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' ' V- ,gf-sm 2-we-W .. -f-ip..-.,,....... .-.., H.,- V . , - V I-su-. ,-u-vqnnur--...-nga, V . rw 11 "ef-lv.--......,Au.1nn::Wave---wiv:-.f+f.,,......-..5g-xbqj-m,,,?:,,.,,.., Y . .LW .,--!Y , ,, NN-f E V 'A H ,, ,V ,Q ,,'1x" . 1gVVe-s.g-- 7 1 . , V V. -, . - ' - K A . 4- Vg . , - . af " "QV A ww.. A V 3 ', in 'f 4+ ' V V 4 . 'iff ,. 5'-4 , ggy m w V , A , .ry M 4, vf-. - X -,V I, , . -'V - M -ff ' f 277 5 Vwv-. . . 'Z' f- ' X 1 . V -V -iw' 3 ' . V 1 ' ' V V . '- J, Q '.' . ' A 3. -iV V af . 1- H I ' hh, it ,V 'V V. . av, A . - . -H . A, " N 5 F is ' . V, V: W 4. G 1. ,.' A . K fd" 'Yr ' ' , ' . 2, , 1- 2 A' 35 11, . eg 5. :V 1 , ,. 4,4 If V' , Q 'f " 'Q 'Yi -. V ,V - ' ' 4 - ' - . - ig gf. . x ',L 1 . . L ' , 4 X 53'-f 3.44. f, ,' V 59 N-.Y VIN Q. y .7 fa J ., fy!" 5 1 f g', Aej, ' A . -3 5, A Q V ffga. 3, M ' . ,. Q 1-5 '- , Ji, i :tx , , .sf , VL, H ai ,K , ,,,, V QV , W pw, 4, g tl J?" L xi 1 ' A. 651' '14, A I I 1 V ', 3, - L, N... - ,,.,,X m- -K 1 V " 5 - -n. t : ,J K :jx 1 ,, ,S A x V, ' s QM' " - - ',':' ' eva' V- 2 V' V.. if ' - ' . ' , , 7. , ,X V L Y t , t. . 5. J., F u., ,Q ' at ,t ,ag k. 53, Y-1 i-.-5 N ' sw.. ,Zinn I -.V w ' :f ' ' , 15' - ' V 8,3 -,. M. 1: , " -,- .. ,, . - - r , . I Q., 'f 1. -psf, ,va 5-flC?'l'V f., V X, Q. .V ,. f -,l fV xr .W , .14 , .4 dh 5--I Q, - Q, 2' v . 3-'. .4M,-Q. 5 71' 'N - "' "",' V. ' wi .iw 5V7"'?'5'5 i X 'Q .L 1 V I., g . VL. 'Q' - , + 2, 'f .ux,45.'f'7ff-' fi .w f .V ' 5' Q Q- . , . J . Qs. V 1 . , .. . .V 3 .Q ,- -. . L4 ..L, . ' 'Q '- ,M -auf? I-jV,,,,jid,U 4. - , V ,. V.,-g . .1 W, "' -CN., ' W4 1,1 5 A. if W' if K, V 14 V . . L ,, . . Q Q Q, it at V, 67, -X v V 'V .. g4fV,,. 1 YS. -- V, 'P 1 V I fl. --,. .5 I , .Sk 5 . ,, ,Q V5 t 3 ll: '91 -.xi 6- Mt, V511 V. t . ,. V "Q ' F6 xii 1' an 'fy 7' 'I " .' Ji' PD' ' l Q V.. . ..,,V:.,x- A' ' a . gf 4 gg I,Vg yah ,V V'-V -Vx.. A , ' .".fgV . .V I V ,Z K .V vw-V. - M . , Vf , - e , Jig! fe Va ,gf V f i ju! M.: ...VV ,1.. - , gr. V' K .,V v,.l4,g . M4 .t fl. . Yi' ' ' ' U- :I ga ' "v , 3, 1 .'?:Qi, ' 1. if 6 V v-'-1 V ' ,T feftf , 4 " , V, , X , Q . , . L I V" " zz' 5 V 'X wx- - al - ,. ..' - 3' 'WL wi Q 'Q ' V ' , , , . , ' 'L V' " 5 I r "5 if ' l ,. E . 7 '5 : vf' 'lr' ' gf' 'JV 4 'f ' . ' 4 1 I - ' . 2' ,Q 'u ' Q' . '-YQ ' ' Q 5 , K -I , fl , V 'f .V-.ff fl 'Q 'Q i 2-4 an " V . W,-fy . f -'-c f-W ' .15 It - v1 Z x' - . I- 36, . -' 'Q f V : W 'VV 'A xi 7 -' '35 . QF j ,' ,VV . L gfi . ' r 'M Vg," A A5 l if f PV, ,, ,.,.,3M R jf f , ,x f, ff, Yi-V 'X-V , ' 5,3 ' '., . , Q j- ' V. 'w . 'Q 'K' v,w.A ., nf I, ', Q V, N v - V V , .Vf yV .V . wimw V t . , I , In 4 H Af E I V X G ..: V ,lm Y ll 1. 1 V W :few " ' " 'f lg Q 6 110. V: '21 V if . , 1,2 4 :: , 4 1, .N V ,A -V1 fi A 4 ,V "" gb X QS' ' V' ff V W' 73" 'Ani'-V N A ' '- - wa ' W .. F, , ' ,Vt ,, , 1 , , 5.5 ff Ar Wxivi ' .1 -. -1? V ' 1 -.,, ', ' ,' . , fe Q 2 ' .V Vi ,S ' M Av-.'5""' 'x 'V . ' ' ' . , . 'x G . ' M33 '-fiff af 1 Vfl LY' "li 1-- -" . . .1 AE. Z L V , VW I n I if ff--ig bf' ' . 1- ' ' ' fig 1 , . , . 3 'mrwx-xg . ,pl , ' V J wsxffgk ..5..V1y1t?5 x A 1 . '4 W -' V L J I ' . ms-fy. 5 ' fgfxf iff? L.- -,' N TTI-rr'-K:--Q"-1-5+-7:1 firfivf - ,M ff, - 1, ,J Q 4 S' Y X. . . ff s --B 1 '-4' f. . A Aw. ff V 3 if' - Q M Q NJN 'i gf K "4 , A N, -.1 .Q Q W R' -'N f , gi 41 A V - V j- M 1fA:.gva'.gv'? ! gf , F, N wi f 'E' ' 1 , A I, V I QM ' , R ' -! , . i .5 . , in M V fy 1. f ' uf QF .w sy ,. raw! I9 2 '- sgu wy ,ATE in 1131! ...f Q f " "Ji ' 4 in flu" ' , in " ' V- 'Xi' ' , 'fx A' .t5,! 942+ . "'j 1 ' f'R'Q'cif'wr1 gif W Kg . , , , sh. My-4 , , Mir- V 1 E M. '51 . , l. .4 'H -W QQ ws g,n. aff ,vw , ,f , V w . ggi Mai! ,. mv , 1, 1 - i 4 A, 3, 1714 Naam .X vNQVAJ , n ky i , . 1 ,Q w1 gy .fw W WI Q , , , - "h' Q Q' k'k ' bg 'W f ' V ' fl' H ' 4' -- A :,X'2?+ 1' if ' ' Q . A , gh- 4. f A, .' V M W , . F 1 'Wm 'W' , , . , 6- t ,i ' I. ,: gang g Vein ,lwsm gn - - gf -, , 5' V W. ' ,, K Q . H' 5,-fm I .', M Q I , W, Ya f A , I mf J M I W, ,7 3 ,Mi J 7' X ., 7 Q1 ', 1 ' , . gfgigf, ,XM A ,gg jf 35' f f I ' Q JR- ' ' ig u ' ' 1 . 51- M Z' - ' Q 5 .4 ' ,iam 153 A .W U, , 6 -, A A . ,K . ., , F, K .aww lar WIN 'ir Tg23'fe,,,L , A, Q ,f A S .wp J . Q - 1 , ' F I ia? , i t V' ' I- 1 'qw ' f ,ik -, ' Q 4 If 4 A A'-' ' N "MQW, :j,. " 5 S: ' if v '57, F5362 if F7 5 I Z xi ' ' mx? -5"" ' A ' . if ' kwv. vig my Nana Q- if 9 ,H ' qv ll, xf JV' JF : 2,551 f ig .H N'f I JW' ,J . safe ,Qi if A U My M 4 I., dv X. 5 Ax N K N. V ii.: H ., .xl rf' JSAQ I , i , Y J- A K V Q. S Lu S ' M ",. Y. - M t fi "" W Wgfify' " .V Q QL? ' Y " .likufgeg .f 3 Ja fx 3 ,V ,-,'xEf,9QfW. ' X I . 5 Q 3: qw 3 A w Q 7 iigiivif .nw qfvgfiisfv 43 .W , V W' 5 I MEG' up " 5 ,i-:gk,f,gb gnu. J .I . V f of A f ' as Q Q 3 t. gl. Q .E . H 'tr ,QU v ' fa X, , , , ' x 55' iii. by Qf iv Q 1 L S.. -. ff- f . K ' M , 'G K . 'H' Q, r , . Y ' .A ' X'VXx 4- , ,L Kg A g ' -N yn ' im ,, ' -Q ' Q -- Nr: 4, , fii, Q V 5 A7 f , ' k f1Q?5,1sf iff g ER 3 Q pa - I t A ISF? M qw .L 'QE . gm K! .L 3 :V ,q. D . f A N' mi- XV ' w'1'5g3Qa H in Y A P "lr 9? mg is 1213 " k A A ,. - mx x h , KLLL 4, - K , , , rl' ' 4 K ,?A,1.:'i f av L at 4,w1,yA WM W 6 MM WWUA w5'fYQ df ! X 1 . we 1946 lion! if l"85Ql'lfe Louis Kohn Robert Strain EditorsfinfChief Beryl Epstein Charles Werner Tilford Hearsh Business Mzinagers Betty Stake Pat Tracy Associate Editors Shirley Happ Circulation Manager The 1946 edition ofthe DIAL of Uni' versity City High School was designed hy Harry Swain, Ir, of Central Engravf ing Company, and printed hy the Britt Printing and Publishing Company. The covers were made hy Bccktold Conif pany, and the photography was hy Lange Studio, Lester Linclc, and Jack Zehrt. 3 My ia! This, the twentieth Dial published hy the students of University City High School, records, in pic' tures and in words, many of the activities of our students in classes, clubs, and athletics throughout the school year of 1945 and 1946. nniuerdalf' glclifion A Scene to b Remembered e long f7Am Wim ave AM Our Stadium We izbeolicafe this, the Dial of 1946. Never should we forget the terrible price which U. City's sons, and millions like them, have paid to preserve for us the American way of life. Humbly we ask ourselves whether we are worthy of the sacrifice - humbly we dedicate ourselves to the arduous task of working for the 'Lone world" of understanding, of friendship, and of justice which alone can prevent another global conflict. QOLCQ1' ur irdf For the first time in the experience of those who are now attending University City High School, our students hav C spent a year in which the world has been free from the "blood, toil, tears, and sweat" of active warfare. Not yet, however, does the world know "freedom from want" or "freedom from fear," as the spectres of starvation and of violence stalk through so many quarters of the globe. Only when these have been banished and only when jus' tice and understanding prevail, shall we know true peace. 80l,lf' VIEWS ADMINISTRATIGN CLASSES Seniors juniors Sophomorcs CLUBS ATHLETICS Boys' Sports Girls' Sports FEATURES ADVERTISEMENTS Olflfelflfff S 3 s 3 i i University City High School linds within its walls students who are eagerly cultivating body, mind, and character through the activities of the school. The fine and practical arts, social stud' ies, languages, mathematics, and science help to deepen their understanding of the world about themg physical education builds health and wholef some recreationg all of these together aim to develop character that is founded on "the true, the good, the beautiful." Each of these lies Within the scope of . . . n merican Selma! Cut of These Portals the Learned Shall Pass ' Page 'Ten Dr. McClure .MJMZMZ5 frafion DR. WcJRTH MCCLURE Superintendent of University City Schools Simpson College, AB. University of Wzrsliiiigtcin, A.M. Columbia University, Ed.D. Honorary Degrees: College of Puget Sound, LL.D.g Simpson College, Ed.D. cgcfminis fm fiom MR. J. E. BAKER Principal Drury College, AB. University Of Chicago, A.lVl. Mr. Kettelkamp Miss MARY HAMILTON Assistant Principal Vwfashington University, AB. Columbia University, A.M. Dean of Girls Sponsor of Dial English Mr. Baker MR. W. E. KETTELKAMP Assistant Principal Central Vsfesleyan, A.B. University of Chicago, A.M. Director of Guidance History Miss Hamilton Page Eleven C' 6-LCIXL Miss MARCSARET F. JOHNSON YVashington University, A.B., A.M. 1 haII'IIIzIn of lfnglish l,E'IJZll'tlllL'llt English MRS. MARGARET C. Miss MARJORII1 HARRIS xV1lSl1lI1glOll University. Aff., A.M, Sponsor of 'l'oIII-'l'oIn lfnglish FARRAR WVcstern College, A.B. vv35llll'lgfOIl University, IKM. Sponsor of Literary Club English MRs. EDITH BODENHAFFR Miss WILDA FLINT University of Utah, A.B. University of Kansas, A.M. Sponsor of Excelsior English Drury College, A.B. University of Missouri, A.M. Business Sponsor English of Toni-Toni Miss ETIAIEL KAUFMAN Missouri Stnte Teachers Follege, ILS. Missoiiri University, All. English Miss WANIIA BOWERS Southwest State T eachers College, ILS. Sponsor of Strut and lfret Speech and Drzimatics Miss ZI-'LLA MARY MURRAY Miss LULU P. TUR Missoiiri Universit Carleton College, A.B. I4llJl'il1'lZll1 Nlill y, A.B., ILS. Colninbia University, A.M. Sponsor of Mathemzitics Club Matliematics Miss LIELIAETTA BRU NS NVashington University, A.B., AAI. fillillflllilll of Mfitliematics Depzirtment Senior Sponsor NI8fllClllIlflCS MR. MARVIN D. lVl,-'KRKS YVilliam jewel, A.B. Sponsor of Chess Matheinatics and Checkers Club Miss Buss HOWARD Randolph Mneon, A.B. University of Chicago, A.M. Mathcniatics Miss johnson MSS HHffiS Mrs. Farrar Mrs. Bodenhafer Miss Flint Miss Kaufman Miss Bowers Miss Murray MY- Mafks Miss Howard Miss Turner Miss Bruns Page Twelve P C-1 DR. ERWIN 1. URCH Grove City College, A.B. University of Chicago, A.M. Chicago Theological Seminary, B.D, St. Louis University, I'h.D. Chairman of History Department Sponsor of Ciceronians History MRS. HAZEL XVALLACH DI-U UI-Ch Mrs- Wallach Hfgiiigigtoti University, A.B., A.M. MR. ROBERT R, Russian. liissouri State Teachers College, H.S. History Miss MARTHA BARNIDGE Vlfashington University, A.B., A.M. Sponsor of Current Events Club History MR. HowARo MCKEE University of Iowa, A.B. University of Chicago and University of Missouri, A.M. Sponsor of Pep Club History Mr Russell Miss Barnid fi . 1 ge MR. XV. C. STREHLMAN 3 Central XVcsleyan College, A.B. XVashington University, A.M. Chairman of Science Department Physics Miss MARY j. STEIDEMANN University of Illinois, A.B. Biology MR. Riix CoNx'1:Rs XV:1i'i'eiislJurg, B.S. in Ed. Missouri University, M.Ed. Biology MRS. M. j. MENR15 Secretary to the Principal Mr. McKee Mr. Strehlman Miss HLLRN DONNLLLY VVashington University, A.B., A.M. t'hairman of Latin Department Senior Sponsor Sponsor of Societas Classicalis Latin Miss Biassug ul. WOLFNER Milwaukee Downer College, A.B. New York University. A.M. Chairman of French Department Boys' Counsellor Sponsor of Le Cerclc Francais French Miss RVTH ROTHSCIIILD XVashington University, A.B., A.M. Chair can of Spanish Department Miss Steidemann Mr. Conyers of Spmlsh Club 3 iiii C t VVVV ii I ix 5 V V, Rii Q f 5557 ss s Mrs. Menke Miss Donnelly Miss Wunlfner Miss Rothschild Page Thirteen 6'LClfL f ELEM, Miss MARIE GONZALES VVz1slIi1IgtOI1 University, A.B,, A.M. Spanisli MR, QRVAL H. RIESSEN Nortlxwestern University Wu-. B llirector of Instrument Il Music MR. GIQORGE J. MECHALSON M155 Gonzales Ml' RIBSSED Lawrence College, Mus,B, Director of Opera Director of Vocal Music MISS EDITH HAMMOND WVaslIirIgtorI University X B A IVI ClIairIII:III of Comnieicial Dep l1t1'llLllf Commercial Miss LAURA H. BRISCOE xxv2l.Shl!lgUlH University, HS., A.M. Sponsor of Student Council and llouse of Representatives Commercial MIss HARRIOT HOFFMAN Vllzisliington University A R State University Of Iowa A B Commercial Miss DOROTHY ABBOTT University of Nebraska, B.S., M.A. Commercial MIss FLORENCE HAACK li.S.A.C. College, B.S Chairmzin of Home Economics Department lloine Economics MISS MAE GRAY Art Institute, Chicago University of Illinois Columbia University, M.A. Sponsor of Palette and Brush Art MISS GERRY PARRISH Universit of Missot Y . Home l-.conomics MR, HOWARD DENNIS Maryville State Teachers College, B.S. University of Missouri, M.A. Industrial Art MR. A. T. DIINHAM BIissOuri School of Mines B 9 IXIcch:IniczIl Drawing MISS Abbott MISS HHHCk MF. DGHIIIS Mr Dunhdlh M155 Gyry M155 Pifflgh Page Fourteen . Q- I 611601, i g MR. H. E. SCHEMMER University of Missouri, B,S, Sponsor of Tribe Physical Education MR. CLARENCE A. MUHL Penn College Mr. Schemmer Mr. Muhl University of Illinois, Bs. Sponsor of Tribe " - Physical Education MR. FORREST W. ENGLAND Illinois College, A.B. University of Missouri Sponsor of Tribe Physical Education ' MR. T. L. TLIRBEVILLE - Southweit State Teachers College, B.S. Mr' England MI. TUflJ6V1ll6 L'nivcrSity of Colorado, A.lVI. Sponsor of Tribe Physical Education Miss HELEN MANLEY VVellesley College, A.B. Columbia University, M.A. Sponsor of Girls' U. Club Supervisor, Physical Education Miss VIRGINIA DICUS ' State Teachers College, B.S. Miss Manley Miss Dicus Columbia UniVeFSifY, MA- Physical Education Miss VIRGINIA LEE WATTS University of Blissouri, B.S. University of New York, M.A. Physical Education Miss LOUISE ROBISON N State University of Iowa, B.S. University of Micliigan, M.A. Physical Education Miss Watts Miss Robison MR. F. R. CHAMBERS Cornell College, A.B. Iowa University, A.M. Sponsor of Camera Club Co-ordinator Miss WILMA MITTELBERG University of Illinois, B.S. in Institutional Management Dietettcs Graduate, Barnes Hospital Cafeteria Manager Mr. Chambers Miss Mittelberg Page Fifteen lftlf' Kfvtricieri We have determined more than ever, in this first year of peace, to make worthy use of the priceless opportunity that is ours to acquire knowledge and understanding in a variety of Helds. The war has brought home to nearly all of us the necessity of gain' ing as much training and education as possible so that we may be ready for the next phase - college or vocation - and may contribute our bit, either as intelligent leaders or as intelligent followers, toward the solution of the complex problems which confront the world. Davis Kayser Krachmalnick Kohn Page Eighteen canzacwy, f 946 CLASS OFFICERS President .........,...... ........,.... W ARNER P. Diavis ViC6'PreSident ...vv.......e ..,.,..,...,..... D 0Ris LILLIAN KAYSER Secretary ........... ,.,.........,,, A NNADINE KRACHMALNICK Treasurer ......,.,..... ROBERT ERRANT KOHN COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES-JANUARY 24 AT THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL AUDITORIUM PRocEssioNAL-Grand March from Aida ,......,,... ...A,.......... V erdi Ruth Blattner INVOCATION .........,....,....,....,............,....... The Rev. Mr. R. Calvin Dobson First Presbyterian Church ADDRESS OF WELCOME ..................... ......,.... W arner P. Davis PIANO SOLO-Polcmaise in Afflat ,......,.........AA...... ........ F rederick Chopin Anriadine Krachmalniclq ' CLASS ORAT1oN ,,,..,,A,..,,,.,,...A,...,,..,......,....,.,. ,.,.,......... R obert Errarzt Kohn ADDRESSfThe Wag' to the Best ........,......,,,... Dr. Ellis Walker Hay First Corigregatiorial Church Presentation of the Class to the President of the Board of Education, E. Baker, Principal Awarding of Diplomas by the President of the Board of Education, Dr. Willis H. Reals THE ALMA MATER ,,... .................... ...................................................... 'I' h e Class REcEsSioNALAPomp and Circumstarice ,..... ........... Elgar Ruth Blattrier me, 1946 CLASS OFFICERS President ,......A....,,. .......,,.,.. R IOHARD M. BRAZNELL Vice-President ..,,.,...,. ,..,,...... B ETTY BRUCE STAKE Secretary ,,,....,....... CATHERINE ALTEPETER Treasurer. .,,..,,,.,,.......,..A,...A,AE DAVID LEIT . A . r Aff , COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES-MAY 29 yi jf AT THE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL ' PROOESSIONAL ,..,........ ...,,...... S enior High School Band INVOCATION ...,.....,...................,II..,.........,............ Rev. W. W. S. Hohensclrild Church of The Holy Communion ADDRESS OF WELCOME .......... ...,.......... R ichard M. Braznell CLASS ORATION ..,.,...,.., ..........,, R obeft S. Hirschfield ADDRESS .......,...............................................................,,........ Dr. Franc L. McCluer President of Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri Presentation of the Class to the President of the Board of Education, E, Baker, Principal Awarding of Diplomas by the President of the Board of Education, Dr. Willis H. Reals THE ALMA MATER ,...r....... ..... .,...,..........,,....... T l 18 Class RECESSIONAL ..,........... ............ S enior High School Band 5 Braznell Stake Altepeter Leitch Page Nineteen Look sharp! You may see an amoeba. unduly, f 5 EARL GILLESPIE BURTON, IR. I never saw his lilqe. JEAN COPLAN Lend -me your ear. Southwest High: Latin Club 2: French Club 3, Trcas.g Ciceronian Club 3, Sec.fTreas. 41 Debating Team 4. WARNER DAVIS Intelligent, wittyg a veritable magnet when it comes to good looks. Student Council 3, 4, Pres.: House of Rcp. 2, Treasg jr. Prom Com. 33 Ciceronian Club 31 Tennis Team 3, 41 Intramural Sports 4g Pres. of Senior Class 4. -IOCELYN DUBEI A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. House of Rep. 43 A.W.V.S. 2, 3: Strut and Fret 4: Tom' Tom Stall 3, 4. BARBARA RUTH AGRUSS The way to gain a friend is to be one. Palette and Brush 2, 3g Riding Club 3, 4g Senior Play 4g Pep Club 2. HAROLD BERGER If we never flatter ourselves, we should have but scant pleasures. Agruss Berger Bloom Joi' BLooM Whe'n there is nothing to do nights l study. Service Club 2. 3. .IOHN BOWMAN Our good friend from Normandy. Normandy High. Bowman Burton Coplan Davis Dubei Dubinsky Eisenberg Fischmann Fixman Page Twenty anotary, f 6 Gerber Gershon Ginsberg Goldenberg Heiman Henske Hamilton Hiller Hough ALBERT I. DUBINSKY It is a world of startling possibilities. Soldan High. HELENE EISENBERC Would we could say tlie nice things we tliinlg. BETTY GOLDENBERG Soldan High: Spanish Club 3: After School Sports 2. 3' Fore-Ugf the forgmpgt in fun, A'W'V'S' 3' 4: Pep Club 3' Spanish Club 2, 3: After School Sports, 2, 3: Senior Play 4: A.W.V.S. 2: Literary Club 2: Service Club 2: RITA FISCHMANN Pep Club 3' Her charm and beauty enslave us all. Pen in Hand Club 4, Pres.: Leader's Club 2, 3: Seryicc JACK HEIMAN Club 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4: House of Rep. 4: After Always the,-5 with a hglpi-ng hand. School Sports 3. VIRGINIA DOROTHY HENSKE JOYCE FIXMAN Faithfulness and sincerity first of all. NDF from the SWT-9 do I my Wisdom Pluck- Service Club 2: Swimming Club 3. Horseback Riding 2, 3g Ciceronian Club 2, 3, 4, Pres.: Debating Team 3, 4: French Club 2, 3: Tomfrfom Staff 2, 4: Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. FRANK H. HAMILTON, IR. His motto is "I'll get by"-and lie does. Football 2: Track 2: Baseball 4: Intramural Basketball 3, GENE GERBER 4: House of Rep. 3, 4. To do nothing is in every man's power. Intramural Sports 4: Badminton 4. MARY LOU HILLER A charming and clever girl. ADELE GERSHON Blewegt High. A tiny, dainty damsel she. Camera Club 2: After School Sports 2, 3. LOIS HOUGH , l Sometimes I get so confused! HARRIET GINSBERG Senior Play 4: Strut and Fret 2, 3, 4, VicefPres.: After A funnier girl we do not know. School Sports 2: Art Club 2: A.W.V,S. 2: Pep Club 3. Page Twentyfone Now is the time for all . . . vcnoictry, f Q4 5 SIDNEY KAYMAN He scatters enjoyment along his way. Football 2, 35 Track 25 Golf 25 Basketball 2, 3. DORIS KAYSER She is a rare combination of charm, friendliness, and capability. After School Sports 2, 3, 45 Bowling Club 45 Pep Club 2, 3, Pres. 45 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Captain5 VicefPresident of Sr. Class 4. DAVID KEAN I like to take things as they come. Excelsior Club 35 Mortar and Pestle 35 Matli Club 3, 45 Bowling Club 35 Honor Pin 4. ROBERT KOHN Give me the opportunity and I will move the world. Student Council 3, 45 House of Rep. 2, 3, Chairmang Dial Staff 2, Asst. Ed. 3, 45 Tom-Tom Staff 2, Ed. Asst.5 Latin Club 2, Pres. 3, 45 Math Club 3, Pres. 45 Cicerof nians 3, VicefPres.5 Debate Team 3, 45 Track 2, 35 Mortar and Pestle 35 Treas. of Sr. Class 4. MORTON INGER I could be brilliant, too, if I studied. Current Events Club 25 Track Team 2, 3, 45 Excelsior 25 Dial 4. GLORIA JEAN KAHN An honest heart, a staunch friend. Strut and Fret 2, 35 German Club 3, 45 Math Club 35 Swimming 35 Chemistry Club 3. Inger Kahn Kaplan MURRAY KAPLAN A boy to be relied upon. Track 2, 35 Honor Pin 4, BEVERLEE CELESTE KARSH She is spiced with variety. A.W.V.S. 2, 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 45 Senior Play 45 Bowling Club 25 After School Sports 45 Excelsior Club 35 Horse' back Riding 2, 3. Karsh Kayman Kayser Kean Kohn Kopman Page Twentyftwo Krachmalnick Kramer Kutten ctlftucwg, f 94 6 Lending Lipcin Litt Marmor Moss Nibeck Nielsen Off Parnas JOCELYN RUTH KOPMAN Another of our upftofdatefgirls. ANNADINE KRACHMALNICK Her talent and charm are known to all: fame will be her fortune. Sec. of Sr. Class 4: Pep Club 2: Schoenthaler Awards 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3, Sec. 4: TOI11'TO111 Staff 4: Dial Staff 4: Honor Pins 2, 3, 4: After School Sports 4: A.W.V.S. 2: Ciceronians 3: Bowling Club 2. NORMA GLORY KRAMER Theres not a worry in her head. Service Club 3: Pep Club 2: A.W.V.S. 2: After School Sports 4: Bowling Club 3. EUGENE KUTTEN Strong reasons make strong actions. Soldan High: Excelsior Club 2, 3: Mortar and Pestle 3, 4: Track 4: Tennis 3, 4: Bowling Club 3. JOY LENDING She's versatile and vivacious. Latin Club 2, 3, 4, Sgt.fatfArms.: Dial Staff 2, 3, 4: Tom' Tom Staff 4: Honor Pin 4: After School Sports 4: Taberna 2. GERALDINE M. LIPCIN She's anything nice you say she is. TomfTom Staff 2, 3, 4: U. Club 3, 4 Treas.: After School Sports 2, 3, 4: Service Club 2, 3, 4. NORMA LITT The first duty of a woman is to be pretty. MAXINE LEE MARMOR We canft help liking her. Service Club 2, 3: Tom-Tom Staff 3: Literary Club Pen In Hand Club 4, Sec.'Treas.: Latin Club 2. NORMA RUTH MOSS A good sport: she's faithful and true. TrifY 2: Service Club 2, 3, 4: Bowling Club 4. DON S. NIBECK Pleasure before business. Football 2, 3: Intramural Basketball 2: Band 2, 3, 4. BETTY VIRGINIA NIELSEN Life can be beautiful. Swimming 3. ALBERTA MARIE ORF Some must attain the heights of success. Leader's Club 4: House of Rep. 4: Service Club 2, 3, U. Club 3, 4: After School Sports 2, 3. NEAL PARNAS An all around star. Page Twentyfthree RICHARD REEVES PHELPS Occasionally he plays football. Football 2, 3, 4: Track 2: I'IifY 2. SELENE RABUSHKA In each cheek appears a pretty dimple, and on her lips a smile. House of Rep. 3, 4g Dial Staif 2, 3, 45 TomfTom Staff 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: After School Sports 4: Taberna 2. ZARA MIRIAM RICHTER It's 'nice to be nice when you're naturally nice. A.W.V.S. 2g Bowling Club 3, Treas.: Service Club 4. VERA RING A light heart lives long. Mt. Vernon and Blewett Highg Tom-Tom Staff 3, 4g Dial Staff 3: Pep Club 2, 3. SHIRLEY JEAN SALZBERC She can talk on and on. and on! A.W.V.S. 3g Swimming 3g Bowling 3: Senior Play 4. SADYE SCHNITZER I graduate with pleasure. Pep Club 43 Senior Play 4: After School Sports 3. SANDY SCHULTZ The hand of an artist. Art Club 2, Vice-Pres. 3, Pres. 4g Spanish Club 4: Honor Pin 2, TomfTom Staff 4. unitary, 1946 SHIRLEY STEIN The best is yet to come. Service Club 25 Excelsior Club 3: A.W.V.S. 3, 45 Swim' ming 4. RCSE JEAN STEINBERC Of quiet ways but brighter thoughts. A.W.V.S. 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3, 4: Swimming 4: Bad' minton 3: Archery 4. VERA CATHERINE STEINHCFF Forget me not. After School Sports 2. ROBERT SWEHLA Earth's noblest Cleed, a perfect gentleman. MARTIN TISCHLER We cannot all do all things, but I like to try. Sr. Class Play 2, 3, 4: Strut and Fret 2, 3, 45 Mortar and Pestle 3, 4. JEANNE TRATTLER Happy, warmfheartecl and true. Granite City High. MERILYN SHUCART An inborn grace that nothing lacks of culture. A.W.V.S. 2, 3, Vice'Pres. 4: Mortar and Pestle 3, 4: Tom'Tom Staff 3, 4: Pep Club 3. ELVIN M. SILVERMAN It's been a long, long time. Soldan High. Phelps Rabushka Richter MARCIA ELAINE SPECTOR Always gay and beguiling. Pep Club 3. JEROME JOSEPH STEDELIN, JR. A smooth, easy-going chap. St. Louis Country Day School. Ring Salzberg Schnitzer Schultz Shucart Silverman Spector E Steclelin Stein Page 'I'wenty'four otnlftargj f Steinberg Steinhoff Swehla Tischler Trattler Tucker Walker Weisman Williams SARENE TUCKER Casual thoughts are sometimes of great value. Service Club 2, 3: Bowling Club 33 After School Sports 33 German Club 3: Pen In Hand 4g Horseback Riding 43 Pep Club 4. ELSIE ELNORA WALKER A pleasant, unassuming maid. ALAN MARTIN YEDLIN Pep Club 3. His duty is to entertain the ladies. Tribe 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 39 Basketball 2: Football 3, 4g SHIRLEY WEISMAN Intramural Basketball 3. Going, but not forgotten. Madison High. HARRY RICHARD WILLIAMS LENNIS EVERETT YOUNG, JR. ITIICTCIS mischief in this man! Pep Club 4g Math Club 4g Senior Play 4: Cheer Leader Nothing there is that bothers me,-much. 43 Tribe 4- BARBARA JANE ZATLIN A face with gladness overspread. Basketball Manager 4g House of Rep. 4g Intramural Bas' ketball 2. JAMES WILLIAMSON Pep Club 2: Spanish Club 2, 3, 4g Senior Play 43 After MCH UI few wofd-9 me the be-St men- School Sports 4g Excelsior 2: Bowling Club 2: Cicero' Mortar and Pestle 3g Intramural Football 3. nians 2. Williamson Yedlin A Young Zatlin JANUARY SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Edward Block Roma Rosen Kenneth Weinstock Page Twentyffive We gaily pass from class to class. W, me JOAN ALTMAN Do not women make the world go -round? Service Club 2: Pep Club 3, 41 After School Sports 2, 3. DAVID R. ANDERSON Life is too slwrt to frown and worry. HifY 2, 3, VicefPres., Pres. 4g Current Events Club 4g Concert Band 2, 3, 4g Marching Band 2, 3, 4. JOE BAKER Doesrft he tell a story well? Iowa City High, Iowa: Football 4: Basketball 4g House of Rep. 4, Operetta 4. EDWARD BALK Not a believer in all work and no play. Current Events Club 3, 4, French Club 3: Intramural Sports 3. - 1-N, ,XL-eaufx .fx -,XX Q3-cvs". -ka-A K Y-Xa MARY ACKERT A practical arrcl alert mind. Dial Stall 2g Bowling Club 3g Pep Club 4g After School Sports 2, 3, 4. ANNEDA ROSE ALBERT If any of us have no enemies, it is she, A.W.V.S. 3, Camera Club 3, 4g Squad Leader 3: After School Sports 2, 3g A Cappella Choir 2, 3. Ackert Albert Alper krsxgxk 'eb v- 'vl"'N ' x I Cfxqxkrxh IRMA IEAN ALPER , 2: Of manners mild and wirmirrg. P is Soldan High, A.W.V.S. 25 Operetta 4. N CATHY ALTEPETER Her talerlts are many. Student Council 4, Scc'yg House of Rep. 3, Sgt.'atfArmsg Leaders Club 3, 4g After School Sports 2, 3, 4, Senior Class Sec'y. Altepeter Altman Anderson Baker Balk Ballman Page Twentyfsix Barker Bawn Becker vine, f 6 I Behlke Bernstein Berry Blount Boles Boonshaft Booth Bording Braznell MARY BALLMAN No speech uttered is comparable to silence. A.W.V.S. 4. CARLEY BARKER Be merry if you can. TrifY 2, Swimming 3, 4, Service Club 4. BONNIE BAWN Shels an attractive girl. Do you know what "eye" mean? Academy of the Visitation, Leaders Club 4, Senior Play 4, Strut and Fret 4, Operetta 4, Tri-Y 4. JANE BECKER Full of vigor and pep. A.W.V.S. 2, Spanish Club 3, Service Club 3, 4, After School Sports 2, 3. VICTOR BEHLKE 'You can do whatever you think you can. Football 2, 3, Tribe 3, 4. SYLVIA LEE BERNSTEIN A friendly person. JEAN LEE BERRY Not a firm believer in all work and no play. After School Sports 2, Service Club 2, Leaders Club 4. H. VICTOR BLOUNT, JR. Here comes a man of comfort. Farragut Naval Academy, St. Petersburg, Fla., Football 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, HifY 2, 3. JAMES CARL BOLES Sometimes smiling, sometimes serious, always friendly. HifY 3 Pres., 4 Pres., Track 2, 3, 4, Tribe 3, 4, Golf 3, House of Rep. 4, Dial Staff 3, 4. BARRY BOONSHAFT There is niothing like fun, is there? A Cappella 2, Track 2, 4, Football 2, 3, Honor Pin 2, HOIESQ of Rep. 3, Student Council 4, Tribe 3, 4, Dial Sta 4. MARTHA ANN BOOTH Content with the present, whatever it may be. Pep Club 2, 3, 4, TrifY 2, Service Club 2, 3, 4, Literary Club 3: Bowling Club 3. VIRGINIA BORDING Itls a pleasure to know her. Ritenour High, Art Club 3, 4, TrifY 3, 4, Current Events Club 3, Service Club 4. RICHARD M. BRAZNELL The ability to lead and guide is Dick's to show and 'not to hide. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 3, 4: Tribe 2, 3, 4, House of Rep. 3, 4 Chairman, Student Council 4 Vice'Pres., Jr.fSr. Prom Comm. 3, HifY 2, 3 Vice' Pres., Service Club 4. Page Twentyfseven "Don't you see?" ana, 1946 HENRY E. BUCHER, JR. Famous for his doing of the unexpected. HifY 2, 3, 4' Football 2, 3, 4. RCBERT E. BURCENER Every inch a man. Football 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Intramural B' fketball 4. RICHARD BYARS Worry kills mari. Why die? Student Council 4: TomfTum 3 Asst. Ed., 4 Co'Ed.: Spanish Club 2, 3 Treas.: Art Club 2: Boys' Glee Club 3: Service Club 4: Dial Staff 3. GEORGE A. CAMPBELL We'd walk a mile for a Campbell. Student Council 4: Tribe 3, 4: Problems Club 3: Teen Town 3 Pres.: House of Rep. 3: T0mfT0m 2: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Jr.fSr. Prom Comm. 3: Service Club 3, 4: Cross Country 43 Track 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4. DONALD H. BRECKENRIDGE He who pleases others, profits in it himself. House of Rep. 2: Spanish Club 2, 3: HifY 3, 4 Treas.: Concert Band 2, 3: Chess and Checkers Club 3, Current Events Club 4. ELAINEBETTE BRICK A talented soul. Senior Play: Strut and Fret 3, 4 Pres.: Bowling Club 2, 3, 4: Archery 2, 3: TomfTom Staff 3, 4: Service Club 3, 4: Honor Pins 3, 4. Breckenridge Brick H. Brown HELEN BROWN As refreshing as a clay in sprinig. PHYLLIS BRCWN School is great, but fun is better. After School Sports 2, 3: Leaders Club 2: Pen In Hand Club 4. P. Brown Bucher Burgener Byars Campbell Chappuis Page Twentyfeight Choden Christensen Clapper ww, 7 946 Cotlar Cowger Liovvclery Cr"p Crutcher Cummings Davis Dawdv Day DONALD A. CHAPPUIS Let us enjoy life while we can. St. Charles High, Detroit, Mich.g Football 4. RUBY CHODEN Ah, who will walli a mile with me, along life's merry way? BETTY CI-IRISTENSEN All that glitters is not gold-but she is. After School Sports 2, 3, 4. LELAND CLAPPER Nothing ever gets him down. Southwest Highg Cross Country 43 Track 4. HARVEY COTLAR His personality speaks for him. A Cappella 3g Operetta 4. DICE M. COWGER ' Dice just keeps rolling along. German Club 2, 3 Sgt.fat'Arms, 4g House of Rep. 3, 4. BOB COWDERY Known for his cheerful disposition. HifY 2g Mortar and Pestle 3. Math Club 3, 4g ELSIE MAE CRISP A friend to many friends. TrifY 2: Girls' Glee Club 3g A Cappella 3g Operetta 4g After School Snorts 2, 4. JAMES CRUTCHER If he worked as hard at his studies as he does at other things, he would be a topfnotcher. JEAN LOUISE CUMMINGS Quiet, yesfbut still water runs deep. A.W.V.S. 2, 3 VicefPres., 4: Tabcrna 2, 3, 4g Leaders Club 4. JOSEPH H. DAVIS He may be small, but so was Napoleon. Stamp Club 3 Pres., 4 Pres.g Mortar and Pestle 3g Excel' sior 2, 3. FRANK A. DAWDY Eats well, sleeps well and doesrft work any too hard. HifY 2g Service Club 2, 4. JANET MARIE DAY She has wit and grace, likewise blonde hair and a charming face. After School Sports 2, 3: U. Club 3g Pep Club 3, 4g Service Club 3: House of Rep. 4g Operetta 4. Page Twenty-nine Future cabinetmakers. ana, 7 946 JAMES FRANKLIN DIRTH A real fellow. Football 3, 43 Track 3, 4, Tribe 45 Intramural Basket' ball 4, SHIRLEY DOLL Such as she are always needed. TrifY 21 Leaders Club 2, 3, After School Sports 2, A Cappella 2, 3, Girls' Glee Club 3. PAT DONALDSON 'I'l1ere's just something about lief that one can't help liking. Cheerleader 3, 43 Pep Club 3, 4, Operetta 4, Varsity Sports 2, 3, Leaders Club 25 House of Rep. 43 Spanish Club 2. ROBERT MARVIN EDLIN A man who knows how to enjoy life. Football 3, 4, Camera Club Z5 Current Events Club 3, Service Club, 3g House of Rep. 4. FLORENCE DELLAS Sunny smiles and winsome wiles. Pep Club 3, 4, Bowling Club 3, 4: Horseback Riding 3, 4: After School Sports 2, Tri-Y 2. JOAN DEPELHEUER She's really got wit, and thafs not all, eh? Horseback Riding 3, 4g After School Sports 3, A Cap' pella 2, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT RAY DELONG Wavic something original done? Just call Bob. Football Manager 3, 4: Basketball Manager 3g Baseball 3, 4, Excelsior 3, Tribe 3, 41 Bowling Club 4. JACKIE DEVRIES Her winning personality speaks for itself. TrifY 2, 4: Palette and Brush 2: Spanish Club 2. Dellas DeLong Depelheuer DeVries Dirth Doll age W. ,ff SMX' ljisi' Ecllin Elbein Epstein Essman B. Fagin uma, f 94 5 L. Fagin Fechner Feigenbaum Feltmeier Finke Finn Fisher Fox French MELVIN ELBEIN Do what you want to do, Solclan High School. BERYL EPSTEIN A noble woman, nobly planned. Palette and Brush 2, 3 Sec'y, 4 Pres.: Math Club 3, 4: Dial Staff 3, 4: Student Tutoring 3, 4: Honor Pins 2, 3, 4: Service Club 2, 3, 4: After School Sports 2: Horseback Riding Club 4. NCRMAN MERRILL ESSMAN By the work one knows the wofkman.. Clayton High School: Intramural Baseball and Basketball 2, 3. BERNARD FAGIN The right man in the Tight place. Soldan High School: Football 2: Intramural Basketball 3: Baseball 3: Current Events Club 2: Bowling Club 2. LESTER FAGIN Always more than 'ready to do his share. Honor Pins 3, 4: Service Club 3: German Club 3 Vice- Pres., 4 Pres.: Track 3: Intramural Sports 3. NANCY FECHNER She has hidden abilities. A.W.V.S. 3. RIETTA FEIGENBAUM The mighty mite. Literary Club 2: French Club 2: Operetta 4: A Cappella 2, 3: Girls' Glee Club 3. FLORENCE FELTMEIER Footfloose and fancyffree. ALVIRDA ANNA FINKE Work and play do mix. A Cappella 3: Girls' Glee Club 3. ROSE LIBBY FINN She has the warmth of true friendliness. Palette and Brush 2, 3 Vice-Pres., 4 Sec'yfTreas. and VicefPres.: Camera Club 3, 4: Strut and Fret 4: Service Club 2, 3, 4: After School Sports 2: Honor Pin 3: Sen' ior Play 4: A.W.V.S. 3: Operetta 4. HERMAN FISHER Whenever the going gets Tough we just call for Hermie. Mortar and Pestle 3: Math Club 4: Basketball 2: Intra' mural Softball 2: A Cappella 2. WILLIAM F. FOX They say that good things come in small packages. , Excelsior 2: Intramural Softball 4. PAULA FRENCH A happy nature is a gift of life. After School Sports 2, 3, 4: Leaders Club 3: TrifY 2, 3, 4 VicefPres.: Service Club 4: Pep Club 3, 4: U. Club 4 Sec'y: Tom'Torn 3, 4. Page 'Thirtyfone A rose among thorns. W, me IACQUELINE GARRELL We call her Tombstone 'cause she goes to your head. MYRA DEAN GASSMAN Life can be beautiful like a rose. A.W.V.S. 2, 3: Service Club 3g Bowling Club Z. DOLGRES RITA GEIGER Such as she are always heeded. A.W.V.S. 2, 33 Bowling Club 4g Dial Stall 4: Operetta 4, Senior Play 4. CAROL GILLMAN A brainy type, but good at hiding the fact. Webster Highg TrifY 2, TomfTorn 3, 43 U. Club 3, 4 Sec'yg House of Rep. 4 Sec'y: Student Council 4g After School Sports 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Operetta 4, Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. -' , eq All IRIS JUNE FROMMEL MARCIA M. FUHRER rj She can take hold anywhere. Her soul is full of joy. 'lj Tom-Tom 2, 3 Ed., 4g A.W.V.S. 2. 3: Service Club 2. Operetta 4: Senior Play 4: Palette and Brus 2,.3" 0 3, Camera Club, 2, 3, Pen In Hand Club 43 After School Tom 3, 4g Literary Club 4, Spanish Cl b er ' C135 Sports 2, 3, 4g Spanish Club 2, Student Council 3, 4g 3, 4: Honor Pin 4. ,ll ml L Leaders Club. ' I . 'j If l HELEN LOUISE FRY ,IUNE MARIE FUSSNER f f , 3 A if The will is the thing. Not on easy terms with wow ,V K S.T.I'I.S., Sparta, Ill., Service Club 3. After School Sports 2, 3, 4. ' S . I if .fl I ' V Frommel Fry Fuhrer Eussner arrellf I A Gassman Geiger Gillman Glastris Page Thirtyftwo Cflazier Goldenberg L. Goldstei une, 7 B. Goldstein Gollub Gorden Gorman Greeson Griilith Grover Guller Hammer CYNTHIA HELEN GLASTRIS Quite an accomplished young woman. TrifY 25 Service Club 2, 35 Archery 45 Leaders Club 4g Senior Play 45 Strut and Fret 2, 4 VicefPres. LOUIS HERBERT GLAZIER He has an optimistic outlook on life. Ihtrarnural Basketball 2, 35 Mortar and Pestle 35 Tome Tom 3, 4. BORAH MAE GOLDENBERG We looked and still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she knew. A.W.V.S. 25 Current Events Club 3, 4 Sec'yf'I'reas.g Latin Club 2, 3, 4 Vice'Pres.5 Taberna 2, 35 Service Club 45 Palette and Brush 2, 35 French Club 2, 3 Pres.5 Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. LESTER L. GOLDSTEIN Some of these obstinate people just won't agree with me. Cheerleader 3, 45 Senior Play 3, 45 Strut and Fret 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Tribe 3, 45 Mortar and Pestle 35 Bowling Club 25 Chess and Checkers Club 3, 45 House of Rep. 45 Intramural Sports 3, 4. WILLIAM BOYD GOLDSTEIN Music hath charms. Soldan Highg Operetta 45 Math Club 45 Spanish Club 4 VicefPres.5 Current Events Club 45 Intramural Softball 4. DOLORES COLLUB With the best intentions, she always does her best. ROBERT E. GORDEN Big in body and mind. Track 2, 3, 45 Tribe 3, 45 Basketball 45 Service Club 25 Football 3. 1 LORRAINE EVELYN GORMAN Everyone should be as contented as I. Leaders Club 2, 3, 45 U. Club 45 After School Sports 2, 3, 4. ANNE GREESON Her smile is infectious. Leaders Club 45 Latin Club 25 Pen In Hand 45 Girls' Glee Club 35 After School Sports 2, 35 Pep Club 45 TrifY 4: House of Rep. 4. SHIRLEY GRIFFITH She has the ability to do and say the right thing. Leaders Club 2. DOROTHY GROVER A good person to know. TrifY 2: Spanish Club 3. LUCILLE GULLER Not too quiet. Excelsior 25 Bowling Club 35 Pep Club 2, 3, 4. LOIS HAMMER Happy am I, from care I'm freeg Vfhy arerft they all content like me? TrifY 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3, 45 Service Club 3, 45 After School Sports 3, 45 House of Rep. 4. Page Thirtyfthree oi J' The twentyfseven miiiutolderby. W, we TILFORD HEARSH Our Chief Executive. Math Club 3, 4: Dial Staff 3, 4: Debate Club 2, 3 Pres.: Honor Pin 3: House of Rep. 4: Student Council 4 Pres.: Service Club 4. LOIS EVELYN HEROLD It's no task to be happy. After School Sports 2, 3, 4: Dial Staff 4. DAVID R. HETZLER He'll always make the grade. Football and Basketball Manager 2: Hi-Y 3, 4: Problems Club 3: Tumbling 3: Tribe 3, 4: Baseball 4. BOB HIRSCHFIELD A good student, a good fellow, and e'uei'ybody's friend. House of Rep. 3, 4 Pres.: Student Council 4 VicefPres., Aud. Chairman: Current Events Club 2, 3 Pres., 43 Cicef ronians 3: Math Club 3, 4: Honor Pins 2, 3, 4: Track 2: Football 3: Ir.-Sr. Prom Comm 3, Chairman: Dial Staff 2, 3, 4: Service Club 2, 3, 4: Sons of the Am. Rev. Citizenship Award 4: Student Tutoring 2, 3, 4: Vale- dictorian 4. l left 25 fe 4, 'X if at-le' 4 JA' Q i f J . TED C. HQEYLSIU : 'B ROGER B. HARMON I'll either find ay or wialgrgone. ' A lady's man, but the lady lives in Texas. Basketball 2: Baseba lf 3: ncramural Basketball 3, Wrestliiig 2: Track 3: Tumbling 3, 4: Baseball 4. SHIRLEY MARIE HAPP If it's in the book she knows it. TrifY 2: French Club 3: Service Club 3, 4: Dial Staff 3, 4: Honor Pins 2, 3, 4: First Schoenthaler Award 3. Hannum Happ Harmon NANCY HAWKINS Still achieving, still pursuing. Palette and Brush 2: TrifY 2, 4: Service Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2: Bowling 3, 4: Horseback Riding 2, 4: French Club 2: Basketball 2: Majorette 3, 4. Hawkins Hearsh Herold Hetzler Hirschiield Hoehn Page Thiftyfour Hofacker G. Hoffman P. Hoffman uma, f 94 5 Hollander Horn Huber Hughes Humphrey Humphreys Hurwitz Hutson Jacobsmeyer IRMGARD D. HOEHN Bubbles like a brook. Pep Club 2, 3, 4: TrifY 25 U. Club 3, 45 Bowling 3g After School Sports 2, 3, 4. ERICH HOFACKER True as the needle to the pole. HifY 2: German Club 3 Sgt.fatfArms, 4 Sec'y. GILBERT HOFFMAN A light heart lives long. Intramural Basketball 3g Baseball 2, 3, PHYLLIS HOFFMAN I would rather wear out than rust out. A.W.V.S. 2, 3: Spanish Club 35 After School Sports 2. ELAYNE HOLLANDER A thousand things wonft move me to wrath. A.W.V.S. 2, 35 Spanish Club 2, 3, 45 Pep Club 3: Senior Play 2, 45 After School Sports 2, 3. EUNICE RUTH HORN The irrepressible spirit of a woman. A Cappella 3. ROBERT B. HUBER Always a good mart to trust. Palette and Brush 2, 3, 4 Sec'y'Treas.5 Strut and Fret Z, 3, 4 Pres., Sec'y: Senior Play 2, 3, 45 Service Club 2. JACK G. HUGHES If silence is golden, don't accuse him of hoarding. Baseball 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 45 HifY 25 Tribe 3, 4. DONALD WARREN HUMPHREY A musician he, and many other accomplishments his Lee High, jacksonville, Fla.: Concert Band 2, 3, 4 Marching Band 2, 3, 4. BETTY J. HUMPHREYS A girl one doesn't easily forget. Leaders Club 25 After School Sports 25 A Cappella 2, 3 DAN HURWITZ Knowledge is power. TomfTom 35 Current Events Club 35 Camera Club 2 Chess and Checkers Club 3 VicefPres., 45 French Club 2 Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. DOLORES HUTSON A very earnest and sincere person. After School Sports 25 TrifY 3. ROBERT A. IACOBSMEYER It's a shame that school includes studies. HifY 2, 35 Bowling Club 4. Page Thirtyfhve I wonder what's inside. une, f 6 PAT JONES Her jolly smile is the kind that never wears off. After School Sports 2, 3, 4: Operetta Principal 41 U. Club Sgt.fatfArms 4g Leaders Club 2, 4: TrifY 2: Pep Club 2g Bowling 3, Horseback Riding 3: Swimming 3. TRUDY JONES Possesses equal portions of fun and work. TrifY 2, 31 Service Club 25 Operetta 45 Swimming 4. PHIL KAPLAN He enjoys having a good time, but who doesn't7 Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 33 Operctta Business Mgr. 4: A Cappella 2, 3, 4. IRVING KATZ He is a nice person to know. A Cappella 3. HERBERT JOHNSON A small man in inches, but every inch a man. Service Club 3, 4, Track 4. RALPH E. JOHNSTON, JR. Says little and works bard. House of Rep. 3, 43 Chemistry Club 2, 3g Spanish Club 3g Concert and Marching Band 2, 3, 45 Badminton 4. Johnson Johnston Jolley TOM JOLLEY Many are called, but few are chosen. Football 2, 35 Track 2, 4. ART JONES Fvanlgness is a rare virtue. Track 4. A. Jones P. Jones G. Jones Kaplan Katz Kessler Page Tliiftyfsix King Kiyasu Kleiman une, f 5 Klein Knox Kohn D. B. Kramer F. Kramer L. Kremer Kreisman Kriegshauser Laiderman GERTRUDE KESSLER She came to us a new friend, but left us as an old one. Soldang A.W.V.S. 2. NANCY KING She is happy, and happiness is contagious. U. Club 2, 4g Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Tri-Y 2, 3, 41 After School Sports 2, 3, 43 Service Club 2, 3. JOHN Y. KIYASU He is quite an, orator. Lowell High School, San Francisco, Butte High School. Butte, Ariz.g Clayton High Schoolg HifY 2, Basketball 3, Student Council 4: Honor Pin 4. HARRIET KLEIMAN Itis easier to smile than to frown. A.W.V.S, 2, Service Club 2, 3, 4, Senior Play 3, 4. JOYCE MAE KLEIN 'Theres a sparkle in her eye. Service Club 2, 3: Leaders Club 43 Girls' Glec Club 2: A Cappella 2, 3, Operetta 4. VIOLA KNOX To do and not to Tue. A.W.V.S. 4g Girls' Clee Club 3: A Cappella 3. LOUIS MARVIN KOHN An all around good fellow. Dial Staff 2, 3 Bus. Mgr., 4 Co-Ed., Student Council 4, House of Rep. 3: Track 2, 3, 4g Tribe, 2, 3, 4, Societas Classicalis 2, 3 Sgt.fatfArmsg Honor Pins 2, 3, Mortar and Pestle 3, Service Club 2, 3, 4g Service Award 4. DONALD B. KRAMER Naturally good and faithful to his word. House of Rep. 4g Track 2, 3, 4g TomfTom 3, 41 Dial Staff 3, 4: Senior Play 4g Current Events Club 43 Camera Club 2 VicefPres.g Math Club 4 See'yg Strut and Fret 4, Service Club 4g Intramural Basketball 4, Tribe 3, Stamp Club 3. FRANK KRAMER ,Quite a boy. Football 3: Baseball 2, 3, 4: Service Club 2, 3. LORETTA KREMER Wliat shall I do next? ROSALIE- KREISMAN She has been endowed with a happy nature. DOLORES JEAN KRIEGSHAUSER She has that elusive sometliinfg called "cha1'm." Pep Club 2, 3: Leaders Club Z, 4: After School Sports 2: Service Club 2, 35 Spanish Club 3 Sec'y, 4 Pres., Taberna 4. STANLEY E. LAIDERMAN Ah, now for the fun. Camera Club 2, 45 Marcliing Band 2, 3, 4, Concert Band 2, 3, 4. Page Thirtyfseven Ready, aim, fire! une, f 6 SONIA LARKIN Vim, vigor, and vitality. Pep Club 3, 4g Current Events Club 4g Bowling Club 4g Operetta 4. ROSALIE LASKY She sails smoothly along her way. Excelsior 2, Bowling Club 3g Pep Club 2, 3, 4. DAVE LEITCH Business before pleasure, and then lots of pleasure. Student Council 4 Pub., Citizenship Chairman: Latin Club 2 Secly, 3 Pres.g Service Club 4g Tomffom 3, 43 Interlochen Scholarship 2g Concert Band 2, 3, 4g Dial Staff 4: Teen Town 2 Sec'y, 3 VicefPres.g Basketball 25 Senior Class Treasg Problems Club 3. ANNABELLE GENE LEWIS The will is the thing. TrifY 23 Spanish Club Z, 3, 45 Bowling 2g Hockey 3. LOIS JEANNE LANE Continually studyingwweither men or styles. Horseback Riding 35 Operetta 45 Pen In Hand Club 4: Taberna 4g Leaders Club 4g A Cappella 2. RICHARD LANCE A baseball fan. Baseball 2, 3, 4. Lane Lange Lapin JAY MARVIN LAPIN Knowledge is power. Camera Club 2, 3g Current Events Club 33 House of Rep. 3, 4g Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. BOB LAPUSHIN Honest toil makes him happy. Soldan High, Mortar' and Pestle 35 Honor Pin 2. Lapushin Larkin Lasky Leitch A. Lewis D. Lewis Litvaq Long Madden Page Thirtyfeight ana, I 946 Marcus McCormack McMillan McNamara Medalie Medley Meisel Merstetter Meyer DIANA LEWIS A puzzle-but all puzzles are interesting. IRVING R. LITVAG What hc doesnt know about sports amounts to nothing. Tomffom 2, 3, 4: Current Events Club 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3: Senior Play 4: Operetta 4: Strut and Fret 4: Service Award 4, Service Club 2, 3, 4: Intramurals 2, 3, 4. HARRIET LONG Words would be superfluous. 'I'ri'Y 2, 3: After School Sports 2, 3: Horseback Riding Club 3: Bowling Club 3: Current Events Club 3, Pep Club 2, 3. MARVIN MADDEN None but himself could be his parallel. Marching Band 2, 3, 4: Concert Band 2, 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 3: Tomffom 2. JEANNE MARCUS She is gentle, she is shy, but there's mischief in her eye. Spanish Club 2, 3 Sec'yg Service Club 2: Leaders Club 2, 3: After School Sports 2. JEAN MCCORMACK 'I'he're's nothing like fun, is there? Pep Club 4: Girls' Glee Club 2: Bowling Club 3: After School Sports 3, 4: Horseback Riding Club 2: Operetta 4. MURRAY C. MCMILLAN Don't rush through this life-the 'next one may be worse. House of Representatives 4. RUSSELL THOMAS MCNAMARA A jine specimen of manhood. Operetta 4: Bowling Club 2. ESTELLE M. MEDALIE I'd say she was shy, but I know her too well. Palette and Brush 2: 'I'rifY 2: Operctta 4. IDA LOUISE MEDLEY Inclined to be friendly. Pep Club 2. RONA MEISEL Is she quiet and demure? Dont he too sure. Air Ni A. is A.W.V.S. 2: Service Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 3, 4: Senior Play 3, 4. CAL S. MERSTETTER A runner of the track. Track 2, 3, 4: Tribe 2, 3, 4: HifY 3: Cross Country 4. NANCY MEYER Is she talking again-or still? Spanish Club 3, 4: Math Club 3, 4: Dial Staff 3, 4: Sen' ior Play 4. Page Thirtyfnine .F N W3 Hirschiield and the House. vine, 7 94 6 CYNTHIA MILTON Step lightly, she frightens easily. Latin Club 2g Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Service Club 23 Bowling Club 33 After School Sports 2, 3: A Cappella 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 3. HERBERT E. MIZES He knows what he knows. Football 3, 43 Honor Pin 43 Camera Club 33 Current Events Club 3. HARRIET MOELLER We wish her all sorts of prosperity. After School Sports 2, 3, 43 TomfTom 33 Dial Staff 3, 43 Spanish Club 43 Tri-Y 23 Leaders Club 43 Cperetta 43 Taberna 4g Pep Club 2, 3, 4. BILL MONTGOMERY No cares beyond today? Track 2, 43 Football 23 House of Rep. 2. ALICE MILLER A hue mind, a fine girl. U. Club 3, 4 VicefPres.3 Bowling Club 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 House of Rep. 33 Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 After School Sports 2, 3, 43 Operetta 4g Tri-Y 2. ELIZABETH MILLER A good mind, a ma"nne'r kind. U. Club 3 Sec'y, 4 Pres., After School Sports 2, 3, 43 Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Service Club 23 Taberna 43 House of Rep. 2, 4 Sec'y: Honor Pins 3, 43 Cperetta 43 TrifY 23 Leaders Club 2, 3. A. Miller E. Miller Millman BERNICE MILLMAN An individual individual. A.W.V.S. 2, 3: Latin Club 2, 3, 4g Mortar and Pestle 3: Palette and Brush 3: Current Events Cluh 3, 4 ELEANOR MILLS A cheerful companion is worth gold. Bowling Club 2, 3, 43 Leaders Club 43 U. Club 43 TrifY 2, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: After School Sports 2, 3, 43 Operetta 4. Mills Milton Mizes Moeller Montgomery Moore Page Forty Muennig Murch Nash rx ,X,0'.1u0' vane, f 6 of' ci' " X331- 0- 0- La o G A Loxb of -you - 'F . X f ' W! - . A. Nelson E. Nelson R. Nelson Nixon Norsworthy Norvvine Novack Novak Oberrnan ROSEMARY MOORE Sure to find her place in life. BECKY MUENNIG A friendly feeling toward all. Excelsior 25 Taberna 25 Dial Staff 45 Leaders Club 45 Concert Band 2, 3, 45 Marching Band 2, 3, 4. MITCHELL M. MURCH We have to give it to Mitch- As a wit he's really rich. Football 2, 3, 4: Baseball 2, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Tribe 4. ,IEANNINE NASH A good heart is worth all the heads in the world. After School Sports 35 Horseback Riding Club 3, 4.- ALICE NELSON 'I'here's an indefinable charm about her. Math Club 3 Sec'y, 45 TrifY 25 Spanish Club 3, 4 Sec'y5 Latin Club 25 Leaders Club 25 After School Sports 2, 3, 4: House of Rep. 3: Horseback Riding Club 3. EVELYN NELSON A pleasing personality. JOHN ROGER NELSON A future opera star. Societas Classicalis Z Sgt.fatfArms5 Spanish Club 3, 4 VicefPres.5 Track 2, 45 Baseball 35 Golf 2, 3, 45 I'IifY 2, 35 Basketball 25 Operetta 45 A Cappella 25 Ping-Pong 2, 3. CHARLOTTE NIXON I arn on my way with a merry heart. Pep Club 25 Girls' Glee Club 25 A Cappella 25 Current Events Club 2, 45 After School Sports 2, 45 Operetta 45 TomfTom 2, 45 House of Rep. 4. CLARENCE V. NORSWORTHY, IR. Lilies whatever he looks on, and he looks at all the girls. Golf 2, 3, 45 Football 25 Boxing 2, 3, 45 Cross'Country 45 Intramural Basketball 2, 3, 45 Operetta 4. JEAN NORWINE Sincerity is the keynote of her personality. House of Rep. 3, 4: Student Council 45 Leaders' Club 25 Pep Club 2, 3. 45 U. Club 3, 45 After School Sports 2, 3, 45 A Cappella 35 Girls' Glee Club 3: Operetta 4. ADELAIDE NOVACK Through life she marches, with a steady tread. Horseback Riding Club 2. PAULA LAURA NOVAK One of the Big Three. U. Club 3, 45 Horseback Riding Club 25 Student Coun' cil 45 House of Rep. 45 TrifY 25 Leaders Club 2, 45 Pep Club 45 After School Sports 2, 3, 45 Spanish Club, 2, 3, 45 A Cappella 2, 35 Operetta 4. ROBERTA OBERMAN Clever in many ways, and nice to look at. Spanish Club 2, 35 Pep Club Z, 35 Senior Play 45 Service Club 25 Excelsior 2 Tribunal, 3 VicefPres, 4 Pres.5 Cam' era Club 45 Chess and Checkers Club 45 A,W.V.S. 2, 35 After School Sports 4. Page Forty-on e "Double, double, toil and trouble." M vane, f 6 ARY LOU POYNER Oh, this learniing-what a thing it is. PATRICIA ANNE PRICE As long as I'm happy and youfre happy, what else matters? Bowling 2, 3, 4g After School Sports 2, 3, 4: TrifY 23 Pep Club 25 Service Club 2, 3, 4, Leaders Club 4. MARGARET ELLEN QUEEN H Among the top students of the school. TrifY 1: Spanish Club 2, 4: French Club 3 Pres., 41 Service Club 3, 4, Dial Staff 2, 3, 41 Honor Pins Z, 3, 43 Schoentbaler Award 3: Student Tutoring 4. UBERT H. RABORN You can always depend on him. Football Mgr. 2, Basketball Mgr, 2, Tribe 2, 3, 41 Intraf mural Basketball 33 German Club 3g Tumbling 3, 4, Bowling Club 4. FREDRICK GUSTAVE OERTLI BETTY JANE PETERSON Generally speaking, lie is generally speaking. Askfdo not command me to do things. Footbrill 2, 3: Basketball 2, 3: TraCk.2, 3, 4: Tribe 3, 45 TrifY 2, 3, 4, Pep Club 3g After School Sports 2, 3. House of Rep. 4g HifYA Treas. 2, Pres. 3, 4. 1 BEN E. opfcnwmgoiia J I nevevfintencl to die from overwofk. Football 2, 3g Baseball 3, Tennis 25 TomfTom Writingh ' RICHYARD PHILLIPS I Staff 3, Camera Club 2g A Cappella 2, 3, Senior Play 4, I m sure that care s an enemy to life. Oertli Olscbwanger Peterson Phillips Poyner PUC6 Queen Raborn Radloif Ramsey Ranke Raven Page Fortyftwo ww, 7 946 Reichman Ribstein Richards Rieser Ritchie Roach Roarn Rollins Rondberg ARLENE RADLOFF Why bother? Girls' Glee Club 3, Operetta 4. up , RUTH RAMSEY X ,Xu B Ns ie wou never az a nen RIES si za 1 ' a '- ' of - w f f ' ll-7 Qrpgojiju-9' if C' H'h,M.gT'fY2,3gLd Clb3,4, ' 'Seerj1iSZnCl1iby3g1Bowlir?g Clilb 2, Pep QCJIUISSZ, 3l 4g Uk When John SOUZJW fo leaffk it Uppfafed that fun and Club 3, 4, After School Sports 2, 3, 4g Chorus 4. LAVERNE JANET RANKE She knows whatls what. Pep Club Z, Bowling Club 3. JULIUS STANLEY RAVEN Raven are his locks. Bowling Club 21 Mortar and Pestle 39 TomfTom Asst Bus. Mgr. 3, Bus. Mgr. 4: Math Club 4. JAY M. REICHMAN Genius-he says to himself. Service Club 23 Intramural Sports 2g A Cappella 3g Boys' Clee Club 3. EVELYN RIBSTEIN If beauty were trumps, what a hand she would hold! After School Sports Zg Service Club 2g TomfTom 4. JOHN RICHARDS .Quality not quantity. Latin Club 21 TornfTom 2, 3, 4, HifY 3, 4 VicefPres. Intramural Sports 2, 3g Problems Club 33 House of Rep. 33 Student Council 4 Treas.g Service Club 3, 4g Track 2 Mortar and Pestle 3. play mterfered. Brentwood High School, Intramural Basketball 2, 4. CAROL FISHER RITCHIE Between the bindings of books she finds supreme joy. Trona High School, Trona, Calif., Spanish Club 4 Trcas.g Service Club 4g Dial Staff 4g Honor Pins 3, 4g Schoen' thaler Award 4g Palette and Brush 4, Student Tutoring 4. BOB ROACH A treadev' of the cinder path. Cross Country 3, 4g Track 2, 4g Tribe 3, 45 HfY 4g Intra- mural Basketball 4g Concert Band 2, 43 Marching Band 2, 4. ' ELEANOR ROAM Worry is a stranger to me. Excelsior 2. BILL ROLLINS He adds color to the campus. Beaumont High School, Football 2, 3, 43 Basketball 2, 33 Track 2, 3, Tribe 3, 4. ELEANOR ALICE RONDBERG No relation to Sigmund. Soldan High Schoolg After School Sports 3, 4. Page Fortyfthree This laughing gas is only halffstrength. M, me FERN ROSENKRANZ Honor lies in honest effort. Service Club 41 U. Club 3, 41 Spanish Club 2: After School Sports Z, 3, 4, Horseback Riding 4: Leaders Club 2, 33 A.W.V. S. 2, 35 Honor Pins 2, 33 Dial Staff 4. BOB ROSSI I'm sure cares an enemy to life. WILBUR E, RUDMAN I won't give up the job until it's done. German Club 3, 4 VicefPres. DORIS RUECKERT 4 One of the best. U. Club 3, 4: Leaders Club 2, 33 TrifY 2g Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Schoenthaler Award 33 Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Bowling Club 4 Sec'yg Taberna 4g Operetta 43 After School Sports 2, 3, 4. SI-IELDON ROSE We'll miss him when he leaves. Chess and Checkers Club 2, 3 Pres., 4 Pres., Strut and Fret 2, 3, 4 Treasg Tomf'I'om 3, 41 Bowling Club 23 Sen' ior Play 3, 45 House of Rep. 33 Operetta 4g Mortar and Pestle 35 A Cappella 2. VIRGINIA LEE ROSE 'AGiue Me One Dozen Roses." Palette and Brush 3: A Cappella 2, 39 Pen In Hand 2, 3: Spanish Club 43 Pep Club, Z, 3, 4g Latin Club 2, 3g After School Sports 2, 4. S. Rose V. Rose Rosen EVELYN ROSEN Lifefs no better if we hurry and worry. Soldan High School. NEAL ROSENBERG Whevi he succeeds, the me'rit's all his own. Toinffom 3: Baseball 3: Honor Pins 3, 4. Rosenberg Rosenkranz Rossi Rudman Rueckert Rupp Page Fortyffom' Sanders Schmidt Schowengerdt l ww, l 946 Schuman Scott Sedlacek Seeger Sclvaggi Senturia Shanfeld Shannon Shapiro BARBARA F. RUPP She has a mind of her own amd uses it. Fassifern School, Hendersonville, N. C.: Dial Staff 3: French Club 3. MARION SANDERS A friendly heart has many friends. After School Sports 2. ROBERT GEORGE SCHMIDT The joy of life is living it. Palette and Brush 2, 3, 4 Sec'y-Treas, and VicefPres.: Senior Play 3: Ciceronians 3: Current Events Club 3: Track 3, Service Club 2, 3. ERWIN E. SCHOWENGERDT, JR. Quiet but steadfast. Stamp Club 3, 4 Pres.: Badminton 4. MA RGIE ANN SCHUMAN Good nature without disguise. A.W.V.S, 2, 33 Service Club 2, 3, 4: Bowling Club 2, 4: After School Sports 2: TrifY 2. ROBERT OLIVER SCOTT He is a man. Need we say more? Beaumont High School: HifY 3, 4: Palette and Brush 3, 4: Football 21 Track 2, 3, 4, Baseball 4, CrossfCountry 3, 4. NELDA SEDLACEK Something will turn up. TrifY 2: Service Club 2: After School Sports 4. JEAN SEEGER True to her work, her word, and her friends. BETTY SELVAGGI What a merry smile has she! TrifY 2, 3, 4 Treas.g Leaders Club 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Cheerleader 3, 4: U. Club 3, 4: After School Sports 2, 3, 4. RUTH GENE SENTURIA Merry anid wise, gay and serious. Strut and Fret 2, 3, 4 VicefPres. and Sec'yg Palette and Brush 2, 3: Taberna 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 3: Service Club 2, 3, 4: Honor Pin 3: TomfTom 3, 4: Senior Play 4: Operetta 4: French Club 3: A.W.V.S. 3. NORMA FRANCES SHANFELD How can a person know so much? Girls' Clce Club 2: A Cappella 3: Honor Pin 3: Chess and Checkers 3: Latin Club 3. TANYA SHANNON A fascinating little blonde. Maplewood High School: TrifY 3, 4: Palette and Brush 3: After School Sports 3, 4: Bowling Club 3: Pep Club 3, 43 Operetta 4. ROSALYN LEILA SHAPIRO Always does her best. Latin Club 2: Stamp Club 3 Sec'y, 4 Sec'yg Service Club 2: After School Sports 2, 3: Leaders Club 4: Horseback Riding 3: Honor Pin 4. Page Fortyffive Symbols of triumph. M, 7946 JOYCE ELAINE SIEVERS I am faithful to my beliefs. Pep Club 2, 3: After School Sports 2, 4: Service Club 3, 4. EMILY SILVERMAN A good friend to all. Latin Club 3: A Cappella 3. ART SIMON How much he has learned! Camera Club 2: Math Club 3: Mcnrtar and Pestle 3 Treas.: House of Rep. 4: Honor Pins 2, 3, 4: Student Tutoring 3, 4. DONALD F. SMITH He is conxstant to his purpose. Track 2. BERTHA SHENKER Men prefer blondesfbut not when Be'rt's around. Soldan High: Bowling Club 3, 4: German Club 3, 4 Treas.: Chess and Checkers Club 4 VicefPres. VJILLIAM SHIEBER Follow those that are wise. Current Events Club 2, 3 VicefPres,, 4 Pres.: Math Club 3, 4: Dial Staff 3, 4: Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. Shenker Shieber Sibley GROVER SIBLEY I graduate with pleasure. Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 2: Baseball 3, 4: Tribe 2, 3, 4. RAY SIEBERT A student lie isgserious, too. Hell never fail to take his cue. Track 2, 4: Cross Country 3: Tribe 3. 4: HifY 4 Sgtnatf Arms: Mortar and Pestle 3: Math Club 3, 4: Student Tutoring 3, 4: Operetta 4: Intramural Basketball 3, 4. Siebert Sievers Silverman Simon D. Smith I. Smith Page Fortyfsix L. Smith R. Smith S. Smith QM, me Spann Spasser Speroulias Stake Stanza Stark Sterneck Strain Stuckman IRENE SMITH Transferred. LORRAINE SMITH Has a mind of her own and uses it. RITA SMITH Worry is a stranger to me. TrifY 21 A Cappella 2: Girls' Glee Club 35 Operetta 4: After School Sports 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY J. SMITH A common name, but a most uncommon girl. WAYNE SPANN Why do all the girls stare at me? Football 2, 3, 4: Track 2, 3, 4: Intramural Basketball 3, 4g Tribe 3, 4 Sgt.-atfArms. SEYMOUR SPASSER He strives liard to please-especially the ladies. Intramural Basketball 2: Current Events Club 2. ANDREW SPEROULIAS Everything will come if a 'man will just wait. BETTY BRUCE STAKE It's certainly no use to deny that some people are born great. After School Sports 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 4: U. Club 33 Dial 3 Assoc. Ed., 4 Assoc. Ed.: Leaders Club 4: Student Council 3, 4: Senior Class VicefPres. 4: Oper- etta 4. BOB STANZA He possesses one of lifes most beautiful qualities- dependability. House of Rep. 3, 4: Student Council 4: Honor Pin 3: A Cappella 2: Chess and Checkers Club 4: Current Events Club 3 VicefPres., 4 Pres.: Senior Play 4: Oper' etta 4. VIRGINIA STARK A light heart lives long. TrifY 2, 3 Sec'y, 4 Pres.: Leaders Club 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Bowling Club 2, 3, 4 Treas.: House of Rep. 4: After School Sports 2, 4. MARCIA H. STERNECK .Quiet-like an explosion! Literary Club 2, 3, 4: Operetta 4: Service Club 2, 3, 4. ROBERT STRAIN Ambition knows no rest. Dial 2, 3 CofBus. Mgr., 4 CofEd.: House of Rep. 4: Student Council 4: Spanish Club 3 Pres., 4 Treas.g Honor Pins 2, 3, 4g jr.fSr. Prom Comm. 3: Swimming 3g Service Club 4: Intramural Sports 2: A Cappella 2, 3. EARL C. STUCKMAN, JR. Takes all things calmly. Service Club 2: Boys' Glee Club 3: Concert Band 45 Marching Band 4: A Cappella 3. Page Fortyfseven Mrs. Menke, you know you shouldnt gyp. W, 1946 JANET ANNE THOMAS Her ways are quiet, but silence is eloquent. TrifY 21 Pep Club 2g Swimming 4. CLAUDIA TICHENOR Ah, what a girl she is-friendly, loyal, modest. Pep Club 2, 3, 4 Pres., U. Club 3 VicefPres., 4 Pres.: Cheerleader 2, 3, House of Rep. 33 Student Council 4 Sec'yg TrifY 2, 3 Sec'y, 4 VicefPres.q Taberna 4, After School Sports 2, 3, 45 Leaders Club 4. PAT TRACY Charming, witty, she knows all, On the road of life her car wonft stall. U. Club 3, 4 VicefPres.g Leaders Club 3, 43 TrifY 2, 3, 4 Pres, and Sec'y: Honor Pins 2, 3, 4g Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Dial 3, 4 Asst. Ed.. After School Sports 2, 3, 4: Schocnf thaler Award 3, Service Club Z, 3, 4. ELEANOR TRAUTH Each mi-nd has its own methods. MARGARET SUTEMEIER To know her is to admire her. Andrew jackson High, Jacksonville. Flag Cperetta 4g PCP Club 2, 3, 42 Tri'Y 2, 4: Math Club 45 U. Club 43 Service Club 4: Dial Staff 41 After School Sports 2. 4: Bowling Club 2. JANE TAIT One of those girls with a fine disposition. Spanish Club 3, 4: TrifY 2. Sutemeier Tair Tggglgf GERALD TESSLER A hard worker who deserves much credit. Student Tutoring Committee 3, 4. GRAHAM TEVIS While we live, let us live. Tevis Thomas Tiehenor Trziey Trauth Turken Page Fortyfeight Uhlmansiek Underwood Vaughn MIL 6, was Verschleiser Vogler von Funk Wagner Walkenhorst Wallner L. Waters M. Waters Weinstein l ' LOIS RAE TURKEN A merry twinkle hath she. l Soldan High: Horseback Riding Club 2, 3: Swimming N Club 3. TOM UHLMANSIEK Ambition, kindness, and courage create a unique H personality. Servicc Club 2, 3, 45 House of Rep. 3, 4 Vice-Chairman: Student Council 3, 4: Honor Pin 2: Problems Club 3: Tribe 3, 4: Track 2, 3: Football 2, 3, 4: Basketball 2, 3, W 4: Baseball 3, 4. l NORMA UNDERWOOD She came as a stranger and left as a friend. Roosevelt High. l 5 MARY ELIZABETH VAUCHN l A true friend is always a frie'nd. 1 Rob't E. Lee High, Jacksonville, Fla.: TrifY 35 Bowling Club 3, 41 Spanish Club 3, 4 Sec'y, Pres.: Swimming 3: Service Club 4: Honor Pin 4. SHIRLEY JO VERSCHLEISER Supreme in personality. TrifY: TomfTom 2, 3, 4 Ed., Strut and Fret 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Student Council 4: Swimming 35 Hono X Pins Z, 3, 4: Service Club 4. l ALTEN VOCLER Q A quiet, co'nservative, and sensible fellow. HifY 2, 3: Current Events Club 23 Bowling 4. JACK voN FUNK A man after his own heart. Tribe 2, 3, 4: Track Z, 3, 4. ROLD WAGNER words. A Deeds, not ELLA WALKENHORST Not to be hurried or confused. TrifY 2. DORIS WALLNER Gentle and sweet, a good friend to all. LETHA MAE WATERS A pleasing countenance is no slight advantage, A Cappella 3: Girls' Clee Club 3. r MARILYN WATERS Her personality makes friends and her loyalty keeps them. French Club 2 Sec'y: Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Service Club 2, 3, 4: Dial Staff 3, 4: Leaders Club 4: Basketball 2. CELESTE EILEEN WEINSTEIN Add mach to whatever she does. East St. Louis High: Senior Play 4: Spanish Club 4 ' nians 4 Treas.: Palette and Brush 4. Page Fortyfnine Cicero Thirteen home games for only 51.24. uma, f 94 6 DON WINSBY He ranks high in our esteem. Math Club 2, 3 Vice'Pres., 4: Dial Stall 2, 3, 4: Mortar and Pestle 2, 3: Interlochen Scholarship 3: Service Club 3, 4: Honor Pin 3: Basketball 3. PAUL WINTER Wl167I you want Something done Tight, do it yotwself. Math Club 3 VicefPres., 4 Pres.: Current Events Club 3, 4: Mortar and' Pestle 3: Honor Pins 2, 3: House of Rep. Z, 3: Student Council 4: Student Tutoring 2, 3, 4 Chairman: Cperetta 4: Boys' Clee Club 3. 4: Service Club 2, 3, 4: Intramural Sports 3, 4: Harvard Book Prize 3. ELAINE WITTMAIER Her hopes arent always realized, but she always has em. A Cappella 3, 4: Girls' Glee Club 3. ROSALIE LOUISE WOHL Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. A.W.V.S. 3: Honor Pin 3: Camera Club 4: Literary Club 2 Sec'y, 3: Latin Club Z. 3: Pep Club 2: Service Club 2, 3, 4: Current Events Club 4: TomfTom Staff 'lg Dial Stall' 3, 4: Alter School Sports 2. -f ,. - Y - . I -- --11 i BETTY WHITESCARVER J C IGHTMAN She hw Style dll the wl1fl6- '2 um to all for her friendliness. Pep Club 2, 3, 4: Girls' Clee Club 3: A Cappella Z, 3: f School Sports 2: TrifY 2: Pep Club 2: A Cap' Opcretta 4. 95: c 2. I FERDINAND RUDOLPH WIEDERHOLT, IR. I . QV Football and women malqe him a mighty man. L R AIN K I Jr A d Football 2, 3, 41 Baskctbaii 2, 3. Baseball 2, 3. Tribe 2, C' PJ hm' E, mb won' lerlnlally mf' S' 4 Pres.: House of Rep- 23 Student Council 3, v de Club 2: Tr1fY 2: Swimming 3: Service Club 4. jg Whitesczrrver Wiederhfuldt Wightmaii 9 Wiiidsor Winsby Winter Wittmzlier Wohl Wylie Yalem York ZillfSIH 111 Page Fifty une, 7 94 5 I. Zeid S. Zeid A. Zellinger S. Zellinger Surinsky I JANICE WYLIE , Listenring is a great art in conversation. Tri-Y 2: Spanish Club 3. EUGENE YALEM He once made an A minus in Latin. Latin Club 2, 3 VicefPres.g Mortar and Pestle 3: Honor Pins 2, 3, 41 Chess and Checkers Club 4: Student Tutor' ing 3, 4. BILL YORK 'C Don't rush meg time goes on forever M Camera Club 3. ' NORMAN ZALTSMAN Real worth speaks for itself. Math Club 4: Dial Staif 4: Intramural Basketball 2: Honor Pin 4. IRVIN J. ZEID We don't know what to do with him, and we dont know what we'd do without him. Band 2, 3, 4: Baseball Z, 3: Intramural Softball 3. STANLEY ZEID Always prepared to say something. Band 2, 3, 4: Operetta Orchestra 4. AUDREY ZELLINGER A charm that's all her own. A.W.V.S. 2: Service Club 23 Excelsior 2 Tribunal: After School Sports 2, 3, 4: Leaders Club 3: Pep Club 3, 4: Senior Play 4. SHIRLEY ZELLINGER Her warm friendship and kindness appeal to all. Service Club 2, A.W.V.S. 2: Excelsior 2 VicefPreS.: Pep Club 2, 3: After School Sports 2, 3, 4: Senior Play 4. ALLEN SURINSKY Always ready to have fum. JUNE SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES BARBARA MAHON JOHN POWERS DON ROBINSON STANLEY SCHEAR MARTHA VVILSON CAROLINE CROOKS DOROTHY FORTHMANN IRVING HOFFMAN ROBERT LEHMAN DOROTHY LUBO SUMMER SCHOOL SENIORS ALLAN MARX ANITA MICHELSON ETHEL MORRISON ARLENE ROSVIR NEIL SCHNEIDER ALBERT SIMPRINS JACK SMITH MILTON SOLDZ FRANK SPASSER OERALDINE WALDMAN AL WEISS MARTY ALPIRN LEONARD BIERMAN DAVID BOXER BOB CLIPNER EDWARD EMAS IERRY FADEM CORINNE GRIFFIN DOROTHY HOMER DELORES HORWITZ JUNE LENDING ISABELLE WILKINSON Witty, clever, and admired by all, Isabelle lives on in the memory of those who were privileged to know her, Page Fiftyfone Qlflflf' P QDQGLC! JOHN INORAM ALBACH QLt. j.g.J, Navy BILL ANDREWS fEI1Sig1lD, Navy Pilot WILLIAM R. BAXENDALE QLt.J, Army Air Corps TOM BOUTON QP.F.C.J, Army ALBERT BOXERMAN QPvr.J, Army LAWRENCE BRASIER QCpl.J, Army ALEX G. BRUCE, JR. Qlst Lt.J, Army Air Corps RAYMOND H. BURGHER QP.F.C.J, Army ERNEST CARR QLt.J, Army Air Corps LISTON COMER HOWARD D. CORY QLt.J, Army Air Corps WALLACE EMMER QMajOrJ, Army Air Corps JOSEPH L. DELEAL Qlst Lt.J, Army Air Corps WILLIAM C, FELTMEIER QP.F.C.J, U.S.M.C.R. JOSEPH WARREN FINCH QLt.J, Navy CHRISTOPHER C. FREEMAN QLr. j.g.J, Navy ARTHUR C. GAINES QLt.J, Army GAIL A. GAINES QPvr:.J, Army KINGDON C. GISI-I QLt.J, Army Air Force ARTHUR V. GENS QS. Sgnj, Army Air Force JOSEPH N. GLENN Qlst Lt.J, Marine Air Corps E. A. GREVE, JR. QZIICI Lt.J, Army 4 c-'Y' as MELVIN L. GRIPEITH QS. Sgrj, Army CHARLES FRANCIS HAANEL ROBERT D. HILDEBRANDT QPvr.J, Army ROBERT A. HORWITZ Qlnd Lt.J, Army DAVID F. HUGHES QLt. j.g.J, Navy Air Force AARON INGER QCpl.J, Army NOLAN E. JAAS QP.F.C.J, Marines BILL JACK QEIlSigDJ, Navy Air Corps MORRIS KORNBLUM QCapt.J, Army JOHN W. LARGE QSgt.J, Army Air Corps PHILIP LEPOWITCH QS. Sgt.J, Army MATHIEU LEVY QPetty Officer Zfcj, Navy ARNOLD MICHELSON QT. Sgnj, Army Air Corps JOHN H. MURRELL QCaderJ, Navy Air Corps MERCER QRWIG QBoatswain's Mzrtej, Navy THOMAS Cr, PFIFFNER Qlst Lt.J, Army Air Force CHARLES SCOTT RODEWALD QP.F.C.J, Marines RICHARD LAIRD ROOT QLt.J, Army Air Corps DONALD K. SANDERS QCapt.J, Army JAMES J. SEARCY QPvr.J, Army DALE G. STANZA QLLJ, Army STANFORD G. WOLFSON Q2rid Lt.J, Army Air Corps is .Mr r X A an Q .P Page Fiftyftwo o fr M, Mfr' lfLlfLL0lf'5 A ,Q Wk F".e,-ff l'r:xwtor1l. Bnckenknnip, Block, llriggin, Clirunlrers. Copeland, Cowger, Beclcnmn, Doro, lluvison. Beard, Abrams, Conklin, Ilcntrup, Cawthon, Angercr, Brocksclnniclt, Cohen, Boxer, Barr. Clipncr, Cutter. lilll'lSIKI1ll'lt'l', Cliristoplmer, llrnnctt, A!lllL'lC. llrmlley, Brandt, Bench, Cole, DeNVitt, Bernard, Burgher, Berger. lilock, Ilnu, lbrilwlrcn, Blumenfeld. Berger, Bzxrnlmrt, Dillc, Bnslmre. liarr. Cohen. Blass, llorrson, Brnnk. Hlxuttncr, Burch, f'otl:u'. lily, Cohen. Butler, Davis fireenblntt, Harris, Kern, Frolichslcin, lilmerlc, Glazer, Hurtlnann, liadcxn, Ginsberg. floodmzm, l'iClKl,Cllll2lll, lirieglmuser, Cooper. Krzinzbcrg, llclmkcn, Ginsberg, llcmlriclcs, Grosse, lictchersislc, liollr, Fuldner, Gross, Kraus, Horwitz, lizulern, Foote, liroslmerg. llrinnn, llaefnur, Ifznxsek, Gray, llellcrncl, liozirney. Howerton, Hays, Reinhardt, Goodall, Bi:-rfreund. llzmsnmn, Ewing, lfndalcp Hcinze, Gorman, Hyman, Franc, Enoch, l:ElCli'lll, Korcliok, Fisher, Griffin, Horwitz. Liurenstcin, Haigler, lingeling, lloltzman, Ewing, llollandcr, Hooil, Grosherg, l:l6lSCllll'lElIlll, Colicn, Grober. Kohn, Fry, Kaplan, llollannler, Fowler, llensku, Fisk, Huppericll. Page Fiftyffour l oaniom l v Prohert, Newmark, Rathert, Recht, Rosen, Pritzker, Newson, Lange, Morath. Lloyd, Emas, Montgomery, Moorehcad, Miller, Lewis, Lucas Mclineny, Pohle, Levinson, Picker, Lipman, Lieberman, Ross, Priess, Phillips, lessen, Moehlman, Mclielvey, Neal, Levy, Miller. Ledger, Rudhriian, Thomeczek, Pierce, Orear, Rosenstrom, Pearlstcin, Portnoy, Pallnkoff, Kidwcll, Cooper, LinS0l1, Loewvnsfein. Bflmfli, C'i1l1Pl'SS iener, azer. McElroy, Raborn, Murphy, Goldenherg, Smith, Routmzui, Rosen, Levine, Loufle, Livingston. Miller, Life, Mitchell, Pearhnzm. Mairglous, Radman, Pope, Ramsey, Morganstern, Polishuk, Nixon, Speer, Lewis, Michelson, Rubin, Landis, Morrison, Muc-nch, Miller, Lending, Pclsue. Yates, Shiclcman, Zimnlerman, Shacklcs, Sherman, Smith, Tuttle, Voss, NVeinherg, Sloan, Sophir, Setzekorn, Laulerwoocl, Saphiau, Brandt. Solomon, Zlatnick, Seigel, Supic, Schauh, Zicrchcr, Stciuherg, Sherman, VVeiss, Seligsohn, james, Tapscott, Ungar, Zellinger. lfngeling, Ileinze. NVertheimer, Fisher, Sophir, Schultz, VVohl, Dougherty, ,l. Smith, XVel1ster, Smith, VVright, Sander, VV:igner, VVise. Sakosky, VValdman, Wagoner, VVeinstein, Ollanik, Thomas, Tracy, Scheinmcr. Young, Medzilic, Thomas. ToHe, Susman, Zerinan, Shapiro, Sieg, Sparks, Salzhcrg, Stanhope, W'erncr, Thompson. Page Fiftyffiue 3,9 OWLOPQJ Barbieri, Byrne, Burstein, Drill, Engel, Becker. Bans, likwall, Cousins, Cook, Barnhart. Baker, Boriling, Elliott, Eisner, Butler, Doll, Elias, Corzine, Daly, Crowder, Cohen, Cornwell, Chazen, Birnbaum, lihrhardt, Beckman, Baldwin, Eshleman, Braznell, Booker, Anderson, Brandt, Baris, Berger, Beinke. Finig, Anderson, Castulik, Condoleos, Cutter, Bradley, Bowman, Edelman, Changar, Boxer, Alport, Cohen. liclwards, Brockman, Cohn, lidelstein, Cohen, Birke, Davison, Arthur, Best, Brodkey, Augustin, Engel. , Y ,,,,,, Frager, lleitman, Goldberg. llastings, Ginsberg, Kayinan, llartlcy, Jones, Ciorltam, jones, Hirsch, Fussncr, Hoffman, Davison, Gaylor, Hall Kremer, Holman, Greenherg. lliller, llenry, Friedman, Gibbs, Guenzhurger, Fremdcr, Humphrey, Erwin, Fennerty, lloenig, Katzinan, Foster, llirsch, Fisk. Kaplan, Kohn, llasson, Ganntt, Gelhcr, Feltineier, Hyatt, Harper. Huck, jones, Franz, Kolh, Katz, Gollub, Frohlichstein. Goodman, Gorelick, Fox, Gasrner, Heinz, Froininel, Hoeltge, Fay, Hutson, Klausner, Kohn, Gorman, Greenfield, Helman. Goldenherg, Hornhein, Wolff, Hippeninever, Klearman, Gale. llochman, Felt. Harrison, Hoffson, Greenberg. Hamburger, Hennan, Heiinnn, Fisher, Hampton, Klanher, Franklin, Hampton. Page Fiftyfsix 'Y J- , 'il 9,4-1" l ,ffl ix? li, r A r l 1 'EQ' V J 'ivy' 1, ' ii I Ui' if i ig: :Tr TJ' 'Qfwflii y' , -I .ijlfvlxii . .i ii l Utlx fiNi'wi . fx yi.: f',u,j! 57 f' ff L jf " , ' " r 5 o L' op omored Edson, Meyers, Bruce, Lit-hig, Rudolph, Moore, Oertli, Nissenhuuxn, Price, Lees, Polinsky, Ransin, Richzison, Davison, Litz, Marion, lforse Martin, McCready. llfayer, Moss, Lieberman, Malt, Rich, llorganstern, Rosvik, Lederer, Lanier, Napper, Morrison, Pugh, lliohme, Mitchell, McKinney, hloss, Levy Levine, Leventhzxl, Bliserocchi, Mcngel. Murrowes, Roufa, Lupton, Laughlin, Nlueller, Lloyd, Pcarlstone, Molos, Lite, Levy, Ollanik, Rohlfing, Levy, Owen, Roblee, Mcliinney, Long Brocksclnnidt, Rosen, Murch, Lurie. , Liebeg, Nelson, Lending, Olschwanger, llitleirler, Kasschnuni, Greenwald, Lieberman, Goldstein, Ritter, johnson, Day, Lochhead. Lyon, Abrams Lacev. Pelsue, Morris, Hylonas, Ronsick, Mondel, Meyer, Roscnherg, Rahushkzi, Rappaporl, Birk, Pzitjens, Mcflure Goldstein, Lambeth, Peterson, Moehlc, Brownell, London, Miravalle. XVhite, Walker, XVitte1s, VS'ells, VVl1ite, Young, XYciner. Stark, Sutlholt, Tucker, Staley, Stiers, NVeitzmzin, Sax, VV:-mel, Smith, Steinbnck. Waters, Sachar, Stcinkc, Wioodcock, Poe, Scallct, Tomlinson, Siem, Stoliar, Smith, Stern, Tlminzis, XYarrcn, Shoss, XVielzinshy, WVerncr, Young Ser!-ier, Sorlue, NYilson, Schwarz, Thompson, Torgove, Wehb, Schott, Tucker, Sinipkins, Schuman, VN':iltl1nan, Sclmeider, Sylvester, Schneider Zelhnger, Teblne, Sparks, Sappington, Rubenstein. VVilson, Ulxlmansiek, Seiler, Solomon, Wbelce, VVindsor, Smith, Brown, VVetzel. Page Fiftyfseven r v y W 56,65 we try to carry out the present philosophy of educa- tion which believes in the value of uniting activities with studies. In these the student learns to put into practice the knowledge he has acquired in class, to cooperate with his fellows in planning these activities, and to carry a project to completion. All these conf tribute to the building of personalities that can work with others for the attainment of significant ends in the world beyond the school. OFFICERS President ,........,,,....,...... .............. W arner Davis VicefPresident .......... .......,.... B ob Hirschfield Secretary .................. ......... C athy Altepeter Treasurer .......,ww, ,............ J ack Davison The Student Council of last fall had a busy and successful semester. Their annual IcefBreaker Dance opened the school's social season, and the second annual Football Dance on December 8 was the most successful dance ever held at U. City. The Council appropriated 5350 toward the purchase of a new auditorium projector. Among the projects carried out by the council were the work on the paper drive, the improvement of the cafeteria system, the sale of bookcovers to the school, and the revision of the advisory election system. - ,J Sponsor-Miss Briscoe J' f f J I f . -ff! MEMBERS . 4 I A' l Warner Davis' ' I Cathy Altepeter Elizabeth Miller u . Dick Braznell Jean Norwine . . George Campbell Paula Novak Alan Dore John Richards lack Davison Betty Stake Bob Hirschield Bob Stanza Claudia Tichenor Shirley Verschleiser Charles Werner Paul Winter Louis Kohn r' ' 1 .' 5.1 6 -f it fm mf Oww of . tzsrarl . i . L1 , ' Ufyrl' ,' If 5 , , ' 1, Dave Leitch . -, ,Y WM ye IW Af , 7 QW' M B. Kohn, Kiynsu, Stanzn, Biznell, Dore, L. Kuhn, Richards. A Novak, Norwine, Verschleiser, Leitch, Miss Briscoe, VVinter, Tichenor, VVerner Carnphell, Altepeter, Hirschheld, Davis, Davison, Stake. Page Sixty OFFICERS Chairman ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,. ,..................,,,.....,...,........... BO b HirSCl1iIClCl VicefChairman ,...,..... ..,,.,.. T om Uhlmansiek Secretary ,.A,A,,,,,,,,,,,, ..,...,x..,. E lizabeth Miller Treasurer ......,.........,..........................,................,......., Ken Cl1ambC1'S The House of Representatives sponsored many projects during the first semester of this school year, which were of service to our school. Besides carry' ing on the sale of Wzxr Stamps, a Wzir Bond Drive, started by a House assembly, was conducted, in this, 512,000 worth of bonds were sold. The House also compiled information for a new Indian Guide Book to be published next fall for the sophomores, conducted the school's most successful paper drive from which enough money was received to purchase a microphone, and sold Basketball Acf tivity Tickets. The House helped assemble fiftyffive Christmas stockings from the advisories for wounded veterans, collected contributions for the Red Cross, War Chest, and Tuberculosis funds, and took subscripf tions for the TomfTom. Sponsor-Miss Briscoe REPRESENTATIVES . Dick Bockenkamp Lois Harper Jim Boles Tilford Hearsh Barry Boonshaft Dorothy Homer Ken Chambers Dice Cowger Ronald Cupples Iocelyn Dubai Bob Ewing Rita Fischmann Jim Greenblatt Dick Grimm Lois Hammer Walt Kriegshauser Jay Lapin Elizabeth Miller Dick Montgomery Richard Napper Charlotte Nixon Fred Oertli Alberta Off Pat Pope Selena Rabushka Lew Ramsey Donna Schqmmer Jean Seeger Arthur Simon Bob Strain Cy Tebbetts Betty Tracy Tom Uhlmansiek Sandy Ungar Dick Williams Eddie Zerman 014:52 0 Qpfedenfd D096 Bob Hirschneld Cowger, Grinnn, Simon, Strain, Montgomery, Nappur, Tehlwtts, liric-gslizrnser. Qrf, Homer, liischmann, IIHIIIIIIUF, Miss Briscoe, Lapin, Bolt-s, Ur-rtli, llearsh. Ungar. Seeger, Tracy, Chambers, Uhlmansiek, Hirschfield, Miller, Ramsey, Harper. Scheninler, Nixon. Page Sixtyfone Tilford Hearsh. OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,. .,,,,,,,,,.A.,,,,,,,,,......AA..,...,,,....... T ilford Hearsh VicefPresident ..,..,..... ....,,.......,.... D ick Braznell Secretary ......,,..,....,.,.. ....,.. C laudia Tichenor Treasurer ........,. ......,. .... ........ ...,.... J o h n Richards The Student Council the second semester has accomplished many things. We have continued the selling of busfpasses, planned another successful Club Arrowhead, devised a system for cleaning the tables of the cafeteria, sold book covers, stickers, and made the selling of pennants next semester pos' sible with a booth in which to sell them. A wel' coming Committee has been formed to welcome students who are enrolled after the semester has begun, and to invite the ninth grade students of Hanley and Ward to visit our school. Many assemf blies were planned this semester, including the Citi' :enship Assembly of the Student Council, after which wallet size pictures of the school were handed out to the members of the faculty and student body. SponsorfMiss Briscoe MEMBERS Cathy Altepeter Dave Leitch Barry Boonshaft Lew Ramsey egilwczlenf Cbwnci Dick Bram Dick Byars Jack Davison Al Dore Carol Cillman Tilford Hearsh Bob Hirschfield Ronald Horwitz Louis Kohn John Kiyasu John Richards Betty Stake Bob Stanza Bob Strain Cy Tebhetts Claudia Tichenor Tom Uhlmansiek Shirley Verschleiser Charles Werrier Paul Winter Xl intuig-'l'el1bt-tts-, Stanfa, Hooiisllafl, Dore, Davison, Ulilniansic-li, NYe1'nur. lvllm, Strain, Miss Briscoe, Leitch. Stake, llillinan, Altepeter, Byars, Horwitz. Brazm-ll, Richards, lxiyasu, llirsclllleld, Ya-rsclilciscr. Ranisex, 'l'iehenoi', Hearsli. Page Sixty-1 wo Chairman .,,......., ....., OFFICERS VicefChairman .....4, Secretary ....,..,........... Treasurer ,......,,., SergeantfatfArms ,....,... ....,.. ...,,Dick Braznell ......,..Ken Chambers ,.......Carol Cvillman Henry Barr Dick Grimm .........'li111 Greenblatt The second semesters House of Representatives helped many school clubs and organizations. It aided in securing subscriptions for the Dial and TomfTom, in the election of Campus Leaders, in explaining the new cafeteria system to the students, and assisted the Mothers' Club in various ways. The House also continued the sale of Defense Stamps in the advisories every two weeks, sponsored another paper drive and cleanfup day, and completed the Indian Guide Book for publication. New projects accomplished by the House were the purchasing of notebooks for House Members in which they could keep their notes on House Meetf ings, and the production of a talent assembly. Spoiisor-Miss Briscoe REPRESENTATIVES Joe Baker Carol Gillman lean Norwine Henry Barr jim Greenblatt Paula Novak Ruth Blattner Anne Creeson Don Pelsue Dick Bockenkamp Dick Braznell Ken Chambers Dice Cowger Ronald Cupples Janet Day Io Anne Dille Robert Edlin Bob Ewing Ira Fleisehmann Dick Grimm Ralph Johnston Don Kramer Walter Kriegshauser Jay Lapin Barney Lewis lviurray McMillan Dick Montgomery Gene Mueiich Li Pat Pope Larry Recht Donna Schemmer Sandy Shapgro Al Sloan Virginia Stark Sandy Ungar joe Weiribe1'g Al Wetzcl owe 0 Qlo1fe5enfafiue5 Dick Braznell. Reclit, Sloan, 4L'ngar, Fleisclimann. Sliapiro, Wtililmerg, llixvger, lXlontgoinery, Lewis, liwing, McMillan. Iolinstou, Lapin, lzcllin, Stark, Miss Briscoe, NVQ-lzel, Grimm, liriegsliauser, fupples, Bockenkamp, Pelsue. Hrznznell, lirecson, Selieiumer, Pope. llillc, Nluench. Ticlienor, Hillman, Cliamlxers, Barr, .liraineig Day. Page Sixty-three 's- ,avi ',QQ,- Cohen, Balk, Leitch, Drill, Boonsliaft, Dore, Tuttle, Boles, Hartmann, Shieher. Birnbaum, Muennig, Susuian, Mueller, Tracy, Sutemeier, Queen, Thomas, Lewis, Schaefer, Eudaley. Lending, Hirschtielll, Goldberg, Malt, Moellei', Rosenkranz, Berger, Ilerold, Salzlierg. VVaters. Meyer, Morrison, XVerner, Miss Hamilton, Kramer, Ritchie, Wohl, Landis, Sander, Hollander, Cohen. Hearsh, Winsby, Kohn, Strain, Tracy, Stake, Happ, Epstein. Editors in Chief .........,,, Co Business Managers ...,..... Assistant Editors ....i..... Bob Strain Louis Kohn Beryl Epstein Tilford Hearsh Charles Weriier Betty Stake Pat Tracy Circulation Manager ........,,,, ..,.....,.... S hirley Happ Typist .....,..,......,,.,..............,,,...,.,,,.................,...,,....,... Becky Muennig Sponsor-Miss Hamilton COMMITTEE CHAIRMEN Don Kramer Don Winsby Harriet Moeller Dave Leitch Fern Rosenkranz. joy Lending Selene Rabushlca EDITORIAL STAFF Gloating over their masterpiece. Page Sixtyffour Arthur Goldberg Ralph Hartmann June Lending Ronald Malt Dona Mueller Marilyn Waters Eddie Drill Eleanor Hollander Gloria Rudman Esther Salzberg Ruby Sander Gerre Susman Pat Sylvester Betty Tracy Annadine Krachmalnick Margaret Queen Carol Ritchie Barry Boonshaft Alan Dore Bill Shieber Margaret Sutemeicr CIRCULATION STAFF -Ioan Birnbaum Evelyn Herold Nancy King Margaret Queen Mary Ann Schaefer Margaret Sutemeier Betty Tracy Allan Tuttle Rosalie Wtilil PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Eddie Balk Ethel Morrison Byron Sacher ADVERTISING STAFF Nancy Berger .lim Boles Geraldine Cohen Mordecai Cohen Pat Eudaley Marilyn Landis Virginia Lewis Dona Mueller Esther Salzberg Mary Ann Schaefer Geraldine Susman Mary Margaret Thomas Norman Zaltsman Olflflf - OWL FIRST SEMESTER WRITING STAFF Nlanaging Editor: Shirley Verschleiser. Make-up: Dick Byars. News Editor: Ronald Horwitz. Feature Editor: Dave Leitch. Copy Editors: Carol Gillman, Jean Seeger. Sports Editor: Irving Litvag. Girls' Sports: Paula French. Photographs by lion Kramer, ,lim Underwood, Ethel Morrison. Photography Make-up: Jiin Underwood. Reporters: Nancy Berger, llarold Brodkey .loyce Fixinan, Marcia Fuhrcr, Don Ilochman, Dan Hurwitz, Gerry Lipcin, Bob Mor' ris. Herschel Price, Sheldon Rose, Gloria Rudman, Esther Salzberg, Geraldine Susinan, Ruth Senturia, Elaine Brick, Arlan Cohn, joy Lending, June Lending, Thelma Lending, Mary Ann Bording, Sandy Schultz. Typists: Advanced Typing Classes. Sponsor: Miss Harris. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager: julius Raven. Assistant Business Managers: Herbert Glazier, George Ewing. Circulation Manager: Evelyn Ribstein. Assistant Circulation Manager: Phyllis Iloltzinan. Exchange: Selene Rabushka, Carolyn Bashore, Marilyn Landis. Staff: Francis Korchock, Anuadine lirachmalnick. loy Lending, June Lending, Myra Ritter, ,loan Rosenberg, Esther Levy. Sponsor: Miss Flint. SECOND SEMESTER WRITING STAFF Co-Editors: Dick Byars. Ronald Horwitz. Feature Editor: Gerre Susman. Special Features: Harold Brodkey, Herschel Price. Editorial Assistant: Bob Morris. Boys' Sports Editor: Irv Litvag. Girls' Sports: Paula French. Copy Readers: Carol Gillman, ,lean Seeger. Photography Make-up: jim Underwood. Photographers: Don Kramer, Byron Sachar, Gerre Snsinan, Ethel Morrison, ,lim Underwood. Typists: Miss lIainmond's Typing Classes. Reporters: Nancy Berger. Don Ilochman, Dan Hurwitz, Sheldon Rose, Gloria Rudman, Esther Salzberg, Ruth Senturia, Arlan Cohn, June Lending, Thelma Lending, Charlotte Nixon, Betty Tracy. Sponsor: Miss Ilarris. Six noses Circulation Manager: Phyllis I'Io Exchange: Carolyn Bashore. man, Barney Lewis. Sponsor: Miss Flint. for news. BUSINESS STAFF Business Manager: Julius Raven. Assistant Business Managers: Herbert Glazier, George Ewing ltzman. Assistant Circulation Manager: Marilyn Landis Stainfz Myra Ritter, ,loan Rosenberg, Esther Levy Phyllis IIolt7 llurwitz, Balk, Frommcl, Cohn, Miss Flint, Morris, Hochman, Lewis, Rihstein, Salzberg, Miss Harris, Richards, Bording, Berger, Price, Brodkey, Ewing, Levy, Rosen, Ritter. Kramer, T. Lending, J. Lending, Korchok, Nixon, Fuhrer, Senturia, Morrison, Landis, Rose. French, Gillman, Susinan, Byars, Verschleiser, Horwitz, Raven, Litvag, Glazier. Page Sixtyfyi Let joy be unconfined. Si, Si, por supuesto! Page Sixtyfsix Shade fam Cfaddica id OFFICERS President Nancy Berger Esther Salzberg VicefPresident Myrna Morganstern Borah Mae Goldenberg Secretary Esther Salzberg George Ewing Treasurer Eugene Yalem Dean Smith Parliamentarian Eugene Yalem Societas Classicalis, better known as the Latin Club, was founded on March 17, 1951, by Miss Donnelly and Mr. Bergman. The purpose of the club is to promote interest in the study of the clasf sics. This year the Latin Club visited a model of a Roman Camp at Washingtoil University and also devoted one meeting to the Greek language. Social activities included a Hallowe'en party and a party to celebrate the birthday of the club. S ponsor4Miss Donnelly loanidd OFFICERS President Dolores Kriegshauser Mary Elizabeth Vaughn VicefPresident Roger Nelson Boyd Goldstein Secretary Mary Elizabeth Vaughn Alice Nelson Treasurer Bob Strain Carol Ritchie The Spanish Club spent most of its meetings attempting to fulfill the club's purpose-to acquaint its members with Spanish customs and literature. Programs have taken the form of geography quizzes, Spanish spellingfbees, learning Spanish proverbs, and various other games. The club actively took part in the PanfAmerican Federation of St. Louis this year and helped sponsor the Federation's annual ball. A Christmas party was held at the Castilla, and the scene of its annual picnic was the Chain of Rocks Park. Sponsor-Miss Rothschild Levine, Rudman, Ewing, Kohn, Einzis, Shapiro, Yalem, Irwin, liclwarrls, Smith, llyatt, Cllangar, Pallukoff, Selluinan, B!lSll0l'C, Leventhal, liclelman, VValdman, Stake, liolclenlv,-rg. Hollander, Eisner, Morganstern, Berger, Salzburg, Lending, Rahushkzi, Levy. Gross, Scliear, Goldstein, Goodman, Sloan, Shapiro, Block, Schultz, Levy, Morgnnstern, Pallalcoff, XN'erner. R. VVeinsteiu, Ullanik, lfulirer, Moeller, A. Nelson, Miss Rotllracllild, Alprrrt, Sohelman, Tlmmas, Queen, Gellver, Ritchie, C'. Vlleinstein A, Lewis, Yawitz, Zellinger, Vaughn, R. Nelson, Kriegshauser, Strain, Sclmeicler, V. Lewis, Tait. Meyer, Birke, Lending, Hollander, lioodmzm, Sander, Kohn, Rose. Page Sixty-Seve n Young, Shieber, Hartmann, Siehert, Cowger, Phillips, Goldstein, D. Kramer, Werner, Griffith. Epstein, Stanhope, Dore, Miss Turner, Raven, Zaltsman, Hearsli, Fadem, Morrison. Meyer, Sutemeier, Hirschfield, VVintei', Kohn, Nelson, Sander. W xA CM Under the eyes of the master. Page Sixty-eight OFFICERS President Bob Kohn Paul Wiiiter Vice-President Paul Wiritcr Don Wiiisby Secretary Alice Nelson Donald B. Kramer A study of the history of mathematics along with the presentation of many baffling problems marked a very interesting semester in the progress of the Math Club, since 1931 one of the most active clubs in the school. Special emphasis was placed upon giving the members an insight into those phases of the subject for which there is no time in the regular courses. Fallacies fproblems with hidden mistakesj and logical problems were of great interest to the members. Sponsor-Miss Turner lean Claire Bentr Dick Cowger Beryl Epstein Sue Ann Fadem Boyd Goldstein Corinne Griffith Ralph Hartmann Tilford Hearsh Bob Hirschfield Dave Kean MEMBERS up Bob Kohn Donald B, Kramer Nancy Meyer Ethel Morrison Alice Nelson Don Phillips Julius Raven Ruby Sander Bill Shieber Ray Siebert Raymond Stanhope Margaret Sutemeier Betty Tracy Charles Werner Don Winsby Paul Winter Eddie Young Norman Zaltsman up cm Mary Albers OFFICERS President ,,,,,.,,,,,, ..,..,. C lauclia Tichenor VicefPresident ......... . ....... Joann Johnson SecretaryfTreasurer ..................................,....... Gene Muench Sponsor-Mr. McKee CHEERLEADERS l AL BIIZRFREUND DORIS KAYSER BIARY ANN BUVVINIAN BETTY SliLYAGliI PAT DUNALDSUN NANCY VVIQEKH LESTICR GOLDSTEIN ED YOUNG JOANN JOHNSON MEMBERS Alice Young Joan Best Ruth Blattner Alice Christopher ,Kline Christopher Tanya Shannon Harriet Moeller Dolores Kriegshauser Katherine Klauber Claris Peterson Doris Hamburger Margaret Sutemeier Pat Pope Lew Ramsey Marilyn Satz Shirley Verschleiser Jean llillman Gloria Beckman Phyllis Frornmel Joyce Long Jane McKinney Irxngarfl Hoehn Anne Greeson Joann Johnson Dona Mueller Joyce Schott Norma Tucker Audrey Klausner Donna Schemmer Pat Hellerud Mary Ann Schaefer Elizabeth Roblee Sue Birk Elise Hampton Virginia Arthur Marilyn Waters Lois Hammer Gene Muench Claudia Tichenor Irene Polishuk Virginia Rose Pat Tracy Paula French Myerna Fisher Nancy Jane Sharp Marilyn Miravalle Jessie Ann Long Helen McKinney Nancy King Peggy Davison Shirley Ronsick June Laughlin Doris lihrllarclt Marilyn Webb Mary Lou Feltnieier Jackie Levy Esther Levy Jackie Miller Eighteen! Nineteen! Twenty! Page Sixtyfnine Ingenuity solves the housing problem. iceronialfw OFFICERS Joyce Fixrnan ..... President .,.,,,..,. ..,,....,, H arold Brodkey James Hood ..,...., VicefPresident ............... Eugene Meyers Jeanne Coplan..Secretary .........,,oo.,... Mary Ann Bording Treasurer ,..,.... ......... C eleste Weinsteiii The Ciceronians, sponsored hy Dr. Urch, 15 a cluh for people interested in learning to debate. This club has dehates with Washingtoii University and other schools. The people participating in the ' dehates are judged on poise, originality, material, I and delivery. During the meetings the group pracf tices dehzites and tries to improve its technique. Sponsor-Dr. Urch MEMBERS Eugene Kayman Wolff Kirsch Eugene Meyers Harold Brodkey Jeanne Coplan Joyce Eixman Arthur Gale Alex Mylonas Tilford Hcarsh Emmanuel Smith Betty Hollander Beverly Simpkins James Hood Celeste Weinstein Page Seventy Pallakoff, Hearsh, Brodkey, Meyers, Kirsch, Smith, Sinipkins. Hollander, Weinstein, Gale, Fixman, Coplan, Bording, lxayman. Pen In Hand, ably sponsored by Mrs. Farrar, is a club for people interested in creative writing. This club was organized in September, 1945. At the bifweekly meetings, each member presents an origif nal manuscript for discussion by the group. This 1 group is at the present time so small that construcf r tive criticism can be quite informal and spontaneous. SponsorfMrs. Farrar Phyllis Brown -lean Coplan Rita Fischmann Iris Frommel Marcia Fuhrer Anne Greeson Dorothy Homer Lois Lane MEMBERS Maxine Marmor Gene Muench Iency Porter Cynthia Portnoy Arline Sieg Marcia Sterneck janet Thomas Sarene Tucker Thomas, Portnoy, Mrs. Farrar, Muench, Sieg, Tucker. Coplan, Porter, Greeson, Sterncck, Lane, Brown, Homer, lfischmann, Marmor, en in Aan! Education pays! Page Seventyfone Simi M! fax OFFICERS President Bob Huber Elaine Brick Vice-President Ruth Senturia Cynthia Glastris Secretary Lois Hough Ruth Senturia Treasurer Sheldon Rose Bob Huber Because most members and its sponsor were par' ticipating in the Senior play, Strut and Fret was inactive for the greater part of the first semester. On Lincoln's birthday, however, they gave a one act play, One Who Came to Gettysburg, which was acclaimed as one of the best productions ever given in U.C.H.S. The annual Strut and Eret picnic was held May 11, at the home of one of the members. Sponsor-Miss Bowers The play's the thing. Joe Baker Bonnie Bawn Elaine Brick Rose Finn Cynthia Glastris Lester Goldstein MEMBERS Jo Ann Haigler Bob Huber Arthur Katzman Donald Kramer Irving Litvag Doris Marglous Sheldon Rose Harold Schneider Ruth Senturia Jerry Sosna Shirley Verschleiser Geraldine Waldman Paiffe am! EMA OFFICERS President Beryl Epstein Doris Marglous VicefPresident Bob Schmidt Rose Finn SecretaryfTreasurer Rose Finn Bob Huber Every Wednesday afternoon the members of Palf ette and Brush get out their paints in room 209 and get busy. Sometimes they work from a model, or perhaps they turn to still lifeg again each member may work on his own idea. Clay modeling and finf ger painting have had their days, toog cartooning and caricature are popular-in fact anything that has to do with drawing, painting, and the crafts finds some devotee. It has been a busy year for the members, a fact which was verified by the annual Selffportraits? Page Seveutyftwo exhibit of the club. Don Augustin Mary Ann Bording Betty Brown Betty Crowder Beryl Epstein MEMBERS Myerna Fisher Bob Huber .Ioanne Kohn Doris Marglous Carol Ritchie Don Pelsue Bob Schmidt Dean Smith Sandy Schultz Liarglous, Goldstein, Tisclller, Haiglcr, Birke. Salzlxerg, Rudman, Brick, Miss Bowers, Versclileiser, Glastris, Finn. Bawn, Hough, Rose, Senturia, Huber, VValdman. Smith, Augustin, Katz, Crowder, Lewis, Pelsufs, llolman. liohn, Scott, Briggin, Miss Gray, Sherman, Huber, w7El11SlElIl. Schultz, Finn, Epstein, Schmidt, Boriling, Fisher, Marglous. Page Sevcntyfthree Watch the birdie! One! Two! 6Ll'VL8lf'6L OFFICERS President Ethel Morrison Gerre Susman VicefPresident Gerre Susman Ethel Morrison SecretaryfTreasurer joe Gillerman Marilyn Landis Helping to supply the TomfTom with candids and maintaining a weekly display of photographs taken hy its members, in the front hall trophy case, are two of the many projects undertaken hy the Camera Cluh this year. The club meets every Tuesf day, hut the cluhroom is open to members any time they have developing, printing, or enlarging to do. A great deal of new equipment has been added this year to make the facilities of the cluh more complete than in former years. Sponsor4Mr. Chamhers MEMBERS Eddie Ball: Marilyn Landis Lee Baris Ethel Morrison Phil Briggin Mordecai Cohen joe Gillerman Allan Gollub Gene Rapperport Gerrc Susman james Underwood Rosalie Wohl Page Seventyffour Kiollub, Rupperport, Bzxlk, c,llCl'lTlil!1, Landis, Finn, Albert, Mr. Cliamhers. -ai erman A orrison, fusman 01 aris. 1 d , N1 S , W ll, B OFFICERS President Bob Stanza Harold Rosen VicefPresident Bill Shieber Bernard Weitzman SecretaryfTreasurer Borah Mae Goldenberg Rosalie Kreisman The purpose of the Current Events Club is to provide an organization in which students will be able to discuss and form opinions about current major issues. This year the club participated in the "American School of the Air" on the topic, "japan's Road." They also gave several programs, debates, and discussions which the whole school was invited to attend. SponsorfMiss Barnidge MEMBERS Sonia Larkin Bernice Millman Charlotte Nixon Sanford Rabushka Harold Rosen Bill Shieber Bob Stanza Bernard Weitzman Paul Winter Rosalie Wohl Melvin Young David Anderson Don Breckenridge Arthur Gale Borah Mae Goldenberg Mickey Goldenberg Boyd Goldstein Bob Hirschfield Bob Kohn Donald Kramer Rosalie Kreisman Irving Litvag lfLlf'lf'8lfLf gifelflflfff ,kiw- THL' O 266 Climax of a successful season. Rlearman, Anderson, Young, Litvag, Breckenridge, Gale, Rabushka, NVeitzman. Wohl, Rosen, Kramer, Larkin, Miss Barnidge, Kreisman, Goldstein, Goldenberg. Nixon, Hirschfield, Winter, Shieber, Stanza, Millman, Goldenherg. Page Seventyffive Cement-mixer, puttyfputty. The Blackstone touch. Page Seventyfsix gimp cm OFFICERS President joe Davis Erwin Schowengerdt SecretaryfTreasurer Rosalyn Shapiro Rosalyn Shapiro Librarian Erwin Schowengerdt joe Davis The purpose of the Stamp Club is to exchange ideas about stamps, to hold lectures by various speakf ers on stamp collecting, and to exchange stamps. It tries to further interest and knowledge of stamp collecting. This club sponsors displays and stamp auctions. They hope to see a part of President Roosevelt's collection when it comes to St. Louis. Ross C. McE1ree, a former U. Cityan, visited the Stamp Club recently. Sponsor-Miss Abbott MEMBERS Robert Cornwell Don Solomon Norman Hall Gene Tischler Ralph Hartmann Stuart Weiss CA855 CHIC! CAQCLZPJ OFFICERS President Sheldon Rose Sheldon Rose VicefPresident Bertha Shenker Marshall Fixman Secretary-Treasurer Marshall Eixman Eugene Meyers The Chess and Checkers Club sponsored tournaf ments in chess and checkers at school. The winners were Dan Hurwitz and Sheldon Rose. The club also gave instruction in chess and had two exhibitions in simultaneous chess play. Its chess team, which was a charter member of the St. Louis Chess League, won the 1946 InterfHigh School Tournament with a record of Sfl. SponsorwMiss Keck, Mr. Marks Allen Burstein Edwin Drill George Ewing Marshall Fixman Lester Goldstein Sue Rose Grober Dan Hurwitz MEMBERS Eugene Meyers Anita Michelson Henry Miller Roberta Oberman Sheldon Rose Bertha Shenker Lois Torgrove llocliman, Scllowengerdt, Hartmann, Miss Abbott, Hall, VVeisS, Solomon, Ti Cornwell, Davis, Sllapim. sclller. Obermzin, Ewing, Meyer, firolxer, Torgrove, Miss Keck, Michelson. Fixmzxn, Burstein, Shenker, Drill, Rose, Miller Goldstein. Page Seventyfse-wen onor ind SCHOENTHALER AWARDS JHIIUUY, 1945-JUD9, 1945 September, 1945-January, 1946 Sophomores-David Gordon Sophomores-Harold Brodkey Juniors-Margaret Queen Juniors-Eleanor Hollander Seniors-Maynard Michel Seniors--Carol Ritchie Harvard Book Award-Paul Winter Bronze Ballman, Mary Beard, Betty Bentrup, Jean Claire Birk, Sue Blass, Jane Blattner, Ruth Bording, Mary Ann Brodkey, Harold Burstein, Allen Cohen, Gerald Dille, Jo Anne Edelstein, Stanley Engel, King Ewing, George Fisher, Myerna Fixman, Marshall Fleischmann, Ira Hartmann, Ralph Heiman, Lucy Hochman, Don Hornbein, Tom Johnson, Jo Ann Jones, Jim Kessler, Gertrude Kiyasu, John Klruibr , Katherine Klearinan, Merle Laughlin, June Lewis, Virginia McElroy, Patricia Miravalle, Marilyn Mizes, Herbert Morris, Bob Muench, Gene Mylonas, Alex Nelson, Lynette Pelsue, Don Pope, Pat Raborn, Hubert Raborn, Maynette Rabuska, Sanford Rapperport, Gene Ronsick, Shirley Schott, Joyce Page Seventyfeight September, 194 5-January, Seigel, Betty Shapiro, Rosalyn Stern, Don Steinberg, Mark Stiers, Frank Susman, Geraldine Tracy, Betty Weiner, Judy Yawitz., Ileane Silver Amick, Mariam Dore, Alan Fadem, Jerold Johnson, Herbert Lending, Joy Marglous, Doris Morganstern, Myrna Ritchie, Carol Siebert, Ray Sparks, Virginia Stanhope, Raymond Harvard Book Award-Jack Davison 1946 Gold Berger, Nancy Brick, Elaine Chambers, Kenneth Cupples, Ronald Fagin, Lester Hollander, Eleanor Hood, James Miller, Elizabeth Pelsue, Mary Lou Rosenberg, Neal Salzberg, Esther Shieber, Bill Sieg, Arline Vaughn, Mary Elizabeth Zaltsman, Norman Zerman, Eddie First Bar Cummings, Jean Kriegshauser, Dolores Nelson, Alice Strain, Bob Tracy, Patricia Second Bar Epstein, Beryl Gillman, Carol Goldenberg, Borah Mae Happ, Shirley Hirschfield, Robert Hurwitz, Dan Lapin, Jay Miller, Alice Queen, Margaret Rueckert, Doris Simon, Arthur Stake, Betty Verschleiser, Shirley Yalem, Eugene Third Bar Kohn, Robert Krachmalnick, Annadine erwfce Service Awards Jane Becker Frank Kramer Rutli Senturia Dick Byars Irving Litvag Joyce Sievers Marcia Fuhrer Elizabeth Miller Shirley Versclileiser Robert Hirschiield Margaret Queen Paul Winter Second Awards Warner' Davis Robert Kohn Service Award List I. Student Council and House of Representatives Maximum President of Council ,,,,...,i,.,. ,,,,. .i,,, 1 5 per Semester Yice-President of Council ,,t... ,, .,,, I5 per semester Secretary of Council i....,..... 5 per semester Trcasurer nf Council ,,.,,.,. 5 per semester Committee fliairmen ......... 5 per semester foininittee Members .... .,,, ..... 3 per SQl1lCStCI' Council and Ilonse Members .. 2 per semester II. Tomffoin C15 maximum for yearl lnlitor .i.,..... ,,,, ,....,,, ................ Business Manager ,,,,, .. Circulation Manager .. Associate Editor .,,, ,. Staff ............, III. Dial I Editor ,..... .,,,,,,, ,,,, Assistant Editor ,,,,., 10 per 4 per 4 per 4 per 3 per lil Business Manager ..,. ,... . 8 Circulation Manager .. .i,,. 6 Staff ,,,,......,,..,.,, .... .... . ,...i,,....,.... 5 IV. Library workers Ofiice Messengers 1 point for e Corridor Patrols per week per V. Opera and Senior Play .................. .......,. 5 points semester semester semester semester semester per year ner year per year per year per year aeli hour semester per year VI. junior-Senior Prom Chairman. t,,,,, ..,,,,..., 5 points junior-Senior Prom Committee V,,,V, ........ 3 points VII. Student '1 utors ...... Points awarded according to hours given VIII. Girls' Gym Helpers .......i..............,.,.,,,, 5 points per Service awards require minimum of tifteen points. Sponsorflviiss Hoffman per year per year SCXHCSICI' ueen for a night. Page Seventyfninie Free for a Weekend. And the rains came. Page Eighty 8 QVC 8 ,jl"6LlfLC6LL:5 C OFFICERS President Margaret Queen Margart Queen VicefPresident Doris Marglous Mariam Amick Secretary Betty Seigel Betty Seigel Treasurer Allen Tuttle Allen Tuttle The purpose of the French Club, one of the oldest in the school, is to teach the members more about the language and people of France. This is done through songs, games, and parties. The group attended a French movie, and a French dinner, cooked by the members, was given in March. The big event of the year was the fine Christmas party at which French carols were sung, French food was eaten, and a French quiz game was played. Sponsor-Miss Wolfner MEMBERS Mariam Amick Princie Burch George Ewing Doris Marglous Clyford Miener glee Jior Margaret Queen Betty Seigel Arline Sieg Allen Tuttle OFFICERS President ..........,...................................,.......,........... Frank Ginsberg Beatrice Drosan Members of the Tribunal ....,..,... .,....... A llen Burstein Anita Gelber VicefPresident ..,..,.........,,........... ...............,,.........,,..... J ohn Staley AttendancefSecretary .......... ....,...,... B everly Rubenstein RecordingfSecretary ,,,,,.......... ..,..,.,.,....... B everly Stamos DoorfKeeper .............,..,.............. , ...,............,, Jerry Lurie SergeantfatfArms ......,,...................,,...........,............,.,. Bill Walker Excelsior was organized to provide a place for the development of personality and character. The club, open to a limited number of boys and girls, meets on Wednesdays. At each meeting an entertaining program of some kind is given. Since the club is interested in the welfare of people in general, this year it has contributed money to the Red Cross, and has also sent books for the library of a struggling little missionary school for Negro boys and girls in the heart of the deep South. Sponsor-Mrs. Bodenhafer Miener, Aiuick, Miss Nvrmlfner, Sieg, Ewing Burch, Seigei, Queen. Tuttle. London, Schuh, Tobin, Ziercher, Stark, Mcliiuney, XVoodcock, Long, Mitleider, Drosan, Miravalle, Mrs. Bodenhafer, Sohelumn, Burstcin, VValke1'. Stzunos, Rubenstein, Staley, Ginsberg, Lurie, Gelber, Uberman. Page Eight-yfone MEMBERS Scott, Voss, Lloyd, Oertli, Tuttle, Siebert, Roach, Mohme. Pelsue, Morris, Kremer, Ewing, Tevis, Morath, Bucher, Hetzler. B. Anderson, Holes, D. Anderson, Richards, Breckenridge, Tapscott, Braznell. Swing and sway. Page Eightyftwo OFFICERS jim Boles President David Anderson David Anderson VicefPresident John Richards Jerry Fadem Secretary joe Tapscott Ken Chambers Treasurer Don Breckenridge Dick Braznell SergeantfatfArms Ray Siebert Henry Bucher Chaplain Jerry Fadem The principles of the University City HifY Club are embodied in the HifY purpose: To create, maintain, and extend, through' out the school and community, high stand' ards of Christian character. The club's activities include, in addition to regular business meetings, a program of instructive and en' tertaining speakers, movingfpictures, and trips' to local points of interest. A social program is main' tained, the highlight of which is the annual Queens Dance, while the club renders service to the school as a whole in the form of the annual publication of its Buzz Book. Bill Anderson David Anderson jim Boles Don Breckenridge George Ewing Jerry Fadem Lewis Holman Allan Kremer Fred Lloyd Bill Morath Bob Morris Charles Oertli Fred Oertli Don Pelsue John Richards Bob Roach Ray Siebert Joe Tapscott Allen Tuttle Perry Voss ji- OFFICERS Pat Tracy President Virginia Stark Paula French Vicefpresident Claudia Tichenor Virginia Stark Secretary Pat Tracy Carolyn Bashore Treasurer Betty Selvaggi Paula French Representatives Paula French Pat Tracy Pat Tracy The U. City TrifY has presented a variety of social and educational programs this year. Social activities have included the Holly Hop, annual King's Dance, a trip to Montebello, and a fashion show. The educational program consisted of a dat' ing debate with HifY, talks by interesting speakers, and educational movies. Charity work was com' pleted through the Y.W.C.A. In addition the club sent representatives to the Metropolitan and County InterfY Councils. Sponsor-Mrs. Neal The way to a man's heart. Bradley, Baldwin, Hncltgc, Tncl-ter, Schutt, Sntemeier, Feltmeicr, Bnrding, Ftflflllvitf, VVight, lingc-ling, Summers, lleinze. Sparks, Crowder Gauntt Mochlc, Franz, Peterson, Murphy, Fay, lin-im-i', Peterson, VVclrh, lfhrharclt. Young, Ticllenor, Hloodwortll, Loyd, llonier, VValls Life, Burch, llammer, Stark, French, Tracy, Selvaggi, Bashore, Blattner, Thomas, iirec-son, Booth, Fry, Brownell. Thompson, Owen, Heiman, Hampton, Bordiug, Siem. Finke. Peterson, lienm-tt, Speer, Sylvester. Page Eightyfthree All set! a76LL8lf'lfLOL Taberna, the dance workshop, which was organ' ized in 1937, meets every Monday after school. The fundamentals of dancing are perfected and used in dance compositions. In addition to creating and dancing for personal enjoyment, the twentyfone members are working enthusiastically on dance num' bers for the operetta, Sweethearts. SponsorgMiss Robison MEMBERS Betty Brown Lois Lane Betty Jane Clark Ruth Levine Nancy Cohen Jean Cummings Blanche Enoch Kay Fox Peggy Grosberg Lucy Heirnan Audrey Klausner Dolores Kriegshauser Jessie Ann Long Elizabeth Miller Marilyn Miravalle Donna Mueller Beverly Rubenstein Ruby Sander Ruth Senturia Nancy Smith Klausner, Enoch, Rueckert, Rubenstein, Cohen, Mcliinney, Sander. Mueller, Herman, Fox, Brown, Smith, Miss Robison, Levine, Long, Senturia, Clark, Miravalle, Lane, ilrosberg, liriegslizuiser, Cumuiings. Page Eightyffour C5445 Peggy Anderson Betty Beard Jean Claire Bentrup Shirley Bradley Elaine Brick Florence Dellas Blanche Enoch Betty Gauntt Dolores Geiger Fern Gorman Sue Rose Grober Phyllis Holtzman Sonya Larkin Pat McElroy Anita Michelson Alice Miller GIRLS-OFFICERS BOYS-OFFICERS President Mary Elizabeth Vaughn Sanford Zimmerman VicefPresident Stanley Schear Doris Rueckert Secretary Paul Seligsohn Treasurer Virginia Stark High Average Sue Rose Grober-124 Sanford Zimmerman-175 High Game Sue Rose Grober-176 Sanford Zimmerman-234 Miss Watts-Sponsors-Mr. Turbeville MEMBERS Eleanor Mills Mary Lou Pelsue Maynette Raborn Doris Rueckert Beverly Rubenstein Lois Scaller Margie Schuman Betty Seigel Bertha Shenker Rita Smith Virginia Sparks Grace Stark Virginia Stark Mary Margaret Thomas Mary Elizabeth Vaughn Rosalie Wohl jim Boles Kurt Bradley Bob DeLong Richard Fadem Marshall Fixman Stanley Goodman jack Hughes Art jones Bill Lange Richard Parnas Hubert Raborn Jack Rowers Stanley Schear Paul Seligsohn Arthur Sherman Alren Vogler Bradley, XVertheimer, Gross, Fixman, DeLong, Sherman, Kranzberg, Ruben, Groher, Michelson, Miss Watts. Vogler, Frolilichstein, Katzman, Hughes, Goudinan, Thomas, Tracy, Sparks, Enoch, WVuhl, Mills, Stark, Rubenstein. Mr, Turbeville, Lewis, Bentrup, Miller, Ralmorn, McElroy, Bradley, Gauntt, Gorman, Geiger, Seigel, Brick. Ewing, Fadem, Boles, Seligsohn, Schear, Zimmerman, Vaughn, Stark, Kueckert, Dellus, Larkin, Schuman. Page Eightyffve M! Flute David Leitch Mary Beth Tomlinson Rebecca Muennig Paul Beckman Roberta Speer Rosita Shannon jerry Wightman Oboe jean Blumenfeld Jean Sillars Clarinet Alan Dore Alan Lieberman Stanley Zeid David Anderson John Bambridge Wallace Lieberman Henry Onlten Sheldon Hoenig Pat Poe Jerome Frager Mignon Orenstein Gene Foster Marcia Moehle Ben Hartley Brad ford Thomas Dorothy Carmichael Robert Roach Charles Oertli Buckner Morse Alto Clarinet Ted McClure Bill York Baritone Roger Harmon Bruce Humphrey Gerald Holtgrewe Director-Orval Riesscn Bass Clarinet Ralph Johnston Maxine Frelich Russell Pavelka Alto Saxophone Alan Ross Irvin Zeid Gregory Hansman Ernest Fleischer Tenor Saxophone Gordon Hays Jack Levinson Dick Greenberg Baritone Saxophone Norman Litz Cornet and Trumpet David Boxer Louis Miserocchi Don Winsby Charles Moss Harry Hoffson Marvin Madden George Campbell Jafclc Spangenberg Betty Radman Lewis Booth Eugene Kayman Phyllis Holtzman jim Wieland Bob Geller Edward Helbing French Horn David Felt King Engel Paul Stewart Gilbert Anderson Trombone Don Humphrey Don Nibeck Charles Pohle Russell Saphian Billy Anderson Raymond Mjolsness Tuba Curt Bradley Jim McCready Jack Kidwell Earl Stuckman String Bass Jackie Wightman Tympani Bob Bolling Jim Greenblatt Percussion Sandy Ungar Sanley Laiderman Bob McKelvey Jerry Goldman Don Brown Mickey Fenton Violincello Leslie Parnas Bassoon Martin Flavin Majorettes Cathy Altepeter Barbara Bennett Betty Biddle Staff Shirley Carr Page Eightyfsix OrcAe5 !'I"6lf For many years the orchestra has been more or less an orphan as far as school musical organizations go. This year with Mr. Norman Goldberg in full charge, the orchestra has developed into a first rate musical group. The orchestra made its first appearf ance in an assembly in the fall, and then appeared again with the chorus in the Christmas assembly, playing not only by themselves, but giving good accompaniments to the choral groups. It again asf sisted the Senior Play by playing selections before the show and between the acts. Perhaps its major work was the playing of all the music for the operetta, Victor Herbert's Sweethearts. The group also made an appearance in the County Music Fesf tival. Mr. Goldberg and his musicians have done much to add to the music program at U. City. For the future of orchestras at U. City, Mr. Goldberg feels certain that, with the work carried on in the grade and junior high schools, we shall one day have a large concert orchestra of which everyone can feel proud. Directorglvir. Norman A. Goldberg The Swing Band. Mcilready, Berger, Muennig, Blumenfeld, Anderson, Dore, Humphrey, Campbell, Moss, Mclielvey, ilreenblatt, Engel, VYigl1tn1an Mr Colrllnerg Geiger, lleiman, Parnas, Goldstein, limas, Jacohsmeyer, Solomon, Scrtier, Amick, Meyer, Hoffman. Page Eightyfseven endow' pfag Feathers in a Gale is a play revolving around three widows, two of them being very young and the other over forty. The penniless widows are about to be sold as servants when, through a series of complicaf tions, they are saved by the preacher, Capt. Barnabas, and Zeb Hibbitt. Not us-though we had some frisky minutes, eh, Annie? Page Eightyfeight To the three Graces o'Sesui" THE SENIOR CLASSES OF UNIVERSITY CITY SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL Present MFEATHERS IN A GALE" A Comedy in Three Acts by Pauline Jamerson and Reginald Lawrence Cast of Characters Phoebe Fuller .,...,....,..,.........,,.................,..................... .............. B onnie Bawn Matilda Phinney .............. .,............... E laine Brick Captain Ebenezer ......., ........,...... I rving Litvag Zeb Hibbitt .................. ....,....,..,.................. B ob Huber Lucy Abner ....t............,.... ,...,..,,..... B etty Goldenberg Annabelle Hallock ......... ,,............,... R uth Senturia Rev. David Thacher ......,.,...... .............. S heldon Rose Captain Seth Barnabas .....,..., ......,...... L ester Goldstein Josiah Abner ......... ......,.... ............., D o nald Kramer Mrs. Spoor .... ....,...........,.. L ois Hough Abigail .,.,........ ,.......... ........,....i,..,..........,..,.,....,..............., R i ta Fischmann Place: The middle room of Annabelle Hallock's house at Sesuit, Cape Cod. Time: 1804. Act 1: Scene Scene Act 2: Scene Scene Synopsis Four o'clock of an afternoon in early June. Early evening, that same day. z Two weeks later. Afternoon. Seven o'clock that evening. Act 3: The following day, just before noon. l98l"6L After two years' absence, the annual operf etta was restored to the stage with a delightful presentation of Victor Herbert's Sweethearts on the evening of April 2526. Over three hundred students participated in some way. This year's production for the first time had an entire high school orchestra and was per' haps the best in the history of U. City operf ettas. An excellent cast, backed by a Hne chorus, ballets, and orchestra, proved an artisf tic success. Much credit goes to Mr. Norman A. Goldberg for training the orchestra for the perf formance and also for his fine assistance in conduct' ing the show. Miss Bess Howard and Miss Bessie Wcvlfner proved invaluable in making the project a success with the many problems of staging, costumf ing, props, and unforeseen obstacles. Under the direction of Miss Louise Robison, the members of the ballets presented excellent ballet work. The VVinter, Fleiscllman, Nelson, Stanza, Litvag, Baker. Tllomas, Jones, Greenwald, Stake, Lending. Dille, Smith, Novak. entire faculty, student body, and former students served the project most worthily. All departments of the school contributed in one way or another with the fullest cooperation imaginable. The prof duction was under the general direction of Mr. George J. Mechalson, who returned to U. C. last September after almost three years of service with the United States Navy. Sweethearts. I've got it-the Monk! Page Eightyfnine ur .fdfkfeficfi we strive toward the two ideals of good sportsmanf ship and fair play. Though we enjoy victory in our athletic contests, we want it only if we can win it fairly. The subordination of self to the good of the whole, endurance in the face of obstacles, staunch determination to carry on to the end-all these traits may be developed on our playing fields. These are qualities which prove themselves essential in both war and peace. Braznell breaks through. Showing spirit, determination, and ability, Univerf sity's 1945 football team, directed by Coaches Muhl, England, and Schemmer, enjoyed a successful sea' son, winning six and losing two games by close scores. Starting under Mr. England with nine lettermen -four major and five minor-the Indians opened with an impressive 21fO victory over Central and followed with a 6-O win from Western. According to plan, on October first, C. A. L'Stub" Muhl, forf mer varsity coach for fourteen years, returned from fortyftwo months in the Naval Service. Then a strong C.B.C. team, playing one of its best games, shaded the Black and Gold, 7 to 6. Undaunted and benefited by this reverse, together with new offensive tactics from the Hmanfinfmotion T" and singlefwing back formations, the Indians rolled to four decisive victories. Most thrilling and satisfying were the Quincy and Normandy games- the Vikings being undefeated in Suburban and Dis' trict play. Equally exciting was the finale on Thanksgiving at jefferson City, well played by both teams in blizzard weather. Page Ninetyftwo Jlaozfga ff THE SEASONS RECORD We They Sept. Central .......................................... 21' O Home Sept. Western Military Academy ............ 6' O Away Oct. Christian Brothers College fnightj 6' 7 Away Oct. Quincy, Illinois fnightj ..........,....... 26- 7 Away Oct. Southwest .................,.,...,. ,,,,,,,,.. 3 8' 0 Home Nov. Normandy ............... ......,,,, Z Of 0 Home Nov. South Side Catholic ..... .......,, 2 1- 0 Home Nov. Jefferson City ......... ,,,,,,,,,,,.,,i, 1 4,20 Away ,..a...--.. ...-a.., . Totals 152133 Yedlin, Uhlmansiek, Davison, Brzizncll. Copeland, Berger, Kuprivica, Rollins, Dirth, Spann, Wiederholdt. The team was sparked by the outstanding scoring ability of Dick Braznell, the District's leading scorer with 64 points and StarfTimes' "AllfDistrict" halff back. Phelps, Wiederholt, Yedlin, and Davison also received various merited postfseason recognitions. At the Indian Chiefs' Fathers and Sons Annual Gridiron Dinner, Braznell was chosen most valuf able player, Phelps, honorary captain, and Rudolph, most outstanding sophomore. junior varsity and sophomore team members received valuable training for 1946 in practice and games, many getting var' sity game experience. Hecht, B. Biontgomery, Clappeir, Hood, Cll2llllilEfS, lilmerle, IJ. Montgomery, Moratll, Fixmzm, Johnson. Mgr. Kramer, Ewing, Berger, Cartuu, Merstetter, Copclzind, Spann, Kohn, Boles, Scott, Tebhctts, Mr. Schemmex Barbieri, Jolley, Bockenkamp, Dirth, Davison, Braznell, Campbell, Dore, Oertli, Roach. Gollub, Steingraber, Sloan, Morse, Polinsky, Ransin, Davidson, Thompson, Kzitzman. Mgr. Harrison, Braznell, il. Jones, Walker, Werner, Stoliar, A. jones, VVeiss, Lurie, Uertli, Mr. Schemmer. Tuttle, Voss, Moore, Martin, Rudolph, Hippenmeyer, Fuldner, Cone, Hartley, lloffson, Summers, Gross, Seeley. Moss, Lacey, Steinback, VVilson, McClure, lfennerty, Page Ninety-seven. Bagels! Holman. Grimm, Preiss, Phillips, Goodman, Lucas, Marion, Fnssner, liilelstein, Sachar, Seligsohn, Goldberg, Sophir, Zierclier, Cohen, Baris, Frager. Frolichstein, Malt, Bloch, Weinberg, -lesson, Lipman, Bambridge, Harmon, Bruce, Hetzler, Cohen, Zerman, Gale, Mr. Turbeville. Berger, Turner, Wiederholdt, Anderson, Burgher, Foote, Hughes, Uhlmansiek, Lehman, Black, Lange. Fick, Kranzberg, Greenblatt, Probert, VVetzel, Kirsch, Uhlniansiek, Frernder, Burgener, DeLong, Ewing. Three Little Indians. Page Ninetyfeight The First day of baseball practice found Coach Turbeville with seventy boys, including six lettermen from last year's team. The team took shape fast and soon indicated it was headed for a successful season. This team showed plenty of spirit and hustle in its first few games, winning three and losing two, This yeai"s team was a splendid example of the good teams U. City has had in the past. Congratulations to the boys who have worked so hard for the team's success and to Mr. Turbeville for doing such a line job of coaching. The returning lettermen are: Paul Bernard, john Anderson, Paul Burgher, Tom Uhlmansiek, ,lack Hughes, and Bud Wiederholdt. Other regulars on the team are Lowell Black, Dick Berger, joe Turner, Bob Lehman, and Richard Lange. SCHEDULE 1946 April 3 Blewett There April 5' Blewett Here April 16 Ritenour Here April 17 Wellston Here April 20 St. Louis U. High Here April 26 Webster Groves Here April 30 Kirkwood There May 3 Normandy There May 6 Clayton Here May 15' John Burroughs Here May 16 Clayton There May 17 Webster Groves There May 20 Normandy Here May 23 Wellston There mad - Gmnfry The cross country team experienced a successful season this year by winning all of its dual meets and taking second in the State Cross Country Meet. The Indians defeated St. Louis U., McBride, Kirk' wood, Blewett, and Roosevelt in dual meets, though Blewett came back and won the state meet with U. City behind by four points. The cross country race is a rugged race approxif mately two miles in length. Endurance is the main factor. The team was headed by Cal Merstetter, George Campbell, Bob Roach, Ken Wilson, and Bob Scott, all of whom received minor letters. Other hard working members were Charles Moss, Myron Seely, Joe Gibbs, Leland Clapper, and jerry Stoliar. The effects of Track. VVils0n, Moss,GiI1hs, Stoliar, Seeley, Merstetter, Scott, Roach, Campbell, flapper, Mr. SCIIYSIIIIIIEY. Page Ni11etyf11i11e Fore for three. SWIMMING For the second time a swimming team was formed this year at U. City in order to permit certain ex' perienced swimmers to participate in the annual State Meet held at Wilson Pool, Washington Uni' versity. Our team made a fair showing with Bob Strain taking a fourth in the 100 yard breast stroke, and our medley relay team placing sixth. Sponsor-Mr. Muhl mor .SZQUPIB Gow The U. City golf team, led by its captain Clarf ence Norsworthy, one of the outstanding high school golf players in the district, expects an excellent year in '46 and should be one of the top teams of the county. At the time of this printing, they have beaten Webster Groves, their toughest rival. The schedule includes Wellston, Maplewood, Soldan, Principia, Belleville, Normandy, and Kirkwood. The members of the team are: Clarence Norsworthy, Ir. Roger Nelson Lester Goldstein Phil Newmark Herbert Greenberg Bob Stanza Sponsor-Mr. England TENNIS The Indians' tennis team, which has as its goal, the high record of last year's team, is representing University City well in 1946. Although the team is young and inexperienced, it is rapidly improving and rounding into a fine squad. With several mem' bers returning next year, we will have a fine nucleus upon which to build our '47 squad. The members of the team are: Grover Sibley Charles Pohle Tom Berger Cy Tebbetts Ted Moehlman Sponsor-Mr. England lingland, Gorham, Pohle, Montgomery, Gillerman, Bolling, Rapperport. lchhetts, Berger, Sibley, Greenberg, Goldstein, Newmark, Norsworthy. Page One Hundred wie MEMBERS OFFICERS John Anderson Henry Barr Victor Behlke Dick Berger Paul Bernard Dick Bockenkamp Jim Boles Barry Boonshaft Dick Braznell Paul Burgher George Campbell lack Copeland ,lack Davison Bob DeLong jim Dirth Alan Dore Wayne Fick Brooks Foote john Fuldner Lester Goldstein Bob Gorden Jack Harrison -lack Hughes Andy Jones Louis Kohn Don Kramer Glenn Liebig Galvin Merstetter Mitchell Murch Bob Mohme Harold Newsom Fred Oertli Neal Parnas Dick Phelps Bob Roach Bill Rollins Bob Scott Art Sherman Grover Sibley Ray Siebert Wayne Spann Wayne Stedelin Cy Tebbetts Al Uhlmansiek Tom Uhlmansiek -lack von Funk Perry Voss Al Weiss Bud Wiederholdt Ken Wilson Obie Koprivica Al Yedlin Sponsors: Mr. England, Mr. Muhl, Mr. Schemmer, Mr. Turbeville The Tribe is the organization of varsity athletes. Its purpose is to maintain the spirit of University City loyalty, to cherish the traditions of our school, to foster fellowship, and to serve in the best interests of our school, city, and country. President , . ....... ..,,,,,.... . .........,,......... . .. Vicefljresident ........... Secretaryffreasurer SergeantfatfAr1ns .....,,,.... ......, Bud Wiederholdt ...........jack Davison Calvin Merstetter ...,....Wayne Spann Twisting toward a touchdown. Hetzler, Uertli, Stedelin, Goldstein, Siebert, Hoonslizift, Dirtli, Rollins, Sibley, Slierinan, Burgher, Ralzorn, Bchlke, Fuldner. Mr. Turlleville, Barr, Bernard, Kramer, Scott, Voss, Gorden, Murch, DeLong, Roncli, Lielxig, Campbell, Mr. Schemmer. Mr. England, Ulilmansiek, von Funk, Holes, Dore. Kohn, Hughes, jones, Berger, Mr, Mulil. Ungar, Merstetter, Davison, VVieclerholdt, Spann, Bockenkamp, llrziznell. Page One Hundred One Three strikes! You're out! OFFICERS President Claudia Tichenor Elizabeth Miller VicefPresident Alice Miller Pat Tracy Secretary Carol Gillman Paula French Treasurer Geraldine Lipcin Mary Lou Pelsue SergeantfatfArms Jean Seeger Pat jones The U. Club, founded in 1927, is for girls who have earned their certificates for an athletic letter. The purpose of the U. Club is to promote the best interests of University City High School. The activf ities of the U. Club this year include: a "Kidnap Breakfast," Annual Alumnae party, ice-skating par' ties, a barn dance, and a "Heaven and Hell" party. Representatives were chosen by the club to attend the Sports Day at Cape Girardeau. Of course, the year's activities would not be complete without men' tion of the services performed by the club-selling cokes at football and basketball games, providing a Christmas party for the children at Kingdom House, and serving dinners for Miss Mittelberg. Sponsor-Miss Watts MEMBERS Betty Beard Ruth Ramsey Jean Claire Bentrup Nancy King Fern Rosenkranz lfff Princie Burch Geraldine Lipcin Doris Rueckert Blanche Enoch Alice Miller jean Seeger Paula French Elizabeth Miller Betty Selvaggi Carol Gillman Eleanor Mills Virginia Sparks Fern Gorman Jean Norwine Margaret Sutemeier Lorraine Gorman Paula Novak Claudia Tichenor Irmgard Hoehn Alberta Ort' Betty Tracy Pat Jones Mary Lou Pelsue Pat Tracy Selvaggi, Novak, Stake, King, B. Tracy, Enoch, Bentrup, Pelsue, Sparks, Beard. Ramsey, Nnrwine, Rosenkranz, French, P. Tracy, Miss VVatts, F. Gorman, L. Gorman, Orf, Mills. Seeger, Lipcin, Gillman, Tichenor, A. Miller, Hoehn, Rueckert, E. Miller, Sutemeier. Page One Hundred 'Two . 01266 BM , The members of the Leaders' Club meet every other week to receive instruction and training in physical education activities. The girls are selected for their leadership ability, initiative, and willingness to accept reponsibility in helping others to achieve. The leaders supplement the teacher's efforts in car' rying out a wellfrounded physical education pro- gram. U. City's Dizzy Dean L f 0 '15-f' if I f Qffiju! if jf C1 . J" i, ,ts 0' f z KZIJ' I A , 'fc ' ' V, hifi! f' Q' 1' p Muennig, Mcliinney, Tracy, Cuxumings, Long, NVhite, Sylvester, Ileiman. Crooks, Moeller, liriegshauser. Young, Cohen, Muencli, VV:iters, Berry. Wells, Mclilroy, Murphy, Delnloye, Jones, Schaefer, Arthur, Broekschmidt, Shapiro, Stark, Glastris. Burch, Ramsey, Day, Sharp, Gorman, Altepeter, Hamburger, Blattner, Fry. Novak, Selvaggi, Mills, johnson, Lane, Klein, Birke, Ehrhardt. Page One Hundred Three Modern Minnehahas. Up, up, and away. Page One Hundred Four egncbuicdzftafegioorfd Swimming Henrietta Abrams Mariam Amick Carley Barker Barbara Bennett Mary Ann Bowman Betty Brockschmidt Sue Ann Fadem Myerna Fisher Jean Frane Lucy Heiman Marilyn Heiman Pat Hellerud Phyllis Holtzman Gertrude Jones Pat Jones Nancy Kolb Helen McKinney Estelle Medalie Fritzi Miller Becky Muennig Pat Price lligcvfrlg Rubenstein a ax Dadhha Schemmer Nelda Sedlacek Nancy Sharp Grace Stark - Margie Wise Badminton Virginia Arthur Joan Best Sue Birk Shirley Bradley Betty Brockschmidt Betty Gauntt Elise Hampton Joann Johnson Helen McKinney Archery Sue Birk Mary Ann Bording Betty Brockschmidt Betty Brown Betty Christensen Elsie Crisp Carolyn Elliott Betty Gauntt Elise Hampton Nancy Huck Nancy Kolb Joanne Kohn Dolores Kriegshauser Joyce Long Helen McKinney Marilyn Miravalle Harriet Moeller Alice Nelson Mary Ann Schaefer Tanya Shannon Betty Stake Lois Windsor Horseback Riding Henrietta Abrams Mary Albers Nancy Cohen Sue Rae Cohen Phyllis Frommel Katherine Gray Pat Hellerud Thelma Lending Joan Mitleider Celeste Meyer Jeannine Nash Paula Sax Donna Schemmer Sarene Tucker Velma Wagoner Pat Willis Alice Young 676455 lllzlmilfy The girls pictured at the right are members of the sophomore, junior, and senior class interfschool hockey and basketball teams. By selecting class varsity teams many girls have the opportunity to participate in interfschool athletics. lffllfj ,jf Q, if u if I J Q Il . :Nui Zi Sparks, Vlleiner, Mueller, Norwine, Fay, B. Tracy, P. Tracy, lfrencli. Sitemcier, Suilllolt, Miller, McCormack, Ackert Ramsey, Tucker, Schott, King, Gorman, Laughlin, Davison, VVebb, Altepetcr, M. lleimzm, l.. Heiman, hnocli. Novak, Stark, Day, Schemmer, Dille, Miss Dicus, Gray, Miller, Hamburger, Hillman, Ehrhardt. Selvaggi, Beard, Mills, Rueckert, Nixon, Sharp, Bentriip, Ticllcnor, lloehn. Page One Hundred Five f Gray, Schennner, Webb, Suclliolt, Sniemeier, Miller, Davison. Hoehn, Tichenor, Sparks, Miller, King, Heimziu, Laughlin. ,SZAQUX lllzrfsilfy Gone with the wind. Page One Hundred Six I f ' ',J I .if 7 fi 1 ,1 ,V 'ff 'Ii J .N.,!' if J' .K 2 1,1 N N ,, .41 I I ., V A., 1 All JA, In I L . . , X, I f , . If A ' I A. V l fx . jf x, J 1 ' ' ,ff Tu I f ' ' 1 N, , . 1 Competitive athletics are an important part of the girls' physical education program. They contribute to the physical, mental, and social development of the girl. To be a member of the school varsity team a girl must have played on the interfschool class team and displayed superior athletic ability and sportsmanship. The game is on icc. Un parade. What's for today? Kill the ref! Exodus. New brooms. Retreat. Compliments F. W. Woolworth Co. UNIVERSITY CITY Mo. DINKELAKER MEAT MARKET OKAY GROCERY WESTERN FRUIT CO. 6670 Delmar COMPLIMENTS OF INTERNATIONAL Oil Burner Company THE MODERN OFFICE NEEDS SKILLED OPERATORS Positions with attractive salaries are offered skilled Burroughs Bookeeping, Billing and Calculating Machine operators. Day and evening classes. Free placement service. Ask for your copy of "Getting Ahead in Business." BURROUGHS OPERATOR SCHOOL Burroughs Adding Machine Company 704 N. 12th St. CEntral 3257 Compliments of Primo Pants Co. 1517 WASHINGTON Ava. M. Landis FOR DELICIOUS FOOD Miss Hulling's 1103 Locust St. 725 Olive St Page One Hundred Eight UNIVERSITY CITY'S I saw it in the SCHOOL SUPPLY University STORE Tribune Charvos Drawing Instruments U. City,s Own Community Paper SUNSHINE PRESS Featuring U. City News and Ads 6645 ENRIGHT AVE. CDELMAR LOOP BLDGJ -Phone CA. 2265 0 cAbany 9172 AL LIPCIN Compliments of . Y Lipein's Dept. Store H1- 759l OLIVE BOULEVARD Q University City, Mo. REAL ESTATE AND CONSTRUCTION Mark Gale Seymour Gale 7649 DELMAR BLVD. -. A S'-1,:5:5:s:::::::1:::::q2:5:f :g,,,f. -' Af.. --,Fa if : ::::::s2f:s:23:z2:z:s. 1 I QQEQSQEESQSESQSSSL ffm' Q "if 253555. x...4::Q.:2:si2:29222Es"'isiiiiieiiefsxiieiiiif: 1. ' ESE' Eg3:q:::,:,:,:::1Ea: 1-, ,asa sEg2r??f?:1:r: .'.. 5:are:111:Q1:I132:rs:1Es:1?g1:1:az3r:1:rs krzrswis. :rs-f 22:2 -rar! Q 5 zgsesfgea Ifza'115:asra:52.13sg5g52g2g2,sgfzzg 14:5 233 gg 1.5 Page One Hundred Nine 'T' 9 mf 35325423 Fiji!! Mr Stop for Service Where Service Never Stops MOBILGAS MILTON "MILT" BAUER, Prop. I WALKER SERVICE 6680 DELMAR BLVD., U. CITY 5, MO. Phone: CA. 9823 I MOBILOIL WASHING TIRES - TUBES GREASING BATTERIES POLISHING ACCESSORIES HOURS-Mon. thru Fri. 8 A.M. to 7 P.M. Sat. 8 A.M. to 8 P.M. Closed Sundays Best Wishes . . . to . . . THE DIAL 'A' MAYOR MATT C. FOGERTY and William Priess Dr. A. O. Ozment E. H. Lund G. C. Sullivan Walter Roos J. E. Sigoloff THE BOARD OF ALDERMEN Page One Hundred Eleven Meet at Gutmanls Clayton on your Way to most anywhere Bradshaw Kenner's INFANTS, AND CHILDRENS The House of Tapered Slacks WEAR and Fine Sportswear 6659 Delmar St. Louis 5, Mo. COMPLIMENTS . . . Toastmaster Bread Rosner Market Fruits, Vegetables, Groceries, Haberdashers and Sportswear Military Accessories of All Types The M6H,S Store, Meats Inc. Fresh Dressed Poultry at all times 304 North Sixth Street St. Louis, Mo. 7481 DELMAR BLVD. CAbany 4000 S. WOLFF, Pres. CH. 9007 Page One Hundred Twelve COMPLIMENTS OF Spilker-Dorfmonb Kravitz 1 107 WASHINGTON AVE. Compliments of WASHINGTON AVE. From a Booster Covers and Binding for the 1946 DIAL BECKTOLD COMPANY sT. Louis, M1ssouR1 COMPLIMENTS OF Sherman Hat Co. 414 N. 12TH STREET Millman Upholstering Co. CUSTOM BUILT FINE LIVING ROOM FURNITURE 6340 Delmar Blvd. St. Louis 3, Mo. Page On: Hundred Thirteen Sept. Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct, Oct. Nov. Nov Laffy ofa Glfyan DEAR DIARY: 4-Today school opens and I must forsake tennis and swimming and turn to my books once again. I have decided to keep this diary of school events, so that in the future I can turn to it and recall my days at U.C.H.S. 13-Warner Davis today took his oath of office as President of our student body, and Bob Hirschiield, as Vice-President. 21-AllafKazee, Kazam Kazam!!-Today we had our first pep assembly of the year. Lead' ing the student body were our new cheerleaders: Doris Kayser, Betty Selvaggi, Al Bierfreund, Eddie Young, Lester Goldstein, and Pat Donaldson. 22--Rain, rain, go away! . . . Our first football game of the season had to be postponed until September 24 because of bad weather .... The Annual Icebreaker Dance was held in the Gym. It may have rained, but it didn't dampen U. Cityans' spirits, for there was a quite a large crowd in attendance. 25-After two postponements we finally played our game against Central, the Indians coming out on top in a 21fO victory. 29..Faithful U. City fans, shivering under umbrellas, saw our football team defeat West' ern Millitary, 6fO. 1-Tonight all good parents went to school-Open House. 2-Our seniors today chose their class officers. Warner Davis was elected President of the January class, and Doris Kayser, VicefPresident, Bob Kohn, Treasurer, and Anna' dine Krachmalnick, Secretary. 4-Today our topfranking students were rewarded for their work of last semester in the Honor Pin Assembly, Paul Winter and Margaret Queen receiving special reognition. . . . Everyone was happy about school being dismissed fortyffive minutes early so the teachers could attend a meeting. 5-The C.B.C. game was tonight. We lost a heartbreaker, 7f6. Dick Braznell scored our only touchdown. 9-Senior pictures were taken today. . . . "Do you look best smiling or serious?" fGuess whollj 12-Today U. City honored its warfveteran teachers, Mr. Farley, Mr. Mechalson, Mr. Muhl, and Mr. Schultz. 15-Oooooh! Test week .... All U. Cityans look a little blue. I9-Tonight we drove to Quincy, Ill., where we saw our Indians defeat the Quincy foot' ball squad by a score of 26f6. Dick Braznell scored all four touchdowns. Quite a few loyal U. Cityans made the trip to see the game, and our band was there, too. 26-A musical review of the war was presented today in assembly by the House of Repref sentatives to help boost the sale of Victory Bonds. 27-This afternoon U. City played host to Southwest and defeated them 38f0. 23-The Ohio State Test was given this afternoon to all seniors. Everybody knew all the answers. fHa! Hall ..... 29-Today club pictures were 'taken for the Dial. Mr. Lange was there with his usual humor and hair. 30-Today the Minute Man flag flew over U.C.H.S. for the first time this year. 3--A big day on our football calendar, for today our U. City Indians overpowered the 6-Our senior class of june, '46, today voted and elected Normandy Vikings in a 2OfO victory. Scoring for U. City were Barr, Davison, and Wiederholdt. the following as their officers: President, Dick Braznellg VicefPrcsident, Betty Bruce Stake, Secretary, Cathy Altef peter, Treasurer, Dave Leitch. NOV, 8,9-Hurrah! The teachers are off to the State Convention, so U. Cityans enjoy two full Nov 10-In the final game of the regular football season against Page One holidays. South Side Catholic our team once more came out on top, winning the game 21f0. Braznell and Yedlin did the scoring. Hundred Fourteen Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. jan. jan. Jan. jan. Jan. Jan. jan. Feb. Feb. 12 16 20 21 26 6 7 1445 20 21 21f31 LEP? ofa Gfyan -Today we had a very impressive Armistice Day assembly. The Chorus sang a few numbers, and Dr. Urch presented his usual line address. -This afternoon our team came in second in the State Cross'Country Meet-Can't win them all! . . . The season's first Band Concert this evening was quite successful. Most of the numbers were swing. Alan Lieberman really blew that clarinet on "Golden Wedding." -The play presented by the Senior Class tonight was really excellent. Congratulations are due to all members of the cast. -Today we had a very fine Thanksgiving Day assembly. The address was given by Chaplain Blackledge of the British Royal Navy. -We U. Cityans today went down fighting, jeff City winning this postfseason fooball contest, 2Of14. -Tonight we opened our basketball season by losing to Roosevelt, 3342. fWil1 we continue to do this? Let's hope not.j -Tonight was a big night for our football squad and also for the rest of U. City. The Annual Football Banquet was given tonight by the Indian Chief Crganization, to which all members of the football squad and their fathers were invited. At the ban' quet Dick Braznell was named most valuable player, Richard Phelps, honorary captain, and Keith Rudolph, most valuable sophomore. Later in the evening the Annual Football Queen's Dance was given by the Student Council. A large crowd was present to witness the crowning of Claudia Tichenor as queen. Congratulations to George Campbell and the committee for putting on a really fine dance. -We lose again in basketball-to both Blewett and Western Military. -The candidates for student president have now been announced. They are Dick Brazf nell, Tilford Hearsh, Dave Leitch, and Tom Uhlmansiek. We are all wondering who will win. 7 -Tonight we suffered still another loss, this time to Central. -All U. Cityans are now enjoying ten whole days of Christmas vacation-we only wish it were longer. 22-Tonight many U. Cityans danced to the music of the Milton Irving Band at the TrifY 2 4f5 18f22 -a 2.5 24 Holly Hop. Nothing like a good dance to start the holiday season off right. -Everyone looked a bit weary and haggard today as they returned from the Xmas vacation. It's sort of hard getting back into the school routine. -Our basketball team is really starting the year off right. It was a totally victorious week-end, our teams winning games from both Southwest and Soldan. -Exams for all U. Cityans!! -Thanks are due to the Social Committee for the very successful party they gave for the House of Representatives and the Student Council this evening in the cafeteria. Dancing, pingfpong, and refreshments were enjoyed by all. -Today I went to the graduation of the january Senior Class. Both Warner Davis, Class President, and Bob Kohn, Valedictorian, are to be congratulated for their fine addresses, Music was provided by Annadine Krachmalnick, who played Chopin's Polonaise. 25-Semester report cards came out today. Annadine Ritchie Lapin made a 99f44f1OO 28 1532 8 3.V2I'ag6, I hear. It must be nice! Today is the first day of the new semester. Will I never get my schedule straight? -U. City Perhaps -Tonight between U. City fered an jumping lost two basketball games this weekfend to Normandy and John Burroughs. we'd best not mention the scores. many U. Cityans experienced a thrill in watching an exciting basketball game our team and the Clayton Greyhounds. After a threefminute overtime period, emerged victorious, edging out the Clayton team, 42f41. Jack Davison suff injury during the game. One of the highlights occurred when John Anderson, for a tossed ball, tipped the ball into the basket to tie the score in the last second of regular playing time. Tom Uhlmansiek set an admirable record by complet' ing 13 out of 14 free throws. Page One Hundred Fifteen Compliments of Gale-Rosenbaum Co. Gale-Sobel Co. Levin-Goodman C0 POHd BEST WISHES FROM THE Aleo Valve Company 865 Kingsland Ave. Compliments of Missouri Clothing Co. 1125 WASHINGTON AVE. COMPLIMENTS OF Walter Freund Bread Co. John D. Kern l.S9L 'VD LLID Tl .Ll-IDIHNEI 61799 sazvoa uaams EIDNVEIHSNI qq9M 'W 1'I9fl0H Huiem Aggjxg papzuoxd 11111 'Ass O1 QIQB sg ueuz Juapnxd sql EP-9199f9P IIB U05 PU9 1! II!-M 10 gpapaqozd Q05 sm 'saqgns alqnon JL, Compliments of America's Favorite Classic Dress ALEX CARAF1oL, Inc. 1307 WASHINGTON St. Louis, Mo. Page Une Hundred Seventee 'ii xi 1 fxfi? ,fl E gqff X 'M . ?3i?32'4 Xfgfffgijj? xg ,5,.,,.n "5 'fff 13 ,YA I I P ,W ff? , nv. f 1 f,a'?g.,, .z. ,. THE VARSITY SHOP 1946 Official Jewelers for Senior Graduates Glaser Drug Stores f Hess and Culbertson JEWELRY COMPANY 826 Olive Street Compliments of Junior Dresses Lang-Kohn, Inc. Manufacturers St. Louis, Mo. EEST W1SHES Compliments of FROM A Custom Fur Co. FRIEND 1307 WASHINGTON AVE. Page One Hundred Ninctee Finer Modern Photography FOR YOUTH! Brian Camera Portraits 6273 DELMAR AVE. PA. 4272 Compliments of FROM .- Elf' 'gin' A 5 5 li ' FRIEND JUNIOR SPORTSWEAR Industrial Engineering G' C' REED, DRUGGIST, ine. and Equipment Co. 7401 Pershing Avenue 711 s. THERESA WE DELIVER J. J. Lynch and Milton Epstein CAbany 5050 CAbany 5051 COMPLIMENTS OF Bohis Pet Shop 6313 Delmar - - CA. 9497 Page One Hundred Twenty BEST WISHES - CLIFF McCLURE Mendenhall Motor Company Ford - - Mercury - - Lincoln Sales - Service OUR 30TH YEAR CEntral 8200 2315 LOCUST STREET COMPLIMENTS OF The Mother's Club Page One Hundred Twenty Zh' ?f Sugar and Splce EVERYTHING NICE IN A TIE BY f,:- X ' Q ei.. ,QL lg f ' 2 P H' 'A -e:f:'2e2,fs2::sw. 4 N ' .V.,:, - 4. ' .,.., .,, .,,, Qf., , .:,, . . .-., - -:-W 'is' -1-ze-1.:-'ai ,... Jane Parker ,,,. DON UTS ,,, For your school parties .... or !4:1g,1Q:5--- "V.. warm-weather picnics . . . . you'll "" "'i" enjoy the tender deliciousness of ' A'Really Fresh" jane Parker Do- nuts. y x , They're made of the Hnest quality jzjm ingredients and truly America's ,5Q"' favorite Donuts . . . over two mil- lion sold daily. . . Sold at all 5. Jane Parker Donuts are available in one dozen and three dozen packages A 8: P FOOD STORES Established more than three-quarters of a century ago . . "to promote better health . . ." ST. LOUIS DAIRY CO. MILK ICE CREAM sono Page One Hundred Twentyftwo Insure the Peace I BUY DEFENSE BONDS AN INVESTMENT IN A Friend Delmar Garden Flower Shop 5727 Delmar A Friend Delmar Shoe Rebuilder 706 Kingsland Bee Hat and Cap Co. 1021 Washington Ave. Sidney Frager Co. 1216 Washington Ave. . . Freedom Vogt Bros. Poultry 628 North and South Road A Friend Clarence Baris, Florist 6197 Delmar Henry H. Haffner Realty Co. 6248 Delmar Redler Cleaners 6155 Page Rubenstein's Apparel Store 6307 Delmar Page One Hundred 'Twentytlvrce 4 J r Mwrizfglw I Z ALL-CREAM Q ICE-CREAM TOBER SAIFER SHOE co. 1204-06 WASHINGTON AVE., St. Louis The GGPARKMOOIW Compliments of DELICIOUS SANDWICHES Westover Nursery COMPLIMENTS OF Saehar Realty Company Compliments to THE GRADUATING CLASS FIRESIDE GIFT SHOP DELMAR an NORTH an SOUTH ROAD Genevieve G. Novak Mildred G. Taylor C. G. CONN, LTD, ' CAVALIER ST. LOUIS BAND INSTRUMENT CO. INCORPORATED 918 Olive Street Telephone: CE. 1618 PAN-AMERICAN ' LEEDY Page One Hwndfed Twentyffour 3 . ' V X' 'Cf '. if , Lfbygfyff ,X ' X Q4 . ' Q J, eff It , ' D I 1 ' , .fff?1"f' f, w 7,1 " ffl K ' .. X ' fl, 1 ' ' ICQ ' , X fs! 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COMPLIMENTS OF Rothman's New University City Record Shop 6392 DELMAR Bring out the beauty in your home with DuPont Products I l'lf'1l IT DUPONT DULUX-DUCO SEMI-GLOSS-SPEED EASY DUPON'I"S SELF CLEANING HOUSE PAINT LLOYD T. SMITH Hardware and Paint Co. sssz DELMAR BLVD. St. Louis County's Predominant Paint Store Roberts Clothing Company 4009 CHOUTEAU AVENUE ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI Page One Hundred 'fwentyfscue Headquarters for Campus Footwear WilS0n's Shoes 6621 DELMAR CAbany 0581 Sol Goldman Edw. Huperl: GOLDMAN-HUPERT Realtors CHESTNUT 5906 209 Calumet Bldg. 114 North Seventh St. Saint Louis, Missouri malmer ooso Delivery Service CA' 9434 The Groceteria NAT ZECHER, Manager 7735 Clayton Rd. Clayton, Mo. Th0mps0n's 6666" Service Complete Service for Your Car 7640 DELMAR BLVD. Page One Hundred 'Twentyfeight Oiiice Phone Residence Phone DElmar 0280 LOckhart 6424 AUGUST REICHARDT Furniture and Upholstering Co. 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CRD LANGE STUDIO 7351 Manchester Avenue Hlland 0986 O d dTh Compliments of University City Lions Club Bill Veterans Ralph of the Army and Navy have moved in at your Standard Oil Service Station Jackson and Pershing REEDER'S STANDARD SERVICE cA. 9504 Eagle Stamps - double every Monday K 5? t,n I ff E 62? lmported from Spain ,to Please Your Taste Q H IMPORTED SPANISH ULIVES HAASE'S FULL FLAVQR FOODS SINCE I857 Another Book by i Central Central Engraving Company 114 NORTH SEVENTH ST., ST. LOUIS, MO. Page Une Hundred Thirtyfone mfg ofa Gfycm ' Feb. 15-St. Charles, 23-U. City, 24. It was a' close game, but we won, Tonight's basketball Feb. Feb. 21 Feb. 23 Feb. 28 March 6 March 1 1 March 14 March 17 March 29 Mar. 28f29 Aspril 6 April 13 game ended with the score, U. City, 24, St. Charles, 23. V 20-Principia, 24-U. City, 49. Qur U. City team defeatedallnhe Principia team by the overwhelming score of 59 to 24 Qiis evening. -McKinley, 47-U. City, 41-Tom Uhlmansiek was high scorcr with sixteen points to his credit. -This evening an exciting basketball game took us into two overtime periods. Our opponent, Country Day, finally emerged victorious, winning by a score of 59 to 37. Perry Voss scored ten points for our team. -Today the Honor Pin Assembly for the semester was held. In addition to regular awards, special honors were bestowed upon several of our students. Jack Davison received the Harvard Book Award, Bob Hirschfield and Warner Davis, a special citif zenship award, and Carol Ritchie, Eleanor Hollander, and Harold Brodkey, Schoen- thaler Awards. Mr. Mechalson sang several selections. -Today all juniors were Xfrayed for tuberculosis. What funf?j. -The seniors today had their turn at being Xfrayed. Head up! Take a deep breath- hold it! -Yes, neither rain nor snow will stop the Dial photographer. The familiar cry of the day was, "I wish he'd hurry. This rain's making my hair come down!" -Many U. Cityans enjoyed a fine concert this afternoon by our band under Mr. Riessen. Ruth Blattner appeared as piano soloist. -Today we had a very novel assembly presented by the Citizenship Committee of the Student Council. With the help of several students, the assembly attempted to conf trast evidences of good and bad citizenship in U.C.H.S. If any student looked closely enough he would surely find himself on the stage in one or more of the scenes. -Our track team is off to a good start, winning the first two meets against Blewett. -This evening at Columbia, Mo., our track boys walked away with the honors at the State Indoor Track Meet. We scored a total of 74f2f3 points to win the champion' ship in Class A. Normandy came in second with 24f1f3 points. Three cheers for Mr. Schemmer and the track team. -This morning U. City played host to the Roosevelt track team. Our boys won again. April 9f1O-11-The three classes have been carrying out a very successful, paper drive during these April 25f26 May 11 May 17 May 24, 27, May 25 May 29 May 31 three days. Everyone worked hard, but the seniors finally won, with juniors and sophomores respectively placing a close. second and third. -"Sweethearts," by Victor Herbert, was presented tonight. From my front row seat it looked and sounded very good. Rita Smith played opposite Ira Fleischmann in the leading roles. They were supported by a fine cast and chorus. Congratulations to Mr. Mechalson and all who 'worked on the operetta. It was grand. -Tonight as did many other ll. Cityans, I danced to the music of Jan johnson's Crchestra at the Student Council Club Arrowhead dance. It was a very successful dance and the evening was highlighted by the crowning of the Club Arrowhead Queen for 1946. " --Today at the Senior Banquet many realized that the school year is coming to a close. A fine meal was served in the cafeteria, which was followed by entertainment by members of the class. 28-Exams for everyone at U.C.H.S. -The Junior Class played host to the seniors at the juniorfSenior Prom. -The seniors graduated today and regretfully said their farewells to U.C.H.S. The graduation ceremony was held in the stadium and the speeches were made by the presif dent of the class, Dick Braznell, and valedictorian Bob Hirschfield. -Today I received my final report cards for the year. School is out now, so I'll close this diary until next year. Here's to a happy vacation! Page Ops Hundred Thirtyftwo 'x H ' W!-W'-X! 444' U-'WL I 5!v.4.a. , ,, 644 I wwf M 9 'J' ,,,,4Z,f bfi MNWJM. WMI ' af?" . - , mpg Jnf5a4V0WJ7ifgfQ fi n I vw l zwxxg V , fin GliJ!JCEYvNf,9jf4,y.,pf1b'iZg Wifi? W M335 wg Egg ff li .sl fm QQ if QV MIM 7 ' A RC! - U 4 6? Q21 M WWIVKQQX-g R IN. f if iw . 6 MT, W y f x Y s - ' x X ,, .. . MJl+fW' , Af? wg , 1 I ' w wv",,4 if:-7 ,SEK . . ' 1: W? 'Q' . ., , , . ,, .. my :mv . "1.. ' fy - ,- 4 ,.- -s w in x '- . ' Biff? R . . 1, f Wim, 34' -". r . .. 9- .mp Luv' ' A xiwf- fe iffw, iqly.. ., 'gf-.., -4 . . . 67' Q hai f 1, 5 ,- - JA ff ? W. 'ma- vrf 3'-4 J -, f. +4 V 4 v Va s ir 3 , fl we . 55? W' y L QT' 1. KQV, if 13,57 ... 1 EC .., U 4-.- u i-- idf ' -. Q i' ' I. .B .Y f V. V Q. .' I .1 3' V , mi' .. ', 1" 'XPP af' ' - . .- I . 1. .' 4-. ., , --.' : , vyfygz -.f . ' Eff. , A . ff' ' , :Cg",:,h.i, lufx' ' gt ,. pi J 4: M., Ji., 5, : ,,::zs.1 mf, A . - ., ' e L A ., 'L I--"ips, , M AW fs . qw-1' f :mp j 'Jw' If ., f 1' - .igfff ' g :f+f -N"'u."!-4 . qw A-as 1 ,- if vw' A GQ, ,L Q gh., . i "xl, "2 M , M .f K A xfwv ,- it givin faux . Vi H321 k 'ff it 'Y all uw ff? K X " 5-'fi .- ight v Mwlmwwzx -lang.. 1 .2 iv 1 1 f", fs- .f1.......-..-,A-Y,-.. 'Q ..vw'-4vffv-flf.v1L!:1'f-f'-14021 :'L'-wsfetx-A-4-TN11-sf'--2f--ew.--u---.111-mf-.-Q-.-ff--2 .YV-.. -- A-, -,-,...,... l,f-,, .. Q. ' " 'V KA ' 7 ' ' F' -Y -1 '- . L-I V "3 ,. v 1 r, I . . Li . V-. , -nn, -.... .,, .- K., ,,,, X, Y L, ..-,- , -......5::,,3...-.:.?.,,,:,L',,:J,F:,.,:i.,r.,u.:--.,.A--K+--v.-,Q N 1 -1 . -. ' ai w 'iv' . .fan 4, 1 'W , 1 Q 1rxe-2-f--y .ri-. :-:, .A .,.... .m,,.,..M - -V - -- --- -.,. ..,. . V.,-N..i , gi .ny . A , L.: -,..- - 1 Y . Q, .s 1, --'.- -- Q 4- y l- .gh ., . ,U , - -fftmi. . :V 5 L, 'f .' . V ,Ml--ff, 7-.hgifmsg .h Y zxilmf Q , . ' -J .l I f.- , A. yu 50 'Y L f A. 5 19" if 1571, , -ff'g'mf'4v-'a'. if '1 g-A I I .. I. . .ik 1 9 '- - ff-52 P3 W' 1 I 4 -. . 'Li-.y 1,-N-1, - ' ' 5, -H Q 1 'X - .Y 1 - 1 -. 1 - - 4 , ' 5' - ' '- -U' ' -5 ,sf -"5 ' mai t if :ff 4 Q TWLXY, I" S. ,F R ' ,,., 'x ' U v ,V ' ' -af 'ffq-" ,AvX5---fgf 'l' 1 in M .f " f as - .Q . - 1KA Mais- if 1 - . , w A V-,wx I: M , Nik, 3 V V W 15 . r Y f , - Q f., ,lf ,M ? , f ,H '- M W ' i' ,W 'fx 'L I, i ' ' ' ' ffl! ' , K' 1 Q, T, -, 9 ,' . I sf J l X .nf P - ,Y i, 1, I Qs ,:f1'M" . M, of jf A, ' 2' f A .- .r ' ,. fy, by . if Wi v ,ix,X I j Q ,1 .hi fm'-.'!., A A F V, . Zigx x ,M - J 4, - ,. in K . Q 1 QV 9, A N 4 x 5 N- :aff 1-,ibn -I T K, I fl . A ., " ' " 'Q' if my -3 V. , , 3,:Ui.,v.i.- :L 5 Q, af P, , A A, ,. 'V xiwli H . ,A X. Qi . -,Q ' V" 5" - f - . . u Q , , K I, ,W ,ivan A . f f . V, -1.1, , I f ji -,Q 1 ,av .,K, N3 fy -lf' 1, 'ff' ". f. af, 'z"lf,,f - "' ' ' ' ., -'f 5 Q . 4 e 6 . f - ,V " ' ., gf' A 1 nf "aff gf M- 11., :H ' ' ' ' Q . 'nf 41 'fl 3 5 7 , 11444523 fir" Wig, Vt ff 4? 5' ,. l-.uf I il, 1 , .w .- I - , - ,JW W W f I V, gk A , IAN, 5 s x. n - ' f 1 4 -f . 4 6? ., Q in M. 1 A5 N 33' .L VK fu., A In .L 3.1 42- 4 2 - 1 "f ' 4 -rf H-ff. mg .1 .91--' S ff "kim I 2 V Y' " 1- U QTY v'fLgn3k,5':" wwe? KAHL wiv. 'Y ' n"g47M G Vai x:"t'f QU' ' 2 - -2 41? '- 4' I A- ' 'Zinn' 1- ' -1 e ,Vw IM . If I4 ,J iv, .i . , iv, U, . , Q xx-My 'Q K ,.- -A W 0 .' 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L, x .- 1 591 , 4 ' . . . -, ,1 'M ,Q 1 1' if j Wifi' nm ff! 149 fJ ,313 J

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