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REF. 378.778 R344 1988 Rh7tor MlD-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Midwest Genealogy Center 3440 S. Lee's Summit Rd. MGC Independence, MO 64055 I 'ui LL; 0R1 STA 71.5 ILeQJOwWM f K... sig 33': Qt K? 251 2- V q: 3317; :5 n: :0 t V F 09 .V 313W W! x0 g? 7 V $.97 , I um MA 9?! 373$4 $4 XBN71 7 $81 07 II . 7:0 q; QRENSHURG-wbyo 0X G MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY Midwest Geneamgv Cemer 3440 S. Lee's Snmimt Rd MGC Independence MO 64055 x MEWIMItII UBLIC LIBRARY WWW 19 No longer staying bel NT PUBLIC LiBRARV WuummgmWWII 01314 5 Greeks 184 Halls 232 264 Index 336 Wimx L, . .. ., X xx becoming part of the game warm rw T.nh n-4, 6x a i 1 i finding university diversity ,Ng.ww.y4n-4uw- 10 spectating, performing and laying back 11 12 eff Marine Lt. Col. Oliver North Uar Iem became a celebrity during the lran-Contra hearings. President Reagan talks to Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev tabovet during the three- day summit meeting in December. They signed a nuclear arms control agreement. Television evangelists Jim and Tammy Bakker Gem said farewell to the 911 ministry after lim confessed to a sexual encounter with Jessica Hahn. Democratic presidential candidate Gary Hart was forced to withdraw from the 1988 presidential campaign after a report that he was having an affair with actress Donna Rice tbelow lefty However, Gary Hart re-entered the race in December. NEWS 15 About 250,000 people jammed onto the Golden Gate Bridge trigho in San Francisco to celebrate its 50th birthday. "Black Monday" was what Wall Street tbottom centen saw on October 19 when the Dow Jones average dropped 508 points. In the six years since Americans first head of a mysterious immunity-robbing disease from which no one recovers tbottomt, AIDS has killed nearly 25,000 Americans. Miss Michigan, Kaye Lani Rae Rafko tbelow Iem, was crowned Miss America 1988 after shaking up the talent competition with a Polynesian dance. The Stars and Stripes tbelowt completed a 4-0 sweep over Australia to finally win the America's Cup after losing it in 1983. , BLESSED Mir 414:1 PERT, 3' Mn IN THE QAME 0F . 4. ' Rquouwnif . m Tgv ' SHALL INHEK'.4 . ' .th K'erh'M 'I .: Ly r1 HP W , t . t. .; a. r t mg? ' x If: ,u T'- President and Mrs. Reagan greeted Pope Paul II now no Miami, the first stop of his nine-city tour of the Uniled 5mm Kirby Puckett and Jeff Reardon abova oi the Minnesota Twins celebrate their World Series vidmy ow: ihu St. Louis Cardinals. NEWS 17 Ill ENTERTAINMENT -"g'HW'UI'ln Students sol a chance to see concerts on campus instead of having lo drive to Kansas City, thanks lo tile work oi the Concert Board. Concerts , , included The Fixx Uar Ida and Cheap Trick Gel! and belowJ E, ..m - m. a e Km . , ,, m h , a . .7 Comedians S we Landesburg ar lam, of television's Barney Miller, limo Phillips "em and Greg Russell uboVQ brought warm laughter to CMSU audiences during the cold month of January. x' Troupe above, left to righo front row Michele Pursley; second row Carrie Crawford, Roger Schupp, Steve Wheeler, Brenda Smith; third row Eric Weber, Juli Martinson, Don Gill. Not Pictured Jeanine Crookshank and Warren Jackson. Troup members display both their dancing and singing talents when entertaining audiences. TROUPE 23 Crimes of the Heart Lenny Magralh lane Spigarelii Chick Boyle Michelle Mazza Doc Porter .. lay Bean Meg Magralh .. lill Reed Babe Bolrelle .. Pam Sharp Bamelle lloyd Kevin Madden , . MA'INSTAGE 25 26 g9. Robert ........................................... . ......... The Merry W ives of Windsor Mrs. Ford ................................................. Karen Russell Mrs. Page ............................................... la'netle Weber Mr. Ford .................................................... Stephen lay Mr. Page .................................... .. ............... Bryan Clark Anne Page ........................................... Mary Sluckmeyer Tavern cohorts ................... John Reynolds, Michael Berglund Servants ................................. Robert Wyatl,,,'l'homas Ogle Falstaff .................................................... Andrew Silins Fenlon .................................. ................. D avid Harding Slender ............................................... Charles Chrisman Dr. Caius .................................................. E. Dali! Duff Clint Weathers Brjghton Beach Memoirs Eugene Blanche Kale laurie Kevin Madden ' Michelle Brill . Belh leonard . Pam Sharp len lie: Forqman Daniel Eisenhower Edward See Nora . Slanley lack F ff ,8 Annie Nations", .............. 3.1 .................... Belh Leoanrd Hector Nations ................ " Edward Seev Prince Carpenter ........ : ............................ Jeff Shockley Holly Burrell .......................................... Ke'lly Warren , Dillard Nations ................................. Daniel Eisenhower Doclor...........; ........................................... lay Bean Musicians ......................................... Marc Slilh, bass; lay Bean, guitar; Rita Gregory, dulcimer ISUMMER REPERTORV 29 HalCarler . ......lay Bean if I ' Helen Polls Deidre LLatsen I x Millie Owens lane Spigarelli Bomber .. Kevin Ruggle Madge Owens Kay .C Rogers Flo Owens Kelly Warren Rosemary Sydney Michelle Mazza , L Alan Seymour Mike Reynolds .f Irma Kronkile lindsey Swearngin Trisha Stewart Howard Bevans xr Jeff Shockley 5. 30 MAINsIAcE ..... Michelle Mazza .. ..... Ion Hochsprung, ..... Liz Fletcher CynthiMWoman in the Parld Miss Pringle and Susan . Young Man ......... Todd Schnake Voice .. ..... Steve Pelers 32 MAINSTACE 34 CHEERLEADERS second row Mark Curtis, Scott Bond, Dave Yaggi, Bryan Elam, Kip Rupert and Corey Gidney; third row Theresa Earles, Kim Robinson, Eootball Cheerleaders Gar lefQ front row deft Io righU Jeff Brinkmeyer; i: Caihie Jackson, Kelly Meyer, Lanie Mahlan, and Cathy O'Corman. I'l Basketball Cheerleaders below front row deft to righO Jeff Brinkmeyer, Kendra Musgrave, Theresa Earles, Kelley Meyer, Kelli ? Feldman, Kim Robinson, Cathy O'Gorman; second row John .3 Siebeneck, Scott Bond, Tony Smith, Steven Kelly, Mark Curtis, and Wes Gedney. .' , x l CHEERLEADERS 35 36 MULEKICKERS MUIekickers i i 1 1 i l Football Mulekickers Terri Selzer, Angela 1 Carrizzo. Basketball Mulekicke econd row: Michell: marge, Lanie Mahla :oot.ball Mulekickers Gabove Ier front row deft Io righn Toni Lybarger, Kristy Martin, Cerrl. Selzer, Angela Thielbar, Lisa Winegar, Becky Eschliman, Gina Morley and Tracie amzzo. Basketball Mulekickers Qbon front row deft to i'ighU To i Lybarger, Tracie Carrizzo; second row: Michelle Hollins, Terri Selzer, Gina Morley, Lisa Colaw; third row Lisa George, Lame Mahlan, Kristy Martin, LaTonya Harris, Michelle Bledsoe, and Janet Ross. MULEKECKERS 37 Tracy Garrizzo mbovm entertains during the fall pep rally. Steve Kelly above righU lifts Theresa Earles. Cory Gedney and Cathie Jackson Uigho promote team spirit. Kip Rupert, Mark Curtis and Lanie Mahlan Uar righO practice daily to pre- pare for upcoming games. 38 CHEERLEADERVMULEKICKERS ., r: x , . . .. . , . V rig; $423..." .7. .. ! .. xxwziaq... .333, . . . final!!! 3 . 3.1 . x g1 . H1, . i1 L. , GEM... 9.!le- ill .55... n 3 .h kw. , "cum 5.. Mg. n . , 7 .h ' '2. '"j Front row Ueit to rightyK m TarwaEr, KeIly BSEk, Brian GE; Mali; Blair, Lon George, Bonnie Boyle, Sabrina Dill, Wendy HBward, Mary Kohlmann, Chris Beninato, Leaetla Ormsbee, Don Naes; second row Tracy Printe, Samantha Gdrdon, Ray Henning, Melisa Martin, Susan Luelf, John Morgenthaler, Steve . r 'nski ll', Tam B kg, P melqyljg d Ch ' St 5b J ' 1r tle Mcyayghli' , I'hil Front row deft lo righo Kelly Rogers, Craig Belser; second row Kristin Allen, Kim Green, Jenny Henning, Kuldip Rampal, Dan Galbraith, Andrea Hillman, Jeff North, Wendy Richmond, Thorn Weaver. MULESKINNER 47 da Borum, Tammy Front row 02ft to righn Rhon McEntire, Larry Ball; second row Wes Bare, Mark Kane, Rob McAllnster Phil Dorman, Danny Hampton, m 48 KMOS-TV KCMW ESOmujx 36:. 3521:: 1m:c 23:: xrcnm! quwnm 3:?! .31 7312: .3. 2:: Orlaourmq 0.52:3? 3:3. Amie... 233 2.2.3:. monoa. 35 00:7: .9619 424:3 manim? Umroqwr 59.33 .bm-Q 2:! 53mm. 323:2: F: max? Po: n38: E. 095.3. 53 wmqmm :12. SS 733: $.31: 955 may? .33 Eumm:ro-mo? 25:1: onE: 2:3 13qu 3::32 marazr $2: Dossimn 3:2: .65 1.5.: 5325? wow: 09.5? CBS 1...! :31 22:8? 5?: 0.3:: wan. 953? Zn: 0:9 .3. 1:233: ngm.:K ?:?.STII. Ac istinguished Scholars D Front row deft to righQ Jenny Wallenburn, Heather Stelling, Jana Moberly, Angela Bell, Tom Edmondson, Ellen Mowatl; second row Susan Fuehring, Denise Dorner, Gayla Benson, Sarah Gatewood, Darin Bryan, Helen Martin, Julie Massey, Renae Preuss, Kim Truells; third row Cheryl Colter, Susan Wilson, Piper Pate, David Allen, Susan Williams, Kevin Dewitt, Wendy Stephens, Michelle Mazza, Stacy Degraffenreid; fourth row Michael Kauffman, Dale Knipp, Kari Monsees, Todd Schnake. DISTINGUISHED SCHOLARS 51 ' "Mama" g m m 0 C e m O H Mo Rom enjoys being turned over by the crowd after President Elliott hbovm starts things off. The cheerleaders Gem do their thing while Kathy Clark Gar lem demonstrates her spirit. HOMECOMING 55 The Homecoming Court mottom righO consisted of Princess Sabrina Dill, Queen Monica Bertelli and Princess Jamie Kircher. As parade entries passed, students rated them accordingly. D 5 passed, ordingly I'll'la ,, g In, 71.. 7 5 C m M O C E M O H , . 'Marla Mickey ' i Sabrina Dill v 'Debbie Tabiendo Monica Berlelli Ramona Underwood g Chris Schelp Hvowiii6go m inngueen V , Monica Bertelli ' Princess Sabrina Dill Princess . k- Jamie Kircher The Homecoming Parade included walking entries, bands and colorful floats. 62 HOMECOMING 3 6 G w M O C E M O H 64 HOMECOMINC Watching floats pass by with friends makes the parade special. 66 MARCHING BAND s .m. g .m h C r Ma e h t M e r... e m 0 h .H e h t n 0 g .m m r o f r e P S e d .9 e B also marched at Washburn University and the Chiefs opening day in Kansas City. LInvl Men Hrian N.Ildn Carol Bmwll laDomm Hvdur Inc Boullvr Iim Bmdlcl Sharla HIMkburn Jim Bmlc Candy Bmun Dean Burden John Cammm Nulhun Canikcv Brian Clark Ron Coleman Bruce Cnnnur Diane Coullur Tammy Cnx Melinda Cunningham Mcvcdilh Dailcy Michelle Doyle Davyl DUN Darin Dulchcr Rhell Ehlcll Andy Ford Linda Fuclling Debbie Fulk Slow: Gillespie Slow: Cray lei! Greene Wendell Gruberl Dana Hale Joe Havdin Ann Harris Tami Hauck Susan Hcidebnxhl Garrick Hcin Gail Hibbard Sleu- Hunlcr Cassandra Hundloy Dawn lvcy Melanie lsom David lolleries Kimberly Johnson Mark Kammerich Mike Kanaan Slmc Keiskcr Ann Kcnnitul Alyssa Kimball Danna Kieru-g Noel Lima." Shari L00 mhhw Lmqwl HHL-rh-lh valic hn-n lruh Sullrllv Lunu IHHH Halmlv 68 MARCHING MULES Lee Marlin Sandy Marlin Michelle Malusczinsk Michael McGaha Greg Miller Jennifer Milchell Janet Musek Carolyn Nebel Stacy Orear Shannon Padley Piper Pale Wayne Pencost David Phillips Michele Pillsenbarger Shary Pullen Leslyn Quick Kenya Ralhmann Kathleen Reynolds John Reynolds Todd Roberts Cindy Rohslan Mall Ronan Diana Sawyer Chris Sedwick Dana Skinner Brenda Smilh Chelyl Smilh Nancy Smilh Tracy Smilh Brad Slengel Valerie Sublelle Regina Sutherland Stacie Swaiiord Dana Terry 102 Thomas Dawn Thurman Kim Twells Greg Walker Todd Walker Tara Watson Mall Weinreich Trisha Wells c m Jennine Weslrick Robin Wilcox Steve Williams Diane Woolverlon Bob Wyall lessica Yarger MARCHING MULES 69 Concert Choir members include Tim Ackerman, Leigh Anne Beck, Michael Berglund, Lisa Breshears, Michael Brunkherst, Charles Chrisman, Daryl Duff, Thomas Dunaway, Todd Edwards, Kelli Feldman, leff Garten, Doug Geist, Donald Gill, Dana Harper, Garrick Hein, Jill Hicks, Christine lames, David Jeffries, Michelle Jones, Steve Keisker, Amy Kennicutt, Kraig Kirkwood, Janette Knutson, Lisa Lister, Lori Martin, Juliana Martinson, Shawna McClellan, Greg McCracken, Michael Meyer, Cindy Moore, Kelli Murphy, Lisa Oliphanl, Piper Pale, Michael Pierson, Carol Pink, Karen Russell, Andrew Silins, Tim Shroul, Michael Snider, Mary Stuckmeyer, lames Swofford, Tara Varney, Velshera Walker, and Eric Weber. MUSIC GROUPS 71 Orchestra members include Carol Basselt, Eric Beth, Joseph Beydler, Sharla Blackburn, Dennis Bogart, Bob Cassidy, Bryan Clark, DaNae Cook, Eric Dalman, Michelle Doyle, Diane Edmonds, Bret Fischer, Andy Ford, Eric Garhart, Terri Cibson-Zink, Aaron Goff, Jeff Greene, Thalia Halen, Christina Haley, Angela Houston, Cheryl Jackson, Christina Jennings, Gwen Kapplemen, John Kemmerer, Amy Kennicut, Donna Kirkweg, Patrick Larkin, Shari Lee, Debbie Lengyel, Merredeth Leslie, Steve Maley, Ann Martin, James Martin, Dan Mays, Ellen Mowatt, Piper Pate, David Phillips, John Reynolds, Melissa Sinnett, Deborah Tabriendo, Eric Weber, Robin Wilcox, and Timothy Williams. 72 ORCHESTRA Madrigal Singers are Gem front row deft to righo Steve Keisker, Mary Stuckmeyer, Janette Knutson, John Reynolds, Ann Harris, Donald Gill; second row Benny Marshall, Charlie Chrisman, Velshera Walker, Andrew Silins, Karen Russell, Piper Pale; third row Michael Berglund, Kelli Murphy. Madrigal Dinner Court beIow Front row Michael Meyer, Tara Varney; second row Benny Marshall, Dawnita Sumner, Doug Geist; third row Jim Swofford. Faculty Brass Quintet bottom Front row Gary Moege; second row Neal Seipp, David Stags, David Aaberg, Charles McAdams. MUSICAL GROUPS 73 1 km gr? ' r Vangj lng.; 5.1.? 74 MUSIC GROUPS Concert Band members include lanet Ayers, Carol Bassett, Joe Beydler, Sharla Blackburn, Casandra Brown, Bryan Clark, Ron Coleman, Bruce Connor, Melinda Cunningham, Michelle Downen, Michelle Doyle, Daryl Duff, Bret Fischer, Andy Ford, Linda Fuelling, Debbre Fulk, Steve Gillespie, leff Greene, Ann Harris, Susan Heidebrecht, Garrick Hein, lill Hicks, Anglea Houston, Steve Hunter, Cheryl Jackson, Michael Kanaan, lohn Kemmerer, Debbie Lengyel, Meredith Leslie, Jenny Malone, Ann Martin, Jim Martin, Greg Miller, Jennifer Mitchell, Piper Pate, David Phillips, Michele Pittsenbarger, John Reynolds, Roger Schupp, Chris Sedurick, Brenda Smith, Nancy Smith, Tracy Smith, Victoria Stamper, Louise Suppes, loseph Thomas, Greg Walker, Todd Walker, Tara Watson, Robin Wilcox, Julie Wilson, Steve Williams, Bob Wyatt Jazz Band members include Joe Beydler, David Blayney, Denise Dorner, Andy Ford, Debbie Fulk, Steve Gillespie, leff Greene, Steve Hunter, Neal Klootwyk, Janette Knulson, Debbie Lengyel, Jim Martin, Matt Ronan, Roger Schupp, Tracy Smith, Joe Thomas, Greg Walker, Marjorie Wells, Steve Williams. :;N S 5wM ' a . air: rQrMm-aaxm, MUSIC GROUPS 75 76 COMMENCEMENT Commencement . . loll like lhey'd neve Where did all the ti Iv they wear T-sh iaped on top of t e ceremony. Conf , -'! important, butt WQW .5; Commencement . . . what a day. In August it seemed like it was so extremely far away. Seniors felt like they'd never make it through their final year. Then all of the sudden it was May 1987. Where did all the time go? Students no longer wear white dresses and suits under their gowns. Now they wear T-shirts, shorts and mini-skirts. Everything from "Hi Mom" to "Hire Me" is taped on top of their caps. Students carry balloons, stuffed animals and children through the ceremony. Confetti is even thrown at the end by some students to celebrate. Awards are still important, but to most just knowing that they made it and they got their degree is enough. COMMENCEMENT 77 Bernard Kalb Gem speaks to the graduating class during commencement. Students honored at commencement were David Robinson, recipient of the Warren L. Lovinger Graduate Student Scholarship tbottomp Karen Hite and Robert Stanley recipiants of the Charno Award tbottom lem; Dr. Arthur McClure and Dr. Ronald McReynolds recipients of the Byler Award tbottom center; Friends gather for one last photo tbelowt. - 39.5w gmxg. '3? r a4 ' v 3: V ' X .t t D '1 4'rwm?" a . - egrmw L .m; Wan COMMENCEMENT 79 T m M E C N F. M M O C 0 no COMMENCEMENT 81 Posing for pictures, hugging friends and confusion are all part of commencement. VIP WEEKEND 2 B VIP Weekend was a special time for Craig Copridge and other members of the Fighting Mules football team to display their talents for friends and family members. The Mules fought the Southeast Missouri State Indians to a 24-24 tie, predicting the season which ended with the Indians and Mules sharing the MIAA Championship. VIP WEEKEND 83 Jaw. Kialu. El 9 o N? 9 MI .3 h I I: V l g 3 5 ?- : 4? ,. .- 1- mm. , uh unaq '01:. AIMW Parents were saluted during the halftime performance by the Marching Mules, and they enjoyed the opportunity to visit with their sons and daughters on campus. 86 VIP WEEKEND The red carpet was rolled out for parents of CMSU students during VIP Weekend October 17 and 18. In addition to an exciting football game, activities included a morning coffee and convocation, a special luncheon in the Multipurpose Building, a mainstage play, and a Sunday morning breakfast and chapel service. VIP WEEKEND 87 Elliott Eley takes t Glbove Iem comes 90 FOOTBALL Elliott Eley takes charge against Lincoln abova and Southeast Hefty Glbove Iem comes up with an interception against Southwest Baptist. Keith Dean FOOTBALL 91 Kevin Allgeyer Chris Andrews Calmez Atkins Greg Berger Phil Brandt CcraId Brown erk Brown Bryon Byrd Aaron Carrikel Alvin Johnson Bryan Clalk Mike Clark Dave Clenin Bruce Cole Craig Copvidgc Pal Cunningham Doug Dahman Pal Denney Brim Egan Ellnoll Eley Jason Evans Mel Finke Mike Glass Paul Claunerl Bryan Hall lim Harper Torn Hart Tim Hcaden Chad Hopkins Mark Hulel Mike Hunler Byron Irons Kevin Jenkins Aaton Iohnson Tim Kclcham David Lawson 92 FOOTBALL Travis ligom Craig hymn Brian Mlllev Mike Miller Jerome Morgan Jim Nlenham Michael Owens Mike Parker Jeff Phillips left Flake Nick Puhlick Bruce Randle Jim Ryan Terry Schneider Scott Seymour Monzell Sharp lay Slusher Steve Smillta Darren Spurgeon Keith Sllefvater Kerry Sullivan Les Swift Scott Taylor Arthur Trass Jarret! Wilson Mark Wisner Jeff Wright Todd Zehr FOOTBALL 93 wwww, 94 FOOTBALL Football CMSU-Opponent South Dakota State South Dakota ............................ 14-38 Washbum ................ ,3 ............... 26-17 Central Arkansas ........................ 14-21 Southwest Baptist ........................ 41-3 Football CMSU-Opponenl Missouri-Rolla ........................... 20-14 Southeast Missouri ...................... 24-24 , Lincoln ................................... 56-10 Northwest Missouri ...................... 25-0 Northeast Missouri ..................... 35-33 Missouri Western ....................... 28-21 A Jeff Phillips below starts a play against Southeast Missouri. Elliott Eley Gem attempts to make a first down that eventually led to their win over Southwest Baptist. FOOTBALL 95 96 VOLLEYBALL Gretchen Alfermann Emily Applebaum Becky Belland Susan Dixon Peggy Fitzgibbon Julie Hempen Pat Hempen Christa Jordan Stacy Pointek Carla Roussin Amy Trembly Team enthusiasm above righo is shown after yet anoth- er victory. Becky Belland Gar righo goes low to get a dig. Head Coach Peggy Martin, Division II Coach of the Year, uighn gives the team pointers during a time-out. VOLLEYBALL 97 98 VOLLEY Pat Hempen tabove left, spikes the ball. Julie Barton and Stacy Piontek Gem get psyched before the game. Susan Dixon tabove, sets up a spike for Stacy Piontek. Becky Belland tabove righo spikes the ball over the net after Susan Dixon sets it up. 5 Volleyball CMSU-Opponent Nebraska-Omaha 17-15, 8-15, 14-16, 15-11, 16-14 Iowa State 10-15, 8-15,15-2, 9-15 Missouri 15-10, 15-9, 15-13 St. Louis . . 15-5, 15-5, 15-2 MIAA Round Robin Tournament at St. Louis 15! Kansas 15-13, 15-11,12-15,15-a Missouri 15-12, 15-11, 15-4 Kansas Newman 15-1, 15-2 Washburn .. .. 15-3, 15-8 CMSU Invitational . . 1st CMSU Fall Classic 1st East Texas State Tournament .. 2nd Nebraska - Omaha Tournament 1st MIAA Tourn. at Kirksville 1st Air Force Premier Classic 2nd NCAA Regional at Florida Southern 1st NCAA Championship at Omaha 2nd Mules Basketball Mike Bunch Kelly Carter Skip Ellison Doug Flowers Marty Griffey Steve Hall Lewis Jones Kevin McElway Derrick Mitchell Leroy Robinson Ronnie Skinner Eric Thomas Leroy Robinson Uighu shoots a layup as Kevin McEIway above far righo adds two points to the score. Jim Wooldridge Uar righu looks on with concern for his team. 100 MULES BASKETBALL MULES BASKETBALL 101 Coach lim Woold Lewis Jones 0 Coach Jim Wooldridge Gem confers with Leroy Robinson, while Ronnie Skinner looks on. Lewis Jones welow lem and Marty Griffey 7below7 search for help in making the shot. Leroy Robinson gives his all for a basket highly Mules Basketball CMSU-Opponent Arkansas Tech 100-75 School of the Ozarks Evangel Rockhurst -Monmouth Avila Grand View Marymount .. Missouri Valley Kentucky State Kentucky State .. Quincy . Lincoln .. Missouri-Rolla NorthW'est Missour Southeast Missouri . Southwest Baptist Missouri-St. Louis 7 Northeast Missouri . Lincoln Northwest Missouri . . . . . . Missouri-Rolla Southwest Baptist . Southeast Missouri Northeast Missouri . . Missouri-Sl. louis Quincy 73-71 Southeast Missouri 78-93 Tracey Braden Karen Chalupny Cathy Hagenbaumer Shelley Lauber lo Munson Lori Painter Tania Pavlovic Barb Sorensen Dawn Thomas Angela Walker Stacey Wendt Robin Williams Tammy Wilson Tamrpy Wilson 0igh0 jumps high in an attempt to gain two more points to the Jennies score. 104 IENNIES BASKETBALL 5 0 1 L L A B T F. K S A B S E N N F. l, n an attempt nies score. Forward Dawn Thomas tabovet moves in for the basket. Barb Sorensen tabove Iem and Karen Chalupny Gem find some re- sistance from the opposing team while trying to add to the score. Angela Walker tabove righo looks for help as the 30 second clock ticks on. or the basket. Barb Gem find some re- rying to add to the . for help as the 30 D3371 GS BadkdddeJ EJOYVJ V70 ODOOOCWDC'OC'OC-OCVGOC'OC gJWQ 09;ng git - om QwEQO ion mm m Cca ta.- m9 IQWDGF OOOOOOOOOQOOODOO 3.01 uric C?H?EQCED oocooococ orororococaronarvmomwoon DOOOOOOOOCC .Jr-OF PW 00000000 Ml". ohoooooono g$fd5 iiiafuifg 0000050000000 e 107 108 BASEBALL The 1987 CMSU Mules Baseball Team Qbove IefO front row deft to righo Doug Parker, Bob Buchanan, Rick Lambeth, Greg Stiegler, Mike Dryer, leff McEnroe; second row Bill Sanchez, Mike Reven, Steve Weinhold, Ion Jacobs, Wes Brown, Curtis Edde, Todd Morgason, Steve Parker; back row Head Coach Stu Rogers, Bill Wright, Ernie Haag, Gerry Gerkens, Joe Meier, Jeff Buscher, Chris Schnurbusch, Darren Giebler, Dan Mitchell, Assistant Coach Curt Wenson, Assistant Coach Ty Land. Coach Stu Rogers $$on takes time to discuss the game plan with pitcher Greg Stiegler and catcher Ion Jacobs. Rick Lambeth 0cm thwarts an attempt to steal. BASEBALL 109 Greg Stiegler above Iem gets ready to pitch while Wes Brown Gaboveg waits for the perfect ball. Meanwhile Bill Sanchez Gibove righu gets ready for the play. 110 BASEBALL tch while Wes Brown e Bill Sanchez wbove ts ready for the play. Baseball CMSU-Opponent Northwestern louisiana 8-7, 8-4 Norlhweslern Lousiana 5-6, 2-3 Louisiana Tech 2-12, 3-6 SlU-Edwardsville 1-6, 0-1 Northern Iowa 6-5, 9-8 Missouri .. 6-18 Emporia State 4-6, 12-3 Missouri Western 13-3, 15-2 lincoln 1o-7,12-3 Northwest Missouri 5 6-3, 6-12 Washburn . 4-6, 6-5 Lincoln .. 0-1, 5-1 Northwest Mlssourl 6-8, 14-16 Emporia State 0-5, 0-2 Northeast Missouri 5-2, 3-0 Northeast Missouri 3-5, 6-9 Southwest Baptist 7-1, 3-2 BASEBALL 111 112 SOFTBALL Softball gaxmm mmmamm QDLUECKU LEMMEPMQIG C .1 Lia Lam ococ-c-o: m 000-. OQOE-OOOGOOOOOOC 00000 OOOOOCQQQQOOOOOC-OQOC o 300 ;7':G 0000000000 :ooC-OOOOCOOOOC 000000000000: 00000000000000 000 IlihQ - .nwt; 0000000000000000 00 000 uoOOOOCc-oooCooooOOC-ooo 637.- 706.3035 R.EEGZGm 00000000000000000000000000000 UTJCO 000000000000000000000000000000000000000 gU W 000000004DOOOOOOOOOC iOODOOCOOOCOOOOC-O 3313 IMEEQJJTH delb 3000 00000000000000DOOOOQOODOOQOOGOOOCOOOO U323 U511 53E 0000000 0000 .200 0000000000000000000000000000000000000 631' TI 1.0de MUCH; 0C0 :OCOOOCOCOCOC 0000000000000000 0000000000000 4b8 I 0000000000000000000000000 9:0 c000000000000000000000000000 $2 'UWTEK-E LM 0000 0-50:- oooC-oooooooooooooooooooooo 9338 Momma tmmfl M OOOOOOOC 000000000000000000 1w W Lawfg 000000000X:OCOOUQOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 82a MW Mum oooooooo 0000ooooooooooooooooooooooooo $59 $103 Wm52BdQ-J ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Waji-DZDE ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooocoooo M mmlm WWW?! 'ooooooooooooc oooooooooooooooooooooo MfE-BEEGIELI Iooooooooc-ooocoooooooooo3oooooooooooooooooooooooo QDU Mm. QooC-ooocoooooooo000000000000oooooooooooooooooooo 6:377 me MW O000000000000OOOOOOOOOCOOCOUOOOOOOO w mm MEWLUH ooooooc-ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 5:8 .U. Ego WEB 000C!DCwOOOOO000000ODOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD - mum W I OODOOOOO000000OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD 06.351161 'm. l oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 8:6 mm W ooooooooooooccoooooooooooooooooooooo ghfdb mil J.ooooooooooooo000c-ooooooooooooooooooooo .l lennies Softball Gem 1 Moberly, Dana Plew; Rhonda Ries, Jo Ann I! Angie Myers, Michelh Amy Roettger, Kathy Becky John, and Cindj the many skills requir- aw DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 6:3 DDGQOOOOOOOOOOOOG DODQODOOOOOODOOOCO DOOOOOOOOOODOOOQOO 7. DOUGODODOOOODOOOO w OOOOOOOOOODOOOOOO " DOOOOOOOOOOOODOOOO ' DOOODOOOOOOOOOOOOO I 000000000000me DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO 00000000000000000 O3? mOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO $577 DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO JOOOOOOOOOC'DOOOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO v DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DOOOOOOOOOOOODOODO M OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Jennies Softball Gem front row deft lo righD Alice Fussner, Jana Moberly, Dana Plew; second row Shelly Tate, Crystal Johnson, Rhonda Ries, Jo Ann Borgmeyer, Kelly Meyers, Karen Kennedy, Angie Myers, Michelle Crane; third row Janet Padley, Julie Ernst, Amy Roettger, Kathy Niermann, Renay Ries, Kristin Shinkle, Becky lohn, and Cindy Bond. Sliding into base 61bon is one of the many skills required in Jennies softball. SOFTBALL 113 Don Gauert tabovet gives the camera a glance as he races .1 toward the finish. Craig Heeney tabove rightt strides hard to finish the race. Karen Sanders, running for the CMSU alumni team, trightt stays ahead of the lennies' MeSheIl Nelson. 114 CROSS COUNTRY CROSS COUNTRY 115 Connie Frank strides for another victory. CROSS COU Jennies Cross Country Northwest Missouri Dual Southwest Baptist lnvila Missouri Invitational . Iowa State Open CMSU Open . ........... NIAA Championships NCAA Regional NCAA Championships Mules Cross Country Northwest Missouri Dual Southwest Baptist Invitational Missouri Invitational Iowa State Open . Missouri-Rolla Miner InVItatIonal Southwest Missouri CMSU Open . NIAA Champions Ips Jennies cross country members Dawn Barry, Lesli Cox, Millicent Foskin, Connie Frank, Terri Hunter, Denise Jackson, MeShell Nelson. Women 1st . Women 1st . Women 8th Women 9th . Women 6th Women 15! .. Women 2nd .. Women 5th Connie Frank 39th Men 1st Men 11th .. Men 4th . Men 4th-tie Men 4th4tie Men 1st .. Men 3rd Men 11th Mules cross country members Don Gauerl, Craig Heeney, Phil Long, John Lucas, Jeff Miller, Thom Nash, David Plains, Don Rand, Scott Stetzler, Dwight Twillman. CROSS COUNYRY 117 11B TRACK Mules Indoor Track Mules Outdoor Track Mules Indoor Clay, Tyrone Dill Mike Housh, Trae McElwee, Jeff Donald R 1988 Mules Indoor Track CMSU Triangular . Mule Relays . layhawk Invitational . No team scores CMSU Invitational ............. 2nd Missouri Intercollegiate No team scores Mules Indoor Track members include David Appelbaum, Harold Bass, Bryan M'AA ChamPiOMhiP Clay, Tyrone Dillard, Brian Egan, Don Gauert, Stanley Hawkins, Larry Hennier, Last Chance Meet ------ - N0 team SCO'QS Mike Housh, Trae Kiltell, Phillip Long, Mikeal Louraine, Lamont McClure, Chad NCAA Division " Champion -- 20d McElwee, Jeff Miller, Hershel Myers, Don Opry, Donny Perry, David Plains, Donald Rand, Scott Stelzler, Shawn Stevens, Danny Story, Willie Tague. 1987 Mules Outdoor Track CMSU Invitational Park College Open Kansas State Invitationa . Arkansas State Classic . Mule Relays ............ Emporia State ...... Drake Relays MIAA Championships ......... NCAA Championships ................... Mules Outdoor Track Gem - Front row deft to righu Lamar Rose, Jim Rocquemore, Craig Heeney, Dwight Twillman, John Lucas, Joel Greener, Mike Dotts, Terry Thompson; second row Orlando Rummins, Dennis Franklin, Darin Calton, Jeff Buehrle, Thom Nash, Scott Faubion, Bruce Randle, Danny Holland; third row Kevin Clark, Mark Blahnik, Troy Blunt, Derrick Mears, Dan Tarpey, Pat Morris, Tim Bischel, Brian Egan. . No learn scoring . No team scoring . No team scoring No team scoring . Men 15!, Women 4th No team scoring Did not place Men 3rd, Women 5th Men 38th TRACK 119 Not": aw-u W a, ,4 '!..: f 120 TRACK Jennies Indoor Track members include Dawn Barry, Serena Brown, Cheri Cox, Lesli Cox, Sherry Eptinn, Millicent Foskin, Stacy Gatewood, Terry Hunter, Amy Hutton, Charmaine Jamerson, Cheryl Johnson, Yolanda Jones, Roslyn lewis, Melissa Louraine, MeShell Nelson. 11338 133mm mm; Wash Kilktw UIIh-SEIEF 3c-ooooooooooooooooooo300000000000: 1:63 M3113 LRiEVJ ooouooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo 53E 1:131:316111 llwm oooooooooooooooo I.?xb CGEIE mg $1.1va llLUIECfm ac-oooooooooooooooooooooocooooooo 73KB MIECmLfJ thijgngQ 00c cocooooo I,Kb Em m ImWnynl EhilmimJ ' oonooooooooooooooooooooooooo 31111 LL; CqFILULL- 'VCG: ooozoooooooooooooo RE CQEGJJ m YIN lMD '1' CEI'EijJW ooooooooooooo LWUIJ Jennies Outdoor Track oigho - Front row Geft lo righu Connie Lindeman, Teresa Snyder, Therese Kelleghan, Terri Brown, Denise Jackson; Trina Strouter, Mary Otto, Tonia Ashcraft, Dina Grubb, Connie Frank, Pam Luekenotto, Terry Chancellor. MHHm, WIN ":HHy mmmm ?menmu h um W m mmmw vwl! .. F Jennies Indoor Track Jennies Outdoor Track , x mm mmxmxw TRACK 121 Front row def to righD Brad Sherard, Doug Romi, Brad Pistel, Mike Davis, Tim Poe, Billy Knabe; second row Norm Short, Vern Frank, Mike Matthews, Mike Chlipala, Neil Atkinson, Darrin Bryan. Golf . Finish Missouri Western Tournament William lewell Tournament Missouri Southern Tournament Missouri Intercollegiate CMSU Tournament Drake Relays Tournament . MIAA Tournament NCAA ..... .. TIm Poe 69th Wrestling Phi Sig Open UNO Open .. Drake Augustana South Dakota. Southwest Mis SlU-Edwardsvi Wright Slate . Southern Colo Fort Hays Slatt Northern lllim Eastern Illinois Nebraska-Oma ules Wrestling Wrestling CMSU-Opponent , Wrestling CMSU-Opponenl Phi Sig Open . .. No team scores Missouri ...................... .. .. ...... UNO Open .. No team scores Central Slate Oklahoma . Drake ............ 16-25 Fort Hays State ............. Augustana ...... .. . ...... .. Southwest Missouri .. ....... South Dakota State ......... .. Central College Iowa Southwest Missouri State Drake .............. SlU-Edwardsville . Dana College ............ Wright Stale .......... , William lewell Southern Colorado ....... .. Northwestern Iowa Fort Hays State Kearney State Northern Illinois . Mankalo Slate .. Eastern Illinois .. . Nebraska-Omaha ....... Nebraska-Omaha .. Southwest Missouri Invitational Marquette ................................... NCAA Regional .......................... Mules Wrestlers include Tom Alderman, Archie Allen, Bryan Bailey, Robert Barklage, Eddie Bonuchi, l.D. Brown, leff Colench, Martin Cupp, Terry Dorman, Bryan Elam, Brian Ezell, Randy Frank, Tony-Griffilh, Marvin Jackson, Todd Jordan, Sean Kavanagh, Carl Kelly, Russell Lawrence, Matt Lehane, Robert Lilly, Chris Mihlfeld, Scott Neibergall, John Nerness, Jim Nicholas, Tim Nonemaker, Keith Phillips, Pal Robbins, Kyle Russell, Todd Schnur, Michael Scott, Jeff Seuferling, Kent Sherrow, Vince Slecka, Mike Snelling, Tune Suady, John Thies, Craig Toth, Mike Tuck, David Waltenbarger, Scott Wehloff, Todd Wright. COLHWRESTLING 123 - - -"1tlralmll"rals - Spring Semester 1987 GOLF MlNlATURE Mens .................................................................. Dave Zabel BADMINTON Womens ........................... . .................. Missy Jo Ensminger Singles ....................................... Bary Feurborn, Theta Chi Team .................................................................... Theta Chi GOLF SCRAMBLE Doubles ................................................................ Hengmo Spring Champions ---------------- Dave BruckVDarren Petrus Longest Drive ............................................... Darren Petrus BASKETBALUTEAM Closest to Pin .................................................... Devin Reid Independent "A" Men ..................................... Screwballs Fraternity "A" Men ............................................ Theta Chi HANDBALL A" Campus "A" Men ........................................ Theta Chi Singles ............................................................... Bi" Wolkey Independent "B" Men .......................................... Cosmos Fraternity "B" Men ....................................... Theta Chi B1 HOME RUN HITTING All Campus "B" Men ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cosmos Singles, Spring .............................................. Mike Adcock , Six ft. 8: Under "B" ................................................. Heroes Team, Spring ------------ ; --------------- Kevin BarretVDave Zabel Men's "C" ...................................................... Delta Chi C1 Women "A" ........................................................... Swishers HORSESHOES Women "B" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Alpha Omicron Pi Singles ............................................................... Rle Gwinn Doubles ........................ Randy WimeMCraig Leimkuekler BLOOD DRIVE Fraternity, Winter ................................................ Delta Chi RACQUETBALUDOUBLES Sorority, Winter ......................................... Zeta Tau Alpha Fraternity -------- Kip RuperMMark WillougthI Delta Chi Fraternity, Spring .............................. Delta ChVTheta Chi Independent ----------------------------- James Spring Randy DU" Sorority Spring ................................ Gamma Sigma Sigma Womens ............................... Julie SchaefeMGayle Benson Fraternity Team ................................................... Delta Chi BOWLING TEAM Fraternity ............................................... Lambda Chi Alpha I $ 124 INTRAMURALS RIFLE PlSTOL 'Fraternity Rifle ..................... Chancellor, Sigma Nu; Dorr, Sigma Phi Epsilon; Mason 8 Kock, Theta Chi Fraternity Pistol ................ James Stark, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Team ................................................... Theta Chi Independent Rifle ................................................. Jeff Blue Independent Pistol ............................................ Bob Harris Independent Team ....................... Rambo's Commanders Top Combined ................ Andrew Chancellor, Sigma Nu SOCCER OUTDOOR Fraternity "A" .................................. Alpha Kappa Lambda Independent "A" ................................................ JR's Gang All Campus "A" ................................................... JR's Gang SOFTBALL Independent "A" Men ........................................... Heroes Fraternity "A" Men ............................................. Delta Chi All Campus "A" Men .............................................. Heroes Independent "B" ................................ Comfortably Numb Fraternity "B" Men ........................................ Delta Chi B1 All Campus "B" Men ......................... Comfortably Numb AH Campus "B" Women ............................. Cristin's Crew Co-Rec. "A" .......................................................... Cozmo's Co-Rec. "B" ................................................................. PMS i I g V. . INTRAMURALS 125 TABLE TENNIS Singles ................... Brian Sprecher, Alpha Kappa Lambda Team ................................................. Alpha Kappa Lambda Independent, Men ............................................. Bob Lewis Men's Doubles ....... Brian SprecheMKeith Marks, Alpha Kappa Lambda Women's Singles .............................................. Laura Stuck TENNIS Spring ..................... Brenden Cain, Alpha Kappa Lambda Team ..................................................................... Delta Ch. Men's Doubles ................... Chris PeterVBrian Quenther W'omen's Singles .................................... Katie McDorman TRACKNNDOOR 60 yd. Dash .......................... Marvin Butter, Independent 60 yd. Hurdles ............................. John Bass, Independent 300 yd. Dash ......................... Pete Sheehan, Independent 600 yd. Dash .......................... Dennis Farris, Independent Mile Run ................................ Dennis Farris, Independent Mile Relay .............................................. Sigma Phi Epsilon Long Jump ................................... Darrin Petrus, Delta Chi High Jump ....................... Mike Moss, Lambda Chi Alpha Shot Put ......................... Todd Foster, Lambda Chi Alpha Team Standings .................................... Lambda Chi Alpha 4m cm I:- .u'm- : $"Q l, TRACK4OUTDOOR 100 Meter Dash .............................. Marvin Butler, NaPoo 110 Meter Low Hurdles ................... Jeff Beshore, NaPoo 200 Meter Dash .............................. Pete Sheehan, NaPoo 400 Meter Dash .............. Jim Hamrick, Sigma Phi Epsilon 800 Meter Dash .................. William Tayne, Independent 1600 Meter Run .............................. Elmer Becker, NaPoo 400 Meter Relay ................................... Lambda Chi Alpha 800 Meter Relay ....................................................... NaPoo Long Jump ............................... Jeff Beshore, Independent High Jump ....................... Mike Moss, Lambda Chi Alpha Discus ............................. Todd Foster, Lambda Chi Alpha Shot Put ......................... Todd Foster, Lambda Chi Alpha Team Points .......................................... Lambda Chi Alpha VOLLEYBALL Co-Rec. Tournament ................................................. Snafu Women "B" ............................................ Set Up Furnished Co-Rec. "B" ....................................................... Scramblers Co-Rec. "A" ...................................................... Jugpernaut Independent Men "A" .............................................. Snafu Fraternity "A" Men ......................... Alpha Kappa Lambda All Campus "A" Men ................................................ Snafu Fraternity "B" Men ........................ Lambda Chi Alpha B1 WATER POLO4INNER TUBE All Campus Winner ......................... Highland Yacht Club WEIGHTLIFTING 132 lb. 81 under ............................ Jeff Morton, Theta Chi 147 lb. 81 under ..................... Mike Magoe, Independent 164 lb. 81 under ....................... Jack Beckar, Independent 181 lb. 81 under ............... Ed Peck, Alpha Kappa Lambda 198 lb. 81 under ........................... Pat Leigh, Independent 219 lb. 81 under David Schwaim, Alpha Kappa Lambda 242 lb. 81 under ....................... Gary Feurborn, Theta Chi. Heavyweight ........................ Larry Emerson, Independent Team Champion .................................................. Theta Chi WRESTLING 118 lbs .............................. Barry Turner, Phi Sigma Kappa 126 lbs ....................................... James Funk, Independent 134 lbs ..................... Harold Hollingsworth, Independent 142 lbs ................................... Mitch Adams, Independent 150 lbs .............................. Mike Cecil, Lambda Chi Alpha 158 lbs ............................ Dan Harrison, Phi Sigma Epsilon 167 lbs ...................................... Darris Strumph, Theta Chi 177 lbs ................................ Rick Masterson, Independent 190 lbs ............................... Matt Dyke, Lambda Chi Alpha 220 lbs .............................. Dan Edwards, Phi Sigma Kappa Heavyweight .................................. Dean Isbell, Theta Chi Team Champion ................................... Lambda Chi Alpha FRATERNITY ALL CAMPUS CHAMPIONS 1987-87 .................................................. Lambda Chi Alpha 15th Consecutive year1 2nd Place Theta Chi l t g I 1 I a 1 126 INTRAMURALS ? SUMMER 1987 BILLIARDS Champion ........................................................ Rick Stanley GOLF SCRAMBLE l 8 ll Champions 1 ........................ Steve BeckeMHadley Turner Longest Drive ........................................ Steve Pfannenstiel Closest to Pin ........................................ John Hemmerling Champions ll ...................... Grant Dunn Dan McPhetters Longest Drive ............................................... Junior Moritz Closest to Pin .................................................. Grant Dunn RACQUETBALL SlNGLES Champion ......................................................... Bill Wolkey SOFTBALL Co-Rec .......................................................... Exterminators Men's .......................................................................... Faisco FALL SEMESTER 1987 ARCHERY Fraternity Men ............. Jamie Stillwell, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Team ............................... Alpha Kappa Lambda Independent Men ................................. Steve Richardson Independent Women ................................... Dusty Wilson BASKETBALL CO-REC. TOURNAMENT Team Winner ............................. Rhonda and the Rockets BASKETBALL FREE THROWS Men ..................................................................... Brad Pistel Women ............... , ........................................ Sherry DeMoss BASKETBALL H-O-R-S-E Men ............................................................... Darren Petrus Women ............................................... Shammon Simmons BASKETBALUONE-ON-ONE All Campus Over 6 ft ..................................... Terry Luster All Campus Under 6 ft .................................. Terry Collier Fraternity Team ................................................... Theta Chi Women ............................................... Shammon Simmons BASKETBALUTHREE-ON-THREE Men ........................................................................ Hoosiers Women ................................................. Alpha Sigma Alpha BILLIARDS Fraternity ....................................... Curt Sexton, Delta Chi Fraternity Team ................................................... Delta Chi Independent ..................................................... Curtis King All Campus ........................................................ Curtis King Women ..................................................... Janean Thesbald BLOOD DRIVE Fraternity .............................................................. Delta Chi Sorority ............................................... Alpha Gamma Delta INTRAMURALS 127 ? 3 i BOWLINCJSINGLES Fraternity ......................... Doug Schemenauer, Theta Chi Independent .................................................. John Jackson All Campus Men ............. Doug Schemenauer, Theta Chi Fraternity Team .................................... Lambda Chi Alpha Women ........................ Kelly Howell, Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority Team ...................................... Alpha Sigma Alpha CROSS COUNTRY Independent .......................................... Robbie McCarter Fraternity ............................ Keith Link, Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity Team ................................................... Theta Chi Women ............................................................. Angie Sears FLAG FOOTBALL Women ............................................................... Delta Zeta Fraternity "A" ........................................ Sigma Phi Epsilon Independent "A" .................................................... Raiders All Campus "A" ..................................... Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity "B" ................................................ Theta Chi B1 Independent "B" ...................................................... RONS All Campus "B" ............................................. Theta Chi B1 GOLF SCRAMBLE Fall Champion 1 ..................... Chris CahilVJeff Hammond Longest Drive .............................................. Hadley Turner Closest to Pin ............................................... Troy Winslow Fall Champion ll ..................... Scott Kapecho Rick Hayes Longest Drive ................................................. Dave Becket Closest to Pin ................................................. Scott Kemna GOLHSINGLES Fraternity ...................... Dwayne Leslie, Sigma Phi Epsilon Independent ...................................................... Grey Yows Fraternity Team ...................................... Sigma Phi Epsilon Longest Drive .................. Grant Dunn, Sigma Phi Epsilon Closest to Pin .............. Rick Hayes, Alpha Kappa Lambda HOME RUN HITTING Singles .............................................................. Brian Philips Team ..................................... Kevin Barrett, Mike Adcock RACQUETBALL Fraternity ......................... Mike Crook, Sigma Phi Epsilon Independent ............................................. Mark Passamani Women ........................................................ Azizan Rafeub SOCCERHNDOOR Men's "A" Strikers Men's "B" ...................................................... Theta Chi B1 Women ............................................................... Delta Zeta 128 INTRAMURALS SOFTBALL Women .............................................................. Brew Crew Men's "A" ................................................................ Heroes Men's "B" ............................................. Lambda Chi Alpha Fall Tournament ....................................................... Heroes Fall Co-Rec. Tournament .................................. PEM Club SWIMMINCJDIVING MEN 200 yd. Medley Relay ................................... B.B. Revenge 200 yd. Freestyle ................... Todd Beeler, B.B. Revenge 50 yd. Butterfly ...................... Steve Hallier, Independent 100 yd. Freestyle .......... Peter Soampinato, B.B. Revenge 50 yd. Breast Stroke ................... Paul McClain, Theta Chi 50 yd. Freestyle ............ Peter Soampinato, B.B. Revenge 200 Freestyle Relay ....................................... B.B. Revenge 50 yd. Backstroke .................. Todd Beeler, B.B. Revenge One Meter Diving ............ Mark Pratt, Sigma Phi Epsilon Team Winner ................................................. B.B. Revenge WOMEN 200 yd. Medley Relay ................................. Alpha Xi Delta 200 yd. Freestyle ................. Janice Stewart, Independent 50 yd. Butterfly ........................ Kate Stortal, Independent 100 yd. Freestyle ............. Gwen Riesenmy, Independent 50 yd. Breast Stroke ........ Gwen Riesenmy, Independent 50 yd. Freestyle ............. Gena Beard, Alpha Sigma Alpha 200 Freestyle Relay ..................................... Alpha Xi Delta 50 yd. Backstroke ................... Kate Shortal, Independent Team Winner .............................................. Alpha Xi Delta TENNIS Men's Intermediate, Fall .............................. David Hurley Men's Expert, Fall ............... Ron Peterson 8 Chris Fricke VOLLEYBALL Men's "A" ................................................................... Snafu Men's "B" ........................................................ Beach Bums Women's "A" ...................................... Sigma Sigma Sigma Women's "B" ..................................................... No Names Co-Rec. "A" ............................................................... Snafu Co-Rec. "B" ...................................................... Yacht Club INTRAMURALS 129 ! i l i Dr. Ed Elligtt a President Thanks to the dynamic leadership of President Ed Elliott, a number oi positive things are happening ai Central Missouri State University. last fall, there was a substantial enrollment increase. State .7 apptoptialions lo the University increased nearly $8 millidlg, tepie'senling the highest percentage increase in appropriations of all Mis'souri institutions of public higher educatibn. The dramatic new look; And perhaps most. III: univeiity are dehondtalingi'rinewed' midi ' ih'!!ituthn: '1' !Meal anearancq of lb; campus has taken on g 7 importantly: 'tIIdCQB, facuky' g" and ffiendl 9f Members of the CMSU Board of Regents are deft lo righo Ann Webb, Dr. A. L. Folkner, Dr. Charles H. McCraw, Dana 1. Terry, William P. Bernier, Mary Alice Malmo. Not pictured, Duane Benton. , A nfiliallz 151$ a IVE trat IS t h1 h1e Auinn Administrative rabinet members are Slephen Petersen Hop far lem, viLe-president for studeni affairs; harles Kay Oar ler, assistant In the plesidenl; David AM Falland uenlerL vice-prcddenl 1m Mademic affairs and pm ct,- Tom Edmunds mbun- Ipm, vice-presrdunl mr Iiname and ddminislmtion Philip Conn UbOHW, Vh thprcsldon! for uniwmh ldLHuk'lutnl: and Duanr Sterling dcm unnvrsily direum In: planning gn 'ernmvnl md inturmalion SeFVKm. 23:42.5..." 4.: rhcxxxccrc;xu Vl!!t .Ilill ..II I. xx x j... l. ;.-H Li nlhmuml w hr L r'r-wm Deans are Benjamin Taggie Uar Iem, arts and sciences; Paul Shaffer welow far lem, business and economics; Arthur Rosser deft centen, applied sciences and technology; Harold Sampson welow lem, graduate studies and the extended campus; and Joseph Huber Gem, education and human services. Deans DEANS 139 140 FACULTY Adbul Akran - Instructor of Computer Information Systems Teresa Alewel - Assistant Director of Career Planning and Placement Densil Allen - Associate Professor of Agriculture Donald Andes - Assistant Instructor of Computer Information Systems Eva Aspergren - Associate Professor of Home Economics Duane Bachmann - Associate Professor of Marketing Gordon Bachus - Professor of Adult Education and Chair of the Department of Special Services Daniel Baker - Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment Kathryn Baker - Assistant Professor of Office Administration Helen Ball - Professor of Home Economics Mildred Barnes - Professor of Physical Education Bonnie Bartlett - Application Coordinator lane Beal - Assistant Professor of Nursing John Belshe - Professor of Biology Michael Berge - ROTC Appointment Terrill Berkland - Associate Professor of Earth Science Education Adrian Bernagozzi - Associate Professor of Applied Sciences and Technology Renee Betz - Assistant Professor of English Lucy Blackburn - Director of the Counseling Center A. E. Blankenship - Assistant Professor of Power and Transportation Mark Blumberg - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Administration i Frederic Bock - Professor of Business Administration Janet Bonsal - Associate Professor of Graphics Robert Boyd - Registrar and Director of Student Records Randee Brady - Coordinator of the Small Business Development Center Wendell Brandes - Intramural Coordinator and Assistant Professor of Administration and Higher Education Frederick Brauer - Director of Computer Services James Britton - Professor of Sociology Baird Brock - Professor of Economics Kenneth Brookens - Associate Professor of Instructional Technology Deems Brooks - Professor of Speech Communication Dalsy Brown - Instructor of Modern Languages Gregory Brown - Associate Professor of Home Economics Woodbridge Brown - Assistant Professor of Industrial Management Donna Burden - Administrative Assistant to the Provost William Bushmeyer - Associate Professor of Agriculture Marquita Byrd - Assistant Professor of Speech Communication Kathryn Callahan - Assistant Professor of Home Economics L. A. Commack - Associate Professor of Mathematics Kathryn Carr - Assistant Professor of Reading Marte Carter - Instructor of Mathematics Stanley Carter - Instructor of Mathematics Merl Case - Professor of Graphics Conan Castle - Professor of Music lulie Clawson - Instructor of Nursing Wayne Cleveland - Professor of Secondary Education Kenneth Cloud - Application Coordinator in Computer Services Russell Coleman - Professor of Music, Director of Bands, and Chair of Department Jenise Corner - Associate Professor of Social Work Curtis Cooper - Associate Professor of Mathematics R. Rocco Cottone - Associate Professor of Psychology Buddy Couvion - Director of Student Development Programs and Activities Sam Cox - Assistant Professor of Speech Wilda Creighton - Assistant Professor of Office Administration Daniel Crews - Assistant Professor of History Robyn Criswell-Bloom - Operations Manager, CMSU Foundation Dan Curtis - Professor of Speech Communication and Chair of the Department of Communication Alta Damron - Library Assistant Wilbur Damron - Director of Instructional Design and Development Edward Davenport - Associate Professor of Mathematics and Chair of Department James Decker - Assistant Professor of Military Science David Defrain - Professor of Psychology and Chair of the Educational Development Center Linda Delonge - Instructor in Speech Pathology and Audiology Robert Delonge - Professor of Audiology . - George Dennis - Associate Professor of Mass Communication . John Dennison - BusinessHechnology Development Center Coordinator Dale Dieckhofi - Data Base Manager Martha Diehl - Instructor of Mathematics Phyllis Domann - Assistant Professor of Management Larry Dorrell - Assistant Professor of Library Selence W. A. Downs - Professor of Graphics and Chair of Department Mary Durrill - Business Manager, Broadcasting Services Ben Edmondson - Business Manager for Accounting Jerry Elliott - Business Manager for Revenue John Emerson - Professor of Geology . . . . John Erikson - Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Department of Business Administration Kathryn Erisman - Government Documents Librarian and Instructor FACULTY 141 142 FACULTY David Eshelma - Professor of Mass Communication Sue Feldman - Scholarships and Awards Officer Gene Fields - Director of Clinical Services and Certification and Protessor of Teacher Education Dennis Fitzpatrick - Coordinalor of Technology and Business Development Tom Fitzpatrick - Assistant Director of Public Relations Richard Foster - Associate Professor of Business Administration Omer Frank - Associate Professor oi Safety Olin Frazier - Professor of Business Education and Chair of the Department oi Business Education and Office Administration James Gai - Assistant Professor of Music Bill Barber - Professor of Distributive Education Ted Garten - Professor of Secondary Education Robert Garza - Assistant Professor of Military Science Ophelia Gilbert - Resource Center Librarian and Assistant Professor David Gillespie - Instructor of Electricity and Electronics Terry Goodman - Associate Professor oi Mathematics Alfred Gosney - Assistant Professor of Reading Harvey Gossen - Professor of Elementary Education Malloy Gould - Assistant Professor of Speech Communication and Director for Professional Development and Special Programs Alice Gower - Director of Special Student Services lustyn Graham - Associate Professor of Elementary Education Bill Gravely - University Conferences Coordinator John Graves - Associate Professor of Mass Communication Wallace Griffith - Professor of Mathematics Leslie Grow - Associate Professor of Accounting Linda Cuin - Academic Advisor Karen Haase - LPN larry Haase - Professor of Marketing Walter Halen - Professor of Music Homer Hampton - Professor of Mathematics John Hane - Associate Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department of Political Science and Geography Barry Hannah - Instructor of Power and Transportation Carl Harlan - Professor of Speech Pathology William Hauser - Associate Professor of Modern Languages Myrtle Hayes - Professor of Business Education Faith Heinrichs - Instructor of Reading in the Educational Development Center Ronald Heinrichs - Professor of Health Education Aileen Helmick - Associate Professor of Library Science Richard Herman - Assistant Professor of Theatre Howard Hibdon - Assistant Professor of Geology i Walter Hicklin - Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the Educational Development Center David Hilse - Associate Professor of Electricity and Electronics Richard Holden - Associate Professor of Criminal Justice Administration and Chair of the Department Carrie Holland - Assistant Professor of Recreation John Holshouser - Instructor of Military Science Frederic Homan - Professor of Music Clarke Homoly - Associate Professor of Electricity and Electronics Charles Honeywell - Director of Educational Media Services Shirley Horacak - Instructor of Speech Pathology and Audiology Billy Hu - Associate Professor of Sociology Joseph Huber - Dean of the College of Education and Human Services Delores Hudson - Director of Admissions James Hudson - Professor of Secondary Education lerry Hughes - Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Jacqueline Hultquist - Professor of Secondary Education and Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction John Inglish - Director of Public Relations Larry Johnson - Associate Professor of Mathematics Mark Johnson - Associate Professor of English Larry lones - Associate Professor of Business Education Mark Karscig - Assistant Professor of Economics Mark Kasselhut - Director of Instructional TV Gregory Kennedy - Associate Professor of Home Economics Charles Keseman - Principal Investigator and Professor of Graphics William Ketcherside - Professor of Psychology Pharmacist Stanley Killingbeck - Associate Professor of Chemistry James Kirkpatrick - Distinguished University Fellow Dolores Kitterman - Administrative Assistant to the President and Assistant Secretary to the Board of Regents Franklin Koch - Associate Professor of Music Linda Koehler - Assistant Professor of Speech Services Charles Kuhn - Professor of Management Teresa Lambert - Assistant Professor of Mass Communication Sharon Lamson - Assistant Professor Lonnie Lawson - Science and Technology Librarian and Assistant Professor of library Science Rebecca Limback - Assistant Professor of Library Science David Lindsay - Professor of Political Science Nancy Littleiohn - Social Science Librarian and Instructor Richard Luehrman - Professor of Art Matthew Madden - Professor of Business Administration FACULTY 143 144 FACULTY Michael Maple - Photography Manager Robert Marshall - Special Assistant for University Projects Alphadine Martin - Professor of Physical Education and Chair of the Department Donald Martin - Assistant Professor of Accounting David May - Professor of Bible, Baptist Chair of Bible William McCandless - Professor of Music Catherine McCoid - Prolessor of Anthropology J. Patrick McGinnis - Graduate Assistant Leroy McDermott - Instructor of Art Richard McKinnis - Professor of Education Administration Linda Medaris - Reference Librarian and Assistant Professor Darlene Merriott - Promotional Publications Manager Joseph Metcalf - Associate Professor of Graphics George Millen - Acquisitions Librarian and Instructor 1.0. Miller - Associate Professor of Reading Jerry Miller - Associate Professor of Art Robert Mock - Airport Manager, Chief Flight Instructor and Assistant Instructor 0! Power and Transportation Richard Monson - Professor of Art and Chair of the Department Frank Mooney - Instructor of Electricity and Electronics Thomas Moore - Assistant Professor of Agriculture Susan Morgan - Assistant Professor of Nursing Ralph Mullin - Assistant Professor Maurice Murphy - Protessor of Military Science and Chair of the Department t laynie Nelson - Instructor of Accounting Wayne Nelson - Professor of Business Administration and Chair of the Department Beula Neuhart - Academic Advisor Ronald Newhart - Associate Protessor of Finance Ted Nicoll - Assistant Professor of Power and Transportation Mollie Niemeyer - lnstructodlibrarian Ronald Neimeyer - Professor of Accounting Donald Nimmer - Director of Testing Services and Academic Institutional Research lohn Nold - Associate Professor of Geology Raymond Norris - Assistant Professor of Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Willard North - Coordinator, Statistics and Research Design and Professor of Psychology Arthur Norton - Professor of Accounting and Chair of the Department Allison Norwood - Assistant Professor of Nursing James O'Malley - Assistant Professor of Counselor Education Laura Ortiz - Secretary Eugene Oshima - Professor of BiologytScience Education Kayanna Pace - Instructor of Graphics Minnie Patrick - Academic Advisor and Instructor of Academic Advising Roger Fennel - Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Administration Charles Pententler - Admissions Representative William Peter - Associate Professor of Secondary Education Stephen Petersen - Vice President for Student Affairs Don Peterson - Director of Broadcast Services Margaret Peterson - Associate Professor of Art Bernard Phillips - Assistant to the Controller and Treasurer James Pilkington - Protessor of Physical Education Frederick Pinne - Professor of Business Administration James Posllethwait - Assistant Director of Admissions Michael Powers - Associate Professor of Chemistry Shekhar Pradhan - Assistant Professor of Philosophy James Pullen - Professor of Counseling Education Mary Ragland - Instructor of Composition in the Educational Development Center and Composition Coordinator Rita Resch - Associate Professor of Music Harold Reynolds - Assistant Professor of Art Robert Rhodes - Associate Registrar Cheryl Riley - Periodicals LibrarianAnstructor . ' Gregory Roberts - Assistant Vice President tor Student Affairs and Director of Student Lute Robert Rose - Associate Protessor of Marketing Arthur Rosser - Dean of the College of Applied Science and Technology Bettie Rusher - Secretary Allen Sapp - Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice . Hal Sappington - Professor of Electricity and Electronics and Chair of the Department John Sarantakos - Instructor in Graphics Rosalie Schell - Interim Director of Ward Edwards Library Marilyn Schmidt - Professor of Speech Pathology. Gerald Schrag - Associate Professor of Mathematics Robert Schwartz - Professor of English Allen Scism - Associate Professor of Chemistry Martha Sherman - Instructor of Nursing Rodney Sherman - Associate Professor of Managemeht Norman Short - Assistant Professor of Physical Education . lack Sigler - Director of Research and Grant Services and ASSIstant to the Dean of Graduate Studies ' ' . . Charles Slaltery - Humanities Librarian and Assxstant- Prglessor of Library SCIence John Smead - Associate Professor of Mass Commumcatxon FACULTY 14S 146 FACULTY Dolores Smith - Associate Professor of Physical Education L. C. Smith - Instructor of Social Work Shela Snyder - Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education Thomas Sommerkamp - Associate Professor of Psychology Stagg David - Assistant Professor of Music loy Stevenson - International Student Advisor Robert Stewart - Professor of Music Kenneth Stone - Professor of Accounting David Storm - Assistant Professor of Social Work Todd Stradford - Instructor of Geography Ray Stubbs - Professor of Nursing Harold Sylwester - Professor of History Richard Tabor - Professor of Agriculture and Chair of the Department Lisa Taylor - Admissions Fellow Arthur Tees - Microcomputer Coordinator h Danny Terry - Assistant Professor of Agriculture 5- Wilbur Thielbar - Professor of Finance ? Kenneth Thompson - Associate Professor of Psychology Donald Tibbits - Associate Professor of Speech Pathology 5 Alvin Tinsley - Associate Professor of Mathematics ' William Tipton - Assistant Professor of Power and Transportation Wesley True - Professor of Music ;. t 13a? i'w t Robert Ulrich - Professor of Safety and Chair of the Department of Saiety Science and Technology Harold Van Cleave - Professor of Agriculture Eric Van Fleet - Associate Professor of Safety Norma Van Zee - Associate Professor of Music loseph Vaughn - Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice Administration Cary Waisner - Professor of Graphics Michael Waite - Associate Professor of Military Science Ladine Walden - library Assistant Stephen Walker - Catalog Librarian and Assistant Professor Wilma Waller - Associate Professor of Management Mark Wehrle - Associate Professor of Sociology and Chair of the Department Lin Welch - Professor of Speech Pathology andChair of the Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology Larry Werneke - Manager, Support Services John Whitehead - Director of the University Union Beverly Wilson - Assistant Professor of Nursing James Wilson - Associate Professor of Speech Pathology William Wilson - Assistant Professor of Psychology Paul Winans - Assistant Professor of Counselor Education Jerry Winsor - Professor of Speech Communication Everett Woods - Assistant Professor of Fire Science Barbara Wright - Associate Professor of Safety Mary Ann Yates - Assistant Professor of Accounting James Young - Professor of Political Science . Virginia Young - Instructor of English and Supervisor of the Educational Development Center Writing Lab . Jimmy Yu - Assistant Professor of Chemistry ' John Zelazek - Assistant Professor of Secondary Educatlon FACULTY 147 Kim Aabcrge Susan Abbott Sheila Abdollahi Humphrey Abeh Timolhy Ackerman David Acklin Anna Adamik-Faszo Kalhy Adams Laura Adams Phillip Adams Revilra Adams Michael Adamu Dwight Adell Ceorginia Agim Ceoflrey Agim Carin Agnew lulie Akers Amiad Akhlar Dan Alexander Paula Algozzini James Allain Brenda Allen Robena Allen Karen Allis Mahmoud Allouh Saleh Alwi Silvesler Amadi Kimberly Amerine Robin Amick Mohammad Amin Charles Amodeo Aric Anderson Kim Anderson Mary Anderson john Andlacki Tom Andrews Scull Anlle Terri Anlwine Deborah Apenbrinck Julie Archie Dale Avgabrighl Sherree Armsirong April Arnold Tammy Arnold latricia Ash Julie Ashworth jennilev Atkinson Mary Atwood Kenneth Ausmer 148 STUDENTS Kalhleen Auslm Miduel Austin Sue Austin Karol Aulen Foslc: Auuku lane! Ayers Ahmad Alix Mark Babb Corey Backues Slaven Baeher Teri Bahnel Shanna Bailey Dean Baker Robert Baker Tammy Baker Brian Baldry Lisa Rae Baldwin Tammy Bales Greg Ball Marsha Banks layme Bannan Deloves Barber William Bare Lisa Barker Tracy Batker Lisa Barney Greg Barnes Michael Barnes Sandra Bamingham Dawn Barry Lori Bavry Kenneth Barlels Melanie Barlels Chrislopher Barlell Michele Bass Becky Bales Bradley Bates Kimberly Bales Shelly Bath Lisa Bauer Stephanie Bauer Kimberly Baumer Donna Bar Amy Beachner Debra Bcaman Deborah Beck Milchell Beck Lisa Becker Jonalhan Beckman STUDENTS 149 koll Elukmann Jason Betkner Sandy Beebe Keda Beclev lenniter Bchm Bill Bchvle Angelia Bell Melody Bell Tonya Bell Amy Belzer Caroline Bcnnell Gayla Benson Gayle Benson Sluall Bentley Stephen Benkon Cynthia Benlzen Michelle Berella john Bergfield Kelly Berg Renee Bergev Cheryl Bergschneider Dyan Bergsten Scolly Bermond Doug Berning Dale Berry Gordon Berry Kristen Berry Mark Berry Mitchell Berry Rhonda Bescher Sharon Bells Brad Beucher Chad Beaucher Joseph Beydler Linda Beyer Jennifer Bilgrien Dwanna Bigham Lisa Bingham Krisli Bisacta Diane Biver Edward Blackburn john Blankenship Karen Bloomfield Todd Bluhm Mall Bly Randy Bock Melodie Bode Chrissy Bodenslab Brenda Bohon 150 STUDENTS Fv Anild Boland Tammy Bolev Kimberly Bolin Shelly Bolling Cindy Bollinger Pam Bollinger Chad Bolsler Bridgette Bonds Peggy Bonine Shelly Boxx Kelly Boone Rhonda Borum Leslie Boschert lennilev Bovard Brenda Bowen Robert Bowers Sonya Bowlin Shawn Bowman Shirley Bowman Candy Boyer Ion Boyle Katie Boyle Russell Bradbury le" Braden Kaye Bradshaw Scott Bradshaw Donna Brady Dennis Brammer Connie Brand! Nancy Brandl Phil Brandt Scoll Brand! Wendy Braune Chance Bray Russell Bray Terry Buy Jason Brensdal Lisa Breshears Allison Brewer Brad Brewslcr Karen Bvitkcy Debbie Eriece Iefl Brinkmeg e! Ann Brill less Bvilendinc Amy Block Evian Brock Shevi Brockman Moniu Bmtkway STUDENTS 1S1 Tamera Brodrick Cynthia Brough Reboni Blower Amy Brown Desiree Brown Douglas Brown Karey Brown l. Brown Linlley Brown Marla Brown Paula Brown Scolt Brown Terri Brown David Brunke lennifev Blunson Carla Brush Gregory Brush Janice Bryant Kimberly Bryant Mary Bryant Carol Buckner Nicholas Bukovac Christi Bullinlon Dorlhy Bumpus Dorothea Bumpus Lora Bunch Michael Bunch Jeffery Burgelin Lucinda Burgen Paula Burgess Nick Burgcll Debbie Burioski Christine Burke Helen Burke Tamera Bulkhead Elana Burr Cindy Burton Kim Burton Greg Bushman Aquilla Butler Carmen Butler Hophine Bwosinde Bridget Byrd Camron Calievly Tony Caldavella Blad Caldwell Paul Calia Rebeca Callis Jennifer Campbell 152 STUDENTS Kimberly Campbell Tina Campbell Cheri Cannon Busler Cantrell Stephanie Cantrell Becky Carlson Jeffrey Cavlson Timothy Can Angela Canoll Curlis Carter Kelly Carter leslie Caner Lisa Caner Ronald Caskey Jodie Casper Cheryl Caslanev Laura Castillo Connie Cales Angela Caudle Barbara Caulfield lames Cavendev Deborah Cecil Paul Cernech Alisa Chaimongkol Melissa Chamberlain Teri Chancellor Ai-Ching Chang Roberl Chapman Angel Chapple Jelaun Charles Chih-Piao Chen Cassie Childers Kim Chmiel lnhwan Choi Peier Chong Sandy Chrislian Tlacy ChvisloHerson Yayun Chung Karen Churn Shannon Clapham Karen Clark Kalhy Clavk Lori Clark Francine Clement Keith Clemenls Keith Clinton Cindy Clod Lisa Cloud Angeleua Clone: STUDENTS 153 Robevl Cockrell Valerie Cockrell Michelle Cocks lisa Colaw Cassandra Coleman lefi Colench Denise Colhour Michael Collier Angelia Collins Danna Collins Monleria Collins Melinda Collins Roger Collins Vincenl Collura Heather Collyer lill Colquhoun Cheryl Coller Nancy Colvin Douglas Combs Shawna Commino Chrislopher Como Palli Compton Anthony Conaway Nalasha Conley Bruce Connor Mallhew Connor Dennis Cook Ladonna Cook Rusty Cook Scoll Cook Frederick Cooper Vonda Cordes Kimbevly Carl Kelly Cornine Clarence Cosby Kathryn Caslales Brian Costello Matthew Coulson Donna Couller Slephanie Courelon Ann Cox Cheri Cox Dwight Cox Karlemus Cox Kimmala Cox Michelle Cox Pamela Cox Jane" Craig Martha Craig 154 STUDENTS Denise Crawlold lulic Cunshaw Randy Craushaw Kimberly Cvecd Cheryl Crooks Emily Crooks Paul Crooks Mindy Crossen William Crosson Kryslel Crouch Doug Crouse Tracy Crow Susan Crowdev Joanna Cruce Corey Cvump Chrisly Culp 1e" Cummings Chris Cunningham Dan Cunningham Michael Cunningham Patrick Cunningham Stephen Cupp Phillip Curls Lance Curtis Mark Curlis Christine Clapla Adresie Dace Jouni Dahllund Meredith Daily Gloria Dalrymple Robert Dalton Michael Damp Quillona Daniel Jeff Dannaldson Charles Dansby Maria Dash WI lam Davies John Davis ionalhan Davis Mall Davis Paul: Davis Peggy Davis Regina Davis Tamilha Davis Staci Dean Slephanie Decker Slacy Degralienveid Jennifer Deilch Jeanne Delay STUDENTS 155 Debra Delong John Deluca Judy Dennis Ron Dennison Rhonda Deornellis laura Devore Lassandm Dewberry Danila Deweese Kevin Dewill Sherylynn Dexter Billy Diamond James Dickerson Larry Dickerson Debbie Dietrich Sandra Dielz Tyrone Dillard Jennifer Dillman Ryan Dingley lori Diven Calhleen Dominick Michael Dominick Vanessa Donaldson Denise Dorner Nancy Dorr lane Dotson Lisa Doulhil Julie Dove William Downing Jeffery Doyel Dora Doyle Patrick Dreyer Shawn Driscoll Lee Droege Michael Dlyer Sharon Duckwonh Jill Didding Alan Duede Daryl Do" Michelle Duke Marsha Dulaney Lisa Dunakey lohn Duncan Perry Dunkeson Tracy Dunlap Darlene Dunn Pery Dunstan Lawrence Dury Stephania Duvall lanel Dyer 156 STUDENTS Theresa Earles Jana Eagley Rmhcll Lalman Lisa Ebeling Fenel Ebewele Rodney Ebrezht Sroll Etkerman Kimberly Edgerton Tom Edmondson Tina Edmonslon Nancy Edwards Desvi Egan Rhell Ehlerl Kent Eichholz Lori Eidson Samuel Eke Jamal EIYousel Dean Ellingsen Kelli Elliou Masako Ellis Norlon EIIison Jeanine Ellsworth Tony Elsbury KeHy Elwell Tom Emerson Paula Engel Darla Engelbrecht Emma Engelmeyer Donald Enke Greg Enlzian Mike Epperson IeHy Esles Kim Eswine Carrie Eubank Alecia Evans Dennis Evans Teresa Ewall Cary Fahrni John Famuliner Sherrie Fann Sharon Fuis Wes Faurell Kellie Fvldmann Kim Fellner Susan Fenske Marc Ferguson lohn Fesla Michelle Fey Mary Ficken STUDENTS 157 David Figg Michael Finke lohn Finlay Iimolhy Finnell Darren Fischer Erica Fisther Katheryno Fischer Sharon Fisher Doris Flagor Donald Flagor Timolhy Fleming Kathleen Flood Lynn Flowers Kim Fong Deanna Fort Kimerly Fort Donald Foster Stephen Fowler CIiM Fox lulie Fox Tom Fraccascia Penny Ftaley Angie Francis Connie Frank lisa Franken Amy Franklin Ben Franklin lelicia Franks lulie Frazer Ryonell Frederick Holly Frizzell Milchel Fry Kimberley Frye Susan Fuehring Vickie Fuller Marsha Fullon Sharon Fullon William Fussner Georgianna Fulch Tonya Gabberl lames Cagnon Dan Galbraith Lesa Galloway Monica Gamble Gary Gardenhire Robert Garber Eric Cavharl Trent Gamer Alan Camel! 158 STUDENTS Both LarrL-n liSJ Carroll Stevhan Cane" Brenda Cglelv David Calenood Brain Club Christine Gean Corbin Gedney Stephanie Geeding Doug Gcisl Cheryl Georges Beth Gerke loe Gerke Michelle Carling Rodney Gerner Lyn Gibson Brandine Gibson Tonya Gibson lane! Gieselman lill Cieselman Susan Cieselman Shabhone Gill Stephen Gillespie Catli. Gilliland Laura Glebe lack Glendenning Donna Glennie Debbie Clovev Sharon Glover Kendra Goddard Slacey Godlrey Tracy Coelgen Susan Goeller Sleven Coins Krisly Goodin lohn Goodwin lell Graham Mary Graham Sheri Graham Susan Gvaham Cordell Cvandesta" Brian Gray Ray Guy Sleven Guy Don Grayson Christa Green Fina Green Nalalie Green ; Palrick Cree: V l STUDENTS 159 Tina Greer Robyn Griffin Kendra Gtigsby Yammy Grimes Kelsy Glinuihaw Melissa Cripka Julie Crnner Karen Cross Carlos Grovev Dayton Grover Palvicia Grover Wendell Gruber Senla Cuein Aaron Cuesl Shelia Cuinn Amy Guion Iricia Gurley Craig Hacker Rodney Haesemeyer Jane Hagnev Cristina Haley Chevelle Hall Mallhew Hall ldfrey Hamblin Ryan Hamillon loey Hamlch lillian Hamlell Terri Hand Tracy Hankins Donald Hansen Kim Hanson John Harden Mike Hardin David Harding Cindy Hargulh Harriet Hariula Ken Harmon Kip Harmon Kaven Harms Teresa Harms Dana Harper David Harper Marvin Harrell Blenl Havris Brian Harris Clark Harris Iames Harris La Tonya Harris Leonard Hauis 160 STUDENTS Randall Harris Robynn Harris Slephanic Hank Heidi Hm Mike Hill Myra Hallman Sarah Harlwick Kenna Halhom Tami Hauck Becky Hawkins Pam Hawkins Carla Hayden-Hughes Vanessa Hayden Lisa Hayes Ronald Hayes Cassondra Healon Teni Heavey lill Heviland Todd Heck Deann Heckman lisa Hedenskog Craig Heeney Todd Heermann lulie Heidbviev Kathy Heim Dan Heimann Krisla Heinlein Teresa Heinold Cindy Helmig Julie Hempen Patricia Hempen Paul Hempen lori Menage Dianna Henderson Joselyn Henderson Angie Hendren Alisha Henry Amy Henry Deborah Henry Kimberly Henshaw Gregory Hensiek Christine Herrick Maria HesIer Phyllis Hewiu David Hibbs Tisha Hibdon Jill Hicks Gary Hiebxh Melanie Higgins STUDENTS 161 Shauna Hiley Tanya Hiley Belly Hilgcr Susan Hill lana Hillier Andrea Hillman Diane Hilton Susan Hinde Richard Hinkle Tim Hinklc Shandy Hix Gena Hobson Ion Hochsprung Leslie Hockemcyer Paul Hocoll Angela Hodges Mary Hoelschel Leslie Hoer Barbara Holland Sleianie Holland Keith Hollansworlh Kevin Hollansworlh Sherry Hollaway Michelle Hollins Lee Holmes Jennifer Holle Gayla Hollzen Bruce Hooker Slephanie Hooper Eleanor Hoosack Krysli Hoover leffrey Hopkins Lisa Houslon Alex Howard Lisa Howard lisa Howell lohn Hoye LingLing Huang Sillicho Huckunlod Kristin HuH Brian Hughes leffrey Hughes Kim Hughes Stephanie Hughes Jamie Hulel Jeanna Huletl Dave Hull Stacy Hull Steven Humble 162 STUDENTS WiHiam Humv Slau Hum- havIes Hunmlu Stoll Hunl Kelly Hunlrv Sun? Hunlu Susan Hurl Todd Hurl Lynn Huskey Sheri Hassey Brenda Hulsell Tzu-Chung Hwang Lisa Hyshaw David lngraham Jenniler Ireland Tammy Irwin Becky lsaacs Melanie lsom Varasil lsrasena Rachel Ivory Angela Jackson Chrisline Jackson Dawna Jackson Marvin lackson Michelle Jackson Dan Jaegev Saia lames David Jelferies David lellery Slephanie Jeffery Amy lenkins Kimberly Jenkins Sheila Jenkins Christina Jennings Wendell Jennings Cynthia Jelev Gabriel lohn Yeresa Johns Denise Johnson Kimberly lohnson Laura Johnson Linda Johnson Micnelle Johnson Pamela Iohnscn Phyllis lohnson Shcnelle Johnson TiHany lohmon Corey lohnslon lam Joiner STUDENTS 163 $ ,14 Barbara lones Lisa Jones Marla Jones Michelle lones Mike Jones Iodd Ion? Ywinla Jones Christa lordan Tamara Jordan Amy Joseph Pascale lublol Kristi Kaelke Suzanne Kala! Nicole Kalmus Michael Kanaan Mark Kane Maneesri Kanungsuk Kristin Katz Cathy Kavanaugh Scoll Kavanangh Ted Keck Rebecca Keeran Tony Kehrees lohn Kemmeler Steven Keisker Beth Keller Yolanda Kelley Mary Kelly Shanda Kelsay Sherry Kelsay Gina Kemna Ginny Kennedy Gary Kennon Laura Kenny Shawn Kerr Mark Kerston loyce Kever Alan Key Sivaporn Kialganianakul Kelley Kilmanin Seokze Kim 1 Alyssa Kimball Susan Kimble Kimberly Kinder Laurie King Melissa King Raquel Kirby Denise Kircher Jill Kirkpatrick 164 STUDENTS Monle Kinky I Kevin Kirlley Paul Kirtley I Kelly Kissenbevgev v hae Kine" Lisa Kleinsdlmidl lori Klielhermes Marianna Klielhelmes Ruth Klingsporn Jennifer Klolh Brenda Koch Keilh Koeller Kristen Kohring Jelievy Xopp Michelle Koslowsky Laurie Kosmiski Theresa Kramer Calheryne Kralzer Brenda Kraus Irene Kraus David Kribben Wendy Kvone Rhonda Kruse Belly Kruessel MaoTang Kuan Lisa XueHer Mallhew Kuialh Diana Kunkelman Regina Kuvoda Robin LaRue Kan Lake Colby Lalli Sarah Lamar Barbara Lamb Krisline Lamb Sharon lammevs Paula lander; Linda Lands; Therese Landwehr Belh Lane Sleven Lane leHery Langlord lance lanyard Laura Lanning Rebeca Largenl Margo Larkin Linda Larsen Deidre Lavsen loni Lasswell STUDENTS 16S Stephanie lallimcr Edward Lalla Dale Law Danell Law Laurie Lawrence Russell Lawrence Craig lawson Loree Lawson Ryan Laymon Sheryl Lazenby Marc Lebeau Donald Lee Mark Lee luSoon lee Roben Lehmev Angie Leonard Mindy Lelhcho Kimberly Leven Evangelone Lewis Kenneth lewis Sheri Lhommedieu TluHsiv Liao Terri Likely Lucinda Limbach Joy limoMaganga Jennifer Lin Sueann Lin Brad Lindenbusch Rhonda link Troy Link April Linneman Julie Linscoll Jenniler linville lenniler lillle Sharice Livingston Stephen llewelyn Earl Lloyd Lori Lloyd Rachel Lock James Locke Deana Logan Missy Long Suselle Long Todd Long Tracy lopez Sambina Love Dale Lovel ChingYu Lu John Lucas 166 STUDENTS Man lung Dau- Luetlw Susan luell Dzle Luelien Thomax Lulowxh Ed Lumlord SAndra lyhevgev Michelle Lyles Les lynan Angee Lynch Rhonda Lynn Tammy lyons David Machon Elizabelh Math Kyle Macrander Cindy Madsen Jimmy Madsen Gina Majors Rizwan Maiumder Shawndva Malcolm Sleven Maley lenny Malone Deana Malznev Peter Mangira Dawn Manley Laura Manning lynne Manning Michael Manlonya Stephanie Mavchbanks Rebecca Marcum William Mavicic Terry Marker Emmcll Marlon Scull Marshall William Marshall Paula Martel Susan Marlens Chrislopher Mallin Cindy Martin Helen Marlin Lee Marlin Mithelle Marlin Wendy Marlon luliana Mavliuson John Manontik lulie Massey Rirk Masterson Bvenda Maubath Bryan Mann STUDENTS 167 lohn May Kalhryn May Tom Mayne Bill Maze Michelle Mazza Edward Mbayoh Randet- McBride Lori McCallov leanell McCandless Melinda MtCaughey Jane MrCIaran Shawna McClellan Iimolhy McClellan Leslie McClure Sallc MrCampbell Kara McCulloch Sherry McCullum Darla McElmy Carolyn McFadden Diana McFall John McFalrich Elilabelh McGaw Robert McGee Deborah McGinley Richard McGredev Patricia McGuire Jeffrey McHenry Gerald Mclnnis Daren McKee Michael McKenzie Phil McKinley Ronda Mclain Angelea McLaughlin Scooler McLeod Slarr McMahon Teresa McMahon Karen McMullin Slephanie McNiel Lisa McVey Lisa Mcwilliams Robin Meador Jodi Meaghev !ulia Meldren Stacey Melvin Chialin Meng lean Meng Mary Menlesana lill Meredith Julie Merrell 168 STUDENTS Kerly Merrell Camella Mmritk Alexis Mcniwealhm Kristie Mesebevg lill Meyer Kevin Meyer Michael Meyer Sarah Meyer Kelly Meyers Gina Michael Laura Miewinkel Leigh Mikes James Miles Greg Miller Janelle Miller le" Miller Kevin Miller Pamela Miller Traci Miller Eric Milligan Karen Milligan Doug Mills lohn Mills leslie Minkiewicz Christine thhell Emmill Milchell lenniler Mitchell Tticia Mitlag Linda Mohesky laydean Molder Ioni Molle Obisanmi Mohoh Mark Monroe Larry Moon Dana Moore Cynlhi: Moore Kris Moore Paul Moore Donelte Morelotk Caroline Margan Gregg Morgan Palvicia Morvill Danid Morris Glen Morris Jackie Mouison Mallhvw Morrison Daniel Morton Julia Moseley Palvicia Moser STUDENTS 169 Randy Masher Krixtin Moskofl Robin Moss Ellen Mowau Cindy Mueller Teresa Mullen Tracy Mullikin Miguel Munoz lo Munson Candi Munslerman Adelaide Murillo Dennis Murphy Kara Murphy Karen Murphy Karla Murphy Valerie Murray Kendra Musgtave James Mulz Kagivi Mwillia Sharon Myers Stacey Myers Tanya Myers Wilfred Myers Mohammad Nadiafabadi lohn Nain Teresa Nannemann Thomas Nash Joseph Naslasi Shareme Neidig Carolyn Nebel Amy Nelson Darlwin Nelson Keith Nelson Messhell Nelson Soon Leong Neoh John Nerness Debbie Neslell Annette Newberry Paul Newberry Michelle Newland Tim Newman James Nicholas Sylvia Nicholas Susan Niedevwimmer Kalherine Niermann Patricia Nipko Don Nissamica Jay Nix Lisa Norris 170 STUDENTS Lisa Norlh Bobble Norton Kim Norton Paul de9 Amy Nugcnl Mark Nunn leHm O'Donnell Bob O'Neil Roger O'Reilly Debra Oalman Dewy Obilov Simon Oiialor Onyebuchi Okalor Thomas Okalov loseph Okoduwa rem Okoro Leann Oliphanl Lisa Oliphanl Agboola Olowonivam Brian Olson Candace Olson Kim Olson Stephanie Olson Stacy Oveav Belh Omooril Mild: Orskog Donald Ory Becky Oswald lohn Olis Kimberly Ollo Mary Ono Christopher Overmann leigh Overluvf Davin Owen Janilh Owens Shannon Padley lana Painler Lynda Painler Michele Palmer Gail Pals Hsianglan Pan Wayne Pancoasl William Panlet Tammy Papen Robin Parcel lori Parker Sherry Parkhursl Kimberly Parkison Carla Parks STUDENTS 171 Cliil Parks Gena Parks Sherri Panis April Parrish Slephanie Parsons laura Panney Charles Pasley Scoll Pahick Darren Patterson Susan Patterson Amber Patton Amy Pavelonis Renee Pavlicek Billie Paxton Sherry Paxton Jeffrey Payne James Peakev Kraig Peavler Cheri Pedersen Jennifer Pedersen Melody Pedersen Kelly Peeloom lulie Pendergrafl Colleen Pennell Gary Pennell Kevin Pennington Angelo Perkins Annette Perkins Dennis Peterman Debra Pmers Lisa Peters Beth Pelersen Kara Peterson Wendy Pelerson Mary Pelty Steve Pelly Randall Pfundt Angela Phelps John Phillippe Andrea Phillips Kristi Phillips Araya Phuphanich James Piah Mark Pickens Todd Pike Peggy Pilbearn Scotl Pirlle Chakrapong Pisalyabul Michele Pillsenbarger 172 STUDENTS Katherine Flake Rebeca Plolh Marc Plowman David Podgomik Scoll Pohlman Sheri Pohlman Frank Polizzi Jeff Poona Susan Popp Kimberly Porter Noell Porter Aaron Potter Sharon Potter Mark Pottor" Michael Pollorfi Gary Powell Julie Powell Kim Powell Jennifer Powers Kevin Poynler Lisa Pvewetl Charles Price Sherry Pullen Karen Pummil Donna Randall Eddie Randall Dwayne Randle Lisa Ransdell Christine Rasa Caroline Rasmussen Kenya Ralhmann Joseph Rallevman Mike Rawlings Terry Ray Robin Raymond Lisa Raynes Christine Razniake Randy Reagan Sheila Reavey Mark Reese Connie Reeves Kelly Reeves Clifford Reilly Susan Reinhald Teddy Raiser Jamie Renlrow Ruth Rennewanz Laura Relzke Candace Reynolds STUDENTS 173 Kallecn Reynolds Arianne Rhodes Barbara Rhodes Martin Rhodes Rennie Ribbing Jodi Rice Slaty Richard Kathleen Richalds Kayla Richardson Brenda Richmond Wendy Richmond Melinda Riddle James Rideoul Beverly Riegel Nancy Riek Rich Riemann Rohda Ries Gwen Riesenmy Blent Ripley Dean Rippelo Nancy Rilchey Denise Roach Donna Roach Patty Roberts Susan Roberts Kimberly Robinson Rodney Robinson Jimmie Rocquemote Todd Rodemeyer Nancy Roe Craig Rogers lulie Rogers Rachael Romans Marie Roof Angela Roos lanel Ross Rex Ross Michelle Rolerl Tina Roush Amy Rupperl Dana Rupperl Karen Rutherford Angel Saddler Jeny Saling Sue Salisbury Tamara Sams Annette Sanders David Sanders lason Sanders 174 STUDENTS Todd Sallman Larry Saunders Diane Sawyer Brenda Scego lulia Schaefer Lauri Schaefer Mary Schaeler Stephanie Schaffer Troy Scheske Anjanelle Schell Tammy Schellman Robin Schemmer Melissa Scherer Sandra Scheulen Paul Schiefelbein Brent Schlolzhaver Bill Schmedding Steve Schmidli Saundra Schmidt Mary Schmill Jennifer Schmilz Shannon Schnauss Mark Schneider Marlise Schoemig James Schrand Chris Schloeder Kevin Schroeder Leigh Schroeder Lori Schroeder Jo Schroedel Alana Schuler Hilda Schumacher Scon Schumacher Rob Schuslev David Schwalm Mike Schwartz lamie Scism anelle Scofield Laura Scou lames Scoll Mike Scoll Shannon Scoll Todd Snotl Tracy Scon Angela Sears Anthony Sears Brenda Seay Chris Sedwirk Beverly Seig STUDENTS 175 Michael Seilz Michael Seule Candi Settles Phillis Shackelford loann Shannon S'eve Shalp Vicky Sharp Lori Sheels Ibrahim Shehala Harry Shehon Karen Shirley Tracy Shirley Philip Shoemaker Kale Shovlall Azimi Shukor Melanie Shull Michael Siebern Dean Siebrisl Sleve Sieren Johanna Sifers Slephen Silveslir Binni Simmons Janet Simmons Sing Sin Melissa Sinnell Canie Silze Kenneth Skidmme Margaret Skidmore Angela Skinner Kim Skinner Rena Slagle Sandra Slaylon Sherry Small Traci Smalls Cheryl Smilh Constance Smith Jared Smhh Mark Smith Melissa Smith Nancy Smith R. K. Smith Ric Smith Robert Smith Roger Smith Stefan Smith Shirley Smith Ulnda Smith Mike Snider Kathy Snyder 176 STUDENTS Lorie Snyder Vance Snyder Kelly Sobaski Dena Soendker Lori Soendker Dan Sokolowski Joseph Solich Patty Solomon Laura Song David Souders Lisa Soudevs Pele! Spampinalo Stephen Spear Joann Speighl Pamela Spencer Sarah Spieckermann Bruce Spieldoch Carrie Spillman Julie Sprouse leny Slabe Linda Slackhouse Sandn Slackhouse Leslie Stalder Michael Slalen Terri Stebor Greg Sleifens Marilyn Stegeman Lisa Sleinhoff Heather Slelling Bradley Slengel Donna Stephens Melinda Stephens Wendy Stephens James Slepp Christy Stewart U1 Slewarl Tina Stewart Dana Still Deborah Slith Rita Slockman Many Sloecklein Joseph Sloeppler Jelfery Sloneking Sean Slonham Marci Stowe Michelle Stowe Randall Shaker Gary Slrohm Maria Slrohman STUDENTS 177 Stephanie Sluarl Mary Sluckmeyer Maria Sluerke Yhoum Suady Carmelila Suarez Valerie Subletle Kalhy Suddarlh Michael Suddarth Joyce Suiler Michelle Summers Christy Sutherland lennifer Suller Babbeue Swanson Kerri Swope Deborah Tabiendo Tracy Tabron Richard Talken Stacy Tallon Bomba Tamin Don Tapscoll Lotfi Tayani Saleh Tayani Becky Taylor Charles Taylor Christi Taylor Crystal Taylor Jenny Taylor James Taylor Kelly Taylor Leanne Taylor Maria Taylor Matihew Taylor Phil Taylor Tracy Taylor Vickie Taylor William Taylor Dana Terry Apinee Thammano Michele Thierry David Thomas Dawn Thomas Kelly Thomas Mark Thomas Suzanne Thomas Warren Thomas Carol Thompson la" Thompson Laurie Thompson Pele Thompson 178 STUDENTS Teresa Yhompson Michael Thvockmorton Dawn Thurman lohn Thulmon David Tielenbrunn Jacqueline Tillon lyalla Tobin Norman Yodd Robin Yomblison Ron Yoms Frank Ton: lei! Tourlillott Martin Tounilloll Wimonsri Trakulsin On Tran James Trodick Sandra Trolley Tammy Troul Ronald Tvoull Robert Tucker Kelly Tuhill Aloha Turner Karen Turner Leslie Turner Stephanie Turner Vickie Turner Dan Twedl Sonya Twilley Dwight Twillman Shannon Tygart Heather Tyler Roberta Uber Glenda Umphries Mark Vanbebber Mikki Vance Linda Vander Denise Vanderpool Paula Vanderpool Dina Vann John Vannoy luila Vanstone Cindy Vanluyl Tara Varney Rulh Vaughan Kristie Vestal Jayne Vickers Marlo Vidauni lisa Vinyard Tammy Vollman STUDENTS 179 Kevin Vollrznh Tammy Voss Lalonya Wade Wendy Wade Rick Wadlow John Wagner Ian Wagoner Marla Wagoner Chrisl' e Waldner Willie Waldrup Jamie Walk Amy Walker Angela Walker David Walker Frances Walker Karen Walker Lori Walker Paula Walker Sonya Walker Tracy Walker Trevor Walker Jacqueline Wallace Jenny Wallenbum Margaret Waller Michelle Waller Susan Walton Daren Wan Jen-Chen Wang Kuang Wang Wei-Pei Wang Mary Ward Randy Warner lane! Warford Mary Watts Tanya Watts Tonio Walls Tonya Watts Carol Webb Diana Webb Lana Webb Eric Weber Doris Webster Kyle Webster Diane Weddington Deena Weems Tamara Wehar Quan-len Wei Malt Weinreich Nancy Welch 180 STUDENTS Danny Weller lohn Wells Palricia Wells Robyn Wells Stacey Wendi Susan Wenz Suzanne Wesner Janna Wessing Shawn Wesson Simone Wesson Stephen Wesl Robert Weslall CJ. Weslmoreland Rebecca Weyrauch , Burton Whaley W.F. Wheally Stephen Wheeler Karen Wheizel Chadd Whistler David Whitaker David White Dionne White Jeffery While Katee While Rebecca While Russell While Staci While Cheryl Whillecar Bret Whilworlh ludilh Whynol Melissa Wiater louis Wilhers Connie Wiley Lee Wilhile Michelle Wilkinson Annie Williams Anthony Williams Barbara Williams James Williams John Williams Leslie Williams MicheHe Williams Michey Williams Tamela Williams Tanya Williams Yolanda Williams Doug Willis Guinevere Willis Jennifer Wilson STUDENTS 181 lulia Wilson Kimberly Wilson Marie Wilson Neal Wilson Philip Wilson Sherry Wilson Todd Wilson Richard Winans Ronald Winans David Windsor Yolanda Winningham lenniier Winter Paula Win Lawrence Will Danen Wodrich Brian Woll Julie W0" Julianne WoHe Leslie Wolff Nancy Wolff Brent Wolkey Stacey Womack Ivan Wood Kathy Wood Patty Wood Teresa Woodrum Diane Woolverton Amy Wlighl -e .V ,. . . . . . , A 4",, . ,. V . . - , x ,4 .wp - , v v 4 , 4 F2 n a a "fo 1 ' um. ' o; ' 3:3 . .a W322 .. J! Joneila Wright Krislin Wright Robert Wright Margie Wrinkle David Yaggi Dina Yanker Jessica Yarger Tracy Yarick Kelley Yarnell Andrew Yinget Clayton Young Debbie Young Michelle Young Kristin Zachar Marchia Zeller Jana Zimmerman Melanie Zimmerschied Kelly Zubeck Mark Zullig Thomas Zyk 182 STUDENTS ,.' K3 x grj 3.:3' : 3. , L31 inn Magii .133305-5. " STUDENIS 183 Left, front row deft to righu Mark Pratt, Kathy Patton, Lori George, John Kertz; second row Charles Gallipeau, Don Edwards, Dan Wood, Jill Stratton. Far left, front row leaetta Ormsbee, Bruce Belanger, Theresa Lister, Yolanda Winningham; second row Doug Schemeneaur, Ron Catheart, Liz Chullina Joe Bremer. Left, front row deft to righU Todd Twiss, Beth Smith, William Doornbos, lisa Sutor; Jeff Morgan, Ian Hillier, Roger Collins, Kevin Thomas. Left, front row deft lo righU Jeff Wilkinson, Bruce McCorkle, Ian Ryan, Julie Linscott, Paul Sherrill, Vicki Anderson, Sonya Granquist, Dave Howren, Jeff McClenahan. Far left, front row Michelle Couch, Don Sears, Heather Putnam; second row Richard Bower, Brian Jung, James Wright, Tom Prucha, Diana Durham. Greek Week 188 GREEK WEEK With better weather last spring than in the past, the Greek games included the Tri-500, Frozen Carp Toss and the Canoe Race. GREEK WEEK 189 xrg 1:30 of .vEEEum 532 E: mugs: won .393. vocau 9: v.53 meaw 0:52: .050 Showing their best pose for the judges were Teresa Snyder 00p Iem, Tammi Sanders ttop righn and Chris Stripling tahovet. Afterwards the winners Rhonda McCullough and Howard Campbell trigho smile for the camera. 192 GREEK WEEK . fo . 1x'l V j 'huxN ' h. F"- ,,,., , . W? , - v - -77.. wwe-vwm Howard Campbell Gboveh demonstrates his Irst place routine, as Bryan Elam uigho shows the benefits of a good workout. First place winner Rhonda McCullough Gar righo catches the iudges' eye, as the crowd waits for the 194 GREEK WEEK action to begin. WW I WWW GREEK WEEK 195 -51' 3.: s got. Mahlan hbelow centen poses as photobugs try to capture IS serious I Ie onlookers above centen cheer the guys on the moment UighO. le ll Schnell haboveh Lan Wi about his flex, whi for one last look. Dave Schwam Gar righU shows us what he 196 GREEK WEEK 198 GREEK WEEK Index of Sororities7Fraternities Alpha Xi Delta 199 Alpha Gamma Delta 200-201 Alpha Kappa Lambda 202-203 Alpha Omicron Pi 204-205 Alpha Sigma Alpha 206-207 Delta Chi 208-209 " Delta Zeta 210-211 Delta Upsilon 212 Alpha Kappa Alpha 213 Delta Sigma Pi 213 Phi Sigma Kappa 214-215 Alpha Phi Alpha 215 Sigma Kappa 216-217 Sigma Nu 218-219 Tau Kappa Epsilon 219 Sigma Sigma Sigma 220-221 Phi Beta Sigma 221 Sigma Tau Gamma 222-223 Theta Chi 224-225 Zeta Tau Alpha 226 Sigma Pi 227 Lambda Chi Alpha 228 -229 Sigma Phi Epsilon 230-231 Angela Amdl Debbie Ayles Dunn: Backs Denise Bier ladonna Becker Renee Berger Shelry Blake Cryslal Bryanl laurie Canol Denise Conner Michelle CoucII Kimberly Creed lackie Dillon Chrissii Dohrman Michelle Duke Mary Fcnoglio Laurie Gaskin Bridgel Haefner Lisa Hedrick lisa Heorman Michelle Hickman Becky Iohnson Cynlhia Kleeschulle Amy Krall Susan Kuddcs Deidre larsen lenniler leonard Lesley lePago Karrie Lossman Pam Lucckenollo Pamela Mahselle Krislie Marshall Calhic McCalmon Charlollc McDonaugh Krislie Mcseberg Palliria Moser Brenda Nalho Pamela Parker Angola Perkins Mary Pclors lane Prewill Rachel Salycvs Sara Schneider Kelly Slinnell lacquolyn Stokes Shannon Sulhcrs lisa Sulor Klis Tole! Melissa Ihomlon lisa Iolly Melissa Weslbyook GREEKS 199 Shmyl Avelill CynlIIia BMIu-l Cindy Busch Debra Bcaman Rhonda Beck lill Berenslien Dyan Burgslen Laurie Boslrom Bonila Boyle Kalic Boyle Cindy Brough Amy Brown lisa Colaw Lndonna Cook Ann Cox Sally Donn lulie Dove Kalic Dunwoodie Lesley Ellis lisa Facklcv Jeanine Frosl Klisly Goodin lulia Gowans Ellen Grainger Diana Hale Karen Harms Iercsa Harms Cynlhia Hciner Kadi Heislerberg lulie Hevlzog Krislee Hieronymus Jana Hillier Lee Hodson lisa Howell Anila Irvin Dana Johnson Dawn lohnson lecann Jones Sheila lungmeyor Karla Klemna Norine Kurhla Mary lee Toni lybargw lauva Manning lynne Manning Iamava Means Mithelo Meinls Mary Menlesana Ind Miller lama Mlih Vicki Neunel Iammy Papcn 200 GREEKS . Kimhuly Parker Alisha Price lodi lice lnri Richards Kelly Sallell Shron Slum lollannarsilus Sherry Small lori Soendkel ancy Stork Shelli Slull Kimberly Tarwaler Michelle Tewksbury Melissa Trail Rhonda Irueblood lenniler Turner Robin Vamey Marie Williams lee Ann Willingham lanie Wollers Pally Wood Slew Bailey David Bamlhouse Chris Ila" Kyle Balls leli Bcggs Bruce Ih-Iangt-r Chad Boll Timolhy Boss V Erir Bnum Kevin Brown lhcmlon Cain Tony Colhom lim Collins loffroy Conbuy Kennclh Cook Duwn Cox Darren Crknmn Donald Daly Lynn Davis Dennis Davis William Dean Mark Dickmcyul Bret Easier Craig Edmislor Rob Eisonbnrgor Micluol F'no Ilany Frorking Ilroll Fn-rlting David Gaultlon. Stephen Gmy Kevin Harlow loll Hallo" Rick Hayes lamm Hcavne Damon chncn Darren chncn Brian Hicks lnso'n Hughe; Douglas Ingalsbv Alan Jenner Brian lung David Kelley I'll p Kenagy Scoll Kuprho Wally laws Eric lunch Carl Mandam lohn Mallevy Keith March Iodd Markley Stoll Malldnm Sleu- McKinney 202 GREEKS '..: ; . x 'qu-; .J'M xv. I William Newhouse Edward Peek Iona; Pin: Iodd Pressley Doug Rawlins Anlllony Ruck Mark Richey Doyle Riley James Rohan Scoll Schmidt ' I Kurlis Sthuler Carl Scollen Ron Sharp Ivoy Smilh Chad Snider Brian Spvecher Robert Slacks lames Slinson Shane Slulliebean Mark Thomas ' Scoll Vogl 1? Dan Wood Michael Wood leliley Zimmerman liz Chullino lcann Danncr Ioni Dunn Francine Garcia I I , l I , Rosanne Garcia Melanie Hall Kadi Hcislorberg Marcy lccomu Gina Morley Barbara Riley Debi Sanders Slacey Vaughn Belh Whisler y4 GREEKS 203 Karen Allen Denise Bamcll Amy Beachncr Chris Beninalo Jill Beshoner Gena Breinel Candy Blown Kalli Bullet Ieresa Caprio Suzanne Chambers Shannon Cnmelison Carrie Crawford lenniler Davis Michelle Day Sabrina Dill lcsa DOISQY Minda Dow Diana Durham lynn Duloil Debbie Eggen Paula Fisher Elilahelh Franklin Slephanie Geeding Melissa Hallie! Cryslal Harris Cheryl Henderson Ienniier Holle Julie Howe Traci Ince Amy loseph Maly Kackley Kim Kimberling Jamie Kircher Kerri Knoche Wendy Krone lanie Mahlan Kelley Meyer Toni Molle lennifer Moore Krislin Mullane Lisa Norris Kelly Oakley Paige Peeples Kara Pclerson Pam Phillips Julie Powell Clarissa Ptilchard Sherry Richardson Denise Iloy Slacy Sanders Keny Scheulen Angie Shewmakev 2M GREEKS Tony Masnado Bruce McCorkle Tom Ogle Slephen Wellon lori Shippy ; Belll Sinilh Kim Smith Holly Snider Kim Spmylle Terri Slebor Victoria Sloll laun Stuck Dawn Swain Karla Testerman Angela Ihielhar Kelly Warner Aimee Wear leluan Wesl Pam Wilgers - :lulie Zeikle Bob Becker Alex Calder Mike Cecil Thad Kelsey Todd Markley Toni Allen Tina Anlonio Mary Alwood Kelly Baker Melinda Bmmnn Gina Beard Mary Bierk Barb Bowman Pamela Boyle Debbie Briggs Klislin Brink Slacy Brown Becky Cnplcs Kelly Cominc Suzanne Crowley Nelli Dclmll Kimala Doerr Theresa Earles land Easlcy Lisa Fcchlcl Teresa Gabriel Lisa George Bolsy Gordon Sonya Granquisl Ronda Grier Myra anlman Dcann Hockman Kelly Howell lill Huxley Melody King lennifor linvillc Deana logan Jennifer Magnin Melissa Mann Angie Marlin Krisly Marlin luIiL- Mayer Kathy Meyul Kris Moreno Kara Normig Cindy Norlon Kimhra Odcn Calhy O'Gorman Teresa O'Neill Kalhy Powell Kim Powell, Kalhleen Reynolds Mindy Reynolds lulie Roasa Tina Roush Elcnda Rupp Susie Rupp 206 CREEKS Slave Rickman Iel'l Riddle Mike Snelling Chvis Slansbuvy Debbie Schiller . Can Scull 'l'erri Seller Chris Susan Cynlhia Slaby Angie Slaviovsluy Diana Smilh lanya Stark Healher Iymr Claudia Ulibe lulia Vanslone lori Villeloe Stacey Wilkinson Deborah Wolley .yl'odd Bierk Kevin Crillen Kevin Cullum Keilh link Mark Miller Bobby Moll Greg Reynolds GREEKS 207 Neal Alaiwal David Becker Davin Bryan James Claiborne Todd Clevenger Brian Coslello Kevin Crillen lellery Cunningham Mark Curlis lerry Daugherly Dan DeCIue Kel Denket Mall Downey Kevin Edwards Rick Ellerman Thomas Filla Nalc Ford Tom Fraccasria Chlis hida- D.wid Gocrz Thomas Goodwin Richald Higby Shannon lohnson Mike loncs Aaron Iuckelle lohn lmltiowicz David Kauliman Slcvc Kauzlavich Paul Keller Sloven Kelley James Kenslow Alan Key Andy Klingllammer Thomas Klinghammer Rick lamhelh lcny lipour Dan Lindsay Mark Mamet lohn Marlin Bmll MrCully William McLeod Iom MrNeL-Iy Chris Meek Dale Muonks Rodney 0n Michael Panlleo Doug Puller Ritluvd Pallerson James Peavey Darren Pellus Conrad Peuy M. Todd Plrilh-r ' m GREEKS v5.11 m Greg Reynolds Sleven Ridman l2" Riddle Tony Rig; Ion Robinen Kiplon Ruperl Darren Schneider Dominick Scudiero Curl Sulon Kun Shallovd In" Shields lcny Shields Mar Smith Les evil! lohn Ihuvmon Bradley Tonnell Brandon Yritkey Doug Vahmnbmg Brian Wald Bryan Walkim lei! Willard Bren! Wolkoy David Yaggi James Yougerg Michael Yuillc Melinda Beaman lana Cooper Dana Dale Nelli Doharl Theresa Earle; lisa George Krisly Goodin Sonya Granquisl lulie Hark Anna Henry Sheryl Kelly lulie Linscoll Kathy Meyer Kara Norling Teresa Oneill Kim Splultc GREEKS 2,09. Audm Adair ' Sheila Allen Sheila Alchily Julie Bliss Debbie Brion: Julio Cain Kim Cam Tm iv Canizzo Ki len Carver Cindy Clock u Sam Collins Inna Cooper Bridge! Coslel lanoll Craig Leann Danner Sherry Dcmoss Luna Duvom Marsha Drunoll Mendy Eckorlo Susan Ellis Kimberly Eswinc Ashley Eubnnks Lira Flnnigan Kim Grill Sherry Hall Amy HMIIt-y Carol Hawes lcnnilor Heesc Maria Hester Kelly Hill Monica Ho'oper Cathie Jackson Haycl lardak Gina Kelly leslio Kenyon Robyn Kindel Cam! Kirgnn Angel Kirk Mary Kohlmann Marcy lccornu lennik-r lewis lisa Lisle: Iheresf Lister lisa'lowe Deanna Manos Denise Marshall lisa Marlin Melisa Marlin Wendy Marlin Gina Morley Shelley Morlon Kara Murphy 210 GIEEKS Betsy Nelson Debi Neslell lynn Notdlohne 'Maly Plovinte Donna Randall leslie Ridge Sarah Robinson Debi Sanders Belinda Shull Sh nnon Simmons C is Simon .Chvisly Smilh Beth Sparks Slacey Slatk M'arci Stowe lill Slrallnn lennifel Turner Stacey Vaughn Belh whislev Chris While lisa Winegar Teresa Woodlum Kim Wrighl Ko'urlenay Wright Shelly link lefl Beggs Scull 36nd Rkk Ellerman Wes Godney Charlie Manadae Bill Newhouse Tony Smilh Gavy Slacey Mall Tanner Mark Young ' GREEKS 211 10m Mdcmmn Cluisluplmr Bollclu-r lolm Dclum Tum Dcuill Ham Fomlw Millon h'm'lw lhmn I-mh-l Cn'gun George Lulws Glm w Todd Hurl Donm lu'clv Shaun hon Irli Mrrli Dan Miller 1h" Noun .m Richard Queen lmhl Rmh-Ilwu'r Brian Shun Chm Smnsbun lhian Tlurp lnhu Tr." on Dmid V.Ilrulino Sllmnnu Clumhon l'mcy Crow Julio Foster limla Hirkrrmn Sln'rn Hill Drniw larlnon kan'n Murphy Imu I'I'inn' Llulio Reulmu I lLuham Roburlsnn Angola Thirlh." Amy Walker lulic Wilding Lm' Ann Willinglmm Alln' Woods 5,4. 212 GREEKS .4 Stephanie Wh-ilel V Yolanda Winningham . . 'Quillona Dz, lashtlle Chigsim Lalonya Hilris , ' Michell: Hollins ' Donna Kins Dana Moon.- Kimbe'rly Rohinson Iammi Sand": Holly Terry V Kimberly Will" Angela Hancotk Andrea Ridl-ogll- Angel Saddler Stephanie Slapk-s V . April W Althic Allen Corey Backus Slate Backues Elam Bryan Rod Canola Tracy Chrislofk-lson Mallhew Coulson Bob Dallon Yelly Dovman Gregory Drake Barry Easlman Don Edwards Mike Elias Rory Ellioll Tony Elsbuvy Stoll Elvin Wes Falwell Mall Fife Jamm Filzsimmons Ed Gilmore Jeff Gmham Yimolhy Graham Ryan Hamillon Dan Harrison Jell chdricksnn Marvin lackson Carl Kelly Boh lamb Michael Malpncker Rodney Mann loscph Mazzn Tim McClellan . Tom McCullough Phil McKinley Brian Mcisel lo" Morgan Mark Ncinhuosor Paul Polly Indd Pt-lry Richard I'ullinm Dan Ram-y Ted Reeves lo" Souk-rling larmw Slnrk Mike Sleclak lo" Slonelting Rodger Imnlali- Paul '"Iurmam louiw Iodd Barry Iumw Randy Warn" Rob Way 214 GREEKS Kim Feline! Shelly Hollaway - . Calhy Kavamugll Q... . ; ' i . ' 9 . 4' Melodiq Bode ', Mirllelle lreshcan. .. " Debbie Essen 3 'Susan Ellis i Klisly lamb Laura Mall Michele Mayne lacqugline Mobley Blend: Murray Calhleen O'Gorman Donna Randall 5 Chris Robb I ' , . Michelle Simpson ! ' . . ' . ' ' lenniler Tumev ; . ' lulianne Wolfe E . k ' ' - , 4 ' Brenda Woodall g V , ' 7 . , , , . . - ' Margie Wrinkle V ..a..........- . Tracy Dunlap i Ellioll Eley ; Brian Gray T Roberl Page ; V Anlhony Williams , . I ,W 7 . s 7 , I , , ! a i ; i A i K , ,A i .1 A ' ! I j i , l 3 I i 3 g I a l f a 6 Sheryl Anderson Melinda Ball Krislin Basham Michele Bass Amy Billikcr Sonya Bowlin Susi Bvown Slt-phanie Burke" Sushanna Copelin Kelly Dakin Kelley Davis Karen Donison Ashley Dielu h Lisa Duncan Kelli:- Feldmann Mary Galelli Kan Gallium Sarah Calewood Laura Giblin Krislinc Hale Sandra Hansan Elizabeth Harkness Lori Havlman Kelley Hayes Misti Herrin Rachel Hoehn Wendy Howard lamie Hulel Angela lensen lill Kirkpatrirk Virlmia Knerlnor Kristin leikam Robin lockard Michell:- loveall Marla Madmy Anne Mallin Tmry Manon Kalhy McClt-dvo lisa Mcymml Caiole Mills loah Miler loanic Moran Donolle Morolnrk Robin Mnrcy Susan Nuckolls Sara Opili Susan Orklalll Bridget Palmer Sherry Panm Kalhy Fallon Nanry Price Christin:- Quinn 216 GREEKS Gr'nnilel Reed Sunniw Reed - Candace Reynolds lnmlei Reynolds Birbara Riley Susan Roberts Ian Ryan ,3; Iulie Ryan Diana Sales Paula Sargenl Kelly Srholle Suzanne Sharbull Pam Slurp ' Ieresa Snyder Michelle Tags Marilu Tovar i Ianya Vannalla 4 Melissa Ward Dana Weidingcl , lulit- Wilcox Susan Williams $me Krisli Winn Tamara Wirlhs V leanno Young Clark Ellison . Samanllm Cordon Rosalind Mays Slaccy Powers Slaty Sandals 63 . , I ' V ' '- I x " ' GREEKS 217 Russell Bailey Chrislophcv Balllell Craig Belscr Chad Bolslev Jo" Braden Doug Brummcll Slephen Caldwell Howard Campbell Brad Carlhey Larry Chaney Roger Collins Tony Culp Doug Cuny Michael Davis David Fcltlman Scan Filzgerald Vern Gnsscn Kelly Hackney Mark Hombreo Brian Hirsl Todd Huslcddo Dan laugcr Kovin lnmcson Craig lahbic Brcll logwnod Gene Marlin Todd Marlz Chadd Maurev Rich Maus Kcnnclh McGuiw Ion Mcdluck lelIL-ly North Jolicry Phnk-n lasnn Polls Mirhael Ram-y David Rulh Ihmnas Ryan Bmd Saunders lim Srlu-ol Fd SrlIHk-nlrrlwr Dnn Sums Mark Slauss lance Slelling Gary Slrutk Troy Iumor 'Bryan Van'llenlhusen 218 GREEKS . n.2- at'- 5.4- ..u ...4-. Tau Kappa Epsilon ,"' lvllil'y Willn'wspmm Phil Wright lonn Van Benlhuien lay Walevs layme Walls Mike Weddle lim Willbnndl Chris Wullenbavgel Gerald Adamski loseph Allronli Brenl Case Ron Calhcarl Anlhony Conaway Brian Dodds Brad Duncan Roger Dykslm David Gann Michael Ceisendmlur Mark Culley Randy Hainos Timolhy Hamplon Darin Hardin Duane luvgensmeycr Allen Keehler Charles Kuhn lawrenre lauvine leon Maberry Daniel Mavlincz Ir" Mrlanahan Dennis Murphy Mitlmel Murphy Grog Nelle! Bu-ll Nurphy Chris P.Ivlu-v Sam Puvdy loll Smilh William Snidol Dave l'ilus Don Vandevbuv Randy Wallate lama Walls cntexs' 219 Ilhnmln ILmu-II lim lh-du-l Ih-dty Bwln-kanlp Monim lk-rlolli AiIm-o Blarkwoll K.In-n Bloomfield Krlly Ilm k Kalluy Iloyd Iisa Canalxoy Rohvlmll Glnlw I'h lllor Canlunori Georgia Caldwell lm-ly Clemens lisa Cmil'k Kim Davix Slcphnnic Dk k Row Donniti Dunlnn Dullonllm-lft-l IN Dumas Gina Dunlap Amy Duvk Carrie Fvola Mi'ldnit' I'vudn-t- Trish Gammill Mary Cclmuor Pu-ggy Gravcnmnn Imri Harh Sloplmniv Ila Gl'na I'LIyt-s lim llulk-nskog Iina Hq-rgoll Carmen ll-Iflios Annnnmlir Kdlosh Krislt-n KM! Kathy King Sleplmniv Kmlnvl Kimberly hnulli Milo Martino! Shvlly MilrIu-Il i Mayor h- Murillo IN Ann Mulmy fluiela Nuss lem-lla Ormslu-o ldrkio Phillips ' l'nlomslty loin Robinson Kim Rosl- lmi Roy!!! Mattie Ryan Chris Salac Kolly Srlu-lp 220 GREEKS $1 3 hmmy Shn-Iman , Eliulu-lh Shellon Brenda Smilll Susan Slasi lina Shaw lill Ihompson Myla Iunlln Lisa Iym-s Rl-hcrm 'lysnn lam-l Warlord Susw Wood Krisly Zarh." K7. Dale Bmwn R'oLImI Haym Wendell Im-kson I'vni lolumm luny lbhnum lun-m n- Ovt-mmu linmllly Kohl ll lnwrll 100"th Iavn-ll Wilum x lawn-m I- Will ldml-x Wrighl cniigs '221 Dan Alexander "mums Andrews Richard Bear lad Bnlgleld l0" Ilurgnlin Iony CJIdnn-Ila P.Iul Calia Michael Clark Michael Collier Mild: Comer David Cox loll Daniels Timothy Doublodoo SlI-vcn Duncan Charles Callipmu Chris GoclIm-r Jim Graham Irwin Graves Kevin Hagcmnn Chris Hahn Darrell Hanan Konl HM! Bryan Icnkins Keilll lonox' Chrislnplu-r Lulglmmn lei! Marlim-I Michael MrClolIand Broil MrSparin lolln Mills Kl-nl Mllrdork Mark Newbold Larry Nodim- Tim Nom-mnkor Scan Ot-slrok h Rick Patrick Shawn Pnllon Scull PirlltI lemme Radu-rs Idsnn Rodmun L M. Rin- l.u' Riley Bn-nl Ripley lay Rillt-r Brvnl Rms Gary Sdnmidlk lanlos Srhmml Brad Should Milu- Siobum B. K. Smith lohin Smith Indd Sparks Rob Swoaringin 222 GREEKS Healhm Putnam Wendy Richmond Ioanne Srhroodel Kalhy Smallny Sallie Ihompson lennik-r Walker n 3w , X Kevin Ihornas Pele Illompson Robert Ulrich lomlhan Waddinglon Donald Weeks Kris Beny . Karen Illoornlield laurie Iloslrom Melanie Brubeck Tammy Eidson lenniicr Faman Sheri Graham Slaci Hagen Karen Harms Krisleo Hieronumus Sara Belh lames Sue Ellen layne Icrri lcwis Melanie Mallory Shawn McCall Iill Meyer dnssxs 223 lollwy Arnold II-ff Alp Pal Bauer Iim llemalmt-lh-l Dean Ihmlon Roger Carlo! Mike Chlipala Mall Clarksun Tony Co I ' Kelly Edwards Randy halo" Gary h-m-rhom Daniel I'm: llrian H." s lim Harrison Allan Honlgus lulu: Hl-rn'm Kevin Ivllvivs Iolm Korl'l Rubrrl KIM" Kevin Kolll Don LIlh-rly SIPVP lalnlbvl'ioll Donald In- 51 all lowk Gary lopicculu Ronald Marlin Vinum Marlinrl M.Ivk Mason Gary Maupin Sll-vv Mvdlin MA" Mel iII Gdly Mt-yn-r Miln- Millmm loll Miller D. vid Milk I0" Mllllllll llmd Mmry hi1 NOVilSIti Doug Oyvr U! ' Pa la Illian RMIu-ls Il-"n-y RMIu'n l'aul Rix hauls ll'i' Ilolu-vls Gunlon Rull Troy Sawm- . laml-s Srlullrl 224 GREEKS x ' :.?, Doug Schemenauer Willdon Srllnell Greg Shannon Iodd Shannon Timothy Silvers ' Mithael Silvey Corey Slanlield Darius Slvuemph Iefl Sluarl Milk Webslel Mallhew Welch lelhey Wilkinson Karen Allen Brook Barlow Wendy Bvaune Pam Edwards Lisa Fechlel lill Heaviland Melinda Hill Shannon Kavas Calol Kilgan Rhonda Mitchell Karen Nolan Lynn Notdlohne Alissa Price Angie Shewmakev Jennifer Slraub Connie Yhomas Teresa Woodvum GREEKS 225 Iii Shelly Bilzenburg Michelle Bollen Karen Boney Teresa Briggs- Elisa'Bybec kw Kalhy Campbell ' Tina Cooper Sarah Danner Denise Denman Pam Edwards Tammy Eidson Krislin Esthenhcimer Ashley Faldlz Karen Fasl Jodi Gay Amy Graves Slaci Hagen Diane Hilton Cindi Howser Carol Jones Elizabelh lones Michele Mayne Tina McHarque Krislie Murphy Susan Neill Karla Plummet Chris Popeioy Michele Parsley Heather Putnam Lisa Rau Suzanne Rhodes Courlney Smith Julie Syron Slacey Whorlon z Margie Wrinkle X Brad Carlhey , Michael Collier Michael Egger Gregory George E Kevin lameson Shawn Vaughan 3 226 GREEKS ' , , -. . v , , Blyan Bailey Rob Black Ide Bvemer Russell Burdelle Don Cleveland Michael Cox Michael Harlwiclt Eric Hill Mark Monroe Timoihy Myers Scoll Phillips Thomas Powers David Rendelman Paul Shenill Vance Snyder Bruce Snykowski i Kevin Tavwalev John Vannoy Chadd Whistler Michael Woods Kerri Ballagler Matgarel Daniel Molly McDougall Amie Odell I Christin Parker Karen Rimmer Kristine Shannon Kale Shorlall Tonya Websler V k 2 .. X I GREEKS 227 v??.?a" S? A ; x 7- . - ,7 V'KW rk'7 KV' '-' ; kx;$ k. h- ,, :5- Shawn Abrahamson Robexl Allen Stephen Allenholer Paul Amey David Arnold Greg Baldwin David Bennell Ruben Bennell John Bielk Dennis Bresell Gary Buckland Gregory Carler Michael Cecil Kevin Chronisler ChrisIopher Clemens Rodney Coe Ion Cooper Frank Corle Kevin Crenshaw Kevin Cullum KevinJDebaene Mike Embree Sean Forbes Todd Foster Ron Goelz Jeff Goodson , Benjamin Clay V Carl Gray 1 Curlis Gray Douglas Gray Jackie Hendrix Kevin Hansell Charles Hausman Ray Henning lohn Hermanson Kevin Hoagland David Hoeven lei! Hughes Chatly lseman Edward Ismerl lohn Ilschner Eric Ivy Kevin lacks .1 Bill Keefer Christopher Koonce I Keith Kuhn Russell Lawrence Mallhew lemme Greg lork lim Marlow Kevin Marlin Mall McDowell Tim Meam' Douglas Miller Iodd Mitchell Keith Monks Walt Mose! Michael Moss Kevin Mulltey 228 cnzsks lill Thompson Rebecca Tyson 1-, - c, -. Qarjfdi Don Naes Gregg Newman lohn Owens Roger Parish lohn Pohlig Chrislopher Powell Tom Pvucha Chrislophm Rally Slephen Rawlings Douglas Reen- l'im Rickel Curl Roberls Mike Robcrlson Graig Rohaus Kenl Sales Ronnie Sanders Gregg Sandvidge lnhn Sands Sleven Sranlon Chris Schnurbusch Bobby Schweitzer lohn Schwerlley William Sears Andrew Seers Danny Shewmakev Be'n Simpson Derrick Taylor Scull Taylor Iodd Iwiss Mark Vanbebber Kelly Velder Rod Whisnanl C. l. Whisnanl Iony Winders Nick Wiseman Michael Yamey Robevl Yancey Shawn Young Vicki Anderson Becky Bevlekamp lill Beshnner Debbie Briggs Stacy llrovm Lisa Canalsey Becky Caples Karen Dunlap lori George Rhonda McCullough Shelly Mitchell leaella Otmsbec Genniler Reed Brenda Rupp Yeui Selle! lisa Shields Chvisline Smilh lill Slnllon GREEKS 229 Frank Aguilar Kevin Anderson Slephcn Bailey Mark Baker Shawn Benz Jonathan Blake Mallhew Blankenbiller Michael Blau Mall Bly Tim Boalwrighl Brad Bodenhausen 1e" Brown Eric Caldwell Darin Callon lohn Childels Vince Collura Shawn Connor Tracy Cook Brad Cuutlney John Crook Mithael Crook Douglas Davis Joel Don lcrry Dvees Ruben Dunlap Grant Dunn Andrew Elam Adam Fauss Jeff Foulds Michael Fox Rusly Frisinger John Gabrielson lefi Gilberl Brian Gorden Jim Hamrick leif Houf Eric Huifsluller Kevin Hunl Stoll James Irell Keen Dion Knipp Eric Knipp Todd Kudrna Michael lawmnto Dwayne leslio Paul levola Phil levola Sieve levola Keilh link Kevin lynch Bill Mackay Darvin Major Ion Marshall Kennelh Mayo limes McPheelevs Mike Meyev Craig Millet Marl: Miller Ivlvis Moo're 230 GREEKS qr-w Palyiclx Monti David Oden Richard Ogden Tom Ogle lohn Oia Dale Orscheln Gene Pills Aaron Puller Ben Poller Mark Pvall Eric Baumgarlner Vincunl Ray Torn Reed ,aKevin Robbins Craig Rosenberg Iom Russo Dan Schmilz Michael Shaw Tad Shepherd 'Bvian Sherman Scoll Simmons Chuck Smilh Roberl Snydet Sleve Sobaski loll Stephens Robell Slewavl Jamie Slillwcll Chris Slripling Dane" Iaylo: Slevc Thomas Eric Ihornlon Mike Iomlin Craig Iolh Frank Iolla Michael Vannalla Denick Vcller Vince Vellcr IeHmy chzl Slephen Wollon Slephen Wheeler Rick While Brian Whillon Slcve Wieninslti lason Wilkinson Rogcl Wilson David Young Kristin Basham Gena Bvoincr Bonnie Clark Sabrina Dill Gena Hayes Wendy Howavd Wendy Kmnc Nanry l'viro lulie Ryan Elinbolh Shelton Shawn Siron Claudia Uribe Chris While Slacey Wilkinson GREEKS 231 ' iuq.r;.:'v. Faint ;- . , - , - , " , " , ' K- x - S ' '3 J! . . . Nnh-m ., ..,. MAM-wnw. 236 RESIDENCE HALLS 11th a - 161g: ' 2J1: mam i 1 Front row deft lo righn Chris Como, Mark Babb, Nathan Carriker, Tim Nonemaker; second row Brad Wolzak, Charles Walther, Brent Crozier. I i :1 :!I lrl:!l rlI: E - 1 1i .... w ",7 V .1 5 ;iu' ,, +9 Jlellle N , 1 , ,-. ' W Hr'ur ' W 2 w 3-. II. 3 a: ll 3 i: z 1: O t h r E l m i I HALLS 237 238 HALLS Edgar Allen Poe Groucho Marx Front row Geft to righti lainn Ren Huang, Hsiu Cheng Lin, Kaili Yieh, Ching Ping jenq, Tyne Suady; second row Sally McCampbell, Marjorie Lloyd, Beth McNatt, Ming lng Lin; third row Robert Welsh, Jamal Elyousef, Mark Williams, John Nacy -L-n-a ---5 him L -13 I m-a an, n...- - I...- I...1t5..71 L4 L4 Front row deft to righti Feng Wei Lai, Penny Fraley, Sherry Darden, Al Stokes; second row Leland Slepney, Max Semer, l. P. Gaines, John Markell, Cynthia leter. Front row deft lo righo Michele Barksdale, Tammy Lyons, Darlene Johnson, Kelly Kissenberger, Terri Brown Melissa Williams; second row Lynn Flowers, Michell Cox, Robyn Sadler, Kelly Reeves, Kathy Woods, Diane Stegemaln Vickie Cone, Krystal Crouch, Maureen Bishop; third row Karen Walker, Dondi Crawford, Stefanie Holland Allison B,rewer Shannon Pobunick, Kris Sill, Julie Fox, Marsha Banks, Denny Sundermeyer. I I r; .1 r '11 1 V- l , , l n - it i'l'1 I will 3:531; r .l l, l l" I J; l n 1 "LI.1 rklr'l'L'JL '11'111 EH ":1'1 CIA Ems ; g a da yr v - Allan 93mg Front row Heft to righo Shannie Kelly, Scottie Kelly, Babbi Kelly, Gamma Sig K.elly, Sandy Kelly, Carol Kelly, Ottis Kelly, Suzie Kelly; second row Dawn Kelly, Squ1ggy Kelly, Alf Kelly, Spuds Kelly, Frankie Kelly, Chicken Kelly, Leslie Kelly, Teddy Kelly, Skelly Belly Kelly, Ducky Kelly; third row P.W. Kelly, Regina Kelly, Marsha Kelly, Teddy Kelly, Lenny Kelly, TJ. Kelly, Cherise Kelly,- Anjanette Kelly, Theodore Kelly, Chester C. Kelly, Church Lady. HALLS 239 Front row deft lo righli Renee Fischer, Betty Kruessel, Shawna McClellan, Teresa Johns, Theresa Landurehr, Dennise L Fink, Sandra Sheulen; second row Rene Landers, Sheila Atchity, Shona Mease, Kara Holzer, Julie Meldrem, Tanya L Williams; third row Carmen Butler, Suzanne Park, Kristi Bibbar, Sheila Paul, Shawn Bachman, Cynthia Ochrke, Kim . Parkison L riL errwrfFWG??'7'm7 ?:nam HQHWHQITI I Gui: Laura Ingalls Wilder IfiififFfE EE'QLII'M LL: WIEW 9141:1111: w . If1f1 I .? i-LE-LEI-LILLrl-L-Lr "m I1:'Ij.'"11;";u IL ..I I'I'. J L Marilyn Monroe Front row Ueft to rightI Kelly Webb, Sheila Reavey, Kristin Moskofi, Andrea Wunderlich, ,Christy Jennings; second row Brandy Gibson, Cathy Kratzer, Susan Roberts, Nancy Roe, Cheri Brockelmeyer, Kim Leven, Heicli Hart; third row Sarah Gatewood, lulie Powell, Minda Dow, Michelle Loveall, Teresa Wright, Adrice Barney. 240 HALLS Front row deft to righ0 Frank Fuller, Tim Ketcham, Kenneth Lewis, Doug Leach; second row William Pridle, john Scherer, Scott Breckmann, Wayne luliano, Donald Flagor, Carlos Raglon; third row Philip Voi, Sean Stonham, Keith Clinton, Dan Sulzner, Steve Wigent, Robert McGee, Jeff Donnaldson, Rodney Haesemeyer. .1 :- O 3 ,w a a g' 3 : rwrarar . 9. 5 L'-' Lh- 1.: Ll: El? E3. Elli ELI! . r-lr -. r -. r w w: Ll I I l ' ' . .; l ." . ' 7:, g - ' I ' 3 9. 5. L" :- 2 3 Front row deft to righQ Mannetta Swift, Lisa McVey, Michelle lones, Katie WaleIIIsky, Denise iacksonl Amy . Woods; second row Mindy Crossen, Leslie Boschert, Kathryn Costalesx Wendy RIChIT'IOI'Id, lulle Archiei Melinda Mallory, Carol Webb, Tami March; third row Paula Gibson, Brenda Richmond! Desn Egan, Jenny Klattl, Brenda Maubach, Tonya Belt, Julie Dean, Diane Sawyer, Melinda Stephens, Audrea Nichols. HALLS 241 242 HALLS Front row deft to righo Kim White, Michelle Martin, Alana Schuler, Shelly Boxx, Kimberly Hughes; second row Michelle Waller, Cindy Vantuyl, Dana Shelton, Lisa Thompson, Lorine Webb, Rhonda Gerke; third row Denise Colhour, Julie Cain, Jodi Schlichting, Fannice Rodgers, Liane Fletcher, Sheri Hussey, lulie McDaniel, Renee Smith, Berdetta Brooks. Ester Williams George Busch Front row deft to righn Kevin Sears, Joseph Turner, Carl Benedick, Richard Hinkle; Jack Martens; second row Steve Horsfield, Carl Stratton, Terry Zackert, Jeremy Clinkscales, lohn Conner, Curtis Carter, loey Brenner; third row Ron Toms, Larry Startin, lohn Askin, Mike Hoelscher, lamie Locke, Jim Scott, Kurt Krueger, Rob Moran. Front row deft to righO Robert Moffat, Patrick O'Brien, Clay Jackson, Jim Nicholas, JD Brown, Bill Hinkel; second row William Panter, Anthony Halterman, David Mudroch, Scott Brandt, Chuck Moesch, Noel Buckingham, Shawn McMahilI; third row Darrin Clawson, Mark Geran, Aaron Guest, Darren Patterson, David Myers, Bryan DeSchepper, Greg Ball, Jeff Nicholson, Jeff Lacy, Kelly Peetoom, Greg Clawson. Front row deft to righo Stephanie Thornhill, Susan Fenske, Dinq Nugent, Amy Nug.ent, Michelle Cox; second row Robyn Edwards, Cheetah Edwards! Cindy Madsen, lenmne Westrick, Kim Johnson, Leesa Harrington, Pam Spencer, Robm Parcel, Arnold Madison. qamedqlm '3 seweI uosgpew Auoa HALLS 243 244 HALLS Bette Midler Ivian Leigh 0 V Ex Front row deft to righo Tanya Myers, Mindy Lethcho, Tammi Branson, M.eara Floodm'aln, Robyn Hardina, Michde Palmer, Barbara McDonald, Lynne Manning; second row Theresa Horsefleld, RuthtKIrchner, Bfenda Lems, Lynet Heinrich, Barbara Horsefield, Lisa Norris, Kim Hurst, Linda Davis, Rebecca Lamkey; third row Melinda Murrfxy, Kelly Gutshall, Cheri Power, Tina Edmonston, Michele McCully, Lisa Beebe, Kelly Taylor, Lon Hazen. Front row deft to righO Tarri Bavaro, Micha Moore, Julie Wilson, Cathy Arbuckle: Paula Stokes, Beth Bolletta, Heather Jennings; second row Kimberly Herron, Shawna Commino, Lisa Howard, Sharon Betts, Lori Mohr, Valerie Sandy, Lynette Dewey, Debbie Delong, Trisha Wells, Vicky Shulfer, Julia Moseley; third row Cathy Saitta, Laura Baldwin, Judy Chancellor, Becky Weyrauch, Carmen Rainey, Angela Ward, Jamie Pratt, Amie Grubb. Front row deft to righU Jena Berry, Lauri Schaefer, Traci Collins, Leslie Hockemeyer, Kim Killion, Karla Kliethermes; second row Stacey Allnutt, Staci Swafford, Linda Beyer, Marla Slrohman, Kim Skinner. Front row deft lo righQ Jill, Gieselman, Shawna Combs, Kelly Wolf, Jennifer lrleand, Cassie Childers, Lisa Garrett, Tanya Watts; second row leanetta McCadeIess, KImber!y Baumer, Gina Kemna, Lisa Jackson, Kristin Kohring, loell Foulfis, Christina Haley; third row Janna Wessing, Aloha Turner, Diana Hale, Amy Joseph, Klm Bates. a Er. I uquaH auggaqlex slagueg uewml 1312312141 HALLS 245 Front row deft to righo Mike Franke, Derrick Vinyard, Harold Martin Vignerte, David Machon; second row Brian Gill, Sean Sheldon, lahan Saadat, Brad lessee, Darin Dutcher. Alan Alda Eddie Murphy Front row deft to righO Richard Griffin, Rodney Gerner, Craig Feeler, Scott Eckerman! Aimen AlRefai; second row Kenneth McPherson, Larry Phillippe, Troy Scheske, Steve Sieren, Lance Laughlin; third row Antonyo Byrd, Mark Kammerich, Tim Pech, Joe Roof, Jim Mutz, Cecil Parker, Neil Atkinson- 246 HALLS Front row deft t.o righp Raymond Turner, Kevin Barnett, Stephen Jones; second row Carl larkson, Nlck Wiseman, Jeff Richerson, Stuart Bentley. Front row deft to righo Jay Sanderson, Perry Dunstan, Steve Loyd, Mark Thomas, Ryan Dingley, Matt Kujath; second row Larry Craver, Brad Smith, Kraig Mikulich, Dwayne Randle, Todd Beeler, Joe Randazzo, Robert Collins, Jim Williams, Matt Hall; third row David Henley, Shannon Claphan, Wayne Pancdust, Bryan Maun, Mike Washburn, Brian Brock, loe Minellono, Darrin Schick, Michael Siebern; fourth row Daren Spurg, Jeff Poore, Todd Bluhm, Chris Cunningham, loel Drechny, Brian McLain, Will Downing, Michael Damp. ualeH ueA UPUJJBnB'I pgAea HALLS 247 Y I I 5; Iv meyer, K Suzanne Kalaf lm Otto; third row Barbara Jones, Diane Kallenbach, Jenn a n . . In cnds m mllmmc acrn a Lava reah h eb T v ,w ;Conn.. S mdBm nhBl, 1 .IE 1U ear 8 k dmlmw i. mun dW; um Mb... U Agtuyanwiaa ; m m n He 1 r,. :1 $3.. .m .I an m Aywwiw s .nN m .I. I C 3. y .- I .L H S a ifmwuhtrtnwrmwnrmqh n. w e m r Wum C .L K... n e c 1 1m n I S 3 mm M m WW m 5m m a a h nB i H H c h n H s om m ow I...u Y Y S i I..- I I e H m m .- .m K a S s h, A n n a F e .H II e h 5 ho Kalene Rhodelander, Terr Debra Merchant, Becky Taylor, Debi Nestell, Wanda Wilson; second row Abby Foster, Renee Kiesling, Kim Stacy, lessica Suarez, Lisa Roach, Sherri Beard, Amanda Blankenship; third row Melissa Emma Engelmeyer, Cindy Brown, Laurie Kaiser, Nancy Boeckelman Front row Ueft to righU Mary Stuck second row Susan Boeckman, g .n 0 l t f um .I lx m m .rC m ma m k...h Fvi, re 6 30 H PC H :5 33.3 W13: 58 248 HALLS Oliver, Ie wmy, Ang ey, Carrie Whitley. Henry, Kira Wang, K! Ids, Susette Long, 1e , Debb th third row Gina T I Cheryl Sm fer McMahill ha Grover, Tawnya Cox, Kelly Whitl ing, is ho Becky Bush, Tonya Watts, Charlotte F ; second row Linda Fuell front row Heft to rig Laura Johnson, Nancy Ritchey, Jenn Lisa Falkiner, Doris Flagor, Tr Melinda Collins rmsm :2: 53: E33 7 . ,.uuyuu.u83a-En3.q.n---!.a-lummmnN J , , . 124, sauna .. I .vl..z .. . 41.... L. .tcn F u? . xv x I x z: 109.. aw . 9. 5.; v .. . u . , N .19.. ,V . .Anwv OIWxIwWMKnR r p . w . I HHIarXra. 9 r ..ta..v..nfxf1lw.;. f v! swr itTINixi a rfrir f In: 1! i, Vh -r.. x!.. . .4 var? .u ... 5;. . HALLS 249 I ird row in Hacher lh I Kev Dave Darin Eureka, Torn Cruiz, Motley Crue, Dr. ish Baker, Hoover Eureka, Greg Walton, James Gagnon, Greg Delerding, Clay Juracsi . Front row Get! to righu Parr second row Paul Naudet, Van Halen, 250 HALLS Paul "Bear" Bryant Clint Eastwood Front row deft to righn Matthew Vessar, Mike Feagans, Steve Silvestri, Willie Waldrup, Blake Dehm, Eric Garhart, Dale Lovell; second row Phillip Williams, Brett Lovelt, Bryan Bauermeister, Chris Waller, Brian Dake, Kraig Kirkwood, Brad Greng, Chuck Powell; third row Eddie Latta, Tim Hinkle, Joshua Marr, Curt Mansell, Chris Stevenson, Sear: McCabe, Shawn Bowman, Asovad Pierre, Matthew Wunderliuh. Front row deft to righD Jim Rudesill, Jeremy Jamison, lohnalhan Kelly; second row Willam West, Michael Beck, Charlton Metcalf, Aardvark Dalman; third row Todd Meyer, Christopher Overmann, Clint Weathers, Matt Mahoney, Allen Vinyard' , Andrea Hendricks, Tracey Carter, Janet Hewitt, Sandy Dietz, Leslie Brack, Kelli Elliott. on! row deft to righo Adresie Dace Simmons; second row Phyllis Pr 55:53 1058: 5:5ch DoEUmqm Vf rs . .3. 2 r. wmwmww. $2 vxIme..,..d.bru.i.w .vf f W$D$b$$ifkkm. rt, . . v 4, , . 4. 29 L. VKKVUM; 2 . .. my art I, . , . x,.!fvulyuzlmf4.1-12. O: Alyivdvo onuQ...u,u.0n.Lc. t... c. f z ,ynl.r!l,li0xlw IMOIIACJCIOJlnIA C . sum: QQRngw. 5n... yawbnwuflsv YquVI 11thng ,..v.l!v$w. I 1 El ., m N p, w . , , .rY .153. I112! . , 1::1fAIQGR t... lg .n . .9 .. .If , ,2! szzzyVLberr .93 R HALLS 251 Cassandra Coleman. Front row deft to righO Regina Davis, Lynn Huskey, Front row deft to righU Dave Miller, Harry Muff, Jeff Bertoncin, Mike Langford, Mike Meyer, "Maagman"; second row Mike Riley, Kent Kilgore, Craig Hacksler, Scott Cogbill, Jeremy Cantrell, Keith Kilgore, Steve Cupp, Rich Smith; third row Grant Sheyvall, Alex Eris Murcurrie, Chris McGarrelt, Ronald Jeremy, lohn Holmes, Benito Mulherin, Hatrick Gavisk, Enid O'Savrus, Quibble, Brian Blair, Joey Humydog. Chuck Yeager Huey Lewis Front row deft to righn Andy Lillard, Michael Palmer; second row Jeff Kropf, Mike Shilt, Lonny Price, Joe Grosvenor; third row Dick Tracy, George Jetson, Mike HUPL Bennet Over, John Bob, Joe Wastasi, Kirk Baldwm. 252 HALLS a front row deft to righo Vince Settle, Stanley Hawkins David LuX' . . second ro D Slroud, Paul Momze, Mahatma Poms; third row John ,Blandkenshgp Geoff L4; 33:1" Dotson, Jerry Putting, Steve West. I p, g Front row deft to righO Bill Schmedding, Jeff Langford, l.W. Hanes, Mike Hart, Chad Hinkson; second row Aaron Carr, lohn Otis, Tony Hillard, Wes Patterson, Willie Schnoebelen, Samuel Dykman, Sam Sutton; third row Berkeley Lovelace, Paul Burkholder, Bill Goings, Brad Byers, Mike Spurck, Kyle Russell, Steve Hubbard, Jon Worth, Todd Sattman, Paul Robinson, Michael Krider, Stevie Ray Brown. Ulooun aqv Sumas p03 HALLS 253 254 HALLS Front row deft to righo Becky Ehrhardt, Marsha Dulaney; second row Susan Doll, Stephanie Schultz, Ginny Kennedy, Lisa Hovsh; third row Reboni Brower, Kelly Meyers, Susan Patterson, Jennifer Cummings, Lori Kliethermes, Debbie Apenbrinck, Shannon Grubb Judy Garland Florence Nightingale Front row deft to righO Karen Reuben, Sandy Lyberger, lulie Groner, Chrisa Sullivan; second row Laurie King, Meredith Dailey, Leslie Williams, leTawn Charles, Susie Barrow, Beth Orndorff, Raquel Kirby; third row Sherry McCollum, Valerie Murrayx Staci White, Tina Stewart, Carolyn Nebel, Lisa Roof. Front row deft lo righo Ann Mayberry, Paula Hughes; second row Stephanie Parsons Linda Mohesky, Susan Martens, Monica Bertelli, Kristina Kramer, Tanya Robinsom I third row Dana Still, Shirley Smith, Becky lsaacs, Amy Wright, Wendy Lysaght Keis Grimshaw. I y E. n o m a- V 4.3; 2 -, x .W :15 ' l i F 93 - 3 , x N m , K , H p611 My lug 54- E w ' ' wow :5 pp xi 6V; 2 UORLDB 0? 14W 2? q 74K Lam Hm Ho Front row deft lo righU Tausha Cash, Shelly Bolling, Dawn Deterding, Michelle Young, Brenda Pepper; second row Shelly Wilson, Angie Rogge, Tyra Austell, Serena Braun, Dawn Lityma, Kendra Grigsby, Fina Green. HALLS 255 256 HALLS Anita Baker Front row deft to righQ Tara Varney, Arnetta Williams; second row Tamara Burkhead, Denise Letellier, Trina Cooper, Verrazane Campbell; third row Linda Smith, Kris ; Grigsby, laCinda Rainey, Marchele Lee, Tracy Shirley. ! Joan Rivers Front row deft to righo Denise Colench, Michelle Rodgers, Rose Markes, Carol Walker, Christy Aull, Carolyn Cooley, Karis Harrington; second row Jennifel McCracken, Brenda Gately, Karen Whetzel, Wendy Wade, Stacy Hune, Kimmala Cox; third row Melanie Zimmerschied, Becky Thessing, Julie Massey, Stacy Larkin, Sony?1 Walker, lana Moberly, Elizabeth McKee, Becky John, Misty Braughton. Front row deft to righU Rebecca Friend, Rachelle Schwarz, Laura Castillo, Kim Miller, Leslie McClure, Andrea Corneio; second row Dawn Hendricks, Tracy Hulen, Kathy Singer, Kimberly Kronk, Sheila Steinbach, Shannon Padley, Christine Mitchell; third row Rhonda Baughman, Diane Kirfer, Marcella Barber, Annette Sanders, Denise Kircher, Terrie Robinson, Darla Bryant, Betsy Kiehl, Lori Brown, Lisa Campbell. Front row deft to righ0 Michele Thierry, Sue Phillips, Nanc.y Peirce, Tracy Yanck, Shan Wood; second row Kelly Snodgrass, Gwen Riesenmy, Kristi Kaelke, DeAnn Taggart, Vikki Harris; third row Paula Gregory, Debbie Beaman, Dawn Barry, Laura Klnnamon, DeAnn Partin. "99 3II!3"1 luqlapum wow HALI S 257 258 HALLS Charles Schulz Jamie Farr Front row deft l0 righO Robert Tucker, Scott Schumacher, Albert Guerra, Richard Maddex, Tim Nonemaker, Chris Martin; second row Syed Faruque, Jacques Lebeau, Brad Scott, Jim Kemmerer, Don Taylor, Ton Ladzinski, Pp r131 rim r15 Fix ff: rf. rm: g3 :33 i: L BEEKI f H 1 r'1l'1I'J1I-E 1L4 4L4 ml 115115?th 1 i A IJ T k1 Front row deft to righo Ward Dickmann, Mike Pierson, Stubbie lanerzko, Jason Farr, D. Morgan; second row Rob Sullivan, Rich Bath, Dave Farris, Phil Wilson, Tim Mitchell, Kurt Roach; third row Shawn Yeislay, Roger Sullivan, Mitchell Demand, Dave Luecke, Bruce Hooker, Scott Jacobs, Bryan Wilson, Wes Phelps, Davin Jones; Mike Seilz. Front row deft lo righU Christo h P er McKee Todd Rob - Brad Caldwell, Rusty Cook, Rhett Ehlert; th,ird row lay iatgnleff Togrtllloltl; second row Hensky. "'5' 3"3" 0 De", Matt m iPJ Lu it: La: m w f3? .L i a " LI' ".154 W- F r ' II it , ' I 13. , - Jil- J I E rwrwrwrwraa; 1 5V -1-1-1 r'-. rl'. r.'- "i 4 m ' .-.1 .'.1 LJLJLJyvf' ' LLB 3.14....L.1-N a I H..- fffffu-rr. . L14 L13 E': E'- El: E'I' I'" 1' '1 i' r-.r-.ra.r-.r-.r L'.I L'.I L'n' L'-'. L'-' Front row deft to ri ' ghO Shlawnda Celestine Rewtra Adams- second 0 L II Eh Lana Webb, Laura Scott, K.L. Rathmann. , I r w yne e lers, SJaqlagds uaAa1g uopuo1 ,pq HALLS 259 260 HALLS Front row deft to righO Todd Hurmann, Mike Epperson, Corey Johnston; second raw Michael Thompson, Jamie Walk, Rodney Ebrecht, Chris Reed; third row Phil Shoemaker, James VanOster, Dan Galbraith, Jeff Hamblin, Trevor Evanoff l'uI-l'lIl-II I-HI L-LLJI. :;;.I'I 'II'II 111ng James Clerk Maxwell MIMI l1: ,- LIJLHJLJLIZE I3 33131 M31! HHIl-Irlw-Irwlwr LE JLILgI , r'lr LI II'JJ. Ah Mae West Front row deft to righ0 Sandra Barningham, Tracy Tabron, Peggy Goldschmidt: Michelle Shaw; second row Aloha Turner, Bertha Zantesto, Satin Exena, Minny Mouse; third row Stephanie McNiel, Gertrude Guadelope, Philamena Burkowhitz, MeItle Horwilz, Leigha LeiwaYv Front row Uefl to righn Mickey Dildine, Scott Ridenour, loey Diamond, Steven Seger, Trey Crosson, Jack Dotson, Mike Arnold, John Schweisberger, Eric Wil third row Kevin Hollansworth, Thom Weaver, David Reine, Eric Walker, Br Engelbrecht, Steph Winchester; fourth row Frank Robnett, Roger Pierson, Bruce Pak. Jackson, Trae Kittell; second row David per, Kevin Poynter, Majid Hajahmadi; ad Engelbrecht, Craig Engelbrecht, Bryan Ron Mays, Michael Newton, Romance Sims, U5 5' 3 F m G ' - A v I 1? IA r'erEwFlgl-wwl '.J Ll.- . 94 . v.1 f. 1 I 2;. . I I. J ; L III1 g l ': 4 I ' S 0'9 G 5'3. D. Front row deft to righQ Kathy Fennewald, Kim King, Suzanne Benson, anti?! IYEgeI, Kathy Harrelson, Amy Bell, Ginger Stevens, Nancy Clapp; secondl row n: e Beretta, Vickie Taylor, Maria Dasta, Toria Schlemmer, Tasha Con ey, Tamela Williams. HALLS 261 262 HALLS Hallmark Catherine Tisinger Front row deft to righti Paula Vanderpool, Dana Dayton, Angie Reed, Diana Mohleru second row Tara Sykuta, Lassandra Dewberry, lill Berendzen, Christine Krapp, Renee Leakey, Keli lepso" ' " 'r'irfl mIi' Li' lI 55L! ILla. I'irI'Eli Il-II Ii? , f'IPII' ' Front row deft to righo Teresa Maller, Alecia Evans, Phyllis Grover, Kathy Campbell, l Cheryl Coller; second row Lori Walker, Connie Reeves, Tisha Hibdon, Ian Owens, 7 Dianna Henderson; third row Jeannette McLaughlin, Dawn Bratcher, Stacy ' DeGrafienreid, Lisa Vinyard, Lori Schroeder, Kendra Fannon, Brenda Bowen. Front row deft l9 .righu Jack Urbach, Jeanette Staley, Shelley Bagby, Amy Hensley' second. row Patrma Trfxcy, Tracy Chapman, Savilla King; third row James Barton TIOdd Cummins, Darrell Daws, Tim Ackerman, Mann luin Hu, Clarence Cosby. I I ,:1a . I.....L; I....-ll l-.. I... L-l '11 L i fai-4 I ". . '5 l .y' ' ' . QLIQF'V; 1! - . H ?Wf Ll: 14E13i13L13313:-:.a;1:a3:33: I'"I H H ri'ur' MM rm E Ll'll LI'I '3" LE? I I3! .' '4'33" ' EI-l r II rIl: FlagQ Front row deft to righU Becky Eagam, Mary Schoenherr; second row Minna Heusala, tyre Ward, Carol Geske, Kowe Ole Seiw; third row Ken Bentlage, Carl Mattly, Roger I son. aolpag 3925' Umsuza uaqlv HALLS 263 ,, r. ? v. . Nm-qb. Angela Agalhaki Abdul Akram David Allgaier Jennifer Alkinson Kalhvyn Baker Kevin BarnelL Greg Beck lamic Beebe Amy Billikov Cynlhia Bollinger Baird Blork lunnifm Brunson lnhn Callahan lanel Campbell Angela Carroll Keilh Clements Melinda Collins Cheryl Collor Nancy Colvin lovi Diven Charles Drake Lisa Dunnkey Kavon Fochcr Timothy Fleming Slophcn Fowler Sheri Fox Debra Flicdmeyot Susan Graham Michele Greene Vanessa Hayden Patricia Hcmpen lovi Henage Lynelle Hinck Leslie Hockemeyer Pamela Howard Sheila Inman lcrald Isaacs Mark Karscig Sherry Kelsay Rhonda Kruse Charles Kuhn Darin Lcnger Angie Leonard Tim Lilleken Terry Luehrs Roxanne Manuel Susan Martens Deborah McConnell Pamela Millet 11 lohn Morgenlhale? Kalhy Parsons Kim Randall Amy Roellger Sue Salisbury Kevin Sander Slacy Sanders Sheila Sanka! Kris Schelp Sherry Small Valerie Smith 266 cnours . Glenda Umphries lenny Walenbum Susan Walton 6725 Warren Russell While Hume: Wham louis Wilben Mavy Belh Anderson Maty Blair Carol Buckner Rhonda Cain Chrisly Culp Both Eikevman lisa Franken Marsha Fulton Shcui Fullon Shohha Cavanhr Brandy Gibson Susan Hill Kelly Hume! leannc lanthal Debbie loinev Mary Beth Kelly Karen Kennedy Melissa King Calhy Kmlzu Wendy lysaghl Paula Mariel Michelle McCollough Dana MtNuIl Gail Pals Amy Pavelonis Sheila Reavey Terrie Robinson 'l'ammy Schellman linda Segovia Chrislic Sieben Denise Simon Suzanne Ihomas Cheriso Walker Karen Wheln-I Ru Balm-s Ieny Buy Darrel Brennelle Dan Dammvith William lillle Kevin Meyer Brenl Sloll GROUPS 267 Accounting Student Association 317 Agriculture Club 318 Alpha Epsilon Rho 279 Alpha Eta Rho 285 Alpha Mu Gamma 291 American Institute of Design and Drafting 307 American Marketing Association 314 American Society for Industrial Security 288 American Society for Safety Engineers 281 American Society for Certified Engineering Technicians 274 Army ROTC Ranger Squad 308 Association for Education of Young Children 285 Association of Student Leaders 286 Association of Black Collegiates 298 Association of Computing Machinery 296 Association of General Contractors 275 Association of Legal Students 272 Association of Student Industrial Hygenists 291 Baptist Student Union 304 Black Creek Council 307 Christian Campus House 312 CMSU Players 305 Collegiate 4-H 309 Concert Board 318 Council for Exceptional Children 301 Crasflsman Club 269 Dance Partisans Association 295 Della Phi Delta 313 Delta Tau Alpha 275 EconomicsNinance Club 272 Fashion and Business Association 312 French Club 298 Geography Club 295 Geology Club 292 History Club 293 Hong Kong Student Society 281 Honors Program 291 Hospitality Management Association 288 Industrial Arts and Technology Club 270 Industrial Management Society 307 International Student Organization 308 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 272 Interior Design 282 Kappa Delta Pi 303 Kappa Kappa Kappa 269 Kappa Mu Epsilon 303 Kappa Omicron Phi 279 Lambda Alpha Epsilon 269 Lambda Sigma 281 law StudenldPolilical Science 292 268 GROUPS Liahona Fellowship 276 Lutheran Student Assembly 296 Mace and Torch 296 Mathematics Education Organization 286 Mortar Board 288 Muslim Student Organization 282 National Student Speech, Language and Reading Association 285 Navigators 314 Newman Appostolate 295 Nigerian Student Association 295 Order of Omega 270 Organization of Childhood Educators 310 Outing Club 291 Para Medico 291 Pershing Rifle Club 305 Personal Management Association 282 Phi Alpha Theta 270 Phi Beta Lambda 270 Phi Eta Sigma 276 Phi Kappa Phi 313 Photography Society 288 Physical Education Majors 310 Pi Omicron Delta 293 Pi Sigma Alpha 287 Psi Chi 281 Psychology Club 287 Public Relations Student Society of America 275 Quest Honor Society 274 Radio Control Club 270 Recreation Majors Society 301 Rugby Club 279 Scabvard and Blade 310 Semper Fidelis Society 272 Sigma Alpha Iota 275 Sigma Tau Della 296 Sigma Zeta 276 Social Workers Club 287 Society for Advanced Engineers 283 Society for the Advancement of Management 285 Society of Manufacturing Engineers 318 Society of Physics Students 283 Spanish Club 279 Speech Communicaliuon Society 295 Student Home Economics Association 272 Student Missouri State Teachers Association 316 Student Reading Council 288 Tae Kwon Do 301 Theta Alpha Phi 285 Thai Student Association 314 35 KAPPA KAPPA KAPPA 60m front row Heft lo righn Marty Schnakenberg, Wendi Craft, Carolyn Godfrey, Michele Miller; second row Gina Clemens, Teri Chancellor; third row Susan Carlton, Rhonda Klasing, Patricia Yosl, Rocky Lansdown; fourth row Julie Clawson, Lori Kirchner, Lydia Doslon, Dianne Smasal, Allison Norwood, Judith Cammack, Linda Moenkhoff, Sabra Davis. CRAFTSMAN CLUB hbova front row deft to righU Kristine Shannon, John McFatrich, Jane Herries, Melissa Smith, Sally Davis, Christie Seibert, Blake Dehm; second row Mindy Lethcho, Ion Niezing, Joel Drechny, Linda Mohesky, lohn Clarke, Joseph Metcalf, Roger Dykstra, Joe Walken. CROPPS 269 270 GROUPS ORDER OF OMEGA Uighu front row deft to righn Jana Hillier, LaDonna Becker, Bridget Haefner, Janie Wolters; second row Alissa Price, Wendy Krone, Jamie Kircher, Kelly Schelp; third row Curt Roberts, Matthew Welch, Jill Stratton, Todd Rodemeyer; fourth row Sonya Bowlin, Jeff Wilkinson, Spike Travers, Kevin Critten, Chris Popeioy, Andy Klinghammer. INDUSTRIAL ARTS AND TECHNOLOGY CLUB Gar righQ front row Heft to righn Dave Luecke, Rick Cwinn, Harry Shelton; second row Mohmmad Akhtar, Patrick Dreyer, Scott Wilson. PHI ALPHA THETA welow righu front row deft to righn Amy True, Michelle Mazza, Dicky Smalley; second row Larry Emerson, Alfred Twomey, Andrew Yinger. PHI BETA LAMBDA kenten front row deft to righQ Lisa Bingham, Sandy Lyberger, Kim Cowherd, Marcee Lane, Danila DeWeese; second row Jacqui Tilton, Daniel Breeden, Paula Walker, Larry Jones, Cathy Sailta, Theresa Thompson, Rebecca Limback. RADIO CONTROL CLUB welom front row deft to righo Steven Harder, Gary Button, Albert Blankenship, John Brooks; second row Roger Rogers, Ralph Younger, Don Hayden. ECONOMICS, FINANCE CLUB uighu front row Uefl lo righU Monica BerteHi, Sugan Fuehring, Kam Kin; second row Cindy Helmig, Nancy Colvin, Candy Olson, Mary Agathaki, Lori Henage, Angela Agathaki; third row Simon Oiialor, Greg Warren, Tim McClellan, Mark Karscig, Monica Evans, CJ. Westmoreland, Deborah Pouncil, Sue Wurlenberger. INSTITUTE OF ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS mu righu front row deft to righU Michael Pritchetl, Bruce Tedrow, Scott Cook; second row Hal Sappington, David Gaulden, Kevin Ross, Michael Pantleo; third mw Kyle Reinoehl, Phillip Adams, Brian Hofen, Mark Schollmeyer, Jim lones, Keith Koeller, Henry Schmidt. SEMPER FIDELIS SOCIETY Welow righO front row deft to righ0 Michael Hartwick, Lester Hopkins, Brad Tielbur, Frank Fuller. STUDENT HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION welow front row deft to righo Suzie Tankersley, Paula Fisher, Dedra Peck; second row Cheryl Landers, Wanda Beard, Christine Rasa, Theresa Marler, Doris Flagor; third row Rolanda Robinson, Eva Aspegren, Emma Engelmeyer, Gayle Henley, Mary lucas, Alice Pearce. 273 S DI U 0 R C QUEST HONOR SOCIETY Uigho front row deft lo righU Deborah Beck, Cindy Helmig; second row Nancy Colvin, Susan Patterson, Brian Nold, Lisa Vinyard, Lisa Parker, Kristi Winn; third row Douglas Mills, Ken Skidmore, Stacy DeGraffenreid, Michael Kauffman, Kristi Kaelke, Julie Frerking, Frederic Bock, Tami Davis. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CERTIFIED ENGINEERING TECHNICIANS welom front row deft lo righu Casey Sullivan, Darryl Sullivan, Frank Mooney, Brent Schlotzhauer, Dale Knipp, Mark Schollmeyer. 274 GROUPS ASSOCIATION OF GENERAL CONTRACTORS below front row deft to righu Gene Millsap, Bill Dempski, Chris Popejoy, Leo Kupersmith; second row Clint Lam, Kelly Hammack, Steve Holloway, Stephen Plumb. PUBLIC RELATIONS STUDENT SOCIETY OF AMERICA bollom front row deft to righo Marlo ViDaurri, lulie Newsom, Cindi Martin; second row Ken Harmon, Tamela Williams, Carol Buckner, lulie Linscott, Michael Finke, Susan Neill; third row Staci Hagen, Alicia Stomp, Dennis Wilson, Ann Brill, Tim Ackerman. SIGMA ALPHA IOTA kenten front row deft to righQ Brenda Smith, Lisa Breshears, Michelle Doyle, Ann Harris; second row Leslie Merredeth, Diane Woolverton, Debbie Lengyel, Karen Russel, Susan Heidebrecht, Janette Weber. GROUPS 275 PHI ETA SIGMA Uighu Iron! row deft lo righQ Kristina Teter, Cayla Benson, Denise Marshall, Joyce Kever; second row Phyllis Hewitt, Kathy Niermann, Lora Bunch, Paula Fisher, Ruth Klingsporn, Lisa Peters, lana Moberly, Telisa Pankau, Michael Meyer; third row Melanie Zimmerschied, Teresa McMahon, Scoit Cogbill, Tammy Arnold, Brian Nold, Christina Bodenslab, Brad Bedenhausen, Kaye Bradshaw. SIGMA ZETA Uar righo front row deft to righD Carla Brush, Stacy Hull, Rifat Akhtar; second row Michael Powers, Jamie Scism, William Brown, Philip Tsang. DELTA TAU ALPHA welow righu front row deft lo righO William Bushmeyer, Tim McClellan, Dennis Brammer, Steve Mauzey. PHI ETA SIGMA kente0 front row deft lo righO Rhonda Wieberg, Stella Harris, Marla Jones, Brenda Pepper, Paula Brown, leigh Beck; second row Kristi Kaelke, James Miles, Ken Skidmore, Lisa Parker, Eleonor Hoosack, Lisa Norris, Holly Snider, Scott Fowler. LIAHONA FELLOWSHIP welom front row deft to righn Cozette Scofield, Tammy Burgess, loneila Wright, Andrea Stowell, Dan Smith; second row Paula Burgess, Larry Carmer, Barbara Norman, Greg Barnes, George Locke, Lynn Roach. 7 7 2 S D- U 0 R C 278 GROUPS KAPPA OMICRON PHI Qbon front row deft to righn Margaret Ezell, Beth Fournier, Rhonda Power; second row Theresa Marler, Leslie Kenyon, Paula Fisher. RUGBY CLUB anove lem front row deft to righn Patrick Leigh, Ed Peek, Darren Fischer, David Jeffery, Zulu Babe; second row Mike Cunningham, Pete Peterson, Grant Fox, Dan Cunningham, Kley Lucas; third row Hershel Burden, Paul Schemmer, Scott Hunt, Norman Kelley, Dennis Collins, Pat Cunningham. ALPHA EPSILON RHO Uar Iem front row deft to righn Denise Krecic, Nancy Ritchey, William Downing, Barbara Caulfield; second row Nancy Parrett, Mary Otto, lenny Taylor; third row Mark McNeely, Teresa Glaspie, Sheila Abdollahi, Martin Rhodes, Jennifer Schmitz. SPANISH CLUB Gem front row deft lo righn Pascale lublol, Susan Ecoff, Dalsy Brown, Todd Jones, Lucy Cline second row William Hauser, Eleonor Hoosack, Ryan Laymon, Timothy Doubledee. GROUPS 279 S P U 0 R G 0 8 2 HONG KONG SOCIETY Gem front row deft to righU Shing So, Daniel So, Peter Chan, Harriet Kam, Philip Tsang, Ka Ling Ho, Catalina Chan, lim Yu; second row Wai Chung, Ching-Hsiung Lo, Chun-Hung Cheung, Steven Tam. LAMBDA SIGMA Har ler front row deft to righO Robin Amick, Becky Taylor, Babbetle Swanson; second row James Miles, Ken Skidmore, Chrissy Bodenslab, Phyllis Hewitt, Oawn Hendricks, Lisa Norris; third row Alice Gower, Michelle Beretta, Kathy Miller, Sara Schneider, Marla Jones, Rodney Robinson, Robin Parcel. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR SAFETY ENGINEERS Qbove lem front row deft to righO Brian Rutherford, Bruce Hooker, Mark Brodie, Pete Spampinato, Bill Maricic; second row Khody Khodayari, Don Enke, Dr. Robert Bates, Steve Meyer, Mark Passamani, John Adlich. PSI CHI Glbova front row deft to righo Lapna Nuscis, Laurel Smith, Carla Hayden-Hughes, Lisa Parker; second row Kerri Swope, Larry Carmer, Tracy Bean, Michael Grelle. GROUPS 281 MUSLUM STUDENT ORGANIZATION bel0w front row deft to righQ Muhmmad Akhtar, Abdelfattah Shkbaya, Salleh Rashid, Amiad Akhtar, Mahhmond Allouh. INTERIOR DESIGN bottom front row Heft to righo Kim Rose, Peggy Cravemann, Tanya Hiley; second row Denise Jackson, Cathy Thessing, Tina Stewart, Sue Goetter, Tina Straw, Shannon Schnauss, Sean Slonham. PERSONAL MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION kenteo front row deft to righu Pam Miller, Mary Graham; second row Greg Miller, Angela Carroll, Lori Diven, Kathryn May; third row Don Wendel, Fran Waller, Phyllis Domann, Wendell Jennings, Dwight Cox, Jennifer Brunson, Angela Agathaki. 282 GROUPS SOCIETY FOR ADVANCED ENGINEERING Gem front row deft to righn Steve Nichols, Louis Todd, Tim Meara, Raphael Morales; second row Rod Valleroy, Jaime Dick, Jeff Driskill, Steve Studer, Michael King, Chris Winsor, John Young; third row Lyman Lyne, Dave Wagner, Barry Hannah, Fred Schieszer, Brett Fine, Ron Bean, Tom Terrell, David Soendker, Michael Hemann. SOCIETY OF PHYSICS STUDENTS below front row deft to righo John lanchar, David Beard, Robert Cockrell; second row Allen Schlotzhauer, Michael Allen, Tom Creel, Donald Miller, Ed Creel, James Taylor. GROUPS 283 ASSUCIA HON FOR hDUCAHON OI: YOUNG CHILDREN leoxw frnnl row Uefl l0 righU Rhonda McCullou , Umm- me-u Heathen Mitchell; second row C lhie MrCalnmn, Iulie Woll, Cnrhw S-Izv Holiru imw 1 am; Fisher, Cheri Cannon, Lynn Roach, Kara McCulloch, THETA ALPHA PHI molt0n1 from row Ueil lo righU lay Bean, lane Spigdrelli, Pam Sham: we und um Slcve Peters, Karen Clark, Michelle Mazza, Kevin Mynall, Elizabeth Hehhm SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Rented front row Uefl lo righU Jenniier Brunson, David McKnighl; 5m and mw Hum Radlke, Iason Shulls, Deborah Pouncil, Ralph Mullin, Wendy Smith, MendPH Jennings. NATIONAL STUDENT SPEECH, LANGUAGE AND READING welow lem front row deft t0 righU Bridget Garrison, Terri Campbell, Kristin Berry; second row Angie Sachs, Kathy Madden; third row Kathleen Bales, Nana: Welrh, Stacy DeCraffenreid, Marilynn Schmidt. ALPHA ETA RHO Gem front row deft lo IighU Steven Mooney, Thad Sowder, Lisa Yochum, Shannon lipsen, Tom Radlke, Cliff Trager; second row Waynetta Barham, Michael Grady, Anita Cook, Deborah Newman, Bryan Irelan, Marc Ferguson; third row Kirk Powell, Mitchell Berry, Robert Baker, Dean Siegrist, Ronald Pilkenlon, James Reinig, Kurl Roach. MATHEMATICS EDUCATION ORGANIZATION Qbon front row deft to righn Denise Conner, Dyan Bergsten, Sandra Hansan, Susan Rockey, Becky John; second row Larry Johnson, Karen Brickey, Jennifer Turner, Kathy Niermann, Lora Bunch; third row Karen Turner, Wendy Lysaghl, Kerri Cloud, Marcia Zeller, Sonya Campbell, Gayla Benson. ASSOCIATION OF STUDENT LEADERS ,z Uighn front row Heft to righO April Linneman, Guy Hadsall, Doug Mills. 286 GROUPS PHI SIGMA ALPHA welow front row deft to righo Steve Medlin, Larry Smith, Curl Roberts; second row David Pointer, James Young, Alan Key, Brian Wood. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB boltom front row deft lo righo Terry Daily, Kerri Swope, Michelle Johnson; second row Pete Beard, loneila Wright, Lisa Parker, Larry Carmer. SOCIAL WORKERS CLUB kenten front row Heft lo righo Sonya Twilley, Melanie Hall; second row Regina Kuroda, Crystal Bryant, Carrie Sitze, Janet Simmons; lhird row lim Peaker, Jim Freeman, Kendra Fannon, Nancy Brandt. 36:57." - , i . 288 GROUPS HOSPITALITY MANAGEMENT ASSOCIATION Uighu front row deft to righO Teresa McMahon, Caroline Rasmussen, lulie Rogers, Kaye Bradshaw, Rose Markes; second row Sheryl Averill, Mark Taylor, Daniel Rodgers, John Bowen, Beth Pelot, Amy Guion, Jamal Elyousef; third row Nancy Turner, Alan Blackmon, Dale Luetien, Melissa Louraine, Brian Khan, Ion Tappmeyer, Jeff Lucas, Eva Aspegren, Jody Summers, Christie Nichols. STUDENT READING COUNCIL Har righO front row deft to righD Wendy Lysaght, Kimberly Otto, Kate Shortall, Sandra Hanson. AMERICAN SOCIETY FOR INDUSTRIAL SECURITY welow righo front row deft to righo Brian Agnitsch, Michael Overstreet, Clarence Cosby, Randy Tennison, Brian Rutherford, Mark Plowman, Frank Gardi. MORTOR BOARD kenten front law deft to righU Jeffrey Buehrle, Leslie Wolff, Karen Turner, Nancy Colvin; second row Ellen Mowatt, Susan Fuehring, Cheryl Colter, Harriet Kam; third row Kel Denker, On Tran, Jamie Scism, Steven Humble, Alice Gower, Andy Klinghammer. PHOTOGRAPHY SOCIETY $elom front row deft to righo Danelle Kirk, Dick Kahoe, Jane Herries; second row Steve Gibson, Christy Walker, Dr. Janet Bonsall, Barbara Williams, Eric legen, Yi Sang; third row Steve Adkins, Robin Schemmer, Bob Whaler, Cathy Dominick, Ron Ladzinski. 9 8 2 S P U 0 R G S P U U R ,1. 0 W. ASSOCIATION OF STUDENT INDUSTRIAL HYGENISTS below front row deft to righO George Andis, Don Butterfield, Andrew Jackson. HONORS PROGRAM kenten front row deft to righU Deborah Beck, Lisa Vinyard, Cozetle Scofield; second row Matlison Myers, Candi Settles, Tammy Baker, Nancy Colvin, lu-Soon Lee; third row Jamie McClanan, Cindy Helmig, Helen Burke; fourth row Frederic Bock, Tami Davis, Douglas Mills, Ken Skidmore, Michelle Beretta, Brian Nold, Stacy DeGaffenreid. ALPHA MU GAMMA welow lem front row deft to righD Jeanna Hulett, Tammy Baker, Pamela Howard; second row William Hauser, Eleonor Hoosack, Susan Ecoff. PARA-MEDICO Gar lefO front row deft to righo Kevin Martin, Rifat Akhtar, Steve Mills, Paul Newberry; second row John Zimmerschied, Amiad Akhtar, Terry Bray. OUTING CLUB Gem front row deft to righU Barbara Lamb, Jeanne lanchar, Rhonda Day; second row Brian Schultze, Brian Titas, Suzanne Wesner, Jeff Wittman, Christie Siebert, Richard Farhart, Terry Bray. GROUPS 291 292 LRUQ Jpn ASSOCIATION OF LEGAL STUDENTS lenwl front row Heft l0 righO Kerry Merrel, Debbie Friedmeyer, Susan Rimmer, Lisa Bingham; second row Rhonda Kruse, Leann Elkins, Sheryl Brunkhorst, Rebecca Limhach, Stephanie Marchbanks. LAW STUDENTS POLITICAL SCIENCE mottom front row deft lo righn Laurie King, Amy Patterson, Curt Roberts, Steve Medlin; second row Larry Smith, David Pointer, Alan Key, Brian Wood. GEOLOGY CLUB menten front row Ueft to righn Brad Lindenbusch, Beth Fullerton, Bill Hume; second row James Bennett, Beth Petersen, Terry Berkland, Kale Shortall, Traci Collins, Lee Holmes, Deborah Porter. .3 Q w E Pl OMICRON DELTA Left, front row deft iu righO LeAnne Hines, Kara McCulloch, Kevin Sander, Lora Bunch, Jenny Wallenlourn; second row Lisa Peters, Cindy Helmig, Brian Wood, Sherry Kelsay, Alice Gower, Susan Graham, Andrea Hillman, Rhonda Borum. HISTORY CLUB Below, front row deft to righO Dan Crews, Tenya Brandt, Daniel Velder, Dean Dohrman. GROUPS 293 P" U 0 R C 294 SPEECH COMMUNICATION SOCIETY Gem front row Heft to righO Carol Thompson, Jason Brensdal, Shelley Loftin, Gina Dunlop. GEOGRAPHY CLUB kenlen front row Uefl lo righo Bob Libbey, Georgia Brown, Marc Plowman; second row Todd Stradford, Barbara Miller, Martha Schomacker, Nancy Carter. NEWMAN APPOSTOLATE Gar lem front row deft to righO Marlo Moscaritolo, leslie Boschert, Deborah Beck, Rita Stockman; second row Bridget Garrison, Joyce Wendel, Donald thher, Karen Walker, Nancy Carter. NIGERIA STUDENT ASSOCIATEON above lefn front row deft to righo Geoffrey Agim, Georginia Agim, Michael Adamis; second row Abdulsalami Lawal, Egbadon Okoduwa, lerry Sofolahan, Davies Olowoniran. DANCE PARTISONS above ler front row deft lo righo Sara James, lill Dudding, Lisa Colaw, Wendy Braune; second row Phyllis Hewitt, Beth Fullerton, Jill Heaviland; third row David lefferies, Sherry Parkhurst, Mary H655, Dolores Smith, Dina Herring, Dennis Murphy, Rick Gwinnv GROUPS 295 --...-... 296 GROUPS ASSOCIATION OF COMPUTING MACHINERY Qbove :ighQ front row Heft to righo Gayla Benson, Sandy Dietz, Carla Dilley, Dianna Henderson, April Duncan. MACE AND TORCH Gar righo front row deft to righo Chris Popeioy, Stacy Hull, Stephen Fowler, Ed See. SIGMA TAU DELTA Uighu front row deft to righo Christine Petty, Nancy Dewes, Marcella Barber, lane Dotson. LUTHERAN STUDENT ASSEMBLY anov$ front row deft lo righO Chris Schroeder, Chrissy Bodenstab, DeeDee Kreisel, Melissa Scherer; second row Gary Moege, Randy Engelby, luli Martinson; third row Charles Heiss, John Alexander, Hanna Kenefick, Ken Skidmore, Paula Kreisel, Deborah Walker; fourth row Gregory Shutt, Alex Strother, Kevin Martinez, Michael Vogt, Susan Fuehring, James Wright, Philip Bloedel. .-."- ,- .;- A. - A 4A Amgtw. Eg-azag. dy Dietz, tacy Hull, y Dewes, , Chrissy row Gary rles Heiss, la Kreisel, er, Kevin ht, Philip GROUPS 297 FRENCH CLUB 4 Below, front row deft lo righU Lori Mohr, Amber Patton, Lisa McVey, Pascale lublot, Todd Jones, Stephanie McMiel; second row Bridget Donegan, Stephanie Parsons, Eleonor Hoosack, Kenneth Gordon, Dan Alexander, Timolhy Fleming. ASSOCIATION OF BLACK COLLEGIATES Bottom, front row deft to righo Schyrl Harbin, Tritesearia Campbell, Shelly Bolling; second row Warren Jackson, Ava Brashear, Tausha Cash, Arquella Allen, Bridgette Bonds, Ed Atkins; third row Sandra Slaulon, Derrick Prewitt, Kwana Byers, Aquilla Butler, Diana Tucker; fourth row Tamara Sams, Kimberly Jones, laCinda Rainey, Sonya Campbell, David Wilson, Tracy Tabron, Andre Thomas, LaTonya Wade, Tanya Robinson. ASSOCIATION OF BLACK COLLEGIATES Left, front row deft to righo DeAnna Barela, Krystal Crouch, Telisa Hassen, Wanda Wilson; second row Adrienne Johnson, Phyllis Shachelford, Melissa Green, Nancy Pierce; third row Michelle Shaw, Shonelle lohnson, Kenneth Beene, Michael Staten. Above, front row deft to righn Calvin Jones, Mannetta Swift, Stephanie Duvall, Marchele lee, Kelly Reeves; second row Elsie Mends, Rolanda Robinson, Kimberly Waller, Janet Simmons; third IOW Carmen Butler, Bridget Butler, Tanya Williams, Brenda Estell; fourth row Kathy Woods, Alissa Foster, Roslyn Lewis, Daryl Duff, Eric Rhiney, Robert McGee, Frances Walker, Kaienia Lane, Kimberly Payne. GROUPS 299 COUNCIL FOR EXI Left, front row deft Stayton, Sarah Spre : row April Wilhite, Anderson, Tracy B . Mmmn zs MMue NmSm ome E; Eed.m Rvne Coov Ebua RASC Above, front row 0 second row Gary C Michael McKenzie TAE KWON DO WfAA-m: COUNCIL FOR EXCEPTIONAL CHILDREN Left, front row deft lo righn Sherry Matthews, Mary Fenoglio, Phyllis Johnson; second row Karen Stayton, Sarah Spreeman, Diane Benefiel, Julie Ashworth, Dawn Steinman, Angela Haefner; third row April Wilhite, Debbie Peters, LeeAnn Wilhite, Robyn Edwards, Jeanne DeLay, Kelly Anderson, Tracy Bean. RECREATION MAIORS SOCIETY Above left, front row deft to righn Lynda Painter, Darla Johnson, Shelly Bath, Damon Bushmeyer; second row Suzanne Closterman, Kim Dean, Jill Schaffer, Jill Schwartz; third row James Cavender, James Rideout, Kenneth Peck, Kevin Hines, Terry Simmons, Vernon Kinney. TAE KWON DO Above, front row deft to righn Jacques LeBeau, Thomas Filla, Allen Herbert, Debbie Burjoski; second row Gary Gardenhire, Gregory White, Rob Shuster, Cedric Knight, Todd Pike; third row Michael McKenzie, Jason Eaton, Charles Huelskamp, Wesley Luther, Jeff Blue. GROUPS 301 KAPPA DELTA PI Left, front row deft to righn Leslie Wolff, Dawn Hendricks, Tracy Bean, Robyn Harding; second row Ruth Kirchner, Julia Schaefer, Jayne Vickers, Kelly Anderson, Ronda Grier, Stacy Hull, Karen Brickey; third row Janet Bitchhart, Marilyn Stegeman, Sarah Spreeman, Gayla Benson, Dawn Stainman, Kim Bryant, Jill Dodson, Shela Snyder; fourth row Martha Schomacker, Karen Turner, Wayne Cleveland, Linda Beyer, Gail McVey, Kathy Miller, Jana Moberly. KAPPA DELTA PI Above left, front row deft to righO LeeAnn Wilhite, Myra Hartman, Angela Sears, Patty Solomon; second row Scott Patrick, Denise Conner, Mary Ward, Mary Korman, Peggy Bonnie, Carla Fisher; third row Stella Harris, Tonya Gabbert, Linda Vander Vennet, Kerri Cloud; fourth row Sheryl Lazenby, Becky Callis, Becky John, Theresa Thompson, Lora Bunch, Kathy Nermann, Kara McCulloch, Jeanna Hulett, Cozette Scofield, Kim Cori. KAPPA MU EPSILON Above, front row deft lo righU Kelly Elwell, lana Moberly, Gayla Benson, Kathy Niermann; second row Michael Meyer, David Beard, Carla Dilley, Mark Reese; third row Richard Wohletz, Angela Duncan, Ron Toms, Sandy Dietz. GROUPS 303 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION Below, front row deft to righO Danette Burns, Beverly Riegel; second row Snowda Shelten, lill Hicks, Albion Mends, Willa Harden; third row Melanie Bartels, Krista Oestreich, Ronald Hulcherson, Jason Ford, Dennis Doyle, Theresa Thompson, Michael Krider. Right, front row deft to righU Kevin Banks, Janie McClaran, Tamara Burkhead, Shanda Kelsay; second row Jeff Langford, Nancy Roe, Ken Hermon; third row Charlie Chrisman, Jeremy Jamison, Debbie Dixal, Michael Meyer, Christine James, Lance Langford, Dennis Dewitt; fourth row Jeff Jamison, Mike Hart, Francis O'Donnell, Alan Garnett, Hilda Schomacher, Keith Koeller, Jon Cunningham, Ion Brady. 304 GROUPS PERSHING RIFLES Left, front row deft to righQ Patricia Lieffring, Julie Hottes, Susan Howard, Mike Parr; second row Shannon Christopher, Robert Garza, Steven Swisher, Nick Swisher, Scott Schultz, Robert Smith, Mark Rogers. CMSU PLAYERS Far left, front row Heft to righo Karen Clark, Elizabeth Fletcher; second row Michelle Mazza, Deidre Larsen, Pam Sharp, Matthew Connor, Allen Herbert; third row Tara Varney, lay Bean, Steve Peters, Corey Johnston, Kevin Mynatt, Missy Moser, Jane Spigarelli, Lindsey Swearngin. GROUPS 305 S P U 0 R C 6 0 3 INDUSTRIAL MANAGEMENT SOCIETY Left, front row deft to righn Won Abate, Grace Hsu, Valerie Ford, Kwami Awuku; second row Godfrey Agbortar, Ying-Hung Lin, Yoong Tan, Shih-Huan Lai, third row Anthony Rizzi, John Nzekwe, Jacks Lee, Walid Faroun, David Lewman, Henry Schmidt, Wenshuo Chen, Cliff Parks, Joseph Galali, Shoki Mizuno. BLACK CREEK COUNCIL Above left, front row deft to righO Kimberly Robinson, Dana Moore, lashelle Goggins, Daniel Quilbra; second row Jarrett Wilson, James Wright, Kimberly Waller, Stacy Sanders, LaTonya Harris, Dale Brown; third row Lawrence Witt, Richard Bowers, Tim Robnett, Lowell Toombs, Perri Johnson. fourth row Stacey Powers, Anthony Williams, Donna King, Tracy Dunlap, Yolanda Winningham, Earl Lloyd, Stephanie Staples, Robert Page, Samantha Gordon. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF DESIGN AND DRAFTING Above, front row deft to righO Brian Herring, Nita Duvall, Gina Grant-Brannon, John Wagner; second row Michael Cox, lohn Dietzel, Matt Davis, Roger Sullivan, Mike Riley. GROUPS 307 308 GROUPS COLLEGIATE 4-H Above, front row deft to righ0 Randy Reagan, Rita Stockman, Connie Wolfrum, Becky Oswald, Janice Bryant, Lisa Kueffer; second row Bettie Rusher, Kimberly Otto, Janet Bonsall. ARMY ROTC RANGER SQUAD Above right, front row deft to righo Mark Thomas, Darryl Weaver, Michael Parr, Steven Swisher, Gregory While, Timothy Doubledee, Randall Harris, Bill Coaling; second row Robert Garza, John Holshouser, Robert Smith, Mark Rogers, Christopher Shannon, Alan Cline, Matthew Coulson. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT ORGANIZATION Right, front row deft to righU Egbadon Okoduwa, Tzu-Chung Hwang, Peter Chan, Hsiang-Lan Pan, Quan-len Wei, Chuo-Yuan Shih, Chia-Lin Meng, Grace Hsu, Chih-Piao Chen, Geoffrey Agim, Don Nissanka, DeRoy Obilor, lun-Lan Hsu; second row Voon Chong, Enis Alpakin, Kin Kam, Bernard Chin, Ling-Ling Huang, Ching-Yu Lu, Rizwan Maiumder, Fidelis Bomba; third row Kwok-Fei Ng, Simon Oiialor, Zheng-Chu Wei, loy Stevenson, Laurie Holmes, Sueann Lin, Philip Tsang, Georginia Agim, Sunday Oduneye, Kim Fong, Hophine Bwosinde, lu-Soon Lee, Syed Faruque, Abdulsalam Lawal, Wunshen Tsai; fourth row Momoh Obasanmi, Davies Olowoniran, Humphrey Abeh. 9 0 3 S P U 0 R G ; 1M 3! G a 7 rain 310 GROUPS SCABBARD AND BLADE Above, front row deft to righU Richard Chiles, Robert Smith, Judith Whynot, Timothy Grossman; second row Gary Fahrni, Michael Parr, Christopher Shannon, Mark Rogers. ORGANIZATION OF CHILDHOOD EDUCATORS Above right, front row deft to righD Sue Austin, Leslie Wolff, Angela Haefner, Carla Fisher, Julie Wolf; second row Nancy Carter, Mary Korman, Julia Schaefer, Linda Vander Vennet, Paula Martel, Kim Cori, Lora Bunch, Diane Benefiel, Julie Dove; third row Linda Koehler, Wendy Lysaghl, Kerri Cloud, Gayle Benson, Glenda Wolf, Carrie Seigel, Kara McCulloch, Lisa Kueffer, Marcia Teller, Sharon Lamson. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS Right, front row deft to righO Amy VanMeter, Mary Williams, Erica Meyer; second row Ivan Wood; Jenny Whalen, Robin Meador, Scott Patrick, Doris Webster, Carman Steinman, Tim Boatwright, Brent Kahle; third row Bob Tompkins, Erine Haag, Jane Weddle, Rick Schmidli, Anthony Sears, Jennifer Wilson, Roger Carter, Harold Bass. ROUPS 311 G -' FASHION AND BUSINESS ASSOCIATION Above, front row deft to righo Sandra Schroll, Kerri Weatherford, Paula Fisher; second row Laurie Williams, Julie Merrell, Jill Dudding, Kelly Hill; third row Debbie Burioski, Leslie Kenyon, Jodi Meagher, Patti Compton, Jackie Keen; : fourth row Mary lucas, Melinda Dow, Darla Stewart, Carol i Foster, Shayla Brown, Stephanie Robey, Barrie Bauer, Melissa ' Feldman, lamie Kircher. 1 CHRISTIAN CAMPUS HOUSE 1 Right, front row Heft to righO Robyn Wells, Sonya Twilley, Chris Herrick, Susan Abbott; second row Gina Twitty, Jennifer Ireland, I Tammy Bales, Pam Gosoroski, Danita Taylor, Amy Franklin, Russell Newby; third row Ron Hutchins, Scott Barton, Todd ' Noiman, Dan Curtis, Gina Michael, Derry Gibson, Sharon Potter. 312 GROUPS DELTA PHI DELTA Below, front row deft t0 righo Theresa Kramer, Barbara Williams, Deanna Manes, Sane Herries, Stephen Llewelyn; second row Mac Fechiling, Michelle Rolert, Kim Bales, Dave Walker; third row Leslie Lee, Ron Ladzinski, Cathy Dominck, Sharon Duckworth, Charles Gallipeau, Monique Huhmann; fourth row Carla Cilliland, Ben Franklin, leff Dahlor, Kathy Miller, Michael Krider, Robin Schemmer, Nick Burgell, Melissa Griggs, Sean Stonham, Anthony Frerking. PHI KAPPA PHI Bottom, front row deft to righO Kathy Niermann, Ann Pearce, Robyn Criswell-Bloom, Gayla Benson; second row Sherralyn Craven, Virginia Young, Darlene Laubenslein, Alice Gower; third row Richard Monson, Eugene Oshima, Jerry Winsor, Bruce Hooker, Dan Curtis, Joseph Mazza, Robert Ulrich, Harold Sampson. GROUPS 313 NAVIGATORS Right, front row deft to righu Dale Craven, Joni Lasswell, Suzanne Litle, Cherie Pedigo, Judy Harber, David Foster; second row Lori Carroll, Sharla Hubbell, Shonna Bailey, lu-Soon Lee, Jeff Payne; third row Chrisly Stewart, Shawn Dumsday, Michael Miller, Barbara McDonald, Jeff Doyel, Kim Croy, Gene Slimble, John Bruce. THAI STUDENT ASSOCIATION Below far right, front row deft to righo Wimonski Trakulsin, Alisa Chaimongkol, Taddown Ariyasakul, Sivaporn Kiatganianakul; second row Chutima Thamraksa, Prapon liralhamthanakul, John Erickson, Araya Phuphanich, Chakrapong Pisolyabut, Karn Tantrarat, Apinee Thammano. AMERICAN MARKETING ASSOCIATION Below center, front row Ueft lo righu Jeff Lierheimer, Amy Henry, Tammy Baker, lenevereth Martin; second row Martin Rhodes, Mark Pauley, Sandra Slackhouse, Cynthia leter, Ken! Eichholz, Bernard Chin; third row Jenny Taylor, Sherry Darden, Randy Wallace, Alisha Henry, Roger Parish, Sandy Lyberger, Tim McClellan, Sheila Abdollahi. Below, front row deft to righo Michael Finke, Jill Colquhoun, Danita DeWeese, Lisa Thompson, Jana Easley, Andrew Penniston; second row Wendy Hutson, Lisa Dunakey, Timothy Fleming, Keith Clements, Tracy Lopez, Daniel Breeden. 314 GROUPS 316 GROUPS AGRICULTURE CLUB Left, front row deft to righU Diane Weddinglon, Mary Hukill, Rita Stockman, Cheryl Crooks; second row David Ritchhart, Rob Swearingin, Terri Hedges, Dave Ewing, LR. Becker, Steve Kaullen, Mickey Williams; third row Karl Hauseholder, Steve Shackelford, Art McGuire, Bert Ruehter, Dennis Brammer, Don Ginther, Dale Smith, Tim Smith, Kelly Daniels. ACCOUNTING STUDENT ASSOCIATION Below, front row deft to righo Tammy Arnold, Susan Walton, lulie Wilding, Cathy Shan; second row Margaret Waller, Cheryl Colter, Karen Allen, Mary Yates, Warren Harris; third row Craig Hacker, Nancy Edwards, Russell White, Melanie lsom, Lynne Wilson, Roxanne Manuel, Darin Lenger. SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS Left, front row deft to righo Don Nissanka, Geoffrey, Karl laeger, Mark Liggett, Robert Ohrenberg, Jeff Driskill, Mike King; second row William Vacek, Jeff Godfrey, Hia-long Teoh, Scott Cook, Roy Schache, Norman Akin, Terry Estes, Dawis Olowoniram, Mike Myers. CONCERT BOARD . Far left, front row deft to righo Eric Thornton, Stacy Sloan, L:sa Fechtel, Vance Sayder, Bruce McCorkle; second row Kevin Robbins, Buddy Couvion, Ed Atkins, Kevin Hoagland. GROUPS 317 LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON welom front row aeft to righo Rhonda McLain, Sherry Parkhurst, Shawn McCall, Laurie King; second row Michael Wiggins, Debbie Mackin, Sally McCampbell, Julie Holtes, Jeanne lanchar; third row Kent Heller, Aric Anderson, Michael Weil, Darien Rensfro, Becky Eagan, Roger Fennel, John Bergfeld, Joe Vaughn, Earl Kruus. 318 GROUPS STUDENT MISSOU l STATE TEACHERS ASSOCIATION Left, front row Uefl to righo Stacey Wilkinson, Ramona Underwood, Carrie Seigel, Mary Ficken; second row Lynn Roach, Leslie Wolff, Scott Patrick, Jeanna Hulett, Rhonda Mitchell, Lisa Kueffer; third row Rhonda McCullough, Lora Bunch, Heather M chell, Mary Korma - fourth row Becky Callis, Sheryl Lazenby, Robin Amick, Charles G bert, Angela Haefner, Bill Peter, Glenda Wolf, Chrissy Bodenstab, Lesi Galloway. Below, front row Uefl to righU Jeanine Frost, Danette Burns; second row Beth Fullerton, Stacy Hull, Lori Richards, lennifer Turner; third row Dyan Bergsten, Linda Vander Vennet, Nancy Roe, Jill Dodson, Janna Wessing; fourth ow Valerie Hoskins, Dawn Johnson, Kelly Atkins, Debbie Peters, Tabitha Biele, Beth Peterson, Raquel Kirby. Bottom, front row deft to righU Lisa Norris, Sarah Robinson, Alice Buckley Diane Benefiel; second row DeAnn Taggart, Denise Conner, Susan Rockey; third row TIrn Belshe, Gwen Riesenmy, Julia Schaefer, Mary Anderson, Kara McCulloch, Becky Taylor, Kale Shortall; fourth row Nancy C ter, Karen Turner, Kathy Niermann, Jeanne Delay, LeeAnn W:!hite, Julie Wolf, Sheila Reavey, Gayle Benson, Beth Lane. Bottom center, front row deft to righU Kim Bryant, Gayla Benson; second row lacqueline Wallace, Cheri Cannon Kim Corf, Karen Brickey, Sheila Jenkins, Debbie McGinley; lhird row Dianna Henderson, L cinda Limback, Linda Stackhouse, lustyn Graham, Ann Cox, Emily Appelbaum, Tyra Tripp. GROUPS 319 320 Top 10 Top 10 Songs "Walk like an Egyptian" Bangles "With or Without You" U2 "I Want Your Sex" George Michael "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us" Starship "The Time of My life" Bill Medley 8: Jennifer Warnes "I Think We're Alone Now" Tiffany "Only In My Dreams" Debbie Gibson "I Want to Dance With Somebody" Whitney Houston "Wanted Dead or Alive" Bon lovi "Mony, Mony" Billy Idol Top 10 Albums "Slippe When Wet" Bon lovi "Ba " Michael Jackson "The Joshua Tree" U2 "Whitney" Whittle Houston "Graceland" Pau Simon "Licensed to Ill" Beastie Boys "Whitesnake" Whitesnake "Rapture" Anita Baker "Back in Ihe High Life" Steve Winwood "Invisible Touch" Genesis -510" FI I. 444 ' TI": TI S ' hngles u" U2 :e Michael s" Starship I Medley 5: Ir" Titiany Me Gibson mbodyn 'l 'Ionlovi vldol Aspiring to be the best Top 10 Movies Fatal Attraction Beverly Hills Cop II Star Trek IV Dirty Dancing Three Men and a Baby Wallstreel Broadcast News Full Metal Jacket Stakeoul Untouchables Top 10 TV Shows Moonlighling LA. Law Cosby Different World Designing Women All Growing Pains Family Ties Perfect Strangers Head of The Class Top 10 Men lt. Col. Oliver North lim Bakker Gary Hart Patrick Swayze Mikhail Gorbachev Ronald Reagan Michael Douglas Spuds Kevin Costner Charlie Sheen Top 10 Women Baby Jessica Donna Rice Jessica Hahn Fawn Hall Church Lady Tammy Faye Bakker Mary Hart Cher Dolly Parton Nancy Reagan 321 reaching goals .5. mm? ""1? r 1-H? ' p w' ' 1 ; 4 Qk' ., W -C $ ?, 4.! mam: yylrltd puma -y, 324 .434 waiting your turn S k C a t S e h t g .m h C r a e S XE QR wak x x X c N Awyh 3 KKK szv'vg 5343:: H 195 , q." 328 working and playing 329 '- 421,3" h other enjoying eac 331 changing with the seasons 1xxwxs ., Em. 334 W. m, 6. . .- no Ionger staying between the lines A Aaberg, David 73 Aaberge, Kim 148 Abbott, Susan 148 Abdollahi, Sheila 148 Abeh, Humphrey 148 Abrahamson, Shawn 228 Ackerman, Tim 71, 263 Ackerman, Timothy 148 Acklin, David 148 Adair, Audra 210 Adamik-Faszo, Anna 148 Adams, Kathy 148 Adams, Laura 148 Adams, Phillip 148 Adams, Revitra 148, 259 Adamski, Gerald 219 Adamu, Michael 148 Adell, Dwight 148 Affronti, Joseph 219 Agathaki, Angela 266 Agim, Geoffrey 148, 317 Agim, Georginia 148 Agnew, Carin 148 Aguilar, Frank 230 Akers, Julie 148 Akhtar, Amjad 148 Akin , Norman 317 Akram, Abdul 266 Akran, Adbul 141 Alaiwat, Neal 208 Alderman, Tom 123, 212 Alewel, Teresa 141 Alexander, Dan 148, 222 Alfermann, Gretchen 96 Algozzini, Paula 148 Main, James 148 Allen , Toni 206 Allen, Archie 123, 214 Allen, Brenda 148 Allen, Densil 141 Allen, Karen 204, 225, 317 Allen, Robert 228 Allen, Roberta 148 Allen, Sheila 210 Allgaier, David 266 Allis, Karen 148 Allnutt, Stacey 245 Allouh, Mahmoud 148 336 INDEX Altenhofer, Stephen 228 Alwi, Saleh 148 Al Refai, Aimen 246 Amadi, Silvester 148 Amerine, Kimberly 148 Amey, Paul 228 Amick, Robin 148, 319 Amin, Mohammad 148 Amodeo, Charles 148 Anderson, Aric 148, 318 Anderson, Kevin 230 Anderson, Kim 148 Anderson, Mary 148, 319 Anderson, Mary Beth 267 Anderson, Sheryl 216 Anderson, Vicki 229 Andes, Donald 141 Andracki, John 148 Andrews, Thomas 222 Andrews, Tom 148 Antle, Scott 148 Antonio, Tina 206 Antwine, Terri 148 Apenbrinck, Deborah 148, 254 Appelbaum, David 118 Appelbaum, Emily 99, 319 Applebaum, Emily 96 Arbuckle, Cathy 244 Archie, Julie 148, 241 Argabright, Dale 148 Armstrong, Sherree 148 Arndt, Angela 199 Arnold, April 148 Arnold, David 228 Arnold, Jeffrey 224 Arnold, Mike 261 Arnold, Tammy 148, 317 Arp, Jeff 224 Ash, Latricia 148 Ashcraft, Tonya 120 Ashworth, Julie 148 Askin, John 242 Aspergren, Eva 141 Atchity, Sheila 210, 240 Atkins, Ed 317 Atkins, Kelly 319 Atkinson, Jennifer 148, 266 Atkinson, Neil 123, 246 Atwood, Mary 148, 206 Ault, Christy 256 Ausmer, Kenneth 148 Austell, Tyra 255 Austin, Kathleen 149 Austin, Michael 149 Austin, Sue 149 Auten , Karol 149 Averill, Sheryl 200 Awuku, Foster 149 Ayers, Janet 74, 149 Ayles, Debbie 199 Aziz, Ahmad 149 B Babb, Mark 149, 237 Bachman, Shawn 240 Bachmann, Duane 141 Bachus, Gordon 141 Backs, Deanna 199 Backues, Corey 149, 214 Backues, Stace 214 Baeher, Steven 149, Baer, Denise 199 Bagby, Shelley 263 Bahner, Teri 149 Bailey, Bryan 123, 227 Bailey, Russell 218 Bailey, Shonna 149 Bailey, Stephen 230 Bailey, Steve 202 Baker , Dean 149 Baker, Daniel 141 Baker, Kathryn 141, 266 Baker, Kelly 206 Baker, Mark 230 Baker, Parrish 249 Baker, Robert 149 Baker, Tammy 149 Baldry, Brian 149 Baldwin, Greg 228 Baldwin, Kirk 252 Baldwin, Laura 244 Baldwin, Lisa Rae 149 Bales, Tammy 149 Ball, Greg 149 Ball, Helen 141 Ball, Larry 48 Ball, Melinda 216 Banks, Marsha 149, 239 Bannan, Jayme 149 Barber, Bill 143 Barber, Delores 149 Barber, Marcella 257 Bare, Wes 48 Bare, William 149 Barker, Cynthia 200 Barker, Lisa 149 Barker, Tracy 149 Barklage, Robert 123 Barksdale, Michele 239 Barlett, Christopher 149 Barner, Lisa 149 Barnes, Greg 149 Barnes, Michael 149 Barnes, Mildred 141 Barnes, Rex 267 Barnett, Denise 204 Barnett, Kevin 247, 266 Barningham, Sandra 149, 260 Barnthouse, David 202 Barr, Chris 202 Barrow, Susie 254 Barry, Dawn 117, 118, 149, 257 Barry, Lori 149 Bartels, Kenneth 149 Bartels, Melanie 149 Bartlett, Bonnie 141 Bartlett, Christopher 218 Barton, James 263 Barton, Julie 99 Bartow, Brook 225 Basch, Cindy 200 Basham, Kristin 216, 231 Basnett, Rhonda 220 Bass, Harold 118 Bass, Michele 149, 216 Bassett, Carol 72, 74 Bates, Becky 149 Bates, Bradley 149 Bates, Kim 245 Bates, Kimberly 149 Bath, Shelly 149 Battagler, Kerri 227 Batts, Kyle 202 Bauer, Lisa 149 Bauer, Pat-224 Bauer, Stephanie 149 Bauermeister, Bryan 250 Baughman, Rhonda 257 Baumer, Kimberly 149, 245 Baumgartner, Eric 231 Bavaro, Tarri 244 Bax, Donna 149 Beachner, Amy 149, 204 Beal, Jane 141 Beaman, Debbie 257 Beaman, Debra 149, 200 Beaman, Melinda 206, 209 Bear, Richard 222 Beard, Gina 206 Beard, Sherri 248 Beaucher, Chad 150 Beavey, Sheila 240 Bebee, Jamie 266 Beck, Deborah 149 Beck, Greg 266 Beck, Leigh Anne 71 Beck, Michael 250 Beck, Mitchell 149 Beck, Rhonda 200 Becker, Bob 205 Becker, David 208 Becker, Ladonna 199 Becker, Lisa 149, 220 Beckman, Jonathan 149 Beckmann, Scott 150, 241 Beckner, Jason 150 Beebe, Lisa 244 Beebe, Sandy 150 Beeler, Kecia 150 Beeler, Todd 247 Beggs, Jeff 202, 211 Behm, Jennifer 150 Behrle, Bill 150 Belanger, Bruce 202 Bell, Amy 261 Bell, Angelia 150 Bell, Chad 202 Bell, Melody 150 Belland, Becky 96, 99 Belser, Craig 218 Belshe, John 141 Belshe, Tim 319 Belt, Tonya 150, 241 Belzer, Amy 150 Benedick, Carl 242 Benefiel, Diane 319 Beninato, Chris 204 .Bennett, Caroline 150 Bennett, David 228 Bennett, Robert 228 Benson, Gayla 150, 319 Benson, Gayle 150, 319 Benson, Suzanne 261 Bentlage, Ken 263 Bentley, Stuart 150, 247 Benton, Stephen 150 Bentzen, Cynthia 150 Berendzen, Jill 262 Berenstien, Jill 200 Beretta, Michelle 150, 261 Berg, Kelly 150 J Berge, Michael 141 Berger, Renee 150, 199 Bergfeld, Jack 222 Bergfeld, John 318 Bergfield, John 150 Berglund, Michael 71, 73 Bergschneider, Cheryl 150 Bergsten, Dyan 150, 200, 319 Berkland, Terrill 141 Berlekamp, Becky 220, 229 Bermond, Scotty 150 Bernagozzi, Adrian 141 Berning, Doug 150 Bernskoetter, Jim 224 Berry, Dale 150 Berry, Gordon 150 Berry, Jena 245 Berry, Kris 223 Berry, Kristen 150 Berry, Mark 150 Berry, Mitchell 150 Bertelli, Monica 220, 255 Bertoncin, Jeff 252 Bertz, Jonathan 230 Bertz, Shawn 230 Bescher, Rhonda 150 Beshoner, Jill 204, 229 Bess, Timothy 202 Beth, Eric 72 Betts, Sharon 150, 244 Betz, Renee 141 Beucher, Brad 150 Beydler, Joe 74 Beydler, Joseph 72, 150 Beyer, Linda 150, 245 Biele, Tabitha 319 Bierk, John 228 Bierk, Mary 206 Bierk, Todd 207 Bigham, Dwanna 150 Bilgrien, Jennifer 150 Bingham, Lisa 150 Bisacca, Kristi 150 Bischel, Tim 120 Bishop, Maureen 239 Bittiker, Amy 216, 266 Bitzenburg, Shelly 226 Biver, Diane 150 Blackburn, Edward 150 Blackburn, Lucy 141 Blackburn, Sarla 74 Blackburn, Sharla 72 Blackwell, Aimee 220 Blahnik, Mark 120 Blair, Brian 252 Blair, Mary 267 Blake, Sherry 199 Blandkenship, John 253 Blankenbiller, Matthew 230 Blankenship, A. E. 141 Blankenship, Amanda 248 Blankenship, John 150 Blau, Michael 230 Bleck, Rob 227 Bliss, Julie 210 Bloomfield, Karen 150, 220, 223 Bluhm, Todd 150, 247 Blumberg, Mark 141 Blunt, Troy 120 Bly, Matt 150, 230 Boatwright, Tim 230 Bob, John 252 Bock, Frederic 141 Bock, Kelly 220 Bock, Randy 150 Bode, Melodie 150, 215 Bodenhausen, Brad 230 Bodenstab, Chrissy 150, 319 Boeckelman, Nancy 240, 248 Boeckman, Susan 248 Bogart, Dennis 72 Bohon, Brenda 150 Boland, Anita 151 Boley , Tammy 151 Bolin, Kimberly 151 Bolletta, Beth 244 Bolling, Shelly 151, 255 Bollinger, Cindy 151 Bollinger, Cynthia 266 Bollinger, Pam 151 Bolster, Chad 151, 218 Bolten, Michelle 226 Bond, Cindy 112 Bond, Scott 34, 211 Bonds, Bridgette 151 Boney, Karen 226 Bonine, Peggy 151 Bonsal, Janet 141 Bonuchi, Eddie 123 Boone, Kelly151 Borgmeyer, Jo Ann 112 Borum, Rhonda 48, 151 Boschert, Leslie 151,241 Bostrom, Laurie 200, 223 Bottcher, Christopher 212 Bovard, Jennifer 151, 248 Bowen, Brenda 151, 262 Bowers, Robert 151 Bowlin, Sonya 151, 216 Bowman, Barb 206 Bowman, Shawn 151, 250 Bowman, Shirley 151 Boxx, Shelly 151, 242 Boyd, Kathy 220 Boyd, Robert 141 Boyer, Candy 151 Boyle, Bonita 200 Boyle, Jon 151 Boyle, Katie 151, 200 Boyle, Pamela 206 Brack, Leslie 251 Bradbury, Russell 151 Braden,Jeff151, 218 Braden, Tracey 104 Bradshaw, Kaye 151 Bradshaw, Scott 151 Brady, Donna 151 Brady, Randee 141 Brammer, Dennis 151, 317 Brandes, Wendell 141 Brandt, Connie 151 Brandt, Nancy 151 Brandt, Phil 151 Brandt, Scott 151 Branson, Tammi 244 Bratcher, Dawn 262 Brauer, Frederick 141 Braughton, Misty 256 Braun, Eric 202 Braune, Wendy 151, 225 Bray, Chance 151 Bray, Russell 151 Bray, Terry 151, 267 Breiner, Gena 204, 231 Bremer, Joe 227 Brenneke, Darrel 267 Brenner, Joey 242 Brensdal, Jason 151 Bresett, Dennis 228 Breshears, Lisa 71, 151, 248 Breshears, Michelle 215 Brewer, Allison 151, 239 Brewster, Brad 151 Brickey, Karen 151, 319 Briece, Debbie 151, 210 Brieosoe, Michelle 36 Briggs, Debbie 206, 229 Briggs, Teresa 226 Brink, Kristin 206 Brinkmeyer, Jeff 34, 151 Brinkmeyer, Jeffery 40 Britt, Ann 151 Britton, James 141 Brizendine, less 151 Brock, Amy 151 Brock, Baird 141, 266 Brock, Brian 151, 247 Brockelmeyer, Cheri 240 Brockman, Sheri 151 Brockway, Monica 151 Brodrick, Tamera 152 Brookens, Kenneth 141 Brooks, Berdetta 242 Brooks, Deems 141 Brough, Cindy 200 Brough, Cynthia 152 Brower, Reboni 152 Brower, Roboni 254 Brown, Amy 152, 200 Brown, Candy 204 Brown, Casandra 74 Brown, Cindy 248 Brown, DD. 123 Brown, Dale 221 Brown, Dalsy 141 Brown, Desiree 152 Brown, Douglas 152 Brown, Gregory 141 Brown, JD 243 Brown, Jeff 230 Brown, Karey 152 Brown, Kevin 202 Brown, L. 152 Brown, Linlley 152 Brown, Lori 257 Brown, Marla 152 Brown, Paula 152 Brown, Scott 152 Brown, Serena 118 Brown, Stacy 206, 229 Brown, Susi 216 Brown, Terri 120, 152, 239 Brown, Woodbridge 141 Brubeck, Melanie 223 Brummett, Doug 218 Brunke, David 152 Brunkhorst, Michael 71 BrUnson, Jennifer 152, 266 Brush , Carla 152 BriJsh, Gregory 152 Bryan, Darin 208 Bryan, Darrin 123 Bryan, Elam 214 Bryant, Crystal 199 Bryant, Darla 257 Bryant, Janice 152 Bryant, Kim 319 Bryant, Kimberly 152 Bryant, Mary 152 Buckland, Gary 228 Buckley, Alice 319 Buckner, Carol 152, 267 Buehrle, Jeff 120 Bukovac, Nicholas 1 152 1 Bullinton, Christi 152 Bumpus, Dorothea 7 :1 152 1 Bumpus, Dorthy 152 1'1 Bunch, Lora 152, 319 1 Bunch, Michael 152 1 Burden, Dean 224 1 Burden, Donna 141 1 Burdette, Russell 227 1 1 Burgelin, Jeff 222 11, Burgelin, Jeffery 15211 Burgen, Lucinda 152 1 Burgess, Paula 152 : 1 Burgett , Nick 152 : 3? Burjoski, Debbie 152 1,1 Burke, Christine152 , 1 , Burke, Helen 152 : 1: Burkett, Stephanie 1 1 1 216 Burkhead, Tamara 152, 256 1 :1 Burkholder, Paul 253 1 Burkowhitz, Philamena 260 1 Burns, Danette 319 1 1 Burr, Elana 152 1 Burton, Cindy 152 Burton, Kim 152 Buschmann, Beverly 248 Bush, Becky 249 Bushman, Greg 152 Bushmeyer, William 141 Butler, Aquilla 152 Butler, Carmen 152, 240 1 : Butler, Kath 204 1 Bwosinde, Hophine 152 Bybee, Elisa 226 Byers, Brad 253 Byrd, Antonyo 246 INDEX 337 Byrd, Bridget 152 Byrd, Marquita 141 C Cadwell, Stephen 218 Cafferty, Camron 152 Cain, Julie 210, 242 Cain, Brenden 202 1 Cain, Kim 210 Cain, Rhonda 267 Caldarella, Tony 152, 222 Calder, Alex 205 Caldwell, Brad 152, 259 Caldwell, Eric 230 Calia, Paul 152, 222 Callahan, John 266 Callahan, Kathryn 141 Callis, Becky 319 Callis, Rebecca 152 Calton, Darin 120, 230 Cammack, Judith 269 Campbell, Howard 218 Campbell, Janet 266 Campbell, Jennifer 152 Campbell, Kathy 226, 262 Campbell, Kimberly '153 Campbell, Lisa 257 Campbell, Tina 153 Campbell, Verrazane 256 Canatsey, Lisa 220, 229 Cannon, Cheri 153, 319 Canole, Rod 214 Canter, Rebekah 220 Cantrell, Buster 153 Cantrell, Jeremy 252 Cantrell, Stephanie n53 Qanzoneri, Heather 220 Caples, Becky 206, 229 Caprio, Teresa 204 Cardwell, Georgia 220 Carlson, Becky 153 Carlson, Jeffrey 153 Carlton, Susan 269 Carr, Aaron 253 Carr, Kathryn 141 Carr, Timothy 153 Carriker, Nathan 237 Carrizzo, Tracie 36, 210 Carrol, Laurie 199 338 INDEX Carroll, Angela 153, 266 Carter, Curtis 153, 242 Carter, Gregory 228 Carter, Kelly 153 Carter, Leslie 153 Carter, Lisa 153 Carter, Lori 48 Carter, Marte 141 Carter, Nancy 319 Carter, Roger 224 Carter, Stanley 141 Carter, Tracey 251 Carthey, Brad 218, 226 Carver, Kirsten 210 Case, Brent 219 Case, Merl 141 Cash, Tausha 255 Caskey, Ronald 153 Casper, Jodie 153 Cassidy, Bob 72 Castaner, Cheryl 153 Castillo, Laura 153, 257 Castle, Conan 141 Cates, Connie 153 Cathcart, Ron 219 Caudle, Angela 153 Caulfield, Barbara 153 Cavender, James 153 Cecil, Deborah 153, 248 Cecil, Mike 205, 228 Celestine, Shlawnda 259 Cernech, Paul 153 Chaimongkol, Alisa 153 Chalupny, Karen 104, 106 Chamberlain, Melissa 153 Chambers, Suzanne 204,212 Chancellor , Teri 153 Chancellor, Judy 244 Chancellor, Teri 269 Chancellor, Terry 120 Chaney, Larry 218 Chang, Ai-Ching 153 Chapman, Robert 153 Chapman, Tracy 263 Chapple, Angel 153 Charles, Jetaun 153, 254 Chen, Chih-Piao 153 Childers, Cassie 153, 245 Childers, John 230 Chlipala, Mike 123, 224 Chmiel, Kim 153 Choi, lnhwan 153 Chong, Peter 153 Chrisman, Charles 71 Chrisman, Charlie 73 Christian, Sandy 153 Christoffefson, Tracy 153, 214 Chronister, Kevin 228 Chullino, Liz 203 Chung, Yayun 153 Churn, Karen 153 Claiborne, James 208 Clapham, Shannon 153 Claphan, Shannon 247 Clapp, Nancy 261 Clark, Bonnie 231 Clark, Bryan 72, 74 Clark, Karen 153 Clark, Kathy 153 Clark, Kevin 120 Clark, Lori 153 Clark, Michael 222 Clarke, John 269 Clarkson, Matt 224 Clawson, Julie 141, 269 Clay, Bryan 118 Cleave, Harold Van 1147 Clemens, Christopher 228 Clemens, Gina 269 Clemens, 10er 220 Clement, Francine 153 Clements , Keith 153 Clements, Keith 266 Cleveland, Don 227 Cleveland, Wayne 141 Clevenger, Todd 208 Clinkscales, Jeremy 242 Clinton, Keith -153, 241 Clock, Cindy 153, 210 Cloud, Kenneth 141 Cloud, Lisa 153 Clower, Angeletta 153 Cockrell, Robert 154 Cockrell, Valerie 154 Cocks, Michelle 154 Coe, Coeita 248 Coe, Rodney 228 Cogbill, Scott 252 Colaw, Lisa 36, 154, 200 Coleman, Cassandra 154, 251 Coleman, Ron 74 Coleman, Russell 141 Colench, Denise 256 Colench, Jeff 123, 154 Colhour, Denise 154, 242 Colhour, Terry 202 Collier, Michael 154, 222, 226 Collier, Terry 224 Collins, Monteria 154 Collins, Roger 154 Collins, Angelia 154 Collins, Danna 154 Collins, Jim 202 Collins, Melinda 154, 249, 266 Collins, Robert 247 Collins, Roger 40, 218 Collins, Sara 210 Collins, Traci 245 Collura, Vince 230 Collura, Vincent 154 Collyer, Heather 154 Colquhoun, Jill 154 Colter, Cheryl 154, 262, 266, 317 Colvin, Nancy 40, 154, 266 Combs, Douglas 154 Combs, Shawna 245 Comer, Jenise 141 Comer, Mitch 222 Commack, L. A. 141 Commino, Shawna 154, 244 Como, Chris 237 Como, Christopher 154 Compton, Patti 154 Conaway, Anthony 154, 219 Conboy, Jeffrey 202 Cone, Vickie 239 Conley, Natasha 154 Conley, Tasha 261 Conner, Denise 199, 319 Conner, John 242 Connor, Bruce 74, 154 Connor, Matthew 154 Connor, Shawn 230 Cook, Danae 72 Cook, Dennis 154 Cook, Kenneth 202 Cook, Ladonna 154, 200 Cook, Rusty 154, 259 Cook, Scott 154, 317 Cook, Tracy 230 Cooley, Carolyn 256 Cooper, Curtis 141 Cooper, Frederick 154 Cooper, Jana 209, 210 Cooper, Jon 228 Cooper, Tina 226 Cooper, Trina 256 Copelin, Sushanna 216 Copridge, Craig 83 Cordes, Vonda 154 Corf, Kim 319 Corf, Kimberly 154 Cornejo, Angrea 257 Cornelison, Shannon 204 Cornine, Kelly 154, 206 Corte, Frank 228 Cosby, Clarence 154, 263 Coslet, Bridget 210 Costales, Kathryn 154, 241 Costello, Brian 154, 208 Cottone, R. Rocco 141 Couch, Michelle 199 Coulson, Matthew 154, 214 Coulter, Donna 154 Coureton, Stephanie 154 Courtney, Brad 230 Couvion, Buddy 141, 317 Cox, Ann 319 Cox, Cheri 118 Cox, Dwight 154 Cox, Ann 154, 200 Cox, Cheri 154 Cox, Darren 202 Cox, David 222 Cox, Kartemus 154 Cox, Kimmala 154, 256 Cox, Lesli 117, 118 Cox, Michael 227 Cox, Michell 239 Cox, Michelle 154, 243 Cox, Pamela 154 Cox, Sam 141 Craft, Wendi 269 Craig, Janell 154, 210 Craig, Martha 154 Crane, Michelle 112 Craver, Larry 247 Crawford, Carrie 23, 204 Crawford, Denise 155 Crawford, Dondi 239 Crawshaw, Julie 155 Crawshaw, Randy 155 Creed, Kimberly 155, 199 Creighton, Wilda 141 Crenshaw, Kevin 228 Crews, Daniel 141 Crisman, Darren 202 l Criswell Bloom, Robyn 141 Critten, Kevin 207, 208 Crook, John 230 Crook, Michael 230 Crooks, Cheryl 155, 317 Crooks, Emily 155 Crooks, Paul 155 Crookshank, Jeanine 23 Crossen, Mindy 155, 241 Crosson, Trey 261 Crosson, William 155 Crouch, Krystel 155, 239 Crouse, Doug 155 Crow, Tracy 155, 212 Crowder, Susan 155 Crowley, Suzanne 206 Crozier, Brent 237 Cruce, Joanna 155 Cruiz, Tom 249 Crump, Corey 155 Cullum, Kevin 207, 228 Culp, Christy 155, 267 Cummings, Jeff 155 Cummings, Jennifer 254 Cummins, Todd 263 Cunningham, Chris 155, 247 Cunningham, Dan 155 Cunningham, Jeffery 208 Cunningham, Melinda 74 Cunningham, Michael 155 Cunningham, Patrick 155 Cupp, Martin 123 Cupp, Stephen 155 Cupp, Steve 252 Curls, Phillip 155 Curp, Tony 218 Curry, Doug 218 Curtis, Dan 141 Curtis, Lance 155 Curtis, Mark 34, 155, 208 Cusick, Lisa 220 Czapla, Christine 155 D Dace, Adresie 155, 251 Dahllund,Jouni155 Dailey, Meredith 254 Daily, Meredith 155 Dake, Brian 250 Dakin, Kelly 216 Dale, Dana 53, 209 Dalman, Aardvark 250 Dalman, Eric 72 Dalrymple, Gloria 155 Dalton, Bob 214 Dalton, Robert 155 Daly, Donald 202 Dammrich, Dan 267 Damp, Michael 155, 247 Damron, Alta 141 Damron, Wilbur 141 Daniel, Margaret 227 Daniel, Quillona 155, 213 Daniels, Jeff 222 Daniels, Kelly 317 Dannaldson, Jeff 155, 241 Danner, Leann 203, 210 Danner, Sarah 226 Dansby, Charles 155 Darden, Sherry 238 Dasta, Maria 155, 261 Daugherty, Jerry 208 Dave, Motley Crue. Dr. 249 Davenport, Edward 141 David, Stagg 147 Davies, William 155 Davis, Darrell 263 Davis, Dennis 202 Davis, Douglas 230 Davis, Jennifer 204 Davis, John 155 Davis, Jonathan 155 Davis, Kelley 216 Davis, Kim 220 Davis, Linda 244 Davis, Lynn 202 Davis, Matt 155 Davis, Michael 218 Davis, Mike 123 Davis, Paula 155 Davis, Peggy 155 Davis, Regina 155, 251 Davis, Sabra 269 Davis, Sally 269 Davis, Tamitha 155 Day, Michelle 204 Dayton, Dana 262 Dean, Julie 241 Dean, Keith 91 Dean, Sally 200 Dean, Staci 155 Dean, William 202 Debaene, Kevin 228 Decker, James 141 Decker, Stephanie 155 DeClue, Dan 208 Defrain, David 141 Degraffenreid, Stacy 155 DeGraffenreid, Stacy 262 Dehart, Netti 206, 209 Dehm, Blake 250, 269 Deitch, Jennifer 155 DeJonge, Linda 141 DeJonge, Robert 141 DeLay, Jeanne 319 Delay, Jeanne 155 DeLong, Debbie 244 Delong, Debra 156 Deluca, John 156, 212 Demoss, Sherry 210 Denison, Karen 216 Denker, Kel 208 Denman, Denise 226 Dennis, George 141 Dennistudy 156 Dennison, John 141 Dennison, Ron 156 Deornellis, Rhonda 156 Deterding, Dawn 255 Deterding, Greg 249 Devore, Laura 156, 210 Dewberry, Lassandra 156, 262 Dewey, Lynette 244 Dewitt, Kevin 156 Dewitt, Tom 212 Dewwwse, Danita 156 Dexter, Sherylynn 156 Diamond, Billy 156 Diamond, Joey 261 Dick, Stephanie 220 Dickerson, James 156 Dickerson, Larry 156 Dickmeyer, Mark 202 Didding, Jill 156 Dieckhoff, Dale 141 Diehl, Martha 141 Dietrich, Debbie 156 Dietsch, Ashley 216 Dietz, Sandra 156 Dietz, Sandy 251 Dildine, Mickey 261 Dill, Sabrina 40, 204, 231 Dillard, Tyrone 118, 156 Dillman, Jennifer 156 Dillon, Jackie 199 Dingley, Ryan 156, 247 Diven, Lori 156, 266 Dixon, Susan 96, 99 Dodds, Brian 219 Dodson, Jill 319 Doerr, Kimala 206 Doff, Daryl 156 Dohrman, Chrissii 199 Doll, Susan 254 Domann, Phyllis 141 Dominick, Cathleen 156 Dominick, Michael 156 Donaldson, Vanessa 156 Donnici, Rose 220 Dorman, Phil 48 Dorman, Terry 123, 214 Dorner, Denise 156 Dorr, Joel 230 Dorr, Nancy 156 Dorrell, Larry 141 Dorsey, Lesa 204 Doston, Lydia 269 Dotson, Doug 253 Dotson, Jack 261 Dotson, Jane 156 Dotts, Mike 120 Doubledee, Timothy 222 Doug, 241 Douglas, Jill 48 Douthit, Lisa 156 Dove, Julie 156, 200 Dow, Minda 204 Downen, Michelle 74 Downey, Matt 208 Downing, Will 48 Downing, William 156, 247 Downs, W. A. 141 Doyel, Jeffery 156 Doyle, Dora 156 Doyle, Michelle 72, 74 Drake, Charles 266 Drake, Gregory 214 Drechny, Joel 247, 269 Drees, Jerry 230 Dreyer, Patrick 156 Driscoll, Shawn 156 Driskill, Jeff 317 Droege, Lee 156 Drunert, Marsha 210 Dryer, Michael 156 Duckworth, Sharon 156 Dudenhoeffer, Deann 220 Duede, Alan 156 Duff, Daryl 71, 74 Duke, Michelle 156, 199 Dulaney, Marsha 156, 254 Dumas, Jennifer 220 Dunakey, Lisa 40, 156, 266 Dunaway, Thomas 71 Duncan, Brad 48, 219 Duncan, John 156 Duncan, Lisa 216 Duncan, Steven 222 Dunkeson, Perry 156 Dunlap, Karen 229 Dunlap, Robert 230 Dunlap, Tracy 156, 215 Dunlop, Gina 220 Dunn, Darlene 156, 240 Dunn, Grant 230 Dunn, Joni 203 Dunstan, Perry 156, ,4 247 Dunwoodie, Katie 200 Durham, Diana 204 Durk, Amy 220 Durrill, Mary 141 Dury, Lawrence 156 Dutcher, Darin 246 Dutoit, Lynn 204 Duvall, Stephania 156 Dyer, Janet 156 Dykman, Samuel 253 Dykstra, Roger 219, 269 Eagam, Becky 263 Eagan, Becky 318 Earles, Theresa 34, 157, 206, 209 Easley, Jana 157, 206 Easter, Bret 202 Eastman, Barry 214 Eatman, Rochell 157 Ebeling, Lisa 157 Ebewele, Ferrel 157 Ebrecht, Rodney 157, 260 Eckerle, Mendy 210 Eckerman, Scott 157, 246 Ecoff, Sue 40 Eddings, Tammy 48 Edgerton, Kimberly 157 Edmister, Craig 202 Edmonds, Diane 72 INDEX 339 Edmondson, Ben 141 Edmondson, Tom 157 Edmonston, Tina 157, 244 Edwards, Don 214 Edwards, Kelly 224 Edwards, Kevin 208 Edwards, Nancy 157, K 248, 317 Edwards, Pam 225, 226 Edwards, Todd 71 Egan, Brian 118, 120 Egan, Desri 157, 241 Eggen, Debbie 204, 215 Egger, Michael 226 Ehlers, Lynelle 259 Ehlert, Rhett 157, 259 Ehrhardt, Becky 254 Eichholz, Kent 157 Eidson, Lori 157 Eidson, Tammy 223, 226 Eikerman, Beth 267 Eisenbarger, Rob 202 Eke, Samuel 157 Elam, Andrew 230 Elam, Bryan 34, 123 Hey, Elliott 91, 95, 215 Elias, Mike 214 Ellerman, Rick 208, 211 Ellingsen, Dean 157 Elliott, Ed 132 Elliott, Jerry 141 Elliott, Kelli 157, 251 Elliott, Rory 214 Ellis, Lesley 48, 200 Ellis, Masako 157 Ellis, Susan 210, 215 Ellison, Clark 217 Ellison, Norton 157 Ellsworth, Jeanine 157 Elsb"ry, Tony 157, 214 El ell, Kelly 157 El Yousef, Jamal 157, 238 Embree, Mike 228 Emerson, John 141 Emerson, Tom 157 Engel, Paula 157 Engelbrecht, Brad 261 Engelbrecht, Bryan 261 Engelbrecht, Craig 261 Engelbrecht, Darla 157 Engelmeyer, Emma 157, 248 Enke, Donald 157 Entzian, Greg 157 Epperson, Mike 157, 260 Epting, Sherry 118 340 INDEX Erikson, John 141 Erisman, Kathryn 141 Eris Murcurrie, Alex 252 Ernst, Julie 112 Ervin, Scott 214 Esaton, Randy 224 Eschenheimer, Kristin 226 Eschliman, Becky 36 Eshelma, David 143 Estes, Terry 157, 317 Eswine, Kim 157 Eswine, Kimberly 210 Eubank, Carrie 157 Eubanks, Ashley 210 Eureka, Darin 249 Eureka, Hoover 249 Evanoff, Trevor 260 Evans, Alecia 157, 262 Evans, Dennis 157 Evola, Carrie 220 Ewalt, Teresa 157 Ewing, Dave 317 Exena, Satin 260 Ezell, Brian 123 F Fackler, Lisa 200 Fahrni, Gary 157 Faldtz, Ashley 226 Famuliner, John 157 Fann, Sherrie 157, 248 Fannon, Kendra 262 Faris, Sharon 40, 157 Farnan, Jennifer 223 Fast, Karen 226 Faubion, Scott 120 Faucett, Wes 157, 214 Fauss, Adam 230 Feagans, Mike 250 Fecher, Karen 266 Fechtel, Lisa 206, 225, 317 Feeler, Craig 246 Feldman, David 218 Feldman, Kelli 34, 71 Feldman, Sue 143 Feldmann, Kellie 157, 216 Feltner, Kim 157, 215 Fennewald, Kathy 261 Fenoglio, Mary 199 Fenske, Harry 212 Fenske, Milton 212 Fenske, Susan 157, 243 Ferguson, Marc 157 Festa, John 157 Feuerborn, Gary 224 Fey, Michelle 157 Ficken, Mary 157, 319 Fields, Charlotte 249 Fields, Gene 143 Fife, Matt 214 Figg, Daniel 224 Figg, David 158 Filla, Thomas 208 Fine, Michael 202 Fink, Dennise 240 Finke, Michael 158 Finlay, John 158 Finnell, Timothy 158 Fischer, Bret 72, 74 Fischer, Darren 158 Fischer, Erica 158 Fischer, Katheryne 158 Fischer, Renee 240 Fisher, Paula 204 Fisher, Sharon 158 Fitzgerald, Sean 218 Fitzpatrick, Dennis 143 Fitzpatrick, Tom 143 Fitzsimmons, James 214 Flagor, Donald 158, 241 Flagor, Doris 158 Flanigan, Tara 210 Fleming, Timothy 158, 266 Fletcher, Liane 242 Flood, Kathleen 158 Floodman, Meara 244 Flowers, Lynn 158, 239 Fong, Kim 158 Forbes, Sean 2281 . Ford, Andy 72, 74 4 Ford, Nate 208 Fort, Deanna 158 Fort, Kimerly 158 Foskin, Millicent 117, 118 Foster, Abby 248 Foster, Bryan 212 Foster, Donald 158 Foster, Julie 212 Foster, Richard 143 Foster, Todd 40, 228 Foudree, Melanie 220 Foulds, Joell 245 Foulds, Jeff 230 Fowler, Stephen 158, 266 Fox,Chff158 Fox, Julie 158, 239 Fox, Michael 230 Fox, Sheri 266 Fraccascia, Tom 158, 208 Fraley, Penny 158, 238 Francis, Angie 158, 240 Frank, Connie 117, 120,158 Frank, Omer 143 Frank, Randy 123 Frank, Vern 123 Franke, Mike 246 Franken, Lisa 158, 267 Franklin, Amy 158 Franklin, Ben 158 Franklin, Dennis 120 Franklin, Elizabeth 204 Franks, Leticia 158 Frazer, Julie 158 Frazier, Olin 143 Frederick, Ryonell 158 French, Matt 224 Frerking, Barry 202 Fricke, Chris 208 Friedmeyer, Debra 266 Friend, Rebecca 257 Frisinger, Rusty 230 Frizzell, Holly 158 Frost, Jeanine 200, 319 Fry, Mitchel 158 Frye, Kimberley 158 Fuehring, Susan 158 Fuelling, Linda 74, 249 Fulk, Debbre 74 Fuller, Frank 241 Fuller, Vickie 158 Fullerton, Beth 319 Fulton, Marsha 158, 267 Fulton, Sharon 158 Fulton, Sherri 267 Fussner, Alice 112 Fussner, William 158 Futch, Georgianna 158 G Gabbert, Tonya 158 Gabriel, Teresa 206 Gabrielson, John 230 Gagnon, James 158, 249 Gai, James 143 Gaines, LP. 238 Galbraith, Dan 158, 260 Galetti, Mary 216 Gallipeau, Charles 222 Galloway, Lesa 158 Galloway, Lesi 319 Galvan, Sean 48 Gamble, Monica 158 Gammill, Trish 220 Gann, David 219 Garber, Robert 158 Garcia, Francine 203 Garcia, Rosanne 203 Gardenhire, Gary 158 Garhart, Eric 72, 158, 250 Garner, Trent 158 Garnett, Alan 158 Garnier, Steven 240 Garren, Betty 159 Garrett, Lisa 159, 245 Garrett, Stephan 159 Garrison, Kara 216 Garten, Ted 143 Gartner, Jeff 71 Garza, Robert 143 Gaskin, Laurie 199 Cass, Bob 224 Gassen, Vern 218 Gately, Brenda 159, 256 Gatewood, David 159 Gatewood, Sarah 216 Gatewood, Stacy 118 Gaub, Brian 159 Gauert, Don 117, 118 Gaulden, David 202 Gavankar, Shobha 267 Gavisk, Hatrick 252 Gay, Jodi 226 Geary, Christine 159 Gebauer, Mary 220 Gedney, Corbin 159 Gedney, Wes 211 Geeding, Stephanie 159, 204 Geisendorfer, Michael 219 Geist, Doug 71, 73, 159 George, 252 George, Gregory 212, 226 George, Lisa 36, 206, 209 George, Lori 229 Georges, Cheryl 159 Gerke, Beth 159 Gerke, Joe 159 Gerke, Rhonda 242 Gerling, Michelle 159 Gerner, Rodney 159, 246 Geske, Carol 263 Gibbar, Kristi 240 Giblin, Laura 216 Gibson, Brandine 159, 240, 267 Gibson, Lyn 159 Gibson, Paula 241 r .a Gibson, Tonya 159 Gibson Aink, Terri 72 Gidney, Corey 34 Gidney, Wes 34 Gieselman, 245 Cieselman, Janet 159 Gieselman, Jill 159, 245 Gieselman, Susan 159 Gilbert, Charles 319 Gilbert, Jeff 230 Gilbert, Ophelia 143 Gill, Brian 246 Gill, Don 23 Gill, Donald 71, 73 Gill, Shabhone 159 Gillespie, David 143 Gillespie, Stephen 159 Gillespie, Steve 74 Gilliland, Carla 159 Gilmore, Ed 214 Ginther, Don 317 Gizgibbon, Peggy 96 Glebe, Laura 159 Glendenning, Jack 159 Glennie, Donna 159 Glover, Debbie 159 Glover, James 212 Glover, Sharon 159 Goddard, Kendra 159 Godfrey, Carolyn 269 Godfrey, Jeff 317 Godfrey, Stacey 159 Goellner, Chris 222 Goergen, Tracy 159 Goerz, David 208 Goetter, Susan 159 Goetz, Ron 228 Goff, Aaron 72 Goggins, Jashelle 213 Goings, Bill 253 Coins, Steven 159 Coldschmidt, Peggy 260 Goodin, Kristy 159, 200, 209 Goodman, Terry 143 Goodson, Jeff 228 Goodwin, John 159 Goodwin, Thomas 208 Gorden, Brian 230 Gordon, Betsy 206 Gordon, Samantha 217 Gosney, Alfred 143 Gossen, Harvey 143 Could, Malloy 143 Gowans, Julia 200 Gower, Alice 143 Graham, Jeff 159, 214 Graham, Jim 222 Graham, Justyn 143, 319 Graham, Mary 159 Graham, Sheri 159, 223 Graham, Susan 40, 159, 266 Graham, Timothy 214 Grainger, Ellen 200 Grandestaff, Cordell 159 Granquist, Sonya 206, 209 Gravely, Bill 143 Gravemann, Peggy 220 Graves, Amy 226 Graves, Irwin 222 Graves, John 143 Gray, Benjamin 228 Gray, Brian 159, 215 Gray, Car! 228 Gray, Curtis 228 Gray, Douglas 228 Gray, Ray 159 Gray, Stephen 202 Gray, Steven 159 Grayson, Don 159 Green, Christa 159 Green, Fina 159, 255 Green, Natalie 159 Greene, Jeff 72, 74 Greene, Michele 266 Greener, Joel 120 Greer, Patrick 159 Greer, Tina 160 Gregory, Paula 257 Greng, Brad 250 Grerking, Brett 202 Grier, Ronda 206 Griffin, Richard 246 Griffin, Robyn 160 Griffith, Tony 123 Griffith, Wallace 143 Grigsby, Kendra 160, 255 Grigsby, Kris 256 GrnL Kin1210 Grimes, Tammy 160 Grimshaw, Kelsy 160, 255 Gripka, Melissa 160 Groner, Julie 160, 254 Gross, Karen 160 Grosvenor, Joe 252 Grover, Carlos 160 Grover, Dayton 160 Grover, Patricia 160 Grover, Phyllis 262 Grow, Leslie 143 Grubb, Amie 244 Grubb, Dina 120 Grubb, Shannon 254 Gruber, Wendell 160 Guadelope, Gertrude 260 Guein, Senta 160 Guest, Aaron 160 Guffey, Mark 219 Guin, Linda 143 Guinn, Shelia 160 Guion, Amy 160 Gurley, Tricia 160 Gutshall, Kelly 244 H Haase, Karen 143 Haase, Larry 143 Hacher, Kevin 249 Hacker, Craig 160, 317 Hackney, Kel 48 Hackney, Kelly 218 Hackster, Craig 252 Haefner, Angela 319 Haefner, Bridget 199 Haesemeyer, Rodney 160,241 Hageman, Kevin 222 Hagen, Staci 223, 226 Hagenbaumer, Cathy 104 Hagner, Jane 160 Hahn, Chris 222 Haines, Randy 219 Hajahmadi, Majid 261 Hale, Diana 200, 245 Hale, Kristine 216 Halen, Thalia 72 Halen, Van 249 Halen, Walter 143 Haley, Christina 72, 245 Haley, Cristina 160 Hall, Chevelle 160 Hall, Matt 247 Hall, Matthew 160 Hall, Melanie 203 Hall, Sherry 210 Hallier, Melissa 204 Hamblin, Jeffrey 160, 260 Hamilton, Ryan 160, 214 Hamleh, Joey 160 Hamlett, Lillian 160 Hampton, Danny 48 Hampton, Homer 143 Hampton, Timothy 219 Hamrick, Jim 230 Hanan, Darrell 222 Hancock, Angela 213 Hand, Terri 160 Handrix, Jackie 228 Hane, John 143 Hanes, J.W. 253 Hankins, Tracy 160 Hannah, Barry 143 Hansan, Sandra 216 Hansell, Kevin 40, 228 Hansen, Donald 160 Hanson, Kim 160 Harbaugh, Traci 220 Harden, John 160 Harden, Willa 248 Hardin, Darin 219 Hardin, Mike 160 Hardina, Robyn 244 Harding, David 160 Harguth, Cindy 160 Harjula, Harriet 160 Hark, Julie 209 Harkness, Elizabeth 216 Harlan, Carl 143 Harlow, Kevin 202 Harmon, Ken 160 Harmon, Kip 160 Harms, Karen 160, 200, 223 Harms, Teresa 160, 200 Harper, Dana 71, 160 Harper, David 160 Harper, Roy 240 Harrell, Marvin 160 Harrelson, Kathy 261 Harrington, Karis 256 Harris, Ann 73, 74 Harris, Brent 160 Harris, Brian 160, 224 Harris, Clark 160 Harris, Crystal 204 Harris, James 160 Harris, La Tonya 160, 213 Harris, LaToyna 36 Harris, Leonard 160 Harris, Randall 161 Harris, Robynn 161 Harris, Stephanie 161, 220 Harris, Vikki 257 Harris, Warren 317 Harrison, Dan 214 Harrison, Tim 224 Hart, Heidi 161, 240 Hart, Kent 222 Hart, Mike 161, 253 Hartley, Amy 210 Hartman, Lori 216 Hartman, Myra 161, 206 Hartwick, Michael 227 Hartwick, Sarah 161 Hassey, Sheri 163 Hathorn, Kenna 161 Hatten, Jeff 202 Hauck, Tami 161 Hauseholder, Karl 317 Hauser, William 143 Hausman, Charles 228 Hawes, Carol 210 Hawkins, Becky 161 Hawkins, Pam 161 Hawkins, Stanley 118, 253 Hayden, Vanessa 161, 266 Hayden Hughes, Carla 161 Hayes, Gena 220, 231 Hayes, Kelley 216 Hayes, Lisa 161, 248 Hayes, Myrtle 143 Hayes, Rick 202 Hayes, Roland 221 Hayes, Ronald 161 Hazen, Lori 244 Hearne, James 202 Heaton, Cassondra 161 Heavey, Terri 161 Heaviland, Jill 225 Heck, Todd 161 Heckman, Deann 161, 206 Hedenskog, Lisa 161, 220 Hedges, Terri 317 Hedrick, Lisa 199 Heeney, Craig 117, 120, 161 Heermann, Todd 1616 Heese, Jennifer 210 Hefner, Cynthia 200 Heidbrier, Julie 161 Heidebrecht, Susan 74 Heimann, Dan 161 Hein, Garrick 71, 74 Heinold, Teresa 161 Heinrich, Lynet 244 Heinrichs, Faith 143 Heinrichs, Ronald 143 Heisterberg, Kadi 200, 203 Heller, Kent 318 Helmick, Aileen 143 Helmig, Cindy 161 Hembree, Mark 218 Hempen, Julie 161 Hempen, Patricia 161, 266 Hempen, Paul 161 Hemper, Julie 96 Hemper, Pat 96 Henage, Lori 161, 266 INDEX 341 Henderson, Cheryl 204 Henderson, Dianna 161, 262, 319 Henderson, Joselyn 161 Hendren, Angie 161 Hendricks, Andrea 251 Hendricks, Dawn 257 Hendrickson, Jeff 214 Henley, David 247 Hennen, Damon 202 Hennen, Darren 202 Hennier, Larry 118 Henning, Ray 228 Henry, Alisha 161 Henry, Amy 161 Henry, Anna 209 Henry, Debbie 249 Henry, Deborah 161 Henshaw, Kimberly v 161 Hensiek, Gregory 161 Hensky, Matt 259 Hensley, Amy 263 Hentges, Allan 224 Heorman, Lisa 199 Hergo'ot, Tina 220 Herman, Richard 143 Hermanson, John 228 Herrera, John 224 Herrick, Christine 161 Herllies, Jane 269 Herrin, Misti 216 Herron, Kimberly 244 Hertzog, Julie 200 Hester, Maria 161, 210 Heusala, Minna 263 Heviland, Jill 161 Hewitt, Phyllis 161, 251 Hibbs, David 161 Hibdon, Howard 143 Hibdon, Tisha 161, 262 Hickerson, Linda 212 Hickljn, Walter 143 Hickman, Michelle 199 Hicks, Brian 202 HiCkS,JiH 71, 74, 161 Hiebsch, Gary 161 Hieronymus, Kristee 200, 223 Higby, Richard 208 Higgins, Melanie 161 Hiley, Shauna 162, 248 Hiley, Tanya 162 Hilger, Betty 162 rnH,KeHy210 Hill, Melinda 225 Hill, Sherry 212 Hill, Susan 162, 267 Hillard, Tony 253 1 342 INDEX Hillier, Jana 162, 200 Hillman, Andrea 162 Hilse, David 143 Hilt, Eric 227 Hilton, Diane 162, 226 Hinck, Lynette 266 Hinde, Susan 162 Hinkel, Bill 243 Hinkle, Richard 162, 242 Hinkle, Tim 162, 250 Hinkson, Chad 253 Hirst, Brian 218 FHX,Shandy 162 Hoagland, Kevin 228, 317 Hobson, Gena 162 Hochsprung, Jon 162 Hockemeyer, Leslie 162, 245, 266 Hocott, Paul 162 Hodges, Angela 162 Hodkins, Kerri 248 Hodson, Lee 200 Hoehn, Rachel 216 Hoelscher, Mary 162 Hoelscher, Mike 242 Hoer, Leslie 162 Hoeven, David 228 Holden, Richard 143 Holland, Barbara 162 Holland, Carrie 143 Holland, Danny 120 Holland, Stefanie 162, 239 Hollansworth, Keith 162 Hollansworth, Kevin 162,261 Hollaway, Sherry 162, 215 Hollins, Michelle 36, 162, 213 Holmes, John 252 Holmes, Lee 162 Holshouser, John 143 Holte, Jennifer 162, 204 Holtzen, Gayla 162 Holzer, Kara 240 Homan, Frederic 143 Homoly, Clarke 143 Honeywell, Charles 143 Hooker, Bruce 162 Hooper, Monica 210 Hooper, Stephanie 162 Hoosack, Eleonor 162 Hoover, Krysti 162 Hopkins, Jeffrey 162 Horacak, Shirley 143 Horsefield, Barbara 244 Horsefield, Theresa 244 Horsfield, Steve 242 Horwitz, Meytle 260 Hoskins, Valerie 319 Hottes, Julie 318 Houf, Jeff 230 Housh, Mike 118 Houston, Angela 72 Houston, Anglea 74 Houston, Lisa 162 Hovsh, Lisa 254 Howard, Alex 162 Howard, Lisa 162, 244 Howard, Pamela 266 Howard, Wendy 216, 231 Howe, Julie 204 Howell, Kelly 206 Howell, Lisa 162, 200 Howser, Cindi 226 Hoye, John 162 Hu, Billy 143 Hu, Mann Juin 263 Huang, Jainn Ren 238 Huang, Ling Ling 162 Hubbard, Steve 253 Huber, Joseph 143 Huckuntod, Sitticho 162 Hudson, Delores 143 Hudson, James 143 Huff, Kristin 162 Huffstutter, Eric 230 Hughes, Brian 162 Hughes, Jason 202 Hughes, Jeff 228 Hughes, Jeffrey 162 Hughes, Jerry 143 Hughes, Kim 162 Hughes, Kimberly 242 Hughes, Paula 255 Hughes, Stephanie 162 HukiH, Mary 317 Hulen, Tracy 257 Hulet, Jamie 162, 216 Hulett, Jeanna 162, 319 Hull, Dave 162 Hull, Stacy 162, 319 Hultquist, Jacqueline 143 Humble, Steven 162 Hume, William 163 Humydog, Joey 252 Hune, Stacy 163, 256 Hunnius, Charles 163 Hunt, Kevin 230 Hunt, Mike 252 Hunt, Scott 163 Hunter, Kelly 163, 267 Hunter, Steve 74, 163 Hunter, Terri 117 Hunter, Terry 118 Hurmann, Todd 260 Hurst, Kim 244 Hurt, Susan 163 Hurt, Todd 163, 212 Huskey, Lynn 163, 251 Hussey, Sheri 242 Hustedde, Todd 218 Hutsell, Brenda 163 Hutton, Amy 118 Huxley, Jill 206 Hwang, Tzu Chung 163 Hyshaw, Lisa 163 lnce, Traci 204 lngalsbe, Douglas 202 lnglish, John 143 lngraham, David 163 lnman, Sheila 266 Ireland, Jennifer 163, 240, 245 Irvin, Anita 200 Irwin, Tammy 163 lsaacs, Becky 163, 255 lsaacs, Jerald 266 lseman, Charly 228 lsmert, Edward 228 lsom, Melanie 163 lsrasena, Varasit 163 ltschner, John 228 Ivory, Rachel 163 lvy, Eric 228 JR. Becker 317 Jacks, Kevin 228 Jackson, Angela 163 Jackson, Carl 247 Jackson, Cathie 34, 210 Jackson, Cheryl 72, 74 Jackson, Christine 163 Jackson, Clay 243 Jackson, Dawna 163 Jackson, Denise 117, 120, 212, 241 Jackson, Lisa 245 Jackson, Marvin 123, 163,214 1 Jackson, Michelle 163 Jackson, Steven 261 Jackson, Warren 23 Jackson, Wendell 221 Jaeger, Dan 163, 218 Jaeger, Karl 317 Jamerson, Charmaine 118 James, Christine 71 James, Sara Beth 163, 223 James, Scott 230 Jameson, Kevin 218, 226 Jamison, Jeremy 250 Janchar, Jeanne 267, 318 Jardak, Hayet 210 Jayne, Sue Ellen 223 Jefferies, David 163 Jeffery, David 163 Jeffery, Stephanie 163 Jeffries, Carmen 220 Jeffries, David 71 Jeffries, Kevin 224 Jenkins, Amy 163 Jenkins, Bryan 222 Jenkins, Kimberly 163 Jenkins, Lisa 248 Jenkins, Sheila 163, 319 Jenner, Alan 202 Jennings, Christina 72, 163 Jennings, Christy 240 Jennings, Heather 244 Jennings, Wendell 163 Jenq, Ching ping 238 Jensen, Angela 216 Jepson, Keli 240, 262 Jeremy, Ronald 252 Jessee, Brad 246 Jeter, Cynthia 163, 238 Jetson, Jeff 252 John, Becky 112, 256 John, Gabriel 163 Johns, Teresa 163, 240 Johnson, Becky 199 Johnson, Cheryl 118 Johnson, Crystal 112 Johnson, Dana 200 Johnson, Darlene 239 Johnson, Dawn 200, 319 Johnson, Denise 163 Johnson, Kimberly 163, 248 Johnson, Larry 143 Johnson, Laura 163, 249 Johnson, Linda 163 Johnson, Mark 143 Johnson, Michelle 163 Johnson, Pamela 163 Johnson, Perri 221 Johnson, Phyllis 163 Johnson, Shannon 208 Johnson, Shenelle 163 Johnson, Terry 221 Johnson, Tiffany 163 Johnston, Corey 163, 260 Joiner, Debbie 267 Joiner, Larry 163 Jones, Barbara 164, 248 Jones, Carol 226 Jones, Elizabeth 226 Jones, Keith 222 Jones, Larry 143 Jones, Leeann 200 Jones, Lisa 164 Jones, Marla 164 Jones, Michelle 71, 164, 241 Jones, Mike 164, 208 Jones, Stephen 247 Jones, Todd 164 Jones, Yolanda 118 Jones, Ywinta 164 Jordan, Christa 96, 164 Jordan, Tamara 164 Jordan, Todd 123 Joseph, Amy 164, 204, 245 Jublot, Pascale 164 Juckette, Aaron 208 Juliano, Wayne 241 Jung, Brian 202 Jungmeyer, Sheila 200 Juracsik, Clay 249 Jurgensmeyer, Duane 219 Jurkiewicz, John 208 K Kackley, Mary 204 Kaelke, Kristi 164, 257 Kaiser, Laurie 248 Kalaf, Suzanne 164, 248 Kallenbach, Diane 248 Kalmus, Nicole 164 Kammerich, Mark 246, 247 Kanaan, Michael 74, 164 Kane, Mark 48, 164 Kanungsuk, Maneesri 164 Kappleman, Gwen 72 Karas, Shannon 225 Karscig, Mark 143, 266 Kasselhut, Mark 143 Katosh, Annamarie 220 Katz, Kristen 220 Katz, Kristin 164 Kauffman, David 208 Kaullen, Steve 317 Kauzlarich, Steve 208 Kavanagh, Sean 123 Kavanangh, Scott 164 Kavanaugh, Cathy 164, 215 Keck, Ted 164 Keefer, Bill 228 Keehler, Allen 219 Keele, Donny 212 Keen, Trell 230 Keeran, Rebecca 164 Kehrees, Tony 164 Keim, Kathy 161 Keinlein, Krista 161 Keisker, Steve 71, 73 Keisker, Steven 164 Kelleghan, Therese 120 Keller, Beth 164 Keller, Paul 208 Kelley, David 202 Kelley, Steven 208 Kelley, Yolanda 164 Kelly , Carl 123 Kelly, Anjanette 239 Kelly, Babbi 239 Kelly, Carl 214 Kelly, Carol 239 Kelly, Cherise 239 Kelly, Dawn 239 Kelly, Frankie 239 Kelly, Gina 210 Kelly, Johnathan 250 Kelly, Lenny 239 Kelly, Leslie 239 Kelly, Marsha 239 Kelly, Mary 164 Kelly, Mary Beth 267 Kelly, Regina 239 Kelly, Sandy 239 Kelly, Shannie 239 Kelly, Sheryl 209 Kelly, Skelly Belly 239 Kelly, Squiggy 239 Kelly, Steve 34 Kelly, Suzie 239 Kelsay, Shanda 164 Kelsay, Sherry 164, 266 Kelsey, Thad 205 Kemmerer, John 72, 74, 164 Kemna, Gina 164, 245 Kenagy, Philip 202 Kennedy, Ginny 164, 240, 254 Kennedy, Gregory 143 Kennedy, Karen 112, 267 Kennicutt, Amy 71 Kennon, Gary 164 Kennucut, Amy 72 Kenny, Laura 164 Kenslow, James 208 Kenyon, Leslie 210 Kerr, Shawn 164, 212 Kerston , Mark 164 Kertz, John 224 Keseman, Charles 143 Ketcham, Tim 241 Ketcherside, William 143 Kever, Joyce 164 Key, Alan 164, 208 Kiatganjanakul, Sivaporn 164 Kiehl, Betsy 257 Kiesling, Renee 248 Kilgore, Keith 252 Kilgore, Kent 252 Killingbeck, Stanley 143 Killion, Kim 245 Kilmartin, Kelley 164 Kim, Seokze 164 Kimball, Alyssa 164, 248 Kimberling, Kim 204 Kimble, Susan 164 Kinder, Kimberly 164 Kinder, Robyn 210 King, Donna 213 King, Kathy 220 King, Kim 261 King, Laurie 164, 254, 318 King, Melissa 164, 267 King, Melody 206 King, Mike 317 King, Savilla 263 Kinnamon, Laura 257 Kirby, Raquel 164, 254 Kirby, Razuel 319 Kircher, Denise 164, 240, 257 Kircher, Jamie 204 Kirchner, Lori 269 Kirchner, Ruth 244 Kirfer, Diane 257 Kirgan, Carol 210, 225 Kirk, Angel 210 Kirkpatrick, James 143 Kirkpatrick, Jill 164, 216 Kirkweg, Donna 72 Kirkwood, Kraig 71, 250 Kirsky , Monte 165 Kirtley, Kevin 165 Kirtley, Paul 165 Kissenberger, Kelly 48, 165, 239 Kittell, Trae 118, 165, 261 Kitterman, Dolores 143 Klasing, Rhonda 269 Kleeschulte, Cynthia 199 Klehr, Robert 224 Kleinschmidt, Lisa 165 Klemna, Karla 200 Kliethermes, Karla 245 Kliethermes, Lori 165, 254 Kliethermes, Marianna 165 Klinghammer, Andy 208 Klinghammer, Thomas 208 Klingsporn, Ruth 165 Kloth, Jennifer 165, 241 Knabe, Billy 123 Knipp, Dion 230 Knipp, Eric 230 Knoche, Kerri 204 Knutson, Janette 71, 73 Koch, Brenda 165 Koch, Franklin 143 Koehler, Linda 143 Koeller, Keith 165 Koertner, Victoria 216 Kohl, Kevin 224 Kohlmann, Mary 210 Kohring, Kristen 165 Kohring, Kristin 245 Koonce, Christopher 228 Kopp, Jeffery 165 Korman, Mary 319 Koslowsky, Michelle 165 Kosmiski, Laurie 165 Krall, Amy 199 Kramer, Kristina 255 Kramer, Stephanie 220 Kramer, Theresa 165 Krapp, Christine 262 Kratzer, Catheryne 165 Kratzer, Cathy 240, 267 Kraus, Brenda 165 Kraus, Irene 165 Krecic, Denise 48 Kribben, David 165 Krider, Michael 253 Krone, Wendy 165, 204, 231 Kronk, Kimberly 257 Kropf, Jeff 252 Krueger, Kurt 242 Kruessel, Betty 165, 240 Kruse, Rhonda 165, 266 Kruus, Earl 318 Kuan, Mao Tang 165 Kuchta, Norine 200 Kuddes, Susan 199 Kudrna, Todd 230 Kueffer, Lisa 165, 319 Kuhn, Charles 143, 219, 266 Kuhn, Keith 228 Kujath, Matt 247 Kujath, Matthew 165 Kunkelman, Diana 165 Kupcho, Scott 202 Kuroda, Regina 165 L Labbie, Craig 218 Lafferty, Don 224 Lai, Feng wei 238 Lake, Kara 165 Lalli, Colby 165 Lamar, Sarah 165 Lamb, Barbara 165 Lamb, Bob 214 I Lamb, Kristine 165 Lamb, Kristy 215 Lamberson, Steve 224 Lambert, Teresa 143 Lambeth, Rick 208 Lamkey, Rebecca 244 Lammers, Sharon 165 Lamson, Sharon 143 Landers, Paula 165 Landers, Rene 240 Landes, Linda 165 Landurehr, Theresa 240 Landwehr, Therese 165 Lane, Beth 165, 319 Lane, Steven 165 Langford, Mike 252 Langford, Jeffery 165, 253 Langford, Lance 165 Lanning, Laura 165 Lansdown, Rocky 269 Lapour, Jerry 208 INDEX 343 1 Largent, Rebecca 165 Larkin, Margo 165 Larkin, Patrick 72 Larkin, Stacy 256 Larsen, Deidre 165, 199 Larsen, Linda 165 Lasswell, Joni 165 Latta, Eddie 250 Latta, Edward 166 Lattimer, Stephani6 166 Lauber, Shelley 104 , Laughlin, Lance 246 Laughman, Christopher 222 Laurine, Lawrence 219 Law, Dale 166 Law, Darrell 166 Lawrence, Laurie 166 Lawrence, Michael 230 Lawrence, Russell 123, 166, 228 Laws, Wally 202 Lawson, Craig 166 Lawson, Lonnie 143 Lawson, Loree 166 Laymon, Ryan 166 Lazenby, Sheryl 166, 319 La Rue, Robin 165 Leach, Doug 241 Leakey, Renee 262 Leap, Geoff 253 Leardi, Kimberly 220 Lebeau, Marc 166 Lecornu, Marcy 203, 210 Lee, Donald 166, 224 Lee, Ju Soon 166 Lee, Marchele 256 Lee, Mark 166 Lee, Mary 200 Lee, Shari 72 Lehane, Matt 123 Lehmer, Robert 166 Lgfkam, Kristin 216 L'eiway, Leigha 260 Lemme, Matthew 228 Lenger, Darin 266, 317 Lengyel, Debbie 72, 74 Leonard, Angie 166, 266 Leonard, Jennifer 199 LePage, Lesley 199 Leslie, Dwayne 230 Leslie, Meredith 74 Leslie, Merredeth 72 Letellier, Denise 256 Lethcho, Mindy 166, 244, 269 344 INDEX Leven, Kim 240 Leven, Kimberly 166 Levota, Paul 230 Levota, Phil 230 Levota, Steve 230 Lewis, Brenda 244 Lewis, Evangelone 166 Lewis, Jennifer 210 Lewis, Kenneth 166, 241 Lewis, Roslyn 118 Lewis, Scott 224 Lewis, Terri 223 Lhommedieu, Sheri 166 Liao, TZU Hsiv 166 Liggett, Mark 317 Likely, Terri 166 Lillard, Andy 252 Lilly, Robert 123 Limbach, Lucinda 166, 248 Limback, Lucinda 319 Limback, Rebecca 143 Limo Maganga, Joy 166 Lin, Hsiu Cheng 238 Lin, Jennifer 166 Lin, Minging 238 Lin, Sueann 166 Lindeman, Connie 120 Lindenbusch, Brad 166 Lindsay, Dan 208 Lindsay, David 143 Link, Keith 207, 230 Link, Rhonda 166 Link, Troy 166 Linneman, April 166, 240 Linscott,Ju1ie 166, 209 Linville, Jennifer 166, 206 Lister, Lisa 71, 210 Lister, Theresa 210 Litteken, Tim 266 Little, Jennifer 166 Little, Wilham 267 Littlejohn, Nancy 143 Lityma, Dawn 255 Livingston, Sharice 166 Llewelyn, Stephen 166 Lloyd, Earl 166 Lloyd, Lori 166 Lloyd, Marjorie 238 Lock, Greg 228 Lock, Rachel 166 Lockard, Robin 216 Locke, James 166 Locke, Jamie 242 Logan, Deana 166, 206 Logwood, Brett 218 Long, Phil 117 Long,PhiIlip118 Long, Susette 249 Long, Missy 166 Long, Susette 166 Long, Todd 166 Lopez, Tracy 166 Lopiccolo, Gary 224 Lossman, Karrie 199 Louraine, Melissa 118 Louraine, Mikeal 118 Love, Sambina 166 Loveall, Michelle 216 Lovelace, Berkley 253 Lovell, Dale 166, 250 Lovett, Brett 250 Lowe, Lisa 210 Loyd, Steve 247 Lu, Ching Yu 166 Lucas, John 117, 120, 166 Lucas, Mary 167 Lueck, Eric 202 Luecke, Dave 167 Lueckenotto, Pam 199 Luehrman, Richard 143 Luehrs, Terry 266 Luekenotto, Pam 120 Ldelf, Susan 167 Luetjen, Dale 167 Lukowski, Thomas 167 Lunsford, Ed 167 Lux, David 253 Lybarger, Toni 36, 200 Lyberger, Sandra 167 Lyberger, Sandy 254 Lyles, Michelle 167 Lynan, Les 167 Lynch, Angee 167 Lynch, Kevin 230 Lynn, Rhonda 167 Lyons, Tammy "167, 239 Lysaght, Wendy 267 M Maasdam, Carl 202 Maberry, Leon 219 Machon, David 167, 246 Mack, Elizabeth 167 Mackay, Bill 230 Mackey, Marla 40, 216 Mackin, Debbie 318 Macrander, Kyle 167 Madden, Matthew 143 Madsen, Cindy 167 Madsen, Jimmy 167 Magnin, Jennifer 206 Magnin, Jennifer 53 Mahlan, Lanie 36, 204 Mahlan, Lannie 34 Major, Darrin 230 Majors, Gina 167 Majumder, Rizwan 167 Malcolm, Shawndra 167 Maley, Steve 72 Maley, Steven 167 Maller, Teresa 262 Mallery, John 202 Mallory, Melanie 223 Mallory, Melinda 241 Malone, Jenny 74, 167 Malpocker, Michael 214 Malzner, Deana 167 Mamer, Mark 208 Manadae, Charlie 211 Mangira, Peter 167 Manley, Dawn 167 Mann, Melissa 206 Mann, Rodney 214 Manning, Laura 167, 200 Manning, Lynne 167, 200, 244 Manos, Deanna 210 Mansell, Curt 250 Manselle, Pamela 199 Mantonya, Michael 167 Manuel, Roxanne 266, 317 Maple, Michael 145 March, Tami 241 Marchbanks, Stephanie 167 Marcks, Keith 202 Marcum, Rebecca 167 Margan, Caroline 169 Maricic, William 167 Markell, John 238 Marker, Terry 167 Markes, Rose 256 Markley, Todd 202, 205 Marlcham, Scott 202 Marlott, Emmett 167 Marlow, Jim 228 Marr, Joshua 250 Marshall, Benny 73 Marshall, Denise 210 Marshall, Jon 230 Marshall, Kristie 199 Marsha", Robert 145 Marshall, Scott 167 Marshall, William 167 Martel, Paula 167, 267 Marten, Wendy 167 Martens, Jack 242 Martens, Susan 167, 255, 266 Martin , Ronald 224 Martin, Alphadine 145 Martin, Angie 206 Martin, Ann 72, 74 Martin, Anne 216 Martin, Christopher 167 Martin, Cindy 167 Martin, Donald 145 Martin, Gene 218 Martin, Helen 167 Martin, James 72 Martin, Jim 74 Martin, John 208 Martin, Kevin 228 Martin, Kristy 36, 206 Martin, Lee 167 Martin, Lisa 210 Martin, Lori 71 Martin, Melisa 210 Martin, Michelle 167, 242 Martin, Wendy 210 Martinez, Alice 220 Martinez, Daniel 219 Martinez, Jeff 222 Martinez, Vinson 224 Martinson, Juli 23 Martinson, Juliana 71, 167 Martin Vignerte, Harold 246 Martoncik, John 167 Martz, Todd 218 Masnado, Tony 205 Mason, Mark 224 Massey, Julie 167, 256 Masson, Tracy 216 Masterson, Rick 167 Matt, Laura 215 Matt, Mahoney 250 Matthews, Mike 123 Mattly, Carl 263 Maubach, Brenda 167, 241 Maun, Bryan 167, 247 Maupin, Gary 224 Maurer, Chadd 218 Maus, Rich 218 May, David 145 May, John 168 May, Kathryn 168 Mayberry, Ann 255 Mayer, Julie 206 Mayne, Michele 215, 226 Mayne, Tom 168 Mayo, Kenneth 230 Mays, Dan 72 Mays, Ron 261 Mays, Rosalind 217 Maze, Bill 168 Mazza, Joseph 214 Mazza, Michelle 168 Mbayoh, Edward 168 McAdams, Charles 73 McAllister, Rob 48 McBride, Randee 168 McCabe, Sean 250 McCall, Shawn 223, 318 McCallor, Lori 168 McCalmon, Cathie 199 McCampbell, Salle 168 McCampbell, Sally 238, 318 McCandless, Jeanette 168, 245 McCandless, William 145 MCCann, Syronica 248 McCaughey, Melinda 168 McClaran, Jane 168 McCleave, Kathy 216 McClellan, Shawna 71, 168, 214, 240 McClellan, Timothy 168 McClelland, Michael 222 McClure, Lamont 118 - McClure, Leslie 168, 257 McCoid, Catherine 145 McCollough, Michelle 267 McCollum, Sherry 254 McConnell, Deborah 266 McCorkle, Bruce 40, 205, 317 McCracken, Greg 71 McCracken, Jennifer 256 McCulloch, Kara 168, 319 McCullough, Rhonda 229, 319 L McCullough, Tom 214 McCullum, Sherry 168 McCuIly, Brett 208 McCully, Michele 244 McDaniel, Julie 242 McDermott, Leroy 145 McDonald, Barbara 244 McDonaugh, Charlotte 199 McDougaIl, Molly 227 McDowell, Matt 228 McElroy, Darla 168 McElwee, Chad 118 McEntire, Tammy 48 McFadden, Carolyn 168 McFaIl, Diana 168 MCFatrich, John 168, 269 McGarrett, Chris 252 McGaw, Elizabeth 168 McGee, Robert 168 McGee, Robert 241 McGinley, Debbie 319 McGinley, Deborah 168 McGreder, Richard 168 McGuire, Art 317 McGuire, Kenneth 218 McGuire, Patricia 168 McHarque, Tina 226 McHenry, Jeffrey 168 Mclnnis, Gerald 168 Mclnnis, Jay 259 McKee, Daren 168 McKee, Christopher 259 McKee, Elizabeth 256 McKenna, Bridget 48 McKenzie, Michael 168 McKinley, Phil 168, 214 McKinney, Steve 202 McKinnis, Richard 145 McLain, Brian 247 McLain, Ronda 168, 318 McLanahan, Jeff 219 McLaughlin, Angelea 168 McLaughlin, Jeannette 262 McLeod, Bill 240 McLeod, Scooter 168 McLeod, William 208 McMahill, Jennifer 249 McMahon, Starr 168 McMahon, Teresa 168 McMuIlin, Karen 168 McNatt, Beth 253 McNeely, Tom 208 McNiel, Stephanie 168, 260 McNutt, Dana 267 McPheeters, James 230 McPherson, Kenneth 246 . McSparin, Brett 222 McVey, Lisa 168, 241 McWilliams, Lisa 168 Meador, Robin 168 Meagher, Jodi 168 Means, Tamara 200 Meara, Tim 228 Mears, Derrick 120 Mease, Shona 240 Medaris, Linda 145 Medlin, Steve 224 Medlock, Jon 218 Meek, Chris 208 Meints, Michele 200 Meisel, Brian 214 Meldrem, Julia 240 Meldren, Julia 168 Melvin, Matt 224 Melvin, Stacey 168 Meng, Chia Linv168 Meng, Jean 168 Mentesana, Mary 168, 200 Merchant, Debra 248 Meredith, Jill 168 Merli, Jeff 212 Merrell, Julie 168 Merrell, Kerry 169 Merrick, Camella 169 Merriott, Darlene 145 Merriweather, Alexis 169 Meseberg, Kristie 169, 199 Metcalf, Charlton 250 Metcalf, Joseph 145, 269 Meyer, Gary 224 Meyer, Jill 169, 223 Meyer, Kathy 206, 209 Meyer, Kelley 204 Meyer, Kelly 34 Meyer, Kevin 169, 267 Meyer, Michael 71, 73, 169, 230, 252 Meyer, Sarah 169 Meyer, Todd 250 Meyers, Kelly 112, 169, 254 Meyers, Mike 317 Meyrand, Lisa 216 Michael, Gina 169 Miewinkel, Laura 169 Mihlfeld, Chris 123 Mikes, Leigh 169 Mikulich, Kraig 247 Milburn, Mike 224 Miles, James 169 Millen, George 145 Miller, Craig 230 Miller, Dan 212 Miller, Dave 252 Miller, Douglas 228 Miller, Greg 74, 169 Miller, LG. 145 Miller, Janette 169 Miller,Jeff117,118, 169, 224 Miller, Jerry 145 Miller, Kevin 169 Miller, Kim 257 Miller, Mark 207, 230 Miller, Michele 269 Miller, Pamela 169, 266 Miller, Traci 48, 169, 200 Milligan, Eric 169 Milligan, Karen 169 Mills, Carole 216 Mills, David 224 Mills, Doug 169 Mills, John 169, 222 Minellono, Joe 247 Minkiewicz, Leslie 169 1 Mitchell, Christine 9169, 257 Mitchell, Emmitt 169 Mitchell, Heather 319 Mitchell, Jennifer 74, 169 Mitchell, Rhonda 225, 319 Mitchell, Shelly 220, 229 Mitchell, Todd 228 Mittag, Tricia 169 Mizer, Leah 216 Mlika, Laura 200 . Moberly, Jana 112, 256 Mobley, Jacqueline 215 Mock, Robert 145 Moege, Cary 73 Moenkhoff, Linda 269 Moffat, Robert 243 Mohesky, Linda 169, 255, 269 Mohler, Diana 262 Mohoh, Obasanmi 169 Mohr, Lori 244 Molder, Jaydean 169 Molle, Toni 169, 204 Monks, Keith 228 Monroe, Mark 169, 227 Monson, Richard 145 Moon, Larry 169 Mooney, Frank 145 Moore, Andy 71 Moore, Cynthia 169 Moore, Dana 169, 213 Moore, Jennifer 204 Moor'e, Kriss 169 Moore, Micha 244 Moore, Paul 169, 253 Moore, Thomas 145 Moore, Travis 230 Moran, Joanie 216 Moran, Patrick 231 Moran, Rob 242 Morelock, Donette 169, 216 Moreno, Kris 206 Morey, Robin 216 Morgan, Gregg 169 Morgan, Jeff 214 Morgan, Susan 145 Morgenthaler, John 266 Morley, Gina 36, 203, 210 Morrill, Patricia 169 Morris, Daniel 169 Morris, Glen 169 Morris, Pat 120 Morrison , Jackie 169 Morrison, Matthew 169 Morton, Daniel 169 Morton, Jeff 224 Morton, Shelley 210 Moseley, Julia 169, 244 Moser, Patricia 169, 199 Moser, Walt 228 Mosher, Randy 170 Moskoff, Kristin 170, 240 Moss, Michael 228 Moss, Robin 170 Mott, Bobby 207 Mowatt, Ellen 72, 170 Moyer, He'idi 220 Mueller, Cindy 170 Muenks, Dale 208 Muff, Harry 252 Mulherin, Benito 252 Mulkey, Kevin 228 Mullane, Kristin 204 Mullen, Teresa 170 Mullikin, Tracy 170 Mullin, Ralph 145 Munoz, Miguel 170 Munson, Jo 104, 170 Munsterman, Candi 170 Murdock, Kent 222 Murillo, Adalaide 170 Murillo, Adelaide 220 Murphy, Brett 219 Murphy, Dennis 170, 219 Murphy, Kara 170, 210 INDEX 345 Murphy, Karen 170, 212 Murphy, Karla 170 Murphy, Kelli 71, 73 Murphy, Kristie 226 Murphy, Maurice 145 Murphy, Michael 219 Murray, Brenda 215 Murray, Lee Ann 220 Murray, Melinda 244 Murray, Valerie 170, 254 X Murry, Thad 224 Musgrave, Kendra 34, 170 1 Mutz, James 170 Mutz, Jim 246 Mwittia, Kagiri 170 Myers, Angie 112 Myers, Hershel 118 Myers, Sharon 170 Myers, Stacey 170. Myers, Tanya 170, 244 Myers, Timothy 227 Myers, Wilfred 170 Myles, Toni 48 N Nacy, John 238 Nadjafabadi, 4Mohammad 170 Naes, Don 229 Nain, John 170 Nannemann, Teresa 170 Nash, Thom 117, 120 Nash, Thomas 170 Nastasi, Joseph 170 Natho, Brenda 199 Naudet, Paul 249 Nebel, Carolyn 170, 254 Neibergall, Scott 123 Neidig, Shareme 170 Neill, Susan 226 Neimeyer, Ronald 145 Neinhueser, Mark 214 Nelson, Amy 170 Nelson, Betsy 211 Nelson, Darlwin 170 Nelson, Jaynie 145 Nelson, Keith 170 Nelson, McShell 117 Nelson, MeShelI 118 Nelson, Messhell 170 Nelson, Wayne 145 Neoh, Soon Leong 170 Nerness, John 123, 170 346 INDEX Nestell, Becky Taylor Debi 248 Nestell, Debbie 170 Nestell, Debi 211 Netzer, Greg 219 Neuhart, Beula 145 Neuner, Vicki 200 Newberry, Annette 170 Newberry, Paul 170 Newbold, Mark 222 Newhart, Ronald 145 Newhouse, Bill 211 Newhouse, William 203 Newland, Michelle 170 Newman, Gregg 229 Newman, Tim 170, 212 Newton, Michael 261 Nicholas, James 170 Nicholas, Jim 123, 242, 243, 247 Nicholas, Sylvia 170 Nichols, Audry 241 Nico", Ted 145 Niederwimmer, Susan 170 Niemeyer, Mollie 145 Niermann, Katherine 170 Niermann, Kathy 112, 319 Niezing, Jon 269 Nimmer, Donald 145 Nipko, Patricia 170 Nissamica, Don 170 Nissanka, Don 317 Nix, Jay 48, 170 Nodine, Larry 222 Nolan, Karen 225 Nold, John 145 Nonemaker, Tim 123, 222, 237 Nordlohne, Lynn 211, 225 Norling, Kara 206, 209 Norris, Lisa 170, 204, 244,319 Norris, Raymond 145 North, Jeffery 218 North, Lisa 171 North, Willard 145 Norton, Arthur 145 Norton, Bobbie 171 Norton, Cindy 206 Norton, Kim 171 Norwood, Allison 145, 269 Novitski, Eric 224 Nsude, Paul 171 Nuckolls, Susan 216 Nugent, Amy 171, 243 Nugent, Dino 243 Nunn, Mark 171 Nuss, Christa 220 O O'Brien, Patrick 243 O'Dell, Brian 259 O'Donnell, Jeffrey 171 O'Gorman, Cathleen 206,215 O'Gorman, Cathy 34 O'Malley, James 145 O'Neal, Bob 171 O'Neill, Teresa 206 O'Reilly, Roger 171 O'Savrus, Enid 252 Oakley, Kelly 204 Oatman, Debra 171 Obilor, Deory 171 Odell, Amie 227 Oden, David 231 Oden, Kimbra 206 Oehrke, Cynthia 240 Oestreich, Sean 222 Ogden, Richard 231 Ogle, Tom 205, 231 Ohrenberg, Robert 317 Oja, John 231 Ojialor, Simon 171 Okafor, Onyebuchi 171 Okafor, Thomas 171 Okoduwa, Joseph 171 Okoro, Peter 171 Ole Seiw, Kowe 263 Oliphant, Leann 171 Oliphant, Lisa71, 171 Olowoniram, Agboola 171 Olowoniram, Dawis 317 Olson, Brian 48, 171 Olson, Candace 171 Olson, Kim 171 Olson, Stephanie 171 Oneill, Teresa 209 Opitz, Sara 216 Opry, Don 118 Orear, Stacy 171 Ormsbee, Leaetta 220, 229 Orndorff, Beth 254 Ornoorff, Beth 171 Orr, Rodney 208 Orscheln, Dale 231 Orskog, Mitch 171 Ortiz, Laura 145 Ortstadt, Susan 216 Ory, Donald 171 Oshima, Eugene 145 Oswald, Becky 171 Otis, John 171, 253 Otto, Kim 171, 248 Otto, Mary 48, 120, 171 Over, Bennet 252 Overman, Terence 221 Overmann, Christopher 48, 171, 250 Overturf, Leigh 171 Owen, Davin 171 Owens, Jan 171, 262 Owens, John 229 Oyer, Doug 224 P Pace, Kayanna 145 Padley, Janet 112 Padley, Shannon 171, 257 Page, Robert 215 Painter, Lana 171 Painter, Lori 104 Painter, Lynda 171 Pak, Bruce 261 Palmer, Bridget 216 Palmer, Michael 252 Palmer, Michele 171, 240, 244 Pals, Gail 171, 267 Pan, Hsiang Lan 171 Pancoast, Wayne 171, 247 Panter, William 171 Pantleo, Michael 208 Panus, Sherry 216 Papen, Tammy 171, 200 Parcel, Robin 171 Parish, Roger 229 Park, Suzanne 240 Parker, Cecil 246 Parker, Chris 219 Parker, Christin 227 Parker, Doug 208 Parker, Kimberly 201 Parker, Lori 171 Parker, Pamela 199 Parker, Tracy 248 Parkhurst, Sherry 171, 318 Parkison, Kim 240 Parkison, Kimberly 171 Parks, Carla 171 Parks, Chris 224 Parks, Cliff 172 Parks, Gena 172 Parrett, Nancy 48 Parris, Sherri 172 Parrish, April 172 Parsons, Kathy 266 Parsons, Stephanie 172, 255 Partain, David 224 Partin, DeAnn 257 Partney, Laura 172 Pasley, Charles 172 Pate, Piper 71, 72, 73, 74 ' Patrick, Minnie 145 Patrick, Rick 222 Patrick, Scott 172, 319 Patterson, Darren 172 Patterson, Richard 208 Patterson, Susan 172, 254 Patterson, Wes 253 Patton, Shawn 222 Patton, Amber 172 Patton, Kathy 216 Paul, Sheila 240 Pavelonis, Amy 172, 267 Pavlicek, Renee 172 Pavlovic, Tanja 104 Paxton, Billie 172 Paxton, Sherry 172 Payne, Jeffrey 172 Peaker, James 172 Peavey, James 208 Peavler, Kraig 172 Pech, Tim 246 Pedersen, Cheri 172 Pedersen, Jennifer 172 Pedersen, Melody 172 Peek, Edward 203 Peeples, Paige 204 Peetoom, Kelly 172 Peirce, Nancy 257 Pendergraft, Julie 172 Pennel, Roger 145, 318 Pennell, Colleen 172 Pennell, Gary 172 Pennington, Kevin 172 Pententler, Charles 145 Pepper, Brenda 255 Perkins, Angela 172, 199 Perkins, Annette 172 Perry, Donny 118 Peter, Bill 319 Peter, William 145 Peterman, Dennis 172 Peters, Debbie 319 Peters, Debra 172 Peters, Lisa 172 Peters, Mary 199 Petersen, Beth 172 Petersen, Stephen 145 Peterson, Beth 319 Peterson, Don 145 Peterson, Kara 172, 204 Peterson, Margaret 145 Peterson, Wendy 172 Petre, Matt 224 Petrus, Darren 208 Petry, Paul 214 . Petry, Todd 214 3 Petty, Conrad 208 Petty, Mary 172 Petty, Steve 172 Pfeiffer, M. Todd 208 Pfundt, Randall 172 Phalen, Jeffery 218 Phelps, Angela 172 ' Phillippe, John 172 Phillippe, Larry 246 Phillips, Andrea 172 Phillips, Bernard 145 Phillips, David 72 Phillips, Divid 74 Phillips, Jackie 220 Phillips, Jeff 95 Phillips, Keith 123 ' Phillips, Kristi 172 Phillips, Pam 204 Phillips, Scott 227 Phillips, Sue 257 Phuphanich, Araya 172 Piah, James 172 Pickens, Mark 172 Pierre, Asovad 250 Pierson, Michael 71 3 Pierson, Roger 261 1 Pike, Todd 172 Pilbeam, Peggy 172 Pilkington, James 145 Pina, Jonas 203 Pink, Carol 71 Pinne, Frederick 145 Pirtle, Scott 172, 222 Pisolyabut, 9 Chakrapong 172 I Pistel, Brad 123 Pitts, Gene 231 Pittsenbarger, Michele 74, 172 Plains, David 117, 118 Plake, Katherine 173 Plew, Dana 112 Ploth, Rebecca 173 Plowman, Marc 173 Plummer, Karla 226 Pobunick, Shannon 239 Podgornik, David 173 Poe, Tim 123 Pohl, AnneMarie 240 Pohlig, John 229 Pohlman, Scott 173 Pohlman, Sheri 173 Pointek, Stacy 96, 99 Polizzi, Frank 173 Polomsky , Terri 220 Poore, Jeff 173, 247 Popejoy, Chris 40, 226 Popp, Susan 173 Porter, Kimberly 173 Porter, Noell 173 Portis, Mahatma 253 Postlethwait, James 145 Potter, Aaron 173, 231 Potter, Ben 231 Potter, Sharon 173 Pottorff, Mark 173 Pottorff, Michael 173 Potts, Jason 218 Powell, Christopher 229 Powell, Chuck 250 Powell, Gary 173 Powell, Julie 173, 204 Powell, Kathy 206 Powell, Kim 173, 206 Power, Cheri 244 Powers, Jennifer 173 Powers, Michael 145 Powers, Stacey 217 Powers, Thomas 227 Poynter, Kevin 173, 261 Pradhan, Shekhar 145 Pratt, Jamie 244 Pratt, Mark 231 Pressley, Todd 203 Prewett, Lisa 173 Prewitt, Jane 199 Price, Alissa 201, 225 Price, Charles 173 Price, Lonny 252 Price, Nancy 216, 231 Prince, Tracy 212 Prindle, William 241 Pritchard, Clarissa 204 Province, Mary 211 Prucha, Tom 40, 229 Pullen, James 145 Pullen, Sherry 173 Pulliam, Richard 214 Pummil, Karen 173. Purdy, Sam 219 Pursley, Michelle 23, 226 Putnam, Heather 223, 226 Putting, Jerry 253 Queen, Richard 212 Quibble 252 Quinn, Christine 216 R Rackers, Brian 224 Rackers, Jeffrey 224 Rackers, Jerome 222 Ragland, Mary 145 Raglon, Carlos 241 Rainey, Carmen 244 Rainey, JaCinda 256 Rand, Don 117 Rand, Donald 118 Randall, Donna 173, 211, 215 Randall, Eddie 173 Randall, Kim 266 Randazzo, Joe 247 Randle, Bruce 120 Randle, Dwayne 173, 247 Raney, Dan 214 Raney, Michael 218 Ransdell, Lisa 173 Rasa, Christine 173 Rasmussen, Caroline 173 Rathmann, K.L. 259 Rathmann, Kenya 173 Ratterman, Joseph 173 Ratty, Christopher 229 Rau, Lisa 226 Rawlings , Stephen 229 Rawlings, Mike 173 Rawlins, Doug 203 Ray, Terry 173, 240 Ray, Vincent 231 Raymond, Robin 173 Raynes, Lisa 173 Ray Brown, Stevie 253 Razniake, Christine 173 Reagan, Randy 173 Reavey, Sheila 173, 267, 319 Redmon, Jason 222 Reed, Angie 262 Reed, Chris 260 Reed, Gennifer 217, 229 Reed, Suzanne 217 Reed, Tom 231 Reese, Mark 173 Reeve, Douglas 229 Reeves, Connie 173, 262 Reeves, Kelly 173, 239 Reeves, Ted 214 Reilly, Clifford 173 Reine, David 261 Reinhold , Susan 173 Reiser, Teddy 173 Rendelman, David 227 Renfrow, Jamie 173, 212 Rennewanz, Ruth 173 Rensfro, Darien 318 Resch, Rita 145 Retzke, Laura 173 Reuben, Karen 254 Reynolds, Candace 173, 217 Reynolds, Greg 207, 209 Reynolds, Harold 145 Reynolds, John 72, 73, 74 Reynolds, Kathleen 174, 206 Reynolds, Lorelei 217 Reynolds, Mindy 206 Rezek, Anthony 203 Rhodelander, Kalene 248 Rhodes, Arianne 174 Rhodes, Barbara 174 Rhodes, Martin 48, 174 Rhodes, Robert 145 Rhodes, Suzanne 226 Ribbing, Rennie 174 Rice, Jodi 174, 201 Rice, LM. 222 Richard, Stacy 174 Richards, Kathleen 174 Richards, Lori 201, 319 Richards, Paul 224 Richardson, Kayla 174 Richardson, Sherry 204 Richerson, Jeff 247 Richey, Mark 203 Richmond, Brenda 174, 241 Richmond, Wendy 174, 223, 241 Rickel, Tim 229 Rickman, Steven 209 Riddle, Jeff 207, 209 Riddle, Melinda 174 Ridenour, Scott 261 Rideout, Andrea 213 Rideout, James 174 Ridge, Leslie 211 Riegel, Beverly 174 Riek, Nancy 174 Riemann, Rich 174 Ries, Renay 112 Ries, Rhonda 112 Ries, Rohda 174 Riesenmy, Gwen 174, 257, 319 Rigg, Tony 209 Riley, Barbara 203, 217 Riley, Cheryl 145 Riley, Doyle 203 Riley, Lee 222 ,6 Riley, Mike 252 Rimmer, Karen 227 Ripley, Brent 174, 22a Rippeto, Dean 174 Ritchey, Nancy 48, 174, 249 Ritchhart, David 317 Ritter, Jay 222 Roach , Denise 174 Roach, Donna 174 Roach, Lynn 248, 319 Roasa, Julie 206 Robb, Chris 215 Robbins, Kevin 231, 317 Robbins, Pat 123 Roberts, Susan 240 Roberts, Curt 229 , Roberts, Gregory 145 Roberts, Lee 224 Roberts, Patty 174 Roberts, Susan 174, 217 Roberts, Todd 259 Robertson, Barbara 212 Robertson, Mike 229 Robinett, Jon 209 Robinson, Greg 100 Robinson, Kim 34 Robinson, Kimberly 174, 213 Robinson, Leroy 100 Robinson, Paul 253 Robinson, R. 257 Robinson, Rodney 174 Robinson, Sarah 211, 319 Robinson, Tayna 255 Robinson, Terri 220, 267 Robnett, Frank 261 INDEX 347 Robnett, Timothy 221 Rockey, Susan 319 Rocquemore, Jim 120 Rocquemore, Jimmie 174 Rodemeyer, Todd 174, 212 2 Rodgers, Fannice 242 Rodgers, Michelle 256 Roe, Nancy 174, 319 Roettger, Amy 112,1, 266 Rogers, Craig 174 Rogers, Julie 174 Rogge, Angie 255 Rohan, James 203 Rohaus, Graig 229 Roll, Gordon 224 Romans, Rachael 174 Romi, Doug 123 Roof, Joe 246 Roof, Lisa 254 Roof, Marie 174 R005, Angela 174 Rose, Kim 220 Rose, Lamar 120 Rose, Robert 145 Rosenberg, Craig 231 Ross', Brent 222 Ross, Janet 36, 174 Ross, Rex 174 Rosser, Arthur 145 Rotert, Michelle 174 Roush, Tina 174, 206 Roussin, Carla 96 Roy, Denise 204 Royle , Lori 220 Rudesill, Jim 250 Ruehter, Bert 317 Rummins, Orland 120 Rupert, Kipton 209 Rupp, Brenda 206, 229 Rupp, Susie 206 Ruppert, Amy 174 Ruppert, Dana 174 Ruppert, Kip 34 R sher, Bettie 145 Russell, Karen 71, 73 Russell, Kyle 123, 253 Russo, Tom 231 Ruth, David 218 Rutherford, Karen 174 Ryan, Jan 217 Ryan, Julie 217, 231 Ryan, Marcie 220 Ryan, Thomas 218 S 348 INDEX Saadat, Jahan 246 Saddler, Angel 174, 213 Sadler, thyn 239 Saffell, Kelly 201 Saitta, Catherine 240 Saitta, Cathy 244 Salas, Chris 220 Sales, Diana 217 Saling, Jerry 174 Salisbury, Sue 174, 266 Salyers, Rachel 199 Sams, Tamara 174 Sander, Kevin 266 Sanders, Annette 174, 240, 257 Sanders, Cindy 240 Sanders, David 174 Sanders, Debi 203, 211 Sanders, Jason 174 Sanders, Stacy 204, 217, 266 Sanders, Tammi 213 Sanderson, Jay 247 Sandy, Valerie 244 Sanker, Sheila 266 Sapp, Allen 145 Sappington, Hal 145 Sarantakos, John 145 Sargent, Paula 217 Sattman, Todd 175, 253 Saum, Sharon 201 Saunders, Brad 218 Saunders, Larry 175 Savage, Troy 224 Sawyer, Diane 175, 241 Sayder, Vance 317 Scego, Brenda 175 Schache, Roy 317 Schaefer, Julia 175, 319 Schaefer, Lauri 175, 245 Schaefer, Mary 175 Schaffer, James 224 Schaffer, Stephanie 175 Scheer, Jim 218 Schell, Anjanette 175 Schell, Rosalie 145 Schellman, Tammy 175, 267 Schelp, Kelly 220 Schelp, Kris 40, 266 Schemenauer, Doug 225 Schemmer, Robin 175 Scherer, John 241 Scherer, Melissa 175 Scheske, Troy 175, 246 Scheulen, Kerry 204 Scheulen, Sandra 175, 240 Schick, Darrin 247 Schiefelbein, Paul 175 Schifferdecker, Ed 218 Schlemmer, Toria 261 Schlichtin'g, Jodi 242 Schlotzhaver, Brent 175 Schmedding, Bill 175, 253 Schmidli, Steve 175 Schmidt, Gary 222 Schmidt, Marilyn 145 Schmidt, Saundra 175 Schmidt, Scott 203 Schmitt, Jennifer 48 Schmitt, Mary 175 Schmitz, Dan 231 Schmitz, Jennifer 175 Schnakenberg, Marty 269 Schnauss, Shannon 175 Schneider, Darren 209 Schneider, Mark 175 Schneider, Sara 199 Schnell, Willdon 225 Schnoebelen, Willie 253 Schnur, Todd 123 Schoemig, Marlise 175 Schoenherr, Mary 263 Scholle, Kelly 217 Schrag, Gerald 145 Schrand, James 175, 222 Schroeder, Chris 175 Schroeder, Joanne 175, 223 Schroeder, Kevin 175 Schroeder, Leigh 175 Schroeder, Lori 175, 262 Schroer, Debbie 207 Schrout, Tim 71 Schuler, Alana 175, 242 Schuler, Kurtis 203 Schulte, Lisa 240 Schultz, Stephanie 254 Schumacher, Hilda 175 Schumacher, Scott 175 Schupp, Roger 23, 74 Schuster, Rob 175 Schwalm, David 175 Schwartz, Mike 175 Schwartz, Robert 145 Schwarz, Rachelle 257 Schweisberger, John 261 Schwertley, John 229 Scism, Allen 145 Scism, Jamie 175 Scofield, Cozette 175 Scott, Cara 207 Scott, James 175 Scott, Jim 242, 247 Scott,'Laura 175, 259 Scott, Michael 123 Scott, Mike 175 Scott, Shannon 175 Scott, Todd 175 Scott, Tracy 175 Scotten, Carl 203 Scudiero, Dominick 209 Sears, Angela 175 Sears, Anthony 175 Sears, Don 218 Sears, Kevin 242 Sears, William 229 Seay, Brenda 175 Sedwick, Chris 74, 175 Seers, Andrew 229 Seger, David 261 Segovia, Linda 267 Seibert, Christie 269 Seig, Beverly 175 Seigel, Carrie 319 Seipp, Neal 73 Seitz, Michael 176 Selzer, Terri 36, 207, 229 Semer, Max 238 Settle, Michael 176 Settle, Vince 253 Settles, Candi 176 Seuferling, Jeff 123, 214 Sexson, Chris 207 Sexton, Curt 209 Shackelford, Phillis 176 Shackelford, Steve 317 Shan, Cathy 317 Shannon, Greg 225 Shannon, Joann 176 Shannon, Kristine 227, 269 Shannon, Todd 225 Sharbutt, Suzanne 217 Sharp, Pam 217 Sharp, Ron 203 Sharp, Steve 176 Sharp, Vicky 176 Shatford, Kurt 209 Shaw, Michael 231 Shaw, Michelle 260 Sheets, Lori 176 Shehata, Ibrahim 176 Sheldon, Sean 246 Shelman, Tammy 221 Shelton, Dana 242 Shelton, Elizabeth 221 231 ' Shelton, Harry 176 Shepherd, Tad 231 Sherard, Brad 123, 222 Sherman, Brian 231 Sherman, Martha 145 Sherman, Rodney145 Sherrill, Paul 227 Sherrow, Kent 123 Shewmaker, Angie 204, 225 Shewmaker, Danny 229 Sheyvall, Grant 252 Shields, Jeff 209 Shields, Jerry 209 Shields, Lisa 229 Shilt, Mike 252 Shinkle, Kristin 112 Shippy, Lori 205 Shirley, Karen 176 Shirley, Tracy 176, 256 Shoemaker, Philip 176, 260 Short, Norm 123 Short, Norman 145 Shortall, Kate 176, 227, 319 Shukor, Azimi 176 Shulfer, Vicky 244 Shull, Belinda 211 Shutt, Melanie 176 V Siebeneck, John 34 Siebern, Michael 176, 247 Siebert, Christie 267 Siebrist, Dean 176 Siebum, Mike 222 Sieren, Steve 176, 246 Sifers, Johanna 176, 201 Sigler, Jack 145 Silins, Andrew 71, 73 Sill, Kris 239 Silleck, Mark 48 Silvers, Timothy 225 Silvestir, Stephen 176 Silvestri, Steve 250 Silvey, Michael 225 Simmons, Binni 176 Simmons, Janet 176, 251 Simmons, Scott 231 Simmons, Shannon 211 Simon, Chris 211 Simon, Denise 267 Simpson, Ben 229 Simpson, Michelle 215 Sims, Romance 261 Sin, Sing 176 p Singer, Kathy 257 Sinnett, Melissa 72, 176 Sin Hae, Lee 248 Siron, Sharon 231 Sitze, Carrie 176 Skelton, Brad 48 Skidmore, Kenneth 176 Skidmore, Margaret 176 Skinner, Angela 176 Skinner, Kim 176, 245 Slaby, Cynthia 207 Slagle, Retta 176 Slattery, Charles 145 Slavkovsky, Angie 40, 207 Slayton, Sandra 176 Slecka, Vince 123 Sloan, Brian 212 Sloan, Stacy 317 Small, Sherry 48, 176, 201 ' Smalley, Kathy 223 Smalls, Traci 176 Smasal, Dianne 269 Smead, John 145 Smith , Tony 34 Smith, B K 222 Smith, Beth 205 Smith, Brad 247 Smith, Brenda 23, 74, 221 Smith, Cheryl 176, 249 Smith, Christine 229 Smith, Christy 211 Smith, Chuck 231 Smith, Constance 176 Smith, Courtney 226 Smith, Dale 317 Smith, Diana 207 5 Smith, Dolores 147 Smith, Jared 176 ; Sn0th,JeH 48,219 Smith, Kim 205 Smith, LC. 147 Smith, Linda 256 Smith, Mark 176, 209 Smith, Melissa 53, 176, 269 1 Smith, Nancy 74, 176 Smith, R. K. 176 Smith, Renee 242 Smith, Ric 176 Smith, Rich 252 Smith, Robert 176 Smith, Roger 176 Sn0th,ShiHey 176,255 Smith, Stefan 176 Smith, Tim 317 Smith, Tobin 222 Smith, Tony 211 Smith, Tracy 74 Smith, Troy 203 Smith, Ulnda 176 Smith, Valerie 266 Snelling, Mike 123, 207 Snider, Chad 203 Snider, Holly 205 Snider, Michael 71 Snider, Mike 176 Snider, William 219 Snodgrass, Kelly 257 Snyder, Kathy 176 Snyder, Lorie 177 Snyder, Robert 231 Snyder, Shela 147 Snyder, Teresa 120, 217 Snyder, Vance 177, 227 Snykowski, Bruce 227 Sobaski, Kelly 177 Sobaski, Steve 231 Soendker, Dena 177 Soendker, Lori 177, 201 Sokolowski, Dan 177 Solich, Joseph 177 Solomon, Patty 177 Sommerkamp, Thomas 147 Song, Laura 177, 240 Sorensen, Barb 104, 106 Souders, David 177 Souders, Lisa 177 Spampinato, Peter 177 Sparks, Beth 211 Sparks, Todd 222 Spear, Stephen 177 Speight, Joann 177 Spencer, Pamela 177 Spieckermann, Sarah 177 Spieldoch, Bruce 177 Spillman, Carrie 177 Sprecher, Brian 203 Sprouse, Julie 177 Sprutte, Kim 209 Spruytte, Kim 205 Spurck, Mike 253 Spurg, Daren 247 Stabe, Jerry 177 Stacey, Gary 211 Stackhouse, Linda 177, 319 Stackhouse, Sandra 177 Stacks, Robert 203 Stacy, Kim 248 Stags, David 73 Stalder, Leslie 177 Staley, Jeanette 263 Stamper, Victoria 74 Stanfield, Corey 225 Stansbury, Chris 207, 212 Staples, Stephanie 213 Stark, James 214 Stark, Stacey 211 Stark, Tanya 207 Startin, Larry 242 Stasi, Susan 221 Staten, Michael 177 Stauss, Mark 218 Stebor, Terri 177, 205 Steczak, Mike 214 Steffens, Greg 177 Stegeman, Diane 239 Stegeman, Marilyn 177 Steinbach, Sheila 257 Steinhoff, Lisa 177 Stelling, Heather 177 Stelling, Lance 218 Stengel, Bradley 177 Stephens, Donna 177 Stephens, Jeff 231 Stephens, Melinda 177, 241 Stephens, Wendy 177 Stepney, Leland 238 Stepp, James 177 Stetzler, Scott 117, 118 Stevens, Ginger 261 Stevens, Shawn 118 Stevenson, Chris 250 Stevenson, Joy 147 Stewart, Christy 177 Stewart, Liz 177 Stewart, Robert 147, 231 Stewart, Tina 177, 254 Still, Dana 177, 255 Stillwell, Jamie 231 Stinnett, Kelly 199 Stinson, James 203 Stith, Deborah 177 Stockman, Rita 177, 240,317 Stoecklein, Mary 177 Stoeppler, Joseph 177 Stokes, Al 238 Stokes, Jacquelyn 199 Stokes, Paula 244 Stoll, Brent 267 Stoll, Victoria 205 Stone, Kenneth 147 Stoneking, Jeffery 177, 214 Stonham, Sean 177, 241 Stork, Nancy 201 Storm, David 147 Story, Danny 118 Stowe, Marci 177, 211 Stowe, Michelle 177 Stradford, Todd 147 Straker, Randall 177 Stratton, Carl 242 Suauon,JHI211,229 Straub, Jennifer 225 Straw, Tina 221 Stripling, Chris 231 Strohm, Gary 177 Strohman, Maria 177 Strohman, Marla 245 Stroud, David 253 Strouter, Trina 120 Struck, Gary 218 Struemph, Darius 225 Stuart, Jeff 225 Stuart, Stephanie 178 Stubbs, Ray 147 Stuck, Laura 205 Stuckmeyer, Mary 71, 73,178,248 Stuerke, Maria 178 Stuffiebean, Shane 203 Stull, Sherri 201 Suady, Tune 123 Suady, Tyne 178, 238 Suarez, Carmelita 178 Suarez, Jessica 248 Sublette, Valerie 178 Suddarth, Kathy 178 Suddarth, Michael 178 Suiter, Jennifer 178 Sullivan, Chrisa 254 Sulzner, Dan 241 Summers, Michelle 178 Sumner, Dawnita 73 Sundermeyer, Denny 239 Suppes, Louise 74 Sutherland, Christy 178 Suthers, Shannon 199 Sutor, Lisa 199 Sutter, Jennifer 178 Sutton, Sam 253 Swafford, Staci 245 Swain, Dawn 205 Swanson, Babbette 178 Swearingin, Rob 222, 317 Swift, Les 209 Swift, Mannetta 241 Swofford, James 71 Swofford, Jim 73 Swope, Kerri 178 Sykuta, Tara 262 Sylwester, Harold 147 Syron, Julie 226 T Tabiendo, Deborah 72, 178 Tabor, Richard 147 Tabron, Tracy 178, 260 Tagg, Michelle 217 Taggart, DeAnn 257, 319 Tague, Willie 118 Talken, Richard 178 Talton, Stacy 178 Tamin, Bomba 178 Tanner, Matt 211 7 Tapscott, Don 178 1 Tarpey, Dan 120 Tarwater, Kevin 227 Tarwater, Kimberly 201 Tate, Shelly 112 Tayani, Lotfi 178 Tayani, Saleh 178 Taylor, Becky 178, 319 Taylor, Charles 178 Taylor, Christi 178 Taylor, Crystal 178 Taylor, Darrell 231 Taylor, Derrick 229 . Taylor, James 178 Taylor, Jenny 48, 178, Taylor, Kelley 178 Taylor, Kelly 244 Taylor, Leanne 178 Taylor, Lisa 147 Taylor, Maria 178 Taylor, Matthew 178 Taylor, Phil 178 Taylor, Scott 229 Taylor, Tracy 178 Taylor, Vickie 178, 261 Taylor, William 178 Teasdale, Rodger 214 Tees, Arthur 147 Tech, Hia Jong 317 Terry, Dana 178 Terry, Danny 147 Terry, Holly 213 Testerman, Karla 205 Teter, Kris 199 Tewksbury, Michelle 201 Thammano, Apinee 178 Tharp, Brian 212 INDEX 349 Thessing, Becky 256 Thielbar, Angela 36, 205, 212 Thielbar, Wilbur 147 Thierry, Michele 178, 257 Thies, John 123 Thomas 247 Thomas, Connie 225 1 Thomas, David 178 Thomas, Dawn 104, 106, 178 Thomas, Joseph 74 Thomas, Kelly 178 Thomas, Kevin 223 Thomas, Mark 178, 203 Thomas, Steve 231 Thomas, Suzanne 178, 267 I Thomas, Warren 178 Thompson, Carol 178 Thompson, Jeff 178 Thompson, Jill 221, 229 Thompson, Kenneth 147 1 Thompson, Laurie 178 Thompson, Lisa 242 Thompson, Michael 250 Thompson, Pete 178, 223 Thompson, Sallie 223 Thompson, Teresa 179 Thompson, Terry 120 Thompson, Trevor 53, 269 Thornhill, Stephanie 243 Thornton, Eric 231, 317 Thornton, Melissa 199 Throckmorton, 'Lchael 179 Thurman, Dawn 179 Thurman, Paul 214 Thurmon, John 179, 209 Tibbits, Donald 147 Tiefenbrunn, David 179 Tilton, Jacqui 179 Tinsley, Alvin 147 Tipton, William 147 Titus, Dave 48, 219 Tobin, lyalla 179 Todd, Louis 214 Todd, Norman 179 Tomblison, Robin 179 Tomlin, Mike 231 350 INDEX Toms, Ron 179, 242 Tonnell, Bradley 209 Toombs, Lowell 221 Tosatto, Myla 221 Toth, Craig 123, 231 Totta, Frank 179, 231 Totty, Lisa 199 Tourtillott, Jeff 179, 259 Tourtillott, Martin 179 Tovar, Marilu 217 Tracy, 257 Tracy, Dick 252 Tracy, Patricia 263 Trail, Melissa 201 Trakulsin, Wilmonski 179 Tran, On 179 Travers, John 212 Trembly, Amy 96 Trickey, Brandon 209 Tripp, Tyra 319 Trodick, James 179 Trotter, Sandra 179 Trout, Tammy 179 Troutt, Ronald 179 True, Wesley 147 Trueblood, Rhonda 201 Tuck, Mike 123 Tucker, Robert 179 Tuhill, Kelly 179 Turner, Aloha 179, 245, 260 Turner, Barry 214 Turner, Jennifer 201, 211, 215, 319 Turner, Joseph 242 Turner, Karen 179, 319 Turner, Leslie 179 Turner, Raymond 247 Turner, Stephanie 179 Turner, Troy 218 Turner, Vickie 179 Twedt, Dan 179 Twilley, Sonya 179 Twillman, Dwight 117, 120, 179 Twiss, Todd 229 Tygart, Shannon 179 Tynes, Lisa 221 Tyrer, Heather 179, 207 Tyson, Rebecca 221, 229 Uber, Roberta 179 Ulrich, Robert 147, 223 Umphries, Glenda 179, 267 UnderwoodpRamona 319 Urbach, Jack 263 Uribe, Claudia 207, 231 Vacek, William 317 Vahrenberg, Doug 209 Valentine, David 212 Van Benthusen, Bryan 219 Van Benthusen, Loran 219 Van Fleet, Eric 147 Van Oster, James 260 . Van Stone, Julia 179, 207 Vanbebber, Mark 179, 229 Vance, Mikki 179 Vander, Llnda 179 Vanderbur, Don 219 Vanderpool, Denise 179 Vanderpool, Paula 179, 262 Vander Vennet, Linda 319 Vann, Dina 179 Vannatta, Michael 231 Vannatta, Tanya 217 Vanndy, John 179 Vannoy, John 227 Vantuyl, Cindy 179, 242 Varney, Robin 201 Varney, Tara 71, 73, 179, 256 ,Vaughan, Ruth 179 Vaughan, Shawn 226 Vaughn, Joe 318 Vaughn, Joseph 147 Vaughn, Stacey 203, 211 Velder, Kelly 229 Vessar, Matthew 250 Vestal, Kristie 179 Vetter, Derrick 231 Vetter, Vince 231 Vickers, Jayne 179 Vidaurri, Marlo 179 Vinyard, Allen 250 Vinyard, Derrick 246 y Vinyard, Lisa 179, 262 Vittetoe, Lori 207 Vogel, Cindy 261 Vogt, Scott 203 Voi, Philip 241 Vollman, Tammy 179 Vollrath, Kevin 180 Voss, Tammy 180 W Waddington, Jonathan 223 Wade, Latonya 180 Wade, Wendy 180, 256 Wadlow, Rick 180 Wagner, John 180 Wagoner, Jan 180 Wagoner, Marla 180 Waisner, Gary 147 Waite, Michael 147 Walden, Ladine 147 Waldner, Christine 180 Waldrup, Willie 180, 250 Walensky, Katie 241 Walk, Jamie 180, 260 Walken, Joe 269 Walker, Amy 180, 212 Walker, Angela 104, 106, 180 Walker, Carol 256 Walker, Cherise 267 Walker, David 180 Walker, Eric 261 Walker, Frances 180 Walker, Greg 74 Walker, Jennifer 223 Walker, Karen 180, 239 Walker, Lori 180, 262 Walker, Paula 180 Walker, Sonya 180, 256 Walker, Stephen 147 Walker, Todd 74 Walker, Tracy 180 Walker, Trevor 180 Walker, Velshera 71, 73 Wallace, Jacqueline 180, 319 Wallace, Randy 219 Wallenburn, Jenny 180, 267 , Waller, Chris 250 Waller, Kimberly 213 Waller, Margaret 180, 240, 317 Waller, Michelle 180, 242 Waller, Wilma 147 Walther, Charles 237 Walton, Greg 249 Walton, Susan 180, 267, 317 Wan, Daren 180 Wang, Jen-Chen 180 Wang, Kira 249 Wang, Kuanz 180 Wang, Wei Cei 180 Ward, Angela 244 Ward, Brian 209 Ward, Joyce 263 Ward, Mary 180 Ward, Melissa 217 Warford, Janet 221 Warner, Kelly 205 Warner, Randy 180, 214 Warren, Greg 267 Washburn, Mike 247 Wastasi, Joe 252 Waters, Jay 219 Watford, Janet 180 Watkins, Bryan 209 Watson, Tara 74 Wattenbarger, David 123 Watts, James 219 Watts, Jayme 219 Watts, Mary 180 Watts, Tanya 180, 245 Watts, Tonio 180 Watts, Tonya 180, 249 Way, Rob 214 Wear, Aimee 205 Weathers, Clint 250 Weaver, Thom 48, 261 Webb, Carol 180, 241 Webb, Diana 180 Webb, Kelly 240 Webb, Lana 180, 259 Webb, Lorine 242 Weber, Eric 23, 71, 72, 180 Webster, Doris 180 Webster, Kyle 180 Webster, Mark 225 Webster, Tonya 227 Weddington, Diane 180, 317 Weddle, Mike 219 Weeks, Donald 223 Weems, Deena 180 Wehar, Tamara 180 Wehlhoff, Scott 123 Wehrle, Mark 147 Wei, Quan-Jen 180 Weidinger, Dana 217 Weil, Michael 318 Weinreich, Matt 180 Welch, Lin 147 Welch, Matthew 225 Welch, Nancy 180 Weller, Danny 181 Wells, John 181 Wells, Patricia 181 Wells, Robyn 181 Wells, Trisha 244 Welsh, Robert 238 Wendt , Stacey 181 Wendt, Stacey 104 Wendy, Lysaght, 255 Wenzl, Jeffrey 231 Werneke, Larry 147 Wertz, Susan 181 Wesing, Janna 319 Wesner, Suzanne 181 Wessing, Janna 181, 245 Wesson, Shawn 181 Wesson, Simone 181 West, Jetuan 205 West, Stephen 181 West, Steve 253 West, Willam 250 Westall, Robert 181 Westbrook, Melissa 199 Westmoreland, C.J. 181 Wetton, Stephen 205, 231 Weyrauch, Becky 244 5 Weyrauch, Rebecca 181 Whaley, Burton 181 Wheatly, W.F. 181 Wheeler, Stephen 181, 231 Wheeler, Steve 23 Whetzel, Karen 181, 256, 267 Whisler, Beth 203, 211 Whisnant, C.J. 229 Whisnant, Rod 229 Whistler, Chadd 181, 227 Whitaker, David 181 White, Russell 317 White, Chris 211,231 White, David 181 White, Dionne 181 White, Jeffery 181 White, Karee 181 White, Kim 242 White, Rebecca 181 White, Rick 231 White, Russell 181, 267 White, Staci 181, 254 White, Stephanie 213 Whitehead, John 147 Whittecar, Cheryl 181 Whitton, Brian 231 Whitworth, Bret 181 Whorton, Stacey 226 Whynot, Judith 181 Wiater, Melissa 181, 248 Wienberg, Heather 267 Wiercinski, Steve 231 Wigent, Steve 241 Wiggins, Michael 318 Wilbers, Louis 181, 267 Wilcox, Julie 217 Wilcox, Robin 72, 74 Wilding, Julie 212, 317 Wiley, Connie 181 Wilgers, Pam 205 Wilhite, Lee 181 Wilhite, LeeAnn 319 Wilkinson, Jeffrey 225 Wilkinson, Jason 231 Wilkinson, Michelle 181 Wilkinson, Stacey 207, 231, 319 Willard, Jeff 209 Willbrandt, Jim 219 Williams 240, 247 Williams, Annie 181 Williams, Anthony 181, 215 Williams, April 213 Williams, Arnetta 256 Williams, Barbara 181 Williams, James 181 Williams, John 181 Williams, Leslie 181, 254 Williams, Marie 201 Williams, Mark 238 Williams, Melissa 239 Williams, Michelle 181 Williams, Michey 181 Williams, Mickey 317 Williams, Phillip 250 Williams, Robin 104 Williams, Steve 74 Williams, Susan 217 Williams, Tamela 181, 261 Williams, Tanya 181, 240 Williams, Terri 248 Williams, Timothy 72 Williams, Yolanda 181 Willingham, Lee Ann 201, 212 Willis, Doug 181 Willis, Guinevere 181 Wilper, Eric 261 Wilson, Beverly 147 Wilson, James 147 Wilson, Jarrett 221 Wilson, Jennifer 181 Wilson, Julie 74, 244 Wilson, Lynne 317 Wilson, Roger 231, 263 Wilson, Sherry 255 Wilson, Tammy 104 Wilson, Wanda 248 Wilson, William 147 Winans, Paul 147 Winchester, Steph 261 Winders, Tony 229 Winegar, Lisa 36, 211 Winn, Kristi 217 Winningham, Yolanda 213 Winsor, Jerry 147 Wirths, Tamara 217 Wiseman, Nick 229, 247 Witherspoon, Jeffery 219 Witt, Lawrence 221 Wolf, Glenda 319 Wolf, Julie 319 Wolf, Kelly 245 Wolfe, Julianne 215 Wolfenbarger, Chris 219 Wolff, Leslie 319 Wolkey, Brent 209 Wolters, Janie 201 Wolzak, Brad 237 Wood, Dan 203 Wood, Michael 203 Wood, Patty 201 Wood, Shari 257 Wood, Susie 221 Woodall, Brenda 215 Woodrum, Teresa 211, 225 Woods, Amy 212, 241 Woods, Everett 147 Woods, Kathy 239 Woods, Michael 227 Worley, Deborah 48, 207 Worth, Jan 253 Wright, Amy 255 Wright, Barbara 147 Wright, James 221 Wright, Kim 211 Wright, Kourtenay 211 Wright, Phil 219 Wright, Todd 123 Wrinkle, Margie 215, 226 Wunderlich, Andrea 240, 250 Wunderliuh, Matthew 250 Wyatt, Bob 74 Y Yaggi, Dave 34 Yaggi, David 209 Yancey, Michael 229 Yancey, Robert 229 Yarick, Troy 257 Yates, Mary 317 Yates, Mary Ann 147 Yieh, Kaili 238 1 Yost, Patricia 269 7 Yougers, James 209 3 Young, David 231 Young, James 147 Young, Leanne 2177 Young, Mark 211 r" Young, Michelle 255 Young, Shawn 229 Young, Virginia 147 H Yu, Jimmy 147 ' 17 Yuille, Michael 209 i Zachar, Kristy 221 Zackert, Terry 242 Zantesto, Bertha 260! Zee, Norma Van 147 Zeikle, Julie 205 Zelazek, John 147 Zeman, Gary 219 Zimmerman, Jeffre'y 203 1' Zimmerschied, Melanie 256 Zink, Shelly 211 INDEX 351 Colophon and Credits Paper Cover Typography Liner Ink Number of Pages Press Run Printer Staff Photography Special Thanks 80 lb. white enamel 904 marble white tleathertonet blind embossed type and embossed 6 pt. silver rule Optima 6 pt. silver rule and silver seal on white stock 336 pages process color 16 pages black t 352 2,050 Walsworth Publishing Company Marceline, Missouri Dana Dale, editor Melissa Smith, assistant editor Jennifer Magnin, executive staff member Trevor Thompson, photo editor Trevor Thompson with the assistance of Mike Maple, Jim Wiltse, Amy Pavelonis and Melissa Smith Portraits, lnter-State Studio Greeks, Fraternal Composite News, Associated Press World Wide Photos lnformationlreference sources: Bill Poynter, Wendell Brandes, Effie Lindsey, Russell Coleman and Jonell Van Dam, Bill Turnage and Ann Pearce. Administrative support: Bonnie Bartlett and the Computer Center staff; Jerry Elliott and the Revenue Office staff; Joyce Thomason, Dana Dechman and the Office of Public Relations staff and students; John Whitehead and the University Union staff; and the Physical Plant crew. Encouragement: John lnglish, advisor; Lisa Blankenship and Richard and Madonna Dale.

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