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MlD-CONTIMENT PUBLIC l IBRARY North :ndependence Branch Ni Highway248tS pring Independence?p MO 64050 r Gen. 378.778 R344 1981 Rhetor 17 . 50 CENTRAL MIS 1981 RHETOR VOLUME LXXIV CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE UNIVERSITY ' WARRENSBURG, MISSOURI , ' .-.-.,r - , nwwwm av.,w......-.w-.--m-vf-a:w.y-.-v 7mm , , , A, , PAULA FOSTER MID- CONTINENT PUBLlC LIBRARY NI 1980-81 IIHIUHHIWIWIIHlUlIHIIIWIIHIIIHHIIIWIHHlll 0113 59 8035 CALENDAR North Independence Branch Highway 24 St Spligg lndependence.M April 21 April April 30-May 3 April 28-May 3 Evening With 24-26 Mainstage: She Greek Week Rogers 8: Troupe Show Stoops t0 Hammey fein Conquer. Gen. 378.778 R344 1981 - Rhetor 1 7 . 50 JJuly 7-25 Freshman Orientation October 4 Parents Day October 7 Homecoming Queen Elections October 8 New Zealand National Band performs November 7 November 18- November 4 November 5-8 November 20 Regan wins Mainstage: The Troupe Show December 2 China,s Gang of Who shot JR. election by Matchmaker , Thanksgiving Four trial begins revealed to landslide Vacation Dallas fans November 21 December 8 December 8-13 J ohn Lennon Mulebarn Week Madrigal killed Christmas Dinner December 12-13 1 TROY THOMAS January 28- February 6-7 February 6-8 February 1 Mel Lewis CMSU team Dinner Theatre: All-Star Sextet takes fourth at : You1re a Good Jazz Concert College Bowl 1 Man Charlie and Residency Regionals a Brown March 26-28 April 16-21 April 27- Troupe Show Easter Vacation May 2 Greek Week March $8 One 8: Quit; Singers Concert May 4-8 Opera Production: Transformations Commencement STEVE SCHOEN June 14-21 Boys State July 21 Concert at Selmo Park August 15 Record heatwave ends October 3 Skyhaven Airport dedicated and Technology Complex Datestone unveHed March 11-12 St. Louis Symphony Orchestra Promenade Concert October 13: Lyric Opera: The Elixir of Love April 4-7 Easter Vacation October 18 Homecoming ill December 4-5 One 8: Only Singers Concert December 19- January 12 January 20 January 22 January 5 Governor Kit American Movable Parts Christmas , Bond hostages Dance Company Vacation inaugurated released after performance 444 days as captives of Iran February 11-14 February 15 February 24- March 13 Mainstage: The Charles Pace: March 2 Union Orgy Lion in Winter Young Mr. University Union Douglas Ski Trip V , May 6-9 May 17 Mainstage: The Commencement Shadow Box 1 3! STEVE SCHOEN April 15 REO Speedwagon Concert V October 19 Marching Mules and Mulekickers perform at Royals Stadium World Series game MICHLLLL SIXTA NEOHDS EARLS ineteen eighty-eighty one. A year of fun and friends. Of learning. Growing. A year of watching the world from a campus window and preparing to walk on the other side of the glass someday soon. w k W n 4 a u ..... .... MICHELLE SIXTA M .4 uhhg--...w.: .w m t was a year of discov ery checking things out, both from a dis- tance and close up. Defining the en- vironments and establishing roles. PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS 4 7a 7 n Wu4-,g. Wqu . 7 . .NL .RTK .....n,.,w,.. - .m , , ' MIKE BONNOT t times, everything seemed compounded upon itself. Row after row. Term paper after report. Line after line. Rules. P AR 14. MIKE BONNOT TROY THOMAS MIKE BONNOT I . here were quiet times, too. Walking with close friends, watch- ing squirrels play. Sequestered hours with Shakespeare and laser theory. TROY THOMAS TROY THOMAS MIKE BONNoT HOEN 'Nk STEVE 33.255552, 431:? . . . nd there was time to reflect-on life and physics lectures with class- mates and collegues and during bike rides home. STEVE SCHOEN ' '--4$....-4:-. .. -. MIKE BONNUT TROY THOMAS K m R D E H L R E H C CHERYL HEDRICK ctually, it was a year, like any other year, just different. Time spent alone, with a com- rade and in groups. TROY THOMAS ineteen eighty-eighty one. A year of watching the world from a campus win- dow. MIKE BONNOT ' "7""MMymu ,"mqu.,,.HWm.M...m Page 1 8 The Year 4 Page 3 9 8 Page 1 5 8 Page 1 9 4 2 5 4 Groups Page 2 9 6 3 5 3 Epilogue- Page 1 3 6 Faculty 8L Staff 17 w; ' A .- r "5!: . I ! KQANV.... xv ITW Summer sizzled. tures ever gave a n as did four-day wee The air-conditioning heat, which made 5 styles changed to s dorms were made . TROY THOMAS STEVE SCHOEN j v.4..." ' 2h; ,,. 1,3, ..-.-- ,- n WAS so HOT , ,, Summer sizzled. Some of the highest tempera- tures ever gave a new diminsion to summer school, as did four-day weeks and 70-minute class periods. The air-conditioning struggled to keep up with the heat, which made studying that much worse. Dress styles changed to shorts and T-shirts or less. Cool dorms were made available to senior citizens. Most stores sold out of fans. For some, summer was just another term. For others, it was the perfect time to pick up a few hours, or a class they had dropped. For almost ev- eryone it was swimming, sunbathing, textbooks ton rainy dayst, ice cream, and beer cans upside-down. STEVE SCHOEN . 8" 0'11; Beginning AgainA; W iwa-wmw-wqu mxw 11w NTt K! N HV H' N $1 IIMKJ ' 9H "w. M! v m '4 mugs 'nm N STEVE SCHOEN Summer vacation is over. It,s time to return to Warrensburg. The freshmen come first. Eager. Ready to start college life. They,ve heard ith fun. Parties. Even interesting classes. Mom and Dad help them move in while they check the place out ttheyNe heard about the parties tooj Itis exciting. The folks drive away. Loneliness sets in. Now to just make it to the weekend. Then come the upperclassmen, unimpressed by the rules. This is old hat. They dump boxes, milkcrates, suitcases, and piles of junk in their rooms. Time to look up their old friends, get books and pay fees. No need to unpack for a couple of weeks. Therds time for amusement. Oh yeah, classes begin too. It i E . b a i What Its All About Tests. Essays. Chapter after chapter to read. Time drags. Eye- lids sag. Quick! Pull back from dreamland. Therehs still 32 pages to go. Classes. Lectures. The intricate functions of the brain. Rennaissance art. Metaphysical poets. So much to learn. So little time. Classes can be the most exciting events in studentsh lives, each stimulating new ideas and stirring the desire to learn more. PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS , W. J'Jwriltlnmtp-m'JJWW-jbw. W . 1-. 2m. 1cm limamcm -AMERICAH AMERICAN mmm 45w Rayon? uw Rm LAW neroms LAW Rm LAW REPORT ANNOTATED ANNOTATED ANNOTATED, Lsmnlm-zn E ANNOTATED Oct. 3 marked another step to strengthen CMSUls position as the states top producer of graduates in industrial arts and technology with the Skyhaven Airport Expansion Dedication and Tech- nology Complex Datestone Unveiling ceremonies. Initial steps for the $4.9 million Technology Com- plexv began 11 years ago, when the need for ex- panded facilities became serious. When finished, approximately 66,370 square feet of space will be shared by the Department of Electricity and Elec- tronics and the Department of Power and Trasnportation. The three-story building will include 18 special- ized shops and laboratories, in addition to offices and classrooms. There will be a multimedia teach- ing center, flight simulators, and labs for electricitwelectronics, air conditioning, avionics, avi- ation, automotive transportation and industrial man- agement. The Skyhaven Airport expansion project made the Universityls airport safer. The facilities, which include a larger runway and new airport adminis- tration building, also allow greater student utiliza- tion and increased community use. STEVE SCHOEN Senator Harold Caskey, President James Homer and Dean T. Rawleigh Gaines look over plans for the Technology Complex. STEVE SCHOEN TROY THOMAS Reel , ., DARYL MILLER M Behind the Scenes The job may not be glamourous or exciting, but itts important. After all, it takes more than stu- v, dents, faculty and administrators to keep a Univer- ,x' sity running smoothly. The important people behind I the scenes are the Physical Plant and Food Service workers who keep the floors clean, cook the meals and keep the heating systems functioning. Charged t with maintenance and operation of University facili- ties, the workers, both students and professionals, do everything from cleaning and repair work to planting shrubbery. Their actions, although not al- ways seen, are what make the place livable. DARYL MILLER DARYL MILLER v. ,. 12 CHRIS MILLER 2-37 . e "yen..." .. . Mmhv-.. qu.... ....r....r.. The Composite Student .J Urban cowboy identification teven though he's never been to Wash and wear hairstyle Gilley'si. complete with headband for improved performance in the l2V2-minutes-from- bed-to-American Lit.- quarter-mile. At least one label showing good taste. , $20 haircut. e Shoulder-straped book sack with tyesi books, a between class snack and yesterday's sweatsocks. Homrim glasses for the studious look. 4 A feminine collar, but a practical sweater. A gothic novel, True Confessions, and Tuesday's termr paper t3 days Iatei. 476-function digital alarm day-date- calendar-stopwatch calculator and wrist microprocessor ta e I , little help in math I h ' ' " . x w classy . This term's validation, that hunk from physics class's phone number, $1.37, two sticks of doublemint and a 30-second fix-your-face kit. Saturday night fever kit complete with blind date locator tStudent i Faculty Directoryi and genuine, certified, Appropriate almost real over-21 organizational L. e 1-D. identification pins. . h CMSU class ring showing hi i degree and year of .f 5 graduation 6f the or grade- 7 , point improvesi. Plaid wool skirt just for style. 1 l . -; i h ; Pre-washed jeans. All real Blazers for the preppy look. cowboys wear them. ; Last night's left-overs. Election 80 It QWW The economy was the big is- sue in this yearts general elec- tion as the state,s and the na- tionts voters looked for changes in leaders and leadership. When the votes were counted, the re-V sults only confirmed what the polls predicted by very early in the evening election day-a Re- publican landslide. Nationally, former California Governor Ronald Regan re- placed Jimmy Carter in the Oval Office. In Jefferson City, Christopher ttKitt, Bond, who had made a campaign stop at CMSU during Homecoming, en- tered a second term as Gover- nor, replacing Gov. Joseph Teas- dale. TROY THOMAS T WW . Members of CMSU,s singing,dancing Troupe are front i row Heft to right, Susan Strack, Scott Huddleston, Debbie Schath; second row Greg Whitte, Janet Maitland, Tami Nystrom, Larry Rogers; third row Vince Knox, Lisa Gra- ham, Chas Mullins; fourth row Liz Hinderson, Kelly Cass, Pam Moore. BOB WIRTZ f I I PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS , -., .7, ,4k...-.h-.v . m 7V ,9- V "9. 9 " V .M... 91"9" 9'"w"3i9vw"'mrm- BOB wmz ED HOFFMANN ED HOFFMANN PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS l 1. Karl Helton sings HIt Was Almost Like a Song.w 2. Front row Heft to righU Jeff Gossens, Kelly Hibdon, Steve Tucker, Lorenzo Johnson; second row Diane Hodges, Melody Waller, Colleen Stark, Steve Van Dyke, Cindy Calvert. Oklahoma! Laurey. . Roxanne Williams Curley ......... Steve Taft Will Parker .John Myers Ado Annie .Kelly Jones Aunt Eller. Cynthia Miller Ali Hakim. ...... Mark Lee Jud Fry .. ..Jeff Sandquist Cord Elam .Mark Coleman Slim Matt Cook Ike ..... nthony Turner Andrew Carnes ...... Marty Hunt Gertie.. .Sherry Kershaw ...... Tom Flessa Chorus. ..Laurie Riekhof, Lisa Portwood, Eleanor Hill, Jennifer Crowley, Annette Goodwin, Pam Lawson, Julie Pope, Connie Hoover, Rosalyn Williamson, Joann Sigmund, Danny Behrens, Matt Geissal, Phil Jamison, Steve Jones, Don Druger, Kent McKenzie, Dana Reynolds, David Rudd, Scott Taylor, Dan Uptegrove, Tim Wilkerson, Steve Schneider,' Robert Wissman, Scott Ainsworth. PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS OMECOMING I 980 PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS You thought youid cut through the Union on the way to your next class, but 'you couldnit seem to make your way through the crowd. Girls dressed up like the chorus of a broadway show grabbed your arm. iiI-Iave you voted yetfi one asked you with a smile, handing you a leaflet. Then, you re- member. Itis Homecoming Queen finalists election day. Broadway Musicals was the theme for Homecoming 1980. Heavy eyes and unfin- ished assignments were testimony to the hard work and fun of building some of the most extravagant floats ever. Anticipation built to a climax for the small crowd in Gar- rison Gymnasium due to the World Series game televised at the same timei. Tradition- al gasps and congratulations followed the announcement of Phyliss Collins as Home- coming Queen. The Homecoming Committee, Erin Edmunds, Debbie Brinkoetter, Kenneth McDaniels, Rick Skaggs, Shelly Koelling, Kelly VanVleck and Roger Jackson planned Homecoming events. Members of Alpha Phi Omega served again this year as parade marshals. The 10 finalists for Homecoming Queen and their sponsors are front row Heft to right Phyliss Collins, Queen, Association of Black Collegiates; Linda Jaeger, Sigma Kappa; second row Lisa Weber, Delta Sigma Pi; Beth Feno, Theta Chi; Pam Walker, Sigma Sigma Sig- PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS ma; third row Paula Foster, Alpha Omicron Pi; Karen Schreiner, Delta Chi; Dianna Sneeder, Princess, Lamb- da Chi Alpha; Dorcas Hink, Alpha Xi Delta; Coleen Lehr, Princess, Alpha Sigma Alpha. PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS a Omicron Pi; Karen der, Princess, Lamb- ha Xi Delta; Coleen a. S A M O H T Y O R T Y B S O T O H D- .L .L A TROY THOMAS T o N N 0 E E m M D O O W E v A D TROY THOMAS DAVE WOOD The Homecoming parade was as colorful as it was long with over a hundred entries. The winning floats were the Wesley Foundation in the campus category and Lambda Chi Alpha in the Greek category. Winning walking entries were Harvest Campus Ministries in the campus category and Sigma Kappa in the Greek category. Highlights of the parade were the bands, floats, dozens of politicians, and zany entries including a remote controlled miniature sports car. The football Mules beat the NEMSU Bearcats 27-21 at Vernon Kennedy Stadium. DAVE WOOD THE MATCHMAKER FALL MAINSTAGE Horace Vandergelder ........................................... Ted Greble Ambrose Kempler ................................................ Keith Enloe Joe Scanlon Steve Mehmert Gertrude ............ Susan Schuber Cornelius Hack! .. ....... Don Johnson Ermengarde ....... Sherri Drimmel Malachi Stack . ............. Tim Flanagin Mrs. Levi ............ Bobbi Lietzke Barnaby Tucker . ...... Gene Odell Mrs. Molloy ........ Debbie Chiles Minnie Fay ..... Cindy Clark A Cabman ..... Brian Brooker Rudolf ........................... Steve Edmondson August ...................................................... Mike Reynolds Miss Flora Van Huysen Barbara Ewing Her Cook ............................................................. Kris Snoble , l 1 V. i M g I "5, , ,. x 1 ' X ' g, , 'gi '1 i . . 9 F e ; . , .. -,..,A..,.m mkwwh A,.1Vw-yVn,g;v,a.:4m...w H R I - u u K. n H u H J". u N i! W By BOB WIRTZ PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS Football Mulekickers Front row Oeft to righG Shelley Jefferies, Pam Johanningmeier, Helen Klopper, Tammy Post; second row Carol Parsons, Kelly Kloser, Janet Dunn Mirectorh Becky Wilkinson; third row Debbie Thorpe, Nancy Worth, Shere Sipes ko-directorl STEV E SCHOEN Once again this year the Marching Mules, under the direction of Dr. Russell Coleman, demonstrated why they have earned the repu- tation as the best marching band in the state of Missouri. They showed precision and superb musicianship everywhere they played. The 150-member band gave a total of nine fall performances in eight weeks, more than in previous years. Performances included Music Bowl, the Homecoming Parade, five Mules football half-time shows, a Kansas City Chiefs half-time show, and a pre-game show at the World Series. Hours of practice, sore muscles, sunburn, and sweat characterized rehersals. Band members came to campus days before classes began to learn the first show and the pressure to perfect routines continued with work on the next show beginning as soon as each show was over. The 1980 Marching Mules showed a high level of performance, featuring innovative style, like the CMSU vs. Rolla game half-time show when the band accompanied a guest performer fiddling ttThe Devil Went Down to Georgia? MIKE BONNOT DAVE WOOD Ole King Cole ChildreWs Theatre Ole King Cole ................. Queen .............. Princess Ciunch Willaim . Hero Mrs. Smedley Blacksmith ........ Locksmith .. Grog ................. ...................................... Chris Ritsh len Feldsmann Wendy Thonen Danny Uptegrove . Paige Richardson ...... John Dove Mary Krantz . Ed Audsley Ladies in Waiting ................................................ Janet Lair Three Fiddlers ................ Messenger ....................... Theresa Lero, Amy Feik .................................... Matt Geissal Brad Wickham, Tom Crain ....................................... Mark Ray PHOTOS BY STEVE SCHOEN a .1 w w 14kt. u Entertainment Series Grants from the Missouri Arts Council helped finance entertainment series performances adding to the cul- tural enrichment of the campus and community. Events included 1. The Lyric Opera of Kansas City presenting "The Elixir of Love," 2. actor Charles Pace as "Young Mr. Douglasf a one man drama based on the life of Frederick Douglas and 3. The Aotearea Group performing with the National Band of New Zea- land. The Movable Parts Dance Concert and Residency, the Mel Lewis All-Star Sextet Jazz Concert and Residency and the Kansas City Philharmonic Con- cert were also a part of the series. Football Cheerleaders It's easy to rally fan support for a winning team. But to do the job as well as the Football Cheerleaders, it takes a lot of dedicated work too. They begin a week before anyone else arrives, and after classes they practice three times a day. That dedication and spirit even inspires them to occa- sionally attend away games at their own expense. 0', J: t . o I 4 r h h': - e .' riff: 1. l! i -- h" . ' t . 1'. hl r 't Last summer the squad competed against other teams at the Universal Cheerleaders Association Camp in Memphis, Tenn. winning five blue and two red ribbons for their performance. A true com- pliment to their skill, each year they have more re- quests than they can accomodate to judge high school cheerleading competitions. Kw;w.' r' .e- J1;5 w .3.. t, L p. ' ders peted against other leaders Association ning five blue and ance. A true com- they have more re- oate to judge high FOOTBALL CHEERLEADERS hppa- site pagd top row hight to left Cin- dy Shuck, captain Phyllis Collins, Dani Robertson, Lisa Chappell, Kathe Turrentine, Ann Wilson. Bot- tom row Steve Arnold, Gailen Sny- der, captain Brian Fogle, Jim Wal- ters, Rodney Kallenberger, Rob Eastetley. Union The sounds tell the University Union recreation centerls story. Bowling pins falling, billiard balls clacking, space invader lazer bursts, people laughing. Five thousand people pass through the center every day. Most just watch. But about 1,000 use the 20 bowling lanes, 10 billiard tables, the ping pong tables, and pinball and game machines. The center may be the most popular place in town on Saturday night. Low prices and pinball machines are its big- gest drawing factors. The Union dining facilities are the largest in Warrensburg and include the Hawthorn Room, cafeteria, Mule Barn and Snack Bar. Each has an atmosphere and menu selection all its own. STEV E SCHOEN TROY THOMAS The Union Program Cabinet sponsors a variety of activities from concerts to casinos to hit movies, all designed to provide inexpensive entertainment. TROY THOMAS n Program Cabinet variety of activities ts to casinos to hit designed to provide entertainment. Basketball Mulekickers TROY THOMAS Mulekickers who high-stepped spirit at Mules Basketball games are front row Heft to rith Bren- da Clevenger, Jill Justus; second row Shelley Jefferies, Kelly Kloser; third row Anne Yendrek, Debbie Thorpe, Pam Johannigmeier, Becky Row- land; fourth row Janet Dunn, Helen Klopper, Shere ' Sipes, Mallory Moeller. 54 .,....,--.r.,. ...,..,...,...t :3; .,m,iw- spirit at Mules eft to rith Bren- ond row Shelley Anne Yendrek, eier, Becky Row- en Klopper, Shere PHUTUB ET MIKE EUNNIJT This year,s Pep Band showed community as well as campus spirit since auditions were open to everyone. eSeated at the west end of the court, the Basketball Pep Band musically exalted victories, or groaned with defeats. Their support was constant and enthusiastic. The members of Pep Band were: flute Kameha Underwood, Barbara Shelton, Tina Butte; clari- nets Linda Camp, Sherry Schwinn; alto sax David Kehl; tenor sax Jesse Penley; bass clarinet Laura Cruce; baritone sax Teri McLaughlin; trumpets Bill Keller, Jim Harmon, David Trayford, Jay Nix- on, Chris Orrick, Wayne Kendenick, Tim Moulis; trombones Jeff Vick, Mark Maness, Richard Clothier; tubas Charles Boschert, Jerry Weller; guitar Liz Potter; electric bass Jeff Sandquist; electric piano Mark Waters; set percussion Shawn Pelton; accessory percussion Tom Schulze, Jay Gaumer; mallot percussion Sammi Henry, Mike Porter. S rl e d a b r e e h C a b t e k S a B Behind the smiles, pep, and acrobatics of the Basketball Cheerleaders were hours of long and tir- ing practices. They worked at least two days per week for two hours and sometimes four to five hours. The Cheerleaders judged 15 to 20 high school and junior high school cheerleading competitions in the spring, as well as giving cheerleading clinics. Ftont row deft to right Tom Shull, Ann Wilson; sec- ond row Carol Parsons, Rodney Kallenbetger, Lisa Chappell, Brian Fogle, Dale Redel, Phyllis Collins, Steve Arnold, Dani Robertson; third row Gailen Sny- der, Cindy Shuck. HM M HIOMA5 Music Ensembles Harmony, melody, contrived dissonance-the sounds that capture the soul and hold it spellbound. The attrac- tion remains constant, though instruments and styles change. This magnetism continues to carry students thtough auditions, rehersals, and performances With these top-line ensembles. 1. Madrigal Singers-front row Heft to rightt Lisa Portwood, Paul rLyon, Marty Hunt, Melanie Popejoy, Carolyn True, Scott York, Vince Knox, Pamela Lawson; second row Mark Lee, Laurie Riekhof, Larry Rogers, Lisa Graham, John Myers, Cynthia Miller. 2. Concert Bandhpiccolo Alison Brockhan; flute Anna Mae Johns, Merrie Woodson, Sandy Rose, Debbie Miller, Stephanie Hamann; oboe Beth VanBlarcum; bassoon Debbie Jackson; clarinet David Danley, Denise Stoner, Andrea Crabtree, Janice Beatty, Tom Moran, Lisa Stanley, Sharon Schwin, Mary Kuester, Gayle McIntosh, Tammie Hoehm, Sandy Kehn, Brenda Doll, Cynthia Vaughn; bass clarinet Lau- ra Cruce; contra-bass clarinet Teresa Phillips; saxophone David Price, Susan Zink, Jennifer Walker, Rick Settles; horn Karen Walker, Dave Robinson, Carrie Enyeart, Jay Nixon; coronet Greg Grooms, Mark Hauth, John Reichert, Sandy Hawley, Raymond Walter, Steve Becker; trumpet Tom Price, Rusty Lewis; trombone Eric Smith, John Hancock, Jeff Vick; bass trombone Delores Kroll; euphonium Mike Marx, Steve Catron; tuba Carrie Clothier, Mike Ballenger; percussion Jim Popejoy, lSami Henry, Shawn Pelton, Mike Porter, Carl Williamson. t3. University Symphonyhviolin I Diane Edmonds, Janeece Lichte, Cindra Webster, Karen Brookens, Jennifer Cook, Gail Gwozdz; violin II Dennis Long, Susan Micklewright, Barbara Gruber, Joyce Blumhorst, Ava Lanius, Elizabeth Pilbeam, Mary Matthys; viola Terri Gibson, Ruth Lichte, Dale Alter, Pamela Reid, Winston Reid; cello Mike Alter, Scott Lichte, Peggy Brogden, Mike White, David Harris, Dr. Robert Stewart, Jeff Cook; bass Carol Lyons, Dennis Wirth, An- 60 , - .. ; ya? 'r.r1-mNz-'M.MMWJOQ$GM l nette Lowe; flute Anna Mae Johns, Karen Whithaus, Kameha Underwood; oboe Beth VanBlarcum, David Wood; clarinet David Danley, Andrea Crabtree; soprano saxophone Susan Zink; tenor saxophone David Price; bassoon Debbie Jackson, Dr. Andrew Brown; horn Barbara Cunningham, Dr. William Hammond, Gary Caselman; trumpet Greg Grooms, Jay Nix- on, Dr. Neil Seipp; trombone Eric Smith, Delores Kroll, Mr. Jim Erdman; tuba Carrie Clothier; typani Sami Henry; per- cussion Judy Brown, Sami Henry, Anthony Schneider, Mr. Robert Bedell; harp Miss Margaret Marsh tnot shownt, 4. Studio Band-piano John Reichert; drum Karl Williamsen; bass Mark Waters; saxophone Larry Empson, . k Sherry Schwinn, Boyd Kral, Debbie Jackson, Gayle McIntosh; trombone Jim Erdman, Beverly Pogue, Eric Smith, Nixie Nicholas; trumpets Jeff Fields, Chris VanWinkle, Robert Ste-v ward, John Volker, David Trayford; Director Lawrencet Gowzdz. 5. Jazz Lab Band-piano Michael Marx; drums Shawn Pelton; bass Jeff Sandquist; guitar Don Boyer; saxophoneS, Robert Iverson, Lavore Richmond, David Price, Mark Schondelmaier, Mark McCarty; trombones Scott Harris, David Gravatt, Delores Kroll, Jeff Vick; trumpet Rusty Lewis tsoloL Tom Price, John Reichert, Mark Havth, Raymond Walter; Dit rector Lawrence Gowzdz. T E N N O B E m M TROY THOMAS 514. . ? S. ttmecc thism v 3 3 Something mysterious happened about December 1. Almost ev- eryone was affected. People smiled. Windows lit up. Trees were brought in and decorated. Carolers roamed campus. A few called it a nuisance. But most recognized it: the Christmas spirit Christmas came early on campus, since most students would be home with their families when the holiday actually arrived. But celebrating early with friends, Christmas presents, parties, caroling and eggnog made Christmas in Warrensburg almost like home. ' MICHELLE SIXTA MARK BISCHEL KCMW-FM Coverage of the Midwest NCAA Division II Regionals, the November election, the Republican State Convention in St. Louis, the Democratic State Convention in Columbia, Homecoming, the Missouri State Fair, the Warrensburg Fall Festival, CMSU football and basketball games and faculty recitals were all part of the bill of fare for KCMW-FM, th universityts 100,000-watt-public radio station. The station,s staff of six professionals and 50 students keep KCMW on the air 18 hours a day. New remote pickup units have expanded the stas tionts ability to cover local events. A member of Associated Press Radio and National Public Radio, KCMW,s programming includes a mixture of news and information, easy and progressive jazz and re- laxing music. Student Staff-front row Heft to rightt Cleva Tillman, Rhonda Cooper; second row Kevin Gray, Sheresa Scoff, Nancy Blunt, Yvonne Whitworth, Steve Wilson, Joe Guarino; third row Jeff Shackleford, Ron Rugen, Debbie Cameron, Andra Briner, David Millsap; fourth row Jon Haney, Dan Becker, Brad Levy, Janet Fischer, Dave Dembeck. Not pictured: Rodney Gee, Chris Schaeffer, Bobby Taylor, Mark Bischel, Mark Goodale, Dwight Hake, Lois Huelse, Gerald Johnson, Dorothy Lowry, Kathy McDonald, Helen McMichael, Anna Middleton, Beth Murphy, Kim Reinhart, Kevin Scott, f. v ...4 m.gurrv'n'a-:.-a.-up..-..'.5L4!I'v-'Io.ve1aA Rita Swift, Ed Swisher, Clifford John Eastering, Julie Tweedy, Dan Redmon, Scott Ainsworth, Larry Gtunspan, Jim Bradley, Randy Watson, Jon Miller, Debbie Jackson, Chris Bailey, Jim West. Professional staff tnot showm: John E. Beck tstation managert, Ka- ren L. Curry director of operationst, Janice P. Breon tdirector of community servicesL Lorell R. Laboube tdirector of news and public affairsL Gary Grigsby tdi- rector of music and fine arts performancet, Russell Wojtkiewicz tchief engineert. HMOS-TV Offering diverse programming not available The public broadcasting station, which celebrated its on commercial television, as well as practical, first birthday in December, added new studio equipment real-life experiences for students interested in to its studios in the Martin Building, greatly expanding television, are the roles served by KMOS-TV. production capabilities. The Channel 6 broadcast day also expanded this year, with the addition of instructional pro- grams for schools in the stationts 23-county broadcast cov- erage area. More than 100 students handled almost every aspect of the station,s operation, as well as local productions includ- ing Regional Sports Spotlight, Mid-Missouri Images, and specials about the Sedalia tornado and ballooning. In addition to local pro- ductions, the Public Broad- casting Service member sta- tion receives programming from Central Educational Network, other stations, and independent syndicates. . t Kurt Student Staff-front row left to rightt Barry Spillman, Hancock, Ned DOW! Jeff Cgleman, Kevm Panner, atthew Stigdon, Mark ghepard, Gayle Burgess, Pat Wehrs, Ed Anthony, Denms Speck, Denms SChaIIPgaiI: Cal'lock, Carol Bruce, Keith Hughes, Jane Laffey, Pam Jim Dieckhaus, Danny Stark, Steve Harvey, an u WHSOD. Kelly Azar; second row Jerry Dysart, John '93 65 -,,.,,.., wam-" ..Wr..m . -.-.m.wmm 1.4 1.1 1.! 44m wv. uuum .cuauuo: EN .030: :95: 35:30; $93. $62.30: 0:3. Jamie: 33.5mm mleOI... 02... .5me goE mg; SmSUM EH3 :mm .8830 8:80 8m: 53, cozocacoo E hmamamBmc 388093 a wEmown : 3mg? Jaw; mEH EmEtman mac: .maEzEEoU 822 m5 8 8a -WO mcozgmm 0:95 9: Eot ?:on Sccimmgz 9:. .msmmm t8: 9: mcEcmE 253m :Em 12.853 9:. .hmccsu van 2:3: -cmmmmm 3.20 8 9:0: om .82: Mo umoE "tom 9: van 339.5 850 2: mm 363 moan SC. .97339 Sta wmwooa wn umsE mamma m5 N:zm .wmn 8 mw 8me 9t a:ac: van .9189 .3558 mgmmmua 9:. .Samm m.xmm3 mEu wamgm 3 8:2: mat. 3: $0 $9 9: mm 33 m3wa t8: 8w mtg Q: mcSEEsw 352? mm Ema :8 .9E 89:82 mmmEmsm down ozcmt a 33: zoo? 9:. .mwcztmm: 2:3 USN mmzoum 3338 33:3 38:8 230 .H wmma 8w SEE mcso Stvm 80cm 89; moaoxa mEwam Jew; .wm 6chme mmmmm tam 3.8 -nom csow 8:me mEmacmZ .mucmEcmmmmm a: meioa USN 3:03 E 9:53 "5 Esp mgmtoam: 1.;ng .wEmm mkmwz, m2: 303m. mmoo 1.5: $3.20 5:30 .waumz m5 853 :8825 328m H8 -Mwm wtoam FOE 9: co maoo mhmycm acmam 5mm 8:me 220QO can 835mm 233 oom.num mmmD .22 $532253 52 .o ruahnwm SUE."- $225322 N .02 .NA ..oxa 3352:: 205 130332 .9:ch .Eaaa-m: uawum 9-0-5: 3.59 .uuwiofsm aouuash 39- vcooum 3.53am 50m EaEv-uv: :5... 5030:: 325G 0.2:: omufv 3.3: .5 3m: 30.. accum mcoza 9: $5 383 mxomzo :mExomI :03. hotwm 362 3020.0 95 mm 9.: .980 do mm 95me5 2H .02 20.6530. 8 .96 atom EQUQ SQEUU 66 .. kv;;.4-.:. rmvHaW!m- ' " ' Emmcmz mmwcmwzm Ewe :wmmsm Szamkmowozm EEO $52 mtco Stvm mtoam coummEq Bucmm SEQ miomawxmwhiwwm Emam 5mm Btwm mSwZ cmExowI :umF SEE mEmmcmz mtwnom :Low Hemwiwasm mSUEwZ mmmmm .EBw 26E mg; HemSUm EH8 :mm .3330 8800 83; ES, cozocicoo E SQQOBw: 338an a 2:88 : 993, . 3Dh 0:.a 04-D1. .maumz auom 565:0: 1m .036K :93: .QEEO a:amn 2.0.533 vaum .ccwiaom 0:3. .uumauuz umumuuum 9x201... Om... 92201;. xIOm... m mCPOIm .5355: uauum :05: 3.50 .uaosutsm 585;? 33 1:608 353.5 50m 525-00: :5... EcumB-S 3:5: 6.0sz 3.50 3.3".- 0u :0: 30.. 23.."- Photographic Services Photo Services, Steve . . . Leah Anne? . . . not Photographic Services, Troy . . . Candid shots . . . again! . . . 72 color prints by Wednesday?! . . . al- Pertle Springs . . . when do you need them? . . . right . . . don0t worry, we0ll meet the yearbook Before 3:00 Friday . . . Got it. Click. deadline. Click. Clockwise from top Paula Foster, Bob Wirtz, Steve Schoen 0Managed, Michelle Sixta, Mike Bonnot, Suzanne Sixta, Troy Thomas yAssistant Managen, Not Pictured Larry Bradley, Ed Hoffman, Dave Wood. Hello, Photographic Services . . . tonight . . . at Photo Services . . . A portrait . . . you and your 8:00 . . . pictures of President Homer with the fiance . . . how about Wednesday at 4:00 . congressman . . . Hendricks Hall . . . okay. Click. fine, see you then. Click. Student Ambassadors ! Taking high school seniors on campus tours and sadors this year. Parents Day and a visit to promoting the University by helping prospective campus by the new members of the state legisla- students and sometimes parents learn about CMSU ture also gave the group opportunities to show off are the Student Ambassadors, primary mission. their University. . Senior Day was the biggest event for the Ambas- Mike Lamb, David Woltkamp, Jim Caffrey, Joe Greeves, Bryan Carter, Tom Crain, Kurt Wehrs, Mark Magers, Rick Gross, Steve Potter; second row J Leslie Shouse, Cathy Kuebler, Jan Bell, Sue Fessler, ' Lori Ogle, Amy Forsythe, Mike Bollinger, Karen M Bollinger, Jeanna Gagne, Mary Hanaway, Becky 1H Shipley, Linda Werthmuller; third row Shelia Mat- 3! thews, Cynthia Edison, Beth Pilbeam, Toni Lovell, ; Deanna Fidler, Annette Stroke, Ken Davis, Laurie Bennett, Angela Thompson, Tamara Bowers, Susan Shepard. Not pictured: Dale Hahne, Kevin Heil, Tim Murray. 2. University Representatives-front row Heft to rightt Russ Leffler, Darryl Winston; back row Sandy Wheeler, Julie Forsythe. t 1. Student Ambassadors-front row Heft to rightt t 69 Layers of sweaters and coats make trudging to winter term classes about as much fun as the brown grass and bare trees. Thank goodness there are winter treats, too, like snuggling by a fire and hot chocolate. This years cold hands and feet, red noses and steamy breath ar- rived late, but January,s 60 degree days finally lost r-r-r-r their grip to ice and snow in February and blustery winds in March. Then, at last, it was spring. PHOTOQ BY MIKE BONNOT v ...m,;', :th'5wa---w'-Ameww PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS Duke A GOOD MAN, CHARLIE BROWN Charlie Brown .. ....... Tom Crain Lucy ............. Carmen Garcia Schroeder .......... Tom Moran Snoopy ................................................. Hayden Logsten Linus. ...... Brad Wickham Patty .Roxanne Williams Night time. Classes are over and ifs dark outside. What is there to do? Maybe go downtown to the bars, dancing, shopping or to a movie. Therds a game tonight. Something cheap. Or how about a quiet hour in the dorm - studying, talking with a few friends or watching TV. Feeling amorous? ' Therds always Lion,s Lake. And when the midnight munchies hit, therds always Quick Trip. MIKE BONNOT BUD. 09am MIKE BONNOT PAULA FOSTER PAULA FOSTER The High Cost of , Getting By Letts see. Saturday night 1111 need cash for the movie . . and Sue will want pizza afterward . . . and then there,s gas for the car . . . and We got to save back enough for that E33113? CCOEZZ .................................. $ 33 paperback for my lit class. Tapped out again. Six pack of bel'e'?IIII.IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII. 200 While finance majors watched the prime soar over 20 Potato chips tmunching size bag1 ...... .30 percent with academic interest, all students watched their Candy bars ....................................... .30 . Medium pizza ................................... 7.00 Short dollars buy less from a more personal perspectlve. Big Mac ............................................ 1.20 Ball point pen .................................. .69 Top 40 album .................................. 7.98 Movie ............................................... 3.00 Playboy7Playgir1 ............................... 2.25 Pinball per game .............................. .25 T-shirt ............................................... 6.00 Typewriter ........................................ 150.00 Gasoline per gallon ........................... 1.10 Haircut ............................................. 10.00 Calculator ......................................... 20. 00 1981 Corvette .................................. 17 0,00 00 1971 Maverick tslightly used1 ........... 600. 00 Notebook .......................................... 1.79 Cigarrettes per pack ........................ .70 One load of laundry ......................... .35 Local phone call tpay phonet ........... .20 Undergraduate fees per term ........... 155.00 Dorm room and meals per term ...... 500.00 Izod shirt .......................................... 20.00 Designer jeans .................................. 40.00 PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS I .E.v1-2ra waaa. .11th . A am . ma.gxggx; . a a -$ aw CHERYL HEDRICKS PAULA FOSTER HVW ?OR ALL YOU DO... Dorm Life Living in the dorm may not be every college stu- reasons. IVs relatively inexpensive and ifs conve- dent,s dream, but it ian so bad. Some love it. nient. And therds the popcorn parties at midnight, Some hate it. quiet hours hnd not so quiet hourQ in the study Freshmen have to live in the dorm, unless they lounge, new people and old friends. ' live with a relative. Upperclassmen stay for various BOB WIRTZ Housing Reorganized Changes to be implemented in stu- dent housing were announced winter term and Dr. Stephen Peterson began interviewing for residential assistants in the spring. The housing organization it- self was restructured under a new Di- rector of Residential Life. Beginning next fall, residence halls will be operated as one unit. The func- tions of the Dean of Men, the Dean of Women, and the Housing Director will be merged into one organization. Three associate directors, for budget and op- erations, staff supervision and manage- ment services, will report to the direc- tor. There will be housemothers in the Fraternity Hall and Panhellenic Hall only. Residence halls will be divided into seven groups, each headed by an area coordinator who will work with a team of resident assistants. In addition, a Coordinator of Special Student Services will be added to work with commuting, handicapped and non- traditional students. New Phone System A new push-button phone system ex- panded everyonels ability to communi- cate this year, even though it meant weird wrong numbers at first. More lines were added to the dorms and dial- out phones were installed in the wom- enls dorms. Offices got capabilities like conference calls and automatic call-back when numbers are busy. STEVE bCHOEN CHERYL HEDRICKS Changes Supply records kept To facilitate the budgeting process, a major effort was was made in almost ev- ery area of campus to keep accurate records of items used and time and mon- ey spent. Everything was catalogued, even that precious commodity, toilet pa- per. A new ruling made it mandatory to turn in an empty spool for every roll is- sued in the dorm, a policy that infringed on an ingrained practice: TP decorating. No more draping the long strands of tis- sue around the suitematds lamps and bedposts. After all, each roll had to be signed for, putting private lives on the public record. Despite comment from the Muleskinner and others, the necessary ac- counting continued. MIKE BONNOT 100m SEE wm 1km mos HAVE TO mm mm. mg mg mg 0w me 10 RLWINO m 51m I, ONE UM h - ONSE ABRASNE . wxv ' 4 . ,i HEIHh MARK MORRISON clam - MM "99'; 3' ,qgw. all u w'wt'tt bhnd M 1: VVKn :1 . crccg IkccC.-lll TROY THOMAS CHERYL HEDRICKS Ivmg Campus L' mew ...-;+ Off- MIKE BONNOT ltts 7:40 a.m. and the campus swells with 4,000 stu. dents who live off campus. From apartments and mar- ried housing, living with parents or other students, and commuting from nearby towns, they join dormitory resi- dents each day and return to off-campus lives at days end. For some itts a necessity because of jobs, or families, or other responsibilities. For others itts a matter of choice or experiment. For almost all who try it, off- campus living is not without itts complications. Grocery shopping. Rent and utilities. Cooking. Washing dishes. But, ah, the freedom and peace and quiet tmaybet. MIKE BONNOT x - . mm x Vb M mgriiiisnxfm: ' . , nwyiy , " . ' 3'73 . '. .v , , g L 1 : . . ' ..?;H.hrrt;.-;Numm 'i. - . , m . ,Iu ,,m. ..- ' , . . L ,. . alfangw$g we .. w Iii, , 4 , N .: . . Mu w 9341b , , . . ., . 1 H ,9 ," ,. '9 . g. . 5. 6h, 1:54p?!",Il'.,511;.,;f,':.414'; '; , 4, 1 .r 7 ,. '. ' The Name Game The labels tell the story. They distinguish designer pro- ducts from the plainer ver- sions. They,re a little person- ality ' in an otherwise conformed lifestyle. Sweaters, jeans, tennis shoes, sweats and even socks bear the famous labels. They describe a personality. Glam- orous or outdoorsy. Showy or comfortable. Established, mod- em or avant garde. Sometimes the label just means it cost too much. avrwsm: m saga. 1.1.5 r:?wt's,.; up; , 5 . N 1i i ' -l J HHm.i.'-1u, V' 1.4 K9:i3131'-WW1 A MaM$m.JSx..x.,. i" f 1'. .. wa 3N W 1 Y 1 'A, PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS. CHERYL HEL: Warrensburg Warrensburg: fast food and fast living Friday nights, with little in between to break up long hours at the books. A typical midwest county seat, the movie theatre, pizza parlors and a Quick Trip line the hmain drag? Some call it a ghost town, but we know better. It,s real- ly not so different from any other college townehalf a dozen bars, too many hamburger joints and 24 churches. Trying to find something to do on Saturday night can be as hard as trying to get across Highway 13 during the Friday afternoon exodus. But for those willing to look for it, there is life in Warrensburg, and it,s pretty comfortable small town living at that. - PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS 31:155.. v 3,11,13,11. y 1... . .54. H mwffp-Mr' PHOTOS BY TROY THOMAS Work. Work. Work. Jobs. Typing. Serving food. Mowing grass. Anything to make enough to pay the rent and next termts fees. Whether the job is on campus or off, the reasons for working are the same. Some students work their way through school, cramming work schedules between classes and homework, while others just work for a little extra cash. Campus employment offers an opportunity to gain work experience in jobs ranging from secretarial work to aircraft maintenance. Itts more flexible than off-campus jobs as work hours can be arranged around classes. The Financial Aids Office serves as a placement service for students, who are allowed to work up to 60 hours a month at $2.64 an hour this year. Approximately 1,600 students were employed on campus. Large numbers were employed by the library, phys- ical plant, and the University Union. Others worked in aca- demic or administrative departments. l .f, 9,. J ijtezz'w"; Kant. fr 'O Jive You,ve Got to Fail Generally speaking, eating in the dorm is not all that terrific lah, for some of Momls fried chickenll and there are times dorm food hardly seems worth waiting in line for. Yet, itls there lplenty of itl ready to eat, with no dishes to wash afterwards. Students were given the option of purchasing 10, 15, or 20 meals a week this year. However, there was little difference in the price. Beginning winter term, new cafeteria hours were scheduled to ex- pand services and make meals available continuous- PHOTOS BY MICHELLE SlXTA a HM. l 1y from 7 am. to 7 p.m. At least two dorms were serving all day between those times. But expansion brought sacrifice. Breakfast was discontinued in some dorms and dinner was dropped in others. Weekend meals were limited to Todd, Ellis and the Fraternity Complex. Students living in dorms with discontinued meals were inconvenienced, while others were aided by the change, which better fit eating into their sched- ules. Henry II . . Eleanor Richard ........................... Geoffrey . John .. Alais .. Steve Maidment Linda Eschbacker .............................. Keith Enloe ....... Ted Greble Mike Reynolds ...Deborah Chiles King Phillip ................................................ Michael Short PHOTOS EQ i'Al 1 A Ft WT', h Getting There Big cars, little cars, pickups, Corvettes, Triumphs, Fiats. Almost new, rusted through, classy and classics. Some reflect the ownefs personality. Some are status symbols. Most are just transportation. There must be a hundred reasons not to have a car. But, therds a need for transportation, too. And, prestige wveryone enives the guy with the sports car . . and convenience. Even an old junker will get you ' ' , H .......-,,.-..w there Gf youWe luckw. ' MIKE BONNOT CHERVL HEDRICKS 92 -.'.- - .;. ..;.;;:.11,442;+..-:$:..5.;.9,:-..3.. 2 ' v.5 5.1+... ; y i???.atpmxr 59 HE STATE SHOW? BOB WIRTZ S K m R D E H L Y R E H C GD Mill" MBSOUN H MIKE BONNOT Playing sports for fun is a blossoming world. More people got involved in casual sports this year than ever before, and each type of part-time ath- lete developed distinct characteristics. Some athletes know the value of dressing down: a well-placed rip in a piece of clothing, armpitless t-shirts and ventilated tennis shoes. Sweatpants are taboo unless old and gray, and warm-up jackets are out of the question. Running outdoors in the winter calls for long underwear and gym shorts, even though it gives the looks of a living snowman. Some athletes work on the other end of the spectrum. Status and labels are everything. Warm- up jackets must be powder blue with small alliga- tors stitched on the pocket. Their running shoest soles must look like waffle irons. Tennis rackets have to be made of graphite and cat gut and their pure leather basketballs can only be bounced against plexiglass backboards. These guys cantt sweat for fear of ruining their designer haircuts and lowering their status level. Still other very casual athletes aren,t really ath- letes at all. Theytre likely to wait near a running track until a real athlete gets tired, run out on the track looking exhausted, and urge the runner to ttkeep going." They,re all just playing sports for fun. STEVE SCHOEN STEVE SCHOEN Edwin Newman, NBC News correspon- dent spoke on the use and abuse of the English language at CMSUs 106th Com- mencement, May 18, at Vernon Kennedy Stadium. Two thousand one-hundred seventeen students graduated, the eleventh consecu- tive class to total more than 2,000. The re- turning class of 1930 sat in academic rega- lia with the graduates during the ceremonies. Charno Awards were presented to Jeff Bennett and Pamela Zellmer for their dem- onstrated leadership, scholarship, and char- acter. ' Commencemen 3 PHOTOS BY STEVE SCHOEN - V.',I ... .5 - 8 L2 u; En: ' , ' . ,Auwagvez t ,ch - 5 72W?! a4K II A99 I I Tl-I'0-e Football : CMSU football fans finally had something to cheer about this year. Under the direction of Dr. Alan Molde, the Mules concluded the season with a 6-3-1 overall record, their best finish since 1970. In his first year as head coach at CMSU, Molde instilled enthusiasm and optimism in the team and new life in the pro- gram. Fans not only eagerly stayed, but they gave standing ovations. Mules quarterback Bill Vining sparked the turn-around sea- son, completing 147 of 264 passes for 1,761 yards and 16 touchdowns. A transfer student from Northeastern Oklahoma A 8: M Junior College, Vining set four CMSU season passing records and twice tied an MIAA passing record. Vining's records include most passes completed i124i, most passing yardage B601, most touchdown passes i161, and the highest passing average i56 percenti. He tied an MIAA record on two occasions by throwing four touchdown passes in a game. The Mules offensive captain was named MIAA Most Valuable Player as well as making the first-team All-Conference squad. A much improved defense also played a key roles in the Mules success in 1980. Led by defensive captain Willie Colclough, the Mules defense held the opposition to 118 points. Averaging 11.7 points per game, the Mules defense allowed only one touchdown or less in four of the 10 games. At the University of Arkansas-Monticello, the CMSU de- fense recorded their first shut-out since 1976, blanking the Boil Weevils 17-0. Colclough, a senior from Little Rock, Ark., had 105 tackles and earned a spot on the first-team All-Conference squad. Other Mules receiving conference honors were receiver Kel- ly Anderson, second-team offense; running back Pat Goodwin, second team offense; nose guard Brad Hoglund, second team defense; punter Chuck Blair, second team defense; offensive tackle Dale Hahne, honorable mention; and defensive back Randy Green, honorable mention. included in the Mules six victories was a win over 1979 MIAA champions Northwest Missouri State University. The Mules defeated the SEMSU Indians 27-21 in the Homecoming game. MICHELLE SIXTA - w - ......,-., 'rm-r- V-'-' iW-w MICHELLE SIXTA MIKE BONNOT DAVE WOOD t, I k Wm Sea hailing t .. JV; www.wan- . v A- ,.,.i.,.w-r-.r .Ps. 102 The Mules opened the 1980 season Sept. 13 at Vernon Kennedy Stadium against the Missouri Southern State College Lions. CMSU sCored first with Don Wilkinsonfs 20-yard field goal in the first half. They held a 3-0 lead until Missouri Southern,s Barry Doty connected on a 37-yard field goal to tie the score. The game ended in a tie after an unsuccessful field goal attempt by Doty. Mules punter Chuck Blair set a CMSU record during the contest as he was called on to punt 10 times, averaging 38.9 yards a kick. Sept. 20, again at home, the Mules exploded for 17 sec- ond-quarter points, defeating Emporia State University, 17-11. CMSU was behind 3-0 in the second quarter until quarter- back Bill Vining threw a 15-yard touchdown pass to Kelly An- derson to give the Mules a 7-3 lead. Wilkinson increased the margin to 10-3 with a 45-yard field goal. Pat Goodwin broke loose to make it 17-3 with a 34-yard touchdown run. ESU,s only touchdown came with 47 seconds left in the game on a 28-yard pass play. With spirits riding high, the Mules faced the 1979 Arkansas Intercollegiate Conference Champions for their first road 1 PHOTOS BY DAVE WOOD game. Richard Vaden scored two touchdowns as CMSU de- feated the University of Arkansas 17-0 in a torrid downpour, Wilkinson kicked a 35-yard field goal and Vaden plunged in from the one-yard line to boost the Mules to a 10-0 lead in the first quarter. With 3:20 remaining to play, Vaden scored his second touchdown on a nine-yard pass from Vining. Undefeated after three games, the Mules faced the defend. ing MIAA Champions, Northwest Missouri State University. CMSU got off to a slow start, falling behind 14-0 early in the first quarter. With three minutes remaining in the quarter,- Vining threw to Tom Lamb for a 55-yard gain, setting up a. 19-yard scoring pass from Vining to Rod Burnett. - Vining found Burnett in the second quarter on a 21-yard pass to tie the score at half-time. The Mules took the lead for the first time when Vining threw his third touchdown pass of the day, a 43-yard strike to Anderson. ' With less than nine minutes left to play, the Bearcats cap- italized on Vaden,s fumble, driving 47 yards to tie the score 2121. CMSU regained possession at their own 20-yard line. Seconds later, Vining found Bill Morris for a 39-yard touchdown pass giving CMSU a 27-21 win. 1. Doug Middleton, Willie Colclough, and Brad Hoglund converge to make a tackle on a NEMSU runner. 2. Tight end Tom Lamb runs in the open field with help from a key block by Dale Hahne. 3. Kelly An- derson makes a reception while sur- rounded by two NWMSU defenders. 103 5. , : a. in W 5th AK: A 3 f x 3 .1 - .A gel: :1. MTVHFLLE SIXTA In Springfield, the Mules committed seven turnovers and lost their first game 21-14, to Southwest Missouri State University. CMSU fell behind 14-0, then, Goodwin scored on a 16-yard pass from Vining to put the Mules within a touchdown of the Bears. Vining scored from the one-yard line to tie the score 14-14. The Bears again took the lead on a 10-yard run. The Mules spoiled several scoring opportu- nities in the final period, throwing three inter- ceptions. The Bears scored on a 10-yard run in the final quarter to claim the victory. The Mules defense held Northeast Missouri State University to a touchdown, winning their fourth game of the season 20-7. The Bulldogs scored with the game less than three minutes old. Vining, who completed 19 of 30 passes for 250 yards, scored on a 3- yard run in the second quarter to tie the score 7-7. The Mules took the lead when Vining connected with Morris for a 35-yard touchdown. Goodwin scored on a 34-yard touchdown pass to conclude the Mules scor- ing. Oct. 25, the Mules hosted the University of MissourieRolla. The Miners, with one of the best defensive units in the NCAA-II, held the DAVE WOOD Mules to minus ten yards rushing while post- ing a 16-15 victory. Behind 3-0 in the second quarter, the Mules tied the score on a 26-yard field goal by Wilkinson. Vining and Goodwin combined for a nine-yard touchdown strike to put the Mules ahead 9-3. After the Miners tied the score on a touchdown from the one-yard line, Colclough blocked the point after and the half ended in a 9-9 tie. The Miners captured the lead 169 on a seven-yard touchdown pass. Goodwin scored his second touchdown of the game on a pass from Vining to put the Mules within one point of the Miners. The Mules elected to go for a two-point conver- sion, but failed as Viningts pass fell incom- plete. The Mules defeated the Lincoln University Blue Tigers 33-14. Defensive lineman Brad Hoglund put the Mules on the scoreboard by blocking a punt through the end zone for a 2- 0 lead. Sam Pemberton extended the Mules lead on a nine-yard touchdown run. The Mules took a 16-0 lead when, Vining passed to Good- win for a six-yard touchdown. 1. Safety David Dick and comerback Randy Green make the tackle on a ball carrier from NEMSU as Mules linebacker Willie Colclough follows up on the play. 2. .Quarter- back Bill Vining hands the ball to sophomore Sam Pemberton, the Mules leading rush- er during the season. Eiltllisk$-Y ' ' ' :34, hi 4c 1543; n. e.r . 106 .7 .-. aw- - ewM::--7-$e.-a-VMW.-.e. 1. Bill Vining turns and prepares to pitch the ball to freshman running back Richard Vaden. 2. Vining throws the ball downfield to 3. wide receiver Bill Mor- ris, who goes up to make the catch in front of two NEMSU defensive backs, and 4. comes down with the ball in his arms for a Mules touchdown. 5. MIAA All- Conference linebacker Willie Colclough fights off one NWMSU blocker and moves in to make the tackle on the Bearcats ball carrier. he rm DAL: UJHhU WW... Reserve quarterback Brad Hewitt connected with Curt Thomas for a 26-yard touchdown strike. The Mules took a 26-0 lead following a 25-yard field goal by Wilkinson before the Blue Tigers scored their first touchdown of the game with a 36-yard touchdown pass. Lincoln scored again with two seconds left in the third quarter on a 37-yard touchdown run. Freshman quarterback Herrick Cunningham threw a 30-yard touchdown pass to Morris to con- clude Mules scoring. The Mules offense exploded for the second week in a row as CMSU defeated the Evangel College Crusaders 40-7 in Springfield, boosting their record to 6-2-1. Vining threw three touchdown passes in the second quarter to put the Mules on top 18-0 at the half; Vining connected with Morris on a 51-yard pass for the Mules first score of the game. Five minutes later, Vining threw to Vaden for a 16-yard touchdown. Vining,s third strike of the quarter came with 1:34 left in the half as he combined with Pemberton on a 22-yard touchdown pass. Again, Vining tied a MIAA record with four touchdown passes in a game as he threw to Vaden for a 21-yard touchdown in the third quar- ter. Vaden caught another Vining pass for a two- point conversion and the Mules led 26-0. Vaden,s third touchdown of the game came in the fourth quarter on a one-yard plunge, extending the Mules lead to 30-0. The Crusaders, only score came on a one-yard touchdown run in the fourth quarter. The Mules fi- nal score was a 29-yard pass from Cunningham to Jeff Hammons. :M'N w, 'u' 4:. ??uguc'M-m v "V Field Hockey With a second-place finish in the AIAW II Region VI Championships, the field hockey Jennies earned the right to advance to the National Championships in Edwardsville, Ill. The Jennies recorded three victories in the Regional Championships in Cedar Falls, Iowa, including two in overtime, to assure a berth in the National Championships for the first time since 1976. In the first round of regionals, the Jennies defeated second-seeded North Dakota 4-3. Denise Swanger connected on two goals and Carole Longenecker scored one as regular play ended in a 3-3 tie. With only 35 seconds gone in overtime, Kathy Weller connected on a goal to insure the victory. The Jennies faced Southeast Missouri State University in the second round. Behind 2-0 in the half-time, the Jennies came back with sec- ond half goals by Swanger and Shawn Swofford. After two scoreless overtime periods, the game advanced to a sudden- death flickoff. Goals by Jan Kiehnhoff, Debbie Glaser, and Sherry Fialla gave the Jennies their second consecutive overtime win. The Jennies best performance of the tour- nament came in the third round as they blanked Bemidji State 3-0. Terri Gliedt scored two first half goals and Swanger scored in the second half while goalie Debbie Reeves pro- vided excellent defense, insuring the Jennies of at least second-place in the tournament. Defending national champions Southwest Missouri State University defeated the Jennies in the championship round 6-2. Earlier in the season, the Jennies hosted the MAIA State Tournament and placed second with victories over Southeast Missouri, Northeast Missouri, the University of Missouri-St. Louis. In the first round, CMSU upset Southeast Missouri State University 3-2. The Jennies only loss of the tournament came in the sec- ond round to Southwest Missouri State 3-1. In the final day Carole Longenecker came off the bench for the Jennies and scored two goals to lead the Jennies to a 3-0 victory over the University of Missouri-St. Louis. In the national tournament, the Jennies lost to East- ern Illinois 3-1 and Northeastern fBostoni 4-2. v IJI-t'. r. -m. epn-t 'wa 1....-Aw- 1. Senior Terry Gliedt controls the ball as she moves it up field while teammates Nan- cy Barry, junior, and Debbie Glaser, senior. watch her progress. 2. Sophomore Rene Rice concentrates as she battles her opponent for the ball. 3. Halfback Debbie Glaser fights to gain control of the ball while surrounded by several opponents. PHOTOS BY STEVE SCHOEN Volleyball 1. Beth Mauer spikes the ball as Karen Seitter watches. 2. Lori Hackett sets the ball for her teammates as her SEMO oppo- nents await the shot. 3. Coach Peggy Martin encourages her team during a timeout. The 1980 Volleyball Jennies recorded four victories in the MAIAW State Tour- nament advancing to the regionals for the second year in a row. The Jennies opened the first round of the state tournament with a 15-6, 15-9 victory over the University of Missouri-St. Louis. In the second round of pool play, CMSU defeated Missouri Southern State College 15-10, 15-9. The Jennies faced William Woods College in the third and final rounds, defeating them 15-10, 15-9 to advance to the semi-tinals. In the semi-finals against Missouri West- ern State College, the Jennies won three of four games. CMSU posted scores of 15-9, 15-9, 15-3 to gain a berth in the championship round against Northwest Missouri State University. The Jennies were unable to hold their lead in the first two games of the championship round as the Bearkittens came from behind twice to win in over- time. In the first game, the Jennies had a 12-4 lead before NWMSU won in over- time 18-16. The second game was a re- peat of the first as CMSU faced an 18-16 overtime loss. The Jennies recovered in the third game and posted a 15-6 victory but were defeated in the fourth and final game, 15- 8. At the conclusion of the state tourna- ment, the Jennies Linda Ernst was named Most Valuable Player of the tournament and selected for the All-Tournament team. Lynette Jarvis and Suzi Barcomb were also named to the All-Tournament Team. For her leadership, Coach Peggy Martin was named MAIAW coach of the year. Cross Country During the 1980 cross country season, Mark Curp became the third runner in MIAA history to claim three consecutive conference championships. At the MIAA Championships in Cape Girardeau, Curp ran the 10,000 meter course in 32:13. The two-time All-American from Polo finished 35 seconds ahead of runner-up Michael Lamb of Lincoln University. The Mules finished second to Southwest Missouri State Uni- versity in the conference match. Freshman Johnny Miller made his MIAA debut, finishing 11th with a time of 34:33. Gary Thompson finished 10 seconds behind Miller in 14th place. Chris Ray, Andy Cravens, and David Harris finished in 19th, 22nd, and 26th places respectively. PHOTOS BY STEVE WELLER Led by Curp, the Mules placed 18th at the National Co giate Athletic Association Division II Championships in Ke sha, Wis. With his fifth-place time of 30:32 in the 10,000 met' course, Curp became the first CMSU runner to qualifyf three NCAA Division I Championships. Gary Thompson finished 118th in 32:57. Johnny Millerf ished 11 places behind Thompson, covering the course with time of 33:12. Chris Ray and Andy Cravens finished 148th and 155th! spectively. 1. Junior Gary Thompson displays the form that gave him a spot on the Mules nationals team. 2. The Mules huddle awaiting the start of a race at Pertle Springs. 3. All-American Mark Curp, a senior from Polo, crosses the finish line first in the year's opening meet. Curp finished fifth in the 1980 NCAA-ll National Championships. m w . M , PHOTOS BY STFVE SCHOEN The promotional term ttRoyalmaniah appropri- ately characterized the in- tense focus on the World Series by practically ev- eryone on campus last fall. At last hour teamb had'made it! The Marching Mules and the Mulekickers par- ticipated in the gala by presenting a pre-game show, an experience de- scribed by many as ttthe thrill of a lifetime? We were all there. If not in person, or by radio or television, at least in spirit. Only a Royals win could have heightened the excitement. But, therets always next year. f hi; 'V':-- e C :4. "t t: 3." ht 5' '. .. EM 5 J mg, p m, d ', Q ,- 3: ewkm 99:? t ., .wQQAfmg PHOTOS BY STEVE WELLER Jennies Cross Count 9 A MAIAW State Division II Championship and participation in the AIAW Region VI meet highlighted the 1980 season for the Cross Country Jennies. The Jennies took the state championship with the efforts of seventh place finisher Mary Adams, 10th place finishers Michelle Turhune and Jaleen Wormsley, and 19th place finisher Nancy Blunt. At the regional meet, the Jennies placed ninth. Other highlights in the Jenniest season in- cluded a fourth-place finish at the Missouri Intercollegiate Championships, a meet which included the University of Missouri, and placing six runners in the top 20 at the CMSU Cross Country Festival. 1. Senior Michelle Terhune and senior Mary Adams race toward the finish line. 2. Senior Barb Thompson runs in the lead at a cross country meet at Pertle Springs. Jennies Gymnastics The Jennies gymnastics team, with only.five members, collected 94.95 points in their opening match of the 1980-81 season. Wendy Beverage led the Jennies, placing in two events. With a score of 7.75 in the vault competition, Beverage received third place honors. She also placed fifth on the uneven bars with a score of 7.3 and quali- fied for the regional competition at Washbum University. Karin Taylor also had a strong performance at the opening match, fall- ing .04 short of qualifying for the regionals in all-round competition. Freshman Sylvia Garcia made her collegiate debut with a 7.70, fourth place finish in the vaulting competition. 1. Linda Schulz works on a floor routine. 2. Wendy Beverage poses herself on the balance beam. L L n B T 6 Mn 5 n B S E L U "M 1 8 1980 PHOTOS BY MICHELLE SIXTA 1. Senior Bill Fennelly looks for an open teammate against UMKC. Fennelly, the Mules leading scorer, led the nation in scoring in 1979-80. 2. Grey Giovanine plays de- fense against an opponent from UMKC. In 1979-80, Giovanine led the nation in free throw percentage. 3. Charles "Ray Ray" Strozjer tips the ball in for a basket while surrounded by several opponents. Strozier led the nation in field goal percent- age as a junior in 1979-1980. Could the Basketball Mules of Central Missouri State top their per- formance of the 1979-80 season? That was the question asked last fall for two reasons. First, four starters, including three NCAA-II statistical leaders, re- turned from last yeafs team which posted a 26-2 overall record. The Mules became the first team in NCAA history to feature three statisti- cal leaders. Secondly, the Mules had the addition of standout Kevin Fromm, a transfer from Memphis State who joined the team after sitting out last season as a red shirt. The returning starters included All-American Bill Fennelly. The 6151' product of Raytown was the leading scorer in the NCAA-II during the 1979-80 season, averaging 30.8 points a game. Heading into the 1980-81 season, Fennelly needed only 353 points to become the all- time leading scorer in MIAA history. Also returning to the 1980-81 line-up were Charles 1Ray Raytt Strozier and Grey Giovanine, both NCAA-II statistical champions last year. Strozier, who needed only 194 rebounds to take over the CMSU career record, led the NCAA-II in field goal percentage, connecting on 72.8 percent of his attempts. 8,5". ,M . . . m, DEWEY CHAPMAN 1. Charles "Ray Ray" Strozier goes up f0! his pre-iump jump. The senior from Kansas City has done his intimida- tion jump every game since becoming a member of the Mules as a freshman. 2. Junior transfer Kevin Fromm fires one of his patented jump shots in a game against Rockhurst College. 3. Senior Mike Poke goes inside for a layup against two Emporia State opponents. STEVE SCI IOEN 1. Senior John Brunet slams the ball through the hoop for a CMSU basket. Bruner played a key role coming off of the bench for the Mules. 2. Head coach Lynn Nance discusses strategy with his team during a time-out. 3. Roy Pearson launches a shot from the top of the key. Pearson, a junior guard, was among the team's leaders in assists and steals. Mike Poke and Roy Pearson added to the exper- ience of the Mules. Poke, who earned a starting job at forward, averaged nine points a game before the start of conference play and Pearson provided excel- lent defense of the Mules as well as being among the team leaders in assists. Other returners from the 1979-80 squad included Michael Gholston, Garry Robinson, and Vince Farr. First year head coach Lynn Nance also had the addition of John Bruner and Rance Glasper, both adding much needed size and depth for the Mules. With such a powerful lineup in addition to a 7-2 record, the Mules were ranked seventh in the nation as the MIAA season got underway. CMSU began its MIAA title defense with key home court victories over Northwest Missouri State and Northeast Missouri State, before the Mules dropped a physical overtime decision to Lincoln Uni- versity in Jefferson City. The Mules ran their league record to 4-1 with wins against the MIAAis newest member, the University of Missouri-St. Louis, and Southeast Missouri State. Western Illinois, which handed CMSU its worse loss of the regular season in early December, lost to the Mules 79-69 when they came to the Multipurpose Building. Ray Strozier turned in a 26-point, 20-re- bound performance and Kevin Fromm added 25 points in an inspired game before more than 4,500 fans. Several personal accomplishments were reached as the Mules winning streak grew to eight games. At UMSL, senior Bill Fennelly became the MIAAis all- time leading scorer, while Strozier became the Mules career rebounding leader during CMSUs one-point victory at NWMSU. The Mules winning streak was snapped at Eastern Illinois in a bizzare course of events. Due to unneces- sary roughness by EIU and a lack of control by the officials, Head Coach Lynn Nance pulled his team from the floor following a fight late in the contest. The Mules forfeit gave EIU a 59-51 victory. Splitting their next four conference games, the Mules were forced to share the conference championship with Lincoln University, but won the coin toss to gain the number one seed in the first an- nual MIAA Post-Season Tournament. Following a vic- tory over SEMSU in the first round, CMSU was elimi- nated by NEMSU, leaving the Mules chances for further post-season action riding on the outcome of other regional games. mus STEVE SCHOEN YTVW SCHOEN 3 Mit'mii t " xV t STEVE SCHOEN STEVE: SCH! JET. ?rHH HILL Slim YA 124 Relying heavily on newcomers and relativly inexperienced upperclassmen, the Mules wrestling squad began its Missouri Intercollegiate Athletic Association title defense with extreme optimism of claiming its eighth conference championship in the last 16 years. In order to accomplish the task, Head Coach Dr. Roger Denker replaced former MIAA champions Les Gatrel, Mike Hagerty and Dave Streibig with potential conference titlists George Curry, Mike Garcia and Tony Shearburn. In addition, the Mules entered the 1980-81 campaign with possibly two of the finest wrestlers in the Midwest, Greg Thomas and Kevin Readshaw, both of whom returned to defend their respective MIAA titles. Thomas, who posted a 28-9 record in 1979-80 at 142 pounds, began this season as the favorite to win in the weight class again. The senior set the pace early for the Mules as he was 7-1 overall and made a serious bid at breaking his record for takedowns. After just six bouts, Thomas had recorded 37 takedowns. He also was the Mules only wrestler to claim championship honors in the CMSU Invitational. Readshaw, only a sophomore, turned in one of the most impressive freshman seasons in Mules history during 1979-80 with a 26-7-1 overall record, and titles in the CMSU Open and MIAA Championships. Despite an injury in the 1981 CMSU Open, Readshaw began his sophomore season with the Mules by posting victories in six of his first seven matches, in- l. MIAA l42-pound 1981 champion Greg Thomas butts heads with an oppo- nent. 2. One hundred fifty- eight pound sophomore Kevin Readshaw tries to turn over his opponent from SMS. 3. Senior Ken Simmons stays on top his l26-pound opponent. PHOTOS BY MIKE BONNOT Wrestling cluding a second place finish in the CMSU Invitational at 158 pounds. In addition to the early season performances of Thomas and Readshaw, the Mules received solid efforts from Ken Simmons at 126 pounds, Garcia at 134, Paul Harmison at 158 and Shearburn at heavyweight. Simmons, a senior who was 14-14 overall in 1979-80 and third in the MIAA, turned I in a 5-1-1 record through the first half of the season and placed second in the CMSU Invitational. Garcia, a 1978 transfer from Adams State University, stepped in at the 134 pound weight class to go 7-2-0 and placed second in the I .. CMSU Invitational. Harmison, filling in for Readshaw at 158 pounds, posted a'- 1 winning record in the early going as he won four of his first 1 seven matches and was undefeated in dual competition. Mak- ing the jump from the 177 pound weight class to - heavyweight, Shearburn was 5-3-1 at the seasons midpoint, including a tie in his match against Central State of Oklaho- ma. Heading into the second half of the season, the Mules were ranked 14th in the NCAA Division II by Amateur Wrestling News, a national publication. CMSU,s prospects of winning its second consecutive MIAA championship appeared bright, as I the only blemishes on the Mules 3-2-1 record were losses to NCAA Division I member Illinois State and Central State of Oklahoma, a perennial powerhouse in the NAIA. A first and second place finish in two early tourna- ments bolstered the basketball Jennies hopes about their chances for a second consecutive national tournament appearance. The Jennies, under the direction of first year Head Coach Jorja Hoehn, finished first in the Dial Classic at CMSU December 5-6. Freshman Carla Eades, who scored 32 points in the first contest, was named the tournamentfs Most Valuable Player and was selected to the all-tournament team. Karla Redo also earned all- tournament honors, averaging 20.5 points a game. The Jennies defeated Morehead State University in the opening round 91-75, and topped East Tennessee State University 76-57 in the championship game. December 18-20, the Jennies finished second at the Mississippi University for Women Tournament. In open- ing-round action, the Jennies edged Valdosta State Uni- versity 70-69, advancing to the finals. Carla Eades led the Jennies in scoring with 20 points. Janet Johnson added 14. In the second round, the Jennies defeated Florida State, 69-60. Karla Redo and Laura Clark had impressive performances, scoring 24 and 20 points, re- spectively. Carla Eades pulled down 12 rebounds. In the championship round, the Jennies had shooting prob- . lems in the second half and were defeated by national- ly-ranked Mercer University, 92-81. 2 1. Freshman Carla Eades drives past a Morehead State defender. 2. Jen- nies coach, Jorja Hoehn, talks to her team during a timeout. 3. Karla Redo gets past her opponent for a lay-up. PHOTOS BY MIKE BONNOT V . .. "magi: wmmrgwu V .l ! y; .1 f A' ,13013118!, hlE:DrtNu.H.-.i. Z T m w B O B Y 8 VA. n 0 H P PHOTOS BY BOB WIRTZ l. Freshman Carla Eades launches a jump shot over her opponent from Iowa State. 2. Janet "J.J." Johnson, a senior center, underhands a shot in heavy traffic against St. Louis University. 3. Senior Laura "Scooter'1 Clark looks for a shot in front of her opponent. By midseason, four players were averaging in double- figures. Karla Redo led the scoring parade, averaging 16.8 points a game, while Eades averaged 14.6 points and 6.6 rebounds per game. Laura Clark and Janet Johnson were also averaging in double-figures. Clark, who had connected on 89.3 percent of her free throws, averaged 10.7 points a game while Johnson was chip- ping in 10.1 per outing. The 1981 portion of the schedule proved to be less fruitful for the Jennies as they began play against Cen- tral District teams to determine the participants in the 'AIAW Division I Regional Tournament. With a victory over St. Louis University already secured, the Jennies returned to the Multipurpose Building following the holi- days to face the University of Nebraska. The Cornhuskers used their intimidating front line to domi- nate the game and the score, stopping CMSUS home court winning streak at 14 games. The Jennies lost three of their next four games be- fore returning to defend their 1980 Championship in their own Jennies Classic, which began with an 84-65 victory over National College of Illinois. Ohio State Uni- versity claimed the 1981 crown with an 11 point victo- ry. Following the tournament, Eades was named to the All-Classic Team. Traveling to Illinois State for the Redbird Classic, the Jennies bid for another title defense fell short. Following the fourth place finish, two CMSU players, Eades and Clark, were named All-Tournament. CMSU finished the season with a 78-73 loss to Kan- sas State University, leaving the Jennies final record at 3-5 in Central District play and 13-14 overall. e Under the direction of first year head coach Scott Teeters, the swimming Mules spent the year building toward a strong future. In the first six meets, sophomore diver Rusty Eubanks led the Mules winning 10 out of 12 diving events. Eubanks, who advanced to the freestyle relay in 1980, also led this years 400-yard freestyle relay team. Sophomore Mike Bollinger also returned for the 1981 season, making a strong bid to reach the con- ference championships in the medley relay for the second consecutive season. Dave Roberts rounded out the list of returners to the 1981 roster. Roberts, who qualified for the 1980 MIAA Championship finals, anchored the Mules freestyle and butterfly events. Ten freshmen, including standout Dave Griner, were added to this years swimming roster. Griner was one of the Mules top freestyle sprinters during the 1981 season. At the seasons midpoint, the Mules were sporting a 1-5 record. 1. Jim Caffre takes off. 2. Mike Bollinger and 3. Lorie Holsapfel come up for air. The swimming Jennies returned 11 letter-winners from the 1980 team. After seven meets, the Jennies were 6-1 and had set 13 CMSU records. Led by Lisa Westling, who held seven individual school records following the seventh meet, the Jennies enjoyed one of their best seasons in the schoolts history. Westling, who qualified for the 1980 nationals in several events, placed fifth at the Ft. Lauderdale Ocean swim, making- her a strong bid for All-Ameri- can honors. The Jennies were also led by junior Laurie Leutkemeyer, who in 1980 qualified for the finals of the MAIAW Championships in five different events, including a third place finish in the 1,650 yard freestyle event. During the 1981 season, Leutkemeyer set a school record in the 1,650 yard freestyle. Undefeated in the 50-yard backstroke after seven meets, ju- nior Liz Brogan set three school records and was selected as 11Female Athlete of the Month" in January. Lois Dom, Linda Meyer and Tammy Sparks also set school records for the Jen- nies. Dom set a new mark in the 50- and ZOO-yard breaststroke events while Meyer set a record in the 100-yard breaststroke and Sparks in the lOO-yard freestyle. Three Jennies divers, Suzy Luzader, Karen Bollinger and Julie Dusselier, qualified for na- tional competition. One of the most memorable events for the Jennies during the A 1981 season occurred at the William Jewel College swim meet where CMSU set 12 pool records. Captains for the 1981 squad were Tammy Tapp and Laurie Luetkemeyer. oftball 1. Angie Meyer ducks below a throw as she heads to- ward seeond base. 2. Kathy CassmeyeroWeller slides into third base in a game against Tarkio College. In their first year. of Division II competition, the softball k Jennies advanced to the Association of Intercollegiate Athletes I , for Women regional tournament by finishing second in the MAIAW state tournament. I t Led by pitcherHirst baseman Kathy Cassmeyer-Weller and Ht outfielder Kathy Anderson, the Jennies concluded the 1980 5 season with a 1514 overall record. Weller, a junior from Bridgeton, recorded a team-high .324 , f1 -' i batting average 124-741 while driving in 13 runs. She also led t .. II. the Jennies pitching staff in strike-outs with 32 in 61V; in-' nings. Appearing in 16 games, she recorded a 1.71 earnedr run average on her way to a 5-4 season. Anderson, a senior from Sedalia, led the team in hits 1251 while finishing with a .301 average. In 83 plate appearances, she struck out only eight times. At the conclusion of the MAIAW state tournament, Weller and Anderson were named to the All Tournament team. Sophomore Robbin Ogle provided excellent control and strength to the Jennies pitching staff. The Ste. Genevieve na- tive struck out 26 batters in 56V3 innings, while walking only nine. Appearing in 12 games, Ogle posted a 5-4 record and . an impressive 1.12 ERA. 1 t. Kindra Anderson contributed some clutch hitting for the $5 Jennies. In 27 plate appearances, the senior from Sedalia cola; lected 10 hits for a .370 average. She also pitched in 14 games, posting a 4-6 mark. 1 According to first-year Coach Marty Selby, the 1980 Jen- nies made her job an easy one. ItThe players were all self- "5, ' 4' motivators," she said. itAlso, we had two inspirational leaders in Weller and Anderson? '. 1. Ed Strouth displays his successful golf swing. 2. Ron Cleven- ger prepares to hit a chip shot onto the green. For the second consecutive year, the Mules golf team won the MIAA championship with a team total 595 at the Blue Springs Country Club. Sophomore Jim Clevenger, who as a freshman was an honorable mention All-American from Liberty, captured top honors in the two- day, 36-hole tournament with a 144. Bob Curry, a junior from Sedalia, shot a 148 for fourth place overall. Sophomore Dave Sippie from Frackville, Pa, finished sixth with a 149. All three were named to the All-MIAA team for their performance. Senior Ed Strouth from Kirkwood, Mo, tied for 10th with a 154. Dean Berry, a freshman from Excelsior Springs, shot a 155 total. Berryis second round 74 helped the Mules come from behind to win the title. In the tournament, Clevenger, Curry, Sippie, and Strouth earned the right to advance to the 20-team national championship in Thibodaux, La. Craig Harrison, a sophomore from Kirksville, round- ed out the national qualifying team. The Mules concluded the 72-hole, four-day national tournament in 14th place. Strouth received honorable mention All-American honors for his 301 total. Clevenger finished the tourney at 312. Curry and Sippie each shot 316, with Harrison rounding out the Mules scoring with a 318. During the regular season, the Mules claimed first place in three of six tournaments they entered. They won the Lincoln University, Baker University, and Park College Invitationals. At Lincoln, the Mules were led by Clevenger and Strouth, with 18-hole totals of 71 and 72 respectively. Curry and Strouth tied for individual top honors at the Baker University Inivitational, both shooting 76. Clevenger added a 77 in the 16-team tournament. Clevenger lead the Mules at the Park College Invitational with a 36-hole total of 151. Hartison and Curry completed the tourney with a 153 and 154 respectively. According to Head Coach Dr. Ron Heinrichs, the highlight of the season occurred at the Northeast Louisiana University Invitational tournament, where the Mules placed second in a field which includ- ed eight NCAA Division I teams. aungA-arh-AAA MA mawfgangArgrrru v-rrvcga . - . - .. . -4 IMAt - 44-11- 4 -.--r - r-- -. . Mules Baseball Completing his 15th and final year as a head coach, Dr. Robert Tompkins led the baseball Mules to their second most successful season in CMSU history. The Mules combined outstanding pitching, good speed, and a .306 team batting average, into a 1980 overall season record of 23-8-1. Dr. Tompkins, who ended his CMSU career with a 248-164-1 record, said that contributions from several key players were the key to the Mules 1980 success. Pitcher Mel Priess, a junior transfer from Grandview Community College, provided excellent pitching for the Mules with a CMSU record 9-0 season. Priess broke Jim Cranels 1975 record of 7-0. The left-hander from Iowa City, Iowa was named to the All-MIAA first team, and be- came only the second player in CMSU history to receive the MIAA Most Valuable Player award. He was also named honorable mention All-American. First baseman7outfielder Kevin Prenger, a sophomore from Jefferson City, led the Mules of- fensive attack with a .386 batting average. He also hit four home runs, drove in 30 runs, and was named first team All-MlAA. . Craig Gillison, a junior second baseman from Independence, had 35 hits, three home runs, and 25 RBIs on his way to a .385 average, earning him a spot on the second team All-MIAA squad. A big surprise for Coach Tompkins and the Mules was the outstanding defensive play of out- fielder Donald Roberts. A transfer from Longview Community College, Roberts completed the season with a perfect 1.000 percent fielding average. The sophomore from Raytown became only the third player in Mules baseball history to play an entire season without committing an error. He was also named to the All-MIAA second team. Also providing steady performances at the plate for the Mules were third baseman David Thielker t.342l, designated hitter John Theis t.330l, and outfielder Bob McPherson l.321l. All three were named to the honorable mention All-MIAA squad. On April 24, Dan Minor, a senior from Kansas City, pitched a no-hitter against Missouri Val- ley. The Mules went on to defeat the Vikings in that game, 14-0. According to Coach Tompkins, the Mules most outstanding achievement was defeating NAIA power Emporia State University in three out of four confrontations. HThey won the NAIA championship in 1978," Tompkins said. uWe knew we had a strong ball club when we beat them three times." tiOverall, it was a good season to remember as my last," Tompkins added. l. Pitcher Mel Priess throws one of many pitches that led him to a 9-0 season and earned him the MIAA Most Valuable Player award. 2. Craig Gillison pivots to com- plete a double play. 3. Jeff Deason slides safely across home plate as the Mules bench cheers. ' W M JIL... Tennis The tennis Mules, with an entire lineup of walk-ons, placed second in the MIAA championships in Cape Girardeau, their best showing in more than 10 years. Two singles players and a pair of doubles teams advanced to the finals. Mark Fries, the Mules number three singles player, lost the championship match to Jeff Hammerschmidt of SEMO, 6-3, 6-2. Number five singles player Rob Vaught lost the championship to Terry Schot, 6-4, 6-4. The doubles teams of Gary Muck and Fries, and Robert Henre and Brad Hagen both advanced to the championship match, but lost to Southeast Missouri State University. Although hampered by injuries, the tennis Jennies conclud- ed their 1980 season with a 9-6 overall record. The Jennies had all six starters healthy in only two matches during the regular season, but still placed sixth in the MAIAW 11 State Tournament in Springfield. T Number six singles player Sharon Lessard advanced to the finals and finished second, earning the right to advance to the AIAW regional tournament. Two singles players claimed consolation championships in the tournament. Regina George placed third in the number two singles division, and Cari Cavalcante finished third in the number four singles division. . The doubles teams of Lisa Harris and Kelly Weight, and Mary Ferrugia and Lori Chumbley also finished third. ....r,.......;w. au-.,,ua..u-M , 7i ies Is teams. i Chumbley ax tenn and Mark Fr isplay the form that made we Lot , ina George 3 tant part of the 1979. Impor 80 Mules and Jenn L l .I h 9 u a V b 0 R Reg 00 all d them an lit. .f..3xx... .i.,:L2 A . 1:0 1.113331 2, x K: 1495x441 v2 1A :7, w". ma ,.,,,- pv .- .,,f w, 4'17, Min ' ummm . , V, MMMM ,5- y m mm, W. av www- 1 1 Track 8: Field The highlight of the 1980 Mules track and field season was the performances of All-American Mark Curp. The junior from Polo earned his fourth All-American certificate of his career at the NCAA Division 11 Track and Field Championships in Pomona, CA. Curp placed second in the 10,000 meter run with a time of 28:14.62, just 16 seconds behind the first place finisher. He re- ceived his fifth All-American certificate in the NCAA Division I Track and Field Championships in the 10,000 meter run. This made Curp the first Mules athlete to receive AlI-American honors at the Division I level. Curp and pole vaulter Greg Gregath qualified for the Division II championships by virtue of their first place performances at the MIAA Track and Field Championships at Cape Girardeau. Curp swept both the 5,000 and 10,000 meter runs, and Gregath won the pole vault competition with a vault of 15i 7V2? The Mules received strong individual performances at the MIAA meet, but finished fourth overall with a total of 94 points. The Mules trailed Lincoln, Northeast and Northwest Missouri State Unis versities. The Jennies track and field team placed fourth out of 11 teams in the MAIAW State Track and Field Championships in Cape Girardeau, receiving strong individual performances from Mary Hyder and Barb Hostmeyer. Hyder, a sophomore from Jefferson City, turned in the strongest performances for the Jennies. She won the discus competition with a new state record toss of 133 8", bettering the former record of 130 3" by more than three feet. She placed second in the shot put with a put of 3? 11", and third in the javelin with a throw of 114 8". By virtue of her first place finish in the discus, Hyder qualified for the AIAW national championships. Hostmeyer, a junior from Florissant, turned in strong perfor- mances in three distance events, including a second place finish in the 5,000 meter run with a time of 17:58.24. She also placed third in the 3,000 meter run with a 10:47.40 finish, and finished sixth in the 1,500 meter run. The Jennies also faired well in the 800 meter run, with Jenny Wrigley placing second, and Karen Buehrle finishing fifth. 1. High jumper Sue Raithel goes over the bar in the Mule Relays. 2. Mona Evans grits her teeth as she pushes for ex- tra long jump distance. 3. Craig Van Sickle throws the shot in the Mule Relays. 4. Hurdler Mark Stephenson leads the field in the Mule Springfest competition. .w 177 -:-. ... Sports Information Sports Information collects, records, orga- hizes, publishes, and distributes information from 18 varsity sports organizations. They 43ring CMSU sports to the attention of the media and facilitate coverage of the Mules and Jennies. Seated Oeft to righ$ Assistant Sports Informa- tion Director Dennis Slusher, Sports Information Director Steve Weller; second row Scott Osborne, Randy Reed, Scott Jennings, Jimmy Herzog, Brad Kruger. 140 . .a 3; -;;.4.,1..-v ow n-W- PHOTOS BY MIKE BONNOT V CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE 97. .3 3 3 g 9 I ' . 6': SJ 3146225: 202215297 2-32 :33 34:- .36 50:52 :5 .3 4.5 :67 :66 q: 29; 93 34:4 E: ,- 1:; 16 13 20:21 22: 23 -24 3,5 .25 23- , ' 19621932743? Front row deft to rith Bill Vining, Brad Bronenkamp, Brad PHOTOS BY MIKE BONNOT I Hewitt, Mark Conrad, Randy Green, Steve Davis, Curt Thom- 9 as, Rod Burnett, Willie Colclough, Rich Funesti, Russ Ball, Mike Lamberson; second row Rich Young, James Esters, FOOTBALL Elmer Thornton, Jay Morgan, Jim Jackson, Dale Hahne, Brad Head CoilCh! Alan Molde Hoglund, Perry Foster, Larry Mueller, Doug Roach, Mitch Assistant Coach: 31113519, Larry Edlund, 39b Weir, Mike Floyd, Robert Motsinger Jr., Rashid Abdul-Sa- Kuhlman, Dean 099, John SChOl'ka. Emmitt laam, Mike Baker; third row Steve Gumminger, Chris Thomas DeMarco, Joe Weise, David Dick, Robin Fisher, Herrick Cun-' 5'3'1 ningham, Chuck Blair, Mike Tyler, Jeff Hammons, Gary CMSU OPPONENT Holleman, Gerald Bonner, Greg Cofer, Verlin Tyler, Pat 3 Missouri Southern State College 3 Goodwin, Howard Turley, Richard Vaden; fourth row Jerome 17 Emporia State University 11 Brown, Kelly Allison, Mark Templin, Sam Pemberton, Mike 17 University of Arkansas-Monticello 0 111918, Tracy Estes, Pat Hooper, Frank Hayes, Jeff High, Tim 27 Northwest Missouri State University 21 Fannan, Jim Chaney, Daryl Newsome, Tommie Towns, 14 Southwest Missouri State University 21 ; Dewan Swam, Bruce Titus; fifth row Doug Middleton, Dana 20 Northeast Missouri State University 7 5 Chambers, Robin Stansbury, Bernie Furey, Craig Jordan, 15 University of Missouri-Rolla 16 Alan Lyberger, Don Wilkinson, Bob Brannuck, Tim Lathrop, 33 Lincoln University 14 3 Jamie Ford, Bill Morris, Kelly Anderson, Tom Lamb, Rich 4o Evangel College 7 E Fetherlin, Lent Buford Jr., Wesley Martin; sixth row Rob 17 Southeast Missouri State University 31 Kuhlman :assistant coachL Dean Ogg :assistant coacm, Bill Bye :assistant coacm, Dr. Alan Molde :head coachL John Schornick :assistant coacm, Emmitt Thomas :assistant coachL Larry Edlund :assistant coacm. 142 Front row Ueft to right1 Sue Whitmer 1managen, Beth Mauer, Lisa Kissee, Adrian Willman, Denise Craig 6man- aged; second row Peggy Martin mead coacm, Susan Bouldin, Linda Ernst, Lynette Jarvis, Suzy Barcomb, Norma Robinson bssistant coachk third row Karen Seitter, Tami Jones, Lori Hackett, Patti Popejoy; not pictured Gina Richards. OPPONENT CMSU-OPPONENT SCORES Southeast Missouri State 13-15, 15-7, 15-8 University of Missouri-St. Louis 16-14, 15-7 Graceland College 14-16, 15-5, 15-3 St. Mary's of the Plains College 9-15, 7-15 Northeast Missouri State University 15-9, 10-15, 15-9 Northwest Missouri State University 7-15, 2-15 St. Marys of the Plains College 11-15, 13-15 Missouri Southern 15-12, 12-15, 15-10, 154 Southwest Missouri State University 15-13, 15-4 NEMSU 14-16, 10-15,15-9, 16-14, 12-15 Missouri Southern State College 15-12, 15-6, 15-10 UM-C 9-15, 13-15, 15-11,l5-10, 10-15 Florissant Valley Community 15-6, 12-15, 16-14 Illinois State University 15-8, 15-11 Kentucky State University 12-15, 15-10, 15-8 Iowa State University 5-15, 5-15 Northwest Missouri State Missouri Western State College 11-15, 15-11, 6-15 12-15, 15-12, 15-11 Rockhurst College 154, 15-7 UMKC 7-15, 16-14, 15-2 William Jewell College 15-10, 15-11 William Woods College 15-9, 10-15, 6-15, 15-9, 15-10 Volleyball Head Coach: Peggy Martin 67-49 Assistant Coach: Noma Robinson 1 OPPONEN T CMSU-OPPQNENT SCORES Northeast Missouri State 12-15, 15-4, 15-12 William Woods College 10-15, 11-15 Bradley University 15-6, 15-3 St. Francis College 15-8, 15-7 Loyola University 10-15, 4-15 Lewis University of Chicago 9-15, 15-10, 154 Eastern Illinois University 7-15, 1045 Eastern Illinois University 7-15, 6-15 Missouri Southern 13-15, 17-15, 15-12, 15-7 MAIAW STATE TOURNAMENT: University of Missouri-St. Louis 15-6, 15-9 Missouri Southern State College 15-10, 15-9 William Woods College 15-10, 15-9 Missouri Western State College 13-15, 15-9, 15-9, 15-3 NWMSU 16-18, 16-18,15-6, 8-15 REGION 6 AIAW TOURNAMENT: University of Nebraska-Omaha University of Minnesota-Duluth St. Mary's of the Plains College University of South Dakota University of Northern Iowa Bemidji State University 15-8, 8-15, 15-7 12-15, 15-6 15-12, 16-14 11-15, 15-7, 12-15 15-8, 5-15, 15-7 12-15, 15-6, 15-17 7.- ' 1n1.arU-;- .42....1, .,.. 2.1m. v4.1...n. Jennies Cross Cou1 front row deft to Jenny Wrigley, I Gilday; second Debbie Duffer, , Willis, Robin Ph Michelle Terhunej Harrison, Barb T1 son, Sue Raithel; tow Barb Hostn Rhonda VanSickll ten Sanders, Mal ams, Nancy 1 Jayleen Wormsley Scheuting, Cathy pert 1Graduate A tantL JENNIE , Coa MEET Northwest Missc Invitational Ozark Classic MAIAW State C1 AIAW Division I ?PONENT SCORES 12-15, 15-4, 15-12 10-15, 11-15 15-6, 15-3 15-8, 15-7 10-15, 4-15 9-15, 15-10, 15-7 7-15, 10-15 7-15, 6-15 5 17-15, 15-12, 15-7 15-6, 15-9 15-10, 15-9 15-10, 15-9 15, 15-9, 15-9, 15-3 18, 16-18,15-6, 8-15 15-8, 8-15, 15-7 12-15, 15-6 15-12, 16-14 11-15, 15-7, 12-15 15-8, 5-15, 15-7 Jennies Cross Country- front row Heft to right1 Jenny Wrigley, Eileen Gilday; second row Debbie Duffer, Joyce Willis, Robin Phillips, Michelle Terhune, Amy Harrison, Barb Thomp- son, Sue Raithel; third row Barb Hostmeyer, Rhonda VanSickle, Ka- ren Sanders, Mary Ad- ams, Nancy Blunt, Jayleen Wormsley, Mary Scheuring, Cathy Bop- pert 1Graduate Assis- tantL JENNIES CROSS COUNTRY . Coach: James Pilkington MEET CMSU FINISH Northwest Missouri State University First Invitational Ozark Classic Second MAIAW State Championships First AIAW Division 11 Regional Championships Ninth 1 MEET CMSU FINISH CMSU Cross Country Festival First Northwest Missouri State University Second Invitational Missouri Intercollegiate Championships Fourth Southwest Missouri State University Sixth Classic MIAA Championships Second NCAA Division II Championships MULES CROSS COUNTRY Coach: James Pilkington Eighteenth 12-15, 15-6, 15-17 Mules Cross Country- front row Heft to right1 David Vaughn, Brian Ftanke, Dave Harris, Mark Curp, McDowell Rose, Chris Ray, Andy Cravens; second row Coach James Pilkington, Larry Henderson, Dave Corwin, Bruce DuFrense, Pat Menigan, Matk Blevins, Gerald Johnson, Weldon Wright, Gene Hall, Gary Thompson, Steve Boydston 1Gtadu- ate Assistann. 144 Ftont row Heft to right Jan Kiehnhoff, Linda Boltz, Patti Klingel, Cari Jo Cavalcante, Debbie Glaser, Shawn Swofford, Tracy Hedicke, Denise Swanger, Tet- ry Gliedt, Kathy Weller, Debra Reves; second row Mary Gan, Renee Rice, Nancy Bickel, Sherry Fiala, Ka- ren Bascone, Nancy Batty, Carole Longenecket, Sherry Collins, Terri Woods; third row Monda Reynolds man- agerL Nancy Nowotny hssistant coacm, Judy Ward hssistant trainerL Jane Miller, Sherry Dameron, Amy Merritt, Vicki Keener, Leah Piland, Diana Brozovich, Amy Brack, Joan Parks UrainerL Jane Markert koacm, Joni Block OnanagerL Not pictured; Joy John- son. CMSU NHNwwDWhFiWFiOHMMNODNIQONHOFiNI-i FIELD HOCKEY Coach: Dr. Jane Markert Assistant Coach: Nancy Nowotny 13-11-3 Western Illinois University Northern Illinois University Indiana State University University of Iowa Southwest Missouri State University Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville University of Missouri-St. Louis St. Louis Sappington Club Emporia State University University of Minnesota Kansas City Field Hockey Club St. Louis Field Hockey Club Northeast Missouri State University Emporia State University Southwest Missouri State University Southern Illinois University-Carbondale Kansas City Field Hockey Club Southeast Missouri State University Southwest Missouri State University Northeast Missouri State University University of Missouti-St. Louis North Dakota State University Southeast Missouri State University Bemidji State University Southwest Missouri State University Eastern Illinois University Northeastern Boston University OPPONENT Jem Co: Assistant CMSU 66 St. Low 68 U. of 1 117 Stephc 113 Willim 84 North 57 South 73 Empol 2nd MAIN 34th AIAW --...-..- Jenn Head 4 South Dakota Sta Fort Hays State Central Missouri Emporia State Central Missouri Washbum Central Missouri Central State U. Southeast Misso Western Kentuc U. of Central Ar Central Missouri Winona State Gustavus Adolph U. of Wisconsin U. of Northern l Emporia State Central Missouri Central Missouri Southwest Texa Central State U. Southeast Misso Central Missouri LhwaonweuwucwhuehceoonuwuHnu Jennies Swimming-front row Heft to right1 Liz 1. Brogan, Lisa Westling, Tammy Tapp. Julie Dusselier, Suzy Luzadet; second row Tammy Sparks, Laurie Jennies SWImman Smetzer, Cathy Duell, Sue Micklewright, Lorie ' ' Coach: SCOtt Teeters Holsapfel; third row Patty McDonnell assistant n Assnstant Coach: Patty McDonnell coacm, Pam Foreman, Brenda Disser, Laurie . CMSU . . . OPPONENT Luetkemeyer, Sherri Wilcox, Lois Dom, Linda Meyer, . 66 St- LOUIS UanGfSlty 34 Beth Burke, Scott Teeters Olead coacm. 68 U. of Missouti-St. Louis 51 I 117 Stephens College 29 1 113 William Jewell College 24 ' ,, 5' 84 Northeast Missouri State 58 1 57 Southeast Missouri State 80 W 78 Emporia State 43 I i 2nd MAIAW State Championships 34th AIAW National Championships w Jennies Gymnastics Head Coach: Sherry Medley December 5 South Dakota State 116.25 Fort Hays State 114.85 Central Missouri State 94.95 5. January 16 f Emporia State 109.65 Central Missouri State 92.00 .3 . January 23 , 1 'KEY Washbum 126.15 3? M k Central Missouri State 93.25 .5. a' 9'" Central State U. of Oklahoma 90.85 ,2; Icy Nowotny January 31 ? Southeast Missouri State 132.00 :J OPPONEN; ' Western Kentucky 108.05 .3 2 U. of Central Arkansas 105.10 in 1 Central Missouri State 100.90 A l W February 7 128 35 5 m, I - - inona State . 3 , , EEfitlatlydsville :1 Gustavus Adolphus College 127.25 ; , Louis 2 U. of Wisconsin-La Crosse 114.50 1 0 U. of Northem Iowa 107.90 0 Emporia State 104.35 0 . 0 Central Missouri State 95.35 91' Club 0 February 13 .j b 4 Central Missouri State 105.80 ; niversity 0 Southwest Texas State 129.70 1 Central State U. of Oklahoma 105.40 . . . . . . K 4 3 MW 15 12 4 9:":251SvmzczzgsziW353; 53:32:31.3: :1." Earbondale 3 C2132? gigfjgugtz?te 102:2: Schulz, Sheila Purnell, Sherry Medley mead coacm. L niversity 2 1 lniversity 3 ; niversity 1 u Louis 0 sity 3 i niversity 2 f o I Iniversity 6 g 3 rsity 4 i d 146 STEVE SCHOEN Mules Basketball-front row Oeft to righn Michael Gholston, Grey Giovanine, Ray Strozier; second row Vince Fan, Mike Poke; third row Kevin Fromm, Roy Pearson, Bill Fennelly, Hughes hssistant coacm. 82 77 84 75 73 81 75 88 86 79 69 84 73 73 53 51 75 86 63 66 80 87 74 103 103 Mules Basketball Head Coach: Lynn Nance Assistant Coa h : D l W' t d J H Brian Kincheloe, Rance CMSU c es arty Ins on an "w ughes Glaspet, John Brunet; not 70 pictured Lynn Nance mead 90 coacm, Darryl Winston Gas- 62 sistant coacm, Jerry 88 Eastern Illinois University Emporia State University Rockhurst College Western Illinois University Evangel College University of Missouri-Kansas City Southwest Baptist College University of Puget Sound Seattle University Northwest Missouri State University Northeast Missouri State University Lincoln University University of Missouri-St. Louis Southeast Missouri State University Western Illinois University University of Missouri-St. Louis University of Missouri-Rolla Southwest Missouri State University Northeast Missouri State University Northwest Missouri State University Eastern Illinois University Southwest Missouri State University Lincoln University Southeast Missouri State University University of Missouri-Rolla Southeast Missouri State University Northeast Missouri State University University of North Dakota North Dakota State University OPPONENT 69 79 59 103 73 68 68 84 72 70 76 81 71 85 69 66 61 68 72 52 59 81 76 70 64 70 71 87 95 , -H 7.... a..u-.,,.m.,..... Law In, Assistant Coa CMSU 51 Iowa Sta 67 Johnson 61 William 60 Iowa Sta 85 Emporia 91 Morehea 76 East Tet 72 William 79 St. Louis 70 Valdosta 69 Florida ! 81 Mercer l 73 Universi 73 Northwe 61 Wichita 65 Universi 70 Universi 84 National 54 Ohio Sta 69 Norther! 65 Southern 63 Western 61 Northwe 70 Universi' 61 Universi' 65 St. Louis 73 Kansas 1 ww- mmruq. '7 pr?! STEVE SCHOEN Jetty Hughes Jennies Basketball Head Coach: Jorja Hoehn Assistant Coaches: Ginny Sutton and Leanna Bordner CMSU OPPONENT 51 Iowa State University 50 67 Johnson County Community College 47 61 William Penn 75 60 Iowa State University 75 85 Emporia State University 76 91 Morehead State University 75 76 East Tennessee State University 57 72 William Woods College 43 79 St. Louis University 40 70 Valdosta State University 69 69 Florida State University 60 81 Mercer University 92 73 University of Nebraska-Lincoln 83 73 Northwest Missouri State University 57 61 Wichita State University 68 65 University of Nebraska-Lincoln 83 70 University of Missouri-Columbia 73 84 National College 65 54 Ohio State University 63 69 Northern Kentucky University 64 65 Southern Illinois University-Carbondale 67 63 Western Michigan University . 70 61 Northwest Missouri State University 60 70 University of Missouri-Columbia 82 61 University of Wisconsin-Madison 69 65 St. Louis University 75 73 Kansas State University 78 OPPONENT 69 79 59 103 73 City 68 68 84 72 sity 70 iity 76 81 r 7 l iity 85 69 K 66 61 sity 68 iity 72 sity 52 59 sity 81 76 iity 70 64 iity 70 sity 7 l 87 95 t17617, Jennies Basketball-front row Heft to righQ Suzy Batcomb, Denise Tollefson, Therese Rankin, Carla Eades, Debbie Mouw, Janet Johnson; second row Joan Parks UraineH, Jorja Hoehn mead coacm, Nancy Barry 1manager7, Mary Jo Post, Sheri Hartenbetger, Deb Key, Candy Evans, Laura Clark, Leanna Bordner basistant coacm, Ginny Sutton assistant coacm; not pictured Lisa Kissee and Karla Redo. STEVE SCHOEN 147 Mules Swimming-front row Heft to rith Wilt Dod, Ty Rickard, John Montgomery, Chris Jackson, Dave Griner, Scott Teeters mead coacm; second row Rusty Eubanks, Charles Mullins, Dave Roberts, Gary DeWitt, Jim Caffree. Mules Wrestling Head Coach: Dr. Roger Denker Assistant Coaches: Les Gatrel and Mike Hagerty CMSU OPPONENT 46 University of Missouri-Rolla 4 35 University of Missouri-St. Louis 9 32 Northwest Missouri State 12 20 Southwest Missouri State 20 17 Illinois State University 25 2 Central State University-Oklahoma 46 0 Nebraska University 44 9 University of Nebraska-Omaha 35 19 Southern lllinois-Edwardsville 21 6 University of Missouri-Columbia 38 36 Graceland College 9 54 Lincoln University 3 42 Southeast Missouri State 3 47 Knox College 5 15 Western Illinois University 24 34 Northeast Missouri State 11 TOURNAMENT FINISH CMSU Invitational 3rd SWMSU Invitational 8th Simpson Invitational 2nd MIAA Championships 2nd NCAA Division II Championships 24th MIKE BONNOT Mules Swimming Coach: Scott Teeters CMSU OPPONENT 61 St. Louis University 45 36 Missouri-Rolla 73 49 UMSL 58 53 Northeast Missouri State 58 42 Southeast Missouri State 68 43 Southwest Missouri State 57 22 Drury College 79 5th MIAA Championships Wrestling Mules-front tow deft to 11th George Curry, Mike Garcia, Greg Thomas, Phill Kline, Tony Shearbum, Kevin Readshaw, Greg Rich, Ward Smith, Ken Simmons, Mark Sells; second row Mike Hagerty hssistant coacm, Gary Mayabb, Brad Fredrickson, Paul Jamison, Jim Kilby, Sam Williams, Russ Gaston, Les Gattel mssistant coachh third row Dr. Roger Denket mead coacm Ron Rector, Rob McNab, Brad 8012, Steve Moritz, Austin Amos, Tony Cole, Ken Cole assistant ttainerk fourth row Kevin Smith, Jay Denker, Mark Ellis, Mike Nichols, Vadney Rinne, Jim Danner, Jerry Harmison, Steve Nance; fifth row Steve Mart, Randy Crowder, Jim McCoy, Dave Crull, Chris Sharp, Bob Pierce, Bill Biggerstaff; sixth row Jeff Burbridge, Kevin Tucker, Ivan Robinson, Cliff Rhoad, David St. Louis, Dale Mercer. 148 , ., n. :4" 4.9.:4-ppuu-Amw-l... STEVE SCHOEN 1 Assist: MSU Univer: Evange Evange Central Northe; Southw Southe Northw Univer: Westm Baker 1 Willian 2nd Ml OOWQONIBNHOONIQO Track and Fiela to righG Joyce Mona Evans, C' Gilday, Sue R VanSickle, Dr Kevin Jones, I LaTanya Camp Gregath; third Les Ryan, Terr Curp, Gary T Chris Jones, Chris Davis, B Mules Tennis Team-Front tow Heft to righn Dr. Curt Beams mead coacm, Doug Fricke, John Piekielniak, Jack Germano, Rob Scheve, John Morris; second row Mark Rosewell ussistant coacm, Dave Neuhart, Brad Hagen, Mark Fries, Gary Muck, Rob Vaught, Jim Aldridge, Robert Heme, Cur- tis Cooper assistant coacm. MULES TENNIS 0 TRACK AND FIELD A . tCotagl: fotCRetgmeE Coaches: Walt Hicklin and Hal Yinger 88's an 0mg; ur ls ooper Graduate Assistant: Susan McKee OPPONENT First, second and third place winners MIAA Outdoor Championships 10,000 Meter Run: Mark Curp, first; John Mulligan, third Pole Vault: Greg Gtegath, second 3,000 Meter Steeplechase: Gary Thompson, third 5,000 Meter Run: Mark Curp, first; Steve Btummit, third Team Results: fourth MAIAW State Championghips OPPONEIE 33kt" """mity Eggmftf'nim 11333 35231530 second 73 X;";TA192:2:123; s 5,000 Meter Run: Barb Hostmeyer, second 58 p p 3,000 Meter Run: Barb Hostmeyer, third University of MO-Rolla Evangel College Evangel College Central Bible Northeast MO State Univ. Southwest MO State Univ. Southeast MO State Univ. Northwest MO State Univ. University of MO-Rolla Westminster College OGUQONDNOONGO wwhl-IOSQUNNIOWNI-I 58 Discus: Mary Hyder, first 68 Javelin: Mary Hyder, third 57 800 Meter Relay: third 79 Team Results: fourth Track and Field Mules and Jennies-front tow Heft to righn Joyce Willis, Jenny Wrigley, Nancy Blunt, Mona Evans, Cindy Hanman, Karen Sanders, Eileen Gilday, Sue Raithel, Barb Hostmeyer, Rhonda VanSickle, Dr. Hal Yinget koacm; second row Kevin Jones, Daryl Ward, Lloyd Holt, Lori Boyd, LaTanva Campbell, Ken Hedicke, Gene Hall. Greg row Mike Semonisck, Bill Adee, Herb Ivy, Marc Ste- Gregath; third row Steve Reynolds, Dave Corwin, phenson, Herb Davis, Dave Harris; sixth row L93 Ryan, Terry Rowe, Don Moore, unknown, Mark McDowell Rose, Craig Philson, James Rader, Steve Curp, Gary Thompson; fourth row Ward Bruce, Brown, Bill Buese, Tommy Doyle; seventh row Rob Chris Jones, Jim Longstreet, Dave McCormick, O'Hanlon, Greg Geritz, Howard Turley, Gerald Chris Davis, Bruce DuFresne, Darrin Williams; fifth Pendleton, Brian Franke. 150 Front row Heft to rith Brad Kruger, Craig Harrison, Chris Johnson, Ed Strouth, Bob Curry, Dean Berry; sec- ond row Bill LaVoy, Steve Holt, Kevin Felkner, Kevin Rooney, Jeff Southwick, Steve Highlander; third row Dr. Ron Heinrichs head coachL Rod Holt, John In- gram, Mike Vogt, Mark Bettes, Jay Goodman, Jim Clevenger, Dave Sippie. GOLF Head Coach: Ron Heinrichs Spring CMSU Invitational Tournament Baker Univ. Invitational Tournament Missouri Southern Invitational Tournament William Jewell Invitational Tournament Fall Lincoln University Invitational Tournament Baker Univ. Invitational Tournament Park College Invitational Tournament Northeast Louisiana Univ. Invitational Crossroads of America Invitational MIAA Tournament Finish lst lst lst lst lst lst lst 2nd 2nd lst 9-6 CMSU MG MWONNWOBONth JENNIES TENNIS Head Coach: Jane Markert William Woods College Stephens College Southeast Missouri State Univ. William Jewell College Southwest Baptist College Southwest Missouri State Univ. University of Missouri-St. Louis Principia College St. Louis University Missouri Southern State College Drury College Johnson County Community College Graceland College Missouri Southern State College William Jewell College TOURNAMENTS 4th Missouri Western State Tournament 6th MAIAW State Tournament OPPONENT NOI-NNQQUIWNIHOGH-BI-I Missy Barber, Nancy Barry, Front row Heft to righd Kelley Weight, Cari Jo Cavalcante, Regina George; second row Sharon Lessard, Lisa Harris, Lori Chumbley, Mary Ferrugia. Front row deft to r Deason, Daryl Mic Hamilton, Kyle Di Mel Priess, Don Fi second row Bob M Craig Gillison, Je Roger Fender, Dor erts, Beanie Lem Rogers, Dr. Ron X hrainerk third row ert Tompkins Giea Dan Plackemeh Rosenbeck, Joe Kevin Prenger, De David Thielke Mulcahy, John Th Carter bssistant co Heat Assistant Coa 23-8-1 Valparaiso Un Valparaiso Un University of A University of 1 Lincoln Univel Northeast Mis: Emporia State Northwest Mia Park College Emporia State William Jewel Missouri Valle Northeast Mis Missouri West University of 1 Northwest Mia Northwest Mi: Front row Heft to right1 Jeff Deason, Daryl Mick, Todd Hamilton, Kyle Diekmann, Mel Priess, Don Fitzpatrick; second row Bob McPherson, Craig Gillison, Jeff Dean, Roger Fender, Donald Rob- erts, Beanie Lemken, Stu Rogers, Dr. Ron Van Dam krained; third row Dr. Rob- ert Tompkins mead coachL 1 Dan Plackemeier, Joe 3 Rosenbeck, Joe Gorman, f Kevin Prenger, Dan Minor, L David Thielker, Tim Mulcahy, John Theis, John ,4 , Carter bssistant coachl WIS mm BASEBALL SOFTBALL Head Coach: Robert Tompkins ' Head C03Ch3 Marty 59le OPPONENT Assistant Coaches: John Carter, Terry Rodenberg 1 Assistant Coach: J0 Reker 1 23-8-1 CMSU-OPPONENT 15-14 CMSU-OPPONENT 4 Valparaiso University 7-3 University of Missouri-Columbia 2-0, 3-1 W. 5 Valparaiso University 7-2, 3-5 T31150- College 9'8. 7'2 0 University of Arkansas-Little Rock 3-2, 2-6 Longvnew Community College 19'1, 17'0 1 University of Missouri-Columbia 3-21, 7-7 Meramec Community College 3'0 Iniv, 7 Lincoln University 5-0, 6-2 University of Missouri-Columbia 0-4 Louis 3 Northeast Missouri State University 3-0, 3-2 William Penn 1-2 5 Emporia State University 7-6, 11-5 Northwest Missouri State University 2-4 8 Northwest Missouri State University 11-6, 4-8 EIPPWia. State University 1'4, 04 tllege 6 Park College 1-0, 13-2 MISSOUII Western State College 24 2 Emporia State University 16-8, 3-4 Northeast Missouri State University 3-2 V College 2 William Jewell College 6-3, 1-12 Pittsburg Sta.te University . 3.4 1 Missouti Valley College 14-0, 12-2 Soutlgwest Missoun State University 2-12 Jlege 6 Northeast Missouri State University 6-2, 3-2 Tafluo 9011996 . . 8'0. 11-1 2 Missouri Western State College 10-0, 9-1 UnIVCI'SIty 0f Mussoun-Columbia 0'6, 1'2 University of Missouri-Rolla 10-5, 6-2 William Wst College 211 Northwest Missouri State University 5-0, 5-6 Northwest Missouri State University 4'2 lent Northwest Missouri State University 4-8 Northeast Missouri State UDiVCYSitV 112 Missouri Southem State College 2-0 Northeast Missouri State University 5-6 Mankato State University 10-0 1 Northeast Missouri State University 4-0 Augustana College of South Dakota 1-3 t row Heft to rith Dtake UanCISIty 0-8 y Barber, Kelley ht, Cari Jo Cavalcante, ta George; second row :5; Barry, Sharon 1rd, Lisa Harris, Lori abley, Mary Ferrugia. Front row Ueft to rith Casey Arduser 1managed, Angie Meyer, Gina Richards, Pam Cole, Julie Boan, Kindra Anderson, Denise Craig, Jan Garrett, Kathy Cassmeyer Weller, Karen Seitter; sec- ond row Gail Langkrahr 1managed, Kathy Anderson, Suzy Barcomb, Lynette Jar- vis, Amy Merritt, Robbin Ogle, Tami Nystrom, Sarah Martin, Tammy Baldock, Norma Robinson, Joan Parks urainerL Marty Selby mead coacm, Jo Reker hssistant coacm. DAVE WOOD The competitiveness of the men,s intramural program is, on some occasions, equal to that of the Universitys intercollegiate sports program. Under the direction of Wendell Brandes, the in- tramural program has as much variety as any col- lege in the nation, offering more than 20 sports. During the 1980-81 school year, the intramural program office was moved to the University Union. The major sports include competitive levels ranging from A to C divisions. Competition among the men is divided into Greek and independent divisions. Winners of men,s Greek and independent divisions compete for all-campus honors at the end of a season. Definitely an important part of the intramural and Greek systems is the coveted ttAll-Sportf tro- phy awarded to the fraternity with the most cummulative points at the end of the year. Theta Chi won this award in 1980, clinching it after de. feating Alpha Kappa Lambda in the All-Greek playoff game in softball. Four fraternities were in the race for the 1981 All-Sports trophy as of the end of winter term. These fraternities included Tau Kappa Epsilon, A1- pha Kappa Lambda, Sigma Phi Epsilon and Lamb- da Chi Alpha. Members of the 198081 intramural judicial board included Bob Hartley, Rick Hawthorne, Dave Corbin, Randy Giebler and Joel Walters. BOB WIRTZ BOB WIRTZ ha. a r U m a r LI. m IS Men r- .vw.w E f 154 Women All-Campus Champions SCHOOL YEAR 1980-1981 Football EA-leagueE .................. Steelers Football EB-leagud ................... Klippers Racquetball ............................... Patty Pink Singles Bowling ........................ Charlotte Johnson Billiards .................................... Daytha Frink Volleyball EA-leagua ............... Skags Volleyball EB-leagud ................ Alpha Omicron Pi Volleyball 1co-tec A9 ................ Mixed Nuts Volleyball 1co-rec 89 ................ Stinkers Rifle GndivJ .............................. Cathy Holmes Basketball EA-leagud . ...Oldies But Goodies Basketball EB-leaguex. ...Swishers Onc-on-One BB ....................... Sherilyn Montgomery Free throws BB ........................ Tami Nystrom SPRING 1980 Softball EAJeaqu ................... Foxes Softball EB-leagud ................... Sigma Kappa DAVE WOOD All-Independent Champions SCHOOL YEAR 1980-81 Football EA-leagud ........................... Bud's Football EB-leagud ............................ Knox Nolans Golf GndivJ ....................................... Joe Austin Archery EindivJ ................................. Rick Drake Bryan Bolten Racquetball GndivJ ........................... Greg Knott Cross Country GndivJ ...................... Kent Lang Billiards GndivJ ............................... Ken Hedrich Volleyball Realm ............................. Six-Packers Basketball EA-leagud ....................... Purple Trotters Basketball EB-leagud ........................ Court Jesters Basketball mnder 6 ft.-A1 ............. Gyro IV Basketball mnder 6 ft.-BE .............. Indians One-on-One BB ................................. Jim Holmes Table Tennis GndivJ ......................... Steve Gorman SPRING 1980 Soccer ................................................ Soccer Club Softball EA-leagua ............................ Outlaws All-Campus Champions SCHOOL YEAR 1980-1981 Football EA-leagud .............. Bud's Football EBJeagud ............... Alpha Kappa Lambda Golf GndivJ ....................... Joe Hoffman Racquetball GndivJ" ......... Greg Knott Fencing GndivJ .................... Roger Blaine Cross Country GndivJ ......... Mark Blevins Singles Bowling .................... Ernie Painter Basketball EA-leagud .......... Lambda Chi Alpha Basketball EB-leagud ........... Court Jesters One-on-One BB ................... Tom Ankenbauer Free throws BB .................... Dan Minor Frisbee ................................. Rex Filion Table Tennis EdoubleQ ........ Dave Groehlinghoff Rick Ammons Table Tennis EsinglesE ......... Steve Gorman Billiards ................................ Ken Hendrick SPRING 1980 Softball EA-leagud ............... Theta Chi Softball wowed ................... Alpha Kappa Lambda Outdoor Track ...................... Theta Chi Soccer ................................... Soccer Club All-Greek Champions 5 ; SCHOOL YEAR 1930-1931 f Football 1A-Ieague1 .............. Alpha Kappa Lambda : Football 1B-league1 ............... Alpha Kappa Lambda ' Golf GndivJ .......................... Joe Hoffman g Golf 1team1 ........................... Alpha Kappa Lambda Archery GndivJ .................... Bruce Ricky ' Archery 1team1 ..................... Tau Kappa Epsilon ' ,1 1. Racquetball GndivJ .............. Pat Tucker ' : ' Racquetball ueam1 ............... Tau Kappa Epsilon Sigma Phi Epsilon Cross Country GndivJ ......... Mark Blevins ! Cross Country Realm .......... Lambda Chi Alpha Weightlifting Realm ............ Tau Kappa Epsilon Swimming 1team1 ................. Tau Kappa Epsilon Billiards GndivJ .................... Bill Lavoy I Billiards 1team1 .................... Sigma Tau Gamma Alpha Kappa Lambda , , 1 Basketball 1A-league1 .......... Lambda Chi Alpha If 1 Basketball 1B-league1 ........... Alpha Kappa Lambda ' ' One-on-One BB .................... Tom Ankenbauer ,1 Rifle and Pistol ueam1 ........ Lambda Chi Alpha 5 Pistol GndivJ ........................ Dave Galoger ' Rifle GndivJ ........................ Troy Huntly Table Tennis GndivJ ............ Dave Groeblinghoff Table Tennis ueam1 ............ Alpha Kappa Lambda Wrestling ueam1 .................. Phi Sigma Epsilon Indoor Track ........................ Alpha Kappa Lambda Bowling ueam1 ..................... Lambda Chi Alpha . SPRING 1980 I . Softball 1A-league1 ............... Theta Chi ' 1 j Softball 1B-lea9ue1 ............... Theta Chi 1 Softball wowed ................... Alpha Kappa Lambda . ; ; Soccer ................................... Sigma Phi Epsilon ; i .: - Handball GndivJ .................. Tom Nagle 1 ' Badminton ........................... Theta Chi Volleyball .............................. Sigma Phi Epsilon MIKE BONNOT . pions s a Kappa Lambda Hoffman ! Knott ' r Blaine Blevins ' Painter bda Chi Alpha Jesters Ankenbauer Minor Filion ' Groehlinghoff Ammons e Gorman Hendrick a Chi a Kappa Lambda a Chi er Club MIKE BONNOT DEWEY CI'IAPMAN TROY THOMAS DEWEY CHAPMAN TROY THOMAS 156 :qox. THOMAS ' Many women also take advantage of the variety of competitive sports offered by the intramural program. Among the most popular are volleyball, basketball and flag football. Unlike the men, the women have no divi- sions. Rather, they all compete at the same level wheth- er Greek, independent or faculty. Many women also participate in the co-recreational competition offered by the campus intramural program. Susan Albrecht and Karen Evans served on the intramu- W am .. ., ral judicial board during the 1980-81 school year. TROY THOMAS X; " ; ' ": . v i"? 3 f: a x. ' 0. ' "xxx 1x123 . UK . -M:w VCR .. .3! I w 160 At the end of Dr. James M. Homefs second year as President of Central Missouri State University, and Dr. Catherine Tisingefs first year as Provost and Vice President, it is appropriate that attention be given to their philosophy and style of leadership, their views of the Universityis future, and a cataloging of some of the changes they have initiated. The following report is taken from major addresses by Dr. Homer and Dr. Tisinger and is presented here as an historical record of their views and the initial accomplishments of CMSUis new administration. An educational institution of any kind, but particularly a comprehensive and regional institution of higher education, is a complex matrix of interests, needs and human and material resources which exists to propagate, protect and transmit intangible products-ideas, methods, a body of knowledge, and perhaps even more illusive, a sense of wonder over the physical, natural and engineered worlds, the works of the mind and spirit, the human condition in both its glory and degradation. Institutions do not really produce educated persons. Rather, ideally, they provide the environment in which the interaction of mind, hard work, curiosity, talent, repetition of exercise or experiment in the drive for mastery can come together to allow all participants to seek and achieve their own higher level of accomplishment. Ideally, such an environment and developmental process lays the foundation for a lifetime of continuous learning. Two factors tend to complicate this idealization of the University. On the one hand, the emphasis on the attainment of the individual should produce individualists capable of developing and maintaining independent thought and action. On the other hand, the sense of which is unique to an institution requires a fine degree of integration and subordination of special interestsj A major task of any institution as a whole, then, is i to find and continually maintain a balance among the components of the matrix which will most likely result in the achievement of individual as well as collective goals. Primary to the function of an institution is the learning process in which the central participants are the students and faculty, but also in which all members of the community must be involved as both teachers and learners. For the institution to remain vital and lively everyone, but most particularly the leadership among faculty, students, administration and staff, must share and maintain a commitment to improvement of learning and teaching, to the encouragement of excellence in all its various ramifications-classroom teaching, scholarship, laboratory or studio work, research, governance. For the students, the good institution provides a setting in which they can discover an individual capacity for growth and in which there is provocative assistance for developments of talents, , skills and methods. For the faculty and staff, the l good institution provides a setting in which they l are encouraged to continue to refine their levels of i . , individual accomplishment through teaching, scholarly and creative activity, research, reflection ' and discourse, and to discover new areas of interest or talent, not only for personal and 3 professional fulfillment but also for institutional growth and development. l If the potential of individuals and the i institution is to be fulfilled, the institutions components must share a commitment to academic freedom. The University has an obligation to present, and to protect the right of l presentation, divergent points of view, whether in the classroom, in committee meetings or in the many interfaces which mark our daily lives. With this right goes the corresponding responsibility to respect the views and opinions with which one differs, to engage them in critical analysis, but not : to dismiss them unexamined. The thorough and methodical examination of all ideas and views is the business of the University and a responsibility which it cannot surrender. In terms of administration, the task is one of providing the resources and structures which will maintain the delicate balance of interdependent components, each with a specific and vital role, without any one of which the enterprise is weakened. Administration is the art-and the science-of identifying, weighing, and evaluating the competing claims on the functions, services and resources of the institution. As such, it must draw upon institutional memory and existing skills or capabilities which can be developed, expanded or added, and requires a clear assessment and statement of the objectives of the institution. A major task of the faculty is the continual re-evaluation of what it is accomplishing and the identification of emergent needs in view of the institutional mission. A major task of the administration is tc continual refineme reassessing the ma resources. The rec the public sector is expectations must efficiency in the us institutions, this ne to apply those prir teaching others to Much today i: administrative style and success. How coming together 0 individual. Neither other. In general t should be delegate an effective and fL with the recognitic and accountability officers of the legs principle includes open involvement appropriate to the administrators, su1 representatives of All sectors of dent of Central as Provost and philosophy and a cataloging of lken from major as an historical l CMSUis new , the good institution ey can discover an i and in which there is l Ielopments of talents, iculty and staff, the tting in which they 0 refine their levels of rough teaching, , research, reflection at new areas of r personal and so for institutional luals and the e institutions mmitment to versity has an protect the right of s of view, whether in meetings or in the our daily lives. With :ling responsibility to ns with which one .tical analysis, but not . The thorough and ll ideas and views is ,1 and a responsibility m, the task is one of structures which will a of interdependent ecific and vital role, e enterprise is the art-and the ghing, and evaluating l functions, services on. As such, it must iory and existing skills developed, expanded :ar assessment and if the institution. A he continual :complishing and the aeds in view of the ir task of the administration is to provide the leadership for continual refinement of that mission Over time, reassessing the match between needs and resources. The recent era of unabashed growth in the public sector is over, and the same social expectations must be achieved with far greater efficiency in the use of resources. For educational institutions, this new frame of mind is a challenge to apply those principles which they have been teaching others to use outside academe. Much today is made of the form of administrative style as a key to future compatibility and success. However, style evolves from the coming together of the institution and the individual. Neither remains untouched by the other. In general terms, responsibility and authority should be delegated to the level necessary to make an effective and fully informed decision, consistent with the recognition that the ultimate responsibility and accountability are vested in the offices and officers of the legal governing body. This general Principle includes the provision for strong and Open involvement by whatever constituencies are appropriate to the issues, be they faculty, students, administrators, support staff, board or i"epresentatives of the broader community. All sectors of the enterprise are accountable to the whole, and the institution is accountable not only to the governing authority of the Board of Regents but to society in general. A public institution carries a public trust which collectively or individually must not be abused. Among the persons and constituencies holding an interest in the institution, expectations of that trust will vary, nor will there be agreement abOut the nature or existence of abuse of that trust. It is at this point that the notion of the institution as a place where 'all participants are learners becomes a key to the common success. There should be as much openness of access to the decision-making process and individuals holding delegated responsibility as is possible within human limitations of time and energy and the overriding need to make steady progress toward the fulfillment of institutional goals. To balance this openness, there must be a recognition on the part of all participants that access imposes the responsibility to acknowledge that every component cannot determine the view which . ultimately prevails. With this degree "of openness of access, everyone cannot have it their way. In the final analysis, a decision must be made based on the best available information. There is a distinction to be made among administration, leadership and governance. Frequently, these concepts are used interchangeably in organizations, but in actual practice they are distinct domains. Some of the players may be the same, but the functions of the domains should remain clearly delineated. On the one hand, governance is the process by which the goals of the institution are articulated and maintained, primarily through the instruments of policy. On the second hand, administration, according to Richard Cyert, President of Carnegie- Mellon University, is the uart of allocating resources within the organization in a manner designed to reach the goals of the organization." Leadership, on the third hand, is the' iiart of stimulating the human resources within the organization to concentrate on total organizational goals rather than on individual or subgroup goalsfl a...-..A.t.v.w V a a 22- . 2 4 .t x. A , x. . ,1V7: virtwt".: .mmirwi A. . ., A , AA A '54; 9' . A . , A; . 7nvu...v '41.:gw . :u-h-anzagp4 5545:.qu1 . LIV"? WA algae." m"+--rr-:azvsx 1 A1,..A 1 :70??? TTT s imr- .124. it A , .3 pkg. " 7 ml; :p 162 '0 1,, u ttttttt The administrator manages the nonhuman resources of the organization, the leader mobilizes the human resources. The trick is to make sure that the three domains do not become unnecessarily entangled. Educational and administrative philosophy come together in a consideration of the primacy of the pursuit of quality and excellence. There is no universal agreement on the meaning of these abstractions in education. There are no absolute standards by which any and every institution can be measured. Rather, standards must be couched in terms of the objectives of the institution and a rigorous assessment of the highest point of the possible, given a particular set of human and monetary resources. The pursuit of excellence, then, is the pursuit of the task attempted to the best of our ability, consistently, and with continuously expanding vision. An institution never fully achieves its own standards of quality, for in such achievement are buried the inevitable seeds of decline. Rather, it is the pursuit of a moving target, and in that process is found continuous self-renewal as an institution, as teachers, as students, as learners. The one tangible measure of excellence is what an institution is able . to do for its students and what they become and are capable of being. CMSU Today. and Tomorrow It is difficult to reflect on Central MiSsouri State Universitys potential without placing the institution somewhere in the spectrum of contemporary American higher education. Therefore some consideration should be given to the conditions confronting education which have a bearing on where the University will be moving in the foreseeable future. Since the dawning of the satellite era in 1958, higher education has been placed under intense scrutiny by the society which supports it. With a phenomenal expansion of knowledge, particularly in scientific and technical fields, critics have been predicting the demise of the liberal arts tradition, to Central Missouri State University CPI Student Fees and the Consumer Price Index 2.400 FEES 720 Esnmale 1982 2.300 690 2.200 6 -Aa,uslea CPHJunE 1971 : w; Emmm 60 Sludenl Fees June 1981 2.100 630 2.000 600 1.900 1.800 1.700 1.600 1.500 1.400 1.300 1.200 1.100 1.000 1972 73 1973 74 1974 75 1975 76 1976 77 1977-78 1978 79 1979-80 198061 1981-82 1982-83 N 'T ,. 7x a: ,. 570 540 510 450 420 :90 360 330 300 say nothing of the institution which places at its heart the values of a liberal or general education, in the face of increasing specialization and professionalization. An extraordinary economic cycle of boom and near bust, a prolonged period of political unrest and dissatisfaction, and soaring costs resulting from rapid and perhaps ill- conceived expansion in addition to the general escalation of inflation, have been coupled with discontinuities created by the inability of institutions to respond quickly to rapid external change. An increasingly aware pubiic, through legislatures, citizen agencies and emergent consumer interests, has begun to ask questions about issues which in former times were the exclusive province of educators defending their territory. Whereas once education commanded the bulk of the social services portion of the public purse, now there are increasingly assertive" voices from other social sectors which are demanding their share of public resources. The increasing weight or the urgency of these claims should not be a surprise. After all, they are made by the very people the academy has educated and trained, through that education, to take action. Indeed, this represents a major success story for higher education-students of the past learned very well theory and techniques-anf1 now higher education has to learn to live with their success. CMSU stands today in a favorable position among institutions of higher education. The trauma caused by declining enrollments-although lurking in the foreseeable future-has not yet arrived here. The current enrollment situation-which is somewhat akin to most favored ttThe leve will continut economy. Th percent of cc accounted f01 'F--- nation status-shi the University d0! factors which crez lulled into a posh distorts perceptim various conditions environment in w should suddenly 1 budget cuts in mii state revenues ari many unexpected An ever pres University is creat academy,s traditic communicator of thought, and its n cutting edge of k t tension, which ha fabric of higher e the ttmodernii dis nineteenth centur institution which service for the ne confrontation of t the temptation to Reality, however, It demands a con balance between t resources betwee continual sorting I should be include Shakespeare cour curriculum than a cannot be definiti resolution of the t continuous exami roles. Another class good principles". : there is the ttsocia all who seek the b responsibilities of regardless of the . resources, and on goodii encompass .--! lniversity 'Price Index FEES 720 Eslimale 1982 690 - 660 Esl-male June '98! - 630 600 570 540 510 480 450 420 390 360 300 O N O a O s g z; a s a F F F F ;i llCh places at its general education, zation and inary economic prolonged period :tion, and soaring erhaps ill- 1 to the general n coupled with -bility Of institutions rnal change. An gh legislatures, onsumer interests, t issues which in province of ry. Whereas once of the social rse, now there are other social eir share of public t or the urgency of rprise. After all, Ie the academy gh that education, esents a major on-students of the d techniques-and rn to live with their vorable position cation. The ollments-although -has not yet ment I in to most favored 3 . -u-y-v ttThe level of student fees is a topic of concern to all, and fees will continue to increase so long as there is inflation in the economy. The University is moving toward the States goal of 20 percent of costs being born by student fees. This past year, fees accounted for approximately 17.3 percent of costs? nation status-should not obscure recognition that the University does not completely control the factors which create this status. It thus must not be lulled into a posture of self-satisfaction which distorts perceptions of what umight bet, if the various conditions which join to create the environment in which the institution operates should suddenly change. For example, recent budget cuts in midstream because of the decline in state revenues arising from the recession created many unexpected problems. An ever present tension which confronts the University is created by the need to balance the academyis traditional role as the preserver and communicator of our culture, traditions and thought, and its role as explorer and sorter of the cutting edge of knowledge and techniques. This tension, which has been part and parcel of the fabric of higher education since the emergence of the itmodernii disciplines in the latter part of the nineteenth century, is particularly difficult for an institution which has as its reason for existence service for the needs of a region. The confrontation of these two roles typically creates the temptation to be all things to all people. Reality, however, dictates a less ambitious destiny. It demands a constant review of the appropriate balance between the roles, of the distribution of resources between the two roles, and of the continual sorting process of knowledge which should be included. The question of Whether a Shakespeare course is more iivaluable" to the curriculum than a course on micro-processors cannot be definitively answered in the abstract: the resolution of the tension comes only in the continuous examination of the balance of these roles. - Another classic conflict is that between iitwo 900d principlesleor example, on the one hand there is the iisocial good,, of equality of access for all who seek the benefits, rewards and responsibilities of higher education, virtually regardless of the quality of preparation or financial resources, and on the other hand, the iiacademic 900d" encompassed in standards of excellence which provide recognizable iicoins of the realm? Or there are the competing commitments to individualism and the broader social obligation to meet the needs of the marginal student while also challenging the able and exceptional student so that all can achieve that which they are capable of being. Society has not sorted out its own resolution of these competing ideas; higher education must continue to live with them as creatively as possible. Ever since colleges and Luniversities stopped being content with a simple curriculum of theology, philosophy, Latin, Greek and mathematics, they have been searching for better ways to reconcile these competing concepts. And, at CMSU, that search will continue. The challenges are timeless. The issues of 20 years ago are remarkably similar to todayls debates. Another generation has moved into the roles of speakers-and perhaps that is why the continuity of the fabric is obscuredebut the issues are all of a piece, with one major exception: 20 years ago higher education stood on the threshold of unprecedented expansion. Today, it has crossed another threshold into an era of circumscribed resources. Immediately preceeding the 19603, the pressure of this expansion caused one author to write, iiWhen the swollen enrollments do come and the shortage of teachers does become acute, higher education hopes it can maintain its vitality." In the 1980s, when the declining enrollments come and the surplus of teachers becomes acute, higher education also hopes it can maintain its vitality. CMSU is in a favorable situation. For the next few years, at least, its future does not include the prospect of overall shrinkage of the institution. The challenge, rather, will be that of maintaining relative strength while finding the resources through internal review and reallocation to undertake new directions and projects the University identifies as being within the institutions scope and mission. Challenges for the 1980ls The prospects for higher education in the 163 3...... $ .u... ..-...'Fi.-...F.........- .a Jif-mm'v;n-:'1"Vr"' v . '3!" Hi I 7 1'- HV ALL? .. I bit 9 1.13! 164 "Whereas once education commanded the bulk of the social services portion of the public purse, now there are increasingly assertive voices from other social sectors which are demanding their share of public resources. Along with unprecedented inflation . . . there are contradictory demands for reduced taxes. It i is suprising to see this in Missouri, where taxes are among the lowest in the nation? 1980,s indicate that colleges and universities will be required to respond in ways not foreseen in earlier periods. The decade of the 50s was a period of rapid growth and modernization; the 1960s a period of increasing access for minority and other previously unserved students; and the 19705 have seen a diversity of programs never previously available. These programs today serve a student population which is more diverse in age, ethnic background, origin and experience than ever before. The decade of the 1980s promises to be a period of academic refinement, of consolidation, and of program and institutional restructuring. Simultaneously, there will be increasing demands for new services and programs of high quality. There will also be increasing demands for financial stringency, higher levels of external regulation, retrenchment, and reallocation of resources. The need to provide opportunities for professional growth and development of highly tenured faculties will compound the pressures. Since its founding in 1871, Central Missouri State University has been a leader in the field of professional education. The University is proud of t its heritage, and, while it has become much more than a single-purpose institution, efforts in this important area will not be diminished. Throughout the nation there is an erosion of public confidence in educational systems. This is reflected in criticism of standards, basic skill levels, quality of instruction, curriculum content and the absence of discipline. Too often, educators are silent in the face of this criticism. It is easy to agree with the parent who feels that there is something basically wrong in educational systems when a student can complete, with honors, four years of high school and four years of college without being required to take a single mathematical course or demonstrate minimum competency levels in reading and writing. A major reason for this crisis in education is the fact that public school teachers are functioning under enormous difficulties. Too often they are asked to become the agents of social change, to teach without the authority to a .---- discipline, to accept the iisocial promotion," to live with the threat of physical violence, and to work for salaries that, in real dollars, continue to decline. All of us in education have a responsibility i to better inform the public of our concerns. Foremost among these is the fact that when funding levels do not keep pace with inflation, the quantity and quality of services will decline. There is considerable news today about the oversupply of teachers. Yet, there are severe shortages in many key areas such as the sciences, mathematics and the vocationally oriented areas. These shortages will continue until our society is ready to demonstrate, in economic terms,lthat we ; value education enough to provide respectable salaries for our teachers. The principal challenge in the field of education in the 1980s will be to develop a closer relatiOnship with the teachers and the- schools. CMSUls faculty will benefit from greater exposure a to the real world of the public school teachers. The 1 University is dedicated to providing them with I greater opportunities for continuing growth so they 3 are better able to prepare the teachers of tomorrow. At Central Missouri State University, the area of applied sciences and technology is also of special interest. The challenges of the past have been met well but many new challenges will arise in the next decade. New and rapidly changing technologies require that faculty keep abreast of I, change, that students learn the ability to cope with change and, more importantly, the attitude to accept it. New techniques and attitudes relative to energy use and conservation are essential. Already i there are far more occupational opportunities in these areas than there are available graduates. Such opportunities are likely to increase significantly in the years ahead. Increased interest in these occupational fields has undoubtedly l accounted for the increased enrollments in programs in the applied sciences and technology area. In more recent years the University has moved aggressively in the development of its programs in busii graduates are fim variety of busines nation. The liberal a University's genei solid base for all i arts and sciences Universityls genei students to exper know existed. Th widen their hOIth knowledge for th Central Miss involved in a tho: general educatior the public reject t a random selectic structure. They u objectives and pl: meet those object Access to his continuing challe1 educated can be aggressively seeki needs of minoritil have been under: efforts include $01 First and fort education cannot which will remain the 1980s will be of high quality ar maintain such qu providing greater disadvantaged, it broader and grea University must a be taught the skil the educational p A major fact matter of cost. C has always been i :sf of higher edl tins regard. In k of the social ire increasingly are demanding unprecedented :duced taxes. It are among the a promotionft to live nce, and to work ontinue to ve a responsibility r concerns. Ect that when a with inflation, the will decline. ; today about the ere are severe .ch as the sciences, lly oriented areas. ntil our society is lmic terms, that we vide respectable the field of to develop a closer nd the schools. n greater exposure lchool teachers. The :ling them with Jing growth so they zachers of Jniversity, the area ogy is also of of the past have nallenges will arise ipidly changing I keep abreast of ability to cope with the attitude to attitudes relative to e essential. Already i opportunities in able graduates. increase Increased interest undoubtedly . rollments in :s and technology lniversity has lopment of its programs in business and economics, and its graduates are finding opportunities in a wide variety of business enterprises throughout the nation. The liberal arts, particularly through the Universityls general education courses, form a solid base for all academic programs offered. The arts and sciences are predominant in the . University,s general studies program which enables students to experience worlds they didnt even know existed. Through this program, students widen their horizons and develop a firm base of knowledge for their lives after college. Central Missouri State University is currently involved in a thorough re-examination of its general education program. Faculty members and the public reject the concept of programs based on a random selection of courses without apparent structure. They will expect stated educational objectives and planned programs and courses to meet those objectives. Access to higher education will be a continuing challenge into the 1980s Only the educated can be truly free. The University is aggressively seeking to serve better the educational needs of minorities and others who historically have been underserved or disadvantaged. These efforts include some very special challenges. First and foremost, the open door into higher education cannot imply an open exit. Institutions which will remain healthy and respected through the 19803 will be those with academic programs of high quality and high standards. In order to maintain such quality and standards while providing greater accessability to the educationally disadvantaged, it is essential for CMSU to design broader and greater student services. The University must assure these students that they will be taught the skills necessary to be competetive in the educational process and in society. A major factor in the question of access is the matter of cost. Central Missouri State University has always been a leader in efforts to minimize the cost of higher education. It will continue its efforts in this regard. In spite of these efforts, cost will NBOHDS SAEliS increase significantly as the University moves toward the States goal of making the consumers of higher education, the students, pay 20 percent of the cost of their education. Although CMSU administers a financial aids program totaling almost $4 million annually, this program must grow in order to maintain the University,s historic position that no qualified student shall be denied access to higher education for financial reasons. As a major employer CMSU must also , aggressively seek to meet its legal and moral obligations in affirmative action. Special efforts are being made to provide opportunities for qualified women and minorities in faculty, staff and administrative positions. A major challenge of the 19805 will be to give greater attention to defining the meaning of a college degree. New students will be served, the growth of knowledge will stimulate new areas of specialization and greater attention must be focused on the characteristics of an educated person. Increasingly, the public will demand greater clarity in defining the meaning of a degree and demonstable evidence that these competencies'are in fact mastered by CMSU graduates. A large portion of college graduates eventually end up in careers unrelated to their college degree. The University is constantly aware of the fact that, as Emerson said, ttthe things taught in colleges and schools are not an education, but the means of education? Or, as John Dewey wrote, lithe result .of the educative process is the capacity for further educationft Students of the 1980s will be graduated to I face challenges and change that cannot be envisioned today. While training for a first job is important, college graduates must be much more than simply job trained. The University is committed to helping students develop the capacity for further education, and the ability to think and analyze, as well as develop a concern for the quality of life, and an appreciation of aesthetic and artistic talents. Briefly put, a major thrust at CMSU is to educate students not just for st whit up A: I 1; Win It 1' V1,! u 166 CENTRAL NISSOUII STATE t . ., t . . . . t LM ttStudent change that committed t education, a: concern for t artistic talent a living, but for a life. They must be equipped for changing roles and occupations, for self- development and self-examination, and for personal growth and creative self-expression. Another challenge for the 1980,s is in the area of llvalue education? Nationwide the productivity of workers is declining. Selfish attitudes make energy conservation inadequate. As a nation we seem to have lost confidence in the integrity of our leaders, the ethics of our businesses and our ability to solve the major social and economic problems which face us.l Higher education has a special opportunity during the 1980s to improve society by the development of student attitudes. These should include an awareness of the concerns of society, declining natural resources, the need to work harder, the values of ethics and basic integrity, and the need to share and conserve. Students need to appreciate the value of goals and aspirations other than materialistic ones. Another area of response for the 1980s is public service. More and more higher education is embracing responsibility for active public service within its mission. Public policy issues increasingly . . are becoming the joint concerns of governments, agencies and higher education. Here, too, Central Missouri State University has met well the challenge of the past. Through the States Safety Center, a multitude of programs in safety have been developed. CMSU has a nationally recognized program in industrial hygiene, a graduate program in gerontology and a strong nursing program. Successful yesterdays do not guarantee successful tomorrows. Tomorrowls laurels will depend on the University,s ability to meet the challenges of developing programs to train the people needed in these growing and changing areas. With decreasing job mobility, the energy crisis, and economic pressures, people who need, want and deserve higher education find themselves place-bound by job and family obligations. Throughout the country, institutions of higher education are seeking innovative and creative ways to serve these needs. These types of needs are special challenges in the State of Missouri. While it would seem quite appropriate to use the new technologies and minimize the use of energy by taking education to the people rather than the people to education, this poses special challenges for CMSU. The State of Missouri generally does not support such efforts. As an institution with a long tradition in providing off- campus continuing education courses wherever they are needed, CMSUls challenge is to convince the people of the State that education delivered to the people is as worthwhile as that obtained on campus and that such efforts deserve to be supported. The need for creative action in academic programs will be paralleled by other challenges as well. Among the foremost will be stringent financial support. Along with unprecedented inflation and public demands for greater government services, there are contradictory demands for reduced taxes. It is surprising to see this in Missouri, where taxes are among the lowest in the nation. But it is present and increasing. Just before his death in 1898, President Osborne,tCMSUls third president, commented on the relative funding for education in Missouri, Illinois, Kansas and Iowa. He concluded his last public remarks with the expressed hope that the day might come when funding in Missouri was at least equal to that of our immediate neighbors. That hope remains more than 80 years after President Osborne expressed it, as does the challenge of convincing Missourians of the importance of adequate funding for higher education. Concurrently, the University has the responsibility to become as cost-effective and efficient as possible. Continuous efforts are being made to reduce costs wherever possible and to constantly scrutinze priorities. Higher education in the 1980s will be influenced heavily by a complex system of competing interests. Many vested voices already 1 are heard from v coordinating age regional planning agencies, profess bodies. These ar magnitude and ti controls on both processes of our Even today program change: funds to support second, in the fa third. Fortunately Secondary Educ greater flexibility control. Sound man institutions can b and concerns th: through complia: those outside the The comple 1980is requires i and structures, ii planning models effectiveness, eff same time, these provide for oper human dignity a faculty and stud planning process past two years h atmosphere of c respect in which concerns, debate Another me will be increased seems highly like will be the achie demonstration o increasingly subj depend solely 01 students and the tiassroom to me Fominues to me ttStudents of the 1980ls will be graduated to face challenges and change that cannot be envisioned today. The University is committed to helping students develop the capacity for further education, and the ability to think and analyze, as well as develop a concern for the quality of life and an appreciation of aesthetic and artistic talents." 2 and creative ;e types of needs te of Missouri. ippropriate to use iize the use of le people rather llS poses special : of Missouri efforts. As an 1 providing off- iurses Wherever :nge is to convince cation delivered to iat obtained on serve to be 1 in academic ther challenges as e stringent precedented a greater :ontradictory surprising to see among the lowest id increasing. 8, President 1t, commented on n in Missouri, included his last :d hope that the a Missouri was at iate neighbors. 0 years after as does the ans of the for higher 1 has the effective and efforts are being possible and to 30s will be system of d voices already are heard from various consortia, state coordinating agencies, legislative commissions, regional planning boards, federal regulating agencies, professional associations and accrediting bodies. These are likely to grow in number and magnitude and to place new requirements and controls on both the management and educational processes of our colleges and universities. Even today there is the mandate for academic program changes from one state department while funds to support this mandate are sought from a second, in the face of budgetary reductions by a third. Fortunately, the States Master Plan for Post Secondary Education establishes the goal of greater flexibility and freedom from centralized control. Sound management principles suggest that institutions can best address their internal issues and concerns through self regulation rather than through compliance with decisions reached by those outside the professions sphere of operation. The complexity of higher education in the 1980s requires new decision-making processes and structures, including strong administration and planning models sensitive to the demands for cost- effectiveness, efficiency and accountability. At the same time, these processes and structures must provide for open communication, a concern for human dignity and the active involvement of faculty and students in the decision-making and planning processes. Considerable emphasis in the past two years has been placed on developing an atmosphere of candor, openness and mutual respect in which all persons feel free to express concerns, debate issues and voice opinions. Another major area of challenge in the 1980s will be increased demands for accountability. It seems highly likely that the most important issues will be the achievement, maintenance and demonstration of quality. Universities will be increasingly subject to criticism if they continue to depend solely on counting the numbers of students and the hours they spend in the Classroom to measure performance. CMSU continues to measure the quality and effectiveness of its learning experiences and appropriateness of its programs. In addition, major efforts have been undertaken in the past year in essential program planning and evaluation. There are many other challenges, such as: the need to move boldly into the solicitation of private financial support; the importance of new technologies to the education processes; the increasing need to expand recurrent, continuing life-long learning experiences for professionals in many fields; and the opportunities in international ' education. The list is endless. And, as Anna Marie Todd wrote in Pilgrims Progress, ttThe journeyls end? I do not know. Enough, the urge and will to 3, go. The New Decade and a New Era Central Missouri State University entered the 1980-81 year-and the new decade-on an optimistic note with regard to student enrollments. New admissionsefreshmen and transfer students-gave the University the largest group of new students in the history of the institution. And, total on-campus enrollment was also the largest in the history of the institution. This good fortune was not without some problems. Many classes were filled, and student housing was occupied well above optimum capacity. The long-term enrollment outlook, however, is not so optimistic, and enrollment declines are expected in the next few years. To serve the long-term interest of the University a major administrative reorganization was substantially implemented by the beginning of the 1980-81 school year. Many suggestions were givenand received, and there were numerous discussions of various alternatives. Ultimately, a proposed plan was presented to the faculty. Reactions led to some modification and a final plan was approved by the Board of Regents. The plan included four vice presidents as did the former organization. However, areas of responsibility were changed considerably. These four administrative areas are academic affairs, iil' A2 '7 r. n; .L 99:! .9 168 . - ,-- ee$-Mvw.w.., , awm ttMajor changes in the operation of residence halls involve both professional and functional usage. Beginning in September 1981, residence halls will be operated as one consolidated department, Procedures, rules and regulations, housekeeping, programming and other student services will be the same in all halls? finance and administration, student affairs and ' University advancement. The Vice President for Academic Affairs also serves in the dual capacity of Provostethe second ranking University administrator. Included in the plan are four staff positions-the Universityls first full-time Affirmative Action Officer, the Universityls first Internal Auditor, a University Attorney, and an Assistant to the President. In the academic affairs area, the past year was eventful. Most importantly, the position of Provost was filled and new responsibilities moved to this area. All functions related to professional education were merged into the School of Education. The laboratory school completed its final year, and, despite some early anxieties, all resources previously devoted to this operation were retained for reallocation. The summer school calendar was restructured, and the results were highly satisfactory. For the first time in years, summer enrollments increased. In fact, the increase was impressive. Undergraduate enrollments were up by more than 17 percent, and graduate enrollments were up by 12 percent over those of the previous year. A new full-time position was created in the Graduate School for the coordination of contract and grant projects. Funding for such projects has increased, and planning is underway for a University-funded summer research program. Faculty personnel policies and procedures were reviewed, and based on recommendations of the Faculty Council, absence policies, procedures and forms were simplified and streamlined. A new constitution for a Faculty Senate was developed and approved by the Board of Regents, and the entire committee structure is under review. During the past year, one of the major issues the Senate has considered is the possibility of discontinuation of the lock-step salary schedule for faculty members. Fewer than 20 comparable institutions in the country have such a system, and most of these are in a single state system. A change of this system would facilitate the recruitment of needed faculty in the areas of greatest growth and student demand. A complete review was begun of the administrative structure of the academic area with the goal of developing a logical, efficient and cost- effective structure which minimizes the number of administrative offices. A study of the academic calendar was also initiated. Two Faculty Councils, the Student Government Association, several committees and a faculty poll all urged the change to the ilearly semester" system. A broad-based committee has spent the past year developing a plan and a proposal for the transition, which, if approved when it is submitted to the Board of Regents, will involve a complete curriculum review and at least a three-year implementation effort. While these concerns have demanded attention in the past few months, the longer term issue of most importance to the future of the University is the issue of maintaining academic standards and quality. Students are not looking for easy degrees but are seeking out academic programs of high quality, like those traditionally a part of the curriculum at CMSU. Therefore, the ' . University is spending considerable energy to insure that level of quality is maintained. The area of finance and administration assumed responsibility last fall for those functions which exist primarily as services for the entire University community. A new controller joined the staff, and development of a modern system of financial reporting began which makes available accurate, complete, timely and useful financial data for the Board of Regents, administrators and every budget unit. For the past two years new investment policies approved by the Board of Regents initiated an aggressive program of investment of idle funds. During the first fiscal year, the University earned more than $750,000 in interest income. The Universityls first full-time personnel director joined the staff and began an assessment of personnel policies and procedures for non- exempt employees. Included in that assessment Assnstanl to Director to Plogrammlng 8. Stall Tran f Associate Director for Budget 5 Opelalions Budget Management Long Range Planning Faculmes Management Mamed Housung 5 Rental Properties will be a major jot for this group and Planning is also ur participating gover employees. In printing set new directors have service-especially A longer term goa planning and data these services to t1 A study was I improvements in c soon. A new telepht significantly expan for faculty, staff a Expanded pri preparedness are t Many improv physical facilities . importantly, cons Technology Com- circumstances, th less than expecte- have been added, laboratories. Airp- completed with th administration but operations contin accommodate gro have been purcha Additional pa and numerous lot roof maintenance buildings. Energy . minor renovations buildings. Major renova Hawkins Hall, Fos Building. Twenty being renovated, have been added Hmlerway for maj Ellis Residenc i involve both tember 1981, l department. gramming and '7 he areas of and. n of the idemic area with afficient and cost- :5 the number of :ndar was also he Student committees and 3 to the uearly committee has plan and a , if approved of Regents, will Iiew and at least t. emanded the longer term ture of the ing academic ' re not looking ut academic .e traditionally a herefore, the e energy to tained. inistration those functions r the entire troller joined the rn system of akes available seful financial ministrators and vestment Regents initiated nt of idle funds. iversity earned come. personnel an assessment res for non- at assessment I Director of Residential Life 1 l l ASSIsIani to Director for Programming 5. Sta" Training Assuslant to Director tor Housmg Assignments 8 Billing l j Associate Divoclor Associate Director Associate Director tor Budget lor lor L Operations Sta" Supervision Management Services Budget Management l Long Range Planning Faculmes Managemeni Married Housnng a Rental Plopemes Inventory Control. Energy Management Housekeeping Slat! Seven Area Coordinators Fiesudenl ASSIslanis Oihce Managers Office Assistants Night Managers will be a major job classification and wage study for this group and non-teaching professionals. Planning is also underway to develop a participating governance process for these employees. In printing services and computer services, new directors have given attention to better serviceeespecially to the academic departments. A longer term goal in each of these areas is the planning and data accumulation needed to convert these services to true lleharge-bacl? service units. A study was made, and a number of improvements in campus mail service are expected soon. A new telephone system has been installed, significantly expanding communication capabilities for faculty, staff and students. Expanded programs in safety and emergency preparedness are being planned. Many improvements have been made to the physical facilities during the past two years. Most importantly, construction has begun on the new Technology Complex. Due to fortunate economic circumstances, the cost of this construction was less than expected. As a result, additional features have been added, and funds remain to equip the ' laboratories. Airport improvements have been completed with the new runway and the administration building now in use. Airport-aircraft operations continue to be self-supporting. To accommodate growth, several additional aircraft have been purchased or leased. Additional parking space has been provided, and numerous lots have been resurfaced. Major roof maintenance "has been accomplished on nine buildings. Energy conservation improvements and minor renovations have been made in numerous buildings. Major renovations have been completed in Hawkins Hall, Foster-Knox and the Wood Building. Twenty units in Greenwood Park are being renovated, new furniture and refrigerators have been added in Hawkins Hall and planning is underway for major renovation of Garrison and the Ellis Residence Halls. Some renovation is nearing completion for the Lovinger, Humphreys and Edwards buildings, and the third floor of Grinstead will soon be completed. Physical plant improvements are underway, and more are planned, to, improve accessibility for the handicapped. Funds made available for this purpose are inadequate for our needs, and much additional work is needed. Every reasonable effort is being made to maintain the quality and beauty -of the Universityls buildings and grounds. Three primary concerns received the attention of the student affairs staff in the past year. Efforts were directed to continue the improvement of attitudes toward and dealings with students. A review was made of the policies and procedures for student discipline. A management structure for the residence halls under a new Director of Residential Life was developed and will be implemented next fall. Major changes in the operation of residence halls involve both professional and functional usage. Beginning in September 1981, residence halls will be operated as one consolidated department. Procedures, rules and regulations, housekeeping, programming and other student services will be the same in all halls. Effective July 1, the offices of the Dean of Men, Dean of Women and Housing Director will be consolidated. Residence halls will be reassigned, so that students will have the option of living on either side of campus. Such an arrangement will provide separate living quarters for men and for women but will offer common dining halls and lounge areas as is done on most other campuses. Reporting to the Director of Residential Life will be three Associate Directors-for budget and operations, for staff supervision and for . management services. Two assistants to the director will also be appointed-one for programming and staff training and the other for housing assignments and billing. Residence halls will be organized into seven clusters or groups. Each cluster will have an area coordinator who will report directly to the Director 169 170 U7 I- U- LU I: :c 0 xi. art 0: LL! I- LLI I- o?! .I Lu t- 2 at Z "Many iml during the pas on the new I circumstances As a result, at to equip the la for Staff Supervision. Clusters will be: V Diemer, Osborne-Phillips and Hudson V North, South and East Ellis V Foster-Knox V Yeater, South Yeater, Todd and South Todd V Nattinger-Bradshaw and Fitzgerald V Houts-Hosey and Nickerson - V Fraternity Hall and Panhellenic Hall Concerns of students was a principal area of attention during the past two years, and numerous . other changes have occurred. Residence hall visitation policies were made less restrictive. Visitation days and hours were increased significantly. Search and inspection procedures were improved. Mandatory residence hall residency was reduced to freshmen only. Mandatory automobile registration has been discontinued. The requirement of approval of meal transfers for .lunch and dinner has been abolished. Residence hall telephone service has been improved and expanded. The food services contract has been changed resulting in considerable cost savings. Cost increases were avoided, and the hours meals are available were lengthened with changes in food service I scheduling. Campus lighting has been improved in several areas. A transition from employed physicians to contracted medical services in the Student Health Center was highly successful. The Muleskinner, now a laboratory newspaper in the Mass Communication Department, has developed into a major source of campus information. In Greenwood Park, a renovation program is underway, lighting has been improved and gravel streets were surfaced. A full-time maintenance person has been assigned to this area. And, as noted earlier, Hawkins Hall has been renovated and newly furnished. Improvements have occurred in Diemer and Ellis Halls, Foster-Knox has undergone a major renovation, and the Ellis complex renovation is underway. Students have been included on numerous major committees. The Baccalaureate Service was discontinued. The iidown hoursii policy and the mandatory attendance policy have been deleted. Students have been provided a study day between classes and final exams and the opportunity to know most instructor assignments prior to registration. Formal mid-term grade reporting has been discontinued. - The area of University advancement includes those functions which deal largely with various external publics. In a sense, it is a grouping of CMSUis advertising, sales, marketing and public relations functions. During the past two years, KCMW-FM changed its programming format, and KMOS-TV went on the air. This past year, KMOS greatly expanded its broadcast day with the inclusion of instructional programming to serve area schools. A citizens advisory committee for public radio and television provides public participation in these enterprises. Last year the General Assembly passed, and the Governor approved, legislation authorizing State funding for public television. Efforts are now underway to achieve the first appropriations for this purpose. A major long-term goal is to reduce the University subsidy of the radio and television operations. With the move of the Muleskinner, there remained a'need for a process of communication Within the University. This need has been met by the publication of a weekly newsletter distributed to the faculty and staff. A more extensive and aggressive undergraduate student recruitment program is underway, including the community colleges as prime sources of potential students. In placement services, procedures for students have been simplified, and continued expansion of opportunities and services for students and alumni are being sought. The Director of Development is now a full- time position. The Central Missouri State University Foundation has been incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation and serves as the receiving agency for gifts to support the University. Fund raising programs have been expanded and, already, the Foum a million dollars. The past year alumni relations. "I of alumni meeting: State and other ar Alumni Membersh with over 2,200 a1 members of this pi Recently, the restructured itself", structure parallel tt structure. Community r1 two years, been ei to maintain those At the State I has been good. C the floor of the Le have occurred. In the Univer limited success ha recruitment of qu- faculty and admin achieve the succe A major area internal budgeting analysis of the tot CMSU was able t allocation which - needed equipme departments. Last year wa increases, and fri substantially. Fun equipment increa Funds availa quadrupled. In a have been Chang the total necessar Across the U positions were ad from the laborato 17 positions. In the acade t; policy and the 1e been deleted. ;tudy day between opportunity to 5 prior to lde reporting has ncement includes y with various a grouping of ating and public tCMW-FM , and KMOS-TV KMOS greatly the inclusion of ve area schools. A lublic radio and ation in these 1 Assembly ved, legislation lic television. ieve the first t major long-term ubsidy of the l inner, there communication as been met by letter distributed ssive t program is ity colleges as ts. dures for students ed expansion of dents and alumni It is now a full- ri State ncorporated as a ves as the ort the University. expanded and, .-.; iiMany improvements have been made to- the physical facilities during the past two years. Most importantly, construction has begun on the new Technology Complex. Due to fortunate economic circumstances, the cost of this construction was less than expected. As a result, additional features have been added, and funds remain to equip the laboratories? already, the Foundation has assets of a quarter of a million dollars. The past year has been an active one in alumni relations. The University has had a number of alumni meetings and receptions, both in the State and other areas. A dues-paying Sustaining Alumni Membership program is in its second year, with over 2,200 alumni already having become members of this program. Recently, the Board of Regents has restructured itself, resulting in a committee structure parallel to the Universityis administrative structure. ' Community relations have, during the past two years, been excellent. An effort is being made to maintain those excellent relations. At the State level, the Universityis reception has been good. Compliments have been given on - the floor of the Legislature for the changes that have occurred. In the Universityis affirmative action programs, limited success has been achieved. Although the recruitment of qualified women and minorities for faculty and administrative positions has yet to achieve the success sought, efforts are continuing. A major area of attention has been the internal budgeting process, including a careful analysis of the total budget. Fortunately, last year CMSU was able to provide a supplemental , allocation which provided more than $400,000 for needed equipmentemost of this in the academic departments. Last year was a good year for salary increases, and fringe benefits were improved substantially. Funds available for supplies and equipment increased by about 12 percent. Funds available for faculty travel more than quadrupled. In addition, reimbursement policies have been changed to permit reimbursement of the total necessary costs of travel. Across the University, approximately 60 new positions were added and reallocations, particularly from the laboratory school, provided an additional 17 positions. In the academic departments, there was an increase of three full-time faculty positions as individuals returned from the laboratory school to their home departments. Nine positions from the laboratory school were converted to new faculty positions, and new resources provided eight additional faculty positions. Including two positions reallocated from the laboratory school, 28 clerical positions were addede18 of them in the academic areas. For the first time in the institutions history, all budget details were made public, including all sources and amounts of expected income, all budget allocations by budget unit, and all personnel commitments, including individual salaries. The level of student fees is a topic of concern to all, and fees will continue to increase so long as there is inflation in the economy. The University is moving toward the States goal of 20 percent of costs being born by student fees. This past year, fees accounted for approximately 17.3 percent of costs. Due to emergency increases in residence hall rates and significant cost reductions, a serious financial problem in regard to the residence halls was corrected; A renovation program has begun, and particular attention is being given to assure that the residence halls are self-supporting. Only very minimal increases in room and board rates for next year are expected. The past two years have seen a great number of changes and improvements, and progress continues to be made in every area of the campus. The new era has begun. 171 172 Virginia Swearingen, Vice President Edgar S. Carroll, President Chairlggt Chairwoman, Academic Affairs Committee Chairman, Fiscal and Administrative Affairs Committee Cc Fiscal and Administrative Affairs Committee Academic Affairs Committee Academic .1 PHOTOS BY STEVE SCHOEN Richard Morris Dr. Jessie Jutten William Klingenberg, Jr. Chairman, Public Affairs Secretary Chairman, Student Affairs Committee Student Affairs 8: Public Affairs Committee Academic Affairs Committee Committees Public Affairs Committee its Committee 2 tr .1: .4 - A TTmJ 1' ,. in 9" 17777377 i. I F reji. "The academic programs and faculty lie at the heart of the University. My office is dedicated to working with the faculty for the continuing enhancement and development of our programs so that present and fu- ture student generations will be assured of the high- est possible quality for their education." Dr. Catherine Tisinger Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs Dr. Tisinger reported aboard August 1, 1980. As Provost and Vice President, she is the second ranking administrator and chief academic officer at CMSU. She came here from Rhode Island College in Providence, where she served as Director of the Center for Economic Education. She has a BA. 119581 from the College of Wooster, an MA. t19621 and a PhD. t19701 from the University of Pennsylvania. She has more than 15 yearsi experience as a teacher and administrator in higher educahon. University uA major organizational and managerial effort is re- quired to accommodate the logistics of university opperation. Support services, maintenance of plant and fiscal management and control are included in our broad functions. This includes a 953-acre campus and a total budget of $45.7 million." Dr. Tom D. Edmunds Vice President for Finance 8; Administration In years of service to CMSU, Dr. Edmunds is the senior member of the vice presidential team. He first joined the staff in 1956 and became Vice President for Student Affairs in 1967. As of July 1, 1980, Dr. Edmunds became Vice President for Finance and Administration. He got his BS. and MS. in Education degrees at CMSU and earned his doctorate in school administration t19641 from the University of Kansas. Vice 1 P l "Our role is to pro while playing a lea iences, policies and leadership opportuni for students' views realities of Universit Dr. Ste Vice Presid Dr. Petersen ca 1980, as Vice Pre 10-yearsi experienc B.A. in French personnel M9691 8 education from Indi to CMSU, Petersen and Assistant Dean Vermont. versity :gerial effort is re- tics of university ntenance of plant :1 are included in a 953-acre campus ds Administration . Edmunds is the ' ential team. He d became Vice 967. As of July ice President for ot his BS. and and earned his ug6tD from the Vice Presidents "Our role is to provide support services for students while playing a leadership role in developing exper- iences, policies and programs to provide learning and leadership opportunities. Our staff must be advocates for students' views while helping them understand the realities of University decision-making." Dr. Stephen H. Petersen Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Petersen came to CMSU in early August, 1980, as Vice President for Student Affairs with 10.years, experience in higher education. He has a BA. in French U967L an MS. in student personnel U969 and an Ed.D. U973 in higher education from Indiana University. Prior to coming to CMSU, Petersen was Director of Residential Life and Assistant Dean of Students at the University of Vermont. wfhe breadth and depth of CMSU academic pro- grams greatly strengthens the htelling and selling' re- sponsibility of alumni relations, development, intercol- legiate athletics, public relations, student recruitment, student career planning and placement and govern- ment telations." Dr. William L. Stucker Vice President for University Advancement Dr. Stucker also joined the staff in August, 1980, as Vice President for University Advance- ment. Most recently Assistant to the President at William Woods College in Fulton, Dr. Stucker has been in higher education since 1961. He has a BA. in journalism H9519 and M.Ed. U953 from Texas Tech University, an Education Specialist de- gree U960 in audiovisual communication from Indi- ana University, and a Doctor of Laws degree U97W from William Woods College. NEOHDS 3A3.LS A8 SOiOHd 175 -.-.. .- mm g..- Members of the rith Dr. James Stucker, Vice Pre Dr. Catherine T isi Dr. James M. Hofner Members of the Administrative Council are deft to righn Dr. James MuHorner, President; William Stucker, Vice President for University Advancement; Dr. Catherine Tisinger, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs; Dr. Stephen Petersen, Vice Presi- dent for Student Affairs; Dr. Duane Sterling, Assistant to the. President; and Dr. Tom D. Edmunds, Vice President for Administration and Finance. - I 15'; 145.5141 1 1.17.1. .tl' : AI: 178 SCHOOL OF APPLIED SCIENCES AND TECHNOLOGY Richard L Tabor, Acting Head Riellord B. Flood, Professor Harold Van Cleave, Associate Professor Densil E. Allen. .11.. Assistant Professor William W. Bushmeyer. Assistant Professor James H. Warren. Assistant Professor Nol pictured: Milford Quimby. Prolessor Kenneth John Kling. Instructor Douglas K szer, Assistant Instructor Donald E. Wallis. Head Anthony MnRizzi. Associate Professor David C Hilse. Assistant Plofesso! Clarke E. Homoly. Assistant Prolessor Ray L. Barrows. Instructor Richald Hamilton, Assistant Instructor Raymond D. Norris. Assistant lnsuuclor Not pictured: Hal M. Sappinglon. Associate Prolessor William A. Downs. Head Charles E. Keseman. meessor E. Lee Weir, Ptolessor J. Eldon Yung, Professor Merl E. Case, Associate meessor Gary L. Waisner, Associate Professor Adrian J. Bernagozzi, Assistant Professor Melbourne V. Jenkins, Assistant Professor Joseph E. Metcall. Assisunt Professor Jemme J. Richer. Assistant Professor Richard Hannemann, Instructor A. James Hoisinglon, ll, Instructor Not pictured: Stanley Thiessen. Adjunct Facully Helen M. Ball, Acting Head Mary Hill. Associam Prolessor Eva Aspegrzn. Assistant Professor Anita Godfrey, Assistant Ptolessor Carol E. Kellen, Assistant Prolessor Wanda Ruth Beard, Instructor Jean A Brookens, Instructor Department of Agriculture Department of , Home Economics Department of Graphics Department of Electricity and Electronics Mary Anne Drake, Instructor Mary Yates Hagen. Instructor Carolyn J Warren, lnslructov Nm pmturud Belly Cagna, iwmsmnl Prnfossm Department Of Sandra K Reed. Assistanl Prolessor Manufacturing and Construction William E. Brame. Head Lyman D. Hannah. Prolessor William L. Vacek, Prolessor Jack M. Landers. Associate Professor Vincent E. Oxley. Associate Professor M. Saeed Akhtat. Assistant Professor Robert James Ohmnbeig. Assistant Professor Nol pictured: Joseph D. Albrechl, Assistant Professor Noel L. Weaver, Head Department of Military Science John W. Cooper, Assistant Professor William E. Nichols. Assistant meessor John N. Schomick. Assistant Professol Charles Lee Triple". JL. Assinanl Prolessor Willie F. Foxwonh. Instructor James R. Mahan. Instructor Eduard Wickman, Instructor David B. Edwards, Chief Administrative Clerk Department of Nursing Kathy D. Robinson, Head Deborah Game", Assistant Professor Ruth Elaine Hardy. Assistant Prolessor Margare! E. Frank Ragan. Assistant Professol SalIy Robinson. Assistant Professor Mary E. Young, Assistant Professo: Candice Jo Baker. Instructor Susan Ann Morgan, Instructor Twila Faye Schomacker, Instructor Martha E. Sherman, Instructor Violet Ann Smart, Instructor Not pictured: Aurora 0 Boonjlndasup, Assuslanl Prolcssm Mary A, Terry. Assistant Professur John W. Horine. Head Denzil Swigel. Associate Produce: Department of Power and Transportation 179 - .- ------ -. Ly m! 180 Albert E. Blankenship, Assistant Professor John A Dennison, Assistant Professor William E, Tipton, Assistant Prolessor Ernest T. Wilson. Assistant Professor Thomas E, Hemphill. Instructor Roger W. Mason, Instructor Ted N. Nicoll, lnsnucmr Frederick Schieszer, Instructor Marshall L Bransnn. Assistant Instructor Cecil J. Bumgarner, Assistant Instructor Michael L. Derendinger, Assistant Instructor Robert Mock. Assishnl lnsnuctor SCHOOL OF ARTS AND SCIENCES Richard Luehrman, Head Edwin Charles Ellis, Professor Richard D. Monsnn, Associate Professor Jerry L. Miller. Assistant Professor Harold M. Reynolds. Assistant Professox George D. Sample, Assistant Professor M. Reza Ahmadi, Instrucml Not pictured: John R. Haydu. Assistant Professor Margaret Peterson, Assistant Professor Stephen C. Phillips, Assiskant Professor Raeford W. Lewis. Instructor Anna L. Spiro, Instrucmr Ann Houx, Adjunct Faculty Michael '5 Hrabak Adjunct Faculty Hairy P. Savery, Head John F. Belshe. Professor David Castanet, Professor Alice Elliott. Professol Eugene A. Oshima. Professor William 34 Peck. onfessov Charles 0. Hinerman, Associate Professor Steven H. Mills, Associate Professol James L. Smith. Associate Professor Frank Ray Voorhees. Assistant Prolessor Nm pictured: John 8. H255, Associate Professor Janet Anr Randall. Assistanl Professor Neal J. Holmes. Head Robert D. Seeley. Prolessox Robert L. Zey, Prolessor Dennis Faulk, Associate Professor Stanley Killingbeck. Associate Professor Department of Art Department of Biological Sciences Department of Chemistry BHly P. Mudd. Assistant Professor Michael H. Powers, Assistant Prolessor Allen J, Scism, Assistant Professor Department of Earth Science Terrill R. Berkland. Associate Ptolessor John L. Nold. Assistant Professor Not pictured John Emerson, Head Waller N. Burnetlc. Jr,. Assnslanl Prolessor JM, Cocke, Assistant Professor Department of English Herbert R. Eschliman. Professor Robert C. Jones. Prolessnr Roy E. McAuley, Proleuor Frank M. Patterson. Professor Gail B. Clump, Associate Professor Ronald W. Long, Associate Professor Robert E. Love". Associate Professol Robert G. Schwaltz, JL, Associate Professor Norman J. Betz. Assistant Professor W. Thomas Burtner. JL, Assistant Professor Ruben V. GraybiII. Assistant Prolessor Mark A. Johnson. Assistant Professor James R. Obenino, JL. Assistant Professor Alien R. Ramsey, Assistant Professor Ward A; Sample. Assistam Professor David Smith, Assistant Professor D. Jerry White, Assistant Professor Marilyn J. Miller. Instructor Barbara Jean Price. lnstmctor Mary Ruth Scott. Instructol James Vandergri", lnnructol Virginia Zelk, lnstluctor Not pictured: Larry R. Olpin, Acting Head Ronald W McReynolds. Professor R. Barbara Gilenstcm. Assistant Prolessor Thomas S. Gladsky. Assistant Prolcssor Department of Geography Howard F. Hidbon. Head David D. Daniels, Associate Professor Randy L. Phillips. Assistant Prolassol Robert S. Vogel. Assistant Prqfessor R. Leslie Anders. Protessor 181 HF William E Foley. Professor Perry McCandless. Professor Alfred E Twomey. Protessor Patricia Ann Ashman. Associate Professor Guy P. Griggs, JIU Associate Professot Charles D Rice. Associam Professor Roy H. Slubbs, Associate Prolessor Harold J. Sylwester, Associate Prolessor John J. Heytman. Assistant Professor Peter L. Viscusi. Assistant Professor Nol pictured: Arthur F, McClure ll, Head Bwun 5 Slewan. Professor Davul B Young. Assncmre Professor David L. Eshelman. Head John P. Smead, Associate Professor W. Richard Whitaker, Associate Professor Robert L Clark, Assistant Prolessor R. Ferrell Ervin. Assistant Professor Kuldip Rampal. Assistant Professor Richard P. Carlson, Instructor Peggy Meindets, Instructor Not pxctured: Laura Cottone. lnstruclor H. Keith Stumpff, Head Wallace Griffith, Professot Homer F. Hampton. Professor Larry S. Dilley. Associate Professor Larry K. Johnson. Associate Prohssol Robert Kennedy, Associate Ptolessor Gerald C, Schrag. Associate Professar Clarence Best. Assistant Ptolessol Edward W. Davenport. Assistant Professor Terry A. Goodman. Assistant Prolessor William Grimes. Assistant Professor Alvin R. Tinsley. Assistant Professor Beverly Ann Kennedy, Instructor Linda F. McNeal, Instructor Beverly J. Parnell. Instructor Not pxclurud. Shurmlyn D Craven. Pmicssnr Larry A C.1mmack, Anuclala Professor Cums N Cmpm. Awamm Professor Jduson R. McElwee, Head 182 Department of Mass Communication Department of Mathematical Sciences Department of Modern Languages Departmen Music Departmen Physics Eduardo del Castillo. Associate Professor WiHiam E. Hauser, Associate Prolessor David A. Miller. Assistant Professor Susan L Penllin. Assistant Professor Dalsy B. Brown. lnsnuctor Not pictured. Ruth L 00er Assistanl Pyolessur Mana Williams. Instructor Virginia Johnson. Adjunct Faculty Russell Coleman. Head Conan Castle. Professor Walter J. Halen. Plolessol Department of Music Frederic W Homan, Professor Robert L. Stewart, Professor Wesley 0. True. Professor Andrew F. Brown. Associate Professor Milton H. Genge, Associate Professor 9 Franldin W. Koch, Associate Ptolessor William E. McCandless. Associate Professor Raymond B. Park. Associate Frofessol Glenn A. Bixby. Assistant Professor Franklin J. Fenley. Assistant Professor William J. Hammond, Assistant Professor Edwin J. Quistol". Assistant Professor Rita M. Resell. Assistant Professor Neal F. Seipp. Assistant Professor Norma Van Zee, Assistant Professor Robert C. Bede". Instructor Lawrence S. Gwozdz. Instructor Margaret Mary Marsh. Instructor Phyllis L. Robertson. lnslluclor John Krebs, Instructor Jerry Allen Young. Instrucmr Not pidured: Rebel M. GiHord. Associate Professor Mark A. Emile. Instructor Herbert A, Matthys, JL. Instructor Department of . N i d: Phllosophy Cgsbici-lllfeFowler, Assismm Professor Donald B. Hart. lnslructor A.J Conyers. lll, Proleasol ol Bible. Bapliu Chair 0! Bible David I. Bowling, Associate PmIessor Donald D. Miller, Associate Prolessor Joseph J. Snoble. Associate Professor Not pictured: M. Drake Bell. Head John Gieniec, Asslsmnt onlcssor Department of Physics 1 183 Luz . ' .n? .rf. z: 1 :1w qu-J IL A ,Luul J EV James V Young. Head L Jerold Adams, Associate Professor John D. Hane. Associate Professor Department of Political Science Davis 5 Lindsay. Associate Prolessor Not pxctured' Donald F Powell. Professor Jnmx's l. Wallc. Associate Prnlessor Mum Williams, Associate Professor James Brillon. Head Catherine H Maserang. Associate Professor Department of Sociology C. Harding Veigel, Associate Professor Billy Yuh-Lin Hu, Assistant Professor Teny Rndenberg. Assistant Professor Linda L. Batten, Instructor Novella Perrin. Instructor Nol pictured: Sally Ann Cullerlon. Assxslanl Prokssor Dec Ann Hall. Assuslant Professor Dorolhcd Moon: Assistant Prolessor John W. Shvels ll, Assistant Professor Barbara Rhodes, Adjunct Faculty Daniel B. Curtis. Head W. Clifton Adams, Associate Professor James J. Floyd. Associate Professox Department of Speech Communication Jerry L. Winsor. Associate Professor Roger N. Conaway. Assistant Prolassol Malloy C. Gould, Assinam Professor Joseph M. Mazza, Assistant Professor Karolyn Yocum, Assistant Prolesso! Departme Busine: Administr Melanie A. Booth-Butlerfield, lnstruclol Delald L. Harris. Instructor Lin Welch. Head Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology Marilynn Jo Schmidt, Professor Carl Lee Harlan. JL, Associate Professor Robert R. deJonge. Jr.. Assistant Professor Donald Tibbits. Assistant Professor Michael Valente. Assistant Professor James R. Wilson. Assistant Prolessor James L. Highlander. Head Department of Theatre Glenn Q. Pierce, Professor Arthur T. Tees. Professor David Peerbolte, Assistant Professor Edward See, Assistant Professor Lucille melm Leonard, Instructor SCHOOL OF BUSINESS AND ECONOMICS Department Of , s I , ' - . Arthur J. Nodon, Head Accounting and Finance ' Ronald D. Niemeyer. Associate Professor William K. Parmley. Associate Prolessor Kenneth E. Stone. Associate Prolessor Wilbur H. Thielbar. Associate Professor Mallys I. Doelllingzr. Assistant Prolcssor Leslie C. Grow, Assistant Professor Donald R. Neuharl, Assistant ProIessor Daniel GA Pilliard. Assistant Plofessol' George R. Reid. Assistant meessor 0. Martin Angeli, Instructor James F. O'Hate, Instructor Not pictured: Octavio B. Baulista, Associate Prolessor Marlin T. Phillips, Assistant Professor David McLaren, Instructor John M. Erickson. Head Charles G. Kuhn, JL, Prolessor Larry Haase. Associate Ptolessor Department of Business Administration Matthew E. Madden. Associate Professor Frederick J. Pinne. Associate Professol Eugene T. Wells, Associate Professor Duane P. Bachmann. Assistant Prolessor Charles Henry Davis. Assistam Professor Linda L. Mudd, Instructor Rita K. Tucker, Instructor Not pictured: Frederic W. Bock, Professor Jane A. Bucks. Professor Department of W Business Education and Elinor Rahm. ASSISIZITII ProIessor Office Administration Lillian J. Cooper. Instructor Janet Cowger, Instructor Bradford, Ws Sharpe, Instructor Frederick Brandt. Adjuncl Facultv Stanley Siron. Adjunct Faculty Ivan Wilson, Adjunct Faculty Olin R. Frazier. Head Emmett McFarland. Prulesso: Myrtle l. Hayes. Associate Prolessor . Larry M. Jones. Associate Professor Kathryn Lou Baker. Assistant Professor 185 Phyllis Schoonover Blondelield. Assistant Professor Wilda Dean Creighton. Assistant Professor Louise Hayfield. Assiskant Professor Ronnie D. Stephens. Assistant Professor Wilma Frances Waller. Assismnt Professor Nut pvctured Olwm Perry Mock, Professor Bullx. i1 Garbor. Associate meessor Paul H. Engelmann, Head Esmond T. Adams. Professor William D. Thompson, Prolessor Department of Economics Baird A. Brock. Associate Professor Not pmtured: Ch: Lung Lee, Professor Michael Todd Rabbm. Assustanl Professor George W Wilson, Assistant Professor Department of Administration, Supervision and Higher Education SCHOOL OF EDUCATION Gordon S. Bachus. Acting Head W 0 Hampton, Professor Richard R. McKinnis. Pmlessor Not pictured: George H Mahalfey. Associate Professor Earl R, Finley, Adjunct Faculty Walter A GI". Adjunct Faculty Department of Library Science and Instructional Technology Kenneth L. Brookens. Associate Professor Ernest R. Hall. Instructor $ ' I Patricia L. Downing, lnstructol Alphadine Martin. Head B. Joyce Bailey. Professor Department of Physical Education Mildred Barnes. Professor Mary Lyon, Professor Ruben N. Tompkins, Prolessor ' Floyd A. Walker, Professor 1 I Harold Yinger, Prolessor Elois Bleidt Pellon. Associate Professor James W. Pilkington, Associate Professor Dolores Plunk, Associate Prolessor Ronald L. Van Dam. Associate Professor ' , ' Donald W. Donalh. Assistant Professor 5 1 ': Harold w. Mahanes Assistant Prolessor Jane E. Markerl. Assistant Prolessor .9 Kenneth Robb. Assistant Prolessor i Jamie L. Aiken. Instructor t I : Peggy E. Martin. Instructor l : i 1 ,1 Departmet 1 i L ' ! ! Teacher Edu 1 4 '4 ; I IV - ' . ; 186 Department of Psychology Department of Recreation and Health Department of Special Education, Guidance and Counseling Department of Teacher Education Joan C. Parks, Instructor Sherry Medley. Instructor No! prclured Thomas M Hairabudmn, Assocmle Prolmsor Cums L Rooms Assxslunl Prnicssor Florence Louise Young, Assistant Professor Sue Ann Carter. Adjunct Faculty Chnslme Sinatra. Adjunct Faculty Robert N. Higgins. Head William J. Kelcherside. Professor Harold L. Wilson. Professor Harold D. Beard. Associate Professor Floyd E. Riebold. Associate Plolessor Kenneth L, Thompson. Associate Prolessor Robert F. Ahleling, Assistant Plolessor Thomas M. Bachman. Assistant Plofessor R. Rocco Collone, Assistant meessol Michael J. Grelle, Assistant Professor Randee J. Shenkel. Assistant Plofessor Thomas R. Sommerkamp. Assistant Plolessor C. Sue Feldman. lnsltuctor Not piclured: Paul J. Lyman, Assmant Professor Lyle B. Beaver, Professor Betty L. Elgin. Associate Professor Ronald Hzinrichs. Associam Plolessol Charles Myron Chase. Assistant Professor Carrie Louise Holland, Assistant Professor Telly D. Simmons. Assistant Professor Nol pictured: Myron K. Carter, Associate Professor Patrick G. Coonley. Head Nancy R. Waltets, Prolessor James R. Pullen, Associate Prolessor Linda J. Koehler. Assistant Professor Judy Mantle. Assistant P1012550! James O'Malley. Assistant Professol Paul Winans, Assistant Professor Nol pictured: Betty Jean Gulh, Assistant Professor Linda K Meagher. Adjunct Facully Jacqueline K. Hultquist. Head Wayne L. Cleveland. Professor James A. Hudson, Professor 187 M. Kathleen Ransan. Lowell E. Whiteside. Harvey A. Gossen, Associate Juslyn L. Graham. Associate Luther L, Gregg IIL Associate ' 1 J. 0. Miller. Jr.. Associate Edith Nichols. Associate . Fred A, Rielblock. Associate Shela D. Snyder, Associate Jack 0. Vineloe. Associate 1; Glen R. Anderson. Assistant Chades E Gilbert, Assistam Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Prolessor Professol Professor Professor Professor Professor i Clair L. Koons, Assistant Professor 1 William G. Peter, As tan! Professor ' 5 Philip Sadler. Assistant Professor Nol pmlured' Tvd R Garlen. Professor Robert B Marshall. Professor Mm P McCulloch. Assoclale Professor SCHOOL OF PUBLIC l SERVICES 1 Betty Pine Lockard, Professor Mark L Blumberg, Assistant Professor Guillermo E. Davila. Assistant Professor George M. Henlhorn, Assistant Professor Richard Holden. Assistant meessor Allen L. Lee, Assistant Professor Dane C. Miller. Assistant Professor Cheryl Han Picker, Assistant Professor 1 ; Michael E Wiggins. Assistant Prolessor Jo Ann Coady. Insttuctol Nol pictured: J Denms Lashzr, Head Hamel C Frazm, Associate Denny C. Langslon, Michael J McGrmzvy. Wllham C Morton, Normal E W Patterson, Donald H Wallacw, Assistant Assistanl Assistant Assistant Assislanl Proiessor Professor Professor Professor Professor Professor Ashley F Fields. Instructor Glenn Carnkel. Instructor Robert Semonisck. Head Merville L Meverden, Professor Chitaranjan Saran, Professor Richard Tossell, Professol William E. George. Assistant Ptolessov Paul L. Sinatra, Assistant Prolessor J. ImT' D Esco Taylor, Assistant Professor 1 E Everett K. Woods. Assistant Professor . an pictured L Mxlzv L Brownfield, Instructor Robert Ulrich, Head 188 Department of Criminal Justice Administration Department of Industrial Safety and Hygiene Department of Safety James W, Counts, Associate Professor Omer Frank, Associate Professor Frank Masten. Associale Professor Gerald C. Hunton, Assistant Professor John F, Montgomery, Assislam Professov William Dom. Instructor Nancy K. Simmons. lnstmclor Not pictured. Eric Van Fleet, Assistant Professor Dennis W. Jones, Instructor John Prince STAFF PRESIDENTS OFFICE James M. Homer. President Carrie Dunson, AHirmative Action Officer Duane Sterling, Assistant to the President Not pictured: Hibberd Kline, University Attorney 'ACADEMIC AFFAIRS Catherine A. Tisinger, Provost and Vice President Robert G. Boyd, Associate Dean, Admissions and Records Deems M. Brooks, Assistant Dean, Arts and Sciences Jacque A. Cowheld. Assistant to Dean, Continuing Education Cliff Cromer. Academic Adviser Willson O. Cxounse, Academic Adviser Gene E. Fields. Director of Student Teaching Kenneth Wilson Fowler. Director of Textbook Sevvices T. Rawleigh Gaines, Dean. Applied Sciences and Technology Robert R. Gard, Dean. Education Robert E. Goetz, Assistant Dean, Applied Sciences and Technology Joseph W. ' ',, to Dean, P ' FJ Joseph T. Hatfield, Dean. Am and Sciences Roy H. Jorgensen, Dean of Teacher Education Harold R. Krause. Academic Adviser Judy Kuhlman-Hanison. Assistam to Dean of Graduate School and'Direcmr of Research 8: Grant Services Robert L. Marshall, Dean. Public Services Carolyn Colfield Mends, Academic Adviser R. Clark Morton, Dean. Continuing Education Beula H. Neuhan. Academic Allah's Donald Nimmel, Director 0! Testing Center Dennis Page, Academic Adviser Minnie Lee Patrick. Academic Adviser Warren A. Pelligrew. Assislam Registrar Robert B. Pierce. Dean. Business and Economics James F. Postlethwait. Assistant Dean, Admissions and Records and Foreign Student Adviser Gernude Louise Quibell. Academic Adviser Harold P Sampson. Dean, Graduate School 189 A. Louie Sosbce, Dean of Admissions and Records an plclurud: Ruhuyl X E um Anhlam lhruruv. Musnun 5 My Center P m m .lwhnsun. Acad rmc Advlscr Unul Juhnwn, IruCIm at Acudcnnc Ad 9 FINANCE AND ADMINISTRATION Thomas D. Edmunds, Vice President leoz Bradley, Director 0' Physical Plam Fredrick Bvauer. Diwdor of Computer Services Paul Colfland, Project Coordinator, Data Processing Eugena Roberts Claim Business Manager, Sponsored Programs Jerry D. Elliott. Business Manager. Revenue Robert W Grimes. Sysmms Programming Coordinatort Data PIOCCSSIHQ Paul D Hokanson. Business Manager, Financial Aids Collections James Hull. Director ol Public Safely Jack Lockridge. Personnel Director Willard E. North. Direclol. Instruc nal Data Proces ng and Research Servnces Harold L. Young. Dir. Plant Planning 8: New Consuuction Not pictured: J Marvm Bennett, Controller Dmnna Carter. AssAsMn! lhmness Manager, Accounting Bonnie W Edmondson. BLMIIIQS: Manager. Accounting Dorolhy Krause. Accountant Juhn Savant. . Dxruclor of Prlnlxng Sennces Ronald C Tynes, Busmcss Manager, Purchasing Donald F sts. Aswslanl to the Vice Presidem STUDENT AFFAIRS Stephen H, Petetsen, ce President Lynn Antoinette lTonw Allen. Smdenl Acuwhes Jeane Bamlord. Director of Student Health Services M. Lucy Blackburn, Counseling Psychologist Wendell Brandes, lnuamurals Director of Student Actif ies William I. Brewington. Counseling Psychologist Hollis Chalq t, Dean of Men Richard Dale. Multipurpose Building Assismnt Director Lawrence E Fischer. Directot 0! Recreational Facilities Mary Lou Ginther. Counseling Psychologist Alice Gower, Dean 0! Women K. Dale Helmick. Diteclor of the Counseling Center and Counseling Psychologist Douglas M. Kliewer. Multipurpose Buil ng Assistant James W. LaPrade, University Union Night Director Darlene Laubenstein. Assistant Dean of Women William C Poynter. Director of Student Activities Charles D. Run. Assistant Director, University Union Operations gather! 1. Shaw, Multipurpose B l ding Assistant Director John Whitehead. Director of University Union William Wilson, Director of Food Services Not plclured: Edgar L, Curtis, University Union Bookstore Manager Gary L Cums. Assistam Director. Fmancxal Ald and Veterans Alfairs Merle E. Howard, Direcloy 01 Fmanmal AIdS and Vmerans Affairs Jack Little, Director of Unwersuy Housing Phllllp D Woodard. ASSISIanI Director, Fmancia. And ti Veleran Aflalrs UNIVERSITY ADVANCEMENT William L. Stucker, Vice President John Beck. KCMW-FM Station Manager Jack J. Carmichael. Director of Development Roger W. Denker. Acting Direcmv of Intercollegiate Athle:ics Larry Edlund, Assistant Football Coach Carl Foster, Director 0! Public Relations Jorja Hoehn. Women's Basketball Coach and i f n? U! Ernestine Adams, Adjunct Faculw Not piclured: Virginia Young. Insnuctor Joselte Ahlering, Adjunct Faculty Mary Lou Haydu, Adjunct Faculty Ehzabelh Kunz. Adjunct Facuhy PROJECT ADVANCE Madelyn G Hicklin, Assistant lnslluctor Nol plcturcd: Delores Ann Hudson. Director Kathel Ann Jacquuh, Counselor Robert Chaney Adjunct Faculty Karen Haase. Adjunct Faculty Jerry Hughes. Direclov ol Student Recruitment John lnglish. Assistant Director 0! Public Relations Gregory P. Onstot, Director 0! Alumni Relations Sleven L. Schoen. Photographic Services Manager Virginia Sutton, Assistant Diredor. Intercollegiate Athletics Emmi" Thomas, Assishnt Football Coach Janice S. Turner, KMOS-TV DevelopmenUETV Coordinator Joel Walters, Assistant Director, Placemem Services Darryl Winston. Assistant Men's Basketball Coach Teny Wolfe. Director 0' Placement Services Not pictured: John E. Bradley, KMOSTV General Manager Robert C. Gerig, KMOSVTV Program Manager Alan I. Molde. Football Coach Lynn S. Nance, Men's Basketball Coach WARD EDWARDS LIBRARY Edward Hams. Director Charles L. Honeywell, Assistant Prolessor Lucile E. Lea, Assistant Professor Rosalie Schzll, Assistant Professol Doris Reynolds Brookshier, lnslruclol Carol Ann Cambron, lnstructol Kathryn L. Erisman. lnsnuctar Ophelia Gilbert, Instructor V. Lonnie Lawson. Instructor Nancy E. Linleiohn. Instructor Bonnie J. MacEwan. lnstruclol Linda F. Medaris. Instructor George A. Millen, lnslructol Kirk Paul Newcom. Instructor Stephen R. Walker. Insnucto! Not pictured: Francis Medaris. Instructor INSTRUCTIONAL PRODUCTION SERVICES Eugene H. Aist, Assistant Professor Wilbur T. Dammn. Instructor Sue S. Nishikawa. Instructor COLLEGE SKILLS David M. DeFrain. Associate Professor Alfred P. Gosney. Assistant Professor Walter R. Hicklin. Assistant Prolessol Patricia Kamclman. Assislam Professor Montague Hetlong Prater, Assistant Professor Rebecca Bunner. lnstmcmr Faith Heinrichs. Instructor 191 vwlwuuquLQc d yummy,- LWM - N 4-5. 44445; . . CHERYL HEDRICK "Var arr; .1 ouncm n w. Ls: . . nx' wen y.- Kv... n my. wuw memuuM-x..u. n.- ma h... N- .w m Min N Irv . . rm. Ps4. . ,.M4x -:uu 'uv: m .npm n- nun- hm ML! MR m Emma: ,. m nm m n. Mm n. mg: w:- an N u m. m H mm x. phpnnv mmhk m am"... .y. w. moo um. mmM Ahmh mi hm "d... .wu "mm": mm m. mm um. alum!" m... W. Va .v... Wm, Mort am mom r... m HMuN ultulh on .. mwmllMImIMn-nr Wm.- um mm m 3"". ram. .1 mm m m mu, m hm umvrmun. uumu I my mu m kw . .. m Ipwnu nah mm... m muunm We m... u. m .M mm... m mmmm m bmu .n M u, m- Imllunu mm NW at m. um. um, H m mww. .4 M. lav m4 mum mm. a 1-m- . can. cm. rw... .: x... -c. m n. :mmu cum m m W I RICK Editorial Too many lines create havoc 1H-umw-m new mummp -uaun-n: 1mm: law rm mm. sZruuo-wlqm. valannamnmvhmulmlouklrmu. Vunu-Allm-u-o-dlo FwAA-Off-wmh m... - on- to mix let m 1m, yw'mnMIM mmmmmwbmmmwmulm lalIlthclynnuol Annom-mhwmayavw mum" Mmmunmmm. hm nlwmmumumum Au-mmumwuumumhum ... "Mwm,mm munnmamm bammdkvl leylrun 5..., .m- MMMM mem ern-on muummmramrwman. .umm ann-Muimh Abn-Mkvhyuanymubkvomwhlm a: um um mm mm m "wan mnmumnmmmmn. pummnno- lulu mkerl-wmxmmwnmny. 0.x" mmmmmmanmm. mind - WM, ,mimun," wmmw hww-dhhw-I-huumH-n W-vmmmsnmnuTvM:m hvl-I-i-U-d. u-lm JhallwvuM-olh "ad, I! mm:- Jmm lo thmw.wtml:umlyvlnunkvlolw mmmmu lobuluundlnlhu lmm. Despite the lines, 2,900 photographed for Rhetor pm- .- x... a m. nmml m. in-u sum ad u H i' i i u E . z i i r 4m gigi' :l $17!; 5i 2 5 E ! pi 11 2'3 nu:- m ddllrnhd m..- n... STEVE SCHOEN Sometimes projects just don,t 'work out as planned. It seemed like such a great idea to print ev- eryoneis photo tnot just seniorsi in color this year. The photographer, College Craft Portraits in Kansas City, was contacted. Notices were sent to everyone. Posters were hung. A perfect well, almost per- fecti system to keep the whole op- eration running smoothly was de- vised. i The photo studio said about 1,500 people would show up. The Rhetor staff was more optimistic with a guess of 2,000. The total, after 15 days of shooting, topped 5,100. Such a large turnout created some problems. Long lines. Frus- trated students and faculty. Tears from staff members trying to sort out the mess tjust try putting that many photos into alphabetical or- der sometimei. Far too many late night sessions. But, it was a great problem to have,.too. Most yearbooks are lucky to picture 10 percent of their student body. This one has half. And, here they are. 15923 p Aaron, Juyce Abbasi, Ahmad S. Abdul-Salaam, Rashid Abcln. Michael J. Abernathy, Michael J. Abney, Denise E. Abney, Laura 8. Ackerburg. Aledn L. Ackley, David L Adair. EIizabeth LA Adair, William G. Adams, Cheryl E. Adams. Elizabeth J. Adams, Glace A. Adams, Yvonne R Adams, Scon J. Adams. Suzanne M. Adams, Teny D. Adams. Theresa L, Adcock, Carl E. Addison, Randy P. Adee. Jan 5. Adey. Barbara J. Adkins. Kendall Adkins, Stan E. Adley, Sheila R. Agrippino. Teresa A Ainsworth. G. Scott Ainswovlh. Roger A. V Akin, Bill E. Alberls, Anne M. Albin. Cheryl M. Albin. Kathy L Albrecht. chele M. Albrecht. Susan E. Albrecht. Tom 5. Albright. Charles R. Aldridge, James A. Alexandel. Bobby J. Alexander, Cynthia L. Alexander. Dorena Alexander. Karen 5. Alexander. Karen 5. Alexander, Kathi L. Alexander, Tamara A. Alfl, Russell H. Ali. Wares Allee. Julie A. Allee. Vinita A. Allegree, Daryl M. Alleman. Rebecca J. Allen. Amy M. Allen. Angela K. Allen, Charles I" Allen. Jennifer L Allen. Ross L Allen Terri K. , Allen, ie Mae Alley. Rick D. Allison, Janet K. Armagost, Lesa Alpers. Joyce E. Allepeler. Tamara A. Alvarado, Alicia Ann Alvarado. Daniel P. Alvarez, Elizabeth Alvayez. Michael J, Alvis. Belly M. Ammons. Gary G. Amos, Pamella G Amos. Von E. Armstrong Gary W. Anders. Karen .J. Anderson, Aaron K. Anderson. Darin Ml. Anderson, Glegory P. Andaman, Jack W Andkrson, Jame K. Anderson, Mark A. Anderson. Pacer L. 196 Anderson. Rebecca E. Anderson, Ruth A. Anderson Sarah L. Anderson. Sheila D Andcrv h, Cathy J. Andradc, Ralph A. Andwws, Jenniler Andrews, Lisa A. Angell, Jed B. Angeu Waller FA Angle, Kenneth A. Anlhes. Christopher A. Anthony, Bob F Anthony, Edwards J, Anthony. Kimberly J Antwilex. Johnny L Anlwiler, Mary H. Appelbaum. Lisa G. Appling, Alane S. Arango, lvette M Argo. Leland K. Avle, Paula K. Arminhout. Randy J. Armstrong. Gary W Armstrong. Marla 4. Armstrong. Richap'd L. Arndt. Carol L. Amen, Susan K. Arni, Rick L. Arm. Rita F. Amold, Billy W. Arnold, Christine L. Arnold. Linaa K. Arnold, Panick J Arnold. Ronda S. Amold. William R. Jr. Amh, Sunny Ephlaim Anandale. Troy A. Arth. Doug R. Arth. Karen E. Arthur, Lori A. Ashby. Seagayl A. Ashby, Tim D. Asher, Denise M. Ashu. Jules E. Assamani, Tina Marie Aston, Rosemarie Lynn Athenon, Mitchell Del Atherton. Nancy J. Athenon. Vonda S. Atkins, Regina G. Atkinson, Ann M. Atwell. Gary S. Atwell, Ted L. Atwood, Debla A. Audsley. Jenna L. Audsley. Sarah E. Aufderheide. Annette D. Austgen, Joseph B. Austin, Douglas L. Austin, Joe Austin, John A. Austin. Karen B. Avereman. Brenda G. Avery. Dale WA Avery, Etik R. Avila. Esther Ayers. Patricia N. Ayers. Shan K Ayms, Janis E. Azar, Kelly S. Bachanl. Teresa E. Bachmann, Joyce K Backer, Mary S. Backes. Doris A. Backcs. Mary A. Bacon, Jodi L. Baht, Cynthia D. Bahr, Leo A Bailey, Christopher AV 7 .- u...- u...- .'fh-- .. -u- .3...- waw ....3..., .. -mrfmi-h " f??.rtrk" Bailey, Jay Bailey, Monte R. Bakev, Dallis R. Baker. Danny Baker. David R. Baker. Janet D. Baker. Janpl J. Baker. Janie R. Baker, Kathy J. Baker, Pamela L, Baker. Philip E. Baker, Richard T. Baker. Sally L. Baker. Sheila M. Baker. Twill J. Balda. Karen M. Balen. RandaIl L. Balke, Bruce A. Ball, Georgann Kay Ball. Run K. Ballew. Robert R. Ballou. Janette Balsiger, Katherine E. Bnlsiger. Susan F. Banes. Kimbetly K. Barbu, Lorraine E. Barber, Melina E. Balbour. Suzanne G. Barchen, Ptinceu M. Bardsley. Angela F. Baxiow. Chavle- M. Barker, Beth R. Barker, Brenda Kay Barker. Joan K. Balkel. Tracy B. Barlow. Barbara J. Barnes, Brenda K. Bonnet, Kimilia G. Barnes. Leon R. Barnes. Melanie S. Barnes, Richard E. Barnes. Symmelha R. Barnes. Val L. garnett. Laurie L. Barnett. Paul D. Barnen, S. Cezanne Barnett. Tony F. Balney. Joseph E. Barnhart, Gina L. Bamhart. Karen S. 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Belcher, Danitj' E. Belcher, Phillip A. Belimer. Diane L. Belk, Connie J. Bell. Joyce E, Bellinghausen, Jane! Belshe, Rhonda L. leaher. Joueph R. Bendorf, Suzanne E. Banner, Lisa A. Bennett. Frances E. Bennett, James D. Bennett, Laurie J. Bennen, Marcia A. Bennett, Wanda R. Bennette, Brian H. Benoit. Kalen L. Belberich, Ted J. Berberich. Tony 5. Bergman. David W. Bergmann. Davla M. Berhorst. Rose Berislavich. Mary J. Berislavich, Patty K. Berlin, Lisa D. Bernhardt Laura Berning. Sara Beth Berry, Dan 0. Berry, Jane Bersano, Teresa Bescheinen. Catherine M. Benea. Mark E. Benn, Clarence J. Beumer. Mary E. Bias. Malian J. Bibel. Mary Beth Bickel, Nancy M. Biggs, Laura J. Billeabach, Bernard F Billeubach, Monica J. Birbeck, Bill K Birk. Theresa L. Biscan. Mary A. Bi-chel. Mark L Biachof, Pamela J. Bitzer. Debbie IL Black. Carmen L. Black, Jimmie D. Black. Tina Black. Valerie C Blackbum, Carla D. 199 Blackburn, Shelly D. Blacksher. Al Scott Blaine, Myrna B. Blair. Skeven F Bllll'. 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Cart, Deborah L. Carr, Kellye R. Can, Robert L. Carr. Roger A Can. Wanda L. Carrender, John A. Carroll. Steven 5. Carla, Bryan D. Carter. Carla J. Caner, Carson E Carter, Constance M. Caner. Cynthia Kay Caner, Edie A Carter, Kathy J. Carter, Kenny W. 203 A... w ax .9 -1 wt wh. J . Lin 1 . ,u N - u; . . i .. A xx . ,. L , v F. . I I . I - . . . I . . . , . . D . I . . . . . . . , . I . . . n I . n . p . n . . n n I v H. u . u . n u A . - L x!!! vlipllllr .1 Hwar gx'qllx;lWLglewW w l y : Hllrnrl WlxlilUquWl lorllUfll .Ily l!!! .lllI.IIIII I'll .IIIIAIII. ll II rIII I'LIIrlll ' .ttazlilrtlfl - tn Wulr M 133! 11!. I'll! x hi I x - i m 1.113? b - l .. 1 ,II? 4 1. -Xy iialIl igizxi Clawson. Cyndi Sue Clawson. Donna J. Chwson, Douglas E, Clawson. Tom E. Clay Nelley R. Clayton. Anthony E Clayton. Susan K Cleaveland. A Bvuce Cleaver. Mickie E. Cleckner. Darinda M. Clement. Carmen J. Clement. Vicki L. Clements. Nancy L. Cleveland, Michael L. Clevenger, mmy R, Cleverger. Dianna L. 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Dana A Dun Inn X , ,7", xv? u l- v y . b 935.1... xix: 21:. , I ivyVa I , I , if; y I . . . I I I .I I . I . ,. . I . . . . . . . ,. n . I . I I I I . s '$ Filer. Jennilel R Flagox, Donna J. Fleeman. Kathleen E. Fleet, Kimberly A. Flessa. Thomas L. Fletchei, Kevin D. Flell. Jennifer E. Flint. Rebecca IL Flippin. Scoll D. Flood. Mark W. Florentino, Marc E. Flores, Gloria A. Flowers. Kenneth L. Floyd. Michael C Fluehr, Patricia Leigh Fluharty. Thnmas VL Fockler, Susan L. Foland. Marcia E Fonke. Denise A. Foote, Cathy R. Poole. Kelley J. Foole, Michael C Forbes. Richard A. Forck, Corina T. Forck. Linda S. Forck, Rose E. Fold. Karen J. Foreman, Pamela L. Foreman. Teri M. Forgey, Daniel R. Former. Connie M. Farmer. George G. " Fonney, Edward E. Foster. Eric L. Foster. Jeanine L. Foster. Judy A. Foster, Lynnette E Foster. Melani A. Foster, Pamela S. Foster. Paula A. Foster, Terri L. Foster. Wanda E. Fowler, Charles E. Fowler, Jill L. Fowler. Kandi . Fox. Bridge! A. Foy. 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Daniel E. Gibson. Deborah Jean Gibson, Terri L. Gibson. Thomas J. , Giddings. Chad M 5 Gieblen Randy J, I Cider. Michael Gieniec. Carole Gieseker, Robyn L. Gieselmann. W. Marc Giesler. Lisa IL f I ' 7 Gibson, Vicki L r I Gilbert. Karen S, ' I Gilday. Eileen M. ' ' Gile Marsha J. GilL Anna L. Gillespie. Anita M. Gillespie, Lesia Nadine. Gillespie, vae Gillingham. Richard N. Gilmoxe. Scott E Gilpin, Jane A. Gimmano, Patricia L Ginatonn. Guy A. Gist. Rebecca Jane Givhan, Leslie F, Glanville. Catherine Glascock, James H Glascock, Jayne M. Glaser. Debbie L. Glaser, Diane L. Glasper, Rance Derek Glauph, Amy D. Glasscock, Barry A Glasscock, Joseph M. Glnsaey. Bettie F. Glenn. George A. Glenn, Valerie F. Glidewell, Donna J. Gliedt, Theresa R. Glisson, Gwenylhe A. Glover. Lisa A. Gnagi, Michael A. Godbold. Kevin T. Godsey. Kathy L. Goa. Steven M. Goehring. Dan E. . Goehring. Sandra J. , 1 60m, Cathy s. ' Goldberg. Man: 8. Golder, Andrea P. Goldman. Laura J. Goldsmith. Melody A. Golf. Gina G. Gooch. Jeanna K Gooch. John E Good. Scott F. Goodale. Mark D. Goodnight, Karen M Goodson. Cathy D. Goodson. Debbie A. Goodwin, Karen D. 1 ' Goossens, Jeurey A. 1 Gordon, Douglas Nyle ; Gordon. Mark A. Er y Gordon. Mary Ann Gordon. Nancy A. g Gordon, Sharon K. 1 ' Gordon, Susan V. Gordon, Therese A. Goring, Shelly D. Gorrnan, Joseph P, Gotman. Rose M. Gorman. Steve L. Gosnell. Robert M Genh, B. Goth, Steve A. Gouge, Laura J. Goulden, Garry D. Graele. Bah A. Graham, Dana A. Graham. Kathy A. Graham. Natalie K. Grainger. Scot C 214 $4 U xyrw . ' Gran, Mavcia L. Gunneman. James A. Gmnnemann, Tamala J. Gram. John S. Gram. Kerry A. Giant. Lawrence Gum, Vicki S. Graven Smphen A. Graves. Kelvin Graven, Priscilla A. Graves. Thomas M. Grawe. Deborah A Gray. Cathy A. Gray, Janet Y Gray. Joleen M. Gray, Mark A. Gray, Valerie D. Greaves. Joe E. Greeley, Leo K. Green. Angelic M. Green, Debbie D. Green, Jana L. Green. Janice K. Green. Jelf E. Green. John C Green, Kim M. Green, Lisa D. Green, Paul S. 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Patricia Habiger, Anna Hackelt, Robin Caro Hackney. Michelle Haddock, Dec Haddox. David Q????QP; Halfer, Kenl A Haney, Kim A, Hagan. Glenn R Hagan. Patrick M. Hagemier. Joane Hagen. Brad B Hagen, .12" A, Hagen, Je" D Hagen Teresa L. Hagerman. Susan G Haggard, P ' ip E. Hahn. Frederick C. Hahn. Melondy A Hahne. Dale L. Hains. Janet L. Hake. Dwight E. Hake. Lowell D. Hakenwenh. Linda S. Hale, Jennifer L. Hale, Stephani L. Haley. Catherine E. Hali. Susan L. Hall. George II Hall. David W. Hall. Dennis D. Hall. Elaine D, Hall, Gene H. Hall. Jerri L Hall. Keener A. Hall. Janet M Hall, Mark R. Hall. Susan L. Hall, Villajean M. Haller. Harold S. Halter, Michael J. Halvorson, Anrea K. Hamann, Randall W. Hamann. Stephanie M. Hamilxon. Panick A. Ham, Leah Anne Hamle", Randy W. Hamlen, Lee A. Hamlin. Elizabeth A. Hammack. Timothy Dean Hamman, Julie M. Hammond. Cathy E. Hammond. David L. Hammond. Lisa J. Hammond, Louisalynn Hammonds, Lamont Hammons. Jeflrey K. Hamphries. Terry R. Hammon, Debbie S. Hampton. Kelley R, Hampton. Linda M. Hampy, Michael R. H-mrick. Susan Hancock. John E. Hancock. John H. Handley, Eric C. Hanenkratt. Mary A. Haney, Jon W Hankins. Jerry Dean Hankins, Julie A Hanman, Cindy K, Hanna. Dvnise L. Hannon, Anitra M. Hanwy. Linda Lee Harden. Dennis D. Hardesly, Angela J. Hardin. Danny L. Hatdim Latanya LA 216 :g- -"i ' - :4: g .4 way, ,14 a . 2. 4k s T . s : arm, 4 ., , ' a . ; ,M w an, Haworth Lisa A. Hayden, Daniel K Hayes, Anthony E. Hayes, Brian H. Hayes, Debra K Hayes. Eugene B Hayes, Gemecia P. Hayes, Sharon D. Hayes. Sherman Tlavis Haynes, Louis L. Haynes, Phillip E. Hays. Elizabeth Anne Hays, Gregory D. Haywood. Hal C. Hazelrigg. Patricia Kay anlett. Knren L Hoehn. Tammie J. Head, Kimherly D Heamn. Anne E. Heaton, Thomas J Heaviland, Bethany A. Heckemeyer. Leroy H Heckemeyer, Lora E, Hecker. Vera L. Heckman, Dan T Heckman, Tedi S. Heckmnn. Vickie KA Hedicke, Kenneth C. Hedicke. Tracy Hedquin, Pamela D. Hedrick. Cheryl L. Hedrick, Jan L. Hedrick, Joanie Heembrock, Patrick J. Heidbredel. James D Heier, Julie L. Heil, Kevin Heil. Susan D. Heiman. John H. Heiman, Pat cil E Heineman. Debbie J. Heiserman, Diane S. Hdber, Conie Dean Heldler. Mike J. Helliker Tim M. Hellman. Helmick. Helms, Mary L. Helmuth, Shari D. Helton, Karl R. Heman, Christopher M. Hemchand. Patricia 5. Hemme, Sheila L. Hemmerling. Susan E. Hendershott, Jim 1. Henderson, Liz A. Henderson, Robert M. Hendley. Terry L. Hendrich. Bud K, Hendrich, Lisa L. Hendricks, Lauri S. Hendricks, Lori K. Hendrix, Charles J. Hendrix, Luther E. Hendrix. William E Henley, Donna F. Henley, Eric M. Henley. Jeffrey E. Heme, Robert D. Henry, Barbara J. Henry, Beth K. Henry, Hazel E. Henry, Jeanna 1.. Henry, Joel G. Henry. Larrv M. Henry, Lorlainv A. Henrv. Sam B. Henry. V. William Hepling. ames D. Hwhig, Thomas C Am .xwuva -1r-.L 1 ma, Lu, W, , A. .AMM .. xQ I I I I I . . I I .. I I n I I I I u I I. . n I .I I I I n n I I . I . I I I . I . I I I I I n I I . . I - I I I III II II I 4i. III: ISIS III .II.IIii1I II! II 4 II I! IIIIIIIOIIIIII II! II! III. 5 I2 III 'I 42 II.IIIIIJZ; I. 5.231... .1 II III. lolllx ullllr , I IL; I-IlIIIIl I liilcti I I I I II IIIIIII I I II I .:.I I 4kg I I I I II I. I I I I I I .1119; II. III? :25? 33! I II.IJWI Ii Hudgeni, Russell H. Hudson. Robert A. Hudson, Tammy J, Huelse. Lon! A Huff. Rholinda A. Huffman. Daryl Lee Huffman. Julie E. Hullman, Ruth Ann Hughes. Cindy K. Hughes. James A, Hughes. Keith A. liughes Keith E. Huhmann. Renee M. Hui. Shaw-I Hulen. Ray D. Hull, Jay T. Hullv Kristie A Hull, Robert B. Humphrey. Doris Humphrey, Panicia A. Humphreya, Kathy A. Hunker, Slephaney 0. Hunt. Cheryl L. Hum, Emalie A. Hunt, Fred Hum. Michael Hunt. Michael J. Hunt. Richard S. Hunter. Anthony .L Hunter, Kent L. Hunter, Nancy N. Huntley, Troy L. Hullbun, Susan L. Hursman. Bruce L. Hunman. Bryan L. Hunado, Antonia Hurtado. Rachel M. Husted. Sue A Hutchinson. Charles D Hutchison, Cynthia S. Hutchiuon. John T. Huuhinon, Pam Hyatt. Kathy L. lbana. Patrick M. Imig. Mary E. llnml, William S. lman, Beth A. Ince, Paul R. Ingram. Lauri K Ingram. Tammie L. ln-keep. John 5. Ireland. Susan J. Irmen. Berneld E. Isaac, Doris Y. Isaac. Louis James Inn. Sheila A. luchl. Rodney C. Ives, Barlley J. lvel. Clillord A. Ivy. Andrew D. lyuwarun. Abayomi A. Inrd, Joanne K. Jackuon. Belinda Jackson. Beth A. Jacklon, Chevyl L. Jackson. Christopher K. Jackson. Damon M. Jaakuon, Debbie M. Jackson. Debra A Jackson. Donna K Jack-on. Earl Jr. Jackson. Gary L. Jackson. Gregory Jackson. Julie IX Jackson. Karla J. Jackson. Kennekh Jackson. Kimberly L Jackson. Lisa A .larkwn. Lisa K. Jackson. Michael E. 221 Jackson, OneIha Jackson Regina C. Jackaon. Rod Jackson. Roger W. Jackson, Ronald L. Jackson. Tracy A. Jacob, Glenn D2 Jacob. Lynn J. Jacobs. Curtis W. Jagger. Linda J. Jagels. Rosalie L. James. Breggic B James. Daniel James. Duana K, James. Spy L. James. Stacie D. Janes. Laura R. Janney, Cathy 1. Jansen. Kevin J. Jansen, Mary K. Jane", Terry M. Jarrett Dale 1'. Jarvis. Lynette L. Jelleries. Shelley R. Jefferson. Evelyn Marie Jeffress, Jefhie A. Jelfri s. Deanna L. Jenkins. Julia A. Jenkins, Kayen K. Jennings, Debra J. Jennings, Larry W. Jennings, Lynn M. Jennings. Scott D. Jennings, Sharon K. Jennison, Denise A. Jennison. Vicki S. Jefome. David H. Jewell. Ronald W. Jewell. Susan Gayle Jewell, W iam M. Jochems. Janet A. Johannesmeyer, Monica Johannigmeier. Pam M. Johns, Anna M. Johnson. Beth E. Johnson, Carla F. Johnson. Catherine S. Johnson, Charlone H. Johnson. Curtis R. Johnson. Danita Y. Johnson. Don L. Johnson, Janet Johnson, Jeffrey Johnson, John P. Johnson, Joy A. Johnson. Kmhleen E. Johnson. Lorenzo B. Johnson. Mark W. Johnson. Mary C. Jolimson. Michael A. Johnson. Michael E. Johnson, Pamela R. Johnson. Peggy L. Johnson. Roben M. Johnson, Ronald L Johnson. Stephanie L. Johnson. Steven M. Johnson. Thymolhy Johnson, Tloy A. Johnson. Vanessa E. Johnson. Veronica A. Johnson, Wanda E. Johnson, Ward D2 Johnston. Calvin L. Johnston, Catherine D Johnston. Gale A. Jolly. Sue A. Jones, Angela L Jones. Anthony E Jones, Bvidgel 222 F. 7. Kemry, Sherry M. Kendall, BilI Kendrick, Laurel L. Kennedy, Dave E. Kennedy, Julie A. Kennedy Kyle S. Kennedy. Margaret M. Kennedy, Patricia M Kennedy, Patricia 5. Kennedy. Sandra .L Kenton. Kianne K. Kerksiek, Terrie R, Ken. Craig S. Ken. Marsha A. Kenhaw, Joan E. Kesterson. John W. Ketchum. Carrie 0 Kennel. Debbie A. Keyler, Karen Kickbu-h. Jolynn K. Kidd. Bradley J. Kiehl, John K Klehnholl, .13 cc E. Kien, Monica A. Kilby, Jim 6. Kimbrough. Denise M, Kimmy. Gene Kincade, David A. Kinchelow, Rosalyn M King. Carla E. King, Laura E King. Samuel A. Kinu, Lynne M. Kinlz. Rosie M. Klpping. Susan R. Kirby. Daniel S. Kirchholf. Sally A. Kirchner. Regina L. Kirk, Laurie S. Kirkpatrick, Dee A. Kisner, Kristin Ann Kiso. Lorie A. Kiaaee, Lisa 6. Kitamillet. Kim A. Klaubulg. Kenneth C. Klehl. Nancy J. Kleihauex. Dennil M. Klein, Donna A. Klein, John T. Klein. Mary L. Klein. Theresa A. Klein. Todd D. Kleinsorge. Janice F. Kleoppe. Tammy J. Kleoppel. Judy D. Kliethelmes. Kathy A. Kliethermes. Mary J Kliethermen, Marylin K. Kline. Karen A. Klingel, mm A. Klinger. Keith P. Klinghnmmer, Kurt J. Klinginumilh-Meek, Raelene Kloppel. Helen M. Kloser, Kelly A. Klott, Margie A. Klott. Nadine H. Knapp. Gary W Knapp, James E. Knillen, Martin Lee Kniplel, Karla K Kniplel. Kevin J Knipp. Michael JV Knotts. Sandra K. Knox. Kenneth V. Koechnel. Kimberly M. Kocpnick, Sherri L. Koerner. Karen S Kohl. Helen N. Kolslel, Larry 224 Koong, Kai Siak Knop, Twen A. Kopeumilh. Jane M, Korn Kenneth D Kosllany. NIChOIaS K. Kosnuski. Lisa M, Koslopoulusv Jim 5. analski. Kim M. Kumzl-Blenda, Sulln Kuuu, Cheryl D. Knuae. Kathryn M. Krause. Mark E Kuuse, Robin D. Krelsel. Debra N, Kreioel. H. Clly Krcmer. Bonnie F. Kramer. Chri- C. Kmu, William Klan . Elizabeth Krcue. Tammie R. Kriegihauler, Pat A. Kmll. Mary L. Kmeuel. Marcia R. Kruger. Brad A. , Kruger. Harold David Jr. Kuhi k. Laura L. Kuchinski. Sindu J. Kueblel. Cathy T. Kuenzle, Deborah 5. Kuenzle. Jamel T. Kuelter, Mary F. Kugler, Penny L. Kumm. Joan M. Kung, Ai-Li Kuntemeyel. Janet J. Kuntz. Gary L. Kunze. Kuel L. Kupeumilh. Peggy A. Kunh, Robert J. Kuttel, Ellen R. Lablance. Austen D. Lacu, Mllk W. Lackhnd, David B. Llclede, Christopher J. Lacy, Amy L. Lacy. Michelle L. Ladennnn. Linda C. Lifeveu. Shmuel L. Lalloon, Anthony R. Lalfoon. Timothy J. Luger, Kevan E. Laney. Kimberly S. Lailunie. Karen L. lee, Peggy 5 Lukey, Fund. 6. Lally. Bundl L. Limb. Angela D e Lamb. Michael W. Lamb, Michael W. Lamb. Sharon Lamble. Michael J. Lammers. Carol A. anmen. Di-na Kay Linden, Cheryl A. Landrum, Johanna Landmnez. Robert L. Lung. Angela L. Lang. Bubua L. Lang. Kent K Lang, Slndn M. Lnngnn. Jeflery L Llngkrahr. Gail R, Langley, Eliubzth J. L-nius. Ava Michele Lln-lord. Marci: L. anreze, Edward PL anleze. Gerald Allan Lapsley. Anne E Larwn. Cathy M. Larson Jlnis L 225 Eng. .4" 4 4m; mgi. 44:44,:m41. 4 4 4: Lathrop4 Tim A. Lauck. Patricia A Lauderdale, Peder L. Laurine. Lawrence D. Lawler, Sharon KY Lawrence. Beth A, Lawrence. Kelly Rae Lawson. Linda S. Lawson, Pamela G. Lawson, Tony D. Lay, Karen S. Layman. Lucinda S. Layton, Candy L Lazzar' 5. Frank A Leakey, Mitche" L. Leblanc, Lee D. Ledbeuer, Tevessa L, Lee, Cheryl K. Lee. Donna J Lee, Ingrid V4 Lee. Ling-Hsiad Lee. Reginald D. Lee. Richard B. Lee. Sharon D4 Leelch, Michael S, Lefevre, Julie A. Lehane, Dana R. Lehenbauer, Carolyn Jean Lehx. Coleen L. Leibxand, Pesgv A. Leimkuehler. Curtis E. Leimkuehlel. Cynthia G4 Leitch. Joel S Lemmon, Regina K. Leonard, Sandy J. Lepage. Susan E. Lem. Thetesa A. Leroux, Steven L. Leslie, Dixie L. Leslie. Joyce K. Leslie. Samuel H. lll Lessaxd, Sharon A. Lessly. Chris A. Levels, Delayne W. Lewis. Cathryn S. Lewis. Dennis A. Lewis, Elizabeth Denice Lewis. Frances M. Lewis. Fredrick S. Lewis, Rick L. Lewis, Robbin C. Lewis. Rabin C. Lewis. Sherry Lewis. Thomas R. Lewis. Vicki D. Liao, Kwang-Shih Lichle. Janeece l, Lichte. Ruth E4 Lichle. Scon W4 Liebert. Sheila E. Lien, Mark E Liese, Jerry D. Lieizke. Bobbi K, Light. Ed 04 Lightloot James W. JL Lilleslon. Thomas R. Limbach. Maureen R. Limo. Ruth Jeruto Lin. Chien-Yang Lincoln. Brian A. Lind, Vicki J Lindenbusch, Denise M. Lindlors, James M Lindsay. Pamela K. Lindsay Paula A. Lindsey. Daniel P. Lindsey, Hollie A. Linn4 James V. Lintner. Angle G. Linlon. Jana K. 226 Llnu. Paul R. Lippvrl. Marina L. Liquie. Jamal D. Lisle. T 4nn Lyssner. Cindy L. List. deonna J. Liston. Lori AV Luuhenherger, James E. Liner". James Kevin l,ivingslon. Dana L. Livingston. Laura A, Lloyd, Deirdre A. Lloyd. Denise E. Lloyd. Nancy C. Lock, Phyllis J. Lock, Roger W Locke. Klislina M. Lockhart. Scott D. Loe, Regina M. Loehnig. Joyce M. Lnesing, Leann E. Loethen. Steven R Logslon. Hayden R. Lohman. Michael Sf Lomax. Deborah 1' Lomax, Donna .L Lombardo, Karen A. Long, David L Long. Dennis W. Long. Douglas 5. Long. Jolene M. Long. Kelly K. Long, Kevin L Long, Shelia E Long, Wayne T. Long. Wesley A. Longan. Bruce A. Longeneckev. Earole F. Loni. Geolge A. Loreniz. Georgianne M. Lonon, Carol L. Lovato, Theodore A. Love. Theresa A. Lovell. Lisa L. Lovell, Nancy J. Loving, Albert A. Lovingood. Joan P. Lowden, Gary W. LOWE. Dennis J. Lowe. Steve W. Lower, Terry K. Lowry, Dnmthy A. Lowry. Jim M. Lozagel, Suzy M. Lucite. Therese A. Ludwig. William E. Luebbeving. Jerline E. Luechteleld, Barbara A. Luechlefeld, Robert A Lueck, Cindy Luecke. Pamela A Lueckenholf. Curtis F. Luellen. Debonh K. Luethje. Brad D. Luelkemeyer, Laurie L. Lugen. Brenda A. Lukehan. Theresa L Lukenbi", Diane S. Lukon. John L. Lumley. Suzanne E. Lund. Manin L. glen. Martha J. lusk. Mary E. Lulgcn, Cece L. Luljen. Dalnila D. Lutz. Kurt M. chchteleld Betty L. Lybavger. Cheryl A Lymer. Shari L. 227 Lynch. Debbie K. Lyon, Bruce K Lyon. Jim L. Lyom Tami D, Lyons. Dale H Lytle. Rob Mabary. Deborah A. Macaluno. Theresa J. MacDonald, Bill Jay MacGregor. David R. Mansfield. Joel M. - Macheers. Tina R Machholz, Gary L Mackey, Lacindra L. MacMillan. Ruben J. Maddox, Chustina L. Maddox. Mary A. Maderging, Erl Magditch. James A. Magee, Steven D. Mahana. Lee P. Mahl. Brlln S. Mnhnken, Anne Mlhoney. Muck J. Mahoney. Paula M. Mailliard, Louis F. Maire, Mary J. Maitland, Janet V, Mailland, Marcia A. Major, Rhonda E. Majors. Kri in A. Halladv. Brian H Mullen. Theveu A. Malone. Anne L. Malone. Barbun J. Mnloney, Je" A. Maloney, Sarah A. Mnlzner. Rose M; Malzner. Susan L. Mane", Mark E. Mansion, Steve R. Mnnot. Michael D. Mame". Connie D. Manse", Susan L. Mansfield. Martin M. Mulberry, Helen Jo Muble. Bobbie J. Marchi, Debbie G. Muck. Len A. Mulclc. Mary E. Mark, Ellis E. Markey, John F. Markey. Mary E. Markley, Rebecca L. Malku. Carrie A. Markworth. Tim J. Marschnev, Donna L. Maude", Cathy L. Mush. Donald L. Marsh. James R. P. Marsh. Martha L. Marshall, Catherine E. Marshall. Jamel W. Manta", Brenda J. Marleew, Marvin w. Mariano, Clark L. Marti. Kathy L. Martin. Angela M. Martin, Corbett Martin, Dianna 1,. Hart G. Brent Martin, Juper Roy Martin. Nancee E. Martin. Sharon .L Ma . Susan K. Manm. Thomas A. Marlin. Tina A. Martinez. Linda M. Masini . Barbara A. Mason. Carla: W4 228 xix??- r aw ,1 .J .; ' "143,5 L"! 1 1;: Mason. Cornelius Mison. Ronald L. lello. Michael S. Mulen. Stephen B. Mlltel'i. Lynn M-thayomch-n, Asadn Mnlheny Cindy J. Mnlock Muribeth Matthes, Clludil R. Mlnhew. Stacie L, Multhewn. Chula- R. MittheWI, Sheila K. Mlude, Suaan L. Maupin, Sharon 5. Mluzey, Rnndy K. Mavver. Eliznbeth A. Mly, Kathy D. May. Regina M. Mlyberry. Ry-n W. Maycock. Mary E. Mayer. Carolyn R Mnylleld, Stephunie J. Mlymon, Robin L M- . Lori R. Mun, Jody L. fl McAlliuel, Duam IT. McArthul. Burlon Le McAtee. Patrick L. McBride. Monte C. McCaHeny. Jewell L. McCain, Becky L. McCandlesu. Dave K. McCarthy, Brenda L. McCarthy, Johann. C. McCarthy, Joseph P. McCarty, Mark McCurver. Shawn R. McCuckey, Sand" McClain. Karen J. McClli , Lalry E. McClellan. Deeble L. McCloud. Ianne L. McClung. Debbie S. McCombl, Sandy J. McConnell. Cheryl L. McConnell, Patricia S. McConnack, Lee Ann McCormick, Brent L. McCormick. David W. McCormick, Michael D. McCowan. Marcia A. McCoy. Dennis McCoy. James D. McCoy. Kevin T. McCoy. Sandy R. McCoy. Suun K. McCrary. Aleta Y. McCulloch. Maria McCully. Vic ' L McCumbev. David L. McCune. Linda J. McCutcheon, Mary K. Mchniel, Angel A. M. McDaniel. Bub E. McDaniel, Cecilia L. McDaniel, Kenneth W. McDaniel. Teni J. McDermott. Tainan A. McDonald. Donna R. McDonald, Jnmen R. McDonald, Joni B. Mchnald. Kathy A. McDonald, Michelle T. McDonald. Shari L. McDondugh. Sharon M. McDonnell, Patricia M. McDow. Ellen K. McDawell, Lisa F McDowell, Valarie A. McElhiney, Julie L 229 :.;..Am t.,1r::. e..;.;w-m. p xm-M't .n. -w. McElroy, Cheryl A. McElwain, Jimmy D. McEnery. Matthew J. McFadden, Cheryl A McFadden. Vickie L. McFarland Jim M. McFarland, Linda A McFarland. Sh la D, McFerrin. Cynthia L McField, Karen E, McGautha Gina M. McGee. Julienne R. McGinnis. Elizabeth A. McGivnis. Mark J. McGinnis, Penny R. McGovern, Tom C. McGranahan, Teresa L McGraw. Joy McGraw, Nancy E. McGreevy. John T. McGroin, Patrick R. McGuffey, Bradley S. McGuire, Penny L. McIntyre, Donna L. McKee. Kimbelly McKeiman. Mary E. McKenna, Marilyn A. McKenzie, Elizabeth J. McKenzie. Kent R. McKenzie, Vicki A McKinney. Byron A. McKinney. Chtistine L. McKinney. Lisa J. McKinzie. Georgia Marie McLain, Morgan L. McLain. Peggy C. McLaren, Scott L. McLaughl' , Michelle M. McLaughlin. Teri R. McMahill. Lana G. McMahon. Sean M McMaslels, Glennon P McMichael, Helen C. McMichael. Shelly K. McMillin Mark McMun'ay, Lisa C. McNab, Robert W. McNeel, Stella K. McPheetcrs. Linda L. McQueen, Carol A. McQuillen. Mike K. McReynolds. Greg 1. McReynolds. Jacqueline S. McReynolds. Rodger W. Meachum. Glenda R. Meachum, Linda L, Meadows. Kelly Meads. Regina L. Mecca, Marion Ev Medlin, Debbie L. M22. Sherie L. Meek, Dana S. Meek. Don G. Melield. Karen E. Meiboom. Leanice Maine. Cathy L. Meishner, Debbie A Melcher. Wendy T. Malling. Mark L. Melton, Juanita E, Mendez. Ray H. Menelee, Pamela J Mengwassev. Jeanne Marie MengwasseL Martha K. Menschke, Tracy J. Mercado, Luis Y. Merlado, Miguel R. Menigam Kathleen M. Merrill, Debovah K Marriott. Robin D. 230 Merriltv Amy 5. Menlll, Julia E. Memn. Patncua A Marlena. Janice R Mules. Randy Meschede. William B, Method. Polly A. Meyer, Angela MY Meyer. Betty L Meyer. Cindy A. Meyer, Clara K Meyen Craig S Meyer, Deborah L. Meyel. Juanita L Meyer. Judy A. Meyer. Karla M Meyer. Katharine S Meyer. Meanna M. Meyer, Robin E Meyer, Teresa A. Meyel, Vernon Xavier Mlchaels. Jell IL Micklewrighl. Susan K. Mllflin. David L. I MiHlin. Elaine Mikle. Dale W. Mikle. Lari J. Mikusch, John N. Milbourn, Cheryl A. Miles, Kimberly 5. Miles, M. Beth Milisitch. Laurie M, Millburn. Judy L. Miller, Andrea J. Miller, Charles R. 21. Cymhia E. er, Daryl W. I et, Donald A. Miller, Debra S. Miller, Jane A. Miller. John D. Miller. Jonathan W. Miller, Kent E. Miller, Lisa A, Miller. Mark L Miller. Mark T. Miller. Sheila K. Miller, Susan L. Miller. Theresa D. Miller, Tim D. Miller. Waneta L. Milli, Myrna B. Millnp. David E. Millatead. Anthony S. Minnin, Rodney Charles Minor. Cheryl A. Minor. David H. Minter. Sallie M. Mitchell, Gail Mitchell. James W. Mitchell. Sharon K. Millelhauser. Julie E. Minelhauser. Tracey J. Miyachi. Michiko Mizell. Donna J. Moddrell. David A. Mode, Dawn A. Mode, Nancy P. Moentmann, Ann 5. Moentmann. Sharon E. Moeren Julie J. Moiarland. Debra J. Molloyu Sheryl L. Monnig. Donna K. Monsees, Sandra K. Monlag, Mary T. Montalbano. Anthony Montgomery. John G. Momgomery. Karen J. Montgomery Linda Jo 231 I D . D .- .. I v . u . I . I D Murvn, Paul J Murray, M. Jan Murray. Sleuzn D. Mqurnxu Mehasa E Mywsv Charlv: N Myvu, John V Myms, Mlthi'lh' A. Nadlcr, Slevvn S Nadlmlm Marvin J. Nagle, Thonns A. Nailen. Pamcia M. Najju, Hamzeh Y. Nahvaiko. Cathy L. Nallaseth, Cyrus 5. Nance, Peggy D. Nannemnn. Timothy A. leh. Michelle A, Natho Linda S, Nave. Joseph D. Naylor. Denise L. Needhnm. Shirley A. Near, Ronnie L Neighbors, Kimbercly K. Nehler. Joy M'X Nelson. Charles W. Nelson, Kenya S. Nelson. Mark 5. Nelson. Sue L. Neth. Rachel L. Newman, William B. Newsome, Darryl Gene Newton. Kelly D. Nguyen. Anh TI Nibarger. Terry L. Nicholas. Nixie A. Nicholle, Alice E Nichols, Ann M. Nichols, Colin E. Nichols, Gerald D. Nichols. Rodney Joe Nichl, Pele Nicklel. Pamela S. Niehauu. Cynthiu M. Niehaus, Debbie J. Nielsen. Neal D. Niemeyel. Charlotte K. Niewald. Raymond E. Nilges. Bnkbun J. Nilges, Mulene T. Ni: kawa. P-ni S. Nixon. Katherine A. Noah. Mark A Noble, Rita A. Nonon. Margaret A. Noelke, Linda T. Noland. Nancy A. Nelle. Amy B. Nolte, Carolyn E Nolle. Jill M. Naonan. Carolyn J. Noonan. Chrinty L. Norcrois, Margot J. Norfleet. Darla M. Norris, Curtis E. North. Deanna L. Nonhen. Mark 8. Northern, Marsha L. Nonan. Paul E. Norton, Samuel R. Novak, Thomas A. Nuwicki, Jenny L Nou-lin. Dale M. Nuelle. Cindy A. Nuessle. Nea H. Nybuom, Tami L. O'Bannon. Dori Doreen O'Brien. Daniel J 0 Brien. Keith A O'Clady, John K. O Hanlon. Joyce M. 233 0 Hanlon, Robert D. O'Keele, Michael K. O'Malley. Michael W. O'Rourke, Colleen M. Oates. Phillip W. Obannon. Douglas D Obexzan. Nancy A. Obilfuna, Augustine 0, Oconnol, Mary Terese Odell. Maruin F, Oden. Many C. Odonnell, Sandy L. Oelrichs, Brenda K, Oelrichs. Donna J. Oerly, Gary D. Oerly. Larry R. Oerly, Leisa Carol Getting, Donna F. Getting, John R, Ollicer. Dana R, Ollicu. Judith A. OHutt. Jana R Ogle. Lorna L. Ogle. Robbin S. Oglesby, Teal Y. Ogrady. Kitty M. Ohmes, Donna M. Ohrenbetg. Darrel R. Okell, Michele R, Okoroafor. Chris D Okoye. Benedict N. Olds. Beth R. Oliver, Jeffry Q Olson. Kathy Oltz, Theresa L. Olvera, Donnie G. Onwumew, A. Charles Opel. Alan W. 0n, James R. On'ick, Chris OIIiI, Alesia A. O . Laura E. IOIWiCk. thy M. Osborn. Carolyn R. Osbum, Leah D. Oshirna. Lisa M. Osiiel. Phillip E. Oswald, Kathy L. Oswald. Melissa A. Otis, F. Rick Otis, Sandy A. Otto, Kirk R. Oung. Mary Elayne Overbey. Jane A. Overbey. John C. Overlease. Jeff Oversueet. John D. Overton, Scott W. Owen. Brian K. Owen, Carol L. wen. Peloves M. Owens, Carla K. Owens. James N. Ownby. Tyna Ownson, Karla V. Oylev, Steven B. Padgel, Jaime M. Page. Nancy L. Pailer, Renee L. Paimev, Deborah K. Painter, Ernie M. Paint". Linda L, Palaklno, Robert A. Pallo. Malk E. Pallov Marsha Palmcv. Debhio A Palmer, James B. Palubiuk. 234 Pandolio. Lure B Ponnell. Rhonda R. Panus. Gtegg M. Pans, Kdva M. Pmkm Myla J. Parker, Shmia M. Parka, Ciwlyl Y PavLs Jauvl A. Parks. Sonya R. Pan, Gina E. Pan. Ricky J. Panan. James V Pane", M. Lisa Patron. Julie A. Parsons. Barbara L. Parsons, Carol A. Palsons, Roberta L. Panrich. Daniel L. Pasley. Charles D, Paterson. Shelly K Panelson. Bette G. Paneraon. Donna Patterson. Mary K. Patterson. Mary L. Pattinon, Stephen Patton, Barry D. Paul, David E. Paul. Gail L. Paul. Lisa E. Payne, Beverly A. Payne, Billy C. Payne. Debra A. Payne. Ginger 5. Payton. Trudy L. Paz. Suyapa E. Peacher. Don W. Peak, Sheila G. Pearson. Grace M. Pearson. Lisa L. Peary. James W. Pehle. Teresa J. Pence. Karen D. Penal, Elissa J. Penley, Jesse Dean Penrose. John R. Pearson. Cindy M. Perkins, Cynthia L. Perkins. Kathy A. Penelte, Alice D. Perrou. Cuhy .L Perry, Ann Perry, Keith A. Perry. William R. Peruley, Andrew P. Personelli. Joseph W. Pele. Karen M. Pelentlel, Charles W. Pelerie, Karla R. Peters. James M. Peters, Janet M. Peterson, Anita G. Pelerson, Ina: D. Peterson. Joann M. Peterson. Lori E Pellas. Susan 0. Palm, Penny L. Peuuer, John A. Peusler, Kathlyn A. Peuster. Laura A. Plenengel, Alice E. Phason. Queanna J. Phelps, Anna Marie thlpu. Bruce Philipa, Carolyn L. Phillips, David A Phillips. Dexter G. Phillips. James M. PhiIIIps, Laurie A Phillips, Robin L. PhiHips, Teresa A. 235 Phillips. Tina E, Philson, Craig 5' Phinney. MY Suzy Phinney. Ursula Anne Phipps. Linda F, Pickerel. Amy Pickering, Susan M. Pickell, Rav M. Boppelk, Cathy A. Pickett. Tammy I. Pickler. Mary Beth PI dimontz. Robert W, Pierce, Jinene A. Pierceall. Tim G. Pielerse. Leonardo R. Piland, Leah GV Pilbeam. Elizabeth Piley. Thomas L Pine, Rhonda D. Pinkman, Dee A. Pinne, Wendy C. Piper. Deedee M. Pitch, Ricky G. Pirog. Teresa E. Piskerud, Tina D. Pitts, Alex Plachle, Kathy Plassmeyer. Rosie A. Platon. Benjamin V. Planner. KeHy L. Ploeger, Jana B. Plumlee, Wanda S. Pohl. Linda K. Pohlman, Donna G. Pohlman. Sharon G. Poliz Margaret R. Pollard. illie Susan Pond, Michelle R. Pool. Jami R. Poole. Charles Poole. Lori B Pope, Julie A. Popejoy, Patty R. Popp, Debra L. Popp, Gary L. Porter, David R. Porter. George A. Porter. Kim D, Portal, Michael W. Porter. Patrick E. Porteriield, Vicki J. Post. Mary J Post. Nancy Post. Tammy J. Potter, Karen Kay Potter, Kim Wayne Ponw. chael T. Ppner, Sheryl L. 53112:. Steven R. lPoner. Wiley D. Panhast. Shelly R. Potts. Karen D7 Potts, Stacy E Powell. Carl E. Powers, Carolyn L. Powers, MicheHe E. Prall. Rod A Prankster. A Caught Plankstev, B. Caught Prankster, C. Caught PralL Michael D. Pratt, Robert A. Prayson, Stephen Presley, Cymhia Preslon, Tammy Preusser. Diane PreusseL Linda Pvewnt. Wayne Ptico. Da Price. Kathy 236 ka2. Rodney L. Price, Terese M. Pricv. Terrence L Pnchmd. Thomas W. Pnemel, David WV Prior. Sheila M. Pruchazka Dennis L. Pun! Sybil J Provinze, Loren M Prucha. Jane M. Pruden, Cynthia M. Prybv. Rob L Pryor. Ann M. Psrichard, Joan E Pugh, David R. Pugh. Kim R. Pugh. Mike J. Pullen, Brenda G. Pulley. Karen M Pulliam, Donald B. Pulliam, Mark A. Purkzy. Jeanette L, Pumell, Sheila A. Puteloy. Navarro D, I l, Qualls. Julie A. Qualls. Lisa R. Quibell. David T. Quick. Kathleen Alison Quigs. Pessv K- Quinn, David A. Rackets. Gaye L. Rnckem. Rhondl S. Radosevic. Jim D. Ralleny. Kathleen M. Ralleny. mberly Ragan, Julia E. Ragan, Michia L. Hagen. Lauren M. Ragadel, Timothy A. Rahman, Kliser Railey. Brian E. Raisbzck, Jeanninh M. Haley. San Jo Ramey, Linnie S. Ramey. Suzanne Ramsey, Brenda 5. Ramsey, Don L. Ramsey, Melina J. Ramsey. Raven D. Ramsey, Ruth E. Ramsey. Scan A. Rankin. Lisa K. Rapp, Loretta L. Rash. Brenda Kar Rash. James William Ranmu-sen. Diana R. Rathen. Maria D. Ratliff. Diana M. Raveill. Calol L. Raveill, Chris A. anenscraft. Sherri L. Ray, Billy J. Ray. Mark R. Ray. Norma J Ralu Tim C. melield, Angela J. Raymen Linda K. Raynes. Ann Renee Rea. Sharon M. Read, Teresa D Reading, Jay F. Reasler. Linda K. Reasy. Ray G Rerkroot, Bryan D. Rcclm, Ron 5. Redmon, Kenneth W Redwood, Toi D. Reece. Gina L, ReecL Alison K. Reed. James W. 237 Reed. Randy 5. Reed. Vernadine Register, Pany A. Rehm. Vicki L Reichen, John A. Reid. Pamela K Reid. Ulysses D. Rein, Carolyn S Rein, Pelree A. Reinbokl, Gains W. Reinhart. Debra J. Reinhan, Glenn A4 Reinhan, Kimberly A. Reinisch. Linda M. Hammers, Scott B. Rennick. Michael W. 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Roberts, Charles David Roberts. Douglas A. Roberts. Jean M Roberts. Michael W. . Roberts. Neil A. Rubens. Pamela S Robertson. Donna F. Robertson. Maria V Robinson, Brian L. 238 .3 1.? l 1 . . .Ikul.: . .1 I n I I n C I u I . . . . . . . . . , 7. . . . . . . . n . n . n . .. .. .. n. . ...... , . , .. I p I I ... I.. I . v I , I v x I5'Is Ryan. Dannv J. Ryan, Michael 5. Ryan Tracv J. Ryczck. Joseph Rygaard Lois V. Ryan. Kristy A. Ryom Leger H, Sabalo. Simone Sackman, Krislal M, Sage, Remany E. San Randal C. Sales. Kimberly A SaHen, Moreen E. Sallrank, Donna M. Sallee, Denise Salmon. Ramona L, Salyer. Sarah E. Salyer, William N. Sample, Jeanie 1. Sample. Margie I. Sampson. Alan J. Samuels. Craig K Sander. Melinda Jane Sunder. Murray A Sanders. Brenda J. Sanders. Carole L. Sanders. Greggorv A. Sanders. Karen M, Sanders, Mona L Sanders. N. Gail Sandiler, Paul E Sandquisl. Johanna L. Sandy. Shelly Sapp. Kennuh J. Sappington, Keni Ann Sappinglon. Scott E. Sanau. Sheryl R. Sartor. Mark R. 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Schnell, Lil L, Schneidevs. Leslie M. Schninkeu Many Beth Schnucken Paul M, Schoeck, Cindy L, Schollmeyel. Allen R. Schon, Regina R. Schowengerdt, Denise A, Schwengerdt. Randall D, Schleck. John L Schreier, Donna 5 Schxeinu, Karen Schrimpf, David J. Schroedel. Lori A. Schroeder, Ralph L. Schroeter. Cynthia S. Schuber. Susan J. Schubert. Chestev R. Schuh. Paula J. Schulle. Dave R. Schultz, Lisa M. Schultz, Tammy J. Schultz. Jean M. Schulze. Thomas A. Schumacher. Kathy A. Schutte. Delores J. Schwantz, Valarie E. Schwartz, Michael E. Scicchitano. Louis Scolizld. Larry W. Scott, Barbara A. Scott, Christopher M. Scott. David W. Scott, Lizanne K. Scott. Martha S. Scott. Norman K. Scott. Raymond Allen Scott. Sally A. Scott. William D. Scounen. Darrell E. Scroggs, Jeanne A. Seaboldt. Pamela J. Seaver. Neill M. Saba, Cheri A. See. Sallie D. Seeger. Kevin R. Seelinger. Glenda L, Seelingel, Shelby R. Seevels. Craig Segelhorst. Thomas K. Soguin, Sherry M. Seiberl. Donna M. SeiberL Patricia A. 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Wanda J4 Suollord. Shawn O .4 m 5, Thompson, Barbara K. Thompson. Edwavd V. Thompson, Lee E Thompson, Mindy L. Thompson, Pamela M Thompaon, RKL D Thompson. Samula C. Ihompmn Shawn A Thompson. Terry L Thorns, Bil Ie L. Thomson. Sandy Thornton. Elmu Thornton. Kalllon R. Thornton, Michelle K. Thorpe, Debbie A. Thurman. Betty .L Tibbles, Dennis L Tiller, Mark D Tillman, Cleva E. Tillman, Earlene J. mons. Melody G. dle. Je" S. Tinnin, Karen L. Tinnin. Thomas G. Tischart. Gary A. Tisdale. Kennetha G. Tinone. Sheryl L us. Bruce W. Titus. Suzann L. Toalson, Chris E. Tochuop, Ann M. Todd, Karen D. Todd. Lana J. Todd, Michael J. Tollefson, Denise D. Tolson. Judy F. Tomes. Reynold J. Toms. Shimell D. Toner, Julie E Tong. Yung-Pyng Topping. Vera S, Topps. Wendell Towns, Tommie Townser. Richard L. Trager, Debra E. Trail. Beverly L Trautrnan. Cynthia L. Tvaylovd. David K, Treadway, Carla L. Trester, Martha J. Treu. Cynthia M. Treweu, Maryhancen N. T ' 9, Bonita L. Tngg, Elsheri Tri lo. 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Webb, Rena S. Webb, Rose M. Webb, Yvette C. Webber, Sheree A Weber. Annene S. Weber. Lisa L. Weber, Michelle M Weber. Paul A. Weber. Timothy E. Webster, Donald C. Webster, Maureen 3 Wedding. Patricia J. Waddle, Jane A. Wecdin. Melvin J. 249 Wease. Judy D. Wehmeyev. Daniel C, Wehmeyer, Richard M, Wehrly, Theresa A. Wehrs. Kurt D. Weidinger. Lisa A. Weight, Kelley D. Weir. Mitch A. Weir. Craig D. Weisz, Susan D. Welch, Thomas A. Welch. Debbie E Welch, J. Welch. Valerie M. Wellhom. Candice L. Weller, Tina M. Wellman. Teri L. Wells. James 29L Wells. Jeana M. Wells. Lauxie A. Wells, Matthew J. Wells, Norma R Wells, Stephen E. Wells, William G. Wempe, Denise M. Wen. Ya-Nain Alice Wench. Anita J. Wanner. Charlotte L. Werneke. Linda 5. Werner. Pairicia L Werlhrnullel, Linda A. Wesley. Mark G. Wesley. Michael R. Weoner, Bradley E. Wesselman. J2" S. West, Beatrice 1. West Jimmy West. Lois M. West, Rita A. West, Sheli West, Tina M. Westbrook. Carolyn J Weslcon. Rannena G. Westermier, Anna M. Western, Jill S. Westling, Lisa K. Weston. Kim A. Whalev. Tum Wheatley, Aylesa D. Rheolon, Gremhen J. Wheeler. Donna S. Wheeler. Linda M. Whisler. Lury R. White. Clarence E White. Dawn J. Whim, Joanne White, Michael S White. hael T, I While, Phillip K J, White, Rebecca D. White, Rebecca 5. While, Richard C. White. Steven P. Whitehorse, Lisa J. Whiteside. Ginger Kim Whithaus, Karen S. Whiting, Pa ' a M. Whitlock. Douglas E. Whitman Susan L. Whittelney, Judith M. Whinler, Janet M. Whitworlh, Susan C, thitwnrlh, Valarie M. Whilworlh. Yvonne T, Wharton. Tracy E Wickey, Angela D. Wickham Brad 9 Wicks Urbld A Wicberg, Slvvv c Wievrinski, Balbava AA 250 W'ilbeu, Elaine M Wilbers. Valda M. Wilchzr, Julie F Wilde, James Wildichuelz, Diana J. Wildachuetz. Palricia J. Wilga. Diane M. Wilhelm. Craig A Wilhilo. Sharon A. Wilkuiun, Diane D. Wilkerson. Jetlemon Wilkenon. Timolhy A. Wilkerson. Tonya F Wilkinn. Louclla Wilkins. Rithavd L, Wilkinson, Kelly S. WHle. Connie L. Willhiie, April L. Wlllhile. Linda L. Williamnn. Debra E. Williams. Alex D. Williams. Angela C, Williams. Anne ML Williams. Barbara S. Williams, Carl: R. WHliamn. Carmen L. Williams. Crystal L Williams, Cynthi7 L Williamu. Dani!!! RL Williams. Donciella WL Felila 5. Keri L Williams. Kim J Williams. Lisa A Williams, Lari A. W ami. Mark E. Williams, Michael Williams. Myra L. Williams. Patricia M. Williams, Paul: S. WllliumS. Robin G. Williaml, Rosemary M. Williams, Roxanne Kay Williams, Stanley D. Williams. Stephanie Y. Wllliaml. Sue Williamson. Rosalind R. Wlllinmlon. Steven John Willis. Alex 8. Willis. Arlinda Joyce Willls, Donna L. Willis, Gary L. Wil 5, Jerry L Willis. Lawanda J. Willis. Stephen E. Willis. Wesley D. Willman, Adriann Willoughby. Lisa A, Wilmol. Mark A. Wilson, Angela M. Wilson, Colene G Wilson, Danny K. Wilson. Deborah Wilton, Dennis K. Wilson. Gary D Wilton, Guy C. Wilson. Jen A. Wilson. Jo Ann Wilson. Johnny L I,Uilrmn, Kathy S. Wilson, Lois E. Wllson, Lori E. Wilson. Pamela J. Wilson. Scott B. Wilson. Sheri L Wilson, Walter N. Wilvel, Virginia L Winnns. Debbie M. Windsor Ann T. Winebrighl. Susan L Wincgarnvn William Winn". Rourna G Wimcr, lecsa M Wiv g, Manx J WirL Frank Wivlz. Dmid J Hill. James A dam. Kcnyl Uisv. Vixian D Wilherell, Susan 1 Witherspoon. Mnln l Win. Robe" W Wine. Daxid A. Wine. Gregory A Will? Rebecca 6 Wobus, Kathr l Woken Nathan R WolL Renee Y. Wolle. Charles A WoHaxcL Sharon K Wollhuis Scott A, Woltkamp David 8. W011. Jam: A Wood. AHan D. Wood Barbara S. Wood. Cindy R. Wood. Johnie Jo Wood. Michael G. Wood. Rodger L. Wood. Roy H. Wood. SaHy A. Wood Susan K. Woodard. Robin D. Wooddridgz. Vickie D. Woodrull. Terry 5. WoodnmL Kathryn R. Woods Jellrey .L Woods. Lisa R. Woods. Terri J Woodson. Merrie A Woodson. Steven K Woolley. Cathy J. Wovley. Jane! C. Wormsley. Jaleen A Worth. Donna R Wortham. Jerrold L. Worthley. Lisa 0 Wright. Melissa J. Wright. Nick E Wright. Revay Wright. Sheryl L Wright. Tiffany A, Wrigm, Vernon C, onbel. Scott E. Wulsel. Kun W. Wurzer, Daniel J Wyan. Gary A, Wymore, Ann B Wymore. Torn G. Wynn. Laura A. ll Wynne, Sheila S. Yaeger. William E, Yale, Cara M. Yanger, Albert '1'. Yanskey. Marilyn K Yao, Kwang-Chi Yardley. Michael J, Yazel, Carrie M. Y isley, Dayna LV Yendrek. Anne M. Yeo. Cynthia D. Yocam. Maria C. Yocom, Natalie C Yoder. Beth E. Yokeley Terry L York. Donald 5 Young, Andvea M Young Brad A Young, Dawd F Young. Denm E 252 Young. James L Young. Joy E Young. Mary E. Young. Nnncy M. Young. Phyllis D. Young. Rich K. Young, Robert L. Young, Sheil- Rene Young, Suu-n G. Young, Suun L Young, Wilma M. Young. Windollnne Si Yuan, Ai-Lln Ellen Zaidi, Mohammad Ann Zangar Sunny J. Zuni. Mark L. Zapien. Cynthia D Zapien. Hope T. Zapien, Susan K Zawislak. Marianne M Zeitzmann. Becky J. neglev. Duane J , R, Lawrence 5 v' Zink. Susan J. Zinnecker. Karen E. necker. Timothy R. Zuber. Chemgl S Zukovich. John D, Zuniga, Richard J. Bordner. Leanna K. Cone. Mark D Engeman. Chris C. Gardner. Man; J. Gregg, Kevin S. Guevel. Eugene L. Hagen. Mark H. Harlan. Richard L. Jenkins. Julia A. Stewart, Ames L. Thayer. Anne M. MIKE BONNOT 253 5.. . ' 1.3: M A: k. -.. ,$; mh I . -.AAM x-1:- x . uh?! V ,,N-, . !3:,'.. 52;: u ..v-'--1 1. Student Government Associ- ation SGN-sponsored street dance in the fall; held "townhall" meetings once a month; members of Missouri Conference of Student Government As- sociations; front row Heft to righU Lauree Britt Wice presidenU, Gail Spotts, Leslie Shouse, Karen Bolling Measured. Jack Dunham; second row Diana Finlay, Lisa Cochran, Pam Walk- er, Tom Burmeister, Lori Johnson, Richard White; third row Glenn Q. Pierce kpcnsod, Mike Carter bponsorh Jannet Dickey, Mike McCartney, Tami Kushner, Dona Simms; fourth row Jen- ny Weller, Charlie Wolfe, Kelly Darnell, Sandy Rice, James Carmack, Kerry Gatchell; fifth row Bill Yaeger, Dane Welt, Mike Lamb, Keener Hall, Leo Greeley, Jr., Rex Brick kpeakerk sixth row Stan Greil, Chris Lain, Allan Lee mresidentL Roger Jackson, Aaron Anderson, Dale Groenke. 2. Association for Men Students MM$vcontributes to the betterment of campus life; encourages social inter- action of students; acts as the voice for men students; front row Heft to righG Brian Kridelbaugh, Ron Johnson, Steve Krispin, Ned Doty, John Schreck; sec- ond row Kevin Danner, Dave Callaway mresidentL Ken Jackson, Steve Prayson, Dave Long, Calvin Caylor; third row Chris Clay, Mike Manos hreasurefL Bill Yaeger, Bartley Ives, Bruce Lebsack, Stephen Row, H. L. Chalquist Sponsork fourth row Dave Bergman, Keith Brown, Vince Edmondson, Isaac Peterson, Chris VanWinkle, Steve Swaters, David Dysart, Richard Armstrong. 3. Association for Women Stu- dents AWS sponsors residence hall councils; held bridal show in the spring; sponsored outstanding co-ed contest; front row Heft to righ$ Julie Elkins mis- torianL Linda Werneke UreasurerL Kel- ly Lawrence becretaryL Cindy Daniels, Lisa Willoughby, Nancy Blunt; second row Cheryl Brown QxesidentL Terry Lower, Susan Fockler, Kim Barnes, Mona Vana, Jean Bamford $ponsork third row Rosalie Jagels Wice presi- dentL Anita Peterson, Linda Pohl, Al- ice Gower Bponsod, Darlene Laubenstein bponsod; fourth row Lisa Glover, Laura Livingston, Karen Brown, Sybil Prost, . ' 139?: 4. Association of Black Collegiates ABCL-provided tutorial service for minority students; sponsored movies during Black History Week; held annu. al banquet in April; front row Heft to rith Anthony Turner Gecretary-trea- surerL Regina Georgie, Larry Jones; second row Herbert Ivy wresidentL Mi- chael B. Jones, Kenneth McDaniel Moe presidenU. 5. Union Program Cabinet UPQ sponsored Union Orgy; showed films in the Union Ballroom every month; spon- sored coffee houses in the Mulebam; front row Heft to righO Rosie Webb, Pat Daugherty, Erin Edmunds Qaresi- dentL Laura Peuster; second row Julie Elliott, Shelly Paterson, Jackie Freytag Wice presidenU, Martha Tucci, Joy Bennett; third row Perry King, Petra Brown, Regina Schott becretaryL Diana Finlay, Gina Kirchner; fourth row Mark Cone, Jim Frederick, Robbie Tierman, Alvin Brownley, Lance Beamer, Michael Mitchell. 6. Prexy Club wrganization of Presi- dents on Campus he1d monthly din- ners and meetings with President Homer; front row Heft to righ0 Robert Hartley III, Sherri Chambers, Sharon Grinstead, Lori Johnson, Sally Scott, Doris Backes, Barb Farris, Erin Edmunds, Debbie Brinkoetter, Julie Toner, Dorothy Drake, Gina McGautha; second row Tai-Fu Shiau, Randal Wat- son, Debbie Sharp, Bonnie Sachs, Da- vid E. Harris, Martha Caine, Kim Barnes, Julie Rogers, Kelley Weight, Pat Hill, Kirk Bohanan, John Virgo; third row Garry Shriver, Raymond Frieszell, Michelle Estill, Karen Arth, Karolyn Ware, Cheryl Brown, Jenny Sprigg, Kevin Heil, Nancy Staude, Genny Wilver; fourth row Mike Short, IIH-W ' . , Danny Baker, Stefan Teles, Karen m. mAa .. -. . . --,...,...- amw -W w A.. , Schreiner, Chuck Myers, Linda Painter, '"wm'wmq w . :- Cheryl McConnell, Shawn McCarver, ' " " V ' Beth Rice, Lisa Qualls; fifth row Gwenythe Glisson, Susan Pickering, Mark Reinkemeyer, Ben Hartley, John Reichert, Lola Southard, Sybil Prost, Jill Boston; sixth row Rodney Nichols, Todd Smith, Jim McNamara, George Most, Hamzeh Najjar, Randy Hamann, David Robinson; seventh row Mike Cook, Kelly VanVleck, Mark Weaver, Randy Stockhorst, Rashid Abdul-Sa- laam, John Roseburrough, Tim Zinnecker. Leadership Groups 257 1. Alpha Epsilon Rho Broadcasting and Film Major's Honor Societw-held film festivals; sponsored guest speak- ers; had national convention in Nash- ville, Tennessee; front row Heft to righ$ Mark Kasselhut Wice presidentL Ann Atkinson, Dennis Speck; second row Troy Thomas, Larry Jennings UreasurerL Steven Harvey, John Smead bdvismO 2. Alpha Mu Gamma U-ionorary For- eign Language Fraternitm honored outstanding students in modern Ian- guages; held initiation banquet; front row deft to right Emeka C. Ukatu, Liza Bautista, Jerry Moore; second row Cindy Zapien, Emmanuel Cabezas, Cathy Nalivaiko, Bonnie Sachs, William Hauser bponsork third row David Reynolds, Mary Biber, Linda Natho, Janet Mosby. 3. Alpha Kappa Delta Sociology Honor Societw gave recognition to outstanding academic accomplishments by junior, senior, or graduate students having credit hours in sociology; en- couraged academic endeavors, promot- ed understanding of society; Heft to right Carson Carter mresidenO, Linda Barrett bponsorL Kevin Gregg Wice presidenH. 4. Alpha Phi Delta Sophomore Hon- or Societw-qualifications include 3.5 GPA; held annual spring party honor- ing academically superior freshmen stu- dents; presented Laura J. Nahm Alpha Phi Delta Scholarships; front row Heft 258 Honor Groups to righU Lisa Andrews hreasurerL Lizanne Scott, Jenny Nowicki, Phyllis Lock, Tracy Darby, Sally Scott mresi- dentk second row Julie Toner Gecre- taryL Amy Chambers, Terrie Kerksiek, Rita Rotert, Amy Pickerel, Sherry Tittone, Nancy Starke Mce presidentk third row Sherri Careswell, Tonya Taylor, Lisa Weidinger, Colleen Seitter, Barb Ewing, Janice Beatty; fourth row Tim Zinnecker, Sherman Travis Hayes III kditthistorianL Richard Dixon, John Virgo. 5. Alpha Phi Sigma Wational Crimi- nal Justice Honor Societw sponsored guest speakers; took field trips; held social functions; front row Heft to rith Mary Canaleo, Rosie Webb, Gloria Rodick hreasurerk second row Kevin Gregg, Betty Crews, JoAnn Lam, Shawn McCarver; third row Michael E. Wiggins bponsorL Barbara Masinia wresidentx JoAnn Coady Sponsod, Bill Heberle. 6. Beta Beta Beta Biology Scholas- tics held spring initiation and recep- tion of new members who have ex- celled scholastically; assisted the Biology Department at special events; sponsored recognition of outstanding senior biology major; front row Heft to right Carolyn Duffey, Alice Elliott , Steve Snyder. Diane Chesnut Ureasur- erk second row Peggy Leibrend, Linda Painter mresidenn, Drew Grimm misto- rianx Dave Woltkamp Mce presidentl Honor Groups 259 2'1 1. Delta Tau Alpha O-lonor Agricul- 5-; tural Societm helped set up career '1 day for Agriculture Department; Na- ; tional President and National Secretary selected from CMSU agriculture stu- 33 dents; participated in spring agricultur- al banquet; front row Heft to righO Da- .1. vid Pearce mresidentx Mark Curp .4, ureasurerL Delores Schutte becretaryL 'i Robyn Boydston; second row Ron Russel, Densil Allen BponsorL Mike Leetch, Brenda Smith; third row Dave Ewing, Ed Hesse, Doug Kizer bponsorL fi John Roseburrough. 2. Kappa Delta Pi Education Majors Fraternitw-attended National Kappa Delta Pi convocations; participated in blood drive and the Hub; worked at Parenfs Day and Senior Day; front L row Heft to rith Amy Chambers, " Marlys Eklund, Jill Nolte, Laura Shir- m ley, Jani Burton, Diane Lukenbill, Cheryl Krause; second row Karen 4 Anders, Denise Jennison, Wanda 3 Plumbee, Lynette Miller, Becky Boyce, Jacque Morris Secretarw, Karen Arth wresidentk third row Kim Chadwick, Deanna Eklof, Rosie Engemann, Angela :31 Russo, Marla Fitzgerald, Donna McIn- ' tyre, Carrie Yazel historiam, Carmen El Black; fourth row Judy Harper, Mary- ' ann Campbell, Merle Bowers, Glenda : Seelinger, Betty McKinney, Jan Sharp; L, fifth row Shirley Needham Mce presi- dentL Karen Sanders, Sherry Tittone, a Julie Rogers, Dorothy Drake, Cindy A Pearson, Wayne Cleveland Sponsork :4 sixth row Janet Allison, Mary Rost, Marilyn Cook, Kim Gutshall, Susan :9 Pickering; seventh row Perry Shedd, Carol Buehler, Bill Adee, David Robin- son, Susan Tarwater, Suzanne Bendorf. 3. Kappa Mu Epsilon Mathematics Fraternitw-sponsored Klingberg lec- , ture; held annual spring banquet; pre- x' sented scholarship to freshman student excelling in mathematics; first row 02ft to riglm Jerry Moore, Wanda Plumlee, David E. Harris Moe presidentk second row Scott Flippin, Monte McBride, Charles Allen, Colleen Seitter Secre- taryk third row Mike Fallin, Homer Hampton bponsorL Larry Dilley Epon- sod. 260 Honor Groups 4. Kappa Omicron Phi tHome Ecov nomics Honor Societyt-held founders day banquet in December; contributed to Crossnore school for under-privileged children; participated in the bi-annual regional meeting and national conclave; front row Heft to righh Marlys Eklund, Jill Nolte, Paula Bounds tpresidenn, Cindy Crase tvice-presidentk second row Cheryl Krause tsecretaryt, Amy Pickerel, Tante Beauchamp, Jo Ann Fennessey; third row Carolyn Coleman, Kim Anthony, Bonita Trigg, Rita Ami ttreasurerf 5. Lambda Sigma Society tLeadershiptScholarship Sophomore Service Organizatiomehelped fresh- E . men move into the dorms; assisted ' with caps and gowns at graduation; held banquet in the spring for new members; first row Heft to righU Phyllis Schauffler, Kelly Collings, Karen Bascone, Susan Viebrock, Connie Fer- t guson tsecretaryt, Marlene Nilges ttrea- ' surerL Doris Backes tpresidenn, Sandra Singer; second row Lisa Weidinger, Elaine Wilbers, Kristin Majors tvice presidentt, Melissa Musgrave, Pat Hill, Cherri Pearman, Brenda Oesterly, Al- ice Gower tsponsod; third row Marcia Kruessel, Sheryl Wright thistoriant, Ja- nice Beatty, Pam Crocker, Debbie Smasal, Mona Vana; fourth row Vicki Jennison, Jan Murray, Laura Siegrist, Jill Griffin, Mike Durbin, Julie Robin- son, Sherri French, Sally Scott; fifth row Tom Martin, Chuck Boschert, Al- len Brush, Craig Seevers, Bob McManns, Vince Edmondson, Darlene ,. Laubenstein tsponsorl 6. Mace and Torch tHonor and Oustanding Leadership Organizatiom- promoted leadership and scholastic achievement through campus and com- munity activities; inducted Dr. Horner as the first associated member; select- ed candidates for membership; front t row Heft to righU Michael Short tsecre- tary-treasurert, Robert Hartley III I' tpresidentL John Piekielniak thistorianL : Tedi Heckman; second row Brett Liesemeyer, Bret Wilson tvice-presi- , dentL Rory Rolland. I Honor Groups 261 1. Phi Alpha Theta Honorary Histo- ry Fraternitwwinitiated new members; installed new officers; held spring ban- quet; front row Heft to rith Brent M. Lampton UreasurerL Karen Dickey wsecretaryk second row John L. Lee II Moe presidenn, Alfred Twomey Spon- sod, Charlie Wolfe wpresidentl 2. Phi Eta Sigma wFreshman Honor Societw-initiated freshmen with at least a 3.5 GPA; participated in CMSU phonathon; held spring banquet for new members; front row Heft to rith Lisa Hammond, Rhonda Bonkoski, Pat Fluehr, Julie McElhiney, Karen Warner, Tammy Wallace; second row LaDonne Buck, Margaret Kennedy, Patricia Hainey, Connie Ferguson, Andrea Halvorson; third row Carolyn Calvert, Ann Perry, Denise DeWitt, Becky Leaton, Michelle Sixta, Ramona Haake; fourth row Sue Winebright, Sharon Gast, Eileen Moore, Becky Alleman, Susan Fockler, Sharon Lessard; fifth row Joanne Izard, Mary Berislavich, Kristin Majors, Rebecca Flint, Shari Rohman, Lisa Oshima; sixth row Susan Beastrom, Diana Dowell, Joan Kershaw, Vickie Cox, Kerri Sappington, Shari Butler; seventh row Susan Talbott, Mark Clark, Mike Ste- phenson, Allen Brush, Mark Reinkemeyer. 3. Phi Kappa Phi wAcademic Honor Societw-held initiation and banquet in fall and spring; chose scholarship re- cipient based on content of written ap- plications, quality of recommendations and GPA; assisted various groups in sponsoring guest speakers; front row Ueft to righU Fred Homan, Martha Egelston, Katherine Moroney, Kathy Robinson; second row B. Joyce Bailey Moe presidentL Rita Youmans, Alice Gower, Jeane Bamford; third row H. Clay Jent, Dan B. Curtis, Eugene Oshima, Betty Pine Lockard Measur- 262 Honor Groups erL Darlene Laubenstein becretaryk fourth row Claude H. Brown, Robert Ulrich, Robert Marshall mresidentL Larry Johnson, Deems Brooks; fifth row Ed See, Warren Pettigrew, Ferrell Ervin, Harold Sampson mublic rela- tionsL Merville Meverden; sixth row Roy H. Jorgensen, Robert Semonisck, Gene Fields, William C. Morton, Robert 1.. Baldwin. 4. Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraterni- tyF-sponsored music scholarships; sponsored guest clinicians and recitals; promoted and supported music depart- ment activities; first -row Heft to right Tom Price UreasurerL David Robinson mresidend, Dave Price Moe presidewoy Jeff Sandquist becretaryk second row Greg Grooms, Jay Nixon, Marty Hunt, David Danley, Larry Empson; third row Greg Witte, Steve Catron, Eric Smith, Steve Becker; fourth row Frank Fenley, Lavore Richmond, Neal Seipp. 5. Physical Education Academy attended ASIS meetings in Kansas City; sponsored guest speakers; hon- ored outstanding physical education majors; front row Debbie Glaser, Judy Kloeppel, Patty Klugel, second row Su- san Wood, Susan Albrecht, Mona Sand- er, Debbie Reves. 6. Pi Kappa Delta forensics Honor Societw hosted high school individual events speech tournament; participated in 25 intercollegiate speech tourna- ments; competed in national convention and tournament; first row Heft to righO Lee Nelson, Jerry Mueller Secretary- treasurerL Melanie Booth-Butterfield Gponsork second row Bobbi Burnette Mce presidentL Jim Welch, Steve Man- ning heporter-historiam, Julie Massey, Victoria Buchholz; third row Rory Row- land, Michael Short wresidenU, Barb Ewing, Derald Harris bponsorL Bob Haug. Honor Groups 263 1. Pi Omega Pi Business Education Honor Societw-presented annual award to the outstanding senior in busi- ness education; sent delegates to the national convention; held spring ban- quet; front row deft to right Dorcas Hink Becretary-treasurem, Donna Rahrovi mist'oriam, Julie Rogers wresi- denH; second row Wilda Creighton Bponsod, Myrtle Hayes Bponsorl 2. Pi Omicron Delta Uunior Honor Societw-aheld initiation in the fall for 30 new members; conducted service project in the spring; first year on campus; a continuation of Lambda Sig- ma; front row Heft to righn Sally Scott, Pam Drake Mce presidentL Dorothy Drake mresidentk second row Lise Shipley Hreasurerl Teera Arnold, Kim Gutshall. 3. Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Fraternitw-sponsored panel presenta- tion about minor parties; distributed in- formation concerning absentee ballots and voter registration; visited Whiteman Air Force Base and the state capital; front row Heft to rith James Burns, Dawn Row Wice-presi- dentL Larry Thompson mresidentk sec- ond row Todd Smith, Jennifer Crowley becretary-treasurerL Stan Greil, James Young bdvisorl 4. Psi Chi Monorary Psychologw held Psi Chi banquet; sponsored Psy- chology Department picnic, held Mental Health Association functions; front row deft to riglm Brenda Aversman, Lori Haertling, Brenda Harfst, Candy 264 Honor Groups Clinkenbeard hpresidentk second row Rosemary Williams hreasurerL Lori Chapman, Paul Lyman bponsorL 5. Scabbard and Blade Company ,l thnor Society of ROTQ-sponsored 10,000 meter run; worked with the Red Cross organizing the blood drive winter and spring terms; ushered bas- ketball games; front row Heft to righO John Kirkbride, Karen Brookens hsecre- tary-treasurerL Steve Cottle, Greg Pip- er hpresidenth second row Gregory Leimbach, Robert Landzettel, Shelby Seelinger Mce-presidenG, Curtis Thom- as; third row Randy Krahenbuhl, Lee LeBlanc, Richard Bethel, John Cooper bponsorL 6. Sigma Alpha Iota Professional Music Fraternity for Womem-received the 1979-80 national chapter achieve- ment award; awarded a $150 scholar- ship to an incoming freshman in music; presented musical programs monthly at the Warrensburg nutrition center for senior citizens; front row Ueft to righ0 Deborah Brown, Karen Walker Secre- taryL Sandy Rose Ureasurerh Jana Crackel; second row Connie Hoover, Tammie Hoehn, Susan Zink, JoEllen Dickey; third row Liz Henderson, Anne Stewart, Debbie Jackson, Denise Ston- er, Delores Kroll; fourth row Rebecca Caselman Wice presiden0, Lisa Gra- ham, Pam Lawson, Andrea Crabtree, Nixie Nicholas; fifth row Cynthia Vaughn, Lola Southard hpresidentx Cynthia Miller, Laurie Riekhof, Lisa Stanley, Anna Mae Johns. Honor Groups 265 1. Sigma Pi Sigma tPhysics Honor Societyt-recognized students having high standards of scholarship and out- standing achievements in physics; deft to rightt Danny Baker, David E. Harris, Donald Miller tsponsort. 2. Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Societyttsponsored Christmas party with a reception and program; held tea in the spring honoring graduating Eng- lish majors; presented an award to the English major having the highest GPA; i front row deft to rightt Lorraine Renz 31 thistoriant, Jana Offutt ttreasurert, t t Angela Russo, Cindy Haskamp tsecre- taryt; second row Gwenythe Glisson tpresidentt, Liza Bautista, Mona Vana, Mark Voitenko tvice-presidentt; third row LeAnn Correll, Cathy Nolivaiko, Mark Johnson tsponsort. 3. Sigma Zeta Math and Sciencet- held annual Christmas party and spring banquet; organized science symposium in the spring; presented faculty award to outstanding member within the math and science department; front row Heft to rightt Peggy Leibrand ttreasurert, Linda Painter; second row Chuck ; Myers tpresidentt, Melissa Musgrave t thistoriant, Sue Walters tsecretaryt, Kristin Majors; third row Diane Spittler, Cheryl McConnell, Dave Woltkamp, Cindy Miller; fourth row Dale Cooper, Diane Chesnut, Kim Pilkington, Bill Yaeger, Monte Holder, Michael Powers tsponsort; fifth row Drew Grimm tvice- presidentt, Gerry Gerry, Joseph Snoble x tsponsort. 4. Tassels tSenior Honoraryt-co- sponsored blood drive; honored the 4; ' 266 Honor Groups scholastically outstanding students in each class; cosponsored bridal show in the spring; front row Heft to rith Phyllis Collins, J.J. Wood, Kathy Peuster, Jody Mazza, Barb Farris Moe- presidenU; second row Lisa Qualls, X Martha Caine, Lisa Gilbert becretaryL ' Dave Woltkamp, Gloria Frank mistori- am; third row Jack Vittetoe bponsod, Alice Gower bponsorL Nancy Staude wresidentl 5. Theta Alpha Phi Honorary The- atre Fraternitw-held theatre awards banquet; sponsored play discussions; held theatre workshops once a term; front row Heft to right Tim Scalet wresidenU, Teresa Hagar Mce presi- dentL Rosalind Williamson; second row Bobbi Lietzke, Mike Callaway. 6. ABC Choir Won-demoninational Christian Vocal Ensembld sang at various local and surrounding churches; held concerts for the general public each term; went carolling during the Christmas season; front row Heft to righ'O Denise Jones, Linda McNear SponsorL Shimell Tom, Valerie Gasway becretaryL Kahla Spears, Gilbert Frazier; second row Kevin Cooks, Regi- na Georgie, Yvette Webb Measured, Pamela Johnson, Julia Baskin; third row Paul Warder, Vanessa Haskins WresidentL Lena Buckner, Wanda Johnson, Evelyn Bryant; fourth row Dexter Jackson, Richard Townser, Earl Jackson, Jr. Moe presidenH Jay Ward, Jr.; fifth row Anthony Turner, Isaac Peterson, Harold L. Owens, Jr., Darryl Waters. HonoMReligious Groups 267 1. Baptist Student Union Baptist StudentQ-raised money for missions; had spring musical on campus; partici- pated in weekly worship; front row deft to rith Sandy Sudbrock, Robin Hackett, Vickie Meeks, Kathy Baker, Fairra Juhl, Joni McDonald, Elaine Black, Connie Bearce, Elizabeth Bratton; second row Janet Hains, Bill Swanson, Ron Hobbs, Beth Rice mresi- dentL Jeff Dinwiddie, Beth Graefe, Steve Pattison, Rick McBride; third row Don Prindle, Terry Black, Judy Harp- er, Maryann Campbell, Dennis Callaway, Mark Smothers; fourth row Jeff Overlease, Sean McMahon, Mark Waters, Sam Henry, Vinita Allee bec- retarw, Dave Smith, Christina Thomas, Shawn McCarver, Paul Coram, Bill Bla- se Bponsorl 2. Christian Campus House Chris- tian StudentQ-had adopt-a-grandpar- ent program; involved in outreach min- istry to the show'me youth home; involved in Lake of the Ozarks Colle- giate Christian Conference; front row Heft to righn Lynn Jennings, Midge Mills, Renata Stearns, Annette Cook; second row William Bassett, Jr., Rod- ney Moss, Kim Fleer, Lorie Kiso; third row David Chemei, Mark Weaver, Glenda Lee, Dean Hickerson kampus ministerk fourth row Russ VanDuyn Measured Joanie Hedrick Moe presi- dentL Steve Lyle; fifth row Gary Curtis bponsorL Brian Railey, Garry Shriver mresidenQ Linda Natho; sixth row Dan Curtis bponsod, Jules Ashu, Shari But- ler. 3. Fellowship of Christian Athletes 6tudents Interested and Involved With Christian Ideals of LivinQ-held day- long conference in February for area high school students; sponsored guest speakers from the Royals, the Chiefs and college alumni athletes; worked as counselors for high school students; front row Heft to rith Dianna Adams, Barb Thompson, Laurie Bennett, Tammy Coley, Anita Boyce; second row Becky Thomas, Gina Richards, Debbie Trager, Sarah Salyer, Greg Thomas; third row Don Delrosario, Paul Warder, Patty Popejoy Recre- tarw, Christina Thomas, Shawn McCarver; fourth row Gene Hall mresi- dent Debbie Hart, Tony Laffoon, Dave Griffith, Rodger Blaine; fifth row Scott Gilmore, Lisa Brummett, Tina Brad- ford, Bill Adee, Bruce Titus, Robin Krause. 268 Religious Groups - v mm m Nn- 4. Harvest Ministries Won-denomina- tional Christian Fellowshim took first place in Homecoming parade walking entry; sponsored various contemporary Christian concerts; participated in weekly Bible studies; front row Heft to right Jo Ellyn Caudle, Terri Bowman, Rhonda Pine, Peggy Lake; second row Jim Goll kampus ministerL Rod Bowman, Anna Phelps RLC Represen- tativd, Ava Lanius, Nancy Littlejohn bponsork third row Gene Hudson, Bruce Phelps mLC RepresentativeL Rick Whaley, Calvin Caylor; fourth row Lonnie Lawson bponsorL Kevin Gregg, Mark Hauth wresidentx Jim McDonald. 5. Liahona Fellowship RLDS Stu- dentd-sponsored trip to Kirtland, Ohio; were Religious Life Council volleyball champions; had visiting pro- gram for the elderly; front row Heft to l righQ Sheryl Sarratt, Gretchen Whea- I ton, Duane Chapman, Cheryl Dudley ' BectetaryL Diane Lukenbill Measured, Erin Edmunds, Melinda Swift, Marcia Francy; second row Irene West, Marlys Elclund, Susie Dine, Marcia Maitland, Carol Raveill, Karen Elliott, Suzanne Adams; third row Judy Whittelsey, 1 1 I gig Brenda Dickinsen, Elaine Curtis, Chris Raveill Wice president of outreacm, Shirley Needham, Katrina Loe, Sharon Olson; fourth row Julie Tweedy, Vicki Lind, Julie Schere, Johanna Landrum, Karen McClain, Robin Gard, Regina Loe, Lynn Hoover; fifth row Debbie Resch, Melodie Seymour, Pam Burch, Debbie Winans, Kai Crick, Ron John- son, Donna Jones, Lorrie Eagan, Dan Brotherton; sixth row Debra Sheffer, David Scott, Doug MacRae, Leslie McArthur, Bill Yaeger, Kevin Eggert, John Seeley, Mike Stephenson, Dave Defrain bponsod; seventh row Paul Davis Wice president of spiritual growthL Mike Faris, Mike Waller, Ran- dy Hamann hnresidenH 6. Lutheran Student Assembly wutheran Studentg-held weekly Bible studies and worship; sponsored services at nursing homes; held three weekend retreats including spring float trip; front row Heft to rith Sharon Grinstead, Anna Rohlfing, Laura Peuster, Cindy , Kating, Carol Philips; second row Scott 4 w .v .!,4 Edwards, Darlene Laubenstein Epon- sor Ken Klauburg, Jim Hepting Mce presidentk third row Greg Bockelman, ' f Gary Wyatt, Rosalie Jagels, Alan Opel, Richard Dawson. Religious Groups 269 1. Muslim Student Association - held weekly meetings; sponsored guest speakers, held two EID meetings; front row Heft to rith M. Saeed Akhtar bponsorL Mahmood Rahman, Idris Sadiq Sharif; second row Hamzeh Najjar, Rashid AbduLSalaam mresi- denHy Kaiser Rahman. 2. Newman Apostolate matholic Stu- dentH-held a retreat each term; membership in Religious Life Council; sponsored annual Christmas party for retarded children and senior citizens; front row Heft to riglm Teri Birk Grea- surerL Nancy Burditt, Kathy Graham, Delories Kroll, JoAnn Hoff; second row Laura Wynn, Troy Brady, Angela Stomp, Therese Gordon Secretarm Laura Neuner; third row Susan Co- nant, Joyce O,Hanlon, Don Boyer Wice presidentL Paul Evers maston, Eileen Moore; fourth row Ed Anthony, John Roseburrough mresidenn, Pat McAtee, Rick Bates. 3. Religious Life Council Unter-faith Organizatiom-promoted religious life activities; held discussion groups; spon- sored recreational activities; front row Heft to right Diane Edmonds, Marcia Maitland, Cheryl Horine BecretaryL Anna Phelps, Bruce Phelps; second row Debbie Resch, Gala Steams, Julie Scherer wresidenU, Scott Edwards, James Hepting; third row Garry Shriver, Doug Whitlock, Vinita Allee, Beth Rice. 4. United Campus Christian Fel- lowship Warious Christian Denomina- tions week1y Bible study and wor- ship; held retreats every term; had adopt-a-grandparent program; front row Heft to righn Merle Bowers mresidenO, Denise Warren becretarw, Tricia Werner, Cheryl Milbourn, Pam Fore- man; second row Linda Moon Wice presidentx Steve Schneider, Ellen Long Mirectod, Julie Gross, Brenda Dissen, Dale Pasley. 5. Wesley Foundation Wnited Meth- odist Students involved in weekly worship and Bible study; food chest for 270 Religious Groups stmmxxxm E foster children for Christmas; responsi- ' ble for worship and music in some 10- cal churches; front row Heft to right Patti Casterline, Lorraine Henry, Diane Edmonds, Elaine Dooley, Linda Wheel- er, Laurie Kirk; second row Dee Ann Clark, Cheryl McConnell, Steve Van Dyke Wice presidentL Trudy Buckman, Beth Shoemaker becretaryAreasurerL Anna Mae Westermier, Linda Camp; third row Milford Quimby bponsorL Su- x san Beckemeyer mistoriam, David ' Collum, Dave McCandless, Tracey Mittelhauser, Mark Kelchner; fourth row Doug Whitlock, Mark Noah, Terry Humphries, Hue George Lord; fifth row Tami Elledge, Jill Boston bresi- dentL Robert Henre; sixth row Schei Crawford, Doug Clawson, Jerry Camp- bell kampus ministerx Tim Riekena, Brad Wesner. 6. Accounting Student Association 1 -sponsored field trips; held spring banquet; participated in CMSU phonathon; front row Heft to righn DeeAnn Clark, Debbie Merrill, Danita ; Guilford, Anita Rincker, Lizanne Scott, 1 Susan Conant, Anita Gillespie, Sally Scott, Michelle Nash, Teresa Agrippino, Carrie Jacobs; second row Tamera Harris, John Virgo, Sue Winebright, Cindy Morgan, Janeece Lichte, Cindy Hicks, Debbie Vanmeter, 1 ? Judy Ritter, Marlys Doerflinger Gpon- ' ' 5010; third row Mark Melling, Tom Dey, Jenny Nowicki, Cheryl Lybarger, Janet Schanzmeyer, Troy Brady, Richard Dixon, Mike Stephenson, Karen Pulley, Kenneth Stone bponsork fourth row Linda Arnold, Sheila Baker, Tonya Taylor, Natalie Yocom, Michele Cham- bers, John Piekielniak ureasurerx Rus- sell Dent; fifth row Nadine Klott, Paul Ince, Phyllis Lock, Mary Kliethermes, Pat Kriegshauser, Keith Hughes, Steve Grant; sixth row Danny Hinrichs, Mark Jolly, Gary Weller, Mike McCartney, Dan Saale, Dale Schlotzhauer, Bret Appleton Wice presidenn; seventh row Jim McElwain, Nasser Ziadeh, Tim Zinnecker mresidentL Terry Hartwig. .f- u uni," " I 'r ' 3 - . '3 . . 3 ; I ' innit?! x . . x, , ., j .f, ReligiouVDepartmental Groups 27 1 1. Alpha Eta Rho Wrofessional Avi- ation Fraternitw-held Christmas ban- quet; sponsored le-ln" at the airport; held spring banquet; front row Heft to righU Wayne Murrell, Peggy Quigg, Ken Klauburg, Phyllis Shanks; second row Sharon Greeley, Kate Hopkins, Tina Bradford, Sandy Leonard, Robert Mock bponsork third row Fred Schieszer bponsorL Jim Parran, Tony Brewer Wice presidenU, Jack Klein mresidentL Mark Van Sickle, Phillip Holman Becretaryk fourth row Roger Mason, Neal Nielsen, Mike Todd, Jim Enix, Jim Wedua; fifth row John Cal- vert, Kenneth Loesing, Greg Bockelman HistorianL Rodney Hightower, Glenn Gibson, Kaiser Ranman. 2. American Chemical Society - held annual spring awards banquet; recognized outstanding freshman and senior chemistry students; sponsored field trip; front row Heft to righD Melis- sa Musgrave, Debbie Wilson, Angela Bardsley; second row Alice Clark, Peg- gy Leibrand, Glenna Sallee, Marianne Patino; third row Dennis Faulk Spon- sorL Linda Painter, Cheryl McConnell mresidentx Chuck Myers Wice presi- dentL Dave Woltkamp; fourth row George Lord, Dale Cooper, Allen Brush, Wesley Russ. 3. American Driver Traffic Safety Education Association -sponsored gDriving Rodeo" for high school stu- dents; held Senior Day activities within the Department of Safety; front row deft to righw Nancy Simmons bponsorL Julie Boan, Michelle Terhune measur- ed, Kathy Locke, Sandra Nicholson; second row Susan Whitmer, Dorothy Story, Greg Thomas, William Ludwig, Bruce Lyon; third row Robert Ulrich GponsorL John Germann, Gene Bauer, Terry Elwell, Gerald Hunton bponsork fourth row John Montgomery EponsorL Kelly Young, Bryan Hursman mresi- dentL Dennis Jones hpcnsorL Larramie Crumpley. 272 Departmental Groups ,n.;... '5" . 4. American Institute of Interior Designers -attended Home Show at Bartle Hall; sponsored guest speakers; sponsored field trips to interior design firms; front row Heft to rith Lynne , Browning, Lesa Johnson Secretarw, . Amy Evans, Laurie Milisitch, Wendy ; Pinne, Reza Ahmadi bponsork second ' : row Jan Laskey HreasurerL Ellie Eisterhold, Linda Jaeger, Karen Schreiner mresidenU, Monica Billesbach, Debora Richardson; third row Cora Haoser, Suzy Luzader, Judy ,. Young, Dianna Sneeder Wice presi- I denH. 5. American Marketing Association -held annual banquet; sponsored Business Day; attended AMA National Convention in New Orleans; front row Heft to righU Karen Ford, Gina Barnhart, Karen E. Harms, Ellyssia ' Rogers mistoriam, Martha Caine; sec- ond row Lisa Gilbert becretaryL Denise Deverter, Tammy Darling, Wendy Melcher, Nancy Staude, Ann Morton Wice presidenU; third row Paula Mahoney, Jenny Nowicki, Kim Smith, Mindy Thompson, Bonita Trigg, Holly Hatfield; fourth row Peggy Lake, Mi- chelle Mahoney, Carolyn J. Lehenbauer, Chris Jackson, Jana Sisk; fifth row Paul Coles UreasurerL Karen Slater, Annette Stroke, Teresa Stimach, Kevin Heil mresidenth Dan Wehmeyer; sixth row Andrew Persley, Deanna Fidler, Julie Jackson, Pam Drake, Gary Willis; seventh row Brad Sharpe BponsorL Larry Haase Spon- sorL Jerry Willis, Joe Fischer, David Jerome. 6. American Society for Industrial Security w-presented ASlS display in the Union exhibiting security hardware and maintenance; attended ASIS meet- ing in Kansas City; sponsored guest speakers; front row Heft to rith Cathy Holmes, Stephanie Curtright Secretary- treasurerL Bob Hill, Barbara Masinia; second row Daryl Brown, Mark Groppe, Russell Alff; third row E. K. Woods Sponsod, Esco Taylor bponsorL Danny Duval mresidenw Departmental Groups 273 1. American Society for Safety En- gineers -sponsored monthly presen- tations by speakers; cosponsored the School of Public Services annual awards banquet; front row Heft to right Raymond Frieszell, Jim Robison, Tom Burmeister, C. Saran; second row Robert Semonisck bponsod, Roland Vance, Donald S. Ward Jr., Stephanie Curtright, William Ludwig, Sonny Sivak; third row Merville Meverden bponsorL Dave Smith, Scott Gilmore, Daryl Brown, Mike Baker, Scott Chap- man; fourth row Robert Dunn, Terri Foster, Gregg Panus, Kathy Locke, Bruce Lyon; fifth row Richard Tossell bponsod, James Lewer Jr., Eric John- son, Chris Laclede, Joe Rosenbeck, Keith Klinger. 2. Association for Childhood Edu- cation - sponsored hayride for Head Start children; picnic in the spring; sponsored guest speakers on topics dealing with children; front row Heft to righd Lynette Miller, Joyce Webb, Terri Whitmer becretaryL Lisa Willoughby, Renee Wolf; second row Lisa Andrews, Terri Lovell, Kelly Sulli- van, Donna Brinkoetter; third row Caroline Dewitt, Sherry! Dick Wice presidentL Lisa Qualls mresidentL Sherry Tittone HreasurerL Kathleen Ranson $ponsorl 3. Associated General Contractors of America sponsored field trips to various construction sites; met with per- sonnel representatives of major con- struction firms; sponsored guest speak- ers; front row Ueft to righU Jack Landers bponsorL Joe Greaves Moe 274 Departmental Groups a' 9X mm W! presidend, Tom Lewis, Philip Daniel hreasurerL Darrell Goth, Vincent Oxley bponsorh second row Jody Case wresi- dentL Tim Batz, Greg Streiff, Harold Coots. 4. Association of Social Work Stu- dents -held Christmas party for nurs ing home; sponsored clothing drive in January; visited a nursing home once a month; front row Heft to right Sherri Chambers, Debbie Lomax, Robin Lisenbe, Melanie Witter; second row Denise Allred, Dori Moore sponsor Sally Cullerton $ponsorl 5. Association of Student Industri- al Hygienists -to improve scholar- ship and quality of work in the profes- sion; to encourage greater professional cooperation; to further the professional preparation of student members; front row Ueft to righ$ Jim Robison, Craig Lecce, Nancy Shockley, Stefan Teles; second row Jim Hughes, Jerry Grindstaff, Mitzi Brownfield bponsorL Wayne Merrell; third row Tim Batz, Kevin Moore, Mike Baker, Mike Hampy, Mike De Jaeger. v 6. Central Missouri Agriculture Club built agriculture float; held ag- riculture banquets; sponsored field trip; front row Ueft to rith W. W Bushmeyer bponsork Cindy McFerrin, Debbie Luellen, Ron Russell, Delores Schutte, Vicke McKenzie becretaryL Bambi Corlew; second row Mike Leetch, Brad Kidd, Ed Hesse, Jerry Foster, Tommy Cook, David Cain, Har- old Van Cleave bponsork third row Barry Booth, Randy Mauzey, Paul Freund, Terry Yokeley, Gary Bell, Gene Hayes, Luther Hendrix Departmental Groups 275 1. CMSU Players Hheatrd sbuilt float for Homecoming parade; members directed and designed Mainstage pro- ductions; held awards banquet; front row Ueft to righU Mary Ann Friedrich, Jane Overbey, Robin Williams, Jerry Mueller; second row Jeanette Purkey mistoriam, Keli Rodgers Wice presi- dentL Mitzi Brown spresidentL Mindy Turnquist HreasurerL Debbie Chiles becretaryk third row Barb Ewing, Tom Crain, Cindy Johnson, Mark Ray, Tim Scalet; fourth row Paula Foster, Susan Schuber, Lisa Duncan, Bobbi Lietzke, Mike Callaway; fifth row Hank Hollingsworth, Crystal Kuhlman, Kris Snoble, Karen Dickey, John Harrison. 2. Council for Exceptional Children -held Exceptional Children,s Week; sent children to special Olympics; spon- sored various field trips; front row Geft to righQ Kim Green, Karen Anders, Mary Shaughnessy, Tammy Pickett Secretary treasurerL Janet Brown, Becky Bowles, Deanna Eklof; second row Mary Buckmen, Merle Bowers, Beverly Siron, Patricia Blevins, Sandra McCaskey, Lana McMahill, Patricia Dominque, Brenda Lugert; third row Cindy Pearson, Jeanne Garrison, Nan- cy Crates, Marla Fitzgerald, Shirley Needham smembershipL Lisa McMurray; fourth row Tim Riekena, Marie Jefferson, Susan Pickering, Tami Elledge spresident elects, Jan Gray, Carrie Yazel; fifth row Rodger Blaine, Lisa Taliaferro, Nancy Robb, Julie Reece mublicityx Lori Hicks. 3. Dance Club -performed at the state dance concert during the Missouri Association for Health, Physical Educa- tion, Recreation, and Dance Conven- tion; traveled to area schools for lec- ture demonstrations and concerts; held spring dance concert; front row Heft to rights Jamie Aiken bponsorL Gemecia Hayes, Angie Kraft, Linda Cockrell, Yvonne Walker; second row Clarence Blue, Genny Wilver, Tara Roark, Linda Schulz, Breggie James, Wendy Bestman; third row Chris VanDeventer, Joan Dolan, Debbie Atwood, Rochelle Cornell, Cheryl McFadden, Delores Plunk bponsorh fourth row Terry Robison, Karl Williamsen, Paul Walker, Luis Mercado, Matt Cook, David Rob- erts. 4. Delta Sigma Pi Professional Busi- ness Fraternitm-desk blotters; spon- sored second place walking entry in the Homecoming parade; sponsored keynote speaker for Business Day; front row Heft to rights Jim Camp, Pat Donovan, Cynthia Schepers, Theresa Adams, Nancy Gregory, Richard T. Valleroy, Chris Arnold, Julie Holmes; 276 Departmental Groups "' .31! 'fHU ll HUNT??? second row Steve Luebrechl, Anita 1 Rincker, J.J. Wood, Joyce Willis, Linda Werneke, Cindy Treu, Donna Call, Scott Dieckgraefe, June Wildschuetz; third row Dusty Dahmer, Gerald Schuster, Susan Balsiger, Eileen Moore, Danita Guilford, Amy Grothaus, Tracy Darby, Denise DeWitt, Lynn Maters, John Virgo mresidentL Bernard Irmen; fourth row Teresa Brence, Sue Winebright, Mark Gordon, Denise Wempe, Jill Griffin, Lisa Weber, Gary Knapp; fifth row Jim Holmes, Paul Ince, Chris VanDeventer becretaryL DeeAnn Clark, Dana Graham, Sheila Buster, Danny Hinrichs, Tim Miller, ,K Cheryl Resendahl, Andy Clark; sixth row Mark Jolly, Sherri Careswell, Na. dine Klott Wice president professional activitiesL Daytha Frink, Jim Frederick, Cheryl Gronberg, Ralph Andrade, Jim Baldwin, Erick Henley; seventh row Brad Young, Wilbur Theilbar bponsod, Patty Wildsr' 1etz, Lori Liston Wice president phage educationL Randy Giebler benior vice presidentL Denise Vandersteen, Dennis Long, Matthew Burkemper, James Simmons. 5. Delta Tau Alpha Mgriculture Stu- denm-sponsored agriculture career days; helped recruit agriculture stu- dents for CMSU; participated in Na- tional DTA Convention; front row Heft to rith David Pearce WresidentL Mark Curp Measured, Delores Schutte becretaryL Robin Boydston; second row Ron Russell, Densil Allen hponsod, Mike Leech, Brenda Smith; third row Dave Ewing, Ed Hesse, Doug Kizer, John Roseburrough. 6. Data Processing Management Association attended student DPMA meeting in Kansas City; sold calendars and biorhythm charts each term; sponsored field trips; front row Heft to rith Barb Farris wresidenG, Donna Schreier, Karen LaJaunie, Bill Kendall, Sherry Mitchell, Judy Officer, Judy Finger, Karen Hoffman, Rosie Kintz, Tracy Darby; second row Michia Ragan, Karolyn Ware, Cheryl Lybarger, Diane Swalander, J. J. Wood UreasurerL Gerald Schuster, Princess Barchers, Jane Bucks Spon- sork third row Cindy Hicks, Ruth Weathers, Brett Garrett, Janet Liquie, Devena Hardwicki, Georgia McKinzie, Lise Shipley, Peggy McLain; fourth row Diane Rapper, Debbie Soendker, Kristie Hull $ecretaryL Debbie Coble, Barbara Luechtefeldj Mike Durbin, Russell Alff, Janet Cowger kponserk fifth row Ken Jackson, Dennis Hall, Jackie Brown, Amy Cox, Kent Miller, Stephen Haz'vey, Glenn Seley, Dale Eldridge, Greg Rotert. i Departmental Groups 277 73 1. Distributive Education Associ- ation -judged State DECA High School Competition locally and at the Lodge of the Four Seasons; held facul- ty coffee at Christmas; organized Jay,s Sport Shop,s window displays; front row Heft to righ$ Bill Garber GponsorL Don Boyer, Nancy Hunter, Sherri Funk, Greg Hoffman mresidentx sec- ond row Cindy Hanman, Crissy Brad- ley, Maria Rathert, Terri Dawson, Lau- ra King; third row Ron Rugen, Dalnita Lutjen Measured, Stephen Evans 0e- porterL Kim Callow, Rob Eckhoff. 2. Finance Club -sponsored field trips; had guest speakers; recognized the top student in finance; front row Heft to right Terry Nibarger mresi- denU, Barb Nilges, Karen Bollinger Moe presidenG, Dave McLaren Epon- sork second row Leslie Grow bdvisod, Lauree Britt, Carla Stanton, Pat Tucker; third row Mark Jolly, Wilbur Thielbar, Rob Scheve. 3. Flight Team participated in NIFA Regional Competition at Stillwater, Oklahoma; received three first-place trophies and one third-place regional trophy; participated in NIFA National Competition at Monroe, Lou- isiana; front row Heft to riglm Peggy Quigg, Dave Galegor, Ken Klauburg, Lisa Howard; second row Lisa Appelbaum, Steve Smetana, Jim Bumgarner bponsod, Jack Klein; third row Roger Mason koacm, Rodney Hightower, Greg Bockelman, Phillip Holman. 4. French Club -sponsored field trips to French restaurants; held a 278 Departmental Groups vhm. 5.. 1?? . 3... group dinner featuring French dishes; held Ba! Masquia, a costume party, to celebrate Mardis Gras; front row Heft to righU Diane Edmonds, Glenda Glazebrook, Diana Fox, Ruth Doyle BponsorL Marie-Francoise Boussiron; , second row Emmanuel Cabezas, Su- zanne Ramey, Darinda Cleckner, Bonnie Sachs; third row David Reyn- olds Secretary treasurerL Cathy Nalivaiko, Mary Biber, Liza Bautista, Jean-Robert Hedouin. 5. Geography Club sponsored road rally; float trip; sponsored field trip; front row Heft to righU Jeff King, Cheryl Adams ureasurerL Norm Fry; second row Jeff Maddox, Rochelle Cor- nell; third row Mark Zans, Karen Kline mresidenU, Randy Phillips Bponsod, Reynold Tomes Wice presidenU, 6. Graphic Arts and Commercial Art Association GRACOMAAL- promotes teamwork among Commercial Art and Graphic Art majors; sponsored field trips; served as an advertising me- dia for CMSU; front row Heft to righd Michelle Estill mresidenu, Gary Wooldridge Wice presidentL Laurie Kirk becretaryL John Shelton hreasur- ed, Sue Enke wublic relationsk second row Linda McPheeters, Lisa Sixta, Su- san Witherell, Ruth Limo; third row Tony Millstead, Michelle Sixta, Michealle Baird, Kathy Beck; fourth row Karl Sollmann, Karla Peterie, Lorri Clark, Suzanne Sullivan; fifth row Mark Bischel, Larry Meeker, Clara Meyer, Linda Natho; sixth row Mike Campbell, Bart Etzenhouser, Tom Pandolfo. Departmental Groups 279 1. History Club-competed in Col- lege Bowl; held annual spring picnic; sponsored guest speakers every month; front row Heft to righU Brent M. Lampton, Richard E. Barnes, Vickie K. Heckman; second row Peter Viscusi bponsorL Guy Wilson Mce presidentL James Burns, Anita Ewing mresidenth i 2. Horticulture Club sponsored spring trip; participated in Agriculture Department dinner; held plant sales in the Union; front row Heft to rith Joan Putman, Neva Kamper, Peggy Parks, Gina Lemmon, Judy Gatzemeyer Grea- surerk second row R. B. Flood hpon- 50H, Randy Mauzey Nice presidenO, John Allred, John Roseburrough wresi- dentL Steve Solomon. f m 3. Industrial Arts and Technology 3 Club -sponsored field trips; made . fraternity and sorority pledge paddles; held a steak fry in the spring; front row Heft to rith James Hepting, Col- V . leen O Rourke Mce presidenO, Melody "H 1K ' Waller, Laura Peuster HreasurerL Erin l Edmunds, Kirk Bohanan mresidentk second row Ted Nicoll, Jim Robison, Linda Wheeler, Lisa Worthley Secre- m 1 tarw, Virginia Eslinger, Laurie Barnett, 1 Dave McCandless; third row Robert Ohrenberg bponsorL Jerry Richter A ; hponsorL Lori Wadleigh, Jeff Harrison, 3v Robert Newman, Harold Coots; fourth 1 33 row Rodger Bowman, Mark Kelchner; j, : Rick Bain; fifth row Gary Deppe, Dan Meyer, Roy Schache, Scott Wolthuis, . Melvin Grossman, Norman Scott. ,1 4. Institution of Electrical and r: , Electronics Engineers Electronics 1,1 Majom-sponsored field trip to King Radio in Olathe, Kansas; participated on intramural bowling team; held annu- al banquet; front row Heft to righ'd Hal Sappington $ponsorL Bill Duncan area- surerL Jan Murray, Craig Meyer, Tom 280 Departmental Groups VanNess, Mahmood Rahman; second row George Most khairmam, Rodney Kallenberger, Mark Gray, Ron Rogers, Larry Shew, Bill Perry; third row Jim McDonald, Wiley Potter, Mike Manos, Kim Potter becretarw, Ken Ruzicka, Ed Anthony. 5. Kappa Kappa Kappa Wursing Ma- jor9-held Senior Banquet; sponsored nursing leaders speakers; had convoca- tion; front row Heft to righU Rose Malzner, Dawn Irons, Blanca Vallejo, Anna Rohlfing, Susan Viebrock, Linda Becker, Fran Chrysler Mce presidentL Sheron Crutchfield, Lisa Banner; sec- ond row Sherry Batson, Kathy Droege, Laurie Holman, Jana Dickmeyer, The- resa Mallen, Susan Bay, Janet Whit- tler, Mary E. Young Gponsork third row Cindy Presley, Valarie Whitworth, Lori Mays, Mary Anne Coskey, Debbie Smasal, Nancy Powell; fourth row Julie Cochell, Pam Bischof mresidentx Susan Cass, Susan Riddle hreasurerL Pam Burch; fifth row Karla Townson, Sheila Parker, Sunny Zangara, Kim Walsh, Janice Martens, Lisa Paul. 6. Lambda Alpha Epsilon mriminal Justice Associatiom sponsored law en- forcement observance day; held annual banquet; issued scholarships to students majoring or minoring in a criminal jus- tice field of study; front row Heft to righ$ Gloria Rodick. Donna Blaylock, Sharon Sprengel, Christy Cook, Rober- ta Parsons, Janet Olson becretaryk second row Lisa Haworth, Sybil Prost hreasurerL Steve Cottle, Shawn McCarver mresidentk third row Cindy Grob, Michael E. Wiggins bponsod, Robert Hill. Jerry Cassaday, Sheila Vessar; fourth row Richard Eyler, Ter- ry Borcherding Sergeant 0f armsL Chris Budke Wice presidenU, Mike Vaughn. Departmental Groups 281 A wv-" ,.. H M 1. Missouri State Recreation Ma- jor's Society sponsored Summer Job Mart; sponsored Tennis Happen ing; attended Missouri Park and Recreation Association conference; front row Heft t0 righU Susan Carter, Pat Martinez, Jenny Sprigg mresidenH, Sarah Carter, Sharon Thompson; sec- ond row Bob McMillin, Bill Fricke, Johnnie Deck, Michelle Moore, Karen Tinnin Wice presidenU, LaWanda Smallwood; third row Dr. Lyle B. Bea- ver Sponsod, Randy Mauzey, Kevin Douthit HreasurerL Petra Brown, Anne Celis, Jim Clevenger. 2. Music Educators National Con- ference wsponsored guest speakers; participated in the Missouri Music Edu- cators convention; sponsored observa- tion field trips; front row Ueft to righn Jay Nixon, Alison Brockhan, Sandy Rose, Jana Crackel, Sherry Schwinn, Andrea Crabtree, Susan Zink; second row Annette Barr, Kameha Underwood, Marlene Beasley, Ava Lanius, Tammie Hoehn, Mary Kuester, Nixie Nicholas; third row Denise Ston- er, Debbie Jackson mresidentx Sami Henry, Mary Holsten, Delores Kroll, Annette Goodwin, Yvonne Walker; fourth row Maryann Campbell, Jeff Sandquist, Liz Henderson, Karen Whithaus, Lisa Stanley, Sally Kirchhoff, Laurie Riekhof, Mark Keeney; fifth row Rusty Lewis, Eric Smith, Lola Southard, Jim Popejoy, Cynthia Miller, Greg Witte Mce presidentL Julie Pope, Kim Burnett; sixth row Tom Moran, Anne Stewart, Robert Stewart Spon- sorL David Robinson becretary-treasur- erL' David Danley, Cynthia Vaughn, Jesse Penley. 3. National Association of Jazz Educators concession sale for Jazz Festival, sponsored improvisation ses- sions; front row Heft to rith Mark Schondelmaier, Sherry Schwinn, Jeff Vick, Delores Kroll becretaryk Nixie Nicholas; second row Jeff Sandquist, Debbie Jackson, Eric Smith, Susan Zink hreasurerL Donna Overton; third row Mark Hauth, Jay Nixon, Mike Marx, Carrie Clothier, Tom Price; fourth row Rusty Lewis, Dave Price, Raymond Walter; fifth row Dave Gravatt, John Reichert mresidentx John Volker. 4. National Speech and Hearing Association fall picnic; spring ban- quet; Ghoul Gram Sale; front row Heft to rith Renee Wolf, Lisa Andrews, 282 Departmental Groups Sheree Webber, Kim Stevens, Julie Wallis mresidenn, Christi Griffey, Sherri French, Julie Hord, Jill Shewmaker, Judy Bartshe Ureasurerk second row LaDonne Buck, Laura Hord, Beth Pfenenger, Kay Ostrander, Tammy Deuschle, Annette Cook, Diane Gardner, Karen Keyser, Marilynn Schmidt SponsorL Liane Duvall; third row Jo Finney, Janet Hollingsworth, Teresa Nichols, Leslie Rigg, Carol Buehler becretaryL Michelle McLaughlin, Terrie Kerksiek, Lois Wil- son, Don Tibbits bponsod f 5. PEM Club Physical Education Ma'- - joxw-participated in Homecoming; at- tended MAHPERD convention; spon- sored American Heart Association Jump-a-thon; front row Heft to right Karen Demeyer, Pat Callahan, Leigh Smith, Mona Sanders Second vice presidenn, Sherry Fiala, T.J. Woods wresidentL Teresa Pirog, Denise Craig, Debbie Glaser, Debbie Reves Hirst vice presidenn, Linda Ernst, Gina Richards; second row Teyese Rankin, Norma Robinson, Suzy Barcomb, Lynette Jar- vis, Brent Barber, Judy Kloeppel, Lin- da Reinisch, Beth Ferro, Rose Thannon, Susan Bolden, Susan Shackleford; third row Rick Vemmer, Rick Orthwein, Lisa Vinning, Teera Ar- nold, Susan Albrecht, Amy Merritt Ureasurerk fourth row Susan Wood, Mike Hunt, Jill Smith, Kim Rhoad, Pat- ty Klingel, Myrna Blain, Julie Boan, Karen Johns; fifth row Judy Weese, Mary Jo Felger, Unknown, Tammy Sparks, Laurie Siegrist, Joni Block, Monda Reynolds, Mary Patterson, Nan- cy Berry, Mike Payne, David Thomp- son; Sixth row Joanie Heindrick, Bob Tomkins, Elois Pelton, Del Duncan, John Hutchinson, John Germann, Nan- cy Bickel, Pam Cole, T. J. Baldock, Charles Riley. 6. Pershing Rifle Company ushered Mules home football games; had revelle and retreat every Thurs- day; tactical operations team; front row Heft to righU Captain Nick Nichols BponsorL Bambi Hope becretary-trea- surerL Cindy Daniels, LL Ed Swisher bponsork second row Linn Carper, John Kirkbride mresidentx Ed Hendrix, Gail Moeller; third row Greg Shrout, Theresa Shissler, West Critz, Richard Dixon haublic relationsk fourth row Petra Brown Mce presideno, Richard Bethel, Lee LeBlanc. Greg Leimbach, Jim Mahan. I Departmental Groups 283 1. Personnel Management Associ- ation-monthly businessbpeaker meet- ings; attended monthly PMA ASPA meetings in Kansas City; money mak- ing projects; front row Heft to right Grace Pearson, Debbie Enke Measur- erL Doug Reynolds, Linda Raymer, Ju- lia Baskin; second row Rosalie Jagels, Melinda Sander, Julie Moerer wresi- dent y Lisa Weber; third row William Ludwig, Angela Stomp. 2. Phi Beta Lambda -attended state contests in the spring; promoted free enterprise on campus and in the community; held annual field trip; front row Heft to righG Sheryl Curp, Barb Brooks, Andrea Halvorsom, Lizanne Scott, Sally Scott Mce presidenQ, Greg Higdon; second row Cheryl Vaughn, Margaret Polizzi, Michael McCormick, Ruth Lichte, Doris Backes, Marlene Nilges; third row Donna Schreier, Ka- ren LaJaunie, Carla Stanton, Cindy Hicks, Phyllis Blondefield bponsoxO Mit- zi Turnquist, Joni Hatch, Janeece Lichte Measured Lisa Guy, Angela Thompson; fifth row Pam Drake, Twila Baker, Chris Jackson, David Witte, Larry Jones kponsod; sixth row Diana Castor, Mike Durbin, George Hall, Rus- sell Dent wresidentl 3. Philosophy Club -sponsored dis- cussions of issues having university-wide interest; served as a forum for students to discuss philosophy; front row Heft to righ0 Anna Maria Merritt brasidenn, Jean Ellen Schulik, Ruth Doyle, Kelley Darnell, Debbie Niehaus, Ronald Walk- 284 Departmental Groups .xwmswxxxwm. - spring banquet; front row Ueft to righU er; second row John Shelton, Bill Hilburn, Lynne Kintz Nice presidentL Corbin Fowler bponsod, Amir Sadeghi. 4. Political Science Club spon- sored field trips throughout the year;, held Christmas get-together; sponsoreW James Knapp, James Burns, Robin Umidon, Dawn Roe, Mary Frances Trewett; second row Nathaniel J. Friends Wice presidenU, Jennifer R. Crowley becretaryL Stan J. Greil, Todd Smith, Larry Thompson. 5. Psychology Club sponsored field trips; held banquet; sponsored speak- ers; front row Heft to right Brenda Harfst mresidentL Brenda Aversman, Robin Umidon, Jim Brown; second row Jim Blair Moe presidentL Netta West- cott, Linda Day, Marsha Davidson, Pat Nailen; third row Pete Beard, Lori Haertling BecretaryL Cathy Hammond, Vickie Whalen, Sheryl Potter; fourth row Tom Bachman bponsorL Cynthia Havens, Nancy Cobb, Diana Castor. 6. Public Relations Student Soci- ety of America held PRSSA Ca- reer Day; sponsored trip to TWA in Kansas City; held Halloween party; front row Heft to rith Dan Wurzer, Julie Toner, Terry Stowe, Randy Wat- son mresidenU; second row Bobbie Duncan, Chris Miller, Diane Fisher hreasurerL Tina Smith, Patty Morris Wice presidentk third row Ferrell Ervin, Tami Lyon becretarw, Kim Coxe, ' Cheryl Minor, Ivette Arango. I Departmental Groups 285 ... .. -....., v...h....-i- l. SHEA Home Economic$-spon- sored White Breakfast at Christmas; held spring banquet; presented Out- standing Home Economist award; front row deft to rith Kelly Collings, Jill Nolte, Marlyn Eklund; second row Pau- la Walden, Regina Schott, Dianne Hess, Sharon Pohlman, Mary Iffrig, Trudy Campbell; third row Paula Bounds Moe presidenD, Martha Caine mresidentx Tante Beauchamp, Karen Gilbert, Sharon Swearingin, Rita Arni Measured, Carol Voris; fourth row Cin- dy Crase, Nadene Galbrecht, Eva Aspergren bponsorL Carla Snyder, Peggy Lake, Sandy Thomson; fifth row Renee Railsback, Sydney Diehl, Pam Taff, Julie Jackson, Amy Pickerel, JoAnn Fennessey, Mark Sells Wice presidenn, Karen Ford. 2. Society of Physics Students held picnics; sponsored field trips; sponsored speakers on physics-related subjects; front row Heft to rith Tom Hippensteel, Sheryl Dillingham, David E. Harris wresidentL Danny Baker Mce presidenQ, Mark Dudley Secre- tary-treasurerk second row Donald Mill- er BponsorL Bryan Cochran, David Bowling bponsorL Calvin Hiebert, Wes- ley Russ. 3. Sigma Delta Chi Society of Pro- fessional Journalists attended national conference; sponsored professional speakers in journalism; raised money for journalism scholarships; front row Heft to rith Rose Gorman, Beth Bry- ant GecretaryL Colette McCarthy; sec. 0nd row Peggy Meinders, Anna Fantasma, Karen Rowe, Russell Dent measured; third row David Eshelman, , Kuldip Rampal kponsorL Brent Martin mresidend, Jim Dean. 286 Departmental Groups 4. Sociology Club-held book sale; had orientation for sociology majors; sponsored field trip; front row Ueft to righO Kathy Ensign, Steve Ciafullo, Su- san Sappington, Melvin Cole; second row Pam Gates, Ywh-Fiang Lin, Carson Carter, Idris Sharif, Scott McRae. 5. Spanish Club-sponsored Latin, 'American Week; held authentic Span- ish and SpanishAmerican dinners; sponsored culture activities such as field trips, seminars, and speakers; front row Heft to rigfm Sheila Watkins, Karen Gilbert, Jerry Moore, Cathy Perrou; second row Esther Avila $ecre- tary treasurerL Stella Saunders, Cathy Nalivaiko mresidentL Beatrice West, Betty Alvis, William Hauser bponsork third row Jean-Robert Hedovin, Denise Jennison Wice presidenH, Dalsy Brown, Linda Natho mublicityL Angela M. Wergin, Edvardo Del Castillo bponsorl 6. Speech Communications Society sponsored the interviewing counseling session at the Placement Center; held spring banquet; sponsored speakers and films; front row Heft to righd Mary Maricic Measured, Cheryl Horan haresidenU, Sue Ann Roling, Rita Franken, Paul Davis; second row Karolyn Yocum bponsorh Angela Stomp, Robert Farr, Mary Jo Curto, Judy Whittelsey; third row Vanessa Haskins, Jane Palermo, Ruth Fallen Wice presidenU, Vicki Rehm; fourth row Mike Short, Cathy Kuebler, Clifton Adams bponsorL Bob Crews, Craig Kerr; fifth row Joe Walsh, James Floyd SponsorL Jerry Winsor bponsod, Dan Curtis bponsorl Bernard Irmen. Departmental Groups 287 1. Student Missouri State Teachers Association -participated in chil- dren,s literature festival; restored the education museum in the library; vis- ited area schools to promote future teacher organizations; front row Heft to rith Donna Rahrobi BecretaryL Rose Forck, Cindy Burns, Jana Green, Angela Russo wresidentL Joyce Webb, Dawn White mistoriam, Ellen Brown, Becky Bowles, Kelly Sullivan, Diane Lukenbill, Dorothy Drake; second row Shela Snyder Bponsod, Angela Martin, Lynette Miller, Karen Gilbert, Brenda Oesterly, Lisa Willoughby, Nancy McGraw, Lora Heckemeyer, Kathleen Schanzmeyer, Cindy Layman, Cindy Pearson; third row Vicki Jennison, Connie Former Wice presidentL Na- dene Galbrecht, Rodney Iuchs, Glenda Seelinger, Beth Henry, Carmelle Chiles, Elaine Curtis, Judy Kleoppel, Caroline Dewitt; fourth row Karen Thomas, Mary Rost, Janet Allison, Cin- dy Page, Susan Pickering, Beth Tankersley, Annette Aufderheide, Rick Ami, Kathy Davis, Pat Daugherty, Wil- liam Peter hpcnsork fifth row Kim Chadwick, Nancy Robb, Michael Cline, Debbie Thoenen, Shirley Needham, Sue Walters, Teresa Stoner, Susan Shephard, Cece Lutgen, Karen Sand- ers; sixth row Tim Riekena, Betty Thurman, Judy Harper, Charity Dey. 2. Student Reading Council of IRA -provided tutoring for elementary school students; sponsored field trips to various schools; provided demonstra- tions of difficult reading approaches; front row Heft to rith Elizabeth Spills, Margaret Kennedy, Mike Cline measur- erk second row Shirley Needham, John Dey, Susan Pickering mresidenb; third row Janet Allison, Debbie Thoenen becretaryL Glen Anderson bponsorl 3. CMSU Amateur Radio Club started group projects; improved sta- 288 DepartmentaUGeneral Groups l tion with new equipment; held Spring Day; front row Heft to rith Craig Testerman mresidenQ, Clark Homoly Bponsork second row Curtis Jung, George Most. 4. Chess Club -met every week in the Union and played chess; participat- ed in several tournaments; played com- ' puter chess; front row Heft to right Don Hopkins, Gary DeWitt; second row Tim Comfort Mce presidentL Ed Har- ris, Curtis Norris. 5. Chinese Student Organization -held picnic in September; sponsored two Chinese culture nights; had Chi- nese banquet; front row Ueft to r'ighd Jennie Ong Wang, Sue-Ching Chang, Chen, Glendy L. C. Kang, Wei-nan, Lu, Amy Chieuh, Huichao Chang, Fu- yann-duh, Chiao-Yu Chou, Jannie Huang, Ann-pei Nancy Fu, Ying Ying Tsai; second row Lichuan Kao, Chin- Cheng Jen, Ai-Li Kung, Yu-Wen Wan, Caroline Ling Shu, Shiao-Li Hu, Yung Pyng Tong, Chiourong Huang, Ling Mei Huang, Pin-Ching Yuan; third row Tai-Fu Shiau khairmanL Kwang-Chi Yao, Linan Hu, Kane Wang, Jane Wang, Ai-Lan Yuan; fourth row Abel Huang, Nai Yu Chen, Fu Ying Dang, Lin Chien Yang, Ling-Hsiao Lee, Ari- Chi Feng, ShuChing Deng; fifth row Wen-Tso Chen, Mina Shen Tang, Chi- Han Hsu, Yuh-Jia Grace Ma, Tai-Hna Chow, Yiau-Chung Tsai, Chou Chia Lun, Ko-Fei Tang, Tsui Tzu Hsu. 6. Collegiate 4-H Club -held ser- vice projects for March of Dimes and West Central Missouri Mental Health Center; had recreational activities; held spring recognition banquet; front row Heft to righU Mary Klein, Annette Aufderheide, Cheryl Vaughn Measur- erL Sydney Diehl Becretaryk second row Mary Jo Felgar, Paulette Jarman, Patty Wildschuetz, Sarah Salyer. General Groups 289 1. Concerned Citizens for Peace- sponsored educational activities con cerning the dangers of militarism and nuclear warfare; served as a political group allowing people in the communi- ty to express their feelings regarding war and peace; discussed and ex- changed ideas for peaceful alternatives to problems; front row Heft to rightt Ruth Doyle tsponsort, Debbie Niehaus tsecretaryt; second row Bud Thompson, Ronald Walker tchairpersont, Steve Ciafullo; third row Corbin Fowler tspon- sort, Jud McElwee tsponsort, B. Hilburn. 2. Dungeons and Dragons-had competition within the University; held competitions with other universities; had special session for the general pub- lic explaining the game of Dungeons and Dragons; front row Heft to rightt Carol Clay Mann, Robin Pope Hackett, James Burns, Mary Ann Friedrich; sec- ond row Michael Mann, Richard White tsecretaryL Mike Shields tpresidentk third row Bob Gregory, Kirsten Hildahl, Angelic Green; fourth row Perry Carter, Jim Kelley, James Chenault tvice presidentt. 3. Grappellettesekept stats at wres- tling tournaments; held pre and post season wrestling banquets; attended home and away wrestling meets; front row Ueft to rightt Bonnie Finder, Bren- da Harfst, Barb Brooks; second row 290 General Groups Cheryl Brown mresidenU, Cindy Nuelle, Linda Higgs, Roger Denker bponsorl 4. Homecoming Committee-front row Heft to rith Shelly Koelling, Erin Edmonds, Debbie Brinkoetter; second row Rick Skaggs, Roger Jackson, Bill Poynter, Kelly VanVleck. 5. India Student Association-par- ticipated in international banquet; cele- brated the Diwali Holiday-Festival of Lights; celebrated other Indian holi- days; front row Ueft to rith Cyrus Nolloseth, C. Saran Eponsod; second row Dhananjay Bopat, Swaminathan Kumar mresidentL 6. International Club-held interna- tional dinner; had cultural nights, dances, and parties; sponsored orienta- tion programs; front row Heft to righO Koong Kai Siak MalaysiaL Liu Lai Ching Wong KongL Elsie D. Dacalos Philippines, treasurerL Wan-Ngarm Suntornsima Whailand, secretarw, Naume Makore Qimbabwek second row Arend JongeVos WetheriandsL Cy- rus Nallaseth Undia, vice presidentL Ruth Limo MenyaL Lee Yeong-Hoon MoreaL Hamzeh Najjar Mordan, presi- denQ; third row Mohammad Aun Zaidi Wakistam, Jim Postlethwait USA, sponsorL Kaiser Rahman Bangladesh Kumar Swaminathan Undiay General Groups 291 rri'u 1. Kourts Club hWomen of Kourtshe established officially on campus during 1980; won first place among interest groups at march down; Saddie Haw- kins dance; spring picnic; front row deft to righ0 Veronica Watson, Jackie Sutton hpresidentk SFC W.F. Foxworth hsponsorL Jolene Herron, Rosalyn Kinchelow; second row Lisa Moore, Deborah Brooks, Gail Mitchell, Kennetha Tisdale. 2. Martial Arts Club etaught stu- dents the aspects of the Martial Arts; held events demonstrating Martial Arts to the campus; participated in various h tournaments; front row Ueft to righth- Arnold Dwaine Hinkle, Dana Dye, hi Craig Testerman hpresidentx Tim Hicks; second row Sharon Greeley, Clifford Ives, Jeff Waechter, Greg Shrout; third row Harold Bowser, Cur- tis Jung, Lisa Bryant, Mark Wesselman; fourth row Jeff Wes- selman, Dave Gudmundson, David Har- ns. 3. Outing Club -went on white wa- ter training trip in the spring; had win- ter program meetings dealing with con- servation topics; primary activities were rock climbing, canoeing, and backpacking; front row deft to righQ Doug OhBannon, Brian Kridelbaugh, Cheryl Collins mresidentk second row Sue Walters, Kelly Sullivan, Karen Jenkins, Michelle Moore; third row Drew Grimm hreasurerL Johnnie Deck, Brian Hoduski Mce presidenH, David Bowling hsponsorL 4. Rodeo Club -held monthly clinics on bullriding, bareback riding and , saddlebronk riding; sponsored a Gilleyhs h Night; presented a rodeo in the spring; front row Heft to righG Susan Chinnery, Sandy Kennedy, Kim McKee Secre- taryL Robin Gaffney, Tina Brown, Diane Cropp, Chris Brake, Dan Colt 292 General Groups HreasurerL Gerald Williams; second row Randy Krahenbuhl, Barbara Wiercinski, Laura Borders, Robyn Boydston, Brenda Harrison, Julie Jereau, Susan Strahan, Lisa Holt, Da- vid Fultz, third row Randy Morrison I Mae presidenn, Debbie Luellen, Rober- ta' Parsons, Beth Rabenau, Anita Ew- ing, Lorri Romine, Stephanie Curtright, Dennis Richter, Peggy Harrison; fourth row Cindy McFerrin, Lisa Paul, Shari McDonald, Gina Reece, Candee Ste- vens, LeAnn Estill, Karla Gamblin, Harold Coots; fifth row Brian Boydston, Kurt Harvey, Brett Garrett, Ken Smith, Rick Bain, Scott Nadler, Jeff Pulliam,; sixth row Sydnei Diehl, Cindy Grob, Lynn Veatch, Rich Boehm, Densil AL len bponsork seventh row Craig Barnett mresidentL Brad Kidd, Lori Steiner, Patty DeOrnellis, Clara Meyer; eighth row Mark Krause, Dave Ewing GponsorL Doug Kizer bponsorx Eddie DeOrnellis, David Ritter. 5. Rugby Club -participated in the Kansas City rugby tournaments; spon- sored local tournament; participated in the St. Louis tournaments; front row Heft to rith John Kesterson, Dennis Richter, Terry Neal, Mike Moore; sec- ond row Jim Young, Tom Fowler, Rich Boehm; third row Greg Smith, Chuck Conwell. 6. Volleyball Club -top contenders in Midwest Intercollegiate Volleyball Association; had annual trip to Hawaii for World Beach Championship; coached by National AAU Junior Olympic All-American Tom Welch; front row Heft to righU Mike Waller Mce presidenO, Ray Barrows Leponsod, Tom Wilson Gecretary-treasurerk sec- ond row Mike Faris, Scott Chapman, Tom Welch mresidenty General Groups 293 1. Women's Rugby Team hwere in the Heart of America tournament in the fall; participated in the St. Louis Womenhs Tournament in the spring; sponsored local tournament; front row Heft to rith Susan Beeman, Jim Cocke hsponsorL Myrna Blaine hsecre- taryL Nancy Robben mresidentL Gail Moeller, second row Martha Scott, Petra Brown, Susan Roaldi, Rose Thoenen Measured, Connie Collins, Spy James Moe presidentk third row Mary Lascuola, Terri Schmitten Mirac- tor of publicitw, Jill Brown, Debbie Carrow. 2. Young Democrats hsponsored float in homecoming parade; had politi- cal speakers on campus; involved stu- dents in the political process; front row Heft to righG Dawn Roe becretaryL Larry Thompson, Susan Sappington; second row Dale Halford areasurerL Jay Lindfors, Gary Lowe; third row Sheri Montgomery, James Sappington Nice presidentL Jeff Slattery hpresi- denth 3. Young Republicans -had state- wide Republican candidates for speak- ers; set up booth to distribute literature and give absentee ballot information; had a homecoming parade entry with state and local candidates; front row Heft to righd Mark Magers, Patrick Strubert, Cindy Keith hsecretary-trea- surerL Stephen Keith Mce presidentL Lisa Willoughby, Greg Higdon; second row James Young hsponsorL Ruth Lichte, Janet Davies, Jan Sharp, Lorie Stome, Diane Greene; third row Todd Smith hpresidentL Jim Blair, Ken Davis, Brad Wesner. 294 General Groups I ??.t' " F2 Gamma Sign a service sorori1 pha Phi OmeS vice fraternity, ed in many acti Gamma Sig1 sponsored Awareness Dag sored the dar thon for Muscu phy With T: Fraternity, an with abused ch Family Services Officers wer Barrett, preside Hildahl, first dent; Jody Ra 0nd vice presic Crase, record tary; Donna corresponding Cynthia Alexar ni secretary; treasurer; Lasswell, histon Hall, parliamen Alpha Ph sponsored UMt escort service 1 brary. They 1 in National S and the Bag Honor Cerem bers of Alpha served as Hc parade marsha Officers w Van Vleck, pr Alen Heady, president; Mil ker, second ' dent; Steven I surer; Bruce historian; SteV sergeant at an ACE F22 Gamma Sigma Sigma, 21 service sorority, and A1- pha Phi Omega, a ser- vice fraternity, participat- ed in many activities. Gamma Sigma Sigma sponsored Women,s Awareness Day, co-spon- sored the dance mara- thon for Muscular Dystro- phy with Theta Chi Fraternity, and worked with abused children with Family Services. Officers were Rebecca Barrett, president; Kirsten Hildahl, first vice presi- dent; Jody Rackers, sec- ond vice president; Cindy Crase, recording secre- tary; Donna Glidewell, corresponding secretary; Cynthia Alexander, alum- ni secretary; Jan Gray, treasurer; Brenda Lasswell, historian; Susan Hall, parliamentarian. Alpha Phi Omega sponsored UMOC and an escort service from the li- brary. They participated in National Service Day and the Eagle Corps Honor Ceremony. Mem- bers of Alpha Phi Omega served as Homecoming parade marshals. Officers were Kelly Van Vleck, president; V. Alen Heady, first vice president; Mike Hawba- ker, second vice presi- dent; Steven Frueh, trea- surer; Bruce Cleaveland, historian; Steve Krispin, sergeant at arms. ACIDSZ Maureen Webster Lisa Weidinger Rebecca White William Peter, Faculty Adviser Jack Viltetoe. Faculty Advisor Gamma Sigma Sigma Cynthia Alexanden Alumni Secretary Sally Baker Rebecca BaHPIL President Tina Bvadlord Dawn Chellis Cindy Cute. Recording Secretary Mary Jo Curio Lory Dill Debi Douglass Denise Douglass Donna Glidewell, Corresponding Secretary Amy Gravan Jan Gray, Treasurer Kim Gullhall Susan Hall. Parliamentarian Kirsten Hildahl. Isl Vice Prelidem Karen Keyner Brenda Lanswell. Historian Donna Lomax Ellen Maloney Jody Backers. 2nd Vice President San Jo Raley Cathy Settle Brenda Stewart Alpha Phi Omega Keith Bax Bruce Cleaveland. Historian Gary Cruse Michael Crane Steven Frueh. Trennuler Gerry Gerry Ira Hacketl Timothy Hahn, Secretary Mike Hawbakei, 2nd Vice President S. Scot! Heady Vi Alan Heady, 1st Vice President Steve Krispin. Sergeant .1 Anna Larry Meniman Scott Meyer Chris Ryan Douglu Schmidt Pele! Schueuler Rnndall Smith Kelly Van Vleck, Pvesidenl Donna Glidewell. Sweetheart Thoma! Bachman, !acully Advilor Clarence Belt. Faculty Advise! Milly Gould. Faculty Adviser Michael Gvelle. Faculty Adviser Service Groups 295 v.1 Mr.-;V XV' "'3, 3 an :5... v;::. .u. -m,.s.,q. . 298 When Greeks are mentioned, often the first thing that comes to mind is partying. Of course, the social aspect of sororities and fraternities is important, but there,s much more to being Greek. For many who found making friends in the dorms or off-campus difficult, Hbecoming; Greek" helped with the problem. The concern that Greeks with- in an organization have toward one an- other is something like a family. This relationship often helps ease homesick- ness. By pulling together and participating in a variety of activities during the year, the sororities and fraternities be- come close-knit groups. Each of the sororities and fraternities sponsor at least one charity event dur- ing the year. These money-making projects include everything from teeter- tottering to pushing wheelchairs to re- leasing hundreds of helium-filled bal- loons. The Homecoming Parade exhibits the resourcefulness of the Greeks as the fraternities show off their floats and the sororities display their walking entries. Greeks also take an active part in the intramural program and each mem- ber must maintain a respectable grade- point average. ED HOFFMAN DAVL WU' W STEVE SCHOEN GLORIA RODICK TROY THOMAS e u." I.- k e e r G STEVE SCHOEN DAVE WOOD Greek Week 1980 was a time for doing things just for the fun of it. Chasing greased pigs. Watching beauty contests. Running races and showing lots of spirit. A new system of awarding points for spirit rather than competiveness brought a new attitude to the traditional week of fun and parties. Scott Osborne, Alpha Kappa Lambda, and Kathy Siebold, Sigma Kappa, were the 1980 Greek Week Chairpersons SPIRIT AWARD Sororities FirsteAlpha Omicron Pi Second-eAlpha Gamma Delta ThirdeSigma Kappa Fraternities First-Phi Sigma Epsilon Second-Sigma Phi Epsilon ThirdeLambda Chi Alpha 1. Greek Week bathing beauties are Ueft to righO Lisa Chappell becondL Ann Wilson Uirsn, and Debbie Gish UhirdL 2. Greg Anderson receives his first place bathing beauty ribbon. Greek Week events include an mud wrestling, 010 greased pig contests, and 6e races. u; 302 AFA Janice Bealty Barb Brooks Pamela Crocker Sherry! Dick Pam Drake Janet Dunn Ellie Eisterhold Gale Falconer Amy Fan Jennifer Fell Julie Heier Kelly Hibdon Ruth Ann lmhoH Julie Jackson Shelley Jelleries Pam Johannigmeier Gaby Jones Joni Kershaw Cindy Kins Kelly Kloser Denise Kukowski Dana Lehane Jana Lilly Jana Linton Terri Lovell Kris Majors Mary Maricic Shari McDonald Linda McPheeters Denna Morgan Teresa Morgan Ann Morton Carol Parsons Tammy Peterson Amy Pickerel Jana Ploeger Lisa Qualls Belle Riggs Gloria Rodick Phyllis Schauffler Sally Scott Roxann Shikles Lynn Short Kandy Simmons Gwen Stanton Colleen Stark Suzanne Sullivan Sherry Titlone Wendy Todd Julie Toner Lisa Walensky Michelle Waltels Debbie Webb Joyce Webb Terri Whitmer Diana Wiles Susan Wood Sheryl Wright Beth Yoder Nancy Yoder The women of Alpha Gamma Delta sponsored several altruistic projects during the year. In the fall, the Alpha Gams participated in an 18-hour teeter-totter-a-thon rais- ing over $800 for their national altruistic project, the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation. They also worked at aid stations during the Macyts Marathon Run in Kansas City. Along with the Sig Eps, the Alpha Gams sponsored a Halloween party for the Warrensburg Head Start Chil' dren. The sorority also sponsored their third annuag skate-a-thon for the Easter Seals Society. The Alpha Gams placed first in scholarship among the sororities on campus. Other activities during the year included parents day, International Reunion Day Winter Formal and the scholarship tea. President ........... Vice President, F Vice President, 5 Recording Secret Corresponding S Treasurer ........... Senior Panhellen Junior Panhellen Sophomore Pant sponsored several he fall, the Alpha -totter-a-thon rais- istic project, the so worked at aid Run in Kansas ams sponsored a Head Start chil- eir third annual y. holarship among vities during the al Reunion Day, Alpha Gamma Delta Officers President ........................................................... Susan Wood ActivitieVAltruism Chairman ............................ Joyce Webb Vice President, Fraternity Education .................. Terri Lovell House Chairman ............................................. Gwen Stanton Vice President, Scholarship ...................... Linda McPheeters Publicity Chairman .......................................... Gloria Rodick Recording Secretary ........................................... Julie Toner Ritual Chairman ............................................. Sheryl Wright Corresponding Secretary ..................................... Sally Scott Membership Chairman ....................................... Sherryl Dick Treasurer ............................................................. Lisa Qualls Rush Chairman .............................................. Sherry Tittone senior Panhellenic Representative .................. Terri Whitmer Social Chairman ........................................ Tammy Peterson Junior Panhellenic Representative ...................... Pam Drake Standards Chairman ........................................ Amy Pickerel Sophomore Panhellenic Representative ........... Pam Crocker PHOTOS BY MIKE BONNOT AFA 303 Evelyn Bryant Phyllis Collins Roche": Cornell VillaJean HnlI . Teal Oglesbv ' Debora Richardson Wanda Taylor Carol Wells Alpha Kappa Alpha carolled and do: Care Center. T projects durin Thanksgiving an and helped rais at Warren Stree Alpha Kappa basketball, Exce walk-a-thon, the Homecoming Pa: The women 0' dy to a day car! a eral charities. TI 51the annual volh Anemia Researcl p ED HOFFMAN Janine Wilson All ,I la The women of Alpha Kappa Alpha Christmas carolled and donated fruit to the Ridgecrest Adult Care Center. They participated in several service projects during the year. The sorority made Thanksgiving and Chirstmas baskets for the needy and helped raise funds for the Childrents Carnival at Warren Street Methodist Church. Alpha Kappa Alpha participated in wheelchair basketball, Exceptional Childrents Week, a 10-mile tz walk-athon, the Jerry Lewis Telethon and the Officers Homecoming Parade. $23333 ................................................ Gir+z2abldg3a12$a The women 0f Alpha Kappa Alpha donated can- Sergeantyefnx'rlrhis':K:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::.--Regina Giorgi: dy to a day care center and raised money for sev- Parliamentarian ........... Wanda Taylor ,t J'eral charities. They sponsored a dance school and Ivy Leaf Reporter ................. t ................ R osalind Brooks ,5' the annual volleyball tournament for Sickle Cell . Anemia Research. ,. ED HOFFMAN Janine Wilson ED HOFFMAN AKA 305 A---.. l n -A EL": Officers President ............................................... Administrative Vice-President ................ Executive Vice-President ....................... Treasurer ............................................... a a House Manager ..................................... Judicial Chairman .................................. Recording Secretary .............................. Lambda ........ Bret Wilson ...... Steve Nowlin ......... Brian Fogle ........ Barry Davis ..... Jim Crawford ...... Rex Griswold Scott Osborne Alpha Kappa Lambda Little Sisters-front row Uefttto rightt Cheryl Bornhop, Debby Dampf, Lynn Johnson, Coleen Lehr, Debbie Miller, Julie Wall; second row Mary Bennett, Annette Cleaver, Sherry Tittone, Sally Scott, Susan Wood, Ruth Ann lmhoff. During 1980-81, the men of Alpha Kappa Lambda sponsored the first Pigskin Passoff. Members carried a football from Warrensburg to Springfield for the Mules football game. The pur- pose was to raise money for the National Kidney Foundation. Nearly $2,000 in donations was raised. The men of Sigma Chapter won 12 of 14 awards at the 23rd National Conclave in St. Louis. The chapter captured the Ideal Chapter award for the third straight year. Jim Van Horn won outstanding undergraduate. Ed Strouth earned outstanding athlete for the second straight year. Spring term was highlighted by spring formal at Tan-Tar-A Lodge. Other spring events included a spring outing and float trip. 306 AKA AGATHA LARSON Bret Wilson Jim Winter Susan Wood. Sweetheart Agathe Larsen. Housemother Joe Alonso Rick Ammons Thomas Ankenbauer Danny Arnold Mike Beaslrom , William Biggerslafl Steve Boehler John Bolin Lowell Brenton l Jim Bruce Manhew Burkemper Danny Chapman Craig Children Tracy Cleaver Jim Crawford Myron Crouch Bob Dablex Ban'y Davis Bill DeBusk Charles Ellis Pat Fizne Brian Fogle John Yogic John Gassman 1 Russell Gaston Steve Goe Rex Griswold Dale Hahne Doug Halter ,' Mike Halter Tom Hanis Kurt Heisler Scott Henson Steven Hines Fred Hoe" Jeff Howard Daryl Huffman Troy Huntley Jim Jewell Ronald Jewell Mark Jolly Rodney Kallenbelger Robert Kipping Doug Knipp Tim Knott Jim Lalamondiet Bill LaVoy Hayden Legaton Robert Martin Rudy May Scon McKnight John Menigan Allan Neil Brad Nelson Terry Nibarger Steve Nowlin Scott Osborne Steve Osborne Lynn Peoples Bill Rankin Ron Richards David Ritchey Bob R0992 Gerald Schuster Dan Shalp Douglas Sharp Ken Sims Richard Skaggs Kevin Sleysler Scott Smith J. DA Sparks David Spencer Kevin Tempel Michael Titlone Richard Vemmey Jamie Walker Ronald Wall James Wallets Gary Weller Michael WHelan AKA 307 9g, Officers President .................................................... Kelley Weight Vice-President ............................................. Jane Palermo Pledge Educator ............................................. Toni Lovell Recording Secretary ................................... Jane Clogston Corresponding Secretary ........................... Linda Weimer Treasurer ................................................. Karen Bollinger Chapter Relations Chairman ...................... Becky Shipley Social Chairman ................................... Cathy Huffendick Fraternity Educator ...................................... Patty Morris Panhellenic Representative ........................... Lauree Britt Philanthropic Co-Chairman ......................... Deanna Fidler Philanthropic Co-Chairman .................. Michele Milosevich Rush Chairman ........................................... Amy Forsythe Scholarship Chairman ............................ Denice Babineau 308 AOH The Delta ' their fourth a Foundation. Warrensburg r The sororit Greek Week 1 Goddess durin one of the To The chapte tions award a1 YTi-JYEIE volleybe airs. ieague Ch i 9'47:le the e Mot - Was ?a The Delta Pi Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi sponsored their fourth annual Rock-a-thon to benefit the Arthritis Foundation. They also went Christmas carolling at a Warrensburg rest home. The sorority won the first place spirit award for Greek Week 1980 and Jane Clogston was named Greek Goddess during the week. Paula Foster was chosen as one of the Top Ten Homecoming Queen finalists. 'The chapter received the Outstanding Public Rela- tions award at their regional meeting. The A0 Pi intra- rhural volleyball team won the all-campus non-competi- tlon league championships. Other activities for the year Included the pledge haunted house with Sigma Phi Epsilon, Mothers Luncheon, Alum Day, the annual Christmas party and Rose Formal at Lake of the Ozarks. Ipha Deniece Babineau Robin Banlzn Annette Beumel Sarah Badenhamzv Karen Bollinger Alisa Booth Gretchen Branstener Lauree Brill Carol Bruce Gayle Burgess Nettie Cecil Jane Clogston Mari Cole Sheri Dieckho" Susan Fessler Tammy Estlll Deanna Fidler Laura Fitzgerald Rebecca Flint Amy Forsythe Paula Foster Cindy Fox Barbara Gabel Jeanna Gagne Beth Gaines Mary Hanaway Sandy Hazell Carol Hoag Beth Hopkins Joni Houx Cathy Huflendick Penny Knick Cathy Kueblzr Donna Lanzon Lori Lee Suzy Lightner Toni Lovell Sheila Miller Michele Milosevich Patty Morris Michelle Nelson Edith Owings Jane Palermo Rhonda Rackets Petree Rein Julie Rogers Linda Roling Sue Ann Roling Lisa Rucku Kim Snleu Pally Schmidt Susanne Semonisck Rebecca Shipley Leslie Shouse Cynthia Sippel Annette Stroke Karen Thomas Martha Tresler Reta Weber Kelley Weight Linda Weimer Laurie White Rebecca Wilkinson Maria Yacom micron AOH 309 310 NM .L , Jimmie Black Michael Bray Nathaniel Friends Kelvin Graves Abayoml Iyewalun Kevin Robinson Lalry Thompson Clalence Turner Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., Zeta Gamma Chapter has the unique distinction of being the first black Greek-letter organization on the CMSU campus. Alpha Phi Alpha helped renovate the old Johnson County Court- house, donated a Thanksgiving basket and co-sponsored the annual spring blood drive. They participated in Homecoming and observed Martin Luther King, Jrfs birthday. Alpha Phi Alpha placed first in the Delta Sig. ma Theta Marchdown. Highlights of the year were the annual Black and Gold Ball and the spring picnic. Alpha Phi Alpha Little Sisters-front row Veda Nelson, Natalie Clay, Tonya Wilkerson, Heft to rightt Shelia Martin, Nadine Bush, Toi LaTina Hergins, Carla King, Pam Moore, Redwood, Janet Donaldson, Roichelle Fry, Shelia Anderson, Connie Carter, Lori Wil' Marsha Northern, Laureen Burbridge, Anita liams, Andrea Young, Charlisa Pride, Leslie Jones, Vanessa Johnson, Tarsha Hooks, Ar- Givahn, Valerie Black. Not pictured: Roxanne thur -Mae Burks, Karen McField, Mary Hall, Byers, Donctella Williams, Michelle Jones, Jackie Montgomery, Darlene Swift; second Iris Dean, Cheryl Parks, and Deidra Lloyd. row Stephanie Beck, Marla Brown, Toi Smith, Michael Williams Natalie Clay. Miss Alpha Phi Alpha a Chapter has the k-letter organization mson County Court mnsored the annual rved Martin Luther 'st in the Delta Sig- Alpha Phi Alpha and Gold Ball and Officers ; President .......................................... Jimmie D. Black Vice-President .................................. Michael W. Bray I . Secretary ...................................... Larry D. Thompson " 5 i Treasurer ..................................... Clarence D. Turner ? Parliamentarian ............. Kelvin Graves a , Dean of Pledges.. ....Nathaniel J. Freinds Social Chairman .. ......... Michael William IX 3 Rush Chairman ............................. Abayomi Iyewarun ' Graduate Advisor ................................. Marvin Oates Historian ............................................. Kevin Robinson MIKE BONNOT I l H I l f y, Tonya Wilkerson, i King, Pam Moore, i Carter, Lori Wil- H arlisa Pride, Leslie 1. t pictured: Roxanne 1 5, Michelle Jones, E d Deidra Lloyd. 1 MIKE BONNOT Adm 311 -A-.A Perry Abbott Debbie Atwood Janet Carney Tracy Chandler Diane Chesnut Diane Crismon Janet Dickmeyer Kim Deluce Terri Dawson Kathy Davis Connie Ferguson Diane Fisher Sophie Focas Karen Gentry Lisa Gilbert Pam Graham Colleen Haag Lori Haenling Denise Hoflman Cheryl Horan Stacy Hughes Barbara Jarrett Helen Jordan Lorna Kemper Debbie Kilp Mary Kinard Denise Knollmeyer Becky Lemon Coleen Lehr Margaret Liggen Nancy Man Patti Martin Maty McDonald Sherie Meek Kelly Minion Carol Morehead Gena Myers Michele O'Kell Nancy Page Trudy Parsons Cheni Pearrnan Trudi Pembenon Donna Pohlman Shanon Pohlman Carol Porter Anna Robertson Danni Robertson Bonnie Sachs Mary Beth Schninker Debbie Sharp Janet Shipp Kathy Stevens Patti Stevens Tresa Taggart Mindy Thompson Susan Walls 1 Twenty new pledges joined Alpha Sigma Alpha; during formal rush. Four Alphas were selected as: Homecoming Queen candidates with Coleen Lehrt chosen as a princess. The Zeta Zeta Chapter of AL? pha Sigma Alpha had the second highest gradet point average among the sororities on campus. Two Alphas were selected to participate in the 1981 Miss Missouri pageant. Alpha Sigma Alpha along with Lambda Chi Alpha sponsored a Hallow. een party at the Higginsville State School. Jeron Weinand Kathy Williams Roz Williamson 1 ! President .......... Vice President.. Secretary .......... Treasurer .......... Parliamentarian Chaplain ........... Social Chairman Rush Chairman. Membership Dir Standards Chair Scholarship Cha Philanthropic Cl Panhellenic Deh Editor ............... P... Alpha Sigma Alpha Officers las weref Selected as President .................................................... Debbie Sharp :5 with Coleen Lehr Vice President ............................................ Cheryl Horan x Zeta Chapter of Al- Secretary ..................................................... Sophie F ocas 1 . Treasurer ...................................................... Kelly Mmton 1, econd thhQSt grade Parliamentarian ............................................. Lisa Gilbert ' . ities on campus. Chaplain .................................................... Diane Crismon 4; to artici ate Social Chairman ......................................... Helen Jordan !; WM, 4 Al ph S-p 121 the Rush Chairman .............................................. Patti Martin Iv p a lgma Pha Membership Director .................................. Colleen Haag . sponsored a Hallow- 5 Standards Chairman .................................. Diane Chesnut :ate School. Scholarship Chairman ................................. Lori Hoertling Philanthropic Chairman ......................... Mindy Thompson Panhellenic Delegate .............................. Sharon Pohlman Editor .......................................................... Bonnie Sachs t i i i i l 1 g 1 .' ABA 313 Alpha Sigma back on campL award at conve award at region They particil Project for emo sored a party a The Alpha 1 Delta Chi Sexy 4 Alpha Sigma T J , , , place in the Contest. j I Highlights of 1 : t: Rose Formal, I I at Chiefs game ; Slngl 314 AET I ' f Alpha Sigma Tau celebrated their third year 17?; back on campus. They received the Top Advisor award at convention and the highest Participation award at regionals. They participated in the National Philanthropy Project for emotionally disturbed children and spon- sored a party at the State School in Higginsville. '; The Alpha Sigma Taus won first place in the . A t: Delta Chi Sexy Legs Contest, second place in the Offlcers " ; Alpha Sigma Tau National Song Contest and third President ................................................... Susan Kipping e I place in the Gamma Sigma Sigma Baby Picture Vice President ............................................... Linda Pohle t; 3, C t t Recording Secretary .............................. Jan Schillermann , t . ones 1 . Corresponding Secretary ........................... Jennifer Jones K : : nghhghts of the year were the sprmg Yellow Treasurer ............................... '. ....................... Dee Bueker I Rose Formal, Alum Appreciation Day and working 1 i at Chiefs games. lvette Arango Paula Arle Ruth Ballard Brenda Bernard Denise Roland Dee Buekex Susan Cass Mickie Cleaver Theresa Comm Roz DeMnu Lin Farmer Teresa Greer Liz Hanna" Elizabeth Hllker Jennifer Jones Lynne Klnu Susan Ripping Cynthia Kunz Sunn Malzner Lynn McCalleny Cheryl McElroy Angle Miller Mary Monl-g Valerie Muller Junie Novcross Kathy Peu-ter Linda Pohle Lisa Ponwood Sheryl Potter Jan Schlllermlnn Cindy Schoeck Binky Smith Tina Smith Carole Smilka Cheryl Soltll Linda Story Teri Wellman Ann Weutcnhaver Cryili Williams Kim Williams Peggy Wolley Jeane Bamford. Faculty Advisor 4 Nancy Cochrant Faculty Adviser t AZT 315 The women c to benefit the sold Christmas Christmas Tree Dorcas Hink Queen candida1 lights for the with the men oi Christmas party ,3: .6 TIM . ., 1 1.3? . ... "A H 316 A The women of Alpha Xi Delta sold Tootsie Rolls to benefit the Kidney Foundation. Their pledges 901d Christmas Kisses and sponsored an all-Greek Christmas Tree. The sorority also went carolling with the men of Sigma Phi Epsilon. Dorcas Hink, Alpha Xi Deltaes Homecoming Queen candidate, was among the Top Ten. High- lights for the year were an alumnae luncheon, Christmas party and Rose Formal. Angela Arndt Susan Beastrom Janice 82" Laurie Bennett Christy Burnetle Mary Biber Becky Boyce Leslie Bxent Elizabeth Brown ,, Linda Byrd ' Kathy Childs Karen Cnsbohn Mary Davis Rozelle Dickman Diann Dilthey Deanna Edwalds Diana Enss Jana Ewan Anna Fantasma Terri Forbes Sherry Galbrechl Bobbie Garcia Debbie Garcia Gae Griffin Lori Gulley Lisa Guy Patricia Hainey Lisa Haugen Dianne Hess Norma Hill Alice Hink Dorcas Hink Cathy Johnson Cindy Johnson Sue Ellen Jones Cathy Kimmie: Barbara Kuchta Linda LaRue Coral McLaren Pam Menelee Susan Menelee Rita Noble Cathy Quigg Gina Reece Julie Rivers Diane Rogers Debbie Rater! Beeh Schnell Cindy Smith Glenda Smith Marcia Smith Karen Sohn Kari Sparks Virginia Steyer Angela Thompson Lynn Veatch Janet Weal Linda Werthmuller AEA 317 : Beta Sigma Psi President First Vice Presn Second Vice Pr Secretary ......... Treasurer ......... Athletic Chairm Rush Chairman .9201. V ' . 3n Scholarship Ch I ' A Social Chairma : O I Historian .......... I I KEN GRONECK Michael Boehmer Troy Brandes 1 Bill Brown I Kurt Dickerhofl ' Bret Fischer Daniel Fterhing I Mike Gieaeke Ken Gloneck Rick Grooms l ' Dean Harktader - Randy Kanoy Shawn Payne '- David Kasl . : Randy Klahenbuhl . 1 . Kevin Mattie . ! Richard Mauk 3 , Chuck Nelson " f ' . I Tim Payne Robert Pfeifler James Ruth Myron Schelp . Ruben Schryver 1 Jeffrey Walker Kurt Wehrs David Bloedel. Pastoral Advisor Richard Hanneman. Faculty Adviser , Dr. Richard Luehrman, Faculty 1 Advisor 318 BED I h 3' Officers PrQSident .................................................... Chuck Nelson First Vice President ....................................... Kurt Wehrs Second Vice President ................................ Troy Brandes Secretary ......................................................... Bill Brown Treasurer .................................................... Randy Kanoy Athletic Chairman ...................................... Richard Mauk Rush Chairman ........................................... Myron Schelp Scholarship Chairman ............................. Robert Schryver Social Chairman ....................................... Jeffrey Walker Historian ...................................................... Ken Groneck Beta Sigma Psi has been on , campus 12 years. This year t the National Rush Convention ' was held at CMSU. ,, l They sponsored the bed I 5 races. during Greek Week. g The annual Gold Rose formal at the Lake of the Ozarks highlighted the year. t ! Beta Sigma Psi Little Sisters- ! ftont row deft to rightt Mary 1 Davis, Cheryl Camp, Kim ' Barnes; second row Marcy 1 Smith, Dorcas Hink, Crysti Wil- 4 liams. Not Pictured: Susan Albrecht, Connie Fischer, Bren- da Gerker, Lori Haertling, Dian- na Lammers, Colleen McHugh, Kelli Miller, Linda Werthmuller, Ruth Wethers. l t B21! 319 Randy Addison Aaron Andelson Craig Barnett Jim Batten Gene Bauer MichaeI Bell Joe Benwell David Bonadonna Greg Brown David Calandro Dan Coll Kevin Dinsdale Paul Doheny President ........ Tam Doherty Vice.President. Rick Dooley Marlin Earl Secretary ........ R Ed Treasurer ..... . oy gar . James Edwards Alumnl Relatlo Jim Ellis Tracy Estes Ban Etzenhouser Bill Fitlgerald Joe Flanagin Tim Flanagin Sergeant at A Tim Freeman Robert Ganzer Ruben Goldschmidt William Gordon Matt Gnagi Jim Gray Tim Grouse Michael Hanman Delta Chi Fr ter and Most national head- the fraternity to benefit the also sponsored Johnson Count helped to cle house. Delta Chi in Fred Hauser Craig Hayes Frank Hoffstadt Greg Horton Stephen Hudson Scott Hunt John Huston Gregg Jahnaon and 20 new li the annual Wh Ozarks. Stuart Kearney William Gregory Kelly John Knudsen Bill Lightfoot Brad Lucthje Rob Lytle Dwayne Morris Joseph Nave John Oyler James Peery Sam Pemberlon Kevin Petty Eddie Powell Jeff Price Dennis Reynolds Greg Rich Stephen Schneider Randy Schowengenh Don Simmons Randy Smith Richard Smith Russ Smim Carl Sorremino John Spillars Don Stanton Tracy St. Clair Jay Stock Tim Stone Brad Straub Tim Tea: Lance Tieman Curtis Troxel Peter VnnPelt Chris VanWinkle Ron Vroom Scan Watson Victor Watson Martin Zacha Alison Quick, While Carnation Queen Eleanor McDaniels, Housemother Delta Chi Little Melodi Beaboui lison Quick, BI Willhite; third er, Laurie Mili Connie Sharp; 1 inc: Foster, Val4 Ray Norris, Faculty Adviaor 320 AX Delta Chi 1 Officers h President ....................................................... Gene Bauer Vice-President ......................................... Steve Schneider Secretary .......................................................... Greg Rich Treasurer .................................................... Bill Fitzgerald Alumni Relations ........................................... Tracy Estes Sam Pemberton Sergeant at Arms ........................................ Pete VanPelt Delta Chi Fraternity received the Excellent Chap- ter and Most Improved Chapter awards from their national headquarters during 1980. At Christmas, the fraternity sponsored a shopping spree contest to benefit the Warrensburg Christmas Store. They also sponsored a sexy legs contest benefitting the Johnson County Historical Society. In addition, they helped to clean the old Johnson County Court- house. Delta Chi initiated a 25-member fall pledge class and 20 new little sisters. In the spring, they held the annual White Carnation Formal at Lake of the Ozarks. PHOTOS BY RON VROOM Jdu.p.-ta..hae.....l Delta Chi Little Sister-front row Heft to rightt Mary Kinard, Michelle Estill, Melodi Beabout, Carol Bliss; second row Candi Chancellor, Susan Petras, Al- lison Quick, Beth Yodet, Ann Paul, Sandy Tagge, Karen Schreiner, Linda A Willhite: third row Peggy Cagle, Kim Neighbors, Lori Blumbug, Mindy Sand- : 91', Laurie Milistitch, Teresa Beilsmith, Carole Longenecker, Julie Ragan, E Connie Sharp; fourth row Leah Anne Ham, Jane Overbey, Penny Petty, Jean- i ine Foster, Valerie Gemmer, Susan Gordon, Debbie Welch, Cindy Lissner. ' AX 321 v'vlr t 3 3 3 ' Officers 3 3 President ............................................... Helen Marberry j; 3 ' Vice President ........................................... Carol Mosby f Recording Secretary .................................. Darrylyn Swift ' 33 3' I c Correspondence Secretary ...................... Cheryl Jackson 35; 3 ' V Sergeant of Arms .......................................... Shirley Cole 3; i 3 1 I Chaplain ......................................................... Diana Bass 33 l 3 3 Public Relations ................................................ Pam Cole 3 5 ; f ' Debbie Brooks 3: j 3 Social Chairperson ................................. Lauren Lemmie I 3 U , 3 " , Treasurer ................................................... Valerie Black I: - a! i I :3 3 3 -; 33 . 3 s : r 5 1'! I ,3 l 3 ' Delta Playboy 3 5 7 Blue, Byron Hc 3 . Rainey, Austo: 33 I J l g , The Zeta Lambda chapter of Delta Sigma Theta ' participated in the annual Greek Marchdown and the Jack of Hearts Ball. They sponsored the Most 3 - Distinguished Man of the Year contest. ; '4": '25:;-3C53L,awwz,,;:f"' , Delta Sigma Theta had several service projeCtS- The sorority helped with the voter registration drive, a carnival and sponsored a Halloween party. They also visited a nursing home. The women of Delta Sigma Theta raised money for the Negro College Fund. g, 322 A20 ......... Helen Marberry ................ Carol Mosby ............. Darrylyn Swift .......... Cheryl Jackson ................. Shirley Cole .................. Diana Bags ..................... Pam Cole Debbie Brooks .......... Lauren Lemmie .............. Valerie Black i i l I of Delta Sigma Theta Sreek Marchdown and :y sponsored the Most r contest. i veral service projects.: the voter registration ed a Halloween party- me. I a Theta raised money Christy Tatum Sheila Young Delta Playboy Club-first row deft to righ$ Clarence Blue, Byron Hormon; second row William Brown, Rick Rainey, Auston LaBlance, Conrad Wright, Clarence Cole, Anthony Liggins, John Wilson, Mark Burks QuesidentL Kenneth Dawn; third row Tracy Jackson, Phillip Hanes, Chris Thompson, Reggie Lee. Helene Agnew Valerie Black Deborah Brooks Pam Cole Shilley Cole Tina Culp Jeannette Davis Climelha Frazier Priscilla Graves Doris Isaac Belinda Jackson Sharon Lee Lauren Lemmie Helen Malbcrry Carol Mosby Danylyn Swiil A39 323 4AA 4 AAA u .h . .. :;. u-.;W,Hsn A ; .A 4. Delta Upsilon Little Sisters-front row deft to right Shannon Byrne, Susan Hurlburt, Lynn McCafferty, Angie Miller; second row Cyndy Cook, Cathy Shantz, Carla Williams, Jackie McReynolds, Cindy Smith, 324 AT I PAUL HOUCK 1 Anna Fantasma; third row Lisa Williams, Joan Honn, Lori Montrym, Keveme Dulle, Sue Tarwater, Angie Arndt; fourth row Sue Thomas, Sherri McDonough. An- nette Painter, Denise Boland, Kathy Childs. Officers President .................................................... Mark Weaver Executive Vice President .................................. Tom Elgin Chapter Relations Vice President .............. Mitchell Sharp Secretary .................................................. Kenneth Green Treasurer ........................................................ Marc Gerik Delta Upsilon Mitchell Atherlon Paul Banned! Kenn Blayney Timothy Bowe Rodney Blelhowm Daryl Brown Mikr Butcher Patrick Cashell John Cells Chris Caller Je" Eakins Tom Elgin Michele Ferram Dave Galegor Marc Getik Marc Gieselmann Kenneth Green ,e , Robin Hall ' Doug Herrick Paul Houck Mike LeDoux V ' h Samuel Leslie . h Gary Martinez ,e Terry McGinley Larry Oerly Jell Oliver Ernie Painter Gregg Panus Terry Phillips Paul Puglisi Daniel Redmon Robert Sadler 5 Mike Saunders I Jim Schnaible I 1 Jim Schrader I Patrick Seeley : Mitchell Sharp L Richard Sharp ' I Jack Snider Gary Tischan David Volker Mark Weavet R. Scon White Tomm Williams Wilbur Thiehhar, Sponsor PAU L HOUCK William George. Sponsor , i l W 7 Williams, Joan Honn, Sue Tarwatet, Angie heni McDonough, An- thy Childs. Delta Upsilon helped put in playground equipment for the h, handicapped children at the h h Higginsville State School. The h fraternity also sponsored a softball tournament in April. ; The alumni banquet in Janu- 1 $3! I .............. Mark Weaver .................... Tom Elgin ............. Mitchell Sharp ............ Kenneth Green .................. Marc Gerik ary, spring formal and float trip were highlights of the year. elta silon AT 325 Judy Andershock Jackie Barbour Diane Barnes Kalen Bench Mary Bennett Shelly Boos Wendy Brawn Lorie Chumbley Katie Clark Annette Cleaver Marcy Claw Carolyn Coleman Rebecca Cook Deborah Cooper Tina Dickrader Mary Donelon Janet Emmel Beth Feno Loxi Freeman Deborah Gish Tina Goodnight Helga Hallen Cheryl Halsey Theresa Hampton Peggy Hill Nola Himmelberg Cynthia Hinrichs Mary Huot Tamera Jones Ellen Kusier Tami Lewis Maureen Limbach Debbie McAllister LuAnn McGuire Penny McGuire Cindy Meek Jacquelyn Memeny Danna Mizell Mary Mudd Nancy Noland Marga Nowlin Lori Oh Mary Pagano Lisa Panish Laura Petty Laurie Pointer Kathy Rhode Jean Schultz Smcey Scott Susan Shackleford Sara Shrewsbury Mona Shultheiss Donya Sieckman Sandoval Simpson Sandra Singer Sherri Sipes Gail Spotts Kim Stegeman Annene Trager Patricia Turley Molly Turner Robin Walz Lois West Anne Vendrek Donna Zeller Naomi Zimmelman Marion Ulrich. Collegiate Chapter Ditecmr Louie Sosebee, Faculty Advisor The Delta Zeta fall pledge class holds the fraternity presidents captive while they wait for the ransom money. President First Vice Pp Second Vice Treasureru... Recording Se , Delta Zeta Q; The CMSU chapter of Delta Zeta received the '1; Most Improved Chapter Rush Skit award at Nation- M 211 Convention. They contributed to the Gallaudent ; College for the Deaf. Highlights of the year were the annual Home- X coming mum sale, the fall steak fry, Parentts Day ; and the annual Founderts Day celebration. ! Judy Andershock received the St. Louis Panhel- ,, ; lenic Association Scholarship. Lorie Chumbley was t a Homecoming Queen candidate, and was also w: named Miss Trenton. XL, Officers I President ............................................ Carolyn Coleman Corresponding Secretary .................................. Karen Bench t First Vice President .............................. Sheri Sipes Social Chairman ............................................ 1.t..JanetMEgn-1el : ' t re ' - ts Second Vice President... ............................... Laura Petty Hlstorlan .................................................. uann c u: ? fraternity presuden Treasurer ............................................... Susan Shackleford House Manager ................................................... Pat Turley : Recording Secretary ............................................ Mary Huot ll i3 :1 5 AZ 327 Craig Andersen Robert Atkinson Michael Brandt Je" Brock Burl Bure J2" Buns James Caflrey Bryan Carter Jon Casey Mike Casey Randy Cassmeyer Je" Cowan Tom Crain George Cuny Jim Edwards Richatd Famuliner Jonathan Ferguson Bill Finley Rick Fleming Mark Foster James Freeman Edward Gagne Richard Gillingham Rodney Godemann Marc Goldberg Delmar Grayhill Leo Greeley Keener Hall David Hammond Kevin Harshner Ricky Hawthorne Michael High! Rodney Hightowel Chuck Hirlinger Robert lsmert Michael Jeffers Jeff Jeffries Bob Johnson Cultis Johnson Steven Johnson Jimmie Jones Kyle Katz Terry Kliethermes Jeffrey Kuhn Frank Lazzarini Bren Liesemeyer Michael Lehman Bruce Lyon Sieve Magee Mike McCartney Scott Meldrum Je" Melvin Rick Morrison Walk Maser Rick Muslion Tom Nagle Scott Paine J2" Reeter Bruce Rickey Doug Roach Joseph Rosenbeck Dan Saale Steve Sandets David Schemenauer Michael Short Brad Shrout Tom Shull Carl Silers Danel Silers Eric Smith Ken Smith Gailen Snyder Stacey Spainhour Rich Sungley Gailen Stackwell Tim Smut Greg Thomas Stephen Traugott Troy Tvoul Brian Vincent Kevin Wackerman Dane Well Chris Williams Jim Willi Roger Dznken Faculty Advisol Dr Paul Engeman, Faculty Advisor Steve Schoen, Faculty Adviser Steve Weller. Faculty Advisur 328 AKA High Alpha Pr High Beta Nice High Gamma High Tau Urea High Kappa fr High Delta Me Hi h Phi Ritual High Sigma 05d High Epsilon B High Rho UUU High Pi whanc- MIKE. RONNOT izambda Chi Al Ijght; Terri Ha Emily Bayless, Zainmy Webste ; Ann Wilso cimedai. Shere Officers High Alpha tPresidentt .................................... Jon Casey High Beta tVicePresidenU .............................. Tom Nagle High Gamma tSecretaryt .............................. Mike Height High Tau tTreasurert ................................ Rick Flemming High Kappa tFraternity Educator; ............... Jim Freeman High Delta tMembership Recruitment Chairmant ...... Rick Hawthorne High Phi tRitualistt ........................................ Mark Foster High Sigma tEducational Chairmant ................. Jim Wirtz High Epsilon tSocial Chairmant .............. Dave Hammond High Rho tAlumni Correspondentt ................... Dan Saale High Pi tChancellort ....................................... Walt Moser I MIKE BONNOT gliambda Chi Alpha Little Sisters-front row Heft to i'lghtt Terri Hampton, Sheri Halsey, Laurie Pointer, '"dy Bayless, Donna Brinkotter, Rose Valasquez, Tammy Webster, Lisa Gragg, Kelley Weight; second 'OW Ann Wilson, Debi Gagne, Kim Watson, Dianna Sneeder, Shere Sipes, Mom Aldrich, Paige Watson, Lambda Chi Alpha In the fall, the men of Lambda Chi Alpha roamed the campus selling tickets for their biscuits and gravy breakfast benefitting the United Cere- bral Palsy Association. The fraternity raised over $1,400 for the charity. The Lambda Chits hosted a high school wrestling tournament. They also sponsored a wrestling scholar- ship. Along with the Alpha Sigma A1- phas, the Lambda Chits gave a Hal- ' : loween party for the students at the H l Higginsville State School. The White Rose Spring Formal was the highlight of the year for d most members. A; Pam Walker, Jannet Emmel, Cindy Fox, Jane Clogston, Debbie Brinkoetter; third row Annette Beumer, Sandy Hazel, Rita Weber, Shelly Jo Mattie, Jana Sisk, Theresa Stimach, Tami Lewis, Becky Shipley, Debbie Dunsen, Andy Anderson tCrescent Co- ordinationt. AXA 329 Phi Beta Sigma Phi Beta Sigma participated in the March of Dimes Dance Marathon and the Rake Drive. They helped with the Warren Street Methodist Church Childrenhs Carnival and sponsored several charity dinners. The men of Phi Beta Sigma sponsored their an- nual charity basketball tournament and a Worlds of Fun trip. They attended the annual Blue and White Ball. Phi Beta Sigm Jones, Rebecca Valerie Cooney, h President ........ Vice-President. Secretary ........ Treasurer ........ Sergeant at A1 x Squires-front row Oeft to righth Niwar Davis hsecte- row Gregory Jackson, Airest Wilson, Henry McKinneyv taryL Dwayne Davis, Lester M. Davenport hpresidentL Thymothy Johnson, Alexis Wilson. Keith UreasurerL Chris Brooks Wice-presidenth second -. 1f . , . 330 e132 Banyr Bradm-r Kenn Godbold William Gresham Rowe Harvey Troy Johnson Cornelius Mason William Maupino Marcus McCain Michael Mitchell Rodney Nichols Donald Painter Terrence Price Gregory E. Smith Leonard Smith Karlton Thornton Phi Beta Sigma Little Sisters-front row Heft to right Rochelle Thames, Angela . Jones, Rebecca Anderson, Kahla Spears, Maria Robertson, Priscilla Scott; second row Valerie Cooney, Lurlean Colbert, Julia Ann Wright, Virginia Jaco, Anita J. Conley. Officers President ...................................................... Rodney Nichols Vice-President ............. .. Barrye Brasher gearetary ....................................................... Terrence Price reasurer ...................................................... Marcus McCain Sergeant at Arms ............................................ Troy Johnson X g; 4 lson, Henry McKinner n. CbBE 331 4 a A ;5r'wmmr5w h?gh::; : Sigma EpSilon VJ The men of Phi Sigma Epsilon captured the 1980 Greek Week Spirit Award. The fraternity also sponsored ttSlaughter House No. 7h at Hallow- Officers President .......................................................... Mikl Cook Vice President ....................................... James McNamar Treasurer ....................................................... Carl Seibert Corresponding Secretary ......................... W. Todd Foster Recording Secretary ................................... Bob Skidmore een. They hosted the first ttPull for Life,, dance mara- thon to benefit the American Cancer Society in De- cember. Forty-eight hours of dancing raised $3000. In January, the fraternity hosted the second an- nual Phi Sig-CMSU open wrestling tournament. May 9, 1981 marked the 50th anniversary for the fraternity on campus. 332 $2E STFUE SCI IOEN STEVE SCHOEN Phi Sigma E rightt Patty dy Schoeck, ' second row psilon captured the lard. The fraternity ;e No. 7" at Hallow- nr Life,, dance mara- iancer Society in De- ncing raised $3000. mted the second an- ing tournament. 30th anniversary for STEVE SCHOEN Phi Sigma Epsilon Little Sisters-front row Heft to right Patty Miller, Gale Sanders, Michele Hagne, Cin- dy Schoeck, Shelly Denker, Liz Alvarez, Cathy Quigg; second row Lisa Gilbert, Cheryl Epps, Jan n , Ann Westenhaver. Sweethean Schillerman, Linda Smith, Lori Turner, Christy Ryan, Rozzelle Dickman; third .row Kim Kittsmiller, Lori Shaffer, Ann Westhaven, Rhonda Fritch, Cindy Meyers, Tammy Plank. George Adams David Adlard Michael Alvarez Jody Baker Greg Bramham Don Carlile Mild Parke Cook James Coopez David Crull Jay Denkel Clinton Duncan Tony Duncan Mark Ellis John Fletcher W. Todd Foller Dennis Gardnel Randy Gordon Jelly Haxminon Bob Henley Gary Hialt Steve Hint Peter Kennedy Phill Kline Gary Mayabb David McDonald James McNamara Daryl Miller Michael Nichols Eric OHill Bob Pierce Kevin Readshaw Kevin Riecke Edward Ring Vandney Rinne Carl Seiben Mark Seilried Bob Skidmore Bany Somervell Craig WilheIm William Wunderlich 412E 333 ' Officers President ..................................................... Stacie James Vice President.... ........... Angela Wilson Secretary .................................................. Cleva Tillman Treasurer and Public Relations .......... Rosalyn Kinchelow 334 ZFP Stacie James Rosalyn Kinchelow Cleva Tillman Myria Walker Angela Wilson The Delta Pi Chapter of Sigma Gamma Rho took community children trick-or-treating and donated Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets. The sorority also raised money for the March of Dimes They celebrated Foundefs Day With a dinne'r dance and songs. Sigma Gamma Rho participatetj in the Night of Masquerades, Greek Feud and Project Reassurance, a national project of the 50. rority. PAULA FOS'I'Hi Sigma Gamma Rm 3- I I .l I I rick-or-treating and '9' I .0 a a O Iristmas baskets. Tim the March of Dimes, Day with a dinner 1ma Rho participated as, Greek Feud and , lal project of the 50 , I II :,4,',:,' , " ' ,, ' "'!67 W' ' NW 4717" , ; ' 1 V i I f? H I W .! 1, f if $ H : ,1 . i , 15 ! I I 1I l' i L : l; . x l 1? CLARENCE GRANT PAULA FOSTER CLARENCE GRANT EFP 335 W N m ...-..- -.....m...,, -- gmm n..-M-a.-.-U, . - 336 2K Officers ' ................................................... Cheryl Camp Vice President of Membership ........................... Vicki Rehm Iliirresil$i2teuI31Le$ident ........................................... Kim Siebold Social Chairman 2 ........................................... Tina Diskerud Vice President of Pledge Education ................ Carole Mudd Philanthropy Chalrman ..................................... Shelly Mattie Treasurer ........................................ . Kristy Cordell Money Making Chalrman . Shelley'Koeuing Recording Secretary ......... Teera Arnold Executive Coordlnator ...................................... Pattl Suttton Corresponding Secretary ................ .Rhonda Clemens Chaplain ..................................................... Colleen McHugh 1. Susan Albrecht Terra Arnold Doris Backes Angela Bardsley Debbie Brinkoener Donna Brinkoener Cheryl Camp Claudia Campbell Rhonda Clemens Ktisty Cordell Michelle Denker Tina Diskerud Dorothy Drake Diane Drehle Bobbie Duncan Lisa Ferguson Margy Fischer Rita Franken Lynne Geolge Teni Harlan Lisa Harris Connie Hunt Linda Jaeger Jill Justus Shelley KoeHing Tami Lyon Shelley Mattie Debbie McClellan Cheryl McFadden Vickie McFadden Debbie Millet Kelli Millzr Lisa Miller Chris Mills Carole Mudd Rachel Neth Lynn Patton Lesa Randolph Linda Raymer Vicki Rehm Tara Ricci Vicky Royce Anne Sanders Elizabeth Sanders Kate Sanders Kim Siebold Jennilel Smith Stephanie Smith Jennifer Snider Laurie Specker Jenny Stokes Patti Sutton Pam Thomas Susan Todd Terri Tucker Julie Wall Paige Watson Lisa Westling Janice Wilson Kelly Williams Linda Bane". Sponsor Dr. Harold Beard. Rooster Roster w'," .. ... .vy-H .m o 7 5 3' 2 3 ..................... Vicki Re'hm ................. Tina Diskemd ................... Shelly Mattie .............. Shelley Koelling ................... Patti Suttton ............. Colleen McHugh Sigma Kappa Sigma Kappa, founded here in 1959, won first place for their walking entry in the 1980 Homecoming parade. Lin- da Jaeger finished in the Top Ten for Homecoming Queen. At the 1980 convention, the chapter won three national awards. They spon- sored trick-or-treat for UNICEF and worked with Warrensburg senior citi- zens. n v'V'o'QIwG ,en' t TINA DUKERLP SK 337 Sigma Phi Epsilon Little Sisters-ftont row Heft to righo Robin Bartlett, Patti Martin, Amy Forsythe, Lisa Cochran, Jeanna Gagne, Terri VanWinkle; second row Kelly Minton, Judy An- dershock, Linda McPhee- ters, Beth Hopkins. Not pic- tured: Karie Barnard, Kathy Newland, Debbie Atwood, Laura Petty, Terri Whitmer. The Missouri Theta Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon was awarded the National Buchanan Cup for outstanding chapter in the nation. The Sig Eps sponsored Spirit Roll 1V, raising $9,200 for the Eas- ter Seals Society. They held the annual Halloween party with Alpha Gamma Delta for the Head Start children and the annual Christmas party for underprivileged children with Sigma Sigma Sigma. In addi- tion, they sponsored an ice cream social for Warrensburg senior citi- zens. The fraternity placed second in Greek Week 1980, overall intra- mural competition and homecoming float competition. Highlights of the year were the annual alumni banquet, spring for- mal, pig roast, homecoming dinner and dance and the annual seniors Officers banquet. President ................................................................................... David WoltkamP Vice President .......................................................... Kelly HinshaW Controller ..................................................................... Jeff Conrow Corresponding Secretary ............................................................ Joseph GreaveS Recording Secretary ...................................................................... Daniel Becker 338 Eth David Woltkamp Kelly Hinshaw .................Jeff Conrow Joseph Greaves ........ Daniel Becker Kenton Aruood Chavlvs Barnes Jell Barrens Daniel Becker Paul Belanger Doug Blce Mark Biesemeyer J2" Blair Jim Blair Bob Boalu'nghl Robert Boland Michael Bollinger Christophe! Budke Kevin Byrd Sean Byrnes Glen Caner Jody Case Steve Chesnul Chris Conner J2" Conmw James Cviswell Dennis Davis Robert Delp Tim Deshler Jay Dorsi Richard Dowell Mike Dulbin Dennis Edwards James Elsea Troy Figg Kent Fischer Joe Good Harry Goodwin Joseph Grenves Richard Gross Jon Haney Kelly Hinshaw Bernard lrmen Joseph Jaegers Steve Kiene Tim Landmm Darrell Lane Roger Lock Mark Luebben John Markey Bill Marshall Michael Mayo Steve Mayo David Minor John Morris Tim Murray Tom Pandollo Robert Pelley Brian Pinto" Chuck Quesenbeny Michael Rich Man Rund Joseph Salvalo Mark Simmons Jeffley Slanery Todd Smith Chuck Snyder Je" Soulhwick William Spencer Je" Spies Jeny Stokes Brent Swine! Timothy Tarry Jay Thomas Scott Thomas Michael Thompson Pal Tucker Carl Tumel David Visier Rob Waibel Kent Waisncv Kerry Waisncl Dave Walker John Wheeler Darrin Williams Dirk Williams David Woltkamp Gary Woods Jeffrey Woods Al Yanger Ruben Higgins, Chapter Counselor Nadine Brown. House Molhev 343E 339 Sigma Pi Little Sisters-front row Oeft to righti Don- na Matshner, Julie Hord, Dianne Hess, Ann Perry, Jean Crass; second row Karen Cassmeyer, Jana Ewart, Diana Brozovech, Denise Knollmeyer, Beth Pilbeam, S'gma Pi Sigma Pi sponsored a Christmas party at the Higginsville State School. The fraternity participat- ed in Christmas carolling at Warrensburg nursing homes and fund raising projects for the Ronald Mc- Donald House. Highlights of the year included a homecoming banquet, Christmas Dance, the annual Orchid Ball, alumni Pig Roast and the spring float trip. Members of the fraternity attended their national convention in St. Louis. This year marked the 18th year for the fraterni- ty to sponsor Roscoe, the Mules football mascot. Officers President ................................................... Steve Loethen Vice-President ............................................... Greg Crader Corresponding Secretary ....Mark Schleer Recording Secretary ..Keith Shipman Treasurer .................... Phil Overbay Historian ...................................................... Dave Phillips 340 EH '91.: 3010 v v .0. v A as .3031". 02019 02 'h 0 4 v A to 7;. :- V Janey Fuller, Mindy Thompson, Lorna Kemper, Kitty OtGrady; third row Julie Rivers, Jennifer Snider, Don- na Robertson, Susan Burnett, Kristy Cordell, Karen Terry, Anne Celis, Lynn Veatch, Ann Crass. 1 , 4 . 1 , PHOTOS BY STEVE LOETHEN Lorna Kemper, Kitty Jennifer Snider, Don. Kristy Cordell, Karen Ann Crass. Tula Hughes, Housemother Matthew Madden, Faculty Jane: Cowger. Faculty Adviser Phil Baker Dave Benson Brian Case Bob Chauvenne John Chauvenne George Cochran Greg Cinder Mark Dziedxic Steve Ferguson Mark Finzoll Doug Fuller Jay Goodman Kyle Kennedy Je" Kinsey Mark Lace: Mike Lamb Jim Lewel II Steve Loethen Mike Marshall Cris Man Jim Milonski Vic Murphy Phil Overbay Dave Phillips Randy Prengev Steve Roewe Dan Rulkhu Paul Sarvel Mark Schleer Keith Shipman Russ Simmons Jim Smith Ed Swisher Chip Thomas Sieve Thomas Rick Thompson Robert Thursby Robbie Tierman John Wiesmann Janey Fullev. Swemhearl III 341 :...5... .- ,- a V . -K.....y 4.. xaH... W,,,, " A : 1V " Sigma Sigma Sigma Beth Angle Sylena Bagley Kalle Barnard Gina Barnhart Cindy Bayless Marsha Brenner Debbie Broyles Kathy Burasco Linda Celuti Lisa Chappell Lisa Cline Lisa Cochran Kendra CoIson Joni Cullum Kirsten Feamn Cindy Fox Melodi Frank Becky Gabrielson Lyn Gabrielson X Bobbie Green Mary Hanenkrall Lisa Hanke Kalen E. Harms Jennifer Heying l x Jeanene Hoekstra Lori Houle Janice Jeffers Lori Johnson 11 Lynn Johnson i April Jones Patricia Kelly Tami Kushner Tracy Lair Linda Martinez Lisa Mellen Ann Menyfield Laura Metz Kathy Migis Mallory Moeller Kathy Newland BOB WIRTZ Sigma Sigma S rislm Tim Dax Burasco. Rick Ray Rossiter, Brock, Bruce 1 Heisler, John J Greg Wrap, St Tate, Joe Hoffm Darla Noxfleet Susan Odneal Jana Olivarez Smphanie Pennell JoAnn Peterson Paula Pierce Tammy Ridge Marilyn Schleumer Shauna Shilley Tina Shroyer Cindy Shuck I Share Coates Sipes Jana Sisk Angela Sparks P d resi ent Mary Sobek . """""" Le Ann Slegeman glce'PfeSident" ecretar ......... Teresa Stimach T y . reasurer ......... Tern Strobe! Ed . . Diane Sutton ucatlon Dlrec Kathe Tunentine Membership ...... Rose Velasquez Pam Walker x- Barbara Webster Tammy Webster Nancy Worth 342 ESE Nancy Wonh BOB WIRTZ fit Sigma Sigma Sigma Big Brothers-ftont row Heft to righO Tim Davis, Brian Fogle, Randy Dowell, Tom Butasco, Rick Hawthorne, Brad Shrout; second row Ray Rossiter, David Gregory, Brian Walker, Jeff Brock, Bruce Lyon, Mike Jeffers; third row Kurt Heisler, John Fogle, Bret Wilson, Craig Anderson, Greg Wrap, Steve Richardson, Daryl Mick, Randy Tate, Joe Hoffman Officers President .................................................... Susan Odneal Vice-President... ............................... Diane Sutton Secretary ..................................... Terri Strobel Treasurer ......................... Bobbie Green Education Director... ........ Karie Barnard Membership ............................................... Kirsten Fearon The women of Sigma Sigma Sigma sold helium- filled balloons raising $400 for the Robbie Page Program. The program benefits children,s play therapy in many hospitals. The sorority also spon- sored a bridge tournament for the charity. The Tri-Sigmas participated in the Phonathon. They also donated cans of food to the Christmas Store and sponsored a Head Start Christmas party with Sigma Phi Epsilon. Pam Walker was among the Top Ten Homecom- ing queen candidates. President ........... Vice President 0 Vice President 0' Vice President 0 Social Chairman White Rose Advi Challes Albrighl Steven Allard Michael Bartnla Jim Bell Paul Boese Tom Bolin Steven Boydston Gregory Breaull Brad Branenkamp Brian Byrne Chuck Conwell Brad Cox Bill Crowl Bill Daubendick Steve Davis David DeClure Eddie DeOrnellis Dale Dorner Larry Fellhoelter Jamey Ford John Franklin Scott Franklin Don Granger David Gregory Tim Grimsley Bruce Guier Chris Hahn Kevin Hanes Btett Hines Brad Hoglund Michael Jack Jim Jackson Dale Jarrett Gary Knight Thomas Lamb Michael Lamberson Tim Lathrop Jim Lewis Wayne Long Kevin Lynch Sigma Tau Gamn :rith Patty l Hollingsworth, Su Jay Lyons Stan McClelland David Mizell John Neimon Patrick O'Connor Dale Pendlelon Robert Proctor David Pugh Mark Pulliam George Robben David Roberts Dan Rork James Sandals Gary Sell Wayne Telpslra John Theis Kilk Wales Dan Webb Ctaig Weir Mitch Weir Robert Ulrich. Sponsor : 344 ZTF ff ; Officers Sigma Tau Gamma celebrated their 60th anni. 5 versary this year. They were the first fraternity on t President ....................................................... Dale Jarrett campus. The Sig Tau,s received a AAA rating g Vice President of Membership ............... - ..... Brad Hoglund from their national headquarters for the fourth con- l Vice President of Management .......... Mtchael Lamberson . i Vice President of Education .......................... Gary nght secutlve year. iSociaIChairman .................................................. Jim Bell Highlights of the year were the spring formal White Rose Adviser ....................................... Dave Mrzell and the float trip. The Sig Taus sponsored the Bruce Robinson f Scholarship and the greek calendar. i i ' ' ' ' - ' llister, Patty I 5 S: ma Tau Gamma Little Slstets-front row Heft to Lnnbach, second rqw Debb-Ie McA . . f h rightt Patty Heiman, Donna Mile", Janet DeOrnellis, Diane Fisher, Michelle Olkell, Laune . ; l Hollingsworth, Susie Plumb, Marga Nowlin, Maureen Chumbley. g I t SIT 345 .- . . .w Mv.x.; m- M - . .V..-mm...n.......-..- 346 TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon ".7 W" .. PAULA FOSTER Tau Kappa Epsilon Little Sisters-front row Heft to riglm Linda Weimer, Michelle Baker, Kathy McDonald; second row Pat Nailan, Berinda Fidler, Sharon Gast, Donna Lee, Alesia Ortiz, Sue Wil- liams; third row Bertha Moulder Glousemotherx Daytha Frink, Lisa Ctamer, Rena Winner, Bev Goile, Dorothy Lowry; fourth row Carol Mudd, Eva Dunlap, Starla Rouse, Diane Dilthy, Lisa Schulte, Pam Menefee. MIKE BONNOT The men of months plan Warrensburg t charity event . Hospital. The fraternit ment and a sof During Gree TKE Tri-500. I Founders Day, nation Ball. PAULA FOSTER u Heft to rightt Linda econd tow Pat Nailan, klesia Ortiz, Sue Wil- ext, Daytha Ftink, Lisa by, Lisa Schulte, Pam MIKE BONNOT wry; fourth row Carole The men of Tau Kappa Epsilon spent several months planning a basketball dribble from Warrensburg to Springfield topposite paget. The charity event benefitted the St. Judefs Childrerfs Hospital. The fraternity sponsored an indoor soccer tourna- ment and a softball tournament. During Greek Week, they sponsored the annual TKE Tri-500. Other highlights of the year included Founders Day, an alumni picnic and the Red Car- nation Ball. Officers President ....................................................... Ben Hartley Vice President ................................................. Ed Dunlap Secretary ...................................................... Ken Scallorn Treasurer ..................................................... Terry Jarrett Historian .................................................. J.D. Overstreet Chaplain ................................................ Steve Greishaber Educator .......................................................... Paul Kelly Sergeant of Arms ........................................... Rob Ballew Rob Ballzw Dave Vaughn John Westenhavev Bob Willis Rick Wolz Kent Yarwood Mark Blevens Randy Buhlig Bryce Burgess George Clavk Mall Clau-en Jerry Collier Mike Cox Terry Craig Tom Dowling Bill Dull Ed Dunllp Al Dyer Thomas Edmonds Darren Erby Rick Etlerling James Forayth Kevin Foster Randy Flancis Gregg Gamer Luke Gneule Steve Griuhaber Ben Hartley Patrick Heemhmck Rob Herlmuk Dave Hillyard Jellery Himmelbulg Terry Jane" Paul Kelly John Kerwin J.R. Kiehl Chris Klang Ed Laneze Gerald Laneze Mark McMillin Tim Miller J.D. Overnreel Buddy Place Bren Powell Scot! Remmers Doug Rowe Ken Scallom Dave Schultz Brian Smith Don Stork Michael Slrunman Mark Templin Briln Trude" Diane McDaniel. Sweetheavl Bertha Moulder. House Mother TKE 347 v.0 M mum t Officers President .................................................................. Steve Arnold Vice President ...................................................... David Ruprecht Secretary ................................................................. Randy Dom" Treasurer .................................................................. Bob Dempski Theta Chi Theta Chi won the Ugly Man On Campus award for the 29th consecutive year. They were also the 1980 intramural champions. Beth Ferro was named 1980 Homecoming Queen finalist. The fraternity sponsored the annual little sister softball tournament. Theta Chi sponsored the annual all-school party and the dance marathon. Highlights of the year were the float trip, spring formal and a New Yearts Eve party. Theta Chi Little Sisters-front row Heft to rightt Maria Hines, Trudi Pemberton, Sherri DOWeH' Beth Angle; second row Kersten Ferron, Lisa Chappell, Tammy Post, Lori Johnson, Joni Cullum' Debbie Miller; third row Janet Dunn, Kathe Turrentine, Paula Pierce, Bobbie Green, Bobbem Ward, April Jones, Robbin Richardson; fourth row Kathy Juebler, Linda Ceruti. 39cm Gabrielson, Diane Sutton, Wendy Brown, Kim Hoff, Kerri Diehl, Cindy Bauml. Not pict'" 1 Jackie Barbour, Peggy Hill, Pat Turley, Beth Ferro, Ann Robertson, Laurie Britt. 348 OX J 5104.? Arnold Runs Bamhnom J2" Belshe Slephon Boyd .. Steve Arnold David Ruprecht ............. Randy Dowen .............. Bob Dempski BIUCQ Bruemmer Tom Burascu Tim Buvmeislel Tom Burmciilev Bill Childeh Bnan Children Mark Clark Mike Collins James Craig J2" Deason Bob Dempski David Dick Randy Dowel! Roger Elsea Chvis Erickson Ron Filbeck K Scott Firking ! Bnloo Fonky David Forth: Steve Fran: w 1 Kenny Fromm Bill Grolholl ! Jim Haworth Greg Heaglzl v Jed Hindu , Todd Hohensneel , Brien lseman I i Bob Johnson 2 Brian Johnson 1 Kenneth Johnson Tim Jahns!nn 1 I Tom Johnston 1 Pete Jones Tim Kirgnn Keith Klinger l Steven Kroeger . g , ! Alan Lybergel L Alan Markway Duke Marlborough Mike McGraw 1' Larry Menenn I Mike Mertuan I Daryl Mick , I Gregg Minnhall I l E , x 1 Jo Jo Ollman Raymond Roniler Daryl Redel Steve Richauen 1 1 Doug Roach Neil Roberta Mark Rosewell Butch Ruprechl . , Paul Schanzmeyer Lea Scicchilano Tony Sharp SIeven Shimmeni Mark Shidey Christopher Shoip Gregg Shull Mark Skelton Steve Smith Randy Smgemann Keith Strnpe X Randy Tale Jim Thompson Tim Tinnin Tom Tinnin Steven Walker berton, Sherri Dowe": Johnson, Joni Cullum, obbie Green, Bobbette Linda Ceruti, Beck? Bauml. Not pictured- Britt. Greg Wes! Kerry West Steve Woods Redbone Wrap Stan Wyrick Maria Hines. Sweetheart Domlhy Abcmalhcy. Housemolhev GX 349 .The women of Zeta Phi Beta dressed as clowns during the 1980 Homecoming parade. They partici- pated in the Blue and White Jamboree and the Marchdown. The sorority also worked with victims at the Warrensburg Abuse Center. They helped with the booths at the carnival sponsored by the Warren Street Methodist Church. Zeta Phi Betats spring ball was the highlight of the year for most members. Patricia Carlock Wanda Chapman Valexie Grey Debra Lake Grace Pearson Pam Pegues Tayran Robinson 350 ZCIDB Officers President ................................................. Taryn Robinson Vice President .......................................... Pamela Pegues Recording Secretary .............................. Wanda Chapman Corrresponding Secretary ........................ Valerie D. Gray Treasurer ................................................... Grace Pearson Zeta Phi Beta .Taryn Robinson Pamela Pegues Wanda Chapman ..........Valerie D. Gray .. Grace Pearson MB 351 Councils 1. lnterfratemity Council UFO co- sponsored all-Greek Rush parties; co- sponsored Greek Week; held bi-month- 1y meetings; front row Heft to righG Charlie Rutt bponsorL Gene Bauer wresidentx Don Granger, Ed Dunlap, Scott Renmers mublic relationsk second row Russ Smith, Bart Etzenhouser, Chris Klang, Steve Hiatt, Terrence Price; third row Steve Schneider, Tom 2. Panhellenic Council co-sponsored Greek Week; partici- pated in Greek Week community clean-up; sponsored various philanthropic projects throughout the year; front row Heft to riglm Lauree Britt, Terri Whitmer, Lori Johnson mresidentL Burmeister, Butch Ruprecht, Kevin Riecke, Cornelius Mason; fourth row Joe Benwell, Randy Schowengerdt, Ste- ven Allard; fifth row Bill Wunderlich hreasurerL Kurt Heisler, Larry Thomp- son, Michael Williams; sixth row Fred Hauser, Herb Willis, Jim McNamara, Chris Colter, Steve Boehler, seventh Tami Lewis, Debbie Gish, Karen Sohn; second row Lisa er, Pam Crocker, Beth Hopkins, Karen Cosbohn, May, Kinard; third row Gena Myers, Terra Arnold korresporv secretaryx Judy Andershock, Liz Hartnett, Stephanie Denn , row Darrel Sifers, Rob Ballew; eightH. row Jim Schnaible, Kevin Robinson; ninth row Bob Pelley, Terry McGinley, H. L. Chalquist bponsorL Mark McMillin, Mitch Sharp; tenth row Jim' Freeman, Jim Blair, Aaron Anderson, Bruce Bruemmer, Chuck Nelson, Na- thaniel Friends. w ED HOFFMAN Sifers, Rob Ballew; eighth , hnaible, Kevin Robinson; M" .b Pelley, Terry McGinley, lquist hsponsorL Mark :ch Sharp; tenth row Jim n Blair, Aaron Anderson, nmer, Chuck Nelson, Na- is. Sohn; second row Lisa Mill- xs, Karen Cosbohn, Mary herra Arnold korrespondingi iartnett, Stephanie Dennel-' ED HOFFMAN TROY THOMAS ineteen eighty-eighty one. A year watched out of windows in boxed in cor- ners, and from those with a view of cross- roads. A year of decisions about which path to take. THOMAS TROY ,WFIIGA. . . .Lild!ti91r.;i .a PAULA FOSTER Vs the sum total of shared experiences, person to person, one to another, with a friend between classes and with half a hundred strangers half way around the world. Mwmm; mmw .N w, -. 1 3 ! l i z nd now the yeafs a shadow picture, sillouetted in our memorgfs eyes, painted by night lights and the afternoon sun as we watched the world from a campus window. awwm 7w? 356 MIKE BONNUT CHERYL HEDRICK 357 1981 RHETOR STAF F Julie Toner Editor Laura Bernhardt Assistant Editor Leah Anne Ham Assistant Editor Scott Jennings Sports Editor Scott Osborne Sports Editor Teresa Koop Staff Assistant Ruth Limo Index Editor Karen Schreiner Groups Editor Rose Gorman Staff Angie Filla Staff Suzi Sullivan Staff John Inglish Adviser 1981 Rhetor Staff-front row Ueft to righti Scott Osborne, Angie Filla, Ruth Limo; second row Rose Gorman, Julie Toner, Teresa Koop; TROY THOMAS third row Karen Schreiner, Leah Anne Ham, Laura Bernhardt; fourth row Scott Jennings,' John lnglish, Suzi Sullivan. front and spine Ink: 262 pages black 114 pages four-color Pages: 376 Press Run: 8,000 Colophon Paper Stock: 80 pound white and cream vellum Endsheets: 92 pound cream vellum Cover: four-color litho quarter-bound to Skivertex-Antika 2125 Series 2 grained with stone pattern; embossed lettering on Typography: body copy: 10 and 12 point Souvenir caption copy: 10 point Souvenir Bold headlines: selected magazine styles and sizes Portrait Photography: College Craft Portraits, Kansas City, MO Printed By: Inter-Collegiate Press, Shawnee Mission, KS ? complishment at But, the pressur teams, 25 Gre and 550 faculty most too challen cializing was mi hours spent wor it in the end kep 1,11 cherish th book brought. I11 up until 4:30 a find out intere theytre slap-happ The 1981 Rhetor stai Elals and groups. WithOI e A special thanks go When the going got r01 help or offer words of i were: Barb Brooks, G Tammy Peterson, Kath Gwen Stanton and Debl Without the help of t Relations, Michelle M Kuester, Cheryl Dudley could have never met t for taking messages, let1 t e covers on when we Thanks go to Dennis helped out with their ex . Carl Foster, thank yo tion and for the moral s .A thank you goes tt files of news stories and Thanks to John Sara! and ends always obtaine .Stephen Peterson, the hon and your concern a1 Thanks go to Aaron the picture on page 28 ow for our group pictu: Dr. John Price, thanl eagan. fa We thank Effie Linds; i Why members. Cather ing faculty and staff pho -nQTthat section complete m-hanks go to all of tt 911W t-shirts for the pictu 113:0 gums for letting u W0 tnank John Whitel n and Chuck E NWJOO books from tht thank Ron Perry '1'CGrds TROY THOMAS hren Schreiner, Leah 1, Laura Bernhardt; Scott Jennings; John Sullivan. lm tex-Antika 2125 nbossed lettering on ,venir Bold es and sizes Kansas City, MO lission, KS W Editoris N ote Being the editor of the Rhetor has been one of the best experiences of my life, but I donit know if I would ever want to do it again. The sense of ac- complishment at the end of each day was fantastic. But, the pressures of meeting deadlines was frus- trating and trying to keep 140 groups, 18 sports teams, 25 Greek organizations, 10,000 students and 550 faculty members happy all at once was al- most too challenging. Time for homework and so- ;cializing was minimal, but knowing that all of the 2hours spent working on the Rhetor would be worth tit in the end kept me going. l 1,11 cherish the memories and friendships this gbook brought. Iill never forget the night we stayed ?up until 4:30 a.m. sorting mugshots. You really 1find out interesting things about people when ;theylre slap-happy and exhausted. Our three favorite phrases during the year were: t l uAnd another one bites the dust," teverytime we finished a pagel and nLife is hard" or ilThatis why they pay you the big money" twhenever a tough decision had to be madel. We tried to make this Rhetor the best ever by using some new ideas and increasing the size of the book from 288 to 376 pages. Throughout the year, the staff emphasized making the Rhetor truly re- flect the year. It was our intention to make it both meaningful in 1981 and in the future. I am very thankful that I had three of the most dedicated people I have ever known working with me: Laura, Leah Anne and John. They gave me strength and never let me down. Itls your yearbook now. It never really was ours anyway. Your year is recorded on these pages. We only watched from our office window. Julie Toner . Thank You! The 1981 Rhetor staff received help from many wonderful individ- uals and groups. Without them, this book could not have been possi- ble. A special thanks goes to the women of Alpha Gamma Delta. When the going got rough, they were always there to pitch in and help or offer words of encouragement. A few who especially helped were: Barb Brooks, Gale Falconer, Julie Jackson, Joni Kershaw, Tammy Peterson, Kathy Reed, Stephanie Roberts, Roxann Shikles, Gwen Stanton and Debbie Webb. Without the help of the student secretaries in the Office of Public Relations, Michelle Moore, Judy Harper, Debbie Smith, Mary Kuester, Cheryl Dudley, Linda Deppermann and Karen Anders, we could have never met our deadlines. Thanks also to Faye Epperson lor taking messages, letting us use her typewriters tyes, Faye we put the covers on when we were finishedl and worrying about us. Thanks go to Dennis Slusher, Steve Weller and Brad Kruger who helped out with their experience in the sports section. Carl Foster, thank you for your help on the faculty and staff sec- tion and for the moral support you gave to us. A thank you goes to Charlotte Kirk for her understanding, her files of news stories and pictures and her funny stories. Thanks to John Sarantakos and the print shop crew for the odds and ends always obtained on a tight deadline. Stephen Peterson, thank you for your advice on the groups sec- tion and your concern about the book. Thanks go to Aaron Anderson and Joyce Webb who posed for the picture on page 28. And thanks to Home Lumber for the win- ow for our group picture. RDr. John Price, thank you for loaning us the picture of Ronald eagan. We thank Effie Lindsay for her help in classifying and identifying aCUlty members. Catherine Tisinger helped a great deal with obtain- ing faculty and staff photos. Her concern for the importance of mak- ing that section complete and accurate is very appreciated. hanks go to all of the Greek organizations who let the staff bor- TOW t-shirts for the picture on pages 296-297. A big thank you goes l0 Ed Curtis for letting us use the Union bookstore window. We thank John Whitehead and the Union crew for helping us with 'iSlribution and Chuck Bolten and the physical plant gang for mov- mg 81000 books from the warehouse over to the Union. .We thank Ron Perry and his computer for printouts and distribu- t'0" cards. Thanks to Bill Stucker for his strong belief in yearbooks and Tom Edmunds for giving us the space to work in and the budget to work with. The Rhetor staff thanks Peggy Meinders for her advice and en- couragement. We thank her school publications class for their inter- est in the book. Thank you, Chris Miller for your helpful assistance with the pic- tures for the Physical Plant page. Bill Poynter, thank you for letting us borrow your cheerleader pic- tures and for ending an unwanted tradition. Thanks go to Wilma Williams who did a super job of keep us straight and never threw anything away that we wanted to keep. Thanks go to Bob Gadd, our representative from lnter-Collegiale Press. Thank you Dave Walker for spending one fall afternoon stamping triplicates. Thanks go to some of the original members of the staff who helped a lot in the beginning, but due to other obligations had to leave the staff: Karl Helton, Jana Linton, Dave McCandless, Amy Pickerel, Kandy Simmons, Brenda Templin, Wendy Todd and Joyce Webb. Thanks to everyone who loaned us their jeans for pages 82 and 83. Randy Lilleston, thank you for writing copy when we got in a pinch. Thanks go to Buddy Place for his copy. Tracy Estes, the staff body guard, deserves a big thanks. Thanks for your patience and understanding Tammy lnglish, Bart Etzenhouser and Phil Holman. A couple other understanding people are Debbie Meisner and Merrie Woodson. The crew at Photo Services worked above and beyond the call of duty for us. They included Paula Foster, Bob Wirtz, Steve Schoen, Michelle Sixta, Mike Bonnot, Suzanne Sixta, Troy Thomas, Larry Bradley, Ed Hoffman, Dave Wood and Cheryl Hedricks. . V Some very understanding room mates included Terri Whitmer, Pam Johannigmeir, Gloria Rodick, Amy Cox and Lisa Stanley. Thanks to everyone else who helped with the book who may have been inadvertantly left out of this list. The parents and families of the staff also deserve a big thank you for all of their support and understanding. We thank God for giving us the strength and ability to produce the 1981 Rhetor. PHOTOS BY MEL JENKINS Mel Jenkins 1921-1980 Rhetor faculty advisor for 10 years and a contribut- ing photographer to the yearbook for three decades, Mel Jenkins, assistant professor of graphics, died De- cember 10. A 1948 graduate of CMSU with a 3.8. in business administration, he joined the faculty immedi- ately after graduation, and later earned his M.S.E. in industrial arts from CMSU. Close acquaintances will remember him as an avid golfer. His students will re- member him as a dedicated teacher with a fondness for cat pictures who demanded quality in every pho- tograph they took for class. Alumni will remember him for the iimatched set,, volumes produced under- his supervision, filled with memories of their college years. Other photographers will remember his distinc- tive and dramatic photographs, each a technical mas- terpiece. We remember him as a friend. :93; 31:33 Bey3e3e ?3e343e A Aaron, Joyce X, 196 Abbasi, Ahmad 196 Abbott, Perry H, 312 Abdulsalaam, Rashid 256,196,141,270-1 Abeln, Michael J, 196 Abernathy, Dorothy 349 Abernathy, Michael 196 Abney, Denise E. 196 Abney, Laura 196 Ackerburg. Aleda L. 196 Ackley, David L, 196 Adair, Elizabeth L. 196 Adair, William G. 196 Adams. Cheryl A. 196, 278-9 Adams, Clifton 286,184 Adams, Dianna R. 268 Adams, Elizabeth J. 196 Adams, Ernestine 191 Adams, Edmond T. 186 Adams, George 333 Adams, Grace A. 196 Adams, L. Jerold 184 , Adams, Mary M. 143, 116 Adams, R. Yvunne 196 - Adams, Scott J. 196 Adams, Suzanne M. 268,196 Adams, Terry1 196 I Adams, Theresa L. 276,196 a Adcock, Carl E. 196 , Addison, Randall P. ' 320,196 Adee, Bill 268,260 1 Adee, Jan 196 1 Adey, Barbara J. 196 Adkins, Kendall D, 196 ; Adkins, Stanley E. 196 . Adlard, David R. 333 : Adley, Sheila 196 , Adminisnative Council 1 177 Agnew, Helene 323 . Agrippino, Teresa A. 270,196 5 Ahlering, Josette 191 5 Ahlering, Robert 187 Ahmadi, Reza 180,272- 73 . Alkln, Jamie 186,276 3 r z I $ 1 Ainsworth, G. Scott 196,32,64 Alnsworth, Roger A. , 196 i A151, Eugene H. 191 i Akhtar, M. Saeed 270- 1,179 Akin, William E. 196 ! Alberts, Anne M. 196 I Albin, Cheryl M. 196 '1 Albin, Kathy Lynn 196 , Albrecht, Joseph D. 179 1 1 ' Albrecht, Michele M. I 96 Albrecht, Susan 319, I 196,336,262-3,283, 305 1 Mbrecht, Thomas S. 1 196 ' Albright, Charles M. 196,344 , Aldrich, Mom 329 Aldridge, James A. 196 , Alexander, Bobby J. 196 Alexander, Cynthia 196,295 Alexander, Donna K. 196 Alexander, Karen S. 96 Alexander, Kathi L1 196 Alexander, Tamara 196 Am. Rus 1Hudgens1 I 2 196,272.73 Ali, Wares 196 Allard, Steven S, 334, 352 Allee, Julie A. 196 Allee, Vinita A. 2689, 196,270 Allegree, Daryl M, 196 Alleman, Rebecca J. 196,262 Allen, Amy 196 Allen, 'Angela K, 196 Allen, Charles 260,196 Allen, Densil 260,276, 292,178 Allen, Jennifer L. 196 Allen, Ross L. 196 Allen, Terri K. 196 Allen, Toni Lynn 190 Allen, Willie M. 196 Alley, Rick D. 196 Allison, Janet Kay 260, 196,288 Allison, Kelly B. 141 Allred, Denise M. 274- 75 Allred, John E. 280-1 Alonso, Joseph I. 307 Alpers, Joyce E. 196 Altepewr, Tamara A. 196 Alter, Dale C. 60 Alter, Mike 60 Alvarado, Alicia 196 Alvarado, Daniel P. 196 Alvarez, Elizabeth 333, 196 Alvarez, Michael Jo 333,196 Alvis, Betty M. 286,196 Ammons, Gary 196 Ammons, Lawrence R. 307 Amos, Pamella G. 196 Amos, Von Edward 196 Anders, Karen J. 260, 276,196 Anders, R. Leslie 181 Andershock, Judy L. 326-338,327,352 Anderson, Aaron K. 320,196,256,352 Anderson, Andy 329 Anderson, Craig 328 Anderson, Darin W. 196 Anderson, Glen R. 188, 288 Anderson, Gregory P. 196,301 Anderson, Jack W. 196 Anderson, Jane A. 196 Anderson, Kathy 151, 132 Anderson, Kelly D. 103,141,102,100 Anderson, Kindra 151, 132 Anderson, Mark 196 Anderson, Pacer L. 196 Anderson, Rebecca E. 197,331 Anderson, Ruth A. 197 Anderson, Sarah 197 Anderson, Sheila D. 197 Andervich, Cathy J. 197 Andrade, Ralph A 276,197 Andrews, Jennifer 197 Andrews, Lisa A. 258, 197,274-75,283 Angell, Jed Brian 197 Angell, 0, Martin 185 Anger, Walter F. 197 Angle, Beth A. 342,348 Angle, Kenneth A. 197 Ankenbauer, Thomas 307 Anthes, Christopher 197 Anthony, Edward J. 65, 270-1,280-1 Anthony, Kimberly J. 260 Anthony, Edwards 197 Anthony, Kimberly 197 Anthony, Robert F. 197 Antwiler, Johnny L. 197 Antwiler, Mary H. 197 Appelbaum, Lisa G. 197,278 Appleton, Bret Jay 270 Appling, Alaine 197 Arango, Ivette 197,315, 285 Arduser, Casey 151 Argo, Leland Kelly 197 Arle, Paula K. 197,315 Armintrout, Randy 197 Armstrong, Gary W. 197 Armstrong, Marla J. 197 Armsnong, Richard 197,256-57 Arndt, Angela E. 317, 321 Arndt, Carol L. 197 Arnett, Susan 197 Arni, Rickie Lee 197, 288 Ami, Rita Faye 286, 260,197 Arnold, Billy Wayne 197 Arnold, Christine L. 276,197 Arnold, Danny L. 307 Arnold, Linda Kay 270, 197 Arnold, Patrick J. 197 Arnold, Ronda S. 197 Arnold, Stephen Way 51,349,348 Arnold, Terra 336,59, 264-5,283,352 Arnold, William 197 Aroh, Ephraim S. 197 Arrandale, Troy A. 197 Arth, Doug R. 197 Arth, Karen E. 256, 260,197 Arthur, Lori A 197 Arwood, Kenton W. 339 Ashby, Seagayl A. 197 Ashby, Tim D. 197 Asher, Denise M. 197 Ashman, Patricia 182 Ashu, Jules 268,197 Aspergreu, Eva 286, 178 Assamani, Tina Marie 197 Aston, Rosemarie L. 197 Atherton, Mitchell 325, 197 Atherton, Nancy J. 197 Atherton, Vonda S. 197 Atkins, Regina G. 197 Atkinson, Ann Marie 258,197 Atkinson, Robert L. 328 Atwell, Gary S. 197 Atwell, Theodore C. 197 Atwood, Debbie 276, 197,312,338 Audsley, Edward A. 48 Audsley, Jenna L. 197 Audsley, Sarah E. 197 Aufderheide A. 197, 289,288 Austgen, Joseph B, 197 Austin, Douglas Lee 197 Austin, Joel P, 197 Austin, John A. 197 Austin, Karen 8, 197 Index Aversman, Brenda 197264-5285 Avery, Dale W. 197 Avery, Erik R. 197 Avila, Esther 286,197 Ayers, Patricia N. 197 Ayers, Shan R, 197 Ayres, Janis Eudora 197 Azar, Kelly S. 197,65 Babineau, Deniece B, 309,308 Bachant, Teresa 197 Bachman, Tom 285, 295,187 Bachmann, Duane 185 Bachmann, Joyce R. 197 Bachus, Gordon S. 186 Backer, Mary S. 197 Backes, Doris A. 256, 260,197,336,284 Backes, Mary Ann 197 Bacon, Jodi L. 197 Bagley, Sylena 342 Bahr, Cynthia D. 197 Bahr, Leo A. 197 Bailey, Christopher 197,64 Bailey, Jacqualyn J. 198 Bailey, Joyce 262-3,186 Bailey, Monte R. 198 Bain, Rick L. 280,292 Baird, Michealle L. 278- 9 Baker, Candice J6 179 Baker, Dallis R, 198 Baker, Danny Ray 256, 286,266,198 Baker, David R. 198 Baker, Janet D. 198 Baker, Janet K. 198 Baker, Janie R. 198 Baker, Jody Bret 333 Baker, Kathy Jewell 268,198 Baker, Kathryn L. 185 Baker, Michael D. 141, 274-75 Baker, Michele 346 Baker, Pamela Baker, Philip B. 198, Baker, Richard T. 198 Baker, Sally L. 198, Baker, Sheila Mae 270, 198 Baker, Twila J. 198, 284 . Balda, Karen M. 198 Baldock, Tammy J. 151,283 Baldwin, James T. 276, 198 Baldwin, Robert F. 262 Baldwin, Robert L. 189 Bales, Randy Layne 198 Balke, Bruce A. 198 Ball, Georgann K. 198 Ball, Helen 178 Ball, Russ Kent 198, 141 Ballard, Ruth E. 315 Ballenger, Michael 60 Ballew, Robert R. 198, 352,347 Ballou, Janette 198 Balsiger, Katherine 198 Balsiger, Susan F. 276, 198 Bamford, Jean 256,315 Bamford, Jeane 262. 190 Banes, Kimberly K. 198 Barber, Brent 283 Barber, Lorraine E. 198 Barber, Melissa 198, 150 Barbour, Jackie L 326, 348 Barbour, Suzanne G. 198 Barchers, Princess 198 Barcomb, Susan 142, 151,111,283,147 Bardsley, Angela F. 198,336,272 Bariow, Charles M. 198 Barker, Beth Rae 198 Barker, Brenda K, 198 Barker, Joan K. 198 Barker, Tracy B, 198 Barlow, Barbara J, 198 Barnard, Karie L. 342, 338,343 Barnes, Brenda K. 198 Barnes, Charles S, 339 Barnes, Dana L. 326 Barnes, Kimilia G. 256, 319,198 Barnes, Leora R. 198 Barnes, Melanie S. 198 Barnes, Mildred 186 Barnes, Richard E. 198 280 Barnes, Symmetha R. Barnes, Val L, 198 Barnett, Craig 320,292 Barnett, Laurie 198,280-1 Barnett, Paul D. 325, 198 Barnett, Cezanne 198 Barnett, Tony F. 198 Barney, Joseph 198 Barnhan, Gina L. 342. 198,272-73 Barnhart, Karen S. 198 Barnhart, Roxanna L. 198 Barr, M. Annette 198, 282-3 Barr, Suzanne E. 198 Barrett, Linda 258,336, 184 Barrett, Rebecca L. 295 Barrows, Jeffrey K. 339,198 Barrows, Ray L 293, 178 Barry, James W. 198 Barry, Nancy Marie 198,108,144,150,147 Bartch, Robin G. 198 Bartels, Jodi 1. 198 Bartlett, Robin L. 309, 338 Bartola, Michael J. 344 Bartshe, Judy D. 198, 283 Bascone, Karen 260, 198,144 Baseball 134-135 Basham, Nancy J. 198 Baskin, Julia Ann 266, 198,284 Basketball 118-123 126-129 Bass, Linda L. 198,322 Bassett, William, Jr. 268-9 Bates, Carol E. 198 Bates, Dana L. 198 Bates, Martin Rick 198, 270-1 Batson, Sherry A. 198, 280-1 Batten, James R. 320 Battiest, Lorraine 198 Batz, Timothy James 274-75 Batz, Wilma M. 198 Bauer, Carol 5. 198 Bauer, Eugene B. 320. 321,272,352 Bauer, Drew T. 198 Bauman, Jill E. 198 Bauman, Melissa J. 198 Bauml. Cvndy Sue 19.3 348 Baunsta. Liza 258.266, 278 Baunsta, Octavm 185 Bax, Diane Mary 198 Bax, Kenth 6 198.295 Bax. Susan M, 198 Baxter. Sarah J 198 Bay. Susan 280-81 Bayless, Cindy R 342, 329 Baysinger, Davxd W 198 Baysinger. Dennis M 199 Beabout. Melodi L. 199,321 Beall, Ricky D. 199 Beamer. Lance 256 Beamer. Martin R. Bearce. Connie J. 268. 199 Beard, Harold D. 187, 285,336 Beard, Wanda R. 178 Beasley, Marlene L. 282-3 Beastrom, Michael D. 307 ' Beastrom. Susan L, 199,317,262 Beatty, Janice L. 60, 258,260.199,302 Beauchamp, Tame 286, 260,199 Beaver, Lyle B. 187, 282-3 Beaven, Mark G. 199 Bebhardt, Lee Jeff 199 Bechtold, Roylene E. 199 Beck, John E. 64,190 Beck, Katherine L. 199, 278-9 Beck, Paul Leonard 199 Beck, Stephanie M. 199 Beckemeyer, Susan J. 199,270-1 Becker, Crystal D. 199 Becker. Daniel A. 339, 338,64 Becker, Linda L. 199. 280-1 Becker, Steven E. 60, 199,262-3 Beckner, Diane L. 199 Becton, Debbie E. 199 Bedell, Robert 60,183 Bedford, Mary L. 199 Beebe, Brenda 199 Beebe, Rhonda G. 199 Beeler. Sheri L. 199 Beeman, Susan M. 294, 199 Beasley, Margaret F. 199 Begole, Bettina 199 Behrens. Danny 32 Beilsmith, Teresa L, 199.321 Beissenherz, Bren! 199 Belanger. Paul J 339 Belcher, Darrio 199 Belcher, Phillip A. 199 Belimer, Diane L, 199 Belk, Connie Jo 199 Bell, Gary 274-75 Bell, James Dwayne 345.344 Bell, Janice E. 317,69 Bell, Joyce E. 199 Bell, Michael B. 320 Bellinghausen, Janet 199 Bell, M, Drake 183 Belshe. Jeffrey D 349 Belshe, John F. 180 Belshe. Rhonda L, 199 Belsher. Joseph R. 199 Bemboom, Russell L 349 ancari 5.113qu 2w 1W Bx'hjf: Kenn 3.40.327 Bdrm! Lu: A 1311 250 1 Bennen, Francu E 199 Bennett, Jamcs D 199 Bennett, Jeff 90 Bcnneu, Jay 256 Bennell. Laune J 268. 317,199,639 Bennett. Mama A 199 Bennett, Mary F 306, 326 Bennett. Wanda R 199 Bennellc. Bnan H. 199 Benoit, Karen L 199 Benson, Davnd R. 341 Benwell. Joseph C. 320,352 Berbench, Ted J. 199 Berberich, Tony 5. 199 Bergman. David W. 199.25657 Bergmann, Darla M. 199 Berhcrst, Rose M. 199 Berkiand. Temll 181 Benslavich, Mary J, 199.262 Benslavich, Pat 199 Berlin, Lisa D. 199 Bevnagozzi, Adrian 178 Bernard, Brenda K, 315 Bernhatdt, Laura M. 199.358 Berning. Sara B, 199 Berry, Daniel D. 199 Berry. Dean 150.133 Berry, Jane 199 Berry, Nancy 283 Bersano, Teresa Ann 199 Bescheinen, Cathevine 199 Best. Clarence 295.182 Bestman, Wendy L. 276 Belhel, Richard 283 Belhel, Samuel Rich 264-65 Belles. Mark E, 199, 150 Bells, Clarence J. 199 Bell, Norman J, 181 Beumer, Anne"? 309 Beumer, Mary E, 199 Beverage, Wendy L. 117.145 Bias. Marian Joyce 199 Biber, Mary Beth 258. 199,317.278-9 Bice, Doug A. 339 Bickel, Nancy M. 199, 144.283 Biesemeyer, Mark L339 BiggerslaH, Wllha 307, 148 Biggs, Laura J. 199 Billosbach. Bernard 199 Billesbach, Monica 199, 272-73 Birbeck. Billy Ray 199 Birk, Teresa L 199 Birk, Teri 270-1 Biscan, Mary A 199 Buschel, Mark L 199. 642789 Bischof. Pamela J 199. 280-1 Bitzer. Debbie K 199 Bixby. Glenn A 183 Black. Carmen L 260. 199 Black. Elaine 268 Black, Jimmie D 199, 310 Black, Telry L. 268.9 Black, Tina L 199 361 .....v .3 - ...,,.,. Black, Valerie C, 199, 322-3 Blackburn, Carla D. 199 Blackburn, Lucy 190 Blackburn, Shelly D, 200 Blacksher, Al Scott 200 Blaine, Myrna B. 200, 283,200,294 5 Blaine, Rodger Scot 268,276 Blair, Chuck 141,102, 100 Blair, James Lee Jr. 339.285,294.352 Blair, Jeffrey L. 339 Blair, Steven F. 200 Blair, Willlam C. 200 Blankenship, A. E. 180 Blankenship, Janet 200 Blankenship, Nancy 200 Blansett. Vanessa L. 200 Blaschke, Michael J. 200 Blase, Bill 268 Blaylock, Donna 200,280-1 Blayney, Kevin E. 325, 200 Bleazard, George R. 200 Blevans, Mark 143,347 Blevins, Patricia A. 276,200 Bliss, Carol 5. 200,321 Blixt, Debra A. 200 Block, Joni Jean 200, 144,283 Bloedel, David 318 Blomberg, Kathie Jo 200 Blomberg, Mike J. 200 Blondeiield, Phyllis 284, 186 Bloodworth, Debra H. 200 Blow, Penny Lynn 200 Blowers, Dennis F. 200 Blue, Clarence A. 276, 200,323 Blumberg, Lori A. 200, 321 Blumberg, Mark 188 Blumhorst, Joyce E. 60, 200 Blunt, Nancy J. 256, 200,64,143,116 Board of Regents 172- 173 Boan, Julie Ann 151, 272,283 Boatwright, Robert 339, 200 Bock, Frederic W. 185 Bockelman, Gregory 268,272,278 Bodenhamer, Janet V. 200 Bodenhamer, Kathlyn 200 Bodenhamer, Mary K. 200 Bodenhamer, Sarah J. 309 Boehler, Steven K. 307, 352 Boehm, Richard 200,292 Boehmer, Michael W, 318 Boenzle, Leroy E. 200 Boese, Paul A. 200,344 Boettcher, Kim D. 200 Boatcher, Rhonda J. 200 Boevingloh, Gina M. 200 Bohanan, Kirk N. 256, 2002801 Bohmer, Annene 329 Boland, Denise Ann 315,321 362 Boland, Jeff J. 200 Boland, Robert T, 339 Bolden, Susan 283 Bolin, John P 307 Bolin, Thomas M. 200, 344 Boling, Lisa Rae 200 Bolling, Karen 256-57 Bollinger, Karen T. 200,309,69,308,277, 131 Bollinger, Michael 339, 69,130 Bolten, Bryan K. 200 Bolton, Susan D. 200 80112, Linda S. 200,144 Bolz, Bradly S, 148 Bolzenius, Ann M. 200 Bonadonna, David 320, 200 Bond, Patricia N. 200 Bonkoski, Rhonda R. 200,262 Bonner, Debbie Kay 200 Bonner, Gerald 141 Bonnot, Mike L. 68,200 Boonjindasup, Aurora 200,179 Boos, Shelly L. 326 Booth, Alisa S. 309 Booth, Barry L. 200, 274-75 Booth, Marianna J. 200 Booth, Ronald G. 200 Booth-Butterfield, Melanie 262-3 Bopat, Dhananjay 290- 1 Boppen, Cathy A. 143 Borcherding, Cynthia 200 Borcherding, Terry 280- 1 Borders, Laura A. 200, 292 Bordner, Leanna K. 253,147 Borgmeyer, Ramona J. 200 Borland, Karla S. 200 Bornhop, Cheryl Ann 306 Boschert, Charles R. 57,260,200 Bossen, Mary P. 200 Bossow, Crystal K. 200 Boston, Jill A. 256,200, 270-1 Boswell, Blaine K. 200 Boucher, Melinda K. 200 Bouldin, Susan R. 200,- 141 Bounds, Paula J. 286, 260,200 Boussiron, Marie F. 278-9 Bouyea, Marcia Lynn 200 Bowden, Samuel 200 Bowe, Timothy G. 325, 200 Bowers, Merle S. 260, 276,200,270-1 Bowers, Tamara M. 69 Bowers, William L, 200 Bowhay, Gerald W. 200 Bowles, Rebecca S, 276,200,288 Bowling, David 286, 292,183 Bowman, Cynthia P, 200 Bowman, Robert E. 268 Bowman, Rodger J, 200,280-1 Bowman, Terri E. 268, 200 Bowser, Harold 200, 292 Box, Sheryl A. 200 Boyce, Anna K. 268, 200 Boyce, Rebecca L. 260, 200,317 Boyd, Kathryn E. 201 Boyd, Lori J. 201 Boyd, Lorie A. 201 Boyd, Phillip Gene 201 Boyd, Robert G. 189 Boyd, Stephen T. 349 Boydston, Brian L. 292 Boydston, Robyn L. 260,276,201,292 Boydston, Russell D. 201 Boydston, Steven D. 201,143,344 Boyer, Darlene I. 201 Boyer, Donald F. 60, 201,270-1,277-8 Brack, Amy D. 201 Brackman, Kevin A. 201 Braden, Melissa Ann 201 Bradford, Tina R. 268- 9,201,272,295 Bradley, Cheryl J. 201 Bradley, Chris1ina 201, 277-8 Bradley, Conez 190 Bradley, James R. 201, 64 Bradley, John E. 191 Bradley, LawrenceL R. 201 Bradsher, Barrye 331 Brady, Troy A. 270, 201 Brake, Christopher 292 Brame, William E. 179 Bramham, Gregory A. 333,201 Brand, Cynthia L. 201 Brand, Stephen L. 201 Brandenburg, Tina L. 201 Brandes, Troy L. 318, 319 Brandes, Wendell 190 Brandt, Cynthia J. 201 Brandt, Douglas M. 201 Brandt, Michael E. 328, 201 Brandt, Victor J. 201 Brannock, Robert H. 141 Branson, Gina B. 201 Branson, Marshall 180 Branstetter, Gretchen 201,309 Brasher, Barrye L. 201 Brassea, Jayme L. 201 Bratton, Elizabeth 268 Bremen, Susan M. 201 Brauer, Frederick 190 Brauer, Susan K. 201 Bray, Beverly K, 201 Bray, Michael 310 Bray, Theresa Ann 201 Breault, Gregory D. 344 Breckenridge, Tim K, 201 Breen, Janet A. 201 Bremer, Debra Jo 201 Brence, Teresa Ann 276 Breneman R, Tawn 201 Brenner, Marsha M. 342 Brent, Leslie 317 Brenton, Beverly A, 201 Brenton, Lowell D. 307 Breon, Janice 64 Brethower, Rodney W, 325 Brewer, Tony Ray 201, 272 Brewington, Will 190 Brewster, Bradley E. 201 Brick, Rex F. 201,256- 57 Bricker, Elizabem 201 Bridge, Pamela G. 201 Bridges, Michael J. 201 Bridgforth, Michael 201 Brightwell, Theresa 201 Briner, Andra L. 201, 64 Brinkoetter, Debora 33, 256,329,336,274-5, 290-1 Brinkoetter, Donna 201, 336 Britt, Kathy J. 201 Britt, Lauree 309,348, 256,277,308,352 Britt, Melinda L. 201 Britton, C. James 184 Brock, Amy 144 Brock, Baird A. 186 Brock, Jeffery W. 328 Brock, Shirley A. 201 Brockhan, Alison L. 60, 2012823 Brogan, Elizabeth H. 201,145,131 Brogdon, Peggy L. 60, 201 Bronenkamp, Brad 141, 344 Brookens, Jean 178 Brookens, Karen 60, 201,264-65 Brookens, Kenneth 186 Brooker, Brian D. 42, 201 Brooks, Barbara J. 201, 284,290-1,302 Brooks, Christopher 201,330 Brooks, Deborah 201,292,322-3 Brooks, Deems 189, 262-3 Brooks, Delaina L. 201 Brooks, John M. 201 Brooks, Rosalind L 305 onokshier, Doris J. 191 Brotherton, Daniel 268, 201 Brewer, Clara L. 201 Brown, Andrew 60,183,201 Brown, Anthony L. 201 Brown, Bill J. 318,319 Brown, Burnell E. 201 Brown, Cheryl Joann 201,256,290-1 Brown, Cleude H. 262- 3 Brown, Dalsy 183,286 Brown, Daryl Alan 201, 272-3,274-5,325 Brown, David Leslie 201 Brown, Debbie L, 201 Brown, Deborah 8. 264- 5 Brown, Elizabeth A. 201,317 Brown, Elizabeth J. 201 Brown, Ellen 288 Brown, Gregg 320 Brown, Jackie 201 Brown, James Albert 201,284 Brown, Jane Ellen 201 Brown, Janet L. 276, 201 Brown, Jeannette K. 201 Brown, Jerome 201,141 Brown, Jill M. 294 Brown, Joanne G. 201 Brown, Judi L. 60 Brown, Judith L. 202 Brown, Karen S, 256, 202 Brown, Keith T. 202, 256-57 Brown, Leslie R. 202 Brown, Lisa M. 202 Brown, Marla K. 202 Brown, Melinda Beth 202 Brown, Michael E. 202 Brown, Mitzi 276 Brown, Nadine 339 Brown, Petra K. 202, 256,282,283,294 Brown, Regina D, 202 Brown, Rose L. 202 Brown, Susan E. 202 Brown, Teira 292 Brown, Wendy Diane 326,348 Brown, William T. 202, 323 Brownfield, Jay D. 202 Brownfield, Kim S. 202 Brownfield, Mitzi 188, 274-5 Browning, Lynne R. 202,272-73 Browning, Mary E. 202 Browning, Shelly J. 202 Brownley, Alvin L. 256 Broyles, Debbie L. 342 Brozovich, Diana 340,144 Bruce, Carol J. 202, 309,65 Bruce, James E. 307 Brucks, Janice A. 202 Brumback, Larry D. 202 Brummell, Reggie A. 202 Bruemer, Bruce 234 Brummett, Lisa M. 268, 202 Brune, Lawrence V. 202 Brunet, John E. 122, 146 Brush, Allen W. 202, 260,262,272 Bryan, Lance Alan 202 Bryant, Beth 286,66-7 Bryant, Dirk A. 202 Bryant, Evelyn D. 266, 202,304 Bryant, Lisa K. 292 Bryant, Mary E. 202 Buchholz, Victoria 202, 262-3 Buck, Ladonne C. 202, 262,283 Buck, Leeann 202 7 Buckler, Carol R. 202 Buckman, Mae Beth 202 Buckman, Mary P. 276, 202 Buckman, Trudy J, 202,270-1 Buckner, Brian K. 202 Buckner, Lena M. 266, 202 Bucks, Jane 185 Bucksath, Chris J. 202 Bucksath, Kristen A. 202 Budke, Christopher 339,280-1 Buehler, Carol Jean 202,260,283 Buehrle, Karen 139 Bueker, Darlene A. 202 Bueker, Deanne L, 315 Buescher, Bryant E, 202 Buese, William 202 Buford, Lengthecul 202, 141 Buhlig, Kebra K. 202 Buhlig, Randall W. 347 Bullard, Deborah C, 202 Bullard, Susan A. 202 Bullock, Howard C. 202 Bumgamer, C. James 180,278 Burasco, Kathy L, 342, 200 Burasco, Thomas R. 349 Burbridge, Jeffrey 202, 148 Burbridge, Laureen 202 Burch, Aleta G. 202 Burch, Pamela J. 268, 202,280-1 Burden, John T. 202 Burditt, Jim A, 202 Burditt, Nancy Ann 202,270-1 Bure, Burt A. 328 Burford, Sharon Sue 202 Burge, Randall A. 202 Burger, Brenda K. 202 Burgess, Bryce C. 347 Burgess, Gayle Kay 309,65 Burgin, Donald Ray 202 Burke, Elizabeth K. 145 Burkemper, Matthew 276,307 Burkhart, Mary F. 202 Burkholder, Patricia 202 Burks, Arthurmae 202 Burks, Mark A. 202, 323 Burmeister, Tim 349 Burmeister, Tom 256, 274,349,352 Burnett, Kim 282-3 Burnett, Lynette A. 202 Burnett, Rebecca K. 202 Burnett, Rod Duane 102,141,202 Burnett, Susan Lynn 202,340 Burnette, Christy A. 202,317 Burnette, Roberta J. 262-3 Burnette, Walter 181 Burnham, Carol D, 202 Burns, Carrie Lynn 202 Burns, Cindy Fay 202, 288 Bums, Clarence R. 202 Burns, James Ray 202, 264-5,280-1,284,290 Burns, Kevin R. 202 Burns, Sherry R. 202 Burre, Tina M. 57,202 Burris, Phyllis A. 202 Buther, William 181 Burtner, Rebecca L. 191 Burton, David L. 202 Burton, James R. 203 Burton, Jani 203,260 Burton, Mark Steven 203 Buschjost, Barbara 203 Buschjost, Gregory 203 Bush, Nadine A. 203 Bush, Timothy C. 203 Bushmeyer, W. W. Jr. 178,274-5 Buster, Sheila D. 276, 203 Butcher, Michael R. 325 Butler, Rebecca G. 203 Butler, Shari L. 165, 203,262,268 Butterfield, M, A. 184 Butts, Angela Jo 203 Butts, Jeffrey S. 328 Bybee, John P. 203 Bye, Bill 141 Byersv Cragory M. 203 Bynum, Gregory C, 203 Byrd, Kevin Dewayne 339 Byrd, Linda E, 317 Byrne, Brian 344 Byrne, Shannon C. 321 Byrnes, Sean P, 339, 203 Caapman, Duane A. 203 Cabezas, Emmanuel 258,278-9 Cabelas, Rodolfo E. 203 Cade, Laura E. 202 Caffre, Jim 130 Caffrey, James 69,203, 328,148 Cage, Sharon M. 203 - Cagle, Peggy A. 203, 321 Cagna, Betty 179 Caimi, Louis T. 203 Cain, David R., 203, 274-5 Cain, Donna Lynn 203 Caine, Martha 203,256, 273-4286 Calandro, David J. 320, 203 Call, Connie Fay 203 Call, Donna Sue 276, 203 Callaghan, Donna L. 203 Callahan, Daveda R. 20 Callahan, Dianne C, 203 Callahan, Patricia 203 Callaway, David E. Jr. 203,256-7 Callaway, Dennis E. 65, 203,285 Callaway, Michael P, 203,266,276 Callis, Camye N, 203 Callow, Kim 2015,2778 Calloway, Bonita J. 203 Calovich, Carol A. 203 Calvert, Carolyn S. 203,262 Calvert, Cynthia L. 31, 203 Calvert, John C. 272 Calvert, Mary Pearl 203 Cambron, Carol 191 Cameron, Deborah A. 203,64 Cammack, LA. 182 Camp, Cheryl R. 319, 336 Camp, Jim Rives 276, 203 Camp, Linda S. 57. 203,270-1 Campbell, Claudia 5' 336 Campbell, Donna J. 203 Campbell, Jerry 2701 Campbell, La'l'anbya 3- 203 Campbell, Leslie A1 203 Campbell, Lesta J, 203 Campbell, Lisa A. 203 Campbell, Mary L. 203 Campbeli, Maryann 203,260,268,282-3 Campbell, Michael L, 2789 Campbell, Tammy J- 203 Campbell, Trudy L- 286,203 Canaled, Mary 258-9" Cannon, Nancy J. 2134 Carbin, Christine 204 Carbin, Rosemary , Carder, Robert M. Careswell, Sherri L 203,258,276 Carlile, Donald Carlile, Kevin Dale Carlock, Patricia 65 203,350 Carlson, Richard 18 Carlson, Sandra B. Carmack, James W, 256-57 Carmichael, Jack 15 Carmichael Kevin L, 203 Carney, Janet Sue 2 312 Carney, Jeffrey L. 2 Carper, Linn Miller 1 Can, Deborah Lynn 203 Carr, Kellye R. 203 Carr, Robert L. 203 Carr, Roger A. 203 Carr, Wanda L. 203 Carrender, John A. 2 Carriker, Glenn A. 11 Carroll, Edgars 172 Carroll, Steven S. 20: Carrow, Debbie 294 Cars 92-93 Carter, Bryan David 328,203 Carter, Carla J. 203 Caner, Carson E. 258 286,203 Carter, Constance M, 203 Carter, Cynthia K. 201 Caner, Edith A. 203 Carter, Glen A. 339 Carter, John 150,151 Carter, Kathryn J. 203 Carter, Kenneth W. 203 Caner, Maria A. 204 Carter, Mike 256-7 Carter, Myron 187 Carter, Perry L. 290 Carter, Sarah Ann 282- 283 Carter, Sue Ann 187 Carter, Susan Kay 282- 283 Cartland, Mitsu A. 204 Case, Brian 341 Case, Merl 178 Case, Jody A. 339,204 274-75 Case, Mark E. 204 Case, Pamela J. 204 Caselman, Gary 60 Caselman, Rebecca S. 204,2645 Casey, Jon Patrick 328, 329 Casey, Michael S. 328 Casey, Terri Lynn 204 Cashell, Patrick K. 325 Cazslgey, Senator Harold , Cass, Constance S. 204 Cass, Kelly R. 30 Cass, Susan 280-1,315 Cassaday, Jerry L. 204,280-281 Cassmeyer, Karen A. 204,340 Cassmeyer, Randall 328 Castaner, David 180 Casteel, Carol Lynn 204 Castelinna, Nancy A. 204 Casterline, Patricia 204, 270-1 Castle, Conan 183 Castor, Diana J. 204, 284,285 Casupang, Mary C. 204 Catlett, Ronald K. 204 Canon, Steven P. 60. 262-3 Byers G Bynufn regory M, 2 ' 125 I Gre OJ Byrd K 90W C 2. I e . , 01 C I 342 339 VIII Dewayne C:::In, Rosemar . Byrd. Linda E 3 carefr' Reba" h: 2203 ca 1, A 17 203wenv Sherri L 03 5812' Cheryl L Byrne, Bri ca 2 258,276 I C 4 ynn V 202 Byrne Sh:n 344 ca'He' Donald agdle, Joelly ghlldress B- I Bym I IIIIOII C T IIIII KW 333 04 n R4 268 hildre ' nan 349 20?: sean PI 339a caIIOCkI Pam Pale 203 Cavalca ' Childs 53' C'Traig 3 Clev 1202 , 20 trlcla 6 me, C I C V V ems 07 enger 2 12 C 3.350 5, 136.1441 an Jo h'lds, Kath e A' 204 205 2 Dianna L caa aIIIsonI RI II cavanau I 50204 Chiles C y 317321 Cleve - Coll Z68, 283a". Duane A garlson Saidafd 182 204 9h. Andrea 5 204'2gagrmeue D' 13311911851'Jimmy R 2352201241 R l 1 a ' r3 - V ' I ' 0 . ' 9 44 02 Cabezas, Em gglgck- JamesBWZO3 Cazylor. Calvin L Chiles, Deborah Clevenger 3205,2823 conms' C: ' V copeland 2 258 2789manuel Carmfi7 . Ceci6-7v268 - 204' 276,204 91 S, 42, gIhne, C1111 RonZla3 C 292 mm s. 205 C 206 V Georgia 6 C I I IC 3 I II N I I in - 05 all. ' C ,v I agggaa ROIIOIIO E CIIZImICIIaZIIIIIeaCk 190 Cells, 11:2; Jo 309 ghing Liu L SdsEdward J. 23155" Evelyn Lou ngrgggaux Arthw 5:6"- Warn'a D . 03 Vin L. 20 h- 1 ai 29 CI. 2 I 6 t 0 AM ; Cade. Lau, Came Cel' 4282-3340 Chfnneny, Susa O lene. John D Collms, Mich comm. 5a Claw C I 2 Caffre J- a E. 202 31 y. Janet Su C Is, John A 3 C fste, Annett n 292 TM. Karen ' 205 comm. Ph Iael AV 349 206 mug: J Zbo O ?Kmnd E 2m 19 Caff; 1 'm 130 C 2 e 203. ensner, M f 25 hlste' Cy I9 M. 204 Chne. Lis R. 205 36.51 Wins A. 34 Carbm Cray $50,295 ,2 L azeyI James 692 ameyI Jeff Ceruti LI ananne 204 204 nth,a Ann Cline M' a L, 342 304 159.205 266 . Cord ' Dawd Pa F, H Gary D or , 202 c 8,148 , 03, Carper, Li rey L. 203 348' 'nda 3342 Chou Ch, 28;; Ichagl A. 20 Com ' ' 2091mmera "' 206 66214012766 V 2 ageI ShaII CIIIII IIII MIIIeI ce I I IIIOIYII CI 5, Ins. Sherr 6 A, '65:. Ann 205 02 . C 0n M 20 ' Debor 283 Nantes 289 204 me. 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S, Rob : I 203266 27 321 1:, Carter, M - Channel 6 en W. 191 204 Steven Cochell 2; Ma M. 205 comer P me L. 205 counts J 207 m E 286 H A Cauis, Can; 6 Caner. Mina A- 204 Chang Hu- 65 Clark, Deb 2801' "he A. 205 ' amela Y. 205 Courtnle mm W. 189 GM, M K ' gr . Callow. KigezN- 203 Carter, MI 9 256.7 Chang, Sul-Chao 289 Clark. DeboYah 204 Ccchran B 1 Conney D 206 y' James M. crihne'd-Mal 268 g I II CIIIIOIIIIIIy BonIIBIiWIg gaIIeII PeIIIIIIIIIIIII187 Chapman eDChing 289 Clark. Deer: D. 204 c 205 - ryan C. 286 Some; Tog"?! L. 205 goven. Dew g'ihneld' vii"? K. 207 3 ' Calovich' 'a . 203 me - 290 307 - anny G 270 nn 276 Och ' on, d ' m L. 20 we 158 R2 20 mm I 9mm 20 L . C r, S - .204 , ran, G a ' M 5 n. J f 6 on. T. t 7 181 Calven CaaYol A. 203 283 a'ah Ann 282. Chapman D Clark, Gar COchran LIeorge 341 Conrow. Jeafl;k A 141 COWden Sf 328 312.313 Diane 207 D 202 203 .262 rolyn S, Caner, Sue A 258 ' uane Clark. Geog A. 204 C 205,21561I7ga3l-eann C 338 W, 339' C 206 ' andal W2 grime". Jame I m1 20 Calvert C h' Caner, suS nn 187 Chapman J . Clark, Jam 99 W. 347 Ochran, Na;I 38,342 constant, Vick' owger' Jane sz. we" 8 2L, 339 i 2 2 2 203 ' 3"" 1a L. 31, 283 an Kay 282 204 ' ulne Ann Clark, Ka es A. 204 Cochran Sh cy 315 onwell, Cha 1 G. 205 185 t M. 341' When Pam, 07,283 I L I 02, Calvert Joh Cartland M' - Chapman L Clark Kain J. 204 C205 , ar0n MI C292.344 l'les COWherd Jac C 207.260 30:13.1. 1 I v I , o ' , I t R 202 Calver1,Ma:;ge27lz tgase.Brian,,':351';1A'20ll 0,304,264 reua J. Clark. Lau,a?I""1326 c:ctran. Sue An 0:215:95. Abda J 13 C0189 W A- c2?" C'i" 1553.352 E N 1 203 3? 859, M aPma 29 20 ' 26 c e, Ji n 205 . Ann . 3 xy Am an. Jed xv 202, c ' 31'! 178 27 n. Scott D C1 ' 4'176 . Cock m 181,294 283 efte L. 20 COX B y L. 206 crona n M. 207 84.290 Eambron, Carol 191 5259. Jody A. 339 Cha 4.292 ' 31:1 Lorri B. 204 COCk:eIL Dania! E 20 cock E86 6' cox. Bradley Jay 206 croppnlotwd T. 207 I t 202 amemn D b 74.75 .204 Pman, w 8-9 . ell, Lind . 5 ' hmty L ' mdley M 2 I we M. x L 202 203 64 e Orah A. Case Ma k 1 350 anda K. Clark Mark w C 205 a L. 276 C 280281 I 206' C 344 I 206' C 92 207' f L , C ' r E. 20 Ch 26' . 20 Oak - ' ook, c . ox, D . toss, v' E 37202 cammaek Czse. Pamela J 24 sagpell, Lisa Ma Cla 5,349 4, Cock:'ll. Patrick J 20 321 mm A. 206 cox Dania! L. 206 cm come R. 207 y . 202 Camp CHeL-lAklsz ca::llman, Gary'6:4 Chas;30:3'342.348y 51, Cla:k1 galley Jane 204 205nm, Yvonnek 5 cock Da Id ' COX. a:lias E2 206 116 umw 112413 181 336, ry . 319, man R b r. arba, C ' Obert A Cof ' Ceok' v. W. 20 COX. 2 em J. 20 Clown 2042 ' e ecCa S 204 a Ann lark R . 182 an Gre . Jeff 60 6 . Klmbe I 6 . Lorri J a L, Cam . 7 C ' 64-5 ' Ch Cl ' Onald R. com gory L. 1 COOk I COX. M Y y D. 20 cmHCh 2 207 202 IIIIII RIM mI aseyI IIIIII PIIII I CIIIISIII CIIIIIIS 18 CIarkson, Dawn R204 Cotf and. Paul 190 41 Cock' janmfer 60 COX Mary E. 205 6 307 '2:er Km II 202 cam I C 329 IIICk 328I ChaSIaInI DIane M7 CIealusen, Matt 347. 204 Cohgnan, Anna M 20 CoOk1 "fan B- 206 3:17 'Chae' R. 206 CYoucger 7 III 203 2033, 233d: SI 57I c:::III gIChaeI S 328 Ssrem Debora11 I204 2321M, Cynthia s Colbet; J31 ?my 205 5 260 zggllyn Jane COX, Nicole M I gmunse $331019 207 I - y . 1 . - , ' ur , r! ' n 1 3,260 Campbell, Claudia E Cashell perm Lynn 204 Chauvenne Clawson D C 205,331 Ban M. COok, Matthew A C 206 When cxuw' Denise M 829 Ieven 336 I CBSkeyI samek KI 325 341 I JOhn MI Clawsony Donna J. 205 Ochough Will' C 32 . 276. CEX. Ricky D 206 Crozlder- Randy 1.4807 i' , i o 1 h I campbeIII DO 26 enaIOI HaIOI Chauven 205270 uglas 100,103 1 le J. ook, Mikl Pa C x. Sandra K c ' 8l" D. 344 3'3 203 20 nna J. C d 3 "9. Rob Cl Cole C ' 05,106 1 333 3 rke 256 ox. Te 2 206 wWIey J my 203 c 3 caSSI constan Ch 81 en M, cIawson, Tom E Cole' Iarence S 3.2 41 Cook 'R29 - Cox v.11? Lee 206 322011;""112! R. 1. 203 szptell. Jerry 270-1 c:ss, Kelly RICZOS' 204 Serleaders, C1? ' Chris 256. 205 148K9"neth D: 2053 COOK: Ribecca sue 326 CO". 12:": Ar 206.262 cmzm' Silag-Slzm V CI 203 20g eIII LIITIIIIII BI ca: IISIISIIII 280I13I5 CIIIZIIIIeeIIIIIaII 5869 Claz1ofeiey R. 205 Cole, Kimb I - Cook. T62": $26 c 206.285 erly Ann 0:82. Lama a K57207 W. J; Cam a av, Jen, ' 5 3 es, F0 2 ' nthon E Cole M .ery D. 205 274275 y I 206 rabtree 7 I '60' 2 2 . Pbell. Leslie A 204 280 y L 0-51 Otball 05 y - C ' an Ren CO ' 60 ' Andrea K cm" D I i 203 ' Cassm'e '281 Challis D Clayton 5 Ole. Marl e 309 Oks' Kevm 206.2646 2 ' Md AI 33 g ' ye - aw . us c a A. 2 20 B. 26 Crab! 282. 148 3. 5 D. 276, Campbell. Lesta J 203 0 204,343 Karen A. Ch295 n M. 204, cigad'se'and, 2" g 205 O;E5Melvin D. 20856 COOkiy L 6' 206m. Denece E 3 mm mm 2 C . . assme emei, D . ,292 ' mce . C ' inda J CY I 207' m JR eI RI C:mpbeIII LIsa AI 203 castaneyeIII RandaII 328 ChenI NaIIiwd K. 268 Cleaver, An Cole, pamela s Czoley. Sharon ' 206 22122- Jana L 20 Crum n ' I I III LI ca I aVId he 92 30 e M ,3 ' , 9. Va . ' . 82. 1 - ana L : 1 a G 2 Ca:::::: $3 y Steel'rcgq L 18O Eh n, Wen-Tlfsozzs' 04 Cl 6.326 net: . Coffsp 22,3 151 c0221?! P lene R 5:16 Craddoikz M3 I 6 Gum: 2'8 182 207 I I . v I e ' ' 2 . I i ' . V ; 1 ,. 165 03 C 20326026822223 Gait: ynn Chzggllen'yee 20: 3611385 Mickie E. 205 C012. T238128 205 500p. Ray;::: :87 crgder' Great??? 206 gxmp' JOhn H 1207 2 i K . ampbell Michael L 20 '"na, Nanc 204 - James M Cleave ' Cole Shirl ooper Bruc 2 206 40.341 - C mp. Shem 2 E J 2 I I I I I I C - r , 48 , 5 A. 184 C 278-9 Castetl. Y A- Chesirfgg . Checkn;r Tsacy A, 307 205.3223 Mane gooper, Cherjlfi 206 rgg'ck. Michael P 293ml Larmmm A . Jo 203 320211211, Tammy J. 270'1ne, Patricia 204 Chesnu; DW'ly J. 204 205 27's arinda M. cogiman, Caroly s czgper. Curtis 18'2206 craffCh CMCWH . . - Ia , n l I I c. 1 ; S, 328 Campbell T d game, Cona Ch204,258.222 gynn clgmens, Rhonda S 130193326327 . 253'. Dale Alan 266 craft. Jacrlftgna J. 206 28m Sharon I ' 1 286 20'3 r" y L. aster. Diann 183 C Iesnut, S18v2 12.313 C1 35 - 205an' Jeffrey E Cooper D ' Craig. Den' 206 Gum". Damp L . 203 c ' 284 28 a J. 204 hlarelli J n H. 339 ement, ca C -65 4 32 ' em J- 20 2062 M 141.151 CUIbmm t L 207 analed Mary 258-9 Ca ' 5 - 20 ' oSeph M 205 rmen J oleman 6 6' ' 83 . C I n. mm 2 CannonINancv J 203 Catslupangv Mar C Chie4 - Cleme . Coleman. selvin 205 Cooper. Jam g'aIiQ, James A 3 CEHbc'nwn' Willmpm 27 ; Carbin. Christine .203 Catritt, RenaldyK 2324 Chili; :my 289 Cleme::; fofki L. 205 go'eman' strklE. 32 C 333 95 DaVid c259, Jim F. 206 49 033?me Ann 07 I n 4 , ' , 1 S o I I I 1 26233$teven P. 50 Childers 53:13;- 204 C1205 ancy L. GEES. Paul A 92102767183 CO::::r' JLohn 179 264 5 craigggsere D 347 guney' Shes; K I CIIIIdEIISI 9 eveIa y. Mick 1 . 2 Y. illia ' ' 2 ' nn ullo ' 207 . Ed 1 nd. Mi h C61 1 S. 205 Coope n 185 06 ml Pam CIIIIdeI WIII LI 204 CIeveIand C aeI 205 ey, Tamm C r- Renee L Cm Cullum J K- 207 5. Patricia 204 C1 260 ' Wayne 187, C012195 y K 268, 023:2 RhOHda 1,22: Crail: Egema R 190 C 348 - 0m Lynn 342. let, J t ' ' ma I evenger, Brenda K Ceilings 3:15; E, 347 goomne, Laura 1 Cr:76'328.69S G 206' C31? EUMM W 207 ' , 54 260,286 V C, 205, czztone. R. Roccle cmg'emoms L 48 71 mp: Tagger L 207 ts. Harold 87 r. Lisa R2 2 ' cunmrl INN Q3 F 34 06 1 h 274 2 206 6 I 3 am a I 80292 , Crane Ja C 60 . umm cm I, mes 134 unnmih nhll, Melinda L 206 207 5 am. Chmh Cunnm gh am 0110 207 363 Cunningham, Herrick 141,107 Curp, Mark Lee, 112, 113,139,143,207. 260,276 Curp, Sheryl L. 207 Curry, George 145,124, 207.328 Curry, Karen 64 1 x Curry, Robert Joe 207, 133 Curry. Roben M1 141 Curry. Shannon 207 Curryno. Sharon A. 207 Curtis, Dan 184,190, 262-3,268,286 Curtis, Edgar 190 Curtis, Elaine A. 268. 207,288 Curtis, Gary 190,268 Curto, Mary .10 286, 207,295 Cumight, Stephanie 272,274,292 Dabler, Robert E. 307 Dacalos. Elsie Dial 207, 290-1 Dagley, Angela K. 207 Dahl, Dennis M. 207 Dahl, Kathy L. 207 Dahmer, Dusty 276 Dahmer, Garry D. 207 Dale, Richard A, 190 Dameron, Peggy S. 207 Dameron, Sherie D. 144 Damerson, Lee Ann 207 Dampf, Debby 306,207 Damron, Wilbur T. 191 Dang, Fu Ying 289 Daniel, Philip Alan 207, 274-5 Daniels. CarIa 207 Daniels, Cynthia L. 207,256,283 Daniels, David D 181 Daniels, Janelle L. 207 DanieIs, Katherleen 207 Danley, David S. 60, 207,262-3.282-3 Danner, Jim Anthony 148 Danner, Kevin R. 65, 207,256-7 Darby, Cindy Kay 207 Darby, Tracy Diane 58, 207,258 Darling, Tammy A. 272-273 Darnell, Kelly L. 207, 256-57,284 Darner, Cory L. 207 Daubendiek, William 207,344 Daugherty, Patricia 207,256-7,288 Davenport, Eddis 207 Davenport, Edward 182 Davenpon, Lester M. 207,330 Davidson, Marsha L1 207,285 Davies, Janet Lee 294 Davila, G. E. 188 Davis. Barbara J. 207 Davis, Barry Lynn 306, 307 Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, Davis, 323 Brenda L. 207 Carla J. 207 Charles 185 Chris L. 207 Deborah J, 207 Dennis D. 207 Dennis J. 339 Donne" R. 207 Dwayne 330 Jeannette O. 364 - Deornellis, Patricia 208, Davis, Jennifer L 207 Davis, Kathy Joy 207, 312,288 Davis, Kenneth E. 207, 69,294 Davis, Mary K, 319, 317 Davis, Nancy Jane 207 Davis, Niwar 207, 330 Davis, Paul R. 268,286, 207 Davis, Steve 141,344 Davis, Tonja 204 Dawn, Kennexh 207, 323 DaWSon, Richard A. 268,207 Dawson, Terri 277-8, 312 Day, Gayle L. 207 Day, Jeannia 208 Day, Linda 285 Day, Russell Boyd 208 Deal, Alice 208 Dean, James W. 286, 208 Dean, Jeff D. 150,208 Dean, Jeffrey 208 Deason, Jeff N. 349, 134,150 Deaver, Mark 208 Debusk, Billy M. 307 Deck, Johnnie E. 208, 282,292 Deckard, Donna Jean 208 Decker, Connie S. 208 Deckman, Tara A. 208 Declue, David Scott 208,344 DeFrain, Dave 191,286 DeHaven, Jon E. 208 Deimeke, Donna 208 DeJaeger, Michael J. 274-75 DeJonge, Robert 184 DelCastillo, Edvardo 286,183 DeLapp, Thomas J. 208 Delp, Robert L. 339 DelRosario, Donald 268,208 DeLuce, Kimberly A. 312 DeMarco, Christopher 141 Dembeck, David A. 208,64 Demeyer, Karen S. 283 DeMoss, Rosalyn R. 315 Dempsey, Linda 208 Dempsey, Mark 208 Dempski, Robert K. 349,348 Deng, Shu-Ching 208, 289 Denker, Jay B, 333, 148 Denker, Michele A. 336 Denker, Roger 124, 190,290-1,328,148 Denker, Shelley 333 Denneu, Stephanie 352 Denny, Mark 208 Dennis, Mark K. 208 Dennis, Penny J. 208 Dennison, Edda S. 208 Dennison, Emma L 208 Dennison, John A. 180 Dennison, Norman R. 208 Dent, Charles R. 286, 270,208,667 Dent, Cheryl D. 208 Dent, Russel 284 Deornellis, Eddie 344 292,345 Deornellis, Ralph E. 208,292 Deppe, Gary R. 208, 280-1 Deppermann, Linda M. 208 Derendinger, Michael 180 Derrington, Matthew 208 Derringkon, Yolanda 208 Deshler. Brian T. 208 Deshler, Tim 329 Desselman, Susan B. 208 Desterly, Brenda 208 Deuschle, Tamara S, 208,283 Deverter, Denise 208, 272-3 Dewhirst, William D. 208 DeWitt, Caroline 208,274-5,288 DeWitt, Denise L. 276, 208,262 DeWitt, Gary 289,148 Dey, Charity L. 208, 288 Dey, Josephine C. 208 Dey, John L. 288 Dey, Tom 207,208- Dick, David J. 105,141, 349 1 Dick, Shawn E. 208 Dick, Sherryl Kay 274- 5,302-3 Dickerhoff, Kurt R. 318 Dickerson, Sherri L. 208 Dickey, Jannet R. 208, 256-7 Dickey, JoEllen 208, 264-5 Dickey, Karen Louis 208,262,278 Dickey, Roger W. 208 Dickinson, Brenda L. 268,208 Dickinson, Valorie 208 Dickley, Darryl 208 Dickman, Rozelle 208, 317,333 Dickmeyer, Jana M. 208,280-1 Dickmeyer, Janet A. 208,312 Dickrader, Tina R. 326 Dieckgraeie, Scot: 276, 208 Dieckhaus, James M. 208.65 Dieckhoff, Sheri 309 Diehl, Kerri Lee 208, 348 Diehl, Sydney 5, 208, 286,289,292 Diekmann, Jeff M. 208 Diekmann, Kyle 150 Dietzel, Laurie D. 208 Dill, Lorna Kay 295 Dilley, Larry 182,260 Dilley, Michael 208 Dillingham, Sheryl 286, 208 Dillon, Cynthia R. 208 Dilthey, Diann 208,317,346 Dine, Suzanne 268 Dingley, John A. 208 Dinsdale, Kevin T. 339, 208 Dinsmore, Deborah 208 Dinwiddie, Barbara 208 Dinwiddie, Jeffrey 268 Dishman, Darren P. 208 Diskerud, Christina 336 Dissen, Brenda K, 208, 270-1 Ditch, Rhonda L1 208 Dittemore, David N. 208 Dixon, Kenny Ray 208 Dixon, Richard J, 208, 258,270,283 Dod, Wilton F. Jr. 208, 148 Dodge, Alan Dale 208 Dodson, Dana A. 208 Doerflinger, Marys 185, 270 Doerhoff, Julianaa 209 Doerhoff, Kim M. 209 Doherty, Paul 320 Doherty, Thomas A. 320 Dolan, Joan M. 276 Doll, Brenda L. 60,209 Domer, Lisa G. 209 Domingue, Patricia 276, 209 Donaldson, Janet 209 Donath, Donald W. 186 Donelon, Jaclyn M. 209 Donelon, Mary Ellen 326 Donnelly, Cindy D1 209 Donovan, Patricia 276, 209 Dooley, Bruce M. 209 Dooley, Elaine 209,270- 1 Dooley, Richard A. 320 Dorm Life 76-78 Dorn, Lois Anne 209, 145,131 Dom, William 189 Dorner, Dale Barton 344 Dorsey, Barbara L. 209 Dorst, Jay E. 339 Doss, Myra Ann 209 Dotson, Douglas L. 209 Doty, Ned T. 209,65, 256-57 Douglass, Deborah L. 209,295 Douglass, Denise L. 209,295 Douthit, Kathy A. 209 Douthit, Kevin L. 282, 283 Doutt, Barbgra A. 209 Dove, John A. 48,209 Dove, Pauline L. 5209 Dover, Mary Ann 209 Dowell, Diana L. 209, 262 Dowell, Gregory B. 209 Dowell, Randall L. 349, 348 Dowell, Richard C. 339 Dowell, Sheryl Rae 209,348 Dowling, Tom 347 Downing, Denzel D. 209 Downing, Patricia 186, 191 Downs, W, A. 178 Doyle, Ruth 183,278-9, 284,290 Draheim, Linda K. 209 Drake, Dorothy J. 256, 260,264-5,288,336 Drake, Mary Anne 179 Drake, Pamela L. 209, 264-5,272-3,284,302, 303 Drehle, Annette S. 209 Drehle, Cheryl L. 209 Drehle, Diane Marie 336 Drewel, Debbie Jean 209 Drimmel, Sheryl L. 42 Driskill, Lisa G. 209 Droege, Cathy 209,280- 1 Druger, Don 32 Du, Wilbur Fu-Hsing 209 Dudley, Cheryl L. 268, 209 Dudley, Mark A 286 Due, Kevin H. 209 Duell, Cathy E. 209, 145 Duff, James William 209 Duifer, Debra Lynn 143 Duffey, Carolyn J. 258- 9 Dufresne, Bruce J. 209, 143 Dugan, Marcie 209 Duh, Fu-Yann 209,289 Dull, William M. 209, 347 Dulle, Keverne 209,321 Dunaway, Mark T. 209 Duncan, Bobbie J. 209, 336 Duncan, Clinton W. 333 Duncan, Dale 283 Duncan, Lisa D. 276, 209 Duncan, Robert D. 285 Duncan, Tony 333 Duncan, William A. 280-81 Dunham, Connie J. 209 Dunham, Jack C. 256- 57 Dunham, John C. 209 Dunlap, Edward Dale 347,209,352 Dunlap, Eva Marie 209, 346 Dunn, Janet R. 45,54, 209,302,348 Dunn, Michael J. 209 Dunn, Robert L. 274-75 Dunsen, Debbie 329 Dunson, Carrie L. 189 Dunwoodie, Joseph K. 209 Durbin, Desiree A. 209 Durbin, Michael D. 260, 339,209,284 Durbin, Michael Roy 209 Duree, Cathy 209 Durham, Connie 209 Durrill, Mary E. 209 Dusselier, Julie M. 209, 145,131 Dutton, Barbara L. 209 Duval, Danny Thomas 209 Duvall, Danny L. 209, 272-3 Duvall, Liane G. 209, 283 Dye, Dana D. 209,292 Dye, Robert C. 209 Dyer, Alan Charles 209,347 Dysart, David B. 209, 256-57 Dysart, Jerry D. 209,65 Dziedzic, Mark A. 341 Eades, Carla E. 209, 126,129,147 Eades, Sidna S. 209 Eagan, Lorrie 209,268 Eakins, Jeffrey E. 325 Earl, Marlin S. 320 Easterley, Rob 51 Easterling C John 64 Eastridge, Kelly 209 Eckhard, Richard K, 209 Eckhoff, Robert L. 277- 8 Eckhoff, Thomas L. 209 Edgar, Janice K. 209 Edgar, Roy E. 320,209 Edison, Cynthia 69 Edlund, Larry 141,190 Edmonds, Diane E, 60, 210,270-1,278-9 Edmonds, Erin 290-1 Edmonds, Thomas 347 Edmondson, Lawrence 210 Edmondson, Scott R. 210 Edmondson, Steven A. 42,210 Edmondson, Vince 256- 7,260 Edmunds, Aaron 33, 210 Edmunds, Erin Lynne 256,268,280-1 Edmunds, Thoma's R. 210 Edmunds, Tom D. 117, 174,177,190 Edwards, David 179 Edwards, Deanne 317 Edwards, Dennis R. 339 Edwards, James M. 320 Edwards, James T. 328 Edwards, Scott K. 210, 268,270-1 Edwards, Steven M. 210 Edwards, Valeria L. 210 Egbe, Peter O, 210 Egelston, Martha 262-3 Eggert, Kevin 268 Eichelberger, Mary 210 Eickhoff, Linda M. 210 Eidson, David A. 210 Einstein, Ralph 210 Eisenhower, Daniel 210 Eiserer, George E. 210 Eistenhold. Ellie 272-3, 302 210 Eklof, Deanna K. 260, 276,210 Eklund, Marlys E. 210, 260,268,286 Elam, Barbara A. 210 Elbert, Mary C. 210 Eldridge, Dale R. 210 Elec1ion 29 Elefson, B. Denise 210 Elfline, Lori A. 210 Elgin, Betty L. 187 Elgin, Tom 324,325 Elkins, Julie B. 256,210 Elledge, Tamara M. 276,210,270-1 Ellingson, Dirk H. 210 Elliott, Alice 180,258 Elliott, Brett Duan 210 Elliott, Candie L. 210 Elliott, James R. 210 Elliott, Jeanette M. 210 Elliott, Julia Ann 256, 210 Elliott, Karen S. 268, V 210 Ellis, Anthony D. 210 Ellis, Charles W. 307 Ellis, Edwin C. 180 Ellis, James D. 320 Ellis, Mark E. 333,148 Elliston, Jack W. 210 Ellrich, Sally M. 210 Elmore, Barbara J. 210 Elsea, James Logan 339 Elsea, Roger M. 349, 210 Eltzholtz, Arthur W. 210 Eltzholtz, Robert H. 210 Elwell, Karen L. 210 Elwell, Terry Lee 210, 272 Emde, Brian Kent 210 Emerson, John 181 Emery, Mike Duane 210 Emile, Mark A, 183 Emmel, Janet Lynn 326,327,329 Emmons, Wendy K, 210 Employment 8687 Empson, Larry J, 60' 262-3 Engelhardt, Barbara 210 Engelmann, Paul H. 186 Engeman, Chris C. 210, 253 Engeman, Paul 328 Engeman, Robert J. 210 Engemann, Rose M, 260,210 Enix, James T. 210,272 Enke, Debra Lynne 210,284 Enke, Susan K. 210, 278-9 Enloe, Keith Edward 42,91 Ennis, Ma L1 210 Ensign, Katharine E. 286,210 Enss, Diana L. 210,317 Enyeart, Carrie E. 60, 210 Epps, Cheryl L. 333, 210 Erby, Darren Eugene 210,347 Erdman, Jim 60 Erickson, Chris E. 349 Erickson, Joe M. 210 Erickson. John M. 185 Erickson, Lance A. 210 Erisman, Kathryn L. 191 Ernest, Jacqueline 210 Ernst, Linda T. 111, 141,210,283 Ervin, Ferrell 182,262- 3,285 Ervie, Michelle E. 210 Eschbacher, Mary L. 210 Eschbacher, Linda 91 Eschbacher, Thomas 210 Eschliman. Herbert 181 Eshelman, David 182, 286 Eslinger, Virginia 210, 280 Esters, James R. 141 Estes, Tracy H. 320. 210,321,141 Estill, Leann K. 292. 210 Estill, Marla M. 210 Estill, Michele 256,278, 321 Estill, Tammy Lynn 210,309 Enerling, Jon R. 210 Etterling, Rick 347 Etzenhouser, Bart A. 278,320,352 Eubanks, Russell D. 210,148,130 Eurin, Craig A. 210 Evans, Alonzo 210 Evans, Amy D. 210. 272-73 Evans, Candice M. 147 Evans, Cynthia Jean 210 Evans, Daniel Lee 210 Evans, Karen Ellen 210.305 Evans, Labecca G. 210 Evans, Ramona R 210- 139 1. Evans, 51917119" M1 21:. 277 Everson. Lynn M Ml Everette. Mama 211 Everette, Rosilyn Y. 21 1 Evers, Paul 270-1 Ewart, Jana Lynne 21 1,317,340 Ewing, Anita K. 211, 292 Ewing, Barbara Jo 42, 211,258,262,276 Ewing, David Hines 260,276,292 Eyler, Richard T. 280-1 Fahrlander, Gary A. 211 Fair, Roy L. 211 Fairchild, Darsi 211 Falconer, Gale A. 211, 302 Fallen, Ruth Elaine 286,21 1 Fallin, Michael 260,211 Famuliner, Richard 328 Fann, Robert 21 1 Fannan, Lisa Louise , 21 1 Fannan, Timothy M. 211,141 Fanning, Randy A. 211 Fantasma, Annabella 286,317,321 Fantz, Patti 211 Faris, Micheal B. 268, 293 Farmer, Lisa 211,315 Farnlof, Ann E. 211 Farr, Amy L. 211,302 , Farr. Lisa 211 Farr, Robert D. 286, 211 Farr, Vince A. 122,146 Farrant, Daryl 211 Farris, Barbara J. 256, 266,211 Faulk, Dennis 180,272 Faulkenberry, Brian 211 Fautsch, Diane Mari 211 Fazio, Anthony J. 211 Fearon, Kirsten 342,343 Fehmel, Scott A. 211 Feik, Amelia G. 48,211 Feldman, Sue C. 187 Feldmann, Ellen A. 48, 211 Felgar, Mary Jo 211, 283,289 Felkner, Kevin R. 211, 150 Falkner, Pamela S. 211 Fell, Jennifer A. 211, 302 Fellhoelter, Larry 344 Felling, David P. 211 Pegley, Frank 183,262- Fender, Roger 151 Feng, An-Chi 289 Fennelly, Bill F. 119, 146 4 Fennessey, Joann 286, 260,211 Fenton, Kara 211 Fenton, Kevin B. 211 Ferguson, Connie M. 260,312,262 Ferguson, Jill M. 211 Ferguson. Jonathan 328,211 Ferguson, Lisa G. 336 Ferguson, Lynn M. 211 erguson, She 211 ryl A. Ferguson, Steve P. 211 341 , Ferraro, Michele E 325211 Farm. Beth 34,326, 348,283 Emile, Mark A 153 Emmel, Janet Lynn 326,327,329 Emmons, Wendy K, 210 EmplOyment 86-87 Empson. Larry J. 60, 262-3 Engelhardt, Barbara 210 Engelmann, Paul H. u- 186 Engeman, Chris C. 210, 253 Engeman, Paul 328 Engeman, Robert J, 210 Engemann, Rose M, 260,210 7, Enix, James T, 210,272 Enke, Debra Lynne 210,284 Enke, Susan K. 210, 7 278-9 Enloe, Keith Edward 42,91 320 Ennis, Ma Li 210 128 Ensign, Kamarine E, 10, 286,210 Enss, Diana L. 210,317 Enyeart, Carrie E, 60, 210 Epps, Cheryl L. 333, 210 Erby, Darren Eugene 2-3 210,347 Erdman, Jim 60 210 Erickson, Chris E. 349 210 Erickson, Joe M. 210 10 Erickson, John M. 185 Erickson, Lance A. 210 210 Erisman, Kathryn L. 191 2138 Ernest, Jacqueline 210 Ernst, Linda T. 111, 141,210,283 560, Ervin, Ferrell 182,262- 3,285 210 Ervie, Michelle E. 210 ' Eschbacher, Mary L. 210 2010 Eschbacher, Linda 91 ' 10 Eschbacher, Thomas 210 210 Eschliman, Herbert 181 0 Eshelman, David 182, 286 5 Eslinger, Virginia 210, 280 6,210 Esters, James R. 141 . Estes, Tracy 1:. 320, 210,321.14 35180 E51111, Leann K. 292, 210 210 210 Estill, Marla M. 210 8 210 E51111, Michele 256,27 . 0 321 25261, Estill, Tammy Lynn 210,309 68 Enerling, Jon R. 210 , Etterling, Rick 347 210 Etzenhouser, Bart A. 307 278,320,352 80 Eubanks, Russell D. 20 210,148,130 10 3 148 Eurin, Craig A. 2 210 Evans, Alonzo 2110 210 Evanggmy D. 2 - 72- J. 210 Evins, Candice M. 147 gan Evans. Cynthia Jean 0 349, Eviis, Daniel Lee 210 W Evans, Karen Ellen ' 210,305 C 210 H 210 Evans, Labecca R, . 210 Evans, Ramona - e 210. EVE: swphen M, 211. 277 1181210 Everson, Lynn 14' 211 uane Everene. Mafda 211 ,1' ' Everette, Rosilyn Y, 211 Evers, Paul 270-1 Ewart, Jana Lynne 211,317,340 Ewing, Anita K. 211, 292 Ewing, Barbara Jo 42, 211,258,262,276 Ewing, David Hines 260,276,292 Eyler, Richard T. 280-1 Fahrlander, Gary A. 211 Fair, Roy L. 211 Fairchild, Darsi 211 Falconer, Gale A. 211, 302 Fallen, Ruth Elaine 286,211 Fallin, Michael 260,211 Famuliner, Richard 328 Fann, Robert 211 Fannan, Lisa Louise 211 Fannan, Timothy M. 211,141 Fanning, Randy A. 211 Fantasma, Annabella 286,317,321 Fantz, Paul 211 Faris, Micheal B. 268, 293 Farmer, Lisa 211,315 Farnlof, Ann E. 211 Fan, Amy L. 211,302 , Farr. Lisa 211 Farr, Robert D. 286, 211 Farr, Vince A. 122,146 Farrant, Daryl 211 Farris, Barbara J. 256, 266,211 Faulk, Dennis 180,272 Faulkenberry, Brian 211 Fautsch, Diane Mari 211 Fazio, Anthony J. 211 Fearon, Kirsten 342,343 Fehmel, Scott A. 211 Feik, Amelia G. 48,211 Feldman, Sue C. 187 Feldmann, Ellen A. 48, 211 Felgar, Mary Jo 211, 283,289 Falkner, Kevin R. 211, 150 Felkner, Pamela S. 211 Fall, Jennifer A. 211, 302 Fellhoelter, Larry 344 Felling, David P. 211 Fenley, Frank 183,262- 3 Fender, Roger 151 Feng, An-Chi 289 Fennelly, Bill F, 119, 146 ' Fennessey, Joann 286, 260,211 Fenton, Kara 211 Fenton, Kevin B. 211 Ferguson, Connie M. 260,312,262 Ferguson, Jill M. 211 Ferguson, Jonathan 328,211 Ferguson, Lisa G. 336 Ferguson, Lynn M. 211 Ferguson, Sheryl A. 211 Ferguson, Steve P. 211, 341 Ferraro, Michele E. 325,211 Ferrc, Beth 34,326, 348,283 Ferron, Kersten 348 Ferrugia, Mary 211,150,136 Fesch, Karen R, 211 Fessler, Susan M, 309, 69 Fetherlin, Richard 141 Feuerborn, Alan J. 211 Fiala, Sherry Marie 211,144,108,283 Fidler, Berinda M, 211, 346 Fidler, Deanna Ruth 211,309,69,272,308 Field Hockey 108-109 Fields, Ashley F. 188 Fields, Gene 2623188 Fields, Jeffrey E. 60, 211 Fiene, Pat R. 307 Figg, Troy 339 Fikki, Rocky E. 211 Fikki, Tillyl 211 Filbeck, Ron G. 349 Filla, Angela M. 211, 358 Finder, Bonita J. 211, 290-1 Findlay, Marilyn L. 211 Findley, Ron L. 211 Finger, Judith Lynn 211 Finlay, Diana Leigh 256,211 Finley, Earl R, 186 Finley, William A. 328 Finney, Brenda Jo 211, 283 Finzoll, Mark C. 341 Finking, Scott 349 Fischer, Bret S. 318 Fischer, Connie Sue 319,211 Fischer, Donald W. 211 Fischer, Janet C. 211, 64 Fischer, Joseph M. 211, 272-73 Fischer, Kent B. 339 Fischer, Lawrence 190 Fischer, Leona Kay 211 Fischer, Margaret J. 211,336 Fischer, Michael L. 211 Fischer, Susan K. 211 Fisher, Darrick W. 211 Fisher, Debra D. 211 Fisher, Diane Emily 211,312,345,285 Fisher, Marina Lynn 211 Fisher, Robin R. 211, 141 Fisher, Sharon A. 211 Fitterling, Charles 211 Fitzgerald, Anne M. 211 Fitzgerald, Laurann 309 Fitzgerald, Marla L. 260,276,211 Fitzgerald, William 320, 321 Fitzpatrick, Donnie 211, 151 Fix, Paul Micheal 211 Fizer, Jennifer R. 212 Flagor, Donna J. 212 Flanagin, Joe M. 320 Flanagin, Tim A. 42, 320 Fleeman, Kathleen E. 212 Fleer, Kimberly A. 268, 212 Fleming, Richard L. 328,329 Flessa, Thomas L. 212, 32 Fletcher, John 333 Fletcher, Kevin D. 212 Flatt, Jennifer E. 212 Flint, Rebecca A. 212, 309,262 Flippin, Scott Dean 260,212 Flood, Mark W. 212 Flood, R, B. 178,280 Florentine, Mare E. 212 Flores, Gloria A. 212 Flowers, Kenneth L. 212 Floyd, James 184,286 Floyd, Michael C. 212, 141 Fluehr, Patricia L. 212, 262 Fluharty, Thomas M. 212 Focas, Sophie 312,313 Fockler, Susan L. 256, 212,262 Fogle, Brian Paul 51, 59,306,307 Fogle, John R. 307 Foland, Marcia E. 212 Foley, William E, 182 Fonke, Denise A. 212 Fonky, Baloo 349 Food Service 88-89 Football 100-107 Foote, Cathy R. 212 Foote, Kelley J. 212 Foote, Michael C, 212 Forbes, Richard A, 212 Forbes, Teresa A. 317 Forchs, David 349 Forck, Corine T. 212 Forck, Linda S. 212 Forck, Rose Ellen 212, 288 Ford, James A. 141, 344 Ford, Karen J. 286, 212,272-73 Foreman, Pamela L. 145,212,270-1 Foreman, Teri M, 212 Forgey, Daniel R. 212 Forsyth, James D. 347 Forsythe, Amy E. 309, 338,69,308 Forsythe, Julie 69 Former, Connie M. 212,288 Former, George 212 Fortney, Edward 212 Fosmr, Carl B. 190 Foster, Eric L. 212 Foster, Jeanine L. 212, 321 Foster, Jerry L. 274-75 Foster, Judy A. 212 Foster, Kevin 347 Foster, Lynette E. 212 Foster, Mark Ellis 328, 329 Foster, Melani A. 212 Foster, Pamela A. 212 Foster, Paula Ann 34, 68,212,276,309 Foster, Perry L. 141 Foster, Terri Lee 212, 274 Foster, Wanda A. 212 Foster, William T. 333, 329 Fowler, Charles E. 212 Fowler, Corbin 284, 183,290 Fowler, Jill L. 212 Fowler, Kandi B. 212 Fowler, Kenneth W. 189 Fowler, Tom 292 Fox, Bridget A. 212 Fox, Cindy Lynn 342, 329 Fox, Cynthia S. 309 Fox, Diana E. 278-9 Foxworth, W. F, SFC 179,272 Fey, Alicia Kae 212 Francis, Chris A. 212 Francis, Debbie L. 212 Francis, Randall S. 212, 347 Francy, Marcia 212,268 Frank, Gloria Jean 266, 212 Frank, Melodi 342 Frank, Omer 189 Franke, Brian D, 143 Franken, Rita J. 286, 212,336 Franklin, John B, 344 Franklin, Scott 344 Franklin, Yael L, 212 Franks, Keith W. 212 Franz, Melvin 185 Franz, Steven Kirk 349 Frazee, Randy R. 212 Frazier, Climetha L. 212,323 Frazier, Donita M. 212 Frazier, Gilbert 266,212 Frazier, Harriet 188 Frazier, Olin 185 Frazier, William E. 212 Frede, Doris Ann 212 Frede, Mary Lynn 212 Frederick, James R. 256,276,212 Fredrickson, Brad D. 148 Freeman, Annette R. 212 Freeman, Camie L. 212 Freeman, Frederick N. 212 Freeman, James A. 328,329,352 Freeman, Kimberly K. 212 ' Freeman, Loretta S. 326 Freeman, Timothy L. 320 Freeman, Tracey J. 212 French, Sherri R. 260, 212,283 French, Tammy J. 212 Frerking, Daniel L. 318 Frerking, Sharon 212 Frerking, Steven 212 Freund, Leonard T, 212 Freund, Paul W. 274- 75 Freyer, Sue Ellen 212 Freytag, Jacqulyn S. 256,212 Fricke, William M. 212, 282-83 Friedrich, Brenda L. 212 Friedrich, Deanna D. 212 Friedrich, Mary Ann 276,212,290 Friends, Nathaniel 212, 284,352,310 Fries, Mark J. 213,137, 136 Frieszell, Raymond 256, 213,274 Frink, Dana K. 213 Frink, Daytha R. 276, 213,346 Fritch, Rhonda 213,333 Fritsche, Lynella 213 Fritz, Brenda L. 213 Fritz, Kelly Rae 213 Fromm, Kenneth A. 349 Fromm, Kevin H, 121. 119,146 Frueh, Steve Howard 295 Fry, Norman 5, 278 Fry, Richelle L. 213 Fu. Ann-Pei Nancy 289 Fuemmeler, Michael 213 Fuller, Douglas J. 341 Fuller, John D. 213 Fuller, L Janey 340, 341 Fuller. Stacy L. 213 Fultz. Cheryl L, 213 Fullz. Dawd 292 Funesti, Richard C 213,141 Funk, Sheri L. 213,277 Fuqua. Lori A. 213 Furey, Bernard J. 213. 141 Furey, Edward M. 213 Furey, Mark Alan 213 Gabel. Barbara 213,309 Gabrielson. Becky J. 342.348 Gabrielson, Lyn K. 342 Gaffney, Robin A. 213, 292 Gagne, Debi 329 Gagne, Edward P. 328 Gagne, Jeanna M. 309, 338,69 Gaines. Beth Ann 309 Gaines, T. Rawleigh 189,26 Galbreath, Orville 213 Galbreath, Rachelle 213 Galbrechl, Nadene E. 286,213,288 Galbrecht, Sherry A, 317 Galegor, David K. 325, 213,278 Gallegos, Ismael 213 Gallman, Debra G. 213 Gallman, Donald L. 213 Gallop, Jina M. 213 Gamblin, Karla R. 292 Gan, Mary P. 144 Ganzer, Robert E, 320, 213 Garber, Bill G. 186, 277-78 Garbs, Lori A. 213 Garcia, Bobbie 317 Garcia, Carmen A. 71 Garcia, Deborah A. 317 Garcia. Michael D. 124, 145 Garcia, Michael H, 213 Garcia, Rebecca J. 213 Garcia, Silvia M. 117, 145 Gard, Donald A. 213 Card, Robert R, 189 Card, Robin R, 268 Gardner, Dennis M. 333 Gardner, Diane L. 213, 283 Gardner, Donald C, 213 Gardner, Mary J. 253 Gardner, Tracy 213 Garnen, Deborah 179 Gamen, Mary J. 213 Garrett, Brett 213,292 Garrett, Jamie 213 Garrett, Janice J. 151 Garrett, Pamela 213 Garrison, Carol J, 213 Garrison, Cynthia D. 213 Garrison, Cynthia G. 213 Garrison, Jeanne L. 276,213 Garrison, Peter J, 213 Gar1en. Ted R. 188 Garza-Gonzalez, Mario 213 Gaskill, Robert J. 213 Gassman, John L. 307 6351, Sharon K. 213, 262,346 Gastler, Patricia A. 213 Gasmn, Russell A. 307. 148 Gasway, Valarie 266,213 Caxcnexl Hun, U. :11. 256 57 Cdles. Pam 256 Carrel. Les 124 14H Caxzemeym, Jud; C 213.280 1 Gaumer, Jay E 57. 213 Cam. H Amama 213 Gee. Rodney Carlton 213,64 Cede, Bewxly Key 213 6915121. Charlene 213 Gelssal. Matthew P 48. 32 Gemes, Robert L 213 Gemmer. Valene L 213,321 Genge, Milton H 183 Gentry. Alex J 213 Gentry, Karen L. 213, 312 Geoghegan, Kathleen 213 George, Lynne 336 George, Regina M 136, 150,137,213,266 George, Susan Kay 213 George, William 188. 325 'Georgie, Regina A. 256,213,305 Gerdine, Jacquelin 213 Gerig, Robert C, 191 Gerik, Marc A. 325.324 Geritz, Greg 5, 213 Gerke, Kent J, 213 Gerken, CIiHord W. 213 Gerken, Debra A, 213 Gerken, Neil D. 213 Gerker, Brenda 319 Gerling, Mary T, 213 Germann, Christine 213 Germann, John W. 213, 272,283 Gerner, Gregg D. 347 Gerow, Laurence L. 213 Gerry. Gerry Ray 266. 295 Genz, Daniel E. 213 Gholston, Michael L. 122,146 Gibson, Deborah J. 213 Gibson, Glenn 272 Gibson, Terri L. 60.213 Gibson, Thomas J. 213 Gibson, Vicki L, 214 Giddings, Chad M. 214 Giebler, Randy J, 276, 214 Giefer, Michael S. 214 Gieniec, Carole B. 214 Gieniec, John 183 Gieseke, Michael D. 307 Gieseker, Robyn L, 214 Gieselmann, W, Marc 325,214 Giesler, Lisa A. 214 Gifford, Robert M. 183 Gilbert, Charles 188 Gilbert, Karen S. 286. 214,288 Gilbert, Lisa J. 266, 333.312.313.272 Gilbert, Ophelia 191 Gilday, Eileen 214,143 Gile, Marsha J. 214 Gill, Anna L. 214 Gill, Walter 186 Gillespie, Anita 214.270 Gillespie, Lesia N, 214 Gillespie, Steve 214 Gillingham. Richard 328.214 Gilhson. Craig E 134, 151 Gilmore. Scott B 268. 214.274-75 Gilpin, Jane A, 214 "u Panaa 214 C, hr Men, I. 190 Cu,'.3r.:r,v GK, 5 119 Mo Cirmlum- Cu: A 214 Cnsh DK'bZH'Ah D 1520, .101 352 6151, Rebucca J 214 lecnslem. R B 181 Gwhan. Leslie Faye 214 Glanwlle. Catherine 214 Gladsky, Thomas S 181 Glascock. James H 214 Glascock. Jayne 214 Glaser. Debbie 108, Glaser, Diane L. 214 Glasper, Rance D. 214, 122.146 Glaspy. Amy D 214 Glasscock. Barry A. 214 Glasscock, Joseph M. 214 Glassey, Bettie F. 214 Glazebrook. Glenda 278-9 Glenn, George A, 214 Glenn. Valerie F. 214 Glidewell, Donna 214, 295 Gliedl, Theresa R. 214, 108,144 Glisson, Gwenylhe A, 256,266,214 Glover, Lisa A, 256, 214 Gnagi, Matthew S. 320, 214 Godbold, Kevin T, 214. 331 Goaemann. Rodney E. 328 Godhey, Anita K. 178 Godsey, Kalhy L. 214 Goe, Steven M. 307. 214 Goehring, Dan E. 214 Goehring, Sandra J. 214 Goetz, Cathy S. 214 00211, Robert E, 189 Goile, Bev 346 Goldberg. Marcel S, 328,214 Golder, Andrea P, 214 Goldman, Laura J. 214 Goldschmldl. Robert 320 Goldsmith. Melody A. 214 Golf. Gina G 214 Golf 133 Coll, Jxm 268-9 Gooch. Jeanna R 214 Gooch. John Bradley 214 Good. Joseph E, 339 Good. Scan 214 Goodalc, Mark D. 214. 64 Goodman, Jay D 341. 150 Goodman, Terry 182 Goodnight. Karen N 214 Goodmght. Pamcu 326 Goodson. Catherine 214 Goodson, Debbie A 214 Goodwin. F Anncltc 32.2823 Goodwin. Harry Jr 339 Goodwin. Karon 214 Goodwm, Pamck M Goossens. JeHv-Jv 214 Gordon. Doughs 214 Gordon. Mark A 270. 214 365 2.2-13.7:12 1 1 m- ,M. .2 Gordon, Mary A. 214 Gordon, Nancy A, 214 Gordon, Randall 333 Gordon, Sharon Kay 214 Gordon, Susan V, 214, 321 Gordon, Therese ,A. 214,270-1 1 Gordon, William D. 320 Goring, Shelly 214 German, Joseph P, 214,151 Gorman, Rose M. 286, 214,358 Gorman, Steve L. 214 Gosnell, Robert 214 Gosney, Alfred 191 Gossen, Harvey 188 Gossens, Jeff 31 Goth, Darrell B. 214, 274-75 Goth, Steve A. 214 Gouge, Laura 214 Goulden, Garry D. 214 Gould, Mally 184,295 Gower, Alice 256,260, 266,262-3,l90 Gowzoz, Lawrence 60 Graefe, Elizabeth A. 268,214 Graessle, Luke H. 347 Gragg, Lisa M. 60.329 Graham, Dana Anne 276,214 Graham, Justyn L. 188 Graham, Kathy Ann 214,270-1 Graham, Lisa 30,2645 Graham, Natalie K. 214 Graham, Pamela M. 312 Grainger, C. 214 Gran, Marcia Lynn 215 Granger, Don 344,352 Granneman, James A. 215 Grannemann, Tamara 215 Grant, John S. 215 Grant, Kerry A. 215 Grant, Lawrence 215 Grant, Vicki S. 215 Gravatt, Amy L. 295 Gravatt, David 60,282- 3 Gravely, Bill 189 Graver, Stephen A. 215 Graves, Joseph 338 Graves, Kelvin 215,310 Graves, Priscilla 215, 323 Graves. Thomas 215 Grawe, Deborah A. 215 Gray, Cathy Ann 215 Gray, Janet Y. 276, 215,295 Gray, Jim H. 320 Gray, Joleen Marie 215 Gray, Kevin B. 64 Gray, Mark Allen 215, 280-1 Gray, Valerie Denis 215,350 Grayhill, Delmar L. 328 Grayhill, Robert 181 Greaves, Joseph 339,215,274-75 Greble, Theodore P. 42,91 Greeley, Leo 215,328,256-57 Greeley, Sharon B. 272,292 Green, Angelic M. 215, 290 Green, Green, 288 Debbie D. 215 Jana Lea 215, 366 Green, Janice K. 215 Green, Jeffrey E. 215 Green. John C. 215 Green, Kenneth A, 325, 324 Green, Kim Marie 276, 215 Green, Lisa D. 215 Green, Pamela S. 215 Green, Randall M. 141, 100,105 Green, Roberta Lynn 342,348,343 Green, Tony L. 215 Greene, Diane K. 215, 294 Greenstreet, Brent 215 Greer, Babette l. 215 Greer, Deeanne 215 Greer, Teresa Leann 215,315 Greeves, Joe 69 Gregath, Greg 139 Gregg, Kevin S. 258, 268,253 Greg, Luther L. 111 188 Gregory, Craig R. 215 Gregory, David Kent 215,344 Gregory, James T. 215 Gregory, Kelly N. 215 Gregory, Nancy L. 276, 215 Gregory, Robert H. 290 Greife, Catherine A, 215 Greil, Stanley J 215, 256,264,284 Grelle, Michael 295,187 Gresham, William H. 331 Grethen, Jeffrey J. 215 Grieshaber, Steve E. 215,347 Griffey, Christi D. 215, 283 Griffin, Gae Lynn 215, 317 Griffin, Jane M. 215 Griffin, Michelle L. 215 Griffin, 5. Jill 260,276, 215 Griffith, David M. 268, 215 Griffith, H. Wallace 182 Griggs, Guy P. Jr. 182 Grigsby, Denise D. 215 Grigsby, Gary L. 64 Crimes, Robert W. 190 Grimes, William L. 182 Grimm, Andrew J. 215 Grimm, Drew 258,266, 292 Grimm, Caron J. 215 Grimm, Julia M. 215 Grimsley, Timothy S. 344 Grindstaff, Jerry 274-75 Griner, David W. 148, 130 Grinstead, Sharon 3. 215,256,258 Griswold, Rex L. 306, 307 Grob, Cynthia L. 215, 280,292 Groenke, Dale R. 256- 57 Gronberg, Cheryl 276,215 Groneck, Kenneth 318,319 Grooms, Greg David 60,215,262-3 Grooms, Rick 318 Groppe, Mark 272-73 Gross, Julie Ann 215, 270-1 Gross, Richard A. 339, 69 Grosse, Timothy A. 320 Grossman, Melvin 215,280-1 Grotemeyer, Robert 215 Grothaus, Amy L. 276, 215 Grothaus, Theresa K. 215 Grothoff, Mark A. 215 Grothoff, William H. 349 Groups, Music 60-61 Grove, Kyla J, 215 Grow, Leslie 185,277- 78 Grubb, Henry L. 215 Grubb, Terri L. 215 Gruber, Barbara Ann 60,215 Gruber, David Paul 215 Grunspan, Larry 64 Guarino, Joseph 215,64 Gudmundson, David C. 215,292 Guerri, Renee E. 215 Guess, Alison L. 215 Guevel, Eugene L. 253 Guier, Bruce D. 215, 344 Guilford, Connie L. 215 Guilford, Danita K. 276,270,215 Gulley, Lori Y. 215,317 Gumminger, Steve 141 Guss, Janice E. 215 Gutermuth, Lisa A. 215 Guth, Betty Jean 187 Gutshall, Kimberly 215, 260,264,295 Guy, Lisa Annette 215, 317,284 Gwozoz, Gail 60 Gwozoz, Lawrence 183 Gymnastics 117 Haag, Colleen M. 312, 313 Haake, Ramona M, 216,262 Haar, Linda Doris 216 Haar, Patricia G. 216 Haase, Karen 191 Haase, Larry 272-73, 185 Habiger, Anna M. 216 Hackett, Ira M. 295 Hackett, Lori R, 111, 141 Hackett, Robin C. 268, 216,290 Hackney, Michelle A. 216 Haddock, Dee Ann 216 Haddox, David G. 216 Haertling, Lori A. 319, 312,264-65,285 Haffer, Kent A. 216 Hailey, Kim A. 216 Hagan, Glenn R. 216 Hagen, Mary Yates 179 Hagan, Patrick M, 216 Hagan, Teresa Lynn 266 Hagemier, Joan E. 216 Hagen, Bradley B. 216, 136 Hagen, Jeffrey Alan 216 Hagen, Jeffrey D. 216 Hagen, Mark H, 253 Hager, Teresa L, 216 Hagerman, Susan G. 216 Hagerty, J. Michael 124,148 Haggard, Phillip E. 216 Hagne, Michele 333 Hahn, Chris 344 Hahn, Frederick C1 216 Hahn, Melondy A1 216 Hahn, Timothy J. 295 Hahne, Dale Louis 307, 216,69,103,100,141 Hainey, Patricia A. 317,262 Hains, Janet L. 268, 216 Hairabedian, Tom 187 Hake, Dwight E. 216, 64 Hake, Lowell D. 216 Hakenwerth, Linda S. 216 Hale, Jennifer L. 216 Hale, Stephani L, 216 Halen, Walter J. 183 Haley, Catherine E. 216 Halford, Dale Ray 294 Hali, Susan L. 216 Hall, David W, 216 Hall, Dennis D. 216 Hall, Dee Ann 184 Hall, Elaine D. 216 Hall, E. Ray 186 Hall, Gene H. Jr. 268, 216,143 Hall, George R. 216, 284 Hall, Janet M. 216 Hall, Jerrie 1.. 216 Hall, Keener Adams 328,216,256-57 Hall, Mark Randall 216 Hall, Robin 325 Hall, Susan L. 216 Hall, Susan Lynn 295 Hall, Villajean M1 216, 304 Haller, Harold S. 216 Hallett, Helga M. 326 Halsey, Cherri A. 326, 329 Halter, Douglas K. 307 Halter, Michael J. 307, 216 Halvorson, Andrea 216, 262,284 Ham, Leah A. 216,321, 358 Hamann, Randall W. 268,216 Hamann, Stephanie M. 216 Hamilton, Patrick A, 216 Hamilton, Todd 151 Hamilton, Richard E. 178 Hamleathandy 216 Hamlett, Lee A. 216 Hamlin, Elizabeth A. 216 Hammack, Tim Dean 216 Hamman, Julie M. 216 Hamman, Randy 256- 57 Hamman, Stephanie 60 Hammond, Cathy E1 216,285 Hammond, David L. 328,216,329 Hammond, Lisa J. 216, 262 Hammond, Louisalyn 216 Hammond, William 60,183 Hammonds, Lamont 216 Hammons, Jeffrey K. 216,107 Hamphries, Terry R. 216 Hampton, Debra Sue 216 Hampton, Homer F. 260,182 Hampton, W.O. 186 Hampton, Kelley R. 216 Hampton, Linda M. 216 Hampton, Theresa D. 326,329 Hampy, Michael R. 216,274-75 Hamrick, Barbara S. 216 Hanaway, Mary E. 309, 69 Hancock, John E. 60, 216,65 Hancock, John H, 216 Handley, Eric C. 216 Hanenkratt, Mary A. 342,216 Hane, John D. 184 Hanes, Kevin M, 344 Hanes, Phillip 323 Haney, Jon W. 339, 216,64 Hanke, Lisa M. 342 Hankins, Jerry 216 Hankins, Julie A. 216 Hanman, Cindy K. 216, 277-8 Hanna, Denise L. 216 Hannah, Lyman 179 Hannemann, Richard 318,178 Hannon, Anitra M, 216 Hannons, Jeff 141 Hanwy, Linda Lee 216 Haoser, Cora 272-73 Harden, Dennis Dean 216 Hardesty, Angela J. 216 Hardin, Danny L. 216 Hardin, Latanya L. 216 Hardy, Elaine 179 Hare, Amy Louise 217 Hare, Steven Murray 217 Harfst, Brenda Kaye 217,285,264-65,290- 1 Harkrader, Dean E. 318,217 Harlan, Carl L. 184 Harlan, Lynne 217 Harlan, Richard J. 217, 253 Harlan, Terri 336 Harmison, Jerry A. 333,148 Harmon, April D. 217 Harmon, James M. 57, 217 Harmon, Paul Thomas 217 Harms, Karen 342,272- 73 Harms, Randy N. 217 Harp, Leann L. 217 Harper, Gina L. 217 Harper, Judy K. 268, 260,217,288 Harrelston, Sherry 217 Harrill, Joseph M. 217 Harrington, Ann R. F. 217 Harrington, Lisa L. 217 Harris, Anthony C. 217 Harris, Cathy L. 217 Harris, Cynthia 217 Harris, David E. 60, 256,286,260,266, 112,217,143,292 Harris, Derald 262-3, 184 Harris, Dominic C. 217 Harris, Edward W. 289 Harris, Edward 191 Harris, Jeffrey E. 217 Harris, Karen S, 217 Harris, Lisa K, 336, 150,136 x Harris, Marsha Gay 217 Harris, Rosemary L. 217 Harris, Scott E. 60 Harris, Sonja L. 217 Hams, Tamera Jo 270, 217 Harris, Thomas 307 Harris, Twila J. 217 Harrison, Amy A. 217, 143 Harrison, Brenda K. 217,292 Harrison, Christine 217 Harrison, Craig A, 150 Harrison, Janet F, 217 Harrison, Jeffrey B. 217,290 Harrison, John J. 276, 217 Harrison, Margaret 292 Harrison, Peggy A. 217,292 Harrison, Shannon R. 217 Harrison, William C. 217 Harshner, Kevin 217, 328 Hart, Deborah A. 268- 9,217 Hart, Donald B. 183 Hart, Tammy L. 217 Hartenberger, Sheri 217,147 Hatfield, Joseph 189 Hartley, Bennett Jo ' 256,347 Hartley, Miles A. 217 Hartley, Oscar P. 217 Hartley, Robert G. 217, 256,260,333 Hartman, Julie Ann 217 Hartman, Michael D. 320,217 Hartnett, Elizabeth 315, 352 Hartnett, Kevin 217 Hartung, Marsha K. 217 Hartwig, Terry A. 276, 217 Harvey, Janet L. 217 Harvey, Kurtis P. 292 Harvey, Lynda K. 217 Harvey, Regina E. 217 Harvey, Robert R. 217 Harvey, Royce Aaron 331 Harvey, Scott A. 217 Harvey, Steven W. 258-9,217,65 Haselhorst, Ruth A. 217 Haskamp, Cindy Mari 266,217 Haskins, Vanessa K. 286,266,217 Haslag, Kenny J. 217 Haslag, Richard J. 217 Haston, Robert E. 217 Hatch, Joni R. 217,284 Hatchet, Carrie M. 217 Hatchet, Danny 217 Hatchison, Darrill 217 Hatfield, Holly M. 272- 73 Hathaway, David L. 217 Hathorn, Felecia 217 Haug, Robert 262-3 Haug, Stephen B. 217 Haugen, Lisa M. 317 Hauser, Curtis W. 217 Hauser, Frederick J. 320,352 Hauser, William 258, 286,183 Hauth, Cary G. 217 Hauth, Mark Aaron 60, 217,268,282-3 Havens, Cynthia L. 217,285 Havens, Robin L, 217 Havth, Mary 60 Hawbaker, Mike 217,295 Hawes. Michael 217 Hawkins, Larue S, 217 Hawkins, Robin D. 217 Hawley, Douglas L. 217 Hawley, Sandra Jean 60,217 Haworth, James H, 349 Haworth, Lisa A, 218. 280-281 Hawthorne, Ricky D, 328,329 Hayden, Daniel K. 218 Haydu, John 180,191 Hayes, Anthony 218 Hayes, Brian H. 218 Hayes, Craig 320 Hayes, Debra Kay 218 Hayes, Eugene E. 218, 274-75 Hayes, Frank 141 Hayes, Gemecia P, 276,218 Hayes, Myrtle 264,184- 85 Hayes, Sharon D. 218 Hayes, Sherman 258,218 Haynes, Louis L. 218 Haynes, Phillip E. 218 Hays, Elizabe1h A. 218 Hays, Gregory D. 218 Haywood, Hal C. 218 Hazell, Sandra Kay 309,329 Hazelrigg, Patricia 218 Hazlett, Karen L, 218 Hdehn, Tammie 218 Head, Kimberly D. 218 Heady, 5. Scott 295 Heady, Van Alan, Jr. 295 Heagler, Gregory R. 349 Heaton, Anne E. 218 Heaton, Thomas Jay 218 Heaviland, Bethany 218 Heberle, Bill 258 Heckemeyer, Leroy H. 218 Heckemeyer, Lora E. 218,288 Hecker, Vera L. 218 Heckman, Daniel 218 Heckman, Tedi Sue 260,218,66-7 Heckman, Vickie K. 218,280-1 Hedicke, Kenneth 218 Hedicke, Tracy L. 218, 144 Hedouin, Jean R. 286, 278 Hedquist, Pamela D. 218 Hedrick, Cheryl L. 218 Hedrick, Jan L. 218 Hedrick, Joanig 218, 268-9 Heembrock, Patrick 218,347 Heidbreder, James D. 218 Heier, Juiie L. 218,302 Heil, Kevin A. 2567. 218,69,272-73 Heil, Susan D. 218 Heiman, John H. 218 Heiman, Patricia R 218,345 Heineman, Debbie J, 218 Heindrick, Joanie 283 Heinrichs, Faith 191 Heinrichs, Ron 150. 133,187 Heiserman, Diane 5 218 " Heisler, Kurt G. 307, 351 Helber, Corrie Dean 218 Heldler, Mike J. 218 Helliker, Tim M. 218 Hellmann, Lillian K. 218 Helmick, K. Dale 190 Helmick, Linda 218 Helms, Mary Lynn 218 Helmuth, Shari D. 218 Helton, Karl Ray 31, 218 Heman, Christopher 218 Hemchand, Patricia 218 Hemme, Sheila L. 218 Hemmerling, Susan E. 218 Hemphill, Thomas E. 180 Hendershott, Jim I. 218 Henderson, Elizabeth 218,282-3 Henderson, Larry R. 143 Henderson, Liz 264-5 Henderson, Robert M. 218 Hendley, Terry L. 218 Hendrich, Brad K, 218 Hendrick, Lisa L. 218 Hendricks, Lauri S. 218 Hendricks, Lori K. 218 Hendrix, Charles 218 Hendrix, Ed 283 Hendrix, Luther E. 218, 27475 Hendrix, William E. 218 Henley, Donna F. 218 Henley, Eric M. 276, 218 Henley, Jeffrey E. 218 Henre, Robert D. 218, 136,270-1 Henry, Barbara J. 218 Henry, Beth K. 218, 288 Henry, Hazel E. 218 Henry, Jeanna L. 218 Henry, Joel G. 218 Henry, Larry M. 218 Henry, Lorraine A. 218,270-1 Henry, Sam B. 268,218 Henry, Sami A. 57,60, 282-3 Henry, William V. 218 Henson, Scott K. 307 Henthorn, George M. 188 Hepting, James D. 218, 268,270-1,280-1 Herbig, Thomas C. 218 Herderson, Tommy E. 219 Herdman, Tracy Sue 219 Hergins, Lattina Y. 219 Herl, Allen F. 219 Hernandez, Rita A. 219 Herrick, Douglas V. 325 Harrington, Geoff R. 219 Herron, Christine L. 219 Herron, Jolene Anne 292 Herzig, Shari L. 219 Herzog, James L. 219, 140 Heslop, Lorie R. 219 Hess, Deane 219,317286 Hess, Diane 340 Hess, John B. 180 Hesse, Edward H. 260, 276,219,274-75 Hewitt, Bradley L. 219, T-r-w-n-u- 'r EIIIIIEIIIT 141,107 Hawes, Michael 217 Hawkins. Larue S 217 Hawkins. Robin D 217 Hawley, Douglas L 217 Hawley, Sandra Jean 60,217 Haworth, James H, 349 Hawonh, Lisa A. 218, 280-281 Hawthorne, Ricky D 328,329 Hayden, Daniel K. 218 Haydu, John 180,191 Hayes, Anthony 218 Hayes, Brian H. 218 Hayes, Craig 320 Hayes, Debra Kay 218 Hayes, Eugene E. 218, 274-75 Hayes. Frank 141 Hayes, Gemecia P. 276,218 Hayes, Myrtle 264,184- 85 Hayes, Sharon D. 218 Hayes, Sherman 258,218 Haynes, Louis L. 218 Haynes, Phillip E. 218 Hays, Elizabeth A. 218 Hays, Gregory D. 218 Haywood, Hal C. 218 Hazell, Sandra Kay 309.329 Hazelrigg. Patricia 218 Hazlett, Karen L. 218 Hdehn, Tammie 218 Head, Kimberly D. 218 Heady, 5. Scott 295 Heady, Van Alan, Jr. 295 Heagler, Gregory R. 349 Heaton, Anne E. 218 Heaton. Thomas Jay 218 Heaviland, Bethany 218 Heberle, Bill 258 Heckemeyer, Leroy H. 218 Heckemeyer, Lora E. 218.288 Hecker. Vera L. 218 Heckman, Daniel 218 Heckman, Tedi Sue 260,218,66-7 Heckman, Vickie K. 218,280-1 Hedicke. Kenneth 218 144 Hedouin, Jean R. 286, 278 84 Hedquist, Pamela D. 1 7 2 1 8 Hedrick, Jan L. 218 Hedrick, Joanig 218, 268-9 Heembrock, Patrick 218,347 Heidbreder, James D, 218 Hail, Kevin A. 256-7. 17 218,69,272-73 Heil, Susan D. 218 Heiman, Patricia R. 218,345 . Heineman, Debbie J. 0 218 . 6 ' Heindrick, Joanie 283 Heinrichs, Faith 191 Heinrichs. Ron 150. 17 133,187 Heiserman, Diane S. Heisler, Kurt G. 30 Hedicke, Tracy L. 218, Hedrick, Cheryl L. 218 Heier, Julie L. 218,302 Heiman, John H. 218 218 7' 352 Helber, Corrie Dean 218 Heldler, Mike J. 218 Helliker, Tim M. 218 Hellmann, Lillian K. 218 Helmick, K. Dale 190 Helmick, Linda 218 Helms, Mary Lynn 218 Helmuth, Shari D. 218 Helton, Karl Ray 31, 218 Heman, Chrlstopher 218 Hemchand, Patricia 218 Hemme, Sheila L. 218 Hemmerling, Susan E. 218 Hemphlll, Thomas E. 180 Hendershott, Jim I. 218 Henderson, Elizabeth 218,282-3 Henderson, Larry R. 143 Henderson, Liz 2645 Henderson, Robert M. 218 Hendley, Terry L. 218 Hendrich, Brad K. 218 Hendrick, Lisa L. 218 Hendricks, Lauri S. 218 Hendricks, Lori K. 218 Hendrix, Charles 218 Hendrix, Ed 283 Hendrix, Luther E. 218, 274-75 Hendrix, William E. 218 Henley, Donna F. 218 Henley, Eric M. 276, 218 Henley, Jeffrey E. 218 Heme, Robert D. 218, 136,270-1 Henry, Barbara J. 218 Henry, Beth K. 218, 288 Henry, Hazel E. 218 Henry, Jeanna L. 218 Henry, Joel G. 218 Henry, Larry M. 218 Henry, Lorraine A. 218,270-1 Henry, Sam B. 268,218 Henry, Sami A. 57,60, 282-3 Henry, William V. 218 Henson, Scott K. 307 Henthorn, George M. 188 Hepling, James D. 218, 268,270-1,280-1 Herbig, Thomas C. 218 Herderson, Tommy E. 219 Herdman, Tracy Sue 219 Hergins, Lattina Y. 219 Herl, Allen F1 219 Hernandez, Rita A. 219 Herrick, Douglas V. 325 Herrington, Geoff R. 219 Herron, Christine L. 219 Herron, Jolene Anne 292 Herzig, Shari L. 219 Herzog, James L. 219, 140 Heslop, Lorie R. 219 Hess, Deane 219.317286 Hess, Diane 340 Hess, John B 180 Hesse, Edward H. 260, 276,219,274-75 Hewitt, Bradley L. 219, 141,107 Hewitt. Kay Ann 219 Heying, Jennifer L. 342 Heyl, Thomas J. 219 Heytman, John J. 182 Hhryung, Julie A. 219 Hiatt, Gary M. 333 Hiatt, Steve L. 333,352 Hibdon, Howard 181 Hibdon, Kelly D. 31, 219.302 Hick, Lorie 219 Hickerson, Dean 2689 Hicklin, Dennis 219 Hicklin, Madelyn C. 191 chklin. Walter 191 Hickman, Kim S. 219 Hickman, Mark A. 219 Hicks, Cindy D. 270, 219,284 Hicks, David T. 219 Hicks, Lori Ellen 276 Hicks, Michael S. 219 Hicks, Tim 292 Hieben, Calvin 286,219 Higdon, Gregory M. 219,284,294 Higgins. Anthony 323 Higgins, Brad A. 219 Higgins, Donald L. 219 Higgins. Robert N. 339, 187 Higgs, Kenneth L. 219 Higgs, Linda J. 219, 290-1 High, Jeffery D. 141 High, Linda Kay 219 Highlander, James L. 184 Highlander, Steven 150 Hight, Michael D. 328, 219 Hightower, Rodney W. 328,219,272,278 Hilbum, William F. 284, 290 Hildahl, Klrsten S. 219, 290,295 Hilgert, Leah Ann 219 Hilker, Elizabeth 219, 315 Hill, Cecilia Lynn 219 Hill, Eleanor l. 32 Hill, Karen 219 Hill, Linda M. 219 Hill, Mary L. 178 Hill, Norma J, 219.317 Hill, Pamela J. 219 Hill, Patricia M, 256, 260,219 Hill, Peggy Ann 326, 348 Hill, Robert Louis 219, 272-73,280-81 Hill, Warren D. 219 Hillebrand, Joseph 219 Hilleman, Kenneth A. 219 Hilliard, Alexandre D. 219 Hillsman, Brent L. 219 Hillyard, David L. 347 Hils, Betty Jean 219 Hilse, David 178 Hilton. Kelly A. 219 Himmelberg, Jeff G. 347 Himmelberg, Nora J. 326 Hinck, Duane G. 219 Hinck, Jean A. 219 Hinck, Paul W. 219 Hinde, W. Scott 219 Hinderson, Liz 30 Hinds, Jed W. 349 Hinerman, Charles 180 Hines, Brett A. 344 Hines, Donna L. 219 Hines, Marc L. 219 Hines. Maria Joann 349,219,348 Hines, Scott H. 219 Hines, Steven Wayne 307,219 Hines, Teresa A. 219 Hink, Alice E. 219, 317 Hink, Dorcas Jane 34, 319,317,264-5 Hink, Joilene B. 219 HInkle, Arnold D. 219, 292 Hinrichs, Cynthia J. 326 Hinrichs. Daniel 276, 270,219 Hinshaw, Kelly 339,338 Hinton, Natalie E. 219 Hipp, Vicki L. 219 Hippensteel, Thomas 286,219 Hirlinger, Chuck 328 Hirtzel, Stephen 219 Hitl, Nelda F. 219 Hjelm. Kristine E. 219 Hoag, Carol Elaine 309 Hobbs, Lisa D. 219 Hobbs, Ronald D. 268-9 Hobbs, William 2. 219 Hockett, Melvin A. 219 Hodges, Alice Ann 219 Hodges. Diane 31 Hodges, Scott D. 219 Hodges, Terry Diane 219 Hoduski, Brian A. 292 Hoehn, Jorja 126,190, 147 Hoehn, Tammie Jean 60,264-5,282-3 Hoekstra, Jeanette 342 Hoelscher, Janet R. 219 Hoener, Ted W. 219 Hoerr, Fred R. 307 Hoertling, Lori 313 Hoff, Deanna L. 219 Hoff, Jo Ann 220.270-1 Hoff, Kimberly Ann 348 Hoffman, Denise A. 220,312 Hoffman, Edwin 220 Hoffman, Gregory R. 220,277-8 Hoffman, Julie A. 220 Hoffman, Karen B. 220 Hoffstadt. Frank S. 320,220 Hogan, Daniel W. 220 Hoglund, Bradley W. 345,103,141,344, 100,105 Hohenstreet, Todd R. 349 Hoisington, James A. 178 Hokanson, Paul 190 Holcomb, Marcia R. 220 Holden, Richard N. 188 Holder, Monte Dean 266 Holeman, Susan L. 220 Holiman. Kathy J. 220 Holland. Carrie 187 Holland, Cathay E. 220 Holleman, Gary 141 Hollingsworth. H. L. 276,220 Hollingsworth, J. L. 220,345,283 Hollins. Kim Evette 220 Holloway, Elaine 220 Holman, Beth E, 220 Holman, Laurie D. 220. 280-1 Holman. Pamela E. 220 Holman, Phillip 220, 272,278 Holman, Tammy L. 220 Holmes, Catherine R. 1 220,272-73 Holmes, James G. 276. 220 Holmes, Julie 5. 276, 220 Holmes. Neil 180 Holsapfel, Lorie A, 220,130,145 Holsten. Mary E, 220, 282 Holt, Lisa R. 220,292 Holt, Loyd Alan 220 Holt, Rod 150 H011, Steven Ray 150 Holzer, Valerie S. 220 Homan, Fred 262-3. 183 Homecoming 33-41 Homeier. Timothy 220 Homoly, Clarke 178, 188-9 Honeywell, Charles 191 Honn. Joan A. 220,321 Honnold, Mary J. 220 Hooks, Tarsha Ann 220 Hooper, Patrick W. 141 Hoopes, Valerie 220 Hoover, Cheryl A. 220 Hoover, Cheryl Lynn 268 Hoover, Connie A. 220. 32,264-5 Hoover, David R. 220 Hoover, Susan E. 220, 145 Hope, Bambi Lynne 220,283 Hope, Denise M. 220 Hopfinger, Mark A. 220 Hopkins, Beth A. 309, 338,352 Hopkins. Donald L. 220,289 Hopkins, Kathlyn R. 220,272 Hopkins, Laverne 220 Hopkins, Ronald D. 220 Hopper, Susan Joy 220 Hoppock, David L. 220 Hopwood, Steven R. 220 Horan, Cheryl D. 286, 312,313 Hord, Julia Mae 220, 340,283 Hard, Laura D. 220, 283 Hard. Shelly S. 220 Horine, Cheryl 220, 270-1 Horine, Evelyn M. 220 Haring, John 179 Horman. Nancy S. 220 Hermon. Byron 323 Horn, Joellen 220 Homer. James 26,177. 117,189,176 Horstmann, Kay E. 220 Horton, Greg 320,220 Hoselton, Glenda K. 220 Hostmeyer, Barbra J. 143,139 Home. Lori Lynn 342, 220 Houchen. Gil R. 220 Houck, Paul Bradley 325,220 Houghton. Janet D. 220 Householder, Anna C. 220 Houx, Ann 180 Houx, Joni J. 220,309 Howard. James T. 220 Howard. Jeff 307 Howard. Kimberly 220 Howard, Lisa 220,278 Howard, Mark Alan 220 Howard. Mary E. 220 Howard. Merle 190 Howard, chhael E. 220 Howe. Roger C. 220 Howell. Steven D. 220 Howerton. Vicki L. 220 Hrabak. Michael S. 180 Hsu. Chi-Han 289 Hsu. Tsui-Tzu 220.289 Hu. Amy An-Chi 220 Ho, Billy Y. L. 184 Hu. Linan 289 Hu, Shiao-Li 289 Huang. Abel 220,289 Huang, Chiourong 289 Huang, Jane-Haung 289 Huang, Ling-Mei 289 Hubbard. Jacqueline 220 Hubbard, Ronald L. 220 Hubbard, Tyrone 220 Hubbell, Craig A. 220 Huddleston, Edward 30 Hudgens. Russell H. 221 Hudson, Delores 191 Hudson. Eugene P. 268-9 Hudson, James 187 Hudson, Robert 221 Hudson. Stephen T. 320 Hudson. Tamela J. 221 Huelse, Lois A. 221.64 Huff. Rholinda D. 221 Hufi, James A. 190 Huffendick, Cathy A. 309,308 Huffman, Daryl Lee 307,221 Huffman, Julie E. 221 Huffman, Ruth A. 221 Hughes. Cindy K. 221 Hughes, James A. 221, 274-75 Hughes. Jerry M. 191. 146 Hughes, Keith Allen 65. 221,270 Hughes, Keith 221 Hughes, Stacy Mary 312 Hughes. Tula 341 Huhmann, Renee M. 221 Hui, Shaw-I 221 Hulett, Roy D. 221 Hull, Jay Timothy 221 Hull, Kristie A. 221 Hull, Robert B. 221 Hultquist. J. K. 187 Humphrey, Doris 221 Humphrey, Patricia 221 Humphreys, Kathy A. 221 Humphrles, Terry 270-1 Hunker, Stephaney D. 221 Hunt. Cheryl Lynn 221 Hum. Connie Kay 336 Hum, Emalie Ann 221 Hunk, Fred 221 Hunt, Marty Dale 60. 322623 Hunt, Michael E, 221 Hunt, Michael J. 221 Hunt, Richard S. 221 Hunt. Scott 320 Hunter, Anthony J. 221 Hunter. Kent L, 221 Hunter. Nancy N. 221, 277-8 Huntley. Troy L. 307. 221 Hunton, Gerald 189.272 Hum, Mary Gav,- 326, 327 Hurlbun. Susan L 221. 321 Hursman. Bruce L 221 Hursman. Bryan Lec 221.272 Hurlado. Antoma 221 Hurtado. Rachel M 221 Husted. Sue Ann 221 Huston. John L, 320 Hutchison. Charles 221 Hutchison, Cynlhm 221 Hulchison. John T, 221,283 Hutchison. Pam 221 Hyatt. Kathy L. 221 Hyder. Mary 139 lbarra. Patrick M. 221 lffrig. Mary Ellen 286, 221 liams, William S. 221 Iman. Elizabeth Ann 221 lmhoff, Ruth A. 306. 302 lnce, Paul R. 276,270, 221 Ingle, Mike 141 lnglish. John 191,358 Ingram, John P, 150 Ingram, Lauri K. 221 Ingram, Tammie L. 221 Inskeep. John S. 221 Intramurals 152-157 Ireland, Susan Joan 221 Irmen. Bernard E. 286. 276,339,221 Irons, Dawn M. 2801 Isaac. Doris Y. 221.323 Isaac. Louis James 221 Iseman. Brien C. 349 Ismen. Robert G. 328 lssa, Shelia A, 221 Iuchs. Rodney 221.288 lverson. Robert D. 60 Ives, Bartley J. 221. 256-57 Ives, Clifford A. 221. 292 Ivy, Andrew D. 221 Ivy, Herben Jay 256 Iyewarun. Abayoml A. 221.310 Izard, Joanne K. 221, 262 Jack, Michael 344 Jackson. Belinda 221, 323 Jackson, Beth Ann 221 Jackson, Cheryl L. 221, 322 Jackson. Christopher 221,272-3.284.148 Jackson, Damon M. 221 Jackson. Deborah M. 60.221.64 Jackson, Debra Anne 221.264-5,282-3 Jackson, Dexter A. 266 Jackson, Donna K. 221 Jackson. Earl Jr. 266. 221 Jackson, Gary L. 221 Jackson. Gregory 221. 330 Jackson, Jim J. 141, 344 Jackson. Julie Ann 221. 2723286302 Jackson. Karla J 221 Jackson. Kenneth L 221.256-57 Jackson. Kimberly L 221 Jackson. Lisa A 221 Jacxww L53 1". 2:1 Jackssn. Hzchagf E 221 Jackson 091mm 222 Jackson Ream C 222 Jackson. Raine, D 222 Jackson Hg" M 41 222.251.. 7 290 1 Jackson, Runald L 222 Jackson. Txecy A 222. 323 Jam. Vlrguma M 331 Jacob, Glenn D 222 Jacob. Lynn Joyc 222 Jacobs. Carolyn A 270 Jacobs, Cums W 222 Jaegcr. Lmda Jean 34. 2222723336337 Jaegers. Joseph A. 339 Jagels, Rosalie L 222. 256,268,283 James. Bmggle B 276. 222 James. Daniel 222 James, Duane K. 222 James. Spy L. 222,294 James. Slam: D. 222. 334 Jamison. Paul L. 148 Jamison. Phil 32 James, Laura R. 222 Janney. Cathy J. 222 Jansen. Kevin J. 222 Jansen. Mary K. 222 Jaqullh. Kalhel 191 Jarman, Paulette J, 289 Jarrett. Barbara 312 Jarrett. Dale T. 222. 345.344 Jarrett, Terry M. 222. 347 Jarvis. Lynelte JeHerles. Shelley 45.54. 222 Jeflers. Janice M. 342 Jeffers, Michael D. 328 Jellerson. Evelyn M. 222 Jelferson, Marie 276 Jelhles, Deanna L. 222 Jeffries, J2" 222.328 Jeflries. Shelley R, 222. 302 Jen. Chin-Cheng 289 Jenkins, Julia Ann 222, 253 Jenkins. Karen K. 292 Jenkins. Mel 178.360 Jennings. Debra J, 222 Jenningt. Larry W. 258-9.222 Jennings. Lynn M. 268- 9.222 Jennings. Scott D. 222. 140.358 Jennings. Sharon K 222 Jennlson. Denise 222,260,286 Jennison, Vicki S 260. 222.288 Jenl. H Clay 262-3 Jereau. Julie C 292 Jerome. Davnd H 222. 272-73 Jewell. James R 307 Jewell. Ronald W 307. 222 Jewell. Susan Gayle 222 Jeuell. Wlllxam M 222 Jochcms. Jane! A 222 Johanncsmeyer, M 222 Johanmgmcner. Pam 45. 54,222,302 Johns. Anna Mae 60. 222,264 5 Johns. Karen 283 Johnson. Beth Ellen 222 367 ix fa. Bob 328 Brian D. 349 Carla F, 222 Catherine 222, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, 317 Johnson, Charlotte 222 Johnson, Chlis 150 Johnson. Curtis Ray 328,222 Johnson, Cynthia L21 276,317 Johnson, Danita Y. 222 Johnson, Donald L. 42, 222 Johnson, Eric M, 274- 75 Johnson, Gerald W. 64, 143 Johnson, Gregg B, 320 Johnson, Janet 222, 129,126,147 Johnson, Jeffrey 222 Johnson, John Paul 222 Johnson, Joy A. 222, 144 Johnson, Kathleen E. 222 Johnson, Kathleen 189 Johnson, Kenneth L. 349 Johnson, Larry 182, 262-3 Johnson, Lesa L. 272- 73 Johnson, Lorenzo B. 31,222 Johnson, Lori A. 256, 342,348,352 Johnson, Lynn D. 306, 342 Johnson, Mark W. 266, 222 Johnson, Mark A. 181 Johnson, Mary C. 222 Johnson, Michael A. 222 Johnson, Michael E. 222 Johnson, Orval D, 189 Johnson, Pamala 222, 266 Johnson, Peggy Lee 222 Johnson, Rob'ert M. 222 Johnson, Robert P. 349 Johnson, Ronald L. 222,256-7,268 Johnson, Stephanie 222 Johnson, Steven M, 328,222 Johnson, Thymothy R. 349,222,330 Johnson, Tom F. 349 Johnson, Troy A. 222, 331 Johnson, Vanessa E. 222 Johnson, Veronica A. 222 Johnson, Virginia B. 183 Johnson, Wanda E. 266,222 Johnson, Ward David 222 Johnston, Calvin L. 222 Johnston, Catherine Dee 222 Johnston, Gale Ann 222 Jolly, Mark Frederick 270.276,277-8.307 Jolly, Sue A. 222 Jones, Angela L. 222, 331 Jones, Jones. Jones, Anthony E. 222 April E. 342,348 Bridget L. 222 Jones, David L. 223 Jones, Denise Helen 266.223 Jones, Dennis W. 189, 272 368 Jones, Donna M. 268, 223 Jones, Gaby S. 223,302 Jones, Gena L, 223 Jones, James R. 328 Jones, Jamesena L. 223 Jones. Jennifer D, 223, 315 Jones, Jennifer J. 223 Jones, Karen E. 223 Jones, Karen Marie 223 Jones. Kelly A, 223,32 Jones, Kerry 5. 223 Jones, Larry D. 223, 284,256 Jones, Larry M. 185 Jones, Marilyn K. 223 Jones, Michael B. 256, 223 Jones, Michelle 223 Jones, Pete 349 Jones, Robert C. 181 Jones, Stephen M. 32 Jones, Sue E. 223,317 Jones, Tamera A. 326, 142 Jones, Teri Lyn 223 Jones, Timothy R. 223 Jones, W, Scott 223 Jones, Wilma Lea 223 Jonge-Vos, Arend J. 223,290-1 Jordan, Craig Alan 141 Jordan, Helen F. 312, 313 Jordan, Keith G. 223 Jorgensen, Roy H. 262- 3,189 Judkins, Barbara L. 223 Judy, Deanna K. 223 Juebler, Kath 348 Juhl, Fairra 223,268 Jung, Curtis W. 288, 292 Jurgensmeyer, Ken 223 Justus, Jill R. 54,223, 336 Jutten, Jessie 173 Kaczynski, Rebecca 223 Kahle, Becky S. 223 Kahn, Kellie Sue 223 Kaiser, Melody M. 223 Kaiser, Scott D. 223 Kallenbach, Shelley 223 Kallenberger, Rodney 51,59,223,280-1,307 Kamerman, Patrica 191 Kammerer, Timothy M. 223 Kammerich, Joyce E. 223 Kammeyer, Sarah A. 223 Kamper, Neva H. 223, 280-1 Kampfer, Marguerite 223 Kane, Jay C. 223 Kaneski, Donald E. 223 Kang, Li-Ching 289 Kandy, Randal S. 318, 319 Kao, Hsiang 223 Kao, Li-Chuan 223,289 Kappler, Karen M. 223 Karas, Debra L, 223 Karnjanakit, Sombat 223 Kasselhut, Mark R. 258 Kast, David C, 318 Kating, Cynthia G, 268, 223 Katz, Kyle Douglas 328 Kauble, Eugena L, 223 Kays, Alison S, 223 Kays, Karen L, 223 KCMW 64 Kear, Jean M. 223 Kearney, Elizabeth 223 Kearney, Stuart W. 320 Keck, Howard Kent 223 Keener, Vickie G. 223, 144 Keeney, Mark C. 223, 282-3 Keeth, Daniel L, 223 Kehl, David H. 57,223 Kehl, Martin L. 223 Kehn, Sandra K. 60, 223 Keiler, Angela M. 223 Keith, Cynthia L. 294 Keith, Sherry Ann 223 Keith, Stephen Lee 294 Kelchner, Mark 223,270-1,280-1 Keler, Millard H. 223 Keller, Freda 223 Keller, Martin D. 223 Keller, Nancy L. 223 Kellen, Carol E. 178 Keller, Todd A. 223 Kelley, Brenda J. 223 Kelley, James Leon 290 Kelley, Rhonda L. 223 Kelly, Annette L. 223 Kelly, Donald A. 223 Kelly, Julia A. 223 Kelly, Kristina L. 223 Kelly, Patricia J. 342 Kelly, Paul Russell 223, 347 Kelly, William G. 57, 320 L Kemna, Cindy L. 223 Kemp, Deborah R. 223 Kemper, Lorna B. 223, 312,340 Kempf, Sydney Lynn 223 Kempinger, Pamela J. 223 Kemry, Sherry M. 224 Kendall, William Jr. 224 Kendenick, Wayne 57 Kendrick, Laurel L. 224 Kennedy, Beverly A. 182 Kennedy, Dave 224 Kennedy, Julie A. 224 Kennedy, Kyle S. 224, 341 Kennedy, Margaret M. 224,262,288 Kennedy, Patricia M. 224 Kennedy, Patricia 8. 224 Kennedy, Peter 333 Kennedy, Robert E. 182 Kennedy, Sandra J. 224,292 Kenton, Kianne K. 224 Kerksiek, Terrie 2589224283 Kerr, Craig Steven 286, 224 Kerr, Marsha A. 224 Kershaw, Joan E. 224, 302,262 Kershaw, Sherry 32 Kerwin, John 347 Keseman, Charles E. 178 Kesterson, John Wm. 224,292 Ketcherside, W. J. 187 Ketchum, Carrie C. 224 Keutzer, Debbie Ann 224 Key, Deborah 5. 147 Keyser, Karen Kay 224,283,295 Kickbush, Jolynn K. 224 Kidd, Bradley Jay 224, 274.292 Kiehl, John R. 224,347 Kiehnhoff, Janice E. 224,144,108 Kein, Monica A. 224 Kiene, Steve L, 339 Kilby, Jim G. 224,148 Killingbeck, S, 180 Kilp, Debbie 312 Kimbrough, Denise M. 224 Kimmis, Cathy Lynn 317 Kimray, Harvey G. Jr. 224 Kinard, Mary F. 312, 321,352 Kincade, David A. 224 Kincheloe, Brian D. 146 Kinchelow, Rosalyn 224,292,334 King, Carla E. 224 King, Jeff 278-9 King, Laura E. 224, 277-8 King, Perry D. 256 King, Samuel A. 224 Kinsey, Jeff A. 341 Kintz, Lynne M. 224, 315,284 Kintz, Rosalyn M. 224 Kipping, Robert L. 307 Kipping, Susan Rene 224,315 ' Kirby, Daniel S. 224 Kirchhoff, Sally A. 224, 282-3 Kirchner, Regina L. 256,224 Kirgan, Tim J. 349 Kirk, Laurie Susan 224, 270-1,278-9 Kirkbride, John W. 264- 5,283 Kirkpatrick Dee A. 224 Kirts, Cynthia K. 302 Kisner, Kristin Ann 224 Kiso, Lorie Ann 2639. 224 Kissee, Lisa G. 224, 141,147 Kitsmiller, Kim 224 Kizer, Douglas K. 178, 260,276,292 Klang, Christopher 352, 347 Klauburg, Kenneth C. 224,268,278 Kiehl, Nancy J. 224 Kleihauer, Dennis M. 224 ' Klein, Donna A. 224 Klein, Jack 272,278 Klein, John Thomas 224 Klein, Mary L. 224,289 Klein, Theresa A. 224 Klein, Todd David 224 Kleinsorge, Janice 224 Kleoppel, Judith D. 224,288 Kleoppel, Tammy J. 224 Kliethermes, Kathy 224 Kliethermes, Mary J. 270,224 Kliethermes, Marylin 224 Kliethermes, Terry 328 Kliewer, Doug 190 Kline, Hibberd NBJ 189 Kline, Karen Ann 224, 278-9 Kline, Phillip D. 333, 148 Kling, Kenneth J. 178 Klingel, Patricia A. 224, 283 Klingenberg, William, Jr. 173 Klinger, Keith P. 349, 224,274-5 Klinghammer, Kurt 224 Klinginsmith, Meer- Raelene 234 Klingle, Patti 144 Kloeppel, Judy 262, 283 Klopper, Helen M. 45, 54,224 Kloser, Kelly A. 45,54, 224,302 Klott, Margie A. 224 Klott, Nadine Marie 276,270,224 Klugel, Patty 262 Knapp, Gary Wayne 276,224 Knapp, James E, 224, 284 Knick, Penny D. 309 Kniffen, Martin Lee 224 Knight, Gary D. 345, 344 Knipfel, Karla Kay 224 Knipfel, Kevin J. 224 Knipp, Doug D. 307 Knipp, Michael J. 224 Knollmeyer, Denise 312,340 Knott, Timothy W. 307 Knotts, Sandra K. 224 Knox, Kenneth V. 224 Knox, Vince 30,60 Knudsen, John B. 320 Koch, Franklin W. 183 Koechner, Kim Marie 224 Koehler, Linda J. S. 187 Koelling, Shelley L. 33, 336,290 Koepnick, Sherri L. 224 Koerner, Karen S. 224 Kohl, Helen N. 224 Kolster, Larry L. 224 Koong, Kai Siak 225, 290 Koons, Clara 1. 188 Koop, Teresa A. 225, 358 Korn, Kenneth D. 225 Kositany, Nicholas 225 Kosmiski, Lisa M. 225 Kostopoulos, Jim 5. 225 Kowalski, Kim M. 225 Kraft, Angela G. 276 Krahenbuhl, Randy P. 318,264,292 Kral, Boyd Matthew 60 Kramer, Brenda S. 225 Krantz, Mary E. 48 Krause, Cheryl 260,225 Krause, Harold 189 Krause, Kathryn M. 225 Krause, Mark E. 225, 292 Krause, Robin D. 268, 225 Krebs, John 183 Kreisel, Debra 225 Kreisel, H, Clay 225 Kramer, Bonnie F. 225 Kremer, Chris C. 225 Kress, William 225 Kresse, Elizabeth 225 Kresse, Tammie R. 225 Kridelbaugh, Brian 256, 292 Kriegshauser, Pat A. 270,225 Krispin, Steve 256,295 Kroeger, Steve Ono 349 Kroll, Delores K, 60, 264,270,282,283 Kroll, Mary L. 225 Kruessel, Marcia R. 260,225 Kruger, Brad A. 225, 140,150 Kruger, Harold Jr, 225 Kubick, Laura L. 225 Kuchinski, Sandra J. 225 Kuchta, Barbara E. 317 Kuebler, Catherine 286, 225,309,69 Kuenzle, Deborah 5. 225 Kuenzle, James T. 225 Kuester, Mary Fay 60, 225,282 Kugler, Penny L. 225 Kuhlman, Crystal K. 276 Kuhlman, Robert R. 328,141 Kohlman, Harrison 189 Kuhn, Charles, Jr. 185 Kukowski, Denise A. 302 Kumm, Joan M. 225 Kung, Ai-Li 225,289 Kuntemeyer, Janet J. 225 Kuntz, Gary L. 225 Kunz, Cynthia R. 315 Kunze, Karel L. 225 Kupersmikh, Jane M. 225 Kupersmith, Peggy A. 225 Kurth, Robert J. 225 Kurtz, Elizabeth A. 191 Kushner, Tami S. 342, 256 Kuster, Ellen R. 225, 326 Labels, 82-83 Lablance, Auston D. 225,323 Laboube, Lorell R. 64 Lacer, Mark Wesley 225,341 Lackland, David B. 225 Laclede, Chris J. 225, 274 Lacy, Amy Lou 225 Lacy, Michelle L. 225 Lademann, Linda C. 225 Lafevers, Samuel L. 225 Laffey, Jane A. 65 Laffoon, Anthony R. 268,225 Laffoon, Timothy Jo 225 Lager, Kevan E. 225 Lahey, Kimberly S. 225 Lain, Christopher J. 256 Lair, Janet 48 Lair, Tracy E. 342 Lajaunie, Karen L. 225, 284 Lake, Debora Yvonne 350 Lake, Peggy Sue 268, 286,225,273 Lakey, Pamala G. 225 Lalamondier, Jim 307 Lally, Brenda L. 225 Lamb, Angela D. 225 Lamb, Michael W. 225,' 341,69,256 Lamb, Michael W. 225 Lamb, Sharon A. 225 Lamb, Thomas J. 103, 141,102,344 Lamberson, Michael 141,344,345 Lamble, Michael 225 Lammers, Carol A, 225 Lammers, Dianna 319, 225 Lampion, Brent M. 262,280-1 Landers, Cheryl A. 225 Landers, Jack M. 179, 274-75 Landrum, Johanna 268 225 ' Landrum, Timothy J, 339 Landzettel, Robert 225', 2645 Lane, Darrell J. 339 Lang, Angela L. 225 Lang, Barbara L, 225 Lang, Kent R. 225 Lang, Sandra M, 225 Langan, Jeffery L. 225 Langkrahr, Gail R. 225, 151 Langley, Elizabeth 225 Langston, Denny C. 188 Lanius, Ava M. 60,268, 225,282-3 Lansford, Marcia L. 225 Lanzon, Donna Marie 309 Laprade, James W. 190 Lapreze, Edward M. 225,347 Lapreze, Gerald A. 225,347 Lapsley, Anne E. 225 Larsen, Agatha 307 Larson, Catherine M. 225 Larson, Janis L. 225 Larue, Linda C. 317 Lascuola, Mary 294 Laskey, Janice S. 272 Lasswell, Brenda L. 295 Laster, James D. 188 Lathrop, Tim 141,344 Laubenstein, Darlene 256,268,260,262,190 Lauck, Patricia A. 226 Lauderdale, Peter L. 226 Laurine, Lawrence D. 226 Lavoy, Bill J. 307,150 Lawler, Sharon K. 226 Lawrence, Beth A. 226 Lawrence, Kelly Rae 256,226 Lawson, Linda S. 226 Lawson, Lonnie 268, 191 Lawson, Pamela G. 60, 32,226,264-5 Lawson, Tony D. 226 Lay, Karen S. 226 Layman, Lucinda S. 226,288 Layton, Candy Lynn 226 Lazzarini, Frank S. 328. 226 Lea, Lucile E. 191 Leach, Mike 274-5 Leakey, Mitchell L. 226 Leaton, Rebecca E. 312,262 Leblanc, Lee D. 226. 2645283 Lebsack, Bruce K. 256- 57 Lecce, Craig L, 274-75 Ledbetter, Teressa 226 LeDoux, Mike 325 Lee, Allan D. 256-57 Lee, Allen L. 188 Lee, Cheryl K. 226 Lee, Chi Ling 186 Lee, Donna J. 226.346 Lee, Glenda R. 268 Lee, Ingrid V. 226 Lee, John L. II 262 Lee, LIng-Hsiao 226, 289 Lee, Lori 309 Lee, Mark W. 60,32 Lee, Reginald D. 225' 323 v Lee, Richard B. 226 Lee, Sharon Dean 226, 323 Leech, Mike 276 Leetch, Michael S. 260, 226 Lefevre, Julie A. 226 Leffler, Russ 69 Lehane, Dana R. 226, 302 Lehenbauer, Carolyn 226,272-73 Lehr, Coleen L. 34, 306,226,312 Leibrand, Peggy Ann 258,266,226,272 Leimbach, Gregory J. 264,282-83 Leimkuehler, Curtis 226 Leimkuehler, Cynthia 226 Leitch, Joel S. 226 Lemken, Beanie Tim 151 Lemmie, Lauren C. 322-3 Lemmon, Regina K. 226,280-1 Leonard, Beth 185 Leonard, Sandy J. 226, 272 Lepage, Susan Elora 226 Lero, Theresa A. 48, 226 Leroux, Steven L. 226 Leslie, Dixie L. 226 Leslie, Joyce K. 226 Leslie, Samuel 226,325 Lessard, Sharon A. 226,150,136,262 Lessly, Chris A. 226 Levels, Delayne W. 226 Levy, Bradley P. 64 Lewer, James O. 341, 274-75 Lewis, Cathryn S. 226 Lewis, Denis C. 226 Lewis, Elizabeth Denise 226 Lewis, Frances M, 226 Lewis, Fredrick S. 226 Lewis, Jim 344 Lewis, Raeford W. 180 Lewis, Rick L. 226 Lewis, Robbin C. 226 Lewis, Rusty 60,282-83 Lewis, Sherry 226 Lewis, Tami E. 326, 329,352 Lewis, Thomas R. 226, 274 Lewis, Vicki Deen 226 Liao, Kwang-Shih 226 Lichte, Janeece l. 60, 226,270,284 Lichte, Ruth E. 60,226, 284,294 Lichte, Scott W. 60,226 Liebert, Sheila E. 226 Lien, Mark E. 226 Liese, Jerry D. 226 Liesemeyer, Brett 260, 328 Lietzke, Roberta K. 42, 266,276,226 Liggett, Margaret R. 312 Light, Ed D. 226 Lightfoot, Bill 320 Lightfoot, James W. 226 Lightner, Suzanne E. 309 Lilleston, Thomas R. 226,66-7 Lilly, Jana E. 302 Limbach, Maureen R. 226,345 Limo, Grace Jerono 226 Limo, Ruth Jeruto 226, Long, Longa 227 Longe 108 Lord, 270 278,290,358 Loren! Landrum, Johanna 268 225 Landrum, Timothy .J 339 Landzenel, Robert 225 264-5 Lane, Darrell J. 339 Lang, Angela L. 225 Lang, Barbara L, 225 Lang, Kent R. 225 Lang, Sandra M. 225 Langan, Jeffery L. 225 Langkrahr, Gail R. 225, 151 Langley. Elizabeth 225 Langston, Denny C. 188 Lanius, Ava M. 60,268, 225,282-3 Lansiord, Marcia L. 225 Lanzon, Donna Marie 309 Laprade, James W, 190 Lapreze, Edward M. 225,347 Lapreze, Gerald A. 225,347 Lapsley, Anne E. 225 Larsen, Agatha 307 Larson, Catherine M. 225 25 Larson, Janis L. 225 Larue, Linda C. 317 LascuoIa, Mary 294 Laskey, Janice S. 272 Lasswell, Brenda L. 295 Laster, James D. 188 Lathrop, Tim 141,344 Laubenstein, Darlene Lauderdale, Peter L. 226 Laurine, Lawrence D. 226 Lawrence, Kelly Rae 256,226 Lawson, Lonnie 268, 191 32,226,264-5 25 Lay, Karen S. 226 '5 312,262 7 Leblanc, Lee D. 226, . 264-5,283 Lebsack, Bruce K. 256- 5 57 25.' Lecce, Craig L. 274-75 Layman, Lucinda S. 226,288 Layton, Cendy Lynn 226 226 Lea, Lucile E. 191 Leach, Mike 274-5 Leaton, Rebecca E. 25 LeDoux, Mike 325 '3, Lee, Allen L. 188 25 225 Lee, Ingrid V. 226 19 Lee, John L. H 262 , Lee, Ling-Hsiao 226, 289 309 Lee, Lori 225 Lee, Mark W. 60,336 79, Lee, Reginald D. 2 . Lee, Chi Ling 186 Lee, Donna J. 22 323 256,268,260,262,190 Lauck, Patricia A. 226 Lavoy, Bill J. 307,150 Lawler, Sharon K. 226 Lawrence, Beth A. 226 Lawson, Linda S. 226 Lawson, Pamela G. 60, Lawson, Tony D. 226 Lazzarini, Frank S. 328, Leakey, Mitchell L. 226 Ledbetter, Teressa 226 Lee, Allan D. 256-57 Lee, Cheryl K. 226 6,346 Lee, Glenda R. 268 Lee, Richard B. 226 Lee, Sharon Dean 226, 323 Leech, Mike 276 Leetch, Michael S, 260, 226 Lefevre, Julie A. 226 Leffler, Russ 69 Lehane, Dana R. 226, 302 Lehenbauer, Carolyn 226,272-73 Lehr, Coleen L. 34, 306,226,312 Leibrand, Peggy Ann 258,266,226,272 Leimbach, Gregory J. 264,282-83 Leimkuehler, Curtis 226 Leimkuehler, Cynthia 226 Leitch, Joel S. 226 Lemken, Beanie Tim 151 Lemmie, Lauren C. 322-3 Lemmon, Regina K. 226,280-1 Leonard, Beth 185 Leonard, Sandy J. 226, 272 Lepage, Susan Elora 226 Lero, Theresa A. 48, 226 Leroux, Steven L. 226 Leslie, Dixie L. 226 Leslie, Joyce K. 226 Leslie, Samuel 226,325 Lessard, Sharon A. 226,150,136,262 Lessly, Chris A. 226 Levels, Delayne W. 226 Levy, Bradley P. 64 Lewer, James O. 341, 274-75 Lewis, Cathryn S. 226 Lewistenis C. 226 Lewis, Elizabeth Denise 226 Lewis, Frances M. 226 Lewis, Fredrick S. 226 Lewis, Jim 344 Lewis, Raeford W. 180 Lewis, Rick L. 226 Lewis, Robbin C. 226 Lewis, Rusty 60,282-83 Lewis, Sherry 226 Lewis, Tami E. 326, 329,352 Lewis, Thomas R. 226, 274 Lewis, Vicki Deen 226 Liao, Kwang-Shih 226 Lichte, Janeece l. 60, 226,270,284 Lichte, Ruth E. 60,226, 284,294 Lichte, Scott W. 60,226 Lieben, Sheila E. 226 Lien, Mark E. 226 Liese, Jerry D. 226 Liesemeyer, Brett 260, 328 Lietzke, Roberta K. 42, 266,276,226 Liggen, Margaret R. 312 Light, Ed D. 226 Lightfoot, Bill 320 Lightfoot, James W. 226 Lightner, Suzanne E. 309 Lillesmn, Thomas R. 226,66-7 Lilly, Jana E. 302 Limbach, Maureen R. 226,345 Limo, Grace Jerono 226 Limo. Ruth Jeruto 226, 278,290,358 Lin, Chien-Hsiang 226 Lin, Ywh Fiang 286 Lincoln, Brian A. 226 Lind, Vicki J. 268,226 Lindenbusch, Denise 226 Lindfors, James M. 226 Lindfors, Jay 294 Lindsay, Dave 184 Lindsay, Pamela K. 226 Lindsay, Paula A. 226 Lindsey, Daniel P. 226 Lindsey, Hollie A. 226 Linn, James V. 226 Lintner, Angela G. 226 Linton, Jana Kay 226, 302 Lintz, Paul R. 227 Lippert, Marina L. 227 Liquie, Janet D. 227 Lisenbe, Robin H. 274- 75 Lisle, Tyann 227 Lissner, Cynthia L. 227,321 List, LaDonna J. 227 Liston, Loretta A. 276, 227 Litchenberger, James 227 Little, Jack 190 Littlejohn, Nancy 268, 191 Littrell, James K. 227 Liu, Lai Ching 227 Livingston, Dana L. 227 Livingston, Laura A. 227,256-57 Lloyd, Deirdra A. 227 Lloyd, Denise E. 227 Lloyd, Nancy C. 227 Lock, Phyllis Jean 227, 258,270 Lock, Roger Wilfred 227,339 Lockard, Betty Pine 262-3,188 Locke, Kathleen D. 272,274-75 Locke, Kristina M. 227 Lockhart, Scott D. 227 Lockridge, Jack 190 Lee, Katrina A. 268 Loe, Regina M. 268, 227 Loehnig, Joyce M. 227 Loesing, Kenneth D. 227,272 Loesing, Leann 227 Loethen, Steven Ray 227,340,341 Logston, Hayden R. 307,227,71 Lohman, Michael 51 328,227 Lomax, Deborah 1. 227, 274 Lomax, Donna J. 227, 295 Lombardo, Karen A. 227 Long, David L. 227, 256 Long, Dennis Willia 60, 227,276 Long, Douglas S. 227 Long, Ellen 270-1 Long, Jolene 227 Long, Kelly K. 227 Long, Kevin L. 227 Long, Ronald W. 181 Long, Shelia E. 227 Long, Wayne T. 227, 344 Long, Wesley A. 227 Longan, Bruce Alan 227 Longenecker, Carole 108,144,227,321 Lord, George A. 227, 270-2 Loremz, Georgianne 227 Lotion, Carol L. 227 Lovato, Theodore A. 227 Love, Theresa A. 227 Lovell, Lisa L 227 Lovell, Nancy J. 227 Lovell, Robert E. 181 Lovell, Terri 302,303, 274 Lovell. Toni 69,308, 309 Loving, Albert A. 227 Lovingood, Joan P, 227 Lowden, Gary W. 227 Lowe, Annette Kay 60 Lowe, Dennis 227 Lowe, Steven William 227 Lower, Teresa Kay 227,256 Lowry, Dorothy A. 64, 227,346 Lowry, Jim M. 227 Lozager, Suzy M. 227 Lucito, Therese A. 227 Ludwig, William 227,272,274-75,283 Luebbering, Jerline E. 227 Luebbert, Mark 339 Luebrecht, Steven E. 276 Luechtefeld, Barbar 227 Luechtefeld, Robert 227 Lueck, Cindy A. 227 Luecke, Pamela A. 227 Lueckenhoff, Curtis 227 Luehrman, Richard 180,318 Luellen, Deborah K. 227,274,292 Luethje, Bxadford D. 320,227 Luetkemeyer, Laurie 131,145,227 Lugert, Brenda Ann 276-227 Lukehart, Theresa A. 227 Lukenbill, Diane 227,260,268,288 Lukon, John Lee 227 Lumley, Suzanne E. 227 Lun, Chou Chia 289 Lund, Brenda L. 227 Lungren, Martha J. 227 Lusk, Mary E. 227 Lutgen, Cecile L. 227, 288 Lutjen, Dalnita D. 227, 277-8 Lutz, Kurt Martin 227 Luzader, Suzanne 272,131,145 Lvechtefeld, Betty L1 227 Lybarger, Cheryl 270,227 Lyberger, Alan 141,349 Lyle, Steven T. 268 Lyman, Paul 187,264-5 Lymer, Shari L. 227 Lynch, Debbie Kay 228 Lynch, Kevin L 344 Lyon, Bruce Kevin 228, 272,274-5,328 Lyon, James L, 228 Lyon, Mary E. 186 Lyon. Paul C. 48,60 Lyon, Tami Diane 228, 336,285 Lyons, Carol 6O Lyons, Dale H. 228 Lytte, Rob 228,320 Ma, Yuh-Jia Grace 289 Mabary. Deborah A. 228 Mac, Rae Douglas 268 MacAluso, Theresa J. 228 MacDonald, Bill J. 228 Macewan, Bonnie 191 MacGregor, David J. 228 Macheers, Tina R. 228 Machholz, Gary L. 228 Mackey, Lacindra L. 228 MacMilIin, Robert J. 228 Madden, Matthew 341, 185 Maddox, Christina L. 228 Maddox, Jeffery E1 278-9 Maddox, Mary A. 227 Maderging, Erl 228 Magditch, James A. 228 Magee, Steve D. 328, 228 Magers, Mark D. 69, 294 Mahaffey, George 186 Maham, Jim 283 Mahan, James R. 179 Mahana, Lee Pierce 228 Mahanes, Howard W. 186 Mahl, Brian S. 228 Mahnken, Peggy A. 228 Mahoney, Marcie J. 228 Mahoney, Paula Mari 228,272-73,303 Mahoney, Michelle 272- 3 Maidment, Stephen W, 91 Mailliard, Louis F. 228 Maire, Mary J. 228 Maitland, Janet Vi 30, 228 Maitland, Marcia A. 268,228,270-1 Major, Rhonda E. 228 Majors, Kristin A. 228, 260,262,266,302 Makore, Naume T. 290 Mallady, Brian H. 228 Mallen, Theresa A. 228,280 Malone, Anne L. 228 Malone, Barbara J, 228 Maloney, Ellen Ann 295 Maloney, Jeff A. 228 Maloney, Sarah A 228 Malzner, Rose M. 228, 280-1 , Malzner, Susan L. 228, 315 Maness, Marc Von 57, 228 Manglos, Steve Robe 228 Mann, Carol E. 290 Mann, Michael L. 290 Manning, Suaven 262-3 Manos, Michael D: 228, 256-57,280-81 Mansell, Connie D1 228 Mansell, Susan L. 228 Mansfield, Martin M. 228 Mantle, Judy A. 187 Marberry, Helen Jo 228,322-3 Marble. Bobbie J. 228 Marchi, Debbie G. 228 Marching Mules 46-47 Marek, Lesa Ann 228 Maricic, Mary Ellen 286,228,302 Mark, Eliis E. 228 Markert, Jane 144,150. 186 Markey, John 339,228 Markey. Mary E. 228 Markley, Rebecca L. 228 Marks, Carrie Alice 228 Markway, Alan J. 349 Markwonh, Timothy 228 Marlborough, Duke 349 Man, Nancy J. 312 Man, Steven E. 148 Marschner, Donna L. 228 Marsden, Cathy Lene 228 Marsh, Donald L. 228 March. James R. P. 228 Marsh, Margaret M, 60, 183 Marsh. Marsha L. 228 Marshall, Bill 339 Marshall, Catherine 228 Marshall. J. W. Jr. 228 Marshall. Michael D. 341 Marshall, Robert B. 188 Marshall, Robert L. 2623.189 Marshner, Donna 340 Marslall, Brenda J. 228 Mart, Cris E. 341 Marteen, Marvin W. 228 Martens. Clark Lee 228 Marti, Kathy L. 228 Martin, Alphadine 186 Martin, Angela 228,288 Martin, Corbett R. 228 Martin, Dianna L. 228 Martin, G. Brent 286, 228 Martin, Jasper R. 228 Martin, Nancy E. 228 Martin, Patricia E. 312, 313,338 Martin, Peggy 111,142, 186 Martin, Robert J. 307 Martin, Sarah 151 Marlin, Sharon Jean 228 Martin, Susan K. 228 Martin, Thomas A. 260, 228 Martin, Tina A. 228 Martin, Welsey F. 141 Martinaz, Gary 325 Martinez, Linda M. 342,228 Martinez, Patricia 282- 283 Marx, Michael Wade 60,282-3 Masinia, Barbara A. 228 Masinia, Barbara A. 258.272-3 Mason, Carlas W. 228 Mason, Cornelius 229, 352.331 Mason, Roger 272,180, 278 Mason, Ronald L. 229 Masotto, Michael 229 Massey, Julie C. 262-3 Masmn. Frank L. 189 Masten, Stephen B. 229 Masters, Lynn 276.229 Mathayomchan. Asada 229 Matheny, Cynthia Jo 229 Matlock, Mary E, 229 Matthes, Claudia R1 229 Matthew, Stacie L. 229 Matthews, Charles 229 Matthews, Sheila K- 229,69 Manhys. Hubert A 183 Matthys, Mary C 60 Mame, chr. Dear 318 Maine. Shelley J 329 336 Maude, Susan L 229 Mauer, Beth 111 Mauk. Richard D 31R, 319 Maupm. Sharon S 229 Maupino, William 331 Maurer, Elizabeth A 142 Mauzey. Randall K 22927452801282- 3 Maurer. Elizabelh A 229 May, Kathryn D. 229 May, Regina M 229 May, Rudy Charles 307 Mayabb, Gary Lee 333. 148 Mayberry, Ryan W. 229 Maycock, Mary E. 229 Mayer. Carolyn R. 229 Maylield, Louise 186 Mayfield. 8. Jill 229 Maymon, Robin L 229 Mayo, Michael A. 339 Mayo, Steve B. 339 Mays, Lori R. 229,280- 1 Mazza, Jody Leeann 266,229 Mazza, Joseph M. 184 McAllister. Debbie 326, 345 McAllister, Duane T. 229 McArthur, Leslie 229, 268 McAtee, Patrick L. 229,270-1 McAuIey, Roy E. 181 McBride, Monte C. 260, 229 McBride, Rick 268 McCaHerty, Jewell 229 McCafferty, Lynn 315, 321 McCain, Marcus 331 McCain, Rebecca L 229 McCandless. David K. 229,270-1280-1 McCandless, Perry 182 McCandless, William 183 McCarthy. Brenda L. 229 McCa:thy, Colette 286 McCarthy, Johnna 229 McCarthy, Joseph P. 229 McCartney, Mike R. 27025657328 McCarty, Mark A. 60, 229 McCarver. Shawn R 280-81 McCaskey, Sandra 276,229 McLain, Karen 229,268 McClain, Larry 229 McClellan, Debra L. 229,336 McClelland. Stanley 344 McClure. Arthur F 182 McCombs. Sandy J. 229 McConnell, Cheryl L 229,256,266270 McConnell, Patricna 229 McCormack. Lee Ann 229 MCCKQ. Jdrns D 2;"; .1 Kum 229 McCuy Sandy R 22L: McCoy. Susan K 220 McCrmy Alexa Y 229 McCulloch, Malia J 229 McCulloch, Max 188 McCully, mGn L 229 McCumber, Davxd L, 22" McCune, Linda J. 229 HcCulchcnn, Mary K 229 MCDGHWI. Angela M 229 McDaniel, Barbara E 229 McDaniel, Cemlla L. 229 McDaniel, Diane 347 McDaniel. Kenneth W 33,229.256 McDaniel, Tcni J. 229 McDamels. Eleanor 320 McDermon, Tamara A 229 McDonald. David E. 333 McDonMd, Donna R. 229 McDonald James R. 268,229,280-1 McDonald, Joni B. 268. 229 McDonald. Kathleen 229.64.346 McDonald, Mary B. 312 McDonald, Michelle 229 McDonald, Shari L. 229.302.292 McDonnell, Patricia 229,145 McDonough. Sharon M 229 McDonnugh, Sherri 321 McDow. Ellen K. 229 McDowell, Lxsa F 229 McDowell, Valarie A 229 McElhincy, Julie L 229.262 McElroy. Cheryl A 230.315 McElwmn. Jlmmv D 270.230 MCElwee, Judson R 182,290 McEneny. Manhew .J 230 MrFadu'cn. Chery! A 276,230,3qu McFadden, Vic'nlc 1. 230,330 McFarland, 0.11.; 1 231 McFmIanu. Emm-n 185 McFavl-md, Jun M 230 McFarland Lmdn A 230 McFarland, Shun D 230 Mchrnn. Cg'nlh a L 230.274 5.392 McFleld. Karcn E 210 McGaulha. Gm: 256230305 McGee, Juilmn: R .13" Mchley, Tenam'i 325,352 Mchms. Ehzahcl'n 251,1 369 McGinnis. Mark J, 230 McGinnis, Penny R, 230 McGovern, Thomas C, 230 McGranahan, Teresa 230 McGraw, Joy Denise 230 McGraw, Michael A 349 McGraw, Nancy E. 230, 288 McGreevy, John T, 230 McGreevy, Mike 188 McGroin, Patrick R. 230 McGulfey. Bradley S. 230 McGuire, Luann 326,327 McGuire, Penny L. 230, 326 McHugh, Colleen M. 319,336 Mclntosh. Gayle R. 60 McIntyre, Donna L. 260,230 McKee, Kimberly K1 230,292 McKeirnan, Mary E 230 McKenna, Marilyn A, 230 McKenzie, Elizabeth 230 McKenzie, Kent R. 230, 32 McKenzie, Vicki A. 230,274-5 McKinnis, Richard 186 McKinney, Betty A. 260 McKinney, Byron A. 230 McKinney, Christine 230 McKinney, Henry 330 McKinney, Lisa J. 230 McKinzie, Georgia M. 230 McKnight, Scott 307 McLain, Morgan L1 230 McLain, Peggy C. 230 McLaren, Coral A. 317 McClaren, David 185, 277-8 McLaren, Scott L. 230 McLaughlin, Michell 230,283 McLaughlin, Teri R. 57, 230 McMahill, Lana Gail 276,230 McMahon, Sean 268,230 McManns, Bob 260 McMasters, Glennon 230 McMichael, Helen C. 230.64 McMichael, Shelly K. 230 McMiIlian, Mark R. 230,347,352 McMillin, Robert R, 282-283 McMurray, Lisa C, 276, 230 McNab, Robert W. 230, 148 McNamara. James M, 256,333,352,332 McNear, Linda 266,182 McNeel, Stella K. 230 McPheeters, Linda L. 230302303838. 278-9 McPherson, Robert E. 151,134 McQueen. Carol A. 230 McQuiIlen. Mike K. 230 McRae, Scott 286 370 McReynolds, Greg 1. 230 McReynolds, Jacqueline 230,321 McReynolds, Rodger 230 McReynolds, Ronald 181 Meachum, Glenda R. 230 Meadows, Kelly 230 Meads, Regina L. 230 Meagher, Linda K, 187 Mecca, Marion E. 230 Medaris, Francis 191 Medaris, Linda 191 Medley, Sherry 145, 187 Medlin, Debbie L. 230 Meek, Cindy L. 326 Meek, Dana S. 230 Meek, Don Galen 230 Meek, Sherie L. 230, 312 Meeker, Lawrence E. 278-9 Meeks, Vickie 268 Mefield, Karen E, 230 Mehmert, Steve M. 42 Meiboom, Leahice 230 Meinders, Peggy 66-7, 182,286 Meine, Cathy Lynne 230 Meishner, Debbie A. 230 Melcher, Wendy T. 230,272-73 Meldrum, Scott F. 328 Mellen, Lisa G. 342 Malling, Mark Lynn 270,230 Melton, Juanita E. 230 Melvin, Jeffrey 328 Mendez, Ray H. 230 Mends, Carolyn 189 Menefee, Susan J. 317 Menefee, Pamela J. 230,317,346 Mengwasser, Jeanne 230 Mengwasser, Martha 230 Menschke, Tracy J. 230 Mercado, Luis Yves 276,230 Mercado, Miguel R. 230 Mercer, Dale Roy 148 Merrell, Wayne L. 274- 75 Merrigan, John F. 307 Merrigan, Kathleen 230 Merrigan, Patrick F. 143 Merrill, Deborah K. 230 Merriman, Larry 295 Marriott, Robin D. 230 Merritt, Amy 5. 144, 151,231,283 Merritt, Anna M. 284 Merritt, Julia E. 231 Merritt, Patricia A. 231 Merryfield, Ann L. 342 Mertens, Janice R. 231, 280-1 Martens, Larry D. 249 Mertes, Randy L. 231 Mertuan, Mike 349 Meschede, William B. 231 Metcalf, Joseph E. 178 Metheny, Jacquelyn 326 Method, Polly A. 231 Metz, Laura Jeane 342 Meverden, Merville 2623274275188 Meyer, Angela M, 231, 132,151 Meyer, Betty Leigh 231 Meyer, Cindy A. 231 Meyer, Clara K. 231, 278,292 Meyer, Craig S. 231, 280 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, 231 Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, 231 Meyer, Linda J, 145, 131 Meyer, Robin R, 231 Meyer, Scott W. 295 Meyer, Teresa A. 231 Meyer, Vernon J. 231 Meyers, Cindy 333 Michaels, Jeffrey R, 231 Mick, Daryl W. 349, 151 Micklewright, Susan 60, 231,145 Middleton, Anna L. 64 Middleton, Douglas 103, 141 Mifflin, David L. 231 Mifflin, Elaine 231 Migis, Kathy A. 342 Mikle, Dale W. 231 Mikle, Lori J. 231 Mikusch, John N. 231 Milboum Cheryl A. 231,270-1 Miles, Kimberly S. 231 Miles, M. Beth 231 Milisitch, Laurie 231, 321,272-73 Millburn, Judy L. 231 Millen, George A. 231 Miller, Andrea J. 231 Miller, Angie R. 315, 321 Miller, Charles R. 231 Miller, Christopher 205, 66-7 Miller, Cynthia E. 60, 231,32,264-5 Miller, Cynthia J. 266, 282-3 Miller, Dane C. 188 Miller, Daryl Wayne 333,231 Miller, David A. 183 Miller, Debbie Ann 60, 306,336,348 Miller, Debra Sue 231 Miller, Donald A. 286, 266,231 Miller, Donald D. 183 Miller, J. 0., Jr. 188 Miller, Jane A. 231,144 Miller, Jerry 180 Miller, John D. 231,112 Miller, Jonathan W. 231,64 Miller, Kelli Kim 319, Daniel J. 280 Deanna M. 231 Deborah Lea Juanita L. 231 Judy A. 231 Karla M. 231 Katharine S. Kent Edward Miller, Lisa A. 231,352 Miller, Lisa L. 336 Miller, Lynette 260, 274,288 Miller, Marilyn J. 181 Miller, Mark Ira 231 Miller, Mark Tyner 231 Miller, Patti L. 333 Miller, Sheila K, 231, 309 Miller, Susan Lynet 231 Miller, Theresa D. 231 Miller, Tim D, 276,231, 347 Miller, Waneta L. 231 Mills, Christal R. 336 1 Mills, Madeleine F, 268 Mills, Myrna B. 231 Mills, Steven H. 180 Millsap, David E, 231, 64 Millstead, Anthony 231, 278-9 Milosevich, Michele 308,309 Milonski, Jim M. 341 Minnis, Rodney Charles 231 Minor, Cheryl A. 231, Daniel P. 151, David H. 339, Minshall, Greg 349 Minter, Sallie M. 231 Minion, Kelly Sue 312, 313,338 Mitchell, Gail 231,292 Mitchell, James W. 231 Mitchell, Michael C. 256-257,331 Mitchell, Sharon K. 231 Mittelhauser, Julie 231 Mittelhauser, Tracey 231,270-1 Miyachi, Michiko 231 Mizell, David G. 345, 344 Mizell, Donna J. 231, 326,345 Mock, Perry 186 Mock, Robert 180,272 Moddrell, David A. 231 Mode, Dawn Anita 231 Mode, Nancy P. 231 Mueller, Gail Anne 283, 294 Moeller, Mallory 54,342 Moentmann, Ann J. 231 Moenlmann, Sharon E. 231 Moerer, Julie J, 231, 284 Molde, Alan 100,141, 191 Molloy, Sheryl L. 231 Monnig, Donna K. 231 Monsees, Sandra Kay 231 Monson, Richard D. 180 Montag, Mary T. 231, 315 Montalbano, Anthony 231 Montgomery, 231,148 Montgomery, 189,272 Montgomery, 231 Montgomery, 231 Montgomery, Sherilyn 232,294 Montgomery, TinaxM. 232 Montoya, Yolanda M. 232 Montrym, Lorayne P. 232,321 Moody, Jane Elise 232 Moon, Linda Ann 232, 270-1 Moore, Angela 232 Moore, Brenda R. 232 Moore, Charisse Annette 232 Moore, Donna M. 232 Moore, Dori 184,274 Moore, Eileen E1 276, 232,262,270-1 Moore, J. Kevin 232, 274-75 Moore, Jerry Lynn 258, 286,260,232 Moore, John Erwin 232 Moore, Karen E. 232 Moore, Lisa D. 232.292 Moore, Marian Lynn 232 John G. Johnny Karen J . Linda J. Michael E, 292 Michelle L. 282, Moore, Moore, 292 Moore, Moore, 232 Moore, Robert D. 232 Moore, Scott C. 232 Moore, Sharon L 232 Moore, Susan J. 232 Moore, Tammy L. 232 Moore, Terry Ann 232 Moppin, Joan L. 232 Moran, Loretta K, 232 Moran, Thomas C. 60, 232,282,71 Morehead, Carol Ann 232,312 Moreland, Clyde W. 232 Morgan, Cynthia A. 270,232 Morgan, Denna F1 232, 302 Morgan, James R. 232 Morgan, Jay Victor 232,141 Morgan, Richard D. 232 Morgan, Susan A. 179 Morgan, Teresa R. 232, 302 Moritz, Steven R. 148 Moroney, Kathern4262- 3 Morris, Cynthia Kay 232 Morris, David L. 232 Morris, Dwayne E. 320, 232 Morris, Jacquelyn K. 260,232 Morris, John M. 339 Morris, Marcus 232 Morris, Marsha M. 232 Morris, Patty Ann 285, 308,309,232 Morris, Rhonda R. 232 Morris, Richard 173 Morris, quin D. 232 Morris, William P. 102, 105,106,107,141,232 Morrison, Mark A. 232 Morrison, Mary E. 232 Morrison, Randall J. 292 Morrison, Rick A. 328 Morrow, Bryan G. 232 Morrow, Deborah J. 232 Morton, Ann M. 232, 302,272-73 Morton, R. Clark 189 Manon, Sheila Y. 232 Morton, William C. 188, 262-3 Mosby, Carol J, 232, 322-3 Mosby, Janet Diane 232 Mose, Marsha M. 232 Moser, Walt 328,329 Mosley, Lynn R. 232 Moss, Rodney D. 268, 232 Most, George F. 256, 280128889 Mottler, Gail A. 232 Motsinger, Robert E. 232,141 Moudy, Richard G. 232 Moulder, Bertha 346, 347 Moulis, Timothy L. 57, 232 1 Mount, Sharon Marie 232 Mouw, Debra K. 232, 147 Muck, Gary Steven 232,136 Muckey, Charles D, 232 Pamela A, 30 Penny Mudd, B. P. 181 Mudd, Carole A. 336, 346 Mudd, Linda L. 185 Mudd, Mary L. 326 Muehlhauser, Susan 232 Mueller, Candy 232 Mueller, Cled R. 232 Mueller, Cynthia M. 232 Mueller, Debra Lynn 232 Mueller, Frank D. 232 Mueller, Janell E. 232 Mueller, Jerold W. 232, 276,262-3 Mueller, Larry K. 141 Mueller, Rebecca J. 232 Muff, Cheryl L. 232 Mulcahy, Timothy B. 232,151 Mulekickers, Basketball 5455 Mulekickers, Football 44-45 Muleskinner 66-67 Muller, Deborah L. 232 Muller, Valerie A. 232, 315 Mullins, Charles R. 30, 148 Mulnix, Melinda A. 232 Mundwiller, Michael 232 Munholland, Deanie 232 Muren, Paul J. 233 Murphy, Elizabeth A, 64 Murphy, Victor L. 341 Murray, M. Jan 260, 233,280-1 Murray, Steven Doug 233 Murray, Timothy 5. 339,69 Murrell, Whyne A. 272 Musgrave, Melissa E. 260,266,233,272 Mustion, Richard P. 328 Myers, Charles N. 233, 256,266,272 Myers, Gena G. 312, 352 Myers, John P. 60,233, 32 Myers, Michelle A. 233 Nadler, Steven S. 233 Nadler, Scott 292 Nadlman, Marvin J. 233 Nagle, Thomas A. 328, 233,329 Nailen, Patricia M. 233, 285,346 Najjar, Hamzeh Y. 256, 233,270-1,290-1 Nalivaiko, Cathy 258, 286,233,278-9 Nallaseth, Cyrus 5. 233,290-1 Nance, Linn 122 Nance, Lynn 191,146 Nance, Peggy D. 233 Nance, Steven D. 148 Nanneman, Tim A. 233 Nash, Michelle A. 270, 233 Natho, Linda Sue 258- 9,268,286,233,278-9 Nave, Joseph 233,320 Naylor, Denise L. 233 Neal, Terry A. 292 Needham, Shirley A 268,260,276,233,288 Neer, Ronald L. 233 Neighbors, Kimberely 233,321 Neihaus, Dabble 284 Neill, Allan D. 307 Neiman, John 344 Neisler, Joy M, 233 Nelson, Brad L. 307 Nelson, Charles R. 318, 319,233,352 Nelson, Kenya 5. 233 Nelson, Lee E. 2623 Nelson, Mark Scotk 233 Nelson, Michelle A. 309 Nelson, Sue 233 Neth, Rachel L. 233, 336 Neuhart, Beula H. 189 Neuhart, Donald R. 185 Neuner, Laura J. 270.1 Newcom, Kirk 191 Newland, Kathy 342, 338 Newman, Robert E. 280-1 Newman, William B. 233 Newsome, Darryl Gene 233,141 Newton, Kelly D. 233 Nguyen, Anh T L, 233 Nibarger, Terry L. 307, 2332778 Nicholas, Nixie A. 60, 233,264-65,282-3 Nicholls, Alice E. 233 Nichols, Ann M 233 Nichols, Colin E. 233 Nichols, Edith E. 188 Nichols, Gerard D. 233 Nichols, Michael R. 333,148 Nichols, Nick 283 Nichols, Rodney Joe 256-7,331,233 Nichols, Teresa J. 283 Nichols, William 179 Nicholson, Sandra M. 272 Nichs, Pete 233 Nickles, Pamela S. 233 Nicoll, Ted 180,280-1 Niehaus, Cynthia M. 233 Niehaus, Debbie J. 233, 290 Nielsen, Neal D. 233, 272 Niemeyer, Charlotte 233 Niemeyer, Ronald D. 185 Niewald, Raymond E, 233 Night Life 72-73 Nilges, Barbara J. 233. 277-8 Nilges, Marlene 230, 260,284 Nishikawa, Patti S. 233 Nishikawa, Sue 189. 191 Nixon, Jay S. 57.60 262632823 Nixon, Katherine A. 233 Noah, Mark A. 233. 270-1 Noble, Rita A. 233,315 Nocton, Margaret A. 233 Noelke, Linda T, 233 Noland, Nancy A1 233' 326 Nold, John L. 181 Nolivaiko, Cathy 256 Nolte, Amy B. 286,233 Nolte, Carolyn E. 233 Nolte, Jill Marie 260. 233 Noonan, Carolyn J' 233 Noonan, Christy L- 233 Norcross, Jamie 315 Norcross, Mafgm J 233 Norfleet, Darla 342, 23": 4...,- I Norris, Curtis 233,289 Norris, Raymond D. 320,178 North, Deanna L. 233 North, Willard E. 190 Northen, Mark B. 233 Northern, Marsha L. 233 Norton, Athur J. 185 Norton, Paul E. 233 Norton, Samuel Rex 233 Novak, Thomas A. 233 Nowicki, Jenny L. 258, 270,233,272-73 Nowlin, Dale M. 233 Nowlin, Marga J. 326, 345 Nowlin, Steve 306,307 Nowtney, Nancy 144 Nuelle, Cindy A. 233, 290-1 Nuessle, Nea M. 233 Nystrom, Tami Lyn 30, 233,151 O1Bannon, Doug 292 O1Bannon, Doris D. 233 O'Brien, Daniel J. 233 O'Brien, Keith 233 O1Grady, John K. 233 O'Hanlon, Joyce M. 233 O'Hanlon, Robert D. 234 01Keefe, Michael K. 234 O O'Malley, James 187 O: O1Malley, Michael W. , 234 Os O'Rdurke, Colleen M. J 234 Os Oates, Phillip W. 234 051 Obannon, Douglas D. CS! 234 1 Obertino, James 181 Os! Oberzan, Nancy A. 234 1 Obiefuna, Augustine 051 234 Ost Oconnor, Mary T. 234 Osv OConnor, Patrick W. Osu 344 Otis Odell, Gene 42 Otis Odell, Marvin E. 234 Om Oden, Marty 234 Oun Odneal, Susan 342,343 Ove Odonnell, Sandra L. 31 234 Ove Oelrichs, Brenda K. 21 234 OVEI Oelrichs, Donna J. 234 26 Oerly, Gary D. 234 Oven Oerly, Larry Ray 325, Ovex 234 23 Carly, Leisa C. 234 0V8! Oesterly, Brenda M. 23 260,288 Over Oetting, Donna Faye 28 234 Over Oetting, 11 John R, 234 Owe! Off-Campus Life 80-81 Owe! Officer, Dana R. 234 CW?! Officer, Judith A. 234 Ower Offill, Eric 333 Owen Offman, JoJo 349 Owen Offutk, Jana Rae 266, Owint 234 Ownb 099. Dean Charles 141 Owns- Ogle, Lori 69 Oxley Ogle, Lorna Lynn 234 274 0919, Robin 8. 234, Oyler 132,151 Oyler, Oglesby, Teal 234,304,305 Padge Ogrady, Kitty M. 234, Pagan 340 326 Ohanlon, Joyce 270-1 Page hare, James F. 185 Page Ohmes, Donna 234 Page. 0hrenberg, Darrel 234 312 Neihaus, Debbie 284 Neill, Allan D. 307 Neiman, John 344 Neisler, Joy M. 233 Nelson, Brad L 307 Nelson, Charles R. 318, 319,233,352 Nelson. Kenya 8, 233 Nelson, Lee E. 2623 Nelson, Mark Scott 233 Nelson, Michelle A. 309 Nelson, Sue 233 Nah, Rachel L. 233, 336 Neuhart. Beula H. 189 Neuhart, Donald R. 185 Neuner, Laura J. 270-1 Newcom, Kirk 191 Newland, Kathy 342, 338 Newman, Robert E. 280-1 Newman, William B. 233 .11 Newsome, Darryl Gene 233,141 Newton, Kelly D. 233 Nguyen, Anh T. L. 233 Nibarger, Terry L. 307, 233,277-8 2, Nicholas, Nixie A. 60, 41 372 233, 233, 233 233 328, 233, 256, 58, 146 233 148 1. 233 270. 258- .2789 3,320 , 233 1 A. 33,288 233 zrely 233264652823 Nicholls, Alice E. 233 Nichols, Ann M. 233 Nichols. Colin E. 233 Nichols, Edith E. 188 Nichols, Gerard D. 233 Nichols, Michael R. 333,148 Nichols, Nick 283 Nichols, Rodney Joe 256-7,331,233 Nichols, Teresa J. 283 NichoIs, William 179 Nicholson, Sandra M. 272 Nichs, Pete 233 Nickles, Pamela S. 233 Nice", Ted 180,280-1 Niehaus, Cynthia M. 233 Niehaus, Debbie J. 233, 290 Nielsen, Neal D. 233, 272 Niemeyer, Charlotte 233 Niemeyer. Ronald D. 185 Niewald, Raymond E. 233 2 73 Ni ht Life 7 - Nilgges, Barbara J. 233, 277-8 Nilges, Marlene 230, 260,284 Nishikawa, Pam S. 233 Nishikawa. Sue 189. 191 Nixon, Jay 5. 57,60, 262-63,2823 Nixon, Katherine A. 233 Noah, Mark A. 233. 270-1 Noble, Rita A. 233,315 Noclon, Margaret A. 233 Noelke, Linda T. 233 Noland, Nancy A. 233- 326 Nold, John L. 181 Nolivaiko, thy 266 0112, Amy IIjlolte, Carolyn E. 233 Nolte, Jil1 Marie 260. 233 Noonan, Carolyn Noonan, Chrlsty L- 2 Norcross, Jamie 31 Norcross, Margm J- 233 Norneen Da B. 286.233 J, 233 rla 342. 233 Norris, Curtis 233,289 Norris, Raymond D. 320,178 North, Deanna L. 233 North, Willard E. 190 Northen, Mark B. 233 Northern, Marsha L. 233 Norton, Athur J. 185 Norton, Paul E. 233 Norton, Samuel Rex 233 Novak, Thomas A. 233 Nowicki, Jenny L, 258, 270,233,272-73 Nowlin, Dale M, 233 Nowlln, Marga J. 326, 345 Nowlin, Steve 306,307 Nowtney, Nancy 144 Nuelle, Cindy A. 233, 290-1 Nuessle, Nea M. 233 Nystrom, Tami Lyn 30, 233,151 O'Bannon, Doug 292 O1Bannon, Doris D. 233 O'Brien, Daniel J. 233 O1Brien, Keith 233 O1Grady, John K. 233 O'Hanlon, Joyce M. 233 O'Hanlon, Robert D. 234 O'Keefe, Michael K. 234 O'Malley, James 187 O'Malley, Michael W. 234 O1Rdurke, Colleen M. 234 Oams, Phillip W. 234 Obannon, Douglas D. 234 Oberlino, James 181 Oberzan, Nancy A. 234 Obiefuna, Augustine 234 Oconnor, Mary T. 234 OConnor, Patrick W. 344 Odell, Gene 42 Odell, Marvin E. 234 Oden, Marty 234 Odneal, Susan 342,343 Odonnell, Sandra L. 234 Oelrichs, Brenda K. 234 Oelrichs, Donna J. 234 Oerly, Gary D. 234 Oerly, Larry Ray 325, 234 Oerly, Leisa C. 234 Oesterly, Brenda M. 260,288 Oelling, Donna Faye 234 Oetting, 11 John R. 234 Off-Campus Life 8081 Officer, Dana R. 234 Officer, Judith A. 234 Offill, Eric 333 Offman, JoJo 349 Offun, Jana Rae 266, 234 099, Dean Charles 141 Ogle, Lori 69 Ogle, Lorna Lynn 234 Ogle, Robin 8. 234. 132,151 Oglesby, Teal 234,304,305 Ogrady, Kitty M. 234, 340 Ohanlon, Joyce 270-1 Ohare. James F. 185 Ohmes, Donna 234 Ohrenberg, Darrel 234 Ohrenberg, Robert 179, 280-1 Oikeu, Michelle 345 Okell, Michele R. 234, 312 Oklahoma! 32 Okoroafor, Chris D. 234 Okoye, Benedict N, 234 Olds, Beth Renee 234 Olivarez, Jana Jo 342 Oliver, Jeffry Quin 325, 234 Olpin, Larry Roy 181 Olson, Janet K, 280- 281 Olson, Kathy 234 Olson, Sharon J. 268 011, Lori D. 326 0112, Theresa L. 234 Olvera, Donnie G. 234 One and Only Singers 31 Onstot, Gregory P. 191 Onwumere, A. Charles 234 Opel, Alan W. 268,234 Orourke, Colleen M. 2801 Orr, James R. 234 Orrick, Christine M, 57, 234 Orthwein, Charles 283 Ortiz, Alesia A. 234, 346 Ortiz, Laura E. 234 Orwick, Cathy M. 234 Osborne, Carolyn R. 234 Osborne, Scott A. 306, 307,140,301,358 Osborne, Steven E. 307 Osburn, Leah D. 234 Oshima, Lisa M. 234, 262 Oshima, Eugene 262, 180 Osller, Phillip E. 234 Ostrander, Kathryn 283 Oswald, Kathy L. 234 Oswald, Melissa A. 234 Otis, Fred Rick 234 Otis, Sandra A. 234 0110, Kirk A. 234 Oung, Mary Elayne 234 Overbay, Phillip E. 340,341 Overbey, Jane A. 276 234,321 Overbey, Jeffrey S. 268 Overbey, John C. 234 Overlease, Samuel J. 234 Overstreet, Johnny 234,347 Overton, Donna Sue 282-3 Overton, Scott W. 234 Owen, Brian K. 234 Owen, Carol L, 234 Owen, Delores M, 234 Owens, Carol 234 Owens, Harold L. 266 Owens, James N. 234 Owings, Edith A. 309 Ownby, Tyna 234 Ownson, Karla 234 Oxley, Vincent 179, 274-75 Oyler. John C, 320 Oyler, Steven B. 234 Padget, Jaime M. 234 Pagano, Mary Louise 326 Page, Cynthia Lee 288 Page, Dennis W. 189 Page, Nancy L. 234, 312 Pailer, Renee 234 Paine, Scott L, 328 Painter, Annette 321 Painter, Deborah K. 234 Painter, Donald 331 Painter, Ernie M. 325, 234 Painter, Linda L, 256, 258266272234 Palakino, Robert A. 234 Palermo, Jane 286,308,309 Pallo, Mark E. 234 Pallo. Marsha Ann 234 Palmer, Deborah A. 234 Palmer, James B. 234 Palmer. Jerry A, 234 Palmquist, John B. 234 Palvbiak, Allan B. 234 Pandolfo, Lore B. 235 Pandolfo, Thomas F, 339,278-9 Pannell, Rhonda R. 235 Panus, Gregg M. 325, 235,274-75 Paris, Kara M. 235 Park, Raymond R. 183 Parker, Myla J. 235 Parker, Sheila M. 235, 280-1 Parks, Cheryl Y, 235 Parks, Janet A. 235 Parks, Joan 144,151, 147,187 Parks, Peggy 280-1 Parks, Sonya 235 Parmley. William K. 185 Parnell, Beverley J. 182 Parr, Gina E. 235 Parr, Ricky J. 235 Parran, James Vince 235.272 Parrett, Lisa M. 235 Parrish, Lisa Leann 326 Parrott, Julie A. 235 Parsons, Barbara L. 235 Parsons, Carol A, 45, 59,235,302 Parsons. Roberta L. 235,280,292 Parsons, Trudy R. 312 Partrich, Daniel L. 235 Pasley, Charles D. 235 Pasley, Dale 270-1 Pasley, James B. 235 Paterson, Shelly K, 256-7,235 Patino, Marianne 272 Patrick, Minnie Lee 189 Patterson, Bette G. 235 Patterson, Donna M. 235 Patterson, Frank M. 181 Patterson, Mary K. 235 Patterson, Mary L. 235, 283 Patterson, Normal 188 Partisan, Stephen R. 268-9,235 Patton, Barry D, 235 Patton, Lynn R. 336 Paul, David E. 235 Paul, Gail L. 235 Paul, Lisa E. 235,280. 292 Payne, Beverly Ann 235 Payne, Billy C, 235 Payne, Debra A. 235 Payne, Ginger 5, 235 Payne, Michael L. 283 Payne. Shawn 318 Payne, Timothy D. 318 Paymn, Trudy Lynne 235 Paz, Suyapa Elena 235 Peacher, Don W. 235 Pearce, David 260,276 Peak, Sheila G, 235 Pearman, Chem 260, 312 Pearson. Cindy 260,276,288 Pearson, Grace M. 235 250,284 Pearson, Lisa L. 235 Pearson, Roy 122,146 Peck, William B. 180 Peery, James W. 320, 235 Peerbolte, David R. 185 Pegues, Pamela E. 350 Pehle, Teresa J. 235 Pelley, Robert D. 339, 352 Pelton, Elois 186,283 Pelton, Shawn S. 57, 60,235 Pemberton, Sam L. 105,107,141,320,321 Pemberton, Trudi 312, 348 Pence, Karen D. 235 Pendleton, Dale 344 Pener, Elissa J. 235 Penley, Jesse D. 57, 235,282-3 Pennell, Stephanie 342 Penrose, John R. 235 Pentlin, Susan 183 Peoples, Lynn 307 Pep Band 56-57 Perarson, Cindy M. 235 Perkins, Cynthia L. 235 Perkins, Kathy A. 235 Perrette, Alice D. 235 Perrin, Novella 184 Perrou, Caterina G. 286,235 Perry, Ann M. 235, 340,262 Perry, Bill R. 235,280 Perry, Keith A. 235 Parsley, Andrew P, 235,272 Personelli, Joseph 235 Pete, Karen M. 235 Petentler, Charles 235 Peter, William 295,188, 289 ' Peterie. Karla R. 235, 278-9 Peters, James Mark 235 Peters, Janet M. 235 Petersen, Stephen 117, 175,190 Peterson, Anita G. 235, 256-57 Peterson, Isaac D. 266, 235,256 Peterson, JoAnn 335, 342 Peterson, Margaret 180 Peterson, Tamara S, 302,303 Petras, Susan Gail 235, 321 Pettigrew, Warren 182, 262 Petty, Kevin L. 320 Petty, Laura C. 326, 327.338 Petty, Penny L. 235, 321 Peuster. John A. 235 Peuster. Kathlyn A, 266,235,315 Peuster. Laura Ann 256,268,235,280-1 Pfeiffer, Robert G. 318 Pfenenger, AIice E. 235 Pfenenger, Beth 283 Phason, Queanna J. 235 Phelps, Anna Marie 268,235,270-1 Phelps, Wm. Bruce 268,235,270-1 Philips, Carolyn L 235 Phillips, Carol M. 268 Phillips. David A 235. 340,341 Phillips, 0 Dexter 235 Phillips, James M. 235 Phillips, Laurie A. 235 Phillips, Martin 185 Phillips, Randy 181,278 Phillips, Robin L. 235, 143 Phillips, Stephen C, 180 Phillips, Teresa A. 60, 335,235 Phillips, Tina E, 236 Philson, Craig S. 236 Phinney. Mary Susan 236 Phinney, Ursula A, 236 Phipps, Linda F. 236 Phones 79 Photo Services 68 Picker, Cheryl H. 188 Pickerel Amy Jo 258, 286,260,302,236,303 Pickering, Susan M. 256,260,276,236,288 Pickett, Rayford M. 236 Pickett, Tamela L. 276, 236 Pickler, Mary E, 236 Piedimonte, Robert 236 Piekielniak, John F. 260,270 Pierce, Bob B. 333 Pierce, Glenn Q. 185, 256 . Pierce, Jinene A. 236 Pierce, Paula Sue 342, 348 Pierce, Robert B. 148, 189 Pierceall, Timothy 236 Pieterse, Leonardo 236 Piland, Leah Gail 236 Pilbeam, Elizabeth 60, 236,340.69 Piley, Thomas E. 236 Pilkington. James 143, 186 Pilkington, Kim N. 266 Pillard, Leah 144 Pilliard, Daniel 185 Pine, Rhonda D. 268-9, 236 Pinkman. Dee Ann 236 Pinne, Frederick 185 Pinne, Wendy C. 236, 272 Piper, Dee Dee M. 236 Piper, Robert G, 264-5 Pirch, Ricky George 236 Pirog. Teresa E. 236, 283 Piskerud, Tina D. 236 Pittroff, Brian S. 339 Pitts, Alex B. 236 Place, Buddy 347 Plachte, Kathy A. 236 Plackemeier, Dan 151 Plank, Tammy Lynne 333 Plassmeyer. Rosalie 236 Platon, Benjamin V. 236 Platmer, Kelly L. 236 Plays 42-43,48,71,90- 91 Ploeger, Jana B. 236. 302 Plumb. Susan R. 345 Plumlee, Wanda S. 260,236 Plunk, Delores 186,276 Pogue, Beverly A. 60 Pohl. Linda K. 256,236 Pohle. Linda Ann 315 Pohlman, Donna G 236.312 Pohiman, Sharon C 286 236,312,313 Pomtex. Lana M 320. 329 Poke, Michael Enc 121. 122.146 Pollzzv. Margalet R 236,284 Pollard, inhe 5 236 Pond, MIChQHE R 236 Pool. Jam: R 236 Poole. Charles 236 Poole. Lon E 236 Pope, Julne Anne 236. 32.2823 Popejoy, James R 60, 282-3 Popejoy. Melanie A. 60 Popejoy. Patricia R. 268-9.236.142 Popp, Debra L 236 Popp. Gary Lee 236 Porter, Carol L 312 Porter, David R. 236 Porter, George A 236 Porter, Kimberly D. 236 Porter, Michael W. 57. 60 Porter, Patrick E. 236 Porterheld, Vicki 236 Portwood, Lisa A, 60, 315,32 Post, Mary Jo 236,147 Post, Nancy J. 236 Post, Tamara 45, 236,348 Postlethwait, James 236,189,290 Potter, Elizabeth H. 57 Potter, Karen Kay 236 Potter, Kim Wayne 236,280-1 Potter, Michael T. 236 Potter, Sheryl L. 236, 315,285 Potter, Steven R. 236, 69 Potter, Wiley D. 236, 280-1 Potthast. Shelly R. 236 Potts, Karen D. 236 Potts, Stacy E. 236 Powell, Bren 347 Powell, Carl E. 236 Powell, Donald 184 Powell, Eddie 320 Powell, Nancy Jane 280-1 Powers, Carolyn L. 236 Powers. Micheal 181, 266 Powers, Michelle E. 236 Poynter. William C. 190,290 Prall, Rodney A. 236 Prater, Montague 191 Pratt, Michael D. 236 Pratt, Robert A. 236 Prayson, Stephen A. 236.256-57 Prenger. Kevin 151 Prenger, Randy 341 Presley, Cynthia A 236-280-1 Preston. Tammy R. 236 Preusser. Diane J. 236 Preusscr. Linda L 236 Prewitl. Wayne R 236 Price, Barbara 181 Price, David L. 60,236. 262-63,2823 Price. Jeff C 320 Price, Kathy Lorec 236 Price. Rodney L, 237 Price, Terese M 237 Price, Terrence L 352. 331 Price, Thomas Allen 60.262282 Pnces 74-75 Prichard. Thomas W 237 Primer Dana W 237 Prtcss, Md 8 J1 13-5, 151 Punt? Juhn 189 Pr'ndiv D A 268 P1101, 51,021: M 217 Prochazia, Dvmms L 237 Prruw, Rmbvr! E 544 Prosl, SyiL-d Juan J37 250.280 1 vamce, Lrucn M 217 Prucha. Jane Mam 237 Pruden. Cynlhia M 237 Pryby, Robert L 237 pryur, Ann M 237 Psnchard, Joan K 237 Pugh. Dawd R 237, 344 Pugh, Knm R. 237 Pugh, Mike J 237 Pughsl, Paul S. 325 Pullen, Brenda G, 237 Pu1I-1n, James R. 187 Pulley, Karen M 237 Pulliam. Donald B. 237 Pulllam. Jeff C. 292 Pullnam, Mark A. 237, 344 Puvkey, Jeanette L 276.237 Purncll, Sheila A 237, 145 Puteloy, Navano D. 237 Pulman. Joan E 2801 Qualls. Julie A. 237 Qualls, Lisa Renee 256, 266.303.302.237, 274-5 Quesenberry, Chuck 339 Quibell. David T. 237 Quibell, Getrude 189 Quick, Alison 320.321 Quick. Knhleen Alison 237 Quigg, Catherine J. 333.317 Quigg. Peggy K. 237, 272,278 Quimby, Milford 178, 270 Quinn, David Andrew 237 Quistcrfl. Edwin J. 183 Rabbi". Michael T. 186 Rabenau, Elizabeth 292 Rackers. Gaye L. 237 Rackets. Jody Ann 295 Rackers, Rhonda S. 237,309 Radosevic, James D. 237 Rafferty, Kathleen 237 Rafferty. Kimberly 237 Regan, Julia E, 237. 321 Ragan, Margarel E Frank 179 Ragan. Michia Lou 237 Regen, Lauren Marie 237 Ragsdcl, Tumolhv A. 237 Rahm, Elinor 185 Rahman. Kaiser 237. 270,290-1 Rahman. Mahmood 2701,2801 Rahrovu, Donna Lynn 2645.285 leey. Brian Eugen 268 9.237 Rallsback, Renee M 286 Ramcy, Ricardo 323 Ralthcl, Sue 139.143 Raxsbcck. Jeannine 237 Raley. Sara Jo 237.295 Ramcy. Lmnvc S 237 371 1"! -, -v-v Ramey, Suzanne Elis 237,278-9 Rampal, Kuldip 182, 286 Ramsey. Allen 181 Ramsey, Brenda S, 237 Ramsey, Donald L. 237 Ramsey, Melissa J. 237 Ramsey, Raven D. 237 Ramsey, Ruth E. 237 Ramsey. Scan Allan 237 1 Randall, Janet A. 180 Randolph. Lesa E, 336 Rankin, Lisa K. 237 Rankin, Therese M. 147,283 Rankin, William A, 307 Ranman, Kaiser 272 Ranson, M. Kathleen 188,274 Rapp, Loretta Lynn 237 Rash, Brenda K. 237 Rash, James W. 237 Rasmussen, Diana R. 237 Rathert, Maria D. 237, 277-8 Ratlill, Diana M. 237 R'aveill, Carol L. 268, 237 Raveill, Chris A. 268. 237 Ravenscraft, Sherri 237 Ray, Billy Joe 237 Ray, Christopher S. 143,112 Ray, Mark R. 48,276, 237 Ray, Norma J. 237 Ray, Tim C. 237 Rayfield, Anglea J. 237 Raymer, Linda Kay 236,237,284 Raynes, Rehee A. 237 Rea, Sharon M. 237 Read, Teresa Dawn 237 Reading, Jay F. 237 Readshaw, Kevin A. 333,124,148 Reams, Curtis L. 187 Reaster, Linda Kay 237 Reasy, Ray G. 237 Reckroot, Bryan D. 237 Rector, Ronald S. 237, 148 Redel, Dale Gerard 59 Redel, Daryl 349 Redmon, Daniel K. 325.64 Redmon, Kenneth W. 237 Redo, Karla D. 126, 129,147 Redwood, Toi D. 237 Reece, Gina Lynne 237,317,292 Reece, Julie Ann 276 Reed, Allison K. 237 Reed, James W. 237 Reed, Randy S. 238, 140 Reed, Vernadine 238 Reed, Sandra 179 Reeter, Jeffrey D. 328 Reeves, Debbie 108 Register, Patricia 238 Rehm, Victoria Lynn 238,286,336 Reichert, John A, 60, 256,238,282 Reid, George R. 185 Reld, Pamela K, 60, 238 Reid, Ulysses D. 238 Reid, Winston P. 60 Rein, Carolyn S. 238 Rein, Petree A, 238, 309 Reinhold, Gaius W. 238 Reinhart, Debra J. 238 372 Reinhart, Glenn A. 238 Reinhan, Kimberly 238, 64 Reinisch, Linda M, 238, 283 Reinkemeyer, Mark S, 256,262 Reker, Jo 151 Remmers, Scott B. 238, 347 Remmers, Scott 352 Rennick, Michael W, 238 Renz, Lorraine G. 266 Repper, Diane Lynn 238 Resch, Debbie L, 268, 270-1 Resch, Rita 183 Resendahl, Cheryl A. 276,238 Reuter, Renate D. 238 Reves, Debra Sue 238, 144262-3283 Rayburn, Donna Jean 238 Reynolds, Cheryl L. 238 Reynolds, Dana 32 Reynolds, David L. 238,258,278 Reynolds, Deborah J. 238 Reynolds, Dennis D. 320 Reynolds, Douglas K, 238,284 Reynolds, Harold M. 180 Reynolds, Jeanne L. 238 Reynolds, Mike 42,91 Reynolds, Monda L. 144,283 Rhoad, Clifford D. 238, 148 Rhoad, Kimberly A. 238 Rhoads, David C. 238 Rhoads, Thresea J, 238 Rhode, Kathy J. 238, 326 Rhodes, Barbara 184 Rhodes, Mark E. 238 Rhone, Patricia E. 238 Ricci, Tara E. 336 Rice, Charles D. 182 Rice, Elizabeth Ann 256,268,270 Rice, Renee M. 238, 108,144 Rice, Sandra K. 256-57 Rice, Shirley 1. 238 Rich, Greg L. 320,321, 148 Rich, Michael 339 Rich, Roger W. 238 Richard, Arens B. 238 Richards, Regina L. 142,151,283268-9 Richards, Ron R. 307 Richardson, Carl 238 Richardson, Debora 238,272,304 Richardson, Monte W, 238 Richardson, Paige 48 Richardson, Pamela 238 Richardson, Robbin 238,348 Richarsen, Steve 349 Richmond, Lavore L. 60,238,262 Richter, Dennis E, 238, 292 Richter, Jerome J. 178, 280 Rickard, Ty T, 238,148 Rickey, Bruce 328 Riddle, Susan A. 238, 280 Ridge. Tamara Jean 342 Ridgeway, Ronald E, 238 Ridley, Jack E. 238 Riebold, Floyd E. 187 Riecke, Kevin M, 333, 238,352 Rieckhoff, Dwayne A. 238 Rieckhoff, Gordon S. 238 Riebkhof, Laurie 32, 264-5 Rieckhoff, Lea A. 238 Rieckhoff, Mark 238 Riekena, Timothy J. 276,238,270-1288 Riekhof, Laurie Jo 60, 238,282 Rietbrock, Fred A. 188 Rievley, Jeffrey 238 Rigg, M. Leslie 238,283 Riggs, Bette Ann 302 Rigsby, Paula Kay 238 Riley, Brian Lee 238 Riley, Charles C. 238 Riley, Richard D. 238 Rincker, Anita E. 276, 238 Ring, Edward E. 333 Rinne, Vandey 333, 238,148 Riordan, Paula A. 238 Ritchey, David W. 307 Ritter, David B. 292 Ritter, Judith L. 238 Rittman, Randy Lynn 238 L Rivers, Julie Diane 238, 317,340 Rizzi, Anthony M. 178 Roach, Douglas J. 328, 349,141 Roaldi, Susan 294 Roark, Tara L. 276, 238 Robb, Kenny 186 Robb, Nancy Ellen 276, 238,288 Robben, George J. 344 Robben, Nancy A. 238, 294 Roberts, Charles D. 238 Roberts, David 276, 344,148,130 Roberts, Donald L. 151, 134 Roberts, Douglas A. 238 Roberts, Jean M. 238 Roberts, John 66-7 Robens, Michael W. 238 Roberts, Neil Alec 349, 238 Roberts, Pamela Sue 238 Robertson, Anna C. 312,348 Robertson, Dani L, 51, 59,312 Robertson, Donna F. 238,340 Robertson, Phyllis 183 Robertson, Maria Y. 238,331 Robinson, Brian Lee 238 Robinson, David G. 60, 2562602623239, 282-3 Robinson, Garry L. 239,122 Robinson, Ivan 148 Robinson, Julie K. 260, 239 Robinson, Kathy 262, 179 Robinson, Kevin D, 239,352,310 Robinson, Norma 142, 151,283 Robinson, Sally 179 Robinson, Tara R, 239 Robinson, Taryn Mau 239,350 Robison, James M. 274- 75,280-1 Robison, Terry 5. 276, 239 Roccia, Timothy Neil 239 Rodeberg, Mitchell 239 Rodenberg, Terry C. 184,151 Rodgers, Keli J. 276 Rodgers, Kerwin J. 239 Rodgers, Steven S. 239 Rodick, Gloria Lou 258, 239,302,280-81,303 Roe, Dawn Terease 239,284,294 Roewe, Stephen J, 341 Rogers, Cynthia L. 239 Rogers, Diane Marie 317 Rogers, Ellyssia R. 239, 272-73 Rogers, Julie A. 256, 260,239,309264-5 Rogers, Larry Dean 30, 60 Rogers, Lorie A. 239 Rogers, Paula A. 239 Rogers, Ronald E. 280- 1 Rogers, Rosetta G. 239 Rogers, Stuart P. 239, 151 Rogge, Bobby D. 307 Rohlfing, Anna 1. 268, 239,280-1 Rohman, Shari L, 239, 262 Roldan, Rafael G. 239 Roleke, Barbara A. 239 Roling, Linda M. 239, 309 Roling, Sue Ann 286, 239,309 Rolland, Rory 260 Rollins, Desiree D. 239 Romine, Lorri A. 239, 292 Rooffener, Sharon K. 239 Rook, Patty Ann 239 Rookstool, Brain T. 239 Rodney, Kevin P. 239, 150 Rork, Daniel S. 239, 344 . Rosburg, Marian J. 239 Rose, McDowell, 239, 143 Rose, Sandra Lee 60, 239,264-5282-3 Roseburrough, John 256,260,276239, 270-1280-1 Roseman, Becky L. 239 Rosenbeck, Joseph M. 328,151,274-5 Rosewell, Mark 349 Rosipal, Gail Marie 239 Ross, Cynthia L. 239 Ross, Gale 239 Ross, Kevin Dale 239 Rossiter, H. Raymond 349 R051, John Joseph 239 Rest, Mary L. 260,288 Rotert, Debbie A. 239, 317 Rotert, Greg P. 239 Rotert, Rita K. 258-9, 239 Rotert, Teresa M. 239 Roth, Alan D. 239 Roth, Deborah Ann 239 Rothe, Anita Louise 239 Rouse, Starla Kay 239, 346 Roush, Yoshi L. 239 , Sabato, Simone 240 Row, Dawn 264-5 Row, Stephen 256-57 Rowe, Douglas L. 239, 347 Rowe, Julie A. 239 Rowe, Karen Gail 286 Rowe, Richard S. 239 Rowe, Terry M. 239 Rowers, Tamara 239 Rowland, Lynda A. 239 Rowland, Rebecca A. 54,239 Rowland, Rory R. 239, 262-3 Rowles, Rick L. 239 Royal, Rene Arlene 239 Royals 114-115 Royce, Vicky L. 336 Royeton. Catherine 239 Rucker, Lisa Ann 239, 309 Rudd, David V. 239,32 Ruebling, John R. 239 Rufkahr, Daniel W. 341 Rugen, Ronald J. 239, 64,277-8 Rund, Matthew J. 339 Rupert, Jill R. 239 Rupert, Ralph E. 239 Ruprecht, Butch 349, 352 Ruprechl, David J. 348 Ruprecht, Mary J. 239 Rush, Cheryl Jean 239 Russ, Wesley D. 286, 272 Russell, Barbara A. 239 Russell, Debra Sue 239 Russell, Karla 239 Russell, Lori L. 239 Russell, Ronald N, 260, 276,239,274-5 Russell, William F, 239 Russo, Angela T. 260, 266,239,288 Russo, Robert J. 239 Ruth, James 318 Run, Charlie 352,190 Ruzicka, Kenneth J. 239,280-1 Ryan, Chris 295 Ryan, Christy 333 Ryan, Danny J. 240 Ryan, Michael S. 240 Ryan, Tracy J. 240 Ryczek, Joseph P. 240 Rygaard, Lois V. 240 Ryon, Kristy A. 240 Ryon, Lester Hugh 240 Saale, Daniel J. 328 Sachs, Bonnie J. 256, 258,312,313278-9 Sackman, Kristal M. 240 Sadeghi, Zohreh 284 Sadler, Phillip A. 188 Sage, Bethany E. 240 Sain, Randal C. 240 Sales, Kimberly A. 240, 309 Salfen, Noreen E. 240 Salfrank, Donna M. 240 Sallee, Glenna 272 Salmon, Ramona L. 240 Salvato, Joseph A. 339 Salyer, Sarah E. 240, 289 Salyer, William N. 268- 9240 Sample, George D. 180 Sample, Jeanie I, 240 Sample, Margie I. 240 Sample, Ward A. 181 Sampson, Alan John 240 Sampson, Harold 189, 262 Samuels, Craig K. 240 Sander, Melinda Jan 240,284,321 Sander, Murray A. 240 Sanders, Anne H. 336 Sanders, Brenda J. 240 Sanders, Carole L. 240 Sanders, Elizabeth 336 Sanders, Gale 333 Sanders, Greggory A. 240 Sanders, James V. 344 Sanders, Karen M. 260, 143,288 Sanders, Kathryn H. 240,336 Sanders, Mona Lynn 240,262,283 Sanders, N. Gail 240 Sanders, Stephen T. 328 Sandifer, Paul E. 240 Sandquist, Jeffrey 57, 60,32,262-3282-3 Sandquist, Johanna 240 Sandy, Shelly 240 Sapp, Kenneth J. 240 Sappington, Hal 178, 280 Sappington, James P. 294 Sappington, Kerri A. 240,262 Sappington, Scott E. 240 Sappington, Susan 286, 294 Saran, Chitaranjan 188, 274.290 Sarratt, Sheryl R. 268, 240 Sartor, Mark 240 Sarver, Paul E. 341 Savage, Tim D. 240 Saunders, Mike 325 Saunders, Steila 286 Sauvain, Savy 240 Savage, Bret A. 240 Savage, Kathy A. 240 Savage, Willie D. 240 Savery, Harry P, 180 Savio, Donna Louise 240 Sawyer, Corliss L. 240 Scaff, Theresa R, 240 Scaggs, Rick 33 Scalet, Tim J. 266,276 Scallorn, Kenneth R. 347 Scallom, Volaurie 240 Schaberg, Lisa L. 240 Schache, Roy M. 240, 280-1 Schaefer, Karen L. 240 Schaeffer, Chris 64 Schaeper, Susan F. 240 Schaeperkoener, M. 240 Schafer, Carol Ann 240 Schanzmeyer, Janet 240 Schanzmeyer, Kathleen 240,288 Schath, Debra June 30 Schauffler, Phyllis 240, 260,282 Schaumburg, Robin M. 240 Schoimn, Sharon K. 240 Schell, Rosalie 191 Schelp, Myron Dean 318,319,240 Schemenauer, David 328 Schenewark, Jean P. 240 Schepers, Cynthia S. 276 Scheppers, Frances 240 Scherder, Ellen A. 240 Scherer, Julia E. 268, 240,270-1 Scherer, Rhonda L, 240 Scheuring, Frank V. 240 Scheurlng, Mary T, 240,143 Scheve, Robert C. 240, 277-8 Schier, Terry L. 240 Schieszer, Fred 272, 180 SchiIlermann, Janet 333,240,315 Schleer, Jean Marie 240 Schleer, Mark J. 240, 340,341 Schleer, Mary S. 240 Schlender, Jenniler 240 Schler, Donna Sue 240 Schlotzhauer, Lori 240 Schluemer, Marilyn 342,240 Schluter, Maria 8. 240 Schmedding, Johna L. 240 Schmelzle, Alan F. 241 Schmidt, Douglas K, 295 Schmidt, Henry M. 241 Schmidt, John A. 241 Schmidt, Marilynn 184, 282 Schmidt, Patty A. 241, 309 Schmitten, Terri L. 294 Schnaible, Jim 325,352 Schnakenberg, Curt 241 Schnakenberg, Gail 241 Schanzmeyer, Paul 349 Schnarr, Marsha L. 241 Schneider, Anthony 60, 241 Schneider, Sally L. 241 Schneider, Steve A. 320,32,321,270,352 Schneider, Steven R. 241 Schnell, Beth Ann 317 Schnell, Liz L. 241 Schnieders, Leslie 241 Schninker, Mary B. 241,312 Schnucker, Paul M, 241 Schoeck, Cindy 241, 315,333 Schoen, Steve 68,191, 328 Schollmeyer, Allen 241 Schomacker, Twila 179 SchondeImaier, Mark 60,282-3 Schornick, John 141, 179 Schot, Terry 136 Schott, Regina Rene 241,256,286 Schowengerdl, Denis 241 Schowengerdt, R. D. 320,241,352 Schrader, James R. 325 Schrag, Gerald 182 Schxeck, John L. 241. 256 Schreier, Donna S. 241- 284 Schreiner, Karen S. 34. 256,241,321272-3. 358 Schrimpf, David J. 241 Schroeder, Lori A. 241 Schroeder, Ralph L 241 Schroeter, Cynthia 241 Schryver, Robert L 318,319 Schuber, Susan J- 42. 276,241 Schubert, Chester R 241 Schuessler, Peter K. 292 Schuh, Paula J. 241 Schulik, Jean Ellen 326, 284 Schulte, David R. 241 347 Schulte, Lisa M. 241, 346 Schulte, Tammy J. 241 Schultz, Jean Marie 241 Schulz, Linda L. 276, 117,145 Schulze, Thomas A. 57 241 Schumacher, Kathy 241 Schuster, Gerald A. 276,307 Schutte, Delores J. 260,276,241274-5 Schwantz, Valarie E. 241 Schwartz, Michael E. 241 Schwartz, Robert G. 181 Schwinn, Sharon K. 60, 282-3 Schwinn, Sherry 57,60, 282-3 Schicchitano, Lea 241, 349 Scism, Allen J. 181 Scofield, Larry W. 241 Scoff, Sheresa 64 Scoreboards 141-151 Scott, Barbara Ann 241 Scott, Christopher 241 Scott, David C. 241 Scott, David W. 268 Scott, Kevin G. 64 Scott, Lizanne Kay 241, 258,284 Scott, Martha Sue 241, 294 Scott, Mary R. 181 . Scott, Norman K. 241, 280 Scott, Priscilla E. 331 Scott, Raymond A. 241 Scott, Sally Ann 256, 258,260,306241, 302,303,264284-5 Scott, Stacey M. 326 Scott, William E. 241 Scourten, Darrel E. 241 Scroggs, Jeanne A. 241 Seaboldt, Pamela J. 241 Seaver, Neill M. 241 Seba, Cheri Ann 241 See, Edward E. 185, 262 See, Sallie D. 241 Seeger, Kevin R. 241 Seeley, John 268 Seeley, Patrick 325 Seeley, Robert P. 180 Seelinger, Glenda L. 241,260,288 Seelinger, Shelby R. 241,264-5 Seevers, Craig A. 260, 241 Segelhorst, Thomas 241 Sgguin, Sherry M. 241 Seibert, Carl T. 333, 329 Seibert, Donna M. 241 Seiben, Patricia A. 241 Seipp, Neil 60,183,262 Seifried, Mark A. 333 Seitter, Colleen A. 241, 258,260 Seitter, Karen Kay 111, 142,151,241 Selky, Marty 132,151 Selby, Yvonne L. 241 Self, Janice L. 241 Sell, Gary D. 344 Sells, Mark Alan 286, 241,148 Scherer, Rhonda L. 240 Scheuring, Frank V. 240 Scheuring, Mary T. 240,143 Scheve, Robert C, 240, 277-8 Schier, Terry L, 240 Schieszer, Fred 272, 180 Schillermann, Jana 333,240,315 Schleer, Jean Marie 240 Schleer, Mark J. 240, 340,341 Schleer, Maxy S, 240 Sch1ender. Jennifer 240 Schler, Donna Sue 240 Schlotzhauer, Lori 240 Schluemer, Marilyn 342,240 Schluter, Maria S. 240 Schmedding, Johna L. 240 Schmelzle, Alan F. 241 Schmidt, Douglas K. 295 Schmidt, Henry M. 241 Schmidt, John A. 241 Schmidt, Marilynn 184, 282 Schmidt, Patty A. 241, 309 Schminen, Terri L. 294 Schnaible, Jim 325,352 Schnakenberg, Curt 241 Schnakenberg, Gail 241 Schanzmeyer, Paul 349 Schnan', Marsha L. 241 Schneider, Anthony 60, 241 Schneider, Sally L. 241 Schneider, Steve A. 320,32,321.270,352 Schneider, Steven R. 241 Schnell, Beth Ann 317 Schnell, Liz L. 241 Schnieders, Leslie 241 Schnittker, Mary B. 241,312 Schnucker, Paul M. 241 Schoeck, Cindy 241, 315,333 Schoen, Steve 68,191, 328 Schollmeyer, Allen 241 Schomacker, Twila 179 Schondelmaier. Mark 60,282-3 Schomick, John 141, 179 Schot, Terry 136 Schott, Regina Rene 241,256,286 Schowengerdt, Denis 241 Schowengerdt, R, D. 320,241,352 Schrader, James R. 325 1d 182 chra , Gera :ehregk, John L. 241- 256 284 256,241,321,272-3. 358 Schrimpf. DaVid Schroeder, Lori A- Schroeder, Ralph L. 241 Schryver, Robert L. 318,319 140 Schuber, Susan J. 42 L0 276,241 Schubert, Chester R. 241 Schreier. Donna S. 241. Schreiner, Karen S. 34, J. 241 241 Schroeter. Cymhia 241 Schuessler, Peter K. 292 Schuh, Paula J. 241 Schulik, Jean Ellen 326. 284 Schulte, David R. 241, 347 Schulte, Lisa M. 241, 346 Schulte, Tammy J. 241 Schultz, Jean Marie 241 Schulz, Linda L. 276, 117,145 Schulze, Thomas A. 57, 241 Schumacher, Kathy 241 Schuster, Gerald A. 276,307 Schutte, Delores J. 260,276,241274-5 Schwantz, Valarie E. 241 Schwartz, Michael E. 241 Schwartz, Robert G. 181 Schwinn, Sharon K. 60, 282-3 Schwinn, Sherry 57.60, 282-3 Schicchitano, Lea 241, 349 Scism, Allen J. 181 Scolield, Larry W. 241 Scoff. Sheresa 64 Scoreboards 141-151 Scott, Barbara Ann 241 Scott, Christopher 241 Scott, David C. 241 Scott. David W. 268 Scott, Kevin G. 64 , Scott, Lizanne Kay 241, 258,284 Scott, Martha Sue 241, 294 . Scott, Mary R: 181 . Scott, Norman K. 241, 280 Scott, Priscilla E. 331 Scott, Raymond A. 241 Scott, Sally Ann 256, 258,260,306,241, 302,303,264,284-5 Scott, Stacey M. 326 Scott, William E. 241 - Scourten, Darrel E. 241 Scroggs. Jeanne A. 241 Seaboldt, Pamela J. 241 Seaver, Neill M. 241 Seba, Cheri Ann 241 See, Edward E. 185, 262 See, Sallie D. 241 Seeger, Kevin R. 241 Seeley, John 268 Seeley, Patrick 325 Seeley, Robert P. 180 Seelinger. Glenda L. 241,260,288 Seelinger, Shelby R. 241,264-5 Seevers, Craig A. 260, 241 Segelhorst, Thomas 241 Seguin, Sherry M. 241 Seiiben, Carl T. 333, 329 Seibert, Donna M. 241 Seibert, Patricia A. 241 Seipp, Neil 60,183,262 Seilried, Mark A, 333 Seitter, Colleen A. 241, 258,260 Seitter, Karen Kay 111, 142,151,241 Selky, Marty 132,151 Selby, Yvonne L. 241 Self, Janice L. 241 Sell, Gary D, 344 Sells, Mark Alan 286, 241,148 Semomsck, Robert M. 188,262,274 Semonisck, Susanne 309 Serfass, Jeanette L. 241 Settle, Cathy A. 241, 295 Settles, Richard W. 60 Sevy, Tami B, 241 Sewell, David B. 241 Seymour, Melodie A. 268,241 Shackelford. Jeff G. 241 Shackleford, Jeff 64 Shackleford, Susan 326 327 Shafer, Lorri G. 333, 241 Shalkleford, Todd L. 241 Shanks. Phyllis K. 241, 272 Shantz, Cathy 241,321 Shapp, Sandra B. 241 Sharil, Idris S. 286,270- 1 Sharitz, Pamela L. 241 Sharp, Christopher 148 Sharp, Connie D. 242, 321 Sharp. Dan Dwight 307 Sharp, Debra Ann 256, 242,312,313 Sharp, Douglas 307 Sharp, Janice D. 242, 260,292 Sharp, Michael C. 242 Sharp, Mitchell G. 325, 242,324,352 Sharp, Richard E. 325 Sharp, Susan Elaine 242 Sharp, Tony 349 Sharpe, Brad 272,185 Shaughnessy, Mary F. 276,242 Shaw, Herbert l. 190 Shaw, Juanitia G. 242 Shaw, Linda M. 242 Shaw, William A. 242 Shawyer, Eric J. 242 Shay, Paul R. 242 Shea. John M. 242 Shearburn, Tony D. 124,148 Shedd, Corry J. 242 Shedd, Perry E. 260, 242 Sheeder, Gordon 242 Sheets, John 184 Sheets. Sharon A. 242 Shaffer, Debra L. 268, 242 Shenkel, Randee J. 187 Shelby. James Albin 242 Shelden, Russell L. 242 Shelton, Angela 242 Shelton, Barbara A. 57 Shelton, John K. 284, 242,278 Shelton, Joseph A. 242 Shelton, Melanie 242 Shemwell, James P. 242 Shepard, Mark A. 65, 242 Shephard, Susan E, 69, 242,288 Shepherd, Shelia L. 242 Sherman, Martha E. 179 Sherwood, Karen R. 242 Shew, Larry S. 242, 280-1 Shewmaker, Burt 242 Shewmaker, Jill 242, 283 Shiau. Tai-Fu 256-7, 242,289 Shields, Mike 290,242 Shields, Richard M. 242 Shikles, Roxann 302 Shimmens, Stephen J. 349 Shinder, Tammy L, 242 Shipley, Donna L. 242 Shipley, Lise R. 242, 265 Shipley, Rebecca K. 309,329,69,309 Shipman, Jamie E. 242 Shipman, Keith Alan 340,341 Shipp, Janet L. 312 Shippy, Sharon E. 242 Shirley. Laura 260,242 Shirley, Mark W. 349 Shirley, Melford T. 242 Shirley, Shawna L. 342, 242 Shissler, Theresa D. 242,283 Shively, Mark E. 242 Shockley, Nancy C. 274-75 Shoemaker, Beth A. 242,270-1 Shoip, Christopher 349 Short, Lynn 302 Short. Michael L. 256, 286,260,328,262-3, 91 Short, Norm 190 Shou, Chia-Lun 242 Shouse, Leslie J. 309, 256-57,69 Shreeve. Fred F, 242 Shrewsbury, Sara R. 242,326 Shriver, Garry 256,268. 270-1 Shriver, William G. 242 Shrout, Bradley W. 328 Shrout. Gregory D. 242,292,283 Shroyer, Tina D. 342 Shrull, Sharla S. 242 Shu, Carolyn Ling 289 Shuck, Cindy Marie 51, 59,342,242 Shull, Greg 349 Shull, Thomas Steve 59,328,242 Shultheiss, Mona G. 326 Shumard, Becki L. 242 Shun, Mark Wayne 242 Siebold, Kathy 301 Siebold, Kim M. 336 Sieckman, Donya L. 326 Siegrist, Laura L. 260, 242,283 Siercks, Steven K. 242 Silers, Carl D. 328,242 Sifers, Darrel E. 328, 352 Sights. Karen Ann 242 SigmundKJoan M. 32, 242 Sikkema. Julia A. 242 Siluius. Douglas D. 242 Silvers, Donna M. 242 Silverthorn, Mark D. 242 Silvius, Robert D. 242 Simmons. Curtis L. 242 Simmons, Donald D. 320 Simmons. James Earl 276,242 Simmons, Jeannette 242 Simmons, Kandace D. 242,302 Simmons, Kenneth E. 242,124,148 Simmons, Mark 339, 242 Simmons. Morgan W. 242 Simmons, Nancy K. 189,272 Simmons, Russell L. 242.341 Simmons, Terry D. 187 Simms, Donna M. 242, 256-7 Simpson, Samuel M. 242 Simpson. Sandovar 326 Sims, Carol A. 242 Sims. Kenneth R. 307 Sinatra, Christine 187 Sinatra, Paul L, 188 Singer. Sandra L. 260, 326 Sipe, Kimberly H, 242 Sipes, Shere L. 45.54, 342,326,327,329 Sippel, Cynthia E. 242, 309 Sippie, David T. 150, 133 Siron, Beverly J. 276 Siren, Stanley Dean 185 Sisk. Jana Vey 342, 329,272-73 Sivak, Andrew J. 242 Sivak, Sunny 274-5 Siwiec, Gale F, 242 Sixta, Lisa A. 278-9 Sixta. Michelle T. 68, 243,262,278-9 Sixta, Suzanne M. 68, 243 Skaggs, Richard E. 307, 2432901 Skahan, Stephen A. 243 Skalitzky, Ben Todd 243 Skelton, Mark L. 349 Skidmore, Robert A. 333,329 Skinner. Jane E, 243 Skinner. Jody Jean 243 Skornia, Mark D. 243 . Skornia, Paul A. 243 Slater, Aaron 243 Slater, Karen E. 243, 272-3 Slater, Kelly Sue 243 Slattery, Christy P. 243 Slattery, Jeffrey D. 339,243,294 Slattery, Sheila A. 243 Slawson, David L. 243 Slaybaugh, Janet A. 243 Sleigle, Shelby E. 243 Sleyster, Kevin 307 Sloan. Anita Louise 243 Slusher, Dennis G, 243, 140 Small. Susan D. 243 Smallwood, Lawanda 243,282-3 Smart. Mark G. 243 Smart, Violet A. 179 Smasal, Debbie L. 260, 243,280-1 Smead. John 258,182 Smetana, Steve 243, 278 Smetzer, Laurie 243.145 Smiley. Laurie L. 243 Smith. Anson James 243 Smith. Binky 315 Smith. Brenda Kay 276,243 Smith, Brenda 260, 243 Smith, Brian D. 243 Smith, Brian L, 347 Smith, Carl Bernell 243 Smith. Carol Diane 243 Smith. Catherine M. 243 Smith. Cheryl B. 243 Smith, Cindy A. 243. 321 Smith. Coralee S. 243 Smith. Craig T. 243 Smith, Cynthia A. 317 Smith, Darwin D. 243 Smith, David M, 268. 243.181.2745 Smith. Deborah G. 243 Smith. Dixie L. 243 Smith, Donald R. 243 Smith. Eric Eugene 60, 328,262.232 Smith, Eric W. 60,243. 282-3 Smith. Glenda J. 317, 243 Smith, Gregory E. 292, 331 Smith, James D. 341, 243 Smith, James H. 180 Smith. James V. 243 Smith, Jennifer C. 243. 336 Smith. Jill M. 283,243 Smith, Jill S. 243 Smith, Johnny Max 243 Smith, Kenneth A, 328, 292 Smith, Keith R. 243 Smith. Kenneth W. 243 Smith, Kevin D. 148 Smith, Kimberly Sue 243,272-3 Smith, Laurie Anne 243 Smith, Leah 283 Smith, Leonard D. V. 331 Smith. Linda F. 333 Smith, Lisa Kay 243 Smith, Lorraine 243 Smith, Marcia Lynn 319,243,317 Smith, Mark R. 243 Smith, Marlene A. 243 Smith. Pamela S. 243 Smith, Patricia A. 243 Smith, Phillip A, 243 Smith. Randall G. 320, 243,295 Smith, Richard A. 320, 243 Smith, Richard B. 243 Smith. Robin A. 243 Smith, Ronald C. 243 Smith. Russell 5. 320, 352 Smith, Scott S. 307 Smith, Sharon K. 243 Smith. Stephanie A. 336 Smith, Stephen 349 Smith, Susan J. 243 Smith. Terrance L, 243 Smith, Tina L. 315. 243,285 Smith, Todd Patrick 256.339.284.294. 243,264 Smith. Toi C, 243 Smith, Ward A, 243, 148 Smithee, Mary N. 243 Smitka, Carole L. 315 Smitka. John J. 243 Smothers. Mark E. 268. 243 Snavely. Michael E. 243 Sneeder, Dianna A. 34. 243272-3329 Snelling, Janie A, 244 Snider, Jack 325 Snider. Jennifer C. 336. 340 Snoble, Joseph 266.183 Snoble, Kristin L. 42. 276,244 Snoddy. Robert D. 244 Snodgrass, Jean 244 Snyder. Carla K 286. 244 Snyder, Charles C 339 Snyder. Corinne C 244 Snyder, Gallen L 51. 59,328 Snyder. Shela D. 288. 188 Snyder. Stephen G. 258 Scale, Dan 329 Sobek. Mary E. 342 Sodargren. Michael 244 Soendker. Debbie A 244 Soendker, Monica C. 244 Soesing, Kennelh D, 244 Softball 132 Sohn, Karen F. 317, 352 Sollmann, Karl L, 278-9 Solomon. Steven M, 244.2801 Solsberg. Kns D, 244 Soltis. Cheryl A. 315 Somervell. Barry T. 333 . Sommerkamp. Thomas 187 Sommers, Steven E. 244 Sorrenlino, Carl J. 320, 244 Sosebee. Louie 326,189 Souders, Carolynn 244 Southard, Barbara A. 244 Southard, Dale K. 244 Southard, Lola M, 256- 7,2645282-3 Southard, Priscilla 244 Southwick. Jeff 339, 150 Southwick, Susan L. 244 Spainhour, Stacey L. 328 Sparks. Angela A. 342 Sparks, Jay Dee 307 Sparks, Kari L. 317 Sparks, Tamara D. Spears. Kahla D. 266. 244 Speck. Dennis A. 258, 244,65 Specker, Laura 5. 244, 336 Speckhals. Kevin D. 244 Speer. Janice M. 244 Spencer, Cheryl L, 244 Spencer, David K, 307 Spencer, Loretta B, 244 Spencer, William J. 339.244 Spies, JeHrey H. 339 Spillars, John L. 320. 244 Spillman. Barry 65.244 Spills, Elizabeth M. 244. 282 Spindle, Cora Lea 244 Spiro. Anna L. 180 Spmler. Diane M. 266. 244 Sports. Casual 94-95 Sports 98-157 Sports Information 140 Spotts. Gail F. 326.244. 256 Sprengel. Sharon K 244.280-1 Sprigg, Jenniler L 256- 7,244.282-3 Sprigg. Karen L, 244 Spruell. Tammy Lou 244 SI Clad. Tran, 320 S: thn Chairs B 244 SI quJ, Dani 144 244 Slackhaum Sink; 244 Stacy, Dawj W 244 SlaHmd, J11! A 244 SraHovd. Mary J 244 Slalder, Band B 244 Slamm, Ken M 244 Slump, Angeh M 244 Slandlea, Greg 5 244 Slandlcy. Judah A 244 Slanley. Lxu A 60, 264-52823 Slansbeny, Robm M 244,141 Stanton, Carla M 244. 284.277-8 Stanton. Don L. 320 Stanton. Gwendolyn 244.302.5503 Stark. Cheryl Anne 244 Sunk. Danny D. 65 Stark. Danny J. 244 Sunk. Nancy Colleen 31.302244 Starke, Cynthia A 244 Slavke. Nancy E. 244 Starling. Regina L. 244 Stan. Michele L, 244 Staten. Barron S. 244 Sloude, Nancy K 256, 266,244,272-73 Stayton. Keith D. 244 Slums. Gala R. 244, 270-1 Slearns, Renala L, 268, 244 Sledem, Elizabeth A. 244 Steele. Rene 244 Steeley. Robert T. 244 Stella. Susan J. 244 Stegeman. Kimberly 326 Stegeman. Leann M. 342.244 Stegemann. Randy L. 349 Stein, Deborah R. 244 Steinbrecher. Mark 244 Steiner. Lon' C. 292. 244 Steode, Sun's L, 244 Stephens, Diana L 244 Stephens. Mall L 244 Stephens. Ronald 186 Stephens, Tevew M. 244 Stephens. Tvacy 244 Slephemon. Marc E 139 Stephenson, Michael 262268.244 Sterling, Diane l17. 177.189 Slevens. Candace S 292,244 Stevens. Donna A 244 Slevens. Kathleen M 245312 Stevens, Klm 245.283 Stevens. Pamcm L 245.312 SIcv-nson, Karen S 245 Stewart. Amos L 253 Slewan. Anne D 264- 5.2823 Slewan, Barbara J 245 Stewart, Brenda C 295 Slewarl. Byron S 182 Slewarl. John S 245 Stewarl. Myra M 245 Slewan. Robcn D 00. 2823 Stewart. Robert L 183 Slayer, Vlrgzma 245. 317 373 v .1- ., 2. "2.... Stiff, Chris D. 245 S1igdon. Matthew C, 65 Sumach. Teresa E. 342.329.2723 Stingley, Rich 328 S1innett, Teresa J. 245 Stock, Jay 320 Stockham, Judi A. 245 ' Stockhorst, Randy J, 256 Stockhorst, Tammy S. 245 Stockton, Sandra G. 245 Stockwell, Gailen L. 328 Stoddard. Mark A. 245 Stogsdill, Carol J. 245 Stogsdill, Marianne 245 Stokes, Jenny 336 Stokes, Jerry D. 339 Stoll. Scarlet A. 245 Stome, Lorie A. 294, 245 Stomp, Angela M. 286, 270-1,284 Stone, Elizabeth A. 245 Stone, Gale A. 245 Stone, Harry M, 245 Stone. Kenneth E, 185 Stone. Tilmer C. 320. 245 Stoner, Denise J. 60, 245,264-5,282-3 Stoner, Teresa S. 245, 288 Stonner, Mike M. 245 5100!, Sandra E. 245 Stork, Donald G. 347 Story. Dorothy M. 245. 272 Story, Linda M. 245, 315 Stout, Timothy V. 328 Stover, Brian E. 245 Stowe, Terry Maison 245,285 Stoyanov, Jeffrey S. 245 Slrack, Susan Lynn 30. 245 Strahan, Susan J. 292, 245 Straub, Brad L. 320 Strauch. Kim R. 245 Streibig. Dave 124 Streiff, Gregory F. 245, 274 Streng, Pamela M. 245 StrickIand, Adrienne 245 Strickland. Carrie 245 Stringer, Dawn E. 245 Strobel, Joyce A. 245 Strobel. Terri 342.343 Stroke, Annette 245,309.69,272-3 Strope. Keith James 349 Stroud, Elisabeth A. 245 Strouth, Ed 133,306 Strozier, Charles R. 119,121,146 Strubert. Patrick J. 294.245 Struckmann. Sue K, 245 Slruemph, Lewis J. 245 Strunman. Michael 245, 347 Stubbs. Roy 182 Stucker, William L. Student Ambassadors 69 Stumpff. H. Keith 182 Suckiel. Linda M. 245 Sudbrock, Sandy 268. 245 Suh. Jung-Nam 245 Sukasem, Duenpen 245 374 Sullivan. Kelly A. 245, 292274-5288 Sullivan. Kevin D. 245 Sullivan, Suzanne S. 245.302.278.358 Summer 20-21 Summers. Gladys G. 245 Summers. Jackie R. 245 Sunde. 'Mark A. 245 Suntornsima, Wanngarm 245.290 Surbaugh. Gayle R. 245 Surls. Abby G. 245 Sutherland. John W, 185 Sutmn. Diane Mary 342.343 Sutton, Ginny 147 Sutton, Jacqueline 245, 292 Sutton, Patricia K. 336 Sutton, Sallie Rose 245 Sutton, Veronica L. 245 Sutton, Virginia M, 191. 147 Swager. Timothy B. 245 Swalander, Diane E. 245 Swaminathan, Kumar 245,290 Swan, Dewan 141 Swan, Theresa L. 245 Swanger, Denise M. 245,144,108 Swanson, Bill 268-9 Swarens, Jeffrey C. 245 Swartz, Susan R. 245 Swaters, Mark J, 245 Swaters, Steven L. 245, 256-57 Swearengen, Virginia 172 Swearengin, Dianne 245 Swearingin, Sharon 286 Sweitzer, Chris 245 Swift, Darrylyn Z. 245, 322-3 Swift, Melinda M. 266, 245 Swift, Rita L. 245,64 Swiger, Denzil 179 Swimming 120-131 Swisher. Edward A. 64, 245,341,283 Swisher, Wanda J. 245 Switzer, Brent 339 Swofford, Shawn O. 108,245,144 Swofford, Steven E. 246 Swonger, Marglenn F. 246 Swope. Karen Kay 246 Swope, Sherry S. 246 Sydow, Libby Ellen 246 Sylvester. John Tod 246 Sylwester, Harold 182 Taaffe. James W. 246 Tabb, Brigitte 246 Tabor. Richard L, 178 Taff, Pamela Rmh 286. 246 Taft. Stephen W. 32 Taggart, Tresa M. 312 Tagge, Sandra M, 246, 321 Talbott, Barbara L. 246 Talbott. Lorraine B. 246 Talbott. Susan E. 246, 262 Taliaferro. Lisa K. 276. 246 TaloH. Mary B. 246 Taioff. Shirley Ann 246 Tammen. Cynthia M, 246 Tang, Ko-Fei 289 Tang, Mina Shen 289 Tankersley. Elizabeth 246.288 Tankersley, Jerrilyn 246 Tankersley. Sherry 246 Tapp, Tamara Joyce 131,246,145 Tarry, Timothy S. 339 Tarwater, Maureen E. 246 Tarwater, Susan Kay 246,260,321 Tate, Randy Darrell 349 Tatum, Christy L. 246, 323 Taylor, Barbara A. 246 Taylor, Bruce R. 246 Taylor, Douglas J. 246 Taylor. Erma 246 Taylor, Esco 188.272-3 Taylor, Karin M. 117, 145 Taylor, Kevin E. 246 Taylor. Linda L. 246 Taylor. Melbra D. 246 Taylor. Michelle R. 246 Taylor, Rhonda D. 246 Taylor, Robert L, 64 Taylor. Scott W. 32, 246 Taylor, Shelly L. 246 Taylor, Steven C. 246 Taylor. Tonya Ann 246,258 Taylor, Wanda Jean 246,304,305 Teat, Tim 320 Tebbenkamp. Kathy L. 246 Tedesco, David B. 246 Teeman, James R. 246 Tees, Arthur T. 185 Teeters, Scott 145,148. 130 Teghtmeyer. Barry J. 246 Teghtmeyer, Jonita 246 Tales, Stefan K. 256, 274-75 . Tempel, Kevin G. 307 Templeton, Lee Ann 246 Templin, Brenda K. 246 Templin, Mark S. 347, 246,141 Tennis, 136-137 Terhune. Michelle L. Terpstra, Wayne A. 246,344 Terry, Cynthia D, 246 Terry, Karen L. 246, . 340 Terry. Mary 179 Testerman. Craig 288, 292 Thames, Rochelle K. 246,331 Thannon, Rose 283 Thayer. Anne M. 253 Thayer, Jon E. 246 Theilbar, Wilbur 276, 325 Thais, John 151,134. 344 Theiss, Jerry L. 246 Thessen, Nancy J, 246 Thiel. Louis B. 246 Thielbar, Wilbur H, 185.277-8 Thielker, David C. 151. 134 Thiem. William A. 246 Thieman. Caroiyn S. 246 Thiessen. Stanley 178 Thill, Sharon L. 246 Thissen. Tom L. 246 Thoenen. Debra E. 288 Thoenen, Dinah Ann 246 Thoenen, Rosemary J. 246,294 Thomas, Becky A. 246 Thomas. Charles W. 341 Thomas, Christina M. 268,246 Thomas, Curt 141,107, 264-5 Thomas. Emmitt 141, 191 Thomas, Greg 268.328, 246,124,272.145 Thomas, Jay M. 339 Thomas, Josephine 246 Thomas. Karen Akema 246,309 Thomas. Karen R. 246, 288 Thomas. Mark E. 246 Thomas, Pamela D. 246,336 Thomas. Randall N. 246 Thomas. Randall Ray 246 Thomas, Rebecca A. 0 268 Thomas, Rebecca 5. 268.246 Thomas. Rodney E. 246 Thomas, Scott B. 339 Thomas, Stephanie L. 246 Thomas, Steven R. 341 Thomas. Susan M. 246, 321 Thomas. Troy James 68,246,258 Thomas, Ward V. 246 Thomason, Audrey J. 246 Thomason. Derrick D. 246 Thompson, Angela L. 69.246.317.284 Thompson, Barbara K. 268,247,116,143 Thompson, Bud 290 Thompson, Chrisl 323 . Thompson, Edward V. 247 Thompson. Gary L. 113,143,112 Thompson, Jim 349 Thompson, Kenneth 187 Thompson, Larry D. 264,294,284.352,310 Thompson. Lee B. 247 Thompson, Melinda L 272-73 Thompson, Michael P. 339 Thompson, Mindy L. 247.312.313.340 Thompson. Pamela M. 247 Thompson, Ricky 247,341 Thompson. Samula C. 247 Thompson, Sharon A. 247 282 Thompson, Terry L. 247 Thompson. William L. 186 Thoms, Billie C. Jr 247 Thomson. Sandra L. 286,247 Thonen. Wendy L. 48 Thornton, Elmer Jr. 247,141 Thornton, Karlton R. 247.331 Thornton. Michell K. 247 Thorpe, Deborah A. 45. 54,247 Thurman. Betty Jose 247.288 Thursby. Robert D. 341 Tibbits, Donald F. 184, 282-3 Tibbles. Dennis L. 247 Tieman, Lance 320 Tierman, Robert J. 256,341 Tiller, Mark D. 247 Tillman, Cleva E. 64, 247,334 Tillman, Earlene J. 247 Timmons, Melody Gay 247 Tindle, Jeff S. 247 Tinsley. Alvin R. 182 Tinnin, Karen Lynn 247,282-83 Tinnin. Thomas G. 349, 247 Tinnin. Tim R. 349 Tipton. William E. 180 Tischart, Gary A. 325. 247 Tisdale, Kennetha G. 247,292 Tisinger, Catherine 117, 177,189,174 Tittone. Michael S. 307 Tittone, Sheryl L. 258, 260.306.247.302, 274-75,303 Titus, Bruce Wayne 268-9,247,141 Titus, Suzann L. 247 Toalson. Chris E. 247 Tochtrop, Ann M. 247 Todd, Karen D. 247 Todd. Lana J. 247 Todd, Michael J. 247 Todd, Susan G. 336 Todd, Wendy Lee 302 Tollefson, Denise D. 247.147 Tolson, Judy F. 247 Tomes, Reynold J. 247, 278-9 Tompkins, Robert 151, 134,283,186,151 Toms, Shimell D. 266, 247 Toner, Julie Fay 256, 258.247.302.303, 285,358 Tong, Yung-Pyng 247, 289 Topping, Vera S. 247 Topps. Wendell 247 Tossell, Richard 188, 274-5 Towns, Tommie 247, 141 Townser, Richard L. 266,247 Townson, Karla V. 280 Track 138-139 Trager, Annette 326 Trager, Debra E. 268, 247 Trail, Beverly L. 247 Trautman. Cynthia L. 247 Traugott, Stephen L. 328 Trayford. David K. 57, 60,247 Treadway, Carla L. 247 Trester, Martha J. 247. 309 Treu, Cynthia M. 276- 247 Trewett, Mary Frances 247 284 Trigg, Bonita Louis 260,247,272-73 Trigg, Sheri E. 247 Triolo, Nina Marie 247 Triplett. Charles L, 179 Troupe 30 Trout. Troy J. 328 Troxel, Curtis E. 320, 247 Trudell, Brian K. 347 True. Carolyn Elise 60 True, Wesley 183 Truesdale, Pamela J. 247 Tsai, Yiau-Chung 247, 289 Tsai. Ying Ying 289 Tseng. Mei-Hua 247 Tuan, Sheng 247 Tucci, Martha P. 256, 247 Tucker, Andrew M. 247 Tucker. Galinda J. 247 Tucker, Kevin John 247,148 Tucker, Lori L 247 Tucker, Pat E. 339, 277-8 Tucker, Rita K. 185 Tucker. Steven W. 31 Tucker, Terri 336 Tuckness, Susan A. 247 Tull, Cindy J. 247 Turhune, Michele 116 Turley, Howard J. 247, 141 Turley, Patricia R. 326. 327,348 Turner, Anthony 256. 266,247.32 Turner, Carl Alan 339 Turner, Clarence 310 Turner, Jan 191 Turner, Lori A. 333, 247 Turner, Molly A. 326 Turner. Toni N. 247 Turner. Winnie E. 247 Turnham, Yale T. 247 Tumquist, Mitzi D. 276, 247,284 Turpin, Alan Lee 247 Turrentine. Kathe L. 51,342,348 Tweedy. Julie A. 268, 247,64 Twenter, Cinthia L. 247 Twomey, Alfred 262, 182 Tybor, Stephanie A. 247 Tye, Christine Adel 247 Tye. Susan 247 Tyler. Diane L. 248 Tyler, Michael A. 141 Tyler. Verlin W. 248, 141 Tyra, Robin K, 247 Ukatu, Eme a C, 258, 248 Ullrich, Marion 326 Ulrich. Roben 262-3, 188,272 Umidon, Renee M. 248 Umidon, Robin G. 248. 284 Umstattd. Sherry D. 248 Underwood, Dana R. 248 Underwood, Jacqueline 248 Underwood, Kameha R. 57.60,248,282-3 Underwood, Teresa A. 248 Union 52-53 Upschulte, Thomas 248 Uptegrove. Daniel 8. 48248.32 Upton, Barbara Lynn 248 Upton, Kristy D. 248 Uwaemenyi. Zebulon Vacek, Wigm L. 179 Vaden, Richard C, 106. 141.102,107 Vail, Bobbie Rae 248 Vaillancoun, Pamel 248 Vainer, Timothy J. 248 Valasquez, Rose 329 Valdiviez, Richard 248 Vale, Tina M. 248 Valente, Michael 184 Vallejo. Blanca E. 248. 280-1 Valleroy, Richard T. 276.248 Van Cleve, Harold 178, 274-75 Van Dam, Ron 151.186 Van Dusen, Steven A. 248 Van Duyn, Russell J. 268 Van Dyke, Sherry L. 248 Van Dyke. Steve 270-1 Van Fleet, Eric L. 189 Van Hook, Jeanie 248 Van Pelt. Peker J. 320, 321 Van Voorhis, Cheryl 248 Van Winkle. Chris 60, 320,248 Van Winkle. Terry M. 338 Van Vleck, Kelly 295 Van Zee, Norma 183 Vana, Mona V. 256. 260,266,248 Vanblarcum. Beth A. 60,248 Vance. Roland M. 274- 75 Vanden, Richard C. 248 Vandergriff, James 181 Vandersteen, Denise 276243 Vandeventer, Chris 276,248 Vandyke, Steven 31,248 Van Horn, Jim 306 Vanmeter, Debra L. 248 Vanness. Thomas L. 200-1 VanSickle, Craig 139 VanSickle, Mark A. 248,272 VanSickle, Rhonda 248. 143 VanSickle, Sherri 283 VanVleck, Kelly Joe 256,248,290-1 VanWinkle, Chris 256-7 VanWinkle, Melila K. 248 Varathorn, Kanisom 248 Vargo, Mark E. 248 Vaughn, Amy 8, 248 Vaughn, Cheryl R. 248. 284,289 Vaughn, Cynthia Jo 60. 24826452823 Vaughn, Darryl L, 248 Vaughn, David A, 248. 143,347 Vaughn. Michael 5. 248280281 1 Vaught. Robert G 13!. 136 , Veatch, Jem Lynn 245 217.340.292 .. Veigel. C Hardmg Ha Veit. John M 248 v 1 , 1'5: Velasquez, Rose 342 Vemmer, Richard D. 307,283 Vento, John J. 248 Vassar, Sheila Faye 248,280-81 Vice Presidents 174- 175 248,282-3 248,280-1 Vincent, Brian K, 328 Vining, Lisa R. 283 Virgo, John Andrew 256,258,276,248 Viscusi, Peter L. 182, 280-1 Visser, David A. 339 Vittetoe, Jack 266,295, 188 Vlasak, Ervin John 248 Vogel, John R. 248 Vogel, Robert S. 181 Vogler, Linda K. 248 Vogt, Jacqueline S. 248 Vogt, Michael D. 150 Voitenko, Mark A. 266 Volker, David P. 325 Volker. John F, 60,282- 3 Volleyball 110-111 Vollmer, Patricia A. 248 Volmerg, Julie A. 248 Voorhees, Frank 180 Voris, Carol R. 286,248 Vroom, Ronald D. 320 Wackerman, Amy 3. 248 Wackerman, Kevin L. 328 Wackerman, Michael 248 Waddell, Phyllis A. 248 Wadleigh, Lori D. 248, 280 Waechter, Jeff R. 248, 292 Waechter, Jeffrey J. 248 Waisner, Gary L. 178 Wagner, David M. 248 Wagner, Kimberlin K. 248 Waibel, Robert F. 339 Waisner, Kent D. 339 Waisner, Kerry D. 339 Waite, James L. 184 Walden, Paula E. 286 Walensky, Lisa J. 248, 302 Wales, Kirk R. 344 Walker, Anthony 248 Walker, David W. 339 Walker, Floyd 186 Walker, James G. 307 Walker, Jeffrey D. 318, 319,248 Walker, Jennifer S. 60, 248 Walker, Karen W. 60, 2492645 Walker, Laura L. 248 Walker. Lori Ann 248 Walker, Lynn 248 Walker, Myria 334 Walker. Pamela Ann 34,342,249,329,256 Walker, Paul A, 276, 249 5 Walker, Rebecca L. 249 Walker, Ronald C. 249, 290 Versch, Mary Lee 248 Verslues, Ernest J. 248 Vener. Michael D. 248 Vick, Jeffery H. 57,60, Viebrock, Susan J. 260. Vining. William D. 106, 141.102,107,100,105 Essssssss Walker, Stephen 191 '7 47 47 147 276, 47 eline haR. aA. 5 248 Upton. Barbara z p- 248 Upton, Kristy D 34': Uwaemenyl Zcbuww Vacek. William L 174 Vaden. Richard C 105 141,102.10? Vail. Bobbie Rae 248 Vaillancoun. Pamel 248 Vainer. Timothy J. 248 Valasquez. Rose 329 Valdiviez. Richard 248 Vale. Tina M. 248 Valente. Michael 184 Vallejo. Blanca E1 248. 280-1 Valleroy, Richard T. 276.248 Van Cleve, Harold 178. 274-75 Van Dam, Ron 151.186 Van Dusen. Steven A. 248 Van Duyn. Russell J, 268 Van Dyke. Sherry L, 248 Van Dyke, S1eve 270-1 Van Fleet. Eric L. 189 Van Hook, Jeanie 248 Van Pelt. Peter J 320, 321 Van Voorhis. Cheryl 248 Van Winkle, Chris 60, 320.248 Van Winkle. Terry M, 338 Van Vleck, Kelly 295 Van Zee. Norma 183 Vana. Mona V. 256, 260,266,248 Vanblarcum, Beth A, 60.248 Vance. Roland M. 274- 75 Vanden. Richard C. 248 Vandergriff. James 181 Vandersteen, Denise 276.248 Vandeventer, Chris 276.248 Vandyke, Steven 31.248 Van Horn, Jim 306 Vanmeter, Debra L. 248 Vanness. Thomas L. 200-1 VanSickle, Craig 139 VanSickle, Mark A. 248,272 VanSickle, Rhonda 248. 143 VanSickle. Sherri 283 VanVleck. Kelly Joe 256,248,290-1 VanWink1e, Chris 256-7 VanWinkle, Melita K. 248 Varathom, Kanisorn 248 Vargo, Mark E. 248 Vaughn, Amy 51 248 Vaughn, Cheryl R. 248, 284,289 Vaughn, Cynthia Jo 60, 24826452828 Vaughn, Darryl L. 248 Vaughn, David A. 248, 143,347 Vaughn, Michael S. 248.280-281 Vaught. Robert G. 137, 136 217,340,292 Veigel, C. Harding 184 Veil, John M- 243 Veatch, Jerri Lynn 248. Velasquez. Rose 342 Vemmer, Richard D. 307,283 Vemo. John J. 248 Versch. Mary Lee 248 Verslues, Ernest J, 248 Vessar, Sheila Faye 248.280-81 Vetter, Michael D, 248 Vice Presidents 174- 175 Vick. Jeffery H. 57.60, 248.282-3 Viebrock, Susan J. 260 248.2801 Vincent. Brian K. 328 Vining. Lisa R. 283 Vining. William D. 106, 141.102,107,100,105 Virgo, John Andrew Viscusi, Peter L 182, 280-1 Visser. David A. 339 Vittetoe. Jack 266,295, 188 Vlasak. Ervin John 248 Vogel, John R. 248 Vogel, Robert S. 181 Vogler, Linda K. 248 V091, Jacqueline S. 248 Vogt. Michael D 150 Voitenko, Mark A, 266 Volker, David P. 325 Volker. John F. 60,282- 3 Volleyball 110-111 Vollmer. Patricia A. 248 Volmerg, Julie A. 248 Voorhees. Frank 180 Voris. Carol R. 286,248 Vroom. Ronald D. 320 Wackerman. Amy 8. 248 Wackerman, Kevin L. 328 Wackerman, Michael 248 Waddell, Phyllis AA 248 Wadleigh, Lori D. 248, 280 Waechter, Jeff R. 248, 292 Waechter. Jeffrey J. 248 Waisner, Gary L. 178 Wagner, David M. 248 Wagner, Kimberlin K. 248 Waibel, Robert F. 339 Waisner. Kent D. 339 Waisner, Kerry D. 339 Waite, James L, 184 Walden. Paula E. 286 Walensky, Lisa J. 248, 302 Wales, Kirk R. 344 Walker, Anthony 248 Walker. David W. 339 Walker, Floyd 186 Walker, James G. 307 Walker, Jeffrey D. 318. 319,248 Walker, Jennifer S. 60, 248 Walker. Karen W. 60, 2492645 Walker. Laura 1.. 248 Walker. Lori Ann 248 Walker, Lynn 248 Walker, Myria 334 Walker, Pamela Ann 34,342,249,329,256 Walker, Paul A. 276, 249 Walker, Rebecca L. 249 Walker, Ronald C, 249, 290 Walker. Stephen 191 Walker. Steven E. 349 Walker. Yvonne D. 276,249,282-3 Wall. Donna Jean 249 Wall, Julie Kay 306. 336 Wall, Ronald W. 307 Wall. William D, 249 Wallace. Donald 188 Wallace, Lark L. 249 Wallace, Tammy E. 249,262 Waller. Fran 185 Waller, Melody B. 31. 249.280 Waller, Michael W. 268,293 Waller, Valerie Kim 249 Wallis. Donald E, 178 Wallis. Julie Ann 249, 283 Walls. Susan Jan 312 Walsh. Joseph A. 286, 249 Walsh. Kim Cheryl 249 280 Walsh, Rose M. 249 Walstrom. Paul C. 249 Walter, Raymond L, 60,2823 Walter, Sheryl L. 249 Walters, Jim 51,307 Walters, Joel M. 191 Walters, Machelle R. 249,302 Walters, Nancy R. 187 Walters, Susan D. 266, 249,288,292 Walther. Alan M. 249 Walton. Cheryl M. 249 Walton, Eric G. 249 Walton, Patricia 249 Walton, V. Gene 249 Walz, Robin L. 249,326 Wamser, Paul R. 249 Wan, Yu-Wen 249,289 Wang, Jane 289 Wang, Jennie Ong 289 Wang, Kane 289 Wang. Sandra 249 Wankum, Barb J. 249 Wannithantri, M. 249 Ward, Allen J. 249 Ward, Bobbene 249, 348 Ward, Brian K. 249 Ward, Daniel W. 249 Ward, Donald 274-75 Ward, Jay 266 Ward, Judith Lee 249, 144 Ward, Luris E. 249 Warder, Paul A. 268, 266,249 Wardlow, Bruce A. 249 Ware, Karolyn A. 256. 249 Wareham, Jerome 249 Warner, Karen K. 249, 262 Warner, Linda D. 249 Warren, Carolyn 179 Warren, Craig L. 249 Warren. Denise A. 249, 270-1 Warren, James H. Jr. 178 Warrensburg, 8485 Waters, Darryl L. 266 Waters, Kenneth E 249 Waters, Mark D. 57.60, 268,249 Watkins, Sheila R. 286 Watson, John W. 249 Watson, Kimberly A 249,329 Watson, Mark Allen 249 Watson, Paige Ann 329.336 Watson. Randall E. , Watson. Scott 320 Watson, Veronica 249, 292 Watson. Victor Alan 320 Wattenbarger. Kelly 249 Watts. Lydia L1 249 Weamer, Julia 249 Wear, Janet P. 249, 317 Weathers. Ruth Ann 249 Weaver. Mark S. 256, 268,325,324 Weaver. Noel Leon 179 Weaver, Sheryl L. 249 Webb. Dan D. 344 Webb, Deborah J. 302 Webb, Howard B. 249 Webb, Jack W, 249 Webb, Joyce L. 249, 302,274-713,288 Webb, Karen 249 Webb, Rena S, 249 Webb, Rose Marie 256, 258.249 Webb, Yvette 260,249 Webber, Sheree A, 249.283 Weber, Annette 249 Weber, Lisa Lee 34. 276,249,284 Weber, Michelle M. 249 Weber, Paul Anthony 249 Weber, Rem D. 309, 329 Weber, Timothy E. 249 Webster, Barbara J. 342 Webster. Cindra L. 60 Webster, Donald C. 249 Webster. Maureen S. 249,295 Webster, Tammie R. 342,329 Wedding, Patricia J. 249 Weddle, Jane A. 249 Wedua, James S. 272 Weedin, James M. 249 Weese. Judy D. 250, 283 Wehmeyer, Daniel C, 250,272-73 Wehmeyer, Richard M. 250 Wehrly, Theresa A, 250 Wehrs, Kurt Douglas 318.319,250,65.69 Weidinger. Lisa A. 258, 260,250,295 Weight, Kelley Dee 256,250,309,329, 150,136,308 Weimer. Linda Kay 309,308,346 Wei-nan, Lu 289 Weinand, Jeron 312 Weir, Craig 250,344 Weir, E. Lee 178 Weir, Mitchell A. 250, 141,344 Weiss. David Allen 141 Weisz, Susan D. 250 Welch, Debbie Ellen 250,321 Welch, James Clyde 250,262-3 Welsh, Linn 184 Welch, Thomas A. 293 Welch, Valerie May 250 Wellborn, Candice L, 250 Weller, Gary L, 307 Weller. Jenny 256-57 Weller, Jerry D. 57 Weller, Katherine A. 132,144,108,151 Weller. Stephen M, 328 Weller, Steve 140 Weller, Tina M. 250 Wellman, Teri L. 250, 315 Wells. Carol Ann 304 Wells, Eugene T. 185 Wells. James 250 Wells, Jeana M. 250 Wells, Laurie Ann 250 Wells, Matthew J. 250 Wells, Norma R. 250 Wells, Stephen E, 250 Wells, William G. 250 Welt, Dane R. 328,256- 57 Wempe, Denise M. 276,250 Wen. Ya-Nain Alice 250 Wendt, Anita Jean 250 Wenner, Charlotte L. 250 Wergin, Angela M. 286 Werneke, Linda S. 256, 276,250 Werner, Patricia L. 250,270-1 Werthumuller, Linda 319,250,317,69 Wesley, Mark G. 250 Wesley, Michael R. 250 Wesner, Bradley E. 250,270,294 Wesselman, Jeff 5. 250.292 Wesselman. Mark A. 292 West, Beatrice I. 286, 250 West. Greg 349 West, Irene 268 West, James P. 250,64 West, Kerry C. 349 West, Lois Mae 250, 326 West, Rita Ann 250 West. Sheri Felicia 250 West, Tina 250 Westbrook, Carolyn 250 Westcott, Rannetta 250, 285 Westenhauer. Ann 333, 250,315 Westenhaver, John 347 Westermier, Anna M. 270-1 Western, Jill SA 250 Westling, Lisa K 250, 336,145,131 Weston, Kim 250 Wethers, Ruth 319 Whalen, Vickie Lea 285 Whaley, Tim 250 Whaley, Richard O. 268 Wheatley, Aylesa D. 250 Wheaton, Gretchen J. 268.250 Wheeler, Donna S. 250 Wheeler, John K. 339 Wheeler. Linda M. 250, 270-1,280-1 Wheeler, Sandy 69 Whelan. Michael A. 307 Whisler, Larry R. 250 Whitaker, W. Richard 182 White, Clarence E. 250 White, D. Jerry 181 White, Dawn 250,288 White, Joanne 250 White, Laurie A, 309 White. Michael S. 250 Whlte, Michael T, 60, 250 White, Phillip K, 250 White, Raymond S, 325 White, Rebecca D. 250 White, Rebecca S, 250, 295 White, Richard C, 250. 256-57,290 White, Steven P, 250 Whitehead, John 190 Whitehurse, Lisa J. 250 Whiteside, Ginger Kim 250 Whiteside. Loel 188 Whithaus, Karen S 60, 250,282-3 Whiting, Patricia M. 250 Whitlock, Douglas E. 250,270-1 Whitmer, Susan L. 250. 272 Whitmer, Terri Jean 302,303.338,274.352 Whine. Greg 30 Whittelsey, Judith 268, 286,250 Whittler, Janet M. 250. 280-1 Whitworth, Susan C. 250 Whitworth, Valarie 250, 280-1 Whitworth, Yvonne T. 250,64 Whorton. Tracy E. 250 Wicker, Angela D. 250 Wickham, Bradley S. 48,250.71 Wickman. Edward 179 Wicks, Debra A. 250 Wieberg. Steve G. 250 Wiercinski, Barbara 250,292 Wiesmann. John W. 341 Wiggins. Michael 258. 280,188 Wilbers, Elaine M. 260, 251 Wilbers. Valda 251 Wilcher, Julie 251 Wilcox. Sharon Kay 145 Wilde, James F. 251 Wildschuetz, Diana J. 251 Wildschuetz, June 276 Wildschuetz, Pat J1 276,251,289 Wiles. Diana M. 302 Wilga, Diane M. 251 Wilhelm, Craig A. 333, 261 Wilhixe, Sharon A. 251 Wilkerson, Diane D. 251 Wilkerson, Jefferson 251 Wilkerson, Timothy 251,32 Wilkerson, Tonya F. 251 Wilkins. Louella 251 Wilkins, Richard L. 251 Wilkinson, Donald R. 141,102,107,105 Wilkinson. Kelly S. 251 Wilkinson, Rebecca 45, 309 Wille. Connie Lou 251 Willhite. April L. 251 Willhite, Linda L. 251, 321 Williaman, Debra E. 251 Williams, Alex D. 251 Williams, Angela C, 251 Williams, Anne M. 251 Williams. Barbara J, 251 Williams, Carla R. 251 Williams, Carmen L. 251 Williams, Chris 328 Williams. Crystal L. 319,251,315 Williams, Cynthia K, 251,321 Williams, Danita R, 251 Williams, Darrin O. 339 Williams, Dirk D, 339 Williams. Donctella 251 Williams. Felita S1 251 Williams. Gerald D. 292 Williams, Kathy 312 Williams, Kelly 336 Williams, Keri L. 251 WiIliams, Kimberley 251,313 Williams. Lisa A, 251. 321 Williams, Lori A. 251 Williams, Maria 183 Williams. Mark E 251 Williams. Michael 251, 352.310 Williams. Miles W. 184 Williams, Myra 251 Williams. Patricia 251 Williams. Paula Sue 251 Williams, Robin G. 276, 251 Williams, Rosemary 251,264-65 Williams, Roxanne K. 251,32,71 Williams. Samuel S. 148 Williams, Stanley D. 251 Williams. Stephanie 251 Williams. Susan L. 346 Williams, Susan M. 251 Wiliiams, Tommy Lee 325 Williamsen, Karl E. 60, 276 Williamson, Rosalind 266,251,312,32 Williamson, Steve 251 Willis, Alex B. 251 Willis, Arlinda Joy 251 Willis. Donna L. 251 Willis. Gary Lee 251, 272-73 Willis, Herb 352 Willis. Jerry Lee 251. 272-73 Willis, Joyce 276,143 Willis, Lawanda J. 251 Willis, Robert H. 347 Willis, Stephen E. 251 Willis, Wesley D, 251 Willman. Adriann 251, 142 Willoughby. Lisa A 256,251.274,288.294 Wilmot, Mark Alan 261 Wilson. Airest 330 Wilson, Alexis 330 Wilson, Angela 251.334 Wilson, Ann 51. 59,329,301 Wilson. Bret G, 260. 306,307- Wilson. Colette G, 251 Wilson, Danny K. 251 Wilson, Deborah Lou 251,272 Wilson. Dennis K. 251 Wilson, Ernest T1 180 Wilson. Gary D. 251 Wilson, George W, 186 Wilson. Guy C. 251. 2801 Wilson. Harold L. 187 Wilson, lvan R. 185 Wilson, Janine Y 304 Wilson. Janise A. 336 Wilson. Jeffrey A, 251 Wilson, Jim R. 184 Wilson, Jo Ann 251 Wilson, John W. 323 Wilson, Johnny L. 251 Wilson, Kathy 5. 251 Wilson, Lois E. 251.283 Wilson. Lori Ellen 251 Wilson, Pamela J, 251, 65 Wilson, Scott B 251 Wilson, Sheri L. 251 Wilson. Steve C 64 Wilson, Tom 293 Wilson, Walter N. 251 Wilson. William T 190 Wilver, Virginia 256, 276.251 Winans, A. Paul 187 Winans. Debbie 268,251 Windsor, Ann T. 251 Winebright. Susan L, 276,251,262 Winegarner, William 252 Winner, Rowena C. 252,346 Winsor, Jerry 286,184 Winston. Darryl 69,191, 146 Winter, James L. 307 Winter. Leesa Marie 252 Winter Weather 70 Wirsig. Marty J. 252 Wirt. Frank 252 Wirth, Dennis M. 60 ertz. David John 252 Wirtz, James A. 328, 252,329 Wirtz. Robert M4 68 Wisdom. Kerry L. 252 Wise, Vivian D. 252 Wissman. Robert J. 32 Witherell, Susan L. 252.278-9 Witherspoon, Mitzi 252 Witt, Robert Wayne 252 Wine. David Alan 252, 284 Wine, Gregory A. 252, 262-3.282-3 Witte. Rebecca G. 252 ' Witter. Melanie Gay 274-75 Wittmer, Sue 142 Wobus. Kathy Lynne 252 Woker, Nathan R. 252 Wolf, Renee 274-75, 283 Wolf, Yolanda R. 252 Wolfe. Charles Alan 25225657262 Wolfe, Terry L 191 Wollard, Sharon Kay 252 Wolthuis. Scott A. 252, 280-1 Woltkamp. David B 258.266.339.252, 338.69.272 Wolz. Jane Anne 262 Wolz. Richard 347 Wood. Allan D. 252 Wood. Barbara S. 252 Wood. Clndy R. 252 Wood, David G. 60 Wood, Jay J 266.276 Wood, Johnie Jo 252 Wood. Michael G, 252 Wood, Roy H. 252 Wood, Sally A 252 Wood, Susan 306.307, 252.302.303.262-3. 283 Woodard. Phillip D. 190 Woodard, Robin D, 252 Woodridge, Vickie 252 375 Woodruff, Terry 5. 252 Woodrum, Kathryn R. 252 Woods, E. K, 272973, 188 Woods, Gary Lynn 339 Woods, Jeffrey J. 252 Woods, Jeffrey Kent 339 Woods, Lisa R. 252 Woods, Steve 349 Woods, Terri June 252, 144,283 Woodson, Merrie A. 60, 252 Woodson, Steven R, 252 Wojtkiewicz, Russell 64 Wooldridge, Gary L. 278-9 Woolley, Cathy J. 252 Worley, Janet C. 252 Worley, Peggy 315 Wormsley, Jaleen A, 252,143,116 Worth, Donna 252 Worth, Nancy 45,342 Wortham, Jerrold, 252 Worthley, Lisa 252,280-1 Wrap, Redbome 349 Wrestling 1249125 Wright, Conrad D. 323 Wright, Julia A, 331 Wright, Melissa J. 252 Wright, Nick B. 252 Wright, Revay 252 Wright, Sheryl L. 260, 252,302,303 Wright, Tiffany A. 252 Wright, Vernon C. 252 Wrigley, Jennie 143,139 Wrobel, Scott E. 252 Wulser, Kurt W. 252 Wunderlich, William 333,352 Wurzer, Daniel J. 252, 285 Wyatt, Gary Allan 268, 252 Wymore, Ann B, 252 Wymore, Thomas G. 252 Wynn, Laura A. 252, 2701 Wynne, Sheila S. 252 Wyrick, Stanley K. 349 Yaeger, William Edw. 268,266,252,256-57 Yale, Cara 252 Yang, Lin Chien 289 Yanger, Albert T. 339, 252 Yanskey, Marilyn K. 252 Yas, Kwang, Chi 252, 289 Yardley, Michael J. 252 Yarwood, Kent Dean 347 Yazel, Carrie M. 260, 276,252 Yeisley, Dayne L. 252 Yendrek, Anne M, 54, 252,326 Yeo, Cynthia D. 252 Yeong-Hoon, Lee 290-1 Yinger, H. L. 186 Yocum, Karolyn L. 184,286 Yocom, Maria C. 252, 309 Yocom, Natalie 252 Yoder, Beth E. 252, 302,321 , Yoder, Nancy R. 302 Yokeley, Terry Lynn 252,274 York, Donald S. 252 York, Scott 60 Youmans, Rita 262 Young, Andrea M, 252 Young, Brad 276, 252 Young, David E, 252 Young, David 182 Young, Denny E. 252 Young, Flo 187 Young, Harold L. 190 Young, James L. 253, 264,294 Young, James M. 292 Young, James V. 184 Young, Jerry A. 183 Young, Jay E. 253 Young, Judy Lynne 27273 Young, Kelly 272 Young, Mary E. 253, 179,280-1 Young, Nancy 253 Young, Phyllis D. 253 Young, Richard 253,141 Young, Robert Lee 253 Young, Sheila Rene 253,323 Young, Susan G. 253 Young, Susan I. 253 Young, Virginia 191 Young, Wilma 253 Young, Windolinne S, 253 Yuan, Ai-Lan Ellen 253,289 Yuan, Pinching 289 Yung, J. Eldon 178 Zacha, Martin H. 320 Zaidi, Mohammad Aun 253,290v1 Zangara, Sunny J. 253, 280-1 Zans, Mark Leslie 253, 278-9 Zapien, Cynthia 258:9,253 Zapien, Hope T. 253 Zapien, Susan R. 253 Zawislak, Marianne 253 Zeilzmann, Rebecca 253 Zelk, Virginia S. 181 Zeller, Donna J. 326 Zellmer, Pamela 96 Zey, Robert L. 180 Ziegler, Becky 253 Ziegler, Duane J. 253 Zimmerman, Naomi 326 Zink, Lawrence S. 253 Zink, Susan J. 60,253, 264-5,282-3 Zinnecker, Karen E. 253 Zinnecker, Timothy 256,258,276,253 Zuber, Cheryl S. 253 Zukovich, John D, 253 Zuniga, Richard J. 253 Zaplcn. Hope T 253 Zapnen. Susan R 25 Zawislak. Manannc 253 Zeitzmann, Rebecca 253 Zelk. Virginia 5. 181 Zeller. Donna J. 326 Zellmer. Pamela 96 Zey, Robert L 180 Ziegler. Becky 253 Ziegler. Duane J. 253 Zimmerman. Naomi 326 Zink, Lawrence 52 253 Zink. Susan J. 60253. 264-52823 Zinnecker, Karen E. 253 Zinnecker, Tlmothy Zuber, Cheryl SK 253 Zukovich, John D. 253 Zuniga. Richard J. 253 w

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