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.3 " "lf 'F fx H ,F I 1 ' A 5 8: ,A . -F it 'V t 54" ri. f A X "lin Q 1 fiffi' 4 Xa '1 if ' , -V ' -, A ,3 W 'A ff W Q" A S SZ Q ar' Ax is' Zi? ' 'A' f ' Till Nu I 0 'W N if jug: it Q Q V ii' Jiffy, f A V ' K ' , '15, A ,W ,mm Jw-,lk Q, Af j v my . YQ id 1' 19 r 1 1 , .M , M ,, FA, i l 4- S ffgfsx' N 9135 1 -Q 5 ,xgffgiiq af . Y gf . s J K, WJ. fQ,kS'a f zu, 2 6 t . . Q- 4. Q 2 K , R 1 1 x X ' 4 it V,"-1 Q Af 4. i' '4 .Q i.- 1, Q5 -J " ,. 7 . 'J ff ,M ,. , 9 'Q k 1 sr 'K W 'gk ' H I Quint A K ' I ,Yi ,A 4, r -X ku Q :J .. 5 X if " ' s E Q, S -f . ' gi - A 1 , K f 5 -, ff ,Q . ., A Q14 s , 'Ai , Q4 L' L - 7QtL"f Q 'S 5" x Xp T x" Q . Q f 4 . . , Q , W ' s X fs. ' 'X lv "Y ' A' Ex Y A 'z Q 5 ,V . , 5 ,mt q I 1 'M U' 4 aw 1'9" V' K 245 J' fd f 4 Ax Q' ,In QA-as ll W ' . T 1 4 4 1' 5 1 'xx if p' Q. Q 3 J F ff? 55" a ' tj qt, 15' ' 345' .Q AN' l k - gi , af? . V' " M f - fm ' if T1 ,Q " 'gk 4 ZF? ff" 'Q ,'.23.Qf?fff 35 iw ' : 4 'Q ? fr!! t i 3 p'j5 :' " ' fir' ' ' ' , aw. Qfiffg fs X602-E4""!ZzVl,l2'f - 30527 2210 aw' GQ2-ffvp -J.,,Jzwz,-in M ' fziizi gif !M"4-f-QTW74 MWQMW ff M Z'UpiQgijVAf92' KWJWQJQZW A I N D-wi. X3 QS! M1 'W new ff LW W if ZW fdwfl' JMWWWKZ W7 Jv WW 'W' Y My y f'7 J , gj'?i?2EfTLffa ,' - ' 3C 3gw??ZEQ g 15 P A kg WMWW ,if fw 3 Q . - G M Q Q 5252 ws 2 S M vi .In- ' 7573 ?'7yv,4,,,Q, 'QQ 44, 1 i?55L'if J , W fgywx I ,wyx xg 'Sax 5' A 1 Mfziuerdifg Gig K 4 J ,SZAUUK 7949 Olflfl 0586! EDITORS IN CHIEF DICK DUTTON ALAN KOHN CAROLYN WERNER BUSINESS MANAGER MARILYN SIGOLOFF CIRCULATION MANAGER HENRY SPONSOR ONKEN MARY HAMILTON SHCEFE jAflll.L5 Harry Swain, Jr. -ff- C Earl R. Britt, Jr. f - Britt Printin Paul A. Schenk - f - f f Stephen Lange f entral Engraving Co. g and Publishing CO. f The Becktold CO. - f Lange Studios Qu umni aibevbca fion To our Alumni, we, the staff, take pleasure in dedicating this-the Dial of 1949. Since our hrst class graduated from the old building in 1918 to the present year, that body has grown until it can be numbered by thousands. Among the ranks of these graduates are distinguished doctors, lawyers, engineers, businessmen - men and women who have become leaders in civic affairs. Many there are too who have quietly established themselves in the life of their communities where they have earned the respect of all who know them. With just pride in their achievements we pay to them our sincere tribute. tim U if W Cmfmfd VIEWS ADMINISTRATION FACULTY CLASSES SENIOR JUNIOR SOPI-IOMORE CLUBS ATHLETICS BOYS' SPORTS GIRLS' SPORTS FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS INDEX Page Eight .xgvlminififrvz fiom DR. JULIUS E. WARREN MR. J. E. BAKER Superintendent of Schools, University City Principal Dartmouth College, A.B. Drury College, A.B. Columbia University, M.A. University of Chicago, A.M. Boston University, D.Sc. in Education Northeastern University, LL.D. 4, H. ,F A ...i . . ,,ggat,,,,, . MR. W. E. KETTELKAMP Miss MARY HAMILTON Assistant Principal Assistant Principal Ccntrgl Wesleyan, AB, Wasliington University, A.B. Univcfgify of Chicago, A.M. Columbia University, A.M, Director of Guidance DGHH of Girls History Sponsor of Dial English Page Nine Mr. McKee, Mr. Barrow, Mr. Hope. Mr. Kettelkamp. Miss McCombs, Mr. Russell, Miss Barnidge. MRS. MARGARET C. FARRAR Western College, A.B.g University of Chicago: Washington University, M.A.g Chairman of English Department. MRS, EDITH BODENHAFER University of Utah, A.B.g University of Kan' sas, M,A.g Washington University: Chicago Universityg University of Colorado, University of Wyomingg English . . Sponsor of Excelsior. MISS WANDA BOWERS Southeast Missouri State Teachers College, B.S,g Dramatics . . Sponsor of Strut and Fret. MISS WILDA FLINT Drury College, A.B.g University of Missouri, A.M.g English . . Business Sponsor of Tom' Tom. MRS. AUGUSTA GOTTLIEB University of Kansas, A.B.g University of Chi' cagog English . . Sponsor of PenfInfHand. MISS MARY HAMILTON Washington University, A.B.g Columbia Uni' versity, A.M.g Dean of Girls, Sponsor of Dial, English. MISS MARIORIE HARRIS Washington University, A.B.g A.M. . . English. MISS MARGARET F. JOHNSON Washington University, A.B.g A.M., Wiscon' sin Universityg English. Page Ten CLCU, K MR. ROBERT H. RUSSELL Missouri State Teachers College, B.S.g Uni' versity of Missouri, Columbia Universityg Washington University, A.M. . . Chairman of History Department. MISS MARTHA BARNIDGE Washington University, A.B.1 A.M. . . Sponsor of Current Events Club. MR. CAVE BARROW Westminster College, A.B.: University of Mis- souri, A.M.g Washington University. MR. H. HAYS HOPE Westminster College, A.B.: Washington Uni' versity, A.M. . . Sponsor of HifY Club. MR, W. E. KETTELKAMP Central Wesleyan College, A.B.: University of Chicago, A.M. . . Assistant Principal. MISS HAZEL MCCOMBS Stephens College, A.A.g University of Colo- rado, University of Wisconsin, University of Missouri, B.S. MR. HOWARD MCKEE University of Iowa, A.B.g M.A.g University of Chicago, University of Missouri. Mrs. Farrar, Mrs. Gottlieb, Mrs. Bodenhafer, Miss Johnson, Miss Hamilton. Miss Harris, Miss Bowers, Miss Flint. Mr. Riessen, Mr. Lang. T-Ctlllflhy MR. JAMES HARMON Southeast Missouri State College, B.S. Ed.: State University of Iowa, M.A. . . Art. MR. JOHN LANG University of Dubuque, B.A.: University of Iowa, M.A. . . Orchestra Leader. MR. EDWARD E. MENGES Washington University Art School: University of Missouri, BS. . . Art: Sponsor of Pep Club. MR. O. H. RIESSEN Northwestern University, B. Mus. . . Director of Instrumental Music. MISS MARY KAY STAMPER CulverfStockton College: University of Mis- souri, A.B.g University of Michigan, A.M. . . Director of Vocal Music. Mr. Harmon, Miss Stamper, Mr. Menges. MISS LELIAETTA BRUNS Washington University, A.B.g A.M. . . Chair' man of Mathematics Department: Senior Sponf sor. MISS ALICE ALBERICI Washington University, A.B.g Columbia Uni- versity: St. Louis University. MISS BESS HOWARD Randolph-Macon, A.B.g University of Chicago, A.M. MISS ELIZABETH RODEWALD Hanover College, A.B.g University of Illinois, A.M. MISS LULA TURNER Missouri University, A.B.: BS.: Colorado Uni' versity, Wisconsin University, Washington University, Columbia University, A.M .... Sponsor of Mathematics Club. MR. WALTER C. STREHLMAN Central Wesleyan College, A.B.g Washington University, A.M. . . Chairman of Science De- partment: Physics. MR. REX CONYERS Wzirrensburg Teachers College, B.S.: Univerf sity of Missouri, A.M. . . Biology: Sponsor of Field and Forest. MR. R. CLEMENT CRAIG Northeast Missouri Teachers College, BS.: Missouri University, A.M. . . Chemistry. MR. LEO E. MCKINNEY Southeast Missouri State College, B.S.: Mis' souri University, A.M. . . Chemistry: Sponsor of House of Representatives: Sponsor of Chem' istry Club. MISS MARY JANE STEIDEMANN University of Illinois, B.S.g Washington Uni' versity, A.M. . . Biology. Mr. McKinney, Mr. Conyers, Miss Alberici, Mr. Strehlman, Mr. Craig. Miss Bruns, Miss Steidemann, Miss Howard, Miss Turner. Page Eleven Dr. Rist, Miss Gonzalez, Miss Rothschild. Miss Wolfner, Miss Donnelly. MISS DOROTHY ABBOTT University of Nebraska, B.S.g M.A.: University of New Hampshire . . Sponsor of Stamp Club . . Commercial. MISS LAURA A. BRISCOE Washington University, B.S.g A.M.g Sponsor of Student Council , . Commercial. MR. F. R. CHAMBERS Cornell College, B.A.g Iowa University, A.M.: Chicago University, Missouri University, Washington University . . Sponsor of Camera Clubg Diversified Occupations, Cofordinator. MR, HOWARD DENNIS Northwest Missouri State College, B.S.g Uni' versity of Missouri, A.M. . . Industrial Arts. MR. A. T. DUNHAM Missouri School of Mines, B.S. . . Mechanical Drawing. Miss EDITH HAMMOND ' Washington University, A.B.: A.M.g Univerf sity of Wisconsing University of Chicago, Uni- versity of Virginia, Sponsor of Commercial Club . . Chairman of Commercial Department. Page Twelve CLCM, f MISS HELEN MARY DONNELLY Washington University, A.B.: A.M. . . Senior Sponsor, Sponsor of Societas Classicalisg Latin. MISS MARIE GONZALEZ Washington University, A.B.g A.M. . . Sponf sor of Spanish Club, Spanish. DR. WALTER RIST Washington University, A.B.g A,M.g Ph.D. . . German. MISS RUTH W. ROTHSCHILD Washington University, A.B.g A.M. . . Sponsor of TomfTom . . Spanish. MISS BESSIE J. WOLFNER MilwaukeefDowner College, A.B.g New York University, A.M. . . Sponsor of Le Cercle Fran' caisg French. Mr. Dennis, Mr. Chambers, Mr. Dunham. Miss Hammond, Miss Briscoe, Miss Abbott. C K CLCLL MISS HELEN MANLEY Vv'ellesley College, A.B.: Columbia University, M.A. . , Supervisor, Physical Education. MISS VIRGINIA DICUS Missouri Teachers College, B.S.g Columbia University, M.A, . . Physical Education. MISS EUNICE KAGAN Washington University, A.B. . . Sponsor of Tabernag Dance. MR. CLARENCE A. MUHL Penn College, University of Illinois, B.S, ., Sponsor of Tribe. MR. LILBURN M. OCHS University of Michigan, B.S. . .Sponsor of Tribe. MISS LOUISE ROBISON University of Iowa, B.S.g University of Michif gan, M.A. MR. H. E. SCHEMMER Y University of Missouri, B.S. . . Sponsor of Mr. Muhl, Miss Robison, Mr. Turbeville, Miss Kagan. Tribe' Miss Watts, Mr. Schemmer, Miss Manley, Mr. Ochs, Miss Dicus. MR. -I-V L. TURBEVILLE Southwest State Teachers College, B.S.: Uni- versity of Colorado, A.M. . . Sponsor of Tribe. MISS VIRGINIA LEE WATTS University of Missouri, B.S.g University of New York, A.M. . . Sponsor of U. Club. MRS. RUTH FOSTER Southwest Missouri State College, A.B. . . Oi' Hee Registrar. MISS FLORENCE HAACK K.S,A.C. College, B.S. . . Chairman of Home Economics. MRS. LILY S, JENKINS Washfngton University, A.M. . . Librarian MISS HELEN C. LISCHER Secretary to the Principal. MISS WILMA MITTELBERG University of Illinois, B,S. . . Dietitian+Barnes Hospital Cafeteria Manager. MISS ZELDA MURRAY Carleton College, A.B. . , Librarian. I MISS MAURINE WEST RTT William Woods College, A.A.g Missouri Uni' Miss Mittelberg, Mrs. Foster. vqrgity, B,S, , , Sponsor of TfifY, Miss Lischer, lxiiss Haack, Miss West. Page Thirteen . . M6686 .xdfma Wafer Hail! Hail! to UfCity High, All hail to our old gold and black, Hail! Hail! to UfCity High, Uur friendship may she never lack. Ever faithful, ever true, as we raise our song anew Of the days We've spent with you, All Hail, UfCity High! F ourtee 1 1 Q 3 ii KK 1' RICHARDS KCHN BARNHOLTZ DUTTCN Page Sixteen eta O President ...................... ....,................ ....,.,.,.., J a ne Richards VicefPresident .............. ........,.......... A lan Kohn Secretary .,,.....,....A.. .,,......... M yra Barnholtz Treasurer ,,,. .............. D ick Dutton Olflfllflflelfl C Qlflfl eil f Chairman, DR. JULIUS WARREN Theme: Living Today for Tomorrow Processional ........... .....,..,......, ...,, .............................,..,........ S E N IOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND Orville Riessen, Director Invocation ............... ............... R EV. ROLLAND N. DUTTON, D.D. Delmar Baptist Church Address of Welcome ,,............,.............,.,,,....,.............,,,,,....,........ ......,.......,,,,,.., J ANE RICHARDS "What Kind of Society Have We Inherited?" .,,........ ........... R ICHARD TALMADGE Music - Dancing Doll - Polidini Elaine Kirshon, Soprano Marlene Smith, Flute Dorothy Carmichael, Piano "What Do We Need to Accept This Inheritance?" A Self Evaluation - HENRY ONKEN Presentation of the Class to the President of the Board of Education - J. E. BAKER, PRINCIPAL Awarding of Diplomas by the President of the Board of Education- DR. WILLIS H. REALS The Alma Mater ..I.... ...........................,...,..,,..,.,..,..... T HE CLASS Recessional .....I..,,,,, ......,.,, S ENIOR HIGH SCHOOL BAND ANN ACKERT DO gentlemen prefer blondes? Leaders' Club, 2, V. Pres., Pep Club, 2,45 Operetta, 3: Service Club, 4, TomfTom Business Staff, 4, House of Rep., 2. PATRICIA AKER Sweet maids like her are very few. Watertown High School, Water' town, S. Dakota. Individual Sports, 4. CLARENCE ALTMILLER When words are scarce, they are seldom spent in vain. GILBERT BENTON ANDERSON Few men can afford to be angry. Football, 2,3,4g Track, 2,31 HifY, 2, 3, Concert Band, 2,3,4g Marching Band, 2,3,4g PenfinfHand, 4, Tribe, 3,4g Orchestra, 3,4. JIM APPLEGATE A man of rare acumen. HifY, 2,3, V Pres., 4: Concert Band, 2,3,4g Marching Band, 2,3,4, Oper' etta fOrch.j, 3,4. FANCHON ARKUSH Man has his will, but woman has her way. Latin Club, 2, Tom'Tom, 2, Orchesf tra, 2, Operetta, 3: Commercial Club, 4 Treasurer, Pen f in f Hand Club, 4, Dial, 4, Pep Club, 4, G.A. A., 4, Individual Sports, 4. 'H' eniom SHIRLEY ADELSTEIN I Not to be hurried or confused. Spanish Club, 2,3g Pep Club, 2, Cur' rent Events Club, 4, Individual Sports, 4, G.A.A., 4. LOIS EDITH ALLEN Hers are smiles that make us happy. A Cappella, 2,3,4g TrifY, 2,3, Chap' lain, 4, Pep Club, 3. BILL ANDERSCN We wonder what he does for excitement. IOAN ANTH Haste Makes Waste, Why rush? Bowling Club, 4, After School Sports, 2,4. ARTHUR I. ARATA A shy sort with girls close by, But with the stronger sex, a 'regular guy. Football, 2,3. CAROLYN BAKER Let her do what best delights her. TrifY, 2, G.A.A., 4: U. Club, 3, 4, A Cappella, 2,41 After School Sports, 2,3,4, Pep Club, 2,3g Student Tutor, 3. Page Seventeen eniord HERBERT E. BAKER Is it better to he lucky than wise? Track, 2,3,43 Cross Country, 2,3,43 Hi'Y, 2,3,43 Operetta, 33 Tribe, 2, 3,4. BLAIR BALK What he undertook to do, he did well. Stamp Club, 2,3,4g Honor Pin, 3g Service Award, 43 House of Rep., 2, 3,43 Student Council, 43 Math Club, 3,43 Tennis, 3,4. MYRA LEE BARNHOLTZ Cheerful, hard working, and a friend to all. House of Rep., 2,42 Student Coun- cil, 4, Chairman of Social Comm.: Honor Pins, 3,43 G.A.A., 4, Pres., Latin Club, 2,4, Secretaryg Pen'inf Hand, 43 JuniorfSenior Prom Comm., 3,43 Dial, 4g TomfTom, 2,3,4, Assof ciate Ed.3 Student Tutor, 43 Service Club Award, 43 Leaders' Club, 45 Secretary of Sr. Class, 4. NANETTE BARTFELD Always pleasant, always cheerful, I Of her future we're not fearful. Spanish Club, 23 Palette and Brush, 3,43 Current Event Club, 4g Penfinf Hand, 43 G.A.A., 4: Individual Sports, 43 Dial, 43 Pep Club, 4. EDYTHE BARBARA BENSON 'Blond Bombshell." Taberna, 3,43 Individual Sports, 23 G.A.A., 43 Operetta, 33 Leaders' Club, 4g Pep Club, 2,3. HELEN CLARE BERGER Sweet sophistication. A Cappella, 3,43 Operetta, 33 Pep Club. Page Eighteen MARY LOU BAKER No hurry, no scurry, just life as it comes. A Cappella, 2,3,4. LUCY LEE BARKER Happyfgoflucky Lee Lee. Leaders' Club, 23 Pep Club, 2,3,4Q After School Sports, 2,3,4g A Cap' pella, 2,3,4g Tomffom, 43 G.A.A., 4. SELWYN C. BAROHN Every inch a man. Individual Sports, 23 Camera Club, 2. FRANK BENDYK Frankly, we think he's swell. ELAINE BERGER A merry heart makes us cheerful. Spanish Club, 2,3,4, Secretaryg Pep Club, 23 Individual Sports, 33 G.A. A., 4g Operetta, 3. SYLVIA JEAN BERGER If there isn't anything to do, let me do it. Pep Club, 2. i BABETTE DEE BIALOCK Her thoughts are wise, Her words are few. Spanish Club, 2,3,4g Palette and Brush, 4, Current Events, 4, Penfin- Hand, 4, G.A.A., 4, Individual Sports, 4, Dial, 4, Pep Club, 4. DAVE BLANKE Hels done some good things in his daze. Baseball, 4, A Cappella, 2,3,4, Op' eretta, 3. MARJORIE BLASS A brave spirit whose cheerful friendliness makes many friends. FLOYD BLY Men, like bullets, go fastest when they are smoothest. Track, 2,3,4, A Cappella, 3,4, Op' eretta, 3. KENNETH BRAND Our favorite brand of ability and brains. Student Tutor, 2,3,4, Camera Club, 2, Treas., 3, Pres., 4, Spanish Club, 2,3, V. Pres., 4, Pres., Latin Club, 3,4, Parliamentarian, Math Club, 2, 3,4, Honor Pins, 2,3,4, Schoenthaler Award 2,3, Tornffom, 4. DOLORES BROCKMANN Unassuming, conscientious, dependable. Leaders' Club, 2, TrifY, 2, After School Sports, 2,4, Student Tutor, 3,45 G.A.A., 4, Commercial Club, 4, Sec., Service Club, 4, Pep Club, 4, Dial, 4, Senior Play, 4. eniord NORMA JEAN BIERMAN Care's an enemy to life. Spanish Club, 2, Pep Club, 2, Lead' ers' Club, 2, Art Club, 4. PEGGY BLANKE She has a good line and generally puts it over. Pep Club, 2,3,4, Palette and Brush, 43 Individual Sports, 4, A Cappella, 3, G.A.A., 4, Taberna, 4. ALAN BLOCK What is nicer to do than nothing? Bowling Club, 2, Baseball, 3, A Cap' pella, 2,3,4, Operetta, 3. JOAN BOEDEKER .Quiet and selffcomposed, What she thinks, nobody knows. LOIS BRINKMAN A live wire, which none can short circuit. After School Sports, 2,?s,4, Pep Club, 2,3,4, G.A.A., 4, Leaders' Club, 45 Service Club, 4, TomfTorn, 4. RUTH CAROL BROCKMAN It's a womans privilege to change her mind. Individual Sports, 2, G.A.A., 4. fl . eniord BEVERLY BRODERSON Woman's thoughts are often afterfthoughts. Blewett High School. Excelsior, 2, 3,4, After School Sports, 2, G.A.A., 4, Individual Sports, 3. ROGER BROWER Everything is funny, as long as it happens to somebody else. Track,2, Cross Country, 2, Wres' tling, 2. MARIAN BUBENIK Tell me, pretty maiden, are there any more at home like you? TrifY, 2,3, Sec. fs' V. Pres., 4, Art Club 4, G.A.A., 4, Hockey, 2, Sen' ior Play, 4, Pep Club, 4. GLORIA ANN BUXNER She did it the hard way. Spanish Club, 2,4, G.A.A., 4, Serv' ice Club, 2, Pep Club, 2,4, Art Club, 4, After School Sports, 2. PAT CARD The loveliest "Card" in the deck and our .Queen of Hearts. Leaders' Club, 2, A Cappella, 2,39 After School Sports, 2,3, Pep Club, 7.,'5,4, G.A.A., 4. MARY CASTULIK Man's best friend is woman, Page Twenty STAN BROOKS The tenacious terror of the track. Track, 2,3,4, Cross Country, 3,4, Tribe, 2,3,4. EDWARD BROWN Horses, horses, horses. Latin Club, 4. NEIL BUTTEIGER, JR. Self trust is the hrst secret of success. Football, 3,4, Track, 2,3,4, Excelsior, 2, Tribe, 2,3,4. TOMMY CAFFRAY More tricks up his sleeve, than dents in his car. Track, 2, Football, 2, HifY, 2. DOROTHY CARMICHAEL Her friendly smile is sweet music itself. TrifY, 2, Treas. E? V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Strut Es? Fret, Sec. 4, Bowling Club, 3,4g C.A.A., 4, Concert Band, 2,3,4, Marching Band, 2,3,4, Senior Play, Property Manager 4, A Cap' pella, 4, Leaders' Club, 2,4. ART CHANDLER Takes life as it comes. Football, 2,3,4, Baseball, 2,3,4, Conf cert Band, 2,4, Marching Band, 2, TomfTom, 4, P n'infHand, 4: HifY, 2, Pep Club, Tutoring, 4, Bad- minton, 4. NORTON CHERVITZ With the force of his own merit, he makes his way. Honor Pins, 3,45 Math Club, 3,45 Current Events Club, 45 Chemistry, 45 Track, 45 Schoenthaler Medal, 4. WALTER COFFEY Oh, this learning, what a thing it is! MELBA COHEN A young lady with a good deal of spirit. Service Award, 45 TomfTom, 2,3,45 Dial, 3,45 Excelsior, 35 G.A.A., 45 Intramural Sports, 2,3,4g Individual Sports, 45 Pep Club, 2,45 Senior Play, 4. CARL COLEMAN The bow is bent, the arrow flies, The winged shaft of fate. Honor Pin, 25 Math Club, 4. HARRY E. DAVIS A leisurely wit, which comes to the surface all too seldom. TomfTom, 4. MARILYN DEWOSKIN She leaves her troubles for a brainy day. Spanish Club, 2,35 Pep Club, 25 Art Club, 45 Senior Play, 45 Taberna, 43 G.A.A., 4. enior-A ELIZABETH JANE CLARK An all round girl. After School Sports, 2,3,45 A Cap' pella Choir, 2,3,4g U, Club, 45 Tri- Y, 2,3,4. JAY COHEN A quiet man, he doesn't snore in class. Golf, 2,3,45 Basketball, 25 Tribe, 2, 3,4. EDWARD P. COLE He has many friends. Math Club, 3,4g HifY, 3,45 Football, 45 Track, 3,45 Honor Pins, 3,45 Serv- ice Club, 4. HAROLD S. CYTRON When a man thinks his mind is getting broader, it is sometimes his conscience stretching. Camera Club, 25 Bowling Club, 2. KEN M. DAVIS Gayly, the troubadour touched his guitar. Track, 2,3,45 Cross Country, 2,3,45 Chorus, 2. MARY ANN DICKEY Her kind are not too easily found. Page 'Twentyfone eniorri MARCIA ANN DILL A pretty girl is like a melody. WANDA DINGMAN Rare as is true love, true friend- ship is rarer. Proviso High School, Maywcmod, Ill. TrifY, Sec. 4, G.A.A., 45 Bowling Club, 4g Commercial Club, 4, Indif vidual Sports, 4. GEORGE L. DOWDY Hurrayl Hurray! I'm going away. HifY, 2,3,4g Baseball, 2,4g Track, 3. DICK DUTTON Ambition, generosity, kindness, and courage create a unique personality. Dial, 2,3, Co-Editor 43 Student Council, Pres. 4, House of Rep., 2, 3g Student Tutor, 33 Track, 3,4g Tennis, 2,35 Football, 3, Current Events Club, Sec. 2g Latin Club, 2,3g PenfinfHand, V. Pres. 4, Tribe, 3,4g -lr. E! Sr. Prom Committee, 3,4g Serv' ice Awards, 4g Senior Class, Treas. 4, Tom-Tom, 4. MEL EMAS Why put my nose to the grind' stone? I like it the way it is. BETTE ESS Lovely to look at, delightful to know. Blewett High. A Cappella, 4. Page Twentyftwo PETE DIMITRIADES Abe Lincoln and I were friends. Clayton. Basketball, 2,3g Chess and Checkers, 2, Bowling Club, 2. MARK DORMAN A perfect physical specimen. Blewett High. Wrestling, 4. DON DUST Dandy, dapper, and determined. Ritenour. MARVIN EI-IRLICH His is a cheerful personality. Soldan High. Football, 4. LYLE ERBLICH He has his feet firmly planted in the air. . Spanish Club, 2. ALYN ESSMAN He seems a man of cheerful yesterdays and confident tomorrows. Honor Pin, 3. - TERENCE NEIL FAILS His all around athletic ability has brought prestige to U. City. Football 2,3,4, Basketball .2,3,4, Track 2,3,4, Tribe 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4. GERALD A. FELDMAN He blows his own horn. Marching Band, 2,3,4, Concert Band, 2,3,4, Orchestra, 4, Inter' lochen Scholarship, 3. DALE K. FICK A little stick of dynamite on the mat. Wrestling, 3,4, HifY, 2,4, Baseball 2, Manager 4, Bowling 2. GLORIA FISHGOLL No beauty is like the beauty of the mind. Individual Sports, 2, House of Rep' reseritatives, 4, Chemistry Club, 4, G.A.A., 4, Dial, 4, Pep Club, 4, Spanish Club, 2,3,4, PenfinfHand, 4, Honor Pins, 3,4, Student Tutor, 3,4. STERLING FISHMAN A light heart lives long. Honor Pins, 2,4, Field and Forest, Sec. 3, Co'Chairman 4, Penfin' Hand, 4, Chemistry Club, 4, Span' ish Club, 4, Marching Band, 2,3. MARY FOSTER "Mary, Mary, quite contrary." eniora CLARICE FEINBERG A ray of sunshine. G.A.A., 4, Spanish Club, 2, Pep Club, 3,4, Individual Sports, 3, Op' eretta, 3, Art Club, 3. HARVEY FENSTER What does he conceal behind those black eyes? Football, 2,3, Wrestling, 2, A Cap' pella, 2,3,4, Track, 2. MERLE FISCHLOWITZ He is not afraid to express his opinion. Current Events Club, 2, Pres. 4, Math Club, 3, Honor Pin, 3, Tom' Tom, 4, Senior Play, 4, Marching Band, 2, Concert Band, 2: Orchesf tra, 2, Jr. Town Meeting Broadcast, 4, Tutoring, 2,4. SAMUEL FISHMAN I am the captain of my fate, I am the master of my soul. Honor Pins, 2,3,4, House of Repref sentatives, 2, V. Chairman 4, Cur- rent Events Club, 2, Latin Club, 3, Chemistry Club, 4. MARTIN FLAVIN "Strike Up the Band." Hi-Y, 2,4, Marching Band, 2,3,4, Concert Band, 2,3, Drum Major 4, Interlochen Scholarship, 4. SIDNEY FRANKLIN A man after his own heart. Page Twentyfthree eI'lL0l"5 BERNICE FRED Efficient, attractive, charming, and active. TomfTom, 2, After School Sports, 2, Leaders' Club, 4, House of Rep., 3, Student Council, 4, Senior Play, 4, Service Club, 3,4, Service Award, 3, Dial, 4, Pep Club, 2. BARRY FRIEDMAN Handsome is as handsome does. Football, 2,3,4, Basketball, 2,3,4, Track, 2,3, Tribe, 3,4. STAN FRIEDMAN His motto is "I'll get by." House of Rep., 4, Spanish Club, 2, Chemistry Club, 4, Treasurer, A Cappella, 3,4, Operetta, 3. GEORGE ALLEN GELB Self control is his watchword. Stamp Club, 2,3,4, Sec.fTreas., Inf dividual Sports, 2, Sec. 3, Track, 2, 3, Senior Play, 4, Tribe, 3, Service Club, 3,4. ALICE GERDING Trustworthy and helpful. Individual Sports, 2, Leaders' Club, 4, G.A.A., 4. BONNIE GIESLER A bonnie lass, to be sure. TrifY, 2,3, Chaplain, Leaders' Club, 3,4, U. Club, 3,4, Secretary, G.A.A., 4 Service Club, 4, Student Tutor, 2, After School Sports, 2,32 Indif vidual Sports, 2,3. Page Twenty-four MAXINE GLORIA FRELICH She sets her goals high, And labors long to fulfill them. Marching Band, 2,3,4, Concert Band, 2,3,4, Latin Club, 2, Excel' sior, 3, Secretary, U. Club, 4, Intra- mural Sports, 2,3,4, Orchestra, 4, Bowling Club, 2,3,4. EVA FRIEDMAN This above all, to thine own self be true. Latin Club, 2,3, Individual Sports, 2, G.A.A., 4, Senior Play, 4, Student Tutoring, 4, French Club, 4, Pep Club, 3, Torn-Tom, 2,3, Dial, 3,4, Service Club, 2,3,4. MILDRED GEBELHARDT Milly is a friend in need. IENNIE GEORGE A blithe heart makes a pleasing visage. A Cappella, 3,4, Individual Sports, 2, Pep Club, 2. ESTHER GERS A friendly smile, a winning way, Many abilities, she does display. Individual Sports, 2, Math Club, 3, Sec., 4, Chemistry Club, 4, Concert Band, 2, Marching Band, 2,35 Dial, 4, G.A,A., 4, Honor Pins, 3,4, Pep Club, 4. STANLEY GIMPELSON The power of thought, The magic of the mind. Individual Sports, 2, Current Events, 2,4, Intramural Sports, 3,4. GLORIA GLUSKOTER She wears her voice an inch above the hurnline of conversation. Individual Sports, 2, Palette and Brush, 3, Taberna, 4, G.A.A., 4. JERRY GOLDMAN Tall, dark, and handsome. MARLENE GREEN And what would life be if I took it seriously? Individual Sports, 4, A Cappella, 2, 3, Spanish Club, 2, Operetta, 3, Pep Club, 2. SHIRLEY GREENE All things will come to one who waits. Cleveland High S c h 0 ol. After School Sports, 3, Operetta, 3. ELAYNE GULLER Slow motion suits her. Spanish Club, 2,3, Pep Club, 2,3, Current Events Club, 4, Individual Sports, 4, G.A.A., 4. BETTY HAGAN A shy, retiring little maid, but always ready to lend her aid. Los Gatos, California. Honor Pin, 2, After School Sports, 2,4, Art Club, 3, Taberna, 4, G.A.A., 4, Spanish Club, 4. U i if 'U-p ' Q if if eniora SIGMUND GOFFSTEIN I believe overwork is dangerous. VIRGINIA GOSSOM Ever loyal, ever true, To the tasks she has to do. U. Club, 3, Vice President 4, Ta- hcrna, 2,3,4g After School Sports, 2, 3,41 Art Club, 3, TrifY, 2,3,4, G. A.A., 4, A Cappella, 2,3,4, Oper' etta, 3, Pep Club, 2,3,4. MARTIN MURRY GREENBERG 'Ya gotta be a football player to get along with the girls. House of Representatives, 4, Foot' ball, 2,3,4, Tribe, 2,3,4, Track, Z,3, 4, Wrestling, 3, Basketball, 2. SHIRLEY GROSS We must "confess," we cannot do without her. Student Council, Sec. 4, Individual Sports, 3, House of Representatives, 3,4, Strut and Fret, 3,4, A Cappella, 3, Student Tutor, 2,3,4, After School Sports, 2,3,4, G.A.A., 4, Pep Club, 4, Dial, 4, Commercial Club, President 4, Service Club, 4, Honor Pins, 2,3, Latin Club, 2. ANNE HADLEY Stop! Look! and Whistle' PHYLLIS HANDELMAN A loyal and friendly kind of a girl. Soldan High School. G.A.A., 4, Current Events Club, 4, Service Club, 3,4, Individual Sports, 2, Page Twentyffive eniord ROBERT S. HARRIS Life gets tedious. Football, 2, Basketball Manager, 2,3, 4, Track, 2,3,4, Tribe, 3,4, Spanish Club, 4, Pen-infHand, 4, Sergeant at Arms, Field and Forest, 4. EDWARD J. HELBING "Easy Ed" with a big smile. Basketball, 2,3,4, Baseball, 2,4, Hi' Y, 2, House of Representatives, 3, 4, Parliamentarian, Chemistry Club, 4, Marching Band, 2,3,4, Concert Band, 2,3,4, Pep Club, 4, Student Tutor, 2,3,4. DON HENTY He graduates with pleasure. MARJORIE ANN HILB .Quiet and Friendly. Senior Play, 4, Operetta, 3, A Cap- pella, 3,4, TomfTom, 4, Strut and Fret, 4, Pep Club, 4. JIM HOLLAND A man to be looked up to. Basketball, 2,4, Baseball, 3,4. JANE HOOD Always a good sport. Pep Club, 2,3, C.A.A., 4, Service Club, 4, U. Club, 3,4, Treasurer, 4, President, Individual Sports, 4, Af- ter School Sports, 2,3,4. Page Twenty-six 'iw if .9 Za W3 it U H lk. .3 ullisi F JEAN HASSELBACH Words are superfluous I hink. l , t TrifY, 2,3,4, Pep Club, 3,4. SHIRLEY HELLER A charming young lady. RALPH HETZEL Thinks twice before he speaks, And then says nothing. Field and Forest, 2,3, V. Chairman, 4, V. Chairman. JERRY A. HOLTGREWE A light heart lives long. Concert Band, 2,3,4g Marching Band, 2,3,4, Football, 2, Track, 4, Cross Country, 4, Pep Club, 4, Math Club, 4, Service Club, 4. CAROL HOLLINSHEAD Working may not hurt me, but it tires me before I begin. Tom-Tom, 2,3,4, Pep Club, 2,3,4: G.A.A., 4, A Cappella, 3,4, Service Club, 2,3,4. NANCY ANN HORWITZ Naturally Nance. Horseback Riding, 2,43 Individual Sports 2,3, Math Club, 2,3, Honor Pins, 3,43 Spanish Club, 4: Dial, 4, TomfTom, 4, Pep Club, 4, Service Club, 4, Tutor, 4, G.A.A., 4. JOSEPH W. HRADSKY A happy "Joe" with a smile for everyone. Math Club, 43 Baseball Manager, 23 Baseball, 4. ELSIE HUPPERICH A pleasing personality. Individual Sports, 43 Service Club, 4. MARLENE EVELYN JAGUST The irrepressible spirit of a woman. G.A.A., 43 Spanish Club, 2: Pep Club, 3,43 Individual Sports, 3, Art Club, 3. HERSHEL JICK When he's up, hc's up, When he's clown, he's down. Honor Pins, 2,33 Math Club, 23 Curf rent Events Club, 23 French Club, 33 House of Representatives, 33 Student Council, 4, Treasurerg Concert Band, 43 Tutor, 2,33 Basketball, 2,4. ROBERTA KARSH U. City's answer to the filibuster. Horseback Riding, 43 G.A.A., 43 Operetta, 3, Service Club, 4: Span' ish Club, 2, Pep Club, 2,3. VELMA KAUFMANN Bothering is a bother. Commercial Club, 4g Individual Sports, 3. eniord JANET HUPERT Sweet and lovely. Honor Pins, 3,43 Spanish Club, 23 Pep Club, 2,3,43 Dial, 23 Tom'Tom, 43 House of Representatives, 43 G. A.A., 4. JO ANN HUPPERICH An athlete is "Sis" U. Club, 3,4, Sergeant at Armsp G. A.A., 4, V. Presidentg Leaders' Club, 2: Individual Sports, 4g After School Sports, 2,3,4. JOAN JENKINS She has the ability to do and say the right thing. Service Club, 43 'I'rifY, 2: Leaders' Club, 23 Honor Pin, 3, Tutor, 33 C.A.A., 43 After School Sports, 43 Senior Play, 43 Pep Club, 4: House of Representatives, 4. GUSSIE KAPP She can take hold anywhere. Spanish Club, 3,4, Sergeant at Arms, G.A.A., 43 Pep Club, 2,3,4g After School Sports, 2. BERL KATZ "The happy Scholar." Stamp Club, 2, Sec.fTreasurer, Li- brarian, 3,4, V, President, Presidentg Math Club, 3,4, President, V. Presi- dent3 Chemistry Club, 4: Pen-in' Hand, 4, V. President: Honor Pins, 2,3,43 House of Representatives, 3,43 Schoenthaler Award, 2,43 Flag Raisf ing Committee, 4. RUTH KESSLER A sincere and likeable girl. Spanish Club, 3,4, P1'C5id9UfZ AIT Club, 4, Camera Club, 23 G.A.A., 43 Individual Sports, 3,45 Pep Club, 4. Page 'Twentyfseven eniorri SHARON KETCHERSIDE A girl of many talents. Spanish Club, 2, Secretary, TrifY, 2, A Cappella, 3,4, Pep Club, 4, G.A.A., 4, After School Sports, 3,41 Honor Pins, 2,4, Student Tutor, 2,3, House of Representatives, 4, Lead- ers' Club, 4, Operetta, 3. ELAINE HARRIET KIRSHON "The Voicei' is our candidate for a future opera star. Spanish Club, 2, Pep Club, 2,3, Op' eretta, 3, Individual Sports, 3, A Cappella, 2,3,4. JACKIE KOVINSKY She has the warmth of true friendliness. Clayton High. Spanish Club, 3, A Cappella, 3,4, Operetta, 3, G.A.A., 4, Art Club, 4. LEONARD KLEARMAN We do! MAYNARD KLEIN A bundle of good nature. Latin Club, 2,4, Chemistry Club, 4, Math Club, 3. SHIRLEY KNEZNEKOFF Pm on my way with a merry heart. Page Twentyfeight JACK KIETZ He treads the stage in a stately way. Strut and Fret, 2,3,4, V. President, Palette and Brush, 4, Senior Play, 3,4, Service Club, 4. MARVIN KLAVEN A human dynamo of energy and enthusiasm. Soldan High. Cheerleader, 4, Capt., Pep Club, 4, Track, 4. BERNARD KLEARMAN We wish we had another like him. NANCY A. KLEARMAN Her friendly smile and personality are admired by all. Honor Pin, 3, Individual Sports, 2, Leaders' Club, 4, Spanish Club, 2, 3, Secretary, Pep Club, 2, Student Tutor, 2,3,4, G.A.A., 4, After School Sports, 3. LOIS KLUGE Always does her best. TrifY, 2, G.A.A., 4, A Cappella, 2, 354, Pep Club, 2,'3,4, Operetta, 3, Leaders' Club, 2, After School Sports, 2,3,4. ALAN KOHN A good student, a good fellow, and everybodyls friend. Senior Class V. President, Student Council, 3, Chairman of Aud. Come mittee, 4, Chairman of Citizenship Committee, Dial, 2,3, Business Man' ager, 4, Co'Editor, Track, 3,4, Ten' nis, 2,'5, Basketball, 2, Senior Play, 4, Current Events Club, 2,'3, Latin Club, 2,3, Ir.fSr. Prom Commit- tee, 3,4, Penfin-Hand, 4, President, Tribe, 3,4, Service Award, 3,4, Tu' tor, 3, Chemistry Club, 4, Honor Pin, 2,3,4. BILL KOHN An artist at drawing friends. Palette and Brush, 2: Current Events, 2, Math Club, 3,4, Pres. and V. Pres., Latin Club, 3, Treas., 4, Sec., Tutor, 2: House of Represenf tatives, 3,4, Chairman, Student Council, 4, V. Chairman, Service Club, 2,3,4g Harvard Book Award, 3: Honor Pins, 3,4. OBREN S. KOPRIVICA, JR. Everyone knows Obie. He's a BIG man. Football, 1,2,3,4, Track, 1,2,3,4, Tribe, 1,2,3,4: HifY, 1,2,3,4, Bas' ketball, 2, Individual Sports, 2. MARILYN KRAVITZ Pretty as a picture, Blooming as a rose. After School Sports, 2: A Cappella, 3,4, Operetta, 3, Pep Club, 3, Indi- vidual Sports, 2. FRANCINE LENDING Oh, those dark eyes, how they enchant! After School Sports, 2,4, G.A.A., 4, Senior Play, 4. RUTH LEVINSOHN . Sweet personality, full of rascality. Strut and Fret, 2, Treas., 3, Sec., V. Pres., 4, Pres., After School Sports, 2, TomfTom, 4, G.A.A., 4, Senior Play, 4, Individual Sports, 4, Pep Club, 2. ALLAN LEVY The thoughts of youth are long, long, thoughts. Latin Club, 2,4, Math Club, 3, Ex' celsior, 2, Chemistry Club, 4. en iam EVELYN KOHN Wvmw, Not much talk, a sweet silence. Cleveland High School. Excelsior, 4, Individual Sports, 4, G.A.A., 4. JANET B. KORNBLET Nods and becks and wreathed smiles. Clayton High School. G.A.A., 4, Taberna, 3,4, Operetta, 3, After School Sports, 2. GERALD LAMSON It's great to be alive. Baseball, 2. GORDON R. LENTZNER I can play the lqazoo, too. Stamp Club, 3, Sec.fTreas., 4, V. Pres., Pres., Math Club, 3,4, Cam' era Club, 2,3, V. Pres., Pen-infHand Club, 4, Pres., Chemistry Club, 4, House of Rep., 4, Concert Band, 2, 3,4g Marching Band, 2,3,4, Orches- tra, 4, Honor Pins, 2,3,4, Latin Club, 2, Student Tutor, 2. RICHARD W. LEVINSON Every man is the architect of his own fortunes. Wrestling, 2,4, Baseball, 2,4g Track, 4. MIKE LEWIS Be merry, if you are wise. HifY, 2,3,4, Basketball, 4, Football, 2, Track, 2,3, Baseball, 4. Page Twentyfnine eniord ELLEN ANN LICKHALTER Cheer, boys, cheer! Service Club, 2,3,45 Student Tutor, 45 Senior Play, 45 Pep Club, 2, Cheerleader, 45 TomfTom, 2,35 Latin Club, 25 Chemistry Club Sec., 45 Strut and Fret, 2, Sec. 45 Taberna, 45 Honor Pin, 35 Leader's Club, 4. BARBARA ELLEN LITE Her charm "lites" the way to many friendships. Spanish Club, 2,45 A Cappella, 3,45 Commercial Club, 45 Operetta, 35 Dial, 45 Individual Sports, 4, MIKE MADDEN My best is all that I can do. House of Rep., 3, Chairman, 45 Stu- dent Council V. Pres., 45 Football, 2,45 Basketball, 2,3,45 Baseball, 3,45 Tribe, 3,45 Service Club, 4. ARALYN MARMOR A brain that can always "figu1'e', it out. Student Tutor, 35 Honor Pins, 2,3, 45 Math Club, 2,35 Palette and Brush, 3,45 TomfTom, 4. BOB MATTHEW Nothing ever gets me down. WALTER C. MAY An a"MA'Y"zing young fellow. HifY, 2,3, Sec., 45 Service Club, 3,4. Page Thirty LCIS LINK F-Always linked with virtue. TrifY, 2,3,45 After School Sports, 25 Taberna, 45 TomfTom, 35 Student Tutor, 45 A Cappella, 2,35 Operetta, 35 Palette and Brush, 4. CLAYTON LOYD Slow but sure. Football, 25 A Cappella, 3,4. EDWIN ALLAN MARKS "The Crusherf' Honor Pins, 2,3,45 Math Club, 3,45 Current Events, 45 Chemistry Club, 45 Stamp Club, 2,35 Wrestling, 2. PHYLLIS MATHLESS Sensible, sincere, and simply swell. Pep Club, 25 Spanish Club, 3,45 Latin Club, 25 Operetta, 35 A Cap' pella, 2,3,4. EVELYN MATIER With malice toward none, With charity for all. Individual Sports, 35 G.A.A., 45 Pep Club, 4. RUBY R. MAYFIELD She is as valuable as her name. Leaders' Club, 25 TrifY, 2,35 Pep Club, 2,3,45 Taberna, 45 G.A.A., 45 Art Club, 3, V. Pres. 45 A Cappella, 3,45 Operetta Prop. Mgr., 35 Indie vidual Sports, 2,3,45 After School Sports, 25 Senior Play, 4. JOYCE MARIE MINGS Spiced with variety. Strut and Fret, 4, Individual Sports, 2,3, G.A.A., 4, TrifY, 2, Senior Play, 4, Pep Club, 2,3.4, Service Club, 2,33 After School Sports, 2,3. GLORIA MIENER Gloriously charming. Student Tutor, 3,4, Service Club, 4, TrifY, 2,43 G.A.A., 4, Individual Sports, 4, Commercial Club, 4. PHYLLIS SUE MOLDAFSKY Women's styles may changegbut their designs remain the same. After School Sports, 3, A Cappella, 2.3, Operetta, 3, G.A.A., 4, Pep Club, 2, Spanish Club, 3,4. MALCOLM LANE MOORE These women! Why won't they let me alone? Cross f Country, 2,3, Football, 4: Track, 2,3,4, TomfTom, 2, House of Rep., 3, Student Council Chair' man of Social Com., 4, Service Club, 4, Student Tutoring, 4, Honor Pin, 3, Intramural Sports, 4. ALBERT MOOREHEAD The less there is learned, the less there is to forget. Excelsior, 2, Individual Sports, 2. ARTHUR LEWIS MUSKIN It's no shin off my nose, doc. Spanish Club, 2, Intramural Sports, 4. , 'I' , it . , km' in K e-" fffiij p . ,,,: l'f'?"ii?il eniom PAT MENZEL Care is the enemy of life. TrifY, 2, Pep Club, 2, After School Sports, 2,3,4, G.A.A., 4, Leaders' Club, 4. BETTY MITCHELL A calm mind makes her happy. JOHN D. MoLoNEY Daring, dashing, and devilish! Track, 2,3, Honor Pin, 4, HifY, 2, Service Club, 2. SANDRA MOORE "Moore," cry the boys. After School Sports, 3,4, Pep Club, 2,3, A Cappella, 4, G.A.A., 4, Tri, Y, 2, Individual Sports. WILLIAM A. MORGENS Wise to resolve and patient to perform. Clayton High. Band, 2,3,4, Orchesf tra, 2,3,4, Latin Club, 2, Individual Sports, 4, French Club, 4, House of Rep., 4. ROBERT NEAL Why should life all labor be? Concert Band, 2,3,4, Marching Band, 2,3,4, Hi-Y, 2, Individual Sports, 2, Baseball, 2, Honor Pin, 3. Page Thirtyfone ' 4 eniom ALFRED NEIMAN Quiet and Efficient. Stamp Club, 2,35 Math Club, 3' Honor Pin, 4. v MARIORIE NEWMARK After all is said and done, there's really only one Margie. NANCY NOWLAN Slender, tender, and tall. After School Sports, 253,45 Service Club, 45 Dial, 45 G.A.A., 45 Oper' etta, 35 A Cappella, 2,3,45 Pep Club, 2,3,4. BONNIE LEE OXENHANDLER 'Sincerity is in her eyes. Taberna, 45 Individual Sports, 25 G. A.A., 4: Spanish Club, 25 Operetta, 35 Pep Club, 2,3. I BEYER PARKER I find it so easy to be irresistible. Stamp Club, 25 Hi-Y, 25 Track, 25 Baseball, 2,3,45 House of Represenf tatives, 45 Pep Club, 45 Football, 25 Chemistry Club, 25 Service Club, 45 Tribe, 4. DUANE ROBIN PATTERSON Man delights me not-but oh, those ladies! Scarsdale High, New York. Tutor- ing Committee, 3,45 Service Club, 45 Intramural Basketball, 45 Pep Club, 45 Baseball, 45 Badminton, 4. Page Thirtyftwo BEVERLY NEWFELD I chatter over stony ways, Soldan High. G.A.A., 45 U. Club, 45 After School Sports, 45 Individual Sports, 4. CHARLOTTE NICELY Virtue is the only and true nobility. G.A.A., 4. HENRY ONKEN A leader in many ways. Concert Band, 2,3,45 HifY, 2, Sec. 3, Pres, 45 Football, 2,3,45 Wrestliimg, 2,3,45 Track, 2,3,45 Tribe, 3,45 Stu' dent Tutoring, 45 Dial, Circulation Mgr. 45 PenfinfHand, 45 Student Council, Chairman Aud. Committee 4, Treasurer 45 Honor Pins, 2,3,45 Harvard Book Award, 35 Service Award, 4. HUGH OXENHANDLER Oxrnobilist extraordinary. Football, 2,3,45 Basketball, 2: Wresf tling, 45 Tribe, 45 Honor Pin, 35 House of Representatives, 45 Service Club, 4. LENORE PARKS Whom the angels name Lenore. A Cappella, 35 Pep Club, 2,35 Oper' etta, 35 G.A.A., 45 Individual Sports, 35 After School Sports, 2,3. RUSSEL PAVELKA A man of the great outfdoors. Track, 25 Marching Band, 2,3,45 Concert Band, 2,3,45 Field and For' est, 45 Baseball, 4. LEON PEARLSTONE I must not dream, riot wirik, but watch. Wrestling, 4, Bowling Club, 2. EILEEN POLINSKY Her eyes are dark and brilliant. Taberna, 2,3,4, G.A.A., 4: Excel' sior, 2,3, Pres., House of Rep., 4, Current Events, 4, Service Club, 3, 4, Individual Sports, 3,4. AUD REY BELLE PORTNEY She may be sultry, but she's certainly not balmy. Spanish Club, 4, Individual Sports, 4. GAIL PRATER Blond hair and blue eyes, which all of us prize. Leaders' Club, 2, Individual Sports, 2,4, Spanish Club, 3, G.A.A., 4, Pep Club, 2,3,4. GERALD M. PRIEBAT A collectors item. Stamp Club, 2, Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Camera Club, 2, Strut and Fret, 3,45 French Club, 4, Concert Band, 2,3, 4, Honor Pins, 2,3,4, Senior Play, 4. PAUL RADMAN With Paul, wit does riot take the place of knowledge. Soldan High. Spanish Club, 4, Sgt. at Arms, Baseball, 4. eniorri DOLORES PLATTNER Aye, aye, aye, Dolores. Spanish Club, 2, Pep Club, 4, Art Club, 3,4, G.A.A., 4. CAROL POLSKY Cheerful, hardfworkirig, and euerybody's friend. Spanish Club, 2,3, V. Pres. 4, Pep Club, 2,3,4, G.A.A., 4, Commercial Club, 4, House of Rep., 4, Treas.g Service Club, 2,3,4, Leaders' Club, 4, Individual Sports, 2,4, TomfTom, 2, Honor Pin, 3. LAWRENCE M. POWERS Laugh when I laugh, I seek no other fame. A Cappella, 3,4, Operetta, 3, Track, 2,3,4. SCHERMAN D. PRICE A man not to be swayed by fortunes whim. Chem Club, 4, Marching Band, 2,3, Concert Band, 2,3, Track, 2,3,4. BETTY J. QUIRK 'You know her by the merrimerit that sparkles in her eyes. After School Sports, 2,3,4, A Cap' pella, 2,3,4, Senior Play, 4, Taber' na, 4, Commercial Club, 4, Pep Club, 2,3,4, Leaders' Club, 2, Op' eretta, 3. FRED M. REICHMAN A credit to Cicero and Brutus. Latin Club, 2, V. Pres. 3, Pres. 4, Honor Pin, 3, Chem Club, 4, Cur' rent Events, 2, Student Tutor, 2,3, Track, 2, Tribe, 2,3,4. Page Thirtyfthree eniord DAVID REIMERS A mind that would be happy must be great. Basketball, 2, Football, 2, Honor Pin, 2,3,4, Student Council, 4, Chairman Tutoring Comm., Math Club, 3,4, HifY, 3,4, Service Club, 4, Intramural Sports, 4, Student Tu' tor, 3,4. JANE RICHARDS Rich in personality, viuacity, and charm. Individual Sports, 2, Pep Club, 2,3, 4, Cheerleader, 2,3,4, Capt., House of Rep., 3, Student Council, 4, Senf ior Play, 4, Pres. Senior Class, 4, Service Club, 3,4. JOHN ROBERT ROLLINS The free throw line isn't the only line he knows. Football, 2,3,4, Basketball, 2,3,4: Track, 2,3,4, Tribe, 3,4. STANFORD ROSENBLUM The wise man with the friendly smile. Honor Pins, 2,3,4, House of Rep., 4, Student Council, 4, Track, 4, Intraf mural Sports, 2,4, Latin Club, 2,3, Math Club, 2,3, Student Tutor, 3. BOB ROSENTHAL Gogo, the menace of the mat. Football, 2,3,4, Wrestling, 2,3,4, Tribe, 3,4. BARBARA RUDMAN Ideals-Integrity-Intelligence. Honor Pin, 2, Student Tutor, 3, Current Events Club, 2, Sec.fTreas. 3, Strut and Fret, 2,3,4g G.A.A., 4, Art Club, 4, Senior Play, 4, Indif vidual Sports, 2,3, Leaders' Club, 2, Service Club, 4. Page Thirty-four ,gi 'Ely SAM REZNIK How normal can you get? Soldan High School. Intramural Sports, 2,3. JACK ROHAN A jack of all trades. Chaminade College. House of Rep., 4. NED ROSENBLOOM The demon of the dance-floor. JOYCE ROSENKRANZ Laugh and be happy. Spanish Club, 2, Pep Club, 2, After School Sports, 2, Current Events, Secretary 4, G.A.A., 4, .TomfTom Business Staff, 2, Service Club, 3, Individual Sports, 4. LARRY ROTHMAN His cares are now all ended. JOANN SALFIELD Speak the speech, I pray you. Strut and Fret, Treas. Z, Sec. 3, Pres, 4, Bowling, 2, Senior Play, 4, Indie vidual Sports, 2,35 G.A.A., 4, Ta- berna, 4, TrifY, 2, Pep Club, 2,3,4, Operetta, 3, A Cappella Choir, 3,4, House of Rep., 45 Senior Nom. Comm., 4, Service Club, 4. JEAN MARIE SANDER Eyes like sloes. Student Tutor, 2, Spanish Club, 2, 3, Senior Play, 4, Service Club, 4. HARRIET SCHEAR All her care was to be fair, And all her task to be sweet. Spanish Club, 2,3,4, Treas.: Pep Club, 2,3,4, G.A.A., 4, Commercial Club, 4, House of Rep., 4, Service Club, 4: TomfTom Business Staff, 2, Honor Pin, 4, Individual Sports, 4, After School Sports, 2. JERRY SCHNEIDER His valor on the yield is that of a general. Football, 2,4, Basketball, 2, Baseball, 2,3,4, House of Rep., 4, Track, 3, Tribe, 2,3,4. PATRICIA ANN SCHEINER Smiles that make us happy. Strut andn Fret, 3,4, Excelsior, 4, Senior Play, 4, Pep Club, 4, Com' mercial Club, 4, G.A.A., 4, Individf ual Sports, 2, Taberna, 4. ARTHUR B. SCHWEICH For, e'en though vanquished, he could argue still. Strut and Fret, 2, V. Pres. 3,4, Treas., Current Events, 3, V. Pres. 4, V. Pres., Baseball, 3,4, Football, 3, Student Tutoring, 4, Honor Pin, 3, Operetta, 3, Senior Play, 4, Pen' infHand, 4. NANCY SEMPLE Blonde, bluefeyed, smiling! Leaders' Club, 2, After School Sports, 2,3, Jr.fSr. Prom, 3, G.A.A., 4: Individual Sports, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Tutoring Committee, 4, Pep Club, 2,3,4, fTaberna, 4, Service Club, 3,4, House of Rep., 3. eniom LORRAINE SANDERS It's nice to he natural, when you're naturally nice. Latin Club, 2, Art Club, 2, Current Events Club, 4, Individual Sports, 2,3. LYDIA SCHMIDT Selfftrust is the first secret of success. Pep Club, 2, Tri'Y, 2, Leaders' Club, 4, Honor Pin, 3, G.A.A., 4: U. Club, 3,4, Treas., Service Club, 2, After School Sports, 2,3,4, Tutoring, 2,3. JACK SCHRAMM Undeniably outstanding in leadership and character. Football, 2,31 Basketball, 2, Base' ball, 2,3,4, TomfTom, 4, Associate' Editor, Dial, 4, Student Council, 3, 4, Pres., House of Rep., 2,3, Service Award, 4, Tribe, 2,3,4, Service Club, 2,3,4, Jr.fSr. Prom, 3, Chair' man. 4. ELANOR JEAN SCHUDMAK A pocket edition. Excelsior, 3,4, Individual Sports, 3. HERBERT SCOTT We must look up to him for more reasons than one. PenfinfHand, 3,4, Student Council, 4, TomfTom, 4, Editor. JEANNE SWEHLA A pleasant face is a silent recommendation. TrifY, 2,3,4, V. Pres., Pres., Art Club, 4, G.A.A., 4, A Cappella Choir, 2,3,4, Operetta, 3, After School Sports, 2, Commercial Club, 4, Senior Play, 4, Pep Club, 2,4, Concert, 2, Serenata, 4. , Page Thirtyffive '47, eniord ROSITA ANGELA SHANNON Every man is a volilme if you know how to read him. House of Rep., 4, G.A.f?X., 4, Sec., Leaders' Club, 2, Sgt. at rms, Conf cert Band, 2,3,4, Marching Band, 2, 3,4, Individual Sports, 2,3g Spanish Club, 3, Operetta, 3, Pep Club, 2,3, 4, Orchestra, 2,3,4, After School Sports, 2,3, Service Club, 4. NORMAN JAYE SHAPIRO Speech is the index of the mind. Honor Pin, 3, Chem Club, 4, Span- ish Club, 4, Student Tutor, 2,3,4, Senior Play, 4. JEAN s1LLARs Happiness too swiftly flees! Catch it while you can. Concert Band, 2,3,4, Marching Band, 2,3,4, Pep Club, 4, G.A.A., 4, Operetta, 3, Concert Orchestra, 4, Senior Play, 4, Individual Sports, 2,4. RUTH SIMON Plenty of brains, plenty of wit, plenty of charm. Individual Sports, 4, Dial, 4: Span- ish Club, 4, G.A.A., 4, Art Club, 3. MARLENE SMITH Like june, her energy is bursting out all over. G.A.A., 4, Band, 2,3,4g Orchestra, 2,3,4, After School Sports, 2,3,4. ROSELINE SOFFER Her large, sweet, asking eyes. East Side High. Individual Sports, 4, Pep Club, 4, TornfTom, 2,3, Ex' Celsior, 4, V. Pres. Page Thirtyfsix BENNETT SHAPIRO Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Latin Club, 2, Current Events, 2,3, Chem Club, 4, Peneinfl-Iand, 4, Sec., Track, 3,4, Intramural Sports, 4, Senior Play, 4, Student Tutor, 4, Honor Pins, 2,3,4. LARRY VICTOR SEIGEL Short and snappy. NORMA SILVERMAN Those endearing young charms. Spanish Club, 2, Treas. 3,45 G.A.A., 4, Senior Play, 4, Dial, 4, Service Club, 2,3,4, Student Tutor, 4, Indi- vidual Sports, 2,4, TomfTom, 2. KEN SIROKY The music goes round and round. Taylor School. Football, 3,4, Tribe, 4, Baseball, 4, Concert Band, 3,45 A Cappella 3,45 Operetta, 3, Intra- mural Sports, 4. CHARLOTTE SOFIAN Someone wound her up and threw away the key. Art Club, 4, Sgt. at Arms. HERBERT SOLDZ I think, therefore, I am. Stamp Club, 2,3,4, Math Club, 3,45 Honor Pin, 2,4, Tom-Tom, 4, Intraf mural Sports, 4. LOWELL SORRELLS A quiet exterior that conceals many surprises. ALFRED SPEER The man without faith is a walking corpse. Hi-Y, 35 PenfinfHand, 3,45 Field and Forest, 4. DONALD J. STEIN A chocolate sundae straight, please. Concert Band, 2,3,45 Marching Band, 2,3,45 Baseball, 35 Wrestling, 3,41 Dial, 45 Track, 45 Math Club, 35 Chemistry Club, Pres. 45 Penfinf Hand, 4. CHARLES A. STEINBERG Some men are wise, and some are otherwise. Intramural Sports, 2,3. BARBARA JEAN STONE Her vivacious nature leaves no stone unturned. Strut and Fret, 3,45 Student Tutor, 2,45 Individual Sports, 3,45 G.A.A., 45 After School Sports, 2,3,45 Com' mercial Club, V. Pres. 45 A Cap' pella, 3: Latin Club, 2. JOYCE ANN SUTTER Every artist writes her own autobiography, TrifY, 2,35 Art Club, Pres. 45 Sen- ior Play, 45 Individual Sports, 2. eniord JACK R. SPANGENBERG Blow, Qabriel, blow! Track, 2,35 CrossfCountry, 2,45 Conf cert Band, 2,3,45 Marching Band, 2, 3,45 PenfinfHand, 45 HifY, 2,35 Pep Club, 4. DONALD SPIEGEL Never hurries, except when going home. Golf, 45 Chem Club, 45 House of Rep., 45 Pep Club, 45 Baseball, 35 Tutoring, 25 Service Club, 45 Indie vidual Sports, 4. CAROL STEINBERG In every gesture, dignity and love. House of Rep., 45 Student Tutor, 2, 45 G.A.A., 45 Pep Club, 25 Tom' Torn, 25 Service Club, 45 Spanish Club, 2, Treas. 35 Individual Sports, 3,45 After School Sports, 4. IRENE E. STEINHOFF Such a sunny disposition. Individual Sports, 45 Tri-Y, 45 Pep Club, 25 After School Sports, 25 G. A.A., 4. GLADYS STRUEBIG A young lady of a good deal of spirit. After School Sports, 25 TrifY, 25 Service Award, 3. SHIRLEY SVOBODA An all 'round good sport. Pep Club, 2,35 TrifY, 2, V .Pres. 35 U. Club, 3, Pres. 45 G.A.A., 45 Serv' ice Club, 45 After School Sports, 2, 3 4 Page 'Thirty-seven eniom RICHARD EDGAR TALMADGE The world is an open book and he is wise who knows many of its chapters. Football, 2,3,4g Basketball, 2,3,4g Track, 2,3,4g Tribe, 4g Student Council, 4, Chairman Citizenship Commiteeg Student Tutoring, 4, Honor Pins, 2,3,4g Latin Club, 4g Service Club, 4. JOYCE TAYLOR Variety is the spice of life, and here's one variety. Pep Club, 2,3,4g Leaders' Club, 2,4g Taberna, 4, G.A.A., 4g After School Sports, 2,3. SIDNEY S. THOMAS When he says, "You all," he spells it Dixie. Oak Ridge High, Oak Ridge, Tenn., Central High, Murfreesboro, Tenn. Camera Club, 4. SUZANNE TIRRE Sweet Site. Kirkwood High School. TrifY, 2,3, 45 Art Club, 3,4g Pep Club, 3,43 Spanish Club, 3,4. RUDY VIA He travels the round of friendlif 'ness with a fond greeting for all. Track, 2,33 Football, 3,4g House of Rep., 4, Tribe, 2,45 A Cappella, 2. RICHARD WADDINGTON A smile that will carry him far. Baseball, 4. Page Thirtyfeight I I Q 4 it ilu' BILL TAYLOR 'I'here's mischief in this man. Clayton High. Football, 4, House of Rep., 4, Baseball, 4. BRADFORD THOMAS As tall and straight as a pine tree. Concert Band, 2,3,4g Marching Band, 2,3,4g HifY, 2, Latin Club, 4. THOMAS CHILES THOMPSON Heads I do my homework, tails I don'c. Baseball, 2,4g Football, 4g Individual Sports, 2. BOB UNDERWOOD Low man on a totem pole. Individual Sports, 25 Pep Club, 3,4g Baseball, 2,4g Stamp Club, 2. DAVID VROOMAN Cowboy Dave, straight out of a western. Marching Band, 2,3,4g Concert Band, 2,3,4g Football, 2g Track, 2,3, 43 Stamp Club, 23 Pep Club, 4, Cross'Country, 45 Tribe, 3,4g Indif vidual Sports, 4. DONALD WAHL Delays are dangerous. HifY, 2,3,4, Football, 2, A Cappella, 3g Operetta, 3. CRAIG WALT Look not but at the arts. Art Club, 2,3, Senior Play, 4, Strut and Fret, 4, Operetta, 3, Service Club, 3,4. CARL WARREN A sadder but is he a wiser man? BARBARA IEAN WEXLER 'Talks little but says much. Pep Club, 4, Individual Sports, 2. JERRY WIGHTMAN Service with unquestioning loyalty. Football, 2,3, Wrestling, 2,3,4: Indif vidual Sports, 4, Baseball Manager, 3,41 Dial, 4: House of Rep., 3,4: Pep Club Cheerleader, 4, Camera Club Sec.fTreas., 3, Service Club, 3,41 Tribe, 3,41 Concert Band, 2,3,4, Marching Band, 2,3,4: Orchestra, 3, I'Ii'Y, 2. DOLORES WILLIAMS Many are content just to look ai her. JOHNNY WILSON He who is friendly has a pne asset in climbing the stairs to success. Football, 2,3,4, Tribe, 4. eniord JANE WARD A person is at ease in her presence. After School Sports, 2,3,4g G.A.A., 4, A Cappella, 4, Operetta, 3, Tri- Y, 2. SIDNEY WASSERMAN Think wrongly, if you please, but in all cases think for yourself. Spanish Club, 2, Math Club, 4, Intramural Sports, 4, Individual Sports, 4. TOM WHEELER The best is yet to come. Football, 2,3, Track, 4. CLIFF R. WILDEISEN The deed I intend is great, but what it is as yet I know not. Baseball, 2,3,4, Intramural Sports, 4. NANCY WILLMANN I am giddy as expectation whirls me 'rour1d. Spanish Club, 2, Pep Club, 3,4, Af- ter School Sports, 2, Senior Play, 4, TrifY, 2. OSWALD WILSON Let nature take its course. Maplewood High School. Page Thirtyfnine L J. eniom MARY BELLE WIMBER Industry clears the path toward progress. After School Sports, 2,3545 G.A.A., 4, Treas.5 A Cappella, 2,3,45 Oper' etta, 35 Leaders' Club, 2,4. JIM WRIGHT Always has a friendly word. Track, 35 Football, 35 A Cappella, 35 House of Rep., 4. ELEANOR WROBEL Her voice was ever gentle, sweet and low-an excellent thing in woman. House of Rep., Treas. 45 Math Club, 2,35 Spanish Club, 45 Student Tutor, 45 Dial Staff, 45 G.A.A., 45 After School Sports, 3. MARILYN YEZNER One with such a ready smile will win a wealth of true friends, Palette and Brush, 45 Spanish Club, Sec. 45 G.A.A. Publicity Chairman 45 Honor Pin, 35 Dial Staff, 45 Tom- Tom Staff, 45 Individual Sports, 2 ,4. m s FAITH ANN YOUNG Sparkling and clever in every endeavor. Latin Club, 25 Math Club, 2, Secn Treas. 35 Spanish Club, V. Pres. 45 House of Rep., 45 Student Tutor, 2, 3,45 Honor Pin, 45 TomfTom, 45 Service Club, 3,45 G.A.A., 45 Indie vidual Sports, 2,4. JOAN YOUNGBLOOD .Quality sets her apart from the rest. Southwest High, Kansas City, Mo. Strut and Fret, 3, Treas. 45 Senior Play, 45 Spanish Club, 45 Student Tutor, 4. Page Forty RUTH WITHINGTON Still waters run deep. U Club, 3, V. Pres. 45 G.A.A., 45 Basketball, Class Varsity, 3,45 Hockf ey, Class Varsity, 3,45 Softball, Class Varsity, 3,45 Volleyball, Class Var' sity, 3,45 Tennis, 3,4. BOB WRIGHT He laughs and the world laughs with him. Football, 2,3,45 Basketball, 25 Track, 2,3,45 House of Rep., 2,35 Council, 45 Tribe, 3,45 Service Club, 4. ADOLPH WUENSCHER Size means nothing to one who is determined. Cross-Country, 25 Track, 3,45 Foot' ball, 3,45 Tribe, 2,3,4. BOB YOUNG School is all right if you care for that sort of thing. JIM YOUNG Simplicity and honesty maketh a happy man. Parkville High. Football, 3,45 Track, 35 Baseball, 45 Tribe, 45 Intramural Sports, 4. JIM ZEMELMAN The mighty mite. Golf, 25 Tennis, 2,35 Current Events Club, 2,3,45 Latin Club, 3,45 Senior Play, 45 Dial, 45 Intramural Sports, 4. LESLIE ZERMAN All great men are dead or dying- I don! feel well myself. Chem Club, 4, A Cappella, 2,3 Parliamentarian 45 Football, 2 Wrestling, 2,3g House of Rep., 3 Operetta, 3. RICHARD ADAMS HELEN ANDERSON AL FRANZ GENE GREBER SHELAGH HARRISON BOB HUBER CARL MEINECKE eniorri AL ZVIBLEMAN Come away with me wheve we can talk. Solclan High. Excelsior, 33 Latin Club, 4, Senior Play, 4, Operetta, Sp Pep Club, 45 Service Club, 4. NO PICTURE GEORGE MUEHLEBACK RICHARD NAPPER JOHN SIBLEY WALTER SMITH PERRY SOFIAN BOB TURNER JOHN ZIERCHER O Page Fortyfone uniom Bruins, Brownstein, Banaslick, fristal, Barry, Bokern, Cliandler, lillis, Davis, Fmericli, Cone, Drain, Abraxns, Blass, Chodorosky, Brimhle. Colin, Angerer, Brockman, Black, Barth, Alt. Cristal, Emert. liraines, Bach, Altman, Boronstein, Brady, Davis Brown, Vapolmianco, Danicli, lllair, Caplin, Shinuger, Bloom, Bloch, Cohen, Bierman, Apostolopoulos, Bakken Dinsore. r Cox, Aker, Anderson, Demi, Block, lingel, Biener, Dill, Allen, i':unplJell, Decker, Critz. Burack, Cohen, Don, Backerman, iljlillllllllfl, Brown, Dubai, Bloom, Biddle, Chervitz, Alierson, Freedman, Ginsburg, Fox, Hasselliacll, llerskovitz, Kreisman, Gasmcr, Gallop, Kinzer, Gordon, liagin, Gelher, Fendelman, liinzcr, Gross, Kneemillc-r, Ligon, Grundman, Leavitt. Goldman, Yliomm, liilloran, Hoenig, Korn, Kemper, Jacobs, Graff, lilassinan, Goodman, Hastings, Kraines, Hays, lxniglit, Goldsworth, Fenton, llackler. Fliehman, Fisher, Hellerud, Getz, Fulirer, llollancler, Goldberg, Greenberg, Giesler, Griffaw, lfliesclier, Fagin, liram, lioslow. Fussner, lfrolilicllstc-in, lliken, Hampton, Gill, Hagan, Kenton, Katz, Goldstein, Gollub, Greenspooon, Karsh. Hampton, jacolii, Fulion, Kreichman, Klein, Harris, Frank, Kling, Huck, llofacker, Hofiman, liriesman. Page Forryftwo n O lfll'll0l"6 Newton, Pultnlan, Lvonllurdt, Newmark, Rogers, Reynolnlf, Nluhl, Pritzker, l'iL'ker, Moonshine, fllzlrgulis, Roodmun. S. Mzlrgulis, Mahovsky, Mills, Mnremont, Marion, Lewis, Lloyd, Mueller, B. Moll, l'z1ll:1er, Lilmrzlclx, Rzlhusllkzz, Roos. Ustg-rl1oln1, Lipman, A. Moll, Olson, Pzxrkvr, Niemoeller, Lczxvitt, McKinney, Lznmlr, Mormon, l'1'n-iv, Roth, Blzxthvs. l Pzxlnu-r, Michel, Pierce, l':xuk., Marsh, Parnns, lJiI'rosperc-, Sanclcrs, lilppzns, Reznik, l Rzlzcpcr, Lloyd, Rossou, Nlochle, Al0l'glll1StCl'!l, Meyer, Xlultin, Nathanson, Miller. Loomstein, Roscnlvrmlu, Lcwin. lllzlir, Sievers, Tllompson, Schmuger, Slruif, W'0lPf, Yin, VK'cston, VVi11ucrm:u1, XVoorl. Steiugrzxlmcr, Uteritz, SCllKlClflSTlllIll1, Stchlc, Suffer. Zauucl, Marsh, NYlml4-n, Staflin, Silvermfm, Siegel, Sutter. NYeiss, Salzlrsrg, Straslmurger, Tzunzxrkin, XVOHT, Stcinlraum, Schwartz, Shapiro. Zimmerman, Smith, xyClSSlllZ111, Taylor, xYlIllll'2i2'l'l, Ziercllcr, Schreiner, XY:xllL-rs, Scherer, Schrzulcr. Starkey, xvillilllliifl, XYallzxcl1, Zetcher. Stein, Stephenson, Stzulin, Sclmflcr. Stvinlxolf, XYalsh, 'l'rug1m:m. VVzu'ren, 'l'l1om:1s, Smith, Schlvsingcr, Szmdcrs, NYL-inel, Turkmn, Schneider, Sigolotl. Sulmiulxlutt, xYt'l'l!k'I', Susmzm, Solmcl, Toile. fm 155,25 Y 'iff' i Page Fonyfrhrce Sopdom 0I"85 Falkenheiner, Blumoff, Chorlins, Dannevik, Uenu, Dennis, Amick, Byrne, II. Cohen, Biefer, Crowder, Baris. Brooks, Ferguson, Boxerman, Chapin, Bartig, Cole, Abrams, Fiser, J. Fails, Fenster. Bernstein, Dreyfus, Cantor, Finke, Hugger, Dust, Cohen. Barnholtz, S. Baker, Fish, Chu, Barth. Alport, Brandt, lfllis, Armstrong, Brennecke, Bentrup, Baker, Dodge, Cooper, Eaton. W. Cohen, Crouppcn, Fagin, Alton, E1-hlich, Breckenridge, Bruton, Bennett. Felherbaum, Baker, Blair, Borreson, Fisher, Boxerman, Feurestinc, Childress. Boldt, Block, Bass, Altmayer, Beck, Feldman. Page Fortyffour Frager, Hunsieker, R. Johnson, B. Johnson, Glick, Gomes, Large, James, Leavitt, Levy, Johnston, B. Johnson Gorman, Hemfm, M. Futteramn, Ince, Gzxrher, Goodman, Greenberg, Gimpleson, German Hackler, Gollulm, liranson, Krywat, Guhernik, Harrison, Leone, Hellerud, E. Futterman Kuechenmeister, Iiropp, Hargiss, Lange, Greene, Kessler, Frathin, Lamb. Johnson, King, Klein Kabak. Heller, Johnson, Ilargiss, Hardy. Hyder, lleifetz, Fleisehman, Jacobs, Klayman, Kenton, Lapushin, Kirsch, Klearman, Goldstein, Lending, Friedman, Flier, Humphrey, Johnson, , Holtgrewe, Kornblatt .SJOIUAOIWI ored Al. Miller, Sears, Sherherg, Schmficlcr, RL-zek, Picker, S:xckS, RZICCII, Lupton, Lowell, Rmlriguez, Nilveck. Rosen, Markuvitz, Newman, Nelson, Rnwc, Salvo, Ross, Martin, Sihcrt, Nichols, Silln-rs. Ruth, Long, RL-slekcr, Mahon, Payne. Rmlin, Rotlimzm, Pulzms, Pepper, Pearl, PZLI'1lIlS. Ring, Rossen, Mathis, Polinsky, L. Nelson. Uzersky, llhmrrison. Marion, Morganetern, Vzllzm, fVIoore, Mxmrer. rl. Miller, Schechter, Schuchter, S!lll4lWt'lSS, Shawner, Setzer, VV:ulcn, Rohiner, Rader, Nzlppcr, Smith, IR-tcrsuil, Regg, Racen, Ustrmr, Shanheld, Lite, Nlllllllilil, Lurie, Pettihone, Metz, Pegg. Lichcnstcin, Koufax. Norvell, K. llrmrc, Ricliardsmi, Vntier, Mcfwczuly, Pitman, Pillow. Ricllenwlll. Phelps. Molos, Radmzm, Ruse, Lonnle. VV:1ters, 'l':1ylrmr, Slmnrllnlov. VVeher, VVells. VVyncr, Scissors, 'll7ll1llPl'g, VVerner, VVOhl, Shanfeld. look, Slimon. VVithcrs, Smith, Sc-l1r:1m1n. Siwnk, Suffer, Sclincirler, Sutter. Sincoff, VvlI!Si'lll'l'. NVi1L'nScher, Tziyloe. Zell. Slzxytun, VVitcl'e-r. Slcwzlrt, VVills, Valentine, Sprague. Simms. Sprilns, Szxmller, Taylor, Speer, XVr1lFf. XYuhlnmn. VVolf. Stehleman. Zweig, Ycslwr, Szllylmerg, Yzxnmr, Stern. XYQ-flier. S, Snknlik, XYl!'l1lll'l'. Dl. Sokolik, Illia-lps, XYcgner, 'lEcliu1ly, L'z1rlcv'woml. YZlI1BCI'g, Yzmlicrg. Page Foftyffive .fdcfiuifieri .M WeigALor Hi, neighborg hi, neighbor! What do you know and what do ou say? Hi, neighborg hi, neighbor! Take all your worries away. Come on and take my hand and let a grin do the rest, It makes you feel so grand to get your chin oil your chest. I'm shoutin'! Hi, neighbor! Hi, neighbor! Time to play and say Hi! Page Fortyfs ' iiilwim M fav .gyfuclenf Kounci Jack Schramm Page Fovtyfeight OFFICERS President ,....,,., .....,....... Vice President ........e., Secretary ....,,, Treasurer ,,.,.,...... Sponsor .....,..,., During the semester the Council placed emphasis on the develf opment of greater school spirit. In addition to the somewhat traditional activities including the Sophomore Orientation Dance, the Football Dance, a Talent Assembly, and another European clothing drive, the Council sponsored a mock national election, a school parade before the Clayton game, and a bonfire before the Tuscaloosa game. An increase in school spirit of a very line type was truly gratifying. lily.. - Fred, Reimers, Scott, Onken, Dutton, Lewis, Moore, XRVCPHST. Wfriglit, Kenton, Dinsmore, Miss Briscoe, Hellerud, Biddle, VVeissm1n A. Kohn, B. Kohn, Jick, lfarlclen, Gross, Barnholtz, Schramm. ..........jack Schramm .Myles Madden ...Shirley Gross ...........Hershel lick ......,....Miss Briscoe Chairman A.,,.,...,,,A. Vice Chairman ........ Secretary ......... Treasurer ....,. Parliamentarian .......,. Sponsor ....... oufie 0 elorerien fafivea OFFICERS Myles Madden ..,......Sam Fishman .......Carolyn Weriier ,,.......Eleanor Wrcihcl ........Derry Cone YN. I McKinney During the first semester the House of Representatives sponf sored many successful activities. Movies were taken, football activity passes were sold, and a full length feature picture was presented to the students. During the Christmas season, the House sent Hfty stockings filled with presents to servicemen in hospitals, and erected a Christmas tree in the front hall. 2, sa. Myles Madden 14 VVightman, Uxt-nlmilrller, Spiegel, Hulk. Nlargulis, Hays, Jacobs, Kcrnper. lfriednian, Via, lllorgc-us, llelhing, Rohan, l':u'ker, Greenberg, Mnlll. liratkin, Shannon, liackerman, Schear, Rosenlmlum, Breckenriilge, lflciscller. Polsky, Polinsky, lfisligoll, Gross, Diamond, jenkins, Salfielcl, Ketelic-rsirle. Young, Cone, XYL-riier, Mr, McKinney, Rlaslmlen, WVrobel, Fizslimzm. Page Fortyfnine .szwfenf counci Dick Dutton OFFICERS President .,,,,,..,.... Vice President ....... Secretary .........i.iiA Treasurer ........, Sponsor ....,...., During the second semester the Council worked to maintain high school spirit by giving a great deal of publicity to track and baseball. In this connection the Council presented an assembly for the students. The constitution was amended to provide for absentee group voting for the president and vice president. At the 'LRainbow Rendezvous," which replaced the Arrowhead Club Dance on March 26, a queen and two maids were chosen. The Council worked out plans for members of the student body to serve at the City Hall for a day, under the new city manager plan. A Student Council Assembly informed the students as to the plans for taking over the U. City government. ......,..Dick Dutton ..,.,......Bill Kohn ,Shirley Gross Henry Onken .,........Miss Briscoe Page Fifty Biddle, Hellerud, Balls, A. Kohn, Scott, xxrflgllt, Roscnblum, Scliramm. Richards, Fred, Maflflen, Miss Briscoe, Breckenridge, VVCTSSIHZKII, Dinsnlore, Iicnton. lick, Barnholtz, Reiiners, Dutton, B, Kohn, Moore, Cross, Unken. 5. Chairman .....,,, Vice Chairman ......,,, Secretary ,,,,,, Treasurer ,,,r,.r,rr Parliamentarian ....,.., Sponsor ,,.... ouzie 0 elarwen fa filled OFFICERS .........B1ll Kohn ...........Sam Fishman ....,..Dolores Diamond .....,..Carol Polsky Helbing McKinney During the second semester the House of Representatives carf ried out many projects to benefit the school and the student body. Some of these accomplishments were selling bus passes, handling subscriptions for the Dial, giving an assembly consisting of movies about school, and showing motion picture films as an after school recreation. Waste paper was collected by the House and given to the Good Will. Bill Kohn lloltgrewc, Taylor, lluhl, Fone, Greenberg, Nlathes, Colicn, Margulis. Sclineicler, lli-llring, Rohan, XYriglit. Gross, Oxenlmiidler, B. Katz, ,l. Selina-irlcr, Mr. McKinney. Spiegel, Vliglitnian, Lentzner, I.. Katz, Tschurly. Polinsky, Steinberg, ltlrmefcnger, Pierce, lit-telierside, Fisligoll. Harris, Alrcrson, llupcrt. Gill, Henry, NYrolJe1, Diamond, Polsky, Fislmizxn, Shamion, Saltield, Kohn. Page Fiftyfone Q71 4. lbiaf Zeinc-lman, B, Kohn, Fisher, Hays, Kirsch, Stein, NVigl1tman. Bartfeld, Don, Brockman, Fred, Barnholtz, Schramnl. Bialock, Rader, Nleiner, Yczner, Miss Hamilton, Silverman, Kling, Friedman, Bloom. Susman, Lewin, Harris, Gross, Salzberg, Horowitz, Cohen, Frank. Sigoloff, Dutton, VVerner, A. Kohn, Unken. Page Fifty-two It's all their fault Editors in Chief Dick Dutton Alan Kohn Carolyn Werner Business Manager Marilyn Sigoloff Circulation Manager Henry Onken Assistant Circulation lane Harris Editorial Staff Fanchon Arkush Myra Barnholtz, Cynthia Bloom Melha Cohen Rachel Don Bernice Fred lane Harris Don Hays Judy Hellerud Marilyn Hellerud Mary lane Kenton Margie Salzherg jack Schramm Norma Silverman Marjorie Susman Manager Photography and Art Ted Fish Kenneth Fisher Al Frager Bill Kohn Leo Roth Business Staff Evelyn Backerman Nannette Bartfeld Bahette Bialock Ianet Boldt -lim Breckenridge Gloria Fishgoll Ray Frank Eva Friedman -lane Harris Nancy Horwitz Morton Kirsch Barbara Kling Audrey Lewin Hortense Rader Margie Salzberg Anita Sobel Don Stein Typists Bernice Fred Shirley Gross Norma Silverman Miss Hammond's Typing Class 0I'l'l, - 0l'l'l CofEditors: Margie Susrnan Herbert Scott Associate Editors: Myra Barnholtz jack Schrarnm STAFF Seven Heads Are Better Than Une Photographers: Kenneth Brand, Kenneth Fisher, Alan Goodman. Writing Stall: Elaine Berger, ,loan Boedeker, Art Chandler, Melba Cohen, Harry Davis, Dick Dutton, Merle Fischlowitz, Marjorie Hilb, Carol Hollinshead, Nancy Horwitz, Janet Hu' pert, Ruth Levinsohn, Richard Levinson, Ellen Lickhalter, Aralyn Marmor, Sylvia Multin, Herbert Soldz, Marilyn Yezner, Faith Young, Sponsor: Miss Rothschild. Sponsor: Miss Flint. Business Staff: Ann Ackert, Lee Lee Barker, Sam Brady, Lois Brinkman, Ernest Fleischer, Bob Greenberg, Audrey Mathis, Nancy Nowlan. liraily, Fischlowitz, l'linndlei', Miss Rothschild, Miss Flint, Levinson, Nowlnn, Davis, lfis l Mathes, Barker, llnpc-rt, Brinkmxiii, Berger, Solilz, Yczner, Young, Marmor, Gm-ei1lxei'g, Aekert, Dutton, llorwitz, Lickllalti-l', Levinsolin, llzlien. Bzirnholtz, Selimmni, Fleischer, Scott. Susman. Page Fiftyftlwee onor ind Lickhalter, Friedman, Fischlowitz, Oxenhanmller, Margtilis, Bokern, Cole, Goodman, Breckenridge, Kirsch, I. Levy, Barry, Stuart, Dodge, Osterholin, Young, Dust, Bakken. Schear, Shapiro, Dreyfus, Golluh, Neiman, hietz, Weber, Rosen, Fisher, King, Moore, Canis, Kenton Fishgoll, Polsky, S. Miller, Fulton, B. Kohn, Faintich, Bfarmon, Fishman, Shapiro, Soldz, Barnholtz, Kreicliman, Susinan, Biddle, Kutchersirle. Fleischer, Bloom, Horwitz, Gers, Harris, Don, Sigoloff, VVerner, Hoenig, Chervitz, Priebat, Fagin, Zetcher, Klearman, Rosenbaum. Hupert, lientzner, Shapiro, llarks, Fishman, Rosenhlum, Brand, Reiiners, Katz, Marmor, A. Kohn, Gross, VVindram. Bronze Pins john Barry Richard Bokern lim Breckenridge Evelyn Canis Mary Dodge Marlene Dreyfus Marion Dust Shirley Fagin Kenneth Fisher Myra Gollub Alan Goodman Mary jane Kenton Tom King Morton Kirsch Dick Komm Evelyn Kreichman Jerome Levy Charles Long Joan Metz John Moloney Alfred Neiman ,loan Osterholm .lack Rosen Elaine Rosenbaum Harriet Schear Joan Shapiro Bill Stewart Jim Uteritz Craig Walt Burton Weber Faith Young Shirley Zetcher Page Fiftyffowr Silver Pins Myra Barnholtz Betty Biddle Herbert Faintich Gloria Fishgoll Sterling Fishman Esther Gers Sharon Ketcherside Bill Kohn Alan Margulis Lois Marmor Herbert Soldz Gold Pins Cynthia Bloom Norton Chervitz Ed Cole Rachel Don Stanley Fagin Ernest Fleischer jane Harris Milton Hoenig Nancy Horwitz Janet Hupert Shirley Miller Alfred Schainblatt Marilyn Sigolofl' Dick Talmadge Carolyn Werner Marilyn Windram First Bar Alan Kohn Gordon Lentzner Ed Marks Aralyn Marmor Bennett Shapiro Second Bar Kenneth Brand Sam Fishman Berl Katz Henry Cnken David Reimers Stanford Rosenblum Schoenthaler Awards January, 1943-June, 1948 SeniorfDon Hochman Sanford Rabushka Junior-Kenneth Brand Sophomore-Marilyn Sigoloii September, 1948-January, 1949 Senior-Norton Chervitz Berl Katz .luniorfCynthia Bloom Sophomore-Burton Weber Harvard Book Award First Semester-Henry Onken Second Semester?-lohn Via eruice SERVICE AWARDS Blair Balk Myra Barnholtz Kenneth Brand Melha Cohen Dick Dutton Sam Fishman Ernie Fleischer Bernice Fred Shirley Gross Marilyn Hellerud Lois Henry Hershel .lick Mary Jane Kenton Al Kohn Bill Kohn Ellen Lickhalter Myles Madden Connie Meyer Lois Mullin Carol Polsky Dave Reimers Barbara Rudman jack Schramm Norma Silverman Harriet Stein John Via Su Ellen Weissman Carolyn Werner Faith Young Miss Lischer's Lair liolilinaii. Nathanson, Reinicrs, Davis, Holtgrcwu, Margulis, Onken, Felnlinan. Patterson, Ilnkt-rn, Knight, Wvnotl, May, Zvihleman, B, Kuhn VVightman, Spangenherg. Kirsch, Miener, Dodge, Toile, Young, Jick, R. Steinhoff, Richardson, VVerncr, Barnholtz, llelleruml, Sehramm, Dutton, A. Kohn, Fred, Gross Steinberg. Brown, Rose, Capohianco, Svohoda, Giesler. Siisnian, Sigoloff, Mathis, Lewin, Roth, Moore, Miulilen, Ackert, Kzirsh, XVL-issnian, Pillow. Polsky, Schlesinger, Fishgoll, Reznik, Lickhalter, Horwitz, Fulton, Harris, liiainonil, Campbell, Su-iii, Silverman, Ilzmilclinam, Polinsky, Ki'eisni:m Fagin. Frank, Schwartz, Kreichiiian, Meyers, Turken, Cohen, Friedman, Shannon, Nowlan, Brinkman, VYinclra1n, Linahan, llofacker, Gossmn, Hcnry Page Fiftyfjiue .S?lfl,6!2l'li jlfl,i0l"5 Schainlmlatt, Giinpelson, lliargulis, lllorgens, Brand, N. Shapiro, Nloore. Tanlarkin, Girard, Unkcn, Helhing, B. Shapiro, Scllweich, Shandalov, Fleischer. Silverman, Sc-inple, Sigolotrt, Priehat, Kirsch, Brockman, Barnholtz, Steinberg, Gross Bloom, Miener, Friedman, Jenkins, Burack, Ilarris, Stone, Fulton. Horwitz, Lewin, Don, Miss VVolfner Hofacker Allen VV d L' .l , , In I'3.ITl, 1I'l'l lllll. Link, Susman, Tofle, Reimers, Young, Kenton, Chervitz. Reimefs Rendezvous Page Fiftyfsix .ff- Myra Barnholtz Betty Biddle Cynthia Bloom Ken Brand Connie Chervitz Rachel Don Jeanne Fisher Gloria Fishgoll Ernest Fleischer Eva Friedman Patsy Fulton Stanley Gimpelson Shirley Gross -lane Harris Ed Helbing Maia Hofacker Nancy Horwitz Gordon -lohnson Mary -lane Kenton Morton Kirsch Audrey Lewin Lola Linahan Alan Margulis Lois Marmor jo Ann McCready Gloria Miener Shirley Miller Malcolm Moore Bill Morgens Henry Onken Ioan Osterholm Jerry Priebat Joan Roth Alfred Schainblatt Art Schweich Nancy Semple Marilyn Sigolofi Norma Silverman Ben Shandalov Bennett Shapiro Norman Shapiro Carol Steinberg Barbara Stone Marjorie Susman Allan Tamarkin Dolores Toile Marilyn Windram Julian Winnerman Eleanor Wrobel Joan Youngblood Faith Young Mary Ziercher First Sopranos Lois Allen Marlene Baris Jioena Capobianco Marjorie Dannevik Virginia Gossom Betty Hargiss Elaine Kirshon Bernice Londe Marlene Shanfeld Betty Smith Jean Swehla Second Sopranos Bobette Blumoil' Rita Edelstein Nancy Falkenhainer Jennie George Sandra Goodman Helen Hampton Jeannine Honefenger Jackie Kovinsky Marilyn Kravitz Sandra Moore Barbara Pauk Charlotte Renot Pat Stephenson Anita Whalen First Altos Mary Lou Baker Susan Chorlins Ann Dinsmore Georgene Fliehman Nancy Gill Natalie Goldstein Margie Hilb Lola Linahan Barbara Lite Nancy Nowlan .fd Calalaefa Cdoir Margaret Pillow Sharon Taylor Mary Belle Wimber Mary Ziercher Second Altos Carolyn Baker Marcia Dubei La Verne Hampton Judy Hellerud Sharon Ketcherside Elaine Klein Lois Kluge Phyllis Mathless Sharon Molos Barbara Sandweiss Charlotte Sofian Ann Weinel First Tenors John Amick Herbert Baker Helen Berger Marvin Cohen Mark Fineberg Marlene Green Carol Hollinshead Jack Palan Mike Miserocchi Leslie Zerman Second Tenors Joe Canepa Floyd Emert Aaron Fenster Richard Lemler Don Mathes John Mahon Don Makovsky Walter Werner "Serenata" Barirones Basses Jack Crowder -Jerry Berman Martin Goldman 32:2 1333216 Ronald Hollander Floyd Bly Allen Levy Joe Miller Ed Sievers Dick Smith Bernard Stein Harvey Wolff Robert Zell Bill Cristal Stanley Friedman Harvey Fenster Bill Johnson Charles Palmer Bill Schneider Lowell Sorrells Ronald Silber John Via Page Fifty seven Page Fiftyfeight urrenf Uen fd OFFICERS First Semester President ......... Merle Fischlowitz Vice President ..... Arthur Sclzweicb Sec'y-Treasurer . . .Joyce Rosenkrzinz Second Semester President ......... Ernest Fleischer Vice President .... Burton Boxerinzxn Sec'y"l'rc-asurer .... Larry Boxermzm Sponsor ............. Bliss llzlrnidge Fleischer. Fineberg, Tanizirkin. Yla- k rv v s k y, Chervitz, Zemelman, Marks, Greenberg, XX'CllLtl', Long. B. lloxcrnizzn, L. Bnxerman, llzindel- 1n:in, Sanders, Miss Barnidge, Ab- erson, lizirtteld, Bialock, Polinslcy. Nlntliis, Block, Rosenkrzinz, Fisclilo- witz, Scbweich, Adelstein, Gnller, Wait CLA First Semester President ................ Bc-rl Katz Vice President . . . .... Bill Kohn Secretary ,.......,..... Esther flers Second Semester President ................ Bill Kohn Vice President .... .... B erl Katz Secretary , ..... . . . . Esther tiers Sponsor ........ ..... lN Tiss Turner Fleischer, Nfzirks, Chervitz, Brand, Hocnig, Cole, Coleman, lWiss Turner, Si egel, Riemers. Scbainblzitt, lloltgrewe, S ol dz , Weiss, Mzlrgnlis, Brimble, Lentz- ner, Ilrzidsky. Ziercber, Allen, Gers, Katz, Kohn, Young, Mathis, VVindram. en-in- and orriciaizs First Semester President .............. Alan Kohn Vice President ,....... Dick Dutton Sec'y-Trezisnrer .... Bennett Shapiro Sergeant :lt Arms ....... Bob Harris Second Semester President ....... , .Gordon Lentzner Vice President ........... Berl Katz Sec'y-'1're:1snrer ....... Bernice Fred Sgt. at Arms ....... Bennett SllZlIJll'0 Sponsor .............. Mi'S. Gottlieb Anderson, Flizindler, Fishman, Weiss, Stein, Spzmgenberg, Scott, Mzri'e- mont, Onken, Speer, Kirsch, Scliwc-ich. Fishgoll, Arknsll, Chervitz, Bizilock, Bartfeld, Sobel, Mrs. Gottlieb, Dia- mond, Bzirnholtz, Backerinan, VVal- lacli, Kram. Katz, Lentzner, Harris, Kohn, Dut- ton, Shapiro, Aberson, Marmon, Zetclier. Bloom, Goldberg, Redeker, Brecken- ridge. The Current Events Club provides an opportunity for those students who are interested, to participate in various dis' cussions and debates on subjects of cur' rent interest. The discussion is led by one person with other persons taking part. Every other Tuesday the club meets and brings before the group those problems that face the World today. The purpose of the Mathematics Club is to study those phases of mathematics for which there is no time in the regular school curriculum and to further an inf terest in mathematics throughout the stu' dent body. The activities of the club include the presentation of interesting speakers, Held trips, the sponsoring of a school assembly, and an annual party. PenfinfHand gives an opportunity to those who are interested in creative writ' ing to present their work to the other membersg the members then attempt to criticize constructively these composif tions. At our bifmonthly meetings a wide range of writings is read: essays, poetry, descriptive sketches, and short stories. In this way, the amateur author obtains a valuable means of comparison between his style of writing and that of the other members. Page Fiftyfnine X NYate-rs, Bruton, Sieluert, johnson. Nelson. Mr. Hope, Rowe, Rzleen, Grundmann, Mnhl. Roth, Large, Angercr, Lloyd, Mahon, Kinzer, Cole, Mareiuunt, Fish, Flavin. Taylor, Clmpin, Miller, Bartig, Speer, Knight, Hays, Barry, VVood, Lowell. Bennett, Johnston, VViteher, Rerlcker, Illnekmzm, VVeher, Finelmerg, Capen, Rodriguez, Stewart. Baker, XV:xhl, flllIlllKllC1', Applegate, Ouken, May, Lewis, llowdy, Apostolopoulos. f l Allen, Smith, Leavitt, Anderson, Stn-inhoff, Link, Dingnmn, Shuwver, Steinhoit, Norvcll, Setzer, Richardson, Cossoin. llztssellrzicll. Peterson, Leone, VVz1ltur. Fox, llzirgiss, Hardy, llydznr. llorten, Cooper, Ines, fl2l1JOlJlZlHCO, Dodge. lfussner, VV1ll'!'Cll, Pillow, Kessler, Stern. llzimpton, V. Yan Berg, li, Yan Berg, 'l'homzis Fisher, Bulwnik. Swehlzi, Varmielmel, Bliss Nest, Roth, xvllillkll, Barth, MeCrc'ntly. L- H I" ' OFFICERS OF HLY OFFICERS OF TRIfY Henry Onken ......,,,.,.. ...... P resident ,,,,,,,,,,,. Vxfoody Chandler Dorothy Carmichael ....... Jim Applegate ,,..,,.. ...,.., V . Pres ..........,,, Michael Maremont jean Swehlzl ,...,,,,,,,..,,.,,.......,. President ........,.....,,,.,..,., jean Swehla V. President ,.,,.. Marian Bubenik Walter May .,,.....,.... ,,,,,.i S ecretary ,i.,.....,,i.......,,......... Bill Wfucad Marian Buhenik ..,....,..,..,... Secretary ....,,....,. Wanda Dingman Wruody Chandler .............. Treasurer .,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.. D iek Knight joan Roth ...i...,..i,,, .i,.,,, .,...... T r easurer ,,.........,,.,....,,.,....... Joan Roth Sponsor ,,........,........,..... ...,....,.,.,,..,,...,..... ......... M r . Hope Lois Allen ..,,i.,,,... ........ C haplain ........................ Mary Dodge Anita Whaleii ,,.,.,r ,,,.,i,. S ergeant at Arms,,.Muriel Stern Sponsor ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,., ,.......,..................,.,i,i......,..,........... M iss West Page Sixty .P cm Ackert Hampton Allen Harris Arkush Heifetz Backernian ll. llellcriid S. Baker Hilh Bflfkef Hofacker liurifeld Hogmnn llarnholtz -ruuncfenger BASS Horwit7 lientrup H k ' liialock uc lilanke Hupert ,l. Block 43CUllS AI, Block . flgllst lilumolf Kapp Brinkman Kell Brockmann A. Kenton Brown Ketchcrside liuhenik flilaven Buxner lilayman Uampbell Klein Canis liling Cantor liranson Card Kravitz Uliervitz Kreichman Choi-lins Krywat Cuhn Levinsohn Fox Lewin Craven 'Lickhalter Danieli 'Linalian lliamond Lipman llinsmore Lite Fagin Lomnstein Falkenhainer Lurie Finelierg Marmor Fischer Mathes lfishgoll lfathis Fhehman Mayfield Frank Meyer Fratkin S. Mullin Frohlichstein Nathanson German Osterholm Gill 'Parker Golluh Patterson Goodman Pauk Grissom Pettihone Gross Phelps Pierce Pillow lllattner Polsky Qiiirk Raccn Rader Rzulman Richards Roufa Rosenlvaiun Sallielfl Sanders Schlesinger Schneider Schreiner Schweig Semple Shear Shrader Sigolotf Sillars Smith Sobel Starkey Stein Susman Swehla. S. Taylor Tofle Tschudy linrlerwood Vesper XValdman VVallach VVegner XYeinel XYcissman VVightman Williams Windram Yarrow Ziercher Zerman 'l'heerleader. Going, Going - Gone! V Page Sixtyfone ociefafi gfaadica ia VVinclram, Allen, Graff, Thomas, Talmadge, VVeinel, Salzberg, Cooper, Racen. L. Boxerinan, Zeinelnmn, Brown, Miss Donnelly, Zvihleman, Jacobs, Yanow, Boxerxnan. Levy, Brand, Don, Reichman, Harris, Kohn, Klein. Bass, Zweig, Lite, liuhernik, Mathless, Schachter, Horwitz, Craven, Schechter, Zimmerman, Miller, Dodge. Lending, Harris, Shapiro, Fishman, Railman, Margnlis, Fagin. Fhernew. Block, Youngblood, Simon, Vesper, Krywat, Sehear, Sigoloff, Cohen, Lipsitz, Silverman, Lipman. Mayer, Schlesinger, Roufa, Kram, Lewin, Miss Gonzalez, Buxner, Chervitz, Sobel, Frank. Polsky, Wrobel, Scllncider, Berger, Brand, Young, Kapp, Fishgoll. Page Sixty-two OFFICERS President ...,,, ......... F red Reichman Vice President ....,.,..,.. Rachel Don Secretary ..,.... ,.....,. B ill KOhn Treasurer .......... ..,....... J ane Harris Parliamentarian..Kenneth Brand 05 migori OFFICERS President Kenneth Brand .....,,.. Ruth Kessler Vice President Faith Young ......... Betty Schneider Secretary Elaine Berger ...... Marilyn Yezner Treasurer Betty Schneider...Harriet Schear Sergeant at Arms Gugsie Kapp ,.......,,,,... Paul Rkldmfifl Sponsor ............ .....,.. M iss Gonzalez 2 The French Club, now in its twentyfthird year, tries to prof vide its members with a better understanding and enjoyment of French life through movies, games, and lectures. In its anf nual Christmas party, which features French foods, the club attempts to recapture the French Christmas spirit as much as pos' sible. The members agree that this has been another successful and enjoyable year. President ..,,,, Vice President ...,.. Ruby Mayheld Secretary ...... Treasurer ....,.,,,. Sponsor ......, ...,....Joyce Sutter 1' ........Shirley Fagin Menges CML jrancaid effe an Muzi ........,.Dan 'Zfook lforgens, Miss W'olfiier, Priebat. Friediuzm, Toile, Nieiiioeller, Smith. Plattner, Koviusky, Kietz, Thonias, Bartfelrl, DeVVoskin. Kreisman, Kessler, Solian, Katz, Blanke, Moore, Bulvenik. llialoek, Gluskoter, Marmor, Nr. Menges, Rurlnizui, Yezner Link, Fagin, Sutter, Maylield, Zook, Swehlzi. Page Sixtyftlrree axigg E. f if far A132 f salewkbvsesr - ef . it X is Leavitt, Rosen, Nibeck, Sachs, Pultmzm, Sherberg, Fisher, Ligon, Mziremont, Fishnmn, Harris, Greenberg, Speer, Mr. Conyers, Hetzel, Newman. gxcegiior Stanley Margulis ........ Roseline Soffer ..,.........,. june Block ............... Virginia Kessler ........... Charles Witcher ..,...,,.. Burton Weber ....,,....,,,. Sponsor ......,,,.,........ Page Sixtyffouz Sachs, VVeber, Mrs. Bodenhafer, Hollander, Schneider. Zook, Razeper, Zimmerman, Block, Margulis. .President ....., ,..,...,,...,...., D amel Zook V. President ....., Stanley Margulis Attend. Sec'y,..Charles Witcher Recording Sec'y ...... Norma Sacks Door Keeper ......... Sandra Craven Sgt. at Arms...Ronald Hollander Bodenhafer giefvl ana! goredf CofChairmen .....,....,.... ........................ . . Ralph Het-261 Sterling Fishman Secretaryffreasurer .......................................... Bob Greenberg t Cflicer of Equipment and Supplies- Michael Maremont Sergeant at Arms ........... .......... L ester Newman Sponsor ............................. .......... M r. Conyers 6Ufl'lel"6L OFFICERS President ...,............ ...,,...,...........,.........., .,......., K e n Brand Vice President .....,........ ..,.A,... K en Fisher SecretaryfTreasurer ..,...,. ,...,....,.,, L eo Roth Sponsor .,,.....,., .,,.,,... M r. Chambers The members of the Camera Cluh are large' ly concerned with taking pictures, developing the film, and printing and enlarging the negaf tives. Several field trips are planned for the year to take pictures or to attend photographic events. The cluh, which is sponsored by Mr, Chamhers, has taken several reels of movies and a series of slides of school activities. The club sponsored the appearance of the Inter' scholastic Photographic Awards pictures which contained the most interesting 1,000 prints submitted in last year's contest. Several memf hers have entered the contest for this year. 'F 'wil There's something Fishy here Fagin, Silverman, Markowitz. Mr. l'liamhers, Fisher, Rosen, Greenberg, Brand, Aherson, Fish. Page Sixtyffive , ,, 4 g,4.,4. President ......,....,... Vice President ............ Secretary .........,,...... Treasurer ........... Allen Dinsrnore Arkush Di Prospere Armstrong Dodge Baker Dreyfus Bakken Dust Barnholtz Eaton Bai-tfeld Ellis Benson Ferguson Bentrup Feinberg Bernstein Fiser Bialock Fisher Blanke Fishgoll Bloom Frank Boldt Fred Brinkman Friedman Brockman Frohlichstein Brockmann Fulton Brown Fussner Bubenik Futterman Burack Gerding Campbell Gers Canis Giesler Cantor Gill Capobianco Gluskoter Ca rd Goldstein Carmichael Gollub Chervitz Gorman Chu Gossom Cohen Gross Cox Hackler Decker Hagan Diamond Hagan Dill Hampton Dingman Hardy Page Sixtyfsix QV. '4'n' ,,,h Hargiss Harris Henry Hollinshead Honefenger Hood Horton Horwitz Hydar Hupperich Ince Iagust Jenkins Kami Karsh Katz Kenton Kenton Kessler Kessler Ketcherside Klayman Klearman Klein Kling Kluge Kornblet Kropp Krause Kreichman Kreisman Kuechenmei Lange Leavitt StEf Lending Levinsohn Linahan Lipman Lloyd Loomstein Marmon Marsh Mathis Matier Maurer Mayfield McCready McKinney Menzel Metz Meyer Miener Mings Moehle Moldafsky Moore Morganstern Multin Multin Newfeld Niemoeller Norvell Nowlan Osterholm Oxenhandler Pauk Peterson Pettibone ......,,.,,..Myra Barnholtz .......-Ioanna Hupperich ......,.......Ros1ta Shannon Mary Belle Wimber Phelps Pierce Pittman Polinsky Polsky Potier Prater Quirk Razeper Rose Rosenbaum Rudman Salfield Salzberg Sanders Schachter Schaffer Schear Schlesinger Schmidt Schneider Schreiner Semple Setzer Shannon Shawver Sigoloff Sillars Silverman Simon Smith Smith 7 Smith 7 Sobel Starkey Stebelman Stein Steinberg Steinhoff Stern Stone Susman Svoboda Swehla Taylor Tofle Tschudy Turken Underwood VanBerg VanBerg Wallach Ward Warren Wegner Weinel Weissman Werner Whalen Wimber Wimber Withington Yanow Young Zetcher Ziercher OFFICERS President ............... .........., S hirley Gross Vice President ....... .........,,...,...,. B arhara Stone Secretary ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, .,e.,,,,,, D olores Brockmzinn Treasurer ..,,, ....,,,,, Fanchon Arkush Sponsor ..,,,,,..., ommercia! Miss Hammond 5 . W . The newly organized Commercial Cluh, under the sponsorship of Miss Hammond, meets every other Friday and is open to all students of the Com' mercial Department. The chief purpose of the club is to acquaint members with office routines and equipment through discussions and through visits to business offices. Sxyehlzi, Quirk. Schear, Dingmzin, Miener, Knrsh. Miss llzimmond, Palmer. Iiziufmann, Burzick, Lite, Sclieiner Arkush, Stone, Gross, Polsky. Page Sixtyfseven Gerding, Metz, Prater, Menzcl, Brinkman, Taylor, Karsh. Licklialter, Kenton, xYill1lJL'I', Kropp, Carmicliel, llenry. xN,6iSSlHZll1, Polsky, Klearnizm, Benson, Fred, Giesler. Fishman. N. Shapiro, Chervitz, Helbing, Mr. McKinney, B. Shapiro, Parker, Reiiners. Kohn, Marks, Spiegel, Price, Balk, Katz, Lentzner. Fishgoll, Zeriuan, Eriediuzin, Stern, Fishman, Lickhalter, Gers. Page Sixtyeiglit 4. N.. can 275, The members of this club are chosen for their outstanding leadership qualities. They ref ceive training in leadership from the physical education staff and are provided the opportunity to use this training in their phyf sical education classes. CAemi:ifrg President ............,.. ....,... D on Stein Vice President ......... Sam Fishman Sec'yfTreas .......... Ellen Lickhalter Parliamentarian ...... Leslie Zerman Sponsor ........ .......... M r, McKinney Simi and gre! OFFICERS First Semester President ,.............,,,.... Joann Salfield Vice President..,Ruth Levinsohn Secretary ....i.i........ Ellen Lickhalter Treasurer ..,,,,..i,.. Arthur Schweich Second Semester President ..rr...,,......... Ruth Levinsohn Vice President .,..........,..... Jack Kietz Secretary ,,,i., Dorothy Carmichael Treasurer ,..,i....... joan Youngblood The purpose of Strut and Fret, the Thespian society of our school, is to further interest in the stage and acting. The club presented an after school program, and went to see Ham' let in a body, besides studying and acting short plays before its members. Sfamp ans! goin President .i...........,.... Rowland Davis V. Presidcnt.,,Robert Greenberg SecretaryfTreasurer.,.Sam Brady The objective of the Coin Club is to interest its members in coins, to better their collecf tions, and to learn more about coins. The Stamp Club, which recently combined with the Coin Club, enables those stu' dents who are interested in col' lecting stamps to acquire new ones and increase their collecf tions. 's Z Turken, Racen, Stailin, Pegg, Priehat, Kin-iz, iiolclswortli, Sliawver, lirani, lliken. Pillow, Goldstein, llanipton, XXI-incl, Slings, Bliss Bowers, Rudman. A'rrrso11, Harmon, Selma-iini Cross, Stone, Selixxeicli, Levinsohn. Salhelfl, Liclclialter, Younglnlooil. jaeolus, Reynolds, llieber, Cohn, Banashek, Soltlz. I ihorlorovslsy, Ball-C. Miss Abbott. Strasllurger. Weiss. Brady, Katz. Lentzner, Priehat, lil'UCUl191' . Urlvifl s - l Page Sixty'-nine Blow Gabriel, Blow Flute Clarinet Marlene Smith Rosita Shannon Jerry Wightman Eleanor Futterman Virginia Kessler Margaret Long Oboe Jean Sillars Robert Dennis Bassoon Martin Flavin Cello Hershel Jick Henry Onken Bradford Thomas Wayne Redeker Charles Witcher Bob Neal Charles Long Allan Kessler Dick Muhl Colette Bakken Charles Lebens Alvin Frager Kathy Helbing Russell Pavelka Carol Wills Larry Reichman John Jones Jack Tayloe Z?CU'l6! David Hunsicker Ken McLaughlin Leonard Landsbaum Dan Mueller Paul Nelson Stephen Schneider Richard Palmer Alto Clarinet Dorothy Carmichael Bass Clarinet Maxine Frelich Jim Ellis Alice Hagan Alto Saxophone Ernie Fleischer Gerald Feldman Gordon Speer Fred Ring Tenor Saxophone Gordon Lentzner Dan Johnston Ray Feldman Baritone Saxophone Sanford Fagin Cornet and Trumpet Edward Helbing Jack Spangenberg Don Mogerman Bill Bieber Bob Hastings Billy Groth Delmar Brimble Bob McClure Bud Cowdery Lee Scherberg George Meade French Horn Gilbert Anderson Bill Morgens Gerald Priebat Robert Johnson Roy Wilson Baritone Gerald Holtgrewe Lee Feuerstine David Vrooman Trombone Kenneth Siroky Jim Applegate Ted Fish Leo Roth David Librach Marilyn Radman Tuba Art Chandler Ed Bennett Ralph Sonnenschein Richard Johnson Tympani Jerry Rowe Marimba Shirley Talentino Percussion Micky Fenton Don Stein Dick Nibeck Rodney Cole Leroy Keller Drum Major Martin Flavin Maiorettes Betty Biddle Ann Dinsmore Joann Ellis Corinne Koslow Page Seventy H OFCAQ6 fI"CL Violins Rachel Don Leslie Cohen Paul Schramm Shirley Niemoeller Spencer Parnas Ann Cooper Tom Becker Myron Sander Viola Mary Dodge Cello Hershel -lick Bass Violins Gordon Lentzner Gerald Feldman Piano Eleanor Futterman Saxophone Gerald Feldman Fred Ring Gerald Priehat Under the direction of Mr. Lang, the Crchestra participated in various school activities this year. Among them were the presentation of three assemf blies, participation in the County Music Festival, and able assistance in the Senior Play. The year was climaxed by a concert last April 4. Flute Marlene Smith Rosita Shannon Cboe Jean slum l Robert Dennis 1 Clarnet Henry Onken Maxine Frelich Bassoon Martin Flavin French Horn Gilbert Anderson Willizim Morgens Gerald Priebat Trumpet Ed Helhing , jack Spangcnherg William Bicbel Trombone Jim Applegate Tympani jerry Rowe Resin on the how Page Seventyfone .fgfkdficd On M Cf, Cn UfCity, on UfCity, plunge right through the line Run the ball clear 'round old -, Touchdown sure this time. Rah! Rah! Rah! On UfCity, on UfCity, Fight on for her fame. Fight, fellows! ight! iight! fight! We'll win this game. ge Seventy t g00fACl,! Childress, Taylor, Moore, Butte-iger, C. Thompson, Alt, R. Via, Librach, Rosenthal, Steingraber, Cone, B. Thompson, Freedman. Anderson, Gelber, Siroky, Greenberg, Shotrow. Schneider, Friedman, Rollins, Fails, Dean. Barth, James, Fenster, Wilson, Black, VVrigl1t, VVilliams, I. Via. Onken, Koprivica, Coffey, Drain. Kern, Uterilz, Muhl, Kemper, J. lfteritz, Chandler, Young, Oxenhandler, VVuenscher. Suburban League champions for the second conf secutive year, and undefeated in the St. Louis area, the 1948 Indians were rated one of the top teams in the district. Head football coach, C. A. Muhl, ref established relations with Tuscaloosa, Alabama, a series dating back to 1929, where 'iwe met our Waterloo." The Greyhound trip for the party of thirtyfseven will always be remembered. Playing before 12,000 in the excellently lighted University of Alabama stadium, a thrilling defensive game was well played by both teams. The forward passing of Black Bear's captain, Clell Hobson, was the best any Indian team ever faced. Fails' and Greenberg's running, and Jack Rollins' passes gave UfCity the edge in all staf tistics, except the score-hrst downs 16f13, passes completed 6f4. Terry Fails, voted honorary captain and most valuable player by his team mates, received grand' slam recognition-the james S. Gould, StarfTimes, and Quarterbacks' trophies-for the most Outstandf ing player of the year. Others selected for our post' season honors was our first four letterman Kopf rivica, and Rollins, Black, Onken, Wright, and Greenberg. Page Seuentyffour THE LETTERMEN Gil Barth, Center Bud Black, End Walter Coffey, End Fred Drain, End Terry Fails,"f": Back Aaron Fenster, Tackle Barry Friedman,':'c Back Martin Greenberg, Back Gbie Kop1'ivica,M':'4 Tackle Henry Onkenfg Guard Jack Rollinsfk Back fllenotes Previous Award. Lowell Alt, Tackle Gil Anderson, Guard Neil Butteiger, Guard Bill Dean, Back Barry Gelber, Back Ted Kemper, Back joe Kern, Guard Myles Madden, Back Jerry Schneider, Back Gene Shotrow, Back Ken Siroky, Back Dick Talmadge, End John Via, Center Rudy Via, Guard Harold Williams, Guard Bob Wrightfk Tackle Adolph Wuenscher, End Don Hays, Manager Dick Muhl, Back Hugh Oxenhandler, End Bob Rosenthal, Guard Jack Uteritz, Back jim Uteritz, End John Wilson, Tackle lim Young, Back g00f66'l,! Koprivica, Onken, Williams, Wright. Coffey, Via, Black. Greenbergn Rollins, Shotrow, Fails. Schneider, Friedman. 3 Page Seventyffive flmfbaf U September 24 .,...... September 30 October 8 .... October 23 ........ October 30 .... November 1 November November November slfflffff 13 ..,..... "Suburban League Game. 19 ........,........ 'SoldanfBlewett ............... 'FNormandy ........,...............,.. ...... gtliirkwood ................................ ..,.... Western Military Academy .............. gClayton ..................,............... ....... 2'St, Charles ........................... ....... fl'MapleWO0d ......,......... xwebster Groves ............. Tuscaloosa, Alabama ..... .....k..2l'8 ...,....Home ,13f6 ....... ........ A way 27-7 26f0 ........Home .....,,.Home 13fO ........ ........ A way 45f0 ........ ........ H ome 1 3f7.. Away 27f0.. 20f4O ......... ........ 205568 Page Seuentyfsix ,. 1 wif, I lf" V.,-,,fffbxn::..,.' il- W wr mg .rata Home Away Oofdaff XY'icnschei'. Ln-niler, Mcflurv. Hn-iilelhaugii. Stziylvm, Brutini, Vifh, Siwnk, Iluggzir, Smith, Rl. XYuenschvr, Rune. Sandler, Spiritus, Pzilans. B. Julinsnn, Payne. Ruclin. Chfipin. Shzinfeld. Denu. Sauer, B:-tz, Likes. Vozicli Oclis. Pcnrl, Breckenridge, Fails, Urzxnrlt. Anderson, Lziriml, Silber, Pepper, Ozersky, Fozicll Smith, Vruuppen. XY:ixmzm, XValker, llzmson, NYiisrin, Lickhziltcr, l'tei'itz, i.2ll'ld5iHZlUl11, johnson, Lzinrlcr. Ilezm, Keller, Iirikken, Umm-S, Bennett, Iiwott. The bear went Over the mountain Cnc handf Y n better than none Page Seventyfseven Kaadefdaf Moll, llelbing, Friedman, T. Fails, Via, Black, Harris, Mgr. M , M ll Ut ritz F 't A l. F 'l M.dlf R ll' L1'i r ui, ci , ense1,,- ans, amen, o ins, cu s. Breckenridge, Pearl, Alton, Flier, Warner, Brandt, liiller, Rowe, lfgr. THE LETTERMEN Bud Blackfl' Forward Terry Failsfpk Center Barry Friedmanfk Guard Myles Madden, Guard Jack Rollinsf' Forward john Via, Forward Bob Harrisfk Manager fDenotes Previous Award. - . Jerry Fails, Guard Ed Helbing, Center Upsetting seeded teams of the St. Louis District to become one of the "sweetf16" in the State Tour' nament, Coach Muhl's Indians were the surprise team of the area. It all started when U. City def feared No. 1 seeded Normandy to give Webster a share of the Suburban crown. Then the Indians eliminated third seeded St. Louis U. High in the Sub-Regional, and went on to take Principia, Norf mandy tourney winner, and McBride, No. 5 seeded, to earn a place with john Burroughs at Springfield. Here, University City was nosed out 4443 by the champions of Kansas City, although outscoring Rockhurst by two field goals. Page Severltyfeight Bob Moll, Forward jim Uteritz, Guard Terry Fails was elected most valuable player by the lettermen, and Barry Friedman honorary cap- tain. Together they were two of the best backboard rebounders ever developed at U. City. High point man for the season was Fails with 328 points, folf lowed by Rollins, Friedman, Via, and Madden of the starting five. Terry's spectacular play during the latter part of the season won him second honors to Dave Sisler of Burroughs as most outstanding player of the district. Early injuries to Black and Uteritz marred the season. The sophomores had a fair sea' son with Jerry Fails and Aaron Fenster moving up to the varsity squad. garfefgaf Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. -lan. lan. -lan. jan. -lan. -lan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Jan. jan. Feb. Feb. Feb. Mar Mar. Mar Mar. 10 14 20 7 14 18 2 4 8 18 4 9 THE SEASONS RECORD ................Kirlcwood ......34'20 ................Clayton ......43'2S ................Ritenour ......46'36 ................Springfield, Missouri ......24f42 ................Lebanon, lviissouri ......41'5O ................SoldanfBlewett ......31'19 ................Wellstcnn ......40'23 ................Western Military Academy............40'36 ................Maplewood ......29'42 . ............... Brentwood ...... ................Clayton ................Ferguson Charles..... ................Central ................Webster ................Normandy ......34f25 ......29f33 ......45f34 ......46-29 ......5'2f39 ......28f3Z ......39f2S TOURNAMENT RECORD 26...Suburban ...... .U. 28...Suburban ...... .U. 22...SubfReg ...,.... .U. 24...SubfReg ........ .U. 26...SubfReg ......., .U. ...Regional ....... .U. ...Regional ....... .U. City 39 City 35' City 42 City '50 City 31 City 44 City 37 ...Regional ........ U. City 29 ...State .............. U. City 43 Clayton 23 Kirkwood 42 Riverview Gardens Z1 St. Louis U. High 45 john Burroughs 36 Principia 38 McBride 36 John Burroughs 37 Rockhurst 44 fKansas Cityj Fails foils 'em again School spirit extraordinary Here comes Pancho Jurnpin' Jack Fails and a few of the fellows Page Seventyfnm I"6l,C 1 Fhandler, Bly, Barth, Fai's, Shapiro, J. VVright, Rollins, Friedman, B. VVright, Butteiger. Brady, Mgr, Muhl, Rosenblum, Faintich, Kohn, Dutton, Onken, Talmadge, Rosenthal, Mr. Schemmer Blair, Price, Vrooman, I-reenherg, Brooks, Baker, Drain, VVuenscher, Sotian, Powers, Lasky, Stein, lxemper, Grundman, Tamarkin, Blackman. ' Off to a fine start, this year's team appears to be sound in both the senior and junior divisions. The Indian trackmen started off the season by soundly defeating Kirkwood in a dual meet and then went on to capture the State Indoor Track Meet at Columbia by a narrow margin. Point winners in that meet were Martin Greenberg, Stan Brooks, Terry Fails, Floyd Bly, Woody Chandler, Adolph Wuenscher, Bill Dean, and Perry Sohan. The meet They look ready for bed Page Eighty was in doubt until the final event, the medley relay, was run. Then, the relay team, led by Stan Brooks, put the championship in the hands of U. City for the seventeenth time in nineteen tries with a decisive victory in that event. The Indians won one of the best dual meets ever held on the U. City track, the following week, when they nosed out the Roosevelt Rough Riders, the State Outdoor Champs of 1948, 107f2f3 to 105f1f3. High point man in the senior division was Martin Greenberg, who won the broad jump and scored seconds in the 100 and 220 yard dashes, while in the junior division, Bill Dean col' lected high point honors by winning the 120 yard low hurdles, the 220 yard dash, and tying for Hrst in the broad jump. Again, the meet wasn't decided until the last event, the high jump, was over. In that event, Terry Fails came through with a victory to go along with his first in the 120 yard high hurf dles and his tie for third with Obie Koprivica in the shot put. Floyd Bly, who won the 200 yard low hurdles and took second in the high hurdles, and Neil Butteiger, who took seconds in the low hurdles and the pole vault, along with Gil Barth, Fred Drain, Herbert Baker, Harold Williams, and Don Mathes, also contributed strongly to the Indians' victory. Zac The rest of the season will see the Indians try for , . victories in the Maplewood Relays, a dual meet against St. Louis U. High, the U. City Invitational, the District, and the State Outdoor Track Meet. Other members of the team who are expected to help this year be a successful one are: for the sen' iors, Herbert Faintich, John Rogers, Dick Dutton, Al Kohn, Schermen Price, Ted Kemper, Dave Vroof man, Bennett Shapiro, Dick Talmadgeg and for the juniors, Don Makovsky, Alan Tamarkin, Arnold Spiritas, Jerry Fails, John Via, Norman Rudin, Dick Smith, and Bill Stewart. March 28- April 2- April 9- April 16 April 19 April 20 April 27- April 30- May 4, 5- May 7- May 14- TRACK SCHEDULE FOR 1949 U. City defeated Kirkwood, here. Q A familiar sight State Indoor at Columbia: U. City 30f7f1O, Kirkwood 29f1f2. U. City 107f2f3, Roosevelt 105f1f3: here. Maplewood Relays, at Maplewood: U. City ties Central for first. St. Louis U. High juniorsg here: U. City victorious. St. Louis U. High Seniors: here: U. City victorious. Invitational Meet Preliminaries: here. Invitational Meet Finalsg here: U. City champs. District Meet Preliminaries, at Public Schools Stadium. District Meet Finals, at Public Schools Stadium. State Outdoor Track Meet, at Columbia. TV WT' 4: Rudin, Dean, VVilliams, King, Via, Feurcstine, Smith, Stewart. Pritzker, Demi, Tzinherg, Ban:-xshek, Spiritas, Scissors, Wuenscher, Long, Mgr. Waters, Makows'ky, Morrison, Mathes, Fagin, Johnson, Mr. Schemmer. W, I1 ' 3-ft' Q.. ..,. .T-JW W Page Eighty one ,S f.' .ffsi E if ki gdifegdf Ur. Ochs, Palmer, lfuellcr, Radinan, llelhing, llolland, Beiber, Pearl. Breckenridge, lfrhlich, Miller, Brandt, Bruton, Payne, Fails, Chernew Silber, llearrleutf, Asst. Coach. Levy, Knight, hlills, Sandler, Vkfohl. Alton, Kirsch, Redeker, Brandt, Hradsky. Coodman, Mgr., Lemlcr, Ross, Johnson, l.ilJracli, P. Schrannn, Wolff, Underwood, Slianfelcl, Wilfleisen, VViglitinau, Nfgr. Blanke, Patterson, Sowrly, Chandler, Meinecke, Mnehlbach, Schweich, Steingralier, Soffcr, Fleischer, Mgr. Schneider, Bokern, Fenster, Parker, Gelber, Steinhaum, J. SClH'Zl1l'lI11, Madden, Black. With four lettermen returning this year, Coach L. M. Ochs and the squad feel that a good season is in store for the Indians during 1949. A complete fifteen game season, fourteen of which are Suburban League games, has been worked out. The four ref turning lettermen are Bud Black, Mike Madden, F ff K rel 2 QQ LZ I V in-if i rg 4 W xrilieffii r 4 Page Eigl-ityftwo jack Schramm, and Jerry Schneider. Promising newcomers are Aaron Fenster, Barry Gelber, Carl Meinecke, George Muehlebach, Beyer Parker, and Harlan Steinbaum. A complete eleven game "B" Squad schedule has also been arranged. y ' VARSITY BASEBALL April April April April April April April April April May May May May May May 1 4 7 11 14 18 21 25 28 2 5 9 12 16 19 SCHEDULE -SoldanfBlewett -Maplewood -Wellston -Ritenour -Kirkwood -Webster -Clayton -Normandy -Maplewood -Wellston -Ritenour -Kirkwood -Webster -Clayton -Normandy The windup, the pitch. You're out! Home Away Away Away Away Home Away Away Home Home Home Home Away Home Home P055 Obtllflng The University City Crossf Country team, running in six meets besides the State Meet, had a fair season, win' ning two meets and taking sixth place in the State Meet. Qutstanding during the sea' son was Herbert Faintich, who was elected honorary captain. Those who won major awards were Herbert Faintich, Jim Waters, Stan Brooks, Jack Spangenberg, and Bruce Blair. Other promf ising runners were Allan Tamarkin, Stan Fagin, Alan Rodriguez, and Edwin Sie' vers. rea ibn? Joe Kern, who placed second in the 154 pound class at the State Meet, was elected honorary cap' tain for the 19484949 season. Others who placed in the State Meet were Henry Onken, third in the M vm:- M Rodriguez, Siebert, Iloltgrewe, Ross, Fagin. Sievers, linker, Brooks. lfziintieh, Makovsky. YVaters, Spangenberg, Tamarkin, Mr. Sehemmer. heavyweight class, and Dale Fick, fourth in the 103 pound class. All three of these boys received major awards along with Lewis Bloch and Bob Rosenthal. Also, Phil Abrams and Jerry Wightman received minor awards. With four lettermen returning next season, Coach Ochs expects to have a much better year. Smith, Stein, Bfarion, llerskowitz. Gelher, Scissors, Salvo. Mr. Ochs, Roos, Levinson, Librach, Phalans, Silber, Mogernian, Pepper. Wightman, Siraf, Kern, Onken, Rosenthal, Abrams, Bloch. - A Bennett, Morrison, Fick, Long, Wood, Gomes. Page E1ghty'fh755 we jride Kemper, llnrris, Young, Blair, Dean, Bloll, XYilson, Alt, Helbing, Anderson, Lfteritz, Hays. Nfr. Ochs, rl. Fails, Scllueider, Baker, Brooks, Talilizxclge, Siroky, li. Via, Gellier, Wiglitnxzm, Bloch, Alirzuns, Dr. Mzigness. Rollins, Uxenliandler, Vrooiuan, -I. Vin, Black, lizirtli, Dutton, li olln, Graff, Muhl. Mr. Scllemmer, Fenster, Williams, llrain, Butteiger. Friedman, VVriglit, Unken, WVuenScliei', liiek, Wir. Blulil. Sofian, Kern, Rosenthal, Madden, T. Fails, Greenberg, fll121IlillQl', lin The Tribe is the organization of athletes who have been awarded letters in any major or minor sport. The purpose of the Tribe is to maintain the spirit of University City loyalty, to cherish the traditions of the school, to promote fellowship, and to serve in the best interests of our school, city, and country. W, Eat heartily, boys, you deserve it Page Eight yffour intich Schrainm. President ......,,.......,. Vice President ....,.,........ Secretaryffreasurer ........ Sergeant at Arms ........ Phil Abrams Lowell Alt Gilbert Anderson Herb Baker Gil Barth Bud Black Bruce Blair Lew Bloch Stan Brooks Neil Butteiger Woody Chandler lay Cohen Walter Coffey Bill Dean Fred Drain Dick Dutton Jerry Fails Terry Fails Herb Faintich Aaron Fenster Dale Fick Barry Friedman Barry Gelber Ralph Gralf Martin Greenberg Bob Harris Don Hays Ed Helbing Ted Kemper ...,,,....Terry Fails Via ..,,.......Barry Friedman ......,.,Cbie Koprivica Joe Kern Al Kohn Obie Koprivica Mike Madden Bob Moll Dick Muhl Henry Onken Hugh Oxenhandler Fred Reichman ,lack Rollins Bob Rosenthal Jerry Schneider Jack Schrarnm Gene Shotrow Ken Siroky Perry Sofian Dick Talmadge Jack Uteritz Jim Uteritz Iohn Via Rudy Via Dave Vrooman Jimmy Waters Harold Williams John Wilson Jerry Wightman Bob Wright Adolph Wuenscher Jim Young 'M CM QFFICERS First Semester Second Semester Shirley Svoboda ........... President ...........,...........,..,w,. Jane Hood Virginia Gossom ......... V, President...Ruth Withingtoiu Bonnie Giesler ,,......,..... Secretary ...4.4......,.,w,,........, Lois Henry Jane Hood .......,..............,.. Treasurer ,................. Lydia Schmidt Jo Ann Huppcrich ..... Sgt. at Arms .....,... Colette Bakken Sponsor .....,...r.. ,,,,,....,. V irginia Lee Waitts Any girl who has earned her "U" by participatf ing in the after school physical education program is eligible for membership in this club. This year, its twentyfsecond, the club participated in, and sponf sored, many interesting activities, such as a Hallof The best dressed girls in school Ween party, annual banquet for parents, a Christmas party for Kingdom House children, and several camping trips. It also performed such services for the school as selling cokes at the football games and the basketball games, ..i. Uslerholm, Fulton, VVeincl, Frelich, Kenton, Lloyd. Baker, Withington, McKinney, Miss VVatts, Bakken, Frohlichstein, Capobianco. Schmidt, Giesler, Svoboda, Gossom, llood, Hupperich. fbgs Eightyffive 3400! lljardifg Vruclcman. Huppcrich, Vllimhcr. Nlcliinuey, lloml, Fisher, Umlcrwoocl, Tscliucly, Dzmucvik. lixntwn. VYif ingtmm. Svobocln, Miss Dicus, Gill, Bukken, Frulilichstcin, Ncwfelfl. Alcfrcacly, Smith, Phelps, XYimhcr, Baker, Ustcrholm. Cfadd arziify '.'Tov1'e, Schmidt, Ncwfeld, Smith, Giesler, Miss Dicus, Svohoda, Wimber, Underwood, Baker, Gorman. kiossmn, Menzel, VVithington, jenkins, Brockmzm, Mcliirmey, Hagan, Gill, Dietz, Armstrong, Tschudy, Petlihone. Dreyfus. Shziwver, Potier, McCre:xdy, Pittman, VVard, Hupperich, Hood, Bzxkken, llfoore, Walsh, Dannevik, Lamb, lVegner. Lgmgc, Barth, Cantor, Phelps, Capobianco, Bentrup, Frohlichstein, Kenton, Usterholm, Wimber, Baker, Henry. Pay: Eighty' :ix ugncliuialuaf Sporfd A very large number of girls came out through the year, for some various individual sports. Such sports as badminton, archery, tennis, and swimming make up the yearly agenda for the female sex. Many beginners in these sports receive instruction during thc year and participate in tournaments at the end of the season. Heman Park and Vxfashington University are the scenes of exciting tennis and swimming tryouts. An individual sport Lickhalter, Levinsuhn, Cohen, Stone, Krause, Yanow, Radman, Barnholtz, Dingman, Cantor, Gollub, Dreyfus, Meiner, Anderson, Boldt, Y., ner. Salzberg, Moore, Ince, Peterson, Hupperich, Czxpobianco, VYolf, Aker, Sillzxrf, liartfeld, Armstrong, VYills, Loomstein. V. Kessler, Maurer, Moehle, Frelich, VVeinel, VValsh, Hampton, Fisher, l'nrlc-rwood, Gill, Polsky, Stern. Greene, Bloom, Harris, Miss Kagan, Gossom, Giesler, Hnpperich, Phelps, VVegner, Bentrup. Toile, Kling, Mathes, Mayfield, Rosson, Lange, I. Steinholf, R. Steinhoff, Tschudy, VVimber. P. Eighty 'se 'Jen ,H ,Q 4 jdgefna VVolf, Gollub, Cantor, Rose, Dannevik, Kessler. Stein, Wills, Dagen, Heman, Hellerud, Falkenhainer, Baker, Underwood, BlumoH'. German, Koslow, Smith, Harris, Schwartz, Gubernick, Multill. Maylfield, Gossom, Mings, Lickhalter. Link, Miller, Hagan, Gluskoter. Taylor, Bloom, Henry, Weissman, Decker, Sallleld, L. Kornblatt, Miller. Stone, I. Kornblet, Quirk, Semple. i A s l i l Page Eightywigizt For girls only" OFFICERS President .,,.........., .,...... S uEl1en Weissman Vice President ,,.... ,..................... L ois Henry Secretary ,,,,,,...... ......... K itty Underwood Taherna is our high school's dance club. The girls meet every Monday after school to dance. By so doing, they increase their technical skill and learn to do their own choreography. The club has attended the Ballet as a group, appeared in the Christmas Program, the Dance Workshop, Serenata of '49, and the Physical Education Demonstration on Play Night. The girls also took master dance classes with Charles Wiedman :nd troupe. 0 F5 2 A Cl CL OFFICERS President .....,...,.....,. .,,.,YA,A... IN larilyn Yezner Vice President .....,,.,.ii...,,,. .,,,,,.......,.,.,....,.......i.. D olores Tofle SecretaryfTreasurer ..,,,,............... Marilyn Kuechenmcster The Horseback Riding Club meets every Monday afternoon at Westvviorud Stables. After learning the fundamentals of horsemanship and gaining experif ence in handling horses, the girls attempted to masf ter the finer points of equestriennism. During the coming years the club hopes to present a horse show each spring, Sue Baker Mona Brennecke Connie Chervitz Dolores Diamond Myrna Finke Ray Frank Marlene Green Marilyn Hellerud Helene Hoffman Nancy Horwitz Phyllis Jacobs Roberta Karsh Lorene Katz Eunice Klayman Carolyn Kranson Joyce Kropp MEMBERS Marilyn Kuechenmeister Marilyn Lipman Vivian Lurie v .igl Ealing P N S f,'- 1 ,V,., u 1 i f K ' 'M , Hold that pose! Joan Metz Aileen Moll Beverly Nevvfeld Barbara Pauk Ellen Pegg Sara Pettibone Lou Ann Phelps Sue Pierce Peggy Robiner Marilyn Sigoloff Ruth Simon Anita Sobel Carol Steinberg Taffy Toile Susan Wallach Carlyn Wegner Marilyn Yezner Faith Young Miss Dicus, Pieree, llellcrud, Steinberg. Moll, Bletz, Petiilmvlv, Paak, Baker. Lurie, Sobel, Sigoloff, lbizivnonrl, VVallacli. Finke, Simon, Frank, Lipman, Jacobs. Ruechenmeister, Yezner, Toile, Horwitz, Brennecke. Ma,-L' Eighty-'nine gent fvwea YOU'RE A GRAND CLD FLAG You're a grand -old flag, you're a highfflying flag, And forever in peace may you waveg You're the emblem of the land I love, The home of the free and the brave. Ev'ry heart beats true with the red, white, And there's never a boast or bragg And should old acquaintance be forgot, Keep your eye on the grand old flag. and blue Ninety -af. 3 gan ,1 2 1 Q I f"N X A 4 -'dwg A ,y - 5 -AW 1" qu. 1 W5 Q- 3 I ' ...Sf ' ,.1.v,l.,AHQ Alva.- '-Wf,.,,:, P llgf Ni71gty,:wO KOX-KN C0'EDlTOR DSM- f Vxci PREQOQNT simon CLASS JANE 0 R gg PREMEZQRDS asENlOR CLAS 5 " Y Rom-l , f g Bxgkxlunmnu ,vhousf ov Sifslisewfmwzs mx 4,6 X ia n I YZ I ,.,,,-,,,,,..,,,..-.. Y-su' JAQQ SCH Pa 'Ulm Eszbirwri S',:uDEN T COUN --uw CIL ,...-7,4-yn. . A . 'rings MADIMN M Q . , HAIR NIHQUSE a REF - -rtggy FAH-5 , , 4, In D A '?f'5EN7-,Q-WE. ICS ,f 1 1, 1 1 X , C 3 ,. , Q ATHLET - XM 4-mg, .aff . A - 4 51 f f 1 ,fi ,' . I -I, f f gf' it Drclc pu-,-.row ,C 9UNg' N I IL I0 R CLA33 i 41 ' J Q K v f I 6 zu , M? fa? . wwf yy mm A , , P- A GARNHOLTZ Q Miscaevwf Sf"'f"' CM" Page Ninetyftlwee 3611166 X "QUEEN" .fdnn .f4cLerf I 1- Page :N"f1'ICLy'fO1LT HMAID OF HONOR" HMAID OF HONOR' ,gal Cara! Wane? SQMPA loving ance "MAID OF HONOR" "QUEEN" NMAID OF HONOR" lQoAifa Shannon Wane? .gaming jane lgciarcla MSOPHOIVIORE IVIAIDN "JUNIOR IVIAIDN aide! Sckechfer Ziff: :Ke Page Ninetyfjive f 1 enior Way 1 1 1- - The old maids of Quality Street "How dare you, sir!" "Gentlemen salute, Ladies curtsy" Page Nineiyfsix The dashing Captain Brown Patty ..........,........................,...... Recruiting Sergeant ..,......... later. SYNOPSIS CAST OF CHARACTERS Miss Susan Throssel .,,.....,............,..,..... . ............ Ruth Levinsohn Miss Mary Willoughby. ........... Bernice Fred Miss Fanny Willoughby ......,......,. ........., E llen Lickhalter Miss Henrietta Turnbull ,....,,.,,..,.. .,.........,, B arbara Rudman Miss Phoebe Throssel ...........,,,. ............... J oann Salfield .............Joan Youngblood Arthur Schweich Valentine Brown .........,.,. .....................,,. J ack Kietz Isabella .............,....... .,.,i...,.... M ary Dodge Arthur ...........................,,...,. ..,........ J ulius Schweich Charlotte Parratt ............. ....,........ J oan Jenkins Ensign Blades ........,l,. ........... A lan Kohn Harriet ........................ .......... M arjorie Hilb A Young Lady ......,,..... ............ J oyce Mings Lieutenant Spicer.. ,.................. jim Zemelrnan Old Soldier ..,...,,.... ............... M erle Fischlowitz Two Gallants .......,..,. .,,............................... J Gerald Pfiebat U Bennett Shapiro School Children ..................... Betty Greene, Virginia Kessler, Ray Frank, Lois Rudman, Joseph Heller, Jerome Levy, Arnold Bierman, Joseph Sanders Act One: The blue and white room in the house of the Misses Susan and Phoebe Throssel in Quality Street. Winter. During the Napoleonic wars. Act Two: The same. Summer. Ten years later. Act Three: A pavilion at the ball. A week later. Act Four: The blue and white room. Several days Best Dressed Girl ............ Best Dressed Boy .........,. Most Popular Girl .............,. Most Popular Boy ...........,,,, Best Looking Girl .......... Best Looking Boy .......... Best Girl Athlete ........,... Best Boy Athlete ,,,..........t Funniest Girl ..,i.....,., Funniest Boy ......,,............,......., Most Likely to Succeed ..,.,,,..... Smartest Senior ,..................... Class Pest ....,,....,,,l.. GL66 ....Marilyn Kravitz ....,...,.,.Barry Friedman l...Myra Barnholtz ...,...,,,,...Diek Dutton Jack Sehramm ..........,,,.,Marilyn Kravitz ......,.,Jaek Sehramm ,.,,Shirley Svoboda ,.,,,,,...,..Terry Fails ,,,..,..,,,,...Barbara Stone .......,,.,.Larry Powers ,,,l,,t,,,...Alan Kohn Brand Merle Fisclilowitz Page Nmcty seven pdl' ff if Amt 'LThat's a lotta' bull, girls" It's a bird Some of the boys 8:24 A. M. Casey at the bat Waitiiig for a date? Gym Class athletes Lunchftime debate Heavefhol k'Crossing the Bar" More Gym Class athletes Curbing their time Human Pretzels Page Ninetyfeight k Y Waiting for thc boys Pony Express, 1949 Parade against Clayton Girls in cvcry port Current cvcnts Waitirig for the girls "Which twin has thc Toni?" Stuffing thc box "Bookics" Exodus Box scat Bctwa Cn Half 111151 ll blocks half flag Page Ninetvfniue ear iow on e in me may of Che! gisglauf .gjlaufv Wofor Scoofum Sept. 8-Arrived. Registered. Squaws and Chiefs here no like my English. Sept. 9-They are teaching me good English. Only trouble is that now I can't speak to my squaw and paw. Sept. 16-Chief Schramm and Vice Chief Madden take office. Oath administered by Arlan Cohn, last semester "Big Wig." Sept. 24-sBig prayer for victory today in Pep Assembly. I saw prayer pay off this afternoon as U. City trounced SoldanfBlewett 21 to 8. Oct. 8-Indians throw Kirkwood Pioneers for another loss. U. C. 27, Kirkwood 7. Oct. 21, 22-Heap big two days! Teachers Convention meant work for teachers and play for pupils. Oct. 23-Former Indians return for big powwow and see U. C. beat W. M. A. 35 to O. All tribes friendly. Oct Oct. 26-U. S. reservation chooses Truman in mock election. 30-Indian rooters make whoopee in parade, then watch Indians outrun Greyhounds. Final score-Clay' ton O, U. C. 13. ' Nov. 2-Country in turmoil over Truman's upset victory. U. Cityans just keep saying "We told you so, Oct. 26." Nov. 12-Bonfire to drive away evils of Webster this evening. Cornwell came and planted some "corn." Nov. 13-Injuns scalp Webster for their second straight Suburban League football championship. U. C. 27, Web' ster 0. Nov. 17-High I. Q. Injuns visit with college representatives. This is the day when so many seniors hear about entrance exams and decide to face the world without a college education. Nov. 19-Indians resume series with Tuscaloosa. Find things too hot in Ala., as they are tarred and feathered 40f2O. Nov. 25, 26-National holiday proclaimed to be thankful for great Indian football team. MINOR CELEBRAf TION FOR THANKSGIVING DAY. Dec. 4-Ann Ackert chosen Pocahontas at the annual Football Dance. Last year's Queen, Nancy Weeke, relinquished the throne. Dec Dec Dec Dec. Jan. 10-Basketball season opens against Kirkwood and finds U. C. on the long end of a 34 to 20 score. . 17-MChorus puts on beautiful Christmas Program. 18-TrifY throws Tinsel Twirl. Dolled up Squaws and Chiefs have heap good time. '23-I can return to the reservation because U. City's Christmas present to us is an all day vacation. 5-Black and white clad grand larcenists Qrefereesj, StarfTimes, and St. Louis in general honor Terry Fails as outstanding prep football player of the year. Jan. 21-Final exams began today. I had enough bad luck for it to have been Friday, 13. Jan. 24-Exams go on and on. Jan. 25--Cn and-whoops! Some exams called off because of big ice storm. Jan Jan. Pa 26-C nfinued ice storm causes school to be called off. 2' -Makefup exams. e f:nId,If'12W.l'ff"'1 Jan. Feb. 31-Report cards, Ugh! 7--fUnj favorable gods break boiler. U. C. H. S. out for the day. Feb. 10-The big answers to U. City's "Spirit" problem, Jack Schramm and Mike Madden, hand the gavel over today. Two boys, equally as well equipped, Dick Dutton and Bill Kohn, will lead U. City this semester. Feb. 18-Cagers pull surprise upset as U. City defeats Normandy 3928. Feb. Feb. 22-Since I cannot tell a lie, I will tell you that there is no strike up here, it's just a holiday-Washing' ton's Birthday. 22f26-SubfRegionals marked by upsets, as Indians defeat St. Louis U. High to qualify for the Regionals. Lose to John Burroughs, thus finishing second in the U. City SubfRegionals. Mar. 1, 2, 3, 4AU. C. quintet heads for State Tourney after knocking off Principia and McBride in the Regionals. Lose city championship to their old nemesis, Burroughs. Mar. 2-Fails, Rollins, Madden, Friedman, Via, Black wind up prep basketball season by losing to Rockhurst 39248. Mar. 11-Big dance "all for fun" held by TrifY's masculine counterpart, HifY. The real attraction was the fact that the "Denim Dance" was an all bluejean affair. Mar. 24, 25-"Serenata" skyrockets fame of school's chorus and modern dance groups. Apr. Apr. Apr. May May May May June June june June June June Mar. 26-Nancy Semple found her pot of gold at the Student Council Rainbow Rendezvous where she was elected Queen. Betty Biddle was Junior Maid, while Ethel Schechter was voted that honor by the sophs. 2 6 30 -U. C. H. S. thinclads make yearly trip to the State Indoor Track Meet, return as state champs. -Halls rang with "Melancholy Baby," because report cards made their third appearance today. -U. City Invitational Track and Field Meet took place today, U. City won as usual. 3-Heap talent in Senior Assembly. 4-Victory Feast at noon for seniors. 13 14-State Outdoor Field and Track Meet. 30-Been many a moon since we had a holiday. Not many U. Cityans know why Decoration Day was declared, but it is one day less of school. 2-Not enough moons since the last iinal exams, but they are here again. 3-Exams go on- 4-JuniorfSenior Prom provides slight break in finals strain! 6-And on-, but today's the last day! 7-They're off. Seniors appreciate U. C. more after 5 :-P. M., which is when commencement exercises begin. 9, Even low grades are overlooked, for another year has past. Well, "fare thee well," Adios, Valete, Au Revoir, and all of that sort of thing. Chief "Split Sput" Motor 'fJ5..'.um. Page Cm: H:' One First ladies This age of chivalry "Look before you leap" Too many sacks on second Before the canning fr Page One Hundrud Two The rush to class "Hands behind the line" The "Cushman Kid" Power for Powers L'Can you find homes fo r these boys? K 5335 1 .,.. . Ei-g QQ., 3 fi' 3 W 'ff3aL?f',fjgVAgv:Ei PLEASE C"0ifW1fMi M N in X il --lg M A 'M-Nh - ' H fl IV: e pafronize ur .fgcluerfiaem PA. 2504 Open Evenings by Appointment CA. 6699 FUNERAL DESIGNS DE. 3722 THE POPE SI-IGP Delmar Garden INTERIOR DECORATING FIOW 91' Shop 4030 JACKSON AVE. Fresh Cut Flowers Potted Plants Cat Pershing Avej M. E, POPE University City 5, Mo, 5727 Delmar Blvd., St. Louis, Mo. COMPLIMENTS OF FRED C+. STEINGRABER Insurance of All Kinds CHestnut 9600 TOYS Q BOOKS GAIA'S MARKET RECORDS University City's Most Sanitary Market Certified Tomboy SELF SERVICE LOW PRICES CAbany 3941 7730 FORSYTHE 0 7200 BALS N 333 N' EUCLID at Midland University City PA. 0696 MOBILGAS MOBILOIL COMPLIMENTS OF HAN-DE SUPER SERVICE STATION The F0ruIn Washing O Lubrication I Tires Y, "Mau" 1VIcFarland Chas. Kunz 5 and 1013 Store H501 DELMAR BLVD. University City 5, Mo. Page Une lim 1' COMPLIMENTS of Wohlls 5 and 100 Store Millinery Hosiery Handbags Lingerie The Susie Shop "The Small Shop with Big Values" 6666 Delmar Blvd. SUSIE APPLE Manager University City 5, Mo. HARDWARE PAINTS APPLIANCES COMPLIMENTS OF Glaze Hardware, Ine. PA. 7173 DE. 5526 Clayton Garden 5745 DELMAR at GOODFELLOW Filling Station GOOD LUCK! BEST WISHES from North and South Road FROM A CLEANERS AND HATTERS FRIEN D We Pick Up and Deliver PA. 5413 624 NO. 8: SO. RD. Compliments 11: of Wg! 161 5 ffif-fs gi ..g,,,.f.i"f. 'Q ST-.LOUIS 3 H7 ': 1 : iv. gey4q5:!g tv In Ul'l19nf CO. Inc. Exclusive Juniors 918 OLIVE STREET Page Om: Hundred Six 8019 FORSYTHE BOULEVARD CLAYTON 5, MO. BEST WISHES! SIDNEY F RACER CO. 1216 WASHINGTON AVE. Compliments of Central States Paper and Bag Co. 5221 NATURAL BRIDGE COMPLIMENTS OF FASHION FABRICS FOR EVERY OCCASION Woolens, Rayons, Cottons, from America's Leading Mills . . . McCall Patterns to interpret today's fashions. Matue's 6639 DELMAR CA. 2169 Compliments of FROM A. Bernhardt and A Sons, Inc. BOOSTER 1208 WASHINGTON AVE. Page One Hu'-'adred Seven COMPLIMEN TS OF THE House of REPRESENTATIVES BEST WISHES FROM THE STUDENT COUNCIL -,,-, , , , M... .. - .-u-......fq- ,1 , Ten 'A' coop LUCK T0 THE BEST WISHES BML FROM 0- 0 Trl Y HPY 'A' COMPLIMENTS OF THE MOTHERS' CLUB SUCCESS To THE CONGRATULATIONS '49 DIAL and BEST WISHES PEN to AND THE CLASS OF '49 PALETTE , The Dial .staff a 1 L...n...E -A E 1 P',ge O Hu 4 FRIEDMAN B R O K AW 8: LESSER MEMBERS , NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE INVESTMENT AND MARGIN ACCOUNTS INVITED Statistical information Available Upon Request GAr5eId 5258 711 ST. CHARLES ST. ST. LOUIS, MO. Compliments of Compliments Spilker-Dorfmonb of Kravitz A FRIEND 1107 WASHINGTON AVE. LSQL 'VD JLLID 'H C0mPliments LHDIHNH 61799 SGNOH .LLHHDS EIDNVHHSNI f u 0 HHIEIAA W LLHIEIHUH uviem AHEIAQ pt-nosqoxd LUKI L. . 'Kes 01 QIQB sg ueux qusprud sql J 6991391917 IIB U05 Pug 3? II!-'W JO gpalaaloxd QQA 912 'noA saqgns siqnon HH Page One Hundred Twelve Thompson's 4666" Station Auto Repairing - Tires - Batteries Accessories - Specialties Painting and Dent Work Paul E. Thompson 7640 DELMAR BLVD. Compliments of C0-ED FROCKS, Inc. CAbany 1959 University City S, Mo. Compliments of KRANSON DRUG CO. 900 Purdue THE VARSITY SHOP 1949 Official Jewelers for Senior Graduates Hess and Culbertson Jewelry Company 826 OLIVE STREET ELMER SALZBERG AND ASSOCIATES 1119 WASHINGTON St. Louis 1, Missouri REPRESENTING: H. 8: V. BLOCK, INC., NEW YORK Manufacturers of Chi1dren's and Junior Coats NITE KRAFT CORP. OF NEW YORK Manufacturers of Pajamas and Gowns for Men, Women, Children Page One Hundred Thirteen Compliments of LANG-KOHN Inc. Makers of 5 2 0 R I G I N A L For the Junior Miss SOLD EXCLUSIVELY IN ST. LOUIS AT SCRUGGS-VANDERVOORT-BARNEY, Inc P O d d Fnurte As Years Go By. . . May the memories which our photographs recall be as cherished as our pleas- ure Was in making them. 91? LANGE STUDIO Temporary Address 7042 THOLOZAN Hlland 0986 O ANoTHER BOOK by CENTRAL CENTRAL ENGRAVING COMPANY DELMAR-HANLEY COMPLIMENTS OF Service Station - Paul's Barber Shop Joseph E, Fischer, Prop. Complete Road Service 7638 CANNON AVE' DE1mar 4800 Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. Saturd ys, 8:00 A.M. to 6.00 P.M. 7489 Delmar Boulevard Q55 Compliments of PA:UiL SACHS ORIGINALS 1136 WASHINGTON AVENUE ST. LOUIS, MO. One Hundred Sixteen The Fresh Milk Institute 1200 SOUTH SPRING AVE. St. Louis f10j, Mo. LAclede 3355 A Good Day's work requires a good night's sleep. If you haven't been sleeping as Well as you should --try this: Tonight and every night just before retiring, drink a glass of fresh pasteurized milk. It soothes the nerves and induces sound, natural sleep. Remember, a glass of milk at bedtime. TRY IT TONIGHT! Compliments ofp l i America's Favorite Classic Dress Manufactured by ALEX CARAFIOL, Inc. and sold by The Rendezvous of St. Louisans Garavelli's Restaurant DeBaliviere and DeGiverville 5ONNENFELD'S Books O School and Ofhce Supplies COMPLIMENTS Gifts OF Stationery H , Tgbineggd Ggliggg S Leather CO: Goods The Store of Friendly Service 6508 Delmar Blvd. Phone DE. 0898 414 NORTH TWELFTH ST. SC. Louis, Mo. Page One Hundred Sevente C ' Z. dm, SHOES WU . , In St. Louls S .95 at Famous-Barr Jolene Budget Shoe Dept Compliments Friend New Market Hardware "If It's Hardware We Have CORNER SARAH AND 4064 LACLEDIQ FR 1720 It age One Hundred Eigfneen P. k GLENN SCHWING Jac man and Sons WOOLENS AND Ph"t"g"aPhe" TAILOR'S SUPPLIES 7811 Carondelet Clayton, Mo. 618-20 NORTH NINTH ST. CA. 2472 St. Louis, Mo. ST. LOUIS INSTITUTE OF MUSIC Founded 1924 john Philip Blake, fr.-President William Heyne, Mus.D.-Director t A FOUR-YEAR COLLEGE Accredited lay the State of llffissouri and memlrer of National Association ot' Schools of Music. f NATIONALLY KNOWN-AN OUTSTANDING FACULTY Orchestral instruments taught by memhers of St. Louis Symphony Urcliestra, Students from 26 States, Fanada and Alaska this year. fBACI'IELOR OF MUSIC DEGREE IN 22 FIELDS-INCLUDING l'ianofI'iauo Teaching - llrganfYiolin4VoiCe-All Orchestral Instruments 7 Music EKIlIC2liIOIl',TI'It'0I'j' -Music History Literaturv-Coniprmsitiml. QOPERA DEPARTMENT-INCLUDING Preparatory Voice VVorkfIJictionfStudy of Operas and Stage Training. Also operatic coaching and acronlpanying. QTEACHERS' CERTIFICATES Rvcoiumencletl graduates in Music lfclucation certified to teach in high schools, fSPECIAL PRE-COLLEGE COURSES For students not prepared to do Music at follc-ge level. For catalog or further information call PArkvieW 5239, or write ST. LOUIS INSTITUTE OF MUSIC Bonhomme and Bemiston Avenues Clayton 5, Missouri coMPL11v1ENTs Skrainka Construction Co. OF 7173 DELMAR BLVD. WESTOY7ER I CAbany 0963 N NURSERY N I lltfjrenclable Paving Since 1853 l I :.-....s .,.. -- li Page One Hundred Nineteen .J 7 4 A o Compliments of THREE FRIENDLY FIRMS Gale-Sobel Gale-Rosenbaum Levin-Goodman ALL-cREAM G- C- REED ICE-CREAM DRUGGIST, Inc. 79 The GGPARKMUOR 7401 PERSHING AVENUE DELICIOUS We Deliver SANDWICHES CAbany 5050 CAbany 5051 Ph -F' ihi ' G ti Crd Piss alrlldSPZEcils ' regtgioneiy S YOUR Picture Frames FAVORITE Clayton Camera Shop BOOTERY Everything Photographic 9 17 N. CENTRAL AVE. S QWE DELIVER, PArkview 7731 Clayton 5, Mo. BEST WISHES FROM A FRIEND A MODERN FLORIST Flowers for Every Occasion Morton L. Wolfson 7245 DELMAR CA. 0038 NIGHTS, CALL . . . PA. 1336 6331 DELMAR CA. 2966 MQW WQ W 7 'lx Vw, il A 1 'gi-xt, ,P-. W" 'fp EI2-5:48. 335 -x':"vn- 'f'5'Qg,,"'.,...f"Cf'1'f""" f,,-nmmy: ,,:z1n1"'zQ'w-,ef , --111"'L ., rw, N -1 -va 491 A , . 11oLLY CARTR ANDYES C ESB FR Favorite varie- t i e s at their fresh, delicious best! Holly Car- ter Candies are made with fin- est ingredients, a c c o r d ing to hi h t l't g es qua 1 y standards. Try a Iwi toriw' . . . th- v're pt- mg y px . at 7700 Olive Street Rf-ad And other ABBP Super Mar? cts with l Holly Carter Candy Ftp: tmenis Pa e One Pluad 1.4. lljiilv - J' A Cappella ....,.A.... Advertising ...,....., Band ,.................,..........., Baseball ..................,.....,......,, ,,,,,.....,,,,.,.,,, Basketball Candids ,.................,,.,............ Basketball, VarsityfSophomore Camera Club .,...............,...................,........ Campus Leaders ...,..,... Candids ,..........,.............,....,,, Chemistry Club .......... Class Ciiicers .......... Class Poll ...........,,........... Class Sports .,..................... Commercial Club .........., CrossfCountry .....,................ Current Events Club ...,......... Dial Staff .,...............,......,....,,... Diary of U. Cityan .,.......... Excelsior Club ................. Field and Forest ................. Football, Sophomores ...l... Football, Varsity .......,.......,,...... French Club .,,.............. , ............,.,..... Girls' Athletic Association ..,........ HifY ,..., - .,..........,,......................,....,,...... Honor Pins ........,....................................,. Horseback Riding ....,.........................,,,,.,. House of Representatives, 1st House of Representatives, 2nd Index ....,.,....,.....,,,......... - .........,.,....,........ii......... Individual Sports ,,,............,,,.............. Juniors .....i........,................. Latin Club ...i.,.......... Leaders' Club .......... Math Club .,.............,,......,.....,. Crchestra i.........,,..............,............ Palette and Brush Club ,,,.......,. PenfinfHand Club ................... Pep Club ..................,.,..,........... Queens and Maids .......... Senior Play ................ Seniors ...................... Service Club ........ Sophomores ..............,....,........,,.. Spanish Club i................................... Stamp and Coin Club .............., Strut and Fret Club ............... Student Council, lat .... . Student C. wuncil, Tnd ......... Stud -nt Tators ..... ., ., Tabefna .,........,. 1. ., Torr om Stali Trat . ,junior .. . Track, L-Senior .,,... Tfilili' .. ........,.,....... mi Y irts ,,,,.. . 7 U .............Y 7 Page One Hun.'f"f V L r1ty't11J4" JL, olex I X W 1 21 9 ..........92, 93 , 102, 103 ,,,100, 101 74, 75, '76 1 22 ...........42, 43 .........94, 95 .,,,.....,17f41 .......,,.44, 45 3 .!dlftf0gl"6Ll0 6 UF, . if' LLLNA 33 A J ,, X514 7' an' I O T nyc 4 . 1 is fi . C7 , K ' N, x - , XX M' , , .!4uf0gl'6Ll0A6 45. J I. Qi I M gm Y X X 0 x If IJ Q 57 ff 35 xXS'f W EQQ XY N , X ,Wifi VW

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