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w .-U mf.. ici 1 I X 1 N 1 . f N , , 1 I 1 X W ' Q Q -centrol missouri stote college- contents Administration .f..... ........ 3 Seniors ............. ...... 1 5 Honors .........,..... .......... 4 9 Unclerclassmen ....... .......... 5 3 Social ................. .......... 7 9 Greeks ............................. .......--- 9 7 Applied Arts and Sciences -- ...... -- Education ........................ .... Language and Literatu re ....... ........ Health ancl Physical Education .... Music .............................. .... -------- Science and Mathematics ....... ........ Social Science 121 129 135 4- 1 141 " 1 X., - M1511 157 ik 163 167 171 Religion ......... ........ G i Donated by Charlotte Robinson March 2001 1' .1 -xi 6 ll lklxxx 1 Qi lllllll 10 W 1 n B' L Q ,gf 4 1 f 1 r , l I A 4i:z'?" K K 1 , 1 I X , .0 ': Y If I - , f ::' 1 1 O ,,--- vu- 'L-', 1 . , T A -rl I f cledicofion MR. ROLLA F. WOOD Professor of Social Sfudies During The 30 years Professor Rolla F. Wood has been on our campus, his enfhusias- Tic inferest in sTudenTs and his desire To help whefher iT be in a knoTTy problem in sTudy iusf being a friend, his enfhusiasm for all of college life exemplifies his deep undersfanding and love of humanify. To Those who have been in his classes, he will be remembered as a Teacher in The greaTesT sense-he makes ideas, men and evenTs come alive, His subTle irony-always in fun-and his immaculafe grooming, a compli- menr To Those wiTh whom he works, will be Treasured memories by sTudenTs and fac- uiry alike. He served his naTive sTaTe on The Missouri Revision CommiTTee and helped To wriTe The new consTiTuTion. Mr. Wood has sponsored sTudenT organizaTions, headed vornmiTTees, presided aT programs-he willingly execufed any assignmenT Ti in ihese and many more aTTribuTes common To men of influence will always endear To Those who have enjoyed The privilege of his associafion. C.lVl.S.C. will f A ws loss in The reTrremenT of This ouTsTanding Teacher, a sTaTesman, and a greaf :wel +45 1 IIHI! lUQLQH lHIM .3 E yn - , f K- u' - - ' ' V I ix ' ,. ,r?f' 1v U v 9 X yfylffyvai 1 1 l f K Q f Us Qfffglf-L'Zjk 4 J f AAA A ,Q Q7 " . , ' . Y lm, I ka IL' , r f 524' Xu' P' ' ' ' '7-,195 fl .- - XJ: flb if 'j N N :in QQ J b ' '1 F 'Vw Qdmmusfrofuom . . . 5 J: if ' - :l-,-ii... ,Y "' loss are 1 moulvii DR. WARREN C. LOVINGER, President Central Missouri State College The President's secretar- ies, Mrs. Dolores Kitter- man and Mrs. Fanida Pointer. BOARD OF REGENTS Lett to right: Earl T. Crawford, Leonard Huscher, Harry Garrison, James C. Kirkpatrick, President Warren C. Lovinger Mrs. J. Howard Hart, Firman Carsvvell. 4 I I I I l 1 , I I Wx IRVIN L. PETERS Dean of Administration cleons DR. FRIEDA GRIEDER Dean of Women DR. D. W. TIESZEN Dean of Instruction I .,,....-f DR. REID HENIPHILL Acting Dean of Student Personnel Secretaries: Mary Jane Bur- gess, Gilda NlcMillin, Carole Lee, Carole Walters. 5 10? itiffi sf :f sl , Y fc 1 f -.rigfff Wmicqtggftzwfz, gf - if 3 , ', ' 4 ffkfg " ' f' US , ' - ww 1 f J z-' , ry! 'f'f i 'ff' 'UH fn yy, i I .ff tv, , fJ,1fQ,- VW' ' MZ if,'W5'H'bfW ', ,312 M5215 fi Vail Wi . ,- --z,,gv4v,a,' .' 'w A2 ' 'z '19 ' - '4 , I A f"' , wif! ff f 3172 0 fa, f N942 LEONARD GOODALL ALEX BARTLETT S.G.A. President S.G.A. Vice President EVES JERRY CREVYS Aicxgotresidenf Assembly President l S.G.A. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL The Executive Council, as the administrative body ot the SGA is responsible tor Ians for H e- . . ., p om coming, Popular Girl and Boy, RHETORiBall, S.G.A. election, and Parents' and High School Senior Days, and tormulating the rules, selecting judges, planning publicity, and taking care of the numerous details involved in these and many other activities. Seated: Leon , , , rea ions c airman, Mary Kay Mustard, convocation chairman, Rosalee Buhler, inter-group relations chairman, Rita Scritchtield, secretary, Carol Eves, A.VV.S. president, Shirley Eberting, student center chairman. Standing: Ed Grace, publicity chairman, Alex Bartlett, vice president, Bill Wear, citizenship chairman, Tom Coleman, facilities chairman, Jerry Crews, assembly president- Bob Browning special activities chairma N ' d: , , n. ot picture Charles Keseman, financial and budgetary chairman. ard Goodall, president, Dean Reid Hemphill sponsor- Sondra Kiser human l t' h ' STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSEMBLY The Student Assembly is the legislative branch ot the S.G.A., whose membership consists ot tive elected representatives from each class. The Assembly is co-spon- sored by Dean Hemphill and Dean Grieder with Jerry Crews as chairman and Patsy Lovinger, secretary. Seated: J. Crews, P. Lovinger, M. Shehan, K. Bosler, J. Vedder, S. Hughes, A. Rogers, l. Eubank, L. Kirby. Standing: V. Bell, E. Saunders, D. Thompson, J. Haney, J. Wilson, M. Smith. STUDENT COURT Appointed by the S.G.A. Executive Council, the Student Court meets to hear and iudge campus problems, par- ticularly the trattic violations. All the tines collected on these violations are contributed to charity organizations. Clerk, Elaine Cratt, bailitt, Bob Dillon- sponsor, Dr. Hemphill. I Clockwise: R. 'Hemphill, D. Ferguson, A. Bartlett, D. McKinley, B. Jenkins, E. Craft, K. Johanboeke, P. Strider, B. Wear, J. Stanbrough, B. Dillon. ASSOCIATION OF WOMEN STUDENTS The A.W.S. claims as its purpose the regulation and promotion of social at- tairs ot C.M.S.C. women. Representa- tives were sent to conventions and they sold activity desk blotters. President, Carol Eves, vice president, Carol Hessel, secretary, Darlene Johnson, treasurer, Katherine Lacey, sponsor, Dean Grieder. First row: N. Fuller, B. Bowman, I. Weisman, M. Shehan, C. Hensel. Second row: J. Martin, A. Ritter, D. Johnson, P. Lovinger. Third row: C. Eves, B. Carl, K. Lacey, C. Hessel, Y. Ziegler. 7 PUBLICITY MR. TOWNSEND GODSEY Director FOOD AND HOUSING OFFICE Left to right: Mrs. Floy Timrnerman, Mrs. Jean- nette Pollentier, Miss Elizabeth Engle. REGISTRAR'S OFFICE Seated: Miss Leta Dawes, Mrs. Margaret Brown Standing: Mrs. Ruth Hink, Mrs. Barbara Burns. TESTING BUREAU Dr. Robert Moore, Director, and student helpers MAINTENANCE STAFF First row: R. L. Teater, L. Wieking, E. Nutting, R Cunningham. Second row: V. A. Rush,'L. Ramey, H Stonecipher, R. Barnes. Third row: G. Laden, V. Riner, H. Linback, G. Cossairt. Fourth row: E. Swope, M Parks, G. Chancellor, J. Berry, W. Ruhlman. Fifth row. G. Powell, E. Giersig, R. Hargiss, F. Hathco, R. Reed J. Nolte. 1 BUSINESS OFFICE Standing: Mr. C. E. Muchmore, Mrs. Roberta Stewart Miss Dorothy Nichols, Mr. Leroy Fisher. Seated: Mrs Mayme Creach, Mrs. Donna B. Clark. Not pictured Mrs. Irma B. Collins. Dr. Irl Gladfelter, Director of Placement and Alumni Relations, consults with Mrs. Geraldine Mann. Dwight Burks Stock Room Clerk 9 ,ff 6 f W9 5 . ? K,,ga94"' , finfw Y!,,.1'Q" 5 ,,. ,,f-J'-xi"' In 3 R. ,M Wx u i 1 5 ' my . i , V' S. N A - xx . lx . 'WZ una .iii gilt' 'X xr: sf X 'ffr ,I , 'ff'-'E X A HR 4, xx Lihfg 5 xx A 3 Qi Q " Q 'Qian Y f ,. w 12 ,si H wc? 44 NL x 4 . , ,A K 7 '13 RW 4 xl , .Qi . Lv - 2 . gpg' ,Zn , x ' 'Av' ' F ' if-fi , Q9 . Ja! 1 9 9 ,Z is Q X .f x K, I 'M 1 I Af' .K 'f ,. is ""' . f fl . Ht! I pg", I rf' "Y ff, ,, fwfr I -5- M ff' f T", " ' V ' f , ,f ff' , fx 4 7.9 iff: - ff' ,f 'T 'ff Q? , MQ' f Y , - ..ff'! V ' fl " ' 1 GIWVAH' U "' ,A t'f'!,3" If " fm' , , M , ff ,f Vw., -. f , .. 4 ,,,,-ff' A 15 1 p yfww- lp ,Nw if, 'ffw ,,,4, wfrfl 1 if g ,f,,, f .,,f,,vg,,,r L ' ff A, K, V ,,,.-f A 6, , ' 4 ,, , W lk' my .A W .V ,few 'df' 1 A ,. ,, ', 1 I Ly" 4 an g,."'fff4 9,'i'wf-' J- ff , X , , 1, J t QAMZ, . va ian mf' , - n 45 1735 any 155.7 vx. ' fy SSSR A ' 1 ' MSS , ' 'S " CERVIN Women's Halls 1 Co-ordinafor ' .riff MRS. LEILA ADY MISS CHRISTA CREASON MRS, DOROTHY FU ERMAN dcyrmifcnry direcmrs MRS. ALPHA E ALLWORTH MRS. HELEN GODSEY MR. PHILLIP -l C' WORDEN MRS. GRACE A GQODMAN 4 . -V MRS. KATHERINE MUSSON A winter wonderland at the Diemer-Osborne-Annex Wintergreen BaIl.' NORTH HALL COUNCIL lts purpose is for the selt government of North Hall Dormitory. They participate in Homecoming decorations contest, have weekly devotions, hold open house and have an annual Christmas dinner. Mrs. Dorothy Fuerman is the sponsor, Gene- vieve Billings, president, Barbara Fruend, secretary. Seated: J. DeWitt, J. Funamura, W. Winfrey. Standing: G. Billings, D. Fuerman, C. Koester, A. Hall. IZ TODD HALL COUNCIL This is the council through which each resident has an opportunity to help deter- mine the governing policies ot the hall. They planned the Open House, the Hang- ing ot the Greens program, the annual woman's dormitories convocation and held February Fantasy. Mrs. Doris Cervin spon- sors this group which elected Pat Allison president, Betty McNeil, vice president, Judy Counts, recording secretary, and Linda Land, treasurer. Seated: K. Crosslin, D. Cervin, M. Wheeler, B. Mc- Neill, L. Land, M. Correll, L. Hoke, C. Creason. Second row: J. Counts, J. Coyle, C. Long, J. Swenson, F. Fiene, N. Windsor, R. Detamore, J. Gowing, D. Stehwien, N. Pickett. Third row: C. Laswell, B. Carl, W. Clark, L. Smith, M. Kelley, E. Craft. YEATER HALL COUNCIl. Highlights ot the year's activities ot the self-governing body ot Yeater included open house, Hanging ot the Greens, and February Fantasy. Mrs. Helen Godsey and Mrs. Leila Ady are the dorm directors. President, Darlene Johnson, vice president, Elizabeth Achepohl, secretary, Donna Oel- kaus, treasurer, Bobbie Hensel. Seated: L. J. Ady, D. Oeklaus, D. Johnson, A. Corn, S. Harlan, R. Rohovit, J. Smith. Standing: C. Needels, K. Pratt, D. Harlan, K. Kemper, J. Aubuchon, D. Craft, B. Bowman, V. Bell, M. Nelson, D. Richcreek, A. Rogers, C. White, N. Pearo, J. Oetting, E. Achel- pohl, C. Hessel, J. Angel, W. Kimble, O. Glispey, K. Powell. Sym.-.,.... wsswssww-em Txaw Q.fD d ol 5 T, I- nf 51 D A. al Y MEN'S ADVISORY BOARDS These Three advisory boards represeni The governing councils of Diemer Hall, Osborne Hall, and The Annex. Working Together effecTiveIy, The men's dormiTories co-sponsored The WinTergreen Ball and an Open House. DIEMER ADVISORY BOARD PresidenT, Larry Owen, vice presidenT, Glen Chambers, secreTary, William DahIsTen, sponsor, Mr. Worden. First row: G. Chambers, G. Johnson. Second row: L. Wilcoxson, B. Dahlsten. Third row: B. HampTon, L. Owen. Fourth row: B. HolT, P. Worden. INTER-DORMITORY EXECUTIVE COUNCIL These men handle maTTers of muTual inTeresT To The men's dormiTories. Spon- sors, Mrs. AllworTh and Mr. Worden- presidenT, Amir Pambechy, secreTary Jim Ahle. I I A. Pambechy, E. BrillauIT, A. Allworth, J. Ahle, D. Miller, D. Wilson, P. Worden, L. Owen. ANNEX ADVISORY BOARD OSBORNE ADVISORY BOARD PresidenT, Gerry Sullenger, vice PresidenT, William Akers, vice presidenT, Don Miller, secreTary, presidenT, Jerry Leach, secreTary, Tom Scherer, sponsor, Mr. Wor- Doyle Cohick, sponsor, Mr. Wor- den. den. Firsf row: M. Bowers. Second row: V. First row: W. Akers. Second row: G. Leach, 3 Bennefr, G. Sullenger. Third row: T. Scherer, Third row: D. Glass, W. Olson. Fourrh row: D. Miller. Fourth row: P. Worden, B. Ber- p. Worden, R, Garcia. I3 rier. HOUTS HALL COUNCIL The women of Houts voice their self governing privileges through this council. They co-sponsored February Fantasy. Dorrn director is Mrs. Good- man, president, Carol Henselg vice president, Nancy Hobson, secretary, Berlene Curtis, treasurer, Gladys lwerks. Seated: G. Iwerks, G. Goodwin, N. Hobson, D. Davisson, B. Curtis, R. Moore. Standing: K. Park, J. Driscoll, C. Pearson, A. Neale, A. B. Ritter, K. Satterwhite, M. Chinn. DI EMER-OSBORNE-ANNEX STEWARDS First row: G. Gover, G. Plowman, H.'WastelI G. Glass, B1 P. Yu, C. Castro. Second row E. Engle, B, Hash, E. Butts, B.yDavis, M. Daugh erty. Third row: D. Schlup, A. Lloyd, T. Scherer, head steward, D. Helmuth, L. Ferguson, D. Edde. YEATER-TODD-HOUTS WAITRESSES First row: G. Barnard, O. Rodriguez, L. Huber, M. Grider, M. Snell, J. Curran, C., Wilson, N. Pearon. Second row: E. Engle, L. Smith, M.,Haubein, assistant head waitress: R. Feemster, M. Hahn, H. Krull, M. Bullock, R. Rohovit. Third row: L. Paxton, B. Kearns, J. Niederhauser, F. Carmona, R. Northen, D. Marshall, B. Mills, G. Corson, N. Dorward, M. Daugherty. Fourth row: B. Mathews, C. Pritchard, B. Mills, assistant head waitress, J. Martin, D. Davisson, M. Krueger, C. White, head waitressy G. Ehmann, N. Cochran, Swopes. I4 1 fir' ,141 -X I ' U 5 1. A 1 ff X . f '- I' jp s C 4 ' I -4 H if f , 'sig S!! SG V1 IQVS E EQ L. 'ig ' :7 - Z f - -v-is-I-Y A f , - X ' , l. f K, g ,.. , 'tffx 2' I 0512 f .E-AQ H - 411 A A- A Y "Kim .. - ' 1.1 ... . , -.... I . iz?- ,ji- senior officers - JOHN MORGAN - f DR. SAM P. - f I .fl HEWITT President V ' ff fl Sponsor CHARLES KELLY Vice President MISS ELEANOR SHOCKEY JAN GREGORY , V C0'5PO'1SOf Secretary- Treasurer DEAN IRVIN L. PETERS Co-Sponsor groclucife division Some 200 students are enrolled in C.M.S.C.'s graduate school this year, the maiority in night classes, but some are regularly enrolled in graduate study. Accredited' by the National Commission on Accreditation of Teacher Education and by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, C.M.S.C. meets the standards necessary for further graduate study at the University leading to a doctoral degree and for AA and AAA school administrative and teaching positions. The RHETOR staff regrets that we only have pictures for these graduate students. DR- REID WILLIAM BooNE PAUL KOEHN EARL NOLD HENlPHll-l- Music Chemisf,-y Physical Education Clfalfmam Graduate Assistant Assistant Assistant Division NORMAN IRV Bizucis suNA ELAINE CA I2oLYN KEITH 6 BROOKS COCKRIEL DAWSON FRIK RUPE RYAN STERNBERG X. , ., i .su A z V . fd' 1 it Q35 AASE, BERIT Moss, Norway Secretarial Science Delta Zeta, Assistant Treasurer 57, Alpha Phi Delta, Cosmopolitan Club, Secretarial Science Club. ADAMS, JEANNETTE KEITH LEY Pleasant Hill, Missouri Elementary Education Theta Sigma Upsilon, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Yeater Hall Council, Dormitory Assistant, SNEA, AHLE, JAMES L. Corder, Missouri Agriculture Tau Kappa Epsilon, Diemer Executive Council, Agriculture Club, Secretary 55-56, Treasurer 56-57, Vice President 57-58. ALLEN, STANLEY Thayer, Kansas Accounting AMENT, B. DONALD JR. Villa Grove, Illinois Phychology Psychology Club. ATKINS, BILL Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Phi Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer, SGA, The Student, Business Manager 56-58: Mef' chandising and Retailing Club. ACHELPOHL, ELIZABETH St. Charles, Missouri Secretarial Science Alpha Sigma Alpha, President 56-57, Hall of Recognition, Who's Who, Yeater Hall, Vice President 57-58, Gamma Delta, Secre- tary 55-56, Pi Omega Pi, President 57-58, WSGA, Treasurer 56-57, Alpha Phi Delta, Commerce Club, SCA, SNEA, Freshman Counselor. ADAMS, THOMAS R, Kansas City, Missouri Education Alpha Kappa Lambda, International Rela- tions Club, SNEA, AKERS, WILLIAM LAN DON Chillicothe, Missouri Chemistry Who's Who, Baptist Student Union, Os- borne Advisory Board, President 57-58, Osborne Switchboard, Manager 57-58. ALLISON, PAT Jefferson City, Missouri . Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Who's Who, RHETOR Queen Candidate 57, Maiorette, Alpha Phi Delta, Secretary-Treasurer 57, Todd Hall Council, President 57, Secretary 56, Fresh- man Class Secretary-Treasurer 55-56, Or- chesis, Freshman Counselor, SNEA, Band. ANZALOTTA, JOSE Corozal, Puerto Rico Chemistry Dean's Honor Roll, Cosmopolitan Club, President 56, Vice President 57, Sigma Zeta, Public Relations Chairman 57, New- man Club. BAKER, JESSIE Sedalia, Missouri Elementary Education seniors BAKER, TERRY Kansas City, Missouri Physical Education Tau Kappa Epsilon. BALTZ, CLORA L. Warrensburg, Missouri Elementary Education BALDWIN, JANET California, Missouri' Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma. BARNARD, DONNA GRACE Kansas City, Missouri Art . Alpha Phi Delta, Liahona Fellowship. Pi Kappa-Sigma, Freshman Counselor, Stu dent Center Committees, REW, DSF, SCA BARNARD, GARY Kansas City, Missouri Physical Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Pledge Master 56, SGA Assembly, Physical Educators' Club, Vice President, Assistant Intramural Director, SNEA. BASCONE, ANTHONY .Kansas City, Missouri Biology Kappa Sigma Kappa BAUERLE, LINDA ANTON IA Warrensburg, Missouri Sociology Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Dean's Honor Roll 56-57, Newman Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer 56-57, President 57-58, Psy- chology Club. BEATY, PATRICIA EDSON Lee's Summit, Missouri Business Administration Alpha Phi Delta, Secretary-Treasurer 56-57, Pi Omega Pi, Liahona Fellowship, Com- merce Club. BARN ETT, EMMAGEN E Appleton City, Missouri English BAU ER, CAROLYN Versailles, Missouri Education Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Dean's Honor Roll, WRA, PEM Club, SNEA. BAXTER BOBI , Smithton, Missouri Business Administration Phi Sigma Epsilon, SGA Representative 54 BELT, JOE Lee's Summit, Missouri f Business Administration RHETOR Staff 57-58, Business Manager, Commerce Club. BIGGERS, JANET St. Louis, Missouri Sociology Psychology Club, Square Dance Club Choir, Chorus. BLAN KENSHIP, ELVIN D. Kansas City, Missouri Chemistry Sigma Tau, Gamma, Secretary 57-58, Show- time 58, Intramurals, Band. BORCHERS, LOUISE Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, RHETOR Queen 57, REW, Secretary 57, SCA, Secretary-Treas- urer 57, FTA, SNEA. BOSLER, KAY Lee's Summit, Missouri Elementary Education Delta Zeta, Vice President 56-57, Who's Who, Dean's Honor Roll, Hall of Recog- nition, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, RHETOR, Associate Editor 58, Organiza- tions Editor 57, RHETOR Key 57, Freshman Counselor, Co-Ordinator 57, SGA Assem- bly 57-58, Yeater Council 55-57, Popular Girl Candidate 57, REW, SNEA, WSGA, ACE. BRIGGS, ALVIN Barnett, Missouri Merchandising and Retailing Acacia, Rush Chairman 57-58, Commerce Club, Merchandising and Retailing Club: Veterans' Club. BRODERSEN, DUANE E. Otterville, Missouri Industrial Arts i BILLINGS, GENEVIEVE B. Green Ridge, Missouri Elementary Education North Hall President 57-58, BSU, SNEA. BOESCH, SANDRA JANE Belle, Missouri Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Music Chairman 57 58, Song Fete Director 57, SNEA,,.ACEI BOU, LUIS R. Corozal, Puerto Rico Chemistry Cosmopolitan Club, Newman Club. BRIDGES, PATTY BYLER Boonville, Missouri Music Pi Kappa Sigma. BRIGGS, ROBERT LEE Clinton, Missouri Business Education ' Square and Compass Club, President 56- 57, Prexy Club 56-57, Business Education Club, Young Democrats' Club, SNEA. BROWN, HAROLD Jefferson City,'Missouri Merchandising and Retailing seniors BROWN, JANE Braymer, Missouri Biology BRUEMMER, LAVERNE EDWIN Norborne, Missouri Business Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, Commerce Club, Busi- ness Educators' Club, Veterans' Club, Dem- ocrat Club, SNEA, Dean's Honor Roll 57- 58, RHETOR staff 58. BUCHNESS, JAMES ADAM Chicago, Illinois Art Kappa Sigma Kappa, Director of 57 Kappa- kades, RHETOR Staff, Art Editor, Kool Mule, Art Editor, Beta Alpha, Hall of Recognition, Freshman Counselor, Student Center Committee Chairman 57, RHETOR Ball Decorations 56, REW Committee Chair- man 56, "The Sleeping Beauty", -"Witness for the Prosecution", "Sea Gull." BUHLIG, KENNETH Sedalia, Missouri Social Studies Tau Kappa Epsilon. BULLOCK, MARJORIE Topeka, Kansas Elementary Education Delta Zeta, Chaplain 57-58, Alpha Phi Delta, ACE, Treasurer 56-57, Vice President 57, SNEA, Secretary 57-58, SCA, Student Reporter 57-58, Crescendo Club, Student Center Committee, Freshman Counselor, Westminster Fellowship, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. CAHlLL, ROBERT J. Kansas City North, Missouri Business Administration Veterans' Club, Commerce Club, Young Democrats' Club, Intramurals. BROWN, CARL R. Independence, Missouri Music Education Alpha Kappa Lambda, Secretary, Song Fete Director 57, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice President 57, Freshman Counselor, Cres- cendo Club, A Cappella Choir, Band. BRYAN, DORIS Boonville, Missouri Education Newman Club, SNEA, FTA, WSGA, Com- merce Club. BUHLER, ROSALEE Warrensburg, Missouri Physical Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice. President 56, President 57, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, President 56, Who's Who, Hall of Recognition, SGA Executive Council, Stu- dent Court 56, PEM Club, Freshman Coun- selor, REW, Orchesis, Westminster Fellow- ship. BUHLIG, R. CURTIS Alma, Missouri Industrial Arts Gamma Delta, IA Club. BU RGOYN E, EDWARD JEROME Cincinnati, Ohio ' English Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, Physical Educators' Club, "M" Club, SNEA. CANTRELL, TERRY Holden, Missouri Art CAREW, JAMES M. Carrollton, Missouri Economics Dean's Honor Roll 56-57, Newman Club. CARRI KER, KENNETH RUSSELL Independence, Missouri History K Young Democrats' Club, Vice President, Phi Sigma Pi, International Relations Club, Modern Foreign Language Club, Cosmo- politan Club, Square Dance Club. CASSING, PATRICIA ANN Sedalia, Missouri ' Elementary Education Theta Sigma Upsilon, Who's Who, RHETOR Staff 55-57, Dean's Honor Roll, Todd Hall Council 56-57, ACE, State Convention Chairman 57, Vice President 57-58, REW, Committee Chairman 56-57, Student Court 57-58, Freshman Counselor, Square Dance Club, SNEA, MSM, WUS, Boosters' Club. CH EESMAN, LOIS E. Marshall, Missouri Physical Education Yeater Council 55-56, Yeater Glee Club, SCA, REW, Cumberland Presbyterian Fel- lowship, President, Vice' President, Secre- tary-Treasurer 54-56, PEM, Square Dance Club, SNEA, BSU. CHRON ISTER, JOHN W. Blue Springs, Missouri Music Alpha Kappa Lambda, Song Leader 57, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Crescendo Club, Square Dance Club, "Amelia at the Ball", Diemer Council, Counselor, Glee Club Co-Director 56-57, SCA, REW, Disciples Fellowship, President 56-57, SNEA, MENC, Choir, Band, Orchestra, Freshman Talent Show, Stars on Parade. CLARK, WILLIAM Independence, Missouri Chemistry and Physics CARPENTER, DALE A. Warrensburg, Missouri Chemistry Dean's Honor Roll, Band, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra. CASS, MONTE Terre Haute, Indiana Physical 'Education Basketball, Baseball, Physical Educators' Club. CHAMBERS, GLENN D. Lee's Summit, Missouri Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon, Outing Club. CHRISTAIN, TOM Kansas City, Missouri Art CHUNG, KEA SUNG Pusan, Korea Economics . Cosmopolitan Club, President, Prexy Club, Commerce Club, BSU. CLARKE, ALTA BERYL Warrensburg, Missouri Elementary Education I I I I I I I t I I 1 I 22 seniors CLARK, MERRILL DEE Leeton, Missouri Mathematics and Physics COHN, EDWIN MYRON Kansas City, Missouri Dean's 'Honor Roll 56-57, Orchestra. CONARD, JAMES J. Warrensburg, Missouri Business Administration Commerce Club, Veterans' Club. CORN, ELINOR ANN Lee's Summit, Missouri Music A Alpha Sigma Alpha, Song Fete Director 57-58, Who's Who, Dean's Honor Roll, Kappa Delta Pi, Treasurer 57-58, Pi Kappa Lambda, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Crescendo Club, MENC, Yeater Council, Yeater-Todd Glee Club, Director 56-58, Hall of Recognition, SNEA, "The CoIIegiates", Band, Orchestra, Choir! CRAIG, LEONARD Sedalia, Missouri Accounting CREASON, CHRISTA MARIE Orrick, Missouri Business Education Delta Zeta, Corresponding Secretary 56, Treasurer 57, Who's Who, Alpha Phi Delta, Dean's Honor Roll, Pi Omega Pi, Todd Hall, Assistant Director 56-58, Todd Council 54-58, Commerce Club, Business Education Club, SNEA, Christian Student Fellowship. CLAYPOOL, JAMES A. Kansas City, Missouri Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, President, Sergeant-at-Arms, Commerce Club. COLEMAN, TOM De Soto, Missouri Business Administration Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treasurer 55-58, Who's Who, SGA Executive Council, Fa- cilities Chairman 57-58, SCA, President 56-58, Square Dance Club, President 56- 57, Prexy Club 56-58, Newman Club, REW, Interfraternity Council 56-58, Fresh- man Counselor, Student Center Commit- tees, A Cappella Choir, Band, Crescendo Club. COPPLE, WILLIAM Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Commerce Club, Veterans' Club, Industrial Arts Club. COTTER, MAURICE Warrensburg, Missouri English K CRAWFORD, FQSTER Cotter, Arkansas Industrial Arts CREWS, GERALD NEWTON Odessa, Missouri Physical Education Phi Sigma Epsilon, Pledge Master 57-58, Sentinel 57, SGA Assembly, Chairman 57- 58, Honor Key 57, Representative 55-57, Dean's Honor Roll, Prexy Club 57-58, "M" Clvb, President 57-58, Physical Educators' Club, Diemer Council 56-57, Office Man- ager 57-58, Interfraternity Council 56-57 W X 7 ,. ff ff 7 V A 776 CROWDER JR., WILLIAM A. Sweet Springs, Missouri Men's Physical Education Physical Educators' Club 57-58, Veterans' Club, Square Dance Club. DAY, PHYLLIS Moville, Iowa Elementary Education Delta Zeta, Yeater Council 54-55, Fresh- man Counselor, Student Center Committee, ACE, SNEA, Band, Chorus. DEMPSEY, JANIE -E. Potosi, Missouri X' English A Cappella Choir. DEN NY, MAROLYN F. Eldon, Missouri Speech Correction Sigma Sigma Sigma, CMSC Players, "Play- boy of the Western World," "Romeo and Juliet", REW, SNEA, MSTA. DIECKMAN, JACK LEE Cole Camp, Missouri Art Sigma Tau Gamma, Beta Alpha. DUDLEY, JAMES R. Harrisonville, Missouri Agriculture DAMERON, RUTH ANN Versailles, Missouri Elementary Education DeHART, BRUCE CARTER Richmond, Missouri Merchandising and Retailing Commerce Club, Merchandising and Re- tailing Club, "M" Club, Varsity Track 54- 57, Outing Club, Student Center Dance Committee, Booster Club. DENNEY, DIANE Odessa, Missouri Speech Correction Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chaplain 57-58, Todd Council 57, Choir, Band. DEUSCHLE, ELIABEZTH ANN Boonville, Missouri Art Theta Sigma Upsilon, Dean's Honor Roll, Alpha Phi Delta, Beta Alpha, Secretary 57- 58, Dolphins, SNEA, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. DONATH, DONALD WARREN Sedalia, Missouri Physical Education DUNNINGTON, LESLIE G. Drexel, Missouri Music Sigma Tau Gamma, Historian, Crescendo Club, Choir, Band. P seniors " l EASTER, RICHARD C. Aransas Pass, Texas Business Administration Acacia, Secretary 57-58, Commerce Club, Intramurals. EDWARDS, KATHRYN KUHN Otterville, Missouri Business Education Theta Sigma Upsilon, Treasurer 57-58, Dolphins, Business Education Club, SNEA, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. EISELE, DONALD W. Atchison, Kansas Physical Education Physical Educators' Club, Secretary-Treas- urer 55, Football 54, SNEA, Intramurals. ELLIOTT, DONALD R. Buckner, Missouri General Business ELLIOTT, DONALD EUGENE Independence, Missouri Business Administration Alpha Kappa Lambda, Vice President 57- 58, lnterfraternity Council 57-58, RHETOR Staff, Publicity 57-58, Freshman Coun- selor, Veterans' Club, Biology Club, Com- merce Club, ENGBERG, DIANE Kansas City, Missouri Vocational Home Economics Colhecon, WSGA, Freshman Counselor, SNEA. EBERTING, SHIRLEY JEAN Clinton, Missouri Speech Correction Delta Zeta, Vice President 57-58, Who's Who, Alpha Phi Delta, Hall of Recogni- tion, Student Center Chairman 57-58, Stu- dent Center Dance Committee, Co-Chair- man 56-57, SGA Executive Council 57-58, SGA Assembly 54-55, RHETOR Queen Can- didate 57, Freshman Counselor, "Romeo and Juliet," "Sleeping Beauty," "Death of a Salesman," "The Sea Gull," "Candida." EDWARDS, LOLAN ENGENE Trenton, Missouri Business Administration Acacia, Vice President 57-58, SGA Execu- tive Council, Citizenship Chairman 56-57, Student Court 56-57, Veterans' Club, President 56-57, President's Inauguration Committee 57. EISELE, HUBERTA MAE Topeka, Kansas Music Dean's Honor Roll, Liahona Fellowship, President 55-56, SNEA, Crescendo Club, Chorus, Band, Todd Decorating Commit- tee 55-56. ELLIOTT, DENNIS Independence, Missouri General Business ELWELL, ROBERT Warrensburg, Missouri Mathematics EPPS JR., CLYDE L. Harrisonville, Missouri General Business Kappa Sigma Kappa, Varsity Football 50, Varsity Golf 52-58, "M" Cfub, Alpha Phi Omega, Commerce Club. ,M X QW 9 9: 54727 WMM M23 I ,f ,MA f f 1 vi ww Y.-w , 3 fs is is if V f . 7 sg . f 1 Q my, ffl 25? ERICKSON, DOROTHY Versailles, Missouri Elementary Education EWART, JAMES Kansas City, Missouri History Sigma Tau Gamma. FERGUSON, DONALD M. Clay Center, Kansas H Accounting Sigma Tau Gamma, Dean's Honor Roll 53-54, 55-58, Student Court 57-58, Inter- fraternity Council, Secretary 56-57, Com- merce Club, Accounting Club, Phi Sigma Pi. FORE, ALMA LEE Maysville, Missouri Elementary Education SNEA, ACE, Yeater-Todd Glee Club, Band, Chorus. , FRANCIS, JOHN Kansas City, Missouri Social Studies FUCHS, GERALD W. Concordia, Missouri Music Phi Sigma Epsilon,'Blackouts, SGA Assem- bly 56, Freshman Counselor, SNEA, Gam- ma Delta, MENC, Crescendo Club, Choir, Band, Dockery Four. ESTES, RAYMO N D Kansas City, Missouri Accounting FADLER, AILEEN Independence, Missouri Elementary Education FISCHER, MARTHA Alma, Missouri Business Education Alpha Sigma .Alpha, Treasurer 57-58 Commerce Club, Business Education Club SNEA, ACE. FOSTER, JEWELL DEAN Sedalia, Missouri Elementary Education FREDERICKS, AUBREY Liberty, Missouri Physical Education FUCHS, JACQUELIN-E ANDREWS Merriam, Kansas Business Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Dean's Honor Roll, Hall of Recognition, Freshman Class Sec- retary 54-55, Alpha Phi Delta, Pi Omega Pi, Commerce Club, Freshman Counselor, SNEA, Beta Beta,Beta, Yeater-Todd Convo, Director 55, Yeater Glee Club, A Cappella Choir, "The Collegiatesf' seniors FU ERMAN, DALE L. Santa Rosa, Texas Sociology-Psychology GENTRY, KENNETH W. Drexel, Missouri Physical Education Physical Educators' Club, Square Dance Club. GIDDENS, GENE Rolla, Missouri Business Education GLOTH, BERNICE Sedalia, Missouri Elementary Education GOETZ, CAROL Mayview, Missouri Music Pi Kappa Sigma, Vice President, Song Fete Director' 57,5 Who's Who, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Dean's Honor Roll 55-58, Hall of Recognition, Todd Council, Secretary 56, Freshman Counselor, SGA Assembly 58, AWS, Stu- dent Center Committee, REW, Crescendo Club, A Cappella Choir, Orchestra, "The Collegiates", Yeater-Todd Glee Club, Ac- companist 55-58. GOODALL, LEONARD E. Warrensburg, Missouri Social Science Phi Sigma Epsilon, Chaplain 56-57, Par- liamentarian 56-57, Who's Who, SGA, President 57-58, Assembly 55-56, SGA Honor Key 55-56, Dean's Honor Roll,'Hall ot Recognition, Prexy Club, Phi Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Kappa Delta, SCA, Vice President 56-57, President 57-58, REW, MSM, President 56-57, Varsity De- bate Team, International Relations Club. FUNAMURA, JEANNE S. Koloa Kauai, Hawaii Elementary Education North Hall Council 57-58, Dolphins, SNEA. GEORGE, WILLIAM RICHARD Kansas City, Missouri Physical Education Varsity Football, Varsity Baseball, "M" Club, Physical Educators' Club, Osborne Hall Council, SNEA. GILBERT, CHARLES E. Carrollton, Missouri Social Studies GOAD, MABEL Cowgill, Missouri Physical Education GOODRICH,-JOHN Calhoun, Missouri h Industrial Arts - GRAFF, PHYLLIS DIANE Excelsior Springs, Missouri Business Administration Delta Zeta, President 57-58, Alpha Phi Delta, Prexy Club 57-58, Freshman Coun- selor, Commerce Club, Business Education Club. vs' .sf 4:25222 5 f ss 7 L, , wg 4 Q69 1 1 , 2 1 1' 0 Wg, - f e' if, X f ff.- ,,, , ,f . i Z GRAHAM, R. THOMAS Independence, Missouri Merchandising and Retailing Varsity Basketball 55-57, All-Conference 55-57, "M" Club. GREEN, MONICA Morgantown, Kentucky Elementary Education GREGORY, JAN ,LEE Kansas City, Missouri ' Business Education Who's Who, RHETOR, Editor 58, Associate Editor 57, Organizations 56, RHETOR Key 57, SGA Executive Council, Inter-Group Re- lations Chairman 56-57, Alpha Phi Delta, Hall of Recognition, Dean's Honor Roll 54-56, sex-x Honor Key 57, Senior Class' Secretary-Treasurer 57-58, WSGA, Fresh- man Counselor, Co-Chairman 56-57, Sigma Sigma Sigma Pledge 56-57, Alternate Cheerleader 54-55, Yeater Council 54-55, Business Education Club. GRIFFITH, WILLIAM Kansas City, Missouri Biology GUYTON, HELEN ROZELLE Columbia, Missouri Secretarial' Science Chapel Organist, Orchesis. DAVIDSON, MARION FAYE Eldon, Missouri Business Education GRAUPNER, LOIS ANN Independence, Missouri Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Editor 56-57, Vice President 57-58, Panhellenic, Senior Rep- resentative 57-58, Treasurer 57-58, Yeater Hall Convo. 54, Student Center Commit- tee, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. GREFE, VERNON Concordia, Missouri Elementary Education Veterans' Club, SNEA. GRIDER, MARILYN CHLOE Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Who's Who, Alpha Phi Delta, Hall of Recognition, Cheerleader 54-58, Yeater Hall President-56-57, Yeater Council' 54-56, Dean's Honor Roll, RHETOR Staff 56-58, Dolphins, Freshman Counselor, REW, WSGA, FTA, SNEA, WRA, PEM Club, Student Center Committees, Popular Girl Candidate 58. GRISWOLD, NORMAN Sedalia, Missouri Social Studies HAGGARD, ROBERT D. Windsor, Missouri Music Phi Sigma Epsilon, SNEA, Crescendo Club, Band, Orchestra. HALL, JAMES K. Boonville, Missouri Accounting Commerce Club, Accounting Club, Young Democrats, Intramurals, Dorm Glee Club. SGVIIOVS HAMILTON, ANNE Jefferson City, Missouri English Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, Children's Play 57. HAMPTON, GENE Mission, Kansas Physical Education HANDLY, JOHN E. Concordia, Missouri Agriculture Agriculture Club, Reporter 57-58. HARFIELD, SAM Knob Noster, Missouri General Business HARRIS, DAVID Independence, Missouri Accounting HARTE, CHARLES Kansas City, Missouri Industrial Arts HAMLIN, ANN W. Vandalia, Ohio Social Studies Alpha Sigma Alpha, Yeater-Todd Glee Club, Student Center Refreshment Commit- tee, Co-Chairman 56-57, SNEA. HAMPTON, ROBERT A. Norborne, Missouri Social Science Ministerial Fellowship, President 57-58, Secretary 56-57, BSU, Secretary 56-57, President 57-58, REW, Brotherhood Convo Speaker. HANNA, HUGH Warrensburg, Missouri Chemistry HARLAN, SANDRA CHERYL Independence, Missouri Vocational Home Economics Alpha Sigma Alpha, Vice President 56-57, Treasurer 55-56, Who's Who, Dean's Honor Roll, Hall of Recognition, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pan-Hellenic, President 56-57, Kappa Omicron Phi, Treasurer 56- 58, Colhecon, Outstanding Home Econo-A mist 57, SGA Executive Council, Human Relations Cha'irma'n 56-57, SGA Key 57, Yeater Executive Council, Secretary 55-56, RHETOR Staff 56-58, Social Editor 57, Prexy Club 56-57, Freshman Counselor, SNEA, WRA, REW, AWS, National Con- vention Delegate 57, Student-Faculty Ad- visory Committee 57-58., HARRIS, CECIL J. Sedalia, Missouri Business Administration Dean's Honor Roll, Commerce Club, Mer- chandising and Retailing Club. HARVEY, ROBERTA ANN Kansas City, Missouri Business Education Delta Zeta, Vice President 56-57, SGA Assembly Alternate 58, SCA, REW, Chair- man 58, Canterbury Club, President 56, Secretary 57, SNEA, Commerce Club, Stu- dent Center Committees. M A 7 ,iff WZ iff X Anal fd 54 7247 iv ' , 6 A ,, f if 2 C si I l f I l. GOEDEL, DELORES HASELTINE, GUY W. St. Louis, Missouri Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania l Elementary Education Physical Education l Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Delfai Varsity Baseball 57, "M" Club, Physical NEA, ACE. Educators' Club, Flying Mules. HAWTHORNE, RAY L. HEDLEY, SHERRY Kansas City, Missouri St. Louis, Missouri Mathematics Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, ACE. HELMUTH, DAVID DEE HELT, MARGARET ELAINE Kansas City, Missouri - ' Belton, Missouri Physical Education ' Q Elementary Education Phi Sigma Epsilon, Secretary 56-57, Physi- FTA, SNEA, ACE, Chorus. cal Educators' Club, MSTA, Osborne As- sistant Head Steward 57-58. HEMAN, MARTIN LEROY HENDERSON, JOHN Independence, Missouri Belton, Missouri ' Biology Social Studies Beta Beta Beta, Vice President 57-58, l Outing Club, Secretary 57-58, Agriculture Club. HENSEL, ROBERTA IRL HENSLEY, STAN Si. Louis, Missouri Lenora, Kansas Elementary Education Physical Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Vice President 57-58, Varsity Football, Captain, MVP 57. , Alpha Phi Delta, Yeater Council, Treasurer I 57-58, Dolphins, ACE, SNEA, Intramurals. .I I I I I HERRICK, MYRON T. HESSEL, CAROL SUE. . . . . I Sedalia, Missouri Kearney, Missouri g 'I I Sociology-Psychology Elementary Education I ' I Veterans' Organization, Intramurals. Yeater Council, Treasurer 55-56, Head Of- 1 fice Girl 56-58, AWS, SNEA, ACE, WRA. ' - I I . I I I I """" I 29l I F I I I I I i I I I I 30 Seniors HIGASHI, ETHEL Pahala, Hawaii Elementary Education Alpha Phi Delta, Yeater Council 56, Fresh- man Counselor, Cosmopolitan Club, ACE, SNEA. HINK, ROGER L. Alma, Missouri Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Epsilon, Diemer Council 56-57, Industrial Arts, Vice President 58, Agri- culture Club, Vice President 55, Gamma Delta, President 56-57, Regional President 56-57, Treasurer 55-56, Freshman Coun- selor. HODGE, WILLIAM O. Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Commerce Club, Industrial Arts Club, Out- ing Club, Veterans' Organization, Golf Team 56-58. HOLLANSWORTH, PAUL R. Kansas City, Missouri Mathematics-Physics Tau Kappa Epsilon, Historian 56-57, Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary 56-57, Who's Who, Dean's Honor Roll 54-57, Diemer Council 55-57, Counselor 57-58, Kappa Mu Ep- silon, Freshman Counselor. HOYT, ROBERT Independence, Missouri Social Studies HUFFMAN, WADE Versailles, Missouri General Business HILE, DOROTHY D. Bethel, Kansas Alpha Phi Delta, Beta Alpha, Treasurer 57-58, clvlsc Players. HINNAH, MAXINE Slater, Missouri Secretarial Science Alpha Phi Delta, Hall of Recognition, Alpha Phi Sigma, President 56-57, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Omega Pi, 'Secretary-Treas- urer 57-58, Commerce Club, Secretary- Treasurer 56-57, North Hall President 56- 57, Square Dance Club, SNEA, AWS, Young Republicans' Club, Secretary 56-58. HOEFER,, MAX Higginsville, Missouri Accounting Accounting -Club, Veterans' Organization. HOOKER, JAMES ALLEN Maysville, Missouri Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Sigma Pi, Vice President 55-57, Commerce Club, A Cap- pella Choir, Band. R HUENEFELD, LAVERN E L. Wellington, Missouri Vocational Home Economics Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Omicron Phi, Colhecon, FTA, SNEA, AWS, Square Dance Club. HUGGINS, CHUCK Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Acacia, Corresponding Secretary, Veterans' Organization, Commerce Club, Square Dance Club, Intramurals. -. 'fl 735 if - ,M- ., In Sas, , an ,H .4 , .ai 4, fs gf, HYATT, SUE Sedalia, Missouri English Delta Zeta, Recording Secretary 56, Pub- Iicity Chairman 57, Alpha Phi Delta, Pi Omega Pi, Reporter 55-58, Alpha Phi Sigma, Homecoming Princess 56, Hall of Recognition, A Cappella Choir, SNEA, State President 57, RHETOR Staff 57-58, Dean's Honor Roll, Commerce Club, Fresh- man Counselor, President North Hall 56. JAMES, ALVIN R. Wadsworth, Nevada Agriculture Acacia, SNEA, Agriculture Club, Secre- tary 57-58. JENKINS, CATHERINE Eldon, Missouri Elementary Education SNEA, ACE. JOHAN BOEKE, KARLA Kirkwood, Missouri Social Studies Newman Club, SCA, International Rela- tions Club, Young Democrats, Vice Presi- dent, Student Court, Todd Hall Council, Dean's Honor Roll, SNEA, JORDAN, ANNA MAE LINK Stotesburg, Missouri Physical Education PEM, President 57-58, Alpha Phi Delta, WRA, Treasurer 55-56, Orchesis, Secre- tary-Treasurer 55-56, SNEA, KELLY, CHARLES Kansas City, Missouri Merchandising and Retailing Phi Sigma Epsilon, Who's Who, Pi Kappa Delta, The Student Editor 56-57, Student Court 57, Varsity Debate, Varsity Tennis, Merchandising and Retailing Club, Outing Club. JACKSON, GENE F. St. Louis, Missouri Chemistry and Mathematics Kappa Sigma Kappa, Historian, Industrial Arts Club, Veterans' Organization. JENKINS, BERNIE H. Eldon, Missouri Business Administration Kappa Sigma Kappa, Student Court, Com- merce Club. JOINER, KAREN Richmond, Missouri Elementary Education JONES, DAVID G. Lee's Summit, Missouri Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Epsilon, Band, Industrial Arts Club. KALLSTROM, ROLFE D. Kansas City, Missouri Speech Correction KESEMAN, CHARLES E. Lincoln, Missouri Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Pi, President 56-57, Secretary- Treasurer 57-58, SGA Executive Council, Financial and Budgetary Chairman 57-58, Gamma Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Who's Who, Industrial Arts Club, Commerce Club, Square Dance Club, Diemer Hall Advisory Board 56-57, Freshman Counselor, SCA, REW Committee. 'l'.-I' I I I I I I I i seniors KIEHL, FREDERICK JACK Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration ' Alpha Phi Omega, Veterans' Organization, Young Democrats' Club, Merchandising and Retailing Club. KIMBROUGH, ALBERT C. Lexington, Missouri Social Science ' Acacia, Osborne Hall Advisory Board, ln- ternational .Relations Club. KINSTLER, JAMES F. Kansas City, Missouri Social Science Acacia, Dean's Honor Roll 57-58, Student Counselor 57-58, Veterans' Organization, SNEA, KOIKE, ALMA Kekaha, Hawaii Elementary Education Cosmopolitan Club, SNEA, ACE, Interna- tional Club. KRONIN, PATRICK E. Houston, Texas Accounting Veterans' Organization, Accounting Club, President of Trailer Court 55-56. LABUS, GERALD W. Sedalia, Missouri General Business KIMBALL, ELDEN Hale, Missouri Economics Alpha Kappa Lambda, Social Chairman 56-57, House Manager 57-58, SGA 56-57, Veterans' Organization, The Student 56, Cosmopolitan Club, Vice President 57, SCA, Rec. Chairman 56-58, Modern For- eign Language Club. KINNETT, MARVIN Kansas City, Missouri Physical Education KIRKPATRICK, SHIRLEY MAE Sedalia, Missouri Music Delta Zeta, Vice President 57-58, Who's Who, Dean's Honor Roll 55-58, WSGA, Hall of Recognition, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Lambda, Alpha Phi Delta, Student Counselor, SNEA, Crescendo Club, Presi- dent 57-58, Square Dance Club, Vice President 56-57, MENC, Yeater-Todd Glee Club, Religious Emphasis Week, Band, Choir, Orchesis, Concert Mistress 55-58. KRAUS, JEANNE Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education KRUEGER, MARLENE New Haven, Missouri Physical Education WRA, Vice President 57-58, PEM Club, Gamma Delta, SNEA, AAHPER. LACEY, KATHERINE LEE Urich, Missouri Business Education Theta Sigma Upsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Historian 56-58, Kappa Delta Pi Award 57, Pi Omega Pi, Reporter 56-58, Alpha Phi Delta, WSGA, AWS, Treasurer 57-58, SNEA, FTA, Band, Collegiate 4-H, Presi- dent, Vice President, Secretary 55-58, Business Education Club, Commerce Club. X l5!P0"I49W IVSNS IOSI 'guamuafxow guapmg ogeanpg ssaugsng U uoyeonpg A.le4uawa,g 3 D. CD 'U FD 3 Q. KD 3 0 fD S gmo uogalddv 'MD SSIW 00 IJ E11 OWV H'N AO OSMV'l 'N W 'IHHV eddey nel aaxauuuog luolgsdg 'q"l3 U L5 ga O 33 EQ m? 2 5. UD O C 2. Ea 'I 00 3-'U 0.00 3.3 W0 in 'DP SS is Z 25. OJ 5 J IQ HdEISOI' 'VTVS V1 SVWOHJ. 'EIHWILVI 'a 03 uolasun 9N ag, fqnlg uewm lu SO 'HWS ,A 32 'U J' m 'u I aG fag' IIdI0G fsug qsaag UEUJ K na 'D 'U m ueg leusaqauo 'P I O 5 0 -1 Z 9. N. Q 9. J' 0 n 0 P U 0 I m I? opuaasag :gg-Lg Usouo Plladdeo V fqnlo Su! .logunf U! auuoH lsagwouosg s,ueaq .1a4ua3 wapmg aquguuwog mauuugeuagug fL9'99 W9P IIEH 50 :uog4gu5o9a3 -PUEISQFIO !e4aZ M s,oq 'IM 50 EJS' 3'V 3-o EH fuewxg WO ng U0 '!IId d guapgseu -awa Svm 'as-.cs 9'-U5!S Ilfld :uol sdg 9W5!S !lId 2w6!s fsd eddex !oqM s,oqM uolgsdn enufigg egaql 1. 3 c 'L' G. m 3 0. .usgwaqg A OH LU 9 93 OUO Jgw S pue OIG A501 'Aggg sesueyq ww OO Apumg g.: 5. 5 5 ur O C 2. 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Willow Springs, Missouri Biology Varsity Track 56, Vorsity Baseball 57. LYN DE, DALE E. Knob Noster, Missouri Chemistry Sigma Tau Gamma, Dean's Honor Roll, Phi Sigma Pi, President 57-585 Sigma Zeta, Vice President 57-58, Kappa Mu Epsilon, BSU, Agriculture Club, Prexy Club. MALON E, RONALD KERN Sedalia, Missouri Retailing and Merchandising Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Commerce Club, President 56-577 Com- merce Freshman Award 55. LEWIS, CHARLES KAY Holden, Missouri Music Kappa Sigma Kappa, Vice President 57-58, Historian 56-575 APO, FTA, SNEA5 Essig Collection, Bandp Orchestra, Chorus. LOCKRIDGE, JACK L. Clinton, Missouri Business Administration Veterans' Club, Commerce Club. LONG, NOLAN RAY Gladstone, Missouri Business Administration Merchandising and Retailing 'Club. LOWRY, MARION Vista, Missouri Elementary Education MACOUBRIE, DAVID P. Carrollton, Missouri Physical Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, Physical Educators' Club, President, Prexy Club. MANN, ROBERT V. Independence, Missouri Chemistry Dean's Honor Roll, Sigma Zeta, Treasurer 57-58. 41 . 39 2 . , . P 4 sf f I I I MARCOTT, CHARLES Anchorage, Alaska Industrial Arts MASSEY, DONALD W. Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Phi Sigma Pi, SNEA, Veterans' Club. MATH EWS, BETTY LOU ISE Hickman Mills, Missouri Physical Education PEM Club, Historian 55, WRA, SNEA, Liahona, Intramurals. MAXWELL, ROBERT Windsor, Missouri Music MCCORMICK, ALICE Independence, Missouri Elementary Education McNEI LL, BETTY JEAN Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Todd Hall Council, 'President 58, Com- merce Club. MARSHALL, JAMES Richmond, Missouri General Business MASTERSON, THOMAS E. Grandview, Missouri Speech Correction and Public Speaking Sigma Tau Gamma, "Showtime," 57-58, Director, Varsity Track, CMSC Players, "Gone Tomorrow," "The Hungerers," "A New Way to Pay Old Debts," "The Won- dering Scholar." . -- ' MAUER, ALFRED Kansas City, Missouri Social Studies MAYCOCK, EVELYN JOYCE Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Corresponding Secre- tary 56-57, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, ACE, RHETOR Staff 57, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. McCRARY, BILL M. Sedalia, Missouri Business Administration Varsity Track 52-56, 57, 58, "M" Club, Commerce Club, Veterans' Organization. MEANS, JOHN W. Sedalia, Missouri I Business Administration Phi Sigma Pi,.Accounting Club, Commerce Club, Veterans' Organization. seniors MEDLIN, KATHRYN W. ' Brunswick, Missouri Business Administration MENEFEE, JAMES D. Sedalia, Missouri Accounting SNEA, Business Education Club, Nation Veterans' Club, Young Democrats' Club Congress of Parents and Teachers. Accounting Club. MILBURN, JR., GEORGE STELL MILLBERN, ROBERT L. Kansas City, Missouri Economics mittee, Freshman Counselor. MILLER, DON East St. Louis, Illinois Mathematics Sigma Tau Gamma. MOHATT, LAWRENCE Sidney, Nebraska General Business MOORE, BETTY Kearney, Missouri Elementary Education AWS, ACE, SNEA, North Hall Council Young Democrats' Club, Methodist Student Organization, Chorus. MOORE, BRYAN R. Kansas City, Missouri Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Epsilon, Dean's Honor Roll, In- dustrial Arts Club, Treasurer 56-575 Vet- erans' Organization. Olathe, Kansas General Business Phi Sigma EPSHOFII Student CGHTSI' COIN- Acacia, Junior Dean 57-58, Veterans' Or- ganization, Sergeant-at-Arms 57. MITCHELL, MARY LOUISE St. Joseph, Missouri Physical Education PEM Club, Secretary-Treasurer 55-567 WRA, SNEAp WSGA. MONTGOMERY, RICHARD Warrensburg, Missouri Industrial Arts MOORE, PHILLIP W. Warrensburg, Missori Economics MOORE, VERA ' Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education Theta Sigma Upsilonf SNEA, Democrats. ACE, Young Z, sa is :aff-fi if f 2 ' I MORGAN, JOHN Henrietta, Missouri Physical Education Tau Kappa Epsilon, Vice President Junior Class 56-57, President Senior Class 57-58, SNEA, Physical Educators' Club. MUSSON, KATHERINE Blue Springs, Missouri Speech Correction MYERS, JAMES B. Lee's Summit, Missouri Physics and Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon, BSU, Missions Chair- man 52-53. NEEDLES, CAROLYN VIRGINIA Kansas City, Missouri Music Dean's Honor Roll 54-57, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Delta, Vice President 57-58, Kappa Delta Pi, Westminster Fellowship, Secretary 56-57, Yeater Hall Council, SNEA, SCA, AWS, WRA Award 55-56, Student Counselor, MENC, Band, Orchestra, A Cappella Choir, Orchesis, Secretary-Treas- urer 57-58, Square Dance Club. NEWTON, F. JAY Kansas City, Missouri . Business Administration General Business Club, Young Republi- cans' Club, Newman Club.' I NOBLE, VIRGINIA SUE Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education Pi Kappa Sigma, Dean's Honor Roll, Stu- dent Center Committee, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Disciple Student Fellowship, AWS, Best Yeater Waitress 56, Square Dance Club. MUIR, HOMER New Bloomfield, Missouri Physical Education MUSTARD, MARY KATHRYN Lake Tapawingo, Missouri English and Speech Delta Zeta, Publicity Chairman, Scholar- ship Chairman, Pi Kappa Delta, SGA Ex- ecutive Council, Convocation Chairman, Student Staff, Columnist, Newman Club, Debate Team. NAUDET, MARY JO Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education Yeater-Todd Glee Club, Newman Club, Square Dance Club. NEWCOMB, CAROLYN JEANNE University City, Missouri Elementary Education Theta Sigma Upsilon, President 57-58, Vice President 56-57,'Corresponding Secretary 55-56, Dean's Honor Roll 57, Panhellenic, Corresponding Secretary 56-57, AWS, ACE, Todd Hall Council, Religious Emphasis Week, Committee Chairman 56-57, Fresh- man Counselor. NICHOLS, LAWSON Versailles, Missouri Business Administration Alpha Kappa Lambda, Alpha Phi Omega, Commerce Club. NOELKER, KARL 'J. Norborne, Missouri Retail and Merchandising Tau Kappa Epsilon, Secretary 57-58, Com- merce Club, Retail and Merchandising Club. seniors T NOVAK, LUMIR STANLEY' Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon, Treasurer, Pi Omega Pi, Vice President, Accounting Club, President 57-58, Alpha Phi Omega, Presi- dent, Vice President, Treasurer, Veterans' Organization. OLIGSCHLAEGER, HERMAN St. Elizabeth, Missouri Music Newman Club, Vice President 57-58, Band, Chorus: Crescendo Club. OLSON, CARL Independence, Missouri Music PARK, CHUN lLL St. Joseph, Missouri Sociology-Psychology PARRACK, ROBERT Windsor, Missouri Industrial Arts PARROTT, CLYDE G. Knob Noster, Missouri Social Studies O'DELL, KENN ETH Liberty, Missouri Physics OLSON, BESSIE Traverse City, Michigan PACE, CHARLES Sedalia, Missouri Sociology-Psychology PARRACK, RICHARD Windsor, Missouri English Kappa Sigma Kappa. A' PARROTT, CLAUDE DEAN Knob Noster, Missouri Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club. PAUL, JOAN Independence, Missouri Elementary Education SNEA, Liahona Fellowship, urer 56-57. Secretary-Treas- ,, 3 f 170 54,7 .7 f , 1 7 PAUL, WILLIAM Chilhowee, Missouri Business Administration Veterans' Club, Commerce Club. PETERSON, THOMAS Fargo, North Dakota General Business PHILLIPS, BEVERLY Pleasant Hill, Missouri Home Economics PHILLIPS, ELAINE GUENTHER Clinton, Missouri Home Economics Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Ornicron Phi, Colhecon, Dean's Honor Roll, Student Counselor, SNEA, AWS, Todd Hall Council. PLEIMANN, DENNIS Kansas City, Missouri Accounting POWELL, MARJORIE Bethel, Kansas English PERKINS, BARBARA Belton, Missouri Social Studies PHILLIPS, ANNA Warrensburg, Missouri Elementary Education PHILLIPS, DON Elclon, Missouri Business Administration Veterans' Organization, Outing Club Commerce Club. PITTS, PRESLEY Bogard, Missouri Industrial Arts POWELL, JANE Clinton, Missouri Music Education Crescendo Club, Choir, Orchestra, FTA. PREWITT, MARI Pleasant Hill, Missouri Art ' c seniors RABER, SAM Holden, Missouri Industrial Arts REED, JAMES ARTHUR Valley Park, Missouri Science Education Canterbury Club, Treasurer 57-58, Student Ministerial Association, President 57-58, Student Christian Association, lnternational Relations Club, Track, REIFF, CHARLES STEPHEN Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Commerce Club, Young Republicans' Club, Merchandising and Retailing Club, Fresh- man Counselor, Inter-Dormitory Council, Westminster Fellowship, Intramurals. RENKEN, FRANCIS ANN Enon, Missouri English SNEA, FTA. REYNOLDS, JACK Warrensburg, Missouri Biology RICHESON, ALAN Knob Noster, Missouri Merchandising and Retailing RAMQU IST, TOM Kansas City, Missouri English REID, LARRY DOUGLAS Jefferson City, Missouri Kappa Sigma Kappa, President 57 Province President 57-58, Canterbury Club, Student Center Committees. RENFROW, JEAN Ionia, Missouri Business Education Delta Zeta, Corresponding Secretary, Com- merce Club, Business Educators' Club, Stu- dent Center Committee, SNEA, REYNOLDS, DORIS JANE Warrensburg, Missouri Elementary Education Alpha Phi Delta, sNEA, State Delegate 57, ACE, Band. I , RICHARDSON, PAUL Eldon, Missouri Physical Education Physical Educators' Club, "M" Club, In- ternational Relations Club, Basketball, Track. RING, DIXIE LOUISE Odessa, Missouri English Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, Secretary 57, FTA, Liahona Fellowship. RINNE, CATHERINE Higginsville, Missouri Music A Cappella Choir, Crescendo Club, Yeater- Todd Glee Club, Band, SNEA, RIVERA, ANGEL A. Aguadilla, Puerto Rico Merchandising and Retailing Cosmopolitan Club, President 57-58, Prexy Club 57-58, Newman Club, Commerce Club, Merchandising and Retailing Club, Veterans' Organization. ROBERTS, MARY LOU EI Dorado Springs, Missouri Elementary Education RODICK, ROBERT E. Sedalia, Missouri Merchandising and Retailing ' ROUND, JAMES West Concord, Minnesota Industrial Arts RUPPERT, GVVENDOLYN RENA Muskegon, Michigan Music Crescendo Club, Band, Orchestra. RISSLER, ROSEMARY Sedalia, Missouri Elementary Education ROBERSON, WILLIAM A. Leeton, Missouri Physics ROBINSON, MARY LOU DAHMS Deepwater, Missouri Business Education Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Com- merce Club, WRA. ROE, SHIRLEY Olathe, Kansas English Foreign Language Club, Young Democrats' Club, SNEA, Methodist Student Movement. RUNYAN, DOLORES Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education Todd Hall Council 56-57, Yeater-Todd Glee Club, Student Center Committees. RYLE, GEORGE W. Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education - Alpha Kappa Lambda, President 57-58, Kappa Delta Pi, President 57-58, Who's Who, Dean's Honor Roll, Prexy Club, ACE, President 57-58, SNEA, Interfrater- nity Council, Phi Sigma Pi, Square Dance Club. SCHAFER WERNER Kansas City, Missouri SCHELP, JOHN Lexington, Missouri Chemistry SCHLU ETER, DELLA Carrollton, Missouri' Elementary Education SCHNITZER, SHIRLEY Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education Delta Zeta, Standards Chairman. SCHORR, LARRY Tomah, Wisconsin Social Studies International Club, SNEA SCOTT, JOANN Versailles, Missouri Elementary Education ACA, SNEA, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. seniors SCHANZ VIRGINIA Marshall, Missouri English Kappa Delta Pi, Secretary 57-58, Alpha Phi Delta, Dean's Honor Roll, Yeater-Todd Glee Club, SNEA, SCHERER, TOM Thamesville, Ontario, Canada Sociology-Psychology Who's Who, International Relations Club, President 57-58, Osborne Annex Council, Secretary-Treasurer 57-58, Liahona Fellow- ship, Intramural Football. SCRITCHFIELD, RITA JEAN Prairie Village, Kansas English Pi Kappa Sigma, Treasurer, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Delta, Dean's Honor Roll, Hall of Recognition, Student Staff, As- sociate Editor, SGA Executive Council, Secretary 57-58, Orchesis, President 57-58, SNEA, Foreign Language Club, REW, Freshman Counselor, Todd Hall Council, Residence Hall Assistant, Yeater-Todd Glee Club, World University Service. SCHONDELMEYER, BARBARA Sedalia, Missouri Business Education Delta Zeta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, President 57, Dean's Honor Roll, Pi Omega Pi, SNEA, AWS, Freshman Counselor, SCA, Commerce Club, Square Dance Club. SCHULTS, BOBBY Sedalia, Missouri General Business SCOTT, TH EO D. Gaylord, Michigan Speech Phi Sigma Pi, NEA, SNEA, Liahona Fellow- ship, President 56, SCA, REW, Inaugural Procession Committee 57. f , ff ag f 1 ffl, XM, NK , ,WW P335 SENAHA, EIKI Kushison, Okinawa English A SHERIDAN, PAUL Warrensburg, Missouri Business Administration Phi Sigma Epsilon, President 57-58, Who's Who, Prexy Club, Interfraternity Coun- cil, Vice President 57-58, Commerce Club, Industrial Arts Club, Veterans' Organiza- tion. . SHULTZ, MILDRED Clinton, Missouri SIN K, BETTY RAY Osceola, Missouri Elementary Education SNEA, AWS. SMITH, MARLYN Odessa, Missouri Physical Education Delta Zeta, Alpha Phi Delta, Who's Who, Dean's Honor Roll, Homecoming Queen 57, RHETOR Queen Candidate 56, Panhel- lenic Council, Recording Secretary 56-57, Orchesis, PEM Club, AWS, Junior Class Secretary 56-57, Dormitory Hall Council, Secretary 56-57, SGA Representative 56- 58, Freshman Counselor. SMITH, PATRICIA ANN Kansas City, Missouri Home Economics Colhecon, SNEA. SHANNON, DELMAR Concordia, Missouri Industrial Arts SHOEMAKER, LARRY Independence, Missouri Physics SILVIUS, MYRON Independence, Missouri Merchandising and Retailing SLUSHER, ROBERT Odessa, Missouri General Business Commerce Club. SMITH, NANCIJEAN Raytown, Missouri Physical Education PEM Club, WRA, Orchesis, President 57- 58, Dolphins, SNEA, Square Dance Club, Vice President 57-58, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. SMITH, RHETA Otterville, Missouri Chemistry seniors STAPLES, HARRY Clinton, Missouri General Business STARR, MARION F. Brunswick, Missouri Music Newman Club, Band, Chorus, Orchestra, Crescendo Club. STITH, LOU ANN Versailles, Missouri' Elementary Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, ACE, SNEA, Fresh- man Counselor, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. STURGIS, CLIFFORD Hamilton, Missouri Accounting SWOPES, BILLIE M. Sweet Springs, Missouri Biology and Chemistry Alpha Phi Delta, Beta Beta Beta, President 57-58, WSGA, Freshman Counselor, Prexy Club. TAYLOR, ZELDA FRANCES Pleasant Hill, Missouri Elementary Education ' Who's Who, Hall of Recognition, Alpha Phi Delta, President 57-58, ACE, Treas- urer 57-58, Prexy Club, SNEA, AWS, Yeater Hall Council, Resident Hall Assist- Bm: Religious Emphasis Week Committee. STARKE, JAMES A. Odessa, Missouri General Business STEELE, CELIA M. Butler, Missouri Home Economics Pi Kappa Sigma, Dean's Honor Holl 57-58, Kappa Omicron Phi, Secretary 56- 57, Prexy Club, Colhecon, President 56- 57, Secretary 55-56, SCA, CSF, Freshman Counselor, Religious Emphasis Week, Co- Chairman Hospitality Committee, SNEA. STONE, MARCIA Odessa, Missouri Physical Education Delta Zeta, Sergeant-at-Arms 57-58, Ath- letic Chairman 56-57, Dean's Honor Roll 57-58, PEM Club, WRA, Student Center Dance Committee 55-57, Co-Chairman Student Center Entertainment Committee 57-58, SNEA, Student Counselor, Band, Intramurals. SWARTHOUT, NED T. Vienna, Missouri Industrial Arts TAYLOR, ANNA K. Sedalia, Missouri Elementary Education TERAVSKIS, MAIGONIS Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Acacia, International Relations Club, Mer- chandising and Retailing Club, Young Re- publicans' Club. ff- ' . 7 V mf . 'V '- -V f f El tl, 431- ' W X' 0 ., SK 19- XX THOMAS, ALVIN Elizabethtown, Kentucky Physics THOMPSON, JOHN Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Phi Sigma Epsilon, Historian 57-58, Inter- fraternity Council, Merchandising and Re- tailing Club. THORBURN, REBECCA Warrensburg, Missouri Speech Correction - Pi Kappa Sigma, President 56-57, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Who's Who, George Charno Citizenship Award 57, Dean's Honor Roll, RHETOR Editor 57, Layout Editor 56, Mule Brays, Co-Editor 57, Prexy Club, Kappa Sigma Kappa Sweetheart 56, FTA, UNESCO Consulta- tion Committee, REW Convocation Com- mittee, President's Inauguration, Reception Committee. TRUMBO, FLOYD Houston, Texas Merchandising and Retailing TURNER, RAY Bates City, Missouri TWENTE, CHARLENE Independence, Missouri Elementary Education THOMAS, LARRY Kansas City, Missouri Social Studies Tau Kappa Eusilon, SNEA, BSU, Intra- murals. THOMPSON, KAY Raytown, Missouri Elementary Education Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, SNEA, ACE. TOTTEN, ROGER Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma, Treasurer 57-58, Com- merce Club, International Relations Club. TUEPKER, DORIS PATRICIA Independence, Missouri Elementary Education Pi Kappa Sigma, SGA Honor Key 57, SGA Representative 56-57, Dean's Honor Roll, Popular Girl Candidate 57, Cheerleader 54-55, SNEA, ACE, Student Center Com- mittee, Yeater Hall Council. TURRENTINE, JIM Independence, Missouri Merchandising and Retailing Tau Kappa Epsilon, Interfraternity Coun- cil 56-58, APO, Merchandising and Retail- ing Club, President 57, Commerce Club, SGA 55, "M" Club, Varsity Baseball. VANDIVER, JIM Parkville, Missouri Economics seniors VAN PELT, BILL D. Adrian, Missouri Music Alpha Kappa Lambda, SNEA, Club, Band, Chorus. Crescendo WAR, JACK Kansas City, Missouri Psychology VINDAS, JOHNNY R. Heredia, Costa Rica Chemistry Cosmopolitan Club, Foreign Language Club. WALTERS, FRANK GARNETT Sedalia, Missouri Mathematics Phi Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treasurer 58, BSU, Student Christian As- sociation, Co-Chairman Social Committee 56-58, Industrial Arts Club, Freshman Counselor. WATSON, MARY J. Warrensburg, Missouri Elementary Education WEAR, WILLIAM M. Independence, Missouri Biology Tau Kappa Epsilon, Beta Alpha, Court, SGA Citizenship Chairman Student 57-58. VERNON, EDWARD A. Eldon, Missouri Business Administration Ministerial Fellowship, Baptist Alliance, BSU. VIEBROCK, LEROY J. Cole Camp, Missouri Physical Education Gamma Delta, Physical Education Cl-ub. WALL, DEAN Hardin, Missouri Elementary Education WATERS, RUTH L Sedalia, Missouri Business Administration . Ministerial Club, Ag Sigma Sigma Sigma, Treasurer 56-57, Alpha Phi Delta, Commerce Club, Pi Omega Pi, WSGA, SNEA, A Cappella Choir. WATTS, JOAN Kansas City, Missouri Sociology-Psychology WEIDKNECHT, ANNETTE Warrensburg, Missouri Elementary Education WEISMAN, IRENE St. Louis, Missouri Physical Education PEM Club, WRA, AWS. WESSELSCHMIDT, MCCURDY Lee's Summit, Missouri Vocational Home Economics ANN Theta Sigma Upsilon, Treasurer, Dean's Honor Roll, Miss Colhecon of 57, Kappa Omicron Phi, Vice President, Alpha Phi Delta, Homecoming Attendant 56, Prexy Club, SNEA, AWS, Colhecon, President, Vice President, Treasurer, Yeater-Todd Glee Club. WHITE, MARY LOU ' Amity, Missouri Social Studies WHITE, ROBERT E. Kansas City, Missouri Business Administration and Mathemat- ics Tau Kappa Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega, Secretary 53-54, Outing Club, Intramurals, Commerce Club, Merchandising and Re- tailing Club. WILCOXSON, LARRY Lamoni, Iowa Retailing and Merchandising Kappa Sigma Kappa, Diemer Advisory Board 57-58, Commerce Club, Retailing and Merchandising Club, Flying Mules, Treasurer 57-58, Hawkeye Club. WILKINSON, RICHARD A. Warrensburg, Missouri Business Administration Phi Sigma Epsilon, Commerce Club. WELLS, THOMAS L. Kansas City, Missouri Sociology-Psychology WHITE, CARA LEE Maysville, Missouri Physical Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Secretary 57-58, Who's Who, Alpha Phi Delta, Head Waitress of Yeater-Todd Dining Room 57-58, PEM Club, Historian 56, WRA, Treasurer 56, Chorus, Yeater-Todd Gle WHITE, NORMA Clinton, Missouri Mathematics WIGGINS, SAM Doniphan, Missouri Physical Education WILCOXON, SCHO Centerview, Missouri Industrial Arts 56-57, Agriculture Club e Club. OLEY D. Science Club, Veterans' Organization, Vice President i m Square Dance Club, Co merce Club. WILKEY, CAROL JEANETTE Warrensburg, Missouri Elementary Education Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Delta, SNEA, Historian 57-58, ACE, Student Counselor, Religious Emphasis We Methodist. Student Move ek 56-57, Band, ment. 4:16 WILLIAMS, LAWRENCE WILLIAMS, STEPHEN Monett, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Physical Education Physical Education WILSON, BETTY M. Kansas City, Missouri Elementary Education WILSON, JUNIOR LEON Calhoun, Missouri Industrial Arts WINANS, A. PAUL Creston, Iowa Social Studies WIX, -JOE Clinton, lMissouri Religion - Student Ministers' Fellowship, 56-57. K YAHNIG, DAVID Independence, Missouri Social Studies ZIEGLER, YVONNE St. Louis, Missouri Physical Education Kappa Delta Pi, WRA, PEM C Dolphin Club. ARD President lub, AWS, WILSON, CAROL California, Missouri Chemistry Sigma Sigma Sigma. WILSON, VIRGINIA ANN Independence, Missouri English Alpha Sigma Alpha, Corresponding Secre- tary 56-57, Alpha Phi Delta, Yeater Hall Council, Treasurer 56-57, AWS, Yeater- Todd Glee Club, Orchesis, Freshman Coun- selor, SNEA, Dormitory Assistant, "Red Shoes." WILSTON, MOLLIE LOUISE La Monte, Missouri Vocational Home Economics Dean's Honor Roll 56-57, SNEA, Colhecon. WYLIE, DORIS ELAINE Kansas City, Missouri Vocational Home Economics Outstanding Junior in Home Economics, Kappa Omicron Phi, Secretary 56-57, AI- pha Phi Delta, Colhecon, Secretary 56-57, SNEA, Freshman Counselor, Christian Stu- dent Fellowship, WUS. YORK, DONNA Adrian, Missouri Elementary Education ZINK, JESSE Leeton, Missouri Psychology honors J L ,Q 4 'Sli U ' 1 I ,W H 1-W? A4 .S lu ' fn! ' ""' x ' 4 . -semi A " L . 'V' If -an ' . If A x 1, . . .n r J 454 -Q0 . itz, ,I f , ' if 'Cf Zin' EI!-'W , - 4 J rf,,5E,, wxxx NX 4 W ,l W Honors E . . v. -i-- -.Qgi L .H ' 'J--:.,1 M ' 1 'ff' 1 I 1 X ffm I ' , A f , 1 I 5 V X X N15 'lv' Qi It , n J ' 'f fill..-. U '.. s -. 1 , s 4 AQ' ,...- , J- Y Q ' ,,--- - f' --i ' Ev -fa 1 "A :W if' - f.,1:,- .4 5 'X 'iw' 3 1, 7 .g.-1041-f - "Y V BOSLER BUHLER 'l- i I who s who Thirty-three Central Missouri State College students were accepted for this year's edition ot Who's Who Among Students in American Col- leges and Universities. Nominated by the college, these students were chosen tor scholarship, leadership, citizenship, promise ot tuture useful- ness and cooperation in educational and extracurricular activities. The total number chosen is limited according to the total college enrollment. Elizabeth Achepohl, William Akers, Pat Allison, Kay Bosler, Rosalie Buhler, Pat Cassing, John Chronister, Tom Coleman, Ann Corn, Christa Creason, Shirley Eberting, Carol Goetz, .Leonard Goodall, Jan Gregory, Marilyn Grider, Hugh Hanna, Sandra Harlan, Paul Hollansworth, Charles Kelly, Charles Keseman, Shirley Kirkpatrick, Linda Land, Bob Large, Betty LaRue, Stan Novak, George Ryle, Tom Scherer, Paul Sheridan, Marlyn Smith, Edith Stalling, Zelda Taylor, Becky Thornburn and Cara Lee White. W l LL IAM ELlZABET lin- AKE RS PA T ACHELPO ALLISON KAY RosALiE PAT JOHN TOM cAsslNe cHRoNistER coLEMAN ANN CHRISTA SHIRLEY CAROL LEONARD CORN CREASON EBERTING GOETZ GOODALL JAN MARILYN HUGH SANDRA PAUL GREGORY GRIDER I I-IANNA HARLAN HoLLANswoRTI-I CHARLES CHARLES SHIRLEY LINDA BOB KELLY KESEMAN KIRKPATRICK LAND LARGE BETTY STANLEY GEORGE TOM PAUL LARUE NOVAK RYLE SCHERER SHERIDAN MARLYN EDITH ZELDA BECKY CARA LEE SMITH STALLING TAYLOR THORBURN WHITE ALPHA PHI DELTA A national honor sorority recognizing scholarship. President, Zelda Taylor, vice president, Carolyn Needels, secre- tary-treasurer, Linda Land, sponsor, Dr. Nahm. First row: M. Mays, D. Lynde, J. Morris, D. Beall, H. Schlichter, L. Bauerle, M. Shehan, B. Walters, G. Elliott, S. Smith, D. Silvius. Second row: M. Hampton,-C. Wilkey, J. Lindaman, J. Gregory, D. Harlan, M. Grider, J. Gibson, M. Bullock, Y. Ent, J. Mayfield, J. Wittman, E. Achelpohl. Third row: R. Hanna, C. DeVore, B. Swopes, J. Nieder- hauser, P. Lovinger, E. Deuschle, J. Jones, D. Marshall, J. Smith, K. Powell, C. Boswell, B. De- laney, M. Correll. Fourth row: M. Ellis, B. Sullivan, L. Huenefield, Z. Taylor, K. Lacey, J. Martin, J. Vedder, L. Hoke, W. Pate, B. Hayes, B. Mann, V. Bell, S. Moore, C. Needels. Fifth row: L. Land, M. Keseman, A. Jordan, K. Jensen, C. Bums, E. Craft, C. Laswell, S. Harlan, C. White, C. Creason, M. Hinnah, R. Kruse, L. Nahm. ALPHA PHI SIGMA Epsilon chapter ot A.P.S., national honorary fraternity, is open to all stu- dents who were high school valedic- torians or salutatorians. A spring ban- quet and an honor key for their out- standing senior highlighted the year. President, Margaret Keseman, vice pres- ident, Yvonne Ent, secretary-treasurer, Dorothy Lynde, sponsor, Dr. Jent. First row: D. Lynde, L. Bauerle, S. Shelton. Second row: M. Wallis, D. Wilson, E. Diggs, M. Morrison, J. Jones, M. Adams. Third row: K. Austin, V. Carlyle, D. Goodenough, S. Woody, C. Neeclels, A. Corn, G. Elliott. Fourth row: M. Hinnah, M. Keseman, D. Anson, D. Allen, R. Alexander, D. Maschmeier, A. Bartlett, Y. Ent. a PREXY CLUB The presidents of all campus organi- zations belong to this club sponsored by President Warren C. Lovinger. They work for communication between the administration of C.M.S.C. and the stu- dent body. First row: S. Sevier, S. Kiser, G. Ryle, L. Reid, E. Achelpohl, O. Glispey. Second row: P. Lovinger, D. Davisson, J. Cook, M. Willis, J. Anzalotta, B. Eversole, C. Eves, B. LaRue. Third row: B. Swopes S. Kirkpatrick, Y. Strode, A. Jordan, N. Smith, W. Kimble, P. Graff, J. Appleberry. Fourth row: President Lovinger, B. Cupito, D. Macoubrie, M. Keseman, T. Wells, D. Lynde, E. Wehmhoener, Z. Taylor, N. Bashore. Fifth row: D. Marcks, L. Middle- ton, H. Hanna, J. Claypool, H. Thomson, C. Keseman, L. Goodall, R. Kellerman. Sixth row: R. Robinson, J. Reed, W. Powell, W. Stephens, R. Hittner, T. Scherer, R. Gard, G. Harris, T. Coleman. 1 Q- Umderclassmgm 2 ' 'X f 9 'Af 'H I I .will Ja . U ,QAQVQQIJQ W1--mwwf' ff L x fp-Q41 X 'V 'Gm qi 4,.. Q X lu X 157-Y f fb' N 'I , ,fff KW W A X u go U b I C . I mcg IQ. fwl' qupxx if b X 1 Lf J r . W -'F 'I 1 f A 5 Z fu I , 'X K' E? 21 -3 0 lf, L- A fL,g,'iWfJ ,Q A ,--, Q It XM K S-fix : lid 2 ,M X 1 'A E K ,1f ff ' MX 0 1 3' li' Ig.. . ' 53 X Robert Robinson President sophomore officers junior officers Ernie Paris Vice President Lucille Kirby Secretary T wt ff - v,,,,f,rffMwc llggzzmwjlfggggw xg, ,-sm, " gr- 'Q ,-,,gf4WfyfQ1'll -- wr f 4f,,.,. ,, f ff f ff W fff W M ,ff ,W ffff f f W!! f f ff fff f ff frf f M fff fm W fQw ffff W ff! f 'wwf UW W W f 0 WM f My fi! , NW! M f www W ,K af wwf! fwkfwwfwf NWMMWX ff www ff W my fffff f fff! JW !.,V. , ,- ,,,, , V f . 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Tifm BQTTY Cal'Ole Judy Jim Robert Patricia John Joe Bickham Bieir Bindi Blackwell Blaine Blair Blake Blize Bockelman ,, .. v.', ..,,. , ,.,...L.. , . ,L ,,,.., ,... t an , W ,,, , .Y,, ,mr :.W,-.,,s,, Q. .. 17:19, V: .arf 4 .,,g,:5--, .,: f fs' Y ., l "4 ef-Q: ,:, 4:1-sm-4'131515.-544 , ,J af- -V ., ' 2:11 .rw ,. - -. ' 1. 'I -- ' . . " A ,, ,, 1 A ' ' fl 4 ' - " ' . ft 'Y , ,p a-a :m:2f?2?'.1-ws: -2 1 ' ,fz cf f,-V 1- f- ,: - . , , ' 1 . Q - f C L if v ,zazisazy Y IM -V I M'-fig ' 6,1 2 . 0 I , V, ,V Carolyn John Boeschen Bogvilo Judy Bolar Margaret Bonatsou Kenneth Gerald Boucher Bourland John Barbara Bowers Bowman f"' r ' ' 41' 496' ff' W , Gilbert Bowman I. N. Jerry Ed Irwin Karen Hugh Elmer Charles Barbara Bowman Boyce Bradley Bradley Bradshaw Brady Branstetter Brock Brookshier Mary Patricia Wayne Leroy Ronald David Carol Norman Beverly Brown Brown Brown Brugioni Brunson Bryant Buchholtz Buchholz Buck Ed Tom Robert Judy Mary William Lewis Betty Janis Burfeind Burgess Burke Burns Burton Burton Bybee Callahan Cameron Arlene Cynthia Marcelene Vivian Charles Beverly Carlos Ricardo Joyce Campbell Carl Carlile Carlyle Carson Carter Castro Castro Caton Judy Mary Barbara Martin James Russell Chung Roger Bob Caulk Cawein Chace Chaisson Chalmers Childress Sang Cho Chrisman Christman Carolyn Ronald Virgie JOl1r' Nofma Wllllam Doyle Paul. Caro! Clark Clemons Clevenger Clouse Cgqhran Coffman COl'lICl4 COllIer COlVlI'1 , 69 l i QV iff? Carol Glenn Randy Joyce Gaylan Wallace ROQSF Jackie Georgie Compton Comstock Conklin Cook Cope C0VdeS COfH6ll Coffell Colson 1 William Curtis .lack Wilma Shirley Don Jimmie Marilyn Clifford W Corum Cowan Cowherd Cox Crabtree Craig Crall Crawford Crenshaw 1 l r I Nancy Robert Michal Judith Clair Judith Wayne Alice Jim Crow Crowder Crudginton Cumming Cunningham Curran Daegele Dahlberg Danielson JoAnn Gordon LeRoy Betty Dorothy Calvin Frank Herbert Joanne l Davidson Davidson Davis Davison Davisson De Lozier De Mayo Dempsey Denny l ,nn 1 , l l 1 l I Billy Marian Evelyn Darryl Donald Jeanne Ruth Nettie Glenna I Denton Dieckman Diggs Disney Dittmer Dixon Donaldson Dorward Downs ll - rrrr I , l .l is 1, ll li . . -i- l MBHIYH Frank Sltlrley Stanley Grace Faylynn Kay Eugene Donald li Drennan Droz Duermeyer Duncan Duren Dyer Early Eastin Edde i ll V Ll i, Judith Lawrence Barbara Gwendolyn Royce Patricia Roger Judy Larry 70 Edrnlnster Edson Edwards Ehmann Eisenhauer Elkins Ellingson Ellington Embry . X ,, wh X Y 3g0,,W - 5 X65-4, ,X : xc . A 1 1 1- ., ' -"-' "1 V, , :V ' ' .X .3 .- -f .1:f'i4Z'?I 'VN' 3 -'F NW 1 L' M" fi? V 25' A L- f 53-'3' -M' " .umfinif '. "' 'FT v ' , ' f.. 2 Q 4 . , K 1, .,:,. hc .. wa ,f , .,m.f.p,4, ,, yy f, Wy... .y , , , A X. Q... A f- , . , , - WI. '- v '-" ' " 2 N we .x .-.::- ' X.-:.::.,.:.: ye ,W , f- ,.::i4.f-e f 1. M 0 -'-- -. was fe- 4 . ,ff .. ws. ,ga-5 fffte-.15 Q -.s f ' -.- M. J gf:-.,z: f-W:-aff.:-1,, , 1 ,.- -, -t- c xr' -"'t 1 . - , f , 1 nm , ' ' Y . ' -"- A Harry Elliott -l9f"Y Mary Phyllis Mary Ahmael Elliott Elliott Elliott Elwell Emami Carol Willis Entrikin Epperson 2.-rf ,f Sandra Etter lrmaiean NGHCY Carl Wallace Robert Paul Larry Robert Jane EUl9aHl4 EVeflY Fadler Farmer Feigly Fenner Ferguson Ferro Figher Rose Luis Kenneth Larry Ronnie Loren William Richard -Ronald Flaugher Fonseca Ford Ford Fortney Foster Franklin Frantz ' ' Frederick Teresa Barbara Mary Sandra Wayne Lawrence Shelton Marylea Shirley Freeman Freund Friend Fromson Gadt Gale Gallas Gard Garland Donna Charles Howard Mary Albert Diane Glenna Joyce Michael Gastineau Gehrs George George Gerhardt Gerow Gibson Giddens Gieringer Brenda Martha Thomas Leonard Bonita Martha Glenn Ewell Don Giffee Gist Goddard Goldammer Gonzalez Goodman Gover Gordon Grainger 1, Carol Kenneth Joanne Angie Janice Diane Carol . Jack Janet GVSSUWBY Greenwell Greer Gregg Gregg Grier Griffith Griffith Griffith ,W at -f r I ,W I J t , f , J " , .. V, 1 'L .,m: :5-V Q ,. ,VTE ,ii ,, 3 4 .35 5 :th ,. X i s How. . , Z f 9 1,271 I V 5 A 1 Q ,,,, u V- ,, f W gi fffif, ,,A, ,.,. L r ' ' J 1 , 5 A-A ll ' ' 1 " f-1 " tl" , f'f2I5': 11'1faE1:1' ' -' - ' ' .-.... 4. :'- .V 10' ,Q 2 ' Y "M fy , 3:H!Efs's . - , ' f U 'Vi - " , f ' , ff 7- 'f ga, , T i J, Fe-3 V-55365 V, :!,5- Ki 2, 4 2 I , ,. 'W W, ,sg 1-, ,il ff! 2 f gf ,,3 f 1 Tv.. gif rep: 2- - ' 11" . ,. sara- as-Q . ,-f f w . . if ' Ziff" ,- , 'fr Q ' ff -C. " 1 'ff-ff .1 'Q A f f ,. A .,,.. , ,, . , ., ,.,, ,.,, s .. .... 1 , ,- .. . , , ,, I .,,--We, -Q4 he , ,f Av , ,, Nm, fi . ff L , ' ' -' is ' 'www' f ' f f wr 'V' . . ,.ff-W . - vii .fr .rf-:, ,, - - .,4,y1,. ., f A ,X ff f 5- g.f,p',, ,A 6 cf -4, 1 1 . f r ae .6 2 ' it - fl af f 1 . A f ' A 'f , f V f. ff - 1 , fi -ff v ' .. 4 Q If 2 14-aff, m f g , ff ff I X , fe, . A5-I w 1 , , n f 7 H24 . ' ' ' K5 ,J ', fy ,z ,f if . 2 ,Qwffif xii at TK ' at L 1 , ' x it L 5 1 ff,. fif .- f f fww Daniel Gurnetf Janice Guclde Mary Griffins GrimeS Jean La Wanna Gurtler Hackner Larry Hagedorn Marlene Hahn Alphonse Hainen Ja'-nes Margaret Ona Ronald Jack Jim Michael Janice HBr0lCl Halleman Halliburton Hammond Hampshire Hanes H6065 Hanna l'l6I'1Sef'l l'l'3"baU9l1 Sue Donna Janalee Lonnie Jane John Norman Joe Kenneth Harbit Harmes Harper Harper Harris Harris Harris Hartman Hartman William Gayle Roy Diane Bobby George Pat Jim Hartman Harvey Harvey Haseltine Hash Hash Hatchett Hatchett Hattem Ed MBFY Bobby Larry Gary John . Betty John Raymond Grady l'laYe5 H5YSllP Hellwig Hempel Henderson Henks Hey HSYGF Hibbs Arthor Jim Carol Donald Martha Marilyn George George Shirley Hicks Hieronymus Higgins Hill Hill Hinken Hobbs Hodge Hoeppner Jlmmle LGVVY Melvin Ronnie Id H d Charles Dona Loretta l Larry Betty HO e' HO an Holloway H00k Hopkins Horn Hornbeck House Hout S 3 0 3 1 m r- DJ 5 9 U3 CD -. Z fD I.. OJ D Q. Ln U' ID 1 KJ r- OJ 3 LO FD 3 CL O CD -x -h FD 1 ugddeq uosJe1 qJQa1 991 Od" Nl L0 3 Q. FDDJ 10 rn Q! C -n G m 1 1 1 C m 3 m 4 E. FD 6. 4 KD Q O Ii' IS m D. Q. E 3 OJ 1 m QI 1 ID -.- L. FU w ff TD X ? SL 1 rr :r 3 m N: m 1 KW 11 01: gf m K E 3 2 S Q m K2 1 m m cr an m 1 75 5 5 un 1 m Q 5. X Q 3 o N5 U1 5 Q 5 2 we ET C7 A , ful Kg' F- U 2 1 m m 4 fD w 75 6. 1 rs 3' D' O ZS 3 K 0 Vo 3 -I-w fb -1 Ln fb '4 ZS 3 U 3 0 3 K: ZS : U1 C FD LQ ZS m lx Sn dda JG 1squa6uHN 6 qpoy U7 3' EQ 0 Yi G7 KD 1 o un FD E2 a 3 3 CD K FD O C lQ T EI cu - I m -4 4 O : : c I.. DJ -1 -1 2-4 m F1'I N na O' FD -f 3' EZ aa 1. na L. DJ 0 T 2. 4. ZZ Q O 3' 3 If 3 Q. cu '4 Q G7 3 3 5. LQ mn Q O 4 ID 3 CU fb Q O J' 3 ua O 3 Q O 3 FD m Q O 3 FD ua Q O 'C 7Y 9. SI s ex 19 if I '4 f'D -Q 5' LD fb un un DI D! 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V r i -2 as -N T "" V , ,Q2fZyrQ,ff,V xii - ,, - ' ,. I - ,JV Q V.I:- t N v g,-1 Q,..a,1w, . , ,,,, V :-,..V, . ,,V V ., V V , . 1 X "" - W. -- .. . 1 if , x , 4 ' , 1 . V, xo s,.g..f iigfiifg , , 1' ' , Q Q' w?f 'f'1 V ,W 1,f,2,V r ' - J f 4 z .X , is -.2 : QM f S J ' JW P' .M .... , ..., . as. , , c 1, , - , . ,K ,id X Q5 as - ' A ,,,,, . , 'f V .24fz"v, . .. .. .... , , 0.4: U f 'May V Ns Mary. Robelff D6fY00SlW Ca'flWY Elaine TSFFY Patricia Sandra David Momson M0l5"'l9er Mowlavi Mueller Mukai Murphy MU,-ry Nagblebm Nealy Agnes -lUCllTl'1 Carol Ruth Barbara paul Charles Gil Roy Neale Nelson Netz Neuenschwander Newby Newcomb Newman Nichols Nichols Sandra Delores Jean Victor Warren Lary Blanche John R0l98l'f Nichols Nicholson Nieolerhauser Nielsen Nippes Nordlohne Norman O'Bannon Oefllng Ronald Gloria Kenneth Bonnie Lewis Jerald Christine Dee James Oelllng Okada Olive Oliver Ollison Olson Oltman Ott Otto NOFVYIG Calvin Dixie Ronald Clifford Harvey Sonia Kermit Judirh Otto Owens Owens Owsiey Padget Palmer Palmer Parks Parrott Mike Neva Jerolle Mary Robert Kenneth Bernadine Amelia Charles Pale pea,-on pearson Peolego Perry Peters Peterson Phillips Phillips Charles William Gary Sandra Shlrley Karen Patricia Caral Jorge Pieper Pigg Poort Porter Pottker Pratt Presbury Pritchard Quiros V5 im N. S 5 X Lex N A ' S Y ,XVVKN . ' N P N fKx,x w.f5 h?5T . S. 5 My ge ' 1 N M - x . Q 4 X N, S V' xe1g,Xsmg- SN-S Y , . fy, Q. Q X . A B-f els 5 x " fy, gag - -wx S 1 '-mr Q fy Xwezxew iff we . 5 x . N . , xv :Ml 9firAfX'i' .-.' , ' X. A ' V , . -V Q fl . -- ,f ji: . T ig , , I . . will w .5 ,, Q5 + :1sN.w.Q3"'5 e 4 it i , X . e Q , , sv N , V' ,- W J. ' , ,,.,.. eb . x 1 , 9 e, Lee Saundra Vincent Roben Robed James ES Jam Rkk as if 3 f- 4. L ro E C ID FO L fU .D n. YU an P- 'U M :- .K C Q x Z: -E .L lu 02 Cm .CE PCL o-- - w L C F .- L wir 'Um Oro '5.C 'Oro 30 -14.0 5401, Di ficz 1 c O r: 'S O gg c -E T 5 2 wo --- ms: ,I ah- CE QE fab ,Q L- ov W 41.2 'DO Om of 5411 Em Um cznn ga, va ID L WSE x 5 .Q L 20 cv an- ww cu -4: s:-- T-'O Q.- P Q 2 I 3 M T x : o iw M... OO -Cm ro-C E- Uoc -,oc ww gtg my .. : L V, G, my 5,0 4- -an U9 H 'Um :.E y 5 2 S E 5 Sim- E P fum 5.0 CLD: cum orc inf Q20 Zi 153 'nf .105 E Su E 5 Q1 -. Ei? Q 5 C C U 5 o an -+- C3 2: '-P E m M x 4 m C 3 U W QD: L-jg E 3 1' C IU gtg 85 ,om xg -2 0 D x L w t C 2 h DM -.- mo mm ,UO ml! my min Mtg 4- .C 0 U 5 '35 E W EQ' 4-6 SL 3 fu: -o-GJ 'Og L EO -cz D.- O an ,UU -,cz mm xg: wan -m rum Men .. zu fi' 'O 'Q C Q2 C QU ua ,D -- ,-O. -an r: 'U -Dx: .: ,D Q. W CID BE Oro D3 O 1 w g U o m w E L 5,9 N m E 5 I m , ...Q W X m 6 C8 :W P-it -E .cm O4 v-57 mv, nv ow ..v fv Per. ay O D0 - for fc- 21 ..'- .C LJ L fUU 1 5 Q cvfn fu Sda Shuker Shows OVSI' Sh O .. x. 3 6 Y Tw Ca mafl Sho GJ x. CDL CD03 L cn .uc YU E 3 .C U L0 E X. 1. qs IB 'C 'U . Ti-, 3. -J7 'a ' " ff " - 'iq' 'T Q 1 L' H T .l if f ' " ITE.. 21 ', V " " V- 3. 223' ' ' ' 71 , saggzgf' , ,f3.'a-A U en, if-2,-:. ""-fjwg" V " r .. .1 1 ' V r V ' Qc - r' - - "-' s QV ,V V ,,,, -, -, fr f V ' ' ' ..., ,,,, I V 'V - ,, .M ' C ' i A , , ' Q ' 4 ,- L '-"' ,. C f V ri V V- , VVVVV at 1 , Peggy Larry Richard Charlene Caryl Celia Keith Margaret Melvin Srmmerman Sims Slavens Sloan Smith Smith Smith- Smith Smifh Robert Roger Larry Barbara Madelon Michael Caskel Marvin Smith Smith Smithson Snyder Snyder Spalding Stallard Standley Stanle Y Stark Bill Cora Leland Geraldine Arlene , Betti Harold Jack Phillip Steele Stegner Steinkuehler Steward Stewart Stewart Stewart Stockton, Jr. Stoke Oliver Rae Marie Robert Marva Gary George - Marilyn Donald A Larry Stolz Stolz Stoneman Stonner Stone Stores Stowe Strange Stricktaden Calvin Charles Martha William John Mary Rosemary Thomas Strickland Struemph Sudbury Sutton Swearingen Tibef Taggart Taylor Martha Tedrick Sandra Betty Jean Ronnie Sue Ruth Alvaro William Temple Templeton Thoeni Thomas Thomas Thomason Thompson Thomson Richard Thurston Mildred Beverly Sally Susan Jody Patricia Evelyn Lawrence Tinsley Tising Todd Todd Tomich Trent Trewett Turner Richard Trosper Loig Marian Michael Vivian Richard Ramon Henry Norma Virginia Tucker Twiff Valqrenberg VanAkon Vansandt Vindel Wagner Wagoner Walk Larry Marilyn Mary William Melba LeAnn Linda Judy Ronnie Walker Walker Wallace Wallace Wallis Walters Walton Ward Warlen JBHST Norma Carol Dick Elaine Curtis David Linda Barb Webb Weekley Weir Welch Welch Wells Wells Wheeler White Ellzfibefh Douglas Mary Dwight David Stanley Louis Clara David Wlllle Whiting Y Whiting Whitton Wickham Wilbers Wilckens Willcockson Williams -lel'l'Y Patricia Sandra Daisy Robert Nancy Wanda Charles Melvin W'll'amS Williams Williams Wilson Wilson Windsor Winfrey Wintermeyer Wise Jerry KEY Jim Dofls Roland David Betty M 1 Wiser Wiiihar Wolf wood er e Ruth Woods Wright Wyatt Yamamoto Yamamoto JUdY Lois Park Barbara Ann James LOU Yeaman Yoder Yong Soo Young Yourko Ziegler X Zink social ,"f' -fm N XLJ- A" . N I f fu TY, 4 M X l 'Q WW f M ULAA 35:1 ,ltr K ff rv . rw?-:S-A g, Z M: W A 79 freshmen Clays X Gllmllmglll , 11 av, ,Q ss-alla . Top: Heavens, all of those are for me! Top left: "lf used in school, we have it." Top righf: You 'Forgot lo put down your sex, Miclclle: BUT if all looks so good-Freshman Day smorgasbord. Lower left: Mrs. Craig discusses plans for Orienlalion with Freshman Day co-orolinalors, Gerry Harris and Kay Bosler. Lower righf: Sorry, that class is closed. 80 enrollmenf Freshman melodies brighten Dockery's creaking past freshman Talent snow Upperclassmen Take a higher hand in aid- ing Freshman Talent.- 'mf The Flve Sharps and dndly dzdly da acl dy fou forgot left: Mrs. ay Bosler. The newer generatiorfs answer To The Collegiafes, maybe! 8l A picture come to life-in a tapping sort of way. 2 Top: "The 'Paiama Game' is The game we're in, and we're proud to be in The 'Pajama Game'." 'X A" X Lower left Gee and Im only l5V2 years old' Q Y ef f ll X- l : 11 I I .ll I l Pi' l Lower right: Coeds give show sparkle in "Tekes Night Out." ' Z X, V ' l X l , A - 1' l X ' he-' l ,xfv 5 A we , Kappas go native! E i I ! e f 4 'Nfv A X xg., , IWW?" 1 I W 9 mf e Ly ffiifw White gefs a last minute briefing during interfraternity boxing. Sngmas attend To camnval decoratnons. It's for The birds-old, but suitable! 83 campaigns r 1 Q r .S.A. and Pogo go rinny in popularity poll. Q 1 3 -m,,m,, J ' 4l-l a - . , u fme 20's, NBNCY , Pu KBPS do O E 3 A J S 1 1 Phi Sig's man with The red-Top crop, Jerry I Crews. O . Q06 5 1364 Nl we O 'K ob' ix Q62 10 ,Sa , 1 A fA 4 r W I ., A , f Q! i W J 1 5 j:QZ':',0 'W 'V , W fr Q2 ,,"' T, . vf ' L14 if fc f'Z'1ia.fw, ,'1 5. fyy, 4, 4 'Zh lv E 1Q ' 1 .f A ,- . X Q .. . tl Q? I Y 'Gag' T ' 5 H X H .c a ,mfazg f ' K 1 .' 9 ' ' . -A-Q., Acacia SSCOHO' Place I' 40 Sigma Sigma Sigma Firsf Place House Q9 fx XX ox . , eggs! Ni O i a Sigma KSPP K PP Fiisf P1606 Hoa' B SeCOf7Cf Place Flo Jcuv. lf f YL Lucy Kirby Sigma Sigma Sigma Sondra Klser Alpha Sigma Alpha Sue Davidson Pi Kappa Sigma Heien Krull Thefa Sigma Upsilon Q Homecoming Candidates. S- Dernocracy and in arm. is r ge xkwt YQ! ,fha ,Q 'fffd ff!! 'ff'f'f ttit ff ,,ff'c'!p,j fj ff, fy 5 f, fl fy, ,,, f ff z fffM!fAj7yf!, tft f, ft 7 uf i '47 ' f f , 5 Y f ' f jg M, Crowned, Queen Marlynl HOMECOMING QUEEN Marlyn Smith Delta Zeta fffv f 1 4, ' , 5 , Y f X o , I 1 i t i f 1 W f i , ,V 1 N? v XX N Fx X x Nb i XS I U CD 3 O n -1 m n '4 OJ 5 Q. 3 O I nr -1 0 3' '4 E 2. T as -1 3 f in arm D The Queen-and her King-dance. fffff 1, fffy i A i V Royalty goes a' riding. Nobility gives the honors. CD CD ire 'iii ll' ' ill Q lli fi l i i v i l Ii 1, 1 ,xi I il ii ,ll ill ,, il ,iii l , l Ml! 1 1 I l i, i i l l 'li ,r l E l l l , 3 L 1 Q l E bi. 1 i Second: "Hark The Herald Angels Sing." l l Third: "l'm Dreaming of a White Christmas." l Y, 3 Fourth: Chrisimas goes formal. 88 , Top: "Merry Christmas To all, and To all . . . Elden Kim Alpha Kai: ugly mon on compus Benny Campbell Sigma Tau Gamma Elolen Kimball Alpha Kappa Lambda Harry Yoder Kappa Sigma Kappa Lolan "Lum" Edwards Acacia Karl "Jug" Noelker Tau Kappa Epsilon Bob Large Phi Sigma Epsilon l : r l r i , l i -1 ,l wr . Arvin Briggs Martha Sheib Acacia 1 Gary Barnard Independent VVomen's ' Sigma Tau Gamma Orgamzaflon 5 Bobbie Hensel l populo T K Sigma Sigma Sigma l l -i l l l ll Jerry Crews Shirley Kirkpatrick E Phi Sigma Epsilon Delfa Zefa R , .li il l - l li Gerry Harris Tau Kappa Epsilon 5 l is a 5 Ann Marcks . 9 . . Bill Van Pelt A Theta Sigma Upsilon Marilyn Grider Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Sigma Alpha E l 90 i popular gurl and boy . . Nancy Pickefl' B . lirla rlggs Pl Kappa Sigma Tom Coleman Kappa Sigma Kappa Jan Pell ua Kappa Lambda l957 greek sang late Winners Kappa Sigma Kappa Della Zeta e ? Q6 a A Goodall ioke iudging. Bel Giving The critical eye to queen candidates are iudges, Mrs. Clarence Kemper and Mr. and Mrs. Maury Kirk. Kappa Sigma Kappa Befgfe Y ou go in, xhe lady , har is - ' ' WNW the blg A A Goodall yoke breaks The Tension during evening iudging. "Now iust remain calm." 5 1 i A PYNYWS GRM DelTa Zefa Joan Linder Sigma Sigma Sigma Beverl A4056 iflgmnfjgn Abba Y R' Oraieen. GUSPS .Ion Ufh A Theta Sigma Ups' !ndepenncgeivi'KSijSe O07 S1719 O fganlfaflb I7 VETERANS' ORGANIZATION All veterans in C.M.S.C. are eligible to join This social and constructive organiza- tion. During The year they held The Mardi Gras Dance, sponsored an S.G.A. candi- date and held regular business meetings. Faculty sponsors are Mr. Rogan, Dr. Doleck, and Dr. Yeager. President, William Powell, vice president, Schooley Wilcoxen, secre- tary, Gordon Stahl, treasurer, Bob An- drews. First row: A. Herbert, N. Nash, R. Andrews. Second row: B. Stone, R. Kallstrom, G. Stahl, S. Allen, K. Ren- frow. Third row: N. Sandbothe, J. Rayburn, P. Comer, J. LaMasney, W. Amos, W. Dod, R. Manherz. Fourth row: S. Wilcoxen, R. Gard, D. Yahnig, L. Hoffman, W. Stephens, J. Staley, W. Powell, G. Knoernschild. SQUARE DANCE CLUB To promote interest in American folk and square dancing is The enioy- ment of These students. President, William Stephens, vice president, Nanciiean Smith, secretary-Treasurer, Betty Bonner, sponsor, Miss Gilbert. First row: I. Rolf, P. Elkins, D. Silvius, R. Bonar, L. Stewart. Second row: M. Hampton, M. Wallis, P. Simmerman, L. Yoder, N. Smith, D. Allen. Third row: H. Gilbert, R. Newman, W. Stephens, T. Starr, M. Hanna. YEATER-TODD-HOUTS GLEE CLUB The Glee Club participated in The Wom- en's Residence Halls' special programs Through The year and caroled at the County Home. The group is sponsored by The Halls' directors and is directed by Ann Corn. First row: B. Tising, J. Stanbrough, S. Hill, S. Ridge- way, K. Kemper, M. Ellis, M. Hinken, B. Elkins, B. Langendoerfer, M. Rogers. Second row: S. Frik, D. Grier, M. Bullock, L. Tetree, M. Kasper, J. Fisher, M. Bennett, D. Harmes, J. Martin. Third row: C. Asman, N. Windsor, C. Needels, C. Long, R. Donaldson, J. Bergmeier, L. Hoke, C. Goetz, A. Corn. Fourth row: M. Geary, P. Williams, J. Driscoll, V. Schanz, S. Temple, K. Austin, V. Bell, D. Oelkhaur, J. Hansen, B. Arens- meier. greeks 1 ' 1 X- nf: " ', I xx 9 :Qs ' X, K U V1 I K 1 -, A, Y 'i x I H ya f A ff. 1 J f l I 1 X X X 'lf' . ff lzffezx X 0 fzlyflf' K fi 1 - 1- NX X, - Y A KJ 'funk x 1 fp -LI.. 'Q M it , ,1 . QVQQIQS . 4 ,I 'E- Q' xi fgf' - . - 5 -We ak u, 5 A x - 'w:- . i X J,,,. ,mmww ' cl accePlS nationa Ray Gal' . l charter for Acacia December 6 marked the installation of the Central Missouri State colony of Acacia as the 46th chapter of national Acacia. 1957-58 was a year of firsts for this newly organized social fraternity. A Paiama Festival with dancing and foot races was initiated fall term This fraternity's first entrance in Homecomin - 9 competition won second place in floats with the theme "We'll shave 'em!" Winter term the f men o Acacia sponsored an inter-fraternity boxing contest with trophies awarded to indixiidual and organizational winners. They also competed in U.M.O.C., Popular Boy carn ai n S.G.A. ele p Q I C' tions, and Greek Song Fete. Organization and leadership of this precedent breaking fraternity can be attributed to the fol- lowing: Raymond Gard, venerable dean, Lolan Edwards, senior dean, Robert Millbern, iunior dean, Richard Easter, secretary, David Kelby, treasurer, and Arvin Briggs, rush chairman. Prof. Clarence Pearce is the sponsor. i i i Acacia becomes the sixth national fraternity on campus. l Ward Roy Arvin Harold Larry A . . mas Beers Briggs Caskey Collins Robert Bill Conn Dahlsten Richard Larry Lolan Dennis Donald Easter Edson Edwards . Elliott Fowler Raymond Ronald Gard Gould Hilton John Charles Alvin Lewis Hodges Hollar Huggins James Judson Al David Kimbrough Kelly Donald Charles Robert RlCl1al'Cl Efl Marckg McCullouch Millbern Morse Newham Gary Jimmie Ned Mike y Fred Schumaker Scott Swarthout TGYGVSHS Wood Keith Gary Renfrow Rigby Those not pictured: David Dryer, Dan Grainger, Paul Hines, Donald James, Burt Manthe, Kenneth Olive, Larry Selvey, George St. Ores, John Warner, Al Vasey. alpha kappa larnlacla Moving inTo Their newly remodeled house in AugusT, Alpha Kappa Lambda became The firsT fraTerniTy on campus To insTall food service. During Popular Boy and Girl campaign, They made use of These faciIiTies To enTerTain The women candidaTes aT dinner. AT Homecoming Time, The A.K.L.'s were awarded second place in window decoraTions. They also parTicipaTed in U.M.O.C., Popular Boy campaigns, S.G.A. elecTions, and Greek Song FeTe. Their spring formal and compeTiTion for The annual NaTional Founder's Day program culminaTed The year's acTiviTies. The T957-58 officers of Sigma chapTer vvere: WalT Ryle, presidenf, Don EllioTT, vice presidenT, J. R. Harrison, recording secreTary, Don McKinley, corresponding secreTary, Dale Hoeppner, Treasurer, and David Payfon, sTeward. ' 1 Tom Daryll Kenneth Hugh ar Kevm o AClGmS Allen Bauer Brady Brown Brownfneld Browmng Bullock Campbell Cash Chronlster Dye Elliott Ellrott Glenn Jesse Sam Da e Larry Elden DOH Gover Harrison Hartman Hoeppner Hutchinson Klmball MCKmleY Eddle Weber Bo Robert Davnd Claude Wa t Nlartm Meredith Motsrnger Newman Payton oe Ry 6 Those not pictured David Bedwell Howard Phllllps Jlrnmre Schaefer Robert Rnchard Brll Talley Thurston Van Pelt C l ' B b Richard David James John Martin Donald T R - Harry l - ' ' R l olphci sigrrio cilpho Alphas swing out with a H "Aloha !" we the Alphas, decked in red and white s arongs, placed orchid leis on the shoulders ot rushees N T. . . a ive dancers, clad in grass skirts, and Hawaiiari poi added atmosphere to the A.S party. lcomed the natives to Alpha Isle as .A. winter rush Cupids and hearts decked the social hall as the Alpha Sigs and their sweethearts whirled across the dance fl ' " oor at their annual Sweetheart Dance." 1957-58 seniors were honored as "A.S.A. Sweet- hearts." Funds for-their annual philanthropic proiect Ch. , . . ildrens Mercy Hospital consisted ot date lo il , , oo. sales, work days, and their annual all-school "Sock H " l op. 957 Sock-Hop was highlighted with crown- ing ot Campus Wolf, Jack Duncan, and Campus Doll, Berit Aase. Includ Kiser, Homecoming Attendant, Marilyn Grider candidatet P l ' - or opular Girl, Beverly Mann, Rhetor candidate and six seniors listed in Who's Who. ed on A.S.A.'s Honor Roll were: Sondra Receiving third place on their float "We'll Smear- um" and t' ' ' ' par icipating in Greek Song Fete rounded out a full year tor the girls in red and white. 1957 58 leaders included - : president, Sondra Kiser, vice president, Lois Graupner, secretary, Cara Lee White, treasurer, Martha Fischer, pledge- master, Marilyn Grider, editor, Pat Strider, chap I . . . . ain, Diane Denny, and Miss Jessie Jutten and Miss Louise Leonard, sponsors. .u I . 1 awailan luau during winter rush. The tobacco growers incorporated present their cho' A ice, lpha's Sondra Kiser. L Llz Pai Virginia Carole Judy Ben I y Lou Arlene Ann Ben D fl-, Achelpohl Allfson Bell Bindi Blackwell Callahan Campbell Corn Davlgn Dgligssgln Diane Martha Judy Jackie Jo 1 Marilyn Janice Lois Ann Sandy Denney Fischer Frasure Fufh Gibson Gfider Gvdde Graupner Hamlin Harlan PHT Marv Beverly Marilyn Lois Frannie Shirley Darlene Sue Sondra Hafchitf Haubein Hayes Henry HiQl1l'OWeI' Holland Hugheg Johnson King Kiser Judi Phyllis Pat Beverly Mary Peggy Jean Carol Doris Dgniqa Lamar Lampe Lovinger Mann Palmer Piggott Prigeon Pritchard Records Richqeek Alice Barbara Pai Sandy Nancy Sally Marian Cara Lee Virginia Virginia Schultz Snyder Strider Temple Thomson Turner Twiii White Wilson Walk l03 del tci zetd Starting September's social season, the girls in green and white sponsored the Delta Drum- loeat, an all-school dance featuring Bermudas and Ioare feet. P November's activities were highlighted by the crowning of Marlyn Smith as Homecoming Queen. y The year's philanthropic proiects included a Christmas party for underprivileged children and the adoption of a patient in the Carville, Louisiana, leprosarium. Proceeds from the an- nual mum sale and a concession stand were used to continue sponsorship of a foreign stu- dent scholarship. Popular Girl campaigns transplanted a bit of Ireland to C.M.S.C. with the candidacy of Shirley Kirkpatrick, vvhile Phyllis Graff was Delta's representative for Rhetor royalty. Gfficers for 1957-58 were: Phyllis Graff, president, Shirley Kirkpatrick, first vice presi- dent, Shirley Eberting, second vice president, Betty Lou Baldwin, recording secretary, Marilyn Kelley, treasurer, Jean Renfrovv, corresponding secretary, and Jo Ann Coyle, historian. Berit Aase Mary Cawein Phyllis Graff Delta Zetas in the land of Aladdin. Delta's own little shamrock, Miss Shirley Kirkpatrick. Carolyn Koester Shirley Schnitzer Berit Karol Kay Betty Lou K i Aase Austin Baldwin Bosler Bruce Brush Bullock Burns ay Paula Sherrill Mariorie Jud'e Mary Margaret Jo Ann Christa Karen Bobbie Shirley Marty Cawein Correll Coyle Creason Crosslin Detamore Eberting -Goodrnan Phyllis Roberta Linda Margaret Sue Karen Marilyn Shirley Graff Harvey Haynes Hyatt Hyatt Joiner Kelley Kirkpatrick Carolyn Joanne Terry Mary Kay Alyce Jean Alice Jud Jean Y Koester Morris Murphy Mustard Priefert Raber Ragland ReF1fr0W t , Shirley Barbara Ma rlyn Nancy Pat Marcia Barbara - Jan' Schnitzer Schondelmeyer Smith Smith Snyder Stone Vannernan Vedder Janice Barbara Nancy Walters White Windsor l05 kappa sigma kappa Kappa Sigma Kappa, founded at Virginia Military Institute on September 28, 1867, has fostered brotherhood and traternalism for the men ot.Psi chapter at C.S.M.C. Among the year's activities were the presentation ot Kappakades, "We Got Rhythm, We Got Music", their annual spaghetti supper, an all-school dance, and their "Old Plantation Ball." They walked ott with the trophies in the Greek Song Fete, tirstplace with "The Victory Train" in Homecoming float competition and third in windows with "Kool'em Mules." Kappa men on the Winning ballot included Tom Cole- man, Popular Boy, and I-larry Yoder, Ugly Man on Campus. f f ,,C ,C ,-dim' f X A y ,, X, 4437 ,ix f Melvin Ayres Leading the Kappa "Confederacy" in i957 58 were Larry Reid, pres ident, Don Greenvvell vice president, John Har ris, recording secretary Tom Coleman, treasurer, Jim Markham, house manager, Dr. Randolph Yeager and Mr. Lin Welch, sponsors. ' if , far. Qfwwm .M--h Clyde Epps Dwayne Glass Kay Lewis Bob Soph as tosterecl 's activities l spaghetti ie Trophies etition and Tom Cole- X Melvin Tony Robert Louis Jim s e Q af i f? 'j i 2 Tom Dan Denny AYle5 BBSCOVTB Bates Burttln Buchness Coleman Cummins Eidson Clyde Ted Larry J. David ,Calvin Lenny Don Jerry Epps Farris Ferguson Gattermeir Gardner Granato Greenwell Greer Dwayne Paul Bob John Joe Gene Bernie Bob Glass Gutshall Hansen Harris Hennon Jackson Jenkins King Kay Bill Jim Ken Richard Lewis McWhirt Markham Matchel Parrack Bob Jim Jerry Larry Ham' Soph Scott Sims Wilcoxson Yoder Ernest Bob Larry Pryor Rayburn Reid Those not pictured: Robert Andrews, William Brooks, Glenn Gilkey, Jim Guildorcl, Bob Holland, Bob Richmond. IO7 Phi Sig -Terrific! phi sigrno epsilon In an acTiviTy-filled calendar, The men of Phi Sigma Epsilon opened fall Term vvifh- Their annual open house, following This came Parenfs' Day, The annual KnobnosTer sTeak fry and The Dick WhiTe Memorial Cancer Fund Dance. Homecoming broughf second place house decora- Tion honors To 500 SouTh Holden. ChrisTmas Tree sales, caroling, Chrisfmas parTies, and The winTer formal highlighfed The second Term's acTiviTies. Beginning spring Term wiTh The 24Th producfion of Blackoufs, P.S.E. culminafed The year's acTiviTies wiTh a weekend on The Lake of The Ozarks. Leading The men of IoTa chapfer in 1957-58 were: presidenT, Paul Sheridan, vice presidenT, Charles Kelly, secreTary, Claude Thomson, Treasurer, Bill Afkins, cor- responding secreTary, Harold Thomson, chaplain, Gar- neT WalTers, pledge masfer, Jerry Crews, social chair- man, Don Ross, hisTorian, John Thomson, wiTh Coach Clarence Whifeman and Prof. Hugh Williams as spon- sors. Steak Fry-The food The gals go by! SiTTing by The corner watching all Z f Z f Kenneth Allen f , ,,,, , ,fri 'lying ' 17, 3 vf Bob Cooper V Don Edde 7 Q Charles Kelly vi Joe Murphy Q E Morris Smith Kenneth Bill Gene Joe Bob Glen Earl Doyle Allen Atkins Augustine Belt Blair Borcherding Childs cohsck Bob Gerald Jim Bob Jim Lloyd Coopof Crews Dahman Davis Day Decker Bob ' red Dlll0l'1 Dowler DOH Roger Leonard Ed Lonnie Dave Roger 'Gene Edde EllingS0f1 Goodall Grace Harper Helmuth Hink House Charles Bob Max Ted Bill George JEVVY Bob Kelly Large Marsh Mason Mateia Milburn Morie Moore Joe Gil Jimmy Bolo Dave Al Otto Dan Murphy Nichols Oskouian Perry Pibel Salmon Sayles Scotten Morris John Dick Harold Garnet Bob Smith Thompson Thomson Thomson Walters Wilson Those not ipicfured: Ken Brook- shire, Bill Hampton, Bob Hunt, Wayne Katz, Dub Thomson, Bob Omohundro, Dave Jones, Dick Dudley. y IO9 pi koppo sigrno Fashions galore began the school year for Lambda chapter of Pi Kappa Sigma with Their annual .loan I-lubbel memorial fund fashion show. Sporting new navy blazers, the Pi Kaps worked ac- tively throughout the year on Homecoming competition, Popular Girl and Rhetor Queen cam- paigns, their all-school chili supper, their "Tip Toe Through the Tulips" formal dance, and their Parents' Day Tea. C.M.S.C. students picked Pi Kappa Sigma's Nancy Pickett for Popular Girl of ' 1958. ' 7 I Wearers of the shield I were led this year by i Yvonne Strode, president, iii V, Judy Counts, vice presi- s" l my .ly dent, Jennie Cook, record- lingisecretary, Nancy Pick- .l ,ii ett, corresponding secre- tary, Sonia Hughes, treas- iii pl urer, Denise Stehvvien, edi- ll i, lip tor, Jessie Lindaman, keep- T, , il 1 . . lllil er of archives, Mrs. Mildred .H il Vlig T Lass and Miss Elizabeth +V Engle, sponsors. J .Lli i i . ll l lll"' i' l li' in 'f my sy li l ii Lovely to look at-at Pi Kap 3 Fashion Show. l 'l iii T i, l I, , i 'i i I, li Q i lfw T li'. ' lfg' 7lll lil, 4 ii i-ill l 1 I lo She's Pi Kap's heavenly raindrop-and all the angels sing! xg? fl T'ff' "5 f , pf M , f' XM f' 1 'QW9 Jifnffvff 1 ,V Aff, ' 'rw 'cw will Z ,J f ff ff X X f X ff f 4 7 l ' 7 7 bf f',Vf,A,Qf 2 ,fn , jf ' iff 1' fffvlfffffffkfyfl wi "L7ZfZQ72WZf',22f V7 ' I fff ff! A Ma ry Anderson 2 Jennie Cook T V, z .LJ Carol Goet Jessie Lindamen Nancy Pickett l l heir annual Worked ac- Queen cam- , and their Jlar Girl ot the shield year by president, vice presi- ok, record- lancy Pick- ing secre- hes, treas- iwien, edi- nan, keep- rs. Mildred Elizabeth MMV Gloria Grace Paula Patricia Edell Wanda Nadine Anderson Ackers Barnard Bates Bridges Buhlig Byier Carter Jennie -lUClY Glenna Faylynn Mary Maude Jane Emma LOU Diane Cook COUVWTS Downs Dyer Ellis Fisher Gehrs Gerow Carol Kay Rita Jimmy Sonia Sally Linda Merry Goat Gfaham Hanna Hinote Hughes Hyer Ingles Krause Jessie Carole Shirley Patricia Sandra Sue NOrn1a Jean Sonia Lmdamen Long Moore Murphy Nichols Noble Otto Palmer Nancy Kay Donna ' Margaret Rita Judy Celia Denise Pickett Richardson Rose Rose Scritchfield Sharp Steele - Stehwein Yvonne Rebecca Sally D0riS Jean Strode Thorburn Todd TUePl4e" Weif ,. iii sigrno sigrno sigrno "Come one, Come all" cried The barker as The doors opened on The "Sigma Carnival Swing." Proceeds from This all-school carnival Wenf To The Sigmas' annual philanThropic proiecf, The Robbie Page memorial fund. Sigma Sigma Sigma "RockeTed Away" wiTh Lucille Kirby as Homecoming princess and floaTed To vicTory wiTh "Ivory League," The firsT place house decoraTion. "Chez Sigma" nighTclub welcomed rushees, decked in Their finesT, for a winTer's evening of fun and frolic aT Their winTer rush parTy. The social hall, Transformed inTo an "OrienTal Garden" wiTh locust and pagodas, lenT The aTmosphere for The Tri Sigma spring formal. Clad in Their "dyed-To-maTch" skirTs and sweaTers and new whiTe blazers, Sigma girls worked diligenTly on Their Parenfs' Day Tea and Founders' Day BanqueT. Leading The "Sigma Pearls" were: presidenT, Rosalee Buhler, vice presidenT, RoberTa Hensel, recording secre- Tary, Carol Wilson, corresponding secreTary, Evelyn May- cock, Treasurer, Dolores Harlan, keeper-of-grades, Miriam Hemphill, and sponsor, Mrs. STella ChrisTopher. Tri Sigma's queen of hearTs, Bobbie Hensel. l Janef Baldwin Phyllis Dunn Miriam Hemphill Barbara Marker Barbara Schumaker sigrno Darker as the doors fig." Proceeds from e Sigmas' annual ge memorial fund. Xway" with Lucille floated to victory f house decoration. ed rushees, decked g of fun and frolic il hall, transformed cust and pagodas, ima spring formal. and sweaters and mrked diligently on s' Day Banquet. president, Rosalee el, recording secre- retary, Evelyn May- er-of-grades, Miriam thristopher. Janet Sandra Barbara Rosalee C I Id G aroyn Berlene Marolyn Jolene Ba win Boesch Bowman Buhler Clark Curtis Denny Doyle Phvllis Lorraine 5aNdY NOFMG Dodie Lois Delores Sherr Y DUNN Eckert Etter Fuller Goedel Hackeroft Harlan Hedley Miriam Bobbie Carol Nancy P31 LUCY H Joan Hemphill Hensel Hensel Hobson Jones Kirby K,-eeger Lmder Barbara Evelyn Georgia Rosalie Judi Sandra a a Marker Maycock Mead Moore Parrott Porter Reinert Satterwhite , , Barbara Mary Carolyn Madelon Jo Mary Elizabeth Lou Ann Marilyn Schumaker Sexton Shotwell Snyder Stanbrough gteme Stith Stowe 156 . Rosemary Carol Cafolyn Those not pictured: Kay Thomson Wanda Kimble, Carolyn Parsons I Taggart Wilson Wise I sigrno tou gorrirno Founded on Central Missouri State College campus June 28, 1920, Sigma Tau Gamma has as its purpose "the social benefit of college men and service to school and community." Competing in all campus campaigns and winning football intramurals did not interfere with the Sig Taus' studies for they carried off the inter-fraternity scholarship cup last spring. Presenting "Mr. Roberts" at their T958 "Sig Tau Showtime," entertaining the different sororities at exchange parties, dancing at their annual White Rose formal and competing in Homecoming filled out the year's activities. The men in blue and white were ably led by Bob Cupito, president, Jim Ewart, vice presi- dent, Dean Blankenship, secretary, Jack Farrell, treasurer, Tom Wells, house manager, Dr. Sam Hewitt, Dr. J. P. Morris and Mr. Frank Martin, sponsors. Taus with their Homecoming entry. Sig Tau's protector and choice for popular boy, Gary Bernard. l X f of T 2 4 ff! f Y f ' W 1 40 , fl! f f ff!! M!! I., a ff , f QIWC Mehdy Aynechian Bob Cupito iwyiff ff f if ff f ,fnge 'f 'Q w f,. , WNV, Jim Eidson Sam Harfield Robert McDonald " '1 i f ' 'Q - '77 L RTQWQ F f,fi2'fX"zf, I t ,rif S ,, g,!-uy5,i I 7 ,W sir . Robert Robinson Eamma has as Competing the Sig Taus' "Mr. Roberts" arties, dancing ear's activities. 1 in blue and e ably led by 'o, president, , vice presi- Blankenship, Jack Farrell, Tom Wells, ager, Dr. Sam . J. P. Morris Frank Martin, Z I ,Q-M-,-,-,, W Y W Y , , Mehdi' . GBVY AleX Joe Dean John Larry Jay AYUSCLHBVI Barnard Bartlett Beckham Blankenship Blize Casady Counts Bob Frank David Jack Alan Larry Leslie Lyle Cupito DeMayo Dial Dieckman Disney Douglas Dum-ling10n Dusenbmg -lim Jim Marvin Jack Don Glenn Jim Douglas Eldson Ewart Fairman Farrell Ferguson Fischer Gardner Griswold Sam Donald Douglas Gene Jim Art Dale Tom Harfield Hayob Hensley l'l0lf Hooker Lloyd Lynde Masterson Robert Les Dale Donald Ron Donald Gary Richard NlCDOI1alGl Middleton Miller Miller Nadler Phillips Plowman Raley Robert Phil Robert Frank Eugene Roger Curtis Tom Robinson Small Smith Srewan Toepfer Totten Wells Wells ll5 tau kappa epsilon The second largest fraternity in the National Council, Tau Kappa Epsilon, founded on Central Missouri State College campus April, l-954, has continued to lead the campus in the number of pledges. 1957-58 -held many "tirsts" for the T.K.E.'s, beginning with baseball and track champion- ships in intramurals last spring, moving into their house at 305 South Holden and the presentation of the firstl"Tekes' Nite Out" with a co-ed cast. Besides entering Homecoming, Popular Boy, and U.M.O.C. competition, the men of Tau Kappa Epsilon held their annual Bowery Brawl with Monte Cass reigning over the festivities. J Fraternity leaders for 1958 in- cluded: president, Gerald Harris, vice president, Elton Villines, secre- tary, Karl Noekler, treasurer, Stan Novak, historian, Terry Baker, pledge master, Ernie Paris, chaplain, Glenn Chambers, sergeant-at-arms, John Morgan, sponsors, Mr. Robert Goetz and Mr. Robert Rogan. Tekes prepare for inter-fraternity bout, re- sults-victory! Tekes plan strate .mmiix , 7 Jim Benny Ahle Baker 1 -A wr ,pm ' 1.0 0" ,rl,r Mike Jim Du1'+in Dunnawa fZfi1,'f"1 K T 't Jim Paul Holder Hollans' Mattivi Meiia Amir Pambechy Ernie Paris l s i Larry Thomas on Central number of champion- resentation ' Boy, and Lrawl with i958 in- ild Harris, nes, secre- urer, Stan y Baker, 4, chaplain, nt-at-arms, Vlr. Ro-bert ogan. Jim BGWTY Terry Bill A John Ed Glen Frankie Jim Galen Ahle Baker Baker' Berrier Brewer Bruemmer Chambers Clark Claypoole Cope Mikg Jim Jim Bennie Mike Glee Jerry Gerald Don 'Harry Duffin Dunnaway Flournoy Gieritvger Gieringer Guess Haney Harris Hill Hite Jim Paul I-HFFY Gary Jack Tom Mike Jim Dave Ron Holder Hollansworth Jacobs Johnson Kinkade Kunz Landers Lemery Macoubrie ' Malone Ed Al .lOhf1 Mick Vic Jim Karl Fred Larry Ron Mattivi Melia Morgan Mullins Nielson Noel Noelker Oshel Owen Owsley Amir Ernie Dennis John Luther Don Jim Marvin Bob Dale Pambechy Paris Plieman Reece Roasa Schlup Self Standley Stoneman Temple Larry Jim Jim Elton Jamie Howard Bill W- ul-- Thomas Turremine Vandiver Villines Waller Wastell Wear While Joe Jim Dave Williams Wilson Wright Those not pictured: Carl Kimball, Dave Marsh, Jim McCoy, Don McCullough, Roger Moffett, Brent Morman, John White. theto sigrrio upsilon Work was begun on Homecoming im- mediately atter coming back to school tor the girls ot Nu chapter of Theta Sigma Upsi- lon. Theta's campaign was built around the "Old Gold" cigarettes TV commercials with "Ajax" advertisements. Theta's choice tor Homecoming Queen was Helen Krull. After festivities ot campaigning and voting were over, the girls looked torward to the annual Alumnae Tea, held at Mrs. Monia Morris' home, following the Homecoming game. y "South Sea Islands" was the background tor Theta's tall rush. The tour new pledges were just in time to help with the Christmas proiect, giving food to one ot the needy families ot Warrensburg. A visit to "Hernando's Hideaway" tor win- ter rush gave the Thetas six new pledges. Ann Marcks was Theta's "Ann in Wonder- land" tor Popular Girl and Oraleen "Gabby" Gilespey was Rhetor Queen candidate. Thetas honored their former sponsor, Mrs. Morris, by dedicating a Chapel window in her name. Thetas started their preparations tor Spring Song Fete and their annual tormal with the same spirit ot togetherness that prevailed throughout tne year. Theta crew saves a soul from pirates' hands. Thetas present their "Old Rose Queen," Miss Helen Krull. Rosalee Alexander Rebecca Graham Katherine Lacey Ejsaleed 'gudy Beverly Judy Kafhryn Oraleen Jane exam er rown Cafl Curran Edwards Glnspey Goodbrake Rebecca Jean Arleen Bevel-ly Eva Janice Helen Graham Gurtler Hanning l-loux . Israel Jones K,-Ull Katherine Earlene Barbara Ann Vera Martha Carolyn Lacey Long Marcks Marcks Moore Nelson Newcomb Ruby Judy Earlene Diana Elizabeth Northern Peltus Sfockslill Summers Trail Nancey Marlorle Juanifa Tubbesslng Wheeler While II9 INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL The Inter-Fraternity Council is com- posed of three representatives from social fraternities on the campus. Future plans include a Greek Week and All-Greek Dance. President, Ger- ald Harris, vice president, Paul Sheri- dan, secretary, Bud Ferguson, treas- urer, John Chronister, sponsor, Mr. C. E. Kelley. . First row: B. Dillon, G. Ryle, L. Reid, B. Cupito, J. Haney. Second row: R. Robinson, L. Judson, L. Edwards, H. Wastell, J. Chronister, T. Cole- man. Third row: D. Ferguson, R. Gard, J. Thompson, E. Grace, G. Harris, D. Elliott, P. Gutshall. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL Panhellenic Council, composed of two representatives from each sorority, strives to create and maintain a close relationship among the sorority groups and to regulate the rules which govern the activities parti- cipated in by all the groups. An All-Greek Tea honoring the Dean of Women and a convocation for all freshman women in- terested in sorority life are sponsored throughout the year. President, Jennie Cook, vice president, Pat Snyder, record- ing secretary, Oraleen Glispey, corres- ponding secretary, Miriam Hemphill, treasurer, Lois Graupner, sponsor, Dean Grieder. Seated: P. Snyder, M. Smith, D. Richcreek, L. Graup- ner, A. Hanning. Standing: M. Hemphill, J. Lindaman, O. Glispey, J. Cook. INDEPENDENT WOMEN'S ORGANIZATION All non-Greek women students of C.M. S.C. are eligible for membership. Activi- ties for the year include a bake sale, work day, candidate for Popular Girl, and a faculty talent show to benefit World University Service. President, Margaret Willis, vice president, Jayann Angel, secretary, Evelyn Liming, treasurer, Mar- tha Scheib, sponsors, Dr. Nahm and Mrs. Bishop. First row: D. Beall, B. Langendourfer, J. Swenson, M. Rogers, M. Tinsley, C. Schneider. Second row: J. Angell, T. Meinerg, N. Binder, S. Ridgeway, L. Hack- ner, J. Jeffries, L. Petree. Third row: L. Nahm, E. Liming, M. Lawson, M. Scheib, R. Kruse, M. Willis. f 1 4 -.1 'm X A Pf ,, I v n if X l'--,x x ' ,.'fgf'7'7',- 0 V " 3, 1 ' .Q . fl 2-ff X 7 N 'fi WX ' A P :ff xg if X f "V X f W N ' XX . 1xlX ' K -7 6,10 N Q 0' XX' X , applied carts X cmd f . . xx X SCIENCES . . . ' xx f O5 b 439 0 Z -5 I x X gi' iff, 1 :Y Qkjixfxl ' -'1 Y"-Z' -1 ,tAg5g?kpi-fgf q . -,ff ErQL.f A,:E?5 ' 9 " b o o ' ' x C7 E37 nc? T Cx A5 - 'ff K Q ' I Q Af - . 6 1' -'AY 40- if' Yes? 249 ' R X W: .. .. , ' 9 A ,g ' , - 3f'M'HxQ N 4 E? -zfi iifiif-3-1' TJ 121 NN'-' Q iii- " git .t . 1 - s f - te E 5 E J 1 5 3 I A t ii ' a S 3 1 4 r r l 5 P 5 2 r E t ogriculture club To promote fellowship and professional development among students and taculty members interested in agriculture is the aim ot this club. The members enioyed a combined party with the Colhecon and 4-H Club, an Agriculture Club Banquet, and assisted in conducting annual F.F.A. and vocational agriculture contests. Presi- dent, Earl Wehmhoener, vice president, James Ahle, secretary, Alvin James, treas- urer, Bill Hampton, sponsor, Dr. White. Seated: R. Crowder, D. Larson, H. James, L. Bybee, C. White, E. Wehnhoener. Standing: J. Ahle, H. Lee, S. Duncan, J. Parrott, L. Middleton. Mr. E. F. Low Dr. Conrad White collegiote 4-h club This group stimulates further in- terest in 4-H work and leadership. A party is given annually for the Agri- culture Club. President, Lester Mid- dleton, vice president, Lois Stubble- tield, secretary, Katherine Lacey, treasurer, Linda Stewart, sponsor, Dr ' White. Seated: N. Binder, J. Gudde, C, White, K. Austin, C. Higgins. Standing: L. Middleton, D. Maschmeier, L. Stubbletield. l22 , lineto olpho Beta Alpha, an honorary art organiza- tion, cultivates appreciation of environment by its members as reflected in their artistic expression. Activities for the year were Homecoming pennants, the campus film, "Grapes of Wrath," and a Christmas party. President, Wanda Kimble, vice president, Mari Prevvitt, secretary, Elizabeth Deuschle, treasurer, Roy Hulolosg sponsor, Mr. Ellis and art staff. Left: Dorothey Hill, Elizabeth Deuschle, LeAnn Jaeger, Beverly Mann, Lillian Little, Wanda Kimble, Mr. Ellis, Janice Walters. Del Dace, C.M.S.C.'s answer to Michelangelo! Art maiors create the form divine. I23 N217 colhecon Colhecon strives to achieve further in- terest in home economics. The UNESCO Silver Tea and a chili supper were activities during the year. President, Sandra Sevier, vice president,,Shirley Sheltong secretary, Joyce Currie, treasurer, Cynthia Burns, sponsor,,Miss Baker. First row: B. Lee, D. Beall, V. Van Aken, S. Shelton, M. Sperry, M. Rogers. Second row: M. Winston, D. Apsher, B. LaRue, S. Ridgeway, J. Currie, J. Oetting. Third row: M. Hahn, C. Higgins, B. Mills, R. Rohovit, J. Flower, M. George, N. Windsor, D. Harmes, S. Sevier. Fourth row: L. Hueneteld, D. Goodenough, C. Nolte, E. Phillips, M. Newman, E. Reese. Fifth row: D. Maschmeier, K. Austin, S. Jameson, S. Harlan, M. Althoff, C. Burns, C. Stegner. l24 Miss Laura Baker Miss Elizabeth Engle Miss Grace Livingston Dr. E. Lanice Moore Mrs Ethel Reese Set for a king-by coed queens! koppo omicron phi A national honorary professional frater- nity, this group furthers interest in home economics. Beta chapter stimulates interest through lectures, Founders' Day observ- ance, and contributes to philanthropic proiects. President, Betty LaRue, vice presi- dent, Ann Wesselschmidt, recording secre- tary, Elaine Wylie, corresponding secre- tary, Cynthia Burns, treasurer, Sandy Har- lan, sponsor, Miss Livingston. Seated: E. Phillips, S. Harlan, L. Baker. Standing: B. LaRue, C. Burns, L. Huenfeld, G. Livingston. industriol orts club The Industrial Arts staff sponsors the I.A.C. for the promotion of fellowship in this field. Charles Keseman, president, aid- ed by Roger Hink, vice president, Larry Jageman, secretary, and Howard Wastell, treasurer, led the club through their vari- ous activities including a faculty sponsored party, building a homecoming float, field trips, and a spring picnic. Industrial Arts students become artists. First row: C. Keseman, M. Lathery, R. Grimes, W. Schafer, C. Marcott, E. Brewster, L. Smithson, A. Apsher, R. Cornell. Second row: R. Morse, E. Nass, E. McMillin, G. Wickliffe, B. Moorman, J. 'Olson, C. Phillips, T. Starr, M. Jenkins, C. Harte. Third row: N. Swarthout, R. Goetz, R. Smith, J. Brewer, W. R. Weller, W. Nipps, H. Thomson, B. Law, N. Grinstead, T. Gaines, H. Wastell. Fourth row: R. Newman, M. Reid, J. Hargrave, M. Wise, K. McCully, M. Isom, F. Williams, J. Zink, G. Alderman, W. Gardner, J. Round, O. Ohrenberg. Fifth row: R. Hink, D. Eidson, F. Droz, W. Pitts, D. Brodersen, J. Fitterling, C. Buhlig, D. Schuyler, S. Wilcoxon, F. Crawford, W. Wallace, F. whiring. f 4' .' Q Mr. Dr. Mr. N. B. Rawleigh T. Robert E, Grinsteacl Gaines Goetz Chairman Fm' , , ,ff 0 4 hw Mfr. .M r mfr, , f, Mr. Mr. Mr. Mel Edward G. Robert E. Jenkins Nass Smith Perfection is a necessity. I25 Dr. Lucas Sterne, Department Head Mrs. Margaret Joe Butler Mr. C. V. Casady Miss Margaret A. Castle Mrs. Mildred Lass Mr. J. Kenneth Markwell Miss Alice L. Sadler pi omego pi This organization functions to promote interest and scholarship in business edu- cation. Mrs. Margaret Butler is sponsor of Beta Rho chapter which acted as hosts to the business teachers at the District Teachers' Meeting, published the annual magazine POP Corn and held a breakfast and spring picnic. President, Elizabeth Achelpohl, vice president, Stan Novak, secretary-treasurer, Maxine Hinnah. First row: M. Kelley, J. Smith, B. Schondelmeyer, L. Achelpohl, J. Fuchs. Second row: J. Maxwell, K. Graham, B. Gorrell, D. Harlan, M. J. Butler. Third row: C. Casady, C. Creason, K. Lacey, M. Hinnah, E. Craft, M. Robinson. generol business club Formerly a division of the Commerce Club this group was organized to further the interest through group activity in the General Business field. They aided with Commerce Day. Sponsor, Mr. Casady, president, Bob Rayburn, vice president, Larry Owen, secretary, Jean Prigeon, treasurer, Dale Temple. First row: B. Dahlsten, G. Stahl, E. Mattivi, C. Epps, L. Owen, D. Brown, J. Scott. Second row: l. Newham, R. Andrews, C. Struemph, G. Sullenger, D. Temple, N. Sanbothe, F. Newton. Third row: G. Borcherding, D. Allen, J. iPrigeon, R. Trosper, J. Belt, J. LaMasney. Fourth row: C. Casady, K. Boucher, P. Corner, R. Gard, J. Murphy, W. Dod, B. Rayburn. secretoriol science club Providing programs to give aid to future secretaries is the aim of the Secre- tarial Science Club. Fellowship with the other business groups once a month and participation in the annual Com- merce Day is enioyed. President, Dor- othy Lynde, secretary-treasurer, Sue Thomas, sponsors, Miss Sadler and.Mrs. Butler. First row: D. Morrison, M. Mills, B. Aase, A. Rogers, J. Fisher, M. Elliott, S. Porter, S. Hill. Second row: S. McCurdy, R. Thomason, D. Harlan, S. Bohling, D. Lynde, H. Gurton, K. Kemper, P. Selover, S. Ketner. Third row: E. Pith, R. Falught, A. Neale, M. Drennan, A. Senevey, K. Keseman, M. Hinken, J. Cowherd. Fourth row: E. Craft, A. Sadler, S. Thomas, N. Dorward, D. Records, D. Reed, M. Wallace, M. Butler, R. Taggart. Fifth row: L. Hackerott, K. Howery, M. Hinnah, P. Strider, L. Yoder, G. Junce, M. Smith, S. Harbit. merchondising ond retoiling club They had guest speakers from dif- ferent corporations to inform the club of the advantages of their respective firms. President, Jim Turrentine, vice president, Gerry Harris, secretary- treasurer, Katherine Brewer, spon- sors, Mr. Markwell and Miss Castle. First row: R. Malone, D. Rose, K. Brewer, K. Markwell. Second row: L. Wilcoxson, M. Tera- vasksi, M. Silvius, L. Hunter. Third row: C. Kelley, L. King, A. Briggs, G. Harris, E. Strange. Fourth row: B. Powell. occounting club The Accounting Club acquaints in- terested students with the problems and opportunities in the field of ac- counting. This group also assists in the annual Commerce Day. President, Stan- ley Novak, vice president, Gary John- son, secretary-treasurer, Helen Schlich- ter, sponsor, Mrs. Lass. First row: J. Waller, R. Bestgen, H. Schlichter, H. Berner, K. Renfrow, D. Gunderson. Second row: R. J. Cahill, J. Schisel, G. Lyle, S. Allen, G. John- son, E. Kyser, H. Diaz, G. Pfauesch. Third row: D, Hoeppner, M. Lass, L. Scofield, D. Agne, J. Cooper, L. Decker, L. Richey, G. Hayes. Fourth row: D. Ferguson, D. Scotten, D. McKinley, E. Brillault, J. Shafer, H. Hodges, R. Lehmann, W. Amos. business educotion club These students have organized to pro- mote interest among future instructors in the business field. Dr. Sterne and Mrs. De- venney are sponsors of the club which elected Lucy Kirby, president and Glynna Elliott, secretary-treasurer. First row: J. Gregory, M. Kasper, G. Elliot, M. Ellis, E. Achelpohl, L. Kirby. Second row: J. Fuchs, J. Smith, J. Niederhauser, J. Mayfield, M. Kelley, E Diggs, R. Trosper. Third row: M. Geary, N. Devenny, C. Boeschen, C. Boswell, D. Anson, S. Temple, B Sullivan, L. Sterne. Fourth row: K. Lacey, J. Renfrow, K. Edwards, T. Schupp, P. Graff, C. Creason, D. Nicholson. lt sounds good, looks good on paper, but... standing . . . l i Dear Suh: lt's my under- 1 1' H511 ' - XSL My 1'x'l?o, 5 4' 1 '11 ,lf .. LT I ' 'Ix T ' V P? . Nx W17fW ' I 1 l li A X -,Q I 41 " E. X Hi 1 A1 .-- 1 1 1 JA VI 1111 1 .fl- lflx fl. educshon .. gag, df N A -I ' -'if' .bin 1 x"' ' 'E2.A1--fswgaznl V S- W A, 1m1u 1 R1 .Q mf, li- I ' 411 1 ' f XX g-,1l , ?l J - 5 1 xi 7 Q' K. , Wim. 3 L, "'f-" " - 129 711 : in Ry! 1 rt., gk , Y' Shucks, Miss Bullock, it looks so easy! Mr Howard Baltz Miss Edith Brooks The Pauline A. Humphreys Education Building. I' 'Q ' Mrs, Pearl Bradshaw And this is the duet College High operetta. Mrs. Virginia Browning Mrs. Nina Devenny Mr. John Dodd Dr. Emmett Ellis Mrs. Dorothy Etter XM if 'YQ 4 6' ' M i ' 4 ,UQ I 1 N 1 I nil" 44 M ix r' ' 1 M ag, .4.lQ4.4, I ' V, i r SEX WX? h X L Ri . .C,.se.ssX.4: 5 . 5 bww S ,s gxbs is x ,515 . sf k 1- ,,.,c.w.3 Qs tg-at . .. ' N f MEN 5- '::': Ji.. xg. -. -. 'T rr . 1 .. .. W' -, N ti- Ns xgg,-S. gk - . N .. - ,.....,,, - .. st - . Q, . . 1+ .- N K .... , ...,,N,, ,, i-- . Q, .-t.x4. -- 1' 1.-f U-1-.-..' SQFS1 --se Za Formerly the Future Teachers of America, Alpha chapter is spon- sored by Dr. Marion Schott, Mr. Carl Haldiman and Miss Viola Par- vin. The organization had profes- sional speakers, educational films, and panel discussions. President, Donald Marcks, vice president, Ann Marcks, secretary, Dixie Ring, treasurer, Sandy Sevier. First row: G. Billings, M. Rose, A. Fore, J. Baldwin, E. Achelpohl, N. Malan, C. Pear- son, L. Gehrs, B. Sink, M. Chinn, J. Morris, S. Sevier,' R. Bonar, B. Langendorfer, M. Rogers, A. Koike. Second row: D. Goedel, M. Lowry, T. Fieme, D. Reynolds, S. Schnit- zer, D. Tuepker, D. Johnson, J. Mudd, A. Rangel, D. Schlueter, C. Wilkey, P. Lovin- ger, L. Hackner, G. Ryle, C. Newcomb, E. Mukai, Third row: J. Lay, C. Needels, B. Hall, K. Powell, B. Arensmeier, D. Sherrell, M. Newmen, J. Martin, J. Wittman, M. Winston, M. Grider, A. Taylor, J. Paul, G. Elliot, M. Crawford. ossociotion for childhood educotion A.C.E. is interested in the edu- cation and well-being of children. Events in the year were a joint Homecoming w i n d o w display with S.N.E.A., a work party in the Lab School, and a Christmas party. President, George Ryle, vice president, Patricia Cassing, secretary, Martha Nelson, treas- urer, Zelda Taylor, sponsor, Dr. Ransom. First row: K. Powell, G. Billings, M. Lowry, A. Lioke, E. Mukai, C. Newcomb. Second row: A. Fore, L. Stewart, S. Schnitzer, J. Baldwin, W. Ryle, D. Reynolds, P. Romig, Third rgw: K. Park, J. Scott, B. Sink, D. Johnson, C. Wilkey, D. Tuepker, D. Goedel, V. Browning. Fourth rowr, Z. Taylor, D. Schlueter, E. Maycock, J. Watson, B. Carl, K. Bosler, K. Ranson. Mr. Robert W. Filbeck Mr. Carl G. Haldiman Mr. John Heytman Mrs. Bertha Hopkins Dr. H. Clay Jent Dr. William F. Knox Miss Louise Leonard Mrs. Maureen Long Miss Alphadine Martin Dr. Robert Moore student notionol educotion ossociotion psychology club The recently organized Psychology Club brings together students who have a rnaior, minor, or interest in psychology. Events for the year included field trips to Meninger's Clinic and the State Mental Hospital ot Kansas. President, Tom Wells, vice president, Gary Rigby, secretary-treas- urer, Virginia Bell, sponsor, Dr. Ter Keurst First row: M. Wallis, P. Elkins, L. Bauerle, M. Lee, B. Molavi. Second row: J. Driscoll, G. Rigby, M. Craw- ford, C. T. Lee, V. Bell. Third row: A. Ter Keurst, J. Hollar, C. Laswell, P. Schwartz, L. Leslie, T. Wells. Dr. R. Miss Mr. Mrs. Clark Viola Clarence Anne Morton Parvin Pearce Preuss Dr. Kathleen Ranson Nlr. C. W. College High students become chefs in hornemaking class. Rickman gycjub ad Psychology Club :nts who have a 'est in psychology. 'icluded field trips id the State Mental asident, Tom Wells, gby, secretary-treas- isor, Dr. Ter Keurst. s, L. Bauerle, M. Lee, B. oll, G. Rigby, M. Craw- i row: A. Ter Keurst, J. irtz, L. Leslie, T. Wells. f ' f fi-jf 5 ff ,I ,ff V, , ,,f' L ' fifttiizff ,,.i t ii' ,Q "" f ,fl I Zf X f Q any 'f' af ff! faohf Q! 'Pj af' f f! Z?f ffy Qfffif ff WWW fm f X fX 2 f , , X 2 ' W f ff! f 5 f pf f , f 'il y f . XO ,. ' .i,f',, V . ,f f' I uv' J i I .1 ,,ff,y ' r , f , we f , ij f r , W f rc ywff I 4 ,lf . .1 6 vl,afA,f,g g., I 47 f ff .Wy f f un, 2:57-,,, ri, ,V f ff'- .27 "af ., 'f' . -I 0 , - . 4.1 'WR X 'Zi' ff a if a l . z- fu f ' , -4 - H . '. ,ffff ,X " ' C . ,f-ff , P I f' 721' ,A li" P ' ' f , ff ff? , 11 11, ja! W' ' , ' f f , . , I 75. Xfnff 2 af' Jef? , .f ff f fffiv fff.f"'X ff w W ' 4 ,f ,fa 2, fyiyfy f ,, ,gary class. koppo deho pi The purpose of Kappa Delta Pi is to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. Activities participated in by the Rho chap- ter include talks about facilities, activities, and problems of education. President, George Ryle, vice president, Edith Stall- ing, secretary, Virginia Schanz, treasurer Ann Corn, sponsor, Dr. Hemphill. I First row: R. Scritchfield, E. LaRue, W. Ryle, A. Corn, C. Needels. Second row: R. Hemphill, V. Schanz, C. Goetz, S. Kirkpatrick, E. Stalling. Third row: K. Lacey, K. Bosler, C. Wilkey, C. Kesemari, S. Harlan, M. Hinnah. Dr. Arthur Ter Keurst Mr. Clarence Whiteman Mrs. Rebecca Winkle Mr. James D. Corey Dr. Marion Schott Mrs. Jeanne Scott Mrs. Louise Sims Mrs. Georgia Sewell phiygnm U The founding chapter of this national honorary fraternity spon- sors the annual All-Honor Banquet in the spring and held various in- formal professional discussions. Alpha is co-sponsored by Dr. Mc- Candless and Mr. Wood with Da.le Lynde, president, Hugh Hanna, vice president, and Charles Kese- man, secretary-treasurer. Seated: P. McCandless, D. Lynde, J. Martin, R. Browning, D. Allen, L. Goodall, C. Kese- man, H. Kirts, L. Casady. Standing: E. Toepfer, W. Ryle, T. Scott, L. Decker, B. Large, D. McKinley, D. Pibel, A. Bartlett, D. Ferguson, J. Means, H. Hanna, W. Griff fith. Mr. William A. Stanton The Ward Edwards Library. Mrs- Stella Christopher Miss Rachel Christopher Miss Fern Gibson Mrs. Ophelia Gilbert Miss Carolyn Ryan And then there are those blasted term papers during winter term. l34 Children Lit. students study side by side with the little folk. language and literoturi William A. ton Mrs. S1ella Christopher 2 li11le folk. ff X . ff . o , language if I .l" 1' ' V .1 ' Gnd x ,. ' QV ak -,4T..." .H ' ' ' '. Iiferamre ff A ' La, - -' - ii-im. " A " M' 'J X xwB5" X -sv? " 1 -'..- 'P'-'Tv WWII XS QL? F Zflmx . . .: i ' 4-1 1 -4- , T I ' f.A i, I' ff r - f , , C Tr AL im Q5 ' ,k F ' B xx EE? 'W' L' fxfw' 'N ' K fl? ' ' xx 1,7 Lpsaurnwek fxf' Y 7 f'NfN I35 cosmopolitan club These students ot all nations on campus planned the Friendship Tea, International Bazaar, spring picnic, and a Bon Voyage party for Dean and Mrs. Grimes. President, Kea Sung Chung, vice president, Jose Anzalotta, secretary, Flora Carmona, treas- urer, Luis Bou, sponsor, Miss Callaway. First row: M. Lee, C. Mulabha, C. Rodriguez, R. Castro, M. Castro, J. Alfaro, M. Bonatsou. Second row: B. Molavi, L. Hackner, D. Chang, O. Rodriguez, L. Bou, E. Senaha, M. Bowers. Third row: L. Bright, V. Vargas, M. Wallis, E, Handal, P. Lovinger, A. Rangel, C. T. Lee, C. Park. Fourth row: J. Anzalotta, H. Diaz, S. Yim, J. Yim, K. Kim, C. Castro, I. Abud, F. Carmona, C. S. Cho. Fifth row: E. Callaway, R. Manherz, A. Bartlett, T. Scherer, M. Aunechian, N. Shafiyan, D. Mowlavi, W. Stoney. Not pictured: G. Alzate. I36 Dr, Robert J. Greef, Chairman Mrs. Averyl Bishop Mr. Ben R. Craig Miss Bertha Daniel Mr. Larry Eckles Mrs. Evelyn Runyon Dr. Velma Taylor Dr. Catherine F. Titus Miss Elizabeth Callaway Mr. Louis Jagels Mr. William E. Johnson Dr. William R. Dodge Mr. Keith Doss Mr. Lin Welch Not pictured: Dr. Bernard Kiernan, M Philip F. Legler. ian, Mr. theto ohoho phi Theta Alpha Phi, a national dramatic fraternity, furthers an intensive interest in theater work, drama, and plays. The pres- entation of their annual children's show, "The Red Shoes," highlighted the year's activities. President, Gloria Lane, vice pres- ident, Carolyn DeLa-pp, secretary, Pat Jones, treasurer, Carl Kline, sponsor, Mr. Doss. Seated: G. Lane, P. Jones, C. Kline, K. Doss, J. Wilson. crnsrlijoyem The C.M.S.C. Players furthered campus interest in dramatics by presenting student productions which included, -"Witness for the Prosecution," "The Birds," and "Be- yond the Horizon." The Players elected Tony Budd, Pat Jones, Linda Smith and Karen Crosslyn, president, vice president, secretary and treasurer respectively while Mr. Keith Doss acted as faculty sponsor. First row: ll. Smith, E. lsrael, P. Jones, C. DeLozier, B. Shows, J. Edwards. Second row: J. Doyle, E. Lim- ln9, K. Crosslyn, J. Danielson, D. Hile. Third row: L- Leslie, C. Krause, A. Budd, M. Romero, R. Stolz, J. Swearingen. Fourth row: D. Cohick, M. Sterne, V. Clevenger, C. Kline, J. Wilson, J. Webb, K. Doss. pikoppo deho This national honorary forensics frater- nity promotes the art of persuasive speak- ing. Nellie Bashore, Charles Kelly and Antoinette Budd were elected to serve as president, vice president and secretary- treasurer respectively with Dr. William Dodge sponsoring Eta chapter. Seated: P. Lovinger, N. Bashore, M. Mustard. Standing: C. Kelly, A. Budd, G. Lane, L. Goodall, , I37 5 A A EH sfjisn Ip Q1 5 'Lil K U it X ,k.. 2, , .,-,, , kr K VL.v M Y A - 'iff' A T ' . 1 X . sf ' .fs "1 'Y-. Q4 tw A or . Bob Dmcm A , X, . ,. . He, .. Editor . . . . . Rrta Mrs, Evelyn Mary Kay Joe Murphy Bull Dahlsten Bull Atkuns Sqritqhfield Runyon Mustard Sports Photography Business Manager Associate Editor Sponsor Special Features Service" "Education for I H1 STUDENT PUBLICATION - GENTBAL MlSSO,URl STATE GOLLEGE VOL. XLVIII A Warrensburg, Missouri, February 14, 1958 No. 13 the student Stott Lett to right: Bill Atkins, Fred Wood, Mary Kay Mustard, Margaret Lee, Bob Dillon, Mrs. Runyon, Ann Miller, Rita Scritchfield, Melba Wallis, Betty Wagner, Joe Murphy, John Duxbury, ,, , , Myff, ,,,,!fff ,,f!,3, Jan Gregory Editor F li z E S L S Kay Bo: Associat Editor 2 X S No. 13 nn ecss 1 x N 1 A X ,N x N. s, as ...ff miivsfif' .- X RHETOR staff goes berserk during last minute deadline! rhetor staff First row: Jan Gregory, editor, Mrs. Evelyn Runyon, sponsor, Jessie Lindaman, religion, Carolyn Koester, layout, Miriam Hemphill, education, Pat Kreeger, sports, LaWana Hackner, staff, Shirley Moore, organi- zations. Second row: Kay Bosler, associate editor, Lenny Grenato, sports, Donna Richcreek, seniors, Joe Belt, business manager, Ed Bruemmer, staff. Third row: Lloyd Decker, organizations, Bob Dillon, literary, Sandra Harlan, greeks, Gene Elliott, publicity, Gayanne Gill, staff, Ruth Ann Rohovit, staff. Not pictured: Lois Hightower, art, Sue Hyatt, unclerclassmen, Dick Miller, publicity, Rick Raley, photography, Pat Strider, social. nv, . Lois Mel Jenkins Hightower Photographer Art Editor Kay Bosler Mrs. Evelyn Associate Runyon Editor Sponsor . ,, f rr. . ,fag V I V. Y 2- MQ -1 if 2 rec? Drama goes 18th century In Goldsmlths She Stoops to Conquer." dnmno Theater Workshop at Branson is host to many who enioy summer stock such as "The Shepherd of The Hills." :ricket?" C.M.S.C. VIBYSFS present Christie's "Witness for the Prosecution." heohh ond phyycol .rg f S X -F ,Q ff f1 x xii' X ll L' ' .Sf 1 Q 56:7 Gila Z a , I 1 I 1 ' K K . Nxt, li .EI-1 t QQi72-v 1 Mft: X a ff X S ff 51 X ' .ff 5,3 ' A , K A 'x I v K-K Und M l I ' H physical educoficm . . . - 1 Q il ill If 'Sv W- Miss Dorothy Coleman Miss Helen Gilbert Miss Jesse Juften Chairman 2 i S Miss Florence Young Mrs. Ella Mays Miss Juanita Sternberg Mr. Earl Ket Dr. Floyd Rees Mr. Robert Sherrer Morrow Gymnasium. Mr. Harold Yinger Miss Anderson's aquamaicls demon- strate syncronized swimming. i Get on your m You mean l'm sul little thingl? orrow Gymnasium. Get on your mark, get set . Mr. Harold Yinger aids demon- mming. You mean l'm supposed To hit that little fhingi? V xp Look, Mom, no hands-oh, my ach- ing back. Two to one? This male snori- age is great for some in Folk Dance. dolphins The members of This group promote water safety and the sport ot swimming under the sponsorship ot Miss Jessie Jut- ten. They sponsored a swimming instruc- tors class, the annual Dolphin Water Show, a synchronized swimming clinic, and a program tor Senior Day. President, Carol Eves, vice president, Dorothy Craft, secre- ta ry-treasu rer, Ca rolyn Koester. First row: M. Bennett, M. Lappin, S. Todd, N. Wind- sor, A. Stewart, M. Lintner, Second row: M. Good- man, S. Nichols, M. Grider, C. Koester, B. Gonzales, J. Bergmeier, G. Schenck. Third row: D. Marshall, E. Deuschle, S. Barker, R. Feemster, B. Schumaker, J. Jutten. Fourth row: M. Cawein, E. Unruh, K. Edwards, D. Craft, J. Clark, J. Watson, C. Eves. Practice makes splashing per- fect. , 27 ff, Women's recreotion ossociotion Miss Coleman is sponsor of the W.R.A. which fpnctions to promote interest in physical education activities through intra- mural programs. Their picnics, annual sports day, and almost daily activities make them one ot the most active organi- zations on campus. President, Jo Stan- brough, vice president, Marlene Krueger, secretary, Denise Stehwin, Treasurer, Helen Steele. First row: H. Steele, I. Wisman, H. Guyton, M. Lintner, J. Stanbrough, L. Hackner, W. Neal, J. Lamar. Second row: M. Lappin, R. Northern, M. Elwell, C. Koester, B. Mathew, L. Scheer, C. Weoldle, M. Robinson. Third row: D. Coleman, L. Paxton, M. Stone, K. Austin, B. Ball, Y. Ent, Y. Ziegler. Fourth row: N. Bowman, A. Ritter, C. White, M. Kruger, M. L. Mitchell, B. Marker, M. Goad, S. Hoeppner. orchesis Orchesis promotes creativeness in modern dance for all interested students. An annual event is their Christmas Convo- cation. President, Nanciiean Smith, vice president, Patsy Lovinger, secretary-treas- urer, Shirley Nelson, sponsor, Miss Young. First row: J. Gudde, L. Maness, H. Guyton, J. Greer. Second row: P. Lovinger, D. Records, L. Hackner, J. Frasure, C. Koester, S. Nelson. Third row: M. Gist, R. Buhler, E. Unruh, N. Smith, Y. Strode, C. Needels, F. Young. Not pictured: C. Salmon, B. Barry, R. Moore, B. Walters, N. Boshore, J. Martin. physicol educotion mojor club P.E.M. Club is a professional vvomen's physical education organization. The mem- bers assisted with Sports Day, the Wom- en's Intramural program and sent repre- sentatives to a national convention. Spon- sor, Miss Jessie Jutten, president, Anna Jordan, vice president, Judith Stanbrough, secretary, Sondra Kiser. First row: M. Elwell, I. Weisman, W. Neal, H. Steele, M. Lintner, J. Stanbrough, J. Lamar, M. Lappin. Second row: J. Jutten, Y. Ent, B. Mathews, C. Eves, C. Koester, W. Ecldle, J. Clark, B. Ball. Third row: S. Hoeppner, R. Buhler, R. Northen, M. Stone, L. Paxton, Y. Ziegler, B. Marker. Fourth row: A. Jordan, N. Smith, A. Ritter, M. Smith, C. White, M. Krueger, M. L. Mitchell, M. Goad. 1 l l 4 , l trock Central Missouri State Mules under Coach Hal Yinger, in a suc- cessful conference track season last spring, took second place in the M.l.A.A. Outdoor Meet and third place in the M.I.A.A. Indoor Meet. Setting three new school records in the course of the season, Jerry Crews ran a l58.2 half mile, the mile relay team-Don Miller, Eldred Spain, Jim Malloy, and Jerry Crews-combined their efforts to bring the baton around in 3:26.9 minutes and Robbie Robinson ran the mile in 4:28.8. Eldred Spain and Bruce DeHart were co-captains. Ki rksvi l le ........ Ottawa , ........... Pittsburg - ,o... -- 58172 71172 75 273 Mules Mules-- Mules.. .......,. 77172 59172 40 59 1 74 .7 ,7 1 11 f . I 4. af ., ., 'fs' W L Z 6: HAROLD L. YINGER Head Track Coach l 1 il lv .1 51 I gl fl it 1 Lincoln -,......, -- 53 'lf3 Mules---mmm--96 ipgrbgfielil mfg 3 Mules-mm-H-I 88 Maryville - ------. 52 2X3 Mules Washburn 29 U3 Lincoln -.--....--- .69 lf2 Ft. Leonard Wood ------- .--35 if-4 troclc teorn First row: G. Crews, E. Paris, J. Brewer, M. Sirkus, R. Byrne, B. DeHart, G. Toepfer, E. Spain. Second row: Nl. Reese, K. Sternberg, R. Miller, L. Craig, J. Dahlman, A. Salmon, M. Hansen, B. McCrary, M. Hyde, H. Yinger. Third row: J. Beckham, L. Eiker, D. Allison, R. Robinson, L. Lyne, A. Lewis, R. lrvin, P. Richard- son, D. Snycler, D. Bruns. I46 . 1 .722 Si ,ZZLVQJ ' "Coach, where do I go from here'?", Up and over wlth Mickey Slrkus. Crews comes Through at The finish 1 arns rea s e ape or vac ory ! P ' b k Th T f 'T . Head Cenirel state light? cheerleaders Marilyn Grider, Janice Gudde, Robbie Ross, Bob Davis, Ann Runge, Nancy Thomson, Sondra Kiser. Center: Glenna Downs. treshmen mule backers Recently organized, membership is open to all freshmen who want to keep C.M.S.C.'s spirit on top. President, Doro- thy Davisson, vice president, Sandy Tem- ple, secretary-treasurer, Carol Pritchard, sponsor, Mr. Phillip Worden. First row: D. Reed, A. Rogers, S. Porter, P. Reinert, V. Walk, L. Hackner. Second row: C. Lysinger, C. Clark, N, Windsor, A. Stewart, J. Martin, D. Wood, B. Bow- man. Third row: L. Leslie, M. Grider, S. Temple, C. Entrikin, B. Schumaker, C. Pritchard, P. Worden. Fourth row: C. Salmon, D. Davisson, C. Spotts, R. Taggart, D. Miller, M. Cawein, R. Eastin, R. Raley. ggnu--' l.-l footbo I l The Mules were captained This year by halfback Stan Hensley, who was voted The Team's Most Valuable Player in a post-season election, and by Jim Thomas, Tackle. They finished The year with i win, 7 losses, and i tie. Halfback Joe DeBacker was The team's leading scorer with 30 points, scored on 4 TD's and 6 PAT's. He was fifth in The conference. Halfback Jerry Burgoyne was The leading Mule in The rushing department. He averaged 4.48 yards per carry. Norman Patrick pushed him for Top Mule honors in This department with a 4.45 average. Quarterback Ed Fredricks led The Mule passers with a 34.21 completion percentage. Hensley led The receivers, hauling in ii passes, which was iust one reception behind The conference leader. Thomas was second in conference in kicking. His 40 boots averaged 34.90 yards. Hensley returned more punts, 15, Than any other man in The Nl.l.A.A. and averaged T593 yards per return. Burgoyne returned 8 for an l4.83 average. Head Coach, HAROLD L. YINGER First row: R. Cross, G. Augustine, J. Hatchet, E. Gordon, B. Fyffe, J. Boyce, P. Collier, J. DeBacker, S. Hensley, N. Patrick, D. Taylor, A. Salmon. Second row: B. Sherrer, D. McCormick, G. Cope, M. Gieringer, Kinnett, F. Lewis, T. Slinkard, D. Bruns, J. Burgoyne, J. Wilson, B. Petrie, G. Galloway, B. Gieringer, F. Rees. Third row: H. Yinger, E. Freclricks, M. Davis, R. lrvin, J. Thomas, L. Jeter, L. Foster, F. Freeman, L. Hurshman, L. Larson, R. Moffett, R. Hawthorne, J. Luschen. Fourth row: F. Leckenby, D. Keck, J. Roberts, J. W. Mallison, W. L. White, R. Adrian, R. Jones, J. Dahman, B. Johnson, T. Kunz, C. Williams, B. Dawson, Nl. C. Newman, R. Saylor, E. Nold. their ha ftime coffee. " Club W th The "M 'Nr INOCONO 1 U U? 2 LJ U7 ,- cv k Q fn D L 'D O. Q if? 2 U ,.. DU 93 VU 4. an Q' D .Q in +- 4- ii Q an 2 LJ IX YI' fU 6 m o of Q U2 2 U O OI 3 VU CD -Q Q LD CD Q. ru KJ NOOOIN QQQ V?ff?ff? 222 UUU O'QI'NO Ol'-YI 2 C 223 S35 2100 L-ACU fU:f: 5:43 wear was v 4 XX 'X' ? ,Q 5 Y. x QQ Q-Q: Nw 1: Q QSNQQW Q.. .' 9 I X X . ' . x xx x xx xx N .Q NN , wi ' Q,wXN,,.,,Q ,,mvX1X .5 wjgf vv ' N-S Q ,Mg . - fw' I 'E fx AW f X gf. wg ' .Q 10 X ' - UI . v Rt" Y 1 1 h I Marv Hull smks one Score score, we want more' A crude form of keep away. Pittsburg ,.v. -.7i Mules Ottawa ,, . ,...,, .58 Mules .... v,, Ottawa ,. .,, d . 60 Mules Central Okla. ..aa 68 Mules. ,,...,,. - Maryville A.aaaaaaa 64 Mules ,,,. - .... - Pittsburg ...a. ,8l Mules ....,a,. bcisketboll Coach Earl Keth, building from the ground floor, guided the C.M.S.C. Mules into a third place tie in the M.I.A.A. Losing four of his five starters from last year, the Mules were faced with ineligibility and graduation. The team emerged with a five-to-five conference record and a three-won to six-lost non-conference score. A post-season election saw Bill Parker named captain. EARL KETH Head Basketball Coach Springfield ....,.c. 54 Mules Rolla ..... ...... M ules .,........ Cape ,....c.c,.....,, 42 Mules Cape ....... ...... M ules. ......... Kirksville v.c...,ccv 71 Mules ......,-,, Kirksville Mules K.C.U. ..,...coc..... 63 Mules .......... Maryville Mules ......... - Springfield ..,..... 68 Mules Rolla .... Mules Lincoln ,.........,,c, 79 Mules L... ...... K .C.U. ....-, Mules I54 bosketboll teom Kneeling: J. Redel, T. Bickham, F. Oshel, R. Frederick. Second row: L. Marks, L. Hunter, R. Childress, F. Hills, J. Thornsberry. Third row: E. Keth, B. Parker, E. Strange, R. Chrisman, M. Hills, R. Brunson, D. Wickham, B. Dennis, G. Comstock, F. Rees. ll VT The "M" Club tion, contributes fare of athletics ii an all-school dar hour for alumni cession stand a' President, Geralc Fred Oshelg se Robinson, spons Rees. First row: B. McCrar3 eltine, F. Oshel. Secc M. Sirkus, J. Brewer, F. Rees, R. Robinson, ' P. Richardson, R. Hav ll ll m club The "M" Club a letterman's or aniza . 1 Q ' tion, contributes to the promotional wel- fare of athletics in college. They sponsored an all-school dance, a coffee and do-nut hour for alumni, and operated the con- cession stand at home football games. President, Gerald Crews, vice president, Fred Oshel, secretary-treasurer, Robert Robinson, sponsors, Mr. Keth and Mr. Rees. - First row: B. McCrary, B. Cupito, C. Epps, G. Has- eltine, F. Oshel. Second row: H. Yinger, G. Crews, M. Sirkus, J. Brewer, E. Paris, G. Harris. Third row: F. Rees, R. Robinson, T. Baker, J. Fitterling, J. Thomas P. Richardson, R. Hawthorne. 1 physicol educators' club The men of this club strive to improve scholarship and the general quality of work in their profession. Operating the concession stand at basketball games and sponsoring a guest speaker at convocation were among the activities for the year. Sponsors, Mr. Sherrer and Mr. Yinger, president, David Macoubrie, vice presi- dent, Gary Barnard, secretary, Steve Wil- liams, treasurer, Jesse Zink. First row: B. Crowder. Second row: K. Hartman, K Gentry, E. Brewster, D. Macoubrie. Third row: R Hawthorne, C. Haseltine, L. Goucher, L. Viebrock, J. Zink. Fourth row: F. Rees, D. Helmuth, R. Hittner, T. Baker, J, Fitterling, J. Thomas, J. Winegar. K boseboll First row: F. Lovan, W. Dey, F. Oshel, M. Fink, G. Haseltine, J. Tur- ' rentine, E. Pryor. Second row: L. Harper, K. Hayob, M. Hogan, J. Burgoyne, S. Hensley, G. Harris, B- George, C. Kubli. Third row: E. Smith, B. Grimes, H. Bratton, R. Smith, E. Villines, B. Cooper, L. Mines. sigma You gornrno Football Intramural Champions-First row: G. Borcherding, B. Cupito, M. Fink, G. Toler, G. Barnard. Second row: R. Robinson, T. Wells, T. Masterson. Third row: B. Campbell, J. Farrell, D. Hayob. knights Basketball Intramural Champions, Volleyball Intramural Cham- pions-First row: M. Hogan, B. Case. Second row: M. Cass, W. George. Third row: J. Zink, S. Wiggins, D. Harcleroole. Not pictured: B. Cross, H. George, J. Morgan, D. Whiting, B. Irvin, J. Fitterling, P. Richardson, B. Cross. Heads I win, tails vou lose! M music zherding, B. Cupito, M. l, T. Wells, T. Masferson. Intramural Cham- nd row: M. Cass, D. Harclerode. Not , Whiting, B. Irvin, win, tails vou lose! music: H .1-rv' LL. W. mul ' - ,SP awi - 5 i S515 wel J Dr. Ralph E. Hart, Chairman Mr Donald Braat7 Mr. Marlon B. Davies Mr. Ammon D. Roberson pi kappa lambda Pi Kappa Lambda, a national honorary y music fraternity, recognizes outstanding A music students with high scholarship and performance records. Members, Y s either juniors or seniors, are elected by the music faculty. President, Dr. Hart, vice president, Mr. Williams, secretary- treasurer, Miss Shockey. Fi. I K. Seated: Miss E. Brooks, A. Corn, C. Needels, S. S' Kirkpatrick, E. Stalling, Miss E. Shockey, C. Goetz. -l' Standing: G. Edson, R. Hart, J. Scamman. Mrs. Elizabeth Miss Eleanor Roberson Shockey crescenclo club The Crescendo Club promotes interest in music on the campus. Annual fall and spring picnics, get-acquainted parties, and a Valen- tine's banquet were activities of the year. Presi- dent, Shirley Kirkpatrick, vice president, Ed Grace, secretary, Myrna Geary, treasurer, Trudy Meinberg, sponsor, Dr. Hart. Dr. William Mr. Hugh Stoney Williams First row: l. Rolf, N. Binder, J. Fisher, B. Tising, D. Knier, B. Langendoerfer, A. Stewart. Second row: G. Holt, K. Powell, T. Meinberg, A. Corn, C. Parsons, S. Kirkpatrick, M. Crawford, B. Eisele. Third row: J.VeddrJ.Alb ' ' e , ppe erry, S. Etter, M. Geary, C. Asman, C. Needelsf B.. Balkwin, C. Goetz, J. Harrison Fourth row: E. Unruh, D. Bedwell, L. Buntin, B. Henks, E. Liming, J. Hansen, J. Jones, M. Starr. Fifth row' E. Stalling, J. Scamman, B. Van Pelt, L. Lutte, H. Oligschlaeger, F. Perry, E. Grace, C. Brown. Miss Eleanor Shockey Mr. Hugh Williams Jw: Jw: on, JVVI o cappella choir First row: B. Tising, O. Oliver, M. Corley, M. Friend, M. Lenox, J. Jones, R. Hart, S. Hill, S. Etter, l. Rolf, K. Bradshaw, K. Kemper, W. Byler, J. Fisher. Second row: L. Gehrs, M. Geary, J. Frasure, T. Meinberg S. Kirkpatrick, D. Hummond, M. Haliburton, B. Baldwin, J. Vedder, C. Clark, M. Brockman, C. Needels, J. G'b . Th'd - ' ' I son If row. P. Bridges, J. Ragland, J. Burnett, G. Holt, L. Buntin E Childs D Grainger K Allen, J. Appleberry, C. Smith, M. Morrison, R. Hart. Fourth row: E. Grace,.L. Lutte, Keisker, D. Thurston, C. Olson, J. Cash, J. Wine ar J. S g , camman, J. Martin, H. Kirts, F. Bozarth, L. Bertz, J. Harrison. tin pan alley. Wunnerful, wunnertulll W, . l 1 l l i l i Practice teachers supervise juvenile 1 ?' Wx , sf mx 2, 5 ,r f!,,,1. pf., ' f U ' ' K 2 Q f . i!4 'YQ' f ,JJ X ji -Z X, V! jf f g gg X f N J Q2 X ff - - gtg V '-J SWA 1 M Vg 1 gif' 4 ' 1 6ugLuo3awoL4 Jopualds 0 3 V' O ugL,pJQuJ 6 rmq PQQI 6U apmed U Sw .695 .- 4397 - saueuo QW OJ y q5 fl 19d 'Ui 52 C.. 2.3 Hg,- 29. -+o' bg IC 39: Dm N cu ES ms Q.i" 35 --Q Zi 5- K GW Oi student center committees This group ot students worked diligently to sponsor and organize all student social and recreational activities such as dances, card tournaments, and special parties. General chairman, Shirley Eberting, spon- sor, Miss Gilbert. First row: D. Richcreek, D. Wilson, S. Todd, G. Barnard, A. Schultz, O. Glispey, L. Hacker. Second row: C. Eves, J. Gibson, B. Davidson, R. Omohundro, R. Roho- vit, B. Arensmeier, G. Gill, J. Martin. Third row: B. Dillon, J. Haney, N. Malan, B. Davis, M. Stone, M. Lathery, L. Leslie. Fourth row: J. Hollar, L. Decker, J. Vedder, R. Stolz, J. Martin, S. Eberting, S. Moore. Fifth row: D. Davisson, J. Lamar, G. House, G. Harris, E. Unruh, G. Chambers, H. Gilbert. student center cobinet These students headed the com- mittees which planned all-school dances, the freshman talent show, special receptions, and coffee hours. General chairman, Shirley Eberting, sponsor, Miss Gilbert. First row: S. Eberting, H. Gilbert, B. Large, M. Stone, C. Chambers, C. Eves, G. Harris, B. Dillon, J. Haney, G. Barnard. Not pictured: J. Counts, J. Markham, T. Christian, J. Walters. student center donce club The Dance Club, sponsored by Miss Gilbert, enioys recreation and strives to improve social dancing. These students give dance demonstrations, instructions, and sponsor several social dances. Presi- dent, Carlos Castro, vice president, Wm. Stephens, secretary-treasurer, Jean Ed- wards, social chairman, Charles Chambers. First row: M. Castro, L. Bright, D. Wood, B. Merriman, J. Edwards, C. McCulloch, W. Verlinden, C. Castro, E. Liming, M. Scheib, D. Silvius. Second row: S. Tood, J. Greer, S. Hicks, l. Abud, J. Jackson, E. Handal, G. Rigby, M. Crawford, J. Jackson, M. Kroge, A. Stewart, B. Gonzalez, M. Lee. Third row: J. Angel, B. Molavi, D. Marcks, P. Pezeshgpour, K. Carriker, C. Chambers, M. Silvius, A. Mizany, J. Hollar, L. Judson, M. Wallis. Fourth row: H. Gilbert, R. Goold, G. Wahrenbrock, N. Bowman, O. Sayles, L. Steinkuehler, W. Stephens, P. Brancato, L. Edson, J. Hallemann, W. Daegele, V. Vargas. science oncl motherr f' f l X! f d 3 f ' J! Q , I X X' ff? X P' 1 K X 5 f'f K VN I I l! ' I f X -f U 41 f! W N x V! Science GH mofhemofics fi 3'- 4 ffff f lil l i i E: ,, 5, i li i li 9. li 5. S i l i i l 4 : l 7 i l lg' ll, il ig! :ll l l i ! 5 1 l I l i l li il i 4 i l i 1 Z 1 5 l i ls ll l l 3 ' I64 fi-vim .vi s Don't throw that switch!!! W. C. Morris Science Hall Dr. Claude A Brown Mrs. Math Sherralyn Craven Math Mr. Earl Foster Dr. Chemistry Oscar Hawksley Biology Mr. Charles E. Kelley Math Dr. Sam P. Hewitt Biology Mr. Ray Holland Physics W f Scientists concentrate on "matter over mind"! f WWW! MW 'fx KW W if QW? ,X WM? CM W M ff 1 ff f xW JW ,M f Z9 , fa, fi ffz f I X 2? jf W 4 W yg ff W f g f f WXA W ff! ,f ffy 41 f 'ay Z Frank 1 41, it? if ,,,.. . ,fav W1 27... -- 'C -b ' " , ,pf JA .I V- ,, -, W, if .. ' 2?3i Mr. l Martin Physics Dr. J. Paul Morris Physics Dr. Laura Nahm Biology -'N-ww-.., koppo nmiepsHon Beta chapter ot this national honor organization in mathematics attempts to further interest in this field among' its members. Open to both men 'and women, K.M.E. sponsored lectures and tours, sent out a Christmas News Letter and sent representatives to a regional meeting. President, Linda Land, vice president, John Chronister, secretary, W. Hugh Grit- tith, treasurer, Garnett Walters, sponsors, Dr. C. H. Brown, and Mr. Charles Kelley. Seated: N. Bowman, L. Land, D. Lynde, C. Brown, C. E. Kelley. Second row: C. Young, L. Casady, J. White, H. Kienberger, H. Kirts, K. Bauer, W. Griffith, J. Myers. Standing: D. Campbell, L. Dilley, P. Gutshall, P. Hollansworth, E. Toepfer, G. Scofield. sigmo zeto An honorary society tor those interested in Physical Science, Sigma Zeta strives to promote interest in the science tield. Presi- dent, Hugh Hanna, vice president, Dale Lynde, secretary, Bob Mann, treasurer, Rita Hanna, sponsors, Ray Holland, Frank Martin. Seated: F. E. Martin, R. Holland, P. Hollansworth, R. Hanna, B. Large, H. Kirts, K. Bauer. Standing: J. Anzalotta, H. Hanna, D. Lynde, E. Toepfer, C. Young, L. Casady. beto beto beto An honorary biological society, Gamma Phi chapter ot Beta Beta Beta sponsored the Audubon Series on campus this year. The group promotes high scholastic goals among its members. President, Billie Swopes, vice president, LeRoy Heman, secretary-treasurer,.Townsend O'Kell, spon- sor, Dr. Sam Hewitt. First row: B. Swopes. Second row: C. DesCombes, J. Linder, P. Lampe, J. M. Schelp. Third row: L. Nahm, L. Heham, D. Dierker, B. Browning, S. Hewitt. .,,, alpha phi omega A.P.O. is an international service frater- nity open to men with previous member- ship in scouting. The men of Beta Kappa chapter published the Student-Faculty Directory, sponsored U.M.O'.C. campaign, and instructed scouts in swimming. Presi- dent, Jim Claypool, vice president, Kay Lewis, secretary, Leon Richie, treasurer, Eugene Butts, sponsor, Mr. R. E. Smith. First row: J. Martin, M. Dodaressi. Second row: B. Kreeger, J. Morie, K. Lewis, J. Jackson, C. Owens, L. Owen. Third row: G. Plowman, P. Hollansworth, R. Raley, J. Claypool, R. Smith. Fourth row: E. Butts, C. Brown, K. Boucher, T. Seavey, T. Starr, J. Gatter- meir. women's counselors These women worked with the orientation of new students and planning Freshman Days. Dean Frieda Grieder is over-all chair- man of the program and Kay Bosler was the women's coordinator. First row: A. Koike, M. Chinn, M. Mays, S. Sevier, E. Achelpohl, J. Morris, S. Schnitzer, C. Needels. Second row: J. Frasure, J. Gibson, L. Stewart, 'K. Powell, M. Grider, P. Lovinger, M. Crawford. Third row: N. Bashore, C. Wilkey, Y. Strode, M. Newman, B. Hayes, B. Mann. Fourth row: R. Kruse, B. Hubbard, E. Craf, S. Harlan, C. Laswell, V. Bell, K. Bosler. freshman men's counselors These men work for a more effective campus program by providing upperclass counselors for all new students entering C.M.S.C. The general chairman is Gerald Harris, sponsors, Mrs. Craig and Dean Grider. First row: C. Roe, M. Bowers, A. Rangel. Second row: G. Fischer, P. Hollansworth, B. Davis, G. Haney. Third row: B. Hampton, L. Decker, D. McKinley, G. Elliott, G. Harris. I ,yfzffx ' A R G 1 fx 's2'S'E? Q76 , xg social science. . . N X f '23 Y 1" XJ M M qutusxgkkg u..s.Lh,Hfltg4"dhjlfWl,-441,, ufurfr uf' W gp Y 2'!E?"? I ' W- f W, rv bdga 60 XXX W Q E , ,co 6 Q Qffr 1 . , , 1 N E gg ? Wifi X I f f ff I young democrots club These Young Democrats have participat- ed in many interesting political and social activities through the year which include a trip to the Truman Library, the Jackson Day events in Springfield, and a district meeting. President, Teresa Free- man, executive vice president, Karla Johanlooeke, administrative vice president, Kem Carriker, treasurer, Pete Brancato, recording secretary, Larry Collins, corres- ponding secretary, Julia Jones, sponsor, Mr. Wilkey. First row: Nl. Crawford, M. Mays, M. Rogers, P. Elkins. Second row: E. Liming, T. Bax, J. Jones, L. Owen, B. Holt. Third row: K. Johanboeke, E. Roberts, K. Carriker, H. Lee. Fourth row: H. Wilkey, L. Collins, P. Brancato, A. Bartlett, W. Amos. Dr. L. Avery Fleming Chairman Dr. R. Leslie Anders Dr. Joseph 'Dolecki Mr. Howard Hibdon Miss Edith Howard Dr. Perry McCandless Mr. Harry L. Wilkey Mr. Rolla F. Wood Dr. Randolph O. Yeager internotionol relotions clulo The l.R.C. promotes interest in relations with other countries and their peoples. Dr. Anders has taken over sponsorship of the group which aided in the UNESCO and World University Service compaigns at C.M.S.C. Tom Scherer, Morton Sirkus, and Mrs. Bernice Delaney were elected presi- dent, vice president, and secretary-treas- urer respectively. First row: A. Rangel, L. Bright, C. Broermann, B. Molavi. Second row: M. Sirkus, B. Delaney, L. Goodall, L. Anders. Third row: J. Reed, P. Stoke, T. Scherer, R. Thurston, A.N Bartlett. Student and Professor Wood read the revised Missouri constitution. ,fy Potential courses in Social Science are discussed by student and ad- visor. 197 ' X ,ff X7 X W yfff X ,X f, ff X ifififff ,Q ,A f f ff , ff , ,fo ,f ,, , f Mfr, Of wwf' X ff' Professor Wood looks over the in- evitable "blue book." X, 'A .. xx Missouriana tour participants are enter- tained at Hallmarks. Lwgi Y igiriivv l Nr Love those field trips. ' "And then there's that foggy day l70 un old London town." Q. 5 ' fy Wi 977' 53121, 7"?:' s t , - ., fg1+.'9'f'f"sffQ' religion New chapel gets first taste of snow R.E.W. discussion group meets in chapel library. I "And peace attend thee." irst taste of snow. Ee religious emphosis week l "Religion is a Changing World" was this year's theme tor Reli io E h g us mp asis Week. As an inspirational time for deepening s iritual life, the week's activities featured tive outstandin reli ious leaders in convocations, anel P 9 9 P discussions, tireside chats, interest groups, and classroom visitations. These special convocations featured the keynote address by the Rev. Monk Bryan of the Methodist Church, Coluhwbiag an T address "What Are You Worth?" by Rabbi ii Samuel D. Mayerberg ot the Con re a Q Q - i tion B'nai Jehudah in Kansas City, and a play, "The Miracle of the Danube," di- rected by Elizabeth Sterne and enacted by members of the C.M.S.C. Players. if H Dr. Curtis Hutcherson ll Religious Education large the program's purpose were M Paul Sorrin, St. Louisg Miss Ruth C. Hugh if Rocky Mountain Y.W.C.A. Council, a Additional leaders who helped to e e n Q the Rev. Thomas J. Culhane of the .. C Lawrence Church at Easton, Kansas. Co-ordinator of the vveek's activities we Miss Helen Gilbert, director of social activ ties. Final plans for R.E.W. are made by Miss Gilbert, Dr. fi X Lovinger and Bert Harvey. l l 15,41 ii ll ii ii 'i sl, l i I. it l i. i, l "By the way, what do you Methodists drink?" l73 , student christion ossociotion The purpose ot the S.C.A. is to foster fellowship and cooperation among the nine church groups of Warrensburg. The S.C.A. sponsors Religious Emphasis Week, noonday devotions and selling of C.M.S.C. decals. President, Tom Coleman, vice president, Bob Browning, secretary-treas- urer, Harold Thompson, reporter, Mariorie Bullock. Seated: R. Manherz, M. Bullock, T. Coleman, H. Thomson, L. Baker, L. Nahm, E. Liming, M. Shehan, J. Morris. Standing: D. Wood, A. Hall, B. Eversole, J. Reed, H. Gilbert, F. Crawford, L. Goodall, T. Scott, S. Woody, O. Glispey. conterbury club This organization sponsors an annual chow mein din- ner, has dinner meetings, attends the regional Canter- bury Conference, and the national Canterbury meeting President, Mary Anderson, vice president, Linda Smith- secretary, Roberta Harvey, treasurer, Jim Reed. I First row: L. 'Smith, R. Harvey. Second row: Miss A. Sadler, L. Reed Third row: J. Reed, R. Bullock. Not pictured: E. Nass, L. 4Wilcoxen, I. Reid, Mary Anderson, Dr. and Mrs. William Stoney. boptist student union ' This group's activities include a pre-school retreat, "S J Chuck Wagon dinner, international banquet, choir tours weekday vespers, state convention, and spring retreat. President, Boyd Eversole, vice president, Joyce Smith- secretary, Ruth Harris, treasurer, Benny Walter. I I First row: D. Knier, R. Yamamoto, J. Lay, B Stakley, P. Trent, J. Angell, B. Templeton, C Sloan, J. Stanbrough, M. Hyatt, C. Griffith, G Gibson. Second row: G. Billings, J. Angel, J. Curran, L. Momberg, L. Gawer, K. Shover, I. Eubank, J. Smith, C. Weddle, B. Lazenby, M. Drennan. Third row: C. Nichols, D. Grier, J. Carroll, K. Scotten, M. Kelly, W. Clark, L. Hoke, M. Newman, J. Scott, C. Hutcherson, J. Hutcher- son. Fourth row: L. Decker, J. Appleberry, D. Griswold, B. Eversole, R. Hyer, A. Hall, K. Peters, J. Phillips, N. Beckham, E. Waite. Fifth row: C. Ballah, R. Delaney, R. Clemons, J. Suhr, Jr., R. Harris, W. Akers, B. Walter, R. Hamm, P. Kepley, J. Hess, L. Hess. disciple student fellowship This group's activities include a fall re- treat, spaghetti supper, Christmas vespers, April Fool party, senior picnic, visit- ing and bringing worship to nursing homes, and state convention held in War- rensburg. President, Oraleen Glispey, vice president, Bert Manthe, secretary, Nancy Binder, treasurer, Larry Casady. First row: M. Bennett, M. Lee, O. Glispey, N. Binder, L. Hackner, D. Beall. Second row: M. Whiting, B. Manthe, A. Neale, E. Kimball, E. Liming. Third row: H. Woodruff, R. Newman, D. Nicholson, A. Barlett, L. Casady, S. Woody. liohono fellowship This group sponsors a spring retreat, group suppers, service projects, regional conferences, intramural activities and noon- day devotions at the chapel. President, Gene Scofield, vice president, Tom Scher- er, secretary, Delores Jones, treasurer, Lee Scofield. First row: M. Brockman, K. Park, P. Rieske, G. Moad, J. Yeaman, J. Paul. Second row: W. Netz, J. Heath, D. Jones, K. Bradshaw, L. Stubblefield, D. Ring, L. Petree, A. McCormick, H. Baltz. Third row: C. Park, C. Cotterell, D. Gunderson, L. Schorr, G. Scofield, S. Toomey, M. Carlile, C. Smith, C. Hynden. Fourth row: E. Heath, M. Heath, R. Leamon, L. Scofield, R. Minton, T. Scherer, T. Scott, C. Winter- meyer, M. Howard. gomrno delto The Beta Eta Chapter this year had a cost supper, spring banquet, dedicated a Lutheran student center, and attended the midwestern region convention. President, Rogene Kellerman, vice president, lnabeth Rolf, secretary, Betty Wagner, treasurer, Norman Meyer, reporter, Joyce Bergmier. First row: J. Bergmier, L. Rolf, B. Wagner, L. Scheer, M. Kroge, J. Morris, E. Achelpohl. Second row: D. Agne, R. Northern, G. Fischer, R. Kellerman, G. Ehmann, R. Meyer. Third row: M. Keseman, N. Meyer, L. Lutte, C. Buhlig, W. Cordes, C. Keseman, P. Czamanske. L methodist student movement The M.S.M. sponsors regular worship programs, deputation teams to area churches, state-wide Methodist student retreat and Christian service programs. President, Harold Thompson, vice presi- dent, Edith Stalling, secretary, Elaine Craft. First row: M. Rogers, R. Bonar, K. Powell, B. Buck, L. Stewart, J. Higgins. Second row: L. Yoder, J. Jackson, C. Long, J. Sharp, C. Wilkey, N. Everly, S. Ridgway, P. McCandless. Third row: H. Thomson, M. Lawson, E. Stalling, L. Srnithson, P. Sherard, V. Carlyle, E. Diggs, J. Otto. Fourth row: L. Keisker, P. Goodall, J. Scamman, W. Stephens, F. Crawford, E. Toepfer, P, Stoke. Westminster tellovvship This organization participates in ecumenical activities, has private prayer meetings, inter- collegiate council meetings, retreat every spring, and this year sent representatives to their regional conference in Illinois. Modera- tor, Patsy Lovinger, vice moderator, Ralph Manherz, treasurer, Miriam Hemphill, S.C.A. representative, Mary Elizabeth Sterne. First row: M. Bullock, R. Buhler, C. Needels. Second row: J. Driscoll, D. Davisson, J. Harrison, S. Etter, C. Pritchard. Third row: J. Elliott, R. Manherz, S. Wilcoxen, D. Oelklaus, D. Thurston, L. Buntin. I76 newmon club The Newman Club sponsors a sports dance, religious lecture and rosary every week, and religious instruction for elemen- tary students. Pesident, Robert Hittner, vice president, Michael Hanna, secretary- treasurer, Marguerite Shehan. First row: T. Bax, T. Meinberg, J. Gudde, L. Bauerle, M. Shehan. Second row: M. Starr, B. Hanks, T. Starr, M. Cawein, V. Volmert, C. Ryan. Third row: C. Struemph, J. Murphy, R. Hittner, H. Oligschlaeger, N. Fontaine, J. Watson. i L H29 3, f 1 4 M73 V' 17,2 'K .9 f 1 X, 9 f 2 ef X, j M f M4 'Zh Jw? 1, ZW iff, L - 4 3 1, KY! sq " iid r' f 1 s. ' 'C 5 , Z' , , , ' 4 . 'V .M , Zf '29 LM 'mf " 1 . 7393. , Z ,. T ,Au ,W M 1 ,, eff, lll The beauTy of winter surrounds The Presidenfs home Yeafer sfands amidsf ice and show. I77 I X 1 X I memonol May 24, 1957, was quite a day, it was the day of gradua- tion on campus for those who ,had left their college days behind to venture forth on a new career. It was this day that Hugh Hocking, one of C.M.S.C.'s most active students, left this world behind to venture forth on a newer and ever- lasting life, for that day, on his way home to Globe, Arizona, Hugh was killed in an automobile accident. The news of his death came hard to those who knew him as no person could imagine a guy, with that hard work- ing spirit, iovial smile, and constant understanding gone forever. Hugh undertook all of his tasks with a sincere will and his work in the student government, fraternity, and church were credits to his being. At this year's graduation there will be one who will not walk across the stage to receive his degree, there will be one whose face will be missing among those who enter on their new careers, for Hugh Hocking is now gone, but never forgotten. 5 index Acacia ...................... ----------- 9 8 A Cappella Choir ........ -------- l 59 Accounting Club .... --------- l 27 Agriculture Club ........... -------- l 22 Alpha Kappa Lambda ...... -------- l 00 Alpha Phi Delta ............. ----- --52 Alpha Phi Omega ........ - ---.--,- --------- l 66 Alpha Phi Sigma ......... ------- 5 2 Alpha Sigma Alpha ................. -------- -102 Annex Advisory Board ...................--.-- -'--------- l 3 Association for Childhood EClUC6TiOn .-,-- ----'---- l 31 Association of Women Students ---4---- --------- 7 Band ............................................ --------- l 61 Baptist Student Union ...... --------f l 74 Baseball ..................... --------- ll 55 Basketball ...... --------- 1 5'2 Beta Alpha ........... --------- l 32 Beta Beta Beta .................. --------- l 65 Board of Regents ..........--..... ------------- 4 Business Education Club ....... --------- l 23 Business Office ..,......... ------- --9 HUGH HOCKING Campaigns ..,..,.......... Canterbury Club ........ Cheerleaders ,..,.... Christmas Formal ..,... Chorus ,...........,,...... C.M.S.C. Players ,....... Colhecon .................,..... Collegiate 4-H Club ..... Cosmopolitan Club ..... Crescendo Club .... Deans ....,.........,..... Deans' Secretaries ...... Dedication .............. ...., Delta Zeta .................. ........ Diemer Advisory Board ......,.. Disciple Student Fellowship ....,. Dolphins .......................... ....... Dormitory Directors ............ Drama ..,.......,........ . Field Service ..... index icon tl - Uiuffc, '-N V' driwsmamwmizslreasws' wzrsrvr-:eW:"'fzfzf"n" .W"""' Food and Football Freshman Freshman Freshman Freshman Housing Office ..... Days - .................,.,... Men's Counselors ...... Mules Backers ......... Officers ......,..,....,.,.. Freshman Talent Show ..,.,...... Freshman Women's Counselors Gamma Delta ,................ ....... General Business Club ....,., Glee Club ......................... Graduate Students ,,....,..,...... Greek Son g Fete Winners ...,.,.. Homecoming Candidates .... Homecoming Decorations ..., Homecoming Queen ......... Houts Hall Council .........,...,.....,... Independent Women's Organization ..,... Industrial Arts Club ...,,,......................... inter-Dormitory Executive Council ....... lnterfraternity Council ......... Intramural Champions .........,.,..... International Relations Club ....... Junior Officers ......,................ Kappa Del Kappa Mu Kappa Om ta Pi ........... Epsilon ....... icron Phi ..... Kappa Sigma Kappa ...... Laboratory School ,...... Liahona Fellowship ....... Library .,.,,,.,.......,...... Maintenance Staff .,,, "M" Club Memorial Merchandising and Retailing Methodist Student Movement ...... Newman Club ........................ North Hall Council ....... A Orchesls ....,,. ,. ..................... . Orchestra Osborne Advisory V Board ...... Panhellenic Phi Sigma Phi Sigma Council ...,..... Epsilon ............... P1 ........................... Physical Education Division ..........,. Physical Ed Physical Educators' X l 49 l 66 l 48 ,.....,54 ...-...8l 66 75 l 26 .......96 l 6 ,......92 .,...,.86 ...,.,.85 ..-....87 4 ,.....,,l20 ........l25 3 l 20 l 56 68 33 65 ...-...'l24 06 30 l 75 l 34 l 55 l 79 27 76 76 ..-....l45 60 3 l 20 08 .. ....... 133 42 ucation Maior Club .................. ....... ...........-- l 4 5 Club ..................... .............s..----.-----------.---- l .55 K 4 L f f K Pi Kappa Delta .,..,... Pi Kappa Lambda ....... Pi Kappa Sigma ,,.,,.,,,,-,,,,,,,,-, Pi Omega Pi ,......,...,,,,,,..,.,,,,-,-,,-- Placement and Alumni Office ....,.. Popular Girl and Boy ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,- Popular Girl and Boy Candidates ........ President ............,..,...,.,,..,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, President's Secretary ..... Prexy Club ...,........,,,,,, Psychology Club ..... Publicity ......,.....,,.,...,.. Registrar's Office Religious Emphasis Rhetor Candidates Rhetor Queen ...., Week ...., Rhetor Staff ......... ......... Science Division ,.....,.,,,.,.,,,.., Secretarial Science Club ...... Executive Council .... S.G.A. Sigma Sigma Sigma ........ Sigma Tau Gamma .... Sigma Sophomore Officers ...... Square Dance Club ........ Zeta ................. Stewards ..................,..,,..,,,, Student Center Cabinet .......... Student Center Committees .... Student Center Dance Club ...... Student Christian Association ..... Student Court .............,...........,,,.......,,., Student Government Assembly ..,,.,.,..,,,,,., Student National Education Assoc Student Tau Kappa Epsilon ..... Testing Bureau .......,.. Theta Alpha Phi ........... Theta Sigma Upsilon ....... Tood Hall Council ...... Track ..............,,.,...,.,,,,,,, Ugly Man on Campus ....... Veterans Organization ...... Wa itresses ..,,.......,,...,,.,.,. Westminster Fellowship ........... iation .....,. Staff ,...........,...,..,,..,,,,,,,.,,,. ,.....l3, ......l5l l ll 0124 ..-.....9l ....9i ----..l ---...l ....52 ..l31 ----.-...E 73 .-......95 .----.---'l 39 l 64 1 27 l l 2 l I4 .165 ...54 ...96 ...H T 62 62 -162 - ................... 'l 74 ----- .--...-..7 - .......... l 31 'l 38 ..----.l l 6 1 37 .,.... -1 l 8 -.l2 146 .-96 'I76 Who's Who .........................,..,,,,,,.. -,,.--,,, 5 0 Women's Recreation Association ...... 'I44 Yeater Hall Council ...............,,.. - ,...,,. ,,,.,,,,.. ,,,-..,,,,,,-,, I 2 Young Democrats Club ......, ,,.,,., ,X wi Q 7, ill fi? . g I . - 0 v . fiwfi fl X flyljwrlwlli Jiffy , l V ff .4 lflwffi f flf 1: We 4 , F wi at T T l 6 j Na' f f ,l It Lf 7 X X v 7 1 f J 'i , ' 77? rfiflf f A fi ' fl 'glnnttllv 1 ' X ,f r ff 9 E! QW ' f Kews Nc 0 .f"' ,DM 6 XR A if frwfi - ' ! X527 168 ll iii 37 sa ro 2 ze, .9 91 vo ,4 A S2 K2 .8 ,8 '3 '5 P4 R 19 V N4 7 A 6 2 4 . 5 4 6 4 1 2 2 2 4 7 1 7 I , 3 S 3 . 1 I , ? , 5 I , ' i 7 n L Q r P 'I -f - ',3. .. 5- . I .7' N 4 Q ,N . ,7, , .QUT Q y H - U- -.. f., , mgqppq--nj ' " "HA-'Y--f - ,W Y V fi- A,,,,,-.,,,,g V-:WV 'V -f ' ' , : : ' , . ,,, . r -, -,. ,- 1 g 5, - VAQ-, Jig?- -, "fly"vw--.-1--..--W-1-2275L',gN.g:.,,,p,5:,-,,q,g5ggfig,i,-,,.5g,,f,qf W W, , . , - ,. v r Y -.1 ,,- .I .,.f , -,. 'L - ., - . I ,, TH . , A- ,Q V VH-.. A 5 ,1...,,,..:.:.,,'.,,. , ,, U -V .M 'A-in -117' . -:ay -. .,A.,V-- . I--..5L,w..7. V - .V Q .. , .A,.A ,Y V , V 1-A,.,M ,, H H A ,- ' 'Muem-s-we-5, . , Y Teenag-fi-111-ffe-,'-ffQe--ewe-!-f-1f-lQ5e-i-'nL---if-,L-3-ffslgfei-Li-ssinlii91-fgv f ff ,V 'rf'

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