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 - Class of 1935

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University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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If " "gnu 1' H .,.-'ihfi 4: ' 5 13-G: 1 px. 'qgltgj . ' . .- J , .'J,?' fi -1' "1 . -4 f 3 Q' x 1 'V ' 1 fx? , .5 .. Ld, . - 1 ' . , . l . , Q' sw: . 1.5 3 'F I -tab: 4, "1 ... Hi ..P s 3' .. V-"EZ .Q ."!l, .2 A . 1? ' ri .'-' 'i .Z l. . -. M ,. T? 4 'xx ..-L .wt us . AM. 1 ' ' " 'Z-L - ., J. rx ,.- A . ,M ..- . .,ff. I an -li F s Al 4 A , 4. f 1 f . -qw X ', gl-fggfv. .A'f,y'.y-y.f:5k ,-.J-531, 1 -- . K xx A . k ' . . f A L 41,1 H,,.ffwS2Fff:' . -.j QQ, V- fi, K-. .L K. - ' -' f x .j,y31'si .1 f li, -, Q, - sir, 4 g -I , - Q ,-.9 v : ,. '.- , H ' -, A hx' ' J... -.,2. -wh., . ,. , ...A , ., . , Y X Q x-,., 1 . , X x F ID ll I SP 3 Ji CENTRAL MISSOUP-.I STATE TEACHERS C0llEGE WAPNP-ENSBUP-.G, MISSOUPH "1 Dlfof gg MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII,Il III!!! MID-CONTINENT PUBLIC LIBRARY GeneaIogyd1LocaIHismryBranch ' , ' 317 W. Hiduway 24 Q ' 'T 1 Independence, Mo. 64050 . f 1 1ll'YllllulI'l' R 05557 FOITER EDITOR IN CHIEF WILBUIK DANIE BUSINESS Mgpx HARNETT DEANE 5 ECIKETAPNY I I I , K , , ,x I, ,A,. ,. A ffgl ivlifwl' ..., .Jag ,Jw-.f-.-C ww 1.1-4- , ll 1 llllll IIIIBS IRESENTED BY THE STUDENT BODY OF CENTPNAL MISSOURI STATE TEACHERS COLLEGE AT WAFRIKENSBUPXG AS A TOKEN OF THE SIGNIFICANT PIROGIAESS TAKING PLACE IN OUR MODERN WOPXLD ,sump Af fa Since all students attending college are taking a forward step in accord with the progress ol the material and spiritual things of life, we have chosen as our theme, a por- trayal ol the age in which vve are living in contrast to the age in which our grand- parents lived. l-lere will he found in the form ol pictures, anecdotes, and comments a record of the lite of this college as it is really lived today. We hope that your life will move on in harmony with those things which now sur- round it, and that you can loolt baclc in future years through the pages ol this book and l4novv that your college has become a great part of all that you are. We dedicate this, the Nineteen l-lundred Thirty-Five Rhetor, to those ideals ol char- acter and training vvhich have been handed dovvn to us by our predecessors, and which appear exemplified in the lives ol those who have directed us through the years of our preparation lor working and living. As vve received them from those vvho pre- ceded us, vve pass them on to you in the hope that you vvill hold them in an esteem commensurate with their value. l'lonor them and from them construct ideals of your ovvn as you constantly add to the wealth ol lcnovvledge that is to direct you in the training of those whose education may be trusted to your care. ,fiii-ff fl 1 -Aff 1Pf?f'u1tl-fi' --1.1 . JEA74. :Ll,g,': ..:,.g1- ,,, , F A 5?-'7 5.-5, ,,5.-, in .lf , Y' .-1 -sh.:-4-1QL.1f1,. If 1 1 - 1 1.??:T-'Lizff'-1?1i1,: Q x-W. '-ij lim, X ,?5:,i5g:,.:,ff:'g,-'Q:ge 3 . f1X1f'3Q-555' 1 -fA'fi?1Z'fEi9f"5f?'l?i-115 Nxfz,-:,1: DMT' I 31-igfzfjg-,l.7-,g'3c1,gL.5,3:1'1 lie jfififi ' ff-fg1.4f1'giQf' 2 .g f f:12eff3r11sis 11' - 1051:-Q5-sz' -- gfisbz, an-1:-21'-f-11' 4:41 X1-1' if ML 41" -ivzfi if 'f2Qi'fTf:s,cE42Z?' 1:7 Mfr ,V fi-11 fc ,ye 3'--5. '1 ,J A-..,.1g4:-gGr:1x-f7- ww' ' 114' fe.-1-?f',1z7,-w1fQ.g31:'e1 :: Z" 1'-9 ""s" p'44'f-""'-ffr Ii-"'-' ,0A'cycAK:,aS"1,-.1 ,M 1-Lg ,Lf--, mp.- bcfP?':f55'!5i:-fJl1ii1f'.:Zf'5 fi-wi wg 5111? ' Ju- - -bf. 111,15 ff -,zvgsxg 3-Qzzf, Q- 'E E:-'5"'f-459 2325221 '-'F:f3iEi2f',i'f1 iz - . 12211995 31 fEgefsZ'Ew1'117aQfwS1'1- :Mew 1 ---W -1 ----. mn 1 is- fa vw -2.4! ,-11 LL 1 QA, V, jmgg , A' Y 'S' N " ""' ' 1 'gi Q, ,ff?1ff5! 11 -SNY11' " "W 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ,S11,,,,,V I1 1 1 ' 1 1 f 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ' . 1 11 4 1 1 1 1,7777 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Y , ,. 1 1 - f 1 --1 1 f, Y, CCDLLEGE CLASSES W1-1I12L SPORTS CDRGANIZATIQNS BRAV 1-116-if oi , .- ,111 ,, .,,A PRQSIDQWS WLS SME Students who prepare the Rhetor render positive service to the students of Central Missouri State Teachers College, You have a college education, but in the preparation of the Phetor you give evidence that you do not attempt to retain your knowledge as private property. lt is true that the value of what you have learned is relative to the service which you render society. Your advantages are to be passed on to your fellows in life as occasion permits. You are under obligation to lead others in social welfare. No life should be isolated Moreover, it seems to me you live in the most interest- ing period of all history. What problems confront usl What opportunities to aid are before us! Those who prepare the llhetor will render positive service to their fellows in life. I con- gratulate you. IN MEMORI!-W MRS. E. B. BROWN 1880-1934 1 A BO0K I fx, , - ll' S' , -i 1 ' 'I -5 , '- x N Wlwgn mf W5 WRU in i, t Q f 0 n - v , 0 ox Ne C ..---1""""" let! ' 1 ..,. ,,,,N , iazf- I WW in "I xx nf -7-i , I fffitgkqh Main Entrance Hendricks Hall fI . A Training School V ' and Science Hail , from Northeast Looicing Northwest it from Hendricks i-iaii i i -5. N'-Arn s 5' "' 's.,:,,'g-' ', 'STM - :..,,. N -4- r-qv ,N Q xi xJ4N"" 4 r' 'I 1 .-, "' - f I -jf LJ -'Lf , ,K J ,sl , , up Afflb 'igj .Q-B4 2 M fu M, ,4-v""'f w,-1"'J f 4 uf' 7' f? Rf: V. f, ,-,zz .Aff 'fm f,4 fiwfff WH ,iw Q ., Y 1 , , i ,,g,Vj3t , 4 ,, V , up , Q 7, ..,p , fi ,mf v f ,4 , f n f , V ily, .174 ' , f , 1 , f 1 4, +1 gl fw V, -,, xv ,Jule ,ZX 1 av. W tr., "fa.J' I ,, A I :WPS Sugugeul jo ainumqug UQQW r ,QK, l :ggf lily!! Doclcery Gymnasium Hendricks Hell Jellylng pot View of the Science Hall from the Southeast autumn Y , ,,,f 2' ! '. fn?" JVX' Xfff 'ff - f gg: .53 f 7 f,f'Q,,, .!,V",f yy' i 1 P' fy, af r,'Z1 r., IU pr ,yz f v af' 5,9 If . vi, IEE IH !G .Z L a ' r-I . ' go' 3 4 1 E 'Q' ..-- ' :- xv., 1. 9 uf, .-5' f i ev' .f' . :fj:25"" L ' 5,9 V ,iff - .,.. T1':L,.,,.,-f- ,f 2 sf- ,,f ,',L- ypidlft ,fb ..: 1' lr ,',L.f-H' . ,..- iam ., -..Q ,.i' gl. F...- -L .1.... , ,I . E-A MY I WWW' i i l .fl i i l I IQQQ .1-I-.1,i:.A.vwIQ-,-.w.7kiAL-Fil .,-ff ' - M - 3: ' ':- . of f',,5,.,:'g.-. '43, ., ,. -. ' -F -s -fn ,r""1,5i4P' I A " , ff.: ' . ' N - Ali-ftrZ1't'3"f, ,i5?3:-?fg ., fl-4, .fr f QLJ . - 21, ' A fi - - 'L' , 3' ' :di JSNT' 'fQ"'A ,f M 1"13.,4. . ' :v '- Q '41, ,Ha-2 K h V g""',.- 'N-lg: 5-ks5,h,"f,'QH3:' nf- bv' ,JL ..l- - 'I 'J-L: ,wx K -, l H , .,--41,7 .jk M. Q' va- 'Q Ps' ' ?"E'f"' ' ,1 V - . ,,"zE'!,.:3g.vw,' W. ' " -c-""--3" 'Y' -K ' ' ""' ' i'2:f8'S5Ls-' ..ff"""' 'A ., -aQ'?.-, ,V L, .rr--f,. MNA .Luth J, , - ,' -C, ..--""" ' i r,-,,."- - Y . ip' fn P i f1'Iieaink...u -- n'-'1.ef.c:,1-s.' a coo- View ol l-lendricl4s l'lall lrom College Avenue View ol Campus loolcing Soutlw lrom Science l'lall f , -. film V. I' Hendricks Hall from the South Shady Lawn East 5 H .4. 3 I V am .. I 4.,1.41,..f,-. I 77,1 , A N V I 1 YV ' QV V 142 1 V1 - 'if Q 'Q , A , V MN , 1 V Q ki Q wif' ,517 ig, , 1' f , 'Q at I g ' t 1 , 1 rf , , J' 1 V "f V , ,I yr, . 4 'fy V44 by I hal L b 'W fiA,,'L,f3 ,, , V an 4 J A r , , f , , Ll -. X ' f V: 6 I V,h Ac 1 Q ' V A 'X' V . , " ZA. I . S . 1 4' V" V ' ' 7 , X, 4 ' , , . ' A 4' ' I S, ' " 1 I 5, a at. VV ,W 1' l . U ' fe ' a' 1 ' 1 , , V , ,, wg V V V V . , 1 n 4 , A, , 4? 1 O ,is , I , ,, v 'I li, lr I . V' Flys 54 , , g. . .V gy V , - , In Av? 5 5 f, r 2 r A l 2 'qi ffm A rg 'A j, N 4 ' 1 I . ' - 4 1' ' A 1' , , , Vf . . V .f ' t , oi 3. ,fm I ,u 1,371 if i. V ,f A 1 , V, in ' Q - ' , V ,n A Vw 47 on N ,Ja-V " - ' 4,31 Y, xy ' b Z: 1, vi 1- Alf 4 M' xv - ' 614' 4' .V i t X K A ' ,gli 1 V u W ., 2 f 4 ' . QVV 4 M ,My ' ur I t . ...I .,, Q, . 'Q V S J X Or 1 V W., , - x , , Vg , ' ' V ' V Q , . . 1 5 1 ' , f f' ' ' , ,' Y , 3 af ,W V , f 4,5 V, V f V 1 - ww x ra V. - A 7 'ls . ' ' L I A r ' ' L '- LV V 'U-sr' . ' Q mv ' , fV " fi ' ' 4' " .M A" ,.' A 'a fo QV' V' ' V u .,"V'f 1' "J: ' 'L' - a Q 4 Qi, 47. . 1. .4'g , 4 t G 4 , , VV . 3 ' 1 5 3 ' '. U Q ' 1 ' V Q' ' : v ' f . .I V .4 V 5 , Y .Wt r' zz. . l 'V V3 rp' , , 24! ' 6 A I W, ' I v 'fy f 31 5' Q 35 Q, , f W , , W ,grfaz , I 7 P512 r . f ' ' 'KV qw ' 5" ' -Y V ff ,' 3 ff , .V . A V' V u I 7,1 '.iij V, , V, , QV , 3 ' , n . , - I V ,Gif 1 I, ' . fi Q 1 V k , 1 'Vs' 2 --4 , ,- Q fx VV V X , 1 , 3,2 i 2 .E H A V4 f , ,V I 4 O M yi V+ ' yf ax If gl, V ' ,L - l - If 1 I .zj:x,LV. . ' V VV 1 5 tiff? V , t. V 'V " VV wp ' 3" 7 - " ' 'A' . . V QW ' V., ., ' V: W ' w 'f AY. ,f V j. . ? -1 fQ'3?"'ag'f' h V . , , V ,iv .5 , N E 'IJ' 45 lm.- ' ' ' 'M' - V wr ,Q ' V ,A 7 Q 1 f hu' fi l ' W him Oilyi L Iii x M , ,qx x 4 " i n nfs . A i I, I A My Q K, , ' "Q .Apr 'V' -v 'V .Vi . F"'y ' -I . I-I: 'A-.. -, ' . V b I -1, ,1 gnu' rffiqqm .1,,!Lx,,,74 r, ,G Av I M . 'View ' -A. - 149- 'W 'f' 17" t rw' "5 an " 'MS' f' fmt , , ,A - , -4.1 ww' ,."f'-,"'7-. , ugqu M " ' ", A . 'NYM ,V M- ffQ:fnV9iQgwg,M ,,f.wu.,-v -n ir J' .1 If .,, , f , ., W ,f ff H .. F 4- dx -.vnu .,.....dl.-.VL - , --. can -- ,-gqquasgqm--W' -...-, M4041--44. M --:gt . Training School Enhance Q' A ,, ,i ll, tl ww Ty 4:5 ? Y . y gf 0 , 'l 6 ' Pl 5 ' x '. 1 ' 4 n JA, -5- W O . . i 'V D V Qs X 0 . I 1 , . .,, U G ur. -mn: .N ,v' -+V-,."'. f - H rv 'f - 1 af' ,, 5 , .le 7.512-k"A 1x-Q .' ,ff ' ', , D. . 1- ., , H., .,, Vw',,' YH ., 1 4. . k 4 -" . in - xx " L' 5,1 - 11' ' -' , V-1. '. ,rf hi' Qs li 17" ,fm x '- ' .r-. , 4'-T., ,pu ,. a 1 ' 51 1 .. ,f 'Viv - , . Y , , . 1. . 5 . 1. . , 5 gg ,, kwa '.'Ev.'- 6. ,?,,,v-nw ,A -.H si -,K ef 1 'S ..- 'r-K 'AH ' Q' .Q .. Q .J K v,'.,x 4 f," .Sig-'., ' ' ' Yr pl ., Q' Ry' f , L ,' ,. ,-'QQ M A --119 :A - G ,',', if-fy, 'I ,vig ue, M " "f'f v . Y I x?z?:" K. jf"-f 1:4 ll' 3 ,G P ' ., ,,- ' 'fr ' I 'is , 1. .1 , A. if 1 4 . jf , - , . ty' ' L fs I fo, . 1. J v Y ng.. I' . , -1.1 ,9 ., : Q f. L H in ,. .xr 'J' le . A 1 1. my ,b UQ f ff' 1 - 5,50 in r' ,r' ' . Q +L 4. View of the Library from time East View of Training School and Science Hall from the North 1x96 . 1' I mffffi v ' f' T, 1 gf ,.. --1.1, '-551. 1 A- A if , X vpn x A-,-W .,,. "1!v.qu, , - AN . wx 52161 .3 'L --ia1..,,.., -was we 5..- 15 lkf 'Mn .hi'r' ' ' rf' .-If r ,ff f . fa. ': 425 V' , 'f'- s 1 fo -2. .I 'vs' , 1' fx, ' P . sS v " f-.7 - '- 1 I I u F' gg .3 . 6.2. ' ' 1 4' wt-J, I if ,. 9- 'I ' T' ' I n 1 I I i 1 5 ! li X Another view of Dockery Gymnasium and Hendricks Hall mffofff WW W' .. ---121: ,lz9'3,,wf , ,W The Pride of the Campus--tne old Elm View from mein entrance otGymnasiurn,Soutnward View of Science Hall from Southwest PRX Front View of Science Ha!! 'k'5oo '3 CL1-fr 'G' Ca O 11341 3, 15' .233- QYGVT3 B145 it P V V ' Mx A A1 -.-1. .-. Charles A. Calvird Lloyd W. King ' J. l. MOON Clinton State Superintendent of Independence President Schools Secretary Board of Regents D Term Expires January, 1941 Mrs. Charles E. Dewey Daniel l'loefer Term Expires January, 1937 J. l. Moore Charles A. Calvird Term Expires January, 1939 Conrad l-l. Bothvvell Adolph Musser MTS-JCEBFICS Etpewey Conrad H. Bothwell Z mon 'ty MARCUS YQUNGS, Treasurer Ssddhd E. l.. ll-IENDRICKS President of College Daniel Hoefer Chagl A, L A Ad I h M Jisrsrsxiltm Stdrsfruopszffindm of oH'?'dQnum' p UE ELDQ LEWIS I-IENDRICKS A. B., A. M., LL. D. President of College ' lg 1.x'1.',, WALTER EWING MQRRCDXX! fx. B., A. M., LL. D. Dean of Faculty Page 28 Page 21 MRS. O. I.. I-IOUTS B. S., A B. Dean of Women . 125, Administration I- H h Dr. E. Collins ' PaLPhlieB., lAllpMr.eys B. S., A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Education Professor of Education and Director of A. C. Moreland B. S., A. M. Associate Professor of Education Elmer Brown Gertrude Hosey B5 S-, A. M. Ph. B., A. M. Associate Professor of Associate Professor gf EClUCdllOI'l Education Training School i C. B. Hudson B. S., A. M. Associate Professor of Education Ruth Sweet . Master of Arts Director of Kindergarten Page 30 r l Administration C. F. Martin Gladys Goss A. B., A. M. B. S., A. Nl. Professor of English Professor of Art Lucy A, Ball E. L. Jacobs Ph. B., A. M. g A. B., A. M. Associate Professor of Associate Professor of English English l . Mary E. Foley B. S., Grad. Md. Art ln- stitute, Grad. Study Associate lrofessorofArt 1 .... if , 2, 2 Ben R. Craig Marie Todd Ruth Fitzgerald B. S., A. M. Ph. B., A. M. E A. B., A. M., B. S. in Ecl. Associate Professor of Associate Professor of - Associate Professor of English English English Page 31 A fue VX -' 'A'- Administration l , James H. Scarborough Dr. Wilson C. Morris A. B M S Ph D D H b 1 A. M., Ph. D. Professolr of Mathematics Professor of Physics and Chemistry E i D r .D Fred W. Urban Earl Foster A. B., A. M. B. S. in Education Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Mathematics Physics and Chemistry - r 1 as , r 9 Emmett Ellis G. E. Hoover T, D, GI B. S., A. M., Ph D. Diploma B, S., Aelti Associate Professor of Registrar Associate prgfgggor of Mathematics Science Page ?2 Administration f. Morris Wi fnichemistfy lX?'E?'5C'RR 'fE."STv memo'- D260 Of l:6CUlfY Associate Professor of Economics and f.'D. Glaze 5. S., A. M. iate Professor of Science Page 32 Professor of Economics Commerce l Myrtle Downs Capitola Stark B. S. in Ed., A. M. B. S. in Ed. ' Associate Professor of ASSiStant in Commerce Commerce Delta M. Neville Nelle Buddemeyer A. B., A. M. Assistant Registrar Associate Professor of Intermediate Education Page 33 Aruba B. Charlton Ph. B., A. M. Associate Professor of Primary Education .hx .A . Administration Harry A, Phillips E. A. Cockefair A B. S., A. B., A. M., Ph. D. Ph. D. Professor of Agriculture and Geography Professor of Biology 2 James W. Graham B. S., B. S. in Ed., M. A. Associate Professor of Agriculture Q ur Ma'iI0fY MUYFQY Geraldine Stratton BPS. in Education B. S., B. S. in Education Assistant Professor of Librarian in Training Aft School Maude C. Natlinger B. S., A. M. Associate Professor of Biology Virginia Wheeler B. s. in Ea., M. A. Associate Professor of Art Page 34 Administration MMT: N0sF3.giiw?ad Professor Of i'iiSf0W Professor of Industrial Arts Oscar A. Marti Edith Howard A. M., Ph. D. B. S., A.-M. Associate Professor of Associate Professor of History History Rolla F, Wggd Fern Gibson Fred W. Calvert fvidgtgr Qf Arts in Aggggiare Professor of Assistant Librarian Associate Professor of A History i'iiSfOVY Page 35 A , J. Who A.x3'.,1t.L V .gf ........ Administration ' p I R. Utt Ella Groenewold Graduate Plattzllille Wisconsin State Ph. B., A' M- I I . Teachers College ' Professor of l-lome Economics Director of Music V E Louise Schoen Julia Hatz Bachelor of Music Bachelor of Philosophy Teacher of Piano Assistant Professor of Home Economics H A Losson Lucille Morgan M dl H d Pdfhlflof fFlVMl1SlC Registered Nurse lixasflelinoi xliliftsnx eac er o no in Director of Orchestra Alijxcglqdcggspfsiggijllcol School Music Pug 36 I B i Administration Theodore CTadD C. Reid , Louise Martin Bachelor of Science A. B., A. M. Coach and Professor of Physical Associate Professor of Physical Education ' Education Carl Voltmer B. S., A. M. Associate Professor of Physical Education Eloise Lemon B. A., A. M. Associate Professor of Physical Education Page 37 Amy Roop Clarence Whiteman B. S. in Education B. S. in Ed., A. M. , Associate Professor of Director of Physical Physical Education Education Shirley Hulse Leia Dawes B. S. in Education B. S. in Education Secretary to Director of Alumni Secretary Training School U. Pg hx' .1 - - J i i I I i ' 5 1 . . . i A Administration 1 g i A 3 1 l A 5 I , 1 v l i i 5 Wa d Ed d Annie G. Harris 1 F A.rB., Xfibf A. B., A. M. Librarian and Chaplain Professor of Foreign Languages L .ii 1 Olive Brown William E. Johnson iii Bachelor of Arts Bachelor of Science Assistant Librarian Assistant Professor of zz Foreign Languages if . I ' fs I i if W . 'QS i . 3 .F -'4 . 'P i 'aff' i i I 3 i ! Harriet Ford F K h ' Assistant Librarian B. 5riF1eBdurcgatFon Ehxlgglh ,gjllsivlay ' Assistant Librarian Associate Professor of On Leave of Absence Spanish Page 38 ii, Ii 1 4 l ' W I.. I simon CLASS Oglesby Ervin Hanley Carr OFFICERS Rube Oglesby . . . . President COIGITIBD Efvilj - Vice-President Mal'j0l'iC Hanley . , Secfetafy Gertrude Cdl? . . Trgdgurgf Dean W. E. Morrow . Sponsor Annie Harris . Spgnggr Tl-llf class of 1935 has reached the year ol its seniority vvith all the delights and honors given to the last class oi every college. For four years the majority oi the members of the senior class have tal4en part in the many phases ol campus lite, giving their best co- operation, sharing in every activity and undertaking, and in turn, reaping such infinite pleasures as C. lvl. S. -l'. C. extends. The seniors have been the recipients ol honors and oitices in the student organizations and have striven to give their best to the student body which supported them.. -l-he departure from Warrensburg this May will be in some respects a sad one, for behind them they will leave old friends and traditions associated with their Alma Mater. Still, they are eager to go into new Fields and use the l4novvledge secured here to malce nevv friends and to bring honor through their accomplishmentsito the college, which has bestowed so many honors and pleasures on them. The seniors that go from college will alvvays Feel true loyalty to C. lVl. S. -l-. C. and love and respect her proiessors. Many times each year their thoughts will vvander back to the happiest days ol their lives, and many oi them vvill come bacl4 demonstrating their sincere devotion to the nevv seniors and the institution which prepared them lor a better and fuller life. Page 39 CHTQ. an gala 24' f'-' 'L Inc 1.01 1+ K -- - JUNIDIQ CLASS i Davis Lentz Sawyer JGCOLUY OFFICERS j q ' Hgwafd Davis . . . pl'CSlClCDt Hale Lent, , ' Vice-President Mary Alice Sawyer . - SZCVUGVY Myrtle Alice Jacoby Treasurer H. H. Bass . . . Sponsor Anna Marie Todd . SDOUSOV WITH no little surprise and pleasure, vve, as juniors, realize that vve are successfully completing our third year of college Work. Though freshmen days seem but yester- day, we feel ourselves ready and worthy to assume the duties and responsibilities of seniors. The juniors stand high in scholastic achievement. They have been the recipients of honors and offices in student organizations.. .ln athletic, literary, and social functions they have played their role. They have given their pest co-operation in any undertaking of the college. They deeply appreciate the helpful spirit of their sponsors. The junior class of '35 lool4s forward to its senior year with high hopes for the ac- complishment of worthwhile things, and the furtherance of school spirit and the ideals of the institution. s ,Ail- W Z sopnomonli CLASS wf1f."" -1424- ,794- -all-MQ .,eaJU"" 9 44.1.4-A" 4.4 . 0.5:-sv in Marshall Fletcher Bartholomew Thomas Lea' btw, cu, M 47 J Jawa OFFICERS Joe Marshall . X . . , President E George Fletcher Vice-President Frances Thomas . . Secretary Gfetel B8l'tI'1OIOlTl2W . Trgdgurgr H. A. . Sponggf Edith Howard . Spgngor Fl ,Q -1 Fl BETWEEN the timorous freshman and the lazy junior, and at a sale distance from the pompous senior, stands the sophomore, the mischievous, the bright, the resourceful, W- the utterly irresponsible sophomore. We have climbed the second rung in the ladder and are novv about to step up to the third. Because vve are intelligent, loyal, energetic, and hard vvorldng, we have made n a name For ourselves, and are rightly recognized in our classes and on the campus. Miss fi l-lovvard and Dr. Phillips have been loyal and have inspired us with enthusiasm and en- couragement to do bigger and better things. Q U H ,f - 7 When vve have completed the tvvo remaining stages ol our undergraduate journey 1 l, l and are ready to face the world and climb onward to our avvards, vve shall be able to cast . f a glance baclcvvard and remember that as Sophomores ol T935 vve did our share in making li Central Missouri State Teachers College a better place in which to secure an educationi . lp 's I li 3 3 r l .7 is Page 41 rx U ,'.i.',a.y1f:'1" ,f.iwq-pf52.,,jyiLm,'ga,-.,, .-wa :fi dent dent tary UFCV DSOI' DSOI' this gard reat lcen ven may oint over sion Many as a de- CCSS say age 42 ggi., lfmoli II 1 , 1 I T x gl .. I ii ri V? f ?g Z . l 4 Q . A EB ED E X 2 i l s N 8 nv, f M Mffffmfmy 7 n A Z H. 75C . .C - Mattie Jo King w ff English B. S. in Education Alpha Phi Sigma. . -nav l Elmer H. Gumper H bf Special Student Social Science Bachelor of Arts Frank Wollard YP by H Social Science gi B. S. in Education ' Della Mae Ramey 2 ww Intermediate Grades B. S. in Education Ruby Buddemeyer W ,Q B. J. University of Missouri 'W B. S. in Education Theta Sigma Phi, University of Missouri. Ammon S. Andes w w D Mathematics and Science B. S. in Education Lee Worley s if s Industrial Arts Alpha Lee Harris D ss Music B. S. in Education OrenexPatton is is Mathematics B. S. in Education Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. Charles T. Lakin 1. , Physics gtg, 1 . 3-sea .-,C Vo-L4 fm71fFV""5F'1"" ff W---aa' 'A -..alt an E7 4 a- fd ab 9 ' B. S. in Education, A. B., B. S. B. S. in Education, A. B., B. S. 4 Phi Sigma Pi, Crescendo Club, Science Club. Slater l-lermann Polo Warrensburg Pittsfield, III. Warrensburg w Marshall Warrensburg If McFall Warrensburg Page 44 ' "' " ' '-r WWW, V V, , ,-,. X,.Y,.- . 1 Edward L. Melin rr I ar Alma Music ' B. S. in Education Assistant Teacher of Violin in T. S. Fern Krbenclte 2 w vw Concordia English B. S. in Education . Robert Bollinger E Excelsior Springs Biology B S , William Jewell College Pg4J' l . I Tl-llS picture oi the bulletin board vvith the bonds purchased by several of the organiza- tions ol the college that participate in the annual Christmas bond and seal sale is justone more bit of concrete evidence of the helpful spirit of the teachers college. - The Christmas bond and seal sale lor the prevention ol tuberculosis has become an institution in Central Missouri State Teachers College. Since 'i925, students and faculty have contributed to this cause 51,853.84 The amounts contribut from S140 in 'I933 to 3229.72 in 1930. ed per year have varied Each organization in the college is aslced to vote from its treasury an amount sufficient to buy a bond. With each bond is given its value in seals. Either these seals are sold and an additional contribution is made to the cause, or they are distributed to the members oi the organization For their personal use. The Fine spirit exhibited by all vvho participate gn this philanthropic movement is most gratifying to all, especially to Dean lVlorrovv, presi- d f h . . . . ent o t e Johnson County Tuberculosis Association, and to Miss l-lumphreys, vvho has directed the sale oi seals in the college For the past ten years. Page 46 3 tL,.,.,Y , 1171 y 1 N in- l 1I . 11. 'i'Tg1 ff .3 4 WW f X f I X I X I bu- - 1-'N' Elaine Crook v ff P Osceola Commerce B. S. in Education Marie M. Connell D af Napfon Social Science B. S. in Education Intermediate Grade Club. Mildred Kuhlman 2 w P' CGIWOVHIG Primary B. S. in Education A. C. E. Ed F. Hurst s W s 0 Windsor Industrial Arts and Social Science B. S. in Education Advertising Manager 'I935 Rhetor. Kirk Miler f f w CIeveIand, Ohio PhysicaI Education B. S. in Education Bernice Paddaclc w w w f Warrensburg Music B. S. in Education Crescendo Club, Glee Club. Dorothy Hill f s Kansas City History B. S. in Education Sigma Sigma Sigma. Charles Gates -i s v Urich Physical Science g B. S. in Education A Phi Sigma Epsilon, AIpha Phi Sigma, if'. Club, Football, Basket BaII.' . 7 Marjorie Fay Caldwell sf s s Odessa Intermediate Grades B. S. in Education Pi Kappa Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Pres. Int. Grade Club. Cora Harms w as ss s Windsor Mathematics B. S. in Education Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa DeIta Pi. Page 48 I I I n i 1 1 I ii fl il yi I I I I i 1 i I I I I il I I I I i I I I I 1 I I i i l Mary Louise Hull w 77 D Sgddlia Primary B. S. in Education ' Assistant Art Editor 1935 Rhetor. Mary E. Coleman w 7, w Chesterfield Commerce B. S. in Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Canaeries, W. A. A. Margaret Kibbe e w Grant City 'Primary B. S. in Education A. C. E., Y. W. C. A. ' Gerald Sutton w v A PP Climax Springs Social Science B. S. in Education X Phi Sigma Epsilon, Science Club, Intermediate Grade Club, National Guards. ' Garrett Holland w w 77 lndependence Chemistry and Physics V Bachelor of Science Phi Sigma Epsilon. Mary Lee Marlcsberry w w Blairstown English B. S. in Education Treasurer Theta Sigma Upsilon, Kappa Delta Pi, Kappa Qmicron Phi, Alpha Phi Sigma. I Lois Corson w 1- Chilhovvee Commerce B. S. in Education Pi Kappa Sigma, Canaeries. George Peak X bf we Warrensburg Mathematics B. S K n' Education, A. B., B. S. Phi Sigma Epsilcn, lnterfraternity Council, National Guards. Stella Grace Elliott ff ef sf Warrensburg Physics and Chemistry B. S. in Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Phi Sigma, Science Club. Phyllis Garnett we n ww Osceola Primary B. S. in Education A. C. E. - Page 49 We r at "d'ih""'x?"' ' "1 l H 4 .L 1 .1 .l, ...---.. -i ! 'fr A A ll ', he .A Virginia Carr 2 Grdf1ClVi'CW English B. S. in Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Treasurer Junior Class, Intermediate Grade Club, May Fete. Gertrude Carr 77 W fr Grandview English B. S. in Education Sigma Sigma Sigma, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Panhellenic, Treasurer Senior Class, May Fete. Stanley Kubialc W fs Kansas City History B. S. in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon, Intramural Sports. Bernice Wegener P7 w- Napoleon Intermediate Grades B. S. in Education . Y. W. C. A., Intermediate Grade Club, Science Club. Corinne Taylor D w Longwood English B. S. in Education Delta Sigma Epsilon, Intermediate Grade Club. Louis Alley P7 w X Warrensburg Physics B. S. in Education, A. B. Phi Sigma Epsilon, Inter-Fraternity Council, Football, Intra- mural Sports, W. Club. Albert Steiner ss D ss , Sedalid Social Science B. S. in Education W. Club, Basket Ball. Orpha Morgan ss .. ss s Kansas City X Music ' x B. S. in Education Alpha Phi Sigma, Crescendo Club. Jewell Ross Davis s ss s s Clinton Social Science B. S. in Education Secretary Pi Kappa Delta. Anna Belle Cunningham s Warrensburg ' Music B. S. in Education Association For Childhood Education. Page 50 I Ruth Fullerton w 2 I 2 Economics and Commerce B. S. in Education w Nevada Dessie Mae Chunn w w Richmond - Mathematics B. S. in Education W. A. AJ Canaeries. O. J. Heusi D w l-ligginsville Mathematics ' B. S. in Education Bandi Orchestra. Louese Phillips D PP ww Warriensburg Primary B. S. in Education A. C. E. Merle Edwards 77 vw sf St. Louis Music B. S. in Education Alpha Phi Deltai Kappa Delta Pif Y. W. C Oliver Stephens s s Fristoe Social Science , B. S. in Education Intermediate Grade Club. James M. Williams s 57 Creighton Mathematics B. S. in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. Ruth Swanson fr aw 79 Kansas City Education and Kindergarten B. S. in Education Kathryn Marr rv ww Warrensburg Primary ' B. S. in Education Delta Sigma Epsilonf A. C. E., Panheiienic. Ruby Fern Brownlee PP P7 97 Warrensburg Physical Education I B. S. in Education W. A. A.i Canaeries. Page 51 1. .I ix 'ms 'U' .X x i M-R giifi i s if if 1 J. Q ..,- . X, . : .X xt ..i-. Ruth Brooks sy ss D Warrensburg Physical Education and History B. S. in Education May Eete. Lawrence Simmons D D v Malta Bend Economics and Commerce Bachelor of Science Phi Sigma Epsilon, W. Club, lntramural Sports, Track. Curtis Johnson 77 77 ff Odessa History B. S. in Education Football, Traclc. Ruth Gottschalk W ff Sedalia l-lome Economics B. S. in Education Leona Hotz ff W Grand Pass Primary B. S. in Education A. C. E., Crescendo Club. Coleman Ervin vw 2 he Sedalia Chemistry ancl Physics B. S. in Education Vice-Pres. Senior Class, Intramural Gold Champion. Rodney Fitch P7 ww Centerview English B. S. in Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Sigma Pi, Literary Editor 1935 Rhetor. Mae Raymond bf X fs Kansas City Biological Science - B. S. in Education x Kappa Delta Pi. Ada Bernice Brown w s Werrengburg Primary B. S. in Education Association For Childhood Education. Harry Duncan ss ss Nevada Social Science B. S. in Education Page 52 l Carl Ramsey ss s Social Science B. S. in Education Mary Frances Roberts s ' ,. English B. S. in Education Alpha Phi Delta, Canaeries. Mary Carolin Krohn D s Art B. S. in Education President Si ma Si ma Si ma Ka a Odessa l-lolden Warrensburg Delta Pi, Alpha Phi B B B i pp Delta, Treasurer Beta Alpha, Art Editor 1935 Rhetor, Vice- President Freshman Class, Panhellenic. Howard Laughlin s .. lndustrial Arts B. S. in Education James R. Adams 57 s Mathematics B. S. in Education Alpha Phi Sigma, Student Athletic Manager. Helen Gilbert D ss s Physical Education B. S. in Education Pi Kappa Sigma, Treas. Canaeries, W. A. A., l2hetor, Intramural Sports, May Fete. Louise Covington ss ,. English B. S. in Education J. B. Montague 2 vw W Social Science B. S. in Education Cook McNeely ss D Mathematics B. S. in Education Bachelor of Science Mary Elizabeth Havener W sv lntermediate Grades B. S. in Education lntermediate Grade Club. Page 53 Odessa Warrensburg Clinton Treas. 1935 w Clinton Orrick Marion, Ky. Odessa fins n H H Ni Fl if 4' N- 4f ji 4, i 4, ji 4, i 4, 4, x 4 -.w... ...r Fina Chioclo by W Physical Education B. S. in Education Kansas City Pi Kappa Delta, Asst. Athletic Editor 1935 Rhetor, Orchesisf Drum Major, Canaeries, Sophomore Play. Jessie Russell rv P7 77 Home Economics B. S. in Education Kappa Omicron Phi, Science Club. Sophie Lee Husman W as Commerce B. S. in Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Panhellenic. Paul Hebberger w w W Mathematics B. S. in Education- Phi Sigma Pi. John Wells s ,. Social Science B. S. in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. Minnie Ruth Sevy ss s. Physical Education B. S. in Education Canaeriesi W. A. A.i May Fete. Pauline Volk s , Commerce B. S. in Education GrddfixlElixLab.Phi Sigma, Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Homer Henley s ss s. , as Industrial Arts K Bachelor of Science Mildred Timlcen sy sy Home Economics B. S. in Education Kappa Omicron Phi. Dorothy Glaze sy sy ss ,, Music , B. S. in Education Butler f Odessa St. Louis Kansas City Peculiar Warrensburg Phi Deltai lnt. Pleasant l-lill Kansas City Warrensburg Theta Sigma Upsilon, Canaeries, Crescendo Club, Pan- hellenic, Culee Club, Orchestra. 1 Page 54 Q I f 4 x . ,Q N! 'F ,Q an 3 4 1 s l 1 l l nf i i at 3? S "f5?'f'7..i'1' ? i f fl .' .,,,' vQ. V Nadine Lee ss s Qdggga Commerce B. S. in Education Harriett Deane is ss s ss . Hdrrigonvillg History 1 B. S. in Education Sec. 1935 Rhetor, Sec. lnt. Grade Club, Junior Play 1934. John Brannon . y. ,, s Kansas City Physics B. S. in Education, A. B., Phi Sigma Epsilon, Science Club, W. Club, Intramural Sports, Pres. Junior Class. Laurabeth Fahe D ff ,y Social Science B. S. in Education Y. W. C. A. Mary Longan X English B. S. in Education Wallace Payne D PP 77 Physical Education B. S. in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon, lntramural Sports. Leslie Waters ss D by Economics and Social Science Bachelor of Science Phi Sigma Pi, Phi Sigma Epsilon. Mrs. P. T. Sumner W D Home Economics Bachelor of Science Kappa Qmicron Phi. Ada Keith PP vs Commerce B. S. in Education Ruth Barnes 77 P7 Education B. S. in Education Intermediate Grade Club. 'Page 55 Warrensburg l-loustonia Sedalia Kansas City Sedalia Warrensburg Grant City -.... 4" S l l i Maxene Scotlen If W Home Economics B. S. in Education Alpha Sigma Alpha. Kansas City Frances Pinder ss fs Kansas City, Kans. Music B. S. in Education Theta Sigma Upsilon, Crescendo Club, Y. W. C. A. Mary Helen Robinson ss Physical Education ' B. S. in Education Wa rrensburg Canaeries, W. A. A., Orchestra, Band, May Eete. Jacob Cunningham ss ss ss Warrensburg Industrial Arts B. S. in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. John Holbert Haynes ss ss V Commerce Bachelor of Science, A. B. Sigma Tau Gamma, Science Club. Mildred Sodeman ss ss Music B. S. in Education Lees Summit Edgerton Theta Sigma Upsilon, Glee Club, Crescendo Club. Evelyn Wagner ss Commerce B. S. in Education Y. W. C. A., Intermediate Grade Club. Nelson Kerr ss ss ss S Physics and Chemistry s B. S. in Education Phi Sigma Pi, Science Club. Almira Thias ss s Primary B. S. in Education Association for Childhood Education. Rosa Pape s ss Commerce B. S. in Education Alpha Sigma Alpha. s Liberty Edgerton Washington s Alma Page 56 I I l l Ruth Hibbs s D ss Primary B. S. in Education A. C. E. Paul Looney sy ,. Science B. S. in Education Phi Sigma Epsilon. Louise Lutz w 5, English B. S., A. B. Assistant Literary Editor 1935 Rhetor. Dorothy A. Martin ff 2 Commerce B. S. in Education Laura Devasher if vs B. S. in Education Y. W. C. A.f Stenographer 1935 Rhetor. Robert Thistlethwaite w sw English B. S. in Education Lawrence Aber w D W lndustrial Arts Bachelor of Science Hazel Keller w w w Intermediate Grades B. S. in Education Y. W. C. A. Dorothy Jones w ww Art B. S. in Education Kansas City Creighton Kansas City Warrensburg Warrensburg Jefferson City Warrensburg Parkville Warrensburg Sigma Sigma Sigmaf Beta Alpha, Alpha Phi Dellaf Art Editor 1934 Rhetor. Roy B. Gerhardt P7 rv 1' Social Science Bachelor of Arts W. Club, Track. Page 57 Speed .,., n Cx . ' 1 .www wx. I . , , fiw. i l l l 1 l i Rube Oglegby ,s ss Warrensburg Mathematics Bachelor of Arts W. Club, Basket Ball, Football, Track. Pauline Cox D ef ff rf Malta Bend English B. S. in Education Jean Davis Strother P7 77 Independence Biology B. S. in Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Science Club. - Robert T. Foster 77 w vw ww Warrensburg Chemistry and French Bachelor of Science, A. B. Phi Sigma Pi, Vice-Pres. Junior Class, Editor-in-Chief 1935 Rhetor, Student Athletic Manager, Int. Track and Golf. Walter Hacker 77 PP North Kansas City Chemistry and Physics Bachelor of Science Athletic Editor 1935 Rhetor. Mardelle Estes ww PV ff Warrensburg Commerce B. S. in Education Beta Alpha, Pi Kappa Delta, Orchestra, Crescendo Club. Marjorie Hanley fi ww Marshall English B. S. in Education Pi Kappa Sigma, Panhellenic, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Kappa Delta, Sec. Senior Class, Bus. Mgr. Student. Margaret Clegg s s s , Bldirgfown Primary and Kindergarten B. S. in Education Mary Alyce Butcher S ss s, Bldgrgiown l-lome Economics B. S. in Education Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Sigma, Alpha Phi Delta, Kappa Omicron Phi, Science Club. WiIbUI' F. D6ni2lS D wr ur an Wdrrgngbufg Economics B, S. in Education and A. B. Kappa Delta Pi, Bus. Mgr. 1935 Rhetor, Vice-Pres. Student Council, lnt. Sports, Most Popular Man, 1934. Page 58 l Helen Jasper as ,y .. ,, I,-,dependence Intermediate Grades B. S. in Education Alpha Phi Sigma, Intermediate Grade Club.. Marvin Helms s, ,, D .s Creighton Agriculture and Geography B. S. in Education Ralph Patterson yy D ,, Qdesgd Physical Education B. S. in Education W. Club, Phi Sigma Epsilon. Louise Costa ur rr . sy Wellingtgn Social Science B. S. in Education Mary Louise Kilmer 2 PY Chilhowee English B. S. in Education Evereite Brenner w bf North Kansas City Industrial Arts B. S. in Education W. Club, Football. Margaret Wade 2 by W LaMonte Commerce B. S. in Education lrl A. Glaclfelter ss wr Windsor Physics B. S. in Education Sigma Tau Gamma, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Sigma Pi, Alpha Phi Sigma, Science Club, Interiraternity Council. l 'f iii Marion Evans rf ff Chilhovvee Physical Education B. S. in Education W. Club. 3 Mrs. Ruby L. Snuffer wr Foster 'f English ' B. S. in Education Page 59 l Dow an up an W Sedalia Physical Education B. S. in Education W. Club, Student Council Representative, Football, Basket Ball, Track. Helen Klingenberg 97 CODCOI'did Primary B. S. in Education Donna Mae Alger ss ss Kansas City Foreign Language B. S. in Education Delta Sigma Epsilon, Kappa Delta Pi. Clifton Williams PP 57 ss w Warrensburg Physics and Chemistry B. S. in Education Marion Ficklas as sw Wa rrensburg Social Science B. S. in Education Vera Frances Hagemeyer w 37 Warrensburg Art B. S. in Education Regina Myers sw Q W Lees Summit English A. B. and B. S. in Education Alpha Sigma Alpha, Alpha Phi Delta. R0b2I't Quinn ww rv Smithville ' X Social Science . B. S. in Education- Alpha Phi Sigma, Phi Sigma Pi, Kappa Delta Pi. Mrs. C6thCfirl2 Gates PP rv Grggnwgod English B. S. in Education Pi Kappa Delta. Page 60 1 4- i g6I lqlnwlq fxxx 1 , v V li i1 1 A 51' -:1 ffL,5w ,K 2' f F-ba X ""' """"'7' . 91 'H ,FR 'si ,..iii,5- get F .- - -Ah? H5 aff g. ,ai i ,, Helen Hayter w ff n Polo Home Economics Ruth Sanford ss , ss Kansas City Home Economics Mary Dump w , D Green Ridge History Leland Carter 2 Odessa History Max Worrell w v 1- Kansas City Physical Education Helen M. Durley Edna McComas s D7 PP Primary wb Social Science Luroff Williams X h mv xr ' Mathematics Evalyn Rogers sv ss Home Economics Virginia Wertz xr Primary Hughesville Smithville Kansas City Holden Lexington Page 62 gl I ei I 'i 1 i i Amorette Lukin w w Appleton City Primary ' . Helen Chamberlain X l-lougfgnia Social Science William Dunlap w ww Warrensburg Mathematics Ruth Houser : California Music Ellen Barger 1- Sweet Springs English George Shafer w w Rich Hill Pre-Engineer Roy Harvey , s I-larrisonville Commerce Kathryn Hughes ff l'll88in5Vlll2 English Grace Minix W ss s, Warrensburg - Commerce Eleanor Livingston we Iberia Primary Page 63 ,-wif 14' alf- V ka Hitt? r ,. ! ,I I i I I I I I I I I I I 'I I I II I " I I H' I I II I. I I I"I U I l I 3 'I I I I I I I I I I I. I 4 I. ,I I, II I 4 ya, I I .Ill I 'I' I ' m.. 1 Lucy Carpenter W w ww Prairie Home Commerce Lenora Caldwell P w Leeton History Gertrude Cutler ' ss w w Blue Springs Primary Chris Jung w w l-ligginsville Social Science Frank Golay If 1' bf Warrensburg Commerce Jean Neef D I-loustonia English Laura Whifcomb f w Eldorado Springs English Noland Cooper s , Windsor ' I Mathematics Nadine Smith n ss Ogggold History Katharyn Brown Q s , Higgingvillg Commerce Page 64 I F, gr- Heleh Holland lndepgndgncg fXN Befflddine ss sw Wgrrgngburg Commeme Elilibefh Sl10b2 ss ss Wdrrgngburg Enghsh Howard Dixon ss s, Frgderigktown Chemistry Ben E. Moore w PP Slater lndusUialfXds Katherine Hampton sf bv Warrensburg Commeme Helen Harlwig vw w St. Louis' PhyHcalEducaHon Stanley Urban ss Kansas City History Evonda Hershey ff D Marceline HomeEamomks Pielen Fiocker v w W WVarrensburg Page 65 Physical Education is l rm I l i H l l l l I 1 i . in 'VI N ll' rl" ill Ml ll: ill fx li fl 'N 1 1 I l 1 ,lf XL rr H, rig I if ii Y I M H l l i 1 ' , i H ij l HV xi E l l. .iw 51' M Ti ., V- Q, a 5 . l W .,.-mg .-'f i...' , Iss iN r l gi? la' fi' Q J ' se .ve 4 Bethany Goodwin s D ss l-lumansville Primary Essie Belle Crick 77 W Independence Art Elsie Boemker 77 w Warrensburg Primary Howard Davis if Weston English Rooert Wells is 75 w Centerview Physical Education Norma Clay fs w Warrensburg Primary Maxine Price fs s Cgrdgr English W. Odom, Jr. PP w Lgeton Social Science Mary Jane Leber s pacific Music Elizabeth Snyder ss ss Holden l-lome Economics Page 66 Juanita Foster s, ,s Wdrrensburg Primary Lucille Greer sy ,s Wgrrgngburg . English Lois Harbison D w Gregnyvgod Primary Paul Laws X rf N Pleasant Hill History Arch Marshall ss Marghall Economics Mary Lou Jordan is ss Malta Bend English Dorris Nelson ss Rushville, Ill. Primary Steve Landreth 2 Mdrceline Chemistry Carol Foster sf P7 Warrensburg Physical Education Anna Frederickson if 2, y Pleasant Hill History I Page 67 ..,,.,1..,.-.,, -.-E -A 4 H I'l RJR fl li H I'l I. 2 df l 1-1- ,T Ji fb, guy Y l Lgfijix "' if ' ' ' L '-R ,MV-Rl, 4 1 r rl 'IU X ' Y :wt 3 3 l Flora Curfig W Independence History Martha Oliver iv w 1- Grand Pass Primary T Ted Wiklund ff W ww Kansas City Physical Education Verna Jasper fy X W Independence Home Economics I Marion 'Gardiner 77 by independence Physical Education Ray Faloona s X fb Chicago, Ill. it Physical Education Fred Newell if Portis, Kansas l-listory I Margaret Danforth ss Sugar Creek Primary P g Helen Killion s ,s Swear Springs English Erma Mullis ss W Warrensburg l English l l Page 68 ,l A I Adrian D Wheeling Hardin Chillicothe Seclalia James F King Brooklyn, N. Y. Clark E Ferguson l-lughesville Homer Aull Liberty Loyd Williams Warrensburg Martha Swctman Smithville .......- - ,,.. ,,,.. ' 'L . Ap David Crowder ff P5 Appleton City Biology Elbert Kneedler ww w 77 Lebanon Commerce Mary Alice Sawyer 77 W Des Moines, lowa English Robin Stockman wr 75 Malta Bend Social Science Horace Gibson W X ff fr Odessa Agriculture Sue Ellis Adair 77 D Odessa Art Elizabeth Schearer by ww Qlcmulgee, Okla. Art William Harbaugh X ,y y, Sgddlid X Physics Melvin Cole 9 ,, ,, Malta Qend Economics and Commerce Frederick Webb ,i , Windsor A Physics I Q S Page 70 I l- 1 . l i .4. Marie Shorlriclge X 77 Pleasant l-lill l-listory Elbert Shores s s 7, Drexel Physical Education Frank Lauderdale PP Wellington Commerce J. Willard Dyer W PV - Stewartsville Physics ancl Chemistry Durwood Cravens fs Salina, Kan. Social Science Forrest Kneedler v fs Wa rrensburg - Economics and Commerce Arch Joe Beatty W fs Warrensburg Chemistry P. T. Sumner ws P7 Sedalia Physics J, Truman sy ss ss Gr'dr1ClVl2W Social Science Louise Marr s, ss Warrensburg Art Page 71 Gig, a Q 43--,Me :W -+1 A,,a.ccr - , , l"l l 1 r P 5 ti ll 4? yi ii fx ill 73 1 l l .L ., Herbert Hachenberg 2 rf Warrensburg Physical Education Frances Winfrey 77 97 as Buckner Music Mrs. P. F. Hebberger 77 v lloeria Art and Physical Education John W. Montgomery FP Armstrong English Ralph Hotz ff Grand Pass Biology Richard H. Meyer 1- w Pershing Social Science Mae Davis sv PP 1- Fredericktown Commerce Lee Dempsey ws w Walnut Grove ' X l-listory Normal C. Calvert ss ,, s Norborne Social Science Rosemary McCloskey w 2 ff Sedalia Foreign Language Page 72 l 1 4 Edwin BGYSC X 2 w Independence Mathematics Myrtle Alice Jacoby , Warrensburg Music il 4 l Mary Sue Robinson w Warrensburg l English Darold Sinclair w ss D. Macon Chemistry .W R. H. Utley 1, Knobnoster L l-listory iff Paul Probert w P7 P7 Jasper Agriculture L Lawrence Musselman w ' w Garden City Commerce Elizabeth Cooper w 2 Windsor History Theodore Runge ff 1- l.Ol1mdf1 Art Ralph Cameron w ff ff WdVF2nSbUVS Physical Education Page 73 il A iff C 1 M i i if , i il i - .ggi-Q-f-..,.,,.,,,,,,i:,,.,W,V i'.,.,. .-, is E 'Q ix i .1 L1 Il rl I 'xl lil fx Q ml is n l l i ill rl' li ill ll' 12' lku my i MN. till ill Miz 332' il ll: ling, . lif' iff. l its p x .. ,ii y i fr! i 'v 1191?- s i Y WBA Franklyn Squires be Hampton Bays, N. Y. Economics Marguerite Harrison 70 w Warrensburg Mathematics -Mabel Green , Odessa Commerce Henry Sutton v ' ff ff f Seclalia Biological Science Robert M. Stonner D r Miami Chemistry George Kosky P7 as Pleasant Hill Physics Jewell JOI'l2S my Kansas City Commerce George B. Price P7 rf , w Triplett K X Chemistry SOpl'li2 Bettien vp Wdffengbufg Biology Asa Burlingame D Y Warrgngburg Mathematics Page 74 l Elba Kilbllfn sm uw ss Windsor lntermediate Grades Bessie Ballew 2 PP Cgmgrviqw History Helen Couey vw Lexington English Dumond Christopher D Warrensburg Chemistry Grier Lowry ww Warrensburg English Hazel Bell P7 Independence History Frances Hisle f 9 sf Slater , Social Science Carmel W. Ballew ,, ,, Hale Physics and Chemistry Marie Pusateri if D KGIWSGS CKY Physical Education Page 75 l i l 1 x l Gandhi or his goat- we dare not say. The Thetas get hot. Party man. Picture of three pipes and a gentleman in his scanties. Feeding 'em a line or shooting the bull. Which is the tub? More Phi Sigs. A lot of house, don't you think? Theta's aii. How can she stand it? The uacme of mas- cuiinity." -f 2 MZ, EM-5.f-15" 5? uf i il ,ti Page 77 - . .. -. ..,.. W, ,, A mf al 1 lg, A Sllllllllllll f E 7 i 3, ff LCLQIIILI! f" xW gf ,ff x3mbS'AxF J ---- -x K. N LFE-2 W! W -g XX 'J In Nl. fx Ziff: 1 ,,, X40 ' ' ,X --' ,- X f .I--"...-.:' fl f Y ' -I - X, I .1 l If X I, x Q, D , I Xl f I ! I N j I I X I , ' ' xl X Z 'F - I I , X W -i ffdgn A --'H v-A' 'Q-A,--,,,4,1-1,-..i,1.,A,,, -wk . ,, W W l . -lx i l , r . il 4 2 'l 5 53 1 2 I i ii il l M l A 1 v 3 if li l r l 5 S ii ,i fx X il f m, ah- an iff? 3 25?-iff S im, H ,i wwf . L J Bruce Bowman Fern Dierlcing Ella Mae Kniltle Margaret Holman George Fletcher W Eleanor Phillips Adda Bidstrup Alice Ross P7 H. J. Snider Florence Lindner W William Strange w Evelyn Reidenbach Ed Garnett X w Virginia Lee Lowe Y Inez Kemble Arwilda Albers John Mason, Jr. PP Anna Pearl Howard Vivian Sutton Anna B. Shuclc Dennis Ramsey l-larrisonville w Sweet Springs P Salina, Kan. Osage City J .Alma if Warrensburg Otterville Centerview w Prairie l-lill Creve Couer w Smithville Slater Warrensburg D Lees Summit X Carrollton Warrensburg ff Lexington ff Prairie Home Warrensburg ff Warrensburg fb Lees Summit Page 76 l. x Helen Necessary a Raymond Walker as Georgia L. Lefholz Kenneth Kresse P7 Francis Jo Thomas by Juanita Maple Imogene Sebolt Albert Cox PP Nelda Naylor Virginia Baldwin Kelso Journey 1, Francis Shackelford Lalcin Phillips D Eleanor Mortenson v Chester Bueker Mildred Wilson Hazel Haller Grace Huff Joe Marshall vw Melda Grace Cull 1 Anna Stone Page 79 Buckner Creighton 5 Oak Grove Odessa vw l-larrisonville ff Centerview Oak Grove A F7 l-larrisonville w Lowry City Knob Knoster w Chilhovvee ff Warrensburg l-ligginsville P7 l-ligginsville ff Grand Pass l-lume w Warrensburg P7 Gilliam Marshall 77 Warrensburg we Warrensburg gi" f3QfK." Q?x 5. Kermit Buelcer sf Mary Helen Myers Sophie Bettien Alma Rulh Chamberlain Vincil Harrison Edna Schupp Marie Larlcin Evelyn Burnley John B. Peterman Gretel Bartholomew sw Teddy Corey Ruth Bridges Leland Culp Frances Glover Elizabeth Belton X Belify vw vw Clarence Coleman Edna Harrington Ruby Faye Tyler Nadine Hausam Franlc Millard 7 r Grand Pass D Seclalia w Warrensburg l-loustonia D ' Versailles Otterville Lexington vw Buckner Excelsior Springs Warrensburg fr Cleveland w Centerview Warrensburg D Sedalia Clinton Butler Peculiar Mosby Warrensburg I fb Seda lia w Wa rrensburg Page 80 I .. V .-4, ,--- I ,, ..-,. ,y 4":1f Mildred Waurg Ladclonia , K Homer Patrick Lalour " SLIZBQDB White vw Wdrrgngburg J. C. McCauley Kansas City R0b2I'fa Rice sv Warrgngburg Meta Page s D Smithton ' ' Doroihy Barilelt Marshall Q , John McGrath P5 Warrensburg Rm ' V Q9 DOI'iS rv ss Amity Helen Reavis vs Bunceton Marie Ouesenberry fs Rich l-lill Earl Walker ' ww Garden City Lucille Flemming vw Parkville Linwood J. Van Horn v , Kansas City Georgene Henderson 77 l-loustonia Howd Whitmer Richmond Ida Lou Pinder 77 Kansas City, Kan. W. Marjorie Bachtel ff Brunswick Mary Mott Adrian Glenn Droz W Rich l-lill Hesker Townsend 77 Kansas City M nl wid i P 81 , UTMW se or W lx -ffTf ?'F' .,f fs- .. ' ' "i"'f'T' f A 1 if sf R we ll: r f ' "i"s A1 ,il A 1 "1 if ','- 1 WL!"-'ll li if 'f dy' i' xl " i 'EFT A CM lf K f W 'A will rg i ,,:.1f7f.' 4 ' T .ff ' 2 ' f ff 4 ,.f A ,,,5, f' ' 94552191 f f .-f....u41M""' .,.,,f.a. 'VS Richard Callison Martha Corrigan lva Morrow v Helen Barrick Clark Dyer 77 Hazel B. Smith Cathryn Carter Rosalind Ingalls Fred Truman Marion Ryland Denzil Miller ss Mary Blanche Ewers James Painter Geneva Mason 77 Frances Wilcoxon X Mary Virginia Ream P7 Leonard Bondurant sw Ida Mae Todd Mary Lillian Fisher s Mary Louise Thieman Kenneth Hurt Warrensburg Ypsilanti, Mich. 2 Independence Sedalia , Amity n Pleasant Hill Windsor ww Buckner Grandview Cdessa vw Wa rrensbu rg Green Ridge New Franklin w Amity Odessa Green Ridge we Warrensburg ww Leavenworth Warrensburg rv Qdessa Clinton Page SZ lt i t Dorothy Price Triplett Martha Barth Urigh Helen Hall ws Clintgn Evelyn Snow Kingsville Harold Frazier 77 Richmond Linnie Oma Whitlow Lamine Vaughn Salsbury w Warrensburg Nadine Ferrell w Cuarden City Q Gladys Carr as Holden Dorothy Sturges Meadville Ernest Thomas w Warrensburg Evalyn Tavis sv Pleasant Hill Hazel Austin 1' bv Centerview Edna Burl Gibbs w P7 Lexington Wilfred McConaughey ww Kansas City Helen Rentchler w Clinton Clyde Allen Willard PP Hale Lucille Clawson PV Warrensburg Lee Jarvis Crook Osceola Estelle Slater D Carrollton Virginia Fisher 77 Warrensburg Page 83 -7- rf-4.1-My--- A V ., ,. X fl ,QM-U-FI Z SW' , Charles Workman 2 Warrensburg Kate H. Abney Dv Napton Maurice LaRue Wheeling Leland Pollock ff Warrensburg Fyrn Scrivner w Stover Nile Withers A Adrian Gilbert Williams D Brunswick Winifrecl Harvey J PY Sweet Springs Everette Powers D Leeton John R. Long sv Farber Velva Montgomery D 77 Pleasant l-lill Dwight Diller PP Bluifton, Ohio J. E. Hall, Jr. Clinton Denzil Miller w Warrensburg John R. Brand 57 Osborn Harolcl Brown Kansas City Mildred Elwell D Latour R0bel't Begeman Bellflower Mary E. Helman as Green Ridge Arline Deaton w Fall City, Nets. Pauline Bartholomew w ff Warrensburg Page 84 Denton White l Richmond Bernice Rider D PP Warrensburg Elwood Musselman V7 Garden City Paul Rogers Holden Elizabeth Divers Fulton Fred Shrout D Bunceton Charles Sodeman D Edgerton Kathleen Hunter Glasgow Billy Gates Urich Kenneth Marler PV Independence Mildred Fickas D Warrensburg Paul Strickfaden D Otterville .lack Neibrugge 77 Kansas City Bernice Denny D P7 l-larrisonyille Robert Chamberlin D D l-larrisonville Charles Baldwin Rock Port Ruth Sowers Waverly Joe Thomas Portis, Kan. Judge Higgins D l-loustonia Estle Anna Kresse D P7 Hardin Bill Wagoner 77 Warrensburg Page 85 YY, KY '-R 42 rl ,ff Mrs. Nelle Williams X Richmond Dale Newell V P6rtis,Kan. J. B. Clark L l-lardirr HCNYY- Noll w Nevada Neil Tl"0mP50'1 North Kansas City -M-if .-if . Page 86 I. Page 87 X A . 74, Fl g4 Z mum.. ff.-.xx M X Q3 James McQuitty fy Blairstown Lucille Brunkhorst W Sedalia Olive Canning AVdlOn Q Hazel Smith P7 Pleasant l-lill Everleigh Willems s ss I Rockville Lydia Parkhurst l-lughesville Thelma Matter Osborn Callie Moul ff Warrensburg John R. Estes ff Warrensburg Velma Stair l-larrisonville Chester Willems ss Rockville Sylvia Waugh Blairstown Byron Graves X l-ligginsville Mehetable Davis w w Concordia Dorothy Thompson Brumley Eldine Atkinson l-larrisonville Charles Ash ss Fulton Doris Moreland s Warrensburg Alta Wells ss Salem Velma McCollum ss Kansas City Q Wesley Nichols s I-Iarrisonville Q51 9 Page 88 xjg A 1 - 'f l 1 'fl l l I 5 Anna Rusk , Eldon Virginia Rupard Lebanon Harvey Odom Leeton Evelyn Coleman v ww Warrensburg Lawrence Stalling 77 Wheeling Evelyn Brown Bates City Clarence Parlchurst l-loustonia Viola Lohe Centerview Catherine Jones 77 l-lughesville Louise Withers Polo Noel Morgan D w Warrensburg Evelyn Riddlesperger ww v Self, Ark. Connie Conrad P7 Pleasant Hill Eleanor Felgate wr l-ligginsville Charles Roselle ww Warrensburg Helen Landsiedel W Warrensburg James Weaver w 77 l-larrisonville Martha Mitchell ff Odessa Lawrence Morrison ff Lisle Aileen Thompson w BVUFUICY Ruth Vogel Tipton Page 89 El ll l l l l l 1 l l. 4 Y, fl rl ll lf fl l l il ll ll gl l ll! V is ,rl lil ll ,gl V-N lvl ll, ,ll r w w l 1 l i V l Sara F. Schofield ' PP Clinton Charles E. Clark ff Q Warrensburg Geraldine Dorrance W f Warrensburg Hershel Minix fa Warrensburg Madeline Douthit Ruth Hobarl Margaret Calvert Melvin Christy Mary V. King Helen Schmutz Bernice Starr Frank Spicer Mary E. Starne Tony Gilmore Mildred Cobb Claude Blatli Mildred Criclc Marian Ream. Virginia Lee Lowry F7 George Bailey Helen Wells 77 West Plains Webster Groves Green Ridge yy Bates City we Warrensburg Mayview Sedo Iia Centerview Warrensburg 2 Centerview ww Mayview Clinton w Independence w Green Ridge Wa rrensburg fb Clarksburg fb Windsor Page 90 ls Elmer J. Kresse Margaret Mott Fern Tyler 57 Rita Youmans ,Leo E. Brauer w R. Lincoln Holzlcom Louise Minor Jewell Banks Harold Barnett Harriet Coclcefair Joseph Smith ' ww Beatrice Melcher Belverd Stephens w Mabel L. Andes 77 lna Foster as Emily J. Chaney Lloyd C. Wade w Mary Louise Boyce Louise Wagner w Elizabeth Strange 2 Stanley Tompkins Page 91 Warrensburg D Warrensburg we Warrensburg Warrensburg w Cole Camp v Warrensburg Hilda sv Warrensburg ww Chilhovvee Warrensburg PP Warrensburg we Warrensburg Chilhovvee P7 Warrensburg 77 Warrensburg Warrensburg Excelsior Springs ww Warrensburg Richmond Smithville Wheeling 7 W' '-""A Q I ZII -I'-I xxwfx-,xvjxvzxvyxs-fx-J Wise "'i"?f A , , I Dorothy Hume W Knobnoster I Cora Pearl Moudy ff W Warrensburg William White PV w Warrensburg Martha Jane Mallette 77 Independence Marvin Taylor 2 Warrensburg Oleta Breshears D Avery Howard Schneider W W Chicago, Ill., Norma Mullis a 77 Warrensburg Betty Holland P7 Kansas City Mildred Corson w Walnut Grove Holt Sodeman 77 Warrensburg Nina Yeager ww Sedalia Mary Louise Dudley W North Kansas City Bertha Schaich PP Mohawk, Ore. Edgar Mueller w Creighton Margaret Grimes fi Hardin Elliott M. Slusher 75 Lexington . Vera Mae Goodloe ww w Wellington Troy Hirni 77 Rockville Laurissa Nevils fy 77 Green Ridge Mary Lee Scroggs w 77 l-larrisonville Page 92 It 1 Lucille Lapsley iv I-larrisonville Marian Dillon w wi Pleasant Hill Maurice Owens ,, Werrengburg Essie Boone Odessa Frank Joy vw vi Holden Veletta Vogelsmeier vw La Monte Arthur Garrett Latour Kathleen Shobe bv 2 Warrensburg Nadyne Katherman w 77 Warrensburg Verna Heusi l-ligginsville Paul R. Evans ww Warrensburg Graee Young fy Norborne Mary L. Rothgeb ww Bunceton Ruth Collier ww P7 Warrensburg ' John R. Humphrey vw w Qsceola Martha Adair w Chilhowee Milton Hillebrand 77 wi Urich Maxine Massey Salem Earl Horton rv 77 Warrensburg Charlotte Reidenbach we Slater Lena M. Scarbrough 77 l'lOUSlOl'1id Page 93 , A, ., -- Y., A.--. A , .. Virginia Dicus PV Q Kansas City Horace Huff sf as Gilliam Ruth Tompkins ss Green Ridge Mildred Dudley sw we Centerview Earl Harding w Warrensburg Mae Tronstrom D , Soldier, Iowa Lois Crole Lalvlonte Louis Pheil PP w Calhoun Florence Holbert ss 1 Sedalia Thelma Barr Raymore Don Smith w Independence Ceola Garnett we D Odessa Ethel Pausch sv Warrensburg George McMackin w Rose Hill Allyne Bock Appleton City Mary F. Collins FP Sedalia Carl Hollrah s 2 Enid, Okla. Ella VQ Hocker D Warrensburg Pauline Wagner vw 75 Centerview Cleo Fitterling ff we Centerview Elizabeth Bahrenburg if Syracuse Page 94 li i Q. Lucian Walkup N Wheeling Geneva Dwyer Q 7 Pilot Grove Suzanna Raber fr W Holden Zeda Haller v Warrensburg Ray Priest 77 Pasadena, Texas Ardythe Ranum w Warrensburg Lois Ottman uf Richmond Josephine Braden bv Mervvin- Carroll Calvin sv l-ligginsville Edna McKee P7 California Wimer Thompson W Knobnoster Hazel Ott ww ff Sedalia Woodrow Frazier ww P7 Grain Valley Lorene Rabourn w l.a Junta, Colo. Dorothy Molhersbaugh W Lincoln Marjorie Parrott w w Warrensburg Marion Williams PP v Warrensburg Kaiharine Oldham w w Bosworth Susie Page s Florence Nancy Utz w s Warrensburg Harold Young w l.inCOlr1 Page 95 I ww ll I 5 I vf j 'fx ' i ll Mx :lx r U. .f.., 1 3 l l 4 J Katherine Ament 77 James Bass J Isabelle Mosby fs Ares Moreland ss Janet Sue Wood sf Eugene Martin ss Norma Jones s Roy Borgstadt Jo Breeze Harold Riley Lucille Barr Joe Gerkin Marylee Keirsey 2 Derwood Lawson w Edith Roberts Dalexwaaafall ,, Pauline Kleclcler s George Zimmerman Opal Caldwell X B. F. Powell, Jr. ss Leona Beard w Warrensburg Lees Summit Warrensburg Holden . Warrensburg w Calhoun Jefferson City v Concordia Kansas City Kearney W Butler Warrensburg D Butler McCracken, Kan. PP Clinton Marshall sf Kingsville Garden City West Line w Gilliam ff Deepwater Page 96 l. Elizabeth Bowers Gerald Tally , Roberta Journey Virgil McCormack Martha Flannery D William George Ruth Hollar :- Lewis Rudd w Margaret Brown Wendell Basham :- Velma Scheib f Robert Barnett Opal McPherson w Walter Smiley 2 Harold Edrie Penny Howard 1 Virginia Hewitt - Gene Fortney Dorothy Harrison Edward Rueff Page 97 Martha Brown Holden Warrensburg 1- Chilhowee Warrensburg Warrensburg w Hardin Hardin Slater lndependence Warrensburg Lisle Odessa Drexel Excelsior Springs 97 Bogard Warrensburg D Concordia Elk City, Olcla. Warrensburg New Franklin , Slater f 7.4 1' J, l L' A ,filffi i . .E,..1 I 6 I , , 5:-x it ,,. ,I Woodrow Nunn 5 Ruby Wills v Eugene Teegarden Everette Scharnhorst Ruby Wagner af Johnnie Brown ww Anna Wassmann ww Marvin Browning Mary Jane Blyholder Emerson Fowler X Ruth Willkinson If Glenn Carroll Willard Daniels P7 Lorene Neptune 77 Ralph Allan Seth Slocum D 'Marjorie Farquhar xHarry Bapst Charles Roop Louise Hudson w Rollo Slocum if ff Blackwater Warrensburg D Rayville Marshall rv f3XFCl'1l2 Kansas City ss Pilot Grove Centervievv sf Raymore Joplin FP Polo Excelsior Springs D Richmond w Rich Hill w Richmond New Franklin Kansas City D Gary, lnd. Warrensburg 1- Knobnoster New Franklin Page 98 I H gxff: . Robert Theis w Hester Tipton Hilda Miller w Walter Butler Wallace Wimer Ann Wagoner Alpha Kosky 77 John Kilmer bw Fred Troutwine Anna Kosky 77 Warrensburg Knobnoster Platte City Jasper Knobnoster Warrensburg Pleasant l-lill Chilhowee Chicago, III. ' Pleasant l-lill W., ll I1 Lee Roy Hulse W Qak Grove K Wallace Farmer, Jr. Gsceola ,..t M 355. 5 "'l P 'l . ,f 1, . Page 99 4 ' N K N C MTA ,i ilm-ll, N ,ttt A ,l l 1, ,- f' 3, " Q -'1 I lf ,P tl 45 Iv 1? il l 'Q 5 a ,S 9 -. Ya - f 5. il Springtime gals - Left to right-"stand up"-"sing and dance number"-"steak fry." "Rumba" Holland ioosens up. "BushwhgclfefS." l"lenry's. Racehorse poled. Pipes. "The students" are out. This pair is O. P. Very clever-Ha! Ha! "Russian Ballet stuff" W. A. A.-Bel lay if you want to, Fina bids you come. , , .-,, .,f... , .,. M f -V , J .. 1 '.., -- : ,, ., 1. , ...,f...z...uEsi'-K. 00K III I - A-F rv.-'Q- A-WM A ---M-V v-li, ,,,-W? , ,, ., ,,.- . Y th! initializing " 'x 1 iff Vx ,'f!L1 ifsi! 1-W ,UWT Hip! MTW' www FEINKZZ1 'lil ,ANU W W., I A e s 1 W, If fE'5 M W? His 'Im x l if f I VE , I ? vgg ' 53 1' x1 E i if V Ll, VD' 1 M- !f In ' W? ,gg 'SH UE, N: ,Q I jif , 451 U Q . ? A l I f , I f wflili I H' I OOD - WARD LOCKW nos Nw Mexico January 29, l955. Mr. Robert T. Foster Editor, Rhetor for 1955, Central Missouri State Teachers College, Warrensburg, Missouri task, Dear Mr. Foster: With much trepldatlon I have undertaken the at your request, of selecting the Beauty Queen for the l955 Rhetor. Of necessity the choice has been made from photo- graphs only. QI do not know whether the job has been made easier or more difficult by this method--at any rate, it has been hard enough!J Even the old adage, "Beauty ls only skin deepu, can not be applied in this case, because here 'lt is only as deep as the thin film of sensitive chemical that covers the photographic paper. For this reason, natural coloring, complexion, personal charm, etc., have not influenced me ln the choice. Cold gray and white tones on a piece of paper have been the sole materials available on which to pass judgment. Under separate cover I am returning the photographs and the first, second and third choice ls marked on the re- verse side of those selected. lf the judge, in return, is judged, I pray that the punishment, if such there be, may be softened by humane considerations ---- such as those that govern the acts of the Society for the Prevention of Cruel- ty to Animals. With a toast to the contestants in the Beauty Queen competition and with best wishes for the success of the 1955 Rhetor, I am, Sincerely yours, ppvdff Zim www Awww QUEEN nj BEAUTY KWWL MQW J QUEEN aj BEAUTY .WLUEVV fam QUEEN cj BEAUTY hmm ff ZH? Mmfg Q G !ww QUEEN yi BEAUTY ,MMM g'-7fz0W,L JJZQLLQ, WML PQPU I-Nl www Y' W iff QL gl G QUEEN ,gym MAY Professor Bass and one of his history classes. Prof. Foster and a gen- eral chemistry group. CAn excellent rearview of Summertime's manly slcullj Our staff camera artist poses. Wintry view of main entrance to C. M. S. T. C. f Sd 926, yr' xx, 'ak L., 5 f. A., N. Q fs.- Il, ' L K'-'g-. ,' s- I 5. Y , . , .- . , .fp ' U1 O ', l, ?m..,5gfif ., .1514-iv1,j--V-4, A rf.. fy N. - ..1.if z,,,q V. fa , .ra 4 f -fa . .fm F .. .. ff X' 4 'tt' " 3 3 6 'v-l q 5 l I i We are glad that what he is holding can- not be seen. "Batching." Read- ing left to right--The Mayor of the Martin Hotel - The Martin Lothario-Part of the Martin baclcfielci. This is what at road- ster can do you for. Picture of feminine grace. A chemist whose best worlc is in alco- holic research. Buli session. You're rightf that's Mary Sue. Why every boy should go fraternity. The middle one is Jo- seph Smith's creation. Elaine goes home to see the follcs. Picture of strength? "Window-weight Mar- ler." Those wild Thetas. We'll talce shorts any day. Contract bridge les- sons were a success. Mrs. l..angford's girls. The one on the baclc end isa wild child. Life in a fraternity. We'll talce a good old bed any day. Campus action. Quintuplets or pil- ing saclcs. Mr. Homer Aull, politician, dancer, playboy, and debu- tante. Virginia and Ger- trude or Gertrude and Virginia. You tell us. Married man and Wild man. Just a cou- ple of Wennerites. Starne and "Bloody- Moonn Shafer. Three little Alphas with nature for a background. Tarzan ,surmountsi HO! HO! Our literary editor talces his pregraduation bath. When the halls are empty the queen 'bee holds a caucus. The background is made up of "the left wing ele- ment." Linwood Jefferson shoulders a load. Bigshot. Hog-tied crow. The bell has just rung. lnsicle the holy sanc- tum. At what is Criclc gazing? Hotel Martin- home of the brave and land ofthe free. Privileged character. Pi Kappas at Lalce Lotawana. .lust some more of that birthday stuff. Talce your piclc. We'll talce any of it. Just the Sig Tau president caught with the light on. College Farm. Bathing sub rosa or "Four Roses" maybe. 1 I 9? 'f 3-,.g.nnJl111 VV I ,Q Y - Y V , Y , . M Y i A V -J i in Hin- . - J Y , L .Y-Am,,. R I . V DO NOT ENJOY NIGHT LIFE. WHAT DO YOU THINK? I'Iarts: The teasing ofthe waiters wiII never cease. Wenner Brothers: They all IooIc happy now. I wonder why? The Lantern: Just playboys who Icnow where to go for pIay. 7,,,,,,, R, ,,4,,.YY- -- --7Y7.. 7A ..... ,,Y 2 Vaughn is a good boy? Phi Sigs entertain- You're wrong, the party wasn't crowded. Miss Foley of Foley. fpart of Joe Smith's troupe.J The Tri Sig president has a sitting. Brannon relates one of his "coups." The Tri Sig laantams. If this were a night xposure you might recognize the place. A Few memories will doubtless linger with you at any rate. Page117 'I 4 W i.. fl 'rl JCM 2' Tl is if if 'I I 41 ,,,W,, - 5 , .T V ir' if if Tiff ,,,f+" nl'-fax N ,i I-hJ,v.,ut.v'vc.g,-.. piialt. - lxilfbo-T L- -Ln 1 Q' 'wp lo .mv VJ -L00 U 0 X yf X-N0 6 ee. . 5 'JC illkmi Yak, JL .Axe LJ exe! -K.. L, 2 X ' KTXLQQAJ Qzrmtrnbzp XRYVLX-If T Q fl 'f , L , . 'A ' ,. A .A K X ' u 1-, .5 ' vi"-' ' -A N-'Z L igfpo cod Mel" ireen cutout- '- uf iw 'N nt",'3 V., GQ:-L uhgii it ri i is . s- in Drrfhbflai f e lr.: wil. t. Qt., 'UQ GLM D Q cm. ifi i 5 ,si ' l 'ul R , it ' 'Y Rf Q ML-NJI.. tcltvut us it burr., tina Yi' Wt. V, . TL,-ATR all ,N V A A ft' es SO rm L C, -kvlxgg-V 44 1-M41 E, ma.. Yvxv.. H' - iN-o NJ 4, xx Viv -- M -Ni. -, - "" ,.,,QXg.,s STAFF New riff, F.,s . . . Eaitaim-chief A iy Caroiin Krohn . . - - ' Aff EClifOl' Mary Louise Hull . Assistant' Art Editor Rodney Fitch . . . Literary Editor Louise Lutz Assistant Literary Editor Waiter Hecicer . . . Athletic Editor IN ll'llS publication, the 1935 Rhetor, you have the results oi the vvorl4 oi tvvelve people vvho have given vvillingly oi their time, etiorts, and attainments in order that you might have as true and authentic a record of lite and activities on the campus this year as could possibly be included within the covers oi this volume. A great decrease in the allotment has indeed made it difficult to do as much as vve have done tovvard reaching our goal. When the tasl4 oi compiling and publishing an Annual is assigned to a stahfvvho l4novv practically nothing about publication vvorl4, too much should not be expected. Every -----'N member oi this stait has had to learn everything about his assigned taslr, but practically everyone has done his share, and the results, vve hope are prooi oi the ability oi each in his particular Field. l.aclc oi co-operation on the part oi a great many has caused much extra vvorl4 and not a little delay. H l-lovvever, to Dean lvlorrovv, vvho gave us our First H instructions, Miss Anna Marie Todd, vvho has still further increased our admiration for her, lVlr. C. F. lVlartin, vvho 'I' has uniiinchinglyborne our noise, Mr. G. lf. l-loover, vvho ff has Uhanded outu vvhen he Felt it necessary, and Dr. E. l.. l-lendriclrs, vvho has often encouraged us by his re- marks, vve ovve and oiier our deepest thanlrs. Without the co-operation oi these tive, our publication vvould doubt- li li li li less have sutiered greatly. Q: Robert T. Foster Page 118 syugx' UF 1935 STAFF Wilbur F. Daniels . . . . . Business Manager Fine Chiodo . Assistant Athletic Editor Laura Devasher Q . Harriett Deane Helen Gilbert . Ed F. Hurst . . . . . . . Stenograplmer . . Secretary . . Treasurer Advertising Manager NEAR time time vvlmen vvorl4 on time bool4 drevv to a close time iollovving statements were lmeard from stall members: Foster-Hlt's a lm- oi a job. l lmope it Wonit be a messf, Daniels-"li l lmad only been listened to vvlfuen lisaid sometlmingf' Krolmn-H-llwe increase in my expressive vocabulary is real pay ior time lwours l lmave put in." l-lull+ul've been called slow so many times, but l did vvlmat l vvas asl4ed to do Fitclm'-ul truly lmope tl'mat time results oi my alter-midniglwt labors will be gratifying l-lad it not been for Mr. Rountree l suppose l never slmould lmave gone l'iOmC.H Lutz-"When vvlwat l lwave to say about some people t is printed in time Bray, l'll go over to my apartment For a little well-earned seclusionf, l-lecl4er-Ullmat man Reidl Vou're lucl4y to lmave your bool4 out before 1936" Clmiodo-ul vvon't be tlwere because Elbert is com- ing over." Q Devaslwer-Ulmlovv many Rlmetors lmave you sold?" Q Deane-ul vvould lwave done more but time Bills on tlwe stati just vvouldn't iall ior me and stay iallenf' GilbertFHl ,lmope l donit lmave to lmandle money for anyone else For a long time. Got any money you vvant to turn in?" l-lurst-"Nuts to you guys tlmat tlminl4 my job is a soit one. Who got time candy, anyvvay'?H Page119 .znrdi I i Wilbur F. Daniels fix il -,. 9. .Q i i i i i E 'Q sf, i 1 1 li TI 1 V+ Y- LR ' ua- -Q A TH If STU DENT Official Qrgan oi Central Missouri State Teachers College published by the classes in journalism Ben R. Craig . . Faculty Advisor Greer Lowry . Business Manager A CQMPLETE covering oi news has been the shibboleth of -l-he Student in 1934-35, A and it has been particularly successful in this function. As usual,a conservative policy, but one of service, was carried out by the publication. The Student was read by everyone this year. perhaps it was because the sport stories were done in a more vigorous style, but doubtless other features oi the paper were also reasons For the patrons' unusual interest. idelly lNlotes,H the column giving the inside facts on campus activities, was handled in a manner by its respective student columnists that has really been outstanding. A new column of text bool4 and newspaper gleanings entitled "Gif the Cutif, was initiated by Noel Morgan. The paperis editorial policy was one of praise rather than criticism. C.rM. S. T. C. janitors were commended For their daily clean-up campaigns, and the band was praised For its inspir- ing music at sport events. TheiDistrict Teachers Meeting, the Kirks- ville-Mule football melee, the thrilling Finish oi the basl4et ball title race,- all were big stories, played up and written in an ideal newspaper manner. l The success of the paper is attributable largely to Mr. Craig who has trained his journalism classes into shape rapidly in order that the readers of The Student might always have something to read that was oi interest to them. The worl4 oi the members oi the various classes has Greer Lowry also been very commendable. ' During the Fall quarter, Marjorie Lewis acted as business manager oi the paper, and since that time Greer Lowry has acted ' 2 in this capacity. The worlc which he has directed and carried on l has indeed helped in'mal4ing the material in Uyour paper" olsuch it a type that you could always lool4 Forward to the Tuesdays when It 2, I' it was published. 2 I' qi i gl 4 i ll ii i il ii . 2 4 r 2, A 1-.3 Ben R. Craig l I Yi 5 i .I M? glqg Page120 .., A . . 1 , f' -1 i - i, i K, , .3 , -, V X- Fjikw Q -i -g U W A V. gggg E A 7 X ,wiv I Q . . Y V .a,,.A. g . 1 X if f -- - - -v -- r f -- f --- - f - . ,Kg ,b .A ' . . 1.-. -in , -gFf:a..f'. . "H Y f - , ' -- - -- - -2'-" - . .A 5, . , , -1. 5-.- - ,f ,..x:X1..f1:24.igifHaJVj 1-gg? Q,,,ViM:L?.2na,z BUUK IV Cerfrral Missouri, a for nidabfe foe, oleic a good nalcureclmlean Sportsman. Forge Qnf Sjcaie Teachers i , . 0 " ll If ,sr 1 w 1 1 1 I V L . i k , . . 1 N I f 1 'IV1 'MIL - gal BM mf X Q Nfl Qing f 971, .' VN Q ---..'Af"Tj' - 1 - XY X I. : X ax 'H " X f .- 2 5, x I , I r .. "'i1iNi- rn- '1gE, ,V - 1 5-' ..2-.1..fjif ,I I . A j W ,ggi X. I , I Coach T. C. Reid is novv completing his tvvelith year as lvlule mentor. During this time he has turned out many cham- pionship teams, and has, as a coach, continued the record made as a player at K. U. and in the army. Besides being a coach, lvlr. Reid is deeply interested in social service vvorl4 and has aided greatly in the direction ot relief activities in Warrensburg and surrounding territory since the initiation of this vvorl4 over a year ago. This is Coacw Carl Voltmer's First year at C. lVl. S. T. C. He came here from Columbia University to talce lvlr. Casl4ey Settles place. Since coming here his vvorl4 has been highly successful. Next year he vvill be in Full charge oi all football activities and is rovv vvorl4ing hard at spring football practice. Coach Voltmer should be extended all vvishes for a successful year and should have the cooperation oi all in his endeavors. Coach Clarence Whiteman is a graduate oi C. M. S. T. C and has been athletic coach of the Training School and a teacher of College gymnasium classes since he received his degree. Coach Whiteman has had consistent success with his Irain- ingschool teams and has had a number of championship teams during the time he has been coach. This year he had a championship football team in the Little-Six football conference. ln his gymnasium classes Coach Whiteman is well lilced by all the students and has their cooperation in all activities which he undertakes. Pg Z2 l i y zv - -Mg-m f 2-11: Johnnie Kansas City l-lalltaack 'I53 pounds 5 feet, WO inches Dwight Diller Bluttton, Qhio End 185 pounds 6 feet, Q inches Herbert Hachenberg XXfdI'I'2i"lSlDL1II'8 Fulltnack 165 pounds ,sf 5 feet, 'IO inches f ,,, fff ,Dennis Ramsey 'gf' M' W FQ, ff ges gummit .W f an uar sf fy ff ' 'i6O ounds A WW' so at fy 5 D YM 'wyf wyfy Mew MM 5 ieet,1'l inches kwin M4 My Wmy0W d9 '53 M," Louis Alley Warrensburgb Center 185 pounds 6 feet, 'I inch Everett Scharnhorst Marshall Fullpaclc QOO pounds 6 feet William B Daggs Qdessa Guard Q00 pounds 5 feet, 'IO inches Dale Woodfill Marshall Center Q05 pounds 6 ieet Page 123 - LR LN ,, 4 5 l K5T'SQ!J Action Picture of Mule-Jewell Game :MLK Action Picture of Mule-Springfield Game EN: , U Q . . t- , , , n L N . - ---,Q i- . Everett Brenner ' I North Kansas City l-lalipaclc 'I45 pounds 5 feet, 9 inches Rube Oglesby Warrenspurg End 'l6O pounds 5 ieet, 'li inches Ralph Patterson Qdessa , Quarterback 'I43 pounds 5 feet, 8 inches Paul Laws Pleasant l-lill Tackle Q00 pounds 5 feet, 'l'l inches William Strange Smithville Fullpaclt 195 pounds 6 feet, 'l inch Marion Evans Chilhovvee Guard 'I75 pounds 5 feet, 7M inches Robert Wells Centerview laclcle 'IQO pounds 6 feet, QM inches Roy Harvey l-larrisonville Guard Q10 pounds 5 feet, 'IO inches Page 124 i. Linwood J. Van Horn Kansas City Tackle 'I95 pounds 6 Ieet, 'I M inclwes . Arthur Garrett Kansas City -lackle 'I8O pounds 5 Ieet, 9 inclwes- I Marti Jones Kansas City f End ' , 'I65 pounds y 6 Ieet Dale Newell Portis, Kansas Tackle 190 pounds 5 Ieet, 9 inclwes Roy Borgstadt Concordia I-Iallback 'I75 pounds 5 feet, 'IO inclies Ralph Dow Sedalia Quarterback 'I65 pounds I 5 Ieet, 'IO inclwes ' Mules Score Against Foe The Otfense Works on a Long End Run Page125 I I WW HA X .1 '44 E--on ,fuk-Q.. as . I Aylf 5 Sify i Foster, lVliler and Adams have acted as Student Athletic Managers during this year. These men were in charge of visiting teams and intramural activities. l l l l This picture includes a night view of the stadium when crowded, an air view ol the stadium and football Field, and snapshots ol prominent individuals on the Field. The upper snapshot shows the l'lotel Martin group. The lower snap- shots lrom left to right include: Dow, "Summertime,H Brown, Laws, Patterson, and l-larvey. Y Page126 N, 1 t..g...,..a.t f Pgzzf V I L i 1 ii l N l I -111' Q , f f z SCORE ', 5 cvfromiwnf I -3 ' 1 I E- yi ' A austin! 114:11 -- ,si 11 3? ii ? -p l lui -- E .i - .1 ,---fri'-"' 1' ' " r---' -1.-il"-i,-1-1 . 'A I - 'E' i N .L 11 . I - - --7' W1 ...::-- ,Q -' f ! 4 'I -- ff 1 -::-.11 Q 7 1 - -Q I-f - dl E-vp! V f Xl f Xt f I I ' N ' f X X x 1 I , F X I .K .. J Albert Steiner Sedalia Forward Fred Troutwine Chicago Center Charles Workman Warrensburg Forward Rube Oglesby Warrensburg Forward Ted Wiklund Kansas City Guard RESULTS OF GAMES . Qppo- Mules nents White Eagles ...... 3'l 35 Chillicothe 8. C.. .. 40 32 Cape Girardeau... . 25 26 Roclchurst at Kansas Cityi ........... Q6 Q1 Springfield ........ 26 32 St. Pauls .... . 34 27 Kirksville ....1..... 33 35 Cape Girardeau .... 54 38 Maryville ......... 47 27 Wm. Jewell ....... 48 32 Emporia Teachers. .. 42 Q8 I "'l2eserve games. This year the team placed second in the M. l. A. A. conference. This year Warrenshurg had the honor of having the high-scoring Forward, center, and guard in the conference. These honors were won by Workman, Troutwine, and Wiklund, respectively. . The Mules in Action ' P I ZS A ,Q-:SHN 5,-4 c ff Q , W. T J ...2,i,,,,..,,,.,,,,,, M RESULTS OF GAMES ' Qppo- lVlules nents St. l3aulsi". .. .. Q3 33 Hannibal. .... .. 65 Q9 White Eagles? .. .. Q9 3Q Qklahoma City ..... 41 Q4 l3al4er. ......... .. 37 Qi Kirksville .... . . 43 Q6 l3alcer. ..... .. Q9 33 C. B. C. .... .. 37 '18 Springfield .... .. Q6 19 Wm. Jewell. .. .. 40 Qi Bolivar? .. .. 33 '19 Maryville. .. . 'I4 8 Weserve games. Workman ancl Troutwine were placecl on the First team in the lVl. l. A. A. mythical all-conference team. The Mules in Action Jack Niebrugge Kansas City Guard Dwight Diller Bluffton, Ohio A Center Ralph Dow Sedalia Guard James Weaver l-larrisonville Forward , Lindy Van Horn Kansas City Guard f P 129 J tim SP7 fi' -Ak 90 .-C st- im ii I -fu f li Fi i C, ti gi ti las ig. .- .F-,iq t' '-W, Psi I I rumen E Gray -. Henery Newell, D. Ramsey Brannon Hachenberg Bowman A Newell, F. Simmons Dempsey . Marsden Da ggs Shawver . Gerhardt . Pearson . Dow . Thompson Probert , King . MEMBERS OF TEAM Q. . . . . . . . . . Mile relay . . . . . . . Discus Q20-yard run, 880-yard relay, discus . 440- and 880-yard run, mile relay . 'IGO-yard dash, 880-yard relay . . 440-yard run, mile relay . . . . . . W l-ligh jump TOO- and Q20-yard run, 880-yard relay . . . . . . Javelin . . . . ' Two-mile run . . . Pole vault . . . . Shot put . Mile and tvvo-mile run 220- and 440-yard relay . . . . Decathlon . . l-ligh and lovv hurdles . . . . 'IOO-yard dash l.ovv hurdles, 880-yard relay . 880-yard and mile run Russell Pearson vvas the outstanding tracl4 star of the 1934 season. Pearson accounted for most of the points in the State meet. l-le also deserves high credit as a decathlon man. While he did not win the decathlon in the K. U. relays as his partner, Charles Childress, gdid, he vvas runner-up in the contest. l 'if iflwt l-'ml il iff, f Pg 130 1 X Q-1 , 1 f 1' l i 1 M E i - a 71.1- -F 11:7 ' .- 4 - W - if lil! gl 3 5-ull' li i1l Q 1ll1'i' l .an 1 L -'-'I' A gt c Il i - I., .AQGX 1:1117 -: ,X 49 ,N 's-U' i .- I 'I l l i ' i i i .i l i i 1 .,. 1 1 u 1 H 1 l, -1- 17-u . JY If N N f I f I - N N l 5 ' N X li Z f X'-j X I I ' 1 I I .4 . 5 ' l INTIDAMUIQAL BASKET BALL Q Clwampionslwlp Team Plwl SIQS No 3 W bb Wht W Ils M ell N Tl-IE Fmal play OFF the Pb: Slgs defeated the W Club to win tlwelr second ln mural Basket Ball Clwamplonslwlp In tbree years -ll1e'l934 35 lntramural Teams Temple Bearcats Ramblers plwl SIQS No Plwl Slgs No pln S185 No Snapnecl4s Stage Liners l-lotel Martin 3 Q 'I Slg laus No Sag 'laus No Gunners W Club Qclessa Bulllrogs Qutcasts Flying Eagles econd lntra- p 61 it .-,ly V Q 51-ji. . ' aff" -V . ' j. 1 3,75 an , V 5 "" I E? ? 5 3 J GULF QU: was initiated in C. M. S. -l. C. last year. ln previous years, intramural goll was tlie only tlwing ollered. l.ast year tlwe golf team wlwicli consisted ol Morris, l-lecl4er, Ervin, and Foster, tool4 two trips, one to Wentworth and tlie otlwer to Springlield. lwo mem- bers were cliosen to represent tlwe team at tlie state meet lield liere last spring. llwis was done by matcli medal play and resulted in Ervin and Foster representing tlie college in tlwe Nl. l. A. A. state meet. i Max Worrell HarrY Sal5bu'Y Marti Jones Kansas City Warrensburg KGHSGS City TENNIS lennis is one ol tlwe major sports at C. Nl. S. -l. C. during tlie spring quarter. -lliis trio, lwaving won in intramural tennis, represented tlie college in tlie state meet. agel32 Pae133 l K X ef -u..L,. g , , :V ,X 744 ,QLAQ Q - 23 J-J ,"'1x.f"'x,f"Xf'X.fAxfA3f'X f IDI-IYSICAL EDUCATIDN 1 I I l l WOMEN'S i e DElQAlQTMliNi THE Womenls Physical Education Department is one cl l the largest departments in the college. Scores ol girls 1 are trained annually, under the supervision oi Miss Martin and her assistants, to go out into high schools teaching better physical training to the girls of our pre-college l schools. The activities of the department are many and i constitute a large part ol the campus attractions throughout each season ol the year. The organizations sponsored by l I the department are among the leading ol the campus. WOMEN'S ATHLETIC ASSDCIATION l OFFICERS ' l Ruth Broolcs . . . . . . President r Marion Gardiner . Vice-President Ruth Houser . . . Secretary Helen Hoclcer ............. Treasurer The aims ol the Women,s Athletic Association are the promotion ol physical efficiency, ri and the encouragement of an interest in the participation in various sports and physical iff activities among the vvomen ol C. lVl. S. ln. C. ii n i The organization is open to all girls, and to meet their varying interests otlers a number li n dex of sports each season: ini the fall, tennis, soccer, and archery, in the vvinter, volley ball, lil basl4et ball, and tap dancing, in the spring, tennis, baseball, and archery. Alter tourna- lll A-R 'R ments are held at the .end ol the particular sport season, the girls sponsor a sports dinner For all vvho have talcen part. l At this time emblems are it H avvarded the members ol the f 3 H Winning team. 5 W. A. A. sponsors N a play day for the high 1 4' ll school girls of the district ll. each tall. The pla days , Y Il i N are grovving more and more i 4, 4l popular. The May Fete, 1 4, ,l the major dance production I l, gl ol the year, is another activ- Q I ity supported by W, A, A. A l li A gig l Elf' 'fa Qkruisitx A Q A 1 A l Vial i 7 H--M --sis. lm: 1 2 tiki t, ti- iv K Page 134 1 tff lif 5 ' 4 if i BASKET BALL CHAMDS . Pag 135 Pusaterl Larkin Braden I-lartvvlg Goodloe Sebolt Dlcus arr A few years ago archery, an ancient sport ol the English, was re newed on our campus and today the department can boast of several gurls who can shoot qulte accurately Wrth a bow and arrow Ea h year the popularity ol the sport Increases, and the tournaments held are ol Interest to many outsiders as Well as to those who participate S ccer IS one l th mann sports IU e Womens Athletic D partment clurlng the Fall term Tournaments are held and a number ol dlllerent teams partlcl pate The popularity ol game equa that of any other game played IH the department -lennls as a sport of Importance at the college e lal and sprln hot as a class actlylty and aW A A actlvuty There was a singles and a doubles tournament con ducted IH the classes In the tall While IH W A A a ladder tournament decided the winner l-locl4ey is one ol the major iall sports at C. M. S. -l-. C. The girls played a round robin tournament last lall, the blue team Winning 3-Q. This sport was a class activity rather than a game sponsored by the Women s Athletic Association. s VULLEY BALI. CHAMDS Pusateri, Pereda, Chunn, Larkin, Dicus, l-locker, Morrow, Sebolt, Starr, Ingalls Baseball is the main team sport ol the spring season, vying lor honors vvith tennis and archery. This spring it will be sponsored as an intramural activity by the Womenls Athletic Association. Dancing is oilered vvinter and spring quarters and is gaining more lavor every year. It is an activity that has a high cultural value since it ollers an appreciation oi all the arts. Rhythm is a universal element and the training received in creative dancing has a carry-over value in all other physical activities. Page 136 . , I 4' i l 92 2 is 'l , i 5 K Q i -L-....-,,..- ,......, , 4, 3 I 1 5 I 4 l K BIIIIK L f P ' 2i,,f V -, V 'X gl I 6 v I i e ! I l L E Ax ff fl 1 w w ! z I 1 I 1 1 L , 1 A ,E , Q lk F1 'V Y? U J ,, A ' 1 W F i 3 'H K gi f' an - ' ' K-xl -K' A N. x,j-Q..QL.N.- i"' 'x'k " ' ' Mn., , 5 , , 1 4 Q. A QJKAN M Q Q,xlb Qu,f ,.,,,I wg. x , , JAM ' . Um 9w, '.g.L- if HM: ff-flwfb M2 X . l M. 0 ' -J, QM mf? Q.,-Lhuvugfm f"'Lk- - f ff 1 . Mk I .4 cl q , M Cl, GLU "' 'QA fy ' , F, I . I ji J, ' l Pg 37 ' Ai 7 1 6 cnfig. . . Y f fb 3361, ' . . Q . Xx Sl X . i 1 V A v f A YE - ' -QIIM 1 xx 15 5. xl 'V' . f . 1 T I IRMIRIIUI gx ff' wifi V, 313.41 ,fx- ,-wwf-s E N 1 X -I 'rfn-A A A-x - A S l V l j ,Ry f - M 4 -f ff 1 Q W kg? xg, 4 ! Z ff l J ' J' Y ' I JW ' ull 'll 2 ,E-g -Q A, a f hy- - X Q R 3- g A.. A Q . ,VVHV 3 C11 I ,NAA "nl N ' 'Y' j"' Tc. 'Es' Lfff - ig f g , " 5 -' Q IM' ' A L i L :N Ill' I" ' ..:.,,:L LT A ' T X Ei 1 ' 3 fl 1 jg . j it i A 4," i!,Q'9 1 I '-: if A -:Q E4 '- v t'M 'u' 'jggn' , i Eg 1 2 1 1 ' ' ' ,f-A-.f'-Q,f"'xfwfwfR-f'-X 3 :J Z! 3 ' 1 f ' f ' X- :Z ii 41 in in 1 4 4 KADDA DELTA IDI OFFICERS ,Robert Sidney Quinn . . . . i - President Pauline Vollct . . . . Vice-President lrl Gladlelter . 1' . Corresponding Secretary Cora Harms . Recording Secretary Rodney Fitch . . . . Treasurer Mary Lee Marlcsberry . Reporter Pauline A. Humphreys Counselor . KAPPA DELTA Pl, an honor society in education, was established March 18, and in- ' corporated under the laws of the State oi lllinois as an l-lonorary Educational Fra- , ternity, June, 1911. Kappa Delta Pi was established for the purpose ol encouraging in its members Ha high degree of devotion to social service by Q11 fostering high intellectual and personal standards during the period of preparation for teaching and recognizing outstanding service in the Field ol educationf, To this end it invites to membership such persons as exhibit worthy educational ideals, sound scholarship, and adequate personal qualifications. Rho Chapter, one of the ninety-three chapters in universities and colleges in thirty- two states, has grown cautiously, but rapidly, since its installation on October 28, 1922. Fully aware oi the important place that Kappa Delta pi holds among the educational organi- zations in the country, Rho Chapter strives toward the end that its own development shall rl keep pace with that of other Forward-moving chapters in the great family to which it belongs. n -5- 'ix 'Acting President during the Spring quarter. E -x ' ' I1 , I1 l' r , Ni Q ii A i 4 i P i - I 1, Top row: Quinn 3 4 Middle row: Volk, Gladfelter, l-larms, Fitch, Marksberry, Krohn, Daniels, Butcher i 41 "" i f Bottom row: Edwards, Raymond, Webb, l-larbison, Carpenter, Alger, l-lanley, Williams r " is -V f ue:-:Q-. 4 if givin '1 ji i J Page 138 1 . L" "' Q , V V-,-:hx , r - ,-- a1,:j,L:-- ,M K , ,qi 1 1 - if ' I 1 '- 2 - ,, , , , ,t he M? A, ' ' W " ""' "W" X' "1 W' 5' -' ' ' M- "fm -'-Y-W----4------A'---Y-ff-W --5--ff-.vw-ff-.. ., ...W-. . 2 .- V -,, 5- .. -,vi Q Q ",' f s If Page 139 ,M-1. i.A1.L.,2:si c N DHI SIQMA DI OFFICERS Frederick Webb . . . . President Paul Laws - - Vice-president ROdl'ICY , Sgcrgfdry ll'l Gladfeltel' Treggurgr Nelson Kerr . I-lgsrmgdn R. Wood . . . . Spgnggr l-ll SIGMA Pl is a national honorary educational fraternity for men in teachers colleges. It was founded at C. Nl. S. l-. C., February 'l4, 'l9'l6, and now has sixteen chapters in nine different states. Alpha Chapter now has over Q90 members. -l-he organization admits to membership those men of superior scholarship whose edu- cational ideals are lcnown to be progressive and in unison with those ideals maintained by the group. X "The l.ampadion,H official magazine of the organization, is made up of articles by educational leaders throughout the country, as well as news from the chapters, and goes to every member of the organization upon its publication in the months of Qctober, January, and April. Throughout each year phi Sigma pi is active in all the major educational meetings on the campus. The faculty men who are members are always eager to do what they can for the organization, Qnce each quarter a banquet is held at which faculty members and student members mingle and have a good time. At each' of these banquets a tall4 is given by a faculty member, a guest spealcer, or a student. A Phi Sigma pi now talces this opportunity to renew its pledge of support to C. lvl. S. T. C. and those educational ideals for which it is l4nown and which it maintains. . I I - I ' I. f .I 'nr I .-as II me w L ., V , -I .04 f I W , I , ,Wai .5-W ---, I V ,r,y,,:3.gr9 If ., 1 WI ff ,L :S f A Y, VI Q2 . I V I, Q ,:I,. C., If . V I X 4.95, . M E31 .7 t I' L Q-05.0, 5.3. p IF.r ,f If frrf x t - Q , .7g:.,.- It 1-I ! 2.5, Qnfi .V.k In H if I '- I I ei' ' if ,I,F:2 "" F "-', 1 '-55513 ' f'?ffF::Ii A fttt r f F t f'ft"' 2 I t f F F F f I i ..,. 02 1:,,:.5..: V, V 5 ,V I I II, f Mt I- f- 'ff-, 1 Ff I. ' ' r-7.1151 I' if F 'Civ I . My 9 , : CI -I f . I ,- . 1 Q4 , l -?f,:I , 5 My ,,,,I1 X, 9 I ,W-If , ,V I I aI 5, W, .,,. f-5...-,.gI In K I s, .I ,I ,. I FF Fi K, V g If. I- ,..' I ga,,jff1?jfM.?..Q1 ' II I' ' i -- IF ' " 'i.' f ' I . . ,I I V, I ,I I I l - 5 I C3 W f ' gy V' I , 5 I , I ,I ,I L I, Vi., h N I 1 4 ' .,,, ' .. . .II , --W-,IIIINIII H g Y . F ,Cf 12? 51, . I A dig. ,525 U f y - VV, . Va I H ,F 4 I 0 . , II i F Gtr ,I I., A ew, , can I . , ., g FQ Ia-I Q me .I ,F-rg 'LF ' . " F MEI II Ffiffi tif' . I K S II PI? I. . I I' "..I Sita I- 7 'M 1. F? F 1.4 F ' WWYK ' X .--F 4 f 1-2 f I. Kf- ff-f -If-,I, ,. ff rf -fljf. ,fuses M -1-.-.vw II - .I I. W4 . 4577- , I f . 496 -W1 1, A I II fwfff ,gm - I f .I , II I, 1.4, O-3, IIII2VI,2I,g,-Ig-VgI-iaff x - 4:3355 -315. ,: 5. I Top row: Webb, Laws, Fitch, Glaclfelter, Kerr, Foster Middle row: Culp, Price, Davis, l-lebberger, Quinn, Kosky, Baldwin, Sumner Bottom row: l-larbaugh, Dyer, White, Lakin, Waters, Frazier, Williams, Lauderdale ,vi-. I I I W- a W' f . I :L i I Ian: .I ' ' If 1' II fa I Ig .V I I F I .K if 'rn N K I , E I ALIDI-IA DHI DELTA oFFicERs Juanita Foster . . . . . President Marguerite Ament . . Vice-President Helen Holland . ' Secretary-Treasurer Miss Gertrude Hosey . . Sponsor LPHA phil DELTA is a junior college honorary sorority for the recognition ol women of high scholarship who have not less than thirty college hours. i ' , Faculty women who are members have given generously of their time and energy to build into the membership ideals of scholarship and leadership. From the time of its organi- zation in 1919 until her death in 1934, one ol the most loyal oi this group was lVliss lVlayme B. l-larwood. Through the years initiates were inspired by her simple but cultured elo- quence. l-ler passing is a distinct loss to the sorority. Last year Alpha Phi Delta sponsored the annual spring banquet for members oi all honor fraternities. Dr. Claude A. Phillips Professor oi Education, University of Mis- souri, was the guest speaker on this occasion. Top row: Foster Ament Holland Krohn Sawyer Caldwell - , ,V--. M Second row: Barger Harms Bridges Volk Schupp Whitlow Edwards Couey.Myers Roberts I l H -A 'N FI FI Fl l' 2. 4l I Z, E I I I I I I I I I I I I I I il Third row: G. Carr, V. Carr, Sutton, Barrick, Butcher, Fickas, Bidstrup, l-larbison, Jones, Boemlcer Ca-Qs QM P gk I I I I I I I I I Bottom row: Wilcoxon Carpenter Corrigan Phillips Bartholomew Fisher l-lull l-larrison Carter Hanley l . h""g.,'QY'1iQ My "" 5' Page140 1, 11- ----.t 1 ' iw?-it t' 5 ,M 3. WW , , ' -,A ,, all .. -Y,,.......-,, N F ' 2 g Wf- . - . - . N -'3 if " 1 .Q , ALIDHA DHI SIGMA OFFICERS . . . . . president I I G . ' ' r laclfelter . . Vice-president Mary Alyce Butcher . Mr. Elmer B. Brown . . . . S Mary Lee Marksberry Secretary-Treasurer ponsor Lpl-lA Pi-ll SIGMA is a national honorary scholastic Fraternity for both men and vvomen. lts purpose is to instill a love for learning within the members ol the asso- ciation. The fraternity encourages every high school boy and girl in the ideal ol scholarship by otiering in secondary schools a certificate on graduation to each valedictorian and each salutatorian, vvhich authorizes immediate initiation into the order upon matriculation in a college where a chapter exists. Alpha Phi Sigma vvas founded February Q6, 1930, at Northeast Missouri State leach- ers College, Kirksville, Missouri. Epsilon Chapter was organized July 'l5, 1930. Meetings of Epsilon Chapter are held once every month and programs consisting of music, topics ol interest, and literature are presented by the members. The fraternity is eager to assist in any endeavors vvhich vvill makes C. M. S. T. C. the best school possible. To row: Marksberr Gladfelter, Sawyer I , Segoncl row: G, Cai, V. Carr, Ruetf, l-lartvvig, l-lanley, Christy, DUQHCYI Fl'6Cll'lCl4S0.Uf Smith, Hume , Third row: Volk, Dyer, Mott, Snow, Pheil, Sebolt, Harms, Patrick, King, Chamberlain l F ,gy Fourth row: Gates, Waugh, Barrick, Jasper, Braden, Morgan, Necessary, Atkinson, Corrigan, Adams L Bottom row: Roselle, Withers, Thompson, Strange, Tronstrorn, BVOWV1, Dump, CGVDCVWCVI BUfClW2Vf QUWD I , Page 141 Ia-. s X,-1. ,T is A BETA ALDHA 9 OFFICERS Mardelle Estes . A . . . . President Helen Holland . Vice-president Marie L. Larlcin . . Secretary Mary Carolin Krohn . Treasurer 'Miss Gladys Goss V Sponsor Miss Marie Todd . . Patroness Miss Mary Foley . . Faculty Member Miss Marjorie Murrayt . Faculty Member BETA ALPHA is an honorary fraternity For students majoring or minoring in the subject of Art. This fraternity was founded in 1924 by a group of students desiring to en- courage and stimulate a growing interest in the Field of art. y Beta Alpha has grown rapidly since that time in both membership and accomplish- ments. It has achieved a loan Fund available to the students of that organization vvho need Financial assistance. Each year a Christmas sale is held For the purpose oi building up this loan Fund. Articles that have been made by the fraternity students are sold at this time. May it Forever serve as a lasting inspiration to both students and teacher For td greater appreciation of all that is beautiful in art. 'tOn leave of absence. Estes Holland Larkin Krohn Jones Shearer Page 142 -- n1- , , J , , , i .,,. , . , . QEAL IYADDA DMICIQDN DHI OFFICERS Mary Alyce Butcher . , . . President MGYY l-C2 MafkSb2ffY Vice-President Elizabeth Snyder , . . Secretary Jessie Russell . Treasurer Julia l'latz . Spcrrgor BETA CHAPTER of Kappa Qmicron Phi vvas installed at C. M. S. T. C. in May, 1923. This is a national honor fraternity For girls majoring or minoring in home economics. It is our desire to interest girls in the Field of home economics and train girls vvho vviil be an honor to C. M. S. T. C. Kappa Qmicron Phi earns most oi the money for its activities on the campus by serving banquets for other college organizations. April 25, 1935, Kappa Qmicron Phi vvas hostess to the other organizations at the all-honor fraternity banquet oi C. M. S. T. C. given at the Market Street Methodist Church. The theme of the program vvas Mark Tvvain, and vvas carried out with contributions from the following organizations: Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Beta Alpha, Kappa Delta Pi, Phi Sigma pi, and Pi Kappa Delta. The guest speaker vvas Dr. Jonathan T-Toilyman of the Warrensburg Presbyterian church, vvho for many years has been a student 'oi the life and Writings oi Mark Tvvain. - K Top row: Butcher, Marksberry, Snyder, Russell, Sumner Bottom row: I-layter, Carr, Ament, Leber, Jasper, Timken Page I 43 DIQCHESIS y Miss Eloise Lemon . Faculty Advisor Miss Amy Roop Faculty Member Marion Gardiner . . President RCHESIS, tlwe Honorary Dance Club, originated in 19Q9.vvl1en outstanding dancers from tbe May l:ete vvere clwosen by the Pliysical Education instructors to form tlwe nucleus .of a club vvlwose aim slwould be to promote an interest in tlwe study of tlwe modern dance, to provide an opportunity for participation in advanced dancing, and to present at least one public dance program a year. A 'llwe present group attempted to mal4e a study of tl'1e Field of the contemporary dance, tlwe stage and liglwting etiects for tlwe dance, and musical interpretation For the dance. The group assisted vvitli tlwe dances in tlwe College Qpera in January. Eaclw year, in co-operation vvitlw W. A. A., Qrclwesis sponsors and presents a May Fete, a dance drama at vvlricln the college May Queen presides. Brooks Brownlee Corrigan I-lartwig Pusateri Chiodo Gardiner Houser , Robinson Page I4-1 i -v- IM - ,. - 4..Lf4.4v..,.+nz.4,25'.Jg: gain: fri algidz-,g 112.,,-A,-Qlgg, A. M DI KADDA DELTA National l-ionorary Forensic Fraternity Bruce Bowman , President Jewell Ross Davis . Secretary Ben R- Craig - Faculty Advisor ETA Cltmapter oi pi Kappa Delta was installed at C. Nl. S. -l-. C. on July Qi, 1924, and since tlmat time imas been outstandingon time campus, lmaving lwad members wimo were outstanding in national Forensic meets and winners oi national awards suclm as time Pi Beta Kappa gold key. X ilmere are more tlman 140 clmapters oi tlfmis organization in time United States. -lime purpose oi Pi Kappa Delta is time promotion oi work in debate, oratory, and extempore speaking. Eaclm year time national debate question is selectd by Pi Kappa Delta coaclmes. Every two years a national tournament is lmeld at wlmiclw time Finest college speakers in time United States are to be imeard. Cn time years in wimicim tlmere is no national tourna- ment, province meets are ltmeld at tlmirteen cities in time country. This year C. M. S. T. C. was represented at tl'me forensic tournaments at Winiield,' Kansas, Conway, Arkansas, lvlarslwall, Missouri, iowa City, iowa, and Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Students making tlwese trips were Bruce Bowman, Stanley Urban, Jewell Poss Davis, William Dunlap, Jolmn Peterman, Wilfred lvicconauglmey and iVlartima Flannery. -lime clmapter lmere lmopes to lmave an enlarged program oi iorensics next year, and tof' climax time season witlw a trip to time national convention to be imeld in l-louston, Texas. fJ Davis, Bc fman, Cimiodo, Urban, Gates, Estes, Dunlap, Peterman, Hanley, Flannery, McConaughey ' , . , . V N ' . ' ' m 1' 1, ii i V V I . N . ,E Q, 5, Qi Q l , ' V M il ' V ' ' 'I 1 ig: "fm . ' - Q ' ' F ' J' ,AV f ' no i --5 HWY WAV ,M-,ms AA -H-L-Mm-A ,, Mg, ., ,. ., W . .,- - ' ll ,1V, W 4 l e ssl A ' 's A spirit from the past-Eichman comes baclc. More "stuff" F.'E. R. A. subsidiz- ing. Alphas - little and big. Feet. Part of the staff on the staff car. Tri Sigs. What out- standing uni-form-ity. Anonymous. Two of a lcind. "l'lich" hilcers. Must be a hitch to it some- place. ll 1""w STQP . l1 ATT. 5 fx - P5147 IDANH ELLENIC OFFICERS Elsie Boemlcer President . I . . Delta Sigma Epsilon Gertrude Carr . . Recording Secretary . Sigma Sigma Sigma Dorothy Glaze I . Corresponding Secretary . . Theta Sigma Upsilon Sophie Lee Husman . . Treasurer . . . Alpha Sigma Alpha Annie G. Harris . Sponsor . . Pi Kappa Sigma PANHELLENIC is an organization composed of two active membersgand one alumnae member ol each of the tive social sororities ot the campusj lts purpose is to encourage all sororities to tal4e an active interest in all school and college activities and to discuss mutual sorority problems such as the regulation of rush dates, bid day, cost of parties and the lilce. , . ui Panhellenic has shown its interest also in civic welfare problems. During the past year needy families were adopted at both -l-hanl4sgiving and Christmas holiday seasons and provided with those things which would be ot the greatest value to them. ' To encourage high scholastic standing, panhellenic has awarded, during the past two years, a loving cup to the sorority with the highest scholarship record maintained over a period ol, a year. The First year Delta Sigma Epsilon was the recipient of this award. This year it was passed to Alpha Sigma Alpha. ln case any sorority maintains the highest record over a period ot three consecutive years, the cup will become permanently the trophy ol that group. When the cup was awarded to Alpha Sigma Alpha, a tea was given at which the entire membership ol each organization was present. This was the outstanding social activity of Panhellenic during the year. Top row: Boemker, Cari 7 . Bottom row: Glaze, l-lusman, I-lanley, Krohn, Marksberry, Marr, Pape, Bartholomew Q l ' Page148 1. Page 149 Nl" 5 tg:,,f,L,,. X ,J 44: ,I 1lfV,1.,. -f, sts Ligii 13015 ?7195'tf A f 'i 1 SIG A SIGMA SIGMA fag u gl i rpg-1 Qyxftq 5 OFFICERS a rg, Mary Carolin . .Ui ' gllgtwf,-4 Krohn J l' .L . . . . Virginia Carr . Ijllfo '95 S9 4: Sue Robinson Juanita Foster . X Gertrude Carr Dorothy Hill Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . . . Treasurer Keeper oi Grades ' .xgffbfff Qfv . . 4GwPf0S?jl. .X P 4- 6 f P oo H flyzqikprofvzn - M -. If sz' Anna Stone . VW' . Q ,7 . .... Sentinel Frances Thomas . QQ '56 40'o06vbi'bL'!4. . Triangle Correspondent Miss Gladys Goss fmloqpw. 4X,7250,,yy . . . . Sponsor ef 4 can ogoonggpyf FUR the past twenty years, Nu Chapter o Si a Sigma Sigma has been active on the campus oi Warrensburgis State Teachers College. Sigma Sigma Sigma was the First educational sorority to be located in C. M. S. T. C. During these years igma Si . Vice-Pre i enp "9 Li' Sigma has endeavored to progress step by step and uphold her high Many Sigma Sigma Sigma girls have been honored by having Beauty Queen, l-lonorary Major, and most popular Girl lmmediately following rush weel4 this year Sigma ,EL ma who are to aid us in our worl4 next year. Nu Chapter of Sigma Sigma Sigma always aspi s 'Q C. M. S. l-. C. To our Alma Mater we dedica r achi and when we go out into the world. Jf' Top row: Krohn, V. Carr, Robinson, Foster, G. Carr, l-lill, Stone, Thomas Middle row: Dorrance, Kemble, Thieman, Breeze, Atkinson, Crick, Starne, Wells Bottom row: Tyler, Keirsey, Wood, Wagoner, Adair, Phillips, Barr, Jones r A 'I VXI! l - ' A DI IKAIDDA SIGMA OFFICERS y r Marjorie Hanley . . . . . President Helen Gilbert . . . Vice-president Lois Corson . . . Recording Secretary Marjorie Fay Caldwell . Corresponding Secretary Ruth Houser . . . . Treasurer Frances Winfrey . . . . Editor Rosemary McCloskey , Keeper ol the Archives Mary Alice Sawyer . Sergeant-at-Arms Miss Annie G. Harris . . Sponsor Pl KAPPA SIGMA Sorority is the oldest member of the Association of Education Sorori- ties. Lambda Chapter, at Warrensburg, was installed May QQ, 1920. Since the time of its establishment, Lambda Chapter has been recognized by the faculty and students, as well as by the townspeople, for its spirit of cooperation, and for the honors it has won. The Pi Kappa Sigma girls are recognized on the campus for their friendliness, scholastic achievement, and participation in extra-curricular activities. Pi Kappa Sigma is represented in Kappa Delta Pi, Alpha Phi Delta, Alpha Phi Sigma, Pi Kappa Delta, W. A. A., Canaeries, Drum and Bugle Corps, Qrchesis, Qrchestra, lnter- mediate Grade Club, and Crescendo Club. Members of Pi Kappa Sigma have been chosen lor May Queen, Beauty Queen, and Most Popular Girl. There are also Pi Kappa Sigma girls holding offices in each of the classes this year. Top row: l-lanley, Gilbert, Corson, Caldwell Middle rowi l-louser, Xxfinfrey, McCloskey, Sawyer, Utz, Swanson, Conrad, l-l. Holland Bottom row: B. Holland, Bartholomew, Miller, Durley, Schofield, Jones, Ream, Wells A l Page150 QV' t l fx 'Gear ,,,,,.. a f'f-.a"t ' ' v l l ,r i I E li I an Z l yl L OFFICERS r Elsie Boemlcer . . . . . President " Fern Dieflfini-I - . . Vice-president l Dcnna Alger - . Corresponding Secretary RUbY FGYG TYICT . Recording Secretary Elizabeth Snyder . . Treasurer Corinne Taylor . . Chaplain Katl1fYn Marr - Sergeant-at-Arms i Mary Louise Boyce . . Historian l Miss Elizabeth Callaway Sponsor DURING our 1934 Conclave at Santa. Barbara, California, psi Cliapter received recog- l nition in various vvays. Margaret Lee Pittman, an alumna member, was elected as ' National Business Manager of tlie Slwield, our official publication, Ada Vye Kelly and l Elizabetlw Daniel, botli Former presidents, were appointed to national committees, and - Elsie Boemker, our 1934 president,,vvas voted to,betl1e "ideal sorority girl". - l ln addition to tlwese lionors, psi Cliapter is to act as co-lwostess cliapter lor tlie 1936 conclave, to be lweld in St. Louis, Missouri. Elsie Boemlcer, our president for tliis year, also is serving as president oi Panliellenic. ln a remaining vvord, vve vvislw to express our sincere ,appreciation to tlwe faculty and pi tlwe college administration for their splendid cooperation in our various activities. 'L' W s'iA s t ' fl LL. l li i H l ii if i 'I ,l i i ig L l P 4 at L i 1, lb f Top row: Boemker, Dierking ly il ' Middle row: Alger, Tyler, Snyder, Taylor, K. Marr, Boyce, Raber, Mosby 5 I Q 1 2 5 Bottom row: Knittle, Lowry, Leflnolz, Landsiedel, Hudson, Clawson, McPherson, L, Marr 5 i 5 4? J la-,li lt i Page 151 I -L-L gigs . i , l . N ,LW ,v.Y1 ..,. f Q r,.q ,E i 1, - ' 4 L ,ill 'R 'R bk' ' x ALIDHA SIGMA ALIDHA OFFICERS s . President Sophie Lee Husman . . . . Vice-President . . Secretary . Treasurer . . Registrar . . . Chaplain . . Editor oi Phoenix . Collegiate Representative Rosa Pape . Marguerite Harrison Ruth Sandford . . Mary E. Coleman Vivian Sutton . Regina Myers . Martha Corrigan Mrs. Maude C. Nattinger . . . . V. Sponsor Alzpl-lA SIGMA Al.l3l-lA was founded November 'l6, 'l9O'l, at Virginia State Normal School in Farmville. The sorority vvas founded by tive Virginia girls. - Zeta Zeta Chapter of Alpha Sigma Alpha was installed in 'l9'l9, being the second sorority to be organized on the Warrensburg campus. This organization had Formerly been lcnovvn as the XX Club. There vvere thirty-tvvo charter members. , Mrs. Fred M. Sharp, an alumna oi Zeta Zeta Chapter, vvas reelected last year as national president oi the sorority in its National Biennial Convention at Qld point Com- iort, Virginia. This year Mrs. Sharp is also president oi National Panhellenic. Last Fall, Alpha Sigma Alpha vvas presented the Scholastic Cup, given each year by the local panhellenic organization to the sorority having the highest scholastic stand- ing during the year. Top row: Husman, Pape G Middle row: Harrison, Sandford, Coleman, Sutton, Myers, Corrigan, Scotten, Leber Bottom row: Strother, Elliott, Dudley, Curtis, Tavis, Brown, Massey, Crick 5 r ri Page152 r, 1,4 3237? ,rl Q ,v,.V,l, Q, ,1,f.Q...-ixrfl , , TH ETA SIGMA UDSI LUN OFFICERS . Dorothy Glaze . r . . , President Mildred Sodeman . Vree-lDreSgdenr Helen Hartwig . . , Secretary Mary Lee Marlcsberry Treasurer Frances Pinder . . . Editor Miss Louise Schoen Faculty Advisory U CHAPTER of Theta Sigma Upsilon has enjoyed another pleasant and successful year. Much has been accomplished toward developing the organization in its history and its connection with the College. F Nu Chapter was installed on this campus May 3, 1929, an outgrowth ol the Omega Epsilon ,Sigma sorority. At the present time the active members are all engaged in two or more extra-curricular activities. X Much of our progress is due to the l4indness and considerations of the Faculty, the Patrons, the Patronesses, and the 'tovvnspeoplef' From our sponsor, Miss Schoen, comes an inspiration to high ideals and thoughts. The entertainments of the Sorority have been varied and interesting. The outstand- ing annual events of the year that have been celebrated in an appropriate manner are: -l-he Rose Fete, Minerva Day, Winter Formal or pledge Dance, Courtesy Day, and Founders Day. r -Fo the ideals and traditions of our College vve consecrate our eFForts while vve are in school so that vvhen vve go out into the world others may have them and respect them as we do. ' Top row: Glaze, Sodeman, l-lartwig Bottom row: Marksberry, Pinder, Wills, Braden, l-lall, Dicus, Larkin, Ryland , Page153 l - r ..Q,sxifi.,gfu L. ,ani H . fe- I :KE 1-- ' Q l r il- ii ,i ' i if :rf il wi 'i ri lla lst r. ill IPL ,Y 'i l l l l l i i fi l H El if Q 5 1' lb 5 1 1? tl 1? tl 4? ll it .5 el it I NTEIQ-FIQATEIQNITY CUIJNCI L OFFICERS . Robin Stoclcman . . . . Secretary-Treasurer E. -L. Jacobs . . Sponsor Representatives Robin Stoclkman . . . . Sigma Tau Gamma Leland Culp . Sigma Tau Gamma lrl A. Glaclfelter . Sigma Tau Gamma Edj Garnett Phi Sigma Epsilon George Peak . Phi Sigma Epsilon 'Louis Alley Phi Sigma Epsilon Tl-llf inter-Fraternity Council is an association composed oi three members from each oi the two Fraternities and a chairman selected from the Faculty. The Council was organized in 1929 when the second fraternity, Phi Sigma Epsilon, placed an active chapter here in addition to the already existing Alpha Chapter of Sigma Tau Gamma, organized in 19520. The purpose of the Council is to promote a friendly understanding and harmonious relationship between the two groups. The council regulates rush-week dates, eligibility requirements, and any matters which may have to do with the common interests oi the fraternities. At least one meeting each quarter is held, usually at the beginning of the term. The lnter-Fraternity Council is the corresponding organization oi the fraternities to panhellenic, which governs the sororities, t Stockman Culp Gladfelter Garnett Peak Alley Amr I Page 154 i Robin Stoclcman . President Irl Glacllelter Vice-President Leland Culp . . Secretary Roclney Fitch . Corresponding Secretary .lolmn Brancl . . Treasurer GGOYSG Price . Saga Correspondent Wilson Morris Sergeant-at-Arms Dr. Emmett Ellis . Sponsor SlGMA TAU GAMMA was founded at C. M. S. l. C., Warrenspurg, June 28, 1920, and was nationalized at Emporia, Kansas, Qctoper, 1924. It is the oldest national social fraternity operating exclusively in the teachers college and normal school Field. The early record ol the fraternity reads: "During the month oi roses, 1920, there was porn in the minds ol a certain group ol college men who had their own as well as the pest interests of the heart, an idea for a social Fraternity. The announce- ment ol this birth was made on the morning ol the twenty-eighth of June, when, in some unlcnown manner, a list oi thirty names ol men who might be interested was posted on the Bulletin Board at an unusually early hour, with the request attached that the men meet that afternoon lor what, to them, was an unknown purpose." From this humble but glorious beginning has come the national Fraternity that is deemed to ranl4 along side ol the pest in allied Fields. Top row: Stockman, Gladlelter, Culp, Fitch, Brand, Price, Lentz, Callison K I ' Middle row: Landreth, Musselman, Marler, Smith, Walkup, LaRue, Browning, Ballew V v Bottom row: Carroll, Clark, l-lorton, Jones, Kilmer, Calvert, Riley, Millard if Page 155 'age 61:5 ,f x , ,, N, G' ,,,cWc,,.-M. V .ft-X V- '- X 1? ,fri Q Bottom row: Schultze, Sodeman, Theiss, J. C. Truman, Waters, Whitmer, Ash, Fi Truman, Lauderdale, Mueller x 5 , ' 1 'T-.Q-. I1 Fl IT Fl DHI SIGMA EDSILUN OFFICERS . . . . President . Vice-President . Secretary-Treasurer . . . Sentinel . Corresponding Secretary , . . l-iistorian Advisor Louis Alley . John Brannon , Lawrence Simmons George Peak . I Melvin Cole John Wells . Clay J. Anderson l-ll KAPPA ALl3l-lA, a local fraternity, vvas organized in the fall ol 1929. It con- tinued as this organization until the spring oi 1931 vvhen it became lota Chapter oi Phi Sigma Epsilon, a national teachers college fraternity. ' Although Phi Sigma Epsilon is the youngest Greek organization on the campus, it has played an important part in college activities. Always active in athletics, Phi Sigma Epsilon vvon the intramural basket ball championship in 1933 and the soccer champion- ship in the fall ol 1933. They were runners-up in the intramural basket ball champion: ship in 193-4. 9 - prominent national members include Dr. Clarence C. Little, former president of the Universities ol Maine and Michigan, Gabby Street, lormer manager oi the St. Louis Cardi- nals, and paul Whiteman, orchestra leader. , ,,,V, I 7, ... J , gqvl A . C W, .I ,, W, , .--- ,. , W . , .t 1. X, X , f Q H 21, f-'- ' 2, .pgfif 52 ' f 'i s- , 1371, 5 Q.. .ft f Q 1 f ' 'Pl X 9 "" , a Y ' ' ' 1- Y 113, ff -, . ' T -,r,. 'r.r -V 4555 . f...' ' ' .," ' . X- ' V fiaa sm- t 'Y . Aa . ' .1 . -- 52-fttf' f 'LQ'flip?f"f,-fit?-3.5 , ,XX ,, A M., , . q.,,- gf 4. 'I -shi-'4TffTiQijYS'?i " ,--, -' - -1'f s f . A ' V i q w, 1 '..' , 'a-' " it A fr . y V. 1, I K. gy.. .A f . f--' ' e- 0 ' ., 5. :'.:,, 'QV -'V - uv .. . at . . ,.,. M144 f-.24 -, , 1 1 ' . ' V' 1334 A ' ,"' my " - . , ,. 1 . . Z f ,ive Y ,'..f ., -' A X H H W . l V- 1 .Q , 15 , . Cpziggfrlyv 1: I Q" X34 ,ij-'W5 ,, K -- QKQQQZ, Z , 4' fgffgv . . ' 5:51 L . -'Avi ' 53 I 'V Q- P Qivivfgijtisl it ' ' .,, 6, . ,. A 5,..,Z.,,iH X X , A ., VA, , K ,,,f.,,,K 1, 2 .,, 3, We s, I My . s. . 4 .V K I- Age tl A I 5. , ,JA Q Q x ml f av if if t." P A , ,f ' r - ta 1 . 1 t. I we - X saw 75 - fs . ., . fs t. . "f, i . i 2 X . 5- , ' - . X iff' f f . Q 1 44 KW mn -. - f . -, .- f- . V. 'r af. . I w f . ' Si 'fix R fs . "',- "iii '- f' f s"" I " 5 :Y Q' V , - I , . f. ,,g..1.,-W . ' 43 at ' .Q wr, f- ,+ A gfa '- . ,, tax: X 5 at f - , as gr- ,ffm y v- 1 awww - Q 'r ' :sr f - rr ' ef .... P' id, ' Q ,L 3 Q fx, , E-fa--'J ,r -as , , . Top row: Alley, Brannon, Simmons, Peak, Cole, Wells, J. Marshall, Myers . Second row: Morgan, Phillips, Roselle, Looney, Probert, A. Marshall, Bailey, Basham, C. Bueker, K. Bueker 3 Third row: Cunningham, Frazier, Cuolay, Garnett, Gates, l-lolland Jung, Kubiak Sutton Linton i.E..,. x Page 156 l Page 157 7 k M3 4- 1 K? 1 I f I K fiigl, aa fl." 'hug X Jifqcraa, C X 'N Ev-'3.-ffl' ' t if .ax ,uh X ll C P r .L l . 2WmWff A SCIENCE CLUB OFFICERS E. R. Foster . . . President George Price . Secretary Faculty Members E. L. l-lendriclcs Wilson C. Morris , l-i. A. phillips Ella Groenwold James Gralwam lf. C. Cockeiair E. P. Foster Julia l-latz Mrs. Maude Nattinger -l. D. Glaze Tl-lE Science Club was organized in 1909. Since tlwat time it nas enjoyed a membersliip of nearly 5,000 llwe club includes tlwe science iaculty,tl1ose students Wlwo are majoring or minoring in science, and students Wlwo enjoy being informed in scientific Fields. . The purpose of time club is to iurtlwer tlwe interest in science and to bring a closer rela- tionslwip between faculty and student body. -l-be club meets tlwe second Monday ol eaclw montlw. lime programs are made up and presented by tlme lweads ol tlfie various science departments tlirouglwout time year. ff". .ii "I Page 158 ' 3 ,, . GGWQ' CLIJI3 OFFICERS 1 R i ii D 6 P OW - . . . . . President Palll l-HWS - Vice-President Elbert Shores . , Secretary Robert Wells Sergeant-at-Arms THE Club was First organized February '17, 'l9Q'l, under the name of the Emblem Club, for those men who had earned their letter by sufficient vvorl4 in Football, basket ball, or track. ln January, 1927, the name was changed to the present one, but the qualifications For membership and the general purpose remained the same. The Club may always be depended upon to loyally support any movement that is for the best interest of the college. The real motive of the club is to establish the idea of fair play into the minds of its members. As regards the importance of the club on the campus, the most popular man, as a rule, is a member of the Club. Albert Steiner, the most popular man of this year, is a member of the club, and is really Worthy of his honor. . Page 159 A ,mwwi , l l A i l i, lt, ill 'i ffl tai il Ili 'i l i i il' I 1 i, - ,, . l. l i I i ,l ii if s i ML l l .l i V i 1 i i i i i f Q su if .2 at I- Al l I J . W i 1 I 4 1 .rf I. i, 1- 1 if i it i -! 5 H -x -. ,mfs 9.17 .V - TH If CANAEIQI ES OFFICERS Minnie Sevy . President Helen Gilbert . . Treasurer Mac Coleman . Vice-President Fina Chiodo . Drum Major Mary H. Robinson' . E Secretary Miss Amy Roop . Sponsor Tl-liz Canaeries is a pep organization iounded in 1926 by a grcap of students led by Elizabeth Ferguson, a senior, and sponsored by Ruth Maybovver, instructor oi physical education. From year to year it has grovvn larger and better and novv has a drum and bugle corps oi thirty-four instruments. To become a Canaerie, a girl must be attractive, must have good rhythm, must be a loyal supporter oi all school activities, and Finally, must shovv some ability to play a bugle or a drum. She must have grades averaging HS", and must be voted in by a three-iourths majority oi the active membership. ln 193Q the Canaeries organized its present drum and bugle corps, starting with Q5 members. Their purpose is to support the home team at all athletic events, to cultivate a spirit oi Fairness, and to help promote all school activities. The drum corps arouses interest throughout the student body and gives organized support to the various teams of the school. Besides this, they present attractive and striking performances as they drill in their red and vvhite uniforms vvith brass bugles and red and vvhite drums. 3 w 5-1 1 ,., Page 160 i LL I fir' V U ii YUUNIE WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSUCIATIUN OFFICERS Helen Hartwig . . . . . president Anna B. Shuclc Vice-President Frances Pincler . . Secretary Virginia Baldwin . . Treasurer Rosalind Ingalls . . Social Chairman Mary Helen Meyer . Music Chairman Helen Hall . . program Chairman Roberta Rice . Publicity Chairman Suzanne White . . Religious Chairman Vivian Sutton . . . lnt. Relations Chairman Miss Louise Martin .......... Faculty Sponsor THE Young Women's Christian Association ot C. M. S. T. C. is an organization Whose purpose is the development of Christian character in its members, the uniting oi all the young Women oi the institution in Christian fellowship, and the training for a creative lite. Any Woman oi the college may be a member of the Association provided that she is in sympathy with the purpose of this organization. The V. W. C. A. is a national organization founded many years ago and has for its symbol the blue triangle. The V. W.,s regular meetings are held each Thursday afternoon at 3:30 olcloclc Visitors are alvvays vvelcome. Page 161 i 'TL i if li 5 X . i I 'i 5.1 l iii :fi 15 is me i fl . .Q ls: 1 'Q sf' 2 .i it 1? J -Q- A. 5 1 I 4'- 1 , at fl' . '1 if P if '4 ASSDCIATIUN FUI? CHILDHDUD EDUCAT DN OFFICERS Kathryn Marri . . . . , President Geraldine Straw . . Vice-president Acla Berniece Brown . . Secretary-Treasurer Miss Aruba B. Charlton . . . Sponsor Tl-ll? Association for Childhood Education, formerly the Primary Council, was organized in 1915, and is now nationally l4nown as the Association for Childhood Education. The purposes of this association are to stimulate a greater interest in early childhood educa- tion and to promote higher ideas of service, heartier co-operation among primary teachers- and a greater knowledge of the new methods and materials used in the teaching profession. I ' Meetings are held bi-monthly. The meetings are largely in the hands of the members. Experiments are made with activities which include puppetry, dramatization, games, songs, and clay modeling. Qther meetings are devoted to educational programs which consist of tallcs on professional subjects by the members and the faculty. Qnce each term a party is given: Fall Quarter, a picnic, Winter Quarter, a Christmas and a Valentine party, Spring Quarter, a banquet. These parties add to the social training which each primary teacher feels is necessary to a successful achievement in her field of worl4. Page 162 r r t X i INTERMEDIATE GIQADE CLUB OFFICERS Marjorie Fay Caldwell . . . . . president Frances Wilcoxon . . Vice-President Ruth Barnes . . . . Secretary-Treasurer Miss Delta M. Neville . . . . Sponsor Miss Gertrude Hosey . Faculty Member THE intermediate Grade Club vvas organized in the Fall oi i925 under the sponsorship oi Miss l.yda l-lale, the intermediate grade supervisor. There were twenty-tive charter members. - The membership consists oi students vvho teach in the department, students vvho major in the department, and students interested in grade vvorlc . The club strives to further the interests oi, intermediate grade teachers by bringing about iellovvship among them and aiding them with the problems vvhich will confront them as teachers in this department. The club sponsors the activities carried on by the pupils of the department: Hallo- vve'en party, Christmas play, Washington Tea, Easter program, and Qbservance oi Mothers Day. The club dues of tvventy-Five cents a quarter are placed in a Fund l4novvn as the inter- mediate Grade Loan Fund. Students who major in this department are eligible to the loans. sf ,,, x it .kije l Page163 ,ac y Q E if i 212 "'l'7 bKfg.,'g,jkw-jx'-jx, Q fx 1 7 i r i ,, CIQESCENDD CLUB OFFICERS Harold Linton . . . . pl'6SiCl2nt Frances Pinder . . Vice-President Mary Florence Frost . . Secretary Maurice LaRue . . Treasurer Helen Hall . Sergeant-at-Arms Mr. Paul R. Utt . . Sponsor Tl-lla Crescendo Club is the musical club of Central Missouri State Teachers College. It is composed oi students vvho are majoring or minoring in music and vvho have met the scholastic requirements of the club. The club vvas organized in 1924 vvith tvventy-three charter members. The purposes of the club are to cultivate a deeper appreciation oi good music in the college, to help in creating a good musical atmosphere in the club and in the school, and to co-operate in giving and supporting musical events on our campus. , F The present membership is approximately tvventy-Five. Meetings are held on the second and iourth Mondays oi each month, in Mr. Uttis studio. The meetings are devoted to various types oi programs consisting oi the study of composers, musicians, and the history oi music. These programs are given by diiierent members oi the club. They are ably assisted by the club sponsors. i Page I6-1 . president Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer :rgeant-at-Arms . Sponsor cliers College. o liave met tlwe lw tvventy-tliree nd music in tlwe be scl'iool, and 2 lweld on tl'ie gs are devoted and tlwe lwistory llwey are ably .. , , ,i,....-x , GLEE CLUB OFFICERS Harold Linton . Business Manager William Dunlap . Stage Manager Bernice Paddack . . Properties Mildred Sodeman . . Costumes Paul R. Utt . . . Director Orpha Morgan . Accompanist First Soprano First Tenor First Alto Baritone Evelyn Coleman Raymond Walker Nadine l-lausam l-larold Linton Frances Glover William Willdson Verna l-leusi l-lolt Sodeman Bernice l3addacl4 Second Soprano Second Tenor Second Alto Bass Dorotlwy Glaze William Dunlap Katlwryn Qldlwam l.avvrence Musselman Alpina l-larris Kennetlw Kresse Mildred Sodeman Wesley Niclwols Ann Wagoner r Tl-lE Glee Club is recognized as one oi tnelinest singing organizations in tlwe state. The Club gives many concerts in surrounding cities as vvell as outside tlwe district. ln Warrensburg tlwe Club is in demand for all types of community and college meetings, lurnislwing special music as vvell as giving entire programs. Eacli vvinter quarter an opera is given, and tliis year savv a Fine production oi tlwe Gilbert and Sullivan HGondoliers,' on Tlwursday, January 3'lst. llie Club also assists in tlwe giving ol tlie annual presentation oi tlwe UMessialiH in tlwe iall and is very active during tlie spring Music Week programs. Page 164 I 5151 -1- Z ' if . fs 1, Pr, 'age 165 ' N Q C ELL, nf,--Q ZLQRM K WWW ,gn , x W, ,,,,,.,-.,.,, , ,, -g.,C,,,+.-i M- ,V HWY-7 - A., , CY, +f-A----A f-ff-A---- - '- J i fhvgrtj --f-- ,--- - MN I'i li I' I' X . 4l gi i li , i,, i ij CULLEGE UIQCHESHQA H. A. Losson Director Tl-llS organization is made up ol students from the entire student body and the only requirement lor membership is that the applicant shall desire to play an instrument. ,The orchestra has about Filty members and is Fortunate enough to ovvn all ol the un- usual instruments needed to mal4e it a complete symphony orchestra. . The ability of the members is ol a high quality and the organization is able to play the finest type ol orchestra music. A concert is given each quarter, and the orchestra also plays for the oratorios given by the chorus and for the opera given by the College Glee Club, each year. The purpose ol the orchestra is to give the studentsthe pleasure and benelit of ,playing music by the famous composers and becoming prolicient on various instruments. KJ, .ti .. --. ,ii .L J Li,-1. J I Page166 l Q. , .. ., - 1- . V, J., ..cLsfs.g:aC"fg ,ff-. ,. .'12Q1'.Ig... ' 3' 66C0ME AND GET IT" Come on now let's all run down And seelc the jelly spots in town, For there youill see at quite close view Some Folks lid lil4e to show to you. YEAH, this is it. Go on, get in that bacl4 booth so l can tell you who all these people dre ...... See that bunch chatting over there so Fast that their colces and cigarettes have been utterly forgotten-thatjs the Tri Sigs-Uh, you've heard ol them beiorel What? Shhhhhhh-they might be insulted ...... That couple over there see-that's lvlay and lVlarth Adair. You l4now he always did go For those little gals, but he seems to be having a nice sharp razor run over his necl4 this time ...... See that boy with the mustache? Well,we have two prominent men on our campus who are trying to impress us with their age and importance by those hairy decorations some- where near an innocent cherub of a bow. There seems to be a hidden reason lor Bruce but For McConaughey, well, who needs any reasonl ...... And see l"lill over there, well, it's the Funniest thing. It seems she never goes out with the boys except when they temporarily are not going steady. And it always seems that after a little bit of her they are all ready to go back into the old saddle again ...... See that dame over there by herself-thatis Farrell commonly lcnown on this campus as HVenus.H She gave the boys quite a run for their money when she First came down here but either the money ran out or something ...... -l'hat's the little Crick girl with Banner. Remember the night that she stayed home and read a bool4 instead of going to the show and winning 5175. All oi which makes Banner a what? ..... 4. Yeah,they say Hl2ace- horsen is married-l wonder what he is doing these nights as she goes the rounds with the girls ...... Those are all pi Kaps.-l heard that one of their prominent leaders has a Santa Claus who sends just lots of lovely presents to the house-but l should say that another name for Santa might be more appropriate ...... Yeah, Sawyer got elected, and we're all just dying until May Pete-l could not decide between her and Donna so l just didnit vote ...... Who? Ch, that's Wertz and Soapy. You l4now she ran For a beauty cjueen, and was she surprisedl Soapy has been doing all right except lor the time he tool4 out For Kresse and since Kresse immediately tool4 out for home Cas usuall, it sort of died down ...... l-lere comes our popular man on the campus, Steiner. Sure he must be, lool4 who he goes with-you l4now the ul l4now the cutest jol4e about a blond and l told it in English class," Cand l nearly busted something when she didb. ln that next booth over there are Galen Boyer and Vaughn. Suprising how they have grown up, don'tyou thinlc? Such a short time ago they were just little boyshbut they were brought up by one ol our more important men on the campus who is noted for his fast worl4 ...... And all oithose Ais Vaughn mal4es in French spell Josephine or l'm wrong again ...... l-lere comes lvlyrt-our popular girl and m'ost deserving oi the title, and we sure lil4e her Cnot sarcasm either? ....... -l'here's Eddie Me Page 167 N F-in Cgvm ,WWW ,V ,.A, , wvrzisz-Mfg-sw-jf'-s wjisf- mi aj -ii 1 J 'lL l K ' qi., lk: ,ii Y - - , mf , , -,gy If 2' f 'A' ff 5--' ' " f'- 1, fr-112 V ff2ZZ4:'2'i5f:? f:5fQ5'Q?' viii' wif Q fft gi .1 and Dorris Nelson-you know sheis the only girl in town who could get away with Flat heels in an evening dress and Eddie too ....... That gal Hitting around these parts is Starne-okay but discretion was left out oi her make-up ....... l-lere come Daggs and Ziggie-they're supposed to be engaged but Ziggie blushingly denies it Cbelieve it or not? ....... Remember that girl whom you asked me about a while ago--well, there she isi no, it's Bettien la de da da da ....... Qi Gi here Comes Mary l.ou Thieman-they can'pull in all oi the sugar when she's around ....,.. Why, lnez,' oh why? ...... Now here is Mr. Cravens ....... Don't crowd, girls-we know how lovely that black waved hair is but you might muss him up a wee bit ....... Why are white shoes before it get hot? ...... And here comes Helen l-lolland ot the l"lollands oi Kansas City-whoop-de-doo ....... lhere's Wiklund and Kirk Miler-you know lvliler was one ol the Venus' 'boys but Estes Came along and lifted her eyebrows a couple oi times ....... Funny but the people whom l really wanted to tell you about didnit come in, but then you know its a line spring 'evening and stuti and things ....... -lheyire closing up the joint so let's shove on. ' PUOS TCD TUNS ln Warrensburg we have many types Qi gents and ladies lair. Those who primp and Fuss a bit And ones who do not care For all the nonsense that we like, But are content to be Quiet, nice and simple ln their obscurity. But those who love the pretty lights Youire always sure to Find ln little congregations With some people of their kind. They jelly round the town all day And jelly in the night, While those who love the simple life Can be found sleeping tight fsoundj. -l-heyive studied all their lessons Prepared for one more day While our little steppers sing vAnd play and play and play. But as in all true stories We all must not forget -lhereis supposed to come a day, But weive never seen one yet. ' -I.. R. L. Ha XgVii'v'i ig l ' in Page168 l S X 1 f THE IBIQAY SECTIUN HALL UF FAME NSTEAD oi the usual ismart crack, the remarks made here are really intended as compli- ments. These people, we feel, have good traits which actually make up ior their bad ones and in most cases excel their faults. Gretel Bartholomew-She combines beauty with personality and doesn't let on like she knows it. Everett Brenner-l-le minds his own business and doesnit cry about Fate. Johnnie Brown-Because he plays a good game of football and doesn't run the gals. Ralph Cameron-As a muleteer, there is no equal. Gertrude Ca rr Virginia Carr Ralph Dow-After all, he does take as much as he puts out. Coleman Ervin-l-le doesn't let his heart go ga ga. Juanita Foster-Because she's iaithiul to her friends. Edna Burl Gibbs-Because sheis a gocd gal who should have had her picture with the Tri Sigs. Helen Gilbert-Sheis an ardent disciple oi physical development but still sheis ok. lrl Gladfelter-Although love comes but once lor him, we like him. Lucille Greer--Because her personality and beauty are above the average and we like her. Herbert Hachenberg-Because as far as we have seen, he draws no criticism. Roy Harvey-A guard from l-larrisonville who isnit aitected by lite at the l-lotel Martin. Walter Heclcer-Although outnumbered, he wasnit afraid of the old towners. Because he ruled at l-lotel Martin. Dorothy Hill-Because she never lost her good judgment. l-ler personality is one of the best. Chris Jung-A hard worker? and a good guy. James King-A though the game is stiti for him, he is never grim. Paul Laws--Because he and Marie cannot be separated in our minds. Louise Lutz-You just can't blame her tor being what she is. Shes just Lutz and don't care. Joe A. Marshall-Because he's not as aggressive as some would have you think. fl Rube, Jr., Oglesby-Because he minds his own business and feels very little for anything 'or anyone. fe I1 George Peak-Because he never tails to show his ivory when he smiles. Ruth Sandford-Because sheill meet you hali way anytime. Minnie Ruth Sevy-Sheis a darn good sport ii ever-there was one. Certainly no one will question these two being herel 10 ... Elbert Shores-An exception to the rule. Four years in town would take the country out oi any boy like him. Dennis Ramsay-Little he cares about any big or little thing. J Frances Jo Thomas-Because sheill take just as many dares as sheill give. FI Neil Thompson-l-le never changes. Although he may be called sa sucker, he isnit troubled. l"le Fi L knows he's not one. ' I Linwood J. Van Horn-An athlete who really lives decently. We admire you, Lindy, for going to school with the odds so much against you. I ' fl jf Ted Wiklurnd-Because he's one person around here who is generally liked. 4 I-I 5 Bud Wollard-Because he works his way, minds his own business, and has gone with the same woman V lt lor over a year now. 5 f l Dale Woodfill-Because his good humor is perpetual and his speech unique. ly I Mary Frances Roberts-Because she appeals without trying to do so. i i William Strange-Just good old ul2edU to everybody. Mary Carolin Krohn-Because sheis a true blue friend ii you really know her. l-ler personality is un- excelled. Marjorie Hanley-Because she's a business woman who knows a good grab when she sees it comi Page 169 -SF , . . . f, fl . i.. . ,. , : . . . . ,..,g,.gg ,ff 414551.54 -fff V A -,. . c , ,. I I i FAMDUS CHAIQACTEIQS SITUATED GW far be it from us to say anything personal about Mr. Davis, Mr. Shafer, and Mr. Willard, but that doesnit mean that there isn't plenty that could be said. These three are the main members oi a most protligate and unscrupulous group oi college hey hay boys. The rascals are true lrequenters of places oi lovv resort. They travel together and thus joined, attempt to entice the gals into their hideouts. - This prison scene presents John Branncn to you folks. Qne oi the hot bloods of the campus. The lcnave had many political aspirations last fall and vvhen something slipped, he forsool4 his lellovv men and became alooi from all material things. Notice the pious loolc while in chains. Yes, sir, ioll4s, if one is unable to do anything else, always remember 'that one can leave this Foul, material vvorld and lool4 to seclusion for relief. We must introduce you to this iellovv. l-le is one oi the most vicious specimens on the campus, but he is so sly that the majority do not lcnovv oi his viciousness. We could paint a lucid and glittering protrait oi his Uirreproachablen character, but common decency vvithholds it. l-le vvas chris.tened Asa but the boys soon Found out his roguish qualities and, so because oi these qualities and his height, they changed his name to "Dol- Fuss." This snapshot represents part' oi the minor sports section. These boys are pool enthusiasts and spend their time attempting to get the eight ball in the side pocl4et. Cl-lell is empty and all the devils are here.D Melton Coleman Ervin is the gentleman with his Feet in the pan. Hcoleyn said he preferred vve vvouldn't tal4e his picture at this time because he really vvasnit at his best. Ervin is just another Sedalia boy vvho made good in Warrensburg. l-le plays many games. Golf is probably the most moral of all. Betty l-lolland is shown in a graceful pose. She is lcnovvn by the playboys around school as the UlQumba girlf' Betty annexed this title for her preference ol the dance as the name implies. Betty is a party girl at her best and declares a date successful vvhen she has inveigled the poor suclcer into taking her to -l-he Lantern. A 2 Page170 9 i ,t?"" 1 1 n Page 171 M V , 1 ' K 1 M, .,4i...L, , A. ,,, ...Q- xi 1 .f-snr, f- t ' A - - ' f - - ,N J + v X NX f X ' 1 f 7... Q? 9. 11.13. U f ,N nw Tfff ' fffzg E' I , ,Ei FAMUUS CHAIQACTEIQS SITUATED. ' THE gentleman in the jungle is none other than Lavvrence Musselman, one ot the lVlusselman jboys. Lawrence is the handy man around college, or, in iranker terms, the college nuisance. l-le is the kind of a tick vvho takes too active a part in too many things. lt is therefore impossible for himhto keep up and still mind his ovvn business. This situation pictures him where vve vvould like for him to go. l-le is reading to the native gal about lite, no doubt. This jail interior introduces Mr. Marion Evans Calias l.. Evans? and Mr. Dennis Ramsay Coi the Little Blue Ramsaysb. Mr. Evans is vvondering if he might come out. lVlr. Ramsay, hovvever, believes that he should linger a little longer and is relating to Mr. Evans a levv slices of his ovvn noble life as to the path he has iollovved in keeping on the outside of the bars. Qne vvould think that he would certainly mention the Fact that he is a mighty good track man, especially in the dashes. 'Pray notice that the monster is none other than our Vaughn. Vaughn bears the last name ol Salsbury. CWell knovvn in these parts. Eh, vvhat'?D As you may observe, Vaughn is grasping a fair damsel in his deiiled hands. You can easily see the mixed expression oi passion, joy, and mania. Vaughnie is never happy unless he has his clutches upon some poor, innocent maiden. You students have all noticed this blighter capering around school and probably will heartily agree that this characterization is excellent. The snapshot of James King and -l-routvvine is a contrast in tvvo Ways. The line up would look something like this: -l-routvvine + height 2 King -i- brains The last situation pictures l'l. Christopher Noll, Jr., ul-lenryn to his Friends, if he really has any. As you will notice, his legs have been shortened. This vvas done in order to get him in the page. We could not leave out his boots for they are as definite a part of him as his homely snout. It is indeed unfortunate that the various house mcthers could not be pictured with l-lenry lor vve understand that l'lenry claims to vvield an iron hand over them. Novv l-lenry, as the story runs, vvas all up in arms over the date ruling last vvinter, but as lar as vve can see, he couldn't do a helluva lot about it. Qnvvard, l'lenry, Qnvvardl lVlay your countenance improve, your boots muddy, and your authority stay as small as it is. This Sinclair iellovv is another menace to the youth oi our school, but in a ditierent vvay. Cn account of restrictive measures by the authorities, vve cannot go into great length about the base character oi this soak. We vvill say, hovvever, that this picture vvas snapped around tvvo Weeks alter he had entered the dive and, Finally, that vve are sorry that the Rhetor Ball vvas not held in the afternoon instead of at night. We are sure he rilvould have enjoyed it much more. , , if fi' . - i t i Q tm Page172 Page 173 NUTES UF WILL I3 SUUIQ LQQNEVwfAxccording to Webster, it is a person ofunsound mind. We have nothing but praise for Mr. Webster's definition, for the description is perfect. for the simple reason that vve canyt vvaste our space and vvorry on such a blighter, this article must neces- sarily be brief. You will always see Looney at the dances. A dance means a lot to him. It is a place where he may run amucl4 among other fellovvs' dates, flashing the Looney smirlc across his homely pan. -fo top the evening off, he usually throvvs in a couple of extra activities for good measure. For example, he may proceed, if things be a bit dull, to cross bacl4 and forth over the dance floor slapping the male or female dancers heartily upon the baclcand vvittily asl4ing, Ufxre you stucl4'?H Gr, if the dance be nearing the end, and the floor a bit crovvded, he may decide to gather in some unfortunate damsel and mal4e agwild run through the most congested part using her asa bumper. - l-lomer f-l. Aull is vvhat l call a fit specimen for a little discussion. Now this youth is a man vvith political aspirations. l-lis coups are not much short of strolces of genius in l-lomer's eyes. l-lomer believes that the future of the students of C. M. S. T. C. should not only be vvith the independent party, but also should rest upon his none too broad shoulders. Novv this gentleman is not only obsessed vvith the big shot Hcomplexf' but he brought dovvn from Liberty a brand of dance step that, as far as l can ascertain, is a cross betvveen a Russian Ballet and the frolicl4ings of a Jackass. We also cannot help but mention that Mr. fAxull's chest seems to have fallen to the mezzanine floor. Melvin Cole-Church Steeple with Ubats in the belfryf' Mary lf. Coleman.-A true blue Alpha. Generally lcnovvn as UMac,H Mary has been a great service to the independent party. Marion l:icl4as, a vveedy specimen vvho believes that by the use of his big mouth and numerous stentorian blasts from his vitals caused, undoubtedly, by gastric disturbances and poor environment, he can vvin hearty approval from his fellovvs. K Garrett l-lolland-l-le cravest the lost cause and callest out in vain.-lt has been vvritten that even a fool, vvhen he holdeth his peace, is counted vvise. Humphrey, J. R.-lt is vvritten-l-le goeth after her straightvvay as an ox goeth to the slaughter, as a bird hasteth to the snare and l4novveth not it is for its life. Mary E. Starne-lt is vvritten-The clamorous vvoman is foolish, she is simple and l4novveth nothing. Bernard McDermott-you would do vvell to carry this in mind: Temperance is a delicate vvench. Lois Corson, ripple muscles, racehorse, etc. The sun rises in Chilhovvee and sets there. The story is told that the only time HRacyH didnit go home to him on the vveel4-end gras the time he caught scarlet fever from Margie faye Caldvvell. .ix i :NX i AMA - Page 174 .1 . X 1 f Y,,w, Y, , KQW ,l , -Mm g v AWK, M-V wvwm, N-, . , , I F... . .--, ,.:a..H.:Qgiff?,f, was ' A, Au, f . DU VCU IYNUW g of anyone who is always hearing rumors and continues Fishing until he does hear some. of anyone who acts in the lowest capacity on the campus? Cl"lere,s hoping you're not a stool-pigeon.D ol anyone who would try to prohibit what is really legal? of anyone who has really lowered the morale of the college? the two teachers on the campus who teach to be liked by everyone and are held in supreme esteem as a result? Did you ever take English 'or Art? why outsiders are admitted to dances and students are blamed lor what they do? why some students insist that they must be Hhappyi' whenever they come to a school dance? i Doubtless every campus has its phraseology. ll you were to spend some hours oi the day at Riggles' or Candyland, perhaps you could catch those terms which are applicable on the campus to certain things. Every group of jelliers, and there are a very great many groups of both boys and girls, has its terms. The following was overheard at various times during the past few months: Group one enters. Their pastime seems to be smok- ing, and in a short while the Following terms are heard used: Fag, snipe, weed, rope- in-paper, nicotene, stimulant, roll-o-bull-, drag, cig, smoke. The next group either live in the past or the near luture and are telling oi recurrences or plans. Perhaps you too have heard-l-lowl, herd, bark, lox, cattini, creepini, messini, playini, partying. r Again one might hear a discussion involving: jane, broad, brawl-squaw, overpush, playgirl, hag, it, easy-iairie, putout, stuti, oiled, soaked, polluted, sipping, tight, lubri- cated, happy, or boiled. A particular group wishes to be frank and says in the course ol their discussion such things as bag, eager, inebriate, empty, moll, and biddie. Then Uleave us go" places to hear more colloquialism. It will indeed take a great rf-' rf' deal of thinking to make anything out oi what has been heard. l"low good is your r ing at this time? Page 175 . ,.. 'ff .74 yy XA 9,1 ,, 7 ,X fri, 5 .V ' gf: . 'Y f' ef' fy! fic " - , ' ' ' Crisp iillfd 441-ff . ff' 'A-.T " " "" ' 1 '- 1 T. if , ' ....,... i,'ff 'l N -lil' - TJ, 1, ' tit! .vs I lg , iii T1 lf JUST IMAGINE! :i i- 4 i , , , , . i ., 5 l i al T Q ll . , I i , , - i . T . 'fl -. if l ' i T l Nik H 5 V viii l. I li l 7 .ml. - ill' ill T . si it ll if l ll . ill , llzf i i ii! i ill r V -.ii l i'lf! , it I ,l ' ul - ll I il , III . ii. f"':l yi'l n i n Q 4 3 1-'-R 1 l l' " l , . i - -'N l 1 'i I it T .5 l 53 Lf iilT fi Ill ll iltl n ii ill VE i,. i agar H VI l is jg ,lil ii iii ,l .r, ii sill Wi!! n ' pix tml! W2 il , will il lf i Mlisl fi l s 4.4. l' 'i' X i .. iilil 2 2 'ig if 1 2 ,1 L1lx,,t l' 'S i I r i-1 ': lil 1 'a F 1 2 : ll, i , it , i lli 'li f l f' ' ugly ' I il! if lil wt llil :Mvfz if, . T, 1908-1918-1935 1918-1935 1908-1918-1935 1918-1935 We Quit! This is all! We are Finished! We want to be overjoyed but still fear that it is only a dream and that we will awaken to the, fact that there are still some more pictures to cut and pastef still some more copy to come back and to be rushed to the printers. The book may or may not meet with your approval. There is this that we can say in regard to the 1935 Rhetor. We have tried our best and we have spent many long hours in preparing this book for you. Anyway, we are going to bed now. We hope you will pardon our errors. Smiles of pleasure, smirks of hate, and sneers of scorn will come too late- What is is done! You either got a bargain or youive got hooked. Please don't whimper when you know it's too late! +The Editor. Personal choice for best looicing girls in- tramural baslcet - ball team-The Pi Kappas. Bill poses-the cam- pus mascot. We dedicate this page to Gret. She's OK. Part of the opera- ancl what-a part. UGH! Anonymous. The Alphas-Gocl's gift to the lnciepenclent party. OH YEAH! Not as bad as it looks. May iete-1934. Wi l 'R , 4 1 Q 2 2 hw . Tl-lE publication of a yearboolc, as everyone on the stahl has lound out, is no easy taslc. When there is worlc to be done, it must be done, and when everyone worlfs, as this picture shows, it is done. l-lowever, this is only one picture. The majority ol such pic- tures, had they been tal4en, would show two people rather than nine, but those two people have really enjoyed their worl4. f g CNOt solicitedl CLipo will grow hair on a billard ball. Note above photoj hx. ff w. x are-2, -,," X..-mf. 4 i USE LIPO HAIR GROWER lts positive growing action is guaranteed. Dear Sir. l have used l.ipo and now my girl Friends are crazy about me. My political ambitions are realized. l am a social power. l will recommend l.ipo to all my friends. s Lovinglyyours i The Bearded Lady Page 178 Portrait--Studio MRS. LAURA B. JONES Lobban Bldg. O "Photography Liahea' E with Art" Dillon' "I'll be off that bench before longg at least that's what my Says-77 t HARTS HAMBURGER SHOP ' Wvafrmshurglv Leading I The Place That Stucientf Cut-Rate Druggiwj Frequent Moxt 4 133 E. PINE STREET PHONE 145W Solicits Your Patronage Scarborough: "Any dumb-bell could Work this problem. Now watch me." ' I FREE DELIVERY NEW YORK SHOE SHOP E Shoes Made to Order and Repaired N H P 8 A. s. NASSIE, Proprifzor ZOO ' OLDEN ' HONE 59 204W S. HOLDEN STREET VVARRENSBURG MISSOURI Pg 179 FI Il F I' 2. mqk NN 4: li lla? ! E V4-fer I will xp D. J. KNUEPPEL Photograph er It has been a pleasure to make the photographs for this publication and We Wish to express I our gratefulness to the faculty and students for their confidence and splendid co-operation. Knueppel's Portrait Studio Horne of Fine Portraits A WARRENSBURG, MISSOURI WE soL1c1T YOUR MAIL oRDERs THE COLLEGE STORE If 1t'J Urezl In School, ' We Have fl Then the Editor met Starne. The road to Pertle was kept hot. Even the squirrels recognized them as they shot by. F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. 5-Io-CENT STORE We Are Glad to Help C. M. S. T. C. Whenever' Pofrible 'S PHARMACY w.aEaaisB'a:Q'a,f40. ll, Step right up and call me , N . WA, f'sPEEDo" kd U :lj ll GINGHAM INN Student Headquarters' for EATS AND DRINKS I And then there's the affair between Kenneth Marler and Nlargaret Burris that blofsorneel forth in all its beauty this spring. CITY STEAM LAUNDRY Lattrtdry-Wafhed Clothef Guard Health PHONE roo WARRENSBURG NIISSOURI s s' A I I -Jr WINS' l Page 180 lm l I -.r.---:1:- -g,g. ngg. 13 HEBERLING SHOE CO. Look Az Your Shoes Everyone Elie Doe: 208 N. HOLDEN PHONE IQIR Sevy is perfect proof that athletic ability doesnlt necessarily command social respect. It is indeed doubtful if the Pi Kappas have ever paid for their ex- tensive May Queen campaign adver- t1SlI1g. RHETOR-A receptacle for surplus intellect of the intellectual seniors. The Book of the Hour. QYou are no exception. Wait until you get the chance.j LEARNING TO SAVE SHOULD B E A P A R T O F E V E R Y - ONE'S EDUCA- TION ELECTRICITY The Modern Eye Servant Abraham Lincoln studied by candle light and proved his sturdy eyes could "take itf' Today, electricity provides right light, eliminating eye- strain and its serious conse- quences. It's no longer neces- sary to endanger eyes because of inadequate light. MISSOURI PUBLIC SERVICE co. CURLEE CLOTHES - STETSON HATS ARROW SHIRTS-BRADLEY SWEATERS PHOENIX Tres Styled for Young llflen DUNHAM CLOTHING CO. , HOLDEN-HEAD OF PINE Adair, from Chilhowee, requested some mention. Here it is. MAINSTREET THEATER Bring: To You the Bert of Pictures To those that we have handled a little roughly in the foregoing pages, we extend our most sincere sympathy and hope for their Jlow recovery. P ge 181 i 7 1, L. .av-:M gjyfgiggg U N. I2 I f I r Y l.,.EL-L,- -,,..,.ll... , ' ""'n I I5 . - IF I If X A HT me I 1 la pf. 4.4 1, gf ,if If 1. .I ll If f ff Il fi " H L" ' ily' ,ILJIO 5 - xx If-we 'error -If-I-' : ,, ,if fi' , V Qffg,--'-if - A THE THIRSTY THIRTEEN I. Bettien, Sophie 2. Gilbert, Helen 3. Crick, Essie Bell 4. Coleman, Ma-ry E. 5. Dicus, Virginia 6. Katherman, Nadyne 7. Estes, NIardelle S. Woodward, Liz 9. Bidstrip,,Adda Io. 'Deane, Harriett I I. Swetman, NIa'rtha I2. Sevy, hflinnie 13. Collins, lVIary Frances 4 , X- -L .X E I 'IA-Sf0Il'E'f1I ll M090-llfllcllhlnitn .5 "' T1 Z !iD..l5mrmm', I HOME-MADE ICE CREAM AND CAKE The Accepted Dessert For All Occasions c'Meet Your Friends Az Our Fountezina' COMPLETE LUNCHROOM SERVICE V You IfVill Also Find Your Favorite Assortment of MRS. STOVER7S CHOCOLATES at Our Store Riggles Store South of the Compu: on Maguire Street FREE DELIVERY PHONE 553 SHEPARD'S DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, LADIES' FINE COTTON FROCKS For Sixty Year: the Dry Goodf Sfore of lVa1're1z.5bufg When Chris came to school, a thigh, hot wind blew from Higginsville to Vifarrensburg and has been raging here O since the day he enrolled. Were you ever Hthe crowd?,' STAR THEATRE c4Where C. M. S. T. C. Students Have Enjoyed Themselves for Many Years." Lost! Faith in womankind. No reward is offeredg it can't be returned. R. F. E. H. BASTON 81 WRAY INSURANCE AUTO LOANS CONNOR-WAGONER SMART VVIEAR FOR WOMEN Whe1'e College Girly Like io Shop Brannondin love with himself, and has no competition whatever. V ,T 5, 5.-1-Lex cttw - f Qi-,I LQ A Page IS2 li, .1 Q if S i .lat1' i W1 ' I f ' Wys- gx ,nr-L , s.-zrvsafgg, , ,M - ,,.... 3,q.s4 -. L TAPPANEWKEG I. Davis, "Stinky', 2. Gladfelter, Trl A. 3. Humphreys, "Justice" 4. Helms, Marvin 5. Nunn, Woodrow 6. Wells, Joe Ram 7. lXfIcConaughey, Wilfred 8. Kilmer, John A 9. Willard, Clyde Allen U 0 That Fine Drug Store Where They Do Almost Any- thing to Please a C O O. O. -Q 0 Io. Moore, Ben E. Cuswmef II. Price, George B. 12. Jung, Chris A I3. Brannon, John lXfIUsIC Boorx-is ' 2 I 0 LANTERN BARBECUE 2 ' Q . Wert of Holden 9 S A GOOD PLACE TO SPEND A PLEASANT EVENINC 0 ' 9 g BEST 2 , A P A , g WISHES g THE STAR-JOURNAL z , DAILY AND SEMI-VVEEKLY 2 I Commfrcial Printing 2 - 9 PHONES 123 ee 124 Q O ' 0 O : Cf0Zf1f1fLgfy YOMTS Why do some boys go for the Pi z Kappas?-Because they give birth- ! . '3u,,f5ebeS,i,,fO,Le55-,q,,, gash- 9 day parties for the sterner sex. Our 2 U S I I opinions are doubtless of the same 9 nature. 1 2 A BROTHERS Q A JZUTEJ' QUALITY clothes SHDP' ' " Q 9 I WARRENSBURG AND O 2 CL1NToN Q O Q ' - .'0000000- 606000 0001000-000 waffonsbufgssfylcshqlo Page 183 jyffy-Qa . MH -e'-- A-eff 'ij it Bivfff Eff' I fi LM ' fi , .ff fl ' if f' ,j9'1iI- 1 .49 ,nu Q D .ri 1-A Q. 'A I'l Tl Na 41 4 45 4+ j Y X- L.wl 3' f QM' " f4LJ7ff4- QQ " 1 W" ' , - , f f v' f 1 ' in ff'- ,f',,,4f f,: Q ,c ,ff W- ,fff-S' .l5r?fT 4 , S Dajff, I I LUV! f J K- ' ' ' I . . ' - - . 7 Ir!" 3 I Q56 em wa' If lc,7'f'f ""f'5if1 , VLQUQJ sg an CL' CZFJJMS J ' Mft' IM' L 'ff-6, fff-"I- ' M fi ff ff m' 'M' Ja ,Laffy gb lf Q AT 9 Fa fs! so g., al QQMMMIMZJVIG Q1 M mfs sj Qyfqifbf? Y '63, ft n"d75 7m"' 'Aj dv, fqmow 7OMl!j LMFC c'L0"fr,MJ!:1s1f1-cf 01f1 hgq'4C- , Liflit y-30 ana!! ,705 MCL fefwflgw 7 CL J 70,1 and LIOLUFXA I VI Z6 C06 LVL gg-if, VI . . iw n l STRONG -4' PRGGRE- SIVE X7 I 1"-.. P A? H Wav, '55, !f7Cf6OMM6bfAt'fl'q!l?G cw J www-QFJ W 3110 KA' SQJ7 QCAPIIMX0. FLafpV1l'M.l Siiigoj JC' ' - , J U0!bl,1fVz8-P4 .Rf . '2go, J5W adam ' eraff 5 0 W1 wwf C,,g1gZ,0D2'Z05fZ'?'y at V" ' M76 A 73ml J I0 U-C, OM, an QL Cfiflfgi tj 170 pc, 941-CIJ7 wccwi qzffygQ475' ffa my l"'0dff!4'C7J Hdffgfnh ef' ,C'wCP7ff" I M Sflfffwof-el M . --v... V .. ., -,A H, g 1 . , , , ..,. IDL D PRI TING CO. ' ,- , ,,,,u5f,,,, .L 3. - A -f Ilalf- illiorl nnual This yearbook represents twenty years of school annual printing and binding experience. It was produced by the organization which has printed and bound, under one roof, a half-million fine college and university yearbooks, representing 150 million printed pages, for schools in twelve states. Each staff has its problems. In dealing with 460 such staffs, we have learned to advise them wisely and to produce books they areiproud to distribute on their campus. 920 editors and business managers endorse our thoroughness and integrity. VVhen a staff signs a Midland contract, it enlists the 'aid of a College Printing Department composed of older men of many years, experience, associated with younger men who have the yearbook staff's viewpoint. The entire book is built under one roof . . . typography, pressworlc, binding and cover . . . the responsibility of one group of craftsmen. VX 5,1-I ls iawgiki 1 K I 5' il K l 4 -f-'--1h"'E1r-f1ir-"J-'WJ 'W-fi ., . 'ras gi 5 at its l ga-. J-n, P' f s i' ,I for Af -few'-ff 1 W if 21:14 ' 'f 1 X , ll 'NJ " Y U X 3 1 1 1 id., Tj., , , ff-'vf' f ' .ff ca . -iii ,-Z3 ,157 ,ff ., ,, , . J, ,Q gg fl ff .1 , . . 1 I 1 l ' is J l A..- 1 ...Tl -j...,. i , - H 'I ww '-' W ' A ,Q i- if , 3 --,wa-v-t r w" ' ' G A t 1 A .A -.VJ's.:. 'F K . - ,. r ,Y if nf Q0 IIVIWI ' EI! IIIEAIIEILS IIII2 SSID YE KI 0II'I, S Illf SI IISISI IllVIISh' IISIIISII YIBAIIIHHIIIS ASII ,mm-.1-,.f5,.,,.-ff. -My .M-., S- ,W 'Q,.,-.f-.::,-M::.,F-..swgvzf-V-f1.f,.,v-gf.f:,:f::.:f::':.:-':"-.f::.:f- INN GN., . .Q uw , , ,wtf wif fi Q ogy, , QQ A y , . 4 ' 1. Sim- Sidi? ' S19--Q-,ml :-. 'I 4 W: 4 f 4 6 ' ' Q J LAX Ax Ill S li I' IE Ill? IE C 'I' fm-.V W-U: Mfvff- 2-1 r w'W"1'-1waQ"s'5 S'4N4x4 - f.- .u -.-,-'vet-,,9:'e. " A M910 :f-:v"'fvf- ' - ' . -1. ,v rw-.wilil-:V-' W' '1 3-.-'M-'vi rx: sp ,www L, - Z f,..AQA.v.,+.-,.-M ..,QM,.V.ffm-.-4,-..nv-M -- V -- MH- --vt - - 42,94 W Q9 QSTX51 5 0 ,Q X K Q QQ A Pb QQ , J, 0 eww Wfyy Q Q M I' Il IS 'I' I S G I' I,A'I'IiS Q x y- yy, Pagg 186 M if p, Adda-78, 110 , Bridges, Ruth-80, 140 ADMINISTRATION Anderson, Clay J .-33 Ball, Lucy J.-31 Bass, H. H.-109, 35, 40, 175 Brown, Elmer-30 Brown, Olive l.-38 Buddemeyer, Nelle-33 Callaway, Elizabeth-38 Calvert, Dr, Fred W.-35 Charlton, Aruba B.-33 Cockefair, Dr. E. A.-34 Collins, Dr. E. A.-30 Craig, Ben R.-31, 120 Dawes, Leta-37 Downs, Myrtle-33 Edwards, Ward-33, 42 Ellis, Dr. Emmett-32 Fitzgerald, Ruth-31 Foley, Mary E.-31 Ford, Harriette-38 Foster, Earl R.-109, 32, 175 Gibson, Fern-35 Glaze, T. D.-32 Goss, Gladys-31 Graham, J. W.-34 Grinstead, Noel B.-35 Groenewold, Ella-36 Harris, Anne G.-177, 38, 39, 175 Hatz,Ju1ia-36 Hendricks, Dr. E. L.-27 Hendrix, Magdalen-36 Hoover, G. E.-112, 32 Hosey, Gertrude-30, 42 Houts, Mrs. O. L.-29 , Howard, Edith-3 5, 41 Hudson, C. B.-30 Hulse, Shirley-37 Humphreys, Pauline A.-30 Jacobs, E. L.-31 Johnson, William-38 . Krohn, Frances-38 Lemon, Eloise-37 Losson, H. A.-36 Marti, Dr. Oscar A.-35 Martin, C. F.-31 Martin, Louise-37, 134 Moreland, Arthur-30 Morgan, Lucille-36 Morris, Dr, XV. C.-32, 175 Morrow, Dr. XV. E.-28, 33, 39 Murray, Marjorieh34 Page 187 Xw---4' ...- ,.B.,. .f...,.1.. .. . , ,MA My I DEX Nattinger, Mrs. Maude-34 Neville, Delta M.-33 Phillips, Dr. H. A.-34, 41 Reid, T. C.-37, 122 Roop, Amy-37 - Scarborough, Dr, J. H.-32 Schoen, Louise-36 Stark, Capitola-33 Stratton, Geraldine-34 Sweet, Mrs. Ruth G.-30 Todd, 1w1arie-31, 40 Urban, Fred W,-32 . Utt, Paul R.-36 Voltmer, Carl D.-37, 122 Wheeler, Virginia-34 , Whiteman, Clarence-37, 122 Wood, Rolla F.-35 BOARD OF R EC-ENTb Hon. Charles A. Lee-26 Hon. Charles A. Calvird-26 Hon. Lloyd W. King-26 Mr. J. 1. Moore-26 Ballew, Carmel W.-75 Banks, Barger, Barnes, Jewell-91 Ellen-63, 140 Ruth A.-55 Barnett, Harold-97, 91 Barr, L ucille-100, 149, 96 Barr, Thelma-94 Barrick, Helen-82, 141, 140 Barth, Martha L.-83 Bartholomew, Gretel-80, 177, 150 Bartholomew, Pauline-84, 148 Bartlett, Dorothy-81 Basham, Wendell-156, 97 Bapst, Harry-98 Bass, J ames-96 Basye, Edwin-73 Beard, Lorna-96 Beatty, Arch Joe-71 Bell, Hazel B.-75 Belton, Elizabeth-80 Bergman, Robert-84 Bettien, Sophie-74, 80 Bidstru 1 Hon. Adolph Musser-26 Mrs. Charles F. DeweyM26 Hon. Hon Conrad H. Bothwell-26 Daniel Hoefer-26 STUDENTS Aber, Lawrence-57 Ahney, Kate-84 Adair, Martha-92 Adair, Sue Ellis-70. 149 Adams, James R.-53, 141, 126 Albers, Arwilda-78 Alger, Donna-60, 138, 151 Allen, Ralph-98 Alley, Louis-50, 76, 156, 154, 123 Ament, Margueritew140, 143, 96 Andes, Ammon-44 Andes, Mabel-91 Ash, Charles-156, S8 Blatti, Claude-90 Blyholdcr, Mary Jane-98 Bock, Allyne--94 Boemker, Elsie-66, 140, 151, 148 Bollinger, Robert-45 Bondurant, Leonard-82 Boone, Essie-92 Borgstadt, Roy-96, 125 Bowers, Elizabeth-97 ' Bowman, Bruce-78, 112, 109, 178 Boyce, Mary Louise-151, 91 Bradin, Josephine-76, 153, 141, 95 Brand, John R.-155 Brannon,John-55, 84, 156, 130, 171 Brauer, Leo E491 Bree:e,Jo Bennett-100, 177, 149, 96 Brenner, Everette-59, 124 Breshears, Oleta-93 Atkinson, Eldine-146, 141, 149, 88 Aull, Homer-69, 111 Austin, Hazel-83 Bachtel, Marjorie-81 Bahrenburg, Elizabeth-94 Bailey, George F.-156, 90 Baldwin, Charles-85, .39 Baldwi' Virginia-79 Ballew, L ssic-75, 155 1 3:1 ,.o...,....., .-.- Y- --fi- fa ,nf .i, '1 T Brooks, Ruth-52, 166 Brown, Ada Bernieee-52 Brown, Evelyn-141 89 Brown, Harold-84 Brown, Kathryn F.-64 Brown, Margaret-152, 97 Brown. Martha-97 Brown, John-98, 123 "-F Browning, lvlarvn-155, 98 Brownlee, Ruby Fern-51, 166 Brunkhorst, Lucille--88 Buddemeyer, Ruby--44 Bueker, Chester L.-79, 156 Bueker, Kermith80, 156 Burris, Margaret-69 Burnley, Evelyn-80 Burlingame, Asa--74, 171 Butcher, Mary Alyce-58, 141, 138, 140, 143 Butler, Walter-99 Caldwell, Lenora iV1ay464 Caldwell, Marjorie Fay-48, 150, 140 Caldwell, Opal-96 Callison, Richard-82, 146, 155 Calvert, Margaret-90 Calvert, Normal Cf 72, 155 Calvin, Carroll-95 Cameron, Ralph-73 Canning, Olive-88 Carpenter, Lucy-64, 141, 138, 140 Carr, Gertrude-50, 116, 146, 141, 140, 148, lNDEX-Continued Corson, Mildred-93 Costa, Louise-59 Couey, Helen-75, 140 Covington, Louise-53 Cox, Albert-79 Cox, Pauline-58 Cravens, Durwood-71 Crick, Essie Belle-66, 116, 146, 149 Crick, Mildred-152,90 Cristy, Melvin-90 Crole, Lois-94 Crook, Elaine-48, 110 Crot k, Lee J.-83 Crr .vder, David-70 Cull Melda Grace-79 Culp, Leland J.-80, 154, 155, 139 Cum, Jgham, Anna Belle-50 Cunningham, Jacob-56, 156 Curtis, Flor 1-68, 152 39, 149 Carr, Virginia-50, 116, 146, 141, 140, 149 Carr, Gladys-83, 151 Carroll, Glen-155, 98 Carter, Cathryn-82, 140 Carter, Leland Farley-62 Cutler, Ger le-64 Daggs, Will B.- 1 30 Danforth, ,aret- 5 Daniels, XX - . 98, 19 Davis, E. Mae-71 Davis, jewell Ross-50, 145 Davis, Howard-66, 139, 40, 171 Davis, Mehetabel-86 Deane, Harriett-55, 119 Chamberlin, Alma Ruth-80 Deaton, Arline-84 Chunn, Dessie Mae-51 Chamberlain, Helen-63, 141 Chamberlain, Robert-85 Chaney, Emily-91 Chiodo, Fina-54, 100, 145, 166, Christy, Melvin-141 Christopher, Dumond-75 1 Dempsey, Lee-7 2 Denny, Berniece-85 Devasher, Laura-57, 119 Dicus, Virginia-146, 153, 94, 136 Dierlcing, Fern-78, 103, 151 Diller, Dwight+ 84,123, 129 Dillon, Marian-92 Clark, Charles-155, 90 Clark, J. B.-86 Clawson, Lucille-83, 151 Clay, Norma-66 Clegg, Margaret-58 Cobb, Mildred-90 Cockefair, Hariett-91 Cole, Melvin-70, 156 Coleman, Clarence-80 Coleman, Evelyn-89 Coleman, Mary E.-49, 112, 152 Collier, Ruth-91 Collins, Mary Frances-94 Connell, Marie M.-48 Conrad, Connie-111, 150, 89 Cooper, Elizabeth-73 Cooper, Noland-64 Divers, Elizabeth-85 Dixon, john-65 Dorrance, Geraldine-116, 149, 90 Douthit, Madeline-90 Dow, Ralph-60, 1215, 126, 129, 130 Droz, Glenn RF-81 Dudley, Mary Louise-152, 92 Dudley, Mildred-141, 94 Dump, Mai'y C.-62, 141 Duncan, 1-larry-52 Dunlap, Em. B.-63 145 Durley, Helen Marie-100, 150 Dwyer, Geneva-95 Dyer, Clark-82, 141, 139 Dyer, J. Willard-71 Edwards, Merle-51, 138, 140 Elliott, Stella Grace-49, 112, 152 Corey, Teddy-80 orrigan, Martha-82, 146, 152, 3, me n, Lois-49, 100,177,153 l ' 1Ifl",lFk, . .i F- -A 9 'L W iv :rf vi ,, . I ,, , 1 ,f il 1' .gi lui.- '-1 ,, ii li it ri C, Lt., ,, 1, my if ii 9 r ll ii Ellis, Doris-81 Elwell, Mildred-84 Ervin, Coleman -52,112,39,133,17l Estes, Mardelle-58, 145, 142 -VW ,,,, ,, , Estes, John Robert-88 Ewers, Mary Blanche-82 Evans, Marion-59, 124, 169 Evans, Paul R.-92 Fahe, Laurabeth-55 Farmer, Wallace-99 Faloona, Ray-68 Felgate, Elmer-89 Ferguson, Clark E.-69, 132 Ferguson, Mabel Anna-72 Ferrell, Nadine+83 Fickas, Marion-60 Fickas, Mildred-85, 140 Fisher, Mary Lillian-82, 140 A Fisher, Virginia-83 Fitch, Rodney-52, 112, 155, 138, Fitterling, Cleo-94 Flannery, Martha-145, 97 Fleming, Lucille-81 Fletcher, George-78, 41 Foley, Gene-116 Fortney, Gene-97 Foster, Carol--67 Foster, lna-91 Foster, Juanita-67, 140, 149 Foster, Robert T.-58, 112, 116, 133, 118 Fowler, Emerson-98 Frazier, Harold-83, 156, 139 Frazier, Woodrow-95 Fredrickson, Anna-67, 141 Fulk, Betty-80 1 Fullerton, Ruth-51 Gardiner, Marion-68, 166 Garnett, Eddie-78, 156, 154 Garnett, Phyllis-49 Garnett, Ceola-94 Garrett, Arthur M.-92, 125 Gates, Catherine-60, 145 Gates, Charles-48, 156, 141 George, William C.-85, 97 Gerhardt, Roy B.-57, 130 Gerken. joseph-96 Gibbs, Edna Burl-83, 146 Gibson, Horace-70 Gilbert, Helen-53, 177, 150, 119 Gilmore, Tony P.-90 1 39, 118 139, 126, Gladfelter, lrl A.-59, 154, 155, 140, 138, 139 Glaze, Dorothy-54, 153, 148 Glover, Frances-80 Golay, Frank-64, 156 Goodloe, Vera Mae493 Goodwin, Bethany-66 Gottschalk, Ruth-52 Graves, Byron-88, 42 Greer, Lucille-67 Green, Mabel-74 Page 188 li Lockwood, Ward-102 x Fblaief , ' - ' 15.43.51 :Tia-:.,,, Grimes, Margaret-93 Gumper, Elmer-44 Hackenberg, Herbert-72, 123, 130 Hagemeyer, Vera Frances-60 Hall, Helen S.-83, 153 Hall, j. E.-84 Haller, Hazel-79 Haller, Zeda-95 Hampton, Katherine-65 Hanley, Marjorie-58, 150, 141, 138, 148, 145, 39 Harbaugh, William--70, 139 Harbison, Lois M.-67, 138, 140 Harding, Earl-94 Harms, Cora L.-48, 141, 138, 140 Harris, Alpha Lee-44 Harrison, Dorothy-97 Harrison, Marguerite-74, 146, 152, 140 Harrison, Vincil C,-80 Hartwig, Helen-65, 76, 111, 135, 153, 166 Harvey, Roy-63, 124, 126 -,I ,W - ,.,,,,4., 2, t ' ,Mali ' INDEX-Continued Howard, Anna Pearl-78 Howard, Harold-97 Hudson, Louise-98, 151 Huff, Grace-79, 140 1-luff, Horace-94 Hughes, Katheryn-63 Hull, Mary Louise-49, 118 Hulse, Lee Roy-99 Hume, Dorothy-141, 93 Humphrey, john Richard-92 Hunter, Kathleen-85 Hurst, Ed. F.-48, 146, 119 Hurt, Kei Meth B.-82 Husman, Sophie Lee-54, 146, lngalls, Rosalind-82 . Iacoby, Myrtle Alice-73, 106, jasper, Helen-59, 141 Marti-125, 133 Harvey, Winifred-84 Hausam, Nadine-80 Havener, Mary Elizabeth-53 Haynes, john Holbert-56 jasper, Verna Lee-68, 143 johnson, Curtis- 52 jones, jewell-74 jones, Catherinf 3 jones, Dorof' ' 140, , jones, Eup , .55 ' jones, Norma 596 - j ones, 1 Hayter, Helen-62, 143 Hebberger, Paul F.- 54 112 139 Hecker, Walter-58, 110, 146, 118 Helman, Mary Ella-84 H Helms, Marvin-59 Henderson, Georgine-81 Henley, Homer D.-54 Herrington, Edna-80 Heusi, O. j.-51 Heusi, Verna-92 Hershey, Evonda-65 Hibbs, Ruth-57 Higgins, judge-85 Hill, Dorothy-48, 11 2, 146, 149 Hillebrand, Milton-92 Hirni, Troy-93 Hisle, Frances-75 Hooker, Ella Virginia-94 Hooker, Helen-65 Hofmann, Margaret-78 Holbert, Florence-94 jordan, Mary LOU467 journey, Roberta-111, 97 journey, Kelso-79 joy, Frank-92 jung, Chris-64, 112, 156 Katherman, Nadyne-92 Keirsey, Marylee-100, 149, 96 Keith, Ada-55 Q Keller, Hazel-57 ' Kemble, Inez-78, 149 Kerr, Nelson, jr.-56, 139 Kibbe, Margaret-49 Kilhurn, Elba-75 Killion, Helen+68 Kilmer, Mary Louise-59 Kilmer, john-155, 99 King, Mary Vivian-90 King, james-69, 169 King, Mattie jo-44 Kleekler, Pauline-96 Klingenberg, Helen E.-60 Kneedler, Elbert-70 Holbert, Ruth-90 Holdzkom, R. Lincoln-91 Holland, Betty-111, 150, 93, 171 Holland, Garrett-49, 156 Holland, Helen Adelia-65, 150, 140, 142 Hollar, Ruth-97 Hollrah, Carl W,-94 , Horton, Earl-155, 92 Hotz, Leona-5 2 Houser, Ruth-63, 177, 111, 150, 166, Page 189 131 Kneed ler, Forrest L.-71 Knittle, Ella Mae-78, 151 Kosky, Alpha-139. 99 Kosky, Anna-99 Kosky, George-74 Kresse, Elmer-91 Kresse, Estle Anna-85 Kresse , Kenneth-79 Kroencke, Fern-45 1 40 49 ex 1 4 ' x ,- ....,,. - . --fern 1, ,la .2 i . ,be 1 X 4 , xx, 1 . 4.8. , Krohn, Mary Carolin-53, 116, 138, 140 148, 149, 118 ' Kubiak, Stanley-50, 156, 132 Kuhlmann, Mildred-48 Lakin, Charles-156, 139, 44 Landreth, Steve Br-67, 154 Landsiedel, Helen-15, 89 Lapsley, Lucille-92 Larkin, Marie-80, 153, 166 La Rue, Maurice-84, 154 Laughlin, Howard-53 Lauderdale, Frank-71, 156 Laws, Paul-'67, 139, 124, 126 Lawson, Derwoocl-96 Leber, Mary jane-66, 152, 143 Lee, Nadine-55 Lentz, 1-lale-69, 155, 40 Lefhotz, Georgia Lea-79, 151 Lindner, Florence-78 Linton, Harold-69, 156 Livingston, Eleanor-63 Lohe, Viola-89 Long, john R.-84 Longan, Mary-55 Looney, Paul-57, 156 Lowe, Virginia Lee-78 Lowry, Greer-75, 151, 120 Lowry, Virginia Lee-90 Lukin, Amorette-63 Lutz, Louise-57, 118 McCauley, j. O.-81 1VIcCloskey, Rosemary-72, 150 McCollum, Velma-88 McComas, Edna L.-62 McConaughey, Wilfred-83, 145 McCormack, Virgil-91 McGrath, john E.-81 McKee, Edna-95 McMackin. George-94 McNeely, Cook-53 McPherson, Opal-151, 97 McQuitty, james-88 Mallette, Martha jane-93 Maple, juanita-79 Marksberry, Mary Lee-49, 153, 151 143, 148 Marler, Kenneth-85, 110, 155 Marr, Kathryn-51, 151, 140 Marr, Louise-71, 151 Marshall, joe A.-79, 156, 41 Marshall, Arch-67, 156 Martin, Dorothy A.-57 Martin, William Eugene-96 Mason, Geneva-82 Mason, john-78 Massey, Maxine-152, 92 girl- ,f-Q 1.4. 1 1 ls 1 1, 1' 1 11 N111 i. E111 I -1 311 j1.1 1,1 11111 1111 1 111 11 15' 1 Qi ,. tl 111 ,il 11 1 1 , 1 111, - .-fl, - 15 1 1 1 1 1 l l 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,.? 1v1atter, Thelma-88 Melchcr, Beatrice-91 lxlelin, Eddie-45' - Meyer, Richard H.-72 Miler, Kirk E.-48, 126 lvlillard, Frank S,-80, 155 Miller, Hilda-99, 150 Minix, Grace-63 Minix, Hcrshel-90 Minor, Louise-91 lviitchell, Martha-89 Montgomery, john-72 ' Montgomery, Velva Lee-84 Montague, J. B.-53 Moore, Ben E.-65 Moreland, Ares-96 -Moreland, Doris-88 Morgan, G. Noel-156, 89 Morgan, Orpha-50, 141 Morrison, Lawrence-84 Morrow, Iva-82 Mortensen, Eleanor-79 Mosby, Isabelle-151, 96 Mothersbaugh, Dorothy-95 Mott, Margaret-141, 91 Mott, Mary E.-81, 111 Moudy, Cora Pearl-93 Moul, Callie-88 Mueller, I-1aro1d4156, 93, 132 Mullis, Erma-68 Mullis, Norma-93 Musselman, Elwood-85 Musselman, Lawrence-73, 155, 169 Myers, Harry M,-69, 156 Myers, Mary Helen-80 Myers, Regina-60, 146, 104, 152, 140 Naylor, Nelda E,-79 Necessary, Helen-79, 141 Neibruggie, Jack-85, 129 Neef, jean-64 Nelson, Dorris-67 Neptune, Lorene-98 Nevils, Laurissa-93 Newell, Dale-125, 130 Newell, Fred--68, 86, 130 Nichols, Wesley-88 Noll, Henry-86, 169 Nunn, G. Woodrow-98 Odom, Harvey-89 Odom, W. H., jr.-66 Oglesby, Rube, jr.-58, 39, 124, 128 Oldham, Kathryn-95 Oliver, Martha-68 Ott, Hazel-95 Ottman, Lois-95 Martha-100 Maurice-92 1,7 1 1 . 1, :ff V f ,fx---we 1NDEX-'-Continued Pacldack, Bernice-48 Page, Meta-81 Page, Susie--95 Painter, James-82 Pape, Rosa-56, 146, 152, 148 Parkhurst, Clarence-89 Parkhurst, Lydia-88 Parrott, Marjorie+95 Patton, Orene-44 1 Patterson, Ralph-59, 100, 123, 126 Patrick, Homer-81, 141 , Pausch, Ethel-94 Payne, Wallace-55, 132 Peak, George W.-49, 76, 156, 154 Pearson, Russel-130 Penny, Edrie-97 Peterman, john B.-80, 145 Pheil, Louis-141, 94 Phillips, Eleanor-78, 140, 149 Phillips, 1 .fng Lakin-79 Phillir s, ' ouese-51 Pifc ances-56, 153 17 .r, 1 a Lou-251 Lick, 'anr1484 ' rowell, E 1 '., in-96 Powers, 1. eref 4 A Price, Dorothy- Price, George-1. Price, Maxine-66 ' Priest, Roy-95 Probert, Paul-73, 156 Pusateri, Marie-75, 166 Quesenberry, Marie-81 Quinn, Robert S.-60, 141, 138, 139 Raber, Susanna-151, 95 Rabourn, Lorene-95 Ramey, Della Mae-44 Ramsey, Carl-53 Ramsey, Dennis-78, 123, 130, 169 Raymond, Mae-52, 138 Ranum, Ardythe-95 ' Ream, Helen-81 1. Ream, Marion-90 , Ream, Mary Virginia-82, 177, 150 Reavis, Helen-81 Reidenbach, Charlotte-92 1 Reidenbach, Evelyn-78 Rentchler, Helen-83 Rice, Mary Roberta-81 Rider, Berniece-85 Riddlesperger, Evelyn-89 Riley, Harold-155, 96 Roberts, Edith-96 Roberts, Mary Frances-53, 140 Robinson, Mary Helen-56, 166 Robinson, Mary Sue-73, 149 Rogers, Evalyn-62 , . 1 4, ,. f s-ss 2 f . ,115 I: ' fl 'Jw me , ,,,,, ee 1 11 Rogers, Paul B.-85 Roop, Charles-98 Roselle, Charles M,H156, 141, 89 Ross, Alice-78 Rothgeb, Mary Lee-92 Rudd, Lewis-97 Rueff, Edward-141, 97 Runge, Theodora-73 Rusk, Annabel-89 Russell,Jessic-54, 143 Rupard, Virginia-1e89 Ryland, Marian-82, 153 Salsbury, Vaughn-83, 116, 167 Sandford, Ruth-62, 112, 146, 152 Sawyer, Mary Alice-70, 108, 150,11 Scarbraugh, Lena-92 Shafer, George-112 Schaich, Bertha-93 5 :harnhorst, Everett, 98, 123 Scheib, Velma-97 I Schmutz, Helen-90 Schneider, Howard-93 Scho leld, Mrs. Sara Frances--150, Schultze, Fred-156, 132 scmlpp, Edna E.-80, 140 Scotten, Maxene456 Scrivner, Fyrn-84, 152 Scruggs, Mary Lee-93 Sebolt, Imogene-79, 141 Sevy, Mir ale Ruth-54, 136 Shackelfc, 1, Frances-79 Shafer, c 1',, 'V -ge H.-es, 171 Shearer, beth-70, 142 Shobe, E h-65 Shobe, K. . -92 Shores, E ' '-71 Shortridge, , A ,1-71, 111 Shrout, Fred- 1 Shuck, Anna B: 7 78 Simmons, Lawrence-52, 156, 132 Sinclair, Darold-73, 110, 169 Slater, Estelle-83 Slocum, Seth B.-98 Slocum, Rollo-98 Slusher, Elliott M.-93 Smiley, Walter I..-97 Smith, Don-76, 94 Smith, Hazei-82, 141, 88 Smith, joseph O.-155, 91, 42 Smith, Nadyne-64 Snider, 1-LJ.-78 Snow, Evelyn-83, 141 Snuffer, Ruby L.-59 Snyder, Elizabeth-66, 151, 143 Sodeman, Charles-85 Sodeman, Holt-156, 93, 42 Sodeman, Mi1dredh56, 113, 153 41.140,40 90,42 Page 190 lt ., Sh' , . 1 7 4 K-at - 4- f Y v- - . V vs. ,..---. . , eww, . V- ,fu Q,,i,.gg-gg.1,:,,,M -,-4-4 1--. , 1. - 1, .4 4- -- .1 -,f 9 - fe. , ,A .., Sowers, Ruth-85 Spicer, Frank-90 Squires, Franklyn-74 Stair, Velma-88 Stalling, Laurence-89 Starne, Mary E.-112, 116, 149, 90 Starr, Bernice-90 Steiner, Albert-107, 50, 128 Stephens, Oliver E.-51, 91 Stockman, Robin-70, 113, 154, 155 Stone, Anna-79, 146, 149 Stonner, Robert M.-74 Strange, Elizabeth-141, 91 Strange, Wm-78, 113, 110, 123 Strickfaden, Paul-85 Strother, jean Davis-58, 152 Sturges, Dorothy-83 Sumner, P. T.-71, 139 Sumner, Mrs. P. T.-55, 143 Sutton, Gerald E.-49, 156 Sutton, Henry 1...-74 ' Sutton, Vivian-78, 146, 152, 140 Swanson, Ruth-51, 177, 111, 105, 150 . Swetman, Martha Ellen-69 Talley, Gerald-97 ' Tavis, Mabel Evelyn-83, 152 Taylor, Corrine-150, 151 Taylor, Marvin-93 Teegarden, Eugene-98 Theiss, Robert-1 56, 99 Thias, Almira-56 , Thieman, Mary Louise-82, 149 Thistlethwaite, Robert-57 Thomas, Ernest H.-83 Thomas, Frances ,Io-79, 1 Thomas, joe-85 Thompson, Aileen-89 Thompson, Dorothy-141 ., Thompson, Mae-141 Q Thompson, Neil-86 Page 191 , 3, . A 23 ' 1 1 .,f ,, 21,7 ..21,,6 iv"- ---' ' ::xfc...f"- 'ff' '- ---fy, ' 'N-. Y 1, J I 4 .,f. 1, 1 es". lNDEX-Continued Thomoson, Wimer-95 Timken, lvlildred-54, 143 Tipton, Hester-99 Todd, lda Mae-82 Tompkins, Ruth-94 Tompkins, Stanley-91 Townsend, Hester-81 Tronstrom, Mae-94 Troutwine, Fred-99, 128, 169 Truman, Fred L,-156 Truman, J. C.-71, 156 Tyler, Ferne-149, 91 Tyler, Ruby Faye-80, 151 Urban, Stanley-65, 145 uuey, R. H.-73 Utz, Nancy-177, 150, 95 Van Horn, Linwood-81, 112, Vogel, Ruth 13.-89 Vogelsmeier, Veletta-92 v01k,Pe111ne-54, 141, 138, 149 Wade, Lloyd C.-91 Wade, Margaret-59 Waggener, E. Ruby--98 '2gner, EVC1yD+-70 ,I igner, Louise-91' Xv agoner, Bill-J T' Vv agoner, , Wagoner, ir Walker, F . .-3 - Walker, Raymond 11,-79 Walkup, Lawrence-76, 155 Walkup, Lucian-95 Wassmarm, Anna-98 Waters, Leslie-55, 156, 139 Waugh, Sylvia-141, 88 Weaver, James-89, 129 Webb, Frederick-70, 138, 139, 132 Wegener, Bernice-50 Wells, Alta-150, 88 Wells, Helen-149, 90 ,, ,., f . 915 Wells, john W.-54,'76, 156, 132 Wells, Robert-eo, 124 Wertz, Virginia-62 Whitcomb, Laura-64 White, Denton-85, 139, 132 White, Suzanne-81 White, William-193 Whitlow, l..innie O.-140, 83 Whitmer, Howard-81, 156 Wiklund, Ted-68, 76, 128 Wilcoxon, Frances+82, 140 Wilkinson, Ruth-98 Willard, Clyde-83, 171 Willems, Chester-88 Willems, Everleigh-88 Williams, Clifton-60 Williams, Gilbert-84 XVilli2 1s,James M.-51 Williams, Loyd-69, 138, 139 Williams, Luroff H,-62 Williams, Marion E.-95 Williams, Nelle--86 Willig, Mildred R.-81 Wills, Bernadine-65, 153 Wilson, Mildred-79 Wimer, Wallace-99 Winfrey, Frances-72, 150 Withers, Louise-141, 89 Withers, Nile-84 Wollard, Frank-110, 44 Woodfill, Dale-96, 123, 126 Woods, Janet Sue-149, 96 Workman, Charles-84, 128 Worley, Lee-44 E Worrell, Max-62, 133 Yeager, Nina M, 93 Young, Grace-92 Youmans, Rita-91 Young, Harold-95 lTT""l .ALAQL .L ny 4 ,W -AQ . .- - A V- , J , X ,Af 13- : -,., gk- , T- - - , L ff V , A , f - .. A.- -.., -1H .-f- ,- ,,.,W 771:-M ' 1' -v 'f"" ' Q,-'ff mf- 5 nf. . - ..,,, Y My 4,,,,f,,-1.2: Lf- 4: , f f - 1,-ff'-'-'1---1 I, 7 . nf s x X ,, f. ., A ' 1 f- ,f r I' .4 - I - f, 14 " A . -, f I ' 1 X - 1 ew- - L , .,- . xg Q' wwf: -1 v , - '1 17 f ' ' ' f - ' X - I -.-A BIQIUK V A A""s,, '3-Vu.x.n.CL:t.e.m,,,.Q,.tfJ.LDfj,': , 1 WTA ?MMmLnLhU1 m? aAQd '7'l-L4,e,o-'.aAAivn,a!f' .. WJ 4,00-a464,,,f,M,H2Le9 dW '7ff16"'ff'+'FErwfaLe,..w.,L,L,,3,kwJLJ gk EQQWMDWJWQQQTMM Q9 vw""'vf17QwQ,e.1., fwmsif? fs Aiylufgwvmakwvdq B I Q A . A I s j W f A -. f ' Q 4 E5 l WW 59' ca, ni U1 ' 70" 204' ' Q . og ' , , x ,J - A 1 1 .., .AJ ,SLN Y N fr . 1: ..,,---' '-'k V . A -Mm x -1- ,s. J N V 1 1 f . -.L e ' f' 7 . K A N. 52- v 4 fx X . N. in 1 4. . 4 ' - ,Q -, - Fil . , I ,L 5 :nu ' ,I pf' X k ' J 4 1,41 --4 , k xx Q. '- ' lf' Af ' V f '45 1 ', L . f 1 ,I .' If fl . -x T " .1 7 .4 7 f K ,- i. .X u x x , - I' -. X s

Suggestions in the University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) collection:

University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1930 Edition, Page 1


University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1931 Edition, Page 1


University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1932 Edition, Page 1


University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1936 Edition, Page 1


University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1938 Edition, Page 1


University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1940 Edition, Page 1


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