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if x ff , K ," . if A 1 X .1 1 f I 1 1 - 'x 1 -I u 1 i if . RHETOR VOLUME LXII CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE WARRENSBURG, MISSOURI PUBLISHED BY THE RHETOR STAFF ENT F f wg M 46 " EIU CNW r Ji Q WSBURG NSS I 2 I 1 K-W'-'I' ' '-'M--vliwvraaua'-E '-"s1xn'nL:1vvwv---' -'-v-iw - -rvff-'u.z1'w---Q -- Y - TABLE CF CONTENTS ACTIVITIES .... ..... GREEKS ...... ..... SPORTS ....... ..... ACADEMICS ...... ..... INDEX ........ ..... FORE ORD As the days of autumn come scampering by like squirrels and winter winds brush cold cloudy fingers against our faces and a hint of spring lingers in the air, we know it has come again. As we walk the green framed campus and feel the first soft breezes of spring stroke our hair, we stop and say, "Where has it gone ?" Perhaps the answer lies in the dai- ly rush and routine of classes or in the half-remembered images of a Homecoming parade. Perhaps we lost the year in a long thoughtful walk or in the looking-glass stillness of an autumn lake. Perhaps we have lost it among the brittle leaves of autumn or in the soft white clusters ofsnow. Perhaps also we have lost it in the spring, among the newborn grass greening toward the world or in the first warm glow of sunset beckoning the summer. Where have we lost the year? Certainly it has not been in our thoughts, for in the passing of each college year we find something that we never knew we possessed. We have gained something very precious in each and every day. Perhaps we have lost a year, but we have gained the gift of insight and wisdom. 4 I , .: gg. X - ' 'A "Q-- :i- G, . . v :Ms ve A KL K A. Mi, Xk.. -i- S 4 W QM. umm.-.-imalzf H ...wt .. X1 , Q 1 . li ' 4 x7' 92" YF ffjx m m,,. .P 5 : Dedication of RHETOR in memory of CMS Deans During the past year, CMS has lost two close friends and devoted colleagues. The late Dean D. W. Tieszen and the late Dean Floy A. Timmerman have served the CMS campus in recent years with a sense of unselfishness and devotion. The 1969 RHETOR is dedicated to the memory of the many fine services that each has performed for the college. The late Dean D. W. Tieszen was born in South Dakota in 1912. After graduating from the University of South Dakota, he served as a high school teacher, a principal, and as the Dean of the Black Hills Teacher's College. During World War II he served as a captain in the United States Army. In 1957 he first assumed the position of Dean of Instruction at CMS. Once president of the South Dakota Education Association, Dean Tieszen was a well-known education- al writer and author of the American Legion's handbook on "Teach- ing About Communismf' He has also served as Lieutenant Gover- nor of Kiwanis International and on national committees of the American Legion and Phi Delta Kappa. Dean Floy A. Timmerman, Food and Housing Secretary at CMS since 1957 and Dean of Women since 1964, was born in Kipp, Kan- sas, on August 30, 1911. As an under-graduate at the College of Emporia, she served as secretary to the dean. Upon receiving her A.B. in 1933 at Emporia, she served as secretary to the president and as alumni secretary. She received her M.S.E. from CMS in 1961. An active member of Phi Kappa Delta, Pi Gamma Mu, the National Association of Women Deans and Counselors, the National Associ- ation of Colleges and University Housing Offices, and the National Education Association, she also found time to sponsor Alpha Lamb- da Delta and CWENS. Dr. D. W. Tieszen Dean of Instruction W! Mrs. Floy Timmerman Dean of Women The presence of Dean Tieszen and Dean Timmerman will be great- ly missed on the CMS campus. Their service to the college can only be measured in the helpfulness and the time that they have devoted to their positions. Their memories will remain as a part of the edu- cational community and the tradition of CMS. im 'ff LEM, 1 Z Mrs. Floy Timmerman, Dean of Women, talks with Mrs. Gower and CMS coed. Dean Tieszen examines a book for ideas 6 Before remodeling begins, main floor of Ad Building lies desolate and blackened Administration Building takes on unique guise Causing considerable damage to first floor administrative of- fices, the fire of January 18, 1968, forced several college officials to find sanctuary elsewhere. The offices of the President and Dean of Administration, the sports information office, the sec- retarial pool, and the mail room sought shelter in the College Union, Dockery Hall, and other less damaged parts of the Ad Building. Remodeling began almost immediately with a large scale clean up operation. In late spring, the gutted main floor took on a new look as architects Mantel and Steele of Kansas City began to modernize the 53 year-old structure. At a cost of S1'75,000, dam- aged equipment was repaired and replaced and offices remodel- ed for the first time. In order to brighten the entrance to Hen- dricks Hall and administrative offices, six crystal chandeliers were installed. Shipped from Sweden, the five smaller chande- liers located on the main floor each have 24 chanle shaped lights while the one at the main entrance has 36 lights. Hanging from each of the frosted glass candles are crystal tear drops creating a glittering effect on the marble paneling along the walls. The shining lights lend an impressive atmosphere to the building. 8 One year after fire, remodeled Ad Building displays plush interior design. Chandelier Pattern Sparkling chandeliers highlight second floor of newly remodeled Administration Building. 9 ,gow S s, " Tw? W . ,gf 'AM A I Dfw' ' M W' aJz,Z5Qr A , 3 ,fm wiffwf 4 . ,M MW , . VFW 4.-' -I,-:W In A 5 f five? 'Ze V if 7, f, W-sz 5354 :t9W1vQw:??52?s. - " . gh., s L W If as W Jjlvffwz, WTMMH , A 1 . f wie ..:'3 qw .fa 1 ww 1 1 1 1 E X 1 5 1 1 4 1 1 p v -. A W, N wg ,qt 'mix Q "Ei'i3i?:C . Ar' as 1 3 .,, 'Y rn v"1m r at " "ry N 3 , 'Qgib H B4 vb W, W fi 4 K W as ' Mx yu! igh Yi mx Simi T? vf.-an , A ,gn U5 ,11- u ff .w :K k , ,Q l ' Q Hi", 5' ,f. I A G11 x +5 - ' 1 i . , - . .u ,A I . " 2 N ' 1 . ' ., A ' i r -1" Jw., , px , WW .wgw QXQ W W 'M - Qw w im " w-M 4 M haw 'W mr-7.23. ' n .Km , '- wf D' FL . . hey! W x .fy 4... J: X, i f v , i 1 , . , 1 bm H ' . ll, Mg. , 'Q 011341 ' Fla" ' , , A i,"J .x 1 3 Y . ,J .. 'lg """"lnq... sql., " "' m. -'-Q.. Q .N 'gl VN"-1. V ,W ...,,-I , , 'Vw '--Q, wk -.L 5 ---...N . xxx 'ia 'NN 12 Vacation-Summertime-1969 For some students there is a. void that follows the spring. It is the void of uncertainty and indecision that comes with the summer. Yet for some students this void is filled with the responsibility of earning money and supple- menting college expenses. For others the summer is a time of continual activity: fishing, swimming, baseball, bowling, or even the extended work of summer school. Yet when the summer wilts into autumn, it will not be easy to forget our vacation. It will rest in our minds and dwindle throughout the winter to only again glow hot and kindle our hopes of another summer yet to come. l3 2 1 5 Homecoming Queen selected from nineteen CMS campus coeds Miss Carole Vickery received the title of 1968 CMS Homecoming Queen at the CMS-Northwest Missouri State football game. Miss Vickery, sponsored by Sig- ma Kappa sorority, was introduced with 18 other can- didates at a pre-Homecoming dance a Week earlier. President Warren C. Lovinger, assisted by the 1967 Homecoming Queen, Miss Jana Wealand, crowned Miss Vickery during half time ceremonies. Miss Car- men Gonzalez, sponsored by Nickerson Hall, received the title of first princess, While Miss Linda Chappell, sponsored by Lambda Chi Alpha, was honored as sec- ond princess. FIRST PRINCESS Carmen Gonzalez Nickerson Hall I I x Diane Lederer Phi Sigma Epsilon Linn Taylor Alpha Omicron Pi Diane Donley Houts-Hosey Hall Karen Fraking Dolphins Pat Giedenghagen Alpha Gamma Delta Jeanne Modin Fitzgerald Hall Anita Boals M-Club Cheerleaders Sandy Miller South Yeater Hall Ruth Cornwell Alpha Sigma Tau Sharon Kidwell SECOND PRINCESS Alpha Xi Delta Linda Chappell Lambda Chi Alpha Margot Campbell Penny Jackson Alpha Sigma Theta Chi Alpha Carol Foley Gay Morsinkhoff Delta Zeta Sigma Sigma Sigma Louise Albright Alpha Phi Omega Rosemary Hale Tau Kappa Epsilon Dr. Lovinger crowns Homecoming Queen On October 26, 1968, Dr. Warren C. Lovinger crowned Miss Carole Vickery Homecoming Qu e e n before a crowd of 20,000 spectators during half time ceremonies. Also announced as a winner was Sigma Tau Gamma who won the fraternity float competition for the fourth consecutive time with this year's "Red Baron." In the sorority float division, Delta Zeta took the honors with "Betty Crocker Cookbookf' Capturing first place in campus non-Greek floats was the Agriculture Club with "Mutiny on the Bounty." House decoration entries were also honored as Sigma Phi Epsi1on's "The Bible- Noahls Arki' placed first in the fraternity division. Win- ning first place in the residence halls and campus or- ganizations division was South Yeater Hall with "Tale of Two Cities." DZ's cook up a Bulldog stew to nourish the hungry Mule players after their decisive win 16 .wa .mlm nt- , .. 0 Little squirts zero in on the fun at Phi Sig's "Squirt the Candle" booth. Penny carnival creates fun-filled atmosphere Highlighting September activities was the an- nual all-campus penny carnival. For the first time the carnival was held on College Street With the 45 booths extended from the front of the College Union to the north end of the Sci- ence Building. Outstanding events included a Spook house, a pony raffle, and a free street dance. I8 Goose bumps and bare legs set Sig P Sig Ep's and A1pha's encourage carnival goers to try their booth. A1pha members rate customers skill at penny pitching Z' Z --4 "Til l--4 ---I I X74 Z 4 Www' fym? 1 2 , 4 Q11 DZ's watch their Wheel of fortune turn up with a winner. Maybe! I9 Alpha Phi Omega sponsors nineteenth annual UMOC contest The 1969 Ugly Man on Campus contest was able to b o a s t a 39,000.00 contribution to charity. The annual charity drive was sponsored for the nineteenth consecutive year by Beta Kappa chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, national service fraternity. The charity drive began with an ice-carving contest and a car smash on February 4. The CMSC student body was entertained on Sunday, February 9, by a basketball game between t h e Playboy Bunnies from Kansas City and the UMOC Ugly Man candidates. The final event of the campaign was the UMOC Ball, held on Saturday, February 15. The theme of the 1969 UMOC Ball depicted "Parisan Nightsf, complete with an "Arc of Triumph." During intermission at the dance, the winners of the UMOC King and Queen contests were announced. Miss Valerie Rice ofAlpha Sigma Alpha became 1969 UMOC Beauty Queen, and Mr. Thomas Hudson of Theta Chi became 1969 Ugly Man. The music was provided for the dance by Jimmy Tucker and his orchestra. Valerie Rice, Alpha Sigma Alpha, 1969 Queen. --u----.-.- J' , , , , uf , , , yr A , Theta Chi's contribution secured the 1969 Ugly Man title for Tom Hudson. 20 Playboy Bunnies, Tonia. and Sandy, get the feel of the game as Tom Hudson looks on. Adrienne Sellers, Sigma Phi Epsilon if as Best Dressed Girl chosen from nineteen CMS campus coeds AWS sponsored the annual Best Dressed Girl Contest which culminated in the crowning of Mrs. Adrienne Sellers, spon- sored by Sigma Phi Epsilon, as the 1969 Best Dressed Girl. She was then eligible to participate in Glamour magazines national contest. The ten finalists, who were chosen from 19 candidates, were Cheri Burger, Willa Chick, Shirley Curtice, Janie Droz, Gwen Hill, Pam Jones, Sharon Midyett, Merrily Rowald, and Judi Sihnhold. The judges, who were college affiliated persons, made their selections on the basis of an interview held before the final contest, modeling of formal and day-time attire, and a question concerning dress. Lynn Winter, chairman of the Fashion Board, organized the contest. Other activities sponsored by the AWS included Penny Night, selling balloons at football games, cooperation with AMS in sponsoring a Homecoming dance, revision of the AWS hand- book, and a dress regulations poll which covered a larger sampling of students than any previous poll at CMS. , 4 - ,. Q, K , N . S in .S . 'wrsg-5, . f -+ .:iilg3 . 'S -. N Ten Best Dressed Girls: Gwin Hill, Sharon Midyett, Cheri Gurger, Janice Droz, Willa Chick, Adrienne Sellers, Judi Sihnhold, Merrily Rowald, Pam Jones, and Shirley Curtice. 21 31 sa CMS theatre stages psychological drama ANGEL STREET formerly GASLIGHT by CAST Mr. Manningham .... .... M ichael McNulty Mrs. Manningham ..... .... D orothy Winter Elizabeth ............ ..... J ane Baumann Nancy ..... .... M argaret Beebe Rough ...... ..... E verett Corum Policeman .... .... J ohn Clevenger Policeman . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Lawrence Curry swf gm' .34 1 , f S - ,u ei ffm . fed f Af? WMM vm 4 ff 'Mi df 1 1"l! F222 S 'E' , E I , 1.5 .. ' at fsagf X 1 Q .C ,S . S if xr f -4 ' LQ "Yes, I've wanted you ever since I laid eyes on you," says Nancy, the maid to Mr. Manningham, her employer. Patrick Hamilton Directed by Dr. Arthur T. Tees Produced by Dr. James L. Highlander Promotion by Dr. Glenn Q. Pierce The CMS summer production of "Angel Street" by Patrick Hamilton tells the story of a once attractive woman, who becomes a pawn in her husband's game of deception and murder. Mr. Manningham reasons that if his wife were committed to an asy- lum, he could then search the house for the rubies for which he killed Mrs. Barlow many years earlier. However, Detective Rough sees into Manningham's plans and warns Mrs. Manningham. At first her devotion makes her blind to Rough's warnings. She is later convinced that her husband is guilty when Rough finds the hidden rubies and she discovers that her husband was trying to drive her insane. . Q W 4 L is lx si, ,IW M' my Inspector Rough trims his moustache before curtain time. gras v 4 Maid Nancy watches as Mrs. Manningham applies aging make-up for "Angel Street." Q, Q4 i ln, www A f pixma Wiife Qgviv 3' i' Cf! ' ' wg . L fy 6' , a a , 4 QM, -,. "Razor, what razor?" says Mrs. Manningham to taunt her husband. CMS theatre opens in Hendricks Hall witl Dramatis Personae The Speaker of the Prologue .... A Citizen ..................... His Wife .................... Ralph, his apprentice ....... Venturewell, a merchant ..... Humphrey .................. Merrythought ............. Jasper . . . His sons Michael . . . Tim . . Apprentices George . . Host ................. Tapster ....................... Barber ............................ Luce, Venturewell's Daughter .... Mistress Merrythought . ....... . Woman, Supposed a captive ..... First Man Captive .............. Sir Pockhole .................. Servant ............ . . . . . . Stephen Hutt .........EverettCorum Marilyn Greenfield .............StanHall . . . . . . John Winfrey . . . . John Clevenger ...........BenClay . . Bruce McFadden ......LarryCurry . . . . Neil Johnston .....JeffMoran .......RobertE11er ....'.....StevenSill . . . . . Charles Carter, Jr. . . . . . . Bonnie Reames .......HedyCombs .....KathiBaile . . . . . Bill Whyte . . . . Roger Bindi . . . . Cecil Kester ou, gentlemen, be merry. .........4...,,'. 'M' we 'S W "No longer my prentices, but now my trusty squire and dwarf." "I PPD-Y, 98-S0 me, NSW I-1100, ll-lid Pity Show me-" 24 KNIGHT OF THE BURNING PESTLE F by Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher Production directed by Dr. Glenn Q. Pierce Technical direction by Mr. Michael Corriston Business and Publicity by Dr. Arthur T. Tees Wm fm '52 K Y 1 i i unalp h was the most consolingest, wasn't he, George?" The major fall production "Knight of the Burning Pestle" drew a record number for both tryouts and for the final performance. The p l a y, by Beaumont and Fletcher, pokes fun at the theatre and the audiences of the Eliza- bethian period. It involves the ensuing confusion when spectators of a 16th century play insist upon performing their own play. The sixteenth century ymbol for a gro- cer was a pestle. In the play Ralph, a grocer, is the char- acter that emphasizes the spirit of the period and the cross section of London's people that the Elizabethian theatre entertained. Ask 5 "Forsooth, motherg but I'll have my father's blessing nrst." 25 CMS theatre presents successful drama THE SUBJECT WAS ROSES by First performed on Broadway in 1965, "The Subject Was Roses" captured a Pulitzer Prize and was voted "Best Play of the Year" by New York drama critics. Set in New York after World War II, the story is timeless. Revolving around the Cleary family, the conflict begins with the re- turn of Timmy Cleary after serving in the armed forces. Timmy bursts in upon a marriage that has grown stale. John Cleary feels that his wife and son have formed a team against him, and he is unable to express his love for his family. Nettie Cleary hopes that Timmy's return will bring new life to her marriage, but his departure leaves her marriage unchanged. F. D. Gilroy Directed by-Dr. James L. Highlander Promotion by-Dr. Arthur T. Tees Technical Direction-Michael Corriston CAST John Cleary ..... ............. E verett Corum Nettie Cleary .... ..... M arilyn Greenfield Timmy Cleary ..... .... L awrence Curry John Cleary and his son toast "To the two nicest guys in the house." 26 Q v A vase of roses becomes the symbol of Nettie's futile hope for her marriage. "Why do I bother to bring good coffee in this house?" "You know something, I really believe you're home now fps 5' lee' e Q, X 27 W' , ule marching band exhibits showmanship The Marching Mules, led by Drum Major Dale Card- er, galloped their Way through a busy year. On Octo- ber 20, they entertained a record crowd of over 50,000 at the nationally televised Kansas City Chiefs-Oak- land Raiders game. The Mules also traveled to Mary- ville November 2. Two new concepts were added to the Marching Mules this year. Carl Baxter added verbal spirit to the band as yell leader. Sandy Linn performed as feature twirler. Majorettes were Lorna Shelton, Barbara Dennis, Connie Starr, and Lynn Kirby. Gary Bush acted as senior assistant, Paul Murd as graduate assistant, Miss Suzanne Cote as percussion coach, Mike Rog- ers and Dale Thompson as assistant directors. Mr. Russ Coleman, Director r X ,HX X wi K Q HS " X -K 5 , X N? X is ,Q Q - . " it 1 x S56 ,ff . f K W f XX 'Q f . R3 f X 1 X ff' X X ts 4 ,5 .,.iX. V , x X , it Q - X'-fm, f 'F' 9 X 'RT f at x 5 XX X X S gk K R t Q 'X 5 S x N : fe 5. X I-, K X Lorna Shelton Connie Starr X 3 'f X 5 f F ,gif , , . k 'vi .T g .kk--.. n t I 2 X X X p ESL ' v V Barbara Dennis Lynn Kirby Sandra. Linn, Feature Twirler Dale Carder With a. prophecy of rain in the air, Marching Mule band members watch Maryville game 29 Music department presents comic opera in Utt Recital Hall Benjamin Britten's comic opera "Albert Her- ring," directed by Dr. Daniel Scott, portrays a young man's transformation from a mother- dominated boy to an independent man. Set in Loxford, England, in 1900, the story relates how an autocrat, Lady Billows CAnita May- fieldj, and A1bert's mother fLinda Ottj coerce him into being the toWn's May King. Identified with What is traditionally a girl's role, Albert CDavid Hodgesj rebells. He spends his prize money on drink, becoming the hero of his peers at last. Nancy pours lemonade while her sweetheart, Sid, spikes A1bert's drink. V15w,WWf.M f f 5 30 Albert, the May King, seems disinterested as Emmie presents him with a. gift of flowers 31 in. , is S X RHETOR Queen chosen from twelve CMS coeds Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hanner of Raytown, Mrs. Yvonne Craig Gower of Independence, and Captain Paul Spin of Whiteman Air Force Base, serving as a panel of judges, interviewed twelve lovely queen candi- dates on the afternoon of March 15, in preparation for the selection of the annual RHETOR Queen. The candidates were expected to answer questions concerning not only college life, but also world affairs in their 15-minute interviews. That same evening a formal banquet was held in the Todd Hall private dining room. Again, the candidates were called upon to display man- ners, grace, poise, and quick reactions to previously unseen humor- ous questions. On the evening ofApril 12, the new RHETOR Queen was crowned and reigned over the RHETOR Ball. Karen Mueller Karen B1-oglio Rindy Palmer South Yeater Hall Houts-Hosey H311 Sigma Sigma Sigma Dolores Harshbarger Sally Weatherwax Joyce Edwards Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha. Omicron Pi Alpha Xi Delta Linda. Tunks Janet Bauer Jean Geortler Sigma Kappa Alpha Gamma Delta Delta Zeta 33 FIRST PRINCESS Carol Wisdom Alpha Kappa Lambda SECOND PRINCESS Janet Eggers Nickerson Hall .W ,fry fir ,M mnwly J""'k Lee Hancock, Photographer X f f 2 disqx Oc XOKOQQ afoszxscbs .:,-, mf 3'K',,.-V" or 'ff"'f-,'rf' Y, oooo ,ff sets' .fo .-"' sag ff-Q5, 4 of 3 - f ,- mv be 459 arf. A 5:5 6 .-"' .vS'f? Cynth1a Va.nK1rk Ed1tor and Jim Hoisington, printer, inspect an 1ssue of THE STUDENT 34 mf 'X f STUDENT REPORTERS Bili Bernt Dick Boehner Ed Clark Karen DeMasters Mark McAu1ey Mary Pemberton WA11en Perrin Janice Pohle Pam Schroeder Sam Wmght a if ll , A. 1 if 'VV pi jg A : X TH EATQ THE STUDE T receives three outstanding awards THE STUDENT, a member of the Missouri College News- paper Association and the Columbia Scholastic Press As- sociation, is an official campus publication which is pub- lished weekly, September through August, with the excep- tion of examination periods and holidays. THE STUDENT has received three top awards in the past year: The Kansas City Star Best Newspaper Award, Outstanding Award in the McMurray Newspaper Regional Conference, and a one rating from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Printed in the college Graphic Arts department, THE STU- DENT circulates 8500 copies weekly. Special editions in- clude Homecoming, Parents' Day, and a spring issue sent to all district high school seniors. THE STUDENT features cartoons of campus life, a campus opinion column of cam- pus leaders, and letters to the Editor. Q Denny Jadlot Business Manager, visits a customer. John Inglish and Dave Keil, Associate Editors, debate CMS issues. 35 -RA S+,.1' , QAK Axsx . 44 r new CENTRAL mssoum sinus comzsfg Mel Jenkins, Adviser Don Fagg, Photographer RHETOR STAFF Mickey Bowler Keren Case Icexiiin cole Marvin Kmg' Loniiza Martin Pam Parkhurst Nancy York PHOTOGRAPHERS Cari Davidson Tom Games Make Mmalewch is X g X tw gtg? it Ei 'Q N Km kb ix Sports Editors: Wayne Reinert, Tony Mercurio, and Ray Young. P' ,..f-4-'H' .-.NW Nwxwmw ..- y iori , S Stdieiriibmpson i J Carolyn Crenshaw Editor hurries to meet ayearbook deadline. 36 'Associate Editors: Evelyn Michael and Neil Johnston. 1969 RHETOR features Pertle Springs Sunsets THE RHETOR, the college annual, accented by a gold metal-lay of the college seal, is bound in a textured cover of red with a black rub. Pictures of Pertle Springs, the college recreation area, highlight the 1969 RHETOR. The division pages feature a black-and-White photograph of a sunset over Lake Cena which appears as a four-color reproduction through a special duotone printing process. A four-color reproduction of a transparency of a sunset at Lake Cena used as the end sheets completes the theme of the annual. Selecting pictures of representative campus events, the staff pictorially records the history of a unique year of college life. The last three volumes of THE RHE- TOR have received superior ratings. M4-.., Glen Enloe, Copy Editor. Associate Editors: Gayle Powell, Karen DeMasters, Jean Eidson, and Judy Dehart. 37 'sv-5 QC ' ? ggwil ,ww CMS Prexy Club Prexy Club and Union Cabinet promote variety of campus-wide student interests All presidents and leaders of campus organizations meet once a month at a dinner meeting with Dr. Warren C. Lovinger, president of the college. The Prexy Club, created by Dr. Lovinger, provides chan- nels for better communication and understanding between the administration and student body. Each month the Prexy Club discusses an agenda sug- gested by members and receives announcements of general interest. Leaders then relay information about campus problems and activities to their or- ganizations. To aid students in all aspects of college life the Col- lege Union Cabinet sponsored numerous activities this year. Annual events included an All School Carnival, the Freshman Talent Show, and various Homecoming activities. Yuletide was marked by the C h ri s t m a s formal, and winter term break brought the fourth ski trip to Colorado. The Cabinet also sponsored many dances and indoor sports tour- naments. This year's officers are: Ralph Hodson, presidentg Shay Idel, vice-president, and Marilyn Hageman, secretary-treasurer. College Union Cabinet: Steve Lechner, Sue Norbury, Mary Alice Raser, Rudy Herman, Ralph Hodson, Shay Idel, Marilyn Hageman, Susan Stock, Donna Van Wormer, Tom Gordon, Rindy Palmer, Mr. John Whitehead. Outing Club-The Outing Club's principal ac- tivities were river canoeing and backpacking in the Ozarks. Club members, with faculty chaperones, usually took three or four outings each term, leaving Warrensburg after classes Friday, camping on the trail or stream bank, and returning S u n d a y afternoon. The club owns four canoes, but members furnish their personal gear. Occasional extended between- term trips were organized to other areas. Cav- ing, rock-climbing, and presentations by guest speakers were more infrequent activities. Taking time to relax, Outing Club members sit and enjoy lunch. Organizations stress physical growth PEM Club-PEM Club strives to promote professional- ism and spontaneity through involvement in profession- al and social activities throughout the year. This year physical education majors participated in homecoming, were honored at Dr. Jessie Jutten's Christmas tea, and with the cooperation of their sponsors, Dr. Dorothy Cole- man and Dr. Alphadine Martin, proposed a majors' uni- form change for the coming year. PEM Club executive board plans coming activities. Dolphins-The Dolphin Swim Club consists of about 35 women who are interested in synchronized swimming. During the first few months of the school year, the Dolphins are busy selecting new members, teaching new aquatic stunts, and getting orga- nized for the Dolphin Swim Show. The rest of the year, the Dol phins practice and rehearse the show numbers and prepare cos- tumes and props. The Dophins swam to such numbers as "Hang 'Em High," "Bonanza," and "High Noon" in this spring's show, "How We Won the West Dolphin members practice routine for spring show. Missouri State Recreation Majors Society- Each year the Missouri State Recreation Majors Society sponsors field trips to vari- ous places of interest. They participate in college-wide events like the Hub, Carnival, and Senior Day. Each January they sponsor a campus-wide Summer Job Interview Day for city, park, and camp administrators and others in the field of recreation. Graduating seniors are honored at the annual spring Se- nior Recognition Banquet. Mike MacPherson speaks at Senior Banquet of Recreation Majors So- ciety. 39 Diversity of interest spurs honor clubs il V17 Members of Sigma Zeta quietly await start of initiation ceremonies. Delta Tau Alpha-Delta T a u Alpha is a national honor so- ciety of agriculture students in 21 state colleges throughout the nation. The purpose of the organization i s t o promote scholarship, leadership, and responsibility. The chapter's activities began with the initi- ation of new members. Other activities were the alumni let- ter, the s p e c i a l Christmas meeting at Dr. Quimby's house, attendance at the na- tionalDTAconventionat Springfield, Missouri, the an- nual DTA banquet, and t h e presentation of an award to th e outstanding agriculture freshman and senior students of the 1968-1969 school year. Sponsors w e r e Dr. Milford Quimby and Dr. C e c i l Rich- ardson. Sigma Zeta-Sigma Z e t a encourages and fosters attainment of knowledge in the sciences and recognizes superior achievement in mathematics and sci- ence. Requirements for membership in- clude sophomore standing, 12 semester hours in a physical science or mathe- matics major, a grade-point average of 3.2 in the physical sciences, and a mini- mum overall grade-point average of 3.0. This year's activities included an an- nual Sigma Zeta-Kappa Mu Epsilon banquet in the spring. Special activities this past summer involved students and faculty members in softball games and an all-science swimming party. Serving as officers this year were Charles Liley as president, Clarence Haile as vice- president, Diane Donley as secretary, and Thomas Weaver as t r e a s u r e r. Sponsors were Dr. R. C. Splinter and Dr. J. J. Snoble. Delta Tau Alpha's members meet at Dr. Quimby's home for annual Christmas party. Pi Kappa Delta. member helps student construct debate case. Pi Kappa Delta-A national honorary for forensics, Pi Kappa Delta recognizes proficiency in debate and other forensic activities. Most of the Missouri Eta chapter of Pi Kappa Deltais were debaters, who trav- el over ten thousand miles each year to debate in tournaments. Being varsity debaters, Pi Kap mem- bers were able to help freshman debaters who en- tered the forensic program. Activities included a fall retreat, Halloween and Christmas parties, a spring picnic, and the co-sponsoring of an intercollegiate debate tournament. Officers for the 1968-1969 school year were Steve Smith, president, Kirk Rahm, vice- president, Carol Warman, secretary-treasurer, and Craig Cassing, historian. Pledges enter their names on KME ledger at fall initiation. ,M . Kappa Mu Epsilon-Beta Chapter of Kappa Mu Ep- silon, national honorary mathematics fraternity, sponsors numerous activities for members includ- ing a monthly lecture about mathematics and an unofficial "Math Clubi' for freshmen and students with other majors. A Christmas party and spring banquet are given annually. K a p p a M u Epsilon recognizes the outstanding freshman mathematics student each fall and the outstanding senior mathematics s t u d e n t each spring with the C l au d e H. Brown Mathematics Achievement A W a r d. Club members must have completed three math courses, including two terms of calculus, with a B average. Delta Psi Kappa-As an honorary fraternity for women excelling in their chosen field of physical education, Delta Psi Kappa pro- motes understanding and knowledge, recog- nizes achievement, and provides leadership and service in physical education. Activities included money-making projects in which the women sold victory ribbons and caramel apples fall term. In the spring, they sold cokes at the annual Dolphin Swim show. During the Christmas season, they served as hostesses at the traditional tea for Dr. Jessie Jutten, head of the Women's Physical Edu- cation Department. The h i g h l i g h t of the year's activities was the initiation of new members during winter term. The year came to a close with a spring picnic. A bicycle built for one rides high in Delta Psi Kappais activities. Coeds take active part in honor societies Club members line up for refreshments at Ka Kappa Omicron Phi-Kappa Omicron Phi is a na- tional honorary society for Women majoring or mi- noring in home economics. Membership require- ments include eight semester hours in home eco- nomics, with a grade average ofB in home econom ics and above average standing in other subjects. 0 C . Mg' f O 5 C SH? cn ppa Omicron Phi underclassman party. This year Beta Chapter chose "Beta in Servicew as their program theme. As a special service project they adopted the "big sister" program in which each member helps a local underprivileged girl. Activities i n c l u d e d an underclassman party, Founder's Day, and senior party. la . Alpha Lambda Delta receives new members at fall initiation. CWENS-The Psi chapter of CWENS, a soph- omore women's honorary service organiza- tion, began the 1968-69 school year by acting as 'fbig sisters" to all freshman Women during freshman orientation week. At Christmas time, members of CWENS held a caroling program in the freshman women's dorms. During the spring, freshman women who had shown out- standing leadership abilities and a 3.0 grade- point average were tapped to become members of CWENS and Were formally initiated in May. The officers were C h ri s K l i n g, president, Elaine Warfle, vice-president, Sandy S c o t t, secretary, and P atty Bash, treasurer. Mrs. Alice Gower and Dr. Alice Eliott were the sponsors. amhmm ...Mmm Alpha Lambda Delta-Alpha Lambda Delta is a national honor society for freshman and sopho- more women. Membership is based on grades earned in the freshman year. To be eligible, Wom- en must earn a cumulative grade-point average of 3.5 for the first quarter, the first two quarters, or for the entire freshman year. Those seeking membership must also be working toward a rec- ognized degree and must average ten hours of credit per quarter. Alpha Lambda Delta women pledge to promote a higher standard of learning, to encourage high scholastic achievement, and to develop leadership among the women of CMS. This year's officers were Kathy Robinson, presi- dent, Janice Bump, vice-president, Cindy West, secretary, and Marte Zimmerman, treasurer. CWENS huddle about their sponsor at a recent Christmas reading. . A N Q f-49" Alpha Phi Delta members make plans for fall initiation. ws. 2 43 Alpha Phi Delta-The Beta chapter of Alpha Phi Delta began the 1968-69 school year with a member- ship of over 120 women students. To become a mem- ber of this honor sorority a woman student must be enrolled at CMS for at least two terms, have 30 se- mester hours credit, and have a grade-point aver- age of 3.25. Leadership and good personality are im- portant qualities for new members. Included in this year's activities were the sponsorship of a scholar- ship for a CMS coed, initiation during each term, and a spring party in the Union Ballroom to honor freshman women who have a 3.0 grade-point aver- age. The officers heading Alpha Phi Delta this year were Eddie Kay Foote, president, Novella Ott, vice- president, Cathey Kitley, secretary, and Loxie Cod- dington, treasurer. The women of Beta Chapter were sponsored by Dr. Laura Nahm. rganizations create additional interest to chosen fields Campus Veterans Association-Th e Campus Veterans Association, a social and service or- ganization, was reactivated at CMS in 1968. Club m e m b e r s participated in intramural sports, College Union Quiz Bowl, and an annual spring banquet and dance. Building playground equipment for the Warrensburg State School for the Mentally Retarded and cleaning up the old courthouse were service projects initiated last spring. CVA sponsored a bill for open housing for veterans that was approved by Dr. Lovinger for fall term 1968. "No Time for Sergeantsj' the CVA Homecoming float, took third place in the non-Greek competition. A Memorial Day ser- vice in the Alumni Chapel, a booth at the All- School Carnival, and displays in the College Union at various times completed the activities for the year. . W ' , I School Carnival prize is displayed by Ag Club members. ,.o0 CVA members aid students in filling out draft deferments. Agriculture Club-The Agriculture Club is an edu- cational and social organization that promotes the s t u d y of agriculture. The o n l y requirement for membership is enrollment in agriculture. The Ag Club activities included a fall get-acquainted meet- ing at the college farm, the school carnival "Pencil for a Penny" booth, a turkey shoot at the college farm, the annual spring clean-up day at the college farm, and the annual spring banquet. Their "Mutiny on the Bounty" float won first place in Homecoming competition. This year's sponsors were Dr. Albert Waite and Mr. Harold Van Cleave. Area fowl life is study topic at Biology Club meeting. t . , a r"""ie """ 44 Sigma Alpha Eta-Sigma Alpha Eta, a national professional fraternity, is an organization for students in the curric- ulum of speech correction and audiol- ogy. M e m b e r s of the Delta Epsilon chapter meet once each month to hear speakers, discussions, and reports con- cerning the problems and disorders of human communication. Officers of Sig- ma Alpha Eta include Dan Cummings, president, Peg Willenbring, vice-presi- dent, Carole Vickery, secretary, and Adele Schlather, treasurer. They have led the chapter this year in planning the installation of key members and the an- nual meeting of the American Speech and Hearing Association. Public Relations Society members discuss recent field trip. Biology Club-Biology C 1 u b members participated in such activities this year as seminars g iv e n by professors., and stu- dents, t r i p s to the Botanical Gardens in St. Louis, Wildlife observations at Montrose Wild- life R e fu g e, and scavenger hunts by canoe. A semi-month- ly paper kept all members up on the latest club events. This year's officers were Randy Bol- linger, president, T o m Court- ney, vice-president, B o n ni e Dunn, recording secretary, Jan Kelly, secretary editor, and Bill Story, treasurer. Colhecon rn e m b e r s adorn tree at Christmas party. Sigma Alpha Eta members enjoy an informal Christmas-time discussion. Public Relations Society-The CMS Pub- lic Relations Society, a local organization of public relations majors and minors, be- came a student affiliate chapter of the Public Relations Society of America, a national professional organization in Oc- tober, 1968. Under its new name the or- ganization provides a source of informa- tion concerning public relations outside of the classroom. In addition to monthly meetings which featured speakers from the public relations profession, the society took s e v e r al field trips this year. Mr. Robert Kendall was this year's sponsor. Colhecon-C o l h e c o n, the home economics club on the CMS campus, is open' to all home economics majors and minors. Activities of Colhec- on included bake sales, cook- book s a l e s, philanthropic projects, special programs of interest to members as Well as non-members, Christmas p r o g r a m and the annual spring banquet. This year's sponsors Were Mrs. Georgia Sewell and Dr. Charleen Varner. 1 A V Q . ' .5-,A nf My 6 R, , , gf, ul mf W2 Jai , W.,-J. . ,H M QM, 1 X . -I My ,,4 1? 3 Qg,f 1 A , KY iii 1 A.-rf Q .JM ' Il . ZW' W ,j ww.- mf Za ,Uh 'Ng1wg7'ww '1 . 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'ff f - ' L' 5' 1' 'HY-i' . .""" fq, vw '-.- f.. -, 'Gi Jw 'W MQ' 5AWfw.f'N'1:L' '1 . . v 7' 4552 7' S12 +,,fa,ex2 5.4 1 .mg,,..:i.f"?Vl'+" S ,flu -H 4 ,qpxxw fiifffmsi "F +253?.gV'mfiMQi1WJ.l?f?'119iXgMtv1gJ-f.H- w, A1-L" J. W'..-,w1m.lf.g"'.'hf'MfS..11:,g.,. ,. .,5,,A f .51 .. gf-f 5+ , 2'fr?ig,q.?.F..??'2.i?r.fZ-f Pi ., Wja.2M'QA'.:.'...E,E.?SF.-MQEHSYHQ w'.w vf:,,:fg9gj.54vfwixgvwifwl Mjgym.. - ,+, a M Q Q' . 7 A W , r' :f1+H2.f.4.f'2.-'fi '15 .fm PV-.W-'JSGEJ J .- g f H-?.."'!w sd.. . '!. "L .' ' W ' , ' .4'Jwy Mdfr?vi". I -.WyL.Qf W" .JXN.-K! X'-'W .QM Miiwfw. Q s A - A 'Y -.ff 'mar5f'f-mi: ' ..,xf,F? -3, . ,W il:-s 'wmv'-f.,',f. '1 .. ig W H ' X ' X .' 4 ? C 7Wjf? W"Q-.e ': ' ., . 1 H -. . . ...wr -M 11,1 . ..+ f.w.f' 'Www Qi- -.wr S w- ,. ..f.'x.- gm. .-. H.. '. M., lm- , Y .K - -...wl -. vw- A . vw QQ. ..w.-:HW .pw ff-'ww '....-fu. 'P 4'-is mf, - . ' ..... ., ,.....,..,,.qe, nor . , .. ... . , 1 ,,...... ..,, , , .MW .. .1 f . , . M. ,vw . uf, ,.. gQ..,..,,.,, ff' wg. -W. 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Msg.. 1 , -W. ..f,....,,w.m'.,.W '.:f,W.4.,gfa, .- .2 .q..g4f ia. .'':.g'fr'feb f - - I f.. ' - . . , ww. A W.. 'N " 's.,.4:.rmFf.-w..He..':.F...:A1.!f+fis.rh , :fw..., p 7 ffm.,1.'...,..,. . JA. ' f' . - . .1-A . V . "www .MW - Q, -'-..4, Gui, . --...fwgr . rl 'ffffqg-.'..g.:.i,Q . 1 , K . . : . ' . K -. , ' ' 'b'f"fgng5ff- ""-w-1-fQ,N R 1. : . g2Ef'f:.?:x:,. 'ff,'f.-..1K2:'Mi'kv .4 427 . , , 1. f yr, - .X .A . . Y - U :fry K ' A.'i+------WW . r A . , . A . ' - f fig... ., . -. - . 2 , 4' ,W v -- ,, , 1 1 f.ff.'f'.f' qw5zygu5,:-x.dg:wgf,W2,f4'..1..yy 'L ,g j1. . ,.. wf M, m ia,-I...,5.. .f?59., . 1441, ,. ' f J , K j ' .2 fa W .f'1f1Igf'f" -gfwf .X -A , f'41'f".'A- 'S SW-' 'Y Mui ' ' 'fi '. . 4- X F- T. " . f A ' . P ' ' 1 . Y -' .ffMrvyysv-,fam-,gsiyg,nff".-.ff::fx,'"3r,v,-f,4-f.iYf.,:ww5nH.2e.,firms1-immrw-'X 'b:4H",.f511Q.. .51-'wdgfr 1 Q- 3 .. .nw H . . :WvW.mW2L'fWwQW.W.rQ1.ww- ' .mv ..g:Jeie'Xw-X2..f1fff . 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W... ,....,,5.,.,,.,,,,5.. , , 4" --'e.:...f11-W. .L-L-.LV Q, 3 .. . ,..,::f..: zz. 1 ' V " ww Y W :1'T5E1'3" fm: . x, , ' " .3....,.iag.5, 4. g . K 'N"f'Kwf. .,:'2,f2,' .v. .,,.,.. 'MQ .-, ' . , 'W--ws-,f'1.." w. " " ' 1 1 A' '-1g:.Wv. . Social activities unified by councils Providing the channels of communi- cation between Greek sororities and fraternities, Panhellenic Council and Inter-Fraternity Council opened for- mal rush with coketail parties and coffees. Greek activities included Homecoming floats and house decor- ations and Christmas service proj- ects. All Greeks ended the year by joining in the activities of Greek Week. ff Lynda Bill Connie Bogzess 7 ':'i , fi PANHELLENIC ?a5"'15""k vvi'i r ' sv COUNCIL u a. roo s E 1: , Linda Craig " ' W Karen Giberso Mimi Gonser Connie Heins Linda Kedigh Judy Leeper Pat Littrell Jamie McKinney Donna Miller Fran Morgan Vicki O'Dell if 'AAA " I "A' my Pow-11 1 , Vvhriii Linda Pursley Av I , Fran Ramacca ' X 1 1' Carolyn Rogers h Barb Roseboom g Y ' Sandy Scott - ii" 4 Shirley Steadman H ,,..A AIV. i Q, :A,,1 Lin winner 3 Ei AV ' 'i'i Panhellenic Hall Serving as Panhellenic Council offi- cers were Vicki O'Dell, presidentg Linda Bill, vice-presidentg Sarita Bra- mer, treasurer, Julia Brooks, corre- sponding secretaryg and Carolyn Rog- ers, recording secretary. Serving as Inter-Fraternity Council officers were Ron Baker, president, Ron Trout, vice-presidentg Bob Larivee, secre- tary, and Ron Culp, treasurer. -I f' I VA., V W , I 1, J W l'-"1-In-gt Y Q 'T' ' .MX ,X..XwX.X.e,, -. -X a K X-K - .XXX X K'f'X5ff"?"'?fT'ff'KRKNm - --.,X.,,.llXXX ,. U, XX- .. 4 K K - 'W ,WM .. X . KK X S + - K- K v--- - X .X . - -- - K K . K KK K ' K . 15- I IN il X ,X Xe -K1 K K K K- f . ..., H . H XX , X X .x K .' X K. K X :.X: ".'Xi . l fzl lfXsXffi3X J U. i XT:--'XX-i ,.- ..,. X ' K-5 K' Qlfy ,Sw e X X K S KK 2 iii? - -lg-.Lf --pq -A X K A A . . L. .. 1 -gf-f--X-.-K S xi-Wie . .. ..... .. . . - .X . - -Q-X K f KK-'1-,exifsz-Gig-Sim?--.'2i Kr--fl-S-il-E'iEHXfKXQf:i1iEi2?i3X 'ii ..X..X. 4 K -' ' KX- - - lX:XfXXffVf5-H. li:-35W if 5593 . - i ' Q X KK K X . X Y"' 5 KK ' f X N . K' - . . W . K K . -K - r 5 X . . - K X . - '--k -- TWXQXSSSX. .. . . i . KK . 1. KK glam' -Ki '- K. - 2. 1.. i ' - X . -. .. - -. K - - ' KK -We PEL-1 -. K . 4 .. K - -. . . 'K :rr-W XX- .,.. -. X. - X f i KK K ' KK K . K - - .Kg K - 5 K X . X. . L as X.. . L .. S. H - - .. - . .-.. . X , , . 3 ... ,'-v-Sf www S . V 15.15 -5, -:-'L' K: NNN X-- .V NX ,W -X Q. 111 K -,.:.- - XX--. A gp: ,QV - , 5. c My .. - - .- - :L A .1 li X. . - . K .X K K -Km--1-K -KT ,. -f N- - XX X7-X1fK1"5 -: :JKQKV -1 .- .M - - - .ez X - X W- X X X -- X wi-Q-9-l -- .. . ' V .. - X X -- -. ..X,X 1 -.X ---- K A - W- Lg .. zXXcxpf1Wee---X:-X:::lXX f--k.k..M,X .MX .. Wigg x gg: Z". eww.--+ -X--W-ieX.,... X X - ---- V -.W X... , XX..... X . ..., XXXX X.X.. - A or ,X . - X- A X A E-l SXX X X X f X XX -E X .ff . . - A S EK - S KQ ' -- -- 'f K- Rise , f .I ' X K ,X KK I S" - o sf, X . . K K -2- - N A -Q ' -X. - fi Ron Baker Gary Beeny Glen Beste Richard Blowers Walt Brownsherger Kirk Chapman Ron Culp Mike DeJanes Vance DeLozier in Q... SX r Y 49 Fraternity Hall INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL Kent Eisler Fred Elmore Randy Emery John Fay John Frerking Howard Gross William Healey Lonnie Hill Tom Hudson Denny J adlot Ron J anota Leon Kemp! Bob Lax-rice Frank Lewis Steve Lindstrom Roger McFall David Meyer Roger Meyer Dick Myers David Morris Greg Onstot Randy Ottinger J. W. Page Burnele Powell Bill Reese Tom Sibert Gary Signor David Sloan J ack Smelser Gary VanMater Rick Williams David Wyatt Mary Bushie Carol Cook Sandy Craghead Cheryl Darnell Chyree Darnell Sue Dennis Paula Duncan Pat Franklin Bonnie George Pat Giedinghagen Mary Jane Grisham Nancy Hansel Karen Haynes Susan Herndon Wanda Jewell Kay Kinsey Lorraine Klemme Pat Littrell Bev Logeman Derith Massey Michele Mueller Carolyn Palmer Sara Price Fran Ramacca Sue Rehkopf Betta Renzelman Tina Ribowsky Cindy Richmond Sharon Stout Kristine Sturm Barbara Yoder Linda Zieber Janice Dobson President Marsha Raymond Vice-President Bw-I 'WQ555' i'w'l"'l.1. Connie Pam Reynold Secretary Fran Aselage Sue Barnett Janet Bauer Vicki Beck Kathy Bloemke Julia Brooks 50 Jackson Treasurer X N X sf' ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Epsilon Lambda chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta returned to school having won the Achievement Award and a fourth-place Scholarship Tray from among one hundred chapters at its International Convention held during the summer. Various ac- tivities throughout the year included Christmas projects, a Winter formal, teas, picnics, and philan- thropic projects. ,nu Alpha Gamma De1ta's participated in campus or- ganizations including Association ofWomen Stu- dents, CWENS, Student Government Association, Tassels, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Union committees, and cheerleading. Faculty sponsors were Miss Marian Lesher, Mrs. Marilyn Enwright, Mrs. Margaret Lyon, and Miss Flor- ence Young. Alpha Gamma De1ta's "Pinnochio" wasn't lying when he predicted our victory. ,, 10 Qejsi 1 ifiif J Q Geniece Clawson President Jennifer Alderson Linda Becker Sue Bethge Barbara Bonnichsen ff-'N f ZZ! ff, . .. ? J 1 Ann Colvin Vice-President K j L-.. K as Karen Brochelmeyer Secretary ff f f 4 fic Y r ' " 4 Wm r ff ,A Q! SK, I 1 Z Y 1 Sue Clay Treasurer 15 ., 5, Sorita. Brammer g Ruth Brochelmeyer J' K ,H Gayle Browns Q 4' Q 1 Barbara Cooper A o,"' , Dottie Famuliner Carol Fick Vicki Gladish Mary Grabau Paula Green Karen Haller Kendra I-Iardine Cly Denna Hargis Connie Heins Quinetta Katemann Lynn Kirby Kathie Lewis Jamie McKinney Cheryl Medlin Jane Parker Gayle Rose WW V 1 , ' 1 ' 5' fa no ,, A ,ag Z f , ,H M f V N, V 4 ,, 'W J" 3 'K W, J,,, ww 41? 4' Q: WK Q ew' V ' ",, f',7 , ' " ' g I W' 1- 'K 1K fi Zi f fa, , 15 , , A, 5' 1 2 ' ,. an n aw J W 2 if? ,,,. ,Ri- if 52 vm "" V' ef 1, V 1 Sl va ALPHA OMICRO PI Delta Pi chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi chose Linn Taylor as its Homecoming Queen candidate and the chapter's float told "A Tale of Two Citiesf' A luncheon was given for parents, guests, and alum- nae. In December, tradition was continued with Christmas stockings for the Higginsville School for Boys and the annual Founder's Day Banquet. , ' i f : , k gg , . X X, ' Sf. T X' . X im -gi.. . I E it X s During the year, AOPi,s have been active in CWENS, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, AWS, Union Cabinet, Honors Club, Tassels, State Recreation Associa- tion, Who's Who, and various organizations for majors and minors. Alpha Omicron Piis three sponsors for 1968-69 were Mrs. Bernice Delaney, Miss Mary Scott, and Dr. Bessie Elliott. .win 1- Pat Six Marcianna Smith Margie Sneed Linn Taylor Marilyn Wai-ford :Haag X .,,, . Sally Weatherwax Margaret Willenbring Pat Willenbring Q g t fx .wr Q Q Si KKK ,,,M,s-sg-A A Karen Wood "A Tale of Two Cities" is given a new twist as AOPi makes best ofa cutting situation. 53 Kathy Bruch Margot Campbell Tami Constant Bonnie Draper Linda Ellmaker Ginger Gardener Mary Gillison Alicia Groh Marilyn Hancock Barbara Huyck Linda Kedigh Sue Kraft Diane Lederer Sheri McIntosh Susan Mendenhall Kay Michael Janet O'Brian Martha Pendergast Jane Petersen Judy Petty Bonnie Philbrick Janice Pohle Judy Radke Valerie Rice Marcia Rimmer Sandie Roland Sandy Scott Patty Shea Janice Taylor Sandy Tennyson Glenda Turner Molly Whitman 5 A f Q- 1 3, 1 I ms, -32 Q2 it A aa Jayne Cortner President ,mfs Vicki O'Del1 Vice-President ,A Z, XY ' of- U f f ji Vw Donna Bray Ann Ruppel Secretary Treasurer Debbie Bates Karen Bodenhamer Anita Boles -,L is s. Bonnie Bruce Q'- N-X . .- 4 F "fa R' KN!! N X DN, , G: K N.. eg, efiffkwwf f it f vu 'VII ix f ki , ' ' 1. 151 X ee + X , X! we 1 " SQL, . E J i X X X - eeet 'try X 'sv ft Q ' --. ' ,QR use fl- 1, -fy, f -lf. frxiix , it is A 54 6 ,, K 1 af- 'W' L I I J Q, . I 'S vfs' Q., ! K Nw A X N , - V I ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Alpha Sigma Alpha launched the year with full participation in Homecoming activities. Three queen candidates, Miss Margot Campbell, Miss Anita Boals, and Miss Diane Lederer, represented the Alpha's. Their float, "Alpha's in Winnerlandj' received honorable mention. Alpha's hosted a Christmas party for underprivileged children, Sweetheart Formal, and Founder's Day. Alpha's participated in activities including AWS, CWENS, SGA, Delta Psi Kappa, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Who's Who, and varsity cheerleading. Faculty sponsors for Zeta Zeta chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha this year were Dr. Jesse Jutten, Dr. Katherine Moroney, Dr. Velma Taylor, and Dr. Charleen Varner. A trip into fantasy and a prediction of victory headline Alpha's float, "Alpha's in Winnerlandf' Paula Adams Ruthie Cornwell Linda Craig Sharon Eaton Arlene Guidali Dolores Harshbarger Janet Hawley Patti Klug Judy Leeper Mary Miller Kathy Mohr Fran Morgan Lynn Morse Gayle Nicklas Rosemary Scholl Karen Smith Carol Trautwein Marianne Turner Barbara Welch Judy Zaun Marty Mitchell Vice-President Doris Kirchner Secretary ALPHA SIGMA T U Alpha Sigma Tau began the 1968-69 school year by winning second place in the TKE-Tri 500 and building their Homecoming float, "The Queen Ruthie." Activities included a Christmas project of distributing stuffed animals to children in the Warrensburg area. The pledges gathered school supplies for Pine Mountain Settlement School, and adopted a boy in India. AST,s participated in AWS, SNEA, CWENS, Judi ciary Board, Union Cabinet Committee, Profes sional Art Organization, extra-mural hockey, the atre productions, choir, Delta Psi Kappa, Beta Be ta Beta, Kappa Delta. Sponsors for Alpha Nu chap ter were Miss Martha Egelston, Mrs. Bertha Hop kins, and Mrs. Prosochik. With a touch ofhold Mississippi, Alpha Sigma Tau's float chugs down the path of victory. Margie Coleman President Linda Goodhue Vice-President Linda Louise Hormack Albright Secretary Treasurer il' I x X af 4 -. Q I Connie Boggess Debbie Brown Alice Burrow Karen Caldwell Diane Cassity Karen Chapman Patty Craig Sue Daniells Joyce Edwards Becky Frownfelter Joyce Halsey Karen Harbison Kelly Kidney Carole Kidwell Sharon Kidwell Kathie Kraus Pat Marr Connie Mayo Candy Milan Mal N eri Pat N ewlon Trudy Ostmann Duffy Paxton Pat Phillips Margie Quesnel Barb Roseboom Dawn Roseboom Myra Tadlock Sandy Tucker Kathy Valentik Shirley Watson Kathie Weller 19 si 58 . gl it t X . 'lx 3 195: ALPHA XI DELT Chartered as a local sorority on campus in the spring of 1968, Theta Sigma Nu became Epsilon Tau colony of Alpha Xi Delta national sorority on May 18, 1968. Installment ceremonies for the pledged chapter were held on January 31, 1969. Al- pha Xiis captured second place Homecoming float honors with "Winnie the Pooh", and placed third in the TKE Tri-500. Members of Alpha Xi Delta also participated in many campus activities such as Student National Education Association, Association of Women Students Judiciary Board, THE STUDENT, Wo- menls Recreation Association, Newman Club, and athletic events. Sponsors for Epsilon Tau chapter were Miss Shirley Lininger, Miss Suzanne Cote, and Dr. Nancy Walters. wi as ' -Mgt. XX '1 Alpha Xi Delta's second place winner, "Winnie the Pooh", sees a honey ofa win for CMSC. Clara Baker Rita Baker Linda. Clay Diane Crawford Dale Durkin Janet Eisler Patti Handle Pam Hankins Gwen Hill Suzette Holland Pam Leachman Becky Liringis Becky Lyon Melissa McClain Charlotte Meares Donna Miller Anita Moix Dee Patten Jeanie Pummill Barbara Randel Hazel Rector Carolyn Rogers Sandy Rogers Raymona Rohlfing Kathy Schanauer Kathy Shaeron Shirley Steadman Tae Strernke Leslie Turner Cheryl Wahrenbrock Shirley Ward Jennifer Watson L IWEM . DELTA ZETA Epsilon Gamma chapter of Delta Zeta launched their Homecoming activities with a mum sale which financed an international student on cam- pus. Their "Betty Crocker's Cookbook" float cap- tured first place. Other activities included an an- nual Steak Fry, Founder's Day, Christmas party for underprivileged children, Rose and Green Ball and Parents' Day banquet. Delta Zeta's served in CWENS, Who's Who A- mong Students, Association of Women Students, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Delta, Student Govern- ment Association, Student National Education Association and Grappelettes. Sponsoring Delta Zeta this year were Mrs. Louise Mayfield, Miss Kathryn Baker, Mrs. Louise Sims and Miss Betty Elgin. BETTY iw X DZ's capture first place with a "Betty Crocker Cookbook" recipe for creamed Bulldogs. Debbie Harryman Marsha Herndon Jacquelyn Higbee Meta Hoemeke Shay Idel Chris Kling Carol Marcks Helen Miller Paula Mills Peggie Mills Daphne Nissen Joy Felton Chris RePinec Jo Elayne Shively Belinda Smith Barbara Stone Linda Tunks Carole Vickery Elaine Warfle Kathy Weeks Patty Weiss Lin Winter Carol Wisdom Kathleen Zacha A 4 I Amin, Zyl' . 1 I ' ', M Q. 4. ' , ' hs' l., - ' ,, A Diane '4- 1 f Zi Q um- , M M Mona 1' Nancy Janet Smith Alexander Vice-President Barnhouse Schoeperkoettel President Secretary Treasurer Nancy-Ray Axton Patty Bash Susan Belt , . ,, , , ,Wm , I ,,., we f Jane Bennett Jacque Bertz Myra Best f .- P09 45, Lynda Bill ' Joan Boatwright Gayle Caldwell Cynthia Cedeno Shirley Curtice Diane Dyer Karen Elliott Susan Ellis Beth Fuchs Jan Goetz Mimi Gonser Shirley Gustafson f 'JL 2? if , rnrr M r K I i ' K ,: ft 'iv ,'i"i I 'ii:i" 7 . T i ' 5- 4 f ' LV ,V ,Mg , mg , ff f -1 4 y y, W W 42 g f 'EAAF L . ,.11E - , ,ff Z , 'V fir? r . . V 4 f s , . f W 1 A6 'l ' B sn nnn, an , ,Eff ' ? , do 4 If ,,,, 6 ,,,..-.,v , , at , f f' 1 H, ,M v , V .M if 1 W . J ,,., 62 Y in W f 3 if 4 if ea 5 H, 4' .7 I 'O if ,av 4 ea' fa I7 , Y ,, ,, X ff 4+ ff 2,4 ff y ar. , 1 'O 'fi BOQ " '42, . 77 M l gif as W 3-Q 33- V fi ' yan, M, ar : ,.V., , VG V ,,,,, W ff! ,,, :W ,Q fyf, 9 , , , llll f W e Q, 23 1- Wg: f I My , M 1 ' f Y -W' 411. ' Q -fg V , -P aj f ., 3? 1' uw 1, . . as R r 1 11 W Ks X 1 A N I l , Tig: SIGMA KAPPA It was "Victory with Vickery" as Carole Vickery, a member of Delta Eta chapter of Sigma Kappa, became CMS Homecoming Queen for 1968. This year Sig Kap's philanthropy program included the sponsoring of a foster child in Greece, assist- ing their national sorority philanthropies, enter- taining underprivileged children, and collecting for UNICEF. Other highlights of the year were the visits of their national sorority president and a national rush chairman. Sig Kaps were also active in SNEA, AWS, ACE, CWENS, Phi Eta Lambda, Al- pha Phi Delta, Alpha Lambda Delta, Sigma Alpha Eta, Kappa Delta Pi, and Union Cabinet. Sponsors were Mrs. Berniece Craig, Miss Elizabeth Engle, and Miss Eleanor Shockey. '5- Sigma Kappa's "Hansel and Gretel" gave a taste of the future and the savor of victory. Vicki Davy Lesley Easterday Laurie Estes Janet Fimple Chris Geer Karen Giberson Q , ,W Marilyn Bievenue W Cindy Boyd ' Barbara Brauninger , Doris Cantwell Q A Janelle Clark f ' fl , Judy Brown ga' ' Vw Sue Calvert ' V eg ff - v X 1 6 17 Y' Mary Ann Gibson Sue Grinnell Rosemary Hale Kathi Heavelon , ,I I V,gV, Penny Jackson ' Mary Lynn McGuire ' Juliana Miller Billie Jo McGrew , , 4 ' , 1 'W . 4' f f Gay Morsinkhoff Carcl Mueller ' ' ""' . :ll Q., Rindy Palmer ,Q ,A in ,Q "!' I Judy Powell '. ' ' , Mary Lan Powers V9 K I Linda Pursley Q A I Marcia Quear . 'W' 3 Bonnie Reames H W Nicki Reppeteau I Patty Robb Marty Rowles Vicki Travis Sue Walters Sharon Waterfield Jana Wealand Donnis Wheatley Susan Wilson l A fe ,Z fn s,i,, , , , eff. 'f ,Q ia 'in' 4.- 1- "I Willa Chick President Q 1 'Wulf- ' -Q T 5' , Qi' Q., . 2, ,Q - 64 , S ' W Q2 ww ,W 5 ..lA M J , I Y if Debbie Harris Secretary Ruthie Moccia Vice-President I l , ,,,: Z ,V . 5 ff J fe ' Z. ' " H! J fi? , J gif, .1 Q.. fr N. I ' V gv, ' J lll t or 'Hr H M sf 0 4 45" f A ,k,, M f ' N 'P' .., ,' "r'i " ' Q ' iffy 2' ,V f ,, M , M if Alene Eudaley lf s Q . -Q-W. k.. M 5155.554 f is .-as Treasurer 3 W i 14 gl 3 I ii. as X I we SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA The Nu chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma began a successful season by capturing third place with its Homecoming float, "Casino Royale." Sigmas also gained recognition for costume originality in the TKE Tri-Five Hundred. Proceeds from the an- nual Purple Pit Dance were given to North Caro- lina Memorial Hospital. A Christmas party was given with TKE. The Sigmas participated in CWENS, Who's Who, debate tournaments, union committees and per- formance group, athletic events, cheerleading, Al- pha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, and Alpha Phi Delta. The Sigmas ended the year with spring pledge projects. Sponsors of Sigma Sigma Sigma Were Mrs. Evelyn Runyon, Dr. Eleanor Tubbs, and Mrs. Nina Devenny. Tri Sig's take third-place honors as their "Casino Royale" favors the Mules 100 to 1. Richard Blowers President Ns..- X Steve Danner Vice-President Richard Lanoue Sec re tary David Morris Treasurer .r ,. of xl Ni X -,R ,N N ik :., . . R in 4. if Q N David Feller Jim Gaines Jim Grinter Bob Hagerman Carl Matthews Ron Miller Bob Burgert Ray Endicott -.avr Jim Newman Terry Penrose Bill Reese Mike Reeser Al Roeslar Steve Taylor Mike Wegeng Jerry Williams 'wk gf NAN f'i4.x 66 ACACIA A charter member ofthe Inter-Fraternity Council, Acacia is in its eleventh year on campus. Once again this fall Acacia supported the Mules both at home and away. This spirit was recognized in a personal letter from Coach Howard Mahanes. Other notable events during the year were the White Rabbit dance, the Fraternity dinner, and New Yearis Bash. During the year they published the Acacia Calen- dar of Events. The Mona Lisa Pizza Inn provided the funds for the Nite on the Nile costume party. Acacia's advisors were Mr. Clarence Pearce and Mr. Ron Roberts. As the year ended, the chapter's sponsors, Mr. Olin Frazier and Dr. Riley Pittman, were honored at the Acacia Week-end and spring formal. A Acacia's go for an afternoon jog at Pertle Springs as a CMS mascot lopes along beside. Mark Davidson Alan Eaton Dale Feitz Mike Finley Don Feitz Mike Finley Terry Fisher 'QQ , ,N fs.. ,f J W f ff mf , A X4 L 'V 'fan Dick Myers Rick Williams Jim LaRue Rudy Herman President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer 'Y 1, X " j k A 4-vs ' 1 Wayne Armstrong f' Q , If, , F ,K Joe Bedwell f V'i'h V ll 5 uf 52 n 2 V ,,l. i Bob Buck 'H ' A V ,, Charles Collins i- :Q iq by 'f , X W H Bill Copple ' I " j 'f"' ""' Dennis Costigan , f g , ' t In '2-' I if Q - ,gfprw g ' , I, X AA X , f ' ,, f, , w,W: V,,V "1 g f, ffe'A2:f2,:Q,,g 1 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA This year marked the twelfth year since the estab- lishment of Sigma chapter of Alpha Kappa Lamb- da. The fraternity heightened homecoming festiv- ities with an aerial display of Mule Spirit. The Girl Scout cabin in Warrensburg became AKL's fall chapter project. The cabin was reconditioned and the grounds were vastly improved by the fra- ternity. The AKL's excelled in intramural sports, with the 1968 all-school basketball championship and two all-school wrestlers. AKL's were also active in the College Union Activities Board, Union Cabi- net Committees, SGA and KFC. The chapter spon- sors are Dr. Lyle Beaver, Mr. Frederick Bock, Dr. David Castaner, and Coach Howard Mahanes. -sv Steve Fisher Lee Gardner Andy Gililland .,-,.. x wi W Q- Q.. -L-f Jerry Keisel Gary Keisker Randy Koons Gary Layton Steve Lechner Steve Lindstrom Don Lock Tom Mertensmeyer Burt Messick Phil Meyer Mike Muldoon Paul Schoenenberger Jim Simmons Tim Smith Tom Smith Dick Summers Marvin Swanson Jim Vanek Lance Ward Dick Wilson Galen Young Q M, K Ji A. L, ri TT ,, ,W ,Tf :wr , T, T ,i , -T ,,,fl,rw. , .fw'JffT T? ., A it a -A Tm, ,, QQ:-vzfffx, ,3r'fTfi2yv V 'ifar ffflglff ff- I in-fn, , yT1i,fTp V , , m, I . . TgaT'2w,'2?Wzg,ff.2,w, ,,', , 'wr-31fT:ry'Tf'1,'fwfffm.Tw , AT ,p,'fTiTTf, fT,L,T-V , ,V gawfssmy, T, - T, ,,,,- , T , TT 1' f , Tr' at . T T ,Tj A w -Jw, ,pi ,iw 'f', 4T,T,' fr T 7T5iY",, :MM If ' y. ' " 'f 'drift' V, iii ,' T, La ,fw+T,- M- H - T'i"f'zf'TY ww' f'f'TtQ, , 13' 'pujt' ,Tw H1471 W' LQQZ iff' 7l,vh'Lf,'5r "!T"l,ff4C -'Y-, 1" 1-A147 Li, ,f rf - fi "" 'J T- 'T W "T,,,zQS-5fWf'TSf??'f fr i .2 TT "" wT ,f f .::. w w I , frza, . T T T n.: 'T ft T, A 1-ian-'fv,'l'T,T' 'Y 14,wTxfTfT4f, wAT,,'rrfw-lr w,:'?,lT,f fa 'E2T:?'?ef2Tz 'ver-MM r?'w1fww,,TafTnTw T' steal.-429 ,' , , A , A"" f?iafW ' T ., Y, ' T E, Y W ' i f i,,' "-' ,T Typ, 5 T 5 ' ff , , , ., V, I , 4 ,TW ... A 4 4 T ,L ,, ,L ,. Q gQi4Jf f - .7 ,a,,-an ST H A f - sa. i. if wx, me ny, V n n f ,T f T T ,sln T 'ffl f ! i on A nnrl TT T T P rtrrr h f A at , ,rre , T T T A TT Mm- ,QTT A ,n , , . gf . iii-2?ff, f Tl . ff 2 ? 1 HSN? ' W Tf if ' T , ,Tix if Ja 93-V L, -1 fr .. ,.- 7? . T rf, Mgr- ,4 ,,,T ,M awwwftfT?wc9aWfwiw-were .Twg,Mm2',?3 Tw 'vf,q4gtfTgijg,5fw5w3a?i,g23ai .T- ,- me egg' f , ,, H VT r f f ri ,,. T, ,, . - J. g f ,T, ,T - -If pr, f TW 151, 5, ,, fm ,,zfTTff:, Mfg, T7 A, aw' g,fgf,J,gfT TT, ffm f H,fTr I gygiiiffgbaw-Jgg4Q'f?f , 9 ff - -1 E st zu 77 1- -T M gf .W K ff Zi p , Tmfhgf + ya ,Y K L , T V, -- Tw , f f? 4 -Z5 fi ff , Z if 4 f f ,Z . 4, 551-, , z gg TT L T. , 5, A- V f-,rr fi M, ,L -y, T, J , fy J ww, ,, 5 , I f,,, ,wr , f Tw V, ,K , A W ,M V, v U if- ,fa i ff, ,A 2152 ? gi gi, we 449, , Wi W , eitfwwgwaww, . a . f ,,',', f The spirit of homecoming flies high and fast as men of AKL put on an aerial display. 69 ,viv- David Brown Y' Fred Elmore - 3 Keith Hines ' 3 Kenneth King S 1 ' " Bill LaRue .Q ' " f Bumell Powell ' , V ? 'Ns M . MTD' -. Nui- -.5 Things begin to swing as the men of Alpha Phi Alpha practice for an all-school serenade. 70 David Wyatt Donald Lee President Secretary 5- ,W-w..,! ,fx 1. :Ever X ,M N., YN 1 X 4 'K , V im if'- ,qpdw X ALPHA PHI ALPH The Zeta Gamma Chapter ofA1pha Phi Alpha was established on the CMS campus in 1965. Among this year's activities was the initiation of a tutor- ing program for those black students on campus needing academic assistance. Also sponsored by APA were several activities given by the Associa- tion of Black Collegiates, including a Black Arts program. 9.059 .Y r' ,vm x?ifTf+"i V , I ,,,l,i5i,. 4. .Wi-P W' Uv The social calendar for the Zeta Gamma chapter included the Flunkeris Ball in November, the SWeethearts's Ball in February, and the Black and Gold formal in April. Spring activities were highlighted by the presentation of the Martin Lu- ther King Memorial Lecture. Sponsors for Alpha Phi Alpha were Mr. Howard Baltz and Mr. Wil- liam Moseley. igvr wh " z 5, V, 5 " , , eb K Q 2 LZ ff' ami A , I I 'W 'W I , , , it Aj 5 Y in 25 W1 ,V A ix' Co-eds representing the theme of "Miss Black CMS" ride on Alpha Phi Alpha's float. Roger Meyer Bernard Mott Byron Mott Don Mueller Stephen Mueller James Niemann Stanley Nienhauser Paul Oetting Wendel Oetting Ervin Ohlemeyer Thomas Radtke Antony Smith Edgar Wehmeyer Leslie Wolpers Grant Woods Roger Zirbel 'ha ww? David Meyer 6, X A ,. ,Q Gary John Beerman V M t VICE Pr d t S t an 3. el' l ' esi 911 eCI'e ELI' President Richard Bargfrede , 44 ' W Michael Busch V 'c 1 32 9 'mr Bob Cook Q, , Q . ' , Q Ronald Eickhoff "' J' Eugene Fangmann John Frerking .Q ' 4 4 William Helmxinger A + M Q, M - , Wayne Lindemann Z fr ,Ll - Q U? ,K John Meisel 'TW' 'M' " nz' Dennis Meyer ' ' , ' ' V. Q James Meyer V ., W f f,,,V I V.AV,k I ,,,,f .,,I , 55:14 , 72 194- . . . .muff N ig X yr.. 9 - fx ,, 5 W 'ii 2 Leslie Heimsoth Treasurer t M ., ,. ig BETA SIGMA PSI In the fall of 1967, Pi chapter of Beta Sigma Psi Was founded at Central Missouri State as Gamma Pi colony. Based on the principles ofthe Evangeli- cal Lutheran Church, the chapter grew to over 35 members and was activated January 11, 1969. The men of Pi chapter began their social year on cam- pus with the initiation of their sweetheart, Miss Janet Smith. They actively participated in intramural sport competition. During the Christmas season, their founder, Anthony Smith, was appointed to the na- tional board of ritualists of Beta Sigma Psi. Dr. Richard Luehrman, Mr. John Erickson, Mr. Don- ald Schwalje, and Mr. John Williardo served as sponsors of Beta Sigma Psi this year. . , 7, . , xt is 7 'X it - ,, ln. 1 Qt. it' ' 5 F H an 3 X I Nh X Janet Smith breaks the icing at a reception honoring her as Beta Sigma Psi sweetheart. Lonnie Hill Tom Gordon President Vice-President Byron Bailey Lonnie Billard Dave Borresen David Tyler Kirk Chapman Secretary Treasurer i Q Z ggi. JQZG , 'Q f' 'w i .4- Ronn Humphrey Gene Jewell Dave Keil Lee Kimzey Ron Koepke Jim Long Doug McGhee Ron Melendy Doug Mitchell Dave Murphey Dick Oppenheim Phil Quetschke Lance Renfroe Richard Riddell Glenn Schmidt Edgar Shanks Leon Eppright Ed Evans Kip Farmer Hal Fisher Ted Fisher Tom Foster Martin Freedman Doug Brooks Lynn Butler Pat Cavanaugh Dudley Chapman Marty Cook Jack Cronhardt Dave Davis Vance DeLozler Don Downing 0 A ww ,W- Brad Funk aw - Keith Gockel LeRoy Gorrell Johnny Guin Dennis Hansen Roger Hill Dean Hughes X SV f , , iii in f .,,. 45' , KV M 'Qu an I , ff 74 QQQXQIQ Q 8 3 www, s Eff .. T gf 2 gf-fig -.cgi LAMBDA CHI LPH Lambda Pi Zeta chapter of Lambda Chi Alpha be- gan the 1968-69 school year by winning the Foot- ball Spirit Trophy. The Lambda Chi Homecoming house decoration, "The Jungle," placed second and the Lambda Chi float, "Great Expectations," received honorable mention. T h e fraternity's Homecoming Queen candidate, Linda Chappell, was selected as second princess. M- Lambda Chi's are active in campus activities in- cluding IFC, ASG, varsity athletics, The College Union Cabinet, THE STUDENT, KCMW-FM, and Who's Who. Lambda Chi's advisors are Mr.Ro- bert Berger, Mr. William Fulkerson and Dr. Ar- vin Workman, a Lambda Chi from Indiana State. In the past the chapter received assistance from Dr. Charles Porterfield. Gary Signor Steve Sparks Dennis Starke Joe Stiles Bill Theiman ' Doug Van Pelt Larry Wade Bob Ziajor ' ' H ' xwgqfyb J Lambda Chi A1pha's "The Jungle" beefs up the atmosphere as Mules meat the Bulldogs. 75 Gary Beeny Terry Carter Larry Clifton Al Couch Frank Dale Mike Dankel Tilton Davis Randy Emery Dave Ewan Roger Ewan Danny Foreman Stan Gaer Mike Greishaber Tim Hare Ron Harris Mike I-Iillyard Mike I-Ioedl Charlie Jadlot Ron Krause Ron Lacy Steve Lewis Gary Magee Tony Mahon Charlie Mocca Joe Mocca Mickey Moeller Jim Nelson Rusty Newman Steve Reeves Jim Riddle Rich Rowland Mac Sebald Dale Smith Jim Temme Dennis Tyree Gary Warren -- ' ' f rx if l " 1, W, in X -ft 1 1 fin ' f R' P. f in 3 1 4' ?' Q Z . K Denny J adlot Don Nock Tom Taylor Ralph Hodson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer -'J J Dan Allen I A 'V is an Ken Askrew Bill Atterbury 42 I hae e ' Aff " ,V ? ' 2 .. Y---,,, is 'S' V aw., X if fy 4, 'ff Ig- 1 'uf 1 f 76 -.av ..f , ww ,. xx If 3 f A f 4 , V" f . 5 1 . f f f 5 f5.nI',g:' , 4 in h ,,f,n,. 352 4 4' K f '37, - .fs , 'P' " ,Q A M , , 5 Qwf 'J f r 7 f v PHI SIGMA EPSILO Iota chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon began fall term by winning third place with their Homecoming float, "The Old Woman in the Shoe." The annual Phi Sig steak fry followed the Homecoming activ- ities. Spring term brought the thirty-fourth annu- al production of Blackouts. Phi Sigs served as presidents in the Union Cabinet, M Club, and Pub- lic Relations Club. Phi Sig's participated in Mace and Torch, IFC, Kappa Delta Pi, AMS, Who's Who in American Colleges, SGA, varsity football, basketball, base- ball, and track. For the third consecutive year, Phi Sigma Epsilon received the National President's Expansion Award. They were sponsored by Dr. Louis Maloof, Dr. Hugh Williams, Mr. Paul Bratt- strom, and Mr. Gerald Culp. Q Viewing A .... ., A giant shoe box, an old lady, and a. play on words set the theme of the Phi Sig house. Pat Garrett Don Goers Max Harper Wayne Holden Roger Kemp Steve Kiniry Tom Lane Richard Lewis Roger McFall Jerry Meisenheimer Ken Meisenheimer Gregory Onstot Steve Otto John Rehkop Dan Sallee Frank Shuman Ray Silvey Dean Smith Steve Stephenson James Stevens Ron Trout James Boyington Mike Carroll Donald Combs Michael Davis Paul Eveland Paul Doelker John Fiene Michael Fisher George Garcia Gregory Garcia Joseph Garnett Jack Augustine William Baltrusaitis Richard Bender Ray Boyd Howard Gross President Allen Amos William Anderson Larry Armer Roger Pauk Vice-President E? Ray Young Ken Cope Secretary Treasurer ,mg Alfred Watkins Joseph Waytowich X Ni X QS. we Y Michael Waytowich 78 5 3 i J SIGMA PHI EPSILO After first place finishes in softball and golf for the spring of 1968, Theta chapter of Sigma Phi Ep- silon began the academic year with an undefeat- ed football team in intramural competition. The chapter won the homecoming house decoration as the Mule's Ark proclaimed "Noah Bulldogs Al- lowed." Sig Ep's also captured second place in the cheer1eader's spirit contest. In addition, Sig Ep's sponsored a Christmas party for underprivileged children, a chili supper, and several dances during the year. The men of Sig Ep participated in THE STUDENT, RHETOR, SGA, IFC, SGA Supreme Court, varsity swimming, wrestling, tennis, and track. Sponsors of Sigma Phi Epsilon were Mr. Todd Shirley, Mr. Arthur Norton, and Mr. Marc DeKorte. Sig Ep's "Noah's Ark" ships out the Bul1dog's as their victory hopes are set afloat. wiv IO1 K+ Q... Leon Kempf Bob Larivee President Vice-President Tom Wegmann Secretary , W XXX Jack Smelsex Treasurer Larry Barlish James Bolton Dan Bowman Joe Albietz Bill Anisworth Steve Bandy gi , , 6 F l' v JX if V X E5 Y' i s- Tom Boland 'U' . q 1 ,w U W Y . y X, X 5 , Jack Herndon Jerry Hood Tom Huth Vince Fesi Tim Flemming Lindal Grechus David Greke Phillip Grindstaff Don Harris Richard Keener ,... Carl McBride Dan McLaughlin ,. Mike McPherson Jim Moran J oe Murray Jerry Nelson Mike Painter Steve Philips Tom Rafferty Joe Rebello Bob Regan Val Colder Tim Caldwell Larry Daniely Tom Dersham Ken Fain B 1 ,..a . - 2' A 3 t ... Q ' K M i ,X . 1 ' f x ' K ? I X 1 73256 80 SIGMA PI In the past year Sigma Pi won first place with their Walking Poster, took second place for their float, and captured third place in the house decor- ations. Sigma Pi has members in the Union Cabi- net, IFC, SGA, and athletics. Pledges Visited the State School at Higginsville and Worked with ac- tive members in various Warrensburg commun- ity Projects. On the national level, Sigma Pi ranked in the top ten in all tive awards at the convention last sum- mer. Gamma Gamma chapter sponsored the Pro- vince Convocation in January which involved five schools in Missouri. The 1968 Sweetheart was Miss Willa Chick. The sponsors for this past year were Mr. Jack Russell, Mr. Carl Sexton, and Mr. Richard Cook. ,J . S Wayne Reinert Jerry Robertson MW? Gene Ruseo Bill Shine Marin Tom Smith Jerry Snead Edward Solvibile Kent Stalder Steve Wilson Richard Zuzek Sig Pi's "Gu1liver's Travels" lilli-puts the bulldogs into place. Robert Gessley Steve Gfeller Les I-Ieisterberg David Hoar Timothy Hobbs William Horgan Rodney Karnes Graham Kempster C. J. Craig Jim Denny Thomas Domian John Ecton Eric Franzen Michael George Stan Brann Walter Brownsburger Run Brumit Fred Counts Thomas Sibert President Gary Anderson Pat Beilsmith Thomas Biggar Paul Scherer Dave Judy Franklin Vice-President Secretary Lewis Treasurer -., if ni 5 Michael Kincaid William LaPointe Robert Laurendeau James Lawson Alan Leftridge Jim Licher John Lowry Gary Mades wifi' l f Joe Marek Mike McCarty Jack McDonald Alan McFa.ll Rich Otte Randy Ottinger Charles Pease Dean Powell Bob Quinn Lee Robie Vic Royal Bob Silvers Fred Silvius Leo Snelling Aaron Stamm Andy Staugaard x f 82 -...1 ...a QM. Q' J',. if SIGMA T U GAMMA Alpha chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma began its ac- tivities for the 1968-69 school year by hosting the Kansas City Chiefs basketball team in a charity game against the CMS faculty. The Sig Tau's also sponsored their annual White Rose Formal and Banquet W i t h Dr. Clark Elkins, President of Northeast Missouri State College as the guest speaker. For the fourth consecutive year, the Sig Tau's placed first in the homecoming float competition with the theme, "The Red Baron." Sig Tau's candi- date Was named All-Greek Man on Campus by Tri Sig's. Alpha chapter also gave a Christmas party for underprivileged children. Sponsors for this year were Dr. Sam Hewitt, Dr. J. Paul Morris, Dr. Frank Martin, and Mr. Jack Little. Sig Tau's "Red Baron" flies high with first place trophy. For the fourth year Sig Tau signs in as number one Ron Swasey Bill Tatro Terry Tebbenkamp Wayne Turner Phil Whitehead J oe Weis Duane Wells Richard Yamptich William Healey Denis Anthony Dick Ayers Daryl Bodenhamer Robert Bowling Bob Bruno President ,ns John Culp Vice-President Terry Michael Wendell Pate Secretary Treasurer ' M A ,'2'J'-Y J: 'M Q. gg, ,JL i M I mb r K Robert Buhrkuhl Joe Castagno Van Chronis Steve Cook Frank Covello - Dennis Covey K . P' Herbert Crumley 4' gg. f wt A R011 Culp i eiiy al i A J' 5, Mike Donegan Q 'W 'if' V+ Harold Dunning - K - Kent Eisler Bruce Elliott Don Fowler David Gann Carl Glazier Phillip Heavelow Bill Holman Ron Janota Steve Jenne Alex Kondry Randy Ketchum Mike Leka Robert Madeo Ricky McGha.y Barry McIntyre Gary Medenhall Ron Melling Larry Moore Rick Mooney Paul Oshse Kelly Palmer Warren Pate Mickey Picataggio Doug Raker Marvin Rogers John Ross Mike Rush Paul Schmidt Dennis Scott Michael Shea Dave Shryock Bill Stark Robert Stratton Emory Trawick Q-PS3 -Q ,nf '--Q we K if Q' ff P1 ,R : ,. K 3 -gr-'v : Q F Q -l rv ' ., vu. 'A V2 'xanax-' i v it 3, K is "1 'of ja -A FP , jg, 'Nr G3 ,pw .::. . 8 8' new 84 K i fav . ivy X K ft 4 -f -an 4' .S Yi asv R' . Q. ' 1. i .2 iw:-" :fx vfwv . K wsW A CW! I iff" 'g a::fQi'I1 is gg- ' , X f-'J 3 S sc. 5, - no Q p to w 31 . , - Q tbk. , xc-V an v. 1,5 na L is Q. 51 e Sig T ii. Ei? S , Si W. TAU KAPPA EPSILO Events highlighting the year for the Delta Lamb- da chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon included a fund raising drive, receptions during Homecoming and Parent's Day, and the Red Carnation Ball. TKES also sponsored sorority competition with t h e TKE Tri-500 and a Mules Booster Scroll with 4300 Mule supporter's signatures presented to the foot- ball team at their last regular game. In sports TKEs not only supported the Mules but also won their own titles as Campus Intramural Champions and first place in the Teke National Basketball Tournament both for the second year in a row. TKE also had two of its varsity football players named Little All-American. S p o n s o r s were Dr. Charles Kuhn and Mr. Emmett McFar- land. rank Tutera. VanBeneden Vogelaar erry Walker avid Young ni TKE's "The Graduate" puts abed the Bulldog hopes as the Mules graduate to victory. Tom Kivett Ken Konieczko Terry Lee Jim Leutkemeyer Gerry McAuliffe Russ McGowan Matt Miller Bill Moran Tim Murdock Lyle Mussman Rudy Nail Bob O'Dell Pat O'Donnell J. W. Page Chastain Parks Rowan Parsons Dave Ramel Terry Regex' Phil Rodewald Al Rollert Tim Sanders John Sandy Chuck Sappenfield Butch Schleinger Tom Gaines Dave Gover Bill Graham Ben Griffith Gary I-Iavener Bob Hutto Ron Hyde Russ Curnutte Bill Delaney Bill Dickerson Don Distler Jim Eschenbach Bill Forsythe Tom Hudson President Gary Perkins Vice-President Ken Borum Rex Bowen Bill Clay Denny Collins Ron Baker Glen Beste Jim Biggerstaff Steve Blomberg 6. -IOM. 'aa' Rb' s,', i ,,.. Sl 1 X rf it S 'X Q Q H- Nx X Glen Jacks Larry Dowdy Secretary Treasurer in Tm K1 wa, gf 4 ' x 6 'lu M, f K 2 V4 'cf' ' fff jgwiz ' ' ' 46. aw id I M 4 sf W 86 pf J f I 'S Yr- : fb W 3 1 ,- Qx X N X X X X X THE TA CHI For the seventeenth consecutive year, the men of Epsilon Phi chapter of Theta Chi won the UMOC "Ugly Man" contest. By Contributing over 53700 to the March of Dimes, Theta Chiis named their candidate, Wayne Wisbrock, t'Ugly Man? I n Homecoming activities, they won Honorable Men- tion in house decorations with a theme of'iUp the Down Staircasef' :rm-ff: " , 3 Ron Baker, a member of Epsilon Phi chapter and IFC president, was elected Interfraternity presi- dent for the 14 state Midwest Region and attended the national IFC convention in Miami. Theta's served in SGA, IFC, and varsity basketball, base- ball, track, wrestling, swimming, and tennis. Fac- ulty sponsors were Dr. John Belshe, Dr. William Peck, and Mr. Donald White. Dick Schmidt Steve Schultz Dave Sloan Peter Sofka Dick Tudman Steve Vance Phil White Phil White Mike Witt "Up the Down Staircase" provides Theta Chi's theme as the Bulldogs roll to the bottom. B7 . Mig wh .V-F 'F rw' Y B. G A J' x Q -if '43 oz sg- , , , -- wi? vs CMS cheerleaders follow Mule teams The 1968-69 cheerleading squad prepared for a busy season by hosting the International Cheerleading Foundation on CMSC campus in August. Under the leadership of head cheerleaders Linda Chappell and Lonnie Billard, the squad added three male members and developed a variety of team stunts. During the football season the squad displayed their spirit at all home games and traveled to games at Emporia, Maryville, Cape Girardeau, Rolla, and the Mineral Bowl at Excelsior Springs. The basketball season found them cheering at all home games and traveling to Springfield. The cheerleaders again awarded the Spirit Trophy for the football season and included the basketball season for the first time. The squad is composed of fourteen members and two alternates and is directed by Coach Woodruff. ., is Linda Chappell Lonnie Billard Head Cheerleader Head Cheerleader CMS cheerleaders give spirited charge onto the field at start of Cape Girardeau game. 1 if wx. Av -. 'VK Anita. Boles Sue Calvert Brenda Cole xxx rg Cheryl Craven Yvonne Gardner A touch of acrobatlcs IS added to cheerleader s yell rout1ne .Sn .1 HSJHCOCK Clydeanna I-Iargls ' ' h C' a W t Lmda Kedelg In y es Mike Ramey, Marlin Bryant, Ron Melenoy, Mike Fiems, Ed Gillein 91 Associated Press rating places Mules 19th in nation In the final standing of the Associated Press rat- ing, the CMS Mules with an impressive '7-2-1 sea- son record found themselves ranked 19th among small colleges in the nation. In MIAA Conference play, the Mules finished second with a 4-1 record. The offensive attack for the mules were led by ALL-MIAA standouts quarterback, Steve Ecking- er, end, Clark Frost, tackle, Jim Urczyk, and half- backs, Larry Johnson and Larry Roberts. Leading the defensive team were linebacker, Charles Ash- ley, halfback, Bob Guice, and ends, John Richard- son and Herb Robinson. Howard Mahanes Head Coach AL Mas Sm OLLE Coaching Staff: CROW Onej Assistant Coaches Archie Loehr, Harold Cagle, Head Coach Howard Mahanes, Assistant Coach Bob Patr1ck, Graduate Assistant Dave Schaefer. CROW Twol Graduate Assistants Bud Moore, Paul Skeans, Jerry Neu Ken Brumley. 92 Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules SCOREBOARD Washburn University 0 Emporia State 41 Illinois State University 0 Harding College 0 Univ. of Mo. at Rolla 16 Northeast Missouri State 7 Northwest Missouri State 7 Southwest Missouri State 7 Southeast Missouri State 35 Doane College 10 Leonard Allen ar es s ey Allan Barton Mike Bryant "'..'3" J 93 Carmine Argenz a o Ch l A hl Coach Mahones Watches game progress Steve Eckinger Don Edson Ron Finley Clark Frost Bob Guice John Hart Gary Hayes Don Hllgedlck Larry Johnson Roger Kahle Don Lang Mike Lively John Mack Greg Mastroianni Dave Mauger Billy McCann Larry Moore Doug Morlock Wilbur Purvis Steve Reeves John Richison Larry Roberts Herb Robinson Billy Root Pete Santoro Jim Segler Roy Spielvogel Robert Steele Jim Uryczk Dean Vogelaar Dave Walls Mike Wunderly Quarterback Steve Eckinger on a, keeper picks up another Mule first down to keep drive alive 94 ules defeat Bulldogs at 196 Homecoming Before a record-breaking c row d of 13,000 the CMS Mules, led by quarter- back Steve Eckinger, dumped the Kirks- ville Bulldogs 14-'7 for a Homecoming victory. Halfback Larry Roberts scored the first touchdown on a six-yard run. Larry J ohnson's extra point attempt was good and the score at half time was tied 7-7. The winning touchdown for the Mules came with 4:39 remaining in the third period. A 16-yard pass from quar- terback Steve Eckinger to split-end Clark Frost gave the mules their final touchdown of the day. Larry Johnson's second conversion made the score 14-'7 in favor of the Mules. Fullback Doug Morlock and halfback Larry Johnson carry out blocking assignments to spring halfback Larry Roberts for T. D. ge. Q X35 -5 55 fit W . . 95 Quarterback Steve Eckinger hands off to halfback Larry Johnson for a. ten-yard gain. Mules defeat Bearcats in Homecoming contest The Mules used the big play to spoil the Maryville Bearcats' Homecoming, 28-7. With three minutes left in the first half' of the game, halfback John Mack scampered 13 yards for the Mules' first score. Tight-end Dennis Covey added six more points mo- ments later With a 30-yard toss from quarter- back Steve Eckinger. Biggest offensive play of the game was Eckinger's 49-yard bomb to split-end Clark Frost early in the fourth quarter. Herb Robinson, defensive end, in- tercepted a pass on the Bearcats' 20-yard line which set up the final Mules' touchdown. Quarterback Steve Eckinger hit split-end Clark Frost for a total of 140 yards, and half- backs Mack and Larry Johnson combined to gain 141 of the Mules' 168 yards rushing. 96 Clark Frost tights offa defender for T.D. pass Clark Frost turns up field for more yardage after receiving an Eckinger pass. Halfback John Mack powers his way to the end zone for the Mules first touchdown 97 mia Ai' Loss to Cape Girardeau Indians places Mules second in MIAA Tasting defeat for the first time this season the CMS Mules MIAA title hopes dwindled by losing to the Cape Girardeau Indians 35-7. Playing on a rain soaked field, fumbles and pass interceptions hindered the Mules scoring attack. Quarterback Steve Eckinger led the Mules to their only touchdown by call- ing on halfback Larry Johnson, who scored from the one-yard line. 1 A large CMS crowd followed the Mules to Cape Girardeau for the MIAA title game. 98 ck Larry Johnson plunges over from the one-yard line for the only Mule touchdown. Ron Culp makes good yardage on an end sweep despite the slippery condition of the turf. 99 Mules play in 1968 Mineral Water Bowl A tough defensive game saw the Mules fall to the all-powerful Doane College Tigers 10-0 in the annual Mineral Water Bowl game at Excelsior Springs, Mis- souri, on November 30, 1968. Over seven t h o u s a n d fans witnessed defense against defense as neither team could keep much of a drive alive on a rain dampened field. The only points scored came with a Doane touchdown in the second quarter and a Doane field goal late in the fourth quarter. Both teams were far below their usual game statis- tics. Coach Howard Mahanes stated, 'Tm sure we are a better team than we appeared to be, but a '7-2-1 record is nothing to be ashamed of, and I'm proud of our boys for the wonderful season they gave CMS fans." In the awards cat- egory, defensive end Herb Robinson earned the defensive lineman award and linebacker Larry Moore earned the top tackler award. Defensive men Carmine Argenziano and Herb Roblnson close 1n on a Doane College runnmg b 100 LITTLE ALL-AMERICAN Jim Urczyk, offensive tackle, a 6'-2", 230 pound senior, from McKees Rock, Pennsylvania, was named "Little All-American" by the 1968 Associated Press Sportswriters. Jim turned in a fine year as a vital part of the Mules offensive unit, at times being called upon for scramble blocking assignments. Jim plans a career in coaching following graduation this year. 101 Mule cindermen finish 3rd in MIAA conference race The CMS Mules were limited in their dual meets this year due to inclem- ent weather but came on strong for a third place finish in the MIAA race. Larry Roberts took first place honors in the high hurdles in the confer- ence meet which was held here at CMS. The other bright spot was the mile relay team which took first with a time of 48.8. Dave Fraizer set a new CMS school record of 4:1337 in the mile, the best since 1962. Dave also finished fifth in the NCAA finals held at Cedar Falls, Iowa. The Mules did exceptionally well in the Kansas University Relays this year by taking a fifth place in the 440-yard relay and taking a fifth in the 880- yard relay. In the Springfield Relay the Mules took a first place finish in the shuttle hurdle relay event and set a new record of 60.4. In the indoor season CMS took a third place finish which was highlighted by Larry Roberts' two first place finishes in the high and low hurdles. Larry set a new MIAA conference record in the high hurdles with a time of 7.4. Track Team: fRow Onej Head Coach Dick Maxwell, Dave Frazier, John Finie, Roy Spivelvogal Jean Cooper Ron Finley Bob Robbins, Steve Boyer, Grad. Assist. John Byrd. CROW Twol Chastain Parks, Gregg Thurman John Boles Larry Roberts Carl Stoll, Bob Buhrmester, Ron Miller. CROW Threel Jim Hornbeck, Charles Beckerdite, J W Page Jerry Patton Ed Coates Bob Davidson, Larry Jones. 102 ti M Ella! v. Ed Coates and Terry Galloway finish first and second against Lincoln Univ. Coach Maxwell confers with Dr. Yinger at MIAA meet. Pole vaulter Don Lang silhouettes against the sun. Roy Spivelvogal finishes first in the MIAA conference mile relay 103 Coach Maxwell gives starting signal for a cross-country meet at Pertle Springs. Dave Frazier-Third in MIAA Bob Buhrmeister-Fifth in MIAA 104 Cross-country team takes 3rd in MIAA The Central Missouri State cross-country t e a m compiled a 2-1 record in dual meet competition this year. The two victories were against Lincoln Uni- versity of Jefferson City and Northeast Missouri State of Kirksville. At the conference meet, Central Missouri State distance men placed third and fifth which carried them on to a third place finish. Look- ing forward to the 1969 season, the Mules should be a strong contender for the Missouri Intercollegiate Activities Association conference crown as the team will lose only three men from its squad. Dave Frazier, a junior, took third place in the MIAA conference meet and he also finished 17th in the NCAA Regional finals at Wheaton College in Illi- nois. Dave's 17th place finish was two places short of qualifying for All-American honors. Bob Buhr- meister, a sophomore, finished in fifth place in the MIAA conference. Bob also helped carry the team to a 12th place finish in the NCAA Regional finals. Other CMS distance runners that competed in the NCAA Regional finals were Carl Stoll, Bob Wiese, and Chuck Beckerdite. 3 1 Cross-Country Team: fRow Onej Bob Buhrmeister, Gregg Thurman, Dave Bradley, Perry Frisbey. CROW Twoj Coach Dick Max- well, Dave Frazier, Paul Bonnicson, Mike Kinkade, Chuck Beckerdite. CMS Mules play 500 baseball with 13-13 overall season record The CMS Mules finished the 1968 baseball season with a 13-13 overall record. High- light of the season was the Mules first place finish in the Northern Division of the MIAA conference. The Mules lost out on a chance to be the conference champions when they were defeated in the best two out of three games by the Southern Divi- sion winner, the Rolla Miners. Shortstop Steve Eckinger was the Mules leading hit- ter with a .354 batting average. Phil Geh- ner was the leading Mule pitcher with a 4-2 record and a 1.91 E.R.A. Rusty New- man finished second in the nation in strike- outs averaging 14.4 per nine innings. Mules' outlook for the 1969 season appears to be promising with the return of seven lettermen at the pitching position. 2 Q 6 3 'fi VIAA ..1 ...,., Baseball Team: CRoW Onej Clyde Jones,Ron Culp, Rust Baird, Curt Beerman Joe Zurlo Tom Hudson CRoW Twoj J1m Melv n Keith Mauller, Joe Lawson, Ron Mantle, Bill Green, Gary Keisker CRoW Threel Phil Gehner Steve Lewis Steve Eckinger Rusty Newman, Jim Mossman, Jim Ehlmann, John Kinder. CROW Fourj Coach Frank Chl pala John Montgomery Garnett Salmon, Joe Foertsch, Jim Nelson, Gary Schmidt, John Mooney. 106 S-ew' Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Upper Iowa College Upper Iowa College Upper Iowa College Upper Iowa College John Brown University Northern State College Northern State College Northern State College Northwest Missouri State Northwest Missouri State Northwest Missouri State Missouri Valley College Missouri Valley College SCOREBOARD 5 Mules 4 Mules 4 Mules 4 Mules . 0 Mules 9 Mules 0 Mules 5 Mules 5 Mules 14 Mules 4 Mules 1 Mules 4 Mules University of Tulsa University of Tulsa Parsons College Parsons College Parsons College Northwest Missouri State Northwest Missouri State Northeast Missouri State Northeast Missouri State Northeast Missouri State Univ. of Mo. at Rolla Univ. of Mo. at Rolla. Univ. of Mo. at Rolla ,U Shortstop Steve Eckinger puts the tag on a Rolla Miner in the MIAA Division Playoffs. 107 CMS Tennis Team places 5th in MIAA Bruce Nelson, sporting a 9-6 record, led a young Mules tennis squad to a 4-10 season. The netters, coached by Duane Sterling, finished fifth in the MIAA Conference Tournament as first-year letter- man Dan Bowman placed second in the number four singles slot. Returning with Bowman for Coach Ar- chie Loehris first season will be senior letterman Jim LaRue and Paul Williams, and junior lettermen Bob Laurendeau and Bert Messick. LaRue is the prime candidate for the number one position. Bruce Nelson Jim LaRue -- ks. wif .1-1-' si . f A j W- ' W 5 ,xr i ff-ar Bob Laurendeau Dan Bowman Duane Sterling Tennis Coach Bert Messick, Paul Williams V Qi 3 i i s i WV A rg A YS. F' L Ei ll -- was ai 109 CMS Golfers finish 5 S. fourth in MIAA play Coach Earl Keth and his young 1968 golf team of Central Missouri State posted a 5-'7 season record. Central Missouri State placed fourth in the MIAA Conference Tournament held here at Warrensburg on May 9, 10, 1968. Supporting senior team captain Tim Sajna Were Ron Puls, Tom Dersham, Jim Colman, Gene McKenzie, Joe Rebello, Lynn Jones, Dave Mazel, and Steve Brisco. Freshman, Tom Dersham, playing the num- ber one position Won all his dual matches for CMS. With six members returning from last year's squad there is a bright outlook for a conference title next season. The returning lettermen are Jim Colman, Tom Dersham, and Gene McKenzie. lx Tom Dersham Coach Earl Keth Tim Sajna Ron Puls is if, . ' its iugfiiigiffgfltqi Steve Brisco 5 3 5 S, 425' ry Jim Colman ,A h...4 Joe Rebello Lynn Jones Gene McKenzie 1 1 1 Dave Mazel Ty' Wu' A, i v is . N .2 ' W-f S k u 1' me Q A' X "' SCOREBOARD Mules .... Illinois State University Mules .... Emporia State Mules .... Pittsburg State Mules .... Northwest Missouri State Mules .... Northeast Missouri State Mules .... Washburn University Mules .... Peru State Mules . Tarkio College Mules .... Southeast Missouri State Mules .... Univ. of MissourifRollaJ Mules .... Omaha University Mules .... Southwest Missouri State Mules .... Pittsburg State Mules . Univ. of Western Illinois Mules .... Southwest Missouri State Mules .... Emporia State Mules .... Northwest Missouri State Mules .... Northeast Missouri State Ar . Mules .... Washington University Mules .... Univ. of Southern Ill. Mules .... Southeast Missouri State Mules .... Univ. of Missouri fRol1aj , Mules 70 .... Hiram Scott College wi . .M X leaves Garrison Gymnasium after a Mule victory. Garrison Gymnasium: Home of t h e Mules. The main floor of Garrison Gym provides for three courts to be used for physical education activities, in addi- tion to a varsity basketball court with seating capacity for 3,600 spectators. It was named for James R. Garrison, an alumni. Terry Bozzay Daryl Brown Eurvin Fuller Jack Tudor 1 'I 3 X Tom Boulch Ted Bozarth Dennis Droege R0y Fra-Cti0f1 James Utley Larry Williams Mules defeat Gorillas 86-6 on home court Shooting an impressive 54 percent from the field, the CMS Mules bombed the Pittsburg State Gorillas 86-68 in their home opener. This was the first victory for the Mules against two losses this season. Sophomore Ted Bozarth kept the Mules in the game by connecting for 14 of the first 20 points for the Mules. Ted finished the game with 30 points. In the second half the Mules took advantage of the Gorillas' personal fouls and turnovers to break the game wide open. Guard Larry Will- iams sparked the Mules in the second half by hitting 10 out of 10 from the free throw line. Larry tallied 18 points for the evening. l N l Ted Bozarth scores two of his thirty points for the evening. H4 Ted Bozarth scores two points on the fast-break option Mules win over Ichabods by 8 points In a rugged, defensive game the Central Missouri State Mules overcame a stubborn Washburn quintet in a non- conference contest 68-60. In the second half, the Mules increased their lead to 11 points but the stubborn Ichabods continued to bounce back and came within three points with a mere 2:56 left in the game. Sophomore Ted Bozarth headed the Mules who placed four men in double figures. Bozarth scored 15 points, followed by Larry Williams with 14, Dennis Droege with 13, and Ervin Fuller with 11. Another con- tributing factor in the victory was the Mules rebounding 40 to 29 for the Ichabods. Droege led all rebounders with a total of 11 followed next by Fuller with 10. Terry Bozzay goes high to score against the flat-footed Ichabods. 116 Dennis Droege drops in two over Ichabod defender Q , 5 . . .1 M - 'P rf L ii: fxtivff Q 'iviggifigf gb' X .jk -"w.'fQ's" . o in L k vin .V A 'YQ if X X Aw ,f 5 1 W if 1 5 A 1 .a f-Q-gfvyf .-592' exag 'NM N Q E, wif ?? W g1 - M iflQ"'f Q T 'N ks Q V M- J 5. ef np ,W gym Q-xg -A K? X" gf ,Q .. M, mf K 1 A 9 ,Q- Q . - 'L 5 'ik CMS gymnastics team meets tough opponents in 1969 A young and inexperienced CMS gymnastics team finished the 1968-69 season with a 0-5 record. Stiff competition and key injuries hindered the teams, success. The Mules were led in scoring by three promising freshmen, Arnie Porter, Larry Carter, and Larry Garrett. Porter competed in vaulting and in floor exercises. Carter specialized in the trampo- line and Garrett competed in the parallel bars and the rings. Team captain Gary Lynn specialized in vaulting and floor exercises. Central Missouri State has the only college team in the state of Missouri. , ff fn Gary Lynn N 3 cli - l 'M Gymnastics Team: CROW Onel Assistant Coach Terry Lacey, Gary Lynn, Dan Sendlein, Arnie Porter, Ted Beissenherz, Larry Garrett, Roger Zirbel. CROW Twol Manager Roger Hill, Bob Davidson, Bob Boyd, Charles Mack, Chuck Hanna, Lar- ry Carter, Sam Perkin, Head Coach Cecil Woodruff. Bob Boyd Chuck Hanna Mule grapplers end '69 season with 5-9 record Facing stiff competition and a lack of team depth, the CMS grapplers ended the season with a 5-9 overall record. Injuries to wrestlers Skip Watkins, a 123-lb. senior, and to Bruce Rob- inson, a 132-lb. sophomore, hampered the Mule Wrestling at- tack. The outstanding wrestler for the season was Ken Le- gernes, a 145-lb. sophomore, who posted a 14-0 record in his second year of competition. Legernes captured the CMS rec- ord for the most takedowns Q45 in one seasonj which was pre- viously held by Reg Coates. Other top grapplers for the Mules were John Mellor, a 167-lb. freshman, who turned in a 10-3-2 record and Miles Hack, a 177-lb. junior, who completed the year with a 7-1-1 record. The conference tournament was held at Southwest Missouri State College in Springfield on March 1, 1969. On March 15, the Mules traveled to San Luis Obispo, California for the NCAA College Division Tourney. Bob Kraeuchi tries to escape a cross body ride Wrestling Team: QROW Onej Jerry Williams, Bruce Robinson, Larry Boozell, Bob Kraeuchi, Gerri Matson. CROW Twob John Mellor, Jerry Ellersieck, Ken Legernes, Rich Otte, Ray Lodes. CROW Threej Head Coach Omar Frank, Marty Cook, Miles Hack, Duane Fritchie, Joe Arbisi, Rick Tournbough, Assistant Coach Bill Graham. 120 SCOREBOARD Mules 3 .... . . . Omaha University Mules 12 .... . . . Fort Hays State Mules 11 .... .... K ansas State University Mules 6 .... .... M issouri University Mules 15 .... .... N ortheast Missouri State Mules 17 .... .... G raceland College Mules 10 .... .... M acMurray College Mules 12 .... .... W heaton College Mules 14 .... .... N orthwest Missouri State Mules 3 .... .... S outhern Illinois University Mules 17 .... .... F ort Hays State Mules 27 .... .... S outheast Missouri State Mules 30 .... .... S outhwest Missouri State Mules 24 .... .... E mporia State .V . , 5, -k-. if, .. .. RX.. ,Sz .. Vi., X. Bs 1.1.1. sqm: ,W .151 iwfsisf iw , fs gwgtmssi ug Gerri Matson counters a standing side switch against Bob Rizzuti of Maryville. 121 Mule tankers produce 11-4 season record CMS tankmen completed the season with a very impres- sive 11-4 overall season record. Coach Hairabedian attri- buted the success to good team spirit and a well balanced squad. The Mule swimmers took second place in the John Brown Relays and third place in the Hendrix Relays. Cary Hersh has been the most consistent winner for the Mules this year. He broke the CMS school and pool records in the 1000-yard freestyle and the school record in the 500-yard freestyle this season. Team captain Tom Weaver, a special- ist in the 50-yard and 100-yard freestyle, contributed to the Mules' winning season. Harry Edelman and Bud Nep- tune combine to give the Mules a strong attack in diving. Edelman owns the MIAA record with 344.75 points. Nep- tune placed first in a number of swim meets for the Mules. The Mules will be looking for their fourth straight consecu- tive MIAA title on March 14-15 with the meet being held here at the CMS pool. Pete Hanson competes in the 100-yard butterfly Swim Team: CROW Onej Head Coach Tom Hairabedian, Dewey Johnson, Jack Augustine, Tom Weaver, Harry Edelman, Bob Casey, Bob Pease, assistant coach. CROW Twol Pete Hansen, Joe Geis, manager, Paul Barnes, Mike Honeycutt, Bud Neptune Mike Carney. CRow Threej Mark Gregory, Bob Sanders, Cary Hersh, Torn Bloom, Phil Woodford, Keith Freese. 122 Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Harry Edelman, MIAA champion executes a dive. SCOREBOARD . . . Southern University . . . John Brown University . . . Hendrix College . . . Southwest Missouri State . . . Washington University . . . Principia College . . . Northwest Missouri State . . . St. Louis University . . . Southeast Missouri State . . . William Jewell . . . Southwest Missouri State . . . Kemper . . . Westminster College . . . Park College . . . Pittsburg State Bob Casey finishes first in the 100-yard breaststroke Swimmers Dewey Johnson, Tom Weaver, Pete Hanson, and Cary Hersh concentrate to improve their starts in a practice session 123 x R s. its ' si I 'ff .f . 1 B' ,-. JW ' A, ., , 'Rx ,. y , - V . ' Q' i 3 wr ,P .Q' as ' HZ 7 I M, n w , "W" K 15+ ll, 1393 n ,Q :A . W "" W , ., N '41 4 'mm ' ,wwf . , v ,W X J, 'W F' M' 4 . ,Jfh,,Y .fm9 M y 'WM sf, 1 JV, ' ' :UWB My 3:2-? '- ' H57 'uw Wm, ..!' X ,. , .L 1A,,if' AV ' , , why f ff . ey 'i ' I , ,H ,Q-1 f, w wf 5 0 , WW' W W, , wvy MW ., -, Q- V. Y M ,,, - . MW V, My 'nffwmmz,'f4aM,g5gg74izfi?2w? fx-fu A 1 if' uw., " ,iff ' I- ' V 51" 1 x, 1 W g! IM " f M2 Mg A 9? ' 'L ' f ,, ' ' ' 1 , M 1' ,N w f 4fvg ., f A V, Mp ' W -' 9' W H , I , if ,. . ,U-, . M -'Q' vm--N in , V A ' ,, N' V. V r 1 ,Q I In A , r W, W" , ' W. , 1 'W' " ' L. E K ,mt M , A K ., .ff Q W- , w " - , 'mh"': fjj' 11159 "M 'I , ' 9, "JW ' y- 4' Q 1 q ', wr' , 'W V 41 an ai fr " 1 if ww 'K i 5 ,Vw , .11 x 4 X . X w ' 1. , kg? mw- ',H,.kX i W I + W Q, J -wil X ,Rifwwx , N W X, 4 K nf , L+ ,Qu N 'WW -"1+mgw - - Q va .mu nk . '-,. ' , v ' . 'Q 14 R JI? Trl!-n Y' ww ' 5 1 M X . Q,"fh "Fl .345 41 2 wa. ,K di M. WU 1 N' "v- X' ' 'ex Y 1 W' L ' 'A' M ' , , MM ,,,, ,,,,, , ,M,,,, , , X , Q X ' ' , y.. f fr 5 .- - 'Q ., ? - 1, A 4. ,Q - 3 2, " H f-, 3. ,f.. b, ,f 1 f K " , f u 1 t . ar 1 4 ' 4 '1 ' ' .M ' . ,ww A A V - ' , f, . ' 'L 11 of .N gf W 1 Ilia, 'lim 1- ' 5 1.45, ,QE ' ur 1 X,-M. -SQ N r if - A-W H: , W -E. 4- . D ff? I, ,FV 'Q E W A agw MW ,vw W gn 'lil 'W' if , J x , uw , M. ' mr gig. , . J' f'QMP:if',,,K , ,.Ar.1'M, . an 1- .Am Ms, -ff 'fr wth fd Y E t rt.. New Wilson C. Morris Science Building dedicated during week of appreciation Dedication of Science Building Saturday, November 2, 1968 9:30 a.m. - Registration Sa Tours of Science Building 10:30 a.m. - Dedication Ceremony, 11:30 a..m. - 12:00 noon 1:30 p.m. - Science Building Auditorium Invocation-Dr. Roy E. McAuley, Dean of Instruction Welcome, Introduction of Guests- Dr. Claude H. Brown, Chairman, Division of Science and Mathematics Keynote Address-Dr. Warren C. Lovinger, Pres- ident Science Building Open House -Joint CMSClAmerican Association of Physics Teachers Luncheon South Dining Room, College Union Presiding: Dr. Frank Martin, President of Mis- souri AAPT Address: "The Christian Ethic in Science and Technology" Dr. Henry Bent, Dean Emeritus, University of Missouri at Columbia Scientific Sz Technical SessionlAAPT Science Building Auditorium Business Meeting Presentation of Papers Constructed at a cost of 853 million, the newly com- pleted Wilson C. Morris Science Building was first opened for occupancy during winter term, 1968, and was fully occupied at the beginning of fall term, 1968. Located on College Street, across from the College Union, the new Science Building commands a towering presence at the head of the quadrangle. Providing a luxurious decor consisting of 36 class- room laboratories, 56 laboratory offices, and 23 classrooms, the modern air-conditioned structure brings the once-scattered science department to- gether under one roof. Formerly, the science de- partment had various facilities in Dockery Hall, West Hall, Coleman House, Chapel Undercroft, the Science Annex, and the old Wilson C. Morris Science Building. With three times the lab space of the old science building, the new structure offers such facil- ities as its own audio-visual center and an attrac- tively decorated 500-seat auditorium with molded desks, carpeting, and closed circuit TV. Students hurry from the new science building at class break. i ....ll-.. , ,....--warm. - - 'Nw XX' Dr. Warren C. Lovinger addresses faculty members at meeting in the new science auditorium. 127 New laboratories provide impetus to modern science The word most frequently used in praise of the new Wilson C. Morris Science Building is Uspacef' Within one large modern building are facilities to accom- modate up to 12,000 students without threat of overcrowding. Staff personnel have been provided with individual offices, seven of which have pri- vate laboratories for instructor and student research. A direct result of the added space is an increase in staff members which enables more students to work on advanced degrees. All new laboratories are equipped with hot and cold running water, com- pressed air, and high pressure steamg an added safety factor in heating of materials. For the first time there is adequate electric power and distilled water for all laboratories. Increased space also al- lows for the storage of volatile and radioactive sub- stances. Mr. John Emerson describes important features ofa fossil to geology students du ng lab 128 5 h1w .f -ul ffsf :IL 'ssh' t Hag' MIL "5 W Yf', X ff' kv? XA 2 Q Quran- WW Q ii, Q-W ,ww A""""""""M--4-.,1.n ,,,, ,A I: 5X S' 'files -fr 'Li .W if M' l Y V ,, 1 A i . Ll.. s...,, "Msg Sr New Education Building provides up-to-date facilities and classrooms The new Education Building, constructed of Warrens- burg sandstone, was dedicated as part of Missouri Ap- preciation Week. The 2.5 million dollar four-story facility houses the offices, classrooms, and laboratories of the Division of Education and Psychology as well as College High School. Connected to Central Elementary School, the new building has 42 classrooms, special guidance and counseling and special education areas, a 200-seat audi- torium, an audio-visual room, reading and research li- braries, and a gymnasium. All classrooms are wired for either sending or receiving closed circuit television pro- grams. The ceremony dedicating the new building served as an expression ofgratitude to Missouri and to the people who have made possible the continued growth of the Col- lege. Governor Warren Hearnes, the legislators from the Central Missouri district, and other Missouri dignitaries were invited to attend. Classes were held for the first time in the new Education Building at the beginning of the Winter Term. Dr. Lovinger accepts presentation key from Mr. William Dunn. 130 U O C ! E Y as ... 1-, ,. 2 . X 1 ' 5.5 Fi' :wt img: T X . M, ,.1,.1'i .. ff.. 2 . .,.., . ,Q .. 1 .. . . nel gif siiiiiisfw N 'i5Nffs,, fsigili gig. wmv, .wmv ff' seslaigid 1 T if gg I Efggggggs S L. fi-11,11 5-fills W -2' wi al 5i,iz.55EgM' - A flff if .wif 5 sgns ffiggi .mil ,.,i,fi.w5sf5fn ,gQ,Qgiili Wife Sk25,1sffx 1 T ifwwiiii T iidifi f.'.?:S:3xS nv 1- . 'S cgi iframes ., zgiigi .le I 5?'E?5 . I fyfwifzi . 5552555 Q H 5 ffiff Fsisiifiigi iff 'Ffvx Twig 17-QE. gggysgegiif, ' Eil .Q 1:52 if mi A "W 1 Qkgfifiiigfggi, -2 ff.,z iff, 'lfis' -g5?E?ZiEigg:A . , fi Wi imc. iid: Mgwfgg 5555324353 ,V . p ,fp A-M1 T N521 - fggiiis A .V 552 . zrigggi' 55553 i!i?f,,.., " 511.314,-gfgmii aw ' N, Yi.. i-f W' WHEEEE- V254 ' , ' netsw miwzizi .sf s rims, i,,.,,,s,f, , iiiesigi, ,.,,,gmus.g.gii , filiiiii -'iiiiiifilf-Q , L ?ff?ES55 fiiffffiifi ' 322532 . grwiwgiiif ' 1 A ,,,, .. V. T if Sifiifgiiff , WS? fm s' f fisigiv Nifsigiiisi . E :Q,5sg,isss,,k ,EL fvzifug ifffigiiiiii 1 1 'wife ffiiesiiii 5 -fi: To Q2 niiegl iilfiiigs 5'-H ' Q H1 1-'g , Q.LJ-f"""'i ggggigjijgigij s...,i.i...i-..f.,,i..--. p mlm is Ji-3 'I' f A '. Q,- isiaiifi. .Jul -f , S ppd C A : .4 W .. -I is 'ffm X ' . i- .. ,,,-,A , . isiiiww n lie , .Mill ' A' B Flagpoles are ready for use on New Education Building. Dedication of Education Building Sunday November 3, 1968, 2:00 p.m. Invocation-Reverend W. Ethmer Erisman President, Warrensburg Ministerial Association Pledge of A1legianc1f+Mr. Robert G. Sartin Eagle Scout, College High School Welcome and Introduction of Guests Dr. Roy H. Jorgensen, Chairman Division of Education and Psychology Presentation of Key-Mr. William H. Dunn, Contractor Response-Dr. Warren C. Lovinger President, Central Missouri State College Addresses "Building for Servicei'-Dr. Warren C. Lovinger "Education for Service"-Dr. H. Clay Jent "Preparing for Service"--Miss Clarinda L. Palmer "America, the Beautiful'-Audience singing Mr. Glenn A. Bixby, Director Mrs. Rebecca M. Sawyer, Accompanist Reception Open House Division Faculty, Hosts I xx' ffrrwlg , 7 f ' fgwgcfil L W, 5,1 1 ' l I Y ' L-ff?Ef5T1LifzW ' , ' Q i k T f N f H ? H suifqgffgiaifz. Q.- ' , , fswwwsszz' ,Q-f""' QW Second-grade artists express creative talents during a. lesson in finger painting. Student teachers value classroom experiences Student teachers receive an opportunity at CMS to observe Laboratory classes at Central Elementary School and College High School in their major fields prior to student teaching. The students gain actual experience so they will know What to ex- pect When they take charge of their own classes. Observations help students be- come familiar with the different methods and practices that they can use in their field of Work. At various times in the term, students and teachers hold con- ferences to help clarify any problems or questions which may arise during an ob- servation. Most laboratory instructors pro- vide book lists, handouts, and other ma- terials Which will be an aid to the students. Instructors also relate personal experiences and give advice to the future teachers so they Will have a successful teaching ex- perience. 132 Kindergarteners hear an exciting giraffe story if - - x x Student teachers in English gather to examine teaching materials at conference. 22 in WW ' A ,,-.- Ilf ryrk, 1 College High girls' glee club practices under the supervision of Mrs. Linda Marolf. 133 ROTC is officially introduced to the CMS campus as Colonel William Warlick presides. CMS establishes ROTC on campus Initiated on the CMS campus fall, 1968, the Reserve Officer Training Corps pro- gram c o m b i n e s basic and advanced course study and laboratory work in a four-year program. CMS joins 261 other colleges and universities in the country with ROTC programs. ROTC is a required course for all freshman men for which they receive two semester hours of cred- it. Sophomore men may enroll in a two- year advanced program which enables them to meet requirements for a commis- sion as second lieutenants in the United States Army. Sophomores and juniors may enroll by attending a six-week sum- mer camp. Scholarships are available for selected members of the four-year plan. Cadet Merit Ribbons are awarded for par- ticipation in some extracurricular activi- ties. Lt. Col. William F. Warlick, profes- sor of military science, is commanding officer of the program. 134 4' i 5 , Eg Cadets are put through their drills during lab period Captain Chamney explains drill procedures to freshman cadets. l Standing at ease, cadets listen to roll call in leadership lab Station KCMW-FM increases power output KCMW "Future Modulation" station made a number of hopes a present reality during 1968- 69. The station, approved by the FCC, changed from an 8 mile radius with 10 watts to a 60 mile radius with 27,000 watts. A new control room and a new transmitting area were addi- tions, and students came back for winter term to find the new '70-foot tower. Besides provid- ing a unique program service to the area, the radio station provides practical experience for mass media and public relations students. It also serves to provide a public relations link with the community and the college. The sta- tion, under the management of Mr. Robert Fidler, airs a program of music, news, and sports. Jim Boswell. public affairs director, interviews Dr. Arthur Tees of the Theatre Department 136 M. Steele and J. Brady work to update the record library. E , . Vx Dennis Campbell hosts KCMW "Afternoon on the Campus? Huell Warren utilizes the beeper phone to obtain a news story. Station manager Bob Fidler talks to announcer Campbell. 137 315 it QM-Q... gi 3:-Sf xi ffl Aero space program appeals to students A recent innovation ofthe Industrial Arts and Tech- nology Department is the three phase aero space program. Two-year certificates are offered in each of three areas. In the aviation electronics section, students learn the electronical workings of the air- craft and communications systems. Upon comple- tion ofthe program agraduate is able to find employ- ment with airlines or space and communications industries. The certificate in aviation flight technol- ogy requires a student to complete ground courses as well as actual flight training. Successful com- pletion of the curriculum enables a graduate to qualify for FAA private and commercial licenses and to receive an FAA instrument rating. A third certificate is offered in aviation maintenance. With courses in airframe maintenance and reciprocating and jet aircraft engines, the student learns about the maintenance of various aircraft systems. Students are trained so they will be able to pass FAA require- ments for an airframe and power plant mechanic upon graduation. MM . ,... Mr. Robert Mock explains some important flight procedures to aviation students during a preflight training period. fs sbs' X An aviation flight student learns the intricate use With the aid of blinders, a student learns to fly by instruments. of radio communications under Mr. Mock's direction. -nn!! Wfwwwm Pre-flight instruction includes getting the feel of the aircraft 1-. 1 - -itil ,,,,,,, it- .,,...4. Safe, modern aircraft of the aviation program are housed at Skyhaven airport. 139 Residence Center continues to expand With facilities in Independence, Missouri, the CMS Res- idence Center serves a large section of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The Center had its humble begin- ning as the night class program at William Chrisman High School in 1959. At that time the enrollment in- cluded a meager '77 students. It Was not until 1962 that the present Residence Center began to take shape as construction began on the modern building. A new ad- dition Was completed in March, 1967, which contained a library, student center, arts and crafts laboratory, accounting laboratory, three classrooms, and faculty office space. Serving an enrollment of 1842, the Center is the scene of classes from 8:00 in the morning to 10:30 at night. Many part-time and full-time students are attracted to the Center by the variety of subjects taught. Included in these are education courses in art, science, and busi- ness, as well as those in distributive education. In his third year at the Independence Residence Center, Dr. John A. Smith serves as Director. K ' rw sk Dr. Smith chats with distributive education ww -1h- - 140 Q W ., 5 Tom Layton and Carole Norton reign over Christmas Dance. La,D0nne, Hainline, Halloween Queen Tom Layton, Larry Freemyer, Mr. Dunlap, and Curtis Fields display Halloween Parade Trophy. 141 ' 2 Modern facilities provide up-to-date campus atmosphere 2 R 3 Besides an increase of approximately 2705 in student enroll- ' ment over the previous fall term, the Residence Center also increased its staff by 15 to 20 more members. This growth s took place despite the fact that there was no state tax money allotted to the maintenance ofthe Center, all expenses were covered by the collection of fees. Even though most ofthe students commute and attend class- es part-time, the Independence campus has its own extra- curricular activities. Residence Center students are active in academic interest clubs and political organizations such as those found on larger campuses. The "Residence Singers" has been one of the most popular organizations for the past two years. Besides performing for college functions, this X mixed chorus also sings for various clubs throughout the community. Dances, sponsored by the SGA, are also held each term during the school year. Residence Center students hear practical demonstration in music appreciation class. 142 Q L S 3 s l S Coed studies in quiet corner of Residence Center library XX Residence Center students relax in a quiet informal setting. They discuss classes and pause to enjoy various refreshments. With students taking notes, Dr. Williamson conducts his class. The students hang on each word as psychology class progresses B 9,8 .X A , , L Nifbllmvs 457 fwf 143 I 2 5 .KVAWA 'f www a ..--W-.nm ,..a..,.f--4-M,,,-,papwnww-'H' .,.,.,.n-muon fun-v-'nun-wanna mn. SGA Officers-CMS Campus: Bill Anderson, Theron Lorimor, Dave Laubersheimer. 'ff' .su Q nn, SGA Executive Council-CMS Campus: CSeatedJ Randy Werntz, Greg Small, Jayne Cortner, Fran Aselage, Kay Kinsey, Allen Perrin, J. W. Page, Walter Brownsburger, Nick Ruppert, Mike Ragan, Doug Marshall. CStandingJ Dr. Allen Sosebee, Craig Cas- sing, Tilton Davis, Dave Laubersheimer, Theron Lorimor, Stu Conrad, Bill Anderson, Mathew Gaigor, Dr. Lyle Boyles. 144 "N SGA promotes student welfare M, f I 4 9 . 8 t 5 'f , is SGA Executive Officers-Independence Resi- dence Center: Roberta Mathews, Carole Norton, Curtis Fields, Linda Forsee. CMS Student Government Association makes recommendations on governmental aspects of student life to the administrative of- ficials and promotes student welfare. The SGA is composed of three branches. The executive branch includes the president, The- ron Lorimor, and the vice-president and speaker of the senate, Dave Laubersheimer, who are elected by the students along with the senators each spring. This year the legislative branch was made up of three senators from the eight academic divisions plus eight freshmen elected in the fall, in contrast to previous years when the senators were elected from the dormitories and from off-campus residents. The supreme court and the traffic court, composing the judiciary branch, became active this year through the new constitution. Officials for this branch are nominated by the SGA president and confirmed by the senate. The supreme court has final power over all actions within the SGA. Bill Anderson served as chiefjustice this year. This yearis SGA set a new precedent by conducting extensive re- search in the areas of student housing, students' rights and re- sponsibilities, ROTC, and university status. Special projects of the SGA included a mock presidential election, full support ofthe new CMS Forum, a new spirit contest in basketball, the Spanky and Our Gang concert, and plans to cooperate with the AWS and AMS in all future big-name entertainment concerts at CMS. The SGA is sponsored by Dr. Lyle Boyles. L K lg SGA Executive Council-Independence Residence Center: James Carter, Kathrine Collins, Lana Teegarden, Wayne Duncan, Nignon Dureka, Larry Wright, Larry Freemyer, William Ross, Mr. Richard Dunlap, Carole Norton, Curtis Fields, Linda For- see, Roberta Mathews, Mike Keltner, Steve Hupp, Tom Layton, Donna Keith, Toni Baker, LaDonna Hainline. 145 W, L, Simpson Mrs. Sinclair Gottlieb Holden, Missouri Jefferson City, Missouri Joe Herndon Raytown, Missouri J. M. Cunningham Sedalia, Missouri Board of Regents WW' ""uK--W .Maw Byron Constance Leland Culp Independence, Missouri Warrensburg, Missouri Board of Regents, Cabinet recommend policy for CMS A bipartisan board, the Board of Regents governs Central Missouri State College. Of its six members, three are from each major political party, and each is appointed by Warren E. Hearnes, Governor of Mis- souri, and confirmed by the Senate. The appointed members serve six-year terms and are eligible for reappointment. The Board appoints the President of the College who serves as the chief executive officer. The Commissioner ofEducation is the ex-officio member. As ofvvinter term, 1969, the members of the Board of Regents were Byron Con- stance, Leland Culp, J. M. Cunningham, Mrs. Sinclair Gottlieb, Joe Herndon, W. L. Simpson, and President Warren C. Lovinger. The Administrative Cabinet of Central Missouri State College each year undertakes the task of discussing and making recommendations on policies for CMS. Dr. Warren C. Lovinger, President ofthe College, serves as the presiding officer, and Dr. Lyle E. Boyles, Assistant to the President, acts as secretary. Other members serving in an adminis- trative capacity are Dr. Tom D. Edmunds, Dean of Student Personnel, Dr. Reid Hemphill, Dean of Graduate Studies, Dr. Roy E. McAuley, Dean of lnstructiong Dr. Merville Meverden, Director of the Physical Plant, Mr. Irvin L. Peters, Dean of Administrationg Dr. Marion S. Schott, Dean of Teacher Educationg Dr. William E. Sparling, Comp- troller, and Dr. Harold L. Young, Director of Field Services. 146 Warren C. Lovinger, President Central Missouri State College Warren E. Hearnes Hubert Wheeler Governor of Missouri Commissioner of Education Administrative Cabinet k,nn M nkn'nkk ---wsu Q W- X -J.-s. y K gf Y'a it - P 'A e 3? If dwg Irvin L. Peters Dean Administration Roy A. McAu1ey Dean Instruction Tom Edmunds Marion S. Schott Dean Dean Student Personnel Teacher Education illiam Sparling Merville Meverden Lyle Boyles Reid Hemphill Harold Young Comptroller Director Assistant to Dean Director Physical Plant President Graduate Studies Field Services 147 Dr. Tom Edmunds, Dean of Stu- dents, dictates a letter to students. o 0 1 CMS administrators direct college program Campus administrators direct the functioning ofthe CMS campus. Student problems and activities are handled by Dr. Tom Edmunds, Dean of Student Personnel. Dean Irvin L. Peters, Dean of Administration, manages the governing aspects of CMS. Assistant to the President is Dr. Lyle Boy- les. Mrs. Alice Gower, Dean of Women and Miss Darlene Laubenstein, Assistant Dean of Women, supervise the activities of the CMS women and Dean Hollis Chalquist, Dean of Men, performs the same duty for the men. Keeping in touch with alumni and finding jobs for graduates is the task of Dr. Irl Gladfelter, Director of Placement and Alum- ni. Campus academic activities are coordinated by Dr. Roy McAuley, Dean of Instruction. Dr. Reid Hemphill is Direc- tor of Graduate Studies, while Dr. Marion Schott is the Dean of Teacher Education. Building and ground mainte- nance are under the direction of Dr. Merville Meverden, Director ofthe Physical Plant. Dr. Harold Young is Director of Field Services, and Dr. William Sparling is the Comp- troller. Dr. Irl Gladfelter begins another day as Director of Alumni, 148 - Z 'WM-w V f ,,.1,. it , gg? ,MGH ff 'tara 'f W , 'LA We . isziyghrigi if in gan 'OM vp not M , .,.., 9 xaaeaiqzt , . , t Dr. Merville Meverden views Greenwood Park facilities. g,1M"YS!fW Mrs. Alice Gower chats with Miss Darlene Laubenstein. F Y.. Dean Irvin L. Peters, Dean of Administra- tion, studies blueprints of a, new building. ' 5557 1' . -qi V 'is ada svn , H Q ""' I M M ,,.,, ' Dr. Harold Young meets the demands required to direct Field Services. Dr. William Sparling makes brief phone call from business office. Yami .,., ' . .- . Dr. Hemphill and Dr. Schott discuss a student's schedule. Dr. L y l e Boyles aids President with important decisions daily. .Q . .gs f , Dr. Roy McAuley catches up with paper work before day begins. 149 s si Q mf -if k :F-Q Dr. Hollis Chalquist and Mr. George McBroom discuss policies Facult : Ada-Cam Adams, Willie Sociology Albrecht, Joseph Industrial Arts Allen, Beverly Physical Education Ament, Larry Education Anders, Leslie History Baker, Kathryn Business Baker, Laura Home Economics Baldwin, Robert Safety Center Baltz, Howard Instructional Resources Barnhill, Stanton Law Enforcement Bautista, Octavia Business Administration Beaver, Lyle Recreation Bell, Marvin Science Belshe, John Biology Berger, Robert Business Administration Berkland, Terrill Science Berry, Betsy Biology Best, Clarence Mathematics Birkhead, Velma Mathematics Bixby, Glenn Music Blackwell, Dale Business Administration Bock, Frederic Business Administration Bohlen, Donald Music Bonett, Herman Political Science Boothe, Anna English Bowers, Samuel Mathematics Bowling, David Physics Boyd, Robert Registrar Boyles, Lyle Assistant to President Bradley, Theola Education Brame, William Industrial Arts Brauer, Frederick Data Processing Brattstrom, Paul Academic Advisor Brayton, Margaret Education Brewer, Robert Speech Brewington, William Student Personnel Britton, James Sociology Brock, Baird Economics Brooks, Edith Music Brookshier, Doris Library Brown, Andrew Music Brown, Claude Mathematics Brown, Gerald English Brown, Margaret Academic Advisor Buckles, Joan Nursing Burnette, Walter Science Butler, Aaron Business Cambon, Marion Music A-gf 'sw 'Vw G. If 'il' f My . Q N 522' Wap it f I 5 , ,F --s. Aww fi Q N we VTP' ' i, ,Q .. iii ,S x I Facult : Cam-Edm Camp, Kathryn Home Economics Campbell, David Speech Carter, Phillip English Casady, Carmie Field Services Case, Mei-1 Industrial Arts Castaner, David Biology Castle, Conan Music Chalquist, Hollis Dean of Men Chamney, Clifford Military Science Choate, Jeanette Education Church, Kenneth Physical Education Clardy, Betty English Claus, Robert Law Enforcement Cleveland, Wayne Education Coats, Grace Academic Advisor Cogan, Daniel Instructional Center Coleman, Dorothy Physical Education Collins, Donald Philosophy Cook, Richard Law Enforcement Corbin, Foster English Corriston, Michael Speech Cote, Suzanne Music Craig, Berniece English Craven, Sherralyn Mathematics Creighton, Wilda Business Administration Crockett, John History Culp, Gerald Academic Advisor Curtis, Ronald Psychology Darby, Barney Military Science Davies, Marion Music Dee, William Social Science DeKorte, Marc Business Administration Delaney, Berniece English Del Castillo, Eduardo Foreign Language Dematteis, Richard Speech DeMott, Edith Nursing Denham, Edward Research Devenny, Nina Business Dickey, Michael Instructional Resources Dilley, Larry Mathematics Dillingham, Faye English Dolecki, Joseph Economics Doutt, Sam Social Science Downs, William Industrial Arts Drake, Charles Economics Dunlap, Richard Social Science Dunn, Jackie Mathematics Edmunds, Tom Dean of Student Personn el Facult : Ege-Gre Egelston, Martha English Eickelberg, Fredrick English Elder, Mabel Nursing Elliot, Alice Biology Elliot, Bessie Education Ellis, Edwin Art Emerson, John Geology Enwright, Marilyn Home Economics Eriksen, Douglas Business Eschliman, Herbert English Essock, Alfred Business Ewing, Ray Speech Falgren, Lloyd Physical Education Faulk, Dennis Chemistry Fazel, Mohammed Education Fidler, Robert Campus Radio Field, Carmoleta Business Administration Fields, Gene Education Fisher, Leroy Business Office Flandermeyer, Roger Geography Flippin, Tom Economics Flood, Riefford Agriculture Foley, William History Ford, Clarence Library Forgey, John Art Foster, Augustus Personnel Foster, Carl Public Relations Foster, William Education Frazier, Olin Business Fu, Shaw-Shien English Fulkerson, William Mathematics Gaines, Thomas Industrial Arts Garber, Bill Business Gaugh, Robert English Genge, Milton Music Gibbs, Jesse Business Gibson, Fern Library Gilbert, Helen College Union Gilbert, Ophelia Library Ginther, Mary Counseling Center Gladfelter, Irl Placement Glickfield, Charlotte English Godfrey, Erwina Political Science Goetz, Robert Industrial Arts Gower, Alice Dean of Women Graham, Justyn Education Greenawalt, Robert Industrial Arts Zia X. eff-ages. ills -5' Q- A ., uifziszi , fss7,:,:s -. .fi A - -' . ss , .se if 5. is Q if E Q K X X 3,5 S, fi Q s R z :el ' + , 013, r if if S? ar- J it it J ..., as '59 if X NN s X x i S X XX 3 x XX Q gg X or X 'k v it X gig 5 3 X :Sf K L ,Si X FS .. . 21 i Y . i QRQX S N as at XX X as N 4 awk ' ' fix Ak'- 'E .. as Q 1 X K ss? 'it xii li S' x x S 4 X I NX in s xx ,X S, gi, , an-X as ig Q 1 , K 5 X ig, gsji X N, ,E Mc J, is .-,ss32'f,.,.f? .,.- ,NSN 1 Qi, i ls t ? f ' , safer -f S .i f , X Faculty: Gre-Jac Greer, Rachel Physical Education Gregg, Len Education Grimes, Robert Data Processing Haase, Larry Financial Aid Hairabedian, Thomas Physical Education Haldiman, Carl Education Halen, Walter Music Hampton, Homer Mathematics Hampton, W. O. Education Hane, John Political Science Hannah, Lyman Industrial Arts Harkabus, D. W. Research Harrelson, Donald Education Harriman, V. J. Chemistry Hart, Ralph Music Hauser, William Foreign Language Hawksley, Oscar Biology Haydu, John Art Hazlerig, Jack English Helmick, Dale Counseling Hemphill, Reid Director of Graduate S Hendricks, Fred English Herlong, Henry English Hewitt, Sam Biology Heytman, John History Hibdon, Howard Geography Higgins, Robert Psychology Highlander, James Speech Hinerman, Charles Science Hinrichs, Susan Business Hoduski, Bemadine Library Holland, Carrie Recreation Holmes, Neal Science Homan, Frederick Music Hopkins, Bertha Education Hopping, Joe Chemistry Horine, John lndustrial Arts Horton, Agnes History Hoverstock, Richard Data Processing Huculak, Wasyl Library Hudson, Estel Economics Hudson, James Education Hunt, Leroy Physical Education Hunziker, Estaline Home Economics Hutcherson, Curtis Social Science Ingrum, Victor Industrial Arts Ireland, Russell Industrial Arts Jackson, David Financial Aids tudies Faculty: J ac-Lue Jacoby, Russell Geology Jameson, Connie Speech Jenkins, Mel Industrial Arts Jent, Clay Education Johnson, Larry Mathematics Johnson, Margaret Foreign Language Johnson, William Foreign Language Jones, Robert English Jorgenson, Roy Education Jutten, Jessie Physical Education Kalmer, Charles English Kamerman, Patricia Education Kauffman, Willard Education Keffer, Eugene Research Kelley, Charles Mathematics Kendall, Robert Speech Kennedy, Robert Mathematics Keseman, Charles Industrial Arts Ketcherside, William Psychology Keth, Earl Physical Education Kibbie, Eloise Library Killingbeck, Stanley Chemistry Kindrick, Robert English Kocher, Earl Business Koerselman, Herbert Music Kogge, Hans Foreign Language Koons, Clait Education Kraus, Vida Languagle Kuhn, C arles Business Kunz, Margaret Business Lamb, Bernice Education Landers, Jack Industrial Arts Lea, Lucile Library Lee, Chi-Ling Economics Lee, Edmond Military Science Lesher, Marian Mathematics Lewis, Edward Art Lindsay, David Political Science Lindstrom, Joanne Music Lininger, Shirley Home Economics Little, Jack Academic Advisor Livingston, Grace Home Economics Loehr, Archie Physical Education Lorance, Theodore Psycholog Lovell, Rogert English Lovinger, Warren President of College Low, Earl Agriculture Luebrman, Richard Art KM. sk ., s. .sw-Q. .,.. .M ,..f-'Ulf' 'Or VW 4 at , --,, A away, ,gn K ,, ..,, I ff f , f at Q fi 4 an I I Q ge 1 2 W Qi , ,,,,, ,7 ,U I itit if 4 2 . gawk 42 411 .,-gf, vt.,-A , MJ, Faculty: Lyo-Mos Lyon, Margaret Art Lyon, Mary Physical Education Mahanes, Howard Physical Education Maloof, Louis Sociology Margrif, Fredrick Business Administration Marley, Harlene Speech Marshall, Robert Education Marshall, Robert Safety Education Martin, Alphadine Physical Education Martin, Frank Physics Maxwell, Richard Physical Education Mayfield, Anita Music Mayfield, Louise Business McAuley, Roy H Dean of Instruction McCandless, Perry History McClure, Arthur History McConnell, Louise Education McCoy, John History McCune, Allen Education McCutchan, Carl Mathematics McDaniel, Vernon Journalism McE1wee, Judson Foreign Language McFarland, Emmett Business McKinnis, Richard Education McReynolds, Ronald English Melvin, Byron English Meverden, Merville Physical Plant Meyer, William English Meyerrose, Glenn Sociology Miller, Arthur Art Miller, J. O. Education Miller, Mark Industrial Arts Mitchell, Charles Geography Mitchell, David Education Mock, Robert Industrial Arts Momberg, Harold Biology Monaco, Theresa Education Monson, Richard Art Moore, Alan Speech Moree, Macy Speech Morlan, Winston Academic Advisor Moroney, Katherine English Morris, Gary Business Morris, Joseph Business Morris, J. P. Chemistry Morrow, Alice Library Morton, Clark Education Moseley, William Music Facult : Muc Rob Muchmore, C. E. Business Secretary Mudd, Billy Education Nahm, Laura Biology Neale, Earl Education Nelson, Dale Education Newcomb, Mary Language Nichols, Edith Education Nichols, Peter Sociology Norris, Roy English North, Willard Research Norton, Arthur Business Ogilvie, Leon History Ohrenberg, Robert Industrial Arts O'Malley, James Education Oshima, Eugene Science Overby, Milton Library Park, Raymond Music Parks, Kermit Field Service Pate, George Law Enforcement Patmore, Ruth Business Patterson, Frank English Peach, Walter Education Pearce, Clarence Vocational Agriculture Peck, William Biology Pelton, Elois Physical Education Peters, Irvin Dean of Administration Peterson, Raymond En lish Phglips, Randy Geography Phinney, John Sociology Pierce, Glenn Speech Pierce, Robert Business Pittman, Riley Sociology Plunk, olores Physical Education Powell, Donald Political Science Prosachik, Carol Education Quibell, Gertrude Education Quimby, Milford Agriculture Quinn, Rebecca Physical Education Rader, Martha. Business Ranson, Kathleen Education Rees, Norman Industrial Arts Reynolds, Jack Biology Richardson, Cecil Agriculture Rickman, C. W. Science Ricks, Beatrice English Riebold, Floyd Psychology Riggs, Virgil Chemistry Robb, Kenneth Placement 4 ,Q WA? 7 I . .J 1 ,term f fi V . A Al' 'l y n Q 2, ' ' Iggy ' s m - Facult : Rob-Stu Roberson, Ammon Music Rogers, Michael Music Rose, William Agriculture Ross, Harold Speech Ross, William Economics Runyon, Evelyn Journalism Rush, Ernest Education Russell, Jack Academic Advisor Saleh, Farouk Business Sample, George Art Sampson, Harold Speech Savery, Harry Biology Schaefer, Susan Education Schell, Rosalie Library Schmidt, Marilyn Speech Schott, Marion Dean of Teacher Education Scott, Daniel Music Scott, Keith Business Scott, Mary English Seeley, Robert Chemistry Sewell, Georgia Home Economics Sexton, Carl Academic Advisor Shaw, Patricia History Sheverbush, Robert Counseling Shirley, Todd Education Shockey, Eleanor Music Short, Norman Physical Education Shultz, Lewis Personnel Sims, Evelyn Art Sisson, Hull Library Sjarda, Richard Business Slaymaker, Tom Physical Education Smith, John Education Snoble, Joseph Science , Soderstrom, Virginia Education Sosebee, Allen Director of Admissions Sparling, William Comptroller Splinter, Roger Chemistry Spradling, Quentin Industrial Arts Stanley, William Business Stanton, William Library Sterling, Duane Physical E ducation Sterne, Lucas Business Stewart, Byron History Stewart, Robert Music Stillwell, William Industrial Arts Stubbs, Roy History Stuligross, John Business Faculty: Stu-Whi Stumpff, Keith Mathematics Sturgis, Iris Education Sutherland, John Business Swank, Theron Instructional Resources Swiger, Denzil Industrial Arts Taylor, Velma English Tees, Arthur Speech TerKeurst, Arthur Psychology Thate, Victor Public Relations Thompson, Louis Education Thompson, William Economics Tickemyer, Garland Education Tickemyer, Gary Sociology Tieszen, Marion Speech Tinsley, Alvin Mathematics Tipton, William Industrial Arts Titus, Catherine English Tossell, Richard Safety Education True, Wesley Music Tubbs, Eleanor Business Twomey, Alfred History Tyler, Larry Sociology Ulrich, Robert Safety Education Unglesby, Ina English Vacek, William Industrial Arts Van Blair, Betty Library Van Cleave, Harold Agriculture Van Patten, James Education Varner, Charleen Home Economics Vazzana, Gary Business Veigel, Harding Sociology Vernon, Donald Art Vickrey, Thomas Mathematics Vittetoe, Jack Education Vogel, Robert Geography Waite, Albert Agriculture Walker, Floyd Physical Education Wallis, Donald Industrial Arts Walters, Nancy Education Warlick, William Military Science Weems, Miner Political Science Welch, Lin Speech Wetterholt, John Law Enforcement White, Donald Business White, Shirley Education White, Ann English Whitehead, John College Union Whiteside, Lowell Education 1 'vs f afv ',,, , V tiii, ada f,, 7' f f ff if Facult : Wm-zey Whitney, Blair English Wilborn, Thomas Political Science Wilkey, Harry -...,. Km Economics Willhardt, John Business Williams, Dick Sociology Williams, Hugh Music Williams, Kenneth E n gli sh fum- , 5 Vi 1 ag Williamson, Ray Education Wilson, Ernest Industrial Arts Wilson, Harold Psychology Wilson, Leroy Food Service Wilson, Wallace Education me Winterxneyer, Larry Data Processing Woodruff, Cecil Physical Education U Woodruff, Ross -agp Instructional Resources "' ,,,, Workman, Arvin f Instructional Resources Yinger, Harold Physical Education Yocum, Karolyn Education , n Young, Florence Physical Education Young, Harold Director of Field Service Young, James Political Science Young, Mary Nursing Education Yung, Eldon Industrial Arts Zey, Robert Chemistry S Books crowd the library as a student studies her lesson and takes in the deep silence. 159 Seniors: Abb-Arc Abbott, Mark, Warrensburg. Abdelkoder, Abdel- raouf, Warrensburg. Abele, Myra, Eldorado Springs. Abufele, Jorge, San Pedtosula, Hon- duras. Ackley, Dennis, Indianola, Iowa. Adams, Jerry, Independence. Adams, Metta, Ray- town. Adams, Paula, Independence. Adams, Rob- ert, Pacific. Agena, Lynn, Kekaha, Hawaii. Aitkens, Terry, Lee's Summit. Akins, Judy, Har- risonville. Albright, Louise, Kansas City: Voca- tional Home Economics, Alpha Xi Delta, Treas., Colhecon, 2nd Vice-Pres., SNEA, South Yeater Hall, Vice-Pres., College Union Committee, Alpha Phi Omega Sweetheart. Alexander, Nancy, Lee's Summit: Elementary Education, Sigma Kappa, 2nd Vice-Pres., Pres., SNEA, Prexy Club, Todd Hall, Treas., THE RHETOR. Alkire, Connie, War- rensburg. Allcom, Margaret, Hazelwood. Allen, Dennis, Warrensburg. Allen, Harold, Kansas City. Allen, John, Independence. Allen, Larry, Kansas City. Alley, Barbara, Rolla. Alley, Roberta, Warrens- burg. Allison, Brenda, Kansas City. Almaguer, Jose, Knob Noster. Alvarez, Donald, Warrensburg. Amos, Allan, Ottumwa, Iowa: Elementary Educa- tion, Sigma Phi Epsilon. Amos, Sharon, Ottumwa, Iowa: Accounting. Anderson, Ronald, Ft. Dodge, Iowa. Anderson, Sara, Warrensburg. Anderson, Wilbert, Warrensburg. Anderson, William, Olivette. Andrade, John, Bris- tol, Rhode Island: Social Studies, SNEA, Newman Club, SGA Senate, Dormitory Council, AMS As- sembly, AMS, Vice-Pres. Andruss, Darla, Center- view. Angell, Jeanne, Kansas City. Antwine, Ar- lecia, Kansas City. Araby, I-Iashim, Warrensburg. Arashiro, Lynett, Honolulu, Hawaii. Arata, Michael, Florissant. Ar- cher, Harlin, Belton. Archer, Marie, Warrens- burg. .W-w., . ,f f f E Q " ' ,, , KWH. . 1 ,g X ov -.swear 2 . .,,,, . A yfiwws ' M- - QJGZAW , , . V we M- ff rw. ..-... if ,,.. .raw 1. .1 - 1' im-z,:1x3'. ,. .,, , ,, ,, ,,,.. . 1. if ww EW ff 'aww M f' 6 , ,.. , -. .fem iw .S fm.- 7 3 ff , MW.. V, f f fe , f,,f 7 A f ..... , Q7 ., U , , - MI : X "'Tt7 Q ' M42 . am., W f M1 H Y .. ,-ff ZWQW x. A Is- ,Jw 'af Seniors: Are-Bar Arens, Doris, Sedalia. Argenziano, Carmine, Deer Park, New York. Ariwg, Melvin, Parkville. Armen- trout, Phillip, Amsterdam. Armer, Larry, Vienna. Arndt, David, Higginsville. Arndt, Jan, Higgins- ville. Arnett, Larry, Sedalia. Arnold, Michael, Richmond. Arrasmith, Edith, Rich Hill. Arwood, Pamela, Warrensburg. Ash, Richard, Smithton. Ashworth, Jerry, Kansas City. Atkin- son, Kathy, Hickman Mills: Elementary Educa- tion, SNEA. Atwood, Joseph, Lexington. Audrain, Sharon, St. Louis. Austin, Paul, Clinton. Axton, Nancy, Independence. Ayres, Ted, Hamil- ton. Azzeh, Jamil, Warrensburg. Ba.hner, David, Sedalia. Bailey, Gary, Centertown. Bair, James, Kansas City. Baird, Russell. Baker, Barbara, Linn. Baker, Ronald, Pleasant Hill: Marketing, Theta Chi, IFC, Pres., Treas., Prexy Club, SAM: College Union Cabinet: Society for Advancement of Man- agement, Mid-Western IFC, Pres., President's Council. Baldwin, Kenneth, Independence. Bald- win, Robert, Bennington, Vermont. Baldwin, Rog- er, Warrensburg: Mathematics, Kappa Mu Epsi- lon, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Sec. Ballantyne, Tracy, Kansas City. Ballew, Marjorie, Warrensburg. Bannistor, Bev- erly, Woodlawn. Bard, Joseph, Collinsville, Con- necticut: English, English Club, Young Democrats, People-to-People, CEMOST, Ass't. Editor, AIS, Vice-Pres, Writers' Union. Bargfrede, James, Al- ma. Barnes, Nancy, Camden. Barnes, Sandra, Indiana. Barnett, Dianna, Ash- land: Elementary Education, Sigma Alpha Eta, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, SGA Senate, College Union Committee. Barnett, Linda, Merwin. Barnett, Sue, Warrensburg: Elementary Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, 1st Vice-Pres., SNEA. Barnhouse, Dianne, Eldon: Elementary Education, Sigma Kappa, Ass't. Rush Chrmn., Rec. Sec., Executive Council, SNEA. Seniors: Bar-Bev Bartlett, Genevieve, Warrensburg. Bartlett, Jane, Richmond: English, Kappa Delta Pig Sigma Tau Delta, Hist.g CEMOSTg Honors Program. Bartlett, Robert, Harrisonville. Bartlett, Steven, Warsaw. Baskins, Wendell, Windsor: Social Studies, Bates, Steven, Grandview. Battles, Barbara, Lib- erty. Bauer, Ellen, Cole Camp. Bauer, Jack, Beth- any. Bauer, Janet, Jefferson City. Bayne, Sandra, Boonville. Beal, Donald, Indepen- dence: Business Administrationg M Club: Sports letter. Track and Cross Country. Beal, Jorja, War- rensburg. Beam, Ronald, Warrensburg, Bearce, Judy, Knob Noster. Beaty, Anita, Kansas City. Beck, Ronald, War- rensburg. Beck, Vicki, Freeburg. Becker, Larry, Alma. Becker, Mary, Kansas City. Becker, Robert, St Louis. Beckerdite, Annette, Harrisonville. Beckham, Larry, Butler. Beckman, Erwin, Buckner. Beeler, Gerald, Carrollton. Beer, Leslie, Adair, Iowa. Bell, James, Higgins- ville. Bell, Orion, Independence. Belser, Beryl, North Syracuse, New York. Belt, Susan, Grand. Bennet, Eddie, Columbus, Ohio. Bennett, Richard, Overland. Bermett, Sandra, Deepwater: Home Ec- onomics: Colhecong SNEA. Bennett, Terry, North Kansas City. Bentley, John, Mexico. Berney, Ray, Higginsvillez Psychology, Psychol- ogy Club. Bessenbacher, Jacquelyn, Independence. Beteet, Linda., St. Louis: Elementary Education, SNEA: Association for Childhood Education: Pub- lic Relations Club, Young Democrats, Wesley Foundation, Alpha Kappa. Bethge, Susan, Buf- falo, New York. Bevell, Gllalne, Mexico. .aq- if ' Y ff ff af at , 3, 'Q 42 Dia J M, f A7 Q fix . ff M. . 'VW' , ., ' . .2.'1w.L. A M1126 , . ', , : -: f ' . r. :wifi 642551 WWW, -, -W ., .,., " A ff' 1, fw- M WT R U fly' ' 4 , '--as ,.a Q37 MQ' 'WAQWQ M- , ' f . , do '51 eg, uw' ve -K. vs. 4-aff ' '4 2 . X! -uugp. -as NL ,lx .,, pf W M 5 , me if F X Zig Q W5 Z? ffiggff . ' .. if ,. 47 2 Z? , is 4 Seniors: Bev-Boy Bevins, John. Bievenue, Marilyn, St. Louis. Bill, Lynda, Webster Groves: Business Office Admin- istration, Sigma Kappa., Phi Beta Lambda, Pan- hellenic Council, Vice-Pres.. Pres., Prexy Club, AWS Assembly, Treas., Todd Hall, Vice-Pres., UMOC. Bird, Kathleen, Kansas City: Vocational Home Economics, Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice-Pres., Colhecon, lst. Vice-Pres., Hist., SNEA, South Yeat- er Hall, Hist. Blttick, Dean, Pacific. Black, James, Independence. Blain, Rose, War- rensburg. Blake, Judith, Warrenton. Bleckman, William, Leslie. Blevins, Marvin, Higginsville. Blomberg, William, Macon. Blowers, Richard, New Shrewsbury. New Jersey. Blumenthal, Mar- cia, University City. Boatwright, Joan, Kansas City: Business Education, Sigma Kappa: Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA, South Yeater Hall, Treas. Boden- hamer, Charles, Warrensburg. Bodenhamer, Connie, Warrensburg: Elementary Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha, P a. n h ell e n i c Council, SNEA. Boedeker, Barbara, Centerview. Boekmier, Marie, St. Louis. Boeschen, Dennis, Concordia. Boeth, Ronald, Belton: Music Educa- tion, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Crescendo, SNEA, Choir, Music Edu- cators National Conference, Missouri Student Mu- sic Educators Association, Pres., Madrigal Sing- GTS. Boland, Thomas, Washington. Bolen, Deborah, Independence. Boller, Rebecca, Hermitage. Bol- linger, Randel, Union Star. Bond, Donna, Indepen- dence. Bond, Judith, Warrensburg. Bookasta, Edgar, Lexington. Boorjian, Richard, Franklin Lakes, New Jersey. Boothe, Michael, Dallas, Texas. Bor- zello, Michael, Hillside, Illinois. Boss, Deborah, Chamois. Bossert, Joan, Kansas City: Elementary Education, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, Newman Club. Bottom- ly, Howard, Sutton, M a. s s a c h u s e t t s. Bot- torfl, Mary, Kansas City, Boulch, Thomas, St. Louis. Bowden, Warren, Eddystone, Pennsylvania. Bo- wen, Kenneth, Baytown. Bowman, Daniel, Boon- ville. Bowman, Glen, Pleasant Hill. Boyce, Marian, Kansas City. Seniors: Bo -Bro Boyd, Joda, Hurst, Texas. Boyd, Robert, Marshall. Boyington, James, Rowan, Iowa, Bozarth, James, Odessa. Bradshaw, Dennis, Kansas City. Brammer, Sarita, Lee's Summit. Brand, Linda, Armstrong. Brand, Philip, Clarion, Iowa: Social Studies, Phi Sigma Pi, Physical Education Club, Newman Club, AMS Assembly, History Club. Bran- des, Alvin, Bunceton. Brandes. Arlin, Bunceton. Brandl, Joseph, Tipton. Brann, Stanley, Platts- burg: Sigma Tau Gamma, Rush Chmn., Industrial Arts Club, SAM, College Union Committee. Bran- stetter, Wanda, Kansas City. Brant, Shirley, War- rensburg: Elementary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, Baptist Student Union. Branton, Harold, Indepen- dence. Brattrud, Eileen, Centerville, Iowa. Braun, Bonnie, Chilhowee: Vocational Home Economics, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Omicron Phi, Sec., Colhecon, Pres., Sec., Prexy Club, CWENS, Collegiate 4-H Club, Tassels. Bray, Donna, Cam- eron: Marketing, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Rec. Sec., Phi Beta Lambda., SAM, College Union Committee. Bremer, Carol, Vienna. Brents, Juanita, Indepen- dence. Brewster, Linda, Drexel. Brewster, Nancy, Inde- pendence. Brittain, Freddie, Richland. Brockel- meyer, Ruth, Hermann. Brockett, Wendell, White- man AFB. Brooker, David, Lynn. Brooks, Douglas, Butler: Agricultural, Business, Lambda Chi Alpha. Brooks, Julia, Butler. Bross, Ronald, Liberty. Brown, Carl, Hannibal. Brown, David. Brown, Gary, Independence. Brown, ...,.. .-. aa I. M , -:qw T , ,A :Qi f?19TfW ' il A . ., wg f ,I Kathy, Warrensburg. Brown, Linda, Marshall. W 7 Brown, Vicki, Lincoln. Browne, Janice, Ferguson. Browne, Margaret, St. Joseph: Elementary Education, Independent Women's Association, SNEA, Young Democrats. Brownfield, Barbara, Boonville. Browns, Gayle, Independence: English, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Omicron Pi, Rush Chmn., Alpha Phi Delta, Sigma Tau Delta, SNEA, AWS Assembly, 1st Vice- Pres., Judiciary Council, Chmn., College Union Committee, Greek Choir. Brownsberger, Walter. ..,,,.fm,f,-,, wi 164 -fir VA, at .mimi I Xa MQW V-Mui 9 5 W 4 IAF A rt 3' ,nl .Q,,,, .il i - X 4 'iw Y Mm K ,J 'v . J Wh, A ,ff 5 -if -'Y' r 'QDQ X !""? '47 'QS I Nw 0?-. Seniors: Bru-Car Bruce, Bonnie, Maplewood. Brumit, Ronald, Slat- er. Brunjes, William, Stover. Bruno, Michael, Ray- town. Bryan, Patricia, Chamois. Bryson, Marsha, Villisca, Iowa: Physical Educa- tion: Alpha Gamma Delta: Dolphins, Treas., Pres.: PEM Club: WBA, Vice-Pres.: Prexy Club: AWS Assembly: College Union Committee: Intercolle- giate Women's Basketball Team, captain. Buck, Robert, Concordia. Bucklew, Barbara, Indepen- dence. Budine, Ronald, St. Joseph. Buhrkuhl, Rob- ert, Slater: Law Enforcement: Political Science: Lambda Alpha Epsilon: Tau Kappa Epsilon: SGA Senate: Alpha Phi Sigma, Treas. Bullard, Janice, Independence. Buntin, Phillip, Shell Knob. Burgard, Gregory, Holden. Buril, Kathyrn, Washington. Butler, Deborah, Kansas City: Elementary Education: SNEA: Association for Childhood Education, Treas.: Orchestra. Butler, Lynn, St. Louis. Buttwell, Robert, Hillside, New Jersey: History: AIS: History Club: Political Science Club. Cairer, Joyce, Sedalia. Caldwell, Karen, Kansas City. Caldwell, Mary, Washington. Callen, Zoe, Clinton. Campbell, Cheryl, Liberty. Campbell, Donald, Wellington. Campbell, Donna, Wellington: Elementary Education: SNEA: As- sociation for Childhood Education. Campbell, Jer- ry, Cole Camp. Campbell, Orvine, Montrose. Campbell, Virginia, Ferguson. Campos, Stella, Waimea, Hawaii. Can- ario, Paul, Warren, Rhode Island. Cann, Marvin, Union. Cantwell, Doris, Hamilton. Capper, Christy, Inde- pendence. Carey, Charles, Chillicothe. Carpenter, Herbert, Appleton City: Accounting: Accounting Club: Baptist Student Union: Honors Program. Carroll, Marilyn, Lexington. Carson, Lola, Pisgah, Iowa. Carter, Karen, War- rensburg. Carter, Patty. Cartland, Lucy, Jeffef' son City. Ca.ruso, Anthony, Westmont, I11iI10iS- Seniors: Car-Col Carver, Nancy, St. Clair: Elementary Education: SNEA. Cashman, Mary, Osborn. Cason, Deborah, Marshall: Physical Education: SNEA: PEM Club: WRA: AWS Assembly: Nattinger-Bradshaw. Hist. Cason, Diana, Marshall: Elementary Education: SNEA: PEM Club: WRA: AWS Assembly. Cast- agno, Joseph, Morrisonville, Illinois, Castor, James, Liberty. Chambers, Linda, Vienna. Chance, William, Warsaw. Chandler, Thomas, Ne- vada. Chapman, Dana, Versailles. Chappell, Linda, Raytown: Psychology: Prexy Club: Head cheerleader: Psi Chi: Homecoming, 2nd Princess: College Union Performing Group. Childs, Dale, Tina. Chronis, Evans, Des Plains, Illinois. Clair, Gail, Clarendon Hills, Illinois: Spe- cial Education: SNEA: Newman Club: Council For Exceptional Children. Clark, Edward, Kansas City: Accounting: Industrial Arts Club: Prexy Club: Young Republicans, Pres.: Accounting Club, Treas.: SGA Senate, Chmn. Investigating Com' mittee: Chess Club: SAM. Clark, Elresa, Kansas City. Clark, John, King City: Marketing: SAM: College Union Committee. Clark, Rick, New Hampton. Clark, Roy, Carrollton. Clary, Jo Ann, Garden City. Clawson, Geniece, Eldon: Elementary Education: Alpha Omicron Pi, Pres.: Prexy Club: UCCF: SGA Senate: College Union Committee: Chorus: Greek Choir: UMOC, 2nd runner-up. Clay, Benjamin, Clinton: Speech: Theta Alpha Phi, Pres.: CMSC Players: Prexy Club. Clay, Patricia, St. Louis. Clay, William, Kirkwood. Claypole, Hank, Polo. Clem, Gary, Monroe City. Clerc, Mary, St. Louis.- Clevenger, John, Missouri City. Cloues, William, Hadon Heights, New Jersey. Coats, Mary, Union Starr: Elementary Education: Alpha Phi Delta: SNEA: Prexy Club: Baptist Student Union, Pres.: Religious Life Council, Sec.-Treas. Cobb, Robert, Kansas City. Cochrane, Cyndee, Bellevue. Coddington, Loxie, Kansas City. Coffel, Dorothy, Independence. Coffman, Cheryl, Inde- dependence: Elementary Education: SNEA, Treas: Association for Childhood Education. Coffman, Lloyd, Holt. Cogan, David, Florissant. Cogdill, Francis, Waverly. Coleman, Major, Boon- ville. Coleman, Marjorie, Peculiar, ,naw- , t s is I' X, 5 V. ,,.. ,VN l n as ,J . is ,is ia 3 S af X, ' 'N fl ..... s sf- sg gsfff s i - QPF- M .:s- 7 il' kk - 5 iw Q sis Y ,. ,. t :K i 3, r ti , if wg as 3 .N if A t 5 5 7 .- .. . s. . . ,-aw. f S. . pn., se . exif? ' .IN S. N: ..-ff, 'J,i:ii1il. K A E 'RSV 'fr' P'- .NSF - 'S' , Lf:- Q. l., .. s 5, ,s....s ,Q ,f X . 9 :ev- ak .QRS K -f user:-.f . '- - V' ... Q, . . - . . A . .--. . - .. . V , k. . K Q we SA 'V ' 53 ' r" If gg - 166 ew- A . t S. it Q if YD: . Y 4 TQP ' . X it Q 'a ' A gs 'fb K Q-me -for , .... K Mp. ,sf , 'fm TP'-f 0 . 2 45. , 3 W 5 A3 .. W'- 'iv f. yfxiix an X 'jf' ,X 'UL x- -lf? n-9' ,YMV 'D 167 ,fn ,fm M19- ,f rs 'ZZ' ,MBA r - I ss 1 , Seniors: Col-Cre Cole, Kelvin, Sedalia. Coles, James, Kansas City. Collins, Elizabeth, Lexington. Collins, Morris, Warrensburg. Colvin, Ann, Lakeland, Florida. Colvin, James, Bennington, Vermont. Conrad, Stu- art, Montrose. Conway, Charles, El Dorado Springs. Cook, Carol, St. Louis: Elementary Ed- ucation, Alpha Gamma Delta, Panhellenic Coun- cil, SNEA, Nattinger-Bradshaw Hall, Vice-Pres., Panhellenic Council, Sec., Chorus. Cook, Cathy, Belle. Cook, Katheryne, Sedalia. Cook, Marshall, Chi- cago, Illinois. Cook, Robert, Blackburn. Coonrod, Eva, Warrensburg. Coons, Linda, Huston. Cooper, Barbara, Weaubleau: Music Education: Alpha Omicron Pi, CMSC Players, Crescendo, SNEA, College Union Committee, Orchestra, Marching Mules, Chorus, Music Educators Na- tional Conference, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities, Greek Choir. Cooper, Joyce, Gladstone: Elementary Ed- ucation: SNEA. Cope, Cohen, Sedalia. Copeland, Rose, Holden. Copple, William, Breckenridge. Cordes, Sandra, Sedalia. Corey, Steven, Dixion. Cornell, Gary, Sedalia. Cornwell, Ruth, Central Bridge, New York. Corum, Everett, Clinton: The- ater, Theta Alpha Phi, Treas., CMSC Players, Vice- Pres. Costigan, James, Oak Grove. Cottingham, Jane, Rolla. Cotton, Anne, Ft. Leonard Wood: Elemen- tary Education, Independent Women's Associa- tion, SNEA, Young Democrats, AWS Assembly. Cottone, Robert, West New York, New Jersey. Couch, Alan, Brookfield. Courtney, Thomas, Union Star. Cowan, Charla, Leeton. Cowan, Ronald, Sedalia. Cox, Mary, Ray- town. Cox, Michael, Cuba. Craig, Linda, Independence. Cramer, Marsha, Excelsior Springs. Craton, Gayle, Marshall. Craw- ford, Virginia, Whiteman Air Force Base. Creason, Sue, Cowgill. Seniors: Cre-Dea Crenshaw, Carolyn, Blue Springs: English, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Prexy Club, THE STU- DENT, THE RHETOR, editor, Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities. Crocker, Carolyn, Stover. Crocker, Roger. Cronin, Lawrence, Harrisonville. Crosby, Charlene, Kan- sas City. Cross, Dan, Jefferson City. Crowder, Helena, St. Louis. Crowley, Roger, Excelsior Springs. Croy, Jerry, Kansas City. Crum, James, Liberty. Culp, John, Warrensburg: Physical Education, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice-Pres., Physical Educa- tion Club, Vice-Pres., Young Republicans, SGA Senate, Intramural Council, Pres., Who's Who Among Students' in American Colleges and Uni- versities. Cummings, Daniel, lndianola, Iowa: Speech Pathology: Sigma Alpha Eta, Pres., Prexy Club. Cummings, Laura, Kincheloe A.F.B.. Michi- gan. Cummins, Linda, Harrisonville. Cunning- ham, Thomas, Blue Springs. Curran, Connie, St. Louis. Curry, Lawrence, Inde- pendence. Curtice, Shirley, Kansas City: Elemen- tary Education, Alpha Phi Delta., Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Kappa, Hist., Rush Chmn., SNEAQ Associa- tion for Childhood Education, Treas., Prexy Club, College Union Committee, head cheerleader, CWENS, Tassels, Treas. Curtis, William, Cameron. Daggett, Wilda, Independence. Dahman, Wanda, Warrensburg: Elementary Ed- ucation, Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Sec. Dailey, Dottie, Stet. Dale, William, Kansas City. Daniels, Shirley, Kansas City. Dan- ner, Jan, Kansas City. Da,Prato, Michael, St. Louis. Darrah, Donald, Kan- sas City. Daugherty, Larry, Montrose. Davidson, Marcia, Chesterfield. Davidson, Catherine, Kansas City. Davis, Charlotte, Iberia: Psychology, Young Dem. ocrats: AWS Assembly, Judiciary Council, Houts- Hosey, Rec. Sec., Pres. Davis, Ernest, Excelsior Springs. Davis, Harry, Warrensburg. Davis, Karl, Clinton. Davis, LaDonna, Vienna. Davis Leon, Grain Valley. Davis, Milton, Esper- ance, New York: Political Science, History, Cos- mopolitan Club, Prexy Club, Newman Club, SGA Senate, Ecumenical Center, Political Science So- ciety, Pres. Dawson, Walter, Butler. Day, Cory, North Kansas City. Dean, Sandra, Lake Ozark: Elementary Education, Association for Childhood Education, Young Democrats. 'ev , ,QSM Mii igzff f 4 W W G, f .W .,. v Iv? ml' 1 rv - :. .f .fffz .2111 .. . .f 53 Q ff ' few. 5723! Q- f J -s,...,,,5, , . , V ' .. 1 4 . . . s f 1. 7 .. " . E , Shit, .v. V . fi' JW-z - ' ., lg, in -. ta Q. if ,, . ,. X . , ,. ' 1 f ' ' . - . -. ..,.fr.f.,., ..., . , ,EMM an 1 ' ' ff X .fa it A . . f fi ' ww Ma 96 - x ,Aw z, M .fairy T Nil " ax. 4,-S. wzwgfe '47 . W v ,, M 3 3,4 5 'i , M ff 15 M-. ...4-ww' .1 Ai. QV 4 ww.. ffm O M59 'S ,, fy ""i? ,. -1-J' Y Q-S as-lar . nd. -Allis Q "ff" if-if wi is 3 Er , hx " fl B ,K V I ,Q 4 - ., ii., :VM :Y lil a 1 g ' 4 .fn vs' t ,, .. V il . R ,Kg I A 5 he i W . .5 1:93 . ws, . ,K is 5 9 V + 3 QR X . S t 139' 169 Seniors: Dea-Dow Deaner, Jay, Gray, Pennsylvania. DeAngelo, Char- les, North Kansas City. DeArmond, Walter, War- rensburg. Decker, Michael, Bogard. Decker, Toni, Warrensburg. Deimerly, Pat, Clarion, Iowa: Elementary Edu- cation, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, New- man Club. Dellinger, Harold. Denney, Carroll, Odessa. Denning, Karen, Lexington: Sociology, Psychology Club, Spanish Club, Sociology Club. Dennis, Kenneth, Butler. Dennison, John, Otterville: Industrial Arts, In- dustrial Arts Club, SNEA. DePasco, Marilyn, Kansas City. Dependahl, Shirley, Manchester: Vocational Home Economics, Colhecon. Deterd- ing, Kermit, Corder. DeWitt, Priscilla, Sedalia. Dias, Perry, Peculiar. Dickson, Bonnie, Indepen- dence. Diehl, Janice, Butler. Dierker, Ernest, Sweet Springs. Dierking, Danny, Higginsville. Dillon, Michael, Shawnee, Kansas. Dilworthy, Diane, Gary, Indiana. Dingle, Mike, Raytown. Dirck, Virginia, Florence. Dittmer, David, Con- cordia. Dittmer, Jessia, Concordia. Dobson, Janice, Lex- ington. Dobson, Larry, Peculiar. Doehla, James, Concordia. Doelker, Paul, Whitman AFB. Doerhotf, Carolyn, St. Elizabeth. Dohrendorf, Ron- ald, Eldon. Donley, Diane, South Lyon, Michigan: Biology, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma, Vice-Pres., Beta Beta Beta, Sec.-Treas., Sigma Zeta, Sec., Prexy Club, AWS Assembly, Judiciary Council, Houts-Hosey, Vice- Pres., College Union Committee: Spanish Club: Honors Program. Donovan, Patricia, Chesterfield. Doss, Linda, St. Louis. Dothage, Sandra, Washington: Social Studies, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Alpha Theta, SNEA, Honors Pro- gram. Dothage, Sue, Washington. Dotson, Con- stance, Concordia. Dow, Frank, Hughesville. Dow- dy, Larry, Sedalia: Business Administration: The- ta Chi, SAM. Seniors: Dow-Eng Dowell, Karen, Blue Springs, Dowell, Marilyn, Raytown. Downs, Rhonda, Raytown. Drake, Wil- liam, Marshall. Droz, Paul, Rich Hill. Drummond, Robert, Jameson: Music, Kappa Del- ta Pi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Band, Orchestra, Choir, Crescendo, Honors Program. Druschky, Kathryn, St. Louis. Duly, James, Jameson: General Man- agement, SAM. Dunkin, John, Trenton. Dunn, Bonnie, Union. Durham, Richard, Brentwood. Durkin, Dale, Cliff- side Park, New Jersey. Dyche, Georgia, Kansas City. Dyer, Rebecca, Oak Grove. Dziadosz, Jo- seph, California. Early, Dennis, Lone Jack. Echols, Suzanne, She- boygan, Wisconsin. Edde, Jerry, Marshall. Edel- man, Harry, Warrensburg. Edmonds, Billy, Butler. Edmondson, James, Independence. Edwards, Da- vid, Edgerton. Edwards, Joyce, Kansas City: Elementary Education, SNEA, Canterbury Club, Spanish Club, Alpha Xi Delta. Eggers, Lois, Emma: Elementary Education, Gamma Delta, Sec., SNEA, Association for Childhood Education. Eller, Robert, St. Louis: Speech, Theta Alpha Phi, CMSC Players. Elling, Sharon, Concordia: Business Education, Pi Omega Pi, Sec.-Treas., Phi Beta Lambda, Vice-Pres., Band, Miss Executive '67-'68. Elliot, James, Normandy. Elliott, Charles, Green Ridge. Elliott, Karen, Centralia: Distributive Education, DECA. Ellis, Brian, Warrensburg. Ellis, Karen, Humeston, Iowa.. Ellis, Roger, Cen- tex-view. Ellis, Ruth, Caledonia. Ellis, Susan, Appleton City. Elsea, Jeffrey, Cameron. Emery, Jon, Tipton. Engelbrecht, Diana, Oak Grove. Engeman, Donna, Montrose. England, Bet- ty, Clinton. Englehart, Carol, Lee's Summit. 7 . '- 4: f ' W4 .,,. . 9 5 ,Da f X 1 ,W W rv Q, ,..,, if V few: 3 . 3 gg V',V . Sql'-2' ' M .-am ifif V '-., is lr- 170 .-q, '-'ri -A r-1, 'fw ...M A ,-an .Mum- '57 -Q' 4V su wi E WWE.. 4 YF? , Seniors: Enl-Fle Enloe, Leslie, Independence. Ennis, Linda, Se- attle, Washington. Ensworth, Marvin, Lee's Sum- mit. Erhardt, Donald, Jefferson City. Erickson, John, Independence. Erickson, Lawrence, Independence. Ermeling, Rus- sell, St. Charles: Physical Education, Physical Education Club. Ernst, Don, Prairie Home. Eshel- man, Dean, West Des Moines. Iowa. Eustance, Annette, Warrensburg. Evans, Alfred, Dawn: Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club. Evans, Charles, Dawn: Social Studies, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Sigma Pi. Evans, Pamela, Kansas City. Evans, Paul, Chillicothe: Economics, Industrial Arts Club, Accounting Club, Econo- mics Club, Baptist Student Union, Band, Choir, Gymnastics Team. Evert, John, Alma. Fangmann, Gene, Emma. Farabee, Dennis, Or- rick. Farmer, Cecil, Eldon. Farmer, Kiplyn, Hig- ginsville. Farmer, Rodney, Independence. Farnswarth, Edward, Chamois. Farris, Arthur, Boonville. Farris, Thomas, Sedalia. Farthing, Car- lyn, St. Louis. Fast, Jimmie, Warrensburg: Agri- culture-Business, Delta Tau Alpha, Vice-Pres., Agriculture Club, Pres., Prexy Club, SGA Senate, Veteran's Club. Fath, Melody, Bridgeton. Faulkner, John, Lee's Summit: Electronic Technology, Industrial Arts Club. Feldott, Nancy, Warrensburg: Vocational Home Economics, Colhecon, SNEA, WRA. Fer- guson, Miller, Butler. Ficke, Gail, Independence. Fidler, Linda, Kansas City. Filkins, Richard, Council Bluff, Iowa. Finley, Michael, Grandview: Marketing, Alpha Kappa Lambda. Fischer, James, California. Fischer, Margaret, Sedalia: Special Education, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Newman Club, Honors Program, Student Council For Exceptional Children. Fisher, Elizabeth, Independence. Fisher, George, Independence. Fisher, Michael, Ottumwa, Iowa. Fizer, Jo, Grand Pass: Office Administration, Pi Omega Pi, Pres., Phi Beta Lambda: Prexy Club. Fleischmann, Kenneth, Higginsville. Seniors: Fle-Gee Fleiscnmann, Wesley, Higginsville. Foote, Eddie, Osceola. Foraker, Thomas. Ford, Arthur, Warrens- burg. Fossey, Saralyn, Kansas City. Foster, Freda, St. Louis. Foster, Gary. Foster, Joe, Lee's Summit. Foster, Sharon, Kansas City. Foster, Thomas, Hardin. Fowler, Donald, Clinton. Fraklng, Karen, Lee's Summit: Elementary Education, Dolphins, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education. France, Ruthie, Kansas City. Frazier, Martha, Hardin. Freese, Keith, Higginsville. Frerking, Dale, Corder. Frevert, James, New Franklin. Friend, Sylvia, Independence. Frink, Sam, Fayette. Fritts, Alice, Nevada. Frock, Billy, Brookfield. Frogge, William, Kan- sas City. Fry, Dwight, Kansas City. Fuhr, Donna, Marthasvillez Business Education, Gamma Delta, Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA. Fuller, Ruth, St. Louis: Speech Pathology: Sigma Alpa Eta, SNEA, Associ- ation for Childhood Education, Council for Ex- ceptional Children. Gabrielson, Gail, Newater, New Jersey: Social Studies, SNEA, Young Republicans, Newman Club, Chorus, Ecumenical Center. Gadt, Joanne. Gaines, James, Warrensburg. Galloway, Linda, Washington, D.C. Galphin, Sandra, Independence. Gamble, Shirley, Plattsburg. Ganders, Marsha, Independence. Garcia, George. Gardner, Lee, St. Joseph: Marketing, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Inter- fraternity Council, Prexy Club, SAM, SGA Senate, SGA Executive Council, College Union Cabinet, College Union Committee. Garner, Jean, El Dor- ado Springs: Accounting, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Prexy Club, Accounting Club, Sec.-Treas., AWS Assembly, Nickerson Hall, Pres., CWENS, Honors Program. Garret, Wilma, Oak Grove: Mathematics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Honors Program. Garrison, Robert, Kansas City. Gates, Dwight, Independence. Gaugh, Robert, Warrens- burg. Gee, Sally, Smithton: Vocational Home Economics, Kappa Omicron Phi, SNEA, Colhecon, Baptist Student Union. Q., .f, ,W ,sw .Lame - --9' it We it . .4251 no ' 5 ' Q6 X , s . . .W . .. . V, f 1 W, s S. W L wr Wm gd ,af I Seniors: Gei-Gre Geisler, Jerry, Knob Noster. Gentry, John, Har- risonville. Gentry, Leo, Sedalia. George, Bonnie, Council Bluffs, Iowa. Geortler, Jean, Clayton, New Jersey: English, Delta Zeta, Young Dem- ocrats. Gerke, David, Boonville: Industrial Arts, Sigma Pi, Newman Club, College Union Committee, Band. Gessley, Robert, Independence. Gibson, Dennis, Eugene. Gibson, Jim, Sugar Creek. Gie- wald, Nancy, St. Louis. Gifford, Mary, Boonville. Gillihan, Rodger, Lee's Summit. Gillison, Mary, Independence. Givens, Gary, Bloomington, Illinois. Gladish, Vicki, Blue Springs: Physical Education: Alpha Omicron Pi, SNEA, PEM Club. Glazier, Carl, Independence. Glenn, Linda, St. Louis. Goddard, Gaynelle, Kansas City: English, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. Goers, Don, Mayview. Golden, Gaylen, St. Joseph. Goode, David, Garden City. Goodhue, Linda, Lee's Summit: Elementary Education, SNEA, As- sociation for Childhood Education, Prexy Club, AWS Assembly, Alpha Xi Delta, Vice-Pres. Goo- sen, Joyce, Crocker. Gordon, Ronald, Cameron, Gordon, Thomas, St. Louis. Gover, David, Osceola: Accounting, Theta Chi, Accounting Club. Grabau, Mary, Cole Camp. Grady, Judy, Harrisonville. Graham, Robert, Des Moines, Iowa. Graham, William, St. Louis. Granat, Irene, Lexington: Business Education: Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA, Young Democrats, Business Education Club, Band, Russian Club, Vice-Pres. Grandorff, Janie, Bridgeton: Office Administration, Phi Beta Lambda. Graves, Joan, Rock Hill: Vocational Home Economics, Colhecon, SNEA, UCCF. Gray, Diana, Sedalia: Music Edu- cation, Crescendo, Choir. Gray, Norman, Har- risonville: Spanish, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Spanish Club. Grayson, Daniel, Warrensburg. Green, Paula, Independence: Elementary Education, Alpha Omi- cron Pi, SNEA, College Union Committee. Green- field, Marilyn, Raytown. Greer, John, Hughes- ville. Gregory, Clinton, Fenton. Seniors: Gri-Har Griffin, Harold, Warrensburg. Griffon, Cheryl, Carrollton. Griner, Cheryl, Independence. Gris- som, Steven, Ft. Worth, Texas. Groh, Alicia, Belton. Grooms, Paul, Kidder. Gross, Howard, Univer- sity City. Gross, John, Independence. Grube, Juan, Pleasant Hill. Guenther, Ellen, Clinton. Guenther, Frank, Clinton. Guidali, Arlene, Med- way, Massachusetts. Guilford, Lonnis, Brunswick. Guinger, Mary, St. Louis. Gunn, Gregory, Sedalia. Gustafson, Shirley, Kansas City. Habben, Ralph, Warrensburg. Habben, Sherry, Warrensburg: Eng- lish, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi. Haberle, Joseph, Smithtown. New York. Hack, Miles, Waterloo, Iowa. Haddock, Gerald, Smithville. Hagerman, David, St. Louis, Hail, John, St. Louis. Haile, Clarence, Odessa. Hainen, Bernard, Tipton. Halliburton, Michael. Halmick, Karen, Sullivan. Hamilton, James, Kansas City. Hammers, Martha, Kansas City. Hammerschmidt, Judi, Florissant. Hampton, Dennis, Garden City. Hancock, Marilyn Warrensburg. Hank, Geraldine, Montgomery City, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sec., SNEAQ Newman Club. I-Iannsz, William, Orrick. Hansen, Dennis. Hanson, Paul. Harding, Connie, North Kansas City. I-Iardison, Gary, El Dorado Springs. Har- grove, Wanda, Clinton. Harlow, James, Pleasant Hill. ,iw 3 2. M Nadi" lgj gf. Q5 ...i2..:::'z ' " W 1 , , ,. ff f X , f f 6 1 W f ,A 12 a Z 'Ms "'f2"f,,,,, f g' ,N L .fi swf 'I74 ,,.y , L , ' -, . , Ai2v'fb,+ I he ff !-W I , ' ,. ' .au -' In we-1 IT, ,Jaw W -i M . Q ity rl 169 wow, 554 Seniors: Har-Hen W V, Harmack, Linda, St. Louis. Harms, Janice, Hig- - ginsville. Harold, Thomas, Appleton City: Agri- : ' I culture, Business, Agriculture Club, AMS. Harper, , Alice, Independence. Harper, Bruce, Kansas City. ff K , lf 1 V 1 w , ? if Y, ee M ff 4 f,,an.,',,, 7. 4 f 'ffl X. ,fwfr I ',', ,, 4, fzfwilrg Harrington, Donna, Independence. Harris, Donald, 7 Grandview. Harris, Larry, Creighton. Harris, Pam- ela, Chillicothe. Harris, Rhonda, Creighton. Harris, Rosemary, Gowanda, New York. Hart, Judy, Independence. Hartnett, Elizabeth, Rich- mond. Hartwig, Wanda, Higginsville. Hartzog, Beverly, Harrisonville. .Aw-'Y Hattery, Miriam, Marshall. Hauser, Ingrid, Fulton. Hauser, Sharon, Kansas City: Elementary Edu- cation, SNEA, Association for Childhood Edu- cation. Havener, Gary, Owensville. Hawes, Mary, Kansas City. Hawkins, Brenda, Raytown. Hawks, Raymond, Independence. Hayden, Darrel, Chilhowee. Hay- den, Jean, St. Charles. Hays, William, Tipton. Hazel, George, Sedalia. Hedges, Brenda, Inde- pendence. Hedges, Richard, Lone Jack. Hedges, Robert, Butler. Hedley, Robert, Brentwood: Phys- ical Educationg Phi Sigma Pi: SNEA, Physical Education Club: M Club, Sports Letter, Track. I-Iedspeth, Barbara, Poplar Bluff. Heggen, Caro- lyn, St. Louis. Heins, Connie, Corder: Vocational Home Economics, Alpha Omicron Pig Panhellenic Council, Colhecon, Historian, SNEAQ College Union Committee. Heins, Dick, Blairstown, New Jersey: Accounting, Cosmopolitan Club: Young Repub- licans, Accounting Club, Chess Club. Helmich, Charlotte, Hermann. Helton, David, Holden. Hemmer, Jeanne, Far- mington, Michigan. Henrick, Marti, Creve Coeur. Henry, Walter, Windsor. Henselman, Robert, Ap- pleton City. Seniors: Hen-Hop Henson, Candice, Kingsville. Herbert, Terry, Lin- coln. Herich, Sue, Overland. Herman, Ron, Ray- town. Herndon, Peggy, Linn. Herndon, Susan, Jefferson City. Hibdon, Carl, Syracuse. Hickman, Sue, Warrensburg. Higdon, Larry, Kansas City. Higgins, Helen, Mexico. Higgins, Sheila, Sac City, Iowa. Higgins, Sher- man, Lake View. Iowa. Hilburn, James, Inde- pendence. Hill, Gwendolyn, Butler: Home Eco- nomics, Delta Zeta, Kappa Omicron Phi, Col- lege Union Committee, Marching Mules, Chorus. Hill, Lonnie, Amsterdam: Public Relations, Lamb- da Chi Alpha, Pres., IFC, Public Relations Club, Prexy Club, THE RHETOR, Chorus. Hillyard, Robert, Lee's Summit. Hinkle, Cheryl, Sedalia. Hinkle, Larry, Independence. Himer, Robert, Hannibal. Hirschman, Marilyn, Jefferson City. Hitt, John, Pleasant Hill. Hodson, Ralph, Indi- anola, Iowa. Hoefer, Elaine, Mayview. Hoemeke, Meta, Eldon. Hoeper, Sam, Grandview: Zoology, American Chemical Society. Hoeper, Vicki, Nevada: Business Education, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA. Hofstetter, Carol, California. H o l d e r, Charles, Napton. Holland, John, Union Star. Hol- land, Suzette, Missle Park, North Dakota. Hollinger, Linda, Ypsilanti, Michigan: History, AWS, College Union Committee, Geography Club, L'Alliance Francaise, Spanish Club, AIS, His- tory Club, Sec. Hollywood, Pamela, Napton: Ele- mentary Education, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Asso- ciation for Childhood Education, South Yeater- Activities Chairman. Holt, Carol, Versailles. Hon- eycutt, Michael, Lee's Summit. Hood, Jerry, In- dianola, Iowa. Hood, Judy, Kansas City. Hooper, Tom, Adrian. Hooper, Virginia, Pleasant Hill. Hoops, Georgi- anne, Hazelwood. Hope, Richard, St. Joseph. www Wfmf, ep 2 5 me it -.....,a 1 rf-9 W gf V Q ..I. , f ...,, .5 W 1 9 ' ? f 2122.1 V : 5:2251 X -ff .WA , V f aff! 'V 4' 176 'iw 49... I L . 15" 1 QS' WW 4 X 1 fi 5 5 rl .L , 4 ,, . 1. gygivfltlii iff? Q1 f f ,y , . 2 W at , if 1 X I 356 , W4 .-O! if . , , a- 1 . , I"'I'.I2-' Seniors: Hop-J ad Hopkins, James, Kansas City. Hopkins, Leroy, Kansas City. Hopkins, Norman, Sedalia. Hopkins, Thaine, Laurens, Iowa. Horgan, William, Slater. Hosman, Sherryl, Cowgill. Hotchkiss, Larry, Ex- celsior Springs. Hough, Michael, Holden. Houk, Billie, Brownington. Houlehan, Bernard, Crocker. Houston, JoAnn, Jamesport: Elementary Edu- cation, SNEA: Association for Childhood Edu- cation: AWS Assembly: College Union Com- mittee. Howard, Patricia, Liberty. Howell, Bever- ly, Richmond. Hoyt, Mary, Kirksville. Hudson, Thomas, Sedalia. Huftendick, James, California. Huffman, Van, Kansas City: Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club, M Club, SGA Senate, Sports Letter, Track. Hughes, Danny, Amsterdam. Hughes, Dean, Kan- sas City. Hull, Patricia, Warrensburg. Hunt, William, Bettendorf, Iowa. Huntley, Larry, Smithville. Hurst, Robert, Kansas City. Hurst, Warren, Chula. Hurt, Charles, Sedalia. Hutchings, Michael, Greenwood. Hutto, Robert, Bethany. Huttsell, Ray, Clinton. Hyatt, Myra, Amity: Elementary Education, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education. Idel, Charles, Rosebud. Inglish, Gary, Sedalia: Industrial Arts Education, Industrial Arts Club: SGA Senate, College Union Committee, Chess Club, AIS. Inglish, John, James- town: Public Relations: Public Relations Club, Pres., Prexy Club, SGA Executive Council: THE STUDENT, AIS, Collegiate 4-H Club. Isaacson, Pamela, Kansas City. Issa, Ibrahim, Knob Noster. Ivy, Gary, Holt, Bi0l0gy: Beta Beta Beta: Sigma. Pi. Jacks, Darrell, Kansas City. Jackson, Connie, Lee's Summit. Jackson, Judith, Independence. Jackson, Penelope, St. Louis: Interior Design, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corr. Sec., Orchesis, Home- coming Queen Candidate, Top Ten Best Dressed Girls. Jadlot, Dennis, Nevada: Public Relations, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pres., Interfraternity Council, Public Relations Club, Prexy Club, SGA Senate, SGA Executive Council, College Union Cabinet, College Union Committee, THE STUDENT. Seniors: J ah-Kau Jahnke, Marlin. Jamerson, Daniel, Kansas City. James, Hazel, Kansas City. Jarnett, Karen, Jef- ferson. Jarvis, Gloria, Union. Jeffries, Beverly, Osage Beach: Social Studies: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Alpha Theta.: SNEA: Honors Program. Jeffries, Dennis, Napo- leon. Jenkins, Jim, Lee's Summit: Physical Edu- cation: Alpha Kappa Lambda: Physical Edu- cation Club. Jenkins, Ronald, Garden City: Ele- mentary Education: SNEA: Prexy Club: Asso- ciation for Childhood Education, Pres. Jennings, Robert, Butler. Jeselink, Kathleen, Kansas City. Jewell, Gene, Kingston. Joachim, Bruce, Hinsdale, Illinois. Jo- hanningmeier, Arthur, St. Louis. Johnson, Arthur, Meridian, Idaho: Agriculture Business: Delta Tau Alpha, Agriculture Club. Johnson, Bryan, Kansas City. Johnson, Ernest, Omaha, Nebraska: Psychology: Psychology Club: AMS General Assembly. Johnson, Frederick, In- dependence. Johnson, Jean, Kansas City. Johnson, Joyce, Kansas City. Johnson, Kenneth, Raytown. Johnson, Linda, Kan- sas City: Social Science: AWS Assembly: History Club, Treas. Johnson, Robert, Belleville, Illinois. Joiner, Larry, Kansas City. Jones, Alvin, Holden. Jones, Barbara, Farmington. Jones, Barbara. Jones, Brenda, Lee's Summit: Speech: Theta Alpha Phi: Sigma Sigma Sigma: CMSC Players: SNEA: Prexy Club: AWS Assembly: Panhellenic Hall, Pres.: Greek Choir. Jones, Darrell, Amster- dam. Jones, John, Boonville. Jones, Melvin, Holden. Jones, Susan, Pleasant Hill: Spanish: SNEAg Wesley Foundation: Band: Spanish Club: History Club. Jonson, Agatha, Sedalia. Jordan, Joyce, Warrensburg. Joustra, Patty, Harwood: Elementary Education: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Phi Delta, Vice-Pres.: Kappa Delta Pig SNEAg AWS Assembly: Judiciary Coun- cil: CWENS: Tassels. Kanad, Oya, Ankara, Turkey: Economics: Cos- mopolitan Club: Prexy Club: Economics Club: Chess Club. Karius, Dennis, St. Louis. Karr, Jerry, Warsaw. Kateman, Qulnetta, Osage Beach: Elementary Education: Alpha Omicron Pig Dol- phins: SNEA: Ecumenical Center. Kauzlarich, Vic, Independence. .ff yy. 4 ,ifamw f f f .f-:M 13 ,L+ li? . Wd! . W vnu lf 'gl n 73? 5 5. Y QW W, uf .. fr, Z '.,.v ""? - V 7 as.- f A ,415 "Y N. . ...Mc mt. Seniors: Kea.-Kle Keane, Karen, Clinton. Keele, Michael, Sedalia. Keeling, Paul, Odessa: Biology, Beta Beta. Beta, Sigma Zeta, Hist.g Marching Mules. Keen, Harold, Gladstone. Keener, Richard, Marshall. Keeton, Robert, El Dorado Springs. Keim, Ken- neth, St. James. Kelley, Cyrla, Kansas City. Kelley, Larry, Lee's Summit. Kelly, James, Har- risonville. Kelly, Paul, Raytown. Kemp, Douglas, King. Kemp, Roger, King City. Kenagy, Charles, Garden City. Kennedy, Mary, Rolla. Kennedy, Robert, Glendale. Kennedy, Stephen, Independence. Kenniston, Ralph, Camdenton. Ken- worthy, Kenna, Kansas City. Kenworthy, Nancy, Raytown. Kephart, Randall, Holden: Elementary Education, SNEAQ Association for Childhood Education, Chor- us. Kerns, Kenneth, Albany. Kems, Leslie, Al- bany. Kimzey, Leland, Warrensburg. King, Jo- lantha, St. Louis. King, Marvin, Owensville: Business, Social Stn- diesg Lambda Alpha Epsilon, SNEAQ Young Re- publicans, Accounting Club, Veterans Club. Hist. King, Stephen, Kansas City. King, Vickie, Ne- vada. Kinkead, Judith, Warsaw. Kinyon, Sharon, Clinton, Home Economics, Kappa Omicron Phi, Treas.g Colhecong SNEA. Kipper, James, Kansas City. Kirchner, Betty, Hermann. Kissick, Ronald, Hale. Kltley, Cathey, Lee's Summit. Kivett, Thomas, Jefferson City. Klaus, Michael, DeSoto. Klaus, Sharon, Sailisbary. Klein, Carol, Sedalia. Klein, John, Warrensburg. Kleinheider, Paul, New Haven. Seniors: Kle-Lam Klemme, Lorraine, N. Kansas City: Elementary Education, Alpha Gamma Delta, SNEA, Panhel- lenic Hall, Treas., College Union Committee, Top Ten Best Dressed Girls. Kline, Judith, Excel- sior Springs. Klug, Patti, Kansas City. Knapp, Robert, Sedalia. Knefaty, Mike, Warrensburg. Knehans, William, Beauford. Knipmayer, Mary, Sweet Springs. Knittle, Duane, Shenandoah, Iowa.. Koch, Virginia, Chamois: Vocational Home Ec- onomics, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Omicron Phi, Pres., Colhecon, SNEA, Prexy Club. Koclalski, Patricia, Depew, New York: Physical Education, Delta Psi Kappa, Vice-Pres., PEM Club, WRA, Prexy Club, Young Democrats, New- man Club. Koenig, George, Hackensack, New Jersey. Koenke, Kenneth, Syracuse. Koepke, Ronald, Owensville. Koncick, Nancy, Manhasset, New York. Konieczko, Kenneth, Depew, New York. Koo, Hyung, Seoul, Korea. Koppen, Antonette, Warrensburg: French, Physical Education Club: PEM Club, WRA, Young Democrats: Newman Club, Spanish Club, L'Alliance Francaise. Korn- feld, Steve, Independence. Koval, Gertrude, Kan- sas City. Kraft, Frederick, Hughesville. Kramme, Kenneth, Union. Krausch, Linda, La.- badie. Krause, David, Concordia. Krause, Ronald, Concordia. Krieg, Maynard, Warrensburg. Krone, Susan, Oak Grove. Kronsbein, Donna, I-Iigginsville. Kropp, Eberhard, Sedalia. Krueger, Marlene, St. Louis. Kuebler, Juanita, Kansas City. Kuenker, James, Kirkwood. Kundert, Dennis, Overland. Kurth, Arthur, Alma: Mathematics, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Outing Club, SNEA. Kyle, Larry, Independence. LaBruyere, Bonita, Her- mann. Lademann, Judy, California: Elementary Edu- cation,-SNEA, Association for Childhood Edu- cation. Lacey, Terry, St. Louis. Lalk, Benjamin, Owensville. Lamm, Rebecca, Raytown. Lamora, Thomas, Warren, Rhode Island. I --DY' 1-.23 . wg.. --Q Seniors: Lan-Log Landry, Charles, Valley Park. Lanoue, Richard, Kansas City. LaRue, James, Marshall. Lasater, Larry, Kansas City. Latimer, Susan, Kansas City. Lauber, Robert, Kansas City. Laubersheimer, David, St. Louis: Theater, CMSC Players, Prexy Club, SGA Senate, Speaker, SGA Executive Coun- cil, Treas., President's Council. Lawhead, Melodie, Raytown. Lawson, James, California. Lawson, Joe, St. Louis. Lawson, Robert, St. Louis. Lawton, Nancy, Her- mann. Lay, David, Parkvillez Music Education, Crescendo, SNEA, Young Democrats, Band, Or- chestra, Chorus, Music Educators National Con- ference, Archeology Club. Layton, Gary, Waverly: Physical Education, Alpha Kappa Lambda, SNEA, Physical Education Club. Layton, Rosemary, Urich: Nursing, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Kappa Kappa, Honors Program. Lazerson, Rochelle, Sedalia. Leap, Joyce, Cam- denton. Leaton, Jean, Marshall: English, CMSC Players, THE STUDENT. Lederer, Diane, War- rensburg. Lee, David, Cameron. Lee, Harry, Muncie, Kansas. Lee, Larry, Glad- stone. Leiohte, Paul, St. Joseph. Lelmkuhler, Lyle, Harrisonville. Lenahan, Ellyn, Franklin! Lal-res, New Jersey. Lents, Pamela, Independence: English, SNEA, Liahona, College Union Committee, Orchestra, Tassels. Lewallen, Lana, El Dorado Springs. Lewis, Marcia, Kansas City: Elementary Edu- cation, Independent Women's Association, Asso- ciation for Childhood Education, Young Demo- crats, Social. Science Club, Alpha Kappa Alpha, Corr. Sec. Lewis, Mary, Kansas City. Lewis, Richard, Independence. Lewis, Stephen, Sedalia. Licher, James, Mon- trose. Liley, Charles, St. Louis: Biology, Beta Beta Beta, Sigma Zeta, Outing Club, Prexy Club, Biology Club. Lindemann, Joelle, Grand Mound, Iowa: Elementary Education, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, Prexy Club, German Club: Collegiate 4-H Club, Pres. Linvllle, David, Breckenridge. Linville, Sheila, Sedalia. Llyod, Thomas, Shawnee Mission, Kansas. Lockridge, Harry, Jamesport. Loft, Richard, Liberty. Logeman, David, Grain Valley. Seniors: Log-Mar Logsdon, John, Hannibal. Lohsandt, Allen, Well- ington. Long, Dennis, Marshall. Long, Nancy, Leeton. Long, Pamela, Independence. Lorimor, Theron, Hermitage. Lotz, Dave, Inde- pendence. Love, Richard, St. Louis. Lovercamp, Kenneth, Alma. Lowe, Richard, Bonaparte, Iowa. Luff, Marilyn, Independence. Lundeen, Michael, Kansas City. Lusco, Frances, Kansas City. Lyles, Ronald, Sedalia. Lyons, Louise, Buckner. Lytle, Joyce, Hazelwood: Home Economics, Col- hecon, SNEA. Maasen, Judy, Linn: Mathematics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Hist., Pres.: SNEA: Prexy Club, Newman Club, Vice-Pres. Macy, Charles, Warrensburg. Madeo, Robert, Nutley, New Jersey. Mades, Gary, Washington: Business Administration, Sigma Tau Gamma, Cor. Sec., Rec. Sec., Prexy Club, SAM, Pres., Newman Club. Madole, Terry, Windsor. Madole, Vicky, Inde- pendence. Magee, Gary, Chillicothe. Mahon, An- thony, Warrensburg. Mahoney, Marilyn, Kansas City. Mallory, Michael, Sedalia: General Management, SAM. Mallow, Sandra, Belle. Malmberg, Harry, Kansas City. Mann, Jack, Boonville, Iowa. Mann, Paul, Moorhead, Iowa: Social Studies, SNEA, Prexy Club, Religious Life Council, Pres., Lia- hona, Vice-Pres., REW Committee, Chmn.g Chorus. Manning, Dean, Warrensburg. Manning, James, Warrensburg. Manson, Carolyn, Brunswick. Mant- zey, Lois, Dawn: Medical Technology: Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Beta Beta Beta, Sigma Zeta, Outing Club, Wes- ley Foundation, Treas., Honors Program, Tas- sels. Maple, Michael, Sedalia. Marcks, Carol, Buckner: Elementary Education, Sigma Kappa, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, Sec., Pres. Marcks, Jeanette, Hig- ginsville. Marsh, Elaine, Concordia: Elementary Education, SNEA, Wesley Foundation. Marsh, Gary, Independence. Marsh, Robert, Brookfield. vm fa .mv ,swat av- 9414915 w.f VMYZQFW W ,ff M x i .. 'M' a N- V 'W mf 5 ww ......,f. fli- ,-at thi Y Y X ' z Q75 V5 '-er ' if 9 Seniors: Mar-McE Marsh, Theodore, Albany. Marshall, Daryl, Knob Noster. Marshall, Mona, University City. Mar- tens, Gary, Concordia. Martin, Jesse, California. Martin, Martha, Sigourney, Iowa. Marzley, John, Dillonvale, Ohio. Mason, Maxen, Bates City. Massey, Charles, Cameron. Matthes, Larry, Clin- ton. Maty, Ronald, Grandview. Mawby, Linda, Kan- sas City. Maxon, Frances, Independence. Max- well, Donald, Kansas City. May, Leonard, Kan- sas City. Mayers, Patsy, Orrick. Mayfield, Teresa, Well- ington. Mayo, Connie, Holt. McAdow, Virginia, Weston. McArthy, Robert, St. Louis. McAuliffe, Gerald, Milford, Massachusetts. Mc- Avene, Stephen, Bolton, Massachusetts. McCall, James, Portland. McCall, Linda, Steedman. Mc- Carthy, Anthony, Waldwick, New Jersey. McCarty, George, Sedalia. McCarty, Nancy, Lee's Summit. McClain, Joseph, Manchester. McClure, Gary, Independence. McClure, Sandra, Normandy. McConkey, Marietta, Warrensburg. McCormick, Linda, Linn. McCoy, Robert, Belton. McCray, John, Jamesport: Englishg Alpha Phi Sigma, Treas.g Kappa Delta Pi, Pres., Sigma Tau Delta, SNEA, Pres., Prexy Club. McCray, Mary, James- port. McCrosky, S h a r o n, Independence. McCuistion, George, Belton. McDaniel, Sandra, Camdenton. McDonald, John, Camdenton. McEowen, Kenneth, Harrisonville. Seniors: McF-Mil McFadden, Bruce, Independence. McGehee, Jan- ice, Raytown. McGowan, Evelyn, Lone Jack. McGowan, Larry, Kansas City. McGraw, Bar- bara, St. Louis: Music Education, SNEAg SGA Senate: Band: Orchestra, Chorus, Music Edu- cators Nat'1 Conference. McGraw, Patricia, Napton. McGuire, Patty, In- dependence. Mcl-lenry, Elizabeth, Harrisonville. Mcllwee, Glenn, Kansas City. McKaney, Eric, Kansas City. McKee, Donna, Independence: Social Studies, SNEAQ SGA Senateg Chorus. McKinney, Jamie, Grandview. McKinney, Kennard, Sedalia. McLain, John, Clinton. McPherson, Harold, Independence: Law Enforcement: Alpha Phi Sigma, Lambda Alpha Epsilon. McQuain, Connie, Independence. Mead, Barbara, Brookfield. Mead, Margo, Creve Coeur. Medley, Linda, Berkeley: Business Educationg Delta Zeta. Pres.g Pi Omega Pig Phi Beta Lambda, Public Relations Club: Prexy Club: College Union Com- mittee, THE RHETOR. Medlin, Cheryl, Raytown. Meise, Charles, Independence. Meisenheimer, Jer- ry, Pilot Grove. Melao, Alvin, Warwick. Men- denhall, Susan, Kansas City: Physical Education: Alpha Sigma Alphag Delta Psi Kappa: SNEAg PEM Club: AWS Assembly: College Union Com- mittee. Mertensmeyer, Ann, Norborne. Mertensmeyer, Dan, Norborne. Messenger, Jane, LeRoy, Illinois. Meyer, David, Sweet Springs. Meyer, Johnny, Otterville. Meyer, Margaret, In- dependence. Meyer, Marilyn, Concordia.. Miller, Darlene, In- dependence. Miller, John, Lee's Summit. Miller, John, Warsaw. Miller, Lois, Warsaw: Vocational Home Economics: Kappa Omicron Phi, 2nd. Vice- Pres., Colhecon. Miller, Marcia, Lee's Summit. Miller, Mary, War- rensburg. Miller, Maurine, Kansas City. Miller, Richard, California. Miller, Sandra, Eldon: Re- tail Merchandisingg Colhecong AWS Assembly: South Yeater Hall Council: College Union Com- mittee, Ski Club. ,M Wa, 46'- iz 17:9 'P-K '-Qswwee we 25 I Z .fl ff . .M ,. ,x , 18 A 1 Qi. .2 fee-.Q -Q7 -xxx "'7- Seniors: Mil-Mun Miller, Steven, Harrisonville. Miller, William, Sedalia. Milner, Lorene, Harrisonville: Business Education, Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA, Young Dem- ocrats. Minor, Ruth, Clinton: Elementary Edu- cation, Association for Childhood Education. Mires, Marsha. Mitchell, Martha, St. Louis. Mitchell, Patricia, Independence: Elementary Education, SNEA, As- sociation for Childhood Education, Student Coun- cil for Exceptional Children. Mizuha, Bert, Hono- lulu, Hawaii. Moccia, Ruth, Belton. Modin, Jean- nette, Kansas City: Business Administration, Ac- counting, Accounting Club. Moeckli, Phillip, Owensville: Elementary Edu- cation, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Hon- ors Program, Campus Veterans Association. Moel- ler, Michael, Carrollton: Industrial Arts and Technology: Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Sigma Ep- silon, Sec., Industrial Arts Club, SNEA, Young Republicans, College Union Committee. Monnig, LaVerne, Rhineland: Office Administration, Phi Beta Lambda, Newman Club. Monroe, Dain, Hermann. Monroe, Gary, Kansas City. Moody, Lenora, Harrisonville. Moon, Sandra, Se- dalia. Mooney, John, Nevada. Mooney, Richard, Dexter. Moore, Charles, Newborne. Moore, Danny, Raytown. Moore, George, La- Monte. Moore, George W., Laurie. Moore, Judy, Smithton: Marketing, Phi Beta Lambda, Pres., Prexy Club, Society for Advancement of Man- agement, Sec. Moore, Paulette, LaMonte: Busi- ness Education: SNEA. Moore, Ronald, St. Louis. Morcha, Barbara, Kan- sas City. Moreland, Kathleen, Camdenton. Morlok, Gary, Appleton City: Math, Physics, Sigma Zeta, Sports Letter, Football. Morrow, Carol, Malta Bend. Morrow, Patty, Kansas City. Morse, Ellen, Ladue. Morslnkolf, Gay, Kansas City: English: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Dolphins, Treas., SNEA, SGA Executive Council, College Union Committee. Morton, Paul, Louisiana. Mosley, James, Kan- sas City. Moss, Nancy, Curryville. Mueller, David, St. Louis. Mueller, Thomas, Independence. Mullikin, Ronald, Independence. Munsterman, Don, Apple- ton City. Seniors: Mur-Ott Murphy, David, Middlesboro. Kentucky. Murphy, Patricia, Independence. Murray, James. Muzzillo, Michael, Boonville. Myers, Judy, Queen City. Myers, Lois, Butler. Myers, Richard, Indiana, Iowa. Nauman, Robert, St. Louis. Neely, Tom, Carthage. Nelson, Gary, Independence. Nelson, Robert, Waidwick, New Jersey. Nema, Tamio, Naha, Okinawa: Economics, Cosmopolitan Club, Economics Club. Neubauer, Kurt, Labue. Newcomb, Lewis, Fairview, Illinois. Newsom, Anita, Higginsville, Nicewander, Rebecca, Independence. Nicklas, Gayle, Callery, Pennsylvania. Niggley, Richard, Butler. Nissen, Daphne, Clinton. Nock, Donald, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Norman, Mark, Knob Noster. North, Grady, Dawn. Novitski, Ronda, Liberty. Oakerson, Julia, Park- ville Elementary Education, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha. Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Treas., SNEA, Nickerson Hall, Vice-Pres., Tassels. Obermark, Nancy, Linn. 0'Bryan, Jack, Chillicothe: Marketing, SAM. O'Connell, Mary, Sugar Creek. 0'Connor, Cain, Florissant. O'Dell, Victoria, Kansas City: Busi- ness Education, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treas., Vice-Pres., Phi Beta Lambda, Panhellenic Coun- cil, Pres., SNEA, Prexy Club, College Union Committee, SAM. O'Donnell, Lawrence, Jefferson City. Oetting, Dennis, Concordia. Oetting, Wendel, Con- cordia. Ogan, James, Chillicothe. Oliphant, Roger, East Lynne. Oliver, Marjory, Independence. Oller, Howard, Mexico: Industrial Arts, Indus- trial Arts Club. Orf, Robert, St. Louis. Osbourn, Donna, Sedalia: Beta Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. Ottinger, Randall, St. Louis. Otto, Ste- phen, Westphalia. 2 """7 wwf f if ac -me-4 v N8 N -A Y- qi- nw J-nh' ft K, wa 'wan- N-.W -is --.33 N -we Seniors: Owe-Per Owens, Shirley, Kansas City. Oyler, Dennis, Trenton. Pack, Larry, Independence. Page, Janet, Rushville. Pahl, Sheila, Affton. Palmer, Clarinda, Kansas City: Elementary Edu- cation, Sigma Sigma Sigma, SNEA, AWS Assem- bly, Pres., Judiciary Council, College Union Ca- binet, Vice-Pres., College Union Committee, CWENS, Pres. Jr. Advisor, Chorus, CEMO, Tas- sels, President's Council. Paris, Douglas, Inde- pendence. Parish, Patricia, Kansas City. Parker, Frank, Arcadia. Parker, Mary, Lee's Summit. Parkhurst, Pamela, McHenry, Illinois. Parks, Pa- tricia, Sherril, New York. Pai-men, Rosemary, Albany. Parmley, Gary, Warrensburg. Parsons, Rose, Osceola. Pate, Warren, Parkville. Patrick, Frances, Urich. Patrick, Ray, Urich. Patten, Dolores, St. Louis, Patterson, Betsy, Warrensburg: Elementary Edu- cation, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA. Patterson, Diana, Boonville. Patterson, Donna, Sunrise Beach. Patterson, Frances, Warrens- burg. Patterson, Patricia, Jefferson City. Patter- son, Robert, Jefferson City: Economics, Econo- mics Club. Patton, Gerald, Kirkwood. Pauk, Roger, War- renton. Paul, Eugene, Richmond. Paulson, Phil- lip, Montezuma, Iowa. Paxson, Kenneth, Mar- shalltown, Iowa: Mathematics, M Club, Sports letter, Cross Country, Track. Paxton, Meredith, Independence: Sociology: A1- pha Xi Delta, Cor. Sec. Payne, Ronald, North Kansas City. Pearce, Stephen, Warrensburg: Speech, CMSC Players, KCMW-FM. Pearson, Gary, Chillicothe. Pelton, Joy, Overland Park, Kan- sas: Social Studies, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Kappa, SNEA, AWS Assembly, Judiciary Council, College Union Cabinet, Sec.: College Union Committee, CWENS, Vice-Pres., Tassels. Pendergast, Martha, Baytown. Pennington, Bob- ert, St. Louis. Penrose, John. Penrose, Terry, Independence: Industrial Management: Acacia: IFC, Accounting Club, SAM, Liahona, Band. Perkins, Gary, Chillicothe. Seniors: Per-Pri Petra, Paul, Jewett City, Connecticut. Perrin, Allen, Buckner. Perry, Martha., Glendale. Pes- cetto, James, Independence. Peterson, George, Naperville, Illinois: Commercial Art, Professional Art Organization. Peterson, Jeanne, Mt. Dennon, Iowa. Peterson, Susan, Grandview. Peterson, Theresa, Kansas City: Elementary Education, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, L'Alliance Francaise. Petty, Jimmie, Slater. Petty, Judith, Jefferson City. Ptelfer, Pennelope, Florissant. Phillips, Algene, Lee's Summit. Pieper, Henry, Independence. Pierce, Linda, Kansas City. Pinney, Robert, Chil- licothe. Piragls, Ed, Orange, Massachusetts, Psychology, Psychology Club, Sociology Club, Newman Club. Pitner, Janette, Medford Lakes, New Jersey. Plattner, Sharon, Marshall. Pleimann, Dennis, St. Louis. Plevyak, Theodore, Kent, Washington: Marketing, Alpha Phi Omega, SAM, Vice-Pres. Poage, Jackie, Chillicothe. Podrazik, William, Park Ridge, Illinois. Pogue, Terrance, Ferguson. Pohle, Janice, Grandview: Commercial Art, Alpha Sigma Alpha, SNEA, THE STUDENT, Art Ed., Art Club. Polanski, Robert, Jewett City, Con- necticut. Polomsky, William, Sedalia: Elementary Edu- cation. Portwood, Allen, Warrensburg. Portwood, Gall, Warrensburg. Pottebaum, Helen, Hermann. Potter, Kristina., St. Louis. Potter, Stephen, Clinton. Pottorff, Kenneth, Green Ridge. Powell, Ann, Harrisonville: Elementary Education, SNEA, AWS Assembly, 2nd. Vice- Pres. Powell, Gardell, Fayette. Powell, Patricia, Tipton. Powell, Roger, Windsor: General Management, SAM, Wesley Foundation, Band. Preuitt, Teresa, Sedalia. Price, Jackie, Tipton. Price, Sara., Kan- sas City. Prigge, Daniel, Defiance. Seniors: Pro-Rey Pronk, Louis, Warrensburg. Prosachl, John, War- rensburg. Pulos, Lawrence, Kansas City: Elemen- tary Education: SNEA: Association for Childhood Education: Social Science Club. Pummill, Terry, Houstonia. Pummlll, Wilma, Houstonia. Pur ley, Linda, Nevada: Elementary Education: SNEA: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treas.: Panhellenic Council: Cheerleader. Purvis, Paul, Pleasant Hill. Quackenbush, Elizabeth, Kansas City. Quetschke, Phillip, Norridge, Illinois. Quick, Donald, Oak Grove. Rademacher, Anna, Owensville: Elementary Edu- cation: Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: SNEA: WBA: Wesley Foundation: AWS Assembly: German Club: Honors Program. Radke, Judith, Nevada: Elementary Education: Alpha Sigma Alpha: SNEA: Association for Childhood Education: College Union Committee. Radtke, Thomas, Brookfield, Illinois. Rafferty, Thomas, Coon Rapids, Iowa. Rahm, Sandra, St. Ann: Office Management: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Honors Program. Ramacca, Fran, Grandview: Speech Pathology: Alpha Gamma Delta: Sigma Alpha Eta: Pan- hellenic Council: Newman Club: SGA Senate: College Union Committee: CWENS. Randolph, Sandy, St. Louis. Rapp, John, Boonville: Physical Education: Physical Education Club: M Club. Rardon, Susan, Liberty. Rash, Janet, Raytown. Raskln, JoAnna, Kansas City. Ratledge, Edwin, Kansas City. Rau, Danny, Sedalia. Rawlins, Eldon, Hale: Industrial Arts: Industrial Arts Club: SGA Senate: AIS. Ray, Earl, Warrensburg. Ray, Steve, Greeridge. Raymond, Marsha, Ray- town. Raynolds, Donald, Independence. Reese, John, Lee's Summit. Reetz, Bernard, Lake Zurich, Illinois. Reid, Gene, Kansas City. Reinhard, Charles, Kansas City. Renfroe, Byron, Brentwood. Renz, Kathryn, Kansas City. Renzelman, Loretta, Bel- ton: Vocational Business Education: Alpha Gamma Delta: Alpha Phi Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Omega Pi, Pres.: Phi Beta Lambda: Prexy Club. Renzulli, Phil, Springfield, Massachusetts. Rothe- meyer, Robert, Berger. Reynolds, Curtis, Adrian: Agriculture: Lambda Chi Alpha. Reynolds, Don- ald, Independence. Reynolds, Edward, Speech: THE STUDENT. Seniors: Re -Rot Reynolds, Pamela, Boonville. Rhoades, Elizabeth, Broomfield, Colorado. Rhoads, Allen, Stoystown, Pennsylvania. Rlbowsky, Tina, Eastmeadow, New York. Rice, Valerie, Ashland: Speech, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Panhellenic Council: SNEAQ Col- lege Union Committee, Greek Choir. Richard, Ronald, Warrensburg. Richards, Ronald, Cameron. Richerson, James, Boonville. Richmond, Kathryn, St. Louis. Richter, Terry, Humansville. Rite, William, Knob Noster. Rimmer, Marcia, Springfield. Ritter, Rosa, Kearney. Roach, Gary, Garden City. Robb, Patty, Des Moines, Iowa. Roberts, Jeroline, Kansas City. Roberts, Kenneth, Independence. Robertson, Mary. Robie, Lyman, Piermont, New Hampshire. Robinett, Yvonne, Kansas City. Robinson, Linda, Sedalia. Rockwood, Morris, Kan- sas City. Rodenberg, John, Lexington. Roe, Tho- mas, Mexico. Roesler, Alan, Lincoln, Nebraska. Rogers, Carolyn, Independence: Spanish: Delta Zeta: Panhellenic Council, Rec. Sec.: Spanish Club, Sec.-Treas. Rogers, Marvin, Independence. Rogers, Raymond, Winstow. Rollins, Barbara. Roasa, Anastacia, Brownsville, Texas. Rosbrugh, Mary, E1 Dorado Springs. Rose, Bette, Sedalia. Roseboom, Dawn, Sedaliaz Art, Beta Alpha, SNEA: SGA Senate: AWS Assembly: Judiciary Council: Union Committee, Alpha Xi Delta, Hist. Ross, Kathleen, Warrensburg. Ross, Nanette, Harrisonville. Ross, Shirley, Lexington: Elementary Education. Rotert, Robert, Montrose. Roth, Leilanl, Belton. Rothfus, Donald, Des Moines, Iowa. Rothwell, Linda, University City. '9 '12 Seniors: Rot-Sch Rottmann, Lee, St. Louis. Rowe, Donald, Kirk- wood: Commercial Art: Phi Sigma Pi: Newman Club. Rowles, Pamela, Sedalia. Roy, Helen, Kan- sas City. Rubin, Brian, Carlisle, Iowa. Rude., Lucille, Warrensburg: English: Alpha Phi Delta: English Club: German Club: Honors Pro- gram: Writer's Union. Rude, Susan, New Frank- lin. Rudroff, Urban, Linn. Ruedlinger, Dorothy, Overland. Ruez, Marilyn, St. Louis. Rufenacht, Mary, Lowry City. Rumley, Michael, Jenks, Oklahoma. Rupard, Steve, Raytcwn. Rup- pel, Mary, Lexington. Ruppert, Nick, Hamilton, Ohio: Public Relations: Public Relations Club: Newman Club: SGA Executive Council: Student Supreme Court. Russell, Donna., Amity: French: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: Sigma Tau Delta: SNEA: Prexy Club: L'Alliance Francaise. Pres. Russell, Mary, Grain Valley. Ryan, David, Haddon Heights, New Jer- sey. Sakata, Danny, Excelsior Springs: Social Studies: Kappa Delta Pi: Phi Sigma Pi: Mace :St Torch, Pres.: Prexy Club: Student Supreme Court. Sallee, Bonnie, Salem. Salmon, Paul, Sedalia: Speech Pathology: Sigma Alpha Eta: SNEA: Chorus. Salva, Vincent, Sugar Creek. Sanders, Alice, Richmond Heights. Sand- ford, Sara, Kansas City: Elementary Education: Alpha Lambda Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: SNEA. Sandnes, Robert, Kansas City. Sands, William, Warrensburg. Sartin, Marilyn, Windsor. Sauer, Michael, Kansas City. Sawyer, Rebecca, Warrensburg. Schaefer, Joan, Jeffer- son City. Schaefferkoetter, Dennis. Schanauer, Kathy, Berk- ley. Schelble, Carol, Ncrborne. Schell, John, Kansas City. Schenck, Ronald, Shenandoah, Iowa. Schllb, Larry, Sedalia. Schlltz, Cary, Raytown. Schirmer, Gary, St. Louis. Schlather, Adele, St. Louis. Schmidt, Donald, Tipton. Seniors: Sch-She Schmidt, Gary, Waverly, Business Management, SAM, Sports Letter, Baseball. Schmidt, Glenn, Bland. Schmidt, Richard, Jamestown, New York. Schmiedeskamp, Phillip, Fowler, Illinois. Schnei- der, Jean, Jefferson City: Elementary Education: SNEA, Historian: Association for Childhood Edu- cation. Schneider, Phillip, Kansas City. Schoenenberger, Paul, Shawnee Mission, Kansas: Public Relations: Alpha Kappa Lambda, Public Relations Club. Schooler, James, Kansas City. Schroeder, Jane, Syracuse. Schroer, William, St. Louis. Schultz, Greg, Creve Coeur: Business Admini- stration, Acacia. Schultz, Louis, Kansas City. Schulz, Linda., Niles, Illinois. Schussler, Doris, Butler. Schwalm, Stephen, El Dorado Springs. Schwamb, Cheryl, Rich Hill. Schwaneke, Sherri, Warrensburg. Scott, Anita, Independence: Ele- mentary Educationg Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: SNEAQ Religious Life Council, Liahona. Scott, Carrol, Bethany. Scott, Dennis, St. Ann. Scott, Judith, Kansas City. Scott, Larry, Sweet Springs. Scott, Martha, Florissant: Art: Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pig English Club, UCCF5 College Union Cabinet, College Union Committee, L'Alliance Francaise, Honors Program. Scrivener, Betty, Camden Point: Vocational Home Economics, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pig 'Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice-Pres., Colhecong SNEAg Prexy Club: AWS Assembly: Honors Program. Scrudder, Wayne, Lexington. Seals, Beverly, Triplett. Sears, Julie, Kirkwood, See, David, Osceola. Sehorn, Patrick, Harrison- ville. Settles, Robert, Gladstone. Sevell, Gordon, Wheeling. Sewell, Beverly, Kan- sas City. Shackelford, Lynda, Jefferson. Shafer, Harold, Bates City. Shafer, Larry, Kansas City. Sharp, Samuel, Minnetonka, Minnesota. Shauck, Cheryll, Eldon: Elementary Education: Kappa Delta Pig SNEAQ Biology Club. Sheets, Boyd, Laurens, Iowa. Shelton, Judith, Appleton City. Shepard, Suzanne, Belton. Seniors: She-Smi Sheridan, Larry, Moundville. Sherman, Ann, In dependence: Business Administration: Phi Beta Lambda., Liahona, Treas. Shldeler, Larry, War- rensburg. Shipley, Marilyn, Florissant: English: SNEAQ THE STUDENT. Shlvely, Jo, Braymer. Shrout, Clinton, Independence: Business Admini- stration: SAM. Shryack, George, Kansas City. Slbert, Thomas, Grandview. Slgler, Terry, St. Louis: Social Studie , Phi Alpha Theta: Young Republicans. Sihnhold, Judith, Afton. Sllls, Judith, St. Louis: Public Address: Public Relations Club: SGA Senate: College Union Ca- binet. Sllvers, Robert, Warrensburg. Simmons, James, Odessa: Industrial Arts Education: In- dustrial Arts Education Club. Simmons, Melody, Higginsville. Simms, Judith, Odessa. Simon, Greg, Kirkwood. Simonltsch, Donna, War- rensburg. Sink, Teddle, Osceola. Sites, Larry, Montrose. Slvils, Linda, Creighton. Skid, Pamela, Kansas City. Skidmore, Cheryl, Holden. Skidmore, Rex, Cameron. Sklles, Kath- leen, Knob Noster. Sloan, Charles, Laurens, Iowa. Smallrldge, Thomas, Rochester, New York. Small- wood, Evelyn, Sedalia. Smart, Johnnie, Warrens- burg. Smart, William. Smerka, Terrence, Blas- dell, New York. Smiley, Kathryn, Knob Noster. Smlth, Alan, Bridgeton. Smith, Anthony, St. Louis. Smith, Brenda, Kansas City. Smith, Carol, Deepwater. Smith, Catherine, Kansas City. Smith, Elizabeth, Warrensburg. Smlth, Frances, Kansas City. Smith, Gay, Deepwater. Smith, Hope, Sutton, Massachu- setts. Seniors: Smi-Ste Smlth, Janet, Kansas City: Speech Pathology: Alpha Phi Delta, Sigma Alpha Eta, Sigma Kappa, lst. Vice-Pres., SNEA, Prexy Club, CWENS, THE RHETOR, editor, Tassels, Sec. Smith, John, Swan, Iowa, Smith, Karen, Centerview: Zoology, Alpha Phi Delta, Beta Beta Beta, UCCF, Chess Club, Honors Program, Biology Club, Sec. Smith, Marianne, Kirkwood. Smith, Mark, Warrensburg. Smith, Noel, Gary, Indiana. Smith, Phyllis, St. Louis. Smith, Robert, Warsaw. Smith, Sharon, California. Smith, Sharon, Collins. Smith, Thomas, Sedalia. Smith, Wesley, Excelsior Springs. Smith, William, Prairie Home. Smother- man, Bob, Independence. Snare, Cora, Adrian. Sneed, Marjorie, Ferguson. Snelling, Leo, Mon- treal. Snow, Carolyn, Cole Camp. Snow, Lynn, Sedalia. Snyder, Betty, Wheeling. Snyder, Carolyn, Butler. Snyder, Charles, Clay- ton, New Jersey. Snyder, Donald, Warrensburg. Snyder, Lawrence, Neosho: Law Enforcement, Sociology: Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Phi Sigma, Vice-Pres. Snyder, William, Glendale: Ma- thematics, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-Pres., Pres., Sigma Zeta, Prexy Club, German Club, UMOC, director. Soloman, Marilyn, Marshall: Elementary Edu- cation, SNEA, Association for Childhood Edu- cation, Baptist Student Union. Sontag, David, Chesterfield. Southers, Lawrence, Lee's Summit. Speers, Barbara, Kansas City. Spindel, Donald, Affton: Business Administration, M Club, Sports letter, track and cross country, SAM, Honors Program. Stabenow, Phillip, Warrensburg. Staley, Betty, Butler: Elementary Education, SNEA, Chorus. Staley, Jack, Kansas City. Stalling, Linda, Well- ington. Stark, William, Maryville: Law Enforce- ment, Lambda Alpha Epsilon: Tau Kappa Ep- silon. Starke, Carl, Higginsville. Starr, Dorothy, Kan- sas City. Stasi, Marietta, Kansas City. Staton, Densil, Candlton. Steele, Jerry, Smithton. an ,. AA' - ,:.-. ,,Q- .,5E , ,., 7 11 , 'v :f.:1.gii, ,, . 1 if .. , 4 W fi- if. ' "1--F-." '32 ...fwuf if 1 2 H V xi'-?'4 Seniors: Ste-Tay Steinkuehler, Robert, Houstonia. Steinmeyer, Mary, Independence. Stephens, Marilyn, Hale. Stephenson, Gary, Ferguson. Stevens, James, Con- cordia. Stevens, Sharon, Kansas City. Stine, Harry, Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. Stock, Larry, Prairie Home. Stoeckleln, Darryl. Stoenner, Sharea, Rich- mond. Stoll, Laurel, Alma. Stoll, Leonard, Corder: Ac- counting, Alpha Phi Sigma, Prexy Club, Ac- counting Club, Pres., Wesley Foundation. Stoll, Nancy, Independence. Stouter, Gary, Macks Creek. Stout, Sharron, North Kansas City. Stout, William, Kansas City. Strain, John, Ches- ter, Pennsylvania. Strait, Connie, Chillicothe. Streeter, Linda, Cameron: Elementary Education, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education. Stro- de, Richard, Independence. Stroud, Janice, Grover. Struclitemeyer, John, Kan- sas City, Kansas. Sturgess, Valita, Kansas City. Sturm, Kristine, St. Louis. Stutzman, Rowe, Fair- port, New York. Sullentrup, Anna, Union: Spanish, SNEA, Span- ish Club, Pres. Sullivan, Sandra, Kirkwood. Sul- livan, Vincent, Bogard. Summers, Harold, Ray- town. Sunda, Robert, Clifton, New Jersey. Svanda, Nancy, Kansas City. Swaeby, Kay, Kan- sas City: Business Education, Kappa Delta Pi. Swan, Connie, Darlington. Swanson, Marvin, Cen- tralia.. Swetnam, David, Kansas City. Swezy, Karen, Garden City. Swillum, Elizabeth, California. Tackett, Dee, Warrensburg. Taney, Karen, Excelsior Springs: Business Education, SNEA. Taylor, Albert, Cameron. Seniors: Tay-Tom Taylor, Linn, Algona, Iowa. Taylor, Madge, Win- ston. Taylor, Marlene, Independence. Taylor, Syl- via, Warrensburg. Taylor, Thomas, Lee's Summit. Taylor, William, Weedsport, New York. Teague, Elizabeth, Clinton: Elementary Education, SNEA. Terrell, Gail, North Kansas City. Tesson, Char- lotte, Herman. Tester, Bennie, Plattsburg. Teter, Ann, Kansas City. Thee, Karen, Kansas City. Thieman, Bill, Higginsville. Thieman, Will- iam, Carrollton. Thomas, Vincent, Bobtown, Penn- sylvania. Thomason, Alice, Raytown. Thompson, Alice, Knob Noster. Thompson, Charles, Warrensburg: Business Management, SAM. Thompson, Irma., Warrensburg: Elementa.ry Education, SNEA. Thompson, Janice, Independence: Social Work, Psychology Club, Sec., Alpha Kappa Delta, Psi Chi. Thompson, John, Jefferson City. Thompson, Joyce, Jefferson City. Thompson, Linda, St. Joseph: Elementary Education, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, Young Democrats. Thomp- son, Megan, Salisbury. Thompson, Richard, Cam- denton. Thoms, Kathryn, Kansas City. Thomson, Mary, Baytown. Thorp, Sandy, Grand Pass. Tichenor, Richard, Mapton. Tieman, Steven, Harrisonville. Tienken, Louis, Independence. Tieszen, Marilyn, Warrensburg. Tingler, Elender, Butler. Tinsley, Esther, Hume. Titus, Larry, Independence. Tobaben, David, Mora. Todd, Erbin, Nevada. Tolen, Ronald, Gallatin. Tomlinson, Donna, Kan- sas City. Tompkins, Ella, Independence. "7 -er -an per. 1lU!c ffm. we .W-,. wr Seniors: Tom-Vol Toms, Kyle, Independence. Topel, George, Black- burn. Towne, Betty, Des Moines, Iowa. Tram- mell, Sharon, Kansas City. Trautwein, Carol, St. Louis: Physical Education, Alpha Sigma Tau Pres., Dolphins, Vice-Pres., PEM Club, WRA- Prexy Club. , Trout, Ronald, Ottumwa, Iowa. Trout, Thomas, Sedalia: Music Education, Crescendo, Pres., Prexy Club, Choir, Madrigal Singers, Modern Choir. Troxell, Terry, Edwards. Truitt, Ralph, Darby, Pennsylvania: Law Enforcement, Alpha Phi Sig- ma, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Young Republicans. Truman, Patsy, Tipton. Tryon, Teresa, Independence: Elementary Edu- cation, Student Council for Exceptional Children Sec., Residence Center SGA, Sec. Tucker, Sandra. Baytown. Tunks, Linda, Maysville:.Business Edu- cation, Alpha Lambda Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, Sigma Kappa, Phi Beta Lambda, SNEA, AWS Assembly, CWENS. Turner, Glenda, Kansas City: Elementary Education, Alpha Sig- ma Alpha: SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, College Union Committee, Greek Choir. Turner, Marianne, Jefferson City. Tyler, David, Higginsville: Speech: Lambda Chi Alpha, SNEA, SGA Executive Council, College Union Committee. Tyler, John, Higginsville. Ulmer, Cathy, Sedalia. Ulmer, Janet, Irving, Texas. Vah- renberg, Glenda, Chillicothe. Valentine, Sue, Independence. Valet, Dennis, War- rensburg. Vance, Larry. Vance, Stephen, Western Springs, Illinois. Vanek, James, St. Petersburg. Florida. Vannice, William, Kansas City. Vannoy, Rod- ney. VanVleck, Alan, Lee's Summit. VanWinkle, James, Holts Summit: Accounting, Accounting Club. Vaughn, Geraldine, Clarksburg: Sociology, Sociology Club, Sec. Veach, George, Kansas City. Veale, Joette, Ur- bana. Verman, Eldon, New Haven: Industrial Arts, Gamma Delta: Phi Sigma Pi, Industrial Arts Club, Campus Veterans Association. Ver- non, Elizabeth, Kansas City. Vickery, Carol, Affton. Viebrock, Betty, Sedalia. Viets, Don, Sweet Springs-: English: Phi Sigma Pi- Seed Enghsh Club, Prexy Club, Chess Club, Pres.: CEMOST- Violas, David. Vogeiaar, Dean, Bates City. Vol- mert, Marjorie, St. Elizabeth: Office Admini- stration. Seniors: Vol-Wei Voltmer, Clinton, Sigourney, Iowa: Marketing: SAM: Prexy Club: Phi Beta Lambda: Phi Sigma Pi, Pres., Sec. Wade, Larry, Malta Bend. Wade, Norman, Excelsior Springs. Wagner, Terry, Os- ceola: Soil Conservation: Delta Tau Alpha, Treas.: Agriculture Club. Wagner, Thomas, Independence. Walker, David, Chillicothe. Walker, Mary, Os- born. Walker, Rosemary, Stockton: Vocational Home Economics: Kappa Omicron Phi: Colhecon: SNEA: Baptist Student Union. Walker, Terry, Slater. Wallingford, Gary, Platte City. Walsh, James, Norwalk, Iowa: Physical Edu- cation. Walters, Daniel, Glasgow. Walz, Merle, Green Ridge. Wamples, James, Higginsville. Wan- sing, Emily. Ward, Barbara, Kansas City. Ward, Everett, Raytown. Ward, Robert, Hermann: Speech: Pub- lic Relations Club: Campus Veterans' Association. Warnock, Linda, Warrensburg. Warren, Gary, Warrensburg. Warren, Huell, Kansas City. Washburn, Ronald, King City. Waterman, Harold, Lexington. Waters, Bonita, Hamilton. Watkins, Alfred, Maplewood: Industrial Arts: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Industrial Arts Club: M Club, Treas.: Sports Letter, Wrest- ling. Watson, Leon, Kansas City. Watson, Shirley, Webster Groves: Interior Design: Orchesis: A1- pha Xi Delta. Watts, Harvey, Slater. Wealand, Jana, Lee's Summit: Elementary Education: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Panhellenic Council: SNEA: AWS Fashion Board: Homecoming Queen. Weatherwax, Sally, Rialto, California: Elementary Education: Alpha Omicron Pi: Alpha Phi Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: SNEA: Association for Childhood Education: AWS Assembly. Weaver, Sheri, Platte City. Weaver, Thomas, Whiteman AFB: Chemistry, Mathematics: Kappa Mu Epsilon: Sigma Zeta, Treas.: American Chemi- cal Society: SGA Senate. Webb, Clifford, Ludlow. Webb, Daniel, Dallas, Texas. Webb, John, Cole Camp. Weeks, Kathryn, Marshall: Special Education: Sigma Kappa: AWS Assembly, Judiciary Coun- cil. Wehrend, Edith, Rosebud. Weideman, Esther, Union: English: SNEA: Baptist Student Union: Band: Chorus. Welnhold, Stephen, St. Louis. Weinstock, Renee, University City. ...- ,aww .xg it 4. I I 5" sv-a ...- W .95 .JV ,,--ur 1... W. 1 1 -119 ...K 019 4104 4:17 Seniors: Wei-Wil Weis, Leslie, St. Louis. Welch, Gilda, Forsyth. Welch, Larry, Buckner. Werneke, James, Hou- stonia. Werneke, Larry, Nelson. Westhoff, Gary, Glasgow: Law Enforcement: Beta Beta Beta, Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Phi Sigma. Westhoff, John, Glasgow: Marketing: SAM, Newman Club. Westhoff, William, Belton. Wes- ton, William, Independence. Whaley, Maureen, Ferguson. Wheatley, Donnis, Rich H.ill: Elementary Edu- cation, Alpha Phi Delta: Kappa Delta Pig Sigma Sigma Sigma: SNEAQ Greek Choir. Wheeler, Charles, Kansas City. Wheeler, Elizabeth, Seda- lia. Wheeler, John, Union Star. Wheeler, Vicki, Jameson: Vocational Home Economics, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta. Pi: Colhecon, Treas.g SNEAQ WRA, Collegiate 4-H Club. White, James, Warrensburg. White, Michael, Centralia. White, Thomas, Homewood, Illinois. White, William, Brookfield. Whlteaker, Linda, Cameron: Special Education: SNEAQ Association for Childhood Education, Choir. Whitehead, Nancy, Salisbury. Whitehead, Wayne, Independence. Whltehurse, Phyllis, Booneville: Sociology, Psychology Club, Young Democrats: REW Committee: Newman Club, Religious Life Council, AWS Assembly: Judiciary Council, THE STUDENT, Chorus: Sociology Club. Whiting, Janet, St. Joseph. Whitman, Molly, Clarion, Iowa. Whittier, Betsy, Sedalia: Elementary Education: SNEAg Alpha Lambda Delta., Pres., Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pig Prexy Club: SGA Senate, Judiciary Council, CWENS, Vice-Pres. Wholl, Morrice, Orrick: Agriculture, Agriculture Club. Wickwlre, Lloyalea, University City. Wldel, Jane, Blackwater. Wlenberg, Dwayne, lonia. Wienberg, Jerry, Warrensburg. Wleschhaus, John, Hermann. Wiggins, Edith, Oak Grove. Wilcox, Grayson, Arlington, Massachusetts. Wiley, David, Warrensburg. Wiley, Robert, Hughesville. Willard, John, War- rensburg. Willenbrlng, Margaret, Pilot Grove: Vocational Home Economics: Alpha Omicron Pi, Newman Club, Colhecon, College Union Com- mittee. Willenbring, Mary, Pilot Grove. Williams, Charlotte. Seniors: Wil-Yod Williams, Deborah, Kansas City. Williams, George, Chilhowee. Williams, Jack, Cole Camp. Williams, Ronnie, Osceola. Williams, Ross, Sedalia. Williams, Sarah, Raytown. Williams, Timothy, Warrensburg: Business Administration: Lambda Chi Alpha: Young Democrats: SAM. Williamson, Marllee. Willis, Raymond, Warrensburg. Wilson, Barbara, Independence. Wilson, Lana, Raytown. Wilson, Martha, Clinton. Wlnkelman, Donna, Social Studies: AWS Assem- bly. Winter, Dorothy, Mayview. Winter, Linda, Webster, Groves. Wlnterhof, Gaylene, Alta, Iowa. Wisdom, Carol, Indianola, Iowa: Sigma Kappa: Colhecon: THE RHETORQ College Union Committee. Wise, Betty, Kansas City: Business Education: Phi Beta Lamb- da: SNEA: Young Democrats. Wise, Martha, Carrollton. Wissman, James, Sedalia. Witt, Elfredla, Kansas City: Sociology: Psychol- ogy Club: Young Democrats: Baptist Student Union. Witt, Michael, Osborn. Wittenberger, Larry, Jamestown: General Management: SAM. Wofford, Alvena, Warrensburg: Vocational Home Eco- nomics: Kappa Omicron Phi, Pres.: Colhecon, Sec.: Prexy Club. Wolf, Cheri, Carrollton: Ele- mentary Educationg SNEA. Wolpers, Leslie, Blackburn. Wood, Esther, Kan- sas City. Woods, Billie, Parkvillez Elementary Education: Alpha Phi Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: SNEA: AWS Assembly: CWENS. Woods, Judy, Holden: Business Education: Alpha Sigma Tau, Treas.: Phi Beta Lambda: SNEA: Greek Choir. Woodward, Harry, Independence. Woolf, Gretchen, Independence. Woolf, Teresa, Independence. Workman, Susan, Waldwick, New Jersey. Worland, Sharon, St. Louis. Wright, Lynda, Kansas City. Wright, Samuel, Kansas City: Public Relations: Public Relations Club: THE STUDENT: THE R-HETORQ Band: Music Educators Nat'l Con- ference. Wrlght, Susie, Lee's Summit. Yamtlch, Richard, Gary, Indiana. Yance, Larry, Grand- view. Yoder, Judy, Sedalia: Commercial Art: Professional Art Club. Graduates: Ade-Maz Ader, Lizabelle Allen, Anita Almeida, Michael Baker, Martha Baker, Ronnie Baskett, Roger Beal, Richard Black, Joseph Black, Sharon Brady, Edward Brawer, Betty Breshers, Ronald Chang, Kyung Clymore, Dennis Coffman, Sherry Costigen, Donna Darton, Andrew Dedeke, Robert Dieckmann, Janet Erisman, Kathryn Eveland, Gary Feldman, Clara Fisher, Judith Foerstel, Michael Fox, Suzanne Galloway, Helen Gentry, Sandra Gosney, Alfred Grleshaber, Vicki Halen, Thalia Harris, Donna l-lessel, Randy Holt, James Ingrum, Victor Igbal, Mohamad John, Alton Jones, Kay Karim, Fazal Kung, Chuan-Chan Lawbenstein, Darlene Lee, Ruby Leopold, Michael Limback, Rebecca Lundblad, Faith Major, Roy Manuel, Marian Mazza, Idalene Mazza., Joseph Graduates: McK-Yan ,em db? W fa 4"'7' L sf I f 1 6 yn 41 v 1 , M .15 Hg, AW HRW ff 'B ff' 1 44 S , We A 9 f Mmm, 1 ,, , ,.q,. 'W sw vu,-rx if M45 a fs, V J A I 2 ' 9 A, f , K , , ,, , rf , ,f ve S .s,,zY71E-, , W fum. QW 4 Win. . ' f' '21 l""?' tv' ,vw QF. McKinnon, Mary Moss, Frederic Noble, Dave Ogilvle, Nancy Parker, Harold Parwiz, Shunja Pease, Gary Price, Marie Province, William Quandil, Wshid Rasa, Gerald Reeves, Delmar Riddle, Susan Ring, Merlin Rokicki, Phillip Sajna, Timothy Sands, Martha Schick, Thomas Shank, John Slaughter, Joyce Spargo, Louise Stephens, Ronnie Stiles, Herbert Storck, Billy Sykes, Sue Tempel, Carol Templeton, Patty Titus, Karen Tompkins, Rosalie Urie, Douglas Utzlnger, Carl Velasgues, Angelo Walker, J ack Walkup, Starr Wallace, Joyce Welden, Mary Wetzel, Susan White, Grant Widergren, Robert Witkowski, Stephen Wolf, William Woody, Doris Woolworth, Patricia Wright, Lorenzo Yang, Bruce Underclassmen Abb Arm Abbott, Dean Abbott, Nancy Abney, Alpha Abney, Terry Absher, Ronnie Adair, Jon Adams, Barbara Adams, Craig Adams, John Adams, Mary Adams, Thomas Adcock, Cheryl Adee, Linda Adkins, Larry Aholt, J oyce Aholt, Shirley Aholt, Therese Ahring, Janis Ahring, Robert Ailor, Jennifer Ainsworth, William Aker, Peggy Akers, Carol Akers, Helen Akers, Wayne Albietz, Joseph Alderson, Jeanne Aldrich, David Aldridge, Donna Aldridge, Larry Alexander, Bonnie Alexander, Kay Alexander, Linda Alford, Johnny Allen, Barbara A. Allen, Barbara J. Allen, James Allen, Leonard Allen, Linda Allen, Paul Allen, Roy Allison, Phil Allman, Glenda Almendarez, Cynthia Alpers, James Althouse, Nancy Altwies, Thomas Alvis, Arta Ammons, Darrel Amos, Donald Amos, Paula Ancell, Cheryl Anderson, Betty Anderson, Catherine Anderson, Erma Anderson, Michel Anderson, Patricia Andes, Donald Anglin, Roger Anstine, Dwight Anthes, Micheal Anthony, Phillip Applegate, Kenneth Apprill, Ann Argo, Robert Aring, Gary Armato, Carl Armbruster, Mark Arms, Vonita Armstrong, Billy Underclassmenz Arm-Bal -A e.. . ,x 3, X 3' as ,., QA' o , -4 44 13. M- Q i f . as W S X Am , . 3 - is N X glgm ag, A- 205 Armstrong, Ed Arnett, Jim Arnold, Jack Arnold, Margaret Arnold, Sharon Arnold, Terry Arnote, Gregory Arnote, Jean Arnote, June Arthur, Terrance Arthurs, Timothy Artigas, Lourdes Arwood, Jerry Aselage, Mary Ash, Brenda Ash, Frank Ash, Tommy Ashcraft, Louise Askren, Kenton Atchison, Linda Atkinson, Linda Atry, Sied Atwell, Marilyn Audrain, Gregory Aufenkamp, Cheryl Aufranc, Perry Augustine, Frank Augustine, Jack Austin, Barbara Austin, Constance Austin, Jack Austin, Pamela Austin, William Aversman, Glenn Avery, Larry Ayer, Kathy Ayer, iuiouda Ayler, John Babcock, David Babcock, Nancy Babylon, Susan Backs, Paul Badger, Charles Bagley, Charles Baile, Vicki Bailey, Dolores Bailey, Janet Bailey, Luke Bailey, Wendy Bainbridge, Jack Baird, Helen Baker, Carla Baker, Clara Baker, Deborah Baker, Irvin Baker, Judith Baker, Linda Baker, Mary Baker, Mary Baker, Melford Baker, Michael Baker, Rita Baker, Sharon Baker, Sharon Baker, William Baldridge, Theresa Baldwin, David Baldwin, Marjorie Baldwin, Robert Balentine, Olivia Underclassmenz Bal-Bay Ball, Dennis 3 Ball, John 3 Ball, Mary 3 Ball, Peggy 2 Ballard, Bruce 3 Ballew, Mary 3 Ballinger, Glenn 1 Ballinger, Peggy 3 Ballou, James 1 Ballou, Karen 1 Balmos, Penny 1 Balhlch, Mitchell 3 Bancroft, Sandra 1 Bandy, Stephen 3 Banks, Janet 1 Banks, Philip 1 Banks, Sharon 1 Banks, Walter 1 Barbee, Patricia 2 Barber, Corey 2 Barfoot, Linda 2 Barker, Danny 1 Barker, Sheila 3 Barker, William 1 Barlish, Larry 3 Barnds, Larsella 3 Barnes, David 3 Barnes, Gary 1 Barnes, Janet 1 Barnes, Merilee 1 Barnes, Paul 2 Barnes, Ron 3 Barnes, Susan 1 Barnett, Floyd 1 Barnett, Janet 1 5. Barnett, Michael 3 Barnhouse, Tom 3 Barnthouse, Stephen 2 Barr, Gary 3 Barr, Stephen 2 Barrett, Janna 3 Barrett, Lois 2 Barry, Carol 1 Barry, Earl 3 Barry, Janice 1 Barry, Thomas 1 Bartel, Larry 1 Bartels, Virgilene 2 Barthol, Michael 1 Bartholomaeus, George 1 Bartimus, Carolyn 3 Bartlett, Karen 3 Barton, Janice 1 Bartow, Thomas 3 Bartram, Stephen 3 Baslee, Susan 2 Basler, Alan 3 Bates, Deborah 3 Bates, Janis 2 Batsch, Vickie 1 Batts, Brenda 1 Baucom, Marylynn 1 Bauer, Jeffrey 1 Baugus, Karen 1 Baum, Elliot 8 Baumann, Jane 2 Baumann, Janet 2 Baumgardner, James 1 Bay, Larry 3 Bayless, Claudette 3 2 ff -f .gekfffa rx, X .wffi milf" K .sffs'fs21?, .uiiifgi :'ELfi?ESi'S Q, .e . Q, 1 i""'kV"' x xxx X X x L1..L,,,,ff:'f,a:1:S- J 'T "W J' it 'A iss, Xt- 1 Underclassmen: Bay-B11 , mwve- wx, 2,12-gQr f "U fe fir' Y f Hx Z2 J 7 12? . ' A vp?-' "L 'J ,. , SH wmv V Bayne, Linda Bays, Nancy Bayson, Brenda Beach, Karen Beach, Rodney Beale, Donna Beale, Katherine Bears, Jacquelyn Bears, Kenneth Beasley, Mary Beaty, Robert Beaver, Linda Beck, Deith Becker, David Becker, Linda Beckerdite, Charles Beckman, Roberta. Beckmann, Jane Beckner, Ronald Bedwell, James Beebe, Margaret Beebe, Steve Beeler, Barbara Beeler, Gundula. Beene, Lannie Beerman, John Beever, Bill Beever, Claudia Behen, Robert Behrens, Frances Beilsmith, Kenneth Beissenherz, Ted Bekemeyer, Gayle Bell, Daniel Bell, Emma Bell, John Bell, Larry Bender, Diana Benham, David Benitz, Evean Benne, Kathleen Bennett, Barbara Bennett, Mickey Bennett, Patricia Bennett, Patricia Bennett, Rosalie Bennett, Sharon Benningfield, Judy Benson, Larry Benson, Ron Benton, Steven Berendts, Martha Berger, Robert Berger, Shirley Bergman, Bruce Bergman, Harry Berry, John Bertalan, Richard Bertelsmeyer, Joy Beshore, Irvin Bessmer, Kathleen Best, Myra Beste, Glenn Bestgen, Mary Bethel, Glenn Beyer, Susan Biggerstaff, Sue Biggs, Jeffrey Bilbrath, Nancy Bllbreth, Ted Underclassmen: Bin-Bor Binde, Roger Bingham, Victoria Bires, Steven Bisbee, Deborah Bishop, Forrest Bishop, Gary Bitner, Sue Bitner, Teddy Bittiker, Steven Black, Charles Black, Pamela Black, Phillip Blair, Donna Blair, Ellen Blake, Carlotta Blake, Dennis Blake, James Bland, Michael Blank, Herbert Blankenship, Paul Bleckman, Rebecca Blevens, Esther Bliefnick, Carla Bliss, James Blochberger, Mary Bloemke, Michael Bloom, Gary Bloom, Thomas Blyholder, Judith Boan, Margaret Bodenhamer, Karen Bodine, William Boehm, Jean Boehne, Roberta Boehner, Richard Boes, Donald Boeschen, Jane Boettcher, Carol Bogan, Donald Began, Larry Bogar, Beverly Bogess, Constance Boggess, Maurice Boggs, Stephen Bogner, Charles Bogue, Merilyn Bohon, Stanley Boice, Richard Boling, Beth Bolinger, Mary Boller, Bob Bolles, John Bolsen, Patricia Boltas, Charlene Bolte, Janice Bolton, James Bond, Gregory Bond, Theresa Bondurant, Michael Bone, Cherolyn Bonnichsen, Barbara Bonnieshen, Paul Booker, Denise Boone, Catherine Boosell, Lary Bopp, Carl Borders, Curtis Borgstadt, Clifford Borland, Dale Borner, Becky N e N N9 'ix-N : V y . x Ns Q x xx x. mir F Q. Y . 8 xg te 5 352555 ws Q My of K .ua ty?-sw, rv QRS: X Q X 4 P Nw? 1 , it i .Wi N it v?-his-yfiiil 9 409' wi. as X N W: NM X X L X so is' H , .,,, -+R - 7 1. .3,1?gfW-3, N is Wx X 5 e 1 N 3 M fx , r R Q Ii'-gif 1- M5 , ,H Q, , . p .. - . . 3. , ,wi V v Y ,ii A'-E' wwfflf , iv 1' - " W 5 v P! , fx bi- 39 4 ,z . f,f,,',: My , , Q.WQ,,kgg - ' +2 fsffizuaga-z.e5e2f. f , ff w'ff5E'lffQ?51S ' " ' K ZW 'Jil W 'Z wk '. ,W il '.,Qf1ff4fgwf -QW mf! ' ' 5 L... ,fm iwemmg Quay -,, ' F 5,51 Agia, 7 'f ,, 97 - , ' if-: 3,w1i3i1.ff' 5, e -'Vi195', sv , " f S A V t f +4 1 4... J Q , ,Q A 'rx Q f A vw . l Cb f we K Q1 ' ' ' ' TWU' :dlfffi ' re 5253x525 , H wi as as 4F' , .f iTi,g"f as 'mf . ,......... 3 K f MM, iw- g W' M .. .. v .s.,.,. , ' ij Underclassmenz Bor-Br1 L if 1 4. it H . , 7 if Mr, ' 11 if ' 2 .Q .M - 5,35 nw fi , ,Qi QE 'd5,g , 5 F 'X I of ,H . . 7: Q Z4 " -f fr: ,. l ,, as A . 72- Q3 ,, 5 1 . + , 3 ., W " S535 ,, ,. "' - - .f . ' ..,. V , 1. ,. si 4. I 1 5 552.1 1 ii VF ,M my gf 1, in ,L X2 E 1 x, v if X ' 'ffiffiifau - " 19 V 'Q 1 l 1 45,5 my at me iw 4'A I W a. 1 Vw .ss 'W' ..-..... WW, w ,ff 1 -. -.42 5' 4 1 f 3 W'fliQ3i2,7l1zf fifigfiziifii-3' "R A - -L 59" " in av ,Se f. 209 Barns, Brenda Borum, Kenneth Bosler, Gary Bosler, Mark Boss, James Bostian, Patricia Bostic, Lillian Boswell, Lewis Bowen, Rex Bowers, Charlotte Bowland, Linda Bowler, Mickey Bowlin, Jerry Bowman, Gary Bowman, Kenneth Bowman, Pamela Boyd, Charlotte Boyd, Clarissa Boyd, Coleen Boyd, John Boyer, Deborah Boyer, Judd Boyer, Stephen Bozarth, Ted Bozarth, Terry Bradley, David Bradley, Tim Bradley, William L. Bradley, William R. Brady, Carolyn Brady, Judith Brager, Linest Braley, Frances Brame, J oan Branco, Judy Brand, Terrance Brand, Tom Brandt, Carol A. Brandt, Carol S. Brandt, Ralph Brandt, Walter Branson, Allen Branson, Edith Branstetter, Marlin Braswell, Mack Bratcher, Donna Brauer, Andy Brauer, Connie Braun, Kathie Brawdy, Virginia Bray, David Brayley, David Braymer, David Braymer, Wilbur Breedlove, Jack Brenden, Anita Brenyas, Theodore Bret, Leon Bretall, William Bretton, Robert Brewer, Glenn Brewer, Lois Brewington, Paul Bricker, Luelle Bridges, Lewis Briggs, Glenda Bright, Connie Brisco, Robert Briscoe, Patricia Briscoe, Stephen Underclassmenz Bri-Bry Bristow, Gilbert Brixey, Michael Brizendine, Michael Brock, Gary Brockelmeyer, Karen Brockett, Barbara Brockfeld, Wayne Brockling, Karen Brockman, Virginia Brockmeier, Joe Brockmeyer, Marta Broderick, Mary Bronson, Carol Brooks, Barry Brooks, Harold Brooks, Theresa Broteluschen, John Brotherson, Cynthia Brown, Candice Brown, Carolyn Brown, Charles Brown, Clyde Brown, Daryl Brown, David Brown, Deborah C. Brown, Deborah J. Brown, Dorothy Brown, Eda Brown, Harold Brown, Janet Brown, Judith Brown, Kathryn Brown, Lawrence Brown, Linda Brown, Margie Brown, Marita Brown, Mary Brown, Michael Brown, Patricia Brown, Peggy Brown, Penelope Brown, Rebecca Brown, Rebecca L. Brown, Regina Brown, Roy Brown Stanley Brown Teresa Brown, Victoria Brownfield, Richard Brownlee, Barbara Brown berger, Jon Brownsberger, Martin Brownsberger, Rose Brubeck, Judith Bruce, Mary Bruch, Francis Bruch, John Bruch, Mary Bruenger, Stephen Bruening, Tommy Brueske, Becky Bruffey, Keith Brundege, Jeanne Brunscher, Eileen Brunson, Penny Bryan, Chanda Bryant, Barbara Bryant, Carolyn Bryant, Mark Bryant, Marlin ,X ,,:,,,,,,., . -rv wQf,5fs" 4 -- : ,- :' 5, -I z 3 'f52':15': 2 A 'if'f'f,Ei 'VT " ' ' ..fw7lHff: , 5 ,, ,.,f,,,, , .mf wfffgv . iff if , Q, My f 5 ,7 '31 ,..t,b Wx fs W ' , V - . ,... . in F we M. 41 gf!! who -iv Q Y V 'E " 1' , .ig A 1 A' , -- 3 6 + Q it K G Q 7. 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V , 'www - A -f yrgfrnfg. .- . , - 35' Eafaiir, M www, f sfhzrw " Q r Q we L Bryant, Robert Bryden, Linda Bucey, Layonne Buckles, Gayle Buckles, Ronald Budd, Rickey Buechter, Linda Buehler, Elaine Bueker, Roy Buell, Rhonda Buhrmester, Earl Buhrmester, Robert Buie, Alan Bultemeier, Dell Bultmann, Cheryl Bultmann, Lois Bumpers, Elizabeth Bunck, Jay Bunch, Kenyon Bunch, Timothy Bunselmeyer, Kenneth Bunten, Janice Bunyar, Robert Bunyar, Robin Burden, Cecelia Burditt, Charles Buresh, Randal Burford, Craig Burford, Judith Burger, Cheryl Burgess, John Burk, Nancy Burke, Mary Burkhart, Sharon Burkholder, Gary Burlbaw, Thomas Burlingame, Pamela Burnett, James Burns, Donald Burns, Evelyn Burrow, Mary Burst, Suzanne Burton, Karen Burton, Randalph Burwell, Gary Busch, Michael Bush, Richard Bushie, Mary Buster, Rita Butcher, Phyllis Butler, Billy Butler, Jacqueline Butler, Kenneth Butler, Steven Butner, Bonita Butner, Rebecca Mi- ' .51 .,,.1 E ,,.' , B 1 ,srs t, ff r it A Buttram, Thomas Butts, Flavel Byassee, Gloria Byers, Cheryl Byers, Lavern Bynum, Milton Byrd, Delores Byrd, Marquito Byrum, Nancy Bywater, J ammey Bywater, Nancy Cagle, Sizanne Calahan, Paul Calder, Claude Underclassmen: Cal-Car Caldwell, Caldwell, Gayle Timothy Call, Robert Callaway, Bonnie Callaway, James Callis, Richard Calovich, Deborah Calvert, Susan Camden, Ruth Cameron, James Campbell, Anita Campbell, Dennis Campbell, Frances Campbell, Francis Campbell, Jeff Campbell, Karen Campbell, Kathy Campbell, Kenneth Campbell, Larry Campbell, Lyman Campbell, Lyndia Campbell, Margot Campbell, Martha Campbell, Murry Campbell, Patricia Campbell, Priscilla Campbell, Robert Campbell, Susan Campbell Campbell Candido, Canfield, , Thomas , Vicki Toni Allen Cantrell, Glenda Cantrell, Patsy Cantrell, Shirley Carder, Cheryl Carder, R onald Carey, Jerry Carey, Ruth Carleton, Richard Carelton, Walter Carlini, Deanna Carlson, Sharon Carmichael, John Carney, Alan Carney, Russell Carolla., Sam Carr, Cheryl Carraccio, Joanne Carroll, Gregory Carroll, John Carroll, Margaret Carroll, Rita Carroll, T l'eV2. Carruthers, Merrill Carsel, Christopher Carter, Charles Carter, David Carter, Karen C. Carter, Karen S. Carter, Ken Carter, Larry Carter, St anl ey Carty, Carolyn Carvell, L ynnda Carver, Carol Carver, Daniel Carver, John Carver, Michael Carver, Shelley gf tif. ' - an SW was WN W f ,W mx se 3 :J .hw gk X 'X it as .:- - Q Q, 1 s E 5 ,, hw 8 X e..1Q R I wx .. W X Sine rf. N -.QV -as I ' Q 5 i :- fi ., , -saffssszf Q C - A A - -M "'A Q: is-2. -.C ml.-f .f X. nfs-. 3' as ,ai ,ey X f z is-se.: Q 3 5 2 f a ,. , :ss S 3 s C, e , J E253 QQSQQ isis 93 S 2 95532 ' sir, K ., . - - - i gif,-:':.z,s::e: ii , N4 K A ,T ,ri arratsi nm 5 ii! , it S ,gk .,,. 7 F, 5 ' .K I 1 N,,, X,:'Sf3f.k C3 Mr : Q., 1 -Q-gr .14 Hi 4. iii 4 nderclassmenz Car C10 , ' ffhsifillif , ' 'S' 'ix X X X sv 5 if 3 9 X :Gigi 'w' ik. ' ' 'Z fig if 1 at we EEE? e 'A 3 ik , .Q-:Steiff QL an . x 9+ Y ef: are Ein? 'S 4+ , ea it, if ' K 5 ,Im .ee-1+ J... , 2,555-gk-1 . . 'K al '3 as 121 si 2 fieaf . ev- vw. lah? Carwile, Rita Casey, Kim Cassarine, Mary Cassing, Max Cassity, Diane Casteel, Kathleen Caster. Norma Catherall, Patricia Cavanagh, Robert Cedeno, Cynthia Chadwick, Andrew Chafa, Dennis Chafen, Charles Chamberlin, Nancy Chambers, Nancy Chandler, Dennis Chandler, Joerether Chaney, Chris Chaney, Jackie Chaney, Pamela Chapel, William Chapman, Karen Charles, Monte Chasteen, Steve Cheatham, John Chesebro, Nancy Chester, Ronnie Chestnut, Olen Chick, Willa Childs, Linda Chinn, Donna Chitwood, Larry Chrisman, Janice Christ, Alta Christian, Wade Christiansen, Frank Christie, Ronald Christman, Elizabeth Christopher, Steven Cipolla, Larry Cissna, Joy Clark, Ann Clark, Charles Clark, David Clark, Edward Clark, Kathy Clark, Larry Clark, Marsha Clark, Richard Clark, Robert Clark, Stephen Clarle, Donna Clawson, Lynnette Claxton, Tony Clay, Linda Clay, Susan Claypole, Gary Claypole, Morris Clayton, Dorothy Clayton, Jestine Clemmons, Larry Clevenger, Kathy Clevenger, Michael Clevenger, Robert Click, William Cliffton, Larry Cline, Jackie Clinger, Richard Clisby, Cheryl Closson, John Underclassmenz Clu-Cor Clutter, Marcia Coates, Harold Cobb, Deborah Cobb, Nora Coburn, Ronald Cochran, Gary Cochran, Harry Cochran, Joyce Coffelt, Paul Coffey, Charles Coffey, Steven Coffman, Daniel Coffman, Sandra Colbert, David Colbert, Debra Cole, Brenda Cole, Carol Cole, Daryl Coleman, Vemon Colley, Rodney Collier, Ronald Collins, Dennis Collins, Donna Collins, Robert Colson, Angela Colster, Cheryl Combs, Billie Combs, Channy Combs, Donald Combs, I-Iedy Combs, Ronald Conboy, Kathleen Cone, Dennis Congrove, William Conkle, Jeffrey Conley, Linda Conn, Richard Conn, Susan Connell, Dixie Conner, Jack Conners, Judy Connole, Dennis Conrow, Janey Constant, Tamara Cook, Kathryn Cook, Lois Cook, Lydia Cook, Roger Cook, Sandy Cooper, Barbara Cooper, Carl Cooper Connie Cooper Joyce Cooper Larry Cooper Margaret Cooper Marian Cooper, Peter Cooper, Robert Cooper, Terry Copenhauer, Gary Copple, Clarence Corbett, Dennis Corbett, Stanley Corbo, Anthony Corcoran, Malcolm Cordray, Herman Comell, James Cornish, Verna Corpening, David Correll, Brian 4: Q-ap -A Z? , Ag ,K " ' 'WWW JB ,V K , 'f. .. 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Dooley, Delores Dooley, Jackie Ray Dooley, Linda Dooley, Thomas Doolittle, Harold Dorner, Donna Dorsch, Kent Underclassmen Dou Ec Douvia, Faith Dow, John Dowell, Cheryl Downing, Raymond Doyle, Bruce Doyle, Susan Draffen, Howard Draffen, Linda Drake, Georgia Drane, William Draper, Bonnie Draper, Theordore Drechsel, Nancy Drexel, Carol Droege, Garry Droz, Janie Drummond, Dawa Dryden, Margaret Dryer, Carolyn Dryer, Thomas Duce, Duane Duckworth, Lonny Dudgeon, Christy Dudley, Barbara Dudley, Cornelius Dudley, Ruth Dudley, Sharon Duenow, James Duensing, George Duffer, Nancy Duffy, Michael Duke, Mary Dunbar, Richard Duncan, Freddie Duncan, Pamela Duncan, Paula Dunford, Karen Dunham, Ann Dunkel, Michael Dunlap, John Dunlap, Steve Dunning, Mary Dunsowrth, Melvin Dureka, Mignon Durham, Charlos Durham, Diana Durham, Rebecca DuRoche, Diana Durrill, Sharlette Dutcher, Melvin Dwyer, James Dyer, Diane Dyer, Janet Dyer, Timothy Dyer, Tracy Dysart, Bill Earle, Elaine Easterday, Lesley Eastman, James Eaton, Elizabeth Eaton, Sharon Ebersold, Janifer Ebersold, Richard Ebler, Ladonna Eckenberger, Steve Eckhoff, Barbara Eckhoff, Erwin Eckhoff, Larry Eckinger, Steve Ecton, John Underclassmen: Edm-Fal Edmundson, Douglas Edwards Elizabeth Edwards, Janice Edwards, Lizabeth Edwards Nancy Edwards, Perry Egbert, Beverly Eggers, Janet Ehler, Mary Ehlers, Joyce Ehlmann, James Eichhorn, Sharon Eichman, Patricia Eickhoff, Ronald Eidson, Jean Eidson, Stephen Eifert, Elaine Eise, Donna Eisenreich, Sandra Eisler, Janet Eisler, Robert Elkins, Judith Ellersieck, Jerry Elliott, Judith Elliott, Karen Elliott, Marilyn Elliott, Richard Ellis, Bonnie Ellis, Catherin Ellis, Deborah Ellis, Kirk Ellmaker, Linda Elmore, Freddie Elsberry, Gretchen Elwell, Dennis Embree, Dana Embree, David Emery, Frank Emis, Michael Encoe, Jerry Endley, Joylyn Engelbrect, Earl England, James Enlow, Daniel Enos, Francis Ensley, Roberta Epperly, Joy Erhard, David Ernst, Donald Ervin, Ellen Ervin, J ohnna Eschenbach, Jimmy Eshelman, Dale Eslinger, Sharon Essenpries, Shirley Estep, Karen Estes, Danny Eudaley, Alene Evans, John Evans, Judith Evans, Mary Evans, Sandra Eveland, David Everard, Susan Everhart, Lucinda Everman, Barbara Ewing, Vickie Fain, Mary Fair, Lenora Falke, Stanley Underclassmen Fal F01 Fallen, Jerome Falls, Jay Fann, Charles Fann, Raymond Fansher, James Faris, Robert Farkas, Joseph Farley, Michael Farr, Deborah Farris, Patricia Faubion, Francine Faulkner, Crystal Faustlin, Shirley Fecht, Daniel Fecht, Darby Fecht, Kurtis Fechter, Barbara Fedojan, Sonja Feitz, Dale Feitz, Don Feldman, Daniel Fender, Christian Fennel, Richard Fenner, Charles Fenton, Charles Ferguson, Kathy Ferrou, Gerald Fetter, Linda Fewins, Benny Field, Effie Field, Janet Fielder, Betty Fielder, Wanda Fiene, David Fiene, John Figg, Harold Fillinger, Gerald Fillinger, Gregory Fimple, Janet Fink, Katharyn Finkel, Margaret Finken, Robert Finkle, Paul Finks, Michael Finley, Ronald Fischer, Ann Fischer, Barbara Fischer, Jerry Fischer, Kathy Fischer, Marilyn Fischer, Paula Fisher, Donna Fisher, Judith Fisher, Shirley Fisher, Stephen Fisher, Teresa Fite, Eugene Fitterling, Sarah Fitzgerald, Ann Fizer, Narnia Fizer, William Flandermeyer, Charles Fleischman, Janet Flemming, Tim Flesch, Nancy Fletcher, John Floy, Gloria Fluharty, Sandra Fluharty, Susan Foley, Carol Underclassmen: Foe-Fru Foertsch, Joseph Folkman, Gordon Follmer, Gerald Forbes, Jackie Ford, Anne Ford, David Ford, Martha Ford, Mike Forderhase, Carroll Forniss, Clinton Forrest, Sharron Forsee, Linda Forster, Jo Forster, John Forsythe, William Fort, Billy Fossey, Robert Foster, Gregg Foster, Janet Foster, Jennifer Foster, Martin Foster, Ruth Foster, Shirlene Foth, Russell Foulde, Mary Foust, Beverly Fowble, Linda Fowler, Garold Fowler, Jil Fowler, Linda Fowler, Martha Fowler, Spencer Fox, Nancy Fox, Teresa Fraking, Sheryl Francis, Billy Francis, James Francis, Robert Francis, Ward Franke, Jana Franken, J acquline Frankhauser, Gayle Franklin, Kenneth Franklin, Patricia Franks, Joyce Franks, Kathy Frazier, Gloria Frazier, James Frazier, Rebecca Frazon, David Freedman, Martin Freeman, Colleen Freeman, Darrell Frerking, John Freund, Nancy Frey, James Fridley, Norvel Friedley, Sandra Friel, John Friend, Barbara Frish, Dennis Fritchie, Denis Fritchie, Duane Fritts, Leslie Fritzemeyer, Sandra Fritzemeyer, Wayne Frizzell, Mary Frost, Wendel Frownfelter, Rebecca Frueh, Norma Underclassmen: Fry-Ger Fry, William Frye, Mary Fuchs, Mary Fuehring, Linda Fuentes, Anthony Fuhr, Kenneth Fulghum, Geraldine Fulk, Donna Fulk, Jane Fulks, Charles Fuller, Edna Fuller, Hazel Fuller, Richard Fulton, Linda Funk, James Funk, Janice Funk, Richard Furrey, Bob Futvoye, Karla Gabriel, Janice Gabriel, Stephen Gaer, Stanley Gaertner, LaVerne Galbraith, Sherry Gallagher, Sherry Galloway, Evelyn Galloway, Phyllis Galster, Janice Gamet, John Gandy, Elaine Gann, David Gann, Glen Gant, Daniel Garamillo, Cathey Garber, Denna Garber, Tain Garcia, Gregory Gard, Terry Gardner, Donna Gardner, Ginger Gardner, Harold Garland, Nancy Garlichs, Diana Garrett, Barry Garrett, Clarence Garrett, Larry Garret, Micheline Garrison, Carol Gash, Tom Gavs, George Gawedzinski, Marcia Geary, Karen Gebelein, Donna Geers, Barbara Gehner, Phillip Geis, Joseph Geivett, Danny Gelbert, Truman Genner, Connie Gentry, Dale George, Linda George, Michael George, Regina Gerber, John Gerber, Karen Gerber, Ronald Gerke, Elizabeth Gerke, Kenneth Gerke, Thomas Gerling, James ,,vf ' -Q. fm, mu QW ae 5 U ::,,, .wane w WE 4 1 GH ffl fl Underclassmen: Ger-Gra Germann, Ronald Germann, Therese Getg, Albert Gfeller, Steve Gibb, Patti Gibbins, Linda Gibbons, Jean Gibbs, Charlotte Giberson, Karon Giboney, Robert Gibson, Kathy Gibson, Vicki Geiringer, Kenneth Gilbertson, Deborah Gilderbloom, Rose Gillem, Edward Gillham, Janet Gilliand, Brenda Gillogly, Maria Gillroy, Anthony Gillroy, Carol Gillroy, Marilyn Gilmore, Marilyn Ginther, Jeanette Girandef, Leah Gist, Mary Gittlens, Donald Glander, Margaret Glasscock, Glynnes Gleason, Dorothy Glendening, Donna Glenn, Willie Glover, Cynthia Gockel, Keith Gockel, Sheila Goddard, Patricia Goe, Phyllis Goebel, Salley Geons, Deborah Goetz, David Goetz, Gail Goetz, Janet Goetz, Janice Goff, John Goldman, Alvin Goldman, Edward Goll, Barbara Gooch, Wanda Goodin, Pamela Goodknight, Yvette Goodwin, Marva. Goodwin, Michael Gooseman, Aldonna Goosen, Linda Gordon, Deanna Gordon, Johnnie Gore, Helen Gorrell, Diane Gorsett, Terrence Gose, Karen Gosney, Linda Goth, Barbara Gotsch, Jeannie Gould, Deanna Gover, Carolyn Gower, Kolyn Grady, Connie Graef, Stephen Grafton, Joyce Gragg, Patricia Underclassmenz Gra-Gum Graham, Harold Graham, John Gramps, Toni Grandberry, Shirley Grant, Mary Gravatt, Donna Graves, Lodie Gray, Bobby Gray, John Gray, Kent Gray, Larry Gray, Linda A. Gray, Linda K. Gray, Martha Gray, Michael Gray, Nancy L. Gray, Nancy S. Gray, Ronald Gray, Vernon Gray, Winona Grechus, Janice Grechus, Lindal Green, Cherryl Green, Gerald Green, Kenneth Green, Ricky Green, Sharon Greener, James Greenwood, Judyth Greer, Frances Gregory, Gregory, Bruce Gary Gregory, Mark Gregory, Nina Gregory, Ronald Gregory, Sarah Greife, Larry Greiner, Terry Gresham, Paul Grieshaber, Micaael Griffey, Bobby Griffey, Marylue Griffith, Benjamin Griffith, John Griffith, Joyce Griffith, Thomas Griffiths, Connie Grigsby, Dianne Grigsby, Sharon Grimm, Carole Grimsley, Beverly Grindstaff, Philip Grinsham, Mary Gritzmacher, Ken Grizzell, David Grogger, Dorothy Gross, John Gross, Paul Grossheider, Virginia Grotha, Elizabeth Grove, Jan Grube, James Grupe, David Grush, Reba Gubera, James Guenther, Cathy Guess, Eddie Guin, Marlin Gulla, Rosemarie Gumper, Calvin 1. i .,,,.r 3 , 1. wi? 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'WSW , r X 3 r fi' :Qrff ,, ,. 3-Q Underclassmen: Hub-J ac Hubble, Hucker, Hudson, Hudson, Hudson, Irma David Joe Tod William Huff, John Huffman, Dale Erna Melvin Sandra Susanne Hughson, Robert Huhman, Dianne Huhmann, Wilbert Hughes, Hugh es, Hugh es, Hugh es, Hull, Janet Hull, Ovid Humphrey, Ronald Humphreys, Barbara Hundley, Mary Hunt, Brenda Hunt, Gary Hunt, Sh ell ey Hunt, Stuart Hunter, Hunter, Hunter, Gilbert Glenn Harriett Hunter, Lynna Hurd, David Hurley, Martha Huskisson, Sandra l-Iutchraft, Barbara Hutcherson, Kent Hutcherson, Vivian Hutchings, Barbara Hutchings, Karen Hutchings, Laura Hutchinson, Penny Huth, Thomas Hutson, Sherry Hutt, Stephen Hyde, Danny Hyde, Ronald Idel, Sharon Idel, Stanley Ihrig, Gail Iiams, Virgil Iliff, Deborah Imhoff, Michael Immegart, Cornelius Inge, Valerie Ingram, Brenda Ingram, Patricia Innes, Linda Ira, Patricia Ireland, Phillip Ireland, Stephen Irland, Ina Irving, Diane Iseminger, Stephen Israel, Gary Iverson, Karen Ives, Patricia Jackman, Deborah Jackson, Betty Jackson, Courtney Jackson, Lewis Jackson, Montgamery Jackson, Vickie Jackson, Wade Jacob, John Underclassmenz J ac-J on Jacob, J udith Jacobs, Daniel Jadlot, Charles Jaeger, James Jagels, Rickey Jamerso Jamerso n, Christy n, Phillip James, Mirl James, Robert James, Ronald Janota, Ronald Jansen, Jansen, Karen Robert Janssen, Deborah Jarmin, Dale Jaynes, Salle Jeffries, Catherine Jenkins, Cathy Jenkins, Kathy Jenkins, Linda Jenkins, Peggy Jennings, John Jennings, Shirley Jens en, Jacqueline Jessee, Dwight Jett, Carl Jett, Jam es Jewell, Linda Jewell, Wanda Jimmerson, Gwendolyn Johanningmeier, Jerry Johanningmeier, Marcia Johnson , Belinda Johnson, Bennetto Johnson, Betty Johnson, Beverly Johnson, Catherine Johnson, Charlotte Johnson, Cheryl Johnson, David Johnson, Dewey Johnson, Diana Johnson, Janice Johnson, Karen Johnson, Kathleen Johnson, Kenneth Johnson, Lorraine Johnson, Melvin Johnson, Michael Johnson, Nancy Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Patricia Johnson, Robert Johnson, Ronald Johnson, Veronica Johnston, Edwin Johnston, Neil Jokerst, Nancy Jolly, Bonita Jolly, Marilyn Jones, Clyde Jones, D 3,19 Jones, John Jones, Mary Jones, Pamela Jones, Pamela Jones, Patricia Jones, Patricia Jones, Paula Jones, Sally fsr'P5fW ' i Y' 1 as , 51 ,E , ii Eg .- X s .mf , ' Vw: , A A ad, , 9 Y :iff 'H We A eggs X Q W' ff ,Q , X - r 4 wx f if , Ji . ., gm Ax -2, m Q 'P '- 2757 'W -f ' " Z Z? 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X Y 4... , xx 234 .,l.,e Nm Nw' x Underclassmen: Lit-Mai 1...q,,. --Q-Q s Litz, Allen Liverman, Rick Lloyd, Carol Lock, Donald Locke, Courtney Locke, Dee Locke, Katherine Lockhart, Raymond Lockler, Eleanor Logeman, Beverly Lohman, Jerald Lombardo, Joanne Long, James Long, Julie Long, Kathryn Long, Linda Long, Margaret Long, Mary Long, Pamela Long Robert Long, Stanley Lopez, James Lorenz, Judith Lott, Linda Love, Don Love, James Love, Warren Love, William Q,,..:,x aw- AGL' 235 Y 4' Lovell, DeeAnn Low, Laura Lowry, Alan Lowry, John Loyd, Elizabeth Lucas, Michael Lucas, SueAnn Lucher, William Luebberling, Alice Luebbert, Kathleen Luehrs, John Lueke, Keith Luff, Marguerite Lundgren, Jeffrey Lundy, Betty Lupton, Carol Lusch, Carol Lusin, Rebecca Luster, William Lyles, Richard Lynch, Barbara Lynch, Mike Lynch, Shirley Lyon, Becky Lyon, Katherine Lyons, Nancy Lyons, William Mack, Brenda Mack, Deborah Mackey, Louina MacPherson, Michael Madison, Deborah Madison, James Madison, Marguerite Maeschen, Vicki Magee, Don Mahaffey, Connie Maher, Richard Mahon, Edward Mais, Robert Maisak, Susan Maisel, Dale Underclassmenz Maj-Maz Major, Marsha Makings, Phillip Maley, David Mallicoat, Norman Mallicoat, Wilma Mallory, Robert Maloney, Dean Maness, Kay Mann, Marianne Mann, Nancy Mann, William Manners, Michael Manning, Drucilla Mansell, Michelle Mansfield, Richard Mantle, Judy Mantsey, Nancy Manuel, Joyce Manz, Thomas Maple, Patricia Mardis, Catherine Marjama, Lorraine Markway, Mary Marquis, Janet Marr, Patricia Marriott, Clyde Mars, Barbara Marsh, Darrell Marshall, Dennis Marshall Dennis Marshall, Donna Marshall, Ruth Martens, Roger Martin, Anna Martin, Avis Martin, Bonnie Martin, John Martin, Roger Martin, Ronald Mascaro, Corina Mason, Bonita Mason, Janet Masoner, Gaylan Massey, Derith Masterman, Jeff Masters, Carolyn Mastroianni, Gregg Mathews, Eula Mathews, Peggy Mathews, Ronald Mathis, Betty Mathis, Patricia Matter, Linda Matthews, Carl Mattson, Susan Matuzewski, Frances Maty, Allen Maughmer, Barbara Maxwell, Dale Maxwell, Janis May, Harlan May, Leonard May, Michael Mayer, Jeanie Mayer, Pamela Mayfield, Daniel Mayfield, Donna Mayo, Dale Mays, Dennis Mazar, Cheryl 236 nderclassmen: Maz-McK Mazer, K. C. McAdoo, Joe McAdoo, Sharon McAdow, David McAfee, Kenneth McAlister, Mary McAllister, Ann McAlpine, Cynthia McAtee, Tommy Denis McBrath, McBride, Carl McBride, Deborah McBride, Donald McCain Deborah McCambridge, John McCarroll, Lynne McCas1in, Pamela McClain, Jim McClain, Mary McC1anaha.n, JoAnn McClanahan, Joy McCloud, John McClure, Lucinda McConkey, Jeanette McConville, Margaret McCorkle, Janice McCormick, Sharon McCormick, Theodore McCoy, Gary McCoy, William McCracken, James McCurdy, Mary McCutchen, Robert Barbara Robert McDaniel, McDaniel, William Janet Richard McDonouch, Robert McDowell, Linda McE1yea, Dennis McElyea, Glenn McDaniel, McDonald, McDonald, McEntire, Michael McEven, Harry McFadden, Linda McFadden, Virgil McFarland, Laurel McFeders, Frances McGaffin, Christine McGautha, Renee McGhee, Douglas McGovem, John McGowan, Peggy Edward Charla Richard McGown, McGraw, McGraw, Billie Susan McKay, Alice McKay, John McKee, Charles McKee, Vicki McKeehan, Michael McGrew, Mclntire, McKenzie, Donald McKenzie, Harold McKinney, Dianne McKinney, Michael McKinney, Phyllis McKinney, Sharon McKinney, Stanley Underclassmenz McL-Mil McLaughlin, Daniel McManamy, Mary McMeekin, Barbara McMillan, Diana McMillan, Patricia McMillen, Diana McMillen, Harley McMillen, Michael McMullen, Eva McMu1lin, Barbara McMullin, Lydia McNee1ey, Ralph McNutt, Sharon McVay, Sharon McWherter, Kenneth McWilliams, Patricia Meacham, Robert Meador, Rochelle Means, Alan Means, Elaine Mears, Charlotte Meek, Russell Mefford, Allen Mehrhoff, Donald Meisenheimer, Kenneth Meller, Don Mellor, John Melton, Tom Mensing, Joseph Mercurio, Anthony Merideth, Julia. Merriott, Catherine Mertensmeyer, Thomas Messick, Burton Messick, Sandra Methany, Glenn Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Meyer, Brenda Dennis James Roger Thomas Wayne Meyers, Janice Michael, Evelyn Michael, Marlene Michaels, Jane Michaels, Larry Michel, Linda Michel, Mary Michini, Zachary Mickens, Betty Midyett, Sharon Milam, Rita Milde, Millar, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Mark Candy Ann Belinda Billie Blaine Brenda Catherine Cathie David Donna Doreen Frank Gary Gary Gloria James ,2- fa W. f ,ax 0. .1 af.. jr' I Atl 2 in ,1- :YW ,:,, .1 5 f 1 i 44- 355, 5 2.1 5 1 A W ' WN Q M ,ZW K WI "' 'V J i --, V, , n Q f, 41- x 3 , 2 N9 y A. IV' .vw ' W K fy. 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' f 2 X -499' Q, ': W' E - .6 i f ii Mills, Peggie Mills, Robert Millsap, Marilyn Milner, James Minks, Donna Misner, Patricia Mistele, Victor Mitchell, Arthur Mitchell, Janet Mitten, Igleedtis Moberly, Kenneth Mobley, Arthur Mocca, Charles Mocca, Joseph Modin, Thomas Moeller, Corine Moffitt, Gregory Mofor, Martin Mohn, Gerald Mohr, Kathy Moix, Anita Moler, Linda Moles, Deborah Monning, Sherry Monsees, Martin Montesano, Vicki Moon, Charles Moore, Beverley Moore, Harriet Moore, Kathy Moore, Larry Moore, Lonnie Moore, Patricia Moore, Preston Moore, Rea Moore, Sheryl Moore, Stephen Moore, Willis Moran, Billie Moran, Darel 239 -ir--.. f Morehead, Linda Morehead, Melda Moreland, Christina Moreland, Mary Moreman, Cheryl Morgan, Frances Morgan, Garry Morgan, John Morgan, Rebecca Underclassmenz Mor-Nem Morgan, Thala Morgan, Tommy Morice, Joseph Morril, Ellen Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morris, Morriso Morriso Morriso Morriso Beverly David Donna Patricia Paul n, Janet n, Marjorie n, Pamela n, Stephen Mortensen, Bryan Moser, Lois Moser, Scot Moss, T homas Mothersead, Steven Matt, Bernard Matt, Bryan Moul, Carol Mouse, Evelyn Meyer, Linda Mudd, Brenda Mudd, Linda Mudd, Marcia Mueller, Carol Mueller, Katherine Mueller, Michael Mueller, Ronald Mueller, Stephen Muller, John Mullins, James Mulloy, Christina Mulvihill, Janet Mundwiller, Karen Munsterman, Judy Munsterman, Katherine Munsterman, Larry Munsterman, Ted Muntz, Marcia Murphy, Mark Murphy, Patricia Murphy, Ruby Murray, Allen Murray, Cyrus Murray, James Murray, Marilyn Musselman, Betty Mussman, Lyle Myers, Julia Myler, Floyd Myler, James Nagel, Phyllis Nail, John Nance, Danny Nanneman, Phillip Naught, Naylor, Richard Donna Neal, Leland Neal, Robert Neal, Ray Nebergall, Kevin Neeley, Charles Neier, Charlene Neill, C Neimey onnie er, Ethel Nelson, Lynette Nelson, Mary Nemmers, Catherine z u-Cf? rw: 1 e 3. , 5 , ., Q 234' 2 ,W X ,Y f' f W .. 1 A iiiii 1 We 3? 3 -rf, 240 Underclassmenz Ner-Oga Neri, Mary Nesseth, Gary Newell, Philip Newham, Sarah Newham, William Newhouse, Robert Newlon, Patricia Newman James Newman Jo Newman Pollie Newman, Robert Nichol as Mark Nichols, Cecil Nichols, Jo Nichols, Susan Nichols, Terry Nicholson, David Nie, Peggy Nieder, Leon Niedringhaus, Ned Nieman, Don Niemann, James Nienhueser, Stanley Niethamer, Carl Nilges, Evelyn Nivens, James Nivens, Norman Nix, Dan Noelke, Noelke, Noland Noland, Barbara Mary Alicha Susan Nolke, Dave Noll, Lynda Nolte, Karen Nolte, Stephen Nolting, Cheryl Nonnemaker, Judith Norbury, Emily Nordmeyer, Susan Norfleet, David Norman, Ann Norman, Viola North, Ward Northcutt, Peter Norton, Carole Norton, Waynita Nuckles, Sue Nunn, Rosetta Nuttall, Jeri Nuzum, Larry Nuzum, Paul Oakerson, Jeanie Oberhelman, Wendy Oberschulte, Cheryl 0'Brien, Cathy O'Brien, Janet 0'Brien, William 0'Conncr, Thomas Odell, Connie O'De1l, James 0'Dell, John O'Dell, Martha O'Dell, Patti Oehring, Robert Oetting, Berna Oetting, Kathleen Oetting, Paul Ogar, Cynthia Ogar, Velda Underclassmen: Ogg-Par Ogg, Gary Oglesbee, Daryl Ohlemeyer, Ervin Ohrazda, John O,Kane, Ronnie Olde, Michael Olendorff, Carol Oliver, Donald Olliges, Carolyn O'Mara, Patricia O'Meara, Daniel O'Nea.l, Joan O'Nea.l, Michael Onstot, Gregory Opfer, Larry Oppenheim, Richard Oppenheim, Rita Opsahl, Karen Orfield, William Ornburn, Marsha O'Rourke, John Orr, Dennis Orr, Roger Ortmeyer, Juanita Osborn, Betty Osborn, Carol Oster, Dianna Ostermeyer, Barbara Ostmann, Callie Oswald, Estil Oswald, Larry O'Too1e, Delores Otte, Richard Otten, Lawrence Otto, Tommy Outersky, Larry Overkamp, Jamie Overman, Virginia Ovex-street, Janet Overton, David Owen, David Owen, Paula Owen, Ronnic Owens, Karen Owens, Myra Owens, Patricia Ozbun, Linda Pabst, Barbara Paddock, Jerry Page, Jesse Page, Kathy Painter, Michael Palcic, Virginia Palecek, Cheryl Palmer, Carolyn Palmer, Kelley Palmer, Larry Palmer, Robert Pape, Donald Pape, Marilyn Paris, Rebecca Park, Clay Park, Marilyn Parker, Charles Parker, Deborah Parker, Glenda Parker, James Parker, Jane Parker, Michael Parker, Nicholas Q, f. 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Parks, Parks, Bonnie Chastian Parks, Linda Parks, Patricia Parks, Philip Parks, Ronald Parson, Michael Parsons, Robert Pascoe, Sydney Pate, Wendell Patrick, Deborah Patrick, Jacqueline Patrick, Sara Patterson, Bill Patton, Margaret Patton, Martha Paul, Janet Paul, Rhonda Paxchall, Bruce Paxson, Terry Paxton, Payne, Lin da Don Payne, Janet Payne, J erry Payson, Nancy Payton, Ronald Pearl, Douglas Pearson, Linda Pease, Charles Pecoraro, Deborah Peddicord, Karen Peerson, Beverly Peery, Walter Pehr, Nancy Pemb er Pendlet ton, Mary on, Norman Pengra, Joy Perdue, Shirley Perkins, Kenneth Perkins, Rebecca Perkins, Sam Perry, Carolyn Peterman, Carl Peterman, Jerry Peters, Peters, Stephen Virginia Peterson, James Pfeifer, David Phares, Stephen Pharis, Linda Phillips, David Phillips, Leslie Phillips, Patricia Phillips, Stephen Phillips, Steven Phillips, Susan Phillips, Terry Phipps, Charla Piatnitza, Bill Pickerill, Alice Pickett, Frances Pickrell, Jamie Piedt, Nancy Pierce, Garrell Pilant, Mary Pinder, John Pinkston, Marilyn Pinnell, Johnathon Pinnell, Thomas Piper, Frank Underclassmen Pip Pur Pipkin, Michael Piraro, Vincent Pitman, Bruce Pitman, Joseph Pittman, Barbara Pixley, Charles Place, Penny Plattner, Donald Plute, Delores Poese, Richard Poggi, Christina Poisal, Virgil Pollard, David Pollard, Dixie Pollard, James Pollard, Lorraine Polzin, Shirley Pontos, Patsy Ponze, Jean Poole, Gregory Pope, Larry Porks, Porter, Porter Porter Porter Q y y Rita Arnold Lanny Shirley Terry Porterfield, James Pottebaum, Agnes Potter, Kay Potter, Linda Potter, Mike Potter, Richard Potter, Samuel Potter, Terry Pound, Marlice Powell, Dennis Powell, Gayle Powell, Len Powell, Richard Powell, Timothy Power, Robert Powers, Anna Powers, Mary Powers, Thomas Powill, JoLene Prater, Dennis Prather, Janice Pratt, Frances Pratt, John Prettyman, Robert Prewett, Arnold Prewett, Sandra Prewitt, William Pribbenow, Charles Pribbenow, John Price, David Price, Jon Price, Patricia Pries, Susan Prigel, Edwin Prigel, Rebecca Privltt, Patricia Proffitt, Bobby Proffitt, Proffitt, Pruden, Puckett Pulliam, Dennis James Cynthia Janice Johnnie Puls, Richard Pursley, Vance Underclassmenz Pys-Rey Pyszka, Robert Quear, Marcia Quensnell, Margaret Quesenberry, Roger Raber, Joe Rabius, Linda Raby, Deborah Racer, Mary Rachilla, Kala Rackley, Marilyn Rae, Nancy Rahmeyer, Marlene Raines, Michael Rainey, Lee Rains, Kenneth Rains, Rick Rains, Stephen Rainbow, Frederick Ramey, Michael Ramey, Robert Randall, Ruth Randel, Barbara Ranes, JoAnne Rannabargar, Rickey Rapp, Carolyn Raps, Nyla Rasa, Gael Ratliff, Gary Rauber, Karyn Rauscher, Maureen Ray, Carol Ray, Carol Ray, Danny Ray, Rebecca Rayl, Sharon Rea, Stephen Reames, Bonnie Reavis, Bonnie Rector, Hazel Reddick, Roger Redford, Carol Reding, David Reece, Geraldine Reed, Carol Reed, Cecil Reed, George Reed, George Reeder, John Reel, Dianne Reeves, Gary Reger, Terry Rehkop, John Reid, George Reilly, Charles Reimer, Dolores Reineke, Robert Reistad, Paulette Renfro, Julie Renfrew, Kathy Renken, Susan RePinec, Christine Repp, Michael Rettke, Diane Reuter, Norman Revels, Mark Reves, Larry Reynolds, Donald Reynolds, Joyce Reynolds, Mark Reynolds, Mary Underclassmenz Rho-Roc Rhoad, Janet Rhoades, Jim Rhodes, Barbara Rice, Bernell Rice, Dorothy Rich, Peggy Richard, Dale Richards, James Richards, Michael Richards, Patricia Richardson, Harold Richmond, Cynthia Richmond, Donna Richter, Dan Richter, Max Rickard, Howard Rickard, Priscilla Riddell, Richard Ridder, Eugene Riddle, Ronald Ridenhoor, Roland Ridenhour, Roger Ridgway, Gary Ridgway, Keith Rife, Kathryn Rigg, Joanne Rigg, Katherine Riggs, Carol Riley, Danny Riley, Kathy Riley, Lowynta Riley, Michael Rimmer, Kenneth Rinehart, Anita Riner, Patricia Rinne, Charles Rinne, Howard Ripperger, Elaine Ritter, Phyllis Ritter, Rose Rivera, Michael Rivers, Robert Robards, Dianne Robbins, Lawrance Roberts, David Roberts, Jan Roberts, Jani Roberts, Larry Roberts, Mary Roberts, Michael Roberts, Michael Roberts, Myra Roberts, Sandy Roberts, Sue Robertson, Gail Robertson, Jerry Robertson, Michael Robinson, Arthur Robinson, Billy Robinson, Cynthia Robinson, Donna Robinson, Farella Robinson, Kathy Robinson, Lee Robinson, Phyllis Robinson, Robert Robinson, Vivian Robuck, Jo Rockenstein, John Rockett, Thomas Q X 4 x . 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Q wg 'fir QQ X i fy S er N I ,Q- I 249 Schneider, Gary Schneider, Sandra Schneider, Stephen Schoemig, Barbara Schoen, Stephen Schoenthal, Charles Scholl, Rosemary Schooling, Ruth Schowengerdt, Pamela Schowengerdt, Russ Schrader, Dennis Schroeder, Brenda Schroeder, Cynthia Schroeder, Mary Schroeder, Pamela Schroer, Sherri Schuber, Dennis Schuenemeyer, Beverly Schuetz, John Schulenberg, Donna Schulte, Helen Schultz, Connie Schultz, Elizabeth Schulze, Donna Schumacher, Steven Schumacher, Wayne Schupmann, Albert Schupp, Daniel Schupp, Larry Schussler, Daniel Schussler, Darlene Schuster, James Schutte, Nancy Schwaneke, John Schwartz, Elizabeth Schwartze, Florence Schwarz, Douglas Schwieghauser, Ronald Scott, Christa Scott, Dennis Scott, Gaylen Scott, Grace Scott, Kathryn Scott, Leon Scott, Paula Scott, Ronald Scott, Sandra Scott, Shelby Scott, Vicki Scriuner, Sharon Sears, Melinda Seay, Nathan Sebald, Edward Sebastian, Deborah Seger, Dennis Sehorn, Peggy w Selby, Johnny Sellers, Deane Sellers, James Seltsam, Donald Sendlein, Daniel Settle, Ronnie Seymour, Thomas Shackelford, Darrel Shackelford, Donald Shackelford, Judith Shadley, Lucile Shadwick, Britt Shakespeare, Cheryl Shanks, Madison Underclassmenz Sha-Siv Shannon, Michael Sharp, Mark Sharp, Panela Sharp, Robert Shaw, Catherine Shaw, Mary Shaw, Ronald Shea, Patricia Shearon, Kathryn Sheeler, Ronald Sheeley, Shelia Shelby, Deana Shellenbergar, James Shelley, Annell Shelman, Sharon Shelor, Wayne Shelton, Charles Shelton, Dennis Shelton, Brenda Shelton, Kathleen Shepard, Mary Sheperd, Michael Shepherd, Darrell Shepherd, Linda Sherman, Sharon Shieh, Lula Shigemura, Susan Shikles, Diana Shine, William Shippy, Varner Shirley, Sharon Shock, Mary Shockley, Ted Shoemaker, Carol Shoemaker, Guy Shoot, Steven Shover, Rolland Shreve, Karen Shrosphshire, Sandra Shrout, Peggy Shuler, Donna. Shulse, Donn Shumake, Mae Shumate, Janice Sibert, Jan Sickman, Kathryn Sickman, Sharon Siegfried, Janice Sieker, Fred Siercks, Veta Siever, Cynthia Sieving, Dennis Signor, Gary Sill, Steven Silon, Michael Silvey, Ray Simmerman, Eddy Simmerman, Robert Simmons, James Simmon , Paul Simmons, Russell Simon, Patricia Simon, Scott Simon, Sue Simpson, Richard Sims, Randall Sink, Patricia Sippy, Laurel Siraj, Omar Sivils, Stanley wr yd"'w Underclassmenz Six-Spe Six, Patricia Sjogren, Brenda Skouby, Kenneth Slack, Wallace Slaughter, Patty Sloan, David Sloan, Deborah Sloan, Tom Sloan, William Slucher, Larry Slucher, Salley Small, Gregory Small, John Small, Russell Smallwood, Debb e Smarr, Mary Smith, Aleta Smith, Ava Smith, Barbara Smith Barbara Smith Belinda Smith, Brenda Smith, Carita Smith, Carolyn Smith, Cheryl Smith, Deborah Smith, Don Smith, Dwayne Smith, Gary Smith, George Smith, Gregory Smith, Jackie Smith, John Smith, Joyce Smith, Karen J. Smith Karen S. Smith Laurinda. Smith Lynda Smith Marcianna Smith Mark Smith Michael Q Smith Michael S Smith, Sherlee Smith, Sherry Smith Steve Smith Thomas Smith Veta Smith, Wayne Smith, William Snedger, Ruth Sneed, Daniel Sneed, Marcia Snell, Dennis Snider, Royetta Snow, Conrad Snow, Robert Snyder, Allan Snyder, Steven Solito, Mary Sooter, William Soule, David Spainhour, Sandra Spalding, David Sparks, Gordon Sparks, Steven Spease, Christain Spence, Karen Spencer, Deborah Spencer, John Spencer, Karen Underclassmen Spe Sto Sperring, David Sponaugle, Donna Spor, Joy Sprinkles, Stephen Spry, William Spurries, Calvin Squier, Thomas Stahlman, Thomas Stalder, Kent Staley, Jerre Stallings, Gary Stallman, Gary Stamelos, Michael Stapleton, Connie Stark, Dana Stark, Denyer Starke, Helen Starke, Karen Starr, Connie States, Byron Statler, Benita Staton, Robert Stauffer, Robert Steenbergen, Glen Steffens, Willard Stegner, George Stegner, Margaret Stegwer, Barbara Steinbrueck, Roger Steiner, Sheryl Stephens, Carolyn Stephens, Dinah Stephens, Nancy Stevener, Judy Stevens, Anthony Stevens, Rita Stevens, Roy Stevens, William Stevenson, James Stevenson, Larry Steward, Joan Steward, Yvonne Stewart, Anne Stewart Delores Stewart Dixie Stewart, Harry Stewart Janelle Stewart, Janet Stewart, Kathy Stewart, Marlene Stewart, Virginia Stigall, Ginny Stigall, Richard Stock, Susan Stockham, Janet Stockhurst, Mark Stocking, Linda Stocking, Phyllis Stockman, Mary Stockman, Sandra Stohr, Thomas Stokes, Roberta Stoll, Carl Stone, Barbara Stone, Paul Stone, Robert Stonner, William Story, Sandra Stoufer, Dennis Stough, Nyla Underclassmen: Sto-Tay if Stout, Dianna Stout, Sally Straatmann, Jane Straka, Linda Strass, Barbara Strate, Larry Stratton, Dan Stratton, Robert Straw, Richard Stremke, Tae Strickfaden, Kathryn Strode, Daniel Strombeck, Paul Strong, Jane Strother, Douglas Struchtemeyer, Ralph Struckmier, Deborah Stuart, Mary Studer, Sara Stuecken, Marilee Stuedle, Gale Stuke, Glen Stumpf, Virginia Sturgeon, Jonathan Sturtevant, Emma Stutler, Sharon Suddarth, Jim Suddarth, Marshall Sudduth, Lawrence Sullins, Phillip Sullivan, John Sullivan, Nancy Sullivan, Peggy Summerhouse, Dennis Summers, Charles Summers, David Summers Edward Summers Judith Summers Michael Summers, Richard Summers, Susan Summy, Larry Sumner, Michael Sumpter, Richard Sundermeyer, Mary Swain, Margaret Swanson, Christine Swanson, Marsha Swanson, Patricia Swartz, Randall Swartzlander, James Swaters, Sara Swearington, Earl Swenson, Carl Swezy, Ronald Swisher, Mary Swope, Janet Szopinski, Nancy Szortch, Boris Tackett, Kathy Tackett, Sandra Tadlock Myra Talbott, Grace Talburt, William Tanzey, Connie Tate, Cheryl Tate, Eugene Taulbee, Juliet Taylor, Ardith Taylor, Diane Underclassmen Tay Tre Taylor James Taylor, Janice Taylor, Jennifer Taylor Pamela Taylor, Verleana Taylor, William Teach, Blake Tebbenkamp, Robert Tebbenkamp, Terry Tebow, Patricia Tede, Randy Tempel, Ernest Templeman, Mary Tennyson, Sandra Terrell, Brenda Tester, Andrea Thaller, Mary Theis, Charles Thieman, Thomas, Thomas, Rich ard Gary James Thomas, Linda Thomas, Thomas, Ron William Thomason, Terry Thompson, Betty Thompson, Carol Thompson Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, , Darrell Joyce Steve Terrie Thomas Thoms, Donald Thornhill, John Thornsberry, Janice Thornsberry, Linda Thornton, Ann Thornton Chester Thurman, James Thurman, Virginia Tiffany, Vicki Tignar, Delna Tillery, James Timmons, Nina Tischer, Lawrence Tittle, Deborah Toatley, Jeffery Tobaben, Rodney Tobias, Larry Todd Charles Todd, Larry Todd, Lonny Todd, Michael Todd, Virginia Tode, Wynn Toellner, Alan Toler, Charlotte Toms, Gary Tonyan, John Tope, Rondal Tosby, Robert Tossell, Terry Tracy, Martin Trammell, Lhamon Trammell, Mark Travis, Vickie Tray, Thomas Treese, Wanda Trent, Connie Tresenriter, Robert Underclassmen: Tri-War -.9 --oi , M W J f, Q , I 1 0, M, at 8 5 if-552 T' env if? af, . J., 'J' Trice, Kenneth Trieschmann, Thomas Trotter, Deborah Trotter, Edgar Trout, Diana Tshappat, Russell Tuccillo, John Tuck, Gary Tucker, Glenda Tucker, Lawrence Tucker, Valerie Tunnell, Donald Turgeon, Anita Turner, George Turner, Leslie Turner, Patricia Turner, Peter Turner, Wannetta Turnhani, Yale Turpin, Linda Tuttle, Julie Twilling, Thomas Tyler, James Uffman, Linda Unruh, Gary Unwin, Thomas Valenti, Nicholas Valenzuela, Donna VanBebber, Charles VanBecelaere, James VanBelkum, Tracey VanBummel, Claudia VanCleane, Richard VanMeter, Helen Varone, John Vaughn, Patricia Vawter, Karen Venegas, Linda Venegas, Ronald Verlee, Dennis Veverka, Steven Vickers, Bobbie Vinson, Kathleen Vitorino, Pamla Vogler, Gary Voigt, Jack Vollmar, Bonnie Waisner, Steven Walden, Cynthia Walker, Bruce Walker, Diana Walker, Patricia Walker, Peggy , Wallace, William Wallendorf, Sandra Walters, Pamela Walters, Patricia, Walton, Sharon Wansing, Eugene Wansing, Steven Ward, Larry F. Ward, Larry K. Ward, Linda Ward, Priscilla Ward, Shirley Warden, Ronnie Ware, Sue Wareham, Dudley Warfield, Laura Warfle, Elaine Underclassmen: War-Wha Warford, Marilyn Wark, Michael Warman, Carol Warner, Jeanette Warner, Marsha Warnock, William Warren, Diana Warren, Linda Warren, Mildred Washburn, Joyce Washington, Willa Wasson, Richard Waterfield, Sharon Waters, James Watkins, Watkins, Watkins, Watkins, Watkins, Watling, Watson, Watson, WNBISSOI1, Watson, Barbara Mary Rudolph Susan William Gary Gil da Jennifer Karl Louise Watts, Dorothy Watts, Ralph Weatherspoon, Carlotta Webb, Philip Webb, Richard Webber, BHICE Weber, John Weber, Mary Webster, Philip Weed, Everett Wegmann, Marilyn Wegmann, Thomas Wehmeyer, Edgar Wehmeyer, Kenneth Weideman, Virgil Weider, Dennis Weigand, Betty Weigand, Thomas Weinberg, Steven Weinzel, Robert Weiss, Gisela Weiss, Patricia Weixeldorfer, Edward Welch, Carolyn Welch, Zane Weller, Gary Weller, Kathryn Weller, Rick Wells, Helen Wells, Linda Wells, Rene Welterman, Janet Werner, James Wesolak, Kathy Wessel, Larry West, Albert West, Cynthia West, Ira West, Judith West, Karen Westbrook, Melvin Westcott, Sally Westhusing, R.E. Westman, Glenda Wetherell, Pamela Whalen, Elaine "' 5' P 5 E '5 32532155 il: Pks-. ,. nv QU- I 1 "' ,.-.. ,AQ-e kx ' ' ' , 5 ix - s ag., f' .f fi N .E Underclassmen: Wha,-W1 "" A Whalen, William Q Wheeler, Harry A'Z' fn S Q Wheeler, Linda My Wheeler, Ronald 1 ,H Wheeler, Steve ,3 hl Whitaker, Shirley f White, Barry White, Darwin White, Deborah White, Elizabeth White, James White, James White, John White, John 1 White, Paul V. White, Phillip ' White, Shari V w White, Teresa , ,.,.' White, Thomas X A in , P1 js, Y' Y' M W s Whiteaker, Donna Whitecraft, Donid Whited, Linda Whitehead, Philip Whiteley, Cordelia Whitener, Gene Whiting, Cheryl Whitmer, Jack Whitney, Alan Whittle, Janis Whyte, William Wick, Nathan Widebrook, Mark Widmer, Wayne Wiedman, Karen Wiemholt, Brenda Wilbanks, Henry Wilde, Edwin Wilgus, Jill Wilholt, Marcia Wilkes, Lawrence Wilkinson, Gayle Williams, Angela Williams, Annita Williams, Bruce Williams, Charles Williams, Gerry Williams James Williams, James Williams, Jerry Williams, Kenneth Williams, Leaman Williams, Linda Williams, Linda Williams, Lynn Williams, Mary Williams, Maurice Williams, Michael Williams, Nancy Williams, Nancy Williams, Peggy Williams, Reta Williams, Sandra Williams, Sue Williams, Terry Williams, Terry Williamson, Denni bf , Williamson, Loretta Williamson, Susan Willinglam, Patricia Wilson, Barbara Underclassmen: Wil-Woo Wilson, Carl Wilson, Constance Wilson, Curtis Wilson, Delbert Wilson, Gay Wilson, Joan Wilson, Richard Wilson, Stephen Wilson, Susan Wilson, Valerie Wilson, Virginia Wilt, Connie Windler, Nancy Winfrey, Ruth Winger, Carol Winfrey, Susan Winkelman, Loretta Winkler, Connie Winkler, Kerry Winkler, Larry Wipke, Constance Wirsig, Richard Wise, Wise, Wise, Wise, Wise, James Linda Ronald Stanley Wesley Wiseman, Donnie Wisniawski, Kenneth Wissman, Glenda Wissman, Glenn Witcher, Michaela Withere, Regina Withouse, Kirk Witt, Ronnie Witte, Donald Witte, Larry Wittenberger, Evelyn Wittman, James Wittrock, Roger Wix, Ruth Woerner, Jeri Wolcott, Deborah Wolf, Wolf, Wolfe Doris Martha , Beverly Wolfe, Robert Wolfe, Roger Wolfe, Wendell Wolfskill, Jane Wood, Barbara Wood, Gregory Wood, Karen Wood, Martha Wood, Michael Wood, Patricia Wood, Velda Wood, William Woodall, Charles Wooden, Randy Wooden, Steven Woodford, Phillip Woodroff, Margaret Woods, Arch Woods, Wathenia Woodsmall, James Woody, Gary Woolery, James Wooldridge, Bruce Woolery, Jan fm .ga Underclassmen Worford, Thom : Wor-ZW1 Wren, Teri Wren, William Wright, Betty Wright, Edna Wright, James Wright, John Wright, Judith Wright, Linda Wright, Linda Wright, Sean Wright, Sharon Wright, Stephen Wright, Yvonne Wyatt, David Wyss, Larry Yakovitz, Diane Yaple, Ralph Yarick, Marsha Yazel, Cheri Yoder, Barbara Yoksh, Karl Yonke, Robert York, Nancy Youmahs, Mary Young, Beverly Young, Boyd Young Delores Young, Galen Young, Kathy Young, Lawrence Young, Marchita Young, Raymond Young, Stephen Younger, Pamela Yows, Anasa Zaun, Judith BS Zbinden, Pennie Zeller, Deborah Zeller, Paula Zellmer, Patricia Zellmer, Ronald Zey, Ruth Zieber, Linda Ziehmer, Mike Zimmerman, Carolyn Zimmerman, Lawrence Zimmerman, Marte Zimmerman, Pamela Zimmerman, Sharon Zimmerschield, Joyce Zirbel, Warren Zuck, Sandra Zulian, Frank Zumbell, Beverly Zwiener, Linda Late Enrollment: Aag-Ked Aagedorn, Bernard Ackerman, Bruce Adee, Patricia Akin, Patricia Amelung, Billie Andersen, Steve Andersen, Steve Andrews, John Baker, Toni Barker, Gary Becker, Michael Behen, Robert Belser, Pam Blackwell, Roberta Borgman, Nancy Bourland, Gerald Brady, Mary Bumup, Nina Burnup, Robert Butler, Rena Butts, Eugene Calvert, Billy Campbell, Kathy Carter, Patty Chitwood, Ruth Coffel, John Coulson, Barbara Cox, Marjorie Craig, Larry Cummins, James Curtis, Linda Davenport, Samuel Davidson, Richard Deike, Sandra Dieckman, Barbara Duncan, Wayne Dureka, Mignon Eichaman, Patricia Elwell, Dennis Ensworth, Marvin Erisman, Kenneth Fann, Paul Finney, Larry Forsee, Linda Friend, Sylvia Gibler, Beverlee Gibson, Robert Gillette, Verdia Gordon, Kent Graves, James Gray, Michael Griffin, Linda Griffith, Cheryl Hales, Diana Hanson, Vivian Haralson, Gayle Harris, Susan Headley, Carol Helton, Darrell Herbst, Terry Hill, Larry Hill, Sandra Hughes, Linda Hupp, Stephen Irving, J erralynn Jenkins, Kathy Johnson, Benjamin Johnson, Ginger Johnson, Joseph Jorgensen, Martin Kedigh, Karen N 2 60 i .4 Late Enrollment: Kei-Tim 'fb Keith, Linda Kutler, Elaine Lee, Gladys Lehmann, Karla Lewis, Gerald Lillard, Patricia Logan, Nancy Loftis, James Lohsandt, Janis Lotz, David Lund, Ruth Magers, Patrick Maloney, Michael Mars, Barbara Mathews, Roberta Maxwell, Jack McAllister, Marsha McCance, Eva McCarroll, Lynne Melton, Jean Miller, Burton Mitchell, Marilyn Moore, Louise Monl, James Myers, Flora Myers, Kevin Nagel, Randall Nichols, Richard Nichols, Theresa Norris, Bev Norton, Carole Novak, Ronald Parker, Nancy Parr, Jan Paxton, Mary Payton, Beverly Perry, Carolyn Perryn, Roger Pickerill, Alice Pleake, Sibyl Price, Janet Resch, Roger Reynolds, Donald Roach, Willena Roberts, Linda Rockwood, Morris Rowe, William Royal, Vickie Rudzik, Joseph Schoff, Kenneth Schnell, Cynthia Scott, William Shuey, Barbara Smallwood, Cathy Smallwood, Debbie Smith, Kathy Smith, Lonna Smith, Pam Stafford, Kathy Stafford, Willa Sterretr, Marda Stolarz, Mickey Strick, Kay Taylor, Daniel Taylor, Diane Thomas, Evelyn Thomas, Randall Thompson, Pauline Thorp, Donna Timmons, Russell Late Enrollment: Tos-You Tostevin, James Turner, Janice Walker, Linda Watkins, Robert Watling, Gary Watson, Earl Wells, Nova White, Nick White, Sherry Wilcox, Karen Wilcox, Robert Wilson, Carl Wilson, Jewell Wilson, Thomas ww- ,.f1 if-, , ., M. . N. -, .A ,Mil- :GMS f , K. Woods, Janelle Wright, Larry Young, Terry an Wg,,w,Z,, 'Aw Y, W f W? 2 U Wx 0' 4 If an 1 Y L ' ' 3 -xx j, wi 5,6 X 9 1 1 wx O 41, was 'ist is be A 1- A -13225: f , Sas: Ag ' Li xl J - ff :ig-is-SSa3iffT,,"" ,,... . :.f . i jg an ing stacks of books and balancing umbrellas, coeds happily plan for summer events. 262 A Aegedorn, Bernard 260 Abbott, Dean 204 Abbott, Mark 160 Abbott, Nancy 204 Abdelkader, Abdel 160 Abele, Myra 160 Abney, Alpha 204 Abney, Terry 204 Absher, Ronnie 204 Abufele, Jorge 160 Acacia 66,67 Academics 124,125 Ackerman, Bruce 260 Almen Alpers I darez, Cynthia 204 , James 204 Alpha Gamma Delta 50,51 Alpha Kappa Lambda 68,69 Alpha Lambda Delta 43 Alpha Omicron Pi 52,53 DEX Ashcraft, Louise 205 Ashley, Charles 93 Ashworth, Jerry 161 Askren, Kenton 76,205 Atchison, Linda 205 Atkinson, Vicki 60 Alpha Phi Delta 43 Alpha Phi Sigma 43 Alpha Sigma Alpha 54,55 Alpha Sigma Tau 56,57 Althouse, Nancy 204 Altwies, Thomas 204 Alvarez, Donald 160 Ackley. Dennis 160 Activities 12-37 Adair, Jon 204 Adams, Barbara 204 Adams, Craig 204 Adams, Jerry 160 Adams, John 204 Adams, Mary 204 Adam s, Metta 160 Adams, Paula 56,160 Adams, Robert 160 Adams, Thomas 204 Adams, Willie 150 Adcock, Cheryl 204 Adee, Linda 204 Adee, Patricia 260 Ader, Lizabelle 202 Adkins, Larry 204 Administration Building 23 Administrative Cabinet 147 Administrators 148,149 Agena, Lynn 160 Agriculture Club 44 Aholt, Joyce 204 Aholt, Shirley 204 Aholt, Therese 204 Ahring, Janis 204 Ahring, Robert 204 Ailor, Jennifer 204 Ainsworth, William 204 Aitkens, Terry 160 Aker, Peggy 204 Akers. Carol 204 Akers, Helen 204 Akers, Wayne 204 Akin. Patricia 260 Akins, Judy 160 Albert, Herring 30,31 Albietz, Joseph 80,204 Albrecht, Joseph 150 Albright, Louise 15,553,160 Alderson, Jeanne 204 Alderson, Jennifer 52 Aldrich, David 204 Aldridge, Donna 204 Aldridge, Larry 204 Alvis, Arta 204 Amelung, Billie 260 Ament, Larry 150 Ammons, Darrel 204 Amos, Allan 78,160 Amos, Donald 204 Amos, Paula 204 Amos, Sharon 160 Ancell, Cheryl 204 Anders, Leslie 150 Andersen, Steven 260 Anderson, Betty 204 Anderson, Catherine 204 Anderson, Erma 204 Anderson, Gary 82 Anderson, Michael 204 Anderson, Particia 204 Anderson, Ronald 160 Anderson, Sara 160 Anderson, Wilbert 160 Anderson. Andes, Donald 204 Andrade, John 160 Andrews, John 260 Andruss, Darla 160 Angel Street 22-23 Angell, Almeda 160 Anglin, Roger 204 Anisworth, Bill 80 Anstine, Dwight 204 Anthes. Michael 204 Anthony, Dennis 84 Anthony, Phillip 204 Antwine, Arlecia 160 Appelgate, Kenneth 204 Atry, Sied 205 Atterberry, Billy 76 Atwell, Marilyn 205 Atwood, Joseph 161 Audrain, Sharon 161 Audrain, Gregory 205 Auer, Elaine 60 Aufenkamp, Cheryl 205 Aufranc, Perry 205 Augustine, Frank 205 Ballantyne, Tracy 161 Ballard, Bruce 206 Ballenger, Glenn 206 Ballew, Marjorie 161 Ballew, Mary 206 Ballinger, Peggy 206 Ballou, James 206 Ballou, Karen 206 Balmos, Penny 206 Baltrusaitis, William 78 Baltuch, Mitchell 206 Baltz, Howard 150 Bancroft, Sandra 206 Bandy. Stephen 80,206 Banks, Janet 206 Banks, Philip 206 Augustine, Jack 78,122,205 Austin, Barbara 205 Austin, Connie 205 Austin. Jack 205 Austin, Pamela 205 Austin, Paul 161 Austin, William 205 Aversman, Glenn 205 Avery, Larry 205 Aviation 138,139 Axton, Nancy 62,161 Ayer, Kathy 205 Banks, Sharon 206 Banks, Walter 206 Bannister, Beverly 161 Barbee, Patricia 206 Barber, Corey 206 Bard, Joseph 161 Barfoot, Linda 206 Bargfrede, Richard 72,161 Barker, Danny 206 Barker, Gary 260 Barker. Sheila 206 Barker, William 206 William 78,144,160 Ayer, Rhonda 205 Ayler, John 205 Ayres, Richard 84 Ayers, Ted 161 Azzeh, Jamil 161 B Babcock, David 205 Babcock, Nancy 205 Babylon, Susan 205 Backs, Paul 205 Badger, Charles 205 Bagley, Charles 205 Balmer, David 161 Baile, Barbara 24 Baile, Vicki 205 Barlish, Barnds, Barnes, Barnes, Barnes. Barnes. Barnes. Barnes. Barnes, Barnes, Barnes, Barnett, Barnett, Barnett, Barnett, Barnett, Barnett, Larry 80,206 Larsella 206 David 206 Gary 206 Janet 206 Merilee 206 Nancy 161 Paul 122,206 Ronald 206 Sandra 161 Susan 206 Dianne 161 Floyd 206 Helen 50, 16 1 Janet 206 Linda 161 Michael 206 Barnhill, Stanton 150 Barnhouse, Diane 62,161 Barnhouse, Thomas 206 Apprill, Ann 204 Araby, Hashim 160 Arashiro, Lynett 160 Arata, Michael 160 Arbisi, Joseph 120 Archer, Harlin 160 Archer, Marie 160 Arens, Argenziano, Carmine Doris 161 Argo, Robert 204 Aring, Aring, Gary 204 Melvin 161 Armato, Carl 204 Armbruster, Mark 204 93,100,161 Alexander, Bonnie 204 Alexander, Kay 204 Alexander, Linda 204 Alexander, Nancy 62,160 Alford, Johnny 204 Alkire, Connie 160 Allcorn, Margaret 160 Allen, Anita 202 Allen, Barbara 204 Allen, Barbara 204 Allen, Beverly 150 Allen, Dan 76 Allen, Dennis 160 Allen, Harold 160 Allen, James 204 Allen, John 160 Allen, Larry 160 Allen, Leonard 93,204 Allen. Linda 204 Allen, Paul 204 Allen, Roy 204 Armentrout, Phillip 161 Armer,Larry 78,161 Arms,Vonita 204 Armstrong, Billy 204 Armstrong, Ed 205 Armstrong, Wayne 68 Arndt,David 161 Arndt,Maris 161 Arnett,Jim 205 Arnett,Larry 161 Arnold,Jack 205 Arnold,Margaret 205 Arnold,Michael 161 Arnold, Sharon 205 Arnold, Terry 205 Arnote, Gregory 205 Arnote,Jean 205 Arnote, June 205 Arrasmith, Edith 161 Arthur, Terrance 205 Arthurs, Timothy 205 Bailey, Byron 74 Bailey, Dolores - 205 Bailey, Gary 161 Bailey, Janet 205 Bailey, Luke 205 Bailey, Wendy 205 Bainbridge, Jack 205 Bair, James 161 Baird, Helen 205 Baird, Russell 106,161 Baker, Barbara 161 Baker, Carla 60,205 Baker, Deborah 205 Baker. Irvin 205 Baker, Judith 205 Baker, Kathryn 150 Baker. Laura 150 Baker, Linda 205 Baker, Martha 202 Baker, Mary 205 Baker, Mary 205 Baker, Melford 205 Baker, Michael 205 Baker, Rita 60,205 Baker, Ronald 49,86,161 Baker, Ronnie 202 Baker, Sharon 205 Baker, Sharon 205 Baker, Baker. Toni 145,260 William 205 Baldridge, Theresa 205 Baldwin, David 205 Baldwin, Kenneth 161 Baldwin, Marjorie 205 Baldwin, Robert 150 Alley, Barbara 160 Alley, Roberta 160 Allison, Brenda 160 Allison, Phillip 204 Allman, Glenda 204 All-School Carnival 18.19 Almaguer, Jose 160 Almeida, Michael 202 Artigas, Lourdes 205 Arwood, Jerry 205 Arwood, Pamela 161 Aselage, Mary 50,144,205 Ash, Brenda 205 Ash, Frank 205 Ash, Richard 161 Ash, Tommy 205 Baldwin, Robert 205 Baldwin,Robert 161 Baldwin,Roger 161 Balentine,Olivia 205 Ball,Dennis 206 Ball,John 206 Ball,Mary 206 Ball,Peggy 206 Barnthouse, Stephen 206 Barr, Gary 206 Barr, Stephen 206 Barrett, Janna 206 Barrett, Lois 206 Barry, Carol 206 Barry, Earl 206 Barry, Janice 206 Barry, Thomas 206 Bartel, Larry 206 Bartels, Virgilene 206 Barthol, Michael 206 Bartholomaeus,George 206 Bartimus, Carolyn 206 Bartlett, Genevieve 162 Bartlett, Jane 162 Bartlett, Karen 206 Bartlett, Robert 162 Bartlett, Steven 162 Barton, Allan 93 Barton, Janice 206 Bartow, Thomas 206 Bartram, Stephen 206 Baseball 106,107 Bash, Patty 62 Basketball 112-117 Baskett, Roger 202 Baskins, Wendell 162 Baslee, Susan 206 Basler, Alan 206 Bates, Deborah 54,206 Bates, Janis 206 Bates, Steven 162 Batsch, Vickie 206 Battles, Barbara 162 Batts, Brenda 206 Baucom, Marylynn 206 Bauer, Ellen 162 Bauer, Jack 162 Bauer, Janet 50,162 Bauer, Jeffrey 206 Baugus, Karen 206 Baum, Elliott 206 Bauman,Jane 22,206 Baumann,Janet 206 Ba.umgardner,James 206 Bautista, Octivio 150 Bay, Larry 206 Bayless,Claudette 206 Bayne,Linda 207 Bayne,Sandra 162 Bays,Nancy 207 Bayson,Brenda 207 Beach,Karen 207 Beach,Rodney 207 Bea1,Donald 162 Beal,Jorja 162 Beal,Richard 202 Beale,Donna 207 Beale,Katherine 207 Beam,Ronald 162 Bearce,Judy 162 Bears,Jacquelyn 207 Bears,Kenneth 207 Beasley,Mary 207 Beaty,Anita 162 Beaty, Robert 207 Beaver,Linda 207 Beaver,Lyle 150 Beck,Keith 207 Beck,Ronald 162 Beck,Vicki 50,162 Becker,David 207 Becker,Larry 162 Becker,Linda 52,207 Becker,Mary 162 Becker,Micheal 260 Becker,Robert 162 Beckerdite,Annette 162 Beckerdite,Charles 102,105,207 Beckham,Larry 162 Bechman,Erwin 162 Beckman,Roberta 207 Bechmann,Jane 207 Beckner, Ronald 207 Bedwell,James 207 Bedwell, Samuel 68 Beebe,Margaret 22,207 Beebe,Steve 207 Beeler,Barbara 207 Beeler,Gundula 207 Beene,Lannie 207 Beeny,Gary 49,76 Beer, Leslie 162 Beerman,Curt 106 Beerman,John 72,207 Beever,Bil1 207 Beever,Claudia 207 Behen,Robert 207,260 Behrens, Frances 207 Beilsmith 82,207 Beissenherz, Ted 118,207 Bekemyer,Gayle 207 Be11,Daniel 207 Be11,Emma 207 Bell,James 162 Bell,John 207 Bell,Larry 207 Bell,Marvin 140 Bell,Orion 162 Be1ser,Beryl 162 Belser,Pamela 260 Be1she,John 150 Belt, Susan 62,162 Bender, Diana 207 Bender, Richard 78 Benham, David 207 Benitz, Evean 207 Benne, Kathleen 207 Bennett, Jane 62,207 Bennett, Eddie 162 Bennitt, Mickey 207 Bennett, Patricia 207 Bennett, Patricia 207 Bennett, Richard 162 Bennett, Rosalie 207 Bennett, Sandra 162 Bennett, Sharon 207 Bennett, Terry 162 Benningfield, Judy 207 Benson, Larry 207 Benson, Ron 207 Bentley, John 162 Benton, Steven 207 Berendts, Martha 207 Berger, Robert 150 Berger, Robert 207 Berger, Shirley 207 Bergman, Bruce 207 Bergman, Harry 207 Berkland,Terril1 150 Berney,Ray 162 Berry,Betsy 150 Berry,John 207 Bertalan,Richard 207 Bertelsmeyer,Joy 207 Bertz,Jacqueline 207 Beshore,Irvin 207 Bessenbacher,Jacquelyn 162 Bessmer,Kathleen 207 Best,Clarence 150 BestDressed Girl 21 Best,Myra 62,207 Beste,G1enn 49,86,207 Bestgen,Mary 207 BetaSigmaPsi 72,73 Bethel,Glenn 207 Bethge,Susan 52,162 Bettet,Linda 162 Bevell,Mary 162 Bevins,John 163 Beyer, Susan 207 Bievenue,Marilyn 64,163 Biggar, Thomas 8.2 Biggerstaff,Jim 86 Biggerstaff, Sue 207 Biggs,Jeffrey 207 Bilbroth,Nancy 207 Bilbreth, Ted 207 Bill,Lynda 48.62.163 Billard,Lonnie 74,90 Bindi,Roger 24,208 Bingham,Victoria 208 Biology Club 15 Bird, Kathleen 163 Bires, Steven 208 Birkhead,Velma 150 Bisbee,Deborah 208 Bishop,Forrest 208 Bishop,Gary 208 Bitner,Sue 208 Bitner,Teddy 208 Bittick,Les1ie 163 Bittiker,Steven 208 Bixby, Glenn 150,131 Black,Charles 208 Black,James 163 Black,Joseph 202 Black,Pamela 208 Black, Phillip 208 Black, Sarah 202 Blackwell,Da1e 150 Blackwell,Roberta 260 Blain,Rose 163 Blair, Donna 208 Blair,E1len 208 Blake,Carlotta 208 B1ake,Dennis 208 Blake,James 208 Bland,Michael 208 Blank, Herbert 208 Blankenship, Paul 208 Bleckman, Rebecca 208 Bleckman, William 162 Blevens,Esther 208 Blevins, Marvin 163 Blevins,Marvin 163 Bliefnick,Carla 208 Bliss,James 208 Blochberger,Mary 208 Bloemke, Kathleen 50 Bloemke, Michael 208 Blomberg, Steve 86 Blomberg, William 163 Bloom, Gary 208 Bloom,Thomas 122,208 Blowers, Richard 49.66.163 Blumenthal, Marcia 163 B1yho1der,Judith 208 Boals,Anita 15 Boan, Margaret 208 Board of Regents 146 Boatwright, Wanda 62,163 Bock, Frederic 150 Bodenhamer, Charles 163 Bodenhamer, Connie 163 Bodenhamer,Daryl 84 Bodenhamer, Karen 54,208 Bodine,Wil1iam 208 Boedeker,Barbara 163 Boehm,Jean 208 Boehne,Roberta 208 Boehner, Richard 208 Boekemier, Marie 163 Boes, Donald 208 Boeschen, Dennis 163 Beoschen, Jane 208 Boeth, Ronald 162 Boettcher, Carol 208 Bogan, Clyde 208 Bogan, Larry 208 Bogar, Beverly 208 Boggess, Constance 48,58,208 Boggess, Maurice 208 Boggs, Stephen 208 Bogner, Charles 208 Bogue, Merilyn 208 Bohlen, Donald 150 Bohon, Stanley 208 Boice, Richard 208 Boland, Thomas 80,163 Bolen, Deborah 163 Boles, Anita 54,91 Boles, John 102 Boling, Beth 208 Bolinger, Mary 208 Boller, Bob 208 Boller, Rebecca 163 Bolles, John 208 Bollinger, Randal 163 Bolsen, Patricia 208 Boltas, Charlene 208 Bolte, Janice 208 Bolton, James 80,208 Bond, Donna 163 Bond, Gregory 163 Bond, Judith 163 Bond, Theresa 208 Bondurant, George 208 Bone, Sherolyn 208 Bonett, Herman 150 Bonnichsen, Barbara 54,208 Bonnichsen, Paul 105,208 Bookasta, Edgar 165 Booker, Denise 208 Boone, Catherine 208 Boorjian, Richard 163 Boosell, Larry 208 Boothe, Anna 150 Boozell, Larry 120 Bopp, Carl 208 Borders, Curtis 208 Borgman, Nancy 260 Borgstadt, Clifford 208 Borland, Dale 208 Borner, Becky 208 Borns, Brenda 209 Borresen, David 74 Borum, Kenneth 86,209 Borzello, Michael 163 Bosler, Gary 209 Bosler, Mark 209 Boss, Deborah 163 Boss, James 209 Bossert, Joan 163 Bostian, P. K. 209 Bostic, Lillian 209 Boswell, James 136 Boswell, Lewis 209 Bottomly, Howard 163 Bottorff, Evelyn 23 Bottorff, Mary 163 Boulch, Thomas 113,117,163 Bourland, Gerald 260 Bowden, Warren 163 Bowen, Rex 86,209 Bowers, Charlotte 209 Bowers, Mitchell 150 Bowland, Linda 209 Bowler, Mickey 36,209 Bowlin, Jerry 209 Bowling, David 150 Bowling, Robert 84 Bowman, Daniel 80,108,163 Bowman, Gary 209 Bowman, Glen 163 Bowman, Kenneth 209 Bowman, Pamela 209 Boyce, Marian 163 Boyd, Charlotte 209 Boyd, Clarissa 209 Boyd, Coleen 209 Boyd, Cynthia 64 Boyd, Joda 164 Boyd, John 209 Boyd, Raymond 78 Boyd, Robert 150 Boyd, Robert W. 118,164 Boyer, Deborah 209 Boyer, Judd 209 Boyer, Stephen 102,209 Boyington, James 78,164 Boy1es,Lyle 144,147,149,150 Bozarth, James 164 Bozarth, Ted 1 13,1 14,209 Bozarth, Terry 209 Bozzay, Terry 113,116 Bradley, David 105,209 Bradley, Theola 150 Bradley, Tim 209 Bradley, William L. 209 Bradley, William R. 209 Bradshaw, Dennis 164 Brady, Carolyn 209 Brady, Edward 202 Brady, James 137 Brady, Judith 209 Brady, Mary 260 Brager, Linest 209 Braley, Frances 209 Brame, Joan 209 Brame, William 150 Brammer, Sarita 48,52,164 Branco, Judy 209 Brand, Linda 164 Brand, Philip 164 Brand, Terrance 209 Brand, Tom 209 Brandes, Alvin 164 Brandes, Arlin 164 Brandl, Joseph 164 Brandt, Carol 209 Brandt, Carol S. 209 Brandt, Ralph 209 Brandt, Walter 209 Brann, Stanley 82,164 Branson, Allen 209 Branson, Edith 209 Branstetter, Marlin 209 Branstetter, Wanda 164 Brant, Shirley 164 Branton, Harold 164 Braswell, Mack 209 Bratcher, Donna 209 Brattrud, Eileen 164 Brattstrom, Paul 150 Brauer, Andy 209 Brauer, Betty 202 Brauer, Connie 209 Brauer, Fred 150 Braun, Bonnie 164 Braun, Kathie 209 Brauninger, Barbara 64 Brawdy, Virginia 209 Bray, David 209 Bray, Donna 54,164 Braymer, David 209 Braymer, Wilbur 209 Brayton, Margaret 150 Brayton, Margaret 150 Breedlove, Jack 209 Bremer, Caroll 164 Brenden, Anita 209 Brents, Juanita 164 Brenyas, Theodore 209 Breshears, Ronald 202 Bret, Leon 209 Bretall, William 209 Bretton, Robert 209 Brewer, Glenn 209 Brewer, Lois 209 Brewer, Robert 150 Brewington, Paul 209 Brewington, William 150 Brewst Brewst er, Linda 164 er, Nancy 164 Bricker, Luella 209 Bridges, Lewis 209 Briggs, Glenda 209 Bright, Brisco. Connie 209 Robert 209 Briscoe, Patricia 209 Briscoe, Stephen 1 10,209 Bristow, Gilbert 210 Brittain, Freddie 164 Britton, James 150 Brixey, Michael 210 Brizendine, M. J. 210 Brock, Baird 150 Brock, Gary 210 Brockelmeyer, Karen 52,210 Brockelmeyer, Ruth 52,164 Brocke tt, Barbara 210 Brockett, Wendell 164 Brockfeld, Wayne 210 Brockling, Karen 2 10 Brockman, Virginia 2 10 Brockmeier, Joe 210 Brockmeyer, Marta 210 Broderick, Joan 2 10 Broeker, David 164 Brooks, Barry 210 Brooks, Douglas 74,164 Brooks, Edith 150 Brooks Harold 210 Brooks, Julia 48,50,164 Brooks, Theresa 210 Brookshier, Doris 150 Bross, Ronald 164 Broteluschen, John 210 Brown, Andrew 150 Brown, Candice 210 Brown, Carl 164 Brown, Carolyn 210 Brown, Charles 210 Brown, Claude 150 Brown, Clyde 210 Brown, Daryl 113,210 Brown, David 210 Brown, David W. 70,164 Brown, Deborah 58,210 Brown, Deborah J. 210 Brown, Dorothy 210 Brown, Eda 210 Brown, Gary 164 Brown, Gerald 150 Brown, Harold 210 Brown,Janet 210 Brown, Judith 64,210 Brown, Kathryn A. 210 Brown, Kathryn L. 164 Brown, Lawrence 210 Brown, Linda 164 Brown, Linda L. 210 Brown. Margaret 150 Brown, Margie 210 Brown, Marita 210 Brown, Mary 210 Brown, Michael 210 Brown, Patricia 210 Brown, Peggy 210 Brown, Penelope 210 Brown, Rebecca 210 Brown, Rebecca L. 210 Brown, Regina 210 Brown, Roy 210 Brown, Stanley 210 Brown, Teresa 210 Brown, Vicki 164 Brown, Victoria 210 Bryden, Linda 2 1 1 Bryson, Marsha 165 Bucey, Lavonne 21 1 Buck, Robert 68 Buck, Robert T. 165 Buckles, Gayle 21 1 Buckles, Joan 150 Buckles, Ronald 21 1 Bucklew, Barbara 165 Budd, Rickey 211 Budine, Ronald 165 Buechter, Linda 21 1 Buehler, Elaine 21 1 Bueker, Roy 2 1 1 Buell, Rhonda 211 Buhrkuhl, Robert 84,165 Buhrmester, Earl 21 1 Buhrmester, Robert 102,10 2 1 1 Buie, Alan 211 Bullard, Janice 165 Bultemeier, Dull 21 1 Bultmann, Cheryl 211 Bultmann, Lois 21 1 Bumpers, Elizabeth 211 Bunch, Jay 2 1 1 Bunch, Kenyon 21 1 Bunch, Timothy 21 1 Bunselmeyer, Kenneth 211 Bunten, Janice 21 1 Buntin, Phillip 165 Bunyar, Robert 21 1 Bunyar, Robin 21 1 Burden, Cecelia 21 1 Burditt, Charles 211 Buresh, Randal 21 1 Burford, Judith 21 1 Burgard, Gregory 165 Burger, Cheryl 21,2 1 1 Burger, Robert 66 Burgess, John 21 1 Buril, Kathryn 165 Burk, Nancy 211 Burke, Mary 21 1 Burkhart, Sharon 21 1 Burkholder, Gary 2 1 1 Brulbaw, Thomas 21 1 Burlingame, Pamela 211 Burnett, James 21 1 Burnette, Walter 150 Burns, Donald 211 Burns, Evelyn 211 Burnup, Nina 260 Burnup, Robert 260 Burrow, Mary 58,21 1 Burst, Suzanne 21 1 Burton, Karen 21 1 Browne, Janice 164 Browne, Margaret 164 Brownfield, B. A. 164 Brownfield, Richard 210 Brownlee, Barbara 210 Browns, Gayle 52,164 Brownsberger, Jon 210 Brownsberger, M. J. 210 Brownsberger, Rose 210 Brownsberger, Walt 49,82, 144, 164 Brubeck. Judith 210 Bruce, Bonnie 54,165 Bruce. Mary 210 Bruch, Francis 210 Bruch, John 210 Bruch, Mary 54,210 Bruenger, Stephen 210 Bruening, Thomas 210 Brueske, Becky 210 Bruffey, Keith 210 Brumit, Ronald 82,165 Brumley, Kenneth 92 Brundege, Jeanne 210 Brunjes, William 165 Bruno, Michael 165 Bruno, Robert 84 Brunscher, Eileen 210 Brunson, Penny 210 Bryan, Chanda 210 Bryan, Patricia 165 Bryant, Barbara 210 Bryant, Carolyn 210 Bryant, Marilyn 56 Bryant, Mark 210 Bryant, Marlin 91,210 Bryant, Michael 93 Bryant, Robert 21 1 Burton, Randalph 211 Burwell, Gary 211 Busch, Michael 72,211 Bush, Richard 21 1 Bushie, Mary 50,21 1 Buster, Rita 211 Butcher, Phyllis 211 Butler, Aaron 150 Butler, Billy 21 1 Butler, Deborah 165 Butler, Jacqueline 211 Butler, Kenneth 211 Butler, Lynn 74,165 Butler, Rena 260 Butler, Steven 211 Butner, Bonita 21 1 Butner, Rebecca 21 1 Buttram, Thomas 2 1 1 Butts, Eugene 260 Butts, Joe 211 Buttwell, Robert 165 Byassee, Gloria 211 Byers, Cheryl 21 1 Byers, Lavern 211 Bynum, Milton 21 1 Byrd, Delores 2 11 Byrd, John 102 Byrd, Marquita 21 1 Byrum, Nancy 21 1 Bywater, Jammey 2 1 1 Bywater, Nancy 21 1 C Cagle, Harold 92 Cagle, Suzanne 211 4,105 Cairer, Joyce 165 Calahan, Paul 211 Calder, Claude 80,21 1 Caldwell, Gayle 62,212 Caldwell, Karen 48,165 Caldwell, Mary 165 Caldwell, Timothy 80,212 Call, Robert 212 Callaway, Bonnie 212 Callaway, James 212 Callen, Zoe 165 Callis, Richard 212 Calovich, Deborah 212 Calvert, Billy 260 Calvert, Susan 64,91,212 Cambon, Marion 150 Camden, Ruth 212 Cameron, James 212 Camp, Kathryn 151 Campbell, Anita 212 Campbell, Cheryl 165 Campbell, David 151 Campbell, Dennis 137,212 Campbell, Donald 165 Campbell, Frances 212 Campbell, Frances 212 Campbell, Howard 212 Campbell, Jerry 165 Campbell, Karen 212 Campbell, Kathy 212,260 Campbell, Kenneth 212 Campbell, Larry 212 Campbell, Lyman 212 Campbell, Lyndia 212 Campbell, Margot 15,54,212 Campbell, Martha 212 Campbell, Mary 212 Campbell, Orvine 165 Campbell, Patricia 212 Campbell, Priscilla 212 Campbell, Robert 212 Campbell, Susan 212 Campbell, Thomas 212 Campbell, Virginia 165 Campbell, Vicki 212 Campos, Stella 165 Campus Veterans Association 44 Canario, Paul 165 Candido, Toni 212 Canfield, Earl 212 Cann, Marvin 165 Cantrell, Glenda 212 Cantrell, Patsy 212 Cantrell, Shirley 212 Cantwell, Doris 64,165 Capper, Christy 165 Carder, Cheryl 212 Carder, Ronald 29,212 Carey, Charles 165 Carey, Jerry 212 Carey, Ruth 212 Carleton, Richard 212 Carleton, Walter 212 Carlini, Deanna 212 Carlson, Richard 93 Carlson, Sharon 212 Carmichael, John 212 Carney, Alan 212 Carney, Michael 122 Carney, Russell 212 Carolia, Sam 212 Carpenter, Herbert 165 Carr, Cheryl 212 Carraccio, Joanne 212 Carroll, Gregory 212 Carroll, John 212 Carroll, Margaret 212 Carroll, Marilyn 165 Carroll, Mike 78 Carroll, Rita 212 Carroll, Treva 212 Carruthers, Merrill 212 Carsel, Chris 212 Carson, Lola 165 Carter, Charles 165 Carter, David 212 Carter, David 76 Carter, Charles 24,212 Carter, James 1 45 Carter, Karen 212 Carter, Karen 165 Carter, Ken 212 Carter, Larry 1 18,212 Carter, Patty 165,260 Carter, Phillip 151 Carter, Stanley 212 Cartland, Lucy 165 Carty, Carolyn 212 Caruso, Anthony 165 Carvell, Lynnda 212 Carver, Carol 212 Carver, Daniel 212 Carver, John 212 Carver, Michael 212 Carver, Nancy 166 Carver, Shelley 212 Carwile, Rita 213 Casady, Carmie 151 Case, Merl 151 Casey, Mary 213 Cashman, Mary 166 Cason, Diana 166 Cassarino, Maryann 213 Cassing, Craig 144,213 Cassity, Diane 58,213 Castagno, Joseph 84,166 Castaner, David 151 Casteel, Kathleen 213 Caster, Norma 213 Castle, Conan 151 Castor, James 166 Catherall, Pam 213 Cavanagh, Robert 213 Cavanaugh, John 74 Cedeno, Cynthia 62,21 3 Chadwick, Andrew 213 Chafa, Dennis 213 Chafen, Charles 213 Chalquist, Hollis 149,151 Chamberlin, N. 213 Chambers, Linda 166 Chambers, Nancy 213 Chamney, Clifford 135,151 Chance, William 166 Chandler, Dennis 21 3 Chandler, Joerether 213 Chandler, Thomas 166 Chaney, Chris 213 Chaney, Jackie 213 Chaney, Pamala 213 Chang, Kyung 202 Chapel, William 213 Chapman, Dana 49,166 Chapman, Dudley 74 Chapman, Karen 58,213 Chapman, Kirk 74 Chappell, Linda 15,90,166 Charles, Monte 213 Chasteen, Steve 21 3 Cheatham, John 213 Cheerleaders 90,91 Chester, Ronnie 213 Chestnut, Olen 213 Chick, Willa 21,64,213 Childs, Dale 166 Childs, Linda 213 Chinn, Donna 213 Chitwood, Ruth 260 Chitwood, Walter 213 Chlipala, Frank 106 Choate, Jeanette 151 Chrisman, Janice 213 Christ, Alta 213 Christian, Wade 213 Christiansen, Frank 213 Christie, Ronald 213 Christman, E. A. 213 Christopher, Steven 213 Chronis, Evans 84,166 Church, Kenneth 1 51 Cipolla, Larry 213 Cissna, Joy 213 Clair, Gail 166 Clardy, Betty 151 Clark, Ann 213 Clark, Charles 213 Clark, David 213 Clark, Edward 213 Clark, Edward M. 166 Clark, Elresa 166 Clark, Janelle 64 Clark, John 166 Clark, Kathy 213 Clark. Larry 213 Clark, Marsha 213 Clark, Richard 213 Clark, Richard M. 166 Clark, Robert 213 Clark, Roy 166 Clark, Stephen 213 Clarle, Donna 213 Clary, Jo Ann 213 Claus, Robert 151 Clawson, Geniece 52,166 Clawson, Lynnette 213 Claxton, Tony 213 Clay, Benjamin 24,166 Clay, Linda 60,213 Clay, Patricia 166 Clay, Susan 52,213 Clay, William 86,166 Claypole, Gary 213 Claypole, Harry 166 Claypole, Morris 213 Clayton, Dorothy 213 Crall, Theron 2 1 5 Clayton, Jestine 2 13 Conn, Susan 214 Connell, Dixie 214 Conner, Jack 214 Conners, Judith 214 Connole, Dennis 214 Conrad, Stuart 144,167 Conrow, Janey 214 Constance, Byron 146 Constant, Tamara 54,214 Cook, Carol 50,167 Cook, Cathleen 167 Cook, Katheryne 214 Cook, Kathryn 167 Cook, Lois 214 Cook, Lydia 21.4 Cook, Marshall 74,120,167 Cozad, Marcia 215 Crabb, Sharolyn 215 Crabtree, Sarah 215 Craft, Douglas 215 Craft, Paula 215 Craghead, Sandra 50,215 Dahlberg, Helen 216 Dahman, Wanda 168 Dailey, Dottie 168 Dailey, Joyce 216 Dale, Howard 76,216 Dale, William 168 Craig ,Berniece 151 Damero n, Sharon 216 Craig, Cleo 82,215 Craig, Jewel 215 Craig, John 215 Craig, Larry 260 Craig, Laura 215 Craig Craig ,Linda 48,56,167 ,Michael 215 Craig, Patricia 58,215 Dampier, Sandra 216 Danforth, Carol 216 Daniel, John 216 Danieley, Larry 80 Daniells, Susan 58,216 Daniels, Carole 216 Daniels, Shirley 168 Dankel, Mike 76 Danner, Jan 168 Clem, Gary 166 Clemmons, Larry 213 Clerc,Mary 166 Cleveland,Wayne 151 Clevenger,John 22,24,166 Clevenger, Kathy 213 Clevenger,Michael 213 Clevenger,Robert 213 Click, William 213 Clifton, Larry o 76,213 Cline,Jackie 213 Clinger, Richard 213 Clisby, Cheryl 213 Closson,John 213 Cloues,William 166 Clutter, Marcia 214 Clymore,Dennis 202 Coates, Edward 93,102,103,214 Coats, Grace 151 Coats, Mary 166 Cobb, Deborah 219 Cobb, Nora 214 Cobb, Robert 166 Coburn, Ronald 214 Cochran, Gary 214 Cochran. Harry 214 Cochran, Joyce 214 Cochrane, Cynthia 166 Coddington. Loxie 166 Coffel, Dorothy 166 Coffel, John 260 Coffelt, Paul 214 Coffey, Charles 214 Cook, Richard 151 Cook, Robert 72,167 Cook, Roger 21 4 Cook, Sandra 214 Cook, Stephen 84 Coonrod, Eva 167 Coons, Linda 167 Cooper Brabara 50,214 Cooper, Barbara L. 167 Cooper Carl 214 Cooper Connie 214 Cooper Jean 102 Cooper, Joyce A. 167 Cooper Joyce E. 214 Cooper, Larry 214 Cooper, Margaret 214 Cooper Marian 214 Cooper Peter 214 Cooper Robert 214 Cooper, Terry 214 Cramer, Marsha 167 Crane,Betty 215 Craton,NGayle 167 Craven, Cheryl 91,215 Craven, Sherralyn 151 Craver, Dennis 215 Crawford, Diane 60 Crawford,Helen 215 Crawford,Jane 215 Crawford, Virginia 167 Crayton, Christine 215 Creason, Mary 215 Creason, Sue 167 Creig,Sharon 215 Creighton, Wilda 151 Crenshaw, Carolyn 36,168 Crenshaw, Margaret 215 Crist, Cathy 215 Crocker, Carolyn 168 Crocker, Roger 168 Danner, St SVSU 66 Daprato, Michael 168 Darby, Barney 151 Darnell, Chreyl 50 Darnell, Li nda 50 Darrah, Donald 168 Darton, Andrew 202 Darwazah, Taleb 216 Daugherty, James 216 Daugherty, Larry 168 Daugherty, Linda 216 Davenport, Samuel 260 Davidson, Davidson, Davidson, Carl 36,216 Marcia 168 Mark 68,2 1 6 Davidson, Mary 168 Davidson, Mary 216 Davidson. Davidson. Davidson. Richard 260 Robert 102,118 Thomas 216 Coffman, Cheryl 166 Coffman, Daniel 214 Coffman, Lloyd 166 Coffman, Sandra 214 Coffman, Sherry 202 Cogan, Daniel 151 Crowley Cogan, David 166 Cogdill, Francis 166 Colbert, David 214 Colbert, Debra 214 Cole, Brenda 91,214 Cole, Carol 214 Cole, Kelvin 36,167 Coleman Dorothy 151 Coleman Major 167 Coleman, Marjorie 58,166 Coleman, Russ 28 Coleman, Vernon 214 Coles, James 167 Colhecon 45 College Union Cabinet 38 Cope, Cohen 167 Cope, Kenneth 78 Copeland, Rose 167 Copenhaver, Gary 214 Copple, Clarence 68,214 Copple, William 167 Corbett, Dennis 214 Corbin, Foster 151 Corbo, Anthony 214 Corcoran, Malcolm 214 Cordes, Sandra 167 Cordray, Herman 214 Corey, Steven 167 Cornell, Gary 167 Cornell, James 214 Cornish, Verna 214 Cornwell, Ruth 15,56,167 Corpening, David 214 Correll, Brian 214 Corriston, Connie 215 Corriston, Michael 25,26,151 Cortner, Jayne 54,144 Corum, Everett 22,24,26,167 Corum, Richard 215 Corwin, Donald 215 Costigan, Dennis 68,215 Costigan, Donna 302 Costigan, Micheal 215 Cote, Suzanne 151 Cothern, Donald 215 Cothern, Linda 215 Cotter, Dennis 215 Cottingham, R. J. 167 Cotton, Annie 167 Crocker, Sue 215 Crockett, John 151 Cronliardt, Jack 74 Crookshanks, James 215 Crosby. Charlene 168 Croskell, Lary 215 Cross, Dan 168 Cross-Country Track 104,105 Crouch, Carol 215 Crouch, Carolyn 215 Davies, Lana 216 Davies. Marion 151 Crowder, Crowder. Crowder, Crowder, Crowder, Crowley, Crowley. Crowley. , Roger 168 Antionette 2 1 5 Barbara 21 5 Bruce 215 Helena 168 Pamela 215 Melvin 215 Ralph 215 Raymond 21 5 Croy, Jerry 168 Crum, James 168 Crum, William 215 Crumley, Herbert 84 Crump, Evelyn 215 Cruwell, Margaret 215 Culler, Teresa 215 Culp, Geral 151 Culp, John 84,168 Culp, Leland 146 Culp, Ron 49,84,93,99,106 Culp, Sheryl 215 Colley, Rodney 214 Collier, Ronald 214 Collins, Charles 68 Collins, Dennis 86,214 Collins, Donald 151 Collins Elizabeth 167 Collins Kathrine 145 Collins Morris 167 Collins, Robert 2 14 Colman, James 11 1 Colson, Angela 214 Colster, Cheryl 214 Colvin,Ann 52,167 Colvin,James 167 Cottone, Robert 167 Couch,Alan 76,167 Coulston, Barbara 260 Counts, David 215 Counts, Frederick 82 Couppleditch,Peter 215 Courtney, Edwin 215 Courtney, Thomas 167 Courtright, David 215 Covello, Frank B4 Covey,Dennis 84,93 Cowan,Charla 167 Cowan,J.E. 215 Cowan, Ronald 167 Combs, Billie 214 Combs, Channy 214 Combs, Donald 78,214 Combs, Hedy 24,214 Combs, Ronald 214 Conboy, Kathleen 214 Cone, Dennis 214 Congrove, William 214 Conkle, Jeffrey 214 Conley, Linda 214 Conn, Richard 2 1 4 Cox, Bonnie 215 Cox, Charles 215 Cox, Marion 215 Cox, Marjorie 260 Cox, Mary 167 Cox, Michael 167 Cox, Paul 215 Cox, Sharon 215 Cox, Stanley 215 Cox, Terry 215 CCY , Dennis 21 5 Cummings, Daniel 168 Cummings, Laura 168 Cummins, James 260 Cummins, Linda 168 Cumpton, Richard 215 Cundiff, Patricia 215 Cunniff, Maureen 215 Cunningham, J. M. 146 Cunningham, Melody 215 Cunningham, Thomas 168 Curland, Penny 215 Curnutte, Russell 86,215 Curran, Connie 168 Currie, Sharron 215 Curry, Clinton 215 Curry, Judy 216 Curry, Lawrence 22,24,26,168 Curtice, Shirley 21,62,168, Curtis, Linda 260 Curtis, Ronald 151 Curtis, William 168 Cusick, Russell 216 CWENS 43 Daggett, Wilda 1 68 Davis, Carla 216 Davis, Charlotte 168 Davis, Cleandrew '216 Davis, Daniel 216 Davis, David 74 Davis, Deborah 216 Davis, Dennis 216 Davis, Ernest 168 Davis Galen 216 Davis Glenda 216 Davis Harry 168 Davis Hazel 216 Davis, J. Douglas 216 Davis, Joyce 216 Davis Karl 168 Davis Kathy 216 Davis Ladonna 1 68 Davis, Larry 216 Davis, Leon 168 Davis, Mabel 216 Davis, Mary 216 Davis, Michael 78,216 Davis, Michael 216 Davis, Milton 168 Davis, Richard 216 Davis, Russell 216 Davis, Shadrack 93 Davis Davis Susan 216 Teresa 216 Davis, T G A 216 Davis, Tilton 76,144 Davison, Vernon 216 Davy, V icki 64,216 Dawson, Deanna 216 Dawson, John 216 Dawson, Linda 216 Dawson, Walter 168 Day, Cory 168 Day, Jeffrey 216 Day, Ch arles 216 Day, Sarah 216 Deady, Jean 216 Deal, Floyd 216 Deal, Michael 216 Dean, David 216 Dean, Gary 216 Dean, Guy 216 Dean, Jayne 216 Dean, Roger 216 Dean, Sandra 168 Dean, Vicky 216 Deaner, Jay 169 Deangelo, Charles 169 Deandorff, Debby 216 Dearmond, Carolyn 216 Dearmond, Walter 169 Deckard, Charles 216 Ellis, Deborah 219 Evans Decker, Michael 169 Decker, Toni 169 Decker,Wallace 216 Dedeke, Robert 202 Dedication 6,7 Dedrick, Rene 216 Dee, William 151 Deem, Brenda 216 Deer, Marilyn 216 Deerberg, Darrell 216 Defoe, Kathy 216 Dehart, Judith 37,216 Dehn, Tommy 216 Deibler, Stephen 216 Deike, Sandra 260 Deimerly, P R 169 Dejanes, Michael 49,217 Dekorte, Marc 151 Del, Castillo 151 Delaney, Barron 21 7 Delaney, Bernice 151 Delaney, Mary 217 Delany, William 86,217 Dellinger, Harold 169 Delozier, Vance 49,74,217 Delta Psi Kappa 42 Delta Tau Alpha 40 Delta Zeta 60,61 DeMasters, Karen 37,217 Dematteis, Richard 151 Dement, Leland 217 Demott, Edith 151 Denham, Edward 151 Denham, Susanne 217 Den-Hartog, Dennis 217 Denney, Caroll 169 Denney, Linda 217 Denning, Karen 169 Dennis, Barbara 29 Dennis, Carolyn 50,217 Dennis, Kenneth 169 Dennis, Larry 217 Dennison, John 169 Denny, James 82,217 Denton, Jean 217 Depasco, Marilyn 169 Dependahl, Shirley 169 Derly, Deborah 217 Deroode, Randolph 169 Dersham, Thomas 80,217 Desmond, Gregory 217 Deterding, Kermit 169 Detournay, Henry 217 Devenny, Nina 151 Dewitt, Larry 217 Dewitt, Priscilla 169 Dial, Konald 217 Dias, Perry 169 Diblasi, Tony 217 Dick, Danny 217 Dickensheets, Donna 217 Dickerson, Bill 86 Dickerson, Charles 217 Dickerson, Linda 217 Dickey, Billy 217 Dickey, James 217 Dickey, Michael 151 Dickey, Pamela 217 Dickson, Bonnie 169 Dickson, Deborah 217 Dicus, William 217 Diecidue, Frank 217 Dieckhoff, Dale 217 Dieckman, Barbara 260 Dieckmann, Janet 202 Dieckmann, Leona 217 Diefendorf, Larry 217 Diehl, Janice 169 Diemer, Susan 217 Dierker, Ernest 169 Dierking, Danny 169 Dierking, Deborah 217 Dierking, Dennis 21 7 Diffenderfer, J. 21 7 Dillard, Willa 217 Dilley, Larry 151 Dillingham, Essie 217 Dillingham, Faye 151 Dillon, Michael 169 Dilworthy, Diane 169 Dingle, Michel 169 Dingle, Steven 217 Dingus, Kathy 217 Dinkins, Sharon 217 Dirck, Virginia 169 Distler, Donald 86 Dittman, Linda 217 Dittmer, David 169 Dittmer, Elaine 217 Dittmer, Jessia 169 Divelbiss, Glenda 217 Dixon, Deborah 217 Doak, Tom 217 Dobson, Janice 50,169 Dobson, Larry 169 Dockery, Martha 217 Doctor, Abbas 21 7 Dodge, Carol 217 Dodson, John 217 Dodson, Michael 217 Doehla, James 169 Doelker, Paul 78,169 Doerflinger, Sharon 217 Doerhoff, Carolyn 169 Dohrendorf, Mary 217 Dohrendorf, Ronald 169 Dolecki, Joseph 151 Dolphins, 39 Dolson, Deborah 217 Domian, Thomas 82,217 Donegan, Michael 84,217 Donley, Diane 15,169 Donley, Kaye 217 Donley, Larry 217 Donovan, Patricia 169 Donovan, Robert 21 7 Dooley, Delores 217 Dooley, Jackie 217 Dooley, Linda 217 Dooley, Thomas 2 17 Doolittle, Harold 217 Dorner, Donna 2 17 Dorsch, Kent 217 Doss, Linda 169 Dothage, Sandra 169 Dothage. Sue 169 Dotson, Constance 169 Doty, Jerry 93 Doutt, Sam 151 Douvia, Faith 218 Dow, Frank 169 Dow, John 218 Dowdy, Lawrence 86,169 Dowell, Cheryl 218 Dowell, Karen 1 70 Dowell, Marilyn 170 Downing, Donald 74 Downing, Raymond 218 Downs, Rhonda 170 Downs, William 1 51 Dunford, Karen 218 Dunham, Ann 218 Elliott, Karen 62,170 Elliott, Marilyn 219 Elliott, Richard 219 Dunkel,Michael 218 Dunkin, John 170 Dunlap, J ohn 218 Dunlap,Richard 145,151 Dunlap,Steve 218 Dunn, Bonnie 1 70 Dunn, Jackie 1 51 Dunn, William 130,131 Dunning, Harold 84 Dunning, Mary 218 Dunsworth, Mel 218 Ellis, Bonnie 219 Ellis, Brian 170 Ellis, Catherine 2 1 9 Ellis, Edwin 1 52 Ellis, Karen 170 Ellis, Kirk 219 Ellis, Roger 170 Ellis, Ruth 1 70 Ellis, Susan 62,1 70 Dureka, Mignon 145,218,260 Durham, Charles 21 8 Durham, Diana 218 Durham, Rebecca 218 Durham, Richard 170 Durkin, Dale 60,170 Durnill, Sharlette 218 Duroche, Diana 218 Dutcher, Melvin 218 Dwyer, James 218 Ellmaker, Linda 54,219 Elmore, Freddie 49,70,219 Elsberry, Gail 219 Elsea, Jeffrey 170 Elwell, Dennis 219,260 Embree, Dana 219 Embree, David 219 Embry, Jon 170 Emerson, John 152,128 Emery, Frank 49.76.219 Dyer, Diane 62,218 Dyer, Janet 218 Dyer, Rebecca 170 Dyer, Timothy 218 Emis, Michael 21 9 Encoe, Jerry 219 Endicott, Ray 66 Endley, Joylyn 219 Doyel, Bruce 218 Doyle, Susan 218 Draffen, Howard 218 Draffen, Linda Drake, Charles 218 151 Dyer, Tracy 218 Dysart, William 218 Dziadosz. Joseph 170 E Earle. Elaine 218 Early, Dennis 170 Easterday, Lou 64,218 Eastman, James 218 Eaton, Elizabeth 218 Eaton, Russell 68 Eaton, Sharon 56,218 Ebersold, Janifer 218 Ebersold, Richard 218 Ebler, Ladonna 218 Echols, Suzanne 170 Eckenberger. Steve 218 Eckhoff, Barbara 218 Eckhoff, Erwin 218 Eckhoff, Larry 218 Eckinger, Steve 43,44.218,95,96 106,107 Ecton, John 82,218 Edde, Jerry 170 Edelman, Harry 122,170 Edmonds, Billy 170 Edmondson, Douglas 219 Edmondson, James 170 Edmunds, Tom 147,148,151 Edson, Donald 93 Drake, Georgia 218 Drake, William 170 Drane, William 218 Draper, Bonnie 34,218 Draper, Theodore 218 Drechsel, Nancy 218 Drexel, Carol 218 Droege, Dennis 113,116 Droege, Garry 218 Droz, Janie 21,218 Droz, Paul 170 Drummond, Dana 218 Drummond, Robert 170 Druschky, Kathryn 170 Dryden, Margaret 218 Dryer, Carolyn 218 Dryer, Thomas 218 Duce, Duane 218 Duckworth, Lonny 218 Dudgeon, Christy 218 Dudley, Barbara 218 Dudley, Cornelius 218 Dudley, Ruth 218 Dudley, Sharon 218 Duenow, James 218 Duensing, George 218 Duffer, Nancy 218 Duffy, Michael 218 Duke, Mary 218 Duly, James 170 Dunbar, Richard 218 Duncan, Freddie 218 Duncan, Pamela 218 Duncan, Paula 50,218 Duncan, Wayne 1 45,260 Education Building 130-133 Edwards, David 170 Edwards, Elizabeth 219 Edwards, Janice 219 Edwards, Joyce 38,170 Engelbrecht, Diane 170 Engelbrecht, Earl 219 Engeman, Donna 170 England, Betty 170 England, James 219 Englehart, Carol 170 Enloe, Glen 37,171 Enlow, Daniel 219 Ennis, Linda 171 Enos, Francis 219 Ensley, Roberta 219 Ensworth,Marvin 171,260 Enwright, Marilyn 152 Epperly, Joy 219 Eppright, Leon 74 Erhard, David 219 Erhardt, Donald 171 Erickson, John 152 Erickson, John 171 Erickson, Lawrence 171 Eriksen, Douglas 152 Erisman, Kathryn 202 Erisman, Kenny 260 Ermeling, Russell 171 Ernst, Don 219 Ernst, Donald 171 Ervin, Ellen 219 Ervin, Johnna 219 Eschenbach, Jimmy 86,219 Eshelman, Dale 219 Eshelman, Dean 171 Eslinger, Sharon 219 Essenpries, Shirley 219 Essock, Alfred 152 Estep, Karen 219 Estes, Danny 219 Estes, Lauran 68 Eudaley, Alene 68,219 Edwards, Elizabeth 219 Edwards, Nancy 219 Edwards, Perry 219 Egbert, Beverley 21 9 Egelston, Martha 152 Eggers, Janet 219 Eggers, Lois 170 Ehler, Mary 219 Ehlers, Joyce 219 Eustance, Annette 171 Evans, Alfred 171 Evans, Charles 171 Evans, Edward 74 Evans, John 219 Evans, John 171 Evans, Judith 219 Evans, Mary 219 Evans, Pamela 171 , Sandra 219 Ehlmann, James 106,219 Eichhorn, Sharon 219 Eichman, Patricia 219,260 Eickelberg, Fred 152 Eickhoff, Ronald 72,219 Eidson, Jean 37,219 Eidson, Stephen 219 Eifert, Elaine 219 Eise, Donna 219 Eisenreich, Sandra 60,219 Eisler, Janet 60,219 Eisler, Kent 49,84 Eisler, Robert 219 Elkins, Judith 219 Eller, Robert 24,170 Ellersteck, Jerry 120,219 Elling, Sharon 1 70 Elliott, Alice 152 Elliott, Bessie 152 Elliott, Judith 219 Eveland, David 219 Eveland, Gary 78,202 Everard, Susan 219 Everhart, Lucinda 219 Everman, Barbara 219 Evert, John 171 Ewan, David 76 Ewan, Roger 76 Ewing, Ray 152 Ewing, Vickie 219 F Faculty 150-159 Fain, Kenneth 80 Fain, Mary 219 7 Gardner, Harold 222 Freedman, Martin 74,22 1 Gerling, Foster, Gabriel, Janice 222 Fowl er, Fair, Lenora 219 Falgren, Lloyd 152 Falke, Stanley 219 Fallen, Jerome 220 Falls, Jay 220 Famuliner, Dorthy 52 Fangmann, Gene 72,171 Fann, Charles 220 Fann, Paul 260 Fann, Raymond 220 Fansher, James 220 Farabee, Dennis 171 Faris, Robert 220 Farkas, Joseph 220 Farley, Michael 220 Farmer, Cecil 171 Farmer, Kiplyn 74,171 Farmer, Rodney 171 Farnsworth, Ed 171 Farr, Deborah 220 Farris, Arthur 1 71 Farris, Patricia 220 Farris, Thomas 1 71 Farthing, Carolyn 171 Fast, Jimmie 171 Fath, Melody 1 71 Faubion, Francine 220 Faulk, Dennis 152 Faulkner, Crystal 220 Faulkner, John 171 Faustlin, Shirley 220 Fay, John 49 Fazel, Mohammed 152 Fecht, Daniel 220 Fecht, Darby 220 Fecht, Kurtis 220 Fechter, Barbara 220 Fedojan, Sonja 220 Feitz, Dale 68,220 Feitz, Don 68,220 Feldman, Daniel 220 Feldott, Nancy 171 Feller, David 66 Fender, Christian 220 Fennel, Richard 220 Fenner, Charles 220 Fenton, Charles 220 Ferguson, Kathy 220 Ferguson, Miller 171 Ferrou, Gerald 220 Fest, Vincent 80 Fetter, Linda 220 Fewins, Benny 220 Fick, Carol 52 Ficke, Gail 171 Fidler, Bob 137,152 Fidler, Linda 171 Field, Carmoleta 152 Field, Effie 220 Field, Janet 220 Fielder, Betty 220 Fielder, Betty 220 Fielder, Wanda 220 Fields, Curtis 145 Fields, Gene 152 Fields, Michael 91 Fiene, David 220 Fiene, John 78,220 Figg, Harold 220 Filkins, Richard 1 71 Fillinger, Gerald 220 Fillinger, Gregory 220 Fimple, Janet 64,220 Finie, John 102 Fink, Katharyn 220 Finkel, Margaret 220 Finken, Robert 220 Finkle, Paul 220 Finks, James 220 Finley, Michael 68,171 Finley, Ronald 93,102,220 Finney, Larry 260 Fischer, Ann 220 Fischer, Barbara 220 Fischer, James 171 Fischer, Jerry 220 Fischer, Kathy 220 Fischer, Margaret 171 Fischer, Marilyn 220 Fischer, Paula 220 Fisher, Donna 220 Fisher, Elizabeth 171 Fisher, George 171 Fisher, Hugh 74 Fisher, Judith 220 Fisher, Judith 202 Fisher, Leroy 152 Fisher, Michael 78,171 Fisher, Shirley 220 Fisher, Stephen 69,220 Fisher, Ted 74 Fisher, Teresa 220 Fisher, Terry 68 Franz en, Eric 82 Frazier, Gloria 221 Frazier, David 102,104,105,221 Frazier, Martha 172 Frazier, Olin 152 Frazier, Rebecca 221 Frazon, David 221 Garger, Tania 222 Garber, William 152 Garcia, George 78,172 Garcia, Gregory 78,222 Gard, Terry 222 Gardner Gardner ,Donna 222 ,Ginger 54,222 Fite, Eugene 220 Fitterling, Sarah 220 Fitzgerald, Ann 220 Fizer, Jo 171 Fizer, Norma 220 Fizer, William 220 Flandermeyer, Roger 152 Fleischman, Kenneth 171 Fleischmann, Janet 220 Fleischmann, William 172 Flemming, Tim 80,220 Flesch, Nancy 220 Fletcher, John 220 Flippin, Tom 152 Flood, Rob 152 Floyd, Gloria 220 Fluharty, Sandra 220 Fluharty, Susan 220 Foerstel, Michael 202 Foertsch, Joseph 106,221 Foley, Carol 15,60,221 Foley, William 152 Folkman, Gordon 221 Follmer, Gerald 221 Follmer, Gerald 221 Football 92-101 Foote, Eddie 172 Foraker, Thomas 172 Forbes, Jackie 221 Freeman, Colleen 221 Freeman, Darrell 221 Freemyer, Lawrence 145 Freeze, Keith 122,172 Frerking, Dale 172 Frerking, John 49,72,221 Freund, Nancy 221 Frevert, James 172 Frey, James 221 Fridley, Norvel 221 Friedley, Sandra 221 Friel, John 221 Friend, Barbara 221 Friend, Sylvia 1 72,260 Frink, Sam 172 Frisbey, Perry 105 Frisch, Dennis 221 Fritchie, Dennis 221 Fritchie, Duane 120,221 Fritts, Alice 172 Fritts, Leslie 221 Fritzemeyer, Sandra 221 Fritzemeyer, Wayne 221 Frizzell, Mary 221 Frock, Billy 172 Frogge, William 172 Frost, Clark 73,96,97 Frost, Wendel 221 Frownfelter, Becky 58,221 Fnieh, Norma 221 Gardner, Lee 69,172 Gardner, Yvonne 91 Garland, Nancy 222 Garlichs, Diana 222 Garner, Jean 1 72 Garrett, Barry 222 Garrett, Clarence 222 Garrett, George 78 Garrett Larry 118,222 Garrett, Micheline 222 Garrett, Wilma 172 Ford, Anne 221 Ford, Arthur 1 72 Ford, Charles 1 52 Ford, D avid 221 Ford, Martha 221 Ford, Mike 221 Fry, Dwight 172 Fry, William 222 Frye, Mary 222 Garrison, Carol 222 Garrison, Carol 222 Garrison, Robert 1 72 Gash, Thomas 222 Gates, Dwight 172 Gaugh, Robert 152 Gaugh, Robert 1 72 Gaus, George 222 Gawedzinski, Marcia 222 Geary, Karen 222 Gebelein, Donna 222 Gee, Sally 172 Geer, Sharay 64 Geers, Barbara 222 Gehner, Phillip 106,222 Geis, Joseph 122,222 Geisler, Jerry 1 73 Geivett, Danny 222 Gelbert, Truman 222 Genge, Milton 152 Genner, Connie 222 Gentry, Dale 222 Forderhase, Carroll 221 Foreman, Danny 76 Foreword 4 Forgey,John 152 Forniss, Clinton 221 Forsee, Linda 145,221,260 Forster, Tom 221 Forster,John 221 Forsythe, William 86,221 Fort, Billy 221 Fu Shaw Shien 152 Fuchs, Mary 68,222 Fuehring, Linda 222 Fuentes, Anthony 222 Fuhr, Donna 172 Fuhr,Kenneth 222 Fulghum, Geraldine 222 Fulk, Donna 222 Gentry, John 173 Gentry, Leo 173 Gentry, Sandra 202 George, Bonnie 50,173 George, Linda 222 George, Michael 222 George, Michael 82 George, Regina 222 Fossey, Robert 221 Fossey, Saralyn 172 Foster, Augustus 152 Foster, Carl 152 Foster, Freda 172 Foster, Gary 172 Foster, Gregg 221 Foster, Janet 221 Foster, Jennifer 221 Foster, Joe 172 Foster, Martin 221 Foster, Ruth 221 Foster, Sharon 1 72 Foster, Shirlene 221 Foster, Thomas 74,172 William 1 52 Fulk,Jane 222 Fulkerson, William 152 Fulks, Charles 222 Fuller, Edna 222 Fuller, Ervin 113,115 Fuller, Hazel 222 Fuller, Richard 222 Fuller, Ruth 172 Fulton, Linda 222 Geortler, Jean 1 73 Gerber, John 222 Gerber, Karen 222 Gerber, Ronald 222 Gerke, David 1 73 Gerke, Elizabeth 222 Gerke, Kenneth 222 Gerke, Thomas 222 James 222 Foth, Russell 221 Foulds, Mary 221 Foust. Beverly 221 Fowble, Linda 221 Fowler, Donald 84,172 Fowler, Gerold 221 Fowler, Linda 221 Fowler, Martha 221 Spencer 221 Funk, James 74,222 Funk, Janice 222 Funk, Richard 222 Furrey, Bob 222 Futvoye, Karla 222 G Gabriel, Stephen 222 Gabrielson, Gail 172 Gadt, Joanne 172 Gaer, Stanley 76,222 Gaertner, Laverne 222 Gaines, James 66,172 Gaines, Rawleigh 152 Gaines, Thomas 36,86 Germann, Ronald 223 Germann, Therese 223 Gessley, Robert 82,173 Getz, Albert 223 Gfeller, Steve 82,223 Gibb, Patti 223 Gibbins, Linda 223 Gibbons, Jean 223 Gibbs, Charlotte 223 Gibbs, Jesse 152 Giberson, Karon 48,64,223 Gibler, Beverlee 260 Giboney, Robert 223 Gibson, Dennis 1 73 Gibson, Fern 152 Gibson, James 1 73 Gibson, Kathy 223 Gibson, Mary 68 Gibson, Robert 260 Fox, Nancy 221 Fox, Suzanne 202 Fox, Teresa 221 Fraking, Karen 15,172 Fraking, Sheryl 221 France, Ruthie 172 Francis, Keith X221 Francis, James 221 Francis, Robert 221 Francis, Ward 221 Frank, Omer 120 Franke, Jana 221 Franken, Jacqueline 221 Frankhauser, Gayle 221 Franklin, Kenneth 221 Franklin, Patricia 50,221 Franks, Kathy 221 Gibson, Vicki 223 Galbraith, Sherry 222 Gallager, Sherry 222 Galloway, Evelyn 222 Galloway, Helen 202 Galloway, Linda 1 72 Galloway, Phyllis 222 Galloway, Terry 103 Galpin, Sandra 172 Galster, Janice 222 Gamble, Shirley 172 Gamet, John 222 Ganders, Marsha 172 Gandy, Elaine 222 Gann, David 84,222 Gann, Glen 222 Gant, Daniel 222 Garamillo, Cathey 222 Garber, Denna 222 Giedinghagen, Pam 15,50 Gieringer, Kim 223 Giewald, Nancy 173 Gifford, Mary 1 73 Gilbert, Helen 1 52 Gilbert, Ophelia 1 52 Gilbertson, Deborah 223 Gilderbloom, Rose 223 Gillem, Edward 91,223 Gillette, Verdia 260 Gillham, Janet 223 Gillihan, Rodger 1 73 Gilliland, Andy 69 Gilliland, Brenda 223 Gillison, Mary 54,173 Gillogly, Marcia 223 Gillroy, Carol 223 Harper, Debra Gillroy, Marilyn 223 Gilmore, Marilyn 223 Ginther, Jeanette 223 Ginther, Mary 152 Girardet, Leah 223 Gist, Mary 223 Gitthens, Donald 223 Givens, Gary 173 Gladfelter, Irl 148,152 Gladish, Vicki 52,173 Glander, Margaret 223 Glasscock, Glynnes 223 Glazier, Carl 84,173 Gleason, Dorothy 223 Glendening, Donna 223 Glenn, Linda 173 Glenn, Willie 223 Glickfield, Charlotte 152 Glover, Cynthia 223 Gockel, Keith 74,223 Gockel, Sheila 223 Goddard, Patricia 223 Godfrey, Erwina 152 Goe, Phyllis 223 Goebel, Sally 223 Goens, Deborah 223 Goers, Don 78,173 Goetz, David 223 Goetz, Gail 223 Goetz, Janet 223 Goetz, Janice 62,223 Goetz, Robert 152 Goff, John 223 Golden, Gaylen 173 Goldman, Alvin 223 Goldman, Edward 223 Goll, Barbara 223 Gonser, Amelia 48,62 Gonzalez, Carmen 15 Gooch, Wanda 223 Goode, David 173 Goodhue, Linda 58,173 Goodin, Pamela 223 Goodknight, Yvette 223 Goodwin, Marva 223 Goodwin, Michael 223 Gooseman, Aldonna 223 Goosen, Joyce 173 Goosen, Linda 223 Gordon, Deanna 223 Gordon, Johnnie 223 Gordon, Lewis 260 Gordon, Ronald 173 Gordon, Thomas 38,74,173 Gore, Helen 223 Gorrell, Diane 223 Gorrell, Leroy 74 Gorsett, Terrence 223 Gose, Karen 223 Gosney, Alfred 202 Gosney, Linda 223 Gotsch, Jeanine 223 Gottlieb, Mrs. Sinclair 146 Gover, Carolyn 223 Gover, David 86,173 Gower, Alice 148,152 Gower, Kolyn 223 Grabau, Mary 52,173 Graduates 202,203 Grady, Connie 223 Grady, Judy 173 Graef, Stephen 223 Grafton, Joyce 223 Gragg, Patricia 223 Graham, Harold 224 Graham, John 224 Graham, Justyn 152 Graham, Robert 173 Graham, William 86,120,173 Gramps, Toni 224 Granat, Irene 173 Grant, Mary 224 Gravatt, Donna 224 Graves, James 260 Graves, Joan 173 Graves, Lodie 224 Gray, Bobby 224 Gray, Diana 173 Gray, John 224 Gray, Kent 224 Gray, Larry 224 Gray, Linda 224 Gray, Martha 224 Gray, Michael 260 Gray, Michael 224 Gray, Nancy 224 Gray, Norman 173 Gray, Ronald 224 Gray, Vernon 224 Gray, Winona 224 Grayson, Daniel 173 Grechus, Janice 224 Grechus, Lindal 80,224 Greeks 48-87 Green, Cherryl 224 Green, Kenneth 224 Green , Paula 52,1 73 Green, Ricky 224 Green Green .Sharon 224 ,William 106 Greenawalt, Robert 152 Greener, James 224 Greenfield, Marilyn 24,26, Greenwood, Judyth 224 Greer, Frances 224 Greer, John 173 Greer, Rachel 153 Gregg, Lon 153 Gregory, Bruce 224 Gregory, Clinton 1 73 Gregory, Gary 224 Gregory, Mark 122,224 Gregory, Nina 224 Gregory. Ronald 224 Gregory, Sarah 224 Greife , Larry 224 Greiner, Terry 224 Greke. David 80 Gresham, Paul 224 Grieshaber, Mickey 76,224 Grieshaber. Vicki 202 Griffey, Bobby 224 Griffey, Marylue 224 Griffin, Harold 174 Griffin, Linda 260 Griffith, Bob 86,224 Griffith, Cheryl 260 Griffith, John 224 Griffith, Joyce 224 Griffith, Thomas 224 Griffiths, Connie 224 Griffon, Cheryl 174 Grigor, Mathew 144 Grigsby, Sharon 224 Grimes, Robert 153 Grimm, Carol 224 Grimsley, Beverly 224 Grindstaff, Phillip 80,224 Griner, Cheryl 174 Grinter, James 66 Grinnell, Susan 64 Grisham, Mary 50,224 Grissom, Steven 174 Gritzmacher, Ken 224 Grizzell, David 224 Grogger, Dorothy 224 Groh, Alicia 54,174 Grooms, Paul 174 Gross, Howard 49,78,174 Gross, John 174,224 Gross, Paul 224 Grossheider, Virginia 224 Grotha, Elizabeth 224 Grove, Jan 224 Grube Grube ,James 224 .Juan 174 Grupe, David 224 Grush, Reba 224 Gubera, James 224 Guenther, Cathy 224 Guenther, Ellen 174 Guenther, Frank 174 Guess, Eddie 224 Guice, Robert 93 Guidali, Arlene 56,174 Guilford, Lonnis 174 Guin, Johnny 74 Guin, Marlin 224 Guinger, Mary 174 Gulla, Rosemarie 224 Gumper, Calvin 224 Gumper, Mildred 225 Gunn, Gregory 1 74 Gunn, Ralph 225 Gurley, Barbara 225 Gurley, Linda 225 Guss, Meryline 225 Gustafson, Shirley 62,174 Guthridge, Steve 225 Gwinn, William 225 173 Gymnastics 1 18-1 1 9 Haacke, Naomi 225 Haake, Beverly 225 Haase, Larry 153 Habben, Ralph 174 Habben, Sally 225 Habben, Sherry 174 Haberle, Joseph 174 Hack, Miles 120,174 Hackett. William 225 Hackmann, Russell 225 Haddock, Gerald 174 Haffa, Susan 225 Hagan, Cynthia 225 Hageborn , Eileen 225 Hagedorn, Connie 225 Hagedorn, Mary 225 Hageman, Marilyn 38 Hagerman, David 174 Hagerman, Robert 66,225 Haggans, John 225 Haggard, Gary 225 Hail, John 174 Haile, Clarence 174 Hainen, Bernard 174 Hainline,Ladonna 141,145 Hairabedian, Thomas 122,153 Haldiman,Burnell 225 Haldiman, Carl 153 Hale, Carolyn 225 Hale, Rosemary 15,64,225 Halen, Thalia 202 Halen, Walter 153 Hales, Diana 260 Haley,Saundra 225 Hall,Cynthia 225 Hall,Dwain 225 Hall,Getta 225 Hansen, Connie 225 Hansen, Dennis 74,174 Hansen, Pete 122 Hanson, Paul 174 Hanson, Vivian 260 Happel, Charles 225 Haralson, Gayle 225,260 Harbison, Karen 58,225 Hardesty, Terry 225 Hardeway, Frank 225 Hardine, Kendra 52 Harding, Connie 1 74 Hardison, Gary 174 Hardy, Cheri 225 Hardy, Nanci 225 Hare, James 226 Hare, Timothy 76,226 Hargis, Clydenna 52,91 Hargrave, Paula 226 Hargrove, Wanda 174 Harkabus, Doug 153 Harker, Judy 226 Harlin, Richard 226 Harlow, James 174 Harmack, Linda 175 Harmon, Colleen 226 Harmon, Michael 226 Harmon, Ronald 226 Harms, David 226 Harms, Janice 175 Harnett, Carolyn 226 Harold, Thomas 175 Harper, Alice 175 Harper, Bruce 175 Harper, Carol 226 226 Harper, Max 78 Harper, Sharon 226 Harrelson, Don 153 Harrelson, Michael 226 Harriman, Vernon 153 Harrington, Donna 175 Harris, Antoinette 226 Harris, Debra 64,226 Hall Hall ,John 225 .Leonard 225 Hall, Robert 225 Hall, Stanley 24 Hall, Wilber 225 Haller, Karen 52,225 Haller, Michael 225 Halliburton, Michael 174 Hallman, Pennie 225 Hallows, Jerry 225 Halmick, Karen 1 74 Halsey, Joyce 58 Halterman, Jerry 225 Ham, John 225 Ham, Vicki 225 Hamblin, Robert 225 Harris, Donald 80,175 Harris, Donna 202 Harris, Edward 226 Harris, Gary 226 Harris, Irene 226 Harris, Larry 175 Harris, Pamela 175 Harris, Rhonda 175 Harris, Robert 226 Harris, Ronald 76 Harris, Rosemary 175 Harris, Ruth 226 Harris, Susan 260 Harris, Harris, 'Timothy 226 Winston 226 Harrison, Jack 9 Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Hamilton, Craig 225 James 174 Jonathan 225 Odell 225 Hamm, Leroy 225 Harrison, James 226 Harrison, Pamela 226 Harrod, Barbara 226 Harry, Kirk 226 Harryman, Deborah 62,226 Hammerand, Linda 225 Hammers, Martha 174 Hammerschmidt, John 174 Hammond, Kenneth 225 Hammons, Claude 225 Hamner, Charlotte 225 Hamner, Robert 225 Harsch, Judy 2 26 Harshbarger, Don 56,226 Hart, John 93,226 Hart, Judith 1 7 5 Hart, Linda 226 Hart, Michael 226 Hart, Ralph 153 Hampton, Dennis 174 Hampton, Homer 153 Hampton, Jon 225 Hampton, William 153 Hancock, Hancock, Marilyn 54,91 ,174 Steven 225 Handle, Patricia 60 Handley,Judith 225 Handy, Deborah 225 Hane, John 153 Hank, Geraldine 174 Hankins, Pamela 60,225 Hanks, Larry 225 Hanlon, Archa 225 Hanna, Charles 225 Hanna, Daniel 225 Hanna, Michelle 225 Hanna, Sammy 225 Hannah, Lyman 153 Hannon, Barbara 225 Hannsz, William 1 74 Hansel, Deborah 225 Hansel, Nancy 50,225 Hartmann, Barbara 226 Hartmann, George 226 Hartnett, Elizabeth 175 Hartsell, Naomi 226 Hartwig, Wanda 175 Harvatin, Edward 226 Harvey, Jane 226 Harvey, Patricia 226 Hasemeier, Michael 226 Hatfield, Carl 226 Hatfield, Larry 226 Hattery, Miriam 175 Hattey, Brenda 226 Hauck, Stephen 226 Haug, Larry 226 Haug, Patricia 226 Hauser, Sharon 1 75 Hauser, William 153 Havener, Gary 86,175 Hawes, Mary 175 Hawes, Patrick 226 Hawes, Richard 226 Hawkins, Barbara 226 269 70 Hawkins, Brenda 175 Hawkins, Bruce 226 Hawkins, Gloria 226 Hawkins, Mary 226 Herich, Sue 176 Herlong, Henry '153 Herman, Ronald 176 Herman. Rudolph 38.68.227 Hernandez, Brenda 227 Hawkins, Michael 226 Hawks, Raymond 175 Hawksley, Oscar 153 Hawley, Janet 56,226 Hayden, Darrel 175 Hayden, Deborah 226 Hayden, Jean 175 Hayden, Larry 226 Haydu, John 153 Hayden, Paula 226 Hayes, Gary 93 Hayes, Jay 226 Hayes, Roger 226 Hayes, Steven 226 Hayles, James 226 Haynes, Joseph 226 Haynes, Karen 50,226 Haynes, Larry 226 Hayob, Susan 226 Hays, Pam 226 Hays, William 175 Hayton, Philip 226 Hazel, Gertrude 226 Hazel, George 175 Hazelerig, Jack 153 Hazlett, Shirley 226 Headley, Carol 227,260 Heady, Robert 227 Healey, William 49,84 Hearn, Barbara 227 Heath, Vernon 227 Heaton, Eldon 227 Heavelow, Kathi 64 Heavelow, Phillip 84 Hedges, Brenda 175 Hedges, Richard 1 75 Hedges, Robert 1 75 Hedley, Dennis 227 Hedley, Robert 175 Hedspeth, Ben 175 Heer, William 227 Heerman, Valerie 227 Hegg, Kathleen 227 Heggen, Carolyn 1 75 Heidbrink, Cathy 227 Heilman, Earl 227 Heilmann, Lillian 227 Heim, Ruth 227 Heimsoth. Leslie 72,227 Hein, Diane 227 Heine, Kathy 227 Heins, Connie 48,52,175 Heins, Diedlick 175 Heisterberg, Leslie 82 Helbling, William 227 Helling, Larry 227 Hellman, Sheila 227 Helm, Howard 227 Helmich, Charlotte 175 Helmick, Dale 153 Helmig, Bruce 227 Helmlinger, William 72,227 Helton, Darrell 260 Helton, David 175 Helzer, Thomas 227 Hembree, Selden 227 Hemmer, Jeanne 175 Herndon, Jack 80,227 Herndon, Joe 146 Herndon, Marsha 62 Herndon, Michual 227 Herndon, Peggy 176 Herndon, Susan 50,176 Herrmann, Debra 227 Hersh, Cary 122 Hertlein, Darlene 227 Hertlein, Marvin 277 Hess, David 227 Hessel, Floyd 227 Hessel, Randy 202 Heuser, Marjorie 227 Hewitt, Sam 153 Heyer, Roy 227 Heytman, John 153 Hibdon, Carl 176 Hibdon, Howard 153 Hickman, James 227 Hickman, Jerri 227 Hickman, Margaret 227 Hickman, Sue 176 Hidgon, Ermon 176 Higbee,Jacquelyn 62,227 Higby, Catherine 227 Higgins, Constance 227 Higgins, Constance 227 Higgins, Helen 176 Higgins, James 227 Higgins, Robert 153 Higgins, Sheila 176 Higgins, Sherman 176 Highlander, James 22,26,153 Highley, Colleen 227 Hightower, Kathryn 227 Hightower, Sandra 227 Hilbrenner, Dwight 227 Hilbrenner, Valerie 227 Hilburn, James 176 Hilburn,Jerry 227 Hilgedick, Don 93,227 Hill, Hill Hill Geraldine 227 .Gwendolyn 21,60,227,1 76 Larry 227 Hill, Lawrence 260 Hill, Lonnie 49,74,176 Hill, Mary 227 Hill, Particia 227 Hill, Richard 228 Hill, Roger 74,1 18 Hill, Sandra 260 Hill, Steven 228 Hillyard, Michael 76 Hillyard, Robert 176 Hilty, Samuel 228 Himes, Donald 228 Himes, Richard 228 Hinck, Darel 228 Hinerman, Charles 153 Hines, Keith 70 Hinkle, Cheryl 176 Hinkle, Larry 176 Hinnah,Stanley 228 Hinrich, Susan 153 Hinton. Phyllis 228 Hinton. Steven 228 Hemphill,Reid 147,149,153 Henderson, Dennis 227 Henderson, Geneva 227 Henderson, Marcella 227 Henderson.Rexanne 227 Henderson, Wanda 227 Hendrick, Billy 227 Hendricks, Fred 153 Hendrickson, Ronald 227 Hendrix, Janis 227 Henkel, Terry 227 Henneberg, Carol 227 Henrick, Marti 175 Henrikson, Luann 227 Henry, Donna 227 Henry, Judy 227 Henry, Walter 175 Hen1'y, Walter 175 Henselman, Robert 1 75 Henson, Candice 176 Henson, Virgil 227 Henson, Johnny 227 Herbert, Terry 176 Herbst, Terry 260 Hintz, Virginia 228 Hirner, Robert 176 Hirschman, Marilyn 176 Hirter, Fritz 228 Hirtz, David 228 Hiskey, David 228 Hitt, John 176 Hoar, David 82 Hobbs, Timothy 82 Hockersmith, Marilyn 228 Hodgins, Larry 228 Hodson, Ralph 38,76,176 Hoduski, Bernadine 153 Hoedl, Mike 76 Hoefer, Elaine 1 76 Hoefer, Sharon 228 Hoehne, Lon 228 Hoemeke, Meta 62,176 Hemeyer, Robert 228 Hoeper, Patricia 228 Hoeper, Sam 176 Hoeper, Vicki 176 Hoff, Charles 228 Hofstetter, Carol 1 76 Hofstetter, William 228 Hogan, Martin 228 Hogland, Sharon 228 Hokail, Mohammed 228 Holden, Harvey 78 Holden, John 228 Holder, Charles 176 Holford, Richard 228 Holl, John 228 Holland, Carrie 153 Holland, Diane 228 Holland, Janis 228 Holland, John 1 76 Holland, Nicola 228 Holland, Roger 228 Holland, Suzette 60,1 76 Holley, Forrest 228 Holliday, Gail 228 Hollinger, Linda 176 Hollrah, Steven 228 Hollywood, Pamela 176 Hudson,James 153 Hudson,Joe 229 Hudson ,Thomas 20,49,B6,106,177 Hudson, Tod 229 Holman, Joyce 228 Holman, Martha 228 Holman, William 84 Holmes, Neal 153 Holsten, Linda 228 Holt, Carol 176 Holt, Cheryl 228 Holt, David 228 Holt, Georgia 228 Holt. James 202 Holtz, William 228 I-Ioltzman, Leland 228 Holvay, Yvette 228 Homan, Frederic 153 Homan, Jacquelin 228 Homecoming 14-17 Honeycutt, Mike 122,176 Hood, Jerry 80,176 Hood, Judy 176 Hook, Lewis 228 Hooper, Tom 176 Hooper, Virginia 1 76 Hoops, Gergianne 1 76 Hoover, Patricia 228 Hoover, Roland 228 Hope, Richard 176 Hopkins, Bertha 153 Hopkins, Carolyn 228 Hopkins, Charlotte 228 Hopkins, James 1 77 Hopkins, Leroy 177 Hopkins, Norman 177 Hopkins, Patricia 228 Hopkins, Thaine 1 77 Hoppe, Mary 228 Hopper, Dorothy 228 Hopping, Joe 153 Horgan, William 82,177 Horine, John 153 Hormack, Linda 58 Horn, Douglas 228 Hornbeck, James 102 Horseman, Scott 228 Horton, Agness 153 Horzmann, Robert 228 Hosier, Martha 228 Hosman, Sherryl 1 77 Hotchcraft, Raymond 228 Hotchkiss, Larry 177 Hough, Michael 177 Houk, Billie 177 Houk, Carol 228 Hudson, William 229 Huff, John 229 Huffendick, James 177 Huffman, Dale 229 Huffman, Van 177 Hughes, Danny 177 Hughes, Dean 74,177 Hughes, Erma 229 Hughes, Linda 260 Hughes, Melvin 229 Hughes, Sandra 229 Hughes, Susanne 229 Hughson, Robert 229 Huhman, Dianne 229 Huhmann, Wilbert 229 Hull, Janet 229 Hull, Ovid 229 Hull, Patricia 177 Humphrey, Ronald 74,229 Humphreys, Barbara 229 Hundley, Ma1'y 229 Hunt, Brenda 229 Hunt, Gary 229 Hunt, Leroy 112,153 Hunt, Shelley 229 Hunt, Stuart 229 Hunt, William 177 Hunter, Gilbert 229 Hunter, Glenn 229 Hunter, Harriet 229 Hunter, Lynna 229 Huntley, Larry 177 Hunziker, Estaline 153 Hupp, Stephen 145,260 Hurd, David 229 Hurley, Martha 229 Hurst, Robert 177 Hurst, Warren 177 Hurt, Charles 177 Huskisson, Sandra 229 Hutchcraft, Barbara 229 Hutcherson, Curtis 153 Hutcherson, Kent 229 Hutcherson, Vivian 229 Hutchings, Barbara 229 Hutchings, Karen 229 Hutchings, Laura 229 Hutchings, Michael 177 Hutchinson, Penny 229 Huth, Thomas 80,229 Hutson, Cherry 229 Hutt, Stephen 24,229 Hutto, Robert 86,177 Huttsell, Ray 177 Hyatt, Hyra 1 77 Hyde, Danny 229 Hyde, Ronald 86,229 Idel, Idel, I Charles 177 Sharon 62,229 Idel, Shay 39 Idel, Stanley 229 Dirig, Gail 229 Houk, Donna 228 Houk, H Houk, N elen 228 ancy 228 Houlehan, Bernard 177 Houseman, Gerald 228 Iiams, Wirgil 229 Iliff, Deborah 229 lmhoff, Michael 229 Immegart, Cornelius 229 Inge, Valerie 229 Inglish, Gary 177 Inglish, John 177 Houston, Jo 177 Hoverstock, Richard 153 Howard, Patricia 177 Ingram, Ingram, Ingrum, Brenda 229 Patricia 229 Victor 153 Howell, Beverly 177 Howell,Jacquelyn 228 Howell, Joseph 228 How ell, How ell, Linda 228 Lonnie 228 Hoyle, Dana 228 Hoyt, Mary 177 Hubbard, Edith 228 Hubbard, Janice 228 Hubble, Irma 229 Hucker, David 229 Huculak, Wasyl 153 Hudson, Estel 153 Ingrum, Victor 202 Innes, Linda 229 Intra-Fraternity Council 49 Iqbal, Mahamad 202 Ira, Patricia 229 Ireland, Ina 229 Ireland, Phillip 229 Ireland, Russell 153 Ireland, Stephen 229 Irving, Jerralynn 229,260 Isaacson, Pamela 177 lseminger, Stephen 229 Israel, Gary 229 Issa, Ibrahim 177 Iverson, Karen 229 Ives, Patricia 229 Ivy, Gary 177 Jackman, Deborah 229 Johnson, Kenneth 230 Johnson, Kenneth 178 Johnson, Larry 93,95,96,99 Johnson, Larry 154 Johnson, Linda 178 Johnson, Margaret 154 Johnson, Melvin 230 Johnson, Michael 230 Johnson, Nancy 230 Johnson, Particia 230 Alvin 1 78 Jacks, Darrell 177 Jacks, Glenn 86 Jackson, Betty 229 Jackson, Connie 50,177 Jackson, Courtney 229 Jackson, David 153 Jackson, Judith 177 Jackson, Lewis 229 Jackson, Montgomery 229 Jackson, Penelope 15,64,177 Jackson, Vickie 229 Jackson, Wade 229 Jacob, John 229 Johnson, Patricia 230 Johnson, Robert 230 Johnson, Robert 178 Johnson, Ronald 230 Johnson, Veronica 230 Johnson, William 154 Johnston, Edwin 230 Johnston, Neil 24,37,230 Joiner, Larry 178 Jokerst, Nancy 230 Jolly, Bonita 230 Jolly, Marilyn 230 Jones, Keane, Karen 179 Keck, James 231 Kedigh, Karen 231,260 Keele, Michael 179 Keeler, Douglas 231 Keeling, Paul 1 79 Keen, Carolyn 231 Keen, Harold 1 79 Keen, Patricia 231 Keener, Joel 231 Keener, Richard 80,179 Keeton, Hattie 231 Keeton, Robert 178 Keffer, Eugene 154 Keil, David 74 Keim, Kenneth 1 79 Kein, Sylvia 231 Keirsey, Keith 231 Keisel, Jerry 69,231 Keisker, Gary 69,231,106 Keith, Donna 145 Keith, Linda 231,261 Kell, Richard 231 Kindred, Gerald 232 Kindrick, Robert 154 King, Jolantha 179 King, Kenneth 70 King, Marvin 36,179 King, Robert 232 King Stephen 179 King Vickie 179 King , Victor 232 Kingery, Dennis 232 Kemp, Roger Jacob, Judith 230 Jacobs, Daniel 230 Jacoby, Russell 154 Jadlot, Charles 76,1230 Jadlot, Dennis 49,76,177 Jaeger, James 230 Jagels, Ricky 230 Jahnke, Marlin 178 Jamerson, Christy 230 Jamerson, Daniel 178 Jamerson, Phillip 230 James, Hazel 178 James, Mirl 230 James, Robert 230 James, Ronald 230 Jameson, Connie 154 Janota, Ronald 49,84,230 Jansen, Karen 230 Jansen, Robert 230 Janssen, Deborah 230 Jarman, Dale 230 Jarrett, Karen 178 Jarvis, Gloria 1 78 Jaynes, Salle 230 Jeffries, Beverly 178 Jeffries, Catherine 230 Jeffries, Dennis 178 Jenkins, Cathy 230 Jenkins, Jim 178 Jenkins, Kathy 230,260 Jenkins, Linda 230 Jenkins, Mel 36,154 Jenkins, Peggy 230 Jenkins, Ronald 178 Jenne, Stephen 84 Jennings, John 230 Jennings, Robert 178 Jennings, Shirley 230 Jensen, Jacqueline 230 Jent, Clay 131,154 Jeselnik, Kathleen 178 Jessee, Dwight 230 Jett, Carl 230 Jett, James 230 Jewell, Gene 74,178 Jewell, Linda 230 Jewell, Wanda 50,230 Jimmerson, Gwendolyn 230 Joachim, Bruce 178 Johanningmeier, Jerry 178 Johanningmeier, Marcia 230 John, Alton 202 Johnson, Arthur 178 Johnson, Belinda 230 Johnson, Benjamin 260 Jones, Barbara 178 Jones, Barbara 178 Jones, Brenda 178 Jones, Clyde 106,230 Jones, Dale 230 Jones, Darrell 178 Jones, John 178 Jones, John 230 Jones, Kay 202 Jones, Larry 102 Jones, Lynn 111 Jones, Mary 230 Jones, Melvin 178 Jones, Pamela 21,230 Jones, Pamela 230 Jones, Patricia 230 Jones, Patricia 230 Keller, Kenneth 231 Kelley, Charles 154 Kelley, Cyrla 179 Kelley, Jeanne 231 Kelley, Larry 179 Kelley, Linda 231 Kelly, Allison 231 Kelly, Gerald 231 Kelly, James 179 Kelly, Paul 179 Kelne, Susan 231 Kelsey, Gary 231 Keltner, Michael 145,231 Kemmerer, Jean 231 Kemna, Gail 231 Kemp, Douglas 1 79 78,179 Jones, Jaula 230 Jones, Robert 154 Jones, Sally 230 Jones, Sharon 231 Jones, Sherry 231 Jones, Susan 178 Kempf, Jerome 231 Kempf, Leon 49,80 Kemster, Grahm 82 Kempster, Jeannette 231 Kempton, John 231 Kenagy, Charles 179 Jonson, Agatha 1 78 Jordan, Joyce 178 Jordon, Loren 231 Jorgensen, Martin 231,260 Jorgensen, Roy 131,154 Joseph, Garnett 78 Justra, Nancy 231 Joustra, Patty 1 78 Judy, William 82 Jung, Betsy 231 Justice, William 231 Jutten, Jessie 154 K Kahle, Roger 93,231 Kaiser, Nancy 231 Kallai, Marie 231 Kalmer, Charles 154 Kalwei, Carolyn 231 Kamerman, Paticia 154 Kamphoefner, Paul 231 Kampschroeder, Kathleen 231 Kanad, Oya 178 Kane, Elizabeth 231 Kappa Mu Epsilon 41 Kappa Omicron Pi 42 Kappelman, Gwendolyn 231 Karaff, Gary 231 Kendall, Robert 154 Kendrick, Ellis 231 Kendrick, Tomothy 231 Kendzora, Larry 231 Kennedy, Charles 231 Kennedy, Mary 231 Kennedy, Mary 179 Kennedy, Robert 154 Kennedy, Robert 179 Kennedy, Stephen 179 Kennedy, Suzanne 231 Kenney, Vicke 231 Kennison, John 231 Kennison, John 231 Johnson, Bennetta 230 Johnson, Betty 230 Johnson, Beverly 230 Johnson, Byron 1 78 Johnson, Catherine 230 Johnson, Charlotte 230 Johnson, Chreyl 230 Johnson, David 230 Johnson, Dewey 122,230 Johnson, Diana 230 Johnson, Ernest 178 Johnson, Frederick 178 Johnson, Gerri 260 Johnson, Janice 230 Johnson, Jean 178 Johnson, Karen 230 Johnson, Kathleen 230 Karim, Fazal 202 Karius, Dennis 1 '78 Karns, Rodney 82,231 Karr, Jerry 178 Kasper, Cheryl 231 Kasper, Risdan 231 Kateman, Mary 52,178 Kauffman, John 231 Kauffman, Lynne 231 Kauffman, Willard 154 Kaufman, William 231 Kaullen, Gary 231 Kaullen, Linda 231 Kaumans, Carol 231 Kaumans, Dorothy 231 Kauzlarich, Victor 178 Kays, Brenda 231 Kenniston, Ralph 179 Kenworthy, Kenne 179 Kenworthy, Nancy 179 Kephart, Marcia 231 Kephart, Rachel 231 Kephart, Randall 179 Kerns, Kenneth 179 Kerns, Leslie 179 Kershner, Catheryn 231 Kerstann, Susan 231 Kesteman, Charles 154 Kester, Cecil 24 Ketcherside, William 154 Ketchum, Nancy 231 Ketchum, Randall 84,231 Keth, Earl 154,110 Keth, Kathy 231 Ketterlin, William 231 Keys, Robert 232 Kibbie, Eloise 154 Kidney, Karla 58 Kidwell, Carole 58 Kidwell, Karen 232 Kidwell, Sharon 15,58 Kieffer, Gail 232 Killian, Bruce 232 Killingbeck, Stan 154 Killion, Cheryl 232 Kimball, Chester 232 Kimbrell, Karen 232 Kimzey, Leland 74,179 Kincaid, Michael 82,232 Kinder, Cathy 232 Kinder, John 106 Kindle, Sharlet 232 Kiniry, Steven 78,232 Kinkade, Michael 105 Kinkead, Judith 1 79 Kinker, Curtis 232 Kinnett, Lois 232 Kinsey, John 232 Kinsey, Kay 50,144,232 Kinyon, Sharon 1 79 Kipper, James 1 79 Kirby, Lynn 29,52,232 Kirchner, Betty 179 Kirchner, Doris 56,232 Kirk, Alice 232 Kirk, Kathryn 232 Kirkham, Paul 232 Kirkman, Joseph 232 Kirkpatrick, Allan 232 Kirsch, Richard 232 Kish, Pamela 232 Kissick, Klarice 232 Kissinger, Janis 232 Kist, Woodrow 232 Kistner, Stephen 232 Kitley, Cathey 1 79 Kivett, Thomas 86,1 79 Klamm, Thomas 232 Klass, Joyce 232 Klaus, Michael 179 Klaus, Sharon 1 79 Klausmeier, John 232 Kleiheider, Paul 179 Klein, Carol 179 Klein, John 179 Kleinschmidt, John 232 Klekamp, Monica 232 Klemme, Lorraine 50,180 Klenk, Kathryn 232 Kleoppel, Joyce 232 Kline, Judith 180 Kling, Christine 62,232 Kloppe, Wayne 232 Kiug, Patti 56,180 Klugman, Linda. 232 Kment, Donna 232 Knapp, Robert 180 Knaup, Connie 232 Knefaty, Maed 180 Knehans, William 180 Knight, Donna 232 Knight, Karen 232 Knight, Ora 232 Knight of the Burning Pestle 24 25 Knipmeyer, Mary 180 Knipp, Jack 232 Knipp, Jon 232 Knipp, Maureen 232 Knisley, Charles 232 Knittle, Duane 180 Knoten, John 232 Knox, Carl 232 Knutson, Janice 232 Koch, Chester 232 Koch, Marilyn 232 Koch, Virginia 180 Kocher, Earl 154 Kocialski, Patricia 180 Koehler, Thomas 232 Koenig, George 180 Koenke. Kenneth 180 Koenke, Ronald 74,180 Koerselman, Herbert 154 Koester, Ted 232 Kogge, Hans 154 Kohout, Edward 232 Komer, Timothy 232 Koncick, Nancy 180 Knodry, Alex 84 Konieczko, Kenneth 86,180 Konkel, Joseph 232 Koo, Hyung 180 Koons, Clair 154 Koons, Randall 69,232 Koppen, Antonette 180 Kornfeld, Steve 180 Korte, Joan 232 Kotwicz, Casimir 232 Kounovsky, Karen 232 Kovacik, William 232 Koval, Gertrude 180 Kraeuchi, Robert 120,232 Kraft, Frederick 180 Kraft, Susan 54 Kramer, Carolyn 232 Kramme, Kenneth 180 Kramsky, Carolyn 232 Kraus, Kathleen 58 Kraus, Vida 154 Krausch, Linda 180 Krause, David 180 Krause, James 232 Krause, Margaret 233 Krause, Ronald 76,180 Kreigh, Linda 48 Kreissler, Wanda 233 Kretzschmer, David 233 Krieg, Maynard 180 Kroll, Patricia 233 Krone, Susan 180 Kronsbein, Donna 180 Kronshage, Vicki 233 Kropp, Eberhard 180 Krueger, Marlene 180 Kruel, Neil 233 Kruse, Ronald 233 Kruse, Stanley 233 Kuebler, Juanita 180 Kueck, Connie 233 Kueffer, Peggy 233 Kuenker, James 180 Kuender, Kathleen 233 Kuester, Kenneth 233 Kuhlman, Jerry 233 Kuhlman, Vicki 233 Kuhn, Charles 154 Kullman, Reatha 233 Kullman, Carl 233 Kunard, Patricia 233 Kundert, Dennis 180 Kung, Chuan 202 Kunz, Margaret 154 Kurek, Walter 233 Kurth, Arthur 180 Kurz, Steve 233 Kutler, Elaine 264 Kyle, Larry 180 L Labar, Janice 233 LaBruyere, Bonita 180 Lacey, Terry 118,180 Lackey, Linda 233 Lacy, Ronald 76 Ladage, Thomas 233 Lademann, Judy 180 Lafarge, Trevalyn 233 Lake, Kenneth 233 Lakey, Gary 233 Lalk, Ben 180 Lamb, Bernice 154 Lambda Chi Alpha 74,75 Lambert, Carol 233 Lamm, Carol 233 Lamm, Rebecca 180 Lammers, Harold 233 Lammers, Robert 233 Lammy, Suzanne 233 Lamora, Thomas 180 Lamp, Lois 233 Lampton, Laura 233 Lancaster, John 233 Lancaster, Vicki 233 Land, Teresa 233 Landers, Jack 154 Landingham, Debra 233 Landry, Charles 181 Lane, Glenda 233 Lane, James 233 Lane, Robert 78,233 Lang, Donald 93,103,233 Langdon, Linda 233 Langendoerfer, R. L. 233 Langseth, James 233 Lanning, Carolyn 233 Lanoue, Richard 66,181 Lapides, Robert 233 LaPointe, William 82 Larivee, Robert 80,233 Larkin, Patrick 233 Larose, Gail 233 Larrice, Bob 49 Larson, Alice 233 Larson, John 233 Larson, Jon 233 Larson, Linda 233 Larue, James 68,108,181 Larue, William 70,233 Lasater, Larry 181 Lask, George 233 Lasley, Robert 233 Lassiter, Kenneth 233 Late Enrollment 260-262 Lathrop, K. S. 233 Lattimer, Susan 181 Laubenstein, Darlen 148,202 Lauber, Robert 181 Laubersheimer, D. B. 144,181 Lewis, Cheryl 234 Lewis, Edward 154 Lewis, Franklin 49,82 Lewis, Gary 234 Lewis, Gerald 234,261 Lewis, James 234 Lewis, Jerry 234 Lewis, Jon 234 Lewis, Kathie 52,234 Lewis, Maralyn 234 Lewis, Marcia 181 Lewis, Mary 181 Lewis, Patricia 234 Lewis, Richard 78,181 Lewis, Rickman 234 Lewis, Roger 234 Lewis, Ross 234 Lewis, Stephen 76,106,181 Lewis, Terence 234 Libbert, Dennis 234 Lauer, Frederick 233 Lauer, Linda 233 Laughlin, Sandra 233 Laun, Larry 233 Laureen, Barbara 233 Laurendeau, R. O. 82,108 Lavelle, Joseph 233 Law, Larry 233 Lawhead, Melodie 181 Lawler, Larry 233 Lawlor, Jerry 233 Lawrence, Karen 233 Lawson, Georgann 233 Lawson, James 181 Lawson, Joseph 106,181 Lawson, Lorrayne 233 Lawson, Robert 82,181 Lawton, Nancy 181 Lay, David 181 Layden, Timothy 233 Layton, Gary 69,181 Layton, Rosemary 181 Licher, James 82,181 Liddle,Janet 234 Lieber, Candace 234 Liescheidt, Carol 234 Lightner, Janet 234 Lilie, Sarah 234 Liley, Charles 181 Lillard, Patricia 261 Limback, Rebecca 202 Lindberg, Valerie 234 Lindemann,Joelle 181 Lindermann, Wayne 72 Linder, Alan 234 Lindsay, David 154 Lindsey, Gordon 234 Lindstrom, Joanne 154 Lindstrom, Steven 49,69,234 Linhardt,Jeanette 234 Lininger, Shirley 154 Link, Janet 234 Link, Ronald 234 Link,Walter 234 Layton, Thomas 141,145 Lazerson, Rochelle 181 Lea, Lucile 154 Leach, Benjamin 233 Leach, Sally 234 Leachman, Pamela 60,234 Leaf, Pamela 234 Leap, Joyce 181 Lear, Robert 234 Leaton, Jean 181 Lechner, Steve 38,69,234 Lecin, Preston 234 Lederer, Arnold 234 Lederer, Diane 15,54,181 Ledgerwood, Ronald 234 Linn, Sandra 29 Linneman, Sarah 234 Lintner, Larry 234 Linville, David 181 Linville, John 234 Linville, Laurel 234 Linville, Pamela 234 Linville, Sheila 181 Lionberger, J. E. 234 Liringis, Elizabeth 60,234 Little, Jack 154 Littrell, P. A. 48,50,234 Littrell, Patricia 234 Litz, Allen 235 Lively, Michael 93 Lee, Chi Ling 154 Lee, David 181 Lee, Donald 70,234 Lee, Edmond 154 Lee, Gladys 261 Lee, Harry 181 Lee, Julia 234 Lee, Larry 181 Lee, Michael 234 Lee, Patricia 234 Lee, Ruby 302 Lee, Terry 86,234 Leeper, Judith 48,56,234 Lefrolz, Gregory 234 Leftridge, Alan 82 Legernes, Kenneth 120 Legler, Paula 234 Lehman, Jo Ann 234 Lehmann, Karla 234,261 Leimkuhler, Lyle 181 Leka, Michael 84 Lelly, Charles 234 Lemon, Janice 234 Lemons, Wallace 234 Liverman, Richard 235 Lloyd, Carol 235 Lloyd, Thomas 181 Lock,Donald 69,235 Locke, Courtney, 235 Locke, Dee 235 Locke, Katherine 235 Lockhart, Raymond 235 Lockler, Eleanor 235 Lockridge, Harry 181 Lodes, Raymond 120 Loehr, Archie 120 Loft, Richard 181 Loftis,James 261 Logan, Nancy 261 Logeman, Beverly 50,235 Logeman, David 181 Logsoon, John 181 Lohman,Jerald 235 Lohsandt, Janis 261 Lohsandt, Allen 182 Lombardo, Joanne 235 Long, Dennis 182 Long, James 74,235 Lenahan, Ellyn 181 Lenhart, Douglas 234 Lentz, Carolyn 234 Lenz, David 234 Leonard, Laura 234 Leonhard, Kenneth 234 Leopolo, Michael 202 Lesher, Marian 154 Lessing, Brenda 234 Lester, Beverly 234 Leutkemeyer, Jim 86 Leuty, Johnnie 234 Lewallen, Lana 181 Lewis, Brenda 234 Long, Julie 235 Long, Kathryn 235 Long, Linda 235 Long, Margaret 235 Long, Nancy 182 Long, Robert 235 Long, Stanley 235 Lopez,James 235 Lorance, Theodore 154 Lorenz,Judith 235 Lorimor, Theron 154 Lorr, Linda 235 Lotz,David 182,261 Love. Don 235 Love, James 235 Love, Warren 235 Love, William 235 Lovell, Dee 235 Lovell, Robert 154 Lovercamp, Kenneth 182 Lovinger, Warren 17,130, Low, Earl 154 Low, Laura 235 Lowe, Richard 182 Lowry, Alan 182 Lowry, John 82,235 Loyd, Elizabeth 235 Lucas, Michael 235 Lucas, Sue 235 Lucker, William 235 Luebbering, Alice 235 Luebbert, Kathleen 235 Luehrman, Richard 154 Luehrs, John 235 Lueke, Keith 235 Luff, Marguerite 235 Luff, Marilyn 182 Lund, Ruth 261 Lundblad, Faith 261 Lundeen, Michael 182 Lundgren, Jeffery 235 Lundy, Betty 235 Lusch, Carol 235 Lusco, Frances 235 Lusin, Rebecca 235 Luster, William 235 Lyles, Richard 235 Lyles, Ronald 182 Lynch, Barbara 235 Lynch, Michael 235 Lynn, Gary 118 Lyon, Becky 60,235 Lyon, Katherine 235 Lyon, Margaret 155 Lyon, Mary 155 Lyons, Louise 182 Lyons, Nancy 235 Lyons, William 235 Lytle, Joyce 182 M Maasen, Judy 182 Mack, Brenda 235 Mack, Charles 1 18 Mack, Deborah 235 Mackey, Louina 235 131,154 MacPherson, Michael 39,235 Macy, Charles 182 Madeo, Robert 182 Mades, Gary 82,182 Madison, Deborah 235 Madison, James 235 Madison, Marguerite 235 Maddle, Terry 182 Maddle, Victoria 182 Maeschen, Vicki 235 Magee, Don 235 Magee, Gary 76,182 Mahaffey, Connie 235 Mahanes, Howard 92,95,1 Maher, Richard 235 Mahon, Anthony 76,182 Mahon, Edward 235 Mahoney, Marilyn 182 Mais, Robert 235 Maisak, Susan 235 Maisel, Dale 235 Major, Marsha 236 Major, Roy 202 Makings, Philip 236 Maley, David 236 Mallicoat, Norman 236 Mallicoat, Wilma 236 Mallory, Michael 182 Mallory, Robert 236 Mallow, Sandra 182 Malmberg, Harry 182 Maloney, Dean 236 Maloney, Michael 261 Maloof, Louis 155 Maness, Kay 236 Mann, Jack 182 Mann, Marianne 236 Mann, Nancy 236 Mann, Paul 182 Mann, William 236 55 Mazer, Ke Manners, Michael 236 Manning, Dean 182 Manning, Drucilla 236 Manning, James 182 Mansell, Michelle 236 Mansfield, Rick 236 Manson, Carolyn 182 Mantle, Judy 236 Mantle, Ronald 106 Mantzey, Lois 182 Mayfield, Daniel 236 Mayfield, Donna 236 Mayfield, Mayfield, Louise 155 Teresa 183 Mayo, Connie 58,183 Mayo, Dal e 236 Mays, Dennis 236 Mayzel, D ave 111 Mazar, Cheryl 236 vin 237 Mantzey, Nancy 236 Manuel, Joyce 236 Manuel, Marian 202 Manz, Thomas 236 Maple, Michael .182 Maple, Patricia 236 Marching Mules Band 28,29 Marcks, Carol 62 Marcks, Jeanette 182 Mardis, Catherine 236 Marek, Joseph 82 Margrif, Fred 1 55 Marjama, Lorraine 236 Markway, Mary 236 Marley, Harlene 155 Marquis, Janet 236 Marr, Patricia 58,236 Marriott, Clyde 236 Mars, Barbara 236,261 Marsh, Darrell 236 Marsh, Elaine 182 Marsh, Gray 182 Marsh, Robert 182 Marsh, Theodore 183 Marshall, Daryl 183 Marshall, Dennis 236 Marshall, Donna 236 Marshall, Doug 144 Marshall, Mona 183 Marshall, Robert 155 Marshall, Ruth 236 Martens, Gary 183 Martens, Roger 236 Martin, Anna 236 Martin, Avis 236 Martin, Bonnie 236 Martin, Frank 155 Martin, Jesse 183 Martin, John 236 Martin, Martha 183 Martin, Roger 236 Martin, Ronald 236 Marzley, John 183 Mascaro, Corina 236 Mason, Bonita 236 Mason, Janet 236 Mason, Maxen 183 Masoner, Gaylan 236 Massey, Charles 183 Massey, Derith 50,236 Masterman, Jeff 236 Masters, Carolyn 236 Mastroianni, Gregg 93,236 Mathews, Eula 236 Mathews, Peggy 236 Mathews, Roberta 145,261 Mathews, Ronald 236 Mathis, Betty 236 Mathis, Patricia 236 Matson, Gerri 120,121 Matter, Linda 236 Matthes, Larry 183 Matthews, Carl 66,236 Mattson, Susan 236 Matuszewski, Frank 236 Maty, Allen 236 Maty, Ronald 183 Mauger, David 93 Maughmer, Barbara 236 Mauller, Keith 106 Mawby, Linda 183 Maxon, Frances 183 Maxwell, Dale 236 Maxwell, Donald 183 Maxwell, Jack 261 Maxwell, Janis 236 Maxwell, Richard 102,103,104, 105,1 55 May, Harlan 236 May, Leonard 236,183 May, Michael 236 Mayer, Jeanie 236 Mayer, Pamela 236 Mayers, Patsy 183 Mayfield, Anita 155 Mazza, Idolene 202 Mazza, Joseph 202 McAllister, Mary 237 McAdoo, Joe 237 McAdoo, Sharon 237 McAdow, David 237 McAdow, Virginia 183 McAfee, Kenneth 237 McAllister, Ann 237 McAllister, Marsha 261 McAlpine, Cynthia 237 McArthy, Robert 183 McAtee, Tommy 237 McAuley, Roy 147,149,155 McAuliffe, Gerald 183,86 McAvene, Stephen 183 McBrath, Carl 80,237 McBride, Deborah 237 McBride, Donald 237 McBroom, George 149 McCain, Deborah 237 McCall, James 183 McCall, Linda 183 McCambridge, John 237 McCance, Eva 261 ' McCandless, Perry 155 McCann, Billy 93 McCarroll, Lynn 237,261 McCarthy, Anthony 183 McCarty, George 183 McCarty, Michael 82 McCarty, Nancy 183 McCaslin, Pamela 237 McClain, James 237 McClain, Joseph 183 McClain, Melissa 60,237 McClanahan, Jo 237 McClanahan, Joy 237 McCloud, John 237 McClure, Arthur 155 McClure, Gary 183 McClure, Lucinda 237 McClure, Sandra 1 83 McConkey, Jeanette 237 McConkey, Marietta 183 McConnell, Louise 1 55 McConville, Margaret 237 McCorkle, Janice 237 McCormick, Linda 183 MCormick, Sharon 237 McCormick, Theodore 237 McCoy, Gary 237 McCoy, John 155 McCoy, Robert 183 McCoy, William 237 McCracken, James 237 McCray, John 183 McCray, Mary 183 McCrosky, Sharon 183 McCuistion, George 183 McCune, Allen 155 McCurdy, Mary 237 McCutchan, Carl 155 McDutchen, Robert 237 McDaniel, Barbara 237 McDaniel, Robert 237 McDaniel, Sandra 183 McDaniel, William 237 McDaniels, Vernon 155 McDonald, Jack 82 McDonald, Janet 237 McDonald, John 183 McDonald, Richard 237 McDonough, Robert 237 McDowell, Linda 237 McElwee, Judson 155 McElyea, Dennis 237 McElyea, Glen 237 McEntire, Michael 237 McEowen, Kenneth 183 McEuen, Harry 237 McFadden, Linda 237 McFadden, Virgil 237 McFadden, Bruce 24,1 84 McF'a.ll, Allen 82 McFall, Roger 49,78 McFarland, Emmett 155 McFarland, Laurel 237 McFeders, Frances 237 McGaffin, Christine 237 McGautha, Renee 237 McGehee, Janice 184 McGovern, John 237 McGowan, Larry 184 McGowan, Peggy 237 McGowen, Evelyn 184 McGown, Edward 86,237 McGraw, Barbara 184 McGraw, Charla 237 McGraw, Patricia 284 McGraw, Richard 237 McGrew, Billie 64,237 McGuire, Mary 64 McGuire, Patty A 184 McHenry, Elizabeth 184 Mcllwee, Glenn 184 Mclntire, Susan 237 Mclntosh, Cheryl 54 McIntyre, Barry 84 McKamey, Eric 184 McKay, Alice 237 McKay, John 237 McKee, Charles 237 McKee, Donna 184 McKee, Vicki 237 McKeehan, Michael 237 McKenzie, Donald 237 McKenzie, Gene 111 McKenzie, Harold 237 McKinney, Dianne 237 McKinney, Jamie 48,52,184 McKinney, Kennard 183 McKinney, Michael 237 McKinney, Phyllis 237 McKinney, Sharon 237 McKinney, Stanley 237 McKinnis, Richard 155 McKinnon, Mary 203 McLain, John 184 McLaughlin, Dan 80,238 McManamy, Mary 238 McMeekin, Barbara 238 McMillan, Diana 238 McMillan, Patricia 238 McMillen, Diane 238 McMillen, Harley 238 McMillen, Michael 238 McMullen, Eva 238 McMullin, Barbara 238 McMullin, Lydia 238 McNeely, Ralph 238 McNulty, Michael 22 McNutt, Sharon 238 McPherson, Harold 80,184 McQuain, Connie 184 McReynolds, Ronald 155 McVay, Sharon 238 McW'herter, Kenneth 238 McWilliams, Patricia 238 Meacham, Robert 238 Mead, Barbara 184 Mead, Margo 184 Meador, Rochelle 238 Means, Alan 238 Means, Elaine 238 Meares, Charlotte 60,238 Medley, Linda 60,184 Medlin, Cheryl 52,184 Meek, Russell 238 Mefford, Allen 238 Mehroff, Donald 238 Meise, Charles 184 Meisel, John 72 Meisenheimer, Jerry 78,184 Meisenheimer, Ken 78,238 Melao, Alven 184 Melendy, Ronald 74,91 Meller, Donald 238 Melling, Ronald 84 Mellor, John 120,238 Melton, Jean 261 Melton, Tom 238 Melvin, Byron 155 Melvin, Jim 106 Mendenhall, Gary 84 Mendenhall, Susan 54,184 Mensing, Joseph 238 Mercnrio, Anthony 36,238 Merideth, Julia 238 Merriott, Katherine 238 Mertensmeyer, Ann 184 Mertensmeyer, Dan 184 Mertensmeyer, Tom. 69,238 Messenger, Jane 1851 Messick, Burton 69,238,108 Messick, Sandra 238 Metheny, Glenn 238 Meverden, Merville 147,148 155 Meyer, Brenda 238 Meyer, David 49,72,184 Meyer, Dennis 72,238 Meyer, James 72,238 Meyer, John 184 Meyer, Margeret 184 Meyer, Marilyn 184 Meyer, Philip 69 Meyer, Roger 49,72,238 Meyer, Thomas 238 Meyer, Wayne 238 Meyer , William 155 Meyerrose, Glenn 155 Meyers, Janice 238 Michael, Evelyn 37,238 Michael, Marlene 54,238 Michael, Terry 84 Michaels, Jane 238 Michaels, Larry 238 Michel, Linda 238 Michel, Mary 238 Michini, Zachary 238 Mickens, Betty 238 Midyett, Sharon 221,238 Milam, Rita 238 Milan, Candy 58 Milde, Mark 238 Miller, Ann 238 Miller, Arthur 155 Miller, Belinda 238 Miller, Billie 238 Miller, Blaine 238 Miller, Brenda 238 Miller, Burton 261 Miller, Candy 238 Miller, Catherine 238 Miller, Cathie 238 Miller, Darlene 184 Miller, David' 238 Miller, Donna 48,60,238 Miller, Doreen 238 Miller, Frank 238 Miller, Gary 238 Miller, Gary 238 Miller. Gloria 238 Miller, Helen 62 Miller, James 238 Miller, John 184 Miller, John 184 Miller, J. O. 155 Miller, Juliana 64 Miller, Lee 239 Miller, Linda 239 Miller, Lois 184 Miller, Marcia 184 Miller, Mark 155 Miller, Mary 56,184 Miller, Matt 86 Miller, Maurine 184 Miller, Nancy 239 Miller, Norman 239 Miller, Patricia 239 Miller, Paul 239 Miller, Ralph 239 Miller, Randall 239 Miller, Rebecca 239 Miller, Richard 239 Miller, Richard 184 Miller, Robert 239 Miller, Robert 239 Miller, Ronald 66,102,239 Miller, Ross 239 Miller, Sandra 15,184 Miller, Sharon 239 Miller, Stephen 239 Miller, Steven 185 Miller, Warren 239 Miller, William 185 Mills, Laura 239 Mills, Linda 239 Mills, Melinda 239 Mills, Paula 62,239 Mills, Peggie 62,239 Mills, Robert 239 Millsap, Marilyn 239 Milner, James 239 Milner, Lorene 185 Morcha. Rebecca 239 Northcutt, Peter 241 27 4 Minks, Donna 239 Minor, Ruth 185 Mires, Marsha 185 Misner, Patricia 239 Missouri State Recreational Majors Morris, Beverly 240 Morris, David 49,66,240 Morris, Donna 240 Morris, Gary 155 Morris, J. P. 155 Society 39 Mistele, Victor 239 Mitchell, Arthur 239 Mitchell, Charles 155 Mitchell, David 155 Mitchell, Douglas 94 Mitchell, Janet 239 Mitchell, Marilyn 261 Mitchell, Martha 56,185 Mitchell, Patricia 1 85 Mitten, lgleedtis 239 Mizuha., Bert 185 Moberly, Kenneth 239 Mobley, Arthur 239 Mocca, Charles 76,239 Mocca, Joseph 76,239 Moccia, Ruth 64,185 Mock, Robert 138,1 39,155 Modin, Jeannette 15,185 Modin, Thomas 239 Moeckli, Phillip 185 Moeller, Corrine 239 Moeller, Michael 76,1 85 Moffitt, Gregory 239 Mofor, Martin 239 Mohn, Gerald 239 Mohr, Katherine 56,289 Moix, Anita 60,239 Moler, Linda 239 Moles, Deborah 239 Momberg, Harold 155 Monaco, Theresa 155 Monnig, Laverne 185 Monnig, Sherry 239 Monroe, Dain 185 Monroe, Gary 185 Monsees, Martin 239 Monson, Richard 155 Montesano, Vicki 239 Montgomery, Johnny 106 Moody, Lenora 185 Moon, Charles 239 Moon, Sandra 185 Mooney, John 106,185 Mooney, Richard 84,185 Moore, Alan 155 Moore, Beverley 239 Moore, Bud 92 Moore, Charles 185 Moore, Danny 185 Moore, George 185 Moore, George W. 185 Morris, Joseph 155 Morris, Paul 240 Morrison, Janet 240 Morrison, Marjorie 240 Morrison, Pamela 240 Morrison, Stephen 240 Morrow, Alice 155 Morrow, Carol 185 Morrow, Patricia 185 Morse, Ellen 56,185 Morsinkhoff, Ellen 15,68,185 Mortensen, Byron 240 Morton, Clark 155 Moseley, William 155 Moser, Scott 240 Moser, Lois 240 Mosley, James 185 Moss, Frederic 203 Moss, Nancy 185 Moss, Thomas 240 Mossman, Jim 106 Mothersead, Steven 240 Mott, Bernard 72,240 Mott, Byron 72,240 Moul, Carol 240 Moul, James 261 Mouse, Evelyn 240 Moyer, Linda 240 Muchmore, C. E. 156 Mudd, Billy 156 Mudd, Brenda 240 Mudd, Marcia 240 Mueller, Carol 64,240 Mueller, David 185 Mueller, Donald 72 Mueller, Katherine 240 Mueller, Michele 50,240 Mueller, Ronald 240 Mueller, Stephen 72,240 Mueller, Thomas 185 Muldoon, Michael 69 Muller, John 240 Mullikin, Ronald 185 Naught, Richard 240 Nauman, Robert 186 Naylor, Donna 240 Neal, Leland 240 Neal, Robert 240 Neal, Roy 240 Neale, Earl 156 Nebergall, Kevin 240 Neely, Charles 240 Neely, Thomas 186 Neier, Charlene 240 Neill, Connie 240 Neimeyer, Ethel 240 Nelson, Bruce 108 Nelson, Dale 156 Nelson, Gary 1 86 Nelson, James 76,106 Nelson, Jerry 80 Nelson, Lynnette 240 Nelson, Mary 240 Nelson, Robert 186 Nema, T amio 186 Nemmers, Cis 240 Neptune, Bud 122 Neri, Mary 58,240 Neubauer, Kurt 186 Neuman n, Gerald 92 Newcomb, Lewis 186 Newcomb, Mary 156 Newell, Philip 241 Newhan, Sarah 241 Newhan, William 241 Newhouse, Robert 241 Newlon, Patricia 58,241 Newman, Melinda 241 Newman, Peter 76 Newman, Polle 241 Newman, Rusty 106 Newsom, Anita 186 Nicewander, Rebecca 186 Nicholas, Mark 241 Nichols, Cecil 241 Nichols, Edith 156 Nichols,Jo 241 Nichols. Nichols, Nichols. Nichols, Peter 156 Richard 261 Susan 241 Terry 241 Nichols, Theresa 261 Mullins, James 240 Mulloy, Christina 240 Mulvihill, Janet 240 Mundwiller, Karen 240 Munsterman, Donald 185 Munsterman, Judy 240 Munsterman, Kip 240 Munsterman, Larry 240 Munsterman, Ted 240 Muntz, Marcia 240 Moore, Harriet 239 Moore, Judy 185 Murdock, Timothy 86 Murphy, David 186 Moore. Kathy 239 Moore.Larry 84,93 Murphy, David 74 Murphy, Mark 240 Moore, Larry L. 239 Moore, Lonnie 239 Moore, Louise 261 Moore, Patricia 239 Moore, Paulette 185 Moore, Preston 239 Moore, Rea 239 Moore, Ronald 185 Moore, Sheryl 239 Moore, Stephen 239 Moore, Willis 239 Moran, Billie 86,239 Moran, Darrel 239 Moran, James 80 Moran, Jeffrey 24 Barbara 185 Moree, Macy 155 Morehead, Linda 239 Morehead, Melba 239 Moreland, Edith 239 Moreland, K. J. 185 Moreland, Mary 239 Moreman, Cheryl 239 Morgan, Frances 48,563,239 Morgan, Garry 239 Morgan, John 239 Morgan, Morgan, Thala 240 Morgan, Tommy 240 Morice, Joseph 240 Morlan, Winston 155 Morlok, Gary 85,93,95 Moroney, Katherine 155 Morrill, Ellen 240 Murphy, Patricia 186 Murphy, Patricia 240 Murphy, Ruby 240 Murray, Allen 240 Murray, Cyrus 240 Murray, James 240 Murray, James 186 Murray, Joseph 80 Murry, Marilyn 240 Musselman, Betty 240 Mussman, Lyle 86,240 Muzzillo, Michael 186 Myers, Flora 261 Myers, Judy 186 Myers, Julia 240 Myers, Kevin 261 Myers, Lois 186 Myers, Richard 49,68,1B6 Myler, Floyd 240 Myler, James 240 N Nagel, Phyllis 240 Nagel, Randell 240 Nahm, Laura 156 Nail, John 240 Nail, Ruby 86 Nance, Danny 240 Nanneman, Robert 186 Nicholson, David 241 Nicklas, Gayle 56,186 Nie, Peggy 241 Nieder, Leon 241 Niedringhaus, Nancy 241 Nieman, Don 241 Niemann, James 72,241 Nienhueser, Stanley 72,241 Niethammer, Carl 241 Niggley, Richard 186 Nilges, Evelyn 241 Nissen, Daphne 62,186 Nivens, James 241 Nivens, Norman 241 Nix, Dan 241 Noble, Kave 203 Nock, Donald 76,186 Noelke, Barbara 241 Noelke, Mary 241 Noland, Alicha 241 Noland, Susan 241 Nolke, David 241 Noll, Lynda 241 Nolte, Karen 241 Nolte, Stephen 241 Nolting, Cheryl 241 Nonnemaker, Judith 241 Norbury, Emily 28,241 Nordmeyer, Susan 241 Norfleet, David 241 Norman, Ann 241 Norman, Mark 186 Norman, Viola 241 Norris, Beverly 261 Norris, Roy 1 56 North, Grady 186 North, Ward 241 North, Willard 156 Norton, Norton, Arthur 156 Carole 14,1 44,241,261 Norton, Waynita 241 Novak, Ronald 261 Novitski, Ronda 1 86 Nuckles, Sue 241 Nunn, Rosetta 241 Nuttall, Geraldine 241 Nuzum, Larry 24 1 Nuzum, Paul 24 1 O Oakerson, Jeannie 241 Oakerson, Julie 186 Oberhelman, Wendy 241 Obertmark, Nancy 186 Oberschulte, Cheryl 241 O'Brien, Cathy 241 O'Brien, Janet 54,241 O'Brien, William 241 O'Bryan, Jack 186 O'Connell, Mary 186 O'Connor, Cain 186 O'Connor, Thomas 241 O'Dell, Connie 241 O'Dell, James 241 O'Dell, John 241 O'Dell, Martha 241 O'Dell, Patti 241 O'Dell, Robert 86 O'Dell, Victoria 48,514,186 O'Donnell, Lawrence 186 O'Donnell, Pat 86 Oehring, Robert 241 Oetting, Berna 241 Oetting, Dennis 186 Oetting, Kathleen 241 Oetting, Paul 72,241 Oetting, Wendel 72,186 Ogan, James 186 Ogar, Cynthia 241 Ogar, Velda 241 Ogg, Gary 242 Ogilvie, Nancy 203 Oglesbee, Daryl 242 Ohlemeyer, Ervin 72,242 Ohrazda, John 242 Ohrenberg, Robert 156 Okane, Ronnie 242 Olde, Michael 242 Olendorff, Carol 242 Oliphant, Gayle 186 Oliver, Donald 242 Oliver, Marjorie 56,186 Oller, Howard 186 Olliges, Carolyn 242 O'Malley, James 156 O'Mara, Patricia 242 O'Meara, Daniel 242 O'Nea1, Joan 242 Onstot, Gregory 49,7S,242 Opfer, Larry 242 Oppenheimer, Richard 74,242 Oppehneimer, Rita 242 Opsahl, Karen 242 Orfield, William 242 Organizations 38-45 Ornburn, Marsha 242 Ordurke, John 242 Orr, Dennis 242 Orr, Roger 242 Ortmeyer, Juanita 242 Osborn, Berry 242 Osborn, Carol 242 Osbourn, Donna 186 Oshima, Eugene 156 Oshse, Paul 84 Oster, Dianna 242 Ostermeyer, Barbara 242 Ostmann, Callie 58,242 Oswald, Estil 242 Oswald, Larry 242 0'Toole, Dolores 242 Otte. Richard 82,120,242 Otten, Lawrence 242 Ottinger, Randall 49,82,186 Otto, Stephen 78,186 Otto, Tommy 242 Outersky, Larry 242 Outing Club 39 Overby, Milton 156 Overman, Virginia 242 Overstreet, Janet 242 Overton, David 242 Owen, David 242 Owen, Paula 242 Owen, Ronnie 242 Owens, Karen 242 Owens, Myra 242 Owens, Patricia 242 Owens, Shirley 187 Oyler, Dennis 187 Ozbun, Linda 242 P Pabst, Barbara 242 Pack, Larry 187 Paddack, Jerry 242 Page, Jesse 49,86,102,144,242 Page, Kathy 242 Pahl, Sheila 187 Painter, Michael 80,242 Palcic, Virginia 242 Palecek, Cheryl 242 Palmer, Carolyn 50,242 Palmer, Clarinda 38,64, Palmer, Kelly 84,242 Palmer, Robert 242 Panhellenic, Council 48 Pape, Donald 242 Pape, Marilyn 242 Paris, Douglas 187 Paris, Rebecca 242 Parish, Patricia 187 Park, Clay 242 Park, Marilyn 242 Park, Raymond 156 Parker, Charles 242 Parker, Deborah 242 Parker, Frank 1 87 Parker, Glenda 242 Parker, Harold 203 Parker, James 242 Parker, Jane 52,242 Parker, Mary 1 87 Parker, Michael 242 Parker, Nancy 261 Parker. Parker. Nicholas 242 Pamela 187 Parks, Bonnie 243 Perks, Kermit 156 Parks, Linda 243 Parks, Patricia 187 Parks, Patricia 243 Parks, Philip 243 Parks, Ronald 243 Parks, Tom 86,102,243 Parman, Rosemary 187 Parmley, Gary 187 Parr, Ja Parson. net 261 Michael 243 Parsons, Robert 243 Parsons, Rose 187 Parwiz. Pascoe, Ahmad 203 Sydney 203 Pate, George 186 Pate, Warren 84,187 Pate, Wendell 84,187 Patmore, Ruth 156 Patrick, Patrick. Bob 92 Deborah 243 Patrick, Frances 187 Patrick, Jacqueline 243 Patrick, Ray 186 Patrick, Sara 243 Patten. Dolores 60,1 87 Patterson, Betsy 187 Patterson, Bill 243 Patterson, Diane 1 87 Patterson, Donna 187 Patterson, Frances 187 Patterson, Frank 156 Patterson, Pam 187 Patton, Patton, Patton, Gerald 102,187 Margaret 243 Martha 243 Pauk, Roger 78,181 Paul, Eugene 187 Paul, Janet 243 Paul, Rhonda 243 Paulsen, Phillip 187 Paxcha ll, Bruce 243 Paxson, Kenneth 187 Paxson, Terry 243 Paxton, Duffy 58 Paxton, Linda 243 Paxton, Mary 261 Paxton, Meredith 187 Paxton, Merl 187 Payne, Donald 243 Payne, Janet 243 131,187 Payne, Jerry 243 Payne, Ronald 1 87 Payson, Nancy 243 Payton, Beverly 261 Payton, Ronald 243 Peach, Walter 156 Pearce, Clarence 156 Pearce. Stephen 187 Pearl, Douglas 243 Pearson, Gary 187 Pearson, Linda 243 Pease, Charles 82.243 Pease, Gary 203 Pease, Robert 122 Peck, William 156 Pecoraro, Deborah 243 Peddicord. Karen 243 Peerson, Beverly 243 Peery, Walter 243 Pehr, Nancy 243 Pelton, Pelton, Elois 156 Joy 62.187 Pemberton, Mary 243 Pem Club 39 Pendelton, Norman 54,187 Pendergast, Martha 54,187 Pengra, Joy 243 Pennington, Ron 1 87 Penrose, John 187 Perdue, Shirley 243 Perkins, Gary 86,1 87 Perkins, Kenneth 243 Perkins, Rebecca 243 Perkins, Samuel 1 18,243 Perlenfein, Ruby 118 Perrin, Paul 188 Perry, Carolyn 243,261 Perry, Martha 188 Perryn, Roger 188 Prescetto, James 188 Peterman, Carl 243 Peters, Irvin 147,149,156 Peters, Stephen 243 Peters. Virginia 243 Petersen, Martha 54 Peterson, George 188 Peterson, James 243 Peterson, Jeanne 188 Peterson, Susan 188 Peterson, Theresa 188 Petty, Jimmie 188 Petty, Judith 54,188 Pfeffer, Penelope 1 88 Pfeifer, David 243 Phares, Stephen 243 Pharis. Linda 243 Phi Alpha Theta 39 Phi Kappa Delta 41 Philbrook, Bonita 54 Phillips, Algene 188 Phillips, David 243 Phillips, Leslie 243 Phillips, Patricia 58,243 Phillips, Randy 156 Phillips, Stephen 243 Phillips, Steven 243 Phillips, Susan 243 Phillips, Terry 243 Phinney, John 156 Phipps, Charla 243 Phi Sigma Epsilon 76,77 Piantnitza, William 243 Picataggio, Fermio 84 Pickerill, Alice 243,261 Pickett, Frances 243 Pickrell, Jamie 243 Piedt, Nancy 243 Pieper, Henry 188 Pierce, Garrell 243 Pierce, Glenn 22,25,156 Pierce, Linda 188 Pierce, Robert 156 Pilant, Mary 243 Pinder, John 243 Pinkston, Marilyn 243 Pinnell, Jonathon 243 Pinnell, Thomas 243 Pinney, Robert 1 88 Pi Omega Pi 52 Piper, Frank 243 Pipkin, Michael 244 Piragis, Earl 188 Piraro, Vincent 244 Pitman, Bruce 244 Pitman, Joseph 244 Pitman, Janette 188 Pitmann, Barbara 244 Pittman, Riley 244 Pixley, Charles 244 Place, Penny 244 Plattner, Donald 244 Plattner, Sharon 188 Pleake, Sibyl 261 Pleimann, Dennis 188 Plevyak, Theodore 188 Plunk, Delores 156 Plute, Delores 244 Poage, Jackie 188 Podrazik, William 188 Poese, Richard 244 Poggi, Christine 244 Pogue, Terrence 188 Pohle, Janice 54,188 Poisal, Virgil 244 Polanski, Robert 188 Pollard, David 244 Pollard, Dixie 244 Pollard, James 244 Pollard, Lorine 244 Polomsky, William 188 Polzin, Shirley Pontas, Patsy 244 Ponze, Jean 244 Poole, Gregory 244 Pope, Larry 244 Parks, Rita 244 Porter, Arnold 1 18,244 Porter, Lanny 244 Porter, Shirley 244 Porterfield, James 244 Portwood, Allen 188 Pottebaum, Agnes 244 Pottebaum, Helen 188 Potter, Kay 244 Potter, Kristina 188 Potter, Linda 244 Potter, Mike 244 Potter, Richard 244 Potter, Samuel 244 Potter, Terry 244 Pottorff, Kenneth 188 Pound, Marlice 244 Powell, Burnell 49,70 Powell, Dean 82 Powell, Donald 156 Powell, Gardell 188 Powell, Gayle 37,244 Powell, Judith 48,64 Powell, Len 244 Powell, Patricia 188 Powell. Richard 244 Powell, Roger 188 Powell, Syble 188 Powell, Timothy 244 Power, Anna 244 Powers, Mary 64,244 Powers, Thomas 244 Powill, Jolene 244 Prater, Dennis 244 Pratt, Frances 244 Pratt, John 244 President's Council 145 Prettyman, Robert 244 Preuitt, Teresa 188 Prewett, Arnold 244 Prewett, Sandra 244 Prewitt, William 244 Prexy Club 38,244 Pribbenow, Charles 244 Price, David 244 Price, Jackie 188 Price, Janet 261 Price, Jon 244 Price, Marie 203 Price, Patricia 244 Price, Sara 50,188 Pries, Susan 244 Prigel, Edwin 244 Prigel, Rebecca 244 Prigg, Daniel 188 Prigge, Frank 188 Privitt, Patricia 244 Profitt, Bobby 244 Profitt, Dennis 244 Profitt, James 244 Pronk, Louis 189 Prosachik, Carol 1 56 Prosachik, John 189 Provinde, William 203 Pruden, Cynthia 244 Public Relations Society 45 Puckett. Janice 244 Pulliam, Johnnie 244 Pulos, Lawrence 189 Puls, Richard 244 Puls, Ronald 110 Pummill, Terry 189 Pursley, Linda 48,64,189 Pursley, Vance 244 Purvis, Paul 93,189 Pyszka, Robert 245 Q Qandil, Wahid 203 Quackenbush, E, A. 189 Quear, Marcia 64,245 Quesenberry, Roger 245 Quesnel, Margaret 58,245 Quetschke, Phillip 74,189 Quibell, Gertrude 156 Quick, Donald 189 Quimby, Milford 40,156 Quinn, Rebecca 156 Quinn, Robert 82 R Raber, Joe 245 Rabius, Linda 245 Raby, Deborah 245 Racer, Mary 245 Rachilla, Kala 245 Rackley, Marilyn 245 Rademacher, Anna 189 Rader, Martha 156 Radio Station 136,137 Radke, Judith 54,189 Radtke, Thomas 72,189 Rae, Nancy 245 Rafferty, Thomas 80,189 Rag-an, Michael 1 44 Rahm, Sandra 189 Rahmeyer, Marlene 245 Raines, Michael 245 Rainey, Lee 245 Rains, Kenneth 245 Rains, Richard 245 Rains, Stephen 245 Raker, Doug 84 Ramacca, Frances 48,50,189 Rambow, Frederick 245 Ramel, David 86 Ramey, Michael 91,245 Ramey, Robert 245 Randall, Ruth 245 Randel, Barbara 60,245 Randolph, Sandra 189 Ranes, Joanne 245 Rannabargar, Rickey 245 Ranson, Kathleen 156 RaPP. Carolyn 245 Rapp, John 189 Raps, Nyla 245 Rardon, Mary 189 Rasa, Gael 245 Rasa, Gerald 203 Raser, Mary 38 Raskin, Joanne 189 Ratliff, Gary 245 Rau, Danny 189 Rauber, Karen 245 Rauscher, Maureen 245 Rawlins, Eldon 189 Ray, Carol 245 Ray, Danny 245 Ray, Earl 189 Ray, Rebecca 245 Ray, Steve 189 Rayl, Sharon 245 Raymond, Marsha 50,189 Rea, Stephen 245 Reames, Bonnie 245,24,64 Reavis, Bonnie 245 Rebello, Joseph 80,111 Rector, Hazel 60.245 Reddick, Roger 245 Redford. Carol 245 275 76 Reding,David 245 Reece, Geraldine 245 Reed, Carol 245 Reed, Cecil 245 Reed, George 245 Reeder, John 245 Reel,Dianne 245 Rees, Norman 156 Reese. John 49,66,189 Reeser, Michael 66 Reetz,Bernard 189 Reeves, Delmar 203 Reeves,Gary 245 Reeves, Stephen 76,93 Regan, Robert 80 Reger, Terry 86,245 Rehkop, John 78,245 Rehkopf, Susan 50 Reid, Gene 189 Reid, George 245 Reilly, Charles 245 Reimer, Dolores 245 Reineke, Robert 245 Reinert, Wayne 36,81 Reinhard, Charles 189 Reistad,Paulette 245 Renfro,Julie 245 Renfroe, Byron 74,189 Renfrow,Kathy 245 Renken, Susan 245 Renz, Kathryn 189 Renzelman, Loretta 50,189 Renzulli, Phillip 189 Repinec, Christine 62,245 Repp,Michael 245 Resch, Roger 261 Residence Center 140-143 Rethemeyer, Robert 189 Rettke, Diane 245 Reuter,Norman 245 Revels, Mark 245 Reves,Larry 245 Rewald,Merrily 21 Reynolds. Curtis 189 Reynolds, Donald 189,261 Riebold, Floyd 156 Rife, Kathryn 246 Rife, William 1 90 Rigg, Joanne 246 Rigg, Katharine 246 Riggs, Car 01 246 Riggs, Virgil 156 Riley, Danny 246 Riley, Kathleen 246 Riley, Lowynia 246' Riley, Michael 246 Rollins, Barbara 190 Roney, Cletha 247 Ronsick, Joan 247 Rooney, Joan 247 Root, William 93 Ropchock, Ruth 247 Roper, Benita 247 Roper, David 247 Rosas, Hector 247 Rosbrugh, Mary 190 Roscher, Pamela 247 Rimmer, Kenneth 246 Rimmer, Marcia 54,1 90 Rinehart, Anita 246 Riner, Patricia 246 Ring, Merlin 203 Rinne, Charles 246 Rinne, Howard 246 Ripperger, Elaine 246 Rippeteau, Nicki 64 Ritter, Phyllis 246 Ritter, Rosa 190 Ritter, Rose 246 Rivera, Michael 246 Rivers, Robert 246 Roach, Gary 190 Rose, Bette 52,190 Rose, Dennis 247 Rose, Judith 247 Rose, Mary 247 Rose, Sharon 247 Rose, William 1 57 Roseboom, Barbara 48,58,247 Roseboom,Dawn 58,190 Ross, Herold 157 Ross, John 84 Ross, Kathleen 190 Ross, Nanette 190 Ross, Shirley 190 Ross, Wayne 247 Ross. William 157 Sakata, Danny 191 Saleh, Farouk 157 Sallee, Bonnie 191 Sallee, Danny 78,247 Salmon, Deborah 247 Salmon, Garnett 106 Salmon, Paul 191 Salters, Jeanette 248 Salva, Vincent 191 Samayoa, Jose 248 Sample, George 157 Sampson, Harold 157 Samson, Marian 248 Samuel, Marion 248 Sanders, Alice 191 Sanders, Eugene 248 Sanders, Linda 248 Sanders, Robert 122,248 Sanders, Shirley 248 Sanders, Timothy 86,248 Sandford, Sara 191 Sandner, James 248 Sandnes, Robert 191 Sands, Barbara 248 Sands, Martha 203 Sands, William 191 Roach, Willena 261 Roasa, Anastasia 1 90 Robards, Diana 246 Robb, Kenneth 156 Robb, Patricia 64,190 Robbins, Lawrence 246 Robbins, Robert 102 Roberson, Roberts, D Ammon 157 avid 246 Roberts, Janice 246 Roberts, Jeroline 190 Roberts, Joni 246 Roberts, K enneth 190 Roberts, Larry 93,100,102,246,95 Roberts, Linda 261 Roberts, Mary 246 Roberts, Michael 246 Roberts, Myra 246 Roberts, Sandy 246 Roberts, Sue 246 Reynolds, Donald 245 Reynolds, Donald 189 Reynolds, Edward 189 Reynolds, Jack 156 Reynolds, Joyce 245 Reynolds, Mark 245 Reynolds, Mary 245 Reynolds, Pamela 50,190 Robertson, Gail 246 Robertson, Jerry 81,246 Robertson, Mary 190 Robertson, Michael 246 Robie, Lee 82 Robie, Lyman 190 Robinett, Yvonne 1 90 RHETOR Queen 32 RHETOR Staff 36,37 Rhoad, Janet 246 Rhoades, Elizabeth 190 Rhoades, Jim 246 Rhoads, Allen 190 Rhodes, Barbara 246 Ribowsky, Tina 50,190 Rice, Bernell 246 Rice, Valerie 20,54,190 Rich. Peggy 246 Robinson, Arthur 246 Robinson, Billy 246 Robinson, Bruce 120 Robinson, Cynthia 246 Robinson, Donna 246 Robinson, Farella 246 Robinson, Herbert 93,100 Robinson. Kathy ' 246 Robinson,Lee 246 Robinson, Robinson, Linda 190 Robert 246 Richard, Dale 246 Richard, Ronald 190 Richards, James 246 Richards, Michael 246 Richards, Patricia 246 Richards, Ronald 190 Richardson, Cecil 156 Richardson, Harold 246 Richerson, James 190 Richison, John 93 Richmond, Cynthia 50 Richmond, Donna 246 Richmond, Kathryn 190 Richter, Daniel 246 Richtor, Max 246 Richter, Terry 190 Rickard, Howard 246 Rickard, Priscilla 246 Ricketts, Claude 153 Rickman, Claude 156 Ricks, Beatrice 156 Riddell, Richard 74,246 Ridder, Eugene 246 Riddle, James 76 Riddle, Ronald 246 Riddle, Susan 203 Ridenhour, Roger 246 Ridenhour, Roland 246 Ridgway, Gary 246 Ridgway, Keith 246 Robinson, Vivian 246 Robuck, Joann 246 Rockenstein, John 246 Rockett, Thomas 246 Rockford, Louis 247 Rockwood, Morris 190,261 Rodenberg, John 190 Rodewald, Phillip 86 Rodgers, Rebecca 247 Ross, William 145 R. 0. T. C. 134,135 Rotert, Stephen 247 Roth, David 247 Roth, Leilani 190 Roth, William 247 Rothfus, Donald 190 Rothwell, Donna 247 Rothwell, Linda 190 Rottman, Lee 191 Rottmann, Jo 247 Rouse, Ronald 247 Routh, Rosie 247 Routt, Barbara 247 Rowald, Merrily 247 Rowe, Donald 191 Rowe, Larry 247 Rowe, Sherri 247 Rowe, William 261 Rowett, Allan 247 Rowland, Richard 76 Rowles, Martha 64,247 Rowles, Pamela 191,247 Roy, Charles 247 Roy, Helen 191 Royal, Vicki 261 Royal, Victor 82 Rubin, Brian 191 Ruckman, Sharilyn 247 Ruda, Lucille 1 91 Rude, Susan 191 Rudroff, Urban 1 91 Rudzik, Joseph 247,261 Ruedlinger, Dorothy 191 Ruez, Marilyn 191 Rufenacht, Mary 191 Rugg, Tracy 247 Ruggles, Linda 247 Rumley, Michael 191 Runyon, Evelyn 157 Rupard, Steve 191 Rupp, Beverly 247 Ruppell, Mary 54,191 Ruppert, Nicholas 144,191 Rusco, Gene 81 Rusco, Kathleen 247 Rush, Roslyn 247 Russell, Charlotte 247 Roe, Roy 247 Roe, Thom as 190 Roepe, Norman 247 Roesler, Alan 66,190 Rogers, Carolyn 48,60,190 Rogers, Charles 247 Rogers, Janet 247 Rogers, John 247 Rogers, Judith 247 Rogers, Marvin 84,190 Rogers, Michael 1 57 Rogers, Raymond 190 Rogers, Sandra 60,247 Rohlfing, Alfred 247 Rohlfing,Raymona 60,247 Rohrbach, David 247 Rohrbach, Roseann 247 Rokicki, Phillip 203 Roland, Rugh 247 Roland, Sandra 54,247 Roling, Robert 247 Rollert, Alfred 86 Russell, Donna 191 Russell, Jack 1 57 Russell, John 247 Russell, Judy 247 Russell, Linda 247 Russell, Mary 191 Russell, Vivian 247 Ruth, Lance 247 Rutherford. Gail 247 Rutherford, Patricia 247 Ryan, David 191 Ryder, Marilyn 247 Rynders, Carol 247 S Sadich, Michael 247 Sage, Katherine 247 Sajna, Timothy 203,110 Sandy,John 86,248 Santella, Nora 248 Santoro, Peter 93 Sappenfield, Charles 86,248 Sappington, Sandra 248 Sargent, Kathryn 248 Sarratt, William 154 Sartin, Marilyn 191 Sass, Billy 248 Sass, Chris 248 Sasser, Stanley 248 Sassi, Louis 248 Sasso, Gary 248 Sauer, Michael 191 Saunders,James 248 Savage, Donna 248 Savage,Edward 248 Savand,John 248 Savery,Harry 157 Sawyer,Rebecca 191 Saxton, Larry 248 Sayre, Cathy 248 Scantlin, Marlene 248 Scarboro, Robert 248 Scarborough,'Dennis 248 Scarbrough, John 248 Scarbrough, Lloyd 248 Schacht, Walter 248 Schaefer, David 92 ScHaefer,Joan 191 Schaefer, Susan 157 Schaefferkoetter, David 191 Schafersman, Lynn 248 Schnaffner,Judith 248 Schanauer, Kathy 60,191 Schauwecker, Dianne 248 Scheffer, Paula 248 Scheible, Carol 191 Scheidt,Rita 248 Schel1,John 191 Schell, Rosalie 157 Schellmann, Monica 248 Schelp,Deanna 248 Schelp,Stanley 248 Schemmer, Carolyn 248 Schenck, Linda 248 Schenck, Ronald 191 Schendel, Patrick 248 Scheppers,August 248 Scherer, Paul 82,248 Scheumeman,Joan 248 Schick, Thomas 203 Schick, William 248 Schmidt, Glenn 74,192 Schmidt, Jeanette 248 Schmidt, Leslie 248 Schmidt, Marilyn 157 Schmidt, Paul 84 Schmidt, Richard 87,248 Schmidt, Richard 192 Schmidt, Steven 248 Schmiedeskamp, Paul 192 Schmitz, John 248 Schmitz, Michael 192 Schneider, Dorothy 248 Schneider, Evelyn 248 Schneider, Jean 192 Schneider Phillip 192 Schneider Sandra 249 Schneider, Stephen 248 Schneider, William 182 Schnell, Cynthia 261 Schoemig, Barbara 248 Schoen, Stephen 248 Schoenenberger, Paul 248 Schoenthal, Carol 249 Schoff, Kenneth 261 Scholl, Rosemary 56,249 Schooler, James 192 Schooling, Ruth 249 Schott, Marion 249 Schowengerdt, Paula. 249 Schrader, Dennis 249 Schultz , Schroeder, Brenda 249 Schroeder Cynthia 249 Schroeder, Jane 192 Schroeder, Mary 249 Schroeder, Pamela 249 Schroer, Sherri 249 Schroer, William 249 Schuber, Kennis 249 Schuenmeyer, Brenda 249 Schuerz, Harry 249 Settle, Ronnie 249 Settles, Robert 192 Seuell, Gordon 192 Sewell, Beverly 192 Sewell, Georgia 157 Sexton, Carl 157 Seymour, Thomas 249 Shackelford, Darrel 249 Shackelford, Donald 249 Shackelford, Judith 249 Shackelford, Linda 192 Shadley, Lucile 249 Shadwick, Britt 249 Shaeron, Kathy 60 Shafer, Harold 192 Shafer, Larry 192 Shakespeare, Cheryl 249 Shank, John 203 Shanks, Edgar 74 Shanks, Madison 249 Shannon, Michael 250 Sharp, Mark 250 Sharp, Pamela 250 Sharp, Robert 250 Siercks, Veta 250 Sievers, Cynthia 250 Sigler, Terry 193 Sigma Alpha Eta 45 Sigma Kappa 62,63 Sigma Phi Epsilon 78,79 Sigma Pi 80,81 Sigma Sigma Sigma 64,65 Sigma Tau Gamma 82,83 Sigma Zeta 40 Signor, Gary 49,75,250 Sihnhold, Judith 21,60,193 Sill, Steven 24,250 Sills, Judith 193 Silon, Michael 250 Silvers, Robert 82,193 Silvey, Ray 78,250 Silvius, Fred 82 Simmermon, Eddy 250 Simmermon, Robert 250 Simmons, James 193 Simmons, Jim 69 Simmons, Melody 193 Simmons, Paul 250 Smith, John 140,157 Smith, John E, 251 Smith, John R. 194 Smith. Smith, Joyce 251 KarenD. 56,194 Smith, Karen J. 251 Smith, Kathy 261 Smith, Laurinda 251 Smith, Lonna 261 Smith, Lynda. 251 Smith, Marcianna 53,251 Smith, Marianne 194 Smith, Mark 251 Smith, Mark A. 194 Smith, Michael Q. 251 Smith, Michael S. 25 Smith, Noel 194 Smith, Pamela 261 Smith, Phyllis 194 Smith, Robert 194 Smith, Sharon 194 Smith, Sharon K. 194 Smith, Sherlee 251 Smith, Sherry 251 Schulenberg, Donna 249 Schultz, Connie 249 Schultz, Evelyn 249 Schultz, Greg 192 Louis 192 Smith, Schulz, Linda 192 Schulz, Stephen 89 Schulze, Donna 249 Schumacher, Steven 249 Schumacher, Wayne 249 Schupmann, Albert 249 Schupp, Daniel 249 Schupp, Larry 249 Schussler, Daniel 249 Schussler, Darlene 249 Schussler, Doris 192 Schuster, James 249 Schutte, Nancy 249 Schwalm, Stephen 192 Schwamb, Cheryl 192 Schwaneke, Cheryl 192 Schwaneke, John 249 Schwartz, Elizabeth 249 Schwartze, Florence 249 Schwarz, Douglas 249 Schwetghauser, R. L. 249 Science Building 126-129 Scott, Anita 192 Scott, Carrol 192 Scott, Christa 249 Scott, Daniel 159 Scott, Dennis 249 Sharp, Samuel 192 Shauck, Cheryll 192 Shaw, Catherine 250 Shaw, Mary 250 Shaw, Patricia 157 Shaw, Ronald 250 Shea, Michael 84 Simmons,Russell 250 Simms,Judith 193 Simon, Greg 193 Simon, Patricia 250 Simon, Scott 250 Simon,Sue 250 Simonitsch,Donna 193 Smith, Steve 251 Smith, Thomas C. 251- Smith, Thomas F. 81,194 Smith, Thomas H. 69 Smith, Timothy 69 Shea, Patricia 54,250 Shearon, Kathryn 250 Sheeler, Ronald 250 Sheeley, Sheila 250 Sheets, Boyd 192 Shelby, Deana 250 Shellenbergar. J. M. 250 Shelley, Annell 250 Shelman, Sharon 250 Shelor, Wayne 250 Small. Scott, Dennis 84,192 Scott, Gaylen 249 Scott, Grace 249 Scott, Judith 192 Scott, Kathryn 249 Scott, Keith 157 Scott, Larry 192 Shelton, Brenda 250 Shelton, Charles 250 Shelton, Dennis 250 Shelton, Judith 192 Shelton, Kathleen 250 Shelton, Lorna 29 Shepard, Mary 250 Shepard, Michael 250 Shepard, Suzanne 192 Shepherd, Darrell 250 Shepherd, Linda 250 Sheridan, Larry 193 Sherman, Ann 193 Sherman, Sharon 250 Sheverbush, Robert 157 shideier, Larry 193 Shieh, Simpson, Richard 250 Simpson, W.L. 146 Sims, Louise 157 Sims, Randall 250 Sink, Patricia 250 Sink, Teddie 193 Sippy, Laurel 250 Straj, Omar 250 Sisson, Hull 157 Sites, Larry 193 Sivils, Linda 193 Sivils, Stanley 250 Six, Patricia 52,251 Sjarda, Richard 157 Sjogren, Brenda 251 Skeans, Paul 92 Skid, Pamela 193 Skidmore, Cheryl 193 Skiles, Kathleen 193 Skouby, Kenneth 251 Slack, Wallace 251 Slaughter, Joyce 203 Slaughter, Patricia 251 Slaymaker, Tom 157 Sloan, Charles 193 Smith. Veta 251 Smith, Wayne 251 Smith, Wesley 194 Smith, William S. 251 William T. 194 Smotherman, Bob 194 Snare, Cora 194 Snead, Jerrold 81 Snedeger, Ruth 251 Sneed, Daniel 251 Sneed, Marcia 251 Sneed, Marjorie 53,194 Snell, Dennis 251 Snelling, Leo 82,194 Snider, Royetta 251 Snoble, Joseph 157 Snow, Carolyn 194 Snow, Conrad 251 Snow, Lynn 194 Snow, Robert 251 Snyder, Allan 251 Snyder, Betty 194 Snyder, Carolyn 194 Snyder, Charles 194 Snyde Snyde r, Donald 194 r, Lawrence 194 Snyder, Steven 251 Lula 250 Shigemura, Susan 250 Shikle Shine. Shine, s, Diana 250 William 81 William 250 Shiner, Delores 250 Sloan, David 49,87,251 Sloan, Deborah 251 Sloan, Tom 251 Sloan, William 251 Slusher, Larry 251 Slusher, Sally 251 Gregory 144,251 Scott, Leon 249 Scott, Martha 192 Scott, Mary 157 Scott, Paula 249 Scott, Ronald 249 Scott, Sandra 48,54,249 Scott, Shelby 249 Scott, Vicki 249 Scott, William 261 Scrivner, Berry 192 Scrivner, John 192 Scrivner, Sharon 249 Scrudder, Wayne 192 Seals. Beverly 192 Sears, Julie 192 Sears, Melinda 249 Seay, Nathan 249 Sebald, Edward 76,249 Sebastian, Deborah 249 See, David 192 Seeley, Robert 157 Seger, Dennis 249 Segler, James 93 Sehorn, Patrick 192 Sehorn, Peggy 249 Selby, John 249 Sellers, Adrienne 21 Sellers, Diane 249 Sellers, James 249 Selysam, Donald 249 Sendlein, Daniel 118,249 Seniors 160-201 Shipley, Marilyn 193 Shippy, Varner 250 Shirley, Sharon 250 Shirley, Todd 157 Shively, Jo 62,193 Shock, Mary 250 Shockey, Eleanor 157 Shockley, Ted 250 Shoemaker. Carol 250 Shoemaker, Guy 250 Shoot, Steven 250 Short, Norman 112,157 Shover, Rolland 250 Shreve, Karen 250 Shropshire, Sandra 250 Shrout, Clinton 193 Shrout, Peggy 250 Shryack, George 191 Shryock, Dave 84 Shuey, Barbara 261 Shuler, Donna 250 Shulse, Donn 250 Shultz, Lewis 157 Shumake, Mae 250 Shurnan, Franklin 78 Shumate, Janice 250 Sibert, Janet 250 Sibert, Thomas 49,82,192 Sickman, Kathryn 250 Sickman, Sharon 250 Siegfried, Janice 250 Sieker, Fred 250 Small, John 251 Small, Russell 251 Smallridge, Thomas 193 Smallwood, C. L. 261 Smallwood, Deborah 251,261 Smallwood, Evelyn 193 Smarr, Mary 251 Smart, Johnnie 193 Smart, William 193 Smelser, John 49.80 Smerka, Terrence 193 Smiley, Kathryn 193 Smith, Alan 193 Smith, Aleta 251 Smith, Anthony 72,193 Smith, Belinda 62 Smith, Smith, Smith. Brenda 193 Carol 193 Catherine 193 Smith, Dale 76 Smith, Dean 78 Smith, Donn 251 Smith, Dwayne 251 Smith, Elizabeth 193 Smith, Frances 193 Smith, Gary 251 Smith, Gay 193 Smith, George 251 Smith, Gregory 251 Smith, Hope 193 Smith, Jackie 251 Smith. Janet 62,194 Snyder, William 194 Soderstrom, Vir 157 Sofka, Peter 87 Solito, Mary Ann 251 Solomon, Marilyn 194 Solvibile, Edward 81 Sontag, David 194 Sooter, William 251 Sosebee, Allen 144,159 Soule, David 251 Southers, Lawrence 194 Spainhour, Sandra 251 Spalding, David 251 Spargo, Louise 203 Sparks, Gordon 251 Sparks, Steven 75,251 Sparling, William 147,149, Spease, Christian 251 Speers, Barbara 194 Spence, Karen 251 Spencer, Deborah 251 Spencer, John 251 Spencer, Laren 25 1 Sperring, David 252 Spielvogel, Roy 93,102,103 Spindel, Donald 194 Splinter, Roger 157 Sponaugle, Donna 252 Spor. Joy 252 Spradling. Quentin 157 Sprinkles, Stephen 252 Spry, William 252 Spurrier, Calvin 252 Squier, Thomas 252 Stabenow, Phillip 194 Stafford, Kathryn 261 Stafford, Willa 261 Stahlman, Thomas 252 Stalder, Kent 81,252 157 Staley, Betty 194 Staley, Jack 194 Staley, Jerre 252 Stalling, Linda 194 Stallings, Gary 252 Stallman, Gary 252 Stamelos, Michael 252 Stamm, Ronald 82 Stanley, William 157 Stanton, William 157 Stapleton, Connie 252 Stark, Dana 252 Stark, Denver 252 Stark, Macie 252 Stark, William 84,194 Starke, Carl 75,194 Starke, Karen 252 Starr, Connie 29,252 Starr, Dorothy 194 Stasi, Marietta 194 States, Byron 252 Statler, Benita 252 Staton, Densil 194 Stauffer, Robert 252 Staugaard, Andrew 82 Steadman, Shirley 48,60 Steele, Jerry 194 Steele, Marie 187 Steele, Robert 93 Steenbergen, Glen 252 Stegner, George 252 Stegner, Margaret 252 Stegwer, Barbara 252 Steinbrueck, Roger 252 Steiner, Sheryl 252 Steinkuehler, Robert 195 Steinmeyer, Mary 195 Stephens Stephens ,Carolyn 252 ,Dinah 252 Stephens, Marilyn 195 Stephens. Nancy 252 Stephens Stephens Stephens Sterling, St ern e, L Sterrett, , Ronnie 203 on, Gary 195 on, Stephen 78 Duane 108,157 ucas 157 Marda 261 Stevener, Judy 252 Stevens, Anthony 252 Stevens, James 78,195 Stevens, Rita 252 Stevens, Roy 252 Stevens, Sharon 1 95 Stevens, William 252 Stevenson, James 252 Stevenson, Larry 252 Steward, Joan 252 Stewart, Anne 252 Stewart, Byron 157 Stewart, Delores 252 Stewart, Dixie 252 Stewart, Harry 252 Stewart, Jannelle 252 Stewart, Janet 252 Stewart, Kathy 252 Syewart, Marlene 252 Stewart, Robert 157 Stewart, Virginia 252 Stewart, Yvonne 252 Stigall, Ginny 252 Stigall, Richard 252 Stiles, Herbie 75,203 Stilwell, William 157 Stine, Harry 195 Stock, Larry 195 Stock, Susan 38,252 Stockham, Janet 252 Stockhurst, Mark 252 Stocking, Linda 252 Stocking, Phyllis 252 Stockman, Mary 252 Stockman, Sandra 252 Stoecklein, Darryl 195 Stoenner, Shareal 195 Stohr, Thomas 252 Stokes, Roberta 252 Stolarz, Michaeline 261 Stoll, Carl 102,252 Stoll, Leonard 195 Stoll, Laurel 195 Stoll, Nancy 195 Stone, Barbara 62,252 Stone, Paul 252 Stone, Robert 252 Stonner, William 252 Storck, Billy 203 Story, Sandra 252 Stoufer, Dennis 252 Stoufer, Gary 195 Stough, Nyla 252 Stout, Dianna 253 Stout, Sally 253 Stout, Sharron 50,195 Stout, William 195 Straatmann, Jane 253 Strain, John 195 Stratt, Connie 195 Straka, Linda 253 Strass, Barbara 253 Strate, Larry 253 Stratton, Dan 253 Stratton, Robert 84,253 Stram, Richard 253 Streeter, Linda 195 Stremke, Ann 60,253 Strick, Vickie 261 Strickfaden, K.L. 253 Strode, Daniel 253 Strode, Richard 195 Strombeck, Paul 253 Strong, Jane 253 Strother, Douglas 253 Stroud, Janice 195 Struchtemeyer, John 195 Struchtemeyer, Ralph 253 Struckmeier, D. G. 253 Stuart, Mary 253 Stubbs, Roy 157 Student Government Assoc. STUDENT STAFF 34,35 Studer, Margaret 253 Stuecken, Marilee 253 Stuedle, Gale 253 Stuke, Glen 253 Stuligross, John 157 Stumpf, Virginia 253 Stumpff, Keith 158 Sturgeon, Jonathan 253 Sturgess, Valita 195 Sturgis, Iris 158 Sturm, Kristine 50,195 Sturtevant, Emma 253 Stutler, Sharon 253 Stutzman, Rowe 195 Subject Was Roses 26,27 Suddarth, Jim 253 Suddarth, Marshall 253 Sudduth, Lawrence 253 Sullentrup, Anna 195 Sullins, Phillip 253 Sullivan, John 253 Sullivan, Nancy 253 Sullivan, Peggy 253 Sullivan, Sandra 195 Sullivan, Vincent 195 Summerhouse, Dennis 253 Summers, Charles 253 Summers, David 253 Summers, Edward 253 Summers, Harold 195 Summers, Judith 253 Summers, Michael 253 Summers, Richard 69,253 Summers, Susan 253 Summy, Larry 253 Sumner, Michael 253 Sumpter, Richard 253 Sunda, Robert 195 Sundermeyer, Mary 253 Sutherland, John 158 Svanda, Nancy 195 Swaeby, Kay 195 Swain, Margaret 253 Swan, Connie 195 Swank, Theron 158 Swanson, Christine 253 Swanson, Marsha 253 Swanson, Marvin 69,195 Swanson, Patricia 253 Swartz, Randall 253 Swartzlander, James 253 Swasey, Ronald 83 Swaters, Sara 253 Swearingin, Earl 253 Swenson, Carl 253 Swetnam, David 195 Swezy, Karen 195 Swezy, Ronald 253 Swiger, Denzil 158 Swillum, Elizabeth 195 144 Swimming 122,123 Swisher',Mary 253 Swope,Janet 253 Sykes, Sue 203 Szopinski, Nancy 253 Sztorch, Boris 253 T Tackett, Dee 195 Tackett, Kathryn Tackett, Sandra 253 Tadlock, Myra 58,253 Talbott, Grace 253 Talburt, William Taney, Karen 1 95 Tanzey, Connie 253 Tate, Cheryl 253 Tate, Eugene 253 Tatro, William 82 Taulbee, Juliet 253 Tau Kappa Epsilon 84,85 253 253 Taylor, Albert 195 Taylor, Ardith 253 Taylor, Daniel 261 Taylor, Diane 253,261 Taylor, James 254 Taylor, Janice 54,254 Taylor, Jennifer 254 Taylor, Linn 15,523,196 Taylor, Madge 1 96 Taylor, Marlene 1 96 Taylor, Pamela 254 Taylor, Steve 66 Taylor, Sylvia 1 96 Thompson, Terrie 254 Thompson, Thomas 254 Thompson, William 158 Thoms, Kathryn 196 Thomson, Mary Jane 196 Thornhill, John 254 Thornsberry, Janice 254 Thornsberry, Linda 254 Thornton, Ann 254 Thornton, Chester 254 Thorp, Donna 261 Thorp, Sandy 196 Thurman, Gregory 102,105 Thurman, James 254 Thurman, Virginia 254 Tichenor, Richard 196 Tickemyer, Garland 158 Tickemyer, Gary 158 Tieman, Steven 196 Tienken, Louis 196 Tieszen, Marilyn 196 Tieszen, Marion 158 Tiffany, Vicki 254 Tignor, Delna 254 Tillery, James 254 Timmons, Nina 254 Timmons, Russell 261 Tingler, Elender 196 Tinsley, Alvin 158 Tinsley, Esther 196 Tipton, William 158 Tischer, Lawrence 254 Tittle, Deborah 254 Titus, Catherine 158 Titus, Karen 203 Titus, Larry 196 Toatley, Jeffrey 254 Tobaben, David 196 Taylor, Thomas 76,196 Taylor, Velma 158 Taylor, Verleana 254 Taylor, William 1 96 Taylor, William 254 Teach, Blake 254 Teague, Mary 1 96 Tebbenkamp, Robert 254 Tebbenkamp, Terry 83,254 Tebow, Patricia 254 Tede, Randy 254 Teegarden, Lana 1 45 Tees. Arthur 22,25,26,136,158 Temme, James 76 Tempel, Carol 203 Tempel, Ernest 254 Templeman, Mary 254 Templeton, Patty 203 Tennis 108,109 Tennyson, Sandra 54,254 Ter Keurst, Arthur 158 Terrell, Brenda 254 Terrell, Gail 196 Tesson, Charlotte 196 Tester, Andrea 254 Tester, Bennie 196 Teter, Ann 196 Thaller, Mary 254 Thate, Victor 158 The Student Staff 34,35 Thee, Karen 196 Theis, Charles 254 Theta Chi 86,87 Theiman, Bill 196 Theiman, Richard 254 Theiman, William 75,196 Tobaben, Rodney 254 Tobias, Larry 254 Todd, Charles 254 Todd Erbin 196 Todd Larry 254 Todd Lonny 254 Todd Michael 254 Todd Virginia 254 Tode, Wynn 254 Toellner, Alan 254 Tolen, Ronald 196 Toler, Charlotte 254 Tomlinson, Donna 196 Tompkins, Ella 196 Tompkins, Rosalie 203 Toms, Gary 254 Thomas, Evelyn 261 Thomas, Gary 254 Thomas, James 254 Thomas, Linda 254 Thomas, Randall 261 Thomas, Vincent 196 Thomas, William 254 Thomason, Alice 196 Thomason, Terry 254 Thompson Alice 196 Thompson Betty 254 Thompson Carol 196 Thompson, Darell 254 Thompson, Irma 196 Thompson Joyce 169,254 Thompson, Linda 196 Thompson, Louis 158 Thompson, Megan 196 Thompson, Pauline 261 Thompson, Thompson, Richard 1 96 Steve 36,254 Toms, Kyle 197 Tonyan, John 254 Tope, Rondal 254 Topel, George 197 Tosby, Robert 254 Tossell, Richard 158 Tossell, Terry 254 Tostevin, James 262 Towne, Betty 197 Track 102,103 Tracy, Martin 254 Trammell, Lhamon 254 Trammell, Mark 254 Trammell, Sharon 197 Trautwein, Carol 56,197 Travis, Vicki 68,254 Trawick, Emory 84 Tray, Thomas 254 Treese, Wanda 254 Trent, Connie 254 Tryon, Teresa 197 Tshappai, Russell 255 Tubbs, Eleanor 158 Tuccillo, John 255 Tuck, Gary 255 Tucker, Glenda 255 Tucker, Lawrence 255 Tucker, Sandra 58,197 Tucker, Valerie 255 Tudman, Richard 87 Tudor, Jack 113,117 Tunks, Linda 62,197 Tunnell, Donald 255 Turgeon, Anitra 255 Turnbough, Richard 120 Turner, George 255 Turner, Glenda 54,197 Turner, Janice 262 Turner, Leslie 60,255 Turner, Marianne 56,197 Turner, Patricia 255 Weed. Walz, Merle 198 West, Turner, Peter 255 Turner, Wannetta 255 Turnham, Yale 255 Turpin, Linda 255 Tutera, Frank 85 Tuttle, Julie 255 Twilling, Thomas 255 Twomey, Alfred 158 Tyler, David 197 Tyler, John 74,197 Tyler, Larry 158 Tyree, Dennis 76 U Uffmann, Linda 255 Ulmer, Cathy 197 Ulmer, Janet 197 Ulrich, Robert 158 UMOC 20 Underclassmen 204-259 Unglesby, Ina 158 Unwin, Thomas 255 Urczyk, James 93,101 Urie, Douglas 203 Utley, James 113 Utzinger, Carl 203 V Vacek, William 158 Vahrenberg, Glenda 197 Valenti, Nicklas 255 Valentik, Kathleen 58 Valentine, Rebecca 197 Valenzuela, Donna 255 Valet, Dennis 197 Van Bebber, Charles 255 Van Belkum, Tracy 255 Van Beneden, James 85 Van Blair, Berry 158 Van Cleve, Emma 158 Van Cleve, Richard 255 Van Meter, Gary 49,72 Van Meter, Helen 255 Van Patten, James 158 Vanbecelaere, James 255 Vanbummel, Claudia 255 Vance, Larry 197 Vance, Stephen 87,197 Vanek, James 69,197 Vannice, William 197 Vannoy, Rodney 197 Vanpelt, Douglas 75 Vanvleck, Alan 197 Vanwinkle, James 197 Varner, Charleen 158 Varone, John 255 Vaughn, Gayle 197 Vaughn, Patricia 255 Vawter, Karen 255 Veach, George 197 Veale, Joette 197 Veigel, Harding Velasquez, Angelo 203 Venegas, Linda 255 Venegas, Ronald 255 Verlee, Dennis 255 Verman, Eldon 197 Vernon, Donald 158 Vemon. Elizabeth 197 Veverka, Steven 255 Vickers, Bobbie 255 Vickery, Carole 14,17,62,197 Vickrey, Thomas 158 Viebrock, Betty 197 Viets, Don 197 Vinson, Kathleen 255 Violas, David 197 Vittetoe. Jack 197 Vittorino, Pamela 255 Vogel, Robert 158 Vogelaar, Dean 85,953,197 Voigt, Jack 255 Vollmar, Bonnie 255 Volmert, Marjorie 197 Voltmer, Clinton 198 W Wade, Larry 75,1 98 Wade, Norman 197 Wagner, Terry 198 Wagner, Thomas 1 98 Wahrenbrock, Cheryl 60 Waisner, Steven 255 Waite, Albert 158 Walden, Cynthia 255 Walker, Bruce 255 Walker, David 198 Walker, Diane 255 Weale nd, Jana 64,198 Weatherspoon, Carlo 256 Weatherwax, Sally 53,198 Weaver, Sheri 198 Webb, Clifford 198 Webb, Daniel 198 Webb, John 1 98 Webb, Philip 256 Webb, Richard 256 Webber, Bruce 256 Weber, John 256 Weber, Mary 256 Webster, Philip 256 Everett 256 White, Grant 203 White, James 1 99 VVhite, James 257 White, James 257 White, John 257 White, John 257 White, Michael 199 White, Nicholas 262 White, Paul 257 White, Paula 257 White, Philip 87,257 White, Roberta 158 White, Shari 257 White, Sherry VVhite, Shirley 262 158 Walker, Floyd 158 Walker, Jack 203 Walker, Linda 262 Walker, Mary 198 Walker, Paula 255 Walker, Rosemary 198 Walker, Terry 85,195 Walkup, Starr 203 Wallace, William 255 Wallendorf, Sandra 255 Wallingford, Gary 1 98 Wallis, Donald 158 Walls, D Walsh, J avid 93 ames 198 Walter, Susan 64 Walters. Daniel 198 Walters, Nancy 158 Walters, Pamela 255 Walters, Patricia 255 Walton, Sharon 255 Walz, Merl 198 Wampler, James 198 Wansing, Emily 198 Wansing, Eugene 255 Wansing, Steven 255 Ward, Barbara 198 Weeks, Kathryn 62,198 Weems, Miner 158 Wegeng, Michael 66 Wegmann, Marilyn 256 Wegmann, Thomas 80,256 Wehmeyer, Edgar 256 Wehmeyer, Kenneth 256 Wehrend, Edith 198 Weideman, Esther 198 Weideman, Virgil 256 Weider, Dennis 256 Weigand, Betty 256 Weigand, Thomas 256 Weinberg, Steven 256 Weinhold, Stephen 198 Weinstock, Renee 198 Weinzerl, Robert 256 Weis, Joseph 83 Weis, Leslie 199 Weiss, Gisela 256 Weiss, Patricia 62,256 Weixeldorfer, E.R. 256 White, Teresa 257 White, Thomas 257 White, Thomas 199 White, William 199 VVhiteaker, Donna 257 VVhiteaker, Linda 199 Whitecraft, Donid 257 VVhited, Linda 257 Whitehead, John 38,158 Whitehead, Nancy 199 Whitehead, Philip 83,257 VVhitehead, Wayne 199 Whitehurse, P. J. 199 Whitener, Gene 257 Whiteside, Lowell 158 Vvhiting, Cheryl 257 W'hiting, Janet 199 Whitley, Cordelia 257 Whitman, Molly 54,199 W'hitmer, Jack 257 Welch, Barbara 56 Welch, Carolyn 256 Welch, Gilda 199 Welch, Larry 199 Welch, Lin 158 Welch, Zane 256 VVhitney, Alan 257 Whitney, Blair 159 Whitt, Michael 87 VVhittier, Betsy 1 99 Whittle, Janis 257 Wholf, Morrice 199 VVhyte, William 24,257 Ward, Everett 1 98 Ward, James 69 Ward, Larry 255 Ward, Larry 255 Ward, Linda 255 Ward, Priscilla 255 Ward, Robert 198 Welden, Mary 203 Weller, Gary 256 Welden, Mary 203 Weller, Gary 256 Weller, Kathryn 58,256 Weller, Rick 256 Wick, Nathan 257 Wickwire, Lloyalea 199 Widebrook, Mark 257 Widel, Jane Kay 199 Widergren, Robert 203 Widmer, Wayne 257 Wiedman, Karen 257 Ward, Shirley 60,255 Warden, Ronnie 255 Ware, Sue 255 Wareham, Dudley 255 Warfield, Laura 255 Warfle, Elaine 62,255 Warford, Marilyn 53,256 Wark, Michael 256 Warlick, William 134,158 Warman, Carol 256 Warner, Jeanette 256 Warner, Marsha 256 Warnock, William 256 Warnock, Linda 198 Warren, Diana 256 Warren, Gary 76,198 Wells, Duane 83 Wells, Helen 256 Wells, Linda 256 Wells, Nova 261 Wells, Rene 256 Welterman, Janet 256 Werneke, James 199 Werneke, Larry 199 Werner, James 256 Wernt Wesol z, Randall 144 ak,Kathy 256 Wessel, Larry 256 West, West. West, Albert 256 Cynthia 91,256 Ira 256 West, Judith 256 Karen 256 Wiemholt, Brenda 257 Wienberg, Dwayne 1 99 Wienberg, Jerry 1 99 Wieschhaus, John 199 Wiggins, Edith 199 Wilbanks, Henry 257 Wilborn, Thomas 159 Wilcox, Grayson 199 Wilcox, Karen Wilcox, Robert 262 262 Wilde, Edwin 257 Wiley, David 199 Wiley, Robert 1 99 Wilgus, Jill 257 Wilhoit, Marcia 257 Wilkes, Lawrence 257 Warren, Huell 137,198 Warren, Linda 256 Warren, Milford 256 Washburn, Joyce 256 Washburn, Ronald 198 Washington, Willa 256 Wasson, Richard 256 Waterfield, Sharon 64,256 Waterman, Harold 198 Waters, Bonita 198 Watkins, Alfred 78,198 Watkins, Barbara 256 Watkins, Robert 262 Watkins, Rudolph 256 Watkins, Susan 256 Watkins, William 256 Watkins, William 256 Watling, Gary 256,261 Watson, Earl 261 Watson, Gilda 256 Watson, Jennifer 60,256 Watson, Karl 256 Watson, Leon 198 Watson, Louise 256 Watson, Shirley 58,198 Watts, Dorothy 256 Watts, Harvey 198 Watts, Ralph 256 Watyowich, Joseph 78 Watyowich, Michael 78 Westbrook, Melvin 256 Westcott, Sally 256 Westhoff, Gary 199 Westhoff, John 199 Westhoff, William 199 Westhusing, R. E. 256 Wilkey, Harry 159 Wilkinson, Gayle 257 Willard, John 199 Willenbring, Margaret 53,199 Willenbring, Mary 53,199 Willhardt, John 159 Westman, Glenda 256 Westo n, William 1 99 Wetherell, Pamela 256 Wetterholt, John 158 Wetze 1, Susan 203 VVha1en, Elaine 256 Whalen, William 257 VVhaley, Maureen 199 VVheatley, Donnis 64,199 Wheeler, Charles 199 VVheeler, Elizabeth 199 Wheeler, Harry 257 VVheeler, Hubert 147 Wheeler, John 199 Wheeler, Linda 257 Wheeler, Ronald 257 Wheeler, Steve 257 VVheeler, Vicki 1 99 VVhitaker, Shirley 257 White, Barry 257 VVhite, Darwin 257 White, Deborah 257 White, Donald 158 White, Elizabeth 257 Williams, Angela 257 Williams, Anita 257 Williams, Bruce 257 Williams, Charles 257 Williams, Charlotte 199 Williams, Deborah 200 Williams. Dick 159 Williams, George 200 Williams, Gerry 257 Williams, Hugh Williams, Jack 159 200 Williams, James 257 Williams, James 257 Wi1liams,Jerry 66,120,257 Williams, Kenneth 159 Williams, Kenneth 257 Williams, Larry 113 Williams, Leaman 257 Williams, Linda 257 Williams, Linda 257 Williams, Lynn 257 Williams, Mary 257 Williams, Maurice 257 Williams, Michael 257 279 Williams, Nancy 257 Williams, Nancy 257 Williams, Peggy 257 Williams, Richard 49,623,108 Williams, Reta 257 Williams, Ronnie 200 Williams, Ross 200 Williams, Sandra 257 Williams, Sarah 200 Williams, Sue 257 Williams, Terry 257 Williams, Terry 257 Williams, Timothy 200 Williamson, Dennis 257 Williamson, Loretta 257 Williamson, Williamson, Williamson, Willingham, Marilee 200 Raymond 143,1 Susan 257 Patricia 257 Willis, Raymond 200 Wilson, Barbara 257 Wilson, Barbara 200 Wilson, Carl 258,262 Wilson, Constance 258 Wilson, Curtis 258 Wilson, Delbert 258 Wilson, Ernest 159 Wilson, Gay 258 Wilson, Harold 159 Wilson, Jewell 262 Wilson, Joan 258 Wilson, Lana 200 Wilson, Leroy 159 Wilson, Martha 200 Wilson, Richard 69,258 Wilson, Stephen 81,258 Wilson, Susan 64 Wilson, Susan 258 Wilson, Thomas 262 Wilson, Valerie 258 Wilson, Virginia 258 Wilson, Walace 1 59 Wilt, Connie 258 Windler, Nancy 258 Winfrey, John 24 Winfrey, Ruth 258 Winfrey, Susan 258 Winger, Carol 258 Winkelman, Donna 200 Winkelman, Loretta 258 Winkler, Connie 258 Winkler, Kerry 258 Winkler, Larry 258 Winter, Dorothy 22,200 Winter, Linda 48,62,200 Winterhog, Gaylene 200 59 Wintermeyer, Larry 159 Wipke, Constance 258 Wirsig, Richard 258 Wisdom, Carol 62,200 Wise, Betty 200 Wise, James 258 Wise, Linda 258 Wise, Martha 200 Wise, Ronald 258 Wise, Stanley 258 Wise, Wesley 258 Wisniewski, Kenneth 258 Wissman, Glen 258 Wissman, Glenda 258 Wissman, James 200 Witcher, Michaela 258 Wither, Regina 258 Withouse, Kirk 258 Witkowski, Stephen 208 Witt, Elfredia 200 Witt, Michael 200 Witt, Ronnie 258 Witte, Donald 258 Witte, Larry 258 Wittenberger, Evelyn 258 Wittenberger, Larry 200 Wittman, James 258 Wittrock, Roger 258 Wix, Ruth 258 Woerner, Jeri 258 Wofford, Alvena 200 Wohmeyer, Edgar 72 Wolcott, Deborah 258 Wolf, Cheri 200 Wolf, Doris 258 Wolf, Martha 258 Wolf, William 203 Wolfe, Beverly 258 Wolfe, Robert 258 Wolfe, Roger 258 Wolfe, Wendell 258 Wofskill, Jane 258 Wolpers, Leslie 72,200 Wood, Barbara 258 Wood, Esther 200 Wood, Gregory 258 Wood, Karen 53,258 Wood, Martha 258 Wood, Michael 258 Wood, Patricia 258 Wood, Velda 258 Wood, William 258 Woodall, Charles 258 Wooden, Randy 258 Wooden, Steven 258 Woodford, Phillip 122,258 Woodroof, Margaret 258 Woodruff, Cecil 118,159 Woodruff, Ross 159 Woods, Arch 72,258 Woods, Billie 200 Woods, Janelle 262 Woods, Judy 200 Woods, Wathenia 258 Woodsmall, James 258 Woodward, Harry 200 Woody, Gary 258 Woolery, James 258 Woolery, Jan 258 Woolf, Gretchen 200 Woolf, Teresa 200 Woolworth, Patricia 203 Worford, Thomas 259 Workman, Arvin 159 Workman, Susan 200 Worland, Sharon 200 Wren, Teri 259 Wren, William 259 Wrestling 120,121 Wright, Edna 259 Wright, James 259 Wright, John 259 Wright, Judith 259 Wright, Larry 145,203,262 Wright, Linda 259 Wright, Linda 259 Wright, Lynda 200 Wright, Samuel 200 Wright, Sean 259 Wright, Sharon 259 Wright, Stephen 259 Wright, Susie 200 Wyatt, David 49,69,259 Wyss, Larry 259 Y Yakovitz, Diane 259 Yamtich, Richard 83,200 Yance, Larry 200 Yang, Bruce 203 Yaple, Ralph 259 Yarick, Marsha 259 Yazel, Cheri 259 Yinger, Harold 103,159 Yocum, Karolyn 159 Yoder, Barbara 50,259 Yoder, Judy 200 Yoksh, Karl 259 Yonke, Robert 259 York, Nancy 36,259 Youmans, Mary 259 Young, Beverly 259 Young, Boyd 259 Young, David 85 Young, Delores 259 Young, Forence 159 Young, Galen 69,259 Young, Glenn 201 Young, Harold 147,149,159 Young, James 159 Young, Jerry 201 Young, Kathy 259 Young, Lawrence 259 Young, Marchita 259 Young, Mary 159 Young, Michael 201 Young, Raymond 36,78,259 Young, Stephen 201 Young, Stephen 259 Young, Terry 262 Younger, Pamela 259 Yows, Anasa 259 Yung, Eldon 159 Z Zacha, Kathleen 62 Zaun, Judith 56,259 Zbinden, Pennie 259 Zeller, Deborah 259 Zeller, Paula 259 Zellmer, Patricia 259 Zellmer, Ronald 259 Zemke, Cheryl 201 Zey, Robert 159 Zey, Rugh 259 Ziajor, Robert 75,201 Zieber, Linda 50,259 Ziehmer, Mike 259 Ziemback, Frances 201 Zimmerman, Carolyn 259 Zimmerman, Lawrence 259 Zimmerman, Marte 259 Zimmerman, Pamela 259 Zimmerman, Sharon 259 Zirbe1,Wa.rren 72,118,259 Zobac, Rebecca 201 Zuck, Sandra 259 Zulian, Franks 259 Zumbehl, Beverly 259 Zumwalt, Karen 201 Zurlo, Joseph 106 Zuzek, Richard 81 Zwiener, Linda 259 ..,'-'Z ,X

Suggestions in the University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) collection:

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