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1 1 x v 1 nip. Arc: .,.... ' .1:'gf'e:'..s ww- -- --1 ---- 0 1' ..,.. "- -aaa -' ' . , W - " '-'- 1 Y df ,.,,... f., ...y,p...,.,..f'n-4-1" ,,...,.f"J"- , ' - . ' , -,af .fn -.MA --2 hftffm .rl 4, V-,qu 1. "' .mm '-4 ., lv. -no 5 ., .5 im. 'V--,i 1 ":P,w' .4 ":"'u 'KA , -- - Y- 1 P5233--, 9' 1 , , , ..1. 1 , 'fl'- .I K, , ,gb yu, ,. , - ,.,-4 - ,...LV', Q -- f"',!'9r' 4.. , db' . fig' Q .,. .NNN .-,Q-..,wl'l1..a ,. 'v 'f 1 " -. , , . 41. 5... ' -'..w'D vu. .U-I vu' ,A 1 A A1 Q,-,,,.,'. . ,,,-.,,u, 1 :A .r ' ' r ,A - ' , . - Q. ' 1-V t Hou., 4' . lv- ' 5 n 5 -'A ' -w . 5' Y ., .af S 'fi .2 , 4 'F v. Q x ' '- " . . ' y fl ' g' N K ,i K . ." fax" J, 1' 'n ' .- , Q f Ac' ' -W" ' vw- -- Q ' k. .. ' z' ., ' M., q ah 'Q Ag' df -f gi 4 , J .2 Ji 2,5 X I Q . ,W ' V . .1 . It - Q, I.: 'M an ge mg if . 0 S 4. 1 Egg" V.. I-41 , , , Q U ., V , Q!! -. , Q . h if . . I , 4 ,' . U ' Q? 9 J , s f f l 4 Q95 Q- ' ' 1 N N ' LN s ' . ,". , K 7 bl-fl' '- ri' Q1 s , .SRJQQ A Q N' 5 , img - A, . ' ' ,-VM Q 3 H: Av, ,Kai Q3 :oi W1 Wx. . f Vs , Z .E xr 1 4 xiii' ' V L 'N Q3 8 Q 4 M 5' , , ee' fi w 1 1 " fb .' ' " ' as 21,1 '. . x ' - x 1.5 1 .. 1 X V. K Q, S . r " Ik. 'f 1- AA ' as as y i V , 4. '- .. . . ,x ' xx jx p 1 ' f' d if .,- . Q, , , . 1 - ' ,Z wxy . 4 2.1.4 2 'Iv ' , Qrjlggkyk fl .1 N sys glial .,f 4 R 1592 JW 0' ry-'ai . ' x .V 1 Q' '4 A . 4 12,1 Eel X 5 2' . xx .T W ' '-.,-S241 ' 15. E R' QI Iilg' C ' - n..4 1 'N qw - xffi . N' . - w . - 'Q ' vu 'rl xg . . 3 ia '74 vx - 1 " v , . 1: - V, E I 'T ' 1 V v h L ,Aw 1. x' . - 'K' -L.. A4 'A ' 1 A A .1 f -L . 'ffgf A . vias! . qv V-iz, . 4' , V ,I . 5 ,ivr ,. 5 . - Q n ' K ' ' '."?' , . F- ' if " A Q vi 225.35 .lv nf. . - 5:4 1 fi 6,3 . t A K X. 4 r Q ,V ' Rr ? :1 .4 - 'P ' ' ' - .. 'v - 1.4 M ' fu V 'Q 1 . . + 1 A . A I . ,. 4 x . , " fy , - . fi . : Z- K ' -, "- 0 'Y' 2+ -gl Sf.. I ,,. H .' il, ip QW 5 ' Q5 f' .' ,QR ' . , I .1 , ,T ,. . V. Q . . ' f N . . gil 5 4. 'j-Q I ,Q s B L ' . 4 V E Q ' . x' ' 'Q ' .'M,,. 1 "!Wft ,J X W s gy 5 Ng' fl , Q .91 S ' f i 'Y L G . ' I : E , I f V . L Q N M , ,ist .C U- X L "J -bA"'a Y 1 . . ' '1 ef ' -'Q' , . " ' . J .,' , , .,.. f .. W, . 4 X With the completion of San Miguel Residence Hall, the tall structures bordering the lagoon, the profile of the Santa Barbara campus changed. Looking across the campus one sees Santa Rosa Residence Hall to the right of San Miguel, as well as classroom buildings and circular Campbell Hall. ln the background are the Santa Barbara Airport and the Santa Ynez Mountains. The 406 acre campus accommodates 5900 students. CUMBRE 196ll Llniversit of California Santa Barbara V - . --ww we .. 4, g 'f f' ' Editor ............. . . . Rachel Gulliver Photography Editor . . . ......, Art ll-liblbits Layout Editor ....,. .......... G ail Ruh 1 Copy Editor ...... . . . Gretchen Guethleira ' Artist ............ .... A rme Spurloclc Academics Editor ............ Pram Myers Published by the Associated Students, t 1 University of California at Santa Barbara "If you have not already been long enough on the outskirts of Goleta for the tides of disillusionment to wash over you, the time has obviously come." With These words Dr. Lawrence Willson commences to dispel, in his annual Frosh Camp address, the incoming students' mis- conceptions of university life, to substantiate the necessity of a college education and to outline the functionings of a university. An outstanding teacher deeply interested in student affairs, Dr. Willson devotes most of his time to what he refers to as the "human aspect of teaching." The most recent student recognition of his guidance was his selection as coach for the College Bowl team. Equally involved with the intellectual aspects of UCSB, his numerous positions include Chancellor's Representative on the Committee of Under- graduate House, Scholarships, and Prizes, member of the Honors and Tutorial Programs, EPIC sponsor, and member of the Regional Selection Committee of the Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation. I Before coming to Santa Barbara in 1947, Dr. Willson studied and later began his teaching at Wesleyan and Yale. Concentrating mostly on Thoreau, he is widely acknowledged as a literary critic and lecturer. Dedication I would have each one be very careful To 'Find out and pursue his own way, and noi his faTher's or his mo1her's or his neighbor's insiead. The youih may build or plan? or sail, only lef him not be hindered from doing that which he Tells me he would like To do. -Thoreau vm i .:, - A N W WYE , -gdzfzie-F Photo by Barrett Miller The subtle hues of the sunef reflected on the lagoon offer calm repose offer ihe unrelenting pace of o day full of classes, study and activities. 5 .'-. -j-Yfrjr-V - ku N y ii i 34 -If jg up T,::,CYi.::lj ' , ' ij'-3 .YY , I f ,ff - r'-- -' 4. f. 1-1 fem-1, , iinyilllllli ,nw Y A Y MM? 1 a H I, , , . vc. . Table of Contents , n Physical and BQiQl0giCall Pw1lo32 0 ova ' v o o ,ACHYIUQS PLQ-Loo, o n 4 Fine Ants Honors p,. 52 on f F , Q M nf ' ' 7 "" ',,b.6ff 0150 W" 'M ' S0 vc of 2 III. 1 on +9 QW 1 "fi le. E ,S W A5-A W1 -.,ojg6g , n n gf Q I I Q 4,555 GS A F151 lE5f"'f?mfaa 4H3"fQrY:kll li N ' 'ix wgK.cmi,, 'ls M 'my 51 X f W-upr'fn fn o!JyiIIQGF0UPS5Pff2g94f ' A g gg -l UMBRE Language Arts p. I2O Social Sciences p. I42 Photo by Barrett Miller Some of the most exciting moments of the annual RHA-sponsored Pushcart Races occur when the runners attempt the ninety-degree turns, such as this one between South,HaII and the Library. Storke Plaza and the Music Building provide a picturesque setting for stu and chats. . ' ' I-1 'll 2- , , ful. F' ?'l'lfi5iiY"f-is he fel 421415 lx Cheerleaders amuse the sweatshirt-clad songleaders at a bonfire football rally held on Campus Beach before the Riverside game. Front row: left ro right-Marina Jurras, Cheryl Kent, Jane Johnson, Joanne Nelson, Ann Levering. Second row: Mark lsrael, Mike Herbert, Keith Morden, John Davis, Teddye Gould. .X 'ki Q, v- A' H..2:fu ,V af. .,'i?:f-""f u, y-A! JK 41 wf J JH "V, .6- L hfght QW? I W Q-v lN2 1. ffm Q My ig. if ,. "" gp I aff, :N a L If ', 5 'x . VL Y 7'1" I Y, U' f 4 r ' I P i ,gg O W I Z ,T "Q1 'uf i -.f if H' , 1 J 'T"N"9" ,, f"'vr Q 41 ., 'A' ' 1 iff 1 , I 1 , x ,. .5.' l . ,V+ i .1 4 ,IA ,QE ff EA f' Wifi? TL Jone -nfhe f 4. L 'I T . , , I-,NIV ,M 2 'i --4.11 ME' -. wmigxnv 1555.525 Y-5.5 E- Sf" .Q X Isqg 'X "1 'X . 'X'-F .. N , ,V qw . 1.5. ,l e ' A ,-- A x . M r,'f, u'g2E'gF Q fffff .. f ' 1 - Y , ,--22 U li Rf -. ,V , Q gg V q l: Ai-xg ' xg . A,, ,,,Ag- QQIJF- xqgx, fx at R rim: WI!-, It I ., .L ..., . X W 1 AW E, ,. ,L , , ,N L .R g ' 1. vt: . g-I Y! ' 1 V Maj . X - 'E' .. , - ,f +-f 1 QA, X X 'flgfl ,, WQQJLI 55 2 X: ix' .V,, Qi'f:.,, Q h :I - W V ., .. n -i r .fd Students find South Hall Patio a convenient place to meet between classes. dministrati f Y ,f I. ffl!! 9 i.. nd Government . . . and that if men can be educcifecl, The insiifufions will shore Their' improvement and The moral senfi- menr will write The low of the land . . . -Emerson Clark Kerr President of the University of California 14 lt is a pleasure to greet you in the pages of the 1964 La Cumbre. The academic year of 1963-64 has been one of change for the Santa Barbara campus, a dynamic year in which you have seen the continuing transformation from an undergraduate college to a university campus. Enrollment has grown by 20 per cent, new buildings have opened, the pace of life has accelerated Ten, fifteen or twenty years from now, when many of you return for class reunions, you will see still more changes-as many as fifteen thousand students by the end of the l97O's, an increase in the proportion of graduate students, the growth of professional schools and specialized research facilities. But I am sure you'will find that Santa Barbara is still the beautiful, busy, and exciting campus you have known as undergraduates, Sincerely yours Clark Kerr L. mil v E Kern Regen- sualize Growth of University In the state constitution the administration and organization of the seven California university cam- puses has been vested in a Board of Regents of the University of California. The Board consists of eight ex officio members and sixteen Regents appointed by the Governor who each serve a term of sixteen years. The powers of the Regents include the selection of the University President, the establishment and During his annual fall visit, Clark Kerr is greeted by Associated Students' President Bob Andrews and Chancellor Cheadle before an informal discussion with student leaders approval of entrance requirements, and the estab- lishment of the conditions for awarding degrees and certificates. The University finances are also under control of the Regents. On September 24, 1963, the Regents held, their monthly meeting at the University of Santa Barbara. Among the Regents present was the University Presi- dent, Clark Kerr. egents First row: John S. Watson, Cornelius J. Haggarty, Samuel B. Mosher, Gerald H. Hagar, University President Clark Kerr, Mrs.,Randolph Hearst, Norton Simon econd row .Ierd F. Sullivan Jr., W. Thomas Davis, Frederick Dutton, Philip L. Boyd, Theodore R. Meyer, John E. Canaday, William E. Forbes, Mrs. Edward H Heller illiam M Roth, Norris Nash. xxx .Ik ,Q -af -- .- , 1 ., N h ,..--:-W . U 5' E -fr zww- X -- -. '54 . .-ef 4- - . -- - X Www I v '.. V - , 'hx' uf' ' ' - W Pl - 4 x rv- 5 . A ,, " - ' ' " .M .. ar- mf V . - H ' N .N vqmymwff' xv ,Wg Y 1 W MTW., ,,g,v"'9 '4-' FQ-7' - H, ,X ' W XM-.W U R I Nw, - . ,Q W 4 -mx , .1 . -,N - f ,., , , - -2 f P- ww? ..x,.--.--,gf H 'Q x ,R v ' ' 5- 4 v ' - , S. - f N - -1---v - '-Km " ' :- '.-" "Q .aiu .. , . -' -3- . , . --- '-"qi " V' 'ff' - ' ' +Gff1JJef-fm 1 gf - . ff-' -"ff"-4-4 ---4.51 - -. ,- ' ' ' ' ' ' , 1.1-4 " ' -V 'f'fua+-- qyqf- 551 ' A, -' "KF1g'-f-rr"----lf"r .-gag: U, , Q , lsfzcal J, 5 'A,"i,' . .' , " 'Qi ",,:f"f- H 7' - ' 1 W , ., -5 .-.m,,... , X V I W ' ,V M M Y ----'vw . MW .I , -' v- :Hf"1"'f'-fzw X - - ' .,-1.e::f..jJ-N1W-254551-??fQ57?32fff2i5?Q ....--3-g5M-LLDM- --.U-.-,,,.,.X. ,n...r.:Y,'1""" -' ' j ' ' - - - "'-,..,. Yf..Q'. ' " il: ' ' --ww--. --1+ :rr V ---s..' - ' ' .- . A fmt -- V """,.--1' .' "YM, LACK """:f ,, . -Q. 1 N -A.,-7 M xP"1 wr-U ' f -. ' .4--1-.1 V . ,vl- ,- :L .rl . we-51 -' ' L., "WX-: . .--ff-... - , , K1-.,,, - AJ.-.DMA j'-ww: -frm V - ,SMI -- , 7 -54 ., - . -du-v' A . -"Vi ' ""Kp:P' p . ' -N, . ,,.,, lm- 'J 'M . - 'I L., 11 Q -.. .. ...----' ' ' u: . 'A ' ' v -53,-. - ', , .,- xw' 4, - . Jxm- "L ., .. xxg ..- 'A D at-- - - '. , 3 -. .NIM T 'V-Ji." 'LF-S,-mg' g. W-" X---431' V , 1 1 , , . , -m ., -, "' J ' -' m fx-Lx . .A N5u:.iqi3-1-M , . N N K b .ily , x -,-,Z-H., ., , 1 ., .N Y ,...,.,:--,rv-- ,gf r" :' J' is ff - - -- . . ' -4, Qi "" U 12' ,-'.-,-.I Lila 5 J . 8 N , E ks - Q M :V NMS- .. ., my ,ki at I A X ', T.. -us-. J - v-gg., . N - ,,-, my--4 A Y. -,.,,fMz,m g vw.. ja::.':::,.5,,fV5 F. M NM-L.: Lt Nix --, ,y x ff uk- .V 13 - M " an Q"-,...q. S Mb - ' .iq N, Rx , . X, -Y, . ' -X. 1, 5, Mi, U, ' - Q G- - - -'Y 1- FN X .' Q iglanwik fi ws' S "HER -W' Y' M51-Q . .SEL " - " -QL A' M ,-' A 'T ws vw -f ' - gf- Q - N- :tn-,. . ' fkmzq +A 79. , , 'QA X' 1 ' v A' ' " fQf.'Qisq.,, - f, V ' 'WY I '-f-. . ..,. ,L , m X - M ' ' N ,W - " , . W mv" W A7 4-1 'N l Hu' Aw- , . -- y"'X 4 'J 1 . 1, 9 A N .A ,NF --.w1: K, . I LT . in V ,X is A -A 'E'-'N ide, S f M ' M , : 'xx Qu, ,. ,v- r," ' , ' ' f 5 " --. -X4 tn--' x F ,Jw -A-Vx,-, by ., .. 5 1. "-- . - ' if ' um-155' A' :-ww. 2. - 5 ,tp I W L . v V X, KN' ,gpm , x , - , .. J , , - M sm v, ,- N . ., WT, we , ,W A E- W 7? w--NRM l , ' V .. Z I. ,v ,-,..w.,.. . .'r-'-.0 -,, X., . Xb lt is a pleasure to salute the seniors who are finishing this stage of their careers at Santa Barbara. It is timely, too, to congratulate all those individuals who have contributed to your welfare, your comfort, and your educational progress in the past few fleeting years. May your intellectual power, here en- forced, lead you to ever greater heights of achievement and service. We look to you for the help we shall continue to need to make UCSB a maior university campus of the West Coast. Hail, but not farewell. Come and visit us on every possible occasion. lla., .2 Vernon I. Cheadle Chancellor Vernon l. Cheadle Chancellor Chancellor Cheadle Salutes Educational Progress Upton Sinclair and Chancellor Cheadle hold an informal conversation during Sinclair's visit on campus in the Fall semester. Administration Is Surmounting Qbstacles DR. A. RUSSELL BUCHANAN 5E",:...m"'3s Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs Professor of History i8 T--i The purpose of The universify campus is To enhance The qualiTy of insfrucfion, public service, and research, and iT is being fulfilled alespife The formidable pressures of quanTiTy forefold by of- ficial enrollmenf es'rimaTes. The campus is making a confinuing appraisal of The culfural, scienfific, social, and moral reali- Ties of The fufure To confribute leadership To sTaTe, nafional, and world affairs. The existing and proposed academic uniTs are being unified by exfencling and sTrengThen- ing The influence of The liberal arTs, in curricular and exTra-curricular endeavors, gracluafe and undergraduafe, in order To achieve a whole campus personaliTy. zzz ini' s-- "2 ,,i . T47 T V - 1 A ,,:q Q S15 4i g Q ' refs.. .T -'1-izxlj Q " '' M f'-is T' "gal-l Y' rmliprcr 5,-.Ng-.-gf :rbi 'Sump 1 T av' 33. ui wlrais Q 1+ l ll was g 1 anwlezaiw 'W l Q- rf-, f l if " " W1 near' me urn-T 5 T egg is Gif" DR. STEPHEN S. GOODSPEED Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Professor of Political Science Deans Administer University Policy fait. . - i ,, . inur- LYLE G. REYNOLDS, Ed.D. Dean of Students Associate Professor of Physical Education ROBERT N. EVANS Associate Dean of Students Dean of Men Associate Professor of Military Science gg- it it ' ' "' ' llllliiilllii A 2 -1- ' 1, i, MARGARET TRAINOR JANE COSGROVE Assistant Dean of Students Assistant Dean of Students Dean of Student Residents Dean of Student Activities .I , 1, ,. its 7 21- T -nw, ELLEN E. BOWERS Associate Dean of Students Dean of Women Academics Pursuits Supervised b Deans J eff x 1'T'l X 1 ' f "Ti 1 f.-11'-4 'N - shi Jef 11-L A' Wi ' S -5 ,.,k ' f r 4 -., Til AS '- ,lfelf 1 if 'Exif-J? six. '-LQ: ,Qgigiclgfq 3 : Gail .-gift. Q llllbif A' 5 lille D. ai ti, "tits Y- fig' 'xr -a H: f'1'fJ. ft 'S l A? if ' W il' li i. DONALD R. CRESSEY, Ph.D. Dean of College of Letters and Science ALBERT G. CONRAD, Dean of School of Engineering V 1 -J Z EARL L. GRIGGS, Ph.D. Dean of Graduate Division - i,, ' . r Lili - i 'Q' i i m i JOHN COTTON, Ph.D. UPTON PALMER, Ph.D. KEITH ALDRICH, Ph.D. Associate Dean of Letters Gnd Science Associate Dean of Letters and Science Director of Experimental Program: Instructors for College Associate Dean of Letters and Science DONALD C. DAVIDSON, Ph.D. University Libroricm Lecturer in History 5E THEODORE HARDER, Ed.D. Registrar Professor of Physical Education iii -t , ww , ""' ' :il - Q aff asf' f , my W wifi. in W fm M yi - ni i 'v ' gg- ' Q ........ , -4 - YL.-Sghgr ap 21 University and A.S. Person IQ 4-Q ,I I f r . Ji, , r N , X 1 X vn XM, DR. WILFRED T, ROBBINS, M.D. GEORGE OBERN MISS JOAN MORTELL Director of Student Health Center Director of Public information Housing Supervisor I 1 I I I -I I MAXWELL EPSTEIN LUIGI DUSMET Foreign Sfudenf Advisor Assistant Chancellor of Business and Finance ..,mr ,V . -n-4.-.-.-f.- . I I 'I x wr ff ,I . LEWIS F. WALTON, Ph.D. VERNON PERSELL RALPH K. NAIR, Ed.D. Director of Summer Sessions Counseling Center Manager Assistant Director, Office Professor of Mathematics of Relations with Schools Fl' rve Cam us Elm I I . -.ay-arzmaweig, g 'C Kin? i my -, 1 1, , f We V . V B r i Freshmen Nancy Noren cmd Tony Castner select books for their courses i from among the supply stocked in the bookstore for all the classes. GEORGE DIMOCK A.S. Bookstore Manager ROBERT LORDEN Associated Students Executive Director - "ffl -N Muf- fe, ffff:ts:tlQgg 42535343 2 l ni, ,fc LX Clit Although the barbershop in the SU complex caters to college students, I 4 2 LL Rf: MRS. BETH TRUDEAU MRS. OPAL BATTEY A.S. Activities Counselor Coffee Shop Manager manager Florencio "Shorty" Moreno occasionally serves a younger client. t shop 23 BOB ANDREWS Associated Students President The President's Message: Student government this year has been characterized by increasihg awareness and a newly emerging sense of responsibility. Legislative Council has admirably met the growing pains created by a totally new and different constitutional structure handed us by our predecessors, and has changed a paper document into a functioning system. Accepting the premise that the iustification for the existence of stu- dent government lies in its contribution to the total intellectual develop- ment of the student, it becomes apparent that student government and its related endeavors should exploit all the cultural and educational opportunities available. We have discovered that we not only have a very great opportunity, but also a duty to provide a laboratory in which the skills and ideas acquired within the classroom may be put into prac- tice. The development ofa series of panel discussions featuring experts in various fields, and the greatly expanded area of academic awards have testified to the more serious goals of students. This increasing sense of responsibility has been recognized by the University administration and compensated with greater freedom and autonomy. The removal of the Regent's ban on Communist speakers has resulted in the Associated Stu- dents bringing two prominent Communists to our campus, thereby con'- tributing to the preservation of the Open Forum. ln an effort to insure the quality of the UCSB student body, the Associated Students have assumed responsibility for active student re- cruitment through the very well organized and effective student Speakers' Bureau. This year, with the newly established Visitation Committee, we have provided a means whereby student recruitment may be followed up during the summer months. Aware that the support and encouragement of the constituent organ- izations on our campus is essential, the Associated Students have pro- vided the first opportunity whereby campus living groups and other organizations can meet their financial obligations through an AS spon- sored fund raising event. Beachcombers' Holiday, designed with the individual campus organization in mind, has marked another significant step in the growth of UCSB. It has indeed been a satisfying and rewarding experience to work with and observe the high degree of responsibility evident in today's student leader. Every indication points to the continued development of this trend-a trend of which both campus and community may be iustly proud. V 24 Wm. egislative Council Sets A S Policy The governmenT of The sTudenTs of UCSB is a govern- Spruell Representative Dooley RHA Representarive Milakovich s Representative-at-Large of The sTuclenTs in The True sense of The word for The Legislahve Council The sTudenTs regulaTe Their acTiviTies and organizclfions. The members, The presi- vice-presiclenT, and Two Women's and Two Men's irge-whose voTes or acTions aTfecT enTire sTuclenT body are dependenf on The voTe of The re sTudenT body for Their elecTion. The inTeresTs of sTuolenT groups are mainTciinecl by The remaining a fraTerniTy represenTciTive, Cl sororiTy repre- Two men's and Two women's RHA represenTa- and ci men's and women's non-aTTilic1Tecl repre- iw-of Elaine WebsTer Secretary Jim Briscoe Judy Sfone Fraferniry Represemative Women's Non-Affiliated Representative WRT-F: ' l f5if"f fe. lffiif if is f Jeff Baal Men's Rl-lA RepresenTaTive Sandy Rabago Women's Rl-lA RepresenTaTive Bruce Shaw Men's RepresenTaTive-at-Large Gail Grisby Women's Representative-at-Large Dan Deerer Vice PresidenT Era-, ,Z , . ie ee Al Arkush Men's Non-Affiliafed RepresenTaTive Barbara Canning. Women's RHA RepresenTaTive Liz Cleeves Women's Representative-af-Large Board Chairmen Coordinate Related Committees i Simi stop? .r is E on Dan Deeter gives a report to both the voting and non-voting members of Legislative Council, Dan Collins Student Activities Board Chairman Susi Kovitz Communications Board Chairman 26 aww ,, Y we .FM at " V ' 'S if,'- :ta s ae-ia,x f - w S Responsibility for voicing the interests of the com- mittees which have been organized into the Admin- istrative Boards lies with the chairmen of the seven boards. The Government Affairs Board, which facili- tates and expedites the various government func- tions of the Associated Students and the operations of the committees represented in it, is presided over by the A.S. Vice-President. Chairmen appointed by the President and subject to the approval of the Leg- islative Council preside over the Student Activities Board, which supervises and directs plans to foster student activities for the Associated Students, the Student Services Board, which directs plans for the student services activities, the Activities Calendar Board, which is responsible for the coordination of the activities of all registered organizations and ac- tivity groups, the Community Board, which encour- ages and supervises various student activities of a community nature, and the Department Commissions Board, which supervises the activities of the depart- ment commissions of music, speech, recreation, and athletics. The Publications Board, which coordinates, aids and promotes the various publications repre- sented on the Board, has the power to appoint and remove the editors ot the various publications and the director of KCSB. The Publications Board chairman is elected from among the editors and director of KCSB. Af , i .,.::: , Marcia Knopf Linda Maron Publications Board Chairman Student Services Board Chairman Bob Rosenberg Ron Cook Betty Fletcher Judicial Board Chairman Department Commission Board Activities Calendar Board Chairman Chairman S53s??-41..- , 1 M 1 t ss ' ' e 2 i s it tt. F 3 l 'i"1':i:l-li' 5 ill lil W lll "ii - :PZ EQ- ' ' ' ' im ,I 1-"W -f ,M .vt ie, ,, I-' ' ' T V l l risen: ii -:Z3,,m.:, H l it it H -1 : Finance Committee-First row: Robert Lorden, Jane DeBriyn, Kris Griebler, Barbara Riley, Mr, Maxwell Pellish. Second row: Al Arkush, Tyler Glenn iChairmanl Bob Andrews. Activities Calendar Board The Activities Calendar Board is responsible for the registration of all campus organizations which use the name of the University in describing them- selves and forthe coordination of their activities. The Activities Calendar Board Office publishes a calendar of events weekly. The Board is made up of two rep- resentatives of the Dean of Students Office, two stu- dents at large, one representative from R.H.A., one from Panhellenic, one from I.F.C., the A.W.S. Presi- dent, and one voting member from Legislative Council. Finance Committee The Finance Committee is the custodian of the business end of the Associated Students, and the financial interpreter of Legislative Council policy. lts primary function is to regulate the disbursement of A.S. funds by considering the budgetary requests of A.S. organizations. The committee has the additional function of approving the financial operation ofthe Student Union Coffee Shop and Bookstore. Activities Calendar Board-First row: Dean Ellen Bowers, Dean Jane Cosgrove, Dorothy Pipkin, Betty Fletcher lChairmanl, Mrs. Beth Trudeau lAdvisorl. Second row: Ken Khachigian, Regina Fletcher, Linda Botwell, Cristie Dunbar, Bruce Shaw. 28 Personnel Board The Personnel Board is responsible for esTablishing and mainTaining a seT of working policies wiTh regard To ASUCSB employees. The board supervises The inTerviewing and hiring of all AssociaTed STudenTs employees, among whom are Those in The STudenT Union Booksfore and Coffee Shop, The Isla VisTa bus driver, The band direcTor and The AS business manager. AS Office Staff-Danny Gueorev, and Bonny Gaines check over mimeographed minutes of a leg council meeting as one of The many secretarial Tasks they perform. I 5. i 'x Personnel Board-First row: Mr. Bob Lorden, Jane ord lChairmanl, Mr. George Dimmock. Second row: Spruell, Tyler Glenn. Awards Committee The sTudenT body of any universify is made u of individuals, each wiTh his own special inferes and abilifies-The scholar, The aThleTe, The musicia The acTor, The iournalisT and The leader. Each sTude who excels in one or many fields becomes, in givin of himself in his own way, an asseT To his universif IT is The purpose of The Awards CommiTTee To aid Th AssociaTed STudenTs of UCSB in giving due recogni Tion To ifs ouTsTanding members. Awards Commiffee-First raw: Marian Dale, Laurie Petersen lChairmanl, Karhy Strand, Joanne Fisher. Second row: Jack Burdullis, Dan Collins, Liz Cleeves, Dean Cosgrove, Bob Lorden. l . Assemblies Committee Assemblies Committee to arrange, direct, and all assemblies and pro- ponsored by Associated in such a way that they to the diverse interests the students. This year the Assemblies Com- sponsored such programs a Hootenanny Show, Dick along with the Vince uaraldi Trio, the Don Cossack ussian Chorus and Dancers, the resti-Legoya duo guitars, the mothers Brothers and the Tuc- on Boys' Choir. The Constitution and By-Laws Committee Beginning the year by revising the Associated Students by-laws to fit the newly adopted Associated Students Constitution, the Constitution and By-Laws Committee went on to study the Constitution and suggest revisions. This made up the main bulk ot their fall semester work, culminating in the adoption of the revised by-laws. The spring semester saw the final suggestions in the Constitution revisions, more changes in the by-laws and the enlargement of the codes to the by-laws. After much discussion and debate on these revisions, they were submitted to the students for final approval. U , 1 Constitution and By-Laws Committee-Gail Grigsby, Cherie Goodrich, Scott Sullender, Clayton Sketve lChairmanl, Fred Dawson. E5 Assemblies Committee-First row: Sue Mesick, Marilyn James IChairmanl, Julie Synder, Penny Fleish- man, Judy Trousdale. Second row: Jon Sandoval, Charles Kingston, Jeff Boal. l Library Committee The library of any university holds an integral key to that university's position as a seat of higher learning. The library ideally and primarily provides a repository of in- formation open to use by students and faculty. Secondarily it provides a means for broadening the scope of the individual. With rapid development there is the danger that the individual undergraduate will be overlooked or that excel- lence will be measured in number of volumes rather than in terms of use and circulation. Liaison between the student and the library administration is sometimes never initiated or is lost. We at U.C.S.B. have an opportunity to obtain and keep this essential channel of communication open, and thereby preserve the ideal of service to the individual. The Library Committee is the essential link in the flow of information and it functions to maintain communication between the student and the library administration. Library Committee- Wendell Si- ' mons, Donald C. Davidson, Karen Dawson, Donald Fitch, Nan Butler, Connie Poynter lChairmanl, Mari- anna Hamilion, Susan Terry. Judicial Committee The Judicial Board, reorganized under the new constitution, and composed of two R.l-l.A. representa- tives and two Greek representatives plus chairman Bob Rosenberg, has worked closely with Deans Lyle Reynolds, Ellen Bowers and Robert Evans in an effort to uphold and enforce the standards of the Associated Students and the University. Th.e purpose of the Judicial Board is two-fold. First, it functions to encourage students' standards within the University. Second, it reviews students' conduct cases and recommends disciplinary action for those who have not upheld the standards of the campus or who have acted in a manner detrimental to the Uni- versity of California. Judicial Committee-First row: Lee A V Anne Horine, Dean Robert Evans, Dean Ellen Bowers, Cynthia Hub- bard. Second row: Nick Javaras, Dean Lyle Reynolds, Bill Roth, Bob Rosenberg lChairmanl. i l l ' if Elections Committee-First row: Julie Ann Rogers, Terry Woodard, .lo Horner, Diane Powers, Pat Richard, Nancy Miller Cecily Anderson, Barbara Wilde, Nancy Crocker, Jackie Tschumy, Vicki Nordeck. Second row: Nancy Denton, Diane Williams Steve Cato, Bob Bruhn, Bob Mclntosh, Bruce Allen, Steve Bell, Larry Caldwell, Kirke Jorgensen, Jane Weber ICl'1airmanl Mike DiMartino, Carol Smith, Cathy Francis. Iections ommittee The Elections Committee as extremely active this ear filling several 'un- xpected vacancies in elec- ive offices, in addition o holding regularly sched- led Student Body elec- ions. The Spring elections aw the use of an IBM ystem which facilitated oting procedure and allot counting, i963 Frosh Camp Staff Many firsts were created during the T963 Frosh Camp Session. Two camps were run simultaneously, utilizing all he dorms except San Miguel and Las Casitas, the faculty co-ordinator and assistant director became part of the Frosh amp Staff, Assistant staff members helped the staff, and it rained. "Flexibility" was the watchword, for the entire Frosh amp schedule had to be revised completely and immediately. But the staff worked out the problems and the opera- ion of the camp ran smoothly. Deans Cosgrove and Reynolds worked closely with Director John Stansbury and Assistant Directors Mel Levine and o Rankin. Other members composing the staff were Program Coordinator, Randy Young, Recreation, Jim l-lartrneyer and eanne Bruce, Assemblies, Laura Frady and Start Orrock, Discussions, Gary Jones and Susie Hoover, Housing and Meals, one Beckord and Bob Wilson, and faculty coordinator, Pat Stansbury, lformerly Pat Allen.l Planning forthe next camp egan at a staff dinner in the fall, where Gary Jones was elected Camp Director for T964 rash Comp Staff-First row: Mel Levine, Jane Beckford, Elaine Webster, Jeanne Bruce, Stan Orrock, Jo Rankin, Emmy Murar, Pat Stansbury. Second w: Bob Wilson, Randy Young, Jim Hartmeyer, Jeff Foster, John Stonsbury. I Q. ,-- e Q 4- I-f' Lf' , , :., , ,.,.,, wifi T - Ab, .7 T' 1 K me . I.. , QQSQ1 1 ' -w R d in ,,. M , 1. M ,.1, 1 A iv ,, P M 'MM - bu. M v v sg' Q ,QQ-4 ,L 115 if JAY Xxx Q ww J Lg.V. 'ir 1 "1 , +---1 :f-- il Speech Commission-Linda Chapman, Mary Himmelhoch, David Hunsaker iChairmanl, Craig Smith, Diana Jensen, Mike Talley. Speech Commission The purpose of Speech Commission is to promote and co-ordinates all forensic activities which include The intercollegiate events of debate, ex- temporaneous speaking, impromptu speaking, persuasive oratory, oral in- terpretation, and after-dinner speak- ing. lt co-ordinates and manages all collegiate forensic speaking Tourna- ments held on the UCSB campus as well as The California State High School Speech Championship Tourna- ment that has been held here ev,ery year for the past sixteen years. The Commission also determines speech award recipients for The annual Speech Award Banquet in the Spring. Advisors to The Speech Commission This year were Mary Himmelhoch and Dr. Forbes I. Hill. Music Commission The Music Commission is vitally concerned with co-ordinating The var- ious performing groups in The Music Department. An important function of The Commission is revising The tour budgets for These groups. The annual Spring Awards Banquet, honoring outstanding students in The Music De- partment, is The major proiect spon- sored by The Music Commission. ln addition to These activities, The com- mission This year had to obtain hous- ing for The visiting Madrigal Choir from Munster, Germany. The Music Commission consists of representatives from The UCSB Sym- phony Orchestra, Men's Glee, Wom- en's Glee, Woodwind Ensemble, Brass Choir, Modern Chorale, and Chamber Singers. I . l l li Student Union Policy Committee-First row: Stan Orrock iChairmanl, Bonny Gaines, Dan Deeter. Second row: Mr. George Dimock, Tyler Glenn, Mr. Bob Lorden. Music Commission-First row: Elaine Schinnerer iChairman1, Ann Anderson, Claire Jarek. Second row: Ralph Polluck, Ken Slavitt, Ed Kemprud, Jameson Marvin. Student Union Policy Committee The Student Union Policy Committee is charged with the responsibility of providing a fiscal and administrative policy for the Student Union complex. As a facility owned and operated by the students, the Student Union is a focal point of student life, there- fore, the efforts ofthe committee are directed towards those policies which afford benefits to the whole student body. They try to allow maximum use of the coffee shop, bookstore, and huddle area to all students, while at The same Time providing a source of revenue for the Associated Students. The committee is also vitally concerned with planning for the efficient use of the new Student Center. Speakers' Bureau-First row: Diana Litts, Robin Radcliff, Linda Mackenzie, Cynthia Hubbard, Marty Crooks, Sally Parsons, Mary Leinster, Julie Gerry, Barbara Jordan. Second row: Dan Collins, Ned Emerson, John Gullege, Dave McNamara, Chet Moore, Steve Snyder, Rich Sanford lChairmanl, Larry De Spain, Mr. George Obern, Stan Orrock, Steve Abbott. Speakers' Bureau The UCSB Speakers' Bureau was formed in 1962 to pro- mote better relationships between the campus and California communities 'by sending speaking teams to high schools and civic organizations throughout the state. Making full use of the new campus film, "Campus By The Sea," the program has been successful in helping to better inform students and organizations of the academic life and traditions ofthe Santa Barbara campus. Fully financed by the Associated Students, the Bureau has presented programs at seventy high schools and twelve civic groups this past year. Recreation Commission The Recreation Commission promotes and coordinates all recreational activities sponsored by the Associated Students. Among the commission's responsibilities were "Rec Nites," and maintaining a recreation program in the gym and pool on weekends, during Dead Week and Finals Week. They also organized a student-faculty tennis tournament, a co-ed tennis tournament, a co-ed two-man volleyball tournament, a co-ed softball tournament, a men's table tennis tournament and a bridge tournament. ln addition, the Recreation Commission sponsored films during Dead Week and Finals Week. The committee functioned under the leadership of Chairman Jim Brookshire and faculty advisor Bud Girch. if T A P J f' 4' Brookshire lChairmanl. ion Commission-Dennis Volpe, Carolyn Lyons, Jim Briscoe, Steve Henrickson, Mike Milakovich, l Publications Board Under the new constitution Publications Board consists ofthe Editors of EI Gaucho, La Cumbre, Student Directory, and Spectrum, the KCSB Sta- tion Manager, and two Legislative Council members. This group de- termines all basic financial, advertising, and editorial policies of the represented publications and chooses the respective editors and Station Manager. Growth has been the predominant characteristic of all the publica- tions. Circulations have increased with increasing student population, anol larger and more experienced staffs have brought a consistent increase in the quality of the products. This growth was paralleled with increased responsibility and closer control by Publications Board. lLeftl Gary Vidor makes the final acliustments on his cam- era before taking some pic- tures for EI Gaucho. l .lim Maftinson adiusrs the lens of the enlarger as he prepares to Joe Kovach print some of the pictures he has taken for La Cumbre ond El Publications Director Gaucho. Communicati Publications Board-First Row: Bill Harrison Sandy Rabago, Rachel Gulliver, Bruce Shaw Second Row: Mr. Bob Lorclen, Mr. Joe Kovach chieved Through arious Media Spectrum Staff-Seated: Tom Fuchs, Gerry Haggerty, Aimee Allen, Helle Jacobsen, Laura Lazar. Standing: Alan Stephens lAclvisorl, Clark Smith, Charles Lee. E " B -C 2 . Y i. L , ,nr i 5. K - l ll -ll ,X g l I- I l J ggi t Tom Fuchs Spectrum Editor Student Directory The i963-64 UCSB Student Directory, ed- ited by Pete Kleinman, contained innova- tions of which one was the larger page size developed because of the increased enroll- ment. A second was the addition of campus and Isla Vista maps in the directory. Because of revised planning the Student Body re- ceived their directories the earliest in campus history. Pete Kleinman Student Directory Editor Spectrum Spectrum, the literary magazine published by the Associated Stu- dents, distributed over fourteen hundred copies of two editions this year. Under Editor Thomas Fuchs the magazine gained international circula- tion. Approximately forty-eight per cent of its contents was submitted by UCSB students. Any author is eligible to offer works ot poetry, short fiction or essays on literary matters. Financed and supervised mainly by the University, Spectrum sells for titty cents. - ii-. e fe Q Q it E 'i if me W it E remain MJ' sy Q Art Hibbits Photography Editor Rachel Gulliver Editor '64 La Cumbre Tops 300 Pages Publishing a pictorial history of The school year is a long and varied process. Lo Cumbre 1964 has been in planning for over a year, and it has proved to be a joyous headache for the whole statt. By missing meals and working late nights and long weekends, we were able To produce forty more pages than last year with additional color and a greatly changed book organization. The 312 page book overshadows by 24 pages The previous largest yearbook at U,C,S.B. The staff began The year with a workshop at College Cabin during Registration Week, getting acquainted and studying yearbook standards and practices of other schools. Staff meetings during The year helped stimulate ideas and inspire quality and continuity. OT great value This year were The professional services of Hal Stevenson at Campus Photog- raphy, who helped make picture scheduling much easier although not entirely without problems. But above all, the credit, and the blame, go to The hard-working statt whose conscientious efforts brought the book, page by page, Through ominous deadlines for an on-schedule delivery the second year in a row. l 'T it -gpFf"T-E7 t - ...vw ,, -I 'Qs' we '- ' ' ' - .U- A "us, In lglw' gin 'W ' - f .rf 1.71. l' ret Q. ju l li lt 4 l f at Mui :L t T , if . "' , '-:NU sr., lt E i T 343131 l in IT ' T 'u....q,'f 706 'n , it 38 A rf- , l 4755? I Lg-,JQF Gretchen Guethlein Fall Copy Editor Spring Advisor on Outstanding Stott Member A Anne Spurlock Art Editor Joyce Johnson RHA Editor Charles Tubbs Spring Copy Editor Ken Goodfried Spring Sports Editor Tom Jones Honors Editor Sue Neely Assistant Honors Editor Ron Lanyi Theme Editor Patti Jacquemain Assistant Art Editor Michael Iverson Assistant Sports Editor f- fkg' F7 uh Pam Myers on Layout Academics Editor RHA section committee mem' bers Charlie Tubbs, Ann Dewey, Ramona Moran, Faith Clow, Barbara Frisbie, and Gail Johnson discuss the require- ments for good copy, . 3 X I " . . 3 1. - V '44 ..,5J,. 1 Jtula' '- JG-L an l Helen ldolings receives a final okay on her page layout from Gail Ruh, Art Hibbits, and Rachel Gulliver. sxaxe,, ., .. ,,-, 'LT -' , r' J' ' - ,i Helen lddings Julie Thompson Dorothy Russell Bruce Shaw Activities Editor Greek Editor Spring Administration Fall Administration and Government Editor and Government Editor Dennis Lynch Betty Cornell Fall Sports Editor Assistant Academics Editor Cathy Pierson Carole Perry Editor's Assistant Rl-lA Section Pamela Porter types final layout for Academics section as Janet Yonomoto and Pam Myers supervise. 39 E A Marcia Knopf Editor !. Controversy Reflected Buffeted by The swirls of conTroversy aroused by Thought-provoking guesT conTribuTions, sTinging ediTorials, and drama reviews, El Gaucho faced numerous challenges. Expansion of The paper's sTaTT broughT in- creased varieTy on news coverage and consequenTly a larger newspaper which The Squires disTribuTed Thrice weekly. New headline Torms'and sTyle innovafions soughT a more aTTracTive and readable appearance. lnTroducTion of a sysTem of news "beaTs" To include The major areas of campus acTiviTy proved an eTTecTive way of increasing boTh copy in- flow and volunTary sTudenT parTicipaTion. Publish or perish, Teacher evaluaTions, inTellecTual famines, communist speakers, parking, and con- TormiTy were among The Topics ThaT caughT The aTTenTion of The editors and The commenTs of fellow sTudenTs. EveryThing from experimenTal dorm rooms To reacrion To DoroThy Healy's appearance sTirred The imagi- naTion of The TeaTures secrion which published a wealth of The unusual. In reTrospecT, iT was a year of progress, of' improvemenr, and of challenge. all MT T 'YM a rf- E , 1' T .... 53325555522523E55?2iEiE5i5E3E5i5E?EZ5EiEi3E?E5E3E5E5E1:5Ei:3: 4- 1 .I "Te 52 Q X s. x ' Q f T'-Ex f' . A Ms- X 5' . -, Q ,z -5 il- , 'Y rg., Er " 2 C - 11 2 :ff TN -n H124 . f:s 1? W1 lr ,Q 1 fzfllf 2 ' ' : MARCIA KNOPF, Editor V. EDITORIAL BOARD: David Dawdy, Pete Young, Mary-Selden McKee, Vic Cox, Ruth Girvin, Jeff Krencl,WayneReese and 5 Steve Lawrence. STAFF: Michael Iversen, Aimee Allen, Eric Van Deverg, Arleen Ozanlan, Peggy Rodriguez, Sandy Coates, Karen Q Kramer, Gary Vidor, Cherie Goodrich, Gayle Kerr, Diane g Browell, Dennis Dutton, John Bishop, Burt Worrell, Bret Barton, Betty Brown, Blll Cook, Terry Ellis, Richard 5 Clemmer, Sandy Roades, Geri Hinton, Steve Stapenhorst, M3 Harriet Wengraf, and Linda Stein. 4 PUBLICATIONS DIRECTOR: Joe T. Kovacn. 5 f :-:IEC :':':f 22252 Publlshod three times A wack un Monday, Wednesday and Frl-dey during tllesnhool yur, except bizizdurlnq vacuums and cum periods, by tha Associated Students, Unlvorslw ofvnllfurnh, Banu Barbara. Distributed by me sqinru, napnomora mend hmwrury, Tum Cahill, president. Pflhlld .fjzfin Golala by the Campus Prul, ll Aura Cnmlno. Enlorod U locmd-clue mnltnr on November S3555 10, 1954 nl me post office at Golou, Cnlllornh, under the Act ol Much 3, 1679. 'E'liililfIiiiiiiiiifiliiiififiiifI3E221EI51325255215152ESEi!?E15ZE5JE1E:Z5IE::32?:E:?:Z?:?ii:b2?5:?:?2Z?:f:?:2S4H5z'a1:t37:f:f:9:IzEI1E1:222:fzizlzizlsizfzffzffzfzfz' ' ' T" ' D' ' ' "" ' " ' ' T' ' ' " Pete Young Dave Dawcly Steve Lawrence Mary-Seldon McKee Fall News Editor Fall Managing EdiTor Spring Managing Editor Fall Feature Editor I ,. ,, gas of ZMQM0 i gl? Dave Dczwdy wonders if the grass is greener on the other side of the iournalistic wall. He peeks through the cubby- hole between EI Gaucho and La Cumbre offices to find out. EI Gaucho Staff-First Row: Susan Cumins, Terry Ellis, Vicky Hall, Aimee Allen, Diane Browell, Sandy Coates, Sherry Anderegg, Second Row: Eric Von cle Verg, Walt Grebe, Michael lversen. xrk Smith Vic Cox Ruth Girvin Jeff Krend ll Sports Editor Assistant Editor Assistant News Editor Spring News Editor 1 H . nm W ,, 51 I4 .4 I ' -f--.grin 34... Mak., KCSB4Managing Board - First row, Susi Kovitz, Secre- tary, Margaret Rutherford, Daily Manager, Karin Nor- berg, Daily Manager, Beth ' Starr, Daily Manager, Leon- ard Norwitz, Music Director. Second row: Charles Escof' fery, Personnel Director, Gary Salzman, Daily Manager, Ric Hammond, News Director, Bill Harrison, Fall Manager, Rich Govea, Spring Manager, Fred Mershon, Daily Man- ager, Bill Mann, Chief En- gineer. i KCSB Faculty Adviser Dr. Josep Sayavitz and Fall Manager Bill Harrison review Program Guide with Gary Salzman, preceding Gary's radio show. ig , i WDW f he KCSB KCSB Broadcasts FM Hard work and achievement has been the motto f KCSB Radio during the past year. The staff has serve the campus community by presenting programs d signed with the student in mind. Daily, the station offe easy listening music, iazz, folksounds, and classical mus besides special events and current news. Working with a membership of over fifty student Ric Hammond, News Director, and Howard Traylo Director of Special Events, have increased the quality their areas by altering old formats and organizing eff cient staffs around them. Ned Emerson, Sports, an Leonard Norwitz, Music Policy, rounded the ming. Chuck Escoffery, Personnel Director, and the Dai Managers handled daily business and broadcasting the station. Suzi Kovitz, Carolyn Grace, and Beth organized program guides and Jo Ann Girton kept record 'library in order, while Geri Hinton handled licity. Bill Mann, chief engineer, aided by Phil and Jim Holzgrafe handled technical matters, ir the building and maintenance of all equipment. Becky Karns, Sharon Studebaker, Barbara Hunter, Karin Norberg, Sharone O'Neal, Susi Kovitz, Geri Hinton. Second row, Charles Escoffery, Jeff Kreinbring, Bruce O'Connor, Brian Warner, Ellen Pierson, Margaret Rutherford, Nancy Jo Stevenson, Carolyn Betts, Sandy Schiefer, Third row, David Berg, Curt Wells, Bob Blackmar, Rick Kendall, Dale Reamer, Phillip Vango, Mike Palmer, Leonard Norwitz, Denis Dutton, Bill Mann. Fourth row: Bill Harrison, Roy Hagar, Rich Govea, Bob Bayer, James Pelzer, Serge Motlovsky, Dave Haft, Ric Hammond, Charles KCSB Staff-First row: Beth Starr, Jo Anna Girton, Granger Lathrop, Fred Mershon, Gary Salzman. Nagel, Bill Roth. 42 'magma 1,-i 1 -,H A , . .fi -9-T ?: -A di : :Gail --P'-'-F. lg TP' 11'-li" EuI!'tLl'l5 ' 3337- T .-jig! r ' in i.-N-I V r:iii7':JwIf-6.3 rbi, ilT,f,-,I .I " "1 ' F'1'lill,Ii?F? .:,i,'- Leaving for the l.A.W.S. California Convention are Pam Nielsen, Ann Patterson, Jan Goodwin, Regina Fletcher, Ann McKenna, Pat Dolphin, and Sheryl Wilson. WS Officers Attend Convention The Associated Women Students Executive Board co-ordinates the women students of UCSB as a functional unit. Activities in the fall semester include an orientation assembly for all new women and an all-student Christmas Pageant. The rest ot the year AWS is busy with teas, conventions, and the Spring Banquet which marks the installation of new officers and the selection of new members of the women's honoraries and service groups. Communication among all women students, a major obiective of AWS, was facilitated by two members-at-large, Pat Dolphin and Sheryl Wilson, and by the Communications Board, headed by the AWS Publicity Chairman. The members ot this board, representing all women's residences, are: Dia Eggert, Karen Ferrier, Linda .lo Love, Susan Myers, Susie Neal, Michal Page, Ingrid Staltors, .lo Ellen Victoreen and Carol Collins. Mary Turner First Vice-President Ann Patterson Second Vice-President 'WT' T T T , i- f V - is,-' 1 Regina Fletcher President i i i r i , i i i i Donna Flynn Secretary Jcln Goodwin Treasurer Pam Nielsen Orientation Chairman Ann McKenna Publicity Chairman 43 Freshman Class Council-First row: RoberT Glasgow, Skip Carrier, STeve Wilson, Pete Griffin, John Kelley, Pete Caverfe, Joy Jeffcoar, Dennis O'Leary, Gary Martone Doug Hayes, Paul Bernhordl. Second row: Rosie Henry, Vicki CederquisT, Gail Hyde, Nancy Silliphanr, Pamela PorTer, Pat Whitrlesey, Carhy Michael, Marilyn Davis Judy Allen, Gail Kreusel, Francie Alexander, Beverly Webb, Barbara Slott, Louise Dennen. Third row: Dorothy Russell, Carol HuddlesTon, Leona Szczotka, Sally Fox Dinah Klassen, Priscilla Thompson, Alison Whife, Ann Thysell, Diana Doupe, Terry Helbush, Cindy Baird, Anne Hetu, Barbara Wilde, Rosemary Long. Frosh Bring 'All-Stars' to Campus WiTh only Two weeks To prepare for Homecoming afTer The elecfion of The Freshman Class officers, The Class Council organized rapidly, The resulT was an excellenT and well-planned Queens floaT. The laTTer parT of The firsT semesfer was spenT in preparaTion for The "Hollywood All-STars lnvacle UCSB" dance. These acTiviTies combined wiTh producTive work of The PubliciTy CommiTTee and Frosh ArTisT's Pool gave The Class of 1967 a successful enTrance To UCSB. ' r . ..., K . Jay Jeffceqf Dave Thomas Mimi Loomis PresidenT Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer 44 TWTTX L 1 Lynda Lockwood Kris Rice Secretary-Treasurer ViCe.Pre5ident Bill Rauth PresidenT Sophomores Conduct Prof Evaluation Sponsoring lectures, showing movies, holding dances and working on a service proiecT have been The varied acTivi- Ties of The Sophomore Class This year. Before classes began in SepTember The Sophomores were busy planning, organiz- ing, and carrying ouT The Frosh Beach ParTy, The Big "C" Liming, and The Frosh Tribunal during RegisTraTion Week. During The TirsT parT of The semesTer The Council organized and planned iTs main acTiviTies Tor The resT of The year. The movie "Gigi" was shown To raise money To finance The class service proiecf which This year was To conducT a class evalua- Tion poll. The resulTs of This poll were for The sTudenTs' use in making ouT Their programs, when They wanTed To know how former sTuclenTs rafed a class and iTs professor. Along wiTh The service project, The second semesTer was Tilled wiTh I Two movies, several lectures and a dance. . Sophomore Class Council - First row: Robbie Eckert, Marina Jurras, Penny Paine, Kathy Scott, Lynda Lockwood, Sandy Haskins. Second row: W. R. Thomas, Hank Walther, Kris Rice, Ann Zuurbier, Carol Cate, Robert Denney, Bill Rauih. .12 Tom Cundith President Klyne Headley Georgia Young Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Juniors Stress Scholarship The Junior Class This year concenTraTeol on scholarship. Through a series of movies lincluding "Quo Vaclis," "Picnic," "The Blob," "GiolgeT," and "From Here To ETerniTy"l shown in Campbell Hall, The class raised money Tor Their scholarship fund. The Regenfs of The Universiry of California will maTch These Tunols Through The Alumni Associarion. Scholarships go To class members on The basis of academic abiliTy, school service, and promise of TuTure success. Junior Class Council-First row: Jeanne Pearcy, Else-Britt Jonsson, Georgia Young, Dianne Connelly, Barbara Lurfy, Carole Helferf, Julie Williams, Helen Gillies. Sec- ond row: Klyne Headley, Barbara Frisbee, Barbara Jordan, Frances Coe, Ann Grogan, Scharleen Hopkins, Sheryl Wilson, Par Dolphin, Barbara Benham,'Jo DeBusk, Grace Davis. Third row: .lim Riede, Dave Hathaway, Steve Abbott, Barbara Riley, Bill Ditfmann, Ed Erickson, Tom Cundith, Roland Harris, 46 i Barbara Tomp Susan Savant. Senior Class Council-First row: Donna Ensign, Jon Easton, Linda LoBuono, Susan Webb, Kathy Hembree, Lynn Rampton, kins. Second row: Connie Poynter, Ray Burch, Tyler Glenn, Dave Johnson, David Gibson, Bob Blindbury, A Final Year Reflected The Senior Class . . . Reflections ot a final year . . . Sadie Hawkins . . . Senior Class Movies . . . Newsletters . . . Friendships . . . Council meetings . . . Nostalgia . . .Career Day. , .Alumni news. .. The ocean . . . Classes . . . Senior party , . .Graduate work plans . . . job opportunities . . . Decisions . . . Senior gitt. . . Baccalaureate. . Graduation. Mirroring Senior Class activities and memories were Dave Johnson, President, Tyler Glenn, Vice-President, and Susan Webb, Secretary-Treasurer. Susan Webb Tyler Glenn Secretaryireasurer Vice-President ' 1 t 155 was ,Q i iiilsllr.. i Dave Johnson President 47 fi H Cheryl Kent, Head Song Leader Jo Nelson Ann Levering Marina Jurras Teddye Gould Keith Morden 48 Song and Yell Lead , --,,TfifL,7q-gg F xi I .1..l:41ri, H W-my-5 'ii in' 'I ., Mike Hebert, Head Yell Leader, football season John Davis, Head Yell Leader, basketball season Mark Israel 34 , HQ. ., 1- , - ,, - ,K , ,lvivklv I ,g, ,ymqms 1 ,, Q g QA. . , f, .I s f Ng , 'J 'llf' 1, Tyj X 1 1, .,,, .5 , EM? -2 fyl, Afrgl ,r n , ' ff I ' 1' I' ,- 'Iv VXI L! ' I X YA " ' M l -- JQWQQA- .1 V . XT ' ml Gsisaszsaiiwb 5311355 QW' 2222, , x " N. -a ' 1 ' 5 ' If it 1 1 ' 'Z' fb f - w+f H i pl 4 5 g A , , , , 3 V gil I t 'N i u X MQ rf, Q? ali, QM. I . 1 , Lil 1 4, ,f A kd' 1,54 Yigiwf um I 1'-Q ft, ' Q, . gg, 4, 2:01. A .i - "fi Q '1"' , 2 . ' . Sz X- 1f.,,S J: x 113 I 3 , ., ,W ww ,. yr' ef, Q- ,, ,aw W -,,i 'H L X it ML x,,,A u Ziri Tm, .M XTX W 1 ' J 4' "hifi: I fl-igfld x ff-V QV: kk I lr J, nl' fly KLA" ' 'ix " ,, gif f 'iff 1,31-A L , A 1... ,Q -l E. .I-if'-1 f ' ' AF 'Q I V . K I N:-, V4 ' ul L jwxax 'A l. A ., 'pl' Y - ,Qui ' A Zzzia-mifI7'flAii, V J A f e N' p , ag A 5 bffW"k9if??n L - 1. , -a ,v - , UF, ir ,!lvwmMg4aHfw, i , 1- QM wfwx Mk, - .. F . f .Ii.i..t ,4g '- Q ' A ' figm, ., " f-f ' -' 1 ' ' ' 13 M ' U - , In , : h N, . V. , ,VJ , - faq? f V, ill ,V , ,A '57, 'N V05-.jjl f md- 2 . Q ' ' .177 M W 'W'N vA2gWrfMpcM. . ' - . '- M ' T31 T7 " -., ' '- 1 7 .1 - " N' ' ..,, lxh -gel W im ""- - EQ W f - :wt ef Harold C. Brenclle Gaucho Band Director -lu'-'flY HEYES JOY Miller Mary Lea Schilbrack Drill Team Captain Drum Major Hgqd Mqiorette Band and Drill Te ln a salute to this University of Califorzjiia the G Band and Drill Team spelled out the traditional USB-., d Spark to Events Gaucho band and drill team paraded down State Street g the Homecoming festivities. Leading the band was Maior Jay Miller. x . li' The band and drill team combined efforts to execute formations during half-time activities. Members are Loren Parks, Diana Bourret lhiddenl, John Lancaster, Sue Fletcher, Chuck King- ston, Dan Boeger and behind, Dirk Koorn and Bruce Shaw. The band and drill team added variety to the UC Santa Barbara campus. Under the direction of Harold C. lHall Brendle the two groups functioned together in performing and presenting formations at the foot- ball games. They also marched in the Homecoming parade. Besides performing at sports events the band provided a musical background for the Galloping Gaucho Review, Roadrunner Review, and Spring Sing. The Student leaders were Jay Miller Drum Maior and Judy Heyes Drill Team captain. Band Manager was Dirk Koorn. They were accom- panied by Baton Twirlers Mary Lea Schilbrack, Donna Carnahan, and Andrea Milnar. Y Honors e Universlty of California fully realizes the value of stu- 'TY Op nts who have given time and talent to student activities 7, I .WA- servlce to the school and the need to recognize those this end, membership In honorary organizations is of- l " 1 Z K to those who show outstanding leadership qualities and cter as well as academic excellence In addition, outstand- tudents are eligible to receive honor awards from the lated Students ln this way the University fosters the th of the complete Individual by encouraging an even ...Y . - v- 1- t" it 2 1868 J '..' T, ce between studies and extracurricular activities -. I . ...' x I ' 4 ,NH 1 t Y A 1 ,ia M . . . eel, 1 Q 1 l ' fr, displaying scholastic ability. jf "5 'VY My Q , . . . . N , 5 . . Z I IH 'll y it .sg ' Q . . 36 r A 0 I ,X wifi . . . YI 1 ' ' K .I . - 2 . . .AN will 1 it . . . . , . . Y X i 5' xg?i51 Tigjjlvf lil rv: lt tg Q? A? ,iff N F sr z., Jr 8' Qesfz Chimes Publish Handbook Members of Chimes, The Junior women's honorary, a easily spotted around campus on Wednesdays wearing their go and brown outfits. Originally organized to serve UCSB, Chinn began its activities early in The year acting as hosfesses aT Pre dent Kerr's reception. In addiTion to their annual services of co piling The "Activities Handbook" and ushering at campus eve Chimes initiated The Awards for Outstanding Scholarship recognize academic achievement by women in The Junior Cla Chimes also aided The Alpha School for The me'ntally retarde giving parties and individual instruction. Members are chosen on The basis of a 2.75 grade poi average, leadership, and service To The school. Selected as pres dent This year was Karen Strohm. Melissa Branch Diane Eaton Bonnie Gaines Gail Grigsby Sunny Hill Susan Hill Barbara Horn Cherry James Janet Lawson Emmy Murar Nancy Nordquist Sally Parsons Dorothy Pipkin Nancy Robinson Elizabeth Shaw Anne Spurlock Karen Sfrohm Johanna Swan Jane Weber Elaine Webster E, N Karen Norberg Sandi Spiedel Penny Weidaw Crown and Scepter Plays Cards Crown and Scepter, Senior women's honorary organization, channeled their endeavors this year towards initiation into Mor- tar Board, the national hon- orary. To achieve the year's goal Crown and Scepter, headed by President Judy Spruell, spon- sored a card party. The funds raised were instrumental in ti- nancing a Mortar Board visitor in March and in covering costs of initiation. With the help of Betty Fletch- er, Vice President, Crown and Scepter organized many student- taculty dinners. Membership in Crown and Scepter is based on a 2.9 over- all average and completion of 90 units. Candidates must have displayed a willingness to serve augmented by a record of prev- ious college service and must have a pleasing personality. Diane Pavoni Marcia Rude Judy Smith Judy Spruell Nancy Grah Diane Hennen Karin Hesse Mary Leinster Pat McGraw Leslie Meyers Susan Stayer Leigh Thompson Virginia Wade Jane Beckord Betty Fletcher Beth Ballard Sarah Bernhardf Karen Boeger Sandy Brown Carole Carney Barbara Cauchon Carol Cutler Nancy DiGerolami Joan Faulmann Allison Forbes purs Visit Rest Home Thirfy-five Spurs were "AT Your Service" This year, nof only on campus buT in The communiiy. Busy in mul- Tiple personal acfivities, The Spurs neverfheless mef once a week To organize various service proiecfs. Each girl visifed El Jardin ResT l-lome every few weeks, conrinuing a previous Spur communiTy proiecT. On campus, They sponsored Two showings of Campus by The Sea, ushered aT GGR, held Their annual Book Sale, and sold Spur-o- grams on ValenTine's Day. Wifhin The Spur Organizafion ifself, The girls aTTended a Spur ReTreaT af College Cabin, and The Spur Regional ConvenTion aT Redlands. This year's officers were Befh Ballard, Presidenig Leslie Hamren, Vice President Susan Ono, Secrefaryg and Tere SmiTh, Treasurer. Under Be'rh's guidance, The group spenT May and June selecTing ThirTy- five oufsfanding freshman women To succeed This year's Spurs. Beth George Marilyn Gregory Leslie Harnreri Carol Hier-Johnson Barbara Hunfer l Sallie Irvin Sheila Johnson Carolyn Kurahashi Ann Levering Lynda Lockwood Anita Manders Mary Selden McKee Doreen Melendy Susan Ono Sandy Rabago Kandy Riane Kris Rice Ann Russell Mary Schor Tere Smith Kathleen Sullivan Mary Tolo Jennifer Tyler Karol Welch Spur Tere Smith and Squire Randy Young show an anxious Freshman around campus during registration week. Squires' first event of the year en- compassed the activities of Frosh lndoctrination, including the Frosh Tribunal and Big "C" Liming. The biggest production sponsored by the Squires was the Spring Folk Concert. Under the guidance ot Tom Cahill, President, Squires brought several top folk singers to UCSB. Assisting Tom with their many service proiects were Mike Olpin, Vice President, and Dave Rubart, Secretary-Treasurer. Squires cleaned College Cabin, presented the film Campus by the Sea, and delivered the El Gaucho three times a week. All Sophomore men with at least a 2.5 grade point average are elig- ible tor Squires. After being notified, they go through a general interview not unlike the Greek "rush." Squires Sponsor Folk Concert Mike Olpin Dave Rubardt Gary Ruddell Bill Seager Mike Talley Gene Teal Harry Wilson Randy Young Mark Bertelsen Gregg Beyer Larry Bruser James Cowell Dave Crawford Reese Ducca Joel Hinrichs Paul Hough Gene Keating Steve Murray Louis Olio Cal Club Increases Inter-Campus Harmon Mike Hebert Ann Heck Lee Anne Horine Tom lvers Bernie Kamins Suzie Kovitz Dennis Allen Jane Beckord Elizabeth Cleeves Ron Cook Victor Cox Dan Deeter Betty Fletcher David Gibson Nancy Grah Gail Grigsby California Club was originated thirty yea ago by former President Robert Sproul function as ci channel between the studen of the University and the administratio Through this channel have passed ma student opinions and suggestions. Periodically members meet to discuss to ics sent to them by President Kerr. A writt report is then returned expressing the a tude of the student leaders who are t members of this organization, The members of Cal Club from all branc es of the University convene twice annual -at All-University Weekend and duri semester break. The between-semester me ing was held at the Davis Campus this ye Marcia Knopf Mary Leinster John Olney Stan Orrack Verne Scholl Judy Spruell Dick Suter Bob Taylor Elaine Webster Laurel Zemetro Blue Key Members Attend Breakfast Meetings Upper division men students with leadership ability and igh scholastic achievementare eligible for membership in Blue ey National Honor Fraternity. With Lee Reid as president, the rganization had a very busy schedule this year. ln way of ser- ice to the school, Blue Key provided ushers for home basketball ames. Monthly breakfast meetings brought members together to ear talks given by various professors and dignitaries, including hancellor Cheadle. In February, when Legislative Council refused to sponsor e appearance of Princess Caradia of Rumania, Blue Key as- umed the responsibility, thus allowing her to speak on the Corn- unist takeover in her country. lt is through initiative such as this that service organizations ike Blue Key retain their value in a campus community. Dan Deeter Michael Dowler Dave Dundas Tyler Glenn David Gross Mike Hebert Gary Jones Bernie Kamins Jim MacDonald Jim Marvin Mike Milakovich Phil Plank Lee Reid Verne Scholl Thomas Stockton Bob Wilson Steve Wilson Norman Wood Dennis Allen Roy Bird Douglas Bowman Fred Dawson Elizabeth Ann Cleeves HONOR COPY Honor Cop The Honor Copy ot La Cumbre is the highest honor bestowed by the Associated Students. lt is awarded to a senior for tour years of outstanding service, character, leadership, and scholar- ship. The recipient is chosen by an anonymous group of faculty members headed by the Dean of Men and the Dean of Women. The winner has his name inscribed on the prepetual Honor Copy Plaque and is given an individual plaque. Honor Key are proudly awarded to Eli beth Ann Cleeves. During her four years UCSB, Liz's activities have covered a gr variety of interests, and her performance each area has been characterized by co nuity and quality. Her accomplishments a lower division student include Honors at trance, Bahia Hall Executive Vice Preside and membership in Kappa Alpha Theta l rority. Liz became Chairman ot the Awa Committee where she was instrumental initiating the Outstanding Underclassrr Awards, a Legislative Council Scholarsl Plaque, and the annual Awards BanqL She was elected to Leg Council, serving Rep-at-Large during her senior year. She served on the Student Center Planning mittee and continued as a member Awards Committee. Liz was a member Cal Club, was on the Dean's List one ter, and maintained a high scholastic per formance with a 3.12 GPA and a G major. The Honor Copy of La Cumbre and i li-all?-935'-"ff-Il C5-IIBQEFE-?Q CJ C.'.1'Ill:J EU IZ' ELI l:.':..ll...l CJ W it s Outstanding Man Student John Robert Andrews, Outstanding Man Student Award and Honor Key recipient, is a transfer from American River Junior College, where he was Stu- dent Body President. During his three years at UCSB he has served as a member of the Residence Halls Advisory Committee, as Residence Assistant, and as Associated Students President. In this last position he initiated Beachcomber's Holiday, arranged for speakers and panel discussions from The Center for the Study of Democratic Institutions, and set up a re-organized Leg Council under the new constitu- tion. Bob is a Political Science maior and has a GPA of 2.78. AW2-uh Outstanding Woman Student Betty Ann Fletcher, recipient of the Outstanding Woman Student Award and an Honor Key, has gained these honors through her large diversity of activities and her high scholarship. She was a mem- ber of AS Social Committee, International Relations Club, Pi Sigma Kappa, Model United Nations Club, Chimes, Sigma Kappa, Cal Club, Crown and Scep- ter, Activities Control Board, and Honeybears. This year she served the AS as Chairman of Activities Calendar Board and as a member of Leg Council. Maintaining high academic standards in her Political Science maior, Betty was on the Dean's List five se- mesters and has an overall GPA of 3.66. John Robert Andrews OUTSTANDING MAN STUDENT The Outstanding Man Student and Outstand- ing Woman Student Awards are given to upper division students who have attained outstanding goals in leadership, character, scholarship and service during one year. Previously called the AMS and AWS Awards, they were changed to their present titles this year. -4-ii 4?- Betty Ann Fletcher OUTSTANDING WOMAN STUDENT Dennis Wayne Allen Tutorial maior specializing in French, 3.73 GPA, Honors at Entrance, Dean's list eight semesters, Blue Key, Cal Club, Student Panel, Junior year spent in Bordeaux, Anacapa Vice President, Sophomore Class Vice President, ROTC Drill Team John Robert Andrews Political Science major, 2.78 GPA, Associated Stu- dents President, Resident Assistant, Residence Halls Advisory Committee Jane Gladys Beckord History maior, 3.40 GPA, AS Personnel Board Chairman, Spurs, Chimes, Crown and Scepter, Chi Omega Recording Secretary, Vice President, Schol- arship Chairman, Frosh Camp Counselor, Frosh Camp Staff Elizabeth Ann Cleeves German maior, 3.12 GPA, Honors at Entrance, Dean's List one semester, Associated Students Rep- at-Large, Awards Committee Chairman, Student Center Planning Committee, Cal Club, Kappa Alpha Theta, Bahia Hall Executive Vice President Betty Ann Fletcher Political Science maior, 3.66 GPA, Honors at En- trance, Dean's list tive semesters, AS Activities Col- endar Board Chairman, Honeybears, Cal Club, Crown and Scepter, Chimes, Sigma Kappa, Pi Sigma Alpha, Model United Nations Club, International Relations Club, AS Social Committee Thomas Cecil lvers Economics maior, 2,58 GPA, AS Finance Committee Chairman, Proiect Pakistan Team Leader, Associated Students Rep-at-Large, Cal Club, Student Panel, Intercollegiate Athletics Commission, Sigma Phi Ep- silon, Frosh Camp Counselor Judy Lee Jones Combined Social Sciences maior, 2.81 GPA, Resident Assistant, Frosh Camp Staff, RHA Social Committee Chairman, RHA Special Events Committee Chairman, Outstanding RHA Council member, Coralina Hall Vice President and Social Chairman, Chimes Secre- tary, Colonels Coeds Marcia Alice Knopf Political Science maior, 3.32 GPA, Dean's List two semesters, El Gaucho Editor and Managing Editor, Cal Club, Publications Board Chairman, Pi Sigma Alpha, Student Panel Susan Allis Kovitz History maior, 2.76 GPA, Hon ors at Entrance, Associate Students Secretory, AS Com munity Board Chairman, Chari ties Committee Chairman, Trea surer of Board ot Directors Camp Conestoga, Inc., KCSB Secretary, Camp Board, Chimes, French Club, Student Panel, Col Club, Delta Zeta House Manager, Pledge Trainer - is UNOR AWARD .1 C t U.C-SB. A sfogr E, it is re. f - malor 3 I6 GPA, Hon- t Entrance, AS Special Committee Co-Chairman, 5 Bureau, AWS Vice Honeybears, Cal Spurs, Crown and Scep- Pi Beta Phi President, 2nd President, Rush Chairman Anne Leinster G Marcia Lynn Rude Elementary Education maior, 3.63 GPA, Honors at Entrance, Dean's List five semesters, Chimes President, Spurs, Crown and Scepter, Charities Commit- tee, Laurle Hall President, Kap- pa Delta Pi Honor Keys Keys are given each year to a of fifteen graduating seniors to be outstanding in Associ- Students activities. Nominations made by the Awards Committee, winners are selected by an anony- faculty committee. Each recipient contributed a great deal to student ernment - the activities listed are y a part ot this leadership. ert Allan Arkush ors at Entrance, Associated ents Non-Affiliate Repre- ative, Freshman Class Pres- t, AS Finance Committee, harities Committee, Squires Kristina Marie Rice Honors at Entrance, Sophomore Class Vice President, Speaker's Bureau, AS Rally Committee, AS Social Committee, Frosh Camp Counselor, Alpha Delta Pi, Ski Club Judy Karen Spruell History maior, 3.57 GPA, Dean's list four semesters, As- sociated Students, Sorority Rep- resentive, Rally Committee, Panhellenic, Crown and Scep- ter President, Chimes, Cal Club Secretary, Honeybears, Chi Omega Secretary and Scholar- ship Trophy, Sirena Hall Sec- retary, Newman Club K- ua, Robert Steven Taylor History major, 2,39 GPA, AS Special Events Committee Co- Chairman, Cal Club President, lSophomore Class Vice Presi- ident, Frosh Camp Staff, Sigma Phi Epsilon Vice President John Stansbury Sociology major, 2.49 GPA, Frosh Camp Director, Staff, Counselor, Sophomore Class Vice President, interfraternity Council, Apache Hall President, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gaucho Band Stephen Wilson Economics and Political Science maior, 2.69 GPA, Assistant Head Resident of San Miguel Hall, Resident Assistant, Ana- capa Hall President, Yuma Hall President, Intercollegiate Speech Award Lower Division Awards Lower Division awards are presented to one man and one woman each year for outstanding service. The recipients are chosen in the same way as the Honor Key recipients. Their names are inscribed on a perpetual plaque and each awardee receives an individual award. w'-q-,,,..-- .f ZZ!-'K-Z, P V . ,f -""! .,ff-f"fFi v4!' wx' f N L . 'TWT -i ' 1 I , V - :1,,,, E QV een Q ,f..f' ' ' "'X...s-. --A Q - Y 1 - ,4 N fx- -'Lf A 8' s.-,,-Nm A---,--xr ' . .. ,.gAE t N.,-iff H-M.,3N.,,Mlk --M-N "T:h"'.--- . - ,,,,,g2f-1-1'fT 'uxw----N---.....t'. A - , i M ' -.ff-df" ' eip - .lx X , , ' " 'fi x iii CAMPBELL HALL ,, , XX -.,,.,, L.,f14, , T----.iz -.3 yj-jf:-.,L,. 14.1.2 Nr, M' 4, A , " r-'NY KK f .W.iQh""'S+.a XS s in I. i Ni . N. if fi , il if is I iz ,g 1' 'I II 1 s it-iii n 1: I? l ! r U.,Li ...........4......7---- W.,-fS?E-f:fT"5f31'-1-ff""" Xe' f NRE, ,. 4 -. As 35 xi XX X IQ x X ' 1-al . ..3.:'r 'f Activities The very pulse of UCSB is re- flected in its richness of activities. Some of this scheduled activity has been with us long enough to become tradition. But as the Uni- versity itself progresses, so do its organized extra-curricular os- pects. These blended forces of permanence and c h a n g e are truly the essence of progress, the essence of our school. 1, an-1' V Y Y QQ' fi 'ii 3, W 2 Only at meals were Frosh allowed to relax. Frosh Camp Schedule Attracts I 500 Students On September 4, l5OO freshmen arrived at UCSB for three days of Frosh Camp. Undaunted by continual rain, the class of '67 showed spirit- ed enthusiasm for the activities which included assemblies, informal discussions, group activ- ities, and a clance. The camp counselors, under Frosh Camp Di- rector John Stansbury, organized activities and gave the bewildered Frosh helpful and friendly advice, making their first impression of UCSB a favorable one. At Frosh Camp, anything can happenl An afternoon without rain gave discussion groups a chance to meet on the lawn. Ffoshlfnbunal i'WmTcif T Qe Qswgesgsfi Endslndocu1naUon The TradiTional Frosh Tribunal, sponsored by members of The Sophomore Class, broughT To a close The period of Frosh indocTrinaTion. AT The Tribunal The Freshmen who had noT memorized The Bible were Tried, convicTecl, and senfenceol To such punishmenTs as Tricycle racing. WiTh o spiriT To maTch ThoT of Their Sophomore iuolges, The Freshmen became Tull-fledged members of The sTudenT body. T ConvicTed Frosh hardly flinch as They publicly serve Their senTences. Sporting their green beanies, a crowd of Freshmen enioy a ringside seaT at The Tribunal proceedings. A well-dressed apparition addresses The group gathered at The Tribunal. ff. .7-1, H- f' . ii " 2 '17, - K 1 - ' - 2600 Gaucho Frosh Engage in Hec Students have one last opportunity to take a test without having to study. Registration Week was a busy time for 6000 students, especially for the 2600 Fresh- men. Some at the required routine duties were declaring legal residence, taking a physical examination, attending testing ses- sions, meeting with the deans and depart- ment chairrnen, fighting for classes at the open registration, and standing in endless lines at the Campus Bookstore. Many activities contributed to making Registration Week more enioyable: the AS. Assembly for all new students, the "Big C" Liming, tollowed by a barbeque and beach party, the Frosh Tribunal, ioint dances be- tween various residence halls, fraternity and sorority rushing, and UCSB's first football game. 'W Suffering but patient, students endure the bookstore lines. Bewildered Frosh Joy Williams i KNOWS Son Miguel is around here somewhere. istration Week if The Freshmen burned their cherished bibles ot the Frosh Bonfire on Cam- pus Beach. Displays ot the reception following the A.S. Orientation Assembly were o tremendous success in recruiting committee members. 69 No no anything but that' Sue Bogardus gives last minute instructions to Delta Gamma pledges and Admired The sorority pledge classes of summer and fall, 1963, were presented by Their re- spective presidents in a ceremony at Robert- son Gym on Sunday, September 22. After a welcome from Panhellenic president Lynn Pendleton, the pledges entered the gym, carrying bouquets in their sorority colors. Dean Bowers presented trophies for the highest overall grade average of a sorority pledge class, and for the highest grade aver- age attained by a sorority last semester. Sigma Kappa received both of these awards. Following the presentation each sorority held an open house for students, faculty members and parents. UCSB Men give pledges the once over-twice over! Students flocked to the dorms and to North Hall to watch the program. The team practices at home on a local television broadcast. College Bowl Team Puts Up Good Fight On Sunday, September 22, UCSB was ably represented on the "College Bowl" television program. In a highly competi- tive question-and-answer session, the team fought gamely to a close margin, losing 165-195. Their tine showing exem- plified the spirit ot UCSB before a nation-wide television audience. Candidates were selected by written and oral examina- tion six months prior to the meeting ofthe two schools. The finalists were chosen on the basis ot thei'r general knowl- edge, rather than knowledge in specific fields. The team con- sisted of Captain Faith Fitzgerald, Evan Cole, Gerry Haggerty and Ken Myer. Long hours of tedious practice went into the perfection of their delivery techniques. The panelists' faces reflect the tenseness of the program's competition. Mrs. Kerr, President Kerr, Mrs. Cheadle, and Chancellor Cheadle stand beneath the seal of the University. .Y "- President Kerr chatted informally with students in the Santa Rosa lounge. Reception line members Mrs. Kerr, Presi- dent Kerr, Mrs. Cheadle, Chancellor Chea- dle ltace hiddenl, and Bob Andrews greet students. President Kerr Greets Students One of UCSB's finest traditions is the annual Presiclent's Reception honoring University President Clark Kerr. Held during the first week ot tall semester classes, the reception affords new students and tac- ulty members an opportunity to meet President Kerr. Greeting guests this year with President and Mrs. Kerr were Chancellor and Mrs. Vernon I. Cheadle and Bob Andrews, Associated Students President. Imme- diately following the reception there was a dance sponsored by the service organizations which hosted the reception. -2.1f,4. 7' 4.f..L. .'.'A Jiiflfiliiiivifliiif Conestoga outings include Trips To rugged mountain areas. Conestoga Stresses Self-reliance For The pasT Three years The AssociaTed STuclenTs of UCSB have underfaken partial supporT of Camp Cones- Toga as Their major chariTy. Doing Tar more Than iusf conTribuTing money To The camp, The sTudenTs donaTe invaluable Time Through counseling for The ConesToga youngsTers. The purpose of The Camp Conesfoga program is To give children of The SanTa Barbara area an opporTuniTy To develop self-reliance, camping skills and a love of naTure Through camping experiences boTh in a day-camp siTuaTion and on overnighT Trips. Perhaps The program is besT known by iTs 'large green Truck, The back filled wiTh children, and Two brooms sTicking up from The Tail gaTe. Y' Rambling in The fields is a favorite pasTime of Conestoga campers. --.f - V., 1 , V r "1 vw-' 1 N -Sl, Qi f a ' I . f 1 . ex' Campers help unload supplies from The ConesToga Truck. of legal size? Campers participated in work projects Fishing is one of The numerous Conestoga ac- l Tivities, but, fellows, are you sure Those fish are X T c ppc in 31. -U - Me, ,, . ,hxnj A ' Y. .' .1 'V ., 1 y , . ,N iff' N 1 .Hai 5UCl1 Us building 0 dam- I left my tooThpasTe in the sleeping bagl Prospective Students Visit Campus ii ggfllfgj ft ' W ee es -1-as -:S -fe: X w - e as Mr. Thomas and Mr. Gregg of the Political Science department answer parents' questions. On University Day, Saturday, Septem- ber 19, prospective students from high schools and iunior colleges visited the UCSB campus. The purpose of University Day is to acquaint future students with the campus, its facilities, activities, and courses available. Professors were on hand To answer questions about their respective departments. Campus and li- lorary tours were conducted by students for the 2000 guests. l Visiting coeds enioy refreshments served by the Spurs during University Day regis- tration. 74 Steve Cato irightl conducts a library tour. Project Pakistan Promotes Peace .,, 'ex Strohm, Gary Hawthorne, Lee Anne Horine, Ron Cook, lvers, Bill Prescott, and Kathy Lowe iseatedl give a cul- show at the Department of Public Administration at Uni- of Punjab, Lahore. Protect Pakistan is a program of person-to-person tact by students of the University of California, Santa rbara, with university students ot Pakistan. Modeled er the very successful Project India at UCLA, Proiect Listan is an independent program concerned exclu- ely with students of UCSB. The Project is iointly spon- led by the U.S. Department of State and the University igious Conference in the conviction that great effort Jst be made in the interests of world peace and under- ncling. This past summer the first team went to Pakistan to hange ideas and to demonstrate that American stu- ts are concerned with peace in our world. This year's m included: Lee Anne Horine, Kathy Lowe, Karen hm, Ron Cook, Gary Hawthorne, Tom lvers lTeam derl, and Bill Prescott. They were accompanied by . and Mrs. Larry Popkin, both of whom attended UCSB participated in Project India in past years. .5. x' N .,' ,. 1. .3 ' . -1 ,.- . sn . im- N 1 ' . 3 ' xv, 9 T t Q Q me ,..-v-- 5 J - . v ' 1 , YM., ,, . .-.K t PY. Xx .T 4 ss 4 I 'J A , C 'Y 'G Lee Anne Horine, Ron Cook, Tom lvers, Gary Hawthorne, and Karen Strohm visit Bad- shahi Mosque in Lahore, West Pakistan with local students. mx :sit .1-.l ,, -.Qi Magis. . g lr 1. -Q. n Strohm exchanges autographs with Pakistani women college students at a reception in Lahore. '... 4 .. tim Q- M A Pakistani student, Kathy Lowe, and Tom lvers work at St. John's Orphanage in Peshawar, West Pakistan. 75 "Olympia Case" Swe Opening The Homecoming festivities The resounding success of GGR, directed by Mandy Clark, spelled Triumph for Pi Beta Phi, who Took Sweepstakes Tor the "Olympia Case." Alpha Phi's witty parody on Shakespeare, "Great Julius, Seize Her," de- lighted the audience, winning Women's First, Delta Tau 'Delta's The-butler-did-it ioke, The "Witch's Curse," landed Men's First. The Thursday night performance was highlighted by The announcement of The T963 Homecoming Queen, Merrily Vincent, and her court. Friday night's air of anticipation was climaxed by The presentation of the awards by Lee Anne l-Iorine, co-chair- man of Special Events, and Miss Clark, director. Alum of The Year, Carlos Bee, cited The T963 GGR as The best he had ever seen. l A royal beauty, Miss Merrily Vincent was crowned Home- coming Queen. Pam Brown captivated The audience with her ver- sions ot "Summertime" and "Good Morning, Cap- tain." in ri- nf"-' ' That "Merry Old Soul," Clark Kerr, was The musical introduction presented by the Cal Club. 76 lloping Gaucho Review t of East Side Story. Away!" yells Gary Rhoades to Titsworth in "You Bet Your Pro- by Sigma Phi Epsilon. Khrushchev Uanrce Leanii and his Misses Benedicti are at it again in Chi Omega's Baby Elizabeth Butler of Sigma Kappa's "Passion in the Sand" toddles off for a dip while Dorothy Pipkin, Julie Snyder lface hiddenl, Gisella Kapplinghams, Carol Bedford, and Nancy Rankin enioy an afternoon on the beach. "Easy on the seltzer, Fullbladderf' Rich Sanford orders Monte Guild, in the Delta Tau Delta skit, "Witch's Curse." ,iigiime ' "l didn't mean to do itl" cries sentenced Bacchus Uulie Williamsi in Pi Beta Phi's Sweepstakes winner, "Olympia Case." Georgia Young stands as the goddess of iustice with Linda Pitts as Zeus. 77 Paper punchers Ralph Norberg lhead bowedl, Christie Pettijohn lcenterl, Jack Slayton lleftl work diligently on the float "All The World Is A Stage." The eve of Homecoming caused a metarnorphosis at UCSB. The normally hard working and serious stu- dent body was suddenly transformed into a group of light-hearted paper punchers. Everything was adapted to The energetic float building which con- tinued throughout the night, girls had no hours, crepe paper stores remained open longer, and the Santa Barbara police increased Their forces. Workers arrived en masse lust after dark, despite the biting cold. Sustaining themselves on hot coffee, doughnuts, and tuna sandwiches, students worked toward their six a.m. deadline. Long Night Plus Hard Spurs Nancy Di Gerolami and Sue Ono sell tuna sandwiches to hungry Cheri Kurz puts the finishing touches on Enramada Hall's tribute to the float builders. "Art of Advertising." 78 l Francie Alexander and Jannie Carr ride Ribera, Sweepstakes-winners Chi Sigma and Alpha Delta Pi salute Greek Literature with the "Myth of Phaetonf' Shasta, Tuolumne, and Juniper's float, "The Feast of Hina-A Salute to Gaughinf' lds 25 Floats Somehow enough people survived the infamous night of day, Nov. 8th, to complete the twenty-tive floats that pa- ed in the fortieth annual Homecoming procession. The rade was a smashing success, the floats saluted arts rang- trom Shakespearian classics by Marisco, Navaio, and uena to Epicurean delights by SAE and Chi Omega. The crowd viewing the parade was five and six persons ep all along State Street. The COGS located themselves at trategic corner giving each float a cheer as it passed. Their vy, liquid voices carried all the way to the Judges' stand alt block away. The judges were meticulous in their evaluations scrutin- g each float for such aspects as originality, complexity, d amount of faded crepe paper. Announced winners were D Pi and Chi Sigma, Sweepstakes, Sigma Kappa and Sig Mixed Greek, Canalino and Bahia, RHA, Tahitian and "H" Sigma, open, and Delta Zeta, sorority. to the Epicurean Arts by Chi Omega and Sigma Alpha Epsilon rolls tate Street. ,r .ag-..f I . v. 431 V 7 "A Hundred Years of Shakespeare," Marisco, Navaio, Risuena ltopl. "Play On," Napa, Coralina, Maricopa, Mariposa Imidcllel. RHA winner: "The Spirit of the Nile," Canalino, Bahia lbottoml. .1-. C. ,wi- ce- Tig E , if usa.. it E ,.eeg,,e T' " i drrdfy Q-sau N W X A f jffjg- - I an f . , . J 4- In A- , 1' i'r.r 5 gf4.i.:'f,fg A-'f-'df' ' '-' W"-' " Y ,fha Game Victory Caps Festive Homecoming Immediately after the parade, spectators be- gan to trudge toward La Playa Stadium for the UCSB-Santa Clara clash. The game was a satisfy- ing one, in which UCSB soundly trounced Santa Clara 27-14. The half time show was equally pleasant. Many ot the floats lminus some crepe paperl paraded around the field, the Homecoming Queen, Merrily Vincent and her court, made an appearance, and representatives from winning float-building groups received their awards. After the game myriads of tired, happy stu- dents, pleased with their team and their Home- coming, returned to Pershing Park to clean up the mess. Mike Morris, representing Sigma Pi and Sigma Kappa, receives from Mayor Don Mac Gillivra Homecomin Grand Marshall for Y: Q winning Mixed Greek float. ' ,. , ,, . liiI 'ETC'- Pepleaders Ann Levering, .lo Nelson, Teddye Gould, .lone Johnson and Mike Herbert lead rally on Campus Beach. Don Juan, new UCSB mascot, and his rider, El Gaucho, gallop across the sand at a bonfire rally. To the tune "The Angry Bull," played at the tirst football game, a new Tradition was introduced at UCSB. Don Juan, a palomino quarterhorse donated by Marshall Glick, became UCSB's mascot. El Gaucho, Don Juan's mysteriously masked rider, was actually one of many riders who comprised a secret society, adding a flavor ot ro- mance to the tradition. Don Juan and his rider symbolize the roman- tic Gaucho first portrayed by Douglass Fairbanks in 1934 when the Santa Barbara Campus changed its nickname from Roadrunner to Gaucho. To Boost Spirit ... Revealed here for the first time are the members of the secret society who rode Don Juan: Kathy Brennan, Barbara Bowler, Caro- line Regel, Don May, Bob Tucker, Marshall Glick and .lim Wolz Knot picturedl. Two New Traditions: Mascot and Bonfire Rallies Bonfire rallies on Campus Beach were initiated this year as a Rally Committee proiect. As students gathered for short but spirited pre-game rallies, they had a closer look at players, coaches, song and yell leaders. Cheerleaders Keith Morden, Mark Israel, and John Davis spark crowd with enthusiasm during bonfire rally on Campus Beach. 8l The Wayfarers and Bob Gibson, Raun MacKinnon and Josh White, Jr., lead a rousing Hootenanny. The Wayfarers were among the Hootencinny entertainers. Distinguished Gue Dick Gregory, nationally known political satirist, entertained a capacity crowd in Robertson Gym. Sigma Pi Fraternity presented Jo lrightl and Eddy lleftl. 1 L. . I , , 1 1' g x as fl -X ,, , y x 'I 1 x 'L , 'Q . - 4:44 -1. ' I if - M 'Ai R ,A W pq ,JZ 1 L 1 K ' ' 'E i K x i -2 Q 1 5 Lv i - X y Y- 5 w . +I 'R 1 xx -XL X 1 Ar, if H ix , ,- , . 1 . -x ,.:'.. I ,X x , , ': a - Kr... , It ' 1. VX 1 - wx .4 X ' I. Q M '.. .X- i Y Us ' 1 ua , ,fx JY R . L X . f -F Q. 1 ' .' x af' 4 i ' .-FT iv' vt 'I ,il 'wtf 1 1 N K . LN? Y , sf L P, 1 5 if ' wigs jgfixi' , A4 . XA v ' 53 XV. VW, ' O -. 'A v..a 'Q , X P 414. , .N l . As . g A , ' z 5 , A A ' J W " ' J ,J lf 4 1 1 ' 'nu 15 1, w in In , 5 1 w . , - I I , L"'x , ' . , ww., v, Q .tk a . , T 5 ,4- I. 1" ,- 'zti J? ,Q a rf ,I pg 6 1 5 L , Q J .2 J , ,A ' .1 rn P' 'Nd' . f 5 X f ff r u- M, KV' ' AM ", bv., ,x. ,flat -5 I .. -4 4 . , 1 , .-...1a.111- 'fig' ' 'j' 11 3.1 F A f :I X 1 , . V X? X 311 rf' 19. V ' ' -, ., 'v -fl f . x H IQ! I Vg 'l' fi HL, ' ff I. . l V '. ' ' 'fn ff' gh- a'.','n.: W, c 9 J Y' 'A J' 4 i F .11 ' 1 " -:E V .-,, X ,tml QM 71.1 N I M 3 V 'MS v ,Y A-1 L I-t' 'Mg A . , I .ef , G -4- . fi? Q- X k' lui" .fp - ,v u df- fn,q!:o','.1-,' . . W1 'G Y 1 1 ff 1 1 N X f fl fi Finding ihe dance floor ci liffle crowded, Kathy Jennings and Larry Marsh iabovei and Jan Easton and Burney Eames lleffl move to higher ground. Alpha Delta Pi's annual King of Diamonds dance was highlighted by The crowning of King Norm Wood by Diane Kellar. P- Arr Kobal and Carol Aschenbrener cast their votes for RHA King and Queen. - RHA King Mike Olpin and Queen Pam Defloff are applauded by well-wishers. 85 I I 'Tm "muff 3 ' K b . ,A MU V ,Q ' Q7 , ii ,x f Q ,.,,f f , F Q ,,v,, iw , Nl K we N ,.- 2 .-2-.:::: : A -fr- ag, S 'N vf ' ,X Q - 4 .,., V . u ' 1 W Aw Q , A pf. N, W ,sz , 1 1- va ,KJ 'sa 3 FQ l,", f .- 'Q Af -'V X 1 H 1 U wi Q. S -rr, my ' Yi , K -13. 4933 . K I if ,I ,. ,gg Q mg' . ' -L -13 A fs, .Z .nv ' eff ,F 'wi f -- f f N. K 1 f F Y f X , 4 F41ET':' X 4 N, I 1. , - X J ,.,f. 1f: -" . . Q Q . 1 .L SZ , Honey Bears Welcome Campus Visitors Led by President Carol Emery, the Honey Bears, UCSB's official hostess group, has had a year of expanded activities. They have rnet opposing football and basketball teams, as well as visiting dignitaries and students interested in the campus. Wear- ing their blue jumpers, white blouses, Honey Bear lavaliers and a smile, they have conveyed to visitors the friendly spirit of the UCSB campus. By participat- ing inthe planning and activities of Homecoming, University Day and Parents' Weekend, they have become an integral part of student activities. The Honey Bears have also made a special effort to extend a warm wel- come to the people of the Santa Barbara community in an at- tempt to strengthen community- University ties. Chris Fosgate Sandy Helen Sharon Kaplan Sue Kiesling Mary Leinster Randi Newbill Sally Parsons Elsa Paulazzo Nena Robinson Pam Smith Y Bobbie Burnette Kathy Cable Pat Carroll Pat Casteel Carol Cate Jeanne Davidson Christie Dunbar Carol Emery Betty Fletcher Donna Flynn Judy Spruell Sue Vesely Alice Waters Elaine Webster Circle K-First Row: Rick Joyce, Bob Taylor lSecretaryl, Don Ciliax lPresidentj, Bruce Darling lVice-Presidentl, Walt Grabe, John Kelley, Phil Surra, Second Row: Mel Widawski, Ed Newburg, Bob Marston, Pete Grillo, Steve Shipman, Brad Ohm, Jaime Frinell, Lyn Laughrin, Bill Ballard, Bob Walter, Bob Sogge. Dickinson, Lyn Laughrin, Laurie Frossman, Brad Ohm, Ed Newburg, and Bob Sogge at a combined Phrateres and Circle K activity, Phrateres-First row: Karen Baker iSecretoryl, Laurie Grossman lHistoriani, Susan Holmes lPresidenti, Becky Karns iPledge Mistressl, Kathie Henderson iireasureri. Second row: Carol Casassa, Cathie Smith, Jennie Aguilar, Lynn Dickinson, Nadine Barsky. Third row: Glenda Meyer, Nancy Skelton, Beverly McCall, Susan Harrawood, Sue Stollberg, Marie Kropp, Helene Leeds. 88 Circle K Sells Orchidsz Phrateres Sing in Post Office The annual Larry Adam's Blood Drive and the Channel City Horse Show highlighted the T963-64 activities ot the Circle K Club, a men's service organization serving both the campus and the community. Leading Circle K, now in its second year at UCSB, were Don Ciliax, Fall Semester President, and Bruce Darling, Spring Se- mester President. Other club activities included stuffing Christ' mas seals into envelopes for the Santa -Barbara County Tuberculosis Association, spon- soring a Chimes-Circle K Foreign Students Halloween Party and selling orchid corsages for Mother's Day and Easter. Phrateres, a women's interna- tional social-service organiza- tion began the semester with a delegate returning from the in- ternational convention in Van- couver, B.C., and Mrs. Patricia Riley of the library staff joining the group as advisor. The first activities of the year were a get-acquainted tea for all vvom- en students and an early morn- ing surprise breakfast for the Phrateres pledges. The women spent many hours at Hillside H'ouse, a home for cerebral palsy victims. The pledges added their own trademark to the or- ganization by practicing the Phrateres Hymn in the U.S. Post Office. Jennie Aguilar was named "Most Active Pledge." Q Q Student Panel 2' Wi, , Student Panel is a heter- ogeneous group ot interested students who ponder and discuss problems of para- mount importance in the world today. The group is under no pressure to act up- on its conclusions, however, because ot the caliber of the participants, it is potentially capable of action. Y . First row, Mel Levine, Katherine Lowe, Eric Christy, Marcia Knopf, Gail Grigsby, Cherry James. Second row: Dan Sklar, Curt Solberg, Dennis Allen, Roger Saunders lExecutive Director ot University Religious Conferencel. Interfaith Council Seeks Understanding, Elan Howell, President lseatedl, Ralph Lilge, Publicity ecretary, JoAnna Girton, Secretary. Interfaith Council The Interfaith Council, composed ot student representatives from the twelve participating religious groups ot the University Religious Con- ference, concerns itself primarily with the critical re-evaluation and reinterpretation of traditional religion, the promotion of understanding be- tween religious groups, service to both campus pnd community, and the enhancement of the significance of religion in the university ex- perience. To help accomplish these aims the council has sponsored such programs as the Re- ligion in America lecture series, Contact, a com- mittee concerned with local civil rights issues, the Camp Conestoga Counselor-recruiting Com- mittee, and numerous clergy or faculty-led on and oft-campus discussion sessions concerning pertinent religious topics. Student Panel Explores University Religious Conference provides the facilities and guidance for organized religious activities and related projects. Representing twelve dif- terent religious attiliations,.URC's main activities include Project Pakistan, ln- tertaith Council and the bimonthly Student Panel. The goal ot URC, according to its director, Roger Saunders, is the creation ot a fearless atmosphere for discussion ot religious matters on the UCSB campus. Future URC plans include construction ot a much needed newer building in Isla Vista. First row: Pauline i-wetland IURC Advisorl, Janice Jones, Marsha Stein, Alice Campbell, Diana Bourret, Marilyn Koeppel. Second row: Alan Howell, Joel Burstiner, Peter Kaiser, JoAnna Girton, Ralph Lilge, Russell Fox, Don Martin. 89 "'?"i Z A 4 4, V' A' " -I V r if , ' ' i'?1 ':'2 'XJQ .41 1 1 .:.:: 3 K' , , L Y V YT ' 5 Q F' , W Hifi! u V 7' s gp- ,,v 'wg 90 Campus Reflects the Nation's Shock and Grief at President Kennedy's Assassination "ln some way, perhaps unexplainable, John F. Kennedy was our President, our friend. We could speak of him as JFK, and to us he repre- sented the strength and vitality of the United States, the invincibility of our nation. To all of us, John Kennedy symbolized the virtues of American life: firmness in the face of threat, and a steady pursuit of freedom and iustice. He kindled the idealism and energy of a youthful generation into a flame of passionate concern for world affairs. I do not know of any President who was so able to capture the imagination and enthusiasm of the youth. John Fitzgerald Kennedy was to us a handsome, youthful, ener- getic symbol of all we hold dear in the United States. He himself put it into these words: 'that the torch has been passed to a new generation of Amer- icans - born in this century, tempered by war, disciplined by o cold and bitter peace.' "Now John Fitzgerald Kennedy is dead. John Kennedy has left his mark upon the nation and upon us. We go on without him, but in his spirit, we say, in his words, 'Let every nation know, whether it wish us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support ony friend, or oppose any foe in order to assure the survival and success of libertyf " Excerpts from Roger Saunders' Memorial Service address Bob Andrews, Chancellor Goodspeed, Roger Saunders and Father Edward Hempfling stand at attention as the national colors are presented. 'M fifibzitflitif Roger Sounders delivers the memorial message at services held in Storke Plaza. Students bow their heads in respect for the late President Upton Sinclair Committee on Arts and Lectu Dr. H. D. F. Kitto nsors the Lecture Series In his lecture, "Looking Back at America at the Age of 85," Upton Sinclair, author and social critic, recalled to a large and attentive audience his days as a "muckraker" and social critic. Dr. H. D. F. Kitto, distinguished Classicist from the University of Bristol, and an authority on Greek drama, delivered the lectures, "The Odyssey," "The Orestes," and "Thucydides History of the Peloponnesian War." Other lectures were presented weekly and bi-weekly throughout the year. The well at- tended sessions dealt with highly controversial subiects, such as: "The Case for Legalized Abor- tion," given by Dr, Garrett Hardin, "Non-Vio- lence and the Christian Perspective," a talk by James Lawson, and Dr. Alexander De Conde's lecture, "Main Issues In Recent American Foreign Policy." Lectures of intellectual interest included: "Buddhism Today" by Dr. A. C. Boquet, Profes- sor Karl Geiringer's talk on "Patronage in Music" and Dr. Waldemar Besson's lecture "The German Upton Sinclair delights the audience with an amusing anecdote concern- ing one of his books: "They almost arrested me for criminal libel. I wish they had, because the book would have sold so many more copies." neg? .af-Y Catastrophe-Causes and Effects." In addition the University Religious Conference presented a series of three lectures on "Religion in America." Dr. Garrett Hardin, Biology professor, reviews his notes before his lec ture, "The Case for Legalized Abortion." Dr. Waldemar Besson, Director of the Institute of Political Science, University of Erlanger-Nuremburg, spoke on "The German Catastrophe-Causes and Effects." 93 . gm . Q, EA, all M- ' x gh V 'E 53 .. ' l Q .ga I .i ,-J 9 1' 4, .V-1' ,I ' Q , R Rv 1 ' f W we, + J X , WX' sk. X 1? A 7 2 X x X' 2' +1 1x i v . 1-Y. ,EC , 1' 5 -I f ,f-' X-if 1.43 g4j2i2S.':!'4 A-22221225 'iiiiffum '11Ef.'15.1, s 1 1 .1 H ,.,V,,,...,Y ?v,. e 322 . 'l ' ix 1 , ' v i f'. eg. 'U bi -- : if 1, qw + ga . W . 1,,.,. 1' H5115 'N - x I 134 Muv ., 5 a Q-.. 1 v fx M -in m :g 1 1 .13 - if f - f g .I',' 1 I.. ,Ji 1 'f .4 , 'say' ., .X f. jg-, 1. 0 S, 1 J 'u -F W3 10 - 4 " Mandy Clark Homecoming Princess M X CY' 'hw WJ Robin Radcliffe Military Ball Queen Pamela Detloff RHA Queen Karen Gillette Easter Relays Queen Karen Reigns at Easter Relay , . an , . V X W . -,i I H I ' ul. ASQ' . '- l , 1,4- ,Q ft' i vv Ann Grogan Easter Relays Princess 5 'F vl' mf' r-114' 11'- 9' 1. ni. ' I A A win. n T-1 H X.. - 'A TL, JW- W . .x ce- V ., in .,--....:,.4 'Q'- W :Qin it R F, Q 1 .,.-2 gy. . W ..g' fh 3' f K - K is ,nu in , -., " M. ' S. -NW-x: 'N-.xl 1 O 'i U22 .. if 1. MQW .4 - fr ff, ,YQ Q" W' 'J ' ff ,. iii mg V ,S n k A -- Q. . Q 1 12, 1? 1 vb .1 " my - Mlm. , LL' V v . z:. 1 W' :p muu X ,, 1 B l X . If . . H, ..,,. K'f1s,5, ' 1 ., fs. ' .. K -, ifflim - '-Tiff" lgrgtgwri- -.L " Q , '53 -sp . s ' 3? na' . QM.. K 1x J fflm ' 532 f J .52 . M . .5 E. 1 sq, 5. . . uw- .K H M 151' ., ' i fu i gssvxjzl ,WH , , 1 55355535511 ffm. 3??3wz 1 1 A ap, ., 1 . -mm I iz .., 3:5 . ,amp W L f QQ a , f . My .W , . W wlvifwn- Q!! ,H ' 151 Y 3 K if fm 1 , ,mf Q K- L. 1, sq mfs: 1 iv 'wa 1 . , ' 1 J f Nw .- 'f 1: , ' 1 Q- ,H --xfvi if , 1 ,WK A 3 r -2 H V Y . - vi ' I . 4 V ' A , ,, 4 , iff -' . ,- - , . 4 . ' QV -WF!! 5 4 R 'ff A Y l ' E av Q -H, . . fl 1 Iss ' N ' 1 51" x . I in fi s A 'ffb' 4 ,P ' E J ' f s fi? Q y . ' 1 ' f N' ' xg? ' U O .M ,, in Y B qs U' jx, ' f I ' A 11 r K , .H Y Charter Day Keynote Address Delivered ln French CharTer Day commemorarecl The i868 signing of The char- Ter of The UniversiTy of California. ln 96 years UC has grown from a single campus aT Berkeley To a seven campus insTiTu- Tion wifh Two new campuses To enroll sTudenTs soon. UCSB ioined The UniversiTy of California in 1954. Jean Baloin, Recfor of The Academy of Bordeaux delivered The keynofe address aT The April 8Th ceremonies in STorke Plaza. UniversiTy of California PresidenT Clark Kerr conferred Honorary DocTor of Law degrees on Jean Baloin and Dr, William Ellison, Emerifus Professor of I-lisTory. Presiding over The ceremony was Chancellor Vernon I. Cheadle who Told of The advancemenr on This campus since iT became a branch of The UniversiTy of California. ,rc V Speaking in French, Jean Babin spoke of The prospects and aims of The University Abroad Program. Charfer Day exercises commenced with The Academic Procession of faculfy and ceremony parTicipanTs, Chancellor Cheadle esfimafecl Thaf in the nexT decade sTudenT enrollmenr aT UCSB would Triple. Among The points of his CharTer Day address, Preside-nT Kerr commended UCSB for its managemenr of The Uni- versiry Abroad Program. 4 Chi Omega and Chi Sigma rehearse "Old Man River" for Spring Sing. Long before Easrer, groups begin preparing Spring Sing. Hurried fume making and n rehearsals precede fhe 25Th performance. As previous years, The per ance was in The Sanrci Bar bara Counfy Bowl. Two Spring Traditionsz Spring Sing, Taco Eating 'V . Los Tacos of Isla Vista sponsored a taco eating confesr. By consuming 34 Tacos, Blake Lorenz of Anacopa broke the prev- ious worlol record of 29. Following fhe contest, he went back to Dining Com- mons for dinner' X :lp Gary "Gosh! You mean we have fo now?" comments Blake Lorenz finishes his 34th taco. The before, during and after. lO2 Gary Vidar Photo 114.1 1,45 , Quin., ,JY , ,-- ""' -9-v -., + orilyn White lrightl, just steps in Front of Diana Wilson, won the women's UCSB's Bob Jordano competes with Tim Williams of idaho State in the medley EDO yard dash. "elUY- Easter Relays Attract Top West Coast Athletes The 26th onnuctl Santo Borbctro Eoster Reloys were held in Ld Ployo Stadium on March 28th. As the tirst motor outdoor meet of the spring, the Reloys avroct mony west coast trctck ond tield athletes who will be striving to capture a place on the United States squad for the October Olympics in Tokyo. Nick Cotrter, former UCSB track ond tield cocich, directed this yeor's Reloys. He has been the driving force behind the Relays cmd has directed the event since the First Easter Reloys 26 yectrs ago. .. , msg? 1-LT" iiiiisii 43- : 'iw get E I -'erm . I , - R ,F Q . F ft ' J kt. .. 'v it-:ff 'li' i" " " I WE . Kirkpatrick, UCSB graduate student, .nfs- ' 1 :.: ced fourth in the long iump. 3-.'-Q ' ti 45, V John Uelses of Lo Salle pole vaulted 16 feet l VZ inches Dove Dovis, a Camp Pendleton Marine, put 60 feet Dick Emberger lfrontl and Brion Polkinghorne lbockl IOM, inches in the open shot put. cornpele in C' lll9l" l'U"Cll9 heel- 'T li in-Iii 4. rf 'fr.- rmu., -' l....quiiY . ..... .... 1 J, aft . , i M .V t as . ., .- . 'five asf- . us, 'nf f its , 1. 1' ' W . ,cgi , , Z , fe' , ' , ,71e::c,....w'-f like 'e sei . - .M The day's events were started with the pushcart parade in front of South Hall. Pushcarts Show "Trends in Transportation The Residence Hall Association sponsored Pushcart races, A portrayal of the ancient Chinese mode of transportation captured for El Dorado and Abrego the first place in decorations. directed this year by Robert Opiat, began at ll:OO A.M. on Sat- urday, April 4, with the Pushcart Parade. Immediately after the carts were paraded and judged, the decorations were stripped oft and the race began. Top honors ot the race Went to Phi Kappa Psi and Pi Beta Phi who took the Greek Sweepstakes award. Modoc and Estrella Halls made second place, coming in tirst in Rl-lA Division. Yucca, Acacia, Coralina emerged vic- torious in the Las Casitas and Independent Division, and Stanis- laus and Tuolumne were awarded first place in the San Miguel run-offs. Cart decorations tollowed the theme "Trends in Transporta- tion." The first place fell to El Dorado and Abrego. The next rnost eye-catching carts were the Phi Kappa Psi - Pi Beta Phi lsecond placel, Sierra-Solano-Bahia lthird placel, and Maricopa-Oceano ltourth placel. g ,sg 1 Third place tor decorations went to Sierra, Solano and Bahia for their sixteen-leg-powered Oriental vehicle. Oceana and Maricopa went back to Greece for their inspiration, and their chariot, driven by Linda Mor- rison, placed fourth. gl' The race was on! Modoc approached a change-over zone and raced on to take second place. -1' N Phi Psi pushers couldnt contain their victory cries as they the finish line. aan . i Bill Jenkins Photo The winning cart stands in resplendent glory. Victorious Phi Psi's gathered around their driver Wendy Matson at the end of The race If Dead Week Comes Can Finals Be Far Behind? P.-pi in 1 N i The late nights . . . The library J" - The final exam .-M--,1-:r- ff ' -,---- -""',,...-' 11..- -,,,,... M W ,- .----- -1--A '--H' --T: :J-fi' ""' " ---""' -,,..,--:- --+-... 1-T-I lr-1 . K- fo- .D fl 3 ,,,5,ggf:b'9!5fg9?fy - - .., , - izgffiiff-Zzizf ' Y 1-"' f , f-Zg p , JZ- 'g ffr' . -li-'- ei' f' 5:21. ff ,fiiizgzz if M If AV 411 A I... ' V .-f-. C 1 'px V ,,,,.j:-.3-1: ? .l"E:'41-S 1 " I .l...---- ,T ...... ..,...i...".' ' .ii- - --- 1-..,.--........-..i 1 ... EL. .-,.-..... fn- ,.......-.......-.,... ..... . -..- ii' F, fe 'fy ' he Fine Arts Department at UCSB maintain performing classes ed to enrich the cultural experiences of the participants and the r. Students are given a means to express, personally discover, and ually enjoy the arts. Among numerous musical performances this we have been fortunate in hearing the UCSB Symphony Orchestra, Paganini Quartet, and Men's and Women's Glees. ln addition, t and intercampus faculty art work was on display in the Art y, serving to augment and broaden our liberal arts background. hese opportunities for the performance, creation, appreciation and m of the arts are among our most outstanding achievements and rce the other more strictly academic areas of learning. here is no such thing as a cultural void at UCSB. The significance opportunities can only be measured ,by those students who are Jo be engaged in an exploration of the arts. The facilities are b e. ui Sp- 71- -- W D Ll U U fl Renaissance Art Requires N Phyllis Knight uses a palette knife to apply pigment for her problem in a pointing lab. Dr. Alfred Moir, visiting- professor in T962- 63, has been given a permanent appointment a UCSB and is The current Chairman of The Art De- partment. OT interest This year To The many ar maiors was The extension of The Renaissance Ar course To Three courses. Two of These concern Italian Renaissance, and The Third covers The Northern Renaissance. This change makes iT pos- sible for The Art Department to cover These sub- iect areas in greater detail and to raise The level of The courses. Dr. Moir anticipates The introduc- tion of a graduate program beginning with a Master of Fine Arts in painting in The very near future. There has been a lot of activity in The Art Gallery this year including some important acquisitions in Renaissance art and pre-Colum- bian sculpture. First row: Dr. Mario Del Chiaro, Miss Margaret Dunlap, Dr. David Gebhard, Mr. Donald Lent, Mr. Jacob Lindberg-Hansen, Dr. Kurt Baer, Mr. William Rohrbach, Mr, John O'Connor. Second row: Dr. Leland Grolapp, Mr. Bruce McCurdy, Mr. Howaqd Warshaw, Mr. William Ptaszynski, Mr. Robert Thomas, Dr. Alfred Moir lChairmclni, Mr. Loren Dunlap. Rf' tus in Art Department Karen Alexander Sacramento Betsy Ballantyne Pasadena Sue Bogardus North Hollywood Sally Carr Santa Barbara Laurie Darling Bakersfield Janet Easton Anaheim Carol Fairbairn Pasadena Daniel Fleckles Northridge Carole Fox Los Angeles Peter Garst Santa 'Barbara Marianna Hamilton Yuba City Ellen Kilgo Oakland Gail Kresick Rialto Patti Jacquemain Santa Barbara Janice Leoni Hanford Marc Ozanich Bakersfield Richard Phipps San Gabriel Lynn Rampton Bakersfield Suzanne Rice Orinda Linda Sauer La Crescenta Carol Squier Santa Barbara Sandra Townsend Carmel Gail Vanderhoof Santa Barbara Gail Miller prepares a wax model for a bronze cast. v W SF 'J HW At the exhibition of Greek art, Anne Spurlock admires a Hellenistic copy of a Greek head. Art, a Cultural Education This fall the UCSB art gallery opened with an exhibit of Tour Santa Barbara houses built soon after the turn ot The cen- tury, from 1904 to 1917. These houses represented The early "progressive" movement taking place in American architecture at The time-ot their' construction. As the year progressed other exhibits in the gallery included prehistoric art oT Southern Cali- tornia, The annual student exhibition, and an exhibit by artists ot The University of California. Of yearly interest to The UCSB students and residents ot Santa Barbara is The Francis Minturn Sedgwick collection. lt is an outstanding collection of twenty European paintings dating from The 15th Century Through The 17th Century. The collection was given to The University on The basis ot a permanent loan. The donor envisions The eventual development ot a Tull-scale The medals loaned to UCSB last year from the Sigmond Mor- genroth collection became per- manent residents here this year. Above is the obverse side, lsotta degli Atti, wife of Sigiamondo Malatesta, - Lord of Rimini. Below is the reverse, the elephant, an emblem of the Malatesta family. The work was done in bronze by Matteo de Pasti in the year 1446. teaching-museum on The Santa Barbara campus. Marcia Tanner views 15th Cent. painting by Vittore Carpaccio in the Sedgwick collection. 6 lu. . ..M.. 1 'Ti' T U.. An attentive audience looks upon Dr. Howard Warshaw's mural, "Odyssey," in Ortega Dining Commons. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Warner, residents of Santa Barbara, perceive the power and artistry o a work from the Elgin marbles during the Art ot Greece Exhibition. i r First row: Miss Dorothy Westra, Mrs. Marilyn Somville, Miss Helene Robinson, Dr. Dolores Hsu. Second row Dr Roger Nyquist Dr Erno Daniel Dr Van Christy, Mr. Peter Michaelides, Mr. Karl Geiringer, Mr. Carl Zytowski, Mr, Stanley Krebs, Dr. Maurice Faulkner Dr Wendell Nelson Dr Roger Chapman lChairmanl, Mr. Lloyd Browning. 'Vlusic Department Provides ,Oll6gIUm Musicum Throughout the year enioyable concerts mol programs for the students and friends f UCSB were made possible by the Music epartment under the chairmanship of Dr. oger Chapman. Of special interest this year to the more nan 100 music majors was the new course ollegium Musicum, under the direction of r. Karl Geiringer, who offers a study of the -ierformance ot music written before 1600. -x specialist in his field, Dr. Geiringer has .rritten a book entitled Haydn, Creative ife in Music. Other highlights of the musical year were r. Wendell Nelson's piano concert tour of aly and Greece, and Dr. Chapman's com- iosition ot the music tor the production of edipus Rex, performed in the Lobero Thea- r in November. Jeannine Herron Long Beach Jack Huber Eagle Rock Roderic Knight Palo Alto Joan Lortie Monterey Park Jameson Marvin Glendale Penny Page Santa Barbara Margaret Pa rmenter Los Angeles Ellen Schiennerer Portland, Oregon Kenneth Slavett La Canada Santa Barbara Mary Gwin Santa Barbara Chamber Singers-Counter-clockwise: Jack Huber, Randy Stewart, Jim Marvin, Edward Horton, James Cowell, Miss Dorothy Westra, director, Gabrielle Batchelder, Carole Rampe, Bobette Serences, Jean Campbell, Carolyn Regel, Joyce Thomas, Joan Lorti, Susan Wood. Chamber Singers The Chamber Singers, unde The direction of Miss Doroth Westra, offered concerts both o campus and on tour at La Joll and Citrus Junior College. A home The Singers gave concert for The Santa Barbara Musi Society and for the University. The fourteen members of Thi mixed voice choir are selecte on The basis of their excellen sight reading ability, on Th blending quality of Their voices and on previous choral or sol work. For The summer of 1964 Th Chamber Singers plan a Three month 'four of Europe. Br Modern Chorale-First row: Janet Davis, Scharleen Hopkins, Judy Carl, Betty Jane Stiff, Jane Clay, Susie Englander, Dorothy McAdoo, Nancy Bender, Marthalou Cain, Carole Cutler, Nancy Getzinger, Janet Anderson, pianist. Second row: Dr. Van A. Christy, director, Kathie Henderson, Claire Jarek, president, Dorothy Reitz, Darlu Little, Wendy Schmitz, Jan Lazenby, Kathy Schmidt, Sandra Hutchinson, Francie Pancoast, Karen Gillette, Cathy Mueller, Barbara Jordon, Barbara Woodruff, Sandy Friesen, Mary Meyer, Leslie Robbins, Karen Webster, David Docter, assistant. H4 ross Choir-First row: Fal Oliver, Joe Deiss, Dr. Maurice Faulkner, director. Second row: Jeff osfer, Bill Wilson, Gladys Crume, Ralph Pollock. Third row: Larry Disher, Scott More, John rucker, David Kruger. Fourth row: Don Peterson, Valentino Buttarazzi, Jim Holzgrate, Dirk oorne. Voices Resou nd Modern Chorale Dr. Van A. Christy leads the Modern Chorale, T n musical organization designed to present the ype of music that is not offered by a cappella or madrigal choirs. Since its inception in 1949 his vocal group has presented concerts in Santa Barbara and in the iunior colleges and high 'chools of Southern California. The Chorale also ives the annual Christmas and Spring Concerts n UCSB's Campbell Hall. Membership in this group is determined by voice auditions. Brass Choir One of the first musical organizations formed on the UCSB campus was the Brass Choir, conducted by Dr. Maurice Faulkner. The members, chosen through auditions, meet to further their interests in brass music. Versatile musicians, they play all types of music from pre-Baroque to the most modern iazz, This group ap- peared in campus concerts and in March went on a tour of Southern California. wie Dr. Carl Zytowski and the University Chorus mix laughter and hard work in their weekly practice session. : . Dorians Combine Music Interest With Service year. as well as women. Seated: Mariorie Mack lCorresponding Secretaryl, Diane Gwin lPresidentl, Marti Jorgensen, lVice-Presi- dentl, Anne Anderson lUshering Chairmanl. Standing: Bobbette Serences, Anne Marie Wood, Katherine Schmidt, Sarah-Ann Nitchy, Jeannine Herron, Harriet Wengraf, Barbara Reid, Amaryllis Page, Linda Mitchell. Paganini Quartet Portrays a Cultural UCSB Paganini Quartet is televised in the Music Bowl for a nationwide report as students take notice On December ll the Paganini Quartet opened its fourth season in residence at UCSB with its first concert since it returned from a tour of the United States. Throughout the rest of the year, the Quartet presented five other concerts. This year the Paganini Quartet was chosen to represent UCSB as part of a special nationwide Huntley-Brinkley television report of the land-grant colleges. The Paganini Quartet, which derives its name from the instruments made by Stradivarius and formerly owned by the l9th Century composer-violinist Nicolo Paganini, was founded by first violinist Henri Temianka in T946. The other members of the Quartet are second violinist Stefan Krayk, cellist Lucien Laporte, and violist Albert Gillis. All four men are also mem- bers ofthe Music Department. -ri -. Clockwise: Henri Temianka, Stefan Krayk, Lucien Laporte, Albert Gillis. Dorians, a women's music interest group, was organized to provide mem bers and guest performers with oppor tunities for musical expression and performance. The group also confers service to the University by ushering at all music events held throughout the Under the presidency of Diane Gwln Dorians held a student-faculty tea, pub lished a directory of all music majors and minors, ushered for the Santa Bar bara Symphony, and presented a recital The group also held a reception for UCSB's Dr, Karl Geiringer following his lecture. This Spring the club opened its membership to interested men students University Chorus, On Key for Musical Year First row: Kit Erickson, Tina Bergquist, Cathy Smith, Pam Austin, Camilla Serrano, Kathy Henderson, Barbara Bowlin, Kathy Skehan, Diana Voland, Miss Dorothy Westra ldirectorl, Marty Martin, Leslie Martin, Vicki Compagnani, Sylvia Gressit, Betty Riggs, Jean Stevens, Karen Norberg, Betty Prestridge, Nancy Briggs, Mary Wilcox. Second row: Sharon Blancarte, Pat Goodkin, Janet Anderson, Harriet Wengraff, Betty Phillips, Jennifer Jones, Susan Stollberg, Melinda Wooclnuff, Margo Litchfield, Leslie Hamren, Joanne Hiillstrom, Dixie Harvey, Marie Kropp, Linda Goolsby, Vinnie Peak, Wendy Schillam, Laurie Thomas, Jackie Waddill, Karen Plischke, Mary Christoff, Diana Prince, Sharon Galloway, Melissa Thomas. Third row: Camilla Kerns, Janina Higgs, Carol Betts, Laurie Grossman, Marilyn Hoffman, Ann Patterson, Johana Swan, Judy McKenna, Laura Todd, Rosilyn Smith, Sally Higgitt, Carolyn Earl, Cheral Clark, Mary Collier, Barbara Enloe, Liz Nanny, Margarite White, Barbara Ried, Augusta Martin, Polly Larnard, Jeanine Herron, Karen Pehlky, Catherine Schramm, Judy Roeser. Fourth row: Faith Clow, Gail Johnson, Penny Schenck, Sue Vesely, Carol Robe, Mary Pelland, Anita Marks, Pat Bower, Francesca Ansbro, Barbara Carlin, Jackie Ames, Robin Witt, Lurena Coffin, Martha Jorganson, Carol Helfort, Marilyn Willett, Ruth Lamb, Lynn Michaels, Alice Campbell, Pam Higgins, Kristy Houser. Fifth row: Nancy Dean, Paula York, Linda Shaw, Mary Pearson, Carol Reiben, Mary Young, Sue Linn, Charlesita Mann, Karen Kramer, Tina Ritoff, Anita Ernst, Mary Vander Mulen, Sandy Haskins, Luanne Englund, Patricia Burke. This year the UCSB Men's Glee Club, under the direction of Mr. Carl Zytowski, sang at the annual University Day in the fall, and held ci Glee Club Retreat in September for the eighty members. A few representatives of the group also visited the Berkeley campus glee club. ln May some Glee Club members were able to attend the annual meeting of the Inter-Collegiate Music Council ia national organization of male glee clubsl in Michigan. The climax of the year of fine music was the Men's Glee Club annual spring concert tour of Southern California. The Women's Glee Club, directed by Miss Dorothy Westra, is organized to give the women of UCSB a sound and in- teresting musical experience. One of the highlights of the year was the group's appearance with the University Sym- phony Orchestra in its third concert, presenting Mahler's Bell Chorus from Symphony No. 3. Twice this year, at Christmas and in the Spring, the two glee clubs combined to form the University Chorus. Together this group gave two outstanding performances, with Mr. Zytowski directing. First row: David Docter iAssistant Directorl, David Kasai, Bob Namanny, Wally Cravens, Dan Smith, Jerry Takahashi, Randy Young, Don Griffiths, Ed Kemprud, Reese Elia, Cecil Feaver, Enest Shinagawa, Bob England, Bruce Shaw, Bennett Tom, Bruce O'Connor, Bob Newhall, Mr. Carl Zytowski iDirec- torl, Second row: Todd Crow, lAccompanistl, Gary Da Virra, Kim Christianson, Tim Chapman, Craig Nash, Henry Genthe, Bill Ballard, Skip Peters, Gene Teal, Steve Stapenhorst, Bob Wilson, Gary Peters, Jim Marvin lStudent Directorl, Alan Stanchfield, Cary Da Virro, Jeff Foster, Dennis Volpe, Tom Dooley. Third row: Gene Manners, Don Hauser, Jim Jordan, Mike Goodwin, Ralph Retherford, Rich Abele, Dave Shapiro, Rod Punt, Chuck Calt, Jim Jones, Jim Firman, Jim Firnell, Leonard Norwitz, John Wilson, Ned Nelson. Fourth row: Paul Christiansen, Brett Barton, Art Kobal, Wendel Hans, Norm Wood, Bob Friedrichsen, John Gibbons, Randy Donant, Penn White, Steve White, Ed Forcle, Dave Webster, Terry Baker, Fred Cockerhain. Fifth row: Ken Holcomb, Ai Stannke, Roger Olson, Ted Sherman, Pete Rumwell, Blake Lorenz, Bill Puterbaugh, Bill Alley, Dick Moreno, Ron Lanyi, Bob Mattis, Ray Sussman, Jack Huber, Dave Wyman. Orchestra Continues Tradition of Fine Music Mr Erno Daniel conducts c difficult section during o concert by the University Symphony Orchestra. "The sound of music on our campus at any hour of day and evening reminds us of our programs in music.l'-Vernon l. Cheadle, Chancellor. One ot the traditional sounds ot music on the UCSB campus is that ot our excellent Uni- versity Symphony Orchestra. Under the direction ot Mr. Erno Daniel, the Symphony presented a series of tour concerts this past year which featured many guest artists. The October concert included works by Prucell, Bonkalo, Morton Gould, Bizet, and Tchaikovsky. In January, with assisting artists and student soloists Anne Anderson, Marjorie Mack, Barbara Hunter, Ralph Pollock, Ellen Schinnerer and Kenneth Slavett, the University Symphony Orchestra played concertos by Wayne Barlow, Lalo, Saint-Saens, Schumann, Beethoven, and Mozart, The third concert was performed in March, featured by the UCSB Women's Glee Club singing of Mahler's Bell Chorus trom Symphony No. 3. The last concert, which introduced Peter Michalides's Symphony No, i, was the closing event of the Contemporary Music Festival sponsored by the UCSB Music Department. Melodic Comedy Keynotes Qld Maid and Merry Wives This year The Opera Workshop, under The direction of Mr. Carl Zy- Towski, siaged Two semi-annual op- era performances. The fall produc- Tion given in November consisted of The operas The Old Maid and the Thief, and The Unicorn, The Gorgon, and the Mcmticore, both wriTTen by Gian Carlo Menoifi. In April The members of The workshop presented a spring producfion of Nicolai's operatic adaption of Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor. Joyce Thomas, Mike Goodwin, and Jean Campbell revel in The humor and guieiy of The Merry Wives of Windsor N. fs N x x X 1. 'N J, li Langue As the University community grows arith the need for communication and creativity geometrically. While this need is felt in all ments - academic, administrative, and curricular - it is most evident in 'the Arts: Foreign Languages, English, and Speech Drama. Without the creation and comn of ideas, the University would stagnatep but educating individuals through the :ommun ideas to create and communicate ideas of their the University contributes not only to the c of the students, but to achievements in versity, the nation, and the world. P' l' '1 SPEECH AND DRAMA BUILDING CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION 1 Q.-., ... - . - -... .5 -wh .1" fr 'Z ' 'A ' A A its 'H ..f' . f Z., I 1 L: .ml 14 . x .gf First row Mr William Marks Dr Alan Stephens, Dr. Richard Lid, Mrs. Genevieve Haight, Dr. Barbara Charlesworth, Mrs. Ann Wilkinson Dr Beniamm Sankey Dr Archibald Delmarsh, Mr. John Ridland. Second row: Dr. Robert Robinson, Dr. Chesley Mathews Dr Edward Loomis Dr William Frost, Dr. Donald Pearce, Dr. Phillip Damon, lChairmanl. Virginia Abrahams Arcadia Janice Anderson Pomona South With thirty per cent more maiors this year than last year English Department has been desperate for space. They have classes in South and North Halls as well as in the Music, Art, several temporary buildings. When the Administration Building under construction is completed, South Hall will become exclu the English Building. The faculty this year has been occupied with publication. include Dr. Hugh Kenner's book The Stoic Comedians, Mr. Momada 's Poet of F. G. Tuckerman, and Dr. Barbara Y VY worth's Decadent Moment. Connie Asbury Rockville Centre, N.Y. Linda Barker Los Angeles Scott Beamer Piedmont Don Beecher Costa Mesa Sherry Bennici Los Angeles Gary Bradbrook Gardena Gerald Bradley Burbank Janet Bruce North Hollywood Barbara Carlin Granada Hills Sharon Case Orange Myrna Chow-Quan Port-of-Spain, Trinidad Chris Cole Whittier Carol Emery Altadena Penny Faust Van Nuys Myra Ford Anaheim Susan Gilkeson Santa Barbara Ellinor Goetz Altqdena Gloria Goldstein Beverly Hills Roxanne Gorhm Santa Barbara Noralee Griswold Pasadena lusive Home of English Department Gretchen Guethlein Manhattan Beach Harvey Haber Palm Springs Roy Hagar West Covina Judy Heyes Tarzana Linda Hill Los Olivos Geraldine Hinton North Hollywood Frode Jensen Solvang Barbara Johnson Tustin Syrie Johnson Bakersfield Marie Kinser Taft Nina Kulczycka Gdansk, Poland Bobbi Lalousis Sierra Madre Linda Lonon Santa Paula Nancy Maher San Mateo Cha rlesita Mann Westchester Mary Ellen McKenna Whittier Gretchen McKinley Studio City Martha Miller Camarillo Karin Myers Santa Barbara Peter Osborne Carmel John Quinn West Hollywood James Roche Meadville, Pennsylvania Elizabeth Rutherford Camarillo Judy Sime La Habra Sandra Simpson San Francisco John Starr El Caion Linda Stein Sherman Oaks Richard Suter Pasadena William Tereguboff Whittier Stephen Whitney Pomona Hope Linsley Atwater Linda LoBuono Lancaster Innovations Accent Department Televises German Elizabeth Cleeves Clarksburg Elizabeth Nemeth Redwood City 'T' -9 Richard White Bishop French Students to Welcome Phonetician Dennis Allen Arcadia Constance Fernald Westwood Theresa Liebscher San Luis Obispo Lois McGillivray Eureka Linda McRary Santo Barbara Carole Senechal Downey Joan Shulman Hollywood Mary-Margaret Swift San Marino .lo Anne White Montebello Innovations in The Foreign Lan guage Department this year includ a pilot class in beginning French an beginning German using televisio for instruction. Also this Spring on language class recorded meeting on tape for the students who misse the session or wanted to review. I these classes receive favorable eval- uation, they will be used extensivel in the Fall. Plans to expand the phonetic area of foreign language for the Fall bring the world's foremost phone- tician, Dr. Pierre Delattre, here to be- come a permanent member of th staff. He brings with him newly de- veloped equipment for recording sounds as written symbols which will be used for instruction and re- search in many facets of language study. He will also conduct classes in Methodology, a field in which he is outstanding. Dr. Delattre comes to a varied de- partment which includes French, German, Russian, Chinese, and added this year, Italian. The depart- ment chairman is Dr. Robert Beach- board. Richard Blakely, a familiar sight to lan- guage lab frequenters, augments monitor- ing with language study of his own. foreground Pam Myers, Pamela ' 'er, and Jon Taylor, and in the ' Bob Traver, Barbara Enloe, eign Language Department First row: Mrs. Vivien Rubin, Mrs. Ruth Lane, Miss Anne Flynn, Dr. Jacqueline von Baelen, Mrs. Hermione Chevallier, Miss Sue Boardman, Miss Susan Sage, Miss Nicole Orlovsky, Mrs. Beatrice Jillson. Second row: Mr. John Somville, Dr. Robert Beachboard, Mr. L. Purcell Weaver, Dr. Jack Murray, Mr. Roland Bonvalet, Dr. Raymond Federman, Dr. Rolf Linn, Mr. Eric Seemann, Mr. Michel Rybalka. Third row: Dr. Gunther Gottschalk, Dr. Mark Temmer, Dr. Philip Walker, Mr. Constantine Tung, Mr. Andre Lipcey, Mr. Boris Matthews. Students Strive for Adeptness in the Language Laboratory p concentration prevails as in a Lockwood, and Harry Wilson r over their tape recorders. Portuguese Augments Spanish Departme Wayne Barlow Salinas Lisa Chauvin Santa Barbara Katherine Gardener North Hollywood Sandra Giffin Lompoc Anne Grisate West Covina Georgina Heaphy Glendale Yusuke Kawarabayashi Kyoto, Japan John Linden La .Jolla Allyn MacLean North Hollywood Patricia Moran Santa Barbara Sharon Perl Del Mar Charlotte Smith Santa Barbara Marilyn White Burbank Katherine Wieck Bishop The l3O students of the Spanish Department were introd this year to Portuguese for the first time. Due to this change, th partment found it necessary to open a second language labor apross the hall from the first one in South Hall. The opening accord with plans to eventually have a lab for every language. This year the department was visited by Professor Jose Varela from the University of Las Palmas, Canary Islands. He been teaching here, and reading scholarly papers in both Chi and Seattle, Plans for the future include an Education Abroad Progra Madrid and the inauguration of a doctorial program. First row: Mrs. Cordelia English, Dr, Jose Luis Varela, Mrs. Jean Bear. Second Mr. Engrique Martinez-Lopez, Dr. Brenton Campbell, Dr. Winston Reynolds manl, Dr. Alberto Eraso-Guerrero. g,Hablemos espanol, no? Seated at the Spanish Table in De Ia Guerra Commons are: lclockwisel Wey Thomas, Carol Beyschlag, Chris Ross, Larry Smith, John Otchis, Elaine Hansen, Hiltrud Mathias, Randy Young, Allison White, and Carolyn Metcalf. First row: Mr. Jack Byers, Dr. Theodore Hatlen, Dr. Stanley Glenn, Mrs. Florence Sears, Mrs. Martha Swing, Dr. Rollin Quimby, lChairmanl, Mr, Michael Addi- son, Dr. Forbes Hill. Second row. Dr. John Snidecor, Dr. Upton Palmer, Dr. Alan Nichols, Mr. Nicolas Scott, Mr. Jesse Coburn, Dr. Thomas Markus. Speech and Drama Stress Three Fields The Speech and Drama Department of UCSB displays remarkable diversity in its emphasis in three fields of the speech arts: forensics, speech correction, and dramatics. Despite the traditional belief that speech has, since the clays of Aristotle, been an academic subject, it is only in the last century that speech has come into its own as an academic subject after suffering a decline during the i9th Century. This new awareness evidences itself in the enlarging Rhetoric and Public Address field of the Speech Department. Those majoring in this area specialize in forensics and debate in preparation for a teaching career or as a background for law. Further progress comes from the field of Speech Correction. ln cooperation with St. Vincent's School and Hillside House the speech faculty and interested stuf dents maintain an extensive program of speech therapy in the community. They also provide referral and treatment serv- ices for residents of the community who contact the department about a speech problem. The dramatic section of the depart- ment busies itself with the production of two major drama presentations for each semester. ln January Mask and Scroll re-introduced "Hit and Run Revue." The faculty is looking forward to the new department building to be com- pleted by September of 1964. This build- ing will house a Little Theatre with a capacity of 400 plus a smaller theatre- in-the-round. Plans are now being made for an expanded graduate program and additional staff members as part of the maturing Speech and Drama Progam. Richard Condon Palo Alto Natalie Garrett Culver City Gail Geisert San Leandro Judy Freeburg Fontana Sandra Kerner San Diego Bonnie Le Blanc Redding Donald Ciliax Pasadena Wendell Hanks Glendale Sharon Kaplan San Bernardino Patricia Myers Compton Mel Ruiz Petaluma Jack Tankersley Huntington Park Drama Speech Correction Rhetoric and Public Address T27 Debaters Brave Rigors of Intellectual Activity NX. First row: Jerry Sherian, Michael Iversen, Michael Sedano, Patricia Bellamy, Bicky Bachus, Second row: Dimoree Nelson, Linda Chapman, Don Wendell Hanks, Sharon Kaplan, Albert Wells. Third row: Clayton Sketoe, Mike Talley, Craig Smith, Jim Howland, Sandi Spiedel. Fourth row: Mary melhoch, Diana Jensen, Jack Tanlcersley, Stan Orrock, Mike Estey. Fifth row: Dr. Forbes Hill, Ron Peterson, Dave Hunsaker. The members of the UCSB debate squad suffer the rigors of intellectual activity twenty-four hours a day 1' out the school year. Scarcely a weekend passes without a scheduled tournament. These bouts require an un able amount of time spent in research on the topic, organizing a case, and presenting it in three to four practice . ' outside of class time. A few of the many tournaments in which the squad participates are held at San Diego State, El Camino UCSB, Los Angeles State College, and Humboldt State College. From the latter, Santa Barbara brought home top ' with Ron Cook and Diana Jensen taking first place in upper division debate and Mike Sodano and Ron Peterson first in lower division debate. ln the Spring, debaters travel to the Desert Invitational in Tucson, Arizona and tothe Pacific Southwest Tout at San Fernando Valley State. Also, UCSB debaters traditionally host the high schools and junior colleges of each Spring in two state championship tournaments. and the words that issued forth were wise and mature." Diana Jensen, standing, presents the affirmative case as Ron Peterson, Himmelhach, Stan Orrock, and Dave Hunsaker listen intently. F? lnEQ,,ll i,QXXXXYB V . i, f' --i- -.i....,1'i V' , ..- 1- . -Q. A nu.- l 55f ' 'su . y-Y' ,, J ,L-I rn fs kj ,4ff-,, ,. Al I ,4 5 4T1ifL iff 'fu 1 U F Wnmgy ALW, A . - J - m. H? ' - ' li ' ' f'- .:':' , :E,.:E51u:':5::: - ' s ' ' I . ' - . 5 ' 9 .. Q If 5 , ,U , X -- ' .' ' 3 Q f ., - ' H ' Q ' fft. ' - at . ya- .yxu-1-:-rn-l'x-:-:-: Q Z 3 f... , I , v. Xfesw, YN 1 ' , ,,., 1352?-Y 5 ,A 1 7.1 1 , J - . A.. . ' . fic V4 fl 1 51. If ' ' 5 f YO lgb,. 'L "' P .- ' H A -fmt ' 1 Q ., 5 1 'A lx, " 'l 1 v 1 .,. L ,, agp, uw .ff Q - 'YQTJ fs fi 1 22 , ,-'N dn' W M3 L,L.,,. 5 ,Aw -1 du 3 ' w Q x-V7 -vp W1 K 7 1 I 4 Ev, , X F' T I! f XL-J I A x ' 5 3 I L I , A ,F 9 4 it U.. 1 V d' 'V M 1? x'Lx , ,xr .1 .Q I I "MQ A 'N L."' V 'Q X lc. I, .ff K of, 1 X .4 4. . ,V a " 1-"P -I ' sz. ,of nw ' U M if ' I Aly 3 i X 'AX L J W 'F' gin E y I 4 '1 anti L Ky'-vaasarg. if fifgfifg f .V I lf,-' X 1, - 1- 1 ' s ,I V. ,' x,gEs+i: 4 a , 5 ,l ' A , MW X , W A, L ls. 16 ! 1 7 gf,- hm4 ,if SQKX ,iv-3 5 53? Q ff K , ag, LU Physical a E Pure scientific truth has been a human goal centuries. In order to find the truth, the ntist must know and respect himself, his own s, and the ideas of others. Furthermore, he t realize and accept his own errors and prei- es. From such a scientific community, trans- ing racial and international boundaries, es the knowledge on which the University of fornia builds its courses in Physical and ogical Science. ological Sciences ' i Biologists Build Franklin Banker Piedmont John Ca ramagno Los Angeles erry Cavin Sun Valley .re :wg- Biology Departm While in the grip of explosive expa Department of Biological Sciences is every effort to maintain its interest in and tact with the undergraduate student v suming responsibility for an increased program. Indicative of this expansion are faculty members in the fields of marine microbiology, and ichthyology, and the tion of the new marine biology laboratory. Eugene Coan Palo Alto Thomas Cone Santa Ana Wallace Cravens Fillmore Susan Freitand New York, New York Janet Gerhart .Long Beach Harry Geyer Bakersfield Janice Gillett Hollywood Aubyn Grant Goleta Bruce Haines Topanga Diane Hennen Northridge Linda Holly North Hollywood Wolfgang Lauter Santa Barbara Assistant Botany Professor J. Holler works at his desk over a double-purpose mobile hangs. sides decorating the office it the evolution of conifers. Denis Michaud Ventura Barry Miller Beverly Hills James Miller Los Angeles Valerie Nakagowa Encinitas Lee Nelson San Mateo Walter Parker Shaffer Carlin Perkins Richard Pieper N whamef li l David Rayle 11- . Corona Del Mar fi' Merrile Shaw 1 Newport Beach Bruce Von Herzen North Hollywood Laurel Zemetra Northridge L Q Santa Barbara r El E P 1 ises Its Academic Program st row: Dr. Garrett Hardin, Dr. Mary Erickson, Dr. Demorest Davenport lChairmanl, Dr. Barbara Wolfe, Dr. Walter Muller. Second row: Dr. J. Robert Haller, Dr. James Case, Dr. John Cushing, . Cornelius Muller, Dr. Maynard Moseley, Dr. Alfred Ebeling, Dr. Michael Neushul. Third row: . Elmer Noble, Dr. William Purves, Dr. Henry Nakada, Dr. Philip Laris, Dr. James Walters, Dr. rian Wenner, Dr. Edward Triplelt, Dr. Edwardo Orias. Botanists Flower Nancy Grah Orinda Joseph Keefe Santa Paula Betty Presfridge Visalia Steve Reid Riverside Gary Smalley Colton Pauline Vrolyk Santa Barbara Zoologists Dissect Linda Bender Bruce Hunter Shari Keeble Mary Leinster Lodi Fallbrook Pasadena Woodland Hills Dempster Boyd Ronald Johns Elizabeth Keough William Lippincott Santa Monica Riverside San Diego Corona del Mar Thomas Dietz James Jones Art Kobol Stephen MacLean Santa Barbara San Luis Obispo Covina Los Angeles Michael MacKieve Lakewood William Miner Granada Hills Donald Posthumus Los Angeles Rapid Development Characteri istry for the non-science maior to advanced graduate courses for Ph. D. candidate, the latter degree offered for the first time this y ln a rapidly developing department, with an ever increasing amo of research being done by staff and students, expansion into four bui ings outside of the Physical Science Building has been necessary. Total students enrolled in Chemistry number over 600 of whom l are Chemistry candidates for the M.A. or PhD degrees. Graduate stude have been attracted from all parts of America and from overseas the staff, several of whom have international reputations in their fiel Additionally there are several post-doctoral fellows working with ' staff. The Chemistry Department has offerings ranging from general che e I Senior Chemistry student Jim Bryant contemplates the possible composition of his unknown. James Bryant Taft l36 '.:,v"" Michael Perona Eric Rix Dennis Sepp Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Temple City Which flavor shall I try now? Barbara West weighs ingredients for her ' Robert Eliason San Diego Arthur Hibbits Lompoc Karen Langson Anaheim Don May Sherman Oaks Chemistry Department Cobalt, a primary source of radiation, receives the ,utmost pering and care in the new Central Laboratory for Radio- ve materials. Cobalt and other radioactive materials used in arch by the Chemistry, Physics and Biology Departments are sed here, These materials arrive at the laboratory via truck are placed in a specially designed room, which, its ue air conditioning system, has a lower degree ot radioactive amination than exists outside the building. ln its special the cobalt is covered with lead bricks and handled by an matically controlled glove box that procures the material students or professors engaged in research. The design of this building, like its functions is unique, tor s truly thirty-one separate laboratory rooms, ioined by an n court and has no windows, The construction of the building cates the importance of the research which is to be carried therein and the air ot caretulness surrounding this work. Central Laboratory tor Radioactive Materials stands out not in design but as a monument to the scientific progress being at UCSB. Under construction, the Central Laboratory for Radioactive Materials presents a bizarre and striking aspect. 7 1 Seated: Dr. Glyn Pritchard, Dr. Pierce Selwood, Mr. Domenick Bertelli, Mr. Curtis Anderson. Standing: Dr. James Hawes, Dr. Ernest Bicker- dike, Chairman, Dr. Robert De Wolfe, Dr. Henry Often, Dr. Bruce Rickborn, Dr. Clifford Bunton. Radioactive Materials Housed in New Laboratory Building l "Don't look now but this is The San Andreas faultl' says Dr. William Wise, second from left to Hal Mattraw, Margaret Williams, and Don Swanson. Geology Separates Peb Until This year, The Department of Geology has been conc exclusively with Training undergraduaTe sTudenTs. In line with The growth of UCSB, a Masters Degree program has now been establ and Professor Aaron C, Waters arrived from Johns Hopkins To get program off To an auspicious sTarT. Professor Waters also assumed deparTmenTal chairmanship This year succeeding Professor Robert Norris who had served in that capacity since The departmenf was o ized in 1960. Mr. Geoffrey C. Shaw was a visiTing lecTurer This year, coming The New Zealand Geographical Survey. Geology is proud of iTs Three EPIC scholars, a good showing for department with less Than fifty majors. Geology maiors all go To field camp at The end of Their year. Hence Their graduation is six eighT weeks laTer Than mosT of Their classmates. Lloyd Edwards Los Angeles Penny Powell Salem, Oregon Dennis O'Brian Oceanside William Wilson Goletci First row: Dr. Robert Webb, Dr Robert Norris lChairmanl, Mr. Geof- frey Shaw, Dr. Donald Weaver. Sec- ond row: Dr. Richard Fisher, Dr Aaron Waters, Dr. William Wise, Mr Charles Rock, Mr. Hans Schmincke Mr. lan Gibson. m Boulders "Do week-end geology field Trips separate The pebbles from The ulders?" asked The Twenty students accompanied by Dr. Robert Norris, r. Geoffrey Shaw, Dr. Robert Webb, and Dr. William Wise who went The Department Field Trip in October, l963. Rigorous field work was done aT such California sites as Amboy ater, The Volcan Mine, and The Calico Mountains. Students find That ese field Trips each semester give Them The chance To gain a proper rspective on Their accumulated knowledge from the classroom. st a panorama of mountains and fields, Margaret Williams, Bruce Ragsdole, and Milt 1 gather specimens. " qv Bruce Ragsdale maps The coming clay's iourney while Hal Mattraw contemplates the situation. 'tr omorrow's geologists examine closely the tfects of mass wasting on granite and other winerals. 4 V 'I i Q TQ 'M Foreign Faculty Energizes Physics First row: Mr. Paul Barrett lChairmanl, Dr. Leonard Hall, Dr. Zoltan Fried. Second row: Dr. Ismael Sokmar, Dr. Robert Eisberg, Dr. Glen Schrank, Dr. lgnace Liu Undergraduate physics maiors receive broad coverage and Training from which they can later specialize. With The new Ph.D. program the number of graduate students has almost doubled. The Physics Department This year draws part of its Teaching statt from foreign countries-one man from Turkey and another from China-and Three from industry. The physicists not only occupy part ot The Physical Science Building, but carry on research and operate laboratories in The New Central Lab for Radioactive Materials. Plans for a cyclotron are developing encouragingly. Dr. Barrett, chairman, characterizes his students as individualistic. The ratio ot men to women in The department is approximately titty To one. Lete San Ber Douglas Redondo .lim W LG Cresc Engineering Introduces Computer Program First row: Dr. John Woit, Dr. P. Frank Ordung lChairmanl, Dr. Clive Leedham. Second row: Dr. Robert Sennett, Dr. Glenn Heidbreder, Dr. H. Karl lhrig, Dr. Kenneth Bockman, Dr. Joseph Sayovitz. The course ot study in Engineer includes work in Liberal Arts and cial Sciences, in principles basic the science ot engineering, and methods of analysis and synth involving the sciences as applied the solution ot engineering proble The School, headed by Dean Al Conrad, includes an operative el trical engineering departm headed by chairman P. F. Ordu a mechanical engineering sect starting on a pilot program this y and a chemical engineering dep ment, still in the planning sta The department has begun a C puter Engineering program. W completed, it will provide the b facilities for computer engineer instruction on The West coast. Computer Center Aids Mathematicians This past fall the Math Depart- ent added four members to its per- anent staff, Professor Henry Minc rmerly taught at the Universities of ritish Columbia and Florida. Dr. omas Boehne previously served ith Boeing Aircraft. Dr. Eugene hnsen was associated with the ureau of Standards in Washington, .C. Mr. J. Harold McBeth was with eneral Dynamics. The Math Department is the most osely connected department in the niversity with the new Computer enter located in North Hall. This enter, partially sponsored by the ational Science Foundation, began perating in January, Its equipment clucles an IBM-620 and auxiliary achinery. lt is open to faculty and udents. The center provides a train- g facility for those interested in umerical analysis and machine mputation. It is helpful in the re- arch of all departments and in e study of mathematical machines. Dan Davidson San Jose Robert Francis Santa Barbara Keith Helmick Riverside Julia Hensley Camarillo Donald Hauser Santa Maria Jeanette Jefferson North Hollywood Steven Kay Pasadena Robert Kollin Hawthorne Robert Lathe Richmond Stephen Lawton Berkeley Gary Milne Santa Barbara Susan Stayer Thousand Oaks Left to right: Dr. Marvin Marcus lChairmanl, Dr. Herbert Bear Dr Henry Minc Dr Andrew Bruckner Dr. James Sloss, Dr. Eugene Johnsen, Dr. Adil Yaqub Brenda Brown Santa Barbara John Burdullis Oxnard Richard Cantrell H Pasadena ALL BDGKS LEAVING LIBRARY I K ' f f Q mg? Q ck ! M' xx gx XJ, Q ,fhN l , XX I I 1 X, 3 I I Q , 1 ,if V if f - P f'f'f::-. ' N , I 41' ' t- A A i Ax- f-.73 S -,tx W W I KQV K' p K ' . W ' 5, S ZLNLQA-'xxx , W r U X I 1: ' I V X , 1 , l W4 MAXKCK , A f , . xv i '1 px, N4 '11 n W 'f' -M-. .. QV' f , ,f x i, -K M-Q-N 4 ix . V - Wy xx V! J N ' YR - H W I nj W . 1 Y fi, 5 P-ss , I Y 1 ' '-N ' - VJ..-'-'H' - QE g i I W '- J Y M 1 D Social Sciences A number of years ago all fields of the social sciences e under the heading of Philosophy. As specialization eased and the scope of knowledge widened, the various s of interest gained individual importance and separated selves from the main field. This year at UCSB the hyphen een Sociology and Anthropology was dropped, an ac- which is representative of the hyphens being dropped all areas of social sciences as the branches earn inde- dence while retaining a vital interdependence. At the ent time, Geography is the only non-independent social nce endeavor at UCSB. , sd S t A Vg S ' .r-' , W .A sq! X - JY' - -N -. mir H A lf' 1 r if XX ' ul YY ft 'S l U -c" 1 N "S , 'A i AX R N, ' ' 1, V 2 I I . , T' "-.4 Faculty and student archeological teams tind this locality excellent tor un- earthing dated treasures, Susan Perley poses with burial skeleton discovered near the Fairview overpass of the Southern Pacific Railroad. The Anthropology Department, with Dr. Charles Spaulding in the position ot chairman, emphasizes a well-rounded undergraduate curriculum. The de- partment, strongly represented in the field of arche- ology as well as in cultural and physical anthropol- ogy, established'a museum principally tor teaching purposes, which acts as the anthropology laboratory. This year the eminent anthropologist Margaret Mead spent a month on the UCSB campus as a Regent's professor. Current research involves work by Dr. Deetz who is studying the relationships of various prehistoric cultures of the Santa Barbara area, and the evolu- tion of engravings on tombstones in America. Dr. Brace is analyzing human evolution as indicated by dentition patterns. 5 I5 matt' tml!! gmt! Garrison. The Anthropology faculty: seat- ed are Dr. Roger Owen and Dr. James Deetz. Standing are Mr. Anthony Fisher and, be- hind the bench, Mr. William Combined Social Scie J Q 4 Sandy Benson Carol Crocker David Pico Rivera Fullerton San PC1l"iCl0 Bvsik Sally Edwards Jon Monrovia San Marino San Mead Enriches Anthropology Curriculum Christina Cabell Fresno Lisa Couper Fullerton Roberta Edwards Downey Timothy Hillebrand Santa Barbara Neal Hooker Glendale Carl Negps Lompoc Patricia Reese San Mateo Nancy Shitlett Reseda David Smith Whittier Julie Snyder Riverside Virginia Wade Santa Barbara Nancy Walstrom Rolling Hills Jones Nuys Livezey iento pares Seniors for Man Fields l T l Yven Madsen Valerie NeviU5 Pete Scott Joan Simonet Barbara Tompkins Solvang North Hollywood Claremont Madera Pasadena Decmne Misrrena Carol Rampe Gloria Seborg Sheri Stavrum Ron Taylor Glendale Arcgdiq Edmonton, Alberta Santa Barbara Taft Canada oeiologists Establish Research Laborator The Sociology Department, with Dr, Charles Spaulding as its chairman, oncerns itself with offering To interested students a well-rounded undergraduate Madeline Wilde Berkeley rogram which emphasizes social psychology. For The second year The depart- , 1 , , Donna Ensign Lynda Gutknecht ent offers the Masters degree anol plans The addition of a Ph.D. program Woodioke Menlo pmk ithin The next few years. Dlogo .lloolol fled Eollli , , , , ovino on eac This year The department moved into North Hall, where a sociological Sylvia Gressm gumgne Hood esearch laboratory has been established. The laboratory, equipped with basic Honolulu' Howftll lzoloololof Woslolooloo BM machines, gives opportunity for small group research. Rosemary Atkin Jessie Curll Thomas Brandwein Michael Dorn South Gate Covina Palo Alto Culver City Vicki Compagnoni Beverly Blair Thomas Dawson Robert Emerick Santa Maria Downev Goleta Downey 145 Sociology Offers Small Group Research Astarid Huerter-Sfegemann Munich, Germany Marilyn James Corona Gilbert Roblec Santa Barbara, Donald Rubensfi Pomona Laurie Ruda San Luis Obisp Bernard Kamens West Los Angeles Elizabeth Kibler Carmel John Shiflirr Golefa Karen Siegel Ventura Daniel Sklar Los Angeles Johnnie Sue Kiesling San Bernardino Shirley MacMillan Santa Barbara John Sfansbury Antioch Janet Starkey Fullerton Marilyn Thomas Shaffer Michelle Marshall Oceanside Patty Millage Etna Penelope Thompson Los Angeles Virginia Wagner Indio Rabin Wifi San Mateo, ,bd 't""v- Chris Baker Ken Brinkman Kit Christiansen Stephen Federman Pasadena Burbank Santa Barbara Beverly Hills Norman Bredel Glenn Carroll John Cooley Earl Finley Redwood City Burlingame Laguna Beach Anaheim Economics Gives Two Majors The Department of Economics offers two majors-one, a regular academic major, the other, a maior in business economics. There is no business adminis- tration maior on this campus, Those students interested in entering business can best prepare themselves at the undergraduate level with a broad background in economics. They can then specialize at the graduate school level it they wish or they may learn the "howto do it" part of administration onthe job or in night school. The straight major, designed tor general education, also readies students for professional training at the graduate level. The department has an M.A. program and instituted a Ph.D. program in September, 1963. This year 290 students cite economics as their maior. John Lancaster Oakland James Larsen Lynwood Kent Ludewig Tyler Glen Arcadia Chung Kwan Ha Kowloon, Hong Kong Theodore Harris Los Angeles Rodger Hembree Lindsay William Hosek Santa Barbara Tom Ivers Sonoma David Johnson Whittier Douglas- Johnson Bakersfield Dr. Jerry Karcz, Dr. Aly Baylor, Mr. Richard Ruppert, Dr. William Kennedy, Dr. Mortimer Andron, Dr. Walter Mead, Mr. Koteswara Rao, Mr. Herbert Kay, Mr. Malcolm Liggett Honolulu, Hawaii James MacDonald Balboa Norman Manz Pasadena David McNamara Los Angeles Economics Gateway to Oppc Geograph Department Teaches The finest tobaccos are grown may well be the comment S n Ref el of Mr Berl Golomb and Mr Robert McColl as they go about G G Michael Muggill Glendale Richard Nettleton Covina Loren Parks Lancaster Don Stover Ukiah Richard Swoboda L cl Robert Parsons own ale Alhambra Dennis Roth Culver City Verne Scholl Solana Beach James Tallman Redwood City Ernest Tanner Santa Barbara Margaret Scott Redlands Gary Shoop Inglewood Alan Stanchfield Glendale Dennis Thomson Whittier Don Vogel Santa Barbara Mark Walker Arcadia Michael Watts Geography as an integrative discipline, focuses on the inter- action of the physical environment and cultural practices by which man organizes and uses the surface of the earth. It provides a common ground for the application and integration of the social, physical, and biological sciences, and for evaluating their relevance to the complex factors giving shape to the world in which we live. Geography at UCSB is entering a period of rapid growth. For- merly included with Sociology-Anthropology, it is now administered by the College of Letters and Science pending its establishment as a full department. Geography will serve the needs of the college com- munity by the general education of an informed citizenry, and by other social sciences and advanced training for its own maiors and graduate students. School of Education Trains for Six Credentials X :Suv L--rf" PV7 5-, First row: Miss Dorothy Van Demon, Miss Edith Leonard, Dr. Elizabeth Irish, Dr. William Michael, Dr. Beryl Dillman, Miss Marie O'Hagen. Second row: Miss Nora Curran, Mr. Harold Berlak, Dr. David Epperson, Dr. George Brown, Dr. Kermit Seefeld, Dr. Glenn Durflinger lChairmanl, Dr. Ernest Boyer, Mr. George Temp. The School of Education trains teachers for six credentials, including the Counseling, Guidance and Student Personnel Services Credential. This year marks the beginning of the program for the MA degree in Education. Another innova- tion now in the planning stage is a permanent building for the school. First row: Dr. Loretta Byers, Miss Edith Leonard, Dr. Alma Williams, Miss Marilyn Zweng, Dr. Gordon Watkins lDean of School of Educationl, Dr. Norah Clancy. Second row: Mr. Donald Hutcherson, Miss Edythe Margolin, Mrs. Jennie Dearmin, Mrs. Grace Piper, Dr. John Wilson, Dr. Lester Sands, Dr. R. Murray Thomas, Mr. John Nelson, Mr. Bob Ford. pg l Elemeds Honor Master Teachers Any person with an interest in elementary education may ioin the Elemeds, This group attempts to further the achievement of ele- mentary education through service and self progress, to promote acquaintance among people of similar professional interests, to provide social experiences and recreation, and to facilitate relationships between their organization and other groups on campus. Events of the year included the Elemeds Picnic in September, which enabled the faculty and students to become acquainted in an informal situation, and a tea in May, which honored the master teachers who par- ticipate in the student teacher training pro- gram. Prominent persons concerned with education were often guests and speakers at meetings. Carole Bedford Whittier Sue Belsey Brentwood Penelope Benko Pittsburg Barbara Benner Whittier Nancy Adams Karen Awes Modesto San Diego Donna Allen Judy Baden Eagle Rock Anaheim Carol Appel Janice Basare Lynwood Los Angeles '23 First row: JoAnn Keating, Karen Laubhan, Penny Ho, Carolann Appel, Rev. Carl Allen Second row Sandra Schopter, Diane Morre, Susan Fitzloff, Alma Williams, Luann Englund, Mrs Jennie Dearmin lAdvisorl, Peggy Cowan lPresidentl. Cynthia Bishop Glendale Carol Blood Glendale Marilyn Bower Altadena Bobbie Burnette Moorpark Cynthia Burney Whittier Kathie Calhoun Orinda Nancy Carder Lancaster Linda Carlson Riverside Merle Clark Santa Barbara Melissa Colburn Santa Barbara Marjorie Collier Alhambra Ginger Connor Whittier 1"--my - 1 appa Delta Pi onors Elite A member of Kappa Delta Pi, national norary society in education, must stand the top twenty per cent of the University demically, have upper division status, d have completed a specified num- r of units in Education courses. The ha Rho Chapter was established at Santa rbara in l927. lt aims to encourage high tessional, intellectual, and personal stand- s and to recognize outstanding contribu- ns to education. Guests of importance in ucation speak at the monthly meetings. ecial events each year include the fall and ing initiation banquets and the spring rbecue. In February Dr. Durtlinger, Ad- or, and Julie Jensen, President, repre- ted UCSB at the Biennial Convocation of ppa Delta Pi at Purdue University in ayette, Indiana. First row: Betty Borges, Pat Erman, Nadia Johnson, Margery Boaden, Dr. Glenn Durtlinger, Karin Hesse, Marcy Rude, Joanne Smith, Julie Jensen, Diana Prince. Second row: Carole Bedford, Linda McRary, Ginny Mac Donald, Penny Ho, Janice Basore, Jill Tiedemann, Mary Vige, Carol Stone, Jeanne Gunderson, Jacqueline Wnukowski, Nancy Rankin, Judy Hagan. leen Doherty Marion Duke Ann French Nancy Green Redding Santa Barbara San Jose Indio ck Daman Patricia Erman Gwen Gobel Jeanne Gunderson Encino Concord Tulare Santa Barbara ara Duddles Nancy Foster Ilene Gosney Judy Haegen Oaks Los Angeles Oxnard Torrance Duffendack Kathleen Francis Tanya Gould Christie Hart Burbank Santa Barbara La Habra Tustin t ,., A., Charlotte Hqyes Susan Hoag Jean Holman West Ceving Oakland North Highlands Karen Hesse Jane Hollenbeck Nicole Huber Rialto Eagle Rock Twenty-nine Palms Diane Hill Betty Holley Jan Hull King City Santa Barbara Brawley I -Wi - Q I' Frances Hunt Oakland Holly Ingram Corona del Mar Julie Jensen Modesfo Virginia MacDonald Vicroria Mapes Nancy McFarren Santa Barbara Inglewood Glendale Marjorie Magee Patricia McDonald Barbara Metzger A Corona del Mar Moiave Long Beach Karen Knudson Rancho Santa Fe Berry Kringlen Tarzana Linda Milliken Modesto Nancy Morila Santa Ana Jeri Moulder La Crescenta Joan Laird Karen Laubhan Nancy Lor Santa Maria Riverdale Sgmg Bqrbqrq Charlene Lang Diana Lifts Linda Lynch Ventura West Covina Westchester As Students They En Marcia Nason Alameda Ellen Neff Corona Janice Nelson La Crescenra ne Philbrick Betty Pohls Judie Putnam Nancy Rankin Luis Obispo Solvang Redlands Santa Rosa Pierson Alice Proctor Nancy Quesell Scibra Reid Pomona Whittier Goleta Santa Maria Teachers They Leave do Sorensen nta Monica Stephenson Angeles Strong an Beach Sharon Sunda Arcadia Kathleen Taylor Arvina Leigh Thompson San Diego Jill Tiedemann Costa Mesa Billie Tobey Carpinteria Joanne vidoli Camarillo Mary Vige Guerneville Karen Walker Whittier Marilyn Ward Lakewood, Ohio Sandra Riley Pomona Eleanor Rockwell National City Marcia Rude Culver City Susan Webb Barbara Wilson BGFYJGVG WOOClfUff Lindsay Rialto Inglewood Virginia Wieber Jacqueline Wnukowski l-II'1ClC1 WOFNOFYI Santa Paula San Francisco WEST l-05 Af19ele5 sa 'Elf'-7 James Carroll San Francisco Mandy Clark El Monte Linda Covall Long Beach Judy Davison David Pomona Glendale David Dresia Orval Elkins San Rafael Bakersfield istory Departm First row: Dr. Warren Hollister, Dr. Philip Powell lfjhairmanl, Dr. Immanuel Hsu, Dr. Lawrence Kinnaird, Dr. George Haddad. Second row: Dr. Edward Chmielewski, Dr. Samuel Eddy, Dr. Otey Scruggs, Dr. Felice Bonadio, Dr. John New, Dr. Donald Dozer, Dr. H. Arnold Barton. Beverly Esterlarook Lew Garbutt Barbara Groves Kathy Hembree John Hunt Marilyn Kelly Tl'16OdOrG Altadena Whittier Van Nuys Redlands Santa Barbara San Francisco SGH Linda Fry Marlorie Gray Donald Hanifen Virginia Hines Dee Johnston Jerry Kleinberg 5USi KOVITZ Sqn Jose Pomona Pleasanton Anchorage, Alaska Santa Monica West Covina LOS Altos il Vi 13" Ed Lacy Robert Marr Pat McGraw Leslie Meyers Modesto Santa Barbara Burbank Burlingame Jean Lattin Duane McCown Michael McNamara Bruce Miller Oroville Bakersfield Millbrae Manhattan Beach eals Its Changing Aspect The prevailing characteristic ot the History Department this year is that ange, caused by a rapidly increasing enrollment in both undergraduate graduate fields. Plans to alter the approach to the history maior and raduate program include increasing the number of courses offered in uropean and Asiatic fields of study in order to approach the breadth urses now offered in the history of the Western Hemisphere. The greater f teaching assistants who are Ph.D. candidates will enrich the graduate ram. Last year the first two Ph.D. degrees granted at UCSB were given e History Department. This year there are 470 students majoring in us aspects of history. vid Schlatter Ehanic Station, Judy Spruell Annette Stoesser Antioch Carmel New Jersey Elizabeth Starr Dale Stromer aren Schreck El Caion Santa Barbara Covina Jeanette Stein Joanne Sutter zabeth Shultz Rancho San Jose South Gate Santa Fe Bob Taylor Santa Monica Susan Terry San Diego William O'Neill La Crescenta David Peterson Carolyn Rice Santa Maria Lowell Robertson David Sang South Gate Paul Saski Chula Vista Highland San Francisco Lee Reid Bill Rusher John Schilling Inglewood Hillsborough Cudahy Keith Wetterer Brooke Williams John Wilson Palo Alto Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Donald White Charles Wilson Susan Worthington Albany Van Nuys Inglewood Home Economics Offers Fourfold Program Home Economics proposes to educate the individual for family living, to improve the services and goods used by families, to conduct research on satisfying the changing needs of persons and families, and to further community, national, and world conditions favorable to family living. The lO8 home economics majors at UCSB may specialize in one of six areas: food and nutrition, dietetics, textiles and clothing, consumer economics, general home economics, and art and home economics. The Home Economics Department is hoping to establish a Nutrition Research Laboratory in the near future. lt als plans another Alumni Professional Conference this sprin which will give alumni an opportunity to learn about recen developments in home economics in general, and at UCS in particular. Carol Aschenbrener Pasadena Carol Becker Shafter Beverly Bures Santa Barbara Linda Cosgriff g Fullerton Sandra Dillehay Ventura Cecelia Dougherty Tarzana Elaine Koenig Salinas Linda Maron West Covina 156 Seated: Dr. Lucille Woolsey, Dr Evelyn Jones, chairman, Dr. Charlott Biester, Mrs. Marion Alves, Mrs Edna Mathieson. Standing: Dr. Rut Maior, Dr, Mary Wilson, Dr. Pau Scherer, Mrs. Ella Hendrick. Patricia Morehead La Crescenta Carmelo Pinto Huntington Park .lo Rankin l Chico Jane Rogers Whittier Jean Spencer Bakersfield Anita Tillotson Altaclena Linda Wilson Arcadia Home Ec Club Hosts Fall Conference First row: Joyce Bruns, Shirley Bretonne, Anita Cronkite, Bonnie Spoerri, Ellen Kilgo IChairmanl, Carol Becker, Eileen Reider, Sandra Dillehay, Linda Cosgrift. Second row: Linda Wilson, Barbara Nelson, Angela Stockemer, Jean Pearson, Judy White, Linda Cunningham, Cheryl Mosher, Susan Trieschman, Ann Boerman, Sandi Fatur, Judy Gardner, Janis Bales, Carmela Pinto, Marilyn Steele. On October 26, 1963, the Santa Barbara Chapter of the California Home Economics Association proudly hostessed the Fall Conference of the Southern California Section of College Home Economics Chapters. Delegates from 3l iunior, state, and private colleges, and UCLA attended the conference. The delegates enioyeol hearing Mr. J. Knowles, an artist, speak on the "Use of Fine Arts in our Modern Home." Dr. Charlotte Elmott, an authority on child guidance, spoke on "The Responsibility of the College Woman Today." In November the chapter's thirty-five members made Christmas gifts for the Children at Hillside House who are afflicted with cerebral palsy. Regular meetings included the following programs: Gail Grigsby, who spent the summer in Poland on the Experiment in International Living, gave an illustrated talk on family life- in Poland, and a rep- resentative from Ott's Department Store spoke on new advances in home appliances. ndustrial Management Closes Blair Ballard Rolling Hills The Industrial Management Depart- ent of UCSB, closely linked to the ln- Sama Barbara ustrial Arts Department, comprised the rgest department ofthe university dur- g the years the campus was located in own on the mesa. The major, as it was ffered in past years, included study in 'tree fields: business, economics and en- Michael DeMalleville H . . Ned Emerson iineering. Graduating students were Hermosa Bead-, -irepared to ioin industry in the manage- Gene Gmm 'rent capacity. Two years ago UCSB SUNG MGHG eased to offer Industrial Management is a maior incoming freshmen might hoose. In order to complete closing of he department, last year was the final 'ear that classes were offered in this IFGCI. La Canada Jim Mathey Patrick McCambridge Pasadena I Paul Porier 1 Santa Barbara ' T 2 Ronald Anderse Thomas Ceso Robert Hennessy Lyle Hood Carolyn Johnston David McEachen Sonoma Antioch Fontana Santa Barbara Los Angeles Whittier Bemwd Bordee Jerri GVGVGS Ruth l'liCl4lil'tg Carolyn Hughes William Leonard Gerald Newman SGHTG BC1I'l'JC1O Oxnard SGHTG Bdrburct Lg Creggentq L05 Angeles Sqn Diego , Diane Povoni Albany Psychologists Honored by oted Visito Mary Lou Pel land Brea ggi William Quesnell Goleta James Robinson ' Fallbrook my Ronald Salter ' Santa Barbara fg ,, -W lll' A T Jonathan Sandoval Hayward Charles Swetnam It Norwalk Kay Waite 'T Tulare ' Michael Yaffe it Sherman Oaks Aiming tor national recognition, the Psychology Department, the leadership of Dr. John Cotton, played host this year to Dr. Kendler from New York Universijy. This was a particular honor Kendler is President of the Experimental Division of Psychology American Psychological Association. The department sponsored a Colloquium Series throughout T963-64 school year. Among the guest speakers was Dr, O. H. President of the American Psychological Association. The research oriented department emphasizes learning and tion, and physiological psychology. The completion ot the new I gy Building this spring indicates the rapid expansion undergone department on the UCSB campus. First row: Dr. Alice Hawkins, Dr. John Cotton lChairmanl, Dr. Robert Reynolds, Dr. de Mille. Second row: Dr. William Altus, Dr. Clifford Morgan, Dr. Loy Braley, Dr, Kendler, Dr. John Foley, Dr. Gordon Becker. - T .T '.1.:...in2h.mA-2... . .,., . .- . TT T.T T.T.T.T.. T. F1 ,. ,I 0 ! MJ ... X , .Av 1 rw:-2-4 ' " M in . Ta' fr- r n , gi Vu 'M-1 Hf s' f 7 ' f A I, . . X f - T' 1:53 n 1 F Fi i :ws mx ig-5' R Jr ?' . A, A H ,- V1 K .' I :ggi my f 'W WW :A .gg I ,Af if la JT.. M. UF' Political Science Students Face a Changing World Bill Roth Susan Savant David Schwartz Stephen Arcadia Santa Barbara Glendora Palo Robert Russell David Schwartz George Tomkins Lance Oakland San Francisco Ontario Oxnard Kenneth McRoberts Gerri Noonan Mary Pottala ' Santa Barbara San Francisco Gardena ' M .. . Philosophers Contribute OOFS Patricia Phelan Charles Rice Salinas Goleta Santa Maria . h I , . O MG'f2i.:,tf.: Siazfstiiir' N332 Literary Works I The Philosophy Department would have its students depart from it with the ability to handle ideas critically and to engage in sustained analyses ot basic concepts. Thus a major in philoso- phy lays the groundwork for further study in diverse areas from serious writing to law and medicine. if UCSB's philosophers played host last summer to Professor John Wisdom from Cambridge. '27 There he holds the same chair as was once held by eminent philosophers L. Wiggenstein and G. E. Moore. The current year saw the completion ot several literary works including Dr. Herbert Fingarette's The Self in Transformation, Dr. Harry Girvetz's Evolution of Liberalism, Dr. Alex- ander Sesonske's Value and Obligation, and Dr. Paul Weinpahl's The Practice of Zen. Plans forthe future encompass the initiation ot an application for a doctoral program to aug- ment the Master's Program now existing in the department. Steve l Sherman First row: Dr. John King-Farlow, Dr Fleming, Dr. Alexander Sesonske, Dr. Fingarette, Miss Charlotte Stough. Second Dr. Paul Weinpahl, Ds. Harry Girvetz rnanl, Mr. Hague Foster. 5 ,Lai EF. reas of Stud Encompass Globe The field of Easf Asian Sfudies is pursued Through an inferdeparf- enTal area sTudies program which offers a .number of courses on Asian sTory, governmenT, arT and languages. Sfudy in This deparTmenT which led by Dr. Immanuel Hsu, currenfly leads To a Bachelor of ArTs degree. graduafe program is envisioned in The noT Too disTanT fuTure. Presenfly, e emphasis of The deparTmenT lies on China, wiTh The hope of fufure pansion inTo Japanese sTudies also. Members of The deparfmenf are in consTanT research, an example of which is Dr. Hsu's laTesT on "The Ili Crisis" which deals wiTh Sino-Russian relaTions, 735- T! -S, CaThy McKean Los Angeles Asian Studies Dr. Immanuel Hsu browses Through one of The many books ThaT make up his Asian his- Tory library. The year-old Classics deparTmenT offers courses designed To creafe a beTTer undersfanding of The Greco-Roman culfure. The small buf selec- Tive number of maiors and minors underfake an infensive sTudy program cenTered upon liTerary, hisforical, philosophical and scienTifi'c wriTings from Homeric To Byzanfine Times. An exTensive knowledge of Greek and LaTin provides The Classics sTudenTs wiTh The basis for The reconsTrucTion and inTerpreTaTion of These wriTings. of The Classics DeparTmenT are Mr. David Young, Dr. Aldrich lChairmanl, and Dr. John Thibault. The Hispanic Civilizafion major is especially suifed To sTudenTs who are in- Teresfecl in careers of Teaching or foreign service which involve a knowledge of The Spanish and PorTuguese language and culTure, or who are preparing for graduaTe sTudy in language, liTeraTure and social sciences emphasizing The Span- ish, Porfuguese and Lafin-American fields, or who desire a general educaTion dedicaTed To This area of Wesfern culfure. Each sTudenT wiTh The inTerdeparTmenTal maior receives an individually designed program To fulfill his specific needs. The deparfmenf ofTen allows The sTudenT crediT for sfudies underTaken in Spanish, PorTuguese and Lafin-American schools. Ready To discuss Hispanic CivilizaTion, Dr, Winston Reynolds, chairman of The deparTmenT, welcomes sTudenTs To his office. The inTerdeparTmenTal TuTorial maior provides a broadly liberal educaTion To The superior sTudenT who is challenged by a rigorous program in The arTs of criTical reading, discussion and wriTing. The uniqueness of The program lies in The colloquium courses, which are formal discussion groups conducfed by Two insTrucTors from differenf deparTmenTs of knowledge, and in The TuTorial course, in which The maior selecfs a Tufor from The faculTy according To his inTeresTs and requiremenTs. This selecf handful of maiors plans To use The TuTorial program as a springboard for sfudies leading To advanced degrees. By so choosing, They fulfill perfecfly The obiecTives of The deparfmenf. Q., Instructors of the Religious STudies Departmenf are Dr. Richard 'mon of luloflal Gcllvlllesi Dr' Gof' ComsTock, Dr. Mackenzie Brown, and Mr. Larry Adams. Baker, carefully reviews a students The Deparfmenr of Religious Sfudies aspires To give sTudenTs The T necessary maTerials To examine, in an obiecfive manner, The mani- fesTaTions of religion in human life, ThoughT, and culfure. ln acquiring These maferials, The sTudenT invesfigafes The religions and movemenfs of religious ThoughT of boTh The WesTern and Easfern civilizafions. The purposes of The major are fourfold: To provide The sTudenT wiTh aspecf of human culTure, To prepare him for graduaTe sTudy leading To Teaching or scholarly research, To guide him in laTer sTudy in con- necfion wiTh a specific religious body, or To assisT him in The field of social work. Dr. Cornelius Muller heads The commiTTee in charge of The DeparTmenT of Religious STudies. 5 a liberal arTs background wiTh emphasis on religion, an imporTanT . Television Staff-Mr. William Miller, Dr. Gary Hess, Miss Carol Davis, Mr. Gill Odum. Television Office Record Video Tapes The Television Office at UCSB, under The direction of Dr. Gary Hess, continues its expansion in every direc- tion. New This year, The office has acquired a video- tape recorder, and can Thus repeat lectures without having to repeat The live presenlation. The Tapes can also be repeaTed later in The day or week for a review. Another innovation is The broadcast service, which makes iT possible for any academic department To request a showing of programs from Los Angeles or Santa Barbara To be used later in a classroom. ln This way programs of a cultural nature from commercial Television can be stored and used here, While The Television office reaches more and more students, The students serve The office, acting as production assistants and aiding The four full-time sraff members. Military Science lnitiates Flight Training The Military Science Department, ,led by Lieutenant Colonel George M. Boone, serves To develop and Train officers in The event That The United States Army reserves are required To mobilize for war. Structured as an elec- Tive program, students enter Reserve 0fficer's Training Corps entirely of Their own voliTion. Currently, 12-1470 of The men on The UCSB campus are in The Military Sci- ence program. lf after The first Two years, a sfudent demonstrates The potential and The desire To continue in The program, he may do so, graduating from college commissioned as a Second Lieutenant. A new aspect of The R.O.T.C. program, initiated lust This year is flight Training. Flying lessons are open To seniors who receive classroom instruction and actual aerial flight' practice leading To a private piloT's license. l1- . First row: Mrs. Ann Mont LT. Col. George Boone manl, Mrs. Margurite Maki ond row: Mr. George Capt. Roy Price, SFC R. E. son, SSgt. Clarence Wilsc Virgil Melton, Major Anderson, Maior Willard irez, SSgt. Wayne Edelen, James Dick. cabbard and Blade Trave The National Society of Scabbard and Blade is The fficial organization for those young men enrolled in the dvanced course of Military Science. Membership is select, s a prospective member must be elected by those who are ctive. The applicant must possess high character, a degree f competence in his military functions and leadership and cademic capabilities. Annual events sponsored by The society include The ex- itement of a turkey shoot and the gaiety of a Military Ball. he Turkey Shoot, held in November, is a three day event in ls to Vandenberg which students, faculty, and the the staff of UCSB shoot to win a turkey. All proceeds go to the scholarship fund sup- ported by the society. The Military Ball, which Scabbard and Blade sponsors in coniunction with the Colonel's Coeds, takes place annually each Spring at Vandenberg Air Force Base Officers' Club. ln addition To the traditional activities of Scabbard and Blade, the organization also provides ushers, guides, and hosts for various university functions such as school football and basketball games. E Bob Ballard Pete Bartlett Matthew Berryhill Roy Bird Tupper Blake Joseph Camella Martin Camella Dick Dolliver 'if' Ned Emerson Gene Grant Roy Hagar Tom Jensen Richard Monk 'Z' -45' Scott More Stan Orrock Garry Peters Mel Ruiz Bill Schroeder -.Q -1---Q -I Bruce Shaw Ted Sherman William Stern Ronald Van Wert Burt Worrell 415 is is - flew ii- - i I s.-, 1?-D' lg lv- A, exan der Coeds March With Cad Sandra Bailey Liz Baker Barbara Benham Kathy Bennett Sarah Bernhardt Paula Biles Charlene Blaney Carol Blood Diana Buffington Cathy Clay Carolyn Codding Nancy Crocker Sharon Currie Linda Daley Pam Detloff Nancy De Gerolomi Nancy Earl .loan Edmunds Penny Faust Chris Fernandez Holly Hall Linda Hall Kathy Harbordt Begun in T950 as a sponsor group for The seventy young ladies of Colonel's Coeds the academic year giving service and partic in Traditional parades and activities. Along with cadets of Scabloard and Blade, the Coeds put on Thanksgiving Turkey Shoot and co-sponsor The tary Ball held each Spring at Vandenberg Air Base. Prior to the ball a queen and Two pri are chosen from The junior and senior Coeds cadets to reign over The event. Besides These annual activities, The Coeds with the Cadets in The Veterans' Day Parade i Ta Barbara, in The Fall Awards Revue, and i Chancellor's Revue on campus. Work aT ST. Vincen'r's Children's Home is part ot each coed's activity, All ot The members The school at least once during The year to teaching The children. This year's otticers were Laurie Petersen, dent, Georgia Young, Vice President, Karen Treasurer, Sarah Bernhardt and Sue Hill, Secr and Sandy Bailey, Publicity Chairman. Ann Harrington Suzan Henry Susan Hill Karen Hood Marc Jacobs Jane Johnson Karen Johnson, Judy Jones l .X -,Al all ' l Yi Cl YT Iyn Lawrence Little e Manning y Marsh dy Matson McQuaid en Melendy Meyer ne Mistretta illa Mullen Nelson Noble Coeds Sandy Bailey, Laurie Petersen, Sarah Bernhardt, Georgia Young, Cathy Clay and Sue Hill rest their -usually tired feet on a jeep ioyride in the Homecoming parade 'A HEI Laurie Peterson Nancy Porter Robin Ratcliffe Barbara Riley Julie Rudd Gretchen Schlotter Wendy Schmitz Carole Scott Lorraine Seabury Karen Senior Cheri Sievers Nancy Son Jan Swihart Sandra Townsend Diane Twitchell Gail Vanderhoof Lee Vice Ellen Wagner vicke Yarwood Georgia Young l N, Barbara .Jordan Marina Jurras Leslie Kinsley Karen Langston ,J 'Wt L ,fu l .A I f' Wwe 'l gz,,,W,, mslfsslft if '-,, - f , 1' wi I il' ' i Q... . :ameri 5 Q. l Q. K , iq! 757 if 'f ., ssrtt f L f, - i, wg J' '57 Ill? L i 1 ,i ri r K rr r 15:1 . ge - T. 3 '-.e..,. H.-5' l ' Q15- L -4 l .. e,,, at uf ,K J like . it ,it M, Wrgft,,litii ' 1 L t l mlm .av 9 i L EM FT i l l 0 fs i"',,, 't les' V tif: ii , .e . r ii I G Tf S , i 4, ,. 1 is ,H ,N ii , ei, A' ' -f 'll' L f if L, nik ' ' L -L l 1 id fi' .. A Y .. L ,:, Y urn- q x :gui , i m I t eff , 3 .. .. Fi? 'Q' ll ' 4.931 ' bs, H-fy "'-Q.. "7 595 fwzjh Y m m::1..."'3, f Rf' 6 J! X 'fifauga m."b af V+ uf' , :mf ms I v N 4 l s n I 5 r, I 1 r I I 2 4' ' Q ',,.Qff.1,,A ,fpzgi--' pt? 'Afr'?' f , , 1 2 . Qzg...-M ,,,:.,,5. T. , I , , 1 Y l mx '11 fii-, V- , -5: X35 . A ' 1-lx ,., K v ,Y f ,5 ,f . , 'M -74 l -5 ,,-ig. ,-.s,,.. XY Z - w W ,115 - , I ' X K f . x W I .y.4L - X 1 H B 'U xx ww tbmflfdl w n ,5iy""'r!QEfq1,,- .HAM in-A J y VW 1 Vx ,.,,. N Y. I ,,,,.. V 1,- .-vf--: 1.-, QL: ' lx ,.., wi Km NU? wh: rw, f..V.::ulW:1":NQ If " 51:-, 1 Y l FE'v'7 "J M, H24 u 1, N f TSX. Y Q X. Mu Q 'MX 'ML wx r v ' V.-.,!,., K .1 wx 53 , x W 1. ',:,'l,,i , Huw , . V-X ...fyn X .xi fy' . 7,1 ' 1 'Y , ff e ,f r Q1 ,I H, ' f ' 1 .X 3,-elm x,.,V,. x x N ff jay mx,K.r 'X , Mt, W X X we ' N .wg .Xu- wg , x xxx' 2' iq 51,1 .H Y J-, uf 1 g,I.'1,', U, JW, ,.,, ww - M Minh" 'I Q -4 ,UI 'xxx .", f x , wfx -1' M rp...':',' ' .J inf 1-,,-ly' , ,-If . .vw-G., uxfl, V: 1 fu ',,lf,, , ,N V I ,., I ,V A- ,V-,,,,,3rI.'-'a 'A,f'f,.1-."'1' -,J - v VHF" x 14 ,1,!,, f.',- ,., ,V-f ,V ,1. 7, , ,JW , QV' ' -'r ' J f'f"'f,3 ' If: I I1 , N I gf,T?12'!,' if'1f5'5W'Qi'? " , ff, ' L- 'XEIIF' 644' Y-. :l'f1?',,!,. ,fv.,ff,,,2'f f, , . :.' H, ,.,,-U, ,Q ,Q eff -Yi ,, r 11 ',g,.' 2 ' 35'-1' , I ,I I 1 X 'Y-fs" ' 5, Q., V x,,. . jj1','fTx W' ' YUWZXJ 'N'3'Rx':'vY3 X 1, 1. 5: I . 'N 1 -- if ,!lly,i5r' 1-1, , " . WM- w,,',im - L w 2 1 lt' ' 'L-a'4'.R X XW1 3 , W ,W Physical Education Consolidates and Coeducates First row: Dr. Terry Dearborn, Miss Karen Hogarth, Miss Patricia Sparrow, Dr. Madge Phillips, Miss Barbara Drinkwater, Miss Joyzelle Herod, Miss Ann Stitt, Dr. Jean Hodgkins, Mrs. Emma O'Brien, Miss Rona Sande, Dr. Vera Skubic, Miss Frances Colville, Dr. Arthur Gallon, Mr. Pete Riehlman, Dr. Lyle Reynolds. Second row: Dr. Wilton Wilton, Mr. Raymond Thornton, Mr. Edward Doty, Mr. Stanley Williamson, Dr. Rene Rochelle, Dr. Mayville Kelliher, Dr. Joseph Lantagne, Mr. Dave Gorrie, Dr. Ernest Michael, Dr. Steven Horvath, Mr. Sam Adams, Mr. Ernest Carter, Dr. William Hammer, Mr. Ralph Barkey, Dr. Marilyn Flint, Miss Mary Mott, Mr. Jack Curtice, Dr. Theodore Harder. Molly Anderson Malibu Judy Ben keser San Pedro Michael Beresford Manhattan Beach Judith Birnie Pomona Sharon Bohanan Hermosa Beach Jerry Crawford Strathmore Linda Benhort Long Beach George Fairchild Los Angeles Donald Gaynor San Bernardino Dean Griggs Woodland Hills Ann Heck Ventura Margaret Heiland Santa Barbara Newport Beach John Marincovicl Fred Hokanson Sue Le Master Bakersfield Lomita Judy Mello Taft This year, the Physical Education Depart ment began the consolidation of the Men' and Women's departments which will be of ficial sometime before July l, 1964. In con iunction with this consolidation, there been a growing tendency toward coe tional classes, this Spring the department in troduced a coed Track and Field class. intramural program will soon reach its pacity, as the department looks ahead a greater emphasis on women's intra-rr and to coeducational activities such mixed doubles in badminton and tennis. In research, the department is lo into the field of environmental stress. studies this year have included the : economic characteristics of married cc students, and an extensive survey of cc health knowledge. The department is already feeling pains of its growth in the confines of a facility originally planned for 3500 stui Both the old and new gyms are being beyond capacity with the present st population past 5900. Athletic Commission Recommends Policy UCSB established the Intercollegiate Ath- letic Commission in i959 to direct the athletic program. This ioint student-faculty board recommends athletic policy to the chancellor. lt is responsible for defining the aims of the program, tor making decisions to implement these aims, and for regulating the financial aspects of the program. The commission has final authority over the athletic program subject to the approval of the chancellor. Four student representatives-the president of the Associated Students, the chairman of the Finance Committee, a voting member of the Legislative Council, and an Athletic Commissioner appointed by the Council- serve on the board with four faculty mem- bers. Dr. Stephen S. Goodspeed acts as chair- man ofthe commission. Mlfes Robert O'NEll Carol Rohe Brian Smith BUrlDGI1l4 Hollister Pasadena Musellu GOFY Pickens Michael Schiesel Gaylord Smith An9ele5 COSTG M250 Santa, Barbara Sun Valley Judy Smith Long Beach Bonnie Taylor Santa Barbara Herman Velaquez Pasadena Merrily Vincent Whittier Richard Watson Rosemead Crystal Wood Westchester Norman Wood Wi l l its Robert Yahne Hanford Contemplating a proposal are members of the Intercollegiate Athletic Commission, seated left to right are Robert Walter Doug Merritt Tom Dooley, Stan Williamson, Bob Andrews, Tyler Glenn, Adil Yaqub and standing are Luigi Dusmet, Ray Ward, and Stephen Goodspeed ,, . . . ni .,1 ' - 'i,. I 'Je- Y' mt L , 'W , Q 1 C ' Taking time out for a picture are Block C Clulo sponsor lstanclingl Sam and officers Doug Reiman, president, Orville Elkins, lseatedl social Dennis Lynch, treasurer, Brian Smith, secretary, and Bob Musella president. Pretty coeds Carolyn Ames, Janice Rutt, Barbara Bachum, Nancy Hoskins and Linda Pitts vie for the title of Block C Sweetheart. Block C Initiates UCSB Hall of Fame mkals E H il ii,-x ,?' w First row: Doug Reiman, Brian Smith, Dennis Sonnenberg, Bob Musella, Dick Swobocla, Austin Dias, Rich Marchi, George Kraus, Terry Hammerschmidt, Gerry Second row: Alkis Mangriotis, Dick Mires, Joe Morbetfo, Gary Pickens, Alan Reynolds, John Escovedo, Gary Hawthorne, Barney Eames. Third row: Sam sponsor, Taylor Clayton, Orville Elkins, Dennis Lynch, Dennis Roth, Don Roth, Ross Blue, Dave Linden, Ed Scot, Mike Schiesel. 170 fggfggsxa A wi, :aa . :fm SEQ mm 5-Hfggwrff A 22? 9355 -- K, nf gf . ' mn mmm M in 2'3???'35' H :EEF 3 I ' Hmmm? Swim.: Q, mm Y Y ff gr, H : 1, ' -awww 1- - a.,xw,.: a' 3 w V4 , X 22 f 3 mmf WN " , -, 3525555 , w F ESEEEQHEH :gf ,W ,Wy .... , , , X ,,,,4 .mw ,, Z .,..x,..,,f., ,H v , wwgam ssvfwg, A 7- M H551-S S in -wad 5553: , ,f FLQ1g.jjg.ggf:i1f my nm , , ff N -.1 my mm Y T Ji X.KL --if X jig, 2355 12?-:sw . R I i 'Ei EE: 1 I .1.. ani,-v uw m QU' 10" Title - xg ENN," ,.Q,.. I1 w I mfmp w -11 .- .: E .. W , - :am 1 lx - 1 1 ' :isa , I -, gm , , 'ff V v:,,m,55 Y, f, ,riff A H var m. Y ,S . . K, H ,K 3 ,Mwwwwv .,,m-my-fylw L f mm, 7-H1-Kggil 'wah gm 5, -B , ' QSM -LA A: 1 Pi- ' WEEE? E225 T 1 1" . mums ,M Y 7 Z - :wigs ' TSR A N E Orchesis Expresses Art of Dance First row: Margaret Cayton, Marc Jacobs, Mary Harmon. Second row: Merrily Vincent, Mare Ozanich, Sybil Davis, Rhoda Loeb, Kristin Kirkman. we -'TT . D Dancers Margaret Caldron and Ann Grogan practice timing for an intricate dance movement. Caught in midair, intramuralist executes a perfect volleyball set-up to waiting l'ECIl'f'l-l'T1GTe. 172 The nine members ot Orchesis, UCSB honorary dance club, must regular attend dance workshop, audition su cessfully, and recognize dance as an as well as a type at recreation. This year Orchesis danced in t opera, "The Unicorn, the Gorgan, a the Manticoref' and participated alo with the dance workshop in the "Hit a Run Revue." The dance workshop pe formed a jazz dance for the Santa Ba bara Women's Club and took part in t annual Spring Dance Concert. Membe ot Orchesis presented one number their own and performed in vario other dances. ln October Orchesis us ered at the concert of the Chamber Dan Quartet and sponsored a reception t lowing the performance. PE Awards Scholarship and Honor Scroll Fifty young ladies maioring minoring in physical edu- ion comprise the member- ip of the Women's Physical ucation Club. At their bi- nthly meetings members ioy a program centered und a phase of the physi- I education profession in form of a panel debate, ort demonstration, or spe- l lecture. Annually the club sponsors Big-Little Sister Fall Get- gether during the first week school. This function fea- res the introduction of the culty, various club officers d policies, and get-ac- ainted games for girls new UCSB. The club also holds annual Christmas Party d Spring Banquet. The ban- et program is highlighted the presentation of the utstanding Senior Award, e Club Scholarship of 00.00 and the Honor Scroll r scholastic achievement. ln addition to the tradition- activities of the club, it onsors a weekly discussion oup with the faculty during hich a variety of topics are formally considered. First row: Shirley Oliver, Judy Hohl, Beth Ballard, Loretta Fox, Nancy Stevenson, Dorothy Smith, Nancy Barta, Bonnie Taylor, Margo Litchfield. Second row: Dr. Elvera Skubic, Judi Smith, Peggy Bozymowski, Ann Heck, Joanne Vorster, Cry- stal Wood, Miss Ann Stitt, Leslie Young, Madge Phillips, Lynne Bowsher, Pam Duesler, Lorie Myers, Enid Sanders. Third row: Joan Below, Judy Birnie, Judy Alexandre, Pam Ralph, Mary Wagner, Barbara Drinkwater, Carol Muller, Jackie Leach, Mary Nyberg, Charlaine Vandervoet, Jean Hodgkins, Marilyn Fleut. WRA Provides Sports for Coeds All women students at UCSB automatically belong to the Women's Recrea- tion Association lWRAl. A delegate from each living group sits on the Board of Representatives, which meets bi-weekly. WRA seeks to give recreational oppor- tunities to all college women by means of interest groups, intra-murals, and in- tercollegiate competition. The WRA at UCSB served as president of the Women's Athletic and Recreation Association of Southern California Colleges and spon- sored a playday for this group in November. In March the winners of intra- mural competition traveled to Berkeley for the All University Intramural Sports Weekend. First row: Shirley Waldum iVice-Presidentl, Sharon Mattern iTreasureri, Mary Nyberg lCollege Cabin Chairmanl, Dot Smith, lPresi- dentl, Leslie Harnren iSecretaryl, Judy Alexandre iintramural Chairmanl, Carole Hier-Johnson iPublicity Chairmanl. Second row: Nancy lsaacs, Lynne Bowsher, Linda Wade, Kathie Kirkendall, Jackie Leach, Marylee Lannan, Cecily Anderson, Peggy Cullinane, Betty Brown, Lorie Myers. Third row: Karen Wilson, Diane Moore, Pat Fagan, Sharon Holman, Kathryn Enns, Cecile Berry, Kay Ashbrook, Pat Jobe, Susan Hannah, Sue McConnell, Cathy Francis, Margo Litchfield, Andrea Milnar, T73 Diaz Honored at All-Cal Austin Diaz Isixth from leftl and AS President Bob Andrews ltifth from leftl stand with "Athletes of Year" for 1962 and AS presidents from other UC campuses at the All-Cal Ceremonies in L.A. Coliseum. C. K. Yang of UCLA was picked as best of the group. Intramurals Feature Fraternit , Independ lTopl Charging into the ball are members of Pima and Ute halls as they begin play after a face-off during Anacapa League pushball play. lBottoml Somewhat at odds, the pushball players push from the bottom and hold on the top as a pushball contest gets under way. I74 Fall Roundup: With first place in football and second place in basketball, Delta Tau Delta moved into the number one position at the end of the Fall Intramural season. Sigma Alpha Epsilon held down the second spot by virtue ot its overall strength. They captured Intramural wrestling and took first through third in two-man volley- ball. Right behind them came Yuma hall of Anacapa, which won its league in football. Spring Action: Six-man volleyball, three-man bowling, soft- ball, baalminton, swimming, and track were the Intramural sports for the Spring semester. Final results were tabulated atter track ended on May I6. With Delta Tau Delta and Sigma Alpha Epsilon waging a battle for first, being separated by only 50 points, competition was rough. A 1 1 .1 ' Jw ., 'W Hg.. 11. If 11' :LQ if Q3 1 .Il -ax - I an fx Y , Af Q' V' M1 M. W- 1 e 1. .1 UK V 1 CP' ' v Q N QSM r 7 ,. r' 'sf' 'ir 5 4 u J 1 5 + A X I x xr ' 2 ,Jar-1m92 . ' ' . 13 , MM' '1' 1' - aan K .. f Y "-.NR ' , TY f' cf t I 1 ' ' 4 H av, . M " , 'Q ' w "wil ' Lf, ,, - 9- -Q' ' .Ji 4 f ev - K 5685, ' M K. M ,Z ,,s:.J,L H .2-ek l A .A 'vw ' "Cactus" Jock Curtice, Head Gaucho coach, was a busy man on the practice field as well as during games. At top right he demonstrates a d e f e n s i v e stance, at left he sends in a player, at right he has a few words with the team. Jack Curtice Brings New Era to UCSB Football s F F Pete Riehlman prepares to send linemen on a little iog around the foot- ball field. lLeftl Backfield perform- ances didn't always find Harold "Rusty" Fairly smiling, but he was al- ways doing a superior iob. I76 ,M f-- underrated Gaucho squad fought to a final 4 win and 5 loss A new era in UCSB football emerged in 1963. Led by Jack Curtice, one of America's finest coaches, an undermanned Highlight of the year was the tenacious Gaucho defense which in great iobs in every game, With the help of Coaches Pete Rie and Rusty Fairly, Curtice welded a squad that knocked off l rated Whittier in a 9-7 upset and the good Santa Clara Team 27-l UCSB had only four seniors on the team: co-captains Bob i la, Dennis Lynch, Terry Hammerschrnidt, and Norm Wood. M Wood and Hammerschmidt were defensive standouts while L was the team's top receiver and was voted most inspirational at the season's end. Junior Larry Scott was voted most valuable player and valuable back for his work as offensive and defensive hal George Kraus, most valuable lineman, led a group of deter linemen such as Gerry Condgen, Rick Lang, Dennis Sonnenberg, Packard, Jim McMahan, Bob Digby, and Dick Kezarian. Other sive standouts were Tony Goehring, Jason Franci, Jim Orear, Deeter, Jim Fisher, and the three fine quarterbacks, Chris Steve Moreno, and Bob Heys. . . ,' '..i:" Dave Gorrie doubled as varsity assistant coach and head freshman coach. Lynch End Player Hammerschmidt Tackle ob Musella lenior Fullback o-Captain UCSB Stuns Poets, 9-7 ln one of The Truly greaT games in Gaucho his- Tory, UCSB upseT highly favored WhiTTier 9-7 on Bill BurneTT's lasT minufe field goal. The UCSB defense performed brillianTly, sfopping a Team ThaT had scored a ,lopsided 34-O win over The Gauchos in 1962. Leading The Tough defenders were Gary Champ, George Kraus, Gerry Condgon, and Rick Lang. ln The Tension packed second half, The Gauchos scored on a shorT run by Bob Musella, buf sTill Trailed 7-6 when The exTra poinT failed. WiTh Time running ouT Norm Wood recovered a fumble on The PoeT 29. Dawson Then hiT Jason Franci and Larry ScoTT wiTh crucial passes, and wiTh 74 seconds lefT BurneTT boofed The winning field goal To send The fans info hysferics. UCSB Stops Mexico, 28-I4 Coach Jack CurTice's debuT as UCSB's head foofball coach was a successful one as his squad rolled over Mexico Poly, 28-14. Quarfer- backs Chris Dawson, Sfeve Moreno, and Bob Heys each passed for a Touchdown as Tony Goehring scored on passes from Moreno and Heys while Bob Blindbury Tallied on a 14 yard pass from Dawson. Dawson scored The season's firsf Touchdown on a 7 yard run afTer he had direcfed a 63 yard march which included a long pass To Blindbury. Ernie ZomalT picked off Two Mexico passes, one of which was reTurned on a dazzling 40 yard run. Larry ScoTT and Blindbury each had an in- Tercepfion as The UCSB defense sparkled. With Chris Dawson holding Bill, Burnett kicks The game-winning field goal To upset favored WhiTTier. Larry Scott George Kraus Rick Lang Dawson Halfback Guard Cenfer Most Valuable Back Mosf Valuable Lineman Most Improved 's Player Most Valuable Player 177 W "' ' - - - -.V . ,.. -..YE 5 -as ,, ,Q - ...W 1,-L., ,. ., , ' L .. NLE ' '-:V 2- 4- Hi-, x 'V Ng VQV9 N-'Qian ' Ag -Y " . - fy--L: Q "' A. i, W gy ,Wg , . Q K nl' wx, A-'r w,. , ' . .,-a . ,J, r 4 I " ,V an ,., t K my gg. ,Jr K J -f' - 'Til' W V' , , hw' E V 5. ' 2 x- L ' fu' - r Ria V , F ,- ,JP , , '- I .4v?s.. J . f ,M QW N ALL, R,-. X- vs, - '- .- - 1 'fv , ki- IT ' fxr il' ' L gh. L1 1:-'Q 4 " ' I Ji- . .' '- Q5 fr ' IJ - - if L, 47? . ' ""' ,H -2' , Er -wg? .Y , min 1 .MQTf'Q"'5f1f EAR , m , , ....- K. K msg? I , ,, . . Y -in-M, if -1 - 11 V L 1 " Q, - fs, 1 A . 'jifixwfv 23 ,.-14, PM .3 F7 nf' CD' 15 r ' Wifi?"- -X H : JH im, N. JI ' 1 1' x 1 1 I I ik, ' 1' 4 V9 x' '-fa '. -N x 'U' .A Qs-fi R':bffii'LvL QED 1 ' .2-3-3 4 Q41 .. ff - -Q I' ' 5 . ,ik t.m1j,l ' J"-71111 H E Lu xr h A 53 , ' I yn A X ,R -. "i7,T:::,.T,: "" , M Q R T 21' lc., Lili fra W ff b I Ml' , 'Y A Z ' ' 1- -D .I 1 4 , :fm is X' L I . - ' C1 VF' A I 234 A , . 1 G Nj 1 xil,rQ.i-wi 5 1 w ' - ' 1 . ,, , - V .. X , "1 'rx ff! , f NX ' V A A'N9.'f.'N X Y, A ' 2' x . 'Y' ' .. . 1111 ,ZQQJ 'S 1- 'ff' HDF -- , , - 1 ' 17 A ? ' ' LW 1 n s ' ' 1, I p . X , B - . , ,. X V J , Q ' f w f ,, f , A J L , .. .L K ,V ui , A M .I .LM Q I. V1 V ' --Q 1, M . Vi .P-LW-,-w' ' N Ear, , , . V ,: P , 4. - IAS.. Barber Al Reynolds Fullback Moreno drops back to pass against Long Beach behind the blocking of Ernie W. -5- Er fe L Q ' 'px N -J .A -J- xf P I: "'. JJ i.'-- . . i 4 , I.. . -,,,,.f?'W.f' , 4 4"- -4.,7v-.. . L , ' . Y X Jim Orea Fullback John Vo Fullback !'! I' 2: ll J fi J M, l' my 3 l I Gaucho ace, Chris Dawson, is here being tackled after a big gain in UCSB's Homecoming victory. 49'ers Surprise Gauchos I4 - 9 A brillianT performance by STeve Moreno cmd Larry ScoTT wenT ouT The window when inspired Long Beach STaTe held on To win a hard-ToughT game, l4-9. Moreno came off The bench To gain 89 yards rushing and 122 yards passing including a 40 yard scoring pass To Doug Bowman. ScoTT played one of his greaTesT games in which he accounTed for lO2 yards while doing an ouTsTanding iob on defense. Four 49'er inTercepTions ruined The UCSB in an aTTempT To overiake a l-4-O Long Beach lead. The defensive uniT of The Gauchos again' sTarred as wiTnessed when The enTire line of The Gauchos Threw The 49'er back for safeTy. Jim Packard and Gerry Condgon led This assaulT. 3. 'gm l i l i 'im ll Doug Bowman Jim Fisher Mel Gregory Ernie Zomalf Halfback Halfback Halfback Halfback 179 Larry Scott attempts To turn The corner around right end in the encounter with Riverside. The Gaucho running attack continually ripped The Riverside defense for long yardage in the 42-O romp. . I 157.5 Aggies Nip Gauchos 7 - O UCSB ran all over The Cal Aggies in The Coli- seum buT were unable To score as Davis pinned or 7-O loss on The Gauchos. The passing of Chris Dawson To Dennis Lynch plus the running of Larry ScoTT, Al Reynolds, and Bob Heys sparked The ,offense which was hampered by fumbles and interceptions, A poor Gaucho punt ser up The only score while The UCSB defense headed by Jim Barber, Terry Hammerschmiclt, and Bob Musella held The Aggies. Bob Blindbury new--' ' l Bob Heys, young and hefty UCSB quarterback, fires pass with The approval ot Jason Franci l85l. Aztecs Victorious, 42 - I An outweighed and oufmanned UCSB traveled To San Diego State and gave the ally-ranked Azrecs a scare before bowing The Gauchos went ahead on Jim Orear's down and were Tied at halftime T4-14 after Dawson's pass To Max Hand wenT for The down. The defense pur on a fanTasTic di courage by sfopping the SDS running game Thin front line of Terry Hammerschmiclf, Champ, Rick Lang, Gerry Condgon, and Digby performed brilliantly although 20 pounds per man. Wingback .. , " f' . . K L ,- l I' : ,JBL Y p , , l 'x , 2 ' , if V V , , A ' - A-we , A .. -C. M Roy Harris n .- 1 T 4 H " .,"f','f'Lj11- x -ggi? Qi-.12 4 " Wingback Jerry Takahashi Wingback Chris Dawson hands off To fullback Bob Muselle as Ernie Zomalt looks on in The Mexico game. Steve Moreno, 18, leaps over a fallen teammate as he runs around right end for a good gain against Santa Clara. Al Reynolds is collared by o Bronco after 2 yard gain. l Brown Gerry Condgon Dick Kezirian Tackle Tackle UCSB Downs Broncos 27 - I4 An aroused UCSB eleven beat Santa Clara 27-14 before 7500 Homecoming fans. UCSB's Larry Scott scored two TD's on end runs while Dennis Lynch scored on a pass from Chris Dawson. Doug Bowman provided a touchdown thrill when he raced 87 yards with a Bronco punt. Norm Wood, who blocked a punt, Jim Fisher, Larry Scott, Bill Burnette, who boot- ed three extra points, Bob Musella, and Al Reynolds all played a maior part in the victory. l Dave Schmidt Tackle 1 5 2 1 ,f1-,,f?'r"i Qi ' s--1 : 'YL U Af ' 1 1 ffkisfiif 52355335 . " ,MWM1 WEEESSW Q . ,. ww ' mx ' . 1 ' 151 'F S' 1? 1 f' .,1 . ,-11 ,E - 'X 1 1 .1 I 1 . 1 1 ,E '1 1 1 I 11' 1 I 1 1 l 111 avi 1-E 1, ' 4 :1Q..,..,f-f 1: X ' 7 xzmugb M 5 - E wg 1 ,151-M1111 f 1 -,, er' ' 1 AWKB1 , , 1, , 1 ,NM ,. 1 11m55E,11 , ,, 1 11 miiiasgggig. 1 .1351 , Q11 V,A.W,. 11,515 1 1 f Wm 11 , 1- aww2,gs1f1z11 . 1 K , 1 111111111 11111 4-11.25, 1, 1- 'LWig1111Qff 111 '- ff ' +2gzm2zags 1: wiv- 11 af2mff:fffm11A1.111f1 11 11111 11111 1,111111,11vsf1 ,,. f1ff:g1,111111111 1-11. - X-imffgxfi ,2isa55.2g132fg1f1,113551533553 +1 ' .sfszissm,zfsezfggrszr ' 2552215232321 1 f .mszglggsggz '1.v 2121111111 in ' ' 11as:2'e1111z111 - " '-if N' F 1 ' 'V' H 'ziilfm L 555741 1' 5' mZlfAiiEiZQiYY551f? 15111 ,, 1 111 ffs:11s:5??,,:21f:1i 2211 'n?1e?2fe1AfesAf5wr1 1,131.11 1111.1 1.51, 11.1 ,113,111,1111, ,, 11 11.11, 1 1.., . 1.11 113,111 .11,,1.1,1.g,1.,,1..,M .1,.f211:.11,:11,- ,,11:g,Q N111-111,121 -1,,- my 11:11m11fw1g,1g1- 11111111111 111f1,11z1, 111111111111,11,,111,1 11111111 f1-1m1111111,,11. 1,111,195 11m1111,11, 11 qga2x111Q11m ,1 1wm1,g11 ,111 ---1 mm 1,11 W1 ,,.. M M 11,111 G Q . 7, . K.. . .d ..., ru. L. v ,,.1. NW. : -1 , K , , VF:-' 1' ' 1 1. 1, ,.1, 3? , R-xiii? I .N ,A f. If: 3 ill 11,57 . X ' , ul' -1 1 , -V ,1 - ,1 .' QFNK -' '1 , '1'f-N1 ' .2 I ! 1 5, ., - ,fiz,,,:f1f , 'A ' K M1-11-fsg1',,,-ng., 'T . 15 1, 11 111,gnfiEs1f'ffQg1fg- .- warg-r21.1:1imz-fgzggmvi,ii" 1 1- - fi 1 1 ,,111.Q,' W 1 , 1 !. 1 ff! X. sk Y ,J!.' N -YA .- - 76' Aw 1, 1, 1 4, 1, ,fQi51,ASnQ2w 1 .f W :WL-:,,. 1 - 3 fe W. 113,111 11, 111, 53? szzfsz ,,1s 1,311 fs.-,I 1 ,J -w. ng in the Freshman football program in 1963 were: First row: Dick Breaux, Ric Aboud, Art Mori, AI La Roche, Larry Hebebrand, Preston Hensley, Mike Bruce Hitchcock, Lee Rice, Jack Mutten, Joe Jahn, Coach Brent Carder. Second row: Coach Dave Gorrie, Mark Scholl, Bob Fischer, Jim Habib, Bob Jim Coward, Mike Torbik, Kim Knowlden, Jay Urban, Bill Engler, Chuck Holdren, Tom Turner, Coach Dan lpson, Third row: Coach Bob Cook, Manager Shellenburger, Bill Giguiere, Phil Olwin, Larry Swarbrick, Jeff Kniep, Bill Moffett, Roy Bowen, Rick Hammond, Doug Hayes, Dennis Lorenzini. n l lx A .LS AN -lik 79 l l l l. ... . A.. 4- H , Y-P fo l J . 1 .W be 'x Preston Hensley Center Jack Mutten Fullback Larry Hebebrand Right Guard Mike Warren Left Guard Allan La Roche Right Tackle Bruce Hitchcock Left Tackle Dick Breaux Right End Lee Rice Left End Art Mori Right Half Ric Aboud Flanker Frosh Team Realizes Objectives When the 1963 edition of Frosh football stepped onto the field in September, it marked the beginning of a new era in UCSB football. Expending a great deal of time and effort in recruiting, the UCSB football program launched some of the finest high school talent available. Coach Dave Gorrie's crew showed this talent with an excellent 4-1 season record, Above all, they reached their Freshman football ob- iectives. Heading the Frosh offensive was Jim Habib, a bone- crushing fullback, and scatback halfback Art Mori, who scored four times against Cal Lutheran. At the quarterback slot were Joe Jahn, Bob Fischer, and Phil Olwin who threw to Lee Rice, Ric Aboud and many others. The line, which was headed by such behemoths as Preston Hensley, Bruce Hitchcock, and Alan La Roche, aver- aged around 200 pounds per man and held its opponents to eight points a game. Aided by coaches Brent Carder, Dan lpson, and Bob Cook, Gorrie foresees a fine future for these young men, and a new tradition at UCSB. SCORES WE THEY TEAM 14 0 .. ...Cal Poly 7 6 . . .. .Antelope Valley 0 9 .. ...Long Beach 42 8 . . . . .Cal Lutheran 21 20 .. . . .San Fernando 183 i i t Playing Varsity and Freshman water polo in 1963 were, First row: Frans Nelson, Ross Blue, Doug Reiman, Will Winn, Chris Ostrom, Dennis England, Greg Gory, Alan Grant, John Mortenson. Second row: Mike Schiesel, Don Roth, Alkis Mangriotis, John Bonkerd, Steve Deppe, Jeff Saley, Don Emrich, Russ Franco, Doug Glaeser. Third row: Dave Linden, Lew Boyle, Ralph Barbour, Bob Cummings, Craig Tempey, Kurt Goerwitz, John Firman, Larry Brown, Duncan Guild, Coach Raymond Thorton. Exhibiting the close guarding necessary for winning is Gaucho Frans Nelson lfore- groundi as a frantic Cerritos player attempts to pass the ball. John Mortenson and opponent watch in the background. "Who's out now?" asks expectant Gaucho and Cerritos mermen as one of the game's 78 fouls is called. Gauchos pictured are Saley, Winn, Schiesel, Roth lback- groundl, and goalie Bankerd. Gauchos took 37 fouls and one overtime period to best Cerritos. 184 Roth Paces Polo Team Starting the season with a new coach, this year's water polo team posted a fivelsix, won-loss record. Don Roth edged Will Winn i4-13 for the team's high scorer. The squad was facing university class competition for the initial time and worked hard to meet the challenge. For the first time Roth, Schiesel, Nelson, and Bankerd placed on the All-Cal honor teams. SCORES WE THEY OPPONENTS 3 13 .. . . .UCLA 5 4 .. ...Cal Poly 5 22 . . . . .USC 2 3 .. ...Cal Poly 5 l . . . . .Fresno 5 T4 .. ...Foothill 4 8 . . . . .L.A. State 4 1 .. ...UC Davis 1 12 .. ...UCLA 'li 3 ., . . .San Fernando 8 7 . . . . .Cerritos L .-Eli' Don Roth, Guard Frans Nelson, Guard i Mike Schiesel, Guard John Bankerd, Goalie Jeff Saley, Forward Will' Winn, Forward John Mortenson, For WU Yrl , A. . , , ,Pg A H n R" K mi f, 3' - - q ,,,-Y M .n 'Q ' .N '-' A ' ' Y 3:22 1 X " -":'g'!": fi wx ' '.: .-:"L, M ' p Aj-.iv y J I flux. ' ' 1, ,H A vm HA T,-A Q 1, "X, Q . Jr- A-1' - . -.. , -9 tg 1 Q ,I ,512 'lv-'A ll- '-fy-52 . Q Q' ,V , + i. .. i f . 2 .. , . 'A-X K rp- Q-fi gf. --mrs? . I - yi ,pf .I J, Y A L 5 " , qv A 4 Fil MIN, -4, - ' ' . P..- .I J 15'-.Y ex r- 3" ',.kY" 11: - - Mi, .gy 1 7'-445. 5 - N H-L 1 pr + R , K ff' ,N ,fx V V, , -il-:i -2-"I" 'XS 7,4 my -fr ' n-I E? , A 1 A A V' x v 5 J gr .V wk? 143 A fl 'ff P V ?L f .1 2 F5 A A :kj Y ,F-, ' jf .-,1 71 A X La 4 3 6, gtg 5 " by ,Q 1 K .Q ,J 3 , pp. ' Q. '52, 4 -QA . ,..-gh, f Y: .-f " ' .. kf :. I Y -W g Q54 W vi- , 5' ' 6" L . Hi f. lx . , ,L - mei. an -1 L. A ' WI J --Q if i' ' 'E '55 1 4 . ' 1 5 1,1 .y in 1 .v. M- rf:-.,'x, ' 5 V 9 , ' V- K- '52!fl..- ' ' 'L -A-S, if A2 -4 , r, V3 - 3 'T .I A 9 fi 5- 'N i. ., ,I -g,,,i,, ,Q f, . :Q 4 -- ff " Q - F' ,EJ X , f1f4T"yv-,.':' 54 ,Sy Fu, J! gh M 3: n uk-L - v, E ,, A--M X 11, Q W . -72 Y' - G 1 1 1 . -' .. f ,Q ' . 1, L, . 7,5 -, I E, ,. H. , 'f-Q-lim Em : ' ' . 755, 153- 5 gm ., J' ' if v ,Q M 3 "W A , 5 2 .ii fs. ' ir x-3 ' Q j "'S.Pd, A. EL ' "fi, : 31 -Q " -5 isp' E vi ' ,. ,, - . . ,isa v -:' - 'V 4 V ' . H 5. ' 25' ss, W, 4 '9 1 5 ' H A I xnxx . pf W 1 Y- 11 me f , f A ,lg .9 K. 2' if . - , n K I A 1 , ,f N ,:,,,-,.. . . 'wav . V.,- A'2qi:'Hf --.w ' . ,U v...1- 4- , -,A-T7w,'yw1 , ,. ,bay ,. - .4 ,,, ,.- V f api.. .. 1' V QQX41- 'f , K N U . ' -s sl, mn-, H"':k,. ,W ,..- U mm ..,, 1 -'Yu 'Q .5-0 se-Q ' 1 114,-vs 55,52 ' ' U i . 11.94 I- H510 sk, ., N l 'I . "' 41 - 1 f ' -'Wi-H":J ' 5 ug- FV 5 ,Wigs Q gi 56 1 EL it-:I??E.g,?g-f,.Jjuf!:V , , Wi , . i 2 c?5gp4','j,i5f .. F4 A--' I " ' ..x ' fl I ' e ' -'37 A 11 r 'jg-A , 'K " .K 2519 ,g X Z A .3 A' 'gm A-nz 1 . A aw, Q . JAG? .. 'fi-.'.? -- - ' B 1 M H. . .za ' 7 W Wk 7 ' 1-A Q ,,.:: W4 , I' T' Y ,H I -L? Y, f ,N , E V: I ff Z1 Q Wi ma .A X! Qt- x, H , -fx Gaucho Cagers Big Surprise in WCAC Gaucho Steve Fruchey tries in vain for a rebound against UCLA's Fred Slaughter. This game was the only humiliation in a great UCSB season. The West Coast Athletic Conference is a strong basketball leagu The UCSB varsity, newest entry into the WCAC, was said to be doome to an "also ran" position, but .... il The team defeated the Universit ot San Francisco by 'IO points. Qi The team defeated all its conterenc toes during the year. 31 The team had a T6-8 record going into the clo ing stages of the season. Coach Art Gallons quintet has more than proved during the T963-6 season that the Gauchos are not an "also ran" team. Leading the attack in the first halt of the season was Howard Sun berg, who averaged over 20 points for a seven game stretch. Takin over the scoring leadership after mid-season were a pair of Junior guard Tom Lee and Hal Murdock. Lee turned in a brilliant T9 point performance against UCLA, an Murdock scored 20 against Pepperdine. The Gauchos, according to Gallon, were striving to become the u official champs ot the WCAC. They were not eligible for a title this se son because all new members ot the conterence must wait a year befor being eligible tor the title. Gallon said, "For a team that was suppose to win only tour games, we've done pretty well." Cited for consistent play besides those already mentioned were to wards John Conroy, Bob Yahne, and sophomore Jon Peterson, guar Gary Gaskill, and center Steve Fruchey. The Gauchos could not win the WCAC title in l964, but with Le Murdock, Fruchey, Peterson, Gaskill and part-timer Dan Cobb returnin Coach Gallon cannot help but say, "Wait 'til next year!" Great Gaucho Varsity: Mike Rattanello, Gary Gaskill, Hal Murdock, Tom Lee, Richard Brown, Steve Fruchey, John Conroy Howard Sundberg, Bob Yahne, Bob Leck, Jon Peterson, John Marincovich, Dan Cobb. Kneeling are Coaches Art Gallorl and Ralph Barkey. 186 -, ,.- from 1 -Y- Q bmi' e Comer- Lee from the inside, Lee from the outside. Hol Murdock was "Mr. Consistent" from the field os well os from the free throw line. v-5 4 1 Soskill drives for two points in the is' victory over Pacific. Howord Sundberg grabs o rebound against UCLA, Looking on ore John Conroy ond Tom Lee. 187 lt Was a Long Season for Coach Art Gallon Sometimes secret conferences helped Sometimes quiet thought helped . . . Sometimes prayer helped . . . i .i 1 Wh., it x Sometimes advising the referee helped . . . But olcis, sometimes nothing helped, , i G Sundberg, 6-6 forward, team going all sea- fine offense in early 8 point averagel and in latter part, 1 0 Gauchos Lose Valuable Seniors 'Z Coach Gallon said that John Con- roy, 6-8 forward, was underrated in the amount he gave to the team. Conroy always had that important rebound, or made that game sav- ing lay-up. 5 Bob Yahne, 6-4 forward, was per- haps the best shot on the varsity. One game he hit 7-8 from the field and 5-6 from the free-throw line. His rebounding was vicious and teammates gave him the nickname "bruiser." John Marincovich, 6-0 guard, was the inspirational player all year for the varsity. He did not see much action but nonetheless was never doing anything but cheering on the rest of the team. Gallon said, "he had plenty of reason to complain, but never once did." rl ' l i Qi ' onroy reaches for the ball as entire Gaucho team waits for rebound. Rest of Gauchos from left are Howard Sundberg, Tom Lee, Steve Fruchey and Hal Q Jussi N -: sv L ' E3 ,..g V. MX.. . i . H - ?r - E.. , .t A -.ln .H 5 E , If 32 411' X Q P f 2 ,wa ' li A Q y x L Q kr! Y V X 1 H 4' . A '-,L l , 1 1 at .." Ti. ,gr ' I 'tg' 1 ',' xi F G 5 Q5 .3 , ' , ff G11 mf , . 4 s. rm! ' +1 I A 4 Q 4 Q gb' -4: Q L I, 1 , ' - - F - X 1 ri 3' 154, -gg . lk W I F 1 Q .1 ..,' ' Nw 5- " sum 1- , M my --,E V 1 , 241. -wa IJ- -N ,mliu"'f""" ' 'has l vv- I 'J 1 l Jw ,. ,y ,fgiifm H L 1' 1 W-A ,X I 1,-w "' .1 " 1- -in 44. 1, , I f I as-1, 'f',Q,.T:,,. ' f A w , .1-1,,.'H" 'nj A " " J hw I., , 4 35, fp. Q V, M ' Q ?2.' ,-:'wf"'. -' 'ff-W1 -f s ,-4. V R, va, T X M5 sg ,ff M .W h I 4, ,Rf r vc Q , V I f 1 1 H 'V AA , -- 7 iff- fr, u.: is I, '. 1 'A f 5 ,IIIJ 1' X, If kg, by I iw.. Q ,KK ., va j I Q " 'J 5 1 2 ' Q -:BY 7 -'C iii ' ' 5 , I Q I 1' q , . 5 "v .4 , ? 'Tk 'ik 1551 An, 2, Af if ,, Y . 1 .i' ,F . . ' M A 'IN ff? f 1? x-ag, i L I ,fi-.3 wp: .. 'gli' A-Q ,ffm -1. -miss ucho Coach Dave Gorrie confers with an umpire before the rt of the La Verne game It was the start of a season that cluded USC UCLA Cal and Pepperdine. arsity Nine Boasts Strong Squad sv s1SlW5f2 wwe. rs, bus, WQWJFBVW cs, Ffa. libs, its, row LRI Ron Ramsey Rich Osborne, Ron King, Rod Hollander, Tim Chapman, Wally Mallow, Goehrlng Mike Foster Joe Morbeto. lsecond rowl Coach Jim Wynn, Jim Grant, Larry Blork, Brewer Ray Ford Jason Franc: Ed Preston, Steve Muarry, Bob Heys, John Cole, Gary Pickens, With a tough schedule, some fine athletes marked The start of Varsity baseball in l964. The team boasted wins over a tough alumni and strong La Verne as The season was beginning, The starting nine for the horsehiders were John Cole, First Base, Steve Muarry, Center Field, Gary Pickens, Second Base, Ed Preston, Left Field, Bob Heys, Right Field, Jason Franci, Third Base, Jerry Livesey, Short Stop, and Joe Morbeto, Catcher. The start- ing pitcher was Joe Hendrickson. Tony Goehring, iniured at the loe- ginning ofthe season, was expected to see much action as the season wore on. The team was coached by Dave Gorrie. This was no easy job, with USC, UCLA, Pepperdine, Cal and Stanford on the schedule. In addition a game was scheduled for the early season against the Boston Red Sox, a professional team. The first home-run of the year was hit by first baseman and lead- off hitter John Cole. Considered, by himself, not to be a power slugger, Cole was trying to set an example for the rest of the team to follow during 1964. 1 Ni 1. 'I LI s Pitching the first ball of the 1964 season is Fred Brewer. 191 w Gaucho catcher Joe Morbeto awaits his counterpart opponenfs throw on a successful steal attempt. awaits his turn at bat against La Verne College. His fly brought in o tying run for Gauchos en route to victory. In .. .- an 114. J-se . 1 11.1 .W it :Easy ,V 'seg 2' .- - ,, . ff ' ' g. Q lb---... ' -45-' ,365 psf, . -1- 1 Q . Q- QQ? f'9'V: -- "' H ....rC',.iLQ v.-FLLLGA 1 ,Y lt's going, going, gone for lead-off batter John Cole. It was first time at bat for any Gaucho during the 1964 season-not a bad stort. 193 Frosh Nine Prepared for Tough Year First row: Mike Warren, Bob Rentmore, Roy Ishamori, Tony Taylor, Loren Moore, Mike Mosher, Mel Peters, Mike Verdun. Second row: Mike Fisher lCoachl, Doro Ranken, Ron Babcock, Mike Simpson, Steve Cushman, Don Reck, Dale Drew, Bob Shauer, Gay Smith iCoachl. lm "W ", Q1' it tm - Ron Babcock gets off a throw to first base during afternoon practice. l 94 Gaucho freshman pitcher Mike Verdun prepares to let one fly towards home plate. He has great potential on the mound. Even though they had pl only one game when La Cu went to press, the Fresl baseball team showed co erable strength and good for a fine season. The squad, although sma numbers, was strong in all f Leading the pitchers was Verdun. Other "golden glc of the Freshman team were Babcock, Loren Moore, and M Warren, at second base, field, and catcher respectivel The practice sessions long and strenuous compared what players had known in school, but they were also highly organized. The first game of the se was a 5-2 win over West Frosh. This was only one of number of difficult teams the Frosh faced in 1964. The team had pitching, ting, fielding, and most tant, enthusiasm. L-N V L' -iff '-QTJQ, Catcher Mike Warren takes a high from a teammate. 12 25 Leigh-Taylor puts all his energy and concentration into pinning John Brigham as Brigham Tries ake an escape. Matmen Grapple, Come Out on Top For The TirsT Time in UCSB's history iTs wresTling Team acl a winning record. In dual compeTiTion The Team had 5-3 won-losT record. AlThough The Team had many reshmen and lacked experience, iTs deTerminaTion To do ell broughT success. Senior Jim McMahon did an ouTsTanding iob wresTl- ng as a heavyweighT. He won all his dual meeT maTches xcepT one-which he deTaulTed due To an iniury. Also e won The heavyweighT division aT The All-Cal Tourna- enT aT UCSB. Doug Leigh-Taylor also did well, Taking ci TourTh lace aT The UCLA lnviTaTional meeT. Along wiTh every- ne excepT McMahon, Leigh-Taylor will refurn nexT year WE THEY 5 27... .. 25 11... 31 3... 21 8... 23... 31 3... 3 23... 13... WRESTLING RESULTS OPPONENT Cal Poly lSLOl San Fernando San Fernando Cal Poly lPomonal Cal Poly lSLOl Los Angeles ST. Fresno STaTe Los Angeles ST. o bolsTer a more ex erienced s uad. p q Ed Weiss Tries To Take down Dennis FukumoTo as Dennis aTTempTs To spin and avoid getfing both his shoulders on The maf. -'w.- -4-1 in Wrestling Team members for 1963-64-First row: Steve AbboTT, Ed Weiss, Dennis Fukumofo, and Al Crowder. Second row: Fred Smith, Roger Hauge, Doug Van Vlear, Bob Abboit, Roger Schlesinger, and Randy Keys. Third raw: Bill Bridger, Doug Leigh-Taylor, Bill Lyon, John Brigham, James McMahon, Coach Bill Hammer. 195 Swimmers Exhibit Top Potential The UCSB swimming team, perhaps one ot the str est in the school's history, enioyed success as the seasor gan. The first meet of the year found the Gauchos faci strong UCLA team. The Bruins narrowly escaped upse winning the decisive relay. Most impressive in the meet was freshman John Mc son, who won the 50 and T00 yard freestyle. The first UCSB triumph of the 1964 season came ag San Bernardino College. The versatile Mortenson wor 200 freestyle in 1:55, an exceptionally good time for season. The star in the meet, however, was Gaucho Don who captured the 50 free in 22.7, the T00 in 50.6, ancr the winning relay team, and probably would have clet the pool if not forced to rest a while. A comparatively unnoticed event, but worth as r points as any, was diving. Here Ed Scott showed grea' tential. Freshmen Ralph Barbour and Lew Boyle in the br stroke and freestyle added a great deal of youth and fi success to the team. Back stroke was Frans Nelson's speci which he often won in such midseason victories as 1 against Los Angeles State and San Diego State. Lew Boyle is starter for Chuck Lieberman, Frans Nelson, Ralph Barbour, and Don Crgig Tempey, improving with every meef, WCIS tops the 500 freestyle. With all the freshmen and sophomores on the Coach Ray Thornton and Assistant Mike Schiesel should with relish to the new year. Roth. it L .4-,, 0, UCSB Varsity Swim Team-First row: Dave Linden, Don Roth, Ralph Barbour, Lewwellen Boyle, Mike Silvey, Chris Ostrom, Tom Dooley, Frans Nelson, Mike Schiesel, Ray Thornton. Second row: Chuck Lieberman, John Mortenson, Larry Brown, Craig Tempey, Joe Scott, Tom Tyner, John Frantz. 196 ,,,...' , 1 vm., . K. , , 'A "'52Q+' - ,. ' uf- 'wf . .AK , . 'H L 9 '-Aix.. X421 V-A 1 I 3 v.1-- fA'. .Q i f, -'f,Q'GHAr4 , r' is - Y. I ,H Aw iran" . A jig,- nw - A f 1 ' , -Xa Z"'p'7-lf -. ..-. H , . Aw Varsity Track Strong, Young AN, . :ss-Q'-5 ' , -1-9' ' w -ne- ' ' - 1L:..s.'2' ,.-. sf- - A. 1 .- -- ' Track gets off to a good start in 1964. John Escovedo moves off the blocks in the 440 relay. 'fi Qt Dave Caswell goes up and over in the pole vault. 198 In almost all sports at UCSB during the 1964 season, return of 1963 performers was a most striking feature. Gaucho Varsity track team was no exception. Going into the first meet of the season, Coach Sam predicted a team of impressive strength. In the sprints returnees Bill O'Neil and John Escovedo the way, while distance men Jim Carroll and Bob Russel important in middle distance events. Top hurdler from the 1 team, Dean Griggs, also was counted on again in 1964. the top performers on the team was Jack Burdullis, quarter-mi The track team was helped out considerably by the of milers Jack Roach and Jon Brower along with hurdlers Horton and Rob Dernhardt, from the 1963 Frosh team. Since the only losses from the 1963 team were ez weightmen Larry Rocker and Mike Beresford, these events have figured to be weaknesses. But the slack was to be taken up by Fred Hokanson, Pat McCambridge and Bill E Also, Jim Clark, iavelin champion in the 1963 CCAA finals, sure to be successful in this event during 1964. Jack Burdullis strains toward the finish line. Bur- dullis was the top quarter-miler. fy," r M- F ' ' Ax ,, , - - , , V r , W, Att 1 rw- 'S QT 1 Q. ,. 1 Q' "' . f - eg -I 'F "rf" f- 1 5 "4 v- s, s r-W , r an , B- . Y. , -- V - V -, 1. , 4' ' ' 'l ' L 'E' - ' A ' . ,""fT " '4 ..,s, -" ' ' - 2" 5?-' ' ". ' 1 - ,, , Q, - - ae.. .,r,':,35- ,. , .- .59-5.4, jf :,- ,J L -. -sd' 'W ,, v, n Q ,- n ., 9 1 nur I . .- A -s , -- . -Q 1 1 M g M -Q ,,, . .1 Am K . . ., W , KM f- v I 1 V ' TA A. . 4 . , " 1 . 'L ' A 'A b ' -, ,gt 'I -V env . - . , ,, " ' ' - u - ' 4 N . . ' Y ' . 52- N A Y fr 'V Q Q ,K K ,, vwsfygggfagf ,gi .It ,L-., W - V s ,I ' 3, F' -rI?"". 'lf' "7 , - . - ' V ":'.Qr:3T . 1'-5:28 'f 4-1" .SI --. - ' ' 15' 4' - r V4 - 1 .,.,:...r-,.-. 5 -:QQ1 'gg-w V, - -11 , ldghqh., ,.,,,. -4- -" ' 5-. -.V N llf-2--in "' e - - e -K ' ' "T.1y'?4l::u:' - X LC. . '--,.s. ..-A4 " ' ' ' Bill O'Neill stretches out in lO0 yard dash for a second place finish. rst row: Ken Shields, Bill O'Neill, Brian Smith, Steve Clover, Bob Stoll, Jon Brower, Glenn Destatte, Bob Russell, Bob Jordano. Second row: Jim Dinsmore IManagerl, ylor Clayton, John Johnson, Jack Roach, Art Grix, Jim Clark, Rod Webre, Mickey Eldridge, Bob Denhardf, John Escovedo, Dean Griggs, Jose Done-s lAssistant achl. Third row: Phil Kirkpatrick lAssistant Coachl, Jim Carroll, Dave Caswell, Fred Hokanson, Pat McCambridge, Mike Coray, Bill Burnett, Jack Burdullis, Marsh elson, Ed Lacy, Nate Beason, Sam Adams lHead Coachl. 199 A . ,K i 'Qi .1 Jim Clark gets off a lifetime best toss of 210 feet, He was CCAA champion in this event last fall. 200 An unidentified Gaucho high-iumper says "bottoms up" as he clears the bar on the first attempt. ,, ,,.... Q , 40-"Quia M. ' .... .,-,V "' lu-, - , Nia tb.- Pepperdine hurdier is out in front of Gaucho s Horton lfar righti, but UCSB still won meet. Gauchos Hokanson has iust finished heaving the shot'put over fifty feet making him the Top UCSB threat in this event. 'A ,- " -.. - -. ,F '..'-f.-of", ,'.,--.qt-N '. .f.fu, f . ft "'-'-.- . v -2. --we fi v :1iz.:fw.-L. " ff:Q"t+wf-1-4.3M , . W , -: ' "'f,ii-ff-'z",t'9::f:!"'-1"'7i'--"' ' 1' 'Rauf .:'-iff if ' ' 1 ' L., :,,gfQf.,g:1-39" f.f1v::f:Y s.. ,' -7 " ,.' 'M' B Ayn U v, i-ff. Jfisiy-1'Q,-',"'," H- ",.:-- 4 "tw .- ."i'f-,F rf '-4.-193'-F"k--wrt --P f 1a,aiaL.3..htu.e:mf-f-:1Llf'- ,iwlhb me sf- r as 9 92.29, i 9,12 i 93?- I 4 nm' ' mul ACAAQ i nun a 5095 xl lf-'im '35 1 r, Coach Sam Adams. Bob McCoy, Harold Nathan, Rea Nathan, Jim Allen, Claude Noreiga, Mike Van Camp. Standing: Assistant Coach Phil Kirkpatrick, Mike Iverson, Jim Jerry Fisher, Jim Gee, Tony Rall, Steve Kay, Scott Sullender, Roy Sievers, Holland Freshman Track Has Outstanding Performers The UCSB Freshman track team was lacking in depth, but easily made up for this disadvantage by having some great individual performers during T964 The freshmen, who were coached lay Phil Kirk- patrick and Jose Danes featured Reo Nathan and Jim Allen in the middle and long distances, Jim Gee in the high lump, Steve Van Camp and Jorgan Niel- son in the sprints, Holand Seymor and Harold Na- than inthe weight events, and Claude Noreiga in the iavelin and long lump. Reo Nathan was the number one man in the mile and half-mile, and also anchored the mile relay. Allen ran the mile and two-mile. Both were well un- der the freshman mile record. Gee was a pleasant surprise in the high jump where he cleared 6-l V4, high for Varsity and Fresh- man track. Mills is behind in the T20 yard high hurdles in the first freshman meet of the year 1st Valley State Frosh. Mills lost, but Freshmen won by wide margin. Jim Allen is first UCSB finisher in two mile run, He placed second to Reo Nathan in mile, as both broke the freshman record of 2.27. Nathan had 1:58 in half, and Allen was 9:40 in two mile. 201 3-'Z Edits fi mi ii H.. 59 First row: Lee Reid, Rich Abele, Ralph McArthur, Dave Freeman, Don Gaynor, Mike Garrigan, Dave Thomas, Jim Muzzy. Second row: Coach Doty, Bob Sammis, John Adams, Bill Carroll, Paul Bardacke, Tom Crozier, Mike Watts, John Asarian, Lee Dornpe, Kim Jones, Tom Booth, Dave Hazeltine. Top Athlete Reid Leads Netters is tmprssii " -- eww 11. ll " es :l- ef H il -:-' 9: '? The tennis team opened its first season outside ot the California Collegiate Athletic Association in T964 competing on an independent basis. Ably coached by Ed Doty the team had the services ot returnees Lee Reid, Don Gaynor, Paul Bradarke, Bill Carroll, Lee Dompe, Mike Garrigan, Mike Watts, and Ed Wehan. ln the All-Cal meet the Gauchos made a creditable show- ing. Reid advanced to the quarter-tinals in the open singles division, the best a Gaucho has ever placed. Gaynor took first in the "B" singles, Lee Reid, 1963's number one player and again number one this season, was awarded the Pollack trophy at the beginning of the i963 season for outstanding athletic T15 'iw Q, it Refi!-if Iver R, . l achievement in l963. This was quite an honor to Reid, and to tennis in general, often considered a minor sport at UCSB. f' - .il V 4 ,f ' -ff! Don Gaynor prepares to serve the ball in a practice match. Lee Reid returns ball with his typical forehand smash. 202 Veterans Return to Spark Golf Team The UCSB golf Team, surprise second place finishers in The CCAA finals in 1963, Took To The links wiTh virTually The same Team cmd greaf hope Tor an even more successful '64 season. Led by Bob Clancy, Dick Fisher, Lew GarbuTT, Dave Lynch, Al Bills and Mark HamilTon, The Team was coached by Melville "Doc" Kelliher. In The TirsT maTch of The year, The Gauchos defeaTed Long Beach STaTe, 30-24. The low Gau- cho man in The meeT was Clancy. If was he who asTounded many experTs in T963 by Tying for low man in The CCAA Tinals, and losing The championship only in a sudden deaTh. IT would have been a surprise To many if Clancy had Tin- ished in The Top Ten! Added To The UCSB agenda of spring sporTs in T964 was Freshman golf. The Team had noT played a maTch aT press Time' buT iT included several golfers shooTing in The low 70's The varsiTy Team played iTs home maTches aT La Cumbre CC ancl The Freshmen compeTed on The SanTa Barbara Municipal Links. 'H ' "l T- T. Y T 1'i-.T I ,H -'T I I T 'll " l il 1 'I I -1' il'lll- A . 3 r iv T 1 l' -4141 iii, .'. . A 1 , . issing on a practice puTT is Dave Lynch of Golf Team. The Tap five on This year's Gaucho Golf Team from leTT To righf are: FirsT row. Dave GoldsmiTh, and Lew GarbuTT. Second row: Mark HamilTon, RoloerT Clancy, and Dave Lynch. .Q Finishing his swing for a hilly wood shot is Bob Clancy, last year's Top Gaucho Golfer. The scene is The La Cumbre Country Club Course in Santa Barbara. . 5Qp5v,12:v2giyn, ' 'seeks-Y '- ' 4-' -Cf' fu 1 .QN I if X-35 I 5,1- 1 . ,415-' H -ha """'g V . If ff if -Q , , f' " ' ' , , 7' lf.-- 7 W A, M' - M fi 'E 3. -- J. i ,fy . J., Qqf-. V p , ,,f' 4 A 2 Z ' If IV , n . - - V ,' -, 2,2 W 'Af' ,If ' ' if if-"', fl ' a 'I .w' Z I ' ,fy" V A f .f .. ,rw " V ,f P ir ,ff F' 5, , 1 ! "V 5 5 v L 9 X" 5 ,f ii: ,.' l v " .iff X ff f 'Q it " N .- '- . f l ', . f 7' I , in ii: 1 ii, 9, I, if V " , D .,,5'1"u . . fi X T' " fl ' 1' - . i .V " ' s .. " :' I T'-'- J" . 'FK'-V' F' ' lt s ,I ' 6 .. , .gm , A Ai 'el e tg 1, r f -Mrs wife! A- it 4 -. K ' 6 ,, , . W ,' . 1 J, Iv ti ,- ' 'A4Z:,6' : W -H K. ,P 51 my - ,., c x RHA, Greek, and University-approved housing, while distinctly separate institutions, are united in their mutual participation in various activities. Their union, entente corcliale, is increasing with the establishment of traditions and the development of UCSB. UCSB's new "skyscraper," San Miguel, created a surprising amount of interest on and off campus. Notable features include terraces, elevators, four- and six-man rooms, and a ladies room full of surfboards. Greek living is marked by organized, selective, and close-bound rela- tionships. Its tradition of competition and cooperation with RHA is exempli- fied by Homecoming, Pushcart Races and Greek Week. Women residing in off-campus supervised housing, while enjoying the privileges of close-knit living and Isla Vista Market, share in such on-campus activities as Homecoming and Women's Intramurals. , - vw- - T : 7-.ef , ',4::-- K H n:: ' A t , . r- r lfr X 'l'.- 7 ivi Gr ' 4 i-il-lt". ,1 3, , t I i Tr :M u ' i I e lj J: 5, " i Q 422 Q ' ,, i N- '-in si , 4, .--' - Q., r r X - tg jf. S I' , W W X Zfll PRACTICE FOR INTRAMURALS SORORITY FOOTBALL QA ZIA I I I I I BEACH PARTIES ' I FALL PLEDGING BIG AND LITTLE SISTERS PINNINGS DANCES ,.w'f47:?-:H f 5 ,T Y --'lf' q-, Iiffbgf'-X? I I 'I UI A' ' . ff f 1:11.11 ' , IQ' vi 3 any IIWH' Qu, I1 IMI I H ff ' 'IF' WI Q' I QI'-E. I ' -WF? ' lvfff I' If 2 I I. I I 'vi ' I1 , -...f . - -I ,hgq --:,'1,v. I-. I 1 If I I ,xi . U: I If-.v-1 -guys L51 iw QM 5 ,.I 5 , ,IN IJ, H 7 4 I-V-1 X Ig I :I 4I Ig U ' .jr Kg., N I' Qi - . I .I 'VU j -:. -itv Yf Ig W? IH: ' I I sf 1.1166-ffii I " +P- 1 I' -'LA' I Xa, ' SCHOLARSHIP PARTIES FLOAT BUILDING , ' '51 " . I y if-it - -I I' ,7 lf I. I H 1' Q3 - ' . 'f-,iff -Ig 354' - ' gg, .3 I4 , f I I-v, ' ' xii' V " , L Q, .f, ,mv Y l I s B' Vu' J T wif- Q KH' X 'x SORORITY RUSH 207 I TER-FR TER ITYCOLINCIL Fall Delegates and House Presidents -First row, Juan Kelly, Kappa Sigma, Erick Roth, Sigma Pi,-Phil Goar, Phi Kappa Psi, Randy DonanT, Phi Kappa Psi, STeve Hellman, Phi Kappa Psi, Mike White, Sigma Pi. Second row, Rich Miller, Sigma Pi, Bill Rusher, Kappa Sigma, Mike Fisher, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Gary Smalley, Lambda Chi Alpha, Norm Wood, Lambda Chi Alpha, Ed Whipple, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Chet Moore, Chi Sigma, PeTe Dowler, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Dennis Parmer, Chi Sigma, Dave McEachen, Chi Sigma. The lnTerfraTerniTy Council, composed of represenTaTives from each TraTerniTy on campus, is designed To promoTe and sTrengThen a closer cooperaTion among The fraTerniTies and Their members. lFC coordinaTes policies wiTh regard To rushing procedures, pledging, mainfenance, and oTher maTTers concerning The TraTerniTy sysrem. Realizing Thar The main obiective in college is scholarship, The Council promoTes high scholastic ideals by means of a scholarship program and by rewarding Those who have achieved excellence in academics wiTh The Mehoff Scholastic Award. IFC annually co-sponsors Greek Week in The Spring, which is climaxed by The All-Greek Picnic. This year The fra- TerniTy ruling body, along with Panhellenic, insTiTuTed The UCSB Honor Symposium, designed To acquainT ouTsTanding local high school sTudenTs wiTh The campus. During The Spring, IFC began planning for The erecTion of new TraTerniTy houses during The coming year. Spring Delegates and House dents-First row, Naihan Lambda Chi Alpha, Jim Lambda Chi Alpha, Rich Lambda Chi Alpha, Jeff Sigma, Second row, Lee Reid, Sigma, Michael Milakovich, Phi Epsilon, Sian Orrock, Epsilon, Randy Donant, Psi, Phil Goar, Phi Kappa ert Reed, Phi Kappa Psi, Mike Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Third Jim Parnell, Sigma Pi, Rich I' Sigma Pi, Mike White, Sigm Gordon Braham, Kappa Sigrndn Rusher, Kappa Sigma, Tom Cu Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Pete D Sigma Phi Epsilon, Dennis PJ Chi Sigma, Norm Wood, La Chi Alpha, Dave McEachen,. Sigma. 208 PA HELLENIC Panhellenic worked this year to provide understanding, cooperation, and friendship among The eight sororities on campus. Concluding a successful Fall Rush period, Panhellenic held its annual "Presents," in which over 200 young women were presented as new pledges ofthe Greek organizations. AT This Time The scholarship Trophy was presented to Sigma Kappa sorority for The highest scholastic average for The past year. Panhellenic coordinated monthly exchange dinners between member houses, and worked iointly with The interfra- Ternity Council in planning Greek Week, which included an open house night for The entire student body. IFC and Panhel Together also laid The groundwork for an annual symposium To interest high school seniors in The intellectual offerings of UCSB. 'Q - - r- '-'r -1.1.3,-, 1 I OFFICERS-First row, Diane Hill, Corresponding Secretary, Lynn Pendle- SPRING OFFICERS-First row, Terryl Dee Petty, Rush Chairman, Lynn Pendle- President. Second row: Nancy Hughes, Recording Secretary, Sue Peterson, ton, President. Second row, Susie Eggers, Corresponding Secretary, Suzanne Chairman, Marty Crooks, Judicial Chairman, Dottie Pipkin, Vice-Presi- Williamson, Treasurer, Marty Crooks, Judicial Chairman, Dottie Pipkin, Vice- Susan Savant, Delegate. Not pictured: Carole Ray, Treasurer, Donna President, Judy Hale, Recording Secretary. Not pictured, Mary Turner, Pub- Publicity Chairman. licity Chairman. DELEGATES AND HOUSE PRESIDENTS-First row: Pendleton, Pi Beta Phi, Bobbie Burnette, Pi Phi, Deanne Mistretta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Asbury, Sigma Kappa, Sue Bogardus, Delta na, Diane Hill, Alpha Phi. Second row, Gret- Schlotter, Chi Omega, Susan Savant, Pi Beta Marty Crooks, Kappa Alpha Theta, Dottie Pip- Sigma Kappa, Sue Peterson, Delta Zeta, Janet Alpha Delta Pi, Nancy Hughes, Alpha Delta Pi, Jeanne Davidson, Alpha Phi. SPRING DELEGATES AND HOUSE PRESIDENTS -First row: Suzanne Williamson, Chi Omega, Diane Kellar, Alpha Delta Pi, Deanne Mistretta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Terryl Dee Petty, Delta Zeta, Susie Eggers, Alpha Phi, Lynn Pendle- ' ton, Pi Beta Phi. Second row: Judy Hale, Alpha Delta Pi, Marty Crooks, Kappa Alpha Theta, Dottie Pipkin, Sigma Kappa, Sue Peterson, Del- ta Zeta, Connie Asbury, Sigma Kappa, Vicke- Leigh Yarwood, Pi Beta Phi. 209 Karen I. Alexander Karen L. Alexander Sue Ambrose Donna Beick Jeanne Bowman Joyce Bruns Georgie Bryson Barbara Cauchon Cassandra Coates Gretchen Cox Marian Dale Laurie Darling Merry Delbridge Carole Duffendack Debby Dunn Eileen Ebert Bev Esterbrook Trudie Fletcher Sally Fox Marianne Gamboni Judy Hale 210 Caroline Haupt Jo Horner Jane Howland Nancy Hughes Joan Huntsman Nancy Jacobs Diane Kellar Ellen Kilgo Margie Kinley Pam Kitchel Sue Klipfel Carol Lady Margie Lakin Ellen McCauley Jill McKillop Susan Merryman Linda Milliken Lucky Pearl - 1 . D Janet Starkey, Elaine Webster, and Suzie Sanford show off their Spring hats. A D Pi pledges Jill McKillop, Kris Rice, and Diane Webster through their spaghetti dinner, without the aid of utensils, chairs eyesight! WO. . ALPHA DELTA Pl BTA , 0 L ' ' '4 XX' .P !wl l ti ko GAMMA Xl CHAPTER 106 national chapters Founded May 15, 1851 Wesleyan Collegey Macon, Georgia Pam Porter Dee Dee Powers Lynn Rampton Paulette Rash Cathi Read Eileen Reider Kris Rice Starting out Fall Semester in royal style, The Alpha Delta Pi lion roared hello to thirty-one new pledges. Sporting the sorority's blue and white, these thirty-one promptly became active in campus activities along with their sisters. The lion ioinecl A D Pi's and their dates as they were ship- wrecked on a South Sea Isle in October, an affair complete with costumes and dance combo. Then, between studying and T.G.I.F.'s, energy was Turned Toward Homecoming and float- building with Chi Sigma. The lion reigned victorious as The tloaT's Salute to Greek Literature: "The Myth of Phaeton" achieved sweepstakes laurels. With the holiday season came the gala Christmas Formal at Hidden Valley, and Spring Semester brought the lion into action as Alpha Delta Pi presented the annual King of Diamonds Dance to the student body. The lion showed his strength and might Throughout The year as The Seniors and humble pledges executed various pranks and ditches. The Juniors, mere "in-betweeners," did more than their share to keep the Seniors occupied and pledges satisfied, and The Alpha Delta Pi lion saw yet another successful year turn to history. Sue Scheidler Diana Scott Ruth Senter Bobette Serences Laurie Sherarcl Nancy Sloper Barbara Smith qw Sheryl Smith Jan Snedden Janet Starkey Linda St. Clair Bonnie Taylor Bev Tedrow Julie Thompson Lynne Thompson Diane Webster Elaine Webster Debbie Welsh Nancy Welsh Pat Whittlesey Jeanna Yost 211 at Debbie Dodds Diana Doupe Linda Drawbolt Barbara Duddles Georgia Eastwood Susie Eggers Penny Faust Pat Ferguson Sara Jo Flanders Sue Fogarty Diane Gale Carol Gee Tery Helbush Diane Hill Kitty Hill Jacquie Ames Karen Awes Sue Baldwin Eleanor Bertino Pam Bleyle Sherry Boone Pat Bower Carole Broock Kathy Cable Sherry Casey Susan Cassell Carol Crooker Betsy Danch Jeanne Davidson Patty Dillon Sue Dirkes 3. This year saw a completely rejuvenate house opened to a sparkling pledge clas of twenty-two girls. Efforts began immed ately to negate the "intellectual famine, but activities did not sutter from neglect. Alpha Phi held a fine Winter Dance, an repeated the excellent showing of last year' Heart Fund Drive. With Spring carne Sprin Sing and the traditionally successful forma A new addition tothe yearly calendar toun its form in a Pledge Dance, which proved roaring success. Active Alpha Phi support in Frosh Cam Honeybears, Colonel's Co-eds, Spurs, an Chimes rounded out what will be remem bered as one ot the most rewarding yea ever. Touiours gai, Alpha Phi! GAMMA BETA CHAPTER 78 national chapters Founded October 10, 1872 Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York Diane Hill, Pam Turner, Donna Loperena, and Karen Awes wand if they are outside looking in, or inside looking out. C1 Peirce hy Pierce ol Posz e Proctor cy Reomer Schendel ole Scott no Stearns tchen Stoskopf sy Sullivan ryAMarg Swift in Thompson T1 Turner ine Twitchell 'vill Veech Wan Wagner ren Walker ce Waters ren Werner :ie West rrthcl White ncy Jo Wiley arry Yant ALPHA PHI Barbara Horn Nikki Huber Judy Jacox Tina Johnson Jill Joubert Leslie Kinsley Carol Langford Marilyn Longinotti Donna Loperena Sue McNeeIy Channing Miller Pearl Ohanian Q-wv x..f "Oh give me a home where the buffalo roam . . 213 LL Carol Cate Jean Cavender Barbara Clark Kris Giebler Fran Gomez Marilyn Gregory Sally Gutting Kathy Haig Pot Henry Mary Hilkerbaumer Lynda Hofmann Lindo Cosgriff Linda Covall Jean Crane Carla Diehl Gay Dowling Christie Dunbar HI OMEGA Susan Armel Jane Beckord Joan Below Hope Benedict giiig- O 1 DELTA DELTA CHAPTER 133 national chapters Founded April 5 1895 Fayettville, Arkansas Hen riette Besso lmbert Kathie Calhoun Diane Corner Carole Carney C is for Chi Omega, The X and the old horseshoe, which re sents to a group of girls a sorority and a sisterhood to H is the Homecoming float designed and built with The "Epicurean Art" was The Theme which was executed lively lilt I is for abiding interest in campus activities, sales, commit councils, plays, and GGR and Spring Sing sung in many O stands for The opportunity to get an education-classes fessors, notes and lectures, and the knowledge that was M represents the mystery of pledge Tricks planned, work parties, paddles, entertainment, finally together they banned E is The excitement shared as formal time drew near. Ra faces, happiness, music, and moonlight places. These ories remain especially dear G stands for Goleta Boys' Club-a lively, sprightly cre Christmas party with Old Saint Nick-games and pres merriment, songs and laughter! of this we shared with sister Chi O- we'll hold close memories of these years wherever we may go All Chi O's pause before taking off for their Wild West Theme Party for Fall rush. fag ' -'L . so 0 V I Q University of Arkansas, n. S .1 1 1 . V." 1 -1 1 .uv 'A' 1. ,. via 1-01 G 1 I 1 1 1 in 1 i 3 .pf mit '1 1 .11 1 -.-. his 51'-sf' We KJ., LV., H ' ff! 5. M r " -1- u I .1 1 effhqz ,Q5 1 Wig. 3 -Q f -1. '11 s w- 2-!:Y4j?iQfE'f' ' in . ?A..J,i.',f:,,Q .C'-1 ,wg qix' '51-':" 'if' 11 11 1 .51 .5-'iid ' 1 147,-,J 11 ' 1' 11 ' 1 1.1 1273? J 3: A Tf . f E .1 in ,AP Y 1 P B- jf, ,mir Q. 14" P1 if. I ig. -491 -'iw If .1 4. ,l Hi' is J. ,--f . f 1 , 1 1 N13 13:11 11111 I-L1 wi... ASK, Q f 1 1 Aff... 1 N ' 42, -:1 - ' Q 1 1"-I1'-., .135 'V .1 V. 1 , , Q. 1 11 .. J. "1 .. sv X ' . ,,, . , 111111111 1 --1 . 'f-1' 3'.-1-...-L , " " ' 1 -ig? . 1'.'1, - ' -- 1 K ' 1 1 1. ' ' '1 1 - . 1. If .2 A',,'1.,' 5-5 1 1 . 'I -aff A 5-1- -.g 1 J? . fgnlfj vi ' L- Y? 5. 11,111.1 I W '1:.!-: X., Lx 'Q t .1 1, l1 f-lu '13 ,. 1 i 34 s 1 ' l '-, . V1 ag 1 111 2 . K Q : ,K-,J .4 152.1 ' 15,11 '1 L if ,,.1-v Sandi Bogordus Lindo Chczce Diane Dunford Jon Goodwin Ann Herrington Sue Bogcrdus Cathy Cords .lon Ecnsfon Diana Greve Kathy Hembree elTa Gamma SororiTy has one of The mosT e TradiTions in Their selecfion of The Anchor of The Monfh. The chosen man is one who one a loT for The house and for The girls, ask him To dinner and There presenT him a Trophy. The DG's also selecT an ouTsTand- ember To be DG of The monfh. he SAE's honored Delta Gamma ColleTTe el when They chose her as a LiTTle Sisfer of rva. esides The usual porticipafion in Home- ng, Spring Sing, and PushcarT Races, The ity wiTh iTs eighTeen pledges aided blind nTs, reading To Them whenever possible. Kuchel Lazenby dette Lucio MacKinzie McQuaid n Melendy Mello He Mendell Montgomery Moore Nelson Noble y Paine almer Paulazzo nn Rafcliffe Reading i Shaw y Silliphanf E7 Skamser Sollar cy Son e Squier y Turner 134 y Vedder le Vesy lyn Ward Sue Henry Midge Hoffman Karen Hood Betty Hopkins Gail Hyde Carol Johnson Marti Johnson Beth Jolly Marina Jurras Susan Korb Kay Krueger Sue Krueger Delia Gamma Fall PresenTs 'hs a 'Y N QQ, mmm DELTA ZET From Peru To Poland To the Navaio Indian Reserva- tion, Delta Zeta members were involved in service and honorary work over The summer. Their avid enthusiasm extended to The school year in which no aspect of college life was overlooked. The energy and Talent of The girls focused on campus services including: A.S, Community Board Chairman Susi Kovitz, Women's Representative at Large Gail Grigsby, Drill Team Captain Judy Heyes, and The Legislative Council. Projects such as volunteer Work in Santa Barbara hospitals and Taking children from Camp Conestoga To football games made it a year full of dedication to others. Social activities included a successful ditch by the pledges, Open House, serenades, desserts, Spring Sing, float building, and a lovely Christmas formal in Santa Maria. Thus, from Fall Rush To the final final, This proved To be an outstanding year for Delta Zeta. -ei 'F' 1' 4- Lf Nancy Nesmith, Nina Higgs, Jane Slover, and Carol Flath put in long hours on the award-winning DZ Homecoming float. 218 Carol Flath Myra Ford Linda Gaustad Harriet Genser Gail Grigsby Judith Hedin Karen Helms Judy Heyes Janina Higgs "All aboard!" Delta Zetas take Camp Conestoga children To the football games Dial Barnwell Carolyn Betts Sally Betts Cindy Chamberlin Kathy Davidson Judy Dykstra l 'L Az Meinecke Minech elson Nesmith Norberg e O'Neol Palm Peterson Dee Petty Sargent Scott eth Shultz Slover Spiedel Sprinkle .lo Steven Sullenger oplin ro Thayer H Thompson Wolker Neothers wio Wolfe l Jn Worth tie Wright I I SOF1 DELTA PSI CHAPTER T56 nahonal chapters Founded October 24 1902 Mlclml Unlverslty Oxford, Ohlo y. 'fri N..-. Borboro Hunter Noncy John Carolyn Johnson Suzt Johnson Sus: Kovttz Leslte Krueger .rf Y... 2 .v, :lv QS' 1.0 -Q .- uf '51-... i ...,.. '7 O'-1 t - T l :xt-Vu 4+ ltiffli X 1 -" DZ's corriecl out on "Alice in Wonderland" theme for C1 Fall rush party. 219 Mimi Chappe Pam Clalworihy Liz Cleeves Marty Crooks. Lori Dahl Linda Daley Vicky Davies Ann Deaion Judy Favour Joanne Fisher Belly Fitch Sue Fletcher Donna Flynn Penny Fries Gail Geiseri Julie Gerry Judy l-luntsberger Karen Jacobsen Jane Johnson Jan King Candy Krohn Mary Lasher Susie Letton Marilyn Luskin Ginny MacDonald Diane Manning Diane Mason Judy Matthews 220 KAPPA ALPHA TH ETA GAMMA RHO CHAPTER 89 national chapters Founded January 27 1870 0 no Carolyn Ames Liz Baker Cam Brown Peggy Burns Pai Carroll Par Casfeel Depauw University, Depauw, Indiana Lynne Allasia Susan Allen 5?-1-f f ---. 'W Sa- This year The TheTa kiTe flew higher Than ever, receiving iTs firsT boosf during Fall Rush with seventeen pledges. Parody was The keynoTe of The GGR entry entifled "To Benson's." Thetas coupled wiTh Sigma Phi Epsilon to secure second place honors, Mixed Greek Division, in floaT building. Soon The kite was soaring over The infectuous Chrisfmas season with Thetas caroling at orphanages and senior ciTizens' homes wiTh Sigma Phi Epsilon and celebrafing The annual Christmas formal. Second semester scholarship and spiriT soared. Thetas entered Push Carts and Spring Sing with high hopes and sTrained voices. The annual Spring Formal rounded out a consisTenTly exciting and rewarding year puncTuaTed by Two innovations: brown lunch bags lwith black and gold lunch pails soon To followl and a new mascot named "Oswald" Mandy Maxfield l Lois McCubbin l Deanne MisTreTTa 1eta's chow down, showing typical summer living. "What do you mean, Theme Night is called off?" Joann Nelson Karen Nelson Tina Nelson Edie Oberg Solly Parsons Laurie Petersen Nancy Porter Gayle Pugh Vickie Robinson Jan RUTT Cindy Sayward Karen Senior Wendy Shillam Fern Soffel Ingrid Stalfors Kathy Strand Sally Stuart KaThy Taylor Marcia Toney Sande Townsend Fran Tucker Lee Vice Merrily Vincent Ginnie Wagner Karol Welch Susan Wiley 221 , Judy Allen Diane Avery Sandy Bailey Sue Belsey Cathy Bennett Genie Bernthal Nancy Brooks Bobbie Burnette Pl BET PHI lwlflalllillllllly-144-1'xx1.q, lilhlzlflfifi' CALIFORNIA ZETA CHAPTER 109 national chapters Founded April 28, 'I867 Monmouth College, Monmouth, Illinois Pi Beta Phi chose twenty-three pledges to make i963-64 a top year. They put the pledges to work as Homecoming week- end brought with it excitement, GGR, excitement, float building with the Delts, and excitement. Then followed All-Cal at UCLA where the Pi Phi's participated extensively. Next on the list of maior activities came the Christmas For- mal, which put the girls in the spirit of-studying for finals. Pi Phi's wound up the year with more events that can be described only as big, as they participated in Spring Sing and held their traditional Spring Formal. Penny Coale Joan Creighton Nancy Daudistel Nancy Davis Eileen Desmond Carol Emery Carol Ferguson Cathy Franklin Janet Frenchick Jessica Greene Gini Hairgrove Holly Hall Kathy Harbordt Ann Harrington Sue Hill Costumed pledges raid the House to give a pumpkin full of candy to the actives. Peterson Pitts Reeder Rudd Russell -f Ryder n Sauer Savant Smith Smith e Suttle Thorpe ara Tompkins Veseley n Watts Jo Wehrheim Wheeler e Williams Wormser Li Yarwood rgia Young Zant Wendy Matson Barbara Metzger Carol Miller Carolyn Parker Lynne Pendleton Lee Anne Horine Sallie lrvin Barbara Jordan Sue Jordan Carolyn Lawrence Mary Leinster Diana Litts Mimi Loomis Meme Magee A backstage look at the Pi Phi s final preparations for Olympia Case," Sweepstakes GGR skit Sigma Kappa's in Swiss attire transformed their house into a Hofbrau House for Fall rush Theme Night. SIG JE F9 19 Ui A U. 0 0 R' G , I Q .. L0 C25 , BETA CHI CHAPTER 100 national chapters Founded November 9, 1874 Colby Collegeg Waterville, Maine "Passion in the Sand," the Sigma Kappa GGR skit, placed second in competition. Connie Asbury Carole Bedford Karen Bledsoe Joy Engel Donna Ensign Janet Farneman Bonnie Bonner Shirley Bretonne Pat Burke Emily Butler Donna Carnahan Dianne Copass Grace Davis Janet Davis Nancy Denton 224 PPA Fall Semester began with the National President of ma Kappa, Mrs. Betty Douglas, visiting the chapter. Fall Presents Panhellenic honored Sigma Kappa with trophy for the highest over-all active and pledge class ade point average. New patio furniture, bike rack, and dge pranks highlighted the Fall Semester, with Home- ming, GGR, a Fathers' Weekend, and desserts with ternities widening the social gamut, The Christmas rmal, the Christmas Tea, and a hilarious Christmas use party climaxed the holiday season. Spring was busy with the annual Violet Ball, RRR, shcarts, Spring Sing, Goleta Charity Ball, Senior Break- st, and philanthropy work. Initiation, parties, retreats, eek Week, and other traditional activities rounded t the year. Individually, Sigma Kappas were busy throughout e year with membership in Crown and Scepter, Honey- ars, Kappa Delta Pi, Pi Sigma Alpha, and the chair- nships ot Assemblies and Elections Committees. Many mas also participated in the various dramatic pro- ctions on campus. fron Nye othy Pipkin ncy Rankin 'an Riggins Lbara Riley rol Rohrs ni Saxton dra Schopfer dy Shaw e Snyder an Timrott y Trousdale e Weber ne Wiiliams 9 Betty Fletcher Helen Gillies Beth Goodfriend Judy Green Ann Grogan Lynda Gutknecht Marianna Hamilton Judy Herms Scharleen Hopkins Marilyn James Julie Jensen Karen Jury Sharon Kalenborn Gisella Kapplinghaus Carol Lacy Marylee Lannan Jan Laurie Michelle Marshall Sue Mesick Karen Moyer Teri Norris Redoubling their efforts in pursuit of The White Cross, the brothers of Chi Sigma found that gaining a charter is easier sung about than achieved. The UCSB colony began its attempt to join the national fraternity Sigma Chi two years ago with seven charter members, and to date has increased by eight-fold. Hard work scholastically and physically produced the use- ful new Chi Sig Way bordering The lagoon, a startling new ath- letic Team, "Big Blues," and The Greek scholarship trophy. Uni- versity service proiects were initiated and intra-Greek programs supported. Morale grew as self-confidence and membership increased. Homecoming-the Chi Sigs teamed with Alpha Delta Pi in presenting UCSB with its Sweepstake-winning float, "The Myth of Phaeton," a magnificent salute to Greek Literature. Social relaxation was not overlooked in the fast-paced school year either. Besides the many informal parties staged by the brothers, the Hidden Valley winter formal will remain a high point on the Chi Sig social calendar. ln seeking to maintain the best of both academic and social endeavors while fostering individual development, Chi Sigma exhibited a drive that startled many this year. V-. Future home of Chi Sigma Jeff Foster Layne Fuller Denny Gherini Klyne Headley Al Henderson Jim Howland it Joe Isaacson Dave McEachen Buddy McQueen Ken McRoberts Chet Moore Jim Muzzy if AI Aamodt Steve Abbott Bruce Allen Dan Bennett Mark Joe Comella Jim Cowell Vic Cox Dave Jerry Curtis Stef Dietrich Tom Dooley Bob England Chi Sig's pause during their work on the Chi Sig Way, the new path ing the lagoon. HI SIGMA A COLONY OF SIGMA CHI 138 national chapters Founded June 27, 1855 Miami University: Oxford, Ohio Ralph Nair Craig Nash .lorgen Nielsen Terry O'Conr1or 4 f I v r,. "I'll bet you can't do it again!" Bill Pardue Dennis Parmer Bruce Pierson Norm Poppen Tom Sanford Bruce Shaw John Siamas Gary Sifton Tom Spenser Mike Stevensen Bob Taylor Chris Taylor Ed Venn'Watson John Wagner Bob Weiser Steve Whitney Bob Yates Jim Zerkle Gary Zimmerman Paul Zipp 227 Larry Amberg Norm Bailey Blair Ballard Bud Banker Tupper Blake Mike Bray DELTA PSI CHAPTER 90 national chapters Founded February, 1859 Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia John Grohe Monte Guild Steve Hall Fred Hokanson Mike Horst Nick Javaras Dennis Kuitler Bill Lippincott Fred McCarl Dave McNamara Norm Manz Bill Bronson Ga ry Brooke Ted Bruinsm Bill Burnett Dick Cantrell Da ve Caswe Bernie Conra Tom Conway Gary Kerry Mike Mike Mike Mike DaVirr DaVirr Dorn Fiori Garrig Groha Mark Merlin " iOle Torre!" is the cry as the Pi Phi's and Delis ride clown State Siree their Homecoming float, "The Arr of Bullfightingf' DELTA TALI DELTA Muggill ullenaux Noren Olio Powers Raykovich Regur osenberg Roth Sands anford Sauter huler Sellstrom Bherborne imith Staley e Thomas 'hompson Townsend Jrbon Waldvogel Wheaton Here's a toast to college yearsl This year began with an annual all-school two-man Volley- ball Tournament innovated and sponsored by Delta Tau Delta. Twenty-tive teams entered the tourney, with tour otsthose cap- turing place trophies. For Homecoming the Delts teamed up with Pi Beta Phi to work on Their float, "The Art ot Bulltightingf' Fall semester also saw the Delts migrating to the slopes for a ski trip, a lively coed function. The spring sun found the Delts wrapped in palm tronds and lava-lavas for the annual Spring Luau, complete with Polynesian cuisine and tropical atmosphere. With a recent record of two consecutive all-school intra- mural sports trophies, the Delts were spurred on again this year with victory in mind. Football, basketball, volleyball, and base- ball were the main sources ot power, but the Delt watermen, as well as many ot the other event contenders, kept the com- petition hot and lively all the way around. Delt's parents come for their annual inspection of fraternity lite. The men of Kappa Sigma carried through another year amid cries of "Social pro, here we go" with big Hillebrand and Louie Panizzon marshalling the forces President and Treasurer. Kappa Sig's channeled their into a variety of activities including: another dazzling l coming tloat that reaped tirst place honors with Ta the now famous and much copied overnight formal at Madonna Inn in the Spring, and the many fine Kappa parties. The traditionally close-knit group spread its and welcomed a fine twenty-two man pledge class soared house membership higher than ever. With coi tion started on the new Kappa Sig House, the prospe living together appear quite promising. KAPPA SIGMA Michael Coleman Bill Cook Merle Countryman Mike Douglass Dave Dresia Dale Drew Roger Druehl Dick Ellingson Bill Fiske Jim Fleming Frank Foretich Steve Gantner Carlo Golina Gene Grant Mel Gregory Tim Hillebrand 230 Gordon Graham Bob Burd Lynn Burford Richard Cohan John Cole Steve Abney Cork Bowen 'S ' A Our group had 701, more cavities . . Chuck Holliday Ken Holsters John Hunt Juan Kelly 'ggfx Randy Keys Fred Link David Lynch John Mack Robert Mairs Mike McKee Russ Melching Robert Neal Dan Neyenhuis l EPSILON THETA CHAPTER 'I36 national chapters Founded December 10, 1869 University of Virginiap Charlottesville, Virginia .Y , , 4 .fr f -1 It 'ilijdflqg H i I3 . Kappa Sig's stage a Sit-in Demonstration. They're on the wagon . . . Jan Cooper, John Cole, Mike Coleman and Nancy Reomer. i is i l L l l '4 is, V i 35 A Torn Palley Louis Panizzon James Pitblado Bill Quisnell Bill Rusher Kirk Ryskamp Ron Salter Frank Smart Wes Stevenson Bill Swartz John Turner Pat Welch Chris Williams Dennis Williams Steve Yant Bill Yule 231 lr U 'Z-'I I My . Q ,,. ,.,e Lambda Chi actives helped the pledges make their grades. Not a moment was lost. Tim Chapman Clark Childers Fred Cockerham Bud Crouch Chuck Diddy John Distad Don Emrich Larry Emrich George Fairchild Gary Friedman Don Gardner Henry Genthe Even minor distractions could not stop them. Bill Albrecht Kent Auguston Nate Beason Fred Bonde Jim Braithwaite Jim Briscoe Art Brownell Charley Carson Dave Goldsmith Bob Gray Hal Green. Mike Grew Don Griffiths Fred Guillermo Wendell Hans Larry Harford Bob Hartman Larry Haflett --N1 The brothers were always encouraged in their "YOU CfCIClf6l'i1E0dS, ClUlTf9C1Cli"'9 Gnd 987 bl-'SYV' endeavors. 232 9 Merritt Pearson Pirie Ruddell uiz- nders erman hultz Smalley d Smith Bpafford Stewart Theurer Tolton Utt Van Vlear Nalker Webster Welch Nilson 'Volfe Wood Woodring Wyman .s L MBDA CHI LPH ZETA ETA CHAPTER 154 national chapters Founded November 2, 1909 i as Boston Universityp Boston, Massachusetts The Lambda Chi's special emphasis for 1963-64 was on grades. Despite the continued slavedriving, they found time for the semi-formal Playboy Dance and the selection of the Playboy Queen. They squeezed in time for the Goleta Boys' Club, playing football and other games with the youngsters, and in keeping with the spirit of Santa they distribute gifts to the boys. And somehow there was time to meet the challenge of imagination and stiff competition in Spring Sing, where Lambda Chi is a consistent trophy winner. Special activities that worked their way into the study pro- gram included the Campus Work Proiect, undertaken by the Lambda Chi's for campus improvement. lt is administered by lFC and directed by Buildings and Grounds. They helped in the Ranchero Drive, an annual event of Rancheros Visitores: the Lambda Chi men .aid the drive by transporting cars, trucks, and trailers from Santa Barbara to Solvang. Sherri Sievers, Lambda Chi Alpha Crescent Girl of 1963. PHI KAPPA PSI Fall Semester Phi Psi's presented "SurfbeaT," an all-school dance, to The student body. The men of Phi Kappa Psi raced Through T96 as if They had been doing iT for many years in of only Two. Under presidenT Phil Goar, rush lorc a firsT class group of men inTo The chapfer. With The help of The pledges, The California colony of Phi Kappa Psi sponsored "SurTbeaT," all-school dance TeaTuring Top enterfainers. Proc from The event wenT To The campus chariTy, C ConesToga. For The second Tme The pledges presenTed 'rradiTional lanTern serenade To The sororiTies They delighTed in sneak diTches wiTh several sol pledge classes. . . . Ie c 1 The acflves saw To IT ThaT The social ca T was Tull wiTh a spring formal and weekend p aT homes of prom'inenT Alumni. The mosT me was The lively, well-pafronized Mexican ParTy. ln This acfive social year, The Phi Psi's did neglecf Their sfudies, and They managed To niTicanTly raise The house scholarship average. i mo T Jerry Beer l Tom Cahill L l Tony CasTner Dave Dawdy Randy DonanT Rick Easton Rick Fromm Phil Goar Tim Gosney Sfeve Hellman Fred Hoare Bob Howe Terry Hughes Chuck Kaplan John Kelley 234 Phi Kappa Psi pledges give their annual lantern serenade To The sororifies. CALIFORNIA ZETA COLONY fir, 63 national chapters Founded February 19, 1852 li, Jefferson College: Q Cannonsberg, Pennsylvania ' Chris Lambert Greg Leona rd Jon Miller Chuck Nelson Bob Reed Jim Ryerson . Iwi- 'im Gosriey and Rod Serrnanovich reply in unison, "Finals clon't agree with mel" me Rod Sermanovich Paul Shattuck Hugh Shellerberger Harry Simms Dan Smith Ken Vogel Hank Walther . lg, 1 --, vn A Phi Psi pledges lose nary a moment as they work on the House volleyball court. 235 Curr Ball Bob Ballard SIGMA ALPH l ',. 'I CALIFORNIA ETA CHAPTER l'?' I48 national chapters Founded March 9, 1856 Alix Dave Ben University of Alabama: I If NSG' Berger Tuscaloosa, Alabama Qi Bob Blindbury ' Buddy Borderre Par Brackeen Brad Bulloch Ray Burch Ric Bystrom Taylor Clayfon Mike Tom Cundith Rod Curry George D Ron Donovan Reece Duca Bob Duggan Bob Ford Jim Gee Hal Gerrish Jim Gigler John Tony Mike Gary Glodstein Goehring Hack Haeger Ski Harrison Rodger Hembree Bob Heys Bill Hitchcock Bill Duval Gary Elsfer Ned Emerson Ed Erickson Chris Felchlin Mike Fisher Allen Flinck This beauty is really stoned! SILO Sigma Alpha Epsilon's year was nor iusT acTiveg The year overflowed iTh acTiviTy. Every weekend There was a large-scale house TuncTion. Home- ming was crowded vviTh The Tradifional Alumni-AcTive Toofball game and e building of The 'floar rendiTion of "Epicurean ArTs" vvirh Chi Omega. In working for chariTy The SAE's founded The Sigma Alpha Epsilon oodbank in coniuncTion wiTh The Red Cross. FirsT semesTer The broThers orked also vviTh guide dogs Tor The blind. Even gasfronomic acTiviTy was high, The annual Harvey Hubler-Dick der Baskeiball BanqueT honored ouTsTanding members of The year's baskeT- ll Team. The second semesTer They gave The annual ParenTs' Day Break- sT. Also in The spring They celebrafed The founding of The Sigma Alpha silon fraTerniTy aT The annual Founders' Day Banquet As if The broThers had nofhing else To keep Them busy, They again The Second Annual SisTers of Minerva ConvenTion, which is a meeTing LiTTle SisTers from all California and Arizona SAE chapTers To discusslac- of muTuaI inTeresT. Rod Hollander Blair Hull Roger Husted Ron Johns Dove Johnson Gary Jones Ken Kahn George Kraus Rich Lane Bob Leck Kent Ludewig Bill Lynch Bill Lyon Jim Mafhey Mick McGill Mike Miller John Morley Bob Opiai Bill Owens Eric Peterson John Peterson Tom PosT Bill Proctor John Quinn Mike Raffanello Steve Reid Jim Shaw Rich ST. Clair Dennis Thompson Joe Wadsworih Mike Warren Joe Weis Ed Whipple Jack Williams T Wilbur Smifh - -- --A Jeff Woodruff BeauTy in The Lion's Den-SAE Little Sisters of Minerva. 237 Sig Ep s relax with a rousing rendition of their Roundup Song. Pete Dios Mike Dowler Pete Dowler Dave Dundas Chet Eccles Dave Forman Ray Fortner Dave Gibson Tyler Glen With Dave Dund n th P i tinued its devious strategy The actives and pledges fought off movements by hostile elements and won a few battles in the When not entrenched in the library awaiting the onslaught o or regrouping atter the hoards of bluebooks had passed the of SPE built a float with the Thetas, participated in GGR sang in Sing, and had some wild times from Suds at Sunrise to house and tormals at sunset They found time to enter all phases of murals, and exhibited true SPE zeal On a more altruistic plc went caroling at Christmas with the Thetas and collected m the Heart Fund with the Alpha Phi s In the spring Ross Adams Ted Baer Chris Baker Al Bergesen Richard Boren Dempster Boyd Jim Brookshire Robert Chapin Dan Cobb Jerry Cole Dan Collins John Davis "Are you sure you said 400 sir? The pledges oblect to being calle I EPSILO plwlgg CALIFORNIA GAMMA CHAPTER 1ZQEA! 161 national chapters VQQSZQQ' Founded November 1, 1901 y Lloyd ncly McOwen uii Nokoia Richmond College: Richmond, Virginia -eff f l , ex 51701, rvr Tim Lyons Mike Milcikovich Ed Nuvorro Pete Scott Bob Taylor Jim Wongenheim Joe Mocleish Keith Morden Mcirsh Nelson Dennis Sepp Gene Teol Don Webb Jeff McCove Art Mortenson Ston Orrock Ted Sepp John Titsworth Gregg Welsh Jock Pferdner Phil Plank Bill Rciuth TOITI RECIUTGQEI Terry Shruder Bill Sterling Tom Stockton Ted Sweefins George Tomkins Bill Von Wagner Phil Vedder Dennis Volpe Brion Weirum Don White Don Wood Jon Wyne 9 4 The House of Pi, bulging aT The seams wiTh ThirTy men, had a memorable year. "Joe and Eddy" were presenfed for The bene- fiT of Men's lnTramurals, and Three windows were broken in The champagne parTy which Tollowed. For Homecoming, The Team of Sigma Kappa-Sigma Pi achieved The TirsT place Mixed Greek TiTle wiTh a "Japanese ArT" Theme TloaT. Sigma Pi's Chrisfmas formal, aTTer Two posTponemenTs, became The New Year Formal. Fall semesTer ended wiTh all Sig Pi's gunning To reTain The l.F.C. scholarship Trophy won in The Spring 1963 semesTer. Spring SemesTer was highlighTed by Greek Week, Spring n"" TI. Sing, and The "Orchid Ball," held aT Hidden Valley. LasT buT noT leasT, The men of Sigma Pi managed To have a parTy every week, and Thus ended The year broke buT happy. ri Bruce Bacon 1 Ross Bardwell as Conrad Breece Jeff Campen Robert Houlsby Gary Hughes Ken Jacobs John Johnson Jim Lindholrn Jeff Mason Rich Miller Mike Morrissey lf l N". M I v Sigma Pi Sweefhgqrf Eric Roth, Bruce Bacon, Dave Sharp, Jay Russell, and Mike White work diligently on the Homecoming float. SIGMA PI ALPHA OMICRON CHAPTER 2.7: 'IO2 national chapters Founded February 26, 1897 2 Exif" Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana Make Palmer Robert Phmney Eric Roth Jay Russell Roy Sunadcl NOT PICTURED: Everett Coyle Robert Cranson James Hawkshursr Robert Hennessy Joseph Hollow "Pledge him, he's over 6'lO"!" l l Sandy Salisbury l Dave Sharp l John Sfeile ' Jim Olson Jim Parnell R S fl Nlagrk lwhsl First place float, going, going Mike White ,M . , af- ali? H I' .l 9 r V. im 4 mf If "' 1 4 164+ - N- . 'A "H "K" "Wi 174-E lil Q, s.f. ymm. Son MigueI's Eighth Story View ES DENCE H L Q .JU 242 Surfer's Stomp The Call of The Surf .19 'l f ' "F ., .MX Pr, A R fxlm . . ,Ag 'Qi' .I 1 f hy' 1 ' V . -. ,xg ff: f ' Um, ff :fff , Q. . ,P ski Sc1nTo Cruz Fireside Chat 'Q H + + ' A Q5 Jw HPQ Sun MigueI's Surfboard Room, L e , RHA Formal 4 sms' is f 7 . li l l s..EL.i .gssuiear get-sm 5 ' John Olney President Ken Khachigian Vice President Mary Aschenbrener Secretary Joyce Johnson Treasurer RESIDENCE HALLS ASSOCIATIO With the addition of San Miguel This year Rl-lA has ex- panded, now representing more than 2200 students. The steadily- growing influence ot RHA has been increasingly felt on our cam- pus this year. Led by President John Olney, RHA has operated under a new constitution and by-laws modified to meet the needs ot an enlarged organizational body. As a result, the emphasis is shitting to the composite dorm and individual unit level. ln the social realm Rl-lA sponsors the traditional Fall and Spring Formals, caroling during the Christmas season, and num- erous intra-dorm "joints," in the Spring the annual Pushcart Races, organized by the RHA social committee, are a successful highlight ot the semester. RHA has also expanded educationally this year, Individual scholarship awards, lectures and language tables in the dining commons help supplement regular University activities. Rl-lA has, in addition, worked for better student-faculty relations with the continuation ot the "Coffee Hours" and the innovation of the "Fireside Chats." Throughout the year RHA has actively participated in such campus events as Spring Sing and Homecoming. In sports Rl-lA runs the gamut from ping-pong tournaments to top intramural sports teams. All the various activities and programs mentioned blend to- gether to provide an opportunity for RHA students to experience group living and, like RHA and UCSB, constant expansion. RHA EXECUTIVE CABINET-First Row: Joyce Johnson, Treasurer, Bob Wilson, An President, Dean Margaret Troinor, Advisor, Jerry Sherian, Las Casitas Presidentf Brigham, Santa Rosa President, Dean Jane Cosgrove, Advisor. Second row: Mary lorener, Secretary, Ken Khachigian, Vice President, Randi Newbill, Santo Cruz John Olney, President, Dave Hunsaker, San Miguel President. if f 5 ! 'W NV W 1, 1 Y1 Q fa 5 H 2 f 'Q Sw " 'Q 'if 9 if Q . I W X 4 9 4 , - ,Q f .3 , 16 3' Y X235 i QI. Wi" fi' W' .r T1 ' ',,v ,s. Y -0,11 .,..1 and '-EY ' xx. Vvr vm: ,, igzulux ' if .IJ " ' . . A H:"55"Q -. 154512 , 'E W' APA' 7 N ff ' Q32 f' ' 5 . K? .s-. - 1, -fi -A V-J. L :Quia 14. f Yi wg '. AL' ' ' 'lv + fi, f-4-x . -" WJ 1 ' I' 'F' ' I A ' N V X, N. 'ff .1 1 -11 R' I' I hug' ,fi 5 NW' Wi wx NE YN fr yyfflyl f ff Lf f 5 ll 5i f9 1 5 as Q3 f f NACAPA Under the leadership of President Bob Wilson, the men of Anacapa Hall continued in Anacapa's tradition of a well- balanced social, intellectual, and recreational program. Social activities included a street dance, numerous joints, a tug-of- war with San Miguel Hall, a very successful University Day open house, and Christmas decorations. Excellent opportuni- ties for recreation were provided by Anacapa's intramural leagues in football, basketball, volleyball, and softball, and in those constant battles waged against that furry intruder, Mus musculus. A singles ping pong tournament was held each semester. On the intellectual side, Anacapa sponsored speakers and attempted to maintain an atmosphere con- ducive to study. In carrying out these activities, Anacapa received the patient and helpful supervision of its Head Residents, Mrs. Virginia Larkin and Mr. David Kamens. Un- fortunately, Anacapa lost the services of Dave at the end of the fall semester due to his marriage. That's the chance we all have to take, however, and Anacapa offers its heart- iest congratulations. f'wJ Bob Wilson, FALL SEMESTER PRESIDENTS - First Row: Larry Goodman, Apache, Lee Havener, Navaio, Thomas Dietz, Canalino. Second Row: Bruce Allen, Maricopa, Paul Hough, Yuma, Keith Hel- mick, Pima, Mike Paige, Modoc. Not pictured, Richard Bortolazzo, Ute. 246 SPRING SEMESTER PRESIDENTS - First Row, Larry Riggs, Apache, .Ion Sandoval, Pima, Robert Friesen, Canaliia, Rick Shepard, Ute. Second Row, Reeve Williams, Yuma, Scott Raymond, Maricopa, AI Snyder, Modoc. Not pictured, Steve Cushman, Navajo. 'J VTT'TTfiTTWlTP ' T Q atitsq l K' 'rt ,J .1 S 1 Mrs. Virginia Larkin, MY- Dennis Allen, Head Resident Assistant Head Resident Anacapa President ANACAPA EXECUTIVE BOARD--First Row: George Ber- inger, Secretary, Don Wilson, Social Vice-President. Sec ond Row: Bob Wilson, Anacapa President, Charles Wil son, Executive Vice'President, Peter Wallenstein, Treasurer Winifred Grove, Resident Margaret Rowe, Resident in l rs. Helen Zell, :ad Resident SANTA CRUZ Santa Cruz started the academic year by initiating a series of "Fireside Chats" which were informal discussion sessions. Guest speakers and panels presented topics of in- terest. Two outstanding panels were groups ot students who had studied in Bordeaux and participated in Proiect Pakistan. Also new in the hall is a scholarship plaque which is presented to the individual hall with the highest grade point average at the end of each semester. Not disregarding the social life, Santa Cruz had had several hall parties, which included the annual Resident Assistants' skit and the ugly witch contest. Randi Newbill, President, Diane Eaton, Executive Vice-President, Kathy Kelley, So- cial Vice-President, Luann Englund, Secretary, and Sharon Mattern, Treasurer comprised the executive board. SANTA CRUZ EXECUTIVE BOARD-First Row: Diane Eaton, Executive Vice-President, Sharon Mattern, Treasurer. Second Row: Luann Engluncl, Secretary, Kathy Kelley, Social Vice-President. Randi Newbill, Santa Cruz President FALL SEMESTER PRESIDENTS-First Row: Marc Jacobs, Arbolado, Vicki Mapes, Primavera, Susan Sherwood, Enramada. Second Row: Mike Page, Consuelo, Robbie Eckert, Oceana, Melin- da Rinker, Corriente, Sue Worthington, Estrella. Not pictured, Judy Burton, Risuena. SPRING SEMESTER PRESIDENTS 1 First Row: Teri Ito, Oceana, Lynadell de Arrieta, Risuena, Carol Reibin, Arboludo, Alana Brown, Cor- riente. Second Row: Mary Clare McCashen, Enramada, Meredith Ford, Estrella. Not pic- tured: Donna Breiclenthal, Consuelo, Madeline Cowan, Primavera. 247 APACHE First Row: Clive Warner, Sam Boynton, Don Lenkeit, Ron Cook, Lee Leavell, Stephen Shipman, Bud McCorkle, Craig Rudolph, John Motley. Second Row: Jerry Copeland, Mike Rogers, Fred Brewer, Steve Jan- son, Gary Worth, Thomas Lovy, Lonnie Laster, Paul Kremser, Ted Kinghorn. Craig Antrim Resident Assistant VNLE3 F' 'Vit l ii Apache's float "Moby Dick" was one of the beautiful en- tries in the Homecoming parade. ..J we tl? Under the inspiring leadership of their president, Larry Goodman and the wise guidance of cautious Craig Antrim, Resident Assistant, the men of Apache survived another year. Social Vice-Presidents Tom Lovy and Gary Worth were spark plugs in keeping hall spirit at a minimum while Steve Shipman spearheaded the intramural program. Always fear- ing an 'ostentatious show of talent, Apache was usually con- tented with third place in all forms of competition. Only Steve Janson had the courage to run the risk of ostracism by defying convention and winning the Anacapa Ping-Pong Tourney. In sum, however, it was a great year of harmony, com- patibility and bad language. The men of Apache now realize the valuable experience of group-living. They learned to tolerate the eccentricities and peculiarities of one another and hopefully look forward to the time when once again they will be able to go to sleep without locking their rooms. First Row: Walt Hern, Joyce, Bob Blackmar, Barlow, Craig Antrim, Goodman, Rob Kay, L Graydon, Marty Brodwin. ond Row: Larry Riggs, Larkin, Bob Jones, Larry B Jim Habib, Dave Milton, Alexander, Bill Rigney, Welcome, Randy Buck. CANALIN The surfers, folk singers, and lughll intellectuals of nalino Hall had a great year. Several groups on campus ught Canalino was great. The float iuolging committee ught so, because they awarded First Place to Canalino ll, UCSB women thought so, because they chose four men m Canalino Hall for RHA King candidates. The Dean's Ot- thought so, because of Canalino Hall's unblemished ial and academic reputation. ln the high point for the ester, Homecoming, the hall had an able crew of paper- nchers from Bahia, a little-known but deserving hall of ta Rosa. Canalino Hall was ably led by President Tom Dietz, ial Vice-President Marshall lversen, Athletic Vice-President k Tankersley, Secretary-Treasurer Walt Grabe, and Resi- nt Assistant Al Stanchfield. misss Drew Unetic, George Metcalf, and Jay Barr work on Canalino's Homecoming float while Dick Booth supervises. t row: Marsh Iverson, Edward Weiss, Thomas Dietz, George Metcalf. Second row: George Locke, Roger lniayan, Chris Felchlin, John ung, Steven Henriksen, John Cooley, Al Stanchfieldfihird row: Bob Blair, Jim Hull, Pete Stoutemyer, Roland Harris, Bill Hayes, Larry lley, Walt Grabe, Jay Barr. st row: Rick Coe, Paul Prince, Merle Countryman, Jack Whitaker, Larry Friesen. Second row: Norman Crandall, Larry Strom, Jack nkersley, Vince Pollack, Kent Opltelm, Dave Knapp, Keith Manion, Drew Unetic. Third row: Bill Tanner, Ken Johnson, Ron Lanyi, Dick oth, Nick Olney, Jeff Saley, Jerry Eugbretson, Eric Maa, Tom Jochums. Al Stanchfield Resident Assistant 2 49 MARICCPA Leading the men of Maricopa Through an enjoyable seme ter were hall officers-president Bruce Allen, vice-president Ji Lundy, secretary-treasurer Bill Ballard, and sports chairman Rag De Moral. Social functions included a Dinner-Joint with Corali and a Sing-Along with Oceana in the Dining Commons. A joint with Enramada with a lecture by Dr. Persell fro the Counseling Center added an intellectual note. Homecomi Jeff Lundy demonstrates the sincere concentration on his studies that was characteristic of the men of Maricopa. lo' 25 O Dave Stupin Resident Assistant l activities centered around their float "Play-On," which depict A the characters from Peanuts. They proudly sponsored Gal Sampsen as candidate for RHA Queen. Spring Semester eve: included Spring Sing and the Push Cart Races. The men Maricopa look back on a successful year. Danny Berry pauses to grin for the cameraman while hang- ing the "Roots of Ute." First row: Jeff Lundy, Jeff King, Mel Peters, Bob Mclntosh, Bob Wilson, Roger del Moral, Ralph Lilge, Mel Jerry Newman. Second row: Eugene Coan, Steven Kruse, Larry Caldwell, Charles Hayward, Dan Berry, Gary Paul Zipp, Larry Smith, Rick Beringer, David Geffner, Jeff Boal. First row: Ted Hoffman, Terry Machen, Bob Wrentmore, Spencer Conway, Jim Stenderup, Bruce Allen, Steve David Kasai, Don Wilson. Second row: Gerald Beer, Ray Tower, Bill Jenkins, Gregg Beyer, Dane Venaas, Scott Raymond, Perry Phillips, Ray Ford, Bob Howe, Steve Bell, Dave Stupin. NAVAJO Kollin Assistant First row: Dan Abbott, Bill Kill- ingsworth, Lee Havener, Jim Mattinson, Mark Shinbrot, Alan Grant, Bob Taylor, Mike Wright, Henry Swezey. Second row: Tom Booth, Jack Buttery, John Field- er, Robert Hale, Thomas Chellis, Don Hanna, Carlton Wood, Bob Kollin, Casey Moore, Richard Cochran, Michael Moosen. Navaio Hall probably had the most strictly-enforced quiet hours and the lowest grade point average of any residence hall. Yet what would be ex- pected of a hall that had something happening all the time? Members ot Navajo experienced every kind ot function from dinner ioints to late evening brawls. Although not number one in all endeavors, Navajo did manage to produce a winning basketball team, a float of global proportions and many other protects. The instigators of Navaio's escapaales were Lee Havener, President, Alan Grant, Vice President-Social Chairman, and Ron Lipsy, Float Chairman. lt anyone had difficulty thinking ot mischievous acts, he only had to consult the RA, Bob Kollin. Maybe many ot the fellows won't be back next year, but Navaio sure had a "swinging" time this year. .tiziiii ,U-'-T Alan Grant and Robert Hale exhibit their controversial cartoon masterpiece that depicts some of their activities for the year. First row: Pat Murphy, Tennant Brooks, Ronald Lipsy, Ralph Norberg, Bob Trapp, Jim Kol- son, Steve Szalay, Bill Muir, Chuck Irby, Mike Brickman, Gene Teal, Ned Waite. Second row: David Kiebert, Jack Slay- ton, David Hazeltine, Wally Wentworth, Ray Clevenger, Steve Cushman, Dennis Dor- fnan, Ron Peterson, Andy Nel- son, Barry Staley, Rich Holston. Wally Cravens Resident Assistant David Pearse and George Brown exclaim To Marty MacDonald, "So that's the way it's done now!" Morin. PIMA A social event with Westgate Hall in lsla Vista launched Pima Hall into The Semester. With the intramural football season approaching, Pima prepared its Team for The onslaught. Unfortu- nately, "intellectual activities" prevented The Pimians from capturing The league title. A sidelight To The action on the gridiron was a beach party with Estrella, Primavera, and Willow. Much To Pima's dismay, Arbolado, Consuelo, Cor- riente, Enrarnada, Oceana and Risuena could not attend The festivities. The Theme of The T963 Homecoming Parade was, "Salute To The Arts." Pima answered The challenge with their float entry-"Primitive Art"--a float de- picting a Tiki god and a Volcano. The float was constructed by The "primitives" of Estrella, Stanislaus, and Pima, under The supervision of Keith Helmick, president, Rod Carpenter, social vice-president, Ron Anderson and George Brown, intramural chairmen, and Wally Cravens, resident assistant. First row: Terry Boyle, Bob Newhall, Duane McCown, Martin MacDonald. Second row: Bruce Von Herzen, Don Ciliax, John Geddes, John Johnson, Norm Bredel, Marc Scholl, Scott Reid, Wallace Cravens, Third row: Bill Roth, Blake Lorenz, David Pearse, George Brown, Chuck Wilson, Eric Engelman, John Gibbons, Tom Crozier, Ralph Retherford, Edward Venn-Watson. 252 nh 1 FH First row: John Olney, Rick Rho Pete Hanff, Jon Sandoval Sec row: Terry Christiansen Raym Kilius, John Reznor, Forrest Sta er, Keith Helmick, Mike al Thomas Cesa, Wendell Hanks K neth Khachigian. Third row D Ingham, Donald Hauser Mic Yaffe, Brad Ohm, Dennis Ran Richard McHenry, Rod Carpen Lee Pendergrass, Gene Keating UTE See Ute Hall. Ute Hall is a good hall. See The men of Ute f ' ' l. The men are neat. See all The happy smiles. Ute Hall is a hall. This is because iT has water Tights, mouse hunts, sound- cTs records, Luther, Throw-Randy-in-The-shower, sTeal-The- T-bulb, and other fun games. See The Tloat. The TloaT was Too. lt was made of wood, wire, paper, a Model A pickup, work, and several guarTs of refreshments. In The hall there phone. On The phone There is always a UTe Hall member. is There an operator on The phone? Hello, hello, hello? Click, , click. Bang, crack, stomp. ln The hall There is not always hone. See The smart men of The hall. These men won a ToTal orTy cinch notices. Hear The strange sounds in The hall- ny's laugh, LuTher's Tarzan scream, EcliTh's meow, Bobs orcycle, various fireworks, rolling bowling balls, Bill's guitar, t's banio, and The deafening silence of The R.A.'s stare. UTe I is a good hall. Row: Randy Young, Franklin Ross, John Larson, William Robinson, David Vandervoet, Curtis Tunnell, Luther Franks, Dave Weston, Bruser, Mike Stern. Second Row: David Hassler, Bruce Burling, Jorgen Nielsen, John Quandt, Bruce MacVicar, Steve Haas, Detsch, Ned Armstrong, David Lazar, Tom Bruggere, Doug MacEllven. at Row: Bill Jeffery, Bruce O'Connor, Dick Bortolazzo, Fred Mershon, Jack Hanson, Ernest Siracusa, Roger Camp, Forrest Laureano, gh Jordon, Bill Easley, Robin Young. Second Row: Rollin Hamilton, Robert McGrath, Jerry Gerron, Steve White, Bill Cook, David Brien, Warren Kiehn, Brian Becker, Kenny Leever, Scott Robertson, Preston Heusley. Steven Detsch is given assistance by Marc Jacobs, Gayley Hyde and Barbara Frisbee while working on their float, "The Culinary Arts Bill Prescott Resident Assistant The RHA football intramural champs take time out to relax. Stand- ing: Jim Callan, Al Baroni, Larry Gates, Mike Kirkland, Bob Bruhn Finley Taylor, Bob Peterson. Sitting: Joe Hendricksen, Hank Betts: Dick Sutlitfe, Roger Riley, Chris Clausen. Missing: Verne Scholl Mike Day, Paul Hough. YUMA This year Yuma Hall engaged in a number of activit most of which can be reported. lt was a year marked by sevi ioints which provided both Yuma and its partner women's ha a chance to relax in an atmosphere of dancing, singing, r hot dogs. The girls ot Collegio Hall ioined,with Yuma to If duce a Homecoming Float, which, although determined a tai in the eyes ot the judges, was undoubtedly a fine success viewed by those who nailed and punched on the eve of Homecoming parade. The Yuma men turned their prowess in other directions times, and were successful enough in Intramural football capture the RHA title. In short, the Men ot Yuma Hall vi truly a gregarious group who nevertheless proved themsel worthy citizens and productive scholars. First row: Bob Bruhn, Don Blaschke, Frank Hochfelcl, Pete Griffin, Larry Gates, Hank Betts, John Humphrey, Don O'Neal, Darlington, Gary Martone, John Larkin. Second row: Jay Jeftcoat, John Turcato, John Aldrich, Norm Arrowsmith, Ronald Kvaas Sedgwick, Pete Serfass, Bill Alley, Peter Wallenstein, Don Webb, Charles Esccrffery. First- row: Russ Franco, Chris Ostrom, Dick Sutliffe, Bob Peterson, Roger Riley, Mike Kirkland, Finley Taylor, Denny Pananides, Ralph Lidster, Michael Day, Verne Scholl, Second row: Joe Hendrickson, Dave-Hill, Jeff Kneip, Steve Haynes, Rob Paul Hough, Al Baroni, Rick Peters, Bob Paulson, Jim Callan, Chris Clausen. gif.: , - 3 '1 iff," , r T., . - HQ Verne Scholl Resident Assistant 254 Barney Eames Resident Assistant Carol Fairbairn Resident Assistant W: Ruth Crosz, Barbara Slott, Kramer, Jennifer Tyler, Carol Tn, Tony Harris, Kathi James, e Teierian, Linda Sartor. Sec- w: Marilyn Willett, Margaret Sharon Cheston, Dru Pollock, Greene, Stephany Daniels, Sherwood, 'Susan Murphy, Walker, Lisso Hugens. Third athy Scott, Cheryle Winslow, Marsh, Ruth Reisenweber, .ou Nyberg, Kathy Pierce, Lin . Carol Hier-Johnson, Lois ry, Sharon Holman, Barbara n, Lana Rose, Lynne Reynolds. row: Linda Allen, Scarlett aarbara Durando, Sandra Beel- dy Malkin, Louise Veblen, Chostner, Mary Clare Mc- , Janeen Holdeman, Carol en, Judy Ann Turner, Terryl iffy. MODOC First row: Brad Shoemuker, Mike Galey, Frank Ford, Gary Vidor, Don Archer, Jim Krasno, Dick Gruber, Mike Crow, Bob Winchell. Second row: William Mirken, Ernest Reddick, Arthur Bohart, Pete Stoll, Eric Van De Verg, Skip Carrier, Andy Pomo, John White, Jon McKee, Jim Ricketts, Barney Eames. Third row: Dennis Rediker, Alex Shester, Addison Nowlin, Tom Fenske, Bill Watson, Dick Breaux, Wayne Shaf- fer, Bruce Pierson, John Gambling, Larry Marsh, Ron Donovan, Jim Schiada, Larry Vickman, Mike Paige. Led by President Mike Paige, Vice-President Larry Marsh, Secretary Don Archer, Treasurer Ernie Reddick, and Athletic Chairman Pete Stoll, Modoc once again stuck to tradition proving their academic prowess by nailing 41 cinch notices up on their doors. Sportswise Modoc could boast spirited football and basketball teams led by Resident Assistant Barney Eames, Enramada and Modoc participated in the Homecoming festivities which produced a magnificent float featuring Mr. Clean and the l-lamm's Beer Bear. Looking back, many ioyous hours were spent by the Modoc crew as evidenced by Ernie's frantic bookkeeping efforts at the end of the year. EN RAMADA "Get up, it's a real fire," rang through Enramada early Homecoming morning. "Women and mice out first!" was the cry as Pied-Piper Sue Sherwood led them from behind the bolsters and from under McCashen's hair clippers. Eventually all were swept out by Mr, Clean on a wave of soapsuds left over from their Homecoming float "Art in Advertising." For a repeat performance, Christmas carols again "decked the halls," in the traditional Santa Cruz decoration contest. As little sisters of Modoc and secret sisters of one another, they ioin together in saying, "lt was a wunnerful-type year." ARBOLADO We-U -- -1-gr,--ff. Pat McGraw Resident Assistant First row: Mary Martin, Ginger Childers, Suzi Hauck, Karen Landis, Sharon Brown, Marc Jacobs, Valerie Korge, Chris Tsubokura, Sue Ambrose, Ann Hovey, Sharon Galloway, Phyllis Nakamura. Second row: Charlene White, Janice Hansen, Lynda Minster, Lis Goodwill, Helene Hint, Anne McCarthy, Pat Schleeh, Merry Sue Young, Cordy Dimbat, Tara Doty, Sharon Miura. Marc Jacobs, Pat McGraw, Suzi Houck, and Tara Doty celebrate after completing their last finals. First row: Sherry Ander- egg, Karen Wilson, Anne Dewey, Andrea Johan, Pat McGraw, Marcia Stein, Carol Reibin, Deborah Backus, Truleen Froula. Second row: Janet Church- ill, Melissa Thomas, Linda Francis, Kathy Woodman, Diana Pettit, Diana Bour- ret, Joyce Hoover, Tamara Saliiel, Marilee Hendrick, Patricia Arthur, Susan Blanchard. 256 Arbolado's tamed "Uglies" added another spirited year to the record with a list of activities ranging from the now traditional football team to a talk by a local mortician. True form continued at the Santa Cruz Costume Halloween Party when Marc Jacobs was named "Ugliest," and Tammi Saltiel "Ghostliest," Numerous joints arranged by social vice- president Tara Doty, kept the social calendar tull. Dinners, dances, barbe- cues, beach parties, and a Homecoming float tilleol the Fall term while pushcarts, Spring Sing, more joints and more fun heralded the Spring. Romantic intentions were revealed at several Candlelight ceremonies, one announcing the engagement of R. A. Pat McGraw to George Fairchild. Quiet hours weren't the quietest but week-ends were the wildest so that the legend of Arbolado echos noisily down the halls ot Santa Cruz. CONSUELO Row: Diane Eaton, Bar- Frisbee, Kaye Kaminski, ne Scofield, Dianne Con- Nancy White, Cecelia herty, Mary Olson, Judy ewater, Leba Shaw. Sec- ow: Anne Spurlock, Terry s, Gail Greenwald, Helen Susan Fitzlott, Susan Tim- Margaret Shoven, Beth e, Randi Newbill, Rachel er, Ann Patterson. How could anyone have helped but have Tun This year in Consuelo? They had ci Terrific Resident Assistant, Lynne Foster, and an unbelievably good group of 52 girls. At The Tirst meeting, They set as Their goal The achievement oT a happy medium be- tween grades and candlelights. They had an over-balance-to be expected! With a winning tradition to uphold aT Christmas time, they Told The Christmas story by The Spanish Theme of 'Las Posadas." Ute Hall became important To them. Their halls had a bar- becue ioint, worked long and diligently on a Homecoming float, and held a dinner joint aT which They chose secret brothers and sisters. This was an entertaining and often revealing activity. The haIl's decorations for Christmas with a Theme saluting Mexico Took third place in Santa Cruz. Lynne Foster Resident Assistant First Row: Wanda Heilmann, Kathleen McDaniel, Susie Linn, Nancy Silliphant, Sherry Bowen. Second Row: Janice Emery, Tanya Ross, Barbara Benham, Mary Kimmick, Judy McKenna, Barbara Turpin, Liz Nanney, Kathy Haig,,Linda Swenson. Third Row: Rareen Huey, Jan Phillips, Vicki McLeod, Gayley Hyde, Elaine Hanson, Elaine Wood, Carole Helfert, Regina Fletcher, Paula York, Michal Ann Page, Laurie Ruda. 25 CQRRIE TE Sandra Giffin Resident Assistant First row: Sandra Martin, Sandra Faugh, Carolyn Metcalf, Sarah Senefeld, Augusta Campbell, Linda Chapman, Sandra Helm, Sandra Graff: Susan Cumins. Second row: Jeanne Kringlen, Peggy McKee, Chris Wooster, Melinda Rinker, Carol Beyschlag, Wey Thomas, Vicki Wie Laurel Roberts, Pam Veselich. The raven rides again, then "never more." "Corriente . . . ah! Home sweet home, where the mice and the guitars play . . When about forty-eight girls and nearly as many guitars showed up at school last fall, preparations were made for a swinging year. Resident Assistant Sandra Giffen got them through the first few days, helping them to adiust to some of the terrifying facets of college life: Melinlds twelve-string guitar, Cluff shirts, and those everlovin' rodents. Corriente elected Carol Beyschlag president, Sandie Faugh vice- president, Alana Brown treasurer, and Patti Burke secretary. Then the "Corriente Cluff" ltheir favorite spiriti ,went into action, causing general havoc. Homecoming was a morbid occasion, during which Corriente combined forces with Primavera and Sequoia. A dinner ioint with Navaio also appeared on the social calendar for the fall semester. The "Cluffs" of Corriente experi- enced an even better Spring semester, continuing the traditional spirit of hall unity, and getting rid of their four-footed, one- tailed friends. Pestal. First row: Janet Crawford Marie Kropp, Sue Stcllberg Pam White, Alana Brown Lynn Dickinson, Christine Hintz Nancy Morita. Second row Kris Jones, lrmin Nebe Ginger Troxler, Lindo Carlson Ann Zuurbier, Mary Wagner Linda Letson, Sandy Carll Susan E TRELLA Diane Pavoni Resident Assistant row: Julie Ann Rogers, Peggy Cowan, Elaine Knapp, Diane Inglish, Diane Conlon, Nancy Daudistel, Judy Chadwick, ne Hielstrom, Diane Pavoni, Gwen Auchenpaugh, Camilla Serrano. Second row: Ann McKenna, Johanna Swan, Sue thington, Diane Shore, Linda Bates, Karen Norberg, Judy Alexandre, Stephanie Bargman, Cecile Berry, Carol Gross, Linda chetti. Estrella, as the name implies, had a bright and starry r under the leadership of President Sue Worthington, al Chairman Galen Sampson, Educational Chairman n Norberg, Secretary Merrie Sellers, Treasurer Marilyn Buisseret, and Judicial Chairman Crystal Wood. The al lite was active. A beach party started the semester with a splash and other ioints followed. Estrella, a, and Stanislaus traveled to the South Seas for r Homecoming float, "The Primitive Art of the South itic," complete with smoking volcano, five foot Tiki, native drums. On the intellectual side, they hosted Dr. Girvetz for eq er and an informal discussion hour. Although they a lot of tun, they also proved themselves scholars. ella boasted representatives from Chime, Karen Nor- and Johanna Swan, and from Crown and Scepter ident Assistant Diane Pavoni. QM. 2 f - "W- "What do you mean they turned us down!" is reflected in the faces of Karen Norberg, Stefanie Bargman, Diane Shore, and Dee Dee Lamborn, First row: Fran Dino, Gail Paterson, Carol Bowlin, Debbie Haisten, Dee Dee Lamborn, Liz Heaphy, Carol Aschenbrener, Mary Cooper. Second row: Diane Twitchell, Lois McChure, Galen Sampson, Wendy Wilson, Kathy Kelley, Jocelyn Ruth, Saralee Meyncke, Helen lddings, Charlotte Dusenberry, Katherine Gardener, Mag O'l-lalloran. 259 OCEA First row: Nancy Reed, Sharon Kaplan, Frances Hunt, Teri Ito. Second row: Faith Clow, Marilyn Kelly, Jean Robbins, Donna Smith, Karen Kramer, Nancy Maher, Gail Johnson, Joyce Tedrow, Kerry Karlsten. Third row: Lois Krum, Alice Campbell, Jeanne Martin, Mary Vige, Paula Thomas, Sue Kiesling, Joyce Johnson, Luann Englund, Ramona Moran, Linda Giller, Robbie Eckert. Mary Vige Resident Assistant Illlll -. .i.., ,. ., Zt:.,,- Gun-Totin' Annie lPresident Robbie Eckertl represents the Annies of Oceana Hall on their Homecoming float salut- ing Arky-tecture lthe outhousel. 6 With another tremend surge of enthusiasm, the G Totin' Annies of Oceana ventured forth into another y To celebrate they decided to e some officers: Robbie Eck president, Sue Kiesling, edu tional vice-president, Sha Kaplan, social vice-presid Paula Thomas, secretary, Ca Perry, treasurer. Oceano had trouble getting into the sw of things. The first event of social season was a Sing Al with Maricopa in De La Gu Commons. Homecoming vided an excellent opportunity Oceano to show their hall sp With the aid of Calaveras Jeanne Robbins, Oceano p duced a Salute to Arky-tect . . . complete with outhouse Sears and Roebuck catalog The space between Homecom and Thanksgiving provided ti for all to salvage the G.P.A.'s Christmas provided an excell opportunity for all the ele majors to prove their worth the theme of the "ABC's Christmas." And throughout the madness, Mary Vige, r dent assistant, came thro like a champ! First row: Pat Rodeschek, Mary Meulen, Donna Mason, Jeanne Pam Rose. Second row: Nancy M Toni Glasco, Barbara Bowlin, Karen son, Penny Ho, Dianne Moore, K Alexander, Sharon Mattern, Carole Third row: Carol Breidenstein, Bet liams, Sandra Friesen, Sheila Jo Donna Billings, Anita Tillotson, Coffin, Jo Anne White, Sandy H Laura Eckert, Diane Varalyay. PRIMAVERA 51,-.. wi.. w0lRrlwr4wl , a., -ve-Q Barbara Natalino Resident Assistant First Row: Linda Wilson, Donna Allen, Kathy Morgan, Vicky Mapes, Lynn Moffet, Janet Bruce, Nancy Isaacs. Second Row: Kathy Fernandes, Jane Hollenbeck, Madeline Cowan, Lynn Haines, Sue Kimball, Marti Dawn, Carol Carter. Primavera considers itself the rnost unique hall in Santa Cruz. During the election of officers, they had to limit the number of nominations because There were so rnany enthusiastic leaders. After an election that lasted far into the night the triumphant officers lVicky Mapes, Madeline Cowan, Barbara Arthur, and Kathy Fernanclesl hurried off to catch up on their beauty sleep. Then they had the Sunshine Chairman who worked all night in order to spread her sunbeams everywhere during the day. Another unique feature of the hall were the pinnings of Chrissy l-loehner and 'Leesy Finnern. And then, too, there was the float, the only like it in the parade. lt isn't lust anybody who can build a skull. Finally there was the Judicial Chairman who went to bed early so she woudn't be bothered by the noise which began after eleven! Janet Bruce helps Janet Nielsen learn the latest dance craze. First Row: Anne Grisafe, Susan Terry, Bonnie Jenkins, Ann Lassman, Heather Lee, Janice Basore, Linda Lombardi, Angela Stockemer, Susan Olmstead, Bobbie Natalino. Second Row: Leslie Bucknall, Ellise Finnern, Susan Swing, Michelle Herzel, Gail Meyer, Barbara Arthur, Rae Ann Erlandson, Mary Aschenbrener, Christine Hoehner. First row: Tina Sue Meacham, Marty Martin, Jo Anne Lombardi, Toni Gripp, Rhoda Loeb. Second row: Jean Autrey, Karen Cassell, Carol Ann Rogers, Judi Rouzie, Jeanne Scott, Barbara Mulvey, Hope Linsley, Penny White. Third row: Robin Rothenburg, Nancy Elliot,-Karen Margwarth, Ann Williamson, Donna Olinger, Judy Schack, Marian Handorf, Judy Havner, Mary Lou Hatfield. RI LIETA The women of Risuena began The year by getting to know one another. The familiar "Hello" contest was won, ironically, by The newly elected Sunshine Chairman! Not wanting to gorge Themselves with their own friendliness, they bestowed it upon several successful ioints with several chosen rnen's halls. Moving on To bigger and better endeavors, They began planning ways To deplete Their Treasury by iointly spending money with Navaio and Marisco To produce Their stupendous, Third place RHA float. Meanwhile, volleyball Tournaments were being played, crutches became the vogue, and "Great Pumpkin Caroles" sounded in magnificent harmony. So The year went, producing RHA King, Mike Olpin, an unsurpassed number of hand-knit sweaters, and an unbeliev- able quantity of cinch notices. l L ' A Bonnie Le Blanc Resident Assistant The girls from Risuena Hall don'T believe in conforming the traditional attire usually seen at hall meetings. First row: Janet Frenchick, Janet Gerhardt, Carol Regel, Mary Alfier, Carol Dauksas, Anita Lin Second row: Ginny Hoefer, Marsha Tanner, Sus Pine, Wendy Schmitz, Judy Burton, Doris Ahlbe Nancy Luton, Pat Fagan, Bonnie Le Blanc. Thi row: Carol Buck, Ellen Sloan, Carole Brandst Carole Moore, Sherry Sheffield, Mary Schor, Ro mary Winslow, Pam Hogle, Robin Witt, Susan C lins, Ann Russell. N. l 4 .- .,,X 'Qin- .RT .81- 5 , f .ifffin LAS CASITAS EXECUTIVE BOARD-First Row: Pam Det- Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell Mrs. Mildred Fox loff, Secretary, Bonnie Schurr, Social Vice-President. Sec- Head Resident Head Resident ond Row: Stephen Wetmore, Treasurer, Bob Denney, Vice-President, Jerry Sherian, President. LAS CASITAS Under the leadership of President Jerry Sherian, Vice-President Bob Denny, Social Vice-President Bonnie Schurr, Secretary Pam Detloff, and Treasurer Stephen Wetmore, Las Casitas Composite worked toward great- er unification of the halls. Cooperation among the fifteen hall presidents and composite officers enabled Las Casitas to obtain such facilities as an equipped recreation room, bridges across the slough, and increased fumigation for the mice problem. Through petitions Las Casitas obtained lower laundry rates and faster telephone service. Two Las Casitas dances proved very successful and provided entertainment for all on-campus students. Jerry Sherian Las Casitas President SPRING SEMESTER PRESIDENTS-First Row, Stephen Wetmore, Sycamore, Susan Johnston, Manzanita, John Wilson, Acacia, Bob Frick, Birch. Second Row, Gary Potter, Willow, Randy Garst, Yucca. Not pictured, Terry Curtis, Toyon. ALL SEMESTER PRESIDENTS-First Row, Marcia Huebner, Madrona, Donna Knowles, tak, Nancy Oblinger, Manzanita, Susan Lewis, Palm, Cathy Moffet, Pine. Second ow, Greg Cory, Cypress, Rik Richter, Acacia, John Lenser, Yucca, Ken Meyer, Willow, ahn Baker, Toyon. Not pictured: Dick Moreno, Birch, Dan Wood, Juniper, Rick Fromm, Jurel, Hal Salwasser, Sycamore, Dale Coffman, Sequoia. , 263 ACACIA As thedoors ot Acacia opened this tall beneath an "Under New Management" sign, the former "zoo" became the model tor Classic Homes. This refinement was reflected by observance ot a weekly dress-up dinner. A special feature of the Classic Homes was a "mice-tree" guaran- tee. lThey couldn't stand the proximity of the dear old smelly sloughl. Led by whip-cracking Resi- dent Assistant Art Kobal and isolationist president Rik Rich- ter, Acacia was oriented to- wards academic pursuit rather than the social amenities. Still this pint-sized hall man- aged independently to com- pile a winning record on the playing tields ot Eton. .,,.. N yyy , - . 1 , ' 7 . Q ' ll l'.5!I Art Kobol Resident Assistant Acacia-First Row: Dale Stark, Bill Johnston, Steven White, Michael Edziak, Fred Mirch, Rik Richter, Marshall Larry Marks, Larry Steuben, Tracy Oldham. Second Row: John Wilson, Eric Recsei, Don Brandeau, Dan de Grassi Kosklcinen, Jon Armstrong, Art Kobal, John Dean, Richard Steig, Merwin Hansen. BIRCH Birch Hall enioyed an especially active year in the realm ot politics and social lite. They attempted in vain to secede from RHA. Combining with Madrona and Acacia Halls the men ot Birch entered a float in the Homecoming parade, "The Schemes ot Mice and Men." Although they didn't win any prizes, they did have tun. Ot two things they can boast: Resident Assistant Len King and their number one wrestler in the 30 pound division, Les Goddard. The officers were Richard Moreno, President, Gary Doyle, Social Vice-President, and Lance Widman, secretary-treasurer. So happy mouse hunting and better luck next year. Len King Resident Assistant Birch-First Row: Dennis Fukumoto, Gary Dolgin, Paul Bernhardt, Jeffrey Jacobs, Lance Widman, Les Goddard. Second Row: James Wolz, John Lyles, Richard Moreno, Robert King, Maurice Alston, Robert Frick, Len King. 264 CYPRESS i'. CLE 'E EIC Division. Cypress men fondly remembered moTor-bike riding in The hall, The wild parTies, The Wilder rioTs, and The campus police of whom They became auiTe Tond. lnTerior redecoraTion of Cypress was unsurpassed This year due To repeated realignmenT of The walls and numerous sav- age mouse-hunis. The men had an undefeafed TooTball season excepT Tor The league games They played. Their TloaT inexplicably came in Third in iTs division. Gary Moselle Residem AssistanT Cypress's Homecoming TloaT, "H.M.S. Bounty," took Third place in the Open The swimming Team held iTs TirsT pracTice session in The Trozen puddles behind Cypress: The dual meeT vviTh Juniper ended in a Tie-everybody gave up and wenT home. IT was a good semesTer boTh socially and academ- ically Tor Cypress, considering ThaT They had garnered The smallesT number of cinch noTices in The hisTory of The Las CasiTas. l First Row: Gary Moselle, Greg Cory, Robert Olander, Jerry Sherian, David Blumberg, Peter lvaska. Second Row: Bruce Rapp, Scott Dunlap, Bill Cosden, Dick Siarrett, Mike Maulhardt, Rick Sigler, Bill Blethen, Kent Stormer. Third Row: Dick Gazinya, Larry Lee, Lewellyn Boyle, Dan Gurner, Larry Hanson, Norm Poppen, Otho Wetzell, Tim West, Pat Werner. Juniper-First Row: Al chen, Ronald Chisum terer, Gene Tackett, F walt, Larry Vickei' White. Second Row: Dale Roy Bird, Roger Orr Deppe, James Nort Johnson, John Bla Chris Taylor. JU IPER The men of Juniper were exceptionally active in various campus activities. Juniper and Toyon Halls easily captured the Las Casitas football title, and were superior in numerous other intramur- al contests. When not studying the fellows partipated in many types of recreational activities. ' Among these were: mice stomping, sports car dismantling, lock changing, and general lurking around. Juniper Hall was equally strong in scholastics and only received three Cinch Notices . . . per man! Governing this utopia of political and social cooperation were: Dan Wood, Steve Arntz, Regidenf Assgsmnf Steve Deppe, and Greg White. Juniper's Recognized Authority was Roy Bird. Roy Bird TO YO Under the superb leadership of Lance York, Boy Resident Assistant, Toyon's freshmen apted brilliantly to the TOYON TRADITION, slowly nurtured by scores of grubby uppercl men. Toyon displayed its true colors by electing John Baker President, Dave Thomas Treasl and John Payne Commissioner of Fun and Games. The Fun and Games Committee sponsc many Recreational and Educational events. First was the Toyon Water Frolics. Featuring Ellis, Slide Payne, and Stompin' Denny Clark. Next came the Toyon Swim Meet and Flood. Red-Death Party, demonstrating Hall Unity, was enioyed by everyone, with the possible ex tion of Al Baker. A retreat to Goddard County Park spiritually prepared Toyon for finals. l I . Lance York Resident Assistant Toyon-First Row: Paul Ammen, Dennis Tokumaru, Gary Smith, James Ford, Bill Cockins, Terry Curtis, Al Baker, Thomas Edward, Chris Nelson, John Baker, Greg Cailliet. Second Row: David Thomas, Lance York, Bob Denney, Dennis Clark, John 266 Bronson, David Reback, John Ellis, Christopher Korch, Joe Neale, John Payne. First Row: Van Garner, Steve Hollopeter, Tom Carvey, John Bellinger, Steve Gunn, Chuck Kaplan, Michael Clark, Dick Archer. Second Row: Tom Sanford, Rex St. John, Paul Strouch, Dennis Holderman, Peter Balwan, Robert Carlin, Rick Fromm, Bob Phinney, Jim Ortner. l L LIREL This past year Laurel Hall was led by Resident Assis- tant Dick Suter, President Rick Fromm, Vice-President Steve Gunn, Treasurer Chuck Kaplan, and Intramural Chairman Dick Archer. Intramurals saw Laurel winning second place in football in the Las Casitas League and third place in basketball. Their social calendar featured ioints with Pine, Palm, and Manzanita Halls. Dick Suter Resident Assistant First Row: Jim Allen, Steve Block, Jay Williams, Jim Harrington, Lowell Sims, John Griffith, Ken Matsuoka. Second Row: Gus Greenberg, Tom Zallen, Roy Nishimori, Lawrence Levin, Dennis Merkeley, Lee Rice, Phil Olwin, Alex Ayres, Greg Merrel. 7 First Row: Sue Jolicoeur, Dania Steen, Peggy Culli- nane, Judy Jones, Lor- raine Vogt, Marilyn Davis, Pom Higgins, Margo Rears, Ann Stone. Second Row: Sandy Austin, lldiko Tolnai, Judy Allen, Janice Martin, Kathi Clauclon, Mary Jane Fast, Beverly Tedrow, Kristin Kirkman, Pamela Hurt, Kathy Madden. Card-sharps - Nancy Oberling, Sue Plumley, Marge Rosenberg, Stephanie Schnabel, Judy Allen, take a study break. MANZANIT Manzanita girls will always remember: birthday parties, noisy "quiet" hours, water balloons, "man in the hall," Homecoming float, sign-out cards, mice lughll, open house, volleyball games, calls from boys, hall meet- ings, candy machines, shower sings, dang- ling iron cords, cold mornings, secret sisters, fire drills, seranaoles, stacked rooms, the Ty- rant, sour milk, proctor's notices on the door, candid pictures, tea parties, Mom Campbell, and each other. ilk ,z 91 any House Mother VHF'-'Wifi' WU' Y ii - .-it l 11 w f X 4 j. ' ,. X ' 1 . , 3, Mrs. Elizabeth Campbell First Row: Pamela Babamoto, Louise Levy, Marge Gruncher, Kathy Roe, Stephanie Schnobel, Beverly MacKinnon, Martha Eckert, Carolyn Glenn, Merle Pollack, Nancy Henley. Second Row: Cherry Baker, Dorothy Perry, Sue Plumley, Bonnis Bishop, Sharon Currie, 268 Janet Odell, Nancy Oblinger, Gale Pentz, Susan Johnston, Barbara Bartolomeo, Suzy Mounts. Gressit Assistant Madrana-First Row: Sylvia Gressit, Bonnie Schurr, Harriet Genser, Mary Threlkeld, Carol Rubenstein, Marcia Huebner, Susie Stone, Susan Hannah, Jerri Bennett, Janice Raimer, Carolyn Berk. Second Row: Jill McKilIop, Robbie Sharp, Sara Stampp, Priscella Del Bosque, Lisa Nemeth, Karen Drury, Linda Eaton, Carol Bous, Judy Place, Kathy Morgan, Laura Kimche. MADRONA Madrona was the site of the hilarious UCSB Rat Race lagainst real ratsll but stayed comparatively quiet because of Resident Assistant, Sylvia Gressitt, who wouldn't let the girls take bicycles or elephants out the back door after eleven P.M. President Marcia Huebner, and the other officers conducted famous "short" hall meetings that never lasted less than forty-five minutes. The Homecoming float built with Birch and Acacia won absolutely nothing except the Builder's Exasperation Contest, However the volleyball team won four out of five games. k-First Row: Eleanor Rockwell, Barbara Colcord, Dorothy Schneider, Wanda Pope, Bonnie Bonner. Second Row: Gwen nz, Jane Polley, Diane Thibault, Kathy Holler, Katherine Paine, Linda Bohannon, Karen Pilot, Diana Voland. Third Row: f Ashbrook, Pam Buchanan, Christina Hussey, Donna Knowles, Sally Betts, Jeani Townsend, Judie Pirie. Karen Pilot Resident Assistant OK By scrimping and saving, Oak managed to use hall funds in an effective manner: the one social event of the season was a Japanese dinner in Santa Barbara. Otherwise life in Oak was exceptionally ordinary. Several troops of ravenous co- eds could be seen flocking To dinner each evening at 4:45, while the conservatives of the group waited until 5:10. One night a free-for-all baptism was initiated by plunging one reluctant member, fully clothed, into the shower. Thousands fol- lowed her, and soon Oak Hall's shower-room was converted in- to a public shrine. 269 Judy Jones Resident Assistant I Cherry James Resident Assistant Palm-First Row: Carolyn Nelson, Carolyn Norton, Elaine Moses, Carol Allen, Paula Biles, Annie Whitaker, Betty Cornell. Second Row: Judy Reuter, Jinny Galbraith, Jeanne Brilliant, Jean Cook, Susan Lewis, Sue Eier- mann, Pris Thompson, Camilla Kerns. Third Row: Jan Nielson, Moya Shea, Norrine Philips, Susan Shaner, Joanne Murdoch, Kathryn Enns, Tina Rittoff, Susan Johnson, Cherry James. PLM PIE Palm Hall is blue-striped t-shirts, suds fights, a busy phone, a wonderful Resident Assistant, a second place float, fires in the ironing room, mice, cut-up magazines and decoration attempts, friendliness, water pipes, late night typewriting in the bathroom, pillow fights, raids, newspapered windows, misplaced doors and a very open house. It is reluctant quiet hours, mononeucleosis, sunning on the volleyball court, good-nights under the tree, mad dashes to make lock-out, and serving maiors. Above all, Palm Hall is Happiness! The mice of Pine are proud of the twenty-four fresh- man girls with whom they shared the hall. Pine boasted five Colonel's Coeds, seven volunteers for St. Vincent's, one Casitas officer, one winning volleyball team, and one second place trophy for their Homecoming float. The mice are not the only ones that think highly of the girls, they're popular with the boys, too. Joints, speakers, and serenades are proof of this. As an ultimate tribute to the hall, the boys selected Pine's Pam Detloff as RHA Queen! Pine-First Row: Paula Kaatz, Cathy Moffett, Cathy Bennett, Sue Umphred, Jacque Chan, Shelley MacDonald, Marian Alexander, Margaret White, Priscilla Mullen, Sonia Norman, Judy Wolverton, Andrea Milnar. Second Row: Julie Craig, Connie Finster, Yvette Day, Jeri Caldwell, Anabel Hill, Joan Creighton, Kathy Bennett, Jane Schildknecht, Wendy Benak, Pam Detloff, Donna Thompson, Judy Jones. SEQLIOIA Ably-led by President Dale Coffman, Vice-President John Alexander, Secretary-Treasurer Doug Glaeser, Ath- letic Director Paul Randall, Judicial Representative Steve VanCamp, and Resident Assistant Fred Dawson, the men of Sequoia compiled an astounding record of social, intellectual, and cultural achievements. Highlighting the Sequoia social calendar were ioints with the Tahitian and El Dorado apartments. With the assistance of Primavera and Corriente Halls, they constructed the Homecoming float, "A Salute to Literature-Edgar Allan Poe." Cathy Clay was the hall's candidate for RHA Queen. Between the carefully-planned activities, mouse hunts and holiday celebrations enlivened the generally studious atmosphere of the dorm. Row: Alvin Crowder, Stev- James Polk, Dun- Blair, Steve VanCamp, me Rieder, Steve Pelican. Sec- Row: Don Wood, Mike ing, Barry Berkowitz, Steve on, Stephen Dawkins, Paul dall, Jerry Durfee, Jonathan zell, Philip Smith, John Lander, Andy Mariani. d Dawson sident Assistant - Of particular note was the celebration of the rites of Hallowe'en, which included tossing water balloons and throwing eggs. In intramurals, Sequoians found it easier to get the ball through the hoop than across the line, placing fifth in football, but winning the basketball competition. Scholastically, the Sequoians attempted to better the rather undesirable GPA which was willed to them by the 1962-63 residents of the hall. Hall meetings were highlighted by the visits of Dr. Sumner of the counseling center and Dr. Hardin of the Biology de- partment. The men of Sequoia enioy an informal party at College Cabin. First Row: Robert Rundstrom, John Mann, Bruce Green, Dawson, Gary Horn, Droese, Robert Aclafnson, Churchill, Dave Freeman, ond Row: Dale Coffman, chael Sedano, Doug Glaeser, Ken Anderson, Nebhut Smith, Gary Miskie, Forrest Dokken, Al Raddi, Bob Meigs, Dennis Kroeger, Rick Thayer. Fred Mike Bob Sec- Mi- 271 David Gross Assistant Head First Row: Mike Craig, Randy Kewen, Greg MacGillivray, Richard Starr, Mark Damron, John Hambright, Stanley Crowe. Second Row: Larry Hebebrand, Paul Youngborg, Jim Coward, Pete Maior, Dave Hall, Bill Canepa, John Wedemeyer, Roger Bannerman, Sandy Grecian. .452 fit? "The Art of Fantasy," Sycamore's Homecoming float, captured second prize in the R.H.A. Division. SYCAMQRE The men of Sycamore will remember their stay in' the hall and their many wonderful experiences. Officers were President Hal Salwasser, Vice-President John Hambright, Secretary-Treasurer Mike Craig, Athletic Chairman Roger Bannerman, and Float Chairman Neil MacElwee. Of the social events, the College Cabin date affair affords many memories, including Dave's poison oak. Pine and Palm helped construct the Homecoming float and shared the many good times. Intellectual discussions in Jack's room enriched the minds of Sycamore men, and Walt's voice brought the finest in stereophonic sound, but of all the evening functions, the "flood" remains foremost. The mysterious holes appearing in the walls were attributed to Laurel Hall, who took the responsibility of paying for them. And so, as finals approached, evening found Sycamore studying hard. First Row: David Gross, John Martin, Howard Demmelmoier, Mario Bogno, Richard Lewis, Robert Sammis, Charles Nagel, Neil McElwee. Second Row: Raymond Kinsey, Dee D'Orazio, John Asarian, Hal Salwasser, Bob Morton, Philip Stoddard, Fred Steck, Stephen Wetmore, Walt Reichard, Charles Gadsby. 272 Curtis sistant -I N1 if I . 'I i 1 , H L T1 Tallman 'sident Assistant . I .V L Row: Harold Rounds, John Davenport, Terry Olson, Stephen Peterson, Gordon Bassett, Scotty Sullender, Randy Garst, James Randall, Dave Kruger Row: Joel Burstiner, Harry Sims, Robert Moore, Thomas Tyner, John Steile, Bob Bohler, John Lenser, Dave Semler, Neal Roberts, James Holzgrate. YUCCA Despite rigorous schedules of classes, the men of Yucca found time to engage in varied activities. Joints with the Thetas, El Dorado, Man- zanita, and the Delta Gammas highlighted the fall semester. Yucca Hall's intramural victories were count- less, and outstanding records were achieved in 'Flag tootball, volleyball, tennis, basketball, and sottball. Domestic activities included malicious water tights, early morning choir recitals, and regular after dinner meetings ot the "Lonely Hearts Club." Otticers were President John Lenser, Vice- President Scott Sullender, Secretary-Treasurer Gordon Bassett, and Resident Assistant Jerry Curtis. WILLQW The Willow men, in order to promote cer- tain goals peculiar to Willow lextremely pecul- iarll, formed several associations ot their own. The WHDMCS lWillow Hall Druids Marching and Chowder Societyl marched around Casitas in robes, chanting Gregorian chants. And who can forget the mouse hunts? Who will ever be able to snitt ant spray without shedding a tear or two? Who will forget that week without hot water in the hall? All these memories and many more will make Willow Hall live in the annals of history with such tamous accommodations as the slave ships, the dungeons at Toledo, and the Black Hole of Calcutta. Willow-First Row: Charles Weisenberg, Chris Neustrup, Fred Avila, Michael Torbik, Glenn Destatte, Craig Stone. Second Row: Kenneth Meyer, Gary Potter, Terry Agnew, Hank Fearnley, Jim Tallman, Allan LaRoche, Rich Migues. 273 licity Chairman. Merren Brigham Santa Rosa President SANTA ROSA Santa Rosa adopted a foster child from Viet Nam and under The leadership of Merren Brigham, president, several fund-raising activities were held to support This proiecT. As a result of the foreign exchange student scholarship offered by Santa Rosa The previous year, Michele DeBois from Bordeaux, France, lived in Santa Rosa This year. A Tea was held during The fall semester To acquaint Michele with The girls of Santa Rosa, Academically, Santa Rosa sponsored several speakers and continued The Traditional weekly Coffee l-lour in which students and faculty meet and chat informally. Several ioints-one congratulating The men of San Miguel on The opening of Their dorm-added To Santa Rosa's social year. Everyone enjoyed The Christ- mas Party with candy canes and The Easter Party with decorated Easter baskets for Saint Vincents. FALL SEMESTER PRESIDENTS -- First Row: Kathie Henderson, Tesorog Carolyn Wichmann, Bahia, Adriana Zeitlin, Villa Marina. Second Row: Jackie Campbell, Sirena, Anne Hux- table, Ribera, Ramona Olsen, Neb- lina, Linda Jennings, Coralina. Not pictured: Pamela Whitehead, Marisco. 274 V Y 'Y Y SANTA ROSA EXECUTIVE BOARD-First Row Nancy DiGerolami, Social Vice-President Frances Coe, Secretary, Carol Muller, Treasurer. Second Row: Cathy Peters, Executive Vice-Presi dent, Anne Huxtable, Fund-Raising Chairman Merren Brigham, President, Fran Gomez, Pub l . Y , . T i tl Mrs. Cora Middlebrook ', Head Resident l Mrs. Mildred Smith Head Resident SPRING SEMESTER PRESIDENTS-First Row: Beverly Call, Villa Marina, Sherry Lydon, Tesoro, Ruth Sirena, Susan Boyer, Coralinag Lauren Fisher, Second Row: Olivia Robinson, Ribera, Cheral Clark hia, Bettie Geer, Marisco. Bahia never had a dull moment. The hall was well-prepared on Halloween T armed with old shoes, rollers, and well-used l?l books, but was disap- ted when The male population didn't show. Fdf Homecoming, Bahia and alino ioined forces on their float, "The Spirit of the Nile," To bring back first place RHA trophy. As an added attraction This year, Bahia was blessed an ample supply of mice, thus The girls became adept at dresser climbing, stdnding, and ceiling walking. This was only the beginning of Bahia's b to fame. Clay Gilbert Resident Assistant at row: Carolyn Kurahashi, Claiborne bert, Tiffeney Duncan, Tonya Whelan, do Jennings, Joannie Wheeler. Second v: Nancy Blakeney, Barb Boutwell, tice Jones, Janis Bales, Sharon Fidler, 'ry Sue Seger, Susan Boyer, Joanna leiohn, Nancy Keeney. Third row: Jany 'ker, Mel Luce, Randi Gilbert, Karen ine, Kathie Kirkendall, Jennifer Jones, 'inie Spoerri, Joan Barbour, Kathe gan. BAHIA l l First row: Mary Ynostroza, l Nancy Barta, Phyllis Knight, i Carolyn Wichmann, Marilynn Aiches, Leslie Baker, Jennie Aguilar. Second row: Diane Hinkle, Janee Mason, Ellen Pierson, Carol Schalla, Jennifer Kelso, Marlena Caspers, Roslyn Smith, Michele Dubois, Bonnie Shaw. Third row: Cheral Clark, Mary Collier, Etoile Davie, Mer Condit, Joan Pratt, Marilyn Thompson, Mary Christoft, Carol Meisenbach, Janet Yone- moto, Judy White, Adele Porter, Christina Cope. Fourth row: Susan South, Carol Miller, Judy Rogers, Sharon Mann, Barb Gobler, Becky Korns, Linda Cramer, Ann Thompson, Nancy Foster, Dixie Harvey, Sharon Studebaker. Nancy Foster Resident Assistant CORALI A Variety, Talent and ioking were the passwords to Coralina this year. With the leadership of Linda Jennings they managed To exhibit all Three in exaggeration. A beach ioint with Modoc was followed by an invitation by The 98 men of Maricopa, Mariposa, and Napa to ioin them in Tloat building. The almost weekly birthday parties were only intervals between The continual practical iokes. This year will not be forgotten by The girls of Coralina both for friends made here and The warmth and great devotion of the one and only Clairborne Gilbert. 275 MARISCO First row: Dana McCauley, Bar- bara Albaum, Aletho Horvath, Jackie Brown, Cheryl Monson, Pam Whitehead, Mary Muzikar, Judy Downing, Joy McCartthy. Second row: Leslie Lawton, Geri Zerman, Suzanne Shellaby, Carol Prince, Teri Hume, Flo Hoylman, Betty Brown, Lori Hellen, Carol Pendarvis. Leslie Lawton Resident Assistant l i i Mary-Seldon McKee demonstrates how the roll-out bed works in Morisco's experimental room. Marisco kept up its spirited tradition this year by plunging into tall activities. A ioint with Napa and Mariposa began their social events. To set the way for Homecoming, Marisco had a dinner-ioint with Navajo Hall. Joining with Navajo and Risuena, Marisco then went on to win third place in RHA division with their float, which saluted Shakespeare. Under Betty Brown's leadership, Marisco entered intramural volleyball and did very well. Hall meetings, headed by Pam Whitehead, president, Teri Traner, vice-president, Maggi Mitchell, secretary, Barb Westree, treasurer, and Flo Hoylman, iudicial chairman, provided diversion from studies, along with their daily "face-feeds," chatter sessions in the bathroom, dance lessons in the hall during quiet hours and knitting parties. All in all, Marisco had a fabulous year and its girls will look back with smiling hearts in remembering the enioyable times and wonderful friends, First row: Shari Smith, Lorrie Bre Diane Hopp, Sandy Mize, Teri Tra Harriet Wengraf, Donna Lang, P Stirling, Rita Nielsen. Second r Ellen Atkins, Jean Denninger, Hill, Bettie Geer, Carole Cutl Barbara Westree, Anita Wade, Mu Pettiiohn, Ann Petersen. !"1fT Brown, Pat Bivans. 'i"p, EBLI A Distractions were provided by men of San Miguel on West side and men ot Anaccpa on East side. The familiar words, "Girls, either keep The curtains closed or the lights ouT!" echoed dawn Neblina Hall This last year many times. There were eight stories ot reasons-and all with binoculars. But the girls managed to have a Tull and busy year in spite of The complications. The first couple of months brought ioints with Maricopa, Napa, Solano, Tuolumne, Stanislaus, and Shasta. Meanwhile every- one was working for the old GPA to the tunes of the Letterman. Secret Sisters at Christmas time, hopscotch down the hall, and San Miguel serenades are among the many memories. The girls ot Neblina all agree it has been an inter- esting year! row: Carolyn Baca, Carol Downs, Pam Austin, Pat Rich, Beth Goodtriend, Kathy Kernohan, Judy Carl, Linda Wolfe, Susan Malone. row: Donna Rolzinett, Lisa Couper, Elizabeth Rau, Judith Johnson, Kathy Mac Allister, Karen Alexander, DeeDee Powers, st row: Terri Anderson, my Coale, Charlene ilbrick, Kim O'Connor, t Monroe, Susie Fogarty, t Lund, Klara Steiner, alie Martin. Second row: Jren Fisher, Pom Brooks, da Knudsen, Ann Mc- asky, Ramona Olsen, xrtha Wendt, Jan Lazen- , Karen Langston, Bev- y Elmore, Patrice Mor- fv, Joan Edwards. Lisa Couper Resident Assistant 277 The talent and imagination of Ribera girls gushed forth during their Halloween party. Leslie Robbins and Judy McFarland won prizes for their unique costumes. RIBERA Under the dynamic leadership of hall president Anne Huxtable, social vice-president Pat Wells, secretary Francie Alexander, Treasurer Leslie Hamren, WRA representative Cathy Francis, and educational affairs chairman Mike Di Martino, Ribera enjoyed numerous successful activities. The busy semester began with a beach hootenanny with Yuma. Then they held a riotous Halloween party and greeted the arrival of the Great Pumpkin, who bore a remarkable re- semblance to resident assistant Elaine Deckard. The energy of hall members was then directed toward the building of a float for the Homecoming parade. With Tuolomne, Shasta, and Juniper they produced an effective "Salute to Gauguin." Riberans, real pacesetters, were the first to hold Sunday dress-up dinners, and were the only hall able to boast of publishing their own hall newspaper. The pace set by Ribera was fast, fun, and furious. ' " --"fi First row: Cheryl Brown, Marilyn Steele, Arline Woodward, Jeannette Bragger, Leslie Hamren, Anne Hetu, Lauren Lazor, Leslie Robbins, Judy Mc- Farland. Second row: Karen Langson, Gail Kreusel, Carol Smith, Aimee Allen, Barbara Can- ning, Diane Avery, Gai Granneberg, Olivia Robins son, Jeannie McGee, Marc son, Jeannie McGee, Marcia Knapp, Mary Corf- man. 278 Elaine Deckard Resident Assistant First row: Helen Smith, Lita Skillman, B Orend, Susan Apperson, Jinna Carls Nancy Fox, Joyce Thomas, Cathy Franc Kandy Riave. Second row: Janette Ca Patricia Tryon, Donna Self, Mike DiM tino, Anne Huxtable, Pat Wells, Caryl Winium, Mary Wallenius, Francie Al ancler, Nancy Maginnis. II IRE a's fastest cart on two wheels turns into the home stretch at the annual cart races. A As we thumb Through The pages of The history of Sirena, our gaze comes To rest upon The year of The Modern Women. We note ThaT during This year Sirena kept many noble traditions: joints with San Miguel, sev- eral candlelights lincluding one Tor RA Diane Hennenl, and building a float saluting The Twentieth Century with El Dorado, Madera, and Villa. Breaking away we see that This year had mapy contributions. Athletically, The girls showed great enthusiasm Tor intramurals and mouse hunts. Socially The hall ate Their meals Together, established "short" meetings, specialty clubs, and had several surprise birthday parties, Artistic- ally Sirena had her share of guitars and stereos, original bulletin boards, and spontaneous singing groups. AT The close of The year we find that while many of The faces seen in Sirena will be changing, The memories will live on forever. First row: Sue Whitaker, Jane Clay, Nancy Bakura, Susan Ono, Sandy Rabago, Paulette Brewer, Andrea Barker Second row: Ann Davis, Janet Santarosa, Margie Reeder, Susan Crump, Altreda Johnson, Jackie Campbell, Beth Ballard, Lynne Bowsher, Lynn Brechtel. Diane Hennen Resident Assistant it row: Carol Croop, Nancy Hartman, ie Gallagher, Lynn Michaels, Kristin ingenberg, Carol Casassa, Pamela inson, Janet Sofas, Judy Crew, Susanne len. Second row: Ann Whitney, Jean kley, Kathay Schmidt, Rose Marie Jens, Diane Hennen, Marti Barnard, anda Salazar, Ruth Lamb, Jackie Leach. TESCRO First row: Gaila Serimian, Lois May Oliver, Nancy Skelton, Diana Gruhn, Carol Cooper, Nancy DiGerolami, Fran Gomez, Kathie Henderson, Diana Kelly, Sue Goldberg, Michele Phillips. Second row: Ann Boerman, Glenda Meyer, Carol Muller, Judy Gardner, Merren Brigham, Cathy Peters, Adelaide Cartwright, Robin Grebe, Carla Diehl, Rae McCallum. if Kasia Stetanek Resident Assistant Having had one version ot Tesoro's rousing activities rejected by the yearbook, the girls regrettully turned in this dull summary of their accomplishments, three ioints, two beach parties, one Homecoming tloat with Lassen, Humboldt, and Solano, one Christmas party, sixty-three secret sisters, one Spring Sing attempt, two thousand stolen closet doors, sixty million mice, one winning volleyball team, one pushcart attempt, seven Santa Rosa Hall officers, two hard working Hall presidents, one artistic Resident Assistant, three educational speakers, tive gitts from devoted men's halls. Put these all together, and they spell Tesoro's big year i963-64. W , .re A - - Y' - --e. , ef P .. , i. I 'ifr'fffl's- -- A-,Q---.g,5s, , 31- " V '-' . Tesoro's float, "Art VTE for Eternity," won tirst place in the R.H.A. division. 280 First row: Sally Summers, Sherr Lydon, Nadine Barsky, Lisa Whelan Carol Cavanagh, Patricia Goohs Second row, Frances Coe, Allisor-Ai' Forbes, Kasia Stetanek, Gay Kelly Tere Smith, Lani MacKirdy, Sue Katj Helen Leeds, Mary Schroeder, Ann Gentles. Third row: Susan Scott Cristina Fernandez, Lorraine Seabury Carolyn Hughes, Janet Anderson Martha Jorgensen, .lean Mendenhall Anita Ernst, Sherry Gage, Patty Mul lins, Jill Bonner. Jeannine Herron Resident Assistant Villa Marina had many exciting activities this year, among them, a scintillating Halloween party. With cider and doughnuts provided by the world-famous Ortega Commons, the girls gorged themselves while wearing a variety of costumes, resident assistant Jeanine Herron eating the most and needing no costume at all to represent the Halloween spirit. Kris Rice, birthday chairman, brought happiness and laughter to birthday girls with her clever signs and often rather disgusting gifts. But they say "it's the thought that counts." Villa Marina has had a little different room-mate setup than the rest ofthe halls. Instead of two roommates per room there have been as many as five-two girls, three mice. These small furry, lovable creatures were sent from San Miguel to protect and watch over the girls since the San Miguel boys can no longer do it themselves due to constantly closed curtains on the west side. All in all Villa Marina has spent a great deal of time studying and expects to be high on the list for RHA G.P.A. i .nrivy I N ,Q Al W' f . 1 I r, A V fijfgg' ll V g R - 1 ,Qs ' 's x, ' -. ,L . .2 f , , , 1 -- W '- -rf-ff j' Q ii i Y ft I -j - ,, Q . " 't A -fir . " i'i." " ' . A riffl 1' ' if .5 . -, S 3 1 an , It 'A 1 " X 2 ' ' ' 7' P4 It ix ,ff Y' . , . I: I MI V, N 1. in ,',iXx.w,' , 's N Villa Marina's hall meeting seems to create a pretty tight situation. First row: Jeannine Herron, Charlotte Woodward, Roxanne Shaft, Cathie Smith, Susie Falk, Barbara Youst, Joan Emerick, Adriana Zeitlin, Linda Lou Proctor..'Second row: Carol Berk, Laurel Harwood, Susan Mills, Cheryl Mosher, Kris Rice, Nancy Earle, Laurice Rosenberg, Jackie Osborn, Sherry Shull. First row: Lorie Myers, Suzan John- son, Jeanette Sill, Carole Pate, Elizabeth Rodgers, Barbara Rowitzer, Margo Litchfield, Mary Lou Mott, Marti Sprinkle. Second row: Carolyn Fennell, Dorothy McAdoo, Nancy Roberts, Judy Siege, Peggy Rod- riguez, Sandy Hutchinson, Midge Stone, Mary Ellen Phillips, Kathleen Rieffel. 281 SA MIGUEL Anacapa calls it an "eight story tenement." Parents visiting the campus call it beautiful. Santa Rosa calls it nosy. They are all talking about the new men's resi- dence hall, San Miguel. ln its first year of existence, San Miguel has made its presence known in a number of ways. lt petitioned for and received a mailbox in front of Ortega Commons, a change in the parking regula- tions, and a volleyball court in front of the east tower. It purchased a second hand piano and a brand new color television set. In the academic area, San Miguel men ranked among the highest gradepoint earners on campus. Socially, San Miguel sponsored several dances, among them the Christmas Sweetheart Ball. Perhaps if one person could be singled out who has done more to make the hall what it is today, that person would be Mrs. Ruth Tugby, the Head Resident. Under her policies, the hall has been able to carry out its innovations. San Miguel Hall, new, experimenting, boisterous and dy, namic, has solidly established itself in campus life and David Hunsaker San Miguel President has assumed a position of leadership in the expanding dormitory program of UCSB. SAN MIGUEL EXECUTIVE BOARD-First Row, Bob Marshburn, Treasurer, Burton Gervis, Executive Vice-President. Second Row, Joseph Buelna, Secretary, Dave Hunsaker, President, Mike Gatzke, Social Vice-President. FALL SEMESTER PRESIDENTS-First Row, Robert Mullins, Merced, Stephen Penn, Mendocino, Jack Bacon, Stanislaus. Second Row, Tom Kopman, Lassen, Bob Christie,'Madera, Bob Blaschke, Napa, John Caramagno, Sierra, Tom Olsen, Mariposa. Third Row, Mike Welch, Shasta, William Wood, Colusa, Robert Creamer, El Dorado, Bart Holmquist, Humboldt, Glenn Carroll, Solano, Howard Traylor, Calaveras. Not pictured, Bob Simpson, Plumas, Harvey Neiman, Tuolumne. Mrs. Ruth Tugby Head Resident Steve Wilson Assistant Head Resident Kasia Stefanek San Miguel Sweetheart SPRING SEMESTER PRESIDENTS-First Row: John Caramagno, Sierra, Perry Shoor, Mendocino, Spencer Bader, Madera. Second Row, Jon Hanna, Humboldt, Pete Cavette, Shasta, Larry Stroud, Mariposa, Bob Blascke, Napa. Third Row, Jack Bacon, Stanislaus, Dave Kemp, El Dorado, Howard Dodson, Calaveras, Pete Rum- well, Solano, Bob Boyles, Plumas. Not pictured, Larry Nelson, Lassen, Steve Kostka, Merced, Jim Fraser, Tuolumne, Rick Rowe, Colusa. laveras--First Row: Dan Bennett, Mark Chase, bert Abbott, Howard Traylor. Second Row: Joseph lyash, Mike Bray, Larry Emrich, Mike Monagan, eve Venitsky. Third Row: Robert Phillips, Bob ques, Ed Faeh, Paul Fuller, Craig Drossel, Mike inson, Rich Clark, Chris Lambert, Dave Frey. CCLUSA CA AVERAS Calaveras is affectionately called "The Gateway of the San Miguelsf' In fact, so many people pass through the hall, located on the first floor of the west wing, that the men decided to charge a toll, which was slightly frowned upon loy Steve Wilson and Mrs. Tugby. However, they really don't realize how important Calaveras Hall is-why if Calaveras weren't on the first floor supporting the other seven floors, San Miguel would collapse! ln addition to indispensable dorm support, the men found time, be- tween the card games and the basketball rolling championships, to get some studying done. Colusa Hall, acknowledged intellectual asis of San Miguel Hall, is conveniently cated between floors one and three f the west wing, just minutes from Ortega Dining Commons. prevailing atmosphere of Colusa Hall one of intense academic endeavor, only by occasional skate board and informal midnight discussions. Colusa residents, though chosen for intellectual prowess, nevertheless the common touch by bathing whether they need it or not. few football teams can challenge s speed and proficiency . . . with rule computations of pass plays. Dave Marshburn Resident Assistant Colusa-First Row: Jerry Duke, Tom Beal, William Wood, John Loftin, Brad Duni, Stephen Rittenberg Rick Flynn. Second Row: Philip Surra, Richard Rowe, Mike Ploessel, Bill Tanner, Jeff Krend, Dick Hall Karl Kellogg. '1 L El Dorado-First Row: Meritt Rector, Dale Hopper, William Shaffer, Dene Doniak, Albert Caris. Second Row: Marshall Glick, Ronald Bishop, Dave Hunsaker, Dennis Houlsby, Steve Darling, Ken Gaecle. Third Row: Robert Merrick, Dale Drew, Bill Smith, Robert Creamer, Ray Waldbaum, Rex Morgan, Tony Carr, Joe Jahn. MADER The only obvious characteristic of the men of Madera was their lack of participation in the fields of ath- letic endeavor. Under much duress, they managed to field six men for most of their intramural contests. Participation in the corridor was a different matter. Any time between 7:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. a stimulat- ing conversation was offered in the "Social Room." Any visitor would invariably be treated to Curt's reve- lations, Rich's psychic phenomena, Steve's un-American activities, and Marty's prowess. Under the auspices of President and oenologist Bob Christie, they felt confident that they would overcome and put Madera on the campus map. 284 EL DQRADC Extra-curricular activities were a bri spot in the year for El Dorado. They F ticipated in the intramural football tc ney and came out with a perfect rec -zero for five. In basketball, howe they broke their record and had an e season. Between the eternal Brit game, the seventeen cinch notices, seventeen freshmen, the Loch Ness M ster, a party at the College Cabin, t Homecoming float, and Resident As ant Bernie Kamins, EI Dorado manag to have thirty-six weeks of comp chaos. Bernie Kamins Resident Assistant Madera-First Row: Ralph McArthur, Barry Penzel, Steve Larkin, Roger Schlesinger, Spencer Bader. Second Row: Marty Cantrell, Paul Sanders, Curt Wells, Bob Christie, Wayne Shotts, Jim Riede, Bill Hodge. Third Row: Wayne Mohr, Carl Waggoner, Dave Zoraster, Gary Friedman, Chris Buckley, Gary McDonald, Pete Kunoth. Lind . LASSEN Assistant boldt-First Row: Stewart Blumsack, Charles George Berg, Al Hodgson. Second Row: Scott, Dick Lind, Pete Cavette, Charles Jeff Leon, Bob Freeman, Len Van Essen, Ted Third Row: Roy Merrill, Ned Honig, Bartolome, Mark Coogan, Mike St. John, Gatzke, Bart Holmquist, Richard Frischknecht. HUMBCLDT The hall officers carried the ball as Humboldt enioyed T963-64 at UCSB. Sergeant-at-Arms Ken Jacobs and Fund-Raising Chairman George Berg combined forces to keep the year lively. Humboldt teamed up with Lassen and Tesoro to build a Homecoming tloat, and Risuena, Westgate, Tahitian, Tesoro, and Ribera joined the hall for social functions. Resident Assistant Dick Lind was a candidate tor R.H.A. King, and with Humboldt's enthu- siastic help, he lost. Football season saw the Humboldt- Lassen team winning two and losing tour, and basket- ball got oft to a fine start with two wins. The Hearts Tournament provided the year's better sporting thrills, however. bssen-First Row: James Dinsmore, Ric Abouol, Reo Nathan, Robert Wilcsek, Stephen Neasham. Second ow: Andy Deseran, John Firman, Dick Lind, Tom Kopman, Terry Riley, Dave Leedom, Bernard Millman, Iharlie Tubbs. Third Row: Peter Schmitz, Bruce Townsend, Kirk Ryskamp, Ken Goodfried, Michael urkart, Joe Scott, Charles Kingston, Sherman Herrick. With a hearty cry ot "Hey ya Ralph!", Lassen Hall galloped into its tirst year. Chief Riders were Tom Kopman, President, Andy Deseran, Vice-President, Mike Burkart, Secret- ary-Treasurer, Ken Goodtried, Ath- letic Director, and one-half ot Dick Lind, Resident Assistant. The Lassen year was composed at athletics lwith Lassenites on many school teamsl, scholarship lRegent's Schol- ar, Honors-at-Entrance Freshman, College Bowl Alternate, and eight- een cinch noticesl, disgusting practi- cal iokes lmany ot them perpetrated by Lassen's own "ga-no-me"l, Homecoming tloat l"We are freez- ing, Egypt, treezingul, claustrophob- ia lsix men in a rooml, social lite lsometimesl, study lseldoml, and tun lalwaysl. 285 Jim McDonald Resident Assistant Mariposa-First Row: Tom Mathis, Larry Stroud, Fred Keast, Alan Howell, Russell Fox. Second Row: Doug Stanbridge, Don Gosser, Dave Rubini, Tom Olson, Richard Mansfield, Dennis Sullivan. Third Row: Eric Meller, Donald Stem, Lee Samuels, Joel Hinrichs, John Blew, William Buie, Rick Hachten, John Lucas. M RIPOSA Hall politicians Tom "El Pres Baby" Olson, Tom "Active" Mathis, Doug "Filchpenny" Stanbridge, and Larry "Arm" Stroud did, if nothing else, provide a constant moral support for Resident Assistant Jim Mac- Donald, who was blessed with the quietest hall this side of Forest Lawn. How often did he not exclaim, "I just don't believe it!"? As main socialites, Snoopy and sweet Catalina were overshadowed only by Napa, who will not soon forget that December morn. Who can forget Mansfield's ubiquitous quotations from philosophy and the Mad Scrawler's decorations upon all hall signs? Who can forget? lAll have triedll NAPA Secure in their sixth floor stronghold, Napa men earnestly endeavored to set an example. In intramurals, Napa ioined forces with Mariposa and became known as the "Power in the West"-tower. Guest speaker Mr. Vernon Persell contributed the spark for scholastic achievement, but the flame died shortly after Home- coming. Under the leadership of Bob Blaschke, President, Tim Denman, Vice-President, and Rupe Linley, Secretary- Treasurer, it was not uncommon for the bridge games to outdraw the hall meetings. Sometimes Jim Mac- Donald, Resident Assistant, would visit the hall when it got suspiciously quiet, but his visits were few in this area. Napa-First Row: Davie Smith, Timothy Denmann, William McNaul, Phillip Shinoda, Tom Dooley. Second Row: Bill Lampi, Bryan Goolsby, Bob Blaschke, David Graves, David Schultz, Joe Vidali, Jim Folks. Third Row: Ed Dougherty, Tom Besich, Bob Wright, Lindsey Breeden, Michael lversen, Ron Chit- tenden, Ru-pe Linley. 286 ndocino First Row Loren Moore, Steve Cato, Kirke Jorgensen, Don Posthumus, Pete Grillo, Perry oor Stephen Penn Second Row Robert' Opiat, Charles Painter, Ronald Bott, Paul Trinkkeller, Rick dgson Dave Campbell Jim Neel Bill McKeever, Pat Kwock. ME DOCINO - MERCED The men of Mendocino and Merced Halls, affectionately dubbed "the animals," Took TirsT place in intramural football and basketball, and Their float, built with El Dorado, Took second place in Homecoming. To further The cause of public relations, M 84 M Treated the women of Santa Rosa To pumpkins for Halloween and a six foot Turkey for Thanks- giving. Mendocino officers were President Steve Penn, Vice-President Richard Hodgson, and Secretary-Treasurer Pat Kvvock. Merced leaders were President Bob Mullins, Vice-President Ron Rubenstein, and Secretary- Treasurer Mike Laughlan. The Resident Assistant was Don Posthurnus. These Two spirited halls enioyed a good year-excepT when grades came out. Merced-First Row: Bennet Tom, Michael Grew, Bob Mullins, Don Ramloerg. Second Row: Foley Benson, Steve Kell, John Pohlman, Steve Kostka, Terry Oleson, Jack Redd, Gary Keyes. Third Row: Mike Nicko- loff Steve Arnold, Bill Davis, Dave Forman, Ron Rubenstein, Dick Wilken, Mike Laughlin. Don Posthumus Resident Assistant 28 7 .loe Comella Resident Assistant Plumas-First Row: David Kuznets, Dave Gale, Mark Mandell, Burton Gervis, Bob Simpson. Second Row: Herb Klein, Ron Ramsey, Rick Schwartz, Mike Silvey, Nick Carter, Russ Ra- mey, Derth Obbink, Terry O'Conner, Fred Bern- thal. Third Row: Douglas White, Steve Lawton, Donald Sendek, Ray Sanborn, Kirby Pickus, Dave Tilley, Bob Boyles, Bill Smith, John Byer. PLUMAS Lead by Resident Assistant Joe Comella, President Bob Simpson, intramural Chairman Russ Ramey, and Secre- tary-Treasurer Bill Smith, Plumas Hall raced down the noble path to glory in every tield' of endeavor, but trip- ped over a warthog or a toadstool iust short of victory, the only exception being the successful sponsoring of Pam Detloff for RHA Queen. However, Plumas holds many fond remembrances-Kirby Pickus' size sixteen combat boots, Don Rubenstein's shadow onthe walls, the pharmaceutical odors emitted from Doug White's room, and Bernthal-Lauton midnight pop-corn factory will fill their minds and hearts with sweet nostalgia. SHASTA bers to be one of the most active ha participation in sports-football, baske ball, wrestling, and tennis, work i Homecoming, in which the Hall combine construct "A Salute To Gaughinu, an sponsoring Betty Geer for San Migu President Terry Schwedler, Secretar Chairman Gary Lamb. Shasta-First Row: Jeff Kreinbring, Charles Wormington, Richard Peterson, Pete Goldberg, Gary Rud- dell. Second Row: Jerry Jones, Bentley Giften, Roy Bowen, Mike Welch, Dan Boeger, Barry Meyer. Third Row: Ken Weston, Rick Kendell, Greg Snyder, Dick Scott, Bill Milan, Rudy Rikansrud, Louis Peters, Robert Wiener. 288 Shasta Hall is considered by its mem on campus. A few of the many activitie undertaken by this fellowship hall wer with Ribera and Tuolumne Halls t Sweetheart. Mike Welch led Shasta a President. Other officers were Vice Treasurer Greg Snyder, and Athleti Friedman it Assistant 'TLICLLIM E What can one write of Toulumne Hall t will, first, do it iustice, and second, sent the truth, which, unfortunately, is filled with those events which altered nl illuminated lives, but rather those which re the daily expressions of a new hall ex- ring college life on all sides, such as the ial side, in which They participated with vera Hall in building a Homecoming float nominated Christina Fernandez for San uel Sweetheart, or the academic side, :resented by the fact that Tuolumne re- ved very few cinch notices, or any number things that would help one understand y Tuolumne Hall can be summed up in e sentence? Stanislaus - First Row: Jim Muzzy, Tom Schwartz, Tom Dunning, Hank Friedman. Sec- ond Row: Michael Peterson, Donald Luhmann, Willie Helter, Richard Kezirian, Harold Nathan, Jack Bacon, Jim Hoffman. Third Row, Nick Bartel, Dieter Schefke, Kip Kramer, Ken Setser, Bob Traver, Roy Sievers, Allen Maxfield, Jaime Frinell, Ed Wehan. STAN ISLAUS Under the leadership of Jack Bacon, President, Mike Coray, Vice- President, and Ed Whelan, Treasurer, Stanislaus Hall participated in many University activities. The men of Stanislaus sponsored a float in the Homecoming parade, took part in intramural athletics, and rep- resented the University in other capacities as well. Many of the hall members were on intercollegiate athletic teams, and intramurals saw Stanislaus winning first place in wrestling. The men of the hall helped defeat Anacapa in the tug-of-war, but they were better-known through- out the campus as scholastic geniuses. Their great Resident Assistant was Hank Friedman. Tuolumne-First Row: Harvey Neiman, Joe Buelna, Ron Himmelright, Doug Van Vlear. Second Row, Hank Friedman, Denni Rash, Rich Stewart, Bob Spritz, John Eader, Dave Stivers. Third Row, Ramon de la Guardia, Doug Gibson, Mike Olpin, Jim Beniamin, Richard Galton, Jim Fraser, Mike Ray. 289 SIERRA 9 Hey, Tom, what happened to you after the lights went out? Sierra-First Bow: ,Keith Wetterer, S Matlovsky, Walter King, Ronald Cha F ' , , C V l Steve Kaufman, Bob Sogge. Second Brett Barton, Mickey Herman, John John Caramagno, Ken Barr. Third Bradford. These are the men of Sierra Hall! Although they were nearly fifty per-cent Freshman, They excelled academically, athletically, and socially. Study habits always show in The final grade, and They have proved Themselves adequately studious. They shall return next year. Athletically, Their prowess was that of a non-greek discus thrower. Ron Chakon, Jim Shadford, Walt King, Manuel Gonzales, and Ken Barr led the football team to third place in the San Miguel league with a 5-2 record, closing the season with the defeat of Colusa-Calaveras. ,Jim Pelzer and Serge Matlovsky were the social wonders of the hall-ioints and hootenannies filled their calendar. Bob Sogge was their able and competent "supervisor," The hall officers included John Caramagno, Steve Kaufman, Ron Chakan, and Ken Barr. When Freshmen, like Ken Barr, have problems, they take them to upper-classmen, like Walter King. Assisting in this consultation is Palm, Hall Mascot. Enthusiastic sportsmen, like Serge Matlov- sky, Jim Shodford, Bob Bradford, and Jim Pelzer, made sure that the elevator saw plenty of action on Friday nights. Dave Mainland Bob Soda Dave J James Pelzer, James Armstrong, J Shadford, Tom Carnes, Bruce Haines, F Kaiser, Robert Lathe, Tom Brandwein Sogge Assistant Solano-First Row: Mike Johnson, Dennis Malone, Bill Capps, Glenn Carroll, Bob Sogge. Second Row Bob Namanny, Bob Cook, Gene Manners, Gene Borio, Fred Bennett, Dennis Haar. SQLANO Solano Hall, in its finest year yet, can boast much greater intellectual prowess than last year. ln order to maintain high standards, intramural sports participation was cut to a minimun, and hall-enforced quiet hours commanded unprecedented respect. Especially note- worthy was the Homecoming float, which came to hall attention the night before construction. Hall activities were intermittently guided by the efficient hall staff: Glenn Carroll, President, Bill Capps, Vice-President, Gene Manners, Secretary'Treasurer, and Rob Denhardt, Ath- letic Chairman. Glenda Thompkins, Cathy McCambridge, Barbara Wilde. I DEPE DENTS It is the policy of the University that all Freshman girls live in University-approved housing. Those girls who are unable to obtain housing on campus or in approved apartments may board with Sororities who have vacancies in their houses. This year girls boarded at the houses of Alpha Delta Pi, Delta Zeta, Sigma Kappa, Alpha Phi, and Chi Omega. ts-First Row: Lynn Chambers, Kristine Eddy, Nancy Hagerty, Karen Horvath, Janda McCarty, Eyda Perez, Judy Jeras, Edith Taylor. Second Row: Adele Sandra Wright, Barbara Snake, Nancy Girvin, Terry Woodard, Carol Smith, Linda Zierer, Nancy Lathrop, Cherie Roberts, Jean Pearson, Neva Thomas Row: Mary Mugele, Margi Bandel, Linda Leibsohn, Vicki Nordeck, Nancy Crocker, Lucy Johnson, Sheryl Wilson, Jackie Tschumy, Patricia Dolphin, Joani Fireman Boyer. Fourth Row: Jan Mason, Cathy Williams, Leslie Hill, Marsha Ford, Jane DeBriyn, Venita McPherson, Ann Thysell, Nancy Miller, Kathy Hayes, Stephanie , U r J' ELDORADO EAS Eldorado Executive Council-First Row: Paula Andre, Social Chairman, Jyl Owens, President, Candy Treankler, Vice-President, Laura Todd, Corresponding Secretary. Second Row: Nancy Fearman, Treasurer, Mrs. Ashburn, Eldorado West Head Resident, Mrs. Sebits, Eldorado East Head Resident, Marilyn Mitch- ell, Recording Secretory. l i, Guadalajara Hall-First Row: Suzie Englander, Lindo Osborne, Kirsten Nigro, Susie Neel, Karen Adams, Danielle Lara, Charlene Blaney, Sharon Commons. Second Row: Denise Dolphin, Sydney Burnham, Margie Kinley, Sharon Nye, Diana Carpenter, Ellen Dilman, Lindo Kenny, Mary Ann Blackwood, Katherine Leonard. Third Row: Pam Graham, Evelyn Day, Linda Salisian, Martha Frank, Mary Fletcher, Barbara Bamber, Marilyn Knight, Elizabeth Murphy, Susan Ker, Paula Andre, Nancy Miyamoto. Fourth Row: Ann Casler, Candy Krohn, Diane Walton, Jean Struxness, Carolyn Doggett, Cathi Brehm, Cecily Anderson, Justine Boehm, Nancy Carder, Evelyn Pruitt, Barbara Wilson. 292 Montevideo Hall--First Row: Bobbie Bricker, Linda Parlie Celine Estill, Carolyn Collins, Judy Ellis, Arleen Ozanian, Shar on Tiaden, Karen Smith. Second Row: Ann Faragher, Kari Laffoon, Rosie Henry, Pam Hangen, Louise Dennen, Lind McCandless, Bev Edwards, Jane Howland, Jan Painter, Jane Dingle, Susan Hoffner. Third Row: Vicki Cederquist, Joan Bec Norma Kruse, Judy Del Duca, Judy Ammann, Joanne Klein hofer, Vinnie Peak, Mrs. Sebits, Sandra Gore, Sue Files, Robbi Heck, Mary Ann Stucky, Connie Williams. Fourth Row: Darl Little, Carol Rader, Judy Patterson, Sue Riggins, Nancy Noland Carolyn Codding, Nancy Fearman, Judy Davison, Beverl Blanche, Kasey Hiath, Joan Huntsman, Linda Hummel, Mar Nine. Valencia Hall-First Rowi Judy Francisco, Dianne Fuqua, Berdette lay, Barbara Welsh, Lori Thomas, Karen Mayhugh, Ann Rowland, C Massafra. Second Row: Penny Schenck, Janet Olisar, Bev Jaques, Robinson, Andi Allen, Jeanette Alcorn, Nadine Whitman, Rachel Sa Cathy Mueller, Jyl Owens, Nancy Dalbeck. Third Row: Diane Partri Sharon Eardley, Carol Kiperash, Lesley Leghorn, Delane Robinson, G vieve Davis, Barbara Baxter, Carolyn Cox, Cindy Baird, Libby Rose, C Tomich, Pat Smith, Bonnie Bonar, Fourth Row: Ingrid Nielsen, K Jackson, Susan Paterson, Marilyn Mitchell, Carole Curb, Margaret G den, Lynnea Johnson, Nancy Allison, Deanna Cartwright, Margie G Gail Proctor, Katy McDermott, Lita MacDonald. ELDORADO WEST Eldorado Residence Association, in its first year of existence, had many activities, including hosting Chancellor Cheadle and the Deans of the University at a dinner and reception held at the Eldorado. Here all the girls had a chance to meet the Deans and talk with them informally. Eldorado, including East and West, is divided into six units: Guadalajara, Valencia, Montevideo, Granada, Magdalena, and Maiorca. Each unit sponsored individual activities throughout the year, such as joints, float building, and Christmas window decoration competition. The Christmas season was especially active at Eldorado. A Christmas formal, Neige d'Hiver, was held at the Timbers Restaurant, and the head residents gave a Christmas party for the entire hall which featured a skit and refreshments. During the year Eldorado sponsors parents' and men's open houses. Also, during specified times the girls may have guests in their apartments for dinner, a chance for the girls to exhibit their culinary skills! Granada Hall-First Row: Karen Johnson, Elaine Roberts, Shir- ley Bushell, Kay McGraw, Betty Jo Lee, Gay Dowling, Ann McMurray, Sue Wolff. Second Row: Linda Jo Lave, Jill Sauer, Joan Corwin, Susan Aas, Colleen Koehler, Diane Lewis, Judie Stone, Charlotte Oeding, Lynn Hochstetter. Third Row: Susan Moran, Wendie Kamins, Cheryl Kent, Lyn Wyse, Marilyn Mar- tin, Gladys Crume, Cathi Dixon, Pam Erbeck, Jan Courtney, Linda O'Brezar, Karen Plischke. Fourth Row: Deena Dossey, Carolyn Campbell, Sharen Wentz, Linda Bender, Judee Smith, Nancy Hoskins, Mary Lou Bryant, Mary Lasher, Sally Danen- hauer, Chris McElroy, Shirley Bert, Diane Larsen. Magdalena Hall-First Row: Janet Smith, Sarah Rees, Gayle Torre, Joan Edmunds, Annie Elzas, Linda Guerrero, Kathy Nakamura, Donna Sackett, Della Claypool. Second Row: Meredith Williams, Kathy Williams, Betsy Jones, Becky Schworer, Pam Strickland, Nancy Fishel, Sandy Hansel, Irene Yarber, Carolyne Kersey, Carol Colpo, Teri Norris. Third Row: Kathleen Brennan, Pam Nichols, Joan Byers, Cammy Leggett, Nancy John, Mrs. Ashburn, Mar- sha Mobilio, Diana Berry, Chris Joy, Connie Clark, Cheryl Ransom, Judy Favour, Garnet Seiberling. Fourth Row: Laura Marcenaro, Jane Derby, Pat Poseley, Beth Warner, Luanne Alfier, Sue Scott, Marsha Crist, Lyne Campbell, Carolyn Graves, Merry Delbridge, Judy Herms, Nancy Black, Carol Conant, Sabina Dunton. iorca Hall-First Row: Tana Shattuck, Cathy Pierson, e Wesolowski, Beverly Webb, Patty Crouch, Sandy ler, Pat Whittlesey, Susan Huff. Second Row: Linda raci, Diana Brumbaugh, Ann Whittlesey, Lynne Thomp- i, Lisanne Hall, Jane Woodrow, Bobbi Rapaport, Pat lubila, Sue Davis, Linda Collins, Laura Todd. Third iv: Candace Treankler, Ethel Markovits, Dyana Cass, met Clark, Jill Holloway, Judy Duerr, Linda McBride, da Vaughan, Anita Spencer, Anita Del Castilla, Susan nelec, Debbie Wilson. Fourth Row: Beth Wheeler, Joan Enelmann, Diane Robinson, Sue Allison, Eva Raszynska, irilyn Hagar, Stephanie Davis, Pat Flagg, Kathy Stickle, Fry! Denny, Charlaine Vandervoet, Elaine Chase. l . -Cc cc 293 CGLEGIO HALL "Happiness is living in Colegio." A pot-luck supper, ci ioint with Yuma, ci ghoulish Halloween party, Secret Pals anal a party for Christmas were iust a Tew of Colegio's activities This year. The girls helped salute The arts by building a Tloat with a Grecian theme for Homecoming. Barbara Batcha was elected Block 'C' Sweetheart. When Jo Reich won first ploce in the Los Angeles County Fair Art Show, Colegio was able to watch her on the new Television set which they pur- chased This year. Officers tor The hall include Sue Cherney, President, Jo Reich, Vice-President, Karen Gillette, Social Chairman, Pom Goheen, Secretary, and Pam Duesler, Treasurer. Colegio Hall Executive Council-First Row: Sue Cherney, President, Myers, R.A., Mary Ann Welday, R.A., Jo Reich, Vice-President. Second Kathy Bohrer, Judicial Board, Ann Tanouye, Judicial Board, Mrs. Hald, Resident, Corky Wells, Judicial Board, Pam Duesler, Treasurer, Karen Social Chairman. i if -, 4 First Pam Row: Pam 294 Row: Sue Jordan, Toni Wheeler, Enid Sanders, Elwood, Kathy Bohrer, Pat Lancaster. Second Barbara Enloe, Susan Rovetta, Bonnie Painter, Duesler, Corky Wells, Diane Burch, Laurie Wil- cox, Cherri Craig. Third Row: Mickey Snowden, Ann Tanouye, Barbara Moore, Sue Cherney, Nancy Locks, Janet Marletto, Karen Palm, 'V First Row: Marii Hindes, Barbara Batcha, Fran Walk- er, Pamella Goheen, Linda Roney, Janice Witt. Sec- ond Row: Karen Gillette, Helen Logan, Samara Gill, Barbara Fritschi, Barbara Baker, Dia Eggert, Nancy Betaque. Third Row: Becky Segars, Joanne Reich, Kathy Jennings, Mary-Lea Schilbrack, Sharon Jor- dan, Roberta Maxwell, Mary Jean Riggs. THE TAHITIAN The first year of ci living group is always one of hard work. President nne Hufnagel and her officers Lu Lynne De Silva, Terry Ellis, Marcia Craig, Connie Davis organize the Hale Wahines in their many activities. The first activity of the year was ci swimming-dinner party with Sequoia Sycamore halls. Apache and Manzanita halls ioined the Hale Wahines Their Homecoming activities and float building. Under the supervision of . Marilyn White, the girls planned language tables to meet in the evenings. Mrs. Gaugh was very generous in giving the girls Sunday afternoon open se privileges so that they could have their parents or men guests to dinner ich is only one of the advantages of apartment living. Manoa Lani Hall at the Tahitian participated actively during its first r. Activities were organized by Lorraine Hutchings, President, Gretchen Lanes, e-President, Martha Nichols, Secretary, Cheryl Buckle, Treasurer, and Charlotte yes, R.A. Manoa Lani participated in the Homecoming parade as they built a float th Kappa Sigma. But activities also included the cultural emphasis, as Manoa i residents had the opportunity of listening to several guest speakers from University. For athletic emphasis, a team was organized to represent the in the W.R.A. volleyball intramurals. HALE WAHINI Hale Wahini--First Row: Jayne Glodowski, Kathy Dart, Mary Pearson, Cathy Holland, Marcia Craig, Cathy Michael, Nancy Jo Steven- son, Karen Ferrier, Connie Davis. Second Row: Barbara Viken, Judy Embree, Marybelle Schade, Kathie Walker, Judy Draper, Pat Palmer, Kay Walstad, Marcia Wynn, Andi Hattenbach, Bonnie Christlieb. Third Row: Dar- lene Lutosky, LaVerne Johnson, Phyllis John- son, Sue Lochrie, Susanne Banning, Marie Shat- to, Dena Wilkerson, Pam Hauser, Lu Lynn De Silva, Michi Kishiyama, Dena Tiller, Marilyn White. Fourth Row: Karen Deyoe, Carolyn Kuchcik, Julie Lugo, Terry Nelson, Lynn Arnett, Joanne Hufnagel, Connie Claudius, Judy Han- son, Terry Ellis, Marilyn Downey, Edith Lyne. MAN OA LANI Manoa Lani-First Row: Anne O'Connor, Judy Sullivan, Diane Mangham, Sandy Walters, Mary LePage, Cheryl Buckle, Joyce Sterling, Joyce O'Driscoll. Second Row: Cathie Kerns, Dee Dee Calfas, Pat Taylor, Shirley Hoover, Carol Henderson, Lynn Tuck, Sue Harris, Janice Esgate, Carol Gee, Gretchen Lanes, Janice Anderson, Kathy O'Connor. Third Row: Pat Flammang, Patti Robbins, Pat Johnson, Jo. Ellen Victoreen, Arzelia Powell, Jill Ramsell, Mrs. Gough, Barbara Klein, Martha Nichols, Marti Belcher, Gayle Rogers, Barbara Roddy, Marilyn Easter, Carol Connelley. Fourth Row: Joanne Vorster, Christie Wright, Joan Hofmann, Diana Doupe, Mariie Stark, Janine Oliver, Gay Moore, Judy Heins, Kathy Thackwell, Mary Sturdevant, Janis McCoin. 295 First Row: Barbara Becker, Donna McCollum, Channing Miller, Tina Bergquist, Tori Laird, Sandy Coates. Second Row: Gail Wienker, Susan Wormser, Karen Devendorf, Debbie Mur- phy, Mary Gerasimou, Judy Jumper, Carol Ferguson. Third Row: Bonnie Myrhe, Leslie Burner, Chris Sullenger, Vikki'Irwin, Diane Clarke, Karla Ganns, Jaydean Hiatt. fi"lPfL'i'iif1J5,u1:g 'f' 4 ugxj, do WESTG Westgate, the Freshman women's hall now in its second year, elected its otticers soon atter Registration week. They include: President, Sandy Cederwall, First Vice-President Nancy Noren, Second Vice-President Mary Gerasimou, Secretary Jeanne Harney, Treasurer Leslie Krieger, Publicity Karen Devendorf, W.R.A. Rep. Martha Cherish, A.VV.S. Rep, Ingrid Stalfors, and Judiciary Chairman Karol Vogt. Through board and hall meetings the eighty-three girls, under the leadership of housemother Mrs. Edward Blomtield, organized various ioints and a formal Open House, as well as a Homecoming float with the Isla Vista Independents. The girls enioyed entertaining men guests for dinner every other Sunday evening when they had an opportunity to show off their newly acquired cooking skills. The Halloween panty raid on Westgate was big talk for awhile. The "No Men Allowed" signs and the warning: "No Bareteet in the Lobby" were all familiar aspects ot life to the Westgate girls and their guests. 296 First Row: Pot Sousa, Jeanne Horney, Jane Cr well, Lori Dahl, Ann Harrington, Mimi Loomis. ond Row: Cathy Cords, Karen Helms, Leslie Krie Ruth Immerwahr, LaDonna Smart, Sherry H Marleen Shecter. Third Row: Lynn Tuggle, Beli Comer, Leanne Hines, Trudy Smith, Denny De Ha Karol Vogt, Elizabeth Nemeth. LL l First Row: Janet Startt, Susan Ailman, lla Tanchuk, Marcia Isaacson, Dianne Meredith. Second Row, Denise Young, Ann Gutterman, Marilee Berg, Sharon Worth, Janice Fairchild, Third Rowi Cindy Zeiders, Sandy Cederwall, Nancy Noren, Susan Harwood, Susan Perley, Gale Frese, Jennifer Ford. with their animals are Gail Wienker, Debbie Murphy, Devendorf, Sue Cosser, and Diane Clark. lgiexgs is l 31' il "' w 'Q' Si M it . -4 l Ll 1 'Q if v' v .H ll' s 5742 if C ll ll l 'l ll l . .t C ., ag ' J ' l' - 5 Yu 1 f ' '-. ,J , ,, '4 tl 'F ,",., , l . ,, 1. 'Q f , . x Westgate Executive Council-First Row, Nancy Noren, Vice-President, Sandy Cederwall, President, Mary Gerasimou, Social Chairman, Jeanne Horney, Secretary. Second Row, Leslie Krieger, Treasurer, Martha Cheresh, W.R.A. Rep., Ingrid Stalfors, A,W.S. Rep., Karol Vogt, Judiciary Chairman, Karen Devendorf, Publicity Chairman. First Row, Linda Peirce, Linda Leichman, Pamela Brown, Amara Prachankadee. Sec- ond Row: Sue McNeely, Cindy Chamber- lin, Sue Dirkes, Leona Szczotka, Margaret Laughlin, Martha Cheresh, Ingrid Stalfors. Third Row, Holly Minech, Pat Ruuska, Carol Huddleston, Pam Ralph, Dinah Klas- sen, Mary Ellen Dennison, Bonnie Huston, Pam Sawyer. ILL DEL SUR The one hundred eighteen girls living at The Villa del Sur Apartments This year were able to participate as a group in activities ranging from ioints with men's halls from The campus, to Monday night speakers in The lounge, To a hobby-craft workshop and a box social, to The increasingly Traditional dinner and dance with Cal Poly. Open House evenings Throughout The year provided opportunities for The Testing of culinary talents on specially invited guests. Informal Villa functions notably included Homecoming floatbuilding, organ- ized volleyball competition and Christmas caroling. Corresponding to halls in a dormitory, The "units" into which The Villa is divided are individually able To plan events such as kidnap breakfasts and pot luck buffet ioints. School spirit, individual responsibility and residence association planning, coupled with enthusiastic group cooperation has made The year one of lasting friendships and memorable experiences. First Row: Marcia Gerrard, Sharon Jacobs, Caren Cossi, .Joycelynn Lew, Sybil Gershman, Susan Dysinger, Nona Carpentier, Wendy Singleton. Second Row: Linda Schaefer, Cheri Kurz, Anne Yallalee, Sheila Mars, Vera Shannon, Dorothy Russell, Sandy Best, Kathy Dunn, Suzan Harrawood, Sharon Blancarte, Kathy Fitzgerald. Third Row: Barbara Idt, Virginia Macumber, Pat Ferguson, Linda Meyer, Nan Butler, Sue C. Johnson, Susan R. Johnson, Hilary Nomeland, Kathleen Coleman, Virginia Anderson. i l' i 'L 1 !. l First Row: Patricia Jobe, W.R.A. Representative, Susan Joiner, Treasurer, Margo Chase, President, Stephanie Martin, Vice-President, Susan Parrish, Secretary. Second Row: Francie Pancoast, Dot Smith, Diane Browell, Kristin Pieper, Diane Goolsby, Peggy Glazer, Irmela Greinel, Cathie Schramrn, Claudia Poliquin. Third Row: Lynette Billings, Lynn Hawke, Gayle McHenry, Ellen Sherrer, Elaine Sharky, Sandi Tillin, Viki Johnson, Carol Collins, Patti Johnson, Pat Guiney, Lindo Hoff, Donna Jean Freeman. Fourth Row: Sharon Hamilton, Gail Clark, Jan Howell, Karen Jacobson, Dal Dallas, Karen Venge, Pat Potter, Rosemary Long, Donna Pilgeram, Sandy Fish, Judi Jordan. vi' N. ay, ' is' 'ffl A. -... - ' , 'gy 5,.,, A, 4-U, , A ,351 ' Ji'ii.4w.-PD-2.1-gin! - '1' Yf '77, 4 ,,, . h ' f '- ,f ii W A -f -4, v - -f --- f 'g z gg ,. 3 ,gf-' - - L'1ivr4-67,-rm 5? ' " .ww , 117 V, f"' ' , ,Q zr --'jg' w'g.,,r rf . 'L I V 'km A 1... fl -I A-I' vb -J V!-k,.3xEL " ' hug " ,, 'Iii-,:'.Q., - - , M :iff if . k- I -A - -"5""5':f Q , 'A A- '--Q ,L 3, 'T' JM I L .sG'7,:qu4i,,i" Lg , ,V 1-W. -Q fins 1 vi' . 1 .- .. .i-.1 Q ,495 n"- faft qi' .H I 'f f W 4' 5' .iff-...' ,. Q v,a"'r,. .7 fw"'45, , 'lik-7 lv Q af. is ig. 0 '14 1 if ,Nil .- 1.1, T N NG! lf. A Y' A 1' v-. 1 wx M, ...J .- 1 Activities AWS Christmas Assembly-86 Bonfire Rallies-81 Camp Conestoga-73 Charter Day College Bowl-71 Debate-l28 Don Juan-81 Easter Relays-lO3 Frosh Camp-66 Frosh Tribunal-67 Galloping Gaucho Review-76,77 Guest performances-82,83 Homecoming-78,79,8O Kennedy-90,91 King of Diamonds-85 Opera Workshop-l l9 President Kerr's Reception--72 Presents-70 Proiect Pakistan-75 Pushcarts-l 04,1 O5 Registration Week-68,69 RHA Formal-84 Road Runner Review--lOl Sadie Hawkins-84 Spring Sing-lO2 University Day-74 Administration Chancellor-17 General Index Deans-l 9,20,2l Personnel-22 President-l 4 Regents-l 5 Vice Chancel lors-l 8 Associated Students AS Office Staff-28 Board Chairmen--26 Legislative Council-25,26 Personnel-23 President-24 Publications Director-37 Representatives-25 Secretary-25 Vice President-25 Arts and Lectures Art Gallery-l'l2 Drama Productions-l29,l3O,l3l Lectures-92,93,94,95 Music Productions-ll9 Paganni Quartet-l l6 Awards and Honoraries AMS Award-6l AWS Award-61 Blue Key-59 Cal Club-58 Chimes-55 Crown and Scepter-54 Honor Copy-60 Honor Keys-62,63 Lower Division Awards-63 Spurs-56 Squires-57 Committees Activities Control Board-27 Assembly-29 Awards-28 Constitution and By-Laws-29 Elections-31 Finance-27 Frosh Camp Staff-31 Judiciary-30 Intercollegiate Athletic Commission -169 Library-30 Music Commission-34 Personnel Board-28 Publications Board-36 Publicity-33 Radio KCSB-42 Rally-32 Recreation Commission-35 Speakers Bureau-35 Speakers Commission-34 Special Events-33 Speech Control Board-35 Social-32 Student Affairs-33 Student Union Policy-34 Academic Departments Anthropology-144 Asian Studies-lol Biology-134,135 Chemistry-136,137 Classics-161 Economics-l47,l48 Education-l49,l5O,l5l,l52,i Engineering-llil English-122,123 Foreign Language-124,125 Geography-l48 Geology-138 Hispanic Civilization-l6l History-l54,'I55 Home Economics-156,157 Industrial Management-157 Mathematics-141 Men's Physical Education-l68 Military Science-162 Music-l 13 Philosophy-160 Physics-140 Photo by Karl Obert litical Science-159,160 chology-158 ligious Institutions--161 ciology-145,146 anish-Portuguese-126 eech and Drama-127 levision-162 men's Physical Education- cial Sciences-161 torial-161 reeks pha Delta Pi-210,211 pha Phi-212,213 i Omega-214,215 i Sigma-226,227 lta Gamma-216,217 Ita Tau Delta-228,229 ltcl Zeta-218,219 terfraternitv Council-208 mbda Chi Alpha-232,233 ppa Alpha Theta-220,221 ppa Sigma-230,231 nhellenic-209 i Kappa Psi-234,235 i Beta Phi-222,223 gma Alpha Epsilon-236,237 gma Kappa-224,225 gma Phi Epsilon--238,239 gma Pi-240,241 iving Groups dependents ldorado East-292 lcloraclo West-293 olegio Hall-294 orority Boarclers-291 ahitian-295 .a u re l-2 67 estgate-296,297 illa Del Sur-298 esidence Halls Associations cacia-264 nacapa Government-246 pache-248 rbolado-256 ahia-275 irch-264 alaveras-283 analiio-249 olusa-283 onsuelo-257 oralina-275 orriente-258 ypress-265 'El Dorado--284 Enramacla-255 Estrella-259 -lumbolt-285 Iuniper-266 .as Casitas Government-263 .assen-285 illadera-284 llladrona-269 Jlanzanita-268 illaricopa-250 Aariposa-286 Aarisco-276 Aendocino-287 Merced-287 Modoc-255 Na pa-2 86 Navaio-251 Neblina-277 Oak-269 Oceano-260 Palm-270 Pima-252 Pine-270 Plumas--288 Primavera-261 RHA Government-244 ,245 Ribera-278 Risueia-262 San Miguel Government-282 Santa Cruz Government--247 Santa Rosa Gave rn ment-274 Sequoia-271 Sierra-290 Sirena-279 Shasta-288 Solano-291 Stanislaus-289 Sycamore-272 Tesoro-280 Toyon-266 Tuolumne-289 Ute-253 Villa Marina-281 Willow-273 Yucca-273 Yuma-254 Organizations Block C-170 Brass Choir-115 Chamber Singers-114 Circle K-88 Colonel's Coecls-164,165 Dorians-1 16 Drill Team-51 Elemecls-150 Freshman Class-44 Freshman Yell Leaders-49 Gaucho Band-50 Home Economics Club-157 Honey Bears-87 Interfaith Council-89 Junior Class-46 Kappa Delta Pi-151 Men's Glee-117 Orchesis-172 Modern Chorale-115 Phrateres-88 Senior Class--47 Scabbard and Blade-163 Song Girls-48 Sophomore Class-45 Student Pannel-89 University Religious Conference-89 University Symphony-1 18 Women's Glee-117 Women's Physical Education-173 Women's Recreation Association -173 Yell Leaders-48 Publications El Gaucho-40,41 La Cumbre-38,39 Photographers-36 Spectrum-37 Student Directory-37 Royalty Block C Sweetheart+171 Easter Relays Queen-98 Homecoming Royalty-96,97 Li'l Abner-99 King of Diamonds-99 Military Ball Queen-97 RHA Formal King and Queen 97 99 Sports Baseball-191,193 Basketball-186,189 Cross Country-185 Football-176,182 Frosh Baseball-194 Frosh Basketball-190 Frosh Football-183 Frosh Track-201 Golf-203 Men's 1-ntramurals-174,175 Swimming-196,197 Tennis-202 Track-198,200 Water Polo-184 Wrestling-195 A omoclt, Charles-2 26 Aos, Suson-293 Abbott, Doniel-251 Abbott, Robert-195,283 Abbott, Stephen-35,46,195,226 Abele, Richctrcl-117,202 Abney, Stephen-230 Abouod, Jirnrny7183,285 Abrohoms, Virginio-122 Adoms, John S.-292 Adoms, Noncy-150 Adoms, Ross-238 Adamson, Robert-271 Student Index Anderegg, Shoron-41,256 Anderson, Roncild-158 Anderson, Ann434 Anderson, Anne-116,118 Anderson, Cecily-31,173,292 Anderson, Jonet-114,117 Anderson, Jonice4122 Anderson, Jonice L.-295 Anderson, Kenneth-271 Anderson, MoIly4168 Anderson, Terri-277 Anderson, Vlrginio-298 Anderson, Williom-27 Bocon, Bruce'-240 Bocon, John-245,282,289 Baden, Judith-150 Bocler, Spencer, 245,282,284 Agnew, Terence-273 Aguilctr, Juono-513,275 Ahlberg, Dorisf262 Aiches, Morilynn-275 Ailmon, Suson-297 Alves, Karen-87 Albount, Borloorct-276 Albrecht, William-232 Alcoloy, Berdette-292 Alcorn, .leannette7216,292 Aldrich, Charles-159 Aldrich, John-254 Alexander, France-sf44,79,27B Alexander, John H.-271 Andre, Poulc1f292 Andrews, John Robert-15,24,61, 62,72,91,159,169,174 Ansbro, Fronchescogl 13,1 17 Antrim, Croig-248 Appel, Carolonn415O Apperson, Suson-278 Arbogost, Anclreo-216 Archer, Donolcl-254 Archer, Richard D.-154 Arkush, Albert725,27,63 Arrnel, Susan-214 Armstrong, .1omesf24O Armstrong, Jon-264 Armstrong, Necl-245,253 Barber, Boer, Theodore-238 Bogno, Victor-272 Bcriley. Normon-228 Boiley Sonclro-164 165 222 Boircl,l Cynthio444,292 I Boker, Allison-266 Boker, Borboro-294 Baker, Cherry-H268 Boker, Christopher41ll7,23B Boker, Elisobeth-164,220 Boker, John-245,263,266 Baker, Koren-B8 Boker, Leslie-275 Boker, Terry-117 Bokuro, Noncy-279 Bolclwin, Suson4212 Sales, Jonisf157 Boll, Eclword-236 Bctll, G eorge-245 Bollantyne, .leon-111 Bollorcl, Elizobeth-56,173,279 Bollcrrd, Robert B,-157,228 Ballorcl, Robert D.-32,163,236 Bollcrrcl, Willictm-88,117 Bomber, Bctrlzoro--292 Bctndel, Banker, Morgoret-291 Fronklin-134,228 Bonkercl, John-184 Bannermcxn, Roger-272 Banning, Susonnef295 James-179,180 Beringer, Georgef246,250 Berk, Cclrol-281 Berk, Corolyn-269 Berkowitz, Bctrry-271 Berlin, Susan-32,216 Bernhordt, Pctul-44,264 Bernhorclt, Surah-56,1 64,1 65, 216 Bernthol, Corl-288 Bernthol, Eugeniaf49,222 Berry, lloniel-250 Berry, Dicrnct-A293 Berry, Mary-173,259 Berryltill, MaIIhcw7l63 Bert, Sl'tit'lr3:y-293 Berltesen, Murlc-53,226 Berlino, Eleanor-212 Besich, Thomas-286 Best, Sonclrof298 Betoque, Nancy-294 Betts, Corolyn-42,117,218 Betts, Henry-254 Betts, Sally-218,269 Beyer, Gregg-57,250 Beyerchen, Alanf'266 Beyschlog, Ccrrolfl26,25S Blles, Pciulof1l9,164,270 Billings, Donnag26O Billings, Lyneltef298 Bird, Roy-59,163,266 Birnic, Judith-168,173 Bishop, Cynthia-150 Bishop, Goy-268 Bishop, Ronnlrl-284 Blvotts, Mory7277 Brogger, Jeonnette-278 Bt'ctlton1, Gordon+2OB,23O Broithwoite, James-232 Brokesrnon, Corol-216 Branch, Melissa-54 Brctndeciu, Donold-264 Brondstcxd, Corolef262 Brondwein, Thcmos-145,2 Bray, Michael-228,283 Breoux, Richord-183,255 Brechtel, Lynn-279 Bredel, Norm-147,252 Breece, Conrod-240 Breeclen, Lindsey-286 Breen, Lorrie-276 Brehrn, Kothleen-292 Breidenstein, Corol-260 Breidenthol, Donna-247 Brelsford, Morcicr-216 Brennon, Kathleen-81,293 Bretonne, Shirley-157,244 Brewer, Curtis-191,248 Brewer, Poulette-279 Bricker, Borboro-292 Brickrnon, Michael-195,25 Bridger, William-195 Briggs, Money-117,154 Brigham, Merren4244,274 Brilliant, Jeonne-270 Brinkhom, Kenneth-147 Briscoe, James-25,35,2OB, Brodgtnski, Adele-291 Brodwin, Mortin-243 Bronson, John-266 Bronson, Willord-228 Blcrir, Alexander Alexander, Alexander Alexander, Alexander, Alexandre, Photo by Jim Motlinson Where have oll the students gone? , John W.-248 Karen 1.-111,210 Korne L,-210,276 Kcrthleen-260 Morior'tf164,27O Juclitli-173,259 Allier, Luonne-293 Allier, Mory-262 Allosio, Lynne-220 Allen, Airnee-37,41,278 Allen, Anclreo-292 Allen, Bruce-31,226,246,25O Allen, Donno-150,261 Allen, Judith--44,222,268 Bowrncrn, Morgciret-210 Allen, Linda-255 Allen, Merrill-201 Allen, Suson-220 Alley, Williorn-117,185,254 Allison, Noncy-292 Allison, Suscm-293 Alston, Mourice-264 Amberg, Henry--226 Arnett, Borborct-295 Arnold, Stephen-287 Arrowsmith, Nortnonf254 Arthur, Borboro7261 Arthur, Potricio-256 Ascrrion, John-202,272 Asbury, Constcrnce-70,122,209, 224 Aschenlarener, Co rol-85,1 56,259 Ascltenbrener, N1ory4244,261 Ashbrook, Kothleen-173,269 Atkins, Rosernory?87,145 Atkins, Nctomi-276 Auchenpough, Gwendolynk259 Augustson, Kent-232 Barbour, Joon-275 Borbour, Rolph-184,196 Bcrrdcrcke, Paul-202 Bctrdwell, Ross-240 Borgmon, Stefctnie-259 Bctrker, Anclreo+279 Borker, l.incloi122 Barlow, Wcxyne-126,248 Bctrnorcl, Martha-279 Bornwell, Diol-218 Boroni, Albert-254 Barr, Joy-249 Borr, Kenneth-290 Borro, Selby-216 Bcrrrett, Dennis-159 Borsky, Nadine-88 Borto, Noncy-173,275 Bortel, Nicholos-289 Bortlett, Peter-163 Bortolome, .lornesf285 Bortolomeo, Borboro-268 Borton, Brett-117 Borton, Everett-290 Bosore, Jcrnice-150,151,261 Bassemon, Robert-176,183 Bossett, Gordon-273 Batcho, Bcrboro-294 Botchelder, Gabrielle-114 Botes, Lindo-259 Boxter, Barbara-292 Bayer, Robertv42 Beol, Thomos-283 Beomer, Scott-122 Beosort, Nothon-199,208,232 Beck, Joan--292 Becker, Borboro-296 Becker, Brion-253 Becker, Corol-156,157 Beckorcl, June-2B,31,55,5B,62 151-1,214 ' Bedford, Corole-77,15O,151, 224 Beecher, Donolcl-122 Beeler, Sondra-255 Beer, Gerold-234,250 Beick, Donno-210 Belcher, Mortho-295 Beliveou, Roberto-154 Bell, Dovid-236 Bell, Stephctnie-291 Bell, Stephen-31,250 Bellamy, Potrlclo-128 Below, Joan-173,214 Belsey, Suzanne-150,222 Benok, Gwendolyn-270 Bender, Lindo-135,293 Bender, Noncy-114 Benedict, Hope:-77,214 Benhom, Borboro-46,164,257 Benhort, Lindo-168 Benjornin, .lomes-289 Benkeser, Judy-168 Benko, Penelope-150,216 Benner, Borboro-150 Bennett, Catherine-222,270 Bjork, Curl-191 Block, Noncy-293 Block, Suscxn-216 Black Block mor, Robert-42 ,24 B wood, Mary-292 Blair, Beverly-145 Bloir, Duncan-271 Robert---249 Blake, Topper, 163,228 Blclkcly, Richctrclfl24 Blcrckeney, Nc1ncy4275 Blcrnccrrte, Sharon--117,298 Blonchord, Susctn-256 Blanche, Beverly+292 Bloney, Cl'tcrI'lutto--164,216,292 Blankenship, John-266 Blcrschke, Donold-254 Bloschke, Robert-245,282,286 Bledsoe, Koren-224 Blellten, Willictm-265 Blew, John-286 Bleyle, PomelofH212 Blindbury, Robert-47,180,236 Blood, Cctrol-150,164 Blue, Rossf170,lB4 Blurnberg, Dovicl-265 Blurnsock, Stewctrtf2B5 Booden, Morgeryflil Bool, Jellery--25,217,250 Boeger, Daniel-51,288 Boeger, Karen-56 Boehm, Mctrioricf292 Boermon, Ann-157 Broock, Corolef212 Brooke Gory-228 Brooks, Ncrncy-222 Brooks, Pornelo-277 Brooks, Tennctnt-251 Broo ks Brooks , Terry-257 hire, Jomes-35,238 Browell, Diane-41,298 Brower, Brown, .lonothon--185,19 Alctno-245,247,25 Brown, Arthur-181,252 Brown, Betty-173,276 Brown, Brendo-141 Brown, Ccrmeron-220,277 Brown, Catherine-216 Brown, Cheryl-278 Brown, Jonet-276 Brown, Lowrence-184,196 Brown, Morgoret-255 Brown, Pomelo-76,297 Brown, Potricicr-84 Brown, Richord-186 Brown, Brown, Sandro-56 Shoron-256 Brownell, Arthur-232 Bruce, Janet-122,261 Bruce, Jeanne-31,260 Brucker, John-115 Bruggere, Thomas-253 Bruhn, Robert-31,312,254 Bruinsmo, Theodore-228 Brurnbaugh, Dione-293 Bruns, Joyce-157,210 Bogctrclus, Sonclro-216 Bogardus, Suzctnne-32,7O,1l1. 209, 216 Bolwonun, Shoron-168 Bohonnon, Lindo-269 Bohart, Arthur-255 Bohler, Robert-273 Bohrer, Katherine-294 Bonor, Bonnie-292 Bonde, Fred4232 Bonner, Bonne-224,269 Boone, Shciron-212 Booth, Richurcl-178,182 Booth, Thontas-202,249,251 Booth, Wendy-32,216 Borderre, Bernord-158,236 Boren, John-238 Borges, Betty-151 Borto, Eugene-291 Bortolozzo, Richard-246,253 Bott, Ronald-287 Bourret, Diancr-51,239,256 Bous, Carol-269 Boutwell, Barbara--275 Boutwell, Lindo-27 Bowen, Clczrkf23O Bowen, Royf1B3,2B8 Bowen, Sherry-257 Bower, Morilyn-150 Bower, Patricio-1 17,1 29,131 , Bowlin, Borbcrro-81,117,260 Bowlin, Corol-.259 Bowrnon, Douglc1s459,179,1B1 212 Austin, Pcrmelof117,227 Austin, Sondro-268 Autrey, Jean-262 Avery, Dione-222,278 Avilo, Frecl-273 Awes, Koren-150,212 Bennett, Daniel-226,283 Bennett, Frederick-291 Bennett, Jerri-269 Bennett , Kothleenf164,27O Bennett, Thomcxs-117 Bennici, Sherry-122 Benson, Benson Foley-287 Sonclro-144 Beresford, Michoel-168 Ambrose, SusonQ32,21O,256 Ames, Carolyn-170.220 Ames, Jocquelyn-1 17,t29,131, 212 Arnrnann, Judith-242 Ammen, Poul-266 Bobornoto, Pomelo-268 Bolncock, Ronold-194 Boco, Corolyn-277 Bochurn, Borboro-170,171 Backus, Bertho-128 Bockus, Deboroh-256 Berg, Dovid-42 Berg, George-285 Berg, Mofilee-297 Berger, Neol-236 Bergesen, Albert-154,238 Bergquist, Kristina-117,296 Bowslier, Cloire-173,279 Boyd, Scrrnuel-135,238 Boyer, Pcitricict-291 Boyer, Susan-245,274,275 Boyle, Lewellyn-184,196,265 Boyle, Terry-252 Boyles, Robert-245,282,288 Boynton, Dovid-248 Bozymowski, Peggy-173 Brcrckeen, Putrick-159,236 Bradbrook, Gary-122 Bradford, Robertf290 Bradley, Gerolcl--122 Bruser, Lowrence-57,253 Bryont, Jomes-136 Bryont, Mary-293 Bryson, Georgie-210 Buchonon, Pomelo-269 Buck. Corol-262 Buck, Rondoll-248 Buckle, Cheryl-295 Buckley, Christopher-284 Bucknoll, Leslie-261 Buelno, Joseph-282,289 Bullington, Dic1nof164 Buie, Willlorn-286 Bulloch, Bradley-236 Burch, Dione-294 Burch, Raymond-47,154,2 Burcl, Robert-230 Burclullis, John-2B,144,19 Bures, Beverly-156 Burforcl, Lynn-230 Burgess, Bonnie-159 Burkort, Michoel-285 Burke, Potricio A.,-224 Burke, Potricio E.-177 Burling, Bruce-253 Burner, Leslie-296 Burnett, Williorn-178,1B1, Burnette, Bobbie-B7,15O,2 Burney, Cynthio-150 Burnham, Sydney-292 Burns, Morgoret-220 Burstiner, Joel-89,273 Burton, Jucly-247 ,262 l ' - Bushe Busik, Butler I, shtfley 293 Potricict-144 Emily-224 tsttrtefl Judith-77,216 Butler, Non-30,298 Butler, Roytnond-159 Buttorozzi, Valentine-115 Buttery, John-251 Byer, John-288 Byers, .loon-293 Bystrorn, Eric-236 Cabell, Christino-144 Davidson, James-10 Casassa, Carol-88,279 Cable, Kathlyn-87,212 Cahill, Thomas-2311 Cailliet, Gregor-B4 Cain, Catherine--32,216 Cain, Marihalou-11-1 Caldron, Margaret-172 Caldwell, Jery-270 Caldwell, Lawrence-31 Callas, Sapplao-295 Calhoun, Kathleen-150,214 Callan, James-254 Camp, Roger-253 Campbell, Alice-47,89,260 Campbell, Ardyth-293 Campbell, Augusta--258 Campbell, Carolyn-293 Chaken, Ronald-290 Chamberlin, Cynthia-218,297 Chambers, Lynn-291 Champ, Gary-178,180 Chan, Jacqueline-270 Chapin, Robert-238 Chapman, Antony-185 Chapman, Linda-34,128,258 Chapman, Thomas-33,117,191, 232 Choppe, Camille-220 Chase, Charles-283 Chase, Elaine-293 Chase, Margo-298 Chauvin, Lissa-126 Cltellis, Thomas-251 Campbell, David-287 Campbell, Jacqueline-245274, 279 Campbell, Millicent-114,119 Carnpen, Jeffry-240 Canepa, William-272 Canning, Barbara-25,278 Cantrell, Marlin-284 Cantrell, Richard-141,228 Canwell, Marshall-264 Capps, William-291 Caramogno, Jolin--134,245,282 290 Carder, Nancy-150,292 Caris, Albert-284 Carl, Judith-114,277 Carlin, Barbara-117,122 Carll, Sandra-258 Carlson, Lincla-150,258 Carlson, Virginia-278 Carnahan, Donna-51,224 Corner, Dianne--49,214 Carnes, Thomas-290 Carney, Carole-56,214 Carpenter, Diana-292 Carpenter, Rodney-252 Carpentier, Nona-29B Carr, Anthony-284 Carr, Janette-79,278 Carr, Sarah-111 Cheresh, Cherney Menho-296,297 Susan-33,2911 Cheston, Sharon-255 Childers Kenan-232 Childers, Virginia-256 Chisum, Ronald-266 Chittenden, Ronald-286 Chostner, Diane-255 Chow, Quan-122 Christiansen, Kim--117 Christiansen, Kit-147,226 Christiansen, Paul-117 Christiansen, Terry-252 Christie, Robert-282,284 Christlicb, Bonnie-295 Cliristolf, Mary-117,275 Christy, Erik-89 Churchill, Janet-256 Churchill, Robert-271 Ciliax, Donald-83,127,252 Clancy, Pot-10 Clancy, Robert-203 Clark, Barbara-214 Clark, Cheral-117,245,274,275 Clark, Connie-293 Clark Dennis-266 Clark Gall-298 Clark, James-199,200 Clark, Janet-293 Clark Louis-266 President Kerr declares UCSB parking problem crucial Coleman, Kathleen-298 Coleman, Michael-230,231 Collier Collier , Mariorie-150 , Mary-117,275 Collins, Carol-298 Collins, Carolyn-292 Collins, Daniel-27,28,32,33,35 Carrier 1 Charles--'14 ,254 Carroll, Glenn-1117,2I15,282,29l Carroll, James-154,199 Carroll, Patricia-87,220 Carroll Williarn-202 Carson, Charles-232 Carter, Carol-261 Carter, Stephen-288 Cartwright, Deanna-292 Clark, Mary-8O,97,154 Clark, Merle-150 Clark, Richard-283 Clarke, Diane-296,297 Claudius, Constance-295 Cloudon, Kathleen-268 Clausen, Christian--254 Clay, Calhlecn--164,165,271 Clay, Laura-114,279 Case, Sharon-122 Casey, Sherry-212 Casler, Elizabeth-292 Caspers, Marlena-275 Cass, Dyana-293 Cassell, Karen-262 Cassell, Susan-212 Casteel, Patricia-87,220 Costner, Anthony-23,2311 Caswell, David-198,199,228 Cote, Carol-33,37,45,214 Cato, Steven-31,711,287 Cauchon, Barbara-56,210 Cavalelto, Rollie--185 Cavender, Mary-214 Covette, Peter-4-'1,245,282,285 Cavin, Terry--134 Cayton, Margaret-172 Cederquist, Vicki-411,292 Cederwall, Sandrcrlino-296,297 Ceso, Thomas-158,252 Chace, Linda-216 Chadwick, Judith-259 Claypool, Della-293 Clayton, Taylor-170,199,236 Cleeves, Elizabeth-25,28,58,60, 62,124,220 Clevenger, Raymond-251 Clover, Steven-199 Clow, Faith-39,117,260 Coale, Penelope-222 Coon, Eugene-33,134,250 Coates, Cassandra-41,210,296 Cobb, Daniel-186,238 Cochran, Richard-251 Cockerham, Frecl-1 17,232 Cockins, William-266 Codding, Carolyn-164,292 Coe. Frances-46,274 Coffin, Lorena--117,260 Coffman, Dale--271,263 Cohan, Richard-33,230,249 Colborn, Melissa-150 Colcord, Barbara--269 Cole, Christine-122 Cole, Evan-71,129,131 Cole, John-191,193,23O,231 Collins, Linda-293 Collins, Susan-262 Colpo, Janice-293 Comella, Martin-32,163 Comella, Webber-163,226,288 Comer, Belinda-296 Commons, Sharon-292 Compagnoni, Vicki-117,145 Conant, Carol-293 Condit, Marilyn-84,275 Condon, Martin-127 Cone, Thomas-134 Congdon, Gerald-17O,179, 180,181 Conlon, Mary-259 Connelly, Canal-295 Connelly, Dianne-46,257 Conner, Virginia-150 Conrad, Bernard-228 Conroy, John-186,187 Conway, Spencer-250 Conway, Thomas-228 Copeland, .lerry-248 Coray, Michael-199,289 Cords, Cathleen-216,296 Corfmort, Mary-278 Cornell, Betty-39,270 Corwin, .loan-293 Cory, Gregory-184,163,165 Cosclen, William-265 Cosgriff, Linda-156,157,21A Cosser, Susan-297 Cossi, Caren-298 Countryman, Merle-230,249 Couper, Elizabeth-144,277 Courtney, Janice-293 Covall, Lindo-154,214 Cowan, Madeline-245,247,261 Cowan, Peggy-150,259 Photo by Gary Vidor Dallas, Sandra-298 Dam ron, Da nch, E Mark-272 lisabeth-212 Dane, Francis-139,131 Danenhauer, Sally+293 Daniels, Darling, Stephany-255 Bruce-B8 Darling, LaurieA-111,210 Darling, Stephen-284 Darlington, Percy-154,254 Dart, Kathleen-295 Daudistel, Nancy-222,259 Douksas, Carol4262 Davenport, John-273 Davidson, Dan-141 Davidson, Donald-30 Coward, James-57,114,183,272 Cowell, Elaine-150 Cowell, James-226 Cox, Cox, Carolyn-292 Gretchen-210 Coyle, Victor-41,58,159,266 Craig Craig Craig , Everett-241 , Cheryl-294 , Julia-270 Craig, Marcia-295 Craig Cram , Michael-272 er, Lindo-275 Coogan, Mark-285 Cook, Jeannette-270 Cook, Robert-176,291 Cook, Ronald-26,58,75,128,248 Cook, William G.-230 Cook William L-253 Crandall, Norman-249 Crane, .lean-214 Cranson, Robert-241 Cravens, Wallace-117,134,252 Crawford, Ann-154 Crawford, DovidT57,226 Davidson, Jeanne-87,209,212 Davidson, Kathryn-218 Davie, Davies, Anne-275 Victoria-220 Da Virro, Gary-117,228 Da Virra, Kerry-228 Davis, Ann-279 Davis, Constance-295 Davis, Genevieve-292 Davis, Grace-46,224 Davis, tuner-sa, 114, 224 Davis, John-9, 48, 49, 81, 238 Davis, Lete-140 Davis, Marilyn-44,268 Davis, Nancy-222 Davis, Stephanie-293 Davis, Susan-293 Davis, Sybil-172 Davis, Willard-185 Cooley, John-147,249 Cooper, Judith-231 Cooper, Mary-259 Copass, Dianne-150,224 Cope, Christina-275 1:15:71-f"" 'tl 1. ,.i r, , 0. . K 'ri v --s -sa , .' . 1--1. .,. ..4-1- Photo by Karl Obert Crawford, Janet-258 Crawford Creamer, Creighton, Jerry-168 ,Robert-245,232,284 Joan-222,270 Crew, Judith-279 Crist, Marsha-293 Crocker, Nancy-31,164,291 Cromwell, Jane-296 Cronkite, Margaret-157 Crooker, Carol-144,212 Crooks, Marcia-35,154,209,22O Croop, Carol-279 Crouch, Clemence-232 Crouch, Patricia-293 Crow, Michael-255 Crow, Todd-117 Crawcler, Alvin-195,271 Crowe, Stanley-272 Crozier, Thomas-202,252 Crume, Gladys-115,293 Crump, Susan-279 Cullinone, Margaret-173,268 Cullinane, Michael-154,236 Cumins, Susan-41,258 Cummings, Robert-184 Cudnh, Thomas-46,80,208,236 Cunningham, Helen-157 Curb, Carole-292 Curll, Jessie-145 Currie, Sharon-164,268 Curry, Rodney-236 Curtis, Jerome-131,159,226,273 Curtis, Terry-263,266 Cushman, Stephen-194,245, 246,251 Cutler, Carole-52,114,276 Dahl, Lauren-220,296 Dalbeck, Nancy-292 Dale, Marion-28,210 Daley, Linda-164,220 Davis, William-287 Davison, Judy-154,292 Dawdy, David-40,234 Dawkins, Stephen-271 Dawn, Martha--261 Dawson, Christopher-178,179, 180,181 Dawson. Frederick-29,59,271 Dawson, Karen-30,260 Dawson, Thomas-145 Day, Evelyn-292 Doy, Michael-254 Day, Yvette-270 Dean, John--264 Dean, Nancy-117,159 De Arrieta, Lynn-254,247 Deaton, Doris-220 Debois, Michele-274 De Briyn, Jane-27,291 Debuisseret, Marilyn-150 De Busk, Jo-46 Deckard, Michele-278 Deeter, John-25,26,34,58, 59,182 De Grassi, Daniel-264 De Horne, Denise-296 Deiss, Joseph-11, 114 De La Guardia, Ramon-289 Del Bosque, Priscilla-269 Delbridge, Merry-210,293 Del Castillo, Anita-293 Del Duca, Judith-292 Del Moral, Roger-249 De Malleville, Michael-157 Demrnelmaier, Howard-190,272 Denhordt, Robert-119,291 Denman, Timothy-256 Dennen, Arta--44,292 Denney, Robert-32,45,263,266 Denninger, Jean-276 303 Yep, Clark, at Davis I was the fastest draw On campus. Dennison, Mary-297 Denny, Cheryl-e293 Denton, Nancy-31,224 Deppc, Stephen-184,266 Derby, ,lone-293 Deseran, Forrest-285 De Silva, Lu-295 Desmond, Eileen-222 De Spain, Lory-35 Destotte, Glenn-185,199,273 Detlolf, Pamela-B5,97,164, 263,270,288 Detsch, Steven-253 Devendorl, Karen-296,297 Dewey, Anne-39,256 Deyoe, Karen-295 Dias, Austin-170 Dickarcl, Elaine-159 Dickinson, Lynn-88,258 Diddy, Charles--232 Diehl, Carla-214 Dietrich, Stefan-226 Dietz, Thomas-135,245,2A6,249 Digby, Robert-180,182 Di Gerolarni, Nancy-52,78,i64, 27-4 Dillehay, Sandro-156,157 Dillon, Potricio4212 Dilman, Ellen-292 Di Martino, Michoelyn-31,278 Dimbal, Carolyn-256 Dingle, Janet-216,292 Dino, Frances-259 Dinsmore, James-199,285 Di Nubila, Patricia-293 Dios, Peter-238 Dirlies, Susan--212,297 Disher, Robert-115 Distad, .lohn-232 Dittmann, William-46 Divine, Karen--275 Dixon, Catheryn-293 D Louhy, George-236 Dodds, Deborah-212 Dodson, Howard-245,282 Doggett, Carolyn-292 Doherty, Kathleen--151 Dokken, Forest--271 Dolgin, Gary-264 Dolliver, Richard-163 Dolphin, Denise-292 Dolphin, Patricia--43,116,291 Domon, .lack-151 Dompe, Lee-202 Donant, Franklyn-117,208,234 Dones, Jose-199 Doniak, Dene-284 Donovan, Ronald-190,236,255 Dooley, Thomas-25,1 17,169, 196,226,286 D Orcxlio, Etter-272 Dorrnan, Dennis-251 Dorn, Michael-145,228 Dossey, Deencr-293 Doty, Tarof245,256 Dougherty, Cecelia-156,257 Dougherty, Edward-286 Douglass, Michael-230 Doupe, Dlcrno-44,212,295 Dowler, Michael-59,238 Dowler, Peter-208,238 Dowling, Gail-214,293 Downey, Marilyn-290 Downing, Judith-276 Downs, Carol-277 Doyle, Gary-264 Draper, Judith-295 Drowbolt, Linda-212 Dresia, David-154,230 Drew, Dole-194,230,284 Droese, Michael-271 Drossel, Craig-283 Druehl, Roger-230 Drury, Karen-269 Du Bois, Frederick-275 Duca, Maurice-33,53,236 Duddles, Barbara-151,212 Duerr, Judith-293 Duesler, Pamela-173,294 Duffendock, Elizabeth-151,2 Duggan, Robert-236 Duke, Jerome-283 Duke, Marion-151 Dunbar, Christine-27,B7,214 Duncan, Donna-209,216 Duncan, Tifleneyh275 Dundas, David-59,154,238 Duntord, Diane-216 Duni, Bradley-283 Dunlop, Robert-265 Dunn, Deborah-210 Dunn, Judith-269 Dunn, Kathleen-298 Dunning, Thomas-289 Dunton, Sobino-293 Durando, Barbara-255 Durtee, Jeremy-190,271 Dusenberry, Chorlotte-259 Dusmet, Luigi-169 Dutton, Denis-42 Duval, William-236 Dykstra, Judith-218 10 She loves me, Yah! Yoh! Yah! 4 'i Dysinger, Susan-298 Ender, John-289 Eames, Barney-85,170,255 Earl, Carolyn-117 Earle, Nancy-164,281 Easley, William-253 Easter, Marilyn-295 Easton, Janet-47,85,111,216 Eoston, William-234 Eastwood, Georgia-212 Eaton, Diane-54,247,257 Eaton, Lindo-269 Ebert, Eileen-210 Eccles, Chester-238 Eckert, Laura-260 Eckert, Martha-268 Eckert, Roberta-45,245,2A7,26O Eddy, Kristine-291 Edmunds, Joan-164,293 Edward, Thomas-260 Edwards, Beverly-292 Edwards, Joan-277 Edwards, Lloyd-138 Edwards, Rolnertci-144 Edwards, Sally-144 Edziok, Michael-264 Eggers, Susan-209,212 Eggert, Dia-294 Eiermann, Susan-270 Eldridge, Maxwell-199 Elia, Reese-117 Eliason, Robert-136 Elkins, Orval-154,170 Ellingsan, Richard-230 Elliott, Nancy-262 Ellis, John-266 Ellis, Judith-292 Ellis, Terry-41,295 Elmore, Beverly-277 Elster, Gory-236 Elwood, Pamela-294 Elzas, Annie-293 Embree, Judith-295 Emerick, Joan-281 Emerick, Robert-145 Emerson, Edwardf35,A2,157, 163,236 Emery, Carol-87,122 Emery, Janice-257 Ernrich, Donald-184,232 Emrich, Lawrence-232,283 Engel, Alice-224 Engelman, Eric-252 England, Dennis-184 England, Robert-117,292 Englander, Susana-114,292 Engler, William-183 Englund, Luartn-117,15O,247,26 Enloe, Barbara-117,125,294 Enns, Kathryn-173,270 Ensign, Donna-47,145,224 Erbeck, Pornela-293 Erickson, Edward-46,236 Erickson, Kathryn-117 Erlondson, Roe-261 Ermon, Patricia-151 Erne, Michael-190 Ernst, Anita-117 Escoffery, Chorles-11,112,254 Escoveclo, John--159,170,198, 199 Esgote, Janice-295 Essy, Mary-159 Esterbrook, Beverly--154,210 Estey, Michael-128 Eugbretson, Jerry-249 Everhard, David-159 Foeh, Eclworcl-283 Fagan, Potricici-173,262 Foirlsoirn, Carol-111,255 Fairchilcl, George-168,232 Fairchild, Janice-297 Falk, Susan-281 Farcrgher, Ann-292 Farnemon, Janet-224 Fast, Marye26B Fotur, Sondra-157 Faugh, Sondra-258 Faulmann, Joan-52 Foust, Penny-122,164,212 Fovour, Judith-220,293 Fearrnan, Nancy-292 Feornley, Henry-273 Feaver, Cecil-117 Federman, Stephen-147 Felchlin, .lorries-236,249 Fennell, Corolyn-281 Fenske, Thomas-255 Ferguson, Coral-222,296 Ferguson, Patricia-49,212,298 Fernold, Constance-124 Fernandes, Kathleen-261, Fernandez, Cristina-164,289 Ferrier, Karen-295 Ficller, Sharon-275 Field, Penelope-159 Fielder, John-251 Files, Susan-292 Finley, Earl-157 Finnern, Ellise-261 Finster, Connie--270 Fiori, Michael-228 Fireman, Joan-117,291 O Firman, John-184,285 Fischer, Robert-183 Fish, Sandra-298 Fishel Fisher Fisher, Fisher, Fisher, Fiske, , Nancy-293 James-17B,179,1B1,201 Joonne-28,812,220 Lauren-245,274,277 Michael-208,236 William-230 Fitch, Donald-30 Fitch, Elizabeth-220 Fitzgerald, Faith-71 Fitzgerald, Kathryn-298 Fitzlolf, Susan-150,257 Flagg, Patricia-293 Flamrnong, Patriciak295 Flanders, Sara-212 Flath, Carol-218 Fleckles, Daniel-111 Fleishnwcrn, Penny-29 Fleming, James-230 Fletcher, Betty-26,27,55,58,61, 62,87,159,225 Fox, Nancy-278 Fox, Russell-89,286 Fox, Sorah-A-4,210 Frody, Laura-31 Fronci, Jason-180,182,191 Francis, Caihleen-31,173 Francis, Kathleen-151,278 Francis, Linda-256 Francis, Robert-141 Francisco, Judith--292 Franco, Russell-184,254 Frank, Martha-292 Franklin, Cathy-33,222 Franks, Luther-253 Frantz, John'-196 Fraser, James-289,292 Freehurg, Judy-127 Froernon, David-202,271 Freeman, Donna-298 Freeman, Robert-285 Freibarwd, Susan-134 French, Morilee-151 Frenchick, Janes-222,262 3600 new Freshmen? Fletcher, Regina-27,413,257 Fletcher, Susan-51,220 Fletcher, Truclie-210 Fleut, Marilyn-173 Flinck, Allen--236 Flynn, Donna-113,237,220 Flynn, Rick-283 Fogarty, Michoel-212,277 Folks, James-266 Forbes, Allison-52 Ford Franklin-254 Ford, James-266 Ford, Marsha-291 Ford, Mary-297 Ford, Meredith--245,247 Ford, Myra-122,218 Ford, Ray-191 Ford, Raymond-250 Ford, Robert-236 Forde, Edward-1 17 Foretich, Frank-190,230 Forman, Dovicl-238,287 Fortenberry, Radon-178 Former, Raymond--238 Fosgate, Christine-87,216 Foster, Elizabeth-159 Foster, Jeilrey-31,11A,1l7, 208,226 Foster, Lynne-257 Foster, Margaret-145 Foster, Michael-191 Foster, Nancy-151,275 Fox, Carol-111 Fox, Loretto-173 Frey, David-283 Frick, Robert-245,263,264 Freidmcrn, Gary-232,284 Friedman, Henry-289 Friedrichsen, Robert-117 Fries, Penelope-220 Friesen, Larry-249 Friesen, Sandra-114,260 Frinell, James--88,289 Frisbee, Barluara-39,116,257 Frischknecht, Richard-2135 Friischi, Borlocira--294 Fromm, Richard-234,263 Frossman, Laurie-88 Froula, Truleen-256 Fruchey, Steven-186,139 Fruecliting, Theodore-285 Fry, Linda--154 Fuchs, Thomas-37 Fukurnoto, Dennis+195,264 Fuller, Layne-226 Fuller, Paul-283 Fuque, Margaret-292 G adslay, Charles-272 Gcrede, Kenneth-284 Gaines, Bonnie-28,3454 Galbraith, Virginia-270 Gale, David-288 Gale, Diane-212 Goley, Michael-255 Gallagher, Jane-279 Gallawoy, Sharon-117,256 Galt, Charles-117 Galton, Richard-289 Gambling, John-255 Garriboni, Marianne--210 Ganns, Karla-296 Gontner, Steven--230 Garbutt, Llewellyn-154,203 Gardner, Katherine-123,259 Gardner, Donald-232 Gardner, Judiili-157 Garrett, Doanlcl--128 Garrett, Natalie-127 Garrigon, Michael-202,228 Garst, Peter-111 Grant, Robert-157,230 Graves, Carolyn-293 Graves, David-286 Graves, Jerri-158 Gray, Mariorie Gray, Robert- Graydon, Lloyd-248 Grecian, Omer --154,292 232 --272 Green Arthur-271 Green, Dennis-232 Green, Jessica-222 Green Judith-225 Green Nancy-151 Hack, Michael--236 Haeger, Gary-236 Haft, David-42 Hagan, Judith-151 Hagar, Marilyn-293 Hagar, Roy-42,123,163 Hagerty, Nancy-291 Haggerty, Gerard-37,71 Haig, Kathleen-214,257 Haines, Bruce-134,290 Haines, Judith-261 Hairgrove, Virginia-222 Haislen, Deborah-259 Hartman, Nancy-279 Hartman, Robert-232 Hartmeyer, James-31 Hartzell, Jonathan-271 Harvey, Dixie-117,275 Horwood, Laurel-281 Harwood, Susan-297 Hoskins, Sandra-45,117,260 Hassler, David-253 Hatfield, Marylau-262 Hathaway, David-45 Hatlett, Larry-232 Hattenbach, Andrea-295 Henry, Patricia-214 Henry, Rosalind-44,292 Henry, Suzan-164,217 Hensley, Curtis-183,253 Hensley, Julia-141 Herman, Montgomery--290 Herms, Judith-225,293 Hern, Walter--248 Herrick, Sherman-285 Herron, Jeannine-113,116, 117,281 Herzel, Michelle-261 Hesse, Karin-55,151 Garsi, Randall-245,263,273 Gaskill, Gasser. Gary-1B6,197 Donald-286 Gates, Lawrence-254 Gatzke, Michael-282,285 Gaustacl, Linda-218 Gaynor, Donald-168,202 Guzinya, Richard-265 Geddes, John-252 Gee, Carol-212,295 Gee, James-201,236 Geer, Bettie-276,245,274 Geffner, David-250 Geisert, Gail-127,131,220 Genser, Harrie!-218,269 Genthe, Henry--117,232 George, Elizabeth-52,257 Geraci, Linda-293 Gerasirnou, Mary-296,297 Gerhart, Janet-134,262 Gerrard, Marcia-298 Gerrish, Harald-236 Gerron, Gerald-253 Gerry, Julie--34,220 Gershman, Sybil-298 Greene, Kaarin-255 Greenwald, Gail-33,257 Gregory, Mc1riIyne52,214 Gregory, Melvin-179,230 Greinel, Irinela-298 Gressitt, Sylvia-117,145,269 Greve, Diana-216 Grew, Michael-232,287 Griffin, Peter-44,254 Griffiths, Don--117,232 Griggs, Dean-168,199 Grigsby, Gail-25,29,54,58,89, 157,218 Grillo, Peter-88,287 Gripp, Toni-262 Grisole, Anne-126,261 Griswold, Noralee-122 Grix, Arthur-185,199 Grogan, Carol-46,172,225 Groom, Michael-49 Gross, Carol-259 Gross, David-59,272 Grossman, Laurie-88,117 Groves, Barbara-154 Grube, John-228 Hale, George-251 Hale, Judith-209,210 Hall, David-272 Hall, Holland-164,222 Hall, Linda-164 Hall, Lisanne-293 Hall, Richard-283 Hall, Stephen-228 Hod Gervis, Burton-282,288 Gery, Glen-177 Getzinger, Nancy-114 Geyer, Harry-134 Gherini, Francis-226 Gibbons, John-117,252 Gibson, David-47,58,144,233 Gibson, Douglas--289 Giebler, Kristina-214 Giel, James--201 Gierson, Elizabeth-84 Giffin, Sandro-126,258 Gigler, Jarnes-159,236 Gjguier, William-183 Gibert, Clairbarnc-275 Gilbert, Rondi-275 Gilkeson, Susan-122 Gill, Samara-294 Gillen, Suzanne-279 Gruber, Ricliarcl-255 Grunden, Margaret-268,292 Guenthner, Sue-129,131 Gucarev, Danielle-28 Guerrero, Carmen-293 Guethlein, Gretchen-3,38 Guild, Duncan-184 Guild, Montague-77,228 Guillermo, Frederick-232 Guiney, Patricia-298 Gulledge, Jon-35,144 .123,225 Gulliver, Rachel-3,36,39,257 Gulyasli, Joseph-283 Gunderson, Jeanne--151 Gurner, Daniel-265 Guthrie, Sandra-159,216 Gulknecht, Lynda-145 Guttermon, Ann-297 Guiting, Sally-214 Harnbright, John-272 Harnes, Kelly-238 Hamilton, Mark-203 Hamilton, Marianna-30,111,225 Hamilton, Rollin-253 Hamilton, Sharon-298 Hamrnerschmidt, Raymond-170, 180 Hammond, Frederic-42,183 Hammond, Virginia-216 Hamren, Leslie-56,117,173,278 Hand, Max-178,18O,182,238 Handorf, Marian-262 Hanff, Peter-252 Hangen, Pamela-292 Hanifen, Donald-154 Hanks, Wendell-127,128,252 Hanna, Donald-251 Hanna, Jonathan-245,282 Hannah, Susan-173,269 Hans, Wendel-117,232 Houck, Susanna-256 Hauge, Rodger-195 Haupt, Mary-210 Hauser, Pamela-295 Hauxhurst, James-241 Havener, Lee-238,246,250 Havner, Judith-262 Hawke, .lacklynn-298 Hawthorne, Gary-75,170 Hayes, Charlotte-151,295 Hayes, Douglas-44,119,183 Hayes, Katherine-291 Haynes, Stephen-185,254 Hayes, William-249 Hayward, Charles-250 Hazeltine, David-202,251 Headley, Klyne-46,226 Heaphy, Elizabeth-259 Heaphy, Georgina-126 Hebebrand, Larry-183,272 Herbert, Michael-9,48,49,58 59,81,238 Heck, Donald-190,194 Heck, Kathryn-58,168,173 Heck, Roberta-292 Hetu, Anne-44,278 Heyes, Judith-51,128,218 Heys, Robert-178,180,191,236 Hiatt, Jaydean-296 Hiatt, Kay-292 Hibbits, Arthur-3,135,139,136 Hickling, Ruth-158 Hier, Johnson-56,173,255 Higgett, Sally-117 Higgins, Pamela-117,268 Higgs, ,lanina-117,218 Hilkerbaumer, Mary-214 1-1111, Anobel-270 Hill, David-254 Hill, Katherine-212 Hill, Linda-123 Hill, Margaret-151,209,212 Hill, Patricia-276 Hill, Sunny-54 Hill, Susan-54,164,165,222 Hill, Virginia-291 Hillebrand, Timothy-144,230 Hiltrud, Mathias-126 Hemmelhock, Mary-34,128 Himmelright, Ronald-289 Hansel, Sandra-293 Hansen, Janice-256 Hansen. Merwin-264 Hanson, Elaine'-126,257 Hanson John-253 Hanson, Judy-2 95 Hanson, Lawrence-265 Harbordt, Katherine-164,222 Harford, Larry-232 Hargis, Robert-249 Harman, Mary-172 Harrawood, Susan-88,298 Harriman, Thomas-238 Harrington, Ann-164,216,296 Harrington, Anne-222 Hedin, Judith-218 Hefferlin, Barbara-255 Heiland, Margaret-168 Heilmann, Wanda--257 Heins, Judy-295 Hellaush, Terry-44,212 Helen, Sandra-B7 Helier, Steven-289 Helfert, Carole-46,117,257 Hellen, Loretta-276 Hellman, Steven-208,234 Helm, Sandra--258 Helmick, Keith-141,245,246,252 Helms, Karen-218,296 Hembree, Kathy-47, 154, 216 Hembree, Rodger-147,236 Henderson, Alan-226 Henderson, Carol-295 Henderson, Kathie-8B,114,117, Hindes, Marjorie-294 Hines, Leanne-296 Hines, Virginia-154 Hinkle, Diane-275 Hinkley, .lean--279 Hinricks, Joel-57,185,286 Hinton, Geraldine-42,123 Hintz, Christine-258 Hirt, Helene-256 Hitchcock, Bruce-183 Hitchcock, William-236 Hielstrom, Joanne-117,259 Ho, Penny-150,151,260 Hoa Hoa Hob g, Susan-151 re, Alfred-234 elmann, .loan-293 Hochstetter, Lynn-293 Hochfeld, Frank-254 ge, William-284 Giller, Gilleit, Linda-260 .lonice-134 Gillette, Karen-114,294 Gillies, Helen-46,225 Gilliet, Greg-260 Girton, Jo Anna-42,89 Girvin, Nancy-291 Girvin, Ruth-41 Gladstein, John-236 Glaeser, Douglas-184,271 Glcisco, Toni-260 Glasgow, Robert-44,254 Glazer, Peggy-298 Glenn, Carolyn-268 Glenn, tyler-27,2a,34,A7,5Q, 80,147,169,238 Glick, Marshall-81,284 Gladowski-295 Goar, Philip-159,208,234 Goble, Goble r, Gwendolyn-151,216 Barbaral--275 Goddard, Paul-2 64 Goehring, Anthony-178,182, 191 ,1 93,236 Goerwitz, Kurt-184 Goetz, Ellinor-122 Goheen, Pamella-294 Goldber g, Peter-288 Goldsmith, Edward-203,232 Goldstein, Gloria-122 Golino, Gomez, Carlo-230 Francesca-214,274 Gonzales, Manuel-290 Goodfried, Kenneth-38,285 Goodfriend, Mary-225,277 Goodkin, Palricia-117 Goodman, Laurence-245,246,248 Goodrich, Cheryl-29 Goodwill, Elisabeth-256 Goodwin, Janet-43,216 Goodwin, Michael--117,119 Goalsby Goalsby , Bryan-286 , Diane-298 Gaolsby, Linda--117 Gore, Sandra-292 Gwin, Mary-116,113 Ha Chung, Kwan-147 Haor, Dennis-291 Haas, Steven-253 Haber, Harvey-123 Habib, George-183,248 Hachlen, Richard-286 Harris, Roland-46 Harris, Roy-180 Harris, Sonia--255 Harris, Susan-295 Harris, Theodore-147 Harrison, Lien--236 Harrison, William-42 Hart, Christie-151 245,279 Hendrick, Marilee-256 Hendrickson, Jo-254 Henley, Jeffrey-49,238 Henley, Nancy-49,268 Hennen, Diane-55,134,279 Hennessy, Robert-158,241 Henriksen, Steven-35,249 Hodgkins, .lean--173 Hodgson, Alfred-285 Hodgson, Richard-287 Hoefer, Virginia-262 Hoehner, Christine-261 Hoff, Linda-298 Hoffman, James-289 Hoffman, Larry-129,131 Gorham, Roxanne-122 Gosney, Timothy-234,235 Gould, Tc11'1yc1-9,4B,8O,B1,151 Goveo, Rlchcird-A2 Grabe, Walter--41,853,249 Grace, Carolyn-A2 Grah, Nancy-55,58,135 Graham, Michael-228 Graham, Pam--292 Granneberg, Gail-278 Grant, Alan--134,164,251 Grant, David-163 Grank, James-191 Photo by Karl Obert 305 + . L., Hoffman, Marilyn-117,217 Hoffman, Theodore-250 Hoffner, Susan-292 Hofmann, Betty-295 Hofmann, Lynda-10,214 Hogle, Pamela-262 Hohl, Judy-173 Hokanson, Arthur Fred-199,228 Holcomb, Kenneth-117 Holdeman, Janeen-255 I-loldren, Charles-182 Holland, Catherine-295 Hollander, Rodney-191,237 Hollenbeck, Jane-151,261 Holler, Mary-269 Halley, Betty-'I51 Holliday, Chuck-231 Hollow, Joseph-241 Holloway, Jill-293 Holly, Linda-134 Holman, Jeanne-151 Holman, Sharon-173,255 Holmes, Susan-88 Holmquisr, Barton-245,282,285 Holsten, Kenneth-231 Halston, Richard-245,251 Holzgrofe, James-42,115,273 Honig, Ned-145,285 Hood, Karen-164,217 Hood, Lyle--233 Hood, Mary-145 Hooker, Gilbert-144 Hoover, Joyce-256 Hoover, Shirley--295 Hoover, Susan-31 Hopkins, Betty-217 Hopkins, Schorleen--46,114,225 Happ, Diane-276 Hopper, Dole--284 Horine, Lee-3O,33,5B,75,223 Horn, Barbara-54,213 Horn, Gary-271 Horner, Josephine-31,210 Harney, Jeanne-296,297 Horst, Michael-228 Horton, William-114 Horvoth, Aletha-276 Horvoth, Karen-291 Hoselc, William-147 Hoskins, Nancy-10,293 Hough, Paul-57,245,246,254 Houlsby, Robert-240,284 Hauser. Donald-117,141,252 Hauser, Kristina-117 , Hovey, Barbara-256 Howe, Milton-139 Howe, Robert-234,250 Howell, Alon-89,286 Howell, Jancie-298 Howland, James-128,226 Howland, Jane-210,292 Hoylman, Florence-276 Hubbard, Cynthia--30,35 Huber, Jack-113,114,117 Huber, Nicole--151,213 I-luddleston, Carol-44,297 Huebner, Marcia--245,264 Huerter, Stegemann-146 Huey, Roreen-257 Huey, Sherry-296 Huff, Susan-293 Hufnagel, Barbara-255 Hugens, Elissa-255 Hughes, Gary-240 Hughes, Nancy--209,210 Hughes, Terry-234 Hugunin, John-233 Hull, James-249 Photo by Karl Obert Hull, Janice-151 Hull, Marson-237 Hume, Terri-276 Hummel, Linda-292 Humphrey, John-254 Hunsaker, David-34,128,241 282,284 Hunt, Frances-152,260 Hunt, John-154,231 Hunter, Barbara+42,56,111,2 Hunter, William-135 Huntsberger, Judith-220 Huntsman, Joan-292 Hurt, Pamela-268 Hussey, Christina-269 Hustecl, Roger-237 Huston, Bonnie-297 Hutchings, Lorraine-295 Hutchinson, Sandra-114,281 Hutton, Cynthia-215 l-luxtable, Lucy-245,274,278 Hyde, Gail--44.217 Hyde, Gayley-257 lddangs, Helen-39,259 ldt, Barbara-298 Immerwahr-296 Ingham, Dovicl-252 Inglish, Diane-259 Ingram, Holly-152 lnjayon, Roger-249 Irby, Charles-251 Irvin, Sallie--56,223 Irwin, Vikki-296 Isaacs, Nancy-173,261 Isaacson, Joseph-226 Isaacson, Marcia-297 lshamori, Roy-194 Israel, Mark-9,4B,49,8l,238 19 Ito, Teri-32,245,247,260 Ivaslaa, Peter-265 Ivors, Thomas-58,75,62,l47 Iverson, Michael-38,41,128, 201,249,286 Jackson, Karen-292,298 Jacobs, Jeffery-240,264 Jecolss, Marcia--16ft,172,256,247 Jacobs, Nancy-210 Jacobs, Sharon-298 Jacobsen, Helle-37 Jacobsen, Karen-220 Jacox,- Judy--213 Jacquemoin, Patti-38,111 Jahan, AI'1Cll'GCIf256 John, Joseph-183,284 Jalcobs, Kenneth-285 James, Cheryl-54,89,270 James, Katherine-255 James, Jansen Marilyn-247,146,285 Thomas-11 Janson, Stephen-248 Jaques, Beverly-292 Jaques, Robert-283 Jaralan, Jugh-253 Jorek, Claire-35,114 Javaros, Angelos-30,228 Jeffcoat, Jay-A4,8O,2514 Jefferson, Jannette-141 Jeffery, William-253 Jenkins, Bonnief2o1 Jenkins, William-250 Jennings, Kathleen-85,294 Jennings, Linda-245,274,275 Jensen, Diana-34,128 Jansen, Frodef1'23 Jensen, Julie-151,152,225 Jensen, Thomas-163 Jeros. Judith-291 Jermanovich, Raclney-159 Jobe, Patricia-173,298 Jochunis, Thomas-249 John, Nancy-219,293 Johns, R1chorcl-135,237 Johnson, Alfrecla-279 Johnson, Barbara-123 Johnson, Beth-152 Johnson, Carol-217 Johnson, Carolyn-219 Johnson, David-47,147,237 Johnson, Donna-39,260 Johnson, Douglas-147 Johnson, Elizabeth.-292 Johnson, Gail-117 Johnson, Headley-291 Johnson, Jane-9,32,AB,B1,l64,2 Johnson, John-199,240,252 Johnson, Joyce-38,244,260 Johnson, Judith-277 Johnson, Kaaren-152 Johnson, Karen-164,293 Johnson, Kenneth-249 Johnson, Kristin-213 Johnson, Lo Verne-295 Johnson, Lucy-291 Johnson, Mor1haf217 Johnson, Naclia-151 Johnson, Pamela-279 Johnson, Patricia-295 Johnson, Patricia R.-298 Johnson, Phyllis-295 Johnson, Sheilaf56,26O Johnson, Susan C.-298 Johnson, Susan 114298 Johnson, Susan W.-270 Johnson, Suzan-219,281 Johnson, Syric-123 Johnson, Thomas-266 Johnson, Victoria-298 Johnston, Carolyn--156 Johnston, Randi-154 Johnston, SusonE2-45,263,268 Johnston, William-159,264 Johnston 9, Bonnie-215 Joiner, Susan-298 Jolicoeur, Susan-268 Jolly, Eli zalueth-217 Jones, Betsy-293 Jones, David-290 Jones, Elrner-248 Jones, Gary-10,31 ,59,237 Jones, Geraldf288 Jones, James-117,135 Jones, Janice-89,275 Jones, Jennifer-117,275 Jones, Judith-268 Jones, Janes, Jones, Jones. Judy-62,1-45,164,270 Kimball-202 Kristen-258 Thomas-38 Jurras, 165, Marina-9,32,45,118, 217 Jury, Karen-152,225 K aatz, Kagan, Kahn, Kaiser, Paula-270 Icemryrt-34,275 Kenneth-237 Peter-B9,29O Kalenbarn, Sharon-152,22 Karnins, Bernard-58,59,14 Kamins, Wenclie-293 Kaminski, Elizabeth-257 Kaplan Kaplan , Charles-234 , Sharon-87,127,12 Kapplinghctus, Gisella-77, Karge, Valerie-256 Korlsten, Kerry-260 Kcirns, Kasoi, Rebecca-42,88,275 David-117,250 Kaufman, Steven-290 Kaworabayashi, Yusukegl Kay, Robert-248 Kay, Steven-141,201 Keast, Frederick-286 Keating, Gene-57,252 Keating, Josephine-150,15 Keele, Joseph-135 Keeney, Nancy-275 Keilale, Shari-135 Kell, John--287 Kellar, Diane-35,209,210 Keller, Susan-152 Kelley, John D.-234 Kelley, John W.-44,88 Kelley, Kathryn-247,259 Kellogg. Karl-283 Kelly, Juan-208,231 Kelly, Marilyn--154,260 Kelso, Jennifer-275 Kemp, David-245,282 20 Kemprud, Eclmund-34,117 Kendall, Richard-42,288 Kenny, Linda-292 Kent, Cheryl-9,32,48,49,2 Keough, Elizc1l:ethf135 Ker, Susan-217,292 Kerner, Sandra-127 Kernohan, Kathleen-215,2 Kerns, Camilla-117,270 Kerns, Kathie-295 Kerr, Thomas-e233 Kersey, Corolyne--293 Kewew, Randall-272 Keyes, Gary-287 Keys, Randall-195,231 Kezirigian, Richard-181,2 Khachigian, Kenneth-27,2 Kibler, Elizabeth-146 Kiebert, David-251 Kiehn, Warren-253 Kiesling, Johnnie-87,146, Kilgo, Ellen-111,157 Kilius, Raymond-252 Killingsworth, William-251 Kimlnall, Sue-261 Kimche, Laura-269 Kimmich, Mary-257 King, Jon-220 King, Jeffrey-249 King, Leonard-264 King, Robert-190,264 King, Ronald-191 King, Walter-290 Kinghorn, Arthur-248 Kingston, Charles-29,51,2 Kinley, Margie-210,292 Kinser, Marie-123 Kinsey, Raymond-272 Kinsley, Leslie-165,213 Kiperash, Carol-292 Kirkendall, Kathleen-173, Kirkland, John-254 Kirkmon, Kristin-172,268 Kishiyarna, Mlchi-295 Kitchel, Pamela-210 Klassen, Dinah-44,297 Klein, Barbara-295 Klein, Gretchen-42 Klein, Herbert-288 Kleinberg, Jerald-154,23 Kleinhofer, Joanne-292 Kleinmon, Peter-37 Susan-210 Klipfel Knapp, David-249 Knapp, Elaine-259 KnaPPt Marcia-278 Knapp Virginia-215 Kniep,'Jeffrey-183,254 Knight, Marilyn-292 Knight Knight Phyllis-110,275 Roderic-1 13 Jonsson, ElseABritt-46,215 Jordan, Barbara R.-35,46,11A, 165,222 Jordan, Judith-298 Jordan, Sharon-294 Jordon, Susan-222,294 Jordctno, Robert-185,199 Jorden, James-117 Jorgensen, Kirke-31,287 Jorgensen, Martha-116,117 Joubert, Catherine-213 Joy, Christine-33,293 Joyce, Robert-B8,248 Jumper, Judith-296 Knopf, Marcia-26,4O,5B, Knowlden, Kimble-183 Knowles, Donnai245,263, Knuclson, Karen-152 Kobal, Arthur-85,117,135 Koehler, Colleen-293 I Koenig, Elaine-156 Kollin, Robert-141,251 Kolson, James-251 Koorn, Dirk-51,115 Koprnan, Thomas-245,282 Koppel, Marilyn-89 Korch, Christopher-266 Kornweibel, Theodore-154 Koskinen, William-264 Kostka, Stephen--282,287 Kovitz, Susan-25,42,58,62, 154,219 Krarner, Clifford-289 Kramer, Karen-117,260 Kramer, Susan-255 Krasno, James-255 Kraus, George-170,237 Kreinlaring, Jeffrey-42,288 Kremser, Paul--248 Krencl', Jeffrey-41,283 Kresich, Gail-111 Kreusel, Gail-44,278 Krieger, Leslie-219,296,297 Kringlen, Betty-152 Kringlen, Jeanne-258 Kroeger, Dennis-271 Krohn, Candace-220,292 Kropp, Marie-88,117,258 Krueger, Kay-217 Krueger, Sue-217 Kruger, David-115,273 Krum, Lois-260 Kruse, Narnia-292 Kuchcik, Carolyn-295 Kuchel, Karen-217 Kulczycka, Janina-123 Kunoth, Peter-284 Kurahashi, Carolyn-56,275 KUl'Z, Cheryl-78,298 Kuttler, Karl-228 Kuznets, David-288 Kvaas, Ronald-254 Kwock, Patterson-287 Lacy, Eward-155,199 Lacy, Carol--225 Lady, Carol-210 Laifoon, Judith-292 Laird, Elloise--152 Laird, Peter-A159 Laird, Victoria-296 Lake, Don-84 Lakin, Margery--210 Lalousis, Bobbi-123 Lamb, Gary-288 Lomb, Ruth-117,2A5,274,279 Lornbert, Christopher-235,283 Lamborn, Dorothy-259 Lampi, William-286 Lancaster, John-51 Lancaster, Patricia-294 Landis, Karen-256 Lane, Helen-257 Lattin, Jean-w155 Lciulahan, Karen-1 Laughlin, Margaret-297 Laughlin, William-287 Laughrin, Lyndal-88 Laureano, Forrest-253 Laurie, Janet-131,225 Lauter, Wolfgang-134 Lawrence, Carolyn-165,223 Lawrence, Stephen-40,160 Lawry, Mike-238 Lciwsan, Janet-54,215 Lawton, Leslie-276 Lawton, Stephen-141,288 Lazar, David-253 Lozar, Lauren--37,278 Lazenlciy, Janice-114,217,277 50,152 Locks, Nancy-294 Lockwood, Lynda-45,56,1 Loeb, Rhoda-172,262 Loftin, John-283 Logan, Helen-294 Lombardi, Jo Anne-262 Lombardi, Linda-261 Long, Rosemary-44,298 Longinotti, Marilyn-213 Lonon, Linda-123 Loomis, Marion-44,223,296 Laperena, Donna-212,213 Larden, Nancy-152 Lorden, Robert-23,27,33 Lorenz, Blake--117,252 Lorenzini, Dennis-183 Lartie, Joanna-113,114 Leach, Jacqueline-173,279 Leavell, Lee+11,248 Le Blanc, Bonnie-127,262 Leck, Robert-186,237 Lee, Betty-293 Lee, Charles-37 Lee, Heather-261 Lee, Larry-11,265 Lee, Thomas-186,187,189 Leedorn, David-285 Love, Linda-293 Lavy, Thomas-248 Lowe, Katherine-159 Lowe, Kathryn--75,89 Lucas, John-286 Luce, Mary-275 Lucio, Marlene-217 Ludewig, William-237 Lugo, Julie-295 Luhmann, Donald-289 Lone, Richard-237 Lanes, Lang, Lang, Gretchen-295 Charlene-152 Donna-276 Lang, Patrick-159,180 Langford, Carol-213 Langson, Karen-136,278 Langston, Karen-165,277 Lannan, Marylee-173,225 Lanyi, Ronald-38,117,249 McLeod, Lapainte, John-238 Lara, Danielle-292 Larhard Poll -117 1 Y Jeffrey-248 Larkin, Larkin, .John-254 Larkin, Stephen-284 La Roche, Allan-183,273 Larsen, Diane-293 Larson, John-253 Lasher, Mary-220,293 Lossman, Ann-261 Laster, Lonnie-248 Lathe, Robert-141,290 Lathrop, Granger-42 Lathrop, Nancy-291 Q. U, ,. Leeds, Helene-U8 Leever, Kenneth-e253 Leggett, Canteron-293 Leghorn, Lesley-292 Lelbsohn, Linda-291 Leichman, Linda-297 Leigh-Taylor, Douglas-195 Leinster, Mary-33,35,55,58,63, 87,135,223 Leiva, Richard-159 Lenkeit, Don--248 Lenser, John-245,263,273 Leon, Geoffrey-285 Leonard, Gregory-235 Leonard, Katherine-292 Leonard, William-158 Leoni, Janice-77,111,215 Le Page, Mary-295 Letson, Linda-258 Letto1'1, Susan-220 Leverlng, Ann-9,32,48,A9,56, 81,215 Le Vine, Melvin-31,89 Levy, Louise-268 Lew, Joycelynn-298 Lewis, Diane-293 Lewis, Richard-272 Lewis, Susan-245,263,270 Lidster, Ralph-254 Lieberman, Charles-196 Lielascher, Theresa-124 Lilge, Ralph-89,249 Lince, Anita-262 Lind, Richard-285 Linden, David-159,17O,184,196 Linden, John-126 Lindholm, James--240 Link, Frederic-231 Linley, Rupert-286 Linn, Susan-117,257 Linsley, Hope-123,262 Lippincott, William--135,228 Lipsy, Ronald-251 Litchfield, Mariorie-117,173,281 Little, Darlu--114,165,292 Littleiohn, Joanna-275 Litts, Diana-35,152,223 Livesey, Jerald-192 Livezey, Joan-145,215 Lloyd, Raymond-129,239 Lo Buono, Linda-47,123 Loclirie, Susan-295 Locke, George-249 Lund, Patricia-277 Lundy, Jeffrey-250 Lurty, Barbara-46 Luskin, Mariiyn--220 Luton, Nancy-262 Lutosky, Darlene-295 Lydon, Sharon-245,274 Lyles, John-264 Lynch, David-203,231 Lynch, Dennis-39,17O,178,18O, 181 Lynch, Linda-152 Lynch, William-237 Lyne, Edith-295 Lyon, William-195,237 Lyons, Carolyn-35,84,215 Lyons, Timothy-86,13O,131,239 Mao, James-249 MacAlliste1' MacDonald Kathy-277 f James-59,286 MacDonald Lita-292 MacDonald, Martin'-252 MacDonald, Shelley-270 MacDonald, Virginia-151,152, 220 MocEllven, Douglass-253 MacGillivray, Greg-272 Which girl is wearing the new, extra-snug, playtex girdle? Manders, Anita-56 Mangham, Gayle-295 Mangriotis, Alkis-170,184 Monion, Donald-249 Mann, Charlesita-117,123 Mann, John-271 Mann, Sharon-275 Mann, William-42,78 Manners, Gene-117,291 Manning, Diane-165,220 Mansfield, Richard-286 Manz, Norman-228 Mapes, Victoria-152,245,247, 261 Marcenaro, Laura-293 Marchetti, Linda-259 Morchi, Richard-170 Morgwarth, Karen-262 Mariani, Andrew-271 Morincovich, John-186,189 Markovits, Ethel-293 Machen, Terry-250 Mack, John-231 Mack, Mariorie-116,118 MacKinnon, Beverly-268 Marks, Anita-117 Marks, Elliot-264 Marietta, Janet-294 McCarty, .landa-291 McCashen, Mary-245,247,255 McCauley, Dana-210,276 McCave, Jeffrey-239 McClosl-cy, Ann-277 McClure, Lois-259 McCain, Janis-295 McCollum, Donna-296 McConnell, Susan-173 McCorkle, Roberta-248 McCown, Jae-155,252 McCoy, Robert-201 McCulobin, Lois-221 McDaniel, Kathleen-10,257 McDermott, Kathleen--292 McDonald, Gary-284 McEachen, David--158,208,226 McElroy, Christine-293 McElwee, Neil-272 McFarland, Judith-278 McFarren, Nancy-152 McGee, Jean-278 McGill, Michael-237 McGillivray, Lois-124 MacKinzie, Linda-35,217 MacKirdy, Lani-215 MacLean, Allyn--126 MacLean, Stephen-135,233 Macleish, Joseph-239 MacMillan, Shirley-146 Macurnber, Virginia-298 Macvicar, Robert-253 Madden, Kathleen-268 Madsen, Yvon-145 Magee, Mariorie-152,222 Maginnis, Nancy-278 Maher, Nancy-123,260 Mainland, David-290 Mairs, Robert-231 Major, Peter-272 MaKieve, Michael-135 Mallow, Wallace-191 Malone, Dennis-291 Malone, Susan--277 Mondell, Mark-288 Maron, Linda-26,156 Marr, Robert-155 Morrs, Sheila-298 Marsh, James-85,255 March, Sandra-165,255 Marshall, Michelle-146,225 Marshburn, David-283 Morshburn, Robert-282 Marston, Robert-88,159 McGrath, Robert-253 McGraw, Mary-293 McGraw, Patricia-55,155,256 McHenry, Gayle-298 McHenry, Richard-252 Mclntosh, Robert-31,249 McKean, Catherine-161 McKee, Jon-255 McKee, Margaret-258 McKee, Mary-40,515,276 Martin, Agusta-117 Martin, Donald-89 Martin, Janice-268 Martin, Jeanne-260 Martin, John-272 Martin, Leslie-117,277 Martin, Marilyn-293 Martin, Marty-262 Martin, Mary-117,256 Martin, Sandra-258 Martin, Stephanie-298 Martone, John-44,419,254 Marvin, Jameson-34,59,113, 114,117,233 Mascagno, Steven-250 Mason, Diane-220 Mason, Danna-260 Mason, Jane-275 Mason, Janice-291 Mason, Jeffrey-240 Massafra, Carole-292 Matalino, Bobbie-261 Mothey, James-157,237 Mathis, Thomas-286 Matlovsky, Lloyd-42,290 Matson, Wendy-165,223 Mattern, Sharon-173,247,260 Matthews, Judith S.-220 Mattinson, James-36,251 Mattis, Robert-e1 17 Mattraw, Harold-138 McKee, Michael-231 McKeever, William-287 McKenna, Ann-43,259 McKenna, Julia-117,257 McKenna, Mary-123 McKillop, Jill-210,269 McKinley, Gretchen-123 Vicki-257 ,:,-hiya, .-,-,f-vumpia-A...,. A - 1 -' ,,- . 2 - -'-. , 1 --A N 1 , ' .ff .Ae - - - -rw.: 1 4-i.,.1-,,.. -- ,i,,,4. ,V , , ij., ,1 ..,,:,', Z., ,L ,Sl Y 1. , ,511 .- ,-,I ,fray .LL At:-,L,fg,i,.-!gIlf',y,,,, . .1 , a5,,. 4,,,'P,,'5,.1, " f f' 447 -':,.,.,5 '..'1. n, ,5g,,,-5 , j. ,,gt.1,b .4 rr, .-4"j,,.,,,,- ', ,pr ,g,.1'5,,.", ' J, v' .p1.".w 1- - . yr -it. ..,.r Quo. Q -tr?-wi.. if 3 nv- nd: up ' i.fef',-.44 - A ..-1 xg-legit' 1 9. 4s1fw.y1,v "Dwi,-'fre-' 2 --gt:'L2,'ff N,s'tQ,i4t.'1R'- 4. ,yt f?sn,4'f:iZse!tsi."?Eze.Ff14tfl:Lt,v,1e 1. t yxtevtiefsttt-4ffM1z4sf1.,11,'S?l7f.':r1!41t41t .-,!i'i1.sf-1 :.Eef1eexzs You say this is where he disappeared into the ground? Moulhardt, Michael-265 Maxfield, Allen-289 Moxfield, Madeline-221 Maxwell, Roberta-294 May, Donald--81,136 Meyhugh, Karen-292 McAdoo, Dorothy-114,281 McArthur, Ralph-202,284 f'cBride, Linda-293 It. cCall, Beverly-88,245,274 McCambridge, CatherineE291 McCambridge, Patrick--157,199 McCandless, Linda-292 McCarl, Fred-228 McCarthy, Anne-256 McCarthy, Joy-276 McMahon, James-178,182,195 McMurray, Ann-293 McNamara, David-35 McNamara, Michael-155,228 McNaul, William-286 McNeely, Susan-213,297 MCOwen, Sherwood-182,239 McPherson, Venita-291 McQuaid, Anne-165,217 McQueen, Sebron-226 McRary, Linda-124,151 McRoberts, Kenneth-160,226 Meacham, Tina-262 Meigs, Robert-271 Meinecke, Karen-219 Meisenboch, Carol-275 Melching, Russell-231 Melendy, Doreen--56,165,217 Meller, Eric--286 Mello, Judy-217 Mercurio, Ronald-178 Meredith, Paula-297 Merlin, Mark-228 Merrick, Robert-284 Merrill, Roy-285 Merritt, Douglas-169,233 Merryman, Susan-210 Mershon, Frederick-42,253 Mesick, Susan-29,225 Metcalf, Carolyn-126,258 Metcalf, George--249 Metzger, Meyer, B Barbara-152,223 arry-288 Meyer, Gail-165,261 Meyer, Glenda-88 Meyer, K Meyer, L enneth-245,263,273 inda-298 Meyer, Mary-1 14 307 Meyers, Leslie-55,155 Meyncke, Sorolee-259 Michael, Catherine-44,295 Michaels, Lynn-117,279 Michaud, Denis-134 Migues, Richard-273 Milokovich, Michael-25,35,59, 208,239 Milan, William-288 Milloge, Potty--146 Miller, Barry-134 Miller, Bruce-155 Miller Carol-223,275 Miller Channing-213,296 Miller, Gail-111 Miller James-51,134 Miller, Jon-235 Miller Martha-123 Miller Michael A.-190 Miller Michael M.-237 Miller, Nancy-31,291 Miller, Richard L.-240 Miller, Richard Leo-208 Miller, Sandro-293 Monk, Richard-163,208,233 Monroe, Potricio-277 Monson, Cheryl-276 Montgomery, Joan-217 Moore, Barbara-294 Moore, Carole-262 Moore, Chester-35,160,208,226 Moore, Diane-173,260 Moore, James-251 Moore, Loren-194,287 Moore, Marilyn-295 Moore, Robert-273 Moore, Toni-217 Mooser, Michael-194,251 Moron, Patricia-126 Moran, Moran, Rornona-39,2 60 Susan-293 Morbeto, Joseph-170,191,193 Morden, Charles-9,-48,49,81,239 More, Scott-115,163 Morehead, Priscillo-156 Moreno, Richard--117,263,264 Moreno Stephen-178,179,181 Morgan, James-284 O Neil, Milliken, Linda-152,210 Millmon, Bernard-285 Mills, Michael-201 Mills, Susan--281 Milnar, Andrea-51,173,270 Milne, Gary--141 Milton, David-248 Minech, Holly-219,297 Miner, William-135 Minster, Lynola--256 Minnis, Carole-215 Mirch, George-264 Mires, Gene-169,170 Mirken, William-255 Mislcie, Gary-271 Mistretto, Deonne-145,165, 209,221 Mitchell, Linda--116 Morgan, Kathleen-261,269 Mori, Arthur-183 Morin, James-252 Morita, Nancy-152,258 Morre, Diane-150 Morrissey, Michael-80,2410 Morrow, Patrice-277 Mortensen, Charles-239 Mortenson, John-184,196 Morton, Robert-190,272 Mqselle, Gory-265 Moses, Ruth-270 Mosher, Cheryl-157,281 Motley, John-237,248 Mott, Mary-281 Moulder, .lerilyn-152 Mounts, Suzanne-268 Moyer, Karen-225 Murdock, Harold-186,187,189 Murphy, Deborah-296,297 Murphy, Elizabeth-292 Murphy, Patrick-49,251 Murphy, Susan-255 Murray, Steven-57,191 Musella, Robert-l69,l7O,173, 180,181 Mutten, Jock-183 Muzikor, Mary-276 Muzzy, James-202,226,289 Myer, Ken-71 Myers, Karin-123 Myers, Lorie-173,281 Myers, Melbo-294 Myers, Pamela-89 Myers, Patricia-3,38,125,127 Myhre, Bonnie--296 Nagel, Charles-42,272 Nair, Ralph-227 Nokogowo, Valerie-124 Nokomuro, Katherine-292 Nakamura, Phyllis-256 Nokata, Kouji-33,239 Nomonny, Robert-117,291 Nonney, Elizabeth-117,257 Nash, Craig-117,227 Nason, Marcia-152 Nathan, Harold-201.289 Nathan, Rec-1B5,201,285 Navarro, Edward-239 Neale, Robert-231 Neore, Joe-266 Neoshorn, Stephen-285 Nebe, Irmin-255 Neel, Elizabeth-292 Neel, Jarnes-287 Neeley, Susan-38 Neff, Ellen-152 Negus,. Corl-144 Neiman, Harvey-182,189 Nelson, Karen-221 Nelson, Lawrence-190,245,282 Nelson, Lee-134 Nelson, Michael-199 Nelson, Neil-117,232 Nelson, Susanne-219 Nelson, Theresa-295 Nelson, Tino-165,221 Nemeth, Elizabeth-124,296 Nerneth, Liso-269 Nesmith, Nancy-218,219 Neltleton, Richard-148 Neustrup, Niels-273 Nevius, Valerie-145,215 Newloill, R0l3lr'l?87,244,2l17,257 Newburg, Edwin-B8 Newholl, Robert-117,252 Newman, Gerald-156,250 Neycnhuis, Dan-231 Nichols, Martha-295 Nichols, Pamela-293 Nicholson, Mortho-160 Nicholson, Mary-215 Nickoloff, Michael-287 obluink, Derth-2138 Oberg, Eclithf2Q1 Oblinger, Nancy-245,26 O'Brezar, Linda-293 O' Brien, David-253 O'Brlen, Denis-138 O'Ccnnor, Anne-295 O'Connor, Bruce-42,1 17, O'Connor, Kathleen-295 O'Connor, Kim-277 O'Connor, Torrill-237,28 Odell, Janet-268 O'Driscoll, Joyce-295 Oeding, Charlotte-293 O'l-lalloran, Barbara-259 Ohanion, Pearl-213 Ohm, Bradley-89,252 Olancler, Robert-265 Oldham, Tracy-264 O'l.eary, Dennis-44,492 Oleson, Terrence-287 Olinger, Donno-262 Olio, Louis-57,229 Olisor, Janet-292 Nielsen, Cheryl-215 Nielsen, Helene-292 Nielsen, Jon-270 Nielsen, Jorgen-223,253 Nielsen, Pamela--43 Nielsen, Rito-276 Nigro, Kirsten-292 Nine, Mary-292 Nitchy, Sarah-116 Noble, Patricia-152,165,217 Noland, Nancy-292 Nomeland, Hilary-298 Noonan, Geraldine-160 Norberg, Karen-54,117,259 Norlaerg, Karin-42,219 Norlnerg, Ralph-78,251 Nordeck, Victoria-31,291 Norquist, Nancy--54,215 Oliver, Oliver, Fallis-115 Shirley-173 Olivier, Janine-295 Olmsleocl, Susan-261 Olney, Jolin-58,244,252 Olney, Nicolls-249 Olpin, Michael-57,8599 Olsen, Romano-2A5,274, Olsen, Thomas-2-fl5,282, Olson, James-241 Olson, Karen-215 Olson Mary-257 Olson, Roger-117 Olson, Terryl-273 Olwin, Phillip-183 O'Neal, Bruce-254 O'Necil, Sharon-A2,215,2 Robert--169 Mitchell, Marilyn-292 Mitchell, Nancy-260 Miuro, Sharon-256 Miyamoto, Nancy-292 Mize, Sandro-276 Mobilio, Marsha-293 Moffet, Coral-261 Moffett, Catherine-245,263,270 Moffett, William-183 Mohr, Wayne-284 Monogan, Michael-283 Mueller, Cathryn-114 Mugele, Mary-291 Muggill, Michael-148,229 Muir, William-251 Mullen, Priscillo-165,270 Mullenoux. Ronald-229 Muller, Carol-173,274 Mullins, Robert-445,282,287 Mulvey, Barbara-262 Murar, Emma-31,511,215 Murdoch, Joanne-270 Nelson, Andrew E.-251 Nelson, Barbara-157 Nelson, Carolyn-270 Nelson, Charles-235 Nelson, Christopher-266 Nelson, Dimoree-128 Nelson, Donald-182,239 Nelson, Frons-184,196 Nelson, Janice-152,217 Nelson, Joann-9,32,48,49, 81,221 Noreri, John--229 Noren, Nancy-23,296,297 Noriega, Claude-201 Norman, Sonia-270 Norris, Teresa-225,293 Norton, Carolyn--270 Norton, James-266 Norwitz, Leanarcl-42,117 Nowlin, Lawrence-255 Nyberg, Mary-173,255 Nye, Sharon-225,292 O'Neill, William-155,19 One, Susan-56,78,279 Opheim, Kent-249 Opiot, Robert-237,287 Oreor, James-178,179,1 Orencl, Beverly7152,278 Orosz, Ruth-255 Orr, Roger-266 Orrock, Stanley-31,3435 i2a,1c3,2oa,239 Son Miguel Holl Photo by Karl Obert Christopher-1B-4,196,254 Osborn, Jacqueline-281 Osborne, Linda R.-292 Osborne, Peter-123 Osborne, Richard-191 Ostrom, Oswalt, Frank-266 Otcltis, John-126 Otey, Dennis-233 Owens, George-237 Owens, Jyl-292 Ozaniun, Ozanich, Pctclcard, Page, Ai Arleen-292 Marcf1l1,172 .lorries-179,182 naryllis--116 Page, Michal-247,257 Paige, Ricliorcl-2-15,246,255 Paine, Kcttlterinc-209 Paine, Penelope- 415,113,217 Pointer, Bonnief?91l Painter, Janet-29? Painter Steven-287 Palley,'T homas-231 Palm, Karen-219,291t Palmer, Micliael-42,241,252 Palmer, Patricia S.-295 Pananides, Dean--2511 Pancoast, Frances-1 14,295 Panizzon, Louis-231 Parclue, Thurman-227 Parl-cor, Carolyn-223 Parker, J any-275 Parker, Wrilter-A1311 Parks, Loren-51,1118 Parlicr, Linda-292 Parmente Partner, r, Margarctf113 Dennis-182,208,277 Parnell, James-208,241 Parrish, Susan--298 Parsons, Parsons, Rohcrte-1118 Sara-35,54,80,f37, 96,771 Partridge, Uorathy4?92 Pate, Carole-281 Paterson, Gail-259 Paterson, Susan-292 Patterson, Ann7113,117,215,257 Patterson, Juclith-292 Prequet, Philip-129 Pierce, Kathleen-213,255 Pierce, Linda-213,297 Pierson, Bruce-227,255 Pierson, Catherine-39,293 Pierson, Ellen-42,275 Pierson, Patricia-152 Pilgeram, Donna--298 Pilot, Karen-269 Pine, Susan-262 Pinto, Carmelo--156,157 Pipkrn, Pirie, A Dorothy-27,54,77, 209,225 nne-269 Pirie, Douglas-233 Pitblado, James-231 Pitts, Li ncla-77,170,223 Place, Judith-269 Plank, Phillip-59,239 Plischke, Karen-117,293 Ploesses, Michael-283 Plumley, Susan-268 Pohlrnan, John-287 Reamer, Dale-42 Reamer, Nancy-213,231 Rears, Margo-26B Reback, David-84,266 Reclanagel, Carl-239 1 Recsei, Eric-264 ' Rector, William-284 ' Redd, Jon-287 l Reddick, Ernest-255 t Reddick, Rob-32 , Recliker, Dennis--255 1 Reed, Nancy-260 l Reed, Robert-235 Reed, Robert J.-208, 2 3 Reed, Scarlett-255 1 Reeder, Margaret-223,279 Rees, Sarah-293 1 Reese, Patricia-144 1 Regel, Carolyn-81,114,262 Regur, Steven--229 Reibin, Carol-117,245,247,256 Reich, Joanne-294 l Pohls, Betty-153,215 Poliquin, Claudia-298 Polk, James-271 Pollock, Merle-268 Pollack, Vincent-249 Pollancl, Mary-117 Polley, Jane-269 Pollock, Drucillo-255 Palloclr, Ralph-35,115,118 Relchard, Walt-272 Reid, Barbara-116,117 Reid, Ottis459,155,202,2O8 Reid, Sabro-153 Reid, Scott-252 Reid, Stephen-135,237 Reider, Eileen-157,211 Reimer, Douglas-170,184 Reisenweber, Ruth-2551, Porno, And rew-2 55 Pope, Wanda-269 Popl-rin, Linda'152 Popnen, Norman-227,265 Porier, Paul-157 Porter, Adele-275 Porter, Nancy-165,221 Porter, Porter, Pamela--39,44,125,211 Sheridah-H160 Poseley, Patricia-293 Post, Thomas-237 Posthumus, Donald-135,287 Posz, Carol-213 Pottala, Potter, Potter, Mary--160 Gary-245,263,273 Patricia-298 Paulazzo, Elsa-87,217 Paulson, Robert-119,254 Pavoni, Dianc455,15B,259 Payne, John- 266 Peak, Vinnie-117,292 Pearcy, Jean-A6 Pearl, Lurline-210 Pearse, Davide-252 Pearson, Jean-157,291 Pearson, Mary-136,117,295 Pearson, Rotjter s--233 Peltlke, Karen!-117,152 71 r Peliccin, Steven Pelland, Mary -2 Lau-1 JB Pelzer, James-A 2,290 Penclarvis, Carol-276 Powell, Arzelio-295 Powell, Penelope-138 Powers, Diana-31,211,277 Powers, Steve-229 Poynter, Connie-30,47 Prachankodee, Arnora-297 Pratt, .loan-275 Prescott, William-75,253 Preston, Edward-191 Prestridge, Betty-117,135 Prince, Carol-276 Prince, Diana-117,151 Prince, Paul-249 Proctor, Alice-153,213 Proctor, Gail-292 Proctor, Linda-281 Penclergrass, Lee-252 Pendleton, Lynne-70,152,209,?23 Penn, Steplien-745,282,987 Pentz, Gale--268 Penzel, William-21311 Perata, Anna-152 Perez, Eyda-291 Proctor, William-237 Pruitt, Evelyn-4292 Pugh, Gayle-221 Punt, R Puterba Odney-117 ugh, William-117 Putnam, Judith-153 Reitz, Dorothy-114 Rentmore, Robert-194 Retherford, Ralph-117,252 Reuter, Judith-270 1 Reynolds, Alan-17O,178,179,180 Reynolds, Lynne-255 Reznor, John-252 Roades, Gary-77 Rhoda, Richard-252 Riave, Kandy-56,245,278 Rice, Carolyn-155 Rice, Charles-160 Rice, Emmett-183 Rice, Kristina-45,56,63,210, 211,281 Rice, Suzanne-111 Rice, Thomas-233 Rice, Patricia-277 ' Richards, Patricia-31,215 Richter, lra-245,263,264 Ricketts, James-255 Riede, James-46,284 1 Rieder, Michael-271 Rieffel, Kathleen-281 1 Riggins, Susan-225,292 Riggs, Betty--117 1 Riggs, Larry-245,246,318 Riggs, Mary-294 Rigney, William-248 Rikansrud, Alvin-283 Riley, Barbara-27,46,165,225 Riley, Roger-254 , Riley, Sandra-153 1 Riley, Terry-285 1 Rinl-ner, Melinda-247,258 Rittenberg, Stephen-283 tzirioff, Tina-117,270 Perkins, Carlin-1311 Perl, Sharon-126 Perley, Susan--144,297 Peronq, Michael--136 Perry, Carole-260 Perry, Doi othy-268 Pestcil, S uscin-258 Peters Cather ine-274 Peters, Garry-117,163 Peters, Louis--288 Peters, Melvin-19112119 Peters, Richcircl-2511 Peters, Skip-11 Petersen, Petersen, Ann-276 Laurie-25,165,221 Peterson, Carol-223 Peterson, David-155 Peterson, Donald-11,115 Peterson, Eric-237 Peterson, John-186,737 Peterson, Michael-289 Peterson, Richard--288 Peterson, Robert-254 Peterson, Ronald-128,251 Peterson, Stepherr4117,273 Peterson, Susan-209,219 Pctliiohn, Christie-78,276 Pettit, Dianae-256 Perry, Torryl-209,219,255 Pferclner, Jack-239 Phelan, Patricia-160 Philbrick, Charlene-153,277 Philips, Norrine-270 Phillips, Elizabeth-117 Phillips, Jan-257 Phillips, Merry-991 Phillips, Michele-173 Phillips, Perry-250 Phillips, Robert-283 Phinney, Robert-241 Phipps, Richard-1 I1 Pickens, Gary'-l69,17O,191,192 Piclcus, Kirby-2118 Pieper, Kristin-298 Pieper, Richard--13-1 Quandt. John-253 Quesnell, Nancy-153 Quesnell, William-158,231 Quinn, John-99,123,237 Rutsego, Sandra--25,36,56,279 Radcliffe, Roger-35 Rcidcli, Albert-271 Rader, Carol-292 Ralianello, Michael-186,237 Ragsclole, Bruce-138 Raimer, Janice-269 Rall, Anthony-185,201 Ramberg, Donald--287 Rainey, Russell-288 Rarnpe, Carole-114,145 Rompton, Lynn-47,111,211 Rctmsclell, .lill-295 Ramsey, Ronald-191,288 Randall, James-273 Randall, Paul-271 Rankin, David-194 Rankin, Dennis-252 Rankin, Jo-31,156,223 Rankin, Nancy-77,151,153,225 Ransom, Cheryl-293 Poponort, Roberta-293 Rapp, Bruce-265 Rash, Denni-289 Rasch, Sandra-39 Rash, Paulette-211 Rasmussen, Terry-215 Rcrszynska, Eva-293 Ratcliff, Robin-165,217 Raty, Ronnie-10 Rau, Elizabeth-277 Routh, William-45,80,239 Ray, Carole-215 Ray, Charles-285 Ray, Michael-289 Roykovich, Gary-229 Royle, David-134 Raymond, James-'245,2116,25O Read, Ann-211 Reading, Antoinette--32,217 Rix, Eric-136 Q Roach, John-185,199 1 Robbins, Jean-260 Robbins, Leslie-114,278 Robbins, Patricia-295 Roberts, Cheryl-291 Roberts, Elaine-293 Roberts, Laurel-258 Roberts, Nancy-281 Roberts, Neal-273 Robertson, Scott-253 ' Robertson, William-155 Robinett, Donna-277 Robinson, Delane-292 Robinson, Diane-293 1 Robinson, Gail-292 Robinson, James-158 1 Robinson, Nancy-54 1 Robinson, Nena-87 Robinson, Olivia-245,274,278 Robinson, Ronald-160 Robinson, Victoria-221 Robinson, William-253, Robledo, Gilbert--146 I Roche, James-123 Rockwell, Eleanor-153,269 Roddy, Barbara--295 Rodeschek, Patricia--260 Rodgers, Elizabeth-281 Rodriguez, Peggy-281 Roe, Kathryn-268 Roehl, Marlin-190 Roeser, Judith-117 Rogers, ,Carol-262 Rogers, Gayle-295 Rogers, Jane-156 Rogers, Judith-32,275 Rogers, Julia-31,259 Rogers, Michael-248 Rohe, Carole-117,169 Rohrs, Ca Ralph, Pa rol-225 m-173,297 Roney, Linda-294 Rose, Lana-255 Rose, Libby-292 Rose, Pamela-260 Rosenberg, Laurice-281 l thought I used two clabsl Rosenberg, Mariorie-268 Rosenberg, Robert-26,130,229 Ross, Franklin-126,253 Ross, Tanya-257 Roth, Carroll-3O,42,160,252 Roth, Dennis-148,170,229 Rath, Donald-170,194,201 Roth, Eric-208,240,241 Rothenberg, Robin-262 Rounds, Harold-273 Rouzie, Judith-262 Rovetta, Susan-294 Rowe, Richard-245,282,283 Rowitzer, Barbara-281 Rowland, Agnes-215,292 Rubardt, David-57 Rubenstein, Carol-269 Rubenstein, Donald-146,288 Rubenstein, Ronald-287 Rubini, David-286 Ruda, Laurie-146,257 Rudd, Julie-165,223 Ruddell, Gary--57,233,288 Rude, Marcia-55,63,151,153 Rudolph, Daniel-248 Ruh, Gail-3,39 Ruiz, Melvin-127,163,233 Rumwell, Peter-117,245,282 Rundstrom, Robert-271 Rusher, William-155,208,231 Russell, AnnT56,223,262 Russell, Dorothy-39,114,298 Russell, John-240,241 Russell, Robert-160,185,199 Ruth, Jocelyn-259 Rutherford, Elizabeth-123 Rutherford, Margaret--42 Rutt, Janice-170,221 Ruttenberg, Gary-250 Ruuska, Patricia-297 Ryder, Mary--223 Ryerson, James-235 Ryskamp, Kirk-231,285 S ockett, Donna-293 Soda, Robert-290 Sadler, Rachel-292 St. John, Michael-285 Salazar, Yolanda-279 Saley, Robert-184,249 Salisbury, Howard-241 Salisbury, Lois-255 Solisian, 'Linda-292 Salter, Ronald-158,231 Saltiel, Tamara-256 Salwasser, Harold-190,263,272 Salzman, Gary-42 Sammis, Robert-202,272 Sampson, Galen-259 Samuels, Lee-286 Sanborn, Raymond-288 Sanders, Enid-173,294 Sanders, Paul-2B4 Sanders, William--233 Sandoval, Jonathan-29,158,245 246,252 Sands, Michael-229 Sanford, John-33,77,229 Sanford, Susan-210 Sanford, Thomas-227 Sang, David-155 Santarosa, Janet-279 Sargent, Nancy-219 Sartor, Linda-255 Scrski, Paul--155 Sauer, Jill-291 Sauer, Linda+111,223 Saufley, Ronald-241 Sauter, Michael-229 Savant, Susan-47,160,209,223 Sawyer, Pamela-297 Saxton, Dani--225 Sayward, Cynthia-221 Schack, Judy-262 Schode, Marybelle-295 Schaefer, Susan-32 Schafer, Lincla-298 Schallo, Carol-275 Schefke, Dieter-289 Scheicller, Susan-211 Schenck. Penelope-177,292 Schendel, Pamela-213 Schiada, James-255 Schiefer, Sandra-42 Schiesel, Michael-169,17O, 184,196 Schilbrack, Mary-51,294 Schildknecht, Jane-270 Schillian, Wendy-117 Schilling, John-155 Schinnerer, Lynn-34,113,118 Schlatter, Daniel-155 Schleeh, Patricia-256 Schlesinger, Roger-195,284 Schlotter, Gretchen-165,209,215 Schmidt, Katharine-114,116,279 Schmit, David-181 Schmitz, Peter-285 Schmitz, Wendy-114,165,262 Schnabel, Stephanie-268 Schneider, Dorothy-269 Scholl, Leonard-183 Scholl, Verne-58,59,148,254 Schopfer, Sandra-150,153,225 Schor, Mary-56,245,262 Schroder, Joanne-215 Schramm, Catherine-117,298 Schreck, Karen-155 Schreiber, Stuart-190 Schroeder, William-163 Schuler, Edward-229 Schuler, William-182 309 295 Schultz, Leslie-286 Schurr, Bonnie-263,269 Schwartz, David-160 Schwartz, Rick-288 Schwartz, David S.-160 Schwartz, Thomas-289 Schwedler, Terry-32,288 Schworer, Becky-293 Scofield, Suzanne-257 Scott, Carole--165,213 Scott, Christopher-285 Scott, Diana-153,211 Scott, Edward-170 Scott, Jeanne-262 Scott, .loesph-196,285 Scott, Kathleen-45,255 Scott, Larry-178,179,18O,1B1 Scott, Margaret-143,219 Scott, Peter-145,239 Scott, Richard-288 Scott Susan-293 Sherard, Laureen-21 1 Shepard, Rick-245,246 Sherborne, John-229 Sherian, Gerald--123,244,261 265 Sherman, Theodore-117,163,233 Sherrer, Ellen-298 Sherwood, Susan-247,255 Shester, Alexander-255 Shields, Ken-199 Shiflett, John-146 Shiflett, Nancy-144 Shillam, Wendy-221 Shinagowa, Ernest-117 Seabury, Lorraine-165 Seoger, Harold-57 Seborg, Gloria-145 Sedona, Michael-128,271 Sedgwick, Robert-254 Seely, Diane-129,130 Segars, Becky-294 Seger, Kerry-275 Seiberling, Garnet-293 Seifert, Barbara-153 Self, Donna-278 ' Sellstrom, Brent-229 Semler, David-273 Sendek, Donald-288 Senechol, Carole-124 Senefeld, Sarah-258 Senior, Karen--165,221 Senter, Ruth-153,211 Sepp, Dennis-136,239 Sepp, Tolvo-239 Serences, Bobette-114,116,211 Serfass, Peter-254 Sermanovich, Rod-235 Serrano, Camilla-117,259 Setser, Kenneth-289 Seymour, Holland-201 Shodford, James-290 Shoff, Roxanne-281 Shaffer, Wayne-255 Shaffer, William-284 Shanelec, Susan-293 Shaner, Susan-270 Shannon, Vero-298 Shapiro, David-117 Sharky, Elaine-298 Sharp, David-240,241 Sharp, Robert-269 Shotto, Marie-295 Shattuck, Paul-235 Shattuck, Tana-293 Shauer, Robert-194 Shinbrot, Mark-251 Shinoda, Phillip-286 Shipman, Stephen-88,248 Shoemaker, Bradley-255 Shoop, Gary-148 Shoor, Perry-245,282,287 Shore, Diane-259 Shotts, Wayne-284 Shoven, Margaret-257 Shrader, Terrell-239 Shull, Sharon-281 Shulman, .loan-124,215 Shultz, Alberta-155,219,233 Siamas, John-227 Siegel, Caryn-146 Sievers, Cheri--165,233 Sievers, David-201,289 Sigler, Richard-265 Sill, Jeanette-281 Silliphant, Nancy-44,217,257 Silvey, Michael-196,288 Sime, Judith-123 Simms, Harry-235 Simons, Wendell-30 Simonet, Jaan--145 Simpson, Michael-194 Simpson, Robert--282,288 Simpson, Sandro-123 Sims, Harry-273 Singleton, Wendy--298 Sirocusa, Ernest-253 Sisco, Jean-215 Sitton, Gary-227 Skamser, Christine-217 Skehan, Kathryn-117 Skelton, Nancy-88 Sketoe, Clayton-29,128 Skillman, Lita-278 Sklar, Daniel-89,146 Slavett, Kenneth-34,113,118 Slayton, .lack-78,84,251 Sloan, Ellen-262 Sloper, Nancy A Slott, Barbara-44,255 Slover, Mary-218,219 Smalley, Gary-135,208,233 Smith , Janet-293 Smith, Smith Smith Joanne-151,153 .luclith--293 Judith L.-55,169,173 Smith, Karen-292 Smith, Lawrence-126,250 Smith, Nebhut-271 Smith, Pamela-87,233 Smith Patricia-292 Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Philip-271 Richard-233 Roslyn-117,275 Sheryl-211,276 Teresa-56,57,223 Smith Trudy-296 Smith Wilbur-237 Smith William G.-284 Smith Willam J.-288 Shaw, Bonnie-275 Shaw, Bruce-25,27,36,39,51, 117,163,227 Shaw, Danielle-217 Shaw, Elizabeth-54 Shaw, James-237 Show, Janice-49 Show, Jill-257 Shaw, Linda--117 Show Merrilee-134 Show, Saundro-225 Shea, Michael-190 Shea, Moya-270 Sl-recter, Morleen-296 Sheffield, Sherry-262 Shelloby, Suzanne-276 Shellenberger, Hugh-183,235 Smart, Frank-231 Smart, La Donna-296 Smith, Barbara-211 Smith, Brian-169,170,199 Smith, Carol-31,278, Smith, Carol-291 Smith, Cathleen-88,117,281 Smith, Charlotte-126 Smith, Clark-37,41 Smith, Craig-34,128 Smith, Dan-117,229,235 Smith, David-286 Smith, David-144 Smith, Donna-260 Smith, Dorothy-173,298 Smith, Fred-195 Smith, Gary-266 Smith, Gaylord-169 Smith, Helen-278 Snedden, Janet-211 Snake, Barbara-291 Snowden, Mickey-294 Snyder, Allan-131,245,246 Snyder, Gregory-288 Snyder, Julio-29,77,144,225 Snyder, Stephen-35 Sofas, Janet--279 Soffel, Fern-221 Sogge, Robert-83,290,291 Solberg, Curt-89 Soller, Valerie-217 Son, Nancy-165,217 Sonnenburg, Dennis-17O,178, 182 Sorensen, Lindo B.-153 Sousa, Patti--296 South, Susan-275 Spofford, Kent-233 Spangenberg, Kristin--279 Spencer, Anita-293 Spencer, Jean-156 Spencer, Thomas--227 Spiedel, Sandra-54,128,219 Spoerri, Bonnie-157,275 Sprinkle, Martha-219,281 Spritz, Robert-289 Spruell, Judy-25,28,55,58, 63,87.155,215 Spurlock, Anne-3,3B,54,112,257 Squier, Carol-111,217 Stohnke, Alvin-117 Staley, Barry-229,251 Stolfors, Ingrid-221,296,297 Stalker, Linnea-255 Stomper, Forrest-252 Stompp, Sara-269 Stonbridge, Douglas-286 Stanchfield, Alan-117,168,249 Stansbury, John-31,63,66,146 Stonsbury, Patricia-31 Stopenhorst, Steven-1 17 Stork, Dole-264 Stark, Moriorie-295 Starkey, Janet-146,209,210,211 Starr, Elizabeth-42,155 Starr, John-123 Starr, Richard-272 Starrett, Richard -265 Startt, Janet-297 Stavrum, Sheri-145 Stoyer, Susan-55,141 St. Clair, Birch--237 St. Clair, Lindo-211 Stearns, Donna-213 Steck, Fredric-272 Steele, Marilyn--157,278 Steen, Dania-268 Stefanek, Lucy-282 Stege, Judith-281 Steile, John-241,273 Stein, Jeanette-155 Stein, Linda-123 Stein, Morclo-89,256 Steiner, Klara-277 Stem, Donolcl--286 Stenderup, James-250 Stephenson, Barbara-153 Sterling, Joyce-295 Sterling, William-237,271 Stern, Michael-253 Stern, Wiliam-163 Steuben, Larry-264 Stevens, Claudio-117 Stevens, Rose-279 Stevenson, Michael-227 Stevenson, Nancy--42,173,219, Stevenson, Wesley-231 Stewart, Randolph-114,233 Stewart, Richard-289 Stickle, Kathryn-293 Stieg, Richard-264 Stiff, Betty-114 Stinson, Michael-283 Stirling, Polly--276 Stivers, David-289 Stockemer, Angelo-157,261 Stockton, Thomas-59,182,237 Stoddard Phill 272 Swihort, .lan-165 Swing, Susan-261 Swoboda, Richard-148,170 Szaloy, Steven-251 Szczotka, Leona-44,297 Trickett, Eldon-266 Takahashi, Jerrold-117,180 Talley, Michael-34,57,128 Tallman, James-148,273 Tanchuk, lla-297 Tonkersley, .lack-l27,128,24 Tanner, John-145 Tonner, Marsha-262 Tanner, William D,-249 Tanner, William H.-283 Tanouye, Ann-294 Toplin, Susan-219 Taylor, Bonnie-169,173,211 Taylor, Christopher-227,266 Taylor Finley-254 Taylor Jon-125 Taylor, Kathleen-153,221 Taylor Patricia-295 Taylor, Robert D.--88,227,251 Taylor Robert S.-58,63,1,55, Taylor Ronnie-145 Taylor, Sarah-291 I P- Stoesser, Annette-155 Stoll, Peter-254 Stoll, Robert-199 Stollberg, Sue--88,117,258 Stone, Ann-215,268 Taylor, Tony-194 Teal, Eugene-57,1 17,239,251 Tedrow, Beverly-211,268 Tedrow, Joyce-260 Teierion, Suzanne-255 Tempey, Craig-184,196 l'm from Santa Barbara and l've got something to say about Commie speakers on campus. Stone, Stone Carol-151 Craig-273 Stone, Judith-25,293 Stone Marjorie-281 Stone, Susan-269 Stophel, James-129,130 Stormer, Kent-265 Stoskopt, Gretchen-213 Stoutemyer, Peter--249 Stover, Donald-148 Strand, Kathryn-28,221 Strickland, Pamela-293 Strinz, Gwendolyn-269 Strohbehn, Steven-271 Strohm, Karen-54,75,215 Teregubaff, William--123 Terry, Susan-30,155,261 Thockwell, Kathleen-295 Thayer, Thayer, Theurer, Barbara-219 William-271 Steven-233 Thiboult, Dianne-269 Thomas, David-44,B4,202,2 Thomas, Joel-229 Thomas, .Joyce--114,119,278 Thomas, Lorene-117,292 Thomas, Marilyn-146 Thomas, Melissa-117,256 Thomas, Neva-291 Thomas, Paulo-260 Stromer, Dole-155 Thomas, Wey-126,258 Everyone picketing the dining commons step forward. Those picketing the switchboard . . O Strong, Jean-153 Stroud, Laurence-245,2A9, 232,286 Struxness, .leon-292 Stuart, Sally-221 Stucky, Mary--292 Studebaker, Sharon-42,275 Stupin, David-250 Sturdevant, Mary-292 Thompson, Donna-270 Thompson , .leon-213 Thompson, Julione-39,211 Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson , Leigh-55,153 , Lynne-211,293 , Marilyn-275 , Mary-44,270 , Penelope-146,21 , Richard-229 9 Sullender, Robert-29,201,273 Sullenger, Christine-219,296 Sullivan, Dennis-286 Sullivan, Judith-295 Sullivan, Kathleen-56 Sullivan, Tossy-213 Sundo, Susan-153 Sundberg, Howard-186,187,189 Surra, Philip-88,283 Sussman, Raymond-117 Sutter, Richard-58 Sutliffe, Richard-254 Sutter, Joanne-155 Suter, Richard-58 Suttle, Susan-223 Swan, Johanna-54,117,259 Sworbrick, Lawrence-183 Swartz, William-231 Sweeting, Edwin-239 Swenson, Linda-257 Swetnam, Charles-158 Swezey, Henry-251 Swift, Mary-124,213 Thomsen, Carol-255 Thomson, Barbara-275 Thomson, Dennis-148,237 Thorne, Charles-285 Thornton, Ray-196 Thorpe, Leah-223 Threlkeld, Mary-215,269 Thysell, Ann-44,291 Tiedemann, Jill-151,153 Tiller, Adrienne--295 Tilley, David-288 Tillin, Sondra--298 Tillotson, Anita-156,260 Timrott, Margaret-225,257 Titsworth, John-77,239 Tioden, Sharon-292 Tobey, Billie-153 Todd, Laura-117,292,293 Tokumaru, Dennis-266 Tolnoi, Ildiko-268 Tolo, Mary--56 Tolton, Clarke-233 Tom, Bennett-287 Tomich, Carol-292 Tomkins, George-160,239 Tompkins, Barbara-47,145,223 Tompkins, Glenda-291 Toney, Marcia-221 Torbik, Michael-183,273 Torre, Gayle-293 Tower, Ray-250 Townsend, Christopher-285 Townsend, Jean-269 Townsend, Roger-229 Townsend, Sandro-111,165,221 Troner, Teri-276 Trapp, Robert-251 Traver, Robert-125,289 Troylor, Howard-42,245,2B2,283 Treonkler, Candace-292,293 Trebell, Thomas-'11 Trieschman, Susan-157 Trinkkeller, Paul-287 Trousdale, Judith-29,225 Troxler, Virginia-258 Tryon, Patricia-278 Tschumy, Jacqueline-31,291 Tsuborkura, Christine--256 Tubbs, Charles-38,239,285 Tuck, Lynn-295 Tucker, Erances-221 Tucker, Robert-81 Tuggle, Mildred-296 Tunnell, Curtis-253 Turcato, John-254 Turner, Jon-231 Turner, Judy-255 Turner, Mary-43,209,217 Turner, Pamela-212,213 Turner, Thomas-183 Turpin, Barbara-257 Twitchell, Diane-165,213,259 Tyler, Jennifer-56,255 Tyner, Thotnas-196,273 Umphred, Susan-270 Unetic, Andrew-249 Urban, John-183,229 Utt, Roger-233 Van Atta, Richard-33 Von Comp, Steven-201,271 Vanderltoff, Gail-1 1 1,165 Vander Meulen, Mary4117,26O Vondervoet, David-253 Vondervoet, Roberto-173,293 Von De Verg, Nathaniel-41,254 Vondewoter, Judith-257 Van Essen, Leonard-285 Vongo, Phillip-42 Von Vleor, Douglas-195,233,289 Van Wagner, William-239 Van Wert, Ronald-163 Vorolyay, Susan-260 Vaughan, Lindo-293 Veblen, Alice-255 Vedder, Betsy-217 Vedder, Phil-239 Veech, Corvill-213 Velasquez, Herman-169 Venaos, Done-250 Venga, Karon-298 Venitsky, Steven-283 Venn Watson, Edward-227,252 Verdun, Michael-194 Veselich, Palma-258 Vesely, Susan-87,117,223 Vesy, Carole-217 Vice, Vivian-165,221 Vickery, Larry--266 Vlckrnon, Lawrence-255 Victoreen, Jo Ellen-295 Vidali, Joanne-153 Vidali, Joseph-286 Vidar, Gary-36,254 Vige, Mary--151,153,260 Viken, Barbara-295 Vincent, Merrily-76,EtO,'?6,169, 172,221 Vogel, Donald-148 Vogel, Kenneth-235 Vogt, Karol--296,297 Vogt, Lorraine-268 Voland, Diana-117,269 Voll, John-179 Volpe, Dennis-35,117,239 Von, Herzen, Bruce-134,252 Vorster, Joanne-173,295 Vrolyk, Paulina-135 Wacldill, Jacqueline-117 Wade, Anita-276 Wade, Linda--173 Wade, Virginia-55,144 Wadsworth, Joseph-237 Waggener, Carl--28-4 Wagner, Ellen-165,213 Wagner, John-227 Wagner, Mary-173,258 Wagner, Virginia-146,221 Waite, Alan-245,251 Waite, Kay-158 Waldbaum, Raymond-284 Waldum, Shirley-173 Walclvogel, Robin--229 Walker, Frances-294 Walker, Jenny-255 Walker, Karen F.-153 Walker, Karen L.-213,219 Walker, Kathryn-295 Walker, Mark-148 Walker, Richard-233 Wallenius, Mary-278 Wallenstcin, Peter-246,254 Walstctcl, Karen-295 Walstro Walter, rn, Nancy-1114 Robert-88,169 Walters, Sandro-295 Walther, Henry-45,235 West, Dixie-213 West, John B.--290 West, John T.-265 Weston, David-253 Weston, Kenneth-288 Westree, Barbara-33,276 Westmore, Stephen--245,263,272 Wetterer, Keith--155,290 Wetterer, Richard-266 Wetzell, Otho-265 Wheaton, Bruce-229 Walton, Diane-292 Wangonheim, James-239 Ward, Marilyn-153,217 Ward, Richard-1 Warner, Brion-4 69 2 Warner, Clive-248 Warner, Elizabeth-293 Warren Michael--183,194,237 Waters: Alice-37,213 Watson, Richard-169 Watson, William-255 Watts, Michael- 148,202 Watts, Robin-223 Weathers, Susan-219 Webb, Beverly-44,293 Webb, Donald-239,254 Weblct, Susan-47,153 Weber, lone-31 Webro, Rodney- Webster, David- Webster, Diane- ,54,225 199 117,233 210,211 Webster, Elaine-25,31,54,5B, 87,210,211 Webster, Karen- Wedemeyer, John 114 -272 Welton, Edward-289 Wehrheim, Patti-223 Wheeler, Antoinette-223,294 Wheeler, Bethel-293 Wheeler, Joan-275 Whelan, Tonya-275 Whipple, Edward-208,237 Whitaker, Ann-32,270 Whitaker, Jock-249 Whitaker, Susan-279 White, White, Alison-32,44,126,215 Charlene-256 White, Donold-155,239 White, Douglas-140,288 White, Penn-117 White, John-255,266 White, Judith-157,275 White, Margaret-117,270 White, Marilyn-126,295 White, Mark-241 While, Martha-213 White, Mary-124,260 White, Michael-208,241 White, Nancy-257 White, Pamela-258 White, Penelope-262 White, Richard-124 White, Steven-117,253,264 Whitehead, Pomelo1274,276 Williams , Cathryn-291 Williams, Constance-215,292 Williams, Cristian-231 Williams, Dennis-231 Williams, Diane-31,225 Williams, Elizabeth-260 Williams Ethel-293 Williams, Jock-237 Williams, Jay-69 Williams, Julio-46,77,223 Williams, Margaret-138,139 Williams, Meredith-293 Williams, Reeve-245,246 Williams, Sandra-215 Williamson,Ann-262 Williamson, Ston-169 Willamson, Suzanne-209,215 Wilson, Barbara-153 Wilson, Barbara-292 Wilson, Charles-155,246,252 Wilson, Deborah-293 Wilson, Donald-233,246,250 Wilson, Harry-117,155,245, 263,264 Wilson, John-117,155,145, 263,264 Wilson, Karen-173,256 Wilson Linda-256,157,261 Wilson: Robert S.-44,249 Wilson, Robert W.-31,59,244,24 Wilson, Sheryl-43,46,291 Wilson, 271,2 Stephen-59,63,16O, 83 Wilson, Wendy-259 Wilson, William-115,117,138 Winchell, Robert-255 Winium, cefyt-27a Winn, Williams-184 Weidow, Patricia-54,215 Weirum, Brian-239 Weis, Joseph-237 Wisenberg, Cohrles-273 Weiser, Robert-227 Weiss, Edward-195,249 Welch, James-233,2-45,282,288 Welch, Karol-56,221 Welch, Patrick-33,231 Welcome, Terrill-243 Whitman, Nadine-292 Whitney, Ann-279 Whitney, Stephen-123,227 Whittlesey, Anne-44,293 Whittlesey, Patrice-211,293 Wichmonn, Carolyn-245,274,275 Widowski, Melvin-88,249 Widman, Lance-264 Wieber, Virginia-153 Wiener, Robert-288 Wienker, Gail-296,297 Winslow, Cheryle4255 Winslow, Rosemary-262 Witt, Janice-294 Witt, Robin-117,146,262 Wnukowski, Jacqueline-151,153 Wolfe, Linda-277 Wolfe, Ronald-233 Wolfe, Virginia-279 Wolff, Susan-293 Wolverton, Judith-270 Wolz, James-81,264 Wclday, Mory-294 Wells, Albert-42,128,284 Wells, Carolyn-29-4 Walls, Patricia-278 Welsh, Barbara-215,292 Welsh, Deborah-33,211 Welsh, Gregory-239 Welsh, Nancy-2 11 Wendt, Martha--277 Wcngrof, Harriet-116,117,276 Wentworth, Walworth-251 Wentz, Shoren-293 Werner, Karen-213 Werner, Patrick-265 Wesolowski, Mary-293 West, Barbara-1 36 Wier, Victoria-258 Wiggenhorn, Nancy-215 Wilcox, Wilcox, Laurie-2 94 Ma bel-1 17 Wilcsek, Robert-285 Wilde, Barbara-31,114,241 Wilde, Madeline-145 Wiley, Nancy-213 Wiley, Susan-221 Wilken, Richard-287 Wilkerson, Dena-295 Willett, Marilyn-117,255 Willey, Lawrence-249 Williams, Alma-150 Williams, Brooke-155 Wood Anne-116 Woodl Carlton-251 Wood, Crystal-169,173 Wood, Daniel-190,263 Wood, D onald-239,271 Wood, Elaine-257 Wood, James-140 Wood, Norman .lr.-59,85,9'-7,117 169,181,182,208,233 Wood, Susan-i 14 Wood, William-245,282,283 Woodard , Terry-31,291 Woodman, Katherini+256 Woodring, John-233 Woodrow, Jane-293 6 Woodruff, Barbara-1 14,153 Woodruff, Jeffrey-237 Woodruff, Melinda-117,215 Woodruff, Arline-278 Woodward, Charlotte-281 Wooster, Christina-258 Wormington, Charles-288 Wormser, Susan-223,296 Wornom, Linda-153 Worrell, Burton-163 Worth, Gary-248 Worth, Sharon-219,297 Worthington, Susan-155,247,259 Wrentmore, Robert-250 Wrtight, Christie-219,295 Wright, Robert l-1.-286 Wright, Robert M.-251 Wright, Sandra-291 Wyman, David-117,233 Wyne, .lon-239 Wynn, Marcia-295 Wyse, Lyn-293 Yefre, Michael-158,252 Yohne, Robert-169,186,189 Yallalee, Anne-298 Yont, Sharon-213 Yont, Stephen-231 Yaque, Adil-169 Yarber, Irene-293 Yarwood, Vicke-165,209,223 Yates, Robert-227 Ynostroza, Mary---275 Yonemoto, Akiko-39,275 York, Lance-160,811,266 York, Paula-117,257 Yost, Jeanna-211 Young Denise-2 97 Youngl Georgia-46,77,165,223 Young, John-185,249 Young, Leslie-173 Young, Merry-117,256 Young, Peter-40 Young Randy-31,53,117, t 26, 253 Young, Robin-253 Young, Valerie-80,96 Youngborg, Paul-272 Youst, Barbara-281 Yule, William-231 Zant, Susan-33,223 Zeiders, Cynthia-297 Zeitlin, Andriono-245,274,281 -Zemetra, Laurel-58,134 Zerkle, James-227 Zerman, Geraldine-276 Zierer, Lindo-291 Zimmerman, William-227 Zipp, Paul-227,250 Zomolt, Ernest-179,180 Zoraster, David-284 Zuurbier, Ann-45,258 311 ,,,,,,A. ,,AA,, A ,. .. v "lx . 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Suggestions in the University of California Santa Barbara - La Cumbre Yearbook (Santa Barbara, CA) collection:

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