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. - .L fl ' ' jffff , xngf . - K X' ' , , ,-,,, 1 - r . . , A J L gk 1 N3 as I ' f Q f QL' Wil , ' YM' " ' V -' .' ':faf,n,.,, .K f D, , :imma 5 W W E12 wh an ., X. A jf" 'iff www v f . N x?1,,,w5,x V V W I .Q G rw A ' N ' 'Y , 1 Af 'Z " ' , ,, K 1 f w .:A:.:,v A:,,: in , . A . f , 4 M, ,. M- M 'N ' J 7 H 4 '95 .Q- 5 f' A K Ja 'V fi ax, Aff 2, Q. M xv . f xv ,AK Y ff, 'f f ' . ,Z 5 ' . 3, A lv, li A, , , A i xy, 1 I X-, XL i if , K. , - 1 'K , 'K , f f gf 1 Via-4 'Q 'W 1 1 J --Qwageq 1 1 'f 1 fm , , Wm u , M W f N W ' s if ' 1. vu' fy? . 5' i, if .K X Q - . x . , V Q M L 4 , k M .iyh -. WH , . ,M 3 ., . v sf ,x , , ws, k W . - nn V 13, ,gif ,, fm' , Nz, g . W .- A - :K Z: -,ya -,fp fxfl' '. 44- - Jfwf A- 'gg V ' if W 1 , r X, Vbffgirzz 3,5 X A A f -4. 'S V ,IRI A,PQ,4,:5,j IM, S W ' 'T 465 f 1 5' 'w 2,05 , W- k ly1,.gNy - . j M ,ia Wifi ,iii V 4 1 QW, , A , " ilu ' 31 ' Km ang. A ', fp " it .gf , , A , , , . , , x . 1 -' 1 fl 1 :,X,..' ti' "- , Q -454 A 5+ 'afw' f -fi 1 4. X, nw 'ff . ' 1 fw ,uf -A , . t ,M .4 4. M M . . f - : at X gig VT, .I VM W Kfgff ,Tl 4' H 5 , gf, ., H' Q53 gui wf- W'-A- . ,-M ,xr E i . , , EXW i I 4- K? X ' 1 5 fl . 460k ,M ' 2.1. if ,gel f- ' 1 2, fffv' sl Q 4 , ' K "KAREN -W N , .., ' f 2 .Y 'f' i .Ny K . A. -1 V 1,11-. Ji 4' ,A Y L- -X' 4 ' , , if - Q, , X , Q, .fr ri? .nf wx, 2 2, 4 - N V X X Q' -9 EMA., . U gg, . 6 V' ' ' W Q A ' ' Q , R. L w I L 'am "'m,,'f ' f - v fa - f Q 4 8- ,, A 4. . -W ' 5 ' ,. I M ff? A 54' W if f 1 f . f sm, : 1 ,Qi , X 1, -h R A f , .f f . A ' V ' 9L..'f1f Q ,X ' AK .f 'T 'I 1-4 1 'iff ' I I 5 Us H X ' g is .yas . Y he if 5 A , M -' V . Sr., li ff fi 'lf' X 5 K X 0 " ' Y. My 1 f ' A Q fi . ' an ' , ' 5 a - Q ' ' . - . Q I K Q . N if 4' if! 2 'iid Q f Q- A n. 2 ' 1 .1 gf 'N I ' 1 'E ' f 'W V Q ' -, fn 5 N 1 . Q ,Q LA . r 'f . K ,ei - I 2: I , I4 , - R V .un 1. ' if f 1 is 'W ' ' fi ,-'- , iff 1 .1 Q , ' ,Y Wm. 12 Q gy, W f Aw vm wvvff.. .iiwww .,h . - s I 6 . -N.x ' Y gpqf, 4. ti s. X I' ' . mi' if 5 '01 A , x 51 4 ' 1 '. ' A v W " 4 0 , ' H ' 4 '.- . Q ' NN 3 - N, -. M - af. . K-ar A t -. 1'-. "' A ' A ' I' Q fx' ,w-hz. I , 3, A 6 ,. Q A , , , 4 ,M5'A" W Q . ' .2 Ax. " J 1,5 'SQVV '55 ww N ' x YW K N i R 'Q K l Q 34' 'yt LV if ' ' f Q A i, b JA 1.4, - 1- "f - :Hr Q.. ,- ' . ,,-its dxf' iris, J., L-iisfybx .Av N f- 'Y 5WifK.'!, ' 'A .' V A Q .wg kv A a Mya! ,E N595 'V ' 'gn ..s ." Q: P' , gg. . Qf,?' fQ ,c 51 kid 'sw ii -M -f . an-ln. . lgxb . x 3 xkaw Q. h 'A " . X1 Av f Q 4 g Y'-1 "" A, Bl. ' ,yn Y -' q " ' . ai PM ' ' ' if faag, Q- , vii 4 7 V515 gf- "Lf" if 1 1 we kg W if 'f Q 1 Wa-W5-g,g , Q, 'Q - X M a - -A ,r N - ' 1b',Z '?? as . If ,g .7El i :Va . 'L xx . 1 'n if Q f 'A if 'MAH W' 1 W- 'ff f' , 4 3' N A... A J, X ' i"KQ1.'5 'Hs' W 's'xv 1 Y I as VL xv Wg xx' 4 fx' f H avg? , M 1-e ' 'M .WMMVMMRWYLNNHuwhluFW M13 11 'd1m1lIF'BlLM','flHWWImlEW1lJVl"1WIb1!W1dI!II!I1IIlJ11NMM NUM-'lI'W1!lM,I4IM HIT4dbHHWdiMW1'1I!2'M MILHMJWJN' JW1WHTliiH1h'M'ifiH!l-I' " 'l4lN?12fl'lll5ilE?K'lL,w UM-' J , REACHING HEAVENWARD ARTHUR GALE RUNALU MALT MARY ANN Sc ALAN KUHN JUDY WEINER SUE BIRK IHAEFIER Editorial Board Business Nlanagcrs Circulation Manager mia! kr W inefeen goffgrflgkf This, the Dial for 1948 published by the students of University City High School, records, in pictures and in words, many of the activities of our students in classes, clubs, and athletics throughout the school year of 1947 and 1948. Wi TPM ,Nm N-2 ,. .? Q4 5 Q ,'b b , . . ,lt ww NK af: X I' S AN F , A 5 , 5 3 Q 6 3 1 . I f ,Q r JM 1 J' ' 5 gi M wi., xg Y an x 'F P 4. mx I ,ig S 3 x 2 5 E 2 K 1 5 . Q 2 , 3 3 f ? Q 3 i 5 1 5"H-Sb-Q..,k jg 3 , , ' Q I "' A 1, , ,d Q X X f X xi . ,Qi N 335 , Fx., Y 1 M-L.. ,, 2 3 XR X., P Pi 3 :1 f W4 , an . gr .N RQ is Q K' xx a - 1 M NJ Y lil g :X K X X . . N 1 0kC6l,i86! To the students in Europe We dedicate this Dial of 1948 in the hope that through a rehirth of learning they may secure for themselves and the generations that follow them essential freedoms to which all men are entitled. Schools in which the fundamental doctrines of truth and morality are reasserted, provide the only way hy which minds warped and distorted through years of terror and fear can acquire clear, wholesome channels of thought. We at University City High School, although removed from scenes of devastation and ruin, cannot, upon ohserving the plight of young men and women of our own age, hut value more dearly our privilege and right to attend puhlic schools schools disassociated from any faction or partisan group, offering us only knowledge and lessons in group living. yt 0 Z' x Q b. , ng his -Q.. ' . K Ya, Q ' in 4. i 'Q 8 ,fu K 1 V H F t A 2. 1 sw xhffff . .TQ A 3 w si i1iLfi?, KF ' e X ' E W? Q1 A 'fl is L my 4,4 Q . 'X 31.1 fn ,MK an Lf 1.3 M VX., , 5 , N v w ski., him, E , Sfaff ,sm 4 I . - 6325 Y HQ 4 PN 5 f ' :JF C .N Q 'K'- . yi Q 4. R fr? Ha 1. ,. J VL kv- , I ' . 52575 i Q gg E 2 1 . -,. W- r 1'- W fs Ki ?i,,ggj,gi'gf,fyfQ f " f 5 K A WJ ,.egln-nmrw ,gg Vi., Pwmif w - H15 .911 id Qrcler VIEWS ADMINISTRATION CLASSES SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMORES CLUBS ATHLETICS BOYS' SPORTS GIRLS' SPORTS ADVERTISEMENTS F .ii WM 0 rv 5 x Zig DR. jlruus E. WARREN Supcrintcndcnt nf Schools, University City Dartinoutli Cwllcgc, AB. Colinnliia University, lVl.A. Boston University, DSC. in Education Nwrllicastcrn University, LL.D. MR. j. E. BAKER MR, W. E. KETTELRAMP Assistant Principal Ccntral Vvfcslcyan, AB, UniversityufCl1icagu, A.M. Director nl Guidancc History Principal Drury Cullcgc, AB. lliiivciwity ul' Cliiuagu, A,lVl. Miss MARY' l'lAMIL'I'UN Assistant Principal Vv'asliingtun University, PLB, Columlwia Unix'ci'sitv, A.lvl. Dean ul Girls Sponsor of Dial English .fdolminidfra fion, Page 'Ten Mr. McKee, Mr. Barrow, Mr. Hope, Mr. Kettlekamp. Miss McCombs, Mr. Russell, Miss Barnidge. Mr. Dennis, Mr. Chambers, Mr. Dunham. Miss Hammond, Miss Briscoe, Miss Abbott. CLCM f MR. ROBERT H. RUSSELL Missouri State Teachers College, B.S.: Univerf sity of Missouri: Columbia Universityg Wash' ington University, A.M. . .Chairman of History Department MISS MARTHA BARNIDGE Washingtinn University, AB.: A.M. . . Sponsor of Current Events Club MR. CAVE BARROW Westminster College, A.B.g University of Mis' souri, A.M.: VVashington University MR. H. HAYS HOPE Westminster College, AB.: Washington Uni' versity, A.M. . . Sponsor of HifY Club MR. VJ. E. KETTELKAMP Central Wesleyan College, A.B.: University of Chicago, A.M. MISS HAZEL MCCOMBS Stephens College: University of Colorado: Uni' versity of Wisconsin: University of Missouri B.S. MR. HOWARD MCKEE University of Iowa, A.B.g University of Chi' cago: University of Missouri, A.M. , . Sponsor of Pep Club MISS LAURA H. BRISCOE Washington University, B.S.: A.M. . . Com' mercial MR. F. R. CHAMBERS Cornell College, A.B.: Iowa University, A.M. . . Sponsor of Camera Club: Diversified Occu' pations: Cofordinator MISS DOROTHY ABBOTT University of Nebraska, B.S.: M.A. . . Com' mercial MR. HOWARD DENNIS Maryville State Teachers College, B.S,g Univer- sity of Missouri, A.M. . . Industrial Arts MR. A. T. DUNHAM Missouri School of Mines, B.S. . . Mechanical Drawing MISS EDITH HAMMOND Washington University, A.B.g A.M. . . Chair' man of Commercial Department Mrs. Gottlieb, Miss johnson, Mrs. Farrar, Miss Hamilton, Mrs. Boclenhafer. Mrs. Keyes, Miss Flint, Miss Bowers. Dr. Rist, Miss Gonzalez, Miss Rothschild. Miss Wolfner, Miss Donnelly. C-acufly MRS, MARGARET G. FARRAR Western College, A.B,: University of Chicago: W'ashington University, A.M.: Chairman of English Department . . Sponsor of Pen-in'I'Iand MRS. EDITH BGDENHAFER University of Utah. A.B.: University of Kan' sas, A,M, . . Sponsor of Excelsior MISS WANDA BOWERS Southeast Missouri State Teachers College, B.S,1 Dramatics . . Sponsor of Strut and Frei MISS VJILDA FLINT Drury College. A.B.1 University of Missouii A.M. . . Business Sponsor of ToinfToin MRS. AUGUSTA GCTTLIEB University of Kansas. AB.: University ol' Chicago MISS MARY HAMILTON Washington University, AB.: Golunihia Uni' versity, A.M, . . Assistant Principal: Sponsor of Dial MISS MARJORIE HARRIS Vs7ashington University, A.B.: A.M. . . Sponsor of TomfTom MISS MARGARET F. JOHNSON Washington University, AB.: A.M, MISS HELEN MARY DONNELLY Washington University, A.B.: A. M. . . Senior Sponsor: Sponsor of Societas Glassicalisz Latin MISS MARIE GONZALEZ Washington University, AB.: A.M. . . Sponsor of Spanish Club: Spanish DR. WALTER RIST Washington University, A.B.: A.M.: Pl1.D. . . German MISS RUTH W, ROTHSCHILD Washington University, A.B.: A.M. . . Sponf sor of TomfTomg Spanish MISS BESSIE j. WOLFNER lvfilwaul-ceefDowner College, A.B,g New York University, A,M. . . Sponsor of Student Goun' cilg Sponsor of Le Cercle Francais: French Page Eleven Mr. Goldberg, Mr. Reissen, Mr. Harmon. Miss Stamper, Miss Bleeks. Seated: Miss Wzitts, Mr. Schemmer, Miss Manley, Mr. Ochs, Miss Dicus Standing: Mr. Muhl, Miss Robison, Mr. Turbeville, Miss Kagan. Page Twelve C f CLC!! MISS JUSTEAN BLEEKS University of Illinois, B.S.g Columbia Univerf sity, M.A. . . Art MR. JAMES HARMON Southeast Missouri State College, B.S, Ed.: State University of Iowa, M.A. MR. JOHN LANG University of Dubuque, B.A.3 University of Iowa, M.A. . . Orchestra Leader fSecond Se' mesterj MR. O. H. RIESSEN Northwestern University. B, Mus. . . Director of Instrumental Music MR. NORMAN A. GOLDBERG University of Illinois, B,S.: M. Mus. . . Orchesf tra fResignedj MISS MARY KAY STAMPER CulverfStockton College: University of Mis' souri, A.B.1 University of Michigan, A. M. . . Director of Vocal Music MISS HELEN MANLEY Wellesley College, A.B.q Columbia University, M.A. . . Supervisor, Physical Education MISS VIRGINIA DICUS Missouri Teachers College, B.S.: Columbia Uni- versity, M.A. . . Physical Education MISS EUNICE KAGAN Washingtivn University, A.B. . .Sponsor of Tabernag Dance MR. CLARENCE A. MUHL Penn College: University of Illinois, B.S. . . Sponsor of Tribe MR. LILBURN M. OCHS University of Michigan. B.S. . . Sponsor of Tribe MISS LOUISE ROBISON University of Iowa, B.S.: University of Michif gan, M.A. MR. H. E. SCHEMMER University of Missouri, B.S. . . Sponsor of Tribe MR. T. L. TURBEVILLE Southwest State Teachers College, B.S.: Univei sity of Colorado . . Sponsor of Tribe MISS VIRGINIA LEE WATTS University of Missouri, B.S.: University of New York, M.A. . . Sponsor of U. Club Miss Mittclherg, Miss Haack, Mrs. Foster. Miss Lischer, Miss West. Mr. McKinney, Mr. Conyers, Miss Alberici, Mr. Strehlman, Mr. Craig. Miss Bruns, Miss Steicleman, Miss Howard, Miss Turner. C-6tCM,!fy MRS. RUTH FOSTER Southwest Missouri State College, A.B. MISS FLORENCE HAACK K.S.A.C. College, B.S. . , Chair Economics MISS HELEN LISCHER Office Secretary MISS WILMA MITTELBERG University of Illinois, B.S. . . Ca Manager MISS MAURINE WEST main of Home feteria William Woods College: Missouri University, B.S. . . Sponsor of TrifY MISS LELIAETTA BRUNS Washington University, A.B.g A .M. . . Chair' man of Mathematics Departmentg Senior Spon- sor. MISS ALICE ALBERICI Washington University, A.B,: Columbia Uni' versity, St. Louis University MISS BESS HOWARD RandolphfMacon, A.B.g University of Chicago, A.M. MISS LU LU TURNER Missouri University, A.B.. A.M. . . Sponsor of Mathematics Club MR. WALTER C. STREHLMAN Central Wesleyan College, A.B.: Washington University, A.M. , . Chairman o partment: Physics MR. REX CONYERS Vkfarrenshurg Teachers College, sity of Missouri, A.M. . . Biology MR. R. CLEMENT CRAIG f Science De- B.S.: Univei Northeast Missouri Teachers College, B.S.: Mis' souri University, A.M. . . Chemistry MR. LEO E. MCKINNEY Southeast Missouri State College, B.S.: Mis' souri University, A.M. . , Chemistry, Sponsor of House of Representatives MISS MARY J, STEIDEMANN University of Illinois, B.S. . . Biology Page Thirteen Q., f Q-gigiiilszikfz A i SESAM is E Siena 1 -ffiiifflixf A 1--M igw - N- -nw, . ,k.- Q. i '43 Kam S50 A F . . E i mi -J NF? X. . - ff-SNS' . S- X A I QV A G xy! .qi:,4.TLI2:'e . 'N bil' added It was Shakespeare who said "'Tis the mind that makes the body rich." just so in our classrooms at University City High School, each new period of the day brings to our minds treasures of wisdom which man has painstakingly assembled through the centuries. Through vocations, mathematics, and sciences, through language, arts, and histories we are being equipped to take our place in the community. It is by the acquisition of knowledge that we shall be able to preserve our way of life, for democracy can exist only in an educated socif ety. In the classroom consideration and regard for others is a requisite. Prejudices and castes are laid asideg respect is won only through worth and ability. CLITLIULLJ 01,261 el"5 CHARLES MOSS ARTHUR GALE AL UHLMANSIEK ARLAN COHN President, Student Council Chairman, House of Representatives Student Government President, Student Council Treasurer, Senior Class President, Senior Class CofEditor, Dial CINNY ARTHUR MARY ANN SCHAEFER RONALD MALT Vicefpresident, Senior Class CofEditor, Dial Editor, Tomffom CofEditor, Dial JUNE LAUGHLIN BOB MORRIS Chairman, House of Representatives Editor, Tomffom Secretary, Senior Class Harvard Book Prize Page Eighteen 0l'l'Ll'l'l2l'lCOI'l'lel'lf Processional .............. ............. U NIVERSITY CITY CONCERT BAND Invocation .............. .............. RA BBI J. R. MAZUR Class Oration ................ ............... A RTHUR GALE JUNE LAUGHLIN Piano Solo .............. ............. J ANET SIEM Class Oration ......v.................................... ................ BC B MORRIS Presentation of the Class to the President of the Board of Education ..,............... J. E. Presentation of Diplomas ...,.,........,............................................ BAKER, PRINCIPAL DR. WILLIS REALS Recessional ............. ........... U NIVERSITY CITY CONCERT BAND Gale Arthur Laughlin Moss Page Nineteen Page 'Twenty ABRAM ALPORT ARTHUR AUGUSTIN A. BARIS L. BARIS GINNY ARTHUR Work is victoryg wherever work is clone, victory is obtained. Sr. Class VicefPres. 45 Student Council 4 Secyg House of Rep. 3 Sec'y5 After School Sports 2, 3, 44 Leaders' Club 2, 4 Sec'yfTreas.5 Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Pres.5 Operetta 25 Individual Sports 2, 3, 4: Bowling Club 3 Treas.5 Student Tutor 3, 45 Service Award 35 U Club 3, 4 Vice'Pres.: Honor Pin 3. DON AUGUSTIN Only the artist carries his happiness with him. LOIS BAKER Silence is golden. ARTHUR BARIS A little nonsense now and then Is relished by the best of men. Baseball 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4g Camera Club 25 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Strut and Fret 3, 4 Treas. ANDER SON BAKER BARRY eniora ALAN ABRAM For he's a jolly good fellow. Intramural Softball, Football 2. LOUISE I. ALPORT As likeable as lockable. Spanish Club 25 35 Horseback Riding 35 Service Club 4 Service Awarclg Senior Play 45 TomfTom Business Staff 45 Dial 4g Pen in Hand Club 45 Taberna 4. HELEN ANDERSON As merry as the day is long. LEE BARIS He gives of quiet comfort like the warmth of a hor stove. Strut and Fret 3, 4 Pres.: Camera Club 25 Senior Play 45 A Cappella 45 Service Club 45 Operetta 4. ANNE BARRY What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to Humanity. Clayton Highg Evanston Township High, Evanston, Ill.5 French Club 4. BARBARA BOYD BASSETT Picturesque speech and patter. John Burroughsg Pep Club 3, 43 Strut an-d Fret 3g Taberna 3, 43 Tom-Tom 43 Office Messenger 43 Honor Pins 3, 43 Dial Staff 43 Operetta 4. FAYE BASSINSON She does not vow a friendship, she performs it. LEONARD BECKER Upright as an exclamation point. Track 2, 3. GLORIA RUTH BECKMAN It does one good to know her. Spanish Club 25 Horseback Riding 33 gepbClub 2, 3, 4g Badminton 4g Service lu 4. MAXINE BERGER A smooth, easyfgoing girl. JOAN RUTH BEST The Best is always good enough. Archery 2, 43 Art Club 43 Volleyball 2. SUE BIRK She has a lot of freight on her train of thought. House of Rep. 3 Sec'yg Student Council 4, Social Chairmang Dial Stall' 3, 4 Cir' culation Mgr.3 Taberna 3, 4g Student Tutoring 3, 4 Assistant Chm.3 Oper- etta 2, 4g Honor Pins 2, 3, 4g Schoenf thaler Award 33 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Aff ter School Sports 2, 33 Service Club 43 Leaders' Club 43 Service Award 4. JOAN BIRKE An actress who paints pictures with words. Lawrence High School, Lawrence, New Yorkg TomfT0m 2, 3, 45 Dial 3, 43 Serv- ice Club 3, 4 Service Awardg Senior Play 3, 43 Strut and Fret 2, 3, 4 Pres.3 Leaders' Club 2, 33 Tennis Club 3, 43 Spanish Club 23 Taberna 4g Current Events Club 4. JOAN BIRNBAUM Eyes and hair of black. . 1 eniord LOWELL BLACK "Slugger" House of Rep. 23 Tribe 2, 3, 43 Football 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 4. ALLAN JERRY BLOOM I was determined to know beans. Soldang Football 23 Current Events Club 4. PAUL BOOKER Work for some good, be it ever so slowly. A Cappella 4, Treas. LEVJIS BOOTH By many happy accidents, he graduates. MARY ANN BORDING I have immortal longings within me. Archery 23 Basketball 2: Dance Concert 3, 4g Senior Play 43 Art Club 2, 3. MARY ANN BOWMAN Blond hair and blue eyes, which all of us prize. 5 i E 1 I BASSETT BASSINSON BECKER BECKMAN BERGER BEST BIRK BIRKE BIRNBAUM BLACK BLOOM BOOKER BOOTH BORDING BOWMAN Page Twerityeone BETTY BROCKSCHMIDT BOXER BOYER BRANDT BRAZNELL BROWN BROWNELL JERRY K. BRAZNELL Gee, it's great to be half alive. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, Track Z, 3, 4, Tribe 3, 4. 3, 4, In each cheek appears a pretty dimple and on her lips a smile. Swimming 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Archery 2, 3, 4, Badminton 2, 3, 4, Hockey 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, Volleyball 2, 3, Leaders' Club 2, 3, House of Rep. 4 Social Comm. BETTY BROWN As sentimental as a valentine. Art Club 2, 3, 4, Strut and Fret 3 Pres., 4, Taberna 2, 3, Senior Play 3, 4, Op' eretta 2, Archery 2, Tennis 3, 4. Page Twentyftwo BRADLEY BROCKSCHMIDT BRUCE eniora SALLYE BOXER Lifes no better if we hurry and worry. ROBERT BOYER I have no mockings or arguments, I witness and wait. SHIRLEY BRADLEY I graduate with pleasure. JOAN BRANDT She can talk on and on, and on. MARY ELIZABETH BROWNELL Her ways are quiet, but silence is eloquent. Hockey 2, Tri'Y 2, 3 Treas., 4 Sec'y, Pep Club 2, A Cappella 4, Operetta 21 Student Tutorinc 4. HAROLD BRUCE, JR. He has his feet hrmly planted in the clouds. Baseball 2, 3, 4. WM. FRANK BURGGRABE, JR. I only ask for information. Beaumontg Oak Ridge High, Track 3 Chemistry Club 3 VicefPres. ERNEST BYRNE Every man has a temple to build, called his body. Football 3, 4g Wrestling 4g Baseball 2, 3, 4. ESTHER CHANGAR She gets around like a spiral staircase Latin Club 23 A Cappella 3, 4g Basket ball 4: House of Rep. 4. BEVERLY CHAZEN Kindness is produced by kindness. NANCY JANE CHEAK "And just what is your major maladjustment7" Blewettg Pep Club 3, 4, Taberna 4, Aff ter School Sports 33 French Club 4. DALE COHEN Time is but a stream in which I go fishing. GERALD COHEN The bearing of this observation lies in the application of it. Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 4g Wrestling 4g Math Club 4. GERALDINE COHEN Having a wonderful time. Taberna 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 35 Dial Business Staff 2. ARLAN COHN Qualities that promise success. TomfTom 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 4, Math Club 3, 4: Current Events Club 43 Honor Pins 3g House of Rep. 4 Sec'yg Student Tutor 3, 43 Student Council 4 Pres. eniord STAMATINA CONDOLEOS Pleasant thoughts of her will be left behind. Tennis Club 33 Service Club 3. BOB CORNWELL Great hopes make great men. HifY 3, 4: Stamp Club 2, 3, 4. BOB COUSINS What can a man do but be merry? ELLEN DALY 'Tis when Irish eyes are smiling- IOE DAVIDSON Life is fretted away by details, simplify, simplify! Wrestling 3: Track 2: Baseball 3, 4. PEGGY DAVISON Peg of our hearts. Student Council 43 House of Rep. 31 After School Sports 2, 3, 4g Student Tutor 4g Leaders' Club 3, 4 VicefPres.g Pep Club 2, 4: Senior Class Nominat' ing Comm. 4: Jr.fSr. Prom Comm. 3. BURGGRABE BYRNE CHANGAR CHAZEN CHEAK D. COHEN G. COHEN G. COHEN A. COHN CONDOLEOS CORNWELL COUSINS DALY DAVIDSON DAVISON Page Twenty-three DAY DOLL DRAIN DREWES DRIBBEN I DRILL DROZANSKY EDELMAN EDELSTEIN BERNARD W. DREWES I love a broad margin to my life. Brooklyn Technical High School. RENEE DRIBBEN Why bother? EDWIN L. DRILL Every day has its pleasures and its joys. Chess and Checker Club 2, Wrestling 3, 4, House of Rep. 4. BEATRICE DROZANSKY Cheerful and courageous. Excelsior 3. Page Twenty four eniora TED DAY Unbroken happiness is bare, it should have its ups and downs. Cheerleader 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4g Tribe 4. BEVERLY DOLL "Oh, you beautiful Doll!" Operetta 2g Leaders' Club 21 A Cap- pella Choir 3, 4. MICHAEL DRAIN If he can't see the bright side of a. thing, then he polishes the dull one. Shortridge, Indianapolisg House of Rep. 3, 4, HifY 3, 4. CAROLE EDELMAN Sweet and Lovely. Latin Club 25 A Cappella 45 After School Sports 3. STANLEY M. EDELSTEIN He has the ability to bite of more than he can chew, and then chew it. Football 2, 3g Baseball 2, 3, Golf 4g Honor Pins 2, 3, 4g Student Tutoring 33 House of Rep. 3g Math Club 3, 44 Current Events Club 4 Pres. DAVID EDSON The word "impossible" is not in my dictionary. Football 2: Math Club 3, 4g Honor Pins 3, 4. JANE EDWARDS Her heart is young and gay. DORIS ANN EHRHARDT Girls will be girls. TrifY 23 U Club 3, 4 St. of Armsg Pep Club 2, 3, 4: After School Sports 2, 3, 4: Service Club 23 Leaders' Club 2. MARY JANE EICHELBERGER 'ASmile" is my motto. Blewett Highg Cleveland High3 After School Sports 4. FANICE EISNER Calm, resourceful, capable, true. Blewett High: Student Tutor 3: Span' ish Club 33 Latin Club 23 Senior Play 3, 43 After School Sports 4g Honor Pins 33 Pep Club 2. CHARLES A. EKWALL 'You can feel the twinkle of his eyes in his handshake. Football 23 Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Art Club 43 Track 2. CLAUDIA ELIAS Transferred. EVELYN EMERT The best is yet to come. GEORGE E. ENGEL Rather than love, money, or fame, give me truth. KING ENGEL Aye, every inch a king. Math Club 3, 43 French Club 4g HifY 3, 4. FRED S. ENGEL Not many faults, but makes the most of them. Football Mgr. 23 Camera Club, 3, 4. eniord GLORIA FAY Glory to Gloria! Swimming 3, 43 Badminton 3, 43 Arch' ery 4: Bowling 3 Team Capt., 4: Riflc Club 3, 4g Basketball Team 33 Baseball Varsity 3: Hockey 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Volleyball 2, 3, 43 Baseball 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 4: German Club 3, 43 Service Club 33 TrifY 2, 3. DAVID A. FELT Without music life would be a mistake. Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4g Marching Band 2, 3, 4. MARY LOU FELTMEIER A merry twinkle does she have. U Club 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 43 Tri'Y 2, 3: Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4. LARRY FENNERTY That he may be ready-in case of anything coming up. Football 23 Track 2, 33 Bowling 2g Tribe 3. if gf EDSON EDWARDS EHRHARDT EICHELBERGER EISNER EKWALL ELIAS EMERT G. ENGEL K. ENGEL F. ENGEL FAY FELT FELTMEIER FENNERTY Page Twentyffive .1 of 1 FICK FINE FISHER FOSTER FRAGER FRANKLIN MYERNA JOY FISHER If its in a hook she knows it. Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Taberna 3, 4: Palette and Brush 2, 31 Honor Pins 2, 3: U Club 41 Student Tutoring 3, 4, After School Sports 2, 3. GENE FOSTER Deeds speak louder than words. Band 2, 4. KAY JEAN FOX Shes definitely O.Kay. Taberna 2, 3, 4g Spanish Club 2, 3g Archery Zg Tennis 3: Dial Business Staff 23 Senior Play 4: Operetta 2, 43 Service Club 4. JEROME FRAGER Trijies make the sum of life. Marching Band 2, 3, 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Bowling 3: Baseball 2, 3, 43 Spanish Club 4g Intramural Basketball 3. Page Twentynsix FINK FOX FRANZ eniora WAYNE E. FICK I wear the chain Iforged in life. Football Mgr. 2, 3, 4g Basketball Mgr. 2g Baseball Mgr. 2, 3g Wrestling 3, 4- Tribe 2, 3, 43 Baseball 4. MARY FINE Her smile is something with which you can find your way home. Soldan. MARILYN BEE FINK I'll yind a way or else I'll make one. Withrow High, Cincinnati, Ohiog Pep Club 4. ARLENE AUDREY FRANKLIN Happy go lucky. Pep Club 2, 49 Leaders' Club 23 Op' eretta 45 Individual Sports 3. ALOYSIUS N. FRANZ That man is 'richest who finds pleasure in simple things. RITA FRANZ 'Those eyes, that hair, that face, that girl. HARRY W. FREEMAN What is a gentleman but his pleasure? St. Louis University High. CHARLES FREMDER Theres method in my madness. Baseball 2, 33 Math Club 3, Latin Club 2, 3g Bowling Club 33 Student Tutor 3. BARBARA FRESE An individual individual. Pep Club 41 Cheerleader 4. SEYMOUR FRIEDMAN He admits there are two sides to every question, his own and the wrong side. BEN FROHLICHSTEIN His mind is equal to any undertaking he puts alongside of it. Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 3, 4, Foot' ball 2g House of Rep. 3, 4g Bowling Club 2, 3, Honor Pin 3. PHYLLIS FROMMEL Eyes of fire and dew, eyes of darkest hue. Horseback Riding 2, 3, 4g Operetta 2, 4, A Cappella 4. WALTER FUSSNER His idea of a perfect day, ls less work and more play. ARTHUR GALE The understanding to direct, the hand to execute. Basketball 2, 33 Math Club 3, 45 Cure rent Events Club 2, 3, 4 Pres.g Cicero' nians 2, Latin Club 3: Jr.fSr. Prom Comm. 3: House of Rep. 4 Chairmang Student Council 4g Dial 3 Business Mgr., 4 CofEd.g Senior Class Pres, 4g Honor Pins 2, 3g Student Tutor 3, 4. eniorei BOB GAYLOR As merry as the day is long. ALLAN GALLUP They can who think they can. Football 2, Track 2g Camera Club 2, 3, 4. LAVERNE GASMER She'll never let a conversation lag. JOHN GASSNER .Quiet and composed, what he thinks nobody knows. BETTY GAUNTT Pretty, prettier, prettiest. ANITA BARBARA GELBER She has more than a smile,-it is a sonata in three movements. Spanish Club 25 Excelsior 2, 33 Leaders' Club 2, 3, 4g Service Club 3, 43 House of Rep. 3g Student Council 4 Sec'y. i l 1 FRANZ FREEMAN FREMDER FRESE FRIEDMAN FROHLICHSTEIN FROMMEL FUSSNER GALE GAYLOR GALLUP GASMER GASSNER GAUNTT GELBER Page Twentyeseven GINSBURG GOLDBERG GOLDSTEIN C. GOODMAN GORDON GORELICK ADRIENNE GOLDSTEIN Happiness is a habitsacquire the habit. Phillips High School, Birmingham, Ala' bamag Senior Play 4. CAROL LOU GOODMAN Dancing, dancing, dance along, Singing, singing, good clieer's song. MARJORIE ANN GOODMAN Words would be superfluous. Spanish Club 25 After School Sports 3, 4. JAMES BERNARD GORDON Doesn't he tell a story well? Soldan Highg A Cappella 3, 45 Horse' back Riding 3. Page Twenty-eiglit GOLDENBERG M. GOODMAN GORHAM eniom FRANK CINSBURG A man of boundless energy. Rifle Club 35 House of Rep. 2, 3, 45 Excelsior 2 Pres.5 Track 45 Operetta 45 A Cappella Choir 3, 4. ARTHUR GOLDBERG 'There is a purpose in his activity. Baseball 25 Student Tutor 45 Math Club 3: House of Rep. 4. MITCHELL ERWIN GOLDENBERG No worry, no hurry, just life as it comes. Current Events Club 2, 3 Pres., 45 Wrestling 3, 45 House of Rep. 35 Hon' or Pins 2, 3, 45 Student Tutor 4. ROCHELLE JEWEL GORELICK A faithful friend is the medicine of ife. Soldan High, Leaders' Club 2, 35 A Cappella 35 Operetta 4. BILL GORHAM I like workg it fascinates me. I can sit and look at it for hours. Football 25 Track 3, 45 Wrestling 35 A Cappella 45 Operetta 45 Tribe 4. LARRY GREENBERG What is the use of worrying? JOYCE GREENFIELD Her spirits are always going up the stairs, two steps at a time. Pep Club 23 Spanish Club 2. MARIAN GREENWALD He who sings frightens away his ills. Soldan High3 Operetta 2, 43 Strut and Fret 3 Sec'y, 43 Senior Play 3, 4 Ass't Directorg Singing Concert 33 House of Rep. 43 Service Club 2, 3, 4. RALPH GROSBERG There's a good time coming, boys, a good time coming. LEO A. GUENZBURGER Let each man do his best. Latin Club 2, 33 Bowling Club 2, 3g Current Events Club 4. NORMAN HALL None but himself can be his parallel. DORIS HAMBURGER She lets her light shine without turning the spot on herself. U Club 3 Sec'y, 43 Leaders' Club 23 Student Tutor 33 House of Rep. 33 Stu' dent Council 4g Operetta 23 After School Sports 2, 3, 43 Swimming 33 Pep Club 2, 33 Honor Pins 3, 4g Dial 3, 4. ELISE HAMPTON The mysterious authority of beauty. Leaders' Club 33 Student Tutor 3, 43 Honor Pins 33 U Club 3, 43 After School Sports 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club 3g A Cappella 3, 43 Marching Band Ma' jorette 3, 43 Pep Club 23 Taberna 4. WILMA HAMPTON Opportunity knocks for every man, but a woman vets a ring. MARIAN HANGGEE Not all redfheads have tempers. JACK SMITH HARRISON Happy go lucky fellow at work or la P y, A grin on his face, a will in his way. Football Mgr. 2, 3, 4: Basketball Mgr. 2' Track Mgr. 2, 3, 4: Wrestling Mgr. 3, 43 Tribe 2, 3, 4. eniord LOIS HARPER What shall I do next? House of Rep. 2, 43 Individual Sports 33 Intramural Sports 3. BEN L. HARTLEY Good in abpearance, better in action, best in service. Student Council 3, 4 Treas.3 Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 23 Track 2, 3, 43 Wres' tling 33 Tribe 2, 3, 4. LUCY HEIMAN 'True to her work, her word, and her friends. Softball, Hockey, Volleyball, Basket' ball 2, 3, 43 Tom'Tom 2, 33 Pep Club, 23 Swimming 23 Honor Pins 2, 33 Operetta 2: Taberna 2, 3, 4 Sec'y: U Club 3, 4 Treas.3 Student Tutor 2, 3, 4. MARILYN HEIMAN A good sport. Honor Pins 3, 4: U Club 3 Treas., 4 Pres.g Taberna 3 Sec'y, 4 Treas.3 Lead' ers' Club 23 Hockey, Basketball, Vol' lev ball 2, 3, 43 Tom-Tom 43 Student Tutor 3, 4. GREENBERG GREENFIELD GREENWALD GROSBERG GUENZBURGER HALL HAMBURGER E. HAMPTON W. HAMPTON HANGGEE HARRISON HARPER HARTLEY L. HEIMAN M. HEIMAN Page Twentyenine HEINZ HEITMAN HENRY HEARSH HIPPENMEYER HIRSCH Page Thirty WILLLIAM HENRY Look before you leap. DAVID HEARSH Happy medium of fun and worlq. JEAN HILLMAN It's a pleasure to know her. Blewett Highg Pep Club 2. TOM HIPPENMEYER There is great ability in knowing how to conceal one's ability. Football 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 45 Honor Pins 2, 3, 4, Tribe 2, 3, 43 Missouri AllfState Track Team 3. HELMAN HILLMAN HOCHMAN eniord SHIRLEY HEINZ Her thoughts are wise, her words are few. DON HEITMAN A man to be depended on. Excelsior 2, 3 Pres.g TomfTom 45 Dial 4g Camera Club 4. GLORIA HELMAN The cautious never err. Pep Club 2, 3g Leaders' Club 4g Tennis Club 3. BERNARD HIRSCH Deeds speak louder than words. DON HOCHMAN I try all thingsg I achieve what I can. House of Rep. 3. 4: TomfTom 2. 3, 4g Current Events Club 45 Stamp Club 2, 33 Student Tutor -lg Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. STANLEY HOFFMAN Life is to be fortified by many friendships. HARRY LESLIE HOFFSON Where Il1CTC,S music, can there be mischief? Concert Band 2, 3, 4g Marching Band 2, 3, 4g Track 2, 3g Football 2g Chess and Checker Club 2g Dance Band 2, 3, 4. LEWIS HOLMAN Always ready with a friendly smile. TOM HORNBEIN It is what we think and what we do that makes us what we are. MARY ELLEN HOWARD As freshing as a day in spring. NANCY HUCK Many a woman who can't add can certainly distract. BILL HUGHES A happy lad is he, Full of personality. NORMA HYATT A smile as contagious as a yawn. Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Pres.g Pep Club 2g House of Rep. 4. HMIRVHNJR. Efficiency such as his is a rare quality. JOANN JOHNSON Pretty as a picture, and nice frame, too. Cheerleader 2, 3 Capt., 4: Pep Club 2, 3 VicefPres., 4g Leaders' Club 2, 4 Pres.g French Club 4g Taberna 3, 4g After School Sports 2, 3g Student Council 45 House of Rep. 33 Jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3g Operetta 2: TomfTom Writing Staff 3g Honor Pins 2g Service Award 4. eniord ANDYJONES Few can surpass him. Tribe 2, 3, 45 Football 2, 3, 43 Basket' ball 23 Track 2, 3, 45 House of Rep. 4. JIM JONES Look thou not down, but up. Basketball 2, 3, 4g Track 2: Hi'Y 2, 3, 4. JANET KAHN She talks like a revolving door. Swimming 3, 43 Horseback Riding 3, 4. PRISCILLA KASSEBAUM She has the warmth of true friendliness. Operetta 2: Student Tutor 43 Music Concert 33 Honor Pin 3. ART KATZMAN Subtle as an avalanche. Bowling Club 2, 34 Track 2, 3, 41 Cam' era Club 3, 45 German Club 2: Strut and Fret 2, 3. ,S M HOFFMAN HOFFSON HOLMAN HORNBEIN HOWARD HUCK HUGHES HYATT IRWIN JOHNSON A. JONES J. JONES KAHN KASSEBAUM KATZMAN Page Thirtyfone KAYMAN KIRCHNER KIRSCH KLAUBER KOHN KOLB WOLFF M. KIRSCH A mathemagician. Baseball 2, 3, 43 Ciceronians 2g Wresf tling 43 Math Club Sec'y 3, 4g Art Club 3: Senior Play 41 Honor Pins 3, 4. KATHERINE KLAUBER Give my regards to Broadway. Hockey 2g Pep Club 2g Student Tutor 3, 43 Pen in Hand 3, 45 Strut and Fret 33 Spanish Club 4g Current Events Club 43 Senior Play 3, 43 Service Club 3, 4g Service Award 41 Tom'Tom 2, 3, 41 Dial 4, Art Club 2, 3g Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. MERRILL MONROE KLEARMAN Work and achieve, and thou hast chained the wheel of chance. Current Events Club 21 Math Club 3, Spanish Club 43 TomfTom 3g Dial 3g Student Council 41 Baseball 33 Honor Pins 2, 3, 4g House of Rep, 4 Vice' Chmn. Page Thirty two HOENIC KLEARMAN KREMER eniord EUGENE KAYMAN 1'm not lazyg just full of little rests. Track Zg Ciceronians 2g Concert Band 2, 3, 4g Marching Band 2, 3, 43 Swing Band 4g Wrestling 45 Football 3. LOIS RUTH KIRCHNER Her thoughts, her words are gentle. Blewett High. SHELDON W. HOENIG The boss. Marching Band 2, 3, 4g Concert Band 2 3, 4: Senior Play 4g Wrestling 3, 45 Math Club 4. JOANNE KOHN Foot loose and fancy free. Art Club 23 Spanish Club 2, 3 Presg House of Rep. 3: Math Club 4: Student Tutor 31 Honor Pin 23 Service Club 3, 4: After School Sports 2, 3. NANCY KOLB ,Silent countenance often speaks. Pep Club 2, 3g Art Club 4 Treas.g Arch- ery 2, 3g Swimming 2, 3. ALLAN KREMER Nothing was ever achieved without enthusiasm. CHARLES LACEY Keep up appearances whatever you do. Football 23 Track 2, 3, 41 Cross Counf try 4. DORIS LAMBETH Those endearing young charms. FRANK LANG The world belongs to the energetic. SAMMY LARNER What I aspired to be And was not, comforts me. Bowling Club 2, 3, 4: Rifle Club 33 Curr rent Events Club 43 Golf 2, 3, 43 Tribe 3. JUNE E. LAUGHLIN Her service to all of us has created a warm spot in every heart. U Club 3, 43 Pe Club 2, 3, 43 Student Tutor 2, 3, 43 Cgperetta 23 A Cappella 43 Student Council 3, 43 Honor Pins 2, 33 Varsity Hockey 2, 3, 4: After School Sports 2, 3, 43 Senior Class Sec'y 43 House of Rep. 4 Chmn. GLEN LIEBIG The educated toe. Football 2, 3, 43 Tribe 3, 4. VIVIAN LIEBIG We are gathered to thy heart. THELMA LENDING As jubilant as a flag unfurled. TomfTom 2, 3, 4g Dial 33 Taberna 4: Pep Club 43 Pen in Hand 45 Honor Pin 33 Horseback Riding Club 2, 3 Pres., 43 Operetta 23 Senior Play 4. AUDREY LEVENTHAL The will is the thing. Archery 41 Spanish Club 43 Latin Club 2: Student Tutor 4: Honor Pins 3, 4. RUTH LEVINE She who laughs, lasts. Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Horseback Riding 2, 3: Senior Play 43 Leaders' Club 43 Taberna 2, 3, 43 Strut and Fret 4: Hon' or Pin 3. eniora ELEANOR SHIRLEY LEVY Theres an indehnable charm about her. Dial Staff 3: Latin Club 23 Archery 43 Honor Pins 3, 4. ESTHER M. LEVY Sure to find her place in life. TomfTom 2, 3, 4 Circul. Mgr.: Pep Club 2g Service Club 43 Bowling Club 3, 4. JACQUELINE LEVY Many a true word is spoken in jest. JOYCE T. LIEBERMAN An individualistic individual. Strut and Fret 3. JACK LINDNER The world is a wheel which will come round right. LACEY LAMBETH LANG LARNER LAUGHLIN G. LIEBIG V. LIEBIG LENDING LEVENTHAL LEVINE E. S. LEVY E. M. LEVY J. LEVY LIEBERMAN LINDNER Page Thirtvfthree LIPS LITE LONG MACKENSEN MALT MANDEL MARION MARTIN MCCLURE MARY LOU MACKENSEN Worry is a stranger to me. RV 7:-,. RONALD A. MALT He is capable of imagining all, arranging all, and doing all. Dial 2, 3 Comm. Cbmn., 4 Co-Editor: TomfTom 3 Assoc. Ed., 4 Editor: Math Club 3, 4 Vice'Pres., Pres.3 Service Club 2, 3, 43 Service Award 3, 43 House oi Rep. 33 Student Council 43 Honor Pins 2, 3, 4: Baseball 23 Bowling Club 23 Pen in Hand 3, 4g Student Tutor 3. JOYCE MANDEL Oh, this learning--what a thing it is! Dial 33 Tennis 3, 4. KENNETH MARION Real worth requires no interpreter. Dial 43 Baseball 2, 33 Wrestling 43 Tom' Tom 4, Honor Pin 3. Page 'Thirty four eniord NANCY LIPS She is the type of girl who has vim, Varga, and vitality. American Institute, Cochabamba, Bo- livia, S.A.3 Villa Duchesneg Leaders' Club 4. BERNICE LITE The two noblest things, which are sweetness and Lite. Honor Pin 3. JOYCE LONG Sincerity is the keynote to her personality. Pep Club 2, 3, 43 After School Sports 2, 3, 4g Individual Sports 2, 3, 43 Stu' dent Tutor 33 Service Club 4g U Club 4g Taberna 43 Bowling Club 3, 4g Ten' nis Club 3, 43 Leaders' Club 2. --ug ROBERT M. MARTIN A personality that makes friends, a loyalty that keeps them. Football 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Tribe 3. 4. CLIFFORD F. MCCLURE, IR. He has acknowledged the plaudits of a cheering crowd. Tribe 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 4: Basket- ball 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 43 House of Rep. 2, 3g Service Award 3, 43 Concert Band 23 Marching Band 23 Student Council 43 Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Jr.fSr. Prom Comm. 3g Chmn.3 Student Tutor 3, 4. JIM MCCREADY He can laugh with the jolliest and work with the busiest. Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Drum Major 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4. HELEN MCKINNEY She creates a big blonde pressure. JANE AUSTIN MCKINNEY A comfortable humor that tickles without scratching. After School Sports 2, 3, 4: U Club 4: Honor Pin 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: TrifY 2: Leaders' Club 2: Individual Sports 2, 3, 4. CELESTE MEYER Perpetual emotion. Horseback Riding 2: Strut and Fret 4: Senior Play 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Op' eretta 2. DOLORES MILLER She attracts like a magnet. Clayton High. MENLA MILLS Gracious as the dip of a dancing wave. Central High, Omaha, Nebraska: Hirsch High, Chicago, Illinois: Taberna 3, 4 Pres.: French Club 3, 4: Math Club 4: Leaders' Club 4. MARILYN ELISE MIRAVALLE Always does her best. Strut and Fret 3,4: Excelsior 2, 3: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Dial 4: Honor Pins 2, 3: Archery 2: Badminton 2: Senior Play 4- TrifY 3, 4: Taherna 2: Latin Club 2. EVA MITCHELL 'True to her work, her word, and her friends. Tri-Y 2g Tom-Tom 4. JOAN MITLEIDER Eyelashes that could sweep the cobwebs from any manls heart. MARCIA A. MOEHLE A friendly heart has many friends. Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: TrifY 2, 3: After School Sports 2: 40 Piece Band 4. Q 1 eniord Bos MOHME The reward for a thing well done is to have it done. Tribe 2, 3, 4: HifY 2: TomfTom 3, 4 Sports Ed.: Football 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Student Tutor 4. STANLEY MOORE That man of distinction. Tribe 3, 4: Honor Pin 3: House of Rep. 3, 4. ROBERT EASTIN MORRIS Reading maketh a full man, confer' ence a ready man, and writing an exact man. Student Council 3, 4: TomfTom 2 News Ed., 3 CofEd., 4 Editor: Hi'Y 2, 3 Vice' Pres., Pres, 4: Latin Club 3: Current Events Club 4 VicefPres.: Pen in Hand 3, 4 VicefPres,g Honor Pins 2. 3, 4: Harvard Book Prize 3: Service Club 2, 3, 4: Service Award 3, 4: Student Tu' tor 4. DAVE PAUL MORRISON He adds color to the campus. A Cappella Choir 3, 4: Football 2. DON MORROS Hitch your wagon to a star. Operetta 2: Music Concert 3: Palette and Brush 2. I 1 I I I I 1 4 4 i MCCREADY H. MCKINNEY 1. MCKINNEY MEYER MILLER MILLS MIRAVALLE MITCHELL MITLEIDER MOEHLE MOHME MOORE MORRIS MORRISON MORROS Page 'Thirtyfjive MORSE C. MOSS MUELLER MURCH NELSON NISSENBAUM DONA MUELLER She doeth little kind-nesses. Dial 2, 3, U Club 3, 4, After School Sports 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2: Taberna 2, 3, 4, Tennis 3, Swimming 3. JAMES SINCLAIR MURCH 'Youll find us rough, sir, but you'll find us ready. Football 2, 3, 4, Wrestling 3, 4, Intra' mural Basketball Z, Tribe 4, Honor Pin 3. ALEXANDER MYLONAS An air blase, a careless walk, Much sauoir faire, a lot of talk. Ciceronians 2, French Club, 3 Treas., Latin Club 2, 3 Pres., 4, Senior Play 4, Tennis 3, 4, Honor Pins 2, 3, 4, House of Rep. 3, Student Council 4, Pen in Hand 3, 4, Current Events Club 4, Dial 3, 4, Student Tutor 3, 4, HifY 3, 4. LYNETTE NELSON Music hath charms and so hath the musician. House of Rep. 4 Sec'y, Student Tutor 2, 3, 4, U Club 3, 4, After School Sports 2, 3, TomfTom 2, 3, Orchestra 4, Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. Page Thirty six R. MOSS MYLONAS OERTLI eniom BUCKNER MORSE "The Smile," Track 2, 3, Wrestling 4, Concert Band 2, 3. CHARLES RAYMOND MOSS The people's choice. Marching Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Operetta Orchestra 2, Inter' lochen Scholarship 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 4, Tribe 3, 4, Serv' ice Club 4, House of Rep. 3, Student Council 4 Chmn., Senior Class Treas. RUTH MOSS As reassuring as sunfup. Office Messenger 2, 3, Archery 4, Bad- minton 4. JERRY NISSENBAUM I was a Boy Scout untill was 15, then I became a girl scout. Strut and Fret 4, Senior Play 4, A Cap' pella 4, Operetta 2, 4, Service Award. CHARLES OERTLI Great Expectations. Hi'Y Z, 3 VicefPres., 4 Treas., Pres., Football 2, 3, Basketball 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Band Z, Tribe 3, 4, Student Tutor 4 Chmn., Dial Staff 4, Honor Pins 3, 4, Service Club 4, Student Council 4. MARILYN BLANCHE OLLANIK Good nature without disguise. Tom'Tom 3, 4: Leaders' Club 3: Serv' ice Club 3, 4: Strut and Fret 2, 3: Bowl' ing Club 3, 4: Individual Sports 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Pen in Hand 4. MARILYN DEE OLSCHWANGER As dated as a buttonhook. Bowling Club 4: Horseback Riding 2: Operetta 2: Golf 2, 3, 4: Leaders' Club 4: Service Club 4: After School Sports 4. MIGNON JOY ORENSTEIN I won't give up the job until it's done. March Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Taberna 2: Dance Band 4. KATHY OWEN A light heart lives long. TrifY 2: Bowling 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Tennis 2, 3. ELAINE PEARLSTEIN Ambition knows no rest. DON PELSUE A man in earnest finds means, or else creates them. HifY 2, 3 Sec'y, 4 Pres.: Art Club 2, 3 Pres.: French Club 3, 4: House of Rep. 2, 3: Student Council 4: A Cappella Choir 4 Pres.: Operetta 2, 4. PATT POE Adds much to whatever she does. TrifY 2 Sgt. at Arms, 3: Band 2, 3, 4: Swing Band 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4. JERRY POLINSKY He has the type of mind you can sharpen your own on. Operetta 2, 4: Senior Play 4: TomfTom 3 Sports Ed.: Track 2: A Cappella Choir 4. DICK PORTER W'it makes its own welcome. Basektball 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: I'Ii'Y 3, 4. HERSCHEL PRICE Why frown? It's easier to smile. TomfTom 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 3, 4: A Cappella 4. eniorri SANFORD RABUSHKA Facts and figures, put 'ern down. Basketball 2: Current Events Club 2, 3: Math Club 3: Spanish Club 4: Student Tutor 3, 4. WAYNE RANSIN We have two ears and only one tongue in order that we may hear more and speak less. House of Rep. 4: A Cappella 3: Track 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2: Operetta 2, 4. GENE RAPPERPORT Skill plus brawn plus brains equals Gene. Tribe 3, 4: Wrestling 3, 4: Camera Club 2: Current Events Club 4: Student Tu' tor 4: Swimming 2: Tennis 4. BOB RICH I hear a charmed life. MIRA RITTER A merry twinkle has she. TomfTom Business Staff 2, 3, 4: Serv' ice Club 4. OLLANIK OLSCHWANGER ORENSTEIN OWEN PEARLSTEIN PELSUE POE POLINSKY PORTER PRICE RABUSHKA RAN SIN RAPPERPORT RICH RITTER Page 'Thirtyfseven ROBLEE ROHLFING ROSEN ROUFA RUBENSTEIN RUBIN HAROLD ROSEN He gets his mental exercise by jumping at conclusions. Current Events Club 2, 3, Baseball 2, 3, 4g Wrestling 3, 4. GERALD RQUEA Ah, why should life all labor bel BOB ROVICS To be awake is to be alive. BEVERLY LEE RUBENSTEIN As genuine as a thumbprint. Bowling 2g Swimming 25 Tennis 3, Op' eretta 2g Senior Play 4g Taberna 2, 4, Excelsior 2 Attend. Sec'y, 43 Dial 4g After School Sports 2, 4. Page Thirty eight RONSICK ROVICS RUDOLPH eniorri ELIZABETH ROBLEE What will be, will be wellg for what is, is well. Pep Club 2, 35 Pen in Hand 3, 4 Pres.: Taberna 4: Student Tutor 43 Tom-Tom 4: Operetta 2. MARY ALICE ROHLFING While we live, let us live. St. joseplfs Academy. SHIRLEY A. RONSICK The rare prescription of brains, beau' ty, and personality perfectly com- pounded. House of Rep. 3, 4g Student Council 4: Honor Pin 2: U Club 3, 4: After School Sports 2, 4: A Cappella Choir 3, 4g Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 43 Student Tutor 3, 4. HOWARD RUBIN He is always damefdreaming. Senior Play 4g Cperetta 4g Wrestling 3, 4. KEITH RUDOLPH He is a leader of men and a follower of women. Football 2, 3, 4g Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4g Cheerleader 3g ,lr.fSr. Prom Comm. 33 House of Rep. 33 Student Council 45 Senior Play 49 Tribe 2, 3, 4. BYRON D. SACHAR Personality plus loyalty are companions to intelligence. Math Club 3, 4g Baseball 2, 3, 4g Tom- Tom 2, Tribe 3, 4. JOAN SAPPINGTON One of the best. PAULA JOY SAX Vogue on the outside, vague on the inside. Operetta 2, Horseback Riding Club 2, 3 VicefPres.g Swimming 2, 3. LOIS LEE SCALLET Who knows the answer? A Cappella 3, 4g Operetta 2, 4, Pep Club 2g Horseback Riding Club 2, 4. MARY ANN SCHAEFER Everything is possible to her. House of Rep. 3, Operetta 25 Leaders' Club 21 Dial 2, 3, 4 Editor: TomfTom 4, Pep Club 2, 3 Sec'yfTreas., 4 Vice' Pres.g After School Sports 2, 3, Honor Pin 4: Service Award 4. ELAINE SCHNEIDER Merit is worthier than fame. HAROLD SCHNEIDER Little grains of sand make the mighty beach. Strut and Fret 2, 3 Vice-Pres., 4g Bowl' ing Club 2, 3, Senior Play 45 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 4, Spanish Club 2. JOYCE E. SCHOTT Ambition knows no rest. Honor Pins 2, 3, Student Tutor 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 4, U Club 3, 4 Sec'yg Tom' Tom 3, Dial 4, Varsity Sports 2, 3, 4. FAYE SCHUMAN Takes all things calmly. Latin Club 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 4g Individual Sports 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 39 Leaders' Club 4. ELMYRA SCHWARZ A friendly heart has many friends. Taberna 3, 45 Excelsior Comm. Chmn. eniorri MYRON S. SEELEY The march of the human mind is slow. House of Rep. 3: Hi-Y 2, 35 Operetta 2, Track 2, 3, 4, Cross Country 2, 3, 45 Tribe 3, 45 French Club 4. HAROLD SEIDEL There are three faithful friends - an old wife, an old dog, and ready money. JOAN SERTIER And that's not all, a musician, too. NANCY JANE SHARP Her charm causes a crisis in our vocabulary. A Cappella Choir 3, 4 Vice-Pres.g U Club 3, 4g Pep Club 3, 43 Student Tutor 43 Operetta 2, 4, Taberna 4, After School Sports 2. ALAN SHERMAN We know what we are, but not what we may be. SACHAR SAPPINGTON SAX SCALLET SCHAEFER E. SCHNEIDER H. SCHNEIDER SCHOTT SCHUMAN SCHWARZ SEELEY SEIDEL SERTIER SHARP SHERMAN Page Thirty-nine eniora WILLIAM GILBERT SHOSS Few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Baseball 2, 3, 4, Tribe 3, 4g House of Rep. 3, 4 VicefChmn.g Latin Club 3, Bowling Club 2, 3g Intramural Basket' ball 2, 3, 4, Messenger Service, Student Council 4. HARLENE SHUCART The joy of life is living it. Operetta 2, Leaders' Club 2g Pep Club 2 SHOSS SIMPKINS SNYDER JANET SIEM "It came from organ." SHUCART SIEM M, SMITH N. SMITH SOBELMAN SOLOMON the heart of the Page Forty TrifY 2, 3 Chap., Treas., 4 Pres.: Op' eretta 25 A Cappella 4g Pep Club 2, 3. BEVERLY SIMPKINS Quiet, but steadfast. MANNY SMITH Whatever you have, spend less. Ciceronians 23 Tumbling 2g Honor Pin 3. NANCY LEE SMITH Dance, ballerina, dance! Taberna 2, 3 Pres., 4: Operetta 2, 4, Senior Play 3, 43 Strut and Fret 4g A Cappella Choir 3, 4, Leaders' Club 3, 4g Honor Pin 3. OWEN SNYDER Knowledge is power. JEANE SOBELMAN Jeanie with the light lrrown hair. Spanish Club 2: Leaders' Club 31 House of Rep. 3g Student Council 45 Excelsior 2. DONALD A. SOLOMON Where more is 'meant than meets the ear. Orchestra 2, 3g Operetta 2g Stamp Club 2, 3, Bowling Club 3, 4g Math Club 3. HUBERT R. SOMMERS Music I cannot but give way to, whatever my business is. Track 2, 4, Football 2, Dance Band 4, Orchestra 4, Marching Band. JEAN SORBIE Light of step and heart. Tri-Y 3, After School Sports Dance 4, Chorus 3. JERRY L. SOSNA Silence is as deep as eternity, Speech as shallow as time, Math Club 3, 4. NANCY LEE SPARKS Known for her friendliness. Tri-Y 2, 3, After School Sports 2, 3, Chorus 3. NORMAN STEINBACK Illan is the merriest species of the creation. Track 2, 3, 4, House of Rep. 4. I -..L , 2, 3: ANNA GRACE STARK Real worth speaks for itself. Bowling 2, 3 Pres., A Cappella Choir 3, 4, After School Sports 2, 4, Operetta 2, 4. BILL STEINGRABER A good line is the shortest distance between two dates. Football 2, 3, 4, Tribe 3, 4, Track, 2 3, 4. GLORIA STEINKE Loyal and ever true. After School Sports 2, 3, 4, Leaders' Club 3, 4, Pep Club 4, Operetta 2, Tri' Y 2, 3, Dial 4. DONALD M. STERN Knowledge is power. Math Club 3, 4 Pres., Senior Play 3, 4, TomfTom 4: House of Rep. 3, 4, Cam' era Club 4, Operetta 4. FRANK CLAYTON STIERS I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul. Honor Pins 2, 3, Wrestling 3, Messenf ger Service 4. a eniora JERRY STOLIAR He has a swivel tongue in his mouth. Blewett High, Cross Country 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4, Bowling 2, 3, Student Tutor 4, Strut and Fret 2. BETTY STAMOS Laugh and the world laughs with you. VIDA STRAUSS Friendly toward all. A Cappella Choir 4, Dial Staff 2, 3. LOIS ANN SUDHOLT Sunny as a summers day. U Club 3, 4, After School Sports 2, 3, 4, Operetta 4: A Cappella Choir 3, 4. PATRICIA B. SYLVESTER Wonders never cease. Tri-Y 2, 3 Sec'y 4: A Cappella 3, 4, Operetta 2, 4: Pep Club 2, 3: Leaders' Club 2, Dial 2, 3: Tom-Tom 3. 'Pl E. ki SOMMERS SORBIE SOSNA SPARKS STEINBACK STARK STEINGRABER STEINKE STERN STIERS STOLIAR STAMOS STRAUSS SUDHOLT SYLVESTER Page Forty-one VZ! eniora LOIS TORGOVE Raven hair and eyes like sloes. Soldan Highg Chess and Checkers Club 25 Dial 3g Operetta 2. MARGARET TEBBE Can't help liking her. ARTHUR THOMPSON What he does is done well. ' TORGOVE TEBBE A, THOMPSON M. THOMPSON TISCHLER SMITH TOBIN TOLMAN TUCKER MARY THOMPSON A girl of many talents. Soldan Highg TrifY 23 Leaders' Club 3, 4g Intramural Basketball, Volleyball, Baseball 2, 3, 45 Archery 3g Badminton 33 Tennis 33 Pep Club 3. GENE TISCHLER Mowdesty keeps him behind the scenes. Operetta 4g Senior Play 4. LEXIE JEAN TOLMAN DEAN SMITH Makes the best of every situation. Cartoons, cartoons! My hobby is Calvin Coolidge High? Cl3Yt0n High: cartoons, TrifY 35 A Cappella 4g Tennis 3. Math Club 3, 4g Current Events Club 4g Art Club 3, 4g Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. NORMA J. TUCKER PAT TOBIN Blondie! She Speaks for herself. TfifY 2g U Club 3, 45 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. Page Fortyftwo ROBERT P. TUCKER To err is human, to forgive is divine. House of Rep. 3, 4: Senior Play 3: Operetta 2 CofStage Mgr. RONALD THOMAS TUCKER Out of too much learning comes madness. Football 2, Track 25 Wrestling 4: Tom' Tom 2: Latin Club 2. ALBERT LOUIS UHLMANSIEK A hard worker, a fine fellow, everyones friend. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Tribe 2, 3, 43 Student Council 3, 4 Chmn. Soc. Comm.g jr.-Sr. Prom Comm. 3: Hi-Y 23 Operetta 2: A Cappella 3: Boys' Ensemble 3: Serv- ice Club 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 33 Pep Club 3. VALMA WAGNER She's constant to a purpose. Horseback Riding 2. EILEEN VJALDMAN A mind of her own. JOAN WALDMAN A girl definitely pinuptuous. Spanish Club 3, 43 Pen in Hand 4: Service Club 4: Leaders' Club 4. BETTY JEAN WALKER One whom all admire. Pep Club 2: A Cappella Choir 4. CHUCK WALKER On the Held! On the floor! On the track! Tribe 2, 3 VicefPres., 4: House of Rep. 2, 3g Student Council 45 Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Base' ball 2, 3, 4. BILL WALKER A jest breaks no bones. Football 2, 3, 4: Tribe 4. PEGGY A. WALLS To live should mean to serve. Leaders' Club 2, 3: After School Sports 2, 3: A Cappella Choir 3: Operetta 2, 4: Pep Club 2, 33 Tri'Y 2, 3. , ,i . Y IE " 3 s Q r- -: 4. .V , A 1 1 4' i . ew- . ' 'ir hx Q in r iii, , i- ...po '- f:-.rx .' ' ,f Wiki, ,Q ., 1.35 I J., Q , - . ..,. ,. . eniora BETTY WATERS Life is a great adventure. MARILYN WEBB Care is an enemy of life. House of Rep. 4. SHELLY WEBER She adds color to the campus. NANCY WEEKE Leaves no stone unturned. Cheerleader 2, 3, 4 Capt.: House of Rep. 3, 4 Treas.g Leaders' Club 3 Sec'y, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: After School Sports 25 Football Queen 4: Student Council 4. CAY WEINEL Seldom seen, seldom heard, you can always trust his word. Golf Z: Student Tutor 3: Honor Pin 3: Wrestling 3. . r I X 5 B iff X: i." '!ii.i 2-EQ. R. P. TUCKER R. T. TUCKER UHLMANSIEK WAGNER E. WALDMAN J. WALDMAN B. J. WALKER C. WALKER B. WALKER WALLS WATERS WEBB WEBER WEEKE WEINEL Page Fortyfthree eniorei JUDY WEINER Pretty as the picture she paints. Student Tutor 3, 43 Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Service Club 3, 41 Service Award 4: Senior Play 4g Dial 4 Bus. Mgr.g Art Club 3g Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball 2. BERNARD WEITZMAN I make the most ofall that comes, and the least of all that goes. Math Club 3: Spanish Club 4 Pres.g Current Events Club 2, 3 Pres.: Track 35 Student Tutor 2, 3, 4g Honor Pin 3. BETTY WELLS High in our esteem. WEINER WEITZMAN VJELLS WERNER B. WHITE P, WHITE WIELANSKY WIESELMAN WILSON ALVIN WERNER The right action at the right timeg the right man in all places. Blewettt Highg Intramural Basketball 3: Dial 4. BARBARA WHITE Sets her mark high. ROSELEE WIESELMAN PATRICIA A. WHITE Woyk and play do mix Deeds, not words. Strut and Fret 21 Intramural Hockey 3g Chorus 4g Archery 3, 4g TrifYg Oihce Messenger 3. KEN WILSON He possesses friendliness in its NORMAN WIELANSKY highest form. He seems to find his greatest joy Cross COUNTY 2, 3, 45 Tf21Ck 2, 3, 45 In being just an average boy. Tribe 2, 3, 4. Page Fortyffour Johnnie's warm smile and friendly hello will always remain with the class of '48 to whose activities his remarkable personality added a wealth of emotion and humor. MARGIE WILSON I speak for myself. PAUL WILTON Quiet, muscular, and selffcomposed. LOIS WINDSOR A merry heart doeth good like a medicine. A Cappella 43 Leaders' Club 3g Pep Club 25 Art Club 4g Archery 2, 3, 4: Swimming 2. ANN WITTELS Who said so? BARBARA WOODCOCK Still waters run deep. MARILYN YAFFE A merry glance, a merry heart. Blewett High: Pep Club 3: Spanish Club 3g Tennis Club 3. ILEANE YAWITZ She has the comforting ability to make a molehill out of a mountain. Spanish Club 2: Leaders' Club 2: Honor Pins 2, 3, 45 House of Rep. 3: Student Council 4. eniora HARRIETT DOLORES YOUNG The superior woman is slow in her words and earnest in her conduct. Taberna 4g Math Club 4: Pep Club 25 TrifY 23 Student Tutor 4. JOAN YOUNG A smile for all. PAT WILLIS Now here, now there. TrifY 2, 33 Horseback Riding Club 2. MARVEL ZELLINGER We think she is MARVELOus. Volleyball Z3 Taberna 3: Spanish Club 2. JACK HASKELSON A man of the world. ROLLIN WILLIAMS With pleasure! S. ALAN WETZEL "I shall return"-and he did. Baton Rouge High: Football 2: Track 2, 4: Baseball 2, 43 Basketball 25 House of Rep. 2, 4g Tribe 4. JAMES LOCHHEAD He rattles on-like his carl I I x in RE l lffl I eeIct.e lls. . I fi 1 WILSON WILTON WINDSOR VVITTELS WOODCOCK YAFFE YAWITZ H. YOUNG J. YOUNG WILLIS ZELLINGER HASKELSON WILLIAMS WETZEL LOCHHEAD Page Fortyffiue linssunl, Mznrlw, B, liulm, Levy, Klcznwxlznl. lmwiw. Hmwluxl. 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Kornfelcl, ll2lI'l'lS, l.s-win, llulnillon, llungcs. lierzirml. l.iln':icli. -liivolix, llolliinfler, liolmlswnrtli, lmxxia, Kmgln, 4iol1ll1ci'g, 4ii'ee11lrel'g, Hale, Konini llonmlnmn, LL-vy. llzunptrm, l,ipnizin, llzill, Kell, lloliefeiigi-r, Kinton, Hill, llellerinl, llol'ziCkt'r, Holslnizin, Haut, l.:in1li, hlzicoln, Hr:-enspoon, 421-illnls, llvnry, Kzuwll l,loy1l,, lllick, Kling, Golrlstein, Klein, Kimlwcll, iiilluln, llotfnlzin. lrelznicl. Kreialnzin, lmliilisteivi. lliken, Kreiclnnmi, Kxitl. s-, 14241.-:B Page Fortyfcigllt Q Es Q , , E 8 W WMNHw,w WWMMWMMW yr M-wwniimawwww M.Mw.w x 5 Q 5 3 . E . ,I l S i V 1 wu- ., Lsqj Xklvml, Tnmzxrkin, VV. Vlfomls, VVeiustock, 'l'l1un1113on, XVQ-Qtmx, ll. XNMIH. XN'right, XN'ollT, Trigg, Via, VV1'is, VVzxsserm:m, NYi11l:-rulrux. Weissnmn, 'l':1ylor, Walters, VVallznch, 'l'ol'lc, Wiclaxmi, Zierclmer, Widmlrzxm, 'l'lmm:u, Wngm-r. Turken, Zetclner, VVcinel, Young, Vllnlsll, xvilfftfl, XYerner, Zimme-rmrm. S. Mzxrguluus, Siegel, Roos, Salzlmerg, Rulmsllka, Sievers, Palmer, Schnlugcr, H. Mull, Mueller, Struif, IH-ixzlcr, Stn-inlmum, A. 3l:l1'g1llmlS. Rogers, Nllllll, Sleingrnlrcr, Suffer. Sclminlzlatl, Sutter, Mzlrrnmnt, Sherman, Mcliilxlmn, Miserocchi, Stein, Nlarimm, Stehle, Struuslwurgvr, Mzlkovsky, Rcynolmls, Ncwmzxrk, lhnrker l':1ln1vr, Miclrvl, Pierce, Marsh, Schwartz, lllzxrnmn, Slmpiru, Sigolotf, Stn-inlmlf, Ruth, Nicmuellcr, l':n'n:1s, Stzulin, Milln-r, Spurga-mr, Smith Xlultin, .lntl1cS. Vznuk, l'op1u-, Sllrznlz-r, A. Moll, Ili Pruspuru, Preiss, Schreiner, Mcliinney, Usxerlmlm, Scherer, Nluhlc, llultin, lknppus, M1-yer, Silvvrmzm, Szmclcrs, Rnzcpcr, Siegel, Slmefer, l'vnrlinv:, Schnicwler, Xlorgxmstern, SL'lllCYlI!g6l', Soc-hcl. Ra-znik, Stn-ln, Rusculmum, Sustuzm. it lik: Q Page Fnrtyfwrim' 'Q M X1 1 way ' 'dum ' -.Ii'i.i:Z'fiase - . , :S J' Qs: mf? sg 531 'w 'vi K ArougA Our .fdcfiuifiezi In various clubs and groups which meet after school hours a student has an opportunity to meet with other students whose interests are parallel to his and to pursue more extensively courses, hob' bies, and activities under faculty supervision. Here latent talents, personality, and life's ambitions can be cultivated and brought to the fore. Extra cur' ricular activities not only benefit the student but develop the school as a whole by bringing to it a cooperative spirit and a number of versatile groups and organizations. Charles Moss President A......... Vice-President ..,....... Secretary .......,.. Treasurer ....... Sponsor ....... .szwlenf Kounci Aside from its usual services to the student body, the Student Council of the first semester sponsored a clothing drive for high school students in Eurpe. Plans for developing the north side of the campus into a recreational area were begun. In place of the customary Ice Breaker dance in the fall to encourage Sophomores to attend school functions, a new Gakinaninimiag dance was successfully instituted. The Football dance, also sponsored by the Council, climaxed a sucf cessful football season. Selling of bus passes and hook covers was part of the usual Council activities. OFFICERS ....l....Charles Moss ..........Arthur Gale ...,,......Ginny Arthur ...........,Ben Hartley Wolfner First Semester Student Council Rudolph, Klearman, Pelsue, Morris, Malt, McClure, Mylonas, Kohn. Yawitz, Birk, Ronsick, Miss Wolfner, Gelber, Davison, Uhlmansiek. Sobeliuan, Hartley, Gale, Moss, Arthur, Johnson, Hamburger. Page Fifty two 1 1 N i VVright, Ransin, Tucker, Drill, Mr. lfcliinney, Via, Goldman, Mo0i'e, Lochhead. Ilarper, Hyatt, Balk, Kohn, Schramm, Frolichstein, Dutton, Marion, Drain, Stern, Steinback. Semple, Richards, Hellerud, Kenton, Loomstein, NVebh, Brockschinidt, Gross, Nelson. Gale, Ginsberg, Fred, Shoss, Cohn, NVeeke, jones, Hockman, Lewis. OFFICERS Chairman .........,.. ........ A rthur Gale VicefChairman .,,....... ........... B ill ShOSS Secretary ,,,,,,,, .,....l..... A rlan Cohn Treasurer ......r ,.,.,...... N ancy Weeke Parliamentarian .....,. . ..,.,...Andy Jones Sponsor ........ ......... M r. McKinney ouae 0 mpreaenfafiueri The House of Representatives sponsored many successful projects during the first semester. Bus pass sales were conducted, song and cheer sheets were printed for the school Pep Assembly, and two full length movies were presented to the students. The House sponsored the sale of student activity football tickets and basketball tickets. Every week the House collected waste paper from the advisories and gave this paper to a charitable organization. During the Christmas season, the House sent thirtyfthree stockings filled with presents to servicemen in hospitals and erected a Christmas tree in the front hall s of the school. Members also collected contributions for the Commuf nity Chest Drive, T-B Drive, and the March of Dimes. Arthur Gale Page Fifzyfthree Gale, Shoss, Malt, Walker. Hartley, Sachar, Jones, Schramm, Marion, Hamburger, Weeke. Schaefer, Yawitz, Kohn, Miss Wolfner, Moss, Birk, Nelson. Rudolph, Laughlin, Cohn, Uhlmansiek, Gelber, Morris, Uertli. OFFICERS President ......,.. VicefPresident ....... Secretary ...... Treasurer ........... . Sponsor .....,. .gzzclenf Counci The Student Council for the second semester undertook, among other things, to make plans for the Memorial War Project on the north side of our campus. We continued the sale of book covers, the raising and lowering of the flag every morning and at the close of school, and held an emergency fire drill. An after school snack bar was maintained through the joint eiforts of the Student Council, House of Representatives, and Mothers' Club. Copies of the Counf cil Constitution were distributed to all Council members and faculty members. A "Council Inventory Report" was drawn up. This report contained suggestions concerning the improvements in the methods of student participation in the government of the school as well as in the structure of the present Student Council. The annual Arrow' head Club dance was also sponsored by the Student Council. Page Fiftyffour ..........Arlan Cohn ........,...June Laughlin ...........Anita Gelber A1 Uhlmansiek ...Miss Wolfner Arlan Cohn oude 0 mlarezienfafiuezi During the second semester the House of Representatives worked earnestly on projects to benefit the school and its students. Chief among its accomplishments were the selling of bus passes, sponsoring of a paper drive, and handling of the subscriptions for the Dial and the TomfTom. In addition the House promoted assemblies given by classes and clubs, showed regular motion picture films after school, and sponsored a combination tacky and cleanfup day. The House purchased notebooks for its members in which they could keep their notes of the meetings. Members served on a joint House and Student Council committee in maintaining the snack bar. OFFICERS Chairman ........ VicefChairman ....,,... Secretary ,,,..,..... Treasurer ....,.,.. Sponsor ....., June Laughlin ,.,....,..june Laughlin Merrill Klearman ,.,,Lynette Nelson .,..Shirley Ronsick McKinney Dfillfl. Booker, Jick, Tucker, Mr. McKinney, llellming, Gallup, Kuhn, Katz, M. Moore, Balk, Hyatt, Frohlichstein, Goldberg, Wlright, VVetzel, S, Moore, Dutton, VVightman, Madden. 1 Richards, Biddle, Kenton, Arthur, McKinney, Brockschmidt, Harper llellerud Gross. , . Steinhack, Nelson, Runsick, Laughlin, Klearman, Loomstein, Newmark, Fred. Page Fiftyfjwc Circulation Staff Louise Alport Myra Barnholtz Barbara Bassett Ioan Birke Rachel Don Dick Dutton Doris Erhardt Jane Harris Joyce Schott Marilyn Sigolotf Gloria Steinke joan Waldman Marilyn Webb Alvin Werner 6 Q Business Staff Barbara Bassett Cynthia Bloom Melba Cohen Eva Friedman Art Goldberg jane Harris Don Hays Barbara Kling Audrey Levin Beverly Rubenstein Marilyn Sigoloff Don Slavin Marilyn Webb Carolyn Werner tibia! Editorial Board ,,,,, ,,,. , ,, .,,Arthur Gale Ronald Malt Mary Ann Schaefer CofBusiness lvlanagers .,,,, , ,,,..,.,,..,. Al Kohn Judy W einer Circulation Manager, ,,....,,, ..,,,,..,,..,,,,., S ue Birk Sponsor .,,,,i, iioldluerg, Dutton, VYcrner, Sigolotf, VVebb. Marion, Slavin, Oertli, XK'erner. Ifriezliiiau. Lewin, xvilltlillllfl. Strauss, llarris, Stvinke, Alport, Kliiig, Lyon. Rubenstein, Cohen, Klauber. Miss llainilton, Bloom, Bassett, Hainhurgcr. liirk, VYeiner. Hale, Scliacfer, Malt. Kuhn. Miss Hamilton Typists Secretarial Practic uip Committee Louise Alport Joan Birl-te Katherine Klauber Ken Marion Alvin Werner e Class Page Fiftyfsix Fifi!" j llollinshezicl, Klzmlier, lion, Ritter, Susiiizin, Bzirnlioltz, Link, VVQ-rner, Levy, .XI'lillSl'l, Liekhzilter, lleimzm . ft,N Q5 -r Soffer, Zetvlir.-i', Mitchell Apostolopoulos. lloclimzin, Stern, lleitinzm, Lyon, Davis. , Miss lflmt, fohen, Selmefer, Rolrlee, lfricmlmzni. Lending, liO0LlIlI1iIl, INIUIIUIQ, Morris, Malt, Reichman, Birke, Lee. WRITING STAFF Boys' Sports: Bob Mohme Girls' Sports: Marilyn Heiman Special Features: Joan Birke, Katherine Klauber, Thelma Lending, Bea Lee Photography: Montague Lyon, Don Stern, Don Heitman Reporters: Melha Cohen, Rachel Don, Carol Goodman, Elizabeth Roblee, Ernie Fleischer, Carol Holf linshead, Ellen Lickhalter, Fanchon Arkush, Marjorie Susman, Myra Barnholtz, Carolyn Werner, Don Hochmann, Jane Harris, Mike Maremont, Marilyn Sigoloif 0l'l'l - 0l'l'l First Semester Editor Bob Morris Second Semester Editor Ronald Malt BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager: Fred Reichman Circulation Manager: Esther Levy Exchange: Myra Ritter Staff: Tom Apostolopolus, Lois Link, Bassett, Mary Ann Schaefer Barbara G Page Fifty-seven i' 'Q Goldberg, fohen, Brand, Sosna, Klein, Marks, Cliervitz, Kohn, lxirscli Qmith Pdson Rtuueis Qole Xoung Rosenhlooni. Bnlk, lfischlowitz, Katz, lidelstein, Miss Turner, Kohn 'Xiunzm levy Ientzner i er'- Suldz, Kohn, Sachar, Stern, Young, Malt, Mills, NYrobel, Marmar llorwit7 Gale, Augustin, Engel Stein UFFICERS Don Stern ......l.. ,,,...... P resident ....,...., Ronald Malt Ronald Malt ...,.,.... ..,...... V icefPresident Wolff Kirsch Faith Young ,A,A,, ,,,,,4,,, S ecretary ......... Esther Gers Sponsor ,....,.. mail CM The object of the Mathematics Cluh is to study those phases of mathematics for which there is no time in the regular school curriculum. Varif ous activities of the club included the presentaf tion of competent speakers, the study of non' Euclidean geometry, the solution of trick prob' lems and discussion of the fourth dimension. During December our group supported the Math' ematics Department in a most successful project about the religious interpretations of the jewish and Christian holidays, Hanaka and Christmas, The entire program of the cluh proved of real interest to its members. Page Fiftyfeight lfLI'I"8l1f 621100, t5 The Current Events Club in its weekly meetings discusses the pros and cons of important events of the day. An attempt to arrive at more intelli' gent conclusions concerning local, national, and international problems by debate and discussion is the primary aim of members of the club. Out' standing features of the club's program this year included a talk given by a political science inf structor at Washiiigtcmii University and a panel discussion for the Mothers' Club on the topic, United StatesfSoviet Union Relations. OFFICERS Art Gale ,,,,,,.,, ,........ P resident .,........ ......... S tan Edelstein Bob Moms ,i,ii4 s..,..... V ice,Pi-esident ...,cc .,........... A rr Scbweich Barbara Rudman ..,,,i,, 4.,...... S ecretary ....... c,...... K atherine Klauber Sponsor .,,..... .,....iMiss Barnidge Kohn, Mylonns, Shapiro, lloclnnan, Benson, Scllweich. Smith. Bloom, Hnenzlrurger, Fohn, Miss Barniclge, Edelstein, Rapperport, Zeminelman Goldberg, Dutton, Morris, Gale, Rudman, fioldenherg. Page Fiftyfniue Page Sixty Smith, Katz, Boedeker, liluskoter, Mnrmur, Dothage. VValt, Brziuer, Miss Blceks, VVindsor, Frese, Bartfeld, Augustin. Sllillllffl, Bloom, Dickey, Best, Iiolli, Dill, fiussmn. OFFICERS President .......w.. .....,.. M ary Ann Dickey VicefPresident .,..... .,V...... J oan Best Secretaryffreasurer .......,,,. ........., N ancy Kolb Sponsor ......,,, ri.......,, M iss Bleeks an MUJ Every Wednesday afternoon the members of Palette and Brush got out their brushes and be' gan to work. Each member worked in whatever medium he chose-whether it was oil, water' colors, clay, block printing, weaving, leather, or metal projects. At the close of the first semester the annual faculty tea and art exhibit was held in the Art Room. liraines, Engel, Mr. l'liaml1ers, Gallup, llerarzl, Lentzner, Brand, hvlglllllliill, Straslxurger, OFFICERS President .,...,,. ..,.... K en Brand VicefPresident ...... .....,,.., G ordon Lentzner SecretaryfTreasurer .....,,, ..,...... J erry Wightmzln Sponsor ......,... ,........ M r. Chambers Cl,l'l'lel"Cl, The Camera Club offers an opportunity for all who are interested in photography and desire to learn how to use a camera and develop film. This semester the Camera Club has been taking movies of football games and various shots of activities around school, such as the flagfraising ceremony, Student Council, and House of Representatives meetings. "Explosion" shots of machinery have been taken for catalog illustrations and emphasis on improving lighting technique were two of the club's accomplishments. Page Sixtyfone lgesslcr, Schreiner, Fisher, I.evc'ntlm1. Schuman, Alpert, Klaulrer, Burack, Multin, Hikun. lxnvinsky, Steinberg, Schear, Fruger. Cohn, Rabushka, Brand, Ustcrholm, Meyer. Fox, Rus:-nkrzinz, Moldafsky, Adelstein, Miss Gonzalez, Bukner, Ste-in.v VV:xlclrn1m, Pulsky, W'eitzman, Silverman. N. Klearman, M. Klearman, lxapp. laani4A Solclz, fornwell, VVQ-iman, Marks. Priebat, Lentzuer, Miss Abbott, Foster, Gelh. Bzilk, Hall, Katz, fCl,I'l'll0 UU. Page Sixtyfzwo laanizid "Saludos Amigos" was our greeting as we en' tered a Spanish Club meeting one Wednesday afternoon in Miss Gonzalez' room. Listening to old business, we learned that this year the mem' bers and their sponsors gave and wrote to some South American neighbors. Each meeting ends with a game in which Spanish is used. This week's game was a crossword puzzle. Although we were invited to join in the fun, we were forced to decline for obvious reasons. This is the pattern of a Spanish Club meeting. SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS Bernard Weitzman ............. ................,,.......,. P resident ....,...... Q ....,............,.... .,.,......... M errill Klearman Merrill Klearman ........... ,..,...,.,,, V icefPresident .....,...., .....,...... K enneth Brand Nancy Klearman ...........,.. .,....,,,.,, S ecretary .......,...... ......,....., N ancy Klearman Norma Silverman ..,,,......... .......,.... T reasuvrer .,.,......... ........... N orma Silverman Sponsor ............,..........,.... ..,,,,......,...,,...,......, ........., M i ss Gonzalez STAMP CLUB OFFICERS Gerald Priebat .....,.,... ....,,...,.,.......... P resident ..,.......,..........,,...,.. ......,......, G erald Priebat Norman Hall ........,.... ............ V 1cefPres1dent ..................... .................. N orman Hall Eddie Marks ............ .......,..,. S ecretaryfTreasurer ............ .........,... G ordon Lentzner Sponsor .......,......,,..,....,........,.,......,.,,.......,,.......,.,.,,,........,,.,,,.,..,.......,,.,,........,.,,.,,............ ,.,,,..,,,..,,.,...,.,,.,,,,,,,,,. M iss Abbott The biggest event on the Stamp Club's agenda for the past year was the sponsoring of an assem' bly honoring Dr. George Washington Carver. The most important portion of our program was an illustrated talk about our hobby, stamps. An' other project, our annual stamp auction, was, as usual, a successful event. We also instituted varif ous new philatelic services to help further the members' interest in postage stamps. Naturally the club would not have been the same if we had not had our usual trading sessions which proved to be valuable for all of us. Page Sixtyfthrec Hirke, Miravalle, Nissenlrauni, Keats, Sehweieli, Clxioss, Brown. l Honefenger, Lee. lwflflllll, Miss Bowers, Rudman, Stone, Cow, lireenwalil. Meyer, Baris, Sallield, Baris, Levinsolin, SCllI1t'l4lC'l'. President .,...,. VicefPresident ...... Secretary .......,.. Treasurer ,.....,.. Sponsor ,........ .Slmf am! lei Strut and Fret, our Thespian society, has had a husy calendar this last year. Many of the mem' hers were performers in the Senior play, Our Hearts Were 'Young and Gay. We enjoyed a gala Christmas party which was complete with a Santa Claus and performers. Under the direcf tion of our sponsor we learned how to present monologues. A clever one act play, Sugar and Spice, was also presented hy the memhers of the cluh. Page Sixty-four OFFICERS ........Joan Birke ..,,,..Har0ld Schneider Marian Greenwald ..,,...Ruth Levinsohn .,,r...Miss Bowers H . . .g i T Nw' f K 8 is , . " s Q it Blylonas, l'ishn1an, A. ktlllll, Shapiro, Marion, Rosenhluin, Smith. Zi:-rclier, VValsh, Starkey. Slll'1Hlt'l', Miss Donnelly, Schuman, Bakker, xYlllllI'J!lIl. Hill. l'f4lwai'rls, Harris, B. Kohn. Hyatt, Reielinian. lfric-dnian, lion, Hayes. President .........A VicefPresident ,,,.. Secretary .... ,..., Treasurer ..,,,,.., Parliamentarian ....r,., Sponsor r,,..... . ociefad Cyldadaica id The ohjectives of the Latin Cluh are to arouse nterest in the study of the Classics and to disf :uss topics related to the lives of the Greeks and Romans. The cluh has sponsored two special wrojccts this year. One of these was the lecture series of the Classical Association of Vkfashington Jniversity which presented to the students and o the general puhlic nonftechnical information 'elated to the iield of classical civilization. The 'luh also planned and worked out the exhihit for he Mrithers' Cluh, using the theme that Latin .nd Greek languages are not dead in the life of fur school. OFFICERS 11 w Q tt . - -1: K "' ' ... xg - .. A .... , . -4 Y tt ,. J, .. X ..,.,.....Norma Hyatt .......Fred Reichman .........jane Harris , ....., Bill Kohn Stan Rosenhloom . .....i Miss Donnelly Page Sixtyfii Arknsh, Ziercher, Rudman, Windrain, Allen, Shrader, Fisher. Barker, Best, lfeltmeier, Schott, llood, Cohen, llupert, Baker, liossom Hollins head, Parks, Vapohianco. Ilall, Roth, Huck, Birk, Fheak, Sharp, Mcliinney, Miravalle, Fred, VVehl1, Tucker, llofacker, llellerud, lirhardt, Anderson Wings Sxlheld Steinke, Mayiield. Franklin, Lieberman, Pierce, Fischer, Gill, fox, Owen, Fay, Mr. Mcliee, Pauk, llasselhach, Ronsiek, Laughlin, Davison, Qiurk lrohlichstein Scherer. Usterholin, Bassett, Brockschinidt, Dinsmore, Schreiner, VVeinel, Schaefer, Arthur, Long, Dulrei, Davis, Biddle, llalnpton, Huck Linahan, Poppe, llonefenger, Day, W'eeke, Richards, johnson, Frese. OFFICERS President ..,,,.... ,,....,,... V irginia Arthur VicefPresidcnt ..,.,.. ......,. M ary Ann Schaefer Secretaryffreasurer ,..,,,,. Sponsor ,.,,.,.., 2,9 MEMBERS Lois Allen ,loan Anderson Virginia Arthur Varolyn Baker Peggy Baldwin Lucy Lee Barker ,loan Best Sue liirk ,loan lloedeker ,loan liainpluell Nancy liheak Tlteresa Danieli liharlotte Davis Peggy Davison Ann Dinsniore Doris lihrhardt Gloria Fay Mary Lon Feltine Jeanne Fisher Nlyerna Fisher Marilyn Fink ier ,lane lfrohliehstein Arlene Franklin Virginia iiossoin Nancy Gill Marlene llall La Verne llainpton ,lane llarris ,lean Iiassellvach Mzirilyn llellerud Shirley llenske Mziia llofarl-:er Varol liollinshead Jeannine llonefenger ,lane llood ,lanet lluck Nancy llnek Allbilllll-iUill1SlJH Katherine Klauher Lois Kluge june Laughlin l.ola Linahan Joyce Long Ruby Mayfield Page Sixtyfsix CHEERLEADERS Ted Day Barbara Frese joann Johnson Lola Linahan jane Richards Nancy Weeke ,lane Mcliinney Joyce Ming Marilyn Miravalle ,loan Usterholm llarhara Pank Virginia Popper: Betty Quirk ,lane Richards Shirley Ronsick ,loan Roth ,loanne Salstic-ld Mary Ann Schaefer Beverly Scherer Joyce Schott Ruth Schreiner Nancy -lane Sharp Marilyn Sigoloff l.a Verne Starkey Gloria Steinke Shirley Svoboda Norma Tucker Marilyn VVehh Ann Marie VVeinel ,,....,joyce Long Mr. McKee jftgeldlflfl V Taherna, the dance workshop, which was or' ganizcd in 1937, meets every Monday after school' The girls learn to do modern dance tech' niques and their own choreography. During the first semester a party was given for the Taherna alumnae to show movies of a past dance concert. Other activities for the year included dancing in the operetta and a dance concert in the Spring. OFFICERS President .,,.,, VicefPresident .......,, Tr . easurer ,,,....., Sponsor ...,..,. ........,Menla Mills r,.......Lucy Heiman ......,,,Marilyn Hciman ...,......Miss Kagan iitglltlllllill,VR0lllK't', Miller, Qxcnliamller, Kornlrlct, Long, Benson, Rubenstein, xvFlSllll!ll, l'ohn, Vheinel, Xoung, llenry, Burk, Miss Kagan, Barry, Bloom, Cheak, Frank. vlohnsonl Bassett, llonenfenger, Hampton, Gossom, VVhitc, Lending. lwslxer, Sharp, L, llemmn, Mills, M. Heimzm, llecker, 'I 'Wt . infix xnxx -X: f Page Sixtyfseuen s n . , f ' ing?" ,""' Hbrvw, ' lfick, Engel, VVOodS, llnffy, Apostolopoulos, M Q I Porter, Speer, Baker, Lewis, Helhin Palmer, Chzmcller, Baker, l' Augustin, VVahl Slepllenson, Usterliulln, Telmlme, Fussner, Anderson, Miravalle, Fulton, Daniel' Hampton, Davis, Sylvester, ll2lSiCllJllCll, flurk, Link, lingeluge, Sutter, VVill' Vox, Fisher, Whalen, Leavitt, Ili Prosperr-, Sol L' ' lliesler, Brownell, Siem. Miss West ' lv s, Bnhenik, Allen. lLIt'l, Vzxpulmizxnco, Lloyd, Mayne-ld. . Svolmdu, llZll'llllCllIlCl, Swehla, Gossorn, r, llope, M g, Booker, ll ierard, H. ' ' , lVlay, M -' ylonas, Dr. olinan, llzusselhach. ues, Muhl. oriis, Pelsue, Unken, Uertli. O L- OFFICERS Don Pelsne ....., ,,., P resident. , .Charles Oerrli Boh Nlorris... . .... Vicefljresfdent ,.... Alex Nlylonas Henry Onken ...,, ..Seeretary. ,,,Henry Onken Charles Oerrli. Treasurer ,Paul Booker Sponsor , ,,,,,, Mr. Hope Page Sixzyfeighc I"L- OFFICERS jzlnet Siem ,A ...,.,, Presid 5 Shirley Svohoda ent .....,,. .. ...Wjanet Siem ,,,r..,,,,,ViewPresident,,,..rDottie Carmichael Mary Brownell .,,,,,,,i,,,, Secretary .....,,. , .,i... Mary Brownell Dottie Carmichael ...... Treasurer ......, .,....... J une Clark Bonny Giesler ,,,,, ,,,,i,, C haplain ...,,....,i ......,, J ozxn Roth jean Swehla r.... ..,.,,,. S gt.fatfArms ......,,. Sponsor r,.... an Swehl. '1 ,r.......Miss West en -in -Lana! OFFICERS President ......,. ,,,........ E lizabeth Roblee VicefPresident .,,,,4..,,,. ..,..,.,.,.. Bo b Morris Spon scur .,,.....,., ............ M r s. Farrar All those who are interested in creative writing are encouraged to join PenfinfHand. This club gives to its members constructive and valuable criticism of their writing. e and jrancaid The French Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Wolfner, is now in its twentyfsecond year. This year, the club has chosen no officers, for the small size of the group makes possible intimate meetings that need no formal procedure. Each member has profited from the very real opportunities to speak French at each meeting and to become more fully acquainted with life in France. Mylonas, Mrs, Farrar, Malt. Morris, Roblee, Waldman. Engel, Seeley, Pelsue. johnson, Miss Wolfner. Mills, Barry, Cheak. Page Sixtyfninc President ........A Trihunal ....,..,.. VicefPresident ...........,.,. Recording Secretary ....,... Attendance Secretary ,...,rir SergeantfatfArms ......,,,., Door Keeper ....,,i,i Sponsor ................ gvcegior Every Thursday afternoon a very enthusiastic group of students come together for a meeting of Excelsior. We have enjoyed many activities, especially our initiation and Show and Tell prof grams. We have worked together on projects to help other people not as fortunate as we are and during the second semester our activities were planned along the line of developing character. We also had our usual annual picnic in Heman Parkg this was enjoyed hy all memhers of the club. ,,,.,,,,..,Boh Cornwell Mary Preis Martin Goldman Bernell Stadin Zvihleman ......,.,Maxine Frelich ......,,.Barhara Stadin ..i....Harlan Steinbaum .,,,....,....Melha Cohen Mrs. Bodenhafer Mrs. llorlenliafer, Volien. Steinlraiini, lirelicli, fornwell, liolrlman, Nw ' lfrlwards, Nelson, ll!lHllblll'g6!', Long, llupperiell, Fay, Svolroilzx, Miller, Ronsiek, Boerlvkvr. Hampton, Fisher, Sharp, McKinney, Suslholt, Hood, Laughlin, Tucker, Hossom. lfeltiueier, VKX-lxlm, Schott, M. lleiman, Miss NYatts, Arthur, I., lleiinan, lilirlmrdt. Marilyn Heiman ........, ..,...... Ginny Arthur ....,... .,,,A,.,. Joyce Schott ,.....,... Lucy Heiman ,.,. Doris Ehrhardt ......A., OFFICERS President .,,.,,...e VieefPresident ....,, Secretary .,A,,Aee ,..,.,..,Treasurer ,,,..,,,Ma1rilyx1 Wehlv ,,,.......joyce Schott ,Jane McKinney .,.,i.i,,Joyce Long Sponsor ,,,,,,.,,. 711 CM All girls who have earned their certificates for an athletic letter are eligihle for memhership in the U. Cluh. Many charitahle projects were sponsored this year hy the cluh. Among them was the Kingdom House party at Christmas time at which toys were distrihuted to the children. Packages of food and clothing were sent overseas and some of the memhers wrote letters to people in the European countries. A party was given at Halloween for the memhers. Many services were performed hy the cluh at school such as selling cokes at the foothall and haskethall games. The season's schedule was completed hy the Alumni party and the hanquet. SergeantfatfArms. ..,,., ,,,,,, b lane Edwards ,. ,,,,, Miss Waltts i l . - . uw-,X X L. - -- M, ,- ' K-S, ' M -. , :wsu 1-F' Xl , 4, 1 ".,gf.-.1 'Q V' V Page Setentx one liieslcr, Poppe, Hellerud, Schuman, VVerner, Gill, Lips, Roblee, Thompson, Aberson. llelman, Goldstein, Goodman, Levin, Smith, Mills, Schwarz, Birk, Johnson, Barbieri, Capolrianeo Fulton, Lloyd, Decker, Arthur, Olsehwanger, Davis, Taylor, VVeeke, Miss llicus, President ......, VicefPresident ......,,.. Sponsor ......... aaa erfs , The members of the Leaders' Cluh are chosen for their outstanding leadership qualities. They meet every other week to receive additional train' ing in physical education activities. The leaders assist with the regular physical education classes hy officiating, coaching, and giving skill achieve' ment tests. Page Seventyftwo OFFICERS ,......,,,Joann johnson Virginia Arthur ..,.....,.Miss Dicus 'fu iifaffsasff ll J GHC! j0l"e5i Field and Forest, the wildlife conservation club, was recently organized by a group of boys who were interested in the outdoor resources. The central aim of this club is to develop and main' tain recreational interests in the outdoor areas of streams, lakes, fields, and forests. Emphasis has been placed on field trips. Although the charter members have been active for over two years pref vious to formal organization, the first actual ac' complishment of the club was the prizefwinning "Biological Survey of an Area" which took first place in the Greater St. Louis Science Fair this Spring. President .......... Kmg Engel VicefPresident... .......... M1145 Dram Secretaryffreasurer ...,,..... Sterhng FISLIQIHQ11 Qfiicer of Equipment .......,... Larry Greenberg zmawmn A4543 53 filwii I-its Mr. l'onyers, Iletzel, lfishmzm, Greenberg x n lugel Dram NlcLIure Stern Fhmnp on el'UlCe Awards Virginia Arthur Sue Birk joan Birke Arlan Cohn Peggy Davison Arthur Gale Anita Gelher Marion Greenwald Don Hoehman jozinn Johnson Katherine Klziuher joanne Kohn june Laughlin Thelma Lending Esther Levy Ronald Malt Ted McClure Boh Morris Charles Moss Lois Mullin Page Seuentyffour Lynette Nelson Don Pelsue Herschel Price Myra Ritter Shirley Ronsiek Keith Rudolph Don Stern Gladys Struebig Boh Tucker Al Uhlmansiek Judy Weiner 0l'l0l' Bronze Pins Virginia Arthur Myra Barnholtz Betty Biddle Whately Chandler Norton Chervitz Ed Cole Carl Coleman Rachel Don Mary Eichelberger Alyn Essman Stanley Fagin David Felt Gloria Fishgoll Sterling Fishman Ernie Fleischer lvlaxine Frelich Patsy Fulton Esther Gers jane Harris Lois Henry Milton Hoenig Nancy Horwitz janet Hupert Ioan jenkins Priscilla Kassebaum Lorene Katz Bill Kohn Belinda Lee Ruth Levine Lois Marmor Shirley Miller Betty Mitchell Mary Ann Schaefer Alfred Schainblatt Doris Schlesinger Lydia Schmidt ina Betty Schneider Arthur Schweich Bill Shoss Marilyn Sigoloff Nancy Smith Bernard Weitzman Carolyn Werner Marilyn Windram Marilyn Yezner Silver Pins Arlan Cohn Dave Edson Fanice Eisner Shirley Gross Elise Hampton Alan Kohn Thelma Lending Gordon Lentzner Bernice Lite Kenneth Marion Ed Marks Aralyn Marmor Stanley Moore Charles Oertli Jerry Polinsky Gerald Priebat Barbara Rudman Bennett Shapiro Janet Siem Beverly Simpkins Richard Talmadge Cay Weinel Gold Pins Bairbara Bassett Kenneth Brand Sam Fishman Arthur Gale SCHOENTHALER AWARDS Doris Hamburger Heishel Jick Berl Katz Wolff Kirsch Audrey Leventhal Eleanor Levy Henry Onken Mignon Orenstein Claris Peterson David Reimers Stanford Rosenblum Harriet Young First Bar Ton1Hippenmeyer Ronald Malt Ted McClure Dean Smith Second Bar Sue Birk Mary Ann Bording Gerald Cohen Stanley Edelstein Myerna Fisher Lucy Heiman Don Hochman Tom Hornbein Katherine Klauber Merrill Klearman Bob Morris Alex Mylonas Lynette Nelson Stanford Rabushka Gene Rapperport Don Stern Judy Weiner lleane Yawitz January. 1947-June, 1947 September, 1947-january, 1948 Senior--Harold Brodl-:ey Senior-Eugene Rapperport JuniorhDon Stern junior-Kenneth Brand Sophomore-Berl Katz Sophomore-Marilyn Sigoloff Page Seventy Rosenhluin, Dutton, li. Cohen, Frenider, A. Cohn, likwall, Brand, Slavin, VVeitzinan, Hornbein. Klaiilier, Schott, VVeiner, Stern, Molinie, Reichinan, Gale, Moore, Stoliar, Reimers, Kohn, Ronsick, lleiinan. Fisher, Arthur, Leventhal, Mcflurc, Rapperport, Young, Wilson, Hellerud, Nelson, llonefenger. Kenton, Yawitz, Miss VVolfner, Sigoloff, Barry, Brownell, Fleischer. Klearinan, Sharp, Birk, Uertli, Pelsiie, Marmor, Laughlin, Rohlee, Peterson. OFFICERS Chairmen .,...,. . ,.,,,,,,, Don Pelsue Charles Oertli Sponsor ....,... ,........ M iss Wcilfner .S?lft6J2l'lf ju f0I'6 Virginia Arthur Anne Barry Sue Birk Kenneth Brand Dolores Broclcmann Mary Brownell Art Chandler Arlan Cohn Rowland Davis Richard Dutton Charles Ekwall Myerna Fisher Gloria Fishgoll Ernie Fleischer Charles Fremder Arthur Gale Elise Hampton Lucy Heiman Marilyn Hellerud Don Hochman Jeannine Honefenger Tom Hornhein Mary lane Kenton Katherine Klauber Al Kohn June Laughlin Belinda Lee Audrey Leventhal Page Sevemyfsix Aralyn lvlarmor Ted McClure Bob Mohme Stanley Moore Lynette Nelson Charles Oertli Don Pelsue Claris Peterson Gene Rapperport Fred Reichrnann Dave Reimers Elizabeth Roblee Shirley Ronsick Stanford Rosenbloom Barhara Rudman Lydia Schmidt Joyce Schott Nancy Sharp Marilyn Sigolofl' Dan Slavin Dean Smith Don Stern jerry Stoliar ludy Weiner Bernard Weitzman Ken Wilscin lleane Yawitz Harriet Young BOYS IN A CAPPELLA CHOIR Bill Anderson Charles Angerer Herbert Baker Lee Baris Dave Blanke Alan Block Floyd Bly Paul Booker joe Canepa Ed Drill Floyd Emert Stanley Friedman Frank Ginsberg Martin Goldman 'lim Gordon Bob Gorham Bob Greenberg Bruce Humphrey ,lerry Ketcherside Bill Kohn Charles Kranzberg Alan Kremer Bill Lazaroif Gayton Lloyd Donald Nlakovsky Mike Miseroechi Bob Moll Dave Morrison jerry Nissenbaum Don Pelsue jerry Polinsky herschel Price Bud Pritzker Bob Rich Harold Seidel Don Wrmhl Ray Weinstock -lim Williams Harvey Wmxllf Leslie Zerman .24 Caialaeffa Cdoir President ............... . .,.,,,..,,, W, ..,.. .iiiii. .,,,,, ...... . D I in Pclsut ViCC'PrCSide11t ......... ,..,, . . ......,, Nancy Sharp SecretaryfTreasurer i,,,i , .,.....,, Paul Booker Director, , ,,,, .....,,,,,, ,.,,, . . . Miss Stampcr GIRLS IN A CAPPELLA CHOIR Lois Allen Fanchon Arkush Evelyn Baekerman Mary Lou Baker Lucy Lee Barker Faye Bassinson Barbara Biener joan Birnbaum Peggy Blanke Shirley Bradley Mary Brownell jioena Capobianco Pa: Gard Esther Changar 'lane Clark Betty Crowder Charlotte Davis Beverly Doll Marcia Dubei Carole Edelman Georgine Fliehman Phyllis Frommel Nancy Gill Nancy Gillum Virginia Grissom Marian Greenwald Shirley Gross Elise Hampton Ivlarjorie Hilh Jean nine Honefenger Mary jane Kenton Sharon Ketcherside Dorothy Kidwell Elaine Kirshon Elaine Klein Lois Kluge jackie Kovinsky june Laughlin Lois Link Barbara Lite Phyllis Mathless Ruby Mayfield Phyllis Moldafsky Nancy Nowlan Lenore Parks Betty Quirk Shirley Ronsick joan Roth Lois Scallet Betty Schneider Joan Salfield Nancy Sharp Alberta Sieg Betty Smith Nancy .lane Smith Grace Stark Barbara Stone Vida Strauss Lois Sudholt ,lean Swehla Pat Sylvester Lexie jean Tolman Betty Walker Czirolvn Werrier Mary Belle Vv'imher Lois Wiiidsrmr Sue Vilvman Lucia Ynunil Shirley Zamel Page Sevevityfseiicn 0l'lC2l"f Z?CU'l6! Flute Marlene Smith Rosita Shannon jerry Wightman Eleanor Futterman Uboe -lean Sillars Robert Dennis Clarinet john Bambridge Wallace Lieberman Henry Onken Bradford Thomas jerome Frager Patt Poe Wayne Redeker Marcia Moehle Schermen Price Charles Witcher Sheldon Hoenig Bob Neal Charles Long Dick Muhl Colette Bakker Alice Hagan Alvin Frager Sandra Goodman Carol Wills Dan Mueller Leonard Landsbaum john Iones jack Taylor David Hunsicker Alto Clarinet Mignon Orenstein Dorothy Carmichacl Bass Clarinet Maxine Frelich Russell Pavelka jim Ellis Alto Saxophone Ernie Fleischer Gerald Feldman Alan Kessler Raymond Feldman Tenor Saxophone Norman Litz Gordon Speer Baritone Saxophone Gordon Lentzner Cornet and Trumpet Charles Moss Harry Hoffson Edward Helbing jack Spangenberg Uon Mogerman Billy Bieber Stanley Fagin Eugene Kayman Robert Hastings Lewis Booth French Horn David Felt Louis Miserocchi Gilbert Anderson Gerald Priebat Robert Johnson Baritone Bruce Humphrey Gerald Holtgrewe David Vrooman Trombone Kenneth Siroky jim Applegate Ted Fish Leo Roth Dave Librach Marilyn Radman Tuba jim McCready Bill Morgens Eddie Bennett Lee Feuerstine Tympani Hubert Sommers Percussion jerry Goldman Carol Goodman Don Brown Don Stein Bassoon Martin Flavin Cello Leslie Parnas Drum Major jim McCready Majorettes Betty Biddle Charlene Murphy Ann Dinsmore Elise Hampton Doris Lloyd Director Mr. Riessen Page Seventyfeight OPEL ed fI"Cl The orchestra takes its place among school projects by giving assemblies and participating in various programs given by the chorus and dance groups. The year was climaixed by the operetta, The Prince of Pilsen, for which the orchestra furf nished all the music. The orchestra was directed the first semester by Mr. Goldberg and the second semester by Mr. Lang. Violin Rachel Don Herschel ,liek Shirley Niemoeller Joan Sertier Viola Charlotte Solian Cello Leslie Parnas Bassviol jim McCready Flute Marlene Smith Jerry Wightman Oboe Jean Sillars Clarinet John Bambridge Henry Onlcen Bass Clarinet Maxine Frelich Trumpet Charles Miiss jim Wieland French Horn David Felt Bill lvforgcns Trombone jim Applegate Tympani Hubert Summers Bassoon Martin Flavin Page SCL Cnty mnc enior Way Page Ezgh ty The Senior play, Our Hearts Were 'Young and Gay, told of the sparkling and exuherant escapades of two delightful girls, Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimhrough, who are determined to provc how "mature and cosmopolitanu they can he on an up' roarious and charming trip to Europe. The girls have an exciting adventure with a stowf away, meet two handsome medical students, and get in trouhle with medical authorities while on hoard ship. In Paris they get involved with a gas meter that explodes, sleep in a hed that Cardinal Richelieu once used, and try to convince a great French actor that he should give them acting lessons. These were hut a few of the moments in a well presented play. perelfa A lx i , -- Thu climax of thc ycgifs work for the chorus claisxs, the dance groups. amd the urchcstrai cams with the production of thc light opcrzi, The Prince of Pilsen, gilmiit gi wealthy beer mzimifzicturcr 1f. 3754 i N A from Cincinnati who was mistilkcn fm' the Prince of Pilscn. Witli its spirit of gzlycty amd liglitf hcartcdiicss, it was cnjoycd by lmrh thc canst and audicncc, Pugt' Eighty-mia , , " f Q, 6 .V V. , wg 1' 'J K ff I its Afliffca Again in the school year 19474948 athletics played a major part in the curriculum of Univer- sity City High School. The building of strong young men and women remained the basis of a varied athletic program. On the athletic field in the heat of intense competition, the immediate aim of victory must always be subordinated to the high principles of sportsmanship. It is here that the player iinds that "Cooperation is not merely a sen' timent but an absolute necessity." Aside from individual benehts there is an ever present factor in an athletic contest which inspires a spirit of pride and loyalty towards the school in both par' ticipant and spectator-a glowing warmth that in the future shall always recall pleasant memories. Anderson, Aram, Uxenliandler, Dutton, NVuenscher, Bill NYalkc-r, xvilliZllIl5, lirenier, Via, Vlalson, Uliandler, Molune. llr, Guy N. lllagness, Sclirzunni, Buttieger, Unken, Coffey, Barth, Friedman, Rollins, Lesinski, Talniadge, Siroky, Young, Sliotrow, Principal I. li. Baker. Coach C, A. Mulil, Nlurcli, WVilton, llartley, Rudolph, Black. VValker, Melflure, Llllllllllllrlleli, Byrne, Moore, Marion, Assistant COllCll Henry Selieinnier. K I A A Braznell, Fails, VVrigl1t, jones, Steingralmer, lxopriviea, Martin, Hippennieyer, Liebigg Managers lfick and llarrison successfully the placefkicking tradition set by two brothers, Lowell Black, for being the most im' proved player and taking over vacated fullback position, Chuck Walker, for his allfaround play -generalship, punting, passing, and again Ted, for his breakfaway runs for touchdowns. Coach Ochs' Freshman f Sophomore squad played a full tenfgame schedule. Many varsity replacements are expected from this squad as a result of the good training. An enthusiastic "C" team provided football for all smaller boys. goofdaf Champions of the newly organized St. Louis Suburban League was the outstanding achieve' ment of the 1947 team. They opened the season unimpressively against Soldang the Indians closed it dramatically on Thanksgiving in an interfcity game with Quincy, Illinois. ln between, the Black and Cold showed class and spirit weekly in six straight league wins broken only by a nonfleague 6fO loss to Western Military Academy. Western owned the only perfect record in the St. Louis area. The Normandy, Kirkwood, and Webster THE SEASQNS RECORD games were the most strenuous and satisfying. UIC. Opp The seasons biggest disappointment was the ref Sept 26gS01dan --vv'Y-.-AA.-- 12 0 fusal of the State Board of Control to approve N ' our playing a postfseason charity game at jackf Ott' 44NOrm'mdy """A" 7 0 Sonvillea Florida. Oct. llgliirkwood ..............i. .,..,..,... 1 3 6 Special seasons honors: Ted McClure, a Star' Cct. 17-St. Charles ......,..,........,......i. 22 6 Times player of the week, elected most valuable Oct. Qggwestern M. A. -,,,A,,A---,'V. 0 6 player, and Bill Steingraber, honorary captain, by NOV lkcluyton 14 H teammates, Andy Jones made all first team "allf 1 ""i""iii""" ' star" selections of League and District, Ted, NOV 84M'LpleWOOd """"' 31 Bill, Fails, Hippenmeyer, Koprivica, and Rudolph NOV l5'W6b5tef Graves ---'-----'---- 14 lil' rated various team honorary selections, the team, Nov. 27-Quincy, Ill ............. .......i... 2 0 for achieving one of the best defensive records of - - the St. Louis area, Glen Liebig, for carrying on Won 8, Lost l ........., 3 38 Page Eightyffour lofdaf THE LETTERMEN Lowell Black, Back jerry Braznell, Tackle Ernie Byrne, Back Terry Failsfk End Barney Friedman, Center Ben Hartleyfk Back Tom Hippcnmeyerfl' End Andy Joncs,""'c Guard Obie Kciprivicaffg' Tackle Walter Lesinski, Back Glen Liehigfl' End Ken lvlarion, End Boh Martinf Tackle Ted McCluref'g Back jim Murch, Guard Stan Moore, End Keith Rudolphfk Back Bill Steingraberfk Center Al Uhlmansiek,'k"' Back Chuck Walkerfk Back Paul Wilton, Guard Bob Wright, Tackle Wayne Fickjk Manager Jack Harrisonfk Manzlger Henry Gnken, Guard Bob Mcmhme, Guard jack Rollins, Back Bill Walker, Tackle Walter Riechmann, Center :l'Previous Letter Award as if B llr. Magnus, Leonhardt, Black, VVilliams, Fenster, Ends, Yia, Alt, Gallop, Libraeh, Drain, Dean, Barth. Mr, Delis, Brown, Maremont, Chandler, Pritzker, Kern, Oleher, Goldsworth, Kelly, Tanmrkin, Michelson. Jacobs, VVinnerman, Kemper, Gelher, Marion, Travis, Steingralrer, Henges, Thompson. Hays, Cone, Muhl, Brimble, Abrams, Ozersky. Page Eighty-five A T K 'IIR14 Q1, ,JN- iw V bk Y -My 'sq 3:5 we Z?aaLefLaf Cofehampions of the Suhurhan League. winner of the University City Suhregional Tournament, and third place in the St. Louis Regional were aeeomf plishments won hy Coach C. A. ML1hl.S eagers. The seasons record shows 19 wins and 4 losses, without a single defeat in twelve home games: a thrilling upset victory over Iviaplevvood and deeisive wins over Normandy and Welwsterg the stopping of Haneoeles winning streak of 17 games for the Suhf regional title, and a l4fpoint win over the Prep League champions to linish hehind Beaumont and Cleveland in the Regional. The six players awarded major letters deserve the lionis share of credit for this "one of the hestn haskethall records of the school. Chuck Wiilker and Terry Fails earned nAll'Sl1l5Llfl72ll1F first team honors. D ee D e e D ee Dec. lan. lan. lan. lan. lan. lan. :Lsb :eh :eh 'Teh Jeh. :eh Teh ich :eh Vlar vial' War. 12 Kii'l-twoodiii 16 Southwest 19 Ritenourii .,,, Z3 Soldan ,,.,,,, .,,,,,., 13 Vfestern M. A. . 16 Maplewoodzii .. Z0 lirentwoodziz . Z3 Claytonill Z8 Vfehster 341 Noriuandy . 3 XVellston:i: . 6 St. Charles? 141 Clayton '---,. . 13 Vvvehstei' Groves 17 Central ......... Zo Norinandyzi: 25 Ritenour Z7 Southwest .. .. ZX Haneoek .... 2 lxirlxwood 4 Beaumont . 7 Meliride .......... ...,.,..,.. :il Suhurha n League Games 32 26 26 Zo 28 32 31 28 311 Z9 33 Z6 32 43 31 31 30 25 36 43 76 34 .Kwai Hi wme Home Hiilllk' .Ax wa y Home A wa 5' A wa y Home :Xway Home Home Home Home THE LETTERMEN Terry Failsfff. Barry Friedman, C. 214 Tom Hippenmeyer, F. Ted 1V1eClure,'k C. Chuck Wgilkt'r.3k LI Alan VVet:e1, F. Bud Black, F. jerry Braznell, C. Ben Fri whliehstein, G. ,lack Rollins, F. Boh Harris, Manager Previous Letter Au ard Pug U Exglitxasei Nlaloney lowers Lochhead Morse Bly Burggrilme Iorham Felt, Stiers, Rollins, Oxenhandler, Katzman, Shotrow. tuhcn Iuenzhurger Seeley lxinnr I uls Blount Braznell Iacey, Price, Ilarris, Lieberman, Mr. Sehennner. Nloort Iltrtley Butteigei Rudolph Ilippenmeyer INOIYFIVICI lrrictllnan, Martin, Brooks, Moss. I ree-nlieig Snlian Stcmhaclx VN ilson Ha rlsun Ienneitv Vltflure, Uertli. Off to a fine start this season, the Indian track squad will try to equal the outstanding record of last year's team. The U. Cityians have already triumphed in the Missouri State Indoor Meet and also won the Iirst dual meet of the season over a strong Roosevelt team, last year's St. Louis Public High School champions. The last meet the Dial was able to record was a triangular meet with St. Louis University High and Blewett, in which the Indians amassed a total of l9lflf2 points to a combined total of 94f2f3 points for the other two schools. Points in the state indoor meet were scored by Steinback in the broad jump and 60 yard dash, Rudolph in the hurdles and broad jump, Martin and Braznell in the shot put, Greenberg in the hundred yard dash, Fails in the high jump, Wilstiiu in the 880, and the relay team consisting of McClure, Greenberg, Drain, and Brooks. Gther members of the squad who have indicated superior performance thus far are: Charles Oertli, Wayne Ransin, Leo Guenzf burger, Tom Hippenmeyer, Adolph Wuenscher, Andy jones, Myron Seeley, Larry Fennerty, Hen' ry Onken, Stanley Moore, Barry Friedman, Bill Gorham, Neil Butteiger, and Perry Sofian. Gutstanding on the Junior team are: Wcitidy Chandler, Ted Kemper, Bill Dean, Alan Kohn, George Gelb, john Via, Herbert Faintich, and Gilbert Anderson. Last year's cindermen culminated an undef feated season with the winning of the state out' Dean, Ilnnasliek, Chzxndler, Unkvn, Shapiro, llerchko, Herskovitz, Young, Nlulxl, llrundinan, Kohn. Mr, Schennner, Ilenges, Iinirich, Angerer, Spangenherg, Vhernu, Conv, Kieraril, Apostolopoulos. Faintich, Steingraher, Vrooman, Moore, Gelh, 'l'amarkin, Makovsky, Dutton. Sievers. door track and Held championship at Columbia, Missouri. The Indians nosed out Kansas City Southwest, 43f1f4 to 41 points. John Fuldner, one of the leading track competitors in the disf trict, won the ZOO low hurdles and placed second in the hroad jump. Last year's squad also won the state indoor meet, the Maplewood Relays, the U. City Invitational, and the St. Louis district meet. At the close of the season Norman Steinhack of the Junior team and Dick Cone of the Senior team were honored hy their teammates hy heing elected captains of their respective squads. April 3f4State Indoor at Columhia: U. City Wflfl, Kemper Military Academy '25, Normandy 21f1f4, Maplewood 17f1f4, Kirkwood 16. April 10 fr-U. City 113flf2, Roosevelt 99f1f2. U City 191flf'2, St. Louis U. High April 14 -fee o1f1f3, Blcwett 33f1f3. April 24W -Maplewood Relays. April ZS MU. City Invitational Preliminaries. May 1 4U. City Invitational Finals. Mgiy 4--eSt. Louis District Track Meet Pref liminaries. May 8 Y--St. Louis District Track Meet Finals at Puhlic Schools' Stadium. May 14- fljreliminaries, State High School Meet at Columhia, Missouri. May 15W-fFinals, State High School Meet at Columhia, Misscvuri. May 19-All Around Championships. May 20' -Interclass Track and Field Meet. Anderson, Friedman. Brow n. Zac Page Eightyfmne if UR ,MM M4 -L.-mb. 'M'-4 jj Lian'-v -f . . -...V-A was few kan 'Swim I K K A Q AV :M xy' , -,. Q f fK Q ur ,L po my-fk :X - 'f A f-gy, r , . . , x W.-an . . I K 1 1 Y X s 1' X We I xi-J: 5 .X b .f -I -X 354: 1 mx Aff 5 ,,x SWK' ' 1. "g 'iff -e - iw QE Mp Q. L. N Y. .. ' 'N wr' M- ,ff M, H ...sf 5 ,N fswy. 'M M, J ,A -, K.. 7 A 5,53 1 S V.. U 1 K . A zr' 5 3 . X , . X 1, ,,,,, 5 XA ,. X 1 N s .ik K N . sf ,?'Qf is X TW' If Rosen, Cone, Abrams, -lacobs, Kirsch, Uherinan. linyman. fohen, XN'ood. Harrison, Vick, Snyder, Marion, Rapperport, Hnken, lloldenlxerg, Boyer, Coach Helis. liraff, hviglillllllll, Rosenthal, llay, l7i'iedni:m, Block, VY. Vick. W'e5 ibn? During the second year of the revival of wresf tling as an athletic activity at University City High School, the team has shown progress in the finer points of the sport. Under the tutelage of Coach Ochs the grapplers this year placed Hfth in the High School State Meet held at Boon- ville. Three hoys placed in the state meet. Gene Rapperport captured second place in the 175 pound class: Henry Onken hattled to third place in the heavyweight class, and Wayne Fick took a fourth in the 120 pound class. Gene Rapperport won his second major letter in wrestling with a total of 54 team points for the season. lvlinor letters were awarded as folf lows: Boh Rosenthal, with 43 team points, Vkfayne Fick, with 26 team points, Ralph Graff, with 32 points, and Henry Onken with 27 points. ellzll 2 ,Q 3'e"'-Q 9 QUARTER DOWN YDSTO 60 S.-4 Page Niwietyfonc Helliing, Fenster, Levinson, Kirsch, Chandler, Wightman, Stein, Steingraber, Eads, Bierman, Palmer, Wolff. Walker, B. Black, Wielansky, Shoss, Bruce, Parker, Dean, Gelber, Schweich, Coach Uchs. Schneider, Walker, Madden, L. Black, Sachar, Schramm, VVetzel, Uhlmansiek. Pick, Bokern, Fails, Baris, Stn-inbaum, Soffer. LJ' i r w Page Ninetyftwo Magda! With eight letter men returning from last year's hot and cold team, prospects seem bright for an outstanding 1948 season on the diamond. As the Dial went to press onefsided victories had been reg' istered over John Burroughs, and two league oppof nents, Ritenour and Wellston. The team's infield consists of Schramm, Madden, Wetzel, and Walker, while the outfield boasts a corps of hitters including Uhlmansiek, Shoss, Sachar, and Bruce. First line pitchers as indicated thus far are Wielansky, B. Black, and Shoss, with L. Black back for his third year as catcher. SEASONS RECORD University City ..,,,,.. ....., 8 John Burroughs ............ 5 University City ..,.,......,... l 3 Wellstoii ..,,.......,....., ..... 4 University City ,.........,.... 19 Ritenour ...... ..... 2 sport. The purpose of the Tribe is to maintain 34, Q OFFICERS Q F N il - . . 0 President ,,,,,,.,,,..... .r,....,, C fharles Wzilker T il ig T VieefPresident ,,..,., r,.,.. .,,,.,...., ,......,.. T e r ry Fails SeeretaryfTreasurer ..... .....,, Albert Uhlmansiek SergeantfatfArms ., ....... Ben Hartley The Tribe is an organization of athletes who have been awarded letters in any major or minor the spirit of University City loyalty, to cherish the traditions of the sehool, to promote fellowship, and to serve in the best interests of our sehool, eity, and eounty. Y Bud Black A d 's Lowell Black H Y JMR Obie Kopriviea jerry Braznell Stan Brooks Harold Bruce Neil Butteiger Ernie Byrne -lay Cohen Ted Day Terry Fails Larry Fennerty XVayne Pick Barry Friedman Ben Frohliehstein Ralph Gratf lvlartin Greenberg laek Harrison Bob Harris Ben Hartley Tom Hippenmeyer Al Kohn Sam Larner Glenn Leibig Vvfalter Lesinski Ken Marion Bob Mill'flIl Ted McClure Bob Mohme Stan lvloore Charles Moss jim Miireh Charles Oertli Henry Onken Gene Rapperport Fred Reiehman Wrilter Rieehmann Jael: Rollins Bob Rosenthal Keith Rudolph Byron Sachin' jerry Schneider jack Sehramm Nlyron Seeley Bill Shoss Don Slavin Perry Solian Norman Steinbaeh Bill Steingraber Al Uhlmansielx Rudy Via Bill Vwfalker Charles Wzilkei' Norman Wielzirisky' Alan Wt'tZt'l Ken Vv'ilstm Paul Vvlilton Bob Vvfright Adolph Vv'uensehei' Saeliar, Solian, Selliieiiler, tire:-illmerg, l.ii'hig, XYiel:msky, Klei'li1re, lieliiic-l'ty, XYim'lic-V, Vick, Moss, Brooks, Slavin, Marion, Unken, B. Blaek. l"rohliehtein, Reiehnian. Holmie,l,:1l'm'i'. Voaeh Nlulil, Kliireli, Seliramnl, Shoss, Martin, Uertli, Rappcrport, llzirrison, Hiittcigcr, Seeley, Voaeli Selii-mimi jones. XYeizc'l. lfrieilman, llraznell, VYriglit, llippi-nine-yer. Moore, Rudolph, l'o.1eh llehs. Sleiiihaelc, l.. Illaek, linils, VK'alkel', Blllilixnlisiek, llartley, XYilsoii, Steiiigiwilmer, Um Page Nivietytlirtw Miss Robison, Frollliclistein, Laughlin, L. lieiman, Fulton, Feltmeier, Mcliinuev. Svolmoda, Hupperich, Stark, lihrliarclt. Miss Dicus, Ustr-rliolm, Kenton, Vlfimluer, NYel1lr, Davison. Schott, llood, xxllllllllglfbll, Nl. llc-iiuan. The after school sports program is an important part of the girls' physical education program. Intramural games are held for all girls. Those girls who display superior athletic ability and sportsmanship are selected to play on the class and school varsity teams in the interschool competition. Peggy Davison Doris Ehrhardt Mary Lou Feltmeycr jane Frohlichstcin Mary Fulton Lucy Heiman Marilyn Hciman jane Hood janet Hupperich Mary -lane Kenton Page Ninety-four MEMBERS 3600! ucrdif june Laughlin jane McKinney joan Qsterholm Joyce Schott Shirley Svohoda Grace Stark Mary Belle Wimher jane VJittington Sponsors: Miss Robison Miss Dicus .gncliuicluaf .gyaorfri Bak Arthur, fhezxk, Mandel, Barry, Sch1una11n, McKinney, Fay, Long, Hamptrmn, llcngee, Grcenv. Szxppilmtnn, XXX-lls, Harris, Franz, Miller. Feltmeier, VVvhh, Schott, Brucksrllmidt, Lcvcnthal, Shrmnmn, Illunkv. Levy, Hers, Eisner, Bc-rkmzm, Frelich, Srhmidt, Bakker, Gieflvr, NY:nlsh. FusQ11r-r, Pm-. I':almer4 limulnxzm, Siglwloff Hlmmm, Mullin-S, Levy, Ullzxnik, Mings, Szxliic-Id, Nlaylln-141, timsmml. c gay! illlfiflfg er, VYithing10u, Xl. Neiman, Bakker, Clark, Sudlmlt, Hood, Fay, lillpprrich, Tuck:-r, VY:xrd, SClll'K'lIlt'l'. Rnnsiuk, l"rul1l1cl1atcil1, jsfrobi, Starkey, Lilllghlill, liicllelhergcr, VYeN1, lizwiwn. Svllutt. A. fVluKir1nvy, l'1QlTIlll'il'1'. Svulmdn, Clin-Nh-r, I.Iuy4l. tluwsmu, NY:xlsh. Fulton, lxl-num, ll0lll'fi'llgCl', Miss llicns, Ilinsnmrc, l':l1TlI4il!'lh,.SCIIIIHIM. Hznrrir.. M155 Rulvismm, Slznk, XYimln-r, L. Heimzm, C':nnI,-hell, Uftcrlmlm, Ifislxcr, lnpnhlxnmcru' I F 4 V , 1 Spmxmrs . ,,,,,,,,,.,., ,, ,. ,.,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,.AA N I :ss llwux, Miss Rulnsml ' .4 Page Ni1lC'Iy'fiUC COMPLIMENTS OF THE House of REPRESENTATIVES BEST WISHES FROM THE STUDENT COUNCIL ix Telephone DElmar 5652 Compliments of Compliments of Westwood The Biltrite Service Station Corporation Tires - Batteries - Lubrication - Auto Accessories Builders Un City 5, Mo. Pau1R.Lirr 7600 WYDOWN and DeSi8Hel'S CAbar1y 2092 Howard T. Neidenberg Clayton 5, Mo. Compliments F RIEDMAN, BROKAW, and LESSER Stock and Bond Brokers 711 St. Charles Katheryn Selkirk Compliments For Dresses Becoming to You, of You Should Be Coming to Me OPEN EVENINGS UNTIL 9 6234 DELMAR CO-ED FROCKS, Inc. Page Ninctynscvcn Compliments of Viola Davies Graves Nelson's Standard Service Cards - Books - Prints JACKSON AND PERSHING 16 N. MERAMEC PA. 8139 Compliments Compliments of of INTERNATIONAL ST. LOUIS OIL C0- SERVICE Compliments Compimem of Leutwiler Service Station HI-Y 7701 DELMAR P N h Compliments of LANG-KOHN Inc. Makers of 5 0 Rl G I N A L For the Junior Miss SOLD EXCLUSIVELY IN ST. LOUIS AT SCRUGGS-VANDERVOORT-BARNEY, I N As Years Go By. . . May the memories which our photographs recall be as cherished as our pleas- ure Was in making them. If LANGE srUD1o Temporary Address 7042 TI-IOLOZAN Hlland 0986 POHdd 0 Compliments of THREE FRIENDLY FIRMS Gale-Sobel Gale-Rosenbaum Levin-Goodman ddO COMPLIMENTS OF Compliments Paul's Barber Sho of 7638 CANNON AVE. Hours: 8:00 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. ' Saturdays, saoo A.M. to 6.00 P.M. Compliments of Weissenborn 81 Reynolds Insurance of Every Phone MAin 0986 Q20 N. FOURTH ST. St. Louis 2, Mo. Tl1ompson's 4466" Station 6 Auto Repairing - Tires - Batteries Accessories - Specialties Kind 0 I Painting and Dent Work Paul E. Thompson 7640 DELMAR BLVD. CAbany 9434 University City 5, Mo. Good Luck to the University City Indians Franklin E. Meyer Realty Co. 6629 DELMAR BOULEVARD "20 YEARS OF SERVICE" , Compliments of Compliments f SAM RICH 0 REAL ESTATE and . CONSTRUCTION A Frlend 7649 DELMAR Page One Hundred Two Compliments of NORTH AND SOUTH ROAD CLEANERS AND HATTERS 624 North and South Rd. PHONE PA. 5413 We Pick Up and Deliver Compliments of The Record Bar vsos FoRsY1'1-ua "Largest Selection in the West End" Compliments PAUL SACHS ORIGINALS 1136 WASHINGTON AVENUE ST. LOUIS, MO. Loraine's Beauty Salon Expert Hair Styling and Permanent Waving LORAINE BURLISON, Prop. 7509 DELMAR CAbany 9735 DELMAR-HANLEY Service Station Joseph E. Fischer, Prop. Complete Road Service DElmar 4800 7489 Delmar Boulevard CSD Page One Hundred Three ES W 5 ,Q- s 1 I I at Trai.:-81? .W 1? Mi ' X .Vi WSF , 13. .i if? ss wr ' ww ax' ag 1 ,bm a. S.. Q L 3- 'Z - .vis Q Q ,, , Eiiixiv K . :mms N? if ,Q- gfwu 4 ' 4 as SEX , Na ,S ff 5 4 -via, x ,E eff? 5 Q N4 5' Q fgii if? rw iw 2 ' if ai'g",u Q- ' , Swv' x 'Q 3-5 4-AJS ,-cutwLA?J' 4 1 U O W ,A- ,un N A 8 KJ... Compliments of Compliments Spilker-Dorfmonb of Kravitz A FRIEND 1107 WASHINGTON AVE. The Leading Art Supply House of the Southwest COMPLETE CAMERA DEPT. BADER'S 1112 Locust St. St. Louis, Mo. COMPLIMENTS C0-Ed Garment Co Compliments . . . Toastmaster Bread ALL-CREAM " lcls-CREAM coon LUCK TO THE vnu. The GGPARKMOORW T ' Y DELICIOUS rl' sANDw1c1-nas i Page One Hundred Six BEST WISHES FROM ST. LOUIS DAIRY COMPANY Compliments of G' C' A. Bernhardt and DRUGGISTQ Inc' Sons, Inc. 7401 PERSHING AVENUE We Deliver 1208 WASHINGTON AVE. CAbany 5050 CAbany 5051 ' Bicycles Wheel Toys V. Selvaggi and Sons Realty Co. 1 915 N. 7th STREET The Original Guarantee Cycle Co. St. Louis, Mo. S.E. Cor. 20th at Olive St. CA' 2472 Best Wishes GLENN SCHWING ,mm a Photographer 7811 Carondelet Clayton, Mo. FRIEND Page One Hundred Seve Compliments of HOBBYLAND . JEWELRY COMPANY an 89 29 808 OLIVE Compliments of Compliments of MR. AND MRS. AMERICA'S FAVORITE ELMER SALZBERG CLASSIC DRESS MANUFACTURED BY ALEX CARAFIOL, Inc. 507 N. 12th St. AND St. Louis, Mo. SOLD BY SONNE.NFELD'S LS9L 'VD JLLID 'fl Compliments .LHDIHNEI 61799 of SCINOH LLHHHS EIDNVHHSNI HSICEMA 'W .LHIEIHOH uviem AHEIAEI psloaloxd UIII 'Kes 01 alqe sg ueux luapnxd sql L. J. SCHULTE CO. dpgmfap He M pug H mm 10 dpaqaagoxd Q05 axe 'noi saxiins alqnon HH One Hundred Eight COMPLIMENTS PARIS CURTAIN CLEANERS I OF and Dry Cleaning Mae Bradbury, Prop. Linens, Bedspreads, Doilies, WEsTovER Blankets 550 NORTH AND SOUTH ROAD PArkview 9462 ALL WORKMANSHIP GUARANTEED Gannon Shoe Repair I 7636 GANNON CAt North and South Rd.j UWhere one good sole meets P E V' E L Y another good soul" FRED REEVES-Proprieto 64That Delicious ' Canavera - 99 , Mllk Shell SCPVICC DELMAR AND HANLEY Shellubrication ' Car Washing University City CAbany 9490 Missouri B. A. Thompson . Compliments Real Estate Company f See us for 0 RENTS - INSURANCE KRAN SON DRUG CO. SALES - LOANS 900 Purdue 5910 DELMAR BLVD. PA. 0141 Page One Hundred Nine THE VARSITY SHOP The Rendezvous of 1948 OFFICIAL JEWELERS FOR SENIOR GRADUATES St. Louisans we HESS AND CULBERTSON Garavellfs Restaurant Jewelry Company 826 OLIVE STREET DeBaliviere and DeGiverviIle Compliments of THE MOTHERS' CLUB Ask for Compliments Velvet Freeze of F. W. WOOLWORTH Ice Cream CO. Page One Hundred Ten FROM A Booster MEET YOUR FRIENDS AT THE CLUB VARSITY Choice Foods and Drinks 6600 DELMAR CA. 9998 The Best ln Pens Penclls, and Repairs - a I 1 Pefzfbze 719 ST. CHARLES ' CE. 1012 Mimeographing Fast Service to Clubs and Church Groups Multigraphing - Multilithing Printing-Typing I Elu'5LmM' 6635 DELMAR DE. 2559 LTIVLCL Bring out the beauty of your home with DuPont Products DU PONT DULUX - DUCO SEMI-GLOSS - SPEED EASY DU PONT'S SELF-CLEANING HOUSE PAINT o Lloyd T. Smith Hardware and Paint Co. 6662 DELMAR BOULEVARD ST. LOUIS COUNTY'S PREDOMINANT PAINT STORE Page One Huwdrecl Elcue 'Il ia ef. X X. Sf' in J 92:-zz : ' H ULTRET Hear that patter of busy feet up and down the school corridors? Those are happy feet, shod in the season's latest footwear from WILSON'S SHOES 6621 Delmar Blvd., University City Phone CA. 0581 Another Book by Central Central Engraving Company 114 NORTH SEVENTH STREET, ST. LO'UlS, MO. lt's Fun fo DANCE the New Step: FREE cumsr Lnssou Q Z Q 5-lgyg IA!!! "L2.'E35"' 308 N. Hll GA. 5766 GOOD LUCK T0 THE DIAL FROM A FRIEND l""m -f"1?'f""?'r-flaw 'W Hb' -'S H 'M if wxjigx v'j"""' if R ' ' .are-Q3--jpg--h ' " ,mmm "' 1, ' f"'1T,'Mg' S 2 vaeqg' S' noun! CARTER IES FRESH CANE Favorite varie- t i e s at their fresh, delicious b t! H ll C - es o y ar ter Candies are made with fin- est ingredients, a c c o r d ing to highest quality standards. Trya box today .... they're tempt- ingly priced. at 7700 Olive Street Road And other ABLP Super Markets with Holly Carter Candy Departments e One Hundred Twelve Hardware Paints COMPLIMENTS OF Appliances GLAZE HARDWARE Henry H- Haffnel' PArkvi6w 7173 Realty Co. 5745 DELMAR CONGRATULATIONS FROM EBERHARD BROS. Jewelers 6664 DELMAR 1912 N. GRAND DE. 5317 FR. 7195 FOR THE BEST lN JEWELRY Z. EBERHARD J. EBERHARD S. WEINBERG You've Tried The Others, Now Try The Friendly Brothers FREE PARKING Earl's Clayton Service Compliments of 100 South Central Ave. BARRY, JANICE, Tires Tubes Batteries and Polishing Simonizing SUSAN POKRES CARS CALLED FOR AND DELIVERED Page One Hundred Thirteen 'Mir 5 Ar fke Occadion SCIENCE, ART, RELIGION ?flLrcLi kr fAe Occadion LIGHTS OF BROTHERHOOD H. , HY, N rf 19 my-, ,LM A! my 5, m? 5, f , ,N . Mr. 9 gf Y Q lf! L' 4 i A ET , , , ff M , , " Y"i?Ef?2k'3 ,Lb ' ""! " 57, 4. 3, fx f WA W 'W W u Tv ' X ', wa L 14. ,mf W W , X . 1 we ,, Q ' 1 m f 17? 1 if Y if by v K: 1.35. f r Wuq, , 4. vw, r 4 1 aw 15, ' X . 1 ,X . . "r n v ' we :E 5m vm i WL ' f A f fl EE wk J L! wc, I' J, . , 5 Qi" - r dm 'r - ,Q Rm Bikfblzi-il'Q':5f"67 . ' ' ' ' k '22-R5xl12LYM,"uA kEW',WYm3M'-MfRi 1 -XV:L'miii!i7lfSDVii-1t5Al1lii"S5i'x-i!i?f14 X13 -gm ' an 4. x ,M . vw , 1 5557 ff ,A A . W Q .-1 31- M. I, "' 4 , V,- ,,,v .- , -5' W , . , . f sf ,AK . 1, 4 Q 'V 4 -X .. M, U V 1' -4 ma-uv ff , ,, 6 K 4 I M, A A 1 sg' l x , - I ' " TY . ' v W V V 0 - A, ' 4.304 E ,. .V A R x . A 1 ' .- .. TA- , 1 , . A A- ' A fx' Q S' 1' r - Q X: 'Q s . F if . -1.-S ' K -ls. K l Li 5 4 'I fr' K I .. ,K V sv, Que . 5 It Q W . 0 t . M K , ,W , I 1 'f A ' ov 'xx Jlgftm WM' H 'las ' ' ' 1".,. 4' T54 xiii, ,wx . A 4 H , N- Q. fr " R Gisli 'Wf- -Q , ' Sf f ' was " N' 4141.1 ' X 'j-- ,Q 'Uv 4 I 'Q ,, ""' V, Q' 0. --o. ,-5 - w ' ,N.f,n,k, , .L V 9 .HT K 6 nw - N N MA - fx V -l'. 1 W' X - . W, 'mm V' . 11581 ,fn ,fy-fV,,f,f,1 . - - . X , mf , M.. QQ.. .--f 1 -wwf - , , A .A 45 I , -5 . , ' ' -f' - M, .:' 1,?' 1 ,ms A" 44-fy k, ,. f --Q, .WWI v. MX? ffaviqixv D n KA A'Q'v,k'.. lvl, xxx' 40. A .5 Y .X -A rw -'fn Z V W" , Q ' ' ,gf , t' M 1 A . , ' V- I L- i ' K ' N W X " . W Q .1 K , f K. . 1 " ,N . .1 g c V 2 -A K in . v j - ' 4 ' 'H Q .1 H' Q' x , , gk, 3 . fl , L A - me ,Z .ln , 5 .5 wx V . df ' wr , w ' - T., m. , lf - ,- f 'I L, M Q. - I ' Q V 5 'fn x R .I Q ' r - . ' , Y 1, 1 . X . X gr K 1- ' Q-'A - . ' " n 1 T ,..!K , 15 , D . I W , v mi , .PPT fi, Iffwgr H 1, , 5 4 .K ,Q Y ,S M ,. nl N. ,r,'f K A H, 4 13 V M V t. Q , i ' ,- L, Q K . V-Eta D 5 , x rf V. fix Kg? 1 . V fwvu- M' 2. nik XA T ' " ' A lr' x "N QE' V , VT, , 1. Qggc V Q X' ' ' , ' U- DA . 1 ' Y' 1 tr 4 . . X ,- G , ,S ,A 5 ' -155' X I A vw' V , . , ,Q , by A tx , x vp y 2. Q ,, 1 ' ,M Q-,11"i'4 ' 2 W., A W A Fri 1' U x A P 3 , 5, ef U 4 ., A A f 2 A ' x - .fu ' 1 . ' - '-.,:,,,:,,.'- :a, .- . , gd ,,- . - , 2 fizQ'f.,fff':Qi5BN5'P1-was B , '8'iii""'W is HAIR ,5. , Q.. 1 A gm Y A . A ffm 15,23 4.-5 gg kK,,,Wm' 1 ? Egg iq?-' Ap LA 1 8 'W 'f 5 H - - xy- .V - f 11 , X r . - .Q , ' - ' , . m ' ' A122 . Q +4 Qi xxx fi Q, gk A may 2 f,fg,, .A :....As-...M .,, :- , 5' . ff' ,, 1,45 xy , :R A3 W "' ww Y-Q M4 JM we QQMVA. qw 4' if 4-'eimkfm Wiki sgiwmm an 4 2 45 fw 4 WW K. as ,, ,A Q Ji, N' if W ,tw Qi K' ff f Qi My aww! if iv I V I. 5 9 xgyiw-si ' ' Je R 1 in . - xryf . 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