hamilton, James Not pictured: Haberstroh, Steve: Harris, Tony: Hartle, Beverly: Hayes, Anthony 1 is.: -n-1 1 1 1 rn v v v 1- 1:1 n nm, n so-N43-4 ll'-1 1. 1-wa 1 v s 0fl973 Mrs. Hood ROW 3: Kleflner, Gregory: Kramer, Steve: Lebedun, Ronald: Krewson, Keith: Lampel, Jeff: Kisslinger, Mike: Klein- dienst, Kurt: Koken, Tom ROW 2: Kalt- erman, Martin: Leipziger, Linda: Kupper Davine: Kornblum, Arleen: Lebman Sam: Leipziger, Marilyn: Kolley, Diane ROW l: LaRocco, Charles: Latson, Kar- en: Latchinson, Zonnie: Klasing, Sarah: Kuhn, Kristy: Kranzberg, Linda: Leavitt, Susan: Kissane, Mary Not pictured: Lay, Darlene: Leong, Roberta v - 'wr 9 .' 1 f x-' J rf. ' Mrs.Jordan ROW 3: Hoffman, Sheldon: Humphrey Bruce: Horowitz, David: Hurwitz Jon athan: Hertel, Charles: Hinton Sue Jackoway, David: lskiwitch, Joel: Hun kins, Patty ROW 2: Miss Salih, Mrs Jordan: Hotchner, Bradley: Huey, Janice Hicks. Robyn: Hines, Sharon: Jackson Leslie: Holtzer, Rachel: Chen, Jimmy ROW l: Hinton, Brenda: Holloway, Wil- liam: Ingram, Keith: Hudson, Lamar: Hutnick, Neil: Hyman, Karen: lnglove, Ethel: Hirsch, Faye Not pictured: Hin- ton, Luann: Hyman, Randall: James, Patricia Mr.Johnson ROW 3: Mack, Phil: Mandelker, John: Leven, Robert: Levy, Joe: Massie, Bill: Lowe, Kenneth: Levine, Gary: Marshall Daniel ROW 2: Malo, David: Lin, Eva' Ludwig, Rose: Link, Nancy: Lepp, Nancy: Marcus, Lenny: Loomstein, Don: Marion, Johnny: Lynch. David ROW I: Likens, Ann: Lipschitz, Simone: Lun- din, Jody: Mayfield, Sabrina: Macon, Pat: Mack, Rhonda: McCadney, Rita: Mebane, Art: Madeson, Frances Not pictured: Margulis, Craig: Lester, Sharon: Lewis, Cottry: Lockhart, Regin- ald: Levin, Tina Mr. Kaltenthalcr ROW 3: Cymber, John: Davis, Ron: Curry, Greg: Davis, Henry: Dublin, Fay: Dotson, Linda ROW Z: Dalton, Lowell: Dupuy, Gilbert: Ehrlich, Martin: De- Wolfe, Richard: Duncan. Tim: Dearing, Jim: Ehrenstein. Joyce: Curry, Richard ROW l: Cunningham, Michael: Dalin, Jeff: Edwards, Linda Kay: Cupples, Jan- et: Ehrlich, Hedy: Doyle. Stephen: Deck- er, Claudette: Duke. Keith Not pic- tured: Dinkins, Sandy: Dabney, Michael: Daugherty, Tyrone: Davis: Deborah: Da- vis, James: Davis, Monica: Davis, Nick 'ff ex X I Mr. Littman ROW 41 Smith, Elaine: Smith, Richard: Singer, Steve: Shapiro, Rick: Shuoe, Tom ROW 3: Shcolnik, Gerry: Stang, David: Sharp, James: Smith, Gunther: Sonderman, Mark: Sidel, Doug: Sonnen- wirth, Maurice ROW 2: Smith, Kathy: Shrieber, Louis: Sims, Pat: Smith, Mi- chael: Sims, Lynn: Spector, Sherri: Seals, Pam: Smith, Donna: Smith, Mary ROW l: Sonnino, Fred: Spencer, Wil- liam: Smith, Albert: Sims, Debra: Smith, David: Speed, Tony Not pictured: Speed, William Jerome Mrs. Moses ROW 3: Rodgers, Rosamond: Nolan, Polette, Powers, Timothy: Rennard, Gary: Powell, John: Price, Dan: Powers, William: Ridenhour. Keith: Reed, Mike ROW 2: Reiman, Ellen: Reynolds, Ro- berta: Pokres, Steve: Randall, Timothy: Latchison, Audrey: Pope, Michelle: Roach, Vicki: Pratt, Diane: Randels, Robert ROW l: Preiss, Linda: Rieger, Kathy: Ralky, Susan: Polloch, Adrianne: Rolfe, Eric: Price, Peter: Rich, Eddie: Rochester, Craig: Remaklus, Linda: Reece, Samuel Not pictured: Reilly, Rob- ert: Richardson, Nadine, Rafky, Susan Mr. Kegel ROW 3: Moss, Terry: Murphy, Robert: McGhee, Frank: McMilton, Richard: Moberly, Jim: Meyer, Richard: McDon- ald, Paul: Huchnick, Howard ROW 2: Meyers, Kathy: Nelson, Sandra: Moss, Deborah: Mischeaux, Joyce: Metcalf, Carolyn: Nelson, Ricky: McFadden, Dar- ryl: Nathan, Geraldine ROW l: Miller Susan: Miller, Linda: McCarty, Pat' v Millburg, Paula: Moonshine, Leslie: More, Sarah: Miller, H. James: Not pic- tured: Meyer, Mary: Mitchell, Elaine' Muir, Nancy Mr. McSpadden ROW 3: Ounanian, John: Pereira, John: Parmley, Doug: Pletz, Fred: Ounanian, Pat: Peterson, Keith: Pritchett, Ray ROW 2: Osterberg, Craig: Newberg, Barry: Paton, Kathy: Parker, Chrissy: Ohlman, Michael: Pinnell, George: Nevels, Rochelle: Lawrence, Eddie ROW l: Oppenheim, Frank: Pinnell, Jack: Page, Debbie: Parks, Pat: Pattiz, De- nise: Parker, Myron: Platt, Mark Not pictured: Osherow, David: Parker, Ed- ward: Parker, Imelda: Payne, Rodney: Phipps, Paul s Mr. Nelson ROW 3: Goldfeld, Joseph, Ginsburg, Leonard, Gornick, Harry, Gale, Bruce, Goldman, Ricky, Gordon, Ronald, Gar- rett, Daniel, Goldstein, Paul ROW 2, Gaddy, Deborah, Gockley, Marsha, God- frey, Meg, Ginsburg, Martin, Goldstein, Harlan, Goldstein, Kenneth, Glaessner, Peter, Galor, Orie ROW l: Gottlieb, Vivan, Goffstein, Lisa, Gaylor, Dalvenia, Gatewood, Lamar, Gentry, Janet, Gol- lub, Rodger, Garber, Judah, Goodman, Laurie, Gordon, Vicki Not pictured: Gammon, Donna, Gear, Clara, Gay, Tom Mr. Shelton ROW 3: Steinberg, Terry, Sundland, Barry, Stix, Peter, Sterling, David, Tink- er, Hope, Steinert, Erik, Stephans, Mark, Tessler, Forrest, Tackes, Mark ROW 2, Taryle, Linda, Stith, Mary, Sussman, Barbara, Stansbrough, Chris, Strominger, Dale, Taylor, Don, Tepper, Rick, Taylor, Anthony ROW l: Stein- berg, Ellen, Tischler, Sandy, Stassevitch, Eric, Stobaugh, Debbie, Toll, Martha, Taylor, Melissa, Thomas, Anthony, Tag- ger, Claude, Tennon, Mark Not pictured: Stein, David, Taylor, JeH'rey Miss Rothschild ROW 3: Sanchez, Tom, Schumitzky, Barbara, Rubenstein, Liessa, Ross, Diane, Rosenthal, Arlene, Sabol, Laurie, Schrick, Vicki, Shamel, Mary, Rosen- thal, Karen ROW 2: Rubin, David, Rus- sell, JefTrey, Rubin, Ellen, Schechter, Kay, Ronollo, Steve, Schimmel, Dave, Rosenblatt, Mike, Russe, Larry, Romano, Joe ROW l: Schwartz, Dave, Schenkier, Sidney, Salniker, Steve, Shanks, Beverly, Schwartz, Judy, Schneider, Judy, Sand- ers, Phil, Schowengerdt, Glenn, Scott, Corbett Not pictured: Safron, Joe: Schear, Marilee, Schmitt, Dan Miss Simpson ROW 3: Wong, Titus, Wilson, Gary, Wise, Ricky: Wood, Terry, Williams, Joan, Young, Deborah, Wiley, Gail, Wil- liams, Betty ROW 2: Young, Calvin, Zweig, Jackie, Zimmerman, Sue, Wil- liams, Daryl, Zweig, Sandy, Zuke, Jeff ROW I: Winston, Jeff, Wiggins, Orean, Williams, Valerie, Williams, Gloria, Zae- gel, Carol, Wildauer, Anita, Williamson. Maynard, Woodside, JefT Not pictured: Williams, Ken, Williams, Joan, Williams Deborah, Williams, Joe, Willis, James, Wilson, Deborah, Wolf, Sandra, WollT, Steve, Ziegenfuss, Mark Q Y g Mr.Thomas ROW 3: Ahlvin, Mark: Anderson, Vinton: Aaron, Stephen: Appel, Adrienne: Bell, Karla: Akins, Debra: Adams, Cora- Lynne: Bailey, Toni: Anderson, JelT: Anderson, Bill ROW 2: Barrett, James: Beeks, Earl: Barsky, Jeff: Barkley, Stephen: Balestreri, Jim: Banks, Tim: Bailey, Sandra: Askew, Wanda: Beitch, Mark ROW l: Arnold, Judy: April, Linda: Ashley, Sandra: Adams, Delores: Allen, Ruby: Ballard, Becky: Bauer, Deb- bie: Allen, Elfrieda: Adkisson, Glenn Not pictured: Bearden, Lisa: Abrams, Ron: Anderson, Sheri: Barrett, Karen Hla I -- H Mr, Suits ROW 3: Weber, Wendy: Wade, Diane: White, Daria: Wiederholt, Lindl: Weis- berg, Maxine: White, Mary Anne: Wheeler, Geoffrey: Whelan, Ned: Wein- garten, Arnold: Wakefield, Nathan ROW 2: Vaccaro, Chris: Weinberg, Cynthia: Trattner, Donna: Wice, Suzanne: Tyler, Michelle: Tyler, Adrienne: Vaughn Sharon: Vaughn, Pamela: Witsell, Leslie: Vossen, Mark ROW I: Vickers, Steven: White, Shirley: Gammon, Donna: Wil- liams, Betty: Ward, Denise: Walton Donna: Waits, Theresa: Whitener, lris: Weathers, Ray: Vaughn, Randolf: Tyson Garth Not pictured: Vaughn, Gwendolyn' Washington, Louis 1 1 1 s Mr. Wright ROW 3: Bresnahan, Charles: Bruening, Robert: Brooks, Allen: Best, Randall: Burman, Howard: Branch, Edgar: Buchanana, Deborah ROW 2: Bockmier, Jim: Bernstein, Joni: Burke, Peggy: Bur- nette, Karol: Bogan, Linda: Bowling, Deborah: Butler, Debra: Bryant, Mi- chael ROW I: Brown, Sharon: Bellucci, Niki: Berk, Barbara: Brooks, Keith: Blackman, Frank: Bickham, Paul: Belle, Ronald: Bertish, Gerald Not pictured: Blackman, Jim: Brown, Sharon: Bullock, Reginald A! You mean you haven t P I heard ofgay lib?" ' 114 ' we .YZ "ln just l0 seconds the county sirens will go olT." ,?,,,,,,,...1- - f I told you to keep your hands to yourself." f l ' ,4 ,',..,,."' ' -pguusIl'- I said run!" if--nf '55, a.,,,,gl, ' 'inf V '. E v -ll xc... -M ,..I1-,,. "Trick or Treat" l x "Better hurry up-the health department will be here in a minute!" , -4" Merit Scholarship D'ci'rZl'-FfI1Cl1l.SlS if Qin' Mary Dickinson Robert Enders Jeremy Garber Mark Greenberg Scott Portnoff dw 11687 Lori Hanlan Nina Melechen Donald Moonshine Martha Sandweiss James Wilson Steven Storozum Phillip Van Neste Thomas Winokur Letlerswyj C0mmena'al1'0n ROW l Melba Adkins Shelley Weinhaus Laura Sidel Pamela Rosenthal Lawrence Cornfeld Clarence Teeters Joel Goldstein ROW 2 Monica Kennedy Arvis Lynch Harriet Colonna Kathy Mayorwitz Linda Hendin hillip Sonenschien rank Richards X.: 105 ..,.,,,1m '-J-f ' Harvard Book Award Row 3 Tedra Mayer Patricia Miller Miriam Weinberg Allan Grafman Timothy Lorenz Michael Lyss Drama Club C? ROW 3: Brenda Freedman, Linda Berns, Mary Winker, James Wilson, Linda Hendin, Mark DeWolfe, Larry Cornfeld, Howard Presser ROW 2: Sioux Rafky, Joanne Epstein, Linda April, Debra Rennard, Steve Marbain, Valerie Smith, Sheila Britton, Barry Sokolik ROW l: Pam Cox, Laurie Sabol, Debi Kahn, Lorie Hanlan, Fran Madeson, Dave Neumann, Mar Sokolik-Director, Barbara Winthrop The main function of the Drama Club is to allow students the freedom to use their creativity and imagination. It is a club where experimentation is made possible. This year the Drama Club's first major production was "Flowers for Algernon," the stage version of "Charly." The production was entirely student managed by director Mar Sokolik. The club sponsor was Mrs. Karen Jackson. 106 Folk Dance Club ROW 4: Bruce Lassar, Douglas Sidel,,Paul Wheeler, Geoffrey Wheeler, Mark DeWolfeg Tim Lorenz, Pres ident ROW 3: Mary Dickinson, Eddie Hadas, Eric Rolfe, Jill Lorenz, Fabian Attoun, Michael Lyss ROW 2 Harriet Colonna, Vicki Guilford, Shauna Feely, Debbie Hadas, Charlie Eisen, Bill Bleish, Jaina Best ROW l Nancy Shatzman, Laura Sidel, Nina Melechen, Julie Goodman, Carolyn Harford, Mary Raber, Pam Rosen thal, Marla Stulman, Danny Winslow NOT PICTURED: Randy Best Folk Dance Club meets for those students who are interested in learning dances from different countries. Dances come from such countries as Russia, Israel, Greece, Arabia and many others. A typical Friday session draws nearly twenty dancers. This provides people the chance to learn new dances and enjoy more familiar ones. New- dances are taught by members of the Inter- national Folk Dance Association. Anyone interested in joining or visiting a dance session may do so. Folk dancing is also olfered Saturday evenings by the IFDA. IO7 Guitarist Guild N.-J QM www' I A I 5,5 5 5 7 " " T r ROW 2: Ron Steiner, Alan Leavitt, Eve Kahn, Dennis Zaretsky ROW l: Michael Chollet-Co- chairman, David Hamblin, Larry Cornfeld, Eugene Carter NOT PICTUREDZ Becky Heaton, Judy Magidsonsffo-chairman, Gayle Rybolt, Patty Stansbrough The U. City Guitarist Guild is made up of people who want to improve their guitar playing, who want to help others learn guitar, and who just want to sing. The purpose ofthe Guild is to give the members a chance to better their understanding of the - guitar, its music, and its techniques. Besides just sitting around and "jamming', the Guitarist Guild puts on programs at various schools and other places. This gives the group the experience of playing together and leading songs. 108 Music Officers Marcia Kornblum, Secretaryg Rick Ehrlich, Presidentg Chris Heckendorn, Vice-President vs ROW 3: David Jobe, Managerg Keith Hyman, Uniform Manager ROW 2: Ruby Curry, Secretary: Perry Fuller, Publicityg Leslie Stricker, Uniform Manager: Bee Drews, Librarian ROW I: Diane Kahn, Publicityg Kenneth Allen, Captaing Annette Callen, Assistant Librarian a.,m Joel Campbell, President: Joanie Sacks, Vice-President: Michael Lyss, Secretary-Treasurer lO9 Music Specials Flag Bearers Q! fb Qt If fag-of ' Uv U' 0 x QD QR Ni f 7k ' if jab w L X CQ aj et ROW 2: Maxine Weisberg, Arvis L Row l: Diane Kahn, Terri Pillars i Dotson, Mary Ann Meyer W Ml X Flag Tw'rlers if V joy Donna Harris, Phoebe Cirio, Regina Adkins, .lovanar Buford Marc Meyer, -Co-Captain, Linda Miller. Sioux Rafky NOT PICTURED: Drum Major Rose McMillan Marching Band Council ROW 3: David Jobe, Marc Meyer, Bee Drews, Perry Fuller, Keith Hyman ROW 2: Brad R. Karoll, Paul Durham, Leslie Stricker, Marc Kaiser ROW l: Mary Ann Meyer, Diane Kahn, Donna Harris, Kenneth Allen llO A Cappella MQW Irene Aach Earl Beeks Sheila Britton Michael Bryant Deborah Buchanan Rochelle Burnett Eric Burse Carolyn Carter Eugene Carter Robert Cassell Steve Cohen Robert Ebert Linda Edwards Joyce Ehrenstein Richard Erlich Mindy Fixler Elaine Fixman Lorraine Garfield Esther Geldman Audrey Goldstein Laurie Goodman Sandy Gruenberg Willa Hardy Diane Harrison Lynne Harrison Rebecca Heaton Christine Heckendorn Linda Hendin Jana Johnson Karen Johnston Kim Johnson Marc Kaiser Eva Keil Joyce Keil Linda Keil Diane Kelley Marsha Kelley Marcia Kornblum Beth Ladin Sharon Lieberman Toni Madison Tedra Mayer George Mellman Linda Miller Mary Moore Sandra Nelson Chrystie Parker Pat Parks Mr. Larry Thomas, Director 111 Fred Pletz William Powers Linda Preiss Sheila Radman Sam Reece Linda Remaklus Kathy Reiger Debra Riggins Ellen Rubin Carol Schlef Jerrold Schucart Belinda Smith Mary Smith Patti Stansbrough Charlotte Statler Gary Stern Debbie Stobaugh Clarence Teeters Shirley White James Wilson Brad Wood Sally Zimmerman Sue Zimmerman Vicki Zuckerman S X! Michael Byant Debbie Cassell Joyce Ehrenstein Susan Feinberg Brenda Grosman Suzanne Heise Eric Burse Linda Hendm Eugene Carter Karen Johnston Robert Ebert Eve Kahn Richard Ehrlich Marcia Kornblum Lorraine Garfield Elizabeth Parks Audrey Goldstein Sheila Radman Christine Heckendorn Carol Schlef Band FLUTE Callen, Annette Chinsky, Jacci 'Drews, Belinda Harris, Larry Harrison, Lynn Hirsch, Faye Reynolds, Roberta Schankman, Iris Schwartz, Judith Stricker, Leslie Sussman, Barbara Zimmerman, Rhonda L, PICCOLO Schankman, Iris OBOE 'Marilyn Magidson 'Pamela Rosenthal Winston, Jeff BASSOON Feldman, Jody vHurwitz, Jon 3'Lassar, Bruce I Maschan, Bambi CLARINET Bleisch, Bill Dalin, Jeff Ehrlich, Martin Entwistle, Ruth Gale, Bruce Goodman, Alan 'Hyman, Lori Kahn, Diane CLARINETS CONT. Magidson, Judy 'Meyer, Marc Rubin, Ellen Rubin, Suzi Smith, Barbara Weisberg, Maxine BASS CLARINET Allen, Ken Curry, Ruby SAXOPHONE Axelbaum, Gerald Fox, James Kaplan, Barry Mellman, George Speigelman, Ron 8 CORNET Ahlvin, Mark "Black, Scott Hyman, Randy Moonshine, Don Ridenour, Keith Sandel, Tom Schucart, Jerold Sonnenwirth, Maurice Stokes, Jim Woodside, JelT FRENCH HORN 'Hopson, Bill Rebson, Dan Schwartz, Dave Woodside, Steve II3 TROMBONE Fuller, Perry Garrett, Dan "Hyman, Keith Sidel, Douglas Sorkin, Jerry BARITONE Kaiser, Marc "Kirkland, Jack TU BA 'Jobe, David Kleffner, Greg Kloeckner, Mark PERCUSSION "Hennessy, Matt Holloway, Bill Martin, Larry McCadney, Ceatrice Miller, Jim "Paskal, Steve Singer, Steve Waxman, Scott 'Section Leader Roger W. Warner, Conductor Stage Band SAXOPHONES: Gerald Axelbaum, Lori Hyman-lst alto, Martin Ehrlich-2nd alto, Bruce Gale-lst tenor, Barry KapIan'f2nd tenorg Earl Beeks-baritone TRUMPETS: Scott Blackflstg Keith Ridenhour-f2ndg Jerold Schucart -3rd, Don MoonshineA4th TROMBONES: Keith Hyman-lst, Dan Garrettf2nd3 Mare Kaiserff3rdg TUBA: David .lobe DRUMS: Matt Hennessy GUITAR: Pat Hennessy: BASS GUITAR: Mark Rennard PIANO: Jerry Sorkin Pep Band FLUTES: Annette Callen, Bee Drews, Lynn Harrison, Fay Hirshe, Iris Schankman, Leslie Stricker CLARI- NETS: Allan Goodman, Lori Hyman, Ellen Rubin, Barbara Smith SAXOPHONES: Gerald Axelbaum, Jeff Dalin, George Mellman, Ron Speigelman TRUMPETS: Mark Ahlvin, Scott Black, Paul Durham, Randy Hy- man, Brad Karrol, Don Moonshine, Keith Ridenhour, Jim Stokes BARITONES: Bill Hopson, Marc Kaiser, Jack Kirkland TROMBONES: Dan Garrett, Keith Hyman TUBAS: David Jobe, Peter Price PERCUSSION: Ken Allen, Bill Holloway, Steve Pascal, Gary Schwartz, Scott Waxman CONDUCTOR: Marc Meyer, SPONSOR: Mr. Larry Thomas ll4 Orchestra FIRST VIOLIN Paul Ahlvin 'Michael Herzberg 'Babette Levy Joan Sacks SECOND VIOLIN Russ David 'Avrum Esterson Rebecca Heaton Charlotte Statler VIOLA 'Joel Campbell Karl Guyer Michelle Jen Davine Kupper CELLO Rhonda Callen Jim Eisen 'Michael Lyss Sandra Nelson Linda Preiss Marsha Toll BASS Karl Banks Joel Iskiwitch 'Susie Payne Kathryn Smith PIANO Nancy Shatzman FLUTE 'Belinda Drews Iris Schankman Leslie Stricker OBOE ' 'Marilyn Magidson Pamela Rosenthal CLARINET Lori Hyman 'Marc Meyer BASSOON 'Bruce Lassar Bambi Maschan 'Principal Conductor, David Shipman H5 FRENCH HORN 'William Hopson Daniel Rebson David Schwartz Steven Woodside CORN ET 'Scott Black Keith Ridenour TROMBONE Perry Fuller 'Keith Hyman Jerry Sorkin TUBA David Jobe PERCUSSION Matthew Hennessy William Holloway Steven Paskal Steven Singer Black Student Union: Central Committee go Mfg ROW 2 Frank Richards, Gaylen Sandenson, Gary Lynn Jones ROW l: Kent Blalock-President Ben Ridley Betty Harris, Bert Steed, Alvin Walker-Vice-President NOT PICTURED: Etta Jackson The Black Student Union is an organization created to serve the Black students at U. City. The purposes of the BSU az : to: promote racial pride and dignityg foster Black unity through identityg encourage improvement in scholarship, create an in- terest and understanding of Black cultureg strive to rid the school and community of racism, and help all people appreciate the beauty of Blackness. The Ministry of Information and Culture worked to inform the Black students in the high school of national and local developments and events concerning Black people. This was done by a series of political education classes presented after school, and by means of periodic newsletters edited by Etta Jackson. The bulletin board also helped inform students where interesting cultural activities were to be held. Ben Ridley headed the committee. A number of parties were given by the BSU. One was given after services sponsored in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. A series of parties were given to raise money for the Black Panther Political Prisoner Defense Fund. A program of tutoring for Blacks was also undertaken. The program located outstanding Black students in the school and asked them to tutor others who had requested help. II6 Coordinating Council Mark Greenberg, Deborah Dalin, Frank Richards, Larry Cornfeld, Mr. James Lanman NOT PIC TURED Mr. Robert Alexander When Student Council was dissolved in May, 1970, there was clearly a need for something to fill the void. In the searching period that followed the concept of Student Government evolved. This concept was originally developed by seniors Mark Green- berg and Ed Adelman . . . others joined in the planning stages, to develop the final concept of administration, faculty, and stu- dents functioning as a unilied school rather than as individual organizations. This has been largely an experimental year as far as government and decision making, busily searching out the "could" and "could nots" of this type of system. The school government consists of four boardsfActivities, Curriculum, Rules and Regulations, and School Relations, which meet weekly with a committee of nine students, three faculty members, and one administrator per board. The olTicer from each board, the school government sponsor, and the principal make up the coordinating board which totals the findings of each board at the end of each week. In this fashion, the school should be kept informed as to things happening throughout the building, at every level. With the help of a willing administration, a cooperative faculty, and a unique student body-a devoted sponsor and four "giving" chairmen-we have taken one giant step forward. It is greatly hoped that the work of this year's school government will serve as a springboard for substantial achievements in years to come, and as a possible better method for other school systems to im- plement. ll7 A clivities Board ROW 2: Mr. James Lanman, Jeff Dalin, Janis Smith, Larry Cornfeld, Chairmang Miss Ellen Rahn ROW l: Mark DeWolfe, Linda Hendin, Secretaryg Janet Cupples, Susie Holtzman, Denise Pattiz, Yvette Albright NOT PICTURED: Mr. Earl Beeks, Miss Virginia Dicus, Mr. Paul Wright. Curriculum Board X l Q fi , ef. .A ROW 2: Mr. James Lanman, Robert Enders, Audrey Goldstein, Linda Berns, Mrs. Karen Jackson, Mr. Richard Bagenstos ROW l: Bill Bleish, Sharon Lieberman, Mark Greenberg, Chairmang Joanne Feldman, Tom Winokur NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Shirley Kung, Mr. John Woll, Calvin Young H8 Rules ana' Regulations Board 'IL is vs.-..,. vs LJ ROW 2: Paul Fowler, Frank Richards, Chairman: Mr. Hugh Burns, Mr. Henry Kaltenthaler, Mr. James Lanman ROW l: Alan Leavitt, Hope Tinker, Adie Goldberg NOT PICTURED: Kent Blalock, Richard Dabney, Mark Friedman, Mr. Frank Kegel, Mrs. Mary Paznokas, Billy Shapiro School Relations Board ox' IB' M S152 , i' V1 ut- all r A I I f . , ' 1' ' ' ' if all ai" il ,Q .-.1 ' ff sail' ROW 3: Bernie Fields, James Wilson, Mr. David Page ROW 2: Laurie Friedman, Lori Hyman, Mr. Hugh Burns ROW l: Mr. James Lanman, Edward Adelman, Deborah Dalin, Barbara Sundland NOT PICTURED: Mr. Robert Alexander, Mr. Donald Axt, Becky Bierman, R0 I I9 bert Eichler Chess Club sg-2-' Q Q1 SAC " X . f f - wx f s ff JN ROW 2 Tim Lorenzg William Massey-6th boardg Larry Cornfeld, Paul Wheeler ROW l: Robert Enders President lst boardg Daniel Winslow, Vice-President-2nd boardg Michael Sollot-3rd board Mark San ord 4th board: Eddie Hadas-5th board Although some sophomores expressed disbelief when an- nouncements concerning the Chess Team began coming over the P.A., juniors and seniors for at least those that had heard P.A. announcementsj were aware that U. City has a strong Chess Team. St. Louis champions for three years, the Indians had to content themselves with second place last year, but they hope to establish supremacy over the other St. Louis area schools again this year. Two years ago U. City tied for fifth and sixth place in the National High School Championship in New York. That year, filled with such accomplishments as a victory over Washington University, U. City had both the Missouri State and St. Louis champions on its team. The high school matches are played on Wednesdays and con- sist often games, with each member of the five man team play- ing two games with his opponent on the other team. 120 Debate Club 17 ROW 2 Scott Price, Jim Wilson,.Phil Van Neste, Vice-Presidentg Marcia Kornblum ROW I Jeff Gale Presidentg Chris Phillips, Stan Payzer, Mr. Rick Burns, Sponsor NOT PICTURED: Linda Kell Louis Shieber, Ellen Steinberg Four important skills come out of participating in this mind- stimulating activity: lj facility in analyzing arguments and issues in a logical and systematic mannerg 23 ability in supporting a point of view by using relevant evidenceg 35 poise, coherency, and organization in persuading a group of people to accept a plan of action, and 45 facility in asking elfective questions to de- rive direct, satisfactory responses. At the beginning of the year, meetings are designed to ac- quaint new members with the national high school debate topic of the year. Later in the year, less frequently-held meetings are spent on polishing technique and discussing previous debates. When a school participates in a league competition, a four- man team must be present. Each team divides into affirmative and negative squads of two debaters each. Both squads debate twice at the six meets. Sponsors from other schools judge the debates. 121 ,ang G0 and Cribbage Gaming Society ,A , A ' M- Liv: .ziis -is 259521 ., 3 l l N., A ROW 3: William Henri--Stray Whig, George Leonard-Stray Whig, David Hamblin-Stray Whig, Geoffrey Wheeler-Keeper of the Stones ROW 2: Judah Garber-Harbinger fAlias: The Phantom Precursorj, Randy BestfLocal Hexaflexagod, Debbie HadaseQueen of Spades ROW 1: Bill Bleisch- President, Paul Fowler-Lord High Pendragon and Chief Procrastinator, Ron LeveneFounding Father and Honorary Secretary of Under Affairs, T. W. Lorenz-Founding Grandfather and Token Iconoclast ON LEAVE OF ABSENCE: Harold Krisher-Ambassador to Cesspool Juggling Club fl , f-5 as tl fig'- lfilwlsiibix. l it ll Jim Wilson, Chris Phillips, Larry Goldman, Mrs. Jo Anne Fritz!Sponsor l22 Dial 17 I l r Q X KJ ROW 3: Phillip Sonenschien, Boy's Sports: James Wilson, Candidsg Michael Lyss, Lay-out: Gerald lnukai, Lay-out ROW 2: Marcia Kornblum, Clerical: Allan Grafman, Ads: Ruby Curry, Girls' Sports: Linda Berns, Art: Ann Stokes, Ads ROW l: Larry Cornfeld, Photography: Beth Ladin, Editor: Nancy Shatzman, Editor: Jeremy Garber, Literary Editor: Mary Entwistle, Ads C-7 Lt Z ROW 2: Lorraine Garfield, Clerical: Linda Hendin, Clerical: Harriet Colonna, Candidsg Larry Roesler, Photography ROW l: .loanie Sacks, Sales: Michele Evans, Clerical: Sheila Britton, Clerical: Alan l eavitt, Photography 123 Miss Wilda Flint, Sponsor The Magazine YJ Yap .J ROW 2 Eddie Hadas, Mark DeWolfe, Phillip Van Neste, .lim Wilson ROW I: Shauna Feely, Jaina Best Nina Melechen-Editor, Linda Strominger NOT PICTURED: Earl Brigham, Marty Ehrlich, Leslie Flum, Joy Goldwasser, Don Moonshine The literary magazine of University City Senior High is pub- lished by a group of students dedicated to the furthering of prospective literary talent. These students volunteer to edit the creative writings. The magazine fosters communications among the students of U. City by providing them with an opportunity to read works by their contemporaries. The material that has been submitted to the literary magazine is reviewed by the editors. They decide what to publish and what to discard. The magazine is then run off at the Ward Building and distributed free-of-charge to the students through advisories. l24 'YS ui!! and Scroll Di ROW 4 Michael Lyss, Tom Winokur, Phil Sonenschieng David Robinson, Bruce Lassar ROW 3 Mary Entwistle .lim Wilson, Bob Cohen, Beth Ladin, Ruby Curry ROW 2: Linda Berns, Ken Winokur Sarah Moqrdhorst, Joel Goldstein, Susan Holtzman, Nancy Shatzman ROW l: Miss Pam Helm Miss Wilda Flint, Jane Zinner, Marni Sandweiss, Ann Kaufman, Eliot Hoffman, Terri Engel NOT PIC TURED Mary Dickinson, Jerry Briner, Daniel Winslow, Suzanne Magee. The Quill and Scroll Society is the U. City branch of an inter- national honorary society for high school journalists. Its purpose is to encourage and reward individual student achievement in journalism and school publications. Over ten thousand high schools participate in the organization. Only a high school that publishes a newspaper, yearbook, or magazine may apply for admittance. The Society maintains high standards and individual membership in it is an honor. The U. City Chapter of the Quill and Scroll has only formally organized itself this year. Its members are composed of members from the staffs of Dial, Tom-Tom, and the Magazine. Miss Pamela Heim and Miss Wilda Flint are the sponsors. To date the members have been so busy with their specific publications that there has been no time for activities. 125 ,TIIH ,ik nge The T0m -T0m iS J bl-weekly Hvwsiwpvf. wvl- i01ToRl.i1,l-01TnR ..... ....., 1 4Niv1r,4i'Fn1,fiN coming suggestions .ind criticisms in the form of Staff' fUUlCf1"1l'hl'H-RW"F"fW'Xflf'-,'l',"""A" Letters to the I'ditor. All unsigned editorials represent a staff position. Garliar, Aiidriji' Goldstein, Jon Hurwllz, Pam i HQG UnivefSify.Ci1y,Hig'!Schoo' 4mJED'g!'u AAssociate Feature'E.diior',i ...... Marv Entwistle 2 740132lS0H,UmvfrS1fyCIfy.M0-63130 Qui'- 5 . Staff A Dehlvii' Dalirz, ware Hadas. Lvrm .n Joel Goldstein ........ Editor-in-Chief XS Martha Sandweiss .... Managing Editor 'uw' Susie Holtzman ..... Business Manager Miss Pam Heim . . . ......... Sponsor ,'Nl1'WSI'l7ITUR ,..... ..., , 1l,1R Y DIClx'lNSON Associate News Editors . ,,,....., Linda Berns, Ken Winokur Siaff Mark Ilwwnljv, Salli' Klassirig, Miki' Lvss, I,i'slif' Alofmsliiruq IJi'ni.w Paltis. Marsha Toll, Paula Ymirra, lliirrivl Chlmnza f' Harrison, ,'i11i'hvlIu Jan. Bahcrte l,mQi', Susan iii Pavruq Charloiti- Statler. Laslii' Strickar. H0120 ' S CR OLL I'IllIxl'f. .ICH flIIxl', Hlali SIPIIIIFUFVU, Linda I'ri'i.vS Rnscntliall, - FIV4 TURF EDITOR SARAH MORDHORST :J 14 SPORTS EDITOR ........... . DA VE ROBINSON Associate Sports Editor, ii. i . . Phil Sonnenschein Girls Sports Editor, ,, ............ Ruby Curry Staff - Larri' C0fI1'fl'ILI, JuffDi1Iin, Kan Gnld- rrvin, Alan Goodrnari, Mark Kaiser, Sid Sclicukiirr, BillSl1apirn, Clarvnca Tcctcrs, George ,NIIIIIIVIUII PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR ....... TOM WINOKUR Sraff - Jim Eisun. Tom Eisau, ,4i'iI:'starx0r1, Stare Kramer, Stem' Singer, I26 M' jf il. AD VER TISING MA NA GIJRS ....... BOB COHEM TERRI ENGEL, ELIOT HOFFMAN SUZANNE MA GEE Sm!! - .lim Corrzhlcwt, Bernie Fields, Annalee Greenberg, I..l'III19 Malavari, Linda Leipzigel. PROMOTIONAL ARTEDITORS. .. LINDA BERNS, RENEE JOHNSON EXCHANGE EDITORS ...... LOUISE KA UFMAM DAN REBSOM CLERICAL EDITORS ......... .IUDYASKUVICH ROBIN BERMAN CIRCULATION MANAGERS ..... TOM LUCKEY, JIM WILSON NEWS BUREAU GENERAL MANAGERS... JERRY BREINER, JANE ZINNER SPECIAL PROJECTS DIRECTOR ....... SHA RON LJEBERMAN A merican Field S erviee KJ LI ROW 3 Ellen Steinberg, Andi Dansker, Sandy Tischler, Suzanne Wice, Mr. David Littman ROW 2 Davine Kupper, Elyce Burnstein, Laurie Friedman, Gary Stern ROW l: Maria Lourenco, Kay Schec ter Ellen Rosenblatt, Presidentg Adie Goldberg, Ann Kaufman, Peggy Scheuer NOT PICTURED Linda Preiss The '70-'71 year of the American Field Service had an enthu- siastic beginning because ofthe arrival of Maria Lourenco, The year continued with fund raisers, socials, and old fashioned fun. Maria was introduced to the community with a formal recep- tion and to the student chapter with a barbeque. Later in the year, Maria was formally introduced to the school at the A.F.S. Assembly. Also at this time all the American Field Service stu- dents in the St. Louis area spent a day visiting at U.C. Fund raisers consisted of twice-weekly donut sales, the annual Pancake Breakfast, and the sale of greeting cards during the holidays. Since the purpose of the American Field Service is to better understanding and communication throughout the world, a progressive dinner was held to enable U. City students to meet with foreign students, and for the fun ofit. 127 Maria Lourenco This year's foreign exchange student is Maria Lourenco from Cataguases, Brazil. Maria is here through the efforts of the American Field Service which organized many fund raisers. The main purpose of her visit to America is learning about American culture: our language, our customs, our people. She has succeeded well in the Hrst category. ,, im.: ...,. . , . if , l .,,. 5 . Q if N " g V 4 aw' W 'if x ssc-. . Qi 2 I 5 5' W V Q 'F .. - . Q, gx, I take notes, think, and even ' dream in English." ' frv' ' , i M " I W yfufi ,Z R 4' .,,, z 11- r fs W Z Y J 0 its 1., wx f1,f rrvrv . "Some customs were hard to get used to, however. In Brazil 4 parties start at 1:00 in the morning and last till dawn, so we are J , Y, , ,M asleepy country in comparison." Z V.. lftz 1 As for the people here, once we stop asking the same old ' questions such as, "Isn't Brazil where they speak that strange h language Portuguese?" she thinks we're great. Pigl "V' 3 128 wt Foreign Students Committee 5 F: V-1 -iq-of-1' Qiiiflg 5 ROW 3: Robert Enders, Phillip VanNeste, Axel Breckwoldt, George Leonard, Roberto Carr, Joseph Goldfeld ROW 2: Jim Wilson, Linda Berns, Lori Hyman, Gilbert Dupuy, Maria Lourenco, Diane Rousos, Lisa Ku ROW l: Fabian Attoun, Chris Phillips, Eva Lin, Christianne Dupuy, Angela Roberts, Nadia Nussbaum NOT PICTURED: Po Chang, Julie Goodman, Irene Kolivaki, Johnson Ku, Abu Sheriff, Agnes Wong, Budamir Zwolanek The Foreign Student Committee was started this year by Abu Sheriff to acquaint foreign students with each other and with other American students. Most people do not realize that out of approximately thirty foreign students in U. City, only one is from AFS. Foreign students at U. City for various reasons, do not usually make many American friends. It is possible to go through two or three years at U. City without making American friends other than casual acquaintances. The Foreign Student Committee met on Fridays to plan fun activities for the weekends. Both American and foreign students met together on Sundays. The group played soccer several times at Heman Park, had a pot luck supper at the houses of various members, including the sponsor, Mrs. Jacobs. Another important facet of the committee was to improve the English of the foreign students. Everyone was supposed to speak English during the meetings and activities, and a tutoring pro- gram was set up to help with difficult subjects that require much reading. Learning was a two way process. American students got an opportunity to use the language they were studying in school, and foreign students used their English more often. 129 German Club ROW 4: Harvey Lapidus, Neil Diboll, George Reiter, Steve Goldberg, Harry Gornick, .lim Hamilton, JelT Zuke ROW 3: Mark Kloeckner, Roberta Reynolds, Mary Winker, Deborah Buchanan, Jeff Russell, Gerald Inukai ROW 2: Herr KleinmSponsor, Nancy Shatzman, Ann Likens, Angela Roberts, Gerry Shcolnik, Kathy Paton, Joan Williams, Grace Chipman ROW l: Art Von Luger GerhardfVice- President, Linda Strominger-Secretary, Frank Richards-President, Daniel WinslowiTreasurer NOT PICTURED: JelTGoldstein Under the leadership of Herr Wallace Klein and President Frank Richards D a s D e u t s c h e V e r i e n is experiencing its sixteenth year. Its membership is composed of first, second and third year German students. The purpose of the club is to experience as many German festivals and customs as are possible in the United States and to simply have fun. The first project was a talk by Steve Goldberg who told about his summer experiences in Deutschland through slides. This was followed by the fall Ausiiug, or outing, which took place in Forest Park. Herr Klein, in his Lederhosen, supervised the cooking. Then in December, the last afternoon of school before vacation, there was the Weinachtsfest, or Christmas Party, where we sang German songs and ate German food. Later in the year another Ausflug, in the spring, and a meeting with German exchange students throughout the St. Louis area were planned. Last year's stamp collection for an epileptic hos- pital in Germany was continued. 130 Hebrew Club ROW 4: Lester Mankofsky, Douglas Sidel, Billy Shapiro, Steve Goldberg, Howard Burman, Eli Montague ROW 3: Mayor Parker, Edward Adelman, Mark Greenberg, Janet, Babette Levy, Scott Portnoff ROW 2: Marianne Madeson, Jeremy Garber, Jerrold Schucart, Ruth Kohm, Carol Goldstein, Pamela Rosenthal ROW l: Shari Klayman, David Rubin, Arlene Rosenthal, Barbara Winthrop, Fabian Attoun NOT PIC- TURED: Harriet Colonna The newly created Hebrew Club was open to any student in- terested in the Hebrew language and culture or the State of Israel. The group originated in the Hebrew classes, among stu- dents who felt they could learn extra-curricular setting. The programs included a discussion led by a Middle East ex- pert on the conflict between Arabs and Jews, and an Israeli meal. l3l Hellenic Society 14,7 ROW 2: Paul Fowler, Bill Bleisch, Michael Lyss ROW l: Nancy Shatzman, Miss Evelyn PattersonfSponsor, Phyllis Lugger, Michelle Jen A new addition to the high school, this group of students has undertaken the study of the Greek language. The dialect studied is ancient Greek ofthe Attic period. The group meets once a week on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to lit the schedules of both the teacher and the students. Miss Pat- terson, the Latin teacher, agreed to teach this class upon request from a few interested students. Although normal school work interferes with a routine study, the hope of the students is to gain some foundation in the intricate structure of Greek. A former U. C. student, Rick Newton, came to school in De- cember to show some slides he had taken during his stay in Greece. I32 Spanish Club fmglltif 5 . ,!"f. X., 5 m 'i T is 4 s.,. 'iq it F I 4 I '4A,1 , Ns. .Ay V flatfi , 'iw-.31 9743525 '- 1' vi .K an 3' 'Pit .i, 1 v 1 591 W . '7 'fr' V s 'i Q. J ,al QV X 1 X T ' i 3 V N i h P A r,- a s Q ff ii -- ' V ii? N l Ulf' ROW 3: Fabian Attoun, Carolyn Carter, Jim Susman, Mr. BilgerefSponsor ROW 2: Cathy Houlihan, Laurie Friedman, Lincoln Mayer, Bob Sieberf President ROW l: Gayle Rybolt, Leslie Moonshme. Andi Dansker. Mark Beitch, Gary Beitch The purpose ofthe Spanish Club is to plan meaningful activi- ties that encourage fellowship among Spanish students. The activities usually reflect a Spanish Havor, but not always. Activi- ties have included a fall picnic, a Spanish dinner, and ice skating. The Club planned various reports and slide programs to study culture. The final project was a dinner at a Latin American res- taurant in the spring. l33 A uclio- Visual Club W '15 W T. ,fi M Chester King, Bob Raleigh Cinematography Club ll -u Q ff 1 ROW 2: Steve Storozum,-Secretary, Jim Wilson, Eric Richman, Steve Goldberg-Pornography Edi- tor ROW l: Mark Friedman, Charlie Gale, Larry Cornfeld-Head Usher and Ticket-taker, Phil Sonenschein-Tribune NOT PICTU RED: Ted Lorenz, Tim Lorenz l34 X Kfur 41 V . r , , 1 , 1'-1 . 3 Y- Y 1,55 'IW iw- ', ", 'if' V .N f ea, V 21 1,55 ', A 'Avia l f 1 ,Y N x 1 I Q L L ri f A if f ROW 3: Hank Goldberg, Treasurerg Stan Wilenskyg Scott Nelson ROW 2: Mr. John Wiegers, Sponsorg Susie Garrity, Secretaryg Phil VanNeste, Jim Wilson ROW l: Chris Phillipsg John Owens, Presidentg Steve Goldberg, Chief Engineer S rage Crew an-.N x il ROW 2: Larry Goldman, Peter Stix, George Leonard, Bob Grossman, Howard Bass ROW l: Morey Gers, Larry Roesler, Axel Breckwoldt, Steve Storozum NOT PICTURED: Gerald lnukai, Jim Kissane 135 Astronomy Club 'QQ C27 K S .. of MW ,- ROW 2: Larry Roesler, Dr. David Leventhal, James Wilson ROW l: Rhonda Korol, Phyllis Luggerl Mark Sanford Biology Club fit if-J ROW 3: Douglas Sidel, Jerrold Schucart, Barry Sokolik, Paggy Burke ROW 2: Marlene Sokolikl Presidentg Val Smith, Gerry Shcolnik, Terry Wood, 2nd Vice-Presidentg Dr. David Leventhal, Sponsor ROW l: Debra Rennard, lst Vice-President: Niki Belluci, Barbara Winthrop, David Rubin l36 Oyfce Monitors 9.- Q7 I 5 4 T il ii E ' l :-'fzi' X V I l - T t ROW 3 Donnie Harris, Vicki Pelley, Carol Webster, Sandra Mayl, Howard Belsky ROW 2 Marsha Shanker Stephanie Brown, Sheila Britton, Howard Burman, Truman Beard ROW I: Arvis Lynch Renee Johnson, Vicki Leon, Janet Gentry, Robin Ehrlich The office monitors were the volunteers who devoted an hour of their services everyday to helping the various oflices of the school run smoothly. These students assisted in the main office, guidance oftice, clinic, and attendance oflice. Errands were run, temperatures were taken, attendance slips were picked up, rec- ords were iiled, band-aids were given out, and telephones were answered. U. City assistants were always on the job ready to help make our school run effectively in all aspects of its operation. Yes, these dedicated monitors were the pride of their respective offices. l37 A 4 5 Pep Club ROW 4: Brenda Baker, Daisy X. Carter, Harry Gornick, Bill Shapiro, Anne Giraud, Steve Tenzer, Barney Grossberg, Paul Glickert ROW 3: Fabian Attoun, Pamela Paige, Ruby Curry, Renee Johnson, Lorraine Garfield, Judy Kaplan, Ava Salniker, Nate Stone, Joanie Sacks ROW 2: Melba Adkins, Yvette Albright, Terri Pillars, Marsha Toll, Gail Satz, Debbi Kuhn, Robin Berman, Terri Ross ROW l: Ken- neth AllenfVice President, Arvis Lynch, Vickie Cuttler-President, Bunne GellmaneTreasurer NOT PICTURED: Kristi Kuhn Pep Club helped to initiate spirit at U. City this year. Its aim was to promote spirit, pride, and involvement in school activities. A car wash was held in early September to raise money for the Mixer. All fall sports teams were introduced at the Fall Pep Assembly. Buttons, derbies, and shakers were sold by the Pep Club. Pep pals were introduced. One girl was secretly assigned to each athlete. Her job was to "pep" up her pal by writing notes, baking cookies, or painting a sign for him before games. Car caravans were formed for the away football games and the spirit commit- tee decorated the boys' locker room before the home games. Wigwam and Pep Club worked together on Homecoming. The winter sports season opened with a Winter Pep Assembly where the soccer, wrestling, swimming, gymnastics, and basketball teams were introduced. 138 .qu Q ve Y Q 3. - f . ' 5' , , V 4 7' KP ' xv: V x V X 6 B I -Q15- G '75773 Y if 6 Pep Group l , ,, I M" WX 'Q " ' N W IZ 1 :iq 5' ' ' ' ri r ' J N CITY l SW QxXV2s4f,. Qgxtlillflji R 6350 gi kJlS0, in-1 . AQ: 933,90 w .1 ' ROW 4: Jennifer Roscoe, Mary Ann Love, Ruby Curry, Donnie Harris ROW 3: Jeanette Liggins, Edith Webster, Karol Burnett, Carol Webster, Betty Harris ROW 2: Deborah Fields, Gretchen Keith, Pam Harris, Pauletta Cade ROW l: Terri Pillars, Susan Wright, Yvette Albright, Marilyn Baker, Hulda Singleton Y ell Leaders w l i E? L f ROW 3: Barney Grosberg, Nate Stone ROW 2: Richard Hyatt, Steve Tenzer, Harry Gornick ROW l: Don Scott, Terry Glazier, Mike White, Robbie Cassell, Larry Cornfeld, Clarence Teeters l39 Wigwam Junior Board xiii A 2 Tllu l.!:l Y 11' ROW 4: Debbie Wehrenbrecht, Marcia Landau, Fabian Attoun, George Mellman, Robert Cohen, Alan Goodman, Elaine Zemel, Sandy Sufhan, Nancy Shucart ROW 3: Richard Decker, Donnie Harris, Carol Web- ster, Jennifer Roscoe, Janice Golfstein, Ellen Schainblatt, Terri Ross, Nate Stone, Terri Engel ROW 2: Bon- nie Rogers, Karen Zaltman, Ellen Dorb, Elise Ellick, Janis Smith, Marilyn Baker, Judy Magidson, Allynson Graham, Jacci Chinsky ROW l: Larry Slate-President, Barb Beck, Debi Kahn, Jane Kahn, Judy Kaplan- Vice-President, Anne GiraudfSecretary-Treasurer, Hulda Singleton, Mr. Rick Burns-Sponsor . X . 1 if X -'G C27 ,,,f -1 ff-1 X" . I , aff., fl" Lrg, ff,,m EC? mf ' Z4 WL 9' ifllf J fxv l CiL17 X 74 Ax, 4,77 NLF! jg -tm: S545 -15,7 117 3, il J Qfa 66 L N I ,aff ,RQQ Y7h,'L T: f Q FU X A NK! - XL, 'LK g - x ,Wy 1. ry , ii7Qy f ff? 67 57 ij 7 I X, 5 kk- GQ! G W fi ixl' , -,J . H ,V K 5 f :ef J if iff MQ, jf -ffl 1 ' Lf l40 LC? 7 if LC' 1 9 r fi J I WT it picks seabiscuit to win in the third new sig Fl I want an electric train, and a horsey, and N.--S. vQ:. -mg, L , se- - -ng 1'-4 '9- L 6' FW? . . . and then you're clas . . .and now we can sell it for S30 an ounce Sihed 4-F ,KW you've come a long way, baby see how it lifts and separates Today's seminar: Von Neumann's The- ory ofGames l4l wanted: displaced teacher I' S Q . L N- 5 ,ti ' ff" , I '-, x Y N A - W1 f. ow: A M +5 " gf: r .. g, ' fam-ffrxazfflse. V. ' A- ' R I-9 ' N in 1 Q" I .r ig qlinzvgm 9, l :F - .':.:gx:fXX' -0.-i Jr' 'A ,lf . ffm-ff-f-L -.- . x ' , , ' ' Y -1 , 24 '.- g 2,21 ' ,Y 'W .J . - , J W. 1 77 v 2.011 Q I my ,Q 1 ' ff 1 5' k' I x xy 'ik 'L ff-':.., - - , jQ,f.,,,f Jlvii. 'arf 1 'ff X' ' A -fn gig? V' 2' ' . , fi'-Lg P1.- ' R. 'mw.,. v 1 ,ri V, .. L' ? jg, 5 1' s , ,, F A s. ' 5 Q.-I V A I r...,, 4.41 I - W," . F' 1- ' ' -,, ,ylsis ' 'gk N ,, Q Y 'L X ,R .AI N K .A i 1 , E V- , ,H l V JZ I x , . , is Q 'f " 3.15 K " .Q ,355 . ff' f . ,S ww A ,, , , ,Q . S , . M, . . , , . , ,, , N hi, t N ,N ,, , WLM, w.: we ,, , M. , f QMA .,. t V ,.:.W,,.,, f-Q. "-2 W: 'fi-N ' 'W'-'. 'w.s.'v -'wwf 'T' fy' 2 1' ' if ' -. f , X WL H' fm ' . -we 3 ' ai A X' 5' 'gf' M1 ' .nl aj., t , ,gx X- 65, i n , .A W, I 1 M . kgs, .,, ,,, gg, - , ' 3 " "' 'f' ' " ' -...-L,.. W.- ....----'V xg k S ,. QT . .' - ' ' -' N " xg iff, . Q fm 5 g E E -"W-a ff A 4 . Q4 ff 51" f jfs -, aw '- '-1 Z R 'Y " I Y f ' A-, ",, M, f 'ff , 45, 4 ' Q ,if , ,,,, 1 ,, 1 ' L, L' ' ,Fix 'J .Hi Q 'Q A . . Af ' 'V iw I. '-' 5'-f ' Q Ng W ,V . Q , ' . "1 "' V'M A MJ-eg.Pf'5','1 f W -' , giibj 41 - .f-',-in 4? 'L 'F 'M 4 -' . V wi wwe... .f V - , .1 f gf 1 Q, 1 v V' , ' J ""Qi5" V L1 ' ' " J ' K FVVJQ ' J ff. jf-, ln, 7 Qi' 4 ' .S X 'f K -1 Q? Q, 4 Q' i , 6 if 'ry-r , Wm 'fb In ' , 'JF "ff - -- . ff- " di, . ' , f ' . x ' - f-'M v , , , N. .. H, L, Q , X xx, - A . , --3 , f A ., V uh if Xfvzg :ii 4.ffi.f fffff .wfn 'A . 'A f K - w 'v f . c' - b a Q' ' if E 3? A 1"mf3z31i,f, f ,- ','.W 5g gg .N. f'm ' ' 'Q li l-eff ,Q t X 0 iff? Q45 fi yn Vrzgq 17 wsu? . :fax - we g i Q 'N' H, . -, f ' fi ., 'Q . hx , I 4."',m-gs 'Wt 'nag' " ' " J N . X N121 Q!-5 Ekpf. 5 :g g -,T s 5 , . ' Mfg A ' 'A ' ff "' ' Q.-.A ff 5 9' 3 A ' X '- ' .. N - K W if if Q 4. 21 'f jk- X x ,, Ng? , ..- . A 44 , , 1 , 1: 4. H- iw, ,f ,..,, A X , , 'L ,4 ,, . V f Q , 4, , ,Q ,f N , , ww -4 A 5 4 ,- I, - v'- ,f - , . ff -N f, ,.,.Q-gg, ., -vw , , ,J , A - .,', , 1 , , , L,. ,. 'O " V?-- ' by Y x ' ' V H 8" L ll." 'gi " Q' ali' A Q1 '.,HQ,": ,, l , ,. 4 , LN . ,S . x W , ,.:,g W x V A , '1 A - if - -,.::,'k5,,, igvlf ' f Wu, 91" M ' gy' 'V -' -326' Avi' 1 3 7 W w, ' . af L r E 3,.:, 1 - V 4: my h J ,2- ' ' ' X ' ' Eff ' 52, ,h I .Y yr- -L R . W I . fp if 1 ... 5: ' " ' - ' 5 .WF -ff' f 'if ' 'Fi 1 ' "V, ' A . 5,11 '5, 5, 2 -. ,n..:. ive : , A I, :Z 1 - ' y V I ,, hw- W w r. F wi? ww-" 1-'1 f ,rf " " 4' 2 -ap. Qin- ' 5 gim p. , ..,' 4 -x, Ising' 1",...? 6 5 F 3' j gqf ri - 1 A X ,., . XI ,A - -N, ff,y:gpl-r-704---. 6 , , Q , f , J fax 21-. , J' 1 A .. V-. ,. , J lg l ' " 0 'QQ' 'bf .Q Lx . V Clegg f" ffyrfi. , gg- 4" ' 104 ti 1 141. ig, fr -, ff-,M- 1 sq, 4- X , , 1 7,-4 Y 3 K . ' fi K - ! A. gym! 36' ,r ff 4, ,s is I. 'A if. ,fivf ' f ' . f ' we ,isa 4 - "QI-nz L' Liu 95 , xx! lf, 1 ' f ' kP71f -7Ql""i,.i 1' ""' Av -ga i Q f , 'N 7 . sl-.iw I 'R-' ' x-..., 041 23? . AX water polo Senior Lettermerzx Fall filfl- l J I J' alta. r H Axelbaum Craig Goldman H Q5 i r 1 5 Y ' - W . V I A u. A fee., 4.2. fm W Tenzer Walker White Wingku football T1 F' 1' F 3' 'mlm H 4' ..- F 'T :. ' iff' 4 AML A.. L Bowens Grosberg Hill .lones Nicholson 5 w 'I in ,iw 2, A A A S Ryland Shelton Solomon Spiegel Watson NOT PICTURED: Bailey, Ga d CTOSS COLlllIl'y - Q1 P722 1 ' i S e, V ta! , s A A Goldenbcrg Mueller Palmer Richman T r l45 Varsity Water P010 ROW 3 Left to Right: Ken Winokur, Carl Brody, David Aiken, Craig Schwartz, Peter Hay, Coach Richard Scoville. ROW 2: Roger Berger, Pat Hennessy, Nate Stone, Steve Tenzer, Gerald Axelbaum, David Goldman. ROW l: Larry Slate, Ricky Goldman, Ron Walker, Mike White, Bob Craig, Tom Winokur. y M Although the season ended on a disappointing note, the -'MW l97O Water Polo Indians played exceptionally well compiling V Jiv A a 13-2 record, the best since 1965. After crushing Principia "" . ' - if J Q U9-35 and SLUH 123-ll the polomen seemed flat in a 7-4 G loss to Clayton. However, the Indians recovered and went , xlg, 'i " X if .A "'i cf on to win their next eight games, beating Country Day, Lind- r igi d im X . ft iff' bergh, Webster Groves, Berkeley, Hancock, Affton, and La- due ftwicej. These victories set the stage for the regular sea- ' " son finale, a long awaited rematch with the Clayton Grey- I il hounds. U. City had not beaten Clayton for 5 years, but this time the Indians broke the jinx decisively. The Greyhounds moved to an early lead but U. City rallied. Steve Tenzer out-maneuvered his opponent, sped half the length of the pool and scored. A long lead pass from Mike White set up a clear breakaway for Bob Craig, who scored with just 7 seconds left in the first half. This tied the score. U. City grabbed the lead in the second half, and outplayed Clayton during the rest ofthe game to earn a well deserved P4 victory. The Tankmen then moved on to the District Tournament fheld at U. Cityls Natatoriumj. They had high hopes of winning, and envisioned a final round showdown with Clayton for the title. Having drawn a bye in the Hrst round, U. City defeated Affton and took on Ladue in the semi-final game. The Rams were fired up and left U. City 5 goals behind at the half. The Indians rallied strongly on Pat Hen- nessy's 3 straight goals. However, the Indians fell a goal short and were 5 eliminated as contestants for the championship. Clayton defeated Ladue .fsf for the district title, and U. City rebounded to beat Webster Groves for third place. 146 The 1970 Water Polo Indians could boast of many outstanding individual performers in addition to their excellent team performance. Mike White, an Honorable Mention High School All American in I969, was named this year to the first string All District Team, along with shallow water goalie Larry Slate. Pat Hennessy, Steve Tenzer, and Ron Walker earned second string All District honors. They were the high scorers for the Indians. along with White, Craig, and Junior Ricky Goldman who developed into a major threat both offensively and defensively. Tom Winokur, inexplicably excluded from All District recogni- tion was a standout in the deep goal and proved to have one of the best records for area goalies. The Polo- men also had bench strength in Senior David Goldman and Junior Roger Berger. The Indians, although defeated in their try for the area supremacy have a seemingly bright future with returning Juniors Goldman and Berger. The excellent attitude of the 1970 Water Polo Indians was cer- tainly one ofthe year's bright spots. T - El' up ff I47 University City Principia University City St. Louis U. High University City Clayton University City University City Country Day Ladue University City Lindbergh University City Webster Groves University City Berkeley University City Ladue University City Hancock University City Alfton University City Clayton 'University City Affton 'University City Ladue 'University City Webster Groves 'tournament Varsity Football ROW 3 Left to Right: Neal Novack, Glen Whitley, Mike Bryant, Jeff Zuke, Bernie Sheil, Joe Romano, Coach .lim Hoskins, Coach Dick Greenblat, Head Coach Henry Buffa, Coach Jim Anderson, Glen Adkisson, Mike Cunningham, John Corson, Edgar Branch, Frank McGhee. ROW 2: Manager Steve Oberman, Roy Brown, Manuel Banks, Craig Gammon, Don Cross, Ronald Evans, Maury Winter, Bob Finnegan, Win Pickens, Marshal Nelson, Don Edwards, Tom Lucky, Reuben Williams, Ernest Yates. ROW l: Reuben Johnson, Merril Gardner, Errol Dunnigan, Clifford Bailey, Artie Hill, Tim Jones, Barney Grosberg, Bob Watson, Joe Solomon, Greg Ryland, Grover Shelton, Ron Spiegelman, Larry Martin, Mark Sonderman. The year l970 will not be remembered in the annals of U. City football history. Inexperience tonly 5 returning lettermeni and a long list of injuries to key personnel took their toll as the Indians lost all eight oftheir contests. Almost all of U. City's opponents were rated in the area's top 20. The Gridders were defeated but made a creditable showing in the opener against powerful Normandy, losing 38-21. The Indians were sub- sequently defeated by Parkway Central, Parkway West, Mehlville, Lindbergh, and Webster Groves in one sided contests. Only twice during the season did U. City come close. In the Homecoming game, traditionally against Ladue, a hope for upset victory seemed possible when the Indians tied the score at the half on a thrilling 60 yard pass from quarterback Barney Grosberg to split end Joe Solomon. In the second half, the Rams powerful ground attack continually split the Indian defense for long gainers: the final score 37-7. Against Kirkwood, U. City was again very much in the game until the second half, when the Pioneers asserted their dominance and emerged victorious. The Indians never let down as the spirit and the guts of the players was always evident. Morale was good and all gave 100921. If the team's record was below par, the performance of individuals was not. As usual, the Indians had several fine stars. Joe Solomon led the team in scoring and provided many exciting moments while run- ning the deep pass pattern. He was nominated to the All League Second Team at split end. Grover Shelton received an Honorable Mention at defensive tackle despite his missing several games with an injured shoulder. Barney Grosberg, who led the team at quarterback was All League Honorable Mention at that position and was selected hrst team punter. Other standout players were Bob Watson, Errol Dunnigan, and Tim Jones. Special Mention should also be made of the ten sophomores on the varsity team and particularly Mike Bryant, Jeff Zuke, Mike Cunningham and Glen Adkisson who saw considerable action in starting roles. Hope for a revival of U. City football fortunes rests in players like these sophomores. 'c n -at , MW we :lf-sz in Nu A M' I 1 "fi ,-s, ' ska, N. L- KF? 1 I T' -gf Z' iV'1.:.. 4 Y ,gg fag: Ac1L5:,1:Wgg4 ,fs A iq!-. . . . .I iii.. YQ, , .aw list grief I E ff, K M.. f. -f 1 ,A N . S. 'Ih r Q mag.,-gf.. :Elgar , : 'L W mir S . P ' J " " E- 3' .-1.-acdiiifiiil .Iwi "f3' 'I Y .f ' 25- "vi 1 ' f. p ,., -,fg ji ' H' HJ 6 V' Y V' '3' I ' 'Ii M" 'Au . " V 1 . ,7 A-F. ,m,,A, 1 6. . , J, . N i. if V , 5? .M 6 4 "L Divsrqll J , W 4h,.Qj". 'Tf2,!Irf'i'5Lf ""ix""'V" ,V" l .1 " I ,V I fl JCI f , I C l48 Cross Country Nb UTP IIASIIIBMI ll l ROW 2: Coach Beck, Eric Richman, Steve Doyle, Judah Garber, Mike Dabney, Randy Vaughn, Nolan Polette ROW I: Dave Weinstein, Richard Beaudoin, Alec Karros, Roger Gollub, Kevin Mueller, .lohn Kovar NOT PICTURED: Irv Goldenberg, Mike Palmer, Gunther Smith, Clarence Teeters The 1970 season of Coach Charlie Beck's cross country team can be described in only one word: Frustrating. The Indians started the season with the knowledge that they possessed talent and the ability to win. From the first they seemed to have run consistently into bad luck. The team was defeated decisively by Webster Groves, Lindbergh, and Kirkwood. Parkway West, Parkway Central, Mehl- ville, and Ladue, each defeated the Indians by a single point. The Indians finally ran up to their potential against CBC, winning 20- 40. Thus, with a bit of luck, U. City's IM7 record might easily have been 5-3. ' 57' , -I ff df, .150 , - H ' .As-1' , .- 5 ,g A, ' ' 9 1-4 T ' ,, Q...- X ' 57 x. ' 1.1 G Ev' win.. ,".g R-Q 'f"C""'s. 1- "Q: ' ' ,,, - , . , 4, , ,fi 'ileyvg . .1'J2". - Q . 5- .- Q 5-tflifii 'lsuihiz - gg, :LJ 3 1' 'P'f",i,-X 'ff . " 5, - . 'fin I, 'ei' "'k ' .-Id' . .'.. 3, s fs, fm- -fr... ,f4'Q-.,, R x -. 'I ' . . fp - -fr 4- 'B 'Q ...ala t "' ' In the Conference meet, the Indians placed 6 in a field of 8. U. City's runners were less fortunate at District, failing to place any- one in the top ten. Seniors Kevin Mueller and Team Captain Mike Palmer were the top scorers and most consistent performers for the team. Soph- omore Roger Gollub and Juniors Alec Karros and David Wein- stein also were valuable additions. These runners are top prospects for next years team. I49 Sophomore Water Polo fe! ga- ROW 2: Matt Hennessy, Mike Kinsella, David Bernstein ROW l: Eric Stassevich, Steve Singer, Jim Hamilton, John Powell Although the sophomore water polo team finished with a moderate 8a7 record, the squad showed continual improvement throughout the season. They finished fourth in a District Tourna- ment. The varsity squad should be provided with good talent for next season, with solid players like Matt Hennessy and Mike Kinsella. Sophomore Football Sa 6815. 3 93 ROW 3: Jack Frazier, Frank Blackman, David Lynch, Coach Maufis, Coach Austin, Tim Banks, Byron Cohen, Nate Wakefield, Terry Speed ROW 2: Ed Lawrence, David Schimmel, Dan Marshall, Robert Wilform, Paul Goldstein, Ned Whelan, Jeff Woodside, Dave Smith, Albert Smith ROW l: Manager Ken Lowe, Barry Newberg, George Sinkfield, Robert States, Bob Murphy, Craig Osterberg, Earl Beeks, Keith Guttin, Ralph Kern, Howard Johnson l50 basketball Senior Letternfzen: Winter VW' ,fri Campbell Chinn Forniss Mischeaux 'W Robingon Shapiro Shelton wrestling Q r 6. ' "fa r A Q 'lv' ff ui " vp 3 j .A 'f l A an. , A A4 h rj ra l Durham Fuller Goldenberg Jones Novack gymnastics rn r an In -, A E Q 'QT 7 Q' my -ee t A L K ni A 4 h i,'V E31 Cornfeld EiSCn Friedman Gerhard Leavitt Fl A L. Meyer Price Sonenschein TCCUTTS I5l SOCCQI' F X , ,K J' . A . 127 ' Y nk 4 A an Moberly Shamel Sheriff -1 . ag. Q -.keg k,', Q ' W 45 fi' Q , -M 724, ,ws f - ?!' Siemplekamp WHISOH f Q swimming nb A' Q fx j,ff-.-Ar, 4, rf Craig Grosberg Hennessy Walker While 152 Varsity Basketball uliy ICITI 'I ROW 2: Manager George Reiter, George Blackmar, Win Pickens, Keith Forniss, Grover Shelton, Charlie House, Bill Shapiro, Frank Mischeaux ROW I: Charlie Chinn, Maury Weiner, Dave Robin- son, Herman Allen, John Kovar, Bob Ellman, Gerald Campbell 1970-'71 was a year of ups and downs for the U. City basketball Indians. The team's inconsistency, a constant source of irritation, caused many people to lose sight of the fact that in past years, there had been no "ups" at allg only "downs." For the '70-'71 Indians' triumph, as well as bitter frustra- tion was a familiar sensation. The Indians tinished 9-10 overall, with a 7-7 conference record. In compiling that record, dark days were not infrequent for Head Coach Fred Kovar and his players. Big losses to Parkway West, Kirkwood, and Webster Groves were all low spots. Even worse were several games in which victory slipped away in the final seconds. At Parkway Central, the Indians lost on a highly questionable foul called with seven seconds left. The Indians dropped one game to Kirkwood by two points after lead- ing by seventeen points at halftime. In the Regional Tournament, the cagers lost to Normandy on a shot by the Vikings that dropped in just as the buzzer sounded. Along with the disappointments, though, there were satisfactions. Satisfactions like pulling out a win over Lindbergh in the last twenty seconds, or beating Parkway West and Parkway Central, after losing to them the first time. Unquestionably, the greatest satisfaction was beating Ladue, U. City's traditional rival. The Indians had not beaten the Rams for five years. With less than thirty seconds left in the evenly played game, U. City led by one point, but Ladue had the ball. 153 Q P .L As a Ladue guard maneuvered for the winning basket. U. City's Frank Mischeaux stole the ball, raced down the court and scored to give the Indians a three point victory. The win touched off ajoyous spontaneous celebration on the high point of the season. Grover Shelton was the Indians' individual star this year, the team's leading scorer and rebounder. The 6'3" center, often against taller opponents, shot 6001: from the field, averaged 18.6 points and more than 10 rebounds per game. In addition to playing solid defense. At the forward spots, the Indians relied on Frank Mischeaux and Keith Forniss. Mischeaux, a steady, reliable player as well as an accurate shooter, generally scored in double figures. Forniss, the most improved player on the team, was a valuable rebounder and scorer. Charlie Chinn and Gerald Campbell started at guard, and developed into a solid pair of backcourt men, able to score, play defense and set up the plays. In addition to these five, Dave Robinson and Bill Shapiro saw lots of action and were valuable at guard and forward, respectively. Several juniors, notably Bob Ellman, Charlie House, and Paul Glickert, also, got plenty of playing time and experience which will help them next year. 1970-'71 was a year of inconsistency, and that meant winning as well as losing. For U. City basketball players, the losing part was an old story. The winning, that was something new, and perhaps that is the memory that will linger longest. Sophomore Basketball .421 Til l ROW 3: Jack Pereira, Keith Duke, Ed Peterson, Tom Shupe, Earl Beeks, Bill Spencer, Coach Wans- ley ROW 2: Manager Ken Lowe, Frank McGhee, Howard Johnson, Tim Randall, Lamar Gatewood, Lamar Hudson ROW l: Darryl McFadden, Pete Glaessner, Bernie Sheil, Ray Weathers, Calvin Young 154 Wrestling ROW 2: Coach Koshner, Irv Goldenberg, Paul Goldstein, Alan Brown, Tim Jones, Ralph Kern, Bob Shands ROW l: Brad Hotchner, Tim Banks, Lenny Marcus, Paul Durham, Perry Fuller, George Sink- field, Aaron Novack Only one word describes this yearfs wrestling team, "Outstanding". The wrestlers com- piled a 10-441 dual meet record while on their way to the best wrestling season in years. Besides a fine meet record, the team did well in several tournaments, taking third place in the Mehlville Tournament, third in the Conference Tournament, and another third in the District Tournament. In addition, the wrestlers qualified four men for Regional Play, but all failed to qualify in State Competition. Indeed, this was the major disappointment of the year when the team was unable to make a better showing at State. The Grapplers had made qual- ifying at State one oftheir major goals for the season. It was truly a landmark year for U. City Wrestling. Most of the credit goes to four sen- iors who racked up a record little short of remarkable. All four of these wrestlers won twen- ty or more matches, a first in U. City history. Perry Fuller C21-53, Aaron Novack Q21-63, Paul Durham, a co-captain Q22-65, and team captain Irv Goldenberg 125-33, were those four wrestlers. Goldenberg was particularly deserving of the Most Valuable Wrestler Award voted him by his fellow team members. Irv broke several records aside from his excellent won-lost record. At one point in the season he held a string of 18 consecutive victories and of his 25 victories, 16 were pins. In addition, Irv had nine consecutive victories by pins. Other members of the team were no less valuable to the overall team effort. Senior Tim Jones proved to be a good performer. Tim Banks, a sophomore, had an 18-3 record, the best ever recorded by a sophomore. The tremendous poten- tial shown by Banks indicated his ability to become a top flight wrestler in the fu- ture. It was a remarkable year for U. City wrestling fans. I55 1 I G ymnaslics 't xx 'ilffal ROW 3: Gary Levine, Terry Glazier, Clarence Teeters, Scott Price, Bill Massey, Charlie Eisen, Mark Friedman ROW Z: Coach Voss, Peter Price, Jim Bristow, Craig Rochester, Phil Sonenschein, Marc Meyer ROW l: Larry Cornfeld, Al Leavitt, Art Gerhard p X 554 2 '70-'71 was another line season for the U. City gymnastics team as the W ' squad finished the year with a 6-2 record. The gymnasts defeated Cleve- 342' af? " . A X land, Roxana, and Herculaneum twice each. The losses were to Edwards- i ...Q ville: A XX This year's squad contained much talent. Al Leavitt, team captain, and ,,,-1-it Clarence Teeters were high scorers, and excelled in rings and high bar, -P Q! an tumbling and floor exercise, respectively. Both have earned four 112 straight varsity letters. ' imwiilz W-- ...,z - ' 1. ttts Q l X iii I i cletat al 14, -if 'Q-1 in ,V A gfgvii -V ' 9 lfifffff , way, T. ' .1 . ' 1. has Larry Cornfeld, Mark Friedman, Mark Gross, Art Gerhard, Marc Meyer, and Terry Glazier were the Indians' other starting performers and did consistently well all year. Scott Price and Charlie Eisen, who com- peted in some meets, showed great improvement during the year and were P also valuable. 1 In addition to the competitors, the team also had several sophomores i V ? who gained needed training and experience. These sophomores, along with ,ati p 3 Terry Glazier, a junior and next year's team captain, will make up next 'Q ff year's team. 4 V 156 Varsity Soccer l le? ROW 3: Scott Waxman, Simon Patrick, Bob Watson, Dan Terry, John Moberly, Chris Shamel, Jim Stokes, Jack Kirkland, Joe Romano, Mr. Paul Wright. Coach ROW 2: Charles Dubman, Harry Gor- nick, Ricky Shapiro, Bob Murphy, Mark Vassem, Ron Levin, Steve Wong ROW l: Richard Beaucoin, Jilbert Dupuy, Nate Stone, Ricky Goldman, Bill Anderson, Rudy Fichtenbaum The soccer team, under the direction of first year coach Paul Wright, finished with a 9 -l l-M12 season record. Much ofthe team's success was attributed to their indepthness and their number of strong players. Sen- iors John Simplekamp and Abu SherilT led the team in scoring. Bob Watson, Simon Patrick, and Joe Romano proved to be the nucleus of the defense. The consistency of players Mark Vossen, Billy Ander- son, and Jim Stokes was more than adequate. The team was hurt by the loss of Terry Murphy early in the season. Terry probably would have ranked as the most valuable player if not for his early injury. Other out- standing players were Richard Beaudoin, Rickie Goldman, Harry Gornick, and Keith Guttin. Sophomore Soccer lt r' M. 'N UC i, 3 5. -.ea ROW 3: Coach Paul Franzi, Gary Wilson, Fred Pletl, Jim Balestreri, Ron Gordon, Greg Klellner, Danny Marshall, Larry Russe, Nolan Polette, John Cornson, Robert L. Bruening ROW 2: Bill Hearst. Jell' Barsky, Terry Moss, Joe Saliron, Joe Hachtmeister. Tim Duncan. Dave Schwartz. Jell' Hampel ROW l: Rick Fishwick, Jay Dearing, Barry Sunderland, George Enders. Keith Guttin. Harry Burman l57 Swim ming ROW 3 Steve Singer, David Bernstein, Gil Price, Mark Tackes, Coach Scoville ROW 2: Peter Hay Earl Brodie, Matt Hennessy, Mike Kinsella, .lim Hamilton, Eric Stassevich ROW l: Ken Winokur Pat Hennessy Barney Grossberg, Ron Walker, Bob Craig, John Powell, MISSING: Mike White With a disappointing season record of 5+9 the swimming In- dians are optimistic as ever. Despite the lack in depth and the small number of swimmers, UC Coach Dick Scoville had quite a bit of talent to work with. Most improved swimmer this year was Ken Winokur, who placed 6th in District in the 400 yd. free style. UC placed 5th in District and qualihed for the medley relay and the 400 free relay in State. The 400 relay composed of Mike White, Mike Kinsella, Ron Walker, and Pat Hennessy placed llth in state in the 100 yd. breast. The most valuable swimmer, Matt Hennessy, placed 5th in the 100 yd. butterfly in State. Another strong swimmer this year was Barney Grosberg, who was alternate in the 50 yd. free at Dis- trict. Prospects for next years team are good with the return of strong swimmers Peter Hay, Matt Hennessy, and Ken Winokur. 158 Senior Lellerm en: Spring baseball 7 .' n 2 'rf A h l . A Berman Durham Grosberg Guttin Moshkowsky 'W , 'P , 1 -ff AX .ta 4 - L A .L Shapiro Walker Watson Wood Irc1Ck Nor PICTURED1 sonderman re' W1 1' if fi! W 4 t4. JODCS Mueller Palmer Richman Shelton gvb' Teeters Pratzel Robinson tennis . N J' Cornbleet Goldstein Hyiill 159 A .. A Sonenschein - K nl Moberly Solomon CQ xii Winokur 0:7 Richards M ,'-A A, Baseball ROW 3: Coach Greenblatt, Barry Newberg, Jeff Zuke, Keith Duke, Bernie Sheil, Keith Guttin, Steve Robinson, Larry Rosse, Coach Bufla ROW 2: Ron Tessler, Paul Glickert, Maury Weiner, Robert Cassell, Allan Pearl, Ron- nie Evans, Steve Moshkowsky ROW l: Billy Shapiro, Jim Sonderman, Bob Watson, Barney Grosberg, Ron Walker, Paul Durham, Erik Guttin, Keith Berman, Brad Wood The best way for any U. City team to start a season is with a victory over Ladue, and the 1971 baseball Indians did just that, beating the Rams in the season opener Zel. Despite the fact that this was something of a rebuilding year, the 1971 baseball team looked good at the beginning of the season. The Indians had 14 un- der classmen on the varsity and much potential talent in that num- ber to go with a line group of experienced players. In the infield, Coaches Henry Bulia and Dick Greenblatt decided to use three inexperienced but talented younger players, who were matched with senior Bob Watson at third base. A vicious hitter, Watson was combined with Pitcher-lst baseman Paul Glickert to supply the bulk of the Indians' power. In the outfield, Paul Durham a mainstay in Center field spot was a steady fielder and hitter. Flanking Durham were seniors Brad Wood and Ron Walker. In addition the Indians relied on several other players, such as Keith Guttin, Steve Moshkowsky, Ron Evans, Robbie Cassell, and Maury Weiner. U. City's pitching staii' seemed strong. Senior Bill Shapiro re- turned for his third varsity season, and was depended on as the In- dians' No. l hurler. Solidly backing him up was Eric Guttin and Paul Glickert, with Alan Pearl and Steve Robinson, Freshmen, in the bull pen. l6O Track uf F55- .Riga QP, 'fps' e Q e .l i A I-4 . 4 X . I Q ' , 5 - - r . -f.,-14 --'- - -., f "'-.Q ... , - 1 1 - ' fe gf' fre . A' . .,,,,-7-,.' 4, -' 'Q.m,f,.-1-'Z..t-J, 'E a.,,,,f1f :.- -v ,..t.fvA ,- : 3.-X ...- ' 4 - -' ..-.'. i-'rar , .-M " ,,'f5'E 'v"C jf'-e' f l , .em -1 ,t ef we 'T mr -- fl ,...,QfQ. 5 '32 '-gf" , 5..- ? ' ' 1 '1,'.g.3 J' ' ff ' -f-- 3 .P ' " NJ? V 4 Q 5"cirv'L aw, 9' ' ' L GX ily 'rv V vfqysl "-, ' Q' T I Pi ' .U .N x3WU"". A ir? A ' y , l crrvf T2 ' -X db . ROW 3: Coach Wansley, Coach Hoskin, Coach Beck ROW 2: John Ellison, Hank Goldberg, Eric Rich- man, Steve Spetner, Earl C. Beeks, .lack Kirkland, Michael Cunningham, Dave Weinstein, Kevin Muel- ler, Ernest Yates, Paul Lazaroff, Scott Waxman ROW l: Manuel Banks, Alec Karros, Clarence Teet- ers, Joe Solomon, Tim Jones, Eric V. Haynes, Michael Stewart NOT PICTURED: Alan Coleman This year's track team, headed by co-captains Marshal Nelson, the 100 and 220 man, Joe Solomon, and Mike Palmer, the distance man, were more than just optimistic with a promising outdoor sea- son in front of them. The nucleus of this year's team was predicted to be the large number ofstrong sprinters. The indoor track season was a poor indication ofthe cindermen's true ability, for they had resources as yet untouched. During the indoor season the 880 and one mile relays placed U. City first in District. Marshal Nelson placed third in the 60 yard dash and Grover Shelton placed fifth in the high hurdles. Overall the team took third in Indoor District. Other outstanding trackmen included: Alan Coleman, Chuck Blitz, Mike Palmer, Kevin Mueller, Dave Weinstein, Winfred Pickens, and Mike Cunningham. The field events were an integral part of the track teams' overall performance. Outstanding field men were Tim Jones, discus, .lack Pereira, long jump and high jump, Terry Glazier, pole vault: and Clarence Teeters, longjump. With a bright future ahead and a good indoor season under their belts, Coach Beck's cindermen were sure to upset a number of teams not only in District, but in Conference as well. l6l , HL. V V 19 ., .f Q, V , A. Q - 7, Q Q, ,W 3. J icky ,N HH cn - rf. Nxr -fix, Xia... ..--.,, - az- 4 gf: jg- 'Wd' 'W , .5 - '- ' Q. J MA- - V' V may r .f A.. 1-mf. . " -- rv: . f .5 xiii-- T' l ' ,555 ". gt. l I - Q.. Z X x S" 5 . K t M' '- 1,151 Golf ROW 2: Coach Densford, George Blackmar, Don Jagust, Dave Robinson Tom Winokur Phil Sonen schein ROW l: Fred Pletz, Nick Pascal, Jay Brand, Jay Kruger NOT PICTURED Tim Barrett Randy Gale, Alan Pratiel. Tim Randall A difficult season faced this year's golf team. To reach the 500 mark, the golf Indians needed peak performances from every start- er in every match. Not only was the Suburban South Conference a strong league, but the Indians themselves suffered from a lack of depth. Nevertheless. hrst year coach .lim Densford devoted much time and effort to making the best of the available talent to produce a winning line up, Most ofthe burden fell on the returning lettermen. Senior Dave Robinson was back for his fourth year as the team's number one man. Robinson, team leader, and captain for two years, has been medallist fbest scorerl for U. City in almost everyone of his 45 matches. Don Jagust, a junior back for his second year, was the team's number two man. Also returning for U. City were George Blackman, junior, and Phil Sonenschien, a senior, who filled in the third and fourth sports. Senior Alan Pratzel, a valuable starter, missed some of the season because of a broken wrist. The rest of the starting places were filled from the main contenders who were Tim Randall, a sophomore, Tim Barrett, ajunior, Tom Wino- kur, a senior, and freshmen Nick Pascal and Randy Gale. l62 ,V ..-M ., . - Ten n is I ...,,f ROW 2: Coach Shelton, Ogi Mitra, Richard Hyatt, Gary Randall, Jim Cornbleet, Jack Frank Joel Goldstein, Frank Richards, .lim Stokes, John Moberly ROW l: Andy Mintz, Randy Strominger John Owens, .lim Stewart, Titus Wong, Neil Hutnick f- 1' x twinni- K wt? X... There was no stopping the U. City tennis team this season. In fact, the biggest problem first year coach Wayne Shelton faced was duplicating last year's incredible record of 147 consecutive vic- tories. At the beginning of the season, observers felt that although the tennis Indians might not match the last year's team record, they were sure to retain their League and District Championship. They were also expected to finish high in State ranking. Almost all of last year's team returned this sea- son. Gary Randall and Ogi Mitra were both in contention for the first singles spot. Dick Hyatt and Jack Frank, both excellent players, played third and fourth singles. Again the doubles were strong, with Jack Frank and .lim Cornbleet the first pair and Joel Goldstein teaming with Frank Richards for the second. With a solid group of back up men helping, the netmen had few if any weakness. It was another great year for U. City tennis. I63 Sophomore Baseball 'W at r ,r ' xx ,N L 4, N 2- f' 3, , tr", - ' i f l l U!" if , ,L . K, ,gr t. , y, L f ., -,l.fllTi a b 5 af . 7 l 3 1 l .l, bk ,5 - in , . i ri . uqpiu ' - M45 ll , f H W-, A T ' - I C A i l Q il LTPK if Y 2' , ' M f lilo lx we Lg. ' "A' , I Q. A I I U s Q ly I K i '- ,W V.. ., wifi -uri ROW 3: Vinton Anderson, Jerry Speed, Richard Curry, Jerry Thomas, Orean Wiggins, Glenn Adkisson, Coach Wright. ROW 2: William Slate, Scott Berman, William Holloway, Robert Wilform, Lamar Hudson, Daryl Den- nis. ROW l: Arnold Stricker, Darryl McFadden, David Smith, Daivid Horowitz, Peter Woods. Sophomore Track lt! J F. .tl E 4 . ,L We M ,H M0- X. as , , ew., -,ffm "rx-K--, A , f r 'Q 'a-. M , -- '2-' f .:" . Pm. A ' V JH X -. ,., , l ...-AMW? A 4-...Jn 1, -4 ROW 3: Coach Wansley, Coach Hoskins, Coach Beck. ROW 2: Roger Gollub, Craig Rochester, Ned Whelan, Anthony Taylor, Ray Weathers, Judah Garber, John Pereira, Ralph Kern, Ray Pritchett. ROW l: Sam Haynes, Myron Parker, Paul Goldstein, Albert Smith, Michael Bryant, Lamar Gatewood, John Corson, Bobby Childs, David Lynch. 1' fig . '! W x , f 'W' Q TW I , 'fy fQ f wh!! 4 gm I lv 4 f I J x 1 Nw lf: 1 QQ, l My Q , , jf 5 cf V X f ,. NSR. I Varsity Cheerleaders Susie Robin A llynson Debbie 166 , N f x Vicki Suzanne 'I Xl' 1 1. f',!v Marsha Terri Sophomore Cheerleaders r ,WM Ma rs h a ,ff ' fir L N i- R ita I67 im Hockey ROW 3: Bunny Friedman, Rochelle Nevels, Joan Williams, Karol Burnett, Vicki Gordon, Sally Kla- sing, Sharon Harris, Gretchen Keith, Barb Sussman, Elaine Mitchell, Jana Johnson, Valerie Williams, Katy Meyers, Kristi Kuhn, Susie Leavitt, Gale Oswitz ROW 2: Vicki Roach, Linda Kranzberg, Mary Shamel- -Sophomore Captain, Debbie EmisenfJunior Captain, Jeanne Murphy, Barbara Sundland, Vicki Malin, Ann Roesler, Peggy Soule, Paula Young, Laura Jamtob, Carol Grafman, Patti Stans- brough, Nancy Meesey ROW l: Yvette Albright, Bee Drews, Peggy Scheuer, Ellen Rosenblatt, Debbi Kuhn, Jeannie Meesey, Kim Ziegenfuss---Varsity Captain, Vickie Cuttler, Debbie Deppe, Ruby Curry, Robin Berman This year, as in years past, intramural hockey was held on Wednesday afternoon under the direction of Miss Dorothy Hanpeter. All girls were encouraged to participate and improve their hockey skills. Three class teams were chosen. The sophomore team, under the leadership of Mary Shamel, had an even record with one victory, one loss, and one tie. Nancy Meesey led the juniors to an undefeated season. For the third consecutive year, the senior team was unbeaten in its regular play. Kim Ziegenfuss was the captain of the senior team. All teams were coached by Miss Catherine Underwood, and Miss Virginia Dicus assisted. Girls were selected for the class teams after they had taken part in practice sessions which were basically to sharpen their skills. As they progressed contests were held and those girls excelling were chosen for the class teams. Barb Sussman, Dale Strominger, Elaine Mitchell, Mary Shamel, Vicki Malin, Ann Roesler, Jana John- son, Peggy Soucy, Nancy Meesey, Valerie Williams, Barbara Sundland, Patti Stansbrough, NOT PICTURED: Debra Rennard I68 ....i...,.,, i .i.,... .-.L Ten n is , v,- A V' - , ROW 2: Dale Strominger, Ellen Rosenblatt, Ann Stokes, Kathy Rieger, Terry Steinmetz Laurie Goodman, Janet Cupples, Sandy Nelson, Diane Dratt ROW l: Mary Ann Love, Susan Wright Pat Tessler, Terri Ross, Linda Priess, Ilene Katz, Becky Heaton, Annette Callen NOT PICTURLD Debra Rennard Tennis, one of the more popular sports offered by the Girls' Physical Education Department, again attracted a very large group of participants this season. After school tennis was cor- related with the tennis classes during the regular school day so that those students needing extra practice and guidance could join the group. Particularly during the fall, instructions were provided for those students not participating in tennis during their school day. Intermediate and advanced players were en- couraged to come and take part in tournaments. As beginning students reached a sufficient level of proficiency, they too were encouraged to join in. During the spring students took part in an intramural program and a varsity team was selected. 169 G ymnaslics E ROW 3t Terri Steinberg, Judy Magidson, Linda Preiss, Davine Kupper, Dale Strominger, ROW 2: Rochelle Nevels. Janet Cupples---Captain, Linda Kranzberg. Susie Leavitt, Linda Remaklus, Elaine Mitchell ROW l: Robin Berman, Sally Klasing, Marsha Toll, Kristi Kuhn, Sharon Lieberman -Cap- tain, Debbi Kuhn E, as Q' 3? s .ld The Girls' Gymnastic Team, in its second season, began their workouts early in November at Brittany Junior High School. Practice sessions were held each Monday and Friday. Because the girls had no full time sponsor, Co-Captains Janet Cupples and Sharon Lieberman were the team's coaches. At least 15 ofthe 25 team members participated in the annual YMCA Invitational Meet at Florissant Valley Community Col- lege on December 5, 1970. Several individuals, including Ro- chelle Nevels and Arlene Covitz made impressive showings. In last year's meet, Sharon Lieberman placed first in the floor exer- cise and the balance beam, while Bonnie Rogers placed third on 'QQ the uneven parallel bars and the horse Ritenour and Cleveland High Schools were just two ofthe sev- eral area high schools the girls met in competition. They did their utmost to continue their well-earned undefeated record. This season was the first that the U. City Girls' Gymnastic Team was a member ofan area Girls' Gymnastic League. 170 Sw1'mm1'11g ROW 7 Jeanne Burk, Sandy Bohm, Julie Cohen. Casey Moore, Jane King, Gale Oswitz ROW I Jean Murphy Ann Roesler, Nancy Meesey, Peggy Soucy, Becky Heaton, Laurie Goodman, Anita Wildauer Linda Preiss - -v 'rv .W ,Y .VE -, - F iv. VN -as v.A,, :vm A ,rg-S.- .N-X --.., Mi, 'J ' ""' - ,"""A" N 4' - - " . V 'lf e 'naxwvvf-iff are , -+A . "2""4xe,+A. K ,fb , . ...- - A "" .. ,N , U3"',--"""tf Q. .-1-fg 1- .fi - ,,, . fe - -.J -Ajit ...4.+5w.,g.9.,-f , I .,.Mw,i "' .-r xv.. N kc ,.-- ,+A-v - . I M, . r ,. ,, ,W , V. ,Wx Mesa. e A - . af, e if-A .3.2',.i,2f A ' "'f.' 't ,. E Lf-. . , . ,- ' we Under the direction of Miss Dorothy Hanpeter, girls who par- ticipated in after school swimming enjoyed a wide variety of activities. Those girls preferring to improve their form were allowed to do so with the guidance of Miss Hanpeter. Others played water basketball, tag, and swam with the aid of scuba equipment. During all regular class periods, where swimming was offered, girls were given a chance to take Senior Lifesaving. Some girls came to after school swimming for additional work prior to their practical life-saving examination. Miss Hanpeter stressed the importance of all swimmers having acquired water rescue techniques. She noted that although this group was smaller than others in previous years, it was particularly enthus- iastic and willing to participate. l7l Inlerschool Basketball qs 11 ROW 3: Sharon Harris, Karol Burnett, Gretchen Keith, Joan Williams, Linda Edwards, Linda Miller, Sioux Ralky, Rochelle Nevels, Rhonda Mack, Iris Whitener, Rachel Branch ROW 2: Elfreda Allen, Nancy Meesey, Peggy Coucy, Vicki Malin, Laura Jamton, Christine Lee, Allynson Graham, Ann Roesler, Diane Dorsey ROW l: Bee Drews, Debbie Deppe, Ruby Curry, Yvette Albright, Kim Zie- genfuss, Jeanie Meesey, Mary Love, Vickie Cuttler The 1970-1971 basketball season proved to be very successful. Under the direction of Miss Virginia Dicus intramurals were held on Wednesdays, while varsity and class teams met on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Miss Catherine Underwood coached the class and varsity teams with Miss Dorothy Hanpeter as her assistant. As in previous years, the intramurals were open to the entire student body. This group had the opportunity to work on im- proving their own skills as well as becoming more adept in work- ing with their teammates. The interschool teams were particularly successful this season to the delight of all involved. The sophomores led by Captain Rochelle Nevels compiled an excellent 3-l record. Nancy Meesey's juniors were undefeated in competition with a 4 victory, no loss season. Last, but surely not least, the seniors, with their Captain Jeanne Meesey were also undefeated with a record of4A0. At the end of the regularly scheduled season, Miss Under- wood chose those players of greatest ability and willingness to work, for a varsity or culminating team. Although the team was basically composed of seniors, juniors and sophomores contri- buted to the success of the season. The girls played 5 games. Their schedule was by no means easy, playing such tough com- petitors as Clayton, Webster Groves, Normandy, Ritenour, and Maplewood. l72 Intramural Basketball ROW 3: Allynson Graham, Christine Lee, Vicki Malin, Peggy Soucy, Nancy Meesey, Diane Dorcey, Ann Roesler RCW 2: Barb Sutherland, Leslie Moonshine, Sandy Nelson, Debbie Stobaugh, Mary Smith, Julie Cohen, Sue Zimmermzn, Jane King, Gale Oswitz, Gretchen Keith ROW l: Sioux Rafky, Linda Miller, Dale Strominger, Peggy Scheuer, Mary Shamel, Pat Parks, Karol Burnette, Liz Wolf, Pamela Kay, Rachel Branch Father-Daughter Banquet Normally, life with the All-American Dad for a 16 year old girl involves the All-American fight for the car and for extra spending money. The sophomores, juniors, and seniors who were members of the Girls' Athletics Association decided to honor their fathers with an All-American dinner and show. The girls decorated the school cafeteria with signs painted red, white, and blue, Also, crepe paper in the same colors was used to trim the stage and the individ- ual tables. Groups of girls worked many long hours to prepare the skits. The spoofs on the relationship between fathers and daughters were preceded by an invocation by Ruby Curry, welcoming remarks by Debbie Deppe, and com- ments expressing the sentiments of the Girls' Physical Education Teachers by Miss Dicus. Approximately 160 people attended the Smorgasbord dinner in the cafeteria, which was catered by the staff in the lunchroom. This event, becoming a tradi- tion in the annals of University City High School history, was attended by several special guests including the President of the Board of Education Mrs. Leonard Fuchs, High School Principal Mr. James Lanman, and Assistant Prin- cipals Mr. Russell Tuck, Mr. Fred Rock, and Mr. Earl Beeks. Both daughters and fathers seemed pleased with the outcome ofthe evening. l73 iglii i Volleyball ROW 3: Mary Shamel, Kristy Kuhn, Sharon Harris, Linda Kranzberg, Elaine Mitchell, Barb Susman, Rocky Nevels, Cheryl Haughton, Gretchen Keith, Karol Burnette, Jana Johnston, Linda Dotson, Rachel Branch ROW 2: Yvette Albright, Peggy Soucy, Laura Jameton, Ann Roesler, Jeanne Murphy, Vicki Malin, Patti Stansbrough, Debbie Emison, Carol Grafman, Nancy Meesey, Mary Carter ROW l: Debbie Deppe, Vicki Cuttler, Peggy Scheuer, Bonnie Rodgers, Debbie Kuhn, Jill Roesler, Jean Meesey, Arvis Lynch, Ruby Curry As winter faded into spring many girls tucked aside their urge to romp outdoors by participating in a very successful volleyball season. On Wednesdays, the girls' Physical Education Department sponsored intramural volleyball, while on Tuesday and Thursday those interested in being on class teams practiced for tryouts and later in the spring worked out for league games. Maplewood, Rite- nour, Normandy and Pattonville provided formidable foes for the U. City girls. At the close of the regular season a varsity or culminating team was selected from the three class teams. Those girls showing ex- ceptional skill, agility, and competitive spirit were chosen. They, too, played four league games facing the same schools as the class teams. l74 Softball ROW 7 Linda Dotson, Linda Kranzberg, Mary Shamel, Elaine Mitchell, Gretchen Keith, Karol Bur nette Cheryl Haughton. Jana Johnston, Sharon Harris, Rachel Branch ROW l: Patti Stansbrough Ally nson Graham, Donnie Harris, Rhonda Callen, Linda Preiss, Pat Parks, .lane King, Gale Oswitz Rocky Nevels, Barb Sundland, Bonnie Rodgers The final activity of every school year has traditionally been softball. Girls in gym classes and those participating after school assured themselves that spring had arrived when it was warm enough for them to begin infield practice. Until the end of school, girls met twice weekly to develop soft- ball skills and then to enter into actual competition. Teams were chosen from within the group coming on a specified day. As a cul- minating activity, tournaments were held between these teams. l75 A 4 X A Q an, Si, 41, f A , ,, X ff - Ah K 4. gk yi P f -V F a 1 7 Intramurals For a variety of reasons many girls chose to forego class teams and participate in intramural competition. Others already on class teams in basketball, volleyball, hockey, and tennis attended the in- tramural days to sharpen their skills by getting additional practice. Girls taking part in intramural found a relaxed atmosphere until the competition began. Those needing help with particular skills were encouraged to come after school and receive the personal at- tention necessary to work out their problems. l v. ,XM . ' J fl' A 'fl' ' v r g ' . , , V w . V JN 1 ' K .11 :fi iffsfif' 'f , - ' 'Q .. ,, i W , i M - " W. ' ' . ', . 'S' , f'f'f'1Xv"S?gXi - V N "v..'?'s.L T ,.'v...L- ' n MM-,5-s,5,j'5,1,f,af,a,'. , ff -1. W' Q f ff' as ' 1'-fr-v.,ve fgbrfw-at -- t fi 942 Yew 'VW up -su... W.-..v s wf W , A - -. 0. ww. Q.. -,.- -:4 F5--e1,...f 35'--7 ff' " Ls 176 Taberna ROW 3 Cathy Cramer, Sandy Suflian, Eileen KinsellaePresident, Chris Niland, Deborah Buchanan ROW 7 Etta Jackson, Brenda Wirtz, Eve Kahn, Elaine Zemel, Jovanar Buford ROW l: Sharon Lieberman Mary Toney Mopsy Epstein' Treasurer. Phyllis LeveraaSecretary Taberna, the advanced after school dance group, was again composed of a select group of girls who had auditioned through- out the school year. Sponsored by Mrs. Pliakos, Taberna pro- vided its members with the opportunity to use their creativity in preparing dance routines for themselves and groups in which they participated. At their weekly meetings, Taberna members provided lessons in improvisation, composition, and the music involved with choreography. Early in the second semester, the entire group worked on individual and group routines which they presented. All of the girls in Taberna were encouraged to become involved in dance classes outside of school. Taberna members tried this year, especially hard, to get to know each other as individuals. As tradition dictated new Taberna members were kidnapped and taken out to breakfast. l77 I, '-n .. ., G.A.A i"B6 Q ., K -as ,gq . .. -if 3- .fs " 'E-"QW av i .,, adgi-li' sal up if RQ 0' , St"j7'e?f,.P, 1 31 T 9 ojgkt wi? l X ROW 2: Judy Kaplan, Kim Ziegenfuss, Debbi Kuhn, Patti Stansbrough, Sandy Nelson, Leslie Moonshine ROW l Hedy Ehrlich Ruby Curry-Treasurer, Debbie Deppe!Chairman, Barb Sundland, Pat Tessler ,., JVV nf' ' mf , 5 ' f ' if arf y l , 9 by f 1' 3 y , l , if Q f 5 ' 'Az 4 . ii K Q '.f ,KL V ,V A V ' Y f 178 R aw 38, fam! , H f A w',f. Wa "rf W R W 4? y iff? X ,,,, , Ti .rw-1. 0 ,1 . Y 1 1 ,..Qi,fi'. "mg, 'Q , 59115 fl, ' "' .-Q35-I' QQ? ' 'if +M...,,. -fair M. A - f- 4 f dfia. w Q , if ,fs ,,, Y, 'S l 4 5' 4 X Mu' ' M E--fkliiy R ww. 5- 2 1 ., swf' 'M N 1-Q' an 4 1 4 11 VY IJ ff' iQ'M,'fff ' , Media Lab-Reading Lab The Media Lab is crammed with color. Brilliant reds and oranges shriek from vast wall posters, photographs, dried fiowers, and half-empty coffee mugs. Soft pastel shades coat the offices and the general work area. The projection room, with its door shut like an eyelid is filled with total blackness. Many varieties of sound are also present in the Lab. Tape re- corders and record players turn inanimate plastic into music and voices. Working with and around these sounds and shades are people with a purpose. Mr. Jackoway, Mr. Barrett, Mr. David, Mrs. Ebert, and Mrs. Johnson, aided by many students, supply the entire school district with media curriculum. A teacher can use the abun- dance of tape recordings, slides, films, photographs, and posters to make his course fit his class. High school students use the lab's resources to create films and light and sound shows. Some of their projects are even as dramatic as the lab itself. gbllzfg 4- 2 l dents to read. said Mrs. Jacobs. . wmv X - 'A' AX Q , .I-f r -. ,A-" Aeiflw Q ' hviiw-Lyn Piles ofjoke books, crossword puzzles, and magazines make the Reading Lab look like a dentist's waiting room. These materials are not purely for entertainment. They are tools which enable stu The Reading Lab, supervised by Mrs. Jacobs, attempts to im prove pupils' reading skills. Remedial reading is a service not a course, but it is extremely necessary. "We must read to survive First she runs a battery of tests on every student to determine his problems. Then she and the student work on a one-to-one basis to 750, M. down the barriers that affect his reading. x The Reading Lab is also a home for foreign students who find it ' i? difficult to adjust to America and her language. With the help ofthe Lab they and many others will learn to survive. l79 ChefKn0w How Luncheon ChefKn0w How Students Prove They Really D0 Know How ' 1. , NV , It , K jgnnnmifzazm . , k As a final project in Mrs. Fahlberg's Chef Know How classes the students prepared a luncheon for 65 administrators and superintendents from sur- rounding school districts. The occasion was a meeting of the Association of Suburban Cur- riculum Developers. T ,.,-a-""' MENU GrapefruitfAvocado Salad Poppyseed Dressing Swiss Steak Stuffed Potato Green Beans Almondine Blueberry Mullins Cornbread Browniesxa la mode Coffee '-X N Senior Maid Vickie Cutler i N7 L ma- ' .L X s Homecoming Queen Sharon Austin Q t t cv: Junior Maid Regina Dunn 'sg' Honorary Maid Maria Lourenco lu .. in Sophomore Maid Linda April 183 .. bl .N N fi li' f A k, 3 a I 4 X , I, , 5-' e' W ' S Senior Maid Debbie Kuhn 'CV 'ig' ..0,,:f x :ip rf, QW 1 .W 'i Junior Maid Lauren White ,1 G ' fx ug: at it a I ,f '4 is I if 1 v qQ,..,.j "H-uf .1 ,ji ' 8 Sophomore Maid Debra Simpson Senior Play: Pillow Talk 32, fl E. , Jan Morrow Jonathan Forbes Brad Allen .4...., Alma .....l Pierot l...... Mrs. Walters A in tial .. . r..,rr Terry Blum .. . ... Larry Cornfeld . . . . . Rick Erlick . .. Linda Hendin ..... James Wilson . . . . . Rochelle Burnette Tony Walters .... .. . Clarence Teeters Marie ........ Eileen ..i... Yvette ,....,. Miss Conrad .. Marion Branham . . . . Judy Askuvich . , . Becky Bierman ...... Linda Berns Supervisor .....,. ..... D ebra Riggins Miss Dickenson l.,. Peggy Biddlecombe Policeman---"Kelly" .. ..... Sam Blumberg Bessie i.....,..... Mrs. Frost .M Mrs. Ames ... .. Marcia Kornblum . . . Sheila Britton . . . . Suzi Rubin gr: f nz ,,, 1 WT' kip fvgiys fix' WX N 1 2 aa .,,,t l ,lf l' ws-4 M., ' -. ' l 7 1 .ill 57 fry dl? il is gp V, M, Q lr fl lNi .. -,, fl 'F Turk Graham .... .... B ob Gold Tilda ..,.ii..., i.l., P am Paige Ann ...,........ ...... E llen Dorb Night Club M.C. . . . l . . Lorraine Garfield V X l l ff With the help of pens, paint, and pretzels the Senior Class Play ,J la' Q j PILLOW TALK slowly took shape. It was presented November . ...l I 20 and 21 after weeks ofjoyful, creative, labor. , i New York City provides the setting for this comedy .lan Mar A X row, an interior decorator, feels so angry at Brad Allen a play ' boy song writer, hogging her party line, that she falls in love f, I with him. She, however, thinks he is a Texas cowpoke and he of I course, is not. The plot becomes as twisted as a telephone cord but in the end, it straightens out smoothly and happily A 7 A, , 'JglJj1.l, 5K , XUO-J'-Jdf I9 X ' 'RQ Senior Breakfast D W, :P-ff wh, Lf,,,wf f T- -52 V V ff 7' V f ' kgllsojxgiuygf 5 ,J XX-GV ,I 'jxiy ,V K I l J ,f wx' ov ef JQ -Ag gfa .1 V wf'7 f':, 'Wx P Jim A w GMM! f' ' J f P55 J, Y NX Q D V, and f 4 45-2 Sue- wg "-K' .L .f ,mx Al. lnsuA.,,,,,,, I85 xibff ,-H N E -, ng... f,,,4-f : 'lf F acuity-S enior Basketball Game Watch out for number 33, he's kind of strange Jw nn.. - . A-ff' 186 A FS Pancake Break fast -1 - , ' fv. ' 5 lixfitllw 'X Bti J? 1 , 1 Charly gordon burt seldon . dr. strauss .. prof. nemur . alice kinnian frank ..... joe ...,.... gina . . ..,. . mrs. donner .... . . . mother ....,. teen Charly .. father ....., child norma norma ..,... mrs. feldman ellen ....,... bernice .tl,. Connie .t... Chairlady . . . mrs. mooney mrs. nemur .. miss harvey . . jackie welberg anne welberg ll'l'lCI'I'l ......... . . party guest . director ,..,. Charly David Neumann . . . ...... Bernie Fields . .4.. Joy Goldwasser . . . ...... Jim Wilson . . . . . . Fran Madeson .. Chuck Blitz .. Burt Ziskind Angela Harris Brenda Freedman .. Sheila Britton Ron Spiegelman Howard Presser Lauri Sabol ...Jody Feldman .. Linda Hendin . . . . Susie Farias . . . . Carol Schlef Joanne Epstein Sandy Gruenberg .. Laurie Hanlan .. Donnie Harris Pam Cox . Barb Winthrop . Becky Bierman . Steve Marbain . . . . Linda Keil Mar Sokolik da 1 The Drama Club of University City High presented a moving performance of "Charly,' March 6, l97l. The persistent, creative efforts of the cast, crew, and directors could be felt in every scene ofthe play. Charly Gordon is a retarded man who works in a New York bakery. Two psychologists select him for an experiment in im- proving intelligence, because of his friendliness and his desire to learn. The operation appears to be a success and causes Charly's brain to retain knowledge. The smarter he becomes, however, the more he recalls sad Childhood memories and realises his present loneliness. He loves his teacher, Miss Kin- nian, but his emotional maturity does not keep pace with his escalation I.Q. Charly's only friend is Algernon, a mouse turned into a genius. Both their brilliant minds, however, are only'temporary. As fast as he became bright Charly tragically sinks back into the world ofmental retardation. l88 Taberna C oncerl 189 't , X S X , .,X Cy! n , . , , I . , .. 3, . U . X . vw, C. XV ' --2 74' 1 fx LQ- A . --4 vu'-,1 -. fe. - , ,,,. ,J-,. A-.,c., x , .:,.,-:yn A. ,ITQ . 'Y,,,,.5.-Q.. ,.. ,,.,,..,,.,.,, ,.f. 4-1 4, :'-ff-",:-zfli' F . 1 V-vw: 29 ' 'JISN . v . : ..-r 'fifgf , HS" bfvu. w- if ' 2f'?'S,M 1: "': 3 ,N. . W , -65:5 in D um Q . A ,,,..,- -.-...-..M......-- :,,.,,..---- ,-' tif? 'ff Y .r .-s,.u- , , 1 ,a N s I .- r Y i M x , 1 N 3 J if 'Sz 5 -. 1 9 . r', .N me ,iq 11' Once Upon a Mattress Produced By Directed By Orchestra Conductor Minstrel Ballet Pantomime Princess i1'l2 Wizard Lady Larken Queen Aggravain Prince Dauntless King Sextimus the Silent Jester Sir Studley Sir Luce First Knight Second Knight Third Knight First Lady Rowena Second Lady Merrill Third Lady Lucile Sir Harry Princess Winnifred Emily Sir Lawrence Lady Mabelle Sir Garth Nightingale of Samarkand Lady Margaret Lady Josephine Lady Elaine Lady Elizabeth Lady Marian Sir Charles Sir James Larry D. Thomas Suzi Rubin Mark DeWolfe Marc Meyer Clarence Teeters Sharon Lieberman Sandy Gruenberg Frank Oppenheim Christy Heckendorn Rochelle Burnett Gary Stern Jim Wilson Don Scott Rick Erlich Marc Kaiser Eric Burse Art Gerhardt Charles Eisen Michele Evans Karen Johnston Audrey Goldstein Steve Cohen Linda Hendin Betsy Parks Alan Goodman Joy Goldwasser Bill Powers Leslie Stricker Lorraine Garfield Carol Schlef Sheila Britton Linda Miller Becky Heaton George Mellman Bernie Fields While Cloud BLACKBERRY LANE David Aiken Sam Blumberg Charles Chinn Bob Craig Gerald Campbell Bunne Gellman Jeannie Glovinsky Danny Katz Arvis Lynch Robin Marx George Mellman Frank Mischeaux Paul Morris Ken Landau Suzi Rubin Kerry Rudin Ava Salniker Marti Spector Miriam Weinberg Karen Zaltsman Dennis Zaretsky DANIEL BOONE Chuck Blitz Roy Brown George Damos Luanne Allman Linda Berns Vicki Cuttler Art Gerhard Anne Giraud Alan Goodman Julie Goodman Lori Hyman Barry Kaplan Joanne Katz Shari Klayman Ronald Leven Kathy Mayorwitz Nina Melechen Janis Smith Ron Spiegelman JACKSON PARK Jerry Breiner JanetChinsky Bob Cohen Debbie Deppe Bee Drews Bernie Fields Steve Goldberg Allan Grafman Marc Kaiser Judy Kaplan Debbie Kuhn Alan Leavitt Linda Roth Marlene Sokolik Leslie Stricker Jane Zinner Freddy Cohen Debbie Dalin Paul Fowler Robert Gold David Goldman Steven Gray Karl Guyer Lori Hanlan Pat Hennessey Debbie Jodlowski Ruth Kohm Arnold Marcus Patty Miller Steve Marabin Eve Kahn Susie Payne Marc Perez Ellen Rosenblatt Gail Satz Phyllis Schwartz Barbara Smith Ann Stokes Michael White l92 GREENSFELDER PARK MCKNIGHT Joyce Baer Howard Belsky Becky Bierman Annette Callen Larry Cornfeld Janice Derleld Bob Ebert Mark Ferguson Ellen Fisher Elaine Fixman Janice Heligman lrene Kolivaki Diane Kahn Susan Meyers David Neumann Bill Preiss Bonnie Rogers Iris Schankman Belle Schneider Jim Sussman Tom Winokur Aaron Novack HAWTHORNE Gerald Axelbaum Robin Berman Denise Brown Jeffrey Chosid Mindy Fixler Joyce Goldwasser Sandy Guberman Steve Klayman Alec Karros Sam Lipschitz Renee Johnson Tim Jones Martha Sandweiss Peggy Scheuer Jeffrey Schrieber Chris Shamel Valerie Smith Marla Stuhlman Ken Winokur Aren't you glad you use Dial CUT di CURL beauty on a budget . . . outstanding quality haircare at sensible prices Featuring Wig Boutique and complete wig service no appointment necessary Open: Monday thru Saturday, 9-5:30 p.m. Thursday, 9-7 p.m. Millbrook at Big Bend 725-7220 PA TRONS Donna Rosenbloom and Family The Grafman Family Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Hyman Mr. Wallace Klein Rabbi and Mrs. Howard Shapiro PHON E 367-7653 Bi! C Gdyssegy Q INTERNATIONAL IMPORTS E XOTIC FASHION ACCESSORIES GIFTS CRAFTS 304 N. EUCLID ST. LOUIS, MO J We ofthe staff ofthe 1971 DIAL urge you to P6lll'OIflI'Z6 Uur A dverlisers It is through their generous support that we have been able to publish our yearbook. On the following pages you will find the names of many of our civic- minded citizens, as well as the names of the business Hrms which loyally support our schools. You can express your appreciation of their support by using their products and services. 194 SINCE 1958 TITLE REALTY CO. NOW TWO CONVENIENT OFFICES TO SERVE YOU 8204 Delmar Blvd. 41 Clarkson Rd. University City, Mo. Ellisville, Mo. Phone: 863-8602 Phone: 227-2400 TITLE offers a full service sales facility and prides itselfon being known as "The realtor with the Personal Touch" Call Us and Bid Your Real Estate Problems Good-bye BIG BEND BANK 8045 Big Bend Blvd. WEBSTER GRovES, MISSOURI Free Checking for College Students Member FDIC Phone 961-2484 tl? For All Your Family'S Banking Needs . . . See US at- WMM A 6313 EASTON U ST. LOUIS, MO. 63133 0 PHONE 761-1111 1 I Membvr Fvdvral Dppmil lmuruncv Curporulinn ...,,u 1 it 9 ,YK W 4025 cuucm CHUCK cuuom CHUCK Q Rf XA vim Bring Your Dial to CHUCK-A-BURGER 83 19 Olive St. Rd. U.City for free french fries SL a coke "taste tells the differencew oHerexphesJune22,l97l Q X 3 QM 'QP- cuuck qnucli CHUCK CHUC K Y-J GMP? QM ..R ,if ' 8-8 ' '17 ,fzf-Qfj w Y X fx Q 'ff' , 1-1 - ' I I ,L QFT5 ,J if 1 J K N I NV jx-S E wh XJ Nix 11 ll If J , 5 -. 8 i S' Q X J Y , V T Ri X 13.5 V-mi ' W N X X X X. X XJ 'qi ii . IBBP1 FOPIDS Ei 5 fi X CDEUHOLET Q 5 IN CLAYTON ee 5 5 K ia mister P4 Donut? 7758 Olive 863-8005 Open 24 Hours Compliments 0f.I-L P.A. Buzzer Repair Good Luck from w First Hour TOM- TOM 198 Sharp Squad, Underwater Basketweaving Team, and Longine Symphonette Society I AZN :-. . L Steve "Head Sharp" Goldberg, Larry "Killer" Cornfeld, Jim "Kissane", Bob "Dude" Sieber, Scott Portnoff, .lim "Orson" Wilson, Cathy "Queen Sharp" Cramer, Gary "Courses" Beitch, Howard "Buckwheat" Bluestein, Patty "A" Miller, Clarence "Happy Birthday" Teeters, Phil "Check" Sonenschein, Weeze "Igor" Gale. NOT SHOWN: "Mark Greenberg". 43' Og USA? ..., n n.,. . C OOOIDQIG Q tx -f..Q:::q,L- 4 5, 4' vos UNA Et t a USA POQO ftffoqx 'mf -ef A-5-viva ' Owe QS' Isl' K9 9 Working Together for Peace, Freedom, and Justice UNITED NATIONS ASSOCIATION ofthe UNITED STATES OE AMERICA GREATER ST. Louis CHAPTER Q, OE S, XBQJT 99 or 5 6:06 QCY' X! 0? ri ,AOQXT if R999 OBS YL SC affffg, view Q96 '70 069335 Q?- 199 Junior World specialists in high school girls clothes 30 Town 8: Country Mall Page 8a Woodson Overland, Mo. 429-7741 7 River Roads Shopping ,qt WA R is not healthy for children and other living things 'Q'- Center X Jennings, Mo. l 867-7700 Patricia - . o Rucker dung F 'T p patronizes the L DIAL Didi, Class of'87 Westover Greenhouses Co. THE HOOT 0 WL GIFT SHOP 7900 Olive 726-2020 West Elkhorn Ave. Handmade Indian JewelryeRugsePottery Virginia V. Dicus Village Nursery School BOX 795 1324 Schulte Road Estes Park, Colo. 80517 2 Good Luck Seniors from th GIRLS OF '71 Compliments of The Mutual Federal Savings and Loan Association of University City 6680 Delmar C0mPlimCmS Of Kandlestiek Ltd. The Clgtheg Out Custom Made Candles Accessories Paintings Sculpture Jewelry Copper Enamel 8373 Olive Street 993-5566 7009 Olive Street 862-3064 I Lily's One-Hour Martinizing L L . I 7l ll Olive Street Road I Quality Cleaning at Reasonable Prices 721-9584 Marquard's Exclusively Fine Dry Cleaning Delmar at Hanley 8348a Olive Street Rd. 202 Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Patrons Allan J. Gale Nick Gale Sanford Berns Thomas E. Campbell Jack Sacks Ben Shatzman and Family Ralph Garber Jack Lyss and Family Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. William S. Riggins Orville A. Schlef Mr. Dr. and Mrs. Harry Dalin Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Ladin Mr. and Mrs. Paul Levy Prof. and Mrs. Harold Rosenthal and daughters Mr. and Mrs. Irving Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Heinz Baer Mrs. Barbara Edison Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Colonna Larry-just so you'll have your name in more than your fair share of Dials Otto Bismarck is alive and living in U. City.-'Randy Best Not every thing that is faced can be changed--but nothing can be changed until it is faced. --Laura Sidel Best ofluck to Seniors of '7l. Judy Askuvich Good luck Seniors-Becky H. B. Blustein Belle Schneider A friend Good luck Class of77 l-Marcia Kornblum Marianne Madeson Fran Madeson Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Abe Siegel Charles Randolph David Kornblum W. E. Roevankamp Charles Wittenberg and Family James Entwistle and Family Pastor andMrs. Eugene Carter Mrs. Eleanor Mayorwitz and Family Kowa Bunga-Itls a munga munga Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Teeters 203 Best ishes Seniors . from The Parents' Club Of Uhiversily C fl y High School . . .And Good Luck Sophomores and Juniors BRA MS SHOES 7534 Forsyth Boulevard Culyton 5. Missouri PA 7-I I I0 72I-2260 Sir C arnabhi' Ltd. IvlFN'S AND WOMFN'S FASIIIONS 73l5 OLIVE STRl:l'T ROAD UNIVERSITY CITY. NIO, 63I30 TONG'S SPECIA L FOOD STORE FOODS FOR SPECIAL DIETS sugar-free foods allergy foods salt-free foods natural foods Delivery Service 8-Ill Olive St. Rd. Phone 997-0540 PArkview I-07I6-I7-I8-I9 BA UMA NN 'S Serve- Well Market 407 JACKSON AVENUE Llniversity City 30. Mo. CHARLES A. BAUMANN Em ily 'S Draperies S Residential and Commercial .7 dv"-l-5 'h5,4-Ag1?l COMPLETE ROD INSTALLATION SERVICE FREE DECORATING CONSULTANTS X3-I0 OLIVE BLVD. ST. LOUIS. MO. 63132 WYdown 3-25I6 Flowerland. Irie. 8427 Olive Street University City. Mo. 63 I 32 EMILY OFSTEIN AL OFSTEIN . 9 3-I235 Upholstering Fabrics 9 Window Shddw DNP ri Master Charge Shopper's Charge I ' '. ' e es Carpeting Bedspreads QJQ' Q' 020' 4' QQ' 725-3154 735-4338 r' lf'-' V- ke 5 P' i 5" 3' S anderfr' Spec1'ali:ea' Brake Service Rebuilding Relining Adjusting Front End and Alignment W. D, Sanders 6767-7l Olive Street Road R. J. Kulelier Picture Frame Co. 8354 Olive Street 993-01 28 University City. Missouri 63 I 32 REEVES SHOE REPAIR 6244 Delmar 862-573 Draft Counseling peace Actiyities 622 North and South Literature and Peace Merchandise PA 7-2156 FRONTIER WESTERN SHOP Compliments of FRA NK a HELEN'S PI Z Z E R I A 81 ll Olive St. Rd. Wy 7-0666 Fringe Jackets Leather Belts Fringe Vests Moccasins-Boots ONE DA Y SHIRT LAUNDRY 7521 Olive at Hanley Shirts - Dry Cleaning Rugs Laundry GREENE GOLF PRODUCTS AND INDOOR RANGE 7585 Olive St. Rd. VVYDOWN 3-55 9 FINE SH Q E rm., sta sm an -1. rx W' ftttfitiitlllf eesi oi.ivE ST. ROAD JEFFREY PLAZA SITY CITY, . 6313 OSED NIONDA 'il' 4 MEN, WOMEN ,S 8129 FORSYTH BLVD. CLAYTON, MO. 63105 O CASUAL 314-721-4565 FASHIONS THE RECORD BAR Posters Galor Poetry, Blacklight, Personality Sports, Travel, Sierra Club Largest Selection in St. Louis Area 26 North Brentwood Blvd. Hut-kin List and Sell Your Home L. Hutkin Real Eslale 8225 Olive Blvd. 997-2345 997-2313 Guaranteed Advertising -Guaranteed Sale Compliments of Wheeler and Woodrow Co. 7388 Pershing Ave. Television Sale and Service CLA RK-PEEPER CO. office supplies 35 North Meramac Citizens Bank of Um'vers1'ly City NOT JUST A BANK-A FRIEND Banking Hours Monday thru Thursday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. 8021 Olive Blvd. c Drive-up Windows Monday thru Thursday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Friday 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday 8 a.m. to 12 noon -- University City, Mo. 63130 993-6040 7217 Natural Bridge 383-7610 282 N. Skinker 862-9249 JUST PANTS GD HARDWARE STORES Sl7llIl1,.S' Hardware 6662 Delmar Mrs. Fothergill Inferior Design 7382 Pershing MA C BRO WN Shell Service Slalion "Service with a Smile" Wy 3-4287 8560 Olive at McKnight Compliments of COI7Il71LlIIll'l' Federal Savings ana' Loan Association "THE BLUE CHIP ofthe Savings Businessl' Mid-County Cllclee 8637 Delmar Blvd. Uust West of Innerbeltl 997-7900 PARKVIIQW 1-6026 SPICERS 56210, INC. ITHE SELI'-SERVICE STOREJ X817 LADIIIL ROAD ST. LOUIS ILADUEI MO. 63124 Tala-wicz 'S Pizzeria St. Louis Finest Pizza 863-2120 276 W. Skinker Ettablllhed 19 2 2 SAVINGS ACCOUNTS INSURED UP TO S20,m0 BY FSLIC 09 0.2. Q man dgjnqzr. z 5? 'q ginsuiuui 0 . .' ., Missouri . Savings Assoc1at1on IO NORTH HANLEY ROAD CLAYTON, MISSOURI 63105 VO. 2-33OO MILLBURG PHARMACI CLH1I1I'l1ghClI7lSh6ll PArkview 5-9440-41 DRUGGISTS gl DELIVERY K ! Double Eagle Stamps YT7 on Friday 7591 OLIVE ST. RD. UNIVERSITY CITY, MO. 63130 Service At Your Demand Always With A Smile HOUSE BEA UTIFUL DRAPERIES INC. 8333 OLIVE ALS SHOE STORE "Exclusive but not Expensive' Wy 1-1408 8221 Olive Be free! In free feeling fashions that make things happen. Be free. . .and be yourself in Dexter. C W Wj ffwk 3 1 WL' 0 aff 0 D 52 ,!' ! if C ff Af wt QD , 9 Jwfk M Wok radio 0'17m JOM I if L1 if IMO LWCAL bij? 964157 W X f A KZDW I yjffo i law NWN zffjf qw rfPxLw6?f,f,cfWJ 'KSHE 95 24 hours 21 day Compliments of Marvin Blitz Real Estate C0 Lily Cleaners REED DRUGS 7ll1OliveSt. Rd. MP wg Thoughtful ll Banking will get more done for you -new and in the years ahead. We provide it. WMM ST- LOUIQQQQNTY WONAL BQNK !'!t9E6!If0N Patrons Mr. and Mrs. John Roth Mrs. Lyn Sokolik Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Rosenberg Mr. and Mrs. Albert Cohen Dr. Gabriel Reuben Mazel Tov to Herb from his parents and Joanne Mr. and Mrs, Geary David Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Iskiwitch Dr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Gilberg Mr. and Mrs. David Mendelson Mr. Russel Tuck Mr. James Lanman Best Wishes-Charles Henry Miss Jean Matheson Miss Virginia Lee Watts Mr, Fred Rock Mr. Earl C. Beeks Mrs. Robert Frey Mrs. Kenneth Hyman Mr. and Mrs. David Ross Mr. and Mrs. Fred Katz Dr. Fredda Witherspoon Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stobaugh Mr. and Mrs. Paul Flum Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Neumann Congratulations, Ellen Smith and David Steefel Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Fuchs Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Portnoff Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fuller Support your local police-Marti and Karen The Hellner Family Mr. and Mrs. Mel Rosen Mrs. Aeun K. Mitra Mr. and Mrs. John W. Lewis I Dr. and Mrs. Graydon Ballard Dr. and Mrs. Powell Niland Mr. Hugh Burns Dr. and Mrs. James Hopson Mr. and Mrs. Barney D. Evans Mr. and Mrs. Harold Goldwasser 212 T lo get your body throu exams . Donald s Survival lt. Mc on ds X Z..- In these troubled times, you need all the help you can get. That includes getting some good food when you don't have much time. To save time, we've got a good meal all packed up for you: a big Mac, a bag of crisp fries, and a cup of hot coffee. Buy your kit now. It can do as much good for you as cramming. And it tastes a lot better. 8127 Olive Street Road 213 MCD0l18ld'S 0 Best Wishes Seniors from the Girls 0f'73 214 V . .J v 1 I X J J ' ' ' , ' x 1 ,. .5 gf r x , 3 UVA ly J ' y Girls 0fI972 Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Meyers congratulate the Class of'7l Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dorb Mr. and Mrs. Leon Schankman Good luck Seniors-A Cappella Choir To my best friend, Annalee-best ofluck-JSA Good luck juniorsafrom the denizens ofthe 212 and 210 complexes Jeff and Paulfwho's Ellen? Peace among all brothers and sisters Prof. and Mrs. Herbert T. Mayer Mr. and Mrs. John W. Johnston Mr. and Mrs. Sol Kaplan Mr. and Mrs. Julian Grosman Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Burnett and Girls Mr. and Mrs. S. Hendin-Linda and Marty Hello from shy, withdrawn, introverted, reserved, calm, and quiet Dr. and Mrs. James Stokesa Jane, Ann, John, David, Lisa, Rockette and Kitty Miss Dorothy Hanpeter Bonne Chance Mr. and Mrs. Frank W. Miller Mr. and Mrs. I. Derlield Mr. and Mrs. Joe Rennard I never dared to be radical when young, for fear it would make me conservative when old. RFJDG 215 Senior A Cll'Vl'Il'6S ,-XACII. IRENE Junior Board Secretary 5.61 Senior Cabinet 7,81 A Cappella Choir 6.7.81 Pep Club 3.4,5,61 G.A.A. Skit Chairman 61 Sophomore Orientation 31 Intramural Sports 3,-1.7.81 Hamilton Help 3.4: Wigwam Junior Board 4. 5,6.7.8 Secretary: Work Weekend 3 ABODI, BELA .lR.-- Biology Club 31 Chess Club 81 Pep Club 31lsFUR Radio Club 3 ADKINS, MELBA REGINA - Merit Scholarship Letter 7,81 Marching Band 51 Black Student Union 5,6.7.81 Pep Club Board 7.81 Senior Play Crew 71 Flag Twirler 71 F.B.L.A. 7.81 Sophomore Orientation 5: G.A.A. Big-Little Sister Picnic 51 Mixer 7 AHLVIN. PAUL -Orchestra 3, German Club Treas- urer 7.8 ALBRIGIIT. YVETTE -Activities Board 7: Junior Board 61 Senior Cabinet 71 Pep Club 51f1.A.A. 5.6.71 Wigwam Junior Board 5,61 Hockey. Basketball. Volleyball. 3.4.5,6.7.8 ALLEN. KENNETH S.- -Orchestra 7.81 Band 3, Band Manager 5.6, Band Captain 7.81 Stage Band 5.61 March- ing Band 3,,81 Pep Club 3,,8 Vice-President 6: Vlestminister Help Club 3,4 ALLMAN. LUANNE-Student Council Alternate 5.6 As- sistant Art 84 Publicity Chairman 51 Pep Club 3.41 G.A.A. 3. 43 Hockey 31 Basketball 3,43 Volleyball 3.4 tAfter-School Sportsi ANDRES. PAMELA--Senior Cabinet 7,81 Black Student Union 5.6.7181 Primitive Dance Club 7.81 G.A.A. Big-Little Sister Picnic 3.5 ARNOLD. SHARON -Student Council Representative 3,41 Sophomore Board 3.4: Junior Board 5,61 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Pep Club 3,4.5.6,7.81 G.A.A. 3,4.5,6.7,81 Honors Award 61 County Government Day 41 High School Government Day 61 Father-Daughter Banquet1Big-Littlc Sister Picnic ASIKUVICH, .JANET --Junior Board 5.61 Senior Cabinet 7.8: Pep Club1 Westminister Help 3,41 G.A.A. 3.4.5,6.7.81 Mental Retardation Drive: UNICEF Drive ASIKUVICH. JERRY- Band 31 Marching Band 31 Intra- mural Football 31 Intramural Handball 5 ASKUVlCH.JUDITH MARLENE Tom-Tom Clerical Edi- tor 7.81 Junior Board 5.6: Senior Cabinet 7.8: A Cappella Choir 41 Drama Club 31 Pep Club 3,,81 Senior Play Cast 71 Westminister Help Club 3.4.51 A.F.S. 3.4: G.A.A. Library Help 6.7 AUSTIN. SHARON --Afro-American Club 3,41 G.A.A. 3.41 Ollice Help 3,41 Bowling Club 5.61 Sophomore Orientation 5.6 AXELBAUM. GERALD Band 3.4.5,6.7,8: Stage Band 3. 4.5.6781 Marching Band 3,41 Pep Club 3,41 Senior Play 71 Letterman 71 SPI Productions 4.61 Water Polo 3.5.71 Camp White Cloud Counselor 61 Pep Band,8 BAER. JOYCE -Student Council Representative 3 Alternate 4,51 Senior Cabinet 7.8: Biology Club 5.61 German Club 3,4, 5.61 Pep Club 3.4.5,6.7.81 Senior Play Steering Committee 7: G.A.A. 3.4, Leaders' Club 3.4, Orlice Help 5,61 Bowling 3,4,5,6,7.81 Girls' Basketball 3.4,5.6: Girls' Vol- leyball Tennis 3.4,5,6,7,81 Girls' Softball Sophomore Orientation 51 UNICEF Drive: Big-Little Sister 51 Father-Daughter Banquet Skit 3,-1.5.61 Homecoming Deco- ration Committee 3.4,5.61 G.A.A. Decoration Committee 3.41 Homecoming Float 3.4.5,61 Junior Board Hospital Visit 5.6 BAILEY. CLIFFORD- Activities Board 7.81 Senior Cabinet 7.8: Biology Club: Audio-Visual Club BAKER. BRENDA--Senior Cabinet Publicity and Clerical Committees 7.81 Biology Club 3,41 Black-Student Union 5.6. 7.81 Ceramic Club 5.6: Future Nurses' Club 3.41 Pep Club 3. 4.5,6.7.81 Yoga Club 5.6: S.M.C. 5,61 G.A.A. 3,4.5.6,7,8: Library Help 3.4: Ollice Help 5.61 Student Store Help 5,61 Attendance Ollice Help 3,4,5,61 Class Hockey 3.41 Class Basketball 3.41 Class Volleyball 3,41 Class Baseball 5,61 F.B.L.A, Big Sister 51 Sophomore Orientation 5 BALLARD. MARY-- Westminister Help Club 5.6 BARUCH, MICHAEL Pep Club 3,-1.5.61 Letterman 7,81 Cross Country 3.5.71 Wrestling 5,71 Track 4,6 BEITCH. GARY--Spanish Club Varsity Base- ball 6 BIELSKY. HOWARD Biology Club 5.61Olhce Help 7.8 BERMAN. KEITH --Student Council Representative 5,6: Audio-Visual Club 3.-1,51 Pep Club 3.4,5,61KFI.lR Radio Club 3.4.71 Yoga Club 5.61 Letterman 7,81 Library Help 5,61 Base- ball 41 Varsity Baseball 6.81 Varsity Wrestling 81 Hockey 4.6. X: Sports Club 3.4 BERMAN. ROBIN JANE Student Council Representative 5 Alternate 61 Work Weekend 31 Sophomore Orientation 51 Tom-Tom Clerical Editor Junior Board 5.61 Senior Cabinet 7.81 Pep Club 3,4.5,6,7,8 Homecoming Float Chair- man 7,8 Winter Sports Chairman 7.81 A.F.S. Pan- cake Breakfast Decoration Chairman 5,6: G.A.A. 3,4.5.6,7.81 Cheerleader 7.81 Intramural Hockey. Volleyball, Basketball. Archery, Tennis 3,4.5,6.71 Hockey Class Team and Varsity Hockey 71 Service Award 5,6: Camp White Cloud Counselor 61 Buzz Book 7,8 BERNS, LINDA -Student Council Representative 5.6: Cur- riculum Board 7.81 Dial Yearbook Art Editor 7.81 Tom-Tom Reporter 3.4 News Editor 5,6 Promotional Art Editor 7.8 Associate News Editor 7.81 Biology Club 3,4.5,6: Environment Club 5.61 Pep Club 3,-1.5.61 Senior Play Cast 71 G.A.A. 3,4,5, 6.7.81 Leaders' Club 3.51 Honors Award 3,-1.5.61 Hockey Team 3,51 After-School Sports Junior Board Home- coming Float Chairman 5.61 Senior Cabinet Social Service Committee Co-Chairman 7.81 Quill EL Scroll 5.6,7.8: Service Award 61 Safety Club 4 BEST, JAINA--Folk Dance Club 7.81 Esperanto Club 31 Yoga Club 61 Student Mobilization Committee Hon- ors Award 3,4.61 Magazine Editor 6.81 French Club Quebec Trip6 BIDDLECOMBE, PEGGY -Senior Play Cast 71 Ollice Help 7 BIERMAN. REBECCA--Student Council Representative 5 Alternate 41 School Relations Board 7,81 Senior Cabinet Publicity and Bulletin Board Chairman 7.81 Drama Club 3.4. Secretary 5.6: French Club 3.4.5,61 Pep Club 3,-1.5.6. 7,81 Senior Play Steering Committee 7 Cast 7: G.A.A. 3.4.5. 6.7.81 School Government Steering Committee 7 BLACK. SCOTT-Orchestra 5,6.7.81 Band 3,4,5.6.7,81 Stage Band Marching Band 3,4,5,6,7,81 Pep Band 3,4,5.6,7. 8: Senior Play Orchestra 71 SPT Productions Orchestra 4.6 BLITZ. CHARLES- Student Council Representative 3,-1.5.61 Pep Club 3,4.5.61 S.M,C. 5.6: Letterman Sophomore Football. Basketball, Track, Senior Track BLUM, TERRY---Senior Play Cast 71 Guidance Olhce Help 7.8 BLUMBERG. SAM - Student Council 61 Senior Play Cast 71 Bridge Club 3,4, Intramural Football 3 BOWENS, WARREN Black Student Union 5,6,7,81 Foot- ball 3.51 Varsity Football 7 BRANHAM, MARIAN Black Student Union Sec- retaryg Esperanto Club 7,81 Pep Club 3.4,5,6,7,81 Senior Play Cast 71 Spanish Club 3.4, G.A.A. 3,4,5,6,7,81 Student Store Help 5,6 BRASCH. HARRIET LYNN--Tom-Tom Stall' 3.41 A Cap- pella Choir 3.-1.5.61 Pep Club A.F.S. 3.41 G.A.A. 3. 4.5,6.7.81 Archery 3.41 Basketball 3.4: Hockey 5,61 Tax Election 3,4 BRECKWOLDT. AXEL Audio-Visual Club Ceramics Club 51 Cinematography Club 3,41 Folk Dance Club 5.61 German Club 51 KFUR Radio Club 5.6.71 Football. Soccer 3.4 BRISOW. JAMES -A Cappella Choir 5,61 Pep Club 3.41 Letterman 7.81 Varsity Gymnastics BRITTON, SHEILA --Student Council Alternate 3.41 Dial Yearbook Clerical Staff and Candid StalT 7.81 Senior Cabinet 7.8 Social Service Committee 7.8 Senior Gift Committee 7,8 A Cappella Choir Pep Club 3.4,5.6,7.81 Senior, Play Cast 71 Washington. D.C, Trip 41 Spanish Club 3.4: A.F.S. 5.6: G.A.A. 3, Leaders' Club 5.6.7,81 Honors Award 3,4.5.61 Clinic Help 7.81 Volleyball Class Team 61 After School Sports 3.-1.5.61 After School Tennis 3,-1,51 Alter School Archery 31 After School Basketball. Softball 31 Sopho- more Orientation 5: G.A.A. Award 3.41 F.T.A. 3.4 BROWN. DENISE Guitarists' Guild 61 Yoga Club 5,61 STEP 31 Literary Magazine 5.6 BROWN. GLORIA JEAN -Yoga Club 5.61 Bowling Club 3. 4 BROWN. STEPHANIE MARIE-Senior Cabinet 7.8: Black Student Union 5.6.7,81 Senior Play Crew 71 Primitive Dance Club 7,81 Sweetheart Dance Chairman 71 Graduation Com- mittee 71Guid3nCC Ollicc Help 7 BURNETT, ROCHELLE ALLYSON-A Cappella Choir 4.5.6,7,81 French Club 5,61 Girls' Intramural Sports 4.7.81 Sophomore Orientation 51 Black Student Union 5,617,241 Honor Award 4.5.61 G.A.A. Big Sister 5,61 Student Council Repre- sentative 61 Pep Club 5.61 Class Candidate 71 Senior Cabinet 7.81 Guitarist Guild 5,61 Senior Assembly Chairman 81 Senior Play Cast 71 Primitive Dance Club 7 BYLSMA. MICllAl:l. Student Council Alternate 31 Tom- Tom lixchange Stall' 7.81 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Pep Club 3,4, 5.63 Work Weekend 3.41 Wigwam Jr. Board 3.-l,5.61 Tax Levy 3.4 CALLEN, ANNETTE Band 3,4,5,6.7.8 Librarian 7.8: Marching Band 3,4,5.6.7,81 lgnvironmcnt Club 5,61 Senior Play Orchestra 71 KFUR Radio Club 5.61 Pep Band 5,617.81 Student Commissioner City Plan Commission 7.8: U, City 'lax l1lection4 CAlNlPBl1l,L. GERALD Basketball 3,4,5,6.7,81 Service Award 5.61 Letterman 7,8 CAMPBl'.I.I., JOEL Tom-Tom Editorial Stall' 7,81 Orch- estra 3,4,5.6,7.8 Vice-President 5.6 President 7,81 Pep Club 3, 41 llonors Award 3.-1.5.61 SPI Productions Orchestra 4,61 Intramural .Athletics 3,41AlI-Suburban Orchestra 3,4 CARROLL. JOHN Sophomore Board 3,41 Junior Board 5,61 Senior Cabinet 7.81 Merit Scholarship Semilinalists 7,81 Debate Club 3.41 Environment Club 5.61 Esperanto Club 5. 617,81 German Club 3,41 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,8: Westminister Help Club 5,61 S.M.C. 5.6.7,81 Library' Help 3,4,5.61 Tas Election 3.4 CARTER, DAISY Junior Board 61 Senior Cabinet 7.8: Biology Club 3.41 Black Student Union 5,6,7,81 Pep Club 3. 4.5,6.7.81 Yoga Club 61 G.A.A. 3.4,5.6.71 Tennis, Basketball, Softball. Swimming, Bowling 3.4: Volleyball 3.4,5.6.7,8: Wig- wam .lunior Board,7.8 Sophomore Orientation 51 Camp White Cloud 61 Tutor 7 CARTER. EUGENE F. ll-A Cappella Choir,8: Concert Choir 5,6,7.81 Folk Dance Club 7.8: French Club 3. 4.5.61 Guitarists' Guild 5.6,7.81 Pep Club 5,61 Library Help 3. Help 5.61 SPI Productions Cast 6: Crew 4 CARTER. MARY ANN---Black Student Union 5,6.7,8: Fu- ture Nurses' Club 7.81 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7.81 Senior Play Crew 71 G.A.A. 3.4,5,6,7,81 Leaders' Club 3.-1.5.61 Student Store Help 3.4.5,61 SPI Productions Crew 41 Basketball Volleyball 3,4.5.61 Oasis Club 4,5.6 CHINN. CHARLES T.---Student Council Alternate 5,61 Black Student Union 5,61 Pep Club 5,6.7,81 Letterman 5.6,7,81 Football. Basketball. Baseball 3,41 Varsity Basketball 5,6,7,81 Varsity Track 5,6 CHINSKY, JANNET- Student Council Representative 5 Alternate 61 Pep Club Senior Play' Crew 71 Yoga Club 5.61 G.A.A. 3.4.5,6.7.81 Leaders' Club 61 Camp White Cloud Counselor 6 CHOSID. JEFFREY G,--German Club 7,81 Pep Club 3.4.5, 6 CLOONEY, KATHY- Student Council Representative 5 Student Store Chairman 5,61 Student Store Help 3,4,5,6: Future Nurses' Club 3.41 Pep Club 3,4.5,61 Spanish Club 3.4, 5.61 A.F.S. 3.4: G.A,A. 3,415.61 Sophomore Orientation 51 Wig- wam Jr. Board COCKRELL, BRENNADELLfMarching Band 5,61 Black Student Union 5,6 COHN. LINDA S.--Student Council Representative 3,41 Pep Club 3,4,5,61 G,A.A. 3.-1.5.61 Girls' Afterschool Archery, Basketball, Volleyball 3,4 COLEMAN. GREG f- Lincoln High School, St. Louis. Mo. 3,4.5,61 Black Student Union 7.8 COLLINS, LANIER Basketball 3,4,5,6,7,81 Football 3.4: Letterman 8 COLONNA, HARRIET --Dial Yearbook Candids StalT1 7,81 Tom-Tom News Stall' 7,81 Merit Scholarship Letter 7,81 Bi- ology Club 3,4,5.61 Drama Club 31 Folk Dance Club 5.6.7. 81 French Club 3,4,5,6: Pep Club 3,41 Washington D.C. Trip 61 Yoga Club 5,61 S.M.C. 7,81 A.F.S. 3.7.81 G.A.A. 3,41 Youth to Aid Biafra Club Secretary 3,41 Intramural Sports 3, 4 COOK. GWEN --Black Student Union 5.6,7.81 Future Nurses' Club 3.4,5,61 .Attendance Ollice 5.6 CORNBLEET, JIM f Tom-Tom Sports. Business Statl' 4.5. 6.7.81 Junior Board 5.61 Pep Club 3,4,5.6,7,8: Letterman 7,81 Varsity Tennis 4.6.81 Tom-Tom Representative 5,6 CORNFELD. LARRY -Student Council Representative 5.61 lntra-school Wrestling Chairman 61 Activities Board Chair- man 7.81 Tom-Tom Sports, Photography Staff 7,81 Dial Yearbook. Photography Editor 7.81 Merit Scholarship Letter 7.81 Cinematography' Club 3, Guitarists' Guild 3,-1. I 5,6.7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Senior Play Cast 71 A.l'.S. 3.41 Ilonors Award Letterman 7,81 Yell leader 7,81 Gym- nastics 5,6,7,81 Track 61 Sports Club 3,4,5.61 latin Club 3,4 COSENTINO. CAROL Student Council Alternate 3.4: Biology' Club 3,41 Irench Club 3,41 Pep Club 3,4.5.61G.A,A. 3,4,5,61 Leaders' Club 3.41 Intramural Ilockey, Basketball. Volleyball 3,41 I-'.B.L.A. President 7,81 Paddleball Playolls 5. 61 Tas Election 3,41 Senior Assembly 7,8 COVER, BRUCE Northglenn Iligh School, Denver. Colorado 3.41 Senior Cabinet 7,8 COX. PAMELA SUE Student Council Representative 41 Drama Club 7,81 Senior Play Crew 71 Honors Award 3,4,5,6L Bowling Club 3,41 Library Help 3,41 Attendance Ollice 5.6 CRAIG. BOB Junior Board 5,61 Pep Club 3,4,5,6.7,81 Let- terman 7,81 Swimming Team 3,4,5,6,7,81 Waterpolo 3,4,5. 6,7,81 Work Weekend 3,4 CRAMER, CATRINA John Burroughs School, St. Louis County, Mo. 3,41 Student C'ouncil Representative 5,61 Drama Club 51 Folk Dance Club 5.6,7,81 French Club 5,61 West- minister Help Club 5,61 S.M.C. Secretary 5,6,7,81 Honors Award 5,61 Taberna 7,8 CURRY, ALLIEZE Student Council Representative 41 Tom-Tom Girls' Sports Editor 7.81 Dial Yearbook Girls' Sports Editor 7,81 Junior Board 5,61 Senior Cabinet 7.81 Band 3,4.5,6,7.8 Secretary 7.8: Marching Band 3,4,5,6.7,8 Band Council 5.61 Pep Club 3.4.5,6.7.81 G.A,A. 3.4,5,6.7.8 Treasurer 7.81 Olhce Help 5.61 Student Store Help 5,61 Inter- school Class Hockey 3,4,5,6,7.81 Varsity Hockey 5,7 Inter- school Class Volleyball 3,4,5.6,7,81 Varsity' Volleyball 71 Interschool Class Basketball,81 Varsity Basketball 7: Varsity Softball 31 Oasis Club 5.61 Wigwam Junior Board 4, 5,6 CURRY. CARLA-Black Student Union 5.6,7,81 Ceramics Club 7,81 Pep Club 5,6,7.81 Senior Play Crew 71 Yoga Club 61 G.A.A. 7.81 Library Help 7,81Ollice Help 7,8 CUTTLER, VICKIE--Student Council Alternate 41 Work Weekend 31 Tom-Tom Representative 3,41 Junior Board 5,61 Pep Club 3.4,5,6,7,8 President 7,81 G.A.A. 3,4,5,6,7.81 Hon- ors Award 3.4.5,61 Cheerleader 5,6.7.8 Varsity 5,6 Co-Cap- tain 7,81 Media Lab Help 61 Class Hockey 3,5,71 Varsity Hockey 5,71 Class Basketball 4.6,81 Varsity Basketball 81 Class Volleyball 6,81 Varsity Volleyball 8: Camp White Cloud Counselor 61 Afterschool Sports 3,4.5.6,7.81 Homecoming Senior Maid 71 Sophomore Orientation 51 Wigwam Junior Board 4.5,6 Recording Secretary 5 DALIN, DEBORAH-Student Council Representative 3.41 School Relations Board Chairman 7,81 Tom-Tom Feature Staff, Real Estate Board 7,81 Sophomore Board 3,41 Junior Board 5.6 President: Senior Cabinet 7.8 Talent Show Co- ordinator 7,81 Pep Club 3,4.5.6,7.81 A.F.S. 3.41 G,A.A. 3,4,5,6. 7,8 Sports Manager1 Leaders' Club 3,41 Honors Award 3.5.61 Girls' State Representative 61 Principals Advisory Committee 5,61 Sports Manager Ping-Pong 51 Prom 6 DAVID. RUSS-Orchestra 3.-1,516.71 Guitarists' Guild 3.41 Spanish Club 5,61 Sports Club 3,41 Junior Achievement 5.61 Guidance Ofhce 7 DELLAS. PETER-fAudio-Visual Club 31 Pep Club 3.-1.5.6. 7,8 DEPPE. DEBORAH ANN-- Work Weekend 31 Junior Board 5.61 Pep Club 3,4,5,6.7,8 Spirit Chairman 7,81 G.A.A. 3,4.5, 6.7.8 President 7,81 Girls' Hockey Class Team 3,5,71 Varsity Hockey Team 5,71 Basketball Class and Varsity 3,5,71 Vol- leyball Class 3,5,71 Volleyball Varsity Team 5,71 Softball Varsity Team 31 Camp White Cloud Counselor 61 Wigwam Junior Board 3.4.56 DERFELD, JANICE CAROL--Pep Club 3,-1.5.61 G,A.A. 3,4.5,61 Leaders' Club 3.41 Sophomore Orientation 51 After- School Sports 3,4 DETJEN, KAREN--Cinematography' Club 31 Folk Dance Club 3,41Westminister 5.61S.M.C.5.61 Honors Award 6 DICKINSON. MARY Tom-Tom Business Manager 3,4.5,6 News Editor 7.81 Merit Scholarship Semilinalist 7.81 Folk Dance Club 3.4,5.6.7,81 French Club 314,51 Westminister 3.4, 5.6 Chairman 5.61 S.M.C. 5.61 Honors Award DORB. ELLEN JOYCE-Senior Play Cast 7: A.F.S, 3.4.51 Wigwam Junior Board DOSS. PEGGY- Pep Club 3.4,5.6,7.81 G.A.A.,7.81 Leaders' Club 41 Girls' Volleyball Class Team 4 DREWS. BELINDA Orchestra,8: Band 3.4,5.6,7. 8 Secretary 5.61 Librarian 7.81 Marching Band Pep Club 3.4: Senior Play' Orchestra 71 G.A.A. 3.-l.5,6,7.81 Honors Award Intramural Sports 3.4.5,6.7,81 C'lass Hockey' 3.5,71 Class Basketball -l,6,81 Varsity Hockey 3,5,71 Softball -I1 Class Volleyball Captain 3,5,71 Varsity Volleyball and Basketball 7.8: "UH Club 5,6,7,81 Camp White Cloud Counselor 61 Pep Band 345,617.81 Sophomore Orientation 5 DUNNE, JERRY- DeSmet High School, Creve Coeur, Mo. 3,4151 Ceramics Club 71 S.M.C. 61 Students for Peace 61 C,O.E, Work Club 7,81 Cycle Club 7,8 DUNNIGAN, ERROL- East St. Louis High School, East St. Louis, Illinois 3.4,5,61 Letterman 7,81 Track 7,8, Football 7,8 DURHAM, PAUL- Marching Band Council 7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5,6.7,81 Honors Award 3,-1,51 Letterman 3,4,5,6,7,81 Var- sity Wrestling 3,4,5,6,7,81 Junior Varsity Baseball 5,61 Var- sity Baseball 7,81 Sophomore Baseball 3,41 Camp White Cloud Counselor 7,8 DYER, JOAN MARIE -Studem Council Representative 6 Alternate 31 Biology Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Pep Club 3,41 Yoga Club 5,61 S.M.C. 5,61 A.F.S. 7,81 Youth Emergency Service 7,81 Archery 41 fax Election 41 Land Clearance for Rede- velopment Authority Commissioner 7.8 EBERT, ROBERT LOUIS- Senior Cabinet 7,81 A Cappella Choir 5,6,7,81 Concert Choir 7,8, Pep Club 5,6,7,81 Senior Play Crew 7: Washington D.C. Trip 41 Letterman 7,81 Office Help 7,81 SPI Productions Cast 61 Water Polo 3,4,5,61 Swimming 3,4,5,6 EDISON, JULIE---Student Council Representative 41 A Cap- pella Choir 3,41 Environment Club 61 French Club 3,4,5,6 Secretary 5,6 BulTet 3,51 Guitarists' Guild 4,5,61 Pep Club 3,4, 5,6: A.F.S. 5,61 G.A.A. 3,4,5,6,7,81 G.A.A. Big Sister 51 Honors Award 3,4,5,6,7,8 Homecoming Parade 3,4,5,62 Pan- cake Breakfast 5,6,7,81 Father-Daughter Banquet Skit 41 Work Weekend 31 Modern Dance 3,4,5,61 After-School Sports EISEN, CHARLES- -Ceramics Club 5,61 Chess Club 7,81 Folk Dance Club 5,6,7,81 SPI Productions Cast 61 Gymnastics 7,8: Greek 7,8 ENDERS, ROBERT-Curriculum Board 71 Merit Scholar- ship Semitinalist 7,8, Chess Club 3,4,5,6,7,8 President 5,61 Spanish Club 3,41 S.M.C. 5,6,71 Bridge Club 3,41 Sopho- more Orientation 51 Honors Award 3,4,5,61 Intramural Foot- ball 3,41 Intramural Basketball 3,4,5,6 ENTWISTLE, MARY TERESE--Student Council Alter- nate 4,51 Tom-Tom Features Statf 5,6 Feature Editor 7,81 Dial Yearbook Ad Editor 7.81 Biology Club 3,41 Environment Club 5,61 Pep Club 3,4,5,61 Westminister Help Club 5,61 G.A.A. 3,4, Honors Award 314,51 SPI Productions Crew 4 EPSTEIN, MOPSY----Student Council Alternate 41 March- ing Band 3.43 Westminister Help Club 5,61 Taberna 3,4,5, 6,7,8 Treasurer 7,81 SPI Productions Cast 6 ERLICI-I, RICHARD- -Student Council Alternate 61 A Cap- pella Choir 3,4,5,6,7,8 Vice-President 5,6 President 7,81 Con- cert Choir 5,6,7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5,6 Junior Spirit Chairman 5,61 S,M.C. 5,6,7,81 SPI Productions Cast 41 Sophomore Basketball 3,41 Varsity Baseball 5,6 EVANS, MICHELE--Student Council Representative 3,4 Alternate 61 Dial Yearbook Clerical Staff 7,81 Sophomore Board 31 A Cappella Choir 3,415.61 Pep Club 3,4,5,61 Wash- ington, DC. Trip 41 G.A.A. 3,4,5,61 G.A.A. Big Sister 51 Honors Award 3,4161 Sophomore Orientation 61 Bridge Club 3,4 FALCONER, JONATHAN---S.M.C. 5,6 FIELDS, DEBORAH-fPep Club 7,8 FISHER, ELLEN J. --Pep Club 3,4,5,617,81 G.A.A. 3,4,5,6, 7,81 Hockey 31 Volleyball 41 Softball 4 FIXLER, MINDY---Student Council Representative 3,5 Art Week Chairman 51 Sophomore Board 3.41 Junior Board 5,61 A Cappella Choir 6,7,81 Pep Club 3,41G.A.A, 3,4,5,6,7,8 FIXMAN, ELAINE SANDRA-A Cappella Choir 3,4,5.6,7. 81 Pep Club 3,4 FORNISS. EVERETT K. A Cappella Choir 3,41 Black Stu- dent Union 5,61 Football 3,51 Basketball 3,4,5,61 Track 4 FOX, JAMES D. --Band 3,4,5,6,7,81 Stage Band 3,41 March- ing Band 3,41 Ceramics Club 5,6,7,81 Pep Club 3,41 SPI Pro- duction Crew 61 Photography Club 7,8 FREFDMAN, BRENDA ---Dial Yearbook Quips Staff 6: Drama Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Yoga Club 61 A.F.S. 51 Honors Award 4,61 Othce Help 51 Junior Board Service Project 61 UNICEF 71 "Winnie the Pooh" 5 FREY, ALAN- Student Council Alternate 3,4,5,61 Smoking Lounge Committee Chairman 61 Tom-Tom Editorial and Business Staff 71 Biology Club 6,71 Ceramics Club 71 Pep Club 3,4,5,61 Westminister Help Club 5,6, S.M.C. 71 Ollice Help 5,61 Tennis 4,6,81 Water Polo 3 FRIEDMAN, MARK Rules and Regulations Board 7,8: Biology Club 7,81 Cinematography Club 7,81 Pep Club 3,41 Letterman 5,61 Gymnastics 3,4,5,6,7,81 Jr. Shoe-Shine 5,61 Book Store Help 5,61 Photography Club 7,8 FULLER, PERRY-Orchestra 5,6,7,81 Band 3,4,5,6,7,81 Stage Band 5,61 Marching Band 3,5171 Black Student Union 7,81 Senior Play Crew 71 Spanish Club 3,4,5,6 Treasurer 5,61 Letterman 3,4,7,81 SPI Production Crew 61 Wrestling 3,4,7,81 Biafra Club 5,6 GAKES, CHRISTINE --A Cappella Choir 5,61 Marching Band Flag Bearer 7,81 French Club 5,61 SPI Productions Cast6 GALE, CHARLES---Dial Yearbook Candids Staff 7,81 Chess Club 3,41 Cinematography Club 3,4,5,6,7,8 Vice-President 5,6 President 7,81 Library Board 5,6 GALE, JEFFREYfDebate Club 3,4,5,6,7,8 Vice-President 5,6 President 7,81 Honors Award 3,4,5,61 P.A. Announcer 5,6,7,8 GARBER, JEREMY--Student Council Representative 4 Al- ternate 51 Tom-Tom News and Editorials Staff 6,7,81 Dial Yearbook Roving Editor 7,81 Merit Scholarship Semifinalist 7,81 Orchestra 31 Esperanto Club 5,61 Westminister Help Club 5,61 S.M,C. 5,6,7,81 Honors Award 3,4,61 SPI Productions Orchestra6 GARDNER, MERRILL -Black Student Union 5,6,7,81 Foot- ball 3,51 Basketball 4 GARFIELD, LORRAINE--Student Council Alternate 41 Dial Yearbook Clerical StalT 7,81 Junior Board 5,61 Senior Cabinet Scrapbook Chairman 7,81 A Cappella Choir 3,4,5,6, 7,8 Scrapbook Co-Chairman 7,8, Madrigal Singers 31 Con- cert Choir 7,8, Biology Club 5,61 Esperanto Club 5,61 Guitarists' Guild 3,41 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,8 Spirit Committee 5, Publicity Chairman 6, Spirit Chairman 7,8 Board 7,81 Sen- ior Play Steering Committee, Cast 71 A.F.S. 3,41G.A.A. 3,4, 5,6,7,81 Leaders' Club 7,81 SPI Productions Cast 61 Work Weekend 31 Intramural Sports 3,4,5,6,7,81 A.F.S. Guide 61 Prom Committee 6 GELLMAN, BUNNE-Student Council Representative 3 Alternate 51 Tom-Tom Advisory Representative 3,4,5,61 Sophomore Board 3,41 Junior Board 5,61 Pep Club 3,4,5,6, 7,8 Sophomore Representative 3,4 Treasurer 7,8, G.A.A. 3,4, 5,6,7,81 Leaders' Club 3,41 Hockey 31 Work Weekend 31 Jr. Board Shoe Shine 5,61 Jr. Board H,O.G. Day 6 GEORGE, DION E-fStudent Council Alternate 41 A Cappella Choir 516,81 Black Student Union 5,61 Senior Play Crew 71 Spanish Club 7,8 GERHARD, ARTHUR---Tom-Tom Reporter 3,41 Ceramics Club 7,81 German Club 3,4,5,6,7,8 Vice-President 7,81 KFUR Radio Club 5,61 Letterman 3,4,5,6,7,81 Gymnastics 3,4,5,6,7,81 Photography Club 7,8 GERS,ALANfPep Club 3.4 GERS, MOREY- -Audio-Visual Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Senior Play Technical Director 7 Asst. Lighting Director1 Library Help 51 Media Lab Student Supervisor 5,6,7,81 SPI Productions Asst. Tech. Director 6, Crew 41 Stage Crew 3,4,5,6,7,8 Vice- President 5,6 President 7,81 Senior Assembly Crew 8 GILDEN, DAVID--Audio-Visual Club 7,81 Ceramics Club 3,41 Cinematography Club 7,8, Environment Club 5,61 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Yoga Club 5,6, A.F.S. 5,6,7,81 Honors Award 3,4,5,6 GINSBURG, BARRY---Ceramics Club 6,7,81 Environment Club 5,61 Pep Club 3,4,51 Westminister Help Club 3,4151 S.M.C. 5,6,71 Sophomore Football 31 Rifle Club Treasurer 3, 41 Principal's Advisory Committee 3,4 GIRAUD, ANNE---Pep Club 3,4,7,8 Co-Chairman Float 7,81 G.A.A. 3,4,7,81 Wigwam Junior Board 3,4,5,6,7,8 Secretary- Treasurer 7,81 Junior Board 5,61 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Sopho- more Orientation 51 Work Weekend 31 Leaders' Club 3,41 Vol- leyball 3,4 GOLD, BOB-Student Council Alternate 61 Junior Board 5, 61 3,4,5,61 Senior Play Steering Committee, Cast 71 Letterman 7,81 Jr. Varsity Soccer 31 Varsity Soccer 5,7 GOLDBERG, STEVE---Student Council Alternate 61 Chess Club 314,51 German Club 3,4,5,6,7,81KFUR Radio Club 3,4,5, 6,7,8 President 5,61 Westminister Help Club 3,41 Honors Award 3,4,5,61 Ham Radio Club 7,81RiFle Club 3,4 GOLDENBERG, IRVINfStudent Council Representative 3, 4,5,61 Human Relations Board 7,81 Sophomore Board 3,41 Junior Board 5,61 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Biology Club 7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Honors Award 7,81 Letterman 3,4,5,6,7,81 Olhce Help 3,4,5,6,7,81 Varsity Cross Country 3,4,5,6,7,81 Varsity Wrestling 5,6,7,81 Varsity Track 5,6,7,81 Junior Var- sity Wrestling 3,41 Junior Varsity Track 3,41 Wrestling Team Captain 5,6,7,81 Tribe 3,4,5,6,7,81 UNICEF Drive 3,-l,5,6,7,81 Track Club 3,4,5,6,7,8 GOLDSTEIN, JOEL-Student Council Representative 3 Alternate 4 Student Employment Committee Chairman 51 Tom-Tom News Staff 3,4 Sports Editor 5,6 Editor-in-Chief 7,81 Sophomore Board 3,41 Junior Board 5,61 Merit Scholarship Letter 7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Honors Award 3,4,5,6,7,81 Letterman 5,6,7,81 Tennis 4,6,8Q Harvard Book Award 61 Quill 81 Scroll 6,7,81 Principal's Advisory Com- mittee 5,61"Vote at 18" Club Co-organizer 5,6 GOLDWASSER, JOY -Yoga Club 5,61 Senior Student Teacher 7,81 Literary Magazine 5,6,7,8 GOODMAN, JULIE A Cappella Choir 4,5,61 Orchestra 3, 4,5,6,81 Folk Dance Club 5,6,7.81 S.M.C. 5,6: Honors Award 61 SPI Productions Cast 41 Girls' Intramural Sports 3,4,51 Modern Dance 3.41 Photography Club 5.6 GOODMAN, LARRY B, Environment Club 61 Pep Club 5,6,7,81 KFUR Radio Club 3,41 Sophomore Basketball Man- ager 5,6,7,81F.B.L.A.5,6,7,8 GORMAN, COLLEEN--Environment Club 51 Pep Club 3, 4,5,61 A.F.S. 3,41 G.A.A. 3,4,5,61 Oflice Help 51 Girls' Bas- ketball 3,4,5,61 Girls' Track 41 Girls' Hockey Team 3,51 Girls' Soltball Team 4,51 Work Weekend 3,4 GRAFMAN, ALLAN--Student Council Representative 3 Alternate 41 Tom-Tom Features Staff 7,81 Dial Yearbook .Advertising StalT 7,81 Sophomore Board 31 Merit Scholarship Letter 7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Honors Award 3,6,7,81 Football 31 Intramural Sports, Paddleball1 Cycle Club 6,71 C.O.E. Work Clubg Students for Peace GREENBERG, ANNALEE-Student Council Alternate 41 Tom-Tom Business Staff 7,81 Junior Board 5,61 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Westminister Help Club 3,41 G.A.A. 3,4,5,6,7,81 Leaders' Club 3,41 Honors Award 5,6 GREENBERG, MARKfStudent Council Representative 61 Curriculum Board Chairman 7,81 Merit Scholarship Semi- hnalist 7,81 Cinematography Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Debate Club 31 Environment Club 5,61S.M.C. 7,8 GROSMAN, BRENDA-A Cappella Choir 6,81 Marching Band 3,4,5,6,7,8 Banner Girls Captain1 Pep Club 3,4,5,61 G.A.A. 3,4,5.6 GROSSMAN, ROBERT---Cinematography Club 6: KFUR Radio Club 3,4,7,81 Collector for Kettlekamp Scholarship Fund6 GUBERMAN, SANDRA L.--Folk Dance Club 7,81 Senior Play Crew 71 A.F.S, 3,4,5,61 Girls' Tennis 3,41 Girls' Swim- ming 3,41 Work Weekend 3,41 Pancake Breakfast 3,4 GULLER, KEITH-Student Council Alternate 3,4,5,61 Junior Board 5,61 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 SPI Production Cast 41 Intramural Football 3,41 Varsity Soccer 3,41 Tim Foil Club 3, 4,5,6,7,8 GUYER, KARL-Tom-Tom Representative 3,4,5,61 Orch- estra 3,4.5,7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 SPI Production Crew 61 Soccer Manager HANLAN, LORIE-Drama Club 5,6,7 President 71 Pep Club 3,4,5.6: Westminister Help Club 5,61 G.A.A. 3,4,5,61 Honors Award 3,4,6 HARRISON, LYNNE-Beaumont High School, St. Louis, Mo. 3,41 Tom-Tom Feature StaFI 7,81 A Cappella Choir 7,81 Concert Choir 81 Band 5,6,7,81 Marching Band 7,81 Pep Club 7,81 Senior Play Crew 71 G.A.A. 71 Honors Award 61 Gym- nastics 71 Pep Band 5,6,7,81 Kettlecamp Drive 6 HAUSWIRTH, MARY--Pep Club 3.41 G.A.A. 3,41 Girls' Intramural Archery 3,41 F.B.L.A. 5,6 Vice-President 7,8 President HAYES. TERRY-A Cappella Choir 3.4,5.61 Black Stu- dent Union 5,6,7,81 Pep Club 7,81 Yoga Club 5,61 Student Store Help 5,61 SPI Production Cast 41 Human Relations Board 7,81 F.B.L.A. HELIGMAN. JANICE-French Club 5,61 Pep Club 3,4,5,6: Senior Play Steering Committee 7: G.A.A. 3,4,5,6,7,81 Honors Award 3,4,5,61G.A.A. Big Sister 5 HENDIN, LINDA R.-Student Council Representative 3,51 Student Store Committee Chairman 51 Publicity Committee 31 Activities Board Secretary 7,81 Circulation Manager 5,6 Ad, Writing, and Circulation StalT 3,41 Tom-Tom Dial Year- book Clerical and Candids Staff 7,81 Sophomore Board 3,41 Junior Board 5,61 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Winter Service Project Chairman 71 Merit Scholarship Letter 7,81 A Cappella Choir 3,4,5,6,7,8 Scrapbook Chairman 7,81 Concert Choir 7,81 Drama Club 7,81 French Club 3,41 Pep Club 3,4,5,6 Pep Club Board, Winter Sports Chairman 3,41 Senior Play Steering Committee and Cast 71 A.F.S. 5,61 G.A.A. 3,4,5,6,7,8 Big Sister 51 Honors Award 3,4,5,61 SPI Productions Cast 4,6 Publicity Committee 61 Homecoming toroiiation Chairman 51 Sophomore Orientation 51 Service Award 5,61 FTA 3,4 IIFNNESSY, PATRICK Stage Band 7,81 German Club 5,61 Tribe 3,4,5,6,7,81 Sophomore Football 3,41 Sophomore Track 3,41 Varsity Swimming 3,4,5,6,7,81 Varsity Water Polo 5,6,7,8 HII.L, ARTIE McKinley High School 3,41 Black Student Union 5,6,7,81 Letterman 5,6,7,81 Football 5,6,7 HOFFMAN. CAROL LEE Grant High School, Los Angeles California 31 Ceramics Club 31 French Club 3,41 Guitarists' Guild 3,41 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 A.F.S. 3,4,5,6,7,8 Pancake Breakfast, Stock Salesman, Work Weekend 3,41 G,A.A, 3,4, 5,61 Student Store Help 31 Tennis 3,41 llockey 3,41 Wigwam Junior Board 3,4,5.6,7,8 HUMPHREY, KATHY Student Council Alternate 5,61 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Volleyball Team 3,4 HURWIT Z, DEBORAH Student Council Representative 61 Tom-Tom Free-lance Contributor 61 Folk-Dance Club 31 SMC. 5,61 Archery 31 Discipline Advisory Committee Asst. Secretary-6 HYATT, RICHARD MICHAEL- -Student Council Repre- sentative 3 Alternate 41 Curriculum C'ommittee, Fund Rais- ing Committceg Junior Board Treasurer 5,61 Band 3,41 March- ing Band 3,41 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Letterman 3,4,5,6,7,81 Varsity Tennis 3,4 HYMAN, KEITH--Student Council Representative 61 Or- chestra 3,4,5,6,7,8 Student Conductor1 Band 3,4,5,6,7, 8 Uniform Manager1 Stage Band 3,4,5,6,7,81 Marching Band 3,4,5,6,7,8 Marching Band Councilg Senior Play Orchestra 71 SPI Productions Orchestra 61 Brass Choir 3,4,5,6 HYMAN, LORI--School Relations Board 7,81 Orchestra 5, 6,7,81 Band 3,4,5.6,7,81 Stage Band 5,6.7,81 Marching Band 3,4,5,6,7,81 A.F.S. 3,41 Media Lab 7,81Bial'ra Club 5,61 Hamil- ton Help 31 Woodwind Sextet 7.81 Pep Band 5,6 INUKAI, GERALD---Dial Yearbook Layout Editors 7,81 German Club 7,81 Cross Country 3,41 Soccer 3,41 Track 3,4 Senior Play Stage Crew 7 JACKSON, ETTA-- Student Council Representative 3,4,5,61 Exchange Committee Chairman 41 Social Chairman 51 Activi- ties Board 7,81 Sophomore Board 3,41 Junior Board Secretary 5,61 Senior Cabinet President 7,81 Black Student Union Secre- tary 3,4,5,6,7,8 Chairman Cultural Affairs 5,61 Editor of BSU Newsletter 7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5.61 Senior Play Cast 71 Spanish Club 3,41 G,A.A. 3,4,5,6,7,81 Cheerleader 3,-l,5.6 Sophomore Captain 3,41 Taberna 3.4,5,6.7,81 Primitive Dance President 7,81 Girl's Hockey Team 3,41 Girls' Volleyball Team 3,41 Basketball Team 3,41 Wigwam Junior Board Treasurer 61 Sophomore Orientation 5 JACOB, JEFFREY H.--Student Council Representative 4 Alternate 31 Chess Club 3,4l Honors Award 4.5.61 St. Louis U. Exchange 41 Teachers' Assistant 71 Tax Election 5,6 JOHNSON. EVELYN RENEE--Tom-Tom Promotional Art Editor 71 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Black Student 5.61 Pep Club 71 Afro-American Club 3,41 Senior Play Crew 71 G.A,A. 5,6,71 Leaders' Club 7.81 Chairman Winter Sports 7,81 Chairman Senior Luncheon 7,81Office Help 7,8 JOHNSON, REUBEN K,fA Cappella Choir 5,6: Black Stu- dent Union 5.61 Varsity Football 7,8 JONES, TIM--Student Council Representative 3,4 Alternate 5,61 Audio-Visual Club 61 Ceramics Club 31 German Club 71 Guitarists Guild 3,41 Pep Club 3.4.5,6,7,81 Letterman 3,4,5, 6,7,81 SPI Productions Crew 61 Football 3,4,5,6,7,81 Wrestling 3,4,5,6,7,81 Track 3,4,5,6,7,81 Summer Water Polo Tax Elec- tiong Sports Club KAHN. DIANE-Student Council Representative 61 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Senior Assembly 7,8, Senior Movie 7,81 Con- cert Choir 3,41 Band 3,4,5,6,7,8 Publicity Chairman 7,81 Marching Band 3,4,5,6,7,8 Marching Band Council 7,8, Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7.81 Afterschool Swimming 3,41 Ping-Pong 3,41 Tennis 3,41 Banner Girl 5,6,7,8 Alternate 5,6 Co-Captain 7,81 Service Award 5,6,7,8 KAHN, EVE-A Cappella Choir 3,4,5,6,7,81 Concert Choir 5,6,7,81 Ceramics Club 51 Guitarists' Guild 7,81 Westminister Help Club 41S.M.C,5,61A.F.S.3,41Taberna 7,8 KAPLAN. BARRY---Student Council Representative 3. Sophomore Board 3.41 Band 3.4,5,6,7,8 Uniform Manager 3,41 Stage Band 3,4, Marching Band 3,41 Pep Club 3,41 SPI Productions Orchestra 4.61Jr. Varsity Wrestling 3 KAPLAN. JUDY--Student Council Representative 3.41 Sophomore Board 3,41 Junior Board 5.61 Senior Cabinet 7, 81 A Cappella Choir 314.5161 Pep Club 3.4.5,6,7,81 Spanish Club 31 G.A.A, 3,4,5,6,7,81 Leaders' Club 3,41 Honors Axtard 5.6,7,81 SPI Productions Cast. Crew 61 Wigwam junior Board 314. Vice-President 7.81 Work Weekend 3.41 Ilainilton llelp 3.4 Is.-XTZ. DANIEL Pep Club 3.4.5161 Spanish Club 31415.61 SMC. Is.-XTZ. .IOANNIQ Ceramics Club 5161 Cinematography Club 5.61 Pep Club 3141 Westminister Help Club Cl1Llll'IT111l'IQ S.M.C, 51617.81 A.I-.S. Scrapbook CITLIITITILIITQ G.A.A. 3.41 Youth Action Work 5.61 Youth to Aid Biafra 3.41 IRLIIUO Club 5.61 BCA Is.-XTZINIAN1 NANCY Biology Club 3.41 Folk Dance Club 5.61 Spanish Club 3.41S.M.C. 5.6 KAUFMAN. LOUISE Student Council Representative 3. 415161 Tom-Tom Exchange Editor 7.81 .lunior Board 5.61 Senior Cabinet Publicity Chairman 7181 Pep Club 3.415.617.81 Senior Play Steering Committee 71 Westminister Help Club 314.5161 G.A.A. 31-1151617.81 After-school Volleyball 3.41 Afterschool Tennis 5161 Student Government Day 5.61 High School Day' 5.6 KEIL. .IOYCI1 SALLY Senior Cabinet 7.81 A Cappella Choir,,8i SPI Production Cast 61 Girls' Swimming 3.4 KINCADIQ1 MATHEW III. Mercy High School 3.4.5161 Black Student Union 7 KISSANE. .IIM Merit Scholarship Letter 7181 Honors Award 51 Letterman 7.81 Baseball 41 Varsity 6181 Sports Club KLAYMAN. SHARI Student Council Alternate 51 Pep Club 3.41 Westminister Help Club 3.41 Yoga Club 5.61 A.F.S. 5.61G.A.A. 3.4 KLEIMAN. ALBERT Student Council Alternate 31 Tom- Tom Advertising Staff 3.41 Biology Club 4.51 Guitarists' Guild 314. Pep Club 51617.81 A.F.S. 3.41 Youth to Aid Biafra President 3.4 KLEINDIENST. KRIS Alfton High School 3141 Student Council Representative 61 Ceramics Club 6.7.81 S.M.C. 5.6171 81 Honors Award 61 Youth Emergency Service 5.6.7181 Youth Action Work-In 52K21ZOO Club 5.6 KLOECKENER. MARK Student Council Alternate 4.51 Band 3.-1151617.81 Marching Band 3.41 German Club 5.6.7181 Pep Club 51617.81 Football 31 Track 4 KOHM. RUTH ELLEN - Student Council Representative 51 Pep Club 3.4.516.7.81 Senior Play Steering Committee 71 G.A.A. Pride Week 6 KOLIVAKI1 IRENE A Cappella Choir 3141516.81 Concert Choir 81 Pep Club 3.41 Taberna 3,41 Hockey 3141 Basketball 3.41 Foreign Students Club Secretary 7.81 F.B.L.A. Vice- President 3.4 KORNBLUM1 MARCIA- -Student Council Alternate 4.5.61 Sunshine Committee Co-chairman 61 Dial Yearbook Clerical Editor 7.81 A Cappella Choir 3,-115,617.8 Secretary-Treasurer 7.81 Concert Choir 7.81 Debate Club 71 Senior Play Steering Committee. Cast 71 Library Help 3.4.516.71 Media Lab Help 61 Student Store Help 3 KRANZBERG1 CINDY Student Council Representative 3.41 A Cappella Choir 5.61 Clinic Help 3.-115,617.81 Service Award 5.6 KRANZBERG. ROBYNN Student Council Representative 3141 Alternate 5161 Sophomore Board 3.41 .lunior Board 5,61 Folk Dance Club 4.51 Pep Club 3141567.81 G.A.A. 7.81 Leaders' Club 3141 Honors Award 4.61 Cheerleader 3.41 5.61 Library Help 5.61 Student Store 4.51 Girls' Hockey Teams 3.4.5161 Intramural Volleyball 3,4,5,6: Intramural Bowling 3.4.5161 Normandy and Burroughs Exchanges 5.61 Father- Daughter Banquet Skit 3.4.5161 G.A.A. Big Sister 51 G.A.A. Decoration Committeeg Senior Life Saving 61 Scuba Diving 61 Homecoming Decoration Committee 61 Pep Club Mixer Committee 3.51 Homecoming Float 3151 Homecoming Parade 3 5 KUHN. DEBORAH DIANE -Student Council Representa- tive 3.51 Sunshine Committee Chairman 51 Tom-Tom Classi- fied Ads StalT 7.81 Sophomore Board 3.41 Pep Club Board member 7181 G.A.A. 31415.6.7.8 Board member 7.81 Homecoming Senior Maid 71 Cheerleader 3.415.6.718 Co- Captain 7181 Girls' Interschool Hockey team Var- sity Hockey 51617181 Girls' Interschool Volleyball team 7.81 Camp White Cloud Counselor 61 Wigwam Junior Board 3.4.51 Prom Reporter 7.8 LADIN. BETH - Student Council Representative 3.51 Alter- nate 4.61 Tom-Tom Stall' 31 Dial Yearbook Editor-in-Chief 7181 A Cappella Choir 3.415.6.7.81 Biology Club 3.4.5161 French Club Yoga Club 5161 G.A.A. 3.4.5161 Lead- ers' Club 5.71 Honors Award 3.4.5 LARSON. MARGIE Student Council Alternate 41 Pep Club Westminister Help Club 314.516 Chairman 5.61 Yoga Club 5.61 G.A.A. Archery 41 Swimming 41 Work Weekend-1 LAY. JOANN Student Council Alternate 31 Black Student Union 5161 Pep Club 3.4.5161 Interschool Girls' Volleyball Class Team LEAVITT. ALAN--- Rules and Regulations Board 7.81 Dial Candids Staff 7.81 Biology Club 3.415161 Guitarists' Guild 7. 81 Yoga Club 5.61 Ilonors Award 3.4.51 Letterman 7.81 Junior Varsity Track 3.41 Varsity Gymnastics 3.415.6.718 Captain 7.81 Photography Club 7.8 LEVER. PHYLLIS Taberna Secretary LEVY. BABETTE R. -Tom-Tom Features Staff 7181 Or- chestra 3141516.71 Biology Club 31415.61 Folk Dance Club 314. 5.61Westminister Help Club 5161 Honors Award 3.4.5 LIGGINS. JEANETTE -Senior Cabinet 7.81 Black Student Union 51617181 Pep Club 51617.81 Senior Play Crew 71 Spanish Club 7.8: Yoga Club 61G.A.A. 51617.81 Library Help 71 Otliee Help 71 Intramural Sports 31417.81 After-school Sports: Bowling Club 7 LIGHT. ROBIN -French Club 3.41 Pep Club G.A.A. 3,415.61 Leaders' Club 3.41 Volleyball 31 Basketball 41 Swimming 41 Hockey 3 LIPSCHITZ. SAM- Library Help 5161 Media Lab Help 7.8 LORENZ1 TIM Merit Scholarship Letter 7.81 Biology Club President 3.41 Chess Club 7.81 Cinematography Club 516.718 Vice-President 7.81 Folk Dance 31415161718 President 516.7181 S.M.C, 5.61 Library Art Board 516 LOVE. MARY --Coleman High School 31415.61 Black Student Union 7.8 LYNCH. ARVIS B.--Student Council Representative 4161 Tax Election Committee 41 Senior Cabinet Secretary 7181 Merit Scholarship Letter 7181 Band 51617.81 Marching Band 51617.81 Flag BCHFCF1 Black Student Union 516.7.81 Pep Club 31415.617.81 Secretary1 G.A.A. 3.415.617181 Leaders' Club 3.4. 5.61 Clinic Help 7.81 Girls' Intramural Sports 314.5161 Girls' Class Volleyball Team 4.618 LYSS. MICHAEL STEPHAN Tom-Tom News Staff 7.81 Dial Layout Editor 7.81 Orchestra 3.41718 Secretary-Treasurer 7.81 Folk Dance Club 617181 Latin Club 3.41 Honors Award 3.4.5161 SPI Productions Orchestra 61 Greek 718 Merit Schol- arship Letter 7.8 MANKOFSKY. LESTER-Biology Club 51 French Club 3.41 KFU R Radio Club 31 Honors Award 4.6 MANNING. HOWARD-Activities Board 7181 Senior Cab- inet 7.81 Biology Club 7.8L Black Student Union 718: Drama Club 7 MARTIN. LARRY-Band 5.617.8: Black Student Union 5.61 Football 7 MATHES. .IOHN MICHAEL Tom-Tom Circulation Staff 41 A.F.S. 31 Rifle Club 3.41 County Government Day 31 C.O,E. 8 MAYER. TEDRA -Student Council Representative 61 Dial Yearbook Ad Staff 71 Merit Scholarship Letter 7.81 A Cap- pella Choir 3.41516.7.81 Pep Club 3.41A1F.S. 3.41 G.A.A. 3.41 Intramural Sports 3.4,516.7.81 Hamilton Help 31 Work Week- end 31 Tom-Tom Representative 314.5 MAYORWITZ1 KATHY- Senior Cabinet 7.81 Merit Scholar- ship Letter 7181 French Club 5.61 Pep Club 3.41 Senior Play Ticket Committee 71 A,F.S. 5.6 Publicity Co-Chairman 5161 G.A.A. 3,415.61 Honors Award 3.4.51 Sophomore Orientation 5 MCDERMOTT, MAUREEN Pep Club 314.516.7181 West- minister Help Club 3.41 G.A.A. 31415.61 F.B.L.A. 617.8 Vice- President 7.8 McKEOWN. MARY ELIZABETH---Student Council Repre- sentative 51 Drama Club 5.6.71 G.A.A. 3.41 Honors Award 5. 61 Girls' Afterschool Tennis. Hockey, Basketball 31 Volley- ball. Softball 41 Hockey 61 Volleyball. Softball 6 MEESEY1JEANNE G.A.A. Class Hockey 3.5.71 Class Basketball 4.6L Class Volleyball 4.61 Varsity Hockey 3. 51 Varsity Basketball 4161 Varsity Volleyball 4161 Softball 41 Tennis6 MENDELSON. ELAINE --Pep Club 314. A.F.S. 3. 41 G.A.A. 314.5161 Hockey 3141 Volleyball 3.41 Tax Election Chairman 3.4 MELECHEN1 NINA- -Merit Scholarship Semilinalist 7.81 Folk Dance Club 617181 Westminister Help Club Co- Chairman 5.61 Honors Award 314.51 Magazine Board of Edi- tors 415.61718 MERRITT. NORMAN--A Cappella Choir 3.41 Chess Club 3141 Pep Club 3.4151617.81 Waterpolo 3141 Baseball 3141 Wres- tling 5.61718 MEYER, MARC JOEL Student Council Representative 61 Junior Board 5,61 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Orchestra Principal Clarinet 5,6,7.83 Marching Band 3,5,7 Drum Major 5,73 Band 3,4,5,6,7,8 Concert Master 5,6783 Pep Club 5,6781 Senior Play Orchestra 3,7 Conductor 71 Letterman 5,6781 SPI Pro- ductions 4,6 Principal Clarinet 63 Boys Gymnastics 3,4,5,6,7,8 Varsity 5,6,7,83 Pep Band 3.41 Conductor 5,6783 Sophomore Orientation 5 MEYERS, SUSAN Senior Cabinet 7,83 French Club 5.63 Pep Club 3,4.5,63 G.A,A. 3,4,5,63 Honors Award 3,4,5.6 MILLBURG, CINDY Mercy High School 3.43 Pep Club 5.6,7,83 Westminister Help Club 5.63 G.A,A, 5,6783 Girls' Basketball 7,83 Girls' Softball 8 MILLER. PATTY .A. A Cappella Choir 3,4,5.63 G,A,A. 3,4 MILLER. PATTY E. Toni-Tom News StaIT 41 Merit Scholarship Letter 7,81 A.F.S. 7,81 Leaders' Club 33 Honors Award 3,4,5,63 Work Weekend 3 MISCHEAUX, FRANK Merit Scholarship Letter 7,83 Stage Band 63 Audio-Visual Club 7,83 Black Student Union 5, 6.7,83 Cinematography Club 7,83 Environment Club 5,61 Pep Club 5,6783 Letterman 7,83 Varsity Basketball 5.678 M ITCHELL, ANNA Photography Club 7,83 Ollice Help 7.8 MOBERLY, JOHN T., JR. -Senior Play Cast 7: Soccer Team 3.4,5,6,7.8 MOONSHINE. DONALD--Student Council Alternate 31 Merit Scholarship Semihnalist 7,83 Band 3.4,5,6.7,83 Stage Band,7,81 Marching Band 3,4, Oilicer 5.63 Ger- man Club 5,6,7,83 Senior Play Orchestra 3.73 Honors Award 3,4,5,63 SPI Production Orchestra 63 Soccer 3,4,5,6 Varsity MOORE, CASEY--A Cappella Choir 7,81G.A,A. 7,83 Swim- ming 5,6783 Basketball and Volleyball 7,81 Service Award 4,8 MORRIS, PAUL---Pep Club 3,43 Sophomore Football 3,43 Soccer 3,4,5,63 Sophomore Baseball 3,4 MOSHROWSKY. STEVE--Baseball 3,478 MUELLER. KEVIN -Student Council Representative 5: Let- terman 5.6.73 Varsity Football 53 Track 63 Cross Country 73 County Government Day 3 MULLER, GEORGE--Folk Dance Club 3,41 Westminister Help Club 3,43 S.M.C. 5,6 NELSON, LEE-Chess Club 5.6 NELSON, SCOTT-Band 3.4,5,63 Stage Band 53 Marching Band 3,43 Chess Club 3,43 KFUR Radio Club 7,83 Bridge Club 3,4,5,6.7,83 Wrestling NELSON. STEVEN KEITH--Black Student Union 5.6781 Guitarists' Guild 3.4 NEUMANN, DAVID NEIL-Student Council Representa- tive 3,43 Sophomore Board Vice-Chairman 3.43 Junior Board 5,6 HOG Day Co-Chairman 6, Junior Service Project 63 Band 3.43 Marching 3,4,5,63 Pep Club 3,4.5.6,7,8 Junior Board Rep- resentative 5,63 Westminister Help Club 41 Wrestling 3,5 NORBERG, PETER--Biology Club 43 Library Help 7,81 SPI Productions Crew 6 NOVACK, AARONfPep Club 3,43 KFUR Radio Club 53 Letterman 3,4,5,6,7,83 SPI Productions Publicity 43 Football 3,43 Junior Varsity Wrestling 3.43 Baseball 3,43 Varsity Wrestling 5.6,7,83 Tribe 3,,8 OBERMAN. STEVEf-Senior Cabinet 7,83 Pep Club 5,6783 Tribe 3.4.5,6,7.83 Football 3,57 Moratorium 53 Intramural Softball4 PAIGE, PAMELA-Activities Board 7.83 Senior Cabinet 7.83 Band '51 Marching Band 53 Black Student Union 5,6,7,83 Drama Club 71 French Club 53 Pep Club 3,4, Senior Play Cast 7 PALMER, MICHAEL --Pep Club 3.43 Honors Award 7,81 Letterman 7.83 Track 4,6,81 Cross Country 5,7 Captain 7 PARKER. MAYER- Debate Club 33 Environment Club 63 Pep Club 3,4.5,63 Spanish Club 3.4,53 S.M,C. 7,83 Safety Club 41 Presidential Election Club 33 Tax Election 4 PARKS, ELIZABETH JEAN-- Student Council Representa- tive 43 A Cappella Choir 3.4,5,6,7,83 ConcertChoir 4783 SPI Productions Crew 4 Cast 63 Intramural Hockey, Soccer, Bas- ketball PAYNE. SUSIE -Student Council Alternate 3.43 Tom-Tom Feature Staff 6,7.83 Dial Yearbook Ads Stall' 7,81 Orchestra 3,4,5,6,7,83 Band 5,63 Drama Club 5.63 French Club 3.43 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Senior Play Crew 73 Westminister Help Club 3,41 Yoga Club 5,63 A.F.S, 3,43 G.A,A, 3,4.5.6,7.83 Leaders' Club 3.4: SPI Productions Crew 43 Girls' Afterschool Tennis 5.63 Pancake Breakfast: Senior Breakfast PERMUTER, LESLIE-Honors Award 6,7,83 Taberna 3,4.5,6.7.8 Vice-President 7.8 PEVNICK, JULIE ANN Ceramics Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Pep Club 3,41 Spanish Club 3,43 Student Store llclp 3.43 llockey 31 Volleyball PILLARS, TIQRRI Senior Cabinet 73 Band 5,6783 March- ing Band 5,6,7,8 Banner Girl3 Black Student llnion 5.6,73 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,73 Senior Play Crew 73 G.A.A. 3.4,5,6,73 Tab- erna 7 POCOST, MICHAEL Student Council Alternate 5,63 Audio-Visual Club 3,43 Pep Club 3,4.5,6.7,83 KFUR Radio Club 31 Sophomore Orientation 53 Sports Club 3,4 POLETTE, JULIE Environment Club 5,63 Pep Club 3,4,5, 6783 SPI Productions Crew 61 Scholastic Art Award 3,4 PORTNOFF. SCOTT Merit Scholarship Semilinalist 7,8, Bridge Club 3, PRICE, SCOTT Yorktown Senior High, Arlington, Va. 3,4,53 Debate Club 7,83 Senior Play Steering Committee 73 Yoga Club 63 Gymnastics Team Letter 5,678 PRATHER, SHARON Black Student Union 5,6783 Pep Club 5,6783 Spanish Club 3,43 G.A.A. 3,4.5.63 Volleyball3 Basketball, Hockey3 F.B.L,A. PRATZEL, ALAN-- Student Council Alternate 3.43 Biology Club 3,43 Environment Club 3,43 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,83 Wash- ington, D.C. Trip 63 Letterman 73 Sophomore Football 33 Golf 4.6.83 Intramural Football 3,53 Intramural Basketball 3,53 Intramural Hockey 5,63 Intramural Softball 4,63 Sophomore Orientation 53 Homecoming Decorations Committee 53 Latin Club 3,4,51 Tribe 3,4 RADMAN, SHEILA---Tom-Tom Staff Reporter 3.43 A Cap- pella Choir 3,4,5.6,7,83 Concert Choir 7,83 Guitarists' Guild 3,43 G,A.A. 3,4,5.6 RANDALL. GARY Student Council Representative 3.53 Alternate 4,61 Junior Board 5,63 Pep Club 3,4,5.6,7.83 Letter- man 3,4,5.6,7,83 Sophomore Basketball 3,43 Varsity Tennis 4, 6.8 REIMANN, CHRISTINE -Senior Life Saving 43 Beginning Tennis 43 UNICEF Drive 5,73 Mental Retardation Drive 6 RENNARD. DEBRA -Biology Club 5,6,7,8 Vice-President 73 French Club 3.41 Pep Club 3,4,5.6,7,83 A.F.S. 73 G.A.A. 3.4.5. 6783 Intramural Hockey 3.4,5,6,7.83 Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Softball. Advanced Tennis 3,4.5,6783 Badminton 3,4 RICHARDS, FRANKfRules and Regulations Board Chair- man 7.83 Tom-Tom Sports Staff 5,61 Merit Scholarship Letter 7,83 Black Student Union 5,6,7,8 Tutoring Committee Chair- man 5.6 Minister of Finance, Tutoring Chairman 7.83 Chess Club 33 German Club 3.4,5,6.7,8 Vice-President 5,6 President 7,83 Honors Award 53 Letterman 83 Boys' Tennis Team 3.4.5, 6,7,83 German Club Ausflug 3,4.5,6,7,8 RICHMAN. ERIC S.4Cinematography Club 5,6783 Pep Club 5,61 Track 6,83 Cross Country 73 Kettlecamp Scholarship Fund 6 RIDLEY. BENJAMIN J. III -Student Council Representa- tive 5.61 Curriculum Committee Co-Chairman 63 Black Student Union 3.4,5,6.7,8 Vice-President 5,6 Minister of information 7,81 Track 63 Sophomore Orientation 53 Grievance Committee 6 RIGGINS, DEBRA ROSE-Student Council Representative 4 Alternate 33 Senior Cabinet 7.83 Sophomore Board 33 A Cap- pella Choir 5,6783 Marching Band 53 Black Student Union 5.63 French Club 3.43 Pep Club 3,4,5,6.73 Senior Play Cast 73 G.A.A. 3.41 Girls' Basketball 33 Girls' Tennis 3 ROBINSON, DAVID-Tom-Tom Sports Staff 3.4 Sports Editor 5.6,7,83 Merit Scholarship Letter 7,83 Pep Club 3,4,5,6. 7,8 Board member 5,63 Honors Award 3,4,5.63 Letterman 3.4, 5,6,7.83 Sophomore Basketball 3,43 Varsity Basketball 5,6783 Varsity Golf 3.4,5,6,7,8 Captain3 Representative to Sports- Metro Magazine ROESLER, JILL-- Pep Club 7.83 G.A.A, 3,4,5.6.7,83 Varsity Basketball 4.6.83 Varsity Hockey 5,71 Advanced Tennis 4.83 Interschool Volleyball 4,6,83 Table Tennis 4.6.83 Ll. Club 5,6. 7,8 ROESLER, LARRY-Tom-Tom Photography Stall' 3.4,5,63 Dial Yearbook Photography StalT 7,83 Biology Club 53 Senior Play Crew 73 SPI Productions Crew 63 Photography Club 3,4 ROGERS. BONNIE--Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7.83 Senior Play Crew 71 G.A.A. 3,4,5.6,7.83 Girls' Class Hockey Team 5,6783 Girls' Varsity Hockey Team 7,81 Intramural Hockey 7.83 ln- tramural Swimming 3.4,5,6.7,83 Girls' Gymnastic Team 5,6.7, 83 Intramural Volleyball 3,4,5,6.7,83 Intramural Basketball 3. 4,5,6.7,83 Wigwam Junior Board 7,8 ROSENBERG. JOAN - Student Council Alternate 33 Drama Club 3.43 French Club 5,63 Pep Club 3.4,5.6,7.81 G.A.A. 3.4, 5,6781 Work Weekend 33 Big Sister 5 ROSI:NBLATl'. ELLEN -Student Council Representative 5 Alternate -I3 Pep Club 3,-I.5.63 Washington D.C. Trip 43 AFS 536,7.8 Vice-President 5,6 President 7.83 G.A.A. 3,4,5,63 Hockey 3.-l, Varsity Tennis 3,43 Leaders' Club 3,-4,5 ROSLNBLATT. JANICE- Biology Club 5,61 Ceramics Club 5,63 Pep Club 3.4,5,63 Senior Play Crew 73 G.A.A. 3,43 Bi- afra Club 3,-l ROSENBLOOM. DONNA Junior Board 63 Pep Club 3.4.5. 63 Westminister Help Club 3,43 G.A,A. 3.43 Leaders' Club 3, 4.5.63 Girls' Hockey Team 3.53 Volleyball 4,63 Intramural Sports ROSENTHAL. PAMELA SUSAN---Tom-Tom Editorial Stalli 7.83 Merit Scholarship Letter 7,83 Orchestra 4.5,6,7,83 Band 3,4,5,6,7.83 Marching Band 3,43 Ceramics Club 63 Folk Dance Club 5,6.7.83 Spanish Club 3,-1,53 S,M.C. 5,63 G.A,A. 3,43 Honors Award 3,4.5.63 SPI Productions Orchestra 43 Band Uniform Manager 5,6 ROTH, LINDA--Biology Club 7,83 French Club 33 Pep Club 3,43 Honors Award 5.63 F.B.L.A. President 5 RUBIN. SUZI--Band 3,4,5.6.7,83 Marching Band 3,4.5.63 Pep Club 3.43 Senior Play Steering Committee. Cast, Crew 73 Honors Award 3,4353 SPI Productions Cast 63 Service Awardg Tax Election RUDIN, KERRY HOWARD Student Council Alternate 43 Biology Club 5,6.73 Debate Club 63 Environment 53 Pep Club 3,4,5.6,7,83 Ollice Help 73 Student Store Help 53 Collected for Bovinglow Fund 63 Tax Election 5 RYLAND, GREG - Student Council Representative 3: Black Student Union 5.6.7383 Letterman 73 Football 3,5,73 Wigwam Junior Board 5,6 SACKS, JOANlEfSchool Government 3.5--Homecoming and Soph Orientation Committees3 Dial 7.83 Junior Board 5, 6 Shoeshine Day Chairman: Senior Cabinet 7,8MSr. Break- fast Committee Orchestra,7,8 --Vice President 7.83 3, -l.5.6.7,8 -Membership Chairman 7.83 GAA 3,,83 Lead- ers' Club 3.43 Honors Award 3,4,5,63 Class Teams-Hockey 33 Basketball 3, Track 4.6, Volleyball 4.63 Workweek-end 3 Council Exchange 53 WigWam 5.63 Service Award 4,5,6 SAENGER, JANICE -Barstow, Calif. 3.41 Tennis 7,81 FBLA 7,8 SAFFERN. ROBERT - Pep Club 3,4,5,6 SALNIKER. AVA---Student Government 3,4,5---Co-Chair- man Homecoming 53 Pep Club 3,4.5,6,7,83 AFS 3.4.53 GAA 3.4,5,6,7,8 Honors Award 33 OtIice Help 7,83 Camp White Cloud 63 WigWam Board SAMELSON. LORRY- Trinity Help 3,4 SANDEL. TOM Orchestra Band 3,4.5.6,7,83 Stage Band 5,6.7,83 Marching Band 3.43 Chess Club 3.43 SPI Pro- duction Crew 6 SANDWEISS, MARTHA Tom-Tom 3.4.536.7,8 Editorial Editor. Managing Editor 5,6,7,83 Merit Semifinalist 73 West- minister Help 5,63 AFS 5,61 Honors Award 334,5,6,73 Hockey Team 3.51 Camp White Cloud 63 Tax Election Students lor Centers SATZ. GAIL ELLEN-Student Government 4,51 Tom-Tom Representative 334.5363 Senior Cabinet 7.8--Publicity Commit- lee, Pep Club 3.4,5,6,7.8 Chairman Kiddie Day 5,6.7,83 AFS 33 GAA 334.5,6.7,8 Father-Daughter Banquet Committee3 Leaders' Club 33 Volleyball Team 33 Tax Election: Sophomore Orientation 5.63 Homecoming Committee 3- --Chairman 5 SCHAEF, TOM-- -Honors Award 4,5,6 SCHANKMAN, IRIS Orchestra 5,6,7,83 Band 3,4,5,6,7,8 Section Leader3 Marching Band 3.5.7--Squad Leader3 French Club 3,43 Guitarists' Guild 3,435.6.7.83 Senior Play--Band3 AFS 3,43 Service Award 4.6.83 All Suburban Band 63 Wood- wind Sextet 5,6.7,83 Pep Band 3.4,5.6,7,8 SCHFIJER, PEGGY Student Government 4353 French Club 5, Pep Club 3,4,5,6, AFS 3.4,5,6 Treasurer 536. Secretary 7,83 GAA 3,4.5,6,7,83 Honors Award 3.435.63 Hockey 3,5,73 Volleyball 6: Jr. Board Service Project 63 GAA Big Sister 5 SCHNEIDER, BELLE - -Student Government 33 French Club 5.63 Pep Club 3.4.5,61 GAA SCHNEIDER, MARY ELIZABETH -Environment Club 5. 63 French Club 5,63 German Club 5.6,7,8: Pep Club 3,435,6,7. 81 SMC 5.63 GAA 3.43 Office Help 7.83 Tax Election 3 SCHRIEBER, JEFF Pep Club 3,43 Football Manager 3,43 Basketball Mgr. 3,4,5,6,7,83 Football Spotter 5,7 SCH ULTZ, SANDRA Student Government 3.4: Tom-Tom Representative 5.63 Pep Club 334.5.63 GAA 3,4.5,6 SCIIWARTZ, PHYLLIS Student Government 53 Orches- tra 3.43 Environment Club 5,63 Pep Club 3,4353 X 'a Club 63 GAA 3,4.5,63 Honors Award 6 SEITZ. SHAY --FBLA 7.8 SHAMEL, CHRIS- Pep Club 5,6,7,83 Letterman 535,7,83 Jr. Varsity 3,4 Varsity Soccer 5,6,7,83 Camp White Cloud 6, Boys State SHANKER, MARSHA-Office Help 3.4,536 SHANKER, RICKY --Student Government 3,4,5363 Junior Board 5.63 Biology Club 3.43 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,83 Senior Play Steering Committee 73 Letterman 3,43 Honors Award 5,63 Gymnastics Team3 Jr,-Sr. Prom Committee Chairman SHAPIRO. WILLIAM--Student Government 7.8: Rules and Regulations Board 7,83 Tom-Tom--Sports StatT5.6.7,81 Junior Board 5.63 Pep Club 3,4.5.6,7.8: Pep Club Board 5.6.7,81 Letterman 7.83 Soph Basketball 3,43 Varsity Basketball 5,6,73 83 Letterman 7,83 Varsity Baseball 3.4.5,6,7,83 WigWam Board 4,5,6,7,83 Tribe 5,6,7,83 Sports Club 3.4,5,6 SHARPE, PAM --Student Government 53 Black Student Union 5,6,7,8---Sec.3 Spanish Club 3343 Tutoring 6,7,83 Cur- riculum Board 6 SHATZMAN, NANCY--Student Government 5363 Work Weekend 33 Dial ---Editor 7.83 Orchestra 7,83 Biology Club 3, 4,5,63 Folk Dance Club 5,6,7,83 Esperanto Club 31 French Club 3,4,5,63 Big Sister 53 Youth to Aid Biafra 3,43 German Club 5,6,7,8: Pep Club 3.4,5,63 Yoga Club 5,63 SMC 5.6: AFS 3.4, 5,63 GAA 3,4,5,63 Honors Award 3,4,5,63 Intramural Sports 3,4,5,63 Greek 7.8 SH EDLOFSKY. JOEL Westminister Help 3,4 SHELTON, GROVER ALEXANDER---Black Student Union 5,6,7,81 Pep Club 5.63 Letterman 5,6,7,83 Football 3,5, 73 Basketball 3,5,7l Track 4.6.83 Tribe 5,6,7,83 Captain Foot- ball Team 7 Sl-IERIFF. ABU- -Student Council 4,5,6: AFS 3.4.5,6.72 Foreign Students Committee 7 SIDEL, LAURA-Tom-Tom News StaFf 83 National Merit Letter 73 A Cappella 53 Biology Club 5,63 Folk Dance Club 5,6,73 French Club 5.63 Pep Club 3.43 Westminister Help 5.6: GAA 3,43 School Tax Canvasser 4 SIEBER, ROBERT-Dial Clerical Staff 7,83 Cinematography Club 3,5,63 Westminister Help 43 Spanish Club 3,4,5,6,7,8- - President 73 Honors Award 3.5.73 Computer Club 7 SIEMPELKAMP, JOHN-Yoga Club 5.6: SMC 5,6.7,83 Letterman 7.83 SPI Production Crew 43 Varsity Soccer 3. 5,83 Varsity Football 3.5.73 Principals Advisory Committee 3 SILVA, CANDELARIA--Soldan High School 334: Black Student Union 5,6,7,83 Primitive Dance Club SINKFIELD. DORIS----Black Student Union 5,7,83 Pep Club 3.4,5,63 Senior Play Crew 73 FBLA 7,8 SMITH BELINDA M. -Senior Cabinet 7,83 Black Student Union 5,6.7,83 GAA 7,83 Ofhce Help 73 Interschool Hockey 3 --Volleyball 43 Senior Breakfast 7, Senior Luncheon 83 Sr, Assembly 8 SMITH. JANIS--Student Council 5,63 Activities Board 73 Junior Board 5,61 Black Student Union 5.6373 Esperanto Club 53 Future Nurses' 53 Pep Club 334,5,6,73 Senior Play Cast and Steering Committee 73 Spanish Club 53 AFS 5.63 GAA 3, 4.5.6373 UNICEF Drive SMITH, JEANNE J.fSenior Cabinet 7,83 Guitarists' Guild 7,81 Pep Club 3.4,5,6,7,83 GAA 3.4.5,637,83 Oliice Help 3,4,7 SMITH, VALERIE-Orchestra Librarian 3,43 Pep Club 3, 43 GAA 3,43 School Tax Canvasser 4 SOKOLIK3 MAR-Student Council 43 Tom-Tom Feature Staff 3.43 Band 43 Biology Club 3.4,5,6.7,8-Vice President 3,4 President 4.5,6,7,83 Drama Club 5.6,738A Director3 Future Nurses' Club 3.43 Leaders' Club 73 Honors Award 43 63 SPI Production Crew Publicity Managcr3 Lifesaving 43 Assistant in Biology 536,7.8 SOLOMON, JOEY-Pep Club 3,435.6,7,8f-Co-chairman of Summer Sportsg Letterman 7,83 Football 5,6,7,83 Baseball 6,81 Track 3.4 SOLOMON. PAMfPep Club 3.4,5,6.7.83 GAA 3,435.6,738l Ollice Help 4,5.6 SONDERMAN, JIM!-Pep Club 5.61 Letterman 7383 OFfice Help 53 Soph, Football, Varsity Football 53 Varsity Wrestling 3,53 Sophomore and Varsity Baseball -Varsity 63 Senior Float SONENSCHEIN, PHILIP-Student Council 63 Tom-Tom Sports Staff 5,6-Editor 7,81 Dial Sports Editor 7.8: Merit Scholarship Letter 7: Cinematography Club 5,6,7,81 Environ- ment Club 63 Pep Club 5.63 Honors Award 3,4,5363 Letterman 7,83 Varsity Gymnastics 5,6,7,83 Varsity Golf 3,4,5,6.7,83 Quill and Scroll 7,8 SORKIN. JERRY--Student Council 3.43 Orchestra 5,6,7,83 Band 3,4,5,6,7,83 Stage Band 3,4,5,6,7,8: Marching Band 3,435.63 Pep Club 3,43 Brass Choir 5.6 SOUCY, LAURA GAA 3.41 Ollice Help 4,5.6 SOULF, CAREN Student Council 41 SMC 5,61 GAA 3,4: Student Teacher Aid SPECTOR, MARTI Drama Club 7,81 Senior Play Crew 71 GAA 7,81 Wig Jr. Board 4,5,6,7,81 Ollice Help 51 Work- weekend 3 SPIEGELMAN, RON Student Council 31 Band 3,4,5,6,7,81 Stage Band 3,-I,5,61 Marching Band 3,41 Senior Play Band 71 Letterman 71 Sophomore Football 3, Varsity Football 7 STARR, SHERI Student Council 51 Drama Club 4,51 Folk Dance Club 31 Future Nurses' Club 51 Pep Club 31 Westmin- ister Help 51 Yoga Club 51 GAA 3,5 STEED, BERT Black Student Union 5,6,7,81Track Team STITH, JANET --Beaumont High School 3,41 A Cappella 5,61 Black Student Union 5.6,71 French Club 51 Yoga Club 5,6 STITH, MARTHA L. -Dial Quip Stall 7,81 Marching Band 5,6,7,81 Folk Dance Club 6,7,81 Pep Club 7,81 Senior Play 71 Westminister Help 5,61 Yoga Club 5,61 SMC 5,6,7,81 Honors Award 3,41 Magazine 5,6,7,8 STOKES, ANN Student Council 4,5,61 Tom-Tom News StaIT 3,4,5,6,7,81 Junior Board 5,61 Dial Add StafT 7,81 Senior Cabinet 7,81 A Cappella 5.61 French Club 3,41 Pep Club 3,4,5, 61 Leaders' Club 3,41 Honors Award 5,61 SPI Production 6 Publicity Chairmang Varsity Softball 4 STRICKER, LESLIE --Tom-Tom Feature StalT 7,81 Orches- tra 5,6,7,81 Band 3,4,5,6,7,8 Uniform Manager 7,81 March- ing Band 3,4,5,6,7,8--Band Council 5,61 Senior Play -Steer- ing Committee 71 GAA 3,415.61 Leaders' Club 3,71 Honors Award 3,4,5,61 Class Hockey Team 31 Sports Manager STOROZUM, STEVE- Merit Semilinalist 71 Chess Club 3, Cinematography Club 3,4 Treasurer 5,6,7,81 Senior Play Co-producer 71 Honors Award 3,4,5,61 Ollice Help 3,4,5,61 Flat Earth Society 3,4,5,6,71 Homecoming Parade 5,71 Li- brary Board 5,6 STUHLMAN, MARLA-Student Council 5,61 Dial Art StaH 71 Junior Board 5,61 Drama Club 3, Environment Club 61 Pep Club 3,4,5,61 Yoga Club 4,5.6L GAA 3,4.5,6: Big- Sister 5.61 Modern Dance Club 3.4,5,6,71 Faculty Play Crew 4 STULTS, BlLL-- Pep Club 3.4 SUTHERLAND, JEANETTE--Senior Cabinet 7,81 Black Student Union 5,6,7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5,61 Office Help 5,6,7,81 Interschool Volleyball 7 - TARYLE, TERRY--Intramural Football 31 Service Award 3,4 TABAK, JERRY--French Club 3,41 Pep Club 3,4, SMC 7.8 TAYLOR, SANDl-- Roosevelt High School 3,41OFhce Help 5 TEETERS, CLARENCE- Student Council 41 Tom-Tom Sports StafT 6,7,81 Dial Sports StalT 7,81 Tom-Tom Sports Editor1 Junior Board 5.61 Senior Cabinet--Vice-President 7,81 Merit Scholarship Letter 7,81 A Cappella 7.81 Pep Club 3,4.5,6,7,81 Senior Play Cast 71 Spanish Club 51 Honors Award 4,61 Letterman 7,81 Gymnastics and Track Teams 3,4, 5,6,7,81 Grievance Committee1 Boy's State TENZER, STEVE -Junior Board 51 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,8: Honors Award 41 Letterman 7,81 Water Polo-- Soph. 3, Var- sity 5,71 Baseball--Soph. 3, Jr. Varsity 5, Varsity 71 Wig Jr. Board 3,4,5,6,7,81Work-Weekend 3,4 TESSLER, MICHAEL---Student Council 61 Biology Club 3, 41 Cinematography Club 5,61KFUR 7,81 Sports Club 3,4 TODER, STEVE-Student Council 41 Activities Board 7: Tom-Tom Staff 51 Merit Scholarship Letter 71 Ceramics Club 5,61 Debate Club 5,6: Environment Club 6, Esperanto Club 3,41 Pep Club 3,4,5,61 AFS 3,4,5,61 Honors Award 3.41 Oflice Help 3,41 SPI Production 4 TOLMACH, VICTORIA EMILY-Folk Dance Club 3,-1,5161 Honors Award 3,4,6 TOPPER, SUSIE A.-A Cappella 5,61 Black Student Union 5,61 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 SMC 5,61 GAA 3.4,5,6.7,81 Leaders' Club 3,4 VAN NESTE, PHILIP-Merit Scholarship Semilinalist 7,81 Debate Club 5,6--Vice-President 7,81 KFUR 5.6,7,8 WALKER, RON- Letterman 5,6,7,81 Waterpolo 3,,81 Basketball 3,41 Track 3,41 Swimming 5,61 Baseball 5,6,7,81 Wrestling 7,8 WALDMAN, JOEL-Wig Jr. Board 3,4,5,6 WEINBERG, MIRIAM -Torah Academy 3,41 Merit Schol- arship Letter 7,81 Biology Club 5,61 Ceramics Club 5,6,7,81 Folk Dance Club 5,61 French Club 51 Yoga Club 5,61 SMC 5, 61 Honors Award 5,6 WEINHAUS, SHELI.liY Senior Cabinet 7,81 Merit Schol- arship Letter 7,81A Cappella Choir 5,61 Pep Cltib 5,61 Spanish Club 3,41AI"S 5,6,7,81lIonors Award 4,5,6 WHARTON, TAM National Merit Letters 71 Westminis- ter Help 3,4 WIIIiIiI.IlR, PAUL Chess Club 7,81 I-olk Dance Club 5,6,7,8 WIIITE, MICIIAEL Letterman 3,4,5,6,7,81 Water Polo 3, 4, Captain 5,6,7,81Swimming 3,4,5,6,7,8 WILENSKY, STAN German Club 7,81 KI-'UR 5,6 Vice President WILLARD, PATRICIA Drama Club 81 Folk Dance Club 7,81S.M.C. 7,81 Honors Award 3,5,6 WILLIAMS, ,IEANNIE Pep Club 3.41G,A,A. 3,4 WILLIAMS, KEN- Black Student Union 5,6 WILSON, JAMES HOWARD -Northwest High School 3,4: Student Government 3,4 School Relations Board 7,8 Tom- Tom 7,8 Circulation Manager, Feature StalT Dial 7,8 Can- dids1 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Merit Semilinalists 7,81 A Cappella Choir 7,81 Marching Band 7,81 Black Student Union 5,61 Cin- ematography Club 5,6,7,81 Debate Club 5,6,7,81 Environment Club 5,61 Pep Club 5,6 Cast 71 Steering Committee 71 KFUR 5,6,7,81S.M.C. 5,f31Oll'TCC Help 5,61 SPI Production 6 Castg School Government Day 61 Council Exchange 5 WILSON,STEPHEN BiologyClub4 WINKER, MARY ANN--Drama Club 5,6,7,81 German Club- --5,6,7,81 Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 Westminister Help 5,61 A.F.S, 3,4,51 G.A.A. 3,4,5,6,7,81 Junior Board Service Project 6 WINOKUR, TOM-- Student Council 3.41 Student Govern- ment 7,8-Curriculum Boardg Tom-Tom Staff 6, Editors 7,8, Photography, Merit Semifinalists 7,81 Environment Club 61 Pep Club 3,4,5,61 Honors Award 3,4,5,6,7,81 Letterman 7,81 Water Polo 3,4,5,6,7,81 Swimming 3,4,5,6,7,81 Ouill and Scroll Club 7,8 WINSLOW, DANIEL A,-Student Council 41 Senior Cabinet 71 Chess Club 3,4,5.6.7,8: Co-Chairman: Folk Dance Club 5. 6,7,81 German Club 3,4,5,6,7,81S.M.C. WINTHROP, BARBARA-Biology Club 3,4.5,6,71 Drama Club 5,6,7,81 Senior Play 7 WOLFE, GA RY-Student Government 3,41 Biology Club 3,4: Pep Club 3,4,5,6,7,81 KFUR 3,41 Flat Earth Society: Sports Club1lntramural Football, Basketball WOOD, BRAD-Black Student Union 7,81 Letterman 7,81 Football 3,41 Baseball 3,4,5,6,7,8 WOODSIDE, STEVEN- Orchestra 3,4,5.6,7.81 Band 3.4,5, 6,7,8 -Publicity Chairman 5,61 Marching Band 3,4,5,6,7,81 Honors Award 5,61 Pep Band 5,6,7,81 SPI Production---Or chestra 6 WRIGHT, HARRIET SUSAN Marching Band 5.6: Black Student Union 5,6,7,81 Folk Dance Club 61 Esperanto Club 3, 41 Future Nurses' Club 3,4--President 5,61 French Club 3.41 Yoga Club 51 Bowling Team 3,41 Gymnastic Team 5 ZALTSMAN, MARY KAREN- Junior Board 5,61 A Cap- pella Choir 3,4,51 Guitarists' Guild 3,4.51 Pep Club 3,4,5.6,7, 81 Senior Play Crew 71 GAA 3,4,5,6.7,81 Honors Award 7,81 Ollice Help 7,81 Sophomore Orientation 5,61 Wig Jr. Board 3,4,5,6,7,81 Work Weekend 3,4 ZARETSKY, DENNIS---Student Council 3,4,6---Chairman Student Employment Committee 41 Tom-Tom --Feature StalT 5,61 Sophomore Board 3,41 Band 3,4: Marching Band 3,4,51 Guitarists' Guild 7,81 Spanish Club 3,41 SMC 5,6,7,81 Sopho- more Basketball. Baseball Teams: Varsity Baseball 61 Ham- ilton Help 3,4 ZIEGENFUSS, KIM- - Student Council 31 Pep Club 3.4,5.61 GAA 3,4,5,6,7,81 Leaders Club 3,41 Varsity Hockey 3,5,71 Varsity Basketball 3,5,71 Varsity Volleyball 3,517 ZIMMERMAN, CAREN----A Cappella Choir 3,4,5,6 ZIMMERMAN, RHONDA---Band 5,6,7,81 Marching Band 5,6 ZINNER, JAN E-Tom-Tom Circulation Statl' 3,4- Manager 5,6,7,81 Senior Cabinet 7,81 Junior Board 5,61 French Club 3, 4: Pep Club 3.4,5,6,7,81 AFS 3,71 GAA 3,415,678 ZISKIND, BURT -Student Council 5: Chess Club 5 ZUCKERMAN, VICKI -A Cappella,7,81 Marching Band 51 Pep Club 3,41 SPI Production Crew 6 ZVOLANEK, BUDIMIR-Southwest High 31 Band 41 Foreign Students Club 7,8 223 ' gm ff H Sw gi' X if 5 455 X W if igiqif J gy? K, Qfffxill QQ 5591657 Esau X 0 N 3 RQ Qi Q95 - Exit 5336 QQ fjggfj ' X . - ' JQ99'1' '- Q L ' if gf 9 5 MW? ' Gb 3 'Pg f N -55 ,iVmQJ1f Wk fp 3 604 fbi Z, 5 fi nc' , tlwffsg A My 0. W, Z! 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