University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO)

 - Class of 1949

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University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1949 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1949 volume:

w w r 4 ' .. 2 L ,f j f ,X f Q . - X 1. wi u 4 L 1 V, A, I LH, l, ... .,A, l L, 'li 7fW! SSQQSSOURI ST s.. Ne ws 0 4 fx Si f 9 3'mj ff PHESENTINQ A 9749 FIDNEEPTS A SM L". l CENTRAL MISSOURI STATE CULLEGT K H M .J l WAHHENSEUHE , MISSUUHI DEDICATION 1 TO CHARLES F. MARTIN, A GENTLEMAN, A SCHOLAR, AND A CREDIT TO HIS PROFESSION, WE DEDICATE THE 1949 RHETOR IN APPRECIATION OF HIS LONG PERIOD OF CONSCIENTIOUS SERVICE IN THE FIELD OF EDUCATION. 4 -fi Nom m ' wTi75Q"5"3Mu37f- W ff X V .-f , x, v Z1 - , " 5 '. ' :Nm 9 , 4 571 Q " X ,. Q " K '-4. N I' VY ch-,qs 'ETS '-A EAMIOUJ VIEWS IIFQLMETIIIIILHIFGNI GEMLAJJHEBQW GDIIRQIQTANJIZACHIHIMDNS SIIDGIDHRQIFS QQKGEQIUITVIIIGIIHIIJIESS ADMINISTRATIGN BUILDING if DGCKERV BUILDING Ward Edwards Library Graphic Arts Building Morrow Gymnasium Shop Building Laboratory Sclwool College Residence North Hall Laura J. Veater Hall WILSON C. MORRIS SCIENCE I-IALI. I , Eg 1 GOVERNMENT HOUSING aa? Ei EAST I-IALI. Under construction xx A ' Qu 'Q TRAILER CAMP Qilll MESSAGE llFllRlDllMlf 6llKlllilllll3p llDllRllE5SllllllDllE5llNllClIF 9 g i 5 C V 4 1 ln a peculiar and unusual sense this is your book. You, as a member of the Central Missouri State College family, have made it possible. The stone and the plaster and other materials found upon any campus do not make the College. You are the College and this book is a record of what you have achieved, the record of your activities and of the imprint of your personality. The i949 Rhetor is, therefore, a record of the year, of the people and of the events that have determined the achieve- ments of the year. This volume is not necessarily history as history is usually written, but in years to come, no more com- prehensive record of achievements will be found than in this volume of the Rhetor. . May you and your friends get enjoyment from the pages of this book. May it be always to you a book of memory of the time you spent upon this campus. May it make more real to you the traditions and the controlling philosophy of your Alma Mater. May it encourage loyalty on your part to the College, its students, its faculty, and its alumni. Because the year that has passed is one in which the College has moved forward, both materially and profession- ally, it has been possible for the Rhetor staff to produce a volume of which we can well be proud. The Editor and his associates deserve our commendation and thanks. May that appreciation be expressed not only in words but in service, may we dedicate ourselves to the building of a better world through the applications of the ideals and the conceptions of human relations to which this College is dedicated and which, in part, are portrayed by the i949 Rhetor. G. W. DIEMER, President Central Missouri State College GEORGE WILLIS DIEMER President, Central Missouri State Coll GIIUEIUIEQ llEn4DQ4MIRllD GDIIF HRHEQGBHBNQIFS MR. HUBER1' VVHEELER Jejfferfon City COL. A. M. HITCH DR. R. LEE COOPER Tvucu IDI-IVVEY P. THA'1'CH Bofmzzilfe W'a1'renJI2urg Cfiflffiil N MR. JAMES C. KIRKPATRICK MR. EARL T. CRAXVFORD MRS. H. HART Jejjfcwon City Sedfzfia Kmzm: City CHIHIHIUIEE HDJIEEANS -EI V . IRA C Deaf LARK z of W!072ze7Z f I DR. LOYD E. GRIMES IRVING L. PETERS Dean nf Student Performs! Dean of Administration HAZEL CROUNSE Sfcrezfary, Lab. School CHARLES SANDERS B.S. iri Ed., Agriculture FRED LASLEY B.S. iri Agriculture A griculture CLARENCE R. PEARCE B. S. Agriculture A gricuiture HARRIE'1"FE FORD Library .AIRTHUR TER KEURST AB., M.S.E., Plz.D. Education mid Pfyclioiogy C. H. BROVVN B.S., M.S., P!i.D. M uthemdtias EVELYN EAKER B .M u. Director, Yeufer Hall PAT DIEHL Searctury to the Dean of Vffomeri O. A. MARTI B.S., AJLI., PED., B.D. Social Studief RUTH FITZGERALD A.B., b'.S. iii Ed., A.M. Education, Lab. Sofiooi ARUBA CHARLTON PMB., A.M. Laboratory School ROBERT E. SMITH B.S. in Ed., A. M. Iuduffrioi Art: ELIZABETH ENGLE B.S. iri Ed., M.S. Home Ecoriomiw HELEN GILBERT HS. iii Ed., A.M. Pliysical E dueutiori E. F. LOW B.S. in .4grimltiu'.e, Ed. A grimlture . PAUL MORRIS .I BS. in Ed., A.M., Ph. Physios and Chemistry HELPIN JAMIESON A B., M .S. Physiml Education SAM P. HEVVIT"F E.S., M.Ed., Ph.D. Biology MRS. PAUL EVANS B.S. in Ed. Secretary fo the ROBERT GOETZ , . , b.S. in Ed. l7ZKZZL.ff7'l6Zl Arts MAIQIE TODD Ph.E., A. M. English DEAN E. MCINTIRE Veterans Adininislrdtion BEN R. CRAIG 13.5. in Ed.. A. M. English URBAN F. BERLEKAMP B.S. in Agriculture A gricziltnne MRS. ELISE LIDRAL BS. in Ed., M.M. Music HARLHLD C. SVANOE AE., A.M. Sjzeeoh DR. LAURA NAHM B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ph. Biology ICI123 F. JOHNSON E.S. in Ed., M.S. English IRENE FREEMAN A.B., A.M. Speech M President D D MARY SUE HOPKINS B.S. in Ed., A.M. Education ELVVOOD SHIRLING HS. in Ed., M.S. Biology MRS. MONIA C. MORRIS ALB., E.S., A.M. Hiffory and Education IVIARION S. SCHOTT - B.S. in Ed., A.M., Ed.D. Education PAULINF HUMPHREYS PMB.. A. M. Edzicmfion MRs. STELLA CHRISTOPHER B. S. Library MRS. rFHELMA BRYANT B.S. in Ed.. A.B. Rcgiftrar R. F. WOOD 13.5. in Ed., A.M. Social Studie: CLIFTON BURMEISTER AB., M.M. M uric MRS. MILDRED M. LASS B.S. in Ed., A.B., B.S., M.S., Commerce C. E. MUCHMORE .4.B. V Bufincxf Ofice MARI.AN C. MANZER A. B., Sccrcmry toqtiie Dean of Adininiftravtion WII.LIAM JOHNSON A.B., A.M. F orci gn Language: LETA DAWES B.S., B.S. in Ed. Pfacenient ELMIQR B. BROWN LHS. in Ed., A.M. Education C. B. HUIJSIIN 13.S. in Ed, A.B., A. AI. Eflzzcrziimz FERN GIBSON HS. in Eli., Ali. in Libmfy Science, Library K. E. LUCAS B.S. in Eff., A.M., M113 Commerce MRS. MINNIE RUCKER 12145,-7ZEJ'.f Offiee MARION' L. CONNVAY PAB., 19.8. in Eff., AM Efizfefztiwz, Lab. Sahoof COURTNEY C. ALIIRICH, M. S. Geogmphy mn! Ceofogy C. F. IWAR'I'IIw Alf., A.M. Efzgfifh LUCIIILE MLJRGAN R.N. Heafth Sc Phyfical Ed LUCAS STERNE B. S. in Eminem Admin A.M., PAD. Bm'f7ze,ff AfZmifziJ1frati011 HUG1i B. WILIIIAMS Alf., M.M. Illmie BERTIII5 DANIEL 15.5. in Eff., M.A. Lvllgfifk AIATIIUR C. MORELANI7 BS. in Eff., A.M. Ffefff Sewfee EMIQRSON G. SMITH 13.S. in Agriczzffure A griczalture OSCAR HAWKSLEY BS., M. S. Biofogy LOREN W. AKERS A .B., A .M . M fztfzematief MRS. RUTH G. SWEET B.S. in Ed., A.M. Laboratory School GEORGE NIGHTINGALE B. S. in Ed., A. M., Ed. D A rt GERTRUDE HOSEY PEB., A. M. Education FORREST L. FOOR AJ3., A.M., Pli.D. Social Studie: IROYAI. JAY BRIGGS B.S., A. M. Econoinicf Sc Sociology NOEL B. GRINSTEAD B.S. in Ed., A.M. lnduftriaf Aft: EARL R. FOSTER B.S. in Ed., M.S. Chemistry ELIZABETH CALLAVVAY A.B., A.M. Foreign Languages EMMETT ELLIS B.S. in Ed., A.M., Pli.D Education PAUL R. UTT B.M.. M.M. Muxic ANNE' G. HARRIS A.B., A.M. Foreign Lan gua get WIIJIJIAM F. KNOX B.-S., A.M., Ed.D. Public Serwice WILLIAM A. STANTON B.S.. B.S. in Lab. Science A .M., Library LOUISE MARTIN A.B., A.M. Pftyfical Education REID HEMPHILL A.B., A.M., Pli.D. Matlieinatic: FRANK W. LIDRAL B.S. iii Ed., M.M. Muxic OLIVE I. BROWN Ali., B.S. in Library Science, Library EARL KETH B.S. Pfiyfical Education IDELTA M. NEVILLE AB., A.M. Laboratory School TATE C. PAGE A. M. Heizfth 81 Pfiyficei Ed. MRS. NELLE B. HOOVER Fiefd Service Office L. AVERY FLERMING Alf., A.M., Pfi.D. Educizfioiz 81 Pfyclzoiogy DR. ESTHER BROWN AA., LIS. iii Ed., A.M., Ph. D., Eizglixfi ELMICR CLARK AE.. A.M. E dzicafiori FLORENCE GODDARD 13.3. in Ed. Auf. Director, Yeater Hall MRS. EVELYN BATES Voc. Agricuizfiire Secretary MRS. DORIS CLARK Bu.fiize.r.r Office MRS. H. WITZL Library, Lab. Scliool IRL A. GLADFELTER BCS. in Ed. and A.M. Elathematics 81 Vimdl Aids MRS. EMMA T. GALBRAITH B.S., M.A. Home Ecanomicx I E LoURI5'r'I'A K. SMITH RS. in Eff., A.M. C ommerce IVIILDRED SCHLOTZHAUER A ut. R egiftrar KARL AKARS 13.5. in Ed., M.A. A griculture JAMES R. WILLIAMSON, JR Vixzml Efiucatiofz HARRY G. FRITZ AB., am! A.M. Phykical Education MRS. KIOHN IVIARSHALL Bznimzs: Office BILLY WOCJDROW BROACH B.S. in Eff. Phyfimf Eziuaation MIQS. ANNE FLEMING AJZ., am! A.M. Eflzzmzzfiofz 8 Pfycfmlogy FACULTY DINNER RITA L. YOUMANS B.S. in Ed., M.S. Home Economics PERRY MCCANDLESS B.S. iii Ed., A.M. Social Studies MRS.. AUDREY DIBBLE Biuiricf: Office MRS. IRA F. EAST Sccrcfary to tlzc Dcari of Sfiidcrix Pcrfoririel Service: CLARENCE M. WHITEMAN B.S. iii Ed., A.M. Phyficaf Education ELEANOR B. SHOCKEY B.S. iii Ed., M.S. iii Ed. Muxic MRS. PEARL BRADSHAVV B.S. iii Ed. Laboratory School MISS EDITH BROOKS B.S. in Ed., M.M. Education MRS. BETTY BUTLER Education ADDITICNAI. FACULTY MEMBERS QPhotDgI'aphS not Availablej MRS. JAMES H. CHRISTOPHER Dircclor, East Hail MARION B. DAVIES B.S. in Ed., M.M. Muxic MISS MARY FOLEY B.S. in Ed. Art MISS VANETTA SUYDAM B.S. in Ed., A.M. Speech MISS EDITH HOWARD B.S. in Ed. .4.M. Social Szfzidiey MRS. ELIZABETH ROBERSON HS. in Ed. Mziric MRS. VV. S. ROBERTSON Laboratory School DR. ELIZABETH RUTHER1-DRD Pd.B.. Pd.M., P!z.B., A.M., D.R.E., Home Economic: A. E. SCHWVANEKE B.S. iii Ed., M.S. Pfiyxicf MRS. GLADYS T. STANTON Bufiriefx Office HE FIIIWY-NIN li Xl X 1555-f'N lg 6 ,FN :- N F " --X in 3' ' E '7M,, , Q .W' N E 'W "v's5- 5' "' I .ffzigt I A ' w.'h?f W' ' Q E I FRQM-"I REMEMBER MAMA" SllE5lINIllIl4DlRS BETTY BOEHMER Holden Merchandising Sc Retailing ToMM1E ANDERSON Sweet Springs Accounting OPAL ATKINS Knzgwilfe Music Alpha Phi Delta BARBARA AVEN Sezirzfia Art Delta Sigma Epsilon, Pres., Panhellenic, Pres., Wo- men's Self Government, Vice-Pres., Beta Alpha, Treas., Alpha Phi Delta, Whois Who, 48-49 BARBARA BALL Lost Springf, Kanms Music Popular Girl, 46-47, Band, 46, 47, 48, 49, Orchestra 46, 47, 48, 49, Pi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Crescendo Club, Who's Who, 48-49. DONALD BATES Warrcnrfanrg Industrial Arts LARRY BATES Kanms City, Mo. Physical Education W Club, Sect.-Treas., Bas- ketball, letter 43-44, 47- 4-8, Alpha Phi Omega, Vice-Pres., Future Teach- ers of America, Pres., Stu- dent Council BIACK N. BAUGH Snzitlzifon Social Studies Kappa Sigma Kappa, ln- tcrnational Relations Club IVIARGARET BELL Kanms City Primary Education Association for Childhood Education, Pres., Delta Sig- ma Epsilon, Future Teach- ers of America, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Phi, Zeta Kappa Epsilon RUTH BERGMAN Sefialia Primary Education Kappa Delta Pi, Vice-Pres. Pres., Alpha Phi Delta, Future Teachers of Amer- ica, Vice-Pres., Gamma Del ta , 'Association for Childhood Education RALPH BERRY Knob Nofter Physical Education lVlARY FRANCES BLAiN Sweet Spring: English em Ritgitttrniias JACK BODENHAMER Wdrrenfbnrg Physical Education HELEN BOYCE Barnett Voocational Home Econom- ics W.S.G.A.5 Colhecon MILDRED BROCKMEYER Buckner Primary Education Bandg Yeater Glee Clubg Alpha Phi Sigma BEVERLY BROWN Creighton Music Theta Sigma Upsilong W. R. A..3 Alpha Phi Sigmag Crescendo Club JEss1E BRUCH Cameron Music JAMES VV. BULLARD Warrenfburg Mathematics THEODORE CAST Holden Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club CHARLES CAVVLFIELD Kenra: City, Mo. Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club JOHN CHAPMAN Independence Industrial Arts Chorusg Crescendo Clubg Industrial Arts Club JACK A. CLARK Calhoun Biology DoME.N1c COLOMBATTO Bevier Physics WILLIAM CooK Kansa: City Speech Correction SHESNJINDJIRS qw QM EVA jo CooPER Osceola Music Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Crescendo Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Orches- tra, Band, Future Teach- ers of America, Chorus JOHN VV. COVVDEN Worrenrburg Business Administration Phi Sigma Epsilon, Com- merce Clubg W Clubg Stu- dent Government EDGAR F. Cox, JR. Lexington Agriculture PAULINE Cox Leeton Commerce CLIFFORD R. CRAVEN Breyrner Social Studies WALDLIAN MAE CREASON Orrick English WIIIIISON O. CROUNSE Cooperstown, N. Y. Biology Phi Sigma Epsilon, Future Teachers of America CATHERINE CROYVLEY Kansa: City, Mo. Primary Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Asso- ciation for Childhood Edu- cationg Future Teachers of America IDONALD CULLEY Higginwille Biology Phi Sigma Epsilon, Cor- responding Secy.3 Science Club, Inter - Fraternity Councilg Student Govern- ment FRAYCIS L. DAUGHERTY Montrose Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilong Who's Who, 43-49 5 SIDNEY N. DAVIS Knob Norter Accounting EGLYNTNE DAVIS W.ALTER DELLBRINGGE Eldon Physical Education STANLEY G. DIEHL Kcmms City, Mo. Biology EMMA LEE DIXON Odemz Social Studies ANN ELIZABETH EDYVARDS ROGER EGGLESTON Waverly, Iowa Economics ARTHUR ELWELL Warrefzsbzzrg Physical Education BARBARA ETTER Vlfawefzxburg Physical Education DOROTHY S. ETTER Wazrrerzfburg Primary Education ROBERT EVANS DeSoto Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Pig Alpha Phi Omega HAROI,D FERGUSON Windfor Social Studies Kappa Sigma Kappag Fu- ture Teachers of Americag Modern Foreign Language Clubg 'Cosmopolitan Clubg Zeta Kappa Epsilong Alpha Phi Omegag Student As- semblyg Phi Sigma Pig Freshman Class, Pres., 463 Kappa Delta Pi LESTER FISCHER Stover Chemistry Phi Sigma Pi, Secy., 48- 495 Gamma Delta, Treas. WILLIAM M. F1sHE:R Kingwille Chemistry Science Clubg Industrial Arts Club SllE5lINlllll4DllRS QM? SALLIE FOREMAN Wdffdliibufg Music HELEN MARIE FRASHER Napoleon Vocational Home Econom- ics Kappa Omicron Phi 5 Col- hecon, Independent Stu- dents Organization, Alpha Phi Delta MILDRED FREDDE Norbome Commerce Pi Omega Pi, Pres., 4-8, Secy. Treas., 4-7-4-8, Kappa Delta Pi, Corres. Secy. 48- 49, Alpha Phi Delta, Fu- ture Teachers of America, Alpha Phi Sigma, Com- merce Club, Crescendo Club, Who's Who, Senior Class, Secy. Treas., 4-8-4-9, Yeater Hall House Coun- cil, Secy. 4-6-47. WILIIELMINA FREYTAG Kama: City, MO. English Alpha Phi Delta, Secy., 47- 48, Kappa Delta Pi, Secy., 4-S-4-9, Independent Stu- dents Organization, Young Women,s Christian Asso- ciation, Baptist Student Union, Vice-Pres., 4-7 ROBERT C. GOODWIN St. Louis Physical Education W Club, Sigma Tau Gam- ma, Football, 4-6, 4-7, Cap- tain, 47, 48, All M.I.A. Conference, 4-7-4-8 AMES GRAHAM Wawemburg Music Crescendo Club, Phi Sig- ma Epsilon CHARLES GRETENWVOOD Breckenridge Mathematics Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treas., 48-4-9, Kappa Mu Epsilon RALPH W. GREGORY Sedalia Chemistry Science Club WILLIAM L. GRIGSBY Warremburg Accounting LOREN A. GWIN Warrensburg Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Pi, Pres., 4-8-4-9, Kappa Delta Pi, Independ- ent Students Organization CHUCK HANNAH E xoeffior Spring: Physical Education Football, Letter, Track, Letter, W Club, Alpha Phi Omega DAN HARDER Imiepemimae Industrial Arts 'QA A SEN lIl1DllRS RQJBERT HARIJIN St. Lonix Social Studies International Relations Club WILMA HAIQRIS Boonville English Association for Childhood Educationg WO1l1CH,S Self Government Association HAROLD C. HEss Eldon Industrial Arts Kappa Sigma K appa .IOYCE HEINS Cmwollton Primary Education Pi Kappa Sigma LORRAINE HENSON Kanmf City, Mo. Social Studies LAYVRENCE P. HEWITT Accounting Valley Park ' EARL HILL Kanfaf City, MO. Chemistry ANNA SUE HOMAN Florenee Art HAIQRY R. HUFF Gilliam Economics HARRY HUXOL Hermann Music Phi Sigma Epsilong Cres- cendo Club, Vice-Pres., 4-7- 485 Pres. Senior Class, 4-S- 49g Whols Who, 48-49 JOHN B. HYATT Kenra: City Physical Education W Clubg Basketball, letter 46, 47, 48 JAMES R. JACKSON Seilalie Speech Kappa Sigma Kappag Theta Alpha Phig Speech Arts Clubg Dramatics SllE5lINlllIlGDllRS MARCIA M. JACKSON Lexington Mathematics Dolphins GERHARDT JAI-:GER Truman, Chemistry Sl Physics Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treas.g Science Club, Pres. JACK JANES Sedalia Music Phi Sigma Epsilong Kappa Delta Pi ANN JENNINGS Independence Speech HERBERT M. JONES Kingmille Physics Science Clubg Phi Sigma Pi BILLY A. KEY Pacific Physical Education W Clubg Basketballg Track, letter OTTO LEE KINDE Accounting R Holden Commerce Clubg Independ- ent Students Organizationg Phi Sigma Pi ORAN A. IQLEIN Belle Business Administration Kappa Sigma Kappa, Secy. 48-495 Alpha Phi Omegag Foreign Langua JAMES D. LACEY MARSHALL LAKIN Physics FERN LATTA ge Club Green Ridge M arflial l C liil lzowee Home Economics BILL LAUGHLIN Art F Oster Qfxxm-li NANCX' LEWIS Kanmx City, Mo. Elementary Education BETTY JANE LoNc Ssftafia Music EDYVARD LOWVRY Leeton Chemistry Science Club, Kappa Delta Pig Phi Sigma Pig Kappa Mu Epsilon ALYVAH P. MCCORMACK W7ar1'zn.fburg Biology Independent Students Or- ganization BILL MCCUE Independence Economics LLOYD McDOWELL Osage Beaafz Commerce Kappa Delta Pig Pi Omega Pi, Secy.-Treas.g Phi Sigma Pi, Zeta Kappa Epsilon, Treas.g Future Teachers of America, Foreign Language Club, International Rela- tions Club A W9 SIIEENBIDHRS i MABEL MCIQINSTRY Q Kenra: City, Mo. pa Delta Pig Alpha Phi Delta, Vice-Pres.5 Associa- tion for Childhood Educa- tiong Future Teachers of America BETTY JEAN MCMIIJLIN Grain Valley Commerce RICHARD E. MAGERS Malden Merchandising Inde endent Students Or- - P 1 ganizationg Commerce Club CHARLOTTE MAHIN LaM0nte Art Alpha Phi Sigma, Pres., 48-495 Alpha Phi Delta, Pres. 48-4-95 Beta Alpha, Vice-Pres. 481-4-95 Kappa Delta Pi JACK MAIB Lexington Nlerchandising and Retail- ing BIOHN S. MARSHALL Henderron, Ky. Social Studies l Primary Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Kap- SlIE9lINIllllflDlIRSQA A 4 ' VVM. DUDLEY lVl.ARSHALL Ufimifof Social Studies Phi Sigma Epsilon ELLEN MARTIN RALPH MARTIN Stover Social Studies Sigma Tau Gammag Stu- dent Councilg Phi Sigma Pig International Relations Clubg Student Court MARY ANN MAssEY VVd1'7'87Z.S'bZH'g Music Sigma Sigma Sigmag Alpha Phi Deltag Future Teach- ers of Americag Crescendo Clubg Who's Who, 4-S-4-9g College Organist WII,LIAM E. MAYEIELD Cmzfewiezc' Business Administration HERBERT MEYER Pilot Grow Merchandising and Retail- ing HAL MKDORE St. Charlzx English and Physical Edu- cation Kappa Sigma Kappa MARGARET K. lVlULL1S VVar1"mfbm'g Vfcational Home Econo1II- ics JACK NEAS Buzfef Speech Phi Sigma Epsilon, Vice- Prcs.3 Cheerleader, 4-6-485 Amaclramsg Rhetor Staff 46-47 MA1iY ALICE NEVILI.E War1'enJburg BILL O,DELL Wawemburg Social Studies Kappa Sigma Kappa GAIL D. OEHRKE Smilfzlon Physical Education Kappa Sigma Kappa ' SllE5llNIHlDIDllRS JAMES OTTINGER Jeffaftron City Social Studies WINIFRED L. PARKER Physical Education MARCQARET PEARCE Pleizmnt Hi!! Music THOMAs CLAYTON PERRY VVind:01' Industrial Arts Phi Sigma Epsilong lndus- trial Arts Club, Pres. M AR c U s PHAR R W afrenxbw g Business ROBERT POSER St. Charles Merchandising and Retail- ing JAMES PRICE Lexington General Business CHARLES PRILL Worlunfi, Wyo. General Business Commerce Club PAUL PROVINCE DeSoto Social Studies DON RICHARDSON Warfenxburg Mathematics LAVERN R. RIESTERER Knob Noster Chemistry MARA LOU SANDERS Florence Mathematics SllE5lINlllllfIDllRS QM? QQ? KENNETH E. SANDS Sedaiia lndustrial Arts Industrial Arts Club JAMES R. SANTMYER Higginrzfille Chemistry-Physics JOHN SAPPENFIELD Henley History Baptist Student Uniong Zeta Kappa Epsilon VERNON SCHNECK Sedalia General Business MARTHA SCOTT Sedaiia Spanish HELEN SEARS Holden Primary Education Association for Childhood Education HOMER T. SEATON, JR. Lexington Mathciiiatics Kappa Sigma Kappag Kap- pa lVlu Epsilong Future Teachers of Americag Bandg Orchestrag Menis Court RUTH E. SEITZ Centertown Primary Education Alpha Phi Sigmag Alpha Phi Deltag Future Teach- ers of Americag Associa- tion for Childhood Educa- tion IVIALVERNA SENIOR California, Mo. Commerce ANNE'1"'1'E SHEPHERD Eldon Music Alpha Phi Deltag Crescen- do Clubg Cosmopolitan Club, Pres., 48-495 Or- chestrag Future Teachers of Americag Chorus EUGENE SHORE Kansa: City Social Studies NORMA JEAN SLOAN Kansa: Ciiy Primary Education Alpha Sigma Alphag Alpha Phi Deltag Association for Childhood Educationg Fu- ture Teachers of America we wshitttphs J. M. SMITH W aweiirburg Physical Education I. MARTIN SMITH Kama: City, Mo. Physics oHN SMITH Sibley Speech RANDY SMITH Kalimr City, Mo. English Modern Foreign Language Club, Pres., 4-7, Cosmopol- itan Club, parliamentarian, 4-8, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Theta Alpha Phi, Phi Sig- ma Pi, "Arsenic and Old Lace'g NI Remember Maman, Student Govern- ment, Executive Commit- tee, Dramatics Oscar, min- or character role, 475 The Student Staff, 47 THoMAs E. SMITH Butler Accounting Commerce Club, Indepen- dcnt Students, Treas. A. B. SPEARS Butler English Kappa Delta Pi, Treas., 48- 495 Phi Sigma Pi, Future Teachers of A m e r i c a, Secy.-Treas. 4-8-495 Mod- ern Foreign Language Club, Pres., 48-495 Zeta Kappa Epsilong Whois Who. 4-S- 4-9. WII,.I,IAM N. STANZIALE Jamey City, N. J, Industrial Arts Independent Students, Par- ents Teachers Association, Industrial Arts Club CHARLES E. STEWART, JR. Kama: City, MO. Mathematics MARYLIN STEWART M oiitrermz Art Pi Kappa Sigma, Beta Al- pha, Methodist Student Movement, Student As- sembly, Yeater Hall Coun- selor ToM SVVANSON Kama: City, MO. English Alpha Phi Omega, Future Teachers of America RUTH LEE SWIGERT Leetoii Commerce Whols Who, 4-7-483 The "Student,,, 4-5-46, Editor, 46-473 Alpha Sigma Alpha, Pres., 46-4-7, 4-7-483 Pan- Hellenic, Treas., 4-8-49 Great Greeks, 47-485 Speech Arts Clubg Alpha Phi Delta ELIZABETH TAYLOR Plsammt Hill English Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi Sllf5lINlllllflDlIRS My EMMA E. TEBBENKAMP Coneowiia FERN THOMPSON Greenwood Physical Education Delta Sigma Epsilon, Dol- phins, Pres., 48-49, Wo- men's Recreation Associa- tion, Vice-Pres., 47-48 WALKER THOMPSON Eldon Accounting HAL TINSLEY El Dorado Springl Physics and Chemistry EMMA SUE TOPE Clinton Music Alpha Phi Delta, Indepen- dent Studentsg Women': Recreation Association EDVVIN E. T'RAINOR Kanter City, M0 Economics MARION TUCKER Lincoln Social Studies Kappa Delta Pig Phi Sig- ma Pi, Secy., 47-485 Zeta Kappa Epsilon, Pres., 43- 495 Alpha Phi Sigma Iizss TUGGLE Sedalia Social Studies Kappa Sigma Kappa, Vice- Prcs. 48-495 International Relations Club, Future Teachers of America, Zeta Kappa Epsilon DAVID L. UNDERWOOD St. Lonix English Kappa Sigma Kappa, Secy. 46-47, Pres. 47-48, his- torian 48-495 Phi Sigma Pi, Zeta Kappa Epsilon, "Stuclent,' staff 46-475 "Rhetor" staff 47-48, edi- tor-in-chief, 48-495 Who's Who 48-49, Sophomore Class Pres. 47-485 Inter- fraternity Council 47-48 HAROLD VAN TUYL Independence Mathematics HOWARD VAUGHAN Eldon Music HAROLD WADE Independenee Business Administration 'iRhetor" staff, 48-49 W9 SllE5lINIHlNDllRS rm GEZRALD WALKER Butler Biology I Bon XKVARNICK Wd74fBH5bU7g i Chemistry GLAuYs WEBSTER Efiawfis HOIIIC ECO1'10111lCS DOTTIE WEIR Kansai City, MO. Physical Education Delta Sigma Epsilon, Secy. 46, Vice-Pres. 47-483 Dol- phins, Pres. 475 Women':' Recreation Association, Pres. 48-495 Orchesisg President of Yeater Hall 475 Wo- menls Self Government As- sociationg Student Council 475 Cheer Leader, 45-46g Phi Sig Queen, 4-6 HUBERT A. WEST Holziefz Biology Sigma Tau Gamma MIRIAM WETZEL VVarrei1.vbu1'g GERRY WILLIAMS Fiiszfoc Biology VERNON WILsoN Wdfffflfbultkg Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club VIc'roR C. WILSON Kama: City, Mo. Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilon, Vice- Pres.g Future Teachers of America DORIS WITT Columbia Music Delta Sigma Epsilon, Secy. 47-4-8, Treas. 48-495 Kar pa Delta Pig Alpha Phi Deltag Future Teachers of Americag Crescendo Clubg Who,s Who 47-483 Col- lege Chorus and Madrigal Cho-ir Accompanist ,IOI3 WOLF St. Louir Physical Education JAMES BLAIR Richmond Retailing and Merchandis- ing SlIE5lINlllliflDllRS 'MQ WILLIAM D. BRADSHAYV War1'e1zJ6z41'g Chemistry CHARLES W. CAMPBELL Eldon Business Administration Sigma Tau Gamma, Secy. ROBERT L. DANKENBRING Alma Physical Education Independent Students Or- ganization DALE DIEHL Kama: Cily, Mo. Business Administration Phi Sigma Pi SERENA ENGELBART Kammr City, Mo. Primary Education Association for Childhood Education, Alpha Sigm' Alpha, Chaplain, Gamm: Delta, Secy., Madriga' Choir, Women,s Self Gov- ernment Association, Yea- ter Hall Cvlee Club, Yeater Hall Counselor JAMES M. FALLMAN Lexingzon Accounting i"l'1XffCS3: LOUIS W. GAROUTTE Rune!! Industrial Arts Industrial Arts Club ALICE GRONSTEDT Ortervilla Social Studies JEAN HIGBEE Kumar City, Kan. KENNETH HOEHNS Smitlzton Social Science Band, 46, 47, 48, Chorus, 47, 48, Speech Arts Club, 47, 48, Student Minister- ial Alliance, 47, 48, 49, Vice-Pres. JO ANN JOHNSTON Windsor Primary Education Delta Sigma Epsilon, Al- pha Phi Delta, Kappa Del- tn Pi, Association for Child- hood Education, Future Teachers Of America WANDA LEA KELSAY Iberia Secretarial Science SIEBINIIIIIDIIRS JACK KROESEN Independence Music Kappa Delta Pi5 Phi Sig- ma Pi5 Phi Sigma Epsilong Crescendo Club, Pres. 47- 485 Co-chairman, Convoca- tion Committee, Student Govt., Who's Who, 48-49 DONALD E. LACEY Green Rid ge Chemistry VONDA LANKFORD Adrian Speech Alpha Phi Sigmag Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Mu Ep- silon5 Kappa Delta Pi5 Fu- ture Teachers of America HENRIETTA LUDLAM Odemz Physical Education Future Teachers of Amer- icag WOH1611,S Recreation Association, S e c y.-Treas.5 Alpha Sigma Alphag Yeater Glee Club ROY LUJIN Sinitfzton Social Studies Kappa Sigma Kappa, Theta Alpha Phi, Phi Sigma Pi5 Zeta Kappa Epsilon, Vice- Pres. Student Council 47- 485 Pres. Student Body 48- 495 Amadrams5 Speech Arts Club, International Relations Club, Vice-Pres. 465 VVho's Who, 48-49 MARION MCCARTHY Odefm Industrial Arts DONNA MCQUERRY Kenra: City, Mo. Music Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta MONIQIIE MARQUIS Se Cinfe, France For Language DOROTHY MAUPIN Werrenrbn1'Ag Commerce THOMAS A. MITCHELL Bay Ciiy, Mich. Foreign Language Kappa Delta Pi5 Phi Sig- ma Pi5 Cosmopolitan Club 5 Modern Foreign Language Club, Vice-Pres., Interna- tional Relations Club, Pres. 48-495 Future Teachers of America5 "Rheto-r" staff, 48-49 PATRICIA PHARRIS Seddlia Social Studies Delta Sigma Epsilon, Secy. 48-495 Alpha Phi Delta5 Zeta Kappa Epsilong Inter- national Relations Club, Secy. 48-495 "Rhetor staff 47-48 MAX RAVEILI, Wawenrbnrg Business Administration SIEBIINIIIIIGDIIRS QM? RUBEN A. RIVIERA Puerto Rico Merchandising and Retail- ing BETTY ANN ROBINSON Oiiemz Vocational Home Econom- ics Pi Kappa Sigmag Colheconz Future Teachers of Amer- lca LOIS RUNGE Concordia Primary Education Kappa Delta Pig Associa- tion for Childhood Edu- cationg Alpha Phi Delta, Secy. 48-495 Future Teac' ers Of Americag Garnm Delta 'IAMES E. SCHMER Warren:6u1'g Mathematics EDRI SCHVVEER Summerfield Home Economics PATRICIA STEWART Archie Mathematics Alpha Phi Sigma, Pres. 47- 483 Alpha Phi Delta, Vice- Pres. 47-483 Kappa Mu Epsilon, Secy. 47-485 Wes- , ley Chumsg Crescendo i Clubg Kappa Delta Pi, Pres. 48-495 Who'S Who I 48-49 I -: ORVAL STIEGEMEIER St. Charles Physical Education W Clubg Football, letterg Basketball, Ietterg Track, letter LAYRA SVVANSON Cameron Art CLAYTA K. TE?ATER Blizirstown Commerce Commerce C I u bg Future Teachers of America CLARENCE THOMAS Leeton Physics FRANCIS VICTOR THOMAS Exzferville Industrial Arts Independent Students Or- ganizationg Industrial Arts Club HELEN TORRENCE T QTEENTEEEI SUE ANN ANIDERSON Coffeywifle, Kan Spanish Foreign Language Club DORSEY BAIL, JR. Marfhall Accounting Alpha Phi Omega GEORGE BENNINGTON Eldon WILLIAM E. CHEATHAM Warrmfburg English FRANCES CHEDESTER Clinton English VELMA CLARK Legion Primary Education Alpha Phi Delta DOROTHY ul. FIGHT Vlfarrelzfburg Nlathematics Kappa Mu Epsilong Alpha Phi Delta CHARLES PITTS Belton Accounting Kappa Sigma Kappa, Treas. 4-8-49 PAUL WAGONER VVrzWsn.rburg ROBERT B. WILSON Earl St. L0ui.f, Ill. Accounting Wesley Foundation, Pres. 47-4-85 Kappa Sigma Kap- pa, Secy. 47-48g Com- merce Club EUGENE WOLKEY W arrembur g HAROLD WOODS Kamal' City, M0.i Mathematics Kappa Mu Epsilong Future Teachers of America N SlIE5lINlllllfIDllRS Kama: City, Mo. MARY FRANCES BLAIN Sweet Springf English HOMER BRANSON Union Physical Education .IAMI-:s W. BULLARD Warremaurg ALLEN S. CARPENTER Peculiar Business Administration Kappa Sigma Kappa, Corn- merce Club WILLIAM DAVID DEHARDT Kama: City, MO. Physical Education W Club, Secy.-Treas., 485 Football, letter, 4-7, 48, 493 Sigma Tau Gamma, Kap- pa Mu Epsilon, Student Government, 4-8-4-95 "Rhe- tor" staff 4-7-485 Secy- Treas. Sophomore Class, 48. ff-sz' AQQ - 421345 VINCE HEEMBROCK S t. Charles Physical Education AL IAC KsoN St. Louif Io ANN TOHNSTON Windfor E Primary Education Delta Sigma Epsilon, Al- pha Phi Delta, Kappa Del- ta Pig Association for Childhood Educationg Fu- ture Teachers of America MARA LOU SANDERS Florenae Matheniatics C. B. LUECK Sedalia NADINE MINOR Wfarranfaurg me - ERTNIDINHIIDIRN ARY ANN SMITH ' M . . WANDA SMITH H awzsafzwll e Malta Bama CLARENCE THOMAS EDDIE STEIN Kafzmf City, MO. Luton Pre-Medicine WILLIAM R. WILCOX WdVT57ZIbUfgi Speech Pi Kappa Delta, Pres.g EDWIN TRAINOR Theta Alpha Pi, Treas.g Kama, CMV, AMO. Future Teachers of Amer-N Economics ' icag International Relations. Clubg Student Assemblyg Debate, 3 yearsg "I Re- ! member Mama," "Apple N in His Eye," "Arsenic and 1 Old Lacef, MARGAREiT RACES BOYD ' Huglzewille Music Delta Sigma Epsilong Al- pha Phi Sigma5 Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pig FLORENCE BRAY Secy. Sophomore Class 5 Vyawgnfbwg Secy. Pan-Hellinc, 47-485 Secy. Student Council, 47- 485 Delta Sigma Epsilon, Pres. 47-483 Who-ls Who, 47-48 ROBERT M. OVERSTREET S edalia T ROBERT W. JOHNSON Belvidere, UZ. Merchandising and Retail- ing Kappa Sigma Kappa, Com- merce Clubg Gamma Delta E Music l Foreign Language Club , HAROLD WEGENER HUGH SCARBROUGH , Hzggmfwllg 1 Coffayaifzg, Km. ChCm1SffY Phi Sigma Epsilon X JUUNJIIQDHRSWS DALE ALLEN GEOIKGE F. AI,LEN KIULIA ATRINS CJLEN L. AYERS AIIMMIE E. BEAUCHAMP CHARLOTTE BERNSTEIN HARNETT BERRIDGE GI.ENNA BLAIN IQELLY F. BLYTHE HOWARD BOEOERER CALVIN BOEHMER DALE BOUGHTON DANIFII BOON ROBERT F. BOOTHE MAIIY BRADY W. H. BRAY ROBERT E. BROXVN BONNELL BRUEGGEMAN Sl. J eine: E lelon Clinton Texarkana, A rle. Boise, Idalio W errensburg Mf6Z7'1'B7Z!blH'g VVm'ren:oizrg Tulm, Okla. Melia Bend Lincoln, Mo. Clinton Seclalia Seflalia Seefalia Leezon Wm fensburg Lexington fS.fYiQ JEFF BOURNS HELEN BUTCHER EVENT BUXTON HOX'JARD L. CAMPBELL PATRICIA CANTRELL MII,'TON CARNES HAROLD E. CARTER MERL CASE MADFLON CATO LOIS CIIEEI4 IDONNA LEE CHITTY LOUISE CI.ERIco -FKVYLIA COCHRAN JOAN COLE MII.1DRED COMFORT JAMES CONWAY HILL COVEY WARREN CRANDALL -Q'kA QW? QWUNMDJIRS Dednllen, Arla. Blaimfown Lee'.v Summit Sr. Lani: Holden Pleasant Hill Bogard Vemzilles Independence Kanm: City, Mo. Adrien Kanm: City, MO. Kingwfilfe VVarrenfburg H arrifonvil Z e Nelxon K nab N Oster Warrensburg QIITTIIIIIDTIVIIIGEDIIRSGWS RUTH CROCKETT AUBREY W. CROUCH BILLIE CUMMING JESS CUMMINGS -I. D. DALEY RAYMOND DAY VIRGIL DAY JACK DEHARDT RALPH DELLINGER DICK DEXTER ERVING DOHRMAN EUGENE DONZELOT CLAUDE DOUGLAS DAVID DUENSING GEORGE DUNN IRA EAST JERRY L. ELLIOTT VIV'IAN ENSLEY Albany , Mo. Tnrney WdT7'B7Z5LZil'3Q C l inton W arrenslfni' g H ol d en Kansa: City, Mo. Kama: City, Mo. Brentwood Kanxa: City, Mo. Warrenxourg St. Lonix Ainitli, M rl . Truman Kanxas City, Mo. Clinton H olden H olden F MNQIITTUNIINDIIRS J. O. FAHERTY VV-ILLIAM H. FESSLER MARY FRANCESS FEYVEL MYRON FITTERLING VICTOR L. FORD NEIL L. FRANCIS WILLIAM GARRISON CHARLES GENTRY JAMES GILBERT C. R. GILLILAN, JR. DOROTHY GIVAN FRANCES GOLD MARN'IN GOODMAN ALLEN GOODRIDGE ORLY F. GRANDFIELD JAMES F.. GREEN VERA GREIM JIMMIE E. GRIFFITH K Tipton Clarindo, Iowa Lsofon Wa'rrenx5nrg Wfarrensbnrg California, Mo. Pleomni H il X Sezlalifz Cfinfon Higginwillo Sli. Louis Efdon nnmx City, Mo. Seflalia Sedalia Warreiifburg Warrenfbnrg H arrifonvil Z 5 4flj'1N7QQ QIIUIUNJIDIDIIRS W6 JOSEPH GRONSTETJT GEORG12 GUTHRIE MARY LOU HADER DAVE HACGERTY GAIL HAR12 W1LL1AM R. HARMSEN JACK HATCIiER DINKS HOI.LIS ROBERT D. HOUSE W. F. HUFFMAN GENE IDEN MARY ANN JENKINS MARY RUTH JESSE CHARLES P. JOHNSON CARLOS KAYS VERNON KING RUBY KNIPMEYER JACK KOLB W arreasaarg LaM01ate Lane J ack Higgmwilia WdffBHILNfg Paola, K an. Cameron Kama: City, Mo. Kamaf City, Mo. Stover Mayxville VVa1'ra11Jbzn',g VVarram!mrg Wa1'ra1z:Zvurg E Z d 0 72 Lawson Alma Kama: City, Mn. ' ERNEST KUMPF ROBEl11'A LARCOM BUFORD LAUER WILFRED LEE RAYMOND L. LESH IMER LE-VVIS JACK LOONEY RAYMOND LORD WII,I.IAM H. LUTZ DON MOCANDLESS ROBERT MCCLOUD JOHN MCCORKLE JERRY MCDANIEL VTOHN MCMEEKIN DOROTHY MAGERS SNOVVDEN MARSHAI.L JUNE MARTIN GLENN C. MARTIN GJAQQIIUIIIIINITJIIGDIIRS Climax Springf Vffawenfbzirg M ont gomery C ity S ezialia Independence Warrenxburg Ballon Kanfa: City, Mo. Kanfas City, Mo. Sedalia K ingwille Wilmington, Del. Kanxaf City, Mo. Waf'rsnJonrg M al il en, Mo. Richmond N elson Lebanon Qbifi? J GERALDINEL MAssEY JAMES K. MAUPIN CHARLES W. MAUPIN EDWVARD C. MANN FINIS T. MEANS NORX'I.E MEREDITH MARILYN MERENESS JOE MEYER IVIARIANNE MOFFETT JAMES W. MIDDLETON CQEORGE MILLER B. MORGAN BEVERLY MUIRHEAD ' MARII.OU MEYERS HEUBY E. MOORE, JR. K earney, Mo. Warremanrg Warren:-anrg Clinton Jeffer:on City Kan:a: City, MO. Kama: City, Mo. ROBERT H. MEUSCHKE Slater DOROTHY A. MEYER Kama: City, Mo. S edaiia Dexter S edalia E! D oraalo Spring: H i gginwil Z e M ack: C reek Kama: City, Mo. Independence PAUL NELSON We'a:ter City, Iowa - RAYMOND OJILE MSQIITTIIITINITIIDIIDIIRS St. Louix TYRE PATTERSON Higgimviffe EDXVARD A. PAULE VVar1'emburg GENEVIEVE PECK Eldon MARGARET PECK Eldon JAMES W. PHILLIPS Bleirxtown ANNA LOU PINE Cemferwiew DORIS POULTER Sedelia GEORGE E. PRATER, JR., Kamaf City, Mo. JEXVELL A. PROVINCE DeSoto BARBARA RATHKE MARILYN RAYBURN ED REDDIO HARLENE REED ,IANE REED RAE REYNOLDS CHARLES E. ROBISON DORRIS RUNYON Kenra: City, Mo. Green Ridge Kama: City, Mo. Warrefzfburg S efialia Lexington Winxdfor Kanmx City, Mo. QIIUUNJINDJIRS W QMS '-"' DEAN SAXTON Leeton JOSEPH SCHENCK Otiesm MARITA SHACKELEORD Kansa: City, Mo. HELLEN D. SCOTT Rnsfellwiltc ANNA MARGARET SHOBE Clinton MARY GRACE SLIFER Holden CY SMITH Warr'enIbnrg DON L. SMITH Kanm: City, Mo. JOHN A. SMITH Sibley MARJORIE SMITH Kansa: City, Mo. MARY ANN SMITH Harrixonwille BARBARA SNYDER Kanm: City, Mo. DON O. SNYDER Holden RONALD F. STAUDER Sezialia WM. O. STEVENS Rich Hi!! HAROLD STUMP Warreizsbuzig JANET SUTHERLAND Windsor JULIAN SNOW' Kansa: City, Mo. LAURA NELL TEvIs DELLA IVIAE TROUT WAYNE X7ANDERLINDEN BILL VOLKMER LUCY WAGNER VAUGHN N. WARD MARY ALICE WEBER VIRGINIA WELDON GLEN WHEATON JAMES S. WHITFIELD BENEDICT T. WILEY NORMAN WILLIAMS HUGH E. WILSON MARVIN WINK WVILMA WINIC HAXZIIY WITZL WILLIAM L. WOLF ELAINE WOOD L EE AMQQIIUIUNIIDIDIIRS Hztgnenviffe Rich H iii' Sefiaiia Jefferxon City Garden City lnfiepentienee DeSoto Breckenridge Oak Grove VVarrenJbnrg Lexington Warreizxbnrg VVL27'l'B7Z.9'bLi7'g Morrison Linn Jennings Kingston Warrenxourg QJIUUNJIIGDIIRSQMQ MARION IALDERSON RIIEA ALEXANDER RI'1'A AIIEXANDER RICHARD W. BENNETT EDGAR COX EDITH DAY RUSS DAYTON LEONA DIEDERICH EARLE FUNK JOHN H. JEFFREY NORMAN JETER PIIYLLIS LANE DOROTHY SCHREEN CHARLES TOMETIE JOAN G. YEOMAN RUTH ANN YOUNG RICIJARID ZINK BETTY CARTER Wafrensburg Ear! Lerwenwortlz East Leazfenwortlt Clinton Lexington H ol ffen Cnillzowee Bergen, Mo. Kfznmx City, Mo. Ktznms City, Mo. Slater El Donztlo Springs New Bloomfield Kanmx City, Mo. Kanfaf City, Mo. M aiiflzol l Knob N ofter Wzzleenda 'QZYQSW PHYLLIS JANE CLARK ONA FREDENBURG NED B. KAIN EDWARD MANN EARLE MOEfRGEN PAUL MORGENRQTH CHARLES PALMER HOMER SMITH JULIAN SNOW JEAN SONTAG BETTY B. STEVENS NOLAND STEVVART LEONARD STIEGEMEIER PEGGY STILL XfVII.T,IANI D. UMsTAT'1'u JOSEPH K. WAT!!! QQ- GPAQQIITMNMGDIIRS Bellevue, Nab. Kemmf City, Mo. Sedalia Clinton Brciitwood Kzmmr City, M 0. Deepwater Kaiim: City, MO. Kcziimx City, Mo. Iiidepemielifrf VVarraii:!1urg H eiirietfa St. Chd27'l6f Hardin Kaztms City, Mo. Indepeiifleizce SGDIDIEIIQDIWIGIDIRHEQS W9 TOP ROW: Albert Anderson, Keith Anderson. Beverly Arnold, William R. Atkins, Vivian Turnbow, Robert M. Baker, John Banta. SECOND ROW: Ethelene Behrens, Eugene Beissenherz, Barbara Bennett, Emma Berry, jennifer Billingsley, Leslie L. Blair, Thomas W. Blake. THIRD ROW: Harold C. Bondurant, Jeff Bourns, R. C. Bradley, Jamie T. Brady, Bernard Bright- well, Curtis Bronson, Robert E. Brown. FOURTH ROW: Walter Bruens, Helen S. Bruns, Lowell Brunner, Ted Buck, Howard B. Burchett, Mary Lillian Burden, Hugh M. Burton, Jr. FIFTH ROW: James O. Burton, Clarence R. Byrd, Bonnie Chitty, Kenneth Clark, Aubrey D. Cline, Everett Coffman, Elizabeth Ann Collings. SIXTH ROW: Glenn R. Colliver, Frank Cours h, William Coplen, Geraldine Corder, Kenneth Lee Cottle, Bob Crouse, Marjorie Daley. -WQQW' QM9S4lfDlII.DllrlIlfIlDll'tVlllGIDllPtlIE5S TOP ROW: Mary .Io DeBacker, LaVon Deel, Barbara Dietrich, Mary Ella DonCar1os, Doris Drum- mond, Harold Duebbert, Carolyn Ekern. SECOND ROW: Bill Elvvell, Ralph Epley, Salley Fndacott, Charles Farmer, Charles Feagan, lngle: Ferry, Wilbert Fickas. THIRD ROW: William Finney, Velma Firth, Mel Fischer, George W. Flexsenhar, Corless Foster Margaret Foster, Arthur Forsythe, Jr. FOURTH ROW: Cordelia Fox, Olin Frazier, Ona Fredenburg, Rick Fullerton, Betty Gerkin, Gladys Gilmore, Donna Lee Glick. FIFTH ROW: Robert H. Goser, Orly Granfield, Mary Nell Greenwood, Marian Griffith, Pat Griggs Robert W. Grigsby, Gene Hackley. SIXTH ROW: Leslie Hall, S. Ira Hammond, Norma Hansen, A. D. Hartzler, jr., Sue Hawkins, Dor otliv Hayes, lohn Hayter. SflDlllDllHllflDllMIIfIDllRllBS I my , iff ' .. H13 ,, 2, 1' i K lfgim K S ba, ,sf wfzlrz, L: if ,, 1 42 , if ,rar :ng-:Ve ,V 'lr ,sv 25,5 f 7 In I T752 fl li rw k.'k f I 5 A fir ww A 1 ,m fr Erf','sfg'P45Nfigl,N fi 'I K' r 151, ' ,' , my 4, i i A gf X , k - ,M .sf -"' Mir,-A - ft ai . . . ,:,,. gfo-,-,tis ,yi , - .,. '- .r .:.s-21,112 E 'Est' - Mfr mv' 51:52. . I is .A film , wx , I L l x ' , r I I .55 . ,',Lf,f,Z t aff E-fix .1 25" fb' 'lieu,si iiiigisi fzlrawgl ik in r r er ,,. H232 1 r-ff2..rf TOP ROW: Maxine Heath, A. E. Heffelfinger, James Hunter, Forrest E. Hickman, Richard Higgins, Martin Hodges, Richard Hofstetter. SECOND ROW: Betty Hopkins, Dorothy Lee Hollenheck, Theodore King Holmes III, Bill Hopkins, jo Ann Hopkins, Jack Hughes, Yvonne Hursh. THIRD ROW: William Iseminger, Bill Jessee, Mary M. Johnson, Glen E. Jones, Margaret Jones, Neal Kammeyer, Jean Kanoy. FOURTH ROW: Billy Jean Kays, Elwood Kelly, Kenneth Keltner, Charles Kline, Edwin W. Kms ley, Kenneth Koerber, Jo Ann Koester. FIFTH ROW: Louise G. Lacey, Ruth Lachner, Donald Lambright, William E. Lattin, -Ir., Lester Leaton, Bill Livengood, Gene Lewis. SIXTH ROW: Walt Lewis, Ronald Lovan, Suzanne Lutsenhizer, Bill Lykke, W111. M. Lyle, Gene V. McClellan, Gustavo Colmenares. W-QMS QQQSDHDHGDMGDHRHBS TOP ROW: Robert McDill, Jack McElWain, Ray McKay, M. Beth McPherson, Bill Mack, Dolores V. Mansur, John Maragos. SECOND ROW: Dwight E. Massey, Mary Maylee, Artha Mercer, Winona Meyer, Jo Ann Michanek, Norma Miller, Don Morrow. THIRD ROW: John Mosley, Avis E. Murphy, Joanne Murray, Elizabeth Neale, Robert Necessary, Paul Neitzert, Vivian Nelson. FOURTH ROW: Don Nibeck, Bob Nicoll, Charlotte Norton, Walter Ottensmeyer, Bill Ottman, Sammy Overfelt, Kathryn Paladino. FIFTH ROW: Ruth Ann Parkhurst, James D. Parman, Wayne Payne, Pasquale Petitti, Wayne Phil- lips, Jean Pinkerton, Edith Powers. SIXTH ROW: Jewel Pregge, Dorothy Price, Bob Pruitt, Robert Rapp, Julius Rechtermann, Joy Reese. Burl Reid. SIIDIIIDHIIIDIIMIIII-Dllluxllifog TOP ROW: lVIarVin Rinne, Emily Roberts, Miriam Rodriguez, Roy A. Rogers, VVilli:11n Ross, james E. Rowland, Lee Rue. SECOND ROVV: Ellen Sanders, Kenneth Schmitt, Howard Shroeder, Patsy Scott, W. Scroggs, Berna- dine Shelton, Ken Shipley. THIRD ROW: Annabelle Shumaker, Jim Simpson, E. Sims, Elmo V. Skidmore, David Smith, Frances M. Smith, Homer Smith. FOURTH ROW: Iris Smith, Joe R. Smith, Quentin Smith, Lawrence A. Steinmeyer, Betty B. Stevens, Noland Stewart, Leonard Stiegemeier. FIFTH ROW: Joseph R. Stoll, Keith Stumpff, Edward Sutherlin, Robert E. Swafford, Peggy Taylor, Calvin Tcbbenkamp, Celeste Tebhenkamp. SIXTH ROW: Laura Thomas, George Thompson, John I.. Thompson, Tom Thompson, Evelyn M. Thorp, Joseph Vandepopuliere, Sammy Vaughn. is wi U ...Q Z2"N!"i Y -. TNT' TXT TTCS " M . I1l91f'i'Fl'!l7"3' ' '5 4590i9-lilllliluliu A IEA. 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Bailey, Carl Barbour, Emil G. Barg- ffrede, Ralph Barnhart, Mary F. Basye. THIRD ROW: Warren R. Beaman, Wm. E. Bear, Michael Beard, James H. Bell, Arthur Bellis, Ruth Ifiila Belscainper, Delbert Berlekamp. FOURTH ROWV: Arthur Bert, Emma Jean Bieri, George Binger, Shirley Bishop, Bobby R. Black- man, Maxine Blain, Jim R. Bodenhamer. FIFTH ROW: Dennis D. Boldra, Charles Bolte, Charles R. Bolton, William H. Bondurant, William Borden, Walter Borgstadt, Jr., John Boyer. SIXTH ROW: Loretta Bozarth, Howard Brading, Barbara Brandon, Carolyn Brazelton, C. Brockman, Bobbie Jean Brockway, Charlene Brown. 1 lIFlRlIE5SllHIllIMlllIE5llNIlM V,. VV .K QRKCSV V ' X' V 'l-QV,-ff Wifi V V - X " V-fVVa!f.f2VffT2,V,El if-?VVKV . M. - 2 'Vf:feVVfV-VV-.. KYV,V.+iKzKV+i?!Vf K ffsKK---KK-KKSK'-' ., . 1 , .. 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R ichard Brown, Doris Brubaker, Mary Lou Bruffett, Harriet Burton, Mary Burlingame, Ray Butler, David THIRD ROW: Robert Callahan, Donna Campbell, James Carter, Wrayburn Carver, Faith Casebolt, Billy Cearley, Inez Chamberlain. FOURTH ROW: Charles Champlin, Elena Chancius, Anna B. Charles, John Cheesman, Neil Chris- renson, Bill Clawson, Jack Clifford. FIFTH ROW: Clifford Steffee, Joe Collins, Pat Conger, Lena Conradi, David Cooper, Carl L. Corder, Winnie Cornell. SIXTH ROVV: Nadine Fox, Billy Crayton, Otis Crites, Mary Dameron, ean Daniel, Jean Danklef, Wayne Darwin. E TOP ROVV: Orlando Davila, Christine Davis, Edith Day, Wm. DeLozier, Ethel Denny, Don DeWitt, Clarence Donnell. SECOND ROW: Mack Dibble, Robert Dorr, Mary Lynn Doll, Homer Duffer, James Dumsky, Betty Duncan, James Dryer. THIRD ROW: Betty Duerr, Carmen Duvall, Jimmie Ann Dyer, Charles Dyke, Wm. L. Eckelberry, Dale Ek, Betty Lou Elgin. FOURTH ROW: Eleanor Elliston, Elroy Erdman, Arnold Erutti, Beryl Evans, Beverly Fail, Stan- ley Farnham, Alice Feese. FIFTH ROVV: Mary Feldman, Gene Ferguson, Richard Fisher, George Fitchett, Paul Flaig, Albert Folkner, Donn Forbes. SIXTH ROW: Patsy Foreman, Vivian Fowler, Harold Fowlkes, Leo Frappied, Aubrey Fredericks, Gladys Fredde, Biddle Freund. llFllRllE5SllElllllllllllf9llXlllTw VW? TOP ROW: Ray Freund, Dorothy Gallemore, Harry Gardner, Norma Garrett, LaRue Gilliland, Frances Glenn, Robert Grace. SECOND ROW: Alta Graham, Virginia Graham, Cecil Grandfield, August Gronneman, Myra Green, Doris Grigsby, Raymond Grossmann. A THIRD ROW: Willena Grube, Jimmie Groh, Ama Hackley, Eloise Hader, Billy Halley, LaVergnu- I-Iammond, Jean Hammons. FOURTH ROW: Carolyn Hampy, Charles Hanna, Robert Harmon, Harry Harper, Jane Harris, Lucile Harris, Billy Harrison. FIFTH ROW: Harry Harper, jacqualyn Hart, Joyce Hearne, A. B. Henderson, Robert Henderson, W. Dale Henry, William Henry. 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FIFTH ROW: Laura Mills, Marilyn Moeckli, Nancy Monsees, Arch Montgomery, Beverly Mooney, Charles Moore, Earl Moore. SIXTH ROW: Marjorie Morehead, Don Morgan, Yvonne Morris, Robert Morton, Wendell Mosser, James Munkirs, Marion Murlev. ,ay w ir z lllw liifwgx 1 . ,uf 1 ll wg, S xx, x. f ws K f , Exim 5 5 28 x is W K K X - K1 l ,. :'!':: . P e l -1.r . . "mimi-7'g . ,J : agu 3'1v51sml!f ' a s 255, ' 'af Q, . ' Essf-5 S 3 vw, ':.: , .,. f l :Qi-,lgk 5 . , ' 2 vi- wil: 1 K.. -,, mmm is S2 ff K K as fm : K 1 k if.: f g'::,! :gE5 -,: -V . me 'wg1'iy: A ' qv pgf- Il E Q fglgf ,M . l' ' J, A 13 in , I .... -. - Q , gs-Q if -was I, 1 9' S uf my K W. . ,. .I , .w,zws.11'l,Lz Exif-17h:L,x,, H 11t,.j2g5jg,13,- nz- ' , A p ,-955' flE?f'55llNifz iii I S wfggszfslglv f . .glsyimsgggy " i wiwfffiiflgfi - lm? " 'fftz'u,ssgf5:i li U f lggmgzlsgggfl - , - Qgmegllw fm - c, eizfgfgep w,ggg,- X zgiggfgm? , ,Egg In I - meg, . Q , Qyirgfgiq . . 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IIEIIRIIEBSHINIIIIEBNQXAQQ " A TOP ROW: Oscar Rosabal, Larry Rouen, Paul Rowland, Barbara Rush, Mary Lee Sampson, Naomi Sander, William Schaefer. SECOND ROW: joan Schieszer, Gloria Shearer, Wilber Schlnpback, Ernest E. Schmoll, Theodore Schmudde, Sally Schori, Patricia Scifers. THIRD ROW: Beverly Joan Scott, Joe M. Scott, joel E. Scott, Gayle Scruton, Claus N. Selheim, Charles Sellmeyer, Robert Semple. FOURTH ROW: Norman Seymour, W. L. Shiremnn, Kelsay Short, Betty Lou Shull, Mary F. Sie- gel, Charles Sigrist, Pat Simpson. FIFTH ROW: Andrew Smith, Ted Lee Smith, Wanda Maxine Smith, Bob Soph, Patricia Souther, Derral Sperry, Don Sproull. SIXTH ROW: Barbara Stauder, Jerry Steinrauf, Mrs. Doris Stevens, Lorraine Stompoly, Mary Sullivan, jim Swaney, Earsa Lee Tankesley. W9 do QkA9lIFllRlIE3SllHllllMIllIE5llNIl TOP ROW: Marianna B. Tate, Jerry Tatoni, Charles Tellman, Norman Temple, Betty L. Thomas, john E. Thomas, Kenneth Thomas. SECOND ROW: Mary E. Thomas, Martha L. Thompson, Janice Tiesler, Ruth Tipton, Lorraine Toep- fer, Franklin Tolivar, Mary Helen Trainer. THIRD ROW: Gary Tuggle, Richard Twyman, Edna Ruth Tyler, Ellen Umstattd, julian F. Up- ton, Carlos Vaglio, James Vanbebber, Jr. FOURTH ROW: Vivian Vance, james M. VanNatta, Marcia Vardeinan, Charles F. Vieth, Mary Ann Vogel, Phillip E. Vogel, Marilyn Volkart. FIFTH ROW: R. Wade, Pauline Wadell, Harvey VVadleigh, Fred Wagner, Betty Waldrup, Dennis O. Walker, Don A. Walz. SIXTH ROW: John W. Walz, Bob Ward, Ralph Waters, Earl WVhite, John Paul White, .Ioan VVild- schuetz, Everette Williams. f w llFllRllE5SllHIlllMIllIEplINllwQ 1111, . 11 4 1. . 1 . 'Y 1. I - Q . .1 -11 1. K 1 15 1 1 , 117 J. '1 . is '11 1 3 W' 111 . 1, s,.11.'1"?1 if X-4 l f?" . ' zflhlf ' ' ' 11 . V ' if ' -,:.iE 11"1"Y1P1E'll'V'.7.vs1 : 'L ,i if-M17 '1.1 .13 1 . 1 .1 .' 1 . . 1 11'1'1'11f1-s1'11.:1151 1, ' A M 5 f fr,11H5,+ . 1' ifjf, 1' 1 1' 1 ll K K ' ww, 1 i ii fy. 1 K . iifW El'1.11i1 fififl "f? 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THIRD ROW: Barbara Young, Helen Young, Theodore Wolf, Mary' Gay Elmer Zink. N:JVX:i Willson, Lindy W1l Woodruff, Barbara In The Beginning - Enrollnwenr i 1 Cilfllldllllfn 01?flIRAlIDllLlAfdlfll'Ep lIE3llR4D0I3ilRAlIMIi ln keeping with the motto of the school, "Education for Service," the possibility of having gradu- ate Work offered on the campus had been hoped for by members of the faculty. With this aim in mind, Ll committee was formed on April 11, 1945, to plan graduate work. In the fall of 1946 the planning committee submitted the recommendation to the faculty that "an effort be made by CMSC to offer graduate Work in at least one department, namely education, by the summer of 1947." In February 1947, the preliminary announcement was sent to prospective students, By the sum- mer four new courses Were offered which were restricted to graduates. This brought the total to nine- teen courses for graduate credit. Dr. Reid Hemphill serves as Chairman of the Graduate Council. At the summer commencement, this planning had become a reality and four students received the advanced degree of master of science in education. MRS. MARY SMISER DALE BOYD MARY A. BUTcHr3R ROBERT H. CLARK F. LAVVERENCE DANllZ1.S HAROLD DAvxs GEFIIRAIEDTUACJIHIEJ SCIIUIIIIIIDJIEBJINITGIIFS CHARLES O. DUNCAN EULAH LEE ESTILL GLENN A. GILBERT J. D. HARTI,EY WALLACE HEISNER SHIH-HSIANG HU PAO LING HUNG NELLIE KELLY RUTH NOBLE MARR GEORGE REUTER MRs. MARY ROACH LAMAIMAS SARADATTA LEO S. SCOTT W. -I. SHRAKE NELVADA SURBAUGH JOSEPH W. THOMPSON MRS. H.AZEL TURNBOW FRED UMSTEAD CHIFGDGD lllz-AFlIIfllE5 lIF4DlR SllE54l36llflll4DlINll 9QllSSlIl4ll3fllNIlllMIllIE5lINllfilIf TOP ROW: John Coghill, David Foster, ,loan Green, Ladorna Highland, Rolla C. Hill, Bob Hoff- meyer, Betty Jean joy. SECOND ROW: Robert D. Joy, Mary Alice Keller, Ernest Kraner, Dorothy Meredith, Virginia Moore, VVarren Norris, Omar L. Nunn. THIRD ROW: Billy Smith, Lois Stringberg, Floyd Theiss, Ralph Theiss, Charline Thurston, Jul- ius Vaughan, John E, Vernon. ' Joume-y's End - Groduotion 1 E Q 4 llrgslnizaltions 'Law ., ffm WM "" ' I ,f E ff 2 ? 1, , 5 gf, -ifyqggfhy , 'MN '-A mx V25 ffi-laik. llPslIE9GllIfA llKfAlI1DlIlDA 1EllHIlfMll9GlIl'lIE5lIR ALPHA PHI OMEGA :MF you want it done and done right, see Alpha Phi Omega. That was often the situation at C.lVl.S.C this year as A.P.O. gained respect and praise for its untiring efforts to be of service to the students, school, and community. Besides sponsoring the annual Freshman uPlay Night" in September, the Scout fraternity assisted during parentls day by providing campus tours, helped decorate the lounge and administration building during Christmas, sponsored and collected over one hundred dollars for the March of Dimes Campaign, and efficiently provided refreshments at the home basketball games and at many dances. These were only a few of the many services rendered by the organization. Socially the members held a hay 1'ide and Weiner roast in November, sponsored an all-school spring formal and in January held an elk dinner at which time Professors Aldrich, Clark, Foor, Hawksley, Broach, and Fritz were initiated as honorary members and advisors. Under the able presidency of Bob Meuschke and spon- sored by Professor Robert Smith, Beta Kappa Chapter, which is one of the now two-hundred chapters of the National Scout Fraternity, established itself again as a most worthwhile or- ganization. 9QllllbllE3llHllA llplltllllll OMEGA l l FRONT ROW: Charles Champlin, Warren Norris, Bob Nickol, Quentin Smith, joel Scott, Eugene VVood, Bill Umstadt. SECOND ROW: Mr. Smith, Bill Marchbanks, Ed Mann, Jim Kezele, Bob McCloud, John Wallace, San: Vaughn. THIRD ROW: Don Forbes, Bob Meuschke, Norman Jeter, Leslie Hall, Kelly Blythe, james Bell, Bill Caulfield. FOURTH ROW: Don Smith, C. Brockman, L. Thompson, George Dunn, jerry McDaniel, Sam Ov- erfelt, Bill Henry, Jack Kolb. I FIFTH ROW: Bill Cearly, Charles Moore, Bob Goser, Bill Lyle, Wayne Payne, Robert Landon, Ferguson, Martin Adams. FIRST SEMESTER Bob Meuschke jack Kolb Norman Jeter Bill Marchbanks Harold Ferguson M. C. Adams Charles Farmer Jerry McDaniel Iohn Hoff OFFICERS Prerident F irxt Vice-Pres. Second Vice-Pre: Third Vine-Prer. S eoretary Treasurer A lwrmi S .ecrstary Historian S gt-at-A rm: SECOND SEMESTER Bob Meuschke Bill Marchbanks Sam Overfelt Bill Lyle George Dunn Wayne Payne Quentin Smith Bill Caulfield Harold lIllINIllIDllE5JllDlIE5lIXlIlllDlIE5lINll6lIf SClflllllDlIf5llNll6lllfS fIDllR1I3ANllfZA6llflllfIDN INDEPENDENT STUDENTS Gllfo the students of C.M.S.C. who a1'e not members of a social fraternity or sorority, the Independent Students Or- ganization offers a better chance to be of service to the school and gain a wider social experience than might otherwise be possible. The Independents as a unified organization began in the fall of l94L7, with the consolidation of the Hendricks Society for girls, and the Independent lVIen's Organization. Since then the organization has grown rapidly, and has been very active in campus politics and in the expression of opinions of the large body of non-Greek students. As usual the Independents had a strong intramural bas- ketball team, and participated in many other intra-school athletic activities. In January the Independents sponsored the first all-school dance contest to be held at C.lVI.S.C. This event was one of the highlights of the social season. Cash prizes were awarded to the winning contestants. , . The members were outstanding in their efforts to make various fund-raising campaigns successful on the campus, the most notable of these being their work in promoting Foreign Student Relief. Each term was highlighted by a group social affair which gave to each member that bond of fellowship which so typifies this very worthwhile organization. The faculty sponsors are Dr. Laura J. Nahm and Prof. Earl Foster. lIllINlllIDlllE5lllDlIE?JlINlllllDll1i5lINllCilF S6lIflllllI1DllElINllGlllfS DllR4E-ETANHIZAGIIFTDN FRONT ROW: Helen Springer, Dorothy Williams, Doris Markham, Emma Sue Tope, Elizabeth Neale, Yvonne Morris. SECOND ROVV: Anna Lou Pine, Ruth Little, Laura Nell Teirs, Ruth Tipton, Lucille Pulley, Helen Fra- sier, Bill Stevens, Russ Dayton. THIRD ROW: Bruce Horcl, Hugh Burton, Shirley Aclelman, Angela Ruehter, Lorraine Toppfer, Charles Bolte, Forrest Hickman, YVilli:zm Stanzizlle. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Foster, Miss Nahm, Thomas Smith, Keith Stumpff, Dennis Bolclra, Robert Dan- kenluring, Wrayburn Carver. OFFICERS President Anna Lou Pine Secretary Edith Threlkeld Treasurer Thomas Smith Publicity Forrest Hickman 11931 4E1HllAll'lDGlIFlIE31R KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA WHEN the strains of uDixie" roll out and young men leap to their feet with a rebel yell, then Kappa Sigma Kappa, na- tional social fraternity, has gathered for business and pleasure. Founded nationally in 1867 at Virginia Military Acad- emy, K.S.K.'s local chapter, Psi, was incorporated at C.lVl.S.C. in April of 1947. Since that time, the Kappas have established themselves as leaders in campus activities. Uutstanding among Kappa achievements was the acqui- sition of a upre-Civil Wai", fraternity house at 218 Tyler. Paint and persistence has since turned the 'cOld Kentucky Home" into a pleasing manor. Smokers and rushing activities brought nineteen new men under the Kappa wing during the year. Also prominent was the strong Kappa basketball team that plowed under several intra-mural opponents. Something new under the social sun was inaugurated in lanuary with a sock-foot dance in the stadium shelter house. A good splinter was had by all. Following a scarlet fever scare and a spirited popular boy campaign with HJocko" Price as victim, plans were laid for the spring formal in April which was to carry a HSouthern" theme. Kappa talent was displayed during the year in a Ujust from the hills" quintet, and a HlVlad Kappas" band that provided music for the HPhilanthropic Folliesf' Suffering sponsors were again Professors C. A. Bur- meister and E. F. Low. llKfAlIlDlIl9A SIGMA lllQAlIlDlllOA TOP ROW: Mr. Low, Randy Smith, Harold Ferguson, Gail Oehrke, Robert B. Wilson, Homer Seaton, Bill Harmsen, Norman Jeter, Howard Boedeker, Mr. Burmeister. SECOND ROW: Bill Coplen, Bob Hamilton, Linvil Hendrich, Jimmie Griffith, B. T. Wiley, Roy Lujin, Jack Hatcher, Bob Meuschke, Merl Case, lra East, Charles Greenwood. THIRD ROW: Jerry McDaniel, David Underwood, Bill Jessee, Tyre Patterson, Jimmie Truesdale, Heuby Moore, Hal Moore, Earl Hill, Charles Pitts. FRONT ROW: Jack Baugh, Bob Niemeyer, Oran Klein, Jess Tuggle, Jocko Price, Daniel Boon, Jess Cummings. FIRST SEMESTER Jerry McDaniel Jess E. Tuggle Oran Klein Jimmy Truesdale Charles Pitts Charles Greenwood Erving Dohrman B. T. Wiley David L. Underwood OFFICERS President Vice-Pres. S ecretary A fri. S say T rearurer A mt. Treas. S gt: at A rms Chaplain H irtoriarr SECOND SEMESTER Jimmie Griffith Norman L. Jeter Jimmy Truesdale Bob Hamilton Charles Greenwood Linvil Hendrich Gail Oehrke Roy Lujin David L. Underwood lIl4DGlIf1-X 4l3llHllAlllDGlItllE5lIR PHI SIGMA EPSILON THE men of Phi Sigma Epsilonis Iota Chapter launched their l94-8-49 social activities with a September smoker de- signed to acquaint the active members with prospective pledges. As a result of the smoker, nine men entered the upad- dle corps", all survived and Were eventually initiated. Throughout the year the Phi Sigs plunged about in C.M.S.C.,s social whirl, contributing several events of consid- erable interest. Featuring a chorus line--a la The K. C. Fol- lies-the fraternity's mid-Winter carnival kept a good num- ber of C.M.S.C. students in Warrensburg for that weekend. In 'cF.l Sombrerof' decorated in nSouth of the Border" motif for the occasion by the talented Bill Laughlin, the Phi Sigs stepped to the music of Ernie lzzard's orchestra on January 29. Food, served in the Latin manner, lent realism to the Hispanic atmosphere. Moving day came on February 2 when the chapter chang- ed residence, leaving its stucco bungalow on Maguire Street for more palatial quarters at 500 South Holden. Housewarm- ings, official and unofficial, were not long in forthcoming. Another pledge class was accepted in early February as the fraternity prepared to embark on other activities, such as the annual outing at the Lake of the Ozarks, and the c'Phi Sig Blackouts of 749." A high-ranking intramural basketball team gave an outlet for the excess energy of some of the men. The Phi Sigs were organized locally in l929 as a chapter of a national fraternity that Was started at Emporia, Kansas, in l9lO. The chapter sponsor is Mr. Clarence Whiteman. lIl9lIHIllIl SIGMA llE5PSlIlllBGDllNll FRONT ROW: Don Culley, Bob Pruitt, jack Neas, Howard Campbell, Harry Huff, jim Whitfield, John Cowden, Willson Crounse. SECOND ROW: John Hoff, Marshall Snowden, Donovan Harvey, Bill Ottman, John McCorkle, Dud- ley Marshall, Charles Robinson. THIRD ROW: Wayne Phillips, Jack Kroesen, Clayton Perry, Charles Fegan, Bill Bradshaw, Dick White. FOURTH ROW: Imer Lewis, Gerald Walker, Sam Overfelt, Bill Livingston, Wesley Miller, Harry Huxol, James Daily. FIFTH ROW: Cy Smith, Finis Means, Armin Soph, Bill Laughlin, James Graham, Jack Janes, By- ron Thomas. SIXTH ROW: Dwight Massey, Dale Boyd, Harold Wegener, Charles Farmer, Lowell Brunner, Nor- vall Meredith, Mr. Whiteman. OFFICERS President Harry Huff Vice-President J ack Neas Secretary Howard Campbell T reasnrer James Whitfield Sentinel John Cowden Pledge Master Bob Pruitt Corresponding Secretary Don Culley Historian Willson Crounse Alll5lIt9lIlillA fll3lItlIlAlltOC1'llEBlIR SIGMA TAU GAMMA A BRIGHTLY lighted fraternity emblem shining across the campus from the east, proclaims the habitat of the men of Sigma Tau Gamma's Alpha Chapter. The Taus selected their present home during the past school year, in a spot just a few doors north of the new men's dormitory. A fall harvest dance provided enjoyment for the Taus in the student lounge. Two pledge classes were initiated by the chapter during the year. Other activities included a formal dance during the winter quarter, appropriately presented with a Greek garden theme, and a spring sweetheart dance. Sigma Tau Gamma was originated at C.M.S.C. in 1920 by 17 young college men, among whom was included Dr. Emmett Ellis. Since 1920 Sigma Tau Gamma has become na- tional in scope, having added chapters in colleges across the country. At present there are thirty-four chapters. Dr. John P. Morris is the sponsor of the organization. SIGMA GlIFAllll GAMMA FRONT ROW: Sidney Davis, Earle Moergen, Howard Vaughn, Bert Brockham, Rick Fullerton. SECOND ROW: James Rowland, Gene lden, Donald McCanclless, Clarence Thomas, Ernie Kraner, john Cramer. THIRD ROW: Dr. Nlorris, Heubert West, Carl Mar'tin, Bill Atkins, Ralph Martin, Bill Volkmer. FOURTH ROW: Neale Kammeyer, Robert Warnick, Robert Overbey, Vernon King, jack DeHardt, Bill Landes. FIFTH ROW: Elmo Lycan, Charles Campbell, Ingles Ferry, Bill Mack, Hugh Searbrough, Lawrence Hew- itt, Bill Hamblin. OFFICERS President Ralph Martin Vice-President Hugh Scarbrough Secretary Charles Campbell Treasurer Larry Hewitt llDSlll fIl'3llHll24MlDCllfllE5llR DELTA SIGMA EPSILON lIfT'S an old campus tradition for the men to sigh for the girls of Psi Chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon. And again this year the comely maids of D.S.E. were among the sorority leaders who provided social gaiety and organizational leadership to C.M.S.C. activities. A pirate rush party followed by a gay preferential dinner capped the December rushing season for the Deltas. HCome- as-you-arei' was the February theme of a pledge sponsored breakfast, and the wearing of the green highlighted a March 12 St. Patrickis Dance, held in the lounge. Solemnity and remembrance marked the banquet observ- ance April 29 of the twenty-second year of Delta activities on the campus. Delta candidates for beauty honors were: Fern Thomp- son for homecoming queen, Virginia Weldon for popular girl, and Martha Irwin for queen of the Rhetor ball. Mary Nell Greenwood was chosen Phi Sig penny carnival queen early in the year. Sponsored again this year by Miss Gertrude Hosey, the Deltas were earnest in striving to strengthen character, pro- mote high standards and develop a close bond of friendship. IIDIIESIIIQGIIIA SIIIGBTIIMIIA llE5lll3SllIlII9GDllNll FRONT ROW: Sue Hawkins, Hester Hicks, Virginia Weldon, Virginia Sunnnerlin, Mary Wiltse, Paul- ine Waddell. SECOND ROW: Ellen Nickerson, Nancy Monsees, Mary Nell Greenwood, Barbara Wurth, Anna Mae Price, Doris Witt, Sara Robbins. I Lou bara win, THIRD ROW: Ruth Ann Parkhurst, Patricia Pharris, Carolyn Hainpy, Bernice Schott, Ruth Crockett, Mary Kincaid, Martha Lee Thompson, Miss Hosey. FOURTH ROW: Patty Meyers, Charlene Willson, Jacqueline Chapman, Jean Pinkerton, Dinks Aven, Ruth Oberwortmann, Margaret Bell. ' FIFTH ROW: Dorothy Weir, Fern Thompson, Jessie Bruch, Margaret Boyd, Carolyn Ekern Catherine Tuepker, Jo Ann Johnston, Salley Endacott. FIRST SEMESTER Barbara Aven Dottie Weir Pat Pharris Jo Ann Johnston Doris Witt Jean Pinkerton Carolyn Erken Fern Thompson Martha Irwin OFFICERS Preriderzt Vice-Preriderzt Recording Secretary C01'7'5IP'0H3lii7Zg S eeremry Treasurer A lumrme S eeretary E dizor H irtoriarz Sergeant Chaplain SECOND SEMESTER Virginia Weldon Madeloii Cato Martha Irwin Mary Nell Greenwood Ruth Ann Parkhurst Sue Hawkins Dinks Hollis Hollis, Bar- Martha Ir- fll3lltiIlQfMl96llfllE5lIR THETA SIGMA UPSILON .SINCE its founding at c.M.s.C. in 1929, Theta sigma Up- silon has taken its place on the campus as one of the best liked and most active of the sororities. This year, paced by Virginia Moore, Beverly Brown, and Jean Kanoy ,the Thetas -though small in number-were very active in campus af- fairs. They pledged nine girls for future membership. This year Theta Sigma Upsilon held a preferential din- ner December I3, and was in charge of the refreshments at the annual Pan-Hellenic tea. A Christmas party at the home of the sponsor, Mrs. J. P. Morris, was another highlight for the sorority. The Thetas were resplendent in formal finery as they presented their "Star Dust Anniversary" dance March 26 in the student lounge, topping their social activity for the year. This was their annual spring formal. At this writing the Thetas are working toward winning the annual Song Fete in May. Throughout the year they al- ways strove to establish a sisterhood that had for its objectives the physical, intellectual, social, ethical, and spiritual develop- ment of its members. C'lIfllHlllIEffllfA SIGMA lllllllDSlIllIl91DlINll FRONT ROW: Mrs. Morris, Barbara Rush, Patsy Foreman, Ethel Denny, Beverly Brown, SECOND ROW: Jean Kanoy, Shirley Gregg, Gladys Frcdde, Mary Grace Slifer, Sally Foreman, Maxine Heath, Helen Boyce. THIRD ROW: Billie Jean Kays, Virginia Harlan, jean Danklef, Barbara Staucler, Dorothy Galleniore, El- eanor Elliston, Virginia Moore. FIRST SEMESTER Virginia Moore Beverly Brown Shirley Gregg .lean Kanoy Sally Foreman OFFICERS SECOND SEMEISTER Prerident Jean Kanoy Vice-P1'e.r. Beverly Brown S ecremry Shirley Gregg Tremrurer Billy Jean Kays E dizor Sally Foreman fII2llIiIAIIlDGllIlIE5IR p SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA HEY establishing a perpetual bond of friendship, developing strong womanly character and exemplifying high standards of education, Nu Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority has in its 34+ years of existence on the C.M.S.C. campus estah- lished itself as a leading organization. Under the sponsorship of Miss Mary Foley and Miss Marie Todd, and under the ahle presidency of Julia Atkins, the Tri Sigs were active in every campus project throughout the year. Especially noteworthy were the many social events of this group, which during the course of the year included a Christ- mas party at Mary Ann Massey's and an active rush season which netted I6 girls as new pledges. Another class of pledges was ushered in during March. The annual spring formal was a gala affair held April 30 in the student lounge. Other prominent spring activities included the Tri Sigma alunmae tea, and the founder's day banquet. U -1 SIGMA SIGMA SIINEJIMIA 1 1 1 I A 1111 ii ,-Liff?-W?1f?f?5fi913f2ii?E'iQ?,i5fi'tii,2fAi63'Qiiiifits3Wfs5EtE552tgf?g?isiifi95iI?E2jf25s151if2sfi1E'5Q5t2ffls??t?E?i:f?,gff,iggiviftfi,2g1Q5255,53355gjafggrgiigtigiqftiif,ggigfigigt233?Q523g55g?gQ,flQgg?ifiQ,t3figl3vXY32pflffggffmfggfigtsffsgfgiggilgfggsf f 1 ,f : , ,1,,.1f:a11f::t:g2ts41.:,:st1,s2:12ifft2:ttii:f1n.:f?1f:2ifwifisff t111i:f1i iifMi211122r2ewf4+f323if'nn:1:,z1,rfH2122:itH2:e,,ws2sf?5:f1sEmirfainififf2ff5tfsf?ift?::2e.:lgfififsgsisggtttgwgan15itweittis?4:Ffizifitiitftnfstafffinit?fsisigeffttfrfti1iffists5?Eifftigfttttifgttlfflitfttfitlttiiififis , 2 1:51 7 f ,af ,511 irisfi232His!Et:fii1'ii2,Qfii15,ggfici?SfAEtgii111?if1gi,t2ilfgiff 1522 ttf? 1Z11,1si 12iifzgf?i??f2iii?i,iiE9EQ iffiffiifisiKff'.E?.iisii?t2gifi g,,i,gf2sfft,.g ,t1f,s55,gf,.r,f:2rLgifgi ,SMS gge,g,ssSggm1,fl3,,5,g 5tg5fsAt11g,f1an,gsgsg,gs.sfi.2:1s33g,gs,snf, 1.gf11Qg1s1t,,,5,,, Msgs? 1,,S,5R,,.5,.,,f15 fy Q 5,5 6 s,,,,35Wf,s,,,,,,, M In :Yam .te1wxi1ff1s2s1?es-WiK"'AWitfffff-ffttfs-firstlytzfsff,.fw,:KfffiH2-Wf1,2KfWif1f?ztfftl,,r,tfs,w,1mef.fri2w2ssEw:rfs??.l,r1,glzgf1:11qr,,,zs,ws1.,X,t5i.'f55,:.1,1-rg1:,1s,sgfSe?1zf1'l1'rg1SK .i,sfigfW,519,1 91925 f5Egs15iig:3l1-1fsrsss:ri-gergix,11,fa,,gtrig!511ig,rif,g?st1gs-5g,ttl,:ft:Z'atflssser 5 Milli 51ge1g5gg,gt5fswl1Fgtzgttisgi 5 f 1 23573: 1,fgi5g:Wa1,e1'1 ' A' Wai:2Q5,gzige?1111,::z,:ffwn?g1wTff?is2N1g?11sY1s5fl'1fT:f?2f1 H512!-fi1iwwif wa-1w Qt ffm::z,zf:Wr!2Wiz,i2153fg153,s1gf.sLQEESWE-A ls1fr?t.af5pgS3?s9 ft 5 2 sfft,l5fKf15M5sisssfsgfstffltfslqglfrfifi fssrsgsts lsirslwt ,gal 1 fe-:r r- M2 5 2 me s?g1:gs,z,s5sP vw fwffsfiffrfsesesfsz2ff1r1v1tesr 'et1ffwasi:r+ 1 X as-ettw: w g 51 -- it at tg 51 ts ,.J1f.'fi1'i122'ifs'ff ?2s1ff'EaVli21-ffifttzliil 5S?f1,gsff5i l' ?fJ1iEw' 5592 sits 3 sie ' ,5 .n 1, l -111:11 1 l it ,.15.1 .fezj fr ,S 5 ls '-,tff1ff1s,w:f1M41z is is 'f"5ie1frK1.5ils,. - it -S :M id il- 2. 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SECOND ROW: Mary Ellen Leonard Mar A M f y nn o fet, Barbara Brandom, Io Ann Hopkins, Mary Helen Trainer. , THIRD ROW: Mary Francis Fewel Gl Scruton, Catherine Vaughn, Laurie ones, Nancy Lewis, , enna Courtney, Jerry Bryant, Ruth Ann Young, Barbara Youn Joy Reese, Susy Keuper. FOURTH ROW: S, Doris Wood, Janet Sutherland, Betty B. Stevens, Donna McQuerry Mar A oan Cole, Margaret Watson. Julia Ann Atkins Doris Wood Ruth Ann Young Many Ann Massey Betty Hopkins ,loan Cole OFFICERS President Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary Treasurer Keeper of Grades , y nn Massey, ZllEflll'A ZHESLA flI3lIHllfMlDG1lF1IE51lR ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA ZETA Zeta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority is the outgrowth of a local sorority, the Double X Club, which was installed in 1917. The Double Xers Went 'cnationalv in 1919 with thirty-two charter members. The national order dates to 1901, when it was first conceived at Farmville, Virginia. Doris ,lean Snodgrass, comely young lass from Tuscum- bia, was selected homecoming queen by the student body, after the Alphas had conducted a spirited election. A rush party December 7, was followed with the customary prefer- ential dinner, December 13, both events serving the usual function of getting the actives acquainted with prospective pledges. 1 The "Snow Ball" was presented as the theme of the Alphas' winter formal, held January 22 in the student lounge. I-larlene Reed, a member of the sorority, entertained her uGreek" sisters with a valentine party at her home in Feb- ruary. Other events on the yearls calendar included the found- ers' day banquet in November. The organization, which claims as its purpose the Hphy- sical, intellectual, social, and spiritual development of its members," is sponsored by Mrs. Loyd E. Grimes. AllIolllDlIHllA SIGMA AlII9llDllHllA FRONT ROW: -loan Green, Joanne Murray, Joan Mantel, Mary Maylee, Pat Souther, Helen Taylor, SECOND ROVV: Serena Engelbart, Marilyn Mereness, Vivian Vance, Shirley VVimer, Marilyn Volkhart, Nor- ma Sloan, Peggy Taylor. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Grimes, Jean Sontng, Ruth Swigert, Harlene Reed, Lee Rue, Faith Casebolt. FOURTH ROW: Margaret Pierce, Mabel McKinstry, Henrietta Lucllam, Doris Jean Snodgrass, Pat Brown, Evelyn Neitzert. FIFTH ROW: Marilyn Moeckli, Catherine Crowley, Bonnie Miller, Mary L. Doll, Ellen Buck, Char- lene Thurston, Mary Ann Vogel. OFFICERS Ruth Lee Swigert lean Sontag Marilyn lVIereness I-Iarlene Reed Serena Engelbart Doris ,lean Snodgrass Ellen Buck Catherine Crowley Norma Sloan President Vice-President Secretary T reasurer Chaplain I Registrar Editor Music Chairman Keeper of the Grades LAM llEnlIDA fll3llt-lIlQfMIDGlItlIE9lIR PI KAPPA SIGMA MHEOR she's a Pi Kappa Sigma girl,'7 goes the song, and, yellow sweaters and all, the girls of Lambda Chapter of P.K.S. blazed through another successful sorority year. Founded at C.M.S.C. in 1920 this sorority has since tak- en its place in the gay social whirl as a leading participant. During the year the Pi Kaps put forth Donna Click for home- coming queen, Beverly Muirhead for penny carnival honors, and Gloria Shearer as candidate for queen of the Rhetor ball. First term activities included a cabaret dance in the lounge, a candy sale for parent's day and a founder,s day observance. December brought a platter party for rushees in the shelter house and a preferential dinner at Ball's. A Christ- mas party at Mrs. Svanoe's home was followed by the annual winter formal dance in the student lounge, Februany 12. Hearts and music throbbed in a chic valentine motif during the social highlight. Sponsored again this year by Mrs. Mildred Lass, the girls of Pi Kappa Sigma strove always to strengthen char- acter, keep pace with a broadening democracy and give op- portunity for training in initiative and cooperation. llDT lIl4fAlIDlllDA SIGMA J FRONT ROW: Pat Conger, Pat Griggs, Barbara Ball, Marilyn Rayburn, Inez Chamberlain. SECOND ROWV: Marcia Vardeman, Patsy Scott, Ruth Ann Svvope, Rose Ann Williams, Joyce Heins, Bev- erly Muirhead. THIRD ROW: Sally Schori, Janice Tiesler, Rosemary VVelch, Pat Overbey, Dorothy Shearer, .Io Ann Koester. FOURTH ROW: Billie Cumming, Jerry Steinrauf, Gloria Shearer, Dottie Givan, Donna Glick, Laclorna Highland, Betty Ann Robinson, Barbara Etter. FIFTH ROW: Mrs. Lass, Marylin Stewart, Barbara Weigers, Norma Jane Heacly, Emmabelle DeMint, Ger- aldine Massey, Shirley Wolfrum, Dolores Mansur. OFFICERS Norma ,lane Heacly Vivian Turnbow Geraldine Massey Rosemary Welch Charlotte Bernstein lVlarylin Stewart Pat Griggs and Pat Marilyn Rayburn Dorothy Givan President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Sgt. at Arms Keeper of the Archives Overbey Press Agents Corresponding Secretary Corresponding Editor llMllflDllDlIE5llRlINIl llFflIDllRlIE9lllfllf-itll-llllll LANGUAGE Qiilbllllllb Habla espanol, Senor? Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Farley-vous francais? Por si, here in the Foreign Language Club have gathered the students of other tongues to become more adept in the use of the languages, and to gain more understanding of the peoples and customs of other lands. Spon- sored by the faculty of the language department, the club has been in- stumental in creating a growing interest in foreign language study. QQWQQ 1lEllblllllIFv L'Yes, ma'm, themls he-men." You canit miss that big black and red HVVU that means hexs a member of the lettermen's club. This year the " Club men held their annual November dance and spring picnic and op- erated the concession stand at many athletic events, besides sponsoring sev- eral sports activities. Formed to promote fellowship and interest in sports, the "VV" Club, dating from 1895, was sponsored this year by Coach Har- ry Fritz. W!! 1DllR1l3llHIllIE5SlIlS Grace, poise, and dancing skill characterize the young ladies of Or- chesis. Formed by girls who have knowledge and interest in dancing, the group under the sponsorship of Miss Helen Jamieson and Barbara Etter, include modern, folk, and interpretive dancing in their schedule. This year a Christmas convocation program Was given by the organization. A program was also presented for the W. S. G. A. banquet. MODERN FOREIGN LANGUAGE CLUB Front Row: Anderson, Hicks, Wiltse Second Row: Duvall, Roan, Jones, Thomas, Trout Third Row: Schenck, Spears, Mc- Dowell, Mitchell, Miss Harris Fourth Row: Mr. Johnson, H. Fer- guson, Vandepopuliere, G. Fer- guson W CLUB Front Row: Wolkey, Hannah, Hughes, Tometie, Dayton, Mc- Meekin, Mr. Page Second Row: Paule, B.Elwe11, Reynolds, Dreifus, Stump, Gier- inger, Bell Third Row: D. Dehardt, Nazwor- thy, VVolf, Buxton, Carter, Cow- den, A. Elwell, Mr. Fritz Fourth Row: Martin, Bourns, Mathews, Stewart, Key, Branson, Cartwright, Murray Fifth Row: Goodwin, Reid, Stieg- meier, Hyatt, Heenibrock, Cas- sing, Wille, Bates ORCHESIS Front Row: Marquis, Conger, Mooney, Malone, Grirfith Second Row: Casebolt, Basye, Wel- don, Brown Third Row: Etter, Vance, Moeckli, Harris, Irwin 4l30DlIl9lltlllllE?JGl24lQDllNli Are you in a home economics class? Then Colhecon is your organiza- tion. Sponsored by Dr. Elizabeth Rutherford, Colhecon has set out to pro- mote wholesome social activities and encourage high ideals and apprecia- tion of home life. Outstanding among Colhecon's activities this year were a Christmas party, a February banquet for honorary members and an April picnic. 4l34lDSlIMll1lDllD4DlIblIlClIlfAlIN1l Glilllollllllvo South America, Europe, Asia, North America-from all over the World students have gathered at C. M. S. C., and many of them are members of the Cosmopolitan Club. Every member of the club must know at least two languages or be interested in the students from other countries. Miss Callaway, Doctor Grimes, and Mrs. Grimes are the club sponsors. This year the members gave a benefit show and attended a Cos- mopolitan Club convention at Maryville, Mo. ZEQEA lllQAllDlll9A llE5lIlE3SlIllll9fIDlINIl "Research, the Spirit of World Citizenship, and Honorable Dis- tinctionf' these are the ideals of Zeta Kappa Epsilon, honorary history fraternity. Membership is limited to those students having high grades in history subjects. The organization meets monthly under the sponsorship of the history faculty, and through discussion and study works toward the ful- fillment of its ideals. COLHECON Front Row: Maylee, Kincaid, Sanders, Gerkin, Snodgrass, Scott, Feese, Bruffett Second Row: Pine, Miss Ru- therford, Rita Alexander, Rhea AleXander, Mrs. Gal- braith, Frasher, Worts Third Row: Danklif, Schweer, P a r lc h u r s t, Greenwood, Reese, Toepfer, Hanifeld, Brnding Fourth Row: Edwards, Ban- croft, Mengel, Collings, Hieronymus, Massey, Wag- ner, Miss Youmans COSMOPOLITAN CLUB Front Row: Ou She herd, 2 P Cooper Second Row: Mitchell, Mar- quis, Hu, Balladares Third Row: H. Ferguson, Rodriguez, Vaglio, Miss Callaway ZETA KAPPA EPSILON Front Row: Jones, Reynolds, Martin, McDowell Second Row: Chamberlain, Province, Bell, Tuggle Pharris, Dr. Marti Third Row: Dr. Foor, Tuck- er, H. Ferguson, Under- wood, Meuschke, Sappen- field, Bergman lIlQAlIl9lIE3A 4lDllMlllIl4l':3llPtfIDlINll lll9lltllllll Professional home economics is the interest that gathers C. M. S. C. girls into Kappa Omicron Phi. Founded here in May, 1923, its candidates are now chosen from among advanced students in home economics who meet high grade requirements. This year a founder's day banquet was held, and in the spring, K. O. P. acted as host to the alumni chapter. Mrs. Emma Galbraith is sponsor this year. 9lllSSfllD4l'3lllA6llllllflDllLXlll lF4DllR Gl2llHlllIllIlQ1llDlIHl4D1DlllD lI'I:BllDllUflBAFllllll0DlINll With the purpose of promoting progressive education in nursery, kin- dergarten, and primary grades, and the desire to bring into active cooper- ation all childhood education interests, several young women of C. M. S. C. are gathered under the banner of A. C. E. Anyone interested in child- hood education may join this group. This year A. C. E. held its annual spring banquet and a party at the yearis end. llFllllCllflUlIRlIE5 GllIflIE524MBllHllllE5lIRS GDllF A.lIMllllE5llRlll4l3A Presenting-The educators of tomorrow! Armed with new ideas, the members of the Missouri Alpha Chapter of F. T. A. go forth to con- structively criticize the present education curriculum, strengthen teach- ing weaknesses and develop interest in the teaching profession. This year F. T. A. held a Christmas party at the home of its faculty sponsor, Dr. A. Ter Keurst, and Worked to establish more F. T. A. Chapters in Missouri. KAPPA OMICRON PHI Front Row: Miss Rutherford, San- ders, Atkins, Hunt, Mrs. Gul- braith Second Row: Rita Alexander, Rhea Alexander, Greenwood, Snodgrass, Schweer, Coe Third Row: Pine, Bancroft, Col- lings, G. Massey, Parkhurst, Frasher, Miss YOLIIIIHHS ASSOCIATION FOR CHILD- HOOD EDUCATION Front Row: Carter, Griffith, Shack- elford, Sears, Sloan, Runyon, Harris Second Row: Murphy, Runge Deel, Engelbart, Peck, Schrccn. SeitZ J Third Row: Crowley, Bergmann McKinstry, Peck, Bell, Fewel, Miss Charlton, Wiseliizin, Knip- nieyer V FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Front Row: Teater, McKinstry, L. Swanson, Sloan, Ferrill Second Row: Mitchell, Johnson, Crowley, Bell, Bergman, Sites Third Row: Dr. Ter Keurst, Fer- guson, T. Swanson, Blythe. Spears, McDowell lIf9lIl-llllll QWlllfll3fllMllA. llDlll It was February 14, 1916, that a new national scholastic fraternity for men, Phi Sigma Phi, was founded at C. M. S. C. ln the thirtythree years since, the goals of acquisition and dissemination of knowledge, and the fostering of fraternal fellowship, have given Phi Sigma Pi a high place in campus life. This spring the annual dinner was held at Riggles. Faculty sponsor is Mr. Perry McCandless. lIlQAlll9lllOA llllllllll lIEJlllDSllllIl94DlINll lt would not be going off on a tangent to say that there are no usquaresl' in this group of C. M. S. C. mathematicians. This annum K. M. E. figured in several propositions, prominent among which was their spring banquet. Doctor C. H. Brown plus Mr. Loren Akers sponsor the or- ganization, and are not mere figureheads. Membership is limited to stu- dents having a 2.75 average in mathematics, a prominent factor being the completion of analytic geometry, and that shows a sine of real studying. lllQAlllDlll9A llDlIE5lll96lIfA lllDlll "Honored for work in education' is the distinction of members elected to Kappa Delta Pi the honorary education fraternity at C. M. S. C. The group meets monthly during the year to hear Various speakers on ed- ucational topics. This year's work was terminated with a Sunday breakfast and initiation in May. The Rho Chapter is sponsored by Miss Pauline Humphreys, and has been formed to encourage high intellectual, moral, and professional standards among students. PHI SIGMA PI First Row: Mitchell, Smith, Hen derson, Chamberlain, Obendor- fer, McDowell Second Row: Mr. Mccandless, Mc- Daniel, Evans, Hickman, East Fischer, Wolf Third Row: Lujin, Tucker, Gwin D. Smith, H. Ferguson, Payne Stumpff, Underwood KAPPA MU EPSILON First Row: Green, Lankford, Chit- ty, Stewart, Fight, Smith Second Row: Mr, Akers, Dr. Brown, Moore, Boothe, Lowry, Vaughn Third Row: Jones, Mr. Gladfelter Wilson, Wood, Dr. Hemphill Greenwood Fourth Row: Jaeger, Daugherty, Fitterling, Stumpff, Schrner KAPPA DELTA PI First Row: E. Taylor, Fredde, Freytag, Runge, Atkins, Etter, Mahin Second Row: Hung, Bergman, Stew- art, Bell, Smiser, Miss Hosey, Miss Harris, Miss Humphreys Third Row: Dr. Hemphill, Mitch- ell, McKinstry, Lankford, John- ston, McDowell, Lowry, Thomp- SOD Fourth Row: Dr. Ter Keurst, Spears, Ferguson, Gwin, Jones McCandless, Mr. Gladfelter 9 1 3 lllDlll fDlMIlllE5fIl3fA lllOlIl Future teachers of commercial subjects comprise the membership of Beta Rho Chapter of Pi Omega Pi. Under the sponsorship of Miss Louretta Smith, the organization has set high scholastic standards for qualification, and by promoting interest in commerce, aiding in civic betterment in col- lege, and in fostering high ethical standards in business and professional life fills a needed service in our school. lll5Alll9GllflIlS6llf S6lIfllllllDlIE9llNllGlll' lIllllNlllll1DlINll One of the most active student religious organizations ever organized at C. M. S. C. is the Well known B. S. U. The organization provides so- cial fellowship and spiritual guidance for the Baptist students on the cam- pusg the members conduct a daily noonday meditation period in Hen- dricks Hall to which all students and faculty are invited. The Union is the link between the local church and the students on the campus. Miss Rutherford is the faculty sponsor. SGlIlllllllDlIE5lINll6lIf lIDAllMlllIE5S The Student Dames organization is open to all Wives of students at C. M. S. C. Business meetings are held on the first Tuesday and social events are held on the third Tuesday of each month. The College Resi- dence was the scene of a hospitality tea during the fall term. The main project this year was a ho1nemaking class sponsored by Miss Rita Youmans. PI OMEGA PI First Row: McDowell, Fredde Miss Smith, Lane Second Row: Mrs. Lass, Mr. Lucas Dr. Stcrne, Blair, Chitty BAPTIST STUDENT UNION First Row: Mann, Foreman, Lane Second Row: Hader, Hoffstettcr, Miss Parker Third Row: Fraser, Witgiier, Blaine, Ottinger STUDENT DAMES First Row: Hare, Ottinger, Hoff- incyer, Smith Second Row: Dellbringge, Mere- dith, Livingston, Emerson Third Row: Stanziale, Baker, Janes, Jaeger, Miss Gilbert J 7 WTSSLHBGM llEDlllllINllllD2MlI1flIliDlINll Gathering the Methodist students of the campus together in regu- lar Sunday evening meetings, the Wesley Foundation attempts to pro- mote participation in Christian activities through fellowship and study. This year the group, sponsored by Mrs. H. C. Svanoe, attended two state- wide Methodist college conferences at the Lake of the Ozarks and be- sides their annual spring banquet, held many other picnics and parties. ffllfllllllllbfllfafk 94Illll9lll9llHIlA llE5llHlllll 4'Forsooth, Shylock, all C. M. S. C.'s a stage and these are the actors upon it." This group of greasepaint enthusiasts was founded locally in February 1948, and has grown since in its purpose of encouraging inter- ' h I est in dramatic arts on the campus. Sponsored by Miss Irene Freeman, t e this ear assited in the building of a circle theater in the Dockery group y building, and gave able service in the various dramatic productions. lllllllllllbllllgcllflllilllgskllg QQIIHRGJIFS eitgiluirs The roster of C. M. S. C. organizations this year is privileged to add the name of the Industrial Arts Club for the first time. Organized ' 'dl under the spon- IU November of 1948, the I. A. C. has grown rapi y sorship of Professors Grinstead, Smith, and Getz. Interest in industrial arts is tantamount to qualifying for membership. Fellowship and profes h ' s eakers, movies, and dem- sional interest are developed throug meetings, p onstrations. WESLEY FOUNDATION First Row: Reed, R. Stewart, Cum- ming, Tope, Smith, Mills. Second Row: Bradley, Yoder, M. Stewart, Shaw, Mrs. Svnnoe, Case Third Row: P. Province, Wood, Overfelt, Lankford, Toepfer, Jackson r Fourth Row: Martin, Griffith, Mc- Daniel, Wilson, Pavne, Mr. Sva- noe, Moore TH ETA ALPHA PHI First Row: Poulter, WVatson, My- ers Second ROW: Wood, Griffith, Jen- nings Third Row: Wilcox, Laughlin, jackson, White INDUSTRIAL ARTS CLUB Front Row: Harder, Cast, Perry, Kraner, Dibble, Bellis, Baker Second Row: Erdman, Bondurant, Evans, Harris, Sands, Livings- ton, Snider, Stanziale, Umstattd, Thomas, Hickman, Van Tuyl, Hoffmeyer. Third Row: Mr. Smith, Carnes, Palmer, Robinson, Gvvin, Hoff, O. Moore, C. Moore, Mr. Grin- stead Fourth Row: Mr. Goetz, Ga' routte,, V. Wilson, M. Adams, Harmsen, Cawlfield, LeForgee, Hees SGllfUlllDlIli5lINll6lIl llMIlllllINIll1lSGlllfllE5llRlIlAlll9 AllL9lIl9lllAlINIlGl3llE5 HTO work in the work of Christ on carthfl is the dedication of the members of the Student Ministerial Alliance. lust formed September 17, 1948, these young men under the sponsorship of Professor H. C. Svanoe have been active in promoting a religious life on the campus, culminating in a Religious Emphasis YVeek, held January 18, 19, and 20. An intramural basketball team was also organized by the group. llD1DllLslIE3lltllllIllINllS The only all-swimming organization on the campus, these "aqua- maiclensw made their usual big "splash" in this year's activities for girls. Every member must pass certain swimming tests for initiation, and the Dolphins displayed their talents in the annual spring water show. A late spring dinner concluded their activities. Miss Nel Jamieson is faculty sponsor. WDMRNQS lIRllEfsll3lIRlIE?sAFlIFlllfllDlllXlIl ASS1D1l3lllQ4MlIflll4lDlINll The VVomen's Recreation Association gives the girls of C. M. S. C. a chance to participate in the sports and physical education activities which they like best. Each year W. R. A. holds sports tournaments for girlsg a spring formal banquet is held for the presentation of awards for sports excellence. Membership is open to all girls with satisfactory grades who have participated in sports. The group, organized in 1922, is sponsored by Miss Martin. MINISTERIAL ALLIANCE Front Row: N. Ward, K. VVard, Igo Second Row: Rechternmnn, YVorthington, Hoehns Third Row: Mr. Svnnoe, Her- ridge, Huggett DOLPHINS Front Row: Mnylee, Gcrkin, Williarils, Griggs, Etrer Second Row: Miss Jamieson, Cnseholt, Nlnrquis, Shearer, Campbell Third Row: Fox, Hnmpy, Bryant, Chapman, Irwin Fourth Row: Thompson . Weir, IVIycrs, Stonger WOMENS RECREATION ASSOCIATION Front Row: Miss IVIzirrin, VVeIdon, Ludizun, IVIz1rtin Second Row: Weir, Irwin, M. Shearer, Brady AlIl9lllDlIHIlA llDlIHlllll llDllEsllls6lIlA The first organization at C. M. S. C. to recognize scholastic attainment among women, Alpha Phi Delta, was founded in 1919, with the purposes of increasing interest in scholarship, developing personality, and furthering the cause of education. Their motto, "He who has light must bear witness to the light," is expressed in their symbol, a flaming torch. Miss Gertrude Hosey is the faculty sponsor. fIEfllDllllIllIMlllIE5lIRtIl2llE5 tl3llls'lUlll5 One of the fastest growing organizations on the campus, the Com- merce Club, under the direction of Dr. Lucas Sterne and Mr. Keith Lu- cas, has established for itself the goal of developing and stimulating a higher degree of interest in, and closer contact with the business world, by sponsoring well informed speakers, and club tours of various phases of American industry in the area. N Alll9lIl1f3lIHIlA lIIDlIHIllll SIGMA "Brains Incorporatedv could Well be the slogan of Alpha Phi Sigma, honorary scholastic fraternity for high school valedictorians and salutatori- ans. Three divisions of memberhip-novice, apprentice, and master-are bestowed on successful striving members, thus combining reward with the fraternityls purpose of instilling a love of learning. Dr. E. Clark is the new faculty sponsor. ALPHA PHI DELTA First Row: Fight, Hawkins, Sloan, Mereness, Fredde, Martin Second Row: Poulter, Shep- herd, Young, Shearer, San- ders, Reynolds, Schreen, Miss Hosey Third Row: F. Taylor, Mary Smith, Maupin, Snodgrass, P. Taylor, Hunt, Mahin, Frasher, Runge, P. Stewart, Bergman, Hieronymus, G. Massey, Hollis, Pharris, Tope, Cox Fourth Row: M. Jones, Encla- cott, Lankford, Chitty, Bray, Atkins, Collings, Knipmeyer, Stonger, Tho- mas COMMERCE CLUB Front Row: Banta, Munkirs, Scott, Fast, Brockhan, Hick- man, Price, Jeffries Second Row: Teater, Fredde, Maupin, Green, McCor- mick, F. Smith, Blaine, Denny, Norton, Cox Third Row: Davis, Bishop, llrazelton, B. Chitty, Tate, Hackley, Baker, Lacy, Johnson Fourth Row: McCloud, Ful- lerton, Tipton, M. Smith, Miller, Cruce, Graham, Hewitt Fifth Row:Thomas, Franklin, Fndacott, Hord, D. Chitty, Henry, Cowclen, Hadar, Dr. Sterne Sixth Row: Wilson, Whit- field, Mudd, D. Smith, R. Baker, Lyle, T. Smith, Payne, ll. Johnson. ALPHA PHI SIGMA First Row: Newham, Wood- ruff, Snodgrass, P. Taylor, Hunt, Schreen, Mahin, McFlhaney, Second Row: E. Taylor, Bak- er, Kincaid, Charles, Fred- de, Brockmeyer, Knipmcy- er, McMillin, Duvall Third Row: Murphy, Young, Scott, B. Stewart, L. Tho- mas, Blain, Graham, Mas- sey Fourth Row: Mrs. Clark, Hammons, Fndacott, Lank- ford, Hieronymus, Bruns, Mengel, Collings, Chitty, Feese, Craytoin Fifth RoW:Tucker, Ferguson, Upton, D. Jones, Kuhn, Worley, McGuire, Hick- man, Payne, Yoder S4l'3lllllE9llblllElIEE- Glillslllllliv Have you seen those trees and shrubs on the campus? Many of theni are there because of the efforts of the Science Club. This group has also placed several exhibits in W. C. Morris Science Hall, and has held various social functions. Sponsored by Doctor Hewitt and Mr. Schwaneke, the group was formed to provide activities of interest to science students and to bring sornething of science to the entire student body. lIlDlIl lllQAlll3lIDA llDllE5lIlQ6llfA Under the able coaching of Professor H. C. Svanoe the nienibers of Missouri Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic fraternity, corn- pleted their most successful year in intercollegiate debating. Senior dc- baters Bill Wilcox and Jerry McDaniel gained top rankings at a Denver University contest, while Jack Friedberg and Gordon Hueftle won the Junior Division of the Ottawa University contest. Contests at Arkansas State Teachers and Peoria, Illinois, were also attended. llllINll6llflllElIRlINll2fMllfll4DllXlllQ4Ml9 lllillblllosskgllflllilllllillg Whatls new and important in the scope of international affairs to- dayf That question can be answered by any member of the International Relations Club, because he or she has, through this organization, kept in close touch with world developments. In April of 1948 the local I. R. C. was host to the Mississippi Valley I. R. C. Conference at Warreiislvurgg this year four members attended the conference at Cape Girardeau, Mis- souri. SCIENCE CLUB Front Row: Lowry, Shaw, Ad- ams, Lakin, Williams Second Row: M. Hierony- nius, Young, Stonger, Dr. Hewitt Third Row: Mr. Akers, Crounse, Burton, Dr. C. H. Brown Fourth Row: Knys, Briles, Wolfruin, Vnndepopuliere PI KAPPA DELTA First Row: Neff, Griffith, Lankford, Price Second Row: Wilcox, Huef- tle, Overfelt, Ayres Third Row: Friedburg, Mc- Daniel, Mr. Svunoe, Smith INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Front Row: Tuggle, Ander- son, Rodriguez, G. Peck, Bnugh Second Row: Scroggs, Har- din, Nlnrquis, Adelnmn, M. Peck, Mr. Wcucmd Third Row: McCue, Mitcli- ell, Stevens, Obendorfer.. McDowell, Wilcox Fourth Row: Youhouse, Sup- penfielcl, Wetter, H. Fer- guson, Stumpff, Dr. Foor 1ElIRlIE5S4IEllE5lIN1llID4D Hllolllllllb The "DownbeatD crowd and the ulltudev group, long in hair and long in musical ability, meet on common grounds in the Crescendo Club, vvlrch gathers the students of C. M. S. C. who have shown musical ability and have completed residence and departmental requirements. Sponsored by Prof. Paul R. Utt, and assisted by the music staff, the Crescendo Club seeks to cultivate a better appreciation of good music on the campus. AROUND THE FIREPLACE CRESCENDO CLUB First Row: Mills, Rayburn, Ball, Witt, Cooper, Bur- lingame, Chancius Second Row: Shepherd, Wood- ruff, lVlCQuerry, Hader. Foreman, Mereiiess, Rruch, Trout, Snyder Third Row: Johnson, Suth- erland, Nlogett, Mosier, Roberts, Bohlken, Rue, Highland, Shaw Fourth Row: Kolb, Wal- lace, Nlassey, Kroesen, Bell. Hayter, DelVIint, lWr. Utt Fifth Row: Nlareks, Huxol, Brunner, Berridge, Far- mer, Blackman, Ferguson. Ieter, Collivar BOTTOMS U P SA f fi-65-'N -'13 W ff S V X f e g '- ' -! :Expj 1 v" : Yiiexi' ' 425 F A Em V fv 92:39, ' dl l1 NEW CMSC FOOTBALL COACHING Tate C Pineyj Page fcenterj, head football mentor formerly of Alabama Polytechnic ln- stitute Harry G. Fritz frightj backfield coach, formerly of Transylvania Collegeg and Billy Woodrow Broach Qleftj formerly of Un- ion KV College, who is assisting. llFfIDfID6llFllPsQfM15lll9 STAFF After having played the single wing in past years, the Mule gridders entered the 1949 season Working from the southern T, with a wide-open offense, under the direction of three new coaches, Tate C. QPineyQ Page, Harry G. Fritz, and Billy Woodrow Broach. In the first game of their schedule the Red and Black footballers fought the Rockhurst Hawks to a thrilling tie, showing great promise with their new formation. Af- ter losing to Central College and Rolla, the Mules held a classy Cape Girardeau squad to a 14 to 14- tie. Putting up a stiff battle, the C. M. S. C. team succeeded in slowing down Missouri Val1ey's Vikings who are generally conceded to be one of the nation? tOrp grid machines, then dropped a tough, one-touchdown decision to Kirksville's Bull- dogs. Springfield's Bears and Maryvillels Bearcats solved the Mules' defense for victories before the Warrensburg aggregation met the highly touted Quincy College eleven and lost 12-0 at the season's end. The aggressive play of the C. M. S. C. team coupled with a marked improvement in school spirit as demonstrated by the student body's support from the stands, showed that successful seasons are in store for Coach Page's charge. Particular- ly encouraging was the Mule B team's ZS to 19 victory over the Missouri Valley B team toward the end of the schedule. Joe Wolf and Bob VVard shared the scoring honors for the Warrensburg Varsity during the 1948 campaign. GIIFIIFIIHIEQ IIIQMILS IIFGDGIDGIIFIIIBAIIIQIIIQ SQUAD FRONT ROW: DeHardt, Paule, Crouse, Ward, Wolf, Dreifus, Matheus, Williams SECOND ROW: Wolkeyf, Heembroek, Stiegeineier, Hughes, Goodwin, Sarver, Hannah THIRD ROW: Gardner, Murray, Carter, E. Buxton, B. Buxton, Webster, Willie Cassing FOURTH ROW: Hyatt, Bender, Beard, Winburn, Barbour, Nyquist, Toinetie, Dayton FIFTH ROW: Cowden, Doir, Schneider, Morgan, Waltoii, Boothe, Brown, Martin SIXTH ROW: Nlr. Fritz, Ellis, Danner, Young, Wallin, Bell, Folkner, Gieringer Coach Page SliASON'S SCORES 14 Rockhursr Hawks ,...l.......,,..,.,............ , ...., 14 26 Central College Eagles ..... I8 Rolla Miners. .......,,,.,...,,, A 12 Cape Girardeau Indians .,.... 34- Missouri Valley Vikings..--..-. 7 Kirksvillc Bulldogs ,,,l i..-.,, 25 Springfield Bears. ........ 20 Maryville Bearcats ....,,.. I2 Quincy College ..,..., Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules Mules JIM MARTIN KENNY WEBSTER VINCE HEEMBROCK Moomr MURRAY IOE WOLF CC1ltCITED PAULE HILI.IARD WILLIE JOHN COVVDEN DAVE DEHARDT JIM CARTER Center-ORVAL STIEGEMEIER CHUCK HANNAH CHUCK SARVER JEFF BOURNS BILL BELL B012 HUXTON AL FULKNLR CCDYCITVYIRGIL MATHEUS GENE BRIGHTXVELL JACK HUGHES BOB GOODWIN A. llE4DflIDGlIHIl5fMII9llb QQTILUIIZE-IIEQN ATTENDANTS JDOIIRIIIS JEAJIN SEFGKDMDQRHRQCXSS FERN THOMPSON! BEVERLY BROXVN DONNA GLICK PEGGY RAIN EDITH THRELKEL1: Qljhotogrzlph not available? lll5ASllIQlIE56lIIlll5Alll5llb SUMMARY OF THE SEASON With heart-in-mouth clutch playing, deadly basket accuracy and clockwork ball handling, the 1949 Mule cagesters, under the able leadership of Coach Earl Keth, amassed a fine total of 15 wins and 10 losses against one of the toughest cage schedules faced in re- cent years. Only a nationally prominent Springfield team kept the Mules from annexing the M. I. A. A. crown as they garnered two tough games from the Warrensburg boys. Kirks- villels Bulldogs avenged an earlier defeat at the hands of the Mules in the season's last contest when they eeked out a 63-S9 overtime decision. This still left the battling Mule crew in possession of second place in the league, a repeat of the 1948 final. ln defending their Rockhurst Tournament crown the Mules lost in the finals to Maryville, but not before they had squeezed out wins over highly touted Central College and Peru, Nebraska, Teachers. An early season upset found the Black and Red jumping on Wichita University to the tune of S8-44. In another non-league tilt the Mules thrilled local fans as they topped a battling Quincy, Illinois, team SO-75. It was the faithful five of Branson, Laney, Salmon, Cassing, and Artie Elwell that carried the load for the Mules again this year. But prominent was the sparkling play, of three promising freshmen, Jim Baile, Glenn Kammeyer, and Jim Hoverder. "Hawk" Salmon earned an All-M. I. A. A. All-Star center berth, but will be lost through gradu- uation, as will Billy Key. However, with the nucleus of the 1949 aggregation back for another year, plus rising freshmen stars, round ball prognosticators are already hailing the C. C. S. Mules as the team to beat in 1950. SCORES Mules' Opponent Opponentls Mules, Opponent Opponent s Score Score Score 52 Cafefpillaf TT- CO- 63 48 Southwest QWVinfield, Kan 50 NVest1ninster 29 38 Kirkgville S1 St, B6116CllCIS 45 33 Marxfvillg ss Wichita U. 44 32 spi-iiigfieid 56 Ceiitralx S5 62 St. Beneclicts 44 Peru fNebraskaj'l' 43 55 Cape Girardeau 36 Maryville? 47 70 Rolla 49 Powell's Sport Shop 4-5 62 VVichita U 71 K Lunch System 61 80 Quincy College 49 Ft. Hays, Kansflolf 53 56 Cape Girardeau 42 Ada, Okla., Teacherstlol' 62 56 Rolla 42 Springfield 50 52 Maryville tl4Rockhurst Tournament S9 Kirksville 9f"'Fort Hays Tournament 19499 GEAGJEB SQlUAllD KNIQBLINGZ Artie Elwell, Clarence Dnrrah FRONT ROVV: Biddle Freund, John Thomas, Art Laney, Homer Branson, Neal Kzrmmeyer, Billy Elwell. SECOND ROVV: Harold Salmon, Jim Hoverder, Glenn liIIl1l111L,VCI', John Hyatt, Clarence Cnssing, Billy Key. ARTIE ELVVELL WIOHN HYATT BILLY ELYVELL NEAL KAMMEYER r n jim BAILE CZLARENCIC CASSING BILLY KEY KEEP AWAY! HOMER BRANSON JIM HOVERDER WHERED IT GO? ARTHUR LANEY HAROLD SALMON GLENN KAMMEYER MMS GHEBHLLANHESDUS SEIDGJIRGIIFIIINGIST QLMBGIIUIIWIIIGIIUIUIEQS THE MANLY ART YEOVVOMEN THE GARDEN OF EDEN A , FOUR RACKETEERS WHEELCHAIR GAME HUINIT GIIUIHIUIEE GIRVGIDGDIID QDIIIQJID SUMHNIHEHRQKMMHB SUMMER COMMENCEMENT THE OLD ELM ' w BETWEEN CLASSES OPEN AIR NOCTURNE OLD SWIMMING HOLE Pioneer PLAWIME and 5 f ACTIVITIES Im f59E.f-5 .N W f E '7 .1 4 FN ff N1 . f 'gi if i EPZ: 5 -A N M El 7 .Rai AV 'I-A U- ' PQEAIQA - A ' avzm W0 -" 1 QDIINIT HDAHRAIHDIIQ ABOVE: PROP. CLIFTON A. BURMRISTER BELOW: A Section of the CNISC Band HUNT lIRlIE51EllIGllFAlIB ABOVE: PROP. HUGH B. WILLIAMS BELOW: 1Wrs. Elise Lidral THE MADRIGAL CHOIR THE COLLEGE ORCHESTRA Wllf EEMEMEEE MAMA99 The Final Hour Marlin Visits the Wiriter Dr. Johnson Nleets Uncle Chris Mania and Katrina Uncle Chris and the Nurses Poor Uncle Elizabeth Elaine Wood Paula Griffith Lon Roberson Sally Schori A. B. Spears THE CAST Player Part klaines R. Jackson Uncle Cfzfi: Nlzirilou Myers Katrin Mawza Randolph Smith Papa Larue Gilleland Nei: Nlzzrilyn Williams Chfiftiaze Helen Watsori Dagmar :limi Jenny Azmzf Sigrieaf Azmz' Trina Dr. Jolzmon JIDANGBIIESCIIUIIWIUIB just between you and me Doris, Jeans, and Friend "W'ho Threw the Overa11s?', W :cBarbn usgv Snyder "Dottie-U WDQQXNGEIIETHIIMMIHE BEST-DRFSSED HALLOWEENERS CANDI DLY PEEKING SOCK 'N SPLINTER SHINDIG MASQUERADE TIDTIUINIHIUININEI TOP: Picnic for Parents TOP: At the Phi Sig Housewarming CENTER: One large Milli . . . CENTER: Sands of Grads-'48 BOTTOM: Summer Grads '48 CENTER: Elk for A. P. O. 1E4DN4l?JlRTB413AqIUEN GB TOP: In rT1I'UIT12'lI'11S Wzlkeg Penny Carnival CFNTFR: The Daily Dozcng When Nlulcs Meet Bears BOTTOM: In Ll Good Cause Enrollment Wrnrrics 1IR1lHlUIE5ClIF MIR QIIUEIEQIIESN ME nlmgmgv MISS lBllE5GlI1f6lIFCY GBRAGEIIEB HRHENIEHRD HQTIUIIESIIEQN AQEQKENHDANTS PATSY FOREMAN GLORIA SHEARFR LAURIE JONES TH E JU DGE PATRICIA SOUTHER THE HON. WIL-LIAM E. KEMP Mayor of Kfmmf City, MO., Selects the 194-9 Rhetor Queen MARTHA IRW1N Over 300 couples crowded into Nlorrovv Gymnasium to dance to the music of Gene Moore and his orchestra at the 1949 Rhetor Ball on thc evening of February ZS. Jim Whitfield announced the winning candidate for Rhetor Queengchoscn by Nlayor Kemp of Kansas City :it a luncheon that dayg Roy Lujin prese ited the queen with 11 present on behalf of the student government. The decorating for the dance was done by Bill Laughlin, Doris Poulter, and Dick Wliite. Large drawings representing page from n mythical 'KRhctor" comprised the bulk of the deco- S S. I'21t1OX'1 l GENE MOORE AND ORCHESTRA THE ROYAL PARTY A SETUP DREAMDUSTERS WHDQS WMD IN AMERICAN COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES Students are nominated to WHO'S VVHO AMONG STUDENTS IN ANIERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES annually by approximately 600 colleges and uni- versities. In making their selections, college nominating committees are instructed to con- sider the student's scholarship, his cooperation and leadership in academic and extracur- ricular activities, his general citizenship, his promise of future usefulness. TOP ROW: Barbara Aven, Barbara Ball, Frances Daugherty, E 1111 n a Lee Dixon SECOND ROW: Harold Ferguson, Mildred Fredde, Harry Huff, Harry Huxol THIRD ROW: Gerhardt Jaeger, jack Kroesen, Marshall Lakin, Roy Lujin FOURTH ROW: Mary Ann Messey, A. B. Spears, Patricia Stewart, David L. Underwood UIMDHIDTIIIIIIQQLMR GEJIURIIE AIINIHID IIPQGDCY Glfllrllllib S6lIfllUlIDllE5lINllGllF FALL QUAIlT'RR DEADLINE WORRIES Y THE 1948-1949 STAFF MEMBERS T. G. Patterson, Joseph Schenck, Anna Neff, Waldean Creason, Al- berta Woellner, Robert McDill, John jeffrey, Thomas Blake, W. Scroggs, C. R. Gillilan, Jewell Pregge, Charles Campbell, Joe Vandepopuliere, Henry Ashley, Donald Duncan, Paul Wag- Ol'lCI'. WINTER QUARTER Ellen Nickerson, H. B. Burchett, Eugene Wood, Margaret Foster, Charles Bolte, Shirley Gregg, Frank Ford, Beverly Arnold, Arnold Cooley, Anthony Steiner, Betty Stevens, Don Richard- son, Bruce Hart. SPRING QUARTER -- jackie LeVeske, Bill Hopkins, David Byers, Dan Mclntyre, Gene Nazworthy, Barbara Ann Brandom, Art Laney, Chuck Sarver, Barbara Etter, Norman Sclheim, Stanley H. Nelson, Fred Heitzs Edward Sutherlin, Warren R. Beaman. GIIFIIHIHIEB llRllflllllB6llf4DllR SCIIFAIIFIF Editor-in-Chief C. L. PARKS Bufiriefs M arm ger HAROLD WADE Bufirierf Manager THOMAS A. MITCHELL Activity Editor JERRY McDANIEL Orgarzizatioris Editor PAT GRIGGS Char: Editor CHRISTINE DAVIS Clan Editor I MEL JENKINS Photographer t JACK KoLB Plwtograplier The preceding pages bear Witness enough to our efforts that explanation or apology is unnecessary, we hope you are pleased with the result and that our errors do not seem as large to you as they do to us. We are sincerely indebted tot the BURGER-BAIRD ENGRAVING CO., of Kan- sas City, Missouri, for the fine Work on our engavings and even more for their friendly cooperation and helpful suggestions, the STAR-JOURNAL PUBLISHING fCO., for the work done in printing the book and for advice that has proved to be of inestirnable value, and to the BOOKCRAFT COMPANY of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for manufac- turing our covers. The photography was done by Mel Jenkins and Jack Kolbg photo- graphic Work was also contributed by Dorsey T. Dobson and Jerry McDaniel. Professor Craig, our faculty sponsor, Mr. William Johnson, who sublet his office to the staff and acted as father confessorg Mr. Muchmore, who kept us out of financial hot Water, and a cooperative administration, have all contributed in some measure to this publication. To these folks We say, '4Thanks, it has been a pleasure to Work with youf, PROF. BEN R. CRAIG Faculty Spomor Now fades thc g1i111111CI'i1'1g landscape on the sight, And all the air n solemn stillness holds .... THONIAS GRAY .R L5 H r l w w 1 Q .9 'Y +1 hz' ,

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