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v . I-. . - X . "U, "1 F " ', . 'ff 'x'. Z.. ws if l ,, ,mi-1 l. ,, 1, ff: 4.5. . , .-I wr x ,g, X w 1 A Lf v 1 '..-.1 , - ,.1f1 ,Z ' .,..,,f., -V7 ' , f,.,,.1 ggi- -ff., ,.,,.,, , 1 X L 'vt Y Mak.-f!.':.", 'L . gf v pg .- I H! V X If-1, . - gr- .- , 1 7- 2 M., ,, . 1 'nv v 7 g he 'As K Y ,., v 4 v W... V Mm x. -.--.... -A-N u-4.--e A u : Q E fi? 'i E ,, Ln gm ,,, in 2 in ,Z 5,1 ir? if .J 1132 id Fsi iii - , x 5 H ii? 5 555 ff? Vg 'EH mt Q 3. 'ii 'QE J ! I wi 'Z 1. . N X1 i sr fd 14 V J iii ,Eg is V5 'ix 'IE we :,.' -y :H Qi 1144.11 f ' 59 ,J H ':,, L! A 'ff-W3 , gf, isiii. f . " ,W ,, x x Y " ,v -vf. . LA-L 4-Q, vi' , Y, ,V V, jx krrk Y ,, - -J ' V1-, if ,L"'7f " ' W - I' , -I - l' i' "Q " ' K p -' ' 'A 4 ' ' 7 f' fj3 w'.gi,'i4sji ,' , k5,A Afgf2'5,ff'Y vf1, 'f1X s ML.tiff51gfL,Qav?4,V - wxxSf, V' A --f'Wf f . ffqf,ff- , g ..f'1fkA .f Tfvj'-Q'j' ,jqi, f g-+,Hf,,9A ,, ':,ifh' f-.'4 Q , I 1 f x f U s r . 4 3 5 i 1 1 1 1 , i V 1 L 5 1960 RI-IETOF2 0091 ST JS O G3 M I . U A SQ?DQ0fNfrfkFOR Sei 6 E -W1 V 3 0000 10391214 7 Pl 0 ,Q .Km T N. 1 fl LIBRARY 6' Gia , C557 WAY 2311? 158 CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE SBURG, MISSOURI VOLUME LIII WARREN p1Ll1liMwL bl! THE RHETOR STAFF TABLE OF CONTENTS Dedication -- President's Message --- The College --- Activities --- Organizations ,-- Athletics- ,- 2 THE RH ETOR STAFF EDITOR Daryl Allen ASSOCIATE EDITOR Gary Myers ART EDITOR John Chaisson COPY EDITOR Betty Wagner PHOTOGRAPH Paul Schwartz Y EDITOR Untiring service to others has been the keynote of the 30 years which William E. Johnson, professor of languages, has devoted to Central Missouri State and its students. A gentleman in the true sense of the word, any student feels at home in his classrooms. Consideration, understanding, and patience characterize this man who is a scholar of French and Spanish. A progressive instructor, Professor John- son introduced his own recordings in his French and Spanish classes before this widely-used system was accepted at many other colleges and universities. He uses the modern, oral approach to language, and is presently compiling a dictionary of similar English, French, and Spanish words in order to simplify the study of foreign languages. Professor Johnson has done much study on his own, including three years with private tutors in Paris and Madrid, and six months of travel around the world. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from .Central Missouri State, his Master of Arts degree from George Peabody College for Teachers, and has done addi- tional work at Vanderbilt University. Always willing to step into other fields when needed, he was advisor to the combined Student-RHETOR during the war years.For a number of years until 1957, he also handled publicity for the college. To a man dedicated to his profession and to service to his college, Central Missouri State dedicates thel96ORHETOR. 1 Nw - K ':- 'fyvsfs ' P- wif 1, 1 Fszf.-a5.,+.'..wAe,M6 ., f ,, ,N .21 :fs F R A ff nuixlmfhllilumgr Progress is the theme of the T960 RHETOR,and this theme is most appropriate at this particular point in the history of Central Missouri State College. To progress is to move forward or to advance. This is exactly what is happening on the campus in all areas. Everyone is thinking "big" and working hard to make dreams become realities. The rapidly increasing enrollment, the enlarged and well qualified faculty, the new buildings, the improved standards of academic accomplishment all bear witness to the fact that Central Missouri State College is on the move. Such evidence or progress is good. Everyone enjoys being part of a dynamic institution, but there are certain important facts which must be kept firmly in mind. Any institution of real worth to society necessarily has its roots in the past. As the College grows, as new challenges appear, and as new fields are conquered, these connections with the past must be maintained and cherished. Central Missouri State College has a great tradition of service to the State, the Nation, and the World. Through the years it has stood for high ideals and has instilled these ideals in the hearts and minds of its students. Along with its present and future progress, Central Missouri State College must revere its heritage of the past. True progress blends the best of the past with the promise of the future. Warren C. Lovinger, President THE CCDL.I..l':-:GE ' Q' .QQ 6 I 1 v 'Duuw IRVIN L. PETERS Dean of Administration DR. D. W. TIESZEN Dean of Instruction BOARD OF REGENTS 6 DR. W. O. HAMPTON Dean of Student Personnel DR. FRIEDA GRIEDER Dean of Women The Board of Regents is the policy-making body for CMS. This group has general control and management of the col- lege and final authority on col- lege policies. Members are ap- pointed by the Governor of Missouri for six year terms. Pictured with Dr. Warren C. Lovinger, college president, are board members Ralph Nattin- ger, Clinton, Harry R. Garrison, Warrensburgp Leonard Husch- er, Higginsville, Dr. Lovinger, W. L. Simpson, Holden, Mrs. J. Howard Hart, Kansas City, Fir- man L. Carswell, Harrisonville. Division Chairmen DR. CLAUDE H. BROWN Science and Math- ematics i PROF. NOEL B. GRINSTEAD Applied Arts and Sci- ' ence DR. REID HEMPHILL Graduate DR. LUCAS STERNE Business Administra- tion DR. RALPH E. HART DR. MARION S. DR. HAROLD L. Music SCHOTT YOUNG Educational T h e o r y Field Service and Practice DR. L. AVERY FLEMING Social Science DR. GLENN R. GERDES Health and Physical Education DR. ROBERT .l. GREEF Language a n d H Literature 2 l l l l s 1 1 L I i l l 0 R i I l E ,? ,. 7 1 4 i ANDERS, LESLIE Associate Professor of History IRADSHAW, PEARL Instructor Laboratory School CHRISTOPHER, RACHEL Instructor and Assistant Librarian DAVIS, MARION Associate Professor of Music ETTER, DOROTHY Instructor Laboratory School 8 FACULTY BAKER, LAURA Professor of Home Economics BRITTON, CLIFTON Assistant Professor of Business Administration CHRISTOPHER, STELLA Assistant librarian DEVENNY, NINA Instructor Laboratory School ENGLE, MARY Associate Professor of Home Economics and Dietitian BALTZ, H. F. Associate Professor of Audio-Visual Education BROOKS, EDITH Associate Professor of the Teaching of Music COLEMAN, DOROTHY Assistant Professor of Physical Education DODGE, WILLIAM Associate Professor and Head of Speech Department FINLEY, KLETA Assistant Professor of Education A ft? . 4 I , ite BROWNING, VIRGINIA Instructor Laboratory School COREY, JAMES Assistant Professor of Education and Counselor DOLECKI, JOSEPH Associate Professor of Economics FLADELAND, amy Assistant Professor of History BISHOP, AVERYL Associate Professor of English CALLAWAY, ELIZABETH Associate Professor of Latin and Spanish f '22 27,7 Q I ,I fl fc t I I I' f ,ss Z if i fbi. E ,Q rf ,C ,1 f J 2. P ,...,., , W! I4 034555 M . -3. cute, BEN Associate Professor of English ECKLES, LARRY Assistant Professor of English FORD, CLARENCE Assistant Librarian Instructor BOOTH, MARTHA Instructor and Supervising Teacher of English CASADY, CARMIE Associate Professor of Business CRAVEN, SH ERRALYN Instructor of Mathematics ELLIS, EDWIN Professor of Art FOSTER, EARL Professor of Chemistry BRAATZ, DONALD Assistant Professor of Music CASTLE, CONAN Assistant Professor of Music DANIEL, BERTHA Associate Professor of English ELLIS, EMMETI' Professor of Teaching of Mathematics I rrrrrr I X W 1' A ' A f ,C ,, ' f ji! ff ete, I O FRAZIER, OLEN Instructor of Business GAINES, RALIEGH Professor of Industrial Arts GRAY, THOMAS Instructor in Graphic Arts HIBDON, HOWARD Instructor of Geography JENT, CLAY Professor of Education KLEIN, KURT Assistant Professor of German and Slavic Languages GIBSON, FERN Assistant Professor and Assistant Librarian HALDIMAN, CARL Associate Professor of Education HOLLAND, CHESTER Associate Professor of Physics JUTEN, JESSIE Professor of Physical Education KNOX, WILLIAM Professor of Education GILBERT, HELEN Associate Professor of Physical Education HORTON, AGNES Assistant Professor of Social Studies HOPKINS, BERTHE Instructor of Laboratory School JOHNSON, WILLIAM Professor of Languages LANE, RICHARD Assistant Professor of Business 1 . gf.: tb' ff f fy , - '5 3. ll - ' V i '-1" fri 'w c HAWKSLEY, OSCAR Professor of Biology HOWARD, MAURICE Assistant Professor of Education and Director of Testing Bureau KELLEY, CHARLES Assistant Professor of Mathematics LASS, MILDRED Associate Professor of Business GILBERT, OPHELIA Instructor and Assistant Librarian HENDERSON, ETHEL Director of Nursing Education HUTCHERSON, CURTIS Professor of Bible KELLY, MICHAEL Assistant Professor of Speech and Dramatics LESHER, MARIAN Assistant Professor of Mathematics GOETZ, ROBERT Associate Professor of Graphic Arts HEWITT, SAM Professor of Botany INNIS, ROBERT Assistant Professor of Industrial Arts ,:idE-?a'i.,:fQz fY4QQ,'i:3,Q5f': H '4- ,J f, ,.,, yf Qffgtl Vi' Q, 2 'V Vg Y,i!.!Z,5g jg y,:,s,,f4 KETH, EARL Associate Professor of Physical Education LEONARD, LOUISE Assistant Professor of Education GRANGER, LAUREN Associate Professor of Agriculture HEYTMAN, JOHN Assistant Professor of Laboratory School JENKINS, MEL College Photographer KIBBIE, ELOISE Assistant Librarian LIVINGSTON, GRACE Associate Professor of Home Economics 9 LOW. EARL F. Associate Professor of Agriculture st xl I MILES, JAMES B. Assistant Professor of Art NAHM. LAURA Professor of Zoology REES. FLOYD Assistant Professor of Education RUNYON, EVELYN Assistant Professor of Journalism IO MAGNUSON, HAROLD Assistant Professor of English X is .- MILLER, H. GORDON Assistant Professor of Art NASS, EDWARD Production Printer REESE, ETHEL M. Assistant Professor of Home Economics SCOTT, KEITH Instructor of Business Administration MARCHAND, DONALD K. Assistant Professor of Chemistry MOORE, LANICE Assistant Professor of Home Economics PEARCE, CLARENCE R. Assistant Professor Laboratory School RICKMAN, C.W. Instructor Laboratory School SEWELL, GEORGIA L Instructor of Laboratory School MORONEY, KATHERINE Assistant Professor of English PIERCE, SHEFFEL M. Assistant Professor of Speech ROBERSON, AMOND Associate Professor of Music SHOCKEY, ELEANOR Associate Professor of Music MARTIN, ALPHA DEAN Assistant Professor of Wo m e n ' s Physical Education MORRIS, JOHN PAUL Professor of Physics ff!- --1 ' 1 , 4:- f ats. '- ', V f I 3' 73949 i X ?:53i5'i1:'?f 15, Mfg? flffzzff POWELL, DONALD Assistant Professor of Political Science f f M099 sf' , ' ' if f . " ' f , Q40 4, Q' Ur' f 4119, , gn - , f f LRICKS, BEATRICE Assistant Professor of English SIMS, EVELYN LOUISE Associate Professor of Art Q 'Ni Xxx 1,8 XX N X X X Q 2 5 it X A N Qi X X X Q X To z or f . . 'iss is X H ' s t X ' . Y . l " -t s d i i MEJCANDLESS, PERRY Associate Professor of History MORTON, R. CLARK Associate Professor of Education PR EUSS. AN N E Instructor Laboratory School RIDENHOUR, UMA Instructor and Super- vising Teacher of Fifth Grade SMITH, ROBERT E. Associate Professor of Industrial Arts MERRIMANI RICHARD Assistant Professor of Education and Counselor Trainer MYERS, RICHARD F. Assistant Professor of Zoology RANSON, KATHLEEN Associate Professor of Elementary Education RONALD, ARTHUR Instructor Laboratory School STANTON, WILLIAM Librarian STEWART, WILLIAM D. Assistant Professor of English THOMPSON, NORA Instructor and Supervising Teacher of Kindergarten WILLIAMS, HUGH Associate Professor of Instrumental Music ALLWORTH, DORTHY STONEY, WILLIAM Assistant Professor of Music TUBBS, ELEANOR Assistant Professor of Business Administration WOOD, CLIFFORD Instructor in English TAYLOR, VELMA Associate Professor of English WELCH, LIN ' Assistant Professor 'of Speech Correction YEAGER, RANDOLPH Assistant Professor of Economics ancl Social Science ARTERBERRY, IRENE BITTIKER, CORRINE TERKERUST, ARTHUR Professor of Psychology WHITEMAN, M. CLARENCE Associate Professor of Health and Physical Education YINGER, HAROLD Associate Professor of Physical Education RIDER, PAULINE TITUS, CATHERINE Assistant Professor of English WILKEY, HARRY Assistant Professor of Social Studies YOUNG, FLO Assistant Professor of Women's Physical Education WORDEN, PHILLIP C. ll - t. ,, , .. ,... c . .. ,, , .. T - ,Q, . - PLACEMENT AND ALUMNI Dr. Irl Gladfelter I2 Qpmiabg N. -I , ' ' PUBLICITY OFFICE Mr. Townsend Godsey and Mr. Wade Houchin FOOD AND HOUSING OFFICE Mrs. Floy Timmerman and Miss Elizabeth Engle BUSINESS SECRETARY Mr. C. E. Muchmore The special services group includes Placement and Alumni, Publicity, Food and Housing, and Business Office. The Placement and Alumni Office bears the major responsibility of. relating to CMS students the employment opportunities both on and off campus. Press releases concerning college activities is the responsibility of the Publicity Office. The Food and Housing Office is responsible for food and housing applications and contracts. The Business Office prepares budgets, financial records and reports, purchases and distributes all supplies, and maintains up to date inventories. l William Burnett, IBM Supervisor, confers with office worker. Mrs. Margaret Brown, registrar, works at her desk. 2 , . it gignr if s,,. B Mrs. Jennings, assistant college nurse, prepare for student onrush. U and helper , Mrs. Margaret Butler heads residence center at Independence. 13 .nu Nurse gives patient medical aid at Menorah Hospital. Scene at Menorah Hospital in Kansas City, which cooperates with the new nurses program at CMS. In the sterilizing room at Menorah CMS students will receive training here. I X l 14 The Children's ward will be included in part of the student nurses training. G A" PRESIDENT Don McKinley ASSEMBLY CHAIRMAN Dick Thompson VICE PRESIDENT John White EXECUTIVE COUNCIL O The administrative body of the Student Government Association, the Executive Council, governs all CMS students and is responsible to the SGA president for directing programs outlined by the -Assembly. h A bl L Decker Citizenship Chairman- K Hall Third Row: D. Thomson, Chairman of t e ssem y, . , , . , Chief. Justice, L. Dilley, Facilities Chairman, J. White, Vice President, K. Allen, Editor, Dean Hampton. Second Row: G. Fischer, Treasurer, D. Anderson, Convocations, J. Appleberry, Special Activities Chairman, B. Davis, Student Center Chairman, D. Keough, Publicity Chairman. First Row: K. ' ' ' - ' -G R l t'ons Chairman, I. Satterwhlte, Human Relations Chairman, P. Trent, Active Inter roup eat Eubank, Secretary, C. Long, President of AWS, M. Goodman, NSA Coordinator. I5 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSEMBLY l . . . h rlve representatives from each class compose the le9lSlUf'Ve branch of l e Student Government Association. Head' th 5 this year is Dick Thomson. ing e tudent Government Assembly Third Row: E. See, J. Fortney, T. Eberwein, J. Williams, S. Humo. Second Row: D. Th ' ' ' omson, A. Williams, B. Young, J. Morne. First Row: K. Olive, S. Todd, R. Austin, T. Murphy, M. Killgore. SUPREME COURT The iudicial duties ot the Student Government Association are carried out under a two-court system. The Supreme Court, led by Chief Justice Kent Hall, meets to hear and judge various campus problems. The Traffic Court, under the direction of John White, handles traffic problems and collects fines for campus parking violations. These fines are donated to charity. Second Row: K. Hall, B. Eastin, Dr. Hampton. First Row: W. Gaither, M. Lintner, J. Justice. 16 I ' ' otywouwugiizdmlll Elected representatives from all women's residence units and organizations form the AWS Assembly. This group sponsors such events as the Contemporary Manners series, Best Dressed Girl on Campus contest, and penny nights. . Third Row: N. Grisham, A. Matthews, J. Cook, S. Johnson, C. Nicholson. Second Row: B. Bow- rrldn, C. Long, J. Putnam, B. Templeton, L. McPherson, L. Momberg. First Row: L. How, D. Deckard, L. Graham, B. Gerlt, J. Chrisman. The Executive .Council guides the activities of the Association ot Women Students which governs all undergraduate women on campus. AWS, which integrates the life and social affairs of women students, is a member of the Intercollegiate Association of Women Students. This legislative-iudiciary group is an appointed body which handles disciplinary cases referred to them from the residence units and serves as an equalization board in the execution of the AWS handbook which contains the rules for women students. Barbara Snyder is chairman of the board. Left to Right: R. Kruse, N. Otto, B. Snyder, P. Meyer, B. Wagner. Officers are president, Carole Long, vice president, Barbara Snyder: recording secretary, Sherrill Brush, corresponding secretary, Jane Shafer, and treasurer, Barbara Bowman. The faculty director is Dean Frieda Grieder. Left to Right: B. Bowman, S. Brush, C. Long, B. Snyder, J. Shafer. 17 WC. ADD l OAK HILL COUNCIL L.. l .4 Governing the 13 women of Oak Hill Hall are president, l-il'1dU M0ml9e"9i vice President Shirley Means, secretary-treasurer, Louise Drake: house dlfedoff Mrs' Coffme Blmker' , . . - . 'dent- S. Means, vice president: L. Left to Right: C. Buttrker. Head Resident, L- M0mbel'9, Pfes' 1 , Drake, secretary-treasurer, J. Putnam, AWS "9P'e5eniC'7'Ve7 B' Gerlf' AWS representative' TODD HALL COUNCIL aclvlll 9 me IIU women of Marie Todd Hall for the academic year 1959-1960 were president, Paula Bruce, vice president, Norma Jean Otto, recording secretary, Mary Ann Whiting, corresponding secretary, Judy Morris, treasurer, Gail Button, and dormitory director, Mrs. Bernice White. Fourth Row: F Smith, K. Austin N Otto, G. B H R Sh - , . u on, . errell, M. Elsloo. Third Row: Mrs. White, C. Stolper, J. Raschke, A. Imboden, B. Arensmeier. Second Row: N. Malan, D. Records, J. Morris, S. Bruce. First Row: B. McMackin, D. Rose, J. Porter, L. Hornbeck, S. Walker, I8 g YEATER HALL COUNCIL This council, led by Alice Schultz, president, governs 300 hall residents. Additional council members are vice president, Carol Nichols, recording secretary, Loraine Ekhartg corresponding secretary, Nancy Ketchum, and treasurer. Marti Toel. Mrs. Pauline Rider is the hall director. Third. Row: Mrs. Rider, M. Semstead, L. Miller, B. Dahlstrom, J. Bailey, K. King. Second Row: D. Gallaway, gt. -Nichols, S. Hopkins, N. Ketchum, A. Clark. First Row: M. Toel, S. Jennings, L. Eckart, J. Nichols, B. einer. g gg Hours-:-1osEY HALL couNclL This council brings self-government to 440 women under the leadership of president, Kay Satterwhite. Other officers are vice president, Dorothy Davison, recording secretary, Linda Blackwellflcorresponding secretary, Karen Schellhardtg treasurer, Sandy Temple. Dormitory directors are Mrs. Irene Arterberry and Mrs. Elizabeth Buehring. F0Urtl-I Row: C. Boeschen, E. Campbell, S. Kennedy, D. Davisson, K. Shellhardt, L. Blackwell. Third Row: B. Snyder, C.. Fischer, M. Lacey, Mrs. Arterberry, V. Roscoe. Second Row: I. Eubanks, A. Stewart, B. Bowman, B. Under- hill, L. Urhig, M. Toper. First Row: B. Pemberton, A. Sparks, K. Satterwhite, C. Skelton. I9 MML Uofuodllvul ' GPN Gm ADMINISTRATORS Third Row- V! Kilie D. Keck, W. Siephens, D. Huggins, l.. John- son G Smith. Second Row: W. McC.icrin, J. Fischer, H. Young, R. Arnold, J Andrews Firsi Row: J. Smifh, L. Renfrew, J. Ausiin, E. Leascic. li ADVISORY ASSISTANTS Third Row: G. Batfmer, B. Brock, T. Norris, L. Diliey, B. White. Second Row: E. Villines, J. Justice, J. Morie, D. Keck. Firsf Row: D. Anderson, D. Keough. SWITCHBOARD OPERATORS jougfh RTW: L. AACPR'WIdf B- Quigley, R. Ecsfin, G. Fisher, B. Nupolifcno, M. Parrish. Third Row: V77 . I osrever, A. Nrlliorns, W. McClain, H, Young. W. Gaither, Second ROW: G. Sheets! L. Davis, E. Leosck, D. Coonce. F1rs?Row: L. Renfrew, J. Jamison, J. Coyle. .ACTIVITIES CHAIRMEN Third Row G Wlufe S Chnsman S Hefner K. Murry D Edcle Firsf Row R Coxe Third Row: L. Moore, G. Lewis, P. Sherard, D. Schlup. Second Row: E. See, J. Fisher. Firsf Row: B. Davis, H. Diaz, K. Howell. SCHOLARSHIP CHAIRMEN Third Row: J. Hayes, L. Long, G. Franklin, B. Batfmer. Second Row: A. Williams, B. Finley, R. Carter. Firsf Row: J. Murray, G. Sheefs. TIILCUMPUAN NEW EDUCATION BUILDING DOCKERY TECHNICAL ARTS BUILDING W.C. MORRIS SCIENCE HALL I,I. f C, ,TI W C,CCq , I I II I I I I I I I 3 A COLLEGE LABORATORY SCHOOL MEMORIAL CHAPEL In 1... UTT AND GRINSTEAD BUILDINGS i,I NEW WOMEN'S . L X , ' Q, X-Q .' 1 7222 U , 'lx fi Vw V F, 5555.3 f W ,V V , J, I! N., , zi,,,N?y ..,M ,-vi .X , rv 5,J,14,X,,,,,,,,AQf,,4MM 1 -+mfzs - M fa 4 U 5 j ' f' f. Kf 'T A 'W f 1 x f v K! ' !',' "Y 0'7"Z3fq,5 fzf fdij f',V'f,!A,,,',,Qy.Ql,f' ' , " f Y In ,, ,pf 3 D , , f f 2 , X ,, , . ' my ' "" si 5 w-l7'MfZ2, wgiff? 'A," ffiif, ,,,,- f 2,22 31 , I H ,, rig M w w ,x..'Lh ' fqgilfyxg X ,1'j ,fir :',,j, , " 'fi Fun """Nff..,X , K, U X , ,Vp , M47 lV,V A im... I -'--f' k few. ,,.. ,, 7,5 -1 f 4,43 f fgw,,,A ' 1 in V , I ' W I ff 'nl - 5 '- 2----ll R . . ,155 'lf Ti . -IP: 4, 21 J? , 'El f Lk" , wi. f ,-:ff-ny ' f 'Q yy ,..' gh, ,f QM y f '. .,, my In '- Q1 5 ',-" 1 ' " ' Tflf ,,.. iffff f'l?'5?4 fi Ill! , 4 r " X. ,' ,U H ,sq Q 1,5 QQ ' fffig-1'zf5f,z-Q yZ,ff'jQjg3,,i"5,5,iQgq,7,gf I , ' gint ' h 1' ,' , 'f ,wif ' ,W Ln: -f-' 'xx f 1 - ' ' , ,gg , gy ,n 4-L ggi V L3 L f V' , , , " y , Ah.' gm, ,3,5.,,f,zf -Y , 14, f-,1 1 5, ,, - , , , V,VL , , Z If I , !k,,,, Y, , ,,.iV,53,5f,gQ7Zgfg7w42:gii,i!fK5A,.,, ,M yvlvf lg FQ! , L 4 , f , ,, H A , I V 4 rykff ,uw .,-' f lfqzv-.,k:,!Lg1,-Q75 f,,' 5 ,-W ..,- , gp3i',,,1-,f',iwgff,'qGq3 g,jj,.,5,5f, V ,V f ' ' M VVV, 1 A - 'Eye' , il Sis! gm? 4314 ,V , in ?f 'IQ in 311151 0:1 1.15 4 5' ' fry, , ,4,..,,i. ,.,,..rf , X xx, 'Q f w ww ,, Q ' ff 1 .LJ ' " ,, ,, f -'g' T "',,". "4 gL' 4 L.A,, , .L.y,f' "" '11, psi' " 7" "Q V V A f ',,g , ' ' P W ,. 2 , ' f", "-L A M' 0 ,, ..,- V' .f-'fl' -1' -:i ff' V , l ,,,, -. X 1 ,.. , ' 1 .f 'f.5g,fV? fi-3, i fin, 2' 'i - f I ' wiv vw'-: NEW MEN'S DORMITORY ' f ' H -' 'f f ' gf.4gqp,.,y.,51M,,,,4,4.,w.,,Q-af f . I I ,,. V, -I I , f. M f,.r:,w-if f f 1'- V . W. ,,, ,Q--ff '. '.fm-',.apww.w,Aw-mf,'V,-75,41 fx 4 ef,-514 www -rw ff f My f f f f 'f ff' ff wffxf ' U ' an vu ,...,....-- 25 1: ,. V 'Q I, Ei 15 4 5 i 3 fa s l s 1 J 1 f I 'Q -45.2 1 - . --ff v .4-' 5- ' Rv 'al w, . ...lf 1- .T-.'.':l.""r'1us--1' M" , ' 1:A.s-P", 1' , I 'vs ' .. I-I 1 44A ... 54--.. , fi" 'v S , . 1 V . ,Q K -4 o r'.fV,+f!'- "l ' . 4 , A . L. A gg , .4 ,i-.qt .'f' .N .' .L N I 5 ' - ' A '. 1 ..' Q v . 452 wg 5 , xg- zqagi :. - :'..f .N Q-F " , . I, A - V . , ' 1.4 V ,: .511 'f - 'J . . ,H K F. :V'jf',.G"f1SffV'Ff,i.'. 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".-' , "'-.'- - . , .. ....... -1214 wr., . --s -I, V --,-kv Y- Pr 4 K 'lgx ,9 'M 1 Q ',.'p X ' 'V A -rl I' 1 ' ,A ' 1' . --.'-fr-'-'-- 7-1' ,A - Q ' ,- , Q T 4 ' - 4 . '13, - ',- Q' -". ' 4 ' 1' --, 7 Y' 'F' .- f ,, 4 I, it g . -1 .- fc f 1 - - if +- 'X . J - . 1 X , L. ' o . ' QQ, 9 A W , r X yiyfn , '. 5 s 1 f Q.. 4 WOMEN'S RESIDEN MEN'S RESIDENCE HALLS NORTH HALL If 'vfgwfij' RICHARDS HALL Claw Qblyiww l '17 M f.: -. 'Fi Q ll Q " ,Z SENIOR CLASS Senior class vice president, Ruthanne Kruse, and president, Kenneth Allen. SOPHOMORE CLASS Vice President, Roger Moorman, secretary- treosurer, Nellie Kay Jones, and president, J. B. Stephen head the sophomore class. 30 JUNIOR CLASS Junior class officers are Tom Kunz, vice president, Mary Ann Whiting, secretary- treasurer, and Doyle Cohick, president. ,lc FRESHMAN CLASS Jim Combs, vice president, Julie Porter, secretary- treasurer, and Wallace Kille, president. Q'Cla,w I I ACKER, GLORIA ANN Kearney Business Education Sigma Kappa, Treasurer, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, Reporter, SNEA, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. ACKER, NORRIS ROBERT ALLEN, DEWAYNE CHARLES Independence Industrial Arts ALLEN, KENNETH DALE Warrensburg History Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, Executive Council, Student Court, National Affair Vice - Chairman of Missouri - Kansas Region of National Student Association, Student Editor, Phi Sigma Ep- silon, Secretary, Vice-President, Senior Class President, Mace and Torch, Vice President, Prexy Club, a cappella Choir, Freshman Counselor. ADMIRE, WILLIAM FRED Shackeltorcl Agriculture Q Agriculture Club . V ,ig ALLEN, DARYL DEE Thayer, Kansas General Business Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, RHETOR Staff, Associate Editor, Editor-in- Chief, Honor Key, A I p h a Kappa Lambda, P r e s i d e n t, Corresponding Secreta ry, Freshman Kappa Delta Pi Award for Scholarship, lnterfraternity Council, Mace and Torch, Secretary-Treasurer, Alpha Phi Sigma, Phi Sigma Pi, General Business Club, Prexy Club, Commerce Club, Wesley Foundation, Square Dance Club. ALFARO, JEANNETTE ALLEN, LEO LYNN Appl-EBERRY JAMES Alaiuela, Costa Rica Independence V BRUCE Sociology and Psychology Industrial Arts Waverly Dean's Honor Roll, Cosmopolitan Industrial Arts Club Music Club, Foreign Language Club, Newman Club. AKI, CHARLOTTE Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, Convocations Chairman, 'Special Activities C h air m a n , Student Union Committee, Hall of Recognition Committee, Student Christian' Association, President, V i c e President, M e n ' s Dormitory Resident Assistant, Phi Sigma E p silo n, Sophomore Class President, Mace and Torch, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Pi Kappa Lambda, Phi Sigma Pi, SNEA, Crescendo C I u Io, Freshman Orientation Committee Chairman, Orchestra, Band, a cappella Choir, BSU. ' 31 ARNOLD, LENA LOUISE Orrick Vocational Home Economics SNEA, Colhecon. ASMAN, CAROLYN JUNE Trenton Music Dean's Honor Roll,S t u d e n t Staff, Todd Hall Council, Student Assistant, Alpha Phi Delta, Pi Kappa Lambda, SNEA, Crescendo C l u b , Treasurer, Concert Band, Collegiate Band, Orchestra, Chorus, Yeater-Todd Hall of Recognition, Dean's BAKER, BENJAMIN LYLE Independence Merchandising and Retailing Diemer Hall Advisory Board, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Commerce C l u bg Merchandising a n d Retailing Club, Band. x . BAUER, KENNETH H Carder Physics and Math BALLAH, CHARLES Sedalia Social Studies SNEA, National Council for Social Studies, Cosmopolitan Club, International Relations C lu b, Student Christian Association, BSU, St u d e nt Ministers Fellowship. Glee Club, Freshman Counselor. BARRY, ROBERTA AUDREY Marshall Secretarial Science Secretarial Science Club, WRA, Orchesis. 'K BAUMGARTNER, FLOREN E R. Versailles Elementary Education 32 Dean's Honor Roll, l n te r - Fraternity Council, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Vice President, Historian, Phi Sigma Pi, Sigma Z e ta , Secretary, Treasurer, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Freshman Counselor. AC E: SN EA. AUBREY, THOMAS CONLON St. Louis General Business Commerce Club, General Business Club, M Club, Varsity Football, Freshman Basketball. BARRY, VERYL DEAN Sedalia Chemistry BEALL, DARLENE FAY Sweet Springs Vocational Home Economics Honor Roll, IWA, Vice President, Historian, AWS, North Hall Council, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Omicron Phi, President, Prexy Club, Colhecon, WRA, Dolphins, DSF. I i BEAMAN, DONALD EUGENE's Summit Merchandising and Retailing Merchandising ancl Retailing Club, Student Center Planning Committee. BENZ, ERVIN EUGENE Clinton Sociology l BRIGHT, AMOS LEON Adrian Spanish and Social Science Dean's Honor Roll: SNEAQ Cosmopolitan C l u by Foreign Language Clubg International Relations Clubg Student Center Dance Club. l BELL, ALMA RUTH Concordia BEHLE, NELSON Elementary Education Dean's Honor Rollg Alpha Phi Delta: SNEAp Yeater-Todd Glee Club. BEST, CLARENCE l'l. Chilhowee Mathematics and Physics Outstanding Freshman Award in Chemistry. x BONAR, RAMONA JEAN Slater Elementary Education AWSg North Hall Council: IWA, Treasurerg ACE: SNEAp Young Democrats: Freshman Counselorg W e s l e y Foundationg Square Dance Club. BRAME, NAN M. Charleston Elementary Education SN EA. BROOKSHIER, JOHN BROWNFIELD, KEVIN LEWIS Raytown Social Studies Alpha Kappa lambdag SNEA. BRYAN. JOHN EDWIN Warrensburg Social Studies BSU 34 JZ. BUNTIN, LOUIS, JR. Warrensburg Music Hall ol Recognition, SGA, Convocation Committee, Student Court, Student Center Committee Co-Chairman, Kappa Sigma Kappa, President, Recording Secretary, Inter - Fraternity Council, Prexy Club, Crescendo Club, SNEA, MENC, CMSC Players, la cappella Choir, Band, Freshman Counselor, UCCF, Westminster Fellowship. f I CARNEY, CAROLL L. lincoln Biology and Physical Education PEM Club, Psychology Club, BULLOCK, ARLAN RICHARD Shenandoah, Iowa History Alpha Kappa Lambda, Chaplain, Canterbury Club, Vice President, Student Ministerial Alliance, Vice President, Hawkeyes. BRUSH, SH ERRILL ANN Parkville Business Administration Hall of Recognition, AWS, Recording Secretary, Todd Hall Council, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Delta Zeta, President, Vice President, Popular Girl Candidate, Prexy Club, Secretarial Science Club, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Committee. BURGARD, PAUL C. Kansas City English Student Staff, Kappa sigmu Kappa: CMSC Players, Student Center Committee. CASKEY, Hume Psychology Acacia, HAROLD L. Kappa Delta Pi Scholarship Award, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Sigma Pi, Psychology Club. BRUCE, PAULA ELIZABETH Kansas City Speech Correction Hall of Recognition, AWS, Delta Zeta, Treasurer, Vice President, Inter - Dormitory Council, Todd Hall Council, President, Todd Office Staff, Prexy Club, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Committee. BURGESS, THOMAS BARTON Kirkwood Business Administration Merchandising and Retailing Club, Veteran sg Organization, Chess Club. CHILDS, EARL LEE Kansas City General Business R H E T O R Staff, Business Monogefi Phi Sigma Epsilon, Social Chairman, General B'-lslnefs Clvbi Cl cappella Choir, Student Center Committee. ELARK, KAY l CLARKE, JUDY Kansas City Physical Education AWS, Representative, Delta Zeta, Prexy Club, PEM Club, President, Vice President, WRA, Dolphins. CONWAY, JOSEPH COOK, MYOUNG COOPER, ROBERT LEE COTTINGHAM, CHARLES ALLEN Independence Physical Education and English Dean's List, English C lu by Physical E d u c a t i o n Club, Liahona, President. Warrensburg Biology and Chemistry Phi Sigma Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, Varsity Baseball. COUNTS, JAY W. ' Quick City Physics and Mathematics Student Assembly, Sigma Tau Gamma, Treasurer, Student Center Committee. COLLIER, HAROLD L. Tipton Physical Education Physical Education Club, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Intramurals. COT-LERELL, CHARLES WAYNE Independence Psychology Psychology Club, Agriculture Club, Varsity Football, Liahona, Intramurals. l COURTNEY, ANN Pleasant Hill English IWA, Chaplain, SNEA, Band, Freshman Talent Show. DAMERON, LUTHER DEAN s. 'X COWHERD, .IANICE DELL Carrollton Secretarial Science Secretarial Science Club: SNEA, Commerce Club. CURTIS, BERLENE MAE Sedalia Elementary Education Dean's Honor Roll, AWS, Houts Hall Council, Secretary, Todd Hall Council, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer, SNEA, ACE. DACE, DELBERT LEE St. Louis Art and Social Science Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, RHETOR Staff, Art Editor, RHETOR Key, Cemost, SNEA, Missouri State President of the Baptist Youth Fellowship, Freshman Counselor. COYLE, JO ANN Kansas City Secretarial Science Dean's Honor Roll, Student Center Cabinet, Activity Award, Inter-Dormitory Council, Todd Hall Council, Delta Zeta, Recording Secretary, Historian, RHETOR Princess, Pi Omega Pi, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA. DAHMAN, JIMMIE Kansas City Physical Education and Mathematics Phi Sigma Epsilon, M Club, Treasurer, Physical Education Club, Varsity Football, Varsity 36 DAVIS, MARION COLLINS Shenandoah, Iowa Physical Education and Industrial Arts Physical Ed u c a t i o n Club, Industrial Arts Club, M Club. Track. I CREWS, NANCY FORDING Kansas City Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma. Warrensburg Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. VC. lx l DAVIS, ROBERT WAYNE Raytown Business Administration H all o l Recognition, S GA, Executive Council, S t u d e nt Center Chairman, Hosey Hall Council, Vice President, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Mister School Spirit, Prexy Club, Cheerleader, Student Center Committee. DAY, JAMES KEITH Kansas City Social Studies Phi Sigma Epsilon. DECKER, LLOYD WAYNE Sedalia Business Administration Hall of Recognition, SGA, Honor Key, Assembly Chairman, Executive Council, Citizenship Chairman, RHETOR, iEditor-in- Chief, Honor Key, Organizations Co-Editor, Phi Sigma Epsilon, President, Treasurer, Delegate to National Convention, Prexy Club, General Business Club, BSU. DEWITT, BEVERLY JUNE Mountain Grove Music North Hall Council, IWA, Crescendo Club, B a n d, la cappella C h o i r, Orchestra, Young Democrats Club, Corresponding Secreta ry, Freshman C o u n s e l o r, BSU, Freshman Talent Show. DOYLE, .IOLENE SUE Lake Ozark Dramatics Sigma Sigma Sigma, CMSC Players, Best Supporting Actress Award, Outstanding Freshman in Drama, Alpha Theta Phi. DELAN EY, ROGER NORVILLE Amity Chemistry Executive Council of Men's Resident Halls, Presi-dent, Wesley Foundation, Vice- President. DIAZ-ORELLANA, HECTOR San Pedro Sula, Honduras Accounting Prexy Club, Accounting Club, Cosmopolitan Club, President, Social Dance Club. DILLEY, LARRY SYLVESTER Bosworth Mathematics and Physics S G A , Facilities Committee Chairman, Osborne Hall Council, President, Recreational Advisor for Men's Resident Halls, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Sigma Zeta, Vice President, SNEA. DROZ, FRANK DUNNINGTON, NELLIE Eldon Speech and English Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, Yeater Hall Sophomore Scholarship Award, Student Court, Todd Hall Council, Historian, Prexy Club, Sigma Tau Delta, President, Pi Kappa Delta, President, Secretary-Treasurer, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, English Club, President, Varsity Forensics, D e b at e , Extemporaneous Speaking, Discussion, Orotory. DYE, MARTIN E. Carrollton Industrial Arts Alpha Kappa Lambda, Parliamentarian, Rush Chairman, SNEA, Missouri State Teachers Association, Industrial Arts Club. DELOZIER, CALVIN DALE Harrisonville Dramatics Theta Alpha Phi, Vice President, Secretary, English Club, SNEA, CMSC Players, BSU. DUNHAM, JAMES ECKART, MARJORIE PRESTON, JR. Sedalia Industrial Arts Industrial Am Club. 38 ENDICOTT, DALE EVERS, WILLIAM ROYCE Physical Education and Drivers' Education Intramural Sports ENT, YVONNE GAYLE Savannah Physical Education and Social Studies Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, PEM Club, WRA. EARLY, CECIL E. Martin City Economics Dean's Honor Roll, The Wall Street Journal Student Achievement Award. EVANS, JIMMIE L. EVERSOLE, BEVERLY J. Kansas City Social Science Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, BSU. ELLIS, MARY MAUDE Marshall Business Education Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, AWS Cabinet, Sigma Kappa, Corresponding Editor, Corresponding Secretary, Pi Omega Pi, Vice-President, Alpha Phi Delta, Commerce Club, Business Education Club, SNEA, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. EVERS, CONNIE LETHA Elementary Education Intramural Sports FAIRMAN, MARVIN F. Urich Physical Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Physical Education Club, MSTA, SNEA, FISCHER, GLENN G. Stover Agriculture and Business Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, Executive Council, Treasurer, Sigma Tau Gamma, T r e a s u re r , Vice Presid e n t, I n t e r - Fraternity Council, Prexy Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Agriculture Club, Gamma D e I t a, President, Freshman Counselor. FOUNTAIN, EDDIE LEE, JR. Kansas City Physical Education Physical Education Club, Inter- Dorm Bowling League, President. GAINES, DENA C. Warrensburg Elementary Education ACE, SN EA. FOLEY, WILLIAM EDWARD Parkville Social Studies Dean's Honor Roll, RHETOR Staff, Scheduling Editor, Honor Key, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Phi Sigma Pi, SNEA, International Relations Club, Student Center Committee. FRASURE, JUDITH ANN Independence Business Education SGA Committee, Yeater Hall Council, AWS, Alpha Sigma Alpha, O r c h e s i s, Business Education Club: English Club, SNEA, Choir, a c a p p e I I ag Student C e n te r Committee, Freshman Counselor. FONTAINE, CAROLYN R. FREDERICKS, MARIE FRAZIER, FRED L. Lee's Su m mit Physics SNEA, Veterans Organization, Treasurer, Freshman Counselor. GASS, KAY DIANNE Illiopolis, Illinois Home Economics Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice President, Colhecon, S N EA, W R A, Liahona Fellowship, Service C h a i r m a n, RLDS Professional Teacher's Organization, Secreta ry, Freshman Counselor, Committee Chairman. FREUND, BARBARA LYNNE Sedalia Elementary Education Dean's Honor Roll, North Hall C o u n ci I, Secretary-Treasurer, R H E T O R Staff, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, ACE, Religious Emphasis Week. GALLATIN, HARLIE GILBERT WILLIAM L. GLADFELTER, LYLE DEAN Sedoha Windsor Social Science and Education Social Science oung Democrats Club: Dean's Honor Roll, SNEAp International Relations Club. Freshman Counselor. GEARY, MYRNA JOYCE Stover Music Dean's Honor Roll: Alpha Phi Delta: Yeater-Todd Glee Club, Director: SNEAg MENCy Crescendo Club, Secretary, cappella Choir: Concert Band, Freshman Counselor. GOOSEY, TOALSON LEON Raytown Economics 1, L., ."'1 tv GLASS, DWAYNE DUNCAN New Market Chemistry Dormitory Advisory Boardp Kappa Sigma Kappa, Recording Secretary, American Chemical Societyp Student Center GATTERMEIR, J. DAVID California Chemistry Dean's Honor Roll: Kappa Sigma Kappa, President, House Managery Prexy Club: Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary, Sergeant -at-Arms. GOLDHAMMER, LEONARD Committee. GRAHAM, REBECCA ANN Chilhowee Chemistry Alpha Gamma Delta, American Chemical Society. GILKEY, CHARLES GLENN Marshall Biology and Chemistry Kappa Sigma Kappa, Historian: Inter-Fraternity Council, Outing Club. GOOCH, GLENN, JR. Appleton City Psychology Prexy Club: Psychology Club, President. GRAINGER, DON L, Centerview General Business Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, ASSemblY: Acacia, Presidentg Inter-Fraternity Councilg Young Republican Club, Treasurerp 0 Cllppellu Cl't0irj Squqfe Dance Club: Student Center Committee. GRANATO, LEONARD ALAN Sedalia English Dean's Honor Roll, Student Court, STUDENT Staff, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Vice President, Corresponding Secreta ry, Publicity Secretary, I n te r - Fraternity Council, Freshman Counselor, Student C e n t e r Committee Co-Chairman. GREER, SYLVIA KAY Sedalia Elementary Education Dean's Honor Roll, AWS, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Phi Delta, Square Dance Club, Student Center Committee, Kappa Sigma Kappa Sweetheart. I HALL, KENT DOUGLAS Versailles Biology Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, SGA, Executive Council, Student Court, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, Alpha Phi Sigma, President, Beta Beta Beta, Prexy Club, Physical Education Club, SNEA, G cappella Choir: Wesley Foundation, Dolphins, Freshman Counselor. I GROFF, WENDELL DEAN Brooks, Iowa Business Administration RHETOR Staff, Acacia, Inter- Fraternity Council, Accounting Club, General Business Club, Veteran's C I u b, Freshman Counselor, Social Dance Club, Hawkeye Club. HAFNER, EDWARD LEWIS Kansas City General Business Tau Kappa Epsilon, CMSC Players, Alpha Phi Omega, Varsity Golf, Newman Club. GRAYBILI., LUCY GUILFORD, JAMES N Independence Brunswick Elementary Education Biology Def-mls list: Dean's Honor Roll, Kappa Sigma Kappa SNEA AIPIW Phi Della: SNEA, Band, Outing Club, Vice President Liahona. Treasurer. HAGEMAN, JAMES HAMPTON, CHARLES WILLIAM Chilhowee GUDDE, JANICE LOU Warrensburg Physical Education and English Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Pledge Master, Student Center Cabinet, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, Cheerleader, Miss School Spirit, English Club, Orchesis, President, PEM Club, WRA, 4-H Club, Social Chairman, Freshman Counselor, Newman Club, Student Center Committee, Co - Director of Freshman Talent Show, Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club. HANDAL, ELIAS MIGUES San Pedro Sula, Honduras Social Science Diemer Hall Council, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Prexy Club, SNEA, English Club, Wesley Foundation, President, Freshman Counselor. Agriculture Agriculture Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Vice President, Newman Club. 41 HATCHETT, JAMES A. Rolla Merchandising and Retailing HARTLEY, JANICE M. Versailles Business Education and English Chorus: BSU. HARRISON, JESSE RAYMOND Henrietta Music Alpha Kappa Lambda: Diemer- Osborne Glee Club, Director: ' Crescendo Club: a cappella DIANNE Choir: Orchestra: S N E A: Smhhyilje Vrteran's Organization- Young . ' EI r Ed 1 Democrats: Square Dance Club. amen my ucalon 42 Todd Hall Council: SNEA: Crescendo Club: Band: Chorus: Yeater-Todd Glee Club. HARVILLE, RUSSELL H. Kansas City General Business General Business Club. HEBERT, ALONZO IVAN Gardner, Massachusetts Economics General Business Club: Veterans Organization: Newman Club. HENRY, W. OWEN HENNON, GARY JOE Windsor Grandview Physics, Chemistry, and Chemistry and Industrial Arts Mmhemalics Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treasurer: Alpha Phi Omega: Industrial Arts Club. Band. HAYOB, ALBERT EUGENE Marshall Merchandising and Retailing Merchandising and Retailing Club. HENKS, BETTY SUE Norborne Music Yeater Hall Council: SNEA: MENC: English Club: Crescendo Club: Concert Band: Chorus: Social Dance Club: Yeater- Todd Glee Club: Student Center Committee. HENSLEY, DOUGLAS E. HODGES, HILTON EDWARD Archie Accounting Dean's Honor Roll, Acacia, Secretary, Accounting Club, Social Dance Club, Freshman Counselor. HOKE, LORETTA IRENE Raytown Elementary Education Dean's Honor Roll, Todd Hall C o u n ci li Kappa Delta Pi, Historian, Reporter, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, SNEA, President, MSTA, ACE, BSU, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. HUNT, ROGER HOFFMAN, BARBARA ANN Sti Joseph Social Studies Dean's List, Alpha Phi Delta, Psychology Club, SN EA, BSU, Freshman Counselor. HODGE, GEORGE HOLLIS, BARBARA HOUX, BEVERLY JUNE Holden Elementary Education AC E. HOYLE, CHARLES JOSEPH Slater Industrial Arts and Business Industrial Arts Club, Chorus, Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club. HUGHES, SHIRLEY HUTCHISON, LARRY Versailles Music and Accounting Alpha Kappa Lambda, SNEA, Crescendo Club, Accounting Club, MENC, Band, Orchestra. HYATT, MARIE Centerview Sociology and Psychology Psychology Club, English Club Student Christian Association Wesley Foundation. JOHNSON, JIM ISRAEL, EVA JEFFRIES, JOYCE lndependence Kansas City Osage Beach Speech . Elementary Education Elementary Education 555:09 SL?-mGKgcl::lgQ7 53122: Dc-an'x Honor Roll: Alpha IWA, Chaplain, Secretary: Manager: 6MSC players' Gamma Delta, Social Chairman: SNEA5 ACE, CMSC Players. JONES, WILMER Dawn Merchandising and Retailing Merchandising and Retailing Club. KASPER, MARITA Concordia Oak Grove KECK, CHARLES Business Education Dean's Honor Roll: RHETOR Staff, Clerical Editor: Alpha Gamma Delta: Alpha Phi Delta: Pi Omega Pi: Business Education Club: SNEA: UCCF: Football, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. Physical Education Annex Council, Vice President, Advisory Assistant: Phi Sigma Epsilon: M Club, Historian: Physical Education Club: Varsity KIM, SANG SOON 44 I KING, KAREN N Nevada English Yeoter Hall Council: Sigma Tau Delta: Alpha Phi Delta: SNEA: Psychology Club: English Club: BSU: Freshman Counselor. JONES, JIMMY KERR, DAVID EUGENE KIRTS, HOWARD Odessa Engineering Achievement Award in Freshman Chemistry: Phi Sigma Pi? Kappa Mu Epsilon: Sigma Zeta: G cappella Choir: Square Dance Club. LAPPIN, GENEVIEVE KLEINDIENST, JOHN Columbia Merchandising and Retailing Merchandising and Retailing Club, M Club, Varsity Baseball. KRUSE, RUTHANNE Richmond Heights Elementary Education Hall at Recognition, SGA, Executive C o u n c i l, AWS, Judiciary Board, Student Staff, IWA, President, Senior Class Vice President, Prexy Club, Alpha Phi Delta, President, SNEA, Canterbury Club, Freshman Counselor. KRAEMER, JEAN Lebanon, Pennsylvania Accounting Dean's List, Alpha Phi Delta, Accounting Club. KLOS, TOM l KULLMAN, DON Kansas City Physical Education Dean's Honor Roll, Todd Hall Council, Alpha Phi Delta, Dolphins, PEM Club, WRA, SNEA. KYSER, DONALD Urich General Business General Business Club, Amateur Radio Club, President. KYSER, HAROLD Urich General Business LASSWELL, H. DORMAN LAMAR, JUDITH Kansas City Social Science Dean's Honor Roll, Panhellenic Council, Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Phi Delta, S N E A, Chorus, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Committee. LAW, MARY Tawas City, Michigan Accounting Dean's List, Accounting Club, Secretary, Alpha Phi Delta, Freshman Counselor. l Q i .uma-Mn., - - fisufem. l LEACH DONALD LEE, KI SUNG Seoul, Korea Economics Cosmapolilan Club. LINDAMAN, JESSIE LaMon9e Business Educalion Hall ol Recognilion, SGA, Executive Council, NAS Co- ordinalor, Sluclenl Court, Yearer Hall Council, RHETOR Slalf, Sigma Kappa, Corresponding Secrelary, T959 Popular Girl, Panhrllenic Council, Alpha Phi Sigm.:, Alpha Phi Delta, Business Education Club, SNEA, Yearer- Todd C-lee Club. LEWIS, RALPH Kansas Cily Merchandising and Retailing Tau Kappa Epsilon, Prexy Club, Merchandising and Retailing Club, President,Varsi1y Football: Varsity Track, Student Center LENOX, MARY LOU Rolla Music Houls Hall Council, Alpha Sigma Alpha: Hours Hall Glee Club, Direcfor, SN EA, M ENC: Crescendo Club, MSTA, Band, CI cappella Choir, Freshman Talent Show, Commitiee. LEE, BETTY Preston Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phi, Second Vice Presidenr, Colhecan, Square Dance Club, Treasurer. LICHTENBERG, LARRY LITTLE, JOHN Kansas Cify Physical Educalion Physical Educators Baseball. Club, Varsify LAZENBY, BONNIE Green Ridge Music SNEA, Crescendo Club, Young Republicans Club, Cohcerr Band, Marching Band, College Chorus: Orchestra, BSU. LIEN, ALMA LLOYD, ART MALOTT, JANICE Independence Art Yeater Hall Council, Delta Zeta, Student Center Committee, Student Center Key, Beta Alpha, Alpha Phi Delta, Freshman Counselor. MARSH, MAX Albany Social Science Student Assembly, Dormitory Advisory Board, RHETOR Staff, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Historian, International Relations Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, French Vice President, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Committee. MC FARLAND, RICHARD MATEJA, WILLIAM Sedalia Merchandising and Retailing Student Staff, Business Manager, Key, P hi Sigma Epsilon, F r e s h m a n Class President, Prexy Club, Merchandising and Retailing C l u b, Y o u n g Democrats, Newman Club, Student Center Committee. MARTIN, JOANNA Kansas City Elementary Education Todd Hall Council, ACE, SNEA, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. MACDONALD, CHARLES MASCHMEIER, DARLEEN Wellington Vocational Home Economics Dean's List, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha P hi Sigma, Kappa Omicron Phi, Treasurer, Colhecon, SNEA, 4-H Club. Higginsville Elementary Education Acacia, Prexy Club SNEA President, State Vice President LOVINGER, PATRICIA MAE Warrensburg English and Speech Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, Assembly Secretary, Honor Keys, AWS, Alpha Sigma Alpha, Sophomore Class Vice President, Kappa Delta Pi Awards, Alpha Phi Delta, Pi Kappa Delta, Prexy Club, SNEA, State Secretary, Orchesis, Vice President, Varsity Debate, English Club, International Relations Club, Cosmopolitan Club, a cappella Choir, SCA, UCCF, Westminster Fellowship, Freshman Counselor. MARCKS, DONALD MC KINLEY, DON E. Eldon Accounting Hall ot Recognitjon, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, President, Vice President, Student Assembly Chairman, Stu dent Court, Dormitory Resident Assistant, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Sigma Pi, Pirexy Club, Accounting Club, Vice President, Cosmopolitan Club, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Committee. MC INTAYRE, ROSETTA 47 MULLEN, MICHAEL T. ......,. MEAD, GEORGIA Kansas City Business Education Sigma Sigma Sigma: Business Education Democrats. Club, Young MOORE, SHIRLEY MARIE Kansas City English Hall al Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll: SGA, Secretary, Honor Key, RHETOR Stall, Organization: Editor, Sigma Kappa, President, Chaplain, Social Chairman, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, English Club, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, R e l i g i o u s Emphasis Weclr, Student C e n t e r Committee, Entertainment, Freshman Talent Show, Yeatcr-Todd Glee Club. MORRIS, JACK 48 MERRITT, VERN MEINBERG, GERTRUDE Pleasant Hill Music Dean's Honor Roll, MENCE, IWA, Music Chairman, Crescendo Club, Treasurer, SNEA, 0 cappella Choir, Band, Young Democrats, Newman Club, Freshman Talent Show. MONTGOMERY, LA MOON, ANITA VONNE Versailles warrensburg Vocational Home Economics Accounting Alpha Phi Delta. IW A , Chaplain, Colhecon, SNEA, a cappella Choir, BSU. ,3v. MORRIS, JUDITH ELLEN Folsom, Pennsylvania Elementary Education Dean's Honor Roll, Todd Hall Council, Corresponding Secretary, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, ACE, SNEA, Secretary, President, Orchesis, Freshman Counselor, S C A, Gamma D e I t a, Reporter, Religious Emphasis Week, MILLER, BETTY Tipton Music SNEA, Band, Chorus, Newman Club. MILLER, EDWARD Granite City, Illinois English Tau Kappa Epsilon, SNEA, Intramurals. I MUELLER, BARBARA MULLENAX, DORIS ANNA MULLER, MARJORIE MURPHY, PATRICIA LOUISE Versailles Art and Speech RHETOR Staff, Sigma Kappa, Executive Board, Sergeant at Arms, Beta Alpha, Maiorette, Captain, TKES Night Out. NOLTE, CATHERINE VIRGINIA Higginsville Vocational Home Economics Colhecon, SNEA Odessa Elementary Education SNEA. MURPHY, JOHN EARL Knob Noster Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club, Vice President. NASH, NATHAN J. Warrensburg Social Studies Acacia, Industrial Arts C I u b, Veterans Organization. NEIDIG, JERRY WAYBE Slater General Business SGA Assembly, Sigma Tau Gamma, Pledgemaster. OELKLAUS, DONNA JEAN St. Charles Elementary Education AWS, Yeater Hall, Secretary, Dormitory Assistant, Alpha Gamma D e I t a, President, Panhellenic, President, Prexy Club, ACE, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Westminster Fellowship, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. I NEWSOM, WALTER JERRY Drexel Accounting Accounting Club. OERDING, EVERT W. Higginsville Accounting Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll, Phi Sigma Pi, Accounting Club. OESCH, RONALD D. Garden City Biology Kappa Sigma Kappa, Assistant Treasurer: SNEA: Outing Club. OETTING, JO ANN Lexington Elementary Education SGA Assembly: AWS: Yeater Holt Council: SNEA: ACE: Colhecon: Freshman Counselor. OLIVE, KENNETH LEE Corning, Iowa Agriculture and Business SGA: Acacia Fraternity: Student Center Cabinet: Agriculture Club. OETTING, ALBERT VAUGHN Raytown Merchandising and Retailing Merchandising and Retailing Club: Chorus: Varsity Basketball, OLSON, WALTER R. Adrian Accounting Osborne A d vi s o r y Board: Merchandising and Retailing Club: Accounting Club. ONTMAN, HOMER Kansas City Elementary Education BSU: Ministerial Alliance 'K CTT, DEE Lee's Summit Elementary Education Todd Hall Council: SNEA: ACE: Freshman Counselor: Yeater - Todd Glee Club. OETTING, DARLENE AMELIA Mansfield Vocational Home Economics Dean's Honor Roll: Kappa Omicron Phi, Distaff Reporter, Publicity Chairmom: Alpha Phi Delta: SNEA: Colhecon: Liahona Fellowship, Treasurer: Freshman Counselor. OMOHUNDRO, C. ROBERT St. Louis Social Studies SGA: Phi S i g m a Epsilon, Histo ri a n: Student Center Committee, C o-C h a i r m a n: Religious Emphasis W e e k: Bloclrouts. OWEN, JOHN Warsaw Accounting Accounting Clu b: You n g Republican Club. OWENS, DIXIE S. Lincoln Elementary Education Alpha Gamma Delta, SNEA, ACE. PEDEGO, MARY Tipton Business Education Business Education Club, SNEA. PETTUS, JUDY Excelsior Springs Vocational Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta, Colhecon, SNEA, Social Dance Club, Collegiate 4-H Club, PARK, KATHRYN Independence Elementary Education Dean's Honor Roll, Houts Hall Council, Alpha Phi Delta, ACE, Treasurer,, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Liahona Fellowship, RLDS' Professional ' Teachers Student Group, Student Center Committee. PETERS, ANN Kansas City Music Education Deanfs. Honor Roll, Kappa Delta Phi, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, MENC, ag. cappella Choir, Chorus, Band, Orchestra, BSU. PETERSON, BERNADINE Elkader, lowa Elementary Education SNEA: ACE. PAZDERNIK, ROBERT PETTIGREW, GLENN PICKETT, BILL PLOWMAN, GARY POWELL, NELDA Warrensburg Elementary Education IWA, Secretary: ACE. SNEAI Band, Freshman Counselor: UCCF. 52 RICHCREEK, DONNA Independence Elementary Education Hall ol Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA. Executive Council, Assembly, Inter-Group Relations Chairman, SGA Award, AWS, Yeater Hall Council Rep- resentative: St u cl e nt Stall, Columnist, RHETOR Stall, Section Editor, Alpna Sigma Alpha, Vice President, Rush Chairmtn, Social Chairman, Panhellenic Council, Recording Secretaryg Prexy Club: SNEA, WRAq Orchesisp Cosmopolitan Club, Student Center President, Honor Key, Yeaterflodd Glee Club: Freshman Counselor. RITCHIE, RITCHARD Harrisonville Social Science REED, DELORRIS QUALLS, JEWELL Kansas City Elementary Education SNEAQ Liahona Fellowship, RENFROW, KEITH Shawnee, Kansas Accounting Acacia, Treasurer, Accounting Club. ROASA, LUTH ER ALBERT Kansas City General Business Tau Kappa Epsilon, General Business Club, President. RADMALL, GEORGE Harrisonville Chemistry Tau Kappa Epsilon, American Chemical S o c i e t y, Liahona Fellowship. RHEE, KEECHUL Seoul, Korea Economics Cosmopolitan Club. ROE, CLAUDE Barnett Chemistry Diemer Advisory Board, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Social Chairman, SNEA, American Chemical Society, President, Industrial Arts Club, Freshman Counselor. ROMIG, PHYLLIS Sedalia Elementary Education RHETOR Staff, IWA, ACE, SNEA, Band, Freshman Counselor, UCCF. RUOFF, MARILYN ELAINE ROSE, DONNA RUTHERFORD, MERILYN Kansas City Elementary Education ACE, President, SNEA, Wesley Foundation, Social Dance Club, Square Dance Club. SACHS, CAROL SUE ROSENQUIST, ROBERT RECORDS, DORIS Grandview Secretarial Science Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA Certificate of Recognition, Secretarial Committee, AWS, Todd Hall Council, Student Staff, Alpha Sigma. Alpha, President. Treasurer, Panhellenic, Prexy Club, Alpha Phi Delta, WRA, Orchesis, Vice P r e s i d e nt Secretary - Treasurer, Commerce Club, Secretarial Science Club, President, Freshman Counselor, Student C e n t e r Committee, SANDBOTHE, LOUIS A. SANDBOTHE, NORBERT Vienna General Business Dean's Honor Roll, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Recording Secretary, General Business Club, Veteran's Organization. Yeater-Todd Glee Club. SANELL, JOHN Kansas City Geography International Relations Club, Publicity Chairman, Yo u n g Democrats Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Chess Club, President, BSU. SATTERWHITE, JACK SCHMlDT, MINNIE SCOTT, JAMES WILLIAM California Biology Dean's Honor Roll, Kappa Sigma Kappa, SNEA. SCHONEMAN, JERRY SCHLOMAN, JEWELL SCHWARTZ, LAWRENCE PAUL Odessa Psychology RHETOR Staff, RHETOR Photography Editor, A l p h a Kappa Lambda, English Club, Psychology Club, Vice President, Orchesis, CMSC Players, BSU, Religious Emphasis W e e k , Freshman Talent Show. SCOTT, JIMMIE LEE Corning, Iowa General Business Acacia, General Business Club. SCHLUP, DON California Biology Dean's List, Dean's Honor Roll: Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice President, Rush Chairman, IFC, Head Steward, Bela Beta Beta, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Outing Club. SCOFlELD,VIOLET EILEEN Independence Elementary Education SCOTTEN, DAN L, Sedalia Accounting SGA, Student Business Manager, RHETOR Staff, Phi Si g m a Epsilon, Recording Secretary, Junior Class Vice President, Accounting Club, Secretary and Treasurer, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Committee, S o ci a l Dance Club, Student Center Cabinet. SHARP, JUDITH ELLEN SHERRELL, RUTH ANN SEBBEN, R. JOAN SELBY, JANE Warrensburg Elementary Education AWS, Sigma Kappa, Chaplain, President, Panhellenic Council, Prexy Club, ACE, SNEA, Student Center Committee. SIMONIE, CARL ANTHONY Kansas City English and Social Studies International Relations Club, Commerce Club, English Club, SNEA, Cosmopolitan Club: Young Democrats Club, Osborne Dormitory, Chairman M u si c Committee, Intramurals. Newburg Accounting Todd Hall Council, Accounting C I u b , Freshman Counselor, UCCF, Fellowship Chairman. SCHIENLE, YVONNE SHIREMAN, LLOYD EDWARD Houstenia Agriculture SHAFER, JIMMIE F. Maysville Accounting Alpha Kappa Lambda, Vice President, IFC, Commerce Club, Young Democrats, Freshman Counselor, Square Dance Club. SIMS, WANDA SUE Marshall SKAGGS, ALICE MARIE Physical Education Union WRA, Physical Education Club, Music SeC'e'a'Yf Dolphins? SNEA' SNEA, Crescendo Club: Band, Chorus, Freshman Counselor, BSU, Choir Pianist. I I ls +2 I I I I I I I 'I I 1 1 I I I I . SKELTON, WILLIAM B. Windsor Elementary Education I I I I I I I I I SMITH, RAYMOND I EUGENE I leeton f Physical Education and Industrial I Arts Industrial A'ts Club: Physical Education Maiors Club. I I SMITH, GERALD L. Marshall Accounting Dormitory Unit Vice Presidenty Accounting Club, S o c i al Chairmang Amateur Radio Club, Social Dance Club, Dolphins Sl-now. SMITH, ROSE SNYDER, PATRICIA ' ANNE Kansas City Social Science Delta Zeta, SNEAQ Commerce C I u b 7 Young Democrats, Freshman Counselorp Student Center Committee. I I I ll I I SPENCER, TED 56 SPIVA, WINFORD Y SMITH, JANET G. Lee's Summit Elementary Education Dean's Honor Roll, SNEA. SOPH, ROBERT JOSEPH Boonville Merchandising and Retailing Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treasurer, IF C g Merchandising a n d Retailing Club. STACKER, JOAN M. Independence Physical Education PEM Club, WRA, Liahona Fellowship. STACKHOUSE, WAYNE STAFFORD, JOHN STEPHENS, WILLIAM EARL Raleigh, North Carolina Chemistry and Math Subtloor Phillips, President, College B o w I i n g League, President, Secretary, Square Dance Club, President, Flying Mules, President, Veterans Club, Social Dance Club, Instructor, Wesley Foundation. SUMMERS, DIANA E. Webster Groves Industrial Arts Alphi Phi Omega. STEWART, LINDA LEE Centerview Elementary Education Hall of Recognition, Dean's H o n o r Roll, SNEA, ACE, Reporter, Secretary, Collegiate 4-H, F r e s h m a n Counselor, Square Dance C I u b, Vice President, Religious Emphasis Week, Wesley Foundation. STOCKTON, JACK EDWIN Raytown Physical Education SNEA, Physical Education Club, AAHPER. STAHL, GORDON A. Cullom, Illinois Business Administration General Business Club, Veterans Club. SWEARINGEN, JOHN ROBERT Knob Noster Dra matics Who's Who, Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, Mace and Torch, President, Pi Kappa Delta, Theta Alpha Phi, CMSC Players, Outstanding Freshman, Best Actor, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Chaplain, Sergeant at Arms, IFC, House Inspection Committee, Newman C I u b, Cosmopolitan Club, International Relations Club, Varsity Debate, Veterans Club, Parliamentarian. SUMRALL, JOHN K.,..,,,. Ci., PHILLIP sr. oREs, GEORGE English Pleasant Hill Alpha Gamma Delta, SNEA, MCll19m07lC5 and PIIYSICS Thomson, Illinois English Club- Varsity Tennis. Accounting Acacia, Accounting Club. TALLEY, ROBERT G. THOMAS, GERALD DALE Holden independence Mathematics and Physics Biology V Alpha Kappa Lambda, President: IFC- Prexy Club- Freshman Beta B eta Beta, President: C ' I l Q, i n 5 Agriculture Club: SNEA. 0 U se . 0 r' e e r C TISING, BEVERLY ANN High Point SNEA: MENC: Crescendo Club: Bond: a 'cappella Choir: Yeater- Todd Glee Club. 58 Music UNDERWOOD, WENDELL LYNN Deepwater Acco u n ti n g Accounting Club: Track. TOEL, MARTHA JANE Bethany Merchandising and Retailing Yeater Hall Council, Treasurer: Sigma Sigma Sigma: Merchandising and Retailing Club, Secretary. Organization. TORNQUIST, KENNETH UNRUH, ELEANOR NADINE Kansas City Music SNEA: Crescendo Club: Band: Dolphins. ' THURMAN, WAYNE E. Kansas City General Business Dean's Honor Roll: Silver Scholastic Award: Phi Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer: Foreign Language Club: G e n e r a l Business Club. TREWETT, EVELYN LEONA Drexel ' Elementary Education SN EA: AC E. VANRIETTE, JOSEPH EDMOND Independence General Business Alpha Kappa Lambda, Pledge President, Social Chairman, Golf Team: General Business Club: Social Dance Club. VEDDER JANET LEA Sedalla Music ean s H o n o r Ro Assembly Delta Zeta Alpha Phi Delta MSTA SNEA MENC Crescendo Club cappella Choir Band Freshman ounselor A tern a e Cheerleader Student Center Committee VOLENTINE LES Warrensburg Accounting Acacia- Com me rce C ub- Accounting Club Membership and Publicity Chairman- Young Democrats C ub- Freshman ounselor- SCA Social Chairman- UCCF Treasurer- Religious Emphasis Week- Social Dance Club. WARD AGNES VELDlUIS CHESTER WALKER RUTH VIEBROCK VIOLET VIE-I-S EDGAR LEE MARIE Green Ridge Cole Camp Psychology Elementary Education ACE SN EA WALKER MARILYN KAY Osceola Business Education Alpha Phi Delta- Prexy Club SNEA- Business Education Club resident- Pi Omega i Secretary - Treasurer- BSU. WEBB, HARRY Independence Merchandising and Retailing Veterans Club: Merchandising and Retailing Club. Psychology Club WAGNER BETTY JANE Higginsville English Dean s H o n o r Roll- AWS Legislative-Judiciary B o a r d - Stu d e nt Associate Editor Assistant Editor Most Valuable Staff Member Trop y- RHETOR Staff Copy Editor Copy Writer- Alpha Phi Delta- Sigma Tau D e lta Charter Member Vice President- English Club- CEMOST- Gamma Delta Secretary Reporter. WEBER, CASPER Kearney Physics Sigma Zeta. WEBER, HELEN Kansas City Physical Education PEM Club, WRA, Treasurer, AAHPER, Dolphins, SNEA. WHITE, JOHN Amity WEDDLE, CAROL Wheatland Physical Education PEM Club, Treasurer, WRA, Vice P r e si d e nt, President, AAPHER, SNEA, BSU. Mathematics and Physics Hall of Recognition, Dean's list, Dean's Honor Roll, SGA, Vice President, Acting President, Facilities Chairman, Honor Key, Resident Hall Scholarship Award, IFC, Tau Kappa Epsilon, President, Mace and Torch, President, Prexy Club, Sigma Zeta, Vice President, Phi Sigma wlcicurrs, GAR? WEHMEIR, PATRICIA WIDDER, DANNY Sweet Springs Biology Beta Beta Beta, Vice President, Outing Club, President: Varsity Basketball. P i, Co-Chairman Freshman Orientation Program. WHITE, ROBERT Kansas City Mathematics Alpha Kappa Lambda, Social Chairman, Sigma Zeta, Veterans Organization. WIELIGMAN, ERIC WILEY, JAMES WILBUR, DOLLY Kansas City 60 Speech Sigma Tau Gamma, President, IFC, Vice President, Newman Club. l WILLIAMS, JOE WINCKLER, FELIX Kansas City Accounting Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alumni Secretary, Accounting Club, Vice President, Veterans Organization. YODER, HARRY Pleasant Hill Physical Education Kappa Sigma Kappa, UMOC, Physical Education Club. YOUNG, JANETTE Independence Secretarial Science SGA Committee, Todd Hall Worship Committee, Pi Omega Pi, President, Secretarial Science Club, Vice President, Orchesis, Secretary, a cappella Choir, SCA, Secretary, Religious Emphasis W e e k, Liahona Fellowship, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. WITTHAR, VIRGINIA Marsha" YOUNG, RICHARD YAMAMOTO MERLE Business Education Harding Lihue' Kauai' Hawaii Business Education Club, Vice Agriculture El - President, SNEA, Square Dance A , I CI b , , ememcry Edumhon Club. grucu ture u , Vice President, ACEI SNEA- YOUNG, BARBARA Washington Elementary Education SGA Assembly, Houts Hall Council, Head Waitress, Alpha Gamma Delta, Activities Chairman, ACE, SNEA, UCCF. Freshman Counselor, YOUNG, CHARLES Warrensburg Physics and Mathematics Dean's Honor Roll, Sigma Zeta, President, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Secretary, Prexy Club, Collegiate B a n d , Freshman Mathematics Award, Freshman Physics Award, Freshman Kappa Delta Pi Scholarship Award, S e n i o r Kappa Delta Pi Scholarship Award. YU, BYUNG PAL Chun Chon, Korea Chemistry Sigma Zeta, American Chemical Society. WITTMAN, JO ANN Syracuse Elementary Education Dean's Honor Roll, RHETOR Staff, AWS, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Sigma, Vice President, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club, SNEA, Membership Chairman, Historian - Treasurer, State Workshop: MSTA Convention Delegate, ACE, Vice President A c ti n g President, Young Republican Club. YU, KYUNG HI Seoul, Korea Secretarial Science A -r a- U MLK, . 1 , 'A' Z -2 'y X - Ls - . F 1-, 4.5. " ' .ii - , ' r We " " ' Ar , r .. More . . ABBETT, James ' N - - rraahrnan ACHELPOHL, John , R. N - 1 r Ereshrnan AQKERMANN. Warne rreahrnan ADAMS, Charles L 4 a A ,.,s..,, Freshman ADAMS, Gary r X' ' A Freshman ADAMS, John li f X 1 Freshman ." J A ,5'n,,gj's. fx rr' . I -L rf" .. , g" lr 'f ' , ' ' Q ' ' , ,-rw, A yr - -' .-:vii .y -r r Ji K. ' -r arg' i' r rf' A ADAMS, Marv .X . . ' , , r, Pe-5, .hrnror ADAMS Norman L I , ' "rf: A rra,hrnrn ADAMS. 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CARTER W1 CARTWRIGHT Und , enneih our members of the debate team meei for an informal discus- CARTER Phillip CARTER, Ronald F h r lmer Sophomor r S Sophomore sion CARTER, Lyrrdeii Heshmgn Freshman 'es man 9 I 50Pf'lomore , fn' ff , ' if rf' f f -rAA" , , " , f r s, I A ' ' i CATRQN - EIN, Mary 1 V M ...... . . ..,,. . . CA,-RON CATRON' Jo , Nancy J, , ' ' ' cAres aii GATES, Charlene CATONV Joyce sophorn ' Gene F'eS'i"'Hfi Sop"cm"'e UW CASKEY, Ray CASTRO, Ricardo F,eshn4an' Y Junior J""'0' me 5Ophomore Junior C , , I L ' V , ,rrgr - ,,. ,.rr4,,., J' -'rf-1 ' ' 3'ZfZffZffffrf'V"'1 1211 - r. , -,rr ,. l " .. Y I A Y . - 555' ' , A - X , M 'r ','9F5'gf.,,rL,r'fff r' r1 Q , . iff 571' ff' .M-'R ' "" 1 512 ' . rf '--r .f 1 , 5 1' f - lr ' f f , , .Q 1 ' 5 ' 1 Q' , , A RJ-1rfLrr'N,":X'S-,, CH D if 5 . 2 '7 - X ' 'Hi IL S, Jane! I 7 , .R Q C ' CHAPIN Renard CHASSOUL Maria CHASWN' 5"e'bY Freshman - -r f HANG D- A Fresh 50P"""'0'2 . ' CHAIN L CHAISSON John fHALMERS' James Junior ' B' F'e5""'a" "ha" CENTER, M r arry F ' unior Junior ary Freshman reshman 1 .,,,. , ' , . f . x0 2 ff? i1ig f',, r , ., ,,- f'1'f'1 ' ' rf . i f V . i 4 I J CLARK Cai ff I I ,,,.,., , ,, r OPOLL CLARK,Ar1ne ' ' -.1 r ' Y . A Peier F'2S'iffwrv , rr f, , Ci-iRisriA CHRisropH .' Ffeshfrwr- 1 - CHMSM I Ci-iRisiviAN, Roger ggfiism,-,N, Siephen FresHr'rianNSEN' H"'D'd Junior ER' 5a"d'f' F'e5h"""' Y SHRISMAN, James so h AN, Judiih Junior 'TW' reshmzm p omore -. if 9. ' i , y .,,t,,:M 5 5 f' .T k k . F f -gr - . ar A C' ,Ari-4 x W K ' '- " V A 'I '51 , ' i L. 'X 2 ,uf ?- , ' CLOU Coen, Mn W h1ir,!,,.,---:I M, CLXRK W 4 4,, 0 CLEAR' Dixie CLEMONS, Ronald JUMCISE, Gary Mmm i mn i CLARK T r Bde Junior Jumo' i CLARK, M ' BUY S h nr an I i V i i 67 .. , 0441 VQVVVVA -V AV AV VV V V , I ..-. V My V A , ' , Vw ' if-,' ,V .1,. ' 'Eve v--.. V, XXV "1---vf4-o..-...-.,,F-V V . . F V F V 1" M . W VV ' ' F is F-fe-see.. . -. . L., 1 1 . if in W . 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V, ' :VV VjV j 's ri fr f " , ,' '- 3 r' , vw ' COLLIER, odnnn l V,gg,2l' 1 I 4 i VV ,y ' Vj Frsslimsn COLLINGS, Gary Ik fl V , ,f Q . -, " A i Fresnrnsn COLLINS, Buddy W V J J J X ' ---- 'ff Sophemdre COLLOBERT, Billie .1 "if FYESWHBIW COLLYER, Deanna I ,fe fr V .V . Freshman COLSTER, Jerry L -J i Freshman COLWELL, Linda ' Sophomore COMES, Jim Freshman r age, 5 ' 5 .5 . s ,ffl ' f 7 5' , .f '-1 " s:1ir'ii.5-r A ' X 'fi ' 2'-'N eff. .VV5 - .N M V ,V f V.. . L f . V . ,QV V M ,Vi V 3 VV VV . VV V. .... 3, V V. lliulv , Alql J,-r or 4' 1 -i . We 1' i c ' , . .3 , ' -f L ,' 'L f ff-f w ' 'qu' I rf 554 "'i ' ii . 1 -' 'Q F 1. i ,. li ss -f r n L L, r ccwlsrocx, Glenn V neon, i ,fqq ,F V f I , Junior CONLON, Jo Lon . IV 3 V V :V k,VV V V 4 , , r seplrernere Corin, Barbara - F ' ' . ..,. , ... ,, M. .M f , ef 1 , Freshman COOK, onnrel i L' " " f - 2 3 ,. 4 Junior cooic. Joyce i " ' , 0- Junior COOKV Melinda 2 A If f, : iwkiv ,V V Sophomore QQQKV goy V r In Freshman COON, Carol f -, "x, Freshman 5' A 7-- - f ' so r V . , ,gs-' z, , fl? , r ,VV V 'wi rr cove, xennern V V f ,I - p,e,h,n,,,r CORDERV Roby, fnr.VgV:V V Viz: VV Sophomore coizoss, Wallace f .6QrWVV,, V Junior comcnmsi, Jerry W V ,rf Freshman CORNELIUS, Linda ' " " 'tfV ' Sophomore CORRELLV jackie r Junior CORSON, Gordon Aff' Svphvmow Cormier, Jerry '!f"'4-- Sophomore ' u f-10. -s V ff' 'L ,VV fl V 1 ,VV - 1 X , ff' . t7 .V ,V VV! VVV fir 5 Vi, Hn uwwf . 9 V , . L, gf , f -r-, r , r q, ,gi V I I Vswig V V , 3 ' ' ,r F"FS'l'f'Hl'l EOVEU, Patricia H M 1 ,, r ,ZW V 1 ..,, f 54- i Sc,pFo'rore COVEY, Nedrrs f' r V. M, f m mf Fmfilfflafl cowmzo, wrllism '3 4 TC ' 1 V M71 Junior COX, Larry .. 'H 'x i ' ,if , 5 Freshman V cox, Lmda ,,., 1 , , f Heshmall cox, Roberr ' Freshman cox, sendrn Freshman 1 " , P f- -A 'II . ' -' ""' x 3 'sr 1, ' K COYLE , James COXE, Ronaid Junior Freshman E CRANK, Ronald Freshman I I CRAVEN, Dora Freshman 1 I 'I js . I ' H ig Q I ,.,, ,ii ljzjizll lg- s,. Ifff7If'.' ' ' f . ,.,. .l I , .. v--k "'- r ff' "" I F .,.V ,V V, . - -f CRABTREE, shmey I CRABTREE, Mary JU ' l'1iOf Sophomore I, ' 4' W' 41' 1, , fx .. ,G .f . f"i' -A I if , X A CRAWFORD, J CRAWFORD, Doris dmes Freshman Freshman F I I I I -5 ,, , f , ,ff W ,X A if Q, Y , 1 I CROWDER, Robert CROWDER, Mary Junior Freshman CROWE, Jack Freshmen Freshman I CURN Freshman ow, csrdyn ,A ,V 4. , " L I -,, I CURRAN, Judith Junior ww , ffl " ' I 'Cf .1 f 3 2P"25i f ff f 7 ,, f I V W f O f , f ZZ f 1 I I DAHLSTR Freshman OM, Barbara Mit DAILEY, Don Sophomore 222- - ' '2 . 5, M, 5, I ' . .gl E 0. I ' ,I ,Q X 7 DANNER, Freshman Roben DAUGHERTY, Ru Freshman I , "Zi !', 4 ' Q , X V I 'f' , f ,ff ff I ff 1 I I X V5 CRA S Freshman IG, Deiore - f-ff V' 'I' 5 f f 74 f v , , 3 f 1 1 7 ' X , , , ., X 1, I ff 9 aff f L C f , CRANDALL, Judith CRAIG, James Freshman Freshman I , 2 A f Z 5' 5 'Q f A ' I. ,.,, , .rr.o , N 52275 ,, ' at 9,2 CRAWFORD, Paui Freshman I fig ,, kg R . ' 7, . . 4 I V I 5 ' CULL, Linda ' CRUSE, Richard Sophomore I i CROSS, John CRAWFORD, Virginia Freshman Freshman f,'f.,f I.-v VI? i CULP, Barbara CULP, Anna Sophomore Freshman , , .g, '9 ".,, - I , .sf ,., , 4 ., .- ' ,QW .4 5?,!v.,fg- 4 , F ' If if 5 WP ' . A Q25 , I , ' . ' I ffl-.A 25' 12121 5 . a A -Q, , A "" 4 ' l, ' f f"" f '- f .-cf, v "-' .2 I Lf- A: , 759 '22 , I cusICK, Lure U li ,J A I CURTIS, Loyce Freshman ,ee--5 5 - ,, ' CURTIS, Danny Sophomore "' ' CURTIS, cena Fmhman CURRY, Dorothy Freshman Sophomore K I i " I G .. wrQ2g7Qem,,., 5,5 .,,V , -. , K.- Y- ,, 3--I ' C -r., , Er ,, 'SDL' I , I ff 3,1 4 fl av if X ,ffiz 1 If i ., if 461171 4 M., Qs -2,57 In y f 4 W if 4 DALE, Donna Freshman Freshman ,E -4,1-225, f 7 , Q wwf 2 Q f , 4 f f . ff- f . -- 775111.34 ' DANIELS, David "' D'ALE5iO, James DANIELS DANIELS, Eveiyn Freshman Herbert I f CRANK, Don CRANE, Wiiiiam Fmshman Freshman r , 'spy' 1 I I-.,,r1.1s+gz' ' I I , 1' a CROW, Don CROUCH, Eiberta Freshman Freshman I K of i .,,a - CUNNINGHAM, Rebecca CUNNINGHAM, Lioyd Freshman Sophomore ,V we " 6, ,f 4 YE ' .- -'E ff, , '-f1f '.I1.::2:f Mg F 'WW 'f L, , if 1-f ' I Cusns, Jerry CUSUMANO, Reber! F Sophomore reshrnan I ,Q JN I i DANIEL-SON, Jim DANIELS, Kay Junior F reshman Freshman Sophomore . -.-. I Q f I . A - 'W , 1 'f2I!.- . 61525 1, f - " f1:E':"' .,v. 'V K , A 1 -.1l:?21Z5"'1,' I ,,,, , I , , f , I I ig I ,,,, DA VIS DAVIS D , ixie ""' , Charles Freshman DAVIDSON, Harry Ffefhm-vw DAVIDSON, esfbsfa Junior ph Freshman Junior ' ' DAVIS, Dwi I DAVIS, Donald Davis, Esvei 9 ,, rn-SI.f.Isn Junior 69 ,.,-W.,- jifw' r Y.. 4, ' F' x , 11 ,., x 1 . A A va: Q DAVIS' Smpmme DDMSSON' Dorothy DAWSON, Wdham OLT Leia R mond ndra - :,3v3gr.,-,,., s Scvhofmw manor DW ' DAVOU' 5' DAWDY so rm. Jvdnh Y Reber' Rrr, James f Jumor Freshman hmm . DA r DEARD0 Fres Jurnor Freshman Freshman Freshman ' T' f glriix ff r - 1 M Z J t rf F i+"f'1L 591. ' 1 Q- 'N ' r - 'A ' ff, .V .: ' 1, , 1 ': V Q U . 'fir' X' if N 1 , V , , A wx. i A I l yy N,-'f V q w H .wel ., ' -". r ix K 'L l . DECKARD- Delms DEGFUXDO Jw ormzwsrre mud New A I 5 f-L' " ' ar ' ' DExANEYf Ca' cu de - K gophomore Freshman preghman Sophomore DEMQTE: Y DEMAND, Linda DEMAYO, Fran DENNEY' Mary DENNXSV Gene Fres Freshman Jumor Freshman Freshman .,-'2"""' 1 X ., 1 f' 5' if X4 W F ' k f w V A112 5 I A ,dv , 4 X J vbbv. img. 6 ,, ,fly ,- K' V gy , k , I V' My "fL- , ., dv - , ff. A, r rr - -r , 1-J ' ' 'M' rf 'x -J 'Y "'A 'ri ..,1r., f ' r 'f,, f, 1 " ' " F - I , r - ' ,gf , x :f ,,g f , , . 1,4 L . ,A ' ck u SQWT " 'f ' 1 ' r 4 . n rfb l oem, arrbm BENTON' PMP ER Maman es 1- 7 ' - h DERSTL . DEVENPORT, Franc L' Alben d Sop omore Sophomore Freshman Freshman Ejghman ggigsbrljxxaces Ef5i:SN, Bren H DICEEY, sandra DICKWWEV Daniel Frei msn Freshman 1 1 ' ff f I L .X In A , zen . ' i . Q , T , N . rr-V I A ff. ff, V if, ., 5, ' .r pr ' ff", ,,, ' , J P 1 ' .- - 1 VW. . 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DMMER' Dowd uuxon Mmm , " I ' W 9 1 , r X X I I N Wnlham ld -- r 4 r ww Sophomore W0 f wagon, Dona SON Peggy . f 4 , Sophomore DOD 1 DOUARDV Phyllis , Sophomore Freshman Sophomore 2213551141 George D0I:NELLFeEdwnn.s DONOHOE' Joseph 50? emo Freshman r " .,2"l4, F ' ' N A ' lg? r . r, . 4' I f . , sw -. 5 2 1 ' ' - , , A P W Q ,ff 5 ,, V, 1 ,,,. ,, X . , r' ' 1 , f . ,pr M r il' J ,-., ' vi COUWW- CUOVX Dgpvfgmn, News , ' W ' , woman Q r, ,Q , DOTSON' Dam usuxs, Carver 'Op W 'P Freshman '5p,,o,,,o.e Dokfmsufilzme DOWNARD, Mmm' DOWNER, Am, he Sop om Freshman Sophomore ?0VxNII:G, DOWNS, Gary 'es ma Freshman 70 ,I rr- ,V A I V 35 7 4 14 4 s W ., r x a 6 , 5 f 5 A I 1. ,f, L , -rr .: MW' 1 4' fm 4 o 9 f . 5 2 5 4 r DRITT, Barbara omcoerzs, Richard p,,,,hma,, DRAPER, William Freshman DRAKE, Eire Sophomore Freshman E Freshman i - l l :'6 - '22, I gf , F . 4 A ",-.' ,r A l l l 2 - ' DUFFY, Daniel J ourruv, Michael Junior DUFFIELD, Efvih JUrll0f oucicwolzrr-1, Lawrance F'es""""' Freshman ., 1, r rr ,r 1,1 . , ...,f yr , 1 ,A Z , r , 0 DYE, William ovcne, Lorna 5,,p,,,,,,,,,,e Freshman DUNN, Judilh DYAS, Deanna Sophomore Freshman 'f ff 1 ff".-S R ' . gr? .- 1 .43 ,rfffrrrgii .V -L r 'fr '17 . ,X . K f 1 rf, r DRIV R, Karen iii 'lr r- 'L r ,if ' 2-524-err ir' l. If " ITT.. 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EDDE, Donald F,e5h,,,a,, ECKLES, Parricia Junior ECHART, Carla Sophomore EBERWEIN, Tony F,eShma,, Freshman M f' o ' '19 ,A- r l fi xjfff ,-r, - I 'xiii of , , rx -, 1 , Q - , I or , ff' ,. , ZZ K b , ' ', 4 ' -. ,J ' M125 ., ,Q J I-'1.'.-'QQL r , , - r ' W ,r,- ,gg ,1-:, 1 , "H f.-vxrlr-,9 'G ,V y ,'f,, f' r'j,g. EGELSTON, Jim EISENBATH, George ., ,, EIKENB - EHR HARDT, sharroy EHIMANN, owe a ' scones ARY Lloyd , Freshman Freshman ri olyn Junior , Karen Jun' iof Freshman Freshman K .,:,:g,3 an ' 1, 31151, 3 ,I Q 1 I . F' F , V715 you 7, 'hwy 4, f r Q, ' "+ ,N ELDENBURY, Robert F . Junior , aren Freshma J reshman n Umor W mwcsom, Rfbger , msresscx Dovic Eueooe K o M? ri 6 -rr, :I 14 .. ..,r -,-o.:"r:g,. 1' ff 'fl . Eruorr, Jerry eruorr, Horry Junior Junior Remember vhose many hayrides? 71 r ,Y ir all fl ll rr ill Zia. ll il li V li, .V l l l ll . i i i r l i I ll I: 15. 1 5 f i l l l . mrorr nxsrrro Q 5.opF,:msro mis, Doro X r,c,,,,,,,,, Fiuson, Alberta Freshman Fisioo, Margarer ' Freshman ELWFLL, Margaret Freshman so l d 'li' SGH' i" x 'Hy 'F H x...-' As... . ELWELL, Wilella Sophomore .S . 1- Q- F'--no-FF r F-v.,.....,,,,, l ,..., l 'r-7 J- .ar EMBLETON' Joseph EMBRY G 53, J unior r HFY Freshman EMICK, Judith Freshman l' F ff 'wok-.ff 'F'-'-.QT N' l, X F!- . i L 5 -4 Y ,noi f , i ' me l 4 ENGELBY, Hoge' ' Frmrrmsrr ENGLER, Jane: X 5 Freshman ENNIS, Jeanne ' Ff9Sl"ma"i ENZENAUER, Sharon Freshman EPPERSON, Willis Junior ERlCKSON, Kenneth k ETTEFAGH, Masud w Junior ETTER, Sandra Junior FUBANK. 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Frornmon Feususori, sropnon ' X i if w,z'1QvVySg9L Sophomore FERGUSON, Stanley 'V if ., V Sophomore FERGUSON, William Sophomore FERRO, Janice Sophomore iii -...oo-A .oo RRO Reber! rl Jvfiwf FERTIG Constance Freshman FETTER Willa ' X , Freshman FICK, Lawrence 7 . Freshman 5151-05, Don F'e5l'ma'l FIELDS, David Freshman . -F S'-room of cn 4 ilu! .n oo-nun ic'ihf'F5'ei'1' Lorrgoooo ciao FIELDS' Johnny Freshman ,pf f J i l l ,-, l X FILES, William f Sophomore FINE, som FINKE, Gary - NG Ruby i Sophomore Sophomore FINKU1 Sophomore FlNLEY, Nlariorie Junior .K .f Q I ,J '," , J o . 5 - !i?1rf,f":'V fr . . fd . , I 'L A f' F J , ., 1 72- r f ,. . --rf V , ' ,, - I ,- jg. V-3 if yjryzjru .J L- , f , ""' f ' J 3 f 2. 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' i I GOQNSHAM, Nancy sepmmew 1 74 Y i 4 GOOCH, Sue Freshman 6500, Cynthia Freshman C-OSSEY, John Freshman GOSSEY, Patricia Sophomore GARDNER, Rebecca Freshman 3 f , fr, sr GATEWOOD, Gary Freshman ,. ,Q N 4- - GIBLER. Helen Freshman '- ,N r GLEASON, Robert Freshman 7 fe-, 1 R GOODLOE, Charles Freshman ff" r X, . GOVER, Glenn Junior ,X .s X r GARDNER, Mania Freshman GARLICH, Roger Junior 'F' 1 E. 1: if ,. fs, V' V V GEBHERDT, Howard Freshman GEORGE, Judith Junior Hs, x, 'if u 74 .1 www .,,. GARNER, Jean Freshman 1 e GERHAUGHTY, John Freshman . -P,,....- ,F ' . J' ., . i r A , 1 'ff' ., A N "9 ' X ,- . .A J GV . 1 K , GARREU, Jerry Freshman GARRETTI JOYCG Freshman ,L-.f 1 52 2 Q ., 4. GERHARDT, Albert Junior FQ GILKESON, Larry Freshman f A l , ' fs ' 1, " Q. ' gk , . 1' ' " 7 K , V rrre -, ' f V- r '-.-457 6: Y 'V ,, V , K! V ,fi x ,:. fax , f - r Gian, Phaiup ' V Junior GIERINGER, Michael -JUNJOY GILBERT, Dixie Sophomore I I If Y -Q, K , ,V , - X, I ' , -fr ff, rf: - X , K , . ' A f X K i , gf , ff 5 , ' 6 , -'fra if J GLOWATZ, Frank Freshman GOLOBERG, Ted Junior GOLDSMITH, Janelle Sophomore l GOODMAN, Martha Junior GOODRKIH, James Junior 1 , A ,4,'?',JQI ' Y i GRAHAM, Larry Soplwmofe C-RAHN, View Freshman Y i GOODRICH, John Freshrr- an GOLUXl'lONr -lane' Freshman 1, ,,--:-,Q ,, 76. ts ' ff wwf: f 'SIN GORDON, David Sslphomore GRANFIELD, Mabel Freshman GRANT, Chrisiine Freshman GERHARDT, Bonnie Freshman l GILLESPIE, Joyce Freshman GOLUB, Herschel Freshman 'ff I f ,, fr New Q ' ' if , ef GORiNG, Terry Sophomore f,,, f X , ff , 4 X uf Q5t'f,yf, 1 ,f 5 f GRATE, Joyce Sophomore l l l ,RT 3 f , K7 f, I . 5 , f ml' , , ,f. 4 Veg. ,. . ff ? Wig Y r r. 1V 5 , r , Q i f ri' W7 A V ff ff ,, G ER, E ' V GREEN, Jennie Nt "'e5""e Freshman GREEN, Donna Freshman GREEN, Clarence F li a GRAY, William sophomore 'es man GRAY, Sharon Ffeillfnan Freshman E , ,,,:KZ5j' vi ?f' " . ' '3 0 ii, K 2- ,,-,r ,we1, .,,, pwww, r,,r ,p,Wog erer t u? ,rr ..,. . I , jf, V w?- . -V 1 V . ? ,,A. ,,,1,.,, I E il .5 f, 1 ,,,., ' f f , ml I GRHESHABER, Clara L,,.,,, iisiir up and vole for Ugly Man on Campus. V, V15 A ' " Gl2lER, Diane Junior I V , - GREGORY, Harry Junior vs: mil j GREGG, Paul Sophomore ' 'K ' GREGG, Georgie 5,,pi,4,mo,e GREER, Wayne Freshman Freshman V ' l V - l I 2 'lf ,O f , iz ' NWT? , K , , ,,.f-1 f,,r,. ei, 'if ,V - ' VV ' '- 'TV' , X ,Mafia 1 inw TRWMQQR. am- mf? y in f 4 j V, ,A ew 445 A I W GRONER, Orvoll r V 1, ' 1 G GROOM, Marilyn Sophomore 5 -3 f "Z ' , X ' GRISWOLD, Deen Sophomore f 6, ,V -' GRISBECK, Jo Ann F,esi,ma,, V QV Y ' "" ' GRIMES, William Freshmen 5- V F GRIMES, Thomas Junior -f - ' GRIMES, R be t So h GR 1 r GRIQAES, Janice Freshman 0 I p omore ISGS, James Fres man V Freshman g I G V ,if V , W ,. ,. ,f ,M , ,f ,, , . . ' rf VV5 3 .i,: f V' , t ., -still, L Wnnzwfwf ,vw,, MWWWWW' M ., , , , , ,, J, , ,,,k t V. V .Vx Q ' 'f if 'F V ' Zh f l l - GUINN Don Y le., ' r V ' " 1 l - Gullrolzo, Gary p,e,h,,,g,, I V yr " 'f ' y 1 - GUILFORD, Annelra so hgmgre , . A , , l . P - fx, ,EQ - V f ' GUFFEY, Joe Freshman '- , f , array ' f J' GUERIN, Alan Freshman ' ' ' ' GROVES, Gerald Sophomore e,rr,,,, 3 1. ro-lr GRQ55 M ,- .f . . , arln Sophomore H444 " 'f ,mirolh GROSS, Jerry Freshman GROSS, Carolyn Sophomore A Freshman ' - - QWQWK ff A I .,., V J Vr A V fi r , V .V . . 4 , VV f- . ff . r 'W5?i M " I ' 1 ,,,, in :. V6-j:fE " f -ff i r , Kg, I 4 ' " HACKEROU .looiili L Q HACHLER, ludiili Sophomore V f- HABEGER, Royce Sophomore V ' HABEGER, Larry Freehrnen HAA5, Gary Sophomore , ' GWIN, Sharon Sophomore - S GURTLER, Jean Freshmen l - GUNN, Leah Junior 5Lt:il?ERSON, Carol Freshman -ii I l ,,.w'l231?lll! ' , . , . , A W, 4 je, 1 - A 'f if . Q: A r, " . 2' wgmio, 4?WlAi of Q55 u ii R Af , . 5 , r 4 '2,. 'V fkzvjg' if ,. , 1' "" ' HALL, Sharon ' - 3- f C-5 , H-PE i ' ' HALL, James Sophomore V. "M I A I - HALE, Charles Freenrnen VV , f lime, Alvin Freshmen V ,, , ,K-f 2 I - HAGERMAN, Shirley Freshmen 1' HAGEDORN LN ' HAGER, Carol 50Phomor 7, . fy F In rw- 1.1 wr,-,a, Jr- Heffyene J ' FAELEN, William les Vfldn Sophomore e res man unlor .- r ,.,,....., R rf Yealer-Todd Hanging O r ui " .x ' vu- , , - x - r y E , , K x ,E-i f yy ,, rl Q A N , ,fry X J ' J-2. We, , ,- M" , , Q , . , ,. HALL, Wayne 1 Sophomore HALL, William f ' Sophomore HALLEMANN, James '-- Junior HALLIBURTON, Marcia Freshman HALLIER, Bill Sophomore l HAMUN, James Freshman r ' G. X Y. ' HANSON, Marnn Freshman lf r' -m vi ' ' R f ar . , .,-,, , mxaszis, Jane rf Jgmgr H-1RN.'E'f Bonnie F'-fzhvm 76 l 9' ff X , K 1 1 Q ' ye "l r:?,u r 1 5 J P . . " .-viiw 1 nf 'r 1-65? ., AA L Q L Q-v X X X HALTER, Harold Sophomore I the Greens gcrcmony HAMACHER Roger Freshman HAMBLIN, Billy Fwfhman HAMILTON, Ann h Freshman HAMMETT, Ric arc Freshman HANCOCK Oryne f Sophomore HANDY, Robert Freshman 3 f- .- l - S X - W5 , r fr . J 4 , - - r, , HANN, wanrsrrr '- r 'EY ' 1-mic' HANNA, Michael , r " ZLL' l 1 Junior HANNAFORD, Norman 1 Wio " "" ' ji ' f r ' " Tj.,-5 5 Freshman HANNAH, Lyman 4, L A F Sophvmvfe HANSEN, Churlorie ' W 5 Sophomore HANSEN, Janice I r Junior HANSEN, Jerald Freshman HANSEN, 5TePl'Je" Freshman Y ' V A fr- r .. Q 'QW X ,,, A ig , amish NG J X g -..4..:,. Q , N I , emo: "xy f ff 1- V Freshman HARDiNG, LaV0nne K J , ., , ' 1? Freshman HARME5, Donna tj ' Junior HARMS, aerry - l ,rg V ' Freshman HARMS, Eugene ' Junior HARP, Harare - l Freshman HARPER, Lonnie 5 Junior HARPERS, Charles HARRVS, Gayle Freshman EWU", 91 Q5 HARVEY, Rondd sopmrr-are HARRIS, Norman HARFUS, Sandra Junior HASH, Probert Juni? Sophomore .I HASH, Rulh Junror HARRIS, Sharon Freshman HAFFIELD, Larry Freshman HARRISON, Richard Junior f ,W 1 r' ' f' 'L ,1. 19, J, - 7 f , ff J W2 f r, r f I Hmncocic, Marcella Sophomore ' . Q fm f FR 7 f L- ,fmf f ' 4 W" f ,fa f r 4 " r , A',: W, 4 my fr., , Junior 5 J A .vr,,, l 1 'K Jn f 2' s Zr,,x of rr,. ,. f HART, Arrrr Freshman HAR-rl Wayne Sophomore HARTZOG, Janice Sophomore V rw , , - f' , ,, y ,dj ' r 'HZ Q: " , rf, i r , , ' va ,Q A A ' " ff' ' p 1 , , , 4 415? F, ,, , , f y Q HAUSER, Jean rr, " , rrerrrrrrrrrr Hfxuserz, Larry f f Freshman Hrxurzewmosiz, curio' Freshman HA VNER, Barbara i Junior I I I f , ' " , A,, , I I -... .rr f 'HK 1 - 42,5 rffffrf '5 ' . ,V r 1 , 6 -ff , I .f . f .f 3 -fr , Jw? gr-,wr , A. 3,1 I Q 'f . ,fp ',.., ,ryw 7 'isp v.. W gm, JN V -,r r g X , J., . f f 3 f . E A ff 4 1 f 7 I W! X f 7 9 ffm , ft f or I f 0 fr ff f I I if , 1 fw X I ,V6 - HAYES, Mary Y hr-1 v es, Gwen ' I-rr-xwr5, Jim Sophomore Sophomore Junior A , Jn., ,r X ,r h- - -r ' , r .V , 4 . I HEBEL, Tom Freshman 1:-rf rl rlizea f , 'e?c?i-mfr" ' HEDGES, Dororhy Freshman HECK, A. J. Freshman Freshman I 7 W , ji 1 , 36 I ' W f Kr " X2 z,f ' . , err rf HEI L, Sharon Freshman :rr , , , . l if .V if , , fi' X fi f arg, X 1 f X, ff 3 lf HENNINGER , Charles Freshmen I I HELD, Margie Junior I ', ff '..,- ' Y rrf jffff Pffrr. ,. ' HENRY, Karen Junior I r :-: fr ,gr Q f HESS EL, EIizabelh I HAYS, Linda HAYS, Charloif Sophomore Sophomore I I-r:uLUND, Jenelyn V- Freshmen Freshman f , ,S Q I M ' 'V :E '- J :ar- f HEFNER, Stephen Freshman 'fx Eff ,J 1 , -r ' ji Z f HELMS C I , BY HIZLLMAN, Judirh Sophomore Donna r-1:MEYER, Derrrren Q Freshman HEALEY, Freshm 1 fr Mary Bn ,,,, f rrrjj-ig . ,. ,, ' 2 ' X , We ' f if I 1 ' fr ff 4 f , . ,Q ff,q5IiiiSZf HEGGEN, Karen m Fresh an Judif'1 Junior . iff-r,::,1 f X f Heroine, Janice HEIDEL, James 5.,,,r,,,,,,Q,e Freshman I ,,.r.,r,-moore I f" I' X3 f PM ' r'?':r IQUVV Q -f . .1 ' film' I gf HEN DERSOIV, Larry Sophomore A ,,,,2 I ""' , ' - .'e,,k'- f- f 4, V,', A . , ..,. 0 , ' .go Q- - ' rf" prrzzr ,eff 1 if irq: x, '-YQ':rii:jgP,.,r:',Z?E4' 42. -- , H EN J Q HEPEURN. Rosa :Lil , .,., ' I ' ' B" W' Hes """' ,b Hervsiev, David Sophomore 1 Patricia Sophomore Freshman V. f , I 6' f ee , ,, f 6 W af I X f 02. -'L " He' - Z' -'Xie I , Hsess, Grady N I I r-nr:Y, John Sophomore Junior , 25' ir, rm r,, HILLEBRAND ...rwuN, David Sophomore Junior 'r .Wm - T . , , ' I , fir? ,f , . f ' I 1" ' r fr . wwf. .er-1, 3, 3 HIGGS, edward Freshmen Hfemowsk, Jerry Freshman HILGEDICK, Sophomore Sophomore 'xi r , Norman I Junior I , ae . Freshman ir., I " HINDS, Loran ,. ., .aror Freshmen Freshman I ' . 1' 1 -fr 'I ,-,., f , gf I HICKMAN Mich I I I-res , r rw ENNING, ,Terry Freshm Freshman A If f A wr if ,ff S Y fr Z HERNDON, Alfred Freshman -'ff .If , "'-'GW H - .- iff? 4 I K1 .,' vm Q "-27 f r I I H Fr INES, Larry eshman W Junior l'lfTl8r1 I 2: M. Carol Freshman -J I I f HINTON, Elizabelh HINSON, Connie Sophomore Sophomore X HH-ATO F ences W5 HYRSY, Dian Sophomore HOGAN Joan Freshman 7 srl' Q, wr , A 1 HOLSAPPLE, lrnda 50Ph0rD0vc Q1 R"-r Howes Ronald Hoihff' Homo, oarrr-rs Sophomore HOUCHKN, D0rKna Junior 56 ... . 6 M, HOV! ARD, Do Sophomore 'QU' rr, fi:-1 . . ' . ,rt A . A ' , Q' . N xr- :. l . ,r -F -f 5- Kaya P ,Q Q , ra .... HIX, Elazaberh 4' , rr Egg? Freshman HOBELMAN, Donal r 'ef' '1 Q -"W" HOCKEMEIR, Neil - , .-af, I , ,H Freshman HODGE5, Wanda V K A V' , . ig Sophomore HOEHN5' Lam, our Ama 'f' 'F , Ffeshmon HOFFMAN, Gary Junior HOFFMAN, rrrarrrr ,I Freshman ar 1 'i r yr: 5' , .. 1 F , s A ' ro - , 1 Sophomore HOLBERT, Jim , ' r I. 5f'P""m0'e HOLDEMAN, Jerry ' 5 r r X ' Sophomore HOLLIDAY, uaren , 1 Freshman HOLLER, Frances I ,ml 1 Freshman HOLLIS, Harold , 'of' "fb Sophomore HOLMAN, Margar Freshman - 'V 5 Qi, 5 f' '-' ei? K - . Y.,yf .x .lr Q ,- jqr m HOLTZ, John W , , 1, ,r ,V sg, ff ,fl ' A ' 'ff-'ff fr' ' 'rf ' ,fa- Freshrnan HOUZENI Cam' '. ,444 r r, , r, Lx r J F'e5h"'a" HONSE, Norma ' ' Freshman HOOK, Floyd " ' ' Freshman HOOVERI Mary r Sovhomow HOPKINS. rrrarrh 50Phomo'o HOPKINS, sharorr Freshman ' ,A I, ff'-' 4' 'i ,cJ,2rn,.gg ni .' I ' ,Q rf -- I :,. ,yyr , ,4 t hzrrfg, , rrrr F "1 -. .V -r , ' '. f ' L ' A f 'fr an A 5' HORMOZI, Frar ' ' "r.. ' ' W j Fm hm L r 1 , fi-rg, fr, 4- M S df' HORN, Delores F Q, we ,',, g an HORN, Mary b V ., W Freshman HORNER Lyle . r rw", -,064 Yr r- I.,-.1 .135 Freshman HORNK5, Judhh hfiwia ' L F'oShf"of' HORSTMAN, Farr ' If Sovhomofo HOSKINS, Linda Freshman r s5Qf f 1 1 HC .-'six AM! vr , V L Q 1 'W' V A JV ef F A HOUGH, Kennerh f i 1 , , SOPFOmorc HOUSE' Joyce I 4 W r F'eS""'a" House, Larry ' J""'0' HOUSTON, carrrryrr ' S0P"""w'e HOUTCHENS, Jrramr Junior HOW, Louise 50P"'0ff'f"e HOWARD, clarra lunior ,diff ' ,bw V ,ll ,, f L ' r, f , , Q A 'I r ' V, r , ,, V fr P Howarzo, Harold ,uf fr , f tgq ,ry ,W ' f 'QV ,f f 'N 4- f.'r Freshman HOWARD! Sm jx fr! fr r , A - , rf W V , E'eS""'5" Howe, Gerald X W Z j , ' "eSh"'a'1 Howen, Kendrrck ' ' ' 4 W Freshman HUDEKV Abm as A, 'xl r Sophomom Huoson, Herman fx f "- Huoson, Mary Junior Sophomore I 5? If? ' Tulum , 1. I .1 :I N X HUFF, Bob Sophomore I HUNZINGER, Charles Freshman I Sophomore INNES, Richard I ?,.,.... ,,.,,. ,N ff ! ' ' ,-. .1 1 0 Q 'fi f 4 , . A . I,,,y f ,ff ' 4 J JAHANI, Abdol Freshman fr .1 , 2 M 4 f f, X ,.', 1 J ENSEN, Blair Junior ' 'VH . J . ,rfr Z, gain wi-4 ff l If 4 ZZ? '6 f f ,, 9 Q, f 1? 720 I JOHNSON, Don Sophomore I HUGGINS, Richard Freshman Qfq. .ht , 54-Grin , Wu--6, I in ' f i ,V V A V. a,' f HUPP, Waller Sophomore I , IRONS, Carole Freshman I I JAMES, John Freshman JOBE, Judy Freshmen I. ' if yy 14, ,aff ' 9 ff," I , , f! X136 JOHNSON, Gary Freshman I J pf f J f I i'.:,gg.y,, ff HUGHES, Duane Junior I HUSS Sophomore EY, Gerald I I ISLE, Pnlricifi Freshmin T I I JAMES, Razella Junior A L I 'il g ' - I JOHN, Alion Freshmen V, , ,V ZIUIIX7 ,I hzfcf :I ,7 I JOHNSON, Jean Sophomore I . .,-I f,f Ifyffu I 444 ,, Ir 1. W Q J -sf I f :V Q K I , f I M mf , If ff f I I r fi, ff f 1 I. . X X X f Hulvlo, Gene HUGHES, J ' g:giHES, Gail 50PI10mQre een Sofihomore 5 man 3 , afiir - I 55,15 1 ISI, I , Iniq-, I 3 HUTCHISON' Maw l-IIJTCHINSON, D -d HUTCHINGS, Jeannine Junior av' F'e5I""a'I Sophomore , I f A I I Q I .f:3'f- -I 5 '- I'I-fiiiflliiv I I ' ,Jil-..J ,. "" f lg: r,- ' fri :Q ,,,4"-f f Vk, I, ,..,,, z , V, 5 A 5 JACKSON, Jeanene I JACKSON, Carol Junior 3024, Michael Freshman P Cfnofe - I I - N in " n. , V A-r, , -f SLI I Y L h " JEFFRIES, David EFFERS, J dsl JAMISON, John J,,,,,,,, U ' 5oph""""e Freshman ' ,fgaiffi I ,A .,.J .,,. , M , ,-,.1 Q3,,2E.4 A...', :wil ,In-Ig L,,,:'r::.g:h,,pg,., .- , -. 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" Sephemere JonNsoN. Rulh ' J ' K., Sophomore JOHNSON, Sandra - r iq Sophomore JOHNSTON, Sellv ., Freshman JONES, Calhv W Junior JONES, Donald ,K l Sophomore JONES, Elizabelh . h I-i Freshman ' "!- , rr rn' ,ex f. .r S J' ' 5 JE.: 0. - J . ,,.. , .. N Y " JONES :Anne r ,V 1 , .. , , Q freshmen JONES. Joseph f TYYPE ' V ' 2 A ' Free'-men JONES Jevce " ' Ffeshmen JoNEs, Nenre ' 'V Sophomore JONES, Oris ,Q ' , " ""' e .V Freshman JONES. Sharon 1 E Junior JORDAN, Harold ' " 4 Freshman JORDAN, Linda '- ' "' I Freshmen JORDAN, Ronald Freshman L, Q , . . r ,, V , , A O ur . ' L 5:1292 E J Q3 44 -g.., - , V -3, r' M.. ' ??ga.5rn,.- - ,E rl A S . , 6 Gm- , ' "P 4' ' ' , V 2- JUHL4 EW A r K rg: . V ,I V 4 3 Q I ., in g Jrrnror JUNGE, mrrnrrn M- A V- ,' . 1 P "f . Sophomore Jusrrcs, wrursrn ', . 3 Qif' J Sophomore KAHRS' Max viz. as ' . " Freshman KAISER, Deloerl W ' n"""' ' I Jnnror KAISER, Gary f , r Freshmen KALTHOFF, Willard rl: Freshman KN'L"ERD'ENER' Cam' ,, .. if Junior KANDLBINDER. 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Sophomore Carol - LYNN, June LYNDE, Bob Junior Freshman MAASEN, P ' ' LYONSr G90'9e Freshman amcla LYON, Judythe Freshman Sophomore I i A .. , Qf,4zf'i' .r:,..:' .' i, QVJV5' 3 ,, ""j?i'f r 4. ,, ,,,r 7 ,L ,M , L, J V L , . I of fggzlgg V -46 ' I " fl? ' , i Mc cuLLv, J or f f ,' Z Y- MC cram, Roby, Junior U Y Vy I X ' MCCRAREY, Robert Freshman L K MCC ' xr-x,C0Yr James Sophomore '. LELLAN, L nior sochcmiw, Wimam Junior My i MCCARTYV D , h p omore o MAC LEAN QLLLEARTHY' Norfnon Sophornoro M9 L r RU 4 es man Sophomore sse , f H ' 1-H1544 " 4-mm-. '- ' ,r :ir 1 A iw X F1 ' ""- ' " ' on rr. -Vg?-5 . ... ,. A If E, FJ. . .V L, W .og ,fs A z A 1.24, -5.53: V! I , . f J is - i or , o., , - ' r , .- ' Q 1 ,L A 'ii 5, ia, iq, r,,, ' . Vx , ' V2 . .J 1,5 'V i t , V. -fy , lv,v .V , rr . 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I R , 7 . i if- ! .4 ff,-f'R . I" I ii? ' MILLARD, Dennis Vgf 1 MII-ES, Susan Freshman I V, L S L d MILES, Merrne Sophomore " I , MI E r IH B Freshman , MIESER, Marlene Freshman , S , L I MIDDLETON, Marrha Sopywmme h d MIDDAUGH, Dwight Freshman MEYER, T e MEYER, Richard junio, eo or Fmshman , Junior V, , 4 , f 1 , r r .Mw ,.. Z' 2 . .,,i,, , ,i,, L, , L ,.,- 'M 1 V r' " ' f I i'7':,f7' , ' fe' 7 " . K 1 ' , rw 1. ri ,L A 1 MILLER, Freshman Isiiiy MILLER, Jane Freshman MILLS, Sharon Freshman MILLER, Freida MILLS. Clvarlovve Freshman Freshman MILLER, Dororhy Sophomore MILLER, Doralee Junior 'W MILLER, Dicki Freshman ' MILLER, DaIe Junior S MILLER, Bonnie Junior Sep omore ,,, 35 , ff few , I . 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Freshman MQORE, Crystal " ' hr x 3 Sophomore MOORE, Lonnie " "' 5 'E F'e5h"'a'1 MOORE, rowen 'R Sophomore MooRE, Palricia Sophomore N 1 " rp-:Q I X Q " :Z ' , Q Z ' inf ? 'figs 'iff' s r. .R 1,7 . - vi V! MOORMAN, Rage. - J Sophvffwe MCRGAN Ermmr freshman MORGAN, Home. N, ,, , rreshmsn MORGAN, Lam, 7, Jr A - Sophomore MORGAN, Wanda Y X -, " . , . , , Freshman MoRrE, Jerald r A M 1 Q LL-21 Junior MOROTZ, Ann-,ne ' ' 3 ' 5- Ze" Y , , Freshman MORRELL, anne Jo " A -'UNO' Moms, Alice I Sophomore "I N 1 ' J . , . , 4 . ,,5- fr-IZRL ki , K 5, Monrus, Msnh. A R " ' " ' ' A "" "'2fh'f'f"' MORRIS Rmhmd ' X sephon-we MoRRrs, wrnrsm 1- "eSh""" MORRISON, Barham i J V Ffeshmdn Momzrsohn, Diana - J, Freshman MORRXSON, Doris gr njifg ' Junior MORRISON' Maw Ann an-. 2- -"' , , ' WND' MoRR1soN, Ruby -- 1 A Sophomore Moumss, Erwin - jfzrf M V r ' Junior 'N 3 . F . R W .. ,V M . 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' PHILLIPS, Edward Junior Sophomore i rrf' . 1 I P 5' 3 PLANCK, William PITT, Linda Freshman Freshman A, fry ' PIEPER Ch , aries PHTPPS, Barre JUMP' Freshman , andre Freshman i Freshman A xv. - PLOEGEP, ceri PLASKETT s i - i in r y ' 'A ' PORTER, John i r W PORTER, Jevlie Sophomore rl Q S " PORTER, Belly Sophomore Q fr -r 'N POPE, Nets Sophomore " ' POORE, Sharron p,e,i,,,,,,,, T I POLLMAN, Robert Freshman 3 w POLK, cneriee SPPhPmPre ,, r-' POE, James Sophvmvre - PLOEGER, 'Julie Freshman E i Freshman I Q .,,, 1 'E ' 'Q' , J X v T ' ff 4 f 64 ,ry ..,. Q " ' 2 i-yi, i PRICE, Kcilh "" T - fyi' ' ' , i m PPENTicE, cneries Junior rr T ' Q ' T POWELL, Roberta Ereerimen KA A POWELL, Gary Sophomore POWELL, Alice Freshman POTTS, Carolyn Sophomore POTTER, Ronald Sophomore PORTER, Nancy Sophomore M -vtl ww V' , PORTER, Julia Ffeshff-an 'BIB ' Freshmen A .pry ., Q A , f '- fr ., if T, 'R iff" f- fin ri., - e.-Q .V V' - , ' rf ' .. 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" M- V I v , :, ,.r ',, 4? . f rrvi RICHARDSON, arerrdo ' . Fmhmon RMFRDSONV gow' Rlcl4MAN Jon L N ' X f W mumm Freshman' RICKS, cllororr f Sophomore Rlexlloa Gloria V, ' E, R bel Nm' Efrlihmor: Y Rllsv. Brenda 'NG J 50 R more R . ames P O Freshman RION, Mary Sophomore Hfn. W V. V r V' " F of , ' iff R 54 1- ,fr H , r ., ' ,Q fa' , , , ' ' ' ,T 1.2 " "yu fry f 4' y , 1' 41' ,, 2 " f-. 05' . ' , ' X' ,u f ' ,"' 4 J , ,, ' f f V? . ' lf V ,, j,ry,.,,ow H Mfg ! , , ,, , , ,Q , ,r , . I , ff I I ' r ' ' -qi:-If V ,, 7 I 2 X X ,Fry I EITTE'-. Bruce l ' KZ , 'f "f ,' A , ly w Free' mm '77 f. r Q " . . ' Juno' wlzzo looooh fig, ' f , , -ff r Sophomore ROBBINS, clreolor ' ' 'Z l ' 'f X' rrorlrrrrofr Roeslzrs, Ronald BON R ymond l ' BER . a ., r r 'mmm 22 hcmoro ROBlNSONr Charles " P sophomore RolalNSON, Nlildled -' N junior ROCHE, orrrla . x Freshman Y . or l . ' . 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Q , I C ,!.,,, W 'fr 1 6' , ' W SAHN, Lerry 6 -- i - RUSSELL S I ' EYAFZXJ, Donna 5opg,,omo,e ' , amue res man f ,, A Russsu, Marilyn F,e5f,,,,a,, RANDALL J Russeu, Gerald freer-rnen RUGEN, Mildred Sophomoge me S0P"""""'e RUCKER, Lawrence Ffeshfrwn rzucvcsre, Judith e,esh,,,a,, Sophomore ' I ,iff 4, M .. - W 44 , 47 1' ' 5 SANDERS, John J ' 1' i r " r r V - Fr shman Q55 y 3 SANDERS, Francls e ' . 3 SANDERS, Emma gophomme ' sAMsoN, Marlene Freshmen SAUER, 5 ' SALSBURY, Martha Freshman dna Freshman 1 sALMoN, Cornelia Sophomore ' sALLsE, Rr F n SALLBY, Alexander Junio, e 6 'es man KES H1371 SANDERS, Larry Freshman SCHELLHARDT, Karen Junior SCHABORG, Kam SATTERWHITE, Kay Freshman SANNING, Barbara fARnN' Bob J""'o' Freshman Umor ,f e .,.. 1-:,. ' A' ' ' f is r , , , r r -. , ,. V. ,,.v, A h 5 W f 5 5 V Q' SCHMITZ, Gene . . , ea ., , - M- - ' scHMrrr, Jrrn Freshman ' SCHMIDT, Roger Sophomore SCH,:OMAN, Mex Junior, Fres man F I, ,, Q Wi? he 'mf We 441' " fri -' . 4 ' H scwssa, Berry ' M """ ' "" ' ""' A ' ' ' SCHANZ, Naomi Freshman SCHAFER, Pee: Freshman Sophomore SCHEER, Laverne Junior v '57 ,Ir nl SCHNORF, Jerry SCHNEIDER, Gary Sophomore SCHNACKENBERG, Raymondlunior Freshman SCHPEINER' Palncra Freshmdn -- J- Ns Maybe college ri all r-,Qrgr SCROGIN, Charles Freshman SEASE, James Junior ,. ' r f. ,.. i Ni l.l SETLEY, Thomas Sophomore anavr, larry Eresnrnnrr i-UEUWELL Laor F-'mmm 92 MU, SETVLES, Robcrr Sophomore 'vT"- , ,F 4.0-0 ,E SHAW, Samuel Freshman al are , Q 4 4 SHEQWOOD 'iran 1' :l Scplzrngre ,ri X l SEAVEY, Thomas Junior rr .ll SEWELL, Sandra sapnarnnre for . 6 1 rr, A+ r SHEETS. Gary Jurrror .'-41' rgl J I S f fax l ' 6 E' er-llnoill vrrgrnra Fwv' 'mm 3- 4 A l , 5 Y ' if .. " , N ' vi E . S' .. F r .. K'-' f of scHralMsnER, Charles E , ' Junrar SCHUMACHER, Deborah l 1 ' r- ' p,e5r,ma,. SCHUMACHER, Frank - nr ---'-- W'-We-F '--' - ' 1 s s Freshman SCHUMAKER, Barbara . . x Junior scuuvrv, Ralph F Erernrnnn scrlwxxrzrz, Gary Sophomore 4155 1' SCHWENSEN, Krr Sophomore SCOTT, Ben Freshman SCO11, Richard Freshman " A -V 6, wx, 3 ' I' xi! ff' I V ,f , ,V r Q rf z r, f N 2 Tb: ' Q Q ' , '. . .. A pr , 2' . ' .-aff' , f ,, -7 r' JS" , 1,41 ' . if sEcol2A, Millard ' ff Sophomore SEE. Earl Sophomore SEELEY, Earl Freshman A ' 'if' SEXTON, James EYFERT Jacqueline Junior 5 I Freshman ,gwr A X M -V r - ,f fag ,, , ffiwffi, 1' ,n rn'r1'r..J 5,11 V fl, 'owl' SHELBY, Jerry K Freshman SHEPERD, Donald Freshman W , l l SHIKLES, Carol Freshman SHELUNG, Bonnie Freshman SHAFER, Nancy Sophomore SHEPERD, Georgia Freshman ,R SHIMATSU, Susan Freshman SCOTT, James Junior l 6. , J A M F Q, K V Z SELLERS, James Sophomore 9 l I .5 ' lk '-rr. , SHARPE. Sandra SCOTT, Samuel Freshman SELOVER, Patricia Junior SHAVER, Larry Sophomore Sophomore l 1 r.ll 41 SHEPERD, Kenneth - Ereanrnan SHEPHERD, larry Junior f ,-. arrzfffffr ff JY 3 V'r ,J 1 Nl 'ff' ',ff U ff sHrPLEv, rzannla ff' A Sophomore SHIPP, Sara Junior SCOTTEN, Karel Junior !z, arab!! in rr Q - fzw r , , Q ff f rf 2 rl f A SEMSTEAD, Margaret Sophomore SHAW, Carolyn Sophomore . Wg' ' 1 5 ! 1 ' f 1 SHERARD, Paul Junior nf 4 ff ' ln. if 'lv'-,,r,f' 5 A' I 511, +72 f' r, ,iff 175' e ' i W iff, gf, - , 4 Z ,AX , rif f 1 an . f r SHOBE, Linda Freshman K . ,IW .I gg. ff I 1 f 1 V ,.,:,. ,. ., NU, Q 'gif V Q, ,f ry fo SHORT, Susan Freshmen ff f V r f' 4 W1 V A r -1- r r I fr"aj-'r Q 4 N. II SIEGRIST, Gary S SHY, James Freshman f Juz, Ronecia F,esI,,,,K,,, SHUBERT, Sandra Freshman SHOVER, Glenda Freshman SHROUT, Barbara Junior Freshman r SILVERTHORN, Ronald Sophomore I SIMMERMAN, Pe 99Y Jumor A' 1 J f W f I' A, ,.., . SIMMONS, Charles SIMMONS, Anira Junior Freshman I I SIMMONS, Nedra SIMMONS, Mary Freshman Sophomore I rn xf f f 1, 5 r 'V f . I if 4 fl x If ' SIMMONS, Paul Freshman I sIIvsRs, Vernon SILVER, Linda p,e5I,,,,,,,, Ion-or SINCL SIMPSON, Martha Freshman AIR, Dorolhy Freshman I V ra f I I . rr' , - , I ,, ,f r , rr '-rr - - 'rr' 'I' ff ,if -, , r -in , ' 330, A, 'f , I SMITH, Carol A, ,,,r,,:,, A. 1 'r fr . ff' - SMITH, Alice Sophomore l 9 r A an VV ""' " ' SMILEV, Donald Freshman ' SKINNER, Bess Freshman ' I ' r sxsuorv, cnorIono Irrnror I 0 ' SKELIY, Bonnie Freshman SKAGGS, Sandra Freshman SINSABAUGH, Kent Freshman ? I ,,nf",ff,, SINK, Linda! Sophomore f"r r'rI"' " Sophomore M V .V v rf A I hfs I -- 4544-r-jj 1 . ' S I I , ' f I fr 7' r g ,I Q A j - A" b l n I 3 4. 4553 1 ,V ,, I z,5,ffifr f . I ' -r r- SMITH, Iooepn ' I ,V srvurn, John Freshman 'r ' ' SMITH, James Freshman r 2 I I SMITH, Iookro Sophomore ', 4' arf ,, - SMITH, He en F I, r , elm- A, 7 , '55 ITIBVI ' SMITH, Flera Sophomore 1 SMITH, Don Junior - ' SMITH, David Freshman SMITH, Carol Sophomore 4 I , Freshman g I I r " 'WM ' I ' A I 'fol moi - I I r pr: Y- o ' ff ' f K" I , r I I I fr r fii-viii' ., "7 rr rr mr , swrnsow, Larry ,,,, - I SMITHPETERS, rvIorsnoII Ionror r " ' ' 3 I i SMITH, Sydney Junior 1 - I vr I ' SMITH, Maurice Freshman ' ,V SMITH, Iowan frosnmon 1 I ' SMITH, Iorry gophomofe SMITH, Kathryn Freshman ' SMITH, Joann Freshman Y SMITH, Joan So Iromoro I r J V IJ , UDIOV 4 1 I H I I I ar or ' H I A. IC rr z Ye: ' , I 5 I , ,.qW,..,,?, r . A r , ' , . , , , .. . , -.,..,. -rI. , r,.,. , , . ,, q rf - ..,. 4 , ' :Ia ,TP or I f'-r ,Nor Elini? . ' :E . X ,K , ' " , A ' SPARKS, wh 'S' . ,-,,, . o S SOUTHEPS, Charles sophomore f . Z V, .r , , , ,. I I ,,.,. . SNYDERI Cindy Freshman "W , r' r ' ,I '- ' - S SNYDER, Barbara Freshman g fX'!,,1o, SNIVELY, Sharon Junror ,rf ' SNIDEI2, William Sophomore I SNIDEI2, Ednh Fresnmon ' I SNAVELY, Mary Freshman SNARE, Marion Sophomore Freshman , I A W V .V 'df w "E-V, n A :EN xx K a . -aa.,,,....-. i A 'fig-" 7 sm-JA, aorrv ' ' .L Mm, spoon, Barbara Q L V , rmohrnwn SWNGER, Olga '61 -I w mannan swnumres, Frank L -' X r A : Freshman SPRY, .mann RY K ' , N ' X 3 k F n SP , 2 -V . SL res man Freshmaiy STABENOWV Chew' 'S Y Sophomore STACKHOUSE, Wayne 1 STALLARD, Caskel ' WH Junior J' V -rf -t - ' . x - f' 5,32 W' 3' Q, 1 F -Va ' aw ' Q gf? N.. if ,ff in ... . , -- , ,, ' ' .' rx I - -I K N 1' ' ' l ' A -A lg V 1 , 3 .- . M rn ,gb , ', : 1 ki V V nr en. .4 e ,Z 7 srranmc, eorarw - I V " Q, '3?f""' 1 55, Sophomore arrwroran John 2' ' , j:,.1Va M ff SMNDKEYV Mafvm ' V V ., Q ' V ,rumor srxxmc, Kon ' z jN35A:H 3 ' r A ' 5 Freshman STARKEBAUM, Marlha S A d R, Q J - , an y X . -- umm Freshman s1eoNALL. Ronald v X y Junior " ' ' N STEGNER, chan-as Freshman W 4 C- N H A 'Q . V 1 1, ,, ' 1- fm A f 1 - sreowen, Cora N N ' , 1 . x I M f ' ar - Junior smwnwo, Dowd ,g f gggxgo- Q 0 J 4, 3" ' 2 TV' Fro-,nnran STElNER,Be1l ' ' ' . M T rrarunnan STEINKEUHLER, vvanaro ' f K 1 a , ' j gg: . Sophomore srermvxersn, Joyce or Km ,V V, Freshman srem-news, Dale ,,f '+- ' V I Freshman STEPHENSON, Carolyn ff Freshman M" ' ' ' ' STERNE, Catherine Y ' .-I I Freshman J .6-T,-3, 4 5. f.V .. , V . V., rw . 1 'V ofa f " A 434 . y fv H My Q, . V ,. r 5- V a g V V, ,V ,A X f ef, A. I .A rl gh 2 4 V, V f XG Y , " I ' if Q4 , A A ,V 1 ' s1erzr.erz,w Vfj - ' ' 'L X ff ,Vr. , - W f X Freshman srevens, Gerald ' 2 1 2 S' X soanornow srevews, J. c. , Sophomore STEVENS, Mariorre ' Sophomore srewmzr, Arlene 4 Junior srewmzr, Robert 1 fl Freshman STIFEL, Jean Junior en STOLPER, Carla x Sophomore , . 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Ax 5 , re , , f A l , I , r 7 , 4 Q L Q., if 555.16 rf ,rfr g rg ,X V fr Q A 1 X , ff T fl, fa ff f , y if I . , ' Q f TAYLOR, Larry TAYLOR, Charles Sophomore menus, Salim p,e,p,,,,a,, Freshman r 7 9' I I X X I f ,,,, 4 Q X 5 V 1 , , I TEMPEL, Mary - TEETER, Dome Sophomore TEAGUE, Edward Freshman Freshmen I I I fe- TERRY, Merrryn "' TEMPLETON, Berry Freshman TEMPLE, Sandra Junior Junior I 11 I' I , 'Q , , r . .:,, L ,f 2 42, 1 TAYLOR, Th TAYLOR, RonaId ,,,,,ic,, cms TAYLOR, Oliver Freshman Sophomore , ,.. - K , , K., ,. S' ' -1 , rV 'ff 'dr J. . ' Aw fVI- ff .5 ,Z K -rf, A ,fairly r . I Q THATE, Vic1or V 2 - Tsvrs, CharIes Junior TERRY, Sandra Sophorncre Sophomore I I I N THOMAS, David THOENI Card , Sophomore Junior I I I i I I w THOMAS, William ' THOMAS, Sharon Freshman Y THOMAS, R F h - THOMAS' Dwight Junior oberf res man Freshman I .-rv ,L ,gif f ' .rf f .. g , -2 My 151. , My In 1 -A W 1 rf or ,e ' N 1' ' Q j r , ree ' V' 2' r ,MVIM I ' , ' e rr , . -r- . e VVV- , r-... . , - A . 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Z V Freshman VAN ARSDALE, Allrrre r -1 f I I Ff95l"m5n VAN BUSKIRK, Joyce lk VANNATTA, John f VAN ORMER, Sara - VAN WINKLE, Albert Sophomore Sophomore 1 Freshman ' Q r gr f, 'f if ff , f Sophomore 1 - vrruorln, Edward 50P"0"lO'e VAUGHN, June - F'efhf"a" VAUGHAN, Darlene W K Freshman VAUGHT, Delores Freshman verrersl, Verna , .-., 4 S0ph0l'1"Ole VERING, Suzanne 1 ' Freshman Mn , ,417 Q f ,lj l, I ,, I ,f 5 7 6.11 ,,V,,.. ' V rrp' ' ,ff f, l' - in f , ll flfffrjif A WMORI Donna A 3 , r ,, r rg., 9351 : X Sophomore VIEBROCK, Mary l ' . '4 V ' Sophomore VILLEME, John , rf r G r Sophofflwe voor, lznberr Wfffwfcf' ll , vf 44 ' , F'eSl""'a" VOLLENWEIDER, Rebecca if u 4' Freshman VQPATA, Alvin Sophomore 3 t r, A, , A A WADE, Jackie Sophomore r l - , 1 9111 fa er. ,f r ,. A Q 4 4 I 5' v., . 1' IK55 ' " ' 4 '.1' f , 1 ,Q WA WADICK, Margarer Sophomore .. X ,rf 5' L , ,H " -- K - 11 V., 1 VI! E' - - .11 :J N ' 1 , I I , A.-1.2 : ,, , X. lllnl., , Z X r f r r n X' 5 1 WAITS, Judy Sophomore WALTON, Linda Junior - 3 Eh, ,af . ,, Mr. f FV! X X W , 1 ' 1 1 Z 1 1 , 9 , 1 WASH Sophomore BURN, Loyce WALKER, Charles Sophomore . -3. Agn' r ' ' Q 4 rr, I f 47 1 WARDER, William Freshman , u ith Sophomore GNER Hen r VY Junior , , r ,fr-. , M. Y Q43 1, V 4917 1 1 'W A X 1 9 WA L KER, Sophomore lmogene , ?4f WARNER, Alex Sophomore ' WATSON, Harry WATERS J d Freshman gf! 1 1 ,M , 1 of 1 or f fy f e ,1 A M , 7, 1 A5 '. 1 ' 3f'f fy 1 V, B WAGONER, Donald Freshman , 7 if r r fx -Cp.-r1::f .- Q , , ,,., ' WALKER, Judy , Sophomore 1- '.-- C,-" 7' "1 " .r ,ri , N If WARNER, Cynlhia Freshman i H-, WATSON, Mary Freshman W L ' 41 f f f Z rf 2:29 V r -rar ,. . I . WAHLERS, Larry s ophomore ., , 411 r ,f 'W' rg 9 1 af 5 11 fr? 1 1 ,, 0' .. V-1 f ,, ,, , E "If:1:,rIr::.r.:gz:73. WALKER, Shirley Sophomore 11 rf ' 6 f if Q 'ff , X 1 Q , , ff:-4,1 yi, if, . - ' WARNER, Thomas Freshman ,422 Q, , -1, fp 1 f 'hr fr ff , fr f , 1,11 fra, , zrx- r f f v7 E f G4 y 1 if f 761-v' V r WAHRENBRO CK, Gerald Junior .-X Wm, I ffl' L F rl. I ' EE-- .. ,,,. 1, 11 rv'fvf"7"x'-'frail ' ' 1 "1,,e,.' X K . 1 ,1 we 4 y 5 Z 1 1 1 f 1 : , f--- VVAITE, David WAITE, Barbara Freshman WAIRHAYE, Larry Junior Fr h es man , 4 1, 14 ff 1 ,.1 1 L' 1 A A WALLACE, Barbara Sophomore I C . R WALQUIST, Richard WALLlS, Melba Freshman Junior 1 V 1 ' - , ,rh 1 ,,-rr ,, ,. .- 1 , 1 1 WARREN, Judy Sophomore 9-9 l .572 , ,,L 1 ' f X1 ' f 1f1 WEAVER, Par Sophomore ..y 1 . f WEK EN Fresh BORG, .lim man A Ja if 2 . 1' -,v, f r ' '1'j',.:r.:' ' Z-. "" ' 121' , '- . " .r 1 1 If-r if f gr yr 7, -, r I - WEHNER, Jarerre Junior 722 ,W , qr...1c: 'W WEBER, Donald Freshman wggg, 7-ed Sophomore Sophomore 1' , r L . - ' 5- f .r '84 ry' f' ',. ,F . .- f 54 ' TEE? ' ' f ,, ff' fn -.-v ,r r W . 7. ., ' , ri . 92 - ,, ' Wesrnu WELLS, David Junior WEST, Sam Freshman WESTERBERG, Barbara Sophomore ES, Dennis Freshman 4 ff K r Y I A I f? no W 5 1 , U 4 ff 5' K E X J 1 l ' WARRIOR, Pat WARREN, Lila J ' Freshman l I . 1 E1 WALTERS, Wanda Freshman ' WEBB, David "N WEAVER ' ' WEAV ER, Ta iefa Freshman if . Ar 1 ' - ew , ,, .,... W! 4 I X Q7 1, rr, ff , 1 ss X ,g u WELCH, Connie Freshman , , William Freshman l """i- ' , V-jr ' ' Hx 1 WELCH, Tim Freshman l l Af l , ' ix, Ear L iff QL V L - WASH, Wayne Freshman UYIIOY . , 4 , A x " n X 5 WEBB, suis Freshman Freshman T 1 3 ,ff A 5 1 ' 'EVA WELDEN, Carole WELCH, Wrlma Freshman Sophomore l .efjx J E fr ' lrVH'T' Barbara WHITE N k r r, S , rc Freshman 4- WHWPLE, Charlene Jvfviwf WHEELER, Mary Freshman WHEELER, Linda Freshman Junior 97 I I I I II P" WHITE ,-JICIS I Y - . . I I' T I I I. I I I ,I ' l . I V wrurwn LIMJI-.I 1 I I Sonnefnare I I , II . Il' I . , . f - I I I 'I , Ir 1 II. Q 'ir ,,.' . II I I :I . I II! - WK 4 I I - I S . gag 5 L. . ,- I WILLARD, Reberr Il Freshman ll .gn II I II' I Il . If . I Il, , Z, I II II I?- Il. I I WILLIAMS Sandy I" Ienrer In ,II ,I III . II 'Jn-IIIE Icrrv Frethrfun Wnorr Iveger Sc-pnernnre , S C-J A WILLIAMS Allen Sophomore WIIIIAMS Vnnurra Frenhmxn ,' A Q I WILSON IALIIN n 'A I PHSIIMIH W-Leon mr,, I I I I I I 1 I r , -e. A h " .-IIrI1eLr.'ev5Q mx f' -' v.IIIri2 vwerr 98 I 'I I I L . I rr, I W I i II :X ' xv ,ef ki X t , I N. Wnire Joe ' ' I L FIQSIIIIIBII Wnure, Menre j.. Sopnernare WHIIE, Iloberi - I Sophomore WHITE, WIIIIam f I V, Sophomore WHITEMAN, Izeben 1 X Freshman WHITING, Mary Ann Junior WHITILE, Pal Freshman WICKER, Ruth Freshman 5-'gi f-I? WILLIAMS, Anile Sophomore 1 ,Pj WILLIAMS, Wener Sepnernare WILSON, R Irby Ann Freshman 'I WINTERMEYER, Charles lumor .XA I Wrecnerzr, Ann Freshman WIGLIJSZ, Frank Junior WILCHENS, Louis f Junior WILHOIT, Sandra f Freshman WILKERSON, carer ' p,e,I,m,,, WILKERSON, Jerry Freshman r I if I f' ' 7' l ,, A! I. A Qkvil V My , V Q! Q 29,1 r" If If 'wwf' 'QE-42121, WILLIAMS, Gary - 4 Sophomore WILLIAMS, Gina ' , Freshman WILLIAMS, I-Ieren W1 ' " ' Sflwphomore WILLIAMS, James 'J' Freshman WILLIAMS, Jim - Freshman WILLIAMS, Larrv Freshman I I f I I 1 L 1, 61 - I H I e x, , Ig all N . gl , ' X I 7 W ffifff zz, WILLIAMSON, Gera Freshman Id WILSON, WIIhI.Ir WILLIS, .I0l'1n Sophomore WELT, Dixie Freshman Sophomore iw ' vf , I Ugg' I 'ye 'J Q V I V I k I f. 'V V I it ,C WINTERMEYER, Eldon ' lr 1""ffV"'Ii' Freshman WISDON, vngrnae Freshman WILSON, Anna Barbara Freshman Junior ,- r f , ,g,:f724' 1n WILSON, neaey -, fr . U ayfrz, 6 f I, , f f f ff If X X5 X f , A 45 9' 'Z I A A Q ,, L WINEGAR, Richard Sophomore WINFREY, Ezel Freshman I , 3. , ,M I S I WISE, Linda "' ISECUP, Georgia Freshman W Freshman I I , I WILSON, Janice Freshman 7 I4 fi I if-'frm if f X WILSON, Harold Sophomore ' ,L I WININGER, Karen Junior ' fffr, 1 I WO, I 1 0 X Z 5, f f ,f , fi V f if J I 'N ffm , WISEMAN, Larry Sophomore WINKEINIEYER, Cara Freshman fi ' ,, r,, A If f ,wg ,J u l WISNER, Edward Sophomore .1-rn , if 1 I I I I if I, , 1 I i rl' I i ' - in .., ...g:: , ' , ffl ' r ' 43 3 ff: Y ,: .iw -'-' - ol ' 45 , . - -A I r' ' f7fQfrQ5f '-Q Q ggi. ry ' 1 2' I w wf :L fl n r ' I vvooos Arvhur 0 A Z or U 1 , x W woooieimo, Lawrence F,eS,,,,,,,, Q if V A WOOD Kenneth F 050, Ronald Sophomore , , . f- ----- r . ' res man -. ' WOOD, So h I W WOOD, Doris FreshmanEarI p omore V rr F d nk - g'V0Q4BLE, Gm, Junior 'VK 1 VE I VBS WOLFE, Wanda Freshman e lc man e , Sophomore ' I r r , fr J , - pair. , , 'Q " .,r U, 1 ff! 'f ' ' ' y .Vi - , .. , -,gf ,, kr, . r, rw. rr' t. 31: V- if vf A 1 I ' V- --V- f'M-if 4 - ' ' r . '04 ,,, r . -r f , ...,v . f ., ,, ,,. ,. - .14 ,r.,w,f..A . .- , f , ,, . f rr .1 0, J .4 rr . . , , ,,, ,.,ml. ,..,, .,,, . , ,, ,A . . fi I ., l l I , -,g, , -rf I , , wmci-ir, virgiriiii 5 " , r- 4 WRIGHT, Terry Sophomore I i f f if N ' WRIGHT. Laffy Freshman t ig N WRIGHT J A WRIGHT, Judy Freshman Q f J A I , eriice Freshman ,. 3 ,fr -f s WORTMAN, William Freshman WOODSMALL, Richard sophomore .WOODS, Ronald Sophomore Junior 1 x ,f "rr, .WW 4"" 1 fi n Ho, ,gf ' - 234, 'r 51? I X I 1,4 A ' I "' .r .3 , ,,i' f ' ' . ,. r 'f r ff , ,.,. ,, , , , , -, .r r - ,- I f - rr i . : r r, . Wi r' wr " , '1- U' L 9 ' ' YIM, Young 2 ' " r ' ' YESSERY, C I - ,T , rr 3 YEAGER, Giyleri 50 h 6' MK" ,. r V K f,,,5r,,:7 Y NE Nancy so h p omore H f, ., 'Q , I I f Y CTO J A'-'IA f p omore If ri!! fy A rgrlrrqf I i AMAM , arnes JU,-No, ,f rf 'f f 'ii' 1' , , VVYAT13 Beffy Junior WRISINGER L Wwifn' mme Junio' , arrv Pres mari Sophomore ' , ' ,wb . I- f , ' .. I ' 'Zf r -. ,r, ' Z if ' I , , , . YORK, David vounc, Craig VUILLE, Karon YOUNG, Leanore YOUNG Harold Freshman i Freshman Sophomore F h I voicovAiviA, siieri F,e5,,,,,e,, 'es 'nan YOCUM, Pamcia Freshman ' YIM, S-109 Freshman K I Junior - , L Q " . 2 - "-' 11 14" I r - ,.., r . ZYMAU, R be -gi QUBER R h ' zuwiir, wirrria Junior Q H .21 ,, , ic ard Freshman 5 I 12 ZUBER, Darlene Junior , w ZIMMERMAN, Reber Freshman I ZHIMEH? N A ZIEGLER, Jay Freshrriari V e , DHIS Junior zEH,reii1ri F ii vurvc, Marilyn r,e,h,,,,,,, 'es man Freshman gi .z ur Li I L 4 1 l r I .i it Tl L rm '4 fi L xg, ALLAN, ii' Robert g.: is I5 is fi ig. ,q 3 5 iff' L lt g .V i .15 1 L L+, g Q f 1 BECK, E f i John I viii! i Mir ' . it t , 1. 3 L I ., i. Eli ' V i i si L 3 A 1' a if Zyvi Lii 7 I t , If L aRowN, it Donald i 1 V ll Y CLARK, Robert 100 ANDERSON, Keith BELL Helen BURFORD, Sarah ANDERSON, Thomas BODENHAMER, Jim CANTRELL, Patricia ARNALL, Forest BRICKER, Velma , . mx 'fx CHANDLEN, Jack CLOVERDYKE, Harry COBB, Holly CULLOM, Fern DONATH, Donald COCHRAN, R. C. DAMERON, Ruth FORD, Mike COSTIGAN, James DEXHEIM ER, Elsie FREDERICKS, Edward COWLEY, Elmer DIEKMANN Robert GARD, Mary GARD, GARDNER, Russell William 1 X , r ui: 35 33 GONDER. GROVES Glen V Eumire 5 GREGG, 5 Eleanor 5, i V 1 I GREGG, 1 i Luther is li V? J s ' 5 L 2 Y I HACKLEY, HAYs, f Linnie John L Q f 1 , sh 1 '1 z HALSEY, : 3 Hobart Q 3 I , I HASELTINE, T I GUY ' ' u an-lr 5 1: Y 2 if h HMS' HERBERT, Q Carolyn Roberto 5. r ix ,rr, , HAYES, Wilbern HELMUTH, David , X, M "., , yi Hskuc, Richard Rodggr 102 HITTN ER, Nicholas JOHNSTON, Jo Ann KINNETT, Marvin HUFFMAN, Mary Lou JOSLIN, Donald LAWRENCE, Douglas HUNT, Robert KEPHART, Margaret LIVASY, Don JONES, Leo KEPLEY, Philip ll0YD, David MC CLURE, McLAUGHLlN, George Doris I F 1 4 4 McLAUGHLlN, Leroy MINSHALL, Billy PATTON, Marian RITCHIE, Donald 104 I MALONE, Jane MAYF I ELD, MEUNIER, Rose MINTNER, Joseph PULLEY, Jerry Louise OSBORNE, Francis RIDENHOUR Garnett PARK, Chun RINKER, Robert ROBINSON George w w i L ,ir 'fl I f I x f fi I i RusHFoRD, SCOTT C Lnnan Jeanne 'jd fl SCOTT, i Genevieve RUSSELL, i Frank SHUI-I-1 SIMS, Rose lee slMoNs, M Chester E ' I , I 23 sHuLL, gr W William Q A' w 1 1 1 1 1 lx! SMITH, SPENCER, Chesier Marge 'N 1 4 ', W V 5 suLsEN, M 5 Wllllam L SNIDER, John 1 STERNE, STINEI 5 ! Mary Cecil 1 I i 2 105 Q TERRIL, Terry VIEBROCK, Arnold WEBB, Margaret WHITE Mary 106 THIEL, John WALKENHORST, Maebelle WEBB, Roger THOMAS, James wAsHauRN, Clyde WELCH, Karl TIMMERMAN Floy ,fy WAX LAX, Ro bert WELLS, Dean WILSON, Sue Ac-r 1v1-mas X vff"2, A -68' Q00 AOQ' STATE X T1 Mi I va ,, 1 ls Q x Y fi A i W ' 5 5 i I MQ 5 'ffl ,I-'I V14 fl qv ,, KAREN HENRY ' ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA 108 fn., , 1Zke1IvL0uwL RHETOR QUEEN CANDIDATES Princess DELORES NICHOLSON Delta Zeta Princess DORIS WOOD Sigma Sigma Sigma Attendant JUDY SHARP Sigma Kappa Attendant DONNA ANSON Independent Women's Association Attendant BETTY BARNETT Alpha Gamma Delta V3 I E , J L ,III UI I IIIIQII Iii? - SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA BLUE SPRINGS, MISSOURI I I I 110 I4 O ILUM, HOMECOMING QUEEN CANDIDATES SANDRA TEMPLE SANDRA WILLIAMS SIGMA KAPPA ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA LINDA NOLAND INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S ASSOCIATION PATRICIA WEHMEIR ALPHA GAMMA DELTA MARY CAWEIN DELTA ZETA 'III HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES ,"1:+'M"f'4 Applaudmg students greet her malesty Floatnng clouds of autumn leaves I I X II2 I ,ff ., 3 Candidates prepare for campaign. Queen.ChrIsman receives homecom ing crown. 5 5 N..Ii HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES Acacia uses "detergent diaIogue." Mules hang Bearcats on BSU line. The Kappa "cat" goes rumbling on. Greeks go Roman in Teke's float. I II3 '-A 9,31 . I 2 ! I 1 HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES II . ' - YI 1 Victory machine works up steam. ,,, WM, ,, f , , W ,f L ,WV N' A,,,,, ww, . , -"1'f,'c'f,, ,I ,I .glial jfffz And the wheel turns 'round. yi- 1, Gravity wins for Liahona. 'II4 3 I Qff. f 1 -5 V Nm 1 uf' ,I 'wuz .fp 'Wig Wiksaazz, E4 A HOMECO H l d - I Vkd"V mf V S I 4 L sill' 2' ' f 7' rzwf if I I 'L' f , I ,, HOMECOMING ACTIVITIES X, 3 b ' X "Big Ben" marks parade Time. I Alpha beauties - Homecoming duties. M -uf NY f' I A is I - I- . "4 4 ! I - J I 11 Mule brcun odds up victory. Actor Mule stars in hit 'II5 jing SL: 'A f' MOST PCPULAR GIRL GUDDE, Janice 116 Moat17opu!mLBoq 4 Gow MOST POPULAR BOY REYNOLDS, Charles MOST POPULAR GIR- CANDIDATES Left io Right Janice Gudde Alpha Sigma Alpha Sandy Nichols Sigma Kappa Kay Satferwhife Sigma Sigma Sigma Ruth Ann Kruse lndepend ent Womens Association Carol Nichols Alpha Gamma Delta Sondra Dawdy Delta Zeta MOST POPULAR BOY CANDIDATES Left fo Right: Charlie Reynolds, Tau Kappa Epsilon, Willie Gaither, Acacia, Bill Mafeia, Phi Sigma Epsilon, Daryl Allen, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Bob Hash, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Glen Fischer, Sigma Tau Gamma. 117' Belt Dnu,wL GUUL V5 5 it fei- l 1 lrmaiean Eubank, voted CMS's Best Dressed Girl, poses in Houts Hall lobby. l i l l s MOST BEAUTIFUL CO-ED A l Jawa, Jeanne Ennis fcenterj is designated Most Beautiful Co-ed by resi- dents of the men's dormitories. 118 Best Dressed Girl Candidates are standing: Sandy Nickols, Shirley Moore and Barbara Snyder. Seated: Jesse Lindaman and lrmaiean Eubank. MILA Miuc Qwlwob Qpinit Janice Gudde, Miss School Spirit. Bob Davis Mr School Spirit Uqlq Mm 0m Compwsc Lenny Granato, Ugly Man on Campus. UMOC Dance. DARYL DEE ALLEN, gen- eral business maior from Thayer, Kansas, RHETOR editor, Alpha Kappa Lamb- da, president, Mace and Torch, secretary-treasurer, Alpha Phi Sigma, Phi Sig- ma Pi, General Business Club, Prexy Club, Hall ot Recognition, Dean's List and Honor Roll, lnter-Fra- ternity Council, Wesley Foundation. JAMES BRUCE APPLEBER- RY, music maior from Waverly, SGA, Phi Sig- ma Epsilon, Phi Sigma Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Mace and Torch, Student Chris- tian Association, president, sophomore class president, Baptist Student Union, state music chairman, REW, Hall of Recognition, Prexy Club, Dean's Honor Roll, Cres- cendo Club, orchestra, band, a cappella choir, MENC, MSTA, Pi Kappa Lambda, SNEA. 120 WlwLWluv GLORIA ANN ACKER, busi- ness education maior from Kearney, Pi Omega Pi, re- porter, Kappa Delta Pi, Al- pha Phi Delta, Sigma Kap- pa, treasurer, Yeater-Todd Glee Club, SNEA SHERRILL ANN BRUSH, business administration maior from Parkville, Del- ta Zeta, president, vice- president, Todd Hall Coun- cil, SGA Assembly, Prexy Club, Popular Girl Candi- date, Hall ot Recognition, Secretarial Science Club, freshman counselor, Stu- dent Center Committee, AWS, recording secretary. CAROLYN JUNE ASMAN, music maior from Trenton, Kappa Delta Pi, secretary- treasurer, Pi Kappa Lamb- da, Alpha Phi Delta, con- cert band, collegiate band, orchestra, chorus, Crescen- do Club, treasurer, Yeater- Todd Glee Club, SNEA, MENC, Dean's Honor Roll, The Student' Staff, Yea- man counselor, Todd Hall JO ANN COYLE, secre- tarial science maior from Kansas City, Delta Zeta, recording secretary, histor- ian, Alpha Phi Delta, Pi Omega Pi, Dean's Honor Roll, Rhetor Princess, Stu- dent Center Cabinet, SNEA, Todd Hall Council, Inter-Hall Council. Council. DELBERT LEE' DACE, art maior from St. Louis, RHETOR, '59 art editor, freshman counselor, Dean's List and Honor Roll, SNEA, Baptist Youth Fellowship, state president. KENNETH DALE ALLEN, his- tory major from Warrens- burg, THE STUDENT, edi- tor, Phi Sigma Epsilon, vice president, senior class,presi' dent, Mace and Torch, vice president, .National Affairs vice chairman of Missouri- Kansas region of National Student Association, SGA Executive Council, Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, Student Court, Prexy Club, freshman counselor, a cappella choir. LLOYD WAYNE DECKER, business administration ma- ior from Sedalia, Phi Sig- ma Epsilon, president, treasurer, RHETOR, '59 edi- tor, SGA Executive Coun- cil and Assembly, Phi Sig- m a P i , vice-president Baptist Student Union, Ac- ccounting Club, General Business Club, Prexy Club, Student Center Special Ac- tivities Committee, REW, Hall of Recognition. l NELLIE BASHORE DUN- NINGTON, speech and English major from Eldon, Todd Hall Council, SNEA, Prexy Club, English Club, past president, Sigma Tau Delta, president, Pi Kappa Delta, president, varsity forensics, Hall of Recogni- tion, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Student Court, REW. GLENN G. FISCHER, agri- culture-business major from Stover, Sigma Tau Gamma, treasurer, vice president, Gamma Delta, president, Phi Sigma Pi, SGA Execu- tive C o u n ci l, freshman counselor, Agriculture Club, Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll, lnter-Frater- nity Council, Prexy Club. MARY MAUDE ELLIS, busi- ness education major from Marshall, Sigma Kappa, Pi Omega Pi, vice president, Alpha Phi Delta, Com- merce Club, Business Edu- cation Club, freshman coun selor, AWS Cabinet, SNEA, Yeater-Todd Glee Club, Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll. LARRY SYLVESTER' DILL,EY, math and physics major from Bosworth, Kappa Mu Epsilon: Sigma Zeta, vice president, Osborne Hall, president, SGA, SNEA, KENT DOUGLAS HALL, bio- logy major from Versailles, Alpha Phi Sigma, presi- dent: SGA Executive Coun- cil, Student Court, chief justice of supreme court, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List, Beta Beta Beta, SN- EA, Wesley Foundation, Prexy Club, freshman coun- selor, Physical Educator's Club, a cappella choir, MARY LOU LENOX, music major from Rolla, Alpha Sigma Alpha, S N E A 7 MENC, Crescendo Club, Houts Hall Council, glee club, band: 0 CUPPQIIU choir, MSTA. REW. DON EDWARD MCKINLEY, accounting major from El- don, SGA president, Alpha Kappa Lambda, Phi Sigma Pi, Prexy Club, freshman counselor, Cosmopolitan Club, Accounting Club, vice president, Hall of Re- cognition, Dean's Honor Roll, Student Union Com- mittee. JANICE Lou csunne, phys- ical education and Eng- lish major from Warrens- burg: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Orchesis, president, Stu- dent Center Cabinet, Hall of Recognition, Dean's List and Honor Roll, 4-H Club, Social Dance Club, cheer- leader, Alpha Phi Delta, freshman counselor, PEM Club, WRA, Square Dance Club, Newman Club, Prexy Club, English Club, Stu- dent Center Committee. l RUTHANNE KRUSE, ele- mentary education major from Richmond Heights, sen- ior class vice president, IWA, past president, Al- pha Phi Delta, president, Prexy Club, SGA Execu- tive Council, The Student Staff, freshman counselor: SNEA, AWS Judiciary Board, Hall of Recognition, Canterbury Club- 121 SHIRLEY MARIE MOORE, English maior from Kansas City, Sigma Kappa, presi- dent, SGA Assembly, Prexy Club, Hail of Recognition, Alpha Phi Delta, English C I u b, 'Yeater-Todd Glee Club, freshman counselor, Student Center Committee, SNEA, REW, Dean's Honor Roll. I JOHN WESLEY WHITE, mathematics and physics maior from Amity, SGA, vice president, Tau Kappa Epsilon, president, Mace and Torch, president, Sig- ma Zeta, vice president, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Sigma Pi, Hall of Recogni- tion, Dean's List, Inter- Fraternity Council, Prexy Club, freshman orientation. 122 DON D. SCHLUP, biology maior from California, Tau Kappa Epsilon, vice presi- dent, Beta Beta Beta, In- ter-Fraternity Council, SN- EA, freshman counselor, Outing Club, Dean's List. BETTY JANE WAGNER, English maior from Higgins- ville, The Student,' assoc- iate editor, RHETOR, copy editor, Sigma Tau Delta, vice- president, Gamma Delta, reporter, AWS, Judi- ciary Board, Alpha Phi Del- ta, English Club, Dean's Honor Roll. JOHN ROBERT SWEARING- EN, speech and dramatics maior from Knob Noster, Kappa Sigma Kappa, The- ta Alpha Phi, Pi Kappa Delta, CMSC Players, Mace and Torch, -Cosmo- politan Club, International Relations Club, Newman Club, Inter - Fraternity Council, ,Hall of Recogni- tion, varsity. debate, Hon- or Roll. JO ANN WITTMAN, ele- mentary maior from Syra- cuse, Kappa Delta Pi, AI- pha Phi Sigma, vice presi- dent, Alpha Phi Delta, Young Republicans Club, Dean's Honor Roll, SNEA, MSTA, ACE, vice president, Prexy Club, AWS, RHETOR Staff. JANETTE KAY YOUNG, business administration ma- ior from Independence, Pi Omega Pi, president, Or- chesis, secretary, SCA, sec- retary, a cappella choir, Liahona Fellowship, Yeater- Todd Glee Club, SGA, Secretarial Science Club, vice president. DORIS ELAINE RECORDS, business administration ma- jor from Grandview, Alpha Sigma Alpha, president, AWS, Orchesis, vice-presi- dent, secretary - treasurer, Commerce Club, Secretar- ial Science Club, president, Panhellenic Council, Hall of Recognition, Alpha Phi Delta, Student Center Com- mittee, Todd Hall Council, The Student ' Staff, Yea- ter-Todd Glee Club, Honor Roll, Prexy Club, WRA, freshman counselor. DONNA JUNE RICHCREEK, elementary education ma- ior from Independence, Al- pha Sigma Alpha, vice- president, SGA, inter-group relations chairman, Stu- dent Center Committee, AWS, Panhellenic Council, Yeater Hall Council, Yea- ter-Todd Glee Club, The Student Staff, RHETOR Staff: SNEA, freshman counselor, WRA, Orchesis, Prexy Club, Hall of Recog- nition, Dean's Honor Roll, Cosmopolitan Club. Cdwwlilw Freshmen check into the dorm. An exciting new life awaits the freshman who enters an institution of higher learning. The events of college life are a composite ot various activities -studying, working, socializing, learning, playing, listening, observing, thinking. Some highlights such as Freshman Days and the Freshman Talent Show are newcomer events. While many traditional activi- ties admit the entire student body, others are reserved for the various class and organizational groups. During his time on the CMS campus, the student is an integral part of the busy, active life around him. "You go up the steps, then right Il Students line up for course cards. Part ofthe 3200 plus. 123 I And now your cue will be. . . An array of freshman talent. Visitors on Parents Day. 124 Marching band leads the way D'ya' think I could smuggle this in? Now hear this . . . gi l A V"' Q i l 4' Co-ed swings high for a hit. That will be five cents with tax, please YQ wr' Commitiee discusses community concerts. Pefruchio plots a way to fame the Shrew. f ll Now don't do it again "Come along with me, buddy." 126 l lT's all cz part ofthe ploy. C.M.S.C. Players present . . . 'WeIl, this reminds me of . . Q if 1 ii. Aviv Dance Theatre gives convocation 127 This is Cl dance? Dining Hall becomes dance hall. 1959 RHETOR BALL I1"s KCMS music iime. Speak up. You're on the air WW Debafers? Resting perhaps. F I i i 5 1 3 1 3 1 1 J h Sorry, she doesn'1 answer. Lef's see . . . tha1'Il be a dollar. A 130 Some have it, and, then again, some don't 4 1 i Latin Americans pick Cl rhumbcl. Moss bonds tune up for half time. Well who should we talk about next? i 131 Where shall we plug this one? To Rugs after the game Sorry, no vacancy Student teacher reads story to small-fr Preparing for moon trip? y. Oh, Oh, over due aga 133 Future biologists ponder . . . coffee ot the Center. It that really me? 134 ..3...2...1... splosh! fZVf '35f wffwfzf KWW 4 Wm f Wjfwfy ,771 f V f :1'f,xf:,Mf,'f!yg'f 'X' , 4 ,f,,,, , X , Dj, f , 4,0 ,ff fy f wh, ,j,j,f, Q7ff f ggwlvf , ,yr f,fXff,'5fff ff ff ' wx ffm 'M fw ' ay A ,f , ,,,,,, ,,, f V yf wwf, gpm UMM X V ,,f,, W Xff, ' ', ll V ,jffjfg 2 KP L My .5 3 4, , V M . :fx KK 8' ' " Q mf fy bxzmx ' "iz, - mfg? ff, X lim - . , iiiffilt if Q iff f- dll 'Jo' 391' vi . 'UI Ffa A or n-No.- ,'gfg5l1'i'f M1 93 bln M395 -IW "Aw h right, buster, DON'T MOVE!" r . 1 0 o "Tell us cz bedtime story." .kr Hey, what does this H 2 O stand for? And now here you hit high C. ,ap , M I Hours to make, but a minute To break. Promenade between classes. .L 343 X Use glkue. It's quicker Senior receives helping hand. The long, long line nears an end The day of glory arrives and the one-time fresh- man finds himself a senior. Almost unbelievingly he makes the traditional march under the Old Elm to Hendricks Hall. As graduation day comes to a close, the excitement of this important college event fades away. Then tuclcing his degree under his arm, the graduate leaves the familiar campus to enter his chosen vocation. , X ' X y . " ,"A A'E " "hw W 1 1 K GRGANIZATIQNS ' V W y ,N1 1 1 1' ' d I I W , 1 . an 5 W ' I l r I f A ' R Alpluc Gam+uLDel11c - - Fifth Row: B. Young, M. Semstead, A. Matthews, K. Heggen, K. Buzzard, R. Herndon, D. Oelklaus, M White, L. Carter, N. Grisham, D. Berkmeyer. Fourth Row: G. Fauret, J. George, J. Wright, D. Vaught I J. Lyon, S. Bittick, W. Fetter, C. McCune, J. Houser, M. Wallis. Third Row: D. Hagedorn, C. Titus, A. Monde- row, M. Road, J. Gurtler, L. Lemon, R. Kasper, M. Lesher, J. Hopkins. Second Row:C. Nichols, M. Snave- ly, E. Israel, P. Wehmeir, N. Ketchum, J. Waters, B.Barnett, T. Carnel, C. Fertig. First Row: S. Nissen, T Wright, L. How, S. Gwin, J. Nichols, L. Lydden, J. Curran. Initiated into the national organization in November, Alpha Gamma Delta made its debut on campus. An adding machine float with the theme,"lt All Adds Up to Victory," won second prize in the Homecoming parade. Progress marked the year as twenty-one rushees pledged Alpha Gamma Delta. This was the largest women's pledge class on campus. A "Jack Frost Come as You Are Party" was the theme of the January pledge party. Spring brought the annual formal and a retreat at Knob Noster State Park. The soror- ity also carried out various proiects during the year such as a car wash and working at the Warrensburg Medical Center as a social service. Pat Wehmeir represented Alpha Gamma' Delta as Homecoming Queen candidate. "Dogpatch Sends Pickles to CMS" was the theme for introducing Carol Nichols as Popular Girl candidate. Betty Barnett was the choice for RHETOR Queen candidate. Leading the organization were Donna Oelklaus,president, Patricia Weh- meir, vice president, Mary Jane Snavely, recording secretary, Beulah Noakes, treasurer, and Judy Waters, rush chairman. Dr. Catherine Titus and Miss Marion Lesher are the sponsors. 140 l ALPHA GAMMA DELTA I ACTIVITIES '15 Winter "Come as You Are" party. Chorodes are always fun. 'W' "So vote for Pickles, our Carol Nichols, for popular girl." A gay fall pledge class. 141 ld . T Miiwmm Fifth Row: S. Temple, V. Adams, J. Lamar, D. Davisson, V. Martin, M. Yung, F. Bonnel, H. Toben, S. Harris, M. Dieckman, C. Pritchard, L. Leonard. Fourth Row: G. Hayes, J. Romanchuk, B. Snyder, L. Patterson, L. Patterson, K. Yuille, G. Sheperd, M. Twitt, D. Records. Third Row: M. Nigro, L. Silver, M. Terry, A. Schultz, J. Smith, J. Neil, K. Porter, D. Reed, E. Lowrey, J. Aubuhon. Second Row: S. Short, A. Downer, S. Harris, K. Henry, S. Hughes, B. Callahan, J. Lovinger, B. Franklin, K. Elledge, N. Yamane. First Row: D. Frogge, D. Spradling, J. Potts, J. Thoeni, G. Duren, A. Camp- bell, S. Smith, S. Shubert, L. Holsapple, B. Pemberton. l l i i Time has flown for the women of Alpha Signta Alpha since the clock on the Home- coming tloat was wound with the theme "Give 'em the Works,"and the big hand pointed to Miss Sandy Temple for First Princess of '59 Homecoming. Q Minutes ticked away as the actives created an underwater fantasy for winter rush li, g party which added nineteen pledges to the organization. T "Five-toot of Heaven and a Ponytail Too" chimed another important hour on the y Alpha clock as Janice Gudde was elected the Most Popular Girl on campus. Janice was 5 also chosen Miss School Spirit earlier in the year. Barbara Snyder represented ASA t for Best Dressed Girl,and Karen Henry was chosen as their RHETOR Queen candidate. J Who's Who claimed four Alphas, Donna Richcreek, Doris Recorcls, Mary Lou Lenox, and I Janice Gudde. Hours passed quickly with Alpha Work Day, Founder's Day Banquet, Pa'rent's Day A Tea, Soc Hop, and selling datebooks as a philanthropic project. The women were reward- ed for their scholastic efforts last spring by winning the CMS scholarship cup for the third consecutive year. Leading the Zeta Zeta Chapter for 1959-'60 were Doris Records, president, Donna Richcreek, vice president, Shirley Hughes, secretary, Alice Schultz, treasurer. Sponsors are Miss Jessie Jutten and Miss Louise Leonard. T42 Alpha's say "Give 'em the works." ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA IC. 'Hr- M Lakeside beauties chat in the sun. ls it going up or coming down? Rushees in "Under-water Fantas Janice Gudde swings -beneath silver star Z ' if Q X vim Zim. '-lrinarzeiv Fifth Row: J. Coyle, G. Button, K. Okltman, C. Boeschen, M. Price, M. Cawein, L. Blackwell, D. Gallo way, M. Kroge. Fourth Row: M. Whiting, J. Goldsmith, D. Kehm, J. Stockton, M. Killgore, J. Vedder, D. Gil- bert, M. Rion. Third Row: S. Shipp, A. Raber, J. Burns, J. McCulIy, M. Elwell, B. Foster, J. Douglas, C Stolper, J. Kelley. Second Row: D. McMannama, L. Leonard, M. Middleton, R. Gardner, N. Pace, M. Bark- er, J. Enn' R. W'l M ' - is, ison, . Batchelor. First Row. P Snyder M Beck P Bruce S Dawd T Mur h E . , . , . , . y, . p y, . Murry, M. Wilson, M. Goodman. Drumbeats sounded as the women of Delta Zeta began the year with their annual Delta Drumbeat. Beating the rhythm with "His Master's Voice Says Beat the Bearcatsf' the Deltas entered tloat competition in Homecoming. Their campaign for Mary Cawein, candidate for Homecoming Queen, was launched in "Our Composer's Dream." A A Parent's Day Tea was also included in the fall activities. Winter term brought rush at the "DZ Pink Poodle Club" adding 16 new pledges to the sorority. A Christ- mas party for underprivileged children composed one chorus of the Delta's busy year. The annual DZ formal, a steak fry, and Mother's Day Tea kept time with the music as spring with all its activity came to CMS campus. The DZ's introduced Sonnie Dawdy as "The Cat's Meeow" tor CMS's Popular Girl candidate. Delores Nicholson was chosen as DZ's candidate for RHETOR Queen. Chosen for Who's Who were JoAnn Coyle and Sherrill Brush. Officers of the Epsilon Gamma Chapter included Mary Cawein, president, Paula Bruce, first vice president, Judie Burns, second vice president, Terry Murphy, recording secretary, Connie Boeschn, corresponding secretary, Mary Rion, treasurer, and Sandra Dawdy, historian. Miss Edith B k d M organization. roo s an iss Alphadine Martin are sponsors of the 144 Entertainment, Delta style. DELTA ZETA ACTIVITIES Delta Zeta spring formal. Delta Sweetheart Song. Working on the DZ homecoming float. 'I45 l glgmlkappl 4 E - Affmxsk ' .M is l I Sixth Row: P. Bates, S. Hilgedick, L. Callaway, A. Robinson, J. Hedlund, S. Rolf, K. Strode, M. Elliott, N. Otto. Fifth Row: M. Lass, S. Moore, L. Cox, C. Shikles, S. Plaskett, P. Maasen, D. Gerow, E. Engle. Fourth Row: A. Williams, S. Nichols, L. Langford, J. Jones, J. Porter, D. Miller, A. Lorton, J. Raschke, C. Long. Third Row: N. Bass, S. Williams, J. Duncan, L. Davolt, F. Devenport, C. Curnow, F. Dick, J. Sharp, S. Todd, C. Parsons. Second Row: J. Correll, P. Murphy, J. Lindaman, A. Wiechert, D. Davis, L. Peck, M. Ellis, B. Porter, J. Fisher. First Row: J. Shafer, R. Sparkes, S. Walker, D. Rose, F. Dyer, N. Jones. Sigma Kappas returned to campus fall term with a new name gained in summer affiliation with the national organization. The annual Sig Kap fashion show, a "Harvest of Fall Fashions," introduced sorority activities. A movie was filmed on the Homecoming-float winning third place for the sorority. A Found- er's Day Tea was also held in the fall. Winter found the Sig Kaps on an "African Safari" returning with 20 pledges as captives. In February the women of Sigma Kappa and their guests danced in an "Oriental Garden" at the an- nual formal. Other activities during the year included a Christmas party for underprivileged children, a Parent's Day Tea in April, and a senior banquet in May. Sandy Williams was presented as the Homecoming candidate in an "Acad- emy Award Winner" theme. "A Flower of Friendship" Sandy Nichols, was the candidate for Popular Girl with Judy Sharp as the choice for RHETOR Queen.Shirley Moore, Gloria Acker, and Mary Ellis were named in Who's Who. Officers are Judy Sharp, president, Norma Jean Otto, first vice president, Carole Long, second vice president, Jean Weir, recording secretary, Gloria Acker, treasurer. Mrs. Mildred Lass and Miss Elizabeth Engle were sorority sponsors. 146 SIGMA KAPPA ACTIVITIES I Presenting Sig Kap's Sandy Williams. I Blazers sing at formal dance. Sig Kaps frolic in the stadium. Dancers swirl at Sig Kap formal 147 -v 9ignuL9iquuL9iguuL Sm Fifth Row: B. Schumaker, B. Littlefield, P. Woirhaye, B. Curtis, G. Mead, J. Parrott, R. John- son, K. Schellhardt, J. Hackerott, S. Kennedy. Fourth Row: G. Joglesong, K. Pratt, L. Arm- strong, D. Nelson, C. Shotwell, J. Fogerson, S. Maycock, C. Clark, S. Stringfellow, M. Salis- bury, A. Hart. Third Row: C. Kammerdiener, A. Stewart, S. Etter, L. Eckart, S. Sharp, V Wright, B. Bowman, G. Burke, S. Miles, P. Selover. Second Row: C. Howard, D. Blard, D Budd, A. Clark, D. Viator, M. Toel, M. Johnson, B. Patton, K. Satterwhite. First Row: B Steiner, F. Street, J. Chrisman, C. Welch, J. Royal, B. Riley, S. Jennings, M. Miller, S. Gray R. Austin. The Nu Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma began the year with victory as their candidate, Miss Judy Chrisman-Tri Sigma's Venus-reigned as 59 Homecoming Queen. Sounds from Sigma Carnival once again floated across CMS campus as the Tri Sigmas raised money for their national social service prolect Joining in the Yuletide spirit, the women of Sigma Sigma Sigma gave a Christmas program at the Pleasant View Rest Home. In the "Cafe de Sigma" nineteen pledges were added to the Sigma s membership Glenda Burke was chosen president of the pledge class. "Tri Sigma's Toyland" brought Kay Satterwhite to the limelight as Sigma Sigma Sigma's doll for Popular Girl. Doris Wood represented the Sigmas for RHETOR Royalty The annual Acacia Pajama Festival found Kay Satterwhite representing the Sigmas A "Stairway to the Stars" lead the Sigmas to their annual spring formal Spring also brought Founder's Day, rush and Senior Send-Off to crown another successful year at CMS. Officers for the year included Sandra Etter, president Carolyn Clark vice pres: dent, Lorraine Eckart, recording secretary, Doris Wood, corresponding secretary and Barbara Schumaker, treasurer. Miss Stella Christopher and Mrs Evelyn Runyon are sponsors of the organization. 148 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Dorm gab fest. ACTIVITIES Sigma Carnival. "Our toyland doll, Kay Safterwhite, candi date for popular girl." Sigma homecoming float. 2219. -S Aman, Fifth Row: W. Gaither, N. Harris, K. Parks, T. Seavy, G. Yeager, J. Knipschild, J. Bogvillo, J Holderman. Fourth Row: Dr. Pittman, R. Beers, H. Caskey, D. Grainger, D. Kelly, K. Renfrow, L Evans. Third Row: B. Beam, K. Lerbs, D. Larve, L. Dornce, J. Scott, P. Prezpour. Second Row M. Stump, J. Martin, Mrs. King, L. Busch, J. O'Banon. First Row: W. Groff, L. Smithson, N Nash, J. Caskey, L. Graham, K. Olive. On a cold night during fall term, Warrensburg residents were again bewildered at seeing college students parading clown Maguire street clad only in pajamas. This, of course, was the annual Acacia Pajama Festival. The Mona Lisa Pizza Inn was held for the second year, and calendar sales were made at the beginning of each term. ln March the Acacias held their spring formal, "Nite on the Nile." This organization was the only one changing location this year having moved into a new fraternity house at 516 South College Avenue. Acacia nominated Norman Harris for Ugliest Man on Campus and Willie Gaither for Popular Boy. Officers for the year were venerable dean, Don Grainger, senior dean, Wendell Groff, iunior dean, John Martin, recording secretary, Larry Graham, corresponding secretary, Don LaRue, sponsors, Dr. Riley Pittman and Mr. Clarence Pearce. T50 "Egyptian" Martin and guest at an- nual Acacia event. ACACIA ACTIVITIES ., ly 4-gg: g . . - Q. " " "fd-3 2' . 4' v is. " 1 , 1 ' " . f 'x-wwf, .ffiiffn N I I 055. f, I It ' .. Q N1 ,, , . . "" "1" Fi'-1 sw. :L X " wmv A ., my nf f , ' '1 if fini 'Qu' , Co-eds form colorful palette for Acacia float. Students dance in p.i.'s at Acacia Pajama Festival. ffl Acacians go Egyptian for a Night on the Nile. 'I5'I . , Aliplur Kappa, Lamlula, Fifth Row J Shafer B Burton J Nelson K Cash D Duffey J VanRiette B Dye G Ren shaw Fourth Row H Sulzberger D Allen R Tisch K Murry R Fleischmann A Warner J Bittiker M Gross K Bauer Third Row R Scott W Williamson H Elliott J Sellers W Mc Murtrey D Davis R Thurston P Schwartz Second Row R Wmegar P Sherard D Fergu son A York C Pieper J Williams H Brady G Myers J Sanders First Row G Sheets R Trosper L Henderson D Allen Mom Searfoss D Daniels G Dyer L Wilckens D Hughes The men of AKL had al busy year starting in the fall with a Chow Mein dinner, sponsoring an all-school dance, and participating in Homecoming activities. Their house decoration depicted a sawmill labeled "Bearcat Two by Fours," and the float was called "Sew'Em Up." They participated in Christmas house decorations and held a Christmas Party. When spring arrived, the men of AKL greeted it with a Founder's Day celebration and a Spring Formal. Throughout the year they participated in intramurals winning the Organized Leagues Championship in basketball, entertained sororities,'and held social activities. Harry Elliott was the UMOC candidate and Daryl Allen was their choice for Popular Boy. Chosen from AKL for Who's Who were Daryl Allen and Don McKinley. Officers were Daryl Allen, president, Kenneth Bauer, vice president, Dave Daniels, corresponding secretary, and Gary Myers, recording secretary. The sponsors are Dr. C. J. Britton and Dr. Clay Jent. 152 ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA ACTIVITIES Homecoming house decorations. "We'II sew'em up," Homecoming float. Popular boy skit, "Tomb it may concern." AKL fall smoker. A brother gets a haircut. www ww www 4. 2- K 9' K Fifth Row: L. Edson, L. Nelson, R. Robertson K Winkelmeyer J Lankford J Norris B V t J B lh Q , . , . og es e Fourth Row: J. Johnson, R. Oesch, G. Doneley, G. Smith, R. Oetting, G Robbins J Hayes L House Third Row: Mr. Welch, C. Lohmeyer, J. Hennon, J. Gattermeir, L. Ferguson, J Shelby A White H Yoder Sec ond Row: J. Ramel, G. Guilford, B. Motsinger, K. Schwensen, D. Glass D Cook N Sandbothe First Row: C. Harper, C. Owens, S. Vukcevich, L. Gra'nato,J. McDowell, B Hash The southern gentlemen of Kappa Sigma Kappa had another successful year under the stars and stripes of the Confederacy at 222 East Gay Street. They started activities in the fall with a steak fry for actives and dates and sponsored a spaghetti supper. At Homecoming the house display featured the "CAT-A-PlLER" bulldozer and the float theme was an "l.B.M. Machine." The "Rebel Rendevous," an all-school dance, was another fall attraction. In addition to a large pledge class, winter term saw the tenth annual Kappakades, "Code of the West," an original show written by Lenny Granato. The show was a satire on local customs and traditions in a setting of the West. In the spring came the "Old Plantation Ball," a southern type formal for Kappas and their dates. Kappas won UMOC for'the ninth consecutive year with Lenny Granato receiving the crown. Bob Hash was nominated for Popular Boy. A Who's Who choice from KSK was John Swearingen. Officers of Psi chapter were president,g J. David Gattermeir, vice president, Cal Owens, recording secretary, Norbert Sandbothe, corresponding secretary, Larry Fer- guson. Sponsors are Dr. Lin Welch and Dr. Randolph Yeager. J 154 KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA ACTIVITIES Popular Boy Convo. Homecoming house decorations. Kappa Homecoming float. "We present Lenny Granato, our candidate for Ugly Man on Campus I 155 X X Pl1LQignuL Epbilmu Sixth Row: W. Ray, S. Cooper, L. Keisker, G. Pike, R. Blair, A. Gerhardt, M. Noland, B. Mateia, J. Keeton, L. Lutte, B. Brock, G. Bozarth. Fifth Row: D. Cohick, J. Vanatta, J. Fortney, R. Pullman, D. Keck, F. Roscelle, R.Fiscke,D. Edde, N. Amos, J. Steplen, O. Sayles, L. Decker. Fourth Row: Dr. Wil- liams, D.'Thomp,son, D. Beatty, W. Thurman, R. Reys, S. Humo, L. Tevis, J. Elliot, J. Morie, J. Hos- tetler, M. Hanna, L. Harper. Third Row: S. Busso, E. Rankin, G. Borcherdine, W. Bunting, K. Allen, D. Hord, R. Wilson, 5. Fine, R. Garlich, R. Moorm an. Second Row: R. Ellington, J. Combs, L. Rentro, W. Brown, R. Omahundro, A. Leasck, J. Buckley, J. Cunningham, J. Fuchs. First Row: R. Davis, D. Keough, J. Boreland, D. Anderson, T. Herrick, R. Perry. The Iota Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon began autumn activities with an open house for Freshmen, smokers, and rush parties. Then came the annual Dick White Memorial Dance, an all-school benefit dance. At Homecoming, PSE house decorations depicted an oil well. Their window decoration was a guillotine with the motto "De-feet 'Em," and their float showed "The Weigh to Victory." They also held a steak fry at Knob Noster State Park in the fall. When the snows tell, the Phi Sigs held a Christmas Party, went caroling, and had an Alumni Christmas Party in Kansas City. Winter term also saw the Phi Sig Formal with the theme, "Penthouse Serenade." For UMOC they nominated Otto Sayles and their pick for Popular Boy was Bill Mateia. Chosen for Who's Who were Kenny Allen, Jim Appleblerry, and Lloyd Decker. In the spring came the Phi Sig Blackouts, an outing on the Lake of the Ozarks, a senior picnic, and the Blackout Widow's Ball. PSE leaders for the year were president, Lloyd Decker, vice president, Kenny Allen, recording secretary, Dan Scotten, corresponding secretary, Doyle Cohick, sponsors, Dr. Hugh Williams and Coach Clarence Whiteman. 156 'Zim PHI SIGMA EPSILON ACTIVITIES Entertainment at the Phi Sig formal. Phi Sig spring outing on Lake of the Ozarks. Two participants at the autumn Knobnoster steak fry. l l Phi Sig presiclent, Lloyd Decker, and Phi Sig Sweetheart, Sonnie Dawdy, at the formal. Working on Homecoming float. T57 Q Q u3nwJuL Gauwur l l Fifth Row: H. Khalili, D. Curnett, T. Goddard, J. Kronhart, H. Beckman C Klaus B Hann J Bockelman, C. Powers, G. Williams, J. Barr. Fourth Row: J. Bredwell V Randle R Meyer J. Leach, R. Eichman, M. Ashley, D. Reid, N. Hannaford, P. Denton B Grimes Third Row D Bryant, J. Neidig, W. Hart, J. Blize, R. Potter, C. Lockwood, J. Conts D Miller T Gorlng A Roberson. Second Row: F. Long, D. Disney, J. Means, E. Phillips E Enckenberry H Wagner G Bourland, D. Sears, A. Kent, A. Williams. First Row: M. Fairman D Hensley J Yamamoto L Ford, R. Kreeger, F. DeMayo, F. Moore, G. Fischer, J. Mc Cormick Beginning the year with the annual Harvest Ball during fall-term, members of Alpha Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma participated in many events, while seeking to promote associations which uphold the standards of true brotherhood. Sig Taus used the invention of the wheel as the theme for the Homecoming float with "The Reaper" depicted in house decorations. Highlights of the year included the March production, "Showtime," with members presenting the Broadway play, "l2 Angry Men", the White Rose Dance for Sig Taus and their dates, and the Alumni Dinner. Informal parties for sororities were held through- out the year at the fraternity house at 110 Ming, and members also participated in intramural sports. Carrying the banner for Sig Tau, Glenn Fischer was named to Who's Who and was candidate for Popular Boy. Bob Meyer was the UMOC candidate. Officers for the year were Jim Wiley, president, Glenn Fischer, vice president, Jay Counts, treasurer, Dale Miller, house treasurer, Joe Bockelman,secretary, Jerry Neidig, pledge master, and Frank DeMayo, house manager. Dr. Samuel P. Hewitt, Dr. J. P. Morris and Mr. A. Roberson are the sponsors. T58 SIGMA TAU GAMMA ACTIVITIES Thirsty dancers head for punch bowl. I I King Fischer wields spear at Popular Boy convo We Sig Taus shck together' Cosmetics class? Just Sig Taus preparing for a show T59 TJ- 'fl ' 2' Ta4gllappcLEpLi!b1L Ov ugnes L Keynolds, D. Miller, D. Dailey, V. Neilson, G. Kirchoffer, D. Bland, C. Harmon, K. Arey, B. Ferguson, J. White. Second Row: Dr. Goetz, E. Brantley, B.GieringerL J. Boyce, D. Schlup, J. D'Alesio, E. Valines, T. Carlton, R. Lewis, J. Lemery, J. T. Magness. Second Row: J. Williams, B. Zymali, L. Rosa, J. Fischer, B. Thompson, C. Reynolds, B. Redman, L. Wiseman, L. Leslie, E. Dillion, D. Wood- small. First Row: T. Geridy, R. Baker, M. Gieringer, J. Stevens, P. Gier, H. Palmer, E. See, B. Henry, S. Mag- ady, B. Matheis. Going modern, Tau Kappa Epsilon sponsored an all-school Beatnik Dance during fall term. With the arrival of Homecoming, Delta Lambda Chapter went all out by en- tering window, house, and float decoration competition. First prize was capped in the window division with the theme, "The Discovery of Gold." The house decoration, "Bear- cats Meet Their Match," won third place. Theme for the float was "Mules Bearcatapultf' Another all-school dance, the Bowery Brawl, brought beards, pie-throwing contests, and Bowery dress to campus. The Founders Day Banquet was held in January with the Red Carnation Ball for members and dates staged during spring term. The fraternity also had a picnic and participated in other school activities. J T , .. . KEs candidate, Charlie fBrownJ Reynolds h , won onors as Most Popular Boy at CMS. Joe Williams was the UMOC candidate. Named to Who's Who were Don Schlup and John White. Michael Gieringer headed the TKE's as president this year. Other officers are vice president, George Kirchhoffer, secretary, Phil Klamm, treasurer, Phil Gier, historian, Harvey Palmer, cha l ' ' pain, Jim Holder, sergeant-at-arms, Benny Gieringer, and pledge master, Ron' Brunson. 160 9 'Blew all Qf' "L: R 4 TAU KAPPA EPSILON A ACTIVITIES Girls! Please take note Teke choir f?J serenades in the night air. Uzslavmzfy Tekes and dates surround sweetheart at Red Carnation Ball. Teke Trojans line up for parade. INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The purpose of the Inter-Fraternity Council is to promote better understanding among fraternities. The council is composed of two or three representatives from each social fraternity on campus. The council sponsors a Sports Dance at Homecoming and a winter rush convocation. President, Frank DeMayop vice president, William Dye, secretary, Willie Gaither, treasurer, Daniel Cook, public relations, Lenny Granatof sponsors, Mr. Phillip Worden and Dr. Sam Hewitt. Fourth Row: L. Decker, K. Bauer, B. Pollman, G. Battmer, J. Stephen, T. Kunz Third Row- S Hewitt D Cools, C. Harper, W. Gaither, P. Worden. Second Row: D. Granger, M. Gieringef, W- Gfoffef -l- WileY- First Row: G. Fischer, F. DeMayo, L. Granato. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Consisting of two representatives from each soro 't th ri y, e purpose of this organization is to create and maintain o high plane of sorority life on the CMS campus. Among its many duties are those of setting rush dates and regulations concerning pledging. The council carries out such projects as the fall workshop, a Panlaellenic coke party, and Christmas decorations. Officers for this year's council are Donna Oeklaus, president, Judith Parrott, vice president, Donna Richcreek, recording secretary, Sandy Williams, corresponding secretary, Mary Ann Whiting, treasurer. The group is sponsored by Dean Frieda Grieder dnd Miss Edith Brooks. Second Row: A. Williams, M. Cawein, N. Grisham, J. Parrott. First Row: V. Adams, D. Records, C. McCune. 162 MACE AND TORCH Mace and Torch is a leadership honor frater- nity whose purpose is to recognize outstanding men students on campus. The president of the organization is John Swearingen, the vice president is Kenny Allen, and the secretary-treasurer is Daryl Allen. The sponsor is Mr. Phillip Worden. Second Row: K. Allen, C. Allard, J. White. First Row: W. Brown, J. Morie. PREXY CLUB This group composed of presidents of all cam- pus organizations works for communication be- tween the administration and the student body of CMS. President Warren C. Lovinger is club sponsor. Those pictured are: Wallace Kille, Charles Young, Paul Sherard, Larry Taylor, Ralph Lewis, Hugh Bradley, Albert Gerhards,'Louis Renfro,w,Ed Leasck, Wayne Brown, Anita Williams, Martie Good- man, Shirley Walker, Judith Morris, Donna Oek- laus, Dan Cook, Pat Selover, William E. Stephens, Carole Long, Kent Hall, Jerry Morie, Joe Fischer, Eddie See, Bob Davis, Hector Diaz, Alice Schultz, Doris Records, Lloyd Decker, Kenny Allen, Don- ald Dittmer, Jan Young, Dick Fortman, Doyle Cohick, Mary Cawein. ALPHA PHI DELTA Those pictured are: V. Adams, D. Anson, B. Arensmeier, J. Batchelor, A. Bell, C. Boeschen, M. Bond, B. Bowers, D. Bren- ing, M. Brown, B. Buck, D. Budd, V. Carlyle, L. Colwell, J. Cook, E. Diggs, R. Dryer, S. Ehrhardt, M. Elliott, M. Elsloo, J. Ferro, J. Fisher, B. Gammon, K. Gass, M. Geary, D. Gilbert, J. Mackerott, R. Hash, G. Hayes, K. Henry, E. Hessel, B. Hodges, W. Hodges, B. Hoffman, J. Jackson C. Kelley, S. Kelley, K. Kemper, W, Dreisel, R. Kruse, M. Lappin, B. LeRosen, M. Lintner, D. McMannamo, L. McPherson, N. Malan, R. Man- ley, D. Maschmeier, S. May, A. Morris, J. Morris, S. Nichols, L. Graham, D. O'Malley, N. Otto, K. Park, G. Patterson, A. Powell, C. Pritchard, D. Records, M. Redford, B. Riley, M. Rion, M. Robinson, K. Schellhardt, K. Scotten. P. Selover, S. Shipp, P. Simmerman, J. Smith, B. Snyder, C. Stegner, A. Stewart, E. Stone, K. Strode, V. Velten, M. Walker, J. Waters, L. Wheeler, A. Williams, D. Wilson, J. Wittman, N. Yamane, J. Conlon, D. Davisson, M. Ellis, S. Hilgedick, D. Howard, D. Kullman, L. Logue, P. Weaver, Dr. Laura Nahm, L. Hoke, The Beta chapter of Alpha Phi Delta strives to recognize women scholastically C. Howard, J. Tempel, N. Ketchem. before the end of their sophomore year. This year's activities included Homecoming decorations, a Christmas party, and a spring party for freshman women with high grade averages. Leading the organization are Ruth Kruse, president, Peggy Sim- merman, vice president, Evelyn Diggs, secretary-treasurer. Dr. Laura J. Nahm is the faculty sponsor. 163 r BETA BETA BE"A The Gamma Phi Chapter of Beta Beta Beta pro- motes scholarship in the biology field and provides an opportunity for research in that field by students. Their activities include a trip to the regional meeting, construc- tion of,a nature trail in Pertle Springs, and a spring ban- quet and picnic. President, Gerald Thomas, vice "presi- dent, Danny Widderg secretary-treasurer, Bill Wingfield: and faculty sponsors, Dr. Sam Hewitt and Dr. Laura Nahm. ' Second Row: Dr. Nahm. L. Mohn, L. Redmond, K. Hall, Mr. Myers. First Row: D. Cohicks, A. Morrie, G. Dyer, D. Schlup. I 7 BETA ALPHA ALPHA PHI SIGMA To encourage o continued love for learning, to recognize scholarship, and to be of service to the college are the obiectives of this group. Sponsorship of Sapere, Aude Scholarship, a Christmas party, several guest speakers, and partici- pation in an honors banquet were all ia part of this organization's activities this year. Kent Hall is president and Donna Anson is secretary-treasurer. Faculty sponsor is Dr. H. Clay Jent. Fourth Row: D. Thurston, K. Hall, J. Hageman, C. Stegner, A. Pow- ell, D. Maschmeier. Third Row: C. Smith, V. Carlyle, K. Austin, D Anson, N. Otto. Second Row: D. Gilbert, L. Wheeler, D.. Brening, S. May, J. Wittman, S.Kelley. First Row: V. Velten, S. Ehrhardt, R. Manley, A. Morris, M. Lintner, E. Diggs, B. Bowers. . T64 Beta Alpha, an art fraternity, sponsors the Art Fair and a pennant sale. President, Larry Busch, yice president, Bob Ferro, secretary, Judy Curran, treasurer, Sid Littlefield, and faculty sponsors, Mr. Edwin Ellis, Mr. James Miles and Mr. Gordon Miller. Third Row: M. Minthorn, H. Thomson, R. Ferro, S. Littlefield, J. Livesay, J. Wahrenbrock. Second Row: J. Kennedy, A. Massman, J. Spry, L. Busch, D. Goode, L. Scheir. First Row: T. Carnal, D. Paris, J. Curran, J. Emich, R. Lockard, P. Murphy. KAPPA MU EPSILON an ,l l, Hi l l J I J El X i. tl 1 4 4 .4 ig Activities of this mathematics honor organization included sending delegates to the regional convention at Washburn University, Topeka, Kansas, and the visiting of establishments of interest in Kansas City. Guest D E - 'speakers M. R. Mullins of B.M.A. and Dr. Magnus Hestenes spoke at Encouraging superior professional, intellectual, and personal standards and recognizing exceptional con- tributions to education is the Kappa Delta Pi's foremost purpose. This year Wallace Griffith served as president and Carolyn Asman as secretary-treasurer. Dr. Reid Hemphill is sponsor. Fourth Row: N. Otto, G. Ehmann, D. Dittmer, W, Griffith, J. Coyle. Third Row: L. Holse, V. Carlyle, B. Edwards, N. Dunnington. Second Row: J. Wittman, J. Morris, A. Stewart, P. Simmerman. First Row: G. Riekhof, M. Lint- ner, B. Delaney. monthly meetings. Serving as president is Donald Dittmer, vice president, Bill Grimes, secretary, Charles Young, and treasurer, Elmer Branstetter, Sponsor of the group is Mrs. Sherralyn Craven. Those Pictured Are: Hamid Khalili, Daryoosh Mowlavi, Ray Fleischmann, Robert Reys, Elmer Branstetter, Kenneth Bauer, Wallace Griffith, Robert ' Trutzel, Roy Koike, Bill Grimes, Charles Young, Larry Dilley, Donald Dittmer, Ronald Frederick, Liz Hessel, Daisy Wilson, Shirley Ehrhardt, Dwayne Brizendine. KAPPA OMICRON PHI Under the leadership of Darlene Beall, the Beta Chapter of Kappa Omicron Phi strives to develop women with high ideals regarding the home and with some , achievement toward intellectual, social, and cultural attainment. The organization sponsors a sophomore party, a Founder's Day observance, nationalland' regional I meetings, a senior party, and other activities. Other officers are first vice presl- E, ' - d' ecretar Donna Kay dent, Kay Gassy second vice president, Betty Lee, recor mg 5 Y, I Harmes, corresponding secretary, Kay Clarky and faculty sponsor, Miss Grace Livingston. L Third Row: D. Maschmeier, L. Blackwell, V. Martin, K. Schellhardt, C. Stegner. nd Row: K. Clark, S. May, D. Harmes, A. Gilcrest. First Row: J. Flower, K- Seco , Gars, D. Oetting, S. Shipp. 165 l ' l E 1 1 1 Pl KAPPA DELTA . f X. Pi Kappa Delta, a national forensic honor- ary fraternity, is under the leadership of Nellie Bashore Dunnington, president, Wayne Brown, vice president, and Richard Thurston, secretary- treasurer. The group under the direction of Dr. William R. Dodge sponsors numerous forensic trips, the Speaker's Bureau, and a spring initia- tion banquet. i Third Row: J. Fortney, J. Jeffers, D. Thurston. Second Row: D. O'Malley, W. Brown, M. Sals- t loury. First Row: N. Dunnington, M. Groom. SIGMA TAU DELTA This group publishes the Cemost, an annual booklet of creative writing by CMS students, and. the English Newsletter. Purposes of the organization are to further interest in English activities and to recognize outstanding students in English. The organization is sponsored by Dr. Catherine Titus. Officers include Nellie Bashore Dunnington, president, Betty Wagner, vice president, and Barbara l.eRosen, secretary. PI OMEGA PI me aera Kno chapter ot this national honor group held a homecoming luncheon for alumni, a chili supper, spring picnic, senior breakfast, and published the annual Christmas edition of "Po corn." Off' ' ' p icers are Jan Young, presldentg Mary Maude Ellis, vice president, Marilyn Walker, secretary-treasurer: Dr. Charles Kuhn, Jr., faculty sponsor. Third Row: C. Long, D. Anson, M. Walker, C. Boeschen, B. Skinner. Second,Row: J. Caton, M. Ellis, E. Diggs, R. Kasper. First Row: R. Manley, K. Kemper, J. Thoeni, G. Patterson. 166 Third Row: R. Greef, C. Titus, V. Taylor, A. Bishop, R. Eastin. Second Row: B. Le Rosen, F. Smith, N. Dunnington, D. O' Malley. First Row: M. Brown, S. Terry, B. Gammon. Pl KAPPA LAMBDA Dr Llhjshhiolnorary music organization initiated new members and held a dinner in the winter term. EI- Gp art is sponsor and president of the group. Hugh Williams served as vice president and eanor Shockey as secretary-treasurer during the past year. Third Row: Dr. Hart, L. Keisker, Mr. Castle, L. Horacek. Second Row: J. Appleberry, H. Williams A Roberson. First Row: H. Galloway, M. Morrison, E. Brooks, C. Asman, Miss Shockey. SIGMA ZETA The ur ose of Psi chapter of Sigma Zeta is to encourage the attainment ot knowleage in me P P sciences and to recognize high scholarship in the science field. The organization sponsors public showings of outstanding science films, lectures, and demonstrations by recognized authorities in the fields ot science and engineering. President, Charles Young, vice president, Larry Dilleyg secretary, Merlin Johnson, and treasurer, Kenneth Bauer. The sponsor is Mr. Ray Holland. Fourth Row: E Branstetter,L Dilley, B. Grimes, D. Duffy, C. Young. .Third Row: L. Mohn, J. Fischer, C. Weber, J. Marie. Second'Row: M. Johnson. First Row: B. Yu, S. Ehrhardt, K. Suhl. 167 BAPTIST STUDENT UNION This group's goal is to promote Chris. tian growth on the college campus. The activities for this year include the lnternq. tional Students' Banquet, BSU Convention, Alumni Banquet, and a spring and fall re. treat. Phil Kepley, president, Pat Trent, vice president, Jackie Bateman, secretary, Wade Clark, treasurer, Miss Virgie Hurst, sponsor, are officers of the organization. Those pictured are: A. Ward, M. Walker, H. Suhr, D. Allen, W. Gaither, R. Mcln- tire, C. Resz, J. Hutcherson, Dr. Hutcher- son, H. Smith, W. Walters, S. Thompson, L. Uhring, M. Mawson, L. Aubrey, J. Scott, D. Mawson, C. Nichols, M. Stone, R. Mil- ler, J. Hagerman, J. Wilson, M. Lintner, V. Hurst, N. Beckham, C. Ballah, S. Hefner, J. Thompson, J. Reagin, C. Reagin, R. Clem- ons, B. Coleman, R. Hodges, J. Bateman, L. Lague, J. Dugger, C. Sloan, L. Hokn, J. Jenkins, N. Brown, A. Skaggs, B. Lozenlay, M. Campbell, R. Monley, M. Held, P. Trent, I. Eubanks, L. Mombery, S. Bailey, J. Jobe, J. Curran, J. Nichols, J. DeWitt, M. Adams STUDENT CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION President Anita Williams directed Canterbury Club activities this year. She was assisted by Rick Bullock, vice president, John Bogvilo, secretary, and Charles Murdock, treasurer. The club aims to provide a program of worship, study, and fellowship in order to encourage Episcopal students' devotion to the church. Year's activi- ties included a get-acquainted party in September, semi- monthly informal gatherings with special speakers and suppers. The group also cooperated with Religious Em- phasis Week and other work of SCA. Dr. Don Marchand, Mr. Ed Nass, and Dr. Williams Stoney are faculty sponsors. Third Row: R. Bullock, R. Kruse, G. Pike, A. Williams, K. Smith. Second Row: J. Moon, J. Totten, S. Johnston, E. Nass. First Row: B. Harvey, L. Nolan, M. Twenter, B. Foster. 'I68 Religious Emphasis Week is one of the many projects sponsored by the SCA. This organization serves as a co-ordinator of all religious groups on campus. Some of its projects are the Thanksgiving and Easter convocations, Missouri District YM-YW Conference, and a chili supper. The organization is under the leadership of Dick Thurston, president, Anita Williams, vice president, Jan Young, secretary-treasur- er. Miss Helen Gilbert sponsors the organization. Third Row: D. Thurston, C. Jeffers, C. Ballah, A. Williams, R. Delaney. Second Row: Miss Gilbert, M. Hyatt, S. Skaggs First Row: J. Young, D. Deckard. CANTERBURY CLUB I I GAMMA DELTA Activities for this group include a tall retreat at Camp Potosi, a hayride, a Christmas party and a 25th anniversary banquet. Officers of the Beta Eta Chapter are Larry Lutte, president, Don Kullman vice P Third Row: N. Meyer, D. Kullman, L. Lutte, M. Downard. Second Row: C. Koppelman, B. Reys, C. Diehl J. Engler, D. Kullman, H. Young. First Row: J. Rolf, L. Scheer, S. Ehrhardt, M. Lutte, J. Morris, G. Fischeri resident, Carol Diehl, secretaryp Dorothy Kullman, treasurer, and Mr. Donald Braatz, sponsor. LIAHONA FELLOWSHIP NEWMAN CLUB During the past year the Liahona Fellowship sponsored by Re organized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints provided fll hi seruces numerous parties and social noonday devotions e ows p functions With a goal to foster promote and stimulate moral and spiritual development among students of CMS the group is led by D k F rtman resident Marvin Lewis vice president Linda Hays IC o p secretary and Doris Buckley treasurer Mr Harold Baltz IS sponsor of the organization Those pictured are C Aka D Allen D Buckley B Cowa J E bl ton R Fortman K Gass C Gunderson H Harp L Hays tree m e B Jensen D Johnson M Kemp A Knoeller M Lewis E Martin M th rn M A Massman P Matlak J McFarlane L McPherson J in o M Oesor P Paris K Park J Qualls J Sellers J Stacker rd S Crab Mmthorn J Uga W Williams C Young J Young Th Newman Club held an annual get acquainted party for fr sh e men as well as various social events throughout the year Sp nsored by the Catholic Church the group is led George Browning vice president Thomas Dr Katherine Maroney and Dr Beatrice by Thomas E Bax president O Connor secretary treasurer Ricks sponsors E handal R Hepburn M Struemph I Roy W McClain Tom Bax D Dickneile J Roll B an ning M Samson P Maasen L Rungen M ea ey F Burk C McDonald L Jordan M BaumannP Bergman L Langford G Browning M Chassoul J Gossey C Struemph R Burk A Burl ando G Balukl D Kehn P Gossey L Hcw T69 l . I . . I D . . 1 . , 1 1 1 4 . . . I ' I I 5 1 1 i 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - - ' ' : . ', . , . , . , . - , . , . , . , . , - 1 - 1 . , . , . , . 1 - -1 -' 1 . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , - 1 . , . , . , . . . ' Q - ' ' , .3 ' . ' , ' . , ' i . . . , 1 , 1 I 1 I 1 n . 1 I ' l . . Those Pictured Are: M. Broker, L. Fuck, . , . 1 1 , . , . ' , 1 - 1 - 1 - 5 ' ' , , , , , , , . H I , K. Keller, G. Merten, A ' I , I , , . , . 1 - U ' 1 - r ' I ' l ' ' UNITED CAMPUS CHRISTIAN FELLOWSHIP l .......,..,.e-.. at sruaenrs from three churches, the United Campus Christian Fellowship provides Chris- tian fellowship through various social activities and religious education through discussions and special services. Students of the Christian, Brethren, and Presbyterian Churches belong to the club.FacuIty directors are Dr. Laura Nahm, Dr. R. Leslie Anders, Dr. James Corey, and Dr. Conan Castle. Fourth Row: L. Ladd, W. Oden, C. Marsch, J. Morris, R. Frederick, B. Young. Third Row: D. Thurston, E. Roland F Smith .I Tempel L Anders S d , . , . , . . econ Row: D. Anson, D. Sherwood, N. Malan, R. Sherrill, L. Cusick, N. Pace, First Row: M. Lee, N. Honse, B. White, M. Horn, L. Cole. WESLEY FOUNDATION ...., ...e...v....s- Cnurcn, rms group sponsors a fall retreat at Eld d ora o Springs, freshman orientation activi- ties, Mid-Week Wesley Concerns, and recreational activities. Bill Hampton- is president of the organization. Other officers include Roger Delaney, vice president, Alice Morris, secretaryp Lyle Otto, treasurer. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Perry Me Candless and Dr. Robert Innis. Those Pictured Are: L. Otto, J. Parrott, V. Carlyle, K. Austin, M. Cole, B. LeRosen, J. Garner, D. Brening, B. Davidson, W. Stephens, L. Stewart, D. Deckard, B. Hampton, R. Delaney, N. Fulkerson, S. Hinds, S. Thomson, M. Hyatt, R. Innis, E. Diggs, A. Morris, A. Dyer, W. Williams, J. Treece, P. Sherard, P. Simmerman, T. Wright, G. White, K. Hall, J. James, A. Vopata, B. Arensmeier, S. Hilgedick, H. Thomson, L. Keisker. 170 ORCHESIS ,Furthering interest in all types of dance, especially in modern dance the Orchesis presented the' Christmas Convocation and spring program Janice Gudde, president, Doris Records, vice president, Jan Young, sec- retary, Pat Myers, treasurer, and Miss Florence Young, faculty sponsor are leaders of the organization. Third Row: Miss Young, M. Middleton, S. Snively, J. Fritts, M. Mieser Second Row: D. Records, D. Curry, L. Silver, M. Kemp. First Row: S. Walk- er, S. Thompson, J. Young, S. Dickey. I NURSING CLUB A new club organized to acquaint nursing students with each other and with their profession, the Nursing Club is sponsored by Mrs. Ethel Henderson, The group shows films and sponsors social gatherings. President, Janice Grimes, vice president, Ray Via, secretary, Brenda Dickerson, and treasurer, Judy Lay. Third Row: E. Henderson, B. Dickerson, C. Koppelman, M. GI'Clf1flelCl- Second Row: S. Mathews, H. Malloy, J. Lay. First Row: M. Floyd, B. Buz- zard, L. Tillman. SOCIAL DANCE CLUB rxnown as the Guys and Dolls dance club this grou s on d ll h , p p sore a -sc ool dances and brought such musicians as Jay McShann to campus. The organization teaches and promotes better dancing on campus. Miss Helen Gilbert is the sponsor. Those Pictured Are: W. Stephens, G. Smith, J. James, J. Larson, R. Oetting, J. Ramey, E. McMullin, J. Gossey, L. Davis, T. Seavey, J. Smith, G. Demand, R. Lowry, C. Famuliner, W. Hupp, R. Corder, D. Stout, D. Stick, A.John, L. Ryland, D. York, R. Seeley, J. Wright, A. Mond S. ' ' erow, Nichols, C. Hammerdiene, M. Groom. COLLEGIATE 4-H CLUB l l ............g -f-in clubs near our campus, helping college students maintain an active m b h' ' - ' ' em ers ip in 4H, and keeping up with state, national, and international 4-H club programs are the purposes of this group. Their activities for the yew' included monthly programs on safety, a Halloween party, repainting crosswalk lines, and a 4-H club radio program. Dr. Loren Granger sponsors the organization Of which Sharon Kelly is president, Tom Grimes, vice president, and Linda Colwell, secretary-treasurer. L Third Row: S. Meam, D. Reine, L. Granger, L. Norton, J. Tempel. Second ROWS L. Rugen, A. Dyer, R. Gander, M. Cole. First R : M. T ow opel, S. Kelley, R. Daugherty- INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S ASSOCIATIONS Promoting school spirit, increasing student civic interest, and providing more student participation in campus activities are this organization's aim. During the year they sponsored candidates for Home- coming Queen, Populur Girl, and RHETOR Queen. They also participated in Intramurals and held a party for freshman girls. Donna Anson is president, Rexann Lockard, vice president, Nelda Powell, secretary, and Ramona Bonar, treasurerp Dr. Laura Nahm and Mrs. Averyl Bishop are the faculty sponsors. Third Row: L. Nahm, J. Tempel, BI Bankus, S. Means, J. Miller, J. Miller, A. Bishop. Second Row: K. Spry, J. Jeffries, V. Velten, L. Graham, M. Lee, D. Anson. First Row: L. Rugen, K. Winingar, B. Wayatt, H. Finley, J. Putnam, R. Kruse. CMSC PLAYERS Wmterset The Doctor In Splte of Himself, and Flnlans Rainbow are this years CMSC Players presentations The group attempts to enrich an appreciation of the theatre Ed See president Jim Rolf, vice president Jody Kennedy secretary, and Jim Danielson treasurer, offlcuate with Dr Michael Kelly sponsoring the group Those Pictured Are M Salsbury M Groom, J Kennedy F Sanders, W Wolfe J Rolf B Ritter C Ricks M Kelly E See, P Meyer, S Snlvely J Doyle ll - ll ll - - - ll Il - - I ' fl I - . , , - . , I ' I i ' l I . , . - 1 ' ' ' . , , I , , , , . . - 1 ' ' Sponsoring the annual Dolphin Swim Show, this club sponsored by Miss Dorothy C l ' ' oeman, provides an opportunity for women students interested in swimming to ' ' and group synchronized saving and water safety 5 vice president, Eleanor increase their swimming skills by learning advanced stunts swimming. The club also sponsors Red Cross classes in life instruction during spring term. President, Marty Goodman Unruh, secretary, Nancy Thompsonp and treasurer, Mickey Lintner. Fourth Row: C. Heine, E. Unruh, J. Dietz, J. Green, H. Lindsey, C. Winkelmeyer, V. Roscoe, J. Bailey. Third Row: F. Bonnel M. Oeser, S. Dickey, A. Smith, L. Hays, A. Stewart, P. Meador Second Row: M. Culp, M. Lappin, L. Jones, D. Miller, D. Curry D. Coleman. First Row: M. Goodman, E. Murry, B. Steiner, J Walker, M. Lintner. 1 r ' M-CLUB DOLPHIN SWIMMING CLUB FRESHMAN MULEBACKERS . Support of the athletic teams and promotion of school spirit are the aims of the Freshman Mulebackers. Th is group is in its second year of activity on the CMS campus. Those Pictured Are: D. Sutton Hoffman, P. Worden. 'I74 , M. LaMont, J. Barnett, J. Day, S. Jennings, J. Promoting interest and participation in both sport and social activities, the "M" Club is a letterman's organization which renders its athletic services to the college. The alumni picnic, "M" Club Dance, and opera- ting the concession stands at home football games high- light their proiects of the year. The organization is under the leadership of Benny Geiringer, president, Bruce Johnson, vice president, Mickey Geiringer, secretary, and Jim Dahman, treasurer. Faculty sponsors are Dr. Glen Gerdes and Hal Yinger. Fourth Row: J. Thompson, R. Davey, J. Keeten, M. Noland. R. Moffett, T. K . H. Lane, B. Stoneman, C. Douglas, B. Gieringer, J. Leach. Second Row: D. Beattie, J. D'Alesio, B. Johnson, D. Keck, Mr. Gerdes. First Row: R. Harrison, D. Lewis, R. Cordes, H. Mayberry, T. Carlton, P. Collier. UHZ, J. Kleindienst Third ROW: COSMOPOLITAN CLUB ALPHA PHI OMEGA Promoting and developing service 19 hUmUniiY is ihis group's purpose. The Qfoup serves to assemble men in the fel- lowship of the scout oath and law. This Yew' Jerry Morie was president, Ken MU""Yf ViCe president, and Dave Street, secretary, Mr. R. E. Smith is the faculty sponsor. Fourth Row: C. Stone, K. Murry, J. Hayes T. Ebefwein, G. while, B. Larson. Third Row: R. Wholf, D. Jones, D. Kluttz, M, Parrish, G. Fisher. Second Row: D. Coonce, G. Sheets, D. Finley, J. Morie. First Row: M. Modoressi, D. Reznikoff. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Hugh Brady heads this organization which promotes student interest in international affairs. The members participated in the Missouri-Kanses Regional Collegiate Chapters of United Nations, March 5-7. The group is also affiliated with CCUN. Other officers are Charles Allard, vice president, and Calvin Owens, secretary- treasurer. Dr. R. Leslie Anders and Dr. Donald Powell sponsor the club. Third Row: L. Anders, C. Allard, H. Brady, D. Ferguson. Second Row: S. Omohundro, C. Owens, A. Hart. First Row: K. Gross, M. Wallis. M. Lee. Bringing together in friendly social gatherings students of different nationalities as well as American students, the Cosmopolitan Club sponsors such activities as a friendship tea, o picnic dinner, a float in the Homecoming parade, an all-school dance, and a spring picnic. President, Hector Diaz, vice president, Elias Handaly secretary, Betty Langendoerfer, and treasurer, Irai Hormozi. Fourth Row: Dr. Stoney, J. Hormozi, C. Strube, S. Chrisman, H. Diaz, E. Calloway. Third' Row: D. Coonce, M. Badie, K. Rhee, R. Hepburn, M. Granfield. Second Row: E. Handel, M. Modaressi, A. Marulando, Y. Park, J. Briggs, M. Lee. First Row: S. Tadrus, B. Langendoerfer, M. Bonatsou, M. Castro, M. Chassoul. 175 , YOUNG REPUBLICANS Xe To give students a better understanding of the Republican Party and a chance to participate in its activities is the aim of the Young Republicans Club. Under the leadership of Larry Taylor, president, the club heard guest speakers, held a spring picnic, attended state and district Republi- can conventions, and participated in Missouri Young Republicans activities. Other officers are Kenneth Lerbs, vice president, Pat Gossey, secretary, Melba Wallis, treasurer, and Dr. Donald Powell, sponsor. Those Pictured Are: Larry Taylor, Melba Wallis, Wayne Ackermann,Kenneth Lerbs, Marion Stump, Burlie Joe Brown, Bill Haun, Glynna Elliott, Jeanie Garner, Jan Hansen, Pat Gossey, Marjorie Finley, and Don Grainger. YOUNG DEMOCRATS CLUB l Young Democrats heard talks this year by Willoughby O'Connell, State Young Democrat President, John Arnold, Assistant Attorney General of Missouri, and Haskell Holeman, State Auditor. The group also attended Student Legislature Day at Jefferson City this spring. The organization, which encourages student interest in political and governmental affairs, was headed by president, Kay Clark, executive vice president, Willie Gaither, administrative vice president, J. D. Sellers, corresponding secretary, June De Witt, and recording secretary, Margaret Lee. Mr. Harry Wilkey is faculty advisor. Second Row: J. Sellers, A. Gerhardt, J. Scott, G. Pike, W. Gaither. First Row: K. Clark, N. Pace, M. lee, M. Center. 176 FRESHMAN COUNSELORS This group of upperclassmen assist the fiesh- men in becoming orientated to college life. During the summer before the freshman en- rolls, a counselor is assigned to him and cor- responds with him before he arrives at CMS. During Freshman Days and enrollment the counselor aids his counselee by introducing him to college facilities, other students, faculty, and organizations. CMS was one of the first colleges in the country to initiate such a pro- gram. STUDENT CENTER CABINET 1 Those Pictured Are: R. Sparks, M. Elliott, F. Street, D. Gilbert, S. Bittick, N. Yamane, C. Kammerdiener, W. Hupp, T. Murphy, M. Goodman, L. Renfrow, P. Glass, M. Elsloo, S. Baldwin, D. Curry, J. Sellers, A. Stewart, J. Tempel, A. Johnson, V. Martin, W. Welch,K. Witthar,M. Viebrock, S. Walker, J. Monaghan, A. Ward, W. Wolfe, B. Snyder, L. Uhrig, M. Center, D. Reznikoff, A. lmboden, K. Schellhardt, V. Roscoe, P. Meyer, D. Kluttz, D. Edde, P. Worder, Dr. Grieder. l Special dances, parties, and other activities are planned by ' this group headed by Bob Davis. Chairmen of the various commit- tees form the cabinet. They are: special activities, Marty Goodman and Doyle Cohickg dance and decoration, Barbara Snyder and Dan Cookp entertainment, Janice Gudde and Don Scotteng refreshments, Sandra Dawdy and Ken Olive, records, Walter Hupp and Carol Kammerdiener, and publicity, Shirley Walker and Sandy Plaskett. Third Row: B. Snyder. D. Cook, J. Coyle, C. Ricks, Miss Gilbert. , Second Row: K. Olive, S. Walker, B. Davis, W. Hupp. First Row: C. Kammerdiener, S. Dawdy, M. Goodman. 1 STUDENT CENTER COMMITTEL The Student Center Committee a member of the National Student Union Association is under the leadership of Bob Davis. The group plans and arranges numerous social activities such as the Freshman Talent Show, Homecoming Dance, Thanksgiving Dance, Christmas Formal, and various ,I rally dances. Miss Helen Gilbert is faculty co-ordinator of the committee. Fourth Row: D. Cohick, J. Stephen, R. Lewis, C. Ricks, G. Pike, P. Klamm, G. Kirchhofer, D. Eddie, D. Fortney. Third Row: K. Olive, E. Leasck, L. Renfrow, D. Hammett, S. Fine, J. Cowherd,-W. Hupp, L. Busch, J. Mattivi, K. Lafferty. Second Row: C. Parsons, C. Kelley, J. Batchelor, M. Whiting, M. Rion, S. Thompson, M. Russell, D. Sutton, D. Spradling, L. Jones. First Row: R. Wilson, S. . Walker, D. Deckard, L. Peck, E. Murry, T. Murphey, J. Grate, J.'Lovinger, C. Skelton, J. Guddeg J. Kennedy, C. Kammerdiener, D. Rose, J. Chrisman, S. Hubert, S. Johnson. I l i 5 177 3 a..w-mwwwmux leilielolla fl fl I FTAF-'F ll T The Chief approves final copy. Daryl Allen, RHETOR Editor. m "At last, some pages are ready." Gary Myers, asso- ciate editor. 178 i 1 ff., Write it, draw it, take it. Betty Wagner copy editor, John Chaisson, art editor Paul Schwartz, photography editor. Working to meet the deadline are Joe Degrado, Roger Tish, Melba Wallis, division editorjand Linda Wheeler. l "Now this picture goes here." Wayne Ackerman, division editor, tells Dee Deckard and Judy Fritts. "Who took THIS picture?" Paul Schwartz, photog- raphy editor, with Gordon White and Charles Young, photographers. wi Divisions editors, Clinton Ricks and Sue Dixon discuss outswith Bill Finley, Joyce Grate, and Jan McKenzie. page "Don't use that cut line," editor Betty Wagner frightj tells staff writers Al Vopata and Jim McDowell Cstandingl and Wanda Wolfe. 179 lay THE cmwnmwmreuxr Us STUDENT ,f65RI 55 ,Egg O 'gf X f f T gi ii: ak oFnciAL CAMPUS PUBLICATION . Uiggggff 1 ' ef sz, cs f Elie? The question is, "What goes in this week's paper?" Left to Right are STUDENT staff members: Wanda Wolfe, Larry Busch, Betty Wagner, Marion Stump, Barbara Schumaker, Ken Allen,and Phil Carter. "Who? Me, write an editorial?" asks retiring STUDENT editor Kenny Allen. Rolling 'em up. STUDENTS go out to subscribers. 180 Nm k'X'fTf7Q?k53 ,. ,X Busy? Well, l guess!" Betty Wagner, associate editor. 1 N, Aim 3 :Mal "Today's assignments are . . ." New editor Barbara Schumaker takes over. Cartoonist Larry Busch creates another laugh for the newspaper Wednesday, 5:45 p.m. Phil Carter re porter, meets the deadline. "Only six inches left on page 4?" Jerry Boy sports editor. ce, Another story is ready for the press. porter, reads copy. Wanda Wolfe, re if -we s in 74 ff .CQ .1 31 ff zu Q1 """ WI Z. , A Christmas concert, spring concert, March tours, and participation in the Uttmost musical show and Religious Emphasis Week were among the activi ties of the a cappella choir directed by Dr. Ralph E. Hart. Membership in the 65 to 70 voice group is by tryout only. W- Alfbrd. J- Appleberry, S. Bailey, J. Bartlett, C. Beach, R. Becker, D. Boice, L. Buntin, C. Clark, J. Combs, J. Conlon, D. Cordrey, D. Curry, D. Deckard, F. Devenport, J. DeWitt, E. Donnell, R. Dryer, J. Dunn, C. Edmonds, S. Etter, J. Evans, J. Fisher, G. Frankenfeld, N. Fulkerson, J. Fuchs, M. Geary, E Grace, D. Grainger, J. R. Harrison, D. Hord, R. Jennings, L. Keisker, S. Kelley, M. Kemper. H. Kirts, J. Knipschild, D. LaRue, M. Lenox, T. Lewis, J. Lutte, R McCrea, J. Martin, C. Maxon, G. Meinburg, J. Minthorn, M. Morrison, S. Muchmore, E. Murry, C. Parsons, L. Patterson, L. Patterson, S. Plaskett, L. Ren- frow, C, Regan, M. Rion, C. Robinson, F. Selby, C. Sloan, C. Smith, B. Stalling, M. Starkebaum, A. Stewart, J. Stockton, W. Thomas, D. Thurston, B. Tising, J. Totten, J. Vannatta, J. Vedder, J. Willis, J. Wilson, K. Winkelmeyer, G. Yeager, M. Yung. 182 ff r A CAPPELLA CHOIR 'pk 1 gangs 5 764 l The Chorus IS open to all students who like to sang with membershnp this year totaling about 80 students The group sang ata Thanksglvmg Convoca 'hon participated In Christmas carolmg and took part nn Rehglous Emphasis Week Mr Conan Castle IS the director Those Pictured Are C Anderson C Asman K Austln B Bankus F R Baumgartner C Beckman D Bedwell M Belker A Bell S Bertz E Blesemeyer R Burk F Bonnel J Buck M Campbell G Catron M Center J Cossalrt D Craven R Daugherty B Davidson J Dixon K Elledge D Ellerbeck M Elwell G Fisher P Gosse R Griswold M Hanson D Heath C Heine M Hlgglns S Hllgecllck M Hutchlson J Jeffers J Jobe J Altoy R John Mawson C McCune L McPherson S Means R Motslnger D Mowlav: C Muchmore G Myers J Nclshan S Mlsseh A Oettmg J Parrott V Paterson N Paxton M Pllant D Reed R Robertson M Rogers F Raszell D Shlrley M Simmons M Smlthpeters B Spoor R Stolz M Tabor E Trewett L Uhrug A Ward R Whrte P Whittle D Wood P Yocum , , . . . - ' : . , . , . ' , . , . . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' , . l , . , . , . , . , . , , ' , . , . , - ' . . l , . , . . , . ' , . y, . ' , . , . , , ' , . ' ' , . ' ' , . ' , . , . , . , . - son, M. Koch, D. Kullman, M. Lamont, B. Langencloerfer, J. Lay, B. Lazenby, S. Littlefield, S. Lenhert, J. Lyon, H. Malloy, N. Mansfield, S. Mathews, N , . , . , . , . A , . l, - . , . , . , . . , . ' , . , . , . , . ' , . , . , . , . , . l , . ' , . . , . , . , . , . , . 183 pl T' I 1,I , , 1 I 'Q Ii 1 , . 1, Q ii :!' I il? IE' :if li' ii ll iii lt If IW QI lilllizlg iw gift. A I r 3 It ill tif 5 1 I 5 'Q I , 1 ' , it li l. li li. Ii I .ii li is If 1 ll 11 1 lr ll ll : ,. ,N .-I rw 1' 'I In 'i 4 15-1 . ii I 51: 5 'i li. ii' ll Iv it al' I . l II, 'I s QI ' .I E Ili ig? ll ' Ii ei, , . I" ei l" ., 1, i 1 ls fit .QV 15. ffl? Iii Q, fi ,iii ill i,I li? L. ll .tg i I I .I i J I rl I I I I I gi I I I .I ai 5 II I L? I , i .- X132 l me fu-p-ece concert nana unaer the direction ot Mr. Donald O. Braatz gives a series of performances throughout the year both on campus and at high schools in the Central Missouri district. The marching band operates during fall term and plays at all home football ames as well as h' ' , g marc mg in various parades in the area. Bb CLARINET: C. Asman, J. Conlon, L. Lutte, B. Davidson, B. Stalling, D. Mawson, A. Skaggs, D. Hord, S. Loudon, J. Fuchs, E. Unruh. Eb CLARINET: J. Thrasher. OBOE: S. Kelley. FLUTE: M. Higgins, M. Rion, M. Wilson, M. Starkebaum, B. Lazenby, S. Bertz. FRENCH HORN: D. Stewart, S. Bailey, C. Sloan S. Shipp, M. Horn, R. Dr er L. H th' . SA - ' y , u c ison XOPHONE. J. Nashan, V. Velten, E. Barnes, E. McMullln. ALTO CLARINET: l.. Graham. BASS CLARINET: cf Eckert, M. Middleton. TRUMPET: J. Minthorn, D. Johnson, L. Bollinger, J. Bockelman, C. Beach, S. Driver, D. Shepherd, J. Shy. BARITONE: N. Fulkerson, J. Hansen, S. Lenhert. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: l.. FOX, R. Wilson. TENOR SAXOPHONE: G. Donle B. M'II . BASSOO : ' I y, i er N J. Wright, M. Morrison. PER- CUSSION: D. Berkemeyer, M. Nash, G. Haas, A. Yourko. SOUSAPHONE: M. Pilant, D. Heath, L. Keisker. TROMBONE: K. Cash, L. Smith. D. Reed, E. Lamb, D. Bedwell, B. Motsinger. ORCHESTRA TWIRLERS 5 x Left to Right: Pat Murphy, Pat Wehmeir, Shirley Hilgedick, Virginia Martin, Judy Burns, Joe Smith. 184 'cMs coNcERT BAND Under the direction of Dr. Hugh Williams, the college orchestra furnishes accompaniment for various events. These in- clude a Christmas Concert, a spring concert with outstanding seniors as soloists, guest concerts, and concerts at high schools in the college area. The orchestra is composed of 50 students. 1 1 lst VIOLINS: S. Muchmore, M. Hoover, J. Livesay, J. Shaw, S. Etter, E. Donnell, P. Castle, H. Haymaker. 2nd VIOLINS: R. Binder, D Sinclair E Shockey C Beach, J. R. Harrison, M. Mansfield, J. Fisher. VIOLAS: F. Smith, A. Roberson, M. Wilson, L. Moore,IJ. berry. FLUTES- M. Starkebaum, S. Bertz. OBOES: D. Houchins,H. Galloway. CLARINETS: L. Lutte, D. Hord. BASSOON: M..Mor rison. HORNSL L. Hutchinson, R. Dryer, M. Horn. TRUMPETS: J. Minthorn, L. Bollinger, D. Johnson. TROMBONES: B. Motsmger, E. Lamb, S. Lehnert. PERCUSSION: D. LaRue. ' 185 DeWitt. CEl.LCDS: S. Kelly, Osher, G. Fisher, J. Cossairt, J. Frankenfeld, V. Wynn. BASS: W. K. Thomas, S. Enzenquer, J. App e- if II ll 1.. l'I ll Ii EI I3 ii I 1 I 1 , .. -......-.-,- L -711 V 1 M---If - A ' -4...A.-.14-e-14 :MM -3-ff. 44,4, ,M 5 r ,. t 1 I X. 1 1 Az A 1 I, li I It I. H1 i ICOLHECON CLUB ENGLISH CLUB I and trains young women to be efficient leaders in home ' life. Dr. Lanice Moore is the sponsor. This group for students interested in home econom- ics forms a connecting link between home and school Fourth Row: C. Norton, D. Masehmeier, C. Stegner, C. Stegner, J. Rucker, L. Blackwell, K. Strode. Third Row: S. May, K. Austin, B. Gammon, D. Reine, P. Lampkin, J. Beard. -Second Row: B. Templeton, J. Higgins, M. Middle- ton, S. Shipp, D. Armes, C. Beckman, J. Flower. First Row: C. Skelton, J. Waters, M. Rogers, R. Sallee, H. Finley. Officers are president, Diane O'Malley, vice presi- dent, Bob Eastin, secretary, Karen Kingg and treasurer Fleta Smith. Dr. Velma Taylor is faculty sponsor with Mr. Clifford Wood as co-sponsor. Fourth Row: Dr. Greet, D. O'Malley, J. Barnett, B. LeRosen, R. Eastin, J. Garnes, D. Taylor. Third Row: B. Craig, A. Hamilton, L. Cusids, K. King, J. Britt, C. Tittis. Second Row: B. Gammon, M. Groom, J. Neth, F. Smith, P. Sim- merman, M. Derstler, M. Lee. First Row: B. Plupps, M. ' Finley, S. Terry, M. Brown, P. Weaver. I ASSOCIATION OF CHILDHOOD EDUCATION I-..c..:. smves ro promote education and well-being of children and desirable practices in the elementary school. The organization presented a story hour for the lab school, repaired kindergarten easels, gave a gift to the cerebral palsy center, made homecomin and Chrit d ' ' ' g smas ecorations, held bake sales, exhibited A.C.E publications at P.T.A. meetings, and presented an A.C.E. award to the outstanding member at the sen' t I lor ea. Meri yn Rutherford, president, Jo Ann Wittman vice president- Linda Stewart, secrt - , , , eary, and Kathy Park treasurer. Dr. Kathleen Ranson and Dr. Kleta Finley are sponsors. Fourth Row: V. Carlyle, J. Wittman, P. Bybee, B. Young, C. Shotwell, J. Martin, Dr. Ranson. Third Row: R. Finklang, I. Roy, M. Held, L. Holse, L. McPherson, J. Cools. Second Row: M. Yamomoto, J. Jefferies, J. Morris, P. Glass, L. Stewart, K. Parls, A. Schultz. First Row: D. Deckard, N. Yamane, M. Rutherford, E. Trewett, J. Oetting, M. Bond. STUDENT NATIONAL EDUCATION ASSOCIATION A membership drive In October sending delegates to district and state teachers meetings participating in Homecoming and Christmas decorating contests taking part In American Education Week and Education Day and holding an annual banquet ln May were activities of the SN EA during the past year It is an organization designed to ard the future teacher in planning for that profession. Officers are Judith Morris, president, Bob Eastm, vice president: Ruth Sparks, secretary, and Charles Ballah, treasurer. Dr. Grant Clothier, Dr. Kleta Finley, Dr. Eugene Keffer, and Dr. Marion Schott are the faculty sponsors. Those Pictured Are: C. Weddle, A. Schultz, M. Fairman, C. Ballah, S. Bittick, M. White, J. Oetting, J. Morris, D. Harmes, M. Ya- mamoto, B. Snyder, V. Carlyle, L. Wheeler, J. Dixon, N. Adams, K. Park, P. Glass, H. Weber, B. Arensmeier, N. Malan, L. Lutte, J. Qualls, M. Ellis, B. Hampton, L. Hoke, M. Rutherford, J. Robinson, E. Truett, L. Uhrig, M. Walker, P. Bybee, B. Bowers, G. Fisher, K. Gass, C. Aki, J. Higgins, C. Howard. L. McPhearson, N. PoweI1l,l K. Hall, J. Uga, S. Mansfield, B. Hodges, M. Center, J. Waits, D. Brening, M. Robinson, I. Roy, G. Lappin. J. Rucker, G. Patter'son,r B. Yates, B. Young, J. Urich, B. Tising, L. Cusick, G. Okada, M. Pedego, D. Glass, M. Rion, P. Lampkin, J. Appleberry, S. Temple, W. Sims, R. Walker, N. Brame, D. Dittmer, P. Lovinger, S. Baldwin, A. Powell, S. Johnson, D. Maschmier, M. Esloo, C. Gay. CRESCENDO CLUB The Crescendo Club, sponsored by the Music Division, promotes appreciation of good music a helps to bring students of similar interests closer together. The- Christmas convocation and winter pro- duction of "Utt-Most" were two activities sponsored by the club this year. Officers are Larry Lutte, presl- dent, John Minthorn, vice president, Arlene Stewart, secretary, Beverly Stalling, treasurer, Dr. Ralph nd Hart, faculty sponsor. Those Pictured Are: S. Muchmore, G. Fischer, E. Unru h, M. Morrison, S. Kelley, R. Hart, M. Starkeljalgmlg Smith, B. Stalling, L. Luth, J. Conlon, R. Dryer, C. Asman, M. Geary, P. Daugherty, A. Stewart, - I5 G 1 C. Parsons, L. Ke Etter, L. Buntin. isker, D. Mawson, J. Fuche, M. Mansfield, J. Hansen, D. Reed, J. Wilson, B. Tising, S. 187 ACCOUNTING CLUB A departmental group, the Accounting Club is organized to better acquaint ac- counting maiors with the field of account- ing. The club sponsors a field trip and a Christmas party, and helps sponsor the annual Commerce Day and the Commerce- rama. President, Paul Sherardp vicepresi- dent, Felix Winckler, secretary-treasurer, Dan Scotteng and faculty sponsors, Mrs Mildred Lass and Mr. Keith Scott. Fourth Row: K. Scott, G. Smith, K. Murray M. Smithpeters, R. Schmidt, B. Jensen, M Lass. Third Row: R. Crede, G. Brenner, R. Meyer, N. Meyer, L. Finck, G. Franklin. Second Row! N. Acker, J. Otto, R. Sherrell, W. Stackhouse, G. Schneider. First Row: P. Sherard, 'R. Nichols, T. Bax, E. Linville, 1 GENERAL BUSINESS CLUB BUSINESS EDUCATION CLUB I I I Organized to promote a better under- standing of the business field by interested students, the General Business Club spon- sors the Commerce-rama and a picnic in the spring. President, Luther Roasap vice president,Charles Streumphplsecretary, Wayne Thurman, treasurer, Bob Davis, and sponsor, Dr. James Britton. Third Row: J. Britton, G. Stone, C. Streumph, M. Polmer. Second Row: W. Thurman, D. Kyser, S. Tritt. First Row: M. Stump, S. Scott, J. Embleton. I Lea DY Marilyn Walker, presidentf Kay Witthar, vice presidentf and Nadine Malan, secretary- treasurerp this club serves to encourage interest in business education. The organization keeps the student informed on trends of business teaching as well as aiding him in becoming a more successful business teacher. Dr. Lucas Sterne is the faculty sponsor. Third Row- L Logue N Mal B Sk' . . , . an, . inner, E. Roland, K. Buzard. Second Row: D. Anson, M. W lk ' ' ' a er, S. Dixon, V. Velten. First Row: E. Diggs, G. Wisdom, M. Th 188 ompson, M. Adams, C. Brown. I AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY MERCHANDIS NG, AND RETAILING CLUB The newest organization at CMS, the American Chemi- cal Society, strives to acquaint and prepare chemistry students with the various fields in chemistry such as engineering, industry, and teaching. Activities during the year included a banquet with a guest speaker, spring trip to a chemical plant in Kansas City, and a spring banquet honoring seniors. Serving as officers are president, Claude Roe, vice president, Dwayne Brizindine, and secretary- , treasurer, Shirley Ehrhardt. Mr. Don Marchand and Dr. J. Paul Morris are faculty sponsors. Headed by Ralph lewis, the Merchandising and Re- tailing Club, a group of students interested in that field, sponsors guest speakers, social activities, demonstrations, and Commerce Day. Other officers are vice president, Joe Williams, secretary, Marty Toelp treasurer, Phillip Kepley, and faculty sponsor, Mr. Richard Lane. Third Row: T. Burgess, R. Wodds, J. Metz, R. Woods, J. Kleindiest. Second Row: R. Lane, K. Lerbs, H. Wagner, L. McClellan, C. Klaus, J. Buck. First Row: J. Fields, D. Rose, R. Drummond, A. Hayob, W. Jones. Fourth Row: W. Napolitani, T. Eberwein, D. Brizindine, B. Hallier, R. Robertson, L. Moore. Third Row: L. Mohn. C. Roe, R. Delaney, D. Glass, Dr. Morris. Second Row: M. Baumann, R. Buso, B. Yu, J. Larson, R. Taylor, J. Morie. First Row: G. Bishop, S. Ehrhardt, K. Suh, B. Bowman. SECRETARIAL SCIENCE CLUB This club, which is composed of students interested in secretarial science as a profession, sponsors guest speakers, a Christmas party, 0 Held 'VIP fo U large corpomllon' movies, and panel discussions. The president is Pat Selover, vice president, Jan Young: secretary-treasurer, Marcia Elliott, and sponsor, Mr. Charles Kuhn, JV- Fourth Row: L. Armstrong, J. Smith, M. Elliott, N. Grishman, P- Maasen, gfqfcls, Johnson. Third Row: J. Raschke, D. Kehm, D. Kullmann, D. Morrison, . u on,. . George. Second Row: J. Swain, P. Selover, P. Schreiner, P. HOIITIGH, Av PUP9- Flfff Row: N. Hunt, L. Colwell, R. Austin, J. Young, G. Merten, I.. How. 189 INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB I lhis club has eve op- ment among students cmd faculty members interested in Industrial Arts They s onsor a - P fall party, a Homecoming float, an Industrial Arts Round-up of local high schools, and president, John Murphy, secretary, James Hage- as its purpose the promotion of fellowship and professional d a field trip. President, Frank Droz, vice man, treasurer, Luther Dameron, and faculty sponsor, Mr. Eddie Nass. Those pictured are: J. Hageman, J. Blasingame, M. Modaressi, M. Badie, J. Young, D. Boedeker, A. McNiece, J. Ramey, L. Dameron, W. Brame, D. Nass, T. Gray, T. Gaines, M. Jenkins, D. Wisner. AGRICULTURE CLUB sruaents and taculty of CMS promote fellowship and pro fessional development among themselves in this organization This years activities in cluded a club banquet and a 4H Club party Officers are president Albert Gerhardt vice president Richard Young secretary Jerry Parrott and treasurer Larry Ferguson Faculty sponsors are Dr Loren Granger and Mr E P Low Third R row er J Parrott L Granger Second Row D Sherwood J Ramey C Cotterell R Young First Row L Dameron D Wisner D Summers J Lleser ow L Ferguson F Adamire A Gerhardt R C d MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB l The Modern Foreign Language Club made its first appearance on CMS campus this year. It isxthe purpose of the organization to furnish a deeper un- derstanding of the various languages taught on campus. The club's officers in- clude Shirley Walker, president, Clinton Ricks, vice president, Max Marsh, second vice president, and Judy Rathbun, secretary-treasurer. Third Row: K. Cash, C. Weine, D. Dittmer. Second Row: L. Bright, S. Johnston, J. Rathbun. First Row: S. Walker. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Field trips sponsored by this club are made to institutions for the mentally retarded. lt serves to bring together students who are majoring or minoring in psychology or are interested in the field. Stimulating interest in the psychology department is the club's purpose, Glenn Gooch, Jr., led the group as president with Paul Schwartz as vice president and Karen King as secretary-treasurer. Sponsoring the club is Dr. Arthur Ter Keurst. Second Row: H. Caskey, G. Gooch, P. Schwartz. First Row: R, Caskey, B. Hoffman. 191 I I I . I I I la V I I I I I I I I I I I I I ii I l l I, I I i , If ill rl LI l J 1 I I 'I .I I WOMEN'S RECREATIONAL ASSOCIATION PHYSICAL EDUCATO RS CLUB Qlilili I il' I I UI... ,EI I I ,I ,,.. ,, 25,232 Il ,Ill l I 'fi I , ' Iijqlgg ,I " It llll l IWXIIQIQ gf' u 'I mil- f , lllillz I" I., f IHZYI ,Illh lllli' ,Q III 1 "3 . 2 Providing recreation for women students in intramural sports is the aim of this organization. The president of the group is Carol Weddle with Mickey Linter as vice president and Marlene Mawson as secretary-treasurer. Miss Dorothy Coleman sponsors this organization. The Physical Educators Club strives to help students better understand the physical education field and its prob- lems. 'The men of the organization brought guest speakers to campus and sponsored other events during the year. Those Pictured Are: L. Sandbothe, J. Alton, L. Ford, B. Burton, T. Goddard, G. Lewis, B. Poynter, D. Stick, D. Otig, D. McNelly, H. Lane, C. Pieper, D. Davis, G. Mudd, N. Adams, M. Fair- man, D. Dial, D. Hutchinson, F. Comp- ton, J. Griggs, G. Kirchhofer, G. Mc- Farland, H. Collier, T. Donovan, F. Rees. 192 Third Row: N. Otto. Second Row: L. Hessel, C. Weddle, S. Baldwin. First Row: J. Bailey, M. Mawson. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MAJORS CLUB rresnaent, Judy Llarke, vice president, Marie Lintner, secr Weddle, and faculty sponsor, Miss Jessie Jutten. etary, Wanda Sims, treasurer, Carol Those Pictured Are: M. Litner, K. Hansen, W. Sims, C. Weddle, S. Baldwin, S. Snively, H. Weber, R. Walker, M. Lappin, C. Oltman, C. Nichols, B. Allen, P. Wadick, J. Bailey, L. Callaway, D. Dale, S. Williams, S. Jennings, W. Small, A. Downer, B. Coleman, P. Matlak, M. Kemp, L. Dyche, N. Covey, M. Gist, H. Lindse M. M' k J. y, in s, Stockton, N. Roelofson, M. Bartz, M. Elwell, S. Starr, M. White, M. Mawson, J. Stacker, L. Carter. X 4 ATHLETICS N xx xx 'n x 'x N I vfly + Q00 GQ' STATE f Tooiliall Tum Row One: R. Reznikoff, Coach Hittner, N. Patrick, P. Collier, Coach Allen, Coach Waxlax, J. C. Stevens. Row Two: J. Wilson, J. Jesse, R. Moffet, J. Dahman, T. Kunz, M. Noland, D. Loehner, S. Russell, M. Davis, C. Kouns. Row Three: Coach Yinger, H. Lane, E. Rankin, D. Lewis, F. Lewis, C. Douglas, J. D'Alesio, J. Boyce, B. Dawson, H. Mayberry, Coach Tremble, Row Four: F. Glowatz, B. Johnson, B. Kaufman, N. Allen, J. Keeton, R. Mountioy, R. Beatty, D. Keck, T. Clark, D. Whitefield. Rqw Five: P. Childress, R. Phillips, R. White, F. Fritzke, P. Nichols, G. McMichaels, D. Otey, P. O'Toole, L. Shepherd, J. Lloyd. Row Six: R. Cruse, J. Wekenberg, C. Scrogins, D. McNelley, H. Gray, L. Kish C- Maddox, K- Stark, G. Bozarth, E. Swafford, W. Fredickson. Playing a 10-game schedule, the Central Mis- souri State Mules finished the 1959 season with a record of three wins and seven losses. The Mules came out ahead in the Homecoming game by downing the Maryville Bearcats, 18-13. This was the first Homecoming victory for the Mules in several years. In other conference games the Mules fell to Rolla, 20-34, to Kirksville, 17-26, to Springfield, 8-28, and to Cape Girardeau, 7-42. Non-conference play saw the Mules victorious against Emporia, 23-21, and against Pittsburg State, 27-26. Defeat came at the hands of Morningside, 6-14, Lincoln, O-6, and Arkansas State, 6-54. Junior halfback Jerry Boyce was selected to the MIAA all-conference football team-the only Mules player to be accorded this honor. Boyce finished second in the scoring division and was among league leaders in every department. 194 ..-. 1 .. ,Kw-ff , ,4,. , , W, . Y , ff ' - fr' fx ' v --'- "',.,.. .- 'W' r 1 ' I - A "' F ' , K " " '-ii My L U V 5 T ,gr. 'W-7, ' g,,f4I'.,ffVf' H W.,,.,., , Q '-,' 2 ' f , " .'.' Graduate assistant Robert Waxlax and head football coach Hal Yinger fbottom rowj watch a Mules' play with Robert Hittner and Robert Allen, assistant line coaches, and Neal C. Tremble, assistant football coach. i Blockers clear path for Mules Touchdown Mule prepares for Bearcat pounce Mules gallop into action. Cqreful how you call that one! N 4 I 1 5 Whoops, I missed! C 2159: ,356 ff-. .4 CMS cheerleaders are: lback rowl Sandy Nichols, Jane Shafer, Bob Hash, Glenna Downs and Janice Gudde. fFront rowl Nancy Porter, Roberta Austin, Dixe Davis, Sandra Dickey. Cheerleaders give a yell at basketball game. 5 Mules' yell ends in split. 197 , "offG'Gq' Newest building on campus is the James R. Garrison Gymnasium dedicat- ed. last December 8. The modernistic gray and pale green building is constructed of Warrensburg sandstone and structural steel. Interior view of new gymnasium shows home basketball court edged by 500 opera type seats. Total seating capacity is 3500 in the new athletic building which houses four other regular size courts. 198 Governor Blair pays tribute to his friend, the late Judge James R. Garrison, for whom Cen- tral Missouri State's new gymnasium is named. Earl Keth Varsity Basketball Coach Highlights of the Mules' 1959-60 basketball season included the victory over Emporia State, and the ,spirited game with the Evansville flndianat Purple Aces. ln the first game with Emporia State, the Mules suffered a 45-70 defeat, but in the second game on the home court the Mules rebounded to upset the highly touted Emporia Team. The Evansville game was the first to be played in the new Garrison Gymnasium, and' although the Mules kept a good pace during the first half, they fell by an 81-71 score. g The Mules ended the season in fifth spot in MIAA competition defeating Rolla in three successive games. High point man for the year was Gene Mudd with 185 points. Close behind with 184 points was Tom Bickman. Joe McFarland, a freshman who gave a good performance during the latter part of the season, came out as high point man per game average. Scores of this season's games and the Mules' opponents were: Ottawa, 60-571 College of Emporia, 66-71, Emporia State, 45-70, Evansville, 71-81, Washburn University, 59-691 Emporia State, 67-605 Washburn University, 72-695 St. Ambrose, 67-75, Kirksville, 88-747 Rolla, 77-54, Maryville, 49-59, Pittsburg, 65-69, Springfield, 48-76, Cape Girardeau, 74-76, Kirksville, 67-887 Maryville, 61-69, Springfield, 57-69, Rolla, 74-695 Cape Girardeau, 53-84. l l Bickham eludes the Purple Aces for a Mule two pointer. Q Twig Fred Oshel Assistant Basketball Coach Another field goal for the mules,cour tesy of Goldberg. 199 Gene Mudd -f -,f MLW, Tom Bickhcm Louis Sandbothe wtf' Russ Childress Ted Goldberg 200 Larry Marks WW" vcr' " 1 ?5f' ,wp , I XV Dy, X nm. ,,,.f ,.n'f'i' I J. T. Magness Jerry Ragland J... ' f , Paul Thornsberry John Shehone Sigma Tau Gamma's Intramurals Championship football team. l The Organizations Leagues' basketball champs, the Dick Reznikoff tries the trampo- AKLIS' line. 202 The volleyball tournament is in full swing. - Who called This Timeout anyway? Women inframurals include basketball ibedllivl l fl RI-IETCDIQ lllillmml M Acacia ---4------ a cappella Choir --- Accounting Club --- Agriculture Club ,,.. Alpha Gamma Delta --- -,-..- Alpha Kappa Lambda -- --- Alpha Phi Delta ..... Alpha Phi Omega --- Alpha Phi Sigma ..... ---w-- Alpha Sigma Alpha --...,c--..---- American Chemical Society ,M..... Association of Childhood Education .... Association of Women Students ...,.... Band ................. ...ff .... Baptist Student Union Basketball Action Shots Basketball Coaches s-- Basketball Team ...... --- Best Dressed Girl -M Beta Alpha ........ Beta Beta Beta ........ ...... Board of Regents ....... -4 --- 6 Business Education Club --- ..... --.. 188 Campus Buildings ....... .... Campus Life ..... ..... - - 123-138 Canterbury Club --- ..... ........ - 168 Cheerleaders ..... Class Officers --- ....... - --- CMSC Players --- Colhecon ........ College Chorus MQ-- Cosmopolitan Club ........... .... Crescendo Club .............. -- Deans .......... .-... - -- --- 6 Dedication ....-..................... 3 Dedication of Garrison Delta Zeta ...........,.....,s... 144, Division Chairmen .................... 7 Dolphins ....... 204 English Club -- Physical Education Maiors - Pi Kappa Delta ......... Pi Kappa Lambda .,..... Pl Omega Pi .,-------- Popular Boy and Girl --- President ............. Prexy Club ..... Psychology Club -- RHETOR Queen ...... RH ETOR Staff ........... Secretarial Science Club -- Seniors --.. ........ -- -------- 192 ---- 166 ----- 167 ------ 166 116,117 -------- 4 ---- 163 --- 191 108, 109 178, 179 -------- 189 ----- 31-61 Sigma Kappa .......... 146, 147 Sigma Sigma Sigma ....... 148, 149 Sigma Tau Delta ..-. .-... ...... 1 6 6 Sigma Tau Gamma --- ...... 158, 159 Sigma Zeta ........... .... 1 67 Social Dance Club ....... --- 172 Special Services ....---.....,,--,- 12.14 Student Student Center Committees .......... 177 Christian Association Cabinet -- 177 Student Christian Association .......... 168 Student Government Assembly Student ---- ---- 16 Government Association ........ 15 Faculty ........ M..---.--- - ------ - Football Action - ..... --.----- 1 95, Football Coaches - ......--.. ----- - Football Team -- ----- 4-H Club ........... Freshman Counselors ....... .----- - - Freshman Mulebackers Gamma Delta ........ .-----.- General 'Business Club ....... Graduates ............. ........ Homecoming Activities ..-- Homecoming Queen .............. 110, 111 Houts-Hosey Hall Council ............. Independent Women's Association Student National Education Association -- 187 Student Staff .....---......,.-- 180, 181 Supreme Court -- ,.------,,----- 16 Tau Kappa Epsilon .-... ..,,--,- 1 60, 161 Todd Hall Council --.,,., ,,---,- 1 8 Traffic Court ...,. --,, ---- 1 6 Twirlers ..... .,,----- - , 184 Underclassmen .,,-,,--,------,---- 62-99 United Campus Christian Fellowship .... 170 Wesley Foundation ,,---,,------- ---- 1 70 Who's Who ...,,,,,,-,-,,,- U 120.122 Women's Recreation Association -- .... 192 Yeoter Hall Council ...........-. H, 19 Young Democrats Club -------------- 176 Young Republicans Club --- --- 176 Industrial Arts Club ......... .. ..c.. - lnter-Frate rnity Council International Relations Club --- ..----- Intramurals ......,....... --- 202, Kappa Delta .... - .,.. ...... - Kappa Mu Epsilon --- Kappa Omicron Phi -- Kappa Sigma Kappa -- --- 154, Mace and Torch --- ...... - --- M-Club .............. ............ Men's Dorm Councils ............... Merchandising and Retailing Club ------ liahoma ............ -.- ---- Mio-Cortislim? Pusisc UBHARV 15616 EAST 24 HzGHwAY Modern Foreign Language Club ....... Most Beautiful Coed .......... -- Mr. and Miss School Spirit ........ --- Newman Club ................ ..- Nursing Club ...... Oak Hill Council -- Orchesls s,........ Orchestra E......... Pan-Hellenic Council -,- -a--- Phi Sigma Epsilon ......,, .,.. 1 56, Physical Education Club INDEPENDENCE, MISSOURI 64050 l 1 I 1 i 1 1 1 i t 5 ,I E 1 C gy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS Publnshers Manufacturers Yearbooks Yearbook Covers x l Diplomas Graduatuon Announcements Factory - Home Office Kansas City, Mo. U.S.A. ,' gt f ..,M,....., 5:1 . -ff -ff-V -N11-if :"'f.,,,"f,,,QQI"f",,, ' wil. 'L' fu '-A T. V11 -ig f-l,.,...,,igf,,::V:,,, ,qu-g-,.,.:Y...,.,f,., tw fy V f Q V . 7 ..-A--T-y.,..---.N M-M -iffy'J?45F'll'DN?umy--Mu..kl!M"':41J -L5 ., ' M3914-', " 1: Q' ' '. 5 .xml AA ii 7......f. .,,,, 1 " 1 . 1 - x . - f , x. . 1 -.- . -.. -V 1 xf, , 4. 1, ' k'. . fa .V 1,1 , N 1 w 1 1 , i q 4 if I 4. . 1.95, A ' , 1 . ., .,. M S". , , s ., , t- w -.,. . vw... fs 5--I , A . f f 1 '. 4 . , Q .x s ' " 'Wx . 'S 1 x X Nw W' di. 1 K 1' ..,, I f x ' ,. . 's' -, - , 1 , ,X . I . ,A - . 5. 4 Y- X. N , ,r , w 'f w . I 4- .A 1 Q V -' , ' ' , W-. ., :...:f1.Qax .. C " ' H- ' ' ,,.,-, q.,, up., ,F W 1 ,- . V , g ,-1' -' ., ' y ffsf vg-,k,,-.,,,' 5 - -' Q . V' 1 . 1.54, V V.-:z at V - A 1 V,,.,....,V . - ,L-.fl f ,.f.-:f.lQ'-24350--. 1tr'2'n1-ea-fin:-,:,g 4 - -A-U : - - 1" "W L--,---7 : T-,,. f 1 'fa g -: V V Q-'V' :31.V 'VV , ,.-, V ,, , .. V - V ,. . X V 4 ' V f . , f VX . . .,.,... .V.- K... N :,,- V-x. -.-.g..--.-,4.-.,-.A-.-an-V,..,,-... .. ,-,-p,,4,.-QQV...-...P... ,- A--,V--.....+-. .,-4.L,,,-.4..-V :,. .V , .. . . , , . - -1-m.Vf--V, -1 ,,...,,, ,, f . ,, V X . Rf. .x-KT. ,.. 1. .-..,f, , J L .,,, ,, - .. ,g.k....1 -,,.....,.,,.,,,,.,,,,g....,L-.,. ------..,....., ,,.,. . . V .. ,-pff-.4,.- , n.. A M .K ,K ,M 2- -. U V 3 : - V . x M- 'fu ,Qgx ?!f-3 i 2 A Eg sz V. 5fn l 1, 1 , M i "if if 5 z 1 21 : V' 4 i i V 1 x g V b M, :V H V , ' Q V V JV V 1 il 1 5. k, :i , f K , .. 1" V . . Ar.. 'EIA + r V if f, .. 2 7 5 fJf.l ? V 13 i, i . I ,r haf' ...J-.-Q.:-M.. -1 sx'P"""""2""'2' D su -vw.,--L ,.,...,.....,-uu:e '-"-- 'yn- - ,, , , .- V V .. ... fb.--1:.r:1-,1f.. ., . . 5gfj::fiTg::::ixii!-gi-1,":iiFli'J5i.1T,g?' Y-11V--j'f,Pf'.- ' 'S 1" ' ' " f ' ' ' 1 , ' ,. , ,, M., V . ,L . ' Y , T-A 1 .L,,,-,Vgff..Au:-'isnt::f1:.r7-.-2:-zf:-1V-fn-,Vq,A.ggg.Q-:-fg.1':. V,f.5:1.g-- f- - , --1 fp - ' -1'--, .- ,. , . - . - 4 ,- -, p , V. ..,.-.... . V , ., - -: ,,.....4 1 -,A , f-,Lo VV, W- apr.-:f,'.gg: .,f,1V,1f'.-f--,1 -gf:-'JV'-1-.L.-,-f -. .4- V - V 1 - .. : , f-fVfj-gf-, g-- V ' ' "' ' -" 'F " 'hi .wma,m.y1--1-mc -'--frrgcszrx f -' ' ,M - , , . ,V-V5 -, 15 ,-z--,,, -, Q - .. .V . V , V V, 1-- . ., hd-H, - .M .M,,.v,,,f. We' V - V , V V ,. J x , ' -":'-' , -2 fff. 5 fig. , ' f j 51,1 -, 1 "fn , f, 1 ' - V ' , ' , 1 ,

Suggestions in the University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) collection:

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