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5 K i s 3 2 5 2 i 3 E 6 5 fi 3 5 5 i 5 H3isQ'?fifsvii'f'f553sEFk1ZLi7zi?Zf?fl:VY-z.L,rwL. ,ms .-Jx,EvLii'7seiu,Z1,'r1,,:fG'f41m, ,, ,fl f,,!zZ..Q,' M 'www ,1YZi7QLAwL5: GL:wg.L-izfii:iQ5JQi?ixI:3?ESS.5'Q:ia5if1fifz3Q1?sQ1il2Evf 2JZL5uE:,Q2Z-f! Hits,mx-'ff--,LWLZIQifQiuzflL:f5iIZ?'fa:'ei.3:r!Q -wlfwuig?:9i5I'iq1fbf'?'5f'91bl'v'2?fsQ2 iLETfTf:lfYff, Q L72 A-'7.xlfz'ki:iel4,iZ' 'f'LldIZ5Z'lf' ' ,Mfg 4f....JK2.2'Q ,.,,.J:.ey- ,V l f,.W.Af,....bN. .M M., .4 ,s.mgg3i'.f RHET The Rhetor is ci record of time ond progression, The cover design utilizes symbols of the zodioc os on interpreta- tion of recorded time ond events. Volume LVI Centrol Missouri Sfote Worrensburg, Missouri Published by the Rhetor Stoff .in :. : 'KW ii' . 3 ,. : '-ElE::,::.Ex :. Wi f - .,", IH, ::. .:1,"" .. ... - ff J'-J Editor Pot Sterling Associote Editor Joe Jodlow Art Director Mike Garry Copy Editor Joon Munson Sports Editor John Wheeler Business Monoger Pete Cipollo Photogrophy Editor CONTENTS Rodney Dierking Clericol Editor Dorothy Shippee SUMMER TERM ENDED AUGU FALL TERM BEGAN SEPTEMBER yyl- I 4 ii vm: Ifux'w 1 f if Q 1, 'Aww U- A 4, 1, I ,, 1 if ,1,,1vWif Vg, J 'A bn w 5 I' 'lili- ,W IFJ- JMJZJ, I W :I 911' H 4 M4 I i M 4 0 , f , ,ff f V yi, I, ,V " In y ,A .f ,-,WMA .X .M f ,kj I W 'ff my 4 'A h "f Vw WW, , ww 4.435750 M,,,,,--M' - ff' rw, ,V f -wf .rf me: ih- L ,fy an w av, f , 1 ' is ,uv - am ,, W ,V V W if M' A yffv, , ,H H I . M , 'K 77 P57f1,M5Vf5" W! Vw ,K W f ' 'A :- A , ' ' , , W V. ,Mm ,w,,,,.MM 'A Ak , WV I M ?'M,.w:y K if 4 f ,N V , ,V J, V,,,,g4, Q, U WV Wm", 4' WMM 'jigsaw .VN V, 4,1 7, , ' '43 - VL., V ' ' V ,A ' V, wguf f' WM, L, VL M ,, V 1.7, -f V, ' f,y,,. , , W fm. ,Vuww ,, VYW W' ,.. ' f at w',,.,, V V 'M' ., i ,ax ' , .WV ,VJ , H V, 4, V. ,V . M VV A f A M V , V 31. g VV , "' , V 'Vp MQ, J ., ,, ,, K M V , VA: i www! ' K V ff' V V ,' ,,,.,,,m.'gpi Y V Q ,WO A u .L 1 ggi, I , A7 ,MV ,WV ,, ff! w, Q, H1 VV 42 pf 27 " V, MV M 7' W I-1fMf'Wf ,, ,, kM,Zif4VV V ,,, ,W-.7 , -Q " :IH :Mfr '4,V,,,, V Vw, V AZ, N, ,V , VV ,, V f "VW V Q: W VV' ,, W V , , fr vw My f VYVV N' 1 "W-HMA 1 VV ' ff f V A' , V W ,VV ,,,G WVVVWV M M ,E e VJ ,Er ,V V VV uf, I yi-4 M4241 ,M ,V ,M VV VV ,M VNV, VV V V W ,M V" W, V, ,V ,V , ' 1 ' ,ww , I V f 3, A 'Vwf ' ,, VJ M ,N 'VW J i e, '3if2i?w,,.'V V' VV 'MY 'W W ,gm MA, V, I I I, ,, V M K M V W A V ' ' ' VV ,' 7 W 3,4 , 5 um, LW ,V , ,fx ' VV V , , J, HM, A FV AV A ,V A V VV , . V my qi W ,M , V V A,,,' ,W V, ,M ,VV V V V ww 3 V , , V, vw gy V, QV V K ,M ,WV V 'ff ww- , ' vw- V V V H V ,V VW V ,, N ,M V W a VV 1 I fn , " LE 'A W , . , ' H few' A VV . , , W. W ,Q-, . ff ' V 4 W V , . VV My 71, V ,MW . W W V , , M - ,Vgwf jgf,aW2Vf"ff'TY"""WM V, f, f f i . V V ,,. , V,VV V V,-,,-,,, ,,,V,,,VV, ,,, V,,V,V,,V V,,,,VQ,V , ,,V , .,V,.,,, V,VV ., V . 1 5 JMX rg!! M 7, , ff 42 kg , , 1, ,Q 7- 3? V, , if ' , 4- if 1' fr , ,ff , ,g,m?VL"'ff4', 2 :,,,. QW ,gf , V fi ' A ' 'F f ' ,, JL N 1 ,,,., 9 'f' " ' ,Q . COLLEGE UNION I 2 1 3 gf fi, xxx V f Vf J w,,,..v , if if if ii ' W 11442 ,M W ,.:.,,... 4, , , if ' PRCGRESS Miss Helen ' Gilbert checks the busy Union activity schedule. Mindful of its pledge, "Education for Service," and sensitive to the rap- idly increasing needs of the college community it serves, Central Missouri State looks to the future and makes progress its constant guide. Through the efforts of the Missouri Legislature, the Board of Regents, the Administra- tion, faculty, and students, new facil- ities have been constructed on the campus needed for the modern system of education CMS boasts. New build- ings have been added to the CMS campus beginning with Utt-Grinstead classroom building, followed closely by the construction of Garrison gym- nasium and Central Elementary School and the remodeling of Dockery. The administrative offices have also been remodeled and extended to accommo- date several new administrative per- sonnel. Many new members have been added to the faculty. A new system of enrollment expanded services of the academic advisors available to the students. Dr. Warren C. Lovinger, president, has outlined for the Missouri Legisla- ture that continued progress needs more than 57,000,000 in the next biennium to make improvements necessary for the projected en rollment, A science classroom building, an ex- tensive addition to the library, a general classroom building, and mar- ried students housing are among requested additions to the campus. Other planned improvements call for an addition to the College Union, two new dormitories, and a college infirmary. 1962-i963 can stand as a symbol of CMS progress, beginning with the dedication of the new College Union September 29. Students, faculty, and administration worked together to bring this modern new building to the campus, lrvin L. Peters, Dean of Administration, and Miss H e l e n Gilbert, director of the College Union, played important roles in the realiza- tion of this campus dream. Miss Gilbert, with her assistant, Jesse Zink, and the College Union Cabinet and its committees provide a program of spe- cial and varied activities. But the new College Union is not the only evidence of progress this year at CMS. Nickerson Hall and Foster Hall were first occupied fall term, and construction started on Wood-Martin classroom buildina, to house the Divi- sions of Social Science and Language and Literature by January l964. therefore the staff l e K fi nifillzae September 29 marked the beginning steps of progress as fha College Union was deducaied Dill' lhe year. This view of lhe main lounge ol the Union shows only one of the many facilities available in ihe Union. Q PQ sms ,, 'P 7 PRESIDENT WARREN C. LQVINGER l Dr. Warren C. Lovinger this year completes his seventh year as administra- tive head of Central Missouri State. During these years he has seen the enroll- ment grow from 2003 to 535i with 45l8 on-campus enrollment, Born in Big Sandy, Montana, he was brought up on a farm, received his BA. and M.A. degrees from Montana State University and his doctorate from Teachers College, Columbia University, He served in the public schools of Montana as a teacher and administra- tor, held a commission in the United States Navy and was Associate Secretary of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. He was presi- dent of Northern State Teachers College at Aberdeen, South Dakota, before coming to Central Missouri State. ln addition to holding important membership on several national education committees, Dr, Lovinger is president of the State TEPS and president of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. Dr. and Mrs. Lovinger have three children, Mrs. Clifford D, Schutier, of Mansfield, Ohio, and Miss Jeannie Lovinaer, both of whom are alumnae of CMS, and Buddy, a pupil in the Central Elementary School. BOARD OF REGENTS PQ? irman L. Carswell Harry R. Garrison Joe Herndon Mrs. Sinclair S. Gottlieb Q, Ralph Nottinge W. L. Simpson -larrisonville Warrensburg Roytown Jefferson City Clinton Holden The Board of Regents is the governing direc- tors of Central Missouri State College. The Board of Regents formulate the policies which make up the everyday activities of the CMS student and are carried out by the Administra- tion of the college in order to facilitate the educational opportunities of Central Missouri State. Hubert Wheeler Commissioner of Education ADMINISTRATIVE CABINET The Administrative Cabinet of the college is composed of the heads of the divisions. The Administrative Cabinet meets to evaluate and put into effect the policies of the College in order to work for the best interests of the CMS student. Left to Right: M. L. Meverden, Directcr of the Physical Plant: Harold L. Young, Director of Field Services, Irvin L. Peters, Dean of Administration, Warren C. Lovinger, President, D. W. Tieszen, Dean of Instruction, Marion S. Schott, Director of Teacher Education, Reid Hemphill, Director of Graduate Division, W. O. Hampton, Dean of Student Personnel. John M. Dalton Governor of Missouri , . ,,,,,...---'- ,X '1 . ?W'Efs5z3WZJHWif"' ADMINISTRATIVE PCSITIONS Robert Boyd Margaret S. Brown Gerdld Edwgrd Culp Thomas Edmunds Academic Adviser ACOd9r'nlC Adviser Academic Adviser Coordinator of Jackson County Resident Center Elizabeth Engle Irl Gladfelter Townsend Godsey J. O. Miller Associate Professor of Director ot Placement D i r e c t o r of Public Academic Adviser Home E c o n o m ic s , and Alumni Relations information Service Dietitian H ll' h I ' Dgoistg ZAZTSI Lewis W. Shultz Jack L, Russell Floy Timmerman Academic Adviser Academic Adviser Director of Housing Christine Foster 4 M Dean of Women CMS FACULTY AND DEPARTMENTAL GROUPS LIBRARY STAFF HELPS STUDENTS William Stanton Eloise Gibby Wasyl Huculak Fern Gibson S H ll S Nw M was as We N ' :M 4554 ,.-sS"fx. LN? 8 ii .K ,SEAN i XX +79 an ,f Grinstead Building is occupied by the applied arts and sciences. The nursing, art, agriculture, home economics, and industrial arts de- partments work together here. G , v,., . ,, sg WW sf N X i it Y 'gusts ts if Laura Baker Professor of Home Economics and Head of the Department .Q-w T' Ruth Benson Assistant Pr Nursing Edu APPLIED ARTS AND SCIENCE DIVISION Noel B, Grinstead, Professor of Industrial Arts and Chairman of Division of Applied Arts and Science X "" fi ef: .1 XX Q X John Horine Assistant Professor ln- dustrial Arts Edward Lewis Assistant Professor of Art ss 1 was K xqsx XX? ' ""' 'liaise - A S "Ya-' ' . , 1 '1 A "'-fs' 1 , X . Clarence Pearce Associate Professor and Supervising Teacher of Agriculture Carolyn Jean Gillis Instructor of Home Economics sissy- Q . s'-t-- - . 1 A A A AM .I if .,..m, Robert Goetz Professor of Graphic Arts Grace Livingston Associate Professor Home Economics of Milford Quimby Assistant Professor of Agriculture and Head of the Department E, F, Low Associate Professor of Agriculture Donald Wallis Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts William Vacek Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts Mel Jenkins Photographer .James Miles Assistant Professor of Art J re rrr. I , . tiil is-eff f iiit George Sample Instructor of Art Erna Rueggeberg Assistant Professor of Nursing Ed. ond Head of Department ofessor of cation William Brame l n s t r , , Supervising Teacher Edwin Ellis Professor of Art, Head of Department Charles Keseman Instructor of Indus- trial Arts Edith DeMott Instructor of Nursin Louise Sims Associate Professor of Art Q John Kutzik Instructor of Art Sherry Mustapha Instructor of Nursing Barbara Stock Instructor of Nursing BETA ALPHA Beta Alpha art fraternity sponsors a spring art fair and sells pennants at Homecoming. Offi- cers are, president, Dave Leamon, vice president, Molly Murphy, secretary, Eloise Middaugh, treas- urer, Janice Wittman. Professor Edwin C. Ellis is the sponsor. Row One: Judy Ozias, Jan Parks, Alana Cross, Row Two: Marilyn Faien, Janet Busch, Janice Wittman, Eloise Middaugh, Row Three: Charles Yates, Ann Kennedy, Norma Cummins, Ann Uhr, Dennis Rexroad, Row Four: Donald Lange, Dave Leamon, Harold Gratcher, John Livesay, Larry J. Root, Dick Bowman. Row One: Ellen Gibson, Helen Evans, Row Two: Barbara Cumper, Jeanette Ady, Judy Foreaker, Sandra Hunt, Chris Lebioda, Barbara Epersole, Deanne Van Booven, Row Three: Stella Edwards, Phoebe Owen, Nancy Hotchkiss, Brenda Porter, Glenda Curry, Betty Weathers, Brenda Herndon, Janet Rosa, Elaine Cross, Row Four: Gloria Rouchka, Sharon Wendleton, Ann Courtney, Glenda Cooper, Diane Brean, Carol Bradhorst, Carolyn Mellenbruch, Linda Dale, Row Five: Sharon Murdock, Delta Reine, Barbara Meads, Judy Weseloh, Janet Eickhoff, Sherlene Stonnor, Carol Lee, Sandy Roark, Judy Fritts. The Nursing Club, under the sponsorship of Miss Erna Rueggeberg, goes caroling at Bothwell Hospital, Sedalia, at Christmas, tours Menorah Medical Center, and has guest lectures at its meetings. The Nursing Club is primarily for those students who profess a genuine interest in the field and who plan to eventually take their place in the world of medical aid. Officers are, presi- dent, Charlene Mudd, vice president, Norma Holbrook, secretary, Linda Whitehead, and treasurer, Vivian Tate. NURSING CLUB Row One: Judy Wilde, Sandy Mann, Jennie Smith, Row Two: Brenda Tillotson, Carolyn Porter, Janice Beisley, Marilyn Crawford, Judy Anderson, Dixie Getz, Row Three: Carolyn Ruff, Nancy Neunzerling, Linda Whitehead, Charlene Mudd, Lizzy Sisk. 1 4 AGRICULTURE CLUB The Agriculture Club spon- sors a hayride and barn dance, banquet, and the FFA judging contest, Officers are president, Ralph Oldham, vice president, Jerry Goddard, secretary, Pam Brady, treasurer, Dan Hussey, reporter, Larry Martin, parlia- mentarian, Ralph Gary, and sergeant-at-arms, Bill Ramey. Milford Quimby is the sponsor. Row One: Pam Brady, Larry Olson, Larry Gadt, Howard Hart, David Frazier, Jerry Evans, Row Two: Milford Quimby, Charles Egbert, Ralph Oldham, Melvin Hawkins, Bob Sandy, Row Three: J erry Goddard, Dan Hussey, Roger Kloepper, Ralph Grey, Charles Prince, Robert Eissler. COLH ECON Colhecon, the CMS chapter of the American Home Economics Association, sponsors a freshman pajama party, has a formal initiation of new mem- bers at Richard's Hall, and sells fruitcakes at Christmas time. Officers are president, Brenda Porter, first vice president, Sharon Wendleton, second vice president, Nancy Hotchkiss, re- cording s e c r e t a ry , Jeanett Eickhoff, corresponding secre- tary, Carol Lee, treasurer, Judy Weseloh, point keeper, Nancy Cole, and social chairman, C a r o ly n Mellenbruch. Mrs. Carolyn Gillis is the sponsor. .nf l w INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB The lndustrial Arts Club won second place in this year's Homecoming float com- petition. lt is headed by president, Burlie Joe Brown, vice president, Mike Keith: sec- retary, Jerry Carter, and treasurer, Kenneth Tally. A spring picnic and field trips are activities of the club. Dr. John W. Horine is the sponsor. KAPPA OMICRON PI Members of Kappa Omicron Pi, honorary home economics fraternity, publish a departmental letter each term, celebrate Founders Day, December ll, and have a sophomore party for prospective members in the fall. Officers are president, Carol Stegner, first vice president, Judy Beard: secretary, Alice Walker, keeper of the archives and guard, Brenda Porter, and Distaff reporter, Paula Melton, Miss Grace Livingston is the sponsor. Row One: James Watkins, Lewis Tivis, Leland Finley, Bonnie Burgdorf, Shirley Bowman, Paula Gore, Burl Brown, Roger Kelley, Khurshid Khan, Row Two: Terry Landers, Reece Sparks, Lloyd Hancock, Fred VanEaton, Jerry Carter, David Johnson, Werner Schafer, John Jennings, Jimmy McDonald, Curt Fritchman, Mike Biondo, Steven Bowers. Row Three: Charles Hunzinger, Roger Bailey, Delmar Feeler, Lyle Hacker, Don Grube, Wayne Harris, Donald Lawson, Bill Stuerke, Jerry Foulds, Bill Diem, Ken Brewer, Joe Finks. Row Four: C. Keseman, D. Wallis, J. Ivy, Charles Bultemeier, Gene Page, Gary Erwin, David Lochmann, John Ritter, Bill Brock, George Dunning, 'Dr, Horine, Mel Jenkins. Row Five: William Brame, Dr, Robert Goetz, Kenneth Talley, Mike McDonald, Dan Cogan, Jim Milburn, Larry Daniels, Harvey Day, Jerry Neth, Dr, William Vacek, Prof, Noel B, Grinstead, Row Six: Bob McCombs, Robert Smith, Delbert Boedeker, Gary Newham, Mac Proffitt, Gordon Neon, Mike Keith, Harvey Oberweather, Larry Beene, Kenneth Eckhoff, Donald Lange. Row One: Brenda Porter. Row Two: Judy Beard, Paula Melton. Row Three: Virginia Chapman, Judy Weseloh, Carol Lee. COLLEGIATE 4-H The Collegiate 4-H club spon- sors officer training for regional 4-H clubs, and visits clubs to teach them how to give demon- strations and other club activities. Collegiate 4-H works with the Agriculture Club to sponsor a Junior Royal in the spring, Offi- cers are president, Sue Stark, vice president, Barry Ellis: secre- tary-treasurer, Brenda Porter, re- porter, Jim Milburn: song leader, Vera Keeton: recreation leader, Barbara Burkholder, Earl Lowe is the sponsor. Row One: Ruth Rosbrugh, Carolyn Woolery. Row Two: B a r b a r a Burkholder, Brenda ff Porter, Donna Hedges, Vera Keeton, Susan Stark, Carolyn Page, Row Three: Jane Berger, Peggy Lowry, Carol Brandhorst, Betty Scott, Linda Collis. Row Four: Jim Milburn, Barry Ellis, Loretta Dowler, Jeannette Eick- hoff, Jerry Dunkin, Betty Bock. Dockery's new inferior houses The offices of the Business Division faculty on the West side of the first floor. Classrooms are located on all four floors. Baker J. Allison Barnhill Roger W. Best Monroe Bird DCIS BIGCIQWGII of Business Instructor of Business Instructor of Business Instructor of Business ASSOCiGte Professor Business Administration Administration Administration James Britton Assistant Professor Business Viildred Lass Professor Stringer of Business Cormie Cosady Associate Professor, Dir, of Terminal Edyfetion ,,,,s Olin Frazier Instructor of Business Administration fkdwdr Kuhn' J,-I Margaret Brown Kunz P,-Ofe55O,f Instructor of Business Administration W , PM 'ff-:sz . '-'itil sees . , Wifi i 3, . I s . Mx, -'Tx "V X -..., 5 s iA.. m ,.., AAV, . by 2 ? Q I-'s' K J. Kenneth Markwell Assistant Professor of Business Eleanor Tubbs Assistant Professor of Business Administration Lucas Sterne, Division. Robert Pierce Instructor of Business Administration Professor of Business and Chairman of Keith Scott William Sparling Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Business of Business Administration Administration BUSINESS DIVISION ,ww-,, ACCOUNTING CLUB The Accounting Club sponsors speakers for their regular meetings from IRS, GAO, HAA, and CPA. The Accounting Club is composed of those students who show a sincere interest in the profession and who are training to enter the accounting field after their completion of college training. Officers are president, Theodore L. Chapman, vice president, Gilbert Young, secretary, Janice Goodman. Keith B. Scott is the sponsor. Row One: Arthur Menshouse, Gilbert Monnig, Row Two: Ron Niemeyer, Tom Bell, Janice Goodman, Kenneth Hoit, Row Three: Dr. Hale Blackwell, Glenn Lyle, Freddie Hunter, Larry Kauffman, Lance Casady, Row Four: August Tegtmeyer, Gene Stonewall, Wayne Loy, Jim Muchmore, Jerry Sulzner, Wendell Fuehring. SOCIETY FOR THE ADVANCEMENT OF MANAGEMENT Members of the Society for the Advancement of Management, founded January 25, have an opportunity to attend functions of the National Senior Division of the Advancement of Management, go on plant tours, and participate in panel discussions The Society places special emphasis upon the management area of business and delves into the importance of good and qualified management. Officers are president, Jim Hayes, vice president, Ronald Roggy, secretary, Natalie Fischer, and treas- urer, Wendell Waller. Dr. James Britton and Prof. Roger Best are sponsors. Row One: Ronald Roggy, Natalie Fischer, William Lewallen, Howard Fukienaga, Elaine Stevens, Allan Hayes, Rita Grider, Ruby Wilson, Row Two: Joe Smith, Bruce Kendrick, Brenda Bail, Robert Winn, Charles Egbert, Pete Cipolla, Fred Bieberlz, Terry Steele, Wendell Waller, Pat Heath, Row Three: R. W. Best, Homer Radford, Pete Nichols, Larry Polzin, Jim Stroth, Jim Swope, Wayne Millard, Rowlings Ham- mett, Dr. Britton, Row Four: Ron Jones, Jim Hayes, Jim Underwood, Wayne Brasser, Sam Shade, Gary Walker, Bob Sechrest, Gary Weaver, James Luehrs, Bill Walton, Xxx The Secretarial Science Club spon- sors a spring banquet, panel discus- 'JN sions, and other programs at their monthly meetings. The purpose of the club is to provide a professional organ- ization for secretarial science majors and contacts with professional people for whom they will be working, The officers are president, Patricia Acker- man, vice-president, Dorothy Ahle, and secretary-treasurer, Sharon Hunt. Row One: Lou Lawson. Row Two: Jeane Purvis, Sharon Hunt, Gayle Hoopes, Becky Ernstmeyer. Row Three: Jeanne Fulk, Janet Jones, Nancy Fleischmann, Anna Marie Pope, Vickie Boyer. Row Four: Olin Frazier, Dorothy Ahle, Erma Green, Darlene Cort. Row Five: Mary Ann Koch, Carolyn Zah- ringer, Barbara Klemme, Judy Howard, Beverly Attebery. SECRETARIAL SCIENCE CLUB Pl OMEGA Pl PUBLISHES POPCORN ff ,ag T? Pi Omega Pi, under the leadership of Pat Maasen, president, and Dr. Charles Kuhn, Jr., sponsor, promotes E? interest in scholarship achievements and gives aid in the civic betterment of schools, and also encourages high ethical standards in business and pro- fessional life. The group publishes POPCORN, the national yearbook, and helps with the commercial contests in the spring. The chapter ranks in the top ten of Pi Omega Pi chapters across the nation. Pi Omega Pi is an honor organization for commercial education majors which requires a 2.75 grade point average in business and educa- tion courses for membership, Row One: Judi Tittle. Row Two: Sue Kille, Carol Craig. Row Three: Natalie Fischer, Judy Tipton, Alice Klee. Row Four: Janet Vocate, Sandra Thomas, Kay Norris, Pat Maasen. , , :U 1 X oooo oooo L QQ ,Q , o oo , iiii i fn 4 iiii v AA W-if: The Division Of Eduw- ,KM Wm' V"h W' H ' 'f . .V,, WH, I I M hon ond the College o , oo oo High School ore Iocoted oo oaoooo T if o o in HumphreYs Educotion HU PHREY EDUCATIO BUILDI G it R James Ashe Assistant Professor Education fi ,, ' 3 M .X gtg' 1' r ts if E X ,. i is Howard Baltz Virginia Browning Martha Booth Theola Bradley William Brewington Edith Brooks of Associate Profeggorl I n s t r., Supervising I n s t r., Supervising I n st r., Supervising Counselor, Instructor Associate Professor, Audio-Visuai Teacher, lst Grade Teacher of English Teacher, 6th Grade SUDSYVISIUQ TGUCIWGV Grant Robert Davis Nina Devennv Bessie Elliott Hattie Ewald Associate of Assistant Professor Instr. , Supervising Associate Professor of Aggigtgnt Professor Education Co- Dir. of Counseling Teacher, Commerce E d u C a tio n a n d Education ordinator Counseling Teaching il dd... 67 Ae ll , ,,,, H , .,,, ' llrrlr Luther Gregg lll of Instr. and SupervisingAssistant Professor of Teacher, Principal, Education Elementary School Henry Goff, Jr. + W K Carl Haldiman Bertha Hopkins H. Clay Jent Mary Jane John Eugene Keffer Marvin Looney Louise McConnell Aggocigte Professor of I n s t r . Supervising Professor of Philoso- Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of i n s t r. , Supervising Educqtion Teacher, Junior High phy and Education Special Education Education Education Teacher, Junior Hiah EDUCATIO DlV-SION Marion S. Schott Professor of Education, Division Chairman, and Director of Teacher Education -1 -.-- r " i ' Robert Marshall R, Clark Morton Billy Mudd Dale Nelson Assistant Professor of Professor of Education I n s t r . , Supervising Associate Professor Education Teacher, Science Education ' ,E it if A I W Willard North Donald Parman Anne Preuss Kathleen Ranson Assistant Professor of I n s t r., Supervising I V1 S I' I' . , SUDGYVISIVIQ Professor of Education Ed., Director of Test- Teacher, Social Studies TSGCIWSV, 4th Gfflde ing and Research i iase tt,i..,,Q .,,..k Alvin Rollond Ernest Rush Georgia Sewell Riff! Sullivan I n s t r., Supervising I n s t r , , Supervising I n s t r., Supervising I V1 S f V - , 5UDeVV'Slf1Q Teacher, Mathematics Teacher, Social Studies Tch. Home Ec, TSOCIWSF, 5Tl'l Grade Nora Thompson James Van Patten Lowell Whiteside I n st r., Supervising Arthur Ter Keurst Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Teacher, Kindergarten Professor of Education Education Education ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION R! gi 14,4 fy, .lf 'W The Association for Childhood Education sponsors a Saturday morn- ing story hour at libraries near Warrensburg. The ACE members strive to better understand the basic philosophy of childhood education through the media of practical experience and coping with the problems which confront educators in the education of our youth. The CMS chapter is one of I44 national chapters of ACE. Janette Maty is president, vice president is Janice Wittman, recording secretary, Mildred Cole, corres- ponding secretary, Carol Deck, and treasurer, Betty Bock. Dr. Kathleen Ranson is the sponsor. '57 Row One: Jean Park, Row Two: Sue Barth, Jane Hamilton, Sue Hickman, Vera Keetong Row Three: Mildred Cole, Judy Gregg, Jane Igo, Mary Ann Koehler, Barbara Hodges, Row Four: Janice Barnett, Sondra Bickel, Joy Dugger, Eloise Middaugh, Janice Wittman, Elberta Crouch, Row Five: Mary Hahn, Janette Maty, Carol Deck, Carolyn Bowden, Ruth Blankenship, Lois McCorkIe, Betty Bock. Carol Deck, Dr. Marion Schott, chairman of the Division of Educa- tion and Psychology, and Lee Woodrum pack books for distribu- tion to students in Central America. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB SNEA Snea is a pre-professional organization designed to orientate students with education. SNEA activities include Education Day, MSTA convention in Kansas City, the Education Ban- quet, and organizing FTA groups in district high schools. Publications of SNEA include 0 local Newsletter, NEA Journal, and School and Community magazine. Riley Chrisman is president of SNEA, Carol Deck, vice president, Mona Brown, secretary, Carol Lee, treasurer, Judy Battagler, historian, and sponsors are Grant Clothier, Hattie Ewald, Robert Marshall, James Ashe, and L. E. Whiteside. The Psychology Club works with parolee rehabilitation and also planned a trip to the Menninger Foundation this year. W, yi H39 Ml , At the meetings, members dis- ,W W ,, cuss psychological problems and occasionally hear guest speakers. Officers are president, Kurshid Khan, vice president, Susan Swartz, and secretary-treasurer, Sharon Smith. Dr, Arthur Ter Keurst is the sponsor. Row One: Kathryn Eck, Ellen Jane Mathews. Row Two: Carolynn Smith, Khurshid Khan, Willa Wlade. Row Three: Linda Dowell, Robert Barry, Susan Swartz, Dr. Ter Keurst. if Row One: Sandy Jennings, Gladys Hader, Susan Hargrove, Judy Gibson, Barbara Burkholder, Sharon Zietle, Rebecca Vollenweider, Joyce Nichols, Donna Allen, Cindi Cash, Judi Tittle, Juanita Brockmeier, Margery Carver, Natalie Fischer. Row Two: Sharon Kay Smith, Ed Creech, Vera Keeton, Mary Ann Culp, Jane lgo, Sandro Twenter, Susan Stark, Carolyn Hudlemeyer, Pat Studer, Jan Hamilton, Willa Wade. Row Three: Carolyn Petersen, Mary Kay Campbell, Jane Berger, Donna Cusick, Linda McKissack, Janie Ott, Mona Halliburton, Bonnie Blosser, Ruth Kempf, Sherry Jones, Mildred Cole, Victory Keeler, Kathie Finehart, Ann Michael, Donna Sprouse. Row Four: Sue Ann Hovde, Sondra Bickel, Karin Burgess, Linda Gudde, Linda Elling, Nancy Campbell, Judy Lea, Lanna Moyer, Judy Battagler, Zela Clasbey, Lou Kircher, Janice Wittman, Barbara Chamberlain, Judy Willis, Harlan Lawson. Row Five: L. E. Whiteside, Carolyn Schmidt, Joy Dugger, Dixie Denney, Madge Craig, Betty Baker, Carmen Asp, Arthur Rinehart, lan Pollard, Martha Needy, Rosalee King, Ronald Griswold, Albert Morse, Dr, Robert Marshall, Row Six: Sharon Michaelis, Martha Sprouse, Sharon Lea Smith, Sandra Hurst, Donna Hedges, Judy Rosenbaum, Kay Talley, Judy Hartley, Nancy Neuenschwander, Bev Lawrence, Jannette Eickhott. Row Seven: Fred Stegner, Janet Vocate, Elberta Crouch, Ruth Blankenship, Carol Deck, Jeanette Maty, Mary Adkins, Annette Morotz, Barbara Hodges, John Minthorn, Riley Chrisman, Jerry Butcher, Row Eight: Herschel Golub, Earl Parris, Janice Barnett, Betty Bock, Mona Brown, Patricia Bell, Marsha Hallo, Barbara Leser, Anne Benne, Betty Pine, Velma Moulton, James Adams, Dave Leamon, Ed Sellers. Garrison gymnasium is the scene of many fast moving basketball games. Intramural games and gym classes also meet there. Garrison is head- quarters for the Division of Men's and Women's Physical Education. GARRISON GYMNASIUM PHYSICAL EDUCATION DIVISION Gene Bartow Richard Carter Assistant Professor, Assistant Professor of Physical Ed, and Head Football Coach Physical Education 1 12' 1 1 :S 421: Dorothy Coleman Betty Elgin Assistant Professor of Instructor of Phy Physical Education Education 'Q V. , af tatt , H V -- -ins, -- uw " Thomas Hairabedian Jessie Jutton Earl Keth Alphadine Martin Instructor of Physical Profe-SSOI' of PIWSICOI Associate Professor of Assistant Professor Education Ed, and Head of Dept. Physical Education Physical Education of Women's P,E. sical of Carmen Ness James Odenkirk Kenneth Robb Floyd Walker Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Physical Ed and Di- Physical and Head of Physical Education Physical Education rector of Athletics Men's P, E. Dept. Florence Young Assistant Professor of Physical Education Harald Yinger, Professor of Physical Coach Thomas Hairabedian clowns on the trampoline at a basket- Education and Chairman ofthe Depart- ball game halftime. ment PEM Club, under the leadership of Carol Hilton president, and Miss Dorothy Coleman, sponsor develops professional attitudes in the field of physical education. PEM Club sponsors an alumni banquet, senior weekend, and participates In state and national conventions. Other officers are first vice president, Judy K. Jones, second vice president, Beverly Powell, secretary, Gay Miller, treasurer, Pat Tebbenkamp, and publicity chair- man Patsy Hughes. PEM CLUB Row One: Sue Loudon, Linda Whitaker, Janet Sallee, Jo Ellen Catron, Row Two: Carolyn Gentry, Sue Bueker, Mary Peterson, Carolyn Peterson, Gay Miller, Ann Nakamura, Phyllis Jacobson, Sandy Jennings, Marjorie Smith, Ellen Hammond, Row Three: Pat Hughes, Delores Mann, Mary Gilbert, Beckie Quinn, Judy Updike, Sandra Cook, Janice Graef, Mari Ann Culp, Liz Bueker, Dee Beard, Sue Ann Hovde, Betty Kay Childress, Row Four: Sue Synoviec, Beverly Powell, Diane Keller, Maribeth Windes, Carol Hilton, Pat Tebbenkamp, Lorna Dyche, Juanita Brockmeier, Sharon Mathis, Kathie Finehart, Sandra Steinmetz, Row Five: Kay Bailey, Nedra Covey, Judy K. Jones, Judy Heinburger, Dorothy Phillips, Janice Houtchens, Beverly Allen, Carol Glass, Phyllis Hofstetter, Lynda Gudde, Judy Boresow, June Drake. PHYSICAL EDUCATORS CLUB The Physical Educators Club, sponsored by Dr. J. E. Odenkirk and Dr. Hal Yinger, has as its purpose the building of a brotherhood of all col- lege men who are majors and minors in physical education. Officers are president, Robert Corder, vice president, Frank Tuggle, secretary, Don Thomas, and treasurer, Bill Silverberg. 4,-Q KN! em. Row One: Ron Mirikitani, Jerry Lorenzini, Jim McEwen, Row Two: Abe Clark Bob Corder, Dick Ridgeway, Jim Alziere, Tim Donovan, Row Three: Tom Hayes Max Myers, Jim Davis, Don Thomas, Robert Corder, Roger Frantz, RowY Four Dr. J. E. Odenkirk, D. Hall, Gordon Dryer, Frank Tuggle, Dr, Harold. iV1Q?V Row Five: Keith Jghngon, Leland Day, Bill Cox, Jerry Dunkin, Bill Hill Keith Craig. M CLUB M Club elects a s p o r t s queen each term. All school dances and an award banquet are two events the club holds during the year, M Club, led by president J. B, Frost, vice presi- dent, Bob Walters, and sponsors Dr, Ness, Dr. Stewart, G e n e Bartow, Earl Keth, and Dr. Yinger, sold con- cessions at all the football and basket- ball games. Row One: Jim Mathenia, Jim Hagerman, Matt Benedicto, Ron Mirikintani, J. B, Frost, Marvin Reese, Row Two: John Rice, Harold Wambsgans, Duane Hall, Abe Clark, Mike Kirkpatrick, Joe Shaughnessy, Dr. Stewart: Row Three: Dr. Ness, Charlie Brader, Jerry Hightower, Frank Tuggle, Boyd Groves, Dr. Yinger, Row Four: Max Jordon, Dick Kessler, Bill Hill, Larry Baucom, Bob Walters, Harry Carlton, Bob Hart. WOMENS RECREATION ASSOCIATION The members of the Womens Recrea- tion Association par- ticipate in intramural sports such as field hockey, bowling, and basketball. Officers are, president, Becky Quinn, vice president, Diane Keller, secretary treasurer, Mary Gil- bert, and publicity chairman, Kathy Finehart. Mrs. Mildred Evans and Miss Pot Matlok are the sponsors. DOLPHINS Dolphins big yearly event is the spring water shop, which runs for several days. Officers are president, Mary Ann Culp, vice president, Patty Sni- der, secretary, Mary Beth Windes, treas- urer, Pat Sweeney, decorations chairman, Ann Uhr, and sponsor, Miss Betty Elgin, The members spend many hours learning syn- cronized swimming and group swimming for their show. Row One: Sandy Jennings, Jo Ellen Catron, Ann Nakamura, Gay Miller, Row Two: Mary Gilbert, Becky Quinn, Judy Updike, Sandra Cook, Janice Graef, Mary Ann Culp, Liz Bueker, Dee Beard, Row Three: Beverly Powell, Diane Keller, Maribeth Windes, Carol Hilton, Pat Tebbenkamp, Lorna Dyche, Juanita Brockmeier, Sharon Mathis, Kathie Finehart, Row Four: Nedra Covey, Judy K. Jones, Judy Heimburger, Dorothy Phillips, Houtchens, Beverly Allen, Carol Glass, Phyllis Hofstetter, Lynda Gudde, Judy Boresow. Janice Q-s ra F 1, 13-3, 'FJ' Row One: Mary Ann Culp, Margie Smith, Doreen Taylor, Diane Grempler, Row Two: Sharon Burns, Sharon Hanson, Ruth Burris, Rita Hayes, Kathy Finehart, Row Three: Miss Elgin, Donna Barry, Sarah Wilcox, Carol Mengel, Sharon Boggess, Liz Becker, Row Four: Sonci Osborne, Mary Hahn, Pat Snider, Jane Gibson, Suzie Tiesler, Carol Tevis. vu DOCKERY The Division of Language and Literature is located in Dockery. Dr. Robert Greef, chairman of the division, ond the faculty members have their offices on the second floor. ' ,ff ' vm ' m y I L. i, ill Robert J. Greef, Professor of English and Chairman of the Division of Lon- guage ond Literature, in his office in Doc kery. Mary Alice Summers Instructor af English Vernon Taylor Associate Professor of Speech, I-lead of the Una H. Unglesby Assistant Professor of English Velma Taylor Associate Professor of English 19' Catherine F. Titus Associate Professor of English Lin Welch Associate Professor of Speech Correction ,. gpg, F5215-.ftRTSIzT!'5fll'fIf"? 915154 . FZ-swf'- ' is fsfstess 5 ... rr.,rc,. .. ws.. .. ,. -es .,-eff ' esfsiJsV 21E.i1zS55iisHi .. .es-is -. .'r.':f1 -K-ssifsiiz if.. :if fszgsifs,-' ,at , ee, sl: Zig ., W '5i5:iE'iiSIg,,: ':.sff5f:. s g rf " ,Ls si EL 'lfilsiy fiisiiffi flisSi22::s-ssfiiiiieffii ,tfsmiel si if 25 2 93 is ,si ,gli if 3 -,.,, E i Z lg s as .. i tsgsr s K X E I 5 Q, 9 SE 553 st 'f it 1 If ,,,rrE, i:1. ,- - at Y if ts 12i4flrg52E'Zisffe 5,W,..w..,3s new ww wit Jeri if ,.eff4Q21?W5 .i.. .fW- twfiisgt .. :.,,: Qetiffiei r 4 .. . . ms ,t , ii? s istieififel -sm,-f,, .i, ees E MW, f oezw SH .W ..',i ,V .-is-fm.,-W, Q ' 15521 ' 5sH::':V5:iTfiiT95Z-aziffvbs .U n:5:f?ls?:1,l' Ti? f7fIi95r1'lixi iii? W, ,.,. s,...s, , , il WEQLAZ SYJ , s gsff-1: -is -www' 'Si . .,,e.,,,. . ., ,,,w,.W, c..ti,,. , s .. , .- , is ,SQ 11 we sf is ' is sr- f - Riagg, .,,.,,,i, . Y . f-I4ifisrfmiviesifzzifreeiiii -t -eitrfzexiesssieeegfszf ,.w..,,, tis., 21.ff.szei,:,i- ' 3:-is .ef.1-sfs-fn--.Gi ws' 'ffiifcietisf' -4521322 Q si f sr is sf 11,1 -:stef sg. I sezistwsfgf gi fs A -A14 A- P eil ie. egtiet a stesgf-1 Eg, so V ssgffi ,gigs 5 H95 9. Q 'I QQ-eil is ii? We sv , :Elf l re' "Q-fisfliia-E LA GUAGE A D LITERATURE DIVISION x k..' i 5 ' Abe J. Bassett Assistant Professor of Speech ss., ks. as b h ' Jane Chambers A Instructor of English Robert H. Gough Assistant Professor of English William E. Johnson Professor of Languages Head of the Language Department i 'l. Katherine Moroney Associate Professor of English Paul E. Ried Assistant Professor of Speech .,.. ,.f K i -V if Annabel L. Beal Instructor of English Robert Dial Assistant Professor of English James Highlander Assistant Professor of Speech and Dramotics s We s Robert Jones Assistant Professor af English Nur Nick B, Popnioc Assistant Professor of Languages Evelyn Runyon Assistant Professor of English Tommy R. Burkett Assistant Professor of English Z 1 Yi. ..., I . . K . -'-' r Larry Eckles Assistant Professor of English Kathlene Hutchison Instructor of English in Bettye King Instructor of English .E James M. Purcell Assistant Professor of English Marilynn Schmidt Assistant Professor of Speech Elizabeth Callaway Associate Professor of Languages ff?" NA s . A r Herbert Eschliman Assistant Professor of English Donald C. Irving Instructor of English ,.. ...- to ,gs Q . Qu Ronald McReynalds Assistant Professor of English Beatrice Ricks Assistant Professor of English Patrick D, Smith Assistant Professor of English 1 f Q I X-up lg - - vii- .gf ENGLISH CLUB The English Club sponsored John Knoeptle, a poetry reader, this year. Other activities ot the club include a Christmas coffee and monthly meetings. The purpose of the English Club is to bring together students interested in that area and to stimu- late participation in the activities of the English department. Officers are president, Carol L. Smith, vice president, David Hutton: secretary, Jackie Briggs: treasurer, Mark Shinkle, and parliamentarian, Ted Epple, Dr. Robert Jones is the sponsor. Row One: Mark Shinkle, Mrs. Summers, Sally Harmon, Myra Harms, Linda Seba, Sandy Hurst, Ray Milton, David Hodges, Dr. Robert Jones, Row Two: Dr. Gaugh, Mr. Dial, Ted Epple, Barbara Hodges, Jerry Ganow, Jackie Briggs, Dr. Greet, Dr. Unglesby, Vern Register, David Hutton, Row Three: Mary Munday, Lawrence Galbearth. MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB The Modern Foreign Language Club serves to promote an interest in modern foreign languages, and to provide an opportunity for the practice ot language skills. Officers include president Janice Wright, Spanish vice p r e s i d e n t , Lawrence Galbearth, German vice president, Melvin Howell, French vice president, Linda Gerrodg Russian vice president, Steve Yovanovich, secretary, Linda Lange: treasurer, Carol Weir: and publicity chairman, Kathlyn Hiatt. Sponsors of the club are Elizabeth Callaway and Dr. William Johnson. Row One: Sandy Hurst, Linda Gerrodp Row Two: Zela Clasby, Jane lgo, Paulette Genest, Sharon Smith, Row Three: Linda Merritt, lan Pollard, Pat Johnson, Row Four: Miss Callaway, Diana Adams, Linda Lange, Lawrence Galbearth. SIG A TAU DELTA Row One: Beverly Wheeler, Bette Widney, Jan O'Neol. Row Two: Linda Lacld, Sharon Nininger, Janice Barnett, Dr. Catherine Titus, Linda Seba, David Hodges, Dr. Robert Jones, Dr. Taylor. Row Three: Dr. Robert Greef, Dr. Robert Gough, Ray Melton. Pl KAPPA DELT Gamma Theta chapter of Sigma Tau Delta, one of 95 national chapters, publishes the Cernost each year. Sigma Tau Delta is a national honorary English fraternity whose local membership is limited to 25, Officers are president, Carol L, Smith, vice president, Beverly Wheeler: secretary-treasurer, Janice Barnett: and historian-reporter, Linda Ladd. Dr. Catherine Titus is the sponsor. .... Pi Kappa Delta, national hon- orary forensics fraternity re- quires, for membership, an excel- lent or superior rating in several events of debate tournaments. Members are in the debate squad ond participate in varsity debate and individual work in intercol- legiate debates. Officers are president, Gene Lafferty . and treasurer, Tony Eberwein, Row One: Alice Mackey, Jan O'Neal, Diane ldleman, John Kohler. Row Two: Cliff Crofton, Tony Eberwein, Mr. Porterfield, Jerry Landreth. CMSC PLAYERS SPONSCJR PLAY PRODUCTIONS The CMSC Players present three major full length productions each year ROW One: JA D' Grissom! Snoron Zierlel Sue Ann and one act production workshops between each major production. J, D. Loudon. Row Two: Lois Wolpers, Barbara Owings, Janie Ott, Connie Niewald, Lou Ellen Kircher, Dr. Highlander. Row Three: Dave Leamon, Craig Jones, Barbara Stolz, Jan O'Neal, Cheryl Jasper. Grissom served as president this year, Barbara Stoltz as vice-president, Sharon Ziefle as secretary, Connie Niewald as treasurer, and Dee Draper as historian. Dr. James Highlander is the sponsor. The officers, sponsor and members also ROW pour: Terry Ivory, Delores Shiner, Nancy sponsor and host the annual high school speech and drama festival, which is Peters, Carol Buckley, John Sill, Winston Clardy. held on the CMS campus. TH ETA . ALPHA Theta Alpha Phi, one of the 52 chapters of this honorary theatre organization, encour- ages its members to increase interest, creativeness, to foster artistic achievement in all of the allied arts and crafts of the theater, and to participate in the production of campus plays. Cue magazine is Theta Alpha Phi's national publication. Sue Louden served as president this year, Dee Draper as secretary, John Sill as treasurer, Mary Meyer as pledge master, and Sharon Ziefle as historian. Row One: Sharon Ziefle, J. D. Grissom, Sue Ann Loudon. Row Two: Dr, Highlander, Dennis Rexroad, Craig Jones, Barbara Stoltz. Row Three: Dave Lea- mon, Nancy Peters, John Sill. ACTIVITIES OF THE SPEECH DEPARTMENT I I,,:I, , , , ,, '1 is J, Frank Muehlbach pays oft the Matchmaker, Dee Draper. rx -av' 'QW' 4' Dee Draper, the Matchmaker, arranges for Frank Maehlbach to meet Barbara Stoltz. s,' ann- V icicg pill iw Dr, Abe Basset, director of KCMW-fm, shows Gary Nunn, head announcer, the new UPI teletype, Joan Munson, news editor, compiles the daily newscasts. H . N , , X 55 SQ X is K K :V E. ,V 5 ,ts Q . , , . R 5 :Q lsiigkailtifblsgg 1 K 5 Efl Q ff. ' 5' is ff 3 , M ,wi Q it i 8 , fi ivy? sgjsf 95255 gi 'g a s me elf 1 X 2 5 , - f .f , -X U l ' - Jr 2 . A x f - - N' . .V 3 . TP ' . - A 4. K T W 5 . l . , .. Q K, , ., Q t sf 3 Q .55 lit. 4 ' maj? f . 'nn Q sittin? g is Xlgkggfgt rf- .-,., .M ig., H K his . X . .S W5 Y? ,sg X 5 Wk Sounds of music are heard through the halls of Utt Build- ing, where the division ot music is housed. Utt music hall is located near the main lounge and is the scene of many con- certs and other activities throughout the year. Band, music theory, directing, and other music classes are tought in Utt building. Music appreci- ation classes meet here and practice rooms are available throughout the building for music students. UTT BUILDI G MUSIC DIVISION Hike 5 it Ralph E, Hart, Professor of Music, Division Chairman of Music, confering with student, Conan Castle Associate Professor of Music i 1 D I Marion Davies Milton Genge Fredic Homan E. Barton Hudson Ammon D. Roberson Associate Pl'Of9SS0l' Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Aggogigfe Profeggor of Music of Music of Music of Music of Music Eugene Rousseau Assistant Professor of Music 'rg'-" Eleanor Shockey Associate Professor of Music Robert L, Stewart Wesley O. True Hugh Williams Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor of Music of Music of Music Pl KAPPA LAMBDA Q Pi Kappa Lambda is a national -N1 -Mm' -an if? music fraternity which requires a 3.5 overall grade average and outstanding performing ability in the music area for membership. iw " 1 This year Alpha Mu chapter, one of 50 national chapters, spon- sored the recital of Mrs. Norma Rousseau. Officers are president, Dr, Ralph Hart, vice president, Dr. Hugh Williams, and secre- tary, Miss Eleanor Shockey. N- qfvv' 'TZ Row One: Carmen Asp, Arthur Rinehart, Row Two: Miss Edith Brooks, Dr. Hugh Williams, F. W. Homan, Sharon Bertz, Row Three: Miss Eleanor Shockey, Barton Hudson, Margo Legsdin, Row Four: Conan Castle, Ammon Roberson, Dr, Ralph Hart, Ken Taylor. CRESCEN DO CLUB Crescendo Club is a music organ- ization for all majors and minors in that area. Crescendo Club strives to enhance the appreciation of the music arts out of a classroom situa- tion while enabling its members to show their own talents in the music field. Officers are president, Richard Dematteis, secretary, Sue Barbarick, and treasurer, Ken Taylor. Dr. Ralph Hart is the sponsor. i or Row One: Sue Barborick, Eileen Durst, Rosalee King, Martha Needy, Mary Barnes, Carla Wehmeir, Saundra Tising, Row Two: Janice Fleischer, Carmen Asp, Beverly Fleming, Linda Warren, Patricia DeWitt, Carrie Swanson, Ellen Taylor, Sharon Fulton, Row Three: Judy Stewart, Diane Gibler, Shirley Rustemeyer, Barb Roland, Donna Barry, Susan Branch, Ron Clark, Nancy Payne, Row Four: Gary Johnson, lda Bueker, Arthur Rinehart, Patricia Adams, Sharon Bertz, Joyce Vaughn, Margo Legsdin, Row Five: Richard Dematteis, Kenneth Taylor, Bill McCandless, John Minthorn, Lynn Penticuff, David Medlen, Delbert Boedeker, Bill Callen. ' i J , Nancy Kincaid X' V ., . cf i xx 9, i Rm + We .sf .i , I Lindo Sundberg ' --'.isaSi:5sQ:SLe1".f--f -: isfiLv:f?iE:Sf.1zPgs!s Jo Ann Clark Q Q w N MARCHING BA D AND MAJORETTES ,, ,.., . J Wkvf Eff , Q an ,G , .2 W f 1 ' Zimnlii,-fi 4Q46xiwf!i,'f,," ww., i3,I9,I':,'f ' Koy Glodfelter Joe Smith Dee Bea rd 3 'W of CCJLLEGE ORCHESTRA COLLEGE BAND Dr, Eugene Rousseou ond the mem- bers of the college bond tour oreo high schools to perform ot assemblies. 38 A CAPPELLA CHGIR A Cappella Choir, whose members are selected by try-outs, ermtertalrm at various cormvocatiorms directed by Dr, Ralph Hart. COLLEGE CHCIR The College Choir, directed by Dr. Conan Castle, also participates In several convocations throughout the year. SCIENCE BUILDING Students s p e n d many hours in the Iabs at the science building, which houses the division of sci- ence and mathematics. AA' ,.. 4. 1 3.4. Claude H, Brown, Professor of Mathematics and Chairman of the Math and Science Division, helps his students. Burt Burris Instructor of Mathematics William Grimes Instructor of Mathematics Q N ex 56" s 'Y x X X K F sf N X ' 1+ i Bs X l ess Marian Lesher James Carl Assistant Professor of Geology ei' 5 S . V . ,S s, E Oscar Hawksley Professor of Biology Frank Martin Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Mathematics of Physics SCIENCE Barbara Colbert Instructor of Mathematics . f 55" gg w1: ff2: "'N N .:... ,. Charles Heaton Associate Professor of Chemistry J. Paul Morris Professor of Physics DIVISIO " fe 1 1 - ,Z ff Carl Cunou Associate Professor of Chemistry s o . om- 5 s Q K iit. Sam P. Hewitt Professor of Biology Richard Myers Assistant Professor of Zoology Sam P. Hewitt, Professor of Botany, is caught looking at his cactii. ,.tc . ,. : . 1'??1'Fx. . - 'WJ I I - , X sf Larry Dilley Instructor of Physics Ray Holland Associate Professor of Physics iii: .,k. K K N X' figs ,. , I Xi X as X X sf ,J 'Xi Laura Nahm Professor of Zoology s ' ' 3 ' I X Alice Elliott Associate Professor of Biology X , I X' A . I Charles Kelley Associate Professor of Mathematics - , A r I ' 5 C. W, Rickman Viv Clarence Best Instructor of Mathematics if 1. is s David Brought Instructor of Chemistry X X Wallace Griffith Instructor of Mathematics ,- jf' ,, I I ex Stanley Killingbeck Assistant Professor of Chemistry N X fa., 9, ie ,. 'Sir .w . Virgil Riggs Instructor of Physics Assistant Professor i Q ffzs s Harry Sayery Assistant Professor of Biology of Science Charles Young Instructor of Physics Row One: Ralph Burns, Paul Dover, Tom Burnfin. Row Two: Bill Finley, Caroline Ferris, Margery Carver, Steve Chrisman, Row Three: Charles Heaton, Fred Wolff, James Sowers, John Steinbeck, Cecil VanBlareum, Gordon White, Albert Dial, William Busby. BETA BETA BETA HONORARY BIOLOGY FRATERNITY Beta Beta Beta, national biology fraternity, spon- sors field trips, scientific projects, and an annual ban- quet. Gamma Phi chapter members receive the national publication Bios. Officers are president, Steve Chrisman, and secretary-treasurer, Judity Chaney. Sponsors are Richard F. Meyers and Dr, Alice Elliot. fi iss 2 i 'SF' 45" QQ- AMERICAN CHEMICAI SOCIETT The American Chemical Society helps to acquaint chemistry stu- dents with the different fields in chemistry by having guest speak- ers, field trips, and contacts with the national organization's publi- cation, The Chemical and Engi- neering News. Steve Chrisman is president of ACS, William Busby is vice-president, and Gordon White is treasurer, Dr. Charles Heaton is the sponsor. Z"" LZ' Row One: Sharon Mathis, Row Two: Linda Schroeder, James Parrott. Row Three: Jerry McGowan, Judy Chaney, John Marqua. Row Four: Dan Dickneite, Steve Chris- man, Joe White, William Busby. OUTING CLUB TAKES CROSS COUNTRY JAUNTS Row One: Larry Gadt, Neta Pope, Larry Olsen. Row Two: Ann Uhr, Lorna Dyche, Mary Gil- bert, Werner Schafer. Row Three: R i c h a rd Hawksley, Joe White, Herschel Golub, Roger Kloepper, Jerry Mc- Gawan. SIGMA ZETA SCIENCE FRATERNITY 5 . 33" 'W' Sigma Zeta is an honorary organization designed to encourage scholarship in science and to recognize creditable attainments in this field. Requirements for ,membership include a 3.0 grade average in physical science courses and a 2.5 overall grade average. Psi chapter of Sigma Zeta, led by Jon Rickman, president, Charles Niggley, vice president, Ralph Burns, secretary, Mike Weber, treasurer, and sponsor Charles Young, take field trips and trips to hear off campus lecturers. KAPPA MU I EPSILCN I MATHEMATICS FRATERN ITY WU!" -alt Q...- Row One: John Koehler, Ralph Burns, Row Two: Ron Henke, Larry Blair, Charles Young, Charles Niggley, Lloyd Peterson, Row Three: Jesse Hyder, Cecil Vanblarcum, Terry L. Holman, Jon Rickman, Mike Weber, George Marchetti. arm ms, Nw Kappa Mu Epsilon requires for membership a 3.0 grade average in 8 hours of mathematics and superior grades in other courses. The organization's members participate in a spring field trip, and prograrns at the meetings. Delegates are sent to the national convention. The Pentagon is the national publication, officers are president, Lura Cusick, vice president, Leland Long, secretary, Jean McDowell, and treasurer, Larry Ragland. Dr. Charles Kelley and Wallace Griffith are sponsors. WW Row One: Larry Ragland, Row Two: William Fulkerson, Albert Morse, Row Three: Charles Watts, Jerry Carrell, Leland Lang, Row Four: Mike Weber, Larry Blair, Charles Niggley, Jesse Hyder, Row Five: Jon Rickman, Lura Cusick, Mary Lutte, Row Six: Joe Roop, Ed Barnes, Gordon White, Ray Fleischmonn. ie, ADMINISTRATION BUILDING Administration Building, in the center of the campus, houses the administrative offices on the first and second floors and the Social Science Division on the third floor, The studio of KCMW-tm, the campus radio station, is also located on the third floor. V If A , 3 if 1 5 ii L. Avery Fleming, Professor of Social Science and Chairman of the Division of Social Science, in conference with o student. X , ,,,, i 5' s 'S is , ts 2 9' ,M x 3 ii E 9 g 2 i 9 f 1 if greg 1 f Q L- we , -. if..f,,g: . me ,31 i , Q , 3 K i 2 Q ,.,-i A ' I, Agnes Horton Curtis A. Hutcherson Perry McCandless Associate Professor Professor of Bible Professor of History of Social Science Baptist Chair of Bible .iff Riley Pittman Donald F. Powell Byron S. Stewart AS50CiClf9 PfOfeSSOf Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of HUHWOVI REIONOVWS of Political Science of Social Science and Sociology sociAL scimcia DivisioN R. Leslie Anders Associate Professor of History Guillermo E. Davila Assistant Professor of Social Science Director of Law Enforcement Erwina E, Godfrey Assistant Professor of Social Science Charles Mitchell Instructor of Geography ' K Jr A , yf Joseph Straub Professor of Social Science Harry L, Wilkey Assistant Professor of Economics I , ,,...4-e M...- Jarnes Barker Assistant Professor of Economics Joseph Dolecki Associate Professor of Economics Howard Hibdon lnstructor of Geography 'Fit Mb-0 --...uv fv- Peter Nichols lnstructor of Social Science Roy M, Stubbs Assistant Professor of Social Science Randolph O. Yeager Associate Professor of Economics and Social Science WORLD UNDERSTANDING WORKSHOP Mohammed Nassim Kockman, Charge d'Affaires ad interim of the lslamic Re- public of Mauritania to the United States, presents the flag of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania to Dr. D. W. Tieszen, dean of instruction, and Dr. Donald O, Powell, associate professor of political science. Dr. Donald O. Powell, associate profes- sor of political science, and Wayne Acker- rnan, editor of the STUDENT, greet His Excellency, H. E. Ouman Sow, ambassador of the Republic of Mali to the United States. J. M. Udochi, ambassador to the. United States from Nigeria, presents Dr. D. W. Tieszen and Dr. Donald O, Powell with the Nigerian flag as his secretary, E. U, Kerry, watches. PEOPLE TO PEOPLE ln Vienna, Austria on the People to People tour are Row One: Ruth Ann Sparks, Mary Lou Lacey, Cliff Crenshaw, Shirley Batchelet: Row Two: Ed Barnes, Kay Gross, Anita Williams, Linda Callaway, Karen Rasnic. University People to People enables stu- dents to prove their interest in the world in which they live. Members are selected to tour Europe in the Student Ambassador program. V5 ,5X,,,, .,.,..,. M, Row One: Jane Igo, Cindi Cash, Marilyn Hill, Row Two: Khurshid Khan, Donna Barry, Kay Gross, Joyce Rainsburg, Samir Qaddoura: Row Three: Dr. Donald F. Powell, Janette Maty, Mary Hahn, Jo Ann Hartman, Sharon Nininger, Alice Haug: Row Four: Gary Young, Ronald Quick, Paul Herrick, Herbert Miller, De Wayne Allen, John Sill, John Achelpohl. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB The International Relations Club informs members on international affairs and aids in the advancement of world understanding. IRC permits CMS students to take an active role in advancing their understanding of the social, economical, and political aspects ofthe chang- ing world international societies. Officers are president, Khurshid A. Khan, vice president, Jim McCollum: and treasurer, Lou Lawson, Dr. Leslie Anders and Dr. Donald F. Powell are the sponsors. Row One: Khurshid Khan, Saeeda Khurshid: Row Two: Thasnai Muckvichit, Mary Lou Stevenson, Jane Igo, Samir Qaddoura, Lou Lawson: Row Three: Barbara Hodges, Bill Gill, Huda Nasir, Kozaburo Teno: Row Four: Dr. Leslie Anders, Unifareti Sotoa, Chang Bin Yim, Ufot Inyang, Young Lyal Kim, ig, 515 E 3 515 5 Q55 YE 5 'ig SQ X 1 1 ' Lg . - Y , zgiijifik 24' . - , 35,31-jf AMW fl COLLEGE UNION CABINET The College Union Cabinet, headed by Bernie Behlau, president, and Nancy Roelofson, vice president, directs the College Union Committees and plans Union activities. Among the activities are the special nightclub parties which make their appearance each term on the CMS campus social scene. They are also responsible for Pertle Springs events. Each member of the cabinet serves as a co-chair- man of a Union committee. Miss Helen Gilbert, director of the College Union, and Jesse Zink, assistant director, are the sponsors. Clockwise around the table are Miss Helen Gilbert, Sherri Branson, Jesse Zink, Harold Nagel, Linda Ladd, David Pennington, Mary Ann Koch, Barb Roland, Dee Kramer, Nancy Roelofson, Michele Moorman, Mike Downard, Roy Baker, Dick Shores, Helen Kuhr, Lynda Gudde, Carl Youngberg, Pat Wallace. . N WNNW. .. i .weewemx ,,.. Q s. . s - Ns-M' WS Nancy Roelofson Vice president Bernie Behlau President COLLEGE UNION COMMITTEES Row One: Judy Baugher, Jeannie Purvis, Mona Halliburton, Judi Tittle, Susie Whyte, Phoebe Owens, Fran Carney: Row Two: Lura Cusick, Bonnie McCarthy, Susan Adler, Sheri Allyn, Cheryl Peltan, Mary Jane Thomas, Peggy Panhorst, Donna Van Meter: Row Three: Helen Gilbert, Lorna Busch, Ron Hoffman, Mary Ann Schmidt, Donna Sprouse, Susie Tiesler, Caroline Bowden, Linda Ladd, Bernie Behlau, Row Four: Mike Garry, Karin Mueller, Mary Ann Koch, Bob Gaunt, John Sill, Gordon Tompkins, Sandy Moore, Harold Nagel. Bernie Behlau, president of the College Union Cabinet, and Nancy Roelphson, vice president, direct the activities of the Union committees. These committees play a vital role in offering to CMS students an opportunity to take advantage of the social functions which in themselves permit education out of the classroom situation. Committees are Pertle Springs, refreshments, married students, fine arts, publicity, entertainment, special events, and dance and decorations. Row One: Dee Kramer, Marilyn Hill, Cheryl Jasper, Carol Long, Mary Rupp, Diane ldleman: Row Two: Stan Grimsley, Dennis Rexroad, Barb Rowland, Bety Sue Eddy, Sharon Hanson, Kendall Lawrence, Sherry Branson, Kathryn Eck: Row Three: Al Singleton, Ann Michael, Thelma Perkins, Eloise Middough, Mary Wittman, Sue Barbarick, Jim Parsons: Row Four: Carl Youngberg, Gary Eck, Bret Lange, Jeanette Maty, Sonci Osborne, Bill Shipman, Harlan Lawson, Frank Tuggle. STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION Q. The SGA Executive Council is headed by president of SGA Tony Eberwein, vice president, Ed Lamb, and Speaker of the Senate, Mike Lord. Members of the council include Mary Gilbert, Tony Marshall, Wally Kille, Cliff Crenshaw, Mike Lord, Susan Skornia, Virginia Taggart, Ed Pembleton, Rose Ann Potts, Ed Lamb, and Tony Eberwein. The SGA Executive Council planned Homecoming activities, Parents Day, method of select- ing Homecoming Queen and Rhetor Queen, made the rules for the CEMO contest, and proposed a campus survey for addition to the student activities fund. The council also held freshmen orientation with SGA, spon- sored pep rallies, SGA Honors Banquet, and Senior Day. The SGA Executive Council is also responsible for elec- tion procedures for SGA officers and senators. Mike Lord, speaker of the Senate, Ed Lamb, vice presi- dent, and Tony Eberwein, president of SGA, go over plans for SGA Executive Council and SGA Senate. SGA SENATE 23 Row One: Shirley Flaugher, Marilyn Hill, Barbara Cumper, Betty Steiner, Lu Lawson, Bonnie Blosser, Joyce Kindred. Row Two: Charlotte Dieckman, Barbara Yates, Jan Foree, Kay Harris, Barb Roland, Lynda Gudde, Susan Swartz, Mike Napier. Row Three: George Carney, Jerry Landreth, Al Singleton, Steve LaRue, Butch Daugherty, Joyce Dietz, Janice Houtchens, Linda Cox, Bo Claxton. Row Four: Dan Cogan, Don White, Bob Allen, Bob Gaunt, Bill Rabias, Mike Lord, Torn Thompson, John Sill. 'ws ,WV Mike Lord, speaker of the Senate, directs its activities which include the establishment of the office of parliamentarian and facilities chairman, approval of new campus organizations such as Delta Sigma, Beta Epsilon, and the Society for the Advancement of Management, revision of rules for the election of cheerleaders and the petitioning of SGA senatorial candidates, and the establishment of the SGA bulletin board and suggestion box, The senate also planned the SGA spring trip. Officers of the senate are speaker, Mike Lord, speaker pro-tem, Bo Claxton, secretary, Charlotte Dieckmann, and parliamentarian, Dave Draper. SGA SUPREME COU RT Karen Rasnic, chief justice of the SGA Supreme Court, presides at Cases concerning appeals from organizations, or student appeals, or disciplinary cases. The Supreme Court is under the charter of the SGA Constitution and the Supreme Court chief justice is a member of the SGA excutive committee. Jim McCollum is prosecuting attorney and Fred Eberting is defense attorney. if i , ,4 , , 114 eq, 1,4 ' ,ln 3 ' f sz ,ee ag 'E haf' L4 1 A Justices Jan O'Neal, Toni Burwell, Harold Nagel, Scott Price, Lou Ellen Kircher, and Chief Justice Karen Rasnic. ,W SGA TRAFFIC COURT The SGA Traffic Court, headed by Chief Justice George Carney, handles all appeals of disputes over traffic tickets. lt is the Traffic Court's job to interpretate and hand down the decisions concerning the traffic viola- tions which involve the college student on his campus. Associate judges are Sue Ann Loudon and Mary Ruth Hutchinson. Dr. Hollis Chalquist is sponsor. Chief Justice George Carney and Associate Justice Sue Ann Loudon look over a traffic appeal. if is 4 ,gi Y .M 5 r ui, .,,,. mg iii -22 i QE? 2 3 if H A 1 ii T Q go my its Wy sa si sv .fig Aigzixiff Lg: Q ,'L- Editor-in-chief Pot Sterling Copy Editor Art Editor Joan Munson Mike Garry .W Associate Editor Joe Jodlow ' Q fii ivi I I f W y X, f 'af ff. E f H .. . if ,ak,. A. K, ,,k. .. . 3 ,,,,.z 5, , 5 i.:, ,i,, ,. W Q, my X if f , i ix 5.5:- L ,.,,: 5 gn? X 2 , ,, , ,,, .14 if 23' ,, ,gf ' had xi in S- J Members of the RHETOR staff are: standing, Joe Jadlow, Mike Garry, Mike Henry, Jack Taunt, Garry Sutton, Jerry Witt, Larry Smith, Rick Merrifield, Rich McBee, sitting, Pat Sterling, Pete Cipolla, Carol Bliss, Joan Munson, Lynda Gudde, Donna Cusick, Betty Sue Edde, Donna Sprouse, Sheri Allyn, Jeanie Henry, Sandy Steinmetz. uwwnrfg Part of the staff busily sorting underclassrnan pictures include Rich McBee, Lure Cusick, Pat Sterling, John Wheeler, Donna Cusick, Joe Jadlow. 55 Wayne Ackerman editor ofthe STUDENT r sx terms finishes his lost layout fol term os his ossociote editor, John Achepohl, STUDENT EDITORS AND STAFF GET THE PAPER OUT John Achepohl takes over editorship of the STUDENT winter term, as Wayne gives 0 lost pointer and Mrs. Evelyn Runyon, od- viser, gives on op- proving nod. Kathy Mason and Joan Munson get their stories straight. W.,,,,,N,, Wayne Ackerman and John Achepohl, editors, make assign- ments to the STUDENT staff, Kathy Mason, Joan Munson, Gary Nunn, Don Thompson, Anne Renkin, Rudy Rodriguez, Betty Widney, Gail Carr, Becky Campbell, Rita Hayes, and Wendall Wahlstetd. Rita Hayes and Rudy Rodriguez meet the Tuesday deadline. .4 John Wheeler, sports editor, knocks out a football story. X vs , Y' , N7 K .Q-ew 5 "if 5 ry:-K UNA", MACE AND TORCH Mace and Torch, an honor organiza- tion for junior and senior men, requires a 3.0 grade average or better, and the demonstration of leadership in at least ig two areas ot campus lite. lts purpose is to recognize outstanding academic and lead- ership qualities, Ed Lomb is president of Mace and Torch and John Sill is secre- tary-treasurer. Dr. Perry McCandless is the sponsor. Row One: Ed Lamb. Row Two: Joe Wicott, John Sill. Row Three: Ed Barnes. PREXY CLUB Prexy Club, composed ot presidents ot all student campus organizations, works tor better communication and understanding between the stu- dents and the administration ot the college. Mem- bers discuss various compus issues at luncheon and dinner meetings held once a month during the academic year. There are no officers, Row One: Sue Loudon, Ruby Wilson, Row Two: Gerald Shaon, Gladys l-loder, Joyce Nichols, Khurshid Khan, Mildred Cole, Mory Ann Culp. Row Three: Floyd Young, Jan O'Neal, Susan Stark, Pom Brody, Michele Dixon, Brenda Porter, Gil Monnig. Row Four: Linda Ladd, Janette Maty, David l-lutton, Jean Graham, Lura Cusick, Lynda Gudde, Fred Wolff, Don Thompson. Row Five: Karin Mueller, Mary Lutte, Beverly Wheeler, Ralph Oldham, Dr. Lovinger, John Sill, Pat Snider, Pat Ackerman, Jancie Barnett. Row Six: Richard Dematteis, Jim Hayes, Betty Bock, Ed Barnes, J. B. Frost, John Steinbeck, Riley Chrisman, Frank Tuggle, Dave Leamon, Terry L. Holman. ALPHA PHI SIGMA Alpha Phi Sigma, honorary scholastic fraternity requires for mem- bership, in the local Epsilon chapter, a 3.5 grade average for three consecutive terms. Once each year the organization awards the Sapere Aude scholarship which pays a deserving student's enrollrnent fees for one term. Officers are president, Mildred Cole, vice president, Linda Ladd, secretary, Carol Deck, and treasurer, Virginia Hilton. Dr. H. Clay Jent is the sponsor, and national president of Alpha Phi Sigma. ALPHA PHI DELTA Row One: Terry Wright, Dennis Rexroad. Row Two: Darrell Bieberly, Shirley Bowman, Brenda Porter, Gayle Hoopes, Carmen Asp, Carol Deck, Dana Gilbert. Row Three: Arthur Rinehart, Bill Funkerson, Jim Parrott, Mildred Cole, Harlan Lawson, Edith Heberling. Row Four: Dr. H. Clay Jent, Janice Barnett, Beverly Wheeler, Kay Blair, Linda Ladd, Virginia Hilton. Row Five: Mike Lord, Fred Bieberly, Mike Weber, Jesse Hyder, Larry Blair, Kenneth Taylor, Courtland Hall. Alpha Phi Delta gives a S35 scholarship each year to a member of this honorary group for out- standing women students. Requirements for mem- bership include a 3.0 grade average for 30 hours of credit, and the demonstration of leadership. Officers are, president, Jean Kelsey Graham: vice president, Mildred Cole, and secretary-treasurer, Carol Deck. Dr. Laura Nahm is the sponsor. Row One: Beverly Fleming, Martha Needy, Donna Allan, Sally Parrish. Row Two: Eileen Durst, Gayle Hoopes, Carmen Asp, Sandy Jennings, Judy Gregg, Roberta Cowe, Becky Tallman, Carol Ehrhardt, Brenda Porter. Row Three: Madge Craig, Lou Kircher, Jeanne Purvis, Judy Tipton, Mildred Cole, Kendall Lawrence, Michele Dixon, Barbara Chamberlain, Linda Moser, Diane Keller, Natalie Fischer. Row Four: Margaret Ahle, Jan O'Neal, Judy Boresow, Janet Busch, Jean Koch, Annie Marie Pape, Nancy Campbell, Beverly Wheeler, Rose Ann Potts, Carol Deck. Row Five: Dr, Laura Nahm, Jean Graham, Lura Cusick, Judy Stewart, Phoebe Owen, Donna Crandal, Shirley Bowman, Kathleen Blair, Janet Kateman, Janice Barnett, Mary Lutte. Row Six: Judy Weseloh, Margie Grubb, Diana Breon, Jeanette Eickhoff, Pat Johnson, Linda Lange, Linda Ladd, Sandra McFerrin, Charlene Smithers, Betty Bock. ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA 4 QI? V ' rf' MM f C7 Row One: Jean Koch, Kay Hoover, Gayle Hoopes, Louise Hodge, Nancy Sandy, Kendall Lawrence, Row Two: Dr. Laura Nahm, Michele Dixon, Mildred Cole, Shirley Bowman, Diane Keller, Jean Graham, Row Three: Mary Lutte, Janice Barnett, Beverly Wheeler, Kathryn Eck, Brenda Porter, Carol Deck, Jeannette Eckerle. ALPHA PHI OMEGA W3 X Alpha Lambda Delta recognizes superior scholastic achievement during the freshman year. A cumulative grade average of 3.5 is required. Members receive the national Alpha Lambda Delta Newsletter and participate in the pledging and initiation of new members. Thischapter, founded in l96l, is one of ll5 national chapters. Dr. Laura Nahm and Dr, Christine Foster are the sponsors. Officers are, president, Diane Keller, vice president, Beverly Wheeler, secretary, Kendall Lawrence, treasurer, Gayle Hoopes, and historian, Julia Prout. Rx: iw-i ,Ny M!!- v K Row One: Richard Owings, Millard Breuninaer, Roger Bailey, George Sanders, Row Two: Bob Winn, Bill Shelton, Bob Kauffman, Chuck Watts, Glenn Russell, Homer Radford, Row Three: Thomas Ashby, Tom Wheaton, Tom Parr, Jim Westbrook, Bob Allen, Raw Four: Gordon White, Allan Duncan, Herschel Golub, Forrest Triplett, Russell McNeil, Bob Gaunt. 'Nb Alpha Phi Omega publishes the Student-Faculty Bulletin, sponsors the UMOC Contest, assists at homecoming, ushers at school plays, and sponsors movies for the student body, Beta Kappa chapter is one of over 350. Officers are, president, Gordon White, lst vice president, Glenn Russell, 2nd vice president, Bob Kauffman, recording secretary, George Sanders, corresponding secretary, Richard Owings, treasurer, Tom Ashby, historian, Glenn Triplett, and sergeant at arms, J. C. Smith. Dr. Randolph O. Yeager is the sponsor. ' -sc.. 5 Q -' -' . iznfi. if-i si hifi it fm BNN X Q X N RQ ' 5 Nas :E,..:--is x , - ii E Q N s ,K Q ' i 4 tw QF- 1 Sig Bi. Y x 4 'Mmm -.qi Cosmo Club tea begins their year's activities. CWENS CWENS is a new honor service society for sophomore women who have a 3.0 grade average at the end of three terms. They are selected by their accomplish- ments in leadership, scholarship, and character. CWENS assist during fresh- men orientation and have begun a paper back library in the dormitories. Officers include president, Mary Martha Lutte: vice-president, Carol Crank: recording secretary, Virginia Bax, treasurer, Carol Deck, and historian, Bette Widney. Dr. Christine Foster is the sponsor. Row One: Becky Tallman, Gayle Hoopes, Toni Burwell. Row Two: Carol Deck, Carol Ehrhardt, Rita Hayes. Row Three: Virginia Bax, Lou Ellen Kircher, Frances Napper, Linda Moser. Row Four: Char- lene Smither, Sandra Steinmetz, Mary Lutte, Diane Adams, Carolyn Granger, COSMOPOLITAN CLUB The Cosmopolitan Club promotes an international spirit by having its foreign student members give programs which help the members understand other cultures better. Hucla Nasir, exchange student from Jorden, presented one program, and others were given on Germany and Nigeria. Officers are president, Chang Bin Yin: vice-president, Mrs. Nahid Shahabi: secretary, Barbara Hodges, and treasurer, Thasnai Muchbichi. -we Row One: Thasnai Muckevichit, S a n e d a Khurshid, Kurshid Khan, Kozaburo Teno. Row Two: Sanir Qaddoura, Young Lyul Kim, Ken- neth Hutcherson, Row Three: Miss Ethel Calla- way, Huda Nasir, Bill Gill, Barbara Hodges. Row Four: Uinifareti Sotoa, Chang Bin Yim, Tili Tyrell, Terry L. Hol- man, Ufot lnyang. .rs GDR' NTFS' 5 . . i 'Z S X. YOUNG DEMOCRATS EXECUTIVE COUNCIL X,3,,,.-1z."'i' YOUNG REPUBLICANS J R 'CP ' 5 -f l ,xx . ' The Young Democrats acquaints students with the activities of the Demo- cratic party and its role in the United States gov- ernment. The Democratic Newsletter is the club's local publication. Officers are, president John Cham- bers, vice president, Diane ldleman, recording secre- tory, Linda Roberts, cor- responding secretary, i Sharon Branson, and treas- urer, Charles Moore. Prof. H. L. Wilkey and Dr. Erwinda Godfrey are the sponsors. Row One: Margaret Hanna, Jane lgo, Mary Adkins, Row Two: Dr. Godfrey, Velma Moulton, Barbara Hodges, Dick Scott, Row Three: John Chambers, Gary Young, Paul Herrick, Charles Moore, Mr. Wilkey. L -,,,,,,, g Q? I '. 44' My 1.3 ,qw The Young Republicans attend the Mock Legislature, work with the county Republican party, and holds discussions of politics at its meetings. Officers are president, John Sill, vice president, Larry Dearing, treasurer, Dave Schooler, recording secretary, Dorothy Lindstrorn, and corresponding secretary, Mike Hughes. Peter Nichols and Charles Mitchell are the sponsors. Row One: Marilyn Pfeilsticker, Sondra Dunnington, Row Two: Sharon Burns, Kala Casebier, Janice Hambry, Row Three: Charles Mitchell, Fred Wolff, Jerry Butcher, Shirley Bowman, Row Four: Michael Hughes, John Sill, Marsha Holls, Bob Temple. The United Campus Christian Fellowship is composed of students from the Christian, Brethren, and Presbyterian churches. lt provides fellowship through various social and religious activities, and sponsors an all school chili supper. Mrs, Riley Pittman, Dr. Laura Nahm, Dr. B. Stewart, Dr, Conan Castle, and Dr. Leslie Anders are the sponsors. Officers are, president, Linda Ladd, vice president, John Sill, and treasurer, Fred Stegner, RELIGIOUS LIFE COUNCIL g L The Religious Life Council coordi- nates campus religious programs and sponsors Religious Emphasis Week, and special convocations at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. Officers are, president, Paul Herrick, vice president, Terry Holman, sec- retary treasurer, Ralph Burns, and reporter, Roger Nelson. Miss Helen Gilbert is the sponsor. Unglesbyf Helen Gllbefi- Row One: Barbara Shrout, Cindi Cash, Rosalee King, Ken Baker, Row Two: Carrie Coward, Marcia Soper, Pat Wilson, Ann Simpson, Judy Rosenbaum, Don Beebe, Kay Bailey, Row Three. Zela Clasbey, Carol Smith, Gale Yeaman, Maribeth Windes, Sally Neill, Carol Deck, Row Four. Verle Cornish, Pat Sherman, Barbara Gilbert, Glenda Currie, John Minthorn, Richard Farrand, UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP Row One: Sandra Thomas, Carolyn Dettmann, Dorothy Schnider, Emma Jean Kunze, Row Two: Donna Cusick, Brian Frank, Linda Ladd, Joyce Nicks, Brenda Tillatson, Row Three: Tom Wheaton, John Sill, Tom Parr, Lura Cusick, Row Four: Leslie Anders, Fred Stegner, Linda Thomas, Mary Ann Koch, Jon Rickman. Row One: Janice Haynes, Betty Bock, Dr. Beatrice Ricks, Bettie Weathers, Dr. Katherine Moroney, Connie Niewald, Karson Morrison, Terry Holman, Father Michael Gillgannon, Ralph Burns, Paul Herrick, Row Two: Ross Carlton, Father James D. Moon, Vern Wheaton, lrl Gladfelter, Carol Ehrhardt, Jerry Shaon, Paulette Genest, Rev. Leonard Barry, Dr. Ina ,LIAHONA The Liahona Fellowship spon- sors weekly devotionals, partici- pates in activities of the RLDS Church, and publishes the local newsletter, The Liahona Leiason. Officers are president, Herbert E. Miller, vice president, Carrie Coward, secretary, Carol Deck, treasurer, Don Beve, and . publicity, Barbara Gilbert, Dr. Ron McReynolds is the faculty sponsor Rodney Harsin, Row Five: George York, Charles Beck, Herbert Miller, Nancy Cox, Carol Gar- Gnd Jim Pogflefhwgif Gnd Lyman field, DeWayne Allen, Fred O'Neal, Ronald Quick. Edwards are the church sponsors. Q Row One: Marilyn Pfeilsticker, Alana Cross, Row Two: lrl Gladfelter, Delores Shiner, Jerry Shaon, Row Three: Dan Newell, Henry Lewis, Kelton Smith, Bob Temple. CANTERBU RY CLU B The Canterbury Club sponsors pro- grams at its meetings such as "Christianity and Communism." The Dialogue is an Episcopalian publication received by its members. Miss Rita Sullivan and the Reverend James F. Moon, Episcopal chaplain to CMS, are the sponsors. Officers are president, Jerry Shaon, vice president, Henry Lewis, secretary -'treasurer, Delores Shiner, and publicity, Bob Temple. YI: -11 Row One: David Hodges, Gladys Hader, Margery Carver, Janeth Hill, Marilyn Cloud, Gail Williams, Jon Painter, Row Two: Dr. Hutcherson, Mary Adkinson, Kay Demetreus, Janice Fleischer, Jann Grarf, Paul Butterfield, Row Three: Sandra Williams, Nancy Campbell, Elberta Crouch, Nancy Coates, Carolyn Porter, Charles Cassil, Angelis Malone, Row Four: Betty Bock, Rita Miller, Ray Hall, Geraldine Tally, Kathy Means, Lois McCorkle, Bill Higgins, Bill Callen. The Baptist Student Union participates in ves- pers, choir, training union, young women's aux- iliary, Baptist Man on Campus, and other activities. Officers are president, Betty Bock, vice president, Shirley Bowman, secretary, Dot Cox, and treasurer, Janice Graef. Dr. and Mrs. Curtis Hutcherson and Miss Laura Baker are the sponsors. Row One: Sandy Mann, Janet Sallee, Joyce Rukes Clara Tucker, Alice Seymour, Jo Ellen Catron, Margie Smith, Row Two: Shirley Bowman, Geraldine West Shirley Flaugher, Cecil Marie Coats, Beverly Flem- ing, Vera Keeton, Sharon Baker, Row Three: Jeanita Hutcherson, Janice Barnett, Joy Dugger, Jackie Bate man, Jennie Smith, Diana Adams, Glenda Cooper Mona Brown, Row Four: Bill Keith, Velma Moulton Roger Nelson, Curtis Dale Hutcherson, William Le wallen, Marsha Hollo, Larry Brown. NEWMAN CL Row One: Sharon l-lanson, Pat Davis. Row Two: Dr, Moroney, Larry Doetzl, Susan Swartz, Carolyn Mer- ten, Mary Ann Koehler, Paulette Genest, Kitty Rupp, Regine Boehmer. Row Three: Frank Spellerberg, Janet Wilson, Linda Mertenz- meyer, l-l e l e n Ortbals, Brian Madden, Rita Got- schall, Mary Lou Watson, Dr, Ricks. Row Four: Rev. Michael Gilgannon, Julitta Dierhott, Rose Ann Potts, Joan Kendrick, Elaine Zieg- ler, Jancie Rallihan, Sandro Gulich, Thad Buckey. Row Five: Tom Schwaller, Mrs. John Martin, Dan Weber, Joe Ragusa, Mary McKinley, Janet Vocate, Jea n ette Echerle, Mary l-lenry, John Martin. Q .... - 1 Q GAMMA DELTA Gamma Delta won a plaque tor the greatest increase in membership at a regional convention this year. The Church Mouse is the local publication. Officers ore president, Connie Niewald, vice president, Paul Myers, secretary, Janet Rasa, treasurer, Stella Hoitaus, publicity chairman, Suzanne l-loithaus, social choirmon, Kathy Gnuse, and religious chair- man, Bob Berry, John F, Kutzik is the sponsor. Row One: Stella Edwards. Row Two: Janet Rasa, Marilyn Faien, Row Three: Paul Mvers, Robert Barry, Rodney Dierking. WESLEY The Wesley Foundation, a Methodist youth group, spon- sors vespers, Holy Communion, evening programs, a choir, and various recreational activities. Officers are president, Gene Page, vice president, Judy Marshe, secretary, Carol Lee, and treasurer, Bill Fulkerson, Sponsors include Dr. Perry McCandless and Rev. Leonard Barry. Row One: Bettie Weathers. Row Two: Kendall Lawrence, Sara Wilkey, Carolyn Page, Joanna Cox, Thelma Perkins, Lou Lawson, Row Three: Bill Fulkerson, Jerry Britt, Sharon Nininger, Carolyn Woolery, Judy Marske, Donna Berry, Ralph Burns. Row Four: the Rev. Mr. Barry, Mrs. Leonard Barry, Roberta Jean Paul, Carolyn Mellenbruch, Carol Brandhorst, Charles Bultemeier, Carol Lee, Gene Page, Row Five: Gary Waisner, Vernon Adams, Gordon Dryer, Jerry Penick, Kathryn Hanna, Robert Rages, Valera Stinson, Gordon White, Jerry Dunkin. 1 A T if -Q AWS ASSEMBLY GOVERNS WOMEN STUDENTS The Association of Women Students sponsors the best dressed girl contest and dance, AWS state day, and a faculty- student coffee. The purposes ot AWS are to establish a representative government for women students, set standards of conduct, coordinate activ- ities, and to foster a sense I ot responsibility in women students to themselves, and to the college. Members of the AWS Assembly receive the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students Magazine. , X - 1 ' Qseflffgissnf et,-1,,g,g,tw+:e, - ff-rr: ., 'Q f-sfiiftss : 114 -- ., Wi W . L Row Onez Sharon Mathis, Sharon Hunt, Jeanie Henry, Linda Howard, Patsy Gosney, Janet Benskin, Peggy Adams, Myra Harms. Row Two: Elaine Hicklin, Kay Talley, Judy Coonrod, Sandy Koewing, Donna Embry, Brenda Porter, Kiran Metzger. Row Three: Valerie Cawein, Fran Carney, Judy Roberts, Sandy Hart, Sherri Allen, Sheryl Decker, Alma Young, Row Four: Toni Burwell, Meril Cameron, Lynda Gudde, Carol Crank, Linda Pickering, Linda Smith, Jean Fore, Ann Michael. Row Five: Jeanette Maty, Judy Hartley, Glenda Sumpter, Martha Chaney, Mary Hahn, Donna Jones, Mary Martha Lutte. ACTIVITIES 'V Y? Th president, Donna Jones, second vice-president, Jeanette Maty. Row Two: treasurer, Linda Pickering, corresponding secretary, Martha Chaney, recording secretary, Mary Martha Lutte. e officers of AWS Executive Council are, Row One: first vice-president Brenda Porter' iiouTsi Hosfv HALL couNclL Officers of Houts Hosey Hall Council are, president, Judee McCammong vice-president, Phyllis Hofstetterj recording secretary, Janice Houtchensj corresponding secretary, Shay Thompson: treasurer, Linda Pickering: and historian, Linda Cox. Mrs, Bitticker and Mrs. Cary are the Resident Directors. Officers of Todd Hall Council are, president, Betty Widneyg vice-president, Gayle Hoopesg recording secretary, Lou Ellen Kircher, corresponding secretary, Linda Catron: and treasurer, Barb Rowland. Mrs. Moyer is the Resident Director and Linda Ferrin is the Resident Assistant. Members of Houts Hosey Hall Council are, Row One: Phyllis Hofstetter, Mrs. Bit- ticker, Mrs. Cary, J u d e e McCammon. Row Two: Carolynn Smith, Judy Novell, Je a n n i e Heisler, J a n ic e Houtchens, Linda Cox, Joan Mun- son, Row Three: Carol Glass, S h a y Thompson, F r a n cis Napper, Ann Ken- nedy, Jan Wright, Jeanine Wallis. TODD HALL COUNCIL Members of Todd Hall Council are, Row One: Gayle Hoopes, Linda Ferrin, Barb Rowland, Betty Widney, Row Two: Linda Catron, Lou Ellen Kircher, Gloria Mallory, Jac- queline Case. Row Three: Mrs. Moyer, Beverly Wilson, Karol Ahmann, E I a i n e Haines. NICKERSON HALL COUNCIL Officers of Nickerson Hall are president, Patty Snider, vice-president, Bonnie Blosser: record- ing secretary, Barbara Yates, corresponding secretary, Valerie Cawein, treasurer, Ann Ren- ken, and historian, Sandy Twenter. Mrs. White is the head resident and Pat Ferris is the graduate assistant. Members of Nickerson Hall Council are, Row One: Sandra Twenter, Anne Renken, Patty Snider, Bonnie Blosser. Row Two: Sue Ann Hovde, Mrs. White, Valerie Cawein, Barbara Yates, Pat Ferris, Margaret Gels, Barbara Klernme. Row Three: Rita Grider, Carole Smith, Carolyn Schmidt, Charlene Gore, Ann Uhr, Jo Ellen Catron. YEATER HALL COUNCIL Officers of Yeater Hall are, president, Carol Bliss, vice-president, Judy Stewart, recording secretary, Evelyn Streit, and treasurer, Sandy Steinmetz. Mrs. Saunders is the head resident and Mrs. Farmer is the resident assistant. Members of the Yeater Hall Council are, Row One: Evelyn Streit, Sandra Steinmetz, Carol Bliss, Judy Stewart. Row Two: Sandra Vine- yard, Rita Hayes, Janet Kateman, Brenda Haupt, Jean Graham, Vera Keeton. NORTH HALL COUNCIL C7 4. my Officers of North Hall Council are, president, Gladys Hader, vice-president, Betty Bock: and secretary-treasurer, Sue Barth. Mrs. Harrison is the head resident and Glenda Cooper is the resident assistant. Members of North Hall Council are, Row One: Sue Barth, Gladys Hader. Row Two: Betty Bock, Glenda Cooper, Marene Bockelman. Row Three: Linda Evans, Carol Lee, Kathy Means, Velma Moulton. f NYI 'QW9' 1 4 Zi Aff! YI xv ,MIM W ,Y , ' 2.35 ry HUDSON HALL ADVISORY COUNCIL Officers of Hudson Advisory Coun- cil are, president, Don Thompson, vice-president, Dick Shores, and sec- retary, Gregg White. Mrs. Allworth is the Resident Director. Members of the Hudson Hall Council are, Rwo One: Gregg White, Dick Shores, Mrs. John Marqua, Ronald Roggy, William Busby, Gerald Kirch- ner, Terry Paasch, Fred Mayfield, Tom Thompson. Row Three: Melvin Howell, Tom Maidment, Al Blessing, Bob Hart, Jim Milburn, Glenn Triplett. MflfbiiiifliiZiQlmi5liTe5CZ'i?l'3SJliO'Effi3UE.llf'E:,583I 223 DIEMER HALL ADVISORY Two: Ken Yowell, Jim Knapp, Tom Helms, Tom Reece, 1 John Williams, Richard McBee. O f f i c e r S o f Diemer Hall Coun- cil are, president, Gary Sutton, vice- president, Howard P i t t sg secretary, Bill Stout, a n d treasurer, L e n n y Scott. Mrs, Hal- lock is the Resident Director. COUNCIL Members of Osborne Philips Advisory Council are, Row One: Thomas Hardin, David Green, Pete Beyer, Cora Nordyke, Natlean Moore, Row Two: Miles Horn, Carl Richardson, Edward Swovelan, Mark Shinkle, Ronnie Rose, Wayne Lohmeyer, Ron Welch, Elliott Bigelow, Woodrow Kline. L M mber of Foster Hall Advisor Council are, Row One: Crai Caenatsei, Mrs. Shelnutt, Harold lbratcher, John Paige, Row Two? Noel Fulkerson, Ahmad Fattah, Ron Richardson, Jack Whitmer, Row Three: Winston Clardy, Edward Radford, Morris Tillman, Potter . Childers, Leo Meyer. K i n S-iii lg ,,,ci,. gun.-1 -R O f f i c e r s o f Osborne Philips Hall are president, Nath- an W. Mooreg vice president, Peter Boyer, and treasurer, Thomas Hardin. Mrs. Nordyke is the resi- dent director. Officers of Foster Hall Advisory Coun- cil are, president Craig Canatsey, vice president, H a r ol d Bratcherg and secre- tary-treasurer, John Paige. Mrs. Shelnutt is the resident director. Residents of the men's dormitories enjoy the study lounges and automatic cafeteria facilities provide snacks. INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S ASSCCIATION 7 4T'W"?' Row One: Bettie Weathers, Pam Brady, Row Two: Jane IWA, Sponsored by Dr, E,-Wing lgo, Janet Hamilton, Raenita Marlowe, Row Three: Dr. Godfrey, Diane Perry, June Drake, Sandra Thomas. Members of IWA gather in the College Union. Godfrey, participates in campus contests such as Rhetor Queen and Best Dressed Girl, and plans parties and socials. IWA is composed of those women students who are not members of a Greek sorority and who are interested in benefiting from their social experiences as well as con- tributing to the academic and service aspects of college life. Members of IWA work to promote greater school spirit and encourage more student participation in campus activities. For a service project, IWA contributes to the World University Service which provides aid to overseas students. Officers are president, Pam Brady, vice president, Judy Gregg, secre- tary, Linda Evans, and treasurer, Barbara Burkholder. Epsilon Lambda chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta won the Delta Zeta service award for the second time in a row last year as a result of their altruistic projects. Two members of Alpha Gam go to the Warrensburg medical center for one hour each day to help serve dinner. Other projects include raising money at a car wash for the National Society for Crippled Children and Adults, and contributing to the college for some worthy project. Alpha Gam's social life is as active as their work for charity. The Ditto Dance starts the year's activities, which include Homecoming, rush, campus contests, International Reunion Day banquet, Parents' Day Tea, Scholarship Achievement banquet, Feast of Roses, spring retreat, senior tea and the spring formal. Linda Ferril was their candidate for Homecoming queen, Joan Munson was their choice for Rhetor Queen, and Sue Ann Hovde was their selection for Miss CEMO. Brenda Bail represented the Alpha Gam's in the best dressed girl contest and Diane Hughes was their candi- ALPHA GAMMA DELTA date for Miss Beauty in the UMOC contest. Campus activities show another facet of the Alpha Gam's life, and several have offices in organizations. Joan Munson is-copy editor for the RHETOR, and news editor of KCMW-fm, Carol Bliss is president of Yeater Hall, Judy Stewart is vice president of Yeater Hall, and Becky Quinn is president of WRA. Officers are president, Joyce Nichols, first vice pres- ident, Kathy Drummond, second vice president, Sharon Murry, recording secretary, Judy Stewart, corresponding secretary, Barbara Chamberlain, treasurer, Brenda Bail, social chairman, Sue Ann Hovde, rush chairman, Joan Munson, membership chairman, Carol Bliss, Panhellenic representatives, Linda Ferril and Becky Tallman, activi- Donna Watkins, altruistic chairman, guard, Terry Wright, scrilie, Donna Crandal, house president, Susan Skornia, and editor, Pat Harness. Sponsors are Dr. Catherine Titus, Miss Marian Lesher, Miss Rita Sullivan, and Miss Monia Morris. ties chairman, Diane Hughes, if .Q 3' c 3 In--U 'NES K M-I X N' lx XT' ,.,.....---2- A , ,M as a..,.. ww..-' . ,. , ' i f 6:':?f'. -, K f S , I 6. 9559? Q. Linda Ferril is presented by Joan Munson at the Homecoming convo. "You're all wet!" was the cry at the AGD car wash. , A i, M in 7. N Q, - I 1 : .a Y, ,, i 5 I W, ' ,Q z- 'fr ' "' ' A , 7 . , ,E , , , .. , in f . . -if g X IM' l H W , "k' M 1 W T' I 43 if qc? F 'Is "" , if it ,V , 4 ,, M K w 1 f nf ,TM l J t , , i ,, 5 as i it J 3 I I 6 V Iv W 7 660,62 ' ' W ff gy 1 6, f 151 f iff If I J , W. my J L . , , Row One: Joyce Nichols, Terry Wright, Elaine Turnage. Row Two: Sharon Murry, Becky Tallman, Sandra Hart, Barbara Mariano, Linda Church, Jean Fore, Dianne Hughes, Judy Burns, Row Three: Betty Sue Edde, Donna Watkins, Carol Meverven, Carol Bliss, Becky Campbell, Judy Stewart, Susan Swartz, Donna Vanfvleter, Saundra Tising. Row Four: Patricia Harness, Linda Smith, Brenda Bail, Patricia Ackerman, Sandra Thomas, Barbara Davis, Danna Crandal, Carolyn Reinhardt, Row Five: Barbara Chamberlain, Sandra McFerrin, Sandra Campbell, Sue Ann l-lovde, Elaine Campbell, Kathy Drummond, Jane Gibson, Linda Ferril, Mary Jane Marriott. Not pictured: Joan Munson and Susan Skornia. .L f : 1' ' 'ffiif MQW, ,W mm, H I ,lj . "'if,g3wf ff .4 "- c Alpha Gam's pick up business for their car wash. si The Alpha Gam's sing cheers before a progressive party. QQ? Row One: Jim Davis, Bill Jarvis, Ed Teater, Mark Johnson, Weldon Brady, Monte Birch, Don Kline, Ron Evans. Row Two: Tony Eidson, Gale Bradley, Fred VanEaton, Ron Morrison, Fred Stegner, Bud Greer, Jim Aziere, Larry Spainhower, Jim McEwen, Mrs, King. Row Three: Phil Kurtz, Carl Conway, Jack Sandridge, Ted Wilson, Bill Ramey, C. F, Clevenger, Roger Kirchoft, Stan Frerking, Lee Long. Row Four: John Knipschild, Rusty Gooch, Bill DeFoe, Mike Bell, Gary Dannaldson, Charles Parks, Boh Hines, Ed Smith, George Carney, George l-lout. Row Five: John Sill, Ken Talley, John Wheeler, Chuck Burgess, Don Hemphill, Bob Wiley, Vernon Foster, Spencer Bright, Rich Reeves, Don Reynolds, Larry Mueller. Not pictured: Bob Corder, Frank Holmstrom. llliflg Ji Acacia's and their dates enjoy the "Black and Gold" formal. xi -"' ' 1 Fountain of Youth" advertises 'Springfield Falls." ACACIA 5 iii' l l 'Siu The Acacia fraternity began the year with its annual Acacia Pajama Festival. Linda Cox, ASA, and Steve Chrisman, AKL, were crowned Queen and King at the Acacia dance. The Mona Lisa Pizza lnn, which ran for four nights, scored as the second event the Acacia's sponsored. The Pizza Palace was the main Acacia money making project for the year. The Black and Gold Formal was held winter term. Jane Johanningmier, Sigma Kappa, was crowned Acacia sweetheart at the formal. The Night on the Nile finds the Acacia's and their dates dining and dancing Egyptian style. The Acacia's also produce the Gaslight Revue and publish the calendar of events each term. George Carney ran as the Acacia candidate for UMOC and John Wheeler was picked to run for Mr. CEMO. "Fountain of Youth" was the title ofthe Acacia Homecoming float, and their house decoration portrayed "Normal No. 2 to State U." Acacia's who are active in various campus organizations include John Wheeler, sports editor of both the STUDENT and the RHETOR, John Sill, president of the Young Republican's Club, Bob Corder, president of the Physical Education Club, George Carney, chief justice of the SGA traffic court, and John Sill and Mark Johnson, SGA Senators. Acacia national has 50 chapters. Mem- bers receive the Triad, national fraternity magazine. Officers are president, Weldon Brady, first vice president, Ed Smithg second vice president, Mark Johnson, recording secretary, George Carney, corresponding secretary, Frank Holm- stram, and treasurer, Bill Ramey. Sponsors are Dr. Riley Pittman, Clarence Pearce, and Olin Frazier. Jane Johanningmier receives the Acacia Sweetheart crown. F A e I l ALPHA oMlcRoN PI .cm Two AOPi's enioy reading To Dragma, national sorority publication. .cz i. l 76 l l Row One: Sharon Kalthoff, Jeanne Harper, Norma Price, Kathy Gnuse, Judy Marske, Wanda Koontz, Row Two: Kay Anderson, Mary Sue Hopkins, Datha Miller, Jackie Grimm, Janice Timrnerman, Carol Wilkerson, Nancy Hotchkiss, Row Three: Maril Cameron, Jane Thomas, Sarah Wilcox, Jeanne Purvis, Janice McKee, Mary Henschel, Sherlenc Stanner, Judy Chaney. Row Four: Barbara Abney, Pat Johnson, Karen Montgomery, Lorna Busch, Bonnie Horton, Joyce Dietz, Betty Jo Hutt, Row Five: Joyce Vaughn, Christine Zumsteg, Karin Mueller, Mary Lutte, Mary Ann Koch, Jeannette Eickhoff, Janie Tough, Judy Beard. AOPi's combine play-time, work-time, at Work Day at Pertle. Delta Pi Chapter of Alpha Omicron Pi was for- mally installed as one of the newer sororities at CMS last year. Its members have plunged into campus life by sponsoring an all-Greek marshmallow roast and an all school dance, the Pirates Prowl. Members enjoyed the Rose formal, Parents' Day tea, the Rose banquet, and a summer meeting held at Unity farm, Campus organizations keep OAPi members active too. Mary Martha Lutte is president of CWENS, Carol Stegner is president of Kappa Omicron Pi, Betty Jo Huff is sec- retary of the Panhellenic council, and Maril Cameron is a member of AWS. Mary Ann Koch serves as secre- tary of the College Union Committee. Campus contests kept the AOPi's on their toes, too. Joyce Dietz was their candidate for l-lomecoming Queen, Mary Ann Koch ran for Beauty Queen at the UMOC contest, Betty Jo Huff was their choice for Miss CEMO, and Karen Montgomery was their selection for best dressed girl, Maril Cameron was picked to run for Rhetor Queen. Philanthropic work adds to the AOPi's busy schedule, Members send greeting cards, remembering birthdays and holidays of the children at Higginsville State School. They also participate in the national APOi project in maintaining a social service depart- ment for the Fronties Nursing Service. Alpha 'Omicron Pi national has 86 collegiate chapters scattered across the nation. Members receive the national sorority magazine, To Dragma. Officers are president, Karin Mueller, vice presi- dent, Judy Chaney, recording secretary, Karen Montgomery, corresponding secretary, Pat Johnson, treasurer, Carol Wilkerson, rush chairman, Joyce Dietz, song leader, Joyce Vaughn, Panhellenic repre- sentatives, Betty Jo Huff and Mary Kay Anderson, social chairman, Jan Timmerman, historian, Mary Ann Koch, philanthropic chairman, Nancy Hotchkiss, activ- ities chairman, Pat Johnson, and public relations chair- man, Datha Miller. Sponsors are Miss Mary Jane John and Dr. Bessie Elliott. L QM. Karin Mueller, president, helps rushees register at the progressive parties. ,- ,ii, . V 5 , W v ,,f, ,, 5 ? ,Q f , ,rrr g, ,Lf , A , W 'wi"'3P' El iw F 'W i , W 55, , ,Q ,,,,, ,wMfff,W,,,,,yg,3,,V I - T f fgfiwf' - 'I . W ' wr' t 4 , I w ,. 2 if if dgff ,, as 4 X W VQ V if f n iivm i im. H , i Q f v 4 gil V f my J- , We H , U' , 1, ,,.- fi ' ' -55. 7 if ' l, .gm fl We i Q. W ,, , nf " MJ , ,W l ., -""Jw:.f' 3' ."-.-' H-M3314 -. -A.Evv?L:.,,- - -.ig --- '- ,ff - v - . , D ' lf,z.wL.S'- Qui., X-it X ' ...U ACTWGS DUT The Dl9dQ6S TO work on yard imDVOV9m9F1T- The National Achievement Award is admired by two AKL's. Row One: Larry Caldwell, B. J. Greim, Larry Dixon, Charles Watts, Gary Johnson, Craig Chabino, Dave Majors, Gilbert Monnig, Wayne Beer, Charles Unger, George Battles, Don Penny, Jim Funk. Row Twoi Ron Rose, Larry McGinnis, Frank Wegerer, Steve Olson, Ron Baker, Ron Hoffman, Ernest Wolff, Perry Woolyard, Herb Amor, Jim Parsons, Randy Robinson, Grenwell Foraker, Row Three: Mike Groh, Gary Jones, Dick Roberts, Jim Vanarsdale, A. J. Edgar, Ron Smith, Jim Devardt, Gary Sulton, Bernie Behlau, Don Thompson, Dick Scott, Jerry Bond, Dan Booth. Row Four: Tom Thompson, Jerry Hightower, Don Crow, Jim Williams, Sam Shouse, Dennis Nelson, Dave Bellerson, Bill Busby, Bill Strohmeyer, Jerry Diehl, Steve Chrisrnan, Dr, Britton. Row Five: Jock Naylor, Gary Weaver, Steve Fink, Dave Phillips, Wayne Millard, Ron Richard, Pat Garry, Mel Sorrenson, Bob Orchid, Fred Wolff, Dennis Bannister. Row Six: Ed Morse, Roman Wansing, Don Birkness, Roger Marriott, Mike Hughes, Bob Allen, Mike Bauer, Mike Garry, Henry Wansing, Bob Richardson, Roger Buhr, Gene Wansing. L1 'ri i E .., .Wy llli Mi.,-1.,.yLt,, - ,. 4 fin wt 'WJ SJ fn .V .J I AIN!-1 9 ' Spiga- ff'- nfk H. III WWW ,,,,., V -,-, , A,,A,,,W,,, YZ' l iw 5 1 -on -s - H M. sv :2?v2" U .,,.gf1,W . H! . 7 g . sq f V si?-.. yi, if , A A. ,N .Z , - Q. x- - , 'f fc. , -' , . ,gn AKL' i .gf v , .,, ,,. , sei Jew s put the finishing touches on their prize winning house decoration. are X L a ig : X 'sl 'vi Et Nia, . l J wk- ' ...J .gm , 'wr' 'l' :Th ."-Mit' f ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA Sigma Chapter of Alpha Kappa Lambda was the only fraternity to place in all three Homecoming divisions this year. They won first on their float, "Victory Via Tellestar", first on their window decoration, "A Message to the Bears," and second on their yard decora- tion, "Mules 'Speakeasy' but Play Hard." The AKL's also won the Earl Low Scholarship trophy last spring. This year Steve Chrisman won the title of Acacia Pajama King, and Jerry Hightower placed second in the UMOC con- test. Bernie Behlau was AKL candidate for Mr. CEMO. Sigma chapter won the national achievement award from the national AKL office for chapter improvement last year. AKL sponsors its annual "AKL lnferno" all school dance each fall, as well as the "School is Out" dance. The men also have fraternity house parties, sorority exchange parties and the spring formal. The AKL's purchased a site for their future fraternity house at 400 S. Jackson. The Sigma Signal is printed every term and is sent to all members and alumni. Members of AKL who are active in cam- pus organizations include Bill Busby, president ofthe senior class, Bernie Behlau, president of the College Union cabinet, Mike Garry, art editor of the Rhetor, Jim Parsons, a member of the College Union cabinet, Steve Chrisman, CMS president of the American Chemical Society, and Don Thompson, president of Hudson Hall. Officers are president, Grenwell Foraker, vice president, Mike Garry, recording secre- tary, Roman Wansing, corresponding secretary, Jim Parsons, sergeant at arms, Herb Amor, social chairman, Ron Richard, pledgemasters, Bill Busby and Charles Watts, and rush chair- man, Wayne Millard. Sponsors are Kenneth J. Markwell and James Britton. ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA Zeta Zeta chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha ranked tops in several campus contests this year. Nancy Day was elected UMOC Beauty Queen, and Linda Cox reigned as Fall Sports Queen and Pajama Festival Queen. Syd Smith, first princess at Homecoming, is also head cheerleader. Other Alpha cheerleaders are Linda Wilson, and Vee Boneff. The Alpha Homecoming float, "Strip 'Em Bare" won hon- orable mention. The Annual Alpha Sock Hop raised money for the philanthropic projects, which are Mercy Hospital and the State School for the Mentally Retarded at Higginsville. Valentine's Day brings the Alpha's and their favorites together at the Sweetheart Formal. Campus activities keep the Alpha's busy, with many as officers of organizations. Janette Maty is president of ACE and second vice presi- dent of AWS, Virginia Taggart is treasurer of SGA Executive Council, Karen Rasnic is Chief Justice of the Student Supreme Court, and Judee McCammon is president of Houts-Hosey Hall. Officers of Alpha Sigma Alpha are pres- ident, Karen Rasnic, vice president, Lynda Gudde, recording secretary, Janette Maty, cor- responding secretary, Shirley Batscheletg treas- urer, Virginia Taggart, rush chairman, Syd Smith, pledge master, Linda Cox, editor, Janet Busch, and chaplain, Marilyn Hill. Dr. Jessie Jutten, Dr. Katherine Moroney, and Miss Jane Chambers are the sponsors. Rushe st d G at the Alpha f h pa ty Wa? Row One: Rita Hayes, Linda Wilson, Judy Thrasher, Virginia Taggart, Floy Mitchell, Joye Williams, Sharon Houston, Row Two: Dee Van Booven, Kathy Kiel, Judy McMahon, Sydney Smith, Cheryl Lozier, Dee Kramer, Kay Stark, Marilyn Swartz, Sharon Collier, Patsy Gosney, Row Three: Sally Parrish, Lynn Dawes, Pat Becker, Nancy Day, Kay Ashbaugh, Judy Fritts, Judee McCammon, Joyce Schaeffer, Janet Bush, Shirley Thoeni, Peggy Panhorst, Row Four: Marilyn Hill, Sharon Powell, Jewell Bell, Sue Miller, Trudy Walker, Janice Rellihan, Doris Chapple, Lynda Gudde, Charlotte Dieckman, Sharon Reardon, Tish Silver, Shirley Batschelet, Row Five: Sherrie Cross, Vee Boneff, Judy Shull, Janice Houtchens, Linda Cox, Barbara Riner, Becky Spencer, Sharon Gable, Karen Rasnic, Margaret Ahle, Marilyn Temple, Sharon Mathis, Janette Maty, .f ,X I .ff J uw' 2,353 ffff 4-fn' 4 lsii ,J 1, J i ff 7 M4 mf' H ,, 4-, 54 J if V, I ' ' is ,wi ,, H if , 'i 11 J 71 'ffy T 'l ,x gf l ,ig f 5 ' The Alpha's sing at the second progressive party. z 4 r., l - -7 Floy Mitchell, Marilyn Hill and Joyce Schaeffer on "Strip 'Em Bare," the honorable mention winning float. IW... JA: 44 Row One: Mat Benedicto, Errol Croft, Jim Hagerman, Ran Poindexter, Don Keough. Row Two: Jim Mathenia, Ed DeSousa, Harald Wambsgans, Ron Inman, Jim Bretz, Richard Anderson, Joe Jadlow, Dan Stubblefield, Ed Lamb, Darrel Block, Mark Lee, Row Three: Phil Wright, Angelo Velesquez, Craig Magee, Tom Ainsworth, Tom Mockobey, Pete Cipolla, Wes Christy, Charles Kerstann, Fred Mayfield, Jack Austin, Larry Blair, Dick Slvores, Arlin Vermin. Row Four: Terry Steele, Dr. Whiteman, Joe Shaughnessy, Steve Renkin, Dan Sickbert, Ron Fisk, Harold Nagel, Dan Naparelli, Larry Polzin, Palmer Nichols, Rick Merrifield, John Rice. Row Five: Dick Kessler, Greg White, Dick Wells, J. B. Frost, Jim Richardson, Fred Eberting, Frank Tuggle, Larry Johnson, Bob Stewart, Chris Walker, Earl Broome, Don Long. Row Six: Glenn Sheer, Jack Bozarth, Doug Hamilton, Dick Montee, Bob Garrison, Gordon Ogilvie, Dick Brown, Max Jordon, Rich Eberting, Larry Smith, Bill Martin. 'S iq SLG, 45 1 ,, Favors at the Phi Sig formal were blankets with their crest and name. Ph'S' 'bk ' ' " "I i ig varsity as etball intramural team right after winning their fiftw consecutive game. W e-5 - - it it 1 Z fig, J? 1 82 PHI SIGMA EPSILON lota Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon began the year's activities with the annual Dick White Dance held in memory of Dick White, a Phi Sig alumnus. Proceeds from the dance go to the American Cancer Society. The annual steak fry, held at Knobnoster state park, follows in quick succession. Homecoming activities are next on the Phi Sig agenda. This year, "Mules Put Bears in Orbit," their float, won third place. The house decoration was "Cosmo Bear," and "Bear Stew" was depicted in the window display, both of which received honorable mention. Dee Lynch was chosen Phi Sig Sweetheart at their formal, "Moon- light and Roses." The Christmas party was held at Pertle Springs lodge. "Blackouts," an original musical-comedy titled "This Could Be the Start of Something Big," was directed by Don Long and Ed Lamb. Dick Shores, Steve Renkin, and Jim Barker played leading roles, but every member of the fraternity has a part. The annual Phi Sig outing, held at Lone Oak Point Resort, climaxed the Phi Sig spring activities. Phi Sigs are active in campus organizations in addition to participating in many fraternity events. Wayne Ackermann was editor of The Stu- dent, Joe Jadlow was associate editor of The Rhetor, Ed Lamb was vice president of SGA, and Pete Chipolla was business editor of The Rhetor. John Rice was elected to the Little All-American Football Team, J. B. Frost was president of M Club, Fred Eberting was defense attorney for SGA Supreme Court and Dick Shores was vice president of Hudson Hall. Harold Nagel and Dick Shores were members of the College Union Cabinet. The Phi Sig team won the volleyball intramural competition. Officers are president, Fred Eberting, vice president, Ed Lamb, recording secretary, Richard Anderson, corresponding secretary, Dick Shores, treasurer, Don Long, and house manager, Charles Kerstan. Sponsors are Clarence Whiteman, Dr. Hugh Williams, and Dr. Donald Powell, J WW 7 X . mail' 0' Dee Lynch, Sweetheart of Phi Sigma Epsilon. BM Alpha Nu chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau has for its main social event of the year the winter formal, the Yellow Rose Ball. Other events include a Christmas party, Homecom- ing activities, the Alumni tea, and various informal parties and teas. For a service project, the Alpha Tau's give financial aid to the Pine Mountain School in Harlan County, Kentucky, and at Penland, an internationally known school for the handicapped. Members receive the Anchor, the Alpha Sigma Tau ALPHA SIGMA TAU sorority's national magazine. Alpha Sigma Tau is one of the newest sororities at CMS. lt was chartered here May l2, l962. Officers are president, Virginia Hilton, corresponding secretary, Jean Barnes, recording secretary, Carolyn Schmidt, treasurer, lris Cannon, chaplain, Mary Gilbert, custodian, Janet Vocate, historian, Marty Perkins, and editor, Vicki Keeler. Sponsors of Alpha Sigma Tau are Dr. Hattie Ewald and Mrs. Doris Brook- shier. e d d t the s do t the Alpha Tau H mecomlng rf' 93259 Qsonsg ua-Ll 1 fo ur lin ' 54152151 if X I A .. f "W i i n: let' i again," 'S O I M V 'E float. , f' I 1 0 , ,X 4 l , J, , W I , I V, ur f 'W' , f Q f I H ,.. of N4 WM' 2 J .1 5 Al y 15 A W gg f j V m,W X M, 1 , , ,J Row One: Carole Smith, Madge Craig, Gay Miller, Mary Gilbert, Victory Keeler, Judy Anderson. Row Two: Mary Ruth Hutchison, Ann Nakornuro, Betty Etter, Pot Edwards, Carolyn Schmidt, Carol Webster, Ruth Burris, Doris Jane Stork. Row Three: Mrs. Ewald, Jean Graham, Marty Perkins, Evelyn Streit, Barbara Houchen, Kay Coulter, Lorna Dyche, Bertha Hopkins. Row Four: Sandra Bickel, Iris Cannon, Janet Vocate, Frances Napper, Virginia Hilton, Roselee Diehl, Brenda Haupt, Sandi Steinmetz, Judy Howard, www-,f WSL-nd-0' . Mom. cqf.XX l - J C A X ig 14 ,W . HQ sl ,,,,.,.......-+----W-----'few' A qu W W X 'Y-,,. X. 3 J X C ,ff lllilll l li L The Alpha Tau's formal rush party. ,',..f 'N Pat Tebbenkamp, AST's candidate for Homecoming queen, VW 1 , f if Z 1 Rafte rs of Row One: Jerry Egler, Dean Griswald, Dennix Rexroad, Larry Douglas, Dave Steinberg. Row Two: Dave Rarillard, Al Singleton, Bill Adler, Tom Wheatley, Bill Morris, Euaene Gooch. Raw Three: Floyd Young, Dennis McGowan, Gene Page, Gary Cotton, Ralph Oldham, Mike Henry, John Jennings. Row Four: Don Cogan, Larry Kauffman, Bill Grammer, Gary Erwin, Riley Chrisman, Don Fidler, Jerry Foulds, Bruce Starke. Row Five: Lee l-lowe, Earl Parris, Marty Hansen, Jim Milburn, Frank Peterson, Larry Pevler, Jim Buck, Jerry Pennick, Bill Powell. Nat pictured, Carl Youngberg, Mike Downard, Rick Michaels, Jon Rickman, Albert Dial, Don Smith, Fred West. gi i X the Union swing at the Jailhouse Rock dance. Sig Pi's and their dates dance around bales of hay and corn shocks at their Barn Dance. Gamma Gamma Chapter of Sigma Pi, installed at CMS May l3, l962, started this year off with a Hayride-Barn Dance, followed by their first Homecoming float and their first all school dance, Jailhouse Rock, The season progressed to their annual Christmas party held at the Hilton lnn in Kansas City, and to an all Greek mixer. The Sig Pi's also sponsored the Sigma Cinema, and Caveman Capers, as well as their Emerald night club and barbecue, The year's climax came with the Orchid Ball, attended by Sig Pi members and their dates. The Sig Pi's ran Frank Peterson for UMOC and Dean Griswald for Mr. CEMO. Sig Pi's keep busy with campus activities as well as their fraternity functions. Riley Chrisman is president of the Wesley Foundation, and Jon Rickman was president of Sigma Zeta, honorary science fraternity. Carl Youngberg and Mike Downard were members of the College Union Cabinet, Dennis Rexroad served as scenic designer for CMS dramatic productions, Dan Cogan was public relations director for SGA, and Ralph Oldham was president of the Agriculture Club. Al Singleton and Jerry Britt were members of SGA. Sigma Pi national has 72 chapters. Each member receives the Emerald' of Sigma Pi, the national fraternity publication. Officers are president, Floyd Young, Jr., vice president, Earl Parris, recording secretary, Gary Erwin, corresponding secretary, Albert Dial, teasurer, Bill Morris, and historian, Bill Adler. Sponsors are Dr, Herbert Eschliman, Dr. Paul Reed, Prof. Tom Burkett. SIGMA PI "Caveman" in action at the Sig Pi Caveman Capers. Cavemen days were never as good as this. Nl l IWW fs A if ' r Q ,ta K ist, ,F I t G lv K -me M z Q' ,I A --. .1 ff tm Q S1 'lbw M ev my Q P f ' R ,s T T R K 'X - "1!Eliii' "ZW , , . A 'Q - , za 8 6' t X ik. i I ,Q digs vw tile -R' . l sk ,. : . 1. egg , ,, -- L, -- I Q i V 1 VV ki f-sv 'Si wk .S , rg, 1 A..A H i wa. MA l 5 Q t M :.1 , bxv AQA. X X Y L , N J Y , it Row One: Gail Carr, Pat Sluder, Barb Cumper, Kiran Metzger, Rita Grider, Ruby Wilson, Pat White, Delores Horn, Row Two: Diana ldleman, Sharon Lea Smith, Joyce Liechti, Ruth Kempf, Carol Craig, Cheryl Slusher, Bette Widney, Dorothy Shippee, Sue Kille, Sandy Waolworth, Linda Reuter. Row Three: Marilyn Adams, Linda Glispey, Carol Mengel, Judy English, Donna Jean Kelly, Charmaine Maschger, Barb Roland, Sue Graham, llene Rickson, Roberta Kalousek, Row Four: Miss Elgin, Nancy Payne, Phyllis Moore, Kay Talley, Anne Renkin, Judy Martin, Sharon Burns, Sandra Thompson, Pat Woods, Sandy Goodwin, Edith Brooks. Row Five: Barb Yates, Jill Ragland, Rose Ann Potts, Rita Branson, Georgia Hartman, Janet Settles, Kathy Polallis, Shay Thompson, Patty Snider, Sharon Branson, Jeanne Keith. - ... ! '1 8 C.. - .. Ti? xiawx is Ei ,A if it DELTA 5 ZETA r U : 5 I if . 1 -be pg Y 1 X Q v 0 4 Z 'K s . DZ sisters congratulate Barb Rowland, Miss CEMO. Epsilon Gamma Chapter of Delta Zeta placed high- est in two major campus contests this year. Anne Renkin won the title of Homecoming Queen, and last year was elected Miss Beauty at the UMOC contest. Barbara Roland was crowned Miss CEMO and last year was chosen Miss Sorority at the Greek Week dance. Barb was also Theta Chi sweetheart. Last year Jeannie Ennis reigned as Rhetor Queen. This year DZ's chose Patty Snider as their candidate for Rhetor Queen. Bobbi Jean Kolaski was selected as their candidate for Miss Beauty at the UMOC contest. Delta Zeta sorority brought Huda Nasir, a foreign exchange student from Jerusalem to CMS and also gave financial aid to the National American Hearing Society, Carville Hospital for the blind, ancl to Navajo Assistance, Inc. The Founders Day tea, Christmas party for under- privileged children, the spring formal, Mother's Day banquet, spring banquet, and birthday banquet keep DZ's busy with sorority activities during the year. Delta Zeta has one of the largest national organiza- tions of any sorority at CMS, with l45 chapters. Mem- bers receive the national magazine, The Lamp. Officers are president, Ruby Ann Wilson, first vice president, Patty Snider, second vice president, Diana ldleman, recording secretary, Carol Craig, corresponding secretary, Dorothy Shippee, treasurer, Rita Grider, his- torian, Betty Widney, and social chairman, Barbara Roland. Miss Edith Brooks and Miss Betty Elgin are the sponsors. DZ's entertain the rushees at a progressive party. "Do it againl" cheer thc DZ's on their Homecom- ing float. , INJUN5 P0 DOWN House decorations shows the Tou's coll for defeat. FT H ml VY ., F ig L I i Row One: Dove Frazer, Chuck Coxon, Dwight Young, Don Boyd, Larry Shockelford, Jim Porrott. Row Two: Jim Craig, Bob Hinde, Jim Oliver, Eldon Eikenbory, Som Boyne, Vic DeStetono. Row Three: Jim Bollanger, Tony Thomas, Terry Ferguson, Bob Tucker, Joe lmler, Phil Denton, Skip Meyer, Row Four: Tom Bell, Jerry Johnson, Don Hayob, Joe White, Bo Cloxton, Carl Parker, Bob Reid, Jim Cox, Row Five: Al Holler, Roy Johnson, Ed Sellers, Bill Kelliker, Larry Sohn, Porter Childers, Poul McClain, Rudy Rodriguez, Bob Spellman, Not pictured: Don Sears, George McBroom, Don Shepherd, Mike Roberts, Bob Irwin, Ron Rhodes, Clibb l-lciutzenroder, Bob Grimes, Jerry Jennison, Bus Moore. Sig Tau house is locoted at the corner ot Maguire ond Brood. Alpha Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma, founded at CMS June 28, l92O, annually sponsors the Harvest Ball and the "White Rose" formal. Rush parties, sorority exchange parties, and house parties also fill the Sig Tau agenda of activities. Sig Tau's give an alumni banquet each year to honor former Sig Tau members, and they sponsor a Christmas party. Homecoming activities this year found the Sig Tau float "Once a Year We Stay Here" in the parade and "Down With the Bears" as their house decoration. This year the Sig Tau's ran Bo Claxton for Mr. CEMO and picked Larry Sahn as their candidate for UMOC. The Sigma Tau Gamma national organiza- tion has grown from its founding at Central Missouri State to its present 64 chapters. Each Sig Tau member receives the fraternity national magazine, Saga, Members ot Sigma Tau Gamma who are active in various campus organizations include Jim Parrott, president of Beta Beta Beta, Bo Claxton, Speaker of the SGA Senate Pro Tem, Don Boyd, treasurer of the lnterfraternity Coun- cil, Rudy Rodriguez and George McBroom, report- ers for The Student. Officers are president, Bo Claxton, vice president, Vic De Stefano, recording secretary, Don Hayob, treasurer, AI Haller, house manager Don Sears, and pledge master, Terry Ferguson. Sponsors are Dr, Sam P. Hewitt, C. B. Ford, Dr. J. P. Morris, and Ammon Roberson. I .fy -g xv J U l w!' 'l . 7 P .TUIVHP - ff i 3 f" .5 .-3"-E-. .SNL . G' 5 E f' EE , L QLE ' :Lt ' 'aw HGMA TAU GAMMA Sig Tau's entertain rushees at the shelter house This sleepy Sig Tau takes a study break. Delta Eta Chapter of Sigma Kappa began the year with "Show Stopping Fashions," modeled by members, at their annual fashion show. Proceeds from the show go to the Joan Hubble Memorial Fund that gives scholarships to music students. Homecom- ing activities were next on the busy agenda. Judy Hornig was Sig Kap's choice as a candidate for Homecoming Queen. Louise Smith was selected as Sig Kap's candidate for Miss CEMO, Cheryl Pelton was picked to run for Miss Beauty in the UMOC con- test, and Jan O'Neal was chosen to run for Rhetor Queen. Members of Sigma Kappa also enjoy sorority activities such as Founders Day tea, a Christmas party at Mrs. l.ass's home, a Parent's Day picnic, and several parties given by the pledges. Rush and an annual work week rounded out the activities. Sorority activities form only a part of a Sig Kap's life, for they are active in campus organiza- tions as well. Jan O'Neal served as president of Panhellenic Council this year, Pat Sterling worked as editor of the RHETOR, Jean Kelsey Graham was presi- dent of Alpha Phi Delta, Bonnie Blosser and Toni Burwell were members of SGA, and Helen Kuhr and Pat Wallace were members of the College Union Cabinet and chairman of Union committees. Jane Johannigmeier reigned as Acacia Sweetheart. Philanthropic projects of Sigma Kappa include a campus guide service, baby sitting for married students, and giving financial aid to the Maine Sea Cost Mission. Officers are president, Michele Dixon, first vice president, Helen Kuhr, second vice president, Bonnie Blosser, recording secretary, Jo Ann Allen, corres- ponding secretary, Beth Wicker, treasurer, Judi Tittle, assistant treasurer, Toni Burwell, chaplain, Leta Rosebrough, registrar, Carol Johnston, Panhellenic representatives, Jan O'Neal, Jean Graham, and Sandy Vinyard, and Triangle correspondent, Phoebe Owen. Sponsors are Miss Elizabeth Engle and Mrs. Mildred Lass, 49419 S? ,Z 'Wil 5- i i 1 SIGMA KAPPA President Michele Dixon meets a Sig Kap Senator, Marga ret Chase Smith, at summer convention. The Sig Kap Blazers entertain at sorority and campus events. Row One: Sandy Kearney, Judi Tittle, Charlee Busbee, Jeanie Henry, Paula Autenrieth, Carol Johnston, Jo Ann Allen, Carolyn Petersen, Cheryl Pelton, Row Two: Mrs. Lass, Toni Burwell, Pat Sterling, Lynn Adams, Mona Holliburton, Janice Jones, Phoebe Owen, Joyce Siminis, Eileen Durst, Jean Graham, Row Three: Janey Thompson, Leta Rosbrugh, Michele Dixon, Mary Kessinger, Sandra Crockett, Sheri Allyn, Elaine Stevens, Joanne Hampton, Marian Hunt, Bonnie Blosser, Jane Johannigmeier, Row Four: Sue Ellen Perme, Pat Maasen, Kinda Moser, Sandy Koewing, Martha Chaney, Sheryl Dean, Alma Young, Judy Hartley, Kalette Kay, Suzie Tiesler, Row Five: Liz Sisk, Jean Norton, Louise Smith, Sue Fogerson Kay Blanton, Donna Sprouse, Lu Gray, Brenda VanBebber, Ardyth Robinson, Janet Koteman Carol Garfield. Not pictured: Jan O'Neol and Helen Kuhr. 1 1 5, ., Sig Kap's model Show Stopping fashions. K - eg. l ,.. , ' Row One: Howard Applegate, Abe Clark, Tom Cooper, Jim Dornan, Casey Cain, Paul Crawford, Bob Henry, Ron Carter, Ed Peck, Fred Buhrkuhl, John Little. Row Two: Sid Christopher, Jerry Gooch, Jon Elsea, Ken Ornes, Roy Baker, Don Smiley, Scott Gard, Gerald Diviney, Larry Davis, Charles Redmond, Marvin Mitchell, Bob Dunning. Row Three: Ed Pembleton, Bob Miller, Roy Skotty, Larry Bossoller, George Dunning, Bill Norton, Carl Hursman, Dan Dailey, Dan Hussey, Bill Walton, Larry Meiners. Row Four: George L. Battmer, Bob Caine, Jim D'Alesio, Tom Maidment, Jim Luehrs, Gary McElmurry, Jerry Young, Jim Stroth, Bob Cox, Joe Sellman, Ken Carlson. Row Five: Clibb Yarbrough, Ed Waters, Wayne Raker, Forrest McCarty, Roger Nelson, Keith Craig, Harry Carlton, John Livesay, Bob Battmer, Ed Barnes, J. O. McEntire, Tom Miller. TKE Championship Intramural Team in action. TKE's throw a victory celebration after winning intramurals. K WmM-- nm. ,,,.,,.w,,, 5 if , ' l Z , ' X f :Q1l.,'r!'22,giivQ3if 5 ' f fv,:1atiif,i,- x Quarteke's entertain at the Red Carnation Ball. TAU KAPPA EPSILON Delta Lambda Chapter of Tau Kappa Epsilon won the intramural football championship this year. Their annual TKE's Night Out was changed to a Harold's Club party held February 22 at the social hall. They grew beards for their annual Bowery Brawl, and gave the TKE Red Carnation Ball, spring term. The TKE's also had house parties and sorority exchange parties. Christmas time found the members of Tau Kappa Epsilon sponsoring a Christmas party for handicapped children. "Time and the Mules Wait for No One" was TKE's Homecoming float theme, and their window decoration, "Mules: Past, Present, and Future," won second place in that division. Roy Baker was chosen to represent the TKE's in the Mr. CEMO contest, and Abe Clark was their can- didate for UMOC. Last year the TKE's Eddie See was elected Mr, CEMO, and they also won the Greek Games at last year's Greek Week. Tau Kappa Epsilon members who are active in campus organizations include Joe Wikoff, Ed Barnes, Paul Crawford, Roy Baker, Ed Pembleton, Larry Meiners, Ken Carlson, and G, L. Battmer. The Lighthouse is the local publication of TKE, and the TEKE is the national fraternity magazine. TKE national is one of the largest nationals represented on the CMS campus, with l9O chapters. Officers are president, G, L. Battmer, vice president, Joe Wikoff, secretary, Bob Battmer, treasurer, Paul Crawford, historian, Bob Henry, sergeant-at-arms, Don Smiley, and chaplain, Bill Norton. Sponsors are Dr. Charles Kuhn, Robert Pierce, and Dr, Robert Goetz. Sigma Sigma Sigma's vice president, Donna Jones, is president of AWS, Brenda Porter is vice president of AWS, and Linda Pickering is treasurer of AWS and also treasurer of Houts Hosey Hall. Tri-Sigma is also proud that the CMS majorettes, Nancy Kincaid, Jo Ann Clark, Dee Beard, Kay Gladtelter and Linda Sundberg are all Sigmas. Karen Norfolk, Susie Whyte, and Linda Pickering are Cheerleaders and the Colhecon officer roster includes as president, Brenda Porter and vice president, Sharon Wendleton. But campus lite is not all for the Tri- Sigma's, who keep busy with sorority activities as well, Their year begins with the Tri-Sigma all school carnival, followed by a collegiate- alumnae tea, Homecoming brunch, Parents' Day tea, Founders Day dinner, Senior Send-Ott, and is climaxed by the Spring formal. Campus contests add to the excitement and this year Linda Stomper was elected Homecoming prin- cess. Several Tri-Sigma's were picked to run as best dressed girl candidates by various organiza- tions-Karen Burgess, Pamela Jones, JoAnn Clark, and Janet Coates. Dee Beard was chosen by Tri-Sigma to run for Miss CEMO, Nancy Kincaid was selected Tri-Sigma candidate for Miss Beauty, and Donna Jones was picked as their Rhetor Queen candidate. The Tri-Sigma philanthropic project is the Robbie Page Memorial polio fund. l'ri-Sigma's entertain at ci progressive party. wisrxffg 1 f SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA r vw K+ W 4 4 '- ,,w4'W f l ' l V, ffgjf .,4fi"ff? 'fl , Q I' in 'T' 'Q' 7' M. K W I ' W . Vi' M7 . A, , W. . W, , f iw- gf ,, 'E , ' V x f Sigmas march as Mules in the it 'Q -f Homecoming parade. Tri Sigrna's brighten up the rush party. Row One: Pat lreland, Donna Ernbry, Susie Whyte, Sharon Wendleton, Betty Steiner, Sandie Buck. Row Two! Kay Gladfelter, Sharon Boggess, Jackie Dunshee, Sharon Hunt, Jo Ann Clark, Brenda Porter, Sandy Jennings, Julia Bowen, Linda Pickering, Row Three: Ann Michael, Dee Beard, Sharan Richardson, Fran Carney, Janet Coates, Pam Jones, Margie Brown, Lynda Brooks, Martha Simmons, Anne Uhr, Row Four: Nancy Kincaid, Linda Sundbert, Judy Baugher, Pam Fry, Carol Crank, Carole Rat, Linda Ohlrich, Betty Kay Childress, Barbara Smith. Row Five: Donna Jones, Karen Burgess, Sharon Heil, Nancy Ball, Nancy Neunschwander, Marsha Canney, Ann Hayden, Bev Lawrence, Carolyn Granger, Danna Fisk. F? AQ Row One: Ron West, Lynn Chick, Andy Burch, Steve Vukcevich, Bob Hockenhull, Jerry Carrel, Terry Paasch, Craig Hupp, Dale Copeland, Ralph Craycraft, Terry Landers, Darrell Lauer. Row Two: Harold Taggart, Dick Hammett, Edward Radtord, Gary Galloway, Richard Siminis, Jay Bob Estes, Carl Richardson, Tony Beltrame, Jim Tashima, Jerry Worden, Bill Lewallcn, Tony Tetley, Dan Weber. Row Three: Bill Gable, Rober Boyd, John Michael, J. C, Smith, Thad Buckey, John Haldiman, Jerry Landreth, John Steinbeck, Bob Ralston, Eddie Barnett, Jim Haldiman, John VanCamp, James Flack. Row Four: Al Blessing, Mark Price, Marty Tate, Jack Frost, Scott Phillips, Tim Schowalter, Larry DesCombes, Bill Roe, Jim Hayes, Phil Gilbert, Ralph Grey, Don White, James Perry, Row Five: Denis Eldringhotf, Philip Largen, Tony Eberwein, Wes Borchers, Mike Lord, Bob Richardson, Alfred Cameron, Wayne Ruppert, Gary Lash, Bob Sonnentelt Bob Croce, John Paige. Row Six: Neal Schelp, Bob lezzi, Jim Freet, Bill Twitt, Craig Canatsey, Tom Schwaller, Wayne Brasser, Wayne Cott, John Gossey, Kem Keithly, Frank Lange, Dave Schooler. Not pictured: Jerry Hunter. 1 V 559 Dean Hampton congratulates the new Theta Chi's at their initiation banquet. THETA CHI 442- Ffa. if Z 55 lwff llll ETTQJDB it ki N ' ' I-,.Q'i1v ' msg' lfb 5 U.. a,O J L X s -. 'I--., ' it ' . I "NZM E .ll , l 'ls'-all ll '53 ia Dick Hammett presents Barb Roland, Sweetheart, roses Southern Plantation Ball. .XY at the Charlie Harper won the Winthrop cup at last year's spring formal. Epsilon Phi chapter of Theta Chi was for- mally installed at CMS December 8, l962. Theta Chi members from Kansas University, the University of Omaha, the University of Nebraska, and Drake University attended the ceremonies. The national president, Howard R. Alter, Jr., and five other national officers were present. The Theta Chi national has l3O active chapters, and is seventh largest in the nation with respect to number of chapters, and is twelfth largest with respect to number of members. The Theta Chi's at CMS were formerly Psi chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa, and later were a local chapter, Chi Theta. The Theta Chi's won two major campus con- tests this year. John Gossey won the UMOC contest, which was the twelfth consecutive time they had won this contest, and Mike Lord was elected Mr. CEMO. They also won first place in house decorations and third place in window deco- rations at Homecoming. Theta Chi had the largest pledge class during winter rush, adding 28 pledges to its membership. Theta Chi activities this year included the annual Spaghetti supper, the Rebel Rendezvous, Suppressed Desire party, sorority exchange parties, the spring formal, smokers, an alumni picnic, house parties, and a steak fry. Several Theta Chi's hold offices in campus organizationsi Tony Eberwein, president of SGA, Mike Lord, SGA Speaker of the House, Jim Hayes, president of SAM, and Ron West, SGA senator. Theta Chi's receive the Theta Chi Bugle, a local quarterly publication, and the Rattle, their national fraternity magazine. Officers are president, David Schooler, first vice president, Craig Hupp, second vice presi- dent, Doug Shelp, recording secretary, John VanCamp, corresponding secretary, Bill Roe, treasurer, Jim Hayes, pledge marshal, J. C. Smith, historian, Mark Price, and librarian, Marti Tate. Sponsors are Dr. Lin Welch, Mr. Boyd, and Mr. Barnhill. PANHELLEN IC ORGANIZES RUSH riff., 4 Nancy Ball, Janet Vocate. WEEK Row One: Weldon Brady, Craig Hupp, Don Boyd, Paul Crawford, William Busby. Row Two: John Steinbeck, Floyd Young, Bo Claxton, Wally Kille, Row Three: Fred Wolff, Earl Darris, Jim Buck. ,H wa h-1 Panhellenic sponsors pre-rush activ- ities and organizes formal rush. Mem- bers are elected by each of the seven national sororities: Panhellenic also cooperates with the intrafraternity council on the Homecoming cornation ball, Greek week, and Song Fete, Panhel publishes a rush manual con- taining information about each soror- ity and rush rules. Officers are president, Jan O'Neal, vice-president, Anne Renkin, recording secretary, Linda Ferril, corresponding secretary, Betty Jo Huff, treasurer, Vicki Keeler, rush chairman, Nancy Ball, and con- stitution and handbook, Lynda Gudde. Dean Christine Foster and Dr. Jesse Jutten are the sponsors. Row Onei Lynda Gudde, Joyce Nichols, Kay Anderson, Row Two: Sandie Buck, Ruby Wilson, Michelle Dixon, Becky Tallman, Row Three: Victory Keeler, Betty Jo Huff, Barbara Houchens, Sue Graham, Jean Graham, Row Four: Karin Mueller, Ann Renken, Linda Ferril, Jan O'Neal, The lntrafraternity council members from each fraternity work on Greek Week, Song Fete, and establish inter-fraternity regulations. lFC also publishes a rush booklet, which contains an explanation of the fraternity system, rush, and the national IFC code of conduct. IFC organizes rush and smokers. Officers are president, John Steinbeck, vice-president, Paul Crawford, secretary, Terry Steele, and treasurer, Dan Boyd. Sponsors are Dr. Sam P. Hewitt and Dr, H. Chalauist. E, 'Iv' M' ,ima- 'TW 410' ,fa- 2 A., "Qin 45? These men are only a few of the many Greeks who worked Greek dance to the Blazers at the sports dance planned by Theta Chi at Pertle Springs Saturday. and Alpha Gamma Delta GREEKS HAVE GRINS AT SECOND ANNUAL GREEK WEEK Greek Week opened with a "Night on Broadway" at the Song Fete April 24. A panel discussion featuring two guest speakers from Mizzou and two from KU, whose topic was "The Value of Greek Organizations", was held Wednesday night followed by a coffee in the social hall, Friday night the Greeks twisted to the music of the Blazers at the sports dance. Gary Myers, Alpha Kappa Lambda, and Bar- bara Rowland, Delta Zeta, were elected Mr. Fraternity and Miss Sorority by the Greeks attending the dance. Work projects for the city and college, such as working at Pertle Springs and the Railroad Station, and painting curbs were held Saturday morning. That afternoon a picnic and games were the order of the day. Fra- ternities held open house Saturday night as- sisted by sorority women acting as hostesses. Sunday, April 29, marked the close of the second annual CMS Greek Week as Greeks joined together in a non-denominational church service in the Chapel. 4 6, 'I 6. C wa H42 fm? 1 v QL 'X V4 ,E bw, i MQ 43' 1 -.lac gryw-we W, f f 1' Z, f , f M12 , , wg ,I LY ' X GQ, V 4, 6, ,, 1,2 5 iw, "'w,..,fi'f V74 uni 2 ,f skas, ' G LGH ECJAL ACT ' Y ,- .-.un-ovggaunuluil Dr, Charles Kuhn, Homecoming Chairman, and Mike Lord, SGA Homecoming chairman, go over the final plans for the many activities set up for the l962 Homecoming. These plans will outline the work for many weeks of preparation needed to organize this event. l962 HOMECOMING PREPARATIGNS BEE-AN EARLY Last minute rush at stuff- ' f"Y" ing a float gives lots of XX .W 211 ' lf e laughs a n d incidentally K l IDX i completes a well done float. Q.. ,far-Y - g V If i 94" f 5 ! Q! 4 l g, f "' Qff' 'f 104 gy' QW' 5 5,-1, xi, W ,ffl , ,ur 5 I ,f'Q,fz , ' .5 ,fqlg 7 ' ' X' Nu SORORITIES PRESENT THEIR CANDIDATES AT CONVO SKITS Tri Sig's own Lindo Stomper. Judy Hornig, Sig Kop's choice. 339 tl z Q i .1 5 x K f h A O Pi's condidote, Joyce Dietz. AST presents Pot Tebbenkomp. . W Thursday, October 'I8 Pot Tebbenkomp, Joyce Dietz, Lindo Stomper, Judy Hornig, Lindo Ferril, Anne Renken d S d S 'th ot on y ney mi presentation convo. 10 EXCITEMENT MOUNTS AS HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES BEGIN Friday, October I9 eir ovori e candidate. Wh II g over Homecommgf t t Couples dance of Coronation Boll. ANNE RENKEN, DELTA ZETA A CROWNED HOMECCDMING QUEEN Dean Hampton crowns smiling Queen Anne, A happy Anne learns she is Homecoming Quee Queen A ne her court and Dean Foster and Dean Hampton after C 0W"""9 ,,V,.A-l I ,. 10 I962 HCJMECOMING QUEEN Ann R k Del I' ATTEN DANTS iTli'.i'sf'Q,".f.'.l' Alpha PRINCESSES Linda Stamper Pat Tebbenkamp Alpha Sigma Tau Judy Hornig Sigma Kappa Sigma Sigma Sigma Joyce Dietz Alpha Omicron Pi Linda Ferril Alpha Gamma Delta 109 PRE-HOMECOMING GAME PEP RALLY CHEERS ON THE MULES Friday, October 25 if ff fl ff X 'H EQ E E Coach Carter, the PED Band, and Cheerleaders spark the rally. The College Pep Band hits a high nate. 1962 Homscorvuwe PARADE as THE Lomessr IN HISTCDRY, pv wma no uNns f Wills E. r Qjfkglf- WX was Wlgglxumxi J- xg ,, . , Pivyhrplv, , Industrial Arts Club ca s second place prize for their float, 'Spacemufers Mushroom CMSC Enrollment' oCf0bel' Alpha Kappa Lambda takes tirst place in the Homecoming float competition Warrensburg past present and future with "Victory by Telestarf' watch the parade I P I' ,-f' The men of Phi Sigma Epsilon captured third place in the float competition with "Electronic Mules." 112 i mfg V Dive . at Administrative cabinet riding in the Homecoming parade. CMS Cheerleaders don't miss seeing a single one of the many spectators. W X K 4 ,... Q ters? '51 sy s XJ ,b e,11i..,:,X,, 5 N " 'tv I X S59 PVS present 'Classrooms for Service' in their two piece float. The cheery College Union Cabinet is all smiles in the parade. Just who did you say was selling Mules pennants for a money making project? MULES MEET THE SPRINGFIELD BEARS IN GRID ACTION 'Q J' 5 4 t 1 X 'SSS . W Qiktqw 5 K -.X s. I . m tl Q ' ,isis I iffy N153 ji . 33274 Lf.,,Q.5 -1, h in . -Q f- N-Nh. -T SW S is N 'Q' in W I R s 1 sl' fl I -P 3 , S. ir to Q is EM cg, :rigs Mule captain Jim D'Alesio wins the toss of the coin and elects to receive prior to the Homecoming clash with Springfield at Vernon Kennedy field. Blockers move to clear a path for left halfback Jim D'Alesio as he circles left end in Homecoming action with Springfield. WW rx W . Head Coach Richard Carter and assistant coach Mike Carter peer on as the Mules absorb a 27-0 beating by Springfield in the CMS Homecoming game. Sophomore tackle Dick Kessler gets special instruc- tions from coaches Richard Carter and Kenneth Robb before entering action. 11 14 Halfback Jim Mathenia knifcs his way forward for a gain. Queen Anne is presented to the Home- coming crowd at Vernon Kennedy field. Halfback- Frank Sprow picks up yardage for the Muies behind good yardage, alumni Qmhef in fhe Union Offer t e game. I I vX-- www-WM Homecoming candidates ore presented or pre-gorne ceremonies ALUMNI ATTEND ACTIVITIES AFTER THE GAME Alumno Mary Chaisson serves from the new Tea service presented by the summer class of '62. N I ,, Y W, .J ee Y . V I Cz If w ,. A 5 " ,.f-A . ' ssl X Y X ,R f I - ,. l HQ X- V .5-f Q' 1 1 .ASW if .. , '96-:f f' ' A- - "ff 3, .,, .xwi I Q, Jfffk .NF -c i K A! . f- ,.xkXm:EL9Ng- KK- ..,. If-Xu J x Mn Q FALL SPORTS QUEEN Linda Cox, crowned Fall Sports Queen at a football game. in ,M e,e e v SPRING SPORTS QUEEN Peggy Wadick was Spring Sporfs Queen in 1962 2 wr IQ Candidates for Winter Sports Queen were Linda Wiison, Alpha Sigma Alphag Dee Beard, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Judi Tittle, Sigma Kappa. WINTER SPORTS QUEEN Judi Tittle, Sigma Kappa, receives the Winter Sports Queen's roses. Y' X lp. 7 MR. S MISS CEMO 8 Mike Lord, Theta Chi, and Barb Roland, Delta Zeta, captures MR, and MISS CEMO title, Candidates for MR. and MISS CEMO were John Rice, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Louise Smith, Sigma Kappa, Dean Griswold, Sigma Pi, Sue Ann Hovde, Alpha Gamma Delta, Roy Baker, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Judy I-Ioward, Alpha Sigma Tau, Mike Lord, Theta Chi, Barbara Rowland, Delta Zeta, last year's MISS CEMO, Sandra Jennings, Dee Beard, Sigma Sigma Sigma: Bernie Behlau, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Linda Wilson, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Bo Claxton, Sigma Tau Gamma, Betty Jo I-Iuft, Alpha 'Omicron Pi. Barb Roland, MISS CEMO, receives red roses from Sandy Jennings, last year's MISS CEMO, at the corona- tion. Mike Lord, MR. CEMO, has been presented his gift. 1,9 5 VN +, wc. Q I "T, 6 , : ,swift A w . KW. ? 4 if A f ' . ,4 ,nw ,W I W U ff .xx ' P ' iq fp . ' ' 'Ly Q " hm- , ,fi it . D W R , , e 2 X X x x' vin' V Q' .4-40" . , 115' ' 3 4 Q , f 1, ' qw4'Z"f 3 AA,, 4 f lf , 5 ' ,"'5 Q vm 20 1 BEST DRESSED GIRL Pom Jones Sponsored by Colhecon ,pw-.Q Seven more girls complete the I963 Best Dressed Girl list, Carol Johnson, Sigma Kappa, Paulette Hollingsworth, Yeaterj Karin Burgess, Nickerson, Judee McCammon, Houts Hoseyg Carol Ann Schmidt, Alpha Sigma Tau. Not pictured, Jo Ann Clark, Sigma Sigma Sigma. Brenda Bail, Alpha Gamma Delta, Judy Gardner, SNEAQ and Karen Montgomery, Alpha Omicron Pi, complete the ten best dressed girls at CMS. -1, , fr wr. 'Q rf, 2 ' lil" tw f 1 Three best dressed girls are Marilyn Middleton, Todd, Merian Hunt, Sigma Pig and Sandy Kearney, Holden Hall. Charlotte Deickman, Hudson Hall, Kathy Pollalis, Delta Zeta, and Sharon Reardon, Alpha Sigma Alpha are three more best dressed girls. 2 A Q E 5 s E Mi sl .slim 2 i E 1 3 .NSN MQW, ,Q -- --M N. V5- K xx K fs KL : X- wx Q R 1? I K i sifffkig-7 A Attendant Maril Cameron Attendant Joan Munson Alpha Omicron Pi Alpha Gamma Delta Second Princess Patty Snider Delta Zeta if xi S ix' SN 1 :sa ws - N' si:1'fffm+ :s s - Q. sz. First Princess Donna Jones Sigma Sigma Sigma Attendant Marty Perkins Attendant Karen Rasnic Alpha Sigma Tau Alpha Sigma Alpha 12 WMCQ, .4173 Her majesty, Jan O'Neal, in crown and royal robes. .Nvvf The rayal court of RHETOR 1963 and the reigning queen. Jan O'NeaI, preside at the Futurama Park Ball, Attendants Maril Cameron, AOPi, Joan Munson, AGDg Second Princess, Potty Snider, DZ: Queen, Jan O'NeaI, SK: First Princess, Donna Jones, SSS, Attendants, Karin Rasnic, ASA, and Marty Perkins, AST. 5 i' if -99' Es, s, c of ,M Lk.L M7 Aff? 'ti X 'JMU N1 i :W 12 5 X 5 in , 4 i my 5 3w John Gassey, Theta Chi UMOC, and Nancy Day, Alpha Sigma Alpha Beauty Queen. UMOC ,gf,3ig:em,,ifwi.sY ' , 1' W f W f ' , , ,, 'vf,,.,,, if V ,fwimftffw W'-2a"f:f1-V , . Candidates for Beauty Queen were Diane Hughes, Alpha Gamma Delta, Nancy Day, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Nancy Kincaid, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Mary Ann Koch, Alpha Omicron Pi, Marilyn Coulter, Alpha Sigma Tau, Bobbi Jean Kalousek. Not Pictured, Pam Brady, Independent Women's Association, Cheryl Pelton, Sigma Kappa. UMOC Candidates were George Carney, Acacia, Jerry Hightower, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Abe Clark, Tau Kappa Epsilon, John Gossey, Theta Chi. Not pictured: J, B. Frost, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Larry Sohn, Sigma Tau Gamma, Frank Peterson, Sigma Pi. AND BEAUTY QUEEN O ' 7 Ex.. 4 1 91 iz Sf'ls4 "ibi Q 2 as fi1 ' f'g?32s: - 545 3 .U M Q - fmvkafffi 28 The Coaching staff who served Head Football Mentor Richard Carter and the Mules through the l962 grid campaign period. Standing from left to right are John Richardson, Bob White, Bob Tompkins, and Gene Pointerg kneeling are Kenneth Robb, Carter, and Mike Carter. NEW COACHING STAFF GRCJOMS YCDUNG SQUAD FOR THE FUTURE NEW FACES SPARK 1962 MULES TEAM :A Ron Neber Jim D'AIesio Dick Phillips Joe Sellman -J Dick Kessler Frank Tuggle Jim Mathenia Don Cheever 'ww Joe Shaughnessy Roger Hampton John Mooney Jim Everley ,mf i W 3 , , V Ti? fl of Q5 ' o J .,:- Q ,..l n o ..,. 5 , 5 v.,i1" 7 . lohn Rice Hank Spellman Keith Hendrix Carl Hursman Archie Stevenson Abe Clark Bill Morie Larry Johnson 129 in a MULES BEGIN l962 SEASON AGAINST PITTSBURG STATE 0 Row One: Roger Hampton, Don Cheever, Dick Phillips, Dan Napierala, Larry Johnson, Keith Hendrix, Frank Tuggle, Archie Stevenson, Bill Morey, Carl Hursman, Jim D'Alesio, Row Two: Jim Mathenia, Gil Rector, Bob lldefonso, Jim Richardson, Dick Kessler, Charles Morely, Jim Everly, Larry Boucom, Jerry Emison, Adolphus Mooney, Joe Shaughnessy, Hank Spellman, Frank Sprow. Row Three: Ron Neber, Ted Irving, Joe Sellmon, Jim Crane, Chuck French, Ted Light, John Williams, Phillip Bruce, George Zvirigidins, Jerry Huber, Terry Smith, Dale Hutchings. Row Four: Tony Tocco, Dennis Stephens, Rich Sewell, John Collins, John Rice, Butch Adams, Gary Barnes, Jerry Carouthers, Reggie Hughes, Larry Grosko, Rufus Harper, Ron Mirikitanit Row Five: Jerry Lorenzini, John Brown, Jim Meyers, Jirn Aziere, Leroy Campbell, Les Lane, Gary Bozarth, Abe Clark, Jerry Coy, Dick Foerstchry Bozarth, Abe Clark. A Mule defensive back knifes in for the tackle. Shaughnessy skirts right end Head Football Mentor Richard Carter diagrams strategy for his assistants, Kenneth Robb and Mike Carter l Assistant Coach Mike Carter discusses assignments on the sidelines during the Males' l opener with Pittsburg State. Backs Jim D'Alesio and Don Cheever take a breather during an intra- squad scrimmage. 132 Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules SCOREBCARD 0 0 0 7 'I3 0 0 20 0 Pittsburg State Washburn U. Emporia State Kirksville Maryville Springfield lHomecomingl Cape Girardeau Rolla Northeastern Oklahoma '1' Mule defenders John Rice l8ll, Jerry Mule quarterback Joe Allen 223, and Larry Baucom 1629 move Shaughnessy slashes forward in for the tackle in action with Washburn. for good yardage in the sea- son's opener with Pittsburg State. The Central Missouri State football Mules ended their i962 grid season with a 2-6-l record under first year head coach Richard Carter. Due to a heavy graduation toll from l96l , the season was one of rebuilding for Carter as he fielded a team that was made up mostly of freshmen and sophomores. Lone senior on the squad ,was l75 pound left halfback Jim D'Alesio. The powerful back was a standout for the Mules on defense, and had the distinction of running back two kickoffs for touchdowns during the season. Sophomores Carl Hurshman and Joe Shaughnessy and freshman Dick Foerstch alternated at quarterback for Carter. CMS finished fourth in the MlAA conference with a 2-3 mark that included wins over the Northwest Missouri State Bearcats at Maryville and the Missouri School of Mines at Rolla. At Maryville the Mules put together an 87-yard march and a 98-yard kick-off return in snapping a four game losing skein and whipping the Bearcats, l3-O. ln the conference final with Rolla, CMS came back from a scoreless first half to nose out the Miners, 20-l4. The Mules put together a 2l-yard run, a kickoff return, and a three yard plunge for their counters. 'J 1' 2 V , W WM 1. W , in as Left halfback Gil Rector slashes around right end for yardage 9 against Pittsburg. Defensive back Joe Shaughnessy dives for a Washburn back e route to paydirt. A Washburn back picks up a first down before Mule defenders can drive him out of bounds. 1 134 The returning cheer- leaders held a cheerlead- ing clinic at the beginning of the year for the new cheerleaders, elected at a convocation, Every game finds them full of pep as they lead the yells, Syd Smith is the captain. CHEERLEADERS SPARK THE Vee Boneff C w if wwxv eww A ,f ,. W I 4 ' 33111 ' A 2 in 15 I I , 3 7 .N ,,r,, J . 1 5 4 , :M Z f, fu, , J ? yyrr g , 5 if R ,Wi ,s,.,, 3 ' C5317 i L ! 5 ff M, if .4 gf WL, ,Li 4. B MM- , 'Mun Yi E , ,,Wi, eg l 54 , Q f fi 1 Susie White Linda Wilson W 2 W 4 Beverly Walton MULES TO VICTORY f 1 'Q f Q, za I? s ff Z s 'Mn Syd Smifh Gail Carr if, W Captain Linda Pickering ,WL X f ff M Cheerleaders lift school spirit at the basketball games in Garrison Gymnasium. Ka ren Norfolk Iron-4 Row One: Coach Gene Bartow, Bob Walters, Mike McFarland, Nelson Loyct, Gary Callaway, Bob Bohn trainer Marvin Reese. Row Two: Tony Marshall, Dick Brown, Bill Pollock, Ted Connelly, Torn Hewitt Clarence Cummings. Row Three: Assistant coach Bob Dennis, Bud Vallino, Gordon McFarland, Bob Caine Frank Chlipala, Ron Lindgren, Keith Craig, graduate assistant Harold Oetting. A STRENGTHENED CMS BASKETBALL ' Bob Caine Bob Walters Tom Hewitt Bud Vallino 136 ,max '1lN-lui-R XSD' YH-we Tony Marshall Keith Craig Frank Chlipala Nelson Loyet Gary Galloway Bill Pollock Ron Lindgren Clarence Cumm g REETS HEAD COACH GENE BARTOW Ted Connelly Mike McFarland Dick Brown Gd MFlnd I38 MULES GET RE Q ,. b COINS CCHS out O SIQHOI. f 4, 5 ADY TO SCORE if, 71,45 fjpfumyjg,e-gglwy L , .Y fy www, 554 1? K ff :fez!74aigf,f ff 1 , :qw , Center Tony Marshall Ieops high to control the tip for the Mules. Mm, mv. in Even these men let their emotions show in the heat of bottle. I 'fs 5 1 1 . R x 4 - f 4 K X x N Vallino muscles his way in for the bucket. Guard Bob Walters leaps high to d 1 S d in two against pringfiel . MULES DUMP SPRINGFIELD, 9I-63, AS VALLINO SCORES Sl Guard Gordon McFarland bewilders foes as he scoops the ball up for two points. N 142 3 . wi A .W E . X Q 5 annex K W 4 K K 'UW . .,... -'M A., .,,f-:wv.i.eN,,.- ...w..,..v.. -V - . -' ' A Mule defenders get position for the rebound. A second half flurry gives CMS o 6l-50 victory over Maryville at Garrison gym. Tense moments of the game are revealed in the eyes of blond cheer- leader, Linda Wilson. High stepping Bill Pollock flips up two amid four Springfield defenders. 14 That ball has to go in-another Mule victory! Part of an exciting halftime show at Garrison. gi 1 -on? The Central Missouri State basketball Mules closed out their 1962-63 cage season with a 17-6 overall record, and a 7-3 MIAA mark, good for a second place tie with the Kirksville Bulldogs. The Mules, piloted by second year coach Gene Bartow, launched the season with a convincing 63-49 non-league win over the Ottawa University Braves at Sedalia's Smith- Cotton gym. Before moving into the MIAA Holiday tourna- ment at Maryville, December 27th, 28th, and 29th, the Mules took to the road for tough non-loop tilts with Tulsa University of the Missouri Valley Conference, McMurray College and Southern Illinois University, CMS dropped games with the Golden Hurricanes of Tulsa, 68-53, and to SIU, 63-58, but edged McMurray at Jacksonville, Illinois, 85-80. The Mule quintet won their opening round game in the holiday classic with Kirksville, dropped their second with Maryville, and bounded back for a thrilling 82-76 triple-overtime win over Springfield for third place in the tourney. Season highlights included a record-shattering 108-82 romp the Rolla Miners at Garrison gym, and a jarring 90-70 upset of the conference champs for the third straight year, Cape Girardeau at home. The Mules had earlier lost a heart- breaker to the Indians at Cape, 76-75. n Outstanding performers for the Mules were rugged 6-4 junior forward Bud Vallino who ended the season with a 22.3 overall scoring average and a 24.5 MIAA average, third in the league, senior guard Gordon McFarland, 19.3, senior guard Bob Walters, 8.8, junior forward Bob Caine, 8.9, senior center Tony Marshall, and senior forward Tom Hewitt. High-leaping 6-7 sophomore center Bill Pollock came through with good late season performances to give Coach Bartow hopes for a fine season in 1963-64. 'WW r The Mule pep band swings in pre- game activity. ,--.1-.1 Guard Bob Wolters cracks ci Cope , Girardeau press as he fires the ball up court in the Mules 90-70 win. BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD Mules 63 49 Mules 53 68 Mules 85 80 Mules 58 63 Mules 72 63 Mules 78 70 Mules 82 78 Mules 80 89 Mules 82 79 Mules 75 76 Mules 90 80 Mules 91 63 Mules 77 71 Mules 61 50 Mules 85 79 Mules 70 59 Mules 108 82 Mules 58 72 Mules 74 72 Mules 83 71 Mules 70 76 Mules 90 70 Mules 73 72 " MIAA Tourney ' Conference games Ottawa U. Tulsa U. McMurray Southern Illinois Washburn U. Emporia State Kirksville" Maryville" Springfield" Cape Girardeau' Rolla' Springfield' Pittsburg State Maryville' Emporia State Washburn U. Rolla' Kirksville' Maryville' Pittsburg Kirksville' Cape Girardeau' Springfield' MIAA TRACK MEET CLIMAXES TRACK SEASCN XPP' 5 Q' Ni Speedster Lanny Dunhom wins pulling owoy in the finals of the 220 yord low hurdles. The Mules greof distoncer Bill Silverberg finishes for aheod of the field in the two-mile run. John Taylor and Lanny Dunham match strides as they move into the lead in the 220 yard low hurdles. John Taylor's long strides carry him across the finish line well ahead of the field, as the Mule mile relay team wins their heat of the race in the conference meet. Bill Silverberg goes into the lead before the first curve, and is never challenged as he wins the two mile run. 14 Ned Day takes the baton from teammate Les Lane as he starts his leg of the 880 yard relay. Javelin specialist Herb Miller pre- pares to release a warmqp throw before the Mules' dual meet with Springfield. Members of the l962 cross country team are Front Row, left to right: Steve Silverberg, Bill Silverberg and Boyd Groves. Second Row members are: Jim Davis, Bob Poteet, Jesse Hyder and Rod Hansin. Members of the squad Not Pictured are: Don Welsh, John King and Harry Carlton. ,amy if ' M 1 lv! f ,Q gl 'v 8 arg af- Q S -Jimi av X 4 5 , 3 aiu .LQW all ,Y W3 Gary Hoover, CMS vaulting star, thrusts himself across the bar in a dual meet with Springfield. Head Track Coach Richard Carter demonstrates the proper release of a shot put for an unidentified Mule squad member. H u r d I e r a n d sprinter L a n n y Dunham and dis- tance man Bill Sil- verberg show the form that brought them victories in the MIAA confer- ence meet. 14 415.26 Heavyweight Bob Hart goes after his foe in mat action with William Jewell. A ---.--i f 5 ii. - 1 O Coach Myron Carter and his grappling team anxiously analyze the action. The 1963 varsity wrestling team. 'H ' ii.. .'ii .ie, . f . -- 1. . N - - in tm, 'Nfmfgt-.. "Q c fw ifewes. ,f . A ' . Jerry Lorenzini, 157 pound class, is slam his antagonist to the mat. set to Si 5 f sux 'Hahn' li , W Nan Ann Nakamura works with her forehand prior to a match at the Morrow courts. ,V me .iizai -.g:-. ,:f'.i,,: W it :scs i EEE :,,: y :., .. x its S Star righthand pitcher, Bob Tompkins, at the CMS varsity baseball team, keeps in shape on the tennis court. Members of the CMS women's tennis team are: left to right, Mary Harness, Sally Baldwin, Judy standing Jones, and Lorna Dycheg kneeling left to right, Susan Shimatsu SPRI G TENNIS ACTION AT CMS 151 MULE BASEBALLERS POST WINNING SEASDN s 5. . to 0 X7 P' 52 ii s fc nl S I Row One: Bill Cox, Jack McGraw, Jim Mathenia, Harold Wamscams, Gene Barbour, Angelo Valesquez. Row Two: Don Crank, Bill Dey, Gorden McFarland, Tom Hunter, Dale Hutchings, Wayne Wash, Bill Hill, Bill Martin, Bob Tompkins, J. B. Frost, Warren Platt, Sam Russell. The hard-hitting Central Missouri State baseball Mules finished their i962 season with a 9-6 mark under Coach Bill Dey. Dey, a l96l graduate of CMS and former Mule star outfielder, built his team from a nucleus of seven outstanding returning lettermen. The veterans were J. B. Frost, first baseman, Bill Hill, catcher, Bob Tompkins and Sam Russell, pitchers, Wayne Wash, Warren Platt, and Tom Hunter, outfielders. Newcomers to the squad who saw the first string duty were infielders Jim Mathenia, Gene Barbour, Mike Banta, and Garden McFarland, pitcher Bill Martin, and outfielder Don Crank. Highlights of the season included two double header sweeps over Northwest Missouri State, and a trip to the NCAA regional baseball play offs at Jonesboro, Arkansas, where they won their opening round game. Mules' flashy infielder, Gene Barbour, slides into 152 third with another stolen base. l l l Warren Platt signals for outfielder Don Crank to hit the dirt in a scoring attempt set up by a passed ball. " i VESK A1- fz11,1, ' '-fl W if K , . f . . - . eff? 2 Q IS, " ' .s-2.22 eff fwfxffwf' , fW1't9J' , T. . K , 2 A 1 - 9723, -. : twgist gsfgiggaelt tm ' EFI: V Wye .:' . T-G'iT:fli:f . - l " ' ' .W ,N tt.. lti A a slfmi in Q I ' ' l 2,,,:xw: .4 NA. x A W' ' W, , - . - s. is X P L W1 ff 'H ' R 31 -:..3 - . M :., ayVl . ,..? I t:,. ...., , ., , L, .t'. if - lm. ,L I Wayne Wash, number 2, is greeted by teammates Bill Martin, Bill Hill and Tom Hunter as a result of his booming homerun over the left field fence at Grover park. I963 LILES VARSITY TEA 1, ' 3' rf!! I I Ee, 3 un.. Members of the varsity swimming Team ore, Row One: Farris Wilson, Bill Colvin, Diane Hall, Tom Mockobey, Dave Noble, and Coach Tom Hairabedian. Row Two: Pete Beyer, Hank Lewis, Dick Farrond, Glen Russell. Row Three: Ford Ferguson, Tom Campbell, Tim Schowolter, Craig Conatsey.- Wv-mi- i .... A, Jw x KM ug: .111n-11,-N.w.w'-Qx-ls suv- --N.:-lfv . Tom Mockobey pushes off for the competi- tion in the backsfroke. 5,1 ,, 47 . V, . 1 , 4' ty A . "...'J-"--' FRESHMAN MULES Central Missouri State Mules Freshman basketball team members are, Row One: Freshman Coach Floyd Walker, Howard Fritz, Wayne Crooks, Jim Brown, Steve Silverberg, Steve Olson. Row Two: Ralph Laughlin, Jim Wilson, Rich Rose, Kent McMillan, Jim Gurley, Rich Sher, Dale Hensley. Row Three: Wayne Bill, Mike Greim, Jack Bozarth, Pat Garry, Bob Orchid, Carl Weseman. Bowlers deliberate on their scores 1 - 3 2 manur- xx UNION BOWLI G LANES " M Bowler approaches the starting line. f W, Z 7 W and I 2 Larry Pelver and Marty Rosengarn, bowling champs at K.U. tourney, go to national championship roll-offs. First place winners ot the K.U. bowling tourney were Marty Rosengorn Sandy Gulick, Delores Mann, Judy Helmburger cmd Ellen Arrington. bi WG, 4 ",, : : ,E lg, W 1. A vs? 1 4 ge. ei Q X f Q, ENTQS SH W Q4 . 2, N 1 Q Lb. 19,9 . .. A--- A 4' 'i 'ff : X i -Y 'F X '1'l?!- : L. .ff -5 8 tix , ks SIX: 3 y m:.,f. .f ' x. X, X, Ab. , . Dr is Wt i B 'T-1 Dr. Warren C. Lovinger, president, awards a senior his long-awaited diploma. O SENIORS Seniors take the lost walk across campus as they go to graduation ceremonies. ABERNATHY, Gary Kansas City Math Tau Kappa Epsilon ACHELPOHL, John St. Charles English Associate Editor, Editor, The STUDENT ACKERMANN, WAYNE Carrollton Political Science Phi Sigma Epsilon, reporter, IFC, Associate Editor Editor, The STUDENT, RHETOR staff, Prexy Club, International Relations Club, KCMS, announcer-in-chief, SGA Executive Council, SGA Student Assembly, Young Republicans, vice president ADAMS, Agnes R. Warrensburg Elementary Education ADAMS, Marilyn S. Warrensburg Business Delta Zeta, Secretarial ADKINS, Mary L. Vienna, Mo. Science Club English ALFORD, William Chillicothe Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon, M Club, A Cappella Choir, Wesley Foundation, Young Democr ALLEN, Barbara L, Windsor English ALLEN, Beverly Savannah, Mo. Physical Education Delta Psi Kappa, Dolphins, ALLEN, Fred M. Independence Elementary Education ALLEY, Donald independence Business Administration Alpha Phi Omega, Account ALLISON, Robert M. Kansas City Merchandising and Retailing ats, UCCF SNEA, Pem Club, WRA ing Club, Young Democrats we AMENT, Larry Independence Business Alpha Kappa Lambda, Intertroternity Council ANDERSON, Agnes Smithton Elementar Education Y SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, WRA, Baptist Student Union, Collegiate 4H ANDERSON, Carol Clinton Speech Correction ANDERSON, Duane Kansas City Physics Liahona ANDERSON, Marlene Boonville Liohona, Colhecon ANGLE, Carol Higginsville Elementary Education SNEA ASP, Carmen Lee's Summit Music Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Lambda, Pi Kappa Lambda, Crescendo, SNEA, Band, Orchestra, Choir AUBREY, Lillian Lawson Chemistry American Chemical Society, WRA, Young Democrats, Baptist Student Union, Chorus, Band AUSTIN, Jack Chilhowee Business Phi Sigma Epsilon, Historian, Business Management Club, Dormitory Officer, Phillips-Osborne-Diemer BABYLON, John Warrensburg Economics Alpha Phi Sigma, Canterbury Club BABYLON, Sally Warrensburg Speech Orchesis, SNEA, Modern Foreign Language, Life Council BAILEY, Bennie Canterbury Club, Religious l f l BAKER, Evelyn BAKER, Lawrence BAKER, Robert Warrensburg Independence Art 162 Beta A I p h a , Industrial Arts 'bv-ml'-3" "f""7w fivltsq' 349 if 1, 6? 53: I ai gig 3 W, ,diff i ,,,, ,V E I Y wi we ii, ' v.x,4,?-A A1-tfjiilzqrilv ax. 543, I? V MZ? wg HPIWY' V17 M5935 EW 155 wi l-...A-yr BAKER, Roy Buckner Merchandising 81 Retailing Tau Kappa Epsilon, Mr. CEMO candidate, Student Union Special Activities, Co-Chairman, Head Stew- ard, Hudson Dining Hall BAKER, Sharon Lone Jack Elementary Education SNEA BALL, Linda Rothville ' 1' Ak fs--M4 J BEILHARZ, John Shawnee, Kansas BEHLAU, Bernie Merriam, Kansas Psychology Alpha Kappa Lambda, Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, Prexy Club, Freshman Counselor, Presi- dent of College Union, Union Cabinet, OIA, SNEA, Psychology Club, SGA Executive Council, Candidate for CEMO can- test, Traffic Court, Dol- phens, CMSC p I a y e r s, Chairman ot Rhetor Ball' Ji it 3 H P, fre w We i fi at 4- Y 'ff Z BELSCAMPER, Alice A, Kansas City BARKER, James N. Brunswick Theta Chi, SNEA, Dean's List BARNES, James Edward Warrensburg Music Tau Kappa Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Mace 81 Torch, Sigma Zeta, Prexy Club, SGA Student Assembly, SGA Honor Key, Chorus, Band, People-to-People BARNETT, Janice Elaine El Dorado Springs Elementary Education Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, President, Sigma Tau Delta, Historian, Secretory-Treasurer, Honors Program, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, English Club, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Prexy Club, Baptist Student Union, Social Chairman, Houts Hosey Council, Chorus, Yeater-Todd Glee Club BARR, Jerry Kearney BARTOW, Ruth Warrensburg BATEMAN, Jackie F. Kansas City BATSCHELET, Shirley Clinton Business Education Hall of Recognition, Student Center Committee, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, People-to-People, Social Dance Club BATTMER, Bob Parkville Pre-Medical Tau Kappa Epsilon BATTMER, George Parkville Business Tau Kappa Epsilon BAX, Virginia St, Elizabeth Elementary Education Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, Newman Club, Houts-Hosey Council, Cwens BEARD, Deloris Ann Blue Springs Physical Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Orchesis, SNEA, Pem Club WRA, SGA Student Assembly, AWS Assembly, Student Center Committees, Band, Majorette BEARD, Judy Adrian Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Omicron Phi, SNEA BELSHE, Jerry D. Marshall Mathematics Theta Chi, Recording Sec- retary, Alumni Secretary, House Manager, Student Supreme Court Justice, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, intro Fraternity Council, Secretary ,pf BERRY, George F. BERTZ, Sharon Norborne Mayview Music Alpha Phi Delta, Pi Kappa Lambda, Crescendo, SNEA, Chorus, Orchestra, Band 163 BRITT, Jerry Kansas City Math BROKE R, Michael J. Bonnots Mill Speech SN EA, Young Democrats, Newman Club, Hudson Sigma Pi, CMSC Players, English Club, Wesley, REW Committee, SGA Senate Hall Council, C a m p u s Camera, KCMW-FM, Stu- dent Center Committees, The STUDENT BROWN, Burl Clinton Industrial Arts Industrial Arts, Prexy Club, BROWN, Carolyn Faye BROWN, Gilbert Young Republicans, Band, Rolla Sf- LOUIS BROWN, J0S6Pl1 Tennis Team Business Merchandising 8. Retailing MOI'Sl10ll 16 4 BROWN, Nat St. Louis Sociology BRUMMIT, Arduth Holden BRUNSON, Margaret Independence Elementary Education E Association for Childhood Education, Liohona, REW Committee, North Hall Representative BURGDORF, Bonnie St. Louis Elementary Education Industrial Arts, SNEA, Baptist Student Union BURGDORF, Thomas St. Louis History BURKE, Glenda Liberty Elementary Ed. Sigma Sigma Sigma, A BURRIS, Ruth Grandview Physical Education Alpha Sigma Tau, Student Union BURTIN, Marilyn Kansas City Secretarial Science BUSBY, William E. Ludlow, Mo. Biology Alpha Kappa Lambda, BUSSELL, Michael Liberty CALLIS, Larry Hughesville Secretarial Science CAMPELL, Elaine Kansas City Business WS, President, SNEA Dolphins, Pem Club, WRA, Prexy Club, Baptist lnter Fraternity Council, Beta Beta Beta Alpha Gamma Delta, Modern Foreign Language Club, AWS Assembly, Houts-Hosey Hall Council, Student Center Committee, Social Dance Club IKEL, Sandra wsas City mentory Education vhfl 5591110 Tau: SNEA? BIESEMEYER, Evelyn :ociation for Childhood Co,-de,-I Mo' ication, RHETOR Staff, Business :kerson Hall Council. SNEA? Wesley, Cho,-us BLACK, Judy F. Warrensburg Biology Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pan- hellenic Council, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Cosmopolitan Club, Prexy Club, SGA Student As- sembly, SGA Executive Council, SGA Honor Key, Student Center Committee BLAIR, Kathleen Warrensburg Elementary Ed. Sigma Kappa, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, Houts-Hasey Dormitory Officer, Student Center Committee BLAUROCK, Anita Louise North Kansas City Social Studies BOEDEKER, Delbert C. Raytown, Mo. Industrial Arts, Crescendo, SNEA, Wesley, Chorus, Band, Guy's and DoIl's iff' BOLLINGER, Larry Kansas City, Mo. Accounting BONNOT, Billie Sue Ulman, Missouri Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi, Colhecon, SNEA, Young Republicans, Houts-Hosey Hall Council BORESOW, Judy Kansas City, Mo. Physical Education BOWMAN, Danny Norborne, Mo. Industrial Arts BOWMAN, Gilbert Odessa Elementary Education BOWMAN, Shirley Kansas City Elementary Education Dean's List, Dean's Honar Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, BSU BOYER, Veronica Warsaw Secretarial Science SNEA, Secretarial Science Club, Chorus BRADER, Charles St. Charles Psychology M Club, Psychology Club, Gamma Delta BRASEL, Gerald Excelsior Springs BREITKREUTZ, Susan Ft. Leonard Wood Geography BRIGGS, Jacqueline Clinton English STUDENT Staff, Feature Editor, Columnist, SNEA, RHETOR BRIGHT, Janice Warrensburg English Club, SNEA 165 CAMPBELL, Jane Wellington Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Tau, SNEA, ACE, WRA, Industrial Arts, Student Center Committee CAMPBELL, Sondra Kansas City Math Alpha Gamma Delta, recording secretary, Social Dance Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, vice-president, Houts-Hosey Council, Student Union Committee CANNON, Iris Sedalia Math Committee, Dean's Chorus CARLISLE, Robert independence Social Science CARTER, Jerry E. Warrensburg Industrial Arts Club, CARTER, Mary Independence CARTER, Thomas L Warrensburg CATRON, Jo Ellen Eldon Physical Education Alpha Sigma Tau, Treasurer, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, Student Center List, Honors Program, UCCF, Social Dance Club, Sec reta ry Pem Club, WRA, BSU, Executive Council, Nickerson Hall Council, Chorus CHAMBERLAIN, Barbara Ferguson Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta, President, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, Prexy Club, REW Com- mittee, Student Center Committee CHAPMAN, Theodore Boston, Mass. Accounting Theta Chi, Prexy Club, Accounting Club, President CHAMPMAN Vir inia 1 Q Grandview Vocational Home Economics Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kappa Omicron Phi, vice president, Colhecon Club, Maiorette, Dormitory Council, Houts Hall Council CHRISMAN, James Centerview Social Studies Sigma Pi, SNEA, president, Prexy Club, Dear1's List, Dean's Honor Roll CHRlSMAN, Stephen B. Clinton Biology Alpha Kappa Lambda, scholarship c h air m a n, chaplain, Beta Beta Beta, vice-president, American Chemical Soc., president, Cosmopolitan Club, Prexy Club, Hudson Hall, social chairman, Pajama King 166 1, 'uit I is A , il L , Z ff Mi , We 1, t , Jil? gg Y? its Q, V.- wwf . ug ,, A , t "' ..:f'.,:f:1-ff:'1" 9, , 'A , ll Md 25t.3QQ ,? i" i 3 4 CHRISTOPHER, Sidney CLARK, Jo Ann CLASBEY, Zela D, CLEMENS, Lois COCHRAN, Thelma Bonne Terre, MO, Warrensburg Lee's Summit Norborne Independence Merchandising 3, Refgiling Elementary Education Social Studies French Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, As- Modern Foreign Language sociation far Childhood Club, SNEA, Liahona Education, SNEA, lndus- trial Arts, Prexy Club, Majorette, Wesley, Stu- dent Center Committees gh r 4' ,J xfi:1i'ii ' l- 4' J W' il? ,il if Q z an sl if adj 1. ,gtggxz A ii X! T45 4, f ,NIV X it , if 4 T J f A 'K , ,,,rffw,,4 at , K ' ,6 ,sim sax ,,, 'F ff ,J if hx X Vfri fl 1, ' if li 1 41 " gill f 9 if X ,Rfk nu! J! mrgmg Magix min 05.1, , 4if' ', , ef, f 'lar' T4 ,1 -l ' w ,Ly . f Jimi, 'sw' ,f-3.5, H 2 "Y , 2 . A "Wx EY? Yun 3? gm' K, TOX, Roselee wdependence tri' tlpho Phi Delta, Beta tlpha, SNEA, Young lemocrats ff, U , I.. .," Vf',ff' f ,94- CRABB, Arthur Kansas City 3 K?" yfmdff at J Q K 'Q pl CRAIG, Coral Jean Centerview Delta Zeta, recording sec- retary, Pi Omega Pi, treasurer, SNEA, Business Educational Club, vice president, Hall of Recog- nition fi COEN, William L, Independence Economics COFFMAN, Joseph Warrensburg industrial Arts Gamma Delta COLE, Mildred Marie Chillicothe Elementary Education Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Collegiate 4-H, ACE, Honors Program, Prexy Club, Rhetor Key COOK, Roy Higginsville COONCE, Dan Raytown Spanish SNEA, Cosmopolitan Club, CORDREY, Carole Warrensburg Elementary Education CORNISH, Gordon CORNISH, Verle Kansas City Chemistry COURTNEY, Jeanne Ennis Kansas City Elementary Education Canterbury Club Delta Zeta, Rhetor Queen, Wintergreen Ball Queen, TKE Sweetheart, SNEA, ACE COVEY, Nedra Independence Physical Education Beta Beta Beta, Orchesis, COWARD, Carrie E. Pennsouken, New Jersey Elementary Education COX, Robert Kansas City it .JZ CRANK, Carol Kansas City Math Sigma Sigma Sigma, schol- arship chairman, AWS As- sembly Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA Pem Club, WRA, Prexy Club 'if"f"'fT:l' CRAVEN, Doro Mcv CRAWFORD, Edward Carrollton Wgrrensburg Home Economics Phygicg Colhecon, t r e a s u r e r, SNEA, Young Republi SNEA, Baptist Student Cans? Liahonc Union, Todd Hall Council, Chorus 167 CROUCI-I, Elberta Hermitage Elementary Education SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, Bap- tist Student Union .vang :Mr ff My s qv -LF, - was f, CULP, Mari Ann Physical Education Kansas City Dolphins, president, prop- erties manager, SNEA, Pem Club, WRA, Prexy Club DAUGH ERTY, Ruth Q Crescendo, SNEA, Chorus, Band, Collegiate 4-H Bo ard DAVIS, llah Pleasant Hill Art DAVIS, Ruth Kansas City Industrial Arts Hall Council CUSICK, Lura Lee's Summit Mathematics Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, president, SNEA, English Club, Prexy Club, Young Democrats, United Campus Christian Fellowship, REW Commit- tee, Student Union Com- mittee, RHETOR Key t E , SNEA, Mulebackers Club, Baptist Student Union, Todd DAVOLT, Leta Independence Elementary Education Sigma Kappa, SNEA, Union Committee DAWSON, William Independence DEGRADO, Joseph Kansas City English DIAL, Albert Sedalia Engineering Sigma Pi, vice preside DICKNEITE, Dan Freeburg Biology Dean's List, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Beta Beta Beta DIEM, Bill Hamilton Industrial Arts SNEA, Industrial Arts Club DIETZ, Joyce Berkley Art Association for Childhood Education, Student nt, American Chemical Society, SNEA Alpha Omicron Pi, Beta Alpha, Dolphins, president, Prexy Club, Chris- tian Science Organization, Religious Lite Council, REW Committee, SGA Senate DILLON, Ed Holden Business Tau Kappa Epsilon DILLON, Janice Holden English Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, Young Democrats DALE, Donna Raytown Physical Education Beta Beta Beta, Outing Club, Dolphins, Pem Club, VI1RA, Yeater Hall Coun- ci I T"'?P' , ,Y D'ALESlO, Jim Mingo Junction, Ohio Physical Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, Dc phins, M Club, secretar DAILEY, DOD Newman Club, Footba Kansas City All-MIAA, Track 1 V X 'M DOWNWARD, Michael L. St. Louis Math SlQma Pi, SNEA, Gamma Delta, College Union Cab- inet, Student Center Com- mittee, RHETOR Key, The Student DUGGER, Joy Adrian DRAPER Dee Elementary Education Warrensburg DRAPER, William SNEA, ACE, Baptist Stu- Drama DOWNS, Lena Knob Noster dent Union CMSC Players DRUMMOND, Kathy Liberty Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta DU CHATEAU, Judith Eldon Art Beta Alpha DURRILL, Terry DYCHE, Lorna Carole Kansas City Physical Education Alpha Sigma Tau, Outing Club, Orchesis, SNEA, Pem Club, WRA, Delta Psi Kappa, Houts-Hosey Hall Council DYER, Jaan Odessa EBERTING, Fred Clinton Marketing Phi Sigma Epsilon, president, reporter, lnterfraternity Council, Bar- risters, Society for the Advancement ot Management, Prexy Club, Business Management Club, SGA Executive Council, Student Supreme Court, Phillips-Osborne-Diemer Hall Council, Student Center Cabinet, Student Center Committee, Choir EBERWEIN, Tony Richmond Heights Political Science Theta Chi, president, vice president, secretary, lntertraternity Council, American Chemical Society, Pi Kappa Delta, treasurer, Varsity Forenics, Sophomore class president, Alpha Phi Omega, secretary, Prexy Club, Young Democrats, SGA Honor Key, Holden Hall Council, SGA, president ECKERT, Carla Chillicothe English Delta Zeta, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, SNEA, Student Center Committee, Band EGBERT, Charles Eugene Windsor Agriculture Agriculture Club, Society for Advancement of Management EGELSTON, Jim independence EHLERT, Richard Concordia EICHMAN, Richard Kansas City I 12 EICKMANN, Helen Concordia ENGELBRIGHT, Hazel ELGELBY, Roger Tipton Chemistr Y Alpha Kappa Lambdag American Chemical Society ENNESS, John Kansas City Elementary Education SNEA ENZENAUER, Sharon St. Louis English SNEAg Pem Clubg English Clubg Dean's Honor Rollg Orchestra ESPOSITO, Anthony Warrensbu rg English EVANS, John independence Business Tau Kappa Epsilon EWALD, Robert Independence, Mo. Speech Correction Americal Speech and Hearing Association FARRIS, Ruth L. Warrensburg English FEATHERSTONE, Carole Kansas City Elementary Education SNEAg UCCF FERGUSON, Marjorie Lee's Summit English FERTIG, Connie New Haven Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Deltag RHETOR Candidate FICK, Larry Rich Fountain Accounting Alpha K a p p a Lambdag Prexy Clubg Young Demo- cratsg Accounting Club, presidentj Religious Life Councilg Newman Club 170 FILES, William FITZGERALD, William Independence Kaiser English FISK, Ronald PINK, Merle Nevgdg Warrensburg Merchandising 8. Retailing Physical Education Phi Si ma Epsilon' Busi- Q I ness Management Club FINKE, Gary General Business FLIPPIN, Elizabeth FORBES, Velma E, Ava English FORTN EY, James Warrensburg English ttlflfaff' FOSTER, Vernon Clark Osceola Business Acacia, lntertraternity Council FRANKENFELD, Gerard Baltimore, Maryland Music assi'-'T' Orchestra, Guys and Dolls, Finian's Rainbow FRANKLIN, Joyce FREEMAN, Charles Clinton FRITTS, Judith Amsterdam Home Economics mittees, Choirs, RHETOR, People-to-People FROST, J. B. Mission, Kansas Business Administration b Phi Sigma Epsilon, Athletic Director, M Club, president FROST, William Jasper Worrensburg FUCHS, James Concordia Music fm ..,..i--If ue' FULKERSON, Noel Malta Bend Music Democrats, Wesley, president, Singers, Band, Essig Collection pun, 'lg 5w... FULLER, Nancy GATEWOOD, Gary GARDNER, Judith K. GARRlSON, Robert GENEST, Paulette Blue Springs Charlotte, North Carolina Sedalia Sedalia Van Buren, Maine SNEA Math Business Political Science Alpha K a p p a Lambda, Phi Sigma Epsilon, lnter- Newman Club, Foreign pledge master fraternity Council, Young Language C l u b, Young Republicans, Religious Lite Council Democrats, Business Man- agement Club SGA assembly honor key, special award, Student Body Vice President, SGA assembly chairman, Phi Sigma Epsilon, president, "Cemost" prize winner, IFC, Prexy Club, Pi Kappa Delta, Chorus, Freshman Counselor Theta Chi, corresponding secretary, historian, Crescendo, SNEA, Choir, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Colhecon, Orchesis, SNEA, AWS Judiciary Coun- cil, Yeoter l-lall Council, secretary, treasurer, Student Center Com- Phi Sigma Epsilon, Crescendo, SNEA, Choir, Orchestra, Band Pi Kappa Lambda, Crescendo, president, SNEA, Prexy Club, Young Foster Hall Council, Choir, Madrigal GERHARDT, Bonnie Lexington Elementary Education Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Baptist Student Union 171 GERRID, Linda Hickman Mills English SNEA, Modern Foreign Language Club, Baptist Student Union, Student Center Committees, Band GlBLER, Dianna Blue Springs Music Crescendo, SNEA, Lia- hona, Choir, Orchestra, Band, Collegiate Bond, Opera Workshop, Guys and Dolls, Deon's List, GIBLERI Helen Dean's Honor Roll, CMS Jefferson City GILL, William A. Madrigcl Singers Drgmq Independence GOODMAN, Janice Kansas City Business GORDON, Dana Windsor Math SNEA, Collegiate 4-H, Pep Club GRAHAM, Jean Kansas City Elementary Education Sigma Kappa, Panhellenic representative, Panhellenic, registration com- mittee choirman, Alpha Phi Delta, president, ACE, SNEA 172 GRANFIELD, Mabel Warrensburg GRAY, Judy Jean Warrensburg Music Crescendo, SNEA, Baptist Student Union, AWS Assembly, Music Edu- cators Nationol Conference, GRAY, Robert GREEN, Donna Kansas City Elementary Education SNEA, ACE GREGORY, Harry Norborne Chorus, Band Outing Club, president, SNEA, Prexy Club, Intramurals GRIMSLEY, Stanley Amoret SNEA, Young Democrats, mittees, People-to-People GRlMES, Robert Osceola Industrial Arts Baptist Student Union, Student Center Com- Sigma Tau Gamma, Industrial Arts GR ISWOLD, Ronald Sedalia Sigma Pi, rush chairman, SNEA, Young Democrats, Student Center Committees, Chorus GROSS, Kay Kansas City People-to-People 'Q 1. 25 1 , . P' 4:53 ,S l f '-"Meer" f rv'-'-Hsu 1 ' I ,, ' 1 riiiif if x f'f fff fQi5fi.ff GOLUB, Hershel Kansas City Elementary Education Outing Club, Agricultural Club, SNEA, Alpha Phi Omega, Chorus GOOCH, Sue Kansas City Elementary Education Delta Zeta, Alpha Ph Delta, SNEA, REW Com- mittee, Todd Hall vice president, Student Centei Committees, Hall of Rec ognition GRUBB, Margie Alma Math Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Mu Epsilon, SNEA GUDDE, Lynda Warrensburg, Mo. Physical Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Rush Chairman, Vice President, Panhellenic Council, Con- stitution Revision a nd Handbook Chairman, Or- chesis, President, SNEA, Pem Club, WRA, Modern Foreign Language Club, Prexy Club, Young Repub- licans, Secretary, SGA Student Assembly, AWS Assembly, GUILFORD, Gary Wa rrensburg, Mo. Theta Chi U HABEGER, Rogce Ideal, South Dakota Commercial Art Beta Alpha, Young Demo- CFOTS HAMILTON, Mabel HAMMOND, Mary Kansas City, Mo. HANSON, Martin Music HABEGER, Vanetta Sigma Pi, Crescendo, SNEA, Chorus, Orchestra HARDING, Jim HARNESS, Mary Ann Kansas City Physical Education SNEA, Pem Club, WRA HARRIS, Mabel HARSIP, Rodney, R. Gering, Nebraska Psychology Young Democrats, Religious Life Council, Liahona worship chairman, REW Committee, worship chairman, Track HATFIELD, Larry HAYNES, Joyce Elaine Lawson Elementary Education Kappa-Mu Epsilon, Industrial Arts Club, SNEA, Religious Life Council, Oak Hill, secretary, Dean's Honor Roll HAWKES, Beverlee St. Louis Elementary Education HAYES, Harvey HAYES, James C. Kansas City Business HAGER, Carol Jefferson City, Mo. Social Studies Sigma Kappa, SNEA Alphi Phi Omega, treasurer, Business Manage- ment Club, vice president, president, Prexy Club, Society for Advance- ment of Management, president, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Osborne Hall Council, Hall of Recognition, SGA Senate, OIA Theta Chi, treasurer, 173 HEALEY, Mary Jefferson City HEIL, Sharon L. , Nofbofne ,, :fi Sigma Sigma Sigma, Carr. Sec., Best Dressed Girl, SNEA Y ' I HECK, A. J. Sedona SNEA, Young Republicans ' M HELMS, Thomas L. Crocker HENDERSON, Helen Kansas City HIGHTOWER, Jerry Raytown Business Alpha Kappa Lambda, IFC, Officer HIGGS, Edward Calhoun Tau Kappa Epsilon HIGGS, Marcia Warrensburg Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma HILTON, Carol Kansas City HINSON, Connie Kansas City SNEA, Business Education Club, Secretarial Science Club, Newman Club, Student Center Committee HODGES, Barbara Adrian Elementary Education Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, Association tor Childhood Education, Inter- national Relatians Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Secretary, English Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, Young Democrats, Baptist Student Union HOEHNS, Larry Sedalia M Club, Letter-Wrestling, Dormitory E. I 155 HOESTETTER, Nancy HOLDEMAN, Jerry HOLLEY, Kenneth C. HOLTZEN, Carol D. HOOVER, Priscilla J. Tipton Kansas City Warsaw Cole Camp Odessa Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Business SNEA, Wesley Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, English Club 174 HOPKINS Charle Smithton Dean s List Dean Ro UNTER, Jerry eeburg, lllinois neral Business Seto Chi, sergeant-at- ms, M o d e r n Foreign inguage Club, Young zmocrats, Business Man- iement Club 1? I 3 i ffl, , f i is ff: :. 23325 K' HUNTER, Thomas Kansas City Physical Education Alpha K a p p o Lambda Physical Education Club, M Club, Baseball Letter HORNIG, Judith F. Kansas City Home Economics Scholarship Cup, Todd Hall Council HOSTETLER, John Kansas City Art Resident Assistant HOUSE, Marsha Waynesville Elementary Education HOUSTON, Carol Joplin HOWARD, Harold Lexington HOWARD, Judy Sedalia Alpha Sigma Tau, Outing Club, Secretarial Science Club HOWE, Steve T. Kansas City HOWELL, Kendrick Kansas City HOWREN, Dolan Eldon Psychology Cosmopolitan Club, Psychology Club HUGHES, John D. Waverly HUHMANN, William J. Tipton Accounting Alpha Kappa Lambda, ,.,-. Club HULSER, Lyle New Market, Iowa g Q . -.sw " HUNZINGER, Charles HURSH, Veflyf' HURSHMAN, l-UVVY Wafrensburg Warrensburg Kansas City Young Democrats, Accounting Club, Sigma Kappa, vice president, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Omicron Phi, SNEA, Colhecon, Homecoming Attendant, RHETOR, Hall of Recogni- tion, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Student Union Committee, Sorority Phi Sigma Epsilon, corresponding secretary, Junior Class President, CMSC Players, SNEA, Young Republicans, Wesley, SGA Senate Newman HUTCHISON, Mary Webster Groves Speech 175 HUTTON, David L. Richmond English Dean's Honor Rall, Prexy Club, English Club, vice president, Modern Foreign Language Club: SNEAI Young Republicans, presi- dent, Wesley, Mock Legis- lature, Jefferson City IDLEMAN, Diana Independence JEFFERS, Michael JENKINS, Gerald Delta Zeta Warrensburg Kansas City JENNINGS, Sandra St. Louis Physical Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Dean's List, Alpha Phi Delta, Hall of Recognition, Kappa Delta Pi, Miss CEMO, Sports Queen, Prexy Club, Head Cheer- leader, Guys and Dolls, Finian's Rainbow, PEM Club, AWS Assembly, vice president, Judiciary Council, Student Union Committee C h air m a n, Orchesis JOBE, Judy Warrensburg l l JOHNSON, Clyde Wichita Falls, Tex. JOHNSON, Gary Horton Music Alpha Kappa Lambda, Crescendo, SNEA, Chorus, Orchestra, Band JOHNSON, Jean C. Fulton SNEA, Business Education JOHNSON, Kenneth W. Jefferson City JOHNSON, Roy Kansas City Club, Student Center Committee Sigma Tau Gamma, president, IFC, Prexy Club, Business Management Club, Gamma Delta JONES, Donna Lexington Sigma Sigma Sigma, vice president, Best Dressed Girl, Hall Council, Prexy Club, RHETOR Candidate, SNEA, AWS, president, corresponding secretary, AWS Assembly, JONES, Janice M. Parkville Elementary Education Sigma Kappa, SNEA, AW Center Committee, Chorus JONES, Judith A, Oklahoma City Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, SNEA JONES, Sharwin Independence JORDAN, Linda L. Kansas City W Nickerson S Assembly, Houts-Hosey, secretary, Student SNEA, Newman Club, Dormitory Officer JORDAN, Rosalee Sedalia English Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha P Prexy Club, SGA Senate JUSTICE, Jack Warrensburg hi Sigma, Secretary Treasurer, English Club, ANDER, Michael larrensburg, Mo. xdustrial Arts KAY, Kolette Kansas Cit Mo. Y, Social Science Sigma Kappa KEELER, Victory Kansas City, Mo. Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Tau, Panhel lenic Council, SNEA, ACE, Houts-Hosey Hall Council Student Center Commit- tees, RHETOR X me e N-uw ,1 I J' KEITER, John Kansas City, Mo. Mathematics Alpha Kappa Lambda, Rush Chairman, lnterfra ternity Council, SNEA, ln ternational Relations Club Newman Club KENDRICK, Jean Normandy, Mo. KETTINGER, Cora Salem, Mo. KILLE, Sue Warrensburg, Mo. Elementary Education 1 KEITHLY, Janet Nevada, Mo. Biology Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Beta Beta Beta, Kappa Delta Pi, Dolphins, SNEA, Yeater Hall, Secretary, RHETOR KELLER, George Kansas City, Mo. nrgi i Delta Zeta, corresponding secretary, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, United Campus Christian Fellowship, Todd Hall, corresponding secretary, Student Center Committees, Band KILLE, Wallace Chillicothe Theta Chi, lnterfraternity Council, Prexy Club, Young Democrats, SGA Executive Council, Phillips'Osborne-Diemer, Student Center Cabinet, Student Center Committees, Freshman Class President KINCAID, Nancy Glasgow Business Sigma Sigma Sigma, SNEA, Majorette, Candidate for UMOC Beauty Queen KING, Rosalie J, Coldwater, Michigan Music Crescendo Club, Liahona, Chorus, Choir, Band KIRCHHOFER, Anne Raytawn SNEA, Association for Childhood Education, Yeater Hall Council, Chorus KIRCHHOFF, Ruby Marlene Concordia KLEPPER, McCellan Higginsville KLOPPE, Larry New Haven KLUTER, Kenneth Warsaw Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon, Physical Educators Club, SNEA KLUTZ, Don Clinton Science Acacia, pledgemaster, IFC, president 177 KOCH, Mary Ann Kansas City Business Alpha Omicron Pi, Prexy Club, Secretarial Science Club, United Campus Christian Fellowship, Student Union Cabinet, AWS Assembly and Choir KOEHLER, Leonard A. Independence KHUR, Helen Kansas City Elementary Education Sigma Kappa, vice president, song leader, SNEA, Association for Child- hood Educotian, SGA Assembly Senate, AWS Assembly, Choir, Student Union Cabinet, Student Center Committee LADD, Linda Kansas City English Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, CMSC Players, SNEA, English Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, Prexy Club, United Campus Christian Fellowship, REW Committee, Hall ot Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Rall, Student Union Cabinet, Student Union Committees, RHETOR, RHETOR Ball co-chairman LADUKE, James F. Slater Business Alpha Kappa Lambda KAPPLEMAN, Carol Waverly LAMB, Edward C. Warrensburg Business Phi Sigma Epsilon, More and Torch, president, Prexy Club, SGA Execu- tive Council, convocation chairman, vice president, Orchestra, Band, Essig Troup, College TV Show, assistant producer, Honors Program LAMONT, Marilyn J. Independence LANGE, Donald E. Rolla Industrial Art Beta Alpha, Industrial Arts LANGFORD, Linda Kay Clinton Elementary Education Sigma Kappa, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, Prexy Club, Religious Lite Council, Newman Club, REW Committee, SGA Assembly Senate, SGA Executive Council, Dormitory Officer, president LEE, Michael G. Sedalia LEGSDIN, Margo Ann Rolla Music Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Mu Phi Epsilon, Crescendo, SNEA, AWS Assembl ' Houts-Hose Resident Assistant' North Hall Hall oun- V, v , C cil, Todd Hall Resident Assistant, Chorus, Orchestra, Band LENHART, Steve Odessa 178 flir- Sw-in i Milf , W fu' awe' ,,, , WW Y X I . :tI'tt2liII I ALf'l,'Z'f7' FL' Q" ' A 4 it I, , M Ag,5:Y,,,2 , N , ,ff ,x,,. , , ' Q, .I ' f .325 ,s , cf, LEONARD, Lana Kansas City English Delta Zeta, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, Prexy Club, AWS Assembly, Judiciary Council, Dormitory offi- cer, Todd Hall Resident Assistant, Nickerson Hall Resident Assistant, Or- chestra, Hall of Recogni- tion LIECHTI, Joyce Ann St. Joseph Delta Zeta, Alpha Phi Delta, Secretarial Science Club, Student Center Com- mittees LINDSTROM, Dorothy Clinton English SNEA, Cosmopolitan Club, English C I u b, Modern Foreign Language Club, Young Republicans, Relig- ious Lite Council, United Campus Christian Fellow- ship, REW Committee, ln- ternational F r i e n d ship Award, Student Center Committees, Chorus, RHE- TOR, STUDENT LITTLE, John LITTLETON, Char Lexington Braymer 1 A as ,, 1 get ,- .ftgfiw ' c5ff??'fff6Ti 3523, actors' 1,5 f,fwf,fg V, ' 324-74:5- : f ffl, an , A , G I ww' ' 'W Xl ' 'Y ,, 4 , 4, ,. 1, ,M ,Y 'CQ . , ., , , gig? ,st ft 2' if .QW 47' qw., C CORKLE, Lois dependence LINVILLE, Sydney Smith St. Joseph English Alpha Sigma Alpha, corresponding secretary, Ponhellenic Council, SNEA, Pep Club, Hall of Recognition, Best Dressed Girl Candidate, Winter Sports Queen, Miss CEMO Candidate, UMOC beauty candi- date, Head Cheerleader LIVESAY, John Independence Art Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Alpha, Industrial Arts Club, Young Demo- crats, Orchestra, Track LONG, Don Warsaw Business Phi Sigma Epsilon, treasurer, Accounting Club, SGA Assembly Senator LONG, Leland Edward Raytown Acacio, Kappa Mu Epsilon, vice president, lndustrial Arts Club, SNEA, Prexy Club, Young Democrats, Phillips-Osborne Executive Council LONG, Robert Independence LOOK, Mildred C. lndependence LORTON, Ann Warrensburg Art Hall ot Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, AWS Assembly, Sigma Kappa, president, Panhellenic, Prexy Club, Beta Alpha, Student Center Com- mittee, SNEA LOUDON, Sue Ann Kansas City Drama Alpha Gamma Delta, Panhellenic Council, CMSC Ployers, secretary, Theta Alpha Phi, president, Pem Club, Prexy Club, Traffic Court, Student Center Committee, Bond, Dolphins, Drama Awards, Hall of Recognition LOVE, Genevieve Independence LOWRY, Roger Warrensburg MC COLLUM, Jim Ashdown, Arkansas Political Science MC COLLUM, Melba Warrensburg iw' xp-ii MC DOWELL, Donna Jean Kansas City Mothematics Kappa Mu Epsilon, SNEA, Canterbury Club, Houts- Hosey Council, Student Center Committee, Chorus MC ENTIRE, John O, Business Tau Kappa Epsilon, SGA Assembly, Senate, Holden Hall Council, Hudson Hall Council, D i e m e r Hall Council, F o s t e r Hall Council VIZ? W MC FARLAND, Gordon MC GOWAN, Jerry MC KEE, Janice Kay Troy, Illinois Kansas City Centertown Physical Education Biology Elementary Education M Club, Varsity Basket- Beta Beta Beta, vice pres- Alpha Omicron Pi, SNEA ball, All-MIAA ident, Outing Club, presi- Baptist Student Union dent, Prexy Club 7 MC MAHAN, Nancy Kansas City MAASEN, Patricia A. Linn Business Sigma Kappa, Alpha Lambda Delta, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, Prexy C l u b, Young Democrats, Secre- tarial Science Club, Re- ligious Life Council, New- Mugic man Club, REW Commit- Crescendo, SNEA, Choir, MC NIECE, Allen D. tee, Houts Hosey Dormi- Orchestra Warrensburg tory Officer 180 MARSCH, Carl Bay MARSHALL, Anthony S. Warrensburg SGA, executive council, citizenship chairman, M Club, Varsity Basket- ball, Award Winner, Delta Sigma Beta Epsilon, Wall Street Journal Award MATY, Janette Grandview Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, AWS Association for Childhood Education, Prexy Club, Gamma Delta, Young Democrats, Honors Program, Hall of Recog- nition, Dean's Honor Roll, Chorus, Houts Hosey Judiciary Board, People- to-People Student Ambassador, Student Union Committees, Student Union Cabinet, Foreign Language Club, Psychology Club, SNEA MAYCOCK, Shirley Kansas City Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, SNEA, Houts Hosey, treasurer, Student Union Committees-Activity Committee MAYFIELD, Fred Kansas City Phi Sigma Epsilon, Sentinel, Psychology Club, Chorus MEAGHER, Jean Carol Kansas City Modern Foreign Language Club, Young Democrats, Newman Club MEANS, Shirley Jean Clinton Independent Women's Association, Collegiate 4-H, SNEA, International Relations, Prexy Club, Young Democrats, Business Educational Club, SGA Student Assembly, SGA Honor Key, North Hall, president, Dean's Honor Roll, Chorus MERRITT, Linda Hermitage Modern Foreign Language Club MERRIOW, Doris Trenton MEYER, Mary Elizabeth Elon Speech CMSC Players, Theta Alpha Phi, SNEA MICHAELS, Richard Allen Kansas City MILES, Martha Jane Oakgrove SNEA 42-Tv fe ,J Mila MAIDMENT, Tom Excelsior Springs Business e 1 MALLOY, Hilda Diane Warrensburg Alpha Phi Delta, Nursing Club, Chorus MARQUA, John M. Biology Alpha Phi Sigma, E Beta Beta, Cosmopoli Club, Modern Fore Language Club, Det List 3 LLER, Herbert bbs, New Mexico litical Science smopoliton Club: PSY glogy Club, Prexy Club ihona, REW Committee, bple-to-People, Trdtk, ef 1 MILLER, Jane Otterville Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sig- ma, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Association for C h i ld h ood Education, UCCF, Dean's List, Deon's Honor Roll 154 lu 4 MILLER, Robert Warrensburg 2? MINTHORN, John Prescott, Arizona Music Phi Sigma Epsilon, Cres- cendo, SNEA, Liahona, MOORE, Lonnie R, Chorus, Choir, Orchestra, Maysville MOORE, Forrest Band, Essig Director Alpha Kappa Lambda Versailles MORGAN, Larry Cameron MOROTZ, Annette L. Ferguson Elementary Education MORRIS, William B, Montrose Accounting Sigma Pi, Accounting Club MORRISON, Diana E. Warrensburg MORSE, Albert Rich Hill Mathematics Dean's Honor Roll, Kappa Mu Epsilon, SNEA, Concert Band, Marching Band MOULTON, Velma Lee's Summit Independent Women's Association, SNEA, Young Democrats, North Hall, Hall Council Member MUDD, Francis Monroe City MUNSON, Joan Clinton English Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Gamma Delta, rush chairman, recording secretary, STUDENT, RHETOR, copy editor, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Candidate, Best Dressed Girl, Candidate, RHETOR Queen, SNEA, Dormitory Coun- cil, Houts Hosey MURRY, Sharon L. Warrensburg Alpha Gamma Delta MURPHY, Molly Nevada Art NAKAMURA, Ann Wailuku Maui, Hawaii Physical Education Alpha Sigma Tau, Ponhellenic Council, Delta Psi Kappa, SNEA, Pem Club, WRA, secretary-treasurer. NAYLOR, Judy Kansas City Physical Education Alpha Xi Delta, social sorority, Qui Est, Dorm Council, Biology Club, 181 Delta Psi Kappa, Pem Club, WRA NEALE, Norman Warrensburg Business NEALE, Paula Kansas City English Alpha Sigma Alpha, Honors Program NEILL, Sarah R, Runnemede, New Jersey NELSON, John Independence NELSON, Sharon E, Warrensburg NICHOLS, Pete Stanley, Kansas Merchandising 81 Retailing Barristersg Young Republicansg Business Management Clubg Merchandis- ing 81 Retailing Clubg Wesleyg Student Union Committeeg Commerce Clubg Society for Advancement of Management N I CKOLS, Joyce Marshall Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Deltag Panhellenic Councilg Alpha Phi Deltaf Alpha Phi Sigrnag SNEAg Prexy Clubg Baptist Student Uniong REW Committeeg SGA Assemblyg AWS Assemblyg Yeater Hall Councilg Student Center Kappa Mu Epsilong Dean's Listg Dean's Honor Rollg Sigma Zeta, vice Committee NIGGLEY, Charles Butler president NISTENDIRK, David Henry Janesburg NORMAN, Carol Independence Elementary Ed SNEAg Chorus ucation NOVELL, Judy Lynn St. Louis Elementary Education Dean's Honor Rollj Dormitory Council, Resident Assistant ODEN, Wanda Elaine Kansas City Elementary Education SNEAQ Association for Childhood Educationg Young Dernocratsg United Campus Christian Fellowship I , ., , , qi 1 sq.: wr- H, I VE ik ,Qy 2.22234 sw 5,4-5-is . P Z1 2317, 'ffwileib ,vi .M ,f "ft Sit- ' ffxnhi. 'c:1f3iz:. safari. 'g1v'f"g.1 Q- I X- 'I .w1m,.,,r ,,i,f,,'CM A uiri-1QM,,,.Q,m:,h Qs. aj : M an I 'mat' Y , , QQ f 1 , Vw ,, W ' W f gf 1 if , 2' li, my VX n . V, ff 5 ' ' v , : is I , L I , WZ Y , 1'3- w - 'Nm W 1ik.,:iH'MMfyt,,4 OLMSTED, John M. Odessa 1 8 2 OLSON, Larry E. Hughesville Outing Clubj Agriculture Clubg American Speleogi- cal Associationg Missouri Wildlife Associationg Stu- dent Union Committees OTT, Jane Lee's Summit CMSC Playersg SNEA OWEN, Phoebe Jefferson City Home Economics Sigma Kappag Alpha Phi Deltag Kappa Omicran Phig Colhecong U n i t e d Campus Christian Fellow- shipg Student Union Com- mitteesg Chorusg Hall of Recognition PADER, Nina Louise ,. X , ' Nl: , . .is f . ,Q V 'tv A ll! ees' af , I W was OWSLEY, J. C, Cross Timbers ,gm i . wwf H0339 ,Q,M ,,., in ,M PANGBORN, Billie E. Humansville Physical Education PARRIS, Earl L. Pleasant I-Iill Sigma Pi, lnterfraternity Council, SNEA, Young Democrats, Baptist Student Union, REW Committee, Chorus PARROTT, James L. Kansas City Biology Sigma Tau Gamma, Alpha Phi Sigma, Beta Beta Beta, American Chemical Society, Prexy Club PATE, Mike W. Warsaw Business Phi Sigma Epsilon PATTERSON, Pat Des Moines, Iowa Physical Education Delta Zeta PAUL, James M, Calhoun Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club PAYNE, William T. Blue Springs PEARSON, Claire Kansas City Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta PECK, Lynette Independence English Sigma KaDDa, Alpha SNEA, English Club PETERS, Nancy Warrensburg Speech CMSC Players, Theta PETITT, Floyd J. North Kansas City PHILLIPS, Dorothy Lee's Summit Physical Education Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Sigma Tau Delta, Alpha Phi, SNEA Bette PITT Linda L. PLATT Warren R. PLISOVSKI, Annie POPE, New Independence Kansas City Kansas CIW Kansas CifY . Elementary Education Physical Education AFT Elemen'0"Y Educcmon Omicron Pi, Alpha Physical Educators Club, B970 AIDIWU Delta, Alpha Phi M Club, Sports Letter Alpha Phi Sigma, Delta Pi, Sigma e s i d e n t, Players, SNEA, Young Dem- Supreme PORTER, Julia Business Sigma Kappa, KODP0 Oml' cron Phi, Pi Omega Pi, Colhecon, SNEA, Business Educational Club, Todd Hall Chairman RHETOR, 183 POWELL Gary POYNTER, William Warrensburg Sedalia RAMEY, William Holden PUTNAM, Janice Collins Acacia, treasurer, lnterfraternity Council, Agriculture Club RANK, Carolyn Slater RANKIN, Edward Kansas City Business Phi Sigma Epsilon. Rush Chairman RAYMOND, Daniel Kansas City REDFORD, Gerald Independence g 3, English Alpha Kappa Lambda, recording secretary, pledge master, lnterfra- ternity Council, SNEA, English Club, Prexy Club, Wesley, SGA Assem- bly, Traffic Court, RHETOR Key, Associate Editor, Editor REED, George Kansas City REGlSTER, Vernon Mayview SNEA, English Club, Psychology Club, Young Democrats REHKOP, James Knob Noster REYNOLDS, Forest Holden Acacia, Agriculture Club RICE, Donald Brunswick Math Theta Chi, lntcrfraternity Council, SNEA RICHARDSON, Robert Pleasant Hill RICHARDSON, Robert Louisiana RABIUS, Catherine RADER, Mina Higginsville Chilhowee RAGLAND, Larry Independence Mathematics Kappa Mu Eps treasurer W wwf?" 346' H T Qi JT ., i 5 'ti ,,'f if f I 'V A T J ,tg f ,Hiya , Qzi??',T:Jf -V gfggg -A affegfiig 'gijvf -,Zim , f Ax H ffsfJfr'i??fg7,, ' ,,-,', - ,F'f5i Q-tiff' ,f 11" fi ',r' ' f'-,fa is -J, , ','Qi,"7fl, -A "A NZ ez- 1-',i5,5Ji' ffl: fi .',l ff 11714 .lCKMAN, Jon Varrensburg llathematics ,igma Pi, lnterfraternity Iouncil, Kappa Mu EPSI' on, Sigma Zeta, DVSSI' ent, Industrial Arts Club, 'rexy Club, United Cam- us Christian Fellowship RIGGLE, Robert Kansas City Business RING, James E. Odessa Agriculture Phi Sigma Epsilon, Agri- culture Club, treasurer, vice president GH' hp-vid' W1 To 19. A 'Lf -A -.ff W , . VS, ,guy , , gif. Z UV iff, 2 Y 5 ii fffi is ' l sl' C. 'HQ'-v-ww ROBINSON, Ardyth Kansas City Elementary Education Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Deon's Honor Roll, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, SNEA, Student Union Committee .wx QP ROELOFSON, Nancy Kansas City Speech ROBINSON, Mary Drexel CMSC Players, Orchesis, SNEA, Pem Club, WRA, AWS Assembly, Student Center Cabinet, Student Union Committee ROGERS, David Lee s Summit English ROOP, Joseph Clifton, Virginia Economics Theta Chi ROTHGANGER, Conrad Sedalia ROSBRUGH, Leta Appleton City Elementary Education Sigma Kappa ROSZELL, Frank R, Sibley Business ROTHEN, Linda Kansas City SAHN, Larry Kansas City Business Sigma Tau Gamma SANDS, Andrew Centerview English SANDY, Kenneth David Cameron Business RODRIGUEZ, Rodolfo F. New York City, New York Political Science Sigma Tau Gamma, M Club, RHETOR, The STUDENT Z Theta Chi, Alpha Phi Sigma, Agriculture Club, Delta Tau Alpha SANN I NG, Barbara Eldon Elementary Education SNEA, Newman Club, Chorus SCHMIDLI, Elizabeth Warrensburg 185 SCO'l'l', Samuel Hughesville Speech SELLERS, Virgil Edward Plattesburg Business SEYMOUR, Alice Green Ridge Baptist Student Union SHAHABI, Ali Reza Tehran, lran Industrial Arts Cosmopolitan Club, president SHEAFFER, Nancy L. Kansas City Elementary Education Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, publicity chairman, Association for Childhood Education, Wesley, Phi Theta Kappa CHANEY, Judith Brunswick Elementary Education SHEPHERD, Kenneth D. Sedalia Social Studies Phi Sigma Epsilon, SNEA, Physical Educators Club SHINKLE, Mark V. Drexel English Dean's Honor Roll, Dean's List, English Club, Foreign Language Club, Resident Assistant, Chorus SIEVERT, Ruby Lee's Summit Elementary Education SILL, John S. Warrensburg Speech Prexy Club, Young Republicans, president, United Campus Christian Fellowship, vice president, SGA Senate, SGA Honor Key, Traffic Court, Chief Justice, Student Union Committees, Chorus, RHETOR, People-to- People SIMPSON, Martha New Franklin Elementary Education SKELTON, Harwood Lebanon Accounting Alpha Phi Sigma, Dean's List, Accounting Club ' V SKORNIA, Susan Anne SMALL, Wannita SMILEY, Don Owensville Kansas City Kansas City English Physical Education Business Alpha Ga m m a Delta, SNEA, PEM Club, WRA SNEA, Modern Foreign Language Club, Newman Club, SGA Senate, Dormi- tory Officer, Student Union Committees, Chorus 186 a-73? ,1-Mt, ,YWW7 1 ',f'f,, ,fi Emi an-,,, STARK, Doris Jane STEELE, Gina Holden English STEELE, Terry Sedalia Business Phi Sigma Epsilon, Inter- fraternity Council, secre- tary, Business Management Club, Society tor Advance- m e n t of Management, Student Union Committees SMITH, Gary Independence Business Theta Chi, Student Union Committees SMITH, John Clyde Clinton Business Theta Chi, pledge marshal, alumni secretary, Alpha Phi Omega, treasurer, president, Young Democrats, president, vice president, Prexy Club, Newman Club, Phillips Osborne Diemer, president SMITH, Kelton Chariton, Iowa SMITH, Louise Kansas City Elementary Education Dormitory Council, Student Union Committees, REW Committees, Social Dance Club, Pep Club, Sigma Kappa, President of Pledge Class, Candidate tor CEMO, Association for Childhood Education, SNEA, Freshman Counselor SMITH, Richard Kansas City SMITH, Sharon Independence Elementary Education SOUTHERS, Carolyn Chilhowee Business Education Dean's List, Dean's Honor Rall, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, secretary, Business Education Club, SNEA SPARLING, Marilyn Mansur Wa rrensburg SPEARS, David Leeton SPROUSE, Donna Braymer Elementary Education Sigma Kappa, SNEA, United Campus Christian Fellowship, Nickerson Hall, Student Union Committees STAMPER, Linda Kansas City Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma STARR, Sandy lndianola, lowa Elementary Education STEGNER, Carol Booneville Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi, Kappa Omicron Phi, Colhecon, SNEA, Prexy Club, Young Republicans, United Cam- pus Christian Fellowship, Student Union Committee V STEGNER, Fred Belvue, Kansas Mathematics Acacia, SNEA7 YOUHQ Republicans, United Cam- pus Christian Fellowship, SGA Student Assembly, Social Dance Club, Assist- ant Head Steward of Foster Hall 'Ci' 'vm STEINBECK, John St. Louis Chemistry Theta Chi 1 8 STEINBURG, David Rolla Math Sigma Pi STEINER, Betty Kansas City English Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pan- hellenic Council, A I p h a Phi Delta, Dolphins, SNEA, English Club, SGA Senate, AWS Assembly, Judiciary Council 188 STRUBE, Charles C. California Social Studies STEWART, Betty Ann Moberly Secretarial Science Secretarial Science Club Cosmopolitan Club, historian, Baptist Student Union, vice president STUERKE, Bill D. Sweet Springs Social Studies STURM, Marshall Sedalia English SUMMERS, Loretta Joyce Calhoun Elementar Education STUDENTX Reporter, Business Education Club, SNEA, Chorus, Student Union Committee SWEARNGIN, Wanda A. Sedalia Physical Education TAYLOR, Charles L. Kansas City Merchandising and Retailing Tau Kappa Epsilon TAYLOR, Juanita J. Warrensburg TAYLOR, Larry W. Springfield TEAGUE, Edward A. Higginsville TEGTMEYER, Gertrude La Monte Elementary Education ACE, SNEA THOMAS, Donald Arth Elizabethtown, Kentucky Physical Education THOMPSON, Deanna K. St. Joseph Elementary Education STEWART, Judy Frances Warrensburg Elementary Education 6'5- L. if "L, W' X. S i 1 .,.....-of K K MM . t X .Q STRAUB, John Lornz Kansas City Business B u s i n e s s Management Club, Newman Club ,lg STROTH, James Donal Kansas City Business Tau Kappa Epsilon gal. 'DH 'verif- ' it-35 A-my V , it fs S NX.-rd' THOMPSON, John Greenwood Business THOMPSON, Shay New Florence Elementary Education Delta Zeta THOMS, Judith Kay Spring Hill, Kansas Social Studies Dean's List, Alpha Delta, SNEA THRASHER, Judy Blue Springs Music Alpha Sigma Alpha, song- leader, sorority Sweetheart, Houts Hosey Glee Club, director, Essig Troupe, Solo Clarinetist, Senior Recital, Concert Band, Marching Band, M u sic Educators National Con- ference, SNEA, Newman Club, Hall of Recognition' Crescendo Club 5 it sup f' 'Q' if TIMMERMAN, Janice Warrensburg Elementary Education Alpha Omicron Pi TITSWORTH, George A, Green Ridge Accounting Accounting Club TOMMEY, Anna L. lndependence Physical Education TIEMAN, Katherine Ann Higgensville Business Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, presi- d e n t, parliamentarian, Panhellenic Council, Prexy Club, Business Education Club, SNEA TILLMAN, Morris R. New Haven English Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Dormitory Council, English Club Dean's List, Physical Education Majors Club, SNEA, Women's Recrea- tional Association, reporter, Baptist Student Union, president, devo- tional leader TOTTEN, Janett Kansas City TOUSLEY, Lois R. lndependence Elementary Education ACE, SNEA, Young Republicans, Liahona Fellowship, publicity chairman VAUGHT, Delores Tipton English Alpha Gamma Delta, chaplain, English Club, Modern'Foreign Language Club, SNEA VERING, Suzanne Kansas City Elementary Education Dean's Honor Roll, AWS Judiciary Board, Houts-Hosey, vice president, Resident Assistant, SNEA VOLLENWEIDER, Rebecca A. Lexington Elementary Education ACE, secretary, Program Chairman, SNEA, Chorus WADE, Willa lndependence Elementary Education WADICK, Margaret Stover Physical Education WALCH, Thomas F. Sedalia Social Studies and English Dean's List, SNEA WALDREN, Nancy Kay lndependence Elementary Education 189 WALKER, Artie E. Maryville Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phi, treasurer, Colhecon WALKER, Janice Sue Windsor Elementary Education WALLACE, Pat Trenton Art Sigma Kappa, Beta Alpha, RHETOR Princess, SNEA, Student Union Dean's Honor Roll' M Club vice resident, Basketball, letterman, Cabinet WALTERS, Robert E. Warrensburg Economics 1 I P Economics Club WALTERS, Opal Sedalia Elementary Education WATSON, Julaine Cameron Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta, Colhecon WATTS, Charles Kansas City Mathematics Alpha Kappa Lambda, pledge master WEAVER, wiinom Cameron Business General Business Club, vice president WEBER, John Kansas City Music WELBORN, Mildred Peculiar WELCH, Connie Sedalia Elementar Education Y Houts Hosey Hall Council, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Wintergreen Boll Queen, Best Dressed Girl Candidate, ACE, SNEA, OIA, Freshman Counselor, Student Progressive Party WENTZ, Jon Austin Kansas City '45 gal' ,,,, will fescs., SYN ,Nj-'il' WHITE, Barbara WHITE, Delores Kathleen WHITE, Fergueson Todd Tipton Kansas City Lexington Special Education Biology 190 WHITE, Jerry Sedalia Biology Dean's Honor Beta Beta WHITE, Joseph WHITE, Margaret Eldon Butler Biology Elementary Educat Roll, Beta Sigma Tau Gamma, Beta Band Beta Beta, Outing Club -'ISL' .cali WILSON Wilbur WOLFF, Fred WOODRUM, Lee Independence Cameron Warrensburg Accounting Chemistry Dean s Honor Roll Alpha Kappa Lambda, president, IFC, Prexy Club, American Chemical Society, Hudson Hall Dor- mitory Council WHITE, Shirley Warrensburg Elementary Education WI-llT'I', Susan Warrensburg Art WICKER, Beth Kansas City Elementary Education Sigma Kappa WILEY, Robert Higginsville Biology Acacia, house manager, Varsity Track, ACE, Outing Club WILHOIT, Sandra Hamilton Elementary and Special Education Dormitory Council, ACE, Industrial Arts Club, SNEA, Chorus, Fresh- man Counselor WILKERSON, Carol Fayette Retailing and Merchandising Houts Hall Dormitory Council, Merchandising and Retailing Club, Chorus, Alpha Omicron WILKERSON, Jerry Chillicothe Mathematics WILLARD, Robert Higginsville Social Science SNEA WILLIAMS, Walter Independence WILLS, Theodore Lee's Summit Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon WILSON, Norvel Wakenda WILSON, Ruby Warrensburg General Business Pi, treasurer Delta Zeta, president, Delta Zeta Woman of the Year, Hall ot Recogni- tion, Dean's Honor Roll, Senior Class vice president, Panhellenic Rep- resentative, Prexy Club, Society for the Advancement ot Management, Women's Recreational Association, Concert Band, -Student Union Committees WRIGHT, Janice Platte City Spanish and English Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, H o s e y Hall Dormitory Council, Alpha Lambda Delta, president, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, English Club, Modern For- eign Language Club, presi- dent, C a n c e rt Band, College Orchestra, Chorus, Newman Club WRIGHT, Larry Independence WRIGHT, Terry St. Louis Political Science Alpha Gamma Delta, Hall of Recognition, Dea n 's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Panhellenic Representative, Alpha Phi Delta, presi- dent, Prexy Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Lambda Delta, Social Dance Club, Young Republicans, Hon- ors Program 191 WRlGHT, Virginia Elemento ry Education YOCUM, Pat Independence YOUNG, Floyd Joy English Lee's Summit 56? YOUNG, Mary Sue YOVANOVlCH, Stevan St. Louis Economics ZIEFLE, Sharon Lee'S Summit Social Studies Houts Holl Councilp The Alpha Phig CMSC Ployel secretoryg SNEA Dean Hampton ond Deon Tiezen poy the fin a l tribute to o CMS student. i Q 'NW INDEPENDENCE RESIDENCE CENTER E Q Q i A X Q . Q 5 , 4 xi z i 3 S X Q u f. 1- x ' K NL xx I ,FE Q ENC A wk, Resident center students use library facilities for research and study. Extension school freshman learns how to use the cord catalogue. Typing students at the Independence residence center check their com- pleted work. .My 'fu i Aywra,-" Students make use of the library to study for exams. 9 Coeds leave Houts Hosey on their way 'ro classes. Freshman a Sophomore W Junior ,a a H Graduates as a U DERCLASSME Abbolf,Judith l Abney, Barbara 2 Achauer, Ann l Ackerman, Patricia Adams, Deanna 2 Adams, Diana 2 Adams, James 2 Adams, Marilyn 4 Adarr1s,Pafricia 2 Adams, Peggy 3 Adams, Richard 2 Adams, Robert l Adams, Vernon l Adams, Vernon 2 Addleman, Charles Adkins, E. D. l Adkins, Mary 3 Adkins,Ted 3 X X 1 rx -be fo' if . rm, -vwl A Z. .PYQQX xg , A gs as ,gs 4 . 48, ,A y . f IQ f if 1 fe Q ii sv it if Si E . - fi? Q it '-1? X.. x R3 ' s "':15 I 95.1 ri' L li A . m ' ' 55' :tl if l fr S' it ,js . I I Axis 'fx .1 .ml rf. 5 Q7 Pk' ' Q ffl? Q ,.. a Q-33:1 . Q' L X. Q., ,, 1 few J 3 Q.. s Q 2 me if : E '-we 't k Q4 '. ef' hx W it L S ? tl Q ii , Adler, Susan 3 Adler, William 3 Ahle, Dorothy l Ady, Janette 2 Ahle, Margaret 2 Ahmann, Albert l Ahrnann, Karol 2 Ahmann, Sarah l Aimsworth, Judith 1 Akin, Lowell 3 Aleshire, Glenn 3 Alexander, Edwin 3 Allbrook, Michael l Allen, Anito l Allen, Donna 3 Allen, JoAnn 3 Allen, Patricia 1 Allen, Raymond 2 Allen, Robert 2 Allen, Robert 2 Allison, Robert 3 Allyn, Sharon 2 Ambrosius, Norman l Amor, Herbert 2 Anderson, Barbara l Anderson, William 2 Anderson, Burnetta l Anderson, Gary l Anderson, Judith l Anderson Mary 2 Anderson Richard 3 Anderson Warren l Andrews, Colin 2 Andrews, Ann 2 Angel, John 2 Annis,Chorles l Antinori, Howard 3 Anton, Jacqueline l Applegate, James 3 Apprill, Lawarence 2 Arndt, Darrell 3 Arrington, Mary l Asbaugh, Helen l Ashbough, Kay 2 Ashby, Charles 2 Asher, James l Askew, James 1 Atkins, Edwin l Atkinson, Larry l Atkinson, Marsha Atkinson, Mary l Atkinson, Sandro Attebery, BeverlY Atwell, Mary Ann Aufenkamp, John Autenrieth, Paula Austin, Kathy l Auer, Charles 3 Ayers, Richard 2 gs: n R 'ff ' I 4 l n ,Im 6' ,135 .z -47133 .' Kes' lm. IL- AJ vs v 1 fl' ks ff-" if K2 . I ' 'O' 7. v-,L ' ,,,, 'N S Qi ,,,, . W xg, - . 5. ,N lx g 1 e . .., fa., , T" N: Rt. X .J . if . 1 A K .-if x 5 is 5 63' N . ' . -A X o,, it ,, V vs J- "uf 1:1 f 3 f s -. 5 X.. ATX K -t ,rites l' A ' X s z ' i y, Ji A , Q, LN J gt Q. ,,, ,f , , A V3 ,W 5 W 32 2 xe- A ...X ,Y '21 I' " 4, . 'Q . .Q - . A .wztililii I A 'ilfffiiff-- - .. 'L f A i fx -. K i . ss' 1 'fp , I A Q . , . .. Q xg ,Q I h Aziere, James 2 Babb, Barbara l Bohner, Paul 2 Bail, Brenda 3 Bailey, Kenneth l Bailey, Roger 3 Bake, Everett 2 Baker, Betty 2 Baker, Kenneth 2 Baker, Ronnie 2 Baker, Sharon 3 Baker, Susan l Baldwin, Gary l 197 4-' 'W 1 f l af A J i L- G 4 .tl .all U1 W ,W me Q f J , eff I fww t emu? f rr, x 1 ""-,ez-,iw '64 M fr r ,QM K law Ab 'TQ' fr, if 3 ' rw I midi-V fr ft? Coach Keth teaches basics of bowling, 452 wk P, 5 ij, 4 4 f ,, J , , ff 7 IJ, g fi "" 9 few , 'fm Q l fl a W , 5 I if if I --. Wy' M Q! 3, A Balicki, Clifford I Ball, Nancy 3 Ballenger, James 3 Bane, Dennis l Banister, Dennis l Banta, Michael 3 Barbarick, Sue 2 Bardgett, Danald 2 Bargtrede, Delbert l Barker, Judi l Barnes, Gary 2 Barnes, Mary 3 Barnes, Wesley l Barnett, Ed 2 Barnett, Fred l Barnett, Uel 2 Barr, Gerald 2 Barr, Gerald 2 Barrale, Patricia 2 Bartles, Gary 2 Barth, Shirley 3 Barth, Wilbur 2 Barry, Donna 2 Barry, Robert i Bartlett, Cynthia l Bartlett, James 2 Basham, James l Bashore, Norman 2 Basquette, Ronald 3 Bates, Mary l Batschelet, Shirley 3 Battagler, Judith 2 Battles, Kathy i Bauer, Robert 2 Baugher, Judy 3 Bauman, Garry i Bausby, Henrietta 3 Boyne, Somrnie 2 Beebe, Donald 2 Bealmear, Sue 'l Beaman, Fred l Beard, John l Bedsaul, Peggy l Beer, Wayne l Bcisley, Janice l Bell, James 3 Bell, Jewell 2 Bell, Lettie 2 Bell, Mike 2 Bell, Patricia i Bell, Ronald 1 Bell, Thomas 3 Bellerson, David 'l Belshe, Ronald 2 Beltram, Jon 3 Beltrame, Tony 2 l " " W 2 Benedicto, Matt 3 , , ' V T - Benne, Ann 2 lg I- ' ,X'V ,, H , ., Benne, Barbara 3 4,4 if 5' 'ww f-' af n W ',V, , A Benne, Larry 3 's "7 , V:E' ' ,,,. 'V ' , V ,gy Bemboom, Wanda l 43 , , ,,v ' 'ZV ' ' " ' V "" Berger, Jane 2 ff -1 Bergmeir, Roger l , Wi :, izu Berning, Phyllis l ,, V . A Bertz, Wayne 2 1 Beshon, Janice l -'K Best, Linda 2 ,--.L M N in ' 3 P4 Beyer, Pete l eff Bethke, Arthur l Bieberly, Darrell 2 Bieberly, Fred 3 Bigelow, Elliott l liz' W I J to J, A Bill, Wayne l ' A, ' Bingham, Erma l i - L, W Biondo, Robert 2 is r f ,, 3 xi J , gg 3 J 2, J ,,"' ' Bird, Judy 2 ' mfs ty U E, ' f, Birge, Sandra 2 ,,l A Brien, Shirley 2 ' ' Black James l 2 my Q g Black:Linda 3 ? ' i Black, Perry 2 , . Blackburn Larry l wwf' Blacketer Earla l 4 l Blackwell Larry l if ff? .. Blair Beverly l 'L l x W Blair, Larry 3 gs' Blair, Sandra l - Blankenship, John 2 Blankenship, Mary 3 ' ,, Blann, David 1 Blanton, Kay Dyk? we , Blessing, Al 2 ' ' Bliss, Carol 3 7 l Bliss,Jim 5 , Block, Darrel 2 M Blosser, Bonnie 3 if Boatright, Karen l ' Bock, Betty 3 - Bock, Charles l L MW i A ' Sf Bockelman,Marene l ' Boehm, Barbara l Boehmer, Regine 2 Boggess, Sharon l ' . A Qui D , W 4 ' " Bockelman, Jeannie l f 7 fs 1 , Bohling, Suvonna l Bohnert, Bill l ' 7 'Q Bolles, James l Q ' I Bolton, Larry l i t Bonar, Forrest 2 Boneff, Vee l Bond, Gerry 3 'ala alll Aw l M f Boone, Eugene 3 I f , Booth, Rodney l n 'H ,- . , A W, " f ',i' V"i Q i Borcherding, Ann l ""' ' Boston, Ruth Anne 2 f , ' V Boswell, Kent 2 ' Y , Boswell, Sharon 2 if! 'l" 1' Bowden, Carolyn 2 ., Boosinger, Betty 2 5 Booth, Dan 2 Bowers, Alice l Bowers, Mike 2 ' Bowers, Steven l f Bowman, Shirley 3 1 Boyd, Clyde 2 n t" Boyd, Donnie 2 Boyd, James 2 Boyd, Jacqueline l 2 Bozarthe, John l ' Bracher, Don 2 Bradford, Judy 2 g 2 Bradley, Linda l . 2 V , Bradley, Paul l 'av' + ' -Q ..,, . W 'if Brady, Pam 2 Brady, Patrick 3 Bradley, William l 199 200 Brady, Weldon 3 Branch, Sue 2 Brandes, Betty l Brandhorst, Carol l Brandt, Jan l Branson, Rita l Branson, Sharon 3 Bronstetter, Barbara Brant, Andrew l Brandt, Gary 3 Braswell, Sally l Bratcher, Harold l Brauer, Lola 2 Braun, Harding l Braytan, Linda l Breashers, Robert l Brenner, Carolyn 3 Breon, Diane 2 Breon, Kenneth l Breon, Leonard l Breuninger, Millard Brewer, Elbert 2 Bridgforth, Dow Brietenstine, Susan Bright, Vernon 3 l l '72 KL., V! .XV .1 'fi W 4 , ' W? y , big, :Z-5 fl S Q, s -Col' , V, fgfx A if 1 ,V l E.,Jl " ffl T W. 1 .Hi--7 1- ig A , 'hr' , 4, ,W 'fri Brightwell, Kenneth 3 " Brock, Baird 3 'M -5 , , Brock, Billy 3 'L ' Brockmon, Gerald l me- V Brockmeier, Juanita 2 7 Brooks, Dale l I Brooks, Lynda l Brooks, Mildred l Brooks, Stella 2 Broome, Earl l ,H Brown, Alvasia l W 1. -, Brown, Cheryl l f-I" if Brown, Carolyn 3 , af Brown, Edward l , ' Brown, Gary 3 25 E -.1 l 1 QW 3 if , Brown, George 2 Brown, Gerald 3 Brown, Howard l '-' ' 3 Brown, Larry 2 5 .Q Brown, Linda l lf A y Brown, Louis 3 Brown, Margaret 'l ' Brown, Mona 3 Brown, Richard D. l Brown, William l Browne, Robert l Brownfield, Joyce 2 Bruce, David 2 Bruns, Elma 3 Brunnert, Judi 'l Bryant, Jennet l lw 4' Q, Z - M I f f ,.,, , . 'lil WV sw Y ffl 5 5 U3 'D 1 V-f .3 Kwiy A ws . W Z. Vw 1-Y f . J.. I li N 2 so .E , , ' -A, Q "' 7- 4 ,X 3 -F A , 34 U 'Xe 1 ' vf . , , , .53 .Q 4 W y ,- V, .4 ,- -f , ygr , 6 5: D, i il, 'I iv Decorations go up for the all School Carnival. new fwf- ga- ...AJ - -, ,..,,, .QSX-" ,W L .EEL .A ' A Sage Riff ri. .K . if srfiss L Hi., ,ig ,Q -L- W g ' s as' y, x X JSR S' ' ,Iii ii 3' .fe 5, I. Q- rf Vi-'ex' - ig , ' so + K N' 2 - . J L7 L Q .,- M . sei 'f 1. 3 s . ' "Q J 'E f Q '49 Q .f .4 , r 2 ' L'dA' - it' ll Q' ' . 3' . " .X .Q ,, sc: i g - W W' YK o ef r C L c M ...if -sf W ay, A y , - J --E J Au i - 1 ,. Q ., if A 1. A W5 ' Lf , Rr M ' 3 i s Q: 2 in in C2 7 . :Q "bla C' C . if M ' Q5 1, Y .sig 1' gre. A TU? xo I W sk - g ,i H 1 ig... K ku . s. s. wjf 1 Qwfxw- - W Y ,ef Q GPH A X " ' 9 lf ., - ' " , Je- N xi.. +A 3 "'i ' 'ff 1' 5 i , I +23-4 ff- , YZ!! YW 1 XM JW Y N, E ir i . K , ,K ,. - , . ,, , ur , 5 3 'UB N ...J ff f?n 'T' - . Q... ,Q - 3 A I .. iv xx . . ix 5 . "+il1'- ' 51. 'A 2 W. N 3 -Mi, Q ., i 'fi . .. ,,.. ,Q W : K .. y , if 1 it L. Ak K - f K Q3 ., a. t "' di' A l li gf 1 Bryan, William 2 Buch, David l Buchaan, Cecil l Buck, Sandy 2 Buck, Thomas 3 Buckey, Thad l Buckley, Raymond l Buckley, Vivian 2 Buddenburg, Paul l Bueker, Elizabeth 2 Bueker, Sue l Buhr, Roger 2 Buic, Charles l Bultemeier, Charles l Burch, Andrew 2 Burch, Monte 2 Burckholder, Lee l Buraenger, Dan 3 Burgess, Charles l Burgess, Karin 3 Burkel, Katherine l I i Burkhalder, Barbara 2 Burkhalter, Robert Burnfin, Tom l Burns, Judith 3 Burns, Linda l Burns, Ralph 3 Burns, Sharon 2 Burtin, Marylin 3 Burton, Arthur 3 Burwell, Toni 2 Busbee, Charlee l Busch, Larna 2 Bush, Jerry l Busch, Janet 2 Bush, Jeanette l Butcher, Jerry 3 Butterfield, Paul l Buttermare, Ann 2 Cacioppo, Alex 2 Cadle, John 2 Cadorette, Art 2 Cain, Casey l Cairns, Dorothy 2 Coldwell, Lawrence l Caldwell, Lonnie 2 Caldwell, Raymond 3 Callen, William l Collis, Linda l Calvin, William l Cameron, Alfred 2 Cameron, Maril 3 Campbell, Harry l Campbell, Lewis l Campbell, Mary l Campbell, Nancy 2 Campbell, Raymond Campbell, Rebecca 2 Campbell, Russell l Campbell, Thomas l Campbell, Vicky l Canatsey, Dennis 2 Conney, Marsha l Canning, Ralph l Carder, Kerry l Carder, Ronald 2 Carlisle, David l Carlton, Harry 2 Carney, Fran 3 Carney, George 3 Carpenter, Charles 2 Carpenter, Patricia 2 Carr, Gail l Carrel, Jerry 2 Carroll, Paul l Carson, David 3 Carter, James l Carter, Karen l Cartwright, Norma 3 Caruthers, Karen l l 20 are -I-was-S A 5 : i 'ml te , -2 1 Q , ,L . 3 1 ' 3 1 F-fs .3 wt '63 E The winter play production, The House of Bernardo Alba, opened in the pit. 3 , Q 'ws' S K 'TCM '33 J -. its is : 3, Q 3 " :ft .eg :BAK A nf- .. if it xx x- is st vw , l e r Z l is as fl , vs vfs -Q' .ip:. fly? ,.j'?'v Af f xg ff. tg 54521523 ,1' .' .1 si is ffl. X e .-,,. ' , 9 K 'If 'gig 4 Q .vw Q. M 4:1 -fi 1 -an " 'rtvs , , s a J' A A I A QSM ' , i , E ,SQ - ,Q :W l, 1 A . 2 4 3 ' .-wtg l , W X i .I swf .5 . ,, 9, at 202 ,gsggt 'Qlalfr 3 Q it k 5 5' , is 4' " vip: 2 S9 'SY .3 , s , ne' .. 'if - ,, Q, .1 ,:-3, - be G' gg ti , f l Q egg , ffycyflif wir ami R 'J-it 4 ,, f.,- X C J. i fi: A' i 4- ' , . f uv. s lil Case, Jacqueline 2 Cater, Nancy l Catlett, Anita l Catron, Lindo 2 Cawein, Valerie 2 Cecil, Betty Joann 2 Chabino, Craig l Choffin, Robert l Chambers, John 2 Champ, Doyle 'I Chandler, Don 'l Chaney, Larry l Chaney, Martha 2 Chappell, Dennis 2 Chapple, Doris 2 Cheever, Donald 2 Chesnut, Sally l Chestnut, Anita l Chick, William 3 Childress, Betty 3 Chinnery, Ardyce 'l Chitty, Michealyn 2 Choate, David l Cholak, Phillip l Chrismon, Jane 2 Chrisman, Lenda 3 Christy, Wes 3 Chubick, Lesley l Church, Linda l Clardy, Winston 2 Clork, Abner 3 Clark, Janet l Clark, Karen l Clark, Robert l Clark, Ronald 3 Clay, Jennefer l Claxton, Bolian 3 Clemens, Stephen l Cleveland, Mark l Clevenger, Clayton 2 Clevenger, Jerry l Clevenger, Larry l Cleyenger, Rodney l Clevinger, Annette Clift, Lyle 3 Closser, Daniel l Clothier, Pat l Cloud, Marilyn 3 Cloud, Stephen 2 Coates, Janet l Coates, Lillard l Coats, Cecil Marie 2 Coats, Nancy l Cochran, Robert 5 Cochran, Theola l Coffey, Robert 3 l l Q fi S ' 'Zee I F I I fs 'Y' W 'Nw Y: QQ sexi? fs 2 ""' A an -2' , .S 3 , sri 3 I- ,M me al' Us ' sa 6,3 W.. .52 . ? ,C C wsqfln . 5 4:-S I f N-.N - ,S ,gl 5' 5,1 r ,emi so 00-. N X IC , , f 5 Q r M 'aa 'li ' .1 ' 5 e ,c, , ,l it X 3 iw 2 -r A' I Q,- , av , Q.- ,a .A C- .,,, Axv , , f ml ,Q iff I 'fy - ' 9- 'W' C 1 ix -. Q, I X' I 3 rfffzi' ff' ' Q 'wr Q' 4- if ' Suv .. t YT av i? I It if S A if s i x ,wi I t it ft L' ' 'C' W S 1 . b 5, if ' - W , ' f E 'f 'F 'ill . .i?!s'::l?5 ' if f ' ' Q, K i" ffl i-as Cogan, Daniel I Coker, Ross 3 Cole, Nancy 2 Coleman, Steven I Collis, Lilburn I Colyer, Paul I Cones, Patty I Cone, Roberta 2 Connelly, Theodore Connct, David I Conrow, Sam I Conway, Carl 3 Cook, John I Cook, Marjorie I Cook, Patricia 3 Cook, Sandy 2 Cooley, Don I Coonley, Patrick 2 Coonrod, Judy I Cooper, Dan I Cooper, Dennis 2 Cooper, Glenda 2 Cooper, Robert I Cooper, Tom 2 Copeland, Dale I Copp, Dickie 2 Cordes, Tom I Cornell, Howard 2 Corriston, Dorothy I Corriston, Ronald 2 Cott, Donald 3 Cotton, Gary I Coulter, Kay 3 Counts, Brenda I Courson, Kenneth I Courtney, Ann I Cowan, Joan I Cowherd, Dan I Cowles, Lyn I Cowsert, Janet I Cox, Dorothy 3 Cox, Elbert 2 Cox, James 2 Cox, Jane 3 Cox, Joanna I Cox, Larry 3 Cox, Linda 3 Cox, Nancy 2 Cox, Randolph 2 Cox, William 3 Craig, Jim 2 Craig, Madge 3 Craig, Marion 2 Craig, William I Crain, Charles I Crandall, Donna 2 Crane, James 2 Crank, Carol 3 Cravens, Kenneth 2 Crawford, Edward 3 Crawford, Paul 3 Creech, Edward 2 Creek, Charles I Creel, Elizabeth 2 Crockett, Kenneth 3 Cromley, Robert J. I Crook, Barbara 2 Crooks, Wayne I Cross, Alana 2 Cross, Eva 2 Cross, Sharon 2 Crouthers, Jerry 2 Crow, Don I Cummings, Susan I Cummings, Kay I Cummins, Norma I Curnper, Barbara I Cure, Donna I Currie, Glenda 2 Cusick, Donna I 204 Dale,Linda l Daniel, Larry 3 Danicls, Peter 2 3 Dannaldson, Gary 2 K N. Dannels, Karen 2 'Q' Darnell, Stanley 2 NSW' K Dauernheim, John l ll ,yy Daugherty, Ron l Davidson, Fred l Davidson, Thomas 3 i Davis, Barbara l 15 Davis, Daniel l .wr .L Davis, James 3 Davis, John l Davis, John l Davis, Larry 2 Davis, Marcile 2 Davis, Marilyn l Davis, Mary l Davis, Patricia 2 Davis, Robert 2 iv Davis, Willard 2 Q'Q5tg Davis, William 2 r Dawes, Janice 2 L, Day, Gary 3 Day, Harvey 3 Day, Leland l 5 '. A . Day, Nancy 2 if, . - "' Dayton, Barbara l K if Deal, Barbara l --' DeOr1, Sheryl l i Dearing, Larry 3 1 Debord, Robert 3 Decker, Sheryl l Deckinger, Nancy l Deer, Betty l DeFoe, Betty I Defoe, Bill 3 Degraffenreid, D. L. Degraffenreid, Ruth Dehoney, John l Deihl,Mcggie l Dettmann, Carlyn l Delozier, Janice l Dernatteis, Richard 3 D metreus Da hne e , D l Denayer, Lawrence l Dennett, Judith l Denney, Dixie 3 Denning, Brenda l Dennis, Cecil 2 Denny, Karen l Denny, Phillip l Descombes, Larry Deshler, Terry l 2 De Sousa, Edgar 2 Destefano, Victor DeWitt, John l DeWitt, Patricia 3 Dick Robert 2 Dickneite Daniel Dickson Larry 2 Dieckman, David 3 3 l Cv- - S' A e 2 2 P .-N 1 33' imc 5 " fre. ' QL I A W 1 . 'fi r .K ,- Dieckman, Charlotte 2 E, 512'-We X Diehl, Jerry 2 Dirck, Ruth 2 Dittmer, Mary l Diviney, Gerald 2 Dixon, Michele 3 Dobson, Virginnia l Daerhoff,Julitta l Doetzel, Larry l Donnell, Marvel l Donnici, Frank l Doolittle, Linda 2 Darrel, James l Dorward, Janice 2 Dorway, Lee l Douglas, Bill l Douglas, Larry l 'f .is -in M 1 3 1 - ti re- .. .-4 , " s -6,3 'A Q.. X JL. s 'V YI L if QQ is N Xt 'rj H ,. K fr , 7 ' 3 5' ' . 1233" - 1 O' Q. it K K3 N ,A . . A X 6 x xgnxljf if j 'if' i 'A tk. I Q. ' i N i . 1 Q ' I .n W- we , 4 . ' , 3 A . 3 1 it s i " lil. 3' ill. it 31 li zz, if D 5' Q A zz- an "- vczffb ' ..- 9 :L - ay? K . N ,A sk ' N- :E ' J- z ' .. 5 . fc X ' -- ' . ,..,.i .. . ..,..,.. he fl' , 7 -fx . .5 ' L -of -, i., Q , .. 1- r - - -h K W xx X A if r ,,.. f.. , for 5-'M K I -Q-'X 1-2 W . r 1, Q.: f ' ,.,::,,.- if-sal 35' I I is C 1' ,. 5 Pr f ff' 3 l " 1 . ip iri- 2 L .C1f .39i1'i. . x 2 me sr . . Q , E 1 it 54- Y I 5 sp, .,r .mm K ax 'CT . ,P for E. y 1 S: x S' ...A .Y 'Tr' gr, r e 3 wx ,Y if r K 'Y Y in an it Li? ,xi K 3.1 : ii I . ts 'e , s" 'X .J , - i e ' i fl l A 3 ' f' it X l lr r 'VJ 3' QW fa .K X fa 35", ff if SL? aw f' eq.. I -sl 'M ' ' ni fri ll 39 K4 , 4 Q. R , fx , AK , Zi tm 5 vi ," ,, M i 25, wi' 7 ' . V 1 g 3 , , J 1i M 5 3 irii J ll A-f i ' nf V - 1? ' K-.ff V , I :-' ivy :iz , I 1 " J , Q ' 1 I I il I VJ .-.' Q . , iv 4 -'f' X W 'i . , 4 1' 5 1 'ig 4- 7 V, .W , -4 .S s., ' i f,-5, :ff , avg, , i 4 - Y f ,i I 5,91 V- , ' , D7 J ,. , J ,i X .fs q . l L A V n V i J ' 2 res z iii? , 54 Q "yi 4 E if 133. , v , t Lf " , 5-if ,hw J ' f f , - st :if I K Xi 4 , ' A - V' ll .pf iw , Q- H , G - , E , Wt NA Mfg? V ' , 4 2 .. Qt 'W 1 A ' Faculty members enjoy a Smorgasbord at the College Union. Dover, Paul 2 Dowler, Loretta 2 Downing, Donald 2 Downing, Larry l Drake, June l Driver, Janice 2 Drummond, Kathy 3 Drunert, Larry l Dryer, Gordon l Duff, Mary l Duff, William 3 Dugger, Lorelei 2 Duggins, John l Duly, Patsy l Duncan, Allan 3 Duncan, Dow l Duncan, Jo Ann l Duncan, Paul l Dundas, Dennis 2 Dunham, Diane 3 Dunham, John 2 Dunham, R, H. Dunkin, Jerry 3 Dunn, Donald 3 Dunn, Donald Dunn, Mildred Dunning, George 3 Dunning, Robert 3 l 3 Dunnington, Sandra 2 2 Dunshee, Jacqueline Durall, Ronda l Durham, Carol l Durrill, Sandra 3 Durst, Eileen 3 Eocock, Fred l Eades, Bill l Eaglesfield, Carol l Eberlin, Myrna l Eberting, Richard 2 Eck, Clarence 2 Eck, Gary l Eck, Kathryn 2 Eckerle' Jeanette 2 Eckert, Linda l Eckhoff, Kenneth 3 Eddy, Barrie 2 Eddy, Betty Sue 2 Edmundsan, Helen I Edwards, Stella 2 Egler, Gerald 2 Ehlebracht, Grace 2 Ehrhardt, Carol 2 Eickoff, Jeanette 2 Eidem, Siri l Eidson, Claude 3 Eismont, Sam l 20 20 Ekstrom, Nell 2 Elam, Eugenia 3 Eldringhoff, Denis 3 , Elling, Linda l ' Elliott, Jo Ann l 24251 ff- Ellis, Barbara l l , Y Ellis, Pat 2 Eiignioeie 1 ,A .,,-V , mf Embry, Donna 3 I ll , Endsley, Troy l 3 75' , ? ' Engelbrecht, Carol l . Engelman, James l , Englert, Larry l ,W Ennis, Charles l f Enzenauer, Richard l Epperson, Barbara 2 'F '25 L QA I 1 Epple, Ted 3 Erickson, Lawrence l Ericson, Robert 2 Erlenbusch, Della l ', 'if " ' Erwin, Gary 3 1 rf is g , V Esser, Diane l ' H 2' Estes, Jay 2 I , Ernstmeyer, Becky l V , Q Q 4, i M I ,fizarfffl ,M . , Etter, Betty 1 Evans, Gerald 2 Evans, Gerry 2 Evans, Linda 2 Evans, Richard 3 Evans, Ronald 2 V , Fairbanks, James l , Eajen, Marilyn 2 Fallman, Randall 2 - I A, Farmer, David l ' V Farmer, Marilyn l Famuliner, Charles 3 V 'lv Famuliner, Charles 3 ' , .V a Famuliner, Emma 3 if 3 Feaster, Barbara 3 4 Feaster, Edward l Fender, Fred l Ferguson, Jill 2 Ferguson, Terry 3 ,V I Ferrell, Robert l ' A ,R- Eerril, Linda 3 : LQ- Ferrin, Linda 2 V ,,.K 7. Ferris, Caroline 2 ' i ' Fickel, Stephen l H Ficken, Melvin 'I Fidlar, Don 2 , Finch, June l Finehart, Kathleen 2 f ,, , ,, Finke, Edward 2 ' f' A Einklang, Barbara l N Finks, Joseph Finks, Stephen 2 7 2 4 if ,L ,J ,, li i 's ff5' lfYlfin3e4 if 2 f ' .. f if 5 Q , 1 1 AW, 551635. lhg,. J WW, ar , egy pt fa , TNQ, 1 U 1 , 2 c . , X , , , , f f,- i Vrrk ,f we 7-Y aw ,.- 5 W , - A 1 - x gy. . W M ,Q ,J J ir,, - , is J., , fl I ' rf . 6, rg, if 1,5 2 Q Q, fe? 4 f' , ti fr H .. -,........,.. , 1 Sadie Hawkins Day at Pertle. Finlcy, Leland 2 ' 'K Fischer, Anita I 1. K 3 M K ' Fischer, Charles 2 as , ,, 1, is I ' Fischer, Charles 2 . ' .5-:MK :KK f K "" ' xx 7 , . KK Fischer, Natalce 3 Ki '3"f - K S . f x Fisk, Donna 2 . ,K ,. . 'K -' El ...' 15, Kr 3' ' Fitzgerald, Dorothy 3 , ' K ' i K7 3- 1: ,-1f,, K 5' ' , i n rffzgefold, wiiiwm 1 ' F he in W , f i in iff l 'giliilifi E I! J Flack, James 2 K Fibbott, Carol I ' - ' K Fleischer, Janice I - f K K - .. I ., F . , Fleming Beverly 3 . . K . wg., if .. . 1 f K5 we 'Sew-. Fleming, Bill 2 t ' wr, ' " jj- J 1 K , H' ,- -Lrg: Flippin, Tommy 3 -K K' KK ii" lt-" ,S KK K,1 3 I Til' We Floyd, Wflvne I -3 I J' ., . ' Fogerson, Sue I I t I ..., 3 x,-Q f I .3 ififgiii 1 ' -I I f 'fi " fi K iff Folk, Donna I . We . , ' ' Foraker, Charles 3 I was Q . . . MFI .K Foraker, Judy I I K, 'I' S' ' " , '1 sk, Forbes, William 1 fs? , , if .- HS-,. . I K K 'if-1 f Ford, James I "ffl5'f I F' .fi , ' Mei ' is "9 Fore, Jean 2 ' . " , Foree, Janice I ' , J, My Foster, Charlyn I QS' - Foster, Dixie 2 . . I K Foster, George I K ,KN Foster, Nancy I K , L2 K A Kris K Faster, Marvin 3 X-F K6 jf I 'Q' W K , i. I ' K K - . s J - Q' H . Foulds, Jerry 3 K, -u . lf? K .2 Kf N, -I - "T"K. Fowler, Harry I ' 'P ' . f ' . -- K h -- Frank, Brian I . I ' Franken, Rita I K K Franklin, Mary I , I Frantz, Roger I K Frazer, David I K K KM s 3 A 'K Fraser, Donald I ,gm . . K , K 1 K .2 Frazier, Joyce 3 2:-,.. F li gs' ff' Freeman, Charles 2 ' .. W R Freet, James I , K J I 5 Freiberg Fred I ,af 5 "" ff" , f K- ' -...,,f'I ' " 'A - '5Lf3'e'f. is I J -fl" 'S E .S law ns . Frerking, Roland 2 . -I N' Frerking, Stanley 2 ' ' , , " Friedman, John 3 K KKK, , 5 K ,K .Q-45-' K Q MK K K Q Q, Fritz, Howard I 7 'Q , K- -75 " K 5 .W in Fritz, Nancy 3 si tx - K ll . M KK Fry, Gary I IK, .-F' Xwe I ' vi' ' Fry, Pamela 2 ' - . .5 Q Fry, Sharon I KKK K W5 KK f f fr: 'ta Fryrear, James I -s-sms Fuehring, John 3 ' R K . , Fukunaga, Howard 3 .H f., , f K -I ,. - K, -1,5 V I fi' J ei Fulk, Jeanne 2 in ' as 1 ' J' I i . 7 -...K gk W 5' QS, Fulkerson, Bill 2 ' 5 fi-V 7' , C' .K ' s V. Fulkerson, Deanna I' ,Mi - if Fulkerson, Theresa . .f ,Sf ' .,,.. Fulton, Shown I fit I' - M is 'F I I I Funk, James 2 , I Galbearth, Lawrence 3 ' K 1 , Galpin, Sandra I V Q 4 f. K., 5: , Q, KK KK Gardner, Judith 3 'K-Q ' ' 0 1 K ' " F Z4 ,V K 1 fx Gardner, Larry 3 , wf"J'r . 45" fu ' ' M1 J Garfield, Carol 2 ' I ' Garrison, Don I ' K.K, I iffy KK W' GarrY, Patrick I ' K f F56 .fy -W 'f s Garry, Mike 3 : I Gauert, Don I j fff. . Gebhards, John I E 4 3' X x KK,, ' 31 - Aj I F Geis, Margaret 2 gi t -. 1 I K as - I K Gelven, Beverly I F' ' ' N, ' ' ff xi: Genest, Paulette 3 - . f 1' ' KK f f" Gentile, Vincent 2 K K I elf , ,V ffl' ,KK jx .. K Gentry, Carolyn 2 " K 3 ,Al-a-' , ft I 'ssff .. .- I 4473. -fs' IJ? 5" f 3 ' Gerhardt, Barbara I I- I Getz, Dixie I ., Ghoh, Michael I ,, ,K 2- 5'Vf1.K . , I 1 -ni.. KK Gibb, James I ,,,,,.X W- ji 'C' I ' is . ' :. Gibler, Lenda 2 "T5" ,g . -A . - ,'iiQ.e.,K " 'K QM ' SK Gibson, Ellen 2 I. N K : ' Gibson, Elmer I J , Gibson, Judith 2 , ,sg st Qt 'Q-iv.. I I 2 gf ffl' - Ii sf 'l 207 Two ret dedicati iring professors receive word of the RHETOR on. 'A i -me X s . I WS' .T Rv: G i-..c,,N Q 5 3: . yi? ,sa K 1 5 'ti for J? ,. is - J J ' 3 is , N ,N 'e is 3, R, e 2,3 -Ne, 54 We-if z 1 7 ,ihk Twig? f .. xg is :s h-Q. - new av wi- f 4 is ex ?.z,t, ., f aw I . - 16 rv. Q wif . ff? ' A ,J ' P " qi "Y i .. , J- f "F-. r i""f ', 'H M 9 wr Q ' .JM Q' J Q' A JJ' X X My ' D ."3f E tm J: 'Q ..,.. , J' 1' f ' J - t sf 'H 1 i f if . ' V K. - 35 A M .. X 'Nt Y we 4:3 in M -v--Q K in P l W r K l ug - , K Q-in ... e-3' - rs Q'rss ' El- 1 5 iff 5 ' 93 ie , -it if W -- .R , R If l K , K B 'i s . 5, . A, A i K . A W ,Q X 'R is gfal' f' "i 1. , ss Q" ' -Q 3 TQ" -- 2 Q.. Q' ' s-H - 'k'L K I " ' 1 ,, ,ik 1 ,Q 'ff we 1. I ,M ' 8' fe: t . A i A fx, 4 ' ' 4 - 1 Q ew G- is 5 'sz C f " S i ' cs- -- 3- . 3 f LV ,,..: ,Ei 1 ,ii iv. ,if , 208 Giddens, Jane 2 Gieringer, Betty l Gieseking, Darrell l Giger, James 2 Gilbert, Anita l Gilbert, Barbara 3 Gilbert, Mary 3 Gilbert, Stuart 2 Gillespie, Kenneth l Gilliland, Bonnie l Gilmore, Connie l Gintner, Gary l Gladfelter, lrl l Glancies, Sharon l Glass, Carol 2 Glass, Olive l Glendening, Dean 3 Glinn, Bob 3 Glispey, Linda 2 Gnuse, Kathleen 2 Goddard, Clara l Goddard, Jerry 3 Goff, James 3 Golub, Herschel 3 Gondro, Judith 2 Gooch, Eugene 3 Gooch, Jerry 2 Goodall, Roseann l Goodwillie, Barbara Goodwin, Lyndon l Gordamier, Ronnie l Gordon, Jerry l Gordon, Judith 2 Gare, Charlene 2 Gore, Paula 3 Gosa, Geraldine 2 Gosney, Patricia 2 Gotsch, Joyce l Gotschall, Rita l Gottschalk, Paul 2 Graef, Janice 3 Graef, Milton 2 Graf, Thomas 2 Graham, Carolyn 3 Graham, Jean 2 Graham, Jean 3 Graham, Mary l Grammer, Bill l Granger, Carolyn 3 Grannemann, Dennis Gray, Howard 3 Gray, Lu Gray, Ralph 3 Gray, William 2 Green, David l Greene, Deanna 2 2 Green, Edward 2 Green, Elizabeth 2 ,,,,,,f Green, Erma l ,gg ., , wi' , Green, Joseph l -, t 1 Green, Linda l -w i I Green, Marilyn l Q Green, Miranda l f- Grccr, Earl l Greer, James l Gregg, Judith 3 Gregory, Lee l Gregory, William 2 ,-' Gregson, Albert 2 . . Grcim, Michael l - Greims, Bill l Grempler, Dionne l - Q N .Y . wk, N l 1 S ka Grider, Rita 3 Griffin, Bessie 3 h h " Grimes, Charles 2 . -. - Grimes, Robert 3 : K7 - Grimsley, Stan 3 f. - Grinstead, Mary l -, ' i Grissom, John 2 ' J afaffafhooyne 2 -igoli is 'K' Grosko, Larry l Groves, Boyd 2 Groves, Charlotte 2 Groves, Raymond 2 Lg, Grow, Lynn l Grubb, David 2 Grube, Donald 2 Grube, Jo Ann l Guenther, Robert 2 Gunier, Wilbur 3 Gunnels, -Gladys 2 Gunter, Mary 3 'N Gurley, James l Hader, Gladys 3 Hagedorn, Daniel 2 Hagerman, James 3 Hahn, Gary l ,K X Haight, Larry 3 I 'T - Haldeman, Jim Q-7 K r Ha Courtland 2 K . --A, Ha , Duane 2 i Ha , Ernest l - Hall, Henry 3 Hahn, Mary 2 ,as , 'f 3 " Q' li, W ii rf D I ll Hall, Judith l Hall, Rita 1 E - Holler, Alvin 3 g 1: ,- Halliburton, Mona l -, , Hamacher, Roger 3 s-, 'T5 f-- Harnby, Janice l :lj J 5, ere. 2, Hamilton, Janet 2 Hamilton, Joseph l ' Hamilton, Kathryn 3 Hamlin, Carol 2 ' ' Hammett, Richard 3 -' J - K Hampton, Elizabeth Hampton, Larry l i Hampton, Roger 2 .' J' X QA Hamilton, Roger 2 5- L 'F s Hammond, Ellen 'l kj 5 2 L 5 5 Hamstock, Dianna l Hancock, Helen l K Hancock, Llovd 2 Q. he Q Hanick, John 3 . A ' is Hankins, NanCY Hanlin, James Hanna, Margare Hannon, Ron l t2 e 3 'M Hannsz, Keith Hansell, Diane l Hansen, Judith 2 Hardie, Ronald l Harden, Harold 2 Hardin, Thomas l Harding, Linda l Harden, Stephen 3 2 41,1 'Pi' 3 W , 1 A ,sf as -., , .QS 'gi I ,C A ,. 3 Q-ug' is Q va 6- S. A Q N Q Q --Q. few X W5 -.u as Q -- .Q 4, -at-:E . ' if -M W 3 1 W ' an I A . . 5 in X.. I 5 1 5 Q 3 ,A 'Git' f ff so Q X :ai Q.. ' ,fit sg, . U ' vile:--:J ,. - ,., :A cv' xW V: .M r SZ in-Q. so A Q :ei if ii ,Qs 3 N 5 34 it f 2 5 J, Hg if S' - Q i 73' . ,Eg i K- j 'X 1 fs V . ... f i 3 ,- f 5 ee J Q, . 454, . Q Y .-Qt. i .O"" n I Y. 2 3 .""'s 427' 5 w... rg, 275' - jess ' - sr 4 e sf is 'Q ,Xi g "' Q J 'sf' A I -le- ,X 3,52 Sf' K K Q? X tx se , ,,. P 6 Tw v' it M if G51 r..1.- ' fr i , i ff is .. ,ill-Q, S Y gs Jw 'P , . 4 5 ik 20 ,ak is if , W A 9 210 A Harmon, Larry l 4 Harmon, Sally 3 V::4fVVE:,,: I Harms, Myra Kay 2 J Harness, Patricia 3 ' , M F- 1 Harper, Marilyn 2 " ,. I 1: , ww Harris, Clinton l 'i" V ' ' J Harris, Frieda l 4' J 'AW , , Harris, Kay l ,Q A if ':,' f Ag L fl , 551 Harris, Paul 2 Harris, Shirley 3 ,,. A, ,,', Harris, William 3 J' l i: . " Y Harryman, Charles 2 1 H Hart Howard l I , I ' ' , T - 9" Hoff, Robert 2 m y 'K J J Hart Roseann l ' A 1," l , Hartl Sa nd ra l ' Hartley, Judy 2 Hartman Jo Ann 2 Hartwig, Bruce 2 Hettick Harvey ,, Hartz, Gary l Q -,",, ' Qi Harvey, Mary Ellen l Z Hatcher, Robert 2 HathawGY Lawrence 5 Haupt Brenda 2 l Haupt Dan l Hautzenrader, C. J. 3 Hawkins Madelyn l . zv "ii Hawkins Richard l Hayden, Ann 2 Hayes, Donald 3 M . ., l,. Hawes, Margaret 2 , We , , M i Hayes, Janet l Hayes, Jaylene l Hayes, Jeannie 2 Haynes, Peggy Jane 2 Hayes, Raymond l Hayob, Don 3 Hays, James 2 Hayes, Thomas 2 Hayes, Rita 2 Heade, Sue l Heath, Daniel 3 - Heath, George l Hebel, Thomas V Hedges, Donna - - Hedges, Robert 2 as , Hedgpeth, William l 'sf Hedrick, Floyd l Hedrick, Gerald 3 Heffelfinger, Christine l Heil, Linda l Heimburger, Judith 2 Heinz, Roberta l Heisler, Wilma 3 Hekmat, Charlie l Heldenbrand, Delbert l Heldt, Robert 3 Heldt, Sharon l Helms, Thomas 3 Hemby, Ronald l Henderson, Jacqueline l Henderson, Paula l Henke, Ronnie 3 Hennon, Jane l Henrikson, Susan l Henry, Jeannie 2 Henry, Mark l Henry, Mike l Henschel, Mary 3 Henson, Don l Henson, Jeannette 2 ' , 'Y BGG Il ,iw -fn ,,-, W ,id 9 If 0 ,J ... 5 :yr f fr ,ff ,. 6' 'SQ ily... fy I v fg, ' . 0 Q, f rv - 3 -'Q 11,- 9 l-if . ff'-'2 .0 'S-"' - 52 3 A ,f 54 is 4... L 5 ,7 W E nfks' rw- ' gf' f- Ku, X ,ij ,,f,,,,,, v X Q 5 615 , fn- g H 2 Nr' rigflz I1 , vpn' l W J. 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S I vw Q GM ., lg Q r Closeup of action on the pool table at the College Union gameroom. ,, ,.4i ,,,,. , , W , . , Q 'E " 22.12, i ie , my i .-P... ,, -J, , W if - 3 -.ff ff 1 in 1 43" ??gilL4-4::r,i A . 2, jf .l ,fifwzi 'Eli f we fm, M 'VW , ' YW' 5 ,, V f Hicks, Don C. 2 Higgins, Barbara E. l 2 Higgins, William H. Higgs, Eddie T, 3 Hilburn, Sandra K. Hill, Billy R. 3 Hill, Lora 2 Hill, Janeth D. 2 Hill, Lindo l Hill, Marilyn 3 Hillebrand, Norman Hilton, Carol 3 Hilton, Mary 3 Hinde, Robert 2 Hinds, Barbara l Hinshaw, Joan l Hinton, James 2 Hitt, William 3 Hixon, James C. l Hobbs, Bill l Hobbs, Edward l Hackaclay, Laverne l-lockenhull, Robert Hodges, David 2 Hodges, Helen 2 Hoffman, Carol 3 Hoffman, Celia l Hoffman, Ron 3 Hofstetter, Phyllis Halbert, Donald l Holt, Linda l Holland, Betsy l Hollingsworth, Paul Hollo, Marsha l Holman, David l Holman, Elaine 3 Holman, Loy Lee Holman, Roger l Holman, Terry Lee Holmes, Phil l Holmstrom, Frank Holthaus, Suzanne Homan, Daniel Lee Hooper, Al l Hoopes, Gayle 2 Hoos, Sherry l Hoover, Joseph l Hoover, Kay 2 Hopkins, Mary Sue Horn, Delores 3 Horn, Miles 2 Horner, Gary l Holt, Kenneth 3 Horton, Bonnie 2 Horton, Harriet l Hotchkiss, Nancy 3 3 E. 2 3 ette 2 2 3 3 2 2 2 l Houchen, Barbara 3 House, Marsha 3 Houston, Sharon 2 Houtchens, Janice 3 Hovde, Sue Ann 3 Howard, Sharon l Howard, Shirley l ,,f Howell, Dinah l X Howell, Melvin 3 Howell, Parricia l Hubbs, Laurence l Huber, Gerald 2 Huddlerneycr, Gary l Hudlemeyer, Carolyn 3 Hudson, Jo Ellen l Hudson, Van I Huff, Betty Jo 3 Hughes Hughes Hughes Hughes Hughes Hughes , Patsy 2 Hughes, Hulse, Patricia l V Hunt, James l ' Hunt, Sandra 3 ' Hunt Sharon Ann 2 P if ' lam 'M ur 4, ...Mrs X 1 Lxl ei ...-. 4 f ft -7 Hunt: Sharon Jo l Hunter, Bill I Hunter, Frank 3 Hunter, Tenci l Hunter, Gerald 3 Hupp, Craig 2 Hursman, Carl 2 Hurst, Ann l ' Iggy? 1-evil Wg 5 ki as wh vim 3 43 1 ' l Hurst, Sandra 3 ' ,A Hurt, Marilyn l Hussey, Danny 3 Huston, Nancy 2 K f Huston, Philip l Hutcheson, Dirk l Hutcherson, William 2 Hutchings, Dale 3 Hutsell, Larry l Huder, Jesse 2 ldlernan, Diana 3 lezzi, Robert l lgo, Jane l lgo, James I lman, Kimball 2 Imler, Joseph 2 lnglish, Judy 2 ' Inman, Ronald 3 Inyang, Vofot l lreland, Barbara 2 R'-"f s '11 Us 53 it V' JZ? A2 1 1' QV f 2 , C, W .. in .Y ,ma ,ga tg, 4 ,S .IN 9' -. ., ' WW? 'li 'if QS 43 A . me is-rr ' f, 4? its ia I 5 M . Q, , r-it ' if M ""' ., f ,gb va ,, -:ge , we '15, ' f' l f fl? fl W2 5' X 'Q ' 'J 4 I: N ,-22 5 72 'SZ nga 11371, ' 'M' l ,gl 5 V ' -fare! J -s mi awww 'Y M, I -'tk-fy , ,J'X fri 1,1 X, vi gy v , mf Y 3 , Q! W 0 57 Q r I ,f s, J , is I A High School band student taking part in Home- coming activities enjoys a coke break, ireland, Patricia 2 Irwin, Robert 3 Irwin, Sally 1 ,. if Ivory, Terry 2 ' . x SN f Jacks, Wayne l Jackson, Amos 2 " j .J s J Jackson, Roger l - Jowbs, Kam 1 i 1 . s f l gf Y y Q Jacobson, Phyllis 2 Jadlow, Joe 3 Jaeger, Vicki l Jagemon, Sharon 2 James, Dawna l Jameson, Charles 2 Jarrett, Jerry l Jarvis, William 2 Jasper Cheryl l Jeffers, John 3 Jefferson, Gloria l Jenkins Charles l Jennings, Dan l Jennings, John 2 Jennison, Gerald 3 2 my is K X N -- N NX x S i or E f x J 5 Jenkins, Charles l ' Jensen, Judy 2 Jewell, Calvin l Jewell, Carolyn Jobe, Glenn 2 Johnson, Beverly l Johnson, Brenda Johnson, Carol l I so W SJ 'X 4 Johns, David l 1 Nil? Johnson, Carolyn 2 Johnson, Charles 3 Johnson, Dale 3 .X 'qu Johnson, David l Johnson, Gerald 2 Johnson, Jim l Johnson, Judirh 2 Johnson, Kenneth 3 Johnson, Larry 3 Johnson, Mark 3 Johnson, Patricia 3 Johnson, Rose l Johnston, Carol 3 Jones, David Jones, Donna 3 N-.J , 5 -sy ' 4 s A ' 'L 5 ig K ,. 'H ijjgsfi-+ffQ3. ' - ' W M 5 81371 i' if-1121 Q Bee 'SH ' fair ik is s I 1 5 4 Q2 E v Sl f Q-3 Johnson, Terry l Y fy - QQ- if 2 Q WW f i SX f 'XX X x Si' X xg? XX Jones Gary 2 Jones Janet 2 Jones Ju y 3 Jones Howard 2 je---f- -- J Jones Lin a l Janes Mary l Janes, Pam l ,Q J fx X ' x 1 d X in 2 Jones, Judy 3 F K iw fx 1 d x ' f 1 i I' N if Y 3 t iff? Q Jones, Raymond 3 Janes, Ronald 2 Jones, Sharwin 3 Jones, William Jordan, Max 2 Jordan, Nancy 2 Jordon, Susan 2 Kahrs, Carol l i J Kakuda, Georgia I Kallenberger, Janice l Kalousek, Roberta 2 Kalrhoff, Sharon 2 Kampschmidf, Sherry l Kateman, Janet 2 Kauffman, Larry 2 Kauffman, Roger 3 Kauffman, Willard l Kay, Koleffe 3 Kearney, Sandy l Kedigh, Bobby 3 Keefhaver, Rayetra l Keefon, John l Keefon, Vero 2 Kehl, Carl 3 r 5 - , ' r 5 Q X J J Q N X X is .lr as is U ... Q -" . i gi s 51 -ii Q ,.,..,... F8 in if N. wi Q ,. -ss , .gi ,X 5 'fi' Y 3' It 'Z Im - . E 2 r is we ii f .p IQ '55 5 Ja . vw -oil if - ' i. 1 gf Y.-9 5 I, as v--vr . ,Q so V. .itwff wig XFN' l P' W. I Y Q 6 ff' 5 .9 R xi 1,3 X-nv bf C- f fu- Q Q7 -vis ,fggy fm if f- ' ,Q Q C., SN 9 ,. ii ,X A if or 21 JP We 3 f i Practice teacher gains experience at C e n t r a I Elementary. ,iii , i A , VVV, : , A' ' A V AV.. J E 3 ' , . I Q , 6 Y, A Q 5, 1 A "i' Vi' C ti- ' " is it 1 2 iin or if rcni f i , rfiiirimfzf, , 54, J lf, 4 'M "' f,v,f- H, ,K gvg VV ,fig l k ai. 'f i A, M . in lin., 5, ug, V 1' ' 121 ff- C . 3 "3"x? 3' iw, t A ' ' iff!! I V ' i K . as f 'W ,"":'t V i, Nw, Q. it mf? 19ii,,.,?ifT?,,:'t'i, 34 1' 214 if PT' f 'ir My ,Q if, ,W J ' , , D C ' vi , .W ,, f e 5- - 'iw 'mr trci ai W ,.,,,,,. g,.,h, , M , . gm .H I V 1 , 1 is: , J 4 3. 'J J f A 1 J 'aft C , 'A' ""' V , I f ,L W- fe, 5'9" ' uf AV, 'V , I if ,fy 'r if gf . W , if J t yy rr 3 ce. in f , "'f A J 'Q ,Q Kehl, Kenneth 2 Keil, John 3 Keil, Kathy 2 Keith, Charles 2 Keith, Jeanne l Keith, Judy l Keith, William 3 Keithly, Kern 3 Kell, Clinton 2 Kell, David l Keller, Diane 2 Kelly, Donna l Keller, Mae Kelliker, William 2 Kelling. John l Kclly, Elizabeth l Kelton, Stephen l Kemper, Mary l Kendall, James l Kendrick, Jean 3 Kendrick, Joan 3 Kendrick, Wayne 3 Keough, Don 3 Kerstann, Charles 3 Kessinger, Mary l Kessler, Dick 2 Kester, Louis l Ketchum, Ruth l Keth, Kenneth 2 Kettinger, Cora 3 Khalili, Mohammed 3 Kidd, Charles 2 Kieffer, Keith 3 Kincaid, Nancy 3 Kindle, Phillip 2 Kindred, Joyce l King, Don 2 King, Stephen l Kinzy, Bruce l Kipp, David 2 Kirby, Marie l Kircher, Ellen 2 Kirchhoft, Bennett l Kirchhoff, Ruby 3 Kirchner, Gerald 3 Kirk, Patricia 2 Kirkpatrick, M. D. 3 Kirkwood, Alan l Kittell, Diane l Klee, Alice 3 Klein, Dorothy l Klement, Cynthia 2 Klemme, Barbara 2 Klepper, Roger 3 Kline, Donald 2 Kline, Woodrow 'l Knapp, Jim I Knapp, Lillie 3 Knowles, Janice Knowles, Wesley I 3 Knox, Dorothy 2 Knox, James 2 Koch, Dolores 3 Koch, Shari I Koch, Viola 2 Koehler, Gary I Koehler, John 2 Koehler, Mary I Koehly, George Koenig, Jon I Koewing, Sandy Kohl, Eugene 2 I I Kohler, Rhoda 5 I Kramer, Betty Kramer, Kay I Kramer, Linda 2 Kroeck, Gary I Krueger, Linda Krusor, Joan I Krusor, Karin 3 Kuchel, Terrence I I Kuchenmeister, Karla I Kuhnhoft, Joyce Kunze, Emma Kurtz, John 2 Kyle, John I I Kyle, Margaret 2 LaBarge, Kenneth I La Baube, Sharon Lafevre, Larry I Lafferty, Gene 3 Laffaon, Forrest Laird, Linda I Lamkin, Candy Landers, Jack 3 Landers, Sherry Lane, Judy I Lane, Les 2 Lang, Wayne I Lange, Frank I Larkin, John I 3 I 3 Larson, Michael I I La Rue, Steven Lash, Robert 2 Lauderback, Judith Lauer, Darrell 3 Laughlin, Jerol 3 Laughlin, Ralph Laughlin, William Laughrnan, Lyle Launspach, David I I I 3 I Laurendeau, Paul I Laursen, Elaine 2 Lawrence, Beverly I Lawrence, Eugene I Lawrence, Kendall 2 Lawry, Robert 2 Lawson, Donald Lawson, Harlan Lawson, Louetta Lawton, Bob 2 Layland, Richard Layton, Jonas I Lea, Judy I Leakey, John I 2 2 3 Leamon, David 3 Lear, Martha I I Lebioda, Christina I Lee, Bobby I Lee, Carol 3 Lee, Randall 2 Lefman, Clarice Leg, James I 2 Leiter, Virginia 3 Lemen, Karen I Lentz,Linda I Kht. N Sf ,Jw I L:-ev 'W 'if in vi?" 1 x X :gms 6 A 'EQ' , fm-av K ,Q V. . .wilful W e,c. 's seg. . :ii NC we W, .' ' I-an if "F 5 '25 ,fA " . 'TTI' , - mv A mx- , li, K 7 . fl tw im ,. Q . 3 e r I we M!! NEI .. ., Z3 . L .,. 'fs 3 5' 3 . 5 I' , '53 I "oo . .. 1556. 1-, ri ir --S' y ,ii-:Isel i Q o ,sm -'ig 1 3? -Q f - if ego K ,, www:-,5,,g2,i Xiang. L 'C- , '33 "o'F"ir Kg A, eil 'R J' 3 S F, 2 x rf? I ks' X s, ' , ss .,- cg. ,QQ Y ,sr 5 gg. , . S95 fvxr"'f: N Qt ' I A , ii wal, 2:3 1 Pggf, ,I in X ,sox .f"1 ffxii T " f f' Er' I if'Nv,.dwg -Q 3 if f J K Q .N .rec i ' I , gi Q . iq wig? ' i .ee , gQ,,i1g5g,,, fi 2gfsi5vf1-- 3' ' . " K xi fa, " SE Q- Q" . 'Lf be ie I ur I fr' We I , il V I" i f . aio 3 33 J. ii ':::N sa w ri' f K " I . 'i-i .. 'I iw I w e ,- , ' ,K N gt., X K ' aiii "' f ,fii I I .. rs ,,,e ,t.ri f Y fix .. fi, ,gf 1 .:Qz'ff?gi5fy3ff- Q 'YV . I so xii li . I 2 ,M 'iw N ,ex K 1 ff 2 15 21 Leslie, Judith 3 , Letourneau, Alfred 3 ,.. Lett, Donald 2 - - Leweke, Lewis, l-l Liggett, Janice l , r J 'I AHCC 1 . f- . . 2 Lightner, Jim l , . F 'PG 2 enry l ..: . f 5- Lewman, John l gf Xu tif? Lind, Jul Linville Liston, L Liston, Terry John l iel N. Elaine l 1 ' il inda l , Z - -.Q . f'-if' -- Littletield, Amelia Sue 3 4- i :Q " - - Lochmann, David 2 - Lockard, Lockyer, Logsdon, Lahmeye Lombard RSSB. Long, Frances l is Long, Stacey l yw, Lord, Mike 3 i Love, Pa Lowe, Ja Lowegy, Lowry, K Lowry, Margaret 2 Loy, Brock Wayne 3 Loyet, Nelson 2 Luce, Mary l Luetjen, Lukenbil Lundquist, Judith 2 A " .. 2 Luehrs, James 2 , - Lukomski, Mary 2 E 4-if l Lutte, Mary 3 - 1 ' Lynch, Deloris 2 :Z Lynn, Sa Lynn, Shirley 2 jg f- . Macpherson, Donald 3 ' i -K , Madden, Magee, Craig 2 ,ww i . . John 2 ,. A Marvin l A John l r, Wayne l - 5 o, Thomas l ,Q 3- Q mela 2 y l Sharon l enneth l Carole l l, Leland l nd ra l -- J G5 N William 3 ' - MUQOVQE, ROV i - Mahley, Nancy l f . Mahoney, Raymond l fi Majewsk i, Robert 2 i,,.- Major, David William l . Majors, Linda 3 Majors, Roy 2 Mallory, Mallory, to X A .. Gloria 3 Z. William 3 A... Malone, Joseph 2 - - 3 . , Malone, Maloney, Kathleen l ff' Malotte, Angelis l . W in Raymond 2 tr ,K an i Manbeck, Patty l - '- Mangels, Mann, D l l Roy 1 Q t elores l . - Mann, Sandra l TA - Maples, Marchetti, George 3 1 Marcks, Mariano, Barbara l , r Charles 3 , . :.:.-. we :K if i Roger 2 ,ff I I Marlowe, Raenita l 2 . , 4,5 Marquardt, Marsha l Marquis,Jayne 2 Marriott, Mary l - .- QQ - 5, Marriott, Roger 2 .- ' . . Marske, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Martin, Mashek, James 3 Maschger, Charmaine Mason, Judy 3 ' , .Ps -. Charles 2 ' H euthe I, 1 A . gi i"- ' John 3 Judith 2 s 2 Judy Karen 2 , Paula l ., ,Q-K Sharon I of 'fi William 2 Ng-...js Jerome 2 fm' 'LG ,122 l .522 .of rs 3 J 'H 3' ' Z i 3' to ..-, Q in N? My sk Y , , .. ei of 5 time - - 'IL S: is '- H , wx 33 we Qi, Y - . . Fl Q F , N , , 315' Q K as I ff 5' . ..,, if Q Nr -. vu . ug, r Q 'WP 1 'U I 'pi l i , C . r - W 'le X if ting Q I ,E .ae W . -Xxx? 465 J- Q if U 1 ffknas M ,W L 1 . -K . f eff reef 'V -it Xiiiieillllit fi ' Q 2 :W-L . fi::,LQ .3 g - it QNX X -i iff ,iflii-'NY' WE rt- T -i 'S . gfeesie 3: 1? 4332- if! - , fri , K ix ts- ,H -1 of meg , 1 .K ,- it .mn sm 1 .W , .Es Y WS .- we 9.11, it '53, .. tk ,wb " . in fx , in .- lb s t f 'My ii ' I 4 Q X func- 4' 'N 'ix 5 Q 5 Q "5 Q 3 ,,.3-...V 3. ,J G IB mmf N . S . ,X QV gi1,.s A I-1 - -QQ -.sw -- - 4 Q K gs .. Ke .se .-ff? ii 1 1 -S.. Sv .ff-. X ,V G- A is -t A 1 , ,. h., T., it RN . Q-ef max .... , .A is ! i W W, pn s -E fi .S A 1 .., 231 X. SR i i is f: i si c x x 5? -me -my .Q A I WT? ff -. M, J., 1520 , .f- ty-if 'HS 4' ss " if is- - C.--, ss., N W-1-its we E s 3 est 5 ' .2 -S F T: Q '27 'X' t ,. A-s. . f- - fmmrfmi ,n A w ,xg M ' ':"AA hifi 1-- W-M ' W ,,, 5 7 ,- - f i' I I is ,tiff 1 51 lfuysm V Q V 1 , , 4 54 5 fx ' A J, ,, 5 -s. E , - , 4, I W f ' ' "2""f T 7 - J V. zszg rgg ff 'f ' Q24 R Z ' -'f' .1 . ' ir- 13 ,. Z fr r ,, 'L Y 'ii ' 3, H! , - 3 J J' J 5 A Yr v V! L f MP' f " I 1 71 f 334 fi 1 it if J J it ,412 'Q R it A ff 2 3 32 Q sf ' J ' , ',' ' if ' '3""" , 6 J " rrrsi . -A , jA 4 ,A me N X lip sn -1 f A . y ,Q ,, , -Zi ' Q if Mgt Iwi-Sfgf H V f Yr-mwfvff 3 mh- 41? Dr, Randolph Yeager interviews Dr. Reid Hemphill over KCMW-FM. l i ' 2 ww A f' IQ A.--.yy ., i t . , iw gy I af A I4 9 ,3 'fa Q Z iw ZF J A Z Massman, Sharon 2 Masters, Carol l Matheis, Bernard 3 Mathenia, James 2 Mathis, Sharon 3 Matthew, Joann l Maty, Janette 3 Maxey, Mary l McAlister, Doyne 2 McBee, Paul I McBee, Richard 2 McCain, Charles 2 MCCammon, Judy 3 McCandless, William l McCarthy, Bonnie 2 McClain, Evalyn 2 McClary, James 2 McCombs, Robert 2 McCrea, Jerry 3 McCunniff, Pamela l McDade, Brenda 2 McDaniel, Mary l McDonald, James 3 McDonald, Jim 2 McDonald, John l McDonald, Judy 3 McDonald, Martha 3 McDonald, Michael 2 McDougall, George 3 Mclfvers, Rick l McEwen, Jimmy 3 McFadden, Elizabeth l McFadden, Cindy 3 McFarland, Michael 2 Mclferrin, Sandra 2 McGinnis, Jim 2 McGinnis, Larry 2 McGowan, Dennis 3 McGowan, Gary 2 Mcl-larg, Thomas l McKeehan, Thomas l McKenzie, Richard 2 McKinley, Mary 1 MCKissack, Linda 2 McLennan, Carolyn l McMahan, Judith l McMichael, Glen l McMilIian, Robert l McMurtrey, Kenneth 3 MCNeeley, Sharon l McNeill, Russell l McNew, Susan l McNut, Bill l McReynolds, William 2 Means, Mary l Means, Oleta 2 h l K sw Y' 217 218 Means, Robert 2 Medlen, David l Meiners, Larry 2 Mellenbruch, Ann 2 Melton, Connie 2 Melton, Larry 2 Melton, Lee Ray 2 Mengel, Carol 2 Mengel, Neva 2 Merrifield, Richard 2 Merry, Karen 3 Merten, Carolyn l Mertensmeyer, Jerome 2 Mertensmeyer, Linda 2 Metzger, Kiran 2 Metz, Stanford l Meverden, Carol l Mewes, Robert l Meyer, Donald 2 Meyer, Judy 2 Meyer, Klaus l Meyer, Leo 2 ,. S5323 W 1 Ji Wi I 49 l?"'7 1 , ff Meyer, Mary Jo Meyer, Ronald 2 Meyers, Paul l Michael, Ann 2 Michael, David l Michael, John 2 Michaelis, Sharon 2 Middleton, Marilyn l Middleton, Ralph 2 Milburn, Glenn 2 Milholland, Samuel 3 Millard, Wayne 3 Miller, Datha 3 Mailer, David 1 Miller, Dorothy 5 Miller, Gay 3 Miller, Jimmie 3 Miller, Marilyn 2 Miller, Richard 3 Miller, Rita l Miller, Roger 2 Miller, Ran l Miller, Sharon l Miller, Susanne 2 Miller, Terry 3 Miller, Thomas 2 Miller, Walter 2 Miller, Wayne 2 Minthorn, lvan 3 Miritani, Ronald 2 Mische, Lynn l Mitchell, Floy 2 Mitchell, Sharon l Moccia, Janice l 5 ff ,, Ui V " 5 , X WWQ., Z EF ww., Q-.MJ if 0 : ,.nf95.. .i 27' . iff s LM! ze S., 5 1 3 as , ,. ' W ' I , K A, w f 3 n g gg ,v-1' f I l5'ie15iL:wI i , S gg, 1, M' J lll ' zz eii, e l ef - 1,12 M, Ji K V' f - .,-,wi Jef L,fs:7:s3f4W ' A diiifiafitin' M ' ff. li ,, gf I 5 ,, -W if 12 'f , r ' ,'i,,",ii W V- ,gg y 1 I K , Y ,xg 5 .E I 5 M ,.- , , " ' , A S ,ij , , ,, Mary Ruth Hutchinson removes make-up from J, D. Grissom after a play, Mock, John 2 4-- Mockobey, Tom 2 Momberg, Sandra I K - Monroe, Lawrence I , , Montee, Richard 3 .-lx. t Q Montgomery, Karen 3 i fi ' ' Mooney, Cecil I ,E M S.. , X. , X Moore, Donna I ,EE , I K I ' 1- li: ASLI'-I Ll I Moore, Ellen I Moore, James I Moore, Jean I , Moore, Nathan I -4 5 moore, Phyllis 2 333' f oore, Ronald I ' :L- Moore, Sandy I Moore, Sue I Moorman, Leslie I . Moravec, Edward 2 Q , Morley, Charles 2 Morley, Gary 2 Morris, Beverly I Morris, Edward I Morrison, John I Morrison, Ronald 2 Morton, Donald 3 , Moser, Carl 2 . Moser, Lindo 2 I v- . -so , A I 1:5 I Mosley, Merle I E ,I Q . Moss, Jerry I C .i I3 5 Moss, Ronnie I g Moulton, Betty 2 5 II' Moyer, Donald I I 'I+ ls Moyer, Lanna 2 4 Muchmore, James 2 A J ' K Muckvichit, Thasnai 3 , ' Mudd, Evelyn 2 Y ,A , ' Muehlbach, Frank 3 I 'L 'E-I Mueller, Karin 3 Six I Mueller, Larry I I. K Muir, Dale I I Mukai, Robert 3 Mullbern, Linda I ds Mullins, Larry 2 pn'-1 Murphy, Douglas 2 I A 4-LA, Murphy, Susan 2 . , . v... Murrell, Joyce I -. , vi Murry, Sharon 3 , Musgrave, Kenneth I I I 4- S5 W Ll' 33 X in Q, .K r .3 Z .. I sf' ' i , ...,,. .. .. , . V. wr ,sk 3 Agn I, I I Q 'lf ,V X 4 1 ,M fy sg, V.-, I Q I 1 , X .ze-tx ex IL . rr' ... J, ll I Myers, James I , I R'-1, Nabors, Michael 2 . ' A, 5 Nagel, Harold 2 N 9 ,. f- , K . x . 1 2 Napier, Mike 2 .- 1 Q' I 'H Ag In - '49, 3' ii - Q Napierala, Dan 2 T' F K - .. KM -ei Q I f : Nave, Donna 2 I V5 I 'ji . 35" I Naylor, Jack 3 gig " Naylor, James I t 'Xe I i ,H Q Neal, Gordon 2 Needy, Martha 3 2 N A 1 Neitzert, Sarah I K Nelson, Barbara 2 Q .A 7: 1- Nelson Dennis 2 N. 2 Nelson Dennis 3 v-1-I K .-- M Nelson John I Nelson, Roger 3 i ' Nelson Roger 3 Nelson, Roger I Neuenschwander, Nancy 2 ' 3, ig- Nesbit, Lois 2 9 LL N: Neth, Jerry 2 nf fr Neunzerling, Nancy I A I Newcomb, Larry 3 Newell, Daniel I Newham, Gary I Newham, Sandra I , . , Newhouse, Richard I ,Q :KK "'k I fi Newsome, Richard I 12?-I 5 .s.. J.. .. an Newsom Jane 2 . N Nibarger Richard I '-if ' Nichols, I3arbara I .gg X --r' -A Nichols, Charles 3 ' fat: .sf Ci 'ff' 1:-v - E ... f, A u 1, 'ig . W A., 5 V i- . r ., , M ,. . ..-, , .' ,, ia I ': IAA, xg I A , K 0 , L 7 ' wi? I "5 I . 'I .1 'fs 1 ff I ' it , I fy ' 219 N Z, t , Q2 .SVMZW M -ff., :Q 0 yf Q, 'links A X J Nichols, Nick 3 Nichols, Ronald l Nicks, Joyce I Niemeyer, Ronald 2 Niewold, Connie 3 Nissen, Annette l Nitto, Stephen 2 Nix, George I Noble, David l Norcross, Larry 3 Norfleet, Coral l Norfolk, Karen 2 Norman, Nikki 2 Norris, Julia 3 Norton, M. Jean l Norton, Shelby I Norton, William 3 Norwood, Mike l Novak, Pat l Nunn, Gary 3 Nyfeler, Joanne 3 Oberweather, Harvey l Okerstrorn, Karen l O'Dell, Paul I Oesterly, George 3 Ogilvie, Gordon 2 Ohlrich, Linda 2 Ohrenberg, Robert 2 Ohrcnbera,Weslev 3 Oldham. Ralph 3 Oliver, Thomas 2 Ollar, Jim 2 Ollar, John 'l Olson, Stephen l Orneri, Lei l O'Neol, Jonct 3 O'Neal, Kenneth 3 O'Reor, Sharon l O'Rewick, Ken l O'Riclly, Kathy l Oringderff, Tom l Ornes, Kenneth 3 Orr, Jean l Ortbols, Helen l Osborn, Jerry D. l Osborne, Sonci 2 Owings, Barbara 2 Overbey, Karen l Overstreet, Douglas l Owens, Bruce 2 Owen, Charles l Owen, Phoebe 3 Owsley, Jesse 3 Owings, Richard 3 Poasch, Terry 2 Podley, G. Robert 2 Page, Claude 3 Paige, John 2 Painter, Don l Painter, Jon l Palmer, John l Pangborn, Jeanne Panhorst, Peggy l Pape, Anna 3 Parker, Andrew 3 Parker, Carl 3 Parker, Dan 2 Parker, Harold 3 Parker, Nina l Parks, Gladys 3 Parks, Janice 3 Parks, Sharon l Parks, Thomas 2 Parr, Thomas l Parris, Wayne 2 Parrish, Sally 2 Parrott, Gerald l Parson, Ronnie l Parsons, Jim 2 Pasley, Linda l Passiglia, Joe 2 Patterson, Rabin 2 Patterson, Susan l Paul, Terry l Payne, Gerald l Payne, Mancy 2 Peakes, Ray 2 Peck, Edmond 2 Peek, Mary I Peltan, Cheryl 2 Pemberton, Gerald Pemberton, Linda l Pembleton, Edward Pendelton, Dennis l Penick, Jerry 3 Pcnner, Paul 2 Penrod, George 3 Pentiruff, Lynn 3 Perkir s, Marty 3 Perkins, Stanley 3 Perkin , Thelma l Perry James 2 Pessetto, James l Peterson, Frank 2 Peterson, Lloyd 3 Peterson, Marie 2 Peterson, Opal 2 Petitt, Floyd 3 Petree, Janelle l Pevler, Larry l Pfeiffer, Bob l Phelps, Paula 'I Phifer, Patricia 2 Philbrick, Sue l Philliber, Dale 2 Phillips, Beverly 2 Phillips, David 2 Phillips, Dorothy 3 Phillips, Harald 2 Phillips, Richard 2 Phillips, Sandy l Phillips, Sharon l Pickering, Linda 2 Pierce, Judy l Pierson, Paul 2 Pike Ro 2 l l 2 1 Y Pillsbury, Douglas I Pine, Bette l Pinney, Barbara 3 Pirtle, Shelby 2 Pitts, Howard l Padgory, Gerald Poindexter, Sue l Pointer, Sandra 2 Polallis, Kathryn 2 R me cs! 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C' in an 222 F .XP in n X 'F 5 ae- , X f 2 5 te 3- Q--1 we Q, is i 1'i ew , it , Piland, Richard l Pollard, Dale l Pollard, lan 3 Polzin, Larry 3 Polzin, Richard l Pope, Katherine l Porter, Brenda 3 Porter, Carolyn l Pott, Richard 3 Potter, Edwin 2 Potter, Samuel 2 Potts, Mary l Potts, Rose 2 Powell, Betty 2 Powell, Beverly 3 Powell, Carol l Powell, Glenn l Powell, Sharon l Powell, Stanley 3 Powers, Rosemary 2 Poynter, William 3 Pratt, Ron l Price, Ann l Price, Harry 2 Price, Jean l Price, Norma Prince, Charles 2 Pritchard, Maxine l Procter, David 2 Prosser, Douglas l Prout,Julia 2 Pullen,Sandra 2 Purvis, Brenda 2 Pyles, Sandra l Quackenbush, Charlene Qualls, Juanita l Quick, Trudy 2 Quinn, Rebecca 3 Quitter, Mary l Rabius, Bill 3 Radford, Edward 2 Radford, Homer 3 Ragland, Brenda l Ragland, Linda l Ragusa, Joseph l Rainsburg, Joyce 2 Ralcer, Richard 2 Ralston, Robert 2 Randazzo, Jo Ann 3 Rank, Connie l Rankin, Edward 3 Rapp, Jerry l Rasa, Janet 2 Rasnic, Karen 3 Rassbach, John l Ravenscraft, C. A. 3 Ray, Lillian l Raymond, James l Ream, Joyce 3 Reardon, Sharon 2 Reber, Judy I Rector, Gilbert 3 Rector, Joyce l Redmaond, Charles 2 Reges, Robert l Reid, Robert 3 Reid, Thomas l Reine, Delta 3 Reinhardt, Carolyn 3 Reith, Dale l Relf, Polly 2 Renken, Anne 3 Renken, Steve 2 Reap, Connie 2 Reuter, Linda 3 Reves, Richard l Rexroad, Dennis 2 Rhinehart, Barbara l Rhodeter, Ronald l Rice, John 3 n . ,, ff. 1 ww, 3, ' My-1? . A i f K iz .1 if ,ff , f e , sf, 4 ,l,, ,.,, . swf W 1 , J was 2 We ,pr HW "" 1:- M Xl If ' an 4 -' -. . , ,, , 'x , QAA A A 3 + fi Av 'VVV I ir A I .- ,M fmwxii . ,- fi ,, , ' f 1355135 f555ff:,1QZJ U 7 , , V , 7 Wliifizazi 1' , .. Y " Y Q, A , g,f,,a H I Q X, " ' 53,111 if, 5 1 ' . ., i V Y ,W H , ,f Y. . T f V' ' , . V+ it , - V , mi. ' - ' F545 .,,, .,. 5' if ,ii i ' . .- b ut ,,s1fw,1i ,L .,-" , ff 5 - - wv W e I ' W ff' iff 'f 7 ' 5, i rf ',iei,421l1,eag95i1:ez' 4 ', "9 1 K AV 3 fa 'V 7 W. 11 Y Ai S cg, .l l 55,3 Q, N 1: H J we gi e fl., .. 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S 'Si ,R V,, ' c c , 14+ my , "isis A , .ff HL Ya K Rice, Ronald l Richard, Ronald 3 Richards, John 2 Richards, Lewis 3 Richards, Sharon l Richardson, Carl 2 Richardson, James 2 Richardson, Louis 3 Richardson, Willis l Rickson, Ilene 2 Ricono, Martin 2 Riddle, Teresa Ann l Ridenhour,Jerry l Ridenhodr, Mike 2 Ridgway, Richard 2 Rieder, Ray 3 Riley, Billie l Riley, Jon l Riley, Richard 2 Rinehart, Arthur 3 Ripley, Linda l Ring, Darwin l Rissler, Robert 2 Ritter, John 3 Ritter, Richard 2 Rivera, Alyce l Rixey, Mary l Robbins, Sandra 3 Roberts, George l Roberts, Janice l Roberts, Judith l Roberts, Michael 3 Roberts, Richard 3 Robertson, Gloria l Robertson, John l Robison, Imogene 3 Robinson, Larry l Robinson, Mary 3 Robinson, Randolph 2 Robinson, Pam l Rock, William 3 Rockeman, John l Rockers, William 3 Rodgers, Ronnie 2 Rodriguez, Paul 3 Roe, Charles 3 Roe, Clarence 2 Rodgers, Cheryl I Rodgers, James l Roggy, Ronald 3 Rohrback, Karen l Roland, Barbara 3 Roach, Robert 2 Root, Alson l Roque, Kit l Rosario, Emelia 2 223 Q 224 Rosbrugh, Leta 3 Rosbrugh, Ruth l Rose, Kenneth I - Rose, William l if Rose, Ronnie 2 Rosenbaum, Judith 1 Ross, Karen l - J My QA 3 fs N' 5 ay Rothfus, Kitty 'l :.i Rauchka, Gloria 2 4 Rouillard, David 2 S' Rourke, Sandy l f - f - Rothwell, Cecil l Routon, Sharon 'l if 'J if Rowland, Larry 3 Rowles, James 3 5 Ruff, Linda l ' Ezra Ruggles, Karolyn l . Rukes, Joyce 2 ,. ., Rummons, Mignon 2 Rurnpf, Roger l Y -K..k Q Rumpf, Theodore 3 .2 :.-, Runyan, Stanley 2 . .'-. 2 if ,S , . -fe 7 3. Q -Q- ji , x , , .. .J-:3'fg"'w.,x" Ruppert' Ralph 2 if .ESX Rupard, Barbara l Rx R gi Russell, Glenn 3 Rustemeyer, Shirley 'l f Ryan, John l .1 R ll , D 2 V er onnq Q' 6 St. Clair, Marta 3 , .e Saliby, Alexander 3 Sallee, Janet 2 Itb Sanders, George 2 -" j Y k-:f-" , K Sanders, Sandy l Sandridge, Jack 3 Sandy, Robert 3 Santella, Anthony l Saults, Donna 1 Saylor, Ron l Scavuzzo, Toni l Schaeffer, Joyce 2 Schafer, Pam I Schafer, Robert l Scheiderer, Marie l Schell, Terry l Schelp, Douglas 3 Schidler, Larry 3 Schieni, Betty l Schindler, Maury Jo l Schlapper, Shirley l Schloman, Alan 2 Schlueter, Betty 3 Schlueter, Larry l ' Schmidle, Richard 2 Schmidt, Carolyn 3 Schmidt, Mary 3 Schmidt, Ronald l -P+ M. .isgf-'22 ' .P-' : im f 53 tifffjlfii ii M . syi A 5 get get .,,, p A Av' 'CZ' X. N ui- ,.- , A :ki . -fs Era. 1-W, 323192 X , T 'fi'-1 . oasis, A. 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V Scholl, Susan 3 il L- '- " V M-V Scholotzhauer, Jack 2 t , , Schott, Lonnie l 3 J Schowengerdt, Robert l i ..1 ' i f Schramm, Judy l Schrieberg, Mel 2 'Q 'E Schrimsher, Ellen l Schroeder, Thomas l V Schuch, Rodney l ' hi 4 , ,mn who Schuler Ronald 3 Schulp, Hilton 3 Schupp, Dennis 'I Schultz, Bill l Schuster, Richard 3 Schwartz, John l Schwartz, Larry l Schwartz, Marilyn l Scott, Lenny l Scott, Trudy l Seaton, Richard l Seay, Della l Seba, Leonard l Sechrest, Robert l , Shiglev, Joyce 1 J -fii Seifert, Edward 2 ' VV Shade, Samuel 2 'fl Y J "" Z Shahabi, Nahid 'l Vp ' Sharp, Jerry l ,lv Sharp, Richard 2 V, VV V1 ,',' j .,V, ,,, Sheerin, John 'l V2 M Shelton, Chris 1 . ii Shelton, William l V 'Q' J Sher, Richard l Q ' ' Sherman, Patricia l "' N "" ,g Sherman, Luman 'l J' jjil Shiner, Delores 2 H 'V Shinkle, Mark 3 J' Shinn, John l ' Shipman, William l Shipp, Derbin 'l 2 Shippee, Dorothy 3 V V 1 . Shireman, Dione l 3 f Shireman, Larry l Shobe, Janice l Shores, Dick 3 Shouse, Sammy 2 ' ,- ,- I i 1 I Shrout, Kenneth l Shull, Judy l Shumate, Berdena l Shutt, Larry 2 Sickbert, Dan 3 Sill, James 1 W2 5 Q ,123 :Fi , ,ff ,V 3 AQ x M. 92 " jig 'z , W 'fm w 3 1 it Q .ng vs! 1 -' fu, ,w w if 2' 1:2 r w ,s-eff' f 'f Z Bw' ef 275' ' J ,fiffw hx 2 1 Z , ,. we , , V, H382 al , J 5? Q ., .wif if' W5 N ae it We wg L56 X 2 8 E Xl Q W M A Kim em, f 1 at 2 .fa mf 91 5 ilgipg at V 3 K 3 f +1 ge ,, ff ,pf vs ' X 53 A f was ' Www "' 5 is I 'r :V J ,. ,fx VV ,V Q2 pl l fl 'asf L ,M l . wage J 1 5 a,, ,,e qw ,gi 4 . E , W M 1 I at 3 3 4 1 5? 'Ei Siminis, Richard 3 Simms, Sharon 3 A Simmons, James l , , Simmons, Larry l I V J M V , Simmons, Martha 2 f ff' .5 W ,gif ' V Simmons, Norma 2 , .. Simmons, Sherry 2 'lil' .V .,,. J 5 ,. I Simon, Kennth 'l V ' M ' ' ' YW Simonis, Joyce 2 1 -' V 5imOnS John 2 ,L , l ,,,.,, Simpson, Callie 3 gf' f Vliz -V , V , ' Sims, Mary l V . V -' V Singleton, Buffy 2 'ir' r es, if fr 1 - 'J Singleton, Floyd 2 Qi , iw tl, f i W VV Sisk, Liz 2 VV 'A' l . Skelton, Lilly l V,,V'iV'VVV, 4 ' -1 Skotty, Roy 'l V, V.. ' Q W., Sledd, Marianne l ?VY"? t.,, Slifer, Robert l Sloan, Bill l Slotnick, Marc 2 Slover, Mary 3 it V 25 Slusher, Cheryl l is Slusher, Gail 2 Smith, Arthur 3 Smith, Carol 3 Q ' , 'fi Q we 5 5' 4 4 1 l 1, A ill 5 f r a silk 45 Z1 225 1.1 A, I , , I is Hold still! This won't hurt. 'lik 9' A . 'F 1, 'in Slit? Q H 5532 565' Ag ,. ,, 3 Q 3 me ,, is it P ff 4 I if K fm f J we " 1 , R J 2 :E2 2 . lg ggi a in A ,M , , if ,-, Aw X 1 ew I ,Q Q ' "" -f 1 4 771' 2' 2 V ' 7 ' if W i ' 2, ' - iv' 2 H 535 v,.k qt, 1 1 H , , fgiffs iwwgff W A W ,,,. , 2 - "" , .AA , ,, y I 2 5 I 'rv 5 -Q5 . :Z ,jg , V ,K , -' Q 1 H V 1 9 , Q- ? in M. ,ff .' 97, - ' i w like . , ':.::' " . , .. i57?flTQ'f, f . , ' 1 , 1 3 ,Z 4 , . t ' X f ' , ' 'Z ms i N I 1? ' ' 226 sv, .ft 45 Wm 'F " W' we 1 Smith, Corliss l Smith, Darlene 2 Smith, Jennalea l Smith, Joe 2 Smith, Larry 3 Smith, Linda 2 Smith, Marjorie l Smith, Mylin l Smith, Paul 2 Smith, Paul 2 Smith, Raymond l Smith, Robert 3 Smith, Ronald l Smith, Sharon 3 Smithers, Charlene 2 Snider, Judith 2 Snider, Patricia 3 Snyder, Guy l Soendker, Jerald l Songer, Patricia 2 Soper, Marcia l Sorensen, Mel l Sotoa, Uinifareti l Southerland, Carole Sowers, James l Sowers, Pat l Sparks, David 3 Sparks, Reece 3 Sparling, Marilyn 3 Spears, Phillip 3 Spears, Willa l Spellman, Henry 2 Spencer, Madeline 3 Sperling, Mary Kay l Spiegel, John 3 Spielbush, David l Spies, Jerry 2 Sprouse, Donna 3 Sprouse, Martha 2 Sprow, Frank 2 Stafford, Dick l Stanley, Claudine l Stark, Doris 3 Stark, Kay 2 Stark, Susan 3 Stark, Vicki 2 Starke, Bruce 2 Starke, Fred 2 Starke, Sarah 3 Steele, Merle 3 Starnes, Judy Ann l Starr, Rosemary l Starr, Virginia l Steele, David i Steinbach, Darrel l Steinmetz, Sandra 2 sf-f-""""'MW Stephens, Dennis l Stephens, Joyce l Stephens, Karen" l . -wsiwfiw . B21 1 ,J 1311 -1' H35-f ' E V- -N, ea, 2 ,x i m l 2 'f f A Stephens, Victor l Stephenson, Tim l ., U H H Sterling, Patricia 3 ' ' gf' 'i'i 1 Stevens, Elaine 3 i' Stevens, Peggy l . ff? H WM ' " 2: f Stevenson, Brenda I i.' f I Stevenson, Jerry I J "" Stevenson, Mary Lou 2 I HV Stewart, Dennis 2 sf' f f :'lZl2f"f',s'P'2 1,, ' ,w Stewart, Jan l Stewart, Judy 3 Stinson Valera l ,- Stoecklern, Phyllis 3 V Stoltz, Barbara 3 f ,,' , Stone, Charles l : f - ,f Stone, Roy 2 A' Stone, Russell l Stone, Russell 3 , Sfonef, Phyllis 1 Stonner,Sherlene 3 Stonewall, Gene 2 Stover, Dixie 2 , , -nl ' Stowell, Warren 3 , 3 it Strassner, Richard l 'rf :Al Streit, Mary 2 -,.. ' f' Strider, Janice 'l ' ,V Strider, Phyllis l "l' ' 5 Strieby, Dana l Strobel, Marion 2 Strohmeyer, William 2 Strother, Dwight l Stubblefield, Dan 3 Stuerke, Paul 2 Stundebeck, Mary 2 Strimpenhaus, Larry l Studer, Patricia 3 Sublett, John l Sudduth, David l Sullens, Robert l Sullivan, Jean l Summers, Grattor 1 Summers, Janell l Q W .ies Sumners, Judey 2 A ,, Sumpter, Glenda l ' Q vi 1 X3 5221. 5: fig ' Iii' 55.3 1 , zz Sundberg, Linda 2 -..: Sundquist, Valinda 2 -,-: , H Suse, Nofmfm 3 ' f Sutton, Gary 1 ,ff ,.:+ ,fy Sutton, Lynda l Suzuki, Florence l Swanson, Carolyn l Swearngin, Wanda 3 1 ,f I Sweeney, Patricia 2 Switzer, Martha l , L J Swovelan, Edward 3 " Swope, James 3 W SYnoviec, Sue l Tabor, Mickey 3 , Taggart, David 2 Taggart, Virginia 3 Tally, Geraldine 3 A Talley, Kay 3 73 Talley, Kenneth 3 'af tv fi, 9 4,221 Tallman, Rebecca 2 X Tamborella, Joseph l Tanner, Donna 3 Tarver, David 3 Tashima, James 2 Tate, Marty 3 Tate, Clellan l Tate, Vivian 2 is Tatlow, Chester 3 if - Taunt, Jack 1 LV, lk'i Q Tavernaro, Bob 2 Taylor, Charles 3 A Taylor, Doreen l gc , ,S ELM Q4 5 , Taylor, Ellen i 'E ig: x S if 4553 2 r ,- ..-" -a f. -'f , f 5 S ,g f 4 ' ir, VI, V, -gh ,,f J' ff ,S 4 W W e Q ' L if 9 vt gf ,, fer vie nay' ,H ,ig EFT kai" ,M ,,,,, J, 415: , S, ,S , V ., . 1.4 niet nw ref! 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A ' If 5 J ' ,ri, ., f,:"2'.,, -, ' f ra J '19 'l- , is fr is fr ' -, yyky :" 7 " - . . , ,iff se, 5' Hs ff' ' I ,,,.f f" V if 227 228 Taylor, Gene 2 Taylor, John 2 Taylor, Kenneth 3 Taylor, Nellie l Taylor, Pat l Taylor, Pattie l Taylor, Ronald 2 Teague, Edward 3 Teater, Robert 2 Tebbenkamp, Pat 3 Tegtmeyer, August 3 Tegtmeyer, Marlin l Temple, William l Tennyson, Tobe l Terry, Judith l Tevis, Carol l Thoeni, Shirley l Thomas, Bert 2 Thomas, Arnett l Thomas, Judi l Thomas, Larry 3 Thomas, Larry l Thomas, Linda l Thomas, Mary 2 Thomas, Sandra l Thomas, Sandra 3 Thomas, Sharon 3 Thompson, Deanna 3 Thompson, Don 2 Thompson, Eric l Thompson, John 3 Thompson, Martha 2 Thompson, Shay 3 Thompson, Sandra Thompson, Tom 2 Thurman, Sonja 2 Tickemeyer, Hazel 2 Tiesler, Suzanne 3 Tillotson, Brenda l Tittle, J udi 3 Titus, Barbara l Tivis, James 2 Tivis, Lewis 3 Toco, Tony I Todd, Darrel 3 Todd, Karen 2 Todd, Sharon 2 Toomay, Wesley l Tostevin Tousley, ,James l Joonna l Townsend, Don 2 Townsend, Terry l Trask, Kenneth l Trautwein, Darryl 2 Triplett, Forrest 2 Tritico, Louis l Trout, Dennis 2 Trout, Peggy l Tucker, Clara l Tucker, Delores 2 Tucker, Kirk 2 KS' a Tw 'er ,G -1 wi - Q P 5.,a,'g -gs, 3, 3, .il ,. Tuggle, Fronk 3 Tullis, Frances 2 Tullis, John l Turney, Nancy l Turnoge, Marjorie 3 Turpin, Lloyd 3 Twenter,Sondra 3 Twitt, Bill 3 Tyrell,Tili l Uhr, Ann 2 Underwood, James 3 Unger, Charles 3 Urton, Gary l Utovitch, George l Uyeno, Sharon l Vaccaro, JoAnn l Vallino, Eugene 3 Vanarsdall, James l VanBebber, Brenda 3 . 1. ,- ,i . , 2, ,sss l f' S R s T. ,::. .., J i gi, .. Q., if iii g ,,. , ,,,,,, er - 2 is SK - i .. 3 35 . 3 ee? 'We NH? G fillif Y' ' f s i f V fl :klllii w l f' sa kll' in i is es 3 N T ' jf s,, his 3 l N53 . ll is Q is Q ' A , is 1 X S ,S l S lg 51 F ri ti if J 3-'ik Sl - F ii". H J 1 2 K ' S slss - ,zfi J J . 5325 '- 1 4' K 's.. to Y? i,-r ' -' Yiwlifg Q 2 li 1 t ' wwf t A , in 1 , 2 A , 3 .mmf f El lf.,-f'Q-L " E 'll"' ilizi 3 , , 3 .,,,,.,s,,. xg I J.: llkl A Q- - 'A 5, 1' t z A ww 1 SQ-f Eb l I . vs - . f 4, 'Si' . sl' 53? fa- xii 1 C? H931 if-Q ms -qw. . U : M M M sm :Z Y ili 1 , ,'- ',,- If " 3 K, ' . f' t.f-i . ., ' ,. TW ' -i , l .lzk I lllll .. in M 1 , . :E r 5 53 ef ll S zqr ,- M xt fav v wx -- ssri K ' slls- i 3 A llll 5- LV f... i 'ki' Q : Q f is -- M w ,EE K K . A 3: I 1, ' if Y -E S 3 is ,Q I 5 if S fiL - J 'V7l,A ,,iLA ei? gf 'f "ll Q, " ' G J V, , 3, ,M JW QW' 7 , Vgvy X Leg A K.. , '. J 1 "4" ' 0' ' "', ffl ':" is - "ff ' ,, ,,:f" gm W - !,Av M' ' Q 'Y ' J f dm , f ' if l , - , 4 V K-' , ' 'fi 3 K . ff' X-,fq,.a M f, -:fi 1 f M- M -nm ff? f I - p l I l rf . S ' H 2 W , R3 if A ,, ,J ,. , V Q, f ' f rf i ,ki . A I ,L,E I , .Q hz ,f JS 7 if 1 , tt L ff' JJ ee' , , Boys night out at the College Union Game Room. sf W A. J 2 E 3 ,Q Wag V ,.,, - ":' at A L f LE --Q.. 1 J ggfv 2 1' We 3 wwe , yt tgmtiw fee , 'N 3, to K 'Yr' him. no ' Van Blarcum, Cecil 3 Van Booven, Dee Ann l Van Camp, John 2 Vance, Robert l Vanderburg, Jerry l Vandergraat, Janine 2 Vanderpool, Dwight 1 Vonderwood, Roy Van Eaton, Fred l Vansickle, Judy 2 l VanTuyle,FIorine 2 Vanwinkle,William 3 Vaughn, Joyce 3 Vaughn, Roy 2 Vedder, Linda l Velasquez, Angelo Verman, Arl in l 2 Vermillion,Linda l Viebrock, Delbert 3 Vinyard, Sandra 2 Vocate, Janet 2 Voelker, William l Voelker, John l Vogel, Robert 3 Vogt, Robert 3 Volmert, James 'l Voss, Patricia 2 Wadleigh, Charles Wafler, Geraldine Wafel, Wilbur 2 Wagoner, Jane l 3 l Wahlstedt, Wendell 2 Waisner, Gary l Walch, John 2 Walker, Brenda l Walker, Chris 2 Walker, Frank 3 Walker, Gary. 3 Wallace, Gerald 2 Walker, Janice 3 Walker, Katherine Walker, Sandra 3 Walker, Stanley l Wallace, Gerald 2 Waller, Wendle 3 Wallis, Elaine l Wallis, Jeanie 3 Walters, Kathleen Walton, Beverly 2 Walton, William 2 Waller, Wanda 3 Wambsgans, Harold Warner, Sandy 'I Warden, Jerry 'l Warnell, William Warner, Sandy 1 l l l 3 229 ne w Students and faculty members gather in the Union Cafeteria for the noon meal. xigrff? V 3 K , . ,. ., y' 1 , 3, , ,,,, -glv ,. W ggi 5 f in-ig A if ' 'erre :if Q , , ,..f ,tr. 17221, , In A y , A 2 3 T T lf t gl' W f 'E Hz wifi la L 44 Wk ,Q is , ., , E, M AA Z J jf f 2 255 fs V ' ' J., . , V , K - 'FM ' T V Q --'mg - V "1 qw 35232 f z , f 2 3 it 2 2 at Q 3 ,Q ff J 3 Hr l Qi ex wi 95 s 2 , 4, , mi t.e, ,. fe As V, if l'?W2,y LQ, , W Vows ., ,V -Wm, 1" 1 ,, .137 ef ,yi -. 4 fam . ,ia 'SY f A vi: ,W J J , '7 in ' ' 'fr 5 , I -he ,-1 s i g, a T " it fi , W Q VA'. , K r 2 , 552 t ra if mr mt rr V fa ,, .. ,r ,J s,j3iQfWf, ln, f W 1 'I ,K QW, 4 2 :ia , 3 fy sf 'l .e 2 L? W el 5432 W as fwwv QQ wfggvfx . f 'Wg , , FW' 'K I ' an K 'WW ar Y J' Jw ,Mg Q Tied? 'Q Q lr 2, if .xy mi- its J we sz fer M, ,,,. 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Q . ,,k': 3, : ',jr:.,t , Students watch experiment in the physics lab. Witt, Jerry l Witte, Carol l Wolf, Elaine 'I Wood, Ronald 'l Woodard, Mark l Woodruff, Carol 'l Woody, Larry l Wooley, Carolyn l Wornoff, Richard l Waterman, Sandra 2 Wright, Carol l Wyly, Robert 'l Yarbrough, Cliff l Yelick, Ron l Yocum, Don l Yokley, Reba l Young, Robert I Young, Van 3 Young, Wayne l Young, Alma l Yount, Phyllis l Yowell, Kenneth l Zimmerschield, Walter l Zink, Mary l G, rr Administrative Cabinet . . . . 232 Acacia .... A cappella Choir . . Accounting Club . . . INDEX Liahona .... Mace and Torch . . Major and Maiorettes . M Club .... Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Omicron Pi . Alpha Phi Delta . Alpha Phi Omega . Alpha Phi Sigma . . Alpha Sigma Alpha Alpha Sigma Tau . Modern Foreign Language Mr. and Miss CEMO . . Newman Club . . North Hall Council . Nursing Club . . Orchestra . Outing Club . . . Panhellenic Council . Phi Sigma Epsilon . . Club . American Chemical Society Applied Arts and Sciences Association of Childhood Education . . Association of Women Students . . Band ..,...... . Baptist Student Union Baseball . . . Basketball .... Beauty and UMOC . Beta Alpha . . Beta Beta Beta . Board of Regents . Business Division . Canterbury Club . CMSC Players . Colhecon . . . Collegiate Chorus . . Cosmopolitan Club . Crescendo Club . Deans . . . Dedication Physical Education Division . Physical Education Club . . Physical Education Majors Club . Pi Kappa Lambda . . . Pi Omega Pi . . President . Prexy Club .,.. Psychology Club . . Religious Life Council . RHETOR Queen . . RHETOR Staff . . . Science and Math Division . Secretarial Science Club . . Seniors ..... . SGA Executive Council . . SGA Senate .... Sigma Kappa . . Sigma Pi .... Sigma Sigma Sigma . . Sigma Tau Delta .... Sigma Zeta ........ Delta Zeta . . . Dolphins .... Education and Psychology Division , . English Club . . . Football , . . Gamma Delta . Governor Dalton . Greek Week . Hall Councils . Homecoming . . . Independence Residence Center . . Society for Advancement of Student Union Cabinet . Student Union Committees STUDENT Staff . . . SNEA ...... Student Supreme Court . Swimming .... Tau Kappa Epsilon , Theta Alpha Phi . Traffic Court . Underclassmen UCCF . . Managemen lnter-Fraternity Council . l. . . International Relations Club l.W.A ....... Kappa Mu Epsilon . . Kappa Omicron Phi . . Language and Literature Division . . . Wesley ......,. Women's Recreational Association Wrestling ....... . Young Democrats . Young Republicans . . 63 . 58 . 37 . 27 . 30 . 118 . 65 . 68 . 14 . 38 . 42 . 100 82, 83 . 24 . 26 . 26 . 36 . 19 8 . 58 . 23 . 63 . 122 54, 55 . 40 . 145 160 . 52 . 53 92, 93 86, 87 96, 97 . 31 . 43 t 18 . 50 . 51 . 56 . 23 . 53 . 154 94, 95 . 32 . 53 196 . 63 . 65 . 27 150 . 62 . 62 w e of We " ' glfvujw iff WML .wp UM di I ffm J I ff Ci X A , E! 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Suggestions in the University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) collection:

University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Page 1


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