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2 S is ,S S? LL, .,-.,-, ,..., ...... . ...... ..,....,.. ,,., . ,...... .. V ,,.. .... , .,..... ..... , ,, , . .. ..,. Nm, ,,,. h, ,,...., wh... ......., ,wmilr , ,. , , . , , U15 Dial 1944 Kacordfd 0 MORTON WERNER Editor BOB KOHN Associate Editor JANE KNABE Editorial Manager JANET WRIGHT Circulation Manager BILL POWELL Business M aoiagor MISS HAMILTON Sponsor 7944 H e 5 I z Z ,4 mf ther War V ar af ll. cfify Another war year at U. City brings to mind the words of Thomas Paine, "These are times that try men's souls." The trials of war to whose grim realities we are learning to adjust ourselves will be followed soon by the grave problems of the peace. For these we must prepare ourselves by an acquisition of the knowledge and habits of mind that lead to clear and unprejudiced thinking. From loyalty to our school we must progress to a loyalty that embraces community, state, country, and beyond these, the entire World. ,, A 1 ll l by the dawn's early light, O say can you see, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming . . ." 0 U City's sons and daughters now serving in their eountry's defense, this tribute has been written. A S0ldier's ReHecti0ns Yesterday's world seemed so secure to me. f' Oh, there was danger, but it's hard to see 1, fwfyj The evil in the carnival of Youth. C ff t ' ' I planned my life and built in it the truth, yf ffjfl The right, the wholesome peacefulness I knew. y , ' With these thoughts somehow the idea grew , V That I'd build homes-with hands and mind and soul , f 'ff Ml! M ' Where men could find their spirits, set their goal ff!! X X f For life. I can build homes-I learned my trade- if But now it is an airplane base that's made, Or a pontoon bridge, but, somehow, it's the same. There is that sense of pride and worth-a flame Of hope in every nearing step we take To the end of War. There shall be no mistake. 1,47 j ' Mfr? i i XWM MONICA BETH It is these whom we honor- it is to them that Z7 D dimfe Chi RIBSTEIN Hank gorcwzfm' When .714 l6'r ylzfcr ay we recall our high school years, we shall always remember the stimulating experiences which were ours at U. City. Here we learned to work and to play, to open our eyes to new beauty and to acquire ideals of nobler living. The knowledge that we gained, and the appreciations that we developed will never fade from our memories but will ever live to enrich the lives whose foundations were laid at Uni- versity City High School. Our l6'zfzfk Lfvufain 61515555 Faculty, Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores 611165 Language, Science, Mathematics, Art, Music, Current Events ,4 fhlvfics Football, Basketball, Track, Base- ball, Girls' Sports We, at U. City, are proud of the beauty of our school and its sur- roundings. Situated on a high point in St. Louis County, it has a commanding View over a Wide area of our city. Although it is an urban institution, its large playing fields, its unusual open spaces, and its bits of Woodland give to it some of the advantages of the country. 2. ww? ....... Q I in V ,,, h Q I 5, swiss Q- .g1::m1w,5q,.,f5, H 5rifNf,1f,F" N31 - , wg M37 uw-fm ,. -771 - ' wr 1 m,,?,,, ,L , W, , ,mwA W ,,,:,,. i W 8 P K 4. .. A .Q MR. BAKER MISS HAMILTON MR. KETTELKAMP MISS .Ion NSON MRS. BODENIIAFER QURS. .PIJRNELL MISS HARRIS MRS. IVARRAR Mr. J. E. Baker Principal A.B., A. M. Mr. W. E. Kettelkamp Assistant Principal History A.R., A. BI. Mrs. Edith Bodenhafer English .-LB., A. Bl. Miss Marjorie Harris English A.B., MA. Miss Edna R. Polster English AB.. ALA. Dr. Erwin J. Urch Chairman of History Depzlrtment A.PZ., A.M.,H.lQJ.,1'h.D. Om' Faculty Miss Mary Hamilton Assistant Principal Dean of Girls English A.B., M.A. Miss Margaret Johnson Chairman of English Department A.B.. A.M. Mrs. Cathryn Purnell English A.B., M.A. Mrs. Margaret C. Farrar English A.B., A.M. Miss Wanda M. Bowers Speech and Dramatics B.S. Mrs. Hazel Wallach History AB., A.M. Miss POLSTER Miss BOWERS DR. llRCHQ MRS. WVALLACH Our Faculty M1'. Robert R. Russell History B.S. M1'. Howard McKee History A.H,, .-MBI. Miss Bessie Wolfner Boys' Counsellor Frvm'li A.B., A.M. Miss Marie Gonzales Spanish ,-LB.. .'X.M. Miss Bess Howard Mathematics A.B.. A.lNl. Miss Gertha Stark Science Aff., M..-X. Miss STARK Miss Martha Barnidge History .-MB., A.M. Miss Helen Donnelly Latin A.B., .-LM. Miss Ruth W. Rothschild Spanish A.B,, A.M. Miss Leliaetta Bruns matics Iiepartim A.B., A,lNl. Miss Lulu P. Turner Mathematics A.B., BS., A.M. Uhairman of Mathe- -1 Miss Carolyn D. Keck Mathematics AB.. M.A. M K FL , 7 X' , Miss KECK Mn. RUSSELL Miss BARNIDGE MR- MCKEE Miss DONNELLY RUSS XVOLFNER Miss ROTIISCHILD Miss Goxz,xL1zs DIISS BRUNS Miss Howixnn Miss 'l'rrHNEx Mr. W. C. Strehlmau Physics V A.1Z,,A.1NI. Mn. STREIILBIAN MR. COLLINGS Miss Mary Jane Steidemann Sc-ii-nrv .X.l2. Miss Dorothy Abbott l'mnmr-ri-iul ILS., lNT..X. Miss STICIDEINIANN Miss IHAINIMOND Miss Laura H. Briscoe Umiivm-rvizll l:.s., M..x. 'I' ' 'A Miss Florence Haack K'ilIliI'H1Illl ui' llmm- l'il'UllHIlliK'S 1l:-p:1l'i- mm-nt 1' 4 f.. . M iss ABBOTT Miss HOFFBIA-XN Mr. A. T. Dunham Me-vlixinivul llrziwing' ILS. MISS BRISCOE IIISS GRAY Our Faculty Mr. Kenneth Collings Iiiolugy AAI. Miss Edith Hammond Clizlirlmin of Commer- cial LTDITQLITIIIQIFIY, A.I!., .MRL Miss Harriot Hoffman l'U!1lIYl4'I'K'i2ll A.1:., ALA. Miss Mae Gray Art ILA., ALA. Mrs. Marie F. Collings Hmm- lflmmlmniivs I' Q -.i . Mr. Howard Dennis lniiustrixil Arts ILS., M..X. Miss IIAACK MRS. COLLINGS Alu. DUNHAM MR. DENNIS Our Faculty Mr. Henry Eiscnkramer Vnvzll lllllsiu 15.5. Mr. F. R. Chambers Cuumlixiulor' , A.l,., A.M. Mr. H. E. Schemnier Plnysia-:ul Enlucation li.S. Miss Virginia Dicus Pllysimful E1lum'ati0n ILS., lXl.A. Miss Helen Manley l'ilj't4i1'2ilE1lllCkltlOH LLA., Mak. Miss Orah M. Lamke Spanish A.l1. K. If M1'. N. H. Falkenhainer l!lSll'llllll'Ill2ll Music' 11.5. Mr. Forrest W. England Plxysiczell Education A,l3., BLA. Mr. T. L. Turbeville l'I1ysic':ul Education ILS., ALA. Miss Virginia Lee XVatts l'hysic'al Education ILS. Miss Zella M. Murray l1lbl'2ll'l2lI'l A.l5. Miss Wilma Mittelberg t':1fQ-te1'ia Manager ILS. MR. EISENKRAMER MR FAI krx II KINLR MR. CHAMBERS MR ENGI AND MR. SCHEINIINIER MR TURBEVILLE Miss Dicrs MISS YVAFIS 4 , s 1 ., -4't-3':- . f ' Q as l Miss LAMKE Miss BIITTELBERG Miss IIANLEY Miss XILRRAY S THE classrooms of U. City have been dedicated to arts, science, Wisdom, and character, so have our school lives been dedicated to these ideals. We realize that the truths We learn in the class- room Will make us better citizens as Well as better individuals and Will help us to face the problems of today as Well as those of tomorrow. Although the savagery of War has gone far to obliterate Wis- dom and truth from the World, We can yet resolve that justice shall prevail by embodying in our lives the immortal idea of Abraham Lincoln, "Let us have faith that right makes might, and in that faith let us, to the end, dare to do our duty as We under- stand it." Klasse Zfragwz 5 the Cfifizms of Zzfmzfrrzf W January, 1944 Sauer Bush Owen Demba. CLASS OFFICERS THEODORE SAUER - - - President DOROTHY DEMBA - - V'iC6-P'F6Std67Lt ROGER OWEN - - - Treasurer DORIS BUSH - - Secretary J- l COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES-JANUARY 20 AT' THE SENIOR HIGH AUDITORIUM CHAIRMAN, SUPERINTENDENTA CHARLES BANKS PROCESSIONAL-"Grand March from Aida" .............. Verdi Betty Estes "The Star Spangled Banner" INVOCATION ....,......................,............ Rabbi Jacob R. Mazur Brith Sholom Congregation ADDRESS OF WELCOME ...........,..,.... ,.,..,.. T lieodore F. Sauer VOCAL SOLO-"Kashmiri Song" ............ Woodforcle-Finden Verdalee Adams Jackie Johnson, Accompanist CLASS ORATION .............................................. Roger B. Owen ADDRESS-4'Th6 Mind and Its Own"- The Rev. Mr. Laurence R. Plank, First Unitarian Church Presentation of the Class to the President of the Board of Education, J. E. Baker, Principal Awarding of Diplomas by the President of the Board of Education, Mr. Waiter L. Metcalfe THE ALMA MATER .......................,...................,....,, The Class RECESSIONAL-"P0mp and Circumstancen ...... ......, E lgar Betty Estes l X I , .I I CLASSCHHHCERS 'D GUY WOOD - - - President BETTY SANDELL - - Vice-President JACK STONE - - - T1'ehsn1'e1' MARJORIE HOUSE - - Secretary I- I COMMENCEMENT EXERCISES-May 31 AT THE SENIOR HIGH STADIUM CHAIRMAN, SUPERINTENDENT CHARLES BANKS CONCERT ............III..,...III........I.I..III Senior High School Band Norman H. Falkenhainer, Director PROCESSIONAL ........,...............,,,..... Senior High School Ba ml "The Star Spangled Banner" INVOCATION ,,,.,,.............. The Rez.-. Mr. T. G. Ncthcry Sutter Avenue Presbyterian Church ADDRESS OF WELCOME ........ ....... ....... G 2 ly VVOOII PIANO SOLO ...... ......,, J ucqueline Johnson CLASS ORATION ...... ...... ..,...... J c ack Stone ADDRESS ,,,.,.,e.,,,,eer.........I.,....,,.,...eeI.,,.eeee Dr. George Sfweazey Tyler Place Presbyterian Church Presentation of the Class to the President of the Board of Education, J. E. Baker, Principal Awarding of Diplomas by the President of the Board of Education, Mr. Walter L. Metcalfe THE ALMA MATER ....... ,,...... T he Class REoEss1oNAL ....... ......... S enior High School Band 'V1MW?,I944 VVood Sandell Stone House VERDALEII ADAMS Operetta, Principal 2 House ALBERT ANIiI'RsoN Jam1Hfy,1944 When We Look Back 4 , 3 of Lower House 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Foot- 3 Representatives 43 Literary Club 33 ball 43 Service Club Z. ' 5 3 A ' 'img 3 3 Q if is 4 A 6- I , In A .s I I I 2 .4 4 X? Le ' 4 TI Y P 3 1 I 3 Leaders Club 3' Service Club 3 4. DORIS BUSH Operetta, 3, 3 g Taberna ?, 43 Squad afler 3, 3 'i- L, 2, Treas. 43 A. VV. V. S. 43 Glee Club 33 A Lappella 4. MAYNARD BEMIS Melrose High, BIKES.: After School Sports 2, 3, 4. MARVIN WILLIAM BoxIcR ""be L, ', A 3 T 'ac-c ', ', 3 Football L, ", 43 Basketball Z, 4. Yex,."',.u 1.5.5- ,,,, . . Aa 5 - H 1 3'i3 f JIM BARRINGER it l'i' J Basketball 3, 43 Football 43 Tribe 4. ' 'Hmm L ' '- ' . L We .- I ANNA CRITZAS Roosevelt 1-Iigh3 Operetta 33 Taberna 2, 3, 43 Strut and Fret Z. 3, 43 Tri-Y 2, 33 Intramural Sports 2, 3. LEON DARDICK Tom-Tom Business Mgr. 2, 3, 4 3 French Club Treas. 4. JOHN FRANKLIN Normandy HiglI3 High-Y 2, 3, Vice- NORMA FRANK Operetta. 4: Taberna, 3, 43 Senior Play Pres. 4. Student Counr-il fmt 1 X 4 Lea 5, ' , 23R' lf.: 4Q1X.VY.V.S.3, , der. Glee Club 2, 33 intramural Sports 2, 3. Practice Makes "Perfects" Page Eighteen Adams Bush Bemis Critzas Franklin lXHll6I'SOI'l Boxer, M. BdI'l'lIlR'OI' Dart link lfra nk On Our School Da 5 A H 3, . ,I 153, Q' A . , 1 L, P . 4 2?',,t 5 I fl V 'S ',' F u lk' ' 1 .Xbrzxm lloxvr, S. Cohn Il:-mbu K 111-1-Ilblult Houton l':Ql'l'l2ll'4l Cohvn l3l'1lkl'SllllUl t,l1'ct-nba-l'g.1' Easllkow Boyfer C12ll'kl! 'l"L'1tlIll2lll Gross January, 1944 ERWIN ABRAM Sulnlzm High: llousr- uf Rf'Dl'0StlIltkillYf'S 1: llonm- l'in 12, l: Spanish Club 15, 1, Cur- rw-nt Iflvvnts Club Il, I, Vim'-l'1'0s. TOM BoU'roN Lower House Lf, :ig Opcrctta 31 Hand 2. SONYA BASHKDW XV2lll4l4'l'lllt4l Club 2, A. NV. V. S. 3. SIDNEY BoxER FRED BERNARD PAT BIGYI-IR Ulwrvtta 2, :lg Squad lmamlf-1' 23 Clwer llvmlor tg .X Cuppvlla 3, 1, Pros., Glce Club 12, 3. I, Vice-Pres.: Skating 23. ALAN COIIN Solflunz Bzuul 2. ZZ: A Cnmwlla 2, 4. GLoR1A FRANCES COHEN Honor l'in 31 'l'om-'I'om 3, l, Cir. Mgr., Asst. l-Susim-ss Mgr., lliul 1: L'. Club Zi, 4: Scrvive Club 3, lg Latin Club 33 Squad Lozulur 2, I: A. XY. V. S. 3, 4, 1iCl'tPl'tlCI'Q Aftcl' Svhool Sports 2, Zi, -l. MlI,Illil'lll CLARKE lJoEoTuY DICMBA Sf'llUPIltllE'llt'l' .Xwnrul :lg Honor Pins fl, 1: , lmwvr Houss- L, Ii: Vim-4--I'rvs. Sflllltll' Class: Op:-rvttn 2: 'l'om-'l'om 22, 1, Asst. llusinuss A112122 llizil lg St'l'Ylt'Q Club -1, A. XY. V. S. Ii. LUCILLE DRAKI-1sM1T11 llonm' Pin :Ig ll. Club 23, 4: Pep Club 2, 4: After Svhool Sports 2. Pm'Ll.1s Fl-:LDMAN Bowling: 133 Vollcy Ball 33 Hom-kvy 2. RICHARD E. GREENBLATT Iillllljl' Pins 2, Il, lg 'l'r'ib0 II, 1: Foulllall 2, 3, 13 'l'1'a1-li 23, Il: linskvtball ZZ, 4. BERNARD GREIGNBERG lntrmnurnl Iiuslwtbull and '1'l'Llt'li Zi, ELEANDE Gauss Solrlun lligrllg A Cappella Choir 43 PCD Club :lg After School Sports l. Page Ninfffen JmafYQ1944f May the Words 0 CHARLOTTE GROSBERG JEAN GOLDMAN Honor Pins 2, 3, 4: Service Club 3, 43 Dial 43 Squad Learler 2, 33 Service Literary Club 33 Tom-Tom 3, 4, Asst. Club 3, 43 Basketball Varsity 2, 3, 43 gin tMgF.j French Club 33 Current Volley Ball 2. 4ven S . JULIUS KOPLOWITZ JIM JONES House of Representatives 4, Sergeant- at-Armsg Football Varsity 2, 3, 43 Tribe 2, 3, 4, VlC6-17I'8S., Basketball 2, 3, 43 Track 2, 3, 4. CHESTER WILLIAM MCNAMARA SHIRLEY LICHTENFELD Hi-Y 2. Honor Pins 2, 3, 4. ROGER OWEN RITA PEARCE Student Council 3, 4, Chairman, Audi- Squad Leader 2, 33 Tri-Y 3, 43 Service torium COmmittee3 House of Represen- Club 2, 33 A Cappella 43 Taberna 33 tatives 33 Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Math Bowling Club 2. Club 3, Pres. 43 Spanish Club 23 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4, Pres. SHIRLEY RODENBERG ROSE PEARCE Roosevelt High! Bowling 2. A. NV. V. 43 Tri-Y 3, 43 A Cappella 43 Swimming Club 43 Bowling 2, l The Junior Red Cross exhibits its work Page Twenty Grosberg' Koplowitz McNamara Owen Rodenberg Goldman Jones Lichtenfeld Rita. Pearce Rose Pearce Our Alma Mater J8m1a1'Y,1944 Gavin Leonard Miller Parnas Rawlings Hawken Jagust Lasky Kanter Mathes Meisel Menzel Pugh Reflow Ramel KENNETH EDWARD GAVIN Tribe 2, 3, 43 Football 25 Basketball 25 Track 2. JOHN HAWKEN House of Representatives 43 Operetta 2, 33 Tribe 3, Sec.-Treas. 43 Football 2, 3, 4, Capt., Track 3, 43 Hi-Y 2. RICHARD H. JAGUST Math Club 4: Current Events Club 2, 45 Chess and Checker Club 3. ROSELYN LEONARD Honor Pin 43 Squad Leader 2, 35 A. VV. V. S. 4, Service Club 3. HAROLD LASKY Football Varsity 2, 3, 4, House of Repre- sentatives 43 Track 2, 3, 43 Tribe 2, 3, 43 liasketball Varsity 2, 3, 4. LEONARD KANTER MARY J. MILLER Operetta 33 March and Concert Band 2, 3, 4, Taberna. 3, 45 Spanish Club 3, 4, Tri-Y HERBERT MATHES BURTON MEISEL House of Representatives 2, 33 Sr. Play 4: Operetta, 33 Cheer Leader 3, 4, Strut and Fret 2, 33 Service Club 3, 4. GERALD L. PARNAS Marching and 'Concert Band 2, 3, 43 Or- chestra 3, 43 Tennis 2, 33 Winner, State Cornet Contest. Jo ANN MENZEL Cheer Leader 33 Squad Leader 3, 43 Var- sity Hockey, Volley Ball, Baseball 2, 3, 43 U. Club 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4. JOHN PUGH LU RAWLINGS House of Representatives 2, 3: Vice- Chairman: Student Council 3, 4, Treas.g Hi-Y 23 Tribe 2, 3, 43 Varsity Football and Basketball 2, 3, 4, Track 2, 4. SHIRLEY REFLOW Spanish Club 25 Taberna 2. BOBBY RAMEL Leaders' Club 2, 3: Strut and Fret 2: Spanish Club 2, 3, Service Club 25 Horse- back Riding 3. Page Twenty-one January, 1944 MAXINE SHEAR Honor Pins 25 Math Club 2, Cl 3 Currvnt Events Club 3g l.its1rury Club 3, Pres. 43 Tom-'Pom 3, 4, Asst. Cir. lvlglzg Basketball Varsity 2: Servit-ls Club 4: Squad Lezuler 2. CHARLES SCHUABRR Opel-vttzi 2, 3: Buys' tiles- Club 23 Spanish Club 3. HARVEY SERENco llonm' Pins 2, Sl, -lg Lows'-1' Ilousv l: 'l'um-'Pum Z, Asst. Cir. Mgr. Il, Cir. Mgr, and Asst. liusim-ss Mgr, fl: l+'i'vnt-h Club 3, Trvus. 4, Vic-e-l'rPs. 41 C11l'1'v11t Events Club 23 XYmulo-rlust Club 2. Louis SUPI0 lmutball Varsity Rl: 'rl'21t'k 33 Intra- mural Baskvtbzill 12, 3. MARVIN ROSECAN Honor Pins 2, 353 Math Club 331 Clwrss Club 23 Spanish Club Ll, 33 lllU'flIlllll'2ll Sports 2, fl. RERNIUR SCHUIJPZ DON SHER Clwss :mtl t'l10f'liM' Club il. SHIRLEY SURINSKY A. XX. V. S. Il: Vullvy Bull 2, 33 Soldan High. Tlw wily tu fl umn's lwzwt is tln'0u,2'h his stomzu-la Page Tfwen ty-two Hziskfltlm Bring Back to Us Slwar Rosemm Svluivbor' 13. Schultz Svwnvtr Shel' Supiv Surinsky Pleasant Memories January, 1944 Sharp Sr'lIilling:,' S iogfel 'l'olf-liin Gilley Honor Pins 3 Senior A . W . A. YN . Track Rubenstein Sauer BOB GILLEY M. Schultz Seidel Stzmzat Silverberg' NVQ-ssel NVlIii.e HENRY SHARP , 4: Math Club 3, 43 Football 23 1Illl'3.I'l1lll'2l1 Iiuskvtbzill 3, -l. FLORENCE RUBENSTEIN Play 43 Operettu 33 1991.1 Club 2, V. S. 3, 4. THEODORE E. SAUER Student Council 3, 4, Pres., Lower House 3: Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Tribe 3, 41 Varsity Football 3, 43 Basketball 2, 3, Track 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 3, 'rtllll-Tull! 33 Skating' Club 2, Ser. HAROLD SCIIILLING MARCELLA ScHUI.'rz V. S. 3, 4. SIIIRLEY SEIDEL Opwvttzt 2: Art Club, Sew.-'l'I'eas. 2, 3, Vic-0-l'rI-s. -lg Servir-c Club 4. SHIRLEY SIEGEL 'l'UII1-TOI11 2, 3, .lftor Svhool Sports 13, 3. 2 EARL STANZA II I lntrzimural Baseball 3. HARRIET SILVERBERG FAYE TOLCIIIN Soltlan High: A. XV. V. S. 3. DONALD WESSEL 2, lntraimural Basketball 2. HELEN JANE WHITE Operetta 2, Literary Club 3, 43 Horse- bac-k Riding Club 2, 33 Bowling' 23 Skat- ing Club 2. Page Twenty-three June, 1944+ GEORGE VVORLEY SHIRLEY IDELE BALK Opere ttzi 2. STANLEY ABRAMS 75 R I RIS Honor ins 2 , I Il ,nt Council 23 House I , rosentulives 4, Trails.: Operetta, 23 Math Club 3, 43 Intra- mural Sports 2. MARION SUE BEGKER Dial 33 Squad Leader 2, 3, 43 A. XV. V. S. 33 Service Club 3, 45 Horseback Riding' 3 3 Bowling Club 2. HORTENSE THELMA BERGER Honor Pin 43 Operetta, 2. JACK RICHARD BODINE LAVERNE BEIILKE Lower House 43 U. Club -13 Operetta 2, 33 After School Sports 2, 4. AUIJREY DEAN BERNARD Senior Play 43 Operetta 2, 3,3 Choral Music 3, 'lg A. XV. V. S. 43 Service Club 4. BARBARA LEE ROGUS Student Counoil 45 Toin-Toni 3: Span- ish Club ii, 3, Pres. 4, Pres. Hi-Y 45 , l rack Page Twenty-four Solclan High: Senior Play 43 Dra- niatics Club 2, 33 Girls' Glee Club 2, 33 Service Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3: 1':1mer:L Club 2. Free again Of Our School, Our YVorley Abrams Balk Baris M. Becker Behlke Berger Bernard Bodine Bogus lxv l mat Teachers June, 1944 ...I NH Abrell Barton Bchymel' Berry TE. Bukvrn Agruss Bauer Bender Blass J. Bokm-n Austin A. Becker Bennett Bloch Rrnoks JACK GLENN WILLIAM ABRELL I.OweI' House 43 Senior' Play 43 'l'ribO 43 Survive Club 23 Hi-Y 2, 33 'l'I':u'k 2, 3, XVI'vstliny.:' 'Pl'2llYl 3. JOYCE ANNE AGRUSS 'l'On1-'I'OIn 37 l,v:ulOr's Club 3, 43 Survive Club 35 Opvrvllzl, 25, 'I'2lb1!I'I1il 23 XV:1nIl4n'- lust 2. PEGGY AUSTIN 'I'ri-Y 2, Huvkvy 23 Pup Club 2, 3. VIRGINIA BARTON Jo A' JOAN R. BAUER Z c'Jpm-I-ml, 2, 3, 'lulbm-ml 2, , f Sl 1' ub ' 3, -I3 'I'I'i-Y 3: Aftvr .' Iool Sports 23 Chuss :xml Clwvlccl' Club 3 l,it0I':1ry Club lg Currclnt livvnts 4. ANN BECKER ll. Club 3, 4, 'I'ri-Y 3, 43 Squzul Leader 33 Aftur Svhoul Sports 2, 3. BEIIYMER WII,BUR B. BENDER Opvrvttu 23 Art Club I 3 lY'llI'2lfl1lIl'Fll 'Przlvk -I -1. CHARLES WILLIAM BENNETT Honor Pin 3, 43 UGllllCl'LL Club 3, 'l'I'n0k 3. f GENE BERRY svbull lg Trru-k 2. 'J ff' 9 ' ' MX'RA CIIRISSE BLASS ,M ' AMA Art Club 2, rs, 4, sw.-TI-ms., VI ,-we J Sorviw: Club 3. AV 0 ANNA LEE BLOCH 6 , JO Sr, Play 4: Literary Club 4, Vice-Pres., I. '. .S.t X YN V 3, Rumulu 4, Ivlnle , Span- ish Club 3, l. BOB BOKERN Opferettu 2, 33 Trac-k 2, 3, 43 Rnskntball 3 l' XCIpIllL3 41 1 ' , 1 we I , g 3:Is1b:1ll4. JACK BOKERN Tribe 2, 3, -l: Opvrottzl 2, 3 3 A Cnwwllzl 3, ll 43 'l'I'zlc'k 2, 3, -lg liuslu-tballl 3, 4. ROBERT BROOKS " "bv 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 4, 'l'l':Ir'k 2, 3, 4, Vzunurul lizlslu-thzlll 2. Page Twenty-Eve June, 1944 SHIRLEY BROWN sTExN Sr. Play Staff 43 A. YV. V. S. 3, 4. GLORIA V, CAVENAH Tri-X -13 Pep Club 2, 33 A. XV. V. MARY KATIIRYN CLARK Dial Staff 3, 43 'fi1bl3l'IlU fl, 43 I S. 3. .OVVEV House' 4, Svc: Opervtta 33 Servive Club 2, 4: Squad Leader 3: Horseback ., 3 Riding 2, 3: Aftm' S1-hnol Sports BETTY JEAN DANGERFIELD Lower Squad Lefadm- 2: Spanish 33 Operetta Zig lllve Club 2 Hiding 2. DIBBLE, JR. Club 2, 33 nd 2, 3: of YM ROBERT LEE BRUCE Spanish Club 41 Hi-Y Club 2, 3, 43 Current Exvnts Club 25 After Svhool Sports Il, 4. HEWITT CHANDLER After Svliool Sports 43 Hi-Y 2, 43 fI'ribe.4g Football 4. ' 1 "" ' U ,y 1 , i. ,, .E - .P SIDNEY COHEN. I Q 1 MARGARET DEAN llnusv of Hf'DI'9S4'l1t2,lliV9S 41 'Pri-Y 2. 32, 42 L'. Club 23, 4 3 Aftner Svlmol Sports ,, L. 4 ,I ,K O A " 4 JACK DOLL - 3 XYrestling ' f Y N Earnest students? Page Twenty-sian I o 0 Hazl, Hazl to Brownstein Bruce Cnvernali Chandler Clark Cohen Dangerfifild 13412111 llibble Doll 1 X . . 0 fn' 1 ivy!! f . ' lf 'ff 'l , ef, June, 1944- f I f ' - ' HW' NEIL BUCKLES House Of Representatives 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, Treas. 43 XVres1ling' 3. BEVERLY ANN BURTON A , Operctlu 2 3' Spanish Flub 2" S "ice L3 After School Sports 2, Q 1 , f f nj JIM CLARIX ' Orvlies il 3. -J ' , - f ,lf ,f 'I' ' ' ,Ll Q f' X.. 5' ' I - ', J! l" BOB CIIRISTOPIIE Student Uounc-il 43 Lower House 33 'Pribe 3, 43 Travk 2, 3, Captain 4: Hi-Y 23 Service Club 2, 3, 43 A Cappella Phoir 33 XVrestling' 3. JIM CLAOK Tribe- 2, 3, 43 'Frar-k 2. JANET KATIIRYN BYERS liobvrt E. Lee, Va.: Strut and Fret 4: 'l'ri-Y 33 Dial 43 After SI-hOOl Sports 4. DON COSBY Tennis Team 2, 33 Hi-Y 3, 43 Uamera Club 23 Foutbull Mgr. 4. ANNETTE COTLAR URSULA DAHMS 'Fri-Y 2, 33 U. Club 3,,,yiee-Pres. 43 After Sc-liOOl Sports 2, 3, 4. JOAN DIEMUNSCH IT. Plub 3, 43 'Pri-Y 2, 3, 43 Squad Leader 2, 33 liep Club 2, 3, 43 After Sf-hOOl Sports 2, 3, . INA MAE DEUTSCH Senior Play 43 A. YV. V. S. 3. WANIJA DEWITT Operetta 2: A. XV. V. S. 33 Tri-Y 43 A Uappella Choir 4. BERNICE DOWDALL FLORENCE EMERT EVELYN M. FINCK Sb'l'Vli'P Club 4. liuvklvs liurton fllPll'k Christopher Clark Byers Vosby Cutlzir Dalims llll'l!lllIlSK'll In-utsrli IJeNVitt Iluwslzill limert Finvli Page Twen ty-seven 1jvlubi2: .x'm,i,,Ie11a 2, 43 Squhg 1,213,112-1' I June, 1944- MIRIAM FISCHER Opervttn, 23 'Fri-Y fi, 4: 'I'rv:1s.3 l'o-11 Club 2, 3, 4g After Svlnml Spurts 11, 25. HILDA FRANZ Squad Lfeaclei' 2, 2, 43 Svrvime Ulub 2, Zig U. Ulub 3, 43 IH-p Ulub 2, Zi, Suv., Varsity Hockey, Basin-tbull, :mil Vflllvy Hull 2, 3, 4. MEL A. FRIEDMAN 'Pribv 43 Operottu 3: A Ummm-11:1 Uhuir- 23 Aftvr Swhool Simms 2, Il, -1. HAROLD GLASER Suldzm Highg Aftvl' Svhnnl Swirls Cl, 4. ARTHUR ST. LEGER GRINDON Strut and Fruit il, 4, Preis.: l'lIl'l'l'I1t Eva-nts 4, Pres.: XXYLISII. I'. Spw-ch Unu- tvst, XVun: Sxfnior Play -I3 Hi-Y 2, fl: Uheiss and Clw0liel's Il, Ulu-rvttzl ii: Cmnura Club 2. Mi 3 dz J OAN FLAVIN I'. Club Preszidonl Sl, 43 TH-p Club Pros. 2, 24, 43 XVandm-liist Club 2: Squzul lmzillefi' I-lg Dial Stull -'lg Upu-rvttzi 3, 3: Svniur Play 4: Clmml Musiv 2, Il, 45 Vzlrsilv Hom-kev, ljaxslvbllaalll, :xml Vwllvy PEGGY FRANCIS Stlllhiflhf, Couric-il fl, Sw.: 'lmwvi' Houses 2, 33 Strut and Frvt 2, Sl, Sm-. -I 2 l.il11 airy Club 4, l'rvs.g 'l'um-'l'um Stu" 2, IZ, 1 3 Horsvbavk Killing 3: S4-nim' l lay 13 Math Club 3, "lg Squzul lmzuln-1' 23. CARL Fnomilnvix' f' ff 'X 50 ,N MXL' ' fw 4 1 X xilyfxfx if .f ROVVENA N. GLAZI ' Oiwrvttzl 25 'l':1bm'n:1 2: 'Pri-Y 4: A - Unppi-11:1 23 A. XV. V. S. Zig l'1'11 Vlub 3. xi- LESLIE GRODSKY F 1'Ul1I't'l't Ruud 2, Ii. . 'iliif WJ' Fischer Franz Friedman Glazer Grinflon if Our fzu'0l'itlE svhool period Page Twenty-eight All Hail to Our Old , 3 P 5 .Q ff . 6 . i we E l 1325?-S .- 'a V 'f""K'l',, 252 , 'Y 1 0 A. , J Flacki x ' Fram-i Frm-hliv 1 K kkllzizier' Xfxij .N Lilmmlsliy ,N NM , . ,, x 1 I -' 3 Q K x Q I n- v ,I K n A S il Vp V. v N J 1 , V. 1 K I W' N . I 1,7 HA' I my Gold and Blac ,F 5, .kqdg X i ::.' iw A a Vlvsll Frzmk Frost tllvic-li Cibstoin Finke Frclich Gale Godlove Grossheim TVA: June, 1944 3 4 lil-:wi-:Y FLESII Ili-Y 45 'iw-tn-k 3. MARILYN JUNE FINKE Suniur Play Stal? 4: A. NV. V. S. 3, 43 Operotta 35 Bowling 2, 4. LEONARD I. FINN Tom-Tom 3, 4. I'l4lil.Or5 Stutlont Council 45 Ciirrent Events Club 2, 4, l'rcs.5 Spanish C ub 2. is 'E I EIIWIN FRANK Soltlzmg .Football 4. Lois JANE FRELICII llizil 35 Senior Play Staff -15 Toni-Toni 45 Service Club 2, 3, 45 Skating' Club 2. HAROLD FRIDKIN MIRIAM FROST SOI-vice Club 3, 45 Squad Lmulor 2, 35 Class Leader 45 TOIll-TLTHI 2: Literary Club 3: Uperettu 2, 3: S anish Qlll 35 After School Sports 2 3, 4 , . ,Q . ffc rt gm? 5 F 1 BURTON . GALE , Q Stuflvnt Council 45 use of Rvpirsenta-Q . tivvs l : Math Club 3, 4: Dial 45 Tom-Tom JN 4 GLORIA GINSBURG I Honor Pin 3: Studvnt Tutoring 45 Tom- ' Torn 35 A. NV. V. S. 35 Cunicra Club 2. ww' ' JANE GLEICK Q K- Dial Stall' 3, 4: Tom-'l'Om 25 Lvzulers ' Club 13 Spanish Club 2, 35 Cleo Club 2, If , it DICK GODLOVE - ,V .'.' ' Opcrotta 2, 31 Hi-Y 3, 4. ,ig FRANK GREENFIELII ' Opcretta 35 Posters 3, 4. . . ' EILEEN GIBSTEIN gr F E SIIIRLEY ANNE GROssIu-:IM Tri-Y 25 Hockey 2. 7 I I FRANK KINGSTON HAIIPIY ' Student Council 3, Tre-us., -1, President: Operetta IZ: Tri-Y lg Tribe 2, 3, H1-Y 3, 45 Tre-as. of Soph. Class, Service Club 2, 3, 4, Basketball 2, 3, 4. Finn Friflkin Ginsburg Greenfield Haley K ,M K W 1 1 Page Twenty-nine 5 sg Football 2, Service Club 4, L, A June, 1944 ROSE ANN HARPER Dial 4: Art Club 43 Tri-Y 2, 3, 43 Archery 3. 43 Service Club 3. To-U.. wL'9Ail'd to o y . - ,.. s 7 f I 7 'I V' V A, ,FMP 4 I ' I C 1 V , tl fi 5 v ,. J., 4 4. ll f Mf!..I,y ' . i ,fQj,.MHml, Had to JACK HARVEY ffrilue 2, 3, 43 Football 2, 3, 43 Track I X 7 f a'L9ykLQ'ifb1!t64,O'rf. 6' n 'vu HARRY HERZOGENRATH St. Louis University High 3 After School Sports 2, 3, 4. DON HOLTZMAN Operetta 23 After School Sports 2, 3, 4. HAZ!-IL HUMPHREYS A. WV. V. S. 33 A Cappella 3, 43 Squad Leader 2, BETTY Jo JURGESMEYER Lower House 33 Operetta 23 Leaders' Club 2, 3, 43 L'. Club 43 Pep Club 3, 3, Vice-Pros. 43 Tri-Y 2, 3, Sec. 43 After School Sports. HOWARIJ R. HEARSH Honor Pin 43 Tom-Toni Staff 33 Math Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres. and Pres.3 ln- tramural Sports 4. LOUISE HOMER Operetta 3, Property Master. TOM K. HURSTEIR Operetta 2, 33 Dial Staff 23 Tom-Torn Photographer 3, 43 Current Events Club 2, 3, Ser--'l'reas. 43 Spanish Club 3, 3, SOC. 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 43 Canicm Club MAXINPI LUCILPI JONES Literary Club tlg Servir-e Club 3, ig Spanish Club 3: Tom-Tom Stuff Z3 Asst. Class Leader 43 After Svlxool Sports 2, fl. Snake Charmers Page Thirty Harper HQI'Z0g9hI'1ltil l-loltzman H umphroys J urgesmeyer Harvey Hearsh Homer .l-lurster Jones ' ' mf 416.2 J ' n I A U. Czty Hzglo J1-ne,1944 ' . ' o ' ' 1' 1 " ' z I, i ,. ' 'J 4 H , , y E, ,wil LLARICP, NIRGINIA HALLAR ---UW? om- Club 2, ::, ig iw Club :Q Tri-Y 2 Upe-rvttu 12, 3. 4- 'im' Bos HAsKELsoN Sl Uperctm 23 Iiziml 2: Wrvstling 2, J. GURDON HENGES, JR. gl 'I'r:wk 2, ll: Hi-Y Z, 33, Soar. 4: Camera Club 2: Spanish Club Z3 After School Sports l. BETTY IAIOFFMANN fnwlwtta 2, Il: Squsul Lf-aill-1' 2, Cl: .X Cap- ps'-lln 3, 43 Chorus Z: After School Sports , . ., .., o. JERRY HWPENMEYER Southwvst High, Minn.g After School Sports 2, ZS. Sum' HociiMAN Ilinl lg 'l'om-'Pom 75, 1, Assoc: Ed.: Art Cluh Z1 I.it0ra1'y Club 33 Latin Club 4, 'l'r1-us.: Sm-rvico Club 15. PATRICIA GENE HuGi1Es 15 T L, 32, , 'ivn-Pres.: Loaulm-rs l itln Lluh ' 'I N Q Club 3, -1: 'I'ri-Y 22, 1, Pres.: Il. Club I: Pop Club Z, CI, 1: l'lwvl'l0a4lei' il, 43 XY:in- tlvrlust Club 2 2 Aftvr School Sports 2, 25, 1. MARJKDRIE ANN HoUsE E A Student Counvil 1, Sec.: l,m1li-rs Club 2, m 4: House' of livpi'vsvi1tatix'0s 1, Clmirinzuig ,Q Girls' Tutoring' -1, Chairman: Strut and . ., 1 . , ., l'r1-t 2, .1, 1: Math llub 3. 41 Opvrftta .JJ S l'. Club I: Tri-Y 2, il. I, Vim:-l'i'Gs.: ,1-1... Hallur l Iaskolson Henges Hoffmann Hippenmeyer Hochman Hughes House Horwitz Jacobs .link Johnson Kolm V, . Koller Kagan .V , , 1 r - ,V J It , - . V- 'XIVA ' , l 4 I - ' 'C , , fn f,. f f l' 4' . V 1 ,'. MW W. fl ," If Serviw Club 4. HARoi.n C. Hokwrrz 3 liuvli 2. MARY RUTH J.xc'oBs Honor Pins Il, lg Up'-iw-ttzi 21 'Fri-Y 2 A. W. V. S. Il, 1: Skating' Club 2. SIDNEY JIUK flHl'V2ll'4l Hook Prize 41 Honor lins Z. 3, 4: Stuwlf-nt Council 4: Tom-Tom 43 Math Club 3, 43 lfronrli Club 3: Stutlvnt Tutor- ing 3, lg Intramural Sports 3, 4. 1 JAc1QUEL1NE JOHNSON Tom-'I'om 3: 'l'abP1'na l: I,itvral'y Club 32 Ulm- Cluh 2: Spanish Cluh 33 Basketball 313 Opvw-ttzi, Accompanist Il. ESTHER KoiiN Iliul Staff 4: Ilonor Vin 1: Latin Club C23 , . , . 4. 1 . 1. , Z., f 3 'rout Lvvnts Lluh 3,3 fi l llub l Qui I Club 23 Aftvr Svhool Sports 2: A. NY. V. S.3 DARLI-ENE V. KELLER Varsity 2g Pop Club 11, 31 Squzul lufader ZZ. JAc'QUEL1NE A. KAGAN Upon-vita 213 Honor Pin SJ: Bowling 25 A. W. V. S. 4. Page Th irty-o ne June, 1944+ GLORY ANN KAISER Senior Play 43 Dial 3, Service Club 31 Skating Club 2. JANE CLAIRE KNABE Honor Pins 3, 4: Dial 4: Lower House 2, 33 Operetta 2: Math Club 3, 4, Sec., Camera Club 3, 4, Sec. Treats., Service Club 4. YETTA KREICHMAN Soldan High. NoRvEL LEv1NE lllufals Club 43 Intramural Sports 2, 0, . ANNETTE LONDE Roosevelt High School. RUTH EL1zABE'r1-1 KAYSER Lower House 4, Operetta 23 Squad Leader 2, 3, 45 Basketball 2, 3, 4. AUDREY JEAN KRAMER Operetta 23 Bowling Club. PEGGY KRAUS Operetta 2: Pep Club 23 Bowling' 2. SYLVIA L1EBERsTE1N Honor Pins 2, 3, 4: Sehoenthaler Award 3: Student Tutoring 43 Oper- etta 23 Latin Club 2, 3, 4, See. and Pres., Girls' Glee Club 35 Service Club 43 Basketball 2. BETTY LYNCH House of Representatives 3, 43 U. Club 43 Tri-Y 2 3 Operetta 2, 3 Q After School Sports 2, 3, 43 Exploring Ancient History Pa-ge Thirty-two Our Prienclship Kaiser Knabe Kreichman Levine Londo Kayser Kramer Kraus Lieberstein Lynch May She Never Lack Kirk R. Kranzberg Krueger Lerner Londe X- Kieffer S. Kranz Ladd Levi Libr' I ., ff 7 rf 9 . Klein Kramer Kronsberg Lieberman Levinsohn June, 1944 BILL KIRK lluusa- uf liuprm-sulmtntives R13 XVrcstliug 3, flg lli-Y 21 A lluppcllu -1. BILL KIICFFIIIR Football -15 W'I'ustliug I1. JEAN H. KLEIN Uluytullg After Slflllbljl Sports 3, 4. HENEE KRANZBICRG Art Ulub 2, Ilg Upuwttzl Il: NVillium Pvuu lligll, Pal. STUART KRANZBICRG Spanish Ulub 2, :lg lflll'l'Cllt Events Club -1. PEGGY ELISH KRANER A tmppvllen lg Survive Club 3, 43 After School Sports LE, Il. ERNEST KRUEGER f 44 X 5 1 4 I Q 'NW 4+ ""-'CN NORMAN KI-INNE I LAIIII 4 Ig V. - , ,. l 'l'rihu 3, 1: S1-niur Play -1: House gf lit-Fk"' A rusn-Iltzltivvs el, Sm-rgvzllml-:It-AI'nIs3 Foo - I, bull Varsity 2, ", lg xVl'l'5lllI'lg' 2' lg I . lluscbull 1. 0 x I 1 ' AL ff jx M V4 f' Vyjljf. FRANCIS KRUNSBERG fe, CillllCl'll Club 2. .3413 -K xr ,Q , . V 'xf 1- ' J . JSE., MARVIN B. LERNER ' E . fHJl'l'l'tt2l 2, Zig Mutll l'luh SS, I: lllll'2lIlllll'Pil .S l JQL linskm-tb:Ill ZZ. Il: SIIuIIislI Club 33 A Cup- pcllu Choir Il, -1. HAROLD LEVIN HARULD GILBERT Lll-JBHRMAN Upcrm-tt:L 23 Baud IZ, 3, -13 1llt.l'21ll1lll'b1l Sports 2, 3, -1. NURMA TERRY LIINIJE Opvmttu 2: Smwic-v Club 3. lg A. XY. V. S. 4 Q xVilIlklCl'1llSl Club 2. SIDNEY LIBRACII Open-ttu 2: Buys' Glu- Club Z3 Math Club -13 Wrestling' 35 lntI'umIu'zIl Basketball 12. ROBERT LI-:vINs0HN lmfznycttlr lliglx, N. Y.: Currm-nt Events Ulub 2: liuskctbull Varsity 33 1llU'illlllll'ii1 Sports 2, 3, fl. Page Thirty-tlwce 4 5 X-OJXKJJV X June, 1944 - ' Ever Faithful, IRHNE A. MARKS Tum-Tom 3, 4: Dial 4: Sonior Play 43 'l'I'ihe- 2. il. 43 Football 2, 41 After Literary Club 33 Service Club 33 Bowl- School Sports Ll, JL, -l. ing Club 23, 3. NllRMAN L. MCCUI.I,llUGll BI-IRNICI: MOI,Os MARIlJN MIER Xlfehster' High: Operetta 23 Horkey 2. A- XV' V- S' 3- 4- 33 A Cappella Z. MP'IlA RUTH MUFNNIG Band 2 3 4' Urclivstru 2 3' Sl'lliU ' Ip In LARRY MOON Track 3, 43 Opffrvita IZ. CHARLES RICIIARII NIXUN Track 2, 3, 43 Currmit Events 4. MILORIJO KIYGSLAINIJ NORWINI lllliillf loumil xi HO 4 Opvrvtta 2: After School Sports MARILYN PATJENS Uporetta 2: l'horal Music 23 Aflvi' 71 rvlla 2.' Gil' s' G '3 Lib School Sports 22, 4. ELIIANOR PI-IARLINE X An English class isn't all grammar A . Page Thirty-four Q if E PREM is MQ-f M., it pax N. N Marks Mior Moon Nixon Paijons McCullough Molos Muennig Norwino Pearline W- -4-Cf'gfCNLZCf0M'.A 7-Ag L ,W-ax, ' ' Ever True alma- QM.-4 June, 1944 Malin Mickelson C. Nelson Novack Plein Marston McKinney McNelly Ming G. Nelson Niedt Parr Pass Poyner Phillips I LORRAINE MALIN Palette and Brush 23 Caniorzi Club 21 A. VV. V. S. 3. BETTY MARSTKHN Oporetta 33 'l'ri-Y 2, 3, 43 A Cappella 3. NANCY MCKINNEY U. Club 3, fi, Pres., Sowimcc Club -'lg Po Leader 2, After School Sports 2, 3, 4. ! K. Club 2, 3, 43 Dial 4g Senior Play 4'g Sf1ud ED MICKELSON O Football Varsity 43 Baskutb' , 3 4 Varsity, Tribe 2, 3, - 3 Studen Co inc' 4 Track 3, 43 Basoba 4. t LOWELL M EL Y W House of H es n tivos 3, 4, iw ,lr r- X many Tribe 3 'r' sk 2, 3, 4' ,J 'ettr 2, 3, 43 Sorvi t L 23 A C ipe a 3, 4, Hi-Y 2 3. X' ' f Q S 'AN MING X Opercfta ' crv'co C 3 CAROLYN FAYE m I ' Solclang pa i L. ub 2, 3, ep fl1bl2 ' , Service , 3g A. NV. . S. 35 vl GRA ELsoN ' Low xi' ouse 2, 3 Honor Pins 2, 3, 4: Scrvic Club .., 43 Latin Club 3, Dial 3, 4: Cu ent Events Club 33 Pep Club 23 Glee L ub 23 A, NV. V. S. 3. DOUGLAS NIEDT OIJCl'l3tlH 2: 'Fribv 3, 'lg Hi-Y 2, Football fl, After School Sports 2, 3, 4. JEROME NOVACK NVrestling 3. DoN PARR Rosa PASS DORIS PLEIN Eureka High: Cleo Club 2, Seo. 3 3 A Cap- pella 43 Band 3. DOROTHY POYNER MARGARET PHILLIPS Dial Staff 4: Operetta 23 Spanish Club 2, 3, Sec. 4, Vice-Pres.: Serviue Club 43 Horseback Riding 43 Camera Club 4. Page Tllifrty-five June, 1944+ LOUISE CATHERINE POPE Operetta 23 Spanish Club 23 Art Club 3, 33 Tri-Y 2, 33 Glee Club 23 Archery ELINORE JACQUELINE RAIN Hunter College High3 Senior Play 3, 4 3 A. VV. V. S. organizer 3, 43 Tom-Tom 4: Dial 43 Strut and Fret 2, 3, 43 Ser- vice Club 33 French Club 3, 43 Oper- etta 2, 33 Vlfashington University Speech Contest 3. MARGARET ROPER Operetta 2, 33 Senior Play 3, 43 Con- cert Band 3, 43 Librariang Marching Band 2, 3, 4. HELEN MARIE ROSENFELD Dial Staff 33 Tom-Tom Staff 33 A. XV. V. S. 2, 33 Service Club 3, 43 Horse- Riding 2, 33 After School Sports BETTY ANNE SANDELI. Student Council 3, Sec. 4, Publicity and Citizenship Chairmang Vice-Pres., Class 2, 3, 43 Squad Leader 2, 33 Ser- vice Club 2, 3, 43 Tri-Y 3, 43 After School Sports 23 Ping Pong, Sr. Cham. MARCPILLA PORTNOY Honor Pins 2, 3, 43 Girls' Tutoring 4, Cliairmang Service Club 3, 43 Student Council 4 3 Dial 43 Math Club 4: Senior Play 43 Latin Club 43 Varsity Basket- ball 23 A. VV. V. S. 3, 43 After School Sports 2, 4. ROBERT H. RAMSEY Jefferson City High St:hool3 Student Council 23 Strut and Fret 2, 43 Band 2, 3, 43 Hi-Y 4. GENE BURTON ROSEN Lower House 43 Senior Play 43 Intra- mural Sports 2. JUNE ARLINE ROVICS Operetta 23 Pep Club 23 Bowling 2. LEATRICE SANDERS Service Club 3. Future Housewives Page Thirty-six As We Raise Pope Rain Roper Rosenfeld Sandell Portnoy Ramsey Rosen Rovics Sanders Our Song Anewf I 1 ' I 'fi AV , 44 J""e,1944 Rr' , C Post Roinwrs Routman Rubin Scliae-fer JI-:AN CAROL POST Opvrc-Ita 23 Spanish Club 23 Ilaskvtball 2. 1 I WILLIAM C. POWELL, JR. l llonor Pin 23 llouso of Rcprosentativos 3, . 43 llial Staff 3, 4, Business Mgr., Senior 1 Play -lg Currunt Eva-nts Club 13, 3, Pres. 4, 1 Sum-.-'I'roas.g Spanish Club 2, 3, 'l'roas.3 l Math Club -15 Chess and Clif-I-km' Club Il. I MELVIN RABUSIIKA ' Honor Pin 2, 3, Il, Travk 2, fl, Math Club i -l 3 Currvnt Events Club 43 Stiulvnt Tutor- , ing' 4. l 4 JACK REIMERS 1 Stuclont Council 4, Chairman SOI-. Comm., 5 l.ow1-I' House 3, S0413 Opvrutta 33 Tribe' lg Ili-Y 23 Honor Pin 123 A Cappella Choir 3g Football 43 After School Sports 2, 3, 4. I MONICA BETII RIBSTEIN ' 'Plllll-'l'llIll 3: Squad lmallm' 32 ll. Club 43 Chess and Chovkvr Club 3, Sa-0.3 Bowling 35 Aftor Svhool Sports LZ, Il, 4. Powell Ribstvin Rosen Russell Svhascfh I AUGUST ROMANO I MILLARD ROUTMAN F Intramural Sports 45 XYrOStlinpg -lg Ilasv- ball 4. I i DOROTIIY RUTII ROSEN S4-nior Play 4. I 4 MARGIE ROSENBLOOM SI-nior Play 4g Classic-al Club 23 Literary Club 4, Sf1I'x'ic'o Club 4: A, NY. V. S. 3, 43 Horsvbavk Riding Il. N ERWIN RUBIN 1 Linclvn High Svhool, N. J., 'I'ribO 3, -lg lntraniural Haskvlball 2, 43 Aftvr Svhool 1 Sports 3, 4. ROSEMARY RUSSELL Operetta 23 Squad Leamlers 2, 3, -lg U. Club 3, 4, 'l'r0as.g Vit'9-1,I'0S.j Pep Club 2, 3, 'I'r1-as.: Varsity Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball, Softball 2, 3, -1. PIIILLIP BURTON SACIIS Cheer Imacle-I' 4: Sz-nior Play 43 Track 3, 4: Strut and Fri-t 3, 45 Che-Ss and Chevk- vrs 3, Vive-1'I'x-s. JEANNE SCHAEFER MARTliA MAI: SCIIASCII Classival Club 23 Sorx'iI'fe Club 2, 3, 43 l.ilerary Club 4, 'l'rmfzxs.g Spanish Club 3, -ll Sn-nior Play -lg A. XV. V, S. 3, -lg Horsv- bac-k Riding 35. FRANOIIS QUELIJA SCIIIJNKEI. Svrvimce Club 3, Horsvbavk Riding Z, Howling' LZ. Rabushk :I Romano Rosvnblooni Sachs Schenkel Page Thirty-seven LW ,LW Zrfij ' U 0 June, 194 M Of the Days J TED SCHOTT Honor Pin 33 Football 43 Operetta 2. 33 Band 2, 3, 45 Orchestra 2, 33 Math Club 33 Table Tennis 2, Zi, 4. IMOGENE SIEGEL Senior Play 45 'Pom-'Pom 3, 43 Squad Leader 2, Il: After Svhool Sports 2, 33 Varsity Volleyball :lg Art Club 2, 4, ,PI'es.g U. Club 2, il, 4. PHYLLIS J ULE SILVERSTEIN Dial 43 Senior Play, Posters 45 Oper- etta, Scenery 2, 33 Palette and Brush Z, 3, Sem".-'I'reas.g 4, Pres.: A. VV. V. S. 3, 4, Bowling, Club 4. RALPH K. SOEBBING llonor Pins 2, Il, 4 3 Svlioentlialer' ,-Xwural 333 House of Representatives 43 Student Counvil 43 Dial, Cartoonist 4: GILBERT SCHREINER DOLORES SETZEKORN Operetta 2: A. XV. V. S. 3, 43 Girls' Lllee Club 2, 3. X CAROL SIMON yy! Operetta 33 '1'0lTl-'lxlll ' 'llP6l' .ea er 4' J' of lm I SHIRLEY J. SPANN Honor Pin 23 A. NV. V. S. 33 Spanish C1 2, :sg Tri- ' 1Z,3,f g Spanish Club Pg Chess and Cher-kers Club 3, Pres? Student 'Tutoring 4g W Chemistry Club 4, Vice-Pres,g Cioero- ,QSCQAX ,7-Af nizins ll, Rzlsvbztll 4. A ffbyyrlfff "' 'ffff f ,, - 1 f iff .1 ,jflffb NONA STEIN JACK STONE! S61-vit-Q Club 4, Student Counril President: Student Tutoring Chairinan 43 House of Repre- sentatives 33 Honor ,Pins 2, 3, -13 Class 'I'reas. 4 5 Strut, and Fret 2, 3, Pres. 45 Math Club 3, 4, Vice-Pres., Current Events Club 2, 3, Cheer Leader 2, 35 'Pom-'l'onI 2, After School Sports 3, 45 Choral Blusio 2, 3, 4. Our Carpenters and Machinists Page Thirty-eight Schott Schreiner Siegel Setzekorn Silverstein Simon Soebbing Spann Stein Stone ' DUUCLAN M. SC11WAR'1'z . urtxm fligh, 1 ':1 ' 1 1111 ' t Qydwlfy June 1944 We Spend wztlo You lv' , 1 gs M3 Nl l l11l111.1 lil l l 4 O1 ' rlu-slrzn 2' Ili-Y -lg Afts-1' S1-luml Spurts 2, I Q I 41. . S1 l'l1v I UI tt ' 'Stl HL Cl IJ 'Y N ,ff I K 1 vii' W ' SIIX tlub l P 11.1 FN SLIIWART7 . . W1 C-niu1' 1, - 3 lt'l'0 :1 Lg ."'v' -1 .ll A . -1 3. CIM f , '-1. ,wiv swf' -1.. , FRANK LA1v11v11:Rs S1:1:G1sR , Spanish Club I.: W4 4 DON SHARP 0 S 1 ' 'ice ' 2. lllmm' l'i11 23 lli-Y 2, fl, Vic-4--l'1'Ps, 13 SD2,IlllSll Club CZ, -I, 'l'l't'1lS.Q Aftvr' Sc-lmul I Spurts L, Il, tl. RUT11 SIIIPMAN me-'11 1 LI lluusf- ' 2:31 ' : L.. A "St'Ill2lllYll!4 4, MARlI.YN SILVERMAN vw 1- . .1 .., .1, . . ' gf. Club ' Club FRANf'lS SLFINN Y 011+-1'c:lta1 123 A. XY. V. S. Il: '31 Club 2. xr X 1 1 'U if HoR'1'1:Ns1: Joy SMITI mlm gltllllbl' lflin Zig Stull:-nt M Club Ig S1-1'x'i1-v Club 1 1 X. JUS1-:P11 SM1T11 . fe , 1 .--, .. D. SCl1W3l'tZ E. Scl1wz11'tz Sharp Shipman Slenn Smith Spit-lnlm'-l1 Stone Tait Stnkvr Sports 2. IDA MAH SPIELIJOCII tlpfwvttat 2: llite-1':11'y C 3 A Cxnmwllzl Chuir -ll H04'lU'.' STANL11Y M. STONE if Seeger Silvormzln Smith Summers Stinson bull 32, -l. Rn1,AN11 TAIT BILL STOKER lli-Y Ci, fl: XY1'0Stli11g 4 J1-:AN STINSUN ssnv. Htl. 4, Editor, Latin 23 Sllltlvllt 1'UlIIlt'll Zi, 43 l.llt'l'LLI'X -I, S1-1-.3 L'lll'l'L'lll lflvvllts Club 3, 4. xVIll'IKlPl'lllSt I 'l'lll0I'lIlg 'lg 'Fum- lum J, .,, lg Ifrw,-111-I1 Club Il, 41 I.ite1'm'y lltmm' Pin 313 llousv of Rvp1'e-svrltatives l: 0111-1'1-ttat ZZ: Math Club 'lg lllII'lllllLll'Al . 14.3 1,111 lub 6 nlx I l Club 23 Spanish Club 33 'I'11111-'l'om 12, 1 " X 0111-rwfttzl 23 'l'1'ibv lg Art Cl11b 135 Buskvt- SIIIRLEY SUMMERS 5 'llffllllls ZZ. Page Thirty-nine June, 1944- BARBARA JEAN DUPHORNE Little Rock, Arkansasg Tri-Y 43 Girls' Glee Club 4. HARRY BARTELL L. L. MURPIIY PEGGY KIDWELL Solrlan High Sczhoolg Polyter-hnic High Los Angelesg Oporvttzi. 3 KIYOMI KANEGAWA Szicrzlniento High School: 'l'l'i-State High, 1'z1lit'or'niag lJll'PllC'll Club 2, 3. BETTY KOPRIVICA . A Cappella Choir 23 Girls' C100 Club, 5 'Przuk ', I-2, -1. Mzlrmger 25 Strut :ind Frat 43 U. Ulub 3, 43 Tri-Y 'l'rc:is1lr0i' 3, 'lg Spanish Club 2. ,. PAT SULLIVAN 1 ,UI ' f I- .fn 7" ff , f I ' ' I... A ! DONALD M. ROWLANIJ Hmlrninton Ulub 23 Spanish Club 2. BILL HORN Avis Cohen, who was so deeply admired for her natural ability, her friendly manners and her spirit of service, is mourned by all who knew her. At the time of her death she held the office of secretary of the House of Representatives and was also an ofiicer in the Literary and Mathematics Clubs as well as in Strut and Fret. An honor pin attested to her scholastic achievements. Although We deeply miss her presence in our school, Avis lives on in the memory of many U. Cityans whose privilege it was to know her. January, 1944 Sallie Bigelow Dorothy Cathcart Mary Arline Hillleb Bill, Rioman Ularice Taylor' Norman VVQIIT Page Forty rzmdt June, 1944 Eugene Alper Helen Becker 'l'el'esa Boatinarl Meme Cole Norton Esrock Alex llzxrlzind Bob Harmon llurry Holtgrewe Bob J ohnson All Hail Duphorne Murphy liurtvll Kimlwell Killl0,i1'LlNN'2l Sullivan Koprivimt Howland Horn Ftzirbzira Ronecker llurry Smith llick Taylor Elizaibetli XV1'ight U. City High J""ev1944 523 . PAT VVADDINGTON Opera 2: Art Club 4: Volloy Bull 2. ISADORE VENTIMIGLIA Mzirehimr und 1'om'vrt Iiunml 2, 3, 4. MARII.N'N YVALLI N MARY WEHLERMANN IT. Club 4: Tri-Y 43 Softball Varsity 3, Pop Club 41 After School Sports 2, 3, 4. CARL WVALKER BLANCIIE WVEINROTH Squad 1,1-zulvi' 22, 33 Service Club 2, 3: After Srliool Sports 2, 3. DOLORES VVEISS ,N , " A OB WESTENIIISEIR N use of 1-ieprcscntutives 35 Hi-Y 2, 3: N Imiml, Bzincl, Matrt-hirtg Band 2, 3. lxxv erettti 3' A Cappella Choir 45 Concert ' Jsnowl J. WIESELMAN AJ R t it H ti A ,ff slot!!! o ' 'ce ighg Mu 1 Ulub 2, 33 Frenvh ' b 2' Muse-bull 4' Glue Club 2. Ulf-f g K - ' X -if u AUDREY Hifiiiff-K ,gif Dial 45 Tri-Y :Q sit nisitcriiub :ag A. W. V A , , O.. Lx .t. .1. MCDRTIJN VVOLFSON GUY MERVIN WOOD II Student Council 2, 3, 4, Social Chairman, Assembly Clmir'n1z1ng House of Represen- tatives 4, Chairman, Class President 2, 3, 43 Service Club 2, Zi, 4, Tribe 2, 3, 41 Operetta 2 5 Football Varsity 2, 3, 4 5 Track Varsity 2, 3, 4, Athletic Letters 2, 3, 4. ELEANOR WRIGHT Operetta 2: U. Ulub 3, Sw. 4, See.: Club " " 4' Pop Ulub " 'fl 4' J Leaders , --o.'. f --'f - After School Sports L, 3-2, 4. vz-N 4,3 JANET YVRIGIIT ,,. erettzt 2: Lower Housa- 4, See., Dial 3, , 1 4, Uirculzitiun Alunztger:'Svrvive Ulub 3, f' K ,. 55:55 3 1. f Am-1... - ,, ,,. ... - in-lu tlub 4. bpdnlsh tlub 3, Vice- Pi-esf V , 'l're-us.: llorsn-lmrk Hiding 4. RONALD J. YAL1-:M House of livprest-ntutives 43 After Sqhnol Sports 2, 33 Spelling 'IH-am 45 Chemistry 2 A . x 'K wfttniingnm Vw umieiik Vt A Wallin vVCllltfl'lllJlllll XX L Ike ' 0 Q Q YV1-inroth XVeiss KVA! 't iw W'iteselmun NVOlf XVO I VVOOII E. xv!-igm J. Wx? Q ci , Yalem lb r' ' ip i gg guy, . - , Q'VkL f K' f 1- Club 43 Baseball 4. Page Forty-one Our New S eniors JANlTARY,1945 1J1':1iftsnwn of 'l'mnu1'1'0w Page Forty-two Nivk Ailzif-k .lack Hzillzilwl Hurry liurtvll Elaine Bolt-nsun Martin Blass Shirley .l3l'0VVt'l' .lim Cari' Geu1'g'e11Ib0r-lu .l0ln1E1lis Florenve- l4lnwl'L Bob lfislibvin llzirvvy Frolilivhs Bob f2Ol'l12llll .lair-k Hzillelr Ruth Hardin Hzirry Hollgwxve Martin Hyatt Alvin Hylnun .Ivrry lken 1J2ll'l0Tl0lq0llPl' Ed Kluss David Klum man .lean Klein Louis Knezvvirli Helene Kopnizxn Rmtliellv Krainws Ynltin, KI't'lK'llYll2lIl Hub Maluney Hull: Mzmne tvin Dill NlZ1l",?,'l0llS llill Ms-l'luru lfizinres Mnessiml Stanley lvlnlnsliy l.:n'r'y lkloon Ii. ll. Murphy .l l5l'Ullll6 Nnvzivk Ruth Onken Hrzwe Paul .lou Powers Hub Rutliert Bill Hxmls Eileen Srhwartz Artlnu' Slnnim Uorinnfr Supliil' Emi SD9Ylf'lfl' l.lfUTlLll'Il Spivlbvrg Melvin Stneinbzxum Betty Sutlnfi' Iierberl Swynrs Hurulml 'I'zxba1'lmif-l linlaind 'l'uit 'Pom 'l'e'bbPttS Lois 'I'0r'govo Lloyd 'Forgove Put Wziddinglun Alulrvy NVUII' l':Li.1'lJilI'Ll XVUIITQ .Ialnvs Adair Teil Altpetn-r Ihorothy .Iva n Angus Batty Ansvl liobvrt. Aruta lbolly Atlrvxf ln'Slinf ,fXXt'lI'tnI Nvlson Bukt-r .Iohnny Baldwin .lessee Barge 'PMI Berger Shirley Beyer Dorothy Bieber Lawrence Bierman Martin Binkin lielintla Ijlavkwvll 'I'tIlll l'!l0Il'Il .Iohn Morning Morry Holtznian Hob BI'ilIlllt'llIJlll'g Ilolort-s Hrasivr Max lirvzullnnn .Ianvt lirvihan Sill Brilliant Marvin lirimn-r K+-nnvth lirtn-ltsvlnnitlt Pat Hroustt-r lllsllie-r Brown lllllt-n t'at'l'ray llt-ln-n Uanipbvll .lane-t'znnpb1-ll .Io Ann lI2ll'lllIl'IlFlt'l llvnry Uavs-nah Irma .Im-an l'hantlIn-r .Ioyvv l'oht-n Shirlt-y Cohn l+l1lwar4l Ulark Marylyn llahl ltlarl llavis Millartl llavis 114-rtrutlv lJvVrin-S l+l:1rlKayt2llilli- l'otv lfltlwarmls Anita Idltlvrs Rim-liartl lfjlkin Isla lllnms Martin lflnovh liwtty list:-s Pat Faulkner Vlnrvnt Faust-k Joan I-'Pin Eugvnv I'It'ItIlll2lll Suzannt- ltivllllllilll Robert lfe-lt Ronalsi Volt Nanette lfivist-lie-I' Ann I"l'lillf'lllIlilI Milmlrecl Fritlltin Mary Lou Fulton Ethel .Ioy Gallant Faye Gallant Etl Gartsido Gene Gauvin Connie tive Milton tlvhlvrt Bryan tlieslt-r Phyllis tloltl t'harlynv tloltlrnan Paulinv Hor--nstt-in SIlll'IPXlil'L1j' Lew Hall Marvin Harbor Lourvno Ht-ngvs Allen llvnski- He-rliartl ll:-ntst-like. .loyrv Hill Bert llirsvh Davitl Iluhvr lmsta-r llurk Ann Low llutlson Allan Hutkin Nolan .Iaas Maxinv .Iac-obs Bill Johnson .Tim .Ionvs .lerorno Kalishman Betty Ann Kano llvtty Kaplan XVarrvn Karr .loyvv Kvllt-r Roland Kirin Rolwrt Knox IAlXYl'HlN'l' Kolkn-r .I ant- Konrad Patrit-ia Ifl'lltlQ.L't'l' Ruth IflltZSt'llt'l' Bill Lang litlith l.2iIll'lIl2lIlIl Hay Lending' Bill Levinson llavitl Lvvy Mylt-s Livbn-rstf-in I.lIlIIlYl Ltlpbvrgt-r tlrave Mat'lnnm Ann lVlhlIltIIHIJ1ll!lll Iiob lllarre lilvn lvlassu Uliurleen ltlcivlvnaniy Eddie MceSweeney tiene Metz Mary Betty Meyvrsitwl: Maynard Mirhvl Mary Catlierint-1 Millvr livtte Mitvlwll I-ielbucml lvlorsv .lini Nathanson Roborta Neal .I utly Nvitllingvi' lfllizubs-tli Noltv l'at Nowlan Nona Oksne-r Tlionias Uri' Dorothy Osborn Norma Pwlerson lfrwl Pell Sally I'ivl't'0 l+lrImiv Plank Marvin Platt .lov Polillsky lNl:lrgarvt Prvis Mary liou Prviss Irving' Ratlalr NVarren Rapaport 'I'vtl TCZISSIUIII' Mary Jane Rzttvlitl' lii0har4l Razovslty .lark Howl llat R4-uso Nelson l-ieivlnnan Elvnorv R1-it'vr Alan Reirnann .Ivan Helntf-r lIotRi1-httlr Hob Robillsorl Our Juniors Sylvan Robinson Sanford Iflllllklllriliy llaroltl Rosen Roma Ross-n Iiob Hottnmn lbolorvs Houfa II'Ilt'Illl2l Koutnian I'atrit'iu Houtniun Marvin Routrnan .I urw liubin 'Furry Hutlwrfortl Beverly Sanowsky tiertla St-hiffel lllztrvln Shapiro Pearl Shenker Myron Sher th-ralel Shuvart Arthur Silver .Ivan Slllvlilil' Dorothy Slunsky Vivienntl Smart lfol ost Smith liob Soloman lit-tty Spassa-r .lat-lc Spvllm-r lflvt-lyn Spurgin ,Ioroniv Stwtllin liill Strubingvr Hay Taylor Rosa May 'Fvvis .I uno 'llhompson liill 'l'r4-ntman NX :1 ynt- 'Purkvr 1 lfllizabvtli Ann X iiiPl'illQ Hill Vogt l'Il2ll'I4'S XValllngton J im Yvalsh .Ioroniv XYassernian lf'r:mr'vs YN'oinberg Morton VVornor llim-lt XVillian1s lloris VVilSon l,orraint- XYinz0rling Mivkvy XVittt-ls lion XVolf Lorrainw YVool Nztnvy Young' Sallw Young X, Page Forty-three ur Juniors Aren't we graceful ? Marian Aekerinan Bill Andrews Mary Ashe Joe Barks Verna Barnes Verne Barnhart Barbara Batlin Paul Bet-ker Charles Bender Alan Benson Virginia Bergen lflward Block Joy Bloom Peggy Jean Booth Malcolm Carten Jim Claiborne Barbara Clegg Bernadine Cohen Margie Cohen Lucille Crane Malcolm Dardiek 1-teva Dardiek Vvarner Davis John Dougher .Jocelyn Dubei Glory Ellis Joe Ellis Dorothy Forthmann Eugene Friel Charles Gentry Adele Gershon Helen Ginsburg Ben Glazer Stanley Gollub Maurine Greenburg Don Grossman lrvin Grossman lris Haffner Frank Hamilton Bill Harris George Haverstiek John Hays Warren Hays Virginia Henske .Iaek Heiman Juanita Jean Hobbs Jack Hoffman Betty Jean l-lollman Lois Hough Sally Hunter Morton Inger Rollin Isaacs Murray Kaplan VVarren Kawin Doris Kayser David Kean Betty Klearman Geraldine Klayman Bob Kohn Jerry Koprnan Annadine Kraehrnal Eugene Kutter nick Ralph Large J ack Leonard Ruth Life Cleora Maddox Georgia Manda Bernice Marcus Bonnie Marglous Norma Matlock Bob MeClanahan .Jean Medalie 'l'om Moloney Norma Moss Marvin Nielberg Betty Nielson Alvin Ostrow Neal Parnas Shirley Pease Ada Anne Pope Maxine Rabin Bob Hecht Zara Richter Connie Ringhum Harvey Rosen Marlelyn Schneider Marilyn Shucart Albert Simpkins Marianna Sinz Betty Smith Charlotte Smith Albert Spielberg Marian Spirtis Harriette Stein Shirley Stein Rose .lean Steinberg Vera Steinhoft' Leon Strauss Richard Sutter Robert Swehla Jeanne Taylor Katherine 'Phoinns Beverly 'Pueker George NYarml Bob XVeisenfels Shirley XVeisrnan Bob XVhite .lim XVilliamson Malcolm XVittels Jerry XVoll'f Page Forty-four JANUARY, 1 9 46 4 if 3 fx: , ' ,TK ,A v .JN 1 4 fi? V Our S ophomores Lois Abrams l-Barbara, Agruss Mary Ackvrt Anncmla. Albert Morton Alpern Catherine Altepeter Vatherine Altman .loan Altman Mary Anderson Seymour Baileys B1-ss Blica Bales l'1d1lioBalk Mary Ballrnan Jack Bardett Charlotte Barken Farley Barker Jane Becker Victor Behlke Harold Berger Tom Berger Sylvia Bernstein Jeanne Berry Donald Biggs Victor Blount Martha, Booth .l im Boles Virginia Bording Shirley Bought Dick Braznell Don Breckenridge Kay Bretsnider Elaine Brick Becky Brown Helen Brown Phyllis Brown Henry Bucher Bob Burgener Stanley Buxmer Richard Byars George Campbell Betty Uhristenson Rubin Choden George Alan Colm Bill Collinger .lean Coplan Harvey Cotlar Bob Cowdery Elsie Crisp Jim Crutcher .Ioan Cummings .lost-ph Davis Frank Dawdy lflorence Dallas Bob De Long Jacqueline De Vries .Ioan Depelheuer James Dirth Shirley Doll Albert Dubinsky Martha. Duffy Robert Edlin Helene Eisenberg Beryl Epstein Lester Fagin Nancy Fechner ltictta Feigenbaum Alvcrda Finke Rose Finn Judy Fischer Rita Fischman Herman Fisher Joyce Fixman Billy Fox iris Frommel Gerald French Paula French Patricia Friel Marcia Fuhrer .l une Fussner Howard Gale Jackie Garrell Myra Gassman Dolores Geiger Gene Gerber David Gers Carol Gillman Harriet Ginsberg Cynthia Glastris Betty Glazier Herbert Glazier Dolores Goelb Stanley Goldberg Betty Goldenberg Borah Mae Goldenberg Bernard Goldtein Lester Goldstein Rosalind Goldstein Robert Gordon Lorraine Gorman Anne Greeson Shirley Grillith Lucille Guller Robert Hall Lois Hammer Herbert Hammil l-lay Hampton Teal Hannon Shirley Happ 'Ferl Happ 'Ped Harbeck Mary Lea Harmon Nancy Hawkins .I oyce Healfl Tilford Hearsh Evelyn Harold David Hetzler Shirley Hilmer Bob Hirschfleld lrmgard Hoehn Erich Hofacker Gilbert Hoffman Irving' Hoffman Phyllis Hoffman Elayne Hollander Dorothy Homer Eunice Horn Bob Huber .lack Hughes Betty Humphreys Ronald Hurst Don Hurwitz Dolores Hutson Elaine Ing Herbert Johnson Ralph Johnston Tom Jolley Art .Tones Gertrude Jones Pat Jones l'hil Kaplan Beverly Karsh lrvin Katz Sidney Kayman Kathryn Kearney Nancy King Harriet Kleiman .Ioyce Klein Gloria, Jean Kohn Louis Kohn Dolly Komm Jocelyn Kopman Norma. Kramer Donald Kramer Frank Kramer Rosalie Kreisman Dolores Kriegshausei Stanley Laiderman Lois Jean Lane Zara Mae Lans Richard La rge Jay Lapin Robert Lapusliin Sonia Larkin Rosalie Lasky Robert Lehman David Leitch Joy Lending Frank Lesinski David Levin Annabelle Lewis Geraldine Lipcin Norma Litt Irving Litvag Harriet Long Gloria Lowes June Lubin Dorothy Ann l1lll00 Marvin Marldlcr Dick Maher .Ieanne Marcus Maxine Marmor Jean McCormack Tom MCN:-ima ra Estelle Medalie Ida Medley Rona Meisel Calvin Merstetter Nancy Meyer Alice Miller Betty Miller Elizabeth Miller Bernice Millman Eleanor Mills Cynthia Milton Robert Miroff Herbert Mizes Harriet Moeller Rosemary Moore Clinton Morrow 'Rebecca Ann Muennig Page Forty- five f f 'f uf aww! , Om' S ophomores V '7 f Gloria Muse Alice Nelson Roger Nelson lion Nibeek Don Norder Clarence Norsworthy .lean Norwine Adelaide Norack Paula Novak Roberta Oberman Fred Uertli Ben Olsc-liwangei' Alberta Ort' Betty .lane Peterson Richard Phelps Richard Phillips Selwyn Polsky Jack Powers Mary Lou Poyner Patricia Price Margaret Queen I-lubert Raburn Selene Rabushka, Arline Radloff Ruth Ramsey La Verne Ranke Julius Raven Jerry Reichman Nelson Reinhardt Evelyn Ribstein John Richard John Rieser Robert Roach Eleanor Roam llill Hollins Eleanor Hondberg: Sheldon Rose Virginia Lee Rose Neal Rosenberg' lfern Rosenkranz liob Rossi Gene Rubin Nvilbur Rudman Iloris Hueckert Norman Runnion Barbara Rupp Marion Sanders Stanley Schear Sam U. Seher Ilortenso Schiffer Robert Schmidt Fred Schneeberger Neil Schneider Sadie Schnitzer Erwin Sohowengerdt Sandy Schultz Marjorie Schuman Robert Scott Nelda Sedlacek .Jean Seeger Betty Selvaggi Ruth Senturia Dick Shackles Kathleen Shanahan Norma Shanfeld Rosalyn Shapiro Dean Shendal Class of January, 1947 Don Dell Pat Donaldson Edward EIHHS Geraldine Engelage Flo Feltmeier John Knox Fischer Page Forty-six Bill Goodall Tom Hilmer Chester Hudson Bob Jaeobsmeyer Viola Knox Loretta Kremer JUNE, 1946 Grover Sibley l-iay Siebert .Ioyee Sievers Elvin Silverman Emily Silverman Arthur Simon Donald Smith George Smith Lorraine Smith Rita Smith Shirley Jean Smith 'Fed Smith XVarren Smith NN'ayne Spa nn Andrew Speroulias Betty Bruce Stake Bob Stanza Virgina Stark Marcia Sterneck Bob straw Robert Studt Earl Stuckman Margaret Sutemeie J ane Tait Dean Tendler Graham Tevis Janet Thomas Jeannette Thomas Claudia Tichenor Martin 'Pisehler Pa trieia Tracy Eleanor Trouth Bob Trentman Diana Lewis Allan Marx Murray McMillan Jeannine Nash Jay Beichman Bertha Shenker 1. Sarene Tucker Lois Turken Thomas llhlinansivk Shirley Verschleiser Alton Vogler Jack Von Funk Harold Wfagner Ann VValker Elsie Walker Doris XVallner Letha Vlfators Marilyn NVaters Norton XVeinberg Kenneth Hfeinstock Gary NVendleton Bud VViederliolt Jackie VVightman Lorraine XVindsor Mary L. Xvinkler Don YVinsby Paul XVinter Elaine VVittmaier Rosalie XVohl Janice Wylie Eugene Yalem Alan Yedlin Eddie Young Bill York Norman Zaltsman Irwin Zeid Stanley Zeid Audrey Zellinger Shirley Zellinger Jeanne Zucker Gwendolyn Shelton Seymour Spasser Marcia Spector Dave Stinson Aida Tessler Campus Leaders -4' ED MICK!-lLsoN SIDN1-:Y JLCK NIORTON VVERNER All Ilistrivt Iullllibllll ll2lI'Y1lI'1l Iiook Award lllslilm' of the llirll 'Pm-mn Svmnmel All Ilistrivt lhlslu-Lhull 'Vvzlm HAROLD LASKY All District Foulbzull 'VOGIIII V mwAI,m: ADAMS Vmumll Snlnmist I7ist1'ivt's 1NIuSt Xvillllilblii Pluyel' .Xwzuwl MARJ4 mm Housn RALPH SOEBBING LEONARU F1NN Cu-Eclilur' uf tho Tum-Tffuz JACK SToN1-1 DAv11n KL!-IARMAN llur'x'zu'mI Book Award GUY Worm l'rvsich-11t uf the Huusv of F1151 Scllocntllulm' Awzxrd l'x'vsi1h-nt of Un. Student .l,I'l'Silll'IIt ul' thu House of Ii1'1JI'1'S1f!ll?lliVC5 Council ltr-prosvlltutivcs l'l'0si1l0I1t of thc June Senior Class MAYNARU MIKZIIPIL MARII,YN S1Lv1-JRMAN FRANK HALEY .lf'iI'st SCl1UL'llll1J1lL'1' Awzlrsl 1'u-I'hIitm- uf thu l'1'1fsi4Ic-nt of the Studvnt Tum-Tmn, Council MILESTONE in the history of education Was reached when a famous educator advocated that the Whole boy and girl, not merely their minds, be sent to school. At U. City, this philosophy is the foundation of all our educational program. By par- ticipating in clubs and outside activities We can develop our personalities through the exercise of initiative and through cooperation with our class- mates. In these, too, We learn the principles of de- mocracy by practicing them in our meetings. The clubs at U. City indeed play an imp-ortant part in a Well-rounded education. ,llcfilfifie Homplefe Uur Edmz fflflfl Dial Staff bv Reinmn, Gale, Strain, Soebbingy Kohn, Collinger, Silver, Kramer 5, VA' I lflyers, XV0lf, McKinney, VVils0n, Phillips, Queen, Rain, Rabushku, Senturia l F' I lliannllobuurn, H2ll'1JQl', I42llll'lTl?lHIl, Horihman, Miss H:-Imilton, Lending, Knzibe, XVI'ight, xV0l'I16l', Kohn, Powell, Clark, Portnoy EXECUTIVE STAFF MoIzToN XVERNER -------- Editor-in-Chief BOB KOHN - - -. Associate Editor K,,u,,.,,,,mm,k JANET NVRIGIIT - - - Circulation Manager Esthc,-Kohn JANE CLAIRE KNABE - - Editorial Manager Grace Nelson BILL POWELL - - - - - - Business Manager Sponsor - MISS HAMILTON Janet lilyers .Ioan Flavin Ann Frauentlizil Louis Kohn Ann Mandleba um Nancy McKinney Marcella Portnoy Mary Acfkert Rose Ann Harper Bill Collinger Ann Frauenthal Burton Gale Louis Kohn Edith Luhrnia nn Ruth Life I l l The Dial Staff at VVork Don Krzmier Page Fifty Nelson, Kolm 5' J , fi H YJ' F' VV l I '41 J I Ji ,If Clzaifrmon, llEiI'g2ll'Ul, Phillip Elinore Rain Irving Rader Editorial S tajf Mary Lou Preiss Alain Reimzin Arthur Silver Evelyn Spurgin Ralph Soebbing Leon Strauss Audrey NVolf Circulation Edith Lalirmann Margaret Queen Advertising Staff .Icy Lending' Sole-ne Rabushka Ruth Senturia Hob Strain Typing Staff Elenore Reifer Meda Ruth Muennig Doris Wilson Photography Staff Tom Hurster Tom - Tom - .I NIARILYN SILVIIRMAN LEIINARII FINN - - SIIAY HlJl'lllNIAN - SYLVAN RIIBINSIIN ARTHUR SI.uIwIM - IRVING LITVAG - TIIM HURSTIJR - SIII COIII-:N - - - IRENIIMARKS - - - CIIARLI-is WAI,I,INGTox B013 KUHN ------ Sponsor - MISS HARRIS BUSINESS STAFF Buxincss Mumzgev' LEON DARIIICK HIIRTI-JNSIQ SIIIITII Assistmzf Bzlsinvss M1lIlIlfll'I'H DORIITIIY DI-:MBA MICKEX' VVITTIGLS GLORIA CIIIIEN Circulrztiun Iwlllllljjtvl' SID CUIIIIN NIAXINIC J,xmI5s A ssistunt Cirmllfztiuil M11 rmgvrs NIAXINE SIIIJAR CIIARLIITTIJ GRIISBIIRG Sponsor - MRS. PURNELL MI1IwIBI:Rs Imily .Xttlwv Pr'g.:gy l'4I'Elli!'iS . Lois If'I'vliI'iI . iinI'tIfIIs1- Smith xIiHlI1liTXix luv Ellis w w- lmutii, Mzuhivn, Kohn, I.ilx':Ig', Hllrsts-r, liilis, Jiwk, IQZIHSHIYIZIIL MI-Swe-vm-y, XYIIU-ls '54 59 il Smith, lim-sv, fqillliflbtiil, Ruin, iiuhinsim, Slunim, III-virismm, Vrviss, lfI'llQ'Ll4'I', I.:IhI'm:IIm .XttI'vI', i4'l'ulII1m'-1. H:IffI14'I', Ywsviile-is:-I', Miss ii:uI'I'is, Airs. l,lli'ill'il, lil'1Iill1'S, l,ipn'iII, iiuhin, Wuhl acnhs. llhvilliiilli, Marks, SilYl'l'i11JlH, Ifinn, xvfllliliglllbll, Smith. Rus.-II TOM TOM VVHITING STAFF - - - Editor - - - - Erlztrn' I,,,g.wl:mth - If 0 pu r - ,lssuciufc Erlitur II'iSi'zI'lPl1iIIIl'i - Slmrfg Hflfffpy' II'isiIzIl'I'm'I' - I , . lslblilfllilll Span ts .i.s.x15tr1Ilf mu llwhmm ' Sports -lssjsfnnt AIHl'YiIllIll4llIQ'l1 - - - - I,,l0f0gl'lI1lllI'I' lI'4'Ilt'xl1li"liS .lxsixfrzni l'1mtuyrr1pl101' I"'h""t" Nm ssisfrznf ,lssisfunf I 1 .wsistun fi - Erlifuriul Ii la'rlitor1'u1 Efliinrirzl ' fill Vtilfll 'IN-Il Iii-Ig:-I' Nlm'luII llluws GENI1 Rusicx 1 ' H ' ,' M:IxiIIr'.I:II'ubs Sid ,livk Rom-iwlle KI':IiIIvs ,l1-I'uIm- li2lliSiil1l1lll l'2lll'il'i2l lfI'll1'fLt'I' fir-:Iv Ilusm-II Edith II:IhI'IIIzlnI1 l'II:II'lnItI- Smith J uno Rubin Alivlu-5' NYILIL-ls lining fww AIIIVQ IMI: l'I'I'iss l':iill4lI'Q' Ruin VIII ICM-sv iIIIng:e-IIII Sim-gs-I Shirla-y VvI'm-III.-Is:-I' Mm'lmI Xvt'I'H1'I' liuszllif- XYuhl Simi ,Iivk Iisfs Huy I,vII1lim: l,w- ll:Ili Lu 1'I'I-ss Page lf'ifty-ww Student Council OFFICERS FRANK HALEY ------ - Presiden T GUY WOOD - - - Vice-President ' MARJORIE HOUSE - - Secretary LU RAWLINGS - - Treasurer Sponsor - MR. COLLINGS The Student Council Worked jointly with the Mother's Club in backing the Third War Loan Drive to the extent of selling 542,000 in bonds. A patriotic and ceremonious project was organized and carried on by the council-flag raising and lowering to a bugle accompaniment Was Aw if , . ' 9 ga ayff-we e e iaffjf 1:2 '41943 I f"' f' FRANK HALEY installed. This seems highly appropriate even in peace time, but is especially so during the War. As it does every semester, the council sponsored its semi-annual barn dance. In addition, the council room was made more comfortable with several arti- cles of home furniture. MEMBERS Jack Ballard Bob Christopher Kathryn Clark Peggy Francis Ed Michelson Mary Betty Meyersieck Mildred Norwine Roger Owen Jack Reimers Betty Sandell Ted Sauer Marilyn Silverman Jack Stone Morton Werner I I l Stone, Christopher, Sauer, Mickelson, Ballard, VVcrner, Reimcrs Meyersieck, Norvvine, Mr. Collings, Francis, Clark, Owen Sandell, Rawlings, Haley, House Page Fifty-two -.gli 1944 JACK STONE Some new ideas were brought up and put into practice by the Student Council during this semester. The presentation of a service flag in the auditorium, the unique Club Arrowhead -the spring dance, -a Student Council OFFICERS JACK STONE - ---- - - President MARJORIE HoUsE - - Vice-President PEGGY FRANCIS - - Secir-etcwy FRANK HALEY - - Tlreasmm' Sponsor - MR. COLLINGS revision of the school's constitution, and the formation of three new clubs were carried through. The Student Council cele- brated its accomplishments by a picnic at the end of the term. Jack Ballard Dorothy Bieber Jack Bodine Warner Davis Leonard Finn Burton Gale MEMBERS Ed Gartside Sidney Jick Mary Betty Meyersieck Ed Mickelson Marcella Portnoy Jack Reimers Betty Sandell Ralph Soebbing Morton Werner Guy Wood Janet XVright liullzwml, liollinif, Rciniers, Finn, Scwbbingsg, lmvis, XY1ev'm-1' "'s' 1 ""' v'v's"t'i '1' 11' 'un t..uI.1nlm, .l1ck, XX11f.,ht, M 5 l.ll l, lllfll 5, XX 1 I liieber, Stone-, Mr. Vollings, Housn-, Hule-y, Szlmln-ll W Pj l j 0-f W WA . Page Fifty-three I House of Representatives 1943 Breckenridge, Anderson, Rosen, Gale, Hawken, Soebbing, Reiman, Gartside, Hall, Eberle, Denibn Bieber, Neidlinger, I.ahrrnann, Abrams, Levinson, Kirk, Lasky, Slonim, NVie1lerholdt Smart, Shipman, Adams, Gray, Powell, Kohn, Lynch, Beyer Duffy, Jones, House, MONelly, Davis, Miss Briscoe, Schneider OFFICERS GUY WOOD ---- - - - - - Chairman LOWELL MCNELLY - --'-- Vice-Chairman KATHERYN CLARK fAv1s COHENQ - - - Secretary WARNER DAVIS --------- Treasurer JIM JONES -------- Sergeant-at-Arms Sponsor - MISS BRISCOE The House of Representatives for the 1943 fall semester conducted many collec- tions. These included money for the Red Cross, Tuberculosis Buttons, Community Chest, and Christmas Stockings for sol- diers. Some of the other things under- MEMBERS Erwin Abram Bill Kirk Verdalee Adams Bob Kohn Albert Anderson Shirley Beyer Dorothy Bieber Donald Breckenridge Kathryn Clark Avis Cohn Warner Davis Dorothy Demba Martha DuHy George Eberle Burton Gale Ed Gartside Shirley Gray Lee Hall Bob Harmon John Hawken Jim Jones Edith Lahrmann Harold Lasky Bill Levinson Betty Lynch Lowell McNelly Judy Neidlinger Grace Nelson Bill Powell Alan Reiman Gene Rosen Madelyn Schneider Ruth Shipman Arthur Slonim Vivienne Smart Ralph Soebbing Bob Westenhiser Buddy Wiederholdt Guy VVood Page Fifty-four taken were an organized clean-up cam- paign, an announcement board for the cafeteria, and a paper drive that netted 26,070 pounds. This 1943 session also oflicially changed the name from "Lower House" to "House of Representatives." GUY Woon MEMBERS Jan. - June, 1944 I -- 'v f House of Representatives Thu-klvs, Smith, Ellis, Spielberg, Heals, Yzilem, Claiborne, Felt, Molzisky, Hull X , X Sher, lmvinsmi, Slonim, Kohn, Abrell, liaison, Kirk, Stanza, ljI'l'l'lil'Ill'lll5.2't', ,lqlilllllltljll F' Miller, Nic-illimsger, Dean, Kayser, Uziiiipba-ll, Lzilirmzinn, Belilke, SL7llIl0lllt'l' 1" 1Ju1'l'y, llziris, XVright, 1-louse, Miss Briscoe, Eberle, Luchl, Smart x 1' I S V OFFICERS 1 F' di! MARJORIE HOUSE ----- - - Chairman ' . X J, V sa. GEORGE EBERLE - - Vice-Chazfrman, N' Jy ' JANET WRIGHT - - Secretary ,. 'ji . IRL BARIS - - - - - Treasurer K ef xv , NORMAN LADD. ------- Sergeant-at-Arms J - K - JJ X1 Sponsor - Miss BRISCOE l y The House of Representatives this se- mester has served the school in several Ways: The Citizenship Committee of the House cleaned the trophy cases and tro- phiesg the Bus Pass Committee functioned properly in its weekly sale of bus passes. On March 17, the House of Representa- tives presented a talent show in the form of a play written by Miss Briscoe, House sponsor, built around an Employment Agency. In their respective advisories the representatives solicited subscriptions and aided in collections for the Tom-Tom and the DIAL. MARJORIE HOUSE Bill Abrell Irl Baris La Verne Behlke Donald Breckenridge Neil Buckles Jane Campbell Jim Claiborne Margaret Dean Martha Duffy George Eberle Joe Ellis Ronald Felt Shirley Gray Lee Hall Frank Hamilton Ruth Kayser Bill Kirk Bob Kohn Marjorie House Norman Ladd Edith Lahrman Bill Levinson Elizabeth Miller Stanley Molasky Bill Montgomery Judy Niedlinger Bill Reals Gene Rosen Madelyn Schneider Byron Sher Arthur Slonim Vivienne Smart Joe Smith Leonard Spielberg Bob Stanza Janet Wright Ronald Yalem Page Fzfty fire H onor Pins SIDNEY Jinx - - Hrwvurd Book Prize - - DAVID KLEARMAN SCl10E?'7Itllflle'I' A Ivurfls RALPH SOEBBING - - - First Awawl - - - - MAYNARD MICHEL SILVIA LIEBERSTEIN- - - Ser-mid Awrml - - ANNADINE KRACIIMALNICK TIIIRD BAR GOLD PINS Annadine Krachmalnick Louis Kohn Edward Felkel Marianna Sandulo Ted Sauer SECOND BAR Dick Greenblatt Charlotte Grosberg Sidney J ick Fletcher Latta Shirley Lichtenfeld Roger Owen Harvey Serenco Jack Stone FIRST BAR Erwin Abrams Irl Baris Dick Greenblatt Ruth Hardin Shirley Harris Rochelle Kraines Grace Nelson Marcella Portnoy Marvin Rosecan Ralph Soehbing Page Fifty-six Stanley Abrams Leslie Axelrod Jack Ballard Dorothy Bieber Dorothy Demba Anne Dodge Mary Lou Fulton Charles Hartmann Jeanne Hirsch David Klearman Beryl Epstein Tom Meyersieck Maynard Michel Grace Paul Melvin Rabushka Sylvan Robinson Henry Sharp Byron Sher SILVER BAR Elaine Belenson Bill Bennett Lucille Drakesmith Ed Gartside David Huber Mary Ruth Jacobs Jane Claire Knabe Bob Kohn Gloria Pohle Peggy Polishuk Elizabeth Sandeber Arthur Slonim Morton VVerner Mickey VVittels BRONZE PINS Lois Abrams Hortense Berger Earl Dille Martha Duffy Joe Smith Betty Estes Joyce Fixman Carol Gillman Gloria Ginsburg 2' Borah Mae Goldenberg Shirley Gray Shirley Hanp Bill Harris Howard Hearsh Bob Hirschheld Joyce Hill Dan Hurwitz Maxine Jacobs Jacqueline Kagan Nancy King Esther Kohn Jane Konrad Dolores Kriegshauser Patricia Krueger Edith Lahrmann J ay Lapin Bob Lapushin Roselyn Leonard Betsey Mendelssohn Betty Meyersieck Alice Miller Margaret Queen Doris Rueckert Ted Scott Sandy Schultz Raymond Siebert Marian Silver Arthur Simon Hortense Smith Sylvia Lieberstein Shirley Spann Evelyn Spurgin Betty Stake Bob Strain Leon Strauss Harold Tabachnick Shirley Verschleiser Tom Ulmansieck Paul Winter Eugene Yalem Service Club Joyce Agruss .loan Altman Dorothy Attree Dorothy Ansel Leslie Axelrod Jack Ballard Sonya Bashkow Jane Becker Marion Becker 'Fed Berger 'Pom Berger Audrey Bernard .loan Berry Dorothy Bieber Martin Blass Jack Bodine Barbara Bogus Martha Booth Peggy Booth Kay Bretsnider .lane Broida Becky Brown Ellen Caffray Helen Campbell Bob Christopher Katherine Clark Gloria Cohen Joyce Cohen Sid Cohen Bill Collinger llrsula Dahms Sylvia Daniels Leon Dardick Malcolm Dardick Millard Davis XVarner Davis Dorothy Dem ba .lohn Daugherty Jocelyn Dubei Joe Ellis Nancy Ellis Beryl Epstein Leonard Finn Betty Fisher Nanette Fleischer Peggy Francis Mildred Fridkin Norma Frank Lois Frelich Iris Frommel Miriam Frost Burton Gale Ed Gartside Gloria Ginsburg Betty Goldenburg .lean Goldman Stanley Gollub Robert Gordon Shirley Gray Frank Greenfield Leger Grindon Charlotte Grosberg Shirley Grossheim lris Haffner Frank Haley Lee Hall Nancy Hawkins Virginia Henske Shirley Hilmer Shay Hockman Marjorie House Chester Hudson Pat Hughes 'Pom Hurster Martin Hyatt Maxine Jacobs Sidney .lick Gertrude Jones Glory Kaiser Jerry Kalishman Betty Kaplan David Kean Kathryn Kearney Joyce Keller Nancy King David Klearman Harriet Kleiman .lane Claire Knabe Bob Kohn Julius Koplowitz Bette Koprivica Rotchelle Kraines Frank Kramer Dolores Kriegshauser Pat Krueger Ruth Kutzscher MEMBERS Norman Ladd Edith Lahrmann Ray Lending David Levine Bill Levinson Diana Lewis Sylvia Lieberstein Gerry Lipcin Irving Litvag Norma Londe Marvin Madden Georgia Ann Manda Bernice Marcus Maxine Marmor lrene Marks Nancy McKinney Lowell McNelly Ed McSweeny Rona Meisel .To Ann Menzel Mary Betty Meyersi Ed Mickelson Mary Miller Elizabeth Miller Cynthia Milton Bette Mitchell Norma Moss Gloria Muse Roberta Neal Alice Nelson l'at Nowlan Roberta Oberman Nona Oksner Alberta Orf liugvl' Owen Shirley Pease Margaret Phillips lilaru-lla Portnoy Bill Powell .lov Ptiiwel' Mary Lou Preiss Elinore Rain Lu Rawlings liivliard Razovsky Bill Heals l':it Reese ,lark Reimers Evelyn Ribstein eck Sylvan Robinson Irving Rader Eleanor Randberg Dorothy Rosen Gene Rosen Margie Rosenbloom Florence Rubenstein June Rubin Phillip Sachs Betty Sandell Martha Schasch Bob Schmidt Madelyn Schnieder Marjorie Schuman Eileen Schwartz Shirley Seidel Kathleen Shanahan Rosalyn Shapiro Maxine Shear lmogene Siegel Marilyn Silverman Arthur Slonim Betty Smith Ilortense Smith .lack Smith Ralph Soebbing Jack Spencer Evelyn Spurgin Bob Strain Jack Stone Earl Stuckman Rosa May Tevis Martin Tischler Pat Tracy Sarene Tucker 'Pom Ulniansiek Shirley Verschleiser Charles XVallington .lim NValsh Marilyn XVaters Morton XVerner Isabel VVilkinson Martha Wlilson M ic-key XVittels Rosalie VVohl Guy VVood Janet XVright Page Fifty seven Strut and Frei Palette and Brush Reese, Estes, Stone, Sachs, Ramsey, Ruzovsky, House, Hough Byers, Critzzls, Glzlstris, Miss Bow-ers, Kohn, Attree, ll.l?.lI'glOl1S ,I+'r'z1nc:is, Ruin, Grindon, Neal Pope, Schmidt, Solomon, Huber, Levinson, Schultz, Horwitz, Agruss Miller, Epstein, Finn, Miss Gray, Senturia, Shelton, Taylor De Vries, Abrams, Silverstein, Seidel, Blass, Fuhrer STRUT AND FRET PALETTE AND BRUSH OFFICERS OFFICERS I'7'8SfdG'l1.l' LEGER GRINDON LEGER GRINDON President Vine-Preszrtent PHYLLIS SILVERSTEIN IMOGENE SIRGEL ROBFRTA NEAL S et 1 ROBERTA NEAL V106-Fwslaem GCT CLTJ PEGGY FRANCIS DOLLY 1XTTREE SHWLEY SEIDEL MYRA BLASS TrHUS7l7'C7' S9C7'Cffl'lnQI-T7'HiflS1lf7'C1' gEhfIOCg?qHkl?1:IN PAT REESE MYRA IZLASS PITYLLIS SILVFZRSTEIN Sponsor - MISS BOWERS Sponsor - MISS GRAY Page Fifty-eight Strut and Frei "Mildred Is My Name" was produced by Strut and Fret for the assembled student body. This was the accumulation oi' a year's work under our new sponsor, Miss Bowers. Following her suggestions the club attended a number oi' better plays at the American Theatre. Miss Bowers dem- onstrated various phases of dramatics, and reviewed plays so we might observe these points. New members are chosen for their dra- matic ability by tryouts held at the begin- ning oi' each semester. Ml+IMl!FlRS Bcrnadinn Colieri M:lr'jm'iwlIm1se lilarlini- Plank liu1hS+-nlurizi Bcity Estvs llob llubvr limb liumsv-y tlwvmlolg n Shi-lion C'ynthia1:lasx1-is 4llori1LKohn lill'll1ll'tl lizuzuyslcy .lack Stoni- Frank Haley 4IloryK:1isvi Slwlmlon Ruse Martin'l'ism'hl1-r Betty Jenn lrlollnmn l'4-ggy l"l'IlIltl l'I1iI Sucks Slnirlvy V1-rsrlilm-isi-1 Lois Hough Palette and Brush One of the most active groups in school, the Art Club, may always be depended upon to cooperate with any other group in promoting advertising campaigns and dis- plays. The ambitious activity oi' this group is clearly shown by the colorful posters decorating our bulletin boards. Meetings are devoted to the projects ot' the club or are spent doing any homework requiring artistic ability. MEMBERS Lois Abrams Rose lfinn llob llubi-r llobvrt Si-lmiidt llarbara Agruss Marvin l4'i1hrn-r lion llurwiiz Sandy Svhuliz Dorothy Dim-be-r liurri Mm- fliilrlvribn-i'g liill I,Q-yinson Ruth St'llllll'lZl GJ C5-Dirk llyfirs Nzinwy Hawkins liste-llc Nl:-rluliv llulrSulo1i1:m .I-1-quelinv In-Vries Lois llmigqli lim-tty Miller .lvziiiiiv 'I':iylor f my-yiliypslg-i11N l':it Wziililiiiggloii 71 fffjflfyo' Our Artists 1'i'r1p:uw- for l'hrislm:is Inv:-sling' in Yin-tory Page I"iftg-nine S ocietas Classicalis Svhool's Out During this year the programs of a more serious and intellectual character, have included a study of Greek and Latin linguistics, book reviews, the film Julius Caesar, inspiring talks by the president of the Classical Club of St. Louis U. High ? OFFICERS President BOB KOHN SYLVIA LIEBERSTEIN Vice-President JIM CLAiBoRNE PAT HUGHES Secretary SYLVIA LIEBERSTEIN DAVIDQLEITCH Sponsor - MISS DONNELLY MEMBERS Dorothy Angus Cynthia Milton Dolly Attree Alice Nelson Leslie Axelrod Roger Nelson Jean Coplan Marcella Portnoy Jean Cummings Selene Rabushka Martha Duffy John Richards Borah Mae Goldenberg Virginia Lee Rose Anne Greeson Richard Razovsky Shay Hochman Rosalyn Shapiro Betty Jean Hollman Betty Stake Louis Kohn Beverly Tucker Joy Lending Rosalie Wohl Ruth Life Eugene Yalem Bernice Millman School and by, Dr. Urchg these have been interspersed with those in the lighter vein, with Latin games and contests, the Sing- ing of Latin songs, and the annual Latin Club Birthday Party, in commemoration of the club founding, March 17, 1921. Leitc-Ii, 'l'iii-lusr, Milton, Rzizovsky, Yailcm, Miss Donnelly, Kohn, R. Nelson, A. Nelson, Sliupiro Hll'llEll'ilS, Grecson, Duffy, Rose, Stake, HLlg'lll?S, 1'oi'trioy, Copluri Millman, NYolil, Axelrod, Kohn, l.iebei'Ste-in, Claiborne Page Sixty OFFICERS Presirlent DoRo'rIIY BIERER SIIIRLEY GRAY Vice-l'v'c.-:iflent SYDNEY JICK Bos FISIIBEIN Secretary MARILYN WA'rERs MARILYN VVATERS Treusurefr SHIRLEY GRAY Bos VVIIITE Sponsor -- MISS VVOLFNER MEMBERS Shirley Gray Nancy Hawkins Ann Lee Hudson Sidney .lick Marilyn Waters Borah Mae Goldenberg Bob White Lois Abrams Dorothy Bieber Anita Elders Rietta Feigenbaum Joyce Fixman The French Club is one of the oldest clubs in the school. Its purpose is to pro- mote interest in France, its language and people. This is accomplished in such Ways as playing games in French and becoming Le C ercle Francais The Art of Berlmaking familiar with French music. One of its activities is keeping a file of the former members of the student body who have gone into service. Wfaters, Fixman, Fishbein, VVhite, Gray Goldenberg, Hawkins, Miss B. VVolfner, Hudson, Elders Feigenbaum, Jick, Biober, Abrams Page Sixty-one MPJMBERS Spanish Club NVhat's the News 'l'mlay'3 Pep Club .Xllakazee Kazani Kazam Page Sixty-two The activities of the Spanish Club are Well defined by the club's constitution, which says: The pur- pose of this club shall be to en- courage the practice of Spanish and the familiarization of the members with Spanish and Span- ish-American customs, literature, and arts, and thus increase the friendship between those countries and ours. Marian 1XC'li8l'lllilll .loan Hauer Anna Lee Bltwli .lack Bodine lion Hreekenriflge Dick Byars Joyce Cohen Lucille Crane .Iaekie IJeVries Iris Fronimel Maxine Jacobs Grace Mzieflinnis Jeanne lXl:1reus Mary Miller Paula Novak Ma rfsgaret Queen 'Ped Rassieur ,lack Reimers Fern Rosenkranz Martha Sehasccli Marianna Sinz J anet VVrig'l1t Annzuline Kraehrnalniek MEMBnRs Hess Bales H elen Becker Shirley Breuer Pat lirouster Phyllis Brown Peggy Uheneweth lla Joan Diemunseh Martha Duffy Riettzr Feigenbauin Miriam Fischer Joan Flzivin Betty Glazier Rowena Glazier Iris Hziffner lrmgard Hoelin Pat Hughes Pat Jones Betty Jo Jurgesm eyer l-Beverly Karsh Nancy King' Dolores Kriegsliauser Maxine Mason lmlzi Medley Alice Miller Elizabeth Miller Eleanor Mills Eleanor Cynthia Milton Nancy McKinney Alice Nelson Pat Price Dorothy Poyner Mary Lou Poyner Ruth Ramsey LaVernc Ranke Virginia Lee Rose Doris Rueckert Maflelyn Schneider Jean Seegar Tletty Selvaggi Lorraine Smith Shirley Smith Betty Stake lvlargaret Sutemeler Janet Thomas Shirley Verschleiser Elsie VValker Doris YVallner Marilyn Waters Mary Xxr9l1lGI'lTliilll1 Jackie XVig'htniann Mary VVinklor Rosalie XVohl NVrig'ht Spanish Club Pep Club OFFICERS OFFICERS President , JACK BGIIINE BILL REALS P1'0Sl'If"l'5 Vice-Po-csirlcnt JUAN FLAVIN PAT HUGIIEE MARGARET PHILLIPS CQNNIE RINGIIAM Sec1'etm'y Vice-Prcsiflent BILL REALS TOM K- HURSTER BETTY J 0 J URGESMEYHR HELEN BEGKER Treasuver JANET WRIGIIT DON SHARP Sec,Aem,,4y-7I,-6,LSm.e,N Spgmggr - MISS RIOTHSCHILD RUSEMARY RUSSELL ELIZABETII MILLER '31 Q fi I 1 4 i I I gf i ici? f Yi A2 il ,Z xx' 1 ,.f- M4 i V Q'-1 Cohn-n, liluvh, Onkvn, Slmrp, ,Xbl'Ell1lS, .Xhl'ZlI1l, Hursurr MitChcll, Fnilwntlisil, iAlill'I112lTlh, Queen, l1?llll'I', lim-vkvr, .Inc-obs, Kanv, Hawkins Hoffman, .Xvlu-i'i1IzIn, Sinz, Ringhzim, Novak, Mzxvlnnis, Miller 1V12ll't'l1S, Ilodine, Xvfigllt, Phillips, livzils, Rubin w sf ,A Lf Glziznbr, VValker, Mason, Mvrllvy, Poyner, VVinklur', M41Kinn0y, Becker, Brewstm-V, Ilrzikcsniith, Young, VVI'ig:,'ht, Vance Duffy, Stnkc, Miller, King, Sutemeior, Smith, Kriegshziuser, Nelson, Milton, Wfzlters, Thompson Selvziggqi, Hnlmvs, Miller, Ramsey, liuc4'kcI't, NVliitmzm, Smith, Muso, Jnnus, Schneider Kayser, Simon, 'l'ic'h0nor, Hughes, Mcisvl, Sachs, Flavin, Jlll',!.IUSlllLfj'lfI', Mitchell, Beyer Page Sixty-three mf I AQ Camera Club Olschwanger, Lapin, Simon, Kramer, Laiderman, Edlin Mizes, Rader, Knabe, Phillips OFFICERS The Camera Club was organized in 1934 President to further the photographic interests of IRVWG PADER IRVING RADER University City High School students. The Vive-Pwsidwli members spend most of their time devel- HFRBFRT MIZES DONALD KRAMER oping negatives and enlarging pictures. bw'et'Wy'T"e'lSWW Each year the members take a field trip JANF CIAIRE KNABE JANE CLAIRE KNABE Sponsor - MR. CHAMBERS to some spot that inspires the taking of good pictures. MEMBERS Sid Cohen 1 Robert Edlin Herb Glazier Dan Hurwitz Jane Claire Knabe Donald Kramer Jay Lapin Stanley Laiderman Herbert Mizes Ben Olschwanger Margaret Phillips Irving Rader Arthur Simon An Interesting Subject Page Sixty four Current Events Club Jagust, Levinson, Abrams, Sclicr, Rabushka, Grimlon, Krzxnzberg Fulton, Kraines, Miss Barnidge, Uolicn, Litvag, Enoch Werner, Hurster, Finn, Powell OFFICERS The purpose of the club shall be to pro- ' President vide an organization in which discussion LEONARD FINN MARTIN ENOCH and free expression of opinions may be Vive-Pwsidwli given on subjects pertaining to current LLGLR GRINDUN BILL POWELL eventsg and, by study and research to de- TOM HURSTER SeCWL'U'YfMARY LOU FULTW velop the interest, understanding, and an t increased knowledge of contemporary af- Sp011S0lf'- MISS BARNIDGE fairs in its members. MEMBERs Erwin Abrams Annette Cotlar Martin Enoch Leonard Finn Mary Lou Fulton Leger Grindon Bob Hirschfield Tom Hurster Art Jones Rochelle Kraines Stuart Kranzberg Bill Levinson Irving Litvag Bobbie Neal Richard Nixon Bill Powell Mel Rabushka Altin Vogler Morton Werner lnformation, Please Page Sixty-Eve S enior Play Mcisel, Ladd, Grindon, Koplowitz, Rain, Kaiser, Powell, Bogus, Bernard, Sachs "JUNE MAD" Br FLoRENcn RYERSUN and COLIN CLEMENTS "June Mad" is a story of Penny Wood and Chuck Harris, the boy next door, as they go about the very difficult but fre- quently amusing business of growing up. Penny forgets that she is a man hater when her Uncle Mervyn brings a friend, A Dramatic Moment Page Sixty-six Roger Van Vleck, home from college. Her efforts to be attractive to Roger lead to confusion and disappointment, but from this both she and Chuck emerge more grown up. N CAST Penny XVood - - Bairlmyru Bogus , Chuck Harris - - Burton jlleiscl Mrs. XVood - - Elinore Ram Elmer Tuttle - .llforti-n Hyatt Dr. VVOod - - Julius Koplowits Effie - - - Imogene Siegel Milly Lou - - Azulrey Bernard G. Mervyn Roberts Phillips Sacks Roger Van Vlcck - Bill Powell Mr. Ilzirris - - - Leger Grindon Shirley Xvcntwortlx - Glory Kaiser Ralph NVcntworth - Normcm Lfultl Julie Harris - Eileen Sohwcwtz ,f 1 U OFFICERS Clmirmrln Nonmlx FRANK LUc1I.i.E CRANE .ilssistrult Clmirmfin Gi.oR1A CouEN MERILYN SIIUUART Rcpofrtofr JOQTIGLYN DUBEI JEAN CU1vnv11NGs Clmiv"rn11n of Records ANNA LEE BLoC11 Joc'EI.i'N DUBE1 Sponsor - MISS HOFFMAN MEMBERs Smiya. lizisliknw Anna, IA-1: Bloch J?lI14'l5l'0illPL ldstlivr I-Irown Shirley Brownstein filuria.l'ol1en Annette Uotlar Ill1cill0l'I':1rl0 Dorothy Ilemba. XY:nn4la, lleXYitt ,lm-1-lyn lbubei Nancy lfevliner Alnrilyn Finke Aalrienne lfishgoll Norma lfrank Iris I4'rmmn0l Phyllis Gold MIJIXII4' llullzinfler Mary Ruth .Im-obs June Konrafl lioclielle Krn invs 1iLlS2tlll2Kl'ClSlll91Il Diana Lewis Lorraine Malin Ann Mamllebuiun Zara Richter Mar5:gie Roscnblmnn Helen Rosenfeld .lime Rubin Florence Rubenstein lilartha Sclisisch Mamlelyn Sclineiilcr Marilyn Sliilvzlrt Shirley Sim-,arvl Phyllis Silverstein livclyn Spurgin Harriet Stcin Rose Jean Sts-inlu-rg: Mzirilyn 'XVullin .l:i1'quvlim' Kagan ' I4'ra1u-1-s XXX-inberg The services of the Junior Auxiliary of the American Women's Voluntary Ser- vices are varied because they help in every effort and program of the War. All types oi' voluntary work are available so that the girls can work in the fields in which they are most interested. A. W. V. S. Your Attention, Please With other groups in the city, Univerpzj sity City's chapter supplies cookies for N Army recreation centers as Well as scrap- ' books, puzzles, and games for Army hos- Q pitals. Their aim is to bring victory to sf' H America as soon as possible. J llrown, Conrzul, S1-lizxsvh, Kreisman, Finke, l'ummin,f:s, Brownstein, Spurgin, Jac-obs, Soizokorn, Fechner, Gold, ltlziliri, Stein, I'ortnoy, Lewis, K:ig:m,.i'otlai', Stoinburgx, Sliucart, Svlinoiwlvr, Slvnn, Molos Ss-hullz, Mandlebaum, Ubermzm, Rubenstein, Silverstein, Kleiman, lioscnblooni, Miss Hol'i'man, Crane, Colivrl, Weinberg, Gershon Becker, Liuldcnberg, Levy, Mciscl, Bloch, Dubci, Frank, Cohen, Froznmcl, Rubin, Broicla Page Sixty-sofvcn Math Club i l ,Xbr:uns, Jick, Spielberg, Gull-, Ruris, Sharp, Tabaslinic-, Sher Stone, Klcwirmsm, Smith, Silver, Lerner, Molasky, XVOrner, Houst- I-Iyniun, .l:ig'11st, Axvliwl, Hzihushka, Miss Turner, Reinian, Hursln-r lfrancis, Slim'-:i1', Hirsch, Owen. Knzihv, Portnoy For a number of years the Math Club has been one of the most active clubs in the school. The purpose of the club is to study those phases of Mathematics for which there is no time in the regular courses, and to further an interest in Math throughout the student body. This semes- Students Man tha- Ullivv Page Sixty-eiglzt ter the club emphasized the second part of this stated aim. They sponsored an assembly in which a full length motion picture was given, the first of its kind at U. City. Secondly the club sponsored a poster campaign to show the importance of Math in this day and age. ' OFFICERS I'rr2si1lci1L ROGER OWEN HUWARIJ HEARsn Vicrf-Prcsideizt HOWARD HEARsn JACK STONE Avis COHFIN JANE CLAIRE KNABB JANE CLAIRE KNABE Sponsor - MISS TURNER Stanley .XllI'iilllS Leslie Axelrod Irl Baris Malcolm Ilziiwlirli Joe Ellis Peggy 1"I'2lIlk'lS Burton Galle Stanley Gollub Marjori1fHousc David Huber Tom K. llurstur Alvin Hyman Richard .Izlgusl Sidney .lick Jerome Kalishiii: David Klezlrinzin Bob Kohn Marvin Lerner Iiuth Lift- Mziry lim-tty Me-yursif-ck lilnynzirel Mic-he-l Stanley Molasky :lVlJlI'l't'll7l l'ul'lIlny owf-ll Mel Raibushkzi liivlizuwl Ruzovskv Alan lilfllllilli lll'I1l'VYll'll'll lVl1lXlll0Sll1'2lI' Byron Sher Xrihur Silver .loc Smith in L4-onarrl SIDll'lllI'I'L1i I lziruld 'l':1bzlm-linirk livvi-rly 'llll1'kL'l' Morton XVL'rncr Tabewm , 1""i""s Holilm-nbm-rg, Alilllklil, Miss llivus, ltluvnnig, Vlzxrk, .Iolmson IH-:lsr-, t'uniminp:'s, fnlllllllllfll, lfi-in, Svnlur'i:l Taberna, the Workshop, was organized in 1937 for those girls who are interested in Modern Dance and Want to spend more time on dance composition and difficult achievements than they have in class. This year the girls visited Normandy for the dance symposium. Any girl who knows the basic movements of the Modern Dance may become a member ol' the group by passing certain tests. OFFICERS JANE CAMPBELL - - Ihnzce C1111 irmrm SHIRLEY PHASE - Scoretf11'y-Twrwllreo' Sponsor - MISS DICUS MEMBERs .lam-t'am1plu-ll .l:u'qun-lim- .lulmson KiltllI'j n Vlurli tlwngizu Ann Mumlxi .Ivan lllllHl!llIlHS lin-rnivv Millmziu .lean l-'ein Sliirlvy lwzist- liul':1lx Mac llHl4ln-lib'-V: llulh Sl'Illlll'l1l l1'4h.vfr'r Sli!!-'YYY' Page Sixty-nine Hi- Tri-Y livmlc-r, Phillips, Becker, Spzmn, B. Felt, Oertli, Spencer, Leonard, R. Felt, Smith, Juc-ubsmeyer, Hanley Hllglurs, Cz1,vf1nag'l1, Bernard, T-lraznell, Altpetcr, Chzlndler, Flesh, Bucher, Guvin, Blount, Hursler, Gaylor, Davis, Bruce, Abrell, Grindon, B:11'nhm't, Stoker Martin, Hcnges, Slmrp, Owen, Buckles, Crosby, Friel OFFICERS OFFICERS President , President IIUGER OVVEN MILLARD LJAVIS PAT HUGHES PAT HUGHES , Vine-President L, P,-Ilwlxdl I W 1 I HH PM lVIAR.lURlE ITUIISE lvIAR.l0mE llfmsl-1 ,DUN SHARP DLCK TJRAZNELI, S A ecrfflury SEC2'9ifH'y BETTY Jo JURGESNTEYER ,llE'1"1'Y Jo JURGESMEYER .I. IIENGFIS GENE FR1EL T7,gUSm,e,. ,- . , fl ,. , , v , TH,aSm,m, NIIHIAINI 1 IEHLR .LI.L.1.1 Kuwvv LLL NEIL BUUKLES 1"REll OER'rr.l Szzrffwmuf-ut-A'rms RUBBIE NEAL MIIKIABI TUISHER Serflfrlni-fit-,4'rms .Mum Sl"FlN4'I'lli VERNE TIARNHART MRS. SCIINEIDICR-S1107I,S1M'S-MRS. R. R. RUSSELL Page Seventy Hi-Y "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and community high standards of Christian character" is the purpose oi' the Hi-Y. Verne Rarnlizxrt Jim U: '- Paul Rn-rlwr lf're4l liernurcl Vim-tor lilllllllt llicli 1-Srziznvll lSnbBr1u'm: Henry I:lll'lllfI' Neil lium-klcs Ml'IMl3l'lRS lll Img:-i' lirimloii liogvi' Owen llc-nry t':1vcn:il1 l"l'1lllli lluln-y liivliziril l'lu-Ips lle-wilt l'h:in4lle-r .l. llvngvs lion Sluirp limi Vusliy Millairml lluvis flume l"ril'l tiene tlziuvriiu llii-li ilmllovo XVznrrunSniill1 Wuym- Spam: .lm-lc Spcinw-r liill Stimkcr -lZl1'lillllQJlll'S 'Pom llurste-r lioh ,lcncollsriwyn-I' .luck 1,4-mmrnl l4'l'1-ml Ovrlli Tri- Y "To promote good fellowship, to sponsor at least one philanthropic activity a semester, and to develop a simple social program" are the pur- poses of the Tri-Y. Dorothy .Xmlgus lmlly Atlrve lin-ss Hales Curl:-y liurkvr Shirley liouglil, .XlIII'tll1Llfl'JlYlll l'Il2llI1Ul':I'lt'li Gloria. Cz1x'vn:ili lizii'ba1r'zi,l'legg lfllsiv Crisp lieth Davis I"l0l'k'lN'tl lh-llus .loan l7ll'lJHlill-'ll1'l' Jackie Dv Vries lla ,loan Die-mun Shirley Doll Iivlly Ilonhzim .lczln l-'vin Flo lfcltriin-im' Pziultt Frencli MEMBERS l'z1t l"rin-l llzirrivt Long Marjorie SC'lllll1l2lI1 Nlziry Lou Fultoli 4lr:u-1- .Xlzivlmiis Ne-l1l:n. Svillum-li Slay GMSSUUII Helly Marston .ls-:ni S4-vgztr l':irul llillmsln l'1sl4-lln-Mvsl:ili1- lin-ity Si-lwuggi l'5'iill1i:i1llilsil'is .Xlim-Milli-1' lhvlly Smith lie-tty lllzizivr ltr-tty Milla-r liilai, Smith lluiwnlliy llr11x'vr l41ilZEli70'tll Millvr xvll'g!'llllIlSt1lI'l' Lois llzimmvr l'lll'Illl1Il'lxlillS .XI:ir',L:':ii'n-t Sllll'lllf'it'li Sliirln-5' llzimi Norniri Moss .l4::iI1lime'l':iylni' X:ii14'yll:ixx'liilis l':i11Izi Novak .lunv 'l':iit Irmguril lim-lm lh-tty l'n-li-rson K:ll1f'l'lmmz1s livtty .Ivan llollmzin l':it. l'rim: Ulziuiliai, 'l'ic'l1c1mi' 414-i'tru4lv .lonvs .xi2ll'Q.1'1ll'l'l f.2llV4'll l'zil 'l'r:i1-5' l'zil .loin-s liiltli lizinisvy Shirley YQ-r'sul1lvise-r l'n-gggy .Innes Jfllll' lizitwlifl' lfllsic XVulkur llvtty .Kim Kumi Vormiv liinggliami Mziry XXX-lile-i'iiii1ii N:im'y King lmris lilI1'1'kl'I'l .lzivliiv XVig'litiii:1li .liiririlne-llc lmwis lil-tty Szmnli-ll liorrziim- XVimlsor lilllll Life Bluili-lyn Svlim-i4lvi' Mu ry NYinklvr .l :inet XVylic 1'1blll'l1I1lI':lIiU!'l ll. Uity ltvimembcrs Page Seventy-one Chess and Checkers LEGER GRINDON - i GENE METZ - - Bon BRUCE - Joan Bauer Bob Bruce Earl Dille Leger Grindon Gilbert Hoffman lntvw-stwl in 'Plwir llobby Betty H0llYTl3.I1 LESLIE AXELRon - f OFFICERS - - Presirlewt - - Vice-Presirlefnt Secretnfry-7'reas1wer - Sergeant-at-Awrzs Sponsor - MISS KECK MEMBERS Leslie Axelrod David Huber Joe Barks Dan Hurwitz Gene Metz Bill Powell Richard Razovsky Alan Reiman Sheldon Rose Eugene Yalem At meetings, various phases and plans of Checker and Chess strategy are explained and discussed so that all members will become more adept at these games. Both Chess and Checkers develop forethought in their players because one must think keenly to plan subsequent successful moves and to anticipate the plays of his opponents. Iiznzovslcy, Yulvm, lfluber, Ibille, l'own-ll, Rvimzm llurwitz, lizmwr, Miss Km-li, Hullmun, il1lI'l'lS, HoI'l'man .XX1-lroil, tlrinilon, Metz, Hose Page Seventy-two OFFICERS MoRToN XVERNER ---- President RALPH SoEBB1NG - - Vice-President En GARTSIDF1 - - - Sucre tary MAYNARD MIC HEL ---- To'eas'1wer KENNETH BRUCIISCIIMIDT Sl"I"j1f?ll7I t-a t-A Wim Sponsor -- MISS STARK MEMBERS Joan Bauer Kenneth Brochschmidt Bob Bruce Kathryn Clark Earl Dille Ronald Felt Betty Fisher Ed Gartside Bill Hardin Ruth Hardin Alvin Hymen David Kean David Levy Sylvia Lieberstein Ruth Life Maynard Michel Marvin Platt Marcella Portnoy Jack Powers Richard Razovsky Ralph Soebbing Evelyn Spurgin Morton Werner Wanda lie NVitt Ronald Yalem The Mortar and Pestle Vlivniisls :xnml Vlwliiir-:xls The Mortar and Pestle Club fChemistry Clubj, was organized to pro- vide a place for learning facts about chemistry. The club devotes time to discussions of questions which are puzzling to the members. At each meeting a demonstration or program of some kind, on a subject related to chemistry, is given. One of the most important contributions of the club to each member is the practice obtained in using the scientific method of experimentation. Portnoy, Slllllifill, llmnsn-y, l:l'0l'liSl'lllllllll, Fr-lt, Ml-iz, Yulem, Spa-illwmg, l,vv5', Kll'2lI'Ill2lll, Harris Platt, lfislier, Hardin, Miss Stark, lim-XVitt, liifn-, Clark, Harm-r, li2lZlJXSliX, K4-:in Lieberstein, Soebbing, XYl"I'l14'l', Mivlicl, 4,1:irtsi4lv-, llillv, Silver Page Seventy-three Girls' Glee Club Excelsior Kayser, Ililllflllflll, Smart, Meyersiccck, 'KI'll6g'6l', Gibstein, Pierco, SlltfQ?l','H21bllSllk3, Taylor, XVinkl0r', Shzmffflml, Estes, Boyer, Bselmlke, llmvclull, 1.1LllJb0Y'Q,'Cl', Humer, Young Klnymnn, Pass, Price, Lomling, Garrell, Spirtis, Kayser, Svnturin, Christenson, YIVUUI, Sc-lmitzer., Duffy, Stakv, Ilcrlisnsun, llynvh, 'l'uc'ker, Kahn, Mr. ElS6Hkf?llU1?l' Mnmllebuunm, Jones, Kulten, Block, Sutter, Nvurml, Kean, S. Zelling'or', Fox Drown, husky, A. Zellinger, Stein, Mrs. llmlenlmzlfrfr, Colm, Muennig, Ifrimlkin Obormun, .llIlI'f'llS, Konrzul, Pollen, Ullllkllj Dubei, Hmmm OFFICERS First Term ' Secorzd Term First Term Sffcorul Term Prffsvflerzt Recorrling Secretary BERNICE MARCITS BERNADINE CGHEN BERNADINE CGHEN DAVID KEAN Tlribymnl A tterzrlrmce Secretary JOSEPH DAVIS AUDREY ZELLINGER SHIRLEY ZELLINGER ART JONES RUBERTA OBERMAN ESTIIER BROWN Tiler BILLY Fox SHIRLEY STICIN MILUREU FRIDKIN BERNICE MARCUS Viet'-l'rPsirlf2r1t Ser'y1r'ur1f-111-.fl rms EUGENE KU'l"l'l'lN ANN MANUELBAUM GEORGE WARD EUGENE KUTTEN S1J07lSOI'-- MRS. BODENHAI-'ER Page Sefuenty-four Girls' Glee Club LaVerne Behlke Elaine Belenson Audrey Bernard Pat Beyer Helen Brown Betty Christensen Lucille Crane Janet Day Bernice llowdall Martha Duffy Florence Emert Betty Estes Jackie Garrell Eileen Gihstein Anne Greeson MEMBERS Marjorie House Sally Hunter Gloria Jean Kohn Doris Kayser Ruth Kayser Jerry Klayman Helene Kopman Pat Krueger Edith Lahrmann Joy Lending Lillian Lupberger Betty Lynch Jean McCormack Mary Betty Meyersieck Rose Pass Eleanor Pearline Sally Pierce Pat Price Selene Rabushka Sadie Schnitzer Ruth Senturia Norma Shanfeld Vivienne Smart Marian Spirtis Betty Stake Betty Sutter Jeanne Taylor Beverly Tucker Mary Lee Winkler Sally Young' Excelsior Excelsior was organized as a result oi' a demand on the part of both boys and girls for an extracurricular activity to link up a great many otherwise unrelated but sig- nificant activities of youth. The aims and purposes of the club are manifold. In addition to providing opportunities for social contacts, Excelsior dennitely en- courages the building oi' dreams and ideal- ism, teaches boys and girls to look for happiness in little things, and strives to contribute to the Welfare of our school, community, and country. MEMBERs Eddy Block Lucille Guller Rebecca Muennig Esther Brown Art Jones Roberta Oberman Bernadine Gene Cohen David Kean Eleanor Roam Shirley Cohn Joseph Davis Jocelyn Dubei Billy Fox Myldred Fridkin Jane Konrad Eugene Kutten Rosalie Lasky Ann Mandelbaum Bernice Marcus Shirley Stein Richard Sutter George Ward Audrey Zellinger Shirley Zellinger lk Slllvll lll 'lllllll' Sillg-Sing! Page Sf ucnty five Literary Club , OFFICERS President MAXINE SHEAR PEGGY FRANCIS Vice-President ANNA LHR BI,ocH ANNA LHR BI,ocII Secretary MARILYN SILVERMAN RosAI.IR Wom. Tfreasufrer MARIIIYN SILVERMAN MARTIIA SCIIASCH Sponsor- MRS. FARRAR MEMBERS Anna Lee Bloch Margie Rosenbloom Joyce Cohen June Rubin Adrienne Fishgold Martha Schasch Peggy Francis Marilyn Silverman Tho lVl0lll'lf'll Takes Founsvl Betty Goldenberg' Rosalie lvohl The Literary Club has been in existence for twelve years and holds its meetings on alternate Thursdays. The purpose of this club is to discuss current literature, attend reviews of books and plays, and take part in activities that Widen the interest of the members in good literature. Feigr-IIDIIIIIII, liosvnblomn, Mrs. l4l2ll'l'21l', l2aueI', l"ranf'is Schasch, Bloc-li, Shear, Silvvrnian, Wohl Page Seventy-sim OFFICERS HowARn HHARSH Er.iNoRi: RAIN IRHNE MAnKs - RALPH Sm':BB1NG - - - I'1'vsiflvr1I - - Vice-l'1'0siflc11f Sv aret11fry-Tfrczrm1m'w' - P11 rl in 111 cc nm ri Il n Sponsor - DR. URCH NIEMBEKS Irl Baris Warner Davis Jerry Ellis Martin Enoch Leonard Finn Joyce Fixman Gene Friel Warren Hayes Howard Hearsh Shay Hochman Jack Hoffman Sidney Jick Irene Marks Elinore Rain Ciceronimzs Ralph SO6bblI1tDf .X In-iiioiisti':1limi in llifn- Saving The Ciceronian Club. which is the newest organization in University City High School, was so named in honor of one of the world's greatest orators -Cicero. Its purpose is to further an interest in debating and oratory within the student body and to study those phases of debate and oratory which will benefit the school, the students,tand the club. f"X llzxvis, Ilzuris, lfinn, lluI'I'in:un, .lirk llll':4K'll. llmflmizm, Inn l'rs'l1, IVIXIIHKII, lllllis Smwbliimg, liziin, llirsvh, Mzirks Page Severity-sc'1:c1r. Band FLUTE AND PICCOLO lmvid l.eit0l1 John Ellis lieben-vu. Mum-nnig: Mary lieth Tomlinson l'uul Hevlmmim .lorry XVightnmn OBUE Arthur llibhle Jeanne Illumenfeld VIOLONCELLO .I une 'Fhompsun Mzu'p.:':u'et Roper Director - NORMAN H. FALKENHAINER Bb CLARINET Sidney Boxer Harold Lieberman Ted Altepeter JoAnn Carmieliuel Robert Felt Betty Ann Kane Barbara Clegg Irvin Grossman David Anderson Don Breckenridge Jack Powers Robert RORffll Bill York Stanley Ze-id Allan Dore ALTO SAXOPHUNR Alun Liehm-rnmn llfilli.fiZlS liilly Henry Onken lvilllilfff! liieherinzxn .lurk Reimers Maxine l'll'1'll1'll ALT0 CLARINET Tom Ti-bbetts Fred Lloyd BASS CLARINET Ralph .luhnslnn Fhurles Smith 1 CORNET Behind the Scenes Page Seventy-eight .ls-rrp' l'urn:us XVQLXIN' 'l'lli'lif'l' Rivlizirwl llzlzuvsky Dun NVinshy lmvill liuxer Louis Miser0s'c'hi T RU M PET John Ufwnin: Norton Esrock Charles Moss Georgie Uunipbull FRENCH HORN Robert Hurnmn Dolly Aitree Robert linmsvy Esther lirown David Felt King' Engel BARITONE Milton tielllert Roger Harniun Charles Pohle TROMBONE Hob Iirundenberg Kaye llillu lion Niebec-k Jimmy Geisul Kenneth Siroky Leonard Spielberg: :ln Ross 'ry Knpnmn llenry Czive-n:1Ii Irvin Zeid TENOR SAXOPHONE M4'fl:1 Ruth llluennig Grirdun Hays RASS SAXUPUONR David Gers TUBA llunzalwl V1-lt Hub lYhite Uurt Tiratlley Jim McC'reacly STRING BASS Millard Davis Beth Davis TYMPAN1 Stanley Molasliy BASS DRUM David Klearnmn CYMBALS Mz1ryMiller SNARU DRUM Jimmy Grem-nhlzitt Bob Mt'Kelvey Bob Belling DRUM MAJOR Stu nley Mulasky MAJCJRETTES Trudy DeVries Bette Kepriviea, Catherine Allepetel Charlotte Bu rken LIBRARIANS M:-u'g':1ret Roper JoAnn Carmiehaml A Cappella Anni-lla Albert Mary .Xslus Nelson llakm' Johnny llahlwin .lore liarks Vat lieyvr Al l,:ll'l'fl'4'llllll limb llukurn .lar-k l-Zulu-rn Shirley llrm-us-I' lSex'er'ly llurlon Earl l-ni:-toil ljnris llusli Bernaflins- Colivii Allan Cohn Lucille l'l'2llllj Elsie Vrisp Bs-tty lJanp:vi'livlml Joan livpelliellci' Shirley llull Pat Donaldson Bernice Ilowilall Florence Emi-rl tleralclino l'1ngelag.:'fr Rifrtta l1'eig's-nbauni .lean F4-in Flu lfeliim-im' Betty lfislwr' .loan lflsivin Mel l4'i'i1wlman Marvin l"lllll'l'l' l'lil:ly1lall:inL tis-rw llvrhm' Eileen flibstoin Harriet iilllShlIl'j.Y llirk tlumlluvo- l'l:n'iw- llallar Elaine- Illlllilllllld' Lois lluugh Ami L4-v lliulsmi llvtty llumplirvys Hazel llmnplirvys Maxim- .Iavubs Pat Jones Phil Kaplan Peggy Kielwell liill Kirk llully Kumni Jllllll!-1lflllllIlVVltZ l'4-guy Kraiurr Luis Lane Mzirvin lA-rm-r .Xmi:ib4-lle In-wis Russell llli-Naniara lfram-vs All-ssina Mary ll4-tty Aloyvrsiucfli Uyntliizi Milton Nwlzi liutli lilui-nnig llngl-l'Nvls1i11 l'ziul:i Novak ll.-li Olsm-liwangei' 'I'umniyOl'1' Alvin Ostrow Rose: Pass Rita l'f-:live Hose l'varf'c Alarvin Platt lluris l'le-in Arla Anne Pope IAllllS1'I'lllJll Mary Lou Ilreiss .Ianey liutvliff Uminie Rllhfllillll Virgxinia Ruse llurulil liusvll rhino liubin Sam Sc-Iwi' .lm-an Ss-1-ga-1' Rai Sivbs-Vt lxlilldllllllil Sinz liitsi Smith lW2ll'l'lllSlN'1'lHl' I4l:i Blau' Spivldonfli limb Stanza .lm-I1 Stone l2ubSl1':iin Nm-tori XY1-iiibt-1'g Hub XVliil0 Ilvlty XYliiU-sn'al'ver lfllainv XVllltOlllBl8I' llarbara XVolffe Sally Young The A Cappella Choir under the direction of Mr. Eisenkramer has now sixty-nine members. On April 13, 1944, the choir entered the Spring Festival held at Hanley Junior High School and sang two songs-"O Bone Jesu" by Palestrina and "O Gladsome Light" by Arkhangelsky. The choir has worked on several types of songs from those early fifteenth century church num- bers sung in Latin, to modern semi-classics. "ln l'o11c'c1'L" Page Seventy-nine Bowling JMMLQW U:ll'g,'t3, Mn Naliifiia, llarks, Brooks, Taylor, Scliear, Berger, Mirofl' Mills, Prime, Miller, Sutemeicr, Kutten, Lerner, lier'gci', Bleic-li, XValkcr,' Kean, Goldstein Hawkins, Herald, Plzxnk, Manda, Brick, Scliuman, Chaniller, Raniscy, Hoclin, Messina, Matlorlw Ginsberg, Pease, Ostrow, Miss XVatts, Cohen, Schott, Schwartz i I' M WOW B 4.. OFFICERS , f ' , rims Boys ' Prcsirlent "l SHIRLEY PEASE ALv1N Osraow Secretary HELEN GINSBURG Tan SCHOTT T'l'l4Il,SlH"87' ZARA RICHTER DoUGLAs SCHWARTZ Sponsor - MISS WATTS The Bowling Club was organized in February of this year. Both the girls' and boys' clubs held individual and team tournaments. They meet every Wednesday and Thursday respectively after school. The high bowlers were as follows: Girls-Irmgard Hoehn, 100 and Evelyn Herald 953 Boys-Jim Nathanson, 150 and Clint Morrow, 157. Ted Berger Tom Berger Lawrence Bierman Tom Bleich Elaine Brick Jo Ann Carmichael Irma Jean Chandler Helen Ginsberg Nancy Hawkins Evelyn Herald Page Eighty MEM BERS Irmgard Hoehn David Kean Eugene Kutter Marvin Lerner Georgia Manda Bob Miroff Clint Morrow Alice Miller Alvin Ostrow Shirley Pease Joe Polinsky Pat Price Ruth Ramsey Zara Richter Stanley Schear Ted Schott Marjorie Schuman Douglas Schwartz Margaret Sutemeier Bob Trentman Norton Weinberg Candids Mairzy doats 6. Posing Ballet Russe 7. Nosey They d0n't believe in signs 8. In the Swing Comin' through the Rye 9. Now, here to me Our Babe Ruth 10. Forget your whip, Schem? Page L'iylafy-um-1 NOTHER year at U. City iinds increased em- phasis placed upon physical education. Because of the government's demands for sturdy health and fitness, on the part of every citizen, girls' as Well as boys' sports are attracting greater numbers and several new athletic groups have been organized. Under the line guidance of our athletic instructors, our teams have excelled along many lines, and both through participation and keen interest in them, the student body has developed a greater sense of school spirit, of cooperation, and above all of sportsman- ship. ,4 flzlefic F 014411 Q Wad Spar rfsmmship Football Smith, Rollins, Recht, Braznell, Gale, Berger, Borth, Collinger, Kaplan, Mr. Turbevillc, SChIl9CbGI'g,'6I', MK5NdlllhlI'kL Grossman, Becker, Norsworthy, Bucher Smith, Polinsky, Kieffer, Schwartz, Chandler, Niedt, Dougher, VVittels, Knox, Davis, Aruta, Montgomery Mr. Schcmnier, Reimers, Edwards, Pugh, Brooks, Ballard, McClure, Adzick, Boening, Frohlichstein, Ebcrle, Barringer, Benson, Glazor, Parnas, Manzlgel' Hetzler, Coach England Taylor, XVOOIL Mirkwlson, Alper, Harvey, Sauer, Boxer, Lasky, Rawlings, Hawken, Jones, Supic, llrccnblatt, Cosby Manager Runnion, Scott, Crutcher, Nibcck, Tlhlrriansiek, XViedOrhOlt, Spann, Bclhke, Mucnnig, Hzivwstiuk, Studt, Vifcinborg, Licbig, Hamilton, Goldstein MAJOR LETTERMEN NICK AUZICK-Back JACK HARVEY-Guard EUGENE ALPER-Tackle JOHN HAWKEN-E7Ld MARVIN BOXER-Back JIM JONES-Back GEORGE EBERLE-Back NORMAN LAUD-Guard DICK GREENBLATT-End HAROLD LASKY-BILCIC ED MICKELSON-End Page Eighty-fowr Lasky Carries On LU RAWLINGE-MBack Tl-JD SAUER-Buck LOUIS SUPIC-TILCIQZG DICK TAYLOR-Center GUY WOOD-Tackle MINOR LETTERMEN JACK BALLARD-C67lZ87' JIM BARRINGER-Eilfl IXLLAN BENSON--E7ld BOB BROOKS-Back JOIIN BOENING-Gltltffl BEN GLAZER-T!lCkI6 HEW'ITT CHANDLER-End BILL KIEFFER1G7LCL?'d BILL MCCLURE-IS'!lClC JACK REIB1ERSiBCLUk JOHN PUGH-End PETE FlDW'ARDS'--G7.lLL1'd VARSITY Sept. C. B. C ............. .......... 2 7- 0 Oct. Maplewood .,................ 32-12 Oct. -Western M. A. ..,......... 34- 6 Oct. Normandy .................... 28- 0 Oct. Quincy, Illinois .......... 27- 6 Oct. Webster Groves .......... 26- 6 Nov. Kirkwood ,,,................... 27-12 Nov. McKinley ,..................... 48- 7 Nov. South Side Catholic 26- 6 POST SEASON Nov. Beaumont ,......... ...... 8 -25 Untied and undefeated in their regular nine game schedule, the U. City Indians retained possession of their "Big Four" championship. They enjoyed field days against all their opponents, the closest score being 27-12 against Kirkwood. The powerhouse attack was paced by halfback Harold Lasky who scored 131 points and was elected most valuable player in the St. Louis district, besides being selected for the all district team. Boxer, Mickelson, Rawlings, and Sauer were other high scorers and each scored 36 points or more. Other players elected to the all-district team were Eugene Alper, playing tackle, and Ed Mickelson, playing end. The team used the "T" formation and the Flanker formation to set a new U. City Football YVill Ted Got His Mun? scoring record of 275 points. These forma- tions made them favorites with Metropoli- tan fans, 14,000 of whom filled Walsh Stadium on Thanksgiving Day to see them play for St. Louis District High School Championship against Beaumont. Unfor- tunately, the Indians who were minus four of their stars-J im Jones, Ted Sauer, honorary captain, John Hawken and Ed Mickelson-lost by a score of 25-8. Louis Supic, George Eberle, and Nick Adzick proved valuable replacements in the latter half of the season for those who were in- jured. Coach England's team as a whole, worked hard to overcome many obstacles and made the 1943 season one of the many successful ones in U. City football history. t Boxer, SUIIUF, Rawlings, Lasky Mickelson, XVood, Harvey, Taylor, Supic, Alper, Hawken, Gre-cnblzltt Page Eighty-five Basketball Dec Dec. Dec. Dec Dec. Dec J an Jan Jan Jan 55599999 E ooonoooo Z :a:a::::4:4:::: '4'4'4'4'4'4'4'4 GCI City City - v - vw. Ilirsrfh, Slonnn, luylor, Metz, Barks, lf l'll51lIllIlll, Ulizinnller, PEll'Il2lS iilton, Orr, Robinson, Henson, Hzxllzirrl, Taylor, Ailziok, Siielbui' ', Piliis '1u'l IC gl: il D 1 g, nvkx 1111 ll in l'u,u'li, Alolnsky, Stone, ilrvevilwrg, l'iill'l'lIlg't?I', Mivlwlsun, Haley, lmsky, lletzle-i' SCHEDULE vs. Roosevelt ....., 40-15 Jan vs. C. B. C. ..... 56-26 Feb. vs. McKinley ....,,.,...A.......... 51-31 Feb. vs. Clayton ................,....... 14-19 Feb vs. St. Louis U. High 35-37 Feb. vs. Kirkwood ...................... 39-44 Feb vs. Paducah, Ky. .,........,... 45-20 Feb vs. Maplewood .................. 39-30 Feb. vs. John Burroughs ..,....... 36-16 vs. Webster ,......,................ 35-34 Feb Th 1. Page High fy-six Flying Stone -U. City vs. Normandy ,.,,.... ..,...... 2 8-40 -U. City vs. Maplewood ,,.... ..,...... 2 Il-45 -U. City vs. Ritenour ....., ....,.... 4 4-17 -U. City vs. St. Charles ,,,,,, ...... I '33-350 -U. City vs. Webster ..........,...........,. 23-40 -U. City vs. Clayton ,,,..,..........,,,.,... 25-30 -U. City vs. Affton fSubregionalj..74-20 -U. City vs. South Side ,,.,.,,,.,.......... 23-27 CSubreg'ionalJ -U. City vs. Roosevelt ,,,,.., ,,..,, I 47-334 fConsolationj MAJOR LETTERMEN THIRD MAJOR LETTER ED MICKELSON-Cenfm' SECOND MAJOR LETTER FRANK HALEY-F07i?l7ll7'CI HAROLD LASKY-Guard JIM BARRINGER-Fomvard JOHN PUGH-Guarrl FIRST MAJOR LETTER STANLEY MO'LASKY-Fw07'1l'lII'lf STANLEY STONE--G'?flfl'l'Il MINOR LETTERMEN NICK ADZICK Divx GRl+2l+INBI.ATT JACK BALLARD TUMMY ORR ALAN BENsoN Joi: PoL1NsKY L, ., ft..-1 g A ', i A.. 1 K ,, fe . ' Basketball l tlolillwlg, Kaplan, llUlllll,L1'l'l', Ilarnion, Ye-dlin, Hom-rtli, Harris, l'lll,2,lll'S. linnnion li2lI'll2lS, lievker, lirzlznvll, Goldstein, Rollins, l'lllIIlZl!lSiUl'li, XX'i+-di-rholt. Sibley Although weakened by graduation and injuries the 1943-1944 team ended the season with a H12 won 8 lost" record. Playing without the services of two regulars, Ed Mickelson and Lu Rawlings for quite a while, the Indians were one of the strongest teams in the St. Louis area during the first semester. In the first eleven games, the U. Cityans did not face a team that could outscore them from the fieldg however, a decided free throw slump saw them lose three games by close margins at the foul line to Clayton, St. Louis U. High, and Kirkwood respectively. During this time the lead- ing players were Harold Lasky with an eight point per game average, Jim Bar- ringer, with a like average, John Pugh, with a five point average and Frank Haley, with a four point average. Early in January the squad's full strength became available when Ed Mick- elson returned to the line-up. Making his first appearance against Paducah, he led his team mates to victory, himself scor- ing 14 points. After this game the In- dians went on to defeat Maplewood, Wellston, and Webster. Then came the graduation dilemma that saw Lasky, Barringer, Pugh, and Rawlings, a nd valuable replacements Greenblatt, Jones, and Boxer graduate. Thus our boys finished the last semester giving their best. They won from Hitc- nour and St. Charles and lost to Nor- mandy, Clayton, Maplewood, and Web- ster. U. City was assigned to the South Side sub-regional when they set a new U. City scoring record winning from Affton 74-20 before losing to South Side in the semi- finals 27-23 and then coming to defeat Roosevelt 37-34 to take third place. The leading scorer was Mickelson, the most valuable player was Mickelson, and the honorary captain was Haley. Mickel- son was selected to the All-Suburban Tcam, where Lasky, Rarringer, Molasky were given hono1'able mention. Ed was also picked for the second All-District team. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL The boys who participated in Sophomore basket- made notable improvement. They won seven games and lost seven. Grover Sibley was the leading scorer, and Tom Uhlmansieck was honorary cap- tain. The team was coached by Jim Jones and Dick Greenblatt. lil-nson on thee Loose Page Eigh ly-se ren 4' ll 1 ,xr ,- 1- , , X ., V 1 Track Q - - l Q ff fd' fl Lange, Fuusek, Altepetfw, Nixon, Abrell, Cliandler, Huber, Aloiitgoiiwiy f'oac"l1 Sc-lioninier, Romano, Alper, l'iel, Iirooks, Mickelson, VVood, 1l9I'Z0,L1't'llI'1ltll, Pllkin, IXIvi'sts-its-x' ilalrlamd, Ul1l'lStHllllk'l', Rutherford, Mcrlfullough, hl!'ClLlY'0, Neiilt, llulufrn, lizxrvuy, Kirk lDml,L1'lwr', Parnzis, .lyiilki-'l', Friel, Arzitzl, Slmpiru TRACK SCHEDULE March 31-U. City, 92 .,...., .....,.....,.,,....,,... M cKin1ey, 12 ,.,.., ....,,, J unim- March 31-U. City, 93 ....,,. ........ M cKinley, 20 ,,,,.. .,,.i.. S enior April 153-U. City, 80 ,,..... .....,,, B eaumont, 23 ..7,.. ,....., J unior April 17-U. City, 75 .,..... ......... B eaumont, 38 ,,.... .....,. S enior April 21--U. City, 83 .... ......., Vt febster, 26 ..,,,, ,,,,,,, J unior April 21-U. City, 105 ................,..,........,...Y....... Webster, 13 ,,,,,, ,,,,,,. S enior At this writing the 1944 track season has hardly gotten under way and its results will have to be written mostly in the memories of the participants and their enthusi- astic followers. As things are now, the boys and the events in which they are par'- ticipants are as follows: Christo- pher, Brooks, McClure, and Sha- piro in the dashesg Garland and Herzogenrath in the hurdlesg Mer- stetter and Lang in the 440g Friel, Arata, and McCullough in the dis- tance eventsg Alper in the shotputg Alper and Peil in the discusg Kirk in the broad jump, Wood and Bang! 'l'hey're Off Page Eighty-eight r - ' -4 s Track Ric-liards, Hirscehfielcl, Glazer, Hofieli, Gordon, Phelps, Von Funk, Smith, Hnlkin, Vlilniansiek Goldberg, Krzuner, Inger, Roles, Nelson, Strain, Svliiffel, Clark, Glzizvr, Spzinn, lfishbein, Oertli, H4-lilvrt '1'2lb1lC'llIlli'k, Silver, Claiborne, Rollins, l'iI'ElZllt3ll, Sibley, Siebert, t'nllingel', Kuhn, YL-illin, Uozmh Si-lic-liiim-1' Smith, Ellis, Sachs, Sher, NVie1lvrl1olilt, Kuplzin, Gerber, Karr, Smith TRACK SCHEDULE April 27-U. City ...... St. Louis U. High ,.,...... ......, J unior April 28-U. City ...... St. Louis U. High ........,... .. .... Senior May 6 ................ ...... S tate Meet at Columbia May 13 . ,..... District Meet May 20 ..., ....,.. U . City Invitational Meet Nixon in the high jumpg and Bokern in the pole Vault are our leaders. For the juniors Sacks, Ellis, Glazer, Yedlin, and Kohn, in the dashesg Collinger in the hurdlesg Sher and Braznell in the 4403 Sib- ley and Siebert in the half-mileg Glazer in the shotputg and Wiese in the pole vault. With these members perhaps it might not be too optimistic to say that this year's team will equal the record set by last year's which won the District, State, and U. City In- vitational Meets, besides all dual meets. g.. .au U11 I' lim-vm' al 1:l'1'illil'l' Page Eighty-nine Baseball Leng, lhuke, Ililflllillll, Hmltmzmn, Klm-zirman, Madden, Levine, liayliss A Manager .lim .loin-s, Zend, Srliiieiln-l'gvi', Vogt, Nba-1'le, Minkelson, Slonim, H4-imzum, lhI21llf'l', ilHIl4'll 'l'ui'l1o-ville April April April April April April May May May May May May -U. City, -U. City, U. City, -U. City, -U. City, -U. City, U. City, U. City, U. City, U. City, U. City, U. City, Ulzivk, I21ui'g:vr', Kramer, Iluglies, 'l':1y1or, Lenlling, Iiokern, lvlnlasky. Robinson l1llIlINll0I', lfridkin, l'oli11sk5', Adzil-lc, Orr .......,Roosevelt, ..,.....Clayton, SCHEDULE Roosevelt, 4 .....,. ,,..... T here 1 ,,,,,,, ,...... H ere ......,,Blewett, .......Here 2 ....,,. ...There 5 ,,,, .,..... T here ........Blewett, Webster, Webster, ,. ...,,.,. Kirkwood, .. ..,...,, Kirkwood, .. ........ Clayton, .. ......,, Normandy, ..,. .,,,, . , Page Ninety 'I'lw lfvlillllllll . ,....., There , ..,.... Here Here There There Here This year baseball has made its return to U. City after an absence of four years. The fact that ap- proximately seventy boys reported to Coach Turbeville in March for the squad shows the deep interest which this sport always arouses. At the present time only one game has been played and although it was lost, the boys hope never- theless to win the majority of their games. TENNIS Approximately sixteen tennis as- pirants are busy in the midst of an eight-match schedule. Our oppo- nents will mostly come from the neighboring schools. V e t e r a n s from last season's tennis team are Johnson, Pederson, Metz, Molasky, and Cosby. They expect to have a successful season this year. TENNIS SCHEDULE April 12-Wednesday St. Louis U. High, ,,,,,,,,, A April 18-qTuesday ,,Here John Burroughs ...............,.. Here April 19-Wednesday St. Louis U. High ........... April 27-Thursday ,There Country Day .......... ...,,,.,. H ere May 1-Monday John Burroughs .............,.. There May 9-Wednesday John Burroughs ....,.,,........ There May 10-Wednesday Kirkwood ,..,,,.............,i,,,.,., Here May 17-Wednesday Kirkwood ..........,......,..,..... There GOLF In keeping with a full spring sports program, an attractive golf schedule has been arranged. The golfers will partici- pate in six matches. There are ten fel- lows out this year. Clarence Norsworthy is the only member returning from last year's team. Tennis, Golf, and Wrestling All This :mil Ile-:nw-n, 'Foo WRESTLING Although it had no coach, the 1944 wrestling team competed with Normandy and in the state meet. It lost to Normandy and scored only one point in the state. The members were Harmon, Baker, Tucker, Fridkin, Kirk, Rubin, Kieffer, Henges, Fausek, Stoker, and Ladd. l.znhI, liubm, Huulmzm, linker, llvriges, Kia-t'I'vr, l+':nus4-k, Pom-In Iflnglnml C. "W i ' " 'vsu I lrk, Iizizovsliy, Hrimlnn, Alolznsky, M4-tz, l'o-wh-rsun, Jolmsun, lllS4'llXX'ZlIlH'l'I' lil ll in Stl nm N I n Q'llXK'Il!'lZ, Norsworthy, lllllrllllliill Page Nirzefy-one The Tribe Sachs, Tziylor, Jones, Peil, Nixon, Flack, McCullough, Kieffer liokern, Murphy, ldllis, xV2llkt?l', Molzisky, Henson, Neidt, Chandler, Edwards, Rubin, Ladd lfricl, .Xu':1t:1, Fllkin, lulun, R1 , , , , , , E, , 1'hristuplwr, P:1rnzls, Adzic-k, l-Iherlv, Alpur, McClure, Harvey, Vkfood EUGENE ALPER BILL MCCLURE GEORGE EBERLE En MICKEIASIJN av' OFFICERS - President Vice-Presirlent - - Secrctflry-Treasurer Sergeant-r1,t-A 'rms' eirners UU2li'll Sl'lll'IYllllK'l' lllazer Brooks Ballard Haley, Shapiro The Tribe is the organization of varsity athletes. Its purpose is to maintain the spirit of University City loyalty, to cher- ish the traditions of our school, to foster fellowship, and to serve the best interests of our school, city, and country. H Page Ninety-two cup liig' Chiefs MEMBERS Nick Adzick Jack Harvey Eugene Alper Jim Jones Robert Arata Jack Ballard Alan Benson Bob Bokern Jack Bokern Bob Brooks Hewitt Chandler Bob Christopher Jim Clack George Eberle Pete Edwards Richard Elkin Joe Ellis Eugene Friel Ben Glazer Frank Haley Bill Kieffer Norman Ladd Bill McClure Norman McCullough Stanley Molasky L. L. Murphy Douglas Neidt Richard Nixon Neal Parnas Fred Peil Jack Reimers Irwin Rubin Phil Sachs Marvin Shapiro Dick Taylor Carl Walker Guy Wood MEMBERS Pat Hughes Betty J o J urgesmeycr Peggy Kidwell Esther Kohn Betty Lynch Ann Mandlebaum Nancy McKinney Margaret Priess Monica Ribstein Barbara Ronecker Rosemary Russell Ila Joan Diemunsch Imogene Seigel Lucille Drakesmith Katherine Thomas Emmanell Vance Mary Wehlerman Lorraine Winzerling Eleanor Wright Dorothy Angus Helen Becker La Verne Behlke Dorothy Bieber Janet Breihan Helen Campbell Jane Campbell Gloria Cohen Marilyn Dahl Ursula Dahms Margaret Dean Betty Estes Joan Flavin Hilde Franz Margie House Elizabeth Young The U. Club is composed of girls who have won their school letters. The pur- pose of the club is to promote the best interests of University City Senior High School. The Girls' U. Club was organized in 1927 and has been one of the active school clubs throughout all these years. Girls U. Club Girls' Athletic Directors The activities this year included: Decorating the U. S. O. at Union Station for the Xmas Holidays. A Xmas Party for fifty children at Kingdom House. Cake and Candy Sales during the Football and Basketball games. Serving banquets for Miss Mittelberg The annual Mothers' and Fathers' Banquet. Hikes, along the Meramec River and snow slides down the hills. l l -Q: , ".f " fl? fir . J . Na 3' J 'lf'----uf' 1 Ribstein, Hughes, Cohen, Kidwell, House, Vance, Thonias, Deane, liehlke, Estes Mandlebaum, Kohen, Kane, Siegel, Preiss, Angus, Winzerlingr, J. Cznnupbell, ll, l':rmphell, lliomunsch Bryan, Dahl, Fluvin, Franz, McKinney, lii4-her, XVI'lll4'l'lTl2lI'l, ,lur'g.:vsnivyer, Lynch Dahms, Ronecker, Russell, Miss Wlatts, l-Becker, Wriy.:'l1t, Young, llrzikesniitli Page Nine ty-three Squad Leaders 5f"lY21515li. Smith, Nfvvilli. 4l4YYl"S, Ulasnw, KI'i"5:sli:ii1se1', Norwine. Preiss, T301-kur, Wri,-rht, Morse, Estes nz lirmvn, llieher Llonzildsoii, Msinrllf-ln:ium, liiu-vlu-rl, Ili-rolil, lmll, llorinun, Mrs, Ifleck, Miss l'biq'115, H441-fiin, N:-lson, .Ions Hilmu Xlille-r, lxsiyser llllillivf. l'i"ll1llIl,1li, lxopnmn, 'Ili-ivk, .Iiii'p1e-sri1eyvi', I1 rust lx-ivwr, 'l'ivln-nor. llrviliun Ila Jo lliemunch Rebecca Morse Ruth Harden Doris Rueckert Elizabeth Miller Miriam Frost SQUAD LEADERS Maxine Jones Jane Gleick Doris Kayser Shirley Hilmer Eleanor Wright Margaret Preiss Vp :inrl Over! P11510 .Yfnefy-foul' Betty Jo Jurgesnieyei Jeanne Marcus Lorraine Gorman Pat llonaldson Betty Estes Claudia Tichenor Pat Hughes Helene Kopman Jean Norwine Joyce Agruss Pat Jones Alice Nelson Shirley Pease Betty Selvaggi Ruth Kayser Dolores Kriegfhauser Shirley Doll Ann Mandlehaum Janet Breihan Betty Smith Evelyn Herolfl llorthy Bieher Jean Chandler Lorraine Winzerling Paula Novack Hazel Humphreys Helen Becker Varsity Sports it Alluils. lxlltzsvlu-ig Nm'wlm'. 'I'i'zu'y, l':mlphr'll, lfein, Nll'lill1!14'j, XY:nlk1'r, lUllll'4'li1'l', .Xltf-p4'tr'i', Ili-i'ki'l', l'l'i4'1-, lil-rry llflllllllwll, lNl1'H'VHl"l'l4- SllU'lll"l0V. SW'FlHl', Alillf-r, l3l'i-114-V. llvlullw, li:itlil'I', XYrig4l1t, Ymiiigr, l"l'Jll1Z. lflfnvin Imiml-lsnn, Munflli-hzuiim, Hiivvlu-i't, llf-rulil, Nuvsik, liurnisin, Mrs. llwlt, Miss lm-us, Miller, IMA, Hrt, l1lIll'llI N'lx':1g:5qi,lluulu-s,Ilieiiiliiisvli,knimizm,Ih-sun,,li11'g:+'snieu-r lrilil lim-lm 'l'i4'l1wimr I'i-1-ilrui l'ivlwr 'l'iu'kvr lllpslv-in. Kina, Ilym-li. I1uI't'5', Xlllhli-rniam. l:I'4Vll5l1'I'. llussc-l, Stake , 4 . . . r 1 . I . Inter-school composition is an important part of the girls' physiczil edu- cation program. By choosing class varsity teams, many girls have the opportunity for participation in inter-school athletics. The girls shown here are members of the hockey and batsketball class teams. Mmisiixs Marivm .Xl'liF'!4lN2lll HrflerwKvqm1:m Im ve Agruss Ruth Kutzsvlier l1HllllF' Altpvter 4lf'l'I'y hiuviii llUl'lVtl1X.XllQllS H1'ttyI,yi1r'l1 Hflmx Becker Ann Alzinillehzmm l,2lxYl"l'll" H+-hlkf' Mary I-Sr-tty Mm ersii-vk I1-uiiiiv Ilerrp Alive Miller Imrvvtlu Iiio-hi-r I'llizuhv1hMiIls-r lam-t Ifliw-ilmii N:lm'yIXl1'Kil1li1-5' Sliirlsq lll'1'll4'l' .le:inNurxxin1- l':1tI,!i'm1st:-r l':iuln Novak llelmi l':1mph1'lI .Xlhn-rtn Ort' l2lll4't12lI1l1HlN'll l':it l'rir'r- Alzirylyn Imhl .lane liutlitl' lainvt lmy lllxelpn Iiihstv-in Mzirg:al'n'i lvvun Iizii'lmr:i Rum-vlu-r Hn ,limn lbif-mimsvll lmris lim-m-kvrt I':at Inmsililsnn lies:-nisiry Russell lXlHrtl1:i lllll'I'5' .ll-211151-vg:,vr liwrpl lipste-in H1-tty S1-lxwiggi lime l"f'1'l1Il4'X' Helly Stake lean lfvin 2Nl:irg':irc-1 Siitvmu-ii-r linux lflnvin Vlillllliil 'l'it'l1ei1m' Ililmlai lfrunz l':l,t 'Frzu-y l.m'r:iinv 4lm'm:1ri livx'M'ly'l'1u'k0r' Iris lI:1t't'nr'r Ami XV:ilkvr lllvelyn Hvrnlil Mary XxYf'lllf'I'Hl?lIl Irm,f:arrl lluehn .lm-kie XVl1J,'lllllHIIl l':it lluglws llurlmrzi, XVoIffs livtyy .Iii.I11i',a1's-S1111-yet' l'Ilf'HIllll' XVright Xz1m'5'Kim:,' ldlizzilu-Ili Yllllllg' The Haunt- th-ls l'n4lerw:iy 171,510 Ninety-firrf Physical Fitness Fein, Meyersieck, Breuer, H. Campbell, King, Lipc-in, Dean, Behlkc, Hoehn Kutzscher, Duffy, J, Campbell, Duliy, Lynch High school girls must be prepared to assume responsibilities imposed upon them by an ever changing World Where physical fitness is important. Physical education activities make a great contribution to the physical fitness tests used in the girls' program. Our picture suggests some of the exercises that strengthen muscles and aid in creating bodies that have the stamina and endurance which is demanded by the complex life of today's World. Dorothy Angus LaVerne Behlke Shirley Breuer Helen Campbell Jane Campbell Margaret Dean Page Ninety-six MEMBERs Martha Duiy Irmgard Hoehn Nancy King Betty Lynch Mary B. Meyersieck Jean Fein Cmzdids "Tell ya what I'ni gonna do" 8. Madame Butterfly A Bull Session 9. Glamour Boy Hey! you're tickling me! 10. Stag' line Sleeping beauty 11. Wait for Ballard and Bodine U. City wolves on the prowl 12. With tlie help of a pony Pickinl up paw-paws 153. Courtesy of 1120 on your dial Vp, up and away Page 1Vinety-New The Marcia of Time ,1? R 27'? ,f J i W 1,11 1- aa fi f Y?-41 , ff f e ii., , if I fyfr, mmf? Xxx fff QC wi' Y: xv ' ww ms we LEADER OF: QLHRK5 51+ HRW? 5 ff 'WT1'K,m. U.CfN.5. Smoecw HEY I Cl? 1 Iliff f f 0x W4 ,"!-,,,. KNOX WLTORY QU 'Z- ,f X EW CW,mff My x X ff! K' I X!! ' A ff' ,MW 53 Jff k My YW E fifiigm I K N XX lf HNYFHMYNIGHT 'EQ Wqmucf Dunn Pmuaes X ff. 'ffl IZ! vg N ffffg 45 'Vin 'FA' ' x 4xf QQ W1 - kagjj 52 IH LLL f X a , 4- H Q! fm , " li ,S :ni Y iN,f-xii? I xr Y rvg ,F",'HfT V CDKJOOHHH 1 --OOOWH, ,HEAT GP? - moo 4+ WSH' J ELECTEDx" if-10 QOH " , fH3f'f ' p5oFl-E51 f my g K LTL X Cwfi ff ' N COLO X "- ff OC TowEL-,XPC N 5 'ff .7 QM x ',f?,f lf fx U COFFEE, My f N X vow W 4 x f Y F051 N12 Tw. xdmglgy 1 f 4,54-ff! VD Kmwom Fm Yom Vowa 1.25 m.'1,'w X HNHL EXHN5 vvn5re Page Ninety-eight U. City fTVgErORlN VX OERA-no E - B K 1 UYWAR Q'S swam, 3X ,PAW 5 .L MM Q If " , 'ff' 53 , f , , ' XL Nr 9 f X r C v 4 ,wx f 7 M0 ' 5 ' f Q- x Lf' ff! A lf' f f Q X q R69 XA SYN' SK ff! 1 ' E9 ty-xeymoX3 X6 'nose 6 N,xs1-as as ' fvoeni oxsvcxx, mg31jLi0fTf,Q:39 Qvmgdom wpg QCQPIWO TYP5 ff' gfoveufs :ww fwf if 'Wwzg:6 N FK , 'lm sh qpmwi fred ?,'44mXNxxx9 V 1, M -xwwv,x1YN9"J' , ,,,. W-uwqv it ,. ff .. w 1 X14 YN R1 -686 :wax N65-19 BWPWWW ywxwx NK C.oyvnf'!V: X Yfbiwwfv wwf. . x WV' 1-ijffmgqov vxxxgwff 1-xmxikyx vm Nw WK? rl 141 VMQYL N49 9 Wx ug, yn V 1 nw Q,wXxxNOX 4-,-5 ,Aw c ch sw. LNMNNQ91 x x xx-mkgrxx was x ,N W 1 x GKQJPNK wwe-,w uv'- -vuxx WSXLN, A -- -New x 439023 JUN 321, Uv ' 5 4 .rf A Mu 'fm M X A W .V -D ve- ELL 9 .xx Q wb xxx sw X-X P vx W kvrfx A Wmwvfk xk MMGMPX 5 if fx . X QM 4 ' f :W E xssxm Q ' F T fq, x X fy!!!-N5 ff Wy X x A UNC " VFX f f LE W U fx. Wgnfgom E ,, , O A Xa ,, wwf ' R71 'QQ f , ff f r- ," 'i,x9 "j .. gg- v :f,x 43 -2 7 WW - Lg, ir XV 6? Q 1 1-rf UU ' LP N R 1 ff' x-rn Q' M1.,.,,, My ww s f W 4 W qv X cy , 'Xj71 WS' X"f W Um ,WI f Ay - E - ,H ' - WQZJ3' . Yqvag! nngeslierx -- P, ' ' IV . LVL Inc ly-"Liza Camiids B Q... mul 4 ll? 1. On K. P. 2. Calling Doctor Kildare 3. So, this is track? 4. Tacky Day 5. Heap Big' Chief Axelrod Page One Huvulrezl Doctor Turbeville It's not school books they're reading Now that I'm elected England's favorite torture C I'l0lfUA6!gQlfl'l8I'l iii For their helpful cooperation in making this book a success, the DIAL staff wishes to thank: Mr. Harry Swain of Central Engraving Com- pany for his invaluable aid and willing guidance in planning the DIAL Miss Gray's art classes for carrying out our poster campaign The Post Dispatch, Star Times, and Globe Democrat for contributing athletic photographs Mr. Hoffstetter of Ed Wynne Studio, Mr. Meng and Mr. Hausladen of Eden Publishing House, Mr. Glassen of Becktold Company, and Mr. James Cutter for their fine work The House of Representatives for their aid in the subscription drive All other members of the student body for their contributions and cooperation. Page Ont Ilum1fclO1w :::: -:::::::::oQo::: :::: r n E Phono, CAbal1y 8885+ 3 : Slip-Covers - Awnings - Rugs - Linoleum S 3 2 it Murray if Miles, Inc. E n if Draperies, Curtains, Shades E Q Decorative Rods and I 2 Window Blinds E IP :I 6601 DELMAR BLVD. UNIVERSITY CITY, MO. 2 2000000000000 OOOOOO 00000 00000000000000000'000'0' 0000000 '00000 00: ':::'::::::::::: ""' ::::: """""""" "" """ """ ""' "1 2 z 3 0 5 5 3 Compliments of 3 I I E I 0 3 2 Q C Q 0 2 2 3 O .. 3 Ia 0 0 U 0 ' 0 ' mr 0 0 9 II 0 1: ' 1: 3 u 0 n I :: 5 II 0 n o o B:::::::::: ---:: :o::: ::: .oooo :::: :::::::::ooo::::::::0Q:::::: 3 First buy WAR BONDS 2 Then for anytlzifng you need It's - E , 0 G U T M A N S 3 0 - Clayton. 2 9 0 LM.. .... ...... ...... ...-.-..---.. ....... ...... ..... ...... ..... -J Page One Hundred Two -A ------ ------4:-A--AA AAAAAA. ---..-- ----- A ------2----222 222222------2222---oo22:vvvcv2o4::o4::::::::zctcccca 0 Buy War Bonds 0 0 f ff 31 :E . 1 G8IHVC111,S Restaurant it P De Baliviere and De Giverville II wr II ::::---23: --:::::::::::.:::::::::::-::::::::::::::::::::::--:::4 I , QQ il ST. LOUIS BAND 1: I A I 3 Q INSTRUMENT Co. :E C077IpIi'm97I,f8 of E'.rrfIu.si1'rf lfl'III'l'S1'lIfflf'i?'f'.S' EE C. C. CCNN LTU. PAN A3IlCRII'.4N'LI'IlfIllX' ' ll ll Trl - Y Complete Line of V 1: gg MUSIC AND ACCESSORIES 3 ll 0 in E QI CEnu-al 1618 918 Olive St. Ii P I ll ll 0 :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::1. UOQ222222222222 -::::::::::: 2222i 3:33:33 '-::::3:::"::::-:Sq F::::::::::::: -::::::::: ::::::: as 5 Fresh Fish and Seafoods E Kiysch Drapery Fixtuy-es by . Venetian Blind and Cleaner Aids il ll QI Beauty in the room . . . ll M e l e t i 0 Begins at the window :i Start with Kirsch Drapery Hardware II 0 Your Wrnwmty for Quality QQ Freshness Locust E I ll ::x:--:::::::::::::,, ..... 2- -- ...A. :::::,:::x:::::,::::l vvvvv vi -Q ----- 3:33I33l3iIZZ::3:3:::3333333333313 3331 v33:::::3::::33:"::::::ZZX 1: Covers and Bindin for the if .I , o 1 9 4 4 D 1 al 0 by EE u BECKTOLD COMPANY St. Louis, Missouri 2 222 ---222222 ---- 22222::::::::::::::::::---:::2:::::::::::::::j Page One Hundred Three ?""""""""""""""""'1 TT"""""""""""""""" E Full fill' flllll DI'II1'!'l'.ll E E P fr 0 S C 71 fi p t fi 0 S 0 U 0 2 s ' I SIMMS SERVICE STATION RAY COLLINS, Pl1ll'I'7??.llIff.9f DELMAR and MIDLAND 1: Cmmuy 0130 ll CAb:u1y 9531 I 3 7208-10 Balson Ave. PAVI4 SIMMS VNIVERSITY VITY E UNIVERSITY CITY 122223 3933337 222222333 2l K 333? 22222222222222 0311 2222222 Tx:2x:::::"::":::::::::xcI T""""""""""""""" E 0 . Sol P, Rosenhloom Louis J. Rosenhloom O 0 I I For nearly half a century 2 A Q F. W. Woolworth Co. ROSLNBLOOM MONUMENT 2 COMPANY ' 6665 Delmar Blvd. 7501 Olive Sr. Road has mwrfwi f1iSH71.Ct'i'l7f? 'I7If0lZ1lHH'7IfS for tha' families of St. Louis 2 CA. 5070 x:::::--:::---::-x:::::,:::..1 :::-,:-::-,,,::::,::::,:::,:: 11: -:::::: -::: :::: -:::: :: -----.- -:::-:::::::::::-::::::: 0 O 0 O 0 0 0 II if Best Wishes to the II IP 55 D 1 A L 5 3 Q lb EE 3 Matt C. Fogerty E MAYOR E and 3 Herman Barken George Manda jg Elmer H. Grimm Dr. A. O. Ozment :Q Jake Hellrung Dr. R. C. Seibert II THE BOARD OF ALDERMEN Il II 0 0 0 B533:3:222222222222222223-:::v-:A -A -'A-- -'A -'A - Page One H'1lf77ll7'6d Four ' .-----------vvv-v-v--vooQ----QQQQQQQQQQ-Q::::::o::o:::::::::::oo -'W I U ll u ll il 55 B O D 1 N E 55 12 ESTABLISHED 1912 1: ll if Pattern G Foundry Co. II II U ll 11 ST. LOUIS, MO. ii Il nr 0 Li353:32337::3::1:::3:::3'33:::1:I3 33333 :3:37:3333333i-3:3333123133 r--" -'--'-' ""'- """""" r::::::::::::'::--::::::2: -"-- -w 3 3 II Q Flowers for All Occasions Q Q nu 3 ' 5 BLONDIEMMZDICK QQ EE A R T SHELL SEPVIOE STATION 13 11 F L O R A L 'ml gg 0 0 if S H O P P E 0 A and W ROOT BEER 2 IUQIYUHI' -- CA. E 6300 DI,1LBIAR 2 :I fNw.rf floor ro Lupton f'lItI111'U z z 7713 55333 9333:57333313 33333 3333l33333132l::3331iil3J F'---O-----0 ----...Q--' "-- r- ---' :::::::-::--:::::::::---- 1: z T U O 0 2 3 v v 2 5 A : , z 3 E C077Z29lH7ZC7'HfS 5 CANDY OO. of ff 11 2607 Gravois F R I E N D :I St. Louis, MO. z . 0 O 0 V :I Wholesale Candy - Fountain Supplies 2 g 4 0 0 0 0 M3153 33332l2233 2313339312323-Di L 3333 333333:33-:3::3:3:::3::::::i PQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ-- IP lr X 0 0 0 , QF' ' A, O l :AT xigzx ' 'a "TE as ll f 1 A .' 1 A ll xii' ' N lb . . Q A '75 X pzqvx II - n n, L , . ll f-P' W ir, ll 'fin , ... U G234 I lb ' '---,,,, , X -' S32 ., , D A,. O 0 ll 0 4,,........--..--...--..----.--..------- Headquarters for Campus Footwear ' 44 44 Q vb V7 O WilsOn's Shoes 6621 Delmar 2 CAbany 0581 8 O I :: ..... :::---::::::::::::-::a Page One Humlreal Five To...-..-----------..-------------------------------......---..-q --------------------------..------- ....-- ---.. -------------------------------------- ---------.. -.. Q fs f-. L, : : A 2 ': L Z E, MILD and MELLOW --------------------- -- ron mssnnzsss ron rmvolu ron VALUE! TT L E' 0,23 'Q ' F 'Ta C Q-1" Q . fi RICH and FULL BODIED VIGOROUS and WINEY Get all the cofibc- ploasurv for which you are paying'! Switch to A. K' l'. fi0fi'l'6iAllll1l'iC1lyS Bust Liked Coffee- solri in thc fiavor'-seulwi bean to protect the full, rich fiavor! It's Custom Ground whvn you buy so that it'S exactly right for your coffee pot. 'l'hel'e's no finer' coffve in any package at any pricv! BUY A. 85 P. COFFEE! ------------------------------...- .. ..---------------------------------------------..-..-------..-------------------..-....-------.4 z : : 2 z z z E ' C0'I7I17I'f77?P'l1,fS of 2 2 C07711lII'I7'll'TIfS of the 0 U JIM and LARRY ' t KREISMAN TIRE CO. S 1065 Hodiamfmt . K 4401 E21St0l1 Ave. z 3 O St. Louis, Mo. E E PA, 5115 E E E L-.. ...... ....-... ...... ......l ........ x: .... :::::::::::::::1 T"""""""""""""""T T""""""" ""' """"""T s 5 : : E : E -C1 W 5 0 0 Q F. W. Woolworth Co. S Q if ' 3 S S Launderers 1 Dry Cleaners 5973 EASTON AVE. z I Wellston, Mo. , 2 ik :Zz , E E : Saint Louis' Most Beautiful Laundry E z a E : i.:::::::-:::::-::::x:::::::x:l L-::::::::--::::::::::::::::::1 T"""''"""'"nn""""""""""""'"""""""""'7 O , 9 E Brzug out the beuuty E E in your home 3 E with DuPout Products v U E 1 n n n v g UC O I T 3 E I Ll I 3 2 R:a.u.s.oAT.orE Q 3 0 Q DUPONT DULUX - DUCO 2 E SEMI-GLOSS - SPEED EASY 5 : DUPONT'S SELF CLEANING HOUSE PAINT E LLoYD T. SMITH ' 0 Hardware 81 Paint Co. S 6662 Delmar' Blvd. 3 2 St. Louis C0unty's Predominant Paint Store E 1 . ::::: :::::::::::::.:::::::::-::::::::::--::::2: :::::::::4 Page One H1l'IIlf'I'!?fl Seven ?::::::::,::::::,::::::::::::: f:::::::::::::::::::::::::::coon 2 2 ' 0 0 Complzments of I g . ll M a S 0 H A A S , S 3 S c r V 1 C c , S r a r 1 o n i 3 spanish olives :: 4 0 . 0 - - , 7296 Pershing E z OIIVG O11 Q , I Q O , , ll i CAMP 8985 g Q Maraschino Cherries gg 2 and other il V-----n-n-Nun,-n-nuuI . Food Products l ll 0 0 ll ll :I Fine Photographs z 1: if of Children and Adults g E Q ll U ll ll 0 o 0 gg PHOTOCRAFT g , A C L AASB CO g EE Studio E E . . . H . E 11 6352 DELMAR 2 2 St. Louis, Missouri 3 1 a if tNext to Tivoli Tlieatrej S z E ll I Q KQ-Q----QqQoaooooooooo00000OOO04 L.,- ....,. 4, ,,,,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,4 V""""""""""""""l Fm""""""""""""" if Will Yrm Be Ready I E Silk Screen Process Displays , 0 2 to take your place in the 2 2 g I postwar business world? 2 I . Q 3 S 2 Standard Dlsplay Co. 3 0 You will be if you prepare Now . . . 0 4, 2 Investigate the courses offered by 2 3 Ruhicam School in preparation for . 3 2 :I the preferred types of oiliee posi- O 1708 Delmar 3 UOHS- 2 claim-al 5198 1: 0 0 0 4, ll 0 L 0 Il Summer and Fall Classes E ::::::""::"':::::::::::::::i ll 1: I Secretarial ' f"""""""""""""" "" 'U o E I Stenographic E z H O Accounting : 5 ll O 0 H 0 Tyuewririns I e Compliments EE . ' of EE 3 Rub1cam School 3 W F B C 3 jj 4933 Delmar Forest 3900 ' , ' ' ' O' jj 1: 3473 s. Gi-and LAclerle 0440 5 2 1: 1: 7733 Forsythe CAbany 4102 S 3 0 0 0 L:::::e:::o::::::::::::::::00::l ir::122::::::::0:::::::l3:3:2221 Page One Hundred Eight --A- ...... A ------ ----- ---ooof 0 Meet your friends at the Club V a' r s i t y MQW 6600 Delmar Blvd. .1 QQ, 1, CA. 9998 B e c h t LAUNDRY COMPANY 3301 Bell Ave. JEffe1's0n 0414 L. Schulte Co., Inc. 824 North Third St. St. Louis, Mo. EGGS - BUTTER - CHEESE DRIED FRUIT CEI1l,l'i1l 1239 CEntral 3153 ,,----------- ,--- ALICE JABLONSKY Beauticiom ' 8111 Maryland Avenue CAbany 9697 Clayton, Missouri 1 0 H I1 U 0 0 11 ll 0 I1 I1 I1 U 0 0 ll 11 0 11 11 11 11 i L99L 'VD 'OW 'KNO 5115-I9A!UH 'iplg dooq Jeuqaq SpLIOH KJSJHS pH? BSLIPLIUSUI HEIHAA 'N LLHHHOH seqsgM qsag jo pnoul eq moz uogmm .cnoli Quo 22 ecynpg 61411111 jo .19a.m9 .neu -19 uodn Dupwgzua ew noi f:::::::::::::: ---- :::::::::::: 0 V Froma BOOSTER V f ---A :::::::::::::::::-::::::-- ooooo:::::::::::::::::::::::: 0 0 11 ll ll I1 11 I1 11 11 0 11 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 4 41 11 0 0 11 11 41 41 11 ll ll ll ll U 11 11 ll ll 0 0 0 0 0 11 11 11 0 0 U 0 0 0 0 0 0 O 11 ll I1 11 1 ll ll ll 11 11 0 U U 3 Page One Hundred Ni vvvvvvovvvvv .... --v-vv-----v- ne oo Q O O O O U Quoo QQQQQQ oo 'coco I "J 6 go eg.. May the memories which our photographs recall he as cher- ished as our pleasure was in making them. 6549 LAIIHE TUIHU 7351 Manchester Avenue Hlland 0986 '1 0 ': I I 0 .no::: Q 0 QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ QLJUH ldT I Tx: Ax: xx! I """"""""" TI I II I I I THE VARSITY SHOP :I I II I I I 1944 Ollicial Jewelers II I O II I For Senior Graduates II I II I HOUSE I O II I I 7800 Clayton Rd. Hess 8: Culbertson I I Sf. Louis, MO, I I JEWELRY COMPANY I I I 826 Olive Street I r--'---'--"- -'----' O' "---' P--0-N-"H" ""' """""'1 I I I IFor13Years gg Good Luck gg I to our I II Il I 0 II . SCHOOL 0 I MIDLAND BUssEs I II , TEACHERS II I have been taking you I fwfi I to and from school. I ' ALLICLASSES I I O II fI0m II I I II Mrs. Sherwin Schilling I I I former Miss Betty Enoch I Looooooo iiiliiil 21222121 CSJQS SJ K iiil 21 RSGS 32 233i33333 13331 f"""'"""""""""""""'""""""""""""""""TI II II II ll II II II II For I II II II I Lobsters and Presb S ea Food 'I I I I II I , II : If S 1: I I I I I II I mIII5llIDIII4IIIIOIIIXIIIlIIDS9'I I ' II I II I 3185 Gravois at Compton II I II I II I FINE NVINES AND LIQUORS I II I II I II I II 1 -::--::-:::::--.--:::-::::-:: .... ,xx .............. ..-.....-.J Page One Hundred Eleven r ---- ----vv -------v- ---- fr r - -v ---- - ' - ' EE it P STRAUB'S fl 11 ii 5 MENDENHALL E Select Foods 0 0 0 0 ' 2 Three Stores to Serve St. Louis County g 40 West Lockwood Q z 10 South Bemiston 6717 Clayton Road u 0 ff O " ll 0 ':::"::"'::"':::""'x::xxd ii r::::zz::::v::::::-::-:::::-:::..x FORD - MERCURY - LINCOLN . 0 lb 3 l Q SERVICE 9 0 O 0 E Compliments of 2 E GQ, 4+ , MIS s o U R 1 :: g PRINTING and ENGRAVING Nite and Day - CEM-al 8200 O COMPANY S 2315 LOCUST g it 0 II ":::::::::0::O::::::QO::::o::! x0O::00Q:::::::::::'0::0:::::: f::::::::::::,:::::,:::::,,::::::::::::,.,-,,:::::: .... ::-:::::::- II :E Established more than EE three-quarters of a century ago... Oldest dairy in the middle west-probably oldest west of the Alleghenies-St. Louis Dairy Company was founded seventy-five years ago by a group of public- 0 spirited citizens who Were disgusted by the utter lack :I of sanitation in the production and handling of milk " and fearful of an epidemic if these conditions were al- lowed to continue. promote hetter health . . ." This was the sincere, stated purpose of these civic leaders when they founded St. Louis Dairy Company. 1: Clinging steadfastly to this high ideal, it guides the " policies of St. Louis Dairy Company today. In ll In II ll nu, ll lb 0 It It "to It 0 0 0 0 0 il ig sr. Louis DAIRY co. ll ,.v"0"A' "M, gg M I L K i l Ice CREAM :I cams coiPo',49 0 M-:::::::::::::::::::::-----------:::--:::::----::--::-::::::::::: Page One Hundred Twelve o Best Wishes Of The Motllueifdgs Cllunltn THE OBJECT OF THE MOTHER'S CLUB IS: To give mothers an opportunity to meet socially with each other and the teachers in order to render the home, the school, and the country mutually serviceable in fostering those ideals which make for the highest type of man and Womanhood. TT 0 ll ll ll ll in ll ll ll II ll 0 0 ll ll tl ll ll ll II ll 0 0 ll tl 0 ll ll II ll ll ll ll tl ll 0 0 O 0 ll mr ll nn ll ll ll ll In li ll ll 0 ll 0 ll ll ll H 0 ll n ll ll ll ll II ll ll 0 ll 0 ll ll mu ll ll ll tl ll 0 0 0 ll 0 tl ll ll ll ll ll lu ll ll ll ll II ll ll ll A Page One H umlred Tltirte CTL ---- ---- ,,,, --- ---- ,------------------------ - Q 3 2 F. W. C L E M E N S : o 3 Compliments of E E Feed CO' E Il the I 3357 Gravois at Cherokee ' ll II z PROspect 0195-6 3 Coffee Pot Restaurant 3 . 3 2 E l Sand -- Gravel - Cement z E Delmar at Skinker E f F1-ed A. Hughes, Mgr. E l-.... ....... .. ...... ..... .... .l l.. ........ .. ...... ...... .... .J f::::::"":::::"""::2::""':::::::":::::: "" ::::::":::"'l 5 E gg ALL - CREAM g E ICE CREAM s O 0 T H E P A R K M O 0 R o ' DELICIOUS In Q E SANDWICHES 2 n Q nu Q L-------------x --... ---- ...... --- ....... ----------------------J l""'m"""""""""""l l"""""""'""""m'ml 2 Compliments II l I O mu 2 U ' of ' ' v s 1 ' cl s ' E . E ! . e Vaggl an ons o Qi UQ il- Realty Co. ll ll frvxS eww QE JMS- Q 2 915 N. 7th st. g I2 2 3 3 1: 6307 Delmar P. Ullman lPres.J 1: 2 I ll -..-..-- .....--.. --... --------J i---------------- ----- ---- v::::Q-Q:::::::::::::-:::: ----'- ::::::':::::::: ---:::- ll 1 ll 5 RED GOOSR SHOES E ll - For Boys and Girls of All Ages - 2 1 U EE eggs Modern Youth Xgggu 3 on Shoe Store "' N V - 6631 Delmar " 2 E lfmelz by X-my - Checked by Experts E L-......-...-.. ...... ,::-,,--,::xx--,,,:::---,,,--,-------,,--,,' Page One Hunrlrecl Fozwteen QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ ::::o:: ::oo: ::: : : cooqoq: : : :: : :QQQQQQQQ-QQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQQ Keep il ffqin lr 0 .5 1 . 1 x n"r .s,sn. iss.: ti s s' ' ' nt" x' N 1 n..... 5325. "'O' , ' 5' -'Jai I 1 0 0 0 0 ll 0 0 II II 41 II ll Il ll ll ll 0 0 Il II II Il M 0 ll lb 0 0 0 0 ll Il ll ll O UY WAR no DSE 1444 fnaedlmenl' in Sponsored by: CLAIRE ANN 6329 Delmar VIRGINIA COL INS BEAUTY SALON L 7169 Delmar DICLMAR LOOP SHOE RICBVILDER T06 Kingsland DINKIGLAKER MEAT MARKET 6670 Delmar GALE - SOBEL CO. 1125 Waslmiugton HENRY H. HAFFNER REALTY CO. 6248 Delmar BERT JACOBS FURRIICR G24-1 Dvlmar ---.....-Q---- 0 0 O 0 0 0 0 0 O .Victor 4, LADD'S MARKET IL T200 Balson ' c U LASKY SHOES 1 6602 Dehnar 3 0 MARY MUFFI-IT INC. II 1136 XVZISIIIIIHIOII 2 e AIAURY E. HHICHMAN, GEN, INS. Q T58 Kingsland 0 SAMTEBARBER SHOP H 589 Kmgsluml :Q I L 0 SI LYERSTI-IIN CLEANERS 6242 Delmar 0 U ll SHANGHAICAFE X 6314 Delmar U 0 WICSTOVER NURSERY 0 Slow Olive II O 0 --....------..--.......-....1 Pflyf' Une Hzuzrlfrerl Fiffevn fi , . ' --PL, ,- ,Q if :::::::::: :: :::::::::.:g: ::::?:,,: -::::::::: 0 ' lb lb 1' - J' W , r' 1 -, 1 E A - fr ff - .' I ,. A . f ' "' f 1" ' x , My R I H U ll 4 J iff yr 'L Q! W '- - -, . f' EE! rx ,Inlay Y, E UWM W NOTHER BOGR, 4+ u ll ll u 5 , , ,WV by CENTRAL QMgf35I2f, f 1 f ENTRAL ENGRAVING COMPANY 114 North seventh sr., st. Louis, Mo. , QE QW II f ll ll 5- ......... ll V X15 x.f ,.x X GCN. DH V' AV? f I n sv' ' , fm W V9 Q? WW! W 4 Q NIS Q Pd - ,A WLM! fjdf Jiffy Y Q N ' X. ANXXJ '- xg is M 2 r JM k .Q X Q Q, ' k E 3 Zx ag AM X X Qi. ,J if Q T v Xi gi E ' jx 1 X 4 , I 1 5 X, X I Q ' V Page One H d ol S xteen R ,' ' '-a1aa..,a4,.f14,,, ' ' q WVIQVV 4 y ' ima W "LW Q.'13?f'..,, HMV! Y, ff' it -QW Aff" ...ff M ' , M fLfkifQef ' 05577793 My x ,H fm fmwffyi uf jj? fykxigy fp wwf? SX. 'Wea jak! ' ffbhu' . 424 95 kinda ia? jLQ6Q1'f t ffwW2iifimLfML4!" jab! 4 ,J0W"i'w Mfww WM '47 2 743-g iff f7f,,4'fif5f5l i'iif:wZ1 e X' iw 90 !M'.'?7W,.q 775 f ggwvof' QW w W Nd W 1 53 3 E 2 E 2 El S Qi i 5 x E 1 f a 1 , 1 i 1 I 4 1 Y

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University City High School - Dial Yearbook (University City, MO) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Page 1


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