University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO)

 - Class of 1948

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University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1948 Edition, Cover

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,W --gf . -1 , 1- , - . w --f M-' 1' l if Ag.-118, 1 pf-fy - 7 ,gf 4 ' , A 3 ' ,, -,,'. -- 25,1 " - M ' ". ' ' '2 -:A ,. - 1 ' ' 'QF fggrwvil -In Qqinf 1 Q. P tl ,I . 1 K . 4 4 -iv-ll-nf 1, -o-ibn-e-in .1-M... 1-ve' n.1,..U -,la ,N F 'af ,', ,' 9" .S ' H ,- -Q1 . ' , . ? , QT'-' V A .P ig. ,B -,W ' L , ' ., - ' . - 1 A . Q cv ga, x ,fs v 'vs Q. -,Rv 3,51 Q, 1 K G 2 , , X. .F 'vf - ff ' , 'I 1, ' 1" 1 H-, .1 ' 'v f 'H X. . W. Q, ,. .. ., A , ' ff' ' 'K' . itfwg, ,R , 4 .A f ,X - 'V 5' ...' , . ui Bti, ' an P 1+ 14 'Ap- Ger1.8 378.778 R344 1948 Rhetor 15.00 MED-CQNTEEXSENT FUBLEC LIBRARY Geneaiegy gl Less! Library North Emfegeensienco Branch I Highway 24 Ei Swing A QE Independence, M0 64050 P 9 I 1 'bfi' :ww g ' i n - , ,, ii, ag DONATED BY 5 542856 R' 'vo Q' g " " N QS' . "5BURG-IN 1 befor I JAN WILSON JULY 1998 l 53,061 TX' ..,.. L v. 1-......u 4, V, .wa ....,...... 5-Sv www www-'wwf ' 'W 45942 x X - x ,hmmm N N X 1 M. N.xx,x.x X .M Xi sh sg X' 'fxxwelif . mx ,Q Q Q ii 35 W! ,.,. x ,V N 5 S Q-9 - Y X w gr S3 1 - : , f X s -N N-W -max AC Y H, x ' V ' X ri: w-W -MN NQ N A ,- ,,.?',Mu -N 5 5 .www fi. 'X Q"W S Tw 4 ., 4, iq S N , X- w ,W X4-wi S Q X :S AXE L k?fYf1,:1txQX gg - L vm, Y ., , i H K ,TZ v . ' g,.wM3 '1 M KM ft to V7 The Official Publication of the Student Body of Central Misfoari State College At Warrenslnurg, Misxouri ..... Editor-in-Chief . . . DAVID K. STEWART Basineff Manager . . . GEORGE TICE 4:0 LIBRARY MID CONTHNENT PUBLIC LI RARY muxxiwximimWMU yj1mQmxnsIas mam.3g3l3E5gW G5 Qegicafion A gn appreciafion of flze' qreaf service of az qreaf feacfzer fo a qreaf izzsfifufiozz. QV. gfarry Qglziffip 5 . Q . ' fu m f"n ll' ,yin K 1' f vm., , 4 ! ,J- arrow ymzzasium 5 I 1 i A. jf- 9 ' 'ui 5 3 .. ,Jifz A f ' f wsf 2 Zfff? 1'. 5514 - ' -41,4751-b!,L T 'uwfff HA' 4.1, "aim ,v..,a gr-M -frv '7S"7 -' 521 ' . 1 ,.n. or . ..' . ,Irs-U . U- U ,, ' . I,-.. , ,. ,J ' M4,1a-- 9 Q .1 I . Na L-Lt f .l ' gi 1 ,,.f. 5'x,a.- ' ' L if i ., ,Vw-.1 , h 4 I 1.3 I f Y ' Q ' 'il '1 x c Cilzfrazzce io Bibrarg 1 ff . 1 WI iff i I A, 1 ff!! 4 , , , 3 7 ? -If i f f A .GW gwfvmf: 5 5 df O: Q, in qaura JZ yeqfer gf O : 1 T- ' Goffeqe esi ence . i. Y ., ff ff 1 1 f .- V V E 4 HV... Ai ' T- 9 1 I , I 1 L. 4 Qockery gym ir ih- 10 l n1l .Q- ' m4- 41 xl ., -' .arfxf WQVJ Cqcjwargs Bi6rary 11 l i i I L ' , , ,ww .,..,, -..n -W,-, ---W .1 1 K ir F , WY.. .v-wlii. i:-f-- - - W- r:::-.1-:-: 'f 4--- i 1 g - K GLW I i V V f i J I. i Is 3 I 5 , l , 5 1 i i 5 2 4 ! 5 i . 1 1 4 w m '-,ii W ,, , Yi,-,Y Y-W, r Q "nf" -' -5 DL VQVQ df 9, 12 1 ' 1i::":'i,.' ..,.+?.:.2.?L3,:z., JJ :,J.j:s.g... 4- Q I4 . E . . , Y ,fs . .N 2 -3 Gr fl? . gill' f .. I A, . .i V.,, , ,j' K fy 3 I ., 'lgiffil' . . ' -. U ,,,,r mfg If X 54 .fn ' , f-Mg: ' P ' 5 ' ,,, .,-,fu ,,g,.,, 2211- "Aw :NA-f','f , qg:..jf.Qqg3 A 53151552-'ffwff 'ij Qgxxgjr., 5 ,. x , Y K R ,V . I ' JL R ' xi? yr lv .- Yv X . .3 K 1 vb 1 N 'I 1. 9 v , Q I J! f 'ue 9- 5 " 1:5 . - :W ., -fx ' i " ,I-:Q If - 'Z N - .3 im. ,Ax -:, - Qykffoiz .Morris Science ,,::, P K 4:-M4 ,M Wm, g,,,,gau9"2"' - .,,,, 13 jforflz G0-opemiive Qormifory 14 ,-L PW5-.4 51 ? 4 V, , . - ., 4. :f:.f:2f'?:f 4! ff.25c 53 7 ' , 4 safe-v rfh ,, - Q mpfzic rfs aifgbzq 1 5 A MESSAGE FROM Che Qui' esidemf This is your yearbook which through the years has been the most prized publication of the Central Missouri State College. In thousands of homes in Missouri and in various parts of America, the Rlzetors of yesterday will be found. They are books of memory recalling student days and events upon the campus of your Alma M alter. They represent the most complete record available of personalities and activities of the present and the past. To you who read these Words, I commend the 1948 Rhetor. It chronicles in pictorial form a most significant year in CMSC history- a year of expansion, of growth, and of Worthy achievements. I May I commend the staff for untiring and effective work in making the Rhczor abailable to you. May you enjoy itg may it be your prized possession through the years. G. W. Dicmcr, President Central Missouri State College K ., .. ,,jf,:, ' s .J I dir, , is 5' -F12 is,e.s ' I . '1 2, f f , 3 5 in W Q ' 'IIJRZZAQ Q47 1 2' ,w,f.4ae2'. . 'LQWNW ' ' 3 i . w ifilfinii v, ., , , "2 ' L Zhi? George Willis Diemer Pvfefidemj Cezefml MfJ50Zl7'f Sim? College TH RUARII REGE 'I' MR. HUBERT WHEELER Iefcrson City COL. A. M. HITCH DR. R. LEE COOPER MR, GEORGE W. BURNS Boonville Warrensburg Appleton City MR. JAMES C. KIRKPATRICK MR. EARL T. CRAWFORD MRS. I. H. HART leferson City Setltzlia - Kansas City f s 18 . 1 Dean of Dean FS GE W. BURNS 21011 City DEAN IRVIN L. PETERS Dean of Adminislrazion and I115trz4cti0n DEAN LOYD E. GRIMES Dean of Student Personnel Serzfice 3 Q DEA DEAN H. KRETZ Dean of Women ' Q ' u E ! ,f l IL., , LUCAS -STERNE GEORGE B. CALVERT FORREST POOR ROYAL I. BRIGGS NOEL B. GRINSTEAD HUGH WILL1 B.S., M.A., Ph.D. Veteran's A.B., M.A., Ph.D. B.S., MA. B.S. in Ed., A.M. BA., Mix Professor of Business Adrninistration Associate Professor of Chairnaan of the. Chairnfian of the A5-fofjagg P1-Qfg, and Commgf-C6 Social Science Social Science Division Applied Arts and 1,15l,fumgnggl I Science Division . LK PQ L E N FRED URB, ANDY NURSKI A PAULINE HUMPHREYS WILLIAM IOHNSON LETA DAWES E. B. BROWN A,B,, AlN B.S. in Ed. Ph.B., A.M. B.S., A.M. B.S. in Ed., B.S. B.Pe., B.S. in Ed., M.A. Professor Instructor in Health Director of Testing Associate Professor oy' Placement Secretary Associate Professor of Mathematf and Physical Education Languages Education WILLIAINI DENNEY GERTRUDE HOSEY FRANK LIDRAL OLIVE BROXVN EARL KETH VV. A.vSTAN Bs., M.A.. PEB., MA. Bs. in Ed., MMUS. BA., Bs. in Ls. Bs. in Ed. BSU B-5: In 9' Veteran's Advisor Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Assistant Librarian ,Instructor in Health Lib,-mm? Education Music and Physical Education 20 B. GRINSTEAD in Ed., A.M. 'man of the pplied Arts and Division E. B. BROWN -., B.S. in Ed., M.A. 'ociate Professor of Education EARL KETH B.S. in Ed. structor in Health Physical Education HUGl'I WILLIARIS BERTHE DANIEL A. C. MOIIELAND CILADYS TETLEH' BEN CRAIG B.A., M.M. B.S. in Ed., M.A. B.S. in Ed., A.M. B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed., M.A. Associate Professor of Instructor of English Associate Professor of Instructor in Business Associate Professor of X Instrumental Music A Education and Commerce Ezzglislz II FRED URBAN ELISE LIDRAL C. R. PEARCE I-IARRIETTE FORD ' ARTHUR TRI! KEURST A.B., A.M. Instructor in Piano B.S. in Agri. Assistant Librarian A.B., M.S.E., Ph.D. Professor of Instructor in CIYLZIIVIIZZHZ of the Mathematics Vocational Agriculture Education Division VV. A. STANTON LOUISE MAIKTIN REID HEMPHILL RUTH SYVEET GEORGE NIGHTINGALE B.S., B.S. in L.S., M.A. A.B., M.A. A.B., M.A., Ph.D. B.S. in Ed., A.M. B.S., M.A., Ed.D. Librarian Associate Professor of Chairman of the Associate Professor of Professor of ,lrt Health and Physical Graduate Council Education E Education 21 C. F. MARTIN LUCILLE MORGAN THELMA BRYANT ROLLA WOOD CLIFTON A. BURMEISTER B.A., M.A. R.N. B.S. in Ed., A.B. B.S. in Ed., M.A. B.A., M.Mus. Ch6,,',.,,M,, of Languages N urse Education 019566 Professos' of Social Assoczure Professor of aff' Litcv'rztu1'e Division Sczence Muszc ff . F955 PAUL R. UTT ANNE G. HARRIS WILLIAM F. KNOX MARIE TODD DEAN MCINTYRE B.M.,M.M. B.S.D., A.B., A.M. B.S., A.M., Ph.D. Ph.B., A.M. Vele1'un's Adlfisor Cfzairmmz of the Music Professor of Languages Dz'rEclo1'ofField Scfrzfice Associate Professor of . Dz'w'sz'on A E n gli,-h J I MORRIS HELEN IAMIESON EARL FOSTER ELILABETH CALLAIX AY EAIxIETT ELLIS BS1nEd AM PhD BS MS PCB BS MS In Ed ,AB MA BSIIIEd MA PhD P10 essof ofPhys1cs 1Eso?zZte Ptgogisoi of P10 cssof 0 Clzefnzstzy As oczute P1 ofcssol 0 A socmze P10 6 501 0 L' fa an 3151601 Lm guzzges Mczzhcmazzc Educulzofz Z C. B. HUDSC B.S.D., B.S. in Ec Associate Profes Education ' 4. '- 'fA xp .,- - SAII , I DELTA M. NEI A.B., A.M Associate Profcs Education NELL EIA B S ID E Secfetmy zo P16 ldfllf 'P'- A W . , ' -." . . , . A.,, H W . .. . .i . ., . .E - ' . ., . . . ., . ., . . I b . . . ., . . . . . ,, , , , , . . . 71 . . .. . J! . jf j - ' A- ' - -. . it 5 . A f Sa- A It A 5- . 2 f ' J 22 L I. l L ss I' C. B. HUDSON FERN GIBSON K. E. LUCAS IEYVEL PETERSON MARION SCHOTT i AN A' BURMEISTER B.S.D., B.S. in Ed., A.B. B.S. In Ed., A.B. BS. in Ed., M.A,, B.A., M.A., M.E.A. B.S., MA., Ed.D. M'MuS'- Associate Professor of Librarian M.B.A. Associate Professor of Associate Professor of mtg P"f7lf550" of Education Associate Professor of Music Education Mmm Business ana' Commerce 1 ,Q " f w'W', ' -nf?-:A AN MCINTYRE DELTA M. NEXVILLE TATE C. PAGE -NELL HOOVER E. F. LOVVE ELIZABETH WIGGINS ' l , Adm-for A.B., .A.M. M.A. Field Service Office A.A., B.S., M.Ed. A.B., M.Ed. wan 5 Associate Professor of Chazrman of the Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Education Health ana' Physical Agriculture Home Economics Eclucatio n Dizfisi on E NELL EVANS ROBERT GOETZ LAURA NAHRI ICIE IOHNSON IRENE FREEMAN QQETLI PfL3ihD BS. in Ed. BS. in Ed. BS. in Ed., AE., A.M,, BS. in Ed., MS. AE., MA. I "Pl ' 't ' ' ' Secretary to the Instructor of Graphic Ph.D. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Zjjhgfnogiiio' of President Arts Professor of Zoology English V Speech , 23 , QT 2 3 t yi, C .1 C C, ALDRICH C. B. IONES MARX' SUE HOPKINS ELEVQOD SHIRLING Pe.B. xghgiin ASIA. OURTAPEI., M.S. Assistant in Business Ph.B., B.S. IH Ed., A.M. B.S. ID Ed., M.S. IIEOQERTI-5 NAUJU-mc, P,.0fc,,-50,4 of Professor of Ofqce Associate Professor of Associate Professor of A ' 1 1 PIE? 5 Edumzfon Ggog,-apjzy Education Biological Science Mona 6 6 Industrial A . K 5 E I MAGDALEN HENDRIX URBAN BERLEKAMP HAZEL CROUNSE CHARLES SANDERS FRED LASLEY A.B., M.S. B.S. in Ed. Secretary for Laboratory B.S. in Ed. B.S. in Ed. MINNIERUCK Associate Professor of Itinerant Agriculture School Itinerant Agriculture Itinerant Agriculture A551-'mm In Bu' Music Instructor Instructor Instructor 017556 s CLAUDE H. DMERSON EIEITH I BETTY BRUCE EDNA S. BILLINGS OSCAR HAXKVKSLEY LOREN AKERS B.S., MS., Itinwwgl. E rlwcgdlure X nstzuctor zn Speech Organ Instructor B.S., U .B.A., M.A. Chairman of Imzmior Instructor of Blologzcal Assistant Professor of Sflfflff 1171- Science Mathematzcs Mathematics D11 24 N FRED LASLEY B.S. in Ed. rant Agriculture Instructor .OREN AKERS 3.A., M.A. tant Professor of Mathematics SHIRLING in Ed., Mis. ROBERT E. SMITH ELIZABETH ENGLE HELEN GILBERT MILDRED LASS C. E. NIUCHIXIORE P,.0,ce550,. of BS. in Ed., M.A. B.S. in Ed., M.S. A.E., B.S. in Ed., M.A. B.S. in Ed., A.B., B.S., A.B. 56,5166 Associate Professor of College ,Dietitian Director of Recreation M.S. in Com. Business Secretary lnclustrial Arts Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of Home Economics Commerce ' MINNIE RUCKER LORRAINE POLZIN SAM P. HEWITT DOROTHY BAKER MONI.A C. MORRIS Assistant in Business Personnel Secretary BS., M. Ed., Ph.D. Assistant Secretary A.B., B.S. in Ed., A.M Office l Associate Professor of Business Ofice Instructor in Social Biology Science CLAUDE H. B.S., M.S., C fill!-l'l7'1!I71 Science A111111 e 177 atics BRONVN Ph .D. o f tlze and Division EVELYN EAKER PAT DIEHL MARILAWVAN MAHAN MAIKIAN C. MIXNZER B. Music Secretary to Dean of B.S. in Ed., M.A. AB. Director of Yeater Hall Wotnen Assistant Professor of ' Secretary to Dean o Speeclz A if rn in istrati o n 25 I I I , I I r ' 1 I I I , I I av I I Lf: rl- wr ,1 I WN .II wi iw ll Psi! QII -I if ms, -:IQ ,IQ by: IJ.. ff? Ip? -ffl W1 M Eur Wh EH H bi H 'EEL Ti? ' IW. ,M sr? If! ,fm ,Wh JI, W .IV ,QW ik Fgi .I ,fi fri W .sry Kf- 422 is ? ? I I Y 1 ! i W. , WI . f' LILLIAN RACES BARRICK HAROLD SVANOE B.S. in Ed. A.B., M.A. f 'i Regigmzr Associate Professor of Speech 26 O. A. MARTI RUTH FITZGEARLD ARUBA CHARLTON EVELYN SIMS CLAIRE CHRISTOPHER M.A., B.D.,PlI.D. AB., BS., A.M. Ph.B., M.A. - B.S. Assistant Librizrian Associate Professor of Associczle Professor of Associate Professor of Instructor of Art Social Science Education Education W IRE CHRISTOPHER 'istant Librarian FACULTY MEMBERS Whose Photographs Were Not Avaliable HOYVPIRD BLATZ BS., M.S. Assistant Professor of Visual Education MRS. I-I. H. BAss Laboratory School Librarian PEARL BRADSHAW B.S. in Ed. Instructor in Laboratory School MARION DAVIES B.S. in Ed., M.A. Associate Professor of Music ' MARY FOLEY B.S. in Ed. Associate Professor of Art EMMA GALBRAITH B.S., M.S. Professor of Home Econornzcs LEE MILBURN Assistant Registrar EDIT!-I HOWARD B.S. in Ed., A.M. Associate Professor of Social Science O. L. HoUTs BS. in Ed., A.B. Dean of Women, Emeritus ELIZABETH ROBERSON B.S. . Instructor in Music ELIZABETH RUTHERFORDI A Pd.B., Pd.M., Ph.B.A, M.. .Q.R.E. Associate Profgffmsar ofa? 431515 Economists r' ' .. - . CLARENCE WI-IITEMAN BS. in Ed., M.A. Associate Professor of Physical Education ' GLADYS STANTON Secretary Business Oj5ce w l l V li J ? u 5 ei I ,N w P rs . I , '- I gi ll ti 'E ix yi ,A ja E A' --- :Eiff - -vf:1-:f.eg1-.--.- ' 452 -. 'Q ' N' - ' Twff'Wil'"IPAf-blafiiwfg-:gQ2g5s1E3'Q ,ff A " L' VR 413' A-55' .-if fb: TRFNLT: - ' 4 - n 'ri' ' hi - he V -:qw-I .xi ,.,,:32:N:?l l l ... Q . as I ,Q-a,v,r9 .-.-lk Nm ,4 3 f-,Y wi v . - 5. 3 Q.-.f ' ,P Q15 - a . :Jw - .zy.-ni :K -' A " , I ' ' f , ,gfig '- .. Q- :"I Ei Ae- if ' ", 311, X. ' cJfirb-Tfipf'-if -I ffilf Q--5 mf - - Aa I M -'Ky 9,1 -. V iz: -lj F1 l 1. " Q - 24-F fJ?'1xf1'2 gf 'x.e',:-- : 2 4 ' - E Q A4 X- y '1 Q, T' ff' J. :- my - - - . v. - 5-.g N 5 A. .,.-.5 g: ' - " n .. .-PQ, .- 3' ,4'f"' -JJ gm- of bg - if f A, , 3' 1 -' , , ff ,-J k 2. A g if 'L ,M ,fx 23 '--. A- -si M 1 1 ' .- ' Lg' C1 , , - 4: 1 ' .m 2- . 'Q' ' :Fi-. ' .1-N . "" ' 7fi"' 61 '1I ' 5 'N , " ':!:Y" 'fJ,fV !, If ' 31.-,iqyl-'w E215 1' ,' .. , Q? 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CZHITTX Kappa Sign MARY ELEANOR 6 Hendricks S Future Teac ELBERT N. BRUC Lots GREEN Madrigal Cl HAROLD R. IOHNS Alpha Phi G NORAH BELMONT: Hendricks Sc ARLINE C. CHATB Hendricks Sc Education. RICHARD E. FIND Vice Presiclei Epsilon. SHIRLEY E. GRIO: Beta Alpha. RL'1'I'l EVELYN Alpha S Kappa I burg, Missouri 473 Phi Sigma iessa, Missouri icothe, Missouri isburg, Missouri Odessa, Missouri Jeuada, Missouri sselzfille, Missouri Polo, Missouri rensburg, Missouri Latour, Missouri IALIES B. CHITTY Adrain, Missouri Kappa Sigma Kappa. MAIRX' ELEANOR COFPIELD Carthage, Missouri Hendricks Societyg Association of Childhood Educationg Future Teachers of America. ELBERT N. BRUCE Vl7fll'l'6'115bZftI'g', Missouri Lois GREEN Sedalia, Missouri Madrigal Choirg W.S.G.A. HAROLD R. IoHNsoN Bates City, Missouri Alpha Phi Omegag Vice President of Independent Men. NORAii BELMONTE La Paz, Bolivia Hendricks Societyg Foreign Language Clubg Beta Alpha, ARLINE C. CHATBURN Lamoni, Ioufa Hendricks Societyg Y.W.C.A.g 'Association of Childhood Education. RICHARD E. FINDLEY lfVdI'l'C'725bMl'g, Missouri Vice President of Alpha Phi Omega ,47-,485 Phi Sigma Epsilon. SHIRLEY E. CJRIGSBY Warreizsburg, Missouri Beta Alpha. Rum EVELYN CLAIQK Kansas City, Missouri Alpha Sigma Alphag Beta Alphag Alpha Phi Deltag Kappa Delta Pig Association of Childhood Education. GLENN I-IANSEORD ROBEIKT BASS MARIE WIRT Alpha Phi Delta. GEORGE TICE Stanbery, Missouri lflhzrrensburg, Missouri Los Angeles, California Kansas City, Missouri Rhetor Business Manager '47-'48g Orchestrag Alpha Phi Omega Vice Pres.g Crescendo Clubg Chorusg The Student. AMES KELLY Sigma Tau Gamma. IOE BAKER RUTH MANEORD lfVarrensburg, Missouri Alpha Phi Sigmag lAlpha Phi Deltag Kappa Delta Pig Beta Kappa Epsilong International Relations Clubg Treasurer. Knob Noster, Missouri Detroit, Michigan A Sigma Tau Gammag Football. BETTY ANN ROBINSON Colhecong Y.W.A. LEONARD BASS x Odessa, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Sigma Tau Gammag "WU Club, Presidentg Footballg Basketball. MARVIN CALVERT Rich m ond, Missouri "WH Clubg Basketball. DORIS WITT Cameron, Missouri WhO's Who in American Universities and Colleges, ,47, '48g Delta Sigma Epsilong Alpha Phi Deltag Cres- cendo Club. 3 2 I HELEN MARIE FRA! Hendricks SO MARY R. SHAW Alpha Phi De Clubg Wesley WANDA P. SMITH Sigma Sigma MARY E. WILLIAM Baptist Studer Clubg Internal MADELINE GARNET' MARX' V. SAXTON Crescendo Ch Kappa Delta f RICH PRICE International ARNOLD L. COPPA Sigma Tau G2 BILLY RAY O,DEL Kappa Sigma '48g Foreign I ROSE.XNNE BYRAINI Pi Kappa Sigi abery, Missouri sburg, Missouri geles, California s City, Missouri :strag Alpha Phi 5 Chorusg The nsburg, Missouri gmag 'Alpha Phi Delta Pig Beta .ng International ng Treasurer. N oster, Missouri Detroit, Michigan Odessa, Missouri sas City, Missouri 'esidentg Footballg chinond, Missouri fumeron, Missouri ties and Colleges, a Phi Deltag Cres- HELEN MARIE FRASHER Napoleon, Missouri Hendricks Societyg Colhecon. MARY R. SI-IAW Beanfian, Missouri Alpha Phi Deltag Crescendo Clubg Foreign Language Clubg Wesley Chumsg Orchestrag Bandg Chorus. WANDA P. SMITH Liberty, Missouri Sigma Sigma Sigma. MARY E. WILLIAMS Sealalia, Missouri Baptist Student Uniong Alpla Phi Deltag Speech Arts Clubg International Relations Clubg Y.W.A. MADELINE GARNETT Centcrtoufn, Missouri MARY V. SAXTON Warrensburg, Missouri Crescendo Clubg Alpha Phi Sigmag Alpha Phi Deltag Kappa Delta Pi. RICI-I PRICE Gooding, Idaho International Relations Club. ARNOLD L. COPPAKEN Kansas City, Missouri Sigma Tau Gammag Alpha Phi Omega. BILLY RAY O,DELL Warrensburg, Missouri Kappa Sigma Kappag V. President of Iunior Class ,47- '48g Foreign Language Club. ROSEANNE BYRAM Warrensburg, Missouri Pi Kappa Sigma, Secretary ,47-,48. ROBERT LANDSBERG Britt, Iowa Phi Sigma Epsilon, V. President of Senior Class, Beta Alpha, Art Editor of Rhetor ,46-,47. Iol-IN F. KNAPP Warrensburg, Missouri CORNELIUS I. KOESTER Stover, Missouri Phi Sigma Epsilon, Treasurer 747, Phi Sigma Pig Presi- dent of Gamma Delta '47, Treasurer of Crescendo Club 946 EVELYN M. KUECK Concordia, Missouri Alpha Phi Delta, Pi Omega Pi, V. President ,47Q For- eign Language Clubg Gamma Delta, Vice-President ,47. LABERNE L. IoNEs Ellqland, Missouri President of Student Council '47-,483 Sigma Tau Gam- ma, V. President ,473 Secretary of Sigma Tau Gamma, '46, Alpha Sigma Pig Pi' Sigma Pi. Louis N. WHITEHEAD Logan, Iowa Kappa Delta Pig Phi Sigma Pi, Speech Arts Club, College Plays, "Ladies in Retirement," "The Little Foxesf' "Arsenic and Old Lacev, Who's Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities, ,47-,48. LLOYD B. MCFERREN Kansas City, Missouri "Wu Club. WILLIAM L. GRIGSBY Warrensburg, Missouri Commerce Club. BARBARA I. ETTER Warrensburg, Missouri P1 Kappa Sigma, WVomen's Recreational Association, Alpha Phi Delta. OMER HHLVEY St. Louis, Ilflissouzz Sigma Tau Gamma, Phi Sigma Pig Football. l GEORGE T. MASCHC IERRY NEAL KUHN Secretary of P V. President '4 '48, Internatioi DAVID K. STEWART Alpha Phi Orr Chief '46-'47-'4 Business Mana3 Future Teache. Colleges and I CLIFFORD R. KEISK Kappa Delta P I. DALE BOYD Phi Sigma Ep: LoUIsE L. MAYEIEL Alpha Phi Di Pig Student D WESTLE B. MILLS LAVERNE STESVART Association of of America, V .ANN H. CALIPBELL PIUBERT L. NIADISO Britt, Iowa ior Classg Beta hurg, Missouri ltoaer, Missouri igma Pig Presi- Srescendo Club rordia, Missouri sident ,47Q For- :e-President ,47. kland, Missouri gma Tau Gam- a Tau Gamma, Logan, Iowa ech Arts Clubg z," "The Little Who in Ameri- as City, Missouri nsburg, Missouri nsburg, Missouri Jnal Associationg . Louis, Missouri lotball. GEORGE T. MASCHOFF St. Louis, Missouri IERRY NEAL KUHN Bosworth, Missouri Secretary of Phi Sigma Pi 746-,47Q Kappa Delta Pi, V. President '47-,483 Zeta Kappa Epsilon, President '47- '48g International Relations Club. DAVID K. STEWART Kansas City, Kaus. Alpha Phi Omega, President '46-,473 Rhetor Editor-in- Chief 746-,47-,48Q International Relations Clubg Student Business Manager '47-'48g Student Handbook Co-Editorg Future Teachers of Americag Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities '47-'48, CLIFFORD R. KEISKER Chamois, Missouri Kappa Delta Pi I. DALE BOYD Warrenshurg, Missouri Phi Sigma Epsilong Phi Sigma Pig "Wi, Club. LOUISE L. MAYFIELD Warrenshurg, Missouri Alpha Phi Deltag Delta Sigma Epsilong Pi Omega Pig Student Damesg Commerce Club. WESTLE B. MILLS Rich Hill, Missouri LAVERNE STEVVART La M oizte, Missouri Association Of Childhood Educationg Future Teachers of Americag W.S.G.A.g Counselor at Yeater Hall. ANN H. CABIPBELL Orrick, Nlissouri HUBERT L. NIADISON VVlI1'1'6'71-fbwg, Missouri i .3-G5 N L.- DEAN R. CooK Kansas City, Missoarz' Alpha Phi Omegag Sigma Tau Gammag Foothallg Sports Editor 4'Student,', '46-'47. ESTHER M. BORGIVIAN Wellington, Missouri Kappa Omicron Phi, Presidentg Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Phi Deltag Alpha Phi Sigmag Assistant in Home Eco- nomics Departmentg Whois Who in American Colleges and Universities, '46-'47. NORMAN H. FULTON Sedalia, Missouri MARVALENA RAKER Holden, Missouri Alpha Phi Sigmag Alpha Phi Deltag Commerce Clubg Pi Omega Pig Baptist Student Uniong Y.W.A. WILLIAM H. BUSH Football. JAMES L. CHEDESTER NEAL S. CAMPBELL MARY K. MYERS Kansas City, Kansas City, Buckner, Kansas City, Missouri Missouri M isso uri Missouri Association of Childhood Educationg Parent Teachers Associationg Future Teachers of Americag W.S.G.A.g Yeater Hall Counsellor. PAUL RAUTUS V U Brainerd, Minnesota Phi Sigma Pig Phi Sigma Epsilon. WILLIANI D. REAVIS Warensbztrg, Missouri Phi Sigma Epsilong Phi Sigma Pig Speech Arts Clubg President of Senior Class ,47-,48g Whois Who in Ameri- can Colleges and Universities ,47-,48. EMMA LEE Alpha Phi IAMES H. MCD JOHN RECTOR DI MELVIN E. FRAI1 Phi Sigma BRICE BLANE D BEULAH I. GUTR President o Omega Pig 348g Alpha f Whois Whc '48. ROBERT D. ELLI Independen' BILLY C. BORGST NW" Clubg LOUISE MAY FIL Y.W.C.A.g . Teachers o. Society. NL-XRY L. FOSTER Alpha Phi Phi. 'as City, Missouri 3 Footballg Sports Yington, Missouri Delta Pig Alpha it in Home Eco- merican Colleges Sedalia, Missouri Holden, Missouri Commerce Clubg 5 Y.W.A. sas City, Missouri sas City, Missouri Buckner, Missouri isas City, Missouri Parent Teachers lericag W.S.G.A.g ainerd, Minnesota ensburg, Missouri Speech Arts Clubg fs Who in Ameri- EMMA LEE D1xoN Alpha Phi Delta, JAMES H. MCDONALD JOHN RECTOR DOLAN MELv1N E. FRANCIS Phi Sigma Pig Stu BRICE BLANE DURBIN BEULAH I. GUTRIDGE Odessa, Missouri President ,47-'483 Alpha Phi Sigma. Warrensburg, Missouri Kansas City, Missouri Fort Madison, Iowa dent Ministerial Alliance. North Kansas City, Missouri Montrose, Missouri President of W.S.G.A. '47-'48g Alpha Phi Sigmag Pi Omega Pig Secretary-Treasurer of Commerce Club ,47- '485 Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pig Student Council, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, ,47- ,48 ROBERT D. ELLER Independent Men. BILLY C. BORGSTADT NW" Clubg Sigma LOUISE MAY FILGER Warrensburg, Missouri H igginsville, Missouri Tau Gamma. I Parlgville, Missouri Y.W.C.A.g Association of Childhood Education, Future Teachers of America' Al ha Phi Delta, Hendricks U s P Society. MARY L. FOSTER W arrensburg, Missouri Alpha Phi Sigmag Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Omicron Ph' l. CARL R. WIGGINS Kansas City, Missouri Sigma Tau Gammag Zeta Kappa Epsilon. DOROTHY MAE WIGGINS GARRETT L. OlDELL IOHN G. KNOX Phi Sigma Epsilon, GERALD O. LACHNER ELVERA M. Fox GRLYN O. LOCKARD Baptist Student Union. HAROLD E. DAVIS International Relations Clubg A CECIL ROBERT KELSO Kappa Mu Epsilon. EVERETT E. IONES Kansas City, Missouri Lexington, Missouri Warrensburg, Missouri V. President ,47-'48, "W" Club. Tipton, Missouri St. Charles, Missouri WZ-Hd50l', Missouri Springfcld, Missouri ll School Play ,46. Maclqs Creek, Missouri Warrensburg, Missouri CAROLYN B. WA Alpha Phi Arts Club. BILLIE ANN STD Sigma Sigm tion of Chii RALPH W. WEL4 "W" Club. IAMES C. WELCI Treasurer oi REX E. STERLINC Phi Sigma f BERNECE SCHOTT Graduate St ELLEN WAY Pi Omega I GLENN A. GILBZ Graduate S' Omegag Ka Club. CLYDE R. WILSO Kappa Mu l IOHN K. WIRT International Teachers of s City, Missouri Jn. s City, Missouri s ngton, Missouri sburg, Missouri 33 GW" Club. Fipton, Missouri harles, Missouri indsor, Missouri egfield, Missouri ol Play '46. Creelg, Missouri zsburg, Missouri CAROLYN B. WAGONER Odessa, Missouri Alpha Phi Deltag Y.W.C.A.g Wesley Chumsg Speech Arts Club. BILLIE ANN STEWART Henrietta, Missouri Sigma Sigma Sigma, Keeper of Grades '47-'48g Associa- tion of Childhood Education. A RALPH W. WELCH South Gate, California "W" Club. IAMES C. WELCH Safe, Missouri Treasurer of Baptist Student Union '47-,48. REX E. STERLING Warrensburg, Missouri Phi Sigma Epsilon. BERNECE SCHOTT Warrensburg, Missouri Graduate Studentg Delta Sigma Epsilon. ELLEN I. WAY Grandview, Missouri Pi Omega Pi. GLENN A. GILBERT Warrensbur Missouri gf Graduate Studentg Sigma Tau Gammag Alpha Phi Omega, Kappa Mu Epsilong Phi Sigma Pig Science Club. l CLYDE R. WILSON 'Warrensburg, Missouri Kappa Mu Epsilon. l0IIN K. WIRT Los Angeles, California IIIternational Relations Clubg Graduate Studentg Future Teachers of Americag Phi Sigma Pi, Treasurer '47-,48. HARVEY L. BUSH Kunsus City, Missouri Kappa Sigma Kappa, Segt. at Arms ,46-'47g V. President of Student Council '47-,48. AMES O FETTERS Ruytouln, Missouri Crescendo Club President ,46-,47Q Essig Troupe. MELVIN V ENKINS St. Ioseph, Missouri LEO BEHRENS Cole Camp, Missouri Phi Sigma P1 Crescendo Club, Treasurer ,47-,48Q Bandg Orchestra Madrigal Choir. ULIA Lou DEMASTERS Holden, Missouri Alpha Sigma Alpha V President ,47-'48g Women's Recreational Association Colhecon. REAVIS N MANKING Lexington, Missouri Phi Sigma Epsilon President '47-,48g Phi Sigma Pig Who s Who In Amer1can Colleges and Universities ,47- HELEN L BELL Kansas City, Missouri Association Childhood Educationg Future Teachers of House Council of Yeater Hall. KATHLEEN FAIEN Stover, Missouri Alpha Phi Delta Alpha Phi Sigmag Womenls Recrea- tional Association President ,46-,473 Dolphinsg Orchesisg Delta Sigma Epsilon Whds Who in American Col- leges and Universities 47348. BERNA DEANE RIST Leafs Summit, Missouri Kappa Delta P1 Alpha Phi Deltag Foreign Language Club Future Teachers of Americag Kappa Mu Epsilon, Treasurer 47 48 Whos Who in American Colleges and Universities 47 48 NORMA MCDONOUGH Osborn, Missouri Alpha Phi Delta Kappa Ornicron Phi, Colhecon. I . 7 7 S S , . S , . , . '48, America, V. President '47-,485 Secretary-Treasurer I ' 3 ' a Q Q S - 3 , S ROBERT MASON Kappa Sign HELEN ZEHENDIY Kappa Om Colhecon, P CLARENCE TRUM MARY OTTINGER Baptist Stud IOHN ORICK PATRICIA STEWAF Alpha Phi Presidentg I Clubg Y.W.l ROBERT PINKERT. International ica, Treasur GERTRUDE LOHM Colhecon. BEVERLY WOLERI Pi Kappa Si '46g Who's N '47-'48 LESLIE WARD LA Commerce C City, Missouri .7, V. President town, Missouri Troupe. oseph, Missouri fump, Missouri r '47-,48, Band, olden, Missouri 1-'48, Women,s ngton, Missouri Phi Sigma Pi, Universities ,47- s City, Missouri ire Teachers of :tary - Treasurer Stover, Missouri 7omen's Recrea- phins, Orchesis, American Col- trnmit, Missouri reign Language :pa Mu Epsilon, ierican Colleges lsborn, Missouri Colhecon. ROBERT MAsoN VVtzrrensburg, Missouri Kappa Sigma Kappa, President '46. HELEN ZEHENDNER Iejerson City, Missouri Kappa Omicron Phi, Secretary, Alpha Phi Delta, Colhecon, President ,47. CLARENCE TRUMP MARY OTTINGER Baptist Student IOHN ORICK PATRICIA STEWART Union, Mixed Lincoln Park, Michigan Ieferson City, Missouri Chorus. Warrensburg, Missouri i Archie, Missouri Alpha Phi Delta, Vice President, Alpha Phi Sigma, President, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Secretary, Crescendo Club, Y.W.C.A. ROBERT PINKERTON Kansas City, Missouri International Relations Club, Future Teachers or Amer- ica, Treasurer, Kappa Sigma Kappa, Track. GERTRUDE LOHMAN Concordia, Missouri Colhecon. BEVERLY WOLFRUM Eldon, Missouri Pi Kappa Sigma, Vice President '44-,45, Treasurer ,45- '46, Whois Who in American Colleges and Universities, 47348- LESLIE WARD LACEY Green Ridge, Missouri Commerce Club. RALPH ABPLANALP Grant City, Missouri Baptist Student Union, Vice-President. KENTON TURNER Springfeld, Missouri DOROTHY MARIE WRIGHT Kansas Czty Mzssoufz Alpha Phi Delta Commerce Club Kappa Delta P1 P1 Omega P1 President 47 48 FTA YWCA THOMAS SWANSON Kansas Czty Mzssouzz Alpha Phi Omega ARTHUR ZIEGLER A1 nold Mzssoufz Independent Men IESSE TEVIS Hugewzlle Mzsxouzz Independent Men PEGGY KARM Independence Mzssowz Amadrams President 46 47 Student Council Secretary 46 Treasurer 47 Speech Arts Secretary 46 Secretary of Senior Class 47 Delta Sigma Epsilon Secretary 46 ALVIN WOODBURN Paz nel! Mzssouzz WELDON WINTER St Lows Mmouzz IOHN ECKMAN Cmtfzage Mzssouiz Student Council 46 48 Modern Foreign Lan uage Club President 46 47 Cosmopolitan Club Inter national Relations Club Kappa Sigma Kappa FLORENCE L Associat '48g Yee SAMUEL R. I Sigma S Epsilon? 46 47, KENNETH D1 Kappa I IANIE F I-IE5 YW.C.f WALLACE W. LAVERNIE E. Theta Si BETTY IANE I IACK W. DEL Internatic CARROLL P. H Phi Sigm Ltex K FISC1 -Xlpha Ph 39 I 1 9 J ' I l ,,. . , ',uvu, .nn- . . . 1 I I . I 1 1 I I ' 77. ' 9 'a Q 3 3' 7. 3 5 7 5 . ,l . . , 9 9 ' 1 ' I I .,,. . -, iq ' 77. ' ., . a , , ,,f a - ' I City, Missouri Held, Missouri City, Missouri ppa Delta Pi, Y.W.C.A. City, Missouri nold, Missouri roille, Missouri 'enee, Missouri lncil, Secretary 7 A 46, Secretary , Secretary ,46. rnell, Missouri Qouis, Missouri lzage, Missouri ign Language Club, Inter- Kappa. FLORENCE L. GODDARD Versailles, Missouri Association of Childhood Education, Vice-President ,47- '48, Yeater Hall Counsellor '47-'48, Alpha Sigma Alpha. SAINIUEL R. HERNDON Warrenslvurg, Missouri Sigma Tau Gamma, Saga Reporter '47-,483 Kappa Mu Epsilon, President '47-'48, Alpha Phi Omega, Treasurer ,46-'47, Vice President '47-348. KENNETH DALE I-IEYING Kappa Mu Epsilon, Phi Sigma Epsilon. Warrensburg, Missouri IANE F. HESTER Mission, Kansas Y.W.C.A. WALLACE W. HEISNER Sufeet Springs, Missouri LAVERNE E. FICKAS Warrensburg, Missouri Theta Sigma Upsilon, President '47-'48. BETTY IANE HEIM St. Louis, Missouri IACK W. DELP1-I Sedalia, Missouri International Relations Club. CARROLL P. HURD Sweet Springs, Missouri Phi Sigma Pig Speech Arts Club. LUCY K. FISCHER Garden City, Missouri Alpha Phi Sigma, Colhecon. fxl IBN FANG FU China Graduate Student WILLIAM FURKIN Wurrensburg, Missouri Phi Sigma Epsilon Corresponding Secretary '46. MERLE HENRY Wurrensburg, Missouri Band CHIH LIANG OU China Graduate Student VERCIL OGLEIVE Hoden, Missouri lndependent Men President PATRICK MCGINNESS Wurrensburg, Missouri Phi Sigma Epsilon Historian 47 Alpha Phi Omega, President 46 International Relations Clubg Student Council V1cePresIdent 46 Kappa Sigma Kappa Kappa Mu Epsilong "W" Club. MERLIN WARNKE Stover, Missouri A.C.E.g Future Teachers of Americag Student Dames. if ff! JOHN HANSSEN Leington, Missouri Kappa Sigma Kappag International Relations Club. s , aiiss 44 . HAROLD PEABODY Nevada, Missouri HELEN Cow DEN W'urrensburg, Missouri JAMES O. MI Vice Pre of Speec Delta ,4 NORMAN K. l Phi Sign Universil GRACE M. RI Future 'I ciation o CHARLES E. l MARION D. E DAVID L. CRc "W" Clu DALE L. MON IAIVIES M. BLA Phi Sigm EVA NELL RA Hendrick: Pig Alpha Pi Omeg: F. LAXVRENCE Kappa Dc dent ,46-'. America. China burg, Missouri ary '46. rburg, Missouri C lzina oden, Missouri 'burg, Missouri ia Phi Omega, Clubg Student Wada, Missouri ang "W" Club. 'toaer, Missouri sburg, Missouri Rtudent Dames. zgzon, Missouri ations Club. IAMES O. MILLER Slater, Missouri Vice President of Independent Men ,47-,483 Treasurer of Speech Arts Club '47-,483 President of Pi Kappa Delta '47-'48. NORMAN K. LUTTRELL Phi Sigma Pig Wh GRACE M. REUTER Arnoret, Missouri ois Who in American Colleges and Universities '47-,48. Future Teachers of Americag Hendricks Societyg Asso- ciation of Childhood Education. CHARLES E. MILLER MARION D. BAHR DAVID L. CROCKETT HW" Club. DALE L. MONTGOMERY IAIMBS M. BLAIR Phi Sigma Epsilong Abilene, Kansas Warrensburg, Missouri DoW1'tt, Missouri Warrc'ns12urg, Missouri Warrensburg, Missouri Riclzrnonii, Missouri Alpha Phi Omega. Longwood, Missouri Hendricks Society, V. President '46-,47g Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Phi Deltag Alpha Phi Sigmag Wesley Chumsg EVA NELL RAINES Pi Omega Pi. P. LANVRENCE DANIELS WlY1'1'6f155W'g, M1'f50W'f Kappa Delta Pi, President '47-'48g Phi Sigma Pi, Presi- dent '46-,47g Zeta Kappa Epsilong Future Teachers of America. STANLEY DIEHL , WANDA RAMSEY MARSHALL LAKIN IIM IACKSON BILL WILCOX I. L. EVANS PHIL C. ST. MARTIN A. A. CLARK ' MARJORIE F. TRIPP BOB HENDERSON SYLVIA ROBERTS HAROLD WEGENER RALPII L. MARTIN MARGARET PEARCE IOIIN R. CRAIVIER SALLIE E. FOREMAN VINCENT P. HEEMBIKOCK WILHENIINA FREYTAG GERALD V. WALKER DORIS M. GREGG ADABELLE HOLADAY LOREN A. GIVIN SUE ANDERSON CHARLES W. MAUPIN BILL T. HARVEY GUY M. ELSTEN WILLIAM DAVID DEHARDT DOTTIE WEIR M RUTH E. IA CY H. S HI ANN WA L I u A r i E I AIQDELLA M. STUCKER CLYDE H. TINSLEY MARGARET S. BELL LESLIE L. GALBRAITH DOROTHY I. FIGHT JAMES R. SANTMYER GLADYS E. WILCOX CLAYTA E. TEATER GG RUTH E. FORD ,IAUPIN CY I-I. SMITH IARDT HOWARD E. HEIDBRINK ANN WAGELEY BETTY S. GLASSCOCK WILLIAM D. MARSHALL MARY ANN MASSEY HAROLD H. FERGUSON FRANCIS L. DAUGHERTY DELLA R. BALES FINIS T. SAUNDERS BARBARA LEE BALL DOROTHY MAUPIN LAWRENCE HEXXVITT CHARLES D. FERRIL SHIRLEY A. FIETI-I GEORGE E. DULEY NIARA L. SAUNDERS KENNETH G. STEWART WILLIQALI MAX XIOIGHT THEODORE CAST IAIMES W. BULLARD ALLEN C. CARPENTER IAAIES V. CAREY ROBERT M. OVERSTREET MARX'LIN STEVVART MIRIAM V. WETZEL NTARY E. COOPER ROBERT DANKENBRING IAIMES E. CURTIS WILLSON O. CROUNSE WILLIAM CLEAR 4 I 4 n ! F CHARLES N. GREENWOOD FERN E. THI ANNA SUE BROWN A. P. HAROLD C. HEES BARRETT W. BERRIDGE MILDRED M. FREDDE IOE WOLE WILLIANI M. FISHER BERTP CHARLENE FRAMPTON LESTER FISHER WILLIAM T. BREWSTER BIIABEL MOK ALBERT D. IACKSON HAROI FRANK CHAMPION SAM D. CLAVVSON MALVERNA SENIOR GAY IOEGER A. B. SPEARS P xL'BY PEGGY MOORE KENNETH E. SANDS .eff ii f W s....o 1 . . , 1 FERN E. THOMPSON A. P. MCCORMAOK MARY L. MERTEL RRIDGE DAVID L. UNDERWOOD JOE WOLF BERTHA WILSON FRANCES WILSON VICTOR C. WILSON NIABEL MCKINSTRY HAROLD R. WOODS PAUL E. WOODLAND 3N LLOYD M. NICDOXVELL GAY IOEGER RUBY N. ENGLISH SERENA ENGLEBART KNDS ALICE MARIE DIEFENDORF A-+5021 as- 4.31. CHARLES F. PITTS MONIQUE NIARQUIS VERNON D. VVILSON BETTY I. MOMILLIN GENE PAT BURKE 44' H FRANCES CHEDESTER i ORAN A. KLEIN NANCH' L. CONNETT IOHN R. CROCKER CATHERINE CROVVLEY A RICHARD E. NIAGERS EVA IO COOPER BILLY A. KEYS PATRICIA A. PHARRIS OTTC LEE KINDER 4ERNEST W. KRANER IACK K. KROESEN NED D. KROHN TREVA R. STRAW THOMAS C. PERRY ANNA M. OSBORNE RICHARD M. REINHARD JACK A. QUICK IAMES L. OTTINGER IAIXIES PRICE, IR. b I-I. MCCDY MURRY IACK NEAS REBEKAH MEYER FAYE E. WINPREY ROBERT L. REYNOLDS DONALD E. LACEY IAMES D. LACEY EDWARD C. LOWVRY IUANITA F. LOTTA JACK B. MAIB LILBURN L. LUIIN I-IENRIETTA LUDLAM HERBERT V. MEYER CHARLOTTE MAHIN I-IOMER T. SEATON, IR. DAN W. HA HUBE PEGGIE R. If HARR' RUTH SVVIGE HAWA I I I I DAN W. HIXRDEN HUBERT A. WEST GEORGE A. BENNINGTON EY LARRY R. BATES PEGGIE R. HOLLIDAY HARRY R. HUEE RUTH BERGMANN LUIIN CHARLES E. STENVART RUTH SVVIGERT HAWARD M. VAUGHAM MARIORIE W. I-IELVEY AATON, IR. HARRY R. HUXOL FRANCIS V. THOMAS DOROTHY GIVAN IESS E. TUGGLE ' ANNA SUE HOEMAN KENNETH W. HOEHNS CLARK W. WERNTZ HAROLD L. VAN TUYL NORMA I. SLOAN HOWARD E. RUSH IOHN P. SRIITH LAURA VINCENT STERNER SVVANSON IAMES BELCHE A. NADINE SXVALL URVAL F. STIE-GEBIEIER, HELEN M. JENKINS HALE S. HICKS NORLIA LEICHER MARY HIEIiONYb4US IDI-IN DILLINGHAIVI OTHELIA MENGEL RICHARD S. BOONE TONY FAIRCHILD BETTY N. BECK WANDA WEHMHOENER OPAL M. ATKINS PATRICIA R. BURCHETT VIRGINIA BOHMER I I ' I WILLIAM N. STANZIALE OAN Y. IENNINGS SIDNEY N. DAVIS ANNETTE SHEPHERD MARTIN C. ADAMS IOHN B. HYATT HNKI VNU QKHTSIQ HOMER IANES LORRAINE HENSON HAROLD D. SALMON RUBEN A. RIVERA EUGENE L. SHORE mm R N IAIXIES M. SMITH HERBERT G. IONES RUTH A. IQOESTER IAIXIES A. JONES W DONALD RICHARDSON BARBARA AvEN LUZIIUV5 .4 IERD ,f , HI 4,1 s YIXX nu ff. n,,xs'r' - xzmn I. 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Vifiw i M i W ' IQ 3' 1 I ' .Q V 1 V 'igwl 'ME '53 l ,Wy j VW V. ,Q1 ' w .Q ' , A 125 I ' I TM . i E N. 5 24 " 5 2 1 :Q y , V A V i x I I .Baia :Kappa Glzapfer SERVICE was again the motto of the Beta Kappa Chapter of Alpha Phi Omega. Throughout the year the members of Alpha Phi Omega, all former members of the Boy Scouts of America, strove to be of service to school and community by sponsoring worthwhile projects on the campus and in the surrounding locality. 'Some of the outstanding services were: sponsorship of the "March of Dimes" for the Infantile Paralysis Drive, the collection of funds for and the giving of Christmas baskets to several needy families, a Kampus Kleanup Kampaign, an Activities Calendar and a Freshman Play Night. The Alpha Phi Omega Fraternity was founded December 16, IQ25, at Lafayette College, Easton, Pennsylvania. Since that time the organization has grown into the largest fraternity in the United States with over 145 chapters. Chapters of the fraternity have been established at such universities and colleges as Yale, Stanford, Southern California, Illinois, Michigan, and Harvard. The local chapter was chartered in 1938. The faculty sponsor of Alpha Phi Omega is Mr. R. E. Smith. Summi- Dean Cool Bill Brads Richard Howard Kenneth Randall Martin LPH PHI 0 Winter-Spri Kenneth Stewart Bob Meuschke 4 mfer 1a Phi former ol and in the rch of nd the leanup 925, at lZ3,tiO1'1 Front Row: Iack Kolb, O. A. Klein, Howard E. Rush, Iohn Hamssen. Roux II. Bill Breed, Robert Evans, Kenneth Stewart, R. E. Smith, Dean R. Cook, Sammy Overfelt. Cr I Row III. Charles Farmer, M. C. Adams, William H. Marchkanks, David Duensing, Patrick Mcginnes, 45 Richard E. Findley. , , Row IV. William H. Owens, Iohnnie Hoff, Gordon Brown, Sammy Vaughn, Ierry McDaniels, Samuel CISIUCS R. Herndon, David K. Stewart. Row V. Iohn R. Crocker, Cy Smith, Robert E. Meuschke, Iames Jones, Harold R. lohnson, Thomas H and F. Swanson, Iack DeHardt, W. Walloch. a OFFICERS Summer - Fall ,47 Dean Cook President Bill Bradshaw ISE. Vice-president Sam Herndon Richard Findley 2nd, Vice-president Howard Rush grd. Vice-president Iohn Crocker l Kenneth Stewart Secretary ICTYY MCD3Ulfl W Randall Miller Treasurer Howard RUSII Martin Adams Sgt. at Arms Iames Iones Hg Q' L5'Q2.1:'f ., . ,G mm., will ilu" 2 6 -X .- El E ll j. I y 5 x ' Mfffl W1 I .Zefa .Zefa Gkapfer Alpha Sigma Alpha was founded November 15, 1901, at State Female Normal School, Farmville, Virginia. Alpha Sigma Alpha decided to restrict its chapters to teachers colleges and schools of education in universities at its historic convention at Miami University during Thanksgiving week, 1914. The chapter on this campus was begun in' the form of the Double X club in 1917. After a petition for admittance was accepted in 1919 by Alpha Sigma Alphais national council, Zeta Zeta chapter was formally installed April 4, 1919, with thirty-two charter members. This year the sorority started with ten members. During the year two other members returned to the chapter, and twenty-five girls were pledged making a total membership of thirty-seven members. During the year the Alpha Sigs have had two formal dances as well as their rush parties and Founder's Day Banquet on November 15. The achievement this chapter is most proud of is the winning of the scholarship November, 1947. The sorority has always sought "young women of fine family background, high ideals, good intellect, and personal attractiveness." Faculty sponsors are Mrs. Loyd Grimes and Mrs. Lucas Sterne. vfer :male :strict at its . The 1917. lpha's with other aking 1 Sigs s Day 1d of ound, l LPHA SIGMA ALPHA Front Roux: Shirley Ann Fieth, Bettye Yvonne Ellsworth, Barbara R. Bennett, Ioanne Murrry Arlene Marilyn Mereness, Ruth Evelyn Clark, Norma lean Sloan. Row II. Mrs. L. F. Sterne, Iulia L. DeMasters, Eva Anne McNeel, lean Sontag, Betty Anne Kirby Ruth Lee Swigert, Mrs. Loyd E. Grimes. Row III, Della Bales, Mary Brady, Florence Goddard, Peggy Pearce, Catherine Crowley, Billie Ruth Frey Serena Engelbart, Lee Ball, Helen Taylor. Row IV. Laura Swanson, Mabel McKinstry, Helen Butcher, Sue Anderson, Betty Hifner, Evelyn Neitzert Pat Eppinger, Ellen Buck, Marilyn Thee, Doris lean Snodgress. President Vice-president Secretary Treasurer Registrar OFFICERS Ruth Lee Swigert Iulia Lou DeMasters Ruth Evelyn Clark Peggy Pearce Doris lean Snodgrass Gian ' lf! ll Y' Y ' xog Qi Gkapfer Psi, the twenty-third chapter of Delta Sigma Epsilon, one of the youngest of the five social sororities on the campus, Was organized April 14, 1927. Delta Sigma encourages its members to be co-operative students by taking active parts in honor, departmental, and organizations on the campus, as Well as social groups. During the latter part of the 1947-48 school year, the chapter increased its roll by initiating pledges. R Among the activities held this year were a Preferential Dinner, two informal rush parties, a pledge "Come as you are" breakfast, and a "Delta Wonderland" formal dance. December 6, 7, and 8, of the past year, three active members of the local chapter, accompanied by the chapter co-sponsor and the national president, attended .a national meeting of Delta Sigs at Arkansas State Teachers College, Conway, Arkansas. A national conclave is to be held August 22 to 25 of the coming summer at Biloxi, Mississippi, and the local chapter plans to send representatives to the meeting. The faculty sponsor is Miss Gertrude Hosey, co-sponsor is Miss Lillian Rages. 78 1 ofer ungest M Delta e parts vvell as hapter forrnal rland" e local isident, Zollege, mer at to the Lillian 7 ll,L'lA SGM EPSILU Fran! Row: Lillian Rages, Wanda Ramsey, Dorris Witt, Anna Mae Price, LaVaughn Salyer, Virginia Allen. Row II: Margie Brown, Rae Dene Battin, Louise Mayfield, Ruth Oberwortmann, Quin Ledke, Bernece Schott, Bettie Baker, Margaret Rages. Row III. Pat Pharris, Carolyn Ekern, Helen Bell, Dottie Sheets, Pat Davis, Doris Gregg, Miss Gertrude Hosey, Peggy Karm. ' Row IV. Madelon Cato, Marty Irwin, Katie Fajen, Dottie Weir, Iean Pinkerton, Iacie Chapman, Barbara Aven, Io Ann Iohnson, Ioyce Clevenger, Ruth Ann Parkhurst. OFFICERS President Margaret Rages Secretary Doris Witt Treasurer Doris Gregg l 79 gzzdepezzdenf Sfudelzfs Seeing the need for a stronger, more worthwhile student group, the Independent Men's Organization .and the Hendricks Society combined in the fall of 1947 to form the Independent Students Organization. The organization has as its purpose the betterment of student life at C.M.S.C. by providing an opportunity for the expression of views and opinions to those who do not belong to Greek letter fraternities or sororities. Member- ship is not contingent upon any factor, nor are there any initiation ceremonies. ,This year saw the Independents capture the intramural basketball title, and finish near the top in other sports events on the intramural calendar, with plans being made for active participation in the spring baseball tournament. The Independents won the extemporaneous speaking event of the speech arts department's annual series of speaking events-, and participated vigorously in the campaign for the election of student council ofificers and representatives. On April 23 the organization held a spring party at the College shelter house. The organization is potentiallythe largest student group on the campus, and this year's growth was slowly but' steadily increasing the membership of the club. The faculty sponsors are Dr. Laura I. Nahm and Mr. E. R. Foster. mfs p, the in the life at Jinions ember- nonies. Il title, r, with ament. ch arts usly in tatives. house. ampus, ship of I rr..,...- w..,- e,ee Le- ,.,..,... -W--L.---,..s-,,,,L,,,,L,,,W,,L,, ,,,,--ww,-,,,,M -F H I IIIIIIE IIEIIVI 'I' IIE 'I' Row I. Charlene Homfeld, Betty Beek, Nancy Wilson, Dorothy Lee Hollenbeck, Pat A. Davis, Ruth Ford, Emma Lee Dixon. Row II. Iuana Grove, Madelain Garnett, Arlene Gillilan, Velma Firth, Eleanor Coflield, Paula Griflith, Anna Lou Pine. Row III. Victor C. Wilson, Don Higgins, Edith Threlkeld, Grace Reuter, Laura Nahm, Emile Hoehne, Robert Dankenbring, Harold Woods. Row IV. Hugh Burton, A, L. Ziegler, Iohn Clarke, Iames M. Spurgeon, Iames O. Miller, Thomas E. Smith, Iessie B, Tevis, Forest Nolte, E. R. Foster. OFFICERS President Iames Miller Vice-President P31113 Grifiith Secretary Emma Lee Dixon Treasurer Forrest Nolte vp Qi Gfzapier Psi Chapter was installed on the campus in April, 1947, as the twenty-fifth chapter of a national social fraternity that was organized at Virginia Military Institute in 1867. The Kappa rush smoker in the fall attracted more than 70 guests to the dining room at Rigglels in September. Dancing in the shelter house followed by a Weiner roast and bean supper featured the fraternity's Hallowe'en party at the college farm. ln the season before Christmas, the fraternity entertained a seasonal celebrity, Santa Claus, and crowned Miss Merry Christmas, at its gala Yuletide dance held in the student lounge. Other social activities of the year included a mid-Winter rush smoker, and the annual spring formal. The fraternity also sponsored a bus to carry students to the Rolla-MULE football game at Rolla, and a campaign to distribute safety booklets to schools and boy scout troops of the area. Mr. Clifton A. Burmeister and Mr. E. F. Low are the faculty sponsors. 61' E 1tary J the KAPPA SIGMA KAPPA Ht, .ll D ' . in N "" D.. - D' .. - . O PD . ' 'W .. . .F , V II' I . 0 FD v , . r. B U' . ,Q . - 0 v F3 , I t Q AF.. 1 v ' . 'SLN . ' V Ri, - .- CJ' , wtf-D . ' UQ fl!" , U, . - I v . Y, vi . Y . , '- ',-4. a ' , Q N fb . Tm ' rr . , P-,O . ir' i 3 - l ' Us , EJ . ' '. In , M :xl I l - w sn. o - '1 , N- .gw , 5 ' P' - Q Y . N, , . 4 ,. ,U . FD- - , , ,J V or . Q 4 O. - - Q- - ' F . , I ' -I ' 'I ZW G ' , . Q O' I ,I " I A 8.1 I ' . ' vs. ' 'U N ' -. F0 I ,, . h so .1 sa . . . A 3 I Jwed party une tt IIS e JLE IOO S - F1 th Row Ierry MCD3H1Cl I F Eat I H T Se n Ir B T VV1le5 H E Ter uson G D Fourlh Row W Kenneth Zmk Ilm Lddy R B WIISOH Roy Lujm I E Beauchamp Hal Moore R L Prnkerton H E Boedelxer I E Gnfhth I H Trusdale H E Moore A A Clark Ir Thzrd Row Bob HHIHIIIOH D1ck Brown Gordon Brown B1ll ODell Ioe Wolf Earl Hrll Iess Tus, le I Pnce Danny Boon I W D1ll1n ham Second Row D L Underwood Robert H Meuschke Iohn Hanssen T G Patterson H L Bush C F Prtts Al Carpenter E V Wolkey Dare Hagerty Len Stxebemeyer C A Burmemtcr E F Low Furl Row Chester K1fkI78KflCk Iess Cummmga Ir Iatk Bau h Iohn Paul Smrth Oran Klem I1 u Iaclxson C N Greenwood IIIH Chltty OFFICERS Presldent Dav1d L Underwood VICC Presldent Add1SOH A Clark Secretary Robert B W1lson Treasurer W Kenneth Z1nk Sergeants at Arms Harvey L Bush VIHCC Heembrock W .gofa Gkapfer lota Chapter of Phi Sigma Epsilon showed again during the school year of 1947-48 that they were an asset to C.M.S.C. As in the past, they put stress on quality rather than quantity, at pledging time, and by this method of selection kept that spirit of brotherhood burning brightly. The year 1947 saw the departure of many of the men who had helped reactivate the fraternity, taking with them fond memories of Phi Sigma Epsilon. New pledges were added to the chapter during the year and are helping to keep that spirit alive. The activities for the year started with the annual steak fry, the first held since the war. Rush parties and banquets, were followed by the yearly penny carnival, and a winter favor formal. The yearls events included a new attraction, the minstrel show, and ended with the annual spring outing held at Sunrise Beach with the actives, honoraries, alumni, and others, out for a weekend of boating, swimming, and fishing. A Dr. Marion Schott, of the laboratory school, a past president of the fraternity, was made an honorary member of Iota Chapter. The chapter is under the sponsorship of Mr. Clarence Whiteman. year tress d 0 PC 1UIT13. HFC e enny t1on, nrrse ld of C 1 P111 111111-1 111' ILO l al Flon! Roux lack kroesen B111 Bradshaw Cy Smrth C M Wluteman sponsor Corny Koester Iohn Knox Floyd R Smith Second Row Don Culley Chunk Rohrson Don Reayxs Howard Rush Byron Thomas lack Neas Cracker Graham Thnd Row Patrrek MeG1nness Dale Heym Clayton Perry Marym Thompson Harry Huxol Harry R Huff Iack lanes foznfh Row Iamrs Basham Brlce B Durbm I D Lewrs Don Kornhaus Inn Lacy Dudley Marshall Paul Rautus Iohn R Croelxrr F1 th Row B111 Worth Howard Campbell Cllff Sehwarta Gerald Walker I Dale Boyd Harold W Wa ner Temple H Trllman B111 Lau h11n Wrllson Crounsa. W1111am Furlxen Pres1dent VICC Pres1dent Secretary Treasurer Pledge Master Sgt at Arms HISIOIIHD OFFICERS Reavrs Mankmv Iohn Knox Floyd Sm1th Cornel1us Koester B111 Bradshaw Ed Whrteman Pat McG1nness Q K. 1 'A , Nr- my ir ' L ,er f :1 C1 D hld I U 7 E . k V . . k i ' 3- 1! J ' ' Y' 7 l 3 B V . . A ' . , .Q . , . . 1 l . Lx ai 1 - y . . -ly any BV, . , 1, . B,B' . f I , H, I y I - 4 77 , . I -7 ' X th y g , - ', 'g , S ' ' i 1 1 1 1 1 1 I . 1 ' D 1 . 1 1 I . 1 1 . 1 . I 1 , .Eamfda fzapfer Lambda Chapter of Pi Kappa Sigma was founded on this campus in 1920. There are now thirty members in this chapter. The sorority, which is social in function, participates in school activities and upholds the school spirit. The Pi Kaps and their rushees powwow-ed Indian fashion over lighted peace pipes at their September informal rush party. Hallowe'en was celebrated by a group of Pi Kap hikers who Went treasure hunting, and told ghost stories in the cabin at the college farm. Pi Kappa Sigma's Hrst formal dance of the year was given December 6, utilizing a "Winter Wonderland" theme. Several alumnae of the chapter were guests at the dance, which featured intermission entertainment by Donna Glick, Barbara Ball, Iean and Ioan Koester. A Christmas party was held in the home of the chapter president, Mary Lou Mertel. Activities- of the year also included a spring formal dance. The purpose of this sorority is to strengthen the character of its members, to keep pace with broadening democratic ideals, and to give opportunity for training in initiative and cooperation. The Faculty sponsor is Mrs. Mildred M. Lass. fer 1920. ial in ghted rated tories if the :veral ission Mary nbers, y for Pl KAPPA llllllll Row Row Row Row I. Charlotte Bernstein, Nancy Raup Birbara Ball Annie Elwell Pat Cri bs Marilyn Rljbllffl II. Marjorie Daley, Vernita Stuclter Artlella Stuuker Barbara Etter Charlene Frampton Billie Cummings, lane Coon. III. Norma lane Heady, Sue Arehibald Buerly Wolfrum Io Ann Kocbter Patrieia Oxerby Marx Ann Chamblin, Sue Gelbach, Rosemary Welch IV. Mrs. Lass, Marilyn Stewart Ceraltline Massey Vivian Baile Barbara Wei ers Ma 5 Lou Mcrtel Dotty Givan, Yvonne Mankings Donna Glick President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer l --. gum' ' in-I ff"'!!-7: Q ,'LLf'I',e, -5 " ,A l'g1. dlfu Gifzapfer Nu Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma, national social sorority, was installed . at Central Missouri State College in 1915 with fourteen charter members. It was the first educational sorority founded at Central Missouri State College, and has been active continuously since its organizing date. , 5 f During the fall rushing season, twenty pledges were made ready for active membership that began during the Winter quarter. I A winter formal dance was given for the pledges by the actives during the season of "holly and mistletoe," and a definite "Christmas, theme was used. The Sigma Sigma Sigma spring formal featured a "Heaven', theme. The close of the school year' found the Tri-Sigs with thirty active members after the new pledges and been initiated. The faculty sponsors of the sorority are Miss Mary A. Foley and Miss Marie Todd. 61' lled s. It ege, tive the sed. Ders iss IGMA SIGMA SIGMA me 'VN as bwgm XV!! Row I. Billie Stewart, Iuila Ann Atkins, lean Damron, Ruth Ann Young, Bettie lean Larcom, lean McLaughlin, Betty Hopkins. Row II. Delores Smoyer, Barbara Bennett, Loyce Wilson, Idjo St. Iohn, Ioc Anna Douglas, Mary Ann Massey, Ioyce Ioan Hopkins. Row III. Phyllis Grosshcider, Ruby Kreisler, Donna Faust, Ioan Cole, Glenna Courtney, Mary Ellen Leonard, Marjorie McLaughlin. Row IV. Doris Wood, Betty Schmidt, Roberta Larcom, Wanda Smith, Betty B. Stevens, Catherine Ann Vaughn, Alice Iohnson, Mary Frances Fewel. Those Absent. Donna McQuerry, Rose Marie Thurston, Peggy Bain. OFFICERS President Betty lean McLaughlin Vice President Bettie lean Larcum Secretary Iulia Ann Atkins Treasurer Ruth Ann Young 89 fi! 4 X In ix iiallw' fu 0 'Q- Gffplza Gfapfer Seventeen young men who desired to perpetuate their student friendship in a social organization under the faculty sponsorship of the late Dr. W. C. Morris, presented a petition to the college president stating their fraternal desires and ideals. The petition was accepted by the college authorities, and Alpha Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma was installed on the campus of Central Missouri State College, Iune 28, 1920. V ,Doctor Emmett Ellis, of the Central Missouri State College faculty was one of the seventeen original members of Sigma Tau Gamma, and Doctor I. P. Morris also of the faculty, was an early member of the organization on the C.M.S.C. campus. Alpha Chapter's social calendar for the year included the annual Harvest Dance, the Winter Formal Dance, and the Spring Formal Dance. Alpha Eta Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma at Cedar Falls, Iowa, was installed during the past year with the aid of certain members of the local chapter. The faculty sponsor of the fraternity is Doctor I. P. Morris. 1 3.11 tra OIIC C vest a rrng SIGMA 'FAU GAMVIA Front Row Earle Moer en Gene Iden Geor e Molnar Arnold Coppaken Bert Broclchan Dean Cook Second Row Ilm Golladay Srd Dana Ned lxrohn Dr Morns sponsor Sam Herndon Ernre Kraner lack Qurclx Ralph Dellln er Brll Root Blll Pence Fomth Row Walker Thompson, Ralph Martm Inn Belbhe Bob Warnlck Bob Brown Howard Vau hn lack Rrder Bob Ox erby F1 zh Row Cess Gilbert Georpe Duley Charles Campbell Hu h Scarbrough Carl WIS lm Howard Herdbrmk Elmo Lycan Iames Kelly Tom Ford Larry Hewrtt Jack Del-Iardt OFFICERS Pres1dent Walker Thompson VICC Presldent W1ll1am Pence Secretary TOIT1 Ford Treasurer Sid DaV1S Chaplam Vance Carroll 21' :h'p . C. :nal d . 1 . P. 3 th 2 Et Third Row. Vance Carrel, Ioe Baker, Carl Martin, Al Woodburn, Vern Peterson, Clarence Thomas, 2 : a - l Af U' I . 5 Y 9 9 g I 7 7 Lyg' Cl fx! tl 3 f N 'Swf, 5414 Thefa Sigma Uprifon Wa Glzapfer The Alpha Chapter of Theta Sigma Upsilon, social sorority, was founded at Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas, April 15, 1921. Since that time, twenty chapters have been added. Nu chapter was organized on this campus in 1929. Theta Sigma Upsilon aims to encourage excellent scholarship among its members, to foster closer friendship between girls, and to increase the usefullness of its members to the college. i Social activitis for the year included a winter formal, in which a "Bubble Dancen theme was utilized, and a spring formal dance. The Thetas also participated in campus elections and worthwhile activities throughout the year. Eight new girls were pledged to Theta Sigma Upsilon's Alpha Chapter during the Fall and Winter quarters, and all of the new girls have become active members or will become active members in the near future. The faculty sponsor of the sorority is Mrs. I. P. Morris. El' ded har this hip IHSC ,ble 1lso 3312 JLCI' 'IHC TIIETA SIGMA PILO Row I. Dorothy Price, Betty Thomas, Mildred Schlotzhauer, Mary Starke. Row II. Mrs. I: P. Morris, Maxine Heath, Io Ann Royer, Marilyn Williams, Elizabeth McCloud, Bev Brown. Row III. Iean Kanoy, Mary Grace Slifer, Mary Louise Herndon, Roma Anna Schroeder, LaVerne Fickns, lean Wehmoloener. OFFICERS President Laverne Fickas Vice-President Mary Grace Slifer Secretary Mary Louise Herndon Treasurer Beverly Brown Editor Mary Starke Top Row: Wilcox, Iackson, Laughlin, Whitehead. Firrz Row: Karm, Myers, Criiiith, Iennings. C0 llIOI'0Ll'I'A CL ll Through the initiative of I5 students, representing nations of four continents, the Cosmopolitan Club was organized in the fall of 1947. Following the adoption of a constitution which was subsequently approved by the administration, the group elected officers. The Club, composed of all the foreign students on the campus as well as many North Americans-, promotes international understanding with a program that includes both social and cultural activities. Fabio Gonzales, of Heredia, Costa Rica, was the charter president, Miss Elizabeth Callaway is the faculty sponsor. Top Row: Dr. Brown, Seaton, Hey- ing, Iaeger, Hewitt, Dr. Hemphill. Firsl Row: Kelso, Stewart, Fight, Hern- don. . ' ' OFFICERS President .,,,,....,.... Sam Herndon Vice-president ...... Larry Hewitt Secretary ...............,,. Pat Stewart Treasurer ...... Berna Deane Rist 94 The college d. nity is rec is determ dramatics had appe: K-app souri Beta organizati teachers o completed the applic of Dr. C. smopolitan ibsequently he foreign iding with 1 Rica, was 'l'Illl'F ALPHA PHI The local chapter of Theta Alpha Phi was i t ll d h college dramatics- department secured affiliation with the National D nity is recognized as one of the two outstanding dramatic fraternities in the United States. Eligibility is determined by participation in dramatic productions on the campus. Eight members of the college dramatics department were eligible for membership when the local chapter was organized. The eligibles had appeared in such campus productions as, "Arsenic and Old Lacef, and f'The Monkey's Pawf' Top Row: Dean Grimes. Miss Calla- way, Threlkclrl, Todd, Pinkerton, lf. Alvardo. Scroml Row: Champion, Hola aday, Shepherd, Ashens, Ulloa. Firrf Row: Tan, Cooper, Marquis, Belmonte, Ou, Fu. OFFICERS President ,,,.,.c...,, Thomas Todd Vice-president ,. Frank Champion Secretary .,...,,..,,,.. Iohn Eckman Treasurer .,...,,.,c Oscar Alvarado it PM EP lin Kappa Mu Epsilon is a professional mathematics fraternity for four-year accredited colleges. Mis- souri Beta Chapter was formally installed on the campus, Iune Io, 1939, when the campus mathematical organization, the Euclidean Club, affiliated with the national mathematics fraternity. The members are teachers of college mathematics and college students majoring or minoring in mathematics, who have- completed prescribed mathematic courses. Discussions are held on mathematical instruments and' on the applications of mathematics in the other departments. The organization is under the sponsorship of Dr. C. H. Brown. 95 ns a e on t e campus during the past year when the ramatics Fraternity. This Frater- -114'-7 DULPHIW Organized in IQ3Q-40, this organization gave its first public swimming performance on March 28, 1940, and has given an annual spring show each succeeding year. The aims are to provide an opportunity for advanced swimmers to learn fancy swimming, group sychronized swimming, and to participate in productions. Entrance requirements are endurance, form, versatility, and dive. Miss Helen Iamieson is the faculty sponsor. E Top Row: Miss Tetley, Way, Wright, Keuck, Raines. Sammi Row: Mr. Lucas, Mayfield, Raker, Fredde, Gutridge, Sterne. OFFICERS President ........ Dorothy Wright Vice-president .,.. Evelyn Kueck Secretary ........ Marvalena Raker Treasurer .......... Mildred Fredde THE H M CLUB The HW" Club was organized in 1895 to promote fellowship and friendship, interest and participa- tion in sport activities, and social activities within the club and college, to be a leading factor in the development of character and student morale, to render service to the college, and to develop leadership. Among the requirements for membership is that the candidate must have earned an athletic letter award. Mr. Clarence M. Whiteman is the faculty sponsor. 96 C President .,,. Top Row: Thompson, VK Osborne. Scco tin, Winfrey, S Third Row: kins, Grove, The lt organized encourages profession: pursued a C President .. Vice-preside Secretary Top Row: K Hates, Boyd. I Welch. Secozzr starlt. Hanna, mcicr, Bcnnii I-Iarrlt. Mintei McMcckin. ' Chandler. Elm Pcrrun. Thou' Jn March 28, 1 opportunity participate in 1 Iamieson is tley, Way, Wright, J Row: Mr. Lucas, iredde, Gutridge, IERS Dorothy Wright Evelyn Kueck larvalena Raker Mildred Fredde and participa- factor in the op leadership. athletic letter OFFICERS President ..........,,...,,,,. Dotty Weir Top Row: Douglas, Wood, Faien, Thompson, Weir, Chapman, Stronger, Osborne. Second Row: Swanson, Mar- tin, Winfrey, Schweer, Frampton, Glick. Tfzirzi Row: Marquis, Griggs, Hop- kins, Grove, Holiday, Maylee. The local chapter of Pi Omega P1, a national honorary fraternity for commercial educators, was organized in the summer of 1947, and was formally installed in Ianuary 1948 The organization encourages interest and scholarship in commerce and fosters high ethical standards in business and professional life. Membership is open to students of sophomore standing or better Who have successfully pursued a minimum of I5 hours of commerce and education The faculty sponsor is Miss Gladys Tetley OFFICERS President ,,,,,,.,...,,, Kenneth Bass Vice-president ..,,.... Artie Elwell Secretary ,,.,.r,.-,,, Dave DeHardt Top Row: Cassing, Branson, Buxton, Bates, Bo'd, Kev, Murry, Heembrock, 3 . Welch. Second Row: Goodwin, Borg- stadt, Hanna, Bass, Brewster, Stiege- meicr, Bennington. Third Row: De- Hardt, Minter, Tometie, Paule, Wolf, McMcekin, Calvert, Fourth Row: Chandler, Elwell, Dayton, Sutton, Mc- Ferrcn, Thomas. OFFICERS President ,....... Donna Lee Glick Firrt Row: Sheets, Lidke, Allen, Gil- more. Top Row: Chapman, Oberwort- 3 mann, Fajen, Irwin, Davis, Glick. P ll P U L UB The Pep Club was reorganized early this year under the sponsorship of Mr. H. F. Baltz. A dele- gation of Pep Club members and cheer leaders was sent to the MULEgRolla football game in October, and the pepper-uppers were on hand at all home football and basketball games. During the basketball season the club received new coverall type White uniforms, with HMULESM stiched across the backs. rf" OFFICERS President .....,.,,. Carroll Hurd Vice-president ....,,,. Omer Helvey Secretary .............. Marion Tucker Treasurer ...... .,,..,,. I ohn Wirt Top Row: Evans, Bruce, Tucker, McDaniel, Behrens, Whitehead, Wirt. First Row: Hurd, Kuhn, Daniels, Hel- vey, Francis, Mr. Wood. 98 Orche: education 3 grace, and Glick and O President .... Vice-presidee Secretary .,,.. Treasurer Top Roux: Paulson, Iohn Second Row: I mer, Weldon, Feith, Annis IN Fourth Row: Phi Si, ship and l membershi of fellowsh SERS lonna Lee Glick ,, Lidke, Allen, Gil- hapman, Oberwort- 1, Davis, Glick. Baltz. A dele- me in October, j the basketball ross the backs. ICERS Carroll Hurd . ....,, Omer Helvey Marion Tucker Iohn Wirt ans, Bruce, Tucker, is, Whitehead, Wirt. Kuhn, Daniels, Hel- Wood. Orchesis originated in 1929 when outstanding dancers in the May Fete were chosen by physical education instructors to form the nucleus of the club. The aim of Orchesis is to develop bodily strength, grace, and beauty. Activities of the current year included a Christmas program featuring Donna Lee Glick and Rosemary Welch. The group is under the sponsorship of Miss Helen Iamieson. OFFICERS President ...... Barbara McKeehan Vice-president .... . .. Dick Dexter Secretary ..,......... Betty Nan Beck Treasurer ,...,.,......... Carol Annis Top Row: Smith, Long, Woellner, Paulson, Iohnson, Greenwood, Moss. Second Row: Russell, Rapp, Deel, Boh- mer, Weldon, Davis, Beck. Third Row: Feith, Annis McKennan, Lidke, Battin. Fourth Row: Hawkins, Dexter, Raup. P H I l G llil P l Phi Sigma Pi is an honorary organization encouraging and recognizing high standards of scholar- ship and leadership. The Alpha chapter was founded as the first organization on the campus. Its membership is made up of undergraduate men of leadership and scholastic ability. Its purpose is one of fellowship as well as professional development. Mr. R. F. Wood sponsors the organization. 99 is T1 li i E I ,...,,4L.. . X KAPPA DELTA Pl Kappa Delta Pi, an honor society in education, was founded at the University of Illinois, june 8, IQII. Rho chapter was established on the campus in I922. Kappa Delta Pi attempts to encourage high professional, intellectual, and personal standards and to recognize outstanding contributions to education. The society makes an annual award to the freshman, sophomore and junior having the highest scholastic ratings in their respective classes. Miss Pauline A. Humphreys is the faculty sponsor. OFFICERS President ......,.,,....., Randy Smith Vice-president .... Marjorie Bowen Secretary-Treasurer .. Oran Kline Top Row: Eckman, Klein, Fergeson, Smith, R. Smith, Grandheld, Mr. Iohn- son. Second Row: Woellner, Callaway, Kinsey, Spears, Bowen, Holiday. Third Row: Miss Harris, Scott, Bohemer, Garnette, Fredde. BETA ALPHA Beta Alpha, honorary art fraternity, is composed chiefiy of students who are electing either a major or a minor in art. The aim of the fraternity is to create in its members an appreciation of all forms of art so that the material environment of each member may be made more beautiful. Faculty sponsors are Miss Foley and Mrs. Sims. 100 C President Vice-preside Secretary ,i Treasurer . Top Row: mann, Manf Row: Kuhn, iels. Third Ri Raines. The l is to offer languages, customs, z Elizabeth C President - Vice-presidc Secretary Treasurer A Top Row: lin. Be-auch: Landsbcrg, M by, Ramsey. Bclnionte. F Illinois, Iune to encourage intributions to r having the lculty sponsor. ZERS Randy Smith Marjorie Bowen 'er ,. Oran Kline n, Klein, Fergeson, andheld, Mr. Iohn- Voellner, Callaway, en, Holiday. Third , Scott, Bohemer, either a major if all forrns of culty sponsors OFFICERS President ........ Lawrence Daniels Vice-president ....,..... Ierry Kuhn Secretary .......,,... Ruth Manford Treasurer ........ Eva Nell Raines Top Row: Pinkerton, Stewart, Berg- mann, Manford, Whitehead. Second Row: Kuhn, Borgman, Gutriclge, Dan- iels. Third Row: Raker, Clark, Dixon, Raines. v llllllll Flllllllll LA GUAGE CLUB The Foreign Language Club was organized on the campus several years ago. Its three-fold purpose is to offer the students taking foreign languages a greater opportunity to become adept in the use of the languages, to meet socially other language students, and to learn something about the literature, customs, and music of countries in which these languages are spoken. Miss Anne 'G, Harris and Miss Elizabeth Callaway are the faculty sponsors. A OFFICERS President .........,.. Bill Laughlin Vice-president ...,c. Peggy Moore Secretary ,,..,, Ruth Evelyn Clark Treasurer ,............. Barbara Aven Top Row: Miss Foley, Aven, Laugh- lin, Beauchamp, Mr. Nightingale, Landsberg, Mertel. Second Row: Grigs- by, Ramsey, Mahin, Clark, Moore, Bclmonte. 101 OFFICERS President ...... Iarnes Chedester Vice-president ,,...... Lucy Fisher Secretary ...,... M .,,,....... Helen Bell Treasurer .... Robert L. Pinkerton Top Row: Dr. Ter Kuerst, Pinkerton, Kuhn, Wirt, Bush, Clark, Iohnson, Chedester. Second Row: McFerren, Myers, Reuter, Zehender, Bell, Cook. Third Row: Oglevie, Meyer, Cofheld, Fischer, Cowden, Wright. Fourth Row: Ashens, Clark, Stewart, Englebart, Wiggins, Stewart. PEECH ART CLLB The Speech Arts Club, an organization drawn up on the award system to give recognition to those who participate in speech activities, was founded in 1940. The organization sponsors the Speech Arts Contest, consisting of competition in parliamentary procedure, poetry reading, externporaneous and after dinner speaking. A plaque is awarded to the winning group each year. Faculty sponsor is Mr. Harold C. Svanoe. 102 OFFICERS President ............... Iack Kroesen Vice-president ...... Harry Huxol Secretary ...... Mary Ann Massey Treasurer ................ Leo Behrens Top Row: Price, Brown, Ieter, Hux- ol, Tice, Mann, Behrens, Koester, Ber- ridge. Second Row: Kroesen. Massey, Shepherd, Welch, Mr. Utt, Shaw, Brown, I-Iader, Baker, Koester, Third Row: Cummings, Cooper, Rayburn, Ball, Whiteman, Goddard, Witt, Gray. l The which hz in the st: of their i President . Vice-presic Secretary - Treasurer Top Row: McDaniels, l Row: Eckma ner, Higgins cox, Myers, The 4 ship of tvs in creatin, bership ar The facul ERS ames Chedester Lucy Fisher Helen Bell :rt L. Pinkerton Kuerst, Pinkerton, Clark, Iohnson, Row: McFerren, nder, Bell, Cook. -, Meyer, Coflield, ight. Fourth Row: zwart, Englebart, ition to those 1 Speech Arts oraneous and onsor is Mr. IERS Iack Kroesen .. Harry I-Iuxol ry Ann Massey Leo Behrens Brown, Jeter, Hux- rens, Koester, Ber- Kroesen, Massey, Mr. Utt, Shaw, er, Koester, Third Cooper, Rayburn, idard, Witt, Gray. EETERE TEACHER EE A ERAEA The Future Teachers of America is a local unit of the National Education Association of America, which has its headquarters at Washington, D.C. The Alpha Chapter was the first chapter organized in the state of Missouri. The purpose of this club is to instruct student teachers in the responsibilities of their future profession. The faculty sponsor is Dr. A. Ter Keurst, of the education department. OFFICERS President ...,...... William Wilcox Vice-president ..., Bettie Larcom Secretary .......,...... Paula Griffth Treasurer ,,,,,r.... Iames O. Miller Top Row: Mr. Svanoe, Iackson, Neas, McDaniels, Miller, Whitehead. Second Row: Eckman, Larcom, Griffth, Wago- ner, Higgins. Third Row: Karm, Wil- cox, Myers, Iennings. ERE EE E0 EL R The Crescendo Club, a musical organization on the campus, was founded in IQ24 with ua member- ship of twenty-three students for the purpose of culvating a better appreciation of good music and to help in creating a good musical atmosphere in the club and the school. Among the requirements for mem- bership are that a student must have some musical ability, and must have- done some music classwork. The faculty sponsor is Mr. Paul R. Utt. 103 KAPPAIMHURU Pl Kappa Cmicron Phi, a professional Home Economics Fraternity, was founded in IQ22, at North- west Missouri State College, Maryville, Missouri. To be an active member a girl must have completed a minor in Home Economics with a grade average in the upper 202, of all home economics subjects and above the average in all school subjects. The faculty sponsor is- Miss Emma T. Galbraith. l OFFICERS President .... Bettie Iean Larcom Vice-president -- Marilyn Stewart Secretary ..,,.........,,. Doris Wood Treasurer ........ .,... B ob Wilson Top Row: Mr. Svanoe, Larcom, Wood, Payne, R. Larcum, Wilson. Second Row: McDaniel, Stewart, M. Stewart, Smith, Miss Tetley Bradley. TUDENT lil TERIAL ALLIA CE The Student Ministerial Alliance, is an organization whose membership is restricted to those students who are preparing for the ministry. Cooperation with the faculty and the administration of the school in the religious activities of the college, cooperation with the ministerial alliance of the city, the pro- motion of fellowship and the encouraging of an exchange of ideas among its members are the aims of this organization. The faculty sponsor is Mr. Harold C. Svanoe. 104 President V.-preside: Secretary Treasurer Top Roz. ner, Slifer, and Row: Pine. Thir Rutherford, The of the gi Ozarks. gave Chg Gladys f President Vice-presic Secretary 1"i1'.fI Ron NI r. Svnnoe 22, at North- ve completed mics subjects .1th. ZERS ie Ie-an Larcom wfarilyn Stewart Doris Wood Bob Wilson Svanoe, Larcom, Larcum, Wilson. .niel, Stewart, M. Tetley Bradley. those students of the school city, the pro- se the aims of .,, ,3f,4:C4,, "wifi f 'i ' ' V: ,wie-'M,-'Q-fn-.gj,,:,. A u- 'iaffyij "jjj Ziggy- . f , 4 7 President ........., Esther Borgman 1 s - 4 , 439 V.-president, Norma McDonough f i f 1 'tt' -fr T 3- Q Secretary .......... Helen Zehender 6 W f 1 ,T LB Treasurer .... Slyvia Roberts WM' ,KL-ff.. I, DI V. ,, R - M 54 -Q a- ' r . I . -f 1 22, V j fa 1' K bww f - ' I . , W . n Top Row: Massey, Roberts, Zehencl- . V .. .J N QM, we , ' A . , V ,, . nA,, my , , N . A , ner, Slifer, McDonough, Butcher. Sec- - -3' , A 15 V. nf 1 1 . ' - fu" ,. 5441 f if , , f if , 221 f Ollli Row. Erdman, Frazier, Foster, V i f , . ,nk I ,f , , Q, Pine. Third Row: Williams, Miss ' A , ' Rutherford, Borgman. , V 1 r ,, ' ' - ,' 5, f.,.'r',.,gQa:., . .2 7 ,,.. TE, -I ,,,. fa.-- V , -,,,Q-r 1 The Methodist Student Movement, was established on the campus in 1925. Each spring the members TUBE 'I' MHVEME 'l' of the group attend the Pin Oak Conference, which is held at Camp Pin Oak on the Lake of the Ozarks. Members Wear a small blue pin in the shape of a maltese cross. This year the organization gave Christmas bas-kets to three needy families in the Warrensburg area. The faculty sponsor is Miss Gladys Tetley. OFFICERS President .............. Carroll Hurd Vice-president ,. Kenneth Hoehns Secretary ,... Iulius Rechtermann First Row: Rich Price, Rechtermann, Mr. Svanoe, Hoehns, Hurd. 105 Top Row: Carolyn Wagoner, Doro- thy Wright, Iane Hester, Gladys Tetley. Boliom Row: Frances Weedin, Betty Hausam, Eleanor Coflield. 'I'UlHl 'I' ll ME Another active group on the campus is the Student Dames. It is composed of the Wives of students at the college. The organization Was formulated in the spring of 1946 by the Faculty Dames. The purpose of theigroup is to provide a recreational outlet for the veterans' families. One meeting and one party. are held each month. Miss Helen Gilbert, director of the Student Lounge and sponsor of the organization, has done much to make this year a successful one of the Student Dames- of Central Missouri State College. OFFICERS President .c.,.... Beulah Gutridge Vice-president ,,,, Delores Smoyer Sec.-Treas. .,..,,,, Iewel Williams Top Row: Mrs. Kretz, Marlock, Gar- nette, Homfeld, Coffield, Green, But- cher, SUCUIIIIY Row: Williams, Teater, Gutridge, Goddard, Smoyer, Fischer. Third Row: Price, Stewart, Sanders, Wilson. 106 The Christiai faculty 1 and regi ities for s-ponsor . President Vice-preside Secretary ..., Top Rau gomery, B1 Koester, Stew Wolkey, M: den, Stanzi Row: Grand Livingston. Grandfielcl, All w oiiicers ai and reprt scholarsh through is Mrs. P Wagoner, Doro- er, Gladys Tetley. 's Weedin, Betty nflield. es of veteran :ulty Dames. Dne meeting and sponsor ,es of Central ERS zulah Gutridge Delores Smoyer lewel Williams etz, Marlock, Gar- field, Green, But- Williams, Teater, Smoyer, Fischer. Stewart, Sanders, .w.c.. The Young Women's Christian Association of the college has as its purpose, the promotion of Christian fellowship on the campus. This organization is- open to all girls attending college and to all faculty members. The programs of the organization are of widespread interest, including book reviews and regular social activities. The organization is universal on college campuses and conceives its activ- ities for the development of the individual, by fellowship and service to the college. The faculty sponsor is Miss Louise Martin. ln. , nb. OFFICERS President ,,,....,.... Mrs. Phil St. Martin Vice-president .. Mrs. Bernard Brawner Secretary ,,,,,........... Mrs. David Stewart Top Row: Iaeger, Clawson Mont- gomery, Bergmann, Brawner, Zink, Koester, Stewart. Second Row: Crounse, Wolkey, Madison, Adams, Vanderlin- den, Stanziale, Miss Gilbert. Third Row: Grandall, Trump, Heisner, Bates, Livingston. Front Row: Sands, Orrick, Grandfield, St. Martin, Kroesen. All women students are automatically members of the Womenis Self Government Association. The. olhcers are chosen from the members of the council, which is composed of house presidents, counselors, and representatives of all the college-approved housing units. The object of the association is to promote scholarship, personal development, and closer relationships among women students of the college through participation in making their living conditions reflect refinement and culture. The sponsor is Mrs. Hester Kertz. 107 I GAAAAAA DELTA Gamma Delta was organized' in 1946, and became Beta Eta Chapter of Gamma Delta in 1947 through afliliation With the international Association of Lutheran Students. The organization attempts to disseminate Lutheran culture and promote fellowship among Lutheran students. Membership is not restricted to Lutheran students. All Christian students in sympathy with the objects of the chapter may become members. Gamma Delta participates in regional conferences, social get-togethers and Week- end summer camps, and a yearly international convention. OFFICERS President ..,...........e, Iames Miller Vice-president -..---, Bill Wilcox Secretary ........,,...... Iohn Eckman Treasurer ......,,., Ierry McDaniel First Row: Bill Wilcox, Iohn Eck- man, Don V. D. Higgins. Second Row: Mr. Svanoe, Ierry McDaniel, Iames Miller. B P'l'lS'Il S'l'llllE 'P llAlIOAl The Baptist Student Union is the connecting link between the college student and the local church. It was organized on this campus in 1933. The Union represents, includes, and unihes all the Baptist student religious activities on the campus. It sponsors a noon-day meditation period to which all students and faculty members are invited Membership, although not restricted to Baptist students, begins when an individual becomes a members of the local Baptist Church or joins one of the unit organizations thereof Faculty advisor is Dr Elizabeth Rutherford, Pastoral advisor is the Reverend Earl Harding ft' L Z ,23 Z 7 Z The of C.M.5 was the l ment at very hig Pi Kapp ,,, ..,... . . .,,, , 2 1 ...A 5 ..V, , I 5 Q ' o ' o . .. .O.. E 108 A T :lta in 1947 ion attempts mbership is the chapter rs and Week- ERS - Iames Miller -- Bill Wilcox Iohn Eckman :rry McDaniel ilcox, Iohn Eck- ins. Second Row: McDaniel, Iames local church. l the Baptist h all students begins when organizations ,arl Harding. r. ,Y . ..t,, OFFICERS President ,.i, Cornelius Koester Vice-president Evelyn Kueck Secretary ,,,.,. Ardella Stucker Treasurer r,,,r,r , Ruth Bergmann Top Row: Fischer, L. Fischer, Beh- rens, Campbell, Maschoflf, Fzljen, Kueck, Polzin. Second Row: Stucker, V. Stuc- kcr, Crockett, Falk, Bergmann, Beck- man, Runge. Stuenkel. Third Row: Crockett, Koester, Kolster, Preggc, Rev. Haupt, Schroeder, Koester, Hoehns, Engelbart. Pl KAPPA DELTA The Eta Chapter of Pi Kappa Delta, national forensic society, was first established on the campus of C.M.S.C. in IQ22. In the 1947-48 season the first P.K.D. tournament at the Midwest Speech Festival Was the beginning of a good year for the C.M.S.C. debaters. The debaters entered the five state tourna- ment at Carbondale, Illinois, Winning several superior and excellent ratings. The group also ranked very high at the state tournament held at C.M.S.C. The squad concluded the season by entering the Pi Kappa Delta Provincial tournament at Coe College, Iowa. OFFICERS - President t,,trr..,t. Paul NVoodland Vice-president ,t., Mary Williams Secretary ,, ,.,,s .,... I .ester Lange Treasurer ..... ,,,t,, , 4 Clyde Welch Top Row: Manberg, l"ll'l1ZICI'.'Sll1YPIIl- field, Lange, XVaters, ,'Xhpl.inalp, Ilen- clerson, Welch, Spurgeon. Serozm' Row: Touh, VVilliams, . Morldek, Cooper, Glassock, Knipmeyer, Wiseman, VVag- ner. Third Row: Xvllllillllllll, YVilliam-A, Foreman, Tebbenkamp, Blain. Hamlet, Ottinger. Fonrffz Row: Martini, Otlin- ger, Raker, S-holie, Sclilotvlixuier. San- ders, L. Sanders. 109 f , , , Top Row: Slifer, Massey, Collings, Bancroft, Wood, Zehender, Roberts, Robinson, Butcher. Second Row: Best, Coe, Hifner, Parkhurst, Fischer, Garrett, Snodgrass, Fraser. Third Row: Wink, Campbell, Hardin, Pine, Alexander, Alexander, Schweer, Green. Front Row: Straw, Crux, Ford, Sanders, Bales, VVilliams, Maylee. In December, 1945, graduates of the school were asked to signify their interest in a prospective graduate program. On Ianuary 23, 1947, the board of regents of C.M.S.C. approved the recommendations of the Graduate Student Committee that had requested approval of graduate Work to be offered at the college. Printed bulletins concerning the graduate program, embodying IQ subjects, Were made available to graduates in May, 1947. Sixty graduate students enrolled in the program for the summer term of 1947. Most of these students maintain membership in the Graduate Students Club on the campus. - - A ' OFFICERS President .......,..,...c.,.,. Ruth Bergmann Vice-president ........ Florence Goddard 5 Secretary-Treasurer ..,. Ruth Evelyn Clark Top Row: Stewart. Cowden, Shore, Myers, Reuter, Bergmann, Knipmeyer. Second' Row: Englcbart, Mereness, Crowley, Cofneld, Beck, Fewel. Third Row: Clark. Goddard, Runge, Leicher. 110 In I Colhecoi of the or training sponsor 3 53 Ar 5 . 'Z SS The tions of t4 In 1946 t of the or achieve p Charlton. fiassey, Collings, iender, Roberts, fond Row: Best, Fischer, Garrett, 'rd Row: Wink, 'ine, Alexander, 'een. Front Row: Sanders, Bales, prospective imendations ffered at the ide available ner term of ampus. ERS Ruth Bergmann 'lorence Goddard uth Evelyn Clark Cowden, Shore, ann, Knipmeyer. ebart, Mereness, zk, Fewel. Tlzirrz' , Runge, Leicher. COLllECO In December, IQ45, the College Home Economics Fellowship was renamed and reorganized as the Colhecon. Any student enrolled in a home economics course is eligible for membership. The objectives of the organization are to promote pleasant, wholesome social activities, to create desires for special training and self-expression, and to encourage high ideals and appreciation of home life. The faculty sponsor is Miss Elizabeth Rutherford. First Row: Chili-liang Ou, Iessic Sympson, Mary Moore, Glen Frasurc, Bernece Schott. I. F. Fu, Srcozzn' Row: Pearl Tipton Bradshaw, Perry Rainy, Iohn H, Engel, William E. Collins, C. E. Keltner, Edgar Hinote. Third Row: Nellie E. Kelly, Iane Neasc Mal- one, Iohn K. Wirt, Hazel Turnbow, Ruth A. Noble Marr, Margaret Mason Shrakc, Ioe Turnbow. Fourtlz Row: Dr. W'. F. Knox, Rev. Grant Folmsbee, Dr. A. I. Ter Keurst, Iames VV. Col- lctt, Paul I. Vannatta, Charles E. Clark, Wm. I. Shrake, XV. K. Prewitt. ASSUCI T10 WR Hllllllllllll Ell Uzllllll The Association for Childhood Education was- founded in 1930 by the merging of two organiza- tions of teachers, the International Kindergarten Union and the National Council of Primary Education. In 1946 the constitution was amended to include the intermediate level in the objectives and services of the organization. The purpose of the organization is to provide a means by which members may achieve professional improvement and enjoy professional fellowship. Faculty advisor is Miss Aruba B. Charlton. lll y OFFICERS President ,,,,,......, Ierry N. Kuhn Vice-president ..,. Carl Wiggins Secretary ........ Madaline Mesick Treasurer ............ Ruth Manford Top Row: Wiggins, Pinkerton, Man- ford, Chcdester, Parks. Second Row: Chitty, Daniels, Dixon, Kuhn, Smith. ALPHA PHI DELTA Alpha Phi Delta was organized in March, 1919, as Phi Delta Delta, the first organization in this college to recognize scholastic attainment among women. Membership in Alpha Phi Delta is determined on the basis of scholarship, leadership, personality, and character. Each year the organization carries out some service project. One of the projects of the year Was- the supplying of a needed educational book to a teacher-training institution in China. Faculty sponsor is Miss Gertrude Hosey. I TER ATl0 AL RELATIA CLUB The purpose of the International Relations Club is to further the discussion on international affairs and to stimulate thought on international problem s. The club is supplied with materials by the Carnegie Endowment for World Peace. On November 7, Dr. F. A. Foor, of the history department, accompanied six of the members to a United Nations Conference at Missouri University, and later in the year, Dr. Cook, of Wayne University, lectured before the organization. Student lectures and group discussion are popular features of the meetings. Professor R. F. Wood is the faculty sponsor. 112 The 20, 1940. sense of students ' the peace Alph three divi degree, v member: Brown is The Womenls group is I for partie yearly sp averages excellencr LRS erry N. Kuhn Carl Wiggins daline Mesick Ruth Manford Pinkerton, Man- Ls. Second Row: n, Kuhn, Smith. ation in this s determined in carries out ational book ational affairs the Carnegie accompanied the year, Dr. lp discussion ETA KAPPA EP HAI The Delta chapter of Zeta Kappa Epsilon, honorary history fraternity, was organized on February 20, 1940. Purposes of the fraternity are to increase research activities in the field of history, to create a sense of world citizenship, and to recognize distinguished work in history. Membership is open to students with exceptionally high grades in history studies. The theme of this year's work was a study of the peace movement and the balance of power theory. ALPHI PHI IGMA Alpha Phi Sigma is an honorary scholastic fraternity for valedictorians and salutatorians. There are three divisions of membership: novice, apprentice, and master. Salutatorians are eligible for the novice degree 5 valedictorians, the apprentice degree. The purpose of the organization is to instill within each memberalove for learning by association with others who have won high scholastic honors.. Mr. E. B. Brown is the faculty sponsor. ' WQI A The Women's Recreation Association was organized in the fall of 1922 under the name of Women's Athletic Association, in 1939 the name was changed to the present one. The purpose of this group is to promote high physical efficiency among the women of C.M.S.C., by :creating opportunities for participation in physical recreation. The Association consists of groups of seasonal sports clubs and yearly sports clubs. Membership is open to all women students of C.M.S.C. with satisfactory grade averages who have participated in one of the organization's listed activities. Awards are made for excellence in activities. The faculty sponsor is Miss Louise Martin. 113 The Commerce Club, a departmental organization designed to promote business education on our campus, was organized in 1947. All students majoring in commerce are eligible for membership. At meetings the members discuss business problems and procedures. Each spring the club celebrates a commerce Week that is climaxed by a commerce picnic. Business men from Kansas City and St. Louis are featured as speakers during commerce Week. The faculty sponsor is Dr. Lucas Sterne. i 114 :ation on our nbership. At celebrates a and St. Louis If X If 1 ,,. 1, , . " fix - , 14-fm 11 ,V 2' I M A .,,..j175ffv..4.,,m vmjjgug 1, f -M, Hy.. , , -. ff?78f'3.Ti'f"fy . A - p M ' 5 ' QM' " f, Q, - -'nfr-L , X- Y-N N 1.-,M Fgwqu 3' :::':"- 4 'Q gl kwi"i'9"?fwx -,, t :,,1. - . 4 1 l v , .,A 151- gg , Q fp, 6 f- wan- ,Q A iffy, v 1" 1 , 45,3 .P gi, 'rw l If Jw ' f' L A .. x ,- - , xg- q Q 1 3 Lggm 4 1- i f 7,1 if 513 2 fy In Z '- 1 K - ' 'J ", ' , ' . f ' .iiilgfa - fi "W ' 3 ,'f'.wzUrvs-1 3. 5" -4" X157 V ,, ,, ,N .,. .a .V ,. , 1 f'.EEw,-few164g Y, 5 33 " 1? 'V' ,- 3 . . . , ,A 1, . ,- .4 9 ' 5 . 4- -v K. M - , , ww" " -N ,H-'1 5 1 ' . 5 if 'ii V4 55- z., -,gg -V: 1 - ' cz.-Raw' ff? ,f 'Z-X' ,f 'g 1 f?'f"i"i"'7'1' ' W" VI.. v fi -' H53 A .. . i,ZgL,QNb.,i. ,Q gg ,e-.1 - ,h I 5: if A K g ., ,' R. fue.-,V fn, .gi . Q 3 c ' T 3 eff ..'Qf?Ql9iM'i1':1'1 f- 5 .. f ft , fn. N , If,,ggfvJ,,f,:,:2- :., 19 S , A A AQ if jk l my 6 , ' ."Nf.g2'k, 3 -, 'P' wr , 'f 4 'H' Q2 " A , ff' , pez ' 3. ' '.-1!"f5'A't41'-' A., - :' 1313951 . BE! ' 25 rf, A xy , .- M .A 1 x F , ',w,,., I 5 -',,. - ' ,J U-I-X.,,'5S,Qhj'57'fgff,s' " f , gf A 1?ff5F?7a'?fEQ" :iii G 21 3 4,13 f -we 3 . - ,S 'P' X M Sy, 15 X E' mv,.,, EN ,. 5 ' 1 N. A w 1. Q ia A ,I 23 l 5 E A 5 :N 4' ,f wr 1 1 2 ' ' 2 .7,u.. fi? 1 g .gg J F V ff ' '57 1 ' ' ., Ji A . .S . , -' .. J Q U. an .. ff! ' is , X . fa .,',v:, 4- 1 ""'.'1Aw-mvr.-q..,A ' H -----.. M -fQ.,,.g1- - .. -u w w A 5 3 ,s 1 1 i 1 1 I I I , 111 51 141 Q 1 1 I 1 , 1 1 ,1 F 9 1f 1 -'1 1: , V ' ii W f 1 1 1 'E 1 1 1 111 1 i,l 1 r 1 - 1 L A 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 , 1 11 1 11 ,1 1 I 41 1 1 1 1 i I 1115 ,lil I 1 1 A J icsaffa ' f if Qi Q s fu my J P 265 , .nf 'youu Mary Ann Massey at the Hendricks Hall Organ. I A noontime Siesta in front of the Administration build- ing. A familiar fair weather scene. FD J ree Lool- ror at V612 The Alphas entertain at Ball's Dinette. Deltas at the R. F. Woonl Residence. The Sig at Gilber . wi M sta in front ition build- . . nr Weathm, Lookuig through the mir- ror at Rigglcs. X' 4 1 Thcras at dinner in Rigg cs an- , I' 8 I' 6 IZ f L 6L at the R' F' Woocl The Sigma Sigma Sigma formal at Gilberts. quet Room. Kzips dine at Halas. :1 ' 3 Wgf kj 'V f Il, ' f . Y., Fraternities stageklemonstration for Student Council Election. Betty B. Stevens crowned Home- coming Queen by Student Council President, Lz1Berne Innes. l l i Ycuterk monstrosity in Home- coming Parade. Feith and Murray adorn Alpha Float in Parade. APA X. 51 is jj gf- ff W Qu if r"442': ,E Barber shop , , I , fr. 'ki a-'Q ,. - -'z Y 3 i' A . TS. x , x .Q . x ? Z 6 Barber shop quartet makes music? for football fans. N All school victory dance after the Rockhurst game Ground is cleared for construction East Hall - Dormitory for men. I iclorn Alpha F S l, , ,. li , I l I El Sombrero coke clatc Dockery burns, excitement for awhile Ycater Girls iam College Cafctcria. Ufzfwr Right: Phi Sigs entertain with Smoker nt Casino C!ll'lYOC21l.Ull. Rigfllf Su- you in thu Cufc for coffcc tC'n. 122 3, , I . X R 4 . , . , :r I 'F wg. if V 54 w -,N x 4 naw Q J Q lv in Quiet but stimulating-the perfect atmosphere for heavy study Student Council at work-Democracy in Action. I V Louis-Wolcott Hght causes temporary break in the Tri Sig Formal Dance. Another H c W i tt snow job. Sig Taus Scrcnadc, Signing out of Yeater. Music by Duley Peabody crowned Man in the Moon Ahhnh Young love in bloom' l 4. 1 1 bv Delores and Bob. Cy and Betty The Phi Sig VVinter Formal False Alarm at Laura I. Ycatcr Hall. Mr. unrl Mrs. liuxtun, 12 w fi r-----.... W,'.of'mf ,g :fr ,f 1 .wc :qw x W 1 ' f ny ,WT 47f25W'9? ff j? fy! 2 1, 9 ter closes at II r--Q Studying! ff ff ,s 1 ' I J f .E'-"iii-'f' ' F 17' Arif f ,,, 4 if Y' 5 Z ,f -4 WZ? Y' ' .J r 'Q' ' ag -,f,s,fzf!c'g:' iii '. 7 ' fy 'fy : Eff' I f. i 7 fm, , ! V li. if ' ..., Yeater Hall organizes its First Glec Club in 1947-48. I The Traditional Hanging of the Greens. A K Believe it or not. ,.Mi,s xx. licul limp' wily. Ycutcr Hall tai , f Q f ,Q 5 ft 2 sf Q9 f X. . X x I W mg N1-N L7 fw r 2 1 ""'EE.'!"1Nf'22'95F1 1.'4 'u:,,4:..,,.. 1 -4- 'frezigwv -A . ,., . ... -, .. -- V A ' V I . -115 .paris Jean SIZQJQVQSS ALPHA SIGMA ALPHA W' .1-...-QUEEN .Marqaref jeaqes DELTA SIGMA EPSILON mma Eau 9iX0lZ -INDEPENDENT EE...--...':' f . , l I l CJQOSZHZQVQI 69326166 PI KAPPA SIGMA JOE G?IZIZ6L 30Llq!6l55 SIGMA SIGMA SIGMA QEE1-i AX' ""'- EE Cgfizageffz JMCG!0LLJ TI-IETA SIGMA UPSILON i"' AQf..L L., vm-:.-, :H H'-f.:....v'fg'1x-' 1 .- ' mg. .zzz-:.w,.:v.7,g :vm 1:1 wg,'IEyS ' ' ...u:- -4- - ,Y .Q-L1,..'+1,3g '-wif - " " --'-' .2-' ff' ,x,Yv,N,:,f,, xr -,.-. A .-.1,,,. -. -sg-p m, ,A -F V 4- asfgf llS'll ll ll are 25, 1948 Presldent Dxemer and Goxemor Donnelly The knights Tgmplars. l MNV. Crand Mister Ewinl is prececded don n the ramp after '1 tour of inspection by Col. Hitch of the Board of Regents and resident lbicmcr. A larbe crowd witnesses the pa- , rude and thc layin of the East Hall Cornerstone. - 154 -lil Y '94 The College Band Q The Color Guard smplars. .,y, At left: Governor Donnelly, President Diemer, and Morris Ewing, M. VV. Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Missouri. V e...m.. The Cornerstone is low- ered into place as visiting dignitaries watch. The Trailer Camp As It Is Seen From The Top Of The Stadium Crowclcrl Quarters Create Studying Difficulties but ,A Ii They make for Efliciency. 'PH n ' . ,ff . Z ,M , -if 1.. ' A QVC? 4. ,Qi Q., WL. gif .14 4 97' 3' hr, I fte'-ay M ,,,. ' A-- ai: K -f?'E'?!efi,s' in 5 n Q Q ,s V ' Q 4 b Ai 1 , J x v ' "' 1 4 ' H 4, ' ., I .4 If' 1 W' f 1 ' 53. A , b K 5 4 4 . . ,W-4-. .v-fy f-nw'awM.,f , 4 H: uf- fe, fzpf J? 9 Zfibw' 4 1 'PHE V ET' Intenor vrew of Veteran's Housing Unit. r 4 - J ..V. -W , .7 .... V1 f' ,441 , f'-'Vw 27, ,,k, I ,V E 553 , f -V! fzifzfg . f' V' - --,- f-,f K , , ' vga , , , V li' Z ' V 52:2 5, Q f 4 V , 3 V, Q' 5 , f,.1u ,l 1 , : V -Wg 2 VV V- , e V ., , f ,, , 'Z " Dadd' mxxes studles Wlth the , f 1 7 ,.,,.,' - V, VV V, Q . . . . , -' ,V -V,,f more lmportant thlngs 1n hfe. A , H ...,,,, , 3 ,b by V : ,-- f ,f V , 1 U ,Q 1' f ,fm ., ' ,I 'f" f-2' I , ',,' W V " f ' L 1, A "f ' Agn- f ' ,Q K- "WD-M, 'v ," 'X . V f V .- '- .....,..,..r,, - .. ,..,., M .,.. -.. ... .. .W ..,,..., M-.. .,.,, 1,.--.+..A. . -i 5 5 Q .,, , , ? f V ' ,Q V+ w President Gardens - Prefabricated 9 W H 0 W H 0 in mericouz zziversifies an offeqes Each year "Whois Who Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges" recognizes students from approximately 600 colleges and universities in the United States and Canada. In selecting students to be recommended, nominating committees consider out- standing ellort and accomplishment in academic Work, extracurricular activities and service to the school.- This year thirteen Central Missouri State College students were selected for the honor. Doris Witt of Cameron, Missouri, has done out- standing work in the field of music education. She is a member of Delta Sigma Epsilon social sorority and served both as secretary and treasurer -of that organiza- tion. She is a member of Alpha Phi Delta, the Crescendo Club and Kappa Delta Pi. David Stewart of Kansas City, Kansas, is a social science major. He has served as Editor-in-Chief of the 1947 and of the 1948 Rhetor. In the school year 1947-48 he was business manager of "The Student" and a co-editor of the Student Handbook. He is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, national service frater- nity, an served as vice-president, president, and his- torian of that organization. He is also a member of the Future Teachers of America and of the Interna- tional Relations Club. Kathleen Fajen of Stover, Missouri, is a physical education major. She is a member of Delta Sigma Epsilon, social sorority. Kathleen holds membership in Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Dolphins and Orchesis. She served as president of the Women's Recreaticnal Association in the school year 1946-47. William D. Reavis of Warrensburg, Missouri, is a member of Phi Sigma Epsilon Social Fraternity. He also holds membership in Phi Sigma Pi and the Speech Arts Club. He served as president of the senior class in the fall term of 1947. DoR1s WITT DAVID STEWART KATHLEEN FAIEN WILLIAM D. RBAVIS BEULAH GUTRIDGE Lours W1-11TEHEAD BEVERLY WOLFRUM 138 LABERNE JONES BERNA DEANE NORMAN L1 REAv1s MANKINC RUTH LEE Sv I STANLEY DJ Bulah ' toward a lf She was t ment Asst of Alpha Club, Alp Louis outstandin subject is l Delta Pi a the Speecl Beverly member ol vice-presid treasurer i work in t LaBerr dent of tl president same year Pi Sigma Berna done excej ematics. S Mu Epsilc V65 he Studentn nk. He is a :rvice frater- nt, and his- member of the Interna- s a physical Delta Sigma membership 'olphins and ie Women's ear 1946-47. Missouri, is . Fraternity. Pi and the of the senior IOLFRUM ,rf f f ,399 ,ff 4 J REAVIS MAN1-:ING RUTH LEE SWIGERT STANLEY DIEHL l l 'A i i ' f' ---f- ills ',1,',ii:,1, ' , . 'f .3 3 .Cf-3 ,-G. 4 1 , ft'-, amiga iiii.l2jQijSf55iii1fi" , 1 . 2529, "" 1 f fr -z, ' LABHRNH IONES fi fee'-H BERNA DEANE RIST Q c . 4 Ei? ff.. 4? 44932 NORMAN LUTTRELL , , M -5.1 , ' Q rrr- -Q -:.,,..:,-r, ,ffm 1. .,,, , ,,,,,. ,,,, ,, , ,,,,,, ,,,, , ,,,, W Bulah Gutridge of Montrose, Missouri, is working toward a B.S. in Ed. degree with a major in commerce. She was president of the VVomen,s Student Govern- ment Association in 1947. Beulah is also a member of Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Omega Pi, the Commerce Club, Alpha Phi Delta, and Kappa ,Delta Pi. Louis N. Whitehead of Logan, Iowa, has done outstanding work in the dramatic arts field. His major subject is lndustrial Arts. Louis is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and Phi Sigma Pi honorary fraternities and the Speech Arts Club. Beverly Ann Wolfrum of Eldon, Missouri, is a member of the Pi Kappa Sigma social sorority. She was vice-president of that organization in 1944-45 and treasurer in 1945-46. She has done very extraordinary Work in the science department of the college. LaBerne Iones of Elkland, Missouri, served as presi- dent of the Student Council in 1947-48 and as vice- president of Sigma Tau Gamma social fraternity the same year. He is a member of Alpha Sigma Pi and Pi Sigma Pi honorary fraternities. Berna Deane Rist of Lee's Summit, Missouri, has done exceptionally brilliant Work in the field of math- ematics. She is a member of Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Mu Epsilon, Alpha Phi Delta, The Young Woinenls Y -jfs-1-an Christian Association, The Foreign Language Club and The Future Teachers of America. Norman K. Luttrell of Amoret, Missouri, is a major in the industrial arts department of the college. His Work in this Held has been of extraordinary quality. Mr. Luttrell is a member of Phi Sigma Pi honorary fraternity. Reavis Manking of Lexington, Missouri, served as president of Phi Sigma Epsilon social fraternity in 1946-47. His major Held of study is in the social sciences. Reavis is a member of Phi Sigma Pi honor fraternity. Ruth Lee Swigert of Leeton, Missouri, served as Editor of 'AThe Studenti' in 1946-47, as a member of the i'Rhetor', staff of 1946. She was president ol' Alpha Sigma Alpha social sorority in 1947-48 and a member of Alpha Phi Delta and of the Speech Arts Club. Stanley Diehl of Kansas City, Missouri, is working toward a Bachelor of Science degree. His major is biology and his minor is chemistry. Stanley is a member of Kappa Delta Pi and of the Science Club. The book A'Who,s VVho Among Students in Ameri- can Universities and Colleges" is published'annually to be distributed to employers, personnel managers and school officials throughout the country for use as a reference in their contacts with prespective employees. 139 THE ARTS Thc College Orchestra The Madrigal Choir 0 rr I' 3 4f,wff'f, if - Q, ,H Q 1, -EW' ma, f fw Q Y" In x VHF, ,521 2 ,. Vhfrf 4, Q4 5 -get , Mi 'K -1515 ,. , ,. :,,,,.vf:1 ,...... lrfff' av , ff, 94,92 'S 'L 'Z ,, ' , 1 ,T. , J . .,.,. In 4 ' W f fyf, im, .. N rselzic ang .gaceij an Hgjapa js GW!!! The Victims Another yellow fever victim. The Brcwsters. cle "I xvon't tell, I d0n't know anythingf' z 'I wish he were ad!" Papa's Tyranny I 'Y w ' Noon Hour at the College Cafeteria. Che Sfugelzf canes IN 1 Senior Class of '66, X - Slelghbells in the Student Lounge l PUPULAH GIRL "MOODY" MURRY PUPULAR MAN 143 i N 1 A: X AL 2 'E 2 I I I w w 11 w sl ' il A If A r' A ! 5 W I - 5 I -.a.'- '5!'a f'A,I. 1 ASW 5 NN www? W frkgvz ,ae-uf-X77 ul! ,0J,rv""-s, IQ A I fa-52.4 amiga? K ll rY X! ' ff, gb X "! bk' X ,Q VA 'or MG. vi.. 1 P ,Jr -4 QU: I Fx A ' aqui 4 f W gm M 1 ff X 'aww 'f'-1 ,SEN W' 5"'.a1': Mmvwafif IW My in ,MAI Q if I paris 1 i Q 9 I 1 4 , . Ji rbfl Xf xt e - A A X414 " 1 Y ' 9,64-x fp '1'gfIv---'nga ?,,,'1,?g3 w wf -ig f' ' 'j- , .' A, ,1,.' 1 I IIA., A A -3 ,A' ,I'.,','-fx Ai : -"- ' ' -milf.-.:.A,.+ -I ' c IA,- P ' 7l'."'X- I IVTQTQ'-AijT1:'ag'f 1i'fiiif,EQ1ISj 'S Q Q f' "X I QM, - -Mb ,If e-,Q1jgQg'gf.'K It -i",Ig,:1L' '79?-,,.1,-- A K' A Q, ' A 99,5 I I ll 'Lk wi -A A QA'-KN 06:9-Iwqfiizlaziaiirif i X aff - v M 5 I A I RN-ai I..I-ggw h a . ' A A ' T' XC... I ,Af - if , :asf 3 1' Af f 4525 A, V A V Aw V -fm., 9 A A.:-.Lf A V, ' 1 'Q .A .,, . I A, .5 I ' " ? AF A A1532 i A ,-:fif'i'1:s13' f'qF ,- 1" fix 1, -Vg. ' E '-yay A, P Y -I+:Q A .:'f.'g3S' If ,C .- uf' !:Q..lA'3 " 'rg ' Ak' ,Q M81 61 - 3 3' -I x -I I f'A"'- ' 2' Yi rf.: 1 H:-4' - B . ' 4 A " . F ' - 1 A . ,Ji A - f Af me 4 Q Q - 'd xf' V' ' 5 .A E ' :C-Y zf-X' vi ' s ' QQ:--.V '51 - ki' I-H 5' -.v ' .. W" A ' - Txx-N 1 X 32 I, .f . -- I A -. I ' I j. ' XI' ' if' 14,51 ' " ,W , 'aI 'Q '- I Q .- t ,A 7 ' I 'Lf':Y,- A ' 2 f , ' , NA fi . f' I . -Hz: ' '-" .A -. ,A A a A ' -2 A ' .. ,I '- V--:L rv , . :'1': ,f'1'- ', 3--f E -.1 '-vw, A -. - M' if , - ' A .-3? WSW?" fb Af f -Q'!5I3V"2j '1-"A..- . X 13? Qi , 414' 1 ff Ay 4332- " I V:-: 4 1 , '-af, if Iwyji A P. . Au. 55 -, iz, 1 1 1! - A A Q .I-.- I X ,iklil A J 3 . fa A as k A A 5 If I, ,SKA H X1 L. - If A 1 X va 535, xx A n M593 1 ' 'J iff. ., gf 'fl 95' ' S A ' s 4 1 .,..:,T..'f2,"y" , l - ' A ' Z 4' " 1' A Y - ' - ' 'f ginl 4 I -f K. s I AA. f ' -A .A . A A , .. A A 5, A , . -v I , A -A . . . , H' A ,nt rw 1 A A 1 . I I FI Eg V R L N -f A Hi: A 5 a 1' 'fi A fr" no 4 w A I 4 , ' X 4 1 A . . , m ' A 1 ' Returning veterans, a sprinking of freshmen formed a nucleus of Coach Iutlcl Dean's 'I947-48 football team Returning lettermen Kenny Bass B1'l Brewster Rus Dlyton Dave Del-Iardt Bob Cooduin john McMeek1n Ioe Mlnt ner Moody Murry Ed Paule Bob Reyn olds Orx1lSt1egeme1er Bob Sutton Rex CAPT Bon GooDw1N Tackle JOE Wo1.F Baclq 146 Thomas, and Ioe Wolf were back in foot- ball harness. Andy Nurski, new member of the phy- sical education department and Ralph Welch student were Coach Deans aids A large turn out made the task of forming a team for the opening game against Wichita University a difhcult one The Mules traveled to Wichita, Septem ber zo and came back on the short end of a 33 to o score after a hard fought contest in the mud and drrzzhng ram The Mules held them to the low score of I3 to 0 until the last quarter when the W1ChlIa Shockers went wild w1th long runs 1n slippery mud and completed many excellent passes The Mules were handi scrrmmages earlier in the season The next game prtted the Mules against their old r1vals the Rockhurst Hawks of Kansas City The Mules lucked bucked and passed their way to a 6 to o victory before an estlmated 3,500 spectators The lone touchdown of the game came in the Hrst quarter and was set up by a long pass from Bass to Stiegemeler The pay off came when Bass flxpped to Wolf who scampered I5 yards for the touchdown The remainder of the contest was a de fensive battle with neither team getting inside their opponents 30 yard line The second game away from home found the Mules playing the Central Eagles which proved to be a hard fought game Central stole the show for the first three minutes of play in a non conference game, marching 61 yards for a touchdown Central s try for the extra polnt was good and proved to be the deciding potnt of the game Warrensburg s Hrst scoring threat came 1n the second period after a 60 yard march, which was ended with a ir' ORVAL STIEGEIVIEIER Emi BILL BREWSTER Gum d ff rf . if Q. slsfff W ,r " f? .T ,f M , at f - re, , 2 45549 r 2.5 Q N. 954- , 'H W ,M . 1 . pm .3 gun wi ' - 3,,41'7 1 l :J-,it wg, ,f n, gi , , Qifk' A aff r Qgas' ' ' . 2" 1 4 1 DAV: Ki IOE MINTNE11 Gum d Y' 1 - 9 X 9 . " N I s - 1 1 ' Q 9 9 J ' ft. 1 'I . ' I , I ' ' I V -1 1 - ' . 5 I 9 3 x lf U T 5 3 ' , , , , ,M i L A17 capped by several injuries received in ' y 5 7 L , i I' 1 ' so I - X . . . . , . 5 5 ,M . K i i ' i ' "-R arty, ' ' , . x - I Boi L STIEGEIXIIEIER End . BREWSTER Guard DAVE DE HARDT Center KENNY BAss Buck , MINTNER Guard Bois BUXTON Guard pass interception on the 7 yard line. The Mules, scoring took place in the third quarter. The Mules received the kick-off and drove 70 yards for a touchdown. Kenny Bass, with a short pass to Steige- meier, was the touchdown combination. Bass attempted the placement which was blocked by a fast rushing Central line. The Mules attempted a field goal in the last minutes of the quarter from the 28 yard line, which fell short of the uprights. The game ended with the Central Eagles leading 7-6. Bouncing back from the Central tilt, Dean's men soundly trounced the Cape Girardeau Indians on the home Held, playing before 2,388 enthusiastic Home- coming rooters. The Mules hung up a I2 to o victory over the highly regarded defending champions. The Mules, scrap- ping line deserves much of the credit for the victory, playing outstanding football during all of the game, stealing the spot- light during the first and fourth periods. The Mules left the home Held again for the long journey to face the powerful and league leading Rolla Miners. The Miners proved to be the more powerful by trouncing the Mules 20 to 0 in a hot sun, before their Homecoming crowd. Defensive lapses gave Rolla an opportunity to score all of their touchdowns. Weak running and blocking forced the Mules to kick consistently in their own territory. Returning home again to meet the un- defeated Missouri Valley Vikings, the Mules discovered the reputation was true and went down in defeat 21 to 6. The contest was played in the mud and was victory number 25 for Missouri Valley. The Mules fought valiantly throughout the whole game, but were unable to stop the Missouri Valley fleet backs. The following week the Kirksville Bull- dogs nosed out the Mules by a narrow mar- gin of 7 to 6, before a throng of shivering IACK WARDLOXXV End IOE BAKER Tackle ED P.xt'1.E Guard Bois BLAINE Back, Moonvv MURRY End BILL BELL PRED HIETZ End Parents, Day spectators. The Mules threat- ened with a long sustained drive in the opening minutes of play, but were halted by a determined Kirksville line. Scoring in the last two minutes of the second period, the Mules' try for an extra point was not good. Opening the second half, a rejuvinated Kirksville team marched 80 yards for a score. The extra point, which became the Winning margin, was passed into the end zone. Taking to the highways again the Mules traveled to Springfield to play against a highly touted eleven. The Mules Went into the game as underdogs, but demon- strated surprising strength at times during the contest. It was theMu1es, third con- ference loss, with a Hnaliscore of I3 to o. In the last game of the season the Mules lost a heartbreaker to the Maryville Bear- cats. The Held was covered with mud, and rain was continuous throughout the con test The game ended with the Mules on the short end of a I5 to o score BOB SUTTON Back HILLARD WILLE Tackle REX THoMAs Tackle Bac. ix KE A , -1. 2' , c ff' x .4 .,7'3"f.x'V' ,ki 1, . x 1 'if ". 1 1 1 4 1 I 'iii'- 5 '-. 1 U 39 fi 755. ,gr M KM ilk? will s Wits? qt? s SUTTON Back KRD WILLE Tackle 1 THOMAS Back LQENNY WEBSTER B ack JACK HUGHES Back JOHN MCMEEKIN Buck SUMMARY Mules Opponent Opponent s Score Score 0 Wichita University 33 6 Rockhurst College o 6 Central College 7 I2 Cape Girardeau 0 7 Rolla I4 6 Missouri Valley 21 6 Kirksville 7 o Springield I3 0 Maryville I5 CHUCK l-IANNAH Back ' VINCE STERNER Cefzzer I omecomilzq new B 'l"l'Y B. S E E S 12 " 1 A 421 2 f,,, W , f 'ngfvif ,WW J, 7 Qyyvggc 4' f" X7 fi f ff, i "' f fj 3 27 C f . ,f5k?g,fifgf7i',bf- V 26 if X ,1Q,'f: f,' ,f ,yyf X, f' DOTTIE WE1R MARY LOUISE SERENA HERNDON ENGLEBART RUTH LEE YVONNE SWIGERT P MANKING C UH 0F H0 TDR I-IARRIETTE BETTY PAULSON WVOLKEY On The E 1 I' Vx' m,,k V Q C C On The Mark! Coach Whiteman Hannah Leads By a Nose The Track Team 5 Q5 CLARENCE CASSING Guard kefhaff The Central Missouri State College Mules nationally famous basketball squad Wound up the 1947-48 cage season in a second place 'tie with the Springfield Bears in the Missouri Intercollegiate Athletic Association. Both teams recorded six wins against four losses for the season,s play. The Mules' season opened in a successful manner, Winning six of their first seven starts. During this time they won the invitational tournament at Rockhurst. During the Christmas holidays the team hit a slump and was beaten Hve successive games. Suffering the Hrst conference defeat at Kirksville, the Mules went on to Win their next four conference games before losing to Springfield. A victory at Cape, a loss at Rolla, and a win at Maryville completed the season. The club, composed mostly of s-ophomores and freshmen was led by the only senior on the squad, Captain-elect Marvin Calvert. Calvert led the team's scoring followed closely by Chuck Branson and Harold Salmon. Fine team spirit was shown by all members of the squad. Artie Elwell, Clarence Cassing, Iohn Hyatt, Bill Key, Dale Boyd, and Larry Bates. All performed admirably for the Mules. Billy Elvvell and Arthur Laney were very fine freshmen prospects, contributing much to varsity play. A strong aggregation of nine returning lettermen assures the Mules of a very fine nucleus for the 1949 cage season. 'aj f in Z' X C f Z.. af . ? if ,3 , 242'- C,wT. NLXRVIN C,xLvEuT JOHN HYATT HAROLD SALMON ART Liwiai XMIE F0""'f"'d GWINZY Center Gumd L54 ous basketball tie with the Jciation. Both g six of their ournament at imp and was as went on to eld. A victory zason. Jas led by the led the team's mn. Fine team renee Cassing, led admirably BASKETBALL SUMMARY Mules' Opponent Opponent's Mules, SCOrC Score Score 48 St. Benedicts 26 59 55 Washburn 64 46 43 Westminster 30 58 46 Mo. Valley 37 33 40 Wm. Iewell 30 44 47 Maryville 37 46 SI St. Benedicts 55 ' 51 40 Wichita 46 39 33 Wichita 37 58 55 Southwestern 63 46 50 Kirksville 72 52 Opponent Rolla Maryville Cape Springfield Wm. Ievvell Rockhurst Wm. Iewell Springfield Maryville Cape Rolla Opponent's Score 47 36 SI 32 32 50 38 44 36 42 538 ine freshmen ie Mules of a B1 .Fc L E ARTIE ELWELL DALE BOYD LARRY BATES Curex BRANSON ART AN..Y Guard Center F0,.wm.a1 1:0m,a,.J 4 Guard P 155 ' Top Cruzer: The Rockhurst Tournament ut Place Trophy f1!70Ul'.' Two on One In The Rolla Game Sherwood Forest at right The Pugilist The Dolphins WVater Carnival is 'zjnictel in the swimming scenes mxe '30Lc The Twirlcrs On Parade . A fi if 7 I, Q3 1 if .Q , ,w 41 n' f "1ctus Welch ASSISIJHK Coach f'15,,"'i 156 M Rolla Pile Up! Dmly Grxncl at the :Jl'LlCIlCC held F1rst Down ' 4? Footb Id!-512. , 1 r Carnival is xming scenes On Parade nt Coach E 1 1 l 1 l I 1 1 1 Top Center: 'KGISMOU 1 A, Chalk ,mlb 'l The Ball! ll it W1 . , . 'I ICFC IS Ili If if Y P W. W Aff 1 1 I l l ! E l 1 l 1 1 l 1 l KAUCl3 uAl11lTdlN1lH l Football ix Rough llflozr: .Xction Shots of thc Mules I 1 1 1 1 .lAl2:' - 1 l l 1 i l 1 l 1 4 wx- -Air .. ... Y 5 ' . RHETUH DAVID K STEWART Edzzof 171 Chzef JACK Koua DAVID UNDERWOOD PAT PHARRIS DOROTHY SHEETS ' BETTY JEAN MCLAUGHLIN Photographer O1 grznzbrzzzons Edztoz Class Editor Class Editor Business Secretary Th mc-:mk ductio has ac our re W. tresspz compl listen Th DAVID DE Sports Edi llll 'PAFF 3ETTY JEAN MCLAUGHLIN Business Secretary GEOILGE TICE Business M amzger The members of the Rhetor staff are very grateful to all those members of the student body Who have cooperated in the pro- duction of the 1948 Rhetor. Our sincere thanks to Mr. Craig Who has acted as sponsor of the book, to Mr. Muchmore for keeping our records and to Mr. Iohnson for sharing his ofhce with us. We hope you will pardon our errors, and forgive us our tresspasses. For those of you who find it necessary to register complaints We have made arrangements with Gismo and he Will listen sympathetically. The book is- yours, We hope you will like it. THE VERY END BARBARA AVEN Ari Editor DAVID DE HARDT MURIEL SHEARER DOTTIE SHEARER Sporls Editor Activities Class Editor f1L'fl'Ul.Zl-65 Class Editor IACIE CHAPMAN FERN 'THOMPSON Class' ,Editor Clan Editor 159 ii L .mum- QSF' ,A A , - A M4 4, I 'f W I -r - Af " A v-H , A Y I m V 4,,A,mAs1,,,, MMA ,,.,e ,,M,,h..'4z.,..,m3f,..-.Q ,,,, --, W-Im-ML-nffwxi,,,g,,,,,..,--,E-T7-if , Q . ., .. 1 ., ,T A ,,.. ,.x:,.::3.,A, V W1-S-v , N , ,...-..,, .,...... A k ,, R 1 . ,L xi Q W .. J k E z ,1 1 1 1 , 1 . ' :I 1 I l . l - f 4 Y , , 'Ya 1 i 4 N -4 I 1 1 E 3 ? H L l 4 ,,... 1- I 5 L 1 L W I -u I 1 I I 'V -O I P 1 i n 41 ' Y ! ! , 5 Q 5 M 5 GE' ,Jai 11 fan H A R" y ir 'Ha v' n I 'Rl ,F f x , ,Q 1. 4 , .8 - Mun., - ...L-.qi 1, - ' f- 'qv 'ff an .., - ,W ' mv ri' ll , A 4 I 'RP' -ini 3-ff V WX Y-. ,. Q . . K- 10-A-e - ' fx- f .. . T ,nr ' K -- - . 4' ,,, fr," , f'- M. " H- 4- QF xfg..f:.f,1'Q ' V - . - A . ' I ,A if-.0 I' ' A I A 4 , Q" ' 'A , , N, 3 ' H . 9. L 5 ' A, 'Q kgffa- , Q

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