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 - Class of 1950

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lHl Pill llllNl, Ml H l This year's RHETOR portrays the drama' of life in Central Missouri State College as it has been played during the college year of 1949-50. The production staff of this drama includes the Board of Regents, the administrative staff, faculty, and the entire student body. The nature of the drama is outlined by the curriculum and by the out-of-class activities. The stage setting includes the complete college plant with its campuses, buildings, and equipment all of which are determined largely by the sup- port of the General Assembly and of the Governor of the State of Missouri. The refinement and continuing attractiveness of the stage setting depend upon the production staff and the cast. The students, faculty, and adminis- trative staff compose the cast of players. The success of the play is deter- mined by the way in which each member of the cast does his part in coop- eration with the production staff and the entire dramatic personnel. Some 1600 persons, then, have contributed to the drama, the student portion of the cast being the largest in numbers. Education is more than the acquisition of knowledge and skills as important as they are. The effectiveness of education is determined by the way in which each one accepts and achieves worthy objectives which are not only for the good of the individual, but of the group as a whole and that group may be an organization, the entire college family, or the world at large. Shakespeare, more than 300 years ago said: All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts. During the year which is past, each reader of this year's RHETOR had his part on the stage. All will not have played their parts equally well, nor will their exits and their entrances have been equally commendable. However, may each one have gained in intellectual power and in the ability to work and play with others. May this volume of the RHETOR be more than just a record of the play in which we have participated during this year. May it be a constant reminder to each. of us of our responsibility to play well the part in life which we have chosen. GEORGE W. DIEMER, President GEORGE W. DIEMER President, Central Missouri State College HUBERT VVHEELER Commissioner of Education Ex-Officio Member ,. he' 1.. Pres. Dicmer; Hubert Wheeler, Comm. of Educ.; Mrs. J. H. Hart, Judge Dewey Thatch, Vice- Prcs.; Dr. R. Lee Cooper, Mr. James C. Kirkpatrick, Pres. of the Board, Mr. Earl Crawford. LEONARD HUSCHER Not present for picturd IRVIN L. PETERS LOYD E. GRIMES ' Dam of Administration and Imtmctior. Deal; of Student Permngl Service: WILLIAM F. KNOX ELVIRA W. CLARKE Director of Public Sgrm'ce Dam of Women Courtney C. Aldrich A.B., M.S. ' Professor of Geology Claude H. Brown B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Professor of Mathematics Chm., Div. of Science 8: Mathematics L. Avery Fleming A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Sociology Chm., Div. of Social Science Earl R. Foster B.S. in Ed., MS. in Ed. Professor of Chemistry Emma T. Galbraith B.S., A.M. Professor of Home Economics Robert J. Greef A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Professor English Chm., Div. of Languages 8: Literature Noel B. Grinstead B.S. in Ed., A.M. Professor of Industrial Arts Chm. Div. of Applied Arts 8: Science Anne G. Harris A.B., A.M. Professor German and French Pauline A. Humphreys Ph.B., A.M. Professor of Education Director of Testing Service Charles F. Martin A.B., A.M. Professor of English Louise Martin A.B., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Health 8: Phys. Ed. John Paul Morris B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Physics Laura J. Nahm B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Zoology Tate C. Page B.E., A.M. Professor of Physical Education Chm., Div. of Health, Phys. Ed. 8: Rec. MGilbcrt G. Rau A.B., A.M., Ed.D. Assoc. Prof. of Speech Marion S. Schott B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ed.D. Professor of Education Director of Laboratory School James D. Sill A.B., B.D., Th.D. Assoc. Prof. of Social Science Director of Religious Life Program William A. Stanton B.S., B.S. in L.S., A.M. Head Librarian Lucas Sterne B.S. in Bus. Ad., A.M., Ph.D. Professor of Business Administration Arthur J. Ter Keurst A.B., M.S.E., Ph.D. Professor of Education Chm., Div. of Education 8i Psychology Paul R. Utt B.M., M.M. Professor of Music Chm., Div. of Music R. F. Wood B.S. in Ed., A.M. Professor of Social Studies Thelma Bryant B.S. in Ed., A.B. Registrar Betty Butler Secretary to the Dean of Student Personnel Leta Dawes B.S., B.S. in Ed. Placement Secretary Nell Young Evans B.S. in Ed. Secretary to the President Nelle B. Hoover Secretary, Division of Public Service Perry McCandless B.S., A.M. Alumni Relations Secretary Asst. Prof. of Social Studies Marian Clark Manzer A.B. Secretary to the Dean of Administration 8: Instruction C: E. Muchmore' A.B. Business Secretary Gladys Todd Stanton Secrgtary, Business Office F rances Stevens Secretary, Labontory School Mildred Wiegers Secretary, Div. of Education 8: Psychology Patricia Wiegers A.B. Asst. t9 the Registrar ELEVEN : TWELVE , Iris M. Christopher M Director of East Hall Evelyn Eakcr B. Mus. Director of Yeater Hall Florence Goddard B.S. in Ed. Asst. Dir. of Yeater Hall Olive 1. Brown A.B., B.S. in LS. Librarian Stella T. Christopher B.S. Asst. Librarian Harriette Ford Asst. Librarian Fern Gibson B.S. in Ed., AB. in LS. Asst. Librarian Ruth Swancy A.B. Librarian, Laboratory School Fred G. Lasley B.S. in Ag. Instr. in Agriculture Director of College Farm E. F. Low B.S. in Ag., Ed.M. Assoc. Prof. of Agriculture Mary E. Foley B.S. in Ed. Assoc. Prof. of Art Evelyn L. Sims B.S. in Ed., A.M. Asst. Prof. of Art Supervisor of Art Carmie Casady B.S., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Bus. Ad. Raymond W. Lansford B.S. in Ed., B.S. in Comm., A.M. Asst. Prof. of Bus. Ad. Mildred M. Lass B.S. in Ed., A.B., B.S., M.S. Assoc. Prof. of Commerce Louretta K. Smith B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Commerce .Mary E. Engle , B.S. in Ed., M.S. Assoc. Prof. of Home Economics Dietitian Margaret Eubank B.S. in Ed. Instr. in Voc. Home Econ. Rita Youmans B.S. in Ed., M.S. Assoc. Prof. of Voc. Home Econ. Thomas R. Gaines B.S. in Ed. Instr. in Industrial Arts Robert E. Goetz B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Graphic Arts Robert E. Smith B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Industrial Arts Marion L. Conway B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Tchg. of Eng. and Social Studies Emmett Ellis B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. of Tchg. of Math. Ruth Fitzgerald A.B., B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Tchg. of English Anne E. Fleming A.B., A.M. Asst. Prof. of Education Irl A. Gladfelter' B.S. in Ed., A.M. Instr. in Educafion Gertrude Hosey Ph.B., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Education H. Clay Jent, Jr. B.S. in Mus, MWME Asst. Prof. of Education Arthur C. Moreland B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Education IVTonia Cook Morris A.B., B.S. in Ed., A.M. Asst. Prof. of Social Studies Harold L. Young B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. State Supervisor Pearl B. Bradshaw B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. Teacher, Upper Grades Aruba B. Charlton Ph.B., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Primary Education Supervisor of Primary Grades Dorothy Etter B.S. in Ed. Teacher, Primary Dept. Delta M. Neville A.B., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Inter. Ed. Supervisor of Intermed. Grades THIRTEEN FOURTEEN Ruth Gilbert Sweet B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Kindergarten Education Supervisor of Nursery School and Kindergarten Billy Woodrow Broach B.S. in Ed., M.S. in Ed. Asst. Prof. of Phys. Ed. Harry Fritz A.B., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Phys. Ed. Earl Keth B.S., A.M. Asst. Prof. of Phys. Ed. Clarence M. Whitcman B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Health 8: Phys. Ed. Helen Gilbert B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Phys. Ed. Director of Recreation Helen Jamieson A.S., M.S. Assoc. Prof. of Health 8: Phys. Ed. Lucille Morgan R.N. Nurse Dorothy Witzl B.S. in Ed. Asst. Instr. in Phys. Ed. Esther E. Brown B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. of English Ben R. Craig B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of English Berthe Daniel B.S. in Ed., A.M. Instr. in English Icie F. Johnson B.S. in Ed., M.S. Asst. Prof. of Journalism Mead R. Johnson A.B., A.M. Asst. Prof. of English Anna Marie Todd Ph.B., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of English Elizabeth Callaway A.B., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Latin and Spanish William Johnson A.B., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Languages Publicity Director Irene Freeman A.B., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of Dramatics and Speech Edna Scotten Billings B. Mus. Instr. in Pipe Organ Edith Brooks B.S. in Ed., A.M. Supervisor of Tchg of Music Marion B. Davies B.S. in Ed., M.M. Assoc. Prof of Music Frank Lidral B.S. in Ed., M.M. Assoc. Prof. of Music Ammon D. Roberson B.S., A.M. Asst. Prof. of Music Elizabeth Roberson B.S. in Ed. Instr. in Piano Hugh B. Williams A.B., M.M. Assoc. Prof. of Instrumental Music Mary Louise Yoder B.M., B.M., M.M. Assoc. Prof. of Piano Loren W. Akers A.B., A.M. Asst. Prof. of Mathematics Sam P. Hewitt B.S., M.Ed., Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. of Biological Science Alfred E. Schwaneke B.S. in Ed., M.S. Asst. Prof. of Physics Elwood B. Shirling B.S. in Ed., M.S. Assoc. Prof. of Biological Science Sydney Falk A.B. Instr. in Economics Forrest L. Foor A.B., A.M., Ph.D. Assoc. Prof. of Social Science Edith M. Howard B.S. in Ed., A.M. Assoc. Prof. of History Oscar A. Marti B.S., A.M., Ph.D., B.D. Assoc. Prof. of History Karl Akars B.S. in Ed., A.M. Itinerant Instr. in Voc. Agric. Urban F. Berlekamp B.S. in Agric. Itinerant Instr. in Voc. Agric. F1 FTEEN SIXTEEN Clarence R. Pearce B.S. in Agric. Instr. in Voc. Agric. Supervisor of Voc. Agric. Charles H. Sanders B.S. in Ed. Itinerant Instr. in Voc. Agric. Emerson H. Smith B.S. in Agric. Itinerant Instr. in Voc. Agric. Alfred O. Wiegcrs B.S. in Agric. Itinerant Instr. in Voc. Agric. Juana Brown Registrarns Office Wanda Carter Business Office Doris Clark Business Office Helen Goodwin Alumni Office Minnie chgstrcngbcrg Business Office jean Jones Business Office Mel Jenkins B.S. in Ed. Photographer Betty Schncck Voc. Agric. Office Marcia Jackson B.S. in Ed. Graduate Assistant Marshall Lakin B.S. Graduate Assistant Buena Lansford B.S. in Ed. Graduate Assistant Dorothy Miller B.S. in Ed. Graduate Assistant Louise Twiehaus B.S. in Ed. Graduate Assistant Q C 6! 1'1:qu mt. N, V . L... x SundQSian buyyvi.' The Administration Building m .m S O n m G N, e k C .U D Industrial Arts Building Morrow Gymnasium Laboratory School Graphic Arts Building W. C. Morris Science Hall Richards Hall North Hall Trailer Comp M w 9 , .wgiss WQQWO, AWE. 22. in A wag? L East Hall a 8': mt- The College Residence The Campus with all its buildings furnishes the setting for the drama of the 1949-50 academic year at Central Missouri State College. In taking a quick glance at the stage, what could be more fitting than having the College Residence as the last view? It is here we are welcomed as freshmen and it is here, as seniors, that we say good-bye to our Alma Mater. SENIOR Sidney Davis Pren'dmt John Hof f Vicc-Prwident Beverly Muirhead Secretary-Treamrer SOPHOMORE Dale Henry President Carolyn Hampy Secretary-Trmmrer Harry Harper Vice-Prwidam No picture availale JUNIOR Gene Iden Prtsident Wayne Phillips Vice-Prexidem: Anna Mae Price Secretdry-Trmmrar FRESHMAN John Titus President Ken Creekmore Vice-Pren'dant Bonnie Brown Secrztary-Trawurer TWENTY-SEVEN C linton JULIA ANN ATKINS Home Economics Sigma Sigma Sigma, Pres. ,48350; Alpha Phi Delta; Alpha Phi Sigma; Kappa Omicron Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Convocation Chairman of Student Executive Coun- cil, M9350; Homecoming Queen, ,46; Whoss Who. ,49 CHARLES W. AUSTIN Kama: City OLEN LEE AYRES Texarkana, Ark. Retail Merchandising Commerce Club; Future Business Leaders of Amer- ica, Pres. 47348; Future Teachers of America; Chairman, Movies Com- mittee of Student Govern- ment Recreation Commit- tee TWENTY'EIGHT RHEA ALEXANDER East Leavenwortlz, M0. Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phi; Col- hecon, Treas. 47348,, Sec. ,4834-9; Disciples Student Fellowship, Corr. Sec. ,4-7- ,49, Treas. 49350; North Hall President; W.S.G.A. MURIEL JEAN ANDERSON Au5urn, Calif. Elementary Education MARGIE E. ALLEN California Primary Education Association for Childhood Education; Baptist Student Union, Pres. s46; Y.W.A., Pres. ,4534-6 TOMMIE J. ANDERSON Sweet Spring: Accounting IOSEPH H. ANWAY, JR. InJependencz Administration- MARVIN DALE ALLEN St. Jame: Psychology - Sociology Business Retailing EVELYN BACK Music Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treas. "$7348, Sec. ,4834-9; A1- pha Phi Delta; Crescendo Club; ssStudent" staff ,49; Madrigal Choir; Yeater Hall Counselor, "1-7348 K 471an City ROBERT M. BAKER H i ggz'mville JOHN WALDO BANTA Kama: City VIRGINIA BOHMER English Troy DANIEL W. BOON General Business Kappa Sigma Kappa; Com- merce Club; Student Gov- ernment Representative, ,48349 S add! ia gfam 4714 T x ROBERT F. BOOTHE Sedalia Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon, V. Pres; Student Court, ,48- :50 R. C. BRADLEY Clinton HOMER N. BRANSON Union Physical Education awn Club; Who,s Who, ,49; Basketball Letter, ,4-6 350 2 CHARLES W. BRAUER M Mica JIMMIE E. BEAUCHAMP Kama: City Art Kappa Sigma Kappa CARL J. BERGMAN Pleaxmt Gram Accounting Pi Sigma Epsilon; Zeta Kappa Epsilon; Commerce Club JENNIFER JOY BILLINGSLEY Holden GLENNA JUNE BLAIN Warremburg Commerce Alpha Phi Sigma; Alpha Phi Delta; Commerce Club; Baptist Student Un- 1011 THOMAS WESLEY BLAKE Clarimia, Iowa Business Administration Commerce Club JACK C. BODENHAMER Warremburg Physical Education TWENTY-NINE BONELL BRUEGGEMAN HOWARD BOEDEKER Malta Band C e Lexmgton Kappa Sigma Kappa ommerc Commerce Club ELLEN L. BUCK St. Loui: Kindergarten-Primary Edu- W. H. BRAY Lester: cation . Social Science Alpha Slgma Alpha; W. S. Ministerial Alliance G- A; W- R- A-; Yeater H.111 Glee Club; Yeater Hall Counselor; Yeater Hall President, 49350 ROBERT E BROWN CHESTER BUTHE Wdrrgmburg IVWTMZMZH'g Chemistry Commerce ' Commerce Club; Golf Slgma Tau Gamma Team HOWARD L. CAMPBELL Eldon BETTY J. CARTER, Cmolltan Cognrgerce . , Primary Education Phl Slgma EPSIIOH, Sec. 47 Association for Childhood ',485. Commerce, C,lub; Education; Recreation Pro- Tenms Team, 4-7-48; gram Committee Student Court, 49350 PATRICIA J. CANTRE'LL HAROLD E. CARTER Holden Bogard MERL E. CASE Versailles M B C Industrial Arts ILTON . ARNES Kappa Sigma Kappa Pletmmt Hill Industrial Arts Club, Pres. ,49-50 v LAURA M. CATO Independence Physical Education Delta Sigma Epsilon CHARLES W. CAWLFIE'LD Kama: City Industrial Arts Alpha Phi Omega; Indus- trial Arts Club JOHN W. CHAPMAN lndepmm'mce Crescendo Club; Agricul- ture Club; Industrial Arts Club ISABELLA J. CLARKE, Holden Mathematics Independent Students Or- ganization; Kappa Mu Ep- silon; Alpha Phi Delta; W. S. G. A., Pres. 4-9 SAM D. CLAWSON Boonm'lle LOUISE A. CLERICO Kama: City Physical Education Womerfs Recreation Asso- ciation; Physical Education Majors Club DOROTHY E. COE, Clzillzowee Vocational Home Econom- ics Kappa Omicron Phi; A1- pha Phi Sigma; Colhecon WILLIAM A. Coox North Kama: City Speech Correction WILLIAM D. COVEY Knob N aster JOHN W. COWDEN St. 10mph General Business Admin- istration Phi Sigma Epsilon; Com- merce Club; W,, Club; Student Government CLIFFORD R. CRAVEN Braymer History ALLEN B. CRAWFORD California THIRTY-ONE :m::-:Zr-I-I:z: RITA ALEXANDER East Leavenworth, M0. Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phi, Treas. 48350; Alpha Phi Delta; Colhecon, Sec. 4734-8, Pres. 48349; Disciples Student Fellowship, Rec. Sec. 4734-9, Treas. :49- sSO; W. S. G. A. GEORGE F. ALLEN Eldon Physical Education DONALD R. BARNETT Bogart! Chemistry American Chemical Socie- ty; Future Teachers of America; Science Club ROBERT L. BUXTON CALVIN W. BOEHMER Lee: Summit Warrensburg Physical Education DONNA L. CHITTY Adrian . Business Education MARY .BRADY . SMWM Kappa Delta Pi, Hist-Rep. Physmal Educatlon ,493503 Kappa Mu Epsi- Alpha Sigma Alpha; Wo- , . . Ion, Sec. 51-9350; Pi Ome- mens Recreatlon Assoc1a- . . . ga Pi, Sec.-Treas. 51-9350; $1113 CVICC'PIICSy MYZater Alpha Phi Sigma, Pres. ,49; F a. ?nseor, Clobem Alpha Phi Delta; Com- orelgn anguage u merce Club; Whoss Who, ,49. JACK A. CLARK Winzimr . Biology 1mm"!!! Phi Sigma Pi; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Phi Sigma; In- dependent Students Organ- ization; Science Club; In- ternational Relations Club BERT J. BROCKHAN, Merchandising v Sigma Tau Gamma THIRTY-TWO R mmaszr-I-ch: ,ETHELENE A. BEHRENS Cole Camp Music Alpha Phi Delta; Gamma Delta WILLIAM E. BELL Independence Physical Education ssW,, Club, Pres. ,49350; Football, 3 Year Letter- man, Co-captain, ,49; East Hall Annex, Pres. :49- ,50; East H.111, Vicc-Pres. 51-9350 KELLY F. BLYTHE Tuba, Oklahoma Geography Alpha Phi Omega; Future Teachers of America BILLIE J. CUMMING Warrensburg English Pi Kappa Sigma; Alpha Phi Delta, Scc.-Treas. 49350; TWYHA COCHRAN . . Methodist Student Move- ngswlle ment, Pres. ,49350; Stu- dent Assembly, Sec. 99- ,50; Student Religious A1- liance Cabinet, Co-Chair- man; ths Who, ,49; Rhetor Staff, 50 JESS CUMMINGS Music Kappa Sigma Kappa AUBREY W. CROUCH Tumey ROBERT CUMMINGS BOB D. CROUSE Kam-m' City Musu: Kappa Sigma Kappa RUSSELL DAYTON Clu'llicotlze JAMES D. DALEY Wari'emlzurg thsical E ductaion Economics Independent Student Or- Phi Sigma Epsilon; Student ganization; W J Club; Government Association Boxing Team DICK D. DEXTER Kama: City Physical Education Cheerleader, ,47; Track Squad, 4-8, ,50; Boxing Show; Intramural Sports SIDNEY DAVIS Knob Norler Commerce Sigma Tau Gamma; Com- merce Club VIRGIL L. DAY LEONA DIEDERICK Pilot Grow Berger Home Economics THIRTY-TH REE IRA F. EAST, JR. Clinton Business Administration Kappa Sigma Kappa; Phi Sigma Pi; Commerce Club, Pres. 48349; Golf Team, ,49; Student Government Executive Council JERRY L. ELLIOTT Holden Accounting ELRoY E. ERDMANN Warrensburg TH I RTY-FOU R ERVING A. DOHRMAN St. Louis Geography and Social Stud- ies Kappa Sigma Kappa EUGENE DONZELOT St. Lam': CLAUDE E. DOUGLASS Amity KENNETH R. EVANS WarremMrg Chemistry JAMES M. FALLMAN Lexington Merchandising and Retail- ing Commerce Club CHARLES H. FARMER H iggimw'll a Music Phi Sigma Epsilon; Cres- ccndo Club; Sophomore Class President, 4-8 SAM DOUTT Independence DAVID R. DUENSING Freeman Biology Phi Sigma Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Newman Club GEORGE DUNN Kama: City MARY F. FEWEL Leetmz CAROL FULTON Elementary Education Social Science Sigma Sigma Sigma; ACEI VICToR L, FORD VVarremburg EARLE H. FUNK, JR. Merchandising Kama: City Commerce Club English NEIL L. FRANCIS California General Business Commerce Club HIESTAND FURKIN K 472an City Lot'ls W. GAROUTTE La RzmeU Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club WILLIAM W. GARRISON Pleamut Hill Social Studies and Eco- nomics C. R. GILLILAN, JR. Higgimville Geography Zeta Kappa Epsilon DOROTHY GIVAN St. Louis Social Science Pi Kappa Sigma; Junior Clasz, Scc.-Treas. y48; Stu- dent Government Convoca- tion Committee, 48; Stu- dent Court, J4-9 FRANCES GOLD MARVIN W. GOODMAN Kama: City Mathematics THIRTY-FIVE GEORGE H. GUTHRIE LaMmm: Industrial Arts MARY LOU HADER Lame Jack Art Beta Alpha; Crescendo Club; Baptist Student Union; Alpha Phi Delta; Ycatcr Hall Counselor DOROTHY HAEFFNER Hermann Intermediate Education THIRTY-SIX ALLEN GOODRIDGE Sedalia JAMES E. GREEN East St. Louis, 111. Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon; New- man Club; Business Merfs Bowling League; ths Who, ,49 LESTER A. GREEN Cmterview CHARLES M. HARBIT Windsor DAN W. HARDER Independence Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club GAIL C. HARE Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club Lincoln JIMMY E. GRIFFITH Harrimnw'lle Physical Education Kappa Sigma Kappa, Pres. 50; Alpha Phi Omega; Intcr-Fraternity Council, Vice-Pres., ,SO; Rhetor Staff, ,50; Student Court; Track; Football; Dramat- lCS PAULA M. GRIFFITH Harrimnville Dramatics Alpha Phi Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Theta Alpha Phi; Pi Kappa Delta; Dc- bnte Team, 48349; Dra- matic Productions, 46350; Student Court, Reporter JOSEPH F. GRONSTEDT Ottcrw'lle Social Studies Agriculture Club JACK L. HATCHER Cameron Music Kappa Sigma Kappa; Cres- cendo Club VIRGINIA HARLAN lizdzfelzdenre WILLIAM R' HARMSEN IAMES E. HECK Riclz Hill P110111, Km. " DONOVAN L. HARVEY ARTHUR E. HEFFELFINGER OtterwWe Warr5m5urg MARY K. HIERONYMOUS HuglzervilXe Biology PHYLLIS HEFFEIiENfEIZZm Alpha Phi Sigma; Alpha 5W lg Phi Delta; Kappa Delta Pi, Trans. 49350; Science Club; Colhecon LINVILL L. HENDRICH Clinton ROLLA C. HILL ButXar Merchandising and Retail- Accounting ing Phi Sigma Epsilon; Com- Kappa Sigma Kappa; Com- mcrcc Club; Student Gov- merce Club ernment Association FRED A. HEPLER Lexingtovz Business Kappa Sigma Kappa DAVID K. HOERETH H ermam; THIRTY-SEVEN :4:::- 2.-:-1:6 LEONARD HUGHES BETTY L. HUNT C rocker THOMAS M. HULL Mozztrwe Accounting - Business Ad- ministration Independent Students Or- ganization; Commerce Club Wimlmr Music Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Phi Sigma; Alpha Phi Delta; Kappa Omicron Phi THIRTY-EIGHT ROBERT H. HOFFMEYER Jefferxon City English Delta Sigma Epsilon FLORENCE M. HUBER Kingwille H intory Student liance ALBERT JACKSON St. Louis MARY ANN JENKINS Wdrremhtrg NORMAN L. JETER Slater Music Education Kappa Sigma Kappa, Vice- Pres., 4834-9; Kappa Del- ta Pi; Phi Sigma Pi; th5 Who, ,49; Crescendo Club, Treas., ,49-50; Alpha Phi Omega; Student Assistant in Instrumental Music; Band, Librarian; Orchestra BEATRICE E. HUESER Intermediate Education BLANCHE HOLLIS Kama: City WILUAM L. HU BURTON L. HUGGETT Imlepemimzce CHARLES P. JOHNSON Sedalia MARSHALL P. JONES Business Administration Blairstown LA BERNE JONES W arrembur g Industrial Arts Sigma Tau Gamma, Vice- Prcs. 4734-8; Scc.-Treas. s46347, Alpha Phi Sigma; Phi Sigma Pi Industrial Arts Club; Stu- dent Council, Pres. ,47; Whok Who, ,47; Base- ball, s46; Track, 46 RUTH KAM MEYER Concordia MARGARET JONES Clinton History HIRosm KANEKo Alpha Phi Delta; Zeta Tokyo, Japan Kappa Epsilon; Kappa Del- Cosmopolitan Club ta Pi; International Rela- tions Club; Foreign Lan- guage Club; WThe Old Maids RUBY M. KNIPMEYER Alma Primary Education Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Phi Delta; Alpha Phi Sigma; Future Teachers of Am- CARLOS E- RAYS EMW crica; Association for Childhood Education In- ternational; Baptist Student Union WILLIAM F. KOGER Omeola Elementary Education KENNETH KELTNER Baptist Student Union; F11- CHmax Springs turc Teachers of America; Asociation for Childhood Education International VERNON C. KING Lawmn ERNEST W. KRANER Business . . . Clumgo Ill. Slgma Tau Gamma , Jun- Industrial Arts , 10r Delegaie, Sfudent qu- Sigma Tau Gamma; In- ernment, 48- 49; Semor dustrial Arts Club Delegate, Student Govern- ment, 49350 THIRTY-NINE PHYLLIS LANE El Dorado Business Education Pi Omega, Pres; Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-Pres.; Alpha Phi Delta; Baptist Student Union BUFORD C. LAUER Montgomery City Social Studies Zeta Kappa Epsilon, Pres. ,49350; Phi Sigma Pi w:::2I-I-Im DAVID W. LAUGHLIN Foster Art Phi Sigma Epsilon; Beta Alpha; Theta Alpha Phi; Oscar Award, ,47 - ,48; Whois Who, ,49 JACK W. LOONEY Belton Agriculture Kappa Sigma Kappa; Ag- riculture Club WILLIAM H. LUTZ Kama: C ity ERNEST E. LYCAN Holden Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma, House Manager 4834-9; Inter-Mu- ral Director, ,48349; Jun- ior Class President RAYMOND J. LORD Kama: Cily Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club RUSSELL H. MCARTHUR Callzozm Business Administration Commerce Club C. B. LUEKE, JR. Sedalia Accounting FORTY WILFORD C. LEE Wdrremburg IMER D. LEWIS VVarremburg Business Administration Phi Sigma Epsilon RAMON LOCKHART Butler BETTY J MCMILLAN Grain Valley ROBERRT W. MCCLOUD Business Education KingwiUe Alpha Phi Sigma; Com- merce Club; Y. W. A. JERRY MCDANIEL Kama: City Social Studies Kappa Sigma Kappa, Pres. 47348; Kappa Delta Pi; Alpha Phi Omega; Phi WILLIAM G. MACK, Savannah Sigma Pi; Zeta Kappa Ep- Music silon, Pres.; Pi Kappa Del- Sigma Tau Gamma ta; ths Who, 49; Methodist Student Move- ment; Debate Team, ,47- 50; Orchestra, 51-7350; Rhetor Staff, ,49; wThe Old Maidf 149 EDWARD C. MANN Clinton Music Alpha Phi Omega; Crescen- M. WAYNE MCDOWELL d0 Club; Square Dance VVarrgn55urg Club; Band, ,47350; Or- chestra, ,47-34-9 oniN S. MARSHALL Hendermn, Ky. Social Studies Zeta Kappa Epsilon; Inter- Club national Relations Club; Bus Driver for Lab School ANTHONY F. MANSOR St. Loni; Business Administration Newman Club; Commerce WILLIAM H. MARCHBANKS WILBURN S. MARSHALL Windxor Ricbmoml GLENV C. MARTIN, Lehman Accounting Commerce Club RAYMOND E. MARCKS Concordia FORTY ONE NORMA I. MILLER Butler THOMAS A. MITCHELL Independence Foreign Languages and Eng- lish Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. 4-9- ,SO; Phi Sigma Pi; ths Who, 49; International Rclations Club, Pres. ,48- ,50; Future Teachers of America, Vice Pres. W9- ,50; Cosmopolitan Club Sec. 48-495 Modern For- eign Languages Club, Vice Pres. ,48349; Rhetor Staff 49350, Editor, ,50 HEMBY E. MOORE, JR. Higgimyillg Music Kappa Sigma Kappa; Cres- cendo Club; East Hall Camera Club; President East Hall FORTY-TWO HOWARD MARTIN, Warremurg JUNE MARTIN Nelnm Physical Education Alpha Phi Delta; Zeta Kappa Epsilon; Womenk Recreation Association; Square Dance Club; Phys- ical Education Majors Club NORVLE Z. MEREDITH Collin: ORA E. MOORE, Warremhng Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club J. B. MORGAN Mar'xkall PAUL A. MORGENROTH Kama: City Psychology and Sociology Gamma Delta MARILYN I. MERENESS K 1mm; C ity ROBERT H. MEUSCHKE Slater Geography Kappa Sigma Kappa; Ze- ta Kappa Epsilon; Alpha Phi Omega; Discipley Stu- A dent Fellowship Serialia JAM ES W. MIDDLETON Geography Kappa Sigma Kappa; Phi Sigma Pi; International Re- lations Club D. M RUTH M. MORROW GORDON UDDSt. Charla: Jefermn City Buginess Administration Art Commerce Club; Newman Beta Alpha Club BEVERLY MUIRHEAD Kama: City Speech Correction . Pi Kappa Sigma, Pres. W9 JACK MOBTON Kama: Czly 3503 Speech Arts Club; Industrlle Arts Association for Childhood Industrxal Arts Chlb; Education; Future Teachers Rhetor Staff! ,50 of America; Panhellenic Council, Treas.; Sec-Treas. Senior Class MARILOU MYERS , Independence Speech Theta Alpha Phi; Alpha GERMIVE MUCHMORE Phi Delta; madies In Re- TVarlembulg tircmentf uALrseniC and Old Lace? q Remember MamaW WThe Old Maidf, Oscar Award, ,48349 BYRON D. NEWCOMB FAYE NEFF Lombrburg, Kan. WarremMarg EVELYN NEITZERT Sedalia Physical Education Alpha Sigma Alpha; W0- ANNA M. NICKELL Bethany men,s Recreation Associa- English tion; Physical Education Majors Club ROBERT L. NIEMEYER PAUL NEITZERT . St. Lam: FORTY-TH REE w::--zl-u-u:x: OMAR L. NUNN Independence Foreign Languages RUTH M. OBERWORTMANN Kama: City Kindergarten and Primary Education Delta Sigma Epsilon; A1- phi Phi Delta; Orchesis; Association for Childhood Education; Women,s Rec-I reation Association; W. S. G. A.; Yeater Hall Coun- selor; Yeater Hall Presi- dent, 48349; Yeater Hall TYRE G. PATTERSON H i g gimvil l 6 History Kappa Sigma Kappa; Press Club EDWARD A. PAULE St. Charles GENEVIEVE L. PECK Eldon Primary Education Association for Childhood Education International; Y. W. A.; Baptist Student Union FORTY-FOUR Glee Club N. MARGARET PECK Eldon JAMES W. PHILLIPS Blazirstown Chemistry ths Who, 4-9; Square Dance Club; Square Dance Demonstration Committee; Student Recreation Execu- tive Committee, Student Government; Square Dance Committee WAYNE H. PHILLIPS Buckner Merchandising and Retail- ing Phi Sigma Epsilon; Com- merce Club, Pres. ,49-50 ths Who, ,4-9; Junior Class Vice-Pres. 49-50; Executive Council, Student Government Association GAIL D. OEHRKE Smitlztmz RAYMOND E. OJILE St. Loui: ELMER E. OLSON Warremiurg CHARLES F. PALMER D eepwater Industrial Arts Kappa Sigma Kappa; In- dustrial Arts Club ANNE L. PINE Centerview . Home Economics Alpha Phi Sigma; Alpha Phi Delta; Kappa Omicron Phi, Sec., ,48350; Col- hecon, Trcas 48349; In- dependent Students Organ- DoRIs K. POULTER Sedalia English and Art Beta Alpha, Sec. 49, Vice- Prcs, 50; Alpha Phi Del- ta; Theta Alpha Phi, Trcas. S 0; Chairman, Dance Decoration Commit- ization, Pres. ,48349 Ice; Stage Crew JAMES PRICE, JR. Laxington WALLACE L. PINKEPANK Business . . Concorzlm Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treas. Specnal SIUdleS 49; Commerce Club, Sigma Tau Gamma Treas. 48; Student Gov- ernment, 49350; Band ROBERT F. PRUITT, JR. Sedalia WILLIAM J. POLK Kama: City Music Phi Sigma Epsilon; Band; Orchestra NORMA J. RANDOL Grower CHARLES E. REDDIG Art and English Kama: City Alpha Phi Delta Economics HARLENE L. REED IVarremburg MARILYN D. RAYBURN Music Green Ridge Alpha Sigma Alpha, Treas. Music 4834-9, Vice-Pres. 49350; Pi Kappa Sigma Cor. Sec., Alpha Phi Delta; Crescen- 4-8; Crescendo Club; Band do Club; Methodist Stu- ,47350; Orchestra dent Movement, Sec. ,49- ,50 JULIUS W. A. RECHTERMAN Mayview CHARLES N. REINHARD Social Studies Nartlz Kama: City Student Ministerial Alli- ance, Pres. "$9350; Or- chestra, 47348 FORTY-FIVE RICHARD M. REINHARD CHARLES ROBISON Wimlmr Warrensburg Phi Sigma Epsilon Sigma Tau Gamma RAMONA R. REYNOLDS Lexington Social Studies Kappa Delta Pi; Zeta Kap- Pa Epsilon, SCC- 48349; WILLIAM ROOT Holden Alpha Phi Delta; Interna- Sigma Tau Gamma tional Relations Club; Fu- ture Teachers of America, Pres. 49350 GILBERT RITTER Fextm z Business Administration Commerce Club; Tennis Team CHARLES O. RUCKER Serialia Sigma Tau Gamma MARGARET J RUSH Amoret Intermediate Education Delta Sigma Epsilon; Asso- ciation of Childhood Edu- Commerce Club cation International ROBERT H. SCHNECK Sczlalia General Business ELLEN SANDERS Florence Vocational Home Econom- ics FLORENCE E. SCHOOLING Alpha Phi Delta; Kappa Wm-rgmburg Omicron Phi, Pres. ,49- 7SO; Colhecon, Sec. ,49- ,50; Y. W. A., Pres. J49- ,50 MILDRED SAPPENFIE'LD St- JOHPII RICHARD J. SCHORLE Secretarial Science St. Loui: Alpha Phi Sigma; Alpha Phi Delta; Pi Omega Pi F0 RTY-SIX MARITA E. SHACKELFORD Kama: City Primary Education MARJORIE I. SCIFERS Buthr Delta Sigma Epsilon; A1- Homc Economics pha Phi Delta; Association Kappa Omicron Phi; Col- for Childhood Education hccon; Disciplds Student International; Fellowship Future Teachers of Amer- ica; Orchesis; Womenk Recreation Association ANNA M. SHOBE CZMton Business Education . Commerce Club; Y. W. MARY 'M' SCOTT 85114114 A.; Greater Baptist Union SPMISh Council; Student" staff, 49; Future Teachers of America HERBERT E. SEIFERTH EUGENE L. SHORE Lovze Jack St. Loni; Chemistry ROBERT L. SHOTWELL Kama: City DONALD SMITH Kama: City Music JAMES U. SIMPSON Belton Chemistry Alpha Phi Omega; Alpha JAMES M. SMITH WarremZmrg Phi Sigma; East Hall Cam- era Club; Band CY H. SMITH WarrenMurg Biology JOHN A. SMITH Sibley Phi Sigma Epsilon, Corr. Sec. 47 FORTY-SEVEN MARJORIE A. SMITH Kama: City Home Economics Colhecon; Kappa Omicron Phi THOMAS E. SMITH Butler BARBARA SNYDER Kama: City MARY A. SMITH Harrimnm'lls Music NORMA J. SMITH Spiclcard ARMIN SOPH Emporia, Kan. Physical Education LAURETTA M. STONGER Independents Physical Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Chap RONALD F. STAUDER Sedalia lain, 59350; Alpha Phi Physics Delta; Womerfs Recrea- ths Who, 49; East Hall tion Association, Pres. ,49- Camera Club; Future 50; Dolphins; Orchesis; Teachers of America Science Club; W. S. G. A.; Physical Eduction Ma- jors Club; Yeater Hall Counselor CHARLES E. STEWART, JR. Kama: City GEORGENE STUMP Mathematics Humamville W , Club PEGGY STILL H ardz'n Commerce HAROLD STUMP W arremhtrg Alpha Phi Delta; Pi Ome- ga Pi; Commerce Club FORTY-EIGHT LAURA THOMAS Lecton English JANET SUTHERLAND Windsor Alpha Phi Sigma; Alpha Music Phi Delta, Pres. 49350; Sigma Sigma Sigma, Sec. Kappa Delta Pi; Modern ,49350; Alpha Phi Delta; Foreign Language Club, Crescendo Club; Future Pres. 51-9350; Internation- Teachers of America; 31 Relations Club, Sec.- Madrigal Choir Treas., ,49350 RUTH E. THOMAS F LOYD J. THEISS --Grmdw'ew WmeMWg CLARENCE J. THOMAS Legion CI YDE E THOMPSON Physics R . tow Slgma Tau Gamma ay 71 EMMA S. TOPE Clinton Commerce Alpha Phi Delta, Vice- Pres. 49-50; Pi Omega EARL THOMPSON . Pi; Independent Students Jefferson City Organization; Methodist Student Movement; Com- merce Club GEORGE A. TICE Kama: City Music Alpha Phi Omega, Vice- . . Pres. 4-8; Rhetor staff, DEBIAZZiCM. TROUT R151; H11! Business Manager, 48; . . Cosmopolitan Club; WThe ELeSFendo Club, Madrlgal StudenW; Orchestra, 47; 01r Crescendo Club CHARLES E. TOMETIE Kama: City Physical Education W" Club, Vice-Pres. ,49- JAMES H. TRUESDALE 50; Track Letter Four Higgimvill; Years; M. I. A. A. Con- ference, 440 Champ, ,49; Independent Students Or- ganization FORTY-NINE BEACH TUCKNESS Springfield WILLIAM D. UMSTATTD Kama: City Industrial Arts Alpha Phi Omega; Indus- trial Arts Club RALPH VAN BUSKIRK Kama: City, Kama: Biology WILLIAM F. VOLKMER Jefferxon City Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma Corr. Sec.; Newman Club; Stu- dent Government, 4734-9; Student Representative, East Hall Dedication ROBERT W. WALTERS ' Centgi'w'ew LUCY E. WAGNER Garden City Home Economics Colhecon; Baptist Student Union; Student Christian Alliance JOSEPH K. WARD Independence Agriculture Student Ministerial ance Alli-I CHARLES M. WARDEN ERNEST WALLEN Kama: City K amm- WAYNE O. VANDERLINDEN Sedalia Chemistry Kappa Mu Epsilon; Sigma Pi Phi BARBARA A. VAUGHN Kama! City Mathematics International Relations Club HOWARD M. VAUGHN Eldon Music Sigma Tau Gamma ROBERT WARNICK Warremhn'g Chemistry Sigma Tau Gamma; Alpha Phi Omega HELEN C. WATSON Gale15urg, 11!. Speech Theta Alpha Phi; Kappa Delta Pi; Zeta Kappa Ep- silon; Alpha Phi Delta, Whoss Who, ,49 ' VIRGINIA WELDON Breckenridge Psychology and Sociology 1; M, ; gaprAL M942 LEVY WERLING Wai'remburg W4WwW0 mswf 5p MELVYN G. WETTER St. Cfmrle: Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma; Zeta Kappa Epsilon; Commerce Club; Newman Club; In- ternational Relations Club; Rhetor Staff, Business Manager, ,50; Basketball Intermurals, 4734-8 CHARLES R. WHITE Kama: City Art - Speech Phi Sigma Epsilon; Beta Alpha, Pres. 47348; The- ta Alpha Phi; Oscar A- ward, ,48; Rhetor Staff, Art Editor, :50; Student Government Representative ,49350 JAMES S. WHITFIELD Wan'emburg Merchandising and Retail- ing Phi Sigma Epsilon, Treas. 48350; President of the Student Body, 49350; . Chairman of Student Social and Recreation Committee, s48349; Stu- dent Council Representa- tive, 47348; Freshman Class Vice-Pres. ,47; Vet- eran Co-ordinator for Vet- eran Enrollment, ,49350 RALPH L. WILKERSON Kama: City, Kan. Physical Education HUGH E. WILSON Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club M arm's MARVIN WINK Morrixon Accounting WILMA WINK Commerce HARRY J.W1T2L Jenm'ng: Accounting Commerce Club FIFTY-ONE ; m::-2l-F-ICI: ERNEST A. YOUHOUSE Fairfield, Comz. Social Studies Zeta Kappa Epsilon, Sec. ,49350; International Re- lations Club; Future Teach- ers of America; Student Government, 49-50 RUTH A. YOUNG Marshall Biology Sigma Sigma Sigma; Alpha Phi Delta; Science Club RALPH H. DELLINGER Brentwood Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma FI FTY-TWO WILLIAM L. WOLF Kingston Physical Education Phi Sigma Pi WILLIAM H. WOLFRUM Warremhtrg Biology Science Club, Pres. 4834-9 ELAINE WOOD Slzeridzm, Wyo. Dramatics Theta Alpha Phi, Histor- ian, 49-150; Alpha Phi Delta; Kappa Delta Pi; Speech Arts Club; App1e of His Eyw 4-7; Arsenic and Old Lacy 47348; q Remember Mamzf7 ,4-8- 49; WThe Old MaicP, 4-9- ,50 WILLIAM R. ZINK Knob Noster Physical Education RUDOLPH ZURBUCHEN, JR. Nortlz Kama: City General Business Commerce Club JOHN HOFF Boonw'llz Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club; Phi Sigma Epsilon BURL R. WORLEY Fortumz Commerce REX R. WYRICK Tummzh'a Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon JOAN G. YEoMAN Kamm City Music Pnrcnts' Day Lunch No Comment Faculty Dinner Enrollment Phi Sig Penny Carnival Enrollment Enrollment Duck Soup FIFTY-THREE Shirley Adelman Kama: City Janice Austin K 4mm C ity William Betteridge Pilot Grove Rosalie Bowles Legit Summit Anna Sue Brown Clinton FIFTY-FOUR Bette Allen Kama; City Mack Ray Baber H i g gimm'l Z c Ina Billingslea Grcmriviaw John Boyer W arrembur g Jarred Brown Kama: City Mary Jane Anderson Paul Arnold Serialia Kathryn Baker Tina John Bishop St. Josepk Marjorie Brading K zmm: C ity LeRoy Brown Gram Ridgs Kama: City Carol Barrett f Jefgrmn Cn-2-J , hirley Bischotf Otterw'lle Barbara Brandom C lzillzowee Linus Brunderman Chicago, I llinai: W QL, WWW William B. Atkins Warramlmrg Warren Beaman Gaza, Iowa Bob Blackman Pleamnt H ill Bobbie Brockaway Windmr Hazel Burge Kama: C ity Bill Anson Higgimw'lle Li Fu Chang Kwanglzmg, Clzimz Roger Coffey Raytozwz Len Cox Kama: C ity hhck Dibble Scammmz, K 1mm: Howard Brading Kama: City Jacic Chapman K 1mm: C ity John Coghill Gales5urg, 111192012 Wilda Creighton W m'remhlrg Esther Dick C M i form'a Gcnc Brightwell Slater John Chrzanowski Niagara F4115, N. Y. Elizabeth Collings Imfepemignce James Crockett Iszrremburg Harold Duebbert IV 5111?: gton Doris Drummond S I. Joseph Don Claxton Kama: City David Cook K mud: C ity Louise Cunningham C lilzton Pat Duzan Rid; Hill Clarence Cassing C amorzlia Aubrey Cline Vermillej Earl Courtney M agnolia Mary Bcllc Dameron Clu'llmwee Phillip Dynan K zzmm C ity F1 FTY-FIVE Dorla Eaton Kama: C ity Bill Ferguson Jeferwn C ity A1 Folkner 101a, Kama: Olin Frazier C owgill James Green Kama: City FIFTY-SIX Carolyn Ekern C alifomia Gene Ferguson Windsor Arthur Forsythe Tim: Rick FullertonlleV Sedalia Mary N . Greenwood Breckenridge Salley Endacott Grandview Gordon Finlay K amw C ity Margaret Foster C amdenton Norma Lea Garrett Kama: City Shirley Gregg Independence Robert Engalage C lumci: Velma Firth C owgill Vivian Fowler M arxlmll Grady Gibson Kama: C fly Patricia Griggs Weluter Grow: Charles Feagen Gaseonadc George Fitchett Lexington Mary Catherine Frans Independanw Harry E. Gladish, Jr. H i ggimw'lle Wanda Hall Clinton Leslie Hall Gi'andz'iew Ted Harris Wat Plain: Dorothy Peculiar Hayes Margaret Honn C limon George Huxol H 1' g gime l 3 Anna Lee Holloway Kama: City Ashley Hart Vel'J'IU-XIEI Gerald Hesse Lexilzgfon Betty Hopkins W wrrembw g Duane Jackson Skidmm'e Shirley Hamilton Kama: City James Harte Kama: City Norma Jane Heady Kama; City Boyd Huffman PZeamnt H ill Flo Elaine Johnson W arremburg Bill Hammers K mm: C ity Shirley Hauscr Polo Ladorna Highland W arrmim g Norman Huling szms City Laurie Jones W arremlzurg Neal Hanks Leek Summit Suc Hawkins Brumley Charles Honeywell Slater Yvon ne Hu rsh Warrgmhwg Neal Kammeycr C aizcordia FIFTY'SEVEN d H N I II R T Lynn Kennedy Kama: City Elmer Kramer H i g gimm'l l 8 Bill Livengood Warremhtrg Winifred Major Kama: City Dwight Massey Warrem5urg FIFTY-EIGHT Donna Kindsvater K ama: City Charles Kuhn Boywortlz Virginia Long W'indmr Nancy Mallinson Indepzmdeme Marvin Max . Kama: City U Charles Kline G aleMurg, Illinois Louise Lacey Gram; Ridge M. Frederick Lyon Sedalia Dolores Mansur Warrenxlmrg Artha Mercer 8415: C ity Edwin Knisely Clinton Don Lambright S ammmzlz V Gene McClellan Kama: City Joan Mantel K 4mm City Russell Merritt Grain Valley Kenneth Koerber Brentwoad Betty Lewis H i ggimvil 16 John McMeekin Warrem5ur g Marlene Markham Kama; City Laura Madalyn Mills W arremburg Leonard Molotsky Kama: City Wendell Mosscr Clinton Sam Overfclt Lake Ozark John Powell Concordia Robert Rapp Sedalia Victor Mooney Leek S ummit Marion Murlcy IVmV'elz.r5urg Ruth Ann Parkhurst H u glzxt'ille Jewell Pregge C order Joy Reese K amm- City Charles Moore Limz Joanne Murray Braymer Irene Pccoraro X 12mm C ity Anna Mae Price Lexington James Rowland K nob N aver J Harold Momberg Sedalia Vivian Nelson K mm: City Richard Pennington Hickman Mill: Carol Pusateri K ama: City Lee Rue K 4mm: C ity Bonnie Montgomery Slater Robert Norton Sgrlalia Pat Petitti Dundee, Illinois Richard Ramsey K dnld! City V era Rush K amm- City FIFTY-NINE Chuck Sarver Mempbis, Tenn. Gene Seevers Pleayzmt H ill Floyd Stevens Portland, Oregon Russell Stevens Kama: City Peggy Taylor Kama; 'City Jean Sartain chermn City Ann Shumaker H arden Lawrence Steinmeyer Doris Jean S Slower Joseph R. Stoll H iggimm'lle Martin Tempel H i ggimm'lla Raymond tSchIickclman Howard Schroeder C oncordia Frances Smith H u mmzwil I e Tuwumbia Edward Sutherlin Independence Frances Thompson W arremburg Iydgrass M arsfmi Z Iris Smith A zlrizm Barbara Stauder Sedalia Carlos Tartak szturce, Puerta Rico George Thompson Sedalia Raymond Scott Sweet Spring: James Smith S edalia Jeanne StaufTer Kama: City Marianna Tate 041: Grove Rhea Thompson K 471m: C ity Don Unger Wm'rezszurg John Vogel Climax Spring: Eugene Wilson Warrmsburg Martha Adams Lexington Betty Birdsong C larkshtr g Joe Vandepopuliere Pm'lwz'lle F rcd Wagner Serialia Alberta Wocllner K mzm: C ity Bailey Marjorie Holden Phyllis Bohi Kzzzzmi C ity VI Mary Van Der Feitz Jorge Vargas Jeffgrmn City Wanda Walker H arrisonvill a Mary Gay Craig Warrendurg William Baker Slater Owen Bohannon K mm: C ity C arolmd, Puerto Rico Margaret Watson V K mm: C ity Gertrude Yodler K 4mm City Mary Basye Lone Jack Loretta Bozarth IVarran55urg Sammy Vaughn Bogarzl Norman Williams P17 0t Crow Katherine Zigler Boanm'lle Arthur Bellis Kama: City Curtis Branson Linden SIXTY-ONE Richard Brown Scriwlia Clarence Byrd Uriel; Emma Belle DeMint Latlzrop Cordelia Fox V Kama: City Lois E. Homfeld Lexington SIXTY-TWO Doris Brubaker Bunceton Everett Coffman Vermille: Barbara Dietrick K 1mm: C ity V' Elizabeth Freeman K 47154: C ity Porter C. Jeffries Oriana V Lowell Brunner H ermmm Gustavo Colmennres C mum, Colombia Guy Etter Berkeley Wayne Gardner Led: Summit Elwood Kelley Lone Jack Ted Buck S t. Loui: Catherine Cruce Ballard Inglcs Ferry 1 N wade V Terry Heller Kama: City Lester Leaton OtterviUe Doris Uriclz Orlando Dnvila Meridd, chezuela Frances Fields H umzmwifl e Theodore K. Holmes Braziwoorl Beryl W. Lycan Holden V Burris Dearing McMillin Kama: City Ivan Obendorfer OTaZfon Paul Roberts Independence Charles Sigrist Warremburg JOAnne Sturges Kama: City V. 1 Virgil Matheus Sr. Loni: . John Payne ; H zmzamm'l 1 e P. M. Rowland Knob Norter James Sims 451mm Park. N. J. john Thompson Plemzmt H if 1 Marj orie Morehcad IVarreuMurg Katie Paladino Kama: City Nola Schmidt BlacMum David Smith Odexm Lorraine Toepfer W arrem5urg Dean Moss I ndepmdmce Helen Peironnet K mm C ity Patsy Scott K mm: C ity Quentin Smith Kama: City Vivian Vance Jeferxon City Fern Nelson Kama; City Marvin Peterson Sedalia Norman A. Sey- mour, Jr. 056644 Noland Stewart H euriatta James Vernon E Mon SIXTY-THREE mms-ch Charles Vieth Blue Spring: Mackey Wilcoxon Cmtcmim Carmen Duvall A drian Charlotte N orton Vale SIXTY-FOUR Dick Volkmer Jefferxon City Warren Williams Independence Forest Hickman Tiptcm Wayne Payne Appleton City Paul Howard Kamai City Mary Alice Weber DeSoto N ola Witte V Sedalia Gene W. Iden V Maymille Miriam Rodriguez Heredia, Coxta Rica Walter C. Jacobs Adrian Barbara Wiegers H i ggimvill a John L. Yoder H olden Walter Lewis K mm: C ity Keith Stumpff Holden Robert M. Wiegers H i ggimw'lle Anna Ruth Young New Bloomfield Marilyn McCarty K ama: City Barbara Wurth Kama: City Robert E. Allenbrand Robert R. Allison Keith Atlakson James Harold Baile Ruth Bclscamper Edward J. Bielik George Binger Margaret M. Blain Bobby Jean Blankenship Jean Arlene Blcdsoe Jim Bodcnhamer Margaret Bohart Lillian C. Brazelton Richard A. Boswell Mary Lou Bresee Jay C. Brockman Patricia Eileen Brown Philip R. Burford Norma Byrd Donna C. Campbell Clara L. Canfield VVrayburn E. Carver Inez Chamberlin Charles R. Champlin Anna Belle Charles Charles Ted Charles Norman Dee Childs Neil Christensen Peter L. Christianscn James W. Colton Pat Conger Kenneth Craven John Crump Delores Cundiff Charles Czeschin Wilma J. Danklef Madeline Rose Defeo Don Henry DeWitt Mary Lynn Doll Betty Ann Duerr SIXTY-FIVE SIXTY-SIX John A. Duncan Alec Dyer William L. Eckelberry Dale Ek Betty Lou Elgin Eleanor Elliston Roy E. Epple Arnold Erutti Stanley Farnham Wilma Faulkenberry Tom Findley Paul Flaig Robert D. Ford George J. Foster Tolliver Franklin Aubrey Fredericks Edgar Freund Dorothy Gallemore Harry Gardner Emile J. Gauchat Jack Gentry .Lou Ernest Goble Virginia Graham Joan Green Sue Green Doris Lee Grigsby Robert W. Grigsby Raymond Grossman Eloise Jane Hader Michele Hadet Billy Halley C. Carter Hamilton Carolyn Hampy Garner Harper Betty Jean Harris John Hays G. R. Haywood, Jr. Richard Heisler William Henry Alm'g Hereford Raymond Higgins Lyle Highfill Bernard J. Hoffman Rita Howell Zulema Jimenez Robert C. Jobst Eleanor Johnson Donald Jones Robert B. Jones Robert C. Jones Betty J. Joy Robert Joy Olin Jungeblut Marjorie Kelly Mary Lou Kincaid Geraldine Kramer Fred Dale Leeth Bryan Leforgee Jackie LeVeske George Long Bill Lumpe Raylue McCauly Joseph McCoy Hector McDonald Mary E. McElhaney Bette J. McKeehan Charles Malcomn Phyllis Mansur Dorothy Marquis Ida Marshall Wayne Martin Jessie M. Maxey Patty J. Meyers Rosalie J. Miller William Mills Marilyn Moeckli Arch Montgomery, Jr. Beverly Mooney Earl Moore James Munkirs SIXTY-SEVEN SIXTY-EIGHT Verlin K. Nance Harold J.Ncw1and A. June Nichols Erma Lou Parsons James R. Peters Dale W. Pipal Wilfred Lee Poese . Marion Popejoy Shirley Post Wayne Pounds Robert Quinn Dwight M. Ragle Verna E. Reece Marion W. Reynolds Bruce A. Ridge Richard Raymond Riley Mary Lee Samson Ruth Sanders James B. Scaton Patricia Scifers Beverly Scott Jack D. Scott Robert Semple Ann Senior Richard Sexton Kelsey Short Blondena Smith Vernon Smith Robert M. Soph Patricia Souther K Cecil Speas Norman G. Temple Ralph Theiss Joan Thompson Martha Lee Thompson Charlene Thruston Mary Ann Vogel Philip Vogel Buford F. Yankee Helen E. Young Sally jo Adams Kern Alan Archer Virgil Baker Louis Bicsemeyer Charles Bolton William Borden Walter Borgstadt Don Callahan Billy R. Cearley Howard Chappcll Harry Richard Clark Dewey Davis Ethel Denny Robert E. Dorr JEFF Dorothy Dugan Cl Lawrence Fagan Patsy Foreman John Gieringer La Rue Gillcland Martha Harden Richard Harris Charlotte Hauscr Dale Henry Murcia Horton Sammy Hodges Frank Jackson, Jr. Peggy Johnson Mary Alice Keller James KaZcIe Jane King John Kittcrman Wendell Kombrink Joseph KunZWeiler Richard Luehrman Wendell McGuire Joe H. McMilIen Marchea Malone Esther Mengel Bonnie Miller Yvonne Morris SIX'I Y-NINE Jesse Ray Mosier Dennis Najarro Bernita R. Newham Bonnie Ellen Nickerson C. J. Nickerson Eugene Paulsen James Pence Walter Pence Frank Preston William Ray Helen Renken Earl Renwald Clinton J. Reser Sara Robbins Marvin Rothenberger Dorothy Schanz Mary Edna Schupp A1 Spencer Michael K. Stratton Gwen Stubblcfield Harry Swancy Janice Tiesler Richard Twyman Edna Tyler James Van Natta Marcia Vardeman Rafael Vargas Julius E. Vaughan Harvey E. Wadleigh Dennis Walker Margaret Walker Ralph Waters Katy Lee Weatherly Eugene Edward Welch Earl White John Paul White Paul E. White Richard A. Wilborn Donna M. Wilkens Rose Anne Williams Ralph Wilson Martha Woolsey Marilyn Wright Z0 Elliott Joan Greer Lyle Highfill Dorothy Sanders Donald Shortess William Eckelberry, Jr. SEVENTY-ONE ZI-r-IZIMI-I-Im-I-I TOP ROW: Donald Heerman, Willa Hcrrmann, Fred Hill, Beverly Hobbs, Karl Hoffman, Harriet Holbert, Clet Holcomb. SECOND ROVV': jean Holder, Robert Holman, Richard Holmes, Milton Holt, Delbert Hooper, Wilbur Hopkins Virginia Houghton. THIRD ROW1Wi1ma Hughes, B. Jeanne Hutcherson, Hubert Hutchings, Carole Hutslcr, Chester Hymcs, Mar garet Isenhour, Henry luchs. FOURTH ROW: Charles Jackson, Rudolph jenzen, Wanda jarman, William jcnnings, Joan Jewell, Carolce Johnson Joan Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Joan Jones, Marilyn Jones, Richard jones, Irene Kaiser, Earl Juul, John Kammeycr, Lois Knvanaugh. SIXTH ROW: Margaret Kelly, IWary Lou Kelly, William Kclsay, Marilee Keltncr, Mary Kcmplc, Jean Kennedy, Betty Lou Kenney. SEVENTH ROW: Gary Kent, William chhart, Patricia Kerr, Helen Kilgorc, Jerry King, Adena Kinnie, Betty Klein. SEVEN TY-TW'O TOP ROW: Joan Allen, Leora Allred, YvonnelBohon, J.R. Bone, Irma Breshears, Betty Brown, Betty Campbell. SECOND ROW: David Clark, Janet Clark, Ruth Dameron, Bruce Dawson, Leroy Diehl, Donna Donahue, Rosemary Drummond. THIRD ROW: James Fowler, Elbert Gallemore, Doneta Gatz, jack Gerry, Robert Gossett, Dennis Hartman, Joyce Hammond. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Helt, Lewis Herfordt, Velora Hofstetter, Bill Holley, William Inbody, Ray Johnson, Charles Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Marianne Kolshorn, Robert Lindholm, Paula Lowry, Cecil Lujin, Kyriakos Lypiridcs, June Maberry, Joyce Marcks. SIXTH ROW: James Marr, Patsy Martinson, Irma Meador, Charles Melton, Norman Monsces, Lois Moran, Cole Morris. SEVENTH ROW: Robert Nichols, Beverly Penrod, Willis Pettigrew, Kenneth Petty, Harold Phillips, Charles Pipp- engcr, J. B. Potter. SEVENTY-THREE - - Zu-u-IZ::x2u-u-u::-I-'I TOP ROW: Frances Klein, Laverne Klingenberg, Doris Koenig, Harvey Kolster, Margie Knehans, Mary Ann Kne- hans, Paul Kolm. SECOND ROW: Jack La Masncy, Robert Landes, Jo Ann Lane, Eugene Lebow, Elsworth Lee, Ruel D. Lee, Marilyn Lefman. x THIRD ROW: Esther Leiter, Man Levine, Ruth Long, Linda Lovan, Norma LVundsford, Ronald Lutz, Bob Lynch. FOURTH ROW: Edward McMillan, Jean McMullin, Wayne McQueen, Donald Marcks, Shirley Ann Marr, Robert Martin, Sylvia Masoner. FIFTH ROW: Elaine Masters, Barbara Mayer, Lorene Mauzey, Jo Ann Merriott, Jane Mcycrs, Nanetta Milburn, Betty Lou Miller. SIXTH ROW: Jean Moffett, Ina Moore, Lois Moran, Cole Morris, Ralph Mullis, Donald Nickle, Charles Niess. SEVENTH ROW: David Nolte, Paul Pearson, Grace Opfer, James O Ma1ley, John Onka, Jeanne Ogden, Lowell Nuessle. SEVENTY-FOU R ax OP ROW: Neal Denny, Kara Dillon, Esther Dines, Alvaro Dobles, Robert Dove, John Dowler, Ruth Duncan. SECOND ROW: Lillian Dunn, Lolan Edwards, Nancy Elder, Jerry Elliott, Ethel Enloe, Kathryn Eydt, Greta Fajen. THIRD ROW: Catherine Farmer, Barbara Fenton, Neal Foster, Nancy Fight, Doris Findlay, John Fisher, Jean Fore. FOURTH ROW: Glenna Francis, Betty Freitik, Earl Frudeger, Adelle Gerike, Donald Gerken, Robert Gerken, William Gerkin. FIFTH ROW: Charles Gilbert, James Gladback, Wanda Goetz, Kitty Gooch, Minnie Gray, John Greenwell, Nancy Greenwell. SIXTH ROW: Charles Guinn, Doris Hackett, Robert Hackley Lorenz Haesemeyer, Alma Hall, Marilyn Hall, , Loulse Hamilton. SEVENTH ROW: Marilou Hancock, Roy Lee Handley, Jacqueline Haney, Marvin Hanigan, Herbert Hare, Rob- ert Hart, ......................................... SEVENTY-FIVE TOP ROW: James Atkinson, William Avcn, Rybcrn Bartlctn Juanita Bahrenburg, Dorothy Barncs. Norman Barth, David Bates. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Baughman, James Baumann, Bonnie Bcnry, Hclcn Bclscampery Mary Bcrborx. Helen Bergman, Joan Bischoff. THIRD ROW: Juanita Bockelnmn, Dorothy Bowland, Ircnc Boyle, Richard Brockmnn, Florence Breckenridge, William Brough, Bonita Brown. FOURTH ROW: Carol Brown, Catherine Brown, Mary Alice Brown, Mary Alice Brown, Marie Brown, Ross Brown, Derry Brownfield. FIFTH ROW; Charles Burks, Don Burris, George Butler, Rcta Buzzard, Marilyn Bybec, Katherinjcv Cannon, Bob Carlson. EIXTH ROW: Mary Lou Carter, Jim Cash, Helen Chambsrs, Ilene Chism, Nola Christian, Marilyn Cool, Robert ooper. SEVENTH ROW: Mario Cordero, Gary Coryell, Mary Covcll, George CrCWS, Jacqueline Cumming, Ailie Deem, Rosalind Deere. S EVE NTY-SIX TOP ROW: Effie Powers, Carl Quinn, Alice Rabius, Robert Raynes, George Rea, Joe Ream, Perry 0. Rhoades, Jr. SECOND ROW: Don Rice, Bill Richards, Bob Ridley, Golda Ring, D. Gyda Ritter, William Robertson, Harrison Rodgers. THIRD ROW: Beverly Rogers, Eugene Rohman, Angela Ruchter, Mary Lou Sakellaris, Jenn Sappington, Harlan Sax- on, John Sappington. FOURTH ROW: Theodore Schmudde, Mary Ann Scola, Don Shackelford, Constance Shields, Norma Shippy, Grace Shropshire, Kathryn Shukers. FIFTH ROW: R. June Skidmore, Lillian Slagle, Lloyd T. Slagle, Allan Sleeth, George Smith, Ivan Smith, Patricia Smith. SIXTH ROW: William Smith, Arlene Smithson, George Spaar, William Speak, Nancy Sprigg, Ernest Stackhouse, Lawrence Stone. SEVENTH ROW: Jean Stuckcr, James Swafford, Albert Taber, Edward Tatum, Margaret Thomason, Ralph Tie- fel, Dorothy Tindall. SEVENTY-SEVEN 2$szmm$ zl-u-Izzcxau-n-uza-l-u TOP ROW: John Titus, Halsey Tribble, Peggy Vcale, Arnold Vicbrock, Vernon Viebrock, Glen Vinson, Carolyn Walker. SECOND ROW: Billy Wallace, Jane Ward, Maurice Ward, Ruth Ward, Mary Waters, Barbara Weeks, Helen Wehmcyer. THIRD ROW: Donald Weir, Helen West, Evelyn Whitaker, Betty White, Myrtle White, Noma White, William Whitworth. w' FOURTH ROW: Myrtie Wiegers, Estel Williams, Peggy W'illiams, Virginia Williams, Helen Wilson, Lois Wilson, Jane Winer. FIFTH ROW: Edwin Woodrich, William Wormslcy, Kenneth Wren, Lois E. Yale, Charlene Yancy, David Yarger, Zelia Zulauf. SIXTH ROW: James Abbas, Billy Adams, John Almlie, Raymond Alumbaugh, Perry Bales, Bonny Barker, Gail Bolin. SEVENTH ROW: Dorcas Bowman, Betsy Braxdale, Annetta Brenner, Grace Brookshier, Bonnie Brown, Lavonne Cearly, Robert Chenoweth. SEVENTY-EIGHT TOP ROW: Betty Clark, John Cooper, Clarabelle Courtney, James Courtney, Kenneth Creekmore, Ralph Culp, Richard Dahms. SECOND ROW: Charles DeJarnette, Finis Drinkwater, Jo Ann Ducnsing, Patricia Dulohcry, William Dull, Myrtle Early, Marilyn Edwards. THIRD ROW: W. D. Edwards, Betty Ellis, Hazel Flanigan, Janet Fore, Patricia Foster, Clifford Fullman, Shirlcy Gray. FOURTH ROW: Norma Hedrick, Jacqueline Hughes, OrVil Johnson, Ernest Krahenbuhl, Dale Lamb, Robert Lowery, Marvin Lyle. FIFTH ROW: Billy McKenzie, Dolores McKenzie, Mary Mathis, James Mayden, Beverly Myers, Eldon Norman, Betty Oetting. SIXTH ROW: Phil Paladino, Patricia Parks, Lula Parrish, George Petrie, Myrna Pressgrove, James Ragland, Wilma Redfield. SEVENTH ROW: Robert Rex, Bob Ridley, Larry Roseman, Gladis Rosenmiller, Rubyanne Sanders, E. Wendell Schafer, Eddie Schlot-hauer. SEVENTY-NINE f H S H M E N TOW ROW: Ruth Schott, Bob Schultz, Patricia Schumakcr, T. A. Scott, Merna Sharp, Mary J Shcperd, Ken- neth Smith. SECOND ROW: R. I. Spackler, Lois Spears, Georgianna Sutherland, Robert Timmons, Gail Van Meter, Barbar Van Wrinkle, Carl Weaver. THIRD ROW: Anthony Wiexeldorfer, Lloyd West, Beva'ly White, Billie White, Bob Whitchurse, joyce Wil- liams, L. M. Williams. V FOURTH ROW: June Winer, Alvin Wulf, Don L. Burris, Marjorie Chambers, W. Foster Gillespie, Mildred Harkcr, Barbara Hoffman. FIFTH ROW: Patty Howard, Mary Iscminger, Roma Lambeth, Diana Licnta, Eldon Norman, Marion Powers, Bob Schultz. SIXTH ROW: John Griswold, Dorris Payne, Joan Pryor. EIGHTY JOANNE DEMAREA Kama: Cily Elementary EducntRon JAMES R. JACKSON Smitlztmz Speech Kappa S?Egmu Kappa, Theta Alpha Phi, Papa Is All." q Remember Mamf, KThe Old Maid, DON MCCANDLESS Serialia Accounting Sigma Tau Gamma, Stu- dent Government Associa- tion CLIFFORD W. GARRY Mathematics JAMES W. GILm-rkr Clinton Business Administration . ROBERT H. POSER St. Charley Commerce J DAVID L. UNDERWOOD English Sf. Lam's EIGHTY-ONE EIGHTY-TWO DR. REID HEMPHILL Chairman of tlze Graduate Council One of the fastest-growing divisions of the college is the recently organized Graduate Division. The degree granted is the Master of Science in Education. Since the summer of 194-7, when the first graduate courses were offered, thirty-three masters degrees have been conferred, and several more will be awarded this spring. Graduate study programs are available for superintendents, principals, and super- visors, for teachers in the elementary and secondary schools; and for guidance workers and counselors. The graduate program is administered by the Graduate Council, with Dr. Reid Hemphill serving as Chairman. Thirty-six graduate students were enrolled during the spring term of 1950, selecting their programs from a total of almost 5:0 courses offered for graduate credit. Approximately 100 graduate students are anticipated for the summer session. Thelma Bryant Mary R. Bybee Hobart Bybee Thelma E. Fight Dean Grigsby Wm. Grigsby John Hartley Troy E. Hirni Bertha Hopkins Marcia Jackson Marshall Lakin Buena Lansford .4' j. ' William Livingston 1 fRoy L. Ixujin Josephme Long Wayne McDowell Marian Manzer Uri Dorothy Miller Kepi" James Ottinger H. E. Peabody Ruth Seitz James M. Smith John Paul Smith George W. Hicks Young Koo R0 Louise Twiehause Fred Umstead Shikio Isokawa 3 I II II E N I S I EIGHTY-THREE EIGHTY-SIX ALPHA PHI OMEGA Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega, the National Service Fra- .emity Was founded on this campus December 11, 1938, and throughout the years of its existence the organization has continually expanded its activities in carrying out its three-fold program of leadership, friendship and service. Membership in APO is limited to students who are former members of the Boy Scouts of America. The fraternity started off its program of service in the fall term by providing ushers for the football games, and continued the practice through- out the school year by ushering for the Community Concert Series. A con- tribution was made by this yearts pledges to the Humanics Library at Mis- souri Valley College. The annual all-school May Formal was again spon- sored by the service fraternity. In order to provide funds for the continuation of their services, Alpha Phi Omega handled the concessions at the majority of the basketball games and published the Student-Faculty Directory. Professor Robert E. Smith is the faculty sponsor for APO. OFFICERS Pren'dent BILL MARCHBANKS Vice-Przxident DON SMITH Recording Secretary HARLAN SAXTON Comsrpona'ing Secretary BILL CEARLEY Treamrer FORREST HICKMAN S gt. at Arm: BILL UMSTATTD Alumni Secretary GEORGE DUNN Hirtom'an IAMES SIMPSON Alpha Phi Omega TOP ROW: J. Banta, K. Blythe, J. Brockman, W. 'Cawlficld, W. Cearly, C. Champlin, A. Crouch, S. Davis. SECOND ROW: D. Duensing, G. Dunn, C. Farmer, J. Fowler, A. Goodridge, J. Griffith, L. Hall, W. Henry. J THIRD ROW: F. Hickman, J. Hoff, N. Jeter, W. chhart, J. Kezelc, K. Koerbcr, B. Leforgec, B. McCloud. FOURTH ROW: J. McDaniel, E. Mann, W. Marchbanks, R. Meuschke, C. Moore, R. Mosier, B. Nicholl, S. Overfelt. FIFTH ROW: T. Patterson, W. Payne, P. Roberts, H. Rogers, H. Saxton, J. Simpson, C. Smith, D. Smith. SIXTH ROW: Q. Smith, G. Tice, W. Umstattd, S.Vaughn, G. Vinson, E. Wallen, R. Warnick. EIGHTY-EIGHT Since the organization of the Independent Students Organization in 1947 as a result of the unification of the Hendricks Society and the In- dependent Mens Organization, this group has continued to expand in mem- bership, activities and in renown. During the month of October, a group of forty ISOites climbed aboard a wagon load of hay for an old fashioned hayride and picnic which Wound up at the Farm Shelter House. To present something new in the way of student shows, a take-off on the ever popular Kiddie,s Saturday Matinee, the All School Cartoon Carnival was held December 12th. And a timely Canasta Party found favor in the eyes of the clubis card sharks. Having had such success with the first, the organization held their second Annual All-School Dance Contest, one of the biggest all-school social functions of the spring term. Candle lighted tables around the dance floor gave the Student Lounge 2 Cabaret atmosphere. A representative of the Arthur Murray Dance Studio acted as judge for the dancing com- petition. Although ISO is primarily a social organization, opportunities to be of service are not overlooked; with this in mind, the group sponsored a campus drive for the Memorial Chapel Fund held during Religious Emphasis Week. The faculty sponsors are Dr. Laura J. Nahm and Professor Earl Foster. OFFICERS Provident WAYNE PAYNE Vice-Prwident GERRY WILLIAMS Secretary ISABELLA CLARKE Tremurer LORRAINE TOEP'FER PuHicity Agent FORREST HICKMAN Independent Students Organization TOP ROW: J.A1mlie, P. Bales, D. Brubaker, J. Clark, 1. Clarke, R. Dayton, E. Dines. 2ND Row; D. Ek, E. Enloe, F. Fields, E. Gray, V. Hoffstetter, T. Hull, Y. Hursh. 3RD ROW: G. Huxol, P. Johnson, L. Lacey, F. Lyon, B. McClure, M. McElhaney, H. Momberg. 4TH ROW: R. Norton, B. Penrod, W. Redfield, E. Rogers, F. Smith, T. Smith, R. Stoll. 5TH ROW: K. Stumpff, L. Toepfer, E. Tope, J. Williams, M. Wilson, R. Wilson, J. Yoder. EIGHTY-NINE NINETY ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA A chic red and White cap atop a lovely coed, thatis the trademark of the girls of Zeta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Before the opening of the school year the Alphas sent their president, Doris Jean Snodgrass, as representative to their nineteenth national con- vention at Port Huron, Michigan. November 16th was the date of the ASA Founderk Day Banquet at Rigglets. Then the Alphas went Chinese for their Rush Party December lst, after which twenty-fivc pledges were added to the ranks of Alpha Sigma Alpha. Mrs. N. M. Bradley, patroness of the sorority, was hostess to the group at the Alphas, Christmas party. In carrying out the itHeart Themeh of the Alpha Sigma Alpha Sweetheart Dance February 11th, Lauretta Stonger and Paul Roberts were crowned King and Queen of Hearts. After a spirited campaign in which the sorority,s pep band sere- naded the menis dorm and organized houses, the Alphas saw their can- didate, Joan Green, emerge victorious as Popular Girl. In the realm of sports the Alpha Basketeers emerged with'th'c' Eham- pionship of the Women,s Intramural Basketball Competition. Faculty advisors are: Mrs. Loyd E. Grimes, and Miss Rita Youmans. OFFICERS FALL SPRING Prudent Doris Jean Snodgrass Lee Rue Vice-Prexidem Harlene Reed Charlene Thurston Sgaretary Jackie Leveske Jean Shephard Treamrcr Peggy Taylor Joan Green Editor Faith Casebolt Nancy Elder Clwplain Lauretta Roberts Iean Findlav I Alpha Sigma Alpha TOP ROW: B. Birdsong, M. Bohart, M. Brady, P. Brown, E. Buck, J. Demarea, M. Doll, N. Elder. 2ND ROW: J. Findlay, P. Foster, K. Gooch, J. Green, B. Hobbs, J. Hutcherson, M. Jones, M. Kelley. 3RD ROW: J. Kennedy, J. cheske, W. Major, J. Mantel, M. Merenes, B. Miller, M. Moeckli, M. Morehead. 4TH ROW: J. Murray, E. Neitzert, B. Oetting, I. Pecoraro, H. Pierronet, H. Reed, L. Rue, J. Shephard. 5TH ROW: D. Snodgrass, J. Sontag, P. Souther, L. Stonger, J. Sturges, M. Tate, P. Taylor, C. Thurston. 6TH ROW: L. Kennedy, G. VanMeter, M. Vogel, M. Woolsey, A. Young, A. Brenner. N I N ETY-ON E KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA The school year of 1949-50 proved to be one of the busiest in the three year history of Psi Chapter of Kappa Sigma Kappa. Pledging added twenty-five new actives to the K.S.K. roster. For their first dance of the year, the Kappas used the famous New Orleans Mardi Gras as their theme, with members and guests in gay carnival attire. In January the Kappas presented their first musical show, the Kappa- Kades of 1950 which presented to a pleased audience a horde of Kappa talent. i In intramurals, the KSK basketball team completed their season un- i defeated to Win the American League title. The Mad-Kappas, a dance band composed entirely of Kappa Sigma Kappa members, played for several informal all-school dances, under the fratis sponsorship throughout the year. i Spring term brought with it hours of feverish practice for the Kappas i in defense of their Greek Song Fete Cup won the previous year. And, of i course the crowning event of the year was the annual birthday ball in April with the traditional theme iian old-time Southern plantation house partyii at which time the Kappa Sigma Kappa Sweetheart was crowned. i ' OF F ICERS i FALL SPRING i Praxidem Randy Smith Gordon Brown Vice-Pren'dem Heuby Moore Art Bert Secretary Bob Hamilton Merl Case Treasurer Linvill Hendrich Bob Quinn Am. Secretary Merl Case Bob Niemeyer Ant. Treamrer Bob Quinn Ray Grossmann Sgt. at Arms Jim Truesdale Jim Truesdale Hixtorian Gene Ferguson Gene Ferguson NINETY-TWO Kappa Sigma Kappa TOP ROW: J. Bcauchamp, H. Bocdckcr, C. Bolton, D. Boon, G. Brightwell, D. Callahan, M. Case. SECOND ROW: B. Cummings, J.Cu1nmir1gs, B. Dorr, G. Ferguson, J. Griffith, R. Gross- mann, J. Hatcher. JEFF GHV THIRD ROW: A. Hcffclfinger, L. Heinrich, F. Helper, G. Hesse, B. Hoffmann, J. Jack- son, N. Jeter. FOURTH ROW: J. Looney, J McDaniel, C. Moore, E. Moore, H. Moore, B. Niemeyer, G. Oerke. FIFTH ROW: C. Palmer, T. Patterson, R. Quinn, B. Ridge, Q. Smith, R. Smith, J. Trues- dale. SIXTH ROW: R. Twyman, J. Vandepopuliere NINETY-THREE NINETY-FOUR DELTA SIGMA EPSILON There,s no doubt about it! The Deltas had a busy and successful year! Homecoming saw Dinks Hollis elected Homecoming Queen, with the sorority carrying off top honors in house decorations and third place in the float competition. And even before the month was over, they emerged Victorious in the race for the Pan-Hellenic Scholarship Cup at the Annual Scholarship Tea; this was the highest grade average to win the cup. November brought another Delta victory with Carolyn Hampy crowned Penny Carnival Queen. Sports fame was won by placing first in the Women,s Volleyball Tournament. Seventeen C.M.S.C. coeds received Delta Sigma Epsilon pledge pins as a result of the December 3rd Hobo Rush Party at the Stadium Shelter House. The birthday of the local chapter falling in April, both the Annual Birthday Banquet and Spring Formal were held April 29th. The co- sponsors of the Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon are Miss Gertrude Hosey and Miss Edith Brooks. OFFICERS FALL SPRING Preridem Virginia Weldont Anna Mae Price Vice-Prexidem Madolyn Cato Jacie Chapman Recording Secretary Martha Price Mary Nell Greenwood C Ol'rerpoeding Secretary Mary Nell Greenwood Carolyn Ekern Tredmrer Ruth Ann Parkhurst Salley Endacott pgwmy k Delta Sigma Epsilon TOP ROW: M. Bresee, M. Cato, H. Chambers, J. Chapman, C. Ekern, S. Endacott, G. Fajen. SECOND ROW: J. Fore, N. Garrett, M. Greenwood, M. Hall, L. Hamilton, S. Hamilton, I. Haney. THIRD ROW: B. Hollis, A. Holloway, C. Hampy, S. Hawkins, L. Kavanaugh, M. Kincaid, D. KindSVater. FOURTH ROW: J. Kramer, P. Meyers, E. Nickerson, R. Oberwortmann, R. Parkhurst, A. Price, S. Robbins. FIFTH ROW: J. Rush, M. Shackelford, R. Schott, M. Thompson, D. Tindall, P. Wadell, V. Weldon. M SIXTH ROW: M. Wright, B. Wurth. NINETY-FIVE NINETY-SIX PHI SIGMA EPSILON The men of Phi Sigma Epsilon, Iota Chapter, launched their 1949-50 social season with a steak fry October 8th at the Shelter House. Then on the 22nd of the same month, the annual all-school Penny Carnival, which was, as usual, one of the highlights of the fall term. The main event on the Phi Sig calendar for the winter term was the Formal dance on January 28. The combined talents of Bill Lnughlin and Dick White produced the unusual and startling theme, 2A Surrealistic Dream? Ernie Isszrd,s fine band was imported from Kansas City for the occasion. Then the spring term brought with it the annual itBlackoutsi, which provided the students of C.M.S.C. as always, with an evening of fine music and fun. And then of course the climax of the Phi Sig year was the Outing, where the men of PSE, their dates, and guests sojourned to Sun- rise Beach in the heart of the Ozarks for three days, May 13, 14, and 15. Fall and Winter rushing brought 23 new men to the ranks of Phi Sigma Epsilon during their let year on this campus. The chapter sponsor is Mr. Clarence Whiteman. OFFICERS FALL SPRING Pren'demf Bob Pruitt Wayne Phillips Vice-Presidem' Chuck Robinson Snowden Marshall Recording Secretary John Hoff Walter Pence Correwonding Secretary Charles Feagan Bill Hammers T rsdmrcr Dwight Massey Sentinel Snowden Marshall Bob Blackmnn Hixtorizm Dwight Massey Charles Feagan Phi Sigma Epsilon TOP ROW: B. Allison, B. Baker, C. Bergman, B. Blackman, J. Boyer, B. Crouse, J. Cowdcn. SECOND ROW: J. Daley, D. Ducnsing, A. Dyer, C. Farmer7 C. Fcagen, A. Folkner, H. Fur- kin. THIRD ROW: W. Hammers, D. Harvey, R. Hill, J. Hoff, W. Laughlin, W. Lewis, D. Luchrmnn. FOURTH ROW: S. Marshall, D. Massey, S. Ovcrfclt, W. Pence, W. Pocse, W. Phillips, B. Pruitt. FIFTH ROW: C. Robinson, T. Schmudde, C. Smith, A. Soph, B. Soph, N. Stewart, D. Walker. SIXTH ROW: C. White, J. Whitfield. NlNETY-SEVEN NINETY-EIGHT Pl KAPPA SIGMA Since their founding on this campus in 1920, the Lambda Chapter of the'Pi Kappa Sigma Sorority has wclI-estnblished itself in the social pattern of C.M.S.C. In commemoration of their twenty-nine years of organiZation, a Founderis Day Program held on November 17th started the Pi Kap ball rolling. 1 The winter rush party, which moved for its theme, to the daring and colorful Bowery, added to the roster of Pi Kappa Sigma 21 comely lasses, which was one of the largest pledge classes in the history of the sorority. These pledges entertained their big sisters and their best benus with a tiKid Partyh in January. The 'annual spring formal, Which was held in April, upheld the Pi Kap tradition for fine dances. The following month, the girls paid homage to their mothers with a Motheris Day Tea, which Was held one week before the actual event. And then, What better Way to put an C'ld to a well-rounded year than by a Formal Farewell Banquet at Rigglcs for the graduating seniors of Pi Kappa Sigma? Mrs. Mildred Lass is the :orority sponsor. OFFICERS FALL 3 SPRING President Beverly Muirhead Patsy Scot' Vice-Prexizlem Pat Griggs Barbara Wiegers Recording Secretary Jerry Steinrauf Pat Griggs Corretpomling Seeremw Billie Cumming Janice Tiesler Trmtrurer Dolores Mansur Mary Lee Samson Keeper of Amlm've: Emmabclle DcMint Inez Chamberlain- Cmremmzding Edimr Norma Headv Ladorna Highland Pi Kappa Sigma TOP ROW: D. Barnes, B. Bcary, Y. Bohon, M. Bybcc, R. Campbell, K. Cannon, 1. Chamberlain, P. Conger. SECOND ROW: B. Cumming, I. Cumming, E. DcMint, Z. Elliott, B. Ellis, W. Goetz, N. Greenwell, P. Griggs. THIRD ROW: D. Donahue, N. Heady, L. Highland, M. Horton, V. Houghton, P. Howard, M. Kelly, N. Lunsford. FOURTH ROW: P. Mnnsur, D. Mansur, B. Muixhcnd, F. Neff, j. Nichols, J. Pryor, M. Rayburn,V M. Samson. FIFTH ROW: P. Scifers, P. Scott, G. Shropshirc N. Spriggs, J. Stuckcr, j. Ticslcr, M. Vardemaxk B. Wiegers. SIXTH ROW: V. Williams, R. Williams, .I. Wincr, J. Winer. NINETY-NINE ONE HUNDRED SIGMA TAU GAMMA The start of the fall term, 1949, brought with it the beginnings of mother bright and colorful year under the leadership of Sigma Tau Gam- ma. From the very first meeting, the Taus have followed a program that has led to a very successful social season. Among the highlights of the year was the all school Fall Harvest Dance. The music Was provided by a band composed entirely of Sigma Tau Gamma members, and proved to be very much a success. The crowning event of the year, however, was the presenting of the Sigma Tau Gamma Sweetheart Dance. As always, it was at the top in social activities and proved worthy of the tradition set fortth by previous Sigma Tau Sweet- heart Dances. Sigma Tau Gamma Was originated at C.M.S.C. in 1920 by 17 young7 college men, and since that time has grown into a national fraternity whh chapters throughout the country. Every year adds new chapters to the fold. The organization is sponsored by Dr. J. P. Morris and Dr. S. P. Hewitt. OFFICERS FALL SPRING Preyz'rlem lngles Ferry Neil Kammeyer Vire-Prctident Ernest Kramer Beryl Lycnn Secretary Rick Fullerton Joe Smith Treamrer Don NIchndless Rick Fullerton Sigma Tau Gamma TOP ROW: W. Atkins, B. Brockban, R. Brown, S. Davis, R. Dellinger, I. Ferry, R. Fullerton. SECOND ROW: W. Henry, D. Henry, G. Idcn, P. Jefferies, N. Kammeyer, V. King, E. Kraner. THIRD ROW: B. Lycan, E. Lycan, J. Newland, D. McCandless, W. Mack, R. Popejoy, R. Rapp. FOURTH ROW: R. Reinhnrt, B. Root, J. Rowland, C. Ruckcr, C. Thomas, H. Vaughn, W. Volkmcr. FIFTH ROW: R. VVarnick, V. Peterson, M. Wetter. ONE HUNDRED ONE SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA Nu Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma, the oldest sorority on the campus, was established at C.M.S.C. in 1915, and the name Tri Sig has continually stood for the highest type of young womanhood. Rush Week went tiOut Westi, to Pertle Springs where the members, complete with buckskin vests and sombreros, entertained rushees in the grand old Western manner at the Christopher Ranchoi. Soon after the party seventeen coeds began wearing the circle and triangle pledge pin. At the spring formal, March 18, the Sigma girls gave their guests and dates the unique choice between Heaven and Hell, one half of the Student Lounge being decorated to represent each place. The Tri Sig alumnae were invited back to their alma mater on April 20, to celebrate Founders Day at a tea in the lounge. Springtime found the members of Sigma Sigma Sigma busily apply- ing themselves to their choral talents, seeking to retain their first place cup at the Annual Greek Song Fete. Miss Marie Todd was again sponsor of the sorority, With Mrs. Stella Christopher assisting her as co-sponsor. OFFICERS FALL SPRING Pren'clcnt Julie Ann Atkins Margaret Watson Vice-Prexizlem Ruth Ann Young Joan Hopkins Recording Sacremry Janet Sutherland Joy Reese Correszonding Secretary Anna Belle Charles Laurie Jones Trwmrzr Barbara Young Barbara Young Keeper of Grade: Jerry Bryant Terry Bryant 'tONE HUNDRED TWO Sigma Sigma Sigma TOP ROW: M. Anderson, J. Atkins, B. Brandom, F. Breckenridge, B. Brown, C. Brown. - SECOND ROW: J. Bryant, N. Byrd, A. Charles, E. Dick, B. Fenton, M. Fewell. THIRD ROW: H. Holbert, B. Hopkins, C. Hutsler, L. Jones, F. Klein, J Lane. FOURTH ROW: L. Mills, J. Reese, G. Stumpf, J. Sutherland, L. Wagner, N. Walker. ' J . ., FIFTH Row; 'M. Wyon, R. Young; ONE HUNDRED THREE THETA SIGMA UPSILON The young ladies of Nu Chapter, Theta Sigma Upsilon lost no time in opening their yeafs social schedule With a Halloween Party during the month of October at the home of Dorothy Gallemore. On November 30, Theta rushees, in the garb of their favorite public enemy, were entertained at a tiJailbreakers Partyii where they were tried and found guilty by Mrs. J. P. Morris, sorority adviser, and sentenced to perform for the members. The Thetas, not lacking in Yuletide spirit, provided Christmas cards and stamps for the Old Folks Home. Also, a Christmas Party at Mrs. Morris,s home introduced Mrs. Anne Fleming who became a new advisor. During the first month of the new year the Theta pledges became hostesses to their big sisters at a itHit Parade Partyii with favorite tunes providing inspiration for costumes. Founders Day for the local chapter was March 25. In celebration of this event, a ttCandylandii was created in the student lounge for the plea- sure of members, returning alums and other guests at the formal dance. Ever in search of new opportunities for service, Theta Sigma Upsilon made and distributed toy boxes to certain Missouri orphanages. OFFICERS President Vice-Prwident R ecordin g S ecretary C orrwponzlin g S ecretarv Treasurer Editor ONE HUNDRED FOUR FALL Barbara Stauder Charlotte Norton Shirley Gregg Ethel Denny Virginia Harlan Dorothy Gallemore SPRING Barbara Staudcr Maxine Heath Shirley Gregg Ailie Decm Sammy Ann Hodges Theta Sigma Epsilon TOP ROW: J. Danklef, A. Deem, K. Dillon, E. Denny. SECOND ROW: D. Gallemore, S. Gregg, W. Hall. I. Hammond. THIRD ROW: V. Harlan, T. Heller, M. McCarty. S. Post. FOURTH ROW: B. Stauder, P. Veale. ONE HUNDRED FIVE Colheton Girls who are interested in home economics comprise the member- ship of Colhecon, a local home economics club which is affiliated with the American Home Economics Association. This yeafs activities for the group were centered around the theme of ttcraftsh, including flower arrangement, cosmetics, ceramics, metal craft, leather craft, etc. The Col- hecon social agenda included a banquet, and several informal parties and picnics. Dr. Elizabeth Rutherford is the faculty sponsor. OFFICERS President Elizabeth Ann Collings Vice-President Doris Jean Snodgrass Secretary Ellen Sanders Treasurer Marjorie Brading Commerce Club The Commerce Club, probably the largest organization on the campus, has continually sought to promote a spirit of closer cooperation between the fields of education and business. Throughout the school year the club sponsored field trips to various points of industrial and business interest in the state. The big event on the Commerce Club activity calendar was the Annual Spring Commerce Day, at which time a number of outstanding men in the fields of business and industry were guests on the campus to speak on business opportunity and ethics and to offer advice to the ambitious young men and women who plan to make business their profession. A banquet at Yeater Hall climaxed the days activities. Dr. Lucas Sterne is the Commerce Club sponsor. OFFICERS President Wayne Phillips Vice-President Marvin Wink Secretary Mary Ann Smith Treasurer Harry Witzel ONE HUNDRED SIX COLHECON TOP ROW: Miss Youmans, Haphel, Edwards, Danklef, Mengel, Collings, Hieronymus, Tocpf- fer, Smith, Brady. SECOND ROW: Cundiff, Watson, Hall, Kav- anaugh, Pregge, Greenwood, Fowler, Wartz, Chism, Bowland. THIRD ROW: Alexander, Alexander, Sap- pington, Mantel, Harden, Parkhurst, Snodgrass, Sanders, Gatz, Dr. Rutherford. FOURTH ROW: Smithson, Duzan, Carter, Horton, Jimenez, Denny, Vance, Brown. COMMERCE CLUB TOP ROW: Witzel, Wulf, Kramer, Raincs, Bales, Taber, Dr. Sterne, Mr. Lansford. SECOND ROW: Phillips, Boehmer, Charles, Kuhn, Baker, Schorle, Fitchett. THIRD ROW: Kazele, Smith, Simsy Duncan, Banta, Chaplin, Morris. FOURTH ROW: Tope, Wink, Swaney, San- ders, Tate. COMMERCE CLUB TOP ROW: Zeirbruder, Flommerfelt, Smith, Payne, Baker, Reinhart, Austin, Chcnowcth, Diehl, Mr. Cassady. SECOND ROW: Endacott, Elder, Conrath, Mudd, Wetter, Ward, Schneck, Chitty, Smith. THIRD ROW: Herman, Worley, Hickman, Johnson, Buzard, Ayres, Martin, Skidmore. FOURTH ROW: Frazer, Hughes, Brazleton, Baker, Smith, Cruce, Hammonds, Gerkin. FIFTH ROW: Blain, Cochran, Wehemeyer, Shropshire, Shobe, Brockman, Morris. ONE HUNDRED SEVEN Dolphins Swimming Club The Dolphins, under the direction of Miss Helen Jamieson, have sought to develop an interest in swimming as a manisfestation of ease, grace and beauty in motion. Requirements for membership are proficiency in certain swimming skills as proven by various tests. The Dolphins ex- hibited their skills to music in their annual water show which drew large crowds. The yearls activities ended With the Dolphin Banquet. President Pat Griggs Future Teachers 0! America The teachers of tomorrow make up the group. Alpha Chapter of the Future Teachers of America is a junior organization of the National Education Association. Problems of the teaching profession and acquaint- ance with the history and ethics of the profession are of a vital concern to this group. One of the projects the club engaged in was the collection of old clothes and books for a teachers college in Germany. Dr. A. J. Tet Keurst is the faculty sponsor. OFFICERS President Rae Reynolds Vice-President Tom Mitchell Secretary-Treasurer Mary F. Fewell Librarian Charles Klein Industrial Arts Club One of the newer organizations on the campus, having been organized only last year, the Industrial Arts Club has grown in membership to forty- five men. The organiZation aims at the professional development of its members, all of whom have an interest in the field of industrial arts. In carrying out this aim lectures, movies and demonstrations serve to enrich the meetings with practical information on different phases of the work. A dinner and two picnics make up the social portion of the year's program. Professors Grinstead, Goetz, Gaines and Smith sponsor LAC. OF F ICERS President . Merl Case Vice-President Charles Honeywell Secretary-Treasurer Bob Hoffmever ONE HUNDRED EIGHT DOLPHINS TOP ROW: Chapman, Stongcr, Sartain, Meyers, Wocllncr, Allred, Foster. SECOND ROW: Moccle Rue, Fnjen, Hampy, Cascbolt, Campbell, Griggs. THIRD ROW: Holloway, White, Pryor, Bohon, Yale. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA TOP ROW: Dr. Tcr Kcurst, Hart, Tepffcr, Young, Merle, Newhouse, Dameron. SECOND ROW: Post, Mitchell, Heffclfingcr, Jones, Knipmeycr, Dibble. THIRD ROW: FirthLPrcggc, NIalIinson, Rey- nolds, Schmidt, chcl. FOURTH ROW: Baker, Brocknway, KTuirhcad, Dick, Shobc. INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB TOP ROW: Kramer, Ncwcomb, Olson, Gar- outtc, Goscr, Nloorc, chorgcc, Suxton, NIurlcy. SECOND ROW: Harris, Case, Twyman, Har- der, Rowland, Hall, Wilcoxon, Wilson. THIRD ROW: Palmer, Dibble, Hammers, Yankee, Hoffmcycr, Wicgcrs, Lord. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Goctz, NIL Grinstcad, Honeywell, Hare, Mr. Smith, Mr. Gaines. FIFTH ROW: Mortony Umstnttd, Saxton, Jones. ONE HUNDRED NINE Association for Childhood Education International The purposes of the Association for Childhood Education are to work for the education and wcll-bcing of children, to bring into active coopera- tion 311 groups interested in children in the home, the school, and the community, and to promote desirable educational practices in the element- ;try school. A.C.F. meets monthly to discuss subjects of interest to future primary teachers. The faculty advisor is Miss Aruba B. Charlton. OF F ICERS President Margaret Peck Vice-Prcsident , Margaret Groves Secretary Betty Carter Treasurer Ruby Knipmeyer Crescendo tClub tiCultivatiozi bf better appreciation of good music on the campus? is the ideal which the Crescendo Club seeks to realize. The demonstration- of definite musical ability and the fulfillment of certain departmental and residence requirements are necessary prc-rcquisites to membership in this music group. Professor Paul R. Utt was assisted by the music staff in directing the activities of Crescendo Club. OFFICERS President Gene Ferguson Vice-President Mary Gay Craig Secretary-Treasurer Marilyn Mereness International Relations tlub ttTo broaden the viewpoints and attitudes of members in the realm of international affairsii is one of the purposes of the International Rela- tions Club. Under the guidance of Professor Wood and Dr. Foor the club seeks to promote interest in international relations and encourage open dis- cussion of the various topics under this general subject, and thus further understanding of the problems involved in maintaining world brother- hood. Membership in I.R.C. is extended to all students who are sincerely interested. OFFICERS President Thomas Mitchell Vice-President Jack Clark Secretary-Treasurer Laura Thomas ONE HUNDRED TEN ASSOCIATION FOR CHILDHOOD EDUCATION TOP ROW: IVIiss Charlton, chcl, Birdsong, Knipmcyer, Young. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Etter, Scitz, Peck, Dick. THIRD ROW: Schmidt, Peck, McCarty, Cnr- TCl'. CRESCENDO CLUB TOP ROW: Ferguson, Patric, Pcttigrow, Mc- Clellan, Jeter, Kuhn, Smith. SECOND ROW: Cook, chkcn, Thompson, Brazclton, Bohart, White, Post. THIRD ROW: Johnson, Scott, Merencss, Schnnz, Zulauf, Mr. Utt. FOURTH ROW: Smith, Gooch, Schnnz, Koc- nig. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB TOP ROW: Underwood, Grccn, Peterson, Goscr, Lyon, Wetter, Martin. SECOND ROW: Marshall, Nicmcyer, Row- land, Adclman, Reynolds, Jones, Unger, Van- dcpopulicre. THIRD ROW: Mr. Wood, Vaughn, NIajor, Ovcrfclt, Hieronymus, Mitchell, Dr. Foor. FOURTH ROW: Elliston, Clark, Gillilan, Jones, Martin, Thomas. ONE HUNDRED ELEVEN Student Ministerial Alliance One of the most active religious groups on the campus is the Student Ministerial Alliance. Members of this group are students preparing to enter the ministry. This group, which is sponsored by Dr. James Sill, helped promote the organization of the Student Christian Association on the campus this year, and were lenders in the planning of Religious Emphasis Week. OFFICERS President Julius Rechterman Secretary Burton Hugger: Newman Club The newest addittion to the religious groups on the campus is the Newman Club, founded at C.M.S.C. in October, 1949. This active organ- ization of Catholic students is sponsored by Mr. Mead Johnson. Members- ship is open to all Catholic students and the club has as its purpose the desire to foster the spiritual, intellectual, and social interests of the Catholic students on the campus. OFFICERS President Robert Quinn Vice-President John Hoff Secretary Angela Ruchtcr Treasurer David Duensing Pi Kappa Delta Whenever you see a gathering of debaters itis probably a meeting of Missouri Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic fraternity. These scholars of argumentation were this year coached by Dr. Gilbert Rau. Under his direction the team of Miss Anna Faye chf and Miss Anna Mae Price established an enviable record by emerging victorious in the majority of its verbal duels in intercollegiate meets throughout the midwest. OFFICERS President Jerry McDaniel Vice-President Jack Friedbcrg Secretary-Treasurer Anna Mae Price ONE HUNDRED TWELVE STUDENT MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE TOP ROW: Huggctt, Dr. Sill, Worthington Kelly. SECOND ROW: Stever, Pctcrs, Rechtcrman. NEWMAN CLUB L TOP ROW: Green, Mudd, Sterner, Volkmcr, Chenowcth. SECOND ROW: Simpsony Wulf, Timmons. Ruehtcr. THIRD ROW: Dcmnrea, Schumakcr, Flmigan. PI KAPPA DELTA TOP ROW: Dr. Rnu, Smith, McDaniel. SECOND ROW: chf, Hcffley, Price. ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN "W" Club On a certain May evening When you hear the crack of hickorv paddles mingled with blood curdling screams coming from the front of the Star Theater, it means that a group of C.M.S.C.,s younger athletes are being welcomed into the TTW" Club, the campus lettermalfs organiza- tion. This year, as in the past, the club has led a crusade to encourage sportsmanship among the members of the student body. Social events in- cluded several fine dances and a picnic. Sponsorship was vested in Coach Harry Fritz. OFFICERS President Bill Bell Secretary Clarence Cassing Alpha Phi Delta Alpha Phi Delta, womenhs honorary organization, Was founded in 1919 for the purpose of recognizing and encouraging scholastic attainment among C.M.S.C. women. Not only a high grade average, but also strength of character and a well balanced personality are considered requisites for mem- bership in A.P.D. The organization meets each term under the capable guidance of Miss Gertrude Hosey, faculty sponsor. OFFICERS President Laura Thomas Vice-President Emma Sue Tope Secretary-Treasurer Billie Jean Cumming Alpha Phi Sigma T0 instill within each member a love for learning and a sincere de- sire to strive continually to maintain the highest standards of scholarship, are the purposes under which Alpha Phi Sigma, honorary scholastic fraternity, has served during its twenty years on the campus. The fraternity requires that members shall have been either valedictorian or salutatorian of their high school graduating class. Mr. Gladfelter had the honor of serving as sponsor for this distinguished group of students. OFFICERS President Kathryn Baker Vice-President Charles Huhn Secretary-Treasurer Forrest Hickman ONE HUNDRED FOURTEEN W CLUB TOP ROW: Carter, Thompson, Cassing, Hover- dcr, Kammeyer, Laney, Branson, Mr. Fritz. SECOND ROW: Martin, Matthews, Bourns, Sterner, Meyers, Sarver, Buxton. THIRD ROW: Elwell, Wnllin, B011, Brewer, Schnichors, Mack. FOURTH ROW: Hughes, Gcringcr, Faulkner, Dayton, Ward, Webster. FIFTH ROW: Highfill, Tometic, Driefes. ALPHA PHI DELTA TOP ROW: Hursh, Hampy, Smith, Hierony- mus, Collings, Mengcl, Firth, Harlan, Bel- scampcr, Ekern. SECOND ROW: Peck, Thomas, Reed, Snod- grass, Knipmeycr, Birdsong, Martin, Seitz, Topc, Endacott. THIRD ROW: Miss Hoscy, Duzan, Haun, Morehead, Cochran, Pnrkhurst, Baker, Taylor, Thomas, Miller. FOURTH ROW: Walker, Reynolds, Alexander, Donny, Saunders, Sappenficld, Campbell, Casc- boIt, Price. FIFTH ROW: Neff, Brackaway, Shackclford. Charles, Malone, LeVeskc, Mills, Jones, Bry- ant. Lacey. ALPHA PHI SIGMA TOP ROW: Chambers, Young, Hall, Billings- lca, Thompson, Hieronymus, Mcngel, Collings. Birdsong, Yoder, Walters. SECOND ROW: Kuhn, Hickman, Smith, Blankenship, Wadell, Dccm, Zulauf, Knipmey- cr, Skidmore, Powers. THIRD ROW: Payne, Mr. Gladfeltcr, Enda- cort, Kavannugh, Breckenridge, Hammond, Parkhurst, Seitz, Clark, Sanders. FOURTH ROW: KincaicL Ogden, Kelley, Snodgrass, Charles, Christian, Taylor, Newham. Sappcnficld, Hereford. FIFTH ROW: White, Morehcai Cochran, Baker, Thomas, Lacey, Halley, Ring. Shrop- shire. .ar w.......--t. ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN Kappa Delta Pi Rho Chapter of Kappa Delta Pi, under the sponsorship of Miss Pauline Humphreys, serves an admirable purpose in the student life of the campus of fostering the ideals of scholarship and high moral standards among those students Who plan to enter the teaching profession. In their monthly meet- ings the members hear different speakers discuss the latest trends in pro- gressive education. Kappa Delta Pi is an honorary education fraternity which admits only those students With high scholastic standing who will be teachers. OFFICERS President Thomas A. Mitchell Vice-President Phyllis Lane Secretary Betty Lou Hunt Treasurer Mary Hieronymus Historian Donna Lee Chitty Phi Sigma Pi Alpha Chapter of Phi Sigma Pi was organized on our own campus, February 14, 1916, and the national scholastic fraternity for men has grown to include many chapters over the country. Pledges for this menis honorary, recognized by their gold crowns and baskets of sweets for the actives, are chosen each term and must have a grade average of 2.8 or better and 30 hours of residence work. The faculty sponsor is Mr. Perry McCandless. OFFICERS President Wayne Payne Vice-President Quentin Smith Secretary Forrest Hickman Treasurer Keith Stumpff Beta Alpha This group of enthusiasts of easel and palette, Beta Alpha Honorary Art Fraternity, has done much toward the development of appreciation of art at C.M.S.C. Among the projects of the fraternity is the selection and display of the best piece of student art work on the campus each month. Beta Alpha admits only students With the highest grade averages in the field of art. Miss Mary Foley and Mr. Edwin Ellis are the sponsors. OFFICERS President Mary Lou Hader Vice-President Doris Poulter Secretary Wanda Walker Treasurer Jimmy Beauchamp ONE HUNDRED SIXTEEN KAPPA DELTA PI TOP ROW: Griffith, Miss Humphreys, Miss Twichaus, Hieronymus, Firth, Chitty, Smith, Knipmeyer. SECOND ROW: Roberson, Jeter, Wood, Clark, McDaniel, Mitchell, Dr. Hemphill. THIRD ROW: Smiser, Reynolds, Miss Harris, Thomas, Hunt, Seitz. FIFTH ROW: Taylor, Baker, Watson, Snod- grass, Jones, Miss Hosey. PHI SIGMA PI TOP ROW: Sigrest, D. Smith, Vandcrlinden, Brunner, Erutti, Stumpff, Mr. McCandless. SECOND ROW: Kuhn, Niemeyer, Jeter, Mombcrg, Highfill, Henderson. THIRD ROW: McDaniel, Bnnta, Hickman, Smith, Clark, Payne. BETA ALPHA TOP ROW: Mr. Ellis, Laughlin, Sontag. White, SECOND ROW: Morrow, Walker, Hadcr. THIRD ROW: Charles, Poulter. ONE HUNDRED SEVENTEEN Kappa Mu Epsilon The purpose of Kappa Mu Epsilon, honorary mathematics fraternity, is to further the interests of mathematics, to increase appreciation of the im- portance of mathematics in the development of western civilization, and to provide a society for the recognition of outstanding achievement in the undergraduate study of mathematics. Completion of analytical geometry and high scholastic average are among the qualifications for membership. The faculty sponsor is Mr. Loren W. Akers. OFFICERS President James E. Green Vicc-Presidcnt Robert Boothe Secretary Donna Lee Chitty Treasurer Quentin Smith Kappa Omicron Phi Pi Omega Development of a deeper appreciation for the sanctity of the American home with broader social and higher intellectual achievement, and ad- vancement of the interests of home economics are the ideals of Kappa Omicron Phi, national professional home economics organization. Among the yearts activities of the group Were: a fashion show in the fall, the Founders Day Dinner, 3 Christmas party, and senior recognition program just before graduation. The faculty sponsor is Mrs. Emma T. Galbraith. OFFICERS President Ellen Sanders lst Vice-President EliZabeth Collings 2nd Vice-President Mary Nell Greenwood Corresponding Secretary Ruth Ann Parkhurst Treasurer Rita Alexander Guard Rhea Alexander Distaff Reporter Julia Ann Atkins Keeper of Archives Joy Reese Pi Among the students of commerce education, membership in Pi Omega Pi represents the highest plane of scholastic achievement. In only itts second year on the campus, the national honor society for business education stu- dents has gone far in encouraging the advancement of ethical and scholastic standards in the field of commerce. Faculty advisor for Pi Omega Pi is Miss Louretta K. Smith. OFFICERS President Phyllis Lane Vice-President Mary Ann Smith Secretary-Treasurer Donna Lee Chittv Historian Kathryn Baker ONE HUNDRED E'IGHTEEN KAPPA MU EPSILON TOP ROW: Chitty, Vandcrlindcm Green, Wy- rick, Pocsc, Stumpff' Stratton, Jackson. SECOND ROW: Dr. Hemphill, Mr. Gladfcl- tcr, Clarke, Rowland, Baker, NIr. Akcrs, Dr. B rown. THIRD ROW: Vaughn, Sigrcst, Taylor, Wurth, Smith, Boothe. KAPPA OMICRON PHI TOP ROW: Miss Youmans, Mcngcl, Collings, Bnncroff Scifers, Tocpffcr, Smith, Brading. SECOND ROW: Snodgrass, Coc, Watson, Greenwood, Pine, Worts, Saunders, Scott. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Galbraith, Mantel Alex- ander. Alexander, Parkhurst, Hunt, Dr. Ruthcr ford. PI OMEGA PI TOP ROW: Chitty, Frazier, Firth, Smith, Mr. Lansford. ECOND ROW: Payne, Miss Smith, Mrs. Lass, Mrs. Lnnsford, Endacott. 'HIRD ROW': Hickman, Baker, Tope, Still. Cappenfield. ONE HUNDRED NINETEEN away M7631 Zeta Kappa Epsilon Membership in Zeta Kappa Epsilon, honorary history fraternity, is limited to students with B averages or better in history subjects. In their monthly meetings the members seek to advance the spirit of world citizen- ship through research and discussion in the field of social science. Dr. Poor and Dr. Marti are the sponsors. OFFICERS President Burford Lauer Secretary Ernest Youhouse Treasurer Margaret Jones Baptist Student Union The B.S.U. is a connecting link between the college and the local church in the college center. Noon-day devotions which were sponsored by the B.S.U. every day, were open to all students on the campus. A Fellow- ship hour is held each Sunday after the evening church service. A Baptist Student Center is located opposite the campus and is the headquarters for various activities of the group. Dr. Elizabeth Rutherford is their faculty sponsor. OFFICERS President Glenna Blain Vice-Presidents Marjorie Brading Boyd Huffman Lucy Wagner Secretary Pat Foreman Cosmopolitan Club The world is united on the campus of C.M.S.C. in the Cosmopolitan Club whose members are representative of the various countries of the eastern and western hemispheres. Its purpose is to unite the students from abroad on the campus with our own students and to promote international good will and understanding. The club is under the able sponsorship of Miss Elizabeth Callaway. hIeetings are held bi-monthly on Sunday after- moons. During the spring term the members were hard at work preparing for the foreign student conclave to be held on the campus April 28-29. OFFICERS President Randy Smith Vice-President Ivan Obendorfer Secretary Shirley Adelman Treasurer Faith Casebolt Parliamentarian-Historian Pat Brown Sgt.-at-Arms Mario Cordcm ONE HUNDRED TWENTY ZETA KAPPA EPSvILON TOP ROW: Marshall, Wetter, Lauer, You- house. vy SECOND ROW: Underwood, Overfelt, Gilli- Ian. THIRD ROW: Reynolds, Niemeyer, Martin. BAPTIST STUDENT UNION TOP ROW: Brading, Firth, DeJarnette, Bet- teridge, Fisher, Landon, McClellan, VVurling, Donnclly, Smith, Milburn. SECOND ROW: Knipmeyer, Rice, Ccarlc'm Rothenberger, Birdsong, Brown, Johnson, Mill- er, Hickman, Ettcr, Ottinger. THIRD ROW: Peck, Williams, Keller, VVil- liams, Cruse, Semple, Hofstetter, Parker, Blain, Hader, Huffman. IOURTH ROW: Blaine, Powers, Zulauf, VVa- tcrs, Fraziery Springer, Clark, Clark, Williams, Christian, Bradford. FIFTH ROW: Foreman, Shobe, Sanders, Blank- enship, Honn, Ring, Stauffer, Fitzgerald, Ott- inger, Canfield, Dr. Rutherford, Vaughn. COSMOPOLITAN CLUB TOP ROW: Miss Callaway, Kaneko, Ticc, Ad- elman, Smith, Obendorfer, Ro. SECOND ROW: Isokawa, Pullman, Cordcro, Chang, Niemeyer, Mitchell THIRD ROW: Dobles, Brown, Rodriguez, Casebolt, Scott, Hadet. FOURTH ROW: Vargas, Jimenez, VVillinms, Boyle, Lyperides. ONE HUNDRED TxVENTY-ONE Disciple's Student Fellowship This organization is a chapter of the International Ecclesia of Disciple Student Fellowship, and is sponsored by the local Christian Church. The D.S.F. meets each Sunday and maintains a supper club as a part of its program of worship and fellowship. Dr. Laura J. Nahm is the sponsor. OFFICERS Co-Presidents Mary Gay Craig Walter Pence Secretary Martha Lee Thompson Treasurers Rhea Alexander Rita Alexander Gamma Delta Gamma Delta is the student organization of the Lutheran Church. Activi- ties of the group this year included a regional convention in Columbia, the initiation of new members in November and a weekend camp this spring, in addition to the regularly scheduled meetings on the second and fourth Thursday of each month. OFFICERS President Paul Morgemotl- Vice-President Lawrence Steinmeyer Secretary Janice Tiesler Corresponding Secretary Jewell Pregge Treasurer Paul Nelson Methodist Student Movement Each Sunday evening members of the Methodist Student Movement meet at the local church. Highlighting the yeafs program were the state conferences held in the fall and spring at the Lake of the Ozarks. Local activities included a reception for new students in the fall, and a Valentine banquet. Mr. Robert Goetz sponsors the group. OFFICERS President Billie Cumming Vice-President Laura Madelyn Mills Secretary Harlene Reed Treasurer Charles Moore ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-TWO DISCIPLES STUDENT FELLOWSHIP TOP ROW: Bishop, Cundiff, Ross, Dove, Gil- lespie, Scifcrs, Marr. SECOND ROW: Pence, Shropshire, Hamilton, Thompson, Elliott, Craig. THIRD ROW: Heady, Alexander, Alexander, Summers. FOURTH ROW: Lambeth, Hodges, Brown GAMMA DELTA TOP ROW: P. Nelson, Yoss, Peterson, A. Vie- brock, Kolm. SECOND ROW: Bahrcnburg, S. Nelson, R. Gerkin, V. Viebrock, Steinmcyer, Morgenroth. THIRD ROW: Rev. Strickert, Bargfrede, Iso- kawa, Prcggc, Klein, Behrcns, Dr. Rau. FOURTH ROW: Hein, Ticsler, Gerike, Stuck- er, VVilkcns, Bockelman. METHODIST STUDENT MOVEMENT TOP ROW: Mr. Goctz, Fields, Thompson, Jackson, Payne, Fowler, Tocpffer, Yodcr. SECOND ROW: Hammond, Mansur, Mansur, Joy, Schupp, Hauser, Bradley. THIRD ROW: Smith, Moffitt, Baker, Vance, Stewart. FOURTH ROW: Hauscr, Mills, Cumming. Reed. ONE HUNDRED TWENTY-THREE Modern Foreign Language 'Club The Modern Foreign Language Club was organized on the campus several years ago with the purpose of offering the students of foreign languages a greater opportunity to become adept in the use of the languages, of meeting socially other language students, and of learning some- thing about the literature, customs, and music of countries in which the languages are spoken. Membership is open to all student who have had work in foreign languages. Miss Anne G. Harris is the faculty sponsor. OFFICERS President Laura Thomas Vice-President Gene Ferguson Secretary-Treasurer Gerry Williams Orchesis Orchesis, a modern dance club, was founded on the campus in 1927 to create in interested girls a love for poise and beauty through interpretive and other types of modern dancing. This desire for the development of grace and dancing skill is still one of the fundamental ideals of Orchesis members. The groups gave its annual presentation of the traditional pro- gram, TtThe Juggler of Notre Dameii at the Christmas Convocation. Mrs. Dorothy Witzl is Orchesis sponsor. Manager Carolyn Ekern Science Club The Science Club, an affiliate of the college division of the Missouri Academy of Sciences, was organized on the campus in 1908. Its purpose is to give science students and those interested in science an opportunity to exchange ideas and foster an increased interest in science on the campus. Among their activities was a native tree and shrub planting program on the campus. Dr. Sam Hewitt is the faculty sponsor. OF F ICERS President Joe Vandepopuliere Vice-President Gerry Williams Secretary-Treasurer Carlos Kay's ONE HUNDRED .TWE'NTYfFOUR MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB TOP ROW: Kummcycr, Mills, Flaig, Mr. John- son, Sccvcrs, Miss Callaway. SECOND ROW: Scott, Scott, McCurlcy, 813- 5' glc, Miss Harris. THIRD ROW: Mitchell, Thomas, Kummeyer. FOURTH ROW: Sharp, Mathis, Williams. ORCHESIS TOP ROW: Meyers, Cascbolt, Bohart, Browm Dccrc, Mycrs, Keller, Mrs. Witzl. SECOND ROW: Stongcr, Elgin, Sampson, Brown, Findlay, Ekcrn, Dulohcry. THIRD ROW: Brown, Baysc, IVInIonc, Hodges, Shnckclford, Halley. SCIENCE CLUB TOP ROW: Stumpff, Vandcpopulicrc, Hierony- mus, Dr. Hewitt, Kaycs, Clark. SECOND ROW: Mr. Akars, Williams, Young, Schorlc, Allan, Dr. Brown, Dr. Morris. ONE HUNDRED 'IWVENTY-FIVE The R.LD.S. Student League The Reorganized Latter Day Saint Student League was organized to assist in developing religious life on the campus to a higher Christian plane. Mr. Ammon Roberson is faculty sponsor of the group which meets twice a month. One of the projects of the group this year was the planning and presentation of the evening service at the local L.D.S. church in January. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Chairman Burton Huggett Loretta Bozarth Ruth Belscnmper Hazel Burge Wilma Redfield Theta Alpha Phi Participation, either as an actor or stage manager, in a required number of college productions is necessary for membership in Missouri Delta Chapter of Theta Alpha Phi, national dramatic fraternity. Under the direction of the fraternity and its sponsor, Miss Irene Freeman, THE PIT tarena theatery was designed by Dick White and created in a large vacant room in Dockery entirely by student hands. The first arena production was sponsored by the drama group and directed by Miss Helen Watson, .1 member. OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Historian Paula Griffith Helen Watson Norma Jane Heady Doris Poulter Elaine Woods Recreational Association W.R.A. was organized to promote a high physical efficiency among the women of C.M.S.C. by creating opportunities for participation in healthful physical recreation. During the year W.R.A. sponsored activities in volleyball, tennis, basketball, badminton, and softball. The organization, which is sponsored by Miss Louise Martin, is associated with the National Womenis Athletic Association. OFFICERS President Lauretta Stonger Vice-President Mary Brady Secretary-Treasurer June Martin ONE HUNDRED TWENTYeSIX R.L.D.S. YOUTH GROUP TOP ROW: Worthington, Huggctt, Raveill, Craven, Craven, Nickerson. SECOND ROW: Mr. Roberson, M. ancill, A. Ravcill, Hursh, Ward, Ward. THIRD ROW: Norman, Bclscampcr, Redfield, Bozarth. THETA ALPHA PHI TOP ROW: Jackson, Wood, Laughlin, Kline. SECOND ROW: Heady, Griffith, White. THIRD ROW: Poulter, Watson, Roberson. WOMENS RECREATION ASSOCIATION TOP ROW: Post, Firth, Ekcrn, Meyers, Harlan. Stongcr, Brady. SECOND ROW: Mocckli, Hnmpy, Rodriguez, Elgin, Griggs, Martin. THIRD ROW: Shumnkcr, IVIooncy, Brown. Adams, LeVeske. ONE HUNDRED TVVENTY-SEVEN TOP ROW: Henderson, Forbes, Tometie, Gardner, Dexter, Smith. SECOND ROW: Snow, Champlin, White, Highfill, Ragle, Hoffman, Brown, Crump, Lovan, Sticgmeier. THIRD ROW: Mr. Broach, Theiss, Anderson, Turner, Schroeder, Middleton. FOURTH ROW: VVinbum, Reid, Carter, Bailc. l Last ycaris track team had a pretty fair season under the able directing and coaching of Billy Breach. The team entered two outstanding events. The first was in the Columbia indoor meet where the Mules most outstanding track star, Nazworthy, made his opponents eat dirt, as he galloped away to win :1 first in the 60 yard high hurdles and a 2nd place in the 60 yard lows. In the outdoor conference meet held at R0113, Tometie won for his team a first place in the quarter mile; Nazworthy took second place in the 120 highs; the Mules 880 yard relay team made up of Carter, Gardner, Anderson, and Tomctie, swung into second place in this event. The mile relay team, made up of Turner, Anderson, Lovan, and Tometie, placed third in their event. ONE HUNDRED TW'ENTY-NINE HOMECOMING HOUSE DECORATIONS HOMECOMI NG PARADE DINKS HOLLIS ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-T VO HOMECOMING QUEEN'S ATTENDANTS ELLEN GRAY JERRY BRYANT SAMMIE HODGES IANIE COON PAT BROWN PEGGY JOHNSON ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-THREE Hughes Bell Bourns Dreifus Schneihorst Brightwell Thompson Paul e Martin Webster, Meyer, Gereinger Wamsley Buxton Gardener Hillard Brewer Lichtner Villmer Titus Flomerfelt Egbert Lawson Buxton Ma j ors f Volkmcr 2.,,IC24' JR? 0 W Morgan Givans This year3s record showed signs of improvement over the 348 season, winning 3 and losing 5 of the season,s schedule while dropping 3 of the 5 conference games. The team, under the leadership of mentors Tate Page, Harry Fritz, and Billy Broach, used the southern form of the 33T3, formation, introduced here by Coach 33Piney33 Page, last year. Spring practice this year was under the supervision of Coach Fritz, and as :1 whole, the squad showed much improvement. Coach Page has taken a leave of absence this year and is doing additional study for his doctorate at the University of Kansas. SCHEDULE OF THE SEASON WE THEY 35 Rockhurst 6 14 Central 20 21 Cape Girardeau 6 0 Rolla 31 0 Missouri Valley 15 26 Kirksville 13 18 Springfield 28 13 Maryville 40 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-EIGHT TH E TEAM FRONT ROW: Highfill, Frcund, Elwcll. FRONT ROW: Potter, Lobb, Craven, Speaks. SECOND ROW: Kammeyer, Laney, Baille, Branson. BACK ROW: Shelp, Clark, Gladback, Smith, Frudeger. BACK ROW: Riley, Hoverdor, Kammcycr, Cassing, ' Mr. Kcth. G. Kammever Cassing Hoverdor Frcund ONE HUNDRED FORTY "4V? Kammeyer Brnnson Highfill Baille ONE HUNDRED FORTY-ONE The Warrensburg tiCagersi, turned in an impressive record this season, under the leadership of Coach Earl K. Kcth, winning 14- and dropping 12 of the ycark schedule and finishing in second place in thc M.I.A.A. conference. The Mules added many honors to their seasonis record, taking second place in thc Mid-West Bas- ketball tournament at Terre Haute, Indiana, with Clarence Cassing being awarded the sportsmanship tro- phy, and he and Chuck Branson Winning positions on the tournament alI-star team. Other individual honors were won by three members of the squad receiving berths on the various all-confcrcnce team. Glenn Kammeyer, first team; Homer Branson, second team; and Clarence Cassing, third team. The Mulcis record showed much deserved reward, in the fine playing and school spirit shown in their fight for the conference crown. They approached this honored position several times during the season, and in the final stages of the campaign, surged to within one game of this goal. Next yearis team Will be built around the nucleus of nine lcttcrmen, with three of thc ttKeth- meiW of this season leaving. SCHEDULE OF THE SEASON WE THEY WE THEY 61 Washburn 58 53 Cape Girardeau 37 76 Emporia 35 65 Rolls. 40 60 St. Benedicts 72 67 St. Benedicts 48 37 Caterpillar 50 S4 Emporia 56 57 Quincy 62 56 Missouri Valley 58 52 Washburn 53 4-5 Springfield 53 33 Westminster 37 53 Cape Girardeau SI 57 Ottowa 49 48 Kirksville 5 1 58 Missouri Valley 65 71 Rolla SS 59 East Illinois 58. 51 Maryville 42 60 Hanover S3 38 Springfield 36 42 Franklin 58 84- Kirksviile 62 4S Emporia 40 48 Maryviile 54 ONE HUNDRED FORTY-TWO JAMES S. WHITFIELD Prerizimzt PORTER C. JEFFERIES Vite-Preridem Since its second year of operation, the Student Government Association has made great strides. The original constitution was adopted by the student body at a special election held on April 22, 1948. It was accepted as the official governing document for the student body as of the opening day of the fall term, 1948. This constitution was formulated by the Intergroup Relations Committee of the 1947-48 Student Council. There were four amendments to the original constitution followed by amendment number five, revising it into a more workable document. This re-written constitution was passed by a unanimous vote of the Student Assembly in the Spring Term of 1949. There have been no amendments to this constitution. We would like to take this opportunity and means, on behalf of all members elected and appointed to the Student Government Association, to thank the student body and faculty for their support this year. If it were not for this, SGA could not and would not exist. JAMES S. WHITFIELD Prerident PORTER JEFFERIES Vica-Prexidem ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SIX STUDENT ASSEMBLY Sam Overfelt, Presiding Officer, Billie Cumming, Secretary; B. Lycan, V. King, V. gig?- Peterson, M. Craig, R. .PQPELOY' SECOND ROW: PLJCffcries, Gossct, J. Whitfield, Iuchs, A. Price, I. Rowland, Dr. Grimes, L. Highfill, D. White, R. Smith, R. Hill. EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Wayne Phillips, Chm. Social 8: Rec. Com.; Carl Bergman, Chm. Fin. 8 Budgetary Com.; Dave Smith, Chm. Citizenship COUL; Ray Gross- man, Chm. Facilities; Rick Fullerton, Chm. Intcr-Group Relations; Jim Whitfield, President; Ernest Youhouse, Chm. Extra-Curriculnr; Porter Jefferies, Vice-President; Anna M. Price, Reporter; Julia Ann Atkins Unsco, Chm. Convocation 8c Orientation Com. STUDENT COURT Mills Mcushke Boyer L 4700,24 17219773 Reinhart Feagan Dnnklcf Sontag ahicordco Givan Campbell 32gb ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN PAN-HELLENIC ASSOCIATION TOP ROW: Muirhcad, Treas., S t a u d e r, Pres., Snodgrass, Corr. Sec. SECOND ROW: Miss Hosey, Sponsor, Weldon, Atkins. git TOP ROW: Boedecker, F w, Pres, Griffith, Vice-Pres., Massey. SECOND ROW: Mack, Mr. Fritz, Sponsor, Smith. THIRD ROW: Phillips, Sec.-Treas., Pruitt, 1w- Candless. II a V 5 i WOMEN'S SELF-GOVERNING ASSOCIATION TOP ROW: Homfcld, Billingslea, A d e l m a 11, Buck, Clarke, Cruce, John- son, chman. . SECOND ROW: Endn- cott, Kcltner, Alexander, Blankenship, Jones, Miller, Watson. THIRD ROW: Garrett, Smith, Taylor, Van Meter, B. Barker, Lambeth, Mrs. Clarke. FOURTH ROW: Tope, J. Sappington, Rodgers, Whitaker, Van dcr Feitz. ONE HUNDRED FORTY-EIGHT LADORNA HIGHLAND RHETOR QUEEN ATTENDANTS Mary Covcll Marjorie Morehead Mary Lou Kincaid Mary Frances chel Marilyn McCarty ONE HUNDRED FIFT'Y-ONE At the Ball Crowning the Queen Clyde McCoy and his HSugar Blue? Orchestra The Ball The Yo-Yo Contest Clyde McCoy The Queen and her Court of Honor ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-TWO "NIGHT MUST FALL" Bob Pruitt Paula Griffith L ' L Norma Heady Bob Pruitt "THE OLD MAID" LEFT Jerry McDaniel, Joe Ream, Elaine Wood, RIGHT-- Marilou Myers, Jim Jackson, Sally Shori CENTER Elaine Wood, Sally Shori ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-THREE MADRIGAL CHOIR TOP ROW: G. Vinson, R. Shotwcll, G. Ferguson, W. Pcttigrcw. I. OIMallcy, R.' Haywood. SECOND ROW: D. Cook, D. Trout, I.Suthcr1;md, P. Williams, L. Brazelton, L. West. THIRD ROW: M. Anderson, W. Schanz, B. White, N. White, G. Frances, Mr. Utt. Accompanist: L. Mills. MAJOR EVENTS OF THE SEASON December 1, 194-9 .mSymphony Orchestra Program December 2, 1949 .......................... Faculty Recital December 7, 194-9 .......................... Faculty Recital December 18, 1949 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, The Messiah February 16, 1950 -,..Program of Ensemble Music February 19, I950 ,,,,,,,,,, Symphony Band Concert March 13-17, 1950 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Band Trips March 31-April 1, 1950 .................. Music Contests April 5, 1950 ...................... Concert Of Concertos April 18, 1950 ........................ Madrigal Choir and Womexfs Glee Club Concert April 19, 1950 .......... Fourth Annual Band Concert May 15, 1950 .............. The Chimes Of Normandy ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-FOUE WOMEN'S GLEE CLUB TOP ROW: B. Kenny, B. Frictick, I. Shcphard, D. Cun- diff, C. Shields, I. Bnhrcnburg, J- Bockclmnn, L. Lovan. SECOND ROW: B. White, M. Chalmers, M. Craig, H. chkcn, G. Stumpf, S. Adclmun, Miss Shockcy. THIRD ROW: E. Frccmzm, I Austin, L. Dietrich, I. Ken- nedy, I. Sturgcs, D. Schnnz, R. Boles. Accompanist: L. Rue. Mr. Davies, Miss Shockcy, Mr. Williams JIM BEAUCHAMP JOAN GREEN HUNDRED FI FTY-FIVE -WHO'S WHO AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN COLLEGES and UNIVERSITIES Students are nominated to ths Who among Students annually by approximately 600 colleges and universities. In making their selections, college nominating committees are instructed to consider the studenEs scholarship, cooperation and leadership in academic and extracurricular activities, general citizenship, and promise of future usefulness. julia Ann Atkins Kathryn Baker Homer Branson Donna Lee Chitty Billie Cumming James Green Norman Jeter David W. Lnughlin Jerry McDaniel Robert Mcuschke Thomas A. MitchellJames Phillips Wayne Phillips Robert Pruitt Ronald Stauder Helen Watson Iamcs S. Whitfield William Wolfrum ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-SIX FALL TERM 4,5! TOP ROW: Evelyn Back, Don Callahan, Inez Chamberlain, Gustavo Colmcnarcs, John Gieringcr. SECOND ROW: Ruth Kammeycr, Sam Overfclt, Anna Shobe, Jay Smith, William Wolfrum. WINTER TERM TOP ROW: Pat Brown, Peter Christiansen, Sammy Hodges, Robert Jones. . . ' SECOND ROW: James Kezele, Esther Mengel, Arch Montgomery, Ruth Parkhurst. M133 ICIC Johnson THIRD ROW: Russ Popejoy, Wayne Pounds, Robert Walters. Staff Spomor THOMAS A. MITCHELL SHIRLEY ADELMAN x; Erlimr-iwChief Asmciafe Edimr MELVIN G. WETTER CHARLES R. WHITE MEL JENKINS Burma: Manager Art Editor Plzotograpller ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT RHETOR STAF F BILLIE CUMMING jIM GRIFFITH BERYL LYCAN Photography Editor Organizations Editor Sports Editor jACKIE LeVESKE MARGARET WATSON BARBARA WURTH Business Secretary Class Editor Class Editor The curtain closes and "The Drama of the Year 1950 ends." With this comes the haunting echoes of an empty theater to re- mind us, the staff, that we may have made mistakes. For this we are sincerely sorry. Acting as directors of this production we had to look at the whole and consequently missed many of the details you as individuals would want recorded. This could not be. May all of you be big enough to overlook what you consider glaring errors or unnecessary omissions and enjoy the book. Credit for this production is given to the following: Mr. Wm. Johnson, for letting us dispossess him and for his encouraging advice; Mr. C. E. Muchmore for keeping us out of the red; Mr. Craig, our sponsor, for being around when needed; The Administration for acting as "angel" of this book. Those individuals who encouraged us with their cooperation without which this book could not have gone to press: The Burger-Baird Engraving Company for their fine work; MR. BEN CRAIG Mr. Baker and The Star-Journal for printing; , And Phototone Company for the covers. Smff Sfomor THE EDITOR AND STAFF OH! HUNDRED FIFTY-NINE Va? A1 Ex .. sma-Joumm WaRRENsEuRL Ma

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