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1 2 1 5 i x I l 1 5 'x U K., ' X .... vpn, In Wx sl. q., , , u , .3 P.. -..- 1' , I m. ., . .,. , --.-, , , h . ,,. r ,y ., 1 f x A 's -I-1 75 sf-- ff: 4' n f. .f :vii-V wxxf, 6 1 ii, lf ,. . ..,. .., . ...,:..'...- Ev' , .4 Q .-A-v uf- n 1 1 1, . . : - A ..--u - ' .f .pr a - 1 . ,n 1. D nyt .4-, 'x -.- 5' - as Z1 ' fi ae f ,wr If -. QQ Q -.f 'f if . 35 3 wi' ffm. ag. sf I af: 054. 1 ,u. ,I in - ki.. - . 1 ,. ., A ,J , x 4 v ,. 1 ':' 11- ' 'fi J cnt ". 1 Q S E Q -. .Q A .. .f N? 71: I ,.-' . . 5 .Y. ' ffl' 4' 3 Y 1.5 Y -.u .L w T. F1 X T961 RHETOR ' VOL. CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE - warkensburg, missouri T Published by The Rhetor Stuff ,il editor ..... .... 6 ary Myers assoc. editor . . . . . .Jerry Redford art director ....... GGOTQB Hobbs photography editor copy editor . . . . . . Melbll Wallis Wayne Ackermunn table of contents Divisions. . . Activities. . . Organizations . Sports .... Students . . . The excitement of fall enrollment brings a deluge of freshman women and their parents to Houts-Hosey hall. E Not tired already? And the clothes still have to be carried in. Last minute touches prepare Holden Hall for occupancy. Everybody gets into the act. Fall enrollment flu shots are protective medicine for CMS students. 3 Sfudenis walk ihe familiar campus rouies on the first day of classes. Nw! Before classes begin the ordeal of enrollment lines must be borne. No, tha? P.E. class is closed loo. WK ,X xx I , All , Q i i is Q Another line and more students contemplate giving up the whole Af lust WS Over. Now back io the dorm for a nap! fhing. 4 F, r '1 holden hall men's dormitory -ff todd addition todd hall Womenls dormitory oentral elementary school ' ,fi ?f1e2V w' x K Hfiflifl .po-dl ,ww 5 ,. 55' M, .WM i f fe' ' ,, ,ff 71JP'lMfJ2'2'i?QdsJw+,fTf1ffW, . if-K . W A ' 4. m,,:k ' I X, S W' W i an ' , 'V if' Wg TTT w w- .. W T ' j fiiig ,g , 1 TWT K- .. x N ff Q' ai-fl l 1 p Ql11" l QllfEs'fiQ f all l ' A ff f 1 " l ' . F fl Wind .L HCW WW. 4:,aQ,,Lqw., f K ,Qy A g QL' 1 : 5 f 1 - -,Agn ff, f5v5,N.m,, if 817:36 f M " -- ' M Y ' ' nfwlqi, 1: " , ' z if -' W ,I a - i , l i M Nm ' a - i U. ana mf stu ent unlon 5 il ai 415.5 gwfk Lf? 5 W WX,, .R 5- if df fn- ' V 7 , n l L' 'Agia Q . L flaw ' " V. Z - . l ' f ,M - K ai, A I ' V ' ' V , ' W' F ' 1 Wk 4 5,1 , A as 5 X L ., h ,W jpg. i K l , k ag LE I 5 ' 'diff K' , A LA,L 'W IEWLQ will " off 'H" Ka z? f f 'idf.4.. " gi 6 irwxy dOCli6I'Y science building inside dookery library administration building grinstead and utt building garrison gymnasium My 'ijt' college high memorial chapel dedication CU! One of the many aspects of Dr. Hampton's duties is shown here as Dean Hampton helps this student during enrollment. i i i 4 i Dean Hampton poses with his family in their living room. They are Left to Right: Mary, Connie, Mrs, Hampton, Sue, Dr. Hampton, and Billie Ann. 8 wx f Fairness, sound judgement and a belief in the integrity of the student distinguish W. O. Hampton, dean of student person- nel, and make him the ideal man for the position he holds. Giving generously of his time, Dean Hampton works with students and co- operates in student proiects. Even with a tight schedule, Dr. Hampton still can be counted on to speak sincerely and on the same level with each one who needs his time. Firm but fair, he is a man who stands by his principles and expects others to stand by theirs. Dean Hampton is con- stantly aware of campus activity and has proved he is liberal with praise when it is deserved. Characteristic of Dr. Hampton are the progressive ideas and methods he has brought to CMS. He has also given un- solicited support to student, faculty, and administrative ideas and innovations which he believes will benefit the college and the community. To this administrator, leader, counselor, and friend CMS dedicates the 'l96'l RHETOR. i l The year 1961 marks the ninetieth anniversary of the establishment of Central Missouri State College. In its four score and ten years the College-through the excellence of its faculty, the success of its alumni, and the quality of its student body-has left an enviable history of prominence among the institutions of higher education of the Nation. This accomplish- ment has resulted from the cooperative effort of all concerned. Each year adds a new chapter to the history of Central Missouri State Collegeg each chapter has its own unique place in that historyp and each individual in the College family plays his or her role in the chapter. lt is the purpose of the Rhetor, year by year, to present these chapters in words and pictures. The 1961 Rhetor has accomplished this purpose in a commendable fashion. It will be a constant source of enioyment and o valuable reference to all who have been connected with the College during its ninetieth year. Warren C. Lovinger, President administration board of regents I I I .T Left to right: Ralph Nattinger, Clintong Harry R. Garrison, Warrensburgg Leonard Huscher, Higginsvilleg Dr. Lovingerg W. L. Simpson, Holcleny Mrs. J. Howard Hart, Kansas City: Firman l. Carswell, Harrisonville. Dr. Irwin Peters Dr, D, W, Tieszen Dr. Christine Foster Dr. W. O. Hampton Dean of Administration Dean of Instruction Dean of Women Dean of Student Personnel administrative cabinet Left fo right: Dr. D. W. Tiezenp Dr. Marion S. Schott: Dr. W. O. Hampton: Dr. Warren C. Lovinger, Dr. Harold I.. Youngg Dr. Reid Hemphillg Dr. Irvin L. Peters. Who's f' who Donna Lee Anson Patricia Trent Appleberr Wayne Brown Mary Cawein Doyle Cohick Higginsvllle Warrensburg Sedalia St. Louis Nevada Twenty-six CMS seniors were named to the 1960-61 edition of "Who's Who Among Students in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities." Criteria tor nomination are at least 90 semester hours cf credit, at least a 2.5 grade average, and demonstrations of prominent leadership of activities of a campus wide importance. ln order to receive recognition to this honor organization, a student must, first be nominated by his college, then accepted for membership by Who's Who. Not pictured are Beverly Coleman, Peculiar, lrmaiean Eubank, Kansas City,and Arlene Stewart, Kan- sas City. ' iii, I 9 ' - vc mv? 1 .t W 1 32 ' I '.'- ' Gary Allen Dyer Shirley A. Ehrhardt Jane Fisher Stewartsville Jefferson City Holden iiiiiii 5513. T.. I 153 i 7 th. its A Martha A. Goodman Sharon Jones Larry M. Keisker Kansas City Independence Butler .. ..' tw ,wr N M. KUY Kemper Marie Unlflel' Carole Long Larry Lutte James McCoy Gerald P. Marie Cameron North Kansas City Hamilton Farley RGYVOWF1 Wellsville J ...i Ltiffii .' . '?5f'fi2l Norma Jean Otto Carol Pritchard Bdrbcro Elaine Snyder Marion R. Stump Richard Thurston Melbd Wallis Raytown Grandview Excelsior 5PfiT19S Clinton Warrensburg Springfield i ,AU W - JUL .M I 5' 'ii A, . LSL 2992.1 'lui' 1 W g" ' is Q. if 8 I if 5 4 Jn' ,I . it . I' , 4 ft. . x , Wx' 45 mfyw kwss if 3' 1 axi"l- ,- Qlpplled arte N SLICHCG business administration education 84 psychology health SZ physical ed. IIIUSIC science 81 Illiclth 121112112126 N lit. soc'ia1l science applied art and science Noel B, Grirrsreud Professor of Applied Arts and Science. Baker, Laura Professor of Home Economics Ellis, Edwin Engle, Elllvbefh Gaines, Thomas R, Goetz, Robert GraY, Tl"0"'CS Gretebeck, Sanford Professor of Arf Associate Professor Professor Professor I Instructor Assists-,mr professor of of Home EC0l10mlCS of Industrial Arts of Graphic Arts ln Gmphlf Arts Agriculture and Head of the Department JQHHHS, Mel Keseman, Charles Livingston, Grace low, E. F. Miles, James B. Miller, Gordon College Photographer Graduate Assistant Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor in Industrial Arts of Home Economics of Agriculture of Art of Art I Nass, Edward Pearce, Clarence R, Reese, Ethel M. Sewell, Georgia L Smith, Roberr E, Wallis, Donald E. Production Printer Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Associate Professor Assistant Professor of Laboratory School of Home Economics of Laboratory School of Industrial Arts of lnduslflnl Arts sculpture class home economics collegiate 4-h Row Three: S. Gretebeck, S. Funk, D. Sprouse, D. Simpson, B. Bock. Row Two: S. Stark, M. Cole, D. Gordon, 'A. Dyer, K. Spry, P. Porter. Row One: D. Piepmeier, M. Topel, S. Thomas, A. Anderson. This organization brought in guest speakers, sponsored a style show, a college farm outing, and provided a program of service to Johnson county 4-H clubs. President, Marie Topel, vice president, Kay Spry,' and secretary treasurer, Alice Dyer. Home Economics Fashion Show, Beta Alpha, an ort fraternity, strives to cultivate the appreciation of its members so that in their choice and selection of all expressions of art they will make their material environment more beautiful for themselves and others. This group sponsors the Art Fair, High School Art Week, and field trips. President, Laverne Sheer, secretary, Judi Emickg and treasurer, Judy Kennedy. Faculty sponsor is Mr. Edwin Ellis. Row Two: R. Ferro, J. Emick, C. Maschger, J. Livesay. Row One: T. Carnal, S, Staffen, J. Kennedy. This organization strives to promote fellowship and professional development among faculty members and students who are interested in lndustrial Arts. Sponsored activities include a fall party, a Homecoming float, an Indus- trial Arts Round-up of high schools, and a field trip. Officers include: Wil- liam Brame, president, Robert Mann, vice president, Charles Dundas, secre- tary, Ralph Phillips, treasurer, and Mr. Thomas Gray, faculty sponsor. Raw Five: R. Goetz, K. Eckhoff, D. Lang, A. McNiece, D. Boedecker, L. Hanna, J. Hageman, Wm. Brame, C. Hurzinger, W. Pauschen, T. Gaines. Row Four: N. Grinstead, E. Nass, M. Ried, D. Curnett, H. Day, G. Erwin, J. Martin, C. Hoyle, T. Gray, D. Wallis. Row Three: C. Keseman, R. Tevis, R. Mann, B. Deim, D, Carenon, R. McLean, G. Harper, R. Phillips, E. Hormozi, W. Meadows, M. Jenkins. Row Two: J. Landanberg, R. Sparks, G. Page, H. Young, W. McGood- win, R. Cornell, G. Yarbough, J. Ramey, C, Johnson, Row One: L. Boosinger, D. Wisner, J. Carter, L. Holman, B. Brown, J. Wilkerson, H. Parker, K. Smith, M. Modaressi, M. Badie. agriculture club Under the leadership of Charles Simmons, this club seeks to pro- mote fellowship among agricul- turally-minded students. Activities include a trip to the American Royal, a Homecoming float, intra- murals, iudging contests, a spring banquet and guest speakers. Other officers are: vice president, Dan Summers, secretary, Larry Ferguson: and treasurer, Jim Ring. Dr. Grete- beck is the organization sponsor. Row Four: C. Simmons, R. Crowder, A. Gfrhardt, D Kullman, R. Gray, S. Gretebeck. Row Three: J. Ring, T. Grimes, R. Kilp, K. Sandy, Jr., E. Mershon. Row Two: B. DeBord, M. Kugler, R. Oldham, J. McQuerrey, B. Sandy, B. Hatcher. Row One: D. Summers, K. Bingham, J. Adams, G. Clause. kappa Omicron phi Row Two: J. Rucker, K. Schellhardt, S. Jameson, L, Blackwell, S. May. Row One: C. Beckman, M. Struemh, S. Shipp, A. Gilcrest, L. Miiler. Furthering the interests in home economics, Kappa Omicron Phi is led by president Cora Stegner. Nellie Kay Jones is vice president, Sara Shipp is second vice president, Juanita Flower, corresponding secretary, Karen Schellhardt, recording secretary, Linda Blackwell, keeper of archives, and Sandra May, reporter. Row Four: L. Blackwell, K. Schellhardt, J. Rucker, C. Lee, C. Rank, S. Jameson, B. Bonnot, C. Stregner Row Three: M. Robinson, K. Austin, S. Funk, M. Harvey, D. Craven, L. Demand, C. Beckman. Row Two: L. Moore, B. Porter, C. Meyer, J. Shafer, M. Middleton, J. Whiteaker, M. Struemph. Row One: S. Shipp, S. Stonner, L. Mil- ler. R. Sallee. Led by Linda Blackwell, president: Judy Rucker, vice president: Carolyn Beckman, secretary: and Dora Craven, treasurer. Colhecon is a group farmed to further home economics in college and to train young women to be efficient leaders in home life. The club sponsored a Christmas party for members, displayed Christmas decorations at Richards Hall, attended a state convention in Kansas City, and held a Parent-Daughter Banquet. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Lanice Moore. J industrial arts club bu iness admini tration l Dr. Lucas Sterne Professor of Business Administration MMVI QZEZ B Britton, Clifton Cosady, C. V. Devenny, Nina L. Kuhn, Charles Jr. lane, R. Assistant Professor of Associate Professor instructor, Business Administration ASSISTUDT Pl'DfQSS0I' Business Administration of Business Laboratory School of Business Lass, Mildred M., Markwell, J. Kenneth Pierce, Robert Beniamin Scott, Keith B. Tubbs, Eleanor Associate Professor Business Administration Instructor of Business Instructor of Assistant Professor of ' Business Administration Business Administration of Business 17 business education Row 5: D. Junge, D. Anson, B. Skinner, F. Kincaid, J, Vocate, J. Hackerott, M. Kueck, D. Brening, Row 4: N. Devenny, C. Burson, B. Huff, S. Logue, N. Malan, J. Smith, E. Tubbs, Row 3: G. Hayes, S. Thomas, N. Dorward, J. Houtchens, R. Hash, E. Diggs, M. Coulter, J. Snead, Row 2: D. Dagley, L. Urig, S. Thompson, D. Shippee, N. Catron, E. glailh S. Dixon, Row I: B. Morrison, H. Littleton, C. McFarland, J. Summers, C. Craig, . mit. secretarial science club Row 4: P. Maasen, C. Mills, M. Koch, R. Doll, K. Eggers, O. Frazier, Row 3: T. Schieber, D. Swope, M. Blunt, D. Kullman, E. Biesemeyer, Row 2: C. Wigfield, R. Manley, L. Franklin, S. Sharp, Row 1: M. Stone, B. Rippley, N. Husty. pi omega pi Row 3: D. Gilbert, R. Hash, l.. Logue, J. Hackerott, B. Skinner, D. Kullman, D. Brening, Row 2: J. Houtchens, E. Diggs, L. Urig, B. Porter, W. Pieper, C. Kuhn, Row 1: M. Brown, M.Elliot, R. Manley, J. Amos, C. Long. Led by E. L. Roland, president, vice presi- dent, Bess Skinner, and Ruth Ann Hash, secretary-treasurer, this club serves to en- courage interest in business education. The organization keeps the student informed on trends of business teaching as well as aids him in becoming a more successful business teacher. Dr. Tubbs and Mrs. De- venny are the faculty sponsors. An organization for persons interested in secretarial science as a profession, the Secretarial Science Club sponsors guest speakers, a banquet, and field trips. President is Patricia Maasen, vice president is Kay Kemper, and secretary-treasurer is Sandy Temple. Sponsor is Mr. Olen Frazier. The Beta Rho Chapter of this national honor group strive to promote interest in the field of Business Education. Homecom- ing brunch, pledging and initiation, Christ- mas newsletter, and senior breakfast in- clude the activities of this year. Officers are Joyce Jean Caton, president, Kay Kemper, vice president, Evelyn Diggs, sec- retary treasurer, and Dr. Charles Kuhn, Jr., faculty sponsor. general business The purpose of this club is to help general business students prepare for their vocation in this field. The club sponsors guest speakers and Commerce Day. Serving as officers are president, James Scott, vice president, Leroy Love- land, secretary, Gary Stone, and treas- urer, Gary Hass. Sponsors are Dr. James Britton and Dr. Lucas Sterne. Row Three: C. Unger, R. Jordan, C. Struemph, D. Barnes, G. Weaver, T. Brandt, G. Haas, J. Hagen. Row Two: B. LaDoucieur, J. R. Tritt, R. Arnold, B Diem, J. Kernodle, G. Stone, J. Akeman. Row One: G. Thomp- son, M. Stump, T. Steel, A. Turnbull, J. Scott, P. DeHart. nnerehandisin 81 retailing The Merchandising and Retailing Club, composed ot students interested in that field, sponsored guest speakers, social activities, demonstrations and Commerce Day. .A Row Three: D. Welch, C. Klaus, R. Blair, J. Metz, J. Buck, S. Milholand. Row Two: J. Hey, D. Gerow, P. Batzs, G, Wahrenbrock, R. Lane. Row One: K. Stone, B. Kreeger, R. Binder, J. Holtz, P. Cipollg, accounting Club A departmental group, the Account- ing Club is organized to better ac- quaint accounting maiors with the field of cccounting. The club brings guest speakers, public and industrial account- ants to campus, and helps sponsor a Christmas party, a spring social and Commerce Day. President, Roy Nichols, vice president, Gary Schneider, and Thomas Bax, secretary treasurer. Row Three: E. Horstman, R. Jones, B. Loy, E. Devore, R. Schmidt, R. Scotten, H. Tieman. Row Two: K. Scott, D. Jensen, G. Franklin, J, Henderson, L. Fick, M. Lass, S. Newman. Row One: R. Nichols, L. Otto, W, Stackhouse, E. Linville, G. Schneider, R, Chrisman, J. Ferro. 'I9 education and psychology Schott, Marion S. Dr. of Educational The0YY and Practice X Booth, Martha F. Brooks, Edith Browning, Virginia W. Clothier, Grant Etter, Dorothy Finley, Kleta H, Instructor and Associate Professor of Instructor Assistant Professor Instructor Assistant Professor SupervisingfTeacIher the Teaching of Music Laboratory School af Education Laboratory School of Education o Eng ish K N. X, . x I it A Haldiman, Carl G. Heytman, John Hopkins, Bertha A. Jenr, H. Clay Keffer, Eugene R. Associate Professor Assistant Professor Instructor Professor of Education Assistant Professor of Education of Laboratory School Laboratory School of Education Knox, William F. Morton, R. Clark Ridenhour, Uma Robertson, Corrine C, Ter Keurst, Arthur J. Thompson, Nora M. Professor of Education Associate Professor Instructor and Instructor ond Professor of Psychology Instructor and of Education Supervisin Teacher Supervising Teacher Supervising Teacher of Fifslh Grade of Third Grade of Kindergarten Row 2: G, Riekhot, P. Simmer- man, D. Dittmer, V. Carlyle, B. Taylor, Row l: D. Wilson, A. Stewart, W, Pieper, M. Linter. High protessional intellec- tual and personal standards in education are encouraged by Kappa Delta Pi. Peggy Simmerman is president, Vi- vian Carlyle, vice president, Gwendolyn Ehmann, secre- tary, Barbara Edwards Tay- lor, treasurer, Donald Ditt- mer, historian. Gilbert, O helia kappa delta pi sycholog. club I Row 3: K. Chehrpardez, W. Wade, A. TerKeurstg Row 2: J. Jadlow, J. Bateman, M. LaMont, M. Hyatt, Row 1: R. Caskey. Among its activities, the Psychology Club cooperates with the state probation and parole authorities in connection with the rehabilitation of parolees, and with parent-teacher organizations in furthering interest in mental health. They also cooperate with the State Mental Health Association for Mental Health Day at CMS, and sponsor guest speakers from other departments. Purpose of the group is to bring together and stimulate interested students in the field of psychology. President, Khasron Chehrpardez, vice president, Ray Caskeyg and secretary-treasurer, Marilyn LaMont. Faculty sponsor is Dr. A. J. Ter Keurst. 'PD-T Baltz, Howard Christopher, Stella Cummings, Albert Ford, Clarence Gibson, Fern Associate Professor Librarian Instructor of Education Library Staff l-lbwfldft of Audio-Visual Education .,..., 'tm K H0WUfd, Mfwflfe Kibbie, Eloise Leonard, louise Pickens, Alice P . Library Staff Testing Librarian Counselor Library Staff Preuss, Anne Ranson, Kathleen Rickman, C. W. Stanton, William Young, Harold Walker,1l0SePl1 ln5lfUC'0l', Associate Professor of Instructor of Education Library Staff Field Service Asslstar?tEPJofessor o ucatlon Laboratory School Elementary Education Row l: D. Deckard, D. Howard, S. Baker, J. DeWitt, C. Baker, P. Glass, l. Walker, Row 2: I. Roy, D. Green, M. Held, M. Cole . Jones, L. Shore, C. Granger, K. Ranson CSponsorJ, Rolw 4 M. Brown, K. Krusor, V. Carlyle, P. Bybee, K. Hodges, B. Gilbert S. Smith. Row l: L. Momberg, D. Allen, D. Stark, D. Mawson, M. Mawson J. DeWitt, M. Mansfield, B. Gerlt, l.. Vials: Row 2: D. Brening L. Logue, J. Treece, G. Riekhof, P. Morris, J. Larson, A. Tommey B. Arensmeier: Row 3: R. Eastin, C. Granger, C. Burson, M. Mieser, R. Finklang, L, Shore, J. Garner, M. Brown, V. Smith: Row 4: A. Powell, B. Gilbert, J. Haynes, M. Brown, L. Renfrew, J. Barnett, R. Chehrpardaz, K. Hodges, Row 5: G. Fisher, V. Moullon, C. Lee B. Schrimsher, B. Hann, P. Bybee, S. Dairs, W. Steinkuehler, K Muellon. 1 I 1 1 Row 1: J. McKenzie, D. Howard, P. Glass, D. Haetling, M. Cook, B. Westerberg, O. Carson, M. Cole, C. Jones, C. McCandless, M. Friend: Row 2: L. How, R. Houts, E. Diggs, D. Curry, L. Mc- Pherson, B. Greenway, M. Center, J. Fisher, D. Deckard, S. Bailey- Row 3: L. Uhrie, B. Gerhardt, G. Gilliam, M. Held, C. Long B. Gonzalez, J. Settles, J. Nail, A. Imboden, S. Thompson, R Manleyg Row 4: S. Dixon, G. Love, J. Walker, J. Swindell, D Gordon, J. Walker, M. Struemph, J. Roy, D. FitzGerald, M. Gilbert, Row 5: B. Schumaker, L. Butler, S. Funk, V. Carlyle, S. Stringfellow, C. Nicholson, S. Soper, M. Howell, D. Hutton. I 1 association of childhood education This association sponsors story-telling in the Laboratory School, Cemost magazine sales, bake sales, a Christmas party and a Senior tea. Their purpose is to work for the education and well- being of children. Officers are Pamela Glass, president: Lilo McPherson, vice president: Vivian Carlyle, secretary, and Delores Deckard, treasurer. Sponsors are Dr. Kathleen Ranson and Dr. Kleta Finley. I5 McPherson, K. Norris, Row 3: L. Butler, U. Keeler, C. Schmidt? association S.N.E.A. provides members with opportunities for developing personal growth and professional competences, and deepens interest in teaching as a career. Activities include o picnic for new members, a Homecoming Queen candidate, a trip to the Missouri State Teacher's Association Con- vention, Education Day, a Christmas party, a Banquet in the spring, and playground supervi- sion. President, Lila McPherson: vice president, Mary Ruth Center: secretary, Jan Hokey and treasurer, Bill Schrimsher. Sponsors are Dr. Marion Schott, Dr. Grant Clothier, Dr. Keffer, and Dr. Kleta Finley. student national education association health and l physical education Dr. Glen R. Gerdes Professor of , Physical Education l i X t 1 Coleman, Dorothy M. Copeland, Arnold Gilbert, Helen Henderson, Ethel Keth, Earl Assistant Professor of Graduate Assistant Associate Professor Director of Associate Professor of Physical Education in Physical Education of Physical Education Nursing Education Physical Education QS A if-?:':' , I 1 7 LW , L 1 , - ' Martin, Alphadine Rees, Floyd D. Whiteman, Clarence Ylnger, Harold l. Young, Florence Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor of Assistant Professor Women's Physical of Education of Health and Physical Education of Women's Physical Education Physical Education Edugqfion m olub Row One: M. Stump, B. Corder, T. Knapp, F. Lewis, B. Alford. Row Two: B. Rees, B. Johnson, .D. Lewis, M. Reese, H. Mayberry. Row Three: D. Gerdes, M. Standley, J. Frost, T. Carleton, D, Beattie, J. Keeton. Row Four: C. Kubli, G. Lewis, B. Tompkins, N. Allen, M. Noland, S. Russell, J. Thompson. physical education club Q l-fx ant Promoting interest and participation in both sport and social activities, the "M" Club is a letterman's organization which renders its athletic services to the college. The alumni coffee after the Homecoming game, presentation of a fall and spring sports queen, high school day, and oper- ating the concession stands at home foot- ball games highlight their proiects for the year. The organization is under the leader- ship of Tom Kunz, president, Bruce John- son, vice president, Russ Childress, record- ing secretary, Mickey Gieringer, corres- ponding secretary, and treasurer, Ted Carlton. Faculty sponsor is Dr. Glenn R. Gerdes. The Physical Educators Club strives to help students better understand the physical educa- tion field and its problems. The men of the organization brought guest speakers to the campus and held a banquet in Decem- ber. George Lewis, president, Stan Magady, vice president, Bob Tompkins, secretary, Irvin Morris, treasurer, Dr. Floyd Reese is faculty sponsor. Row Five: A. McNiece, K. Johnson, R. Bean, G. Lewis, L. Hutts, J, Crouthers, M. Noland, B. Thompkins, C. Kubli, K. Schaberg, E. Morris, B. Bailey. Row Four: F. Rees, B. Silverberg, K. Kluter, J. Elliott, R. Rowles, M.Reese, R. Suhl, L. Benne, P. Stevens, L. Ham, F. Compton, J. Thompson Row Three- R Beerman B Johnson D Kl tt C P' D. . .. ,. ,.uz,.ieper, Lewis, K. Oliver, J. McEwen, R. Raabe, H. Mayberry, G. Noland, D. Beattie. Row Two: T. Donovan, D. Jones, B. Penn, W. Thomas, H. Halter, J. Coyle, H. Epps, B. Corder, B. Beam, B. Toiveinars, D. Garr. Row One: L. Waller, F. West, L. Wilt, B, Bethel, R. Johnson, D. Thomas. t football theor class nursing club Nursing Club promotes general interest in the profession of nursing, broadens the concept, deepens the understanding, and provides a common meeting ground for nursing maiors. They sponsor bake sales, hospital tours, nursing dedication for sophomores, and a Future Nurse's Day. President of the club is C. K. Appellmang vice president, H. Malloy: secretary, B. Buzzard: treasurer, S. Starke: historian, M. Granfieldy reporter, F. Carney. Row Four: M. Hallock, J. Johannigmeier, B. Pinney, C. Kappelman, M. Young, S. Stern, B. Stephenson. Row Three: E. Rueggeberg, L. Heltner, M. Floyd, J. Newsom, J. Kelly, E. Henderson. Row Two: F. Carney, H. Malloy, S. Hilburn, L. Fledman, M. Granfield. Row One: S. Starke, B. Ikeda, B. Buzzard, S. Landers. Won1en's recreational assoc. Sponsoring tennis, volleyball, recreational sports, and College Volleyball Sports Day in the fall, basketball in the winter, and softball, bowling, tennis, and a picnic in the spring, this group seeks to give a well rounded, wholesome, and active recreation program for all women students. President is Nedra Covey, vice presi- dent is Melinda Minks, and secretary treasurer is Marlene Mawson. Faculty sponsors are Miss Carol Carney and Mrs. Mildred Evans. . vglnygaamvvw Row Four: M. White, J. Vaughn, S. Baldwin, M. Minks, H. Lindsey, P. Wadick, B. Allen, B. Cole- man. Row Three: C. Strube, J. Bailey, N. Roelofson, N. Covey, J. Stockton, E. Hessel, J. Green. Row Two: M. Elwell, M. Culp, C. Hilton, W. Small, L. Dyche, M. Mawson. Row One: S. Jennings, A. Nakamura, P. Matlak, L, Lintner, R. Wilson. physical education majors club The PEM Club is for the encourage- ment of professional growth of wom- en physical education maiors. They sponsor a weekend program for high school senior girls interested in maior- ing in physical education, sports ac- tivity nights, a coeducational dinner with the men's physical education club, an alumni dinner, a candy sale, lec- tures ancl demonstrations, professional speakers, and the PEM Club Outing. President, Marie Lintner, vice presi- dent, Beverly Coleman, secretary, Dixie Clear: and treasurer, Lyndell Carter. Sponsors are Miss Jessie Jut' t ten and Miss Florence Young. V Row Four: B. Allen, S. Baldwin, J. Bailey, H. Suhr, M. Minks, H. Lindsey, P. Wadick, M: White, J. Heimburger, B. Coleman. Row Three: P. Dorsch, B. Powell, J. Boresow, A. L. Tommey, L. Callaway, A. Williams, J. Green, N. Roelof- son, M. J. Harness, N. Covey, F. Young. Row Two: M. Mawson, J. Simpson, M. Bartz, M.A Lloyd, P. Woods, D. Clear, M. Mathews, C. Hilton S. Jennings, L. Dyche. Row One: M. Lintner, G. Miller, S. Duffield, M. Dallani, C. Nichols, S. Stump, B. Quinn, .'. Jones, W. Small, M. Gilbert, A. Nakamura. 25 Dr. Robert J. Greef, Professor of English 26 language and literature Basset, Abe J. Instructor in Speech Bishop, Averyl Associate Professor of English Callaway, Elizabeth Associate Professor of Latin and Spanish Craig, Ben R. Associate Professor of English Daniel, Bertha Associate Professor in English Dodge, William R. Head of Speech Department Eckles, Larry E. Assistant Professor of English Eschliman, Herb Assistant Professor of English Johnson, William E. Professor of Languages Kelly, Michael F, Assistant Professor of Speech and Dramatics Moroney, Katherine Assistant Professor of English Pierce, M. Scheffef Assistant Professor of Speech Ried, Paul E. Assistant Professor of Speech Runyon, Evelyn Assistant Professor of Journalism Stewart, William D. Assistant Professor of English Taylor, Velma L. Associate Professor of English litus, Catherine Associate Professor of English Welch, Lin Assistant of Speech Correction Wood, Clifford , instructor in English The purpose of the English Club is to stimu- late mutual interest in the field of Language Arts. Officers are Robert Eastin, president, Sandra Terry, vice president, Pat Weaver, secretary, Jerry Britt, treasurer, Dr. McReynolds, sponsor. The club has brought to the campus the CEMOST publication and contest. The Modern Foreign Language Club is an organization that furnishes a deeper under- standing of the various languages taught on campus. The club's officials include Paul Rodriguez, president, Kenneth Cash, Russian, vice president, Judy Jeffers, Spanish, vice presi- dent, Roland Ohrenberg, German, vice presi- dent, Jean Treece, French vice-president, John Cassaire, Latin vice president, Pat Johnson, secretary treasurer. Mr. William Johnson and Miss Elizabeth Callaway are the club's spon- sors. This group publishes the CEMOST, an an- nual booklet of creative writing by CMS stu- dents, and 'the English Newsletter. Purposes of the organization are to further interest in English activities and to recognize outstanding students in English. The organization is spon- sored by Dr. Catherine Titus. Officers include Dianne O'Malley, president, Mary Lynn Brown, vice president, and Fleta Smith as secretary treasurer. english club f 1, ,-,, ..,,.,f,.,f,z,s, Row Four: J. Barnett, R. Greef, R. Melton, R. Eastin, D. Coonce, B. Craig. Row Three: M. Groom, J. Garner, A. Bilton, M. Wallis, J. Briggs, C. Smith. Row Two: M, Dixon, B. Riley, D. Hamilton, B. Langen- deorfer, B. Fleming. Row One: P. Weaver, M. Brown, J. Bright, S. Terry, M. Lee. foreign lan uage club Row Two: E. Callaway, M. Shinkle, J. Treece, C. Coxon, P. Johnson. Row One: A. Dyer, J. Wilson, L. Merritt. sigma tau delta F7 Row Two: R. Greet, V. Taylor, A. Hamilton, D, O'Malley, K. Moroney, A. Bishop. Row One: J. Barnett, B. Gammon, B. Phipps, M. Brown. 27 theta alpha phi Row Two: M. Kelly, E. See. Row One: S. Lou- don, J. Kennedy. Cmsc: pla ers Row Three: E. See, D. O'Malley, G. Fisher, C. Ricks. Row Two: J. Blackwood, H. Gibler, M. Groom. Row One: S. Loudon, J. Kennedy, M. Worthington. pi kappa delta Row Two: L. Schneider, D. O'Malley, J. Jeffers, D. Thurston. Row One: W. Brown, M. Salsbury, M. Groom. The purpose of Delta chapter is to further the inter- est, appreciation, and participation in the fine art of the theatre. The. activities for the year include three main productions and an Honors Night Banquet. President, Eddie See, vice president, Lee Leslie, secretary treasurer, Jody Kennedy, and faculty spon- sor, Dr. Michael F. Kelly. Sponsoring a fall production, "The Detective Story," a winter production, "Arms and the Man," and a spring production, "Guys and Dolls," the group is an outlet for those interested in the various fields of the theatre. President, Jim Blackwood: vice president, Dianne O'Malley: and secretary treasurer, Sue Loudon. Dr. Michael Kelly is the faculty sponsor. Forensic activities are promoted by these debater members of Pi Kappa Delta. Martha Salsbury is president, Dianne O'Malley, vice president, and Larry Schneider, secretary treasurer. Presenting William Shakespeore's "Julius Caesar," the professional drama troupe played at Hendricks Hall January 24. The combined efforts of CMS departments of speech and music brought "Finians Rainbow," by Herby Har- burg, Burton Lane, and Fred Sady to Central Missouri State campus last spring term. "Detective Story" by Sidney Kingsley was the winter play of 'l96OA6l. A seventeen member cast from the CMS speech department presented this tense drama of a big city police department. canadian players finiarfs rainbow ,.-,. . , the detective story Dr. Ralph E. Hart, Professor of Music Bfflaflf DOUGH Castle, Conan J. Davies, Marion B, Roberson, Ammon Assistant Pf0f9SS0l' Assistant Professor Associate Professor Associate Professor of Music of Music of Music of Music Schockey, Eleanor Stewart, Robert L. Stoney, William S. Williams, Hugh B. Associate Professor Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor of gf Music of Music of Music Instrumental Music 30 mu ic This honorary music organization initiated new members and held a dinner in the winter term. Dr. Ralph Hart is sponsor and president of the group. Hugh Williams served as vice president and Eleanor Shockey os secretary treasurer during the past year. Members include: J. Apple- berry, M. Morrison, E. Brooks, C. Castle, R. Hart, L. Keisker, A. Rober- son, E. Shockey, H. Williams. The Crescendo Club, sponsored by the Music Division promotes appre- ciation of good music and helps to bring students of similar interest closer together. The honors banquet and the "Uttmost" were two of the activities sponsored by the club this year. Officers are Dennis Hord, president, Joe Conton, vice presi- dent, Sharon Berty, Secretary, Jane Fisher, treasurer, Dr. Hart, faculty sponsor. homecoming band formation pi kappa lambda Row Three: C. Castle, H, Williams, L. Lutte, L. Keisker, A. Roberson, R. Hart. Row Two: M. Bed- well, J. Conlon, S. Stewert, J. Fisher, E. Brooks. Row One: S. Kelley, A. Stewart. Crescendo club Row Five- J Vaughn, M Lutte, G Fisher, S. Davis, L. Lutte, R. Dematheis, E. McMullin, M. Legsdin, N. Bashori, T. Helms, Dr. Hart. Row Four: L. Chick, G. Wood, W. Kendrick, N. Ball, S. Bertz, G. Johnson, D. Boice, C. Smut , K. Taylor, R. Reed. Row Three: B. Scott, I. Merriott, M. Pilont, D. Hard, L. Pickering, L. Graham, E, Still, M. Murphy, N. Fulkerson, P. Boten, B. Fleming. Row Two: S. Stewert, D. Miller, D. Mawson, B. Davidson, B, Roland, J. Fisher, J. Conlon, N. Eddington, O. Carson, R. Daugherty. Row One: J, Thrasher, L. Harper, S. Bailey, M. Needy, J. Morgan, E. Durst, J. Wilson, M. Worthington, R. Dryer, J. DeWitt, M. Mansfield, S. Kelley. 31 drum major and maforettes Standing, Lefl io Right: Sharon Gray, Nancy Kincaid, Jo Ann Clark. Kneeling, Delores Beard, Joe Smith, Shirley Hilgedick. marching band B i7Clorineis: J. Conlon, M. Bedwell, R. Daugherty, B, Davidson, B. Fleming, J, Fuchs, D. Hord, A. Morse, L. Penii cuff, B. Slalling. Corneis: S. Barnes, J. Bockelman, D. Carson, J. Kelsey, W. Kindrick, W. Madison, J. Minfhorn, M Needy, I. Pollard, R. Reid, B. Weaver. E ly Clarinefs: J. Thrasher. Flufes: S. Beriz, M. Farmer, M. Fry, S. Hovde, M H h. . I . uic lson, M. Legsdin, M. McDonald, Trombones. T. Bird, D. Boedecker, K. Cash, R. Hoffman, G. Johnson, E. Lamb R. Mofsinger, B. Scoff, E. Still. Soxophones faltosj: J. Barnes, N. Eddinglon, J. Frazier. l.. Gudde, R. King, J. Wil hoif. Burifones: D. Bedwell, R. Clark, N. Fulkerson, L. Hutchison. French Horns: P. Daniel, R. Dryer, J. Webber Percussion: M. Bussell, G. Calron, W. Knowles, D. Osborne, M. Secora, W. Webb, M. While, G. Wood, J. Vaughn Sousophones: C. Beach, W. Chick, M. Murphy, L. Pickering, D. Porter, J. Quick. 32 Director: Conan Castle. Sopranos: C. Baker, J. Barnett, C. Bliss, S. Branson, L. Butler, L. Cannon, J. Catron, D. Craven, S, Davis, E. Dean, P. Delozier, J. Dewitt, S. Farley, B. Fleming, S. Garten, G. Gilliam, R. Grider, D. Haefling, M. Harper, L. Huenefeld, R. King, M. Lamont, C. McCune, J. McKenzie, H. Malloy, K. Montgomery, C. Perkins, S. Pigg, B. Pin- ney, L. Reuter, D. Shippee, H. Shore, M. Steele, B. Stevens, B. Stevenson, M. Tabor, L. Uhig, M. Wallis, B. Westerburg, C. Williams, J. Wright. Altus: B, Arenmeier, L. Aubrey, S. Bertz, M. Cook, R. Daugherty, S. DeWitt, J. Dye, J. Fritz, B. Gilbert, P. Glass, J. Hornig, B. Gonzalez, M. Hutchison, D. ldlemon, A. Imboden, D. Jackson, J. Jobe, C. Jolly, R. Kemp, M. Koch, D. Lamb, D. Lawson, M. McDonald, M. Mansfield, D. Merriott, D. Mawson, D. Morrison, C. Norman, E. Oliver, P. Owen, S. Pikl-, K. Shellhardt, P. Ray, A. Renken, S. Ston- ner, S. Skornia, P. Stider, M. Tabor, J. Thresher, M. Topel, J. Wilhoit, H. Wil- iams. Tenor: G. Cotton, R. Clemons, G. Erwin, L. Graham, W. Kendrick, R. Schmidt, M. Shinkle, J. Smith, G. Stone. Basses: W. Brody, C. Freeman, K. Gott- schalk, M. Hanson, W. Hupp, D. Jones, L. Kircher, W. Knowles, R. Kreeger, B. Madison, J. Mcllhenny, R. Miller, J. Olm- sted, K. Ornes, J. Pierce, P. O'Toole, E. Pike, M. Pilant, B. Planzk, J. Quick, R. Reid, J. Sill, A. Woods, C. Youngberg. Sopranos: C. Anderson, S. Bailey, D. Boice, M. Center, S. Chartier, C. Clawson, P. Daniel, D. Deckard, R. Dryer, D. Dun- harns E. Durst, J. Garner, P. Goetz, S. Kelley, D. Miller, J. Morgan, E. Preuss, M. Rion, C. Smith, A. Stewart, S. Stewart, E. Still, J. Stockton, J. Totten, M. Worth- ington. Altos: N. Ball, J. Basham, O. Carson, J. Conlon, D. Curry J. Fisher, M. Higgins, S. Hilgedick, A. Jackson, L. Kirk, H. Kuhn, J. Newsom, L. Patterson, L. Patterson, B Scott, C. Sloan, B. Stalling, J. Vaughn J. Wilson, B. Yates, C. Young. Tenors: B. Baker, G. Frankenfeld, J. Fuchs D. Hord, J. Knipschild, D. LaRue, J. Mar tin, M. Murry, L. Penticuff, G. Wood. Basses: B. Alford, N. Bashore, J. Courtois R. Dematteis, G. Fisher, N. Fulkerson, P Gilbert, K. Gottschalk, A. lssacks, L. Keis ker, C. Lewis, G. Long, L. Lutte, J. McCrea J. Ralston, L. Renfrow, L. Smith, K. Tay lor, G. Yeager. Director: Ralph Hart. college Chorus a cappella choir orchestra lst Violin: S. Bratten, M. Brown, J. Livesay, J. Shaw, S. Stewart, W. Stewart, 2nd Violin: P. Castle, N. Eddington, E. Lamb, M. Mans field, D. Pierce, D. Sinclair, H. Vogl, R. Yeager, Viola: O. Carson, L. Moore, A. Roberson, F. Smith- Cello' J Cossairt M Davies G. Fisher, J. Frankenfeld, B. Roland, D. Shippee, R. Stewart: String Bass: S. Enzenauer, L. Keisker: Bassoon: P. Boten, Morrison M. White: Flute: M. Frv, M. Hutchison, M. Leqsdin: Trumpets: J. Barnes, J. Kelsey, W. Kendrick, Oboe: S. Kelle G. Wood: Trom Y, bones: K. Cash, R. Motsinger, B. Scott: French Horn: P. Daniel, R. Dryer, L. Hutchison, Clarinet: D. Hord, L. Lutte: Percussion: N. Ball Director: Hugh Williams. I collegiate band Clarinets: W. Brady, J. Caldwell, R. Stratton, French Horns: J. Ferro, M. Mansfield: Basses: B. S. Brown, G. Fisher, Flutes: D. Boice, O. Carson, B. Scott, C. Smith: Trombone: D. Boedeker: Saxophones: J. Jobe, J. Miller, J. Wilhoit: Drums: M. Bussell, M. White, Cor- nets: B. Bowman, G. Cafron, B. Madison, l. Pollard: Baritone: R. Ferro: Director, D. O. Bratz. 34 concert band ll G W cl B51 1 Clarinef J Conlon J Thrasher B Flufe: M. Hufchison, M. Fry, B. Baile, S. Bertz, S. Hovde, M. Legsdin, Oboe: S. Ke y, . oo 7 - a : . , . , . H d L L H B Sf llin D Mawson B Fleming R Daugherfy S Davis L Penhcuff, J. Fuchs: Alfo Clarinef: R. Osborne Davidson,D. or, . ue, . a g, . , , , . , . , . , Bass Clarinef: A. Morse, L. Gerredg Alfo Saxophone: E. McMullen, E. Barnes, R. King, J. McCammong Tenor Saxophone: T. Helms, L. Gra- ham, Barifone Saxophone: R. Benton: Bassoon: M. Bedwell, P. Boten, M. While, Trumpef: L. Hutchison, J. Kelsey, J. Barnes, W. Kendrick, M. Needy, B. Weaver, D. Carson, R. Reid: French Horn: J. Weber, R. Dryer, S. Bailey, P. Daniel, R. Demafleis, C. Sloan, Trombone: R. Mo?- singer, E. Lamb, B. Scoit, E. Still, K. Cash, G, Johnson: Barifone: D. Bedwell, R. Clark, N. Fulkerson: Sousaphone: L. Kesiker, L. Chick, D. Pofler, M. Murphy, L. Pickering, Percussion: M. Bussell, L. Harper, G. Cafron, W. Knowles, N. Ball, J. Vaughn: Direcfor: Donald Bratz. CMS Band lakes ihe lead in ihe Homecoming parade. 35 science and mathematics Dr. Claude H. Brown, Professor of Science and Mathematics Craven, Sherralyn Hawksley, Oscar Hemphill, Reid Hewitt, Sam P, Holland, Ray Instructor of Professor of Head of Professor of Associate Professor Mathematics Biology Graduate Students Botany of Physics Kelley, Charles E, Krogh, James lesher, Marian Marchand, Donald Morris, J. Paul Nahm, Laura J. Asgisfqny Pfofessgr Graduate Assismng Assistant Professor Assistant Professor Professor of Professor of of Mathematics in Physics of Mathematics of Chemistry Physics Zoology 36 beta beta beta lnterest in scientific truths is stimulated by Beta Beta Beta biological society. Gary Dyer, Lee Redmond and Alice Morris lead the chapter as president, vice president and secretary treasurer respectively. Row One: A. Morris, M. Redford, J. Green, M, Horn, M. Simmons. Row Two: S. Chrisman, C, Littleton, J. Kunz, J. White, G. Dyer, B. Busby. sigma zeta The purpose of Psi chapter of Sigma Zeta is to en- courage the attainment at knowledge in the sciences and to recognize high scholarship in the science field. The organization sponsors public showings of out- standing science films, lectures, and demonstrations by recognized authorities in the fields of science and engineering. President, Shirley Ehrhardtg vice presi- dent, Daniel Duffy, secretary, Elmer Branstettergv and treasurer, KiSurk Suhl. The sponsor is Mr. Ray Holland. Row One: K. Suhl, M. Baumann, S, Ehrhardt, J. Marie, Raw Two: R. Robertson, R. Fleischmann, B. Grimes, C. Rickman. r ,Qs f M QF chemistry laboratory my Row Three: M. McClain, F. Wolff, J. Frost, R. Robertson, C. Lohmeyer, J. Bliss, C. Heaton R T : A. ' ' cw wo Steinbeck, J. Larson, K. Suh, A. Apsher, M. Bauman, J. Morne. Row One: Bi Bowman, S, Ehrhardt, J. Norris, D. Wilson. Row Three: A. Powell, D. Dittmer, R. Kennedy, R. Fleischmann, J. Breshears, L. Dilley, S. Bald- win. Pow Two: B. Reys, E. Hessel, B. Brimes, K. Suh, M. Baumann, L. Long. Row One: R. Trutzel, D. Miller, G. Riekhof, W, Walters, S. Ehrhardt, D. Wilson, L. Cusick. 38 zoolog american chemical society Acquainting and preparing chemistry students with various fields in chemistry such as research, teach- ing, and industry is the aim of this society, headed by Gerald Marie, president. Other officers are Shirley Ehrhardt, vice president and Ray Robertson, secretary treasurer. Dr. John Heaton is the spon- sor of the organization, whose activities include a trip to the regional ACS meeting, a banquet in the spring honoring seniors, a field trip to a chemical plant, and various guest speakers. kappa mu epsilon Developing an appreciation of the power of mathematics on campus is the function of Kap- pa Mu Epsilon headed by William Grimes. Other officers are Elizabeth Hissel, vice presi- dent, Gwendolyn Ehmann and Elmer Bruns- stetterm, Christmas letter chairmen, Daisy Wil- son, secretary, Shirley Ehrhardt, treasurer. soclal sclence Anders, R. Leslie Dolecki, Joseph F. Fladeland, Betty Associate Professor Associate Professor Assistant Professor of History of Economics of History Dr. Avery L. Fleming, Professor of Sociology Godfrey, Erwina E, Hibdon, Howard F. Assistant Professor Instructor of of Social Science Geography Horton, Anges Hutcherson, Curtis A. Mgfjgndless, Perry Powell, Donald F. Wilkey, Harry l. Yeager, Randolph O. Assistant Professor Professor of Professor of Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor Assistant Professor of Social Studies Bible History Political Science of Social Studies of Economics and Social Science 39 Row Two: H. Brady, A. Hamilton, L. Crouch, C. Kessel, L. Anders. Row H. Young, J. Bateman, M. Wallis. Dr. Aqnes Horton, leader of the annual Missouriana Tour points out the route to tour participants. i ,.+. ,f's Q-up . - f 5. """ , ,,, ,. - , ,T V Miss Elizabeth Calloway, foreign student advisor, meets with Fred O'Katcha and Perez Olinda from Kenya, Africa, 40 One: G. Carney, international relations club The purpose of this organization is to cultivate an interest in international affairs, to bring information to those interested, to acquaint all members with the latest literature on questions of international im- portance, and to develop a heolthy and tolerant atti- tude toward all peoples of the world. This organiza- tion, which pays tuition for one member to attend the annual collegiate council for the United Nations Lead- ership lnstitute in New York each June, is lead by Charles J. Allard, president, Don Ferguson, policy, vice president, Ann Hamilton, publicity, vice president, and Kay Gross, secretory-treasurer, and the faculty sponsor is Dr. R. Leslie Anders. rnissourianna tour new students L Missouri Legislators vigif the campus, Presentation of Noel Grinstead painting to the college. i Parents enioy annual parents clay. Reception line greets guests at faculty dinner. ' 2 3 . . v Q-ggi' -K . Q tim . iii E35 r Q3 f - . if ' f, ' i E ' '2fQ-fi? . 1 Wiz- t tanks sffyslil d 9 Who says kids ar e alw ays The hungry ones? 41 Mr. C. E. Muchmorc Dr. lrl Gladfelter Dr, Harold Young Business Secretary Placement Alumni Field Service l , Margaret Brown Pauline Owens William Rabourn Tom Edmunds Registrar Assistant Registrar Publicity Principal At Residence Center, Independence .. qi.. fl ff, ' .,LL: if .h if 4 L V- I 5 1 -:.vAv f in k.. :.:5 i we 'fc 4 ' . . ' xi if . wg Nxt. a. .Q . l :'2' 5 iiz Row Three: Delores Kitterman, President's Office, Mary Wilson, Personnel Office, Shirley White, Dean of lnstruction's Office, Carole Walters, Dean of Aclministration's Office, Ilse Faulkner, Dean of Wom- en's Office. Row Four: Jean Scott, Education Office, Marilyn Underwood, Housing Office, Diane Bas- quette, Placement Office, Marilyn Harris, Registrar's Office, Olga Jordan, Field Service. Row Five: Dwight Burke, Stockroom Clerk, Barbara Wade, Personnel Office, Imogene Tieman, Personnel Office, Virginia Chapman, Personnel Office, Betty Burfield, President's Office. 42 special services The school nurses take time To decorate a iree in a very appropriate way. Mrs. Floy Timmerman, head of housing, and Miss Elizabelh Engle, head of food, discuss the problem "Where and How?" The ever dependable men and women who lake care of lhe grounds and buildings of lhe campus and keep everything in running order. Row One: G. Cossairf, G. Smiih. Row Two: E. Phillips, V. Rush, S. Durnell, V. Riner, M. Honlz, D. Wilburn, R. Tealar. Raw Three: L. Huches, B. Pippins, F. Moore, M. Parks, T. Sallee, R. Breckenridge, F. Morrell, H. Slonecipher. Row Four: F. Giersig, G. Powell, C. Ehonlz, F. Perry, G. Laden, R. Reed, A. Miller, J. Nolle. . ,..., Ss... -izgs, ex W. , , .,.,,M. . .,,. ., . ... , . ii? . .. X . "ef ..... . 'Falun 5 We need a few more of these. Can you make ihem now? We need some of this because we have used a large quantity in ihe last few weeks. You must have these books back within on hour. 43 Student government association Dick Thompson, president, Larry Fergusson, assembly chairman, and Bill Dye, v e president. The administrative body of SGA, the ExecLitive Council, governs all CMS students and is responsible to the SGA president for directing programs outlined by the assembly. executive oouneil U-our 'Ni i l Row One: S. Thompson, J. Fogerson, K. Stone, L. Renfrow, D. Anderson. Row Two: L. Wiseman, J. McCoy, B. Dye, D. Thompson 3? traffic Court E 1 Row One: J. Conlon, S. Gwin. Row Two: G. Dyer, G. Redford. The traffic Court under the direc- tion of Gary Dyer, handles traffic problems and collects fines for cam- pus parking violations. student government assembly Row One: A. Williams, J. Batchelor, R. Sparks, D. Viator, W. Ackermann. Row Two: T. Eberwein L. Ferguson, S. Means, B. Achauer, D. Sickbert. Composed of five elected representatives from each class, the assembly is the legislative branch of the Student Government Association, supreme court xwf Neff Row One: M. Lintner, B. Porter, N. Jones. Row Two: L. Schnieder, L. Cox, R. Eastin, W. Gather. The Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Robert Eastin, meets to hear and iudge various cam' pus problems. 45 association of Women students Left to Right: B. Steiner, G. Burk, B. Bowman, L. How, D. Gilbert, J. Shafer. left to Right S Starr N K J V A . : . , . . ones, . dams, l.. Momberg, D. Gilbert, B. Bowman, K. Strode, L. Leonard. Row One: N. Jones, B. Bowman, J. Nichols, S. Jennings, L. Lawson, B. Porter, D. Beard, L. How. Row Two: L. Momberg, J. Jones, S. Vering, D. ldleman, J. Nail, C. Nichols, J. Shafer, L. Leonard. Row Three: C. Bliss, D. Gilbert, G. Bork, D. Viator, M. Baker, S. Starr, Dr. Foster, Row Four: L. Blackwell, C. Nichols, C. Jolly, S. Stingfellow, K. Strode, J. Houtchens, J. Gardner, J. Patrick. 46 executive council judiciary council a.W.s. assembly residence halls directors Dr. Hollis Chalquisl Associate Dean of Student Personnel is xl Alpha Allworih Irene Arterberry Buena Tidmore Berneice White House Mother, House Molher, House Mother, House MOll1eI', Osborne Phillips Hall Hours Hall Yeaier Hall Todd Hall, cooks ef: 4 A A A Fifi? . i i 7 . 1 PM , ' Vmz, , , , . - Row 1: E. Egerfon, R. Burlingame, E. Feldman, O. Schweigerf, B. McCully, J. Cossairfg Row 2: H. Cecil, S. Lindaman, C. Babb, M. Bayne, E. Billingsley, O W k L Ray D Miller l. Nolte C Kanak O Marshall, E. Engle, Row 4: E. Mc- D- Miller, E- Zollingerz Row 3: M. Miller, M. Stockton, O. Hedges, . ee s, . , - I - f - f - . Cannon, F. Miller, l. Arierburn, D. Murphy, M. Weber, V. Parks, G. Stump, A. Miller, J. Breshears, Row 5: T. Jones, B. Howard, W. Suiion, K. Courfney, A. Shanks, M. McClendon, F. Breshears. 47 men's dormitory oounoil Row Four: P, Woolley, M. Reid, E. Devore, L. Kern, T. Goldberg, L. Ament, S. Graves, S, White. Row Three: W. Rabourn, R. Hallock, director, T. Maidment, R. Cotter, E. Wikoff, E. Swovelan, A, Allworth, director, Row Two: F. Glowatz, G. Monnig, F. Watson, R, Anderson, A. Bilton, G. Pace. Row One: R. Burns. G. Sheets, D. Anderson. north hall oak hill Row Three: M. Kueck, K. Hanna, B. Bock, M. Higgens. Row Two: J. Haynes, B. Bankus. Row Row Two: S. Means, B. Stalling, J. Page. Row One: One: L. Lawson, D. Fitzgerald. C. Beckman, C. Sloan, M. Sione. maintenance These ianitcrs and maids are the persons who are responsible for the upkeep of CMS dormitories, yeater hall council Row 1: D. ldleman, D. Wade, J. Nichols, C. Nichols, S. Stark, Row 2: C. Nordyke, A. Clork, S. Heil, B. Allen, I.. Markelg Row 3: I. Burns, D. Dole, S. Brown, J. Romonchull, J. Boiley, M. Baker. houts-hosey council Row 1: J. Keifhly, S. Gwin, C. Welch, D. Stork, S. Skornia, M, Lacey, J. Clark, L. Rupe, B. Bowman, Row 2: S. Veing, C. Bihiker, A. Renkin, G. Burk, ' ' ' ' - : M. Blunt, D Viator S. Wulhan, C. Hodges, M. Cenrer, L. Uhng, Row cl Nicholson, B. Bonnol, S. Kennedy, J. Beard, K. Strode, M. Wilson, M. Brown todd hall council Row 1: J. Newsom, A. Dyer, P. Glass, S. Walker, B, Widney, S. Driver, J Sefiles- Row 2: B. While, K. Kay, L. Leonard, D. Gilberi, C. Baker, A. lmbodem Row 3: D. Craven, L. Smith, P. Boies, K. Duggan, M. Tabor, S. Howard. M. Cameron Beautiful is the word for this scene of Lake Cena at Pertle Springs. These two are helping paint during greek workday held on o Saturday at Pertle Springs. These couples are enioying the Christmas Dance. 50 Now, what do we do next? E 1 Time for cz break. Looks like quite a few others had the same idea. ' f , , "Now, this is how you go about this," says one of the operators of KCMS Radio. Work is well underwoy in the preparation for the new student union. The four freshman sing u number in the Freshman Talent Show. The television sets idle as the students study in the Houts Hosey lounge. H 4 Dig, dig, look who's doing the work! 51 .W 1 ""' .s-. ibs -J -' ' 4? .. "5 1 '- Q 0 - Q, -- s -14 Ir 0 ag -"' s .f - -' ,al gr. f--""--- his ' In . '0- ' 3' 'E 5 K -I Q Q-an z. S Q A ..3. 5 .X Da D P Q.. 1' . I ull 3 .sin la, A Y . 1.1-f' 4 ul - 52.1. A Q -1 .1 D- . ljx - ' 'vftl 'gun- Sir- il ag" .1 .-'32, gl D sgavggw .gen-s...-Q - - -la- Ll 1 " ik 'Q J - A65 S' il . - v A 2-L- .q',.':',. ""'2 unto. ' -' -3, 'v 1 Q 9.-1.15--ff' 1 Q 0 lie 'Q ' 7 '.IQ,Lg, 1 If Xi ,Q 4r'55a, queens parades 85. daneei QL el, l PRINCESS MARY JEANNE BATCHELOR PRINCESS BARBARA SNYDER Delta Zeta Alpha Sigma Alpha ATTENDANT JEANIE AMOS ATTENDANT MARY REDFORD ATTENDANT JUDITH RUCKER Pi Omega Pi Bela Beia Bela Alpha Gamma Delta attendants to her majesty the rhetor queen ATTENDANT RUTH ANN SPARKS ATTENDANT KAREN WININGAR Sigma Kappa Independent Women's Association 54 rhetor queen JUDITH FOGERSON Sigma Sigma Sigma homecoming queen GLENNA DOWNS Sigma Kappa Jerry Boyce, Co-Captain of the football team, crowns Homecoming Queen, Glenna Downs, ancl presents her with a gift. Her Maiesty, Glenna Downs. Glenna awards first place homecoming float trophy to Bob Creeger, representing Sigma Tau Gamma. homecoming candidates Donna Anson Independent Women's Association Judy McCully Delta Zeta Sally Bittick Alpha Gamma Delta Pat Selover Sigma Sigma Sigma Sharon Jones Student National Education Association Linda Silver Alpha Sigma Alpha 57 The 1961 Homecoming Queen and her Com-1, Her maiesty greets the parade spectators with a smile. bi-fi Everyone enioys music by Warren Dur rett's Orchestra. Everyone dances the night away. Everyone watches half time activities. ls it heads or tails? Who goes first? The game is over and time to celebrate. If E35 . ?"y.l , I, Q is P ' ,M as in ' lil: Al. 3' I A 5 l 1 er M' s '-wg! at N A it L. 3' 5. E k-A.,Q- - t- i f e m , ,, ,,..,. M , W Greetings to and from the sidelines. A wave of hello as the parade goes by. The mayor and city manager ioin with the college in preparing for a victorious home- coming. 59 24 2 ,Q 9 AKL's predict u Blue Moon for the bears and win second place in the competition. Kuppu's Showboat of victory flows down the street. 60 homecoming parade Sig Tau's Desire Victory, and win first place in the competition This mule is up in the air on the Acacia Carousel. Alpl1c's say we Con, Can the Bears. Sigma Koppo's "Babes in Toyland" gives good advice. 1 ,, l HAnY,hing Goesfffor vicfo,-Y for ,he TKE5, Industrial Arts Club presents "Bear on o Hot Tin Roof and wins third place in competition. Alpha Gummo's deliver "Good News" of victory. DellU'5 PIUY "Tom SUWYUH for the Pamde- 61 most beautiful oo-ed 81 dance Connie Welch is crowned Most Beau- Eddie Higgs dances the first dance with the tiful Coed at the Wintergreen Ball. M051 Beautiful Coed, best dressed girl sports queen Dr. Lovinger crowns Miss Shirley Hilgedick, Sports Queen for 1960-61. Sharon Heil, the Best Dressed Girl on the CMS Campus. mf- HHSS school spirit "':' i school spirit Danny Anderson Aniiu Williams 62 umoe beauty queen Larry Ferguson Myrna Miller Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Sigma Sigma umoe candidates beauty queen candidates Sitting: Larry Bush, Larry Ferguson. Standing: Loraine Lemon, Sidney Smith, Sue Driver, Nancy Bass, Myrna DUGFIG Hughes, Bill Ferguson, Lonnie Harper. Mlllefv The Ugly Man on Campus Contest is an annual event sponsored by Alpha Phi Omega, service fraternity. This year the Miss Beauty Contest was added to give more spice to the event. Kappa Sigma Kappa candidates have won every year in this contest which is a fund raising activity for the March of Dimes. 63 if i is Nursing Club members at their dedication. Dr. Dodge and Pi Kappa Delta members prepare for a trip. BSU prepares for Christmas. A Cosmopolitan Club member shows a musical instrument Neda Pope demonstrates one aspect involved in the Outing Club ex' cursions. from his home country. Agriculture Club members inspect an Angus on the college farm. Wesley Foundation enioys their annual retreat. 64 A .z, .H 3 gif' 54,1- Outing Club members enioy the beautiful Mis- souri scenery. The 1960 RHETOR Ball presenied Mardi Gras Io CMS Campus. Chez Lou brough? a new type of enteriainmenf to the campus last fall. I N A Louis Csclfchmol Armstrong swings of the RHETOR Ball. Ralph Marierie and his Marlboro Orchestra play at the 1961 RHETOR Bali. 65 most popular boy most popular girl Danny Anderson Mary Lou Lacey Ph' S'g Ep 'I Sigma Kclpp popular boy 81 girl dance The Jimmy Dorsey Band provides excellent music for dancing or lust listening. 66 Students gather around and discuss candidates for the Popular Girl Boy Contest as others cast their ballots. Lee Castle, conductor and star of the Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra which played at the dance. popular boy candidates Charlie Lohmeyer, Bo Elliott, Jerry Stevens, Dan Anderson, Buster Moore, popular girl candidates Donna Viator, Mary Lacey, Dixie Gilbert, Louise How, Dorothy Davisson lnot picturedj 67 QQZ Q. o 'kr u 4 1 ix Xgiq-L. org,1n1zat1ons ...,,.-I' ,alfa ,I .MI V ,f as independent Women's association Row One: A. Bishop, R. Miller, B. Gerlt, E. Godfrey. Row Two: K. Spry, S. Means, B. Bonkus, J. Putnam. Better school spirit and a wider social outlook for the women of CMS is the aim ofthe Independent Women's Association. President ot the group is Karen Winingarg vice president, Shirley Means, secretory, Kay Spry, treasurer, Janice Putnam, chaplain, Betty Wyatt, historian, Allice Powell. Let's stop the gab und hit the books, girls!" "Our homecoming queen candidate, Miss Donna Anson, rides in the parade!" Consisting of two representatives from each sorority, the purpose of this organization is to create and maintain a high plane of sorority life on the CMS Campus. Setting rush dates, composing rules concern- ing rush, and carrying out such proiects as the tall workshop and the winter Panhellenic coke party. The president this year has been Judy Fogerson, vice president, Vicki Adams, treasurer, Terry Wright, corresponding secretary, Elaine Murray, Recording secretary, Diane Gerow. The lnter Fraternity Council, de- signed to promote better under- standing among the six fraternities on the campus, is composed of three men from each fraternity. This year's IFC activities included sponsoring a Sports Dance and the Coronation at Homecoming, A Greek Work Day at Pertle Springs, and Greek Week in the Spring. Other functions ofthe Council included the changing of the rush system and the introduction of a house inspection committee. This yeor's IFC officers were: president, Allen York, vice president, Marion Stump, secretary, Jerry Belshe, treasurer, Bill Ferguson, and the sponsors of the group are Dr. Sam Hewitt and Dr. Hollis Chalquist. panhellenic council i i i Row One: J.Forgerson, E. Murry, B. Pemberton, D. Gerow. Row Two: J. Rucker, V. Adams, C. Oltman. inter fraternity Council Row One: E. Leasck, J, O'Brannon, M. Stump, A. York, S. Duftey, C. Wells. Row Two: F. Carlton, D. Lerbs R. Potter, J. Sellers, J. Morie. Row Three: B. Ferguson, B. Hann, K. Winklemeyer, J. Belshe, P. Klamm. alpha gamma delta Y , uw Row Five: J. Rucher, L. Ferril, S. Campbell, E. Campbell, S. Baldwin, M. White, J. Wright, J. Larson. Row Four: M. Brown, M. Sem- stead, S. Adams, A. Dyer, D. Vaught, B. Barnett, J. Hopkins, S. Shimatsu, G. Faurot. Row Three: K. Schrelman, L. Lemon, C. Fertig E. Yokoyama, D. Demorest, C. Bliss, T. Carnal, M. Russell. Row Two: K. Ferguson, J. Nichols, M. Wallis, S. Nissen, T. Wright, S Gwin, L. Lyddon, B. Quinn. Row One: C. Nichols, J. Watson, S. Collier, C. McCune, S. Bittick, B. Chamberlain, J. Swindell, L. How, J. Hauser, N. Ketchum. Starting the fall season with their annual car wash, the women of Alpha Gamma Delta donned Conoco uniforms and took over the Hays Finley service station for a day. Next on the agenda for the women in red, buff, and green were the Homecoming activities and the Homecoming Day Alumni Tea. Winter term activities included a Christmas party, formal rush party with the theme of "Paris Perfume Shop," and "How! . . . for Popular Girl." Spring was the big social season for the Alpha Gams with their International Reunion Day, the Feast of Roses Banquet, a Parent's Day Tea, the spring formal, the annual Awards Banquet, and a senior picnic. Service projects during the year included working at the Warrensburg Medical Center each day, preparing favors for Medical Center patients on holidays, and ad- dressing the envelopes for the Johnson County Easter Seal drive. Among their campus personalities was Melba Wallis, selected for Who's Who. Leaders for the year were Louise How, president: Betty Barnett, first vice president: Karen Heggen, second vice president, Judy Curran, recording secertary, Marva White, corresponding secretary: and Nancy Ketchum, treasurer. Sponsors were Dr. Catherine Titus and Miss Marian Lesher. Homecoming Convo-She thought this was Yeater? Fall Pledges with new talent. 498 Spring Picnic at Pertle. Homecoming Float in the making. "Our candidate for Homecoming Queen-SALLIE! alpha si ma alpha Row Five: B, Snyder, J. Jenkins, B. Palmer, K. Rasnic, K. Tieman, J. Maty, J. Romanchuk, M Diedkman V Adams F Bonnel Row Four: L. Rimmer, J. Williams, G. Hayes, J. McCammon, G. Shephard, L. Soper, L. Gudde, J. Neill. 'Row Three:.L. S'I :ver L. Patterson, L. Patterson, C. Neal, B. Franklin, B. Ward, M. Perstler, J. Fritz. Row Two: E. Lowrey S Breitkreutz K Porter, S. Shubert, M. Hill, S. Smith, B. Batschelet, L. Cox. Row One: C, Foote, D. Spradling, D. Frogge, V. Taggerf, P Johnson, B. Permerton, L. Holsapple, J. Aubuchon. Homecoming activities, Founder's Day and an Alumni Brunch marked the beginning of another successful year for ASA. This was followed in the winter by the popular Alpha "Sweetheart Dance." As their annual philanthropic proiects, the Alphas held a work day in the fall, a date book sale during winter term, and the annual Sock Hop in the spring. On this year's honor roll were Kay Kemper, Carol Pritchard, and Barbara Snyder, selected for Who's Who from the sorority. i960-61 officers included Carol Pritchard, president, Dorothy Davisson, vice president, Sandy Temple, secretary: and Barbara Snyder, treasurer. Sponsors were Miss Jessie Jutten, Miss Louise Leonard, and Dr. Catherine Moroney. Alphas anticipate their 1960 Homecoming float, with cues from Harold Harbough. An Alpha rush party, in a South Sea motiff. ASA's Patsy Lovinger, holding her 1960 Charna Award. A practice session for the Alphc's quartet, the Alphabets Pinning ceremony for ASA's Marilyn Terry. 75 delta Zeta 46 Row Four: M. Rion, C. Nicholson, J. Hellman, S. Gooch, G. Button, M. Cawein, M. Price, C. Oltman, C. Wigfield, S. Branson. Row Three: C. Maschger, J. McCully, S. Starr, B. Roland, F. Brown, J. Settles, M. Horn, B. Foster, C. Eckert, M. Middleton, L. Blackwell. Row Two: L. Leonard, B. Widnig, B. Greenway, C. Craig, C. McCandless, S. Driver, D. Shippee, M. Barker, J. Batchelor, C. Kelly, D. Gilbert, J. Douglas, M. A. Whiting, A. Renken. Row One: Miss Edith Brooker, sponsor, S. Morrow, T. Murphy, L. Reuter, E. Murry, R. Grider, P. Patterson, D. Dunham, M. Beck, J. Ennis, S. Shipp, J. Walker. The Delta Drumbeat began the social calendar for this sorority in the fall. During Homecoming the Delta Zetas entered a parade float and held an Alumni Tea. Other social activities included a Founder's Day Tea, the spring Delta Zeta State Day and a spring formal dance. Who's Who personalities were Mary Cawein and Martha Goodman. Officers for 1960-61 were Linda Blackwell, president, Mary Whiting, first vice presi- dent, Sara Shipp, second vice president, Martha Beck, secretary, and Mary Rion, treas- urer. Sponsors were Miss Edith Brooks and Miss Alphadine Martin. Delta Zetas in an annual sorority proiect-the Homecom- ing float. Deltas sponsor a Christmas party, for the underprivi- leged children of Worrensburg. Entertainment during an intermission at the annual Delta Drumbeat. Further planning for the DZ's Homecoming float, tak ing place at the college farm. The winter rush party, a "DZ State Fair." Judy McCully, the DZ's choice for Homecoming Queen, being presented in the sorority's convocation skit. 77 sigma kappa Row Five: Mrs. Mildred Lass, sponsor, N. Otto, J. O'Neal, M. Brown, J. Schieber, P. Wallace, G. Graves, K. Duggan, K. Kay, A Robinson, K. Strode, M. Thompson, S. Skaggs. Row Four: C. Resz, L. Callaway, G. Balicki, L. Odom, M. Thompson, J. Johannig- meir, S. Young, H. Kuhr, C. Long, A. Lorton, P. Maasen. Row Three: A. Williams, B. Porter, S. Hilgedick, B. Blasser, M. Dixon, J. Kelsey, G. Johnson, J. Vest, D. Miller, S. William, L. Cox. Row One: A. Sparks, A. Wickert, L. Peck, S. Stump, B. Wicker, E. Durst, C. Johnson, L. Langford, J. Jones, J. Hornig, S. Walker, N. K. Jones. "It's a Woman's World" say the women of Sigma Kappa. At least that was the theme of their annual fall fashion show, for which proceeds go to the Joan Hubbel memorial fund. At homecoming time, the Sig Kaps entered a float, held an alumni tea, and saw their candidate, Glenna Downs selected as the 1960 CMS Homecoming Queen. Fall projects included a bake sale and a guide service for the campus. Mary Lou Lacey reigned winter term as she was chosen Popular Girl on campus this year. Also during the winter season was their formal dance, and the selection of Shirley Hilgedick as Winter Sports Queen. Spring activities included the formal Sigma Kappa Banquet, a Parent's Day picnic, and a senior picnic. Selected for Who's Who were Jane Fisher, Carole Long and Norma Jean Otto. Service proiects this year included entertaining at a rest home at Thanksgiving, a Christmas party at a rest home and a Christmas party for underprivileged children. This year's leaders were Ruth Ann Sparks, president, Anita Williams, first vice presi- dent, Nellie Kay Jones, second vice president, Betsy Porter, recording secretary, and faculty sponsors, Mrs. Mildred Lass and Miss Elizabeth Engle. fJs,i.,, Sigma Kappa's president, Ruih Ann Sparks, presents carnaiions lo Carole Long and names Carole and Jim Lemery "Sweefhear1 Couple" af the winter formal. Sig Kaps enlerfain parenis in Grover Park. sd ' YH ww Winier rush parly-lessons in smiling? Presentation of favors at Sig Kap formal. 79 sigma sigma si ma Row Five B. Schumaker, D. Nelson, K. Schellhardt, S. Stringfellow, S. Kennedy, J. Hackerott, S. Heil, C. Granger, N. Ball Row Four E Hoeppner, S. Hearne, N. Kincaid, C. Rutherford, S. Wellorn. Row Three: L. Abernathy, C. Shotwell, V. Wright, D Deard A Stewart, J. Baugher, S. Maycock, J. Fogerson. Row Two: L. Stumper, J. Clark, B. Porter, D. Viator, J. Ro al C. C k C H ff y , ran o man J Chrlsman. Row One: B. Riley, B. Steiner, S. Jennings, B. Patton, J. Rogers, C. Welch, L. Honley, M. Miller, B. Bowman Campus celebrities this year from Nu chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma included Barbara Bowman, AWS president, Connie Welch, chosen the most beautiful CMS coed at the Wintergreen Ball, Myrna Miller, elected Miss Beauty of the Beauty and the Beast contest held in connection with UMOC, Barbara Schumaker, editor of the STUDENT, and Arlene Stewart, selected for Who's Who. The Sigma Carnival, from which proceeds go to the Robbie Page memorial fund, was a highlight of Tri Sig's activities this year. Other activities included a social service project, participation in Homecoming house decorations and queen campaign, an Alumni Tea after the Homecoming game, a tea for new faculty women, a hamburger sale in December, an Easterland Supper and a spring formal dance. Directing the sorority this year were Diana Budd, president, Pat Selover, vice presi- dent, Judy Hackerott, recording secretary, and Arlene Stewart, treasurer. Sponsors are Mrs. Evelyn Runyon and Mrs. Stella Christopher. . 'Av-' -rrrt . Q M, . Let's relax and discuss this situation, shall we? Sigma's Homecoming Queen candidate, Pat Selover, rides in the Homecoming Parade. The Sigma Carnival provides enioyment for Sigma's as well as other students. One of the many Sigma's who participated in the greek workday at Pertle was Donna Viator. Collegiate and Alumna Sigmas in Nu chapter's 45th birthday party. acacia Row Four: R. Jones, J. Sandridge, D. Dobson, K. Talley, D. Lerbs, B. Wiley, V. Foster, R. Hunt, J. Knipschild, K. Parks. Row Three J. Martin, R. Eeerman, L. Evans, B. Hines, L. Long, B. Silverberg, B. Beam, J. Sill, W. Gaither, L. Anderson, G. Carney. Row Two M. Stump, W. Brady, N. Harris, D. Klutz, D. Klenke, Mrs. King, J. Ramey, M, Johnson, R, Baker. Row One: J. O'Bannon, R. Cas- key, J. Shahida, L. Busch, L. Smithson, K. Lerbs, J. Blackwell, L. Graham, B, Corder, Dr. Pittman. Among the many activities of Acacia this year were an all school watermelon feed and the annual Acacia Pajama Festival. Early in the year the fraternity won second place in the house decoration judging of the Homecoming festivities. One of the fraternity's well-known proiects, the Mona Lisa Pizza lnn, was held this year in their new house at 317 Anderson Street. A fund raising project was the annual school calendar of events sale. Top social events were the "Nite on the Nile" and the Black and Gold Formal. From Acacia for Who's Who was Marion Stump. In the leadership positions of the organization, winners of the 1960 Earl F. Low Scholarship Cup, were John O'Bannon, president, Tom Seavey, vice president, Jim Blackwood, secretary, and Kermit Parks, treasurer, while the group's sponsors are Mr. Clarence Pearce, Dr. Riley Pittman, and Mr. Olin Frazier. 'wif Q "IJ, CMS Acacians open the year's activities with a free all school watermelon feed. Dancing to David PJ Festival. Bedwell's music at this year's Acacia Acacians build their 1960 Homecoming house decoration, "Dark at the Top of the Stairs," which rated second place honors. The three-legged race was a highlight of the Acacia paiama Festival of 1960. Acacia's new 17-room house-at 317 Anderson Street. The Acacia version of "Carousel"g in keeping with this year's Homecoming theme. alpha kappa lambda Row Five: B. Estes, J. Shocltey, D. Dickneite, G. Weaver, J. Bittiker, H. Howard, C. Duffy, L. Ament, G. Gatewood, B. Dye, G. Ren shaw, S. Chrisman. Row Four: T. Hunter, D. Davis, L. Marriott, L. Fick, J. Keiter, H. Brady, G. Brenner, D. Thurston, H. Young, B Behlau. Row Three: H. Elliott, R. Fleischmann, J. Egelston, J. Hightower, D. Allen, F. Wolff, L. Richardson, G. Myers, J. Williams, L Sherrell. Row Two: B. Huhmann, K. Murry, D. Allen, J. Redford, H. Harp, C. Watts, D. Engelbrecht, G. Johnson, D. Gossett, J. D Sellars. Row One: R. Engelby, L. Henderson, J. Pond, A. York, G. Dyer, C. Foroker, R. Hoffman, R. Winegar, C. Unger, D. Hughes It was house-moving time this year for the AKL's as they settled into their big new residence at 405 S. Maguire. They still found time for a full social calendar, though, including winning first place in Homecoming window decorations and placing in house and float competitions. A fall hay ride, an all school dance in November, the Chinese Dinner, and the AKL spring formal helped round out their social year. These winners of last year's intramural all sports trophy are participating in all sports again this year. Personalities from this fraternity include Gary Myers, RHETOR editor, Dewayne Allen, SCA president, Bill Dye, SGA vice president, and Richard Thurston and Gary Dyer in Who's Who. Fraternity officers were Richard Winegar, president, Gary Myers, vice president, Don Ferguson, recording secretary, and Gary Sheets, corresponding secretary. Mr. Clifton J. Britton and Mr. J. Kenneth Markwell are sponsors. eff' Rick Winegar, president, accepts first place Mom Searfoss enioys her evening paper homecoming window trophy. Getting ready to move into the new house. The beginning of another AKL party. AKL's and Sig Kaps go Hawaiian at the AKL house. Mascot, Akei, gets a lei too. EX kappa sigma kappa g , ---, ' . Row Five: D. Eikermann, J. Hayes, B. Richardson, J. Langford, R. Robertson, J. Weber, D. Collier, S. Yovanovich, K. Winkelmeyer, T Eberwine, B. Vogt, J. Gossey, B. Turitt. Row Four: S. Senninger, B. Gabel, J. Belshe, D. Hammett, S. Shaw, C. Ricks, B. Motsinger, G. Schelp, E. McMullen, J. Hunter, T. Gibson. Row Three: J. Frost, P. Gilbert, I.. Ferguson, G. Guilford, R. Lowry, G. Ramel, J. Ramel, C. Lohmeyer, G. Donley, B. Croce, C. Morley, D. Schelt. Row Two: C. Simmons, G. Smith, K. Schwensen, C. Harper, J. Mc- Dowell, G. Lafferty, G. Clouse, S. Duffy, K. Sandy, J. Barker, G. Long, J. Caldwell. Row One: K. Rice, F. Schumacher, K. Green- well, R. West, G. Frankenfeld, L. Ragland, J. Shaw, F. Watson, M. Dallman, B. Sandy, D. Marchand. The Kappa victory bugle sounded and the Confederate flag went up as the southern gentlemen won the annual UMOC contest for the tenth straight year, having never been defeated. Wearer of the crown this year was Larry Ferguson. Popular all-school activities sponsored by the Kappas were the annual Rebel Rende- vous and the annual Spaghetti Supper. Community service projects by the Kappas in- cluded help in the March of Dimes drive and Christmas baskets for needy families. In the spring, KSK held an all-school dance in March and their annual Plantation Ball. Another annual event is the summer reunion. High-ranking officers of the "Confederacy" at 222 East Gay Street this year were Jim Ramel, president, Kirk Winkelmeyer, first vice president, Gene Lafferty, second vice president: Jerry Belshe, recording secretary, and Charles Lohmeyer, treasurer. Sponsors are Dr. Lin Welch and Dr. Donald Marchand. mi ji Wwwf Q i Refreshmenis being served af Kappas' Southern Plantation Bail. Bob Soph gains cusfody of the Kappa Drink ing Cup. Shaw with a real cool piano number. Kappas' add final iouches to their Homecoming "Show Boat." phi Sigma epsilon Row Six: F. Fuggle, D. Montee, F. Eberting, B. Pollman, B. Blair, A. Gerhardt, L. Lutte, M. Noland, F. Rosell, W. Ray, R. Cotter, S. Cooper, B. Brock, J. Keeton. Row Five: L. Harper, R. Moorman, D. Beattie, J. Elliot, J. Morie, D. Thomson, J. Hostetler, E. De- vore, M. Rabius, J. Mateia, R. Stewart, K. Shephard. Row Four: D. Weber, M. Holloway, D. Sickbert, M. Pate, J. Rice, J. Fortney, J. Fuchs, E. Rankin, L. Schneider, N. Amos, N. Neale, D. Edde, M. McClain. Row Three: T. Steele, R. Buso, L. Renfrow, J. Cunning- ham, J. Austin. E. Lamb, J. Cowherd, L. Penticuff, R. Larson, G. Browning, L. Woirhaye, L. Tevis, L. Polzin, R. Fiske, R. Garrison. Row Two: R. Garlich, E. Leasck, P. Cipolla, J. Jamison, D. Summers, C. Kerstann, J. Barker, W. Ackermann, D. Shores, R Anderson, J. Jadlow. Row One: J. Snead, R. Poindexter, J. Borland, J. Buckley, C. Edwards, R. Ellingson, W. Brown, D. Keough, D. Anderson, D. DeJarnette. The Iota chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon opened the 1960-61 season with an open house for freshmen and the Dick White Memorial Dance. There was also a steak fry at Home- coming. During the winter season, the Phi Sigs held several Christmas parties and their annual formal dance. Other events of the year were the Blackout Widow's Ball, the "Phi Sig Blackouts," the annual spring outing on the Lake of the Ozarks, a senior picnic and the Senior Bowl Game. PSE celebrities included Dick Thomson, SGA president, Dan Anderson, elected Popular Boy on campus, and Wayne Brown, Doyle Cohick, Larry Keisker, Larry Lutte, and Gerald Morie in Who's Who. Wielder of the president's gavel this year was Jim Fortney. Other officers were Wayne Brown, vice president, Jim Fuchs, secretary, and Roger Ellingson, treasurer. Coach Clarence Whiteman and Dr. Hugh Williams are the fraternity sponsors. In the Spring, a young man's fancy turns to thoughts of romance and a young giri's to the Phi Sig Outing. L ' in em ., At their winter formal, Roman Holiday, the gentiemaniy Phi Sig's get refreshments for their dates. Lake of the Ozarks-where the boys Phi Sigs serenade their sweetheart, Mrs. Jeannie Amos. UFS. 89 si ma tau gamma Row Five: B. Hunt, R. Ploeger, W. Wash, H. Dietz, K. Hartman, H. Beckman, D. Demcltteis, L. Sahn, J, Cronehart, B. Hann, J. Morel R. Eichman, W. Sellars, L. Goddard. Row Four: H. Wagner, B. Grimes, V. Randle, B. Fiske, J. Blize, M. Roberts, J. Livesay, D. Hill J. Britton, R. Rodrigrez, D. Curnett, C. Powers. Row Three: B. Collins, F. Demayo, J. McCormick, L. Bollinger, D. Lindiken, D. Dis ney, R. Potter, D. Jones, J. Speelman, N. Hannaford, A. Haller,J, Hull, C. Klaus, Row Two: E, Eikenbarry, R. Cornell, J Schmitt, R. Ranbe, J. Menos, J. Hall, A, Williams, T. Crabtree, T. Esposito, R. Taylor, G. Soph, B. Clayton, J. Barr, A. Kent Row One: T. Ferguson, G. Downey, G. Bourland, F. Moore, R.ll.arq, G- Tltafef B- KVEGQBT, G- MCBVOOYT1, C- l'l0UfZ9f1VUd9l', G- Miller, C. Coxon, P. Denton, J. Badwell. Residing in a new house at 220 Broad Street this year, the men of Sigma Tau Gamma started a successful year by winning the Homecoming float award and coming out on top in intramural football. Other social events were a Christmas party, an alumni dinner, sorority parties and the annual White Rose Spring Formal. Sig Tau Showtime this year presented "Stalag l7." At the head of the fraternity this year was Al Kent, president. Other officers were Bob Kreeger, vice president, Frank Long, secretary, and Phil Denton, treasurer. Sponsoring the organization were Dr. J. P. Morris, Dr. Sam Hewitt, and Mr. Clarence Ford. H? Sweethearf of the White Rose Winter Formalg Miss Georgia Fogelsong. Sig Tous sing for Their supper tau kappa epsilon Row Five: J. Buck, B. Stoueman, B. Fitzgerald, B. Kedigh, G. McElmurry, J. Ragland, L. Bredshan, R. Brunson, M. Standley, L. Rey- nolds, E. Barnes, M. Mitchell, S. Russell, P. Wooley, J. McCoy. Row Four: G. Abernathy, B. Clark, R. Johnson, V. Nielsen, K. Aprey, B. Ferguson, J. Hey, G. Odell, J. Wikoff, B. Proctor, L. Hatfield. Row Three: D. Brown, B. White, B. Allison, L. Coln, R. Brizendine, C. Taylor, J. Stroth, J. Hughes, B. Battmer, R. Jordan, P. Klamm, C. Kimball. Row Two: D. Jeffries, C. Harmon, K. Ely, A. Clark B. Zymali, D. Smiley, D. Dailey, S. Wiseman, L. Carlton, R. Giffin, B. Norton, J. McEntire. Row One: E. See, J. Geraughty, E Dillow, B. Henry, H. Palmer, J. D'Alesio, J. Stevens, P. Crawford, J. Mattivi, R. Bakes, R. Myers, L. Stelling, C, Kuhn, Jr. First place in Homecoming house decorations started the TKE's on another activity filled year. Easily recognizable during winter term with their beards of all sizes and shapes, the men of the fraternity were preparing for their popular all-school event, the Bowery Brawl. Another successful activity was "TKE's Night Out," the annual show production. The Red Carnation Ball, annual formal dance for the fraternity, was held in the spring. Jim McCoy was a choice for Who's Who from the organization. Officers were Phil Klamm, president, Marvin Standley, vice president, Bob Stoneman, secretary, and Jim McCoy, treasurer. Sponsors are Dr. Robert Goetz, Mr. Charles Kuhn, and Mr. Richard Lane. TKE's ride to vidory with their first-place homecoming display. l Pinnings ai ihe TKE formal. lnfromurcls-get 'thai ball TKE's. The Bowery Ball-fhere's TKE's in Ihem Thar hills! cosmopolitan club 5 4 - Row Four: D. Johnson, P. Olindo, C. Strube, K. Chehrpardaz, F. Okatcha, C, Yim, E. Callaway. Row Three: S. Yim, K. Sul1, J. Briggs, M. Modaressi, M. Badie, I. Hormozi. Row Two: B. Langen- doerfer, M. Wallis, R. Chao, D. Chang, J. Fogerson, A. Schirazi, M. Lee. Row One: P. Ray, H. Vogl, M. Suh, M. Tsui, J. Yim, Bringing together in friendly social gatherings students of different nationalities as well as American students, the Cosmopolitan Club sponsored the float, "Our Town" in the Homecoming parade, a Christmas party, a "See Missouri" tour, and a spring picnic. The organization also spon- sored in the Utt Grinstead building a monthly display featuring a foreign country. ln the two regular meetings per month, the culture, food, and music of foreign countries were featured, courtesy of the students from those countries. Serving as president was Mohsen Modaressi, vice president, Hamid Jahani: secretory, Rosa Hepburn, and treasurer, Jacqueline Briggs. outing club Row Three: D. Jones, S. Seninger, J. Kunz, H. Gregory, B. Wiley, H. Golub, D. Hensley, Row Two: R. Myers, P. Gilbert, B. Gammon, P. Martinson, J. Green, O Hawlxsley. Row One: F. Schumacher, J. Novell, D. Curry, P. DeHart, M. Henschel, N. Kuehling, G. White. Outdoor life and living is promoted by the Outing Club. Henry Gregory is president of the organization, Jim Kunz, vice president, Jennie Green, treasurer: Dorothy Curry, secretary. alpha phi omega Row 'l: C. Watts, M. Modaressi, Row 2: B. Finley, J. Spiegel, C. Unger, C. Robbins, Row 3: J. Smith, J. Hays, G. White, G. Weaver, T. Brandt. College fellowship through Scouting identifies the Alpha Phi Omega group, Gil Fisher heads the organization, Gordon White, vice president, Bill Finley, pledge- master, Moe Moderassi, sergeant at arms, Dave Pennington, chaplain, Dan Coonce, corresponding secretary. alpha lambda delta if Row 1: M. Brown, N. Pope, J. Hornig, T, Wright, Row 2: B. Phipps, D. Bertz, J. Keithly, M. Cole, D. Morrison, G. Wisdom, Row 3: C. Foster, P. Moasen, M. Bartz, D. Brening, L. Nahm, Row 4: M. Murphy, J. Barnett, A. Hamilton, J. Engler, J. Wright, D. O'Malley. The purpose of Alpha Lambda Delta is to promote intelligent living and a high standard of learning. It encourages superior scholastic attainment among freshman women. The CMS chapter was installed February 11, 1961. President is Janice Wright, vice president, Patricia Maasen, secretary, Donna Bertz, treasurer, Mildred Cole, historian, Mary Ann Bartz, and reporter, Molly Murphy. Alpha Lambda Delta is sponsored by Dr. Laura Nahm and Dr. Christine Foster. alpha phi sigma Row 3: V. Carlyle, S. May, D. Anson, AA. Powell, K. Austin, D. Brening, D. Gilbert, Row 2: B. Taylor, W. Pieper, E. Diggs, A. Morris, K. Caskey, P. Simmerman, C. Smith, Row l: M. Lintner, D. Wilson, J. Miller, S. Ehrhardt, R. Manley. To encourage a continued love for learning, to recognize scholarship, and to be of service to the college are the objectives of this group. Sponsorship of Sapere Aude Scholarship, a Ch ristmas party, initiation of new members, and participation in an honors banquet were all a part of the organization's activities this year. Mary Ann Bedwell is president, Nancy Ketchum is vice president, and Peggy Simmerman is secretary treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. H. Clay Jent. alpha phi delta Row 5: D. Gerow, B. Bates, D. Anson, D. Brening, J. Engler, S. Gooch, A. Powell, J. Hackerott, K. Shall- hardt, D. Junge, B. Coleman, S. May, P. Maasen, J. Sarson, Row 4: G. Wisdom, K. Hodges, P. Simmerman, F. Hessel, D. Morrison, M. Labor, B. Arensmeier, J. Garner, A. Williams, V. Carlyle, N. Malan. N. Hof- stetter, A. Smith, M. Cole, C. Smit Walters, D. Kullman, S. Hilgedick, Kelly, Row 2: B. Phipps, D. Wilson, lor, D. Collyer, D. Miller, C. Long J. Emick, T. Wright, S. Staffen, P. M. Simmons, S. Stewart, J. Nichols, The Beta Chapter of Alpha P their sophomore year. This year's freshman women with high grade Mary Lynn Brown, vice president, faculty sponsor. f h, Row 3: .l. Conlon, E. Diggs, C. Eckert, C. Beckman, L. Logue. W. L. McPherson, L. Cox, L. Clark, C. Kelly, D. Gilbert, L. Nahm, S. R. Hepburn, L. Momberg, J. Hornig, W. Pieper, L. Leonard, J. Batche- J. Fisher, B. Riley, J. Ferro, R. Dryer, Row l: R. Manley,M. Lintner, Weaver, B. Steiner, J. Jennings, B. Davidson, N. Jones, P. Howard, A. Morris. hi Delta strives to recognize women scholasticolly before the end of activities included Homecoming decorations, and o spring party for averages. Leading the organization are Bette Arensmeier, Pf9Sld9nfi and Nadene Malan, secretarytreasurer. Dr. Laura J. Nahm is the mace and torch flaw' mx Row l: G. Dyer, W. Brown: Row 2: W. Gaither, E. See, J. Marie. Mace and Torch is a leadership honor fraternity whose purpose is to recognize outstanding men students on campus. The president of the organization is Wayne Brown, the vice-president is Jerry Morie, and the secretary-treasurer is Willie Dean Gaither. The sponsor is Dean Hampton. prexy club Row T: L. How, N. Covey, L. McPherson, S. Ehrhardt, B. Bowman, P. Glass, S. Shipp, M. Lintner, R. Sparks, Row 2: W. Brown, J. Bailey, R. Nichols, L. Renfrow, J. Scott, B. Arensmeier, J. Fogerson, E. See, Row 3: K. Cherhrpardez, D. Thomson, C. Koppelman, J. Hackerott, B. Bankus, P. Maasen, C. Simmons, W. Lovingerg Row 4: E. Roland, A. Hamilton, L. Blackwell, S. Means, J. Ramel, H. Gregory, R. Eastin, D. Allen. This group composed of presidents of all campus organizations works for communication between the administration and the student body of CMS. President Warren C. Lovinger is the club sponsor. Student Center cabinet 'rv Row Two: J. Batchelor, L. Renfrow, K. Winkelmeyer, W. Killie, H. Gilbert. Row One: M. Lacy, S. Walker, M. Mertz, L. Busch. Special dances, parties, and other activities are planned by this group. Chairman of the various committees form the cabinet and it is headed by the Student Center Co- Chairmen, Doyle Cohick and Marty Goodman. Committees represented are special activi- ties, dance and decorat'on, entertainment, refreshments, records, and publicity. student center Committees Row Five: W. Killie, L. Renfrow, K. Winkelmeyer, N. Neale, F. Eberting, C. Youngberg, M. Stump, S. Cooper, D. Edde, G. Phalen. Row Four: J. Bailey, P. Cipolla, L. Busch, J. Cunningham, F. Watson, L. Callaway, l.. Ladd, P. Snider, J. Ausin, B. Scheer, J. Britt, H. Gilbert. Row Three: L. Smith, C. Eckert, F. Watson, J. Batchelor, A. Williams, A. Robinson, L. Mines, M. Whiting, C. Kelley, J. Houtchens, Row Two: D. Grier, J. Kennedy, D. Viator, V. Keeler, B. Porter, B. Chamberlain, C. Resz, B. Gonzales, J. Settles, J. Walker, L. Beaver. Row One: T. Murphy, M. Lacy, P. Johnson, S. Walker, S. Shubert, R. Sparks, J. Blackwell, C. White, M. Mertz, J. Clark, C. Johnson. A member of the National Student Union Association, the Student Center Committees plan and arrange numerous social activities such as the Freshman Talent show, Homecoming and Thanksgiving dances, the Christmas Formal, and various rally dances. Miss Helen Gilbert is faculty co-ordinator of the committee. young republicans Row T: S. Thompson, T. Wright, M. Russell, D. Allen, B. Brown, Row 2: B. Finley, W. Ackermann, J. Garner, W. Brown, K. Howell, Row 3: L. Davis, D. Hutton, L. Otto, G. Gilliam, V. Hamacher, M. Stump, Dr. Powell, Sponsor, Row 4: J. Hagen, K. Taylor, L. Taylor, B. Hann, J. Thompson, D. Haney, E. Shroder. To give students a better understanding of the Republican Party and a chance to participate in its activities is the aim of the club. Under the leadership of Wayne Brown, president, the club heard guest speakers, held a spring picnic, attended state and district Republican conventions and participated in Missouri Young Republican activities. young democrats l. -. Al Row 1: I. Roy, S. Heisler, M. Lee, P. Randazzo, L. Roberts, D. ldleman, S. O'Neal, Raw 2: L. Miller, C. Coxon, D. Steinberg. S. Young, D. Griswold, J. Snead, L. Cusick, Row 3: J. Maty, S. Know, J. McCammon, D. Morrison, J. Scott, M. Perkins, P. La- kaytic, J. DeGrado, Row 4: V. Hilton, M. Broker, G. Wahrenbrock, P. Bybee, G. Thompson, P. Maasen, M. Kueck, M. Hughes, B. Speelman, Row 5: W. Gabel, S. Seninger, M. Howell, l.. Fick, J. McCollum, C. Struemph, J. Sellers, L. Sherrell, D. Thurston, D. Scott. Young Democrats heard Senator Cason speak, attended the Kennedy rally in Kansas City, sponsored a county rally, and also heard talks by Congressman Randall and Governor Dalton on the campus. The group also attended Student Legislature Day at Jefferson City this spring. The organization, which encourages student interest in political and government affairs, was headed by president, Dick Scott, executive vice president, Bill Alfred, administrative vice president, Diania ldleman, correspond- ing secretary, Maragret Lee, recording secretary, Martha McKittrick, and treasurer, Jim Scott. Mr. Harry Wilkey is the faculty advisor. y ,, ""'Q." ii Barbara Schumaker, editor, and Wayne Ackermann, associate editor, make preliminary plans for the next issue ofthe STUDENT. the student The STUDENT is the official newspaper ot Central Mis- souri State. Published each Friday, the papers cover news, sports and society as well as providing an editorial page with opportunity for student and faculty opinion. In the position of editor-in-chief until spring term this year was Barbara Schumaker. Other editorial positions were held by Wayne Ackermann, associate editor, Marvin Standley, news editor, Marion Stump, sports editor, Melba Wallis, feature editor, and John Buckley, business manager. Wayne Ackermann edited the STUDENT spring term with Melba Wallis serving as associate editor. The sponsor is Mrs. Evelyn Runyon. School publications sponsor, Mrs. Evelyn Runyon. Members of the STUDENT staff, Phil Carter, Bev Franklin, Perez Olindo, Terry Clark, Marvin Stand- ley, Barbara Schumacher, Wayne Ackermann, Jim McDowell, John Achelpohl, Marian Stump, Doris Crawford, Lorraine Lemon, and Molly Murphy. 100 Editor, Barb Schumaker, goes over STUDENT proof af the priming plant in Knob Noster. Marvin Standley, news editor, prepares staff assignments. f--5. at :mm -ann I 'Hn msn 'S I 'Sri L-swam agp wg ml wsu Z: -...- uint? Preparing the advertising is one of business manager, John Buckiey's iobs. Marian Stump, sports editor, draws the layouts for the sports page. ioi In LA Editor, Gary Myers, plans the layout of the RHETOR. Making preliminary sketches, art director, George Hobbs draws the sports division page. J 102 Jerry Redford, associate editor, goes over the IBM enrollment sheet to check names. L, , ,..... Copy editor, Melba Wallis, puts the finishing touches on the dedication page. the rhetor Members of the editorial staff, Melba Wallis, Jerry Redford, Gall' MY'f'f meets Vfllh Stiff members' George Hobbs' Melbu Wallis' Gary Myers, and Wayne Ackermonn Check lust Yemfs RHETOR. Gayle Gilliam, Janice Kelthly, Judy O'Dell, Marva White, Shiela Farley, Betty Bankus, Dave Stienberg, Mike Downard, Jim Caldwell, Donnie Stratton, Bill Finley, Ronnie Stratton, Judy Hornig, Joe Degrado, Pat Sterling, Marion Stump, and Jerry Redford. Don Stratton, Judy O'Dell, Janice Keithly, Gayle Gilliam, Mide Downard and Jim Caldwell alpha- betize pictures. Pm Marion Stump, business manager, gives instructions to Kenny Hrowell, Judy Hornig, Joe Degrado and Pat Sterling. ills ll lilll Betty Bankus, Clinton Ricks, Marva White, Shelia Farley and Bill Finley select pictures for the 1961 RHETOR. MW..-U-4 sn-Q-ew' The editorial council, George Hobbs, Wayne Ackermann, Jerry Red- ford, Melba Wallis, and Gary Myers plan executive type fun for the RHETOR staff. gg m g it ! Marion Stump, Dave Steinberg, Ron Strat- ton and Bill Finley check the page schedule. Dave Steinberg, Janet Engler, Pat Sterling, Paula Johnson, and Ron Stratton take u break from work. 103 orchc-:Sis Row One: C. White, D. Shippee, C. Nichols, C. Mallory, B. Porter. Row Two: S. Johnston L. Cartwright, L. Cook, S. Jennings, M. Lloyd, D. Curry, F. Young. Row Three: K. Montgomery J. Bailey, C. Granger, N. Roelofson, W. Wade, L. Gudde, D. Jones Furthering interest in all types of dance, especially in modern dance, Orchesis presented a spring program to the campus. dolphins Row One: E. Murry, M. Culp, D. Miller, J. Keithly, G. Miller, S. Shimatsu, M. Hill, B. Gon- zalez, M. Lintner. Row Two: P. Snider, J. Boresow, M. Hammonds, J. Walker, A. Stewart, D. Curry, D. Dale, P. Martinson. Row Three: K. Montgomery, J. Green, J. Bailey, J. Vaughn, M. Higgins, H. Lindsey, P. Wadick, B. Allen, J. Dietz. The.Dolphins provide an opportunity for women students interested in swimming to increase their swimming skills by learning advanced stunts and group synchronized swimming. The club sponsors Red Cross Classes in life saving and water safety instruction during spring term. They also sponsor the annual Dolphin Swim Show. Officers are Joyce Bailey, president: Marie Lintner, vice president: Dorothy Currey, secretary-treasurer. The club is sponsored by Miss Dorothy Coleman. The library is one of the maior place lhe Alpha Gamms go Mexican style to this party held on the Utt Grinsteod Patio. s of activity on our campus. "Listen to those saxophones," soy these couples as they listen to the combo. Everyone with or without o beard enioys the TKE's Bowery Ball. Row One: G. Downs, J. Totten, S. Johnston, B. Widney, B. Harvey. Row Two: J. Moon, G. McBroom, D. Sickbert, E. Nass. Row Three: K. Smith, J. Miller, J. Babylon, G. Pike, P. Wolley. Row One: M. Needy, L. Jordan, M. Miller, I. Roy, M. Struemph, M. Healey, J. Stockton, H. Vogl, G. Balicki. Row Two: C. Maroney, P. Johnson, B. Sanning, L. Rugen, P. Stecklein, N. Hild, R. Hoffman, B. Ricks. Row Three: M. McClain, J. Heimburger, C. Michalls, J. Vocate, M. Baumann, C. Struernph, R. Crease, R. McCastner. Row Four: M. Broker, D. Dickneite, G. Schmitz, B. Hickmann, M. Garry, L. Fick, G. Renshaw, P. Wodick. Row One: D. Deckard, A. Dyer. Raw Two: J. Scott, M. Horn, S. Johnston, D. Kullmann. Row Three: D. Johnson, K. Burtin, D. Allen. D. Thurston, H. Gilbert. 106 Canterbury club This club provides a program of worship, study, and fellowship in order to encourage Episcopal students' devotion to the church. Year's activities include a get acquainted party in September, semi monthly informal gatherings with special speakers, and suppers. The group also cooperates in Religious Emphasis Week and other work of SCA. newman club The Newman Club held an annual get acquainted party for freshmen as well as various social events throughout the year. Sponsored by the Catholic Church, the group is lead by Marty McClain, president, Gail Balicki, vice president: Pat Maasen, secretory: Charles Struemph, treasurer: Dr. Katherine Maroney and Dr. Beatrice Ricks, sponsors. student christian association cabinet Spiritual, intellectual and social interests of the CMS student are fostered by the SCA, an interfaith organization headed by DeWayne Allen. Dee Deckard is vice president: Dorothy Kuff- mann, secretary treasurer, Jim Scott, reporter. baptist student union Row One: P. Ray, R. Manley, J. Frazier, D. ldleman, J. DeWitt, C. Sloan, J. Wilson, L. Lawson, G. Hader, S. Baker, A. Anderson, C. Sheldon. Row Two: R. Osborne, B. Fleming, M. Stone, D. Mawson, M. Mawson, J. Scott, B. Finley, L. Logue, J. Dugger, B. Herrmann, S. Thompson, M. Held, L.-Momberg, B. Gerhardt. Row Three: P. Becker, K. Norris, K. Burke, C. Hodges, C. Resz, M. Atkins, W. Walters, L. Aubrey, P. Owen, S. Thomas, J. Hutcherson, C. Hutcherson, M. Lint ner. Row Four: S. Bowman, J. Huddle, H. Hoffman, J. Bateman, J. Barnett, H. Suhr, M. Murphy, A. Tommey, J. Luther, K. Woods, C. Strube, T. Adams, N Eddington. Row Five: B. Coleman, C. Rhoads, S. Hefner, K. Hodges, G. Yeager, G. Yinger, B. Baker, M. Higgins, B. Benton, B. Bock, J. McCollum, J. Thompson, W. Wormsley. Integration of students and the Baptist Church is the aim of the Baptist Student Union. Rosanne Orborne serves as president, Kay Hodges, vice president: Marie Stone, secretary: Sue Thomp- son, treasurer. united campus christian fellowship Composed of students from three churches, the United Campus Christian Fellowship strives to Increase the sensitivity to an understanding of the responsi- bilities to which God calls every person of the col- lege community to realize in his life, and to provide that example which will be most acceptable in his sight. The UCCF provides Christian fellowship through various social activities and religious educa- tion through discussions and special services. Students of the Christian, Brethern, and Presbyterian Churches belong to this group. Leading the group are Jim McCoy, president, Linda Ladd, vice president, E. L. Roland, treasurer, Jane Miller, secretary, Sue Nissen, reporter, and the faculty advisors are Dr. Nahm, Dr. Anders, Dr. Stewart, and Mrs. Pittman. Row l: S. Starke, Row 2: K. Johnson, M. Horn, F. Stegner, W. Oden, Row 3: E. Roland, D. Thurston, J. McCoy, J. Sill, L. Anders. gamma delta Christian service and study is promoted by the Beta Eta chapter of Gamma Delta. Larry Lutte is the president of the group, Don Kullmann, vice president, Carol Diehl, secretary, and Dorothy Kullmann, treasurer. Row 1: C. Meyers, S. Ehrhardt, N. Fischer, C. Maschger, S. Holt- haus, Row 2: C. Kappelman, J. Raspberry, D. Kullmann, J. Coff- man, M. Young, C. Brader, Row 3: K. Eggers, H. Young, C. Diehl, D. Kullmann, K. Mueller, J. Beilharz, J. Maty. liahona fellowship The Liahona Fellowship, sponsored by the Re-organ- ized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, provides Thursday morning devotions, fellowship services, numerous parties, and social functions. With a goal to foster, promote and stimulate spiritual de- velopment among students of CMS, the group is led by Blair Jensen, president, Peggy Brunson, vice presi- dent, Judi Barnhard, secretary, and Ron Chiles, treasurer. Dr. Kleta Finley and Keith Scott sponsor the organization. Row l: J. Embleton, F. Nave, A. Simpson, R. Chiles, M. Windes, Row 2: K. Dyer, H. Harp, SB Jones, S. Warnock, P. Jensen, C. Smith, J. Davis, M. Lewis, Row 3: K. Morrison, D. Dunshee, D. Johnson, L. Tousley, G. Dyer, B, Johnson, D. Allen, Row 4: K. Scott, G. Haas, B. Long, L. Smith, H. Miller, P. Herrick, J. Sellers, B. Jensen. Wesley foundation Student planned and led programs characterize the Wesley Foundation of Methodist students at CMS. Larry Keisker is president, Vivian Caryle, vice presi- dent, Peggy Simmerman, secretary, Lyle Otto, treasurer. Row T: E. Famuliner, S. Thomas, V. Williams, D. Deckard, Row 2: A. Morris, J. Michael, P. Hoover, N. Fulkerson, E. Diggs, B. Davidson, J. Treece, M. Henschel, W. Allen, A. Dyer, F. Robards, Row 3: J. Marske, R. Burns, P. Sim- merman. M. Bary, W. Wade, J. Garner, E, Duncan, M. Tabor, M. Hyatt, K. Howell, S. Funk, J. Heisler, Row 4: B. Hathcher, B. krensmeier, S. Newman, B. Pangborn, C. Mills, D. Sprouse, M. Blunt, D, Brening, L. Seba, V. Carlyle, D. Hutton, Row 5: P. McCandless, P. Gilbert, L. Barry, G. Page, K. Montgomery, C. Unger, B, Stallin, E. Shroder, E, Swovelam, L. Otto, L. Keisker, Row 6: R. Blair, N. Bashore, G. White, C. Lee, G. Weaver, B. Schrimsher, K. Hanna, R. Smith, J. Peniclc, M. Lord, P, Nichols. A. Na .. ff' 'L' ' nik :re Lu .ur I 11" 'S 1 -- 4-.I 36.1 li. u 7 1 K s I l f I Av' . ,K fix. O 4 -1-s-abit?-' 1' ' s 4 Q sports J s . '. ,QR 3 U. qgfsf K 'v I. -'XX ',1 'v- .' ,- . a fi' 'un 4-.--1r.L.2.'.L".:.:.an3l-'0:"?.'T'..,. . ' I I ' bv H f fl? H iv K 1 I X. 4 x n w 1 s E E i I I l I ! I l l 2 5 E x n 1 1 1 Standing: H. McCoy, Head Coach Hal Yinger, R. Partridge, Kneel- ing: J. Dahman, N. Tremble. giigf . ' Qf W1 25251 J H' 1. 2--is-E xt J . :- V - . .- M-3 . .... -- Q, We Q? Bl' 'I fa z H is S Z any :digits ?-4 L -2 at X31 .L M- 5 aqui wi -2 2 ss. x ,. .-at -.L-A-fs . 2 tt' X QR A Boyce-HB Jessee-C 3 V, ,Z 2514 57 i" 'fx Cys, F X L if A " I 5 1. '21 ? S! Y Q :fire . V 1 . ,sits ... Q- Q, , . , n - .Wm K. X 1' 2 W A fi T . .-- swf". we ' ' ---Z football Coach Hal Yinger's Mules, despite a losing 4-5 record, improved on last season's CMS grid showing. Operating mainly from a split-T this season, the Mules finished in fifth place in the MIAA with a 1-4 slate. An innovation of the 1960 season was an airplane trip by the football squad to Nebraska, where the Mules over- whelmed Kearney State, 71 to 19. Other highlights of the season included a romp over Washburn University and a terrific Mule losing effort against the powerful Pittsburg State Gorillas. Mule star Jerry Boyce, who signed a professional con- tract with the St. Louis Cardinals of the NFL at the end of the season, received All-MIAA first team honors for the second consecutive year. Boyce and teammate Jeff Jessee were named to the honorable mention Little All-American Team. Freshman John Rice led the MIAA in punting with over a 40-yard average, while halfback Boyce was well out in front of the league's pass receivers. Zymuli-QB Keeton-T Johnson-T Raglin-HB D'Alesio-HB Lewis-G MUYBGFTYQG Collier-HB 'X V' 1' ds. -Us w N -.. .fe L N. ,ggi X ,J 2- 2.j'5tQw 352 fi L Mi ima 'Q ,, . ,ggi VV.k 5 . 1445 Rig? Kunz-E Rinne-QB Shepherd--E lane-FB Allen--E 110 Row Five: E. Angus, B. Penn, S. Hutch- ings, E. Green, R. Partridge, J. Dahman, H. Yinger, H. McCoy, N. Tremble, G. Hedrick, F. Tuggle, W. Cox, G. Ale- shire. Row Four: G. Fuller, J. Hacken- smith, F. Ragland, B. White, R. Gas- tonow, M. Rabius, C. Morley, P. Nichols, J. Crouthers, J. Keller, R. Allen, R. Kirk- endall, K. Oliver. Row Three: H. Epps, B. Winn, L. Johnson, G. Chase, L. Dinger, V. Tota, F. Ramel, L. Seitz, G. Marchetti, M. Gieringer, P. Stom- poly, R. Tavernaro. Row Two: J. Keeton, H. Lone, G. Rector, D. Whitfield, H. Mayberry, J. Jesse, D. Lewis, B. John- son, J. Rice L. Shepherd, N. Allen, B. Zymali. Row One: S. Russell, P. Collier, D. Beattie, J. Dalesio, J. Boyce, T. Kunz, M. Noland, J. Crouther, A. Main, and D. Rinne. trainer squad Left to Right: S. Wiggins, D. Hutchison, H. Mayberry Left fo Right: M. Reege, B, Johnson, Left to Right: J. Boyce, J. Wyrick I Gladfelter H. Yinger. T. Kosmiski, T. Kunz. "Weil, you can'i win them all." All clear ahead. Picking up u few extra yards FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD Mules 21 .,............................,. 12 Mules 21 ....... ......... 3 9 Mules 71 ...... ......... 1 9 Mules 35 ...... ......... 1 4 Mules 6 .......... ......... 1 9 Mules O .......... ......... 2 3 Mules 23 ...... ......... 2 1 Mules 0 .......... ......... 2 5 Mules 19 ................................ 41 "MIAA conference games 1960 SEASON Emporia State Pittsburg State Kearney State Washburn U. Springfieldf Cape Girardeauf Rolla' Kirksvillek Maryvillek Catch it, Jerry Hurry with that Block Boy Scout Night "Good Catch!" "The one ihof didn't get away! l Hold that line!" "Boyce eyes goal line!" "Lef's have a little spirit, boys!" basketball ' The 1960-61 Mules basketball squad, though built around a nucleus of young players, improved greatly on last year's 5-17 record by winning 13 of 20 contests, good for a second place tie in the MlAA Conference. A feature of the season was the Second Annual MlAA Conference Tournament, this year held in Garrison Gymnasium at Warrensburg. ln tourney play, the Mules rebounded from an opening loss to Cape to win consolation honors. Sophomore forward Gordon McFarland of Warrens- burg was named to the tournament all-star squad. CMS, coached for the fifteenth season by Earl Keth, was led in scoring by freshman Bud Vallino, who hit 284 points for a 14.2 average-per- game. Gordon McFarland, one of three returnees from last year's team, was second high in over-all scoring with 241 counters. Guard Bob Walters and center Tony Marshall, both with previous basketball experience in the service, were outstanding newcomers to the Mule team. Bob Dennis and Tom Hewitt, a transfer from South- eastern Louisiana State, both rebounded well for CMS, as well as be- ing timely scorers. Russ Childress, the only senior on the squad, closed out his college basketball career in style by hitting 27 points in the season's finale, a 75 to 70 win over Springfield. Earl Keth, Dean of MIAA coaches Row Three: B. Burton, R. Dennis, C. Bailes, Coach Keth, G. McFarland, R. Childress, D. Davis. Row Two: B. Vallino, W. Platt, T. Hewitt, F. Chlipala, C. Cummings, T. Marshall. Row One: J. Shehane, J. Stevens, N. Loyet, J. Roberts, R. Walters. 115 Dennis adds to Mule lead. 6 Like . . . Good Grief! BASKET BALL SCOREBOARD Mules 80 ................................ 56 Mules 81 ................................ 73 Mules 54 ........ ....... 5 1 Mules 81 ........ ........ 7 2 Mules 60 ........ ........ 8 1 Mules 70 ........ ........ 8 O Mules 72 ........ ....... 6 3 Mules 67 ........ ........ 5 2 Mules 83 ........ ....... 6 2 Mules 75 ........ ....... 7 6 Mules 48 ........ ......, 4 9 Mules 73 ........ ....... 7 6 Mules 63 ........ ....... 6 O Mules 56 ........ ....... 5 1 Mules 70 ........ ....... 7 6 Mules 47 ........ ......, 4 6 Mules 83 ........ ....... 6 1 Mules 70 ........ ....... 8 5 Mules 71 ............... ....... 5 8 Mules 75 .................. ....... 7 O 3996 MIAA Tourney 'MIAA conference games 1960-61 SEASON Ottawa U. Pittsburg State Emporia State Pittsburg State Emporia State Cape Girardeauw' Springfieldw Rollaw Washburn U. Maryvillet' Rollaf Cape Girardeauk Springtieldk Washburn U. Cape Girardeauf Kirksvillek Maryvillef Kirksvillei' Rollak Springfieldk Hewiit waits for rebound. A Valino drives in for Ihe score. Jump sho! by MacFcrlcnd track D. Barlow, R. Coker, J. Boyce, H. Gray The 1960 Mules track team was active in numerous meets during the season. They competed in the MIAA Conference Indoor Meet, Iowa Teachers Relays, Kansas Relays, Drake Relays, and a triangular meet with Rolla and Westminster. The Mules also com- peted in individual meets with Pittsburg State, Ottawa University, Washburn University, and Kirksville. II8 Wx IW? T. Carlton, P. Collier, R. Waxlax. P Handy and Wiley race for finish line. , ii l., ,Qin i7'x?"5A'?' V. 15 FST N- L, Hfqw 'iw .Q -Mr se q 1 -4 ' i , ' V M4-5-h Whitfield warms up. Gray gets sei. ,,,.a ' cross country Standing: B. Silverberg, R. Michaels Coach Copeland, B, Wiley, N. Bashore Kneeling: B. Macldin, J. Davis, J. Hobby The Mules Cross Country team partici- pated in seven meets. They ran against Rolla and Springfield, and met Pittsburg State and Graceland twice. ln the MIAA confer- ence meet the Mules tied for fourth place. Capturing third place individual honors in this event, was the Mule's Bill Silverburg. Beginning of cross country run with Pitts burg State. baseball 'QR- Row Three: F. Rees, M. Stump, S. Russell, M. Standley, G. Lewis, J. Mateia, J. Frost, G. Robbins, F. Rees-Coach F. Oshel. Row Two: G. Parke, J. Kleindienst, D. Westhues, R. Bunton, B. Tompkins, W. Stetzler, T. Hunter, B. Larson. Row One: B. Dey, P. Crawford, B. Iorio, L. Ford, D. Harrison, F, West, J. Shy. ,fi .1 l G. Lewis-Manager J. Frost-'lb D. Harrison-2b T. Hunter-of M. Stump-3b M. Standley-c B, Tompkins-p B. Dey-of S. Russell-p The 1960 Mules, under the direction of Dr. Floyd Rees and assistant coach Fred Oshel, played a rough schedule and came out with a 6-7 record for the season. After an opening loss to Westminster, the Mules bounced back with victories over Kansas City University and Maryville State. Rained-out games with Richards-Gebauer Air Force Base and a close loss to Kansas University slowed the Mules in mid-season. Other opponents of the Mules included Emporia State, Kansas, and Central College of Fayette. The top hitter of the club was J. B. Frost, who led the team in RBI's and batting with a .394 average. Other .300 hitters were Marvin Standley, .386, Dick Harrison, .3485 John Klein- dienst, .3141 and Marion Stump, .300. Bob Tompkins and Sam Russell were the top pitchers on the squad, while Allen Stetzler turned in a sparking perform- ance as he pitched a two-hit shut-out against Central. cheerleaders Sitting: Sandra Jennings, Judy Johnson, Sharon Pemberton. Standing: Sidney Smith, Doralee Miller, Dixie Davis, Freida Bonnel, Glenna Downs, Kay Porter, Joy Rothfuss. .J Q, 5. ' 4? ' f. , W ' ' 'V Q Give me an "M"! Row One: M. Gilbert, C. Craig, S. Holthaus, G. Downs, S. Jennings, L. Cook. Row Two: J. Minor, D. Miller, K. Porter, G. Mallory. Row Three: B. Gilbert, L. Chick, J. Barnett, E. Row- land, F. Bonnel. pep club The Pep Club sponsors buses to out-of-town games, helps with pep rallies, sponsors the "Mascot Mule" at games and rallies, and makes shakers. The purpose of the club is to encourage school spirit and loyalty to the teams under all conditions, and to have good sportsmanship at games. President, Glenna Downs, vice president, Kay Porter, secre- tary treasurer, Sandy Jennings. intramurals Women's intramural volleyball. CMSC had a complete intramural program in 1960-61, with sports for everyone. In the men's division there was touch football, basketball, track, swimming, tennis, badmin- ton, handball, bowling, and volleyball. The Sig Tau's were football champions. The Burford's took the basketball crown. Phillips Hall was first in bowling, AKL's first in swimming. Bill Ely won the men's singles tennis championship and Rick Eickman and Larry Sahn won the doubles crown. Women's intramurals consisted of basketball, volley- ball, softball, badminton, bowling, and tennis. The Little Mules captured the volleyball championship. Men's intramural touch football. T0UCl'I football action- t The Burfords, Intramural Basketball Champs. Left to Right: D. Smith, C. Littleton, L. Hannah, L. Dilley, A. Ozias, B. Busby, G. Sears, G. Law. Front: G. Keller. 5 gf' Men's intramural tennis, Girl's intramural basketball. dolphins The 1960 Dolphin Show, directed by Miss Dorothy Coleman, was a water fantasy featuring a trip to "A Fair To Remember." The Dolphins, after long hours of hard work on the show, presented their rendition of County Fair to a capacity crowd every performance. A closing highlight of the 1960 Dolphin Show-"A Canadian Sunset." Dolphins design and produce a side show starring "The Trained Dogs." -ffswf , We The crowds were delighted by the Dolphins' aquatic ride gn An excerpt from "The Balloon Man." "The Merry-Go-Round." 125 .,. ,4.. Q ,',4 . S? an , L' - 4-.Fm 2' . 2":. '. LK' ... J I r.l3- n"l. tl C I .a-1 -- n BJ.. H. P2 rl s-Q' f 'J 0 A 14. S. 4 .Q X 'Q' 'if I XX studenis fe' sl XV., Xu , U-Y l rfgji' lv N Qi W' , X , N m .V ' lf- Sf I ' underclassmen 1 seniors W i grqduates ig? my fflsvg L 3 My K SSX in Mg - 5? Q enior QD! 'Qf"""'? 128 ADAMS, Mary Fairy, Appleton City, Elementary Education AGEE, Shirley, Independence, Elementary Education, SNEA ALLARD, Charles, Macedon, N. Y,, Mathematics ALLEN, DeWayne Charles, Independence, Industrial Arts, Alpha Kappa Lambda, chaplain, Prexy Club, Liahona Fellowship, social chairman, SCA, president, Dolphin Show, RLDS Drama Club, Industrial Arts Club. AMOS, Jean Thoeni, Carrollton, Business Administration, Alpha Sigma Alpha, parliamentarian, Pi Omega Pi, Secretarial Science Club, SNEA, WRA, Student Center Committee, Popular Girl Candidate AMOS, Neil Glover, Jefferson City, Education, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Phi Sigma Epsilon, social chairman, house manager, SNEA, Fresh' man Counselor ANSON, Donna Lee, Higginsville, Business Education, Who's Who, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, secretary treasurer, Pi Omega Pi, historian, Business Education Club, secretary treasurer, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, UCCF, IWA, president, parliamentarian, Homecoming Queen candidate, RHETOR Queen candidate APPLEBERRY, Patricia Ann, Waverly, Vocational Home Economics, Who's Who, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA executive council, AWS, judiciary board, North Hall council, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Omicron Phi, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Homecoming Queen candidate, BSU, SCA ARENSMEIER, Bette Joyce, Higginsville, Elementary Education, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, president, Prexy Club, SNEA, reporter, Chorus, Freshman Counselor, Wesley Foundation, Student Center Committee, Yeoter Todd Glee Club AREY, Kenneth Lloyd, Kingston, Merchandising and Retailing, Dean's Honor Roll, Tau Kappa Epsilon, sergeant at arms, Merchandising and Retailing Club ATKINS, Gladys, Hughesville AUBUCHON, Joy L., Sl. Louis, Physical Educaiion, Dean's Honor Roll, Yeafer and Hours Halls Councils, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Phi Della, PEM Club, WRA, Freshman Counselor. AUSTIN, Kara Lee, Ludlow, Missouri, Vocational Home Economics, Dean's Honor Roll, AWS, represeniaiive, Todd Hall council, Alpha Phi Sigma, membership chairman, Colhecon, ouisfanding freshman and sophomore in Colhecon, SNEA, WRA, Chorus, Collegiate 4-H Club, Wesley Foun- dalian, Yeafer Todcl Glee Club. BAILEY, Roger Eugene, Excelsior Springs, General Business. BANCROFT, Wilma R., Bufler, Elemeniary Educalion. BARKER, Wayne Richard, Brunswick, Maihemafics, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, Sigma Zeta, SNEA, Phi Sigma Pi. BARNES, Leonfine M., Kansas City, Social Studies. BATEMAN, Jacqulyn Frances, Kansas City, Social Siudies, Psychology Club, SNEA, BSU, lnfernalional Relalians Club. BATES, Paula Jean, Excelsior Springs, Merchandising and Reiailing, Dean's Honor Roll, Todd Hall Council, Sigma Kappa, sergeonf-ai-arms, rush chairman, Alpha Phi Della, Merchandising and Refailing Club, Yeaier Todd Glee Club. BAX, Thomas Eugene, Kansas Ciiy, Accounfing, Prexy Club, Accounfing Club, secrefary-Treasurer, Freshman Counselor, Newman Club, president iF"'h -iw' lr.,-f . ids! M- 1 .M 1, f uf- BECK, Martha Lea: Carrollton: Sociology: Delta Zeta, recording secretary: Student Center committee BEDWELL, David Wayne: Butler: Music: Alpha Kappa Lambda: Crescendo Club: SNEA: Concert Band: Marching Bond: Chorus: a cappella Choir: Freshman Counselor: Freshman Talent Show BEDWELL, Mary Ann: Rich Hill: Music: Hall of Recognition: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Alpha Phi Delta: Prexy Club: Alpha Phi Sigma, president, membership chairman: Pi Kappa Lambda: SNEA: Collegiate Band: Concert Band: Marching Band: College Orchestra: a cappella Choir: Freshman Counselor: Crescendo Club BENNETT, Ann C.: Liberty: Art: AWS: WRA: Student Center committee BICKHAM, Thomas Arthur: Leefs Summit: Physical Education: Varsity basketball: PEM Club: Physical Educators Club BIRK, Rodney Marvin: Hermann: Physical Education: M Club: Chorus: Newman Club: Social Dance: Varsity basketball: Varsity baseball BITTICK, Sallie Ann: Pacific: Elementary Education: Alpha Gamma Delta, social chairman: Homecoming Queen candidate: ACE: SNEA: Freshman Counselor: Houts Hosey Glee Club BLACKWELL, Linda Joyce: Polo: Vocational Home Economics: Hall ot Recognition: AWS council: Houts Hosey council: Delta Zeta, president: Best Dressed Girl candidate: Pan Hellenic council: Prexy Club: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Omicron Phi, treasurer: Colhecon Club, president: SNEA: Freshman Counselor: UCCF: Houts Hosey Glee Club BLAIR, Robert Joseph: Grandview: Merchandising and Retailing: Dean's Honor Roll: Men's Dorms Executive council: Phi Sigma Epsilon, pledge- master: IFC: Merchandising and Retailing Club: Chorus: Dolphin Show: Wesley Foundation: Freshman Talent Show: Social Dance BLAND, Dave Marshall: Kansas City: Social Studies: Tau Kappa Epsilon BLAND, Dorothy June: Independence: Vocational Home Economics: Col- hecon Club: SNEA: Liahono Fellowship BLASINGAME, Jerry Marshall: Carrollton: Industrial Arts: SNEA: Missouri Industrial Education Assn. BOCKELMAN, Joe Albert: Versailles: Music BOESCHEN, Carolyn: Cole Camp: Secretarial Science: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: AWS representative: Houts Hosey council: Delta Zeta, corres- ponding secretary: Alpha Phi Delta: Pi Omega Pi: Business Education Club: Secretarial Science Club: SNEA: Marching Band: Freshman Coun- selor BONATSU, Margaret: Athens, Greece: French BORCHERDING, Glen William: Norborne: General Business: Phi Sigma Epsilon: General Business Club BOURLAND, Gerald Wayne: Freeman: Mathematics: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Sigma Tau Gamma: Merchandising and Retailing Club BOWLIN, Leon Maurice: Lone Jack: Physics and Chemistry BUWMAN, Barbara: Harrisonville: Chemistry and Biology: Hall of Rec- ognition: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: SGA: AWS, president, treasurer, assembly, judiciary board: Yeater Hall, executive council: Houts Hosey, executive council, president, first vice president: RHETOR, senior editor: Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sentinel, pledge trainer, outstanding pledge: Pan Hellenic Council: Prexy Club: American Chemical Society: Collegiate Band: Concert Band: Marching Band: Freshman Counselor: Outing Club: Freshman Talent Show: Student Center committee: BOYCE, Jerry Earl: Kansas City: Physical Education: STUDENT, sports editor: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Varsity Football, co-captain l96O, all MIAA conference halfbacli 1959-60, honorable mention all American end 1960: Varsity Track: English Club: PEM Club: Freshman Counselor: "M" Club: Senior Class vice president BOYD, Mary Potter: Leetan: Elementary Education BOZARTH, Helen M.: Odessa: Elementary Education - 2 2 sr 1:2 U, .Si-.M -s,::, Sriigifiilkfllfifafilsfsi wm:mso,f:e':ta2t1s5'Isaacsw 15'.5fs53?r:S7I1?5ii'EQ5'EiibSiii555 , is ., Q. Y ttii itti W My ,si 2 B: ,rt W., A Q 'WE egg ,- S 6 E E: .isfi e -gs s 4 aivgm 1. srisrremm-f f, . A il . Veg,-:Zh i Q 7 1 ff fe ieti -A -- .- mga? : if 21245 ' 3 555222 feggeggxaiisfw BRACKENRIDGE, Velda Faye: Eldorado Springs: Elementary Education BRADSHAW, Larry Alan: Kansas City: Industrial Arts: Hosey Hall Council: Tau Kappa Epsilon, house manager: Industrial Arts Club, president: Chorus: Student Center committee BRAME, William Edward: Slater: Industrial Arts: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Prexy Club: Industrial Arts Club, president: SNEA BRANSTETTER, Elmer Earl: Clinton: Mathematics and Physics: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Kappa Mu Epsilon, treasurer: Sigma Zeta, secretary BRENNER, Glen A.: Jefferson City: Accounting: Alpha Kappa Lambda BROWN, Wayne E.: Sedalia: Speech: Who's Who: Hall ot Recognition: Dean's Honor Roll: Phi Sigma Epsilon, vice president: IFC, parliamen- tarian: Mace and Torch, president: Prexy Club: Pi Kappa Delta, vice president: Freshman Talent Show: Young Republicans, president: Varsity Debate: Square Dance Club, president BUCK, Beverly: Marshall: Social Science: Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: Foreign Language: SNEA: SCA, reporter, pro- gram chairman: REW: Wesley Foundation, deputation chairman, devo- tions chairman: Social Dance Club: Student Center committee BULLOCK, Karen Ruth: Windsor: English: Hall of Recognition: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Freshman Class secretary: Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Sigma Tau Delta: RHETOR Queen, English Club: SNEA: Chorus: Freshman Counselor: Houts Hosey Glee Club: Student Center committee: Freshman Mulebackers: Honors Program BUNCH, Beverly Phillips: Pleasant Hill: Home Economics BURTON, William P.: Carrollton: Physical Education: Alpha Kappa Lambda, athletic director: Physical Educators Club: Freshman Counselor: Intramural Advisory Council, secretary treasurer BYWATERS, David Arthur: Eldon: Social Studies: Dean's Honor Roll: Freshman Counselor CAHILL, Marjorie, Independence, Elementary Education CALKIN, Dorothy B., Knob Noster, Elementary Education CALLAHAN, Betty Lou, Lee's Summit, Elementary Education, AWS, Alpha Sigma Alpha, assistant membership director, ACE, SNEA, REW committee, Orchesis CAMPBELL, Arlene, St. Ann, Physical Education and Biology CAMPBELL, Virginia Demarest, Cameron, Elementary Education, Girl Glee Club, Pep Club CARLYLE, Vivian, Odessa, Elementary Education, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, vice president, ACE, secretary, SNEA, Wesley Foundation, vice president CARPENTER, Patricia Ann, Tipton, Elementary Education, Hall of Rec- ognition, Dean's List, Alpha Gamma Delta, vice president, SNEA, Col- legiate Band, maiorette, Chorus, BSU, Yeater Todd Glee Club, Out- standing Student Teacher, Homecoming Queen Candidate CARSON, Opal Frances, Otterville, Music, SNEA, Collegiate Band, College Orchestra, a cappella Choir, Freshman Counselor, Yeater Todd Glee Club, Mu Phi Epsilon CARTER, Lyndell, Centerview, Physical Education CATON, Joyce Jean, Marshall, Business Education, Prexy Club, Pi Omega Pi, president, Business Education Club, English Club, SNEA CAWEIN, Mary Lynn, St. Louis, Sociol09Yi Who's Who, Todd Hall treas- urer, Delta Zeta, president, most outstanding Delta, Homecoming Queen Attendant, Pan Hellenic Council, president, Prexy Club, Freshman Coun- selor, Newman Club, Dolphins, Pep Club, Senior Class secretary treasurer ,.v, ..,, fggisgis. Q ,gg 'I34 15 CENTER, Mary Ruth, Rich Hill, Social Studies, Dormitory Council, resident assistant, Homecoming Decorations Committee, SNEA, vice president, Chor- us, a cappella Choir, Freshman Counselor, Houts Hosey Glee Club CHALMERS, James Edward, Eldon, Social Studies. CHEHRPARDAZ, Khosrow, Tehran, Iran, Psychology and Sociology, Prexy Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, Psychology Club, president, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Social Dance Club, Cosmopolitan Club, president, lnternational Relations Club. CHILDRESS, Charles Russell, Lee's Summit, Physical Education, Industrial Arts Club, PEM Club, Varsity Basketball colcaptain, Varsity Track, All MIAA Tournament Team, M Club, secretary CHRISMAN, Roger C, Waverly, Accounting CLARK, Carolyn Hanners, Raytown, English, SGA Assembly, Sigma Sigma Sigma, outstanding member, vice president, SNEA, College Orchestra, a cappella Choir, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Committee, Yeater Todd Glee Club CLEAR, Dixie Kay, Warrensburg, Physical Education, Dean's List, PEM Club, secretary, SNEA, WRA CLEMONS, Ronald Dale, Malta Bend, English, SGA Executive Council, THE STUDENT, key, English Club, secretary, SNEA, Chorus, Freshman Counse- lor, Baptist Student Union, promotion chairman, SCA, CMSC Players, Young Republicans Club, publicity chairman, Religious Emphasis Week, co chair- man COHICK, DOYLE A., Nevada, Biology, Who's Who, Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA Executive Council, Dormitory Council, secretary, Delta Zeta Man of the Year, Phi Sigma Epsilon, corresponding secretary, Blackouts director, Junior Class president, PYEXY Club, Bell! Beta 5970: SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Chairman, Student Center Key, CMSC Players, Young Democrats Club COLEMAN, Beverly Sue, Peculiar, Physical Education, Who's Who, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, PEM Club, vice president, WRA, BSU COLLIER, PAUL, Jackson, Ohio, Physical Education COLLINS, Ester Ruth, Osceola, General Science COOK, B. Joyce, Boonville, Elementary Education, Dean's Honor Roll, AWS, Alpha Phi Delta, ACE, SNEA, Chorus, Social Dance CORDES, Wallace Wayne, Concordia, General Business, General Business Club: Gamma Delta, Dean's Honor Roll COSSAIRT, Mary Jalan, Warrensburg, French, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Crescendo Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, vicepresident, SNEA, Collegiate Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, College Orches- tra, Chorus, REW Committee COWAN, Barbara, Kansas City, Elementary Educalion COYLE, James M., St. Louis, Physical Education CROWDER, Robert Jerold, Deepwater, Agriculture, Agriculture Club, vice president, Social Dance, Young Democrats CURRAN, Judith Ann, Sedalia, Art, Dean's Honor Roll, AWS, Dormitory Council, Alpha Gamma Delta, scribe, librarian, recording secretary, Beta Alpha, secretary, vice president, Chorus, BSU, executive council, Social Dance, Student Center Committee, Pep Club DAVISSON, Dorothy Leigh, Kansas City, Elementary Education, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, AWS, Houts Hosey Council, president, vice president, Alpha Sigma Alpha, rush chairman, vice president, president, Miss School Spirit, Pan Hellenic Council, secretary, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, ACE, Psychology Club, SNEA, Freshman Coun- selor, U.C.C,F., vice president, Houts Hosey Glee Club, Student Center Committee, Freshman Mulebackers, president DAWDY, Sondra, Jefferson City, Elementary Education DEWITT, Beverly June, Mountain Grove, Music, Dormitory Council, Cres- cendo Club, SNEA, Collegiate Band, College Orchestra, Chorus, a cappella Choir, Freshman Counselor, BSU, Freshman Talent Show u 5 9' 'W' A K. A we Q .- Q, -it -r Q' yn, cf' i mc Q? Q N is 2 L 7' 52 T g ax new ', 61-Y-' .v Q V ta 4 X . 3 I 1 " ':fL,ig,'K .. -gs Sie 5 1 Q F Pfvx JP" K fha fs Vi ,, sf, 135 9 L DEWITT, Wayland Keith, Independence, Social Studies, Dean's List, Prexy Club, Liahona Fellowship, president, vice president, SCA DIECKMAN, Marian Carol, Independence, Elementary Education, AWS, Judiciary, representative, Alpha Sigma Alpha, membership director, ACE, SNEA, Gamma Delta, Houts Hosey Glee Club, Student Center committee DIGGS, Evelyn Kathryn, Odessa, Business, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, secretary treasurer, Pi Omega Pi, secretary treasurer, Business Edu- cation Club, SNEA, Wesley Foundation, Alpha Phi Sigma DISNEY, Darryl Dean, Osceola, Art, Sigma Tau Gamma DITTMER, Donald Ray, Concordia, Mathematics, Dean's List, Prexy Club, Kappa Delta Pi, historian, Scholastic Award, Kappa Mu Epsilon, SNEA DIXON, Joanne, Kansas City, Elementary Education, Todd Council, ACE, SNEA, Chorus, Yeater Todd Glee Club DOWNS, Glenna Pauline, Kansas City, Biology, Yeater Hall Council, re- cording secretary, Sigma Kappa, Homecoming Queen, Prexy Club, Fresh- man Counselor, Canterbury Club, Dolphins, Freshman Talent Show, Social Dance Club, Cheerleader, Pep Club, president, Pep Commissioner DOYLE, Jolene, Lake Ozark, Drama DUNDAS, Charles Vernon, Windsor, Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club, secretary, SNEA DYER, Gary Alden, Stewartsville, Biology, Who's Who, Dean's List, Student Traffic Court, presiding officer, Alpha Kappa Lambda, scholarship chair- man, iudiciary council, Mace and Torch, Prexy Club, Beta Beta Beta, president, Liahona Fellowship, Outstanding Biology Award, Scholarship Award, Greek Week Committee EASTIN, EU9e"e Ruben: Brentwood, English and History, Hall of Recog- nition, SGA., Student Court, Traffic Court, presiding officer, Supreme Court, Chief Justice, English Club, vice president, president, SNEA, vice president, membership chairman, Freshman Talent Show, Prexy Club, Sigma Tau Delta, Chorus EDDE, Donald Young: Sedalia: General Business: Dormitory Council: Executive Council: Social Chairman: Phi Sigma Epsilon: General Business Club: Freshman Counselor: Social Dance Club EDWARDS, Laura Jean: Lexington: Speech Correction: SNEA: Freshman Counselor: CMSC Players: Theta Alpha Phi EHMANN, Gwendolyn Louise: Blue Springs: Mathematics and Education: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Phi, secretary: Kappa Mu Epsilon: SNEA: Gamma Delta EHRHARDT, Shirley. Ann: Jefferson City: Chemistry and Mathematics: Who's Who: Hall of Recognition: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Alpha Phi Delta: Prexy Club: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Mu Epsilon, treasurer: Sigma Zeta, president, program Chairman: American Chemical Society, vice president, secretary, treasurer: Gamma Delta ELLINGSON, Roger Neal: Marshall: General Business: Phi Sigma Epsilon, treasurer: General Business Club: Student Center committee ELLIOTT, Claudine Ann: Kansas City: Secretarial Science: Dean's Honor Roll ELLIOTT, Jerry Dean: Latour: Physical Education: Dormitory Council: Phi Sigma Epsilon: Physical Educators Club: SNEA: Chorus: Freshman Counse- lor: UCCF: Diemer Athletic Award EMBLETON, Joseph: Independence: General Business: General Business Club: Liahona Fellowship, president ETCHESON, John Maurice: Flora, Ill: Elementary Education and History: SNEA EVANS, Sharon Larhue: Kansas City: Vocational Home Economics: SNEA FAULWELL, Marvin: Warrensburg: Biology FERGUSON, Larry Kenneth, Sedalia, AgriBusiness, SGA, Student As- sembly Chairman, RHETOR STAFF, organizations co editor, Kappa Sigma Kappa, corresponding secretary, recording secretary, sergeantatarms, parliamentarian, General Business Club, Agriculture Club, recording secretory, treasurer. FERRO, Robert Lynn, Clinton, Commercial Art, Dean's List, Collegiate Bond, Concert Band, Beta Alpha, president, Amateur Radio Club. FIENE, Chester Olan, Concordia, Accounting, Accounting Club. FINKLANG, Ruby, Adrian, Elementary Education. FISHER, Jane, Holden, Music, Wha's Who, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Todd Hall Council, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Phi Delta, Pi Kappa Lambda, Crescendo Club, treasurer, Secretarial Science Club, SNEA, College Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Freshman Counselor, Freshman Talent Show, Yeater Todd Glee Club, Outstanding Music Student Award. FLOWER, Juanita Joan, Norborne, Vocational Home Economics, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Omicron Phi, correspond- ing secretary, Colhecon Club, SNEA, Baptist Student Union. FONSECA, Luis, San Pedro Sula, Republic of Honduras, Business Admin- isfration. FORD, Larry Marvin, Pleasant Hill, Physical Education, Sigma Tau Gamma, Athletic Director, PEM Club, Varsity Baseball, M Club. FOWLER, Iva Mae, Clinton, Education. FREDERlCK, Ronald Clyde: Blue Springs: Chemistry: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Prexy Club: Kappa Mu Epsilon: America Chemical Society: Modern Foreign Language Club: UCCF FREDERICKSON, Amelia: High Point: Elementary Education: ACE: SNEA FREDERICKSON, Wallace James: Kansas City: Economics FRIEND, Mary Catherine: Blue Springs: Elementary Education: Acacia Sweetheart: Crescendo Club: SNEA: a cappella Choir: Freshman Coun- selor: Liahona Fellowship GAINES, Thelda Jean: Kansas City: English: STUDENT Staff: RHETOR Staff: English Club: Psychology Club: SCA: Dolphins. GAITHER, Willie Deon: Tollassee, Alabama: Social Science: Hall of Recog- nition: Dean's list: Dean's Honor Roll: Student Court: Acacia, popular boy candidate, rush chairman, parliamentarian: Prexy Club: Psychology Club: Freshman Counselor: Vet's Organization: Baptist Student Union: IFC, secretary: Mace and Torch, secretary treasurer: Young Democrats Club, president, vice president, secretary GATES, Mary E.: Clinton GERHARDT, Albert J.: Boonville: Agriculture: Phi Sigma Epsilon: Prexy Club: Agriculture Club, president: Vet's Organization GEROW, Diane Lee: Kansas City: Retail Merchandising: AWS: Sigma Kappa, recorder: Pan hellenic Council: Alpha Phi Delta: Merchandising and Retailing Club: Freshman Counselor: Student Center Committee: Yea- ter Todd Glee Club: CMSC Players: REW GIER, Phillip Louis: Kansas City: Accounting: Dean's Honor Roll: Dormitory Council: Tau Kappa Epsilon, treasurer: Accounting Club: Freshman Counse- lor GIERINGER, Michael A.: Kansas City: Physical Education: PEM Club: SNEA: Freshman Counselor: M Club, secretary: Tau Kappa Epsilon, president: IFC: Prexy Club: Varsity Football as ii? 1 'Q , 140 V LL,,. R, E . Q V GIESELMAN, Arlo Arthur, Alma, Social Studies, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll GILCREST, M. Alice, Holden, Home Economics, Dean's List, Kappa Omicron Phi GIST, Martha Searcy, Willow Springs, Physical Education, Dean's List, PEM, SNEA, Freshman Counselor GODDARD, Thomas Eugene, Freeman, Physical Education, Sigma Tau Gamma, PE Club: SNEA, Freshman Counselor GOODMAN, Martha Ann, North Kansas City, Elementary Education, Wha's Who, Hall ot Recognition, S.G.A., NSA, Co-ordinotor, Delta Zeta, vice president, Parliamentarian, Prexy Club, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Dol- phins, president, Freshman Talent Show, Student Center Committee, Student Union Committee GOLDBERG, Ted, Chicago, lllinois, Physical Education GONZALEZ, Bonita, Blue Springs, Elementary Education GRAHAM, Linda Jo, Urich, Elementary Education, AWS, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, ACE, SNEA, IWA, Homecoming Queen Candidate GRIER, Diane Marguerite, Kansas City, General Business, Todd Hall Coun- cil, General Business Club, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Committee, Yeater Todd Glee Club GRIESHABER, Clara, Montrose, Elementary Education, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA GRIMES, Robert, Dewitt GRIMES, William Lee, Osceola, Mathematics, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Sigma Tau Gamma, Kappa Mu Epsilon, president, Industrial Arts Club, Freshman Counselor GROSS, Gwendolyn, Adrain, Education HAGER, Zelpha L., Clinton, Elementary Fducatian HALLEMANN, .lames A., New Haven, Economics, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Newman Club, Social Dance Club, Student Center Committee HAM, Larry, Guilford, Physical Education HAMILTON, James W., Buckner, Accounting HAMMOND, Orin Dale, Sedalia, Social Science, Dean's Honor Roll, Bap- tist Ministerial Fellowship, president HANN, William A., Belton, Social Studies, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Sigma Tau Gamma, rush chairman, IFC, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Wes- ley Foundation, Social Dance Club, Student Center Committee, Young Republicans HANSEN, Janice, Warsaw, Music, Crescendo Club, 'SNEA, Concert Band, Marching Band, a cappella Choir, Wesley Foundation, Yeater Todd Glee Club, Young Republicans Club HARBAUGH, Donald Harold, Independence, Industrial Arts HARPER, Gerald, Kansas City, General Business 141 HARRIS, Norman L.: Kansas City, General Business HARRISON, Richard C,, Butler, Physical Education, Baseball, "M" Club, Physical Educator's Club, S.N.E.A. HASH, Ruth Ann, Osceola, Business Education, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Pi Omega Pi, Business Educa- tion Club, secretary, S.N,E.A., U.C.C.F,, Yeater Todd Glee Club HAYNES, Solone, Kansas City, History HEAVNER, William J,, Braymer, General Business, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Accounting Club, General Business Club, Social Dance Club HELD, Margie Mae, Pilot Grove, Elementary Education, A.C.E., S.N,E.A., B.S.U, HENDERSON, John R., Independence, Accounting, Decn's List, Dean's Hon- or Roll: Accounting Club HENRY, Owen, Winclsor, Malh, Collegiate Band, Concert Bond, Marching Band HENSLEY, Marilyn, Knob Naster, Elementary Education HEY, John David, Kansas City, Retailing and Merchandising, Phillips Dorm Council, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Merchandising and Retailing Club, vice presi- dent, Freshman T l I Sh a en ow, Social Dance Club, Intramurals HIGGINS, Carol June, Chilhowee, Voculional Home Economics, Colhecan Club, reporter, secretary, S.N.E.A. HIRST, Deon S., Hughesville, Social Science and French, Vet's Organization HOFFMAN, Gary R., Brentwood, English, S.G.A., Assembly, Dormitory Council, vice president, Prexy Club, English Club, SNEA, U.C.C.F., faith chairman HORNBECK, Loretta Lee, El Dorado Springs, Elementary Education, SNEA Dormitory Council. HOUSE, larry F., Warrenshurg, Merchandising and Retailing, Dean's List, Kappa Sigma Kappa, IFC, Merchandising and Retailing Club. HOWARD, Clarice, Montgomery City, Elementary Education HOYLE, Charles, Slater, Industrial Arts HUGHES, Duane Darrell, Independence, Chemistry, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Kappa Lambda, pleclgemaster, executive council, house steward, Kappa Mu Epsilon HULEN, Fred Reed, Higginsville, lndustrial Arts, RHETOR, Industrial Arts Club, Freshman Counselor HUTCHISON, Karen Lee, Independence, General Science, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, A.C.E., SNEA, a cappella Choir Liahona Fellowship, Houts Hosey Glee Club HYATT, Marie, Centerview, Sociology and Psychology, English Club, Psy- chology Club, S.C.A., advisory member, Wesley Foundation, associate di- rector ISOM, Michael, Excelsior Springs, Industrial Arts J., . www-V Aw E, we-' QF if M-MY' ,,-if 39' 143 'ZW , M , n IVA , gf Y if , Q. if L feswsifv' ff ' ,csfmwezf 7 ,,v.wQi2'5 '.. ::. -.sw-f , HR A T A 31- V -. f T 15551 ii , f "fHZ' , ."' 411, ' - Si . ' can L' f - K in 'M . , 1 S '. s f 144 MQW MW' ijt JACKSON, F, Jeanene, Ferguson, Elemenlury Educafion, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delia, SNEA, Chorus, U,C,C,F., Houts Hosey Glee Club, Social Dance, Yealer Todd Glee Club, Folk Dance Club JAMES, Razella Lee, Kansas City, Elemenlary Educulion, SNEA JAMESON, Sandra LaVerne, Maplewood, Vocational Home Economics, Dean's Honor Roll, Yealer Dorm Council, Alpha Phi Della, Kappa Omie cron Pi, Colhecon Club, SNEA, Sfuclen? Cenier Commiffee JEFFERS, Celia Ann, Worrensburg, Elemeniary Education JEFFERS, l.oren C., Warrensburg, Chernisfry JOHNSON, Bruce, Leavenworth, Kan., Physical Education JONES, Nellie Kay, Warrensburg, Home Economics in Business, Hall of Recognition, Sludenl Courf, AWS, judiciary board and assembly, Sigma Kappa, chaplain, second vice president, Alpha Phi Della, Kappa Omi. cron Phi, vice presidenf, Colhecon Club, Freshman Counselor, U.C.C.F., secrefary, Sfudenf Cenfer Commillee, Sophomore class secrelary JONES, Sharon, Independence, Elementary Educafion JOHNSON, James S., Worrensburg, Speech JOHNSON, John Eric, Warrensburg, English KAISER, Dolberf R., Sednlia, Biology KAMMERDIENER, Carol Joy, Kansas City, Elementary Education, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pan Hellenic Council, ACE, SNEA, Chorus, Freshman Counselor, BSU, greater council, Social Dance, instructor, Student Center Committee, chairman record committee, Student Center Cabinet, Student Center Activity Award. KEEVIL, V. A., Syracuse, Social Studies, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, SNEA. KEISKER, Larry M., Butler, Music, Who's Who, Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, Dormitory Council, Holden Hall, resident assistant, Phi Sigma Epsilon, chaplain, Mace and Torch, Prexy Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Crescendo Club, SNEA, Collegiate Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, College Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Freshman Counselor, Wesley Foundation, president. KEMPER, Marla Kay, Cameron, Secretarial Science, Who's Who, Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, AWS, iudiciary board, Dormitory Coun- cil, Yeater Hall, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Phi Delta, Pi Omega Pi, vice- president, Secretarial Science Club, vice-president, SNEA, Concert Band, A Cappella Choir, Houts Hosey Glee Club. KENT, AI Ray, Kansas City, Retail Merchandising, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Rall, S.G.A., citizenship chairman, Executive Council, Sigma Tau Gamma, president, board of directors, chairman of building committee, IFC, Prexy Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, General Business and Commerce Club, Merchandising and Retailing Club, Student Center Committee, refreshment committee, Student Progressive Party. KIMBALL, Carl, E., Raytown, Chemistry and Economics. KIRCHHOFER, George E., Hermann, Physical Education and Social Science, Diemer Executive Council, president 2nd Floor, administrative assistant, Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice-president, Prexy Club, Physical Educators' Club, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Social Dance Club, Student Center Committee, Young Republicans Club, Alpha Phi Omega. KLAMS, Clyde D., Friedheim, Merchandising and Retailing. KROGE, Mariorie, Higginsville, Secretarial Science, Delta Zeta, Secre- tarial Science Club, Gamma Delta. KREEGER, Robert, Sedalia, Merchandising and Retailing, SGA Assembly, Dormitory Council, STUDENT Staff, Sigma Tau Gamma, vice-president, social chairman, Merchandising and Retailing Club, secretary, Chorus, Freshman Counselor, Alpha Phi Omega. KNOELLER, Albert, New York City, N. Y., Chemistry, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, American Chemical Society, Liahona Fellowship, Liahona Drama Group, Dolphins. W5- Q23 A i 1 iv- i Ti fx 4 ,,-5 . .1 5 ,V s K. E, f. 1 S 6 hr' - -wi t O Q.: ' i yfgiimgii, QQ! M ' Q' fl, Q 24 -3? 'X r tt 'Q 1 . if' S 1 145 nf!! is tv " xx' 2 SFFQV. KUGLER, Rosalie Baker, Warrensburg, Elementary Education, Dean's .g Q:""1' or-2 H2251 7 5, ga 'mf ' 'S , .. Q, MV4 -u--A-, Wwxufi ' My-Q-ev Q .. 5 K' . 3 1. g K - . ,, L 'V ' 2 . " 4 xg, . H lid " i will KUGLER, Murry A., Warrensburg, Social Studies, SNEA, Chorus. Honor Roll, ACE, SNEA. KULLMANN, Donald Lee, Warrensburg, Agri-Business, Hall of Recogni- tion, Dean's Honor Roll, Agriculture Club, Gamma Delta, vice president, Social Dance, College Livestock Judging Team. KUNZ, Thomas H., Independence, Biology, Physical Education, Diemer Hall, resident assistant, Tau Kappa Epsilon, rush chairman, pledge trainer, Football Co Captain, Senior Class, president, Junior Class, vice president, IFC, Prexy Club, Physical Educator's Club, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, M Club, president, corresponding secretary, Varsity football. LACKEY, Vista Arlene, Kansas City, Elementary Education, Dean's Honor Roll, ACE, SNEA. LANGENDOERFER, Betty Lee, New Haven, English, Crescendo Club, English Club, SNEA, Collegiate Band, Chorus, Wesley Foundation, Social Dance, Yeater Todd Glee Club, Cosmopolitan Club. LARSON, John W., Sedalia, Chemistry, Dean's Honor Roll, SNEA, Ameri- can Chemical Society, Social Dance. LARUE, Don J., Blue Springs, Music Education, Hall ol Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Acacia, corresponding secretary, Alphg Phi Sigma, Crescendo Club, SNEA, Concert Band, Marching Band, Col- lege Orchestra, A Cappella Chair, Freshman Counselor, MENC, MSTA, Student Center Entertainment Cochairman, Student Center Cabinet, Freshman Talent Show, ca director, Social Dance. LASSWELL, Roger C., Deepwater, Industrial Arts, Industrial Arts Club, Marching Band, Freshman Talent Show. LEASCK, Andrew, Edward, St. louis, Industrial Arts. LEE, Jesse Ray, Richmond, Accounting, Dean's list, Accounting Club, Social Dance, Student Center Committee. LEE, Margaret Ann, Warrensburg, English, STUDENT staff, RHETOR staff, English Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, Psychology Club, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, UCCF, Social Dance, Young Democrats, vice-presi- dent, recording secretary, corresponding secretary, lnter-national Relu- tions Club, publicity secretary, KCMS staff, Cosmopolitan Club, Pep Club, IWA, Square Dance Club. LEMERY, James L., Kingston. LESLIE, Lee H., Raytown, Drama, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, Outstanding Freshman, Executive Council Assembly, Dormitory Council, secretary- treasurer, RHETOR staff, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Prexy Club, Psychology Club, Chorus, Student Center Committee, Freshman Mulebaclxers, Fresh- man Counselor, Vet's Organization, Social Dance, Pep Club, Jazz Club, president, CMSC Players, CMS Pep Commission, Production Stott CMS-TV. LESTER, Noble Kermit, Kansas City, Speech Correction, Dean's Honor Roll. LIEWIS, Donald H., Fairland, Olsla., Physical Education, Physical Educa- tors' Club, M Club, Varsity Football. LINTNER, Marie Anne, North Kansas City, Physical Education, Who's Who, Hall at Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Student Court, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, PEM Club, vice president, president, SNEA, WRA, secretary, vice-presi- dent, Chorus, Freshman Counselor, Outing Club, Baptist Student Union, Dolphins, secretary-treasurer, vice-president. LITTLEFIELD, Sydna Kaklen, Brentwood, Art, Dormitory Council, Yeater Hall, Sigma Sigma Sigma, social chairman, Beta Alpha, SNEA, Chorus, Freshman Counselor, Young Republicans, Freshman Pep Club, Acacia Calendar Girl. LLOYD, Marcia Lou tKempJ: Independence, Physical Education, Prexy Club, PEM Club, WRA, Liahona Fellowship, Orchesis, president. LOCKARD, Rexann, Warrensburg, Art. LOHMEYER, Charles W., Washington, Chemistry, Kappa Sigma Kappa, treasurer, pledge master, popular boy candidate, American Chemical Society, A Cappella Choir, Gamma Delta. LONG, Carole Ann, Hamilton, Business Education, Who's Who, Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Rall, SGA, executive council, AWS, president, recording secretary, council, representative, Dormitory Council, Todd Hall, recording secretary, Sigma Kappa, vice-president, Sweetheart of Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, Pi Omega Pi, Business Edu- cation Club, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Wesley Foundations, Yeater Todd Glee Club. ff f "-'Thats'- 'ff- an-'f' A 73515- LZLF' 147 LOVELAND, Leroy David, Lee's Summit, Business Administration, General Business Club, vice president. LUNT, Martin, Kingsville, Business. LUTTE, Larry Eugene, Farley, Music Education, Who's Who, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Phi Sigma Epsilon, chaplain, Mace and Torch, Prexy Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Kappa Lambda, Crescendo Club, vice president, president, SNEA, Concert Band, Marching Band, College Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Freshman Counselor, Gamma Delta, president, Freshman Talent Show. MC coRMicK, James Earl, Independence, Merchandising and Retailing, Sigma Tau Gamma, General Business Club, Merchandising and Retailing Club, Freshman Counselor, Social Dance. MC COY, James Ernest, Raytown, General Business, Who's Who, Dean's Honor Roll, S.G.A., treasurer, executive council, Tau Kappa Epsilon, treasurer, Prexy Club, General Business Club, Freshman Counselor, UCCF, president. MC CULLY, .ludith Ann, Kansas City, Art Education, Dormitory Council, Houts Hosey Hall, Delta Zeta, Publicity and Press, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Beta Alpha, Student Center Publicity Committee, Pep Club. MC DONALD, Robert M., Seclalia, Physical Education, Dean's List, Physical Educators' Club, SNEA. MC MURTREY, Wayne, Maysville, Accounting. MAC LEAN, Russell George, Denville, New Jersey, Industrial Arts Club, Industrial Arts Club. MAGADY, Stanley Howard, Lee's Summit, Physical Education, Physical Educators' Club, vice president, SNEA, Tau Kappa Epsilon. MALAN, Nadine Louise, Linn, Business Education, Dormitory Council, Todd Hall, Alpha Phi Delta, secretary treasurer, Business Education Club, secretary-treasurer, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, UCCF, Student Center Committee. MANLEY, Rose Alice, Richmond, Secretarial Science, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Alphi Phi Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, reporter, Secretarial Science Club, SNEA, BSU, Executive Council. MANSFIELD, Gussie Boone, Clinton, Elementary Education. MARCKS, Barbara Jean, Higginsville, Elementary Education and English, Dean's Honor Roll, AWS, Alpha Gamma Delta, ACE, SNEA, MSTA. MARTIN, Edwin Dennis, Independence, Social Science, Alpha Kappa Lambda, chaplain, Liahona Fellowship, NEA. MARTIN, Jay, Kansas City, Music, Social Science, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, Assembly, Dormitory Council, Acacia, social chairman, corresponding secretary, song leader, Prexy Club, Crescendo Club, English Club, vice president, SNEA, Collegiate Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, College Orchestra, Chorus, A Cappella Choir, Freshman Counselor, Gamma Delta, vicepresident, Freshman Talent Show, Social Dance, Student Center Committee, International Relations Club, president, vice president, Square Dance Club, MENC, MSTA, Young Republicans Club, Senior Day Committee, REW. MATTIVI, James E., Parlcville, General Business. MAY, Sandra Anne, Drexel, Home Economics. MARVIN, Henrys Resse, DeKalb, Physical Education. MATLAK, Patricia Stephanie, Chicago, Illinois, Physical Education, AWS, Physical Education Majors Club, SNEA, WRA, Liahona Fellowship, Orchesis. , fxivimmax . 7.1v..ea..lxssLfsiL5i:se'ecfY:.:v:--5e:?rsi5fQ?iEf?fiif'iiZ'7ZMiiEI?55fi95iQ1m53i f +.f'f.a5g.',... 51,1 w g :.....2fW222t::: -if ?ff2imgf'5s5?esfsisziissiiszgeszemgsazffwf21Lf?l5f'?lSi"1ri'5w .eggs N iigswsfrs-1.-mfiezfezlfwce ,E ,.. . exec... .A,Qlgsevsssfefszfeggefs-myhe--my-we'-yfeeeee ..,,..r-me 1 aw li ,meer 532525, M :eww 'Q ,...,Mlw.3.,e Page sz.. ::.'5:1s:,.':5...H,.' siege-I. zfgzlemsz. - ..-.:..:.n..,,,:.:: 5e11s2?ffs12,.f 1 , eyesleewfe.-s,. -: - ...--':..-:..s-e..f,. .. ,. .,... .,., . ,.,....,,..,,..,.. ..,. .2 .3 Q. L ,..5l.-rfiigff . -iAiZ.55EEil5i '75 :' f,,.f,,..-.- f- sgremeew -..... -,..i.:, .1 - I ., -f lemma - , f- mmol Pai: :- , . - ff CQQCKHHEV 3, ' - f 15.551 efwew S. .. 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METTLER, Mark A., Sedalia, General Business. METTLER, Marvin, Sedalia, General Business. MEYER, Norman, Platte City, Accounting. MEYER, Richard, Platte City, Accounting. MEYER, Theodore, Sedalia, Social Science. MILLER, Suzanne, Liberty, Elementary Education, SNEA. MOHN, Leroy Jr., Rainy River, Ontario, Chemistry, Dean's Honor Roll, Beta Beta Beta, Sigma Zeta, American Chemical Society, Wesley Foun- dation. MORIE, Gerald P., Wellsville, Chemistry, Wha's Who, Hall at Recogni- tion, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, Honor key, assembly, Dormitory Council, Resident Assistant, Phi Sigma Epsilon, IFC, Mace and Torch, vice president, Prexy Club, Sigma Zeta, American Chemical Society, president, Alpha Phi Omega, president, Prexy Club. MORRIS, Alice Mae, Wellsville, Biology, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Rall, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Beta Beta Beta, secretary, Wesley Foundation, secretary, SNEA, Modern Foreign Language Club, Chorus, Freshman Counselor. MORRIS, Harold Raymond, Belton, English and Social Studies, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll. MORRISS, Erwin B., Guilford, Biology and Physical Education, Beta Beta Beta, Physical Educators' Club, treasurer, SNEA, Freshman Counselor. MORRISON, Doris Dawn, Chilhowee, Business Education. MOTSINGER, Robert E., Independence, Music, Crescendo Club, SNEA, Concert Band, Marching Band, College Orchestra, Chorus, Freshman Counselory Kappa Sigma Kappa. MURPHY, Terry Ann, Kansas City, Elementary Education, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA Assembly, Dormitory Council, Delta Zeta, recording secretary, ACE, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Committee. NASHAN, James R., Carrollton, Music, ACE, Crescendo Club, SNEA, Collegiate Band, Concert Band, Marching Band, Chorus. NEWCOMB, Paul, Warrensburg, Industrial Arts. NEWMAN, Mary Seba, Belton, Speech Correction, Freshman Counselor. NEWMAN, RobertxHenry, Carrollton, Industrial Arts, RHETOR, Alpha Kappa Lambda, historian, photographer, Industrial Arts Club, Freshman Counselor. NICHOLS, Carol Ann, Marshall, Physical Education, Hall of Recognition, AWS Council, Yeater Dormitory Council, president, vice president, Alpha Gamma Delta, secretary, most popular girl candidate, Pan Hellenic Cauncily Prexy Club, Physical Educators' Club, vice president, SNEA, WRA, Freshman Counselor, BSU. NICHOLS, Gil, Marshall, Social Science. 1-0' 'M QS I Fa V J' 114 if iffy 'W' vat ..,,,,.,. wmv'-' 'I5I 'Wav' It I I M.wtW.i ,J JT' fi - A ,. ' ' ft .,. ' Q v 5 'Qi . cfs 7 'EY fr . I Q in 'ff j as req! -m .rf - EF? ami' fe Q t 1 -WW Q 2123. 2 W 2 fggiitegg H ee , 1 - T. ' A .i sss.T15,ffgtg?1s?iifgf mf -1. - , .. Z L,AL1,A1, 1-, - ., , -- - . ' tt. . -'H W L,kL. ,,.. cb: LW,,. ...W gots: . ,ft-,t..,., . N., V. .-rw ., 1, Kid ,,,..,-Q. ,K . 3 NICHOLS, Roy Jr.: Nelson: Accounting: Dean's Honor Roll: Accounting Club, president. NICHOLSON, Carol Marie: Kansas City: English: AWS: STUDENT STAFF: Delta Zeta: English Club: SNEA: Houts Hosey Glee Club: Student Center Committee. NICHOLSON, Delores Ann: Kansas City: Secretarial Science: Dean's Honor Roll: AWS, representative: Delta Zeta, corresponding secretary: Alpha Phi Delta: Pi Omega Pi: Business Education Club: SNEA: Freshman Counselor: Dolphins: RHETOR princess: Best dressed girl candidate. NISTENDIRK, David: Jonesburg: Business and Retailing. O'BANNON, John M.: Creighton: Industrial Arts. OETTING, Robert Dean: Higginsville: Economics: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Wall Street Journal Achievement Award. OETTING, Ronald Henry: Concordia: Mathematics: Kappa Sigma Kappa, chaplain: Chorus: Social Dance. OLTMAN, Christine Jane: Hannibal: Physical Education: Dean's Honor Roll: Houts Hosey Council: Delta Zeta, scholarship chairman: Panhellenic Council, corresponding secretary: Alpha Phi Delta: Pysical Educators' Club: SNEA: WRA: Concert Band: College Orchestra: Newman Club. OMOHUNDRO, Sue Louise: Gray Summit: Social Studies: Dean's Honor Roll: Alpha Phi Delta: SNEA: Wesley Foundation: Young Democrats Club: International Relations Club. OSBORNE, Rosanne: Clinton: English: STUDENT STAFF: Prexy Club: English Club: Psychology Club: SNEA: Collegiate Band: Concert Band: Marching Band: BSU, president: International Relations Club. OTTO, James Carlyle: Archie: Accounting: Accounting Club, parliamen- tarian: SCA: Wesley Foundation, treasurer: Young Republicans Club: Square Dance Club: REW. OTTO, Norma Jean, Raytown, Physical Education, Who's Who, Hall ot Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Rall, AWS, chairman, Sigma Kappa, vice-president, Panhellenic Council, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Freshman Talent Show, Todd Hall Council, president, vice president, executive council. OWENS, Calvin, St. Louis, Biology, Dormitory Council, Kappa Sigma Kappa, vice president, historian, IFC, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Outing Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Cosmopolitan Club. PALMER, Harvey Ray, Independence, Speech Correction, Tau Kappa Epsilon, historian, Modern Foreign Language Club, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Freshman Talent Show, Social Dance, Student Center Com- mittee. PARKS, Kermit, Warrensburg, Social Studies. PARRACK, Billie Jo, Windsor, Elementary Education, Dean's List, SNEA. PARROTT, Jerry Lee, Knob Noster, Agriculture and Business, Dean's Honor Roll, Agriculture Club, vice president, secretary, Wesley Foundation. PARROTT, Judi E., Villa Ridge, Elementary Education, Houts Hosey Council, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Panhellenic Council, president, Student Center Committee, ACE, SNEA, Chorus, Freshman Counselor. PATTERSON, Glenna, Harrisonville, Business Education. PHILLIPS, Ralph DeLos, Clinton, lndustrial Arts, Dean's Honor Roll, ln- dustrial Arts Club, treasurer. PIEPER, Charles Henry, Lexington, Physical Education, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Prexy Club, Physical Education Club, vice president, SNEA, Square Dance Club, Social Dance Club. PIEPER, Wyanda Jean, Cole Camp, Business Education, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, historian, Wesley Foundation, Houts Hosey Glee Club, Social Dance Club, REW, Business Education Club, SNEA, Collegiate Band. dll!" BQPG' its 'Gunn' Q-an' sg r .?"?': in 'F wr. fav, sf 1 G' in , 153 3' za, 1. ,,,..,-. hu. PRATT, Karen Lynne: Raytown: Secretarial Science: AWS: Yeater Coun- cil: Houts Council: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Secretarial Science Club. PRITCHARD, Carol: Grandview: Elementary Education: Alpha Sigma Alpha, president: Student Court: Alpha Phi Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: AWS: Hall ot Recognition: Prexy Club: Dean's List: SNEA: Houts Hosey Glee Club: Yeater Todr. Glee Club: Freshman Pep Club, treasurer. QUIGLEY, William Richard: St. Louis: Physical Education: Physical Edu- cation Club. RAMEL, James E.: Raytown: Merchandising and Retailing: IFC: Prexy Club: Freshman Talent Show: Merchandising and Retailing Club: Freshman Counselor: Kappa Sigma Kappa, president: Varsity Tennis: Best Minor Actor Award: CMSC Players: Student Center Committee. RAMEY, James Lee: Clinton: Industrial Arts: Acacia: Agriculture Club: Industrial Arts Club: Social Dance Club. RANDLE, Vincent LeRoy: Kansas City: Retail Merchandising: Sigma Tau Gamma: General Business Club: Merchandising and Retailing Club: Social Dance Club. REDMOND, lee Charles: Sedalia: Biology: Dean's Hunar Rall: Beta Beta Beta, vice president: Outing Club. REED, Delorris Ruth: Warrensburg: Music. REID, Danny: Carrollton: Social Studies. REID, Marvin W.: Clinton: Industrial Arts: Dormitory Council: Industrial Arts Club: SNEA: Freshman Counselor. RIEKHOF, Gloria: Higginsville: Math. RION, Mary Maude: Chillicothe: English: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Delta Zeta, treasurer: Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Pi: Englsh Club: SNEA: Concert Band: A Cappella Choir: Freshman Counselor: Houts Hosey Glee Club: Student Center Committee: Alpha Lambda Delta: Todd Hall Scholarship Award. ROCHE, Norma G.: Dallas, Texas: Business Administration-Merchandising and Retailing: Dean's List: STUDENT Staff, reporter: Alpha Phi Delta: Merchandising and Retailing Club. ROGERS, Mary Jane: Polo: Home Economics: Colhecon Club: SNEA: Chorus: Wesley Foundation: Social Dance Club: Young Democrats Club: Yeater Todd Glee Club. RONALD, Virginia: Warrensburg: Elementary Education: Dean's List: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Phi: SNEA. RUAS, Franklin: Whiteman: A.F.B. STACKHOUSE, Wayne Woodford: Kansas City: Accounting: Accounting Club. STANDLEY, Marvin Morris: Kansas City: Economics: Osborne Hall Coun- cil: THE STUDENT, news editor: Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice-president: Fresh- man Counselor: Student Center Committee: M Club: Varsity Baseball. STEGNER, Cora Louise: Boonville: Vocational Home Economics: Hall of Recognition: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Miss Colhecon Award: Alpha Phi Delta: Prexy Club: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Omicron Phi, president: Colhecon Club, president: SNEA: Hauts Hosey Glee Club. STEWART, Arlene l.enore: Kansas City: Music Education: Who's Who: Sigma Sigma Sigma, scholarship chairman, treasurer: Alpha Phi Delta: Kappa Delta Pi: Pi Kappa Lambda: Crescendo Club, secretary: Concert Band: Marching Band: College Orchestra: Chorus: A Cappella Choir: Freshman Counselor: Dolphins, vice president: Houts Hosey Glee Club: Social Dance Club. STONE, Gary Ray: Hamilton: Accountng: Accounting Club: General Business Club, secretary: College Chorus. STONE, Keith C.: Kansas City: Merchandising and Retailing: SGA: Executive Council, convocation chairman: Resident Assistant, Men's Dorm: Merchandising and Retailing Club: Freshman Counselor: Social Dance Club. - .. sv' . sk ' if 'K 5 Q K wi an 3 4: F x 3 Q F5 32 1 fm , . . 1 s..,.:-.,1Q2?gw- 5 l gr .,..,, . ,,-. Wg. Ei 155 W,-,Q-z,, ,,-ff- ,ft ,.,f. . , t f-f,..,..1s:i, we rmgm: - 1 iii? n.,, ,. ,,..,, ,.,, ,. . ,VMS if . , ,wif aim -f-- .,.,.s,sfi1m wifi-'zfi "" A ' -if -,ff --iv 44622741 sfsife-fsfewwaf Imtff " mf -f:5rix2mn5,,g17 ww'f my e 2355 ' f fm S siiis ' : inf 1 ,, H5 -' " ziiiii- ' LL:.,.w ii' I I VV Hivgi 'ii 5 156 STONEMAN, Robert Edward, Clinton, Mathematics. STOUT, Sandra Lee, Kansas City, Secretarial Science, Dean's Honor Roll, AWS, Sigma Kappa, sergeant-at-arms, Popular Girl Candidate, Most Beautiful Coed Candidate, Best Dressed Girl Candidate, Alpha Phi Delta, Secretarial Science Club, Freshman Counselor, Dolphins, Fresh- man Talent Show, Social Dance Club, Alternate Cheerleader. STRUEMPH, Charles J., Freeburg, General Business, General Business Club, vice-president, Newman Clula, treasurer, Young Democrats Club. STUMP, Marion Richard, Clinton, General Business, Who's Who, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, STUDENT staff, sports editor, RHETOR staff, business manager, Acacia, sentinel, publicity director, iunior steward, triad correspondent, historian, IFC, rush chairman, vice-president, Eng- lish Club, General Business Club, UCCF, Wesley Foundation, Dolphins' Show, Student Center Committee, M Club, Varsity Baseball, Young Republicans Club, Greek Week Committee, Popular Boy Candidate. SUH, Ki Surk, Kwangiu, Korea, Chemistry and Mathematics, Dean's list, Dean's Honor Roll, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, ACS, Cosmopolitan Club, SUH, Myoung Jha, Seoul, Korea, Home Economics, Dean's List, Cos- mopolitan Club. SUMRALI., John Phillip, Pleasant Hill, Mathematics and Physics, Varsity Tennis. SUTTON, William R., Sedalia, History. SALLEE, Reta Faye, Salin, Home Economics. SALSBURY, Martha Lynn, Warrensburg, Public Address, Hall of Recogni- tion, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, Phi Kappa Delta, Freshman Counselor, UCCF, Varsity Forensic, Theta Alpha Phi, CMSC Players. SATTERWHITE, Kay, Sedalia, Elementary Education, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, executive council, AWS, Dormitory Council, Sigma Sigma Sigma, triangle correspondent, Popular Girl Candidate, Paiama Queen Candidate, Prexy Club, ACE, SNEA, Fresh- man Counselor, Student Center Committee, Sophomore class secretary, Orchesis. SCHEER, Laverne: New Haven: Art: AWS: Prexy Club: Beta Alpha, president: lndustrial Arts Club: SNEA: WRA: Gamma Delta: SCA: Social Dance: Student Center Committee: Square Dance Club. SCHLOMAN, Jewell: Waverly: Accounting: Accounting Club: Chorus: Social Dance: Student Center Committee. SCHMIDT, Roger: Waverly: Accounting. SCHNEIDER, Gary Lee: Hale: Accounting and Economics: Dean's Honor Roll: Accounting Club: Newman Club: Young Democrats: Phi Sigma Pi. SCHUMAKER, Barbara Ann: New Franklin: Business Education: SGA: Dorm- itory Council: STUDENT, editar, society editor, managing editor: Sigma Sigma Sigma, recording secretary: Dolphins: SNEA: Freshman Mule- backers: National Affairs, vice-chairman: Mo-Kan Region of USNSA. SCOTT, James: Russellville: Business Administration: Dean's Honor Roll, Prexy Club: General Business Club, president: Chorus: Freshman Coun- selor: BSU, executive council: SGA, cabinet: Young Democrats, treasurer: REW. SCOTTEN, Karel: Kansas City: Social Science. SCOTTEN, Russell, Kansas City: Accounting. SECORA, Millard: Windsor: Biology. SELOVER, Patricia: Raytown: Secretarial Science and Business Adminis- tration: Hall of Recognition: Dean's Honor Roll: AWS: Dormitory Coun- cil: Sigma Sigma Sigma, vice-president: Alpha Phi Delta: Prexy Club: Secretarial Science Club, president: Freshman Talent Show. SEXTON, Jim: Mexico: Art. Q ei? 3 Big t 25 1-ig. . . , ,M ,-,,.- .N wg .., L, .ig ft . ,iw fa T f. 158 1 2? SHEETS, Gary, Raytown, Dorrriitory Council, vice-president, Alpha Kappa Lambda, corresponding secretary, Freshman Counselor, Alpha Phi Omega, Foreign Relations Club. SHEPHERD, Larry, Sedolio, Physical Education, Physical Education Club, PEM Club, M Club. SHERARD, Paul, Amity, Accounting, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Prexy Club, Accounting Club, president, Wall Street Journal Award, Freshman Coun- selor, Wesley Foundation. SHORE, Helen Louise, Lone Jack, Elementary Education, ACE, SNEA, Chorus, BSU SHOTWELL, Carolyn Kay, Washington, Elementary Education, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Panhellenic Council, ACE, SNEA, Concert Band, Social Dance Club. SHOVER, Glenda Kay, Kansas City, Home Economics, Dormitory Coun- cil, Colhecon Club, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Houts Hosey Glee Club, Yeater Todd Glee Club, Student Center Committee. SIMMERMAN, Peggy Joan, Warrensburg, English, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, president, Prexy Club, Kappa Delta Pi, president, English Club, SNEA, Wesley Foundation. SIMMONS, Mary Jo, Warrensburg, Biology, Deun's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Freshman Counselor, BSU, editor of Outlook, German Club. SIMMONS, Charles Earl, Warrensburg, Agriculture and Chemistry, Dean's List, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Prexy Club, Agriculture Club, president, SNEA, UCCF, Student Center Committee, Young Democrats Club. SKINNER, Bess L., Slater, Business Education, Dean's Honor Roll, Pi Omega Pi, Business Club, vice president, SNEA. SLOAM, Charlene, Parkville, Music. SMITH, Ceil B.: Clinton. SMITH, Fleta Ann: Raytawn: English: Dormitory Council: Student As- sistant: Sigma Tau Delta, secretary-treasurer: English Club, treasurer: SNEA: College Orchestra: UCCF, corresponding secretary. SMITH, Keith: Kansas City: Social Studies. SMITH, Rose Marie: Clinton: Functional Art: Dean's Honor Roll, SNEA: MSTA. SMITHPETERS, Marshall Edward: Lamar: Accounting: Accounting Club: Collegiate Band: Concert Band: Marching Band: Chorus: Vet's Association. SMITHSON, Larry Lawrence: Chilhawee: Industrial Arts: lndustrial Arts Club. SNYDER, Barbara Elaine: Excelsior Springs: Social Studies: Hall of Recognition: Dean's List: AWS, vice-president, iudiciary board, Dormitory Council: Alpha Sigma Alpha: Alpha Phi Delta: Best Dressed Girl Can- didate: Student Center Committee: SNEA: Freshman Counselor. SPENCER, Theordore: Kansas City: General Business: Kappa Sigma Kappa: General Business Club. SPlVA,Betty Ann Ball: Warrensburg: Secretarial Science: Business Edu- cation Club: Secretarial Science Club: Concert Band, Essig Troupe, March- ing Band. TAYLOR, Barbara Ellen: Warrensburg: Elementary Education: Dean's List: Dean's Honor Roll: Alpha Phi Delta: Alpha Phi Sigma: Kappa Delta Phi, treasurer: ACE: SNEA: Outing Club, secretary: Wesley Foundation. TEMPLETON, Betty Jane: Hodge: Vocational Home Economics: Dean's Honor Roll: AWS, Judiciary Board: North Hall, president: Colhecon Club: SNEA: Prexy Club. Qs.-f ..,,,. 7 ' , :w5i?Q3?51 new yr 1? . ,Q,,,,, 5 Q. ' ffrwlmzzitinzav 'KG-' f!w',.mZ2:s... , .. ,. 2,A, , ..X, . L l qgfassrrsm -1. l60 ,..Jfgs1:2eg isizsiae ea f :f.,,- - w ere ', ff WF, ff 2 .. rl -A 5 ,. Q- , . - 4 , 1 E . . Q I .. , Z' f E? - A- 'TZ Y I V J K 3 ...SWL M TEMPLE, Sandra, Buckner, Secretarial Science, Alpha Sigma Alpha, editor and recording secretary, Homecoming Princess, Secretarial Science Club, secretarytveasurer, Student Court Clerk, Miss Perfect Secretary, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Social Dance Club, Yeater Todd Glee Club, TERRY, Sandra lee, Lexington, English. THATE, Victor E., Norborne, History, Sigma Tau Gamma, Modern For- eign Language Club, Chorus, Freshman Counselor, Outing Club, CMSC Players, Young Democrats. THOMPSON, Garland, Jefferson City, Business Administration. THOMPSON, Jessie, Clinton. THOMSON, William R., Raytown, Merchandising and Retailing, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, lrey, president, executive council, assembly, Phi Sigma Epsilon, president, sentinel, IFC, Prexy Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Merchandising and Retailing Club, Freshman Counselor, Social Dance Club, Sophomore Class President. THURSTON, Richard, Warrensburg, History, Who's Who, Hall of Recogni- tion, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Kappa Lambda, recording secretory, chaplain, IFC, Mace ancl Torch, Prexy Club, Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Kappa Delta, A Cappella Choir, Freshman Counselor, SCA, president, UCCF, president, International Relations Club. TODD, Sally Ann, lee's Summit, Psychology: Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, secretary, RHETOR staff, Sigma Kappa, Psychology Club, Freshman Counselor, Freshman Talent Show, Social Dance Club, Student Center Committee, Best Dressed Girl Candidate. TROSPER, Clarence, Warrensburg. TROSPER, Judy Ann, North Kansas City, Elementary Education, Todd Dormitory Council, Freshman Counselor, Social Dance Club. TWITT, Marian, Overland, Social Science. UNDERHILL, Beverly, Kansas City, Elementary Education, ACE, SNEA, Pep Club, Haut Hosey Council, Inter Dorm Council, Head Dorm Assistant oi Houts Hosey Hall VAN WINKLE, Albert F., Appleton City, Biology and Speech WAGNER, Henry R., Kansas City, Merchandising and Retailing, Sigma Tau Gamma, Merchandising and Retailing Club, Newman Club, Social Dance Club WAHRENBROCK, Gerald, Alma, Merchandising and Retailing WAITE, Barbara Wilson, Warrensburg, Elementary Education, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, ACE, SNEA, BSU WALLIS, Melba C., Who's Who, Hall at Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA Publicity Committee, STUDENT, feature editor, RHETOR, copy editor, activities editor, Honor Keys, Alpha Gamma Delta, editor, activities award, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, English Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, Psychology Club, Concert Band, Marching Band, Chorus, Freshman Counselor, SCA, Wesley Foundation, Social Dance Club, Student Center Committee, Yeater Todd Glee Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Young Republicans Club, treasurer, Pep Club, Square Dance Club, Jazz Club, KCMS, REW, ca-chairman WEEKS, Helen V., Marshall, English, English Club, SNEA, Student Center Committee WERTZ, Judy, Sedalio, Social Science WHEELER, Linda Kay, Amoret, Elementary Education, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, SNEA WHITE, Andrew N., Versailles, Biology, Kappa Sigma Kappa, correspond- ing secretary, Marching Band, Social Dance Club, Alpha Phi Omega, Kappacades WHITING, Mary Ann, Lee's Summit, Elementary Education, Hall of Recog- nition, Dean's Honor Roll, AWS, Todd Hall Council, president, Delta Zeta, vice president, Junior Class secretary, Panhellenic Council, treasurer, Prexy Club, ACE, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, U.C.C.F., Student Center Committee, Yeoter Todd Glee Club ' :AQ Q :Mu -me ' AW -isJesicsgezsez1szAs1,:sz,.1vz.m -ms'-:,f::.: I '35 Y is ef M: ,et.s,,.s,M, m tXm1ss::eww,.e,M meessaetgg ez fe ,,ffmfef12,e, erffsszigetissemwi filming., S K at .X A tex ss? 3, S .e wz ff , fs,-fsc.,,:f,,.,, K , V. 731 ,,, -f-u iff,im: w,:w.,,fa1?fy ,m,. fi fi r 1 Q I oddszw fa, I is is-:: 2,1:fi,1 , f P Cities A fi 5 . cl ' X mi il, I f- Newegg f mm. i TS., A. I ' awk 'lfilieiciz Q-'Sei sew 'I62 WICKLIFFE, Gary Allen, Sedalia, Industrial Arts, SNEA, Industrial Arts Club WILCKENS, Louis Colter, Warrensburg, Biology, Alpha Kappa Lambda, SNEA, Outing Club, U.C.C.F. WILLIAMS, Dorothy WILLIAMS, Sandra Lee, Roytown, Physical Education, Sigma Kappa, Homecoming Princess, Panhellenic Council, PEM, Freshman Talent Show WILSON, Daisy H., Richmond, Mathematics and Chemistry, Dean's Honor Roll, Hall of Recognition, AWS, iudiciary board, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, secretary, SNEA, Fresh- man Counselor WILSON, Elizabeth Janice, Kansas City, Music, Crescendo Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, a cappella Choir, BSU WILSON, Robert, Houstonio, Merchandising and Retailing, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Merchandising and Retailing Club, Young Democrats WININGAR, Karen, Kansas City, History, SGA, Executive Council, secre- tary, Prexy Club, SNEA, Independent Women's Association, president WINKELMEYER, Kirk R. Jr., Chillicothe, Economics, Osborne Dormitory Council, Kappa Sigma Kappa, president, chaplain, house manager, vice president, a cappella Choir, Social Dance Club, Student Center Committee WINTERMEYER, Charles F., Warrensburg, Physics and Mathematics, Dean's Honor Roll, Sigma Zeta, Concert Band, Marching Bond, Freshman Counse- lor, Liahona Fellowship WISER, Jerry E., Independence, Elementary Education, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, NEA WINTER, Robert D.: Sl. Louis: General Business: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Alpha Omega: Commerce Club. WITTHAR, Kay: Marshall: Business Education. WYATT, Betty J.: Rolla: Elementary Education: ACE: SNEA: UCCF: In- dependent Women's Association. YIM, Sang Bin: Seoul, Korea: Chemistry and Mathematics: Cosmopolitan Club. YIM, .loung Soon: Seoul, Korea: General Business: Cosmopolitan Club. YODER, Mary Kathryn: Garden City: Elementary Education: Chorus. . ZYMALI, Robert F.: Chicago, Ill.: Merchandising and Retailing: Deimer Dormitory Assistant: Tau Kappa Epsilon: Merchandising and Retailing Club: Varsity Football. underclassmen AARON, Ron I ABERNATHY, Gary 3 ABERNATHY, Linda I ACHAUER, Bruce I ACHELPOHL, John 2 ACKELBERRY, Barbara I ACKERMANN, Wayne 2 ADAMS, Frederick I ADAMS, Peggy I ADAMS, Richard 'I ADAMS, Sharon I ADAMS, Shirley 2 ADAMS, Vicki 3 ADKINS, Mary I ADLER, William 'I AINSWORTH, Harald 'I AKEMAN, Joyce 1 AKIN, Lowell I ALBIN, Robert 2 ALESHIRE, Glen 'I ALEXANDER, Eclmancl I iii 2, if 'f I freshmen . . . . 1 I sophomore . . . 2 Junior . . . 3 by I ,f ! I' ' KK , z 2 , Mn +, K, ,N ,ig A 1 h I 1 5: , , 6 -, I ai V. 3 f ' -I . 2 +5 , I E A A ,QV I ff A ' 'mfg I' -- ' 2 A ' L s , ' ' xc l2" I lyyy ,yey If I A Slaal Q t . Ei, QW ,-T fn, - .,,. f f- --f 4 A iff , , yike. g .E y . I y ,W,.5g,? ,ze K A ' I ,l'S, i amz: eyye f yrs , I ,E i , I -nf, - I , 'W ,mn I ' ":' P R ,sf E+' 5" 'Q we in S., 'z A y fy, r Vi' Zf, 'c F4 -s rc.. "' eirr 'C' I I I iw "" 9' 1 I Qs ,- s E514 f 'J' 19,5 I , , We . N, ,W ,,,, is SSR, r I-iv ' -, r i L .3 I ,..., 'W' A wr .y . 23 I I f K V Q gb 4. I i ,GF in V -3 H .30 M If '0 ,Q 'I64 . till I X A , lifwffi? 2 'H' ,, 45:3 53 2 A Barbara Ward, a Hosey Hall freshman, prepares for her eight o'cIock class. Gary Gatewood, AKL, who pinned Io Barbara, gefs a Ile waking up help from fraternity brother. is S 'u k me-f 5 -again X I , s A ALEXANDER, George I ALEXANDER, Sharon I ALFORD, William 3 ALLEN, Beverly 2 ALLEN, Charles I ALLEN, David 3 ALLEN, Donald 2 ALLEN, Donna I ALLEN, JoAnn I ALLEN, Judi 2 ALLEN, Keith I ALLEN, Orlena 3 ALLEY, Donald 2 ALLISON, Robert 2 AMENT, Larry 2 ANDERSON, Agnes 2 ANDERSON, Carol 2 ANDERSON, James I ANDERSON, John 'I R ANDE ANDE SON, Richard I RSON, Roberi I ANDREW, Richarf 3 ANDREWS, John 2 ANGLE, Carol 2 ANGU S, Edward I APPLEGATE, James I ARBUCKLE, Jefia I ARNETT, Rodney I ARNOLD, Loreffa 'I ARNOLD, Richard 2 ARNOLDIA, Barbara I ARWOOD, Myrfle 3 ASHBA GH, Rifa I U ATKINS, Larry 3 AUBREY, Lillian 2 AUSTIN, Jack 2 BABYLON, John 2 BACKSTROM, Edward 'I BAHNER, Paul I BAIL, Brenda 'I BAILE, Beth 2 BAILE, Clifton 3 BAILEY, Bennie 3 BAILEY, Joyce 3 BAILEY, Roger I BAILEY, Sandra 3 BAILEY, WiIIiam 3 BAIRD, Duane 2 BAKER, Carolyn 3 BAKER, Elmer 2 BAKER, Lawrence 2 BAKER, Mary I BAKER, ROIJerI I BAKER, Sharon I BALDWIN, Sally 3 BALICKI, can 2 BALKE, Dean I BALL, Nancy I BALLENGER, James I BANKUS, Betty 2 BANTA, Michael I BARDWELL, Peggy 2 BARFOOT, Margarei 2 BARKER, James 2 BARKER, Marilyn 2 BARLOW, Darrell 2 BARNES, Dennis I BARNES, James 2 BARNES, Jean I BARNETT, Beiiy 3 BARNETT, Janice 2 BARR, Gene 2 BARR, Jerry 2 BARROWS, James 'I BARTH, Shirley I BARTON, Barbara 2 BAYMON, Barlon I BASHAM, Judirh I BARTOW, Louis I BASHORE, Norman 'I BASQUETTE, Ron I BASS, Nancy 3 BATCHELOR, Mary 3 BATSCHELEI, Shirley BATTAGLER, Connie 2 BATTMER, Bob 2 BATTMER, G. L. 3 BAUGHER, Judy I BAUMANN, Mary 3 BAUSBY, Henrieifa I BAX, Virginia 'I BEACH, Barbara 2 BEACH, Curl 3 BEAM, Ronnie I BEAMAN, Craig I BEARD, Deloris 2 BEARD, Judith 2 BEARDMORE, Roberf I BEATTIE, Dick 3 BEAVER. Lorefra 2 BECK, James I BECKER, Marylin 3 BECKER, Pafricia I BECKMAN, Carolyn 2 BECKMANN, HaroId 3 BEERMAN, Rolland I BEESON, Leona I BEHLAU, Bernard 2 BEITER, Peggy I BELL, Glenda 'I BELLINGHAUSEN, Virginia I BELSCAMPER, Alice 2 BELSHE, Jerry 2 BEMBOOM Wanda BENNE, Larry I BENTON Robert I BERGSCHNEIDER Ronnie BERLENER, Gary I View k nv- fm-W.. WN. fn, x Q gif, . ks-,. 'H' i vs, us, i J vin bi 25: 223, A -.1 I gl fi A . 5 'f--f " AYII si A Q ' ' ' I ' I ' .Q - g M ' A - A x Q . V ,ie .2555 '24, jig: 1 sv' 4 I. " I i f 'ESQ ue. W C Xxx ' I . Q - sf: .- Q :is 1 - 1 -M ii- . , ' 'I A-fr I, In . is , P mf , ,I fri 'Q' .x , , . , as 2 V' 'I my I "", Ii :L , I ' 'B' fha Z M. N .- H5 -- E.. . IQQII1. '- - 11:-ef sr:-"U ' 'A ' ' I 5 I 4- 1 I ,ZYIQIE . ' . - S25 '- BI-f .zz If rL,y , , , , as . .. ie? Hr: . an ' 1, ' - lv ww ,E : ,:,:' -.. 'A , ., , ,, ., ,Q 'Y - M I 1 qllnn Q BENNETI, John 1 V - . I ,- , ' 1 1. f' 'M ' ' 5 V fi 1, H' 4 BERNARD, James 1 I I 1 . Af,-36 Ay! wx ,ri ' as , . 6 in ca' E7 ...w W W. P I iv .434 S' --is I "ff ' . fy' Q .I-3, W C fur' ' 5 ff ', A-we -1 V. ,., :B .I ue. 1 'ae 6 iii M .' 1 ,wiv x H- . I . M, fi I . A C as in "' Q I fq ,Q ' is yr I Li , .TEA I I ws-' ' J I L ,ff .rir I ,rn 32 'J I 1' ' , G - gr g xv, ipaq, 62, t 165 Ip 411 ar sv' .rv 4' 4 Jzsxffbs, , 1 Q ,H If Q 1, , . .A ,F fy S QM 8 A Q ,2 BERRY, Barbara I BERRY, George 2 BERTZ, Danna 2 BERTZ, Sharon 2 BERTZ Wayne I 2 BEST, ,Howard BEST, virginia 1 BETHEL, Robert 3 BICKEL, Sondra I ,V 5, g 5, dal 'F V Q I " nr M I meg, 'MI I, I M M' I I A - f 2 i m. . di -- SQ .. - ' . ' V Q . . If ,,,... ,. . ,. QQ' 3 . ,.,, ,. I I re if I I ' '- we sy: , s .i -.11 'Ra -' G 'I f ' . M1553 1' I ,, I I I rrrrr ,, li . - fe: - .. .I saw ' Q I ,I K ':'::4' ,I A -, ,I 3. I A in ' W W B x -3, ff? 'Eg ,A Y A Z.. . Ji y I , I 'Q'Qf I If . W ' I I. To ,..,: I EEEE 'I I y, ,. Z, A I. ":' 'W I . 'L f 'G' I ? f 2 f - F l . 3 H, A if I 'I gi: IPB?" ' .eu ,EE If if I it .. . ,- FL.,-. Hg I 3 in bg 'uf ,.- ,, 'N' . Q ii " X ,M If I R , g I 'K A I I ' 'I Q, , We Q ff? 1. 4? wif, A w 'K if I 40' 4 I E I K, E, F3 if 13. ,Yr x BIESEMEYER, Evelyn 2 BILTON, Arthur I BINDER, Rosslyn 3 BIRD, Terry I BIRKENESS, Roberf I BLACK, Harold 3 BLACKWELL, Donna 2 BLACKWOOD, Jim 3 BLAIR, David I BLAIR, Larry I BLAKE, Virginia I BLANDO, John 3 BLANTON, Mariorie I BLANKENSHIP, Mary BLANKENSHIP, Gwen BLAUROCK, Anila 2 BLISS, Carol I BLISS, James 3 I 2 BLOSSER, Bonnie Louise I BLUNT, Marilyn 2 BOCK, Betty I BOEDEKER, Delberi 2 BOEHM, Ann I BOELMAN, Ronald I' BOICE, Dianna 2 BOLLINGER, Larry 2 BOND, Gerald I BONNEL, Freida 2 BONNOT, Billie 2 BOONE, Julie I BOOSINGER, Larry I BOOTH, Terence I BORCHERDING, Nancy 2 BORESOW, Judy 3 BORLAND, James 3 BOSSALLER, Larry I BOTEN, Peggy I BOULWARE, Donna I BOWERS, Michael I BOWLIN, Mary I BOVIMAN, Judy I BOWMAN, Shirley I -il BOYD, Sandra 2 BOYER, Veronica 2 BRADBURY, Bonnie I BRADER, Charles 2 BRADLEY, Dennis I BRADLEY, Edward 2 BRADLEY, Gary 2 BRADLEY, Judy I BRADLEY, Palsy I BRADSHAW, Dick I LN 4 255:21 K A .Q I S I "" -- A " fill . 'A , 'Ji' '25 - -11 47 i I A' 'fir 'A ,. fiizii f' - .f f ' ' .: ' - lil -' U J QE? Q if ' ' bf W I -P iff . -f . 221512 1 ,Q Wi' I ,V .Q 'FSE - I J ia, . 4 I , . . I - - ii? ai . 4 ' if k 1 'iwii--'1.m.n ' -- , .: Egfliififii -'W L :mfeisse f mm., , ,.,. N ,,,, y Y , 5 , .... .. .. , ' ly 4, ,,, I . ,Q - jigf ' Q L. at A , Q . , , , 1 I If 1, ,F - - ., f ,KL -. -E ,fig ,M .. Wifi 5 1 rf - 5 -fx I ASS: I ,E ij ., 7 I gf Z? ,L .egg Q: , I ' , , g '. I R I66 BRADY, Pairick I BRADY, Weldon I BRANDT, Terry 3 BRANSON, Sharon I BRANT, Gary I BRASEL, Gerald 2 BRATTEN, Sherrill I BRAUN, Jerid I BRAUN, Marilyn 2 BRAVER, Frederick I BRAY, Wayne I BREDEHOEFT, Neal 2 BREDWELL, Jerry 3 BREITKREUTZ, Susan 2 BROWNING, George 3 BRENING, Dorine 3 BRENNEMAN, Linda 2 BRENNER, Carolyn I BRIGGS, Jacquline 2 BRIGHT, Janice I BRIGHT, Vernon I BRISCOE, Dixie 3 BRITT, Jerry 2 BRITTON, Jack 2 BRIZENDINE, Ronnie I BROCK, BaircI I BROCK, BiII I BROCK, D. Bruce 3 BROCKHOFF, Judy I BROCKMEIER, Don I BROKER, Michuei 2 BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN, BROWN, BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN BROWN: 1 Burlie 3 Carolyn 2 CharIes I David I Delores 2 Dennis I Gary I Gerald I Gilberi 2 Karen I Marilyn 2 Mary 3 Michele I BROWN, Mona Jane I BROWN, Sue I BROWNING, June 3 BRUMITT, Ardufh I BRUNE, AI BRUNS, Fe Ian I rn 2 BRYAN, Gary I BRYANT, Barbara 2 BRYANT, Eiaine I BRYANT, Mary I BUCK, James I BUCK, James E. 2 BUCKLES, Beverlee 2 BUDD, Diana 3 BURGENGER, Dan I BURGESS, Karin I BURK, Glenda 2 BURNS, Judilh I BURNS, Ra IpI1 I BURRIS, RUVI1 I BURSON, Carolyn I BURTIN, M aryIin 2 BURTON, Arthur 2 BUSBY, Wi Iliam 2 BUSCH, Earlene 3 BUSCH, Larry 3 BUSSELL, MicI1ueI I BUTCHER, Jerry I BUTLER, Lo is3 BUTTON, Gail 2 BUZZARD, BYBEE, Par Beverly 2 ricia 3 CALDWELL, Jim 2 CALLAWAY, Linda 3 CALLIS, La rry 2 CALVERT, Raberi 2 CAMERON, CAMPBELL, CAMPBELL, CAMPBELL, CAMPBELL, CANGA, R MariI I Cur I Elaine 2 Jane 2 Sandra 2 afuel I CANNING, Richard I CANNON, CARENEN, f r 1is,1:f?ff -1-gs B, , Y r af- ::. 'I B I , W, B-. S., .. SPV" - -.-'. -R ,fx . .. i w fr -Meet 56433272 fa ,X - 555, L , -M. In ' ,J , ,. X fi C, I - ,,.'24,.: f .. r- ' M .- ,- :fu-.7 ' B ilviif ' 551332-ll? R K . . ,,,. . Ra- , . 5 -47 ' ' " 5 . f '5-V R59 f":g:SZZ , A A ?:.'QA, . , .eg , rswri . - . , ' ' ' I I 5135? i.. I , . , ' ' ' - fi: ' 'ifii ii"5.-175, 52- -wif, -- 1- 1 -- ., --2 -71.5 , - Li' ' :gf 5, ' Ii: - 1,,f"+ 1' ' f A . ,Em .. hz, ., ,.-,,., IE?-1 7 .. . ,, -Vi: -if! ffffr :SRL 'i I ' ' 'H -- I 1 ' i -2 55 C LK-1 L ' ' ' ' I g , '1- " , H 1, 1 - - S7 " . .-H55 -,. ,1, "B - K, , uf f H 'i E F . -,SSW H, ' I, 2- . Q , i"1,,g I-fi s -- - V -f ,, S M - , ,-: -B A v. RB R . .mer , we Bi- NB' ,. iizffw i: 'i.':5f.I: . . f - W. I ' "f:5'::',:: A rf , 'V . , Ji, ., -1 EfQ,e"p.- - 'ff azfrgj , f "" 2' eq, K B Q - 111- f -wig 5,1 I.- , ,g f th i, , I 115- if--f I 1- 1- '.-if i f 1 , - W 'EESBXIEQTS '5I'ii5s,iiELif .,,.,. my Em- ,, , . I esilzsismssf' 1'i'i::"!.' Liiiiif' An., ' . - - I ,,lQ, ' ff55ffQ. Ba., ,,.., M ,,,,-V,-img Life., ..,,.. , B9 B X B SB B s RQ I We-me-1--1,-W B B Q -N 1? . Q, fl! S41 R I Iii? S, f me IR 2 ' -f::-:::-Berg: C. ,..,A., M, S 13 R K, ra We J. B SF M, ,,.., " --"" .. 1 ' f-- B11 is-B2 ri: .ik-l' - fiiff' . i B - - Vkkr I - 5 XM I A7217-,7 I' - K .. ,,.. Iii? -V 51,2 'i,.55i'lp:32SI ' R f' B- 1, if -1--1:-.:: 2:-me 13-R-R, - E 1,',-1,1Qg?:f2i: . ' ' ' 2955- -if , fl,- -jj Q , , f , 5 t 'Iii' ' Cf' isa:-:iii--ip: ,Me-fsi. - f v- J, I 5Z2,B2il,iTs4 fniigeifi . ,I-2: i -, Q , . B -,sflzge-fw -"iff .. I, Vkrkkrr H ,U . .,.B..,:iBaa:s ,f51e,.,,-Wi, My In R, I rg- , A.,,., . Xa' R 1111? 221' , .. ff 5-R321 :- : ' f::, fa. fs X A if Rm- 3,-'R--Qi "WW 15r.::,l? 111 21527 i'f ' . 3 - ':-'ii' IMI W I' " . . ,.,, 0 fi ii fm: Fifi? inf? " if il?" 1. I K .: LA. ,' 915, ' ' SWE ":.,A.W.B, ' Nr C: Bza sgkfir. -1 ,iiaiffssiiiv - Q--R-Ref s-fg " ,S R .. wx- 1 jr iz- , . I 1, r ' ,. ggi: , - .. ..,, v 2 - B ig-1, B -- -I -B- ., T !7Q5?Ifi55EE!Q'Ifj'A::- 1' "fb " P-I SSEIEASIQFIQQ ' , .J ' . -iggifgse ,i,E,,.Qisgz, me " i n 211 SSR .- " ieiiizze, EBF' - " - . ' ,QQQ 1 -if . . at 'Q' , By - Bail? I I " f S B ? rx :sw .Ri-.ig--,---A-M asia, fr:-2SfeS zE'i7if 1 ,.,-, C., ,,., , , ,,,.. ,rri I' - 3. ' fi? - ",i I Iris 1 "" ' J 49" David 1 -1 A j :EE , X Hlwefssiaggffagvgiiwfsi flligfiiigigg-f-15921imifylsszasi if--Wiliifiiisiif ss211fgis2f?:5l5Wl2 W, ,rg ,Q W X , 3 Q f s ' zssififfix riff? me -fx-2, I I -af ' 1 I .. I ' ii? ,, 1 fi-Wg B ,, .,., , . Y ---- - - ,I J r. 5 'Q' -'42 fi '- 4.-, -:f ':fJi: '::'E. ' :P :,' f ::'Ei:5?:"' fi '- I 9,52 iiigffii, .Q ' 2-EE-f Ei-5f'i,i.r I A 3 ,Q 5- R B X I67 K CARLILE, David I CARLTON, Ted 3 CARNAL, Thersia 2 CARNEY, Fran I CARNEY, George I CARPENTER, Doris 2 CARSON, David I CARTER, Kenneth I CARTER, Phillip 3 CARTER, Ronnie 2 CARTWRIGHT, Linda CATRON, Gene 3 CATRON, .IOEllen 2 CATRON, Nancy 3 CAWTHON, Glenna I 3 CHAMBERLAIN, Barbara CHANEY, Judith I CHANEY, Patricia I CHAPMAN, Theodore 2 CHARTIER, Sharon I CHASE, Bill I CHASE, Donald I CHASSOUL, Maria 3 CHICK, William I CHILDRESS, Beily I CHILES, Ronald I CHIPMAN, Dixie I CHLIPALA, Frank I CHRISMAN, James 2 CHRISMAN, Judy 3 cHRisMAN, siephef. 2 CHRISTY, Marvin I CIRRUZZO, Philip I CLARE, CLARK, CLARK, CLARK, CLARK, CLARK, CLARK CLARK CLARK CLARK James I Abner I Anne I Gerald 3 Jo Ann 2 John I Linda 2 Marcia I Norman I Roberi 3 3 f7,- f,fr Q, 1:-HZ. ge ,, Q . V , ' , YE, 1 ,. K i ' 'i '. . R Wi? -1 :su .5 'w : ,. 'L' A H ,- .5 V , 1 I ree, ,gr A EF-A 2 , . " I , - ... ' iw , , ir he " '- -,fry Q. K Jai., - . 'l,1 - A, . , , , ,, We ' -i A Aerrr ,,,,. f r- me f my we ,-fgggef , 77535: '- f wg 1 ? : ,TJI , - we ' ': i 9 ' ' a . a.. .mf ::.2 Q of 'Wifi 42 . 2, ., M 5 :5 . A V , 7 4, :fi',:1" 'fi wx H elf. 'r"'r '-'. W A I A my . L. .1 N E a,,gQ, I V if L X 'sg Eg ' J ' .5 . '. ' :fm ' ' -FQ, if W . .. .. A . 'Sli A' ' Q ' , N .:m'e ,:ze : ' , . 1+ " . I - jr I' Q H43 1 1 ' Q , ' A SQ if . :ng if ,,, x- ss '12 - 5 is :-'zf::.z,sP, ' i E , I, , ?i-5291? 'avg ,Q 2, M , 1 V:Jl,.' .. gi, ,Wei . ' View QQ V E . ,..,..,. -M -r , -.-',: 1. V em. ,H 2 i I .. .Me V 1- Ni, QL, ' , 933 -"- ,,., H H N , H A 'Ii new f E: I nf' M. f'-- 2 ST:-'L 5 lae. ,nf is' ii in , if -B X , . if Qian in , I. Q, W I get f -" A T- I gli L if -' ,. In V,,V I ig L '7 F if -ue af' L! M, Q ,, E y X , if P , I Q . ee,, , ,,eeer ,e,,e ,,,,e rq relr I l . ,.r, Q J V, - 1 l.', I I I l 2:'.. ' I f ' 'I I ,,,,, leellle , ll " , 1' V., llll J A . 3 A ,Q ii ., Eze x, I fx, xii: g. . xx E '? I Hi: -::, 3 ll I an 'x ff? A ef ' L ss , is f 'arf if CLARK, Roberia I CLARK, Ronald I CLARK, Terry 3 CLARK, William I CLARY, Michael I CLASBEY, Zelu I CLAWSON, Charlotte CLAXTON, Bolian I CLIFT, Lyle I CLIFTON, Reniclx I CLOUD, Marilyn I COEN, Larry I COFFEY, Michael 2 COKER, Ross 2 COLE, Alvin 2 COLE, Leona 2 COLE, Mildred 2 COLLIER, Sue 2 COLLINGS, Gary 2 COLLINS, Florence I COLLINS, Reber! 2 couisren, owigm 1 COLLYER, Deanna 2 COMPTON, Carl I COMPTON, Frank 3 CONLON, Jlee 3 CONROW, Carol I COOK, Lindo I COOK, Melinda 3 COOK, Michael I COOK, Patricia I COOLEY, Helen 3 I COOMBE, Nancy 3 COONCE, Daniel 3 COOPER, Gary I COOPER, Stephen 3 COPELAND, Dolores I COPELAND, Les I CORDER, Roberi 3 CORDREY, Darrel 2 CORKRAN, Jerry 2 CORNISH, Irene 3 COSTIN, Joyce 2 COTHAM, Billy I COTT, Donald I COULTER, Marylin I COURTOIS, James I COURTRIGHT, Steve I COVER, Pal 3 COVEY, Nedro 2 COX, Bill I COX, Linda 2 COX, Linda L. I COX, Lora 3 COX, Rolserl 2 COXON, Charles I CRABTREE, Terry I CRAIG, Carol I CRAIG, Delores 2 CRAIG, Madge I CRANK, Carol I CRAVEN, Dora 2 CRAWFORD Doris 2 CRAWFORD, Edward 2 CRAWFORD, James 2 CRAWFORD, Virginia 2 ,wrt CRAYCRAFT, Ralph I CRIPPEN, Ruth I CROCE, Robert I CROOKS, Alvin I CROUCH, Lyman 3 CROUTHER5, Jerry I CULP, Anna 2 CUMMINGS, Clarence 'I CUNNINGHAM, Charles CUNNINGHAM, James 2 CUNNINGHAM, Kay I CURNOW, Carolyn 2 CURRY, Dorothy 3 CURTIS, Danny 2 CUSICK, Lura 2 DAGLEY, Karen I DAHLSTROM, Barbara 2 DALE, Danna 2 D'ALESlO, James 2 DALY, Stephen I DANIELS, David 3 DANIELS, Joe I DANIELS, Kay 3 DANIEL, Newelll DANIELS, Patricia I DANIELS, Patricia E. 3 DANIELS, Pete I DAUGHERTY, RuII't 2 DAVIDSON, Barbara 2 DAVIDSON, Yhomas I DAVIS, Carole I DAVIS, Dixie 2 DAVIS, .I. B. I DAVIS, James I DAVIS, Larry 2 DAVIS, Sandra I DAVOLT, Leta 2 DAWSON, Donna I DAY, Celestie I DAY, Gary I DAY, Harvey I . .1 I ,J .hy . 'uf is I. ,, gi gif, IZ! x 4 .,,. , , , ,I 2, rf' Q . lf - . tl It I gn.-'zsiiili ., ,:5v?f5EI55Ef5 - L .,.:w,,:ez , 53? A A iw gpg t ff- ' . Q' 1 we I R In I Xa. " - ' 'Q f ii 7 a - " ., f W... 5 .3 'I' 5 . , X I tif. ' -my -f-'f-'Sffkirr' : af fri!!!-. - - - . LH:-' Y' . 'ii IIIII A: -- IE. .,-5.3 V R I .f' , 1 me IL A! W k 1 If A I Q at A ff? I f ,g , :,:-,- V f1ii145iY ie :Ffss- , .HQ ..,., ,. . ,.., ,,,, t .,1s.,,,,,., ,, , .tw em -, . ' 1-We' -H Vs, :I 5, ' , I 'ff I if :asf I ' 5 I 3 W 9 A in ,,. y I. , I, , . 14 I 1. L L ,',, :gg A 1' 2 1 .,. I M x . A , I , ia I y 'B ef ,J ,mf , -,N jf'- yi I at ' I ' I ill. fwfr- - , 'I -,,. wileiiiiiiiifi if-.fri ifiiif -i,-if '- .-is 1 . . Q Y X , V -'ck 5 Y I 'x I . V . .f Ili' il Itl. 7. , ,A fl A .. Ll' I fi, I i f api I I A I 1 - -,-, 1 '.-' , 1 I 1 Isaa 5 If I +1 . ' . S -. 1 A wt. If I if 1 ' ,.,. mxgg, f - f- fi I .f I ? I '55 I' .Q , W ts ' ki-6 ,.i1,fIfF ' , ,, . ..,: . ,Q . ft ,K gy I 69 f 5, .-I 9 I 5 + aff.. fb' QQ, ' - ,W vw i -A I 3,43 .. ., rw- fziri 5? , J Y? 'ls if , A H? Et' I 3 fi!! ww 1 It Q-I xv WWK' Z.. fx- , .M .3 V -is I S31 . y Vi .g it N H .f I ..f'Tf'1' I - , ,,,, I ,gk 3-E teh lo im, 1. . 5 fie- - 'll QQ' A mx rg' 4 .. I is , sv., ,1. .,..., 3 A 'V I vi gl s k JM f W! V! If : 1 wa I '53 'fx k ff ' - r f .,. ' I QF 45:5 QW' ff' 5 W , 4:- we gr I we ,- F w 515 ..,. an ,. I 'tim' " - I I 1 in-, After 8:00 class Gary and Barbara meet in the Center for coffee and then Barbara helps Gary review for a test. I Y. ' . ,Mn . ' ,, .. in saw? f -ug. Am 31, ,iQ .hw ,. . M . W,.. if A I I L 1 ...W -gf' Sz' " .. cp- x ,.. .ak ,lg i 1' af if: fa: ,J " 'W' 1 w vw ' ,aa is ge i -'Aw X., -9' 3, Q .4 fe 1 , IIE , Q eff' QL. K 'ff Q is ev f 4 . vi' l ' " ,, my I 'Ea' 'K' 1 5 'ff ' Y' x-. ,Sr ff - v'-3-fl' if , f -W-. "if ., 3 WUI' K ,t 5. 7 asv' ,t I gy .. L . 2, "k DAY, Myrna I DEAN, Elaine I DEARING, Larry I DEBORD, Robert I DECK, Carol I DECKARD, Delores 3 DEFOE, Bill I DEGRADO, Joe 2 DEGRAFFENREID, David I DEHART, Phyllis 1 DEJARNETTE, David 2 DELOZIER, Phyllis I DEMAND, Linda 2 DEMAREST, Diane I DEMATTEIS, Richard 'I DEMELFY, Marion 2 DERSTLER, Mariiean 2 DENNIS, Bob 3 DENNY, Marbaurg I DENT, Barbara 3 DEVEREAUX, John 1 DEVORE, Earl I DEWITT, Meredith I DEWITT, Sandria I DIAL, Albert 3 DICKINSON, John I DICKNEITE, Dan 2 DIEHL, Carole 2 DIEHL, Kenneth 2 DIEM, Billie Rae 3 DIETZ, Hugh 'I DIETZ, Joyce 2 DIGEI., Joseph I DIILON, Ed 3 DINGER, Larry 1 DIXON, Martha 3 DIXON, Michele I Doasom, Don 3 DODGE, Barbara I DODY, Glenn I DOERFLINGER, Arthur I DOERFLINGER, Sam DOLL, Ruby I DOLLARD, Phyllis 3 DOLZADELLI, Gary I I DONOVAN, Timothy 3 DOOLEY, William 2 DORAN, Linda I DORSCH, Patricia 3 DORWARD, Nettie 3 DOUGLAS, Carter 3 DOUGLAS, Charlene I DOVER, Charles I DOWNARD, Michael 2 DOWNEY, Gary I DOWNING, Donald DRAKE, Deenya 'I DRAPER, David 3 DRAPER, Donna 2 DRIEMEYER, Terry I DRISKILL, Joyce I DRITT, Barbara 2 DRIVER, Karen 2 DRUMMOND, Ron 3 I was if During a mid-morning break Barbara catches up on a last minute shorthand assignment, DRYER, Ruth 3 DUCKWORTH, Lawrence DUFFY, Charles 3 DUFFY, Daniel 3 DUGGAN, DUGGAR, DUNCAN, DUNCAN, DUNCAN DUNCAN DUNCAN: DUNCAN DUNHAM: DUNHAM, Kathleen 1 Joy 3 Allan 1 Charles 1 Esther 3 Leland 2 Pat 1 Salle 1 Diane 1 Lanny 2 DUNKIN, Jerry 1 DUNN, Robert 1 DUNNING, Robert 1 DUNSHEE, Richard 3 DURRILL, Sandra 1 DURRILL, Terry 3 DURST, Eileen 1 DUSSING, David 1 DUVALL, Earl 1 DYAS, Deanna 2 DYCHE, Lorna 2 DYE, Judith 1 DYE, William 3 DYER, Alice 2 DYER, Joan 2 DYER, Karen 3 EBERTING, Fred 2 EBERWEIN, Tony 2 ECKERT, Carla 2 ECKHOFF, Kenneth 1 ECKLES, Patricia 3 EDDINGTON, Nadine 3 EGBERT, Charles 2 EGELSYON, Jim 2 EGGERS, Karen 2 EICHMAN, Richard 3 EIDSON, Claude 2 EIKENBARY, Eldon 2 EIKERMANN, Donald 1 EISSLER, Charles Jacob ELLIS, Jeanette 2 ELLIS, Priscilla 2 ELWELL, Margaret 2 ELY, Ken 1 ELY, William 3 EMBREE, Jack 1 EMBRY, Donna 1 EMICK, Judith 2 ENGELBY, Roger 2 ENGELKEMEYER, Margie ENGELBRECHT, Donald ENGLER, Janet 2 ENNIS, Jeanne 2 ENZENGUER, Sharon 2 EPPS, Herschel 1 ERICKSON, Kenneth 2 ERNESTINE, George 1 ERWIN, Gary 1 ESPOSITO, Anthony 2 ESTES, Tony 1 EVANS, Richard 1 EVANS, Robert 1 EVERSOLE, Barry 3 FAGAN, Lois 1 FOILES, Anne Rose 2 FAIRFAX, Jesse 1 FAMULINER, Emma 1 FARLEY, Sheila 1 FARMER, Gregory 3 FARMER, Mary Jo 1 FARRILL, Larche 3 1 2 1 .J fm lag M .5 is - L ff.- --W f '- " w e - Sf: - - A 2 - ., 3 i .A if? Q- , , .. Q-1, .I I ' A eiil an I 1 I A fs A. - erer -Q 2 - if .f ,ssl ' L . ,f!i,,w ' I ' 'E it A W fx p - ,Je 15:15 we I I -f f f -1 I I I I Ierr F yrrl f .I A Xi f Sf ' " F' ,V QL' ' " 'i' . - 1 f ,ma 1,5 7 ,- I, Q, 'ev ft' I f"'.- We 'W . 'Ili , A "" Yi t. , W -:gags 1 51-, A. :in , 3 f .3 ,. .15 A S 1' ' ia - , I X I h ,..,, " Q as 7 A f 1 NN ' f5:,,,1 . S, 2,.- I I . -K 1- fi .. - -Nam S: i , m i , as fx 3 8-Q V7 V V, ' 481 - ay, ' , Q1 F - " ' Jef ,,.-l , '--' 1 fx' If F ' 'i f f Y .,,,,, I . I ,,,x , ei . ' g ' ' " mwssQf f'f',2. , gf. gi li' S 5 3 Q. ' fi ,,.1 Qzfif' . . . 1,4 4 it 've . .. I L x ' -I 1 -I 3. ' '55 sw llll ,,.' -gf I . 4 ' ' L- s Y 1 '- Q, ,gf was -, - Q . f.w. mi , .. I f , I --,. f ' f - A I I . , 'F is . I A F z Q 3 , ll.. . 15:51 Y, :gl an- ig. K , L Af g W . K , .... A .,. ,Eg I I I -1, 1 f Q w if ,K 3 V"" T5 's" 1- A Q ' " - . , .- : 1 :C ,,.. is : A 1 I 9231 , 9 I F N' " .,.,. . fff1f w if " 1 l .2 1 , - 'Era - - helix f .'f- 'k.f M, il, A I I xy if - ,E , II - ' ' fff - . sere if : - - ,rf H :Q ' 1,2 L-if L , gf, , K F F 9 , ' wif' g ,, 5 ' ' f e .1 . L, 3 S, , I . T ,,.., - , f , 4 ls. Salma srre A esrrs n ' s,', , X 1 , less 5 T f " ,qi gm 1 rs x . '- ,,,,. I 171 FARRIS, Carolyn I FARRIS, Mary Lynn I FARRIS, Sharon Kay I FAUROT, Glenda 2 FEASTER, Barbara I FEATHERSTONE, Carole FELDMAN, Frances I FERGASON, Kay 1 Feizcuson, non 3 5 Zzb Aluzll I ZETA I My . I ' I , V,., 3? 5, A , ,, , .If N' gg we Q ' Y , 1 ".,' j '-1" ,'-, . i?f5i' E , a--- nrnar 9 , Q ff' .tif I I 3 -- ' A ryy,,r bgi, ' , 'r" e 0155, rt I 2 .gf ,M , .-.. . , r iff? f I 'Inf ,I ,, ' 5 191.1 rl. ij y rn E xyy ..- A I 2 ' an I I ' 1 I :iq -:-',.": lf :-' ",: f W,.., I W A .,,.. V . ' .' : . I A , r r - I I I " ':" f 5 I , yrr, f I ei I 1 ,,,, , .,,., fl f 2 T 1 'B -- lffiki '-:.: a , , X , 2 S W - ,--v-v :yy i t I 'Ii I Illi IT 'I 4, , I A ' "-- f -, ' - W - , , , f -I r-at I .li M .,-:.. f I . l f 4" I .. -f.L I., ,U f i 25 ' 'II .ar A , ga- " 'ffiif 11 I Ss , - , , . '-" f':'2 V- A "ff555l7IQ5f 1 ' 'iiiilfiili ' ' " 'eg-,. J, 7 ' Fifi . - ,,rn' . . 45 if , I 2? I QQ 5 , " ' ' J if . gf fs, VLH , if A r.r E ,. V-I f -life at , , ,,,, , I , , -,g '," " .vzz ' ,gt A . , , I-I -- I . il Q41 1 v 1- - 'ml I I f W' I 4' . 'I 5, . W " 4 . 3 FERGUSON, Sharon 2 FERGUSON, Terry I FERGUSON, William 2 FERRIL, Lincla I FERRO, Janice 3 FERIIG, Constance 3 FETTER, Willa Ann 2 FICK, Lawr ence 2 FIDLAR, Donald I FILES, James 2 FILES, Tom I FINKE, Gary 3 FINLEY, William 2 FIRKINS, C arolee 2 FISCHBACH, Fred I FISCHER, Charlotte 2 FISHER, Gilbert 3 FISCHER, Gloria 2 FISHER, Ke nneth I FISCHER, Natalie I FISK, Ronald 2 FITZGERALD, Dorothy I FITZGEREL, Beatrice 3 FITZHUGH, C. L. 2 FLANIGAN, Charles I FLEISCHMANN, Ray 3 FLEMING, Beverly I FLIPPIN, Tammy I FLORA, Robert 1 FLOYD, Maxine 2 FooERsoN, Judy 3 FOGLESON FOOTE, Ca G, Georgia rol I FORAKER, Charles I FORBES, Velma 2 FORD, Gerald I FORD, Kenneth 3 FORINEY, James 3 FOSTER, Barbara 2 FOSTER, Carmen I FOSTER, George I FOSTER, Le Ray I FOSTER, Marvin I FOSTER, Vernon 2 Foums, Jem, 1 FOWLER, K FOX, Linda aren I 3 FRAME, Dean 3 FRANCIS, David I FRANKEN, William I FRANKENFELD, Gerard 2 FRANKLIN, Beverly 3 FRANKLIN, Gerald 2 FRANKLIN, LeAnn I FRAZIER, Joyce I FRENCHIN, Kenneth I FRERKING, Robert 2 FREEMAN, Charles 3 FREEMAN, Jack 3 FRERKING, James I FRERKING, Jane I FREUND, Joe I FREVERT, Ralph I FREY, Bob I FRIESZ, Barbara I FRITTS, Judith 2 FRITZ, Nancy 1 FROGGE, Dorothy 3 FROST, Jess 3 FROST, William 2 FUCHS, James 2 FUEHRING, Wendell I FUKUNAGA, Howard FULKERSON, Noel 2 FULLER, Garland I FULTS, Herb 2 FUNK, Sharon I FURR, Don I FURNELL, Clele I GABEL, William I GADT, Larry 2 GALETTI, Joseph 2 GALLOWWAY, Gwen I GANN, Jack I GAMMON, Bonnie 3 GARD, William I GARDNER, Larry I GABNER, Alan I GARNER, Doris 2 GARONER, JudiIl'1 I GARR, Dolan I GARRETT, Jerry 2 GARRY, Richard I GARTEN, Salela 3 GARVEY, Kathy 1 GEORGE, Mike I GERARDY, Benrlelf I GERHARDT, Bonnie 2 GERLT, Berry 3 GERRED, Linda I GIBBS, George I GIBBS, Jan I GIBLER, Helen 3 GIBLER, Maurice 3 GIBSON, Terry 2 GIERINGER, Kaiherin GlFFINr Reggie I GILBERT, Barbara I GILBERT, Dixie 3 GILBERT, Mary I GILBERT, Phil I 6 I 11 rw -1 , x Q- GILCREST, James I GILE, Dennis I GILI., Lynda I GILLESPIE, Joyce 2 1 'zasrra r ,Q . , ,,,, , . i ' ' I Af ' "f' . x r 'L' 1 rr: asv- rr - 'fix -f -TYR' .. rr ' , ."i wi , r r'ri I ' 'ri- ,. , , , ,. Q alfa E . I,,,.. , -, ,,.. , . W ,A .-,'. 1 ,wifi ,wr HL ,ar ,,-, r I ,E , , , ' me 5' 4- - ' ",,. 1 - .. I -f'fA 1 I 1 r I ' a g 1 Frifrlii ry :5"' 'A 5, ' X ling ' ,, ' ' es- , I.' , ,- , Q, - , - . r ','. . 5 - P527 -' "I , '.7, '7g'.Z"' ' i -fr 1 ,gy "" 41-5 , ,rr r ' n I r -. ' I I 113-r ,'--r,- f ' 1 I I -5 A QM , 1gQ,..,y!x ,ff 1,5 1 jjrxgry . 5551 ' 5 . ,- I . .K ,, ,v,,,,,,A.aa,, ,.f- . , - aarrar,,,garr,,,r . r ,. 'K ff-iff,-srrggrrfr ff - 3 Sgr K ii I 5 , - K ' , H 331 .,,. -ww r ,,.. "il, :SL I , . . 5 sr -f r I ' ' 5 i .3 .,r:ir Q 3? L11 3 xl . ,. ',,-, , ,- -, a rl Y rr. ar. UP' ,vs 1 Y' 15" . .r,,-1338 me -,E g5grgr,.r.refsr r 1' 'Q Z aaawmrri' , Q ,G ar Q r, r rd ,V raerrrr ak,- rr-.rr--rrrl ra rrraa?fea?rrrea?r - r r . me rr 25355: -i x 5 ' fs' ,QV aa, fi V 53 'ff r I E rrr:' fQerife2,1?ff' fr- .. ,Q ,... ir- - . I' rr a 5 'Sr rr' EZJQ4 W gfr r E If I rm , sis, i i gfilffi rr, I " 'P fr ,. I W , , . ir, K ,r x Z zgz . K WE ' . r -I r, ,rw ,,--. rgggg- , r ag, ., ,rar ,K GILLIAM, Gayle 3 :":- r --.,"I'- iv., GLASS, Pamela 3 W 7 "-' GLEASON, Karen 1 I , ' I j .," '. . . "-11f Q GLENDENING, Darrell 1 , GLOTH, Laffy 2 I I G - GOETZB Danny I -Q 'i" 1 , com, Judilh 1 S . ar' I 'rra,, aa 1 V V-15:1 ' ff GOETZ, Palriaia 1 W Lg, 5' ' ' lm' oorr, James 1 ari' , 1 ' ,',, 3 GOFORTH, Warren 1 ' 3 ' 'G GOLUB, Herschel 2 ,Q I' I I , :'i GOOCH, Eugene I GOOCH, Sue 2 V 7 " , - coonlos, David 1 I 1, , rg A GOODWIN, William 1 1' 5, ggiyyiqi GORDON, Dana I .i,' 1'k I, cone, Paula 1 r y ' rr., ' I ' f r oosrlsv, Terry 1 - rf Vrrrrr Q GOSSETT, James 1 , I ' 1V'r i 'i crosssv, Jalrrr 2 rr., ' ' Q , . GOTTSCHALK, Klaus-Dieter 1 f r: mry- ' I r ' r MQ, GRABB, William 1 'J '- W GRAHAM, Carolyn 1 Ii , 11' or z ff y GRAHAM, Larry 3 x ',:,.. . ,. 'ffl "': il. X Glzmrleln, Mabel 2 Q l'l-l F' ,A , 1, GRANGER, Carolyn 1 zl. ,,,r Rn. 'lr sgm 1 S : f 3 u fzrr, lflferafww rr -W. . .r.r W2 ri A art? " wir E e! I ro, ,rr fir ra a ii r . Q 2, wr 3 I M gg r. ' gm V.., ., -.12 xl rs rr Rim , arf ae ,r Q I 13 ' frrrrrr, gfqsrrgf 5 113,121-?es1'fHey111a11 525214111 M IQ -f11f1e?S?5?1 il'39 ,W V 21.1 1 1 11 6,1-15 .. , 1 S A 1 11 1211,- 1 ,111 r ,51 'Q Q' ' wi , 1? Q L,.., L-z, E .. wafgg, I manga ." i Lxzli 'T11 affix A :iz QL? 6-, 33 .sg Y .11 111- ,. , 11 ,, X 1 1-I gs' 915351 1 ,J -Wa QM , ,gf 1, , 11 1 1' ' Gr: 511:21 5 11- 11 ,if . ..f1f'11L1 -- zzxm 111,115 ' vevrffe 2 ,1111vws,11 J,-we fi? 1 1 ,1 ..., I 1 .. Q 11---1 ., :.. . .. 1 1 , 112, .. 1 1 ' 11 Aff' 22331 1 X, ' 11111711 7 '1 - 112 1 11 s 1 111 1:1121--113-11 1 N, 'V QR xi ii 1, W' ,, '1 I 3 ' " '1 , -11112'12j11,112z:1-7112 1 VKLL 1111 T -11 , . ,, " 11 " " L X' -iw 1 1 1 "7 ,f 51 1 255' .. , 'i '1 .1- '5i7152'11, . -. 111 1 ,1 1 sf- .7 'W 1 ' 'ik 1 "h' F 1 " 1. 1' - 1 11,51 Qkdgyj r .., 1 11- 11 51- :J wgkyfv , 1 - - 11,1 1 11 1 'W I ' W"f -- . . 11' 1 , 1 , 1 --1 , "P" ylXmJ,111i .L :E-E-3-155.311 j1:i5I5,-i' lizstiiil S1E7111"i' 1 1' -, i " l:5::T'r5li:' '5f "3 1 1. re 5,511 1 ..,, 215 3,355 5 I -1 1 1 T5 11 s"':- giugafi 1::v 553231 s I 1 1, .Sim ' -2153: -- 1 1' ,1 '11 aww jr' . 1- 1 ' , '--'LL 11 1 11 , 1- , 1 1 1 1 11 i 1 .air 1 1 1 -- Q - so 1 P if 1 1 'Y' -' we . Vxwvwi 'MWA 24241 W 1 tAf11I-151111151 5 1 3551-ff'V'iPY1?f"fa3Lff:S7'x ':1- iiiiiki--V1sZLf?1-In r'S'eiT?i4Pi'1ll.it1 Qsfggiii BE 11,11 W We 111,-f41s5ies 5' - I Mfeiesfezfi 1123 '1 - ' ..,,1, 1 1 11111 1- 51 ' 1 1 ' 1 11 1 -11-1 '-ff--1 -11 1 15 ' - 1.-. ' ' 1. 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' F' K ,1 1,1 11 E, 21 ,,11,1 QMW1 1,11,, 11 X 11 --1.123 ' 1' 1-1-- T 221 Tvszgv . 1 1-111 ff X 51527 1 112, 255 1 7 21? 1 1 ,145 1 -11, P'11 1 15 2 111 "1 1,11 1111 sew 1 -- veg , 1 1 ,11 ' 3 1 14!1'iP1:f1 1 sv' 1-- -N11 1 ' 11:11 1 2111, 1 -- - 1 6121 111 .12 ' 2s:1ff1Jf'Y11,1'1x?131f5 1 . 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M ,fr , M K .- ff' 45" 525 '1-Al' 1 . f ' 3 sd W rg-gd gs 5555 . 2 , .. 5. X J N. , T. 'Q 1, ' if 'f 1 1 ' A . H3351 ' .- A' 1 . ' 'YZ I ' 1. asa - 1 5 , , .. Egg X , ,. .. ,G 1 16 as I if Q an , av 1,1 . if favs -I HARTZLER, Willis 3 1 1 . W - ji ,Rn U ' "' " . . 453 HARTZOG, Janice 3 - , 59 5, Q 1 -'W E HOWARD, Thomas 1 , za HARVEY, Bonnie 2 P HARVEY, Ronald 2 ' " ' Q 15 F HATCHER, Robert 1 HATFIELD, Larry 2 V A - ' ry 1 121' HATTONlLennm,d2 .. . 3, .-,, , 1 ffm M, ' ,,. ss- 1 2- 'S' fr f -- gui! 1 F' Hass: in , ,. . HAYES, Gwen 3 , ' '," V:- HAYES, Sharon l - HAYNES, Joyce l .a , .VK - - , I a' ak ., 15 ' 3 5 ii 'Y HAUSER, Jeanie 2 ,-- 3 y r -'75 v f X - aa -- -if 21 ff: 1 .2 V . I t , HAYES, Jim 2 I 4, 1 - HAYWARD, Jahn l gfjyiw' ,. HEALEY, Mary 2 . , L HEARNE, sua 1 ' HEATH, Daniel 1 . - - HECK, A. J. 2 -. HEDGES, Dorothy 2 lf- ' - HEDRICK, Gerald 'l L I g- da, ,. HEFNER, Slephen 2 ' W , . ,.,, J' ,,, Q 5 iv ., f I B 1- , i A HEGGEN, Karen 3 1 HEIDEL, James 2 Helene, Jan 3 y 1 HETMBURGER, Judith 1 "V if A y HEIMEL, Michael 1 ,- ,137 A HEIMSOTH, Darlenel 1 HEISLER, Wilma I ' f - , a if - Y may . ,, 3 . W, i, I F R ill l Q11 X , 1.821 YQ : wwf' A 1. ,, 6 iff?" xx vi my Q., -L ggrgmflsf ,a , - af' V J ,d des X B we ,v I 0 fd .721 J Q 1 5 A ,Q A z l, ,O if Q: iff ' Q. I se E ,... J 1- ,3 uid- - 4 K., P ,Q if Q? Q y my 5 Hen, Sharon 2 1- H, - -. de gf., .,.-I fs ,E 1 ,inf ,Q Q 1 ' ' .,. af 54' ,Q Hg. 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I JOHNSON, Clyde 3 JOHNSON, Dale 1 JOHNSON, Don 3 JOHNSON, Donald M., I JOHNSON, Gary 2 JOHNSON, Helen 3 JOHNSON, Howard I JOHNSON, Jean 3 . ,gy , 1' f 5 'ff5f'1'7- ,-ff-f 'ffl' ' 122352 ri ff , ' 1, ' Wing, :Q n w 'D' i Z Q11 5 I' gm ,:' Q, fe W' Q, . - wigssgsw. ' Uv 131 -fqjfsisigffsfffifdi J 'fi 52.3. ' 7535571-:is 1, ' lik:Z.e,. -' le, ,f,,:,,,1,, -f iw, ,wgffw s 5" f If Q ,- f, , I M, , W. LQVV , , 54, , ,. ,W , J 1 if , , 1- 1' " 11,2 M, "' ,, ,.. , , A, .. ,., In -91 Wifi , "I Q' , . ., ff ' , ' 5 3 - , . ,if .yyy ,yyy . W:-Q., r '- -11 , , , 3?if5155E?' Sf7!-7 lfiliff '71 'E , I-'zili ' ' ' f no ' . A- h j, f .1 K -.. r,,-- I, 1-gf,.,..f , A 4,4-'Q . ff, ,S x ' ' ,I f ',-,'. ' A -W Q - Jw I- W 'f T, ,, ,Leaf -e,,5f,Qff 7- - ' L. Y--. -,'f . .1 2 -2 I :vi ig 1' xp, E ,,. ,,, If, , A V . ,A Q , , ..,, ' ' ,I ','- I , . ,,,, , ,. 1 , , Olrle I , - I-ff, I he 'if 'iii E T - '.',' .1'3"7'3 "' W en 'Q' . M ,. 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I JOHNSON, Roy 2 JOHNSON, Virginia 2 JOHNSTON, Carol I JOHNSTON, Sally 2 JOLLY, Celia I JONES, Cynthia 3 JONES, Dale I JONES, Daphne I JONES, Diana 3 JONES, Donald 2 JONES, Donna 'I JONES, Freddie I JONES, Janet 'I JONES, Janice 2 JONES, Judy 'I JONES, Ray 2 JONES, Robert I JONES, Roger 1 JONES, Sharwin I JONES, William I JORDAN, Ronnie 3 JOSEPH, Delon I JUNGE, Dianne 3 JUSTICE, Warren 3 KAHMANN, Lefha 2 KAISER, Jane! I KAPPELMAN, Carol 3 KASTL, Judith 3 KAUFFMAN, Roberi I KAUFFMAN, Roberfa 3 KAY, Kolefle I KECK, Karen I KEDIGH, Bob I KEELER, Victory I KEEVIL, Colleen 3 KEHL, Carl 1 KEIL, John 'I KEISER, Palricia I KEITER, John 2 KEITH, William I KEITHLY, Janef 2 KELLER, George 2 KELLER, Jerry I KELLEY, Carolyn 3 KELLEY, Sharon 3 KELLY, John I KELLY, Joyce 1 KELLY, Larry 2 KELSEY, Jean 'I KELTNER, Teresa 'I KEMNA, Ralph I KEMPF, RUII1 I KENDRICK, Wayne I KENNEDY, Jody 3 KENNEDY, Sarah 2 KEOUGH, Don 2 KEPFORD, Elizabeth 1 KERBY, Charles 'I KERN, LE ROY I KensTANN, William 1 I KESSEL, Judy 3 KESSINGER, Margery I KESSLER, Carol 3 KETCHUM, Nancy 3 KETH, Kenneth I KETTINGER, Cara 1 V, KEVER, Pa1riaia 1 wr KHALILI,MoI1c1mmed 1 KILLE, wallaaa 2 1, W' KINCADE, Gary 1 KINCAID, Francine I V, A KINCAID, Frederick 'I KlNcA1D, Nanny 1 V Kms, Malba 2 J KING, RosaIee 3 V ' V KIRCHER, Larry 1 ,Q V, , KIRCHNER, Gerald I "Sf KIRCHHOFER, Rabarl 3 V V Klrzclnlorr, Ronald 1 gm If , X. ' ' KIRCHHOFF, Ruby 'I KIRK, lenona 1 KIRKENDALI, Ralph 'I 'N KISKER, Rosemary I ',: ,AV 1 KITCHIN, Thomas 1 ,ff KLENKE, Dennis 'I KLEIN, Denice 2 KLEPPER, Roger 'I KLUTER, Kenny 3 H773 kk,,kk 'V KLUTTZ, Don 3 fy' 1 L.'., f1rVVV ' I KNAPP, rliarnar 2 13725 Ui-fl V an 1 KNEHANS, Judy 1 in 1 1cN1PscH1Lo, John 3 V '1 Klsr, Larry 2 KNITTER, Joe 'I KNOWLES, Wesley I KNOX, Sandra I 1 KOCH, Mary Ann 2 1 KOCH, Mary 3 KOENIG, Pam 1 'ZIV 91. F154 ' "M 11,9-1 1 1-,a f i I Sv 91' 3, an ,PV V V,,. V y ,gn 22 5 we V 52 '11 S 1. M' gf. ' A :Ei W Sifzigrg , s in Q 1' 1- 'isis 5fW:i1,:.:,, 1 " 0335? .14 .bfifl 75 1 1 - 'I I 1 ,V VV 1 1 y V . 1 .91 1 1' win, 11 sf, A I I 1591 .. , Wuxi 1 U, .",' : 1V KOESTER, Jaaaaalyn 1 iff ,Q , KOHLER, Leona 2 if 1 1 . wx W 1 1 KREMER, nalaarr 1 V frrjiri? KRESSE, Garold 1 .:- 1 . , iiifiif fri? - A 1 KRONHART, Jann 3 ' VV I 1 I7 'r-I 5 , 1 1 , , 2 V V KRUSOR, Karin 1 gf' 75' 1 KUECK, Marilyn 3 nl 1 , KUEHLING, Nanay V::' A 1 1 ..11 fl KUGLER, MeIvin 1 -A I - V . 1 1 KUHLMAN, Wayne 1 -- 31 . 3 ,,1 A r KUHR, Hanan 1 ""' V I I V, KULLMANN, Dorothy 3 ' V .V I VVV. ' KuscHfL, Ranald 2 .- V V V5 V 1+ 1 1 . 1 i V LACEY, Mary Lou 3 f- :fr LADD, Linda 2 ' V,r. ZIV i g V 1',-, I 1 LADouc1EuR, William 1 V V A V LADUKE, Jin- 2 I rarlr if r1', I1- 5 i:f11i:ff-151 1 1..' 1 1 A A 1 '1 -1-12,3 LAFFERTY, Gene 2 4 LAFFOON, Forrest I 1- 1 ' 2 V 41 ,3 LAKAYTIS, Phyllis 1 V V V. 11 1 ,,,,,1, ll' is LAM, Larry 1 1 - 3 1 211 5 V 1 LAMB, DoIores I ' VV ij, LAMB, Edward 2 , 1131515 A 1 ' 9 111-39 LAMPE, sandra 1 ' T Q I LAMoN1, Marilyn 2 . l 'i gifs? LAND, Joan 1 9 . " LANDERS, Sherry 'I , ' . ,AVL gn r LANDERS, Terry 1 r 11 W ij 45 1 z V 1 LANGFORD, Landa 2 'V 1 V 11 LANGSTON, nanald 1 V f flm rrrrr 1 1 i rn 111 Za LANKFORD, J. w. 3 , fr ir 1 fi - 11 LARA, RICGVGIO 3 I 1 I ' 1 , ' - ' L.. '11 ' r 2 .": LAROSE Sum 1 1 V 1 rrr' Q--1 LARSON, Julia 3 V A - ,,,, - IAS-Swfllf Joe 2 1, 381 K 'I 'f p LAWS, Wally I V . VVV 11 , VVVVVV 1, V 1 3 . :ee LAWSON, Danna 1 1 --" 1 1' .V.,, V' 1,r. LAWSON, Loueha I I x ' gf LEACH, Jan 3 1 Q . ..., Q a,,.-1:3 'E-1.1 fx -sag, I JLQ rw-1 51' if izlisiiflffigfifar Ln-fran.nanaanarzerrfrraan:11 1 11 1 'L I 1 , 1 " 112 513 me 31 . . mam, fu 1, ' 2 '1f'f1if1:': V131gi K:- if-+ ,aa rf . . , W V V V .VV 1, ,E V ,M ,1r.1 Ax V - ,, xl V nr -:si JZXSEWV If 1 1 5 , 1 'Y f ' V ,M V V 1 1?ff, gf,r?S2Vfi1 1 ' 13.3 haf 1? wee . 3 51214929 rar , I K S an 1 w i g 1 2. 4- , . V5 K as 3 Q, 1 wr.. 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" " . l Li .T xl mf' P' 180 LEE, Carol l LEE, Hazel 2 LEE, Ronald 3 LEE, Sharon 'I LEEDY, Alphina 3 LEEDY, Lee 'l LEGSDIN, Margo 2 LEBMAN, Thelma 3 3 LEHMANN, Thomas LEHMANN, William LEIGHTER, Dixie 'l LEIMKUHLER, Eugene LEIMKUHLER, Sharon LEITER, Virginia 'l LELAND, Edward 2 LEMKE, Karl 'l LEMON, Lorraine 2 LEMONS, Janice T LEONARD, Joan 'l LEONARD, Lana 2 LERBS, Don 3 LERBS, Kenneth 3 LESLIE, Judiih 1 LETOURNEAU, Alfred LEWIS, George 3 LEWIS, Thomas 2 LIERMAN, Michael 'I LILE, Jessie 2 LINDEKEN, Daniel 2 LINDGREN, Rodger LINDSEY, Harrie!! 2 LINDSEY, Judy l LINDSTROM, Doroihy LlNVlLLE, Edwin 3 LISTON, Judy 1 LITTLE, Charles l LITTLE, Sieve l LITTLETON, Charles LITTLETON, Helen l LIVESAY, John 2 LLOYD, Eric 2 LLOYD, Frank 'l LOCKWOOD, Charles LOGUE, Linda 3 LONG, Gary 'l LORD, Milne l LORTON, Ann 3 LOTTMAN, Mary 2 LOUDON, Sue 2 LOVE, Genevieve 2 LOWERS, Bucl l LOWREY, Elaine 3 LOWRY, Roger 2 LOY, Wayne l LOYET, Nelson 'I l l l l l 2 3 2 LUECKENQTTE, Peggy 1 LUND, Mervin 'l LUTHER, James 3 LUTTE, Martha 2 LUTTE, Mary 'l LUTTE, Robert 1 LYDDON, Linda 2 LYNCH, Carol 3 LYNCH, Judy l LYONS, George 2 MC ALLISTER, Jerry MC AULIFFE, James MC BROOM, George MC CAMMON, Judith l 2 l l MC CANDLESS, Carolyn MC CARTHY, Cathy MC CLAIN, William MC CLENDON, David MC CORMICK, James MC CORMICK, .lucly 3 3 'l 'l 3 3 MC CORMICK, Norvell I MC COLLUM, Jimmy 2 MC CRARY, Marla 2 f ' MC CREA, Jerry 'I ae- A., f MC CREA, Robert 2 ye.-n f' If in MC CROREY, Robert 3 MC CUNE, Carol 3 l I - .JF 5 , Mc DONALD, James 1 MC DONALD, Judy 'I MC DONALD, Judy Kay I I , f--f,..f,.,, . MC DONALD, Martha 'I I , ' K- , k Mc DOWELL, Qi' I' : W A :X , James 3 . e MC DOWELL, Richard I , f MC ELMURRY, Gary I '- - MC EWEN, Jimmy I , . r 1 ' , .M r -Eff V e 11 My Mc FADDEN, Lynne 1 , Mc FALL, Leroy 1 1 ., , ,L - , - rye., MC FARLAND, Carolyn I "-a -. . - '- MC FAILAND, Garden 2 I' I 4- 5, 5: MIC FERRIN, Bonnie 'I i' .' 7 E r ri are e if I A :I I"- vi "Av ' Mc GOWAN, Dennis 1 . in I A Mc lcsnzle, Janice 3 V f Z n E E 0 5 3 Q 1 :' n Y 12559355 MC MICKAEL, Glen 2 ' .. -' MC MILLAN, Patricia 'I . , 1,- -, an MC MILLIN, Phillip 1 Mc MuLLlN, Edward 2 Mc MURTREY, Dale 1 A vg-fr Mc Prlelzson, Lila 3 - 7'lTf 755 I ' Mc Qulslzlzlav, James '1 'Y' ,,.,, .eax,W . .rr,r gtk l A ef, had 1 ,gy y, L nie, Le ,,..ezrlev: . z' .ar l ' -12 L I ,iff Hiie 241, av X' -A :gag .ee -1-.gee .. 12211,--1 -, , Bees, W. yyrry - , E re Q r9""V'V FF ff iilaeffew A ' 1 s A fe- 51 ,4 fdfimf 1 . nssf- -r A :fl .- eree- f, 111-S1144 21 ie r 4 -fn Aera r e , e J' ev ie, .fu miffszi in gseile-if-G' f - ,1s2,:-gg , , VYWXEI ' fe r. ,z , 1 . r Q-' . 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I A -ae - , , I we 1 e, e MANN, Robert 3 14 i"" W g-g MANNING, Sharon 'I E-5' MANsELL, Michael 1 ff J- i, MANSFIELD, Mayree 3 I will A MARCHETTI, George 'I I MARCKS, Charles 1 , MARCKS, May 3 , - MARCKS, Mary 1 ""' ii' MARLER, Elizaleeln 1 --i" re.-, MAlzQuAlzo1, Judy 1 -, Q -L:.--. MARRIOTT, Lee S - -n a --- MARSHALL, Gary 1 -if --:, T1 ..,: MARTIN, Clarence 2 "-- 'w g - ' MARTIN, Dan 1 'gwwsfffiif' ,'.' 22,5 e e i e 5 ,Q 'Sl e lf! 'e - 1,1 - ,- . . MARTIN, Don J. I 1 I John 2 -,Q ' .57 fr-'i .-2 MARTIN: Larry 2 MARTIN, MARTIN, MARVELL, Ernest 1 ffgfi :, '-212.5-,j'l: MARTIN ' Lawrence I 'b gr Ruth 1 - E Qisj-fp a- .f 5 i MASCHGER, Charmaine 'I ' liiiil r ' MAssMAN, Agnes 3 MASTERSON, Bonnie 2 H H i I A ee Seri e E MATEJA James 3 r--,gl MATHEIS, Bernre 2 ,aaa , ry .A ,rL, e, '- MATHEWS, Sharon 2 V' MATTIVI Jerry 3 MATY, Janelle 1 - MAUPIN, Dinah 1 56:321- M f .,f- .ra ,- .-e:el' ,gesif 1521! we een!- , .ra--,.., . . . ree.,, ,. 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I WI- I I ' I '-wi: '- 5. XJ' I: , 'L L I 7L" I X 1, A, A I Q We I , 2 544 I, , 5 in 'f :te Q: I82 ff Gary walks Barbara to her committee meeting in the Fireside room of the Student Center. MAWSON, Darlene 3 MAWSON, Marlene 3 MAYER, Donna I MAYCOCK, Shirley 2 MAYER, Ronna I MAYFIELD, Joyce 3 MAYFIELD, William I MEADOWS, James I MEANS, Shirley 2 MEEK, Mary I MEINERSHAGE N, Margie MELDRUM, Ronald 3 MELTON, Lee I MERRIOTT, Doris 2 MERRITT, Linda 2 MERRY, Karen I MERSHON, Edward 2 MERZ, Mariie 2 MESIMER, Mary I MEYER, Carol 2 MEYER, Mary 2 MEYERS, Gene I MICHAEL, James I MICHAELS, Kenneth 3 MICHAELS, Richard 2 MICHALLS, Carol 3 MIDDLEITON,I Martha 3 MIESER, Marlene 3 MILES, Martha 2 MILES, Susan 3 MILHOLLAND, Samuel I MILLARD, Wayne I MILLER, Datha I MILLER, Dick 3 MILLER, Doralee 3 MILLER, Gay I MILLER, Glen 2 MILLER, .lane 2 MILLER, Joel I MILLER, Judy 3 MILLER, Linda 3 MILLER, Linda 3 MILLER Marjorie 2 MILLER, Mary I MILLER, Myrna 2 MILLER, Robert 2 MILLER, Ruth I MILLER, Ruth L. 2 MILLS, Beverly 3 MILLS, Burton I MILLS, Charlotte 2 MINKS, Melinda 2 MINOR, Janet I MINTHORN, Ivan 2 MINTHORN, John 3 MISNER, Jerry I MITCHELL, Charlotte I MITCHELL, Marvin I MODARESSI, Mohsen 3 MOFFETT, David 2 MOFFETT, Gene I MOMBERG, Linda 3 MONCURE, Adolf 2 MONNIG, Gilbert I v, The hour and a halt from 4:00 to 5:30 p.m. is Garys time to outline a chapter for class the next day. 4 4 .. .. """"-ff, ' MONROE, Philip I MONTANO, Judy 1 MONTEE, Richard I I MONTGOMERY, Jacylyn 2 'E 5 MONTGOMERY, Karen I MONTGOMERY, Ralph I MOODY, Kathryn I MOORE, Forrest 3 MOORE, James I MOORE, Lonnie 2 MOORMAN, Roger 3 4 K MORELAND, Darlene 1 ' - R 'E , x MORGAN, Everett I" MORGAN, Joyce MORGAN, Alan 2 MORGAN, Ronald MORGAN, Staley MORLEY, Charles MOROTZ, Annette MORRIS MORRIS: MORRIS, MORRIS, MORRIS, MORRIS Judy I Paula 3 Richard Sam I Sue 2 William MORRISON, Diana MORRISON, Karso MORROW, Sharon MORSE, Albert I MOSLEY, Thomas MOUL, James 2 MouL1oN, Velma MOUNTJOY, Ted MUDD, William MUEHLBACH, Geo MUELLER, Karin MUKAI, Robert I I if 2 , M. 1 ,J I I I 2 3 I 2 2 52 I 2 'IT "ff n 1 I I e 4 tv, 'u1'L- +' K, If is: Rv? J I1 " 22, ,J il mat f QP -af, Y M. KLA S F1 I I ,sails if fx fi Ia rw if 1' ' I Q 1rg I li II' Q f' lx -A I X MULLINS, Carroll MULLINS, Charles MULLINS, Joyce MUNSON, Beverly MURPHY, Molly 2 MURPHY, Myron MURRY, MURRY, MYERS, MYERS, MYERS, MYERS, MYERS, NAIL, Judy 2 NAKAMURA, Ann Elaine 3 Kenneth Bobby 3 Donna I Gary 3 James I Richard NASH, Marcia 2 NAVE, Phyllis I NAYLOR, Jackie NEAL, Carla I NEALE, Norman NEEDY, NEELY, Marsha I NEIL, Janice 3 Martha 3 I 3 3 3 I 3 3 , 'wr :,.. VE, T li vf .13 if .dl-1 ,avr R , . M as I :ea -v' " Us I 9514 ,V -me -'7 I L33 -... qu 'W E-, .WE 53 . y A vit- 5? 1-5 .. -ff' 4, 1? ,Q . , , W Vt I 'E aww .4 ' .35 Q Ia, -T 4 A K S Q. ,N-Q- -R M ,wf ,. R mn-Y 15, Q' 1, f ' iz .Eh ff' -M k,,.-1 -Y Vg . Rf . 1 A 5: air , V , A 32 . rg L . 7 , -it 'Q . , ,- NA. .4-. .EE I is 2 1' 'I -.E 1 of I ' Y 'E ' 5 NELSON, Denis NELSON, Donna NELSON, Joanna NELSON, John I NELSON, Larry NELSON, Margaret I NELSON, Roger NETH, Judith 2 NEWCOMB, Judy NEWCOMB, Lowe NEWMAN, Stanle NEWSOM, Jane NICHOLS, Joyce NICHOLS, Palmer NICHOLS, Peter I 3 ,Q Vg. -of 1f' I my ' .if ki, I 2 III yI 2 I 2 I :gui "if -1.2 us-,ry in at I 1 5. sg 1. 1 R Ru' A Yi ,I X W 4, -rv A lr. - VI. 3 iii " " . . ' far? .W ,xy V - 2 h X p 5' if ,I 1, M X J ,fl-ff 611. SV, L W9 mt Em , W' rm., ' E N 9' .73 uf .ZX- L,-. f, gm ,- C , was It Gif 5' SJ ,JJ . R. fu 31 ft.. 'wr I wr. QL 5 . RX 'P' ,QF ': A K Ig, A 'auf I L. S. 'R I r- I I ' 51132 .- ,. I I ,R movq -if xi nf. i , wr' e .f s.,. -sr , 1, In ,Q , . . ,- , , f wwf' llll 'f W v " E as , ilk ,H A eff 'vw I- my I ,W f W I' ,M ,,,,y,Qi3, ,Q as . F , , aff , - ' F' I img-ky' ' 3' y , J - Ex I H ' , mi ' ,- . Qi Wk y :aa A ,I an - r""' w we ' Miz, , vw -iw ,, A Q I . five, "Aires FY mf ra - . " ,fy I I I I I A I .. ,- ser- 9 Ig Y' w e I, , lr., , .' - ,: I 5 '- ff' Q5 , s. V V fl' fitflf f - if "W, , I R I WsQa3a , ' 'i -'fr 1 1? ' - - ' gal A ' H-I .J I '53 -4 J lf he ' , 'I . , , I y H 5, :LgA I l , 'il ESE? . P ,L , qi, I - my Vi V I , 'x 'iii-I' 'fi I za ei ' 1, .,.. ly ' - I I I A. Sz if 'TW 3 . J' f - ' k AE Q l l' - 2 A. ,lll :.: 1 1.- . 4,415 '45 4, L2 4 snag, ,, iii, -Lf, J 233' . IK K. E' A UQJ 'X I nl ,, , Ti, fav rr .' ., ,,,. wif, :,. ,S 5 , Y we I Ei - 1:-f Fa, 3 , .., i , , , e ' ' 1.. '-'l' Esiieiiisgj 2 'Q sf , ,Q 55 21 .si is I 1 C 'k" ::,'f,.- .s s, ..,,.. My sri! si Q M I I 1 L .Q M df' r NICKEL, Gary I NIELSEN, Vidar 3 NIGGLEY, Charles I NISSEN, Susan 2 NIXON, Carolyn I NJEGOVAN, Joy I NOELL, Jan 2 NOLAND, Gary I NOLAND, Michael 3 NOVLEN, James 3 NOONAN, Kenne I NORCROSS, Larry I NORFLEET, Ronald I NORMAN, Carol 2 NORRIS, Joseph I NORRIS, Kay I NORTON, Barbara 2 NORTON, Louise 2 NORTON, William 2 NOVELL, Judy 2 NUCKOLLS, James I NUNN, Gary I NYFELER, Kay I O'DELL, Gary 3 0'DELL, Judith 2 ODEN, Wanda 2 ODNEAL, Alice 2 ODOM, Linda 'I OESTERLY, George I OETTING,Lynef1e 'l OETTING, Peggy I OHRENBERG, Roland OLDHAM, Ralph I OLIVER, Elaine I OLIVER, Kenneth I OLIVER, Robert I OLSEN, Kenneth 3 OLSON, Larry 2 O'M'Al.I.EY, Diane 3 O'NEAL, Janet I O'NEILL, Nina 2 O'REIlLY, Michael 3 ORNES, Kenneth I OSBORN, Richard I OSBORNE, Conni I OSHEL, David I OSTER, Judith 2 OTT, Sarah I OTTS, James Jr. I OUTHOUSE, Alan I OWEN, Phoebe I OWENS, Hubert I OWENS, Sharon I OWINGS, Richard I OWSLEY, J. I PADEN, Margaret I PADLEY, Rabert I PAGE, Claude I PAGE, Judith I PALMER, Barbara 3 PANGBORN, Billie 2 PARK, Robert I PARKER, Andrew I PARKER, Carl I PARKER, Harold I PARKER, John I PARKS, Gladys I PARKS, Janice I PARRISH, James 3 PARROTT, James 2 PARSONS, Patrick 2 PATE, Mike 3 PATTERSON, Lillian 2 PATERSON, Pai 2 PATRICK, JoAnn 'l PATTERSON, Joseph PATTERSON, Lorena PATTON, Belly 3 PAUL, Clyde 3 PAUL, James 2 PAYNE, William 1 PEARSON, Bobbie 3 PEARSON, Ronald 1 PECK, Lynette 2 PECK, Neal 2 1 2 'W fa 'Z P PEMBERTON, Elizabeth 3 ,K , PEMBERTON, Sharon PENCE, Nancy 1 PENICK, James 1 PENN, Robert 1 PENNINGTON, Rolaer PENROD, Gary 1 PENTICUFF, Lynn 1 PERKINS, Carol 1 PERKINS, Marlys 1 PERKINS, Sian 1 PERRY, Eugene 1 PERRY, Kenneth 1 PETENSON, E. D. 1 PETERS, John 1 PETERS, Sandra 1 PETERSEN, Julia 2 PETERSEN, Lloyd 1 PETERSON, Joyce 3 PETERSON, William PETITT, Floyd 2 PHALEN, Gary 1 PHILLIPS, Dorothy 1 PHILLIPS, Richard 2 PHIPPS, Bette Ann PICKERING, Lulher 1 I 1 ,, on .f Elf . I It 1 4'l'd .NN ,nv :- x 1,1 3 A 2 2. , W Y we 'lm-V ff' Q" Q 4.-. w I-mf, L." -,T .,?.ia.. 3 -lj, PIEPMEIER, Dianne 2 PIERCE, Jahn 1 PIGG, Ruger 1 PIGG, some 1 PIKE, Gene 3 PIKE, Sharon 1 PILANT, Murle 3 PIMPELL, Rulh 1 PINEGAR, Darrell 1 PINNEY, Barbara 1 PHT, Linda 2 PLANCK, Bill 2 PLATT, Warren 3 PLISOWSKI, Anne 3 PLOEGER, Ralph 2 POINDEXTER, Ronald POLK, Charles 3 POLLARD, Sam 1 POLLMAN, Robert 3 POLONEY, Judy 1 POLZIN. Larry 1 POND, Jerry 1 POO5, Gary 1 POPE, Nefa 2 PORTER, PORTER, Brenda 1 PORTER, Julie 2 PORTER, Kay 2 PORTER, Roger 1 POTT, Richard 1 POTTER, Daniel I Belly 3 POTTER, Jim 1 POTTORFF, Donald POWELL, Alice 3 POWELL, Beverly 'I POWELL, Gary 2 POWELL, Linda 3 3 POWELL, Roberta 3 2 POYNTER, William , -, I csv? 3f".f 1 ,em I W 5 we , 4 K. 4 4- K 1 ,X ep, . , ii? Kala 'li K, JN .t y -off y ,Q -ef ' -V 1 li 4:1 f , f? , ,,, ' at 'IJ' C' V5- Qw, Q. -fe. ol if ,Law Q.. , 'If K Z: fl! 3 Q 4- i . fr' li A .. ,gr 5 . gl 1 5 F ga, , X, U my ' -K., A x f' ,E e 4, U 1' ,si WH' l I is 4 s ,Q if, .5 ' J N 5 VI iv -1. ag. , U , 95, V ' l l 'V ,Q f Q QQ If ,ig .2 - it - 2 'I ,C 1551, My wif 4 I 3 F 3 If ,V i y 422 Q ,..,, -Q56 kk,y J- X -x ,,, n 2, - - W, ,,,. 2 Y fu ..,,, ,gp 5, WHS? 3 Im Q f I fe- -. 5 Lfh 4, X my Q., 3, "df gf, 44 X ,' ,,k, Kimi: , 7 If ' 1 Ti 'X ,Q QV ff IRQ Si 5 ,pw ' Cir Za :S , ' " ,ji , ,,fg,.,.oa K I 1,1 i 15, , 'S nh P if ,snr . , 1 g il - ,ia K , fx K f In at I I W , ref? J3?,,, y 35351 185 z up I 1 I7' If I I I I ff -Q - I W I I C I ' 9'1" If ' VI' WT I Vw I 1, A-W L I ",i 2 a 'I ' I12-it I, w f, w my ,I in wr: , ,INR ' f , . . 'gl V . why, ,V Q Ie S, , ff I 11 HJ 1 2. , ererr I A cf Us .. ' QI , E15 1,21 figs ' M. A I if ff Q as I 4, I lxl 1 - 1 Q . , an Af- I , 1- . N' 8, My f e 1 4- I 'Q iff- 4.- ' A Af ' . 1, . , I " II ' I ' A ,mA, 1.1 to A ,A y L--' , .,., 1. .I S , I E. I ' I I I 15, ,ge Q1 M I .fm . I I xv, K X ,, hLV I y A , - ' 1 h A, A .V u my J 4 ft 'fm S. 5,527 . , Q 'f' :C fslzw 3' W' I VK,r, I 1. my ,I nr "- ' M f ' A I Kg! ' ,N up we ' 1 1 47 'sa 6' JEL' I at ag: I ' I" W.:-A .v, ' . I A ,- V ,,. 1, I - E Mrgifgr I Xt I, , -M J I i 2 I I . , E J- M ,, G L gt ,' , ,L,, f W A M' . gl K 1, cf: Q :SSS 9 , I ' "fm" I Wiki , fn " S' W , A, gif' and ' f .. if ,wr Q I F' g' I' , A km: ,Ima im' n x I , I, fs .FI I 1 I I86 PRATHER, John PRESSON, Donal PREUSS, Evo I PREWITT, Norma PRICE, Meredith I cl I I 2 PRIESS, Sheila I PROCK, Sandra PROCTOR Wlllla PROWELL, Sharo PRUETT, Charles PUCKETT, John PUMMILL, Arthur PUTNAM, Jonice QUICK, John I mzocroa, Mqnhn 1 l fl QUINN, Rebecca RAABE, LeaRoy RABILIS, Maurice RADFORD, Home RAGAN, Robert RAGLAND, Jerry RAGLINC, Floyd I m 3 I I I I 3 I 3 I r I I 3 I RAGSDOLE, Carolyn I RALSTON, John RANDALL, Jane RANDAZZO, JOA I 3 nno I RANDAZZO, Patti I RANK, Carolyn RANKIN, Ed 2 RASNIC, Karen RASPBERRY, Julia I r RAUSCHER, War RAY, Patricia I RAY, Wilton 2 RAYNES, Shirley REAM, Joyce I 2 I en2 I REASONER, Beverly 3 REASONER, Elma I REAVIS, Donna REDFORD, Jerry REDFORD, Mary REDMON, Terry REECE, Olney I REED, Jimney I REEVES, Tommie REID, Mark I REID, Robert 'I REIFSCHNEIDER, REIFSCHNEIDER, REINHARDT, Car I 2 3 I 2 James Sharon olyn I REINHARDT, Phyllis 2 Renrnow, Jerry 1 RENFROW, Louis RENKEN, Anne RENNE, James 3 I I RENSHAW, Gary 3 Resen, Mary 1 RESZ, Carolyn 2 REUTER, Llntlu REYS, Robert 3 RHOADES, Carl RICE, Donald 2 RICE, John I RICH, Pal 'I I I RICHARD, Ronald I RICHARDS, Thomas I RICHARDSON, Bob 2 RICHARDSON, Judy 3 RICHARDSON, Louie I RICHARDSON, Louis I RICHEY, Dorothy I RICKMAN, Jon 2 RICKS, Clinton 2 RIEDER, Ray 1 RIGGLE, Robert 3 2 I RILEY, Brenda 3 RILEY, Gary 'I RILEY, Sandy I K a- R2 - -:VK .VVV,,.,EV. I I zF RIMMER, Lindo 1 J H- ez. V, VV, ,. V . RINO, James 2 ,A I ,. . N O If- ' . hi RIPPLEY, Barbara 1 off' f -fi ,gy ROBARDS, Faye I 5' V N, 1 ' ROBBINS, Chester 2 ROBBINS, Gary 2 , V ROBERTS, Jerry 'I I . . i , ' ROBERTS, Mary I Q ,T 3, W ' we i 59? ROBERTS, Richard I Z "Sm 'ff' j fm ew ' Q ROBERTS, Ron 2 if QQ ,W ,551 1 ii f ROBERTSON, Raymond 3 Y ' I V ' ' . ' ROBIDOUX, DeAnna 'I 4 R V , ,fn 1 In 8 3 , 1 5 ROBINSON, Afdyfh 2 . V ROBINSON, Mary I "'I' V . ROBINSON, Mnoioa 3 I , A 4 ROCKWELL, Ernest 'I R' - f H, V V I 4 I as iii RODE, Mary 3 V '51 ' ' I - V' 7 , I RADER, Mina 2 V' -217, -E' VV RODRIGUEZ, Rodolfo 2 , , fi' 153 I :,, . , L V . , V .A,..E,. an 'vi' RM IX I I ROE, CI1arIes 'I V ROELOFSON, Nancy 2 ROGERS, Kaihryne I Vg f, , f ' VV ' " , 4 V ROGERS, Richard I 73" - f-A ' -",', "" iw , Q SQ, V M ROOOE, Fred 3 II N- 2 M 1 ,4 I , rn' " SEP ROOOY, Ronald I ,,,,, 'Y ' , V 5 'Eff I , ROLAND, Barbara 'I ' I, 2 ' VV ' 'F ROLAND, E. I. 2 I I, ' ROLF, James 3 I ROMANCHUK, .Iohn I 3 Mill.- ROMANCI-IUK, Judy 3 V ,A 6 V Q V V . ..-. -A , A ROOP, Joseph 3 4' 3 5 ,Q -' I , , 1, -V v -Vjgg Q Rossnuon, James 3 .gy ff- 'Cf V ,- ROSBRUOH, Leia I P VV Roscoe, Vivien 3 in Xxx.: I T2 ,U I ROSE, Iain 2 ROSE, WiIIiam 2 V 1 A A V ROSEBROUOH, Nova I 1 A , ' ' '- Ross, Lee I , sa 61 g, f- - V 8 K-n-an-ny: V as ROTHFUSS, Joy I 's wi, , , Vi, V 1 AV , .,,, op, ROWLAND, Larry 1 I-fin' ' ' ' Q V- if 7 I T ROWLES, James I ' Q5 ' V- , I lo , ROY, Irene 3 B ik - , ROYAL, Judith 3 'IZIIII . RUCKER, Judy 3 V "VW RUDE, Nancy I ,I , I I V RUGEN, Mildred 2 V6 I ' 5' , an ' I "Vik RUPE, Iini-In 1 IL B Z9 YW' , RUPE, William I ' V, ' r RUSSELL, GIenn 1 6 VV X ? RUSSELL, Morilyn 2 ,,f'ii RUSSELL, Sonniol 2 ' RUTHERFORD, Chrisiene I 4' A NL V , ' 45915 RYLAND, Herberf 1 7' Vg 5 if' "' V' 1' .1 gs. X V57 HB SACKETT, Dennis 1 -W, :B -an i gi' 1 ' 3' 1 53' SANDERS, Emma 2 W yu, ' I. E! , V V1 I SANDERS, Frances 3 A A yi - jf , SANDERS, John 2 Ax I A SANDERS, Philip I I , ' SANDRIDGE, Jock I , 3 - I f ' fe? ' B SANDSTROM, Sharon I VV - , gg, avi , '- SANDY, Kenneth 3 T A., IL.. .- ,mi . SANDY, Robert 1 , SANNING, Barbara 2 I SAPPENFIELD, Katherine I N Q C " ':-'r , SAUNDERSV Wayne 1 VV VV VVVVV , .1 ,. SAVAGE, Coioi I V ' gi, S' SCHABERG, Rini 3 , .g,,, , V Z -- ff SCHAITKER, Willa I VVVj ' Q. Q ha VM in SCHANZ, Nooini 2 V.: 1 VV: --,-- ' I 1 SCHEER, Betty 2 -- If -' SCHELLHARDT, Karen 3 ' , .I SCHELP, Douglas 'l ff VVVVV -if Q337Lf Ji., ry ,,. , L wk .,wy nl IW if I If NR 05,3-,R ijlfii , IS: ' ,QE ,qs-,I if 344' 4 'I87 n 'K 'I ii-VV, Q' -NB' -wif fl ss. 4 my fx f f X 'WH 'Z 1' - J rn' ,C fi. er , we f' .M f gp . as y .aj - J ,W W E W 1' , S, if J S Q -f Q st' r r fw.J-f 1 2 'X ' is he J, ,,, ' S 45555 . I .Shi I , :VY V W . yi: A 3, A if fl' J , li X i Q E ' r r X - ,Mu Ca-nm? M ,J s o V. .. fr 27 ag: S- H .er 1 jf- is We-L' , 2 3, 1 ,W , sqm, , L , S, y X 1 E '5 New K - . I M. 5 H if J i . A W - 2 ff'-ss My flee rg, , - S aff arrrs in .4 Q., glee I , gk, ,W V H- T Q, we - --f ,R ,ef S gi ,rf W S ee 1 b:Q,E m . S W . giiwf X ' " ,nv M E ' -- , f 'Mr' 'tim ti? li fel ik .C -fr' gi "r X as Qi? f we : . , 4 rw' - '- ,, 1- ' ' '- av' ..., av - 'U 1' i we 'frm E fe. of r , . ,L we ' f A K , f :ry 574511 12 ' Q 2 . F ri' f' xr 5 1' ' ,' 5 ' v f' x- ,I ,g ' l f lr 4' a S, 5 J L -1 9 he S .Q QW, - ' a. A W , 1 - S 21' 4-'sf T Q . . 'rv . S ' -fre ill ,,,,. Q '-'l.:,f-'Zi' f 5' ' ,T W - T a v a 1 -Q ' If 2' 3 W ' 1 - I 1?"j,,, ' r -3, Z 1-Q w- ' ev 'fr 5 , , -ff in ,tjgmx I 5- ,A x y 2 , ,5 A WM iii- " ' 'ffl' .J " X .jeff alf1- .r'v'f' Dinner in the Hours-Hosey dining room provides a few minuies of relaxofion in Barbara's busy day. SCHELP, Neal 1 SCHIEBER, Theresa l SCHLUETER, Berry 1 SCHLUP, Hilion l SCHMIDLI, Sue 2 SCHMIDT, Carolyn 'l SCHMITT, Jim 2 SCHNACKENBERG, Raymond 2 SCHNAKENBERG, Wilberi 'l SCHNEIDER, Larry SCHNORF, Jerry 3 SCHOOLER, David SCHREIMAN, John 3 2 1 SCHREIMAN, Karen 1 SCHRIMSHER, William 3 SCHROEDER, Linda I SCHULTZ, Gene 2 SCHUMACHER, Frank 2 SCHUPP, Ralph 2 SCHUSTER, Judy 'l SCHWARK, John 'l SCHWARTZ, Robert 1 SCHWEITZER, Jack I SCHWENK, Mary 1 SCOTT, Barbara l SCOTT, Diclt 2 SCOTT, Ken? 3 SEARS, Jeanette 2 SEBA, linda i SEE, Eddie 3 SEELEY, Earl 2 SEEVERS, Don T SEITZ, larry i SELLERS, .l. 3 SELLERS, Virgil 2 SEMSTEAD, Margarei 3 SENINGER, Sieve 'l SETTLES, Joyce 3 SEWELI., Judifh 'l SEXTON, Charles 'I SHACKLES, leanard 2 SHAFER, Hester 3 SHAFER, Nancy 3 SHAHIDI, lrai 'l SHARP, Sandra 1 SHARPE, Sandra 3 SHAW, John 'l SHAW, Samuel 2 SHEETS, Ronnie 'I SHELDON, Carole I SHEPARD, Audrey 'l SHEPARD, Ronald I SHEPHERD, Georgia 2 SHEPHERD, Kenneth 2 SHERRELL, Lawrence 2 SHERRILI., Juaniia 1 SHIKLES, Carol 2 SHIKLES, Davis 2 SHIMATSU, Susan 2 SHINKLE, Mark i SHINN, John i SHIPLEY, Roger i SHIPP, Sara 3 SHIPPEE, Dorofhy 1 CMS Mules vs Maryville Bearcats in Garrison gym is the even- ing evenl for Gary and Barbara. SHIREMAN, Larry I SHONO, Chariohe 3 V SHORES, Richard I I V w SHREEVES, Jerry 3 V SHRODER, Edward I , :L , ff-7",f SHROUT, Barbara 2 1' Wg SHUBERT, Sandy 2 5? SHULENBERGER, J0n I SHURTZ, Frank I V Q3 SICKBERT, Danny I V 1' V' , I V' V , SIEBERT, Ralph 1 I V V gf 4231 ,V z.,.,.-,gp SIEGRIST, Ronald 3 VV-H 'Pg 'HI' , V Ii ,M SILL, John I Q, ""'f W- SILVER, Linda 3 'S II V Vf ' SILVERBERG, Bill 1 , V, V k'V, G I L, ', SILVERS, Vernon 2 VV V SIMINIS, Richard I Q IV SIMMONS, Aniio 2 M it 'gg SIMMONS, Paul 2 4, , SIMPSON, Callie I SIMPSON, Dorafhy I I SIMPSON, Juliei 2 SIMPSON, Martha 2 SINCLAIR, DoYoIhy 2 SINGLETON, WiIIicIm 2 V ..a I V. SINK, Monfe I 5 A ,, 3 ., SINSABAUGH, KenI SIX, Barbara I SKAGGS, Sandy 2 SKELTON, Harwaad 2 , I I SKORNIA, Susan I SLOVER, Mary I SMALL, Waunifa 2 V ,XI V V - -1 an ' A' 5: HSV -'Q . 21" , .Am lg, - nf' L dv S, ' W' .,,,, Q5 , ,TH . , VVS, V , ' . ISI in SMILEY, Don 2 5' S.. , X SMILEY, John I QV, .X " SMITH, Alice 2 mr' V SMITH, Ai-Iliar 2 9 I R.-'15 fa I SMITH, Barbara 3 1 2 M , SMITH, Caral Ann 3 ,VSV SMITH, Carol 2 V V I VV V, V. V SMITH, David 3 ,V " I SMITH, Eddie I 3 Y 'SI' 5 mf SMITH, Elaine I V V V QP- I' Ri, SMITH, Garry 2 SMITH, Gary 2 , g gg, axV,g I I IIVI S i,IS?.I.ff7'wi1', V SMITH, George 3 ' ,,1a:1i zflri SMITH, Helen 1 5 SMITH, John 2 ,,, , .V . I "" Ii SMITH, Judith I I 'E' SMITH, Kafhryn 3 ' SMITH, Linda I VV I-if I SMITH, Louise I ftr'X4QI?' d SMITH, Maurice 2 SMITH, Richard 3 EV ,,,,,,, V SMITH, Raban 1 V i V 6 SMITH, Robert S, 2 ,f"'F iq ai 9 'Q -Q, 5' SMITH, Ronald I W, iff? N ,,,,. ' SMITH, Sharon I I 'V I IQ' ' SMITH, Sydney 2 ,. SMITH, Virginia 3 V V SMITH, William 1 - I I IIII I , SNARE, Marion 2 - I V ,ff ' SNEAD, Andrew I VV V lv. in 3. ,. V T SNIDER, Edith 2 V 51- I3-M SNIDER, Patricia 1 I- I I SOLOMON, Marie 1 QW" V, SOMERVILLE, Beverly 3 V 7 SOPER, Linda 3 SOWER5, Jim I V SPARKS David SPARKS Rufh Ann 3 SPEAS ErI'I SPEELMAN Robe rf I 1 ig I , ,,, ,V,, - ,V V , , fi Fi", SPEARS, Phillip 1 1. I -f' I , 5 Iii, ' G I V I: If If SPERRY, Ralph I aa, - if df, 1 V - iz. ax s- , I ami, Q I 1 Y ' Id? V ,VX-S Vp EFT? IIIIS , IV fy. I I Q1 I V V5 V, ai Id: J , I ,ZW frm 4 'IS I 'Z 1 fl If ai i c. V. 17' .IF 4VV'i"V "Z -M -:J isfiiii In I I I rx - -'LIL V I VL V g .1 V VV .gt I. i,, 'Clay 'ff , If I ..., ' I . , . .ia '75 92' by w i Sf, .fadx If a If 1 ww I ,, wi if ,' ,d f I 'I 34 1 S1 , 1 'au 4. ' ik .elf ,iam 'fb' di! I ,S 1 ai , VS, -fa I iiyi ' I1 3 ia- if .FI I srfx ET i, raw, seize 12 args .., ,A E VV " VV ,I ' V TV 1 S f 'S "W 'S , 'N 1' A 3, ,ir , is I .13 , - Z V V -gfzgiv f ij ., , mir, ir 1 rd in ft , fm in L if w i' - ' . Y- ,mf V ia V V. X A V V ai-ai 'V ,V VV i W 53 F ' , , " gi fi 'I' 'H -as 2 ya.. 12 f I 3? a ' .- is iii! 1 i 'X ' f 2 I ., a"' I 'T 1 r 'I Q ll I ,his W 7 ' A I I 5 A ' ra- - is ra if M 'I SQL 1, V- I S I 1- A ' 1, if' ' five ffzjf-5 . yi? f fi 5 f 1 -11 ,. 2 A , , "JI , . ak Q ,N ff ua. - 'A ' - x -4 . . ,C V 2 ' 4 l .' ,,'f,,j1 , 1 ' V as ,F I' I 5 'I "W" ml i ' , lv L. . '. , - Q i i i 1+ 1- 2 a f Mi 2 ,- --aa- fa Q.. ,.- -f sa. - . . rv, 1 .i Q45 Y' - 2 was P. fi- r 1s VV V, V A WA l90 SPIEGEL, .John 'I V SPILLMAN, Wesley 3 by A SPRADLING, Dorofliy 2 " "2 SPRINGER, Clifford I , SPRINGER, Marie 2 lr X SPROUSE, Donna 'I f SPRY,JudiII1 2 SPRY, Olive 2 V 2 STAFFEN, Sandra 3 N, , STALLING, Beverly 3 Forkum 2 H STAMM, Sandra 2 -f -f W Y STAMPER, Linda 1 3338, V X STARK, Daria 1 'ye .rr V STARK, Susan I STARKE, sarah 1 V 1 s1ARR, Sandy 2 -' STEELE, Janet 'I ai" 'gi STEELE, Marilyn 1 1, is sresua, Terry 2 M STEGNER, Carol 2 V sreorisiz, Fred 1 srsmsecx, Allen 1 r STEINBERG, Davicl 3 STEINER, Belly 2 6 A STEINKUEHLER, Willard 3 IVV' , STELLING, leon 3 STEPHENSON, Agnes 'I , - STERLING, Pafricla 'I 12 I STERN, Susan 'I STETZLER, William 2 STEVENS, Barry 3 STEVENS, Gerald 3 STEVENS, Marllla I 1 STEVENS, Philip 'I by STEVER, James I I STEWART, Don 'I S STEWART, Glenna 3 STEWART, Sue 3 STILL, Ella I 1 -' STITH, Gary 2 Q " srossie, Richard A. 3 srocx1oN, Jaaaaalyrr 1 , W STOCKTON, Judy 3 -, STOECKLEIN, Phyllis I STOKER, Roger I ' STOLL, Addie 2 STOLL, Dennis I V gc. STOLZ, Rue Marie 3 fp, STOMPOLY, Phil 1 s1oNE,Edi1h 3 'Vg STONE, Russell I 2' STONNER, Sherlene 'I if ,V " STOUT, Judy 'I STOWELL, Warren 'I I " VV I V , s1oweLL, Zelda 1 :V ,V ea' L , STRATTON, Donald 3 ' gr i " ' STRATTON, Ronald 3 r If - ,- i STRINGFELLOW, Suzanne 3 A , V srrzoof, Kay 3 , , VV R, v lf! 5' ,K K srizous, John 2 B 1 gaiv' , an: 4 , - 5- ' 1 bg " STROUHAL, Shirley I 'S STRUBE, Charles 2 ' STRUBE, Gladys 2 If STRUEMPH, Marilyn 3 g, sruasierisio, Daniel 1 I sruueiz, Pal 1 STUMIV, Carol 'I . ,V ,kj 'f STURGILI., Mary 2 i VV Q SUHI., Robin 3 ' 1 I 32 SUHR, Hazel 3 SULLIVAN, Diana 2 '7 SUMMERS, Daniel 3 SUMMERS, Laurerta 1 V SURFACE, Donna I ' SUTHERLIN, Anita 2 ' T911 Iii 5' Ps. I Jli if I - irfi SUTTON, Carolyn 2 .Q suTToN, Doyle 1 1 4 ,V SWEARINGEN, Ann 1 3 1, 4- , ,a U . V ' ,A 4.2 SWEARNGIN, Wanda 1 , , , 33' O T , -Q ir, ag ' M A SWINDELL, Judy 3 ' K YES" L. , V A , ,M 5 . iii' swOPE, Dana 1 x 1" 1' , 1351. V V' SWOPE, llrarrrla 1 4' , ' 1 V V, 1'1: SWOVELAN, Erlwara 1 Q TABOR, Mary 2 V , A TABOR, Mickey T " A , " J F 52, ,N Vg TAGGART, Virginia 1 5, ' V Ag H' 5 M A' gf' DQ 3 rm TALLEY, Kay 1 L 5, L ,, fgfh' fm, K ' 2' TALLEY, Kenneth 1 1' , A P f my -gig V TANNER, Darrrla 1 "" 1 K 5 I TARUER, David 1 , Q A L ' WAY, 5 L ' 3 r ', f ' TQ TATE, Charles 1 , TATLOW, Lynn 1 V V5 ' A V TAVERNARO, Robert 1 9 Q 'S 'P' A ,fn 1' Y G we +A ak A TAYLOR, Kenneth 1 W 5:4 1 A : .wa gf A VY TAYLOR, Larry 3 -, ,,,,, ,, ii.- Q TAYLOR, Norman 1 R Q X V V QV' 7 5 TEAGUE, Edward 2 TEBBENKAMP, Patricia 1 - TEGTMEYER, August 1 TEGTMEYER, Gertrude 2 V ., A J 3 X TEMPEL, Joan 3 R, 4, -.O 'S ra , rf fl .V TERRY, Marilynn 2 fi.-A ' ' W jj if ,L J VVM X -3 Tsvls, Charles 3 W i 1, ,,,,, r V. H, THERloT, Daya 1 "1a1 f 3255 W THOMAS, Dewey 2 VVLL THOMAS, Larry 1 A THOMAS, Lois 1 . 2 2. , . G., - THOMAS, Sandra 1 .f in get 4? ' 6. X -1 aw" -A iffy ' THOMAS, Shirley 1 51 an L' ,,, 159' Qi. "' THOMAS, w. lr. 2 L 4 QV -' THOMAS, William 1 if V . , ra.. a rf" 1 . ,Wg lm 155 X 12 'ia 171.1 LQ . Q: - THOMPSON, Jim 3 V THOMPSON, Larry 1 V THOMPSON, Mary 1 V Taq , 3 L 1 '- THOMPSON, Mary sua 3 9, L Q92 . P' 1 if w - . ' 'T THOMPSON, Ross 1 if ' , Q, Lg, gg 'LSP - .21 g V 'P fi uf THOMPSON, Tommy 1 , 'Y V THOMS, lady, 2 V6 QE, , THORNHLLL, Richard 1 ,Q M ' ri , A Elf 2 THRASHER, Judith 2 ' THWEATT, Floria 1 , P THYRE, L. 2 V, W . 'T TllsMAN, Howard 3 , .7 V Ser' ,L -3' 'T .?r.V, 2 a f TlEMAN, Katie 2 bf ' Lab "iff" TlLLMAN, Delores 1 V, . . P V ,V ,V TlLLMAN, Laala 2 T efglla , mi- f, if V f' ra X , , TIMMERMAN, Janice 2 TITTLE, Judi 1 TIVIS, Lewis I 1 TODD, Kenneih 2 TODD, Nancy 'I TODD, Willi TOMMEY, Anna 3 TOOMBS, Janis 'l TOP EL, Mar TOTTA, Vincent I TOUSLEY, Lois i ami ie3 TREECE, Jeana 2 0 TRITT, .Jerry 3 V? M 4-aff Q ?" TROSPER, Helen 'I TROUTWINE, Virgil 1 TRUMBLE, vlrlrl 1 'Q m i TRUTZEL,Rober1 3 g TSUI, Mabel 1 ' TUCKER, James 1 T in ' VV M L Tucc-LE, Frank 1 Q1- -V l ar, TULLIS, James 1 J ' - ' TULLY, Priscilla 2 TURCOH, David 1 H Q, ir! j 25. ...Q-f . ' if X' nh ,. ,rf f X F' ., my i .. ,i R 1 am - f .r .aa 1' A . . ., ,J 5 , La, L .-r-,., S :yr ' ' 4 1 aa P Q A 2 """' " M 1, H345- ,V 3 E ,, - -7 J 'T C A ..,,, , , VV " . .. A Q3 rr . '. .. .. , a , 35-,.,M,:t,V,,1Q-rw -. -- r al, W 2 5? .1 P 3 f .E ,CV ,H H -3 , ' 91 '- ' 1 ,L 1' 9 Qi ia 5 av R. P fl' , ,aw .,, , V nv L 1 'M Q rir, I . , if' if Q I f, f 52 ? I f we 22 1 if .M '-'.:.EE:,, ' --N ei- 75 Vw -ne, WN' -If 41 52 I W af ,- fv- W Rn -'SQ 0 JU A .. JI. Q f xii- sn, -1' v Sr 11 .i,,:,,:amsf , - :J ls? 'TIE' ,iw w A we WW X in xy? I Kew' tl x I W I ,,. , ' .si Q -'qv QW ,wr writ - me xi Q. , ,, . fr if I T , V A , A -I Z , - X ip ' Vf-'E"""" I 3 f A Y 'S' 4' A' fvk ' if e 1 :Sm A L sr: , , ,. ,, M . 1 5' ' '- R "' -FT. ' I 'fe' ,E 1, A fi' I I ' ' . " K 4. , A I Isssria A , . rsiffg I W ifi'-iii' ' "f i-iffll I ,14 9 f , - 'I 6 , 1 .rg ., I ff f 192 I ' A984- of-Iwi 32176 YU . if if I I A 'ur -QQ f ' . I ,va ,A-. ,QI Q25 ' ff! v. ,... ,pf 1 I Q I, me , I , 5 ,is , ,. Q C au, A x I ,A,, V W, in i a ' A- I hm f.-' -j 3-, ,K is ,el ii- A fx ,,7VV:i.i: A A I A ' I , , I as r , ,E Ai I :V 3' f KI , 5 WA fi I 1. Iii by T31 W I A rf 5. 5,4 'Q . -m ls . , 1,5 QL! V, .... I Q. if 41 4 w -,im ,Q dr . I I if TURNAGE, Mariorie TURNBULL, John I TURNER, Eva Marie TURPIN, Lloyd 1 TWENTER, Sandra I TWITT, Bill I UGA, Jane 3 UHRIG, Louise 3 UNDERWOOD, James UNDERWOOD, Paul UNGER, Charles I URIE, Douglas I VALENTI, Jerry I VALLINO, Eugene I VAN BEBBER, Brenda VAN BLARCUM, Cecil VANNATTA, John 3 I 2 I I I VAN TUYL, Sharon I VAN WINKLE, Linn I VAUGHAN, Darlene 2 VAUGHN, June 2 VAUGHN, Joyce I VAUGHT, Dolores 2 VAUGHT, Jerry I VERING, Suzanne 2 VEST, Judy I VIALS, Linda 3 VIATOR, Donna 3 VIEBROCK, Delbert I VILLEME, John 3 VIVIAN, Jack I VOCATE, Jane? I VOELLER, Karin I VOGL, Hadwig 3 I VOLLENWEIDER, Rebecca WADE, Donna 1 WADE, Donald 'I WADE, Wanda I WADE, Willa 2 WADICK, Margarei 3 WADLEIGH, Charles I WAGN ER, Randolph WAKEMAN, Reylene I WALDREN, Nancy I WALKER, Charles 3 WALKER, Emily I WALKER, Frank I WALKER, Gary I WALKER, Imogene 3 WALKER, Janice I WALKER, Judiih 3 WALKER, Michael I WALKER, Samuel I WALKER, Shirley 3 WALLACE, Pafricia 2 WALLER, Larry I WALLER, Wendell I WALQUIST, Richard WALTERS, Anna 2 WALTERS, Opal 2 WALTERS, Sieve I WALTERS, Wanda 2 WAMBSGANS, Harold WARD, Barbara I WARD, Pamela I WARDER, William 2 WARFSMAN, Richard WARNOCK, Sally 3 WARREN, sem 1 WARREN, Lila 2 WARTICK, Ronald I WASH, Wayne 2 WATERS, Eddie 'I WATKINS, James 1 WATSON, David I I I I WATSON, Francis I WATSON, Julaine 2 WEAVER, Buddy 'I WEAVER, Gary I WEAVER, Patricia 3 WEAVER, Winton 2 W1 9 if A I wr it ,., 4-. I M -V' WATTERSON, Byrl 1 A A I J gg fi . WEBB, Doug 'I WEBER Don WEBER, John WEHNER, .Iorene :gk WELBORN, Sharon I WELCH, Connie 2 WELCH, Dick 3 ' 2 WEBER, Michael 1 A16 2 E WELLS, Fred I WELSH, James I WENDLETON, Sharon I WERNEKE, Robert I WERTZ, Martha 3 WESSNER, Donna I WEST, Fred 2 WEST, RonaIcI I WESTERBERG, Barbara WESTHUES, Dennis 2 WHEATON, James I WHEELER, CaroI 2 WHEELER, John I WHEELER, Mary 2 WHILEFORD, DonaIcI I WHIPFLE, CI'1arIene 2 WHITE, Barbara 2 WHITE, Barry I WHITE, CaroI I WHITE, Gerald I WHITE, Gordon 3 WHITE, Joe 2 WHITE, Margaret 1 WHITE, Marva 3 WHITE, Robert I WHITE, Robert O. 3 WHITE, Sam I WHITEAKER, Joan I WHITEMAN, Don 'I WHITFIELD, Dennis 2 WHITING, Doryl I WHITT, Susan I WHITSITT, Marilynn I WICKER, Ruth 2 WIDICK, James I WIDNEY, Berry 1 WIGFIELD, CaroI I WIKOFF, EIdrecI I WILCOX, Bonnie I WILEY, Bob 2 WILEY, James I WILHOIT, Judy 1 WILHOIT, Sandra 2 WILKERSON, Carol 2 WILKERSON, Jerry 2 WILLARD, RoIJerI 2 WILLIAMS, Allen 3 WILLIAMS, Anita 3 WILLIAMS, CI1arIotte I WILLIAMS, Dorothy 2 WILLIAMS, Gary 3 WILLIAMS, Jim 2 WILLIAMS, Jo 3 WILLIAMS, Kathy I WILLIAMS, Larry 2 WILLIAMS, Roy I WILLIAMS, Sondra I WILLIAMS, Vanetta 2 WILLIAMSON, Philip I WILLIMETZ, Emmett I II A W....w.. A -J fi MQ'-hi . .L 5' 1 1 T' "' iw' we 8 ,, 1,5 Fff gl 1, ,V :zu as L Q4 asa I ,I 1 is 1, I i 1 12 J J .I Sax, A "tif . it 'Z' fi' : ky, 7 . , 11 'TQ "' L, Q v L. . is I I X 'Cf ,, Q1 5 . -s s- C , wk 5 12' 4- , 57 1. 1- 1 'fr' v ' rs 5 iz I wmv ,Sgt g-. -", .- .. 3' I3 . I ix, A syn I - I 4 1 G 1- - iff' ' ef? X . f -31 W' . wg - I . if - 2 fe? ef. r , ,-11 ' r I - W' , .L fn , exe: ,443 ,fr , ,, 1 .21 Y, ,M- x 4 is 1 1, na., 4 361 Qs f 5, foe, AX 1 1 1 fi, ,, fp.: ' Q I. any 1' .D za At 'J S A-fr in :EIS A 4' 82162 aff ,M I 1, 'mi- i ,V 1 Lg K sv, I , 'fl Vi? ,M 5 I? 4 N, W. Q51 A' ' I - A JJ, ,, 'SU ff 5 E tyvi Iv I I , ,. M, ,iv Q, 6- 1 X I -r If I. 4 F L ,LS M f ,w ZA 5-1 '- ,L -vs JJI, fb ' ' auf: ,fr , . is , ,A f gg' , X1 fit , It x i' 5 is 1' X 1 I he 21, 91, eg . QL, ft fy, 11' WILLIS, Bill I WILLS, Theodore I WILSON, Linda I WILSON, Marcia 2 WILSON, Mary 3 WILSON, Patricia 'I WILSON, Richard I WILSON, Eugene I w1LsoN, Ruby 2 WILT, Kenneth I WIMMER, Dorothy 'I WINDES, Mary I WINEGAR, Richard WING, Sharon I WINKELMEYER, Cara 2 WINN, Robert 'I WIRTZ, Joyce 'I WISDOM, Gay 2 WISEHANPT, Dallas WISEMAN, Larry 3 WITTMAN, Robert WOIRHAYE, Larry 2 WOIRHAYE, Patty 3 WOLF, CaroIyn 'I WOLFE, Jeannie I WOLFE, Frederick 2 3 'I . F015-Q 1 I V. 35 ' I I I an e 1 a n -, we f -fe f I 1 ff' I 4, .. 2. H I 135330 ,, L' X E. h ., 1. Vyvu , ' I Q im E K H , ,,. 1' :L A ' :x 6 f 1 1 ,.,.. I we if 4 I be Q, F f I ' Iii it . " 45' .I -is I , Q. H K nw . fn A Q1 5.1 , A 43 Y? LQ 'ii I . . A Jfz ' ' az ,fi " rf .22 Qi 'f ai 14. ,ar 4: ,W ,, ,gf , , sb f ' .ef ' fi I fi ' ' 7 Sh 0: 1 "' " .. 1 , 1' ' .1 3 Q, .51 , ,L ya 53, 11 11 JI ' ' ' A is w 4, , . 51 1 'V 1 I . I 2 I .. 'Z I I 1. 'Bw I of f "' Q ..' 'f 'V f f , K .qv If A 4. AQ? : ' " 9 ,W L, W 7 ,, f' f 1' I I , ' is ' .M I It A " Qx- ffl, i , I ,fr " V' - J' I 2 G -'ff' 'S "F W' 1 , -- . QF' J: 'V ,f X. . yn X ff ' -' . .11 53 Q I '5 5' A 'fi I -1: 5 I I if sl SV' J I " X. l ,1 r . :.k in '- a 'v fc 1 f I ry , ,Q ,vw a 'ff , YOUNG, Wayne 2 M W. 1, , 19" YOUNG, wilbuf 1 ,S-2' 1- W'ci' m YOUNGBERG, can 1 W 1 - YovANov1cH, sfeve 1 , 3 .5556 . t ah J fi , I ' 1,,, I ANP? T paw. X v if 1 I94 .12 , I 1 S., T33 an 'Z - NV ,. 3 I H Liv 1 ,. 1 ',E I" ZELSMAN, Paul I ZIEFLE, Sharon I ZIMMERMAN, Robert 2 ZWEIFEL, Sandy I WOLTMIRE, Theresa I WOMBLE, Gary 2 woMBLE,Lqf1-y 1 WOOD, George Jr. I WOODRUFF, Dwight 3 WOODS, Kenneth 3 WOODS, Pat I WOODSON, Terry I WOLLEY, Patrick 3 WOOLWORTH, Sandra WRIGHT, BDI: I WRIGHT, Caroie I WRIGHT, Janice 2 WRIGHT, Judy 2 WRIGHT, Katherine I WRIGHT, Larry 2 WRIGHT, Loretta I WRIGHT, Phil I WRIGHT, Terry 2 WRIGHT, Virginia 3 WYKOFF, Elizabeth 1 YAMANE, Nancy 3 YARBROUGH, Eugen YATES, Barbara I YEAGER, Gaylen 3 YEAMAN, GaIe I YEAGER, Rodney 1 YEATES, Bessie I YIM, Chang Bin I YOCUM, John 1 YOKOYAMA, Ellen YORK, James 3 e 2 YOUNG, Cecelia I YOUNG, Donald I YOUNG, Harold 3 YOUNG, Leanore 2 YOUNG, Mary I YOUNG, Sandra I The end of a college day. ....,..,,h-N graduates BARNER, Myron BEST, Clarence H, BODENHAMER, Jack BOLIN, John BOWERS, Robert L. Jr. BRIGGS, Robert L. BROOKSHIER, Doris R. BROWN, Donald M. CADO, James E. CASTNER, Rachel M. COPELAND, Arnold CUMMINGS, Albert D DAHMAN, Jim DILLEY, Larry S. DUFFER, Leslie M. ENSLEY, Vivian G. FOLKINS, Georgeanne FREUDENBURG, Viola GALLATIN, Harlie K. GARD, Russel GOUCHER, Lyle A. GRISWOLD, Norman HACKLEY, Linnie W. HAGEMAN, James T. HALLAR, Louise HARBACH, Ruihanne HEPLER, Roberf D. HERDE, Edwin HOBBS, Nancy HUTCHINSON, David W. JOBST, Barbara JOBST, Roberf C. JOHNSON. Orval D. JONES, Leo P. KENNEDY, Evelyn M. Q 1 xl ,V . Q35 ,". r . 11. .flu .gl K ik ,rf VI' W. ff :Tm " A 4 fl 2 4 2355, i .fl-l fr . F -Is f i E sw M x 3 K X r fa N ' W .flfzlifi . Y . was A Q fs- i f ,M 7 1 , - -" Q, " 5 s.'s .ii 9 2 wif . .ff Q Jf. ' ' ie. gli il. liili W Qy, .,,, , Q i Q, ii' ' V -. 2 - rp. , . . .,..... ...,, . . .. Q ff ia 3 .. L Q X .e 32 2, , Z in ,ss-255' k-...., 3, ' 195 W Lea Y .,, , , .., ...RH 4. Wi L X W ' is 3 w, NM 3 5 Q if-31 .. , miami mbsf: YR xx 'T 5 LS 1 S is-ff .. if EW f Q x w, .5 '5?M. X, ,535 I O, 4 X, L A,tL5..l,g . k L W ., AQ I ,Q -ra , 45, m V,A. .SM E ...Q f ir f' . U ,-4 , W fs 'I F ug ff " xv a ,I . . . , . . Q 'J ir hd -L-A' FX ' 3 ,gl if I.. , -A 4' 196 E ' ' ,ggi 2: m Tk rf' L 'films QM -. R iz' 2 N 32 . ,W ...A + I I , ....,,2f"'f fl , r. 1 1. f ,Q gi' x lfflw A 32 Qs i "4 get 'T , 311- C? .5 fa X ag, wwf 5522 '-Q---'F -stu 'X fbi if , Q, fx f ,Z ,fr 5 x A W-we 9 .g...-W 5 W, ,gq,.... I 3 Q 'It W 3 ir- Eg ,. I -'Vai 'Q ef... .... ... KESEMAN, Charles KROGH, James W. LEE, Bae Young E. LIVINGSTON, Eunice S. LLOYD, Arthur P. LLOYD, David L. LOCKRIDGE, .lack LOVAN, Wayne L. LYNE, George MC COY, Herb MANESS, Clinton MARKWORTH, Gerh MATTHEWS, Essie MIX, Martha C. MOHATT, Lawrence MORSE, Richard R. MYERS, Bettie J. PARTRIDGE, Gerald PERKINS, Juunita K PUTNAM, L. R. REDMALL, Carol RAMQUIST, Tom RAST, Harold W. RENNO, Richard RICH, Allen RINKER, Robert E. RITCHA, Eldon O. SAMPLE, Ramie L. ard? J. SMITH, Elizabeth H, THRESHER, Carl H. WALKEN HORST, Maebelle VIEBROCK, Arnold WEBB, Roger A. YINGER, Gerald YODER, James ZINK, Nancy Jane jack on count exten ion chool ADAMS, Gary G. I ALLEN, Marjorie L. I AMERINE, Graham I ARNALL, Martha 5 BABB, Ruth B. I BAILEY, Larry D. I BAILEY, Thomas W. Jr. I BAKER, John I BARKLEY, Ronald L. I BARLOW, Bessie F. 4 BERNARD, Joyce 4 BINNINGER, Leo L. I BISHOFF, Allen I BIXBY, Eugene L. I BORER, Fern E. 4 BROWN, Helen I. 3 BROWN, Shirley A. 3 BRUNER, Jerry I BUCK, Dorothy A. 5 BURNS, Charlene I CALDWELL, JoAnn 4 CHAPPLE, James W. Sr. I CHRISTOPHER, Sandra CLARK, Frederick M. I CLARK, Gary O. I COLLINS, Wm. F. Jr. I COOMER, Don R. I CORBETT, Mira 4 CRABTREE, Delbert 2 CRAIG, Alfred A. I CRANK, Ronald E. 2 CRANTON, Joyce E. 5 CRUZ, Augustine I 3 CUSTEAD, Carlene B. 2 DEVAUL, Janice C. I DORSETT, Mark T. Jr. DOWNS, Lena M. 3 DRAKE, Mary E. 1 EDMUNDS, Agnes 3 EDWARDS, Lorraine 4 EGNER, Phil I FIELD, Carl I FLYNN, Clifford 2 FRIEND, Eva 1 FULLER, Nancy I GALLAGHER, David W. GERBER, Margery 3 GORE, Carole I GORE, Donald A. 2 GRAVES, Helen E. 4 GROSS. Paul A. 5 HAINES, Blanche 4 HANCOCK, Ann L. I HANDY, Rober! I HARP, Bradford E. I HARRISON, Rolaerfa J. HAYES, Chrysial I HEAVILAND, Muriel 2 HEFFNER, Marcella I HENNING, Ernesf L. I HETTICK, Howard H. 3 HIGHT, Roy Dean I HOSS, Sarah 3 IMLAY, Lucile M. 5 IRELAND, Sally Jo I IRVIN, Bill 4 JONES, Sally I JOYCE, Bernard 4 KAMINSKIS, nga I KEELING, John I KESTER, Thelma 3 KILGORE, Laura 3 I 4 fa. 11, 1 f'Z .. . .. 'Q ,ably 13 L. 'S f , WVR 1 'I is .f I ' . ' "' 3' . ' , 5.2-"J A rw, ' if if' . in I I were I . fr: 1-+V-' V Mag i.. . ,. 4.71" V aw 223:52 LN A I A "'iQ,S'5 QQ I I A I .. "ff ' 59 H ' .sv 3 ,-. V s' 6 1 . if .1 ' 1 pi I . . V - I kr 4 " I I or I Q if f, gg I ,wir . I' I . ' ' 52' I- S Q - , if ww in 1 H I 1f.i't'fN . 5-1 I .W 1 W.. . -if A ,,,,, r ' . V . , . V , ,fwomf IV i 16 ' . I.: ' ' gr. , i 5 1 Y we M . sw , f' . P A , 5 I 9 U, L. ll ,W . . - is Wy if, ij" v . V3: .fu .KV ' , 4 7' 1 V I.i I X . " xv ,A vii Q ,VV 41:5 .K V - s. A , Q ,, '- , I ' ,f f ' .f . .12 'Q .r" 5 x, .rs. .W M I' Y. M I I-VKX: eff fi I M f .wyfi-, r 9- ' A H ...I I A fs W i .... is-1 is A ff A fs - A A - . "' V. fm ,f 4 ,,, . HVV . VV .W Vg . V if ,Vg V ar. A ' Silf - fe ,.. riff an ...A -.42 1- - VY ' V Er' 35.8 'ff A QT 'J I aajyii 1- , V A35 my I M I Q pawns --f f ,... Q fl V 4' -,fi ra 13 f 1 . Q , ,. 'W Q. . V f .. - f I . A I f m 1.9. 2 fue .. .ws we sq Jr .3 4- A ' r if -ws V VV .ff 11 ' - r Vw, .gsgiwf ' :a- V wg V 'A NP ' V '.. . V fb V - ff r , 1 5 , vj"W , ,.. 1 ,. -V f Q . it 'nf .aw , W ' I -I sq' 'WI A 1 gi, I . ' 1 ' ,. V , V ...rl ...:'T,.1 , "gf 5' '- ' 35 A , . 'W I gg . w ' if.. 915. .. , 12. . -2 A-49 -' 'C - - 197 3 2 AJ ,W if ff- f. 4' V w ,M,, ,M 3 I I . , ,K .gy ' -rin , K W if? B173 .. W, ' 'M V I ' Y? ff' I I I H Qual eil , ,I ni, T- I ,,,, . K ? 'I all M V w, I - if I -ii s ...I A 4 ,QQ I", i-+3 . If ,"""fi ,xi I 1' fi ' I 'I we 1 549' Q I QQ in Q , we - , ' N J, 4, ,fx if 'X - :L ff. A J . .,,,. A I -154 I ' I , J I 2-I A I I ,Q , 44 A , M VW' I ft 5394 'il If -4: -1 W 'I IW' wp- , A we " A ha , . fl Y . , 5.1 "1 I In I J Q, We I I f I ' I M15 1 ' ' , , elia I S . I -' 'I' I f' fe T , -' ,,, 1 H z' -mf ' if A ,3 , I li , LA 5, :.,. . A V ,,,. ,J , Z I , Q. I' R .535 Q. ,W "W, 5 . i, I ' ' A A if , 'N if 4 M, I-L. , E I Xl ' w I 4 , ' v ga. i s x it at 3 R ,Q 6 I my I ' an f I ' it fr , we s I if I , , I ' ,S ' '12, ,I A i 1, , I b . . M fi . ' 45, A, A, S I' ,i""'I I I 4.1 M 4 -,sexi kr uw K I I' I A , .K - 4 J 1 ,S - I ,, f , I f fir' R I uk, , LM I ai fl I I , I QQ: Y 4 If? fgrif, I 317 1 -. ' I M 1 , I ,,e,ss M Q M: Q k'V' I .Ag . ,, 7' if Q " , V 'kj . 3, ,m., f ., 1 Y 2 5 I I . . I A I , Z - . +L .. if 4 39 , .-f' Lo ewe, 4, 4 4 -,Hi 1 . Ak, V VR will K. 5, I I 2 In in ' :IQN5 mx A it I I' I98 KING, Donna 3 KIRK, Marlyn 4 KLEE, Alice I KLEE, Helen 3 KYTE, Ethel 5 LACEY, Shirley 5 LATIMER, Willelta 3 LESLEY, Timaihy 5 LEWIS, Lois 2 LUND, Frank I LYNN, Edward I MAIN, Elizabeih I MASSEY, Rulh 4 MAYER, Maurine 4 MC BURNEY, Iowana 3 MC CLURE, Helen I MC MILLAN, Lavina 2 MEYER, George 2 MONROE, Wanda 4 MOORE, Faye Emily 5 NICHOLLS, Anna 4 OMMEN, Jerome 5 OREY, Della 2 OSBORN, Norma I OSBORN, Robert I OTTO, Luella 4 OWEN, Richard I PATTERSON, Wilda I PEARLEY, Henry I PEM, Rama 2 PETTI, John 2 PHILLIPS, Harold I PIEPER, Wynnda 4 PIERCE, Velma 4 POWELL, Sharon I POTTS, Jean 2 QUEDENFELD, Jeneen I RAWLINGS, Wanda 2 RECTOR, Gary 1 RENEAU, Joan I RIDER, Carol I RIDER, Wm. T, 4 ROBERTS, Lee I RONDOMANSKI, Z. I ROTHWELL, Jaylee I RUP,E, Orval 2 RUSSELL, Monfe 3 SHAKESPEARE, Clifford I SHAKESPEARE, Thelma 4 SHEPARD, Jimmie 2 SHIELDS, Rosalie 4 SHORT, Rulh 4 SILVARA, Ava 4 SLAYTON, Ruth 5 SMITH, Lucille I SMITH, Maiel 3 SPECKD, Jahn I STAUFFER, Richard I STILI., Florine 4 STOWELL, Elaine I SUTTER, Edward Jr. I TALLY, James I TERRYBERRY, David 2 TROUP, Linda 2 TRUNDLE, Marlha 5 VORIS, Derrell 3 WAIGHT, Eugene I WALLIS, Ruth I WEDDLE, Helen 4 WELLAND, James I WEST, Vela I WHITAKER, Gladys 3 WILSON, Carl I WOLFE, Howard I YANT, Winilred 3 Between classes students stop to talk by the Utt Grinstead patio. BN? ,, ,A The lawn in front of the Administration Building provides an area for leisure before class. The redecorated lodge at Pertle Springs is the favorite springtime retreat for these CMS students. index Acacia ............. a cappella Choir ..... Accounting Club ..... Agriculture Club ........ Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Gamma Delta Lambda Delta .. Kappa Lambda . Phi Delta ........ Phi Omega ....., Phi Sigma ...... Sigma Alpha ..... American Chemical Society ........72,73 .......33 .......19 ..,.....74,75 ........76,77 .......96 ,......95 ........78,79 Applied Arts 81 Science ........................ 14,15,16 Association of Childhood Education .............. 22 Association of Women Students ....... Band .......................,............ ...., Baptist Student Union .... Baseball ....................... Basketball ........... Beauty 81 Beast ....... Best Dressed Girl ...... Beta Alpha .......... Beta Beta Beta ....... Board ot Regents ......... Business Administration .. Business Education Club Campus Buildings ....,... Canadian Players ...... Canterbury Club ........ Chapel ..........,.... . Cheerleaders ...,.... Chemistry Lab ...... CMSC Players ...... Colhecon .............. College Chorus ....... Collegiate 4H ..........., Cosmopolitan Club ....... Crescendo Club ........ Cross Country ...... Deans ........... Dedication ..... Delta Zeta .............. Division Chairman Dolphins ..................... ...,..,46 .......30 ........106 ...........121 114,117 .......62 .......15 .......37 .......10 .......17 .......18 ......5-7 .......29 ........106 ...,....122 .......37 .......28 .......16 .......33 .......15 .......94 .......31 ........120 .......10 ........82,83 ...........12-13 104,125 Dormitory Directors .......,... .......... 4 7 Education 81 Psychology ..,.... ........ 2 1,22 English Club ....................... ............. 2 7 Football Action .................. ....... 1 10-113 Foreign Language Club ...., ............, 2 7 Gamma Delta .,................ ........107 General Business Club ....... .......... 1 9 Graduate Students ......... 1 95-96 Homecoming Activities ..........,.... ........ 5 6-61 Houts Hosey Council .,.................., .......... 4 9 Independence Residence Center .............. 197-98 Inter Fraternity Council .............. 200 .......71 International Relations Club ..... ......... . .40 Intramurals ,............,.,.......... Kappa Delta Pi ......... Kappa Mu Epsilon ...... Kappa Omicron Phi .... Kappa Sigma Kappa .,.... Language 8. Literature ..... Liahona ........................ Library .................... Mace and Torch .......... Maior 81 Maiorettes ..... .. Marching Band ............ M Club ........................ ........ Men's Dorm Council ............ ..... . Merchandising 81 Retailing Club Most Beautiful Co Ed ....,............. Mr. 8. Miss School Spirit ...... Music ...........................,..... Newman Club ....,......... North Hall Council ...... Nursing Club ........ Oak Hill Club ..... Orchesis ........... Orchestra ....... Outing Club ................ Pan Hellenic Council ..... Pep Club ......................... Phi Sigma Epsilon ............. Physical Education Club ..... Physical Education Maiors ...... Pi Kappa Delta ..................... Pi Kappa Lambda ........ Pi omega Pi ................... Popular Boy and Girl ....... President ...................... Prexy Club ............ Psychology Club ...... RHETOR Queen ..... RHETOR Staff .......... Science and Math ................ Secretarial Science Club ..... Seniors .......,.................... Sigma Kappa ............... Sigma Sigma Sigma ...... Sigma Tau Delta ....... Sigma Tau Gamma ..... Sigma Zeta ............ Social Science ....... Special Services ........ Sports Queen ...............,....... Student Center Committees .... SCA Cabinet ................ ............ Student Christian Association ..., Student Government Assembly Student Government Association SNEA .,....... ....... .............,.... .......123-24 ...38 ........16 ......80-81 ......26-29 ......107 6 ........97 ........32 ........32 .,......24 ........48 ........19 ........62 ........62 ......30-35 ......106 ........48 ........25 ........48 ......104 ........34 ........94 ........71 .........122 ......84-85 ........24 ........25 .....,..28 ........31 ........18 ......66-67 ........97 .........54-55 102-103 ......36-38 128-163 .........86-87 ......9O-91 ........27 ......88-89 ........37 ......39-41 ......42-43 ........62 ........98 ......106 ......106 ........45 ........44 ........22 STUDENT Staff ...... ...... 1 00-101 Supreme Court ..,.. ......... 4 5 Tau Kappa Epsilon .. ...,... 92-93 Theta Alpha Phi ....... ...,.... 2 8 Todd Hall Council , ...,. ........ 4 9 Track ......,.................. ,,.... 1 18 Traffic Court . ..... ......... 4 5 Twirlers ........... .-.--.---..- 3 0 Underclassmen ...... 164-194 UCCF ........................ ..,.... 1 O7 Wesley Foundation .....,.................. ....,.. 1 07 Who's Who .............................,...,..... ...... 1 1 Women's Recreational Association .... ........, 2 5 Yeater Hall Council .................,....... ......... 4 9 Young Democrats Club ...... ......... 9 9 Young Republicans Club ..... ...,.,.,. 9 9 Students find new life as spring rains close out the ninetieth year of CMS life. 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