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..- . .--..,--.-fffA-:5.:,L-:T4wAnl,,f- - f hz- f ' r-4 H-1.1,-4 iv' W1 'QQ-aw v mi i-1-an-f'-1--V. ',9a.,:-vitw -N-1 ,if-- J-.-T if rf'-F W ' MA "'. J A B L J'-L' N X - fx 61 . I 9 'ig' - A ' ' ' A Q x is , 5 Q, A , 'ng , - 4nvx.hA fki 'A " , xigf 1 " 5 f f. . su , E 1 I ..,4 ' . ' . - . 4 N X P . .Lia-1 'T . f , lf 4 1. I 'J 'A f K' . i ,Q Y.. 1 rl H- f ' ' ,. -5 wt ' ' -'- xr- .'ku-. ' ' 512' , Y 1 - - H: ' " -"ang, ff 1147 Mix ' ' - I- K , .-. Q7 - ' , 4. '1-',i!-- "5-53:-52-gr.pf1 'gf-'f,: ', 9 - 5.55 5.11 6. v .1 ' " W I- . y ll -Q ' "2 f"z9-157.4 in fic M 5-' . A I ' I' 'ltlkxx - ,V ' 6' .1 N ', lx gl QF. A12 1 . qty,-5. jsvv, A ?- 'u Q fig., Q 1341 td' - A. 1 ' " s ' ' 'S 1' ':""t- 'H -'-- "K I 4 - -is Af.. ,,. Y . , 1 - ' , . . 1 . -. 'Q s V . A B' ' Q A if A 'T .Q . A - " i I W Q-6 A 1' ,C-Suk -Q 1-I' 4 ', . H... ,. J Q'Lf.r,.fi'i'H4x In-Q -, ...u -A y . I ,p .n . - V 1 a- 'I ,. N Q , ,JJ 'I . m-f's 1 f-fl' W I ,., ,- " 1 . n. L X ZIV. Ip" - A - X- .. 4 ' il." Qsngff -Q 1'2" 'Q -',1..g"' 'Q-1 vu - , . D "fri, Iv ' , 1 Q' '5 f',' ' Q' 1 I 1 1 ,Z BW K, La' ' -5' v ' ' - JL ,s,:'K' - . Mxqxg-'1' ifyi, ,4 Q 5 , . r. J v Ii '31 ' 1 . 211 'nk . -4- bf , . . . ,L if - 15 Y R Y ., .F r' 'I ' A M . . ,. tv , I ' A lil' 5 . ' an l U 5 , . 'vf'r- J' h , ' , srl? " h 1-K - Q' W 'K ,2 -'X sl' :"qQsff:1'4-mi-',,,3,,A 4 .- -f . -Q ei-'M' . 1 fr 1' I W' 'j'.9'5il'l3'l. ' A! - Irfa- gn' 1, i-33511.-rgifll ' Y , .,,,-in-Q-. . P " S..- -gf: "Q'1"vi5'a- f'- '.'-Wa' f ,K ,J I .1 ,Q -"' -36-7 h"'f,'T"TI.1 K v r - i- r A , . A zu.. .- V L zu- .ngwax-.i. :L.'i.xk,v-..-.3I.'S "'f:...1:p.,.:f-53.--,.gggk..4. g.T.,.- .,-..,g-- A fi A-fjffirf-rf - -lt 3 Z- gl .i+'-:4...,g,,--:,1,fg.,,5.g,- 1,-..7:::+:,.? .gf-.:.,. ge .a ,P 4 .'4.f"4!P '-fn Q -wa s'H nf 3 51' fx V ,ff X 1. ' .. 'V T 1 '..- 1 f , fp, 'ws 47 . . if Q K. 3, , vjgmgi pf., . 2 . b . Q Q. , Q G., fx .,, - ff S . f, M, A 1 f ,M 3 ef as Q, . : A , - K A K 'sf f fa M " .v Fig 4 1-af KA F3 K if 4 i F ' , , ng f f V we K ' , W I, 1-.gk yy E ,' N t h g G f H Q . gQA ? i -M9 M? S ' 9 ., Y K R I , . if ,, , 7 4 if f .Q, f- NR'ffk2 .k', L fmmqwf QQ' 'fVf5L M?M . wi' L iigfgmgwlx W, Q .Q 5 ' .h 'Q ,,, , rg .. - , we Q- W f, 1- ,gi 1 iff ' gi ,Q if ::"'r - ' L K -' UQ V 1 if , I 1 1 f . A ,X-,Q -S Ejl. , ,ff Q 'W 5' 'Vi ,gi Y 4 Q .A 'W Qvxwit -sri. ,Q ' VNV f T ' f 4 F QM, Qi X Ly 9 -1,5 .,, A, l ffw . M-Qywfww 1? fs , mL p- Y Q ii V' K Y A . 2 f " ' -f m , N I ' 5 ry :fl b If wmWyWNfmw f5g f ? fw mWMW fwwm , M45 gwff- .wfwp , MQ M A Quit Q - Ty 4 lim 3 . A , . A X , .5550 gg VM: 1 4 In 'L .ff ' ai A g 'V Q , s Q ' XR Q V gif' L A' ge . 1 Qi fy' ' r y Q in J i ,M ' , W ' 0, 1 fi A - K , .Q f W 'gain 4, ! ' QW' , ,ff I , r iffy' qi 1 an-K in H .. . ,fx K 'lg V 1 fn ' - . vfiw w N ,,Q-w, A f v l W M W K in K ,iii , " 'fi ,V Q jk if 4 ' ' 3 1' E? K 3 c Y I fs L L . fi, is g R ' U W'-gg' QA 41. i -5,55 h Jgt I Y v' 4 i QEXI , V r, 746 Dm! ,QW M45 i 1 K X ,ff ,EL Z , K A ,f w Nmvrox XVHIINER liflifuf'-'1'1z-C711 iff im: Shun N ,ous K UII N 13'1z.w1'1Lrf'.s,w ,llflzzflgvlxs lin' lx li l f 1411: 11: H 15 E'l"l'Y H'1'.x1iE Al.w.wr'frIlr' lDvlll.llll'N Sllrmlcx' Gun' Cfil'1'll1YlIll.fIIl ,llfllmgw imwu LAx111:A1,xNN llvr 'l'uACY la'rl'ilo1'iaI Bnfznl with charity for all, with firinuess in the right, as God gives us to see The righi, let us slrive to Iinieh The Work wc- are in . . . fo ilu all which may acliieve zuul vlierisli il just and lasting peace Hmong ourselves and with all imliioiis. Aniuiilxii LINCOLN 467466145 Scenes Long to be Remembered a cz Wien! We dedicate this book. We fervently pray that the lessons We are learning at University City in tolerance, international understand- ing and World friendship Will help us build a peace that is secure. May We prove Worthy of the sacrifices that have given to us a "second chance." Om i44ead will be enriched by the many lessons We are learning at University City High School-lessons which will enable us better to appreciate the spiritual values of life and to contribute our share toward progress. The years ahead hold grave problems which our generation must help to solve. May each one of us dedicate himself to a noble cause-the cause of en- during peace. '1'he 1945 edition of the Dui. of Uni- versity City High School was designed by Homin' SWAIN, JR., of Central En- graving Company and printed by the Emcx P1'l4LIsHlNu I'I0l'Hl'1. The covers were made by BlCC'K'l'0I.Il Coxirxwv, the photography hy LANG!-t Srvlmlo. Classes Activities Athletics X LETTERS, ARTS, SCIENCES TRUTH, COURAGE, WISDOM IDEALS, SERVICE, CHARACTER These Words carved above the entrance ol' University City High School express the spirit that our School has enclezivorerl to impart to each one ol' us. May We Seek to build these noble ideals into our lives as We go forth to meet the future! w 1 I I lm. M-CL'l,1'm-1 Mn, BAKI-in RUSS I'lAMll,TOX .Nl R. IfE'1"l'lCl,K AM P Administmtion DR. XVOIITII MQCLURE, Sz1pm'1'1zfff11.Zwn1 of Um I'f'I'NlA!'lj Uify Srfmolx. Simpsun Collogw, All llnivursity of X'V2lSlllllgt0Il, A.lXI. Columbia 'lfDlYl'I'SltY, P11l,lJ. Ilmmrury lJseg1'uvs: Follvgu of Pugf-t Sound, I,l,.lJ Simpson 1'ull0g,'e, Ell.lJ. Mn. J. R. ISAKER. l'rinm'prrZ llrury Uullogf, AJS. l'l1ix'm:r'xit5' of f,1llll'Ilg0, ANI. MISS 1lAllY ll.Xllll.'l'OX. .-'lmzfvfffllf j,l'lI'lCI.2Jfl7 XVIlSlllllgtUll llniversity, Ali. Columbia lvIllYUl'ill5'. ,X.M. ljvzum of Girls: Sponsm' of Dial ldnglish Mn. W. ll. liE'l"l'lClQKAKIl', flN.v1f.Q1,,,,f Pl'l7lI'ljlfI7 Centrul Wesleyun, A,B. llnivvrsity of l'l1if-agfx, A.lNl. 1Dll'lll'lUl' of f,:lllI,l1lllf'9 Histnry Our Faculty Miss Johnson Miss Polstor Miss lVIAnu.xi:lc'l' JOHNSON Chairman ni' English Department XVashingiun Univi-rsily, .-MTI., A.M. English Mrs. l":irrar Mus. lVIAlllL.X1lE'I' C. FAi:R.x1z XVustern l'lluQlSl'f', ,LIL lVzishinglmi LvlllV1'l'SiiY, A.iXl Spinisor ui' Litnrziry Club English Miss Harris MISS Enxx P0l'.S'l'l'IR Miss M.xIc.mRI1c I1ARRIS Central XYQ-slceyan College, .-LB. XVashington University, A.B., A M i'niVe3rsiiy of Missouri, ALA. Sponsor of Tom-'Pom Jllnglish :incl Germain English Mrs. Doilenllafvr Miss Flint Misg Bgwm-5 lxligg Mun-my Mus. EDITH BonEN1r.uf1f:1: Miss WAxn.x Bowicus University of Utah, A.B. Suiiiliwrfst State 'l'i-zicrliors Collogo, University of Kansas, A.M. ILS. Sponsor of Exvelsior English Spunsor of Strut and Frm Hin-vf-li and Drumzitir-s Miss Wlmm FLINT Miss ZlCI.l'.A MARY lVIi'R1:.n' D"fFY Cfmegei 5'1" A Uarleton College, A.B. l'lllV6l'Slt5' of Missouri, MA. 1Aibl.m.ian llusine-ss Sponsor of 'l'mn-Tmn English Pflgrf Eleven Our l Miss Bruns ' -.Miss Turner Miss Howard Miss LEI,IAlC'l"l'A BRUNs Miss LUL1' P. TURNER Miss Blass Howuum 1"h:iirman of Mathematics Missouri University, A.B., BS. Randolph Macon, A.B. Department Columbia University, A.M. Lfnivvrsily of Cliirfzigo, A.M. Washington University, A.B., AAI. Sponsor of Mathematics Club Matlwmntic-s Senior Sponsor Mutlwin:itics Mzilliomativs 1- t '39 wi' ' if Ai's' M ' M H vkrk V K , - k V, - if fy: .-.'. fin! Miss Keck Dr. Urch Mrs. .XVEIIILLCII Miss CAROLYN Knox Du. ERWIN J. URCH Mus. Hum. WALLAGH Washington University, A.B., MA. Ulmirnmn of History Department XVusliington L'niversity, A.B., A.M. Sponsor of Chess and Checkers Grove City Collegu, A.B. History Club 1lflth91T15ltl0S Vniversitv of Chiczigo, A. M. Chicago Theologiczil Seminary, 15.13. St. Louis University, Ph.D. Sponsor of Ciceronians History Mr. Russell Miss Burnidge Mr. McKee MR. IQOIHCRT R. Rvssizu. Miss M.xR'ruA BARNIIJGIG Mic. Howuum MCKI-111: Missouri Slniu 'Feafeliors Collogc, Washington University, A.B., AAI. University of Iowa, A.B. TLS. Sponsor of Uurrent Events Club Vniversity of Chicago and Unl- History llistory versity of Missouri, A.lNl. Prlgf' Tzwlmz Sponsor of Pep Club History Faculty Mr. Strchlman Miss Mk. W. C. S'riu+:u1,MlxN Miss MARY Chairman of Science llvpurtmcnl University A.B. Central XV'C'Sl9YPlIl College, ,X.B. Biology XVashington Ilnivcristy. A.M. Physics Miss Stark Miss G1':u'1'ii.x S'l'.xmi Baker University, A.B. linivcrsitv of Missouri, M,.X. tV'hc-niistrf' Miss Donnelly Miss XVolfner Miss Rothschild Miss Hl'll,PlN M, DoNN11:1.1.Y Miss Bicssm J. vV0l,l4'Nl'lll Miss RUTH Ro'rHsc1i1l.D Clmirinnn of Latin Dcpartmcnt f'll?lll'l1l?ll'l of lfrcnoh llcpzltrma-nt Fhairnian of Spanish Depzxrtmcnt Washington University, A,B., ,LAL Milwaukee Downvr Ccillcgv, AJS. XVPISllll'lgtOl'l Univcrsity, A.B., A N1 Senior Sponsor: Sponsor of New York University, A.M. Sponsor of Spanish Club Sociotus Clussiculis Boys' Counsellor: Sponsor of Spanish Latin LQ Cert-lc Frztncais French Miss Gonzales Mr. Falkcnhaincr Miss MARIE GONZALNS MR. N. H. F'Al,Kl5NlIAlNElC Vvashington University, A.B., A.M. University of Missouri, B.S. Spanish Director of Instrumental Music Mr. Friedli Mu, ALBERT FRIEDLI University of Nebraska, Director of Vocal Music BS. Page Thirteen Our Miss Ilzinimonrl Miss Briscoe Miss Hoffman Miss Eivrrii HAMMOND Miss LAVRA H. Buisvoi-1 Miss HIXIKIKIO1' HOFFMAN Chairman of Commercial XVashington I'nix'ersity, HS., BLA. XX72lSlIll'lg'tOl'l University, A.B. llfepartnwnt Sponsor of House of Ropmsviitzi- Sponsor of A.VV.V.S. XXYQISIIIIISYKCUII University, A.B., ILM. tives Comnisrrciril Commercial Comniorcizil Miss Abbott Miss Haack RUSS f'2ll'I'iSl1 Miss DOROTHY Alll5fl'l"l' Miss Fl.o1u4:N0Ic HAAUK Miss Giciuiv PARRISII University of Nobrziskn, ILS., MUX. Chairman of Economics l'nivorsitY of MiSS0Ul'l, 13-S- Commerciul Department Home EVOIIUIIIIFS K.S.A.C. College, Home Economics Miss Gray Mr. Dunham Mr, Dennis Miss MAE GRAY Mic. A. T. DVNHAM Mic. Howuui DENNIS Art Institute, Cliiczigo Missouri School of Mines, BS. Maryville State 'FC2li5llCl'S College, University of Illinois MeCliunic:il Drawing' IIS. l Columbia llnivorsity, AIA. lInirorsity of Missouri, M.A,. Sponsor of Pnlcttu :intl llrusli ,Industrial Arts Page F0 ll rffvfri Art Faculty Mr. Scliemmex' Mn. H, E. SCI-IEBIMER University of Missouri, ILS. Sponsor of Tribe Pliysical Education 5' RZ M4 is sw. .... M. .ss if is wwe f N 'W' gg 2,5472 ,WD S We Maki' if 'ss 1785 M uf V 'Nui-. N? "' sv- : 4' Www-.y 3 ,,+4,,g2-an ,,.4?wmWi,f,f. A ff 1: ' i. 2, wil f 'li ' -rv -'swf-df' ' K , .,..f. J . .-., V' ' , ' f Ulf. Q, " -' Q' -QV' R . - s - . ' Www . Mr. England Miss Manley Miss Hl'll.l'1N M.xN1.1-:Y Vkfelleslvy College, ,Ll-3. Mil. FOIllllCS'1' W. ENr:i,ANlm Illinois College, A.B. I'nix'ei'si1y of Dlissouri, KLA. Columbia 'l'i'llYQl'SitY,N5l..X, Qlub Sponsor of Girls' If. Physiuul Education I I Pliysivul Iflduczntlon Miss Diccus Miss V11:u1N1A Diets State Tmichers Colleg burg, B.S. Columbia University, Physical Education Mvs. Heck Miss XVatts MRS. Axxx NIARIE HECK Miss VIRGINIA Liam WATTS e, XVzu'z'm1s- I'nive1'sity of Missouri, ILS. University of Missouri, B.S. Pliysicrzil limlilcation llniversity of New York, M.A. MA. Physical Elluwition LS in l Mr. Turbevillc Mr. Chambers Miss Mittclbcrg MR. T. L. TURI3I'1Yll.l.IC MK. F, R. Ciiimiisllzizs Miss Wimm 1VII'l"l'i'ILI!I4IIlli Southwest State Teachers Col- Cornell College, JMU. University of Illinois, -' lege, B.S. , iowa University, A.M. Institutional Mzinaigviiwnt University of Colmuido, BLA, li00l'lllI1?itOl' Dietetics Graduate, liiirncs Physical Education Sponsor' of Canierat Club Hospital Cafeteria Manager Page Fifteen, 61515555 In our classes at University City High School We have had the oppor- tunity to practice democracy amid beautiful and inspiring surround- ings. For this -opportunity We are deeply grateful, and all of us- sophomores, juniors, seniors-real- ize that this high privilege Will pre- pare us for democratic living in America-one of the great democra- cies of the earth. We are the music makers, And We are the dreamers of dreams, Wandering by lone sea-breakers, And sitting by desolate streamsg-A World-losers and World-forsakers, On whom the pale moon gleams Yet we are the movers and shakers Of the World forever, it seems. - - u f v v - v 1 . And therefore today is thrilling With a past day's late fuliillingg And the multitudes are enlisted In the faith that their fathers resisted, And, seorning the dream of tomorrow, Are bringing to pass, as they may, In the World, for its joy or its sorrow, The dream that was scorned yesterday. ARTHUR W. E. OJSHAUGHNESSY Senior Officers Ballard Kopman Hall JAN UAHY 1945 0l+'l+'lCLI+lllS Prcsi-clout - JACK QIM1,l,.x1:D Vice-Pmsialzfnt - - IIELENE IQOPNIAN Treaswev' - LEE l'l.xLL Secretary BARBARA WOLFEE YV0lfife Werner Meyersieck Gartside JUNE 1945 OFFICERS President - MORTON XVERNER Vice-President - - DIARY BETTY BIEYERSIECK En GARTSIIYE Trmsulrer - JOE ELLIS Secretafry - JANE GAINIPBETJL Campbell Page Nineteen January, 1945 NICK ADZICK His 'urllm' on the field is that of fb general. Football 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 115 Baseball 45 Tribe 3, 4. JOHN W. BALLARD A winner in all he imdertukes and he 'under- takes all. Baseball 43 Operetta 33 Tribe 3, 4, Current Events Club 23 Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 House of Representa- tives 2, 3, Student Council 3, -1: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 3, 4, Track 2, 3, Service Club 3, 1. lllAlt'l'lN BLASS A 7'!l-fll6"l' nice olzl chap. 1lmL't chu lrnfow. Palette and l-lrush 3. Tlliioims Raiiiifir BLEICH Modesty is the best evidence of good sense. Band 2, 33 Bowling' 43 Football 2. SHIRLEY LOU BREUER Always ready to lend her aid. U-Club 4: Pep Club 2, 3, 43 A Capella 2, 3, I: Opgetta 2, 3, After School Sports 2, 3, 45 A. XY. V. . 3, 4. BIARVIN BRIMER Brevity is the soul of wit. GERTRUDE DE VRIICS l'Vhcn dates mul lessons dont uyree, I fake the flutes. let lessons be. EARL K. DILLE This chap in soienzre 'is more than wise. Peoria Central High, 111.5 House of Representatives 43 Latin Club 23 Honor Pins 3, 45 Mortar and Pestle 3, 4, Treas.g Band 43 Student Tutor 11: Chess and Checkers Club 2, 3, 4, See'y-'ITreas.g Math Club 45 Stamp Club 4. GEORGE EBERLE , Football and women make him rt mighty mem! House of Representatives 3, fl: Student Council 4: Football 2, 3, 4, Tribe 3, 11, See'yg Basketball 2, Baseball 4. 'WWKS "A hunting we will go" l'in'R Enwlxiins Fu-t men ure jolly. Football 2, 3, 4: Track 2: Tribe 3, l. JOHN Illl,i.1s If 1 rlmL"t tliinlr well of myself, who will? Honor l'in 4: Student Tutor -lg Band 2, 33 Softball 25 Basketball 2. DIARY ANN FENNRRTY She Came, "IL strrmger within our gates." Normandy High: Pep Club -tg Taberna 3. Adziek Ballard Blass df? Vries Dille Eberle Page Twenty Bleich Breuer Brimer Edwards Ellis Fennerty January, 1945 HARVEY FROHLIGHSTEIN Dlxvm M. TIUBER Not ull good things in life are found in books- We like him for what he ts. he Says- Stamp Club 43 Chess and Checkers Club 2, Pres., 3, Track 2, 3, 43 Football 3,4 3 Tribe 43 Basketball 43 Math Club 3, 43 Mortar and Pestle 3, 43 Honor 2, 3. Pins 2, 3, 43 Student Tutor 3, 43 'T'rat'k 2, 33 Cur- PR1st:1LL.4 Goto Beauty has its chctrms. A. XV. V. S. 2, 3 3 After School Sports 2. rent Events Club 3 3 Senior Play 4. ALVIN HYMAN Good things come in small packages-tliey say! Camera Club 23 Mortar and Pestle 33 Math Club 3, 43 Intramural Sports 2, 3, 43 Orchestra 2. Frohlichstein Gold Gorham Hall Harber Hardin Huber Hyman Knezevivh Kopman Kra ines Lending BOB GORHAM The free-throw line isn"t the only one he knows! Football 2, 43 Basketball 2, 43 Hi-Y 23 Chorus 2, 33 Operetta 2, 33 Baseball 2. LEE JOHN HALL Oh, that personality! That wavy blond hair! House of Representatives 33 Student Counoil -4. BIARVIN L. HA1zB1cR Because 0. man doesnft talk, doesn"t mean he has nothing to say. Band 2. RUTH ADELE TIARDIN She is modest and gentle as fl maiden is, And from her reputation, she tends strictly to "bie.'f Operetta 23 Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Mortar and Pestle 43 Leaders Club 2, 3, -l: Chorus 2. Lou IQNEZEVICH I never trouble trouble, till trouble troubles me. Basketball 2g Track 2. HEliE'NE KOPMAN The only way to have ct friend is to be one. Chorus 23 Leaders Club 2, 3, 43 Operetta 2, 3, 43 After School Sports 2, 3, 43 House of Representa- tives 43 Literary Club 4, Pres.3 Dial Staff 43 Glee Club 43 Service Club 43 Vice-Pres. Senior Class 4. ROCHELLE :KRAINES If it's in the book, she knows it. A. W. V. S. 2, 33 Current Events Club 3, 4, See.3 Service Club 3, 43 Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Tom-Tom Staff 3, 43 After School Sports 2. RAY LENDING His work in art is unemcelled. Baseball 33 Palette and Brush 23 Torn-Tom Staff 2, 33 Operetta. 23 Chorus 2, 33 Mural Club 3, 4. Page Twenty-one January, 1945 , , RUTH MANNE Take life cus it comm, why rush -it? Chorus 2, 33 Operetta 2: A Capella -13 1-loc-koy 2. BILL BIARGLOUS He is a dainty lad.. Football 23 Basketball Fl: Hasolnnll 2. llllm. MCCYLURE 'l'l1.e trrufk isn"f the only place lie works fast! Track 2, 3, 43 Football Z, 3, 43 Husketbzill 2, 43 Band 2, 33 Tribe 2, fl, 4, Vis-0-Pres. : Service Club 4. l4'1mNCEs ANN Miissixlx Fnrzsszmiiizg, cmiscienlfious, and depfzmlable. lizidminton 2, 43 Tennis 23 After School Sports 2, 3. 'lp A Capella 3, 43 Glee Club 2, -13 'l'ri-Y 43 Oper- L-tta 2, 33 Pep Club 113 Bowling 4. g'I'.lYl,EY BIAOI..-XSKY He would stop Sf. Pefm"'s roll will to nslf ll qllestinn. l3l10l't3ll2l 23 Band 2, fl: Basketball 2, 3, -13 Tennis 2, 3, 4: Mutli Club 3, -'13 House of Representatives 33 Student Council -4. ' , , l Sweziting it out llUrriu Mmm ONKEN' MMMM sm'-M Virtue is lrne 'n-obiliry. fJDf'l'CLl21 2: Chorus 23 'Pri-Y 23 'l-loc-key 23 Spanish Club 212 A- W- V. ff- ll'Aim1iN XVOLF illiiroroiri' V V 4 ,, u, ,.. M., .,..Am.t. I believe 0'U9l'100'l'l! is dmzge-roux. I Hoims ll. Oni: Football 2: Basimrbaii :ig iaasobiill , "lV0'rl:? lVl1g1 I vould lie right beside il and go 10 slee'p!"' ivopibull 2, 3, lg Basketball 2, zz, .ig Iaiisfxbfili 41 l3oi:RAil'liicR.'17 lflbu '71 : A Cmpellu 2' 3' Jlmz. of few words are The best men. 3 V 3 V Tlsisketbull 23 Fooibull 2, 3: Softball 2. GRACE Louisa 1 AUL Quiet, courteous, and lciml. U, Chorus 23 Opereitu 23 Honor Pins 2, RICHARD IXAZOVSKY V I never let stzzclies interfere with my edfucalionf ,TOE POWER Band 2, 3, -13 Senior Play 3, '13 Strut and Frei 2, 3. . 3 d . V 3 43 Latin Club 2, 33 Math Club 3, 43 House of Rop- Qlfmfri 0 not fhstmb' resentativvs 43 Clin-ss und Cliockers Club 33 Oper- Current Events Club 43 Senior Play L13 Opert-ltu ettn 2. Mamie lwlarglous McClure Messina. Molasky Onken Orr Paul Power Rapoport Rathert Razovsky Page Twenty-two BILL REALS If others are willing to talk, why should I bother? Intramural Sports 3. 45 Basketball 2, 45 House of Representatives 45 Student Council 4, 'l'reas.5 Ser- vice Club 45 Spanish Club 2, 3, Sec'y 4, Pres. and Treas.5 Hi Y 2, 4. SYLVAN ROBINSON He1'e"s the lad who struck out Casey. Tom-Tom 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Baseball 35 Gperetta 25 Honor Pins 2, 3, 45 Student Tutor 45 'ri-ibe 3, 4. LEONARD SPIELBERG January, 1945 Great thoughts some from the mind. Math Club 3, 45 Mortar and Pestle 3, 45 House of Representatives 45 Tom-Tom Staff 25 Basketball 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, 4. BIELVIN STEINBAUM The hand of an artist. Art Club 2. Reals Robinson Rosen Spielberg Steinbaum IIAROLD ROSNEN Life is what we make it. Operetta 25 Basketball 35 Ping-Pong 35 A Capella 35 Baseball 4. iMARVIN ROUTMAN Never hurries except when going home, Chorus 45 Glee Club 45 A Capella 4. ARTHUR SLONIM A man after his own heart. Tribe 35 House of Representatives 35 Basketball 2, 35 Tom-Torn Staff 3, 45 Band 25 Baseball 35 Stu- dent Tutor 35 Honor Pins 2. CORINNE F. SOPHIR Harry M. Bartell Ernest .James Carr, Jr. Martin M. Enoch Pauline Gorenstein Jack Art I-laller Routman Tebbetts Torgove TOM TEBBETTS Slonim Soplm YV0lffe When the1'e's nothing else to do nights, I study. Track 3, 45 Band 2, 35 House of Representatives 45 Basketball 3 5 Baseball 4. LLOYD TORGOVR Low 'man on at totem pole. Chorus 25 Operetta 2. B,xRRARA H. WOLFRE A young lady of a good deal of spirit. Shels attwwtive, gay, and active. After School Sports 2, 35 Operetta 25 Glee Club 2. Glee Club 2, 3, 45 A Capella 3, 45 Hockey 2, 35 Dial 45 Pep Club 25 Cheerleader 45 Operetta 2. 35 Senior Play 4. January Seniors Robert Haskelson Hazel A. Humphreys Martin Harry Hyatt Gerald Jerry Iken Margaret Jayne Kidwell David Klearman H. Jean Klein Peggy Kraus William Lewis Lang Eileen Schwartz Edward J. Spencer Frank Xvilliarn Stoker Leslie Elmer Studt Patricia Ann Sullivan Pauline Viladdington Page Twenty-three June, 1945 LIISIIIII AXELROD If itfs 'ini the book, he knows it. Service Club 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Math Club 3, 4, Pres., Chess and Checkers Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Pres., Ciceronian 3, 4: Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Stu- dent Tutor 3, 4, Chairman: Student Council 4. WILIIIAIII NELSoN BAIIER Needs no eulogy, speaks for himself. Cheer Leader 3, 43 WVrestling 2, 33 A Uzipn-lla 2, I House of Representatives 45 'l'rzic'k Zi, -l. JESSE LEE BARGE I will now no more over school books pore, Chess and Ceckers 3, I'Imvlin1,: 2, il. C I 1 Alll,0'l"l'E BA mms Sim A'iu:irls" her may through lifo. Band 3, -I, 'POIN-'l'0lll Stuff li. .lon M. Ruins , A moral, sensible, und well-bred mlm. ' lllilllll 2, ii: Truck 22, 3, 4: Basketball 3, 4: Bowling Club 3, -43 Chess :ind Choi-kers Club 35 A Capella 12, 3. l'lI..xINE Lms BELENSOX If ll-bility 'makes for suooess, she will be szzooess- HCI. meet humble Qervant ful. L C Give Club 2, 3, -ig Operetta 2: Strut and Fri,-t lg V Senior Play 4- D0ll0'l"IlY lil. BIIIBER , , T Her 'Iiil'fII68 are many, her faults are few, ALAN BENSOIN ' A rrreziit to her school, she is true blue. I like worlu. It fasoinflfes mc. I ooiild sit and lmmlm-S Qjlub 3' 43 After School gpm-is gy 3' .13 10070 fbi if f0?' ll014l'-S- Palette and Brush 2, 3, 4, French Club 2, 3, Pres.: Basketball 2, 3, 4, Football 2, 3, l: 'l'i':u'k 2, lg Service Club' 3, -ig Honor Pins 2, 3, -lg Student Tribe 2, 3, 4, Counvil 3, 4 3 House of Representatives 2, H : I'-Club fi, Treas. 4, Vice-Pres. Tmu BERGER I treicui the stage in a stately way, IAWHEYCE L BIER xl xy As the mighty man, in our Senior Play. ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' I .4 Palette and Brush 2: ,I-rack 2: Senior play ,li Andy thin fliers was Ilan day he rlzdn. rzsl: ll from-Tom Staff 3, Bowling cum sn, XVrestling 2. Wes 'ml- Stamp Club 4. VIRGINIA BERGEN Variety is The spine of life, mnll llf7l'f?'S one ra- XPTIY BIYKIXT 7'lf6fQl. ' ' ' ' ' ' l Fic-eroninns 'ig lA'!ZlI1C1!'S Club 2, After Sohool Sports The MHP MN 'min' H", WW", M57 mm' 2. Intrfunural Sports 2, 3, -l. Axelrod Baker Barge Barken Iiiirks Re-lenson Benson lT:0l'2'Cl' Tlergen Bieber lliervnzm Binkinl f V I J.. UL, , L fx rysfr - Page Twenty-fam' e Levi, I. iv , .. f ,- V, 1 1 1 42", - V V V ' J wi, ' .,.,,k, g, f X v' "swf-1, I . . ,V " I' ' v I I .I IJ- . .f , It If I v r , v t if i -M' V V ' j . ' June, 1945 liEYNE'l'H liizociiscmmi JOHN BOENING .-l quiet man. he flocsnft swore in class. ll'l1o eoruies inane that clzfmcc cloth raise. Football 4: Track 2, 3, 41 Mortar and Pestle 3: Football 3, lg XYrPstling 3: Trzick 2, 33 Band 2, 3 House of Repruselitntives 43 Hmmm- Pins 22, 3: Tribu 3, 4. NYr0stling 2. Pmrauy JEAN Boorifi Mixmixx Ac:iiERxi.xN Calm and self-possessefl, Hafppy 'is she who has the gift of making friends. Southwost High: Tom-Tom Stafl' 2, 3, -lg Tri-Y 3: Spanish, Club 2, 3: Pc-p Club 43 'I'ri-Y -lg After Operettu 33 Ulmrus 3. Svliool Sports 2, 3, 4. Brockschmiflt liiootli Breihan Brusior lqlloom Roltzmun Boening .lvkernmii Albright Altc-peter Aratzm Attree .'l'ANE'r BR,E1iiixN T. En. ALBRIGHT, IH . ,lltliouglz in rr small paffkzlge, sho comes out If 11.1 first you dou"t surceed, try, try, again. wifi: the top, St. Louis U. High U-Club -Ig Aftvr Scxhool Sports 2, 3, 43 A. XV. V. S. 3. T is in A ll'l'l'lPE'l'l4IR fTis cz. great plague io be Il lmndsome 'lllllllf DOLORES BRASIER Hi-Y 2, 'iw-ack 2, 2, 4, Football 4, Band 2, 2 She will nof 'I'fU'1j 'in the lzdust, Husvbull -4. From uflzfzf ut first size svffnierl lo lm. lloizi-lm' J. ARATA 103' 131'-,OOM f'llfl'6' is the enemy uf life. J . K, V . I . V. ll .,1,L. Football 3, 43 Track 2, 3, -lg Basketball 2, Z'g Clwss gW.Vg:fi:1,33Pi: fglgei Hwy Inge, I mum and Cher-lcers Pulb 2: Tribe 2, 4. i X P lJ0n4ri'1iE,x M. ,X'rT1um ' IORRX 'WITH-SN A To know her is to like her. Mun. delights me not-but 071, fllosf' Indies! Rand 2' 3, 4. Strut and Fmt 3, 4' Secyy. from-rl-om 'l'i-af-lc 25 Ruslwtbull 2. Stuff 3, 43 Latin Club 'Fri-Y 2, 3. Page T'Z08TllQll-ff'I.7C june, 1945 PAT BROUSTER This its what 'is meant by the "fair sem." Pattonville, Mo., Pep Club 2, 3, 4, Chorus 23 Glee Club 2, After Sn-hool Sports 2, 3, 4g Dramatic Club 'P ICSTHHR BROWN A oyiqad full of knowledge is a mind that ne'uer ai s. Band 2, 3, vt : Excelsior 3 : A. XV. V. S. 2, 33 Student Tutor 4. l'll.LEN CAFif'nAY .fl bonnie lass fmitlz. a Scottish air, Welre glad shew here anrl i.wn't ihere. J .x NE tix Itllililfllfll 'l'liere is certainly no use denying that some people are born great. l' Club 3, 4, Pres. 3 Taberna 2, 3, ft 3 House of Repre- sentatives 33 Student Council 43 Tom-Tom Staff 3, I: Operetta 23 Problenns Club '12 After School 5 J Uports L, 3, I. .To .NNN ti?.uu1iCti,x1ci. 'Who is there that does not knon' and like her? Hand 2, 4: After School Sports Cl: Rowling' 3. ll iw HY ll. CAvnN.x1 1' IFS easier to smile llzan froivn. Hi-Y 2, 3, -l: Hand 2, 3, 1. lim A Il EA N CHA NDLEII, She has the gift of nmlcing f'rfiends easily and keeping them. Loatlers Club -t: After Sc-hool Sports 23 Bowling il, Mortar and Pestlt- 4. ld nw A li n O. C mint .lll his faxzzlts are xiwli., 111111 one likes liini Slill the better for tlzeni. Operotta 2: A Capella 2, 3 3 Track 2. B.'KRBA1iA E1.1z.xBn'r1t Ci IJEGG 1-:ob is only one of her interests. Tri-Y 2, 3, lg Band 2, 3, fl, Oneretta, 2. .l 0 J You sec-- it's like this YCIG COIUCN How well I know what I niean. to do! Spanish Club 3, Literary Club 3, 4, Service Club Z! 3 A. W. V. S. 23 Oporetta 2, Riding Club 2. , nnxlxnixn GENE COHEN Some women- are wise, some otlzerwise, Current Events Club 2, 3, 43 Excelsior 2, Sec'y 3, l-'rosg Bowling Club 3, Vice-Pres., Strut and Fret 2, 35 'Pom-Tom Staff 23 A Capella 2, 33 Operetta 2. tlizonon IXLAN COHN Nollzin-g ever gels nie flown. Current. Events Club 4. BT0llSt61' Brown Caffray Campbell Carmichael Cavenah Chandler Clark Clegg Coljgn Cohen Cohn Page Twenty-sim MA HJURIE COHEN ll,lAllCOLM S. DARDICK June, 1945 Beneath. the quiet szirfuce, can be founrl a pool If you want to talk lo me, talk business of wif- Math Club 3, 43 Service Club 2, 33 Camera Club 43 lliterury Club 1. SHIRLEY JEAN C0nN Baseball 3, Ll 3 Dial Staff 43 Basketbal llIfIV.X lluwlcii 14. She can lrilk 0.91, and nn, and on I To be nice to all 'is just her WJ, in :I 3 W Excelsior 33 Service Club 2, 3. Operettu 2,7 I Q' " M f J-ff a' ' f 0.1 f .- !,Q..4j'L-d'f J n RLQJ. W,,,4- ' "J ,f, 9 N ., Q 2 . , '- 1' M T. .4 . Cohen Cohn Cole Darclick Dardic-k Elders SAXON COLE Thinks luzioe before he speaks and then keeps quiet. John 1'llll'l'0ll51'llSQ 'l'l'2l4'li 23 Frmtbzxll 33 Basketball 3: Ilztsehnll 3. lil LL f,lO'lLl'll NGER An ever innocent look, but you can never tell. Football 23 Basketball 23 Track 2, 43 Dial Staff 2, rl 3 Service Club 2. IJucvi1.Lia CRANE 1'190Sfl'lli thoughts of her will be left behind. A. XV. V. S. 2, 3, 4, Leader: Glee Club 2, 33 A Capella 33 Camera Club 43 Spanish Club 33 Pep Club 43 Senior Play 43 Operetta 23 Strut and Frei 'lg Taberna 4. MARYLYN DAHL Silence is more eloquent than words. ing Club 3. Collinger Crane Elkin Ellis ANITA ELDERS Dahl Ellis My best thoughts always come too lnfe. Pep Club 2, '13 Artchery 23 Frenvh Cl RICH.uum lflmcrs ub 3. Just because I donft speak, dont think I lzmfe nothing to say. Truck 2, 3, 43 Basketball 33 Tribe 2, 3, 4. flixiay J. ELLIS The Return of the Thi-n Man." Hi-Y 33 Ciceronian Club 33 Track 2. JOSEPH M. ELLIS My best is all that I can rlo. Math Club 3, 43 Tom-'Pom Staflf 33 Current Events Club 43 House of Representatives 3, 4, Chairman: U-Club 3, 4, TI'Q3S.j After Sf-hool Sports 2, 33 Rid- Track 2, 3, 43 Tribe 2, 3, 43 Student Council fl, XVICE-PVES. Page Twenty-seven June, 1945 IDA J. Ennis D0n"t rush me, time gmres on fore1'fr. Service Club 2. BETTY ESTES Music and brains in her luive mel. And leave us one we 1von't forget. Operetta 2, Honor Pins 43 Strut and Frei 2, 3, , Vice-Eros., U-Club 3, 4, Sec'y: Glee Club 2: 'Pom- 'l'om Staff 4: Student Counvil 43 Badminton 2. PAT FAULKNER. A Iitfle Southern yn! from 'fcieep in the lmurf '1'e.rus."" Lamar High, Texas: Pep Plub l: Dial Staff -I 'Pri-Y 33 Problems Club bi. XTINCENT FAUSEK Gire me time, fellas, l"l1 'make if yet. Trac-k 2, 3, sl: XVrostling' 2, 3, 4: Football 43 Hi-H 23 Tribe 2, Sl. JEAN YAEIN TVIICIL ii comes 10 rrililniirzs, Jean is ri, whiz. Tri-Y 2, 3, -1: ll-Club 4: Tabernzi 2, 33 Operetta 2 A Capella 3: After Sc-hool Sports 2, 3, bl. 'l'nlu'- your 'Firms SYZAXNE Cilllllilill FlClilDM.'lN A mite Iiifle Iiendfmlin. Pltt ' lB'.l ZZQAUIIQ'l3S"'T'lz,'l: ,, ,, SSH-2,02 5321, 4,1 um 'C 'W "W" lx Aniiimxi: R. Fisuoonr. Take tlziiiigs as they come. ROBERT L. FELT Tom-Tom Stuff 2, fig Riding Club 21 l.itrir:1ry Plub 3: A. XV. V. S. 4, Dial Staff -I. One of ci set of iwins is Im. Band 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 2, 3: Oporsitn 21. RONALD W. FELT NQxxm'i"i'iic Riiwri FLE.1sc:HRR The other of the set of twins. Jiisf ri Iitfle f'Peizelope" ut Izsfrrf. Band 2, 3, 43 House of Representatives P, 'lg Hi-Y Hfdfmlitfn 3' Y45 ,Ridiligl Chlb, 47 Sfirvife Club 2' 3' 3: Mortal. and Pestle 3. Bowling. Club 3? 1, Serum Play -l, Bowling 4, A. ll. X. S. 4. Bm'TY ALICE FISHER H .F 1 . , , Y Af Quite ci busy little Inziyl A H'm'l'H LHHXIX 'Pri-Y 3 3 Mortar and Pestlo 3 : .X Capella. 3 3 Swvivo 'v""" MH 7"""l fo he"1'q 6 Club 2, 3, 4, Stzuup Club 4. l+1xi-olsior Il, Smwicv Club -, .- Ennis ESU-S Fmllkrwi' 'l+':1usr-lc Fein Fvlclmnn Felt lfvli. F'isl1i-ir lfisligfmll Fleischer Friflkin l l'uye,: 7'1i:r3v1ly-eiylit Tuiuiy RU1'llEliFORD FULDNER I nilght be better if I would, but it's awful lone- some being good. Track 2, 3, 45 Band 2, 3, Basketball 2, Tribe l. BIARY LOU FULTON And still we looked and still the wonzlor grew Tha-t one small head could carry all she knew. Tri-Y 3, 43 Currents Events Club 3, Secfy fl: Vico- Pres.: Latin Club 43 Literary Club 43 Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Hoc-key 2: Student Tutor 4. June, 1945 M1i.'roN Gisanmirr Do ladies prefer blonds, too? Hi-Y 2, 31 Track 2, 3, Football 4: Band 2, 3, lg I-louse of Representatives 4g Honor Pin 2. l3i:r.xN GIHSLEH Take life as if comes, why rusll. 'iff Fuldner Fulton Gale Gehlert Giesler G insburg Hoxxplan GALE His charactez' has stood the test. Dial Staff -l. FAYE GALLANT Oh, this learning, what a thing it is! Volleyball 23 Operetta 2: Glen: Club 2. lin Gllizrsiim A leader among men. Track 3, 4: House of Representatives 3: Student Council 3, 4, Pres., Mortar and Pestle 3, Sec"y lg Honor Pins 2, 33 Harvard Book Award 3: Student Tutor 3, 4. CONNEE GBE TVhy the stronger sex takes cooking! House of Representatives 4: A Capella, 23 Glee Club 2, 3, Operetta 2, After School Sports 2, Tri-Y 3. Gallant Gartsido Glazer Goldman HELEN LOUISE GINSBURG Friendly and frank. sl1e"s never a crank. A. XV. V. S. 2, 4, Bowling Club 3, Soc'y. fl5i41N.i.u1 ix Ginxzuit Spikels his name. he's big and tall, Has quite a guy in a game of football. Football 2, 3, -lg Track 2, 3, -lg Basketball 4, Tribe 2, 3, fl. l'ir.x1:LYNE GOLDMAN She sioefws she doesnft sleep on collar buttons, but, oh., those dimples! A. XV. V. S. 25 Literary Club 4: Operetta 23 Chorus 4: Volleyball 3. STAXLEY GOLLUB llfise to resolve and patient to perform. Math Club 3, -lg Service Club 2, 3, Baseball 3, lg Student Tutor 3, 4. Gee Gollub Page Twenty-nine June, 1945 EILEEN GOMALICK A person to be relied upon. Soldang A Capella 2, 3, 45 Glcc Club 2, 3, fl. SHIRLEY ELIZABETH GRAY She said not to mention he-1' forgeffulnossr, so we won't J French Club 3, Pres.: Operetta 2: Service Club 3, 'lg Dial Staff 4: Honor Pin 3 3 House of Representa- tives 3g Student Council 4, Sec'y. MAUi:1N1i GLLDA GRELNBERG A fiitizre Cecil B. Dejlille. lhulminton 3, 43 Senior Play 4, Bowling 43 A. NY. V. S. il. DoN Guossi1AN Tztll, tuller, miles! .' Football 23 Truck 2. ll:.viN GROSSNIANN Don'f rush fhroilgh this life, the next one may be 1v01'sc.' Band 2, 3, Ai. luis Blsuiia lHlA1f'1f'N1fm I mn fb woni.un,' whrzn I think. I must speak. Pep Club 2, Service Club 23 Tom-Tom Stuff 2, 4, After School Sports 2, 43 Senior Play 43 Riding Club fl. J OHN HAYS A worthy gentleman and woitflrous u1j'f1I1le. Camera Club 2. BILL PIARRIS The tecwhe'r's word he'll always doubi, He thinks he knows 'what it"s ull about. Mortar and Pestle 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4: Chcss und Checker Club 2, 3, 4: Honor Pins 33 Hi-Y 23 Basketball 2, 3, 43 Student Tutor 3: Spanish Club 35 Stamp Club 3, 4. .IQOURENE HENGES With hair and eyes so dark. we This is a rare one ALLAN HENSKE Fm. contented with life jnst as it is. Yxirestling 23 Track 2, 3. GERIYIARD HENTSCHKE The mildest mcmner and the genrlcsi liourf. House of Representatives 43 Softball '15 XVrcstling '7 JOYCE. L. HZILL A shy, retiring little maid, but always ready to Zend I1 er uid. Honor Pins 3, Archery 4. Gorelick Gray Greenberg Hays Harris Henges Page Thirty Grossman Grossman Haffner Henske Hentschke I-Iill BERT HIRSCH Hefs a Lord Byron at heart, Good when hefs going, but slow to start. Basketball 2, 3, 43 Service Club 2. JACK E. IIOFFMAN A noticeable man. with large gray eyes. June, 1945 BIAXINE JACOBS Behind her demurc manner is concealed ri sparkling wit. A Capella 2, 33 Operetta 23 Spanish 3, '13 Toni-'l'om Staff 3, 43 Band 43 Honor Pin 3. JIM JONES I never hesitate, or make the teacher wait, A Hut quick an answer make, to show I'1n wzde- Football 23 VVresLling 3, 43 Ciceronians 33 Math f"wa7"6' Club -1. XYl'0SlLliI'lg 2, Hirsch Hoffman Holland Jacobs Jones Johnson LUCILLE HOLLAND Such as she are always needed. Magston, Mo.3 Glee Club 2, 33 After School Sports 2. . BETTY JEAN HOLLMAN Blond hair and blue eyes, which all of us pri-ze. Tri-Y 2, 3, 43 Latin Club 2, 3, 43 Strut and Fret 3, 43 Chess and Checkers Club 33 Band 43 After School Sports 2, 4. LESTER HUOK, JR. Sometimes serious, sometimes smiling, always frendly. ANN LEE MILLS HUDSON Does dzmcihg make the woman, or vice versa? Taberna 23 French Club 33 Operetta 23 Glee Club 23 Honor Pin 23 A Capella 3. Hollman Huck Hudson Kalishman Kane Kaplan BILL JOHNSON His favorite call is that of the "Moose" JEROME KALISHNIAN As blithe a man as you could see on a, spring holiday. Honor Pins 2, 43 Math Club 3, 43 Tom-Tom Staff 33 Ciceronian Club 33 Baseball 4. BETTY ANN KANE It does one good to know her. Spanish Club 3, 43 Palette and Brush 2, 43 Tri-Y 2, 3, 4, Tri-:as.3 Intramural Sports 23 Band 2, 33 Dial Staff 43 Bowling Club 3. BETTY ANN KAPLAN Oh, those dark eyes how they e11.chant.' Soldan High3 Tom-Tom Staff 23 Badminton 3, 43 Riding Club 43 Senior Play 43 Service Club 23 Bowling Club 43 A. NV. V. S. fl, Page Thirty-one June, 1945 XVARREN Cl. IQARR, FII feel relieved uf lflsf, 'when my sqfhool claim ure pa-si. 'l'rack -l. Wluinm' ll. Klum Quiet and efficient. .llzlth Club fl: '1'i':ivk 2: llzislivtlmll 2, Giziun' IQIJAYMAN IIe'r rrriwwfs are rfmlcd. Cliuvus 23 Glee Club 3: l,l-:will-rs Club I. lloxlxma C. KIJICIN "lJue'7'if Frlmily Ilfis Own" Strut and lfrel ll: Senior Play 45 .XI'l7llHl'Y 2, 33 Badminton Z1 Mortar and I'1-stle I: Operetlzi 21 Bzissebzill 4. l'.,u:RY M. Korlifim I zurmder if he Ulinlcs as 'min-Ii as Im lulksl lnt1':miural Sports 2. Doilmi KOMM Her only 'riirnl is ilu: mlkingf mar-liine. I SOIQUIHIY Swear Pep Club l: A Capella 2. .fliciunt Ko lfuAN lill'l'Il li'U'l'ZSCl'lElI Hfiflzf hues of glenizix in his r'Iirfz:I.', in finest ionffx ,. . , , the youth wield s111ml.'. NW"59"f!l IS 'H' NW' Glim- Ukmd 2 3 4. .Xlbuquei'que, New Mexico: Servim: Club Ci, l: lf- ' ' Club 4: Problenis Club 4: llutin Club 23 ll-p Club Z: After School Sports 2, 3, lg Tri-Y el. JANE Koxizlxn I,ew'1zing by study mimi be won. lQ1',1'1'1f XvIRfQlXILx I-AlQI1RNllxN'N' g2?JEifi'elta 2: lGXK'6lSl0l' Z-I 3 Hunm' Pin fl 2 R Ce1LSl01.6d4, Q I YY A Cleve Club 2: Operettzi 23 bpzinlsli 1 lub 3, 1: 'Pom- V, Toni 3, 4: llizil Stall' 3, -lg Service Club 43 llonol' P,X'lf lXRUEGER Pin 33 House of Representatives 35 Hockey 2. 'l'hi1'e's something ri-bout her tim! one crm't help l ming- Vl,ALPll' l ARCH Opevetta 2, 3: House of liepresentutives fl: 'l'orn- K V , A '- . V H U 1 I U W 5 Tum Staff 3' 4: Spanish Club 4: Honor. pins 3' 4: U lien. QUQIHS an? .scrzme flioy me seldom, spent Dial Staff llg Service Club 3, 45 Glue Club 2,3 3 W'1'f""" Leaders Club 2. Baseball 4. Karr Kawin Klayinziu Klein Kolkei- Korn ni Kopman Konrad 1f.l'LI1?g,'li'l' liutzscliui' 1lil.l1l'ITl2,llll1 Large Page Thirty-t11'0 llvr XOWLAX U'e aunt help liking her. for lliereiv none quite like her. Service Club 2, 3: Camera Club 2: After School Sports 2: 'l'on1-Tom Staff 4: Dial Staff 43 Pep Club 4. W1 LL1 .x ii l'.iav1xsoN I Don'l plague me with studies. I have miglitier matters on my brain. Banil 2, 3: Honor Pins 2, 4: Current Events 2, 3: Mortar and Pestle 4: House of Representatives 3, l: Art Club 2: Senior Play 31 Baseball 3, 4: Strut and Frol 2: Tom-Tom Staff 2, 3. Giuciz Maolxxis Care is the enem Dial Staff Ll: llrobl Senior Play 4. y of life. June, 1945 Tri-Y 3, -1: Spanish Club 3, 4: 'l'om-Tum Staff -li ems Club lg .L W, Y. S. 2' GEOIIUIA .txxiz Mxxiu .l bundle of good naturv. lioivling' Club 3: Riding Club Zig Taburna 3, i. Nowlan Levinson Levy Maclnnis Manda Manlllebaurn llxvin ll. LEVY .lly heart will swell with pride, Uflzew, "C'aesar"s"' laid aside. Mortar and Pestle 3, 4: Math Club -13 I-Sasketball 3: Baseball 3. Mymzs K. LIEl3Ell.S'l'EIN Laugh when I laugh, I seek no other fame. Glee Club 2, -1: Senior Play 4: Basketball 2, A Capella 4. RUTH Lime "Life"" is just one long sweet dream. Latin Club 2, 3, 4: Math Club 3, -13 Mortar and Pestle 3, ll, Sec'y: House of Representatives -lt 'Pri-Y 2, 3 3 Dial Staff 3, 4: After School Sports 2, 1. L11.1.1lvx HELHX lgrrsniicaaii Lieberstein Life Lupberger Marglous Matier Matlock ,Xxx llnior, BIAXDLEBAUM Ifuer loyal. ever To the tasks she true. has to do. Dial Staff 2, 3, -1: Current Events 2: Excelsior 33. Vice-Pres.: U-Club 3, 43 After School Sports 2, l: Riding Club 3, A. XV. V. S. 2, 3. lloxxm Yvoxxn BIAIIGLOUS U'hat a. girl J 1Vliat rn student! What an urztressl 'Vaberna 2g Strut and Fret 2, 3, 43 Glue Club 23 Operetta 2. Bmimciz lxlA'l'l mc, ,il true friend is Solflan High. Xomilv 3l,X'l'l.0C,li forever rt friend. A merry heart goes twice the 'way that does a. Often seen but seldom heard. sad one. Glee Club 2, 3: Operetta 2. Bowling Club 33 Riding' Club -1. Page Thirty-three June, 1945 JEAN LE Giuxn She sails smoothly along her way. hlAllY BETTY lUEYl'lltSIECK Try as we may, we never could tell, The number of things "Sis" has done wall. Student Council 3, 43 Math Club 3, 4: Sec"y3 Honor Pin 33 After School Sports 2, 3, 43 A Capella 2, 3, -13 Vice-Pres. of Senior Class 4. M.xyN.x1zD MICHEL Youfre not ll'll7llll'lL if you. rlon"t make rt mistake now and then. Mortar and Pestle 3, Treas. 4, Pres.3 Math Club 3, fl 3 House of Representatives ll: Honor Pins 2, 3, lj Student Tutor 3, 43 Suhoenthaler Award 3. Ll. BIAHY Ulvrl11E1cixE llliilmzit Horses, horses . . . horses, horses. Spanish Club 3, 43 Service Club 2, 3, 43 Dial Stailf 43 After Sf-liool Sports 23 Art Club 2. BETTE M1'rc'llEl',L Morlesfy is the best evidence of yood sense. Spanish Club 33 Pep Club 33 Service Club 2, 3, 4. JVEAIXN' BIQRTQN Rcfueling' Station A light lzerzrt lives long. Normandy High: Tri-Y 43 Senior Play el 3 A Capella 33 Latin Club 3. Mutvix E. Nllilililill ND BICSWEENEY Tfzlfe euergioiies urlificu, then do as yon, please. East St. Louis ll1s'h3 Glee Club Z, 43 Trask 23 Laugh. and be merry, today comes lm! once. Hmm, Pin 2: Math Q-lub 3, 3. Basketball 2, 33 Softball 2, 33 Current Events Club 23 Baseball 43 Honor Pin 23 Ping-Pong' 33 Tom- 'l'om Staff 3. , fl+ll.lx.x1:E'1'ir Row N0li'I'l'l ltoiaicirm NEAL Vlfhlat she 'undertook fo do, she did well, Strut and Fret 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Pres.3 'Fri-Y 2, 3, fl, I'I'CS.Q Tom-Tom Staff 2. The only way Io 11411512 ri friend is io lm one-. Survive Club 2: Honor Pin 33 Mortar and Pestlo -I. J'L'Dr'rH NTEIDLINGER DON .TOE NORDER, VV01'Vy kills people, why die? 'l'ho less there is lea-rnerl, fhe less there is Io After Sc-hool Sports 23 Service Club 23 House of fo"-Ufftl Representatives 33 Spanish Club 4. Spanish Club 23 Baseball fl. Le Grand Meyersieck Michel Miller Mitchell Morton BICSWCQHQY Neal Neidlinger Nieberg Nolte Noi-dur Page Thirty-four June, 1945 i W 7 i.1sN1': lli,.xN Mmz H0 is of the highest iype. Basketball 2, 3, 4, Tennis 2, 3, 43 Chess and Check- ers Club 2, 3, Treas. 4, Mortar and Pestle 3: Tribe 3 1 Noxi LAB OKSNER Oh, zlemt' always iuorlc. lniimcxic I LANK Good iuzturcll, good looking, good fun. :incl we like her, we do eu ryonc. ' Ritenour High, Strut and Fr 2, 33 'owling 2,3 Dial Staff 45 Glee Club 2. X w X X Pep Club 25 Badminton 4: Service Club 3, bl: Senior 1 Mirvix PLATT W? Play 4: After School Sports 2, 3, 43 Bowling - 3 A. XY. V. S. 4. t XY , A f"Joe" among mm, Metz Oskner Ostrow Plank Platt Polinsky ALVIX Osriiow Be merry, if you fire wisv. S1l11lLliY ANN Piclxsic She'.s well-liemlczl. shcls clever, shsfs peppy, iils true. Taberna 2, 3, Sec. and Treus. -i: Bowling 3, Pres. 4 3 Operetta 2. SALLIE Pmnfzia And then there was the guy that zlidni fall for her. Dial Staff 4: Tom-Tom Staff 43 Literary Club 3, i, Vice-Pres.: Glee Club 33 A Capella 3, Opcrctta 23 Tri-Y 33 Hockey 2. BIARGUERITE PITCAIRN Such as she are always needed. Normandy Higlig Tri-Y 43 Chorus 2, 3. Pease Pierce Pitcairn Pope Preis Preiss Jon POLINSKY Here comes the couch-good night, girls J ,lm ANNE Poms I'leusfiut thought of her will be left behind. Spanish Club 4: A Capella 2, 35 Tom-Tom Staff 4: 1-iasketbzlll -'13 Glee Club Li. BI.-KllGAllE'lT Muay PREIS I knew the right and did it. A Capella 23 After School Sports 2, 3. BIARY LOU PREISS Ufhut will the Tom-Tom do without you! Tom-Tom Staff 2, 3, 4, Editor: Student Council 4: Service Club 2, 3, 45 A Capella 2, 3: Operettzt 23 Dial 3. Page Thirty-Jive June, 1945 PAT PUGH Of mmmers mild and winning. St. Patricks Flag "Fri-Y 45 Pep Club 1: Cliurus 33 Volleyball 2, 3. liwmo L. IMDER Life 'fit a, dm'k-room is his rloxire, Of tukmg photos he"lI never tire. Camera Club 2, 3, Pres. 45 Dial Staff 3, t, l''- rapherg Tom-Tom Staff 3, 4, Pl1otogi'apliei'. Twin lllxssimutc A lieu-rt as soft-a heart so kind. As in the whole world thou cruz find. Spanish Club 3, 4: Baseball 3, 4: Chess and Clwck- ers Club 4. J.u'K lil-llfllb Men, like bullets, yo fastest when they are smoothest. Basketball 2, 33 Softball 2, 43 Current Events Club 2: Ping-l'ong 3: Toni-'Pom Staff 3. PA'l'RIC'lA 'Fic,xNc'ics liifiifzsic And what would life be if I took it sefrzoiislgif? Glee Club 2: Operetta 23 Tom-Tom Staff 3: Senior l'lay 4: Strut and lfret 3, 4. Treats.: Archery 4: v Riding Club 33 Palette and llrush 3. Was the elevator full '? J E.-KX RElMFIR D07LJf rush me. life goes on and on . . Chorus 2, 33 Operetta 2. ELENORE Hmmm 'VVlt97'E"S the power that fflzmwis us so. In. thy soul, or in thy eyes? Taberna 23 Operetta. 2g Dial Staff 3, 4 3 Servicer Club 4. Y Bois RECHT XELSON RETCHMAN Efficient and clever, .siuccfrr in his efforts. They Call htm "NelZ'ie"",' thaz".s not his zmuzv. Football 23 T"3Ck 2, 3- Hut with 'it he may 'rise to fume. Baseball 3, 45 Current Events Club Li. DQT RICTITEH 1 The1'e's' vtotliiotg that bothers mc. -UMW LETMANN up Club 2, 31 Volleyball 2. Frequently within my brain, I gently think rr thought. i 1 Y Y f1NNlEll l' in House of Representatives 3: Dial Staff 2, 3, 4: C J I X MH l , , Baseball 3, 43 Math Club 3, 4: Mortar and Pvstle 710170111 ffl 7005' Ui, d671971ffU7 fo 701010- 45 Chess and Checkers Club 2, 3, -1: Tribe 4: Stu- Spanish Club 2, 3, Vice-Pres. 4, Pres.: After School dent Tutor 4: Basketball 3: Honor Pin 4: Current Sports 2: Tri-Y 2. 3. 4: Pep Club 43 Student Tutor Events Club 2. 3: House of Representatives 4g A Capella 3. Pugh Rader Rassieur Reed Reese Reifer R0lChm3H Reimann Reimer Recht Richter Bingham Page Thirty-S'ial' liALl'll, SANFORD Roiilxxsiiy Yomzg fellows will be yomlgf Intramural Sports 3, 4. ROMA ROSEN Not all red-heads lmve tempers. Service Club 3. D0l.OKl'IS l. lloum Slender, tender, mul tall. Operetta 23 Chorus 2, 4. GENE P. RURIN I graduate with pleasure. Soldan High: A Capella 2. June, 1945 Romanslcy Rosen Rothman Rottman Routrnan Routman Roufa Rubin Rubin Rudolph Sanowsky Schei DOROTHY M. ROTHMAN Slze is spiced 'witlz wlriefy. Mural Club 4. Bois ROTTMAN Bzzsiness before lileasure, then lots of pleasure. Intramural Sports 33 Football 43 House of Repre- sentatives 4g Current Evenss Club'2g 'Fmn-'l'om Staff 3: Student Council -1, Pres. PAT RoU'i'irAN Lazzglzing mid talking tlirouyli life she goes. Service Club 2. 'l'Hl'Il'.BlA .l. ROUTMAN Seldom lzeardy, altlzlmfflz you know slufs there. Hlee Club 2: Opc-retta 2. JUNE RURIN Still 'waters Mm deep, so I look before I leap. 'Pom-Torn Staff 2, 3 3 Spanish Club 3 5 rljterary Club fr b 'J 0, 43 A. VV. V. S. 2, 3: Serviee Clu EDWARD RUDOLPH Deeds, not words. Blew:-It High: Track 2, 3, el: Hi-Y 4. BEVERLY SUZAN SANOWSKY Life is fleeting, make it Qzlecmant. Camera Club 25 A. XV. V. S. 2, 3. SMI SCHER .., -1. A mmm. he seems of cheerful yesterdays and ron- fidfmt tomorrows. Current Events Club 2: A Capella 2. Page Thirty-seven June, 1945 BINDELYN' SCHNEIDER They think she is lNlSlIf'lll, but she is only wise. Housls of H6DI'EStfI1tLltlX'9S 2, 52: Pop Phib 23 'Pri-Y 2, 3, 4, Vive-Pros.: A. XV. V. S. Z, Il, 43 Servivv Ulub 3, 4. :ll.flllVIN SHAPIRO fifls a wif, if not jirsr, in the rwry first 1inf?."' 'Frack 2, 3, 43 Tribe Ti, 113 llzxskl-lball 343 Iluselazxll ii, 4. S'l'.lNliEY SHAPTRO Heliueen the biizflings of hooks liv finds s141n'on1n JU!!- Srxlllan llighg Clioss mul Clwvliers Club 4: Stump Club 4. l3Y1mN D. Slum lVho lcnoirs and lcnows that hw is wise-follow him. Mzltli Club 4, Pros.: Mortar and Pestlu 41 'Frzick 2, 3, 4: Tribe 3, 4: Student Tutor' 3, -I 3 Honor Pins 3, 3, lg Svlluenlhalur Award 43 lluusv of Ropre- Sentutivvs 3, 43 Student Council 4. ,ilirrmm J. SILVER He"s done some good ihinffs 'in his flute. "W ' Math Cllub 3, 43 Bushetbull ?3 Trnvk Pl, 4: 'liinl 1 v ., -. . ,,, Stull' 3, 43 Mortar and lhestlv 32 Senior Play -l, Tim S' the Sm mt 15 mu 'Ned .Timm SINCTAIR A sweff girl for ffm- uiorfls. Qyluyfdofl-il-E SMITH BTMHANNA SINZ Thiif.smil.?irL'gpmiZ:ZlfjIl'l5:1111ermfy srfrrml fwellfyears PIPU39- limi" Smile "!ff'm-' 'l'um-Tum glzlfl' C21 Liln-r:lry Flub 1. Spanish Club 2, 3, 4: A Cznpelln 2, 3, 4: 'I'ri-Y 2: Cheerleader Il, 4: Tub.-rua 2. DOIIOTHY SLITPSKY 'IQOHNST Sum-H lI'l1:i5lsI:,l1e uso of iirorryiizfr? ll nmvfr inns 1um'ih Smupnmm will Mm Hp. " Dnskptbnll 2, lg lluscbxill 3, 43 Football 2. VIVUQNNE Sxf.xn'r Sweetness is 17112 keynote fo her 71m'sm1rllit11. itudegt Slotincil 3-5iwl4,bSjic"1: Housxloyg Iffipge-sni-Img? YllIT'l'll SOl'ilCT,Nl.'lY 'if' I 4 5'3" Q. l" 'x fl " I , . . nu 1 U ll U I H lim U Wm If s im! qunnlity Init qunlziqf ihnf 1-ounis. 23 lllcw Club 2, 3 : A. Capella L3 Aftvr Sc-hool Sports 2. Clayton lligh. SChYlf3idEI' Shapiro Shapiro Sher Silver Sinclair Slnz SUIDSRY Smart Smith Smith Sobelmzm Page T7ii1'ty-eight BOB SOLOMON All great men are dead or dying-I don't feel well myself. Palette and Brush 2, 3, 4, Pres.: Orchestra 2, 3: Iune, 1945 LEO N ll. S'1'1mUss His motto is, "Fil get by." Cic-eronian Club 41 Dial Staff 3, 45 Honor Pin 3: Current Events Club 45 Math Club -13 Basketball 2: Stilllljtl-lllllb -lg Operetta 23 Senior Play 3. 'l'l'2lf'k 4. i JACK SPENCER BILL STRUBTNGER He says he is a woman hater, but actions speul: louder than words. House of Representatives 25 Service Club 33 Hi-Y 2, 33 XVreStling' 2. A shy sort when girls are close by, But with the stronger sex he's ri regnlnr oily. Hi-Y 23 Basketball 35 Football 4, Student Council -1: Dial Staff 23 XVrestling 2. Solomon Spencer Spasser Strauss Strubinger Sutter BETTYE JEAN SPASSER I never let stnrlies interfere with my education. Riding' Club 23 Operctta 23 Glee Club 25 After Sc-hnol Sports 2, 3. EVELYN SVUEOIN Her tlioughts are wise, her words are few. A. NV. V. S. 2, 3, 43 Service Club 33 Student Tutor 3: Mortar und Pestle 3, 43 Literary Club 4, Honor Pin 3. Spurgin Stein Stein Tabachnick Taylor Tevis RICHARD N. SUTTER All things co-me round to lzini who will but wait. Hi-Y 3, Excelsior 2, 3. ITAROLD VFAUACTINICK He left u name at which the world grew pale. Math Club 3 : Basketball 33 Honor Pins 3, 43 Tribe 3, 45 'l'raCk 2, 3, 43 Football 4. .lm NNE TAYLOR T 1 IIiu:i:1E'i"i' lu. STETN W'hy rush through this life, the next one 'may be worse! A. XV. V. S. 2, 35 Orchestra 2, 3 3 Tom-Tom Staff 2: Operetta 2. i Is slze talking yet or again? Excelsior 33 Service Club 2. Cheerful alnrl kind to everyone. Palette and Brush 2, 33 Tri-Y 3: Glee Club 2, 35 Operetta 2g After School Sports 2. fllOs,x MAY TEVIS SHIRLFY STEIN Quiet and self-composed, Whitt she thinks, nobody knows. Pep Club 2, 3, 43 Tri-Y 43 Current Events Club 23 After School Sports 23 Bowling' Club fl. Page Thirty-nine June, 1945 JUXE Tl.lOM1'SON T11e1'6fs '11L'll1-Sl!! in The 11113 '11:11e'111f1r141' ,1111110 is f1112rP. Band 2, 3, 4, Opernltzi 23 Sf'Y'll0I' lllny Cl: Housff of Bepresentatives 4. Lois C. TORGOVE 1171131 should I st'11z111 111111 111111:c 'IIIJISGU f'I'll'Ljlf Riding' Club 2, 33 OIJCI'i5ttkl 2, 3: 1511111 Club 3: A111-1' School Sports 2, 3. ll1+:v1+:1:1.v QIQNE TVCKER I say 'iUlIllf I f11in1c when I flliflli 11. After School Sports 2, 3: Math Club 3, I: Latin Club 2, 33 I'-Club 4: Glee Club 2, El. 1 ., ' .- 1 l',1.1z.x1:1':'1'11 Ax x N Al,l1IllllS All 11t111ef1'. she, 111111 1111111 for speed. Claiyton High: l'-Club 43 Pep Club 3, 41 Riding Club 2, 3, lg Aflor School Sports 2, 3, -11 l3l'Ellll2ltlK' Club 2, 3: l.:1Iin Club G53 'l'1'i-Y 4. , ll11.1, X111:'1' '1'e11111er 111111.'es 1111- IIIIIII. I1:1tt1mvill1e High: llzisvbzlll 3, I 3 llultllllilll -L Ax g-111111 l1i1ling' IPIIKCK' fxlI.Xlll.l'lS XV.XT,l.l N1:'1'oN A1111 fllfiilf f11121'12 10118 l111f 111111 111v fflfflflf his lic. 7 , , 1 , v 1 X , x 1 'Pom-'l'om Stull' 513 lliul Stull' I: Muth Club i. I RAXQ LN HAHA LINIJQW' Jlrlke I1l97'l'lll, fm' 1011 1111119 1111! 111112 Iife Illifflff' IIS. V A. XV. V. S. 2, 3,-lg A Cupvllxi 23 'l'2ibCl'Il:l Zig S1-nina' ,IIN XVALSH lllny 43 Pop Club 23 Strut :null l1'1'1-I I. His 11.11i1' tf11'1'f1101I y1'1111 n1l1r1'11i1111f. Strut and Frat 4, 'I'1un-'l'1,mm Stull' 2: S1-nim' I'l:1y l. Y ll1'1'.x M. ll liIXR1f'll H ROUGE XVARD ml iljzfllgigvigs 11le?:'i q:11A1111g1cs: q1 .,111'11i11.11 111111. Jr '1 ' ' ' 1' I ' - Ii, hi C -. lI1l1111i'11ess is fl 11111111-111-q11i1'1' the 1111l1il. L 4 3 V , Y :fl .11-11:1:Y llASsEm1.xN NI,u:Y I.1c1c Nl INKLER , - r ,-l 1 Res! .is only fm- the fiend. .1ls1.- 6l761'ill01lP'S rzrlpine. 111611 do 11s yQ11Qf1e,?19f Spanish Club 2, 31 Chess and Clwvkers Club 23 'l'1-i-Y 2: Girls Him: Club 2: Pep Club 2, j, , I-iaxskvtbzlll Z1 Mortar and PEStle 3. Club 2. I Il K E ,,-pf ' , , wil, W U 'fliompsml 'l'o1'gove Tucker Vu,lc1'ius Vogt lVz1llingt0n 'XVz1lsl1 'XYu1'1.l XXvi1SSCl'lll2lll xV0lllbPl'g XYeinrich XVinkl1f1' P11 gc Forty Doms XYILSON 'l'l1rJse eyes, Hin! liciir, flml frlre. flint yirlj Operetta 23 Dial Stal? Sl, lg .Xrrliery 33 Senior Play fl 3 Bowling Club 4. Moirroy Wmixisiz 1'f"l'S0ll!llll1If is The uid irhir-li bringm .wwf-ess mul triumpli. l-lonor Pins 2, -l: House of Repi'esentaiix'us 23 Stu- dent Counvil 3, 43 Service Club 3, 43 Camera Club 23 Current Events Club 2, 33 Mortar and Pestle 3, Pres. 43 Tom-Tom Staff 23 Math Club 3, 4, Vico- Pres., Dial Staff 3, Editor 3, li Senior Play 4 : President of Senior Class 4, l.1lllll.XlNl'I tfmiuilz Woof. Opernelta 23 Archery -13 23 After School Sports 2. N.-mm" Loiiisiz YOUNG June, 1945 .l riifur-ious Iifile lzlomlr. Glw Club 33 Riding Club Sometimes serious, .srmmtimes smiliilfl. but al- wnyx friendly. Leaders Club 2, 43 Senior Play 43 Student Tutor 3, 4: Service Club 43 Honor Pin 4. ilson 'XVerner Young LoR,R,x1NE WLNZERMNG YVinzorling' Young' A personality that really fsjlops "em. Pep Club 23 After School Sports 2, 3 3 U-Club 3. BI.-XLCOLM XVITTELS lvllflf is 'nieer fo do than -notliiuyf Mummy XYIT'l'El',S Is he talkin, yet, or nyuin? Football 2, 3, -13 Tom-Tom Staff 3: 'l'i-ack 2. 3, 4: Honor Pin 2. Jim Adair Mary Ann Bancroft Bob lirandenberg Max lireadm an Beverly Bridge .Tune Jerry Cutter .lorry Duke Gene Friel Ralph Gritzo Allan Hutkin XVittels Yllittels VVool Zellinger Zwif-k SALLEE Youxo Presir1en.t of the Young Grade-Mrrkifng Factory. Glee Club 33 A Capella 2, 4: Operctta 2. AUDREY DENE ZELLINGER 1 I add the to make myself an individual. Clayton High: 'Faberna 2, llluiiiim' ZWICK 3. Not to be liiarried or rfmifused. NVvsl Frankfort High, lll.3 Tri-Y 2, 31 Chorus 2, 3. Seniors Rollin lssacs Ernest McGrath .lim Nathan:-ron Norman Pedersen Herald Soho:-:irt llill Traegor liill Trentman Nvayne Tucker Hob YVHHC Page Forty-one I Y :fy Qi 'NL 9 J 1 A NJ V-B 0 J YQ Q sl X Sh Q I 5.5 ,K ,f'bW" ?'-' lu ,I lv xxj Campus Leaders 1JOR0'l'HY Bu-:nl-:R MAYNA-xlili IVIICIIICL Moicrox WIQRNI-:R JAM: C,iMvl:lf:1,l, Student Aetivities Tlireo Schoenllmler Awards Editor of the Dial Sec-retary of Senior Class l"resident of Senior Class Student Avtivitivs Boi: Ro'l"1'AIAN iWlXRY Bl4:'r'l'Y Mlfwlfilzsihzvli Bon Koux l'1s-sident of Student Counvil Vice-President of Senior Chziirniun of the llouse of Cluss 1ivL'Dl'GS0l1t2lllYl'S Student Ac-tivities Hl1i'vu1'd Book .slvvuiul Ji-wi: B.xLI..ilm B11:'l"l'Y Ewrns President of the Senior Class Piano Ac-vompaniment Student Activities Student Avlivities Wucxiiiiz Davis En G,4R'I'SIlll-I Jlwii Divlsox Joi: I4ll.L1s Student Activities President of Student Council Athletit-s Cliuiinmn of Lower Housi 'lfreasllrer of Senior Class Our New Semors llzirizm ,Xc-lcomian B:11'lJu1'z1 .Xgruss Bill ,XllLl1'CWS Harry Asllo Paul lim-kc-1' Cliarlvs Bc-linloi' Joy Bloom Earl Burlon .Tim Clailmormf Gcorgv .Xllzui Colm Bill COllll1Ql'l' Warhol' Davis .locielyii Dulwi .lorry Duke lfleleue Eiseiiliorg l'l1ui'les Genlry Allele Gershon ll'u1'i'i0l Gl11SlJPl'g llvlou Ginsberg Tzwko Hamainolo ll'l'211lk 'Haniilloii liill llarris .lnvli Holman Virginia llenske Blur-x' Lou llillm' Gl10'l'Ql" llzixwwslioli Lois lflougli I Belly H'ii1npli1'c-ys Sally lluiiloi' Morlou lngei' Doris Kziysm' David Kon 11 Bob Kohn ,Tovelyu Kopman Class of Jximiary, 19,16 vl'lllg0DP Kullon Xml l,ilI'll2lS Vvra Sleiuliofl 'llalpli Large Zara llivliloi' Svruiio 'Iliwlwi llafwildiiie- Lipvin Vera lliug lloorgo X lair lrving Litvzlg Don llolmiusou lliln Weuuuli Mary Lcloiizirrl Slwlcloii lloso liolm Wei millil- Jlaxrviii llldflllflll Roma llosoii Sliirloy Xl K1 man f'luoi'zi Maflclox Gone Rubin .lim Willimixon liuriiive Illarcus Marilyn Slmcizirl Dlillzl' L10 V in x GI Hola llll"ClGH2l12l'H Hlariaiiiizi Sim .lm-i'i'.v Wolff 'vlllilllllf' Medalie llm'i'i0l Sloin Bz1i'lm1':1 La lui Nornm Moss Shirley' Sloiii ,Xuflroy lfllluooi Holly Xivlson lloso .Tenn Sloinliorg Hm'1'iul' Aix lx Jxllllflfllllf' Kmcliimxlnick Kwai Loose talk costs lives! Page I Ozty ihree Our Juniors Lois Abrams Mary Ackert Anneda Albert Irma Jean Alper Nlorton Alpirn Uatherine Altepvter .Ioan Altman David Anderson Edward Balk Mary Ballman Shirley Baught Bonnie Bawn .lane Becker Victor Behlke Harold Berger Sylvia Bernstein Jeanne Berry Don Biggs Edward Block Victor Blount Martha Booth Virginia Bording John Bowman Dick Braznell Don Breckenridge Elaine Brick Helen Brown Phyllis Brown Henry Bucher Bob Burgener Richard Byars George Campbell Ruben Choden Betty Christensen Leland Clapper Jean Coplan Harvey Cotlar Elsie Crisp .lim Crutcher .lean Cummings Joe Davis Frank Dawdy .lane Day Florence Dellas Bob De Long .Ioan Depelheuer .Jacqueline de Vries .Iam es Dirth Shirley Doll Pat Donaldson Al Dubinsky Martha Duffy Robert Edlin Beryl Epstein Norman Essman Bernard Fapgin Page F01'ty-for:-1' Class of June, 1946 Lester Fagin Cherie Fahrney Nancy Fecrhner Rietta Ft5lg'tfIliJ2llll1l Alyirda Finke Rose Finn Judy Fisvher Rita l7"isc'lmi:inn Herman Fisher Dorothy Forthmann Bill Fox Gerald French Paula French Patricia Friel Iris lfrommel Helen Fry Marcia Fuhrer June Fussner .Jacqueline Garrell Myra Gassman Gene Gerber David Gers Carol Gillman Cynthia. Glastris I-Betty Glazier Bctty Goldenberg' Borah Mae Goldenberg Lester Goldstein Dolores Gollub Robert Gordon Lorraine Gorman Anne Greeson Shirley Griffith Dorothy Grover Lucille Guller Robert Hall Lois Hammer Ray Hampton Ted Hannum Shirley Happ Mary Lea Harm on Roger Harmon Nancy Hawkins Tilford Hearsh Evelyn Herold David Hetzler Bob Hirsehfleld Irmgard Hoehn Erich Hofacker Gilbert Hoffman Elayne Hollander Dorothy Homer Eunice Horn Bob Huber Jack Hughes Betty Humphreys Dan Hurwitz Dolores Hutson Bob .I aeobsmeyer Herbert Johnson Ralph Johnston 'Pom .Jolly Art J ones Gertrude Jones l'at Jones Gloria Kahn Bcverlee Karsh Kathryn Kearney Gertrude Kessler Nancy King John Kiyasu 1-larriet Kleiman Joyce Klein Louis Kohn Donald Kramer Frank Kramer Norma Kramer Rosalie Kreisman Dolores Kriegshai Loretta Kremer Stanley Laiderma Lois Lane Richard Lange Bob Lapushin Rosalie Lasky Robert Lehman David Leitch Norma Litt Harriet Long Jeanne Marcus Maxine lwlarmor Maxine Mason Estelle Meilalie lda Medley lSt ll Big' things brewing' Om' Juniors x V ' , 1 Class of Jun, 1946 " I , fy, A, , I,-2, ,Ji X, ff ' ' , N ' Q. V if ' :J 1 as . l mi Xlt isel i I' 'owers " Sandy Schultz V Martin Tisohlel' 1 Ualvm Merstettor . , Mia ', Lou Poym-r' Jean Seeger ig I zttricia Traeyff Nancy Meyer , ,Dx rieia Price Betty Selvaggi Rf: 4 z or Trauth' 't Alice Miller 'J' ,Q 'X Margaret Queen Ruth Senturia E9 , Loi. lfurken :X l ' . V Elizabeth Miller -X Hubert Raborn Norma Shanfn-ld V ?il0Y'll?1,' Ll1lrna ' Bereniee Millman Selene Habushka Tanya Shannon ' ' '--f Nor U 'xv 4 Y Eleanor Mills Arlene Radloffl Rosalyn Shapiro 5. Xl2ll' 1b 1 Vaughn ,Y , Cynthia Milton Ruth Ramsey Bertha Shenker +'a57n'ley' .rsch ' r Y' Robert Miroff lla Verne Ranke Grover Sibley . lteg Vogltfv ggi 9 Herbert Mizes .Iulius Raven Raymond Siebert Jack-Vgn'lfi11ilcg,s 3- S Harriet Moeller .lay Reichman .loyce Sievers Harolt 'XX agner sg, ' ' " Bill Montgomery Nelson Reinhardt Elvin Silverman Elsie Ng!-ljigsg' 'ist' Q Rosemary Moore Evelyn Ribstein Arthur Simon Doris Y a non' ug, Rebecca, Ann Muennig' Robert Roach Donald Smith Letha lYaters - us, W-ff: Jean McCormack Eleanor Roam .lack Smith Marilyn XVaters , f ' ,S-1' I Murray McMillan Russell McNamara Alice Nelson Evelyn Nelson Roger Nelson Don Nibeck Mildred Norwino Clarence Norsworthy Adelaide Novack Paula Novak Roberta Oberman Fred Oertli Ben Olsehwanger Alberta Orf Betty Peterson Dim-lc Phelps Rir-hard Phillips Virginia, Rose Evelyn Rosen Neal Rosenberg Fern Roscnkranz Bob Rossi XVilbur Rudman Gloria Rudman Doris Rueekert Barbara Rupp Shirley Salzberg Marian Sanders Stanley Schear Erhard Sc-hiffel Neil Schneider Sady Scfhnitzer Bob Schmidt Erwin Sch owen gerd t Lorraine Smith Rita Smith Wayne Spann Seymour Spasser Marcia Spector ,X ndrew Speroul ia s l-Xetty Bruce Stake Iiob Stanza Virginia Stark Marcia Sterneck Rob Strain Earl Stuckman Jane Tait Dean Tendler Graham Tevis Jeannette Thomas Claudia 'Fichenor Tom Berger Wilbert Brandt ,Robert Cowdery Melvin Elbein Edward Emas Flo Feltmeier Bernard Goldstein Rosalind Goldstein Corinne Griflin Phil Kaplan Irvin Katz Sidney Klayman Class 0 January, 1947 Viola Knox Michael Krug Diana Lewis Glen Massa Allan Marx 'Pom McNamara Betty Miller Jeannine Nash Robert Scott Marjorie Schuman Nelda Sedlacek Ben Shackles Kathleen Shanahan Celeste XVeinstein Kenneth VVeinstock 'yt Betty XVllitl'St'1lI'VCI' Jackie W'ig'htman gk Isabel XVilkinson '- Lorraine Wlindsor Don XVinsby Paul XYinter Elaine Xifittma it-r Rosalie L. XYohl Janice XYylie Eugene Yalem Bill York Irvin Zeid Stanley Zeid Audrey Zellinger Shirley Zellinger Sandy Shapiro Gwendolyn Shelton Lester Sherman Bill Shieber Emily Silberman Shirley Smith Roberta Speer Ray Stanhope Betty Stark XVayne Stedlin Dave Stinson Earl Stuckman Prme Forty-Jive 'Lt K Our Sopbs l'li'lll'lt,'ltl5 Abrams Mary Albers Marion Aniick Mary Louise Angcrci Mao Appel Marvin Aubuchon Nancy Barnhart .Iaek Bartlett Henry Barr Ca rolyn Baslioru Lawrence Ba u 'rht Betty Beard D Paul Beckman Barbara. Bennett .lean Claire licntrup Dick Berger Nancy Berger Paul Bernard Frank Bick Al Bierfreund Leonard Bierman Pat Blackwell Jane Blass Ruth Blattner Don Block Leatrice Block Jeannine Bloodwortli Melvin Iilogus Bob Boi l ing Barry T-ioonshaft David Hoxor Jeanne Blumenfeld Melvin Tily Dick l-lockencainp Curt Bradley Don Brewer Philip Briggin Al lirockmeyer Donald Rrovksclimidt Robert Bruner Gwen Rrunk Principia Burch Paul Burgher lictty Burnside .lack Butler Shirley Carr Herald Cartun I-Ronnie Cawthon .Innic-e Cochran Kon Chambers Alice Christopher Al ine Christopher 'Bob Clipnor Mordecai Cohen Nancy Cohen Page Forty-size Class of June, 1947 Stanford Cohen Sue Ray Cohen Bill Colo Alaudie Conkl in .Tay Lyon Cooper Jack Copeland Mel Cotlar Dice Cowger Ronald Cupples Marcine Cutter Joan Dau Myron Davis .Tack Davison Mary Lou Davison Julia Dolaloyc Don U0 XVitt .To Anno llille Allan llore .lean Dougher Shirley Dougherty Renee Ilribben .Xlfrod Ilrior Johnny Dowdall Robert Eberle ,Xrlino Flngeling lfllancho Enoch Patrica Eudaley llob Ewing I-larold Fadem .Il-rold 'Fadem ltichard Fadem Suv .Xnn Fadeni .loan Fausek T.elia Fivk lloverly Fisher Marshall Fixman Ira Fleischmann Brooks Foote Joan Fowler ,Ioan Franc Gloria Frank Mary Ellen lfriodli .Tack Frohlichstein ,Tolm Fulflnor Janet Fry Plaire Gebken Robhv German .Toe Gillcrman Tiee Ginslwrtr 'Merton Ginsberg- Phyllis Ginsberg Manuel Gluzor 'Qpftv GolHboI'5J,' Rill Cnnflilll David Cordon Eunivo tlorenstcin Fern Gorman Katherine Gra y .lim rlroenblatt Dick Grimm Sue Kose Grober I'eg:gy Grosberg Jimmy Gross Palvin Grosse ,loan Gruber .lean Haefner .lo Ann Haigler Gregory Hansman Hob Harris lialph Hartman Jack Haskelson Russell Hastings Gordon Hays Dot 1-leinze I'at l-lellerud Daryl Hendricks Arthur Hiken .Ioeelyn Hill Robert Hoeltge Harold Holland Betty Hollander Eleanor Hollander Phyllis Holtzman James Hood Delores Horwitz Ronald Horwitz Jim Howerton Marie Hupperich Gilda Hyman Gloria lken Paul .lesson Xvill "Too many cooks spoil the bioth 'P Om' Soplos Barbara Kaplan John Kern Nancy Kernan Gerald Ketcherside Francis Klein Jack Kidwell J ack King Frances Korchok Kenneth Kohr Orville Kranzberg Eugene Kraus XValt Krieghauser Philip Krueger Marilyn Landis XfVill Lange Sara Lederer .lune Lending' Lois Levine .lack Levinson Jerome Levy llarney Lewis Virginia Lewis Alan Lieberman Ralph Leiman Marilyn Life Harold Linson Burton Lipman Mary Livingston Fred Lloyd Julian Loewenstcin Tobie Londe Jessie Ann Long' Jules Lucas Doris Marglous Audrey Mathes Harvey Mayer Jeanne McEnaney Bob McKelx'ey Anita Michelson Clyford Miener Class of June, 19-i7 Jacqueline Miller Ted Moehlman liill Morath Myrna Morganstern Richard lklontgomcr Harvey Moorehead Ethel Morrison Lester Mueller Gene Muench Mary Lou Murphy Loretta Musket Jimmy Neal Philip Newmark Harold Newmark Charlotte Nixon Nancy Orear Rosalie Pallakoff Anne Pearce Eleanor Pearlman Gloria Pearlstone Mary Lou Pelsue Don Phillips Don Picker Charles Pohle Irene Polishuk Pat Pope Cynthia Portnoy Merrill Rush Powell Billy Preiss Hob Pritzter Hob Probert Maynette Raborn Marilyn Radman Lewellyn Ramsey Howard Rapaport .Xlfred Rathert Larry Hecht Beverly Rosen Maynard Rosen 3. Ruth Terry Rosenstrom Allen Ross Estelle Routman June Rudin Gloria Rudman Marilyn Sakowsky Sara Ruth Salomon Esther Salzberg' Ruby Sander Russell Saphian Marilyn Satz Ruth Schaub Donna Schemmer llldward Scherl lris Sc-hult Betty Seigel Paul Selipgsohn Bil1Setzer Helen Shedle Arlinc Sieg- lrvin Silbergeld Jerome Silberman Albert Simpkins Allan Sloan Charles Smith Jackie Smith Joan Claire Smith Richard Smith Shirley Smith Milton Soldz Charles Sopliir Norma Sophir Virgina Sparks Frank Spasser Sally Steinbaum Mark Steinberg Beverly Summers L'Orida Summers Natalie Supic Allen Surinsky Geraldine Susman Jo Tapscott Cy Tcbbets Class of January, 1948 Jerry Tessler Albert Thiele Mary M. Tliomas Janet Thompson Ruth Thompson Virginia Thomcczek Alicia Todd Betty Tone Betty Tracy Shirley Trauth Allen Tuttle James Underwood Sandy Unger Marie Van Uithoyen Perry Voss Shirley YVagner Maxine XYagner Geraldine 'Waldman Ella XValkenhorst Bob Vifebb Billi XVebster David XVeinberg' Joseph XVeinberg .Xl Vileiss Stuart XVeiss Reya Vileinstein Charles Vklerner Sanford Xvertheimer Richard Xvilkinson Margie VVise Richa rd XVithers Emily VVittmaier Rosalie VVohl Dot YVrif:'ht H erbert Yates Alice Young' Leonard Zellinger Betty Jane Ziercher Sanford Zimmerman Lillian Zlatnick Tom Alb:-ich Dorothy Elias Don Fendelman Hilda Fenster Ralph Grosberg Shirley Hcnske Joseph Henty Donald Mills Dorothy Mitchell Audrey Noftsinger Richard Parnas Boyd Prideaux Deloris Rotty Lewis Rubin Tom Setzkorn Arthur Sherman Page Forty-seven ?F 3'-- . -s Mu ,., np A .wriggi YF . X i is em ,QL Wu-,V 5 3 'rd gI?32Ei55X'rEifz Q Il iff ,V -wg -ffigfgiliwzqfgx -Lpxlgjkz-'-,V ii 3 ffl? A V, ' 2 I Q f v V 5 ya. .. 5 5 E Z , QQ. .. 3 1. ST, , Jig? Q E .y . , . , , 4 fi . . E1 i -f ME ww . w zz sw N ...I , H ,, ' 'ffsxaiiik " .4 ' ,, U s-, : wav' Y? 'ffik' 9 QM, ,4 cfizfifie Participation in extra-curricular ac- tivities rounds out the school pro- gram, playing an important part in the development of character and intellect and in the enrichment of personality. Wholesome diversion is offered by many excellent clubs, and organizations, covering a Wide range of interests from music to mathe- matics-from checkers to current events. University City has added to the famous "3 R's" of education a fourth-Real living. Student Council XVerner, Eberle, VViederholdt, Gray, Preiss, Ballard, Sm art, Duffy, Meyersieck, Strubinger, Hall, Mr. Collings Davis, Campbell, Estes, Bieber, Molasky, Reals, Axelrod, Ellis, Gartside OFFTCERS MEMBERS l"raQifZf1if - - - ED GARTSIDE V ive'-111-wsi alma! - Jon lil LTAIS iifftfivefmgy - - Siliicnm' GRAY 1'l't'llNlLI'I'l' - li ILL ll mils Spiofn,so1'.s - Mn. Coiinines, MR. MUKEE The Student. Council had a busy semester last fall. Chief among its aetivilies were selling bus passes to stuflents, collecting paper in the salvage drive, pilreliasiiig a new souncl projev- lor, turning out lights altei' classes, 2lI'l'2lllg'll1g election of the student officers. and plaiiningg' asseinblies. The Counvil also helper! to keep our school attractive hy cleaning up the circle, and appointing lunch captains to help keep the clafeteria clean. Last fall, too, the Council origi- nated the Fooilmall Queen's Dance, which was a great success. Page Fifty Leslie Axelrod Jack Ballard Dorothy Bieber Jane Campbell Warner Davis Martha Duffy George Eberle Joe Ellis Betty Estes Ed Gartsitle Shirley Gray Lee Hall Mary Betty Meyeisieck Stanley Molasky Mary Lou Preiss Bill Reals Vivienne Smart Bill Strubinger Bud Wiederholdt Morton Werner ED Cllurrsioe Leslie Axelrod Student Council President - - Bon Ro'r1'nAx lf'icc-Pmvitlent - - Bon Kollx b'ffc1'1'tury - - AIARTHA Durrv Zyl?-fl.Sll1'l!I' BILL S'i'1tL'B1No1z1: BOB ROT1'RTAN d Sponsors- Mn. BICKEE, Miss Biuscoii llIEMBEllS i Egg-Iighfawin In the spring, the Council worked on eliang-' Alan Benson Dorothy Bieber Jane Campbell Warner Davis Jack Davison Martha Duffy Joe Ellis Betty Estes Iris Frommel Shirley Gray Ruth Life Mary Betty Meyersieck Bob Rottman Byron Sher Betty Stake Bill Strubinger Tom Uhlmansieck Morton Werner ing the election systeni for student officers and gave out circulars Concerning the change, pro- moted an emergency lire drill, elianged the number on the service Hug, and redeeorated the Couneil Room, well as continuing nianv of the functions started in the fall. The Club Arrowhead Dance was given and was one of the XVerner, Axelrod, Uhlmansieck, Miss Briscoe, Strubinger Campbell, Gray, Stake, Life, Ellis, Estes, Kawin, Sher, Rottman Meyersieck, Frommel, Benson, Davis, Bieber, Kohn, Duffy, Davison Page Fifty-one House o Representatives A Henske, Felt, Brocksclmiidt, Razovsky, Gehlert, Stanza, Kohn, Hoffman Gee, Krueger, Sher, Miller, Norwine, Hays, Ulmansiek, Hamilton, VVinter Rose, Rabushka, Life, Goldenberg, Levinson, Campbell, Gale, Mitchel, Baker, XVerner Altepeter, Thompson, Rottman, Smart, Miss Briscoe, Tebbetts, Dille, Ringhani, Ellis O FFlCE ll S-FIRST SEMil+lS'Tl+lll Mr: il liens-Fiizsr Sic Xl Eswnii Septeinher, 1944-J anuary. 1 945 Y C,INLfl17'7Illl7l,- - - - - JOE l'li,Lls Vice C'lmirma.n - - Bois Ro'rTnixN Secr1s'emi-y - - YIVIENNE Sn.-xirr BILL gwnnnws Zvlfll-YlliI'l'I' - - Sergwmt-uit-ilrms - Ton 'l'EiiBE'1"r.: ,. Fmsr Sian r:s1'ER - 1944-45 During the first semester ol the school year, the House completed two entirely new projects 3 namely, the organization ot' a War Stamp sell- ing campaign through thc advisory groups Cwhich resulted in 902, of the student body becoming stamp buyers each week ot the se- mesterj : and the selling of a season ticket tor basketball to more than 900 people. The llfouse continued the accumulation of names for the School llonor Roll, the sale of Tom-Tom subscriptions, the posting of an- nouncements in the cafeteria, the cleaning ol' the trophy eases, and the filling of stockings lor disahlccl solflicrs. lt also sponsored a War Bonsl and Stzunp Asscnibly, and assisted thc Student Council with the semester paper drive. Page Fifty-two 194 Cathy Altepeter Bill Andrews Nelson Baker Kenneth Brockschmidt George Campbell Earl K. Dille J oe Ellis Ronald Felt Howard Gale Connie Gee Milton Gehlert Borah Mae Goldenberg Frank Hamilton Gordon Hays Gerhard Hentschke Irving Hoffman Louis Kohn Helen Kopman Pat Krueger 4-45 Bill Levinson Ruth Life Maynard Michel Alice Miller Jean Norwine Selene Rabushka Richard Razovsky Connie Ringhaln Sheldon Rose Bob Rottman Byron Sher Vivienne Smart Bob Stanza Tom Tebbetts June Thompson Tom Uhlmansiek Charles Werner Paul Winter Jon ELLIS UL .5:..vx1:oe- f V.-,-wsm .yi-JeL,.f.,gm i 'H' l a 5' u BOB IQOHN Harms Cathy Altepeter 'Fed Altepeter Nelson Baker Dick Braznell Kenneth Brockschmiclt George Campbell Joyce Cohen Howard Gale Borah Mae Goldenberg Dick Grimm Iris Haffner Frank Hamilton Gerhard Hentschke Bob Hirschfielcl James Hood Ralph Johnston Louis Kohn Pat Krueger i EN'lfATlVlCS Bill Levinson Ruth Life Maynard Michel Richard Montgomery Judy Neidlinger Alice Nelson Jean Norwine Jack Reed John Richards Sheldon Rose Vivienne Smart Bob Stanza Harold Tabachnick June Thompson Claudia Tichenor Charles Werner Paul Winter Mickey Wittels fc House 0 Representatzves OFFICERS SECOND SEMESTEII, 1945 0lNlll"II1lll7'li - - - L 13014 IQOHN lvllff'-fflllllI'I'I7IIl7l - - Gnonon C,xix1rBELi. NOC1'f'I'ifl'I'y - - - - Rl"l'Il lillfli ,Ivl'E'llNIll'!'l' - - - Tien Ai,'i'l4:i'lcTER Nwgeirznif-int-ilrms - - CATIIY ,XL'l'l'Il'ETEll Sneoifn SEMl4lS'l'lCll, 15345 'l'he House o-if llepresentzltives has earriefl out many projects whieh have henetiteml the sehool this year. Among its aceoniplishnients were the posting ol' announcements in the ealeteria :intl the organization ol' Tom-7'om :mil Iliff! sull- seription eanipaigns. The llouse eontinuecl the weekly sale of war stamps in the advisory groups promlueing exeellent results. liesimles this projeet, The llouse eooperai'ecl in the national war effort hy lblltllllg' on a sehool sex'e11tli-iVa1'- loan eanipaign anrl tl paper tlrive, all proeeeils of ivhieli went to eover part of the mlaniage eauseel hy the lire in the auditorium. ln iis emleavor to keep the school as elean as possible, a clean-up eainpaign was put on anfl 11 trash eau was plaeell inthe eirele. A new projeet attenipteml by the governing holly was the aeeuinulation oi material l'or the lzzflfian Uvzifille, a. guide hook to zic-quaint sopho- niores with the sehool. Smart, Nelson, Krueger, Montgomery, Gale, Kolm, Hood, Norwine, XVittels, Hirsohfielml Richards, Duffy, Grimm, Stanza, Brockschmimlt, Tabachnick, Johnston, Michel, VVerner Golflenberg, Neidlinger, Haffnor, Cohen, Tichenor, liraznell, Levinson, Hentschke, Hamilton Winter, Baker, C. Altepeter, Campbell, Kohn, Miss Briscoe, T. Altepeter, Life, Rose Page lfifty-tlzfrec Dial Morrison, Meyer, Attree, Eudaley, Life, Pallakoff, WValling'ton, Reifer, Nowlan, Pierce, Maclnnes, C. VVerner, I-IOlldl'ltl6l Nl llei Plank, XVilson, Kohn, Strauss, Dardiek, Silver, Collinger, Rader, Boles, Byars, Levinson, Susman Rupp, Portnoy, Epstein, XVinkler, Queen, Inger, Miss Hamilton, Hartmann, Gale, Rzxbushka, Lending, l-lirsihfielll Mansilebaum, NVohl, llahrmann, Fishgoll, NVaters, Faulkner, Winzerling, Moeller, Sander, Ring, liiulman, Sal7ber l-learsh, Heimann, Winshy, Tracy, Happ, Strain, M. XVerner, Kohn. Gray, Krueger, Stake EXECUTIVJQ S'l'AFL' Clllffl' Nl0R'l'0X W1-zlaffrzn - LOVIS Koux - - Bon S'ricAlN - PM' KICUl'lLll4IlL Brrrry Sixxkri SifllRl.m'G1mY - - EDl'1'HI.4AHRlNIANN - PAT Timm' - - IRVING RlXIlER - - - IddHor-in-Clliof Bilxiiizess Manager - Bll.YlIlf?S.9 Manager A xsistont Editor Assistant Editor - f'il'Clll!lf'i0lL Manager Erlitolrial Board Editorial Board Ph 0fUUI'lIIJll.4l1' Sponsor 7 Miss HA M nxrox Shirley 1-lapp Tilford Hearsh Bob Hirsehfield Bob Kohn Pal Faulkner Adrienne Fisligoll Ralph Hartman Delores Horwitz Morton Inger Bill Levinson Ruth Life Grace Maclnnis Nancy Meyer Ha rriet Moeller Pat Nowlan Rosalie Pallalioff .lim Boles Dick Byars lieryl Epstein Pat Eudaley .Ioy Lending' Grace Man-lnnis Page Fifty-foul' Ciiiumirzx Dl'I'URlAL Ann Mandlebaum Mary Miller Alan Reimann Don Winsby STA rr Cynthia Porinoy Pal Reese Eleanor Reifer Gloria Rudman Barbara Rupp Esther Salzberg Ruby Sander Byron Sher Charles Xlkillington Marilyn XVaters lmrraine XVinzerlin,g' AllVl4lll'l'lSINl5 S'1'AFif Ben Olscliwanger Sallie Pierce Selene Rabushka Charles XVerner Rosalie XVohl .lean Cummings Shirley 1-lapp Nancy King' Dolly Aitree Charlyne Goldmi Maxine .Jacobs Erlene Plank Mary Lou Proiss TYI' L.Vl'l0N STA1-'1-' Margaret Queen Pat 'Fraey Nancy Young IM: S'l'Al"l4' Elenorv Reifer Evelyn Spurgin Doris XVilson Lorraine XYinzei'ling A lighter moment WRITING Sflflllflll Sponsor- Mlss H.-xluus MARY Lol' Pmclss - ------ Coeldflitor llus FROM MEL Dlmi Bvlclcs - Rowlxuv HflliXX'T'l'Z SHIRLI-IY VI-IltSl'Hl.l-IlSI'Ili - IRVING RAIN-11: - E'l'lllClr Moluclsolv SYI, Rolslxsox - JANE CAM I'lll4Il,L Nancy Berger, Elaine Brick, Jocelyn Dubei, Betty Estes, Paula French, Marcia Fuhrer, Carol Gill- man, Bob Kohn, David Leitch, Gerry Lipcin, Maxine Marinor, Ben Olschwanger, Neal Rosen- berg, Esther Salzberg, Merilyn Shucart, Jean Seeger, Ruth Senturia, Geraldine Snsrnan v Tom-To 111 - A - Co-Erlitor - Assnriflfe Erlfiwr Erlitfwiul Assistzbnt - Erlimriul Assistant lthologruplzffr l'hot0gruph,f'r Boys' Sports - Girls' Sports A ss istcl ni ll nPORTERs SI N lass STA rr 'Phe sr-lmol will lllllill later hj20IlSOI'g Miss FLINT Enrrn Lluliurtxx - ---- Business Manager Jl'l.11's R.xvlcN - - - Assistant Manager MAXINIG J.xm'ons - - C'il'01ll!lfi0lI lllunuger DOIALY A'r'l'1u-:1-:,l- - Assislrlnt Cl7'ClllfIf'l0l1 STAFF PU' KRl'l'1Gl'?N - ' ----- EICMIHUI' Don Biggs, George Campbell, Herbert Glazier, R0f'HEUfl'l KR-NINNH ' - Ef1'C7ll1N!!U Harriet. Moeller, Sally Pierce, Ada Ann Pope, VNU RING ' - - - E41'ff7HUl!!'f Grace Maclnnis, Mary Thomas Fuhrer, Attree, Maclnnis, Nowlan, Krueger, Moeller, Hauler, Olschwangcr, Leitch, Pierce, ltope, Rose, Rosenberg' Tlriek, Shucart, French, Seeger, Miss Flint, Miss Harris, Gillnian, EStBS,CLll1l1JbCll, Glaser, Richards Morton, Salzburg, Berger, Rudman, Sanders, Morrison, Susrnan, Ring, Lipvin, Senturia, Dubci I-lorwitz, Vt-rsclileiser, Byars, l'reiss, Fronnnel, Jzu-obs, Luhrznnnn, Litvag, Ruven Page Fifly-Arr Societas Classicalis Palette and Brush The purpose of Palette and Brush is to bring persons interested in art together and give them a chance to develop further interest. The members hope to give an art assembly and an art exhibit. Each semester an 'honor member is chosen by the club. To be an honor member one must do the most outstanding work and participate in club activities. The club also gives a picnic for its members at the end of each year. Recently the niembers voted to abolish all attendance regula- tions for they decided that there was no further need of them. So Proudly We Hail "Societas Classicalis con- veniet hottie." This notice familiar to room 303 always means that an interesting program is being planned by the Latin Club after school. This year the club has Continued its study of Greek and several members have led discussions on the derivations of certain words derived from the Greek. In a lighter vein, two success- ful parties were given, one commemorating V e r gi l birthday and the other in honor of the fourteenth birthday of t.he club. Wm FH.,-'l"q'iT Ytriking a Pose Societas C lassicalis flol4lunb1:i'g:,', liosu, Kohn, Axelrod, Nelson, Senturizi, Stake Miss llnnmrlly, Fllilllll, Sicg, I':Lll:1k0I'l', Hollman, Silverman, BiEl'g'6l', Lifc, Seilzbm-1'g', Hullzmllvr Millmzm, Abrams, Yulnfm, Imitm-li, Kuhn, Rabushka, Lending, XYohl S0l'll'lT,XS CLASS,lC.XI,lS UI4'l+'ll'I-1138 I'.Xl,lCTTl'l AND BIZITSII Hl4'l+'ItTl41lIS l'rCsirlvnt I , Dxvnw Ll'II'l'f'l'l Ll1ISl.ll'I AXIf1I.ll0l1 11f'S1fY'f'H ViC,,,p,.,,Si,1,,,1t Bm: Soumox SANDY SC'llUl.'I'Z '::.': Cnc, .' ' J . El 1 il xii '1 llNI S t D xx in Cfoluwox Wm,-I,WSldmf Gere aru N , , - FAQ ' Sl'l'llY ,Tx R Lois AHRAMS NANCY Bi-:imma A Nm ' I OSI Fixx - TI'P1lSZlI'f?l' S4"f'l'l'fll7'Q1j-Tl'f'tl-YHTPI' BIGIKNIUIC lVI1l.1.M.xN MYRNA MORGANSTI-:lax BW,-,A E,.,','my Bm, SpHM,,,',1 Svrg4'znif-ut-.lrms 1 W , ' Lows ICOIIN LOVIS ICOHN 'gl""1'V" AMWS GRM SIJOIINUI' - Miss DONNELLY Palette and Brush Finn, Senturia,qStai'k, Abrams, Goldenberg' Shannon, Marglous, scott, Miss Gray, Bl'ig"f'iIl, Fulirm' 1 , ,v- , D . , . , Kane, Huber, Solomon, Epstein, Sk'illlllZT4XQ'I'llSS I Ilya I iffy 51,1 1 ll Mofftmf and Pestle Powers, VVinsby, Klein, Raven, Johnson, Glnzier, B. Kohn, Siebert, L. Kohn, Levy, Tischler, Nvilliumson Goldstein, Horwitz, Fiximui, XVinter, Kuiten, Galle, Simon, Kean, Huber, Lapushin, Davis Millrnnn, Dubei, Kuhn, Hose, Sher, Miss Stark, Levinson, Reiman, Spurgin, Nolte Sinz, XV1-rnvr, llillv, llzirris, Mic-lu-l, Life, C NI.-XYNARII Miomcl, Blu. Ivluucls Rl"l'll Llifld Emu, Dil.l.i-1 OFFICERS l'1'w.si11,ui1,l MAs'NAkn lVIIf'i-Im. V1rv'-I'i'1'x'irlz'i1,t NIAIISIIALI. FTXMAN Nf'r:1'r'tc1ry EVELYN Sviiiuiix TVPIISII rw' ARTH UR S I MON Sffrgrfrz 71 f-11 f-,-1 rm S DAVID Hrlncii RA Y S1 lClZER'l' Npnzzsm' - Miss S'l'A1ui lrmzi Jean Chancller Bob Cowdery Joseph Davis Jocelyn Dubei Earl Dille Marshall Fixnia n Howard Gale llerbert Glazier Lester Goldstein BillHz11'1'is David Huber Dan Hurwitz Ralph Johnston David Kean Bob Kohn Louis Kohn Eu,1:eneKutivn Page Fifly-vigil! Mmm EHKS hob Lzinushin l,J:1Vi1l Imvy Ruth Life Mziynurd liiiclu-l Julius Haven Alain lim-inizin Byron Sher Alerilyn Sllllt'!ll'l Flvs,-lyn SIJllI'2,1'Ill Huy Siebert .XI'llllll'Sllll0l1 Mzirtin 'Fisehler Morton NVernvr lion XVinsby l'z1,ul Winter FIIIQIPIIP 'Yaileni Iortsirl e, Chandler The Morteii' :mil ,Pesilo filuh was orgziiiizecl to proinoto l'urth0r iiitm-11-sii. in the sviviicfe ol' Qlieinistry hy ai'foi'1Iing :in lJIlll0l'l'llllll"Y io clmil with those plmses oi' the vourse for whirh there is no time llllI'lllQ this Vllgjlllill' vhlss perioml. Tlirough the nviiviiies ol' the cfluh it is hopecl that lllClllll0l'S will he iiiziflu more conscious of the iiiipoiiaiiw olf science in their daily lives. 'KX little knowlmlfge is Rl clung:-rous thing" Coyxriz R1N4:u.xM BILL Haiuus .IHANNIQ M.-xiuws BILL R1-:Ars NIIOIISUI' Since The main purpose of The Spanish Clluh is to hetter al-quaint its nienihers with Spanish viistmiis and liieraliire. its 'first projs-rl was to learn a lypival Spanish Llanc'-0. When the rluh hall siiwessfiilly ziwoiiiplisliefl This fliflic-illl l'val'. lhe iiic-irilwis were lilllllvlllllrl on a series ol' ganios in iniprm'e their vmalxularv. The nieinln-rs slum-nl S1'Y0l'2ll lllP0llIlgS fluriiig whirh lhex' slrug- glecl llirmigli these clillirull' lam amazing' games. The l'lllll also had Two main social affairs: one a lllirislmas parly at The Uaslilla and The ollivr 1 - ' 1 a picnic' al lhv fh llviirilftta Abrams lion Breckenridge Dick Byars Sue Ann Fadem Phyllis Ginsberg Betty Goldenberg Dnrotliy Grover VNV?-I'I'6SifIF71f OFFICERS l Presirimzf Dim: Bxxms Doroizrzs KliIl'lClSH.Xl'Sl'II! S+'0rr'f0ry Coxxnc RINGHAM Trffusllrer Bm: S'riuiN -Miss R0'1'1rsCul1,n . . Q am ol lim-las. Did you Mmm:-:rcs llill Harris Grace Macflnnis Elayne Hollander Jeanne Marc-us Ralph Johnston Alice Nelson Annadine Krachmalnick Roger Nelson Dolores Kriegshauser Roberta Oberrnun Pat Krueger Connie Ringham Eelilh Lahrmann Ruby Sander Spanish Club just enroll? Stanley Selina.:- Rob Strain Geraldine Susm an Jane Tait Janice Xvylie Ba1'lJarf1 Zatlin l7Ilfl8lll, Tait, Breckenridge, Strain, Litvag, Byars, Grover, WV4ylie, Javobs,-Meyer Novak, Neifllinger, Nelson, Kriegshauser, Engeling' Lewis, Satz, Zatlm Krar-hinalnick, Hollander, Oberman, Golclenlueiqq, Maclnnis, Kane, Bennett, Pope Miss Rothsvhilll, Rassieur, Sinz, Heals, Hingham, Miller, Ginsber Puyr I iffy Illllf Le Cercle Ffmncais Chess and Cbecleevfs Moorvh cmd, 'sn ' 1, llth, Po Hzxnsn ' Rnssim ' Well, Fi mn, Re' 11, Hur ' Ui xmsm 1Yl'liLIlI'l L rls, Hur ' . ss Keck W Husv, I" ' , 3 wltz, S ' , uoldst ' -1111115 ' Izxrglo lmnfell em, W -' , Dllle L1 1 - us, Queen, Miss Xvolfner, Senturia, Rupp u 1, Happ, Goldenberg, Fxxmzm, CUIJIHU 1,1ne1' Abrams , Huber, Svligsohn, 1111011 Axelrwnl Hl4'l+'If?l+11:S Ol"l+'IUl4ll?S 1'1'f's1r1f311f Bo11.x1f1 M.x1-3 Go1,1m11N1:1c11u BORAII MM: G01,1111N1:11:m+ Pl'1'SifI6l1f 111W-.111-,1,g'ff1p,1f S111+:1,1mox ROSE Sulzmox Rosa. ROI! WIII'l'l4I B011 XVHITIC ' ' . ,, 1 - , .j I ,q,,C,.C,mw Vim lifmflffnt SHIRLEY Gun' M,x11c:,x1c1c'1' QU11:1':X DAN HI-Rwpl-Z DAN HI'RNX'I1'Z Trf?f1s11rf'1' JOHN Dfbl'1iIll'IIi .IRAN Co1'1.,xN N1'm'rrl111111-T' N1JOl1S0l'- Mlss NV01.1fN1c1c EAR1. K. l'r1g1w Siriy 1Pf1sz1rf D11.1,1f: qv BILL H1 ARRYS The Freneli Club, 0110 ol' the olds-sl 1-luhs at U. City, has Cliznigecl its slziiirlarcls lor zulniit- ting new ineinhers. Now SillCll'lll'S llllCl'l'Sl'0lil in lmecoining lneinhers do not ll0l'll to liuw il your of Freneli before lhey are allowed to join. Sonn- of the i'llllJ,S lllillll zuftivities this your i111'l111'l1'1l the tlllllllill Clll'lSllll2lS Party. ut wliieh El 'l'c'w ineinhers presented plays lor the rc-st ol' the club, El C'l'l0lDl'5lJLlOll ol' the Foto cles Bois. the learning ol' French gzunes. znul the inaking ol' recorcliiigs to show the progress ol' its inc-nilmr-rs in pl'OIllllll'l2lllOll. Lois AlJl'kllllS Jean Coplan .Iohn Dougher Le C evele Fwmcazs Mun is Borah Mae Goldenberg Shirley Gray Shirley Hupp ERS Dan Hurwitz Margaret Queen Barbara Rupp Ruth Senturia Bob White 'l'he Chess Club sponsoroll U. City,s Chess Vllllillll which haul El record this yeur of two vit:- tories and two lies with no defeats. A vhess lourinnnent was also helcl under the znispit-cs ol' the Club g a prize oi' one clollur i11 cletense Siilllllls was ziwardecl to Gene Metz lor the seczontl clon- seeutive year. The Chess Club had two lem-lures during the course ol the your lay Mr. Frm-cl gXllQl0l'SHIl, il proininc-nt St. Louis 4-hess player. and one vlwss exhibition hy the St. liouis lligh School 1-hess genius, llolmert Steiiiiiieyeig who KilUliG2llQfl il len 111 ol' eight ll. City vhs-ss players siliiiiltaiieoiisly. Leslie Axelrod Earl K. Dille Marshal Fixnian Lester Goldstein Bill Harris Dave Huber Dan Hurwitz Chess and Checkers lll unnnus Gene Metz Harry Moorhead Merrill Powell Sheldon Rose Ted Rassieur Norma Shanfeld Competition for Lockheed That one "stumps thf' 0XD9l'fr- Page Sully one Math Club NVinter, Razovsky, Dardick, Strauss, Siebert, Hearsh, Levy Kawin, Strain, Winsby, Molasky, Gollub, Silver, Kalishman, Simon, Rmmwn Kahn, Vlfallington, Hoffman, Kohn, Miss Turner, Life, Michel, Turku Meyer, Meyersieck, YVerner, Axelrod, Ellis, Hirsc-hfield The purpose ol' lllu Mzltli Ululu is To slurly' L1-:sul-: AXllILll1lll Biuox Sinn those pliasvs of 1llilllll'lll2illC'S and its history for ng 15181111 1f which llir-ro is no lllllt' in class periods, anrl to Mmulox W"3'lN"3R MU N ml' MNH" lurtlim-r an iiitew-st in the sillxivfft aniongg the S'C"""" ' MARY Br:'r'rv Ml BFRSIM lx RL 111 Lui stuclc-nl lnoflv. The Math Club puhlisliml a paper mgallecl "'l'l1e Beavonf' whim-h vontalnecl prolilmns anrl ii1tv1'est,i11g arlivles about lll?llllGlll2lll4'S. 'lflw nwnilwrs also lm-a.rn about ilu- many and varied uses ol! the sllclo-rule. Leslie Axelrod M alf-olm Dardick Earl Dille Martha Duffy Beryl Epstein Stanley Gollub Corinne Griffin 'Pilford Hearsh 'Hob Hirschflelml .lack Hoffman David Huber Alvin Hyman Gloria Jean Kahn Jerome Kalishman XV:1rren Ka win David Kean Bob Kohn David Levy Ruth Life Page Sixty-two lvleumzics Nant-y Meyer Mary Betty Mvyersieczk Maynard Michel Stanley Molasky Alice Nelson Richard Razovsk y .Klan Reiman lflyron Sher Ray Siebert .Xrt Silver Arthur Simon Rob Strain Leon Strauss Beverly 'Pucker Charles Nvallington Morton NVerner Don XVinsby Paul NVinter Sporzsoz Miss Tl RNI lc OFFLCEHS Prcsidfent Boi: ll,l1csolir'l1+:1,11 lion H11:s1'111f'1EL1Q1 lTiff'-1J1'z',s1'rlrf11,l Mimi' liou Furfrox l311.1. Hiiiiusiui S1"r'r1'lzlf'y llocH151,1.11: Kimixi-Ls .XHLINIC Suu: NNIIIINIII' 5 NI Iss l-3.1 HX 1 111:14 ',l'l1e Cl,ll'l'Ul1l liveiils Club is one olf iluf uiosi :ufiive clubs in ilie school. lls 1lll'llllJCl'S 1111- Ill'2ll'QCl, in :1 round izible diswiissioii eiiiiili-ll KAI'Oll11Cl the Peace Tilljlffv on KNOX. The 1-lub sponsorod an asseiubly in wliieli il iuoviu ol' South Aiuorica was shown and conducted il slr11,iv-poll for ilio entire svliool before ilie presi- flflllllill eleelion. The purpose of ilio Uurreul, Evonis Club is io promote, l'lll'Ollgll open dis- cussion, 21 great inierest in affairs both ai home and abroad. Current Events Club Keeping up with the latest Eddie Balk Joe Ellis Jimmy Gross Bob Hirschfleld Ronald Horwitz Rosalie Kreisman Irving Litvag BIEMBIGIQS Nelson Reicliiuan Sandy Shapiro Bill Sliieber A1-line Sieg Alan Sloan Charles We1'nei' Mary Lee Winkler lfzidem, Steinberg, Gross, l-Ellis, Suphian, Shieber, Voglor Surinsky, Liivug, Shapiro, Strauss, Horwitz, Hansiiizm 1il'6lSlllG.lIl, Miss Bzxrniilgo, Fulton, lrlirsclifield, Kraines, Sieg, l"2Hll?lll Page Si.Lfty-three Ciceronicm Club Litemry Club LITERARY CLU1: C:C3YHONLg CLUB H Vt B . . 3 . . . , 1 ' -of 4 . - A- X9 FOI , ' ETIIEF, 2ll'lSlTlklIl, 0l'XX'l Z, el'gE Mm' I mlm' Tuklg?5k1'L1ggi?lil Nmlbln' Smdlt' Pullukoff, Sicg, Dr. Urch, Fixman Fisclfmann, Kose, Sterneck, Goldman, Hearsh, Hood, Shapiro, Boxer, Hollandcl Melrmor, Pierce Coplan, Kohn, Hirschflcld 1ll4',If'll,TEHS UFFTUICIQH I l'm91fZmf Tlmfmxlm Iflumsu l,1f:sLm ,XX1cl,l:o11 IH-1f,v1'f7mzt - IIRLENIQ: Kovxux VM,-l,,,mm,M Y , Bm: linux' TILFOHD IIlc.x1:sH lI!'l'fl'I2'K'NllI!'l'1f - SAIME P1Em'Ic N, I T 1, f'I"I'l' Hfy- I'l'wIlN1lNl'l'7" 1 ' Y. 'T H . 1. 3 w , N YUE HIXMAN Nf'rr1'lfn'y-1 1'rwr.fzu'w' - - HITA l+'1ScQ'IIxmNN H W Q 1 PM JO l'a.rZ11m1 an hz rum- . lim: lIIRSCIl1'lI'Il.lD '1'1rF0mw IIE,-mall .N',mn.cnr- NI. U. FMU: xl: 4 J Sf1OllN0'l' - ' Pagr' Sim! jf-f01lfT lm. IVRCII The Ciceronian Club is one of University City High School's newest organizations. It took its name l'roni one of the Worlcl's most renowned orators, Cicero. The purpose of this elull is to lurther an interest in debating and oratory within the student hody' and tostudy the phases ot debating and oratory in order to benefit our school, students, and eluh. This .rear three debates were held with Clayton and an interesting assembly was given to help pro- iuote Missourijs new constitution. Leslie Axelrod Jean Coplan Joyce Fixinan Tilford Hearsh Bob Kohn Bob Hirschfield Ciceronicm Club Jliamsniis Betty Hollander James Hood Ronald Horwitz Rosalie Pallakoff Arline Sieg Charles Werner The purpose ol the Literary Cluh is to give its ineinhers an opportunity to widen the scope ol' their literary aetivityg to acquaint' theni with literature ot' established merit. and to further their interest in the hest current literary thought. lluring the war years. the Cluh has spon- sored several sueeesstul hook drives and has eontrihuted to war funds, money for which has been acquired etroni cake sales, silver teas, and curtailed purchase ot hooks lor the club library. Margie Cohen Joyce Cohn Rita Fischniann Mary Lou Fulton Charlyne Goldman Helene Kopman Maxine Marmor MENU Literary Club li R S Sallie Pie1'ce Virginia Lee Rose June Rubin Vivienne Smart Evelyn Spurgin Marcia Sterneck Rosalie Wohl Looking into Things A Stitch in Time Page Sixty-Jive Strut and Frei Henrietta. Abrams Dolly Attree Elaine Belenson Elaine Brick Lucille Crane Jocelyn Dubei Betty Estes Lester Goldstein Jo Ann Haigler Betty Jean Hollnian Lois Hough Bob Huber Gloria Kahn Ronald Klein Bonnie Marglous Doris Marglous Jean Morton Roberta Neal Erlene Plank Pat Reese Belenson, Salzberg, D. Marglous, Razovsky, Huber, Tichenor, Hallman, Todd, Hough, Senturia B. Marglous, Kahn, Rose, Miss Bowers, Goldstein, Klein, Brick Shelton, Reese, Estes, Neal, Attree, Plank Sheldon Rose Gloria Rudman Esther Salsberg Ruth Senturia Gwendolyn Shelton Martin Tisehler Alicia Todd Shirley Versehleiser Gerry VValclman .lim NValsh Page Sixty-six Beauty is only skin deep UFFICEITS 1'1'6s'iflf'l1t Romzirm NEAL Roincu'u'A NEAL Vice-l'1'esifIr'l1t Biwry Esrns Lois Houen Secrmwry Deux A'1"1'Rl-Ili DOLLY A'1"1'Rm: TI'CllSll,7'lfl' Pxr REEHE PAT Ricnslc Sponsor - Miss Bowrzns An evening program given by the nienillers of Strut and Fret elimaxed a year of studying dramatic techniques. Tlnder the direc-tion ot Miss Bowers programs were planned to teach the members of the club some ol' the fine points of rlraniaties and plays were attended by the inenlbers to Wateli professional actors at work. Try-outs for entrance are held at the beginning' of each semester and are open to any student interested in dramaties. OFFICERS lJ1'f'.v1'dm.f ICTHEL Monnisox lRVING Rxnnl: Vl'lf'P-ljI'l'NI'IfPHl JA was lfxnnnwoon lil'I'lH'1I, BIORHISON Nr'c'1'r'1'ary JVNE IAICNDIXG Him. Yoicli 7lI'I'UNllI'l'I' .Ion G11,l,m:nAX Spo1z.wr- MR. llrrnlrmlzs Tin- purpose of ilu- l,l?l11ll'l'il Ululi is lo vmllwlm- those interested in pll0fOQ'I'?lplll' io I4-urn lion' to use El craniera. how fo flow-lop film, and liow to adjust :mil sei il 1'2llI1Pl'2l. The iirsi' twenly niinuivs of ezueli nieeting are clevolecl To ai clem- onslralion ol some phase olf pliofogrzipliy. The rest ol' the time the moinbers work on prinls and mechanism used in ileveloping film. The vluls plans lo make two piC'u11'0-lakiiig' trips during the spring. They 2ll'1'3llQ'K'iVl lheir inoeiiiig room inlo a slumlio in wliieli llioy will iake porlruiis. The Clic-lc Shop has given 200 issues oi' plioiogrupliicc nmgazinos lo Them wiili which ilu-.V have Hl'2lI'lPfYl il plioiogrupliif' lilmiry. Camera Club The VVay to ax, Teachefs Heart Anneda Albert Lucille Crane Malcolm Dardick Rose Finn Ralph Leiman ll mimics June Lending Ethel Morrison Irving Rader Graham Tevis James Underwood Bill York Albert, Frommel, Davis, Dardick, Mr. Chambers, York, Crane, Tevis Underwood, Lending, Morrison, Gillorman, Brzulley, Finn Page Shrly-xereiz Pep Club Duffy, Day, Stake, Collings, Murphy, Delaloye, Christopher, Engeling, Bennett, Henske, Pugh, VVhitescarver, Thomeezek, Komm, Lasky, Altman, Horwitz, Christopher Nelson, Rose, Feltmeyer, Muench, Orear, L. Ramsey, You ng, Klein, Kernan, Rosenstrom, Matlies, Peterson, Smith, Meisel, Guller, Moeller Kaplan, Fisher, Polishuk, Sophir, Dubei, Crane, Schucart, Steinberg, Zellinger, XVaters, l+'aulkner, Bremer, Hollander, Portnoy, Goldenberg Milton, Ackerman, Fennerty, Elders, Messina, Brouster, Richter, Nolan, Hammer, Shannon, Glazier, Block, Landis, Blass R. Ramsey, Norwino, Friel, T. Smith, lfrank, Rudin, Smith, Michelson, Stark, Tevis, XValker, N. Cohen Booth, Sutemeier, King, Gillmzm, Miller, Seeger, French, Mills, Satz, Pzillakoff, Glickman Ruceckert, A. Miller, Vorsc:hleiser, Goldstein, Mr. McKee, Baker, Roscnkranz, Kriegsliauser Kaiser, Donaldson, NVolff, Selvuggi, Tisrrhner, Sinz Olflfl MENS Page Sixty-eiglit Getting up in the World .lotmgi President - - Doiiis KAYSEIR Sponsor W Mn. MQK EE The Pep Club was O'l'g21IllZOCl to improve the sportsinanship of the school, to increase atten- dance at games, and to improve generally the conduct of the students at public affairs. Tliore has been an unusually large nienibership this year and the attendance during the football and basketball seasons was excellent. CIIISER LEADERS N,m.s0N BAKER - - CII-jlflliill DORIS liAYSER ULAUDIA TICHENO1: liixitiaixicix VV0LI4'l4'E l.i2sTE1i GoLDs'rmX BETTY SELVAGUI - - - - - - 00-Olllllfllilb MARnxNNii SINZ PAT DONALDSON OFFTCERS Lwulzfr - - - LUCILLE Ciuxic .l.v.wisff1r1f LIFIIIZUI' - - MA'm.I.YN Snro.xi:'r Hrfpvrlwr - - - AIAIJELYX SK'llNl4lIlJlflll Sponsor - Miss HoFri1AN The A. W. V. S. group has nninerous zrrtivi- ties which contribute to the War effort. The girls help at the Union Station in the inirsery, work at the Ration Board, take cookies to Tent City for the soldiers, knit, Various zirtivles Such as sweaters, scarves, and squares, nnfl inako Scrapbooks for the soldiers. Alt their ineetings the girls usually 'lfold ooinpresses and make toy tlllllllillS for eliilclren. During the recent "Milo of Diinesn clrivo many helpeml to collect inomgy ill- the llimitlciix in St. Louis. A. W. V. S. Always willing' to volunteer Serviw Henrietta Abrznns Anneda Albert Elaine Belenson J can Cummings Helen Eisenberg Sue Fadeni Hose Finn Adrienne Fisligull Nanette Fleisvlwr Iris Frommel Myra Gassnnin Dolores Geigmrr Maurinu Grecnbm Rosalie Kreisnnin 11. NIICMBIQRS Ethel Morrison Jean Morton Nona Oksner Fern Rosonkrzrnz Marilyn Szrkowsky Shirley Snlzberg Mnrjorie Sclnnnznn Betty Seigcl RutliSc1nlnrizn Snrzih Ruth Salomon Evelyn glJlll'L1'lIl Shirley Stein Rosa' StuinlJoi'p,' Salomon, Eisenberg, Steinberg, Sr-lnnnnn, Salzberg, Stein, Sonturia, Albert, Rosonkrnnz, Lewis .lfznlc-ni, Geiger, Belenson, Miss Hoffman, Fishgoll, lVlUl'l'lSO1"l, Sakowsky, Kreisnmn, Finn Hreenbvrg, Fleischer, Slnlrzirt, Crane, Schneider, Crininilngs, Oksnor, Abrnnis Page Sixty-nine Stamp Club Excelsior I,zmdis, Block, Rapaport, Davis, Smith, Solomon, Kramer, Hartmann, Mickelson, J. Smith, Ketchrzrside Brockschmidt, Shapiro Dc- Long, Gorenstein, Schult, Oberman, R. Shapiro, Davis, Miss Abbott, Enocfh, Long, Rosen Svhowengerdt, Fisher ':.Y A 1+ ,i V x i A uri I XFFT SIU? OFT' li'l"PS l,l'f'Nl.fil'l1f l'Nr'-I'rr',vz'flrfrzf JUSl4Il'li Dwis 'i3I..xN4'ii14: lflxorll li0lil41li'i'.X Ulslciaxlxx HICIi.XI,IJ1fE'l'f'Ill41liNil1l yvfflillllflf Awf,r.,.,,f,,,,.',! J ' - J ' ' ' 1 l H 1 v ' 1 ' , - .Imam .Xxx Low. i.o1:ERi.i 01,14,1cx1.xx FHHI, lumtls LLOYD jms SCHV, 1 lm-:Nic Pm,TsHL'1f .iosfzifii 'liixvls lim: Dr: I.oNf: M,xYX.xi:n iiosicx .s'lfmr.m1'-Bifis. liol1if:xllAl9Eli. Page Seventy Stamp Club STAMP CLUB OFFICERS MEMBERS 11,-5,',,',,j,,t,l,f ,,...,.. J 01,3 DLW15 Lawrence Bierman David Huber V i s ' I 1 K . V . .5e"fI'l'tIll'.If-TI'!'ll,W'lLffl' - - llosA1,YN Suixrmo DOH Blockschmldf Donad lame! A SIIOVLNKJI'-1 Miss AX iaiio'r'r The Stamp tilluh, which is the newest organi- zation in school, meets every other ,li'riday tor a husiness meeting and on alternate Fritlays lor trading purposes. The club trailed stamps with other schools and placed an exhibition in the front show ease which excited much interest. Dick Byars Joe Davis Earl Dille Betty Fischer Gregory Hansman Ralph Hardman Richard Lang Erwin Schowengerdt Rosalyn Shapiro Stanley Shapiro Bob Solomon Stewart Weiss ,l'lXt'l+lllHlO,ll is an extra-t'urri4:ular activity designed to link up many otherwise unrelated hut signitit-ant activities olf youth. 'l'he club stresses the development. ol' personality, encour- ages the huilcling ot ttreams, and teat-lies boys ancl girls to look lor happiness in little things. During the school year lflll-1945, carrying out its "Good Works' program, l+lXCEllSltllt collected nsecl clothing tor the .Xllietl Nations llelietg gave generously to the Red Cross: and contributed personally to the Mile o' Dimes. ln acttlition to the usual holiday parties antl spring picnics, its social activities this year have includetl serving light refreshments at many ot its regular ineetings, as well as enjoying an occasional Saturttay tlowntown excursion antl lunch. Man me Shirley Carr Sue Rae Cohen Joseph Davis Bob De Long Blanche Enoch Harold Fadem Eunice Gorenstein Daryl Hendricks Gerald Ketcherside Marilyn Landis June Lending Lois Levine Alan Lieberman Marilyn Life R Excelszov' Exoniisioiz Fred Ellis Lloyd Jessie Ann Long Anita Mickelson Bill Morath Roberta Oberman Irene Polishuk Howard Rapaport Maynard Rosen Marilyn Sakowsky l1'is Schult Charles Smith Jackie Smith Betty Tofle The women :lo the work Wforking on the Swing-shift w Page bevenly 0116, German Club Shenker, Tucker, Sehemmer, Raborn, Rudman, Seligsohn, Gillermun Kahn, 'MeClenuhan, Cowger, Levinson, Grossman, Miss Polster Fzigrin, Greenberg, tiers, Ginsberg, 1-lofueker Ul1'l+'Tl ' IG IIS l'n:.wZ1lwzl lhlvm G-nies ,5'po-nsor - Miss Powlznn The purpose ol' the Gernmu Club is tliree- 'fohlg to learn more about the Ciermain language, To learn some facts aboui' life in Germany, and io promote soeiubility among its nieinbers. iPI'Ogl'2ll1lS of the past semester have included ai, play, az, uTl'lllh or Consequeneesv test, The playing of German gzunes, The singing ol Ger- urln sonws -ind an zuldress by Dr. Ilofaekel' of 1 CJK Washington Uiiiversify. Dice Cowger Lester Fagin Nlaurine Grevnb David Gere Joe Gillermun Helen Ginsburg Don Grossman Gloria Kahn Erich Hofaeker Page Se1:e'nty-two 0l'fl' M nnlsnns Bill Levinson Bob lVIeClenahan Hubert Raborn Wilbur Rudman Donna SCIIPIYIIIIPI' Paul Seligsohn Bertha Shenker Sarene 'Pucker Mess-for the sake of art! OFFICERS Dance Ulmirnmni - BETTY Bump 5'f"""'f"".U-Trw1.N-11rm' - - Iiuoinma CRANI4: Sj7IH'l-YOI' f M iss Diem T:1be1'nu, the Dunee Workshop, meets every Monday aI'1'Gr school for reereutionai clanee in- struction. O1'g1EllliZPfi in 1937, Taberna wel- UOIHPS 1H0liib91'S XVh0 SViSh to 1Pt1l'll d2l11i'C COIN- position and fiitricult danring :ichieveinents. This year the group speeializeci in spiral falls and rhytiiuiie exercises. Ruth Kutzscher Jane Campbell Jean Fein Betty Stark Blanche Enoch .lean Bentrup Betty Beard Ruth Senturizi Lucille Crane 'Viola Knox Ruby Sanders Mu xi BERS Betty Tracy Jo Ann Haigler Henrietta Abrams Jean Cummings Myrna Moi-ganstern lCynLhia Portnoy Principia Burch Marie Hupperich Loretta Musket Nancy Cohen Peggy Grosberg Tabermz Eyes Right Enoch, Huppc-rich, Cummings, Bluttner, Miss llicus, Tracy, Cohen, Gro:-nlwrg, AIllSk6l Sander, Bentrup, Abrams, Sentnrin, Crane, Beard, Campbell, Kutxst-her Priya Smfenfy-tlL1'e1: A Capella Malo Slioiiage In-1-O, ti The ooillhiiiocl c-liorusm-is sang Arinislico Day :nifl Cliristinzis assoinbly progranis this your bo- sicles participatiiig with the hand in ai Clirisl- mais concerl. Thoy also took il prominent part in tho honfl rally progrzun, while The A Capella vhoii' sung in the Sl. Louis Couniy Music' Festi- Yzll liolfl April 16 Zlllfl li. A now project in volfal music lhis your has liven lho iliIllVGl'Sllj' Cil'-y Music Foslivzil scliocl- ulerl for lllzilv 4. The feliorusos of Senior, Wahl, :incl llanloy Junior lligh Schools wore com- hinocl into ai. chorus ol Throe huudrocl Voims. 'l'liov sang togolliei' unclei' The fliwcctioii of Miss Ringo, Supervisor of Musiv for 'liiiiversily Cillv. Groiips from mivli sclhool also poi'forin0cl sop- ill'i1lf'lj'. S' J'0I1N0!'- Mn. Fin :com in I Speriver, Baker, Silverman, Sctzekorn, Pritzkur, Na-lson, Gerber, Kaplan, Stucknizm, NVithcrs. Phill, Hurton, Davison, Phelpx McNamara, Katz, Henty Milvhell, XX'itt1n:uiv1', Finke, Smith, XVittni:iinri', Fziwthon, Zierclivr, Fvltrneier, liiurnsidc, Mcyorsicck, Murphy, YY21g'I16fI', Muem-h Salomon Uclcnson, Klein, lioutnmn, Bluttner, Knox, Doll, Humphreys, Shanfelml, Norwine, Cohen, Hunter, Smith, Nixon, Fisher, Sophir Mr. Frieclli Cor-hr:in. Burch. Ifm-igrvnbzxixni, xX71llL'I'S, Ilvllas, Ifcnsuw, Krenwr. Lill, Esta-S, Frisp, .Xc'k0rnmn, Sinz, Uomnlilson, xyilldfllilll Pu: c Scvczziy-fozcr J Girls' Glee Club lfeigenbzillni, Xkizigner, XV:ihln1a1i, I+'enstul', Meycrsieck, Kremer, Sophir, Fisher, Salomon, Cochran, liurc-h Klein, Finke, Smith, Wittmaier, Cawlhon, Feltmeier, Zierc-her, Norwine, Murphy, Mitchell, XYittmaier Knox, Humphreys, Cohen, Routman, lilattner, Shanfeltl, Estes, Burnside, Hunter, Sinz, ,Xvkernmn VK iters, I:l,'ll5I'lS0l'l, Dellas, Mr. Friellli, Litt, Nixon, Smith, Crisp, llonznldson Marian Ackerman Nancy Barnhart Elaine Belenson Principia Burch Betty Burnside Bonnie Cawthon Janice Cochran Bernadine Cohen Sue Rae Cohen Elsie Crisp Florence Dellas Shirley Doll Pat Donaldson Betty Estes Rietta Feigenbaum Jean Fein Flo Feltmeier Hilda Fenster Alvirda Finke Beverly Fisher Mary Ellen Friedli Charlyne Goldman Betty Humphreys Sally Hunter Frances Klein Viola Knox Loretta Kramer Norma Litt Dorothy Lubo Cleora Maddox M ERS Audrey Mathes Mary Betty Meyersieck Dorothy Mitchell Gene Muench Mary Lou Murphy Jean Norwine Nancy Orear Irene Polishuk Virginia Rose Estelle Routman Sara Ruth Salomon Ruby Sander Kathy Shanahan Norma Shanfeld Marianna Sinz Jackie Smith Lorraine Smith Shirley Jean Smith Rita Smith Norma Sophir Shirley Wagner Geraldine Waldman Letha Waters Reva Weinstein Betty Whitescarver Elaine Wittmaier Emily Wittmaier Alice Young Sallee Young Betty Ziercher The singing of Clll'lSlIll2lS music lay the Glee Club added much pleasure to the closing as- semlily before the holiday season. 'l ll the spring the Girls' Glee Clulm also flil1'JElt'lll2ll'Gfl in il county festival and an all l'11ix'ersi1y City rot-al l'estiVal with Warcl and Hanley .lunior lligli Sm-lioolsv, which is a new ll1ltlt'l'lilklllQ' this yea r. lqjIOIINOI'- Mn. l4'1:inn,l.l All logetlim' now-Sing! Page ,S'evenfy-fiive Band N11111l,1N ll. 1111.11 IiX'1l.'Xl N1-111 11 ,U'111'PC'11I'l' Evc11'y111111 in U11ive1'si1y Ci1y High School ll2lS s1,11111 oi' 11621111 11111' b?ll1C-1 51,15 51111111 1111111 C11l11'1Dg 11111 s11l1oo1 .1'1'1111'. 11 1111s 11111'1ici1111.1Q11 i11 11sso1'1111l111s 111 v111'i1111s typos, A1 1111151 ol' 1110 111111111111 gillllfjf. 11111 111111'11l1i11g 11111111 1111s 11111'IA111'11'1111l 11910111 11111 gr1111111s 111111 111 the 1111llf. 'l'l11'11e 1'11111"111'1s 11111111 given lllll' 11111 s1111111111 11111111' 111111 111111' 1111111111 111111s 1v111'11 111'11s11111111l. Along wi1l1 i1s s1111111,11 111:1ivi1ios 111Q 11111111 11215 p111'1'111'1111-11 110111111 11111 l,1ll'Pl11 'l1G2i1'll1'1':S ,Xss111:i111i1111s, 2111171 1'ivi11 111111 1'1'111111'11111 1'11'g11,11ixa1i1111s. A1 1Y11fT11l'0ll1' 1i11111s 1l11'1111gl1o111 11111 y11111' Mr. 1.?111lil'1111Hllll'l' has 111111111 s1111111 111111111101's 111 11111 11111111 111 Illilj' 110111111 s11111ll ga111111'i11gs. 1111111 11111111 is 1111111111111 i11 1111vi11g' SGVl11'2ll of i1s 1111111111e1's i11 11111 .X1l-f'1111111y 01'1fl1es11'11, 1111 111'- g1111iz111i1111 111111111 1111 111' 11111 1111s1 11111si11ia11s i11 11111 C111111111' S1'l11111ls. 11112 1+'111l11111l111i11e1' 11215 11111111 1'l111i1'1111111 ol' 111-1 C141111111' Music 1"11s1iv111 1'111' 11111 112181 l'11W f'1'2ll'S. 11 is 11111'i11g 1l1is 111s1iv111 111111 1111181 of 11111 1'1111111-1' 1121111-15 1112153 11111'o1'11 j111'lgQs 111111 1'111111i1'11 111'i1i11is111. BHS111l1S 11111 171311115 11111111 11111 111'1f1111s- 1'I'1lS, s1111111 1111s1111111l11s 111111 soloists. Our 11111111 111111 six1.1'-Gig111 111 i1s 111e111111111s will 11111111-1113111 again 1111s .v11:11' as i1 has 11111163 i11 11as1 y11111's. Page Se renty-sizv 01111 of 11111 g1'CU1l'S1' l10110l'S 11111 11211161 11:15 111'e1' 1'Qc11i1'1'111 1111i11g 11111151111 11s 111111 111 11111 1w111v11 O1.l1S12ll1C111lg 11111si1'111 o1'gz111iz111i1111s 113' 11111 S1. 'Louis "Music Sp1111s111's.M This giws 11111' 11111111 1111 1111po1'11111i1'y 10 p111y 211' 11111 Kiol LXl111l10l'11l1ll 01111111 P1o11s11 111o'11g' wi111 111l1111's si111i1111'l.1' 1,-11os1111 111111 wi1l 1111abl11 11s 111 ll1'111' 11111 111111 11111111 111' 11111111' o1'g1111iz111i1111s. "Gabriel, blow your l11,11'11" She loves me-She loves me not '1'his 111111 is 11110111 1111 A111Q1'i01111 11211111112 1110 1111111'111111s. Mrs, 11e111'111111. 11 s11111111 1111111111113 1111s 1-11g111111'1'1111 1111 1-11g'11g1111111111 111-111111111 11111' 1111111111- 11-1', 11I1l1'l'12l. 111111 1119 w1'111111'1' S11e1'wi11 P111'11111', 11111 Xilllil, 11111 j1'l'2lllf1lll0111Ql' 111111111 11 1111. H1111 dovs 1111s C11111si11 Lily, 1111 111111111111111 11211 1i1111sJ W1111 111'1s 11s 1111? 1111111.11 is 11Q1'1f1'1111111111 111 wi111 11111 1111111 111' ' W1111 Siilgl' 11spi1'11- y sk1-1911111 so suc- 1'1'SS1'1l11Y 1111211 11111 s11o1:k1111 Ijillikvl' Iijilllliif' 1111111 10 1111111' heels. This 1011v11s 1I2l1'1'11l 11011 111 111111'1'I1' 1111- boy s1111 1'e1111-1' lrwos. W1111'-1'. 1110 111121l'C10llS, O'Il1'V sou, 111-1-11112s 111111 11is 1115121111 Cousin is 11111 Ollill' girl 101' 111111. 1 X111111 - - - 1101111111111 1511-11111011 P xV21l'1'AX' 111-111111111 - 1511101111111 11111111111111 N1ii1'Cl2l 1111111111111 Mr. 1'111'1i1'11' - M1's.P111'1i111' - S11c11'W111 1,11l'1i1'l' Lilly - - - Essic-1111111111 - L1111 1'11111ow11lv - 1E1ll1'2l 1112111111111 - - l,111f11l1f U1f111'11' - - P111 I-1'm1.s1' .11 1111s Lieb1'r.s'l 0171 ll,'l.CllIlI"fI RflZfll'.Qh'.U Y11 I1 Pl 11' Fl 01,111 1' 1' E' 1H'1i7L1l4 B 01 1"11,.w1 17, - Jim 11'11.l,wl1, - lVU17'L-ffxlj I70'N'l'Lf1 - Rm'11111I Klein 1Q11z11n1m1 ,Feldmrm - Jeifln ,.1f0l'fUIl1 - Tezlfly Be1'g'r'v' Senior Play EVERY FAMILY HAS ONE 1' 1'11. s 'enfefl by Tim S11N1o11 Cmss Spmzsoi' - M iss Bow1:11s D11ce111b01' 7, 191111- Nice little girl . . . There, there Have you 11011111 nf Cousin Lily? Page Srfucnty-sfafucwc Honor Pins JANUARY, 1944 - JANUARY, 1945 lVlIiS'l' SElNllCSTElI. .XWAHIJS llllltlllltll Boon lhzrzis lid Garlsirle Si'Il0EN'l'll.X LEK .XWAIHJS Alkl'l'll2lI'fl Mivliel, Comp. 1W'Ill'.N'f Azznwrrl Annaxline 1il'2lt'lllll2lllllt'k, Fiuvt i'1,ll'lIl-171 Byron Sher. lf'ir.s't gl IIWJJ Carol Gllllllilll, Sflfllll-If .lflwlvl TH1Rlm BAR Ruth Hardin Sidney Jick Rochelle Kraines SECOND BAR Leslie Axelrod lrl Baris Dorothy Bieber Mary Lou Fulton Maynard Michel Grace Paul Sylvan Robinson Byron Sher Finsr BAR Stanley Abrams Jack Ballard Ed Gartside David Huber David Klearman Bob Kohn Annadine Krachnialnick Sylvia Lieberstein Melvin Rabushka GOLD PINS Lois Abrams Elaine Belenson Kenneth Brockschniidt Earl Dille Page Sr renty-night Martha Duffy Beryl Epstein Betty Estes Carol Gillman Borah Mae Goldenberg Shirley Happ Bill Harris Bob Hirschfield Dan Hurwitz Maxine Jacobs Nancy King Louis Kohn Pat Krueger Jay Lapin Alice Miller Margaret Queen Doris Rueckert Arthur Simon Betty Stake Harold Tabachnick Shirley Verschleiser Morton Werner Paul Winter Eugene Yaleln SILVER Prxs Jean Cummings Joe Ellis Joyce Fixman Howard Hearsh SECOND SEMES'l'.l'llt AWARDS lllnvlxizn Boon PRIZE ,Iiolaert Kohn St'1lo1iN'rH.x1,1f:l: .XWAIQIDS Maynard Michel, Comp. I'wIll'Sf ,I 11-will Byron Sher. Uomp. ,F'firs'l Xl,7UllI'll! Shirley Happ, First .1llYl7'fl Patricia. Tracy Firsl rlIl'llll'CZ ., 7 Annadine Kraclnnalnic-lc, Uofmp. Sffcrirzfl Doris Riu-vkcrt. Sweoml .'l'Il'+lI1I'!1 Joyce Hill Jerome Kalishman VVarren Kawin Esther Kohn Jane Konrad Dolores Kriegshauser Mary Betty Meyersieck Jim Nathanson Alice Nelson Bill Powell Alan Reimann Fern Rosenkranz Bob Strain Patricia T1'acy BRoNzr: PINS Catherine Altepeter Nancy Berger Barry Boonshaft Elaine Brick Ken Chambers Janice Cochran Dice Cowger Ronald Cupples Joe Davis Jack Davison Jerald Fadem Lester Fagin Rose Finn David Gordon Shirley Hillner Eleanor Hollander James Hood Tilford Hearsh Murray Kaplan Stuart Kranzberg Bonnie Marglous Doris Marglous Harvey Mazer Elizabeth Miller Stanley Molasky Charlotte Nixon Elizabeth Nolte Mary Lou Pelsue lrene Polishuk Neal Rosenberg Esther Salzberg Jean Seeger Stanley Shapiro Hortense Schiffer Arlene Sieg Bill Shieber Allan Surinsky Mary Elizabeth Vaughn Charles Werner Don Winsby Rosalie L. Wohl Nancy Young Norman Zaltsman Eddie Zerman ll uw: l Anyone, who serves the school, is eligible for inenibership in the Service Club. This includes oflieers and connnittee nrenibers of the Student Couneilg editors, inzinagers, and stuff of the Tom-Tom, library and office inessengersg cor- 1'idor patrols, editors, nianfigers, and Dial Staff, the debating toning casts ol' the opera, senior play. and French plnyg gym helpers, and the student tutors. A different number of servive points is given for the above services. Fifteen points are needed for ai service letter. The fole lowing received service letters lor the past semester. Leslie Axelrod Martha Booth Nanette Fleischer Iris Frommel Edward Gartside Rochelle Kraines Dolores Kriegshauser Edith Lahrniann Rona Meisel Norma Moss Alice Nelson Mary Lou Preiss Sylvan Robinson James Walsh Spain-901' - Miss Horrn,AN Service Club Business is a. pleasure Tucker, Brick, Happ. Tracy, Moss, Krueger, Preis, Valerius, XValsh, XVhite, Berger, Fagin, Litvag, Xvindsor Fry, Glastris, Altman, Bentrup, Price, Fuhrer, Nowlan, Hammer, Young, Kutzscher, Estes, Lalirmrinn, Gluzier, Hawkins Stake, Epstein, King, Day, Kriegshauser, Nelson, Fc-ltmeier, Moeller, Tin-ker, Axelrod, Edlin, Kramer, Nolte Henske, Meisel, Senturia, Fisher, Orf, Bieber, Schuman, Gassmnn, Kleiman, Fromniel, Finn, .Xbrnnis Becker, Oksner, Fleischer, Klein, Fishman, Feldman, Mariner, Sterneek, Miller, XVaters, Zlsitnick, Neidlinger, Gray Page Srffvffizty-n-ine Hi-Y xv I if ,di 1574 il' 'fm Q 5 I l 2 3 E Q! Q3 af 2. .4 A- Page lVIorrow, Nelson, Chambers, Ross, .Im'obsn1eyer, Merstetter, Kidwell, Anderson, Bucclxer lllount, Cowllory, Lzxnge, Heals, 1-Ioles, Caveman, Hansman, Hetzler Grosse, I2I'QPkl'1ll'ldgC, Powers, Oerlli, Bruznell, Friel, Vogler, Fadem OFFICERS I'1'vsifIff11t FRED OEk'l'l,I JIM BoI.Es Vicw-P1'6-vizlmiff DIolI BIIAZNELI, DAVIIJ ANDERSON N!fCl'6?f!ll'4ll GENE FIIIEI, JEIIIIY FADEIII 7'rr?us11rf'r JACK PowERs KEN CHAMBERS Sergr'ru1 I-111'-A rm S VEIINE BARN I-IAIl'l' DICK BRAZNELL Chaplrzin HI4lNRY BVCHER Sponsor Sponsor - WI1,1u'Ic CH RIH'I'0l'llI'IR Faclzlty Jrlriser- Miss VVOLFNER .hlilllgj in mfloso t'0OlJl'I'2lllOll with the schoolk hlviilty, The lf. Pity Ili-Y has put ou sucfh z1c'1'ivii'ic-s ns: ll llayricles 23 ,llaiil-vs Qom- ol' which was the Quem-nas Daiiwl 39 Parties 43 Debates I A ol Anfl other sovml and P1illl'Hi1UIlili pro- grams. Yes. Ihis Ili-'Y lloos lin- up to its purpose: I l"l'l'2llG, lllililliilill. zlnrl extend throughout The svhooi and vonlmuiiiix' high Si2lIl1i2ll'liS of Chrislizm l'i12ll'ilI'iGl'.,7 Carl!! Eighty lmvill Anderson Verne HzII'nhz1rL lion Higgs .lim Boles lion Breckenridge VictorRloun1 Dick Hraznoll Henry Bucher Ken Chzunbers Bob Cowdery Jerry Fzidem M IC xl miles tiene Fricl Calvin Grosso Gregory Hammer Dave Herzler .lack Kidwell Bob Jucobsmoyer Fred Oertli XVill Lange Ted Moehlmzin Calvin Me-rstetter .Tack Powers Bill Reals limb Sunil Flfl Spam-er Wayne Stedclin .Io Tapsczott Perry Voss Alten Vogler Roger Nelson Edward Rudolph Fred Lloyd Cl1arles,Pohle Russell Saphian Our Dollars Back Our Boys OFFICHIIS ' l,l'I'NlflI'lLll 1 llOl3l-llK'l'.X X1-JM. Yll0I1l'lli'l'A NEAL I 'iff'-lIl'I'Nl.!1!"l1,f 3l,x1n31,x'x1': Sviixninnu Bn'l"rY .NNN liixn S1'c'l'rf!ul'y l,iI,,ll'lJlA 'l'nfnnNoi: CIAITIJIA 'l'lc,1unxo1: 7v1'l'llINllI'I'l' l31f1'l"1'y ,Xxx KANIQ Bl.llJI'1l.YN SCHNI-JIDEI: h'pmz.w1-- Mics. SCHNICI ni-31: TPI-N , one ol the inost active clubs ln the sehool, has lnul ei vzlrietl sovial unrl educational prograun this year. .Xinong its most iniportanii activities were the llolly llop, Annual King'S Dalian", Mother :intl Daugliter Banquet, Fashion Show. talks on voeational guidance, joint tlis- . . . v . . A Few of the Many missions with ,Ili-X, :intl Cll2ll'lly work tlirongli ilie Y. W. C. A. Tri-Y Fowler, WVZlg'l'l0l", Tracy, Thomas, Bashore, Albers, Lewis, Pelsue, Beard, VVright, Bennett, Collings, Engeling, Valerius Christopher, Klein, Jones, Clegg, Kraemer, Bording, Burnside, Jones, Bztrnhnrt, Trauth, XValkenhorst, Speer L. Summers, Hollmun, Nelson, Ringham, Pugh, P. Tracy, lVlzLcInnis, Blattner, Fry, Griffith, Burch, Amick Fulton, Peterson, Feltmeier, King, Stark, Tevis, Messina, Shannon, Ramsey, Faulkner. Fahruey, Pit:-uirn Murphy, Deluloye, Friel, R. Ramsey, Selvaggi, Glazier, Nowlan, Haigler, Sparks H. Summers, Christopher, Kaine, Neal, Tichenor, Schneider, Hammer Page Eighty-one Bowling Club Brick, Smith, Manda, Matlock, Moss, Cliandler, Jones, McCormick, Ackert Holtzman, Herold, Stark, Valerins, Nowlan, Fahrney, Vaughn, NVilson, Tucker Hoehn, Kayser, lfrice, Pease, Plank, Carmichael, Lasky, Miller, Miss WVatts Hawkins, Ranke, Shenker, Milton. Gullei' UFFI CERS l3l'C8'idI'lLf - - Eiimaxiz l'1,.xN1q Srcrez'f1i2'y - - Slll1ll,EY l,,l'l.XSl4l Sponsor - MIISS XVATTS Page Eighty-two Such concentration I I The Bowling Club, wlnvli niet-is once 1 vu on Wednesclziys, plaiiiiell a F2ll'llll'y Bow inf' Day. Meinliers ol' the facility were inxltccl o bowl with the club as a finale io the SKWINOII Highest bowlers were: Phyllis Holtfnnin who led with an average of l725, Koruni 11 lock, La Verne llanke, and Irnigard 'lloelin Mary Ackert Elaine Brick Jo Ann Carmichael Irina Jean Chandler Florence Dellas Betty Estes Cherie Fahrney Delores Horwitz Evelyn Herald lrmgard Hoehn Phyllis Holtzman Pat Jones Doris Kayser Rosalie Lasky Georgia Manda Nornia Matlock Jean McCormick MEM BERS Alice Miller Eleanor Mills Cynthia Milton Norma Moss Pat Nowlan Shirley Pease Erlene Plank Pat Price LaVerne Ranke Bertha Shenker Shirley Smith Virginia Stark Ross Tevis Sarene Tucker Elizabeth V3.16l'1llS Mary Elizabeth Vaughn Doris Wilson Cvmdids Hill-b i liies. Victory gill'liCl1, ch? ."Xlld7ilC,S koepiiig his mind 011 his busiuew DoQS11'i hurt ai bit! His up 110 you now. Smile, Sliislibiickoiveis. Watch ouig it might explode! If must be interesting. Ifl.u1'1'y, the bus is11't A dark 1'oo111? What, 110 treo? A Let us iii, too. Co'11ce11i1'uti11g ? Aw COIIIO 0111 Capacity vrow Give ri Y Crowficd. The bull 11111-k Page Eiylzfty-t7Lrv0 Cvmdids Teeter-totter. Shh !-Rottman is speakin Q-U-I-E-TI Now hang by your tail. Page Eighty-four Study Hall? Why, Frosty! Squafiers, rights Women in whiie. Cvmdids The driving force. Where you going, Neal? Chawmiiig, aiift I? Look at the birdie. 1-2-3 Oomph. We triumph! Well, boys, itfs this way. Boys will be boys! Doiilt fake MY picture. Page Eighty-Fm: e-1729 wr, L K " pixggqjx v W ESP. 5' ks I x , wa' X ii' ,. , , z, H 1 jf? ng +5 me is NES fa' X 3 x F :.2XlV:wk :,,' Q uf -352-'qw img-n- 5 X g X s 5 5? 1 ,,, N N s SG' W gf Fi S ,4 fhlefics To obtain Ha sound mind in a sound body" is the purpose of the U. Cityan Who participates in school athletics. In developing the spirit of good sportsmanship and loyalty, the physi- cal education program teaches also the value of team play and coopera- tion. These qualities make the stu- dent a fine representative of his school, a credit to his community, and an asset to his nation. Football Setzkorn, Cohen, Krugg, Ewing, Bruce, King, XVoodcock, Rutzke, Dowdall, XYilkinson, Lioonshaft, Unger, Kitlwell, Chambers, H 1111 Newmzirk, Bogus, Bradley Kramer, Strubinger, Rathert, Gordon, Dove, R. Eberle, Tebbetts, Arndt, D. Brcucr, Copeland, Bockcnkamp, Newsom, Foote, Haus Hecht, Hood, German, Neal, D. Brocksclnnidt, Lange, R. Brcuer Mr. Sczhemmer, lfldlin, Blount, K, lirorksclunidt, VVittels, Gchlert, Fausek, Rottman, Oertli, Davison, Rollins, Spann, Aliepeter, llitt IA-v, llhlmansieck, Dirth, Hudson, Mizes, Behlkc, Phelps, Mr. England Roening, Tab:1c'hnic'k, Frohlichstein, 'l'endler, Yedlin, Traeger, Arata, Adzick, G. Eberle, Ballard, McClure, Braznell, Orr, Benson, L l wer Parnas, Gorluun, VViederl1olt, Hirschfield Mgr. Jacobsmcyer, Mgr. Greenblatt, lqiarr Sherman, Rlll'g'0IlL:'l', Wlithers, Hcnty, Leibig, Montgomery, Block, Stedlin, Berger, Wuss Mowerl flown like tenpins Page Eigltty-eight Mureh, Mgr. De Long Starting the 1944 football season with only two major lettermen left over from that great 1943 team, our team surprised its many followers with its splendid record. No other team in the county had the balance it had and proof of this-I hat no one outshone the other-is that not one member of our team was selected for the First All District Team. The team showed a sparkling wide open attack from the "T" and "F1anker" formations that netted 111 points, while a system of changing de- fenses allowed our opponents only 39 points. These were the best offensive and defensive aver- ages in the county. Because of these averages and of our record winning 7 out of 8 games, our U- City Indians were awarded the Quarter Back Trophy for the outstanding record in St. Louis for the second consecutive year. Dick Braznell, a junior, was the team's leading scorer with 34 points. At their annual' banquet the team voted Center Jack Ballard Honorary Captain and Halfback Nick Adzick most Valuable Player. Since Coach Forrest England has taken over the coaching job at U. City, our teams have won 15, tied 1, and lost only 2 games, a record no other team in St. Louis can boast. VARSITY FOOTBALL SCHEDULE Sept. 22-Central ..............,,...........................,,,. ,, 6-O Sept. 29-C. B. C, ...... .,,,, 2 5-6 Oct. 7eMaplewood ,,.., 19-0 Oct. 20iQuincy ........,....,,,.., ,,,.. 2 7-7 Oct. 28-Webster Groves .,.... ,, 0-6 Nov. 3-Normandy ,,,,,,,,,., U 7-7 Nov. 11-Kirkwood .............,.,... ,,.,. 1 3-6 Nov. 18-South Side Catholic ,,,,,, ,.,,, 1 4.7 Football XVho's got the bull Break up the Hglit, Rolf 1944 FOOTBALL LETTERMICN Nick Adzick Ted Altepeter Bob Arata Jack Ballard Al Benson John Boening Dick Braznell Jack Davidson George Eherle Victor Behlke Vincent Fausek Milton Gehlert Bob Gorham Neal Parnas Marvin Platt Bob DeLong lVIAJon L1c'l"i'1f:lmlf:N Pete Edwards Harvey Frohlichstein Ben Glazer Bill McClure Tom Orr Dick Phelps Bill Rollins Dean Tendler Bill Traeger M1 I Non I,l':'l"l'l':lm ICN MANM: Wayne Spann Bill Strubinger Torn Uhlmansieck Bud Wiederholdt Mickey Wittels mis Bob Jacobsmeyer JUNIOR VARSITY The Junior Varsity Football Squad won four and lost, only one game for a very good average. Several of the players displayed their ability well enough to impress Coach England that they would SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL Coach Turbevil1e's 1944 Sophomore Squad, some forty-five strong, won four and lost but two games, and contained several boys who may well expect lo become stars within the next two years. v h Benson, hlrolilirclistein, Arata, Ballard, Boening, Glazer, Orr be 011 Um T945 Vfllslty Football Team. Braznell, Adzick, Tendler, Eberle, McClure Page Eighty-nine Basketball lwlgrr. In-l.ung:,', Johnson, XViede1'l1o1dt, Nathanson, Robinson, lizirks, Adziok, Molasky, Polinsky, Sibley, Rollins, lrlillllllbill Duvisoil, I'l1l111:111sievk, f'lHll'll lG11g:,l:1114l Y.XllSl'l'Y Playing before H10 largest S02lS0'll2ll erowd 111 veari, our Indians began H10 season 1viH1 only one returning D121jill'-l0lt01'lll2lllA, Shin Molasky. With Hie la1'1kv, gl'll2lll.Y lIIllll'0V4'll Gm-110 Metz al Center. our ieani Sl'2ll'll'4l H111 seasoii llllIll'0S- sivelv. 'l'l1e mlovlor lllflll ruled H4-110 lllelz and iv' Page Ninety In :1 1111111110 TEAM his lllNlPl'Sl11llj'3 Jack Ballard l1'on1 1i01l1pQllll0ll. iXgai11 the learn HJCfQH1Pl9Kl To rebuildg Hiis lllllfl it was around Sian Molaslqy, who was 1ll0YWVl to c-enrer. The Team again si:11'l'f-fl wiiniing 111111, on graduation day, Hia lfxillll lost Sloan lllolasklv, Hie Dislriefs leading seorer and our inosl' valuable player, and ,ll'o11ora1'y Caiplain Nic-lc Adziek. Two Ollllxl' lllC1Nll0l'S olf l'llQ livo Hial had elmlked up eigl1l wins and l'Ol1l' close losses, were ruled iiieligrible. 'l'l1ey were QliOl'WH1'Ll Al l3e11so11 and gll2ll'll Joe Polinsky. Jack Davison, :1 S0'IJll0Il1Ol'PV, l'0UIlll0fl out Hie quinlel Hial had tied lor tllll S11l1url1a11 'lleague leadership in H14- 'firsl se111eS'fe1'. 'l'l1e sc-oo1'1d SOI'llGSl'01' of play found Jill? Teani lllllltrlllll ill'0UIlKl .Tack Davison. 'l'l1e group i11- eluded .li111 Nalhanson, Bill Jolnison, Grovei' Sibley, .Toe Barks, Bill Rollins, Torn Illlllllilll- siefzk, Forrest Smith, John Kiyasu, Bud Wie- mlc-1'l1olrIT, Fred Oertli, and George flilllllbllvll. 'l'l1e teani was unable To liil' H16 wi1111ing' Wlllllllll flllfl ended H10 seliednle Vllllll a 500 Slilllfllllg. ln the local Slllb-l'0gflOlliil, our l'02llIl losl :1 l1a1'd fonghl g'a111e lo Soldan lo end lllfl sf-asoli. Nick Aclzick Joe Barks Al Benson Jack Davison Bill Johnson Stun Molaskyi-+ XJ OR LE'If'l'llR XI EN .lim Nathanson Joe Polinsky Bill Rollins Grover Sibley Toni Uhlmunsieck KIINOIT l,I2'l"l'1f:ml1iN Forrest Smith Bud Wiedorliolflt, Bob Dollong MA Nmizns Dick Williams Sm-uml inzljlml'-lr-tlorinzm. HUPIIUNIURIC Ii.X9Iil'I'1'I5.Xl.l. Tho fi l'iv011 boys who k'0lllpO'S0ll ihv sophoniore lmskvilmll sqnzuvl won fiw ol' ilwir Ilfiveii gannos. Xvwriln-Ivss Hlffl' sliowoll ihat Hwy will prob- ably lovin tlw bnvlqlvoiio ol' our Varsiiy 'main for H111 nc-xl' iwo Y0?1I'S. sinw Hwy lmw loarliwl ai QI'l'2li don! znlroni ilnf fast lwvnk nncxl fDl'OSSlllQ' . V 4 - y F - flvlvlise this yoanx lfoavli ,lunglznnl Ill'PdlC'lS il lnighi' fllfllI'0 for ilwso boys. .Tnvk ffopolnml was voienl H141 t9znn's RMON' Xvilhlillblll P12l.Y0l'v and Jolmny .Xndorson was sc-lovivrl KlY'IOllOl'2ll"X' Cillllillllff Basketball iyonifs bn Nnewsoni, Burger, Fooiu, Boc-konkznnp, lfw2lI'I', Dovv, .Xnder son, Holland, Germain, Newnmrlc. Gowlmi, Mgr. ln:Long Page Nimzly-one Tracie Kern, Gale, Scott, Bucher, lnger, Phelps Kramer, Fuldner, Elkin, Brandenberg, Glazer, Barks, Von Funk, Large, Strauss, Tabacliniek, Mr. Sc-liennner Reciht, Oertli, Blount, Mersetetter, Ellis, Yedlin, Fausek, Silver, XVeiss Rudolph, Friel, Baker, Parnas, Shapiro, Sher, Jones, 'Fueker Page Ninety-tim High steppers The University City traek team upheld their reputation again this year, they defeated every team that famed them during the dual meet season of 1945. They took on and de- feated Beaumont, Blewett, McBride, and Louis U. High in both the Junior and Senior divisions. The dual meets were highlighted hy the meet with Beaumont, at which the Senior team found its stittest competition, for they eanie out o l' the eneounter with only four points more than the opposition. This year7s point leaders were Terry Fuldner: and Gene Friel in the Senior division, and Bill Collinger, Dick Braznell, and .Tac-k Davison in the Junior eom- petition. At the time oi' this writing, the team was making preparations to end a sueeessful season with a good showing at the County, Dis- trict, and State meets. T This year's County meetf-the Eighth Annual University City Invitational Meetvwill see a school in this territory using the new modern hurdles for the iirst time. These hurdles, re- cently purchased by the Board ot Education, will greatly aid in the splendid work being done by Mr. Sehemmeris track team. Last yearjs track team ended the season by winning the Mark Twain Relays in liiannilmal, Track Harmon, Kriegsliauser, Phillips, Eherle, Kidwell, Hood, Gross Kramer, Barr, Dore, Gordon, Copeland, Glazer, Newsom, Tabac-lmiek, Mr. Sehemnier Campbell, Fiockenkamp, Braznell, Davison, Kohn, lioonshaft. Collinger, Boles Mueller, Moelilman, Ewing, llI'lg'7lI', Tebbetts, Gordon, Xlferner, Levi thc District, and County meets. The winning of the County meet marked the seventh straight time that our team had accomplished that feat. The only defeat, suffered by the 1944 team, was to Beaumont in thc State Meet: but that was by only one pointg the team retaliated the very next week by winning a victory over Beau- mont in the District Meet by 20 points. The work of thc team was spurred on by the stellar ieats of Eugene Alper and Alex Garland, both undefeated that season. Alper's efforts made him the best shot putter by five 'feet and the second best discus tlirower in high school eoni- petition throughout the country. Although this year's team had no exceptional man. it did have the necessary cooperation for a ehanipionship team. TRACK SCHEDULE Here-April 5 Sa 6-Blewett .......... 174 53 Here-April 12 85 13NMcBride ............ 18-im 425 Here-April 19 Kz 20-Beaumont, ........ 1265 825 Here-April 25-St. Louis U. High Here-May 5-Invitation Finals Public School Stadium-May 11-St. Louis District Columbia, Mo.-May 19-State Meet . 1 Nobody has a gun, Jack! Page Niizety-tlzree Baseball Hamilton, Zeid, Madden, DeLong, Gritzo, Romansky, Shapiro, Burgener, Rassieur Lange, Miroilf, Levinson, Cohen, Olschwunger, Tendler, Nelson, Vlfzigner, Rosenberg, Vlfeinstock, Mr. 'l'urbex'illc Layman, Reichmzm, Grimm, Greenblatt, Bernard, lvll1l21l'lSlQCl-i, Vlfiewlerlioldt, Altepeter, Anclerxon, Gerber, Phelps McSweenuy, Newmark, Foote, Duke, Burglier, Hughes, 1-luck, Vlfeisenfels Page Ninety-four Yr iu're safe!-l think l"ourte lmselmll season. The lurlinus started on the right foot. auml. what was expel-ted to he El mediocre season with an iiiexpcriem-en'I team. eu QZIIIIUS were srhecliilell lor the l!l15 SllIll'lSlllglf' enough turned into :1 vonsistelii' season with team spirit plus. The lllfllillli lmmlleil d.Pl:lA2l.l'N to their opponents in the first tive games. 'l'he ul'9,LIlll2ll'S,, on the team are Forrest Smith. pitcher. Tom lllilimuislerlq. John Anderson. Paul liurgher. .Terry Dulce. ,lurk Hughes, Lester llun-li, Bull Ted .lltepeteig and 'Paul llermirc April April April April April May May May May May May May May May 10 14 16 17 18 21 24 Sc' I I 1spi'L1-1 l. Wiellerholmll, 6-Roosevelt High School ....... ....... H We 9-Blewett High School ...... ....... H err 10-North Side Catholic ........ ..,.... H ere 16-Blewett High School ....,. ,.... ' Fhere 23-Roosevelt High School .,.... ..... ' Fhere 8-John Burroughs f"A"D ....,.. ....... H ere -Webster Groves .......,,.,,...... ....,.. H ere -Normandy High School ..,................... Here -Normandy High School .............,.,...... There -John Burroughs UA" and "BND l..,.. Here -North Side Catholic ............................ There -Webster Groves ..,,..... ....... T here -Kirkwood ........... ....... H ere -Kirkwood ...,. There 25 'llho lllllliill Golfers won livu out of their eiglit 1911 niafcln-s, While the loanils lwo leafl- ing lllL'll1lJPl'S, Clarence NOI'SWOl'll1y and Jim Xalhanson, ranked third and svvvnfli respec- liwly in tho Sl. Louis Area T0111'1l2ll11Q11'I. llojws au- high ifor a l,'llil1I11JlO'llSlllp l021Il1 in 11145. Tho loam so far has beatvii Kirkwood and Wvllslon and lost fo WQbS'fc-1' and Kirk- wood. Golf Casey at the bat Tho 15344 Uiiixvisily Uify 'cc-nnis loain, coin- Scores up to the p1'es4--nt arc: posm-cl of such Slars as Bill Johnson, 19-15 high Tennis . . , l'. Crm' 2-Joiix lil'l'ROI'l9l1H 3 svliools boys' nicloor cliaznpion, Stanley Molasky, l Xormaii I'cwlvi'so11. and GCJI19 Mvtz. won all ol' l - VITY 3aBLllWE'l"" ll ils ll12llClll'Sill-'H in ininihoi'-ilw host' rccorcl l', l'1'l'y r3f-Sq-, lmyla lflmpg If in lliu Sl. 'Louis arm-a. , , 1 , . ,, .1 l . 1 VVY -l'-BI,l+IWIC'l"I' 1. llor The 1,5110 swason Bill Johnson. lrcaw Horn, , , ,, ' 4 ,, . - . . , , , , . and Norinaii ,Peclorsvii rolurnocl. Oflivr mem- l - l Ill 'ln-'lf"1N HU'li"U"lh 3 hors are Byron Shor anfl Warner Davis. Bolcs, Nelson, Nathanson, Andrews, Norsworthy, Mr. England Sher, Metz, Pedersen, Johnson, Kutten, Solomon, Davis Pfngfz Ni7Lfjl1j-,7l"U'6 C1f'oss-Country Mr. Schemmer, Strain, Rottman, Strubin,f:,'0r, Vifeisenfels, Gillermzm Baker, Roach, Siebvrt, Scott, F'1'i9l, Rudolph Tlw Cl'OSS-t'OllI1lI'.Y team 0l1j0.YUlVl 11 s11vt'Qsst11l SPZISUIII p111'tiCipz1li11g' i11 tho First 18111111111 Dis- trict CTOSS-CO11l1t,l'.Y Mor-t and Illilvlllg sm-uoncl to il strong Blcwett l'G2lH1. In the dual meets. the lncliaiis fVlQfG2ll'l-'ll Southwest, and lost to the District flhz1111pio11, Bln-wett. bv only two pointsg they wc-1-15 tlelcutc-rl also by St. Louis U11ivo1'sity High. The tcum was led by Ed Hurlolph, Gene Friffl, Bob Roach, llzly Siebert, Bob Scott, NUlS0ll Baker and Tod Moehhnan. Swimming A swi111111i11g team was sturterl this yoau' at Lv. City, bPC511lSG tl1Q1'e we-re several stuclents who were 0xpe1'im-iicerl swi11111101's mul who WH,1llC'Cl an o'ppo1'ti1111ity to Compete 'i11 inter- school 11121tc'l10s. The t0a1111 took part in thu' State moot :mtl lllililt? il tlilll' showing. MEM mms Joe Gille1'111z1n Bill Sf,l'LllJlI1g9l' Bob Rottmuu Bob Weisenfef-ls Bob Strain Page Ninety-sian 'ASIICIHH teaches the latest steps OFFICERS 'l'li1mYFUl,IiN1f1li - - - Prz'.sidf'n! lliml Joirxsox - lvlltllf-IJl'l'SIiC10IlIl l511,r. S'rRUisINuE1: ALKRVIN SH.x1'il:o - - lS'z'rg1fwmz'-a1'-J,1'n1f,s The Tribe is an oigaiiizaiioii of vzirsiiy aili- Ictes whose purpose to Continue ilw spirit of U. City loyaliy, to maintain the traditions of iho svliool, io promore Tellowsliip, and to servo The best interests of our svliool, 1-ifqv. and couuiry. - Svcrfffury-Ti'1'a.N-'11rw' Tribe Tarzans or monkeys? Nathanson, Smith, Traoger, XViederholdt, Arata, XVilliams, Barks, Purnas, Davison, Sicbort, Behlke, Tabzichnick, Ymllin Fzlusek, Gehlert, XVeiss, Phelps, Von Funk, Scott, Roach, Dellong, Rollins. Sibley, Bakur, l'ode1'sen Mr. Schcmmer, Merstetter, Tucker, Boening, Friel, Rudolph, Ellis, Sher, Altopoter, Kohn, Vlittels, Spann, Mr. Englunll Tenfller, Brzxznell, Platt, Shapiro, Johnson, Fuldncr, Strubingor, Benson, Glazior, Collinger, Elkin, Ulmzmsiec-li Pagv Ni1zei'gf-seven Club OFFICERS l11'e.vz'cI1'1zff .JANE C.-xr11'l:nl,.l, DOITUTIIY lin-:BER Vi1'e-Prvsiflerzf DOR0'I'll,Y BIEBIC1: CL.xL'n1A 'l'rfJHENoR lQl'f'l'I'fll1'.lj llI4I'l"l'Y l4ls'rns ELIZA ISl'l'l'Il M lLl.l'IlZ 7'r'Pfl.v1ll'f'1' M.xim,YN DAHL JEAN Srznferm Swrgwlizf'-111-.l VIIIN ANN llllxxrlmigirilslxrirxi JEAN FEIY The purpose of the 'UQ Club is to further the interest of girls in athletics ancl to serve the school in the best Way possible. Sinee the ll. Club was l7O1111flQCl in 1927 it has been one ol' the niost ac-tive clubs in University City Senior llliglr. Sonic of this yearls activities have been hikes to local points of interest, iee skating party, Kingrloin llouse party. alurnnae pl4'Illf'. liostesses for Career Conference, selling eokes at football anfl basketball gmnes, and serving at dinners given by Miss lllittelberg. Dorothy Bieber Janet Breihan Jane Campbell Marylyn Dahl Janet Day Martha Duffy Betty Estes Jean Fein Carol Gillman lrmgard Hoehn Must be Frankie Nancy King Ruth Kutzseher Gerry Lipein Ann Mandlebauin Alice Miller Elizabeth Miller Jean Norwine Paula Novak Alberta Orf Ruth Ramsey Fern Rosenkranz Doris Rueckert Jean Seeger Betty Selvaggi Betty Stake Claudia Tichenor Pat Tracy Beverly Tucker Elizabeth Valerius Day, Norwine, Fein, Tracy, Kutzscher, Breuer, E. Miller, Tucker, Stake P. Novak, Lipcin, King, Preiss, Miss NVatts, A. Miller, Seeger, Duffy, Bryan Tichcnor, Estes, Mandlebaum, Campbell, Bieber, Dahl, Rueekert, Selvaggi Pagf Nirzetrf-eiglzft Leaders' Club Young, Carmieliael, Lending, Murphy, French, Norwine, Pope, Orear, Cohen Heinze, Fnusek, L, Gorman, Albert, Tracy, Altepcter, Life, Dougherty, Miller Mzinrllebzuum, lluu, Pelsue, Morganstern, Reese, Miller, Rosenkranz, Sinz, Huec-ki-rt S1-lruggi, Day, Smith, F. Gorman, McElroy, Miller, Bieber Modern Design The Lemll-rs' Club assists in the physical erlueation Pl'0Ql'Ellll by Carrying out special Lluiies assigm-ml to them such as inspecting the locker room :incl coaching and ollic-iating. The girls are Chosen because of their self-eoir liflm-me, initiative, and skill in pliysieul educa- tion plus the ability to accept an il,SSlglllllGllt :incl follow tlirougli io Completion. The leaders shown above had si very Successful year because ol' their own efforts and the splenmlid rcoopera- tion ol' the nieinbers of their classes. M'lNl'I!lCliS Catherine Altepeter Dorothy Bieber Joan Dau Janet Day Shirley Dougherty Jean Fein Rita Fischmann Jean Frane Paula French Fern Gorman Lorraine Gorman Jean Haefner Dorothy Heinze Nancy King Helene Kopnian Ruth Life Geraldine Lipcin Ann Mandlebaum Pat McElroy Elizabeth Miller Jacqueline Miller Myrna Morganstern Mary Lou Pelsue Lewellyn Ramsey Ruth Ramsey Pat Reese Fern Rosenkranz Doris Rueekert Betty Selvaggi Virginia Sparks June Thompson Pat Tracy Page Nznety mm, Physical Fitness Campbell, Ramsey, Kayser, Dillc, Meyersieck, Valcrius, Hollman, Kutzschcr Because of national need and at the request oif the government, University City Senior High School has introduced an intensified pro- gram of physical education. This program in- cludes the learning of the colorlful folk dances of all countries, sports, such as volleyball, basketball, baseball and hockey, and exercises. The above picture illustrates some of the exer- cises that the girls do to attain muscle tone and aid in building healthy bodies which will be able to meet the demands of the modern world. Special emphasis is placed upon healthy minds and bodies, for a vigorous and stalwart youth of America will be essential to the postwar world. It is hoped that in the future this excellent program of physical fitness can be continued. Page One Hundred Can you Hnd the ball? The girls shown here have the opporl unity to participate in inter-school athletics because they are members of the hockey and basketball class teams. Because the competition to gain a plaee upon ai team forces a girl to reclouhle her efforts, the girls' sports teams of University City Senior High School are usually Winners. Thus inter- sehool competition is an important part of the girls, aI'ter-school sports program. Varsity S ports 'Wherc's the defense ? Bashore, Pelsue, Young, Jones, Seeger, French, Norwine, King, Sehemmer, J. Miller, Hochn Stake, Bentrup, F. Gorman, L. Gorman, Fussner, Tracy, Altepeter, Dille, Summers, Murphy, Enoch Friel, Selvaggi, Day, Tichenor, Duffy, Nixon, A. Miller, E, Miller, Rosenkranz, Lipcin, Rueckert Mandlebaum, Life, Kayser, Kutzscher, Campbell, Bieber, Valerius, Hellman, Meyersieck Page One Hundred One Calendczfr 0 Events 19-L4 Sept. 15-Ed Gartside and .Toe Ellis take the oathrof otlicze alter being elected President and V ice-President of the student body. Sept. 722-One of those days when we niust listen to Mr. ililngland tell about the values ol' lfootball. Oct. 6-Ed Gartside wins the Harvard Book Award, lrlaynard Michel, Annadine Kraeh- nialniifk, Byron Sher, and Carol Gillnian receive Schoenthaler Awards in the Honor .Xssen'iblv. Oct. 7-Maplewood. ll. City,s football rival, is again defeated by the mighty Indians. Oct. 20-The lndians inalce their annual trip to Quincy, illinois, il'or a football game and win. Us-t. 23-The night all good parents niust go to sehool for "Open Ilousef, Of-t. 27-Tlie U. Club shows how football should be played. Nov. 3-'l'he Minute Man Flag' is won by the high sehool sale ot war stamps. Nov. 20-Paris dom-sn't have anything on U. Pity! We have the 'llri-Y Fashion Show! llee. 1-Mr. Falkenhainer and his band do their stnlt in their own assenibly. llee. T3+VlYlt?11110 Smart elected Football Queen at the Football Queents Dance. Dee. 4-Teen Town opens for business. Dee. 7'-The Senior Class play "Every Family il las Onef, is a hit. But what is it that every lfainily has? Dee. I2-The Indians go down in defeat, stung by the Beaumont lllue .lackels llee. I5-l'. City jolts Clayton with a 38-2-if defeat. Do they haue T. R? Page One Hundred Two D ee Dee. .l an Jan .Ta n Feb Feb Feb Feb lfeb Feb 22-Jan. 2-Our Christmas prcsentfa weekts vacation. 722-Those Current Events Club "Quiz liidsv on KNOX. N115 5fl3ob llottnian and Bob Kohn are elected President and 'Vice-President for the sec-ond semester. 18-lf. C'ity bids goodby to its graduating seniors. 20+SOlll2lll visits U. City for a basketball ganie and is defeated. 2-The new student olheers take the oath ol' olliee. 2-lf Vity goes down in defeat at the hands ol' the Normandy Yiliings 38-24. 45-T. li. tests given to all Juniors and Seniors. l5fHaynard Michel again receives top honors. Others receiving' awards are llyron Sher. Shirley llapp, and Pat 'llraf-y. T31-li. City plays host to sub-regional basketball tournament. T37-llial subscription drive topped ofl' with a moving pit-ture. Over 9471 of the students subscribed. March 13-Vote "Yes" on sm-hool improve- nient s. Mari-h 27-Second Fashion show of the year, "New togsl' even for clean up day. March 28-The beginning of trouble. Four hundred dollars taken 'froni Cafeteria re- eeipts in hold-up at school. .Xpril -I--The Seniors, future twenty years hence toretold in the Senior Assembly. Will Mickey Wittels take Mr. Kettelkampfs place? Poor students! .Xpril llfhlore trouble! A fire in the audi- toriuin destroys niueh stage equipment. .Kpril 12-President lloosevelt, our leader, and tiloininander-in-Chief, dies suddenly at Warni Springs, Georgia. .Xpril 23. 724, 25-fhloney raised by the Paper Hay Hay B I ay Ma y Drive lor a new projection screen. 'lhe Juniors won! .3-Second ,Xnnual Club Arrowhead Danee gfiven by the Student Council. IS-President and Vice-President lor first semester ol' school year 1945-1946 elected. ?23f1lroans and pains 'lil'OH1 everyone atfter the physical education program held in the stadiuin. 29-One hundred ninety students are graduating after tour gruelling years ot study. Candids Tak ing the Census. Head over heels. Taste good? Bllllilllml, koop th Don't want to pla Allah! A thorn among roses. Wlmlfs the 1l'lHtJCQI', boys, 'foo nmossy? T ose bottles quiet . . Sand, here I Dome! VS ell, boys, you know tho rules . X? Let lllis one rmnain anonymous . . Up, up. and away! Page Om: Ilumlrrerl Tlwr-12 wk me Gun? CCDEJ1 Pair O I 00000 OO 0000 00-00 00000 U O S! R E IS T ER ADV O O 4 o o ll ll ll o o o o o o o o o o e I o 0 O 0 E o E o O o o o o s o o o o E o O O o o 0 o o S o o o 0 N n m M WAKE OLP! EWS S KPO M-NP E ww LN my LN M 2 2 M M Q 3 C 3 2 3 2 W N W M M M 3 O09IOOOOOOOOOOOOOQOOIOOOOOOOUOUO OOOOOO OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL 000000 OUIOOOOOOCOOOOOOOOOOAAX F r A U 0 U H "T 00---------000-0--- '- I I I I I I I I I I I I E I I I I I I I I I I I I 0000----0-0-00--00001 '00 000000000- f-0-0000000-0--0----------00-----0000- Q0000-0 0000000000000--000000000-000 000-0-000000000-00--00000 --- Compliments of Lendings SUPER-SERVICE STATION Delmar and DeGiVe1'vi1le CA. 912.9 INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING AND EQUIPMENT CO. 711 S. Theresa A J. J. Lynch and Milton Epstein A A Complimenqts of THE MOTHERS' CLUB I I- 0-000-0000-0--0--0----00- 0--AAA-----0AA-A00--000000 -.J 000- -00 -0- L0-0---0 I I I I 00-0-0- L. .... I I z E : E I 0 00 --------0--- ---- I .... ... f0--0000--0--- -0---0000:::0-00-:::::--:::00 P22 QSISZSSS 222 3 : 2 2:00:23 T: 2 2 2 2 2222 2 2 222 2 t020 : : :0000 -gggggggg -33--3-3---E Cl I E 2 2 P we 3 3 E It ' Q 2 Q, 0 o 5 0 F' Z2 g 5 o 3 I I 3 Q I 9 5 Ik I .15 , 0 rw Q O o oo Y' I Q 2 I 5 20 S 1: I rv Fl Z' 3 W I I an -: Cn E. 0 I N Q 0 f ' E W O I . C.. rf- 4+ C S. I ,... C if 1 Q Q A . 53' 5 'C I P U CI I' I ao B If ' ff Q Q.. I o I Q 'D ge "3 Q I Us 'O . 6 3 3 o . '-' 5 "' fb : om S4 ss. I Lv U1 E I Q5 4 O . E N- Q5 fr: I '3 N O on In D 53 '11 it : Q Q I I I H S H7 4' Q' D r- 'E O E' Q S' 0 I ' 4+ O 0 u I Us 5 - -- I Q . Sl O if-i Il . Q K4 4 O ,C S . 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HC. 9 CS il 81 Pray I1 ES SHAD TAINS .CUR RI ES PE DRA DECORATIVE RODS AND WINDOW BLINDS 6601 Delmar Blvd. I I E I I I I E I I I I I I I I I I I E I I E I I E I I E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I 0. ,M y City ersit Umv I I I I I I I E I I I I I I E I E I I I E I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l I E I 0- Q -Q -Q Q ....--1 ,,-----""' 'Q 1: ,,-..------'-' ' 5: --- -----'11 1"""' 1 ,,,,,-----------"1 1 'Q' U 111 U11 1: P 1 " 1 1: 3 13:5 5 1 1 2 1: 4 1 1 11 if 2 1: O 12 ,gl 1: :-- 1: 1: U 52 Q 2 1: 22 E? 2 1:1 1: 1 ' '-1' UTS 115 5525 1151" 039102-Db 1: 1 S CUE' 11115: 11313111 2 Q'Q-529 1: oz Q ,... 1 1 ' C'w1?'? 11 ' N G 1 If H- I PU o O 'D QD Q 11 1: O ,cbif ,, U5 PU O O Q 'En X H: ff' O Q as 'x " 57 EJ Q Z O D' C 111101 111' 2Q:m2Qm11: 25' mmgmr 2 Q 1 : O :iii 'A 4 " 3 H 1 1 H' S '1 4 1: 1 3 U1 Z 3 1: 223 50:5 if Q 1 1 2 5 SP, 55 1 3 1: z N X N. - . 1: w. 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E L, ............................ -J L ............... .. .... .. .... ...4 f----H ""'-' N """""'-"' 1 V' """"""""""' " ""' "1 3 3 3 3 2 Barbara jean Beauty 3 2 3 3 ' 3 R C ll' ' 3 Salon E E ay o ms 3 mu . . . z 3 Permanent Wcwmg and 2 3 PlW'1Wf1S t E 3 Hgjyf E 3 CAba11y 0130 z lv . 0 554 N01-th SL South Rd. at Delmar- 5 3 7208-10 132115011 Avenue 3 3 CA. 9430 Roberta W1-ight g 3 UNIVERSITY CITY E xv- oooooo oo oooo oo oooo OOOQOOOQQOOJ ooooo ooooooooo OQOOQ OOOOOQQJ 3'"'""''''""''"'''"''''"'''''""""""""""""""I ll . 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Haffner Realty Co. , 6248 D 1 2 - Delmar Shoe Rebuilder emu 7oo Kmgslaoo Georges Dog Food Shop Dinkelaker Meat Market om North on South 6670 D l ' , 9 M U. City Donut Shop Dudenhoeffer Candy Co. 606 Heman 2607 Gravois x N Tivoli Tailoring 85 Alteration 'lhe Gl.1O0l'1'l bhop Delmal. 7509 Delmar Redler Cleaners Art loyal Shoppe 6155 Page 72110 Delmar Q- -----------.4 Q.. Q- Q.. QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Q.. QQQQQQQQQQQQQ ---..------------------... Q.. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l Pogo Om' HlIIIfIl'1'IZ El1'1v'1'1 F'"""""'m""""""'z g DI-Elmar 0080 Delivery Service E E Compliments E 0 0 , 2 I 3 3 of E 3 The Groceteria Q 5 3 ll m - 0 i NAT ZETCHER, Zvlzmager E E U enfifeln 3 E , dress shop i 2 ' 2 E 7735 Clayton Rd. C1ayton,Mo. E 2 6307 Delmar P. Ullman fP1'eS-D Q - .................. W ....... ..l L ............... , ........... .J r.---- --Q-----.------,- ..----- .................. ..---...--. A 1 P' 1 0 0 5 5 OITice Phone Residence Phone 3 I INSTRUMENT CO , Q Dnlmar 0280 Lockmmg 6424 Q O . 9 g O 3 , . S , 3 ' AUGUST REICHARDT 2 IDICZIIN-YIUI' Rzlynvseizizllzrvs z ! F - Q E C. C. CONN Lfrn. PAN AMIQIUCAN-Ll+:1cnY 5 z Fuyhnztuqne and Upholstemng CO' z 9 , , Living room furniturr: E Complete Lzne of 0 E 11111110 to owlrfi' g z MUSIC AND ACCESSORIES E E .wp f,,1-.lm 3 Q Cnntrai 1618 ' 918 Olive St. g 5 7243 Delm211'Blvd- f L. ..... ... .... ..-... ........... .l L--.. ........ ...--...---..----.l ?""""'"""'m""'"""""""'""""""""""""'E ! E Q 0 II 2 II 9 mu 4 5 T EE 5 oastmaster gg ll IC 3 ' EE 55 H6 2 ll ll ll g il o ll ll -- Bread ll Il 0 II 2 g V V 1: Il 3 Il 3 E Stays F rvsh Longer Q 3 - 3 I ll L ll Page One HllIlfll'f'fL Tzc'eI1'c Q--0-0-9-0-0-0900---Q--.,--Q---QQQ0---.QQQQQQQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQJ Q. 0 0 0 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 E O 0 O 0 0 O 0 E 0 0 0 O 5 0 - 0 0 0 0 O O C O 0 O 0 0 0 O 5 O O O I E 0 I I O O .J ' 3 E ALL - CREAM i 5 ICE CREAM , I I 3 T H E P A R K M O O R 3 , O 5 DELICIOUS 2 2 SANDWICHES 5 U U L--- .............. ... .............. .. ..... ...---.. ....... --....l I'""""'"""""""""" T"""""""""""""""7 3 I 3 ' 3 ' 2 2 I l z I q o ' E 2 5 z 2 5 Glaser Drug Stores 3 3 john D. Kern 3 ' 3 3 2 ' 0 o o 0 5 f E E f E g 5 2 2 0 L.... ........... ..... .... ...--.. L ....... ... ...... .. .......... -.. f"""""""'"""""""'I E"""""""""""""m'I E z z CAhany 9172 AL LIPCIN g I 0 0 0 O 5 V. Selvagg1 and Sons E 5 U 0 ' ' 7 5 Realty CO' E E LIPCIH s Dept. Store E E 2 E 7591 Olive Boulevard 2 . h st. 5 915 N lt f f University City, MO. S 0 O 0 l ............... .. ............ .1 1 ..... .. ..... ..... ............ .1 f"""""""""""""""T T"""""""""""""""7 Q O 0 9 z g z Compliments to g E 2 3 The Graduating Class ' Q Compliments of I 2 V V Q s Q v ' 0 . . . ' Q WALTER FREUND BREAD Co. E E F1res1de G1ft Shop E l z 0 Delmar and North and South Road E z I l GENEVIEVE G. NovAK 2 2 E 2 MILDRED G. TAYLOR z ' 4 i u L ......... ... ..... .... ........ .4 -- --,--- - ---- --Q ------..- -4 Page Ona IIIl71llI'IflI TlIll'ff'I'H 3 S01 P. Roseubloom Louis J. ROSPlll5l00Ill 3 3 3 3 3 l 1 . 0 3 0 3 Ifor nearly hull Il century 3 3 0 3 3 3 B e AC lm I 2 3 ROSENBLOOM MONUMENT 3 3 3 3 COMPANY 3 3 LAUNDRY COMPANY 0 7501 ouve sr. Road ' 2 l Q 3 , . .Q , l 0 3301 Bell Avenue 0 3 lms 1:1 miter! rlz.vl111r'f11e' mun1lmw11ls 0 3 3 3 for lllzf frllnrillug of Sl. Imzris 3 3 Jlgffmfgou 0414 3 0 0 3 CA. 5070 3 o 3 3 3 L ............. ................ .4 ............... 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G f:1,.'f'slfr-,M , . 3 'Y 1 I ' 0 0 Jane Parker Donuts are avarlable AAP I ST0nl'S 3 in 1-dozen and 3-dozen packages 3 ,,---.,--------------------..-..-------------------------..------.4 ', ,,,, ,, ,...,. Q., ......oQ. oooooo 1 foo oooooooooooooooooo -we oooooooo ' 3 3 0 0 O 3 ' - ' 0 3 H 0 In C 1. l S 3 3 PHE VARSITY SHOP 3 5' ' ' 1 3 3 Tom Boy 3 3 1949 Ofncral Jewelers 3 3 SUPER MARKET 3 3 For Senlor Graduates 3 . O 0 2 6633 Em-lg-ht 3 3 V 3 0 3 P -v A 3 r 3 0 I C 3 AIWW 088 3 3 Hess 81 Culbertson 3 3 Meats 5 Groceries 3 3 JEWELRY COMPANY 3 3 Fish -J Poultry 3 3 . I 0 3 F1-uns - Vegetalnles 3 3 326 Ohve Sheet 3 L ......... .. ...... - ...... -..--.l L ........ ................ .. ---J Illlgf' Our' Hzmrlrwrl If'n1lrlPwn V99 gggg 399qg99 QQQQQQQQQQ Q :occ E Vast ttrrtvvr 29 DQCCQG 999999999 o 2 MEYER SERVICE E 2 , , g E 7396 Pm-slling University City 5, Mo. 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S ve o : Vl- Hi- v lb v fb S. : V4- Sf Q in your home 3 E with DuPont Products 5 0- Q Q 0 g I n n n I 3 5 UC O I T 3 I U I 2 g REG.U.S.PAT.OFF E U Q DUPONT DULUX - DUCO E g SEMI-GLOSS - SPEED EASY 2 5 EUPoNT'S SELF CLEANING HOUSE PAINT Q . 0 ' 3 LLOYD T. SMITH Hardware 8: Paint Co. QQ--- ---Q 5 6662 Delmar Blvd. E o l St. Louis CouIIty'S Predominant Paint Store E 0 -----..-------..--..--...--------.------.-------------.-------.4 o - ' 3 G. C. REED, DI'Llgg1Sf E E v E E Inc. 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