University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO)

 - Class of 1929

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University of Central Missouri - Rhetor Yearbook (Warrensburg, MO) online yearbook collection, 1929 Edition, Cover

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Wllmwx f If .4 lqmxm M 1 I, Q' MQ, ,,--. , , ' f XO 1 ea ! I I , .WG M if O YGV 0 1 A fm Q . s, . P I O UJ BRARY 1 AXX we 0 " fa! X L 4 N . -"' 1" ll 0 ig" In ' EPM? , 5 QD ,FP f '89 QC" A915525 0. me Q 1. r 0 'v 0 Q 71454 --.x .J ,,-f ,, 7 1 1 f 1 ff TH E IQQQ f ' X fy ff X ff if 1 f fy K . L. ?fL ' f , f 1' fl ff ,fi f, ff: ZZ Z! , ff' W 2: if ,V jf ,, , Q., if If ' if 5. 4' gg 2' 24 2? 24 52 2? Zz 22, 2, 1. 40710 Q IINIllwiwHf Qjl lNN COPYRIGHT, 1929 Editor-in-C ie - . STEPHEN AXWELL hfj M gl CM Businesslvlana er- OHN . URPHY Cjma 5'E:'i?X QM HD-CONTE?+!E?f!T PUBUC LERARY Ncrth lxxiaaendence Branch f 258, ay SW S E220 541359 I2 C :N W 4 NINE X ff X Z f f ff f 5 Z , ff f ,c f . J' X4 10 IIQ DUBLIfT'HfD'EY'TI'1E flfNlGI2'CI.AJf UF-THE' CENTQAL lVIIUQUl12I'f'HXTlf 'l'EAC!'ilfDf'CQLLEQE AT'M!AQli2ENJfl5UQG NINETEEN-TWENTY-NINE .XX fezxxx x s is l X S . T Q, ' ' x X X R X XX N 1 x X X 1 m 5 ' X X 1 , 'S N X X X x X X X N . X X Y X Q Xxx so Q Y Q Q ' ' s, tt SX X , is SN, sxixw XXX xx xx' A :Xl , x at Xxx 2 Q x, ,Q X xg :, X N Q X . L i , , x , s X f f f x IDIEID Q BXQ tk., 1' N xx I X Ns t f XXX S A K x, wx , K X X X x Q YN XX AX X X l X xt X N xws I m, 1 ' N Yt X xx . 1 XX To DR. GEORGE W. STEVENS i Whose intellectual honesty, true scholarship, and genuine manhood i have inspired so many of us to the highest ideals of service, learning, and gentility. - , - , -- .. V., fx. Q L. ,..--. 1.. 4. 'xx N. .. ,.'. -, ' " - - . , Q ' Q' 'j"' ' I AN Xx ,X x 1 x , Y X Q a. 1 x 5 N w . X x xi , A Q . X - ' 9 x rx x .x X . A A X - xxsff ,X X X Y ' Q 5 X ya ,X x NN xx QQ S X XS xxx X A 5 X XX N X x N Y x x Xblf XX X, X xx x X xxx x X W Ov x X X. X x .X . X Q xx X X X x xx X W XX Q I , X xv . X X x ix Nx Q , ' X X xx . Nx sq . x x3-N XX X x- X Q S 1 Xxx XM X X 1 ' XX x X QQ' 1 1 X xx , W 1, xx X Y, ww X g , wx , X xx X X W NX .MRM xx , ks f- x I IR'Q' l llf V IEN5 xx x .. x Q " ' . . K: , xx x A ' V , xx - - xxx x x 1 xx X V. v , , . ,, ,V -x x X Xx K " x Wxxx XX X X x x X 1 Xi, x X X X ,X X X X XX X X XX , SAX ' x X X X S N X X X K X X S ix XX vx vi X XX? X XX XXQX Q X68 X XXNXX XXNQ N WV XX X95 XXX C. . ,, X , X x x X X X X X XX S X VK cg XX x X N' S M S X5 , y X XX . X X XX X X. X . YX ' X W '-XXXX 'X N9 N ' -ww G N XX X. X . XX' X'-X X Xpgpm X iv X if u Nl ' Q' V N N SAX fyvx - QW X X xx XX 'N NNN X V , X R XXX -X SIX Six XXQX. XXX XXXX-QQIQQXXM XQN' K X xi Nw. M xx QXXX XX SX 5 QNX X X XXXQXXXXX XS X- W Xff.'WXX x S df . X 2 V C WX. WX Nw S J XXXXRQ X XXX XJNXX N X XXXX h xxx K XX -NXXXXW .XXXXXNX Ye WX XX ' X X NQQXMXXXXXX W-QNX WX my QNX-,MY XXX X Www, ww XXX ' XXW iw N ' W XN W X QXXXXN Nxi' wxxxxw., QNX X X XXX XA X- 'XQMNXX - . ' XXQXX NX ' N College YOuth as Yant sp. , ' 2 and fo If It 1 110 I1 ' 65 CO1'1.' ln f mem . lure U . Our 380' n Ofle P In f 1 at' 5 Of utu . 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ITIICN CAMPUS CLASSES ORGANIZATIONS COLLEGE LIFE ATI-ILETI CS .X - P , 7 A , , f f f ,T ! ff4ff ff fff, ff, 2 f, , 4 I f ! Ga, ,O fa ' ' f , 2, 4 f ,V Q 4 , f, ifw, V, JZ 1 T. fa , T 'Z ,W f 'Q CA 3 'z ', f ,Q ff T 10 f 6 f f - W2 cf 1 ' Z ' 7 ,W ,Z , X , , , , ff fffq, f f , Q 2 fn 2 ' 4 vw,fa ff ' ' 4 9 fjf' , 4 4, ', , X 4 f 5 2 I ' f ' f f , V , 'f , ' , Z f,f I 4 , f f if ' f f Z I 4 0 f Qi!! f f f , f , f , , , , 4 4 G 4 , ff, , , 4 ,Q f Q , 7 , 4 , j f Z ' 4 C of f , : 1 , f 2, 4 ' ,7 5 f, f, 'xg , .,4f , 5 9 4 ff 7 ,vnf , , f ' , ' 4 fffpfffff , , , ' f 5 f 4, , f 4 , 0 f fy f ff Z ' f ' 9 0, lf", f X f , f , f f wmnfy , , , , A f , , y 1 f 4, ,ff , , 1 f , ff f f f f ' f f ' f I f ADVERTISEMENTS fm, ,. ,N X, XXXXX- -XXXXXX. X ,X XXXXXX XXXX NX ,X X X NN NN X X -XXXX , X, X XX - xx XX XXXX X .XX X l m,X,...+ N -X.XX.NK, L -X-XXX. lvNXXX-.-.XXMNYAWX MXN'-iv XX ' NNW- m X Xx X XKXXXXX X X X ix ,N N x X W XIX X X- X X N X - . ,Q XXX. X13 - X.. M X X X X X , X . 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E3 fix 58 gr Q5 I fix 53 4 ! fix inf Ex fPf QM Eif E N Elf E x EPI fix frf gm 5 , gn. Ev' Ex g x fbf E x --. --X-. - O- ,X Q! ,I O b 5 L 0 IQ, r FIX 6 lb 53 ll 6 'lv mvrgtffis .X Y X X .X NX ' .X X X0 X.. X59 XY? X XXX XX X X X X XXX X I XX X X X XX '- K X Y XXX XX X X XX X XXV X X XX X X XX XX XS X xx X X X S X XX X v XX XX XX XXXXNXXX NO X A XX X X . X XXNWX X ' XX , .X XXX ' X X X XX XX 9 X X. , XX X 4 X X XX .XS .xx V XXNW X X' .X XV XXX XX x XX XXX X SX Q N - .W 9 X ' ix X X' X RX X XX A w 3 X . N S S ' X v X Q qv .X X X X X -X .X X X X X 2 XXX X N X A X X , .X X X- X . Q- X A X X ff- X X .X XX VX V XX ,XX fi XQX X X- X. XX'-,XX -:X X X ,XXX ,XXX X X X. 3 X , ,.X, X . X X: X X' S Q1 ' X 5- -- X- 'V XX X 'X SQ Q 2 -,wx ki- X- XX XX 'X X. X' . X N X, 'J' vc? XX- XX XX X X X , XXXXXX' " XXX XXX.. .X--X -fX':gX X--XXX, X X - X X - Ia, ' .Qllw .. mmm? fiif' Qieifwj x - tim WZQRR THE scenes which follow here are sacred ' scenes Sacred to all that they in youth in- spiredg Beneath these elms, within these ivied 'walls Has sprung to life in many the desire For better thingsg for knowledge and for strength, For happiness in the pursuit of truth. Graven deep in a thousand hearts are these The glorious spirit of Missouri's youth. -A. W. MCCULLOUGH 1 D W fa Wi taiitwgi' QQ gin +-'IH iw. X 1 it ,vi N490 W LWB fits, 1 .IJ Wang J-"wff-on :E f rv mn , 4 455, ,Y-KL HE blind belief Of ivy climbing slowly toward the 1 sun ' T e eternal struggles and eternal deaths- And yet the groping faith of every root! . -LOUIS UNTERMEYER i 3 4 +5-N Q .J N N AQ W D 1 I ' . 2 .J ,P x...Q:r ' , A 3 E MF 'J I A5 IQ- -l y L--1 4521232359 - . WWW' 7 ' . f49O9'Qf X A 7 23649 .1 it ' ' 4-9 Q31 ' ELIGHTFUL task! To rear the e W 'A tender thought, To teach the young Idea how to shoot, To pour the fresh Instruction o'er the mind, To breathe the enlivening Spirit and to fix The generous purpose in the glowing breast. -THOMSON Q7 s . ip If f A , ll ,s illfiwf 5 Y lil R N i ffm vm ? VX g l -5. Nl y -iw 153.2 A .' W:,f? IEHHHII gi HH i n . W UEQQQ ' T " N, ..:. SL M - in- r i jflr' , UH, the snow, the beautiful Snow, Filling the Sky and earth belowg Over the housetops, over the Street, Dancing, flirting, skimming along. -JAMES W. WATSON I lpe if H3025 si lil BUT beyond the bright searchlights' of science, ' Out of sight of the windows of sense, Old riddles still bid us defiance, Old questions of Why and of Whence. -W. C. D. WHETHAM Y 2 55' N 4 sxlygg Qtx Q i 1: 3' A .ht , ,,- " gi - he 1 v4u.r5l"h 'Qi . qffir pw-aj ll sf. . : .mf in' A -lp4FQQfli .,l Z, M lf 1-v ' xx gt: Kia N it Xiu., -.E ERE the free spirit of mankind at length, Throws its last fetters off: and who shall place A limit to the giant's unchained strengthQ Or curb his swiftness in the forward race? -WILLIAM CULLEN BRYANT I' 'x 'I yi. , 'lim . 97' . lf ,lsv"fWf24 l awlllfft l rife :-XM ff or t 1 l' e .1 -to s 'Q'- fe .wt Awww ' 30 ' L? 1 aa. "4 'WV' 4 "fin -f? L " A' Q , ' ' 45-'fa Wa P 3 :7-'K flQ: '-Qffilq 1 ' lg g l nfl - -,, e A Q il v3'1TjTl-Licvtx .li M Q3 .QL w Awww WM v- ff"'t"A'q1.1'1'c'w A UH better than the minting Of a gold crowned king Is the safe kept memory Of a lovely thing. --SARA T EASDALE L A 1 11: ,, ll W I N x1 ll 1 i 1 if 1 I1 1. Wu 1 W I 2 ! Y i i l A - ' -,, VW U ,'grf.v'f.'ilM.?: .5 i' . agQQl49'1lfQvf2ll?2la1, y 5 . ,QM 'f'flQ,22-fin: ff kigsw WY? ag J A'x'mP,-1?.-1' A of ' -. -'yn' - f- ,Q K r H LUA Ml in elmwllflnr U WWW? .flff " 1 - 'M ' 1 mf , . 1' .fx af ! CHANGELESS in beauty, rose-hues on her cheek Old walls, old trees, old memories all around Bend her unfading youth their charm antique And fill with mystic light her holy ground. -QLIVER VVENDELL HOLMES - x , .m,, 1 ,x A, if U, ,,w ,w 1 il, J Gi , J: IW U fi 'K ith' 1? 1 'fa 1, ME, :VV Wg 1 af ll fix ll!! ,ue fl! 111: U11 HU El! aw is 'U 15 J! 1 1 51 5 I x 5 V r 3 ,, 11 I w L 7x ,1 N J 'i I4 l E1 ig' U .E ,.1- 'ln A X. 4 J HNF XX! -TH! BU ALI' Page 77 H XV THE BUT ECE HOLD fi IN AWFUL 6? Awsv an THOJE AWFUL DIGNTARIEJ REGEPITJ' AND THE FACULTY JOVIETIVIEJ' JURELY THEY IVIUJT BE ALIVIOJT HUMAN EVEN NVE ' Pg25 2 ACULTY 5 E . A - E Af , l 1 I l F l i Ecard of 6g67ZfJ' S THE rose or lily must have its roots firmly planted in the life-giving soil surrounding it, so an institution such as ours must have its firmly established contacts with the world of everyday affairs. From such contacts come our life, our strength, and our inspiration. For these, we acknowledge, with all respect and gratitude, theservice of our Board of Regents. A. VV. M. Page Z6 l 2a e26 28, foam' of egentf MAX CHRISTOPHER S DONALD 5, LAMM Kansas City, Mo. Sgdgljgy MO. President Vice-President V I I - E. M. HENDY VH0N.l CHARLES A. LEE J. T. HULL Jejerson City, Mo. State Superintendent of Schools Butler, Mo. Secretary V HON. T. J. HALSEY F. J. QUIGLEY Holden, Mo. Tipton, lllo. ELDO L. HENDRICICS, A. B., A. M., LL. D. The President N l Page ZS Page 29 Pugz 29 XVALTER E. MORROW, A. B, A. M Dean of the Faculty I 4 I MRS- 0, L, .HOUTS WALTER EMMORROW A124123 GAHRXFRIS I . ' . ., I . . Defcirz I?fVoEneri Professor of Economics and Professor of Foreign Languages Commerce ' y I i i 1 I . W- HARRY A. PHILLIPS H. H. BASS A. M., Ph. D. M. Litt., A. M. Professor of Agriculture arid Professor of Histor 3' Geology I J Professor I WILSON C. MORRIS PAULINE A. HUNIPHREYS JAMES H. SCARBOROUGH A A. M., Ph. D. Ph. B., A. M. A. B., M. Sc., Ph. D. ' Professor of Physics and Professor of Education Professor of Matheniatics Chemistry Pro f U J ages I S' 1 i JULIA HATZ THEODORE C. REID MAYME B. HARWOOD Ph. B. B. S. ' , Graduate of Pratt Institute Professor of H orne Economics Coach and Professor of Physica! A. M. Education .A I Professor of Art K GEORGE W. STEVENS E. A. COLLINS A. B., A. M., Ph. D. B. S., A. M., Ph. D. Professor of Biology . Professor of Education and Director of Practice Teaching A. F. MARTIN NOEL B. GRINSTEAD , PAUL R. .UTT - A. M. B. S., A. M. Graduate PIattv1lle, XKVISCOH- Professor of English Professor of Industrial Arts sin, State Teachers College Director of M1lS1.C z B I F WARD EDWARDS MARY ANNE KENNEDY A. B., A. M. I A. B. Librarian Associate Professor of Mathematics i AM GEORGE E. HOOVER Diploma A ssm Registrar ELMER B. BROWN . S., A. M. Associate Professor of Education Education " I ff r ' Kr , X x ,D ff X f 5 X X M gf Zfsy! 1 X X DORA P HENDY S m Fd M A ssistant Professor of A CLAYJ ANDERSON B S A I ssoczale Professor ofEconomics Education and Commerce Jr C. B. HUDSON B. S., A. M. Associate Professor of GERTRUD1: HOSEY P B A fl Associate Professor of Education f'fWW'7f"W5'fff ' 5.:,3'44" fr"w!'g6 Zvi 7 . ' ' V - V... . ii i f X . V f ' Nfl rw . f , . f':.f"-.-'::.f-,c,-'-M. 'A .5 g-4, av ,f ,- ' j 1 F- f gif, - if K ' -- f,.f', gf 531 ' Q . f V, ff ' "" Diffrifwfff' -f , , JW-,V .ff f Jfnriiz 3 'Z 1 3 .,. J Zr -'T , . . 4 , 4 5 4 B.. -,, .S. h. ,,,1x, X 4 f"'7?' f",' 1a ' ' f- wc. ' J fr lf, ,235 I V , f 1 9 X f f f f Q s f f A s. 4 1 ' 1 1 4,1 V ff, v .gr ' 7 1 E i ANNA MARIE TODD BEN R. CRAIG LUCY A. BALL Ph. B., A. M. B. S. X Ph. B.,A. M. Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Associate Professor of ' English English ,A English ' f MAUDE BEAMER MYRTLE DOWNS A. B., A. M. B. S. in Ed. Professor of Latin Assistant Professor of Commerce I . A O. A, MARTI LAURA L. RUNYON FRED W. CALVERT B. S. in Ed., A. M. Ph. B., Ph. M. A. B., A. M. B. D., Ph. D. Associate Professor of Professor of Sociology Associate Professor of History CLeave of Absencej History W I . T P i 1 1 I 1 1 . I A JULIA SCOTT FRED W. URBAN ARUBA B. CHARLTON Director of Kindergarten and H A- B-1 A- M- v Ffh. B., A..M. Instructor of Kindergarten Supervisor of M atherrtdtics Supervisor of Primary and Theory Instructor of P1 irnary Methods 5 I 1 Y W + DELTA M. NEVILLE ROLLA F. WooD A. B., A. M. A. M. Supervisor of Science Supervisor of History 5 ,J A. , LYDA HALE RUTH FITZGERALD Lg EUGENIA DELLER B, 5, in Ed., A, M, A. B., A. M. B. M. E. Supervisor of Intermediate Supervisor of English Supervisor of Music Grades 3 N 4 1 , . I W l Q MAUD NATTINGER EARL FOSTER MARTHA LEE OSBORNE B. S., A. M. B. S. III' Ed. Assistant Professor of ld Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Home Economics ods Biology Physics and Chemistry - T . t N' ., AMY Roof' JAMES W. GRAHAM A B. S. in Ed. B. S., A. M. Assistant Professor of Assistant Professor of I Physical Education Agriculture and Geology i 1 ga . ,Vi y H J 1 s LOUISE MARTIN CASKEY SETTLE MILDRED WRIGHT A A. B., A. M. B. S. in Ed., B. P. E., M. A. A. B. ' Associate Professor of Associate Professor of Associate Professor of ' Physical Education Physical Education Physical Education 1 1 Q 4 tl ..l...i.... ...J ,.. s... -...:YVf.-2,.-. '54,--. .,:1A V 'I T A T l ELIZABETH CALLOWVAY MAX MARTTN. MRS. PAUL R. UTT A. B. , Teacher of Violin Teacher of Organ Assistant Professor of Foreign Language Claeave of Absencej 1 liek" RUTH BANFIELD VVILLINA SMARR DOROTHY BLUNT A. B. B. S. in Ed. B. of Music Assistant Professor of Secretary to President and Teacher of Piano and Voice English to the Dean X GLADYS Goss NELLE BUDDEMEYER , OLIVE BROWN 'B. Sc., A. M. Assistant Registrar A. B. Associate Professor of Arts Assistant Librarian N x 5 E I l . 1 I 15 4 i T S oice gr ,, 7, FRANCES KROHN. B. S. in Ed. Assistant Librarian SHIRLEY HULSE B. S. in Ed. Secretary to Director Training School VVINNIE ASBURY A. B.g B. S. in Ed. Assistant Professor of Foreign Languages NORA E. SILER A. B., A. M. Associate Professor of Foreign Languages LETA DAWES B. S.g B. S. in- Ed. Alumni Secretary E. E. JACOBS A. B.g A. M. Associate Professor of English EDITH HOWARD B. S. in Ed.g A. M. ' Assistant Professor of History MARGARET PITTMAN B. S. in Ed. Librarian in Training School CLARENCE XVHITEMAN B. S. in Ed. Director of Physical Education in Training School E..:1,r+-fra---1 .. .. The Fazfulzjf Jlfmz See thatman a-comin down the street VVith his high-falutin air VV ith haughty tread with lofty glance That shows no trace of care? Step off the walk and let him passg This ain t no time for jokes' He s a member of the Faculty. And we re just common folks. He s gone by now-I can breathe again. ' But oh! the feelin s strange That comes to me I must confess V . When he first steps into range. - Tain t often that I feel like this , But say this ain t no hoax For he s a high and mighty personage, And we-why we re just folks. f T -CFrom the 1908 Rhetorj l l l 2 5 Page 38 X, XX XE X I X X X X X X t X X X Y SX' A X X XN XXXXXXXX X X XXI XX XXX X X X ' XX NX S X X XXXX K X X X X XX 5 X XXX XX X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X XX N XXX X X XX X X X, EQ XXXN' X X OQXX Q XX XX WN XSX S Q Sw N -XX X ' X X XX XXX X X X X X X X X X X Q XXX X SQ N S XX XX XV X XX X XXX X X W lui I W X X 1 -XXX X X X X Xlw . X X XX YF. N N XX it ks XX Y X X XX? Q . X, X 9' Q . XXX:aXCfk.X"5A X A XXXXX X X . K X X , ' . XX X X 1 .Q X.N,.x-,::-X X ' n. X-.X 'SIE X lx 3 8 X Y X ,, , 1 1 X F X ,X I I CO AN Page 39 5 , ,S je Z ,FI 57L21K1ZZfLZ:i3gf,,4,'y.f ,,,' . A,, fx ,,f," 'ry '-'f' .5 Vffrti X BULLETINS "" 'Q X Z ALL-SCHOOL V fgfleggy DANCE' ' Rx il 1 TO-NITE! 1 J 3si?f:1t? ,,, , ,, 4, 4 , , fTif'? at H, K ,WMM ,hv,A W ,,,X,,, ,,,x.,, KQV 'ji Arif gh .,,fjJ QBEX 5? Q 'H W' " Com: AQE Tru: HALCYON DAYS or Fl2lvomv ' AN AND FUN - THE TAd'K OF MAIGNG LIFE LIVING HAS , WW, M,,, .,,.,,....,.,..,....,.,,.,,,W,.m,,,m..W.W.W..,u .,,, - ,,M,.....,,,,h..N if 1 i 2 D , , i w -Q 'WQW 5 5 ' , ff? 3 f. 3 5 f, f f f 5 .." 5 2 1 1 EL WMM-M """" j'jjLjfjjj,j . sgiiiiivi ,M -WM ..,, My ,........ D 1 36 , VV 'ig I 1' j I v ' 1 f K5 , 1 1 , .... :X h :,i, .. , 1 Page 39 MARGARET BR ADLEY MAXWELL Warrensburg English B. S. in Ed., A. B. ROBERT LEE COOPER I Worronsburg Physical Education B. S. in Ed. MRS. MILDRED LASS Warrengburg English B. S. in Ed. LOWELL PRY Butler Physics B. S. ROY BALLARD Kingsoille Science B. S. in Ed. DOROTHY Ross V Worrensburg Physical Education B. S. in Ed. MARGARET LEENPITTMAN Mt. Vernon, Ill. History ' B. S. in Ed. MINOLA COLE Warrensburg M atheniati cs B. S. in Ed. Page 40 E vensburg 'ensburg ensburg Butler ngsvzlle nsburg on, I ZZ. nsburg 40 S E I DRS FOUR YEARS ARE PAST! DONT ASK LLS HOW NOXV THEY ARE AT LEAST XVE ' RE NEAFK.-J AN EN D I N G - XVE ARE READY NO XV TO LEARN ! Pg4l XVE SPENT THEVI -' - FOUR. YEARS OF JOYOLISBLLLFFING NOTEBOOK5, DATES , AND ' - TI IVIE TO BURN E,c1.xvixz.z1, Q ib5U1'L+.9 HERMAN HENDERSON Lawrence, Kan. History Sigma Tau Gamma. HELEN BANTA Kansas City Jllnsic Treasurer Senior Classg President Crescendo Clubg Glee Club. ELIZABETH CLARK Warrensburg English Pi Kappa Sigmag Theta Alpha Phig Student Councilg Panhellenicg Crescendo Clubg Glee Club. HARRIET OGLESBY ' Warrensbnrg Home Economics Vice-President Alpha Sigma Alphag Glee Club. ' GRACE PENNY Cameron , , Home Economics Caneariesg Periclean Literary Societyg Kap- pa Omicron Phi. JACK STONE Wawensbiirg Physics Sigma Tau Gammag Phi Sigma Pi. KENNETH BROWN Physical- Education "VV" Club President '29g Football '26, '27, Captain '28g Track '26, '27, '28, Captain '29g All-Star M. I. A. A. Football Team. Higginsville DALE HOUX JONES Wawensburg Art Sigma Sigma Sigma. Page 41 l WALT1 Sign Pi g l Gua Schc ERNES Alpl ches DAISY N Prir INA B W. ary BEATF C.J.1 Kap Pref C lu ver! EDNA Kal Lite Sigi NANN Kal Del Page 4. Kan. s City ldo zsburg ent 'lee sburg lee 167071 p.. 'burg 'ville 7, 9: mrg A 41 l WALTER LEE COOPER Warrensburg Mathematics Sigma Tau Gamma Treasurer '29g Phi Sigma Pig Kappa Delta Pig Cheer Leaderg National Guardg Assistant in Mathematics Training School. ERNESTINE THOMPSON Beaman .Music Alpha Sigma Alphag Crescendo Clubg Or- chestra. DAISY WILSON Warrensburg . Primary Primary Council. INA BURRESS Warrensbarg Primary VV. A.,A.g Primary Councilg Periclean Liter- ary Society. BEATRICE M. SCHMIDT Fortuna ,History C. J. HOGAN Norborrte History Kappa Delta Pig Sigma Tau Gammag Vice- President Phi Sigma Pig Glee Clubg Science Clubg President Senior Classy Assistant Ad- vertising Manager Rhetor. EDNA C RAWFORD Lamonte Commerce Kappa Delta Pig Crescendo Clubg Periclean Literary Societyg Alpha Phi Deltag Pi Kappa Sigma. NANNIE KEDIGH Battard Commerce Kappa Delta Pi Secretary '29g Alpha Phi Delta. Page 43 lVlARY ANDERSON Green Ridge Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phi. VVILLIAM MATTHEXVS Rayniore Industrial Arts 2nd Lieut. National Guard. CLIFTON JOHNSON A Odessa English Pi Kappa Deltag Sigma Tau Gammag Cre- Scendog National Guardg Assistant in English Department Training Schoolg De- bateg Gratory. SARAH WEBB Bates Cit ' English Alpha Phi Deltag Y. W. C. A.g Periclean Literary Societyg Science Club. 3' lVlARY OPAL STIGALL Henrietta History HELEN MOTHERSEAD Warrensburg Q Physical Education ' W. A. A. ' RAY EDNVARDS ' Smithville A grienlture FRANCES MCGOWN Mgrggliygg English Page 44 l MADAI Pi I CLIFF1 Sign MARG' Y. N JAMES Sigl Stal Pre: Jun 125 . 1 CLAUl ' 'W MARY Kal '29' Stal LULA Per JOHN Sign Cla Ate Page 4 een Ridge Raymore Odessa Cre- t in , De- ftes City clean enrietta msburg ithoille 'cetirte age 44 l MADALYN ROBINSON Warrensburg Primary Pi Kappa Sigmag Primary Club. CLIFFORD JARMAN Pittsvilte History Sigma Tau Gammag Latin Club. MARGUERITE WALLACE Warrensburg Physical Education Y. W, A. A.g W. A. A.g Caneariesg JAMES KIRKPATRICK Kansas City Physical Education Sigma Tau Gammag A'W" Clubg Rhetor Staffg President Student Council '27, '29g President Sophomore Classy '26g President Junior Class '28g Football '24g Basket Ball '2Sg Track '25. CLAUDE COOPER H oustortia p History "W" Clubg Track. MARY DUNBAR Vartdalia Geography Kappa Delta Pig Pi Kappa Sigma, President '29g Alpha Phi Deltag Treasurer Rhetor Staffg Panhellenicg Science Club. LULA LEE BOONE Warrensburg Commerce Periclean Literary Society. JOHN C. MURPHY A Chitliowee Commerce Sigma Tau Gammag Vice-President Senior Classg Vice-President Student Councilg El Ateneog Business Manager Rhetor Staff. Page 45 CARL H. MILBURN Warrerisburg History Chorusg Glee Club. LUCILLE SHULTZ Warrehsburg Home Economics Secretary Kappa Omicron Phig Secretary Crescendo Clubg Periclean Literary Societyg Y. W. C. A. GLADYS GoocH Uriah Biology Science Clubg Sodalitas Latina. MERIAM ARMENTROUT Warrehsburg English Periclean Literary Society. GLADYS PENNY Cameron Home Economics M ILDRED GREENLEE Warrehsburg A Primary Caneariesg Primary Club. Q RUTH OLIVE TILLMAN Clinton English Periclean Literary Society. IRENE M. SALMON Easley Physics Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Phi Deltag Periclean Literary Societyg Science Club. Page 46 l CLYDI "W FERN Kal ary den HELE1 Cre VERN Der Tee A. . '26 al C ELIZA FERN Cai Sig ELEA Pei ROBE Page 4 zrrensbnrg Lrrensburg :retary ocietyg Urich rrensburg Cameron 'rensburg Clinton Easley :lean Page 46 CLYDE COOPER Houstonia History R "XV" Club, Track. FERN LEDGERXVOOD Cameron Physical Education Kappa Delta Pig Caneariesg Periclean Liter- ary Societyg President W. A. A., Vice-Presi- dent Y. W. C. A. HELEN GREIM Warrensburg Music ' - Crescendo Clubg Y. W. C. A. VERNON KENNEDY Mendon History Decathlon Winner "27g All-American Track Team '27, Football '25, '26, '27, '28g M. I. A. A. All-Conference Team '26, '27, '28g Track '26, '28, Captain '28, '29g "W" Clubg Nation- al Guard. ELIZABETH STRONG Warrensburg A English l"ERN STUBBLEFIELD Cameron Physical Education Caneariesg President W. A. A.g Pi Kappa Sigma. ELEANOR SUMMERS Gilliam Commerce Periclean Literary Society. ROBERT MAGILL Fredericktown Physical Sciences Page 47 LYDIA IQNAPP Warrensbnrg M athentatics Secretary Senior Class. FRANK XXVEBB Warrensbnrg A grioultnre and Geography President Kappa Delta Pig Phi Sigma Pig Seience Clubg El Ateneo. HALLIE KATHERMAN A Warrensbnrg Horne Economics SARA BOLTON Clinton History CATHERINE N EWMAN Liberty History Alpha Phi Delta. OTIS E. LANCASTER Pleasan Hill A gricnltnre , Kappa Delta Pig Phi Sigma Pig Science Clubg Assistant in Chemistry Laboratory. Lois BOTTs V X ' Leeton Commerce VV. A. Ag El Ateneo. RAYMOND FISCHER Blackburn English Page 48 l CHRIS' VV.. ELEAD LUCIL Pii MARC Ka' RUTH Ka M RS. MRS. K2 Cc ANN. K: Pe Page 4 . 'rensburg rensburg a Pi 5 rensburg Clinton Liberty in Hill lence zory. Leeton ckburn Dage 48 CHRISTINE GRAEFF Education NV. A. A. ELEANOR STUESSE Cornrnerce LUCILLE ACHAUER English Osborne Beaufort Warrensburg Pi Kappa Sigmag Crescendo Club. MARGUERITE MURDOCK I ndeperz dence Horne Economics Kappa Omicron Phig Student Council. RUTH W. NICHOLS English Eolia Kappa Omicron Phig Y. W. C. A. MRS. EMMA PHIPPS History MRS. ALMA S. ANDREWS Music Kappa Delta Pig Crescend Councilg Y. W. C. A. ANNABELLE BAILEY Commerce Kappa Delta Pig Y. VV.. C. Periclean Literary Society. Page 49 s 5 4 H Elrno Creighton o 'Clubg Primary Kansas City A.g Science Clubg MARION RAU Washington Physical Edncalion President Alpha Sigma Alphag W. A. A.g Panhellenic. STEPHEN MAXWELL Warrensbnrg Physics President Sigma Tau Gammag Science Clubg Editor-in-Chief Rhetor Staff. HELEN STEVENS Warrensburg Primary Pi Kappa Sigmag Primary Club. JOSEPHINE CHATHAM Warrensbnrg English Alpha Sigma Alpha. CLAIRE CHRISTOPHER Warrensbnrg Horne Economics Science Club. GLADYS PULLEY Tipton Primary Alpha Sigma Alphag Primary Clubg Glee Club. GLEN RICE Warrensbnrg Physical Education "YV" Clubg Basket Ballg Football. MARIE COOLIDGE Warrensbnrg English President Theta Sigma Upsilong Y. VV. C. A. Periclean Literary Societyg Panhellenic. Page 50 I HENRS CENA Pi If De li scen NELL Can JAMES HW '28, 29, RAYM LOIS l DORO r X Liti XYIVIA Ka Bei Page 5 zshington A. A. g 'rensburg Club Q rensburg 'ensburg ensbnrg Tipton Glee nsbnrg lisbnrg .A, nic. Page 50 l HENRY SCHABERG Wellington A gricnlture . CENA M. GREINI Warrensbnrg M nsic ' Pi Kappa Sigmag Alpha Phi Deltag Kappa Delta Pi: Periclean Literary Societyg Cre- scendo Club. NELL IMAN Slater History Canearies. JAMES RUSSELL C liilliowee ' A gricnltnre 'AVVH Clubg Football '29g Basket Ball '27, '28, Captain '29, M. I. A. A. All-Star Team '29, M. I. A.iA. Record Holder for Points. RAYMOND RoLL1Ns Worrensbnrg History Lois KENDRICK Knobnoster Horne Economics DoRoTHY J. MCINTYRE Rich Hill Primary Y. VV. C. A.g Primary Councilg Periclean Literary Society. VIVIAN DAVIS SHEPHERD Warrensbnrg Foreign Languages Kappa Delta Pig Alpha Pri Deltag Secretary Beta Alphag Literary Editor Rhetor Staff. Page 51 4 f-f--f -W-H M' -- J L. F. KINDER Marble Hill MRS. L. F. KINDER Marble Hill BOBBIE MCCLANAHAN Freclericlalown H ome Economics Kappa Omicron Phig Periclean Literary Society. CLARA REUSZER Jamestown Home Economics Kappa Omicron Phi Treasurerg Periclean Literary Society Presidentg Kappa Delta Pi. EDWARD STREET Peace Valley Hislory ALBERTA MOORE Harrisorwille Commerce Alpha Phi Deltag Periclean Literary Society. ANNA G-RACE COLLINS Excelsior Springs Biology WILLIE PAINTER Warreiisbarg Ilffazfhemltics Chorus. Page 52 K V E STA W LLOYD EVELY ROY E uwxfv All-' A. F LOLA ' ALBEI A. XV. Kap Phig seen test BESSII Prir Page 5 5le Hill 5le Hill cktown 'ary estown lean , Pi. Valley onville ty. brings tsbarg age 52 'l VESTA TETLEY Warrensbnrg Physical Education W. A. A.g Canearies. LLOYD HENRY Warrensburg Physical Education EVELYN THOMPSON Walker Commerce ROY BROWN Higginsoille Physical Education "W" Club, Football '25, '26, '27, M. I .A. A., All-Conference Team '26, '27, Track, M. I. A. A. Champions '25, '26, '27, LoLA WEEKS Linn Home Economics ALBERT LEE Garden City Science A. W. MCCULLOUQH Independence Biology Kappa Delta Pig Phi Sigma Pig Theta Alpha Phig Business Manager of Cvlee Clubg Cre- scendo Clubg Science Club, Oratorical Con- testg Teaching Fellow in Science. BESSIE SLAYTON Lathrop Primary Primary Council. Page 53 'PARKS HUDSON Warrensbnrg I nditstrial Arts BLANCHE EMRY Kansas City English Y. VV. C. A.g Science Clubg Sodalitas Latina. PERCY G. MITCHELL Lexington Foreign Languages National Guard. DOROTHY HILL Kansas City V Art ' Beta Alpha. ' ORLYN KOXVERTZ Warsaw Physics and Cliernistry Pi Kappa Deltag Science Club. URITH VVILHITE Grant City Horne Economics Kappa Omicron Pi. AGNES TAGGART Warrensbnrg History GRACE XVIDMAN I Clinton Primary Kappa Delta Pig Sigma Sigma Sigmag Pri- mary Council. ' Page 54 1 Om: EY MARY l Peric NONA l BESSIE EARL X Phi f GLADY: Signi ELIZAI-3 LOWEL Page 55 ensburg :as City tina. xington as City Varsaw nt City nsburg flinton' Pri- Dage 5 4 X l 5 ORNEY SHELTON Worrensbnrg History MARY GRACE RICKETTS Warrensbitrg Intermediate Grades Periclean. NONA HALL Buckner Mathematics BESSIE WHITAKER I Maysville English EARL VV. PAGE C Independence M athernatics Phi Sigma Pig Theta Alpha Phi. GLADYS INGLISH Chilhowee English Sigma Sigma Sigmag Kappa Delta Pi. ELIZABETH SMISER Warrensbiirg V History LOWELL BILLINGSLY Burlington Junction A gricnltnre P age 55 RALPH LORTON Physics MRS. MARY H. LANE Education CORRINE INGLISH Mathematics G. W. HANNUM I History FRANCIS LANE Economics MARGUERITE VAN METER Art Warrensburg Wawensbnrg C hilhowee Warsaw Holden Warrensburg Alpha Sigma Alphag Beta Alphag Crescendo Clubg Art Editor Rhetor Staff. CHRIST SCHMITT Biology Kappa Delta Pig Phi Sigma Latinag National Guard. ADELLE SETZLER English Sigma Sigma Sigma. Pershing Pi 5 Sodalitas Kansas City Page 5 6 l J. C. ED Phi Si ALBERTT DURA B Alpha HERSCH Pi Ks Stal? 1 Scien MARY l JAMES Bask V78 -' 1 PHILLI uxxjr FERN ' Thei Lite Page 57 ensburg erisburg ilhowee Varsaw Holden msbiirg zndo ershing litas is City Page 56 l I J. C. EDWARDS Smithville Physics Phi Sigma Pig Sigma Tau Gamma. i ALBERTA CRAWFORD Lexington Primary DURA BRAME i 'Wi1idsor Mathematics Alpha Phi Deltag Y. W. C. A.g Primary Clubi - HERSCHELL EDVVARDS Lowry City Biology Pi Kappa Deltag Sodalitas Latinag Rhetor Staffg Student Councilg Debate Manager, Science Clubg Business Manager Student. MARY E. HOPKINS Hickman Mills History JAMES R. GARRISON Warrertsburg History Basket Ball '26, '27, '28, '29g Football '26, '27, '28, "VV" Club '25, Most Popular man '28. PHILLIP DE LA PORTE Chicago, Ill. Physical Education "VV" Clubg Football '28. FERN HVILSON M aysoille Home Economics Theta Sigma Upsilong Y. VV. C. A.g Periclean Literary Society. Page 57 LLOYD HATFIELD Powersoille Economics MARGUERITE POTTER Sedalia English A Theta Alpha Phig Y, VV. C. A.g Sedalia Clubg Debate Teamg Periclean Literary Society. ETHEL GRUEBEL Concordia Foreign Languages Vice President Pi Kappa Deltag Vice-Presi- dent Kappa Delta Pig President Sodalitas Latinag Alpha Phi Delta. ERNESTINE SPANGENBERG Windsor English - Sigma Sigma Sigmag Kappa Delta Pig Cre- scendo Club. ' MARCIA HARNED Warrensbiirg History Periclean Literary Societyg Y. XV. C. A. RUSSELL BRYANT Leelon Commerce . Phi Sigma Pi. lVlARION BRIGHT Warrensburg Foreign Languages Delta Sigma Epsilong Panhellenic. MINNIE COOPER Warrensbnrg Cornrnerce Pi Kappa Sigma. Page 58 I 'wersville Sedalia Club: ciety. mcordia '?resi- ahtas Vindsor Cre- ensburg Leelon fnsburg 'nsburg P g 58 W gp.,--:rn mn F . 1 1 : I 5 I A. 1 i n 4. , i 1 i 5 1 - 5 z OLD ENOUGH NOT TO BE EOOLISH LIKE FRESHMENQ Q 1 I YOUNG ENGUGH NOT TO BE MOSS-COVERED -QUITE! J OLDER Tn-IAN SOPHOMOQES-ERESHEE THAN SENIORS' ! SAY! .JUNIORS ARE JUST Asour RIO:-nv R JU IGRS 4 1 r S A w 4 ELLA NEAL Dresden . Home Eeonornics E, MARION FARLEY Greenridge History EUGENE GUNN Higginsville History ANNA BELLE CONNOR Marshall Chemistry DARYL KANOY Warrensbnrg ' Industrial Arts ARTHUR L. WYSS Russellville , Physics M . D. STAMPS Pleasant Hill Foreign Languages LUCILLELVINCENT Jasper K English A WILLIAM J. LOXVREY Warrensbarg NIONA NIOBERLY Clinton History Page 60 X JN: ? VERA RUS ALBERTA LESTER F MYRA BL NIEARY FR FRANCES EUNICE I THOMAS I NIARY G' L. D. BB Page 61 Dresden reenridge gginsoille Marshall rrensburg nssellville zsant Hill Jasper rrensburg Clinlon Page 60 W VERA RUSH Blairslown Commerce ALBERTA GLASER Wyaconda Art LESTER FIELDS Kansas City History MYRA BUMGARDNER Kansas City Physical Education MARY FRENCH Archie Biology FRANCES DAVIS Blairstofwn Primary EUNICE PULLIAM Lathrop Primary THOMAS CROSS Jejerson City Physical Education MARY GREEN Warrensbarg Commerce L. D. BRANTLEY Warrensbarv Page 61 Biological Sciences al 1, THOMAS E. CHAMBERS Appleton City MRS' C. Science I ' VERGIL CAULK Bagdrfi HAZEL E Physics and Chemistry r Sigma Tau Gammag Phi Sigma Pi. ' KIRK MI CHRISTINE MOHLER Warrensbitrg Art NORA BI JAMES FERGUSON Warrensbitrg History A MARTHA ELIZABETH PARKINS Carrollton Horne Econarnicss ' A KATHRY: EVELYN REID Sta-ford Foreign Languages - JOHN BI IDA MAE MAHAN Knobnoster English EVA WE NORMAN RANUM Barnett ' g Industrial Arts I NELLIE VYIOLETT ' Warrensbitrg j MRS- C- History DORRIS ROBINSON Warsaw ! I-ETA JO H orrte Economics ' page 62 Page 63 I I on City B ogard 'ensburg 'ensburg zrrollton Stajford tobnoster Barnett 'rensburg Warsaw Page 62 N MRS. C. Y. JONES , Warrensburg Science HAZEL EUBANK V Amgfeg Biological Sciences KIRK MILER Cleveland, Ohio Physical Education NORA BREKEBEDE 'Carrollton Foreign Languages . MARTHA WESTERMAN Wellington , Latin KATHRYN HATFIELD Warrensburg Cornnierce ' JOHN BURNETT Warrensburg Manual Training EVA WEBB Bates City History MRS. C. J. HOGAN Norborne Honie Economics LETA JOE SHELTON Warrensburg Physical Education Page 63 LELAND KENNEDY Mendlm Physical Education FRANCES LAWSON Osborne CLIFFORD DAVIS Adrian ANNA MAE CROOKS Sedolia Physics VEVA BARBER Orrick . English HAROLD PAINTER Dresden Physics NIADGE EMICK Urich Foreign Languages EDNA B. GIVENS Worrensbnrg I English JOSEPHINE HEBEI, Holden Foreign Languages FREDERICK NIASEL St. Charles History Page 64 N JUN. v I JOHN W. 4 I VIRGINIA 4 ANNA K. M RS. ANI FLORA LE M. W. D' GERALDII GEORGL-X DXVIGHT 1 M ARY M Page 65 llendon Osborne A drian S edalia Orrick Dresden Urieh rrensbnrg Holden 't. Charles Page 64 JOHN W. CROCKETT Art VIRGINIA GOLAY History ANNA K. GREENVVELL I Kindergarten MRS. ANNA CANILON Primary FLORA LEE JACKS English M . W. DUSTON English GERALDINE STRATTON - Foreign Languages GEORGIA ZULAUE , English DWIGHT L. MUTTI Chemistry MARY MARTHA MCCOLLOUGH English ' Page 65 Denver, Colo. Warrensbnrg Chilhowee Warrensbnrg Platte City Kingston Warrensbnrg Tipton California Polo ' r I 4 BESSIE DIXON Kansas City History MARGARET GOODSON Warrensbnrg Mathematics PAUL MCXIVILLIAMS Belton Science LEONA SCHUSTER Cffwgill History MYRTLE POLLOCK Warrensbilrg - Primary ELVIRA LINDEMAN Holden English MARGARET BENIGAR V Lowry City Home Economics MAUDE ESTES Warrensbnrg ' Coinrnerce JESSIE WHITE Sedalia English HELEN BUSICK Polo Home Economics Page 66 A I 1 Q i JACK W ' MILDRE I, DOROTI GERTR1 I 4 S XIERNA RUTH 1 In THELM LESTEI OPAL 1 I IRENE Page 67 i 52 5 N I i 1 1 I as City JACK WILSON Jejfersoii City . History 311551478 j MILDRED REED Grandview 1 Physics Belton DOROTHY MANN Sedalia Kindergarten Cowgm GERTRUDE RYLAND X Odessa History ' yembmg VERNA HOEMANN Nevada Mathematics Holden RUTH BARKER Warrensbitrg Primary Wy City THELMA SMARR Warrerisbiirg Physics and Chemistry. 'fensbufg LESTER DONAHOE Speed Commerce Sedalia OPAL HATFIELD Powersville Commerce Polo IRENE ELLIOT Blairstowii History Page 66 Page 67 5z I IDA HYATT Latour H M athernatics GRACE FARMER Carneron Kindergarten FAYE NEWTON Magnolia Cornrnerce JOHN COBB Warrensbnrg A gricnllnre PAUL FRANSIIAM Adrian A grieullure MARY HOLIDAY Holden Home Economics IOLA CURD Gower English LOUISA Y ELTON Warrensburg x g Art MARGARET PULLIAM Adrian Home Economics OPAL SCOTT Powersville Physical Education Page 68 N PRESTO ANNA IN DAVID I ELLEN ESTHEF ANNIE NIAURI NIARIE DELBE ELYA X Page 69 :tour reron nolia rbnrg lrian olden iower sbnrg drian fsoille Dage 68 PRESTON LANGFORD Warrensbnrg Foreign Languages ANNA MARIE CASE DAVID MILLER ELLEN M ARKVVARD Sociology Commerce ' English ESTHER MORRIS English ANNIE LAURIE CALHOUN Latin MAURINE SWOPE , English MARIE BEARY History DELBERT PETRE History ELVA WEAVER History Page 69 Concordia Sniithoille Warrensbnrg Warrensbiirg California Larnonte Powersoille Independence Warrensbitrg I RUTH NOBLE Kansas City English MAX G. GRAF Warrensbnrg M anital Training LAURA YELTON Warrensbnrg English VVALLACE BOHANNAN Marshfield I Economics MARGARET BRONAUGH Pleasant Hill Art LEONE DOBSON Peculiar Horne Economics ANETTA LOGAN Montgomery City English BERNICE XNAGLE Platte City History MARION DAVIS . Anlloille Economies MARGARET HINOTE A Harrisonville Physical Education I Page 70 I I I I I it I I I I I I I I I I DOR MA1 ANN GEC MAi Vic' HA1 DOJ Page 1 W I City DORRIS ROGERS Warrensburg History burg V MATTIE IMAN Slater Commerce L I rbilrg I 2 . 5 H ld . . me ANNA B. ANDERS Smithville Primary GEORGIA LEE ALEXANDER Holden ' Primary 'Hill i I ruliar i MARY PRIEST Warrerisbiirg History ' CULV VICTOR HOWARD Warrerisburg Commerce z City W ll 'll L M e HAROLD MILIKEN Warrerisburg Economics arid Commerce nrwille ' DOROTHY SMITH Warsaw English page 70 Page 71 ,. , W 'I J N 1 w ,, li ,H ll 1 i K 1 il' 1, I X 11 Page 72 ?""I5lZ7F7'ZV'E'?"-YS? " M134 1- - -' f"1 " ' A Aw:fsM:,11szWm,Q46x, IT wfxf LAIT YEAR we JUFFERED mom GREEN 5 CAPITAND HOIE -WHAT THE' NEXT TWO YEARI HOLD 5 FOR Uf GOD ONLY KNOWJ! BUT OUR CONIOLH- TION ITANDI FORTH IN THE JTRIFE' TTI THU YEAR wr-EVE GRQWN OURHSIXTY-HOUR LTFEV T T SOPHOMORES 75 T g 3 5 . 3 -751 I CALVIN CULVVELL CUMA DOTSON MARY T, KEMPER WM. E. ROSS BERNICE MARTIN HELEN MORRIS MAURINE FITZGEREL ELIZABETH ANDERSON ORVILLE FOX HELEN PARKES M. J: DOAN ANITA HART JAMES L. EVANS IVAH MILDRED SIMMONS HELEN BAGBY CARMIN DEAN LORA BRUNE VVILLARD OWENS MARY V. YANCY HESTER CHANDLER CARL KUIEPERS Vandalia Protern H altsville Ottervilte Jejerson City Strasburg Pittsville Green Ridge M endon California Olney, I ll. Warrensburg H ale Blairstown Mound City Bates City Independence Weaubleau K nobnoster Freeman Hnrne Page 7 4 ANNA A MARY DEAN OPAL 1 T. E. GRACE RUTH JOSEP1 TOM P MILDI FREDA ESTEL JACK 1 RUTH PAULI MARY FERN CHES' EILEE NIAY JOE A Page 7. alia otem soille rville City sbnrg tsville Ridge .endon fornia y, Ill. isbnrg Hale 'stofwn i City s City idence tblean Tnoster eeman H nme Dage 74 ANNA RUTH XVEISE MARY ELLEN SIX DEAN JOHNSON OPAL HTCKS T. E. THOMAS GRACE OWEN RUTH MCCABE JOSEPHINE QUINKER TOM HAGEIVIAN MILDRED COVHER FREDA TURNER ESTELLA COOPER JACK B. VVILHITE RUTH ARENSON PAULINE BROWN MARY LOU DANIELS FERN ELLENBERGER CHESTER L. JACOBY EILEEN DUNHANI MAY BELLE ADCOCR JOE ANDERSON Page 7 5 N ew Franklin Warrefisbnrg Gilliam Hollister Lonejack Warrensburg Sedalia Dallas, Texas Galena, Kansas Smithton College Springs, Iowa Warrensburg Sedalia Sedalia Richmond Sweet S prings Polo Centeroiew Warrensbnrg Knobnoster Plattsbnrg BOYD LEFEVER MADALYN HOLTZEN RUTH SNOW PAT DANIEL WILFRED SIIROER PAULINE DUEBER MARJORIE MURRAY IRENE HALTERMAN GALEN WAMPLER BEATRICE WILSON CHARLES STRATTON HELEN FILE ELEANOR SHOCKEY HELEN SWISHER FLOYD VVORTHINGTON LOUISE MAE DAVIS PAUL MCKEEVER ETHLYN JONES BESSIE GRAVEL MARY NIARKSBERRY FRANK JARMAN Shel byvllle Srhithton Girard, Kansas Independence V St. Charles Cole Camp Owensvllle Ha rdin Warrensburg Warrensburg Lowry City Richmond Warrensbnrg Slater St. Joseph Freeman Kansas City Calhoun Hollister B la irstown Pittsville Page 76 fly MA BEL PAULA GLENN VIOLA ELIZAI BEATR DEE N JANIE WILMA BEULA MILDI4 EL EAD HELED J. R. I BLANC FRANC GRACE BESSI1 NIADA' JEAN Q J. W. Page 77 byville iitliton Kansas iden ce fharles Camp ensville flardin nsburg :nsbnrg ry City :hniond znsbnrg Slater Joseph reeinan its City 'alhoitn Tollister irstown 'ittsville Dage 76 MABEL BYBEE PAULA FAGAN GLENN PAYNE VIOLA JAMIESON ELIZABETH IDOL BEATRICE THRAILKILL DEE MCLIN JANIE BELL VAUGHN WILMA HAINIPTON BEULAH MILLER MILDRED COURTNEY ELEANOR LEONARD HELEN ALT J. R. MEACHAM BLANCHE ALLEN FRANCIS COZAD GRACE BRANSTETTER BESSIE CONSTANCE MADALYN KEEFER JEAN JONES J. W. DAVIS Page 77 California Kansas City Russellville I ndepen dence H arrisonoi lle Warrensburg Holden B ogard Warrensbnrg Cross Timbers Sedalia Buckner N orborne Hamilton Lowry City Powersville Centerview Independence N ew Franklin Warrensbnrg Warrensbnrg HONVARD DEVASHER HARRY E. RIEAD GILES SHELTON ROSS TAYLOR ANGEL IHRIG HAZEL DAHLOR VRIGINIA SHROCK MARIE CUNNINGHAM EUGENE NIALONEY KATHERINE MCDONALD SIDNEY DOUGLAS MARY LEE CHANEY MARY H. CROCKETT LENA MAE STRATTON CHARLES DIXON CECIL C OOMBE EVELYN VVAREHAM FRED WELLER AUBREY BRYANT NINA PICKARD WALTER GATES, Wawensbnrg Clinton Wawensbnrg Kansas City 4 La.Monte California Oak Grove Wa rrensbnrg Odessa Uriah H aniilton Wafrensbitrg Warrensburg Warrensbnrg Warrensbnrg B tairstown C tinton Warrensbzirg Warreiisbnrg Appleton City Uriah Page 78 791 m. --A I I I I I I ELIZI GLAI CA RI IMOG N ELI MAR MUR ALIC MAR FLOF ZELP C HR1 HARi KAT1 O. L BESS DOR1 KAT1 M. I ELLA RUT1 Page . fnsburg flinton znsburg as City 1M onte Zifornia k Grove ensbnrg Odessa Urich 'arnilton 'ensburg fensburg 'ensburg fensburg airstown Clinton rensburg 'rensburg :ton City Uriah Page 7 8 ELIZABETH REICK GLADYS ROBERTSON CARL KRUEGER IMOGENE LINVILLE NELL BLANCHE HAWNV MARY DANIEL MURL BURRIS ALICE GRAHAM MARY LOUISE HULL FLORENCE ROSS ZELPHA STRAVV CHRISTINA UNDERWOOD HARRIET KINSER KATHRYN MOSER O. L. ATHEY BESSIE VOGT DOROTHY BRYANT IKATHRYN WILLIAMS M. L. DAY ELLA DOW RUTH HENDERSON Page 79 Independence Warrensbitrg Dewitt Cowgill LaMonte Sweet Springs Warrensburg Warrensburg Warrensburg Corder Deepwater Holden Independence Martinsburg W arrensbarg Versailles Independence B lne Springs C liilhowee S edalia Otterville BERNICE COLLIER GERALD BRANSON MARY LOUISE HARRIS EUNICE BUREORD ARTHUR BRADEN MARY CROOKS IRENE BROOKS HELEN RAMSEY MILDRED TUTTLE IRENE DAY BETTY BAILEY BYNUM REDFORD CHARLES REPP DOROTHY FREEMAN FRANCIS HICKS RENA C RUMLEY 'STANLEY MILBURN PEARL BALDWIN OPAL CHRISTY MIRIAM BRUNK EMILY KITE Warrensbnrg Pleasant Hill Greenwood Leeton Horton Leeton Warrensbzirg J ejerson City Blue Springs Odessa Lawrence, Kansas Urich Centerview Warsaw Henrietta Idaho Falls, Idalzo Warrensbnrg Warrensbiirg Bates City Otterville H igginsoille Page 80 I FRANI MARY GENE' CLAUI NETTI V IRGIi LENA LILLIA C LAR! V ERNI ADA I GLADI YVILLI MAYO EMMA NIARI1 ELSIE M ILD1 IDA S: CARRI EMMA Page SI G sb ztrg t Hill twood Qeeton Forton Zeeton isburg rt City brings Udessa Iansas Urich terview 'arsafw nrietta Idaho fnsburg znsbnrg tes City 'tterville ginsville Page 80 FRANCES MOOIIE MARY A. BARNETT GENEVIEVE REPP CLAUDE MURRAY NETTIE HATHAVVAY VIRGINIA BEATTY LENA MAUCK LILLIAN OXVENS CLARA GRANNEMAN VERNA KNEEDLER ADA DEWITT GLADYS BELMAN YVILLIE VAUGHN MAYOLA DYER EMMA STIGALL MARIE HORD ELSIE RICE MILDRED SMISER IDA SMITH CARRIE BAUR EMMA LARY Page 81 6 N W arrensbnr g Clinton Centeroiew M endon C liilhowee Warrensbnrg N Appleton City M aysoille New Haven Lebanon Warrensbnrg Holden Dover Warrensbnrg Henrietta Tebbetts Green ridge Warrensburg Lead Hill, Ark. Warrensbnrg Clarksburg -. ,'x R.. ADOLPH LANGSTADT St. Charles MARY SINGLE Uriah VIOLA GEIGER Jamestown RENA PUCKETT Mayview JOE TIVIS Q Warrensburg MYRTLE VOORHEES Belton MARY ANNA SMALL T usournbla MARTHA HALLAR Holden OKU RIDGEXVAY Macon MARY FRANCES DICK Warrensburg ED. B. BOEN Lawson OPAL MCNEAL Holden HAZEL E. SNODGRASS Clarksburg MARGARET BOLAND Warrensburg RUBY JENNINGS Kring City MARJORIE DOUTT Independence NICHOLAS DUEEET Henrietta BESSIE COLE Arnoret C OLISTA DIEHL Butler, I ndlana DOROTHY ATKINSON Eldon XIVOODXVARD W. HARTRICK Butler Page 82 fl Pr- A lf- '-'l- -1 4 W I I L N I , K w T ,T T HEs BE1 CLA GAA EL1 NE ED: HE HE EL: LOT JAT LIL TH FR, STI DO EL: GR J U1 TH Page Tharles Uriah estown zyview nsbnrg Belton :nrnbia Holden Macon :nsbnrg Lawson Holden rksbnrg ensbnrg ng City endence 'enrietta A rnoret Indiana Eldon B ntler Page 82 HELEN WILEY BERNE HEBERLING CLARENCE SOWERS GARVIN GILLUM ELIZABETH TANDY - NELLIE MARIE SMALL EDINA MOSBY HENRIETTA MOORE HEI.EN SCHABACK I ELSA GIBSON LOUISE TICHENER JAMES LOUPE LILLIE HOTZ T HELMA EDMONDS FRANCES BOWLES STELLA FIELDS DOROTHY BAILEY ELIZABETH BRONVNFIELD GREGORY LAEEVER JULIA ADAIR THELMA SALMON Page 83 S edalia Warrerisbnrg .Mayview Warrensbnrg Sedalia Tascnrnbia X Centeroiew Warrensbarg Weston Hamilton - N apton Washington Gravel Pass Garden City N orborne Warrerisbnrg Marshall Pilot Grove Stover Chilliowee Easley ALLEN JARMAN CHARLENE JONES JOHN BONDURANT EMERSON SIMPSON EDVVINA GIBSON NINA BARTHOLOMEVV MARION CONN LUCILLE BRICKEN DON ESSIG, JR. LUCIEN WRIGHT ANNABELLE BOYER HOMER BARNETT MRS. LETA JACOBS HAROLD VVILHOIT GRACE KINNE OPAL BURKE JAMES ATTERBURY RUTH BRIDGES MARY CROCIQEIT EDXVARD NEAL ALBERT WILLIAMSON Plllsville Warrensburg Warrensburg Russellville Warrensburg Warrensburg Gmndvi ew Leeton Wafrensburg Wellz'ngton Warrensburg Oyer Eldon H amllton Hamilton Cole Camp Rockville Warrensburg N orborne Warrensburg Kansas City, Kan. Page 84 WI' 1 J V I J S '4 a I I E I I I P ville 5urg 5urg 'ville burg bwg view :elon burg Lgl01'l burg Oyer ldon ilton illon 'amp eville 'burg vome -burg Kan. zge 84 X ee, ,ffffffid A,effff.,,m-Xfff1f,f ffneff ,fyl fffdfiefwf fl f M ffl fe f, .ff ' IKNQKA flip ,wyf ' "file ,, ij V W' ! 3ffifffZ4f15V.fVM"-4-..'fff,-fl' ff, ffyff, 1 .ffffffiye I , ,, I W ' - X, ,. If, I, W' .iff ! X GREEN I-1035 , VERD CURTSEYS Low WISDQM SEEKING FUNNY,HOIVIESICI'i ANT HATS 0 BRICK BATSQ TROUBLE FINDING NEVER IVIINDINC5 , A PERRY YOUNGSTERS L THESE ESE FRESH N f' C'NI'ST ' Page 85 I ,I-N... 1- ..:q.-f-RH. ERNEST PATTERSON MARTHA NIHART RUTH DALLOANI RUBY STAGNER MARY HARRIET ROOP MARVIN POWELL GERALDEAN BETHEL ORABELLE YAUNT ALICE NEFF RICE FARMER MILDRED STONE JOYCE LAIDLAW LORETTA ASLING MILDRED SPRINKLE INA MAE BROWN CHESTER WILLIAMS COVA JEXVELL I WALTER BARNES ULA JOHNSON PEARL SECHREST BLANCHE POTTER A rchie Cross Timbers Faucet! Hale Warrensburg Warrensburg Wawensburg Chilhowee Centerview Richland H oustonia Cassville I Gladbrook, Iowa Knobnoster Lees Summit! Ha rrisonville H amilton Wafrensburg C hilhowee Kingsville Vffarrensbmg Page 86 I PER MA MA FRA ORA M11 KA, RQ FAI IRE ZEI NO MA RO EUI R11 MA ALI TH TH GA Page 'chie bers zcett Yale Burg 5urg lufg :wee view Tand ania ville owa vster mitt ville 'lton Burg vwee ville Burg ge 86 PERRY GIBBS MARTHA LEE PEMBERTON MARTHA TODD HAYNES FRANCES JOHNSON ORABELLE YOUNT MILDRED JONES KATHRYN MOSS R. L. C OLLIER FAY MAZE 1 IRENE JOHNSON ZELONA LANIGFORD NORMA COLLINS MATTIE HULL ROBERT ADAMS EUGENIA LAND RITA GABRIEL MARY ALICE BUTCHER ALBERTA WARD THELMA FRENCH THELMA EARLY GALE NICKINNEY Page 87 H nme Pittsville Lees Summit Gilliam Chilohowee Warrensbnrg Hdzzyvaze Tipton Poplar Blnj Warrensbufg Warrensburg Alpena Pass, Ark. Warrensburg Pleasant Hill Warrensbnrg Appleton City Blairstofwn Blairstofwn A rcliie W arrensburg Eldon I. J. FISHER FLORENCE HALDIMAN MARY LOUISE MVEINRICK EDNA KIRCHER EVA PAYNE MILDRED MILLS BEULAH CHAPIN ELMER KLEIN DOROTHY HULSE CHESTER COOLIDGE MARY GENE FAULKNER MARGARET MILL LOIS KELSO VERNA JONES PHILLIP GOULT RAYXHAISIBLIN ORPHA MAE TURNER DAISY CUNNINCHAM OTTIE BELL STODDARD MELBA CONNER MARION SCROGGINS Warrensbnrg California Sedalia Pleasant Hill Warrensburg Frank Clay Appleton City Syracuse Warrensburg Warrensburg Warrensburg Sedalia Kansas City LaToiLr Kansas City Lowry City Sedalia Sedalia Green Ridge Tflfarrensbzlrg Warrerisbnrg Page 88 H sbitrg Qrnia dalia Hill :bitrg Clay City tense rburg :burg :bnrg lalia City Tour City City ialia lalia Zidge rburg rbnrg :zge 88 VVILMA BROYVN KENNETH ALLMON MRS. FLORENCE HAIQLOXV CARLE NEALE RUTH PUGH DOROTHY HELMUTH CHESTER ANDERSON Kingsville Smithville Lees Summit Otterville Gilliam Garden City North Kansas City GLADYS XNALTERS Knobnoster LELAND WALLACE Warrensbnrg PAUL JOHNSON Odessa IRENE CHEATHAM Centerview IRENE BEEGHLY Peculiar ELSIE LOGAN Belton EDNA E, TRIBBLE Hatlsuilte GREGORY CONNER Lamonte J. L. COOPER Lexington PEARL BROWN Lonejack M ILDRED HARLAN Prairie Hill RAYMOND KEITH Slater DAISY DOAK Odessa XIVILLARD HURIPHREY Iberia Page S9 Jnpw, 'LF my-v--I Qu NORMA OBERHELMAN MARY GREENWALD SAMUEL GLASS RICHARD GORREL KATHRYN OGLESBY ALICE GWINN TED FAGEN ALMA WINN EDNA KELLY l KATHRYN ADAMS IVIARGARET SMITH CATHERINE GIBSON ALENE ATTEBERY EDNA KNIPSCHILD DANIEL BEALS FRANCES BROWN CHRISTINA WARD EVELYN BRADLEY ALMA FRAZIER ISABEL IVIAGRUDER MARGARET FORD Wellington Falls City, Neb. Kansas City Sedalia A Warrensbnrg Falls City, Neb. Kansas City Warrensbilrg Warrensburg Wafrensbiirg Kansas City Lone Jack Rockville H ardin Kansas City Lone Jack Buckner Seclalia Santa Rosa Whiteside B nn eeton Page 90 J AGR SAL CHA FRA HEI Em FLO MAi MA' M A1 EUC RUI WIL ALII MAI LOR FRA NEL MAI IAM: CHE Page fton leb. fity zlia urg feb. .,. ,ily urg urg nrg ,ity ack ille din ,. ,ity ack ner alia OSU :ide ton 2 90 AGNES JONES SALLIE VANDERLINDEN CHARLES ARMENTROUT FRANCES IWCELWEE HELEN GOWING EDNA Roo? FLOYD TUTTLE MARIAN ALLEN MAURICE SHIER MARY HEBERLING EUGENE SNAPP RUBY HIERONOMUS WILLIAM LYNCH ALINE VAN HOY MARY BUNCE LORA STOCKTON FRANCES ANDERSON NELLIE OXVEN MARIE CALHOUN JAMES KESSLER CHESTER ARMENTROUT Page 91 Glensted Blackburn Warrensburg Chilhowee Orrick Warrensburg Blue S prings Sedalia M ayoiew Centerview Warrensburg Sedalia Kansas City Greenwood Fort Worth, Texas Henrietta Warrerisburg Lexington Warrensburg Strasburg Warrensburg DAN SAULTS HALINE SECHREST MAX ROBINSON AGNES JONES MARVIN VVATSON OPAL REED CHARLES BUSBEE NOLA RUSSEL JOHN ANTHONY GRIGGS BLAKE FAIRCHILD TWYLA SNELL CARLETON COOPER ELLEN RILEY OLIVER RUNDLE NADINE REABI JOHN QUEEN MABEL ARMENTROUT VVALTER NIALLORY . JOHN GILLA ZAIDEE HOFFHUS NIOSOLENE JACKSON Knobnoster Centralia, Illinois Warrensbnrg Glensted Uriah Rich Hill Plattsbnrg Grain Valley Warrensbnrg Warrensburg Lexington Rockville 'Enon, Ark. Warrensburg Sedalia Deepwater Warrensbnrg Piedmont Washington Pleasant Hill Waverly Page 92 ROB MAI MRS VIR: WAI HEL MIR LEIC CHR FRE GEO BON MRS THE FLO: NAD LOU LEO PAU HEL MAI Page 5noster llinois lisburg fensted Uriah li Hill tsburg Valley isburg nsburg ington :kville A rk. asburg zzlalia 'water sburg trnont vigton 1 Hill werly ,age 92 an 'ROBERT CAMPBELL Harlofwton, Mont. MARJORIE GILBRETH MRS. MARTHA SHUBERT VIRGINIA STRATTON WALTER LOFLAND HELEN STEPHENS MIRABEL HEYNEN LEIGHTON LANDES CHRISTINE VVARD FRED TIMBERLAKE GEORGIA STRATTON BONNIE BERTRAM I MRS. C. S, STRATTON THELMA STEVENS FLORENCE HALDIMAN NADINE MYERS LOUISE LEONARD LEOTA XVRIGHT PAULINE COSTA HELEN AUSTIN MARY LOUISE DOW Page 93 Warrensbnrg B oonville Lowry City Belton Sedalia Seclalia Warrensbnrg Buckner Kansas City Warrensbnrg Mirable Lowry City Warrensburg California Warrensbnrg Butler Bronson, Kan. Lexington Eldon W arrensbnrg LOIS WILLIAMS C. U. WILLIAMS LUCILLE WILSON OSCAR VVOODS MARY MAURINE WETZEI, GEORGE BROWN MARY E. THOMPSON RAYMOND WILDER VVILMA HUTCHINSON FRANK SAMPLE BERNICE HAMPTON LESLIE SNOW HELEN CORLEY MAURICE PETERSON ZELMA REAM N. CHARLES OGLE LELAH BRIGIITWELL GLENN SNIDER EMIL VEST NORA BORN ROBERT CLARK Warrensbiirg H arrisonville Eldon Odessa S edalia Warrensbnrg Warrensbnrg Sedalia Cleveland Kansas City Holden Gunn City A tina Warrensburg Sedalia Kansas City Gilliam Independence Grandview Prairie Home Warrensburg Page 94 I nsburg vonville Eldon Odessa Yedalia risburg rtsburg Tedalia Ireland is City Yolden n City A lrna zsburg edalia 9 City illiarn Ldence ,dview H orne Isbnrg 'age 94 ELIZABETH BURR GEORGE EVANS PAUL LEWIS MARVIN DOUTT MARY E. FEHMAN GEORGE BABBIT MARY HARRIET ROOP CARROL DEELY LULA MAY KATHERMAN GENEVA JACKSON NORA BORN JANICE COLLINS GLADYS CHEWING ELEANOR LEONARD VETA DOUTHIT ROY KEETON HATTIE HENDERSON ELSON JEROME NORMA BABYLON PAUL MARTIN NORIVIA POWELL Page 95 Centerview Warrerisbilrg Sedalia Independence Lees Snnirnit Warrensbicrg Warrensburg Holden Warrensbnrg Waverly Prairie Home Warrensburg Troy Butler Warrensburg Roscoe Otterville Warrensbnrg Pleasant Hill Knobnoster Warrensburg HERBERT PATTERSON Warrensbnrg LOIS ALBIN Blairstown VIOLET DODSON Calhoun BEATRICE BETHEL Warrensburg ZELPHA LAND Kansas City NATALIE TODD Warrensbnrg ARLOA CHAPMAN Grant City MARGUERITE BLACKBURN Weston VVALFRED JOHNSON I ronwood, Mtch. CARLENE CLONTS Warrensbnrg CHESTER BOYVLING Waynesville RUBY HENDRICKSON Cleveland RACHEL BRENNEISSEN Jejerson City BESSIE PRIEST Warrensbnrg MARY VIRGINIA HUMPHREYS Laredo MABEL BANE CASE Otterorlle DOROTHY HUTCHINSON Harrisonorlle HOIVIER REED Holden OLIVE LAXVRENCE Butler EDNVARD HENRY Deepwater T HELMA POGUE Deepwater Page 96 MII ELL ART LOI LEE MA2 CAR FRA EVE ANIC LOR. KAT LOU2 MIL: FORJ ICEL MAR MAR RICE V IRG ELOI Page 1 'ensbnrg Lirstown Calhoun 'ensburg sas City ensbnrg nt City Weston , Mich. ensburg nesoille 'ezfeland on City :nsburg Laredo tterville sonville Holden Butler 'pwater 'pwater Page 96 MILDRED OTTO ELLEN FARMER ARTHUR EGGIMAN LOIS BERRY LENNIE HAMBLIN MARGARET JOHNSON CARL ROEDEL FRANCES BROWNFIELD EVELYN PHILLIPS ANITA MCMILLAN LORENZO BOLTON KATHRYN ELSEY LOUISE LIGHTFOOT MILDRED SELL FOREST KELLY ICEL CARPENTER MARY LOUISE BROWN MARIE NEWTON RICHARD HACKNEXL VIRGINIA POWELL ELOISE GLENN Page 97 Hamilton Platte City Jamestown Garden City Lowry City Gilliam California Lees Summit Pleasant Hill Warrensbztrg Sedalia Mineral Point Lone Jack M ayview Independence Wheatland Warrensbiirg Magnolia Lamar Holden Lawson S-. 'ilffffft-.TI . ,N 4. .fe , " 6771, , . C2 .M f Wf ,- J ' f , , , Y. if-" fy W! f l m Y' gy , Page 98 I i I v Q v E i 4.4, ...L ,--LK A w 5. l 1 1 1 L fl v j I 1 I h 3 I ll D Page 98 7 z 4 Cb? Agrzio ff, W' + ff 1' 'f f wx mf M ff ff f, ,ff K' ff! f f if f f ff' 1 il H ix 2' , F X , 1 f K Q A I ff, A I p jf A A M ,f M- V 2 H 4' if In Z2 427 ' 'Q 1. , fWf' ' WV' "" ff ' v N 1 7 1 1 I .Nj . W1 W,- A Page 99 ggi 1 I T1 f piy gg? ,I 121 '42 2, f Z fi ' , , ,V we ,, Z, V - 5 f ,,,, ' f RSM m,,.V i. mfr , fg M T, I i f " as -I 4 A 7 QQ H' , Z I 0 X ,qyfl V' . I A TJ ff 2 5 T Q, my X - I A 'Q I gf ' ' , I , 'I I Q f r I I I 1,1 - 1 ,' , , ,,,, 1 i 7 V, , ? Q- -1, y Amr... V! 3 x f f an f I T f 9,5 . ,WWW -mf I Z , T fe: , , ,I ff f Q 2 W, 'X if ., I ,Q,.,,, ,.,, ., ,,,. I . f' ff' ,,,.,.xw "N 2f1f.LfI,.., - ' 1 ,, ., ' "'g' N ' "k" TQ ', TW, , . 43 ,f f ii .4..wfT - T, fi flfifffill W. I ' I Ji f 3 . -ag .. Vyli A , f'-f A .ms f 5L,,.MMffv ' C..Sc m 'A DEfPOT IPI EACH ANCIENT ICHOQL HELD J'WAY WITH IRON HAND5 BUT WE MAINTAIN A BETTER RULE BAIED ON THE JTUDEPIT BAND. OUR PUBLICATIOPIJ' RANK THE BEJT COMPARED WITH THOJE OF OTHER ICHOOLJ, AND EVER WILL THEY PAJJ' THAT TEJT V V FOR THEY ARE FEATURING THE MULEJ. V V THD DOVER ME ANID WJBUCATKD 5 Is Ti ,' A . I5 TTI ET I A 1 X 1 lx , 'wl I ' Q I 4 II fx -.....-v- ,..-W -Y 1-K.-fp-- H- I r 5 F E I 1 -T MORROW, MURPHY, NIAXXVELL, KIRKPATRICK SHEPHERD, VAN METER, GREIM DUNBAR, EDXVARDS MCCOLLOUGH, Mo!-ILER, HILL, HOGAN Page 100 ge 10 Tanlielleme Qfffyoenzfzon OFFICERS President ...... MARY DUNBAR, Pi Kappa Sigma Recording and Corresponding Ti Secretary and Treasurer . MILDRED SMISER, Sigma Sigma Sigma 5 HE Panhellenic Association is a representative body of the live educational A sororities on the campus, each sorority sending two representatives. The sorori- L l A ties belonging to this Association are: Alpha Sigma Alpha, Delta Sigma Epsilon, i , Pi Kappa Sigma, Sigma Sigma Sigma, and Theta Sigma Upsilon. 5 The purpose of the organization is the regulation of all rules and activities f A pertaining to local. sorority life, the establishment of strong ties of friendship l Q and good will between the sorority chapters and other organizations on the , A ii campus, and the encouragement of the chapters to take an active interest in all A it ,pf school and college activities for the common good. 1 , ' Y l ' l ll , , i 1 ' 4 , l 1 , l 1 1 x ' v , 1 f i 1 . ' PIITMAN, HEBERLING, BRIGHT, COOLIDGE, IHRIG, INGLISH NIAXWELL, CLARK, RAU, DUNBAR, SMISER, GLASER 0 Page 101 l l s I -'Fr 2, It ii, if mf 1, F12 lf l Q: ll S 1 i wp if E. ills i QQ l iii ill 'rw li in El. will ,MI V? lx fl my Vx, l 'li wal Wil Va Iii, i X . l M 1. l T1 is 3 ll gi if l 5 i 3 l 1 I i v, i X A , 4 lg it I ll qs: ,if .1 'r ill Et il, ill , i 1 W. ,.. l V. l l l :lp IL? ill ll' I 1 he SfZ!d67Zfi HE Studentis the official College publication and is issued every Tuesday during the school year. It is edited by the class in journalism under the direction of Ben R. Craig, with Herschell Edwards as Business Manager. The Student was one of the charter members of the Missouri College Newspaper Association, which held its first annual meeting in Columbia, Missouri, thisspring. The Student received honorable mention in the Mid- Western College Newspaper Contest of last spring. HEg211iiE3l1iJIgL In connection with Journalism in the College is the Publicity Department with James Kirkpatrick as its head. It is the purpose of this department to furnish papers of this district with interest- ing news and happenings of the school and students which are of interest to their respective communities. y We . A T ?7T"Tf7'f"'T""'f?3Tf:"" l y 5 2 , , 5 E 3 :- 2 - X ll I ' z 2 : , .6 H . f , . : , i , 5--W M-V--vw-+wfe-'v'rx5..i.. . .- .f.. ?tY'frfff"frm::f:':1:': mme-is e-'f'----r'r"- av,.mmxwm:a1s:i1-mmf.mammn, -my -,Lf"'c"'-M-"f----M---'www , t .,,,,,. 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' :xxx r::,:1,J:g"z':,rQ::xrl'iv i.Mfsiiiflflilfgrizirsxzgzi :'z.,?? 1 5' , ---ff im , - W.-M ,.,i...f,.., n..,,.,,., ,,,.:..r ff... . , ,X , 5 Stl, .C fr.Y?bIANl151I-IIQQINNG , j'T7fLi,iLT...m.,.,., gin-f-'W 'wx f't" 5 g lIllLDlfyGl'SiPRQS'ED .M Q , M -, .. f 7"'Z5"f1 ?fTi'ffI!-.,,, W.'I1:3.., ,W.M..l33fil53 T--5'3MT?'E",l'X2XX7l535,112 ' ...,'WTE9flRTlb'fSTU V 'lie I 1-,jL1j-- -fm -v.,,...:...wxHWim g:j::jH3fw:m'f 'Q :::Z::::g'n-2 ' ' y'fjm'+ J 'juli GlVEl'l.eXYSllfliimfffl X i ,. 'MM' i,.,,.i,.-M.: ,is M . gg: mf . I Ht.. ,.f.f.- . ' '. ., -f-w.f,.n fu. fm i,a.nM ,, 1.- W'-"--ffwvww-fewfx-1 ,, , is g ' ' "fm:"tR- yw?x:,l.p 1 l14NmW'Rr,U"4' 'lm' V"R M nuvxdffry in A, 5 , 'Vi 7' i ' if feta,-I,,,,,4U .Wx . ,,,,,,,,,,, 4,,,,fImff.,Tmx yi B mwiftg Xxx Q' i 'fm mg 'l ' M ..,f..f. MI. 5 ..., A-ww. U-Wfqw . , , """"',, ,.sf.1,..,i,1Mi.,.if u i in V, 3,11-E 1 on .M W: mm. S imffl in jig 1 A EW. . I uw. ...4 iw ,....,1:..W W i.-, ' 1- W mm., my -in .a -V 'f' W4 ,, Hg f V 1 -ML.1If..l, wr ws,..+iff . Amr, .W M. i.:fi.i'tfg'i5lfj NK Wm, jill , XL 'T1L'f.22'lfTff1Q2'l iiffiliflf' ' il 2i'Iif2'iflWif't"Y" K 'X' ..r,, f , ,Ir iw. 1 M. W-41 uf. .M 11. 'N K- ','i"t"f c M-2 fn I :if t'e1.tQf:.pif.15':: g2:,'?.12 -I ,, l I A f i A ' 5 5 -. . ,,,,Xgif,,..f, R s , ' . , ,M H li ' , '-'l11"fT,2FlT.':'Tf 4 .vfflf P y ' " " t f,i'1,,,gf,Lg: ,':i1,',r',f':5ftff1 x V if .. f-in.-xl ' ' 1 , , il-il:-ff! rims will K., ,A i1,1gvi1fZ"' L . - T ,,,, ll,, , ,, .i,,, , ,. .. I I-f. f ' ..-...,,.. ,,,.3..,,1 ,tml X. ,.l.,if""5l-xlfi W. 1 I . ,, 1--VA ,.,.i -.-4 , , .. ,i., 1 .,,...,i,,.,,, .V.,. Z it - , V , i t -,,,,-,.,t t ,,,.,,,, ,,.,,, , Q, ,t 5 l fm,-pgsmmzmsnuxnrsiii l11f:.w x 1- or 4 , i T, lfy5TAlj,S Qglpipfflgngswi il! lS!e!1ElM!.2, NUR-. -V Tn rvztuxmc ricimui. Page 102 l :pq-F., . V 1 '5?"'- 5:4 'Y thl fir: tic sei pa fac are COA V21 CO1 Ile M sur 5 Pug d is t is n of lger. ' the li its ring. Mid- L the iead. :rest- their el E? if siwlrsi av- sau . :ww U ,.,.......,, .im .... ...M M. . W W, 1 Z ru 7-3 V 1 mm.. .N ,,.. .7 .., ,...,... l ...R 1 i 1 I 'age 102 Student Comm! HE Student Council of C. M. S. T. C. is made up of three representatives from each of the four classesg the President is a member of the Senior class. This is the first year since the new revision and method of representa- tion. This method provides for a more democratic repre- sentative group. It is the duty of the Council to sponsor all school parties, and to voice the wants of the student body to the faculty, and through which, on the other hand, suggestions are conveyed from the faculty and institutions outside the college to the student body. Members of the Council serve as student members of various faculty committees, and in this way are in direct contact with the administration. 'It is evident that the new plan has been a great improvement over the old one. JAMES KIRKPATRICK Much credit is to be given to the President, Mr. james Kirkpatrick, for the success of the Council. ' ,V . OFFTCERS jAMEs KIRKPATRICK .... . . President JOHN C. MURPHY . . Vice-President MYRA BUMGARDNER . . Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY SPONSORS DR. E. L. HENDRICKS DEAN W. E. MoRRoW MRs. O. L. HoUTs D1cK, CLARK, REPP, ROOP, BUMGARDNER, GRAF LYNCH, REED, HOFFMAN, MURPHY, MURDOCK, EDXVARDS Page 103 ' Sewer Class Officers KNAPP . HOGAN BANTA MURPHY C. J. HOGAN . . President JOHN MURPHY Vice-President LYDIA KNAPP . Secretary HELEN BANTA . Treasurer ' JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS MAX GRAF ..... U . . . President MYRA BUMGARDNER . . Vice-President LOUISA YELTON . Secretary PAUL MCWILLIAMS . , ..... Treasurer MCWILLIAMS BUMGARDNER YELTON GRAF N I, Page 104 ,TF I 1 Sophomore Clos! Ujieerf I 4 1 I L 5, .L Y , 7 L r N 2 1 1 A I N E, 1 2 i, A 3' , rx '- QI , ' 1 1 xi age PGg6 V s REPP HOTZ GILLUM SHOCKEY CHARLES REPP . . President GARVIN GILLUM . . Vice-President ' ELEANOR SHOCKEY . . Secretary LILLIE HOTZ . . Treasurer I FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS WM. LYNCH ........ President SAM GLASS . . . . Vice-President DAISY CUNNINGHAM . Secretary MARY ROOP . . . Treasurer LYNCH Roo? CUNNINGHAM GLASS Page 106 SPONSOR- LAURA L. RUNYON OFFICERS PRESIDENT - M. BUMGARDNER VICE- PRESIDENT- E LEDGERWOOD SECRETARY - ELIZABETH CIJASRK TREASURER A OPAL HICRS TI-IE PURPOSE OE TI-IE LOCAL YWCA. IS TO PROMOTE REI-IISIQUS ACTIVITY IN THE VARIOUS CHURCHES OE THE CITY AND TO IHSEIRE YQUIYQ UIQIIEII OF THE COLLEOE TO GREATER RELIGIOUS ITEVQTIOII. THE YWCA HAS BEEN VERY ACTIVE UURIUQ THE ENTIRE YEAR. IT HAS HELD INTERESTING AND VARIED PROGRAMS EVERY THURSDAY AETERNOOIIAT THESE IVIEETINGS FACULTY MEMBERS HAVE GIVEN ADDRESSES WHICH REACH THE SPIRITUAL LIEE AND PROMOTE CHRISTIAN FAITH AND CHARACTER AS WELL AS INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT. N D N M V YT W gi of E A RESHMAN girls walking backwards and going to the rear door B of the Administration building? Our error, there are Sophomores, G Juniors, and Seniors as well as Freshmen in that procession, and they are not really moving backwards, they are only wearing their coats B V Is it their habit to move in this slow uncertain way? No, we soon H find it is not, because we see them a few weeks later hiking to Pertle E Springs with W. A. A. for a devotional and picnic. G and dresses backwards. ' l Then an Indian Pow-Wow given by Chief Redcheek because Chief B Greencheek won the membership massacre. . 3 And again we find this group in the room adjoining Mrs. Hout's V office every Thursday from three-thirty to four-thirty, studying the SI Bible and enjoying Christian fellowship with one another. Of course this lively group traveling so happily along a fourfold life is none other than the Y. W. C. A. of Central Missouri State Teach- ers College. F -M. I. B. , Y. w. c. A. CABINET 'Z HELEN VIRGINIA GREIM ' X MARGUERITE VVALLACE. CHRISTINE NEWKIRK VESTA TETLEY BESSIE B. DIXON FREDA TURNER DOROTHY BRYANT - . Page 108 Pal l I' 51 Y ,S l'l C :f AS e d l - Page 108 A . W . uf Jbfemberf MRS. ALMA ANDRENVS DOROTHY BRYANT MYRA BUMGARDNER MRS. DURA BRAME VEVA BARBER ELIZABETH CLARK ANNA BELLE CONNER BEULAH CHAPIN GLADYS CHEWING MRS. BESSIE DIXON BLANCH EMERY VIRGINIA GOLAY HELEN GREIM EDNA GIVENS GLADYS GOOCH BESSIE GRAVEL OPAL HICKS NELLIE BLANCHE HAWN VERNA HOFFMAN SHIRLEY HULSE LOIS ELLEN KELSO LYDIA KNAPP EMMA LARRY FERN LEDGERYVOOD CHRISTINE LANDES DOROTHY MCINTYRE CHRISTINE NENVKIRK RUTH NICHOLS ELSIE RICE BESSIE SLAYTON HAZEL SNODGRASS HELEN SNVISHER OTTIEK BELLE STODDARD VESTA TETLEY FREDA TURNER MARGUERITE WALLACE MAURINE WETZEE - JESSIE WHITE HULDA WEGNER MARCIA HARNED GLADYS ROBERTSON CHARLENE PEAKE IMOGENE LINVILLE ELIZABETH BROXVNFIELD EMMA FLUCKE NORA BORN GRACE KINNE ELIZABETH TANDY PAULINE BROWN MARIE COOLIDGE GRACE FARMER HARRIET, KINSER MARJORIE MURRAY MILDRED HARLOW PAULINE NELLIE COLE EVA M. WEBB LEONA SCHUSTER ALBERTA GLASER RUBY H. GINGLES MABLE ARMENTROUT MIRIAM ARMENTROUT Page 109 'Wt 1 3 ,4 1 l 1 l , .1 I 4 I5 li ll If 32 Ei a .i Q 1,- , . lm A U I .4 i., fze Hzgeior VVhat is a rhetor and why is a rhetor? How many have read our Rhetor without inquiry into the meaning of the word? About a hundred years ago Grote in his History of Greece said: l'Themistocles had received no teaching from philosophers, sophists and rhetors, who were the instructors of well-born youths in the days of Thucydidesf' Obviously then a rhetor is a teacher, and the name becomes especi- ally appropriate for the annual publication of a teachers college. VVebster warns us, however, that a rhetor is "an orator and not a mere talker." , But Grote uses the term rhetor co-ordinately with philosopher and sophist. Now philosopher is defined as one who lives according to the rules of practical wisdom. That fits the teacher. Chaucer further illustrates the like condition of philosopher and teacher when he says of the former: "But al be that he was a philosophre Yet hadde he but little gold in cofre." The word sophist is also used as descriptive of rhetor and that is a reflection,-or is it not? We think of the sophist as a false reasoner. And would not that exclude them from the list of teachers? Plato opposed the sophists because they took money for teaching. One meditates on how much salaries have increased since Protagoras taught for money. But Plato and Socrates gossiped about the sophists and that would hurt any teacher. Now if we may return to Themistocles and Thucydides I beg to re- mind you 'that the former lived before there were rhetors. Themistocles missed a great deal. Or, did he? Hel had no teachers, no degree, no sixty-hour diploma. Was Thucydides greater than Themistocles be- cause he had a rhetor? Hear the following statement from another rhetor and philosopher: . . In his Stones of Venice Ruskin says: "There is not at this moment a youth of twenty, having received what we moderns ridicu- lously call education, but he knows more of everything, except the soul, than Plato or St. Paul didg but he is not for that reason a greater man." Our Rhetor stands for education but is aware that the value of a graduate is not established entirely by the grades he has made. Our Rhetor also stands for efficiency, good character, and joy of living. E. L. HENDRICICS, President Pr I I i s uv -su..- 1 THE CAVE MAN USED A CLUB, WERE TOLDGP TO FURTHER SOCIAL ACTION AND AT-'TER ALL, wE MODERISS ARE Muck-1 LIKE Tl-HS ,ANCIENT Dub YAWTTOR WE LJSE THE SAME CONTFQIVANCES TO GET THE SAME REACT- ION frnouon, or COURSE, You 'UNDERSTAND WE USE QUTTE DIFFERENT Kmms OF CLUBS A w Plfflullough L The frefeende Club HE purpose of the Crescendo Club is to cultivate an appreciation for better music. Its members are students who are interested in music. Meetings are held every second and fourth Monday of the month at the home of Professor Utt. A musical program is given at each meeting which usually pertains to one subject or to one composer. This club Was organized in 1924 with a membership of twenty-three music students. Its present enrollment numbers twenty-four. SPGNSORS Miss DOROTHY BLUNT PRoE. PAUL R. UTT Miss EUGENIA DELLER MRs. PAUL R. UTT MR. MAX MARTAIN OFFICERS HELEN BANTA . . . . . President ELEANOR SHOCKEY . Vice-President LUCILE SCHULTZ . . Secretary ELIZABETH CLARK . T reasnrer ALMA FRAZIER . Sentinel Page IIZ of ha H. th CO CO HA Rt jo IRJ FR VE M . PA Q Pag better at the which music tl g, 7 , fl 5' Q ff ? 5 P sf of rain 7 '2 Wx 5 QS, 14 K ff .2 , , Z' VZ ' fri 9 f I X X QW ig ,5?4q4z2,,!y 1 "vs, 'f f-:ML ff Page 112 IS'cz'ef1fe Club RGANIZED in 1909, the Science Club has each succeeding year had a large number of members and visitors at its interesting meetings. Members of the Science Faculty, students specializing in Science, and Outside speakers have made valuable contributions to the programs. The 1928-29 programs have included the following: Book review of "The Hunger Fighters" by Paul de Kruifg Dr. Stevens' investigations of the Shales of the Florissant Valley in Coloradog Book review of "The Chemistry of Medicine." Dr. H. H. Nininger of McPherson lectured to the Club in March on 'lDiS- covering America," the story of a nine-month Nature Study trip with a group of college students in thirty-live states, Mexico and Canada. OFFICERS MAUDE C. NATTINGER . . . . . . . President CLAIRE CHRISTOPHER . . . ' Q. . . Secretary-Treasurer ACTIVE MEMBERS HAROLD PAINTER EUGENE SNAPP GLADYS GOOCH EVA VVEBB RUSSELL BRYANT HELEN WILEY CLAIRE CHRISTOPHER SARAH WEBB JOHN B. COBB NORA BEKEBREDE GEORGE ALEXANDER Ross TAYLOR IRENE SALMON HARRY L. FLEETWOOD FRANCES DAVIS LAURA YELTON FRANCES MOORE FRANK J. TXVEBB PERCY MITCHELL CHRIST SCHMITT V ERNA HAMMOND ROY BALLARD VIRGINIA BEATTY R. LEE COOPER MARY DUNBAR EMERSON L. SIMPSON C. J. HOGAN EUNICE PULLIAM PAUL lViCXfVILLIAMS A. W. MCCULLOUGH ANGEL THRIG CHESTER IACOBY Page 113 8 L ATENEO, a new organ1zat1on on the campus was organmed 1n the fall of 1928. Its purpose is to further mterest 1n the study of Spanlsh The Club meetmgs held twice each month center around Spanlsh hfe Smce the sponsor M1ss S1le1', has taught in Porto RICO the Club reee1ves Hrst hand 1nformat1on concernmg the life and customs of the Span1sh people The Club colors are the nat1onal colors of Spam red and yellow M'0tt0 PERRY GIBBS . ODDESS ATHEY MILDRED REED . MISS NORA SILER gl l - P 114 P : fall of e Club ponsor, mation -E15 f 1w,,p4,g,g,, sf qw. f,f. f- ,ifzag-a,. , ' 2,54 :H aaa Gffgghf, , ff IW if ff! 3 Wi" 'fl '57-fy MM, 525 ' W., W5 3 Z Zmuww ' Q,-V ,,,gijf" aw w, N .V ,,' if , 17-fyy? If V . fff ' 4 A 2 1 'W " f ,HWMZ jf' , fy, ffiffff mm X M Pagell-4 Sodalzfazf Qfgzfzkzaz ODALITAS LATINA is doing splendid work to propagate its faith. Through programs in which extensive studies are made of manners, customs, beliefs, dress, architecture, literature, and other phases of social, political, civic, domestic, and religious life ofthe Romans, we hope to make known the wide range of interest attached to the study of Latin and to augment every possible interest in it. The project of the Club this year was to present in Chapel "Christus Parvu- lus," the Christmas story. The conversations were entirely in Latin, but the expression and tone emanating from the play could scarcely be surpassed in a language more alive than Latin is said to be, not even in our own English. Sodalitas Latina welcomes into its midst all'new adventures in the Latin field. ' OFFICERS ETHEL GRUEBBEL . . . . President JOSEPHINE HEBEL . Vice-President ELIZABETH TANDY . Secretary CHRIST SCHMITT T reasure " i r Page 115 Trzfmzry Comm! HE Primary Council is an organization Whose purpose is the improvement . . . . 7 of primary education through the co-operation of all those interested in primary workg through the greater use of activitiesg greater freedom of methodsg and a closer relationship with the Kindergarten and other grades. i The primary council was organized in 1916 with a membership of twenty. S1 In 1924 it became affiliated with the National Council of Primary Education. T p The present membership is forty-threeg regular meetings are held the first and third Thursday of each month. The programs consist of informal discus- p sions of problems of primary education, or addresses by faculty members. Social tl activities such as parties and picnics are held occasionally, and the feature social l a event of the year is the Kindergarten-Primary Banquet held every spring. 1 O l tl - OFFICERS f 52 3 N. E I 13 Presideni ...... MADALYN ROBINSON 1 Vice-President . . . EUNICE PULLIAM 5 Secretary and Treasurer . . ANNA MAY CROOKS b l Pi l 2 ,kV.,4 1 1 ti! S Q Page 116 Pa l - . ement 'imary and a venty. Lion. ie first liscus- Social i social Page 116 Freffzmmz Ummzzfzb Club HE Freshman Dramatic Club is an organization within the Freshman Class designed to create and stimulate interest in dramatics and to give Freshmen an opportunity to develop ability along that line. It has proved to be one of the most outstanding clubs on the campus. It aims to interest students in the study and production of good drama, and to give them practice in all phases of play production. - The Club has been sponsored by Miss Ruthe Banfield of the English De- partment, and all productions were under her personal direction. Her Work in this capacity was responsible for the finish and excellence which characterized all the performances of the organization. ' Two major productions were presented during the year. The first was a one-act play, f'The Trysting Place," by Booth Tarkington. It was given before the student body and several local organizations. It was one of the most ap- preciated and popular chapel programs of the year. ' The other feature production was f'Dulcy." This three-act play was selected because of its immense success as a stock company royalty play. The Club presented 'fDulcy" late in the spring quarter and was highly successful. Page 117 6l7Z66l7'Z.6.f HE instinct of loyalty to the group, of supporting whatever achievement the group tries to perform, has found expression in the organization of a Pep Club to support whatever activities the school seeks to promote. Such a group is the Caneary Pep Club, which seeks to co-operate with every activity on the campus and to give its loyalty and support to all organizations. For this purpose we see them taking trips with the football team, this year to Qttawa and Springfield, in order to let the Mules know that the Spirit of the School is with them. VVe see them sponsoring a Football Pep Luncheon at the Cafeteria, prior to the Kirksville game, and we notice the increased enthusiasm of students as a result. Pep radiates from them all over the crowd at basket ball games, and their support is felt in the promotion of plays, forensic contests, and all interclass athletic contests. The Canearies are every year building a better organization with more far- reaching purposes, and to eliminate any tendency to onesidedness, they have in their membership girls from every department of the school. Page118 l tnlent ofa every tions. 231' to if the it the siasm nasket ltests, he f we ar- in 9 94 , 73 IP? va! J., '. t , , , ., A , l if f i A V wukffr' , X ,ff ,,,.:7,9i .,f ,, Pag l L g l Sedrzlzrz Club LTHOUGH the Sedalia Club is one of the newest organizations on the campus, it is very active. lt seeks to enlist as members those students in C. M. S. T. C. who are graduates of Smith-Cotton High School, Sedalia, Mo At the first meeting the following officers were elected: JACK XNILHITE . President MARIAN ALLEN . Vice-President MAURINE W ETZEL . Secretary HAROLD W ILLIAMS' . Treasurer RAYMOND XNILDER . . Reporter MARGUERITE POTTER . . . Sergeant-at-Arms Since each year brings an increased number of students from Smith-Cotton High School we feel that this club will soon be one of the most outstanding organizations on the campus. -L. M. P e118 Page 119 The Student fame! OFFICERS President . . ..., MRS. C. J. HOGAN Vice-President MRS. STEPHEN MAXWELL Secretary . . MRS. FRANK WEBB Treasurer MRS. DAN SNYDER ' SPONSORS MRS. E. B. BROWN MRS. W. C. MORRIS MRS. ROLLA WOOD N the Summer of 1907, Mrs. F. M. Walters, wife of Professor VValters, invited the wives of the married men in School to her home across from the Campus. A social hour was spentand an organization known as the Dames Club was formed. For a number of years this group held its meetings during the summer term only. In 1917 a new organization was formed under the guidance of the Faculty Dames, to which was given the name Student Dames instead of Dames Club. Each quarter there has been at least one meeting of the group. The purpose of the organization is to foster a spirit of friendliness among the members, and to provide some social activity for them and their families. The outstanding event of this year was the picnic given by the Student Dames to their husbands, on the lawn of the new home of President and Mrs. Hendricks. It was the first opportunity for many Of the members to see the home, and all were delighted with their visit. Pai, 70 l g 120 TIES GIDDY WHIRL THII FRATAND JORORITY LIFE DATEJ' FORIVIALJ BANQUETJ' FUN NO END BUT ONCE IN A XVHILE A NIGHT DEDICATED A EEl A TO THAT ANCIENT ART OF CRAMIVHNG. xx xx X. X PRATERNITIES Kappa Delia TZ Ixqfv 'EIT la O v , ,, .. 'A .- OFFICERS OF RHO CHAPTER FRANK VVEBB ........ President ETHEL GRUEBBHEL . . Vice-President NANNIE ELLEN KEDIGH . . Secretary OTIS LANCASTER . . Treasurer PAULINE A. HUMPHREYS .... . Counselor FACULTY MEMBERS E. B. BROWN ANNIE HARRIS W. E. MORROW E. A. COLLINS MAYME B. HARWOOD EDITH HOWARD GLADYS Goss PRES. E. L. HENDRICKS MAUDE NATTINGER PAULINE A. HUMPHREYS C. B. HUDSON MYRTLE DOWNS AMYROOP WINNIE ASBURY LYDA HALE GERTRUDE HOSEY CTau Chapterl APPA DELTA PI is a National Honorary Educational Fraternity. The fifty-five chapters are located in universities and colleges in twenty-six states in the Union. . The fraternity is consecrated to the maintenance of the highest educational ideals and, at all times, it seeks to foster fellowship, scholar- ship, and achievement in educational Work. Only those persons who have given satisfactory evidence of their interest in social service, and Whose scholastic standing ranks in the upper quartile of the institution, are admitted to membership. I x For the past five years, the fraternity has awarded a scholarship to the member of the Sophomore class Who' has exhibited the highest scholastic record and Who gives promise of professional service. To those Freshmen in C. M. S. T. C. who have attained a high scholastic record, Kappa Delta Pi yearly offers a certificate of attain- ment. Frequent meetings of the fraternity provide ample opportunity for the exchange of ideas and for the promotion of fraternal fellowship. -S. XN. and C. S. Pag ell R i R 1 P 1 i O 1 d 11 P at K h Y L Qppa Delia Ti age 122 Page 123 SCHMITT, KEDIGH, COOPER, DUNBAR VVEBB, LANE, YVIDMAN, ALEXANDER, LANCASTER NICCULLOUGH, BAILEY, ANDREXVS, SALMON, S. XVEBB, HOGAN , SPANGENBERG, BALLARD, GRUEBEL, INGLISH, SHEPHERD, LEDGERNVOOD NEWMAN, HOFFBIAN, CRAXVFORD, GREIM, HEBEL, REUSZER ufhfm Y-Viz' ilelia QQ Aiiiq In -' A 0 A !. I OFFICERS V ERNA HOFMANN . . . President MILDRED REED . . Vice-President GERALDINE STRATTON . Secretary-Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS ELIZABETH CALLAWAY MRS. FANITA-HOUTS ANNIE G. HARRIS AMY RooP GLADYS Goss MAYME HARwooD LUCY BALL PAULINE A. HUMPHREYS LOUISE MARTIN MAUDE C. NATTINGER GERTRUDE HOSEY, Sponsor LPHA PHI DELTA is the Honorary Sorority for Junior College Girls of C. M. S. T. C. It recognizes and en- courages scholastic attainments, personality, and ability for professional service. Alpha Phi Delta was organized in 1922 at the Teachers College at Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Beta Chapter was organized March, 1924, from Phi Delta Delta, the local honor- ary sorority. The active membership is limited to girls having between thirty and seventy-five hours work in the college who can meet the entrance requirements. .Members who have more than seventy-five hours become associate members. The insignia of Alpha Phi Delta is a lighted torch with the Greekiletters A CIP A on it. . The special work accomplished this year has been the starting of a juvenile loan library for rural schools, composed of the books which have won the annual Newberry prize. -G. S. In . we-""f Qff4Di5z Tffz' ilelm 1 1 w FRENCH JAMESON STRATTONY HEBERLING DIAON HOFFMAN CROOKS HEBEL GRUEBBEL NEWMAN WFISS STRA'I"lON ADCOCK A MOORE SNOWV HARRIS CUNNINGHAM TAINDX HOTZ SHEPHERD GREIM page124 BEATTX BRAME BARNETT I' MOORE SALMON IHRIG IXEMPER J N 1 W , Q I . F l N i 1 1 1 1 ' 1 V 1 c 1 1 1 1 I MOHLER, IDOL, ALEXANDER, WEBB KEDIGH, REED, GOODSON, DUNBAR, NIARKXVARD, SPANGENBERG - 1 ' 1- 1 - ', . 1 7 . Y ', . ' . ' ' V1 1 1 4' 1 v 1 4 Thr' Szgrnrz Tr ,A 'I ki 4 's P el: db NATIONAL OFFICERI I ROLLA F. VV OOD, Warrensburg, Mo. .G President LOCAL OFF I C ERS CIIRISI SCHMITT ........ President CECIL HOGAN , Vice-President OTIS LANCASTER . . Secretary JOHN B. COBB . Treasurer FACULTY MEMBERS DR. E. L. HENDRICKS DR. E. A. COLLINS DR. W. C. MORRIS - R. F. WOOD A DEAN W. E. MCRROW F. W. URBAN DR. G. W. STEVENS, Sponsor HI SIGMA PI is a Teachers' Honorary Professonal Fraternity. Alpha Chapter was established in the State Teachers' College at Warrensburg, February 14, 1916. In the Spring of 1921, the fraternity became national, another chapter being established in Bradley Poly- technic Institute at Peoria, Illinois. Since that time chapters have been established in Kansas State Teachers College, Pittsburg, Kansas, and in George Peabody, Nashville, Tennessee. .To our knowledge Phi Sigma Pi is the only undergraduate educational frate:nity in the United States. Phi Sigma Pi is founded upon the basis of high scholarship and with the avowed purpose of advancing educational ideals. It is social only inasmuch, as it exists to meet the needs of close fellowship and Social intercourse among men of like interests in education. The past year we have added the names of twelve promising and capable men to our chapter roll. Prof. F. VV. Urban was welcomed into our fraternity at the Founders' Day Banquet held July 21, 1928. -C. S. Pa I I zy. at ,ty ly- ,Ve as, 'hi :ed .nd :ial md md ned '28, Page 126 Tlzz' Szgma 731 LANGFORD, PATGE, SCHMITT, LANCASTER MCCULLOUGH, COOPER, HOGAN, STONE JACOBY, CULWELL, DUFITETT, BRYANT EDXVARDS, WEBB, D1xoN, COBB, CAULK Page 127 Kappa Ornzeron 'Phi I Q T fz' ' E 2 Motto-"Prove all things and hold fast to that which is true." I I FACULTY ADVISORS MISS JULIA HATZ MISS MARTHA LEE OSBORN ' PATRONESSES MISS GERTRUDE HOSEY MRS. W. R. COCKEFAIR MRS. H. A. PHILLIPS OFFICERS l I GRACE PENNY . . . . . President I PEARL ROBERTS Vice-President y LUCILE SCHULTZ . . . Secretary EILEEN ANDERSON . . . Distaj Reporter CLARA REUSZER . . . . Treasurer MARGUERITE MURDOCK . . Student Council APPA OMICRON PHI is a National Honorary Sorority. The purpose of the organization is to further the interests of Home Economics in four-year colleges. We realize that the world needs Women who have attained intel- lectual, spiritual, ethical and aesthetic poise. Further aims are-to develop women with higher ideals of sane living, with a deeper appre- ciation of the sanctity of the American home and with higher cultural attainments. I ' A l To be a member of Kappa Omicron Phi one must be a Junior having an average of A in Home Economics, and an average of S in other subjects. The active membership includes those having fifteen ' hours in Home Economics as a minimum requirement. The associate members are those having no less than seven and one-half hours in Home Economics. Page 128 fiagppaz Omzkron Tfzz' 1 1 1 1 1 he ne I 1 el- to re- 1 ral ior in zen 1 ite 1 in Page 128 Page 129 9 NICHOLS, MURDOCK, MCCLANAHAN, PARKINS PENNY, COOPER, ALEXANDER, REUSZER PULLIAM, WILLHITE, Cxzooxs, SCHULTZ lI l l. II I I. lI l II II l lI ll I I I II ll l lI l l I , . l I I l I I l QI III l I l Il I Il l Tfrem Uflpfraz Tfrz - , II Q3 Missouri Delta NO. 59 Il National Dramatic Fraternity Installed at C. M. S. T. C., February 26, 1926 III' SPONSOR l DR. E. A. COLLINS I FACULTY MEMBERS I . l I MISS EUGENIA DELLER MISS AMY ROOP I I I MISS MAUDE BEAMER MISS RUTH FITZGERALD I I I I MISS lVlARGARET PITTMAN GFFICERS -. ELIZABETH CLARK . . . . . . Presiderii I . MYRA BUMGARDNER ..... Vice-President Il MARY FRANCES DICK . . . Secretary I' CHESTER L. JACOBY ...,.... Treasurer l HE purpose of Theta Alpha Phi is to increase interest in dramatics through capable presen- tation of distinctive plays. It enables Students to develop any talents they may possess. Qualihcations for membership are based on ability and character. Missouri Delta Chapter III is enjoying a period of prosperity and welcomes several promising new members. .I I lI 'I I l. ' .I I I lI I l lI I IMS II I I III I lf . ' I. I IIN l .I I I .I lII l I 5. II .II - I' l I- I l Il Il:I' ll ll l I Il I. l '. ll I l I . II I I I . l I . I MCCULLOUGH, POTTER, PAGE, CLARK, BUMGARDNER DICK, JACOBY, CLARK, REED, FERGUSON ' Page 130 I .Il II liiIlliI II llll I I l I I I Illll Illll III IIIIII l'lI' l I+ll Il,II II? I- I Il ll Il l l II I1 II ll II I. Ill 'll ll II lil Ill lllll II I Illlll III III llllll I I II IIII I III ,Il I l I l I I . III, I lI l I II I II I III I I l I l evsrrn .-A i l l 2. .II II l I I fl- 'E Y", Jresen- nossess. hapter Page 130 ii Beta ufabfzez ., ,H Honorary Art Fraternity of C, M. S. T. C, Founded in 1924 FACULTY MEMBERS MAYME B. HARWOOD GLADYS Goss PATRONESSES MARIE TODD EUGENIA DELLER SGRORES IN URBE MRS. SAM BASTON ' 'X MRS, ADDIE FLANNERY OFFICERS A CHRISTINE MOHLER ..,. . . President NORMAN RANUM ..... Vice-President VIVIAN DAVIS SHEPHERD . Secretary MARGUERITE VAN METER ....... Treasurer ETA ALPHA is an honorary fraternity for students majoring or minoring in art. Its purpose is to foster an interesting and appreciative growth in the many phases of art. The members realize that art for art's sake is quite worth while. May they go out into the World as patriotic teachers filling the hearts of Young America with beauty. Page 131 9a GIBSON, CROCKETT, PULLIAM, SHEPHERD, MOHLER, VAN METER MURRAY, KINSER, JONES, HILL, RANUM, HEBEL Debate Team HE year 1929 set a new standard for Central Missouri State Teachers College debating squad. The debate Question for the year was the Pi Kappa Delta question: "Resolved: That some sub- stitute for the jury System should be adopted." At the present time there have been seven debates between Warrensburg teams and Schools in the vicinity. ' The debate season for the year opened with a dual debate with Southwest Baptist College, Bolivar, Missouri. The negative team travel- ing in both cases. The team going to Bolivar was composed of Carl Kruger and Orland Kowertz. The affirmative team, composed of Esther Morris and Paul Johnson, represented the college locally. The next was another dual debate with Westminster College, Fulton, Missouri. Orland Kowertz and Paul Johnson went to Fulton. Esther Morris and Marguerite Potter upheld the affirmative here. The next debate was with Alva, Oklahoma Teachers College. Esther Morris and Paul Johnson were able to secure the decision for War- rensburg. The outstanding debate up to this date was the one with the Kan- sas City Law School. Esther Morris and Marguerite Potter comprised the' affirmative team in Kansas City winning a two to one decision against the lawyers. This was the first time they had been defeated at home this year. The majority of our debates, however, have been conducted on the English plan of debate, Non-decision. We find that this lowers the cost of holding debates, and, therefore, we are able to have more debates. ' W There are three debates remaining on our schedule, with the pos- sibility of several more. These are with Kansas City Law School, Alva Teachers College, and University of Missouri. The debate tourna- ment is to be held at Cape Girardeau about the middle of May. This is a new plan, and it is expected to be a very successful way to settle the inter-school debate question. There is a cup to be won by the successful team. Pag 132 te he b- IHC mls th el- zrl of Ie, mn. re. ner lf- rn- aed .on :ed :en lat to os- aol, na- his :tle the Tl' figzlbpal ilefia HE membership of Pi Kappa Delta is composed of both men and women who have participated in either intercollegiate debate or oratory. It is the aim of this fraternity to promote interest and efficiency in public speaking by conferring upon deserving candidates a badge of distinction, proficiency and honor, varied and graded according to merit and achievement. The Missouri Eta Chapter was reinstated last year after being suspended for two years. A representative was sent to Des Moines, Iowa, to the con- vention. Mr. Clifton johnson represented this chapter in oratory. This year the following people are eligible tomembership: Esther Morris, Marguerite Potter, Paul Johnson, Orland Kowertz, and Carl Kruger. KOYX'ERTZ, C. JOHNSON, EDYVARDS, MORRIS P. JOHNSON, POTTER, LANGFORD, CRAIG, KRUGER pagg 132 Page 133 9az Tfzem Sigma U 10527021 I A 1 I I- V MQ , 4 I 4 n " I I. :Y ll 1 Q .1 X41 X 'E' xg I 'fm R.. he .. Founded at Emporia, Kansas Nu Chapter installed January 5, 1929 FACULTY ADVISOR MISS EUGENIA DELLER PATRONESSES MISS JESSIE CULP MISS DOROTHY BLUNT MRS. G. G. HOPKINS MRS. E. L. HENDRICKS MRS. C. B. HUDSON SORORES IN URBE MISS GRACE DUNLAP MISS LENA MURRAY MISS WINIFRED ASBURY MISS MARY SIMPSON ANNA BELLE CONNOR HARRIETT KINSER MARY COOLIDGE NINA PICKARD KATHERINE MCDONALD SORORES IN FACULTATE MISS VVINIFRED ASBURY ACTIVE MEMBERS FERN VVILSON GRACE FARMER GRACE KINNE IVIILDRED OTTO ODDIE BELLE STODDARD LEONA SCHUSTER ALBERTA GLAZER MARJORIE MURRAY MARY LEE MARKSBURY VERA LEE RUSH Page 134 XY Page 134 i z lzem Sigma 10511072 NIURRAY, PICKARD, FARMER STODDARD, COOLIDGE, RUSH, VVILSON KINSER, CONNOR, KINNE, M. GLASER lXfICDONALD, OTTO, MARKSBERRY, SCHUSTER Page 135 I4 'T' gi' if if vi .-4, 4 1 5 Q .. 1 'L ! 'Y I M, Ylelfez Szggrnez Ojofzfon SN Founded at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, 1914 Psi Chapter installed April, 1927 FACULTY ADVISOR MISS GERTRUDE HOSEY PATRONESSES MRS. L. J. SCHOFIELD MRS. HUGH GILKERSON MRS. JOHN G. MILLER MRS. E, L. HENDRICKS MRS. W. L. CHANEY MRS. MAUDE VVARNICK SORORES IN URBE IVIARGARET HARDEY MRS. CASKEY SETTLES SORORES IN FACULTATE MISS PAULINE HUMPIIREYS MISS MARGARET PITTMAN MISS ELIZABETH CALLAWAY MISS SHIRLEY HULSE OFFICERS ANGEL IHRIG ....... . . President MARY MARTHA MCCOLLOUGH ..... Vice-President COLISTA DIEHL . . . . . . , Chaplain SHIRLEY HULSE . . . . Recording Secretary GENEVIEVE REPP . . Corresponding Secretary MARION BRIGHT . . . . Treasurer ' RENA CRUMLEY ....... Sergeant-at-Arrns D CHARTER MEMBERS ADELLE HUNT LE LOIS HOLLAND ZINK NADYNE LAWRENCE ALICE VINCENT DOROTHY ETZENHAUSER ERMA LEE BRADEN DRUSILLA RABER FLORENCE HELTON MARION BRIGHT RACHEL HOFFMAN AGNES SULLIVAN MARGARET PITTMAN l Page 136 ,. Q ri K Pac e a Page 136 Delia Sigma 5 10511071 SMARR, ARMENTROUT, GLENN, I1-xR1G - GIBSON, TURNER, NICCOLLOUGH, SECHRES1- DIEHL, HOFMANN, REPP, BUSICK Page 137 BRIGHT, LAWRENCE, CRUMLEY, CHANEY Tl' IQI 101061 Szlgmaz A 5.1.42 as -EEE F lk ima? Founded at Ypsilanti, Michigan, 1894 Lambda Chapter installed 1920 FACULTY ADVISOR MISS ANNIE GARDNER HARRIS PATRONESSES MRS. MONT DRAPER MRS. C. G. GILLILAN MRS. G. W. STEVENS MRS. F. L. BONDURANT MRS. E. L. HENDRICKS SORORES IN URBE VVINNIE TERRELL MILDRED MYRES LASS HELEN WOOD ELIZABETH VVOOD MARGARET IVIAXWELL ETHEL MAXWELL LOUISE FAULKNER j SORORES IN FACULTATE MISS ARUBA B. CHARLTON MISS AMY ROOP MISS MAYME B. HARWOOD CHARTER MEMBERS ELLEN BALDXVIN EDA FORD ELVADNEY BRONVN ESSYE CLOUSER ARUBA B. CHARLTON DOROTHY EWEN IVA HACKETT ANNIE G. HARRIS MAYME HARWOOD JULIET HUGHES MINTA JACOBS EVA LEWERS MARY IVIALLINSON GOLDETH MYRES MILDRED MYRES WILLY PALLETTE BLANCHE POTTER HELEN PERRY LENA SHELLEY AGNES SHIRLEY BESSIE SPRINKEL WINNIE TERRELL LOUISE MICHAELIS WILLIE WRIGHT ELIZABETH HENDERSON BERTHA HERFURTH I 1 M l Page I3 N 732' Qppa Szgmaz I I pOD in PARKINS, ACHAUER, DUNBAR, GREIM, HAYNES, Ancoclc, ROBINSON, QUINKER, HARRIS, HUMPHREYS, CLARK, 1 SHOCKEY, STUBBLEFIELD, COOPER, PowE1.L, GIBSON, STEVENS, DOTSON, WINN, CRANVFORD, Dlcx, Page I3 GRUEBBEL, ROOP, JONES, HART 7 I be-1' 5 UYQNM Sigma UYQDMJ I . , ima? Founded at Farmville, Virginia, 1901 Zeta Zeta Chapter installed 1919 FACULTY ADVISOR MRS. MAUDE C. NATTINGER PATRONESSES MISS LUCY BALL ' MISS MRS. N. M. BRADLEY MRS MISS RUTH FITZGERALD MRS MRS. THEODORE SHOCK SORORES IN URBE MISS LYDIA HALE MRS MARION ZACHARAY MRS. MARION PARKER MRS. R. M. WARNICK MRS. LESLIE MCMEEKIN MRS f , ,K X H. PALMORE GREER MI V MRS MRS. MRS MRS MRS MRS SS MARIE CAMPBELL JULIA HATZ WALTER MORROW E. L. HENDRICKS LUTHER HUNT OTTO HEBERLING BENTON SUMMERS ADOLPH TAUBERT H. H. RUSSELL, JR. KENNETH ROBINSON N ' f . ..,, , W, QA 1 'H""7 iff? Page 140 METER 'age 140 l UYQMJ Sigma zxfhfmz M. HULL, RAU, M. L. HULL, THOMSON, BRYANT, C1-:ATI-IAM, C. OGLESBY, GXVINN, HEBERLING, BRENHEISEN, X7AN METER, REID, MANN, Z. LAND, GOLAY, RYLAND, E. LAND, RAMSEY, GREENXVOLD, HALLAR, PULLEY, H. OGLESBY MRS MRS MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS Sigma Szgma Sigma A 'Ik ' ,V Founded at Farmville, Virginia, 1898 EARL FOSTER E. N. JOHNSON MARCUS YOUNGS H. H. BASS SAM EASTON J. L. ESSIG J. R. HOUX C. F. HAGEMEYER ALLEN GILBERT ALDA CECIL MAUD COOK MARIE YOUNGS HANNAH WALLACE CAROLINE ANDERSON MAMIE CLAIRE WALKER Nu Chapter installed 1915 FACULTY ADVISOR MISS MARIE TODD HONORARY MEMBER MRS. E. L. HENDRICKS PATRONESSES MRS. JAMES I. ANDERSON MRS. A. A. LOBBAN SORORES IN URBE MRS. SYDNEY MOORE MISS ANA CHRISTOPHER MISS FLORENCE CHRISTOPHER MISS MELINDA F. JOHNSON MISS MARY REDFORD MRS. A. L. SMISER SORORES IN FACULTATE MISS GLADYS GOSS CHARTER MEMBERS MARY FOLEY GENEVA YOUNGS EFFIE SHRYOCK ELIZABETH SHANNON MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MISS MISS MARIE TODD FLORA COCKRELL I FRANK MAYES T. E. CHEATHAM J. H. CHRISTOPHER B. F. SUMMERS ALEX GREER DALE SHARP C. L. JOHNSON RUTH MOORE F LEETA ALLWORTH FRANCES KROHN GLADYS ANDERSON 1 I ? RUTH ROBERTSON JOSEPHINE CONWAY Page 142 Page 143 N. ER FH Page 142 Page 143 CHAPMAN, NEAL, MARKXVARD, INGLISH SPANGENBERG, VANDER LINDEN, MORRIS, SMISER THRAILKILL, GRAHAM, TODD, C. JONES, CALHOUN SETZLER, CRAVVFORD, BURRIS, WEIDMAN, D. H. JONES B 3 5 ., AM- A A , 4, -A a 1 ? if' 34. gl 5 11,1 51 V LH' A!! ai '. Qs fi W... , L 3 I , , ,. 1 FQ! ,. ,, i' I l F I '. rg i., U I tn 5" I p. A V .1 1 Terzeleezn ,Qlteremf Soeiezjf Jlloiio-By Our Efforts, VVe Hope to Rise Colors-Pink and White OFFICERS President . . . . . CLARA REUSZER Vice- President . MARY VIRGINIA HUMPHREYS A Secretory . . . . . HELEN BUSICK Treasurer . ELIZABETH IDOL I 'IZV Chaplain , . EDNA GIVENS I 'I'I'4 i Historian ANNA MAY, CROOKS Sponsor . MIss JULIA HATZ I N spite of the problems that usually confront an organization of this sort, the Periclean Literary Society has remained very active through- ' ji out the year. Our Fall initiation took the form of a "kid" party and our Winter initiation that of a line party to the theatre. y A The programs have been varied and very interesting. Among the outstanding ones were "Tips from the Trenches," "Madame Howcanshe, A W the Great Magician and Medium," and the imposing wedding of Miss g Perry Clean to Mr. C. M. Estecee. The annual Periclean play is given in the Spring, and intensive work is being put upon it. The last year's play was "The Importance l of Being Earnest." -E. L. T. Page 144 Page 14 l 15 11' '16 3 SS V6 CC Page 144 Terzkleazn Qierary Soaiezjf , Page 145 STRATTON, GILBREA1-H, HEBERLING, COOLIDGE, GEIGER, MCCULLOUGH, CROOKS, REED BURKE, CUNN1NGHAM, A. MOORE, TURNER, SALMON, MCCLANNAHAN, REUSZER, G PARKINS, ALLEN, MURRAY, BROWN, ALEXANDER, VVEBB, IVIOORE, POXVELI. MOORE, BEKEBREDE, MCINTYRE, SMARR, HARNED, BALDXVIN, LAND, HUMPHREYS LAURENCE, TANDY, SCHULTZ, FILE, S1-IABACK, HENDERSON, RICKETTS, SMIZER WILEY, SHOCKEY, HOTZ, IDOL BORN, BUSICK, WILSON, PULLIAM BRYANT, BUMGARDNER, REED, SCI-IUSTER, BARBER, BARNETT, HART, GOODSON IVENS Sigma azz! ammo 'gall to ml" f Natlonal Fratermty for Teachers Colleges Founded at Central MISSOUFI State Teachers College 1920 PATRONS DR W C MORR1s PROP W E MORROW PROF H H BAss FACULTY MEMBERS PROF F W CALVERT PRO N B GRINSTEAD HONORARY MEMBER PROE E R FOSTER CHAPTER OFFICERS STEPHEL MAXWELL Presrdent AMES KIRICPATRICK Vue Presrderzt Corresprmdrrrg Serretary J HERMAN HENDERSON CHARLES DIXON Recordmg Secretarv WALTER LEE COOPER Treasurer TACK STONE Chaplam CHARLES REPP Sergeant at Arms C J HOGAN Hzstorzan ff Page 146 ,'QV'1'svftl-gr HENI Page 146 Szgma Tau awww HENDERSON, COOPER, NIAXVVELL, D1xoN, LANGFORD, HOGAN,S'1'0NE, KIRKPATRICK, GILLUM, WILHITE, REPP FAGAN, LQURPHY, GRAE, NIILLER, TXIMBERLAKE, JACOBY, LYNCH, ADAMS, GLASS, OGLE, IVICKEEVER RODEL, C. JOHNSON, CLARK, JARMON, VVILSON, STAMPS, GIBBS, P. JOHNSON, CONN, ESSIG, EDNVARDS ROSS, KANOY, QUEEN, NICVVILLIAMS, CAULK : Page 1 48 Page 1 48 T I V Z I COIL IL IEHIE IL Il IFIE W '1 L E, ix , 1 i ,VV I 5, YP Nl if F Q , I I I l V W l 1 l w In I Q, I. I 5 I 1 i i 1, Y 111 N if' fl ii Ax. Vx 'Y 145 nl mg lf QM I. ll Ffa ,jf M F 1 3 1.. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 111 1 1 11 1 111 1 11111 1 1- '11 1 111' 1 1 11 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1.1 1 li 111 11 1 11, 1 1111 1 111 1 '11 1 1 1 1, 1 , 1,11 1 I 11 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 11. I 1 HI 1 111 ' 1 111 - 1 1 11. I 1 1 110 11- '1 1. 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1111 1 1 11I1 1 11W 1 1 1 1 1111 1 1' 1:1 ,V11 111 1!1'n 1111 1 111 1i 1, 11 1 111 11 1 1. 11 11 1 1 1 1 1 10 i I I I 1 1 CAPTAIN FRED B. HoUsE Headquarters Co., 35th Division 5 Missouri National Guard N i 4 w I N ,xg .Tk Ig-E 15.24 aww FIRST LIEUTENANT NIAX G. GR.-XF SECOND L113UTENAN'r W. B. MATHEws QSXFYA Qs 1 Y Z? fffff ff ff NS 7, 4 ,mf-ff ' f ff! , 1, f Vfyji-,7V,f , f ' ,ff f' a ,f . 1 I ,1 f - ,Vg 7 . ff f. 2? ?1' 2 ,i , S AV K I' X ' ' :F 'ON X .-ff: , Q V 7 ,fi f--W , . lf , 4 jf fb f .f 1 f f h T7 X , , ,QQ ws ' , ATHE NIISS BEATRICE WILSON H onomry lllqjof, 35511 Division Jllissouri National Guard The Rfay Queen-M155 ELIZABETH CLARK Jlffosl P0fJllflLf ilfIa 1z AJOI IN XMILSON V V ' . . . . .,- . " V - L . V .,.f l 2 9 z z Q Z? Q Paul Whiteman and his Orchestra LAWRENCE Tmmsivr RICHARD CROOKS Burilorzc Tenor fmffqf 9, M5247 i V i a f , . .i T C 1 L I J I K 5 . I V 1 1 ff 3- , E X Q V N 4 I r Y 1 w i S Ii 31 1, .fi ' I a 1 5 W 5 1 M i SN .yy V W U 12 l E , , J EN. J w T 1 r, m ,w Nl' N 1 ,eil fl, .Mx 1 g . .J , W 1 n' ll Il N ' fi! F U ' E .M , it , ww M i L fl F mV 1, M., , , W 15, W!! X V, w M w 4 HN I , i gifl ':'vl3 , , wil- . w fi I e wnlz ' lfz' I me 'lt' AWN. 1 i TN E1 1" ,Jax "Nil: A 1 . J 4 I 1 The Trysting Place' ,-Frelslim en Dramatic Club "The Pirateg of Penzance"l+C0llege Glee Club 1 P Q 1 I . X X g Y w , 51' ' il 'yi' U, w fu 1 51 W vi? M 2? V 3 55 H M V li .33 f f HW Y' LU 1 N WW ' xgwggii 1jV' W M W l WW 3 1 S in W ,fisf Mlm. H V wi" 2: mM 'M QS alpfjxllgyms . ' 31 'ljxs W ' ?e 'W i 5 AW W , Mm M' Qiw Ei HIE lf Nil EH l U i i1W V w 2L 1w 1 M391 Nlf U 1 El .Z ' ?! i fl :N 'i 7!r fi Q ' if 11 .f l :fr ' ff 1 f 'L " i , ? x 1 F if 5 Q i ,'1 3 a 1 I 1 f ' K, Qqmqand tmp Lt asya go, A J On theglfzght fantasuc ' fO6 V ,L K Z ifal r Q4 1 f-X .-A ,I .ui 34 MQ. 3" Li Ja Q! .I E ' .hi I1 'r 'r ff i4 , fl W 1 . X 4 . 5 N ii! TY! ' 1.3 r 1 Q 4 1 F 4 .. 1 'f I Y. la ' r gu- .-., g ,H-. Q 14 v ' 1 -r , . N M . I ' 2 M ng . N 1, li TX N xXx ' fx X X3 I ' Nix Xx 'ix 1 S5 xx X , xxxxQ ,S xi . -54 . S Q SS -. N5 xfx EVP' S XX S -SS ' ' 3 +1 1 . - Sx ' ' Ss xs' ' 1 sys 5 'Q' l .,. Q X x bw' - w ,- ex' 1 xx XS 1 . B SS T - Q , 1 nn Q 55 v x xx' ! ' W 1 A 1 -1 I i ' N. I, ,v, OW N . 5 if ': ,. s Y L 1 -" 1 ii 1 f I 4 W V Y , if ' 1 . xx if xx xx ,, 1 xxx xx -1, x x- I if 52,5 x XX w 'R xfx xxx lc X l S X X Q. xxx , J. -V 1 fx Q xx ' Q, ix xxx xx 5 l xx Q3 NX xXx ,V , 2' X fx I 51 X if 4 Y "' xskf xc N xvx bgx x xX N SS x x X: X , wb x ' N 1' 55 rx S xx 1 V x x S Q C X z XX x QI 5 x I .5 xx x: i f Q -x X N ' ' Q x .x x i A r 1 5 1 l' - 4 1 - i 1' QHP' A ,. 5 - 1, 5 Y, . ' w . 1 Q' xx xx V 'Q Qi 'E :S if -' x Sl S5 1!, xx :X 55 'JI EX 42 xi KS 913' fl f x gx , KN XX SN gx-'S W! Xxx Xxx XS 4 ' xx xb x 5 X-xxx 1, W ,, X xx Q 4,, .K- ff I. ' , . I yi 1,16 .NW 1. i V V i, In 1 V- x 5 5 HI ple boost, the stua Tk from K assume years 0 Coach. and he year. but no1 2 X TI and an sistentl with nl for hin by seti "Red's Kc For fom teams. brothel vinced high sc confere shoes, 4 on the accordf in one Page 165 11 l RUSSELL COACH REID BROWN HEathletic season of 1928-29 has been entirely successful. With the com- pletion of the new West Campus Stadium, athletics has taken a decided boost, and more pep and enthusiasm has been exhibited, both on the part of the students and the town people than ever before. This is Coach Reid's sixth year at Warrensburg, after being graduated from K. U. in 1920, where he starred in football and track for three years, he assumed the mentorship of the athletic teams at Atchison, Kansas. After two years of successful coaching there, he went back to his Alma Mater to be End Coach. The following year Warrensburg persuaded "Tad" to pilot the Mules, and he has been at C. M. S. T. C. ever since, turning out winning teams every year. His teams have won enough championships to satisfy two ordinary men, but not 'lTad." The Captain of the basket ball team this year was james "Red" Russell, and an abler leader could not have ben selected. It was "Red" who con- sistently cleared the path to victory when the going was rough. Not content with nearly winning a championship for the Mules and with winning a place for himself on the all-conference team, 'lRed" clearly showed his superiority by setting a record in scoring for future basket stars to shoot at. This was "Red's" third year in C. M. S. T. C. uniform. 9 Kenneth "Mike" Brown is closing an unusually brilliant athletic career. For four years he has been an outstanding star on Muletrack and football teams. Coming here in 1924 from the Higginsville high school, where he and brother Roy put the name Brown in the Who's Who of athletics, Mike con- vinced M. I. A. A. coaches that he was even better in college circles than in high school. For three successive years he has been selected as end on the all- conference football team. Besides that enviable record, he has three gold track shoes, emblematic of three conference championships, to show his sterling worth on the cinder path. And to fittingly reward his brilliant efforts, he has been accorded the honor, of being elected captain of two teams, football and track, in one year. ' ' Page 165 11 ff 'Q gm HE "XV" Club is made up of those men who have made a letter on one of the teams, either football, basket ball, or track. The purpose of the Club is to promote good fellowship, to encourage good sportsmanship, and to uphold the high standards Of the College. ' GFFICERS KENNETH BROWVN . . . . . President JACK XNHITEMAN . Vice-President CLYDE COOPER . . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS KENNETH CULL GLEN RICE CLAUDE COOPER JAMES RUSSEL ICENNETH BROWN LELAND KENNEDY STEPHEN CHILDRESS JAMES KIRKPATRICK ROY BROWN JACK WILSON VERNON KENNEDY JAMES FERGUSON JAMES R. GARRISON MAX GRAF CLYDE COOPER - DELBERT PETRE PHILIP DE LA PORTE CHARLES REPP WARREN HAMM RAYMOND W ILDER CHARLES WILLIAMS DAN BEALS HERBERT SCROGGS HOWARD PATTERSON -C. C. Page 166 Ilz 4 Page , ,7 4 "-x--m'5...0 f M rx 0 W P mm Q4 hm L L L L OHS of ii5', f AI., A , le Club J - Bm, " - fi' f i- ' Vvp infix . A uphold L gig 'bf 45 J IN THE CQIJD KEEN AIQ OF FALL WHEN WE cl-'EE THE JUDGE OF CONFLICT PORTE ?P fIM LDER A I JUAMS THIJ' INCONJIJTENT WONDEQ FILLJ' ME Q , :oGGs 5 PERSON l FEEL THE THIQILL. OF DQIDE - MAD WITH CHEEQING C i WHY- IN rm: IVHDDLE OF THE GAME g THEY .Prop TO GOJJNI3 - IQEALLY V THEY Muff HAVE THEIIQ urns CPEQKQAETJ' 1 'X QQ I mf' fg via, f,HWW ,L " . X 3,11 I H H F 0 H 1 L L L 11 Page166 P 8 167 ,HJ-Q. I PHILLIP DE LA PORTE. "Red," Chicago Weight 170 This was his first year as a Mule, but no more could be expected of an old Mule than he delivered. JIM BOB GARRISON. Wawensburg Weight 165 "Chicken" was the only man that could play any position and play it Well. KENNETH BROWN. "Mike", Hfiggflnsville VVeight 156 I Mike was rnade the 1928 Captain, and his fine spirit and fight spurred the team to give their best efforts. STEVE CHILDRESS. Archie Weight 160 "Chilly" was drafted, but could have produced no better, had he played many other seasons. Page 168 l IN The duc ug . show next H1 of hi KR provq Page I 6 VERNON KENNEDY, Mendon Q Weight 145 N M. I. A. A. All-Conference Team '26 '27 '28. 110112 The greatest athlete C. M. S. T. C. has ,every pro- 31-ed, duced. EMIL VEST, Grandview Weight 205 an "Swat," a great player that did not often get to y . . show his Wares, but we expect him to prove them next year. WARREN HAMM, Sedalia Weight 220 fine T w Hamm has great promiseg We expect great things best i . of him in the future. GLENN RICE, Warrensbzarg Wfeight 150 lno ' 'Riceyf' a little, but mighty man is he, as can be proven by those that opposed him. Page 169 2 168 5 MQ! l HERBERT SCROGGS. W arrensburg Weight 190 He is only a Freshman, but watch him next year, he will do big things. JOHN WHITEMAN. Richmond VVeight 165 M. I. A. A. Quarterback '28. Enough has been Said when you say,i 'IA true Whiteman". JAMES RUSSELL. Chilhofwee 1 xWeight 175 "Red" was a hard fighter and was always ready to fill any place on the team. CHARLES REPP. Centerview Weight 165 - Repp comes from a Small place but does big things. 1 I 4 1 Page 170 I 'ffjifgy 15,3-I III but ness. W who HC mucl M. man Page 11 ear, :een :ady big ge 170 ww.. i , , . A W, Q I 7 LELAND KENNEDY. Mendon Weight 145 "Bill" has that old iight, and'is.a great player, but has been given little chance to show his great- ness. . w RAYMOND WILDER. Sedalia Weight 158 Wilder, aifreshman that was afraid of no one, and who furnished the fun for the squad. CHARLES W 1LL1AMs. H awisonville Weight 165 "Chuck", a worthy successor to big brother Billg much is expected of him. DAN BEALs. North Kansas City Weight 175 M. I. A. A. Second Team '28. The best fresh- man center ever produced at C. M. S. T. C. Page 171 uf Siafffz of .1726 Seaman NDER supervision of Coach Reid, the Mules of Central Missouri State Teachers College filed out to the VVest Campus for football practice early in the fall. W7ith eleven letter-men. back and forty-one in all reporting for football, the outlook for 1928 was bright. The weather for early workouts was ideal for reducing the team's belt line, and after a month of hard work Coach Reid, with Roy Brown at work on the backfield, had the team in good shape. The season was quite successful, even though we ended in fourth place in the Conference. Old for he certainly gave Man Vlfeather seemed out of humor with C. M. S. T. C., us seas of mud in which to play. THE GAMES September 28 Central College at Warrensburg ..... . . . W'on 7 October 12 Drury College at Springfield. . . Won 6 October 19 Kirksville at Warrensburg. .... Lost 6 October 27 Ottawa University at Ottawa. . Won 6 November 2 Cape Girardeau at Warrensburg. . . . . . . . Won 25 November 9 Springheld at Springfield ...... Lost 0 November 16 Maryville at Maryville. ....,.. Tie 0 November 29 William Jewell at Liberty. . . Tie 0 I E B Page l73 State :arly ball, line, , the ze in . C., :Q 3 ii Q .Q NM T In 5 ui f - wt - ia' lla 1 Tv, 2? T Hi T , If ,T Q my T - ' ,T 1 4 , X N 5K Q' -'Q X1 5 1 1 .- 'N f'f5Y?f'iiX ' X ,R X -L X'..,..-.. ww --s ,f 2, T +1 . af f Q,!fT"'W.-MQ, TJLIW if I' f' .,N, , My WV? N' f" SL gif 5 , 'fu rj? K v nu nw: :uma ALL TEAMJ' COMPOJE AJ' YOU WILL J'EE . IV!-I-A-A'J' IVIENAGEIZIE ALTHOUGH we LOVE THE MULE THE EmEJ'T QUITE mm. - wma aeTo ALL - THE RELPT INDIAN A-' BULLDOG 'N' BEAF2.'CALl' A-" BEAR, EACH AT Huw BEJT BEYOND CQMDAQE sur THINK vm wmueraw You wouw P1044 THAT ouna PAQT Funeulfusf THE ,Q BA S K E I BALL, e172 Pg 173 ' T9 PHILLIP GOULT, Guard Phil played in almost every game of the season, and showed excellent basket ball in all. He is one of the most dependable players on the team. He will be here next year and is expected to better this year's record. . JAMES CREDD RUSSELL, Center Russell, the lanky, red haired center, set a new conference ,record in individual scoring this year, and his play throughout the season completely indicated the faith his admirers have had in him. Besides being the lead-ing scorer of the conference, "Red" was a unanimous choice for the all-star team. This was Russell's third year of competition, and Mule supporters can rejoice in the fact that he will be back next season. As a tribute to his athletic ability and his Sportsmanly bearing, both on and off the- court, "Red" was elected the 1928- 29 Captain. R S EUGENE MALONEY, Center Big and rugged, possessing plenty of speed and an unerring eye, Eugene Maloney put fear in the hearts of opposing guards this year. Maloney has improved with every game, which fact speaks promisingly for the two years he has ahead of him. Page 174 l 41!!1'P"'?', :Heffel 1 ' . fi I Loup Mines, basket after tl a good Seasons sophon Anotl this yer with an good ac make a more'ye "jim fans. I leaves 2 head-wo perhaps, of inca' presence Page I 75 .fa -. f... JAMES LOUPE, Forward Loupe came to Warrensburg from the School of Mines, at Rolla, where he starred in football, basket ball and track. He became eligible soon after the season opened and never failed to render a good account of himself. jim has two more seasons in which to star as a Mule, this being his sophomore year. HENRY SAMPLE, Forward Another promising freshman to make his debut this year was "Hank" Sample. Tall and rangy, with an accurate eye for the basket, Sample gave a good account of himself, although he was forced to make a late start due to sickness. Hank has three more'years ahead of him as a Mule. JAMES R. GARRISON, Forward "jim Bob" Garrison is well known to Mule fans. Finishing his fourth year on the team, he leaves a record of which he can be proud. His head-work and knowledge of team play, while, perhaps, not apparent to the casual onlooker, was of incalculable aid to his mates. Jim Bob's presence will be sorely missed next year. Page 175 DELBERT PETRE, Guard One of the most important cogs in this year's machine was Delbert Petre. "Pete," again this year as before, bewildered his opponents, and de- lighted home crowds with his lightning-like dribbles down the court. Petre was also selected for the all-Conference team. He has yet another year with the Mules. RICHARD GORRELL, Forward This year's squad abounded in freshmen of ster- ling ability, not the least of Whom was Dick Gorrell. Although rather small, he was an excellent man to aid team play. He was of the rare type that prefers to pass rather than shoot. Much is expected of Gorrell during his next three years. ' 1 GLENN RICE, Guard Rice is another veteran of the court. This was his third year on the team, and, as ever his play was consistent and dependable. "'Ricie" dis- played remarkable grit by playing most of the season with a broken Wrist. Despite this handicap he was undoubtedly one of the best defensive men on the squad. Glenn will be back again next year to harry opposing sharpshooters. - . RAYMOND WILDER, Guard Wilder, a freshman, Won a place for himself in the hearts of the home fans by his aggressiveness and his sterling defensive ability. What he lacked in stature he fully offset by his speed and fight. 'With three years of court play ahead of him, VVilder should easily develop into one of the best guards in the conference. Page 176 I A-f..-V , ,api Tr ASN TH SK RA Tl-Ii Page 177 ear's this l de- Jbles ' the with ster- Dick :llent tyge ch IS 'ears . T was Play dis- the iicap men year mself eness Lcked fight. him , best age176 ,fesfff "fig A sf N-f ,. in E T A ..,.. ,V 1. ff" A 32 A Ti ., Q THU' Dxvxfnom DEALS WHQLLY WITH THEHD5 1 T if AND DOWNS OF THGYE fHAmELEff LADY IN 5 J A ,E if W , 314 ' Aff? THETH E.v.D,s' g HTGH HUPDLE52 Low, HQD T, V1 we T 5KHDDERf AND ALVVO RAN rm THE HUMAN , C I f RAQEMAY THEY FIND THEHQ JATRIDE5 FOP? THE RACE Doww THE DRIMQOYE DATH. I-HDI HIDQ. Tl Page 177 X , L nl fi V 5 JK I uf eff Trad Cfmmlbzbnf, 1928 The 1928 championship track team was composed of Captain Townsend, mile and two-mile rung Captain-elect Kenneth Brown, 440-yard and relays, Vernon Kennedy, decathlon Champion, Manual Humphrey, 100-220-yard dashes and relavsg Jack Wilson, 100-220-yard dashes and one-half mile relay, Roy Brown, 440-yard and relays, Cecil Boyd, discus, javelin, and broad jump, Harold Davis, shot-put and javelin, Bill Williams, hurdles and broad jump, Herbert Al-bers, pole Vault. i Track Squad Page 178 re- ? ' if I ll k Page 17 1 P ie . ?8 isend, elaysg 1-yard relay 5 lump 5 iump 5 l Dage 178 Page 179 2 4 QB g SCHEDULE OF MEETS 1928 ' Date Mules April 4 Wentworth Military Academy . . Won y April 13 Haskell Indians at Lawrence . . . lfVon 66-65 Kennedy, high point man, 20 points. May 4 William Jewell College at Liberty . . . , Won 93-30 Kennedy, high point man, 19 points. May 11 Triangular Meet at Warrensburg -. . . lrVon 975 Kirksville 52Mg Maryville 21. Kennedy, high point man, 13M points. May 17-18 M. I. A. A. Meet at lNarrensburg ..... Won 66 VV. Fite of Springheld, high point man. K. BROWN, M. HUMPHREX'S, V. KENNEDY, R. BROWN V Mile Relay Team 1 Siafe Jlfeef, 19.28 HE State meet was held at Warrensburg on May 17-18. Warrensburg won with a total of 66 points, Springfield, second with 46 points, Kirksville, third with 27 points, Cape, fourth with 235 Maryville, fifth with 11M points. The meet was very interesting because several M. I. A. A. records were broken. W. Fite broke the record in the mile runtyin 4 minutes 31M seconds. Kennedy bettered his old record in the javelin with ag throw of 196 feet 10 inches. The mile relay team composed of R. Brown, V. Kennedy, M. Humphrey, and K. Brown set a new record of 2 minutes 32M seconds. Captain Dudley Town- send and CaptainfW. Fite of Springfield furnished thrills when they ran neck and neck in three races. , The Mules have carried off every cup that has been given in the State meet for the last three years with the exception of the high point cup last year, it went to the Springfield leader, W. Fite. ! ' Page 180 sburg ville, .tS. were Dnds. ches. , and own- neck State year, , 180 -, Q, M,w.,,Af. ,Ax STRENUOUS LIFE. ONE WOULD SAY TAKE A GLANCE AT A GIRLS Awnuznc oAv',,c-fl, Ln- TLE BASKET BALLQZEX SQME DANCING Too 230 TOGETHER warn SOCCER, voLLEY BALLQN QQQA LITTLE IRACK, soma HOCKEYLEA SPORTING GAME Qfwino srUNTs THAT TAKE mf: BLAME FOR MANY A DARK BLUE SPCT 1 ' Aa 'L X ci 5 , 1, we ffl-fg Q'-lf it Swv L Aj' I '59 gp " ' fggififssfvv-A L ,.. . Jr M" 5' id. GI RLS NH LETIC5' girly, Qffilzleizkf VOLLEY BALL OLLY Ball held first place in sport popularity this year. This was due to the competent manner in which Fern Stubblefield, Volley Ball Manager, conducted pratices and Tourna- ment. f Everyone attending three practices a week for six weeks was eligible to play in ,the color tournament. Four color teams were selected and the tournament began. The Yellow Team, with Lena Mae Stratton as captain, managed to win the Tournament with six victories and no defeats. , ' ' BASKET BALL ' ASKET BALL was a popular indoor sport during the winter. About forty girls reported for practice. Three class teams were selected. The Interclass tournament was held February 22 and 23. The Sophomore team, with Emma Stigall as Captain, won the Championship with the exceptional record of no defeats. Irene Brooks, as manager, is responsible for the excellent manner in which the tournament was run. ent Hol i 1 it 3 Page Page 182 ourna- color l Team, and no sported team, iefeats. nament Dage I 82 Qzkflf' Qffflzlefzkf SOCCER EVERAL weeks of strenuous practice and then three evenly-matched teams battled for the Soccer Championship in the Interclass tournament. After five class games the junior- Senior's Team were declared champions, when they defeated the Freshmen 2-1 . Helen Mothersead was captain of the winning team and Leta jo Shelton was manager of the entire tournament. GYM CLASSES HIS year the regular gym class covered work in marching, exercises, stunts, and relays. A special class in advanced marching and stunts was held twice a week for students especially interested. This class was divided into two squads for competitive work. Margaret Smith and her squad won the contests in both marching and stunts. Madalyn Holtzen was the competent manager of the special work in marching and stunts. "T V Page 183 7 ' I O O W amen 5 Qffflzlefze Qffffoezezfzerz HE XVomen's Athletic Association was organized for the purpose of en- couraging high physical efhciency and promoting an interest in physical activities among the women of C, M. S. T. C. Many activities were sponsored by W. A. A. throughout the past year. In the fall, a soccer tournament was held. Basket ba'l and volley ball were the supreme interests in the winter, and in the spring baseball, track, and tennis held sway. Interclass competition was usually the basis of our contests, the winners .bein g given awards. Besides these physical activities, W. A. A. also held two banquets which were huge successes. During the basket ball season, the organization sponsored a pep dinner at the College Cafeteria, for the purpose of arousing pep for the Springfield games. VV. A. A. has not sponsored such a gathering before, but we hope that it will become an annual affair. OFFICERS FERN LEDGERwooD ...... . . President MARGUERITTE WALLACE .... Vice-President MARY CROOKS V ........ Secretary HELEN SVVISHER ....... Treasure Page 184 3 i . it F F1 en- - cal I In ihe eld ers E ,E are a 1. u he 1 We 3 , K l 4 r . , ii F I 2 Q I 5. . ii - fl ! 1 gr. IQ A: li I 1 me -f I 5 84 ca f 'O 0 0 ll. G, 'O 46""3' 5 iff Q GJ 463357 Q A 25312. Q I U . NMA? Q x , O

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