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n , 11 ' I' , Q Lg ,Q -4 ". fl " A lb ff '41 """""'g"'xf. J! .1-1, LA CUMIBIQE 1931 i l LA CUMIBIQE 1931 Published by the students of A -fiznfce j77?co2-of SANTA BAIQBADA STATE CDLLEGE Santa Barbara, California - II VOLUME XI FUIQEWDIQD U Light passes through a crystal and is broken into beams of radiant color. Hues of red, purple and orange-strong colors, vital to life. Shades of green, yellow, and blue delicately fused to malae an har- monious Whole, just so is the college year made up of component parts of work, study, play and pleasure-the essential and colorful factors of traditional college life. To paint the rainboW's Varying hues in the picture of life, to portray the beauty, strength and youthfulness of col- lege and campus, and to present the events of the year is the purpose of La Cumbre '31, BUCKS U IBIQAWN Men's Athletics EXDI2 ESS I ON Student Activities Ll SHT Classes-Clubs VEIQDUIQE Humor MYSTERY Society WIS DDM Administrat DEDICATIDN If With respect and admiration this Volume XI of La Cumbre is dedicated to Mr. William Wyles, a quiet man and gentle with a life philosophy best expressed by the words of a famous psychologist who 'says of life, "A little love, a little work, a little play, that's about all there is to it, and if We can color this with the rainbow of hope, the hues of fancy, and the reflections of wisdom We shall hnfl life Worth living." El ' 7 ' Q I-IDNDIQ CUDY If Leading in Work and in play, living for the Olive, Green and White, this in short pictures four years of college life for VIIQGINIA WEBEIQ who this year receives the Honor Copy of La Cumbre. Tradition dictates that the re- cipient must be a member of the graduating class Whose activities merit this recognitiong surely this typiiies a loyal "Roadrunner." IN MEMOIQIAM Wluo once has had a friend has found The link 'twixt mortal and divineg Though now he sleeps in hallowed ground, He lives in memory's sacred shrine -Edgar Al. Guest. ,us if 4 V ' 5 12 On to victory, Roadrunners, Hght with all your might, Santa Barbara State, We Will unfurl the olive green and White. Alma Mater, dear, your sons are here to do or die, On to Victory, Roadrunners, Fight, fight, ight. IN MEMODIAM RUTH S0140 EZAKI Junior LORETTA NICDERMOTT Freshman IBIQAWN IQEID IS THE CGLGIQ GE LIEE3 IQED IS EGII2 CGIJIQAGE, EGI2 EIGHT, EGIQ VIGTGDY! SELE-EXIDIQESSIGN BY DHYS- ICAL STIQIJGGLE, WILDLY DGUNDING HEAIQTS, STIQAIN- ING MIJSGLES, SWEATING BGDIES, SWIETLY CGIJIQSING BLGGD-THE IDEID BLGGD GE YGIJTH. WIN GI? LGSE, BUT GAIQDY GN EGI2 STATE, GIV- ING ALL THAT IS VIGGIQGUS, STAUNCH AND STEADEAST, ALL THAT IS BEST EXDDESSED I37' IQED. TG WMEN GE l?I2AWN," STATE ATHLETES, THIS CHADTEIQ GE LA GUM- IEIDE IS DEVGTED. THE I GGLGIQ GE LIEE IS IQED. I K , ,-. Y ,,,, . BONFIRE ON BEACH L A C U M I3 IQ If COACH HAL DAVIS Before Hal Davis came to Santa Barbara State, there seemed little anticipation of possible member- ship in the Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference. At the end of his second year as Coach of Men's Athletics and head of the Physical Education department he succeeded in having State accepted. This last year witnessed a most successful football sea- son, losing only one game. On his own initiative, Coach Davis had Pershing Park equipped with floodlights, thus making it possible to run night games and track events on a paying basis and affording valuable publicity for Santa Barbara State. Coach Hal Davis is a man of untiring effort, un- failing foresight and splendid executive ability. His popularity in the community and on the campus is a tribute to his magnetic personality. VQLUME xl v ,O X xi--QXV X - -. V-Situ kv . I COACH HA i , J LA CUMBDE gf .,.. A 17,75 ,K l' xy L 5' 1 f f a , ' A , .E ,- ff 7-37 ' X K' iitfi S 1 5' Q -'i . :-9-1 55.1 , gf aaf ,Ag X -1 if I V- "- tif 523 ew, 1 5 '1 -fr W ,V ,. 4, ' ' 'Q' if 1 iv- 4 K ef 2 1: Ai- ' M' 1 'Aa gl? ,YE ,1 . ips! A IE-an Tar 'J ' 'U- Pierucci Imes Barth Greeson .Fullback Guard Guard Halfback I CALIFORNIA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Pershing park was a Hood of light, the stands packed with collegians while State's colors gaily floated in the breezes to the strains of Cliff Leedy's band. The referee's whistle-a signalling wave from Captains Johnson and Dickey and Fred Imes sent the pigskin sailing through the air. The 1930 football season was on! With only two weeks' practice to their credit, the Road- runners were facing a powerful member of the Southern California Conference. In the second quarter Cal Tech scored with a touchdown made by Dickey, but the conversion failed. The Engineers did not score again but they fumbled on their own 30 yard line in the last quarter. The Roadrunners recovered, made their first down, and after the third attempt, Kessler tied the score to the tumult of the bleechers. Trimble CALIFORNIA CHRISTIAN COLLEGE Pounding against a line of equal ability, smashing through tackle, diving over center, driving the Cal Christian team the length of the field and being driven back themselves, the Roadrunners took the long end of the 7-0 score only after hard fighting, State made their gains on teamwork, with Army Kessler always good for advances over centerg Treloar and Hickman did the packing on re- , verses and end runs, Barnett and Ha- berek were strong on the line. State scored in the last five min- utes of play when she recovered a 1 gg p V 5, blocked punt on Cal. Christian's 35 ilgf yard line. Around end, over tackle, bucking through center on the South- erners' one yard line, Barnett bucked it over and Cutler converted, thus mak- C 1. El . C ' ' , 2j,j,,,,,,fgt 523,12 ing the final score 7 0 . C i K 3 , 9 is t I Page Twenty VDLUME XI Kessler ' Davis C lt Cutler F Ill: k Tackle T ll Tackle LA VERNE COLLEGE Badly clawed and with feathers ruffled, Santa Barbara State's Roadrunner came to life with a start, near the close of the first half and glared about, indignant and angry. With a 6-0 lead the La Verne Leopard licked its chops and backed away for another charge. But in its anxiety to advance, the Leopard transgressed one of the cardinal sins of football by passing in its own territory, Tuffy Treloar promptly inter- cepted the pass for State, while the Roadrunner smoothed its Amd ruffled feathers, and pealed forth a triumphant war cry. In exactly four plays with Hickman and Treloar carrying the ball State scored. Thus began a game with the Roadrunners playing real football, with the team functioning as a unit. Treloar returned a Southerner's punt to their 28 yard line, while Greeson sent a 25 yard pass to Hickman who carried it over. Much splendid passing by Greeson featured the last quarter, netting two more touchdowns, with a conversion to make the 25-6 score since La Verne was success- ful for one recovery of a fumbled punt on State's2yard line. UN1vE1isiTY OF REDLANDS One single point to the Roadrunners swung the score to 7 against the 6 of the University of Redlands, A small but peppy band of rooters spurred on the Roadrunners when they turned mudhens and subdued the Bap- tists on a sloppy field. The wet pig- skin hampered the Southerners, aerial attack, as the ball slipped out of the t receivers' hands. 'gp S At the close of the second quar- - 1 ter a Redlands' pass came to rest in the arms of Ace Hickman. Then l ' 9 the tide turned and Hickman took . p the ball on a single reverse and skid- 235322 Q,ff,f.'iL22f,C,, s J 1 Page Twenty-One EF .lu L A C U M I3 I2 If Allerdyce Hopkins Wade Goodlicld Tackle End Guard End ded 65 yards around left end before he was nipped on the Baptists' 5 yard line. The beautiful run, aided by neat interference had the rooters on their feet. Tre- loar skirted the end for three more yards. Two to go and Kessler and Pierucci crashed the line for a touchdown! State 6-Redlands 0. When Barnett replaced Kessler, a deathly silence settled over the field. Bar- nett's toe thudded the oval, it struck the crossbar and bounded over for the extra point, State 7-Redlands O. By a recovered fumble in the second half, the Baptists scored but failed to convert when State's line crashed through to smother the conversion. Final score -State 7-Redlands 6. WHIT TIER COLLEGE With the score 13-6 in favor of State against the Whittier Poets, and about three minutes left to play, Whittier in two dazzling ylays moved to the State one yard line. Hickman was hurt and carriedoff the Held. Four downs to go. Then the Roadrunner eleven, led by Captain Johnson, superb on defense, gave one of the finest exhibitions of light ever. Whittier failed to gain on the first down and lost six yards on the second. On that play Davis was hurt but refused to quit. State was penal- ized for too much time out, bringing the ball back to the Roadrunner one yard line. The crowd was in a frenzy. State's line held and Whit- tier again failed to gain the coveted one yard on its own third and fourth downs. It was State's ball as the whistle blew! It was a glorious victory for the Olive and WVhite. Doped to lose to the Poets by Z5 points and outweighed Eve to ten pounds to a man, Santa Barbara played an alert, brainy game to win. Speed triumphed over brawn. Pierucci scored the first touchdown, while Hickman converted on a lateral. The second was on a blocked punt on Whittier's l8 yard line, but no conversion left the score l3- ,Ijjfyebjfjlg 6 in State's favor. Page Twenty-Tfwo V O L IJ M If X I . JT-1' 1? . 7 -. I A v' V , . J., I. . I, Q N .. x W., . ,QA X N ,a-Arn . I 7' ,li . I V Lui- xi 1 ' . . ,bXlj ' Nliedermuller Goodiield Engleson S. Winters Doi-nan Kirby Eckhart Colt Hopkins Greeson Haberick Kessler Cutler Pierucci B tl All dy T bl Hickman Davis Johnson Barnett Imes 'l l D SANTA MARIA JUNIOR COLLEGE With a Iifteen yard penalty for holding making it third down, ten to go, the ball Was snapped to Kessler. Ye gods! a fumble! Cleanly Kessler scooped the ball in a neat recovery, running now through a broken field, fiashing past the White markers twenty-five yards before he Was stopped on the visitors' 49 yard line. In five more plays the ball was over, and the third touchdown safely scored to Win a decisive 33-6 victory. VENTURA JUNIOR COLLEGE Visions of a snap "tune-up" game preliminary to the "Oxy" tilt faded in the minds of State rooters as the gun of the first half announced a 0-0 score With Ven- tura C. Ventura hailed as our Weakest rival, played literally over her head, led by its star back, joe Martin, while State limped with Hickman out. In the third quarter, Greeson dropped a long pass from mid-field to Treloar on the 4 yard line, electrifying the stands. On the fourth down Greeson tossed a short pass to Barnett in the end -zone for a touchdown. The conversion failed and the 6-0 lead proved the final score. The Ventura eleven was dangerous With a clever pass- ing attack and admirable defense, but Was not able to score. Schedule for 1930 Football Season Sept. 26-Cal. Inst. Tech, 6, S. B. State, 6 Oct. 3-Cal. Christian, 0, S. B. State, 7 Oct. I0-Univ. of Redlands, 6, S. B. State, 7 Oct. l'7-La Verne College, 6, S. B. State, 26 Oct. 25-Whittier College, 6, S, B. State, l3 Oct. 3l-Santa lVIaria J. C., 0, S. B. State, 33 Nov. 7-Ventura C., 0, S. B. State, 6 Nov. l-I-Occidental College, 21, S. B. State, 0 N,ede,mu,,er Page Twenty-Tlzree 'X' A -f r K r -- ur w - Q t, +3 D we w f i I Ralph Johnson 5 giflflv Before the largest home- coming crowd in history,num- bering nearly four thousand, S. B. State played host to the Oxy Tigers at Pershing Park, in the season's finale. Keyed up by two quarters of scoreless football and thrilled by a be- tween-half stunt, staged th1'u Combined efforts of the band, drillteam and lNeIen s Glee Club the bleachers '1W'1ltCCl the second half Taking the ball on downs on States +0 yaid lint, Cxv svsept down the Field both storing and converting for 1 7 Ole 1d State s hopes dropped as Oxy eon tlllllffd score VVith Night Shots of Field and Crowd Santa Barbara Programme Page Twenty-Four a l-P 0 score against them the Roadrunnels fought to stem the tide but could not stop the third seoie Twice the Road runners but passes over the goal line Weie incomplete oi fumbled Hickmans brilliant 50 yard run to 1 score was nullified on 1 referees decision that he stepped out. The State eleven failed to click When plavs meant points,' xx hile Oxy played the strongest game of xx hich it was capable. While the 21-0 loss was dis- appointing to the fans and marred the ,uh.n.:.lsLx:mA. season the 1'd SANTA IEAIQIBAIQA 0 reached the Oxy lO yard line , i V 1 1 Three " hr S" L 1 'Y Hghting de- gg feat was no disgrace. S. B. Alma Mater . "Roadrunner" - Tells of Defeat Loyalists Page Twenty-Five Stands Phi Kappa Gamma Tiger L A C U M I3 IQ If i f ,.., ' A . S f if A fmlfli alarm? WHAT FW! STAT BASKETBALL SEAS ON Prospects for a successful basketball season vanished during the Spring of 1931 when game after game brought home defeats. In justice to all one must remember that only seven eligible men started the varsity while thirteen finished. Only two of the men out had ever played together before, so the team suffered from lack of team play the whole season. Captain Fred Imes made up in fight and team leadership what he lacked in ability. Kessler Hnished 90? improved in abil- ity. Dornan made the most advance in playing, having never played before. Greeson was high point man in shooting. With the frosh material for next year, Coach Davis predicts a good season. All of the team will be back with the exception of Imes. Barnett, Kessler, Carl- ston, and Bruce are four year men, while Greeson, Hopkins, Denno, Brown, Tre- loar, Dornan, Romer, and Greenough complete the nucleus of next year's team. Lettermen this year were Captain lmes, Barnett, Greeson, Kessler, Hopkins, Denno, Carlston, Brown, Treloar, and Dornan. A brief review of the season shows games with La Verne, Menlo J. C., Red- lands, Lompoc Athletic Club, Hancock Aero, Cal Christian, Pomona. The only win of the season came in the game against the Hancock Aero. The best team- work of the year showed in this decisive win over the fast ball bouncers from the Hancock Aviation School, 39-32, before a capacity crowd at the Flying A. Kess- ler, Barnett, and Carlston added most of the score. A lead at the end of the half caused a let-down in the second half, but the Northerners were the underdogs through the whole game. The La Verne Leopards proved too tough for the Roadrunners and the big advantage lay in the fact that the first five were playing their fourth consecutive year together. What teamwork! By the time of the Menlo J. C. game even State had mastered that art of teamwork. Facing a team several inches taller to the man, H -,, e Staters were forced to play their best to keep up their end of the score. "Pinky" 44 gf' reeson started State's score in the second half and scored 20 to Menlo's 22. Gree- -Q n's playing showed fi marked imp rovement, especially his willingness to play team 1 sketball and excellentcshooting. Carlston, Treloar, and Barnett also worked well 5 fi scoring combination when working with Greeson. "Army" lasted ten minutes efore being removed for fouling, playing good ball while in the game. Imes and opkins showed up well as guards. S "v, C . 4 if 3 A . x X 5 Page Tfwenty-Six V U I. U M E X I , ' 9. ' ',.' 1 .1 . .", f " TA , ' , Q ' 4 1 ' T A TAT: s .TATEl,, TAT ' Another gray page was added to Stateis 1931 Basketball album When the Road- runners were handed a 44-27 drubbing by the Well-oiled Bulldogs from Redlands, Coach Davis' quintet managed to hold the last year's conference champs in check during the Hrst period, playing a fast and accurate shooting game. With the score 17 all in the second quarter, by the half the Bulldogs had a three point lead, which they widened into a Wide gap before the end of the game. Greeson was again responsible for most of the score made by State. Falling back into listlessness after showing good form by fits and starts, State's varsity quintet was nosed out by the Lompoc City basketeers 29-28. To State's credit the varsity looked more like a basketball team in the last quarter, but the Northerners' lead was too much and the whistle cut short their rally when just one basket separated them from a win. For the second time this season, the Cal Christian Panthers pulled another handful of tail feathers out of a Roadrunner team that was pretty Well plucked, and although the losers put up a great fight in the last half, the final score, 32-23 was the old story, a big lead in the first half that could not be overcome. Playing provided frequent fouls on both teams, causing a visitor and Walt Barnett to be jerked from the game. The Roadrunners battled the Southerners on even terms in the last quarter but the time was too short to stage a Winning rally. Two Southern Conference teams, Pomona and State, who had neither Won a conference game. The Pomona Sagehens had lost their sixth game and Cal Chris- tion had just put the fourth black mark against the Roadrunners. Handicapped by a lack of substitutes, the varsity succumbed to a 44-34 score. Coach Davis was ab- sent, leaving Luke Trimble the job of putting combinations to compete with the Sagehens, With Pinky Greeson, Hal Denno and Hoppy Hopkins out of the line- up, State's chances for a Win seemed small. True to form, State ran up a 15-7 lead in the first few minutes, but the Claremont scoring combination stepped on it and had a two-basket lead at the end of the half, The winning punch, which would have been present had Greeson and Denno been present to relieve their winded team mates, was gone, and the tired Roadrunners were unable to cope with the Hood of subs Coach Mer1'it sent in. Schedule an 23 La Verne 35 Santa Barba1aSt1te 29 Ian 31 Menlo Park 48 Santa Barbara State 32 Feb. ll-Lompoc Athletic Club, 29, Santa Barbaria State, 28 V Feb. 13-Hancock Aero 32' Santa Barbara State 39 Feb. 20-Cal Christian 32' Santa Barbara State 23 Feb 28 Pomona, 44 Santa Barbara State, 34 Page Twenty Seven A , -S I 1 c J . i L I , S c 1 c L ' L , 7 Feb 7 Redlands 44 Santa Balham State 277 is ll ' .1 , ,n 9 I ,v , - VL! L A C IJ M I3 IQ E Mead L. Earhardt Kessler Niedermuller Imler H. Goodtieltl I. Eckhart NV, Barnett Cross country track started in the fall of 1930 as a preparation for spring track in which State has shown up unusually well this season as a member of the Southern Conference. The success ofthe cross country has led to plans for fall track next year. Captained by Williain Ezaki and equipped with new outfits that tended to make the season more popular, the team formed around a nucleus of last year's lettermen. Those finishing the season with letters were Barnett, Kessler, VVinters, Eckhart, Treloar, Fleckenstein, T. Neidermuller, W. Ezaki, G. Greenough, Tubbs, Earhardt. High point man for the season was "Army" Kessler, with Walt Barnett second and Stan Wiiiters third. Outstanding men and their events were Barnett-High Hurdles, High -lump, Broad Jump, Stan Wiiiters--Dashesg Kessler-High Jump, Shot, Javelin, sl. Eckhart-2 Mile. ' Beginning with the Pomona Relays at Pomona, the tracksters failed to place either in relays or sprint events. Night meets with Fresno and San ,lose State Colleges marked the beginning of something new in the line of sport events. Although State lost these two meets by large scores, they won their last three meets of the season, making their score about 500 for the season. Fleckenstein was high point man in the Fresno meet and Kessler in the San Jose meet. In the Cal Tech Dual Meet, Barnett was high point man. The end of the season saw three wins for the varsity in their final events. Against Santa Maria, Moran J. C. State captured nearly all of the places. The following week they met high schools, colleges and clubs of three counties in Open meet, carrying ofi first place. Captain Ezaki was also high point man. Schools from Ventura, Santa Barbara, and Santa Maria counties met in this mammoth event of the track season, which proved a valuable bit of adver- tisement, especially when State carried off first place. Cinder celeb- rities entered many events on their own account, that is, not at- C,,,,,,, T,,,,,,,,e tached to the team. Page Tfwenly-Eight V 0 L IJ M If X I Treloar Nicklin G. Greenough S. Vllinters Marlin Tubbs Ezaki B. Main All eligible track men were entered in the A. A. U. meet at Los Angeles Col- iseum but none placed. The All Conference Meets also held in Los Angeles proved to give Santa Barbara only seventh place when Kessler tied for third place in the high-jump. Competing against champions from Cal Tech, Pomona, Occidental and other members of the conference, State more than met her match. Barnett took his turn as high point man in the Santa Maria-Moran-Cal Poly meet with Stan Winters a close second. Barnett, Kessler and Winters take their turns at high honors in State's point scale. Loyola proved the final victim of the Roadrunner tracksters when the Hnal meet was held and State came out on top again. Several records Were broken to add to the season's laurels. Niedermuller had broken the high hurdle record set by james Tinkle two years ago in former meets. Loyola saw four school records broken. John Eckhardt galloped around the oval to crack the record in the one- mile run by l.l seconds. Barnett turned in the stellar performance of the day by winning both hurdle races in record time. Kessler was high point man for the day. Coached by Luke Trimble, Statels spikesters showed much improvement be- fore the season was over. More men out, better equipment, keen competition and novel events, installation of night track were all features ofthe l93l season. Schedule February 28-Pomona Relays March 21-Fresno State College March 28-San Jose State College April 4-California Institute of Technology April 18-All Conference lX'Ieet April 25-Cal Poly, Santa Maria, Moran School, State College hlay 2-State College Open Invitational Meet lXlay 2-State College Open Invitational Meet May 9-Loyola Dual Meet Meade, Mmgc, Page Twerzty-Nivze I. A C U M I3 I2 If Ilejistein Main Dornan Brown Romer Greeson Hickman Trimble Ixilltan Way Treloar Kessler Imes Stewart McTavisl1 As the last sport season of the year, baseball recruits showed an interest and spirit unusually cheering. Beginning the season with several practice tilts with local teams, they rounded into a strong baseball combination in time for the Cal Tech game. A number of costly errors proved the deciding factor with the Cal Tech Beavers and their final score was only half of the visitors 4-8. Momentary re- lapses on the part of the fielders who let grounders bounce off their gloves ac- counted for most of the tallies. All of State's runs were earned off clean hits. In her first tilt with Ventura, J. C. State rounded the bags once more to bring the final score 6-5. The jaysees led the game by two runs until last of the ninth in- ning, when State brought in three runs for a whirlwind finish. Stronger support from the Held aided the Trimble men to work together and hold the Jaysee horse- hiders to a one point loss. The second tilt with the J. C. had to be left at a 6-6 tie on account of darkness, when at the end of ll innings itwas too dark to play. Cost- ly errors allowed the Venturans to overcome the lead State gained in the second in- ning. State's lineup included Killian, Hickman, Main, Dornan, McTavish, Stuart, Brown, Imes, Nakamura, Greeson, Way and Treloar. Santa Maria nosed out State's horsehiders the next week with a 9-8 score in another ll inning tilt. The 8-2 lead gained in the fifth inning was lost when Santa Maria came back with six runs in the sixth. To break the tie, Hayes of Santa Maria brought in one run in the last of the eleventh. State's season proved eventful in close scored games, so that competition kept up a keen interest. Schedule E' V April 25-Cal Tech, 8, State, 4 April 28-Ventura J. C., 53 State, 6 s fr May 7-Ventura J. C., 6, State, 6 lNlay l2--Santa Maria J. C., 95 State 8 ' Page Thirty V 0 L U M E X I l me A D ' Larsen Kiler Thompson Barnett '1 l Bredstecn McDavit1 E. Smith Dickenson VARSITY TENNIS By means of a ranking tournament, Coach Hal Davis lined up his material for tennis season, The results showed VVes Dickenson Hrst, Walt Barnett, Wm. lNflcDavid, E. Kiler, E. Smith, F. Greenough, Stuart Thompson, Kessler, A. Towle, and Dave Larsen following in order of their position. Everyone will be back for the team next year and much is expected from their showing this year. Dickenson is to be especially commended for his progress. since he started at the bottom, reached the top in the ranking tournament and main- tained his position throughout the year. The first meet with the Deane school brought the following results. Dick- enson defeated Ranson, 6-l, 8-10, 6-2. McDavid defeated Wilcox 6-4, 6-l. hlartin of the Deane School defeated Barnett, 6-3, 6-4-. P. Smith of S. B. defeated E. lliartin 6-3, 6-2. Dickenson and Barnett lost their doubles match. In the Ojai Tournament Barnett won his first match but lost his second to a man who reached the finals. No one placed or won although several entered. Other scheduled meets showed the net men in good form. Schedule April 23, 24, 25-Ojai Tournaments u May 8-Whittier College 5 at April 14-Deane School , May 16-Deane School gm Ventura Tournament Page Tlzirtg-One 1 7 -ir L A C U M I3 I2 If Cress White Carlston Smith Schultz McCullough Reed Waterman Pgteet Coulras Bell Kerrigan R. NViuters Harrison Killian Main Allred Under the coaching of Fred Allred, the Frosh football season proved to be an eventful one. The frosh lineup found Shultz, L. E., Thiebaud-Winters L. T., Coultas-Wateriiuan L. G., Kress-Main C., White-Harrison R. G., Schooler R. T., Kerrigan-Fong R. E., Killian Q., Mahoney-Bell R. H., Carlson-Smith L, H. and McCullough F. Opening the season, the State Frosh journeyed to Santa Monica returning with only a 7-0 defeat. After keeping the ball in the territory of their heavier op- ponents throughout most of the second half, the Roadrunner chicks dropped their opening game in the closing minutes of play. Malqing their first score for the season, the "chicks'l brought home a 34-7 loss from Bakersfield, the toughest team they had played. Mahoney carried the ball for the touchdown and Killian converted. The retaliation of hard football by the Oilers, crippled most of the frosh backtield men and put the game in the Oilers' hands. As a result of that game, most of Allred's best charges were out for the season. Though doped to lose by a large margin, Santa Barbara State's fighting Fresh- men took their Hrst scalp when they tore through Santa Maria J. C. for a lZ-0 Win. The Hrst came after a 30 yard run by Carlston, and the second followed a trick unrehearsed lateral from lN-lahoney to Carlston to Main, one of the fastest plays the Scrappy Scrubs ever pulled. Hal Smith at left made some long runs, While Bob Main at Fullback was on the receiving end of several yardage gaining passes. Featuring joe Martin, Ventura ,l,C's. star fullback, the game between the Frosh and J. C. ended in an 18-0 score. Schedule Qi an qt Santa Monica J. C., 65 State Frosh, 0 Nov. l-Ventura I. C., 18g State Frosh, 0 s fp oct. 24-Bakersfield J. c., 28, state Frosh 7 Nov. 8-Santa Maria J. C., 0g State Frosh, 18 Taft High School, 12, State Frosh, 0 Page Thirty-Tfwo I, it ll V 0 L U M If X I Trimble Kirkpatrick Cochran Kerrigan VVinters Deutschman W'aterman . Smith Harper Davis Leonard Bell Killian Main FROSH BASKETBALL Coach Luke Trimble of the Frosh basketeers, reported an eventful season. Numeral men were W. Bell, R. Hathaway, H. Killigan, E. Kerrigan, W. Nlaxwell, R. lX1ain, R. Winters, and those who played at all were, E. Cochran, D. Kirkpatrick, Leonard, C. Coombs, R. Waterman, and D. Davis. Villanova Prep School was the first victim of the "Chicks" when they were defeated 21-3. Taking the tilt from a l-1 score at the end of the first quarter, the Frosh played three quarters of good basketball to outclass the lanky Ojai boys. Killian and Kerrigan starred with their spectacular playing for the Frosh, Kil- lian's ease and self-control paralleling Kerrigan's flashy fast breaking runs down the floor for scores. Killian made 8 points-Kerrigan 6. Another interesting game was played against Ventura J. C. which held the varsity to a 6-0 win. The baby Roadrunners went down in a 47-13 defeat after one of the roughest games of the season. Frosh play started out with a rush which lasted only a short time, and after the first Hve minutes of play the Ventura cag- ers had everything their own way. A return game on the local Hoor proved an- other loss of 51-15. This game was played the same night of the Pomona-State varsity combat, and proved to be a sad ending for both teams. According to Coach Trimble, Bob Winters, Ed Kerrigan, Harry Killian, Bob Hathaway, Bob Blain and Bill Maxwell made the most improvement. Any of these men are liable to make first string next year. The team was composed of inexperienced men who improved rapidly, and will aid the varsity material. The schedule ended about SOOW. Schedule is Jan. 13-State Ffosh, 23, s. B. Y. M. c. A., 19 V U 5, January 3l-State Frosh, Zlg Villanova, 3 Feb. 6-State Frosh, l3g Ventura J. C., SO 4, I Feb, 13-State Frosh, l7, S. B. Y. M. C. A., 23 2 Feb. 28-State Frosh, IS, Ventura J. C., Sl Xl Page Tlziriy-Tlzree J L A C U M I3 IQ If Trimble Bevis Winters McCullough Niedermuller Coultas Cochran Connell Hglgfen E. Kerrigan Killian H. Fong' Harper Shultz Bell Palmer Mongerson Ki kpatrick Hylton H. Smith Hathaway Holding up their end of the track season, Frosh made some marks of their own. Aside from breaking some school records, they placed in the Frosh Confer- ence meet at Cal Tech when McCullough put the shot 382 feet. George Harper tossed the javelin 175 feet to set a new school record. Harry Fong starred in the low hurdles and G. Holstein showed his endurance in the two mile. High point man for the season was Pat lNIcCullough with Harper a close second. Those who received numerals were Harper, McCullough, Fong, Holstein, Meigs, H. Smith, Hatha- way, Bevis and Hylton. Frosh events took place in the regular varsity meets, taking one second and one first in the Fresno meet. In the San jose meet they took one first, one second, and two thirds. The Open Meet saw McCullough, Smith, Fong, and Harper placing. lldany were added to this when Santa Maria, Nloran J. C., and Cal Poly joined in their meet. Holstein carried of honors as high point man. c f F F VV it sr sg- fr ll Reviewing the season, Coach Trimble felt very hopeful of the material he ould see ahead for next year. Frosh teams in any sport are always speculated on or varsity material in the future. He especially expects McCullough, Harper, ong and Holstein to show up well in next year's events. Getting their three hardest meets over in the beginning of the season, both rosh and varsity were in good spirits winning the last three and ending the season ith a good SOOW average. Schedule March 21-Fresno State College March 28-San Jose State College April 17-All Conference Meet Cal Tech April Z5-Cal Poly, Santa Maria, Moran J. C., State Nlay 2-State College Open Invitational Meet May 9-Loyola Dual Meet Page Tlzirty-Four uv., Jig: L V 0 L U M If a X I H all Dolm an Fish Meigs FROSH TENNIS Again paralleling varsity activity, the Frosh net lists held a tournament for ranking of players. Those entered were Doleman, Fish, Walker, Meigs, Hol- steen, Hall, White and Shultze. Frosh net men form the future tennis teams of State and so are given a chance to show their ability in these activities in their frosh year since they cannot play varsity then. Under the coaching of Hal Davis many of these men have been in his classes and benehted from the help given by Coach. Hall leads the Frosh in playing ability and as all of the men out return next year, prospects for a winning team are good. No matches or intercollegiate meets were held but it is possible that the future Frosh tennis will be handled as Frosh track events, with parallel contests with the varsity. GOLF Under Ferdinand Kebeley, State has been able to institute golf as a varsity sport, with classes held twice a week. Nets for practice shots were installed and a Golfers Club organized all under the direction of this interested man. Four men were selected to represent State in the Southern Conference Intercollegiate Golf Tournament played at La Hacienda, Whittier, May 22, 23. Golf is expected to develop, in future years from this to dual matches with conference schools. The organization of the Golfers Club was Worked out by Hal Polley, Jackie Harris and Stanley Miller. Privileges of playing at the Montecito Golf Cours 5, were negotiated for and allowed members to play at any time except Saturday af ternoons, Sundays, and holidays for a very special rate. 4 Ranking players representing State were Kramer, G. Greenough, Thiebau nf while four contestants Polly, F. Greenough, Tubbs and Fairbanks contest four place. l I Page Thirty-Five I LA CUMIBIQE B,S s ef' Ziav , i 1 SCHEDULE- RESULTS- , s am - xl, JN. ' -, Fee. I0 Under the direction of Coach Luke Trim- ble, Intramural Sports were started on State's campus this year to fill a need of providing athletics for those who do not go out for the varsity. The organizations providing teams for each of the seasonal sports were Tau Omega, Sigma Alpha Kappa, and Beta Sigma Chi fraternities, the Ind. Ed. Department and the Independents. Keen competition kept up the interest in all sports and showed the place STANDING- 19 Siadtvllfiwn 222 Bfillmfnw Page Thirty-Six Intramural Sports have on the campus. It is a fixed part of the lVlen's Physical Ed- ucation Department and in the future will be as important as any one other activity. The manager, Ted Nieder- , muller deserves much credit for the ,splendid organization and success of the seasons. I-Ie scheduled all events and took charge of all parts. i -11 HIV w- V U L IJ M If X I Hickman Barnett Tubbs if Allred The Sig Alphs took the first laurels of the season by Winning the basketball under the coaching of Walt Barnett. Enthusiasm afforded kept competi- tion and the first season took the campus by storm. Volleyball was so contested and the games so close the Independents and Beta Sigma Chi tied for honors. Individual places in boxing were Won by Kessler, Shultz, B, Win- ters, J. Eckhart, W. Ezaki and Luce- dine. Wrestling champs were Kessler, J. Davis, Kirby, B. Winters, Greeson and Balemo. Intramural Track and field events gave Independents first place, with Beta Sigs second. Ted Reeder, Tau Omega was high point man, With 24 points to his credit. Golf and Tennis, the two final sports, were successful. S. A. K. C ham ps Golf? 22'-5 til' Page Thirty-Sefven I 1 . I wx- gf w -' w4. K JL' Four things EI man must learn to do If he would make his record true: To think without confusion Clenrlyg To love his fellow-men sincerelyg To act from honest motives purelyg To trust in God and Heaven securely -Plenry Van Dyke. EXDIQESSIDN VICDDDDS wITH VDDTH, SDADHLINC WITH VITALITV, DADIANT WITH ENTHDSIASM THE STUDENT LEADED I STANDS AS AN EXDDNENT DF LDYALTY. EvED CIVINC Of HIS IDEAS, ALWAYS DEADV T0 D0 EDD DTHEDSQ HE IS THE NIJCLEUS ADDDND WHICH CAMDDS ACTIVITIES TAKE EDDM. HIS IS THE DESDDNSIDILITY EDD THE DALLY, THE DDDLICATIDN, THE EDIENDLV CLASS DWALDV WHICH DDDDDCE1 THE EvED AMDSINC CLASS DAYJ. HIT THE MIND THAT CDNCEIVES, THE HAND THAT EXECDTEJ. DDANCE, THAT VIDDANT COLDIQ, SYMBDL- I1ES THE DDCANIZED. 1 -X ' f , , n - . 5-'awsgnieg' CORNER EBBETS' HALL AND A. W, S. CLUB ROOM . D w wiv, w W w .51 J pq. , . l L 5519, 5-'gags il 1523275315 3 45. E,g1jLg.'..e.a-..53Tre::J 17:1 'Vt g mi jf: 1 f:2i:l5Q'1i:1-'wif-A,fr1,3f1e'f" " T 'Twin A ' 1. -.52 , ig. 1.1 Y' I J 1 Lrfx .A 1, , ' ' 7 7 11 ,N ,M ,JA , 1 f,. 1: KW' l L-. i 55' 1 K ix ' l 'X' '- 13 ,,4 fa-nl ,xt i 4 A sr .f L 5 .5525 L 1+ b . J, , - , uf H i . H ge, M all ' 1 1 -C1 sri 4 G ,nf , xr , 1 ,KL 1 , 1 ' 4 i H KF l y i. ' Q ' - 'Wi 4 I ,la -,M 2 ,xr 1, N If , ,fl ,ff : . ' K ,L . , w 1 ,gg .. w U t 2. 4 J, 1 ,af Q N -s ,fi , W Q-75? 4 5' 3-8, KJZL H x 4 x wx. 1 N' was 'Y .1 'vu v, "1f' ' ' tbfflaf. Fmt lg: 55,5::?.sl, ,ww 5. Wm:-415 1 1 ,. I, fl.-.AT . ,, ... . ., V. , , 1 s.- yn -:Magi-, 1 , ,, , -1 1 'Agllil -'YH H- ' M is J wif' M' T' 1 1 1 'wh w 1 v.vfw1sff.f., ,f -, M11 . 2 gms bg fr: ff? i lx is -,QSM X, ca: V A g 41 ,- 1 A .1 K xv, in f than V ui. fy fax fi, we e 11 ,Q 175355115-4 as WF f' .Ig 41, ,wiv ,,, f 2, ,,'-, t ,tw 1 f I t v fn 1 ff 'ft X i Q 3: 'I 1 5 -' 'P K ' Q' tl f C2 L" 9fL':a.1r':--21' L53 1f3'i.ff5L'V..i:1f-ffl L, 'ffillf - Marking the beginning of the Womenls Athletic Calendar, the upper-classmen won the hockey championship. The Jun- iors and Seniors banded together against a team of Frosh and one of Sophs. The Frosh rallied against such treatment and Won every- thing in sight to carry off the basketball honors. The spirit of conquest was still in the Frosh as they swept through the volleyball. Swimming found four girls with life saving honors. Catherine Frankforther and Melba Jean Parker Won the in- terclass archery tournament. Natural dancing has just been organized as a W. A. A. sport Hudson - Rieger Archery ' ' li l ' .PH Y Frnsh Champs Basketball J - - g, 1. -,,:--.f...,:.,,.f',- '-g, .1 ., w1:.f-.i,- -4. fvgzapd.-. im-,QM . .,,..f ,E-f 11' -ggi-fi-f ,gi -,gh 1 .. .K,atwtiqirei-sn,04-:iaan-f.f1.aE'rSrsps:ff1-:milfew.:.'5s'h:-fazfk. i 4.343.55395E:-:7f'Tf13'-ls'lei'-'l.'-!'3lfl2ifl'f3'i3"'FnEQ:S1n . mf. ma, 1.531-g!.'yf " Ag-vfwlwzss-'Ki 1-,ifiy-5,31 mi' :iv 5116 ?.1f15:"3"5'E.':vg5.5 ':'fg1-fm ':'.:'1.2 r'.'.f5f 2j3:,3'fL'g ,935 url,-g ', iw'3'1i2E.f'Y fa. ,V ., 22--.55-:,1-1 iz-3A2a,,1r:.faf1fa:2'.,S..-.lit-Q.s5ifif:fE'1fa-EN.-6.G?1:qw-Elie4iff?iw442:?4vsbfla-H1i'f.:fz'eff-mmef.2ws1.:--: f. '--vw-f-f:i1fs::'if - w.-1 - 6391114-:1ffffvi'g ..Emi-Sfs91Q?:fLS4s.f'115.-171gii6s4fZ?1rf":'3f1f5"a1.'2':'.i?:1E?3?-afai:':Z-Cf2E7:-iii:-'2?5i3:rim.-5-iwJfitiaaffeiffilrl1'iilf?'-W? " 'e"l'l'ff'2f'iff'4i1:.G' 351. J., M 4 ,,,YK,:.. mu- l ..iivVwf,E?w:! . -4 . ,.:k4AY:.2 'Quia .. .... Q: -rl' .., ....,.J.,-,mmf V . ,.,,r 'rzyf :sLTl.i::V.h:,'fx-zz U Av 4 1 'i l.. V '. if :, f ew ewsfi is nn.-.x .f.-::::v.f .1E'E2?f,fef1.-. fr 1-H V- '11-4. 1: '44 - li X: 'f' .,:5f:,'+ '.5i' i5g:j.ijlQl ici-2141-f'f :i.,3,,:1: xy. Sv: 51032512 , gr- 1, ,. f1,f-,ff K 1 - t 4. .1 :.1. we-'-1 I'-.:ff".-1.-112: LN , 1-.f - ..-:za . 4' yi, g- L'..:.'-'1 '1 f3s.,n' 'F ' 1J"1Eea'547,' wg 'if":5f'11-'1'7""'l-'Hr'-'::l?'i-"-'f'+ me-Y r '- ... ' r"' 1. ni A , ,J .Aw 1.4 41,-,.,f .sa ,f,..,f ' - ,v-43 .25--gc' 1 ,.i,i.,.. X A - ,,,np.t,-.f.i-. J:-L, cg ,sun1.s.v-1,c.,-,w.wq...- r.,-P,..f'.'-,' . .-'-'W 1-.4 if. '. 2-.f:11' , ':',. ' 'S-13537 V- Lf-ref -gifikgm'-:flfg w.g1s1'!:'.a1' J, ' rg.-E' sl'-iff ll 'WD' V .Vis , 4.:J '-'fra f'-fn.-'twtsd lf?-. 42:--if -.'2-f'fJ-'-f-,gvr1-,-121114,,.::.3,- .1, .y-gg.-g M.,, 1413111312 vw, 5, f i 5, i,.aw,a-F x11' ff"r1 -, . 71.4 ,s,f.f21- Q tt v, 2.f.!Z.':1-'JQWTQ.1'.f,'l- if -ffm mpg.-.':,, vig.. qg:,,g,,A:-at Y-":"i:ii5' ll'fi' Efiiil LS"Yi:'Ll El 6272.-in I 'ili31'91U3':'k21e'kevin 'J N "'V-3920-'::.1i1.'."' "iii"-i.1 'ticrififiaix-,ffl 's:iL."!' -- , fy 4. f, H551 1.i..' -5.2, ,-"-, - ,- . f1.'.1.f . 4 -sfafgg-2 H - -,Qi,-JI:1v3a5,'5r'..- 'e ,q,i,':.i'.--,y -i f1':'U1ZiL- Li FSI--,Y-5 L. .-P99-5? 4-g,fv" lf.fC!pL-I -lv?-lc' ., :fb ',. ,.-v'lif:f' -'-an-p4".y'. . " X f-1FzfS" "'mi:fsQ- E-'wir .4321-QQ , 53" ff.i':5ifq'fw' if V- wi 'WZ-2.11 'ifl'1i1'g,3i :jQ.'3' n??15R'4 ' -f'Q4f?j3 .fin?i?'hjz."3 "f..,p2 , '1ii1g53-gill .1..,j-firiliiillitfiwii gl.-.QL , '15-a L 1 .- -i ':- --f ' .-.. -.- in-1 - I:-'aw - '- :. '-: ti' ' 'N Q 1 ' ',rf..m-'- 'LAS " ' e if '11 f 5: :il ' ef- - - ' 1 . '. '. 1,4 t,-7,1 hs 2-fwifzii f'i:-W l-flflvifki-lf-5'L'-51 W2 zlwst'-iff -W ' -' lgwm' 'li'25lf'1?Q " 579: it if!-mf-md L .,.fsf:-:W-251.-'S T. ' 1 - - . H1 . ..:-,..:, , -I ,g-.fe .' H.. -'I' , , is-f.....v ' - is-.--'.Z-ns, .g,,-fy -'--'.f?, ' 1' ' f. " I V,-:P 1136425 ,f,fijpl'51f'.l'i"fii3-W.:-,i ' ni' -11.52-Q.. v 131-"gy, 'Ella' ug.35..- -Q ,n2'i15'p:f"Cik,,. ..-.frlgllf,c:31EfliL2'QlW:.....,,.H3 ,, fbi! 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Play Day this year was a huge success and though ap- proximately Z50 girls attended all were kept busy just enjoying the play and the true' Spanish atmosphere. Paralleling varsity perfec- tion, the W.A.A. baseball teams showed a snappy season of keen play and competition which held the interest of all partici- pants. Tennis finished the year's active calendar with Margaret Wilson and Kay Lambert Win- ners of the tournament. Canoeing will be a regular sport next year on the calendar of events. Play Day Capt. Ball Hodgins Cam. Moore Play Day-Relays Furtado-Cornwall Play Day Uppe rclass Hockey Moore-May Baseball Squad Page Forty-Fifue "+P A N , - ' .A,l V. M ,332-11. '- ,Ms . .gal 11 -e iafj ,ps A' 3-ifgejg tg sj 'Q f. ., 5,1 'wtf e l Bredsteen Bislf UP Bus. Mgr. Efmof Dr- Maxwell Faculty Advisor Every week the Roadrunner helps to form college opinions and to make college history. La Cumbre must re- cord that history in a Way to preserve facts, and to keep the best of all that develops during the year, as well as to reflect the pep and spirit of the Student Body in a popular yet dignified manner. Continuous Work from the first day of schooliuntil the date of issue, this is the lot of the annual staff. True it is that other committees function the year around but not Without an occasional glimpse or reward of their Work, those who Work on faith are true servants. W. Foss C. Wise C. Wise Heath Page Forty-Six EDITORIAL STAFF Art-Emily Wood Organizations- D. Peterson Photograplzy-V. Weber Steer Peterson Dowling Weber Wood Nauman King - vm 251215 - . - I D t I, I- 1 i V l.i.,i '1 ' Il-tfyfl 'L ' ' ' , T' iff! J ,- ' 21. Q ' ' 'evi-17" . ., .,f. ......--. 'F' L. wx.-is-. gf' H 3 .isis ,lr- K... . 5:1 V I w g a "'- .fl 5122? A fifi? tif ' ii' it 5 1:2122-. 1 1. w ' V 74 i ff. .Q . .A ,"-: 1 9,4 Q, 'ff-1ff,,Ff'fi1 ff Q 1 aa,-r',1u:'5.g,.. U .f-.53 , .,-31,1-.j., 51-. ..i., ,?l?llQ3'i.' ' 'Z .n- 'fl' .rw - , . :ft , ea., r- 5-,r gf- ' ',2'L'512",. ,,:1., - '1 ,o:4:g5f5,w'gi:ff,. , Q .-:mf--V.. V - -mf .- ,'-1v.,- Q-ras.-'.' .-',1M,u:.. .ni ,,.ip:,q1,.,Wig-',.,,f,..5-,.: a4rs.,Q,,f,.i .4 J "ifffciwfa-.-wi'-1'-'fi-T-iw' ',-N.--ef:-ffs:.f'3-" " 7'5" 3-ffitijle Tiff ' 3 ls." """'- -4 - , ...pit--.f,. M.-. , , , , ,- , fa' " 'f'4fff'-'.li2,- f ffiui, i'-nab .fa-5.15-. , 1 1, it f. i , ag:f,:1i5' , i-'i1 ":.-. i?Vi 1fv.,.. .Pi-. af f-I-:'.fQr?g1'j - 1511-Qygj-3 Q ' at ' ' . x." 304- ' v , , . 1 Y 'i l X, YQ . 1 Q Qiii W' 59 my ' fi ' W" f "V V li'-'F I fir '15, 'ii 5' FF ' 5' ' Q 2 ' 1' K 3 Az, 1, 1 2 a. . , J-.41 A .,,,31 Ai- I, I 1 Hui ., 1 5375, I ig 'A ' f .- gf . ,.. 'ihn , 1-' M Q W L' i-'i , igggqll '51 A F2611 V -.1 lv Apu K w Q71 if i Q: W 2? " "" 'ek ifffi. fi , fr T 'WC' ' 1 +A f i V iff? i it ' it 'H 155- -"' 'jr ' 5' W ,fn ,riff X ' 4' ja is 1? ty- A , , . . , ,+ , s Q f Q- .1 2 -,xt , ., t , ,f H. i .3. ti f ,e ,. f r ., 1 fi, , - , 4 ,Q ,M wi. H ,, f ,g , -1 , i -ye , 1 1: 36 4, fig ,link Wimy- s 1 TSB, s 4 ,ig 'gl my e xml ug.-RK 5 f 1 ,A ?' JU, up .gig s X ,I . L L X E? I ,.f 0 bag I wk. ,P N X9 I T435-fgk t fr i r 4 I gl 1 W 1. M' if Fine feathers make a fine bird, it is said, and we have only to notice the change in the college weekly since it became the Roadrunner, to verify the fact, for each Week the paper has more truly become the or- gan of the student body using its power for advance and betterment of all activities. Outstanding numbers of the sheet have been the opening edition, with a View section, the Occidental and Home Coming edition, the Thanks- giving number, and the Christmas edition, these before Christmas vaca- tion. The Spring semester has brought the "roadhog" Dizzy edi- tion, the eight page Founder's Day number, and the special extra following the A. S. Petersen Goble Editor Faculty Spring Advisor Van X'Vinkle ditor-Fall B, election and an in- crease in size from Hve to six columns. ' Davis Rodehaver Poore Larsen EDITORIAL BOARD FALL ddfv. Zlffg1'.- Hal Polley Bus. ZVI 5112- Martin Bredsteen SPRING Illgr. Ed.-Richard Cooper Asst. Ed.-Paul Hylton Sporls Ed- 22- Dick Waterman fldfu. Zllgr.-lldary oi . Bus. Zllgr.-Charles l Page F01-ty-Sefuen -4 .W f as Americans" ' ' 'l' ' ' l j" 4-Ef55,f,I!.f55-2551? ,,.'t' I gig",'f,g.Q-grgfgfi' -. Lfgig f gum fIg.?.f 2Qf,i1lC,L .. X q v . .i. Q- .. nf. - -1, .fm 9. -.,vV.,'.A,..p,,.5l5,i .- -liiifssh ffl N 4 -1- L 13:31 t 'PJ i.'1i'fQ1 5' 1 Qgaffivh, ' g ray- f v 'V' . ,, 313 Q ,f i--5.5. 1 H. 'ileliffig :i j 1 154512 .- . ' :f"E".' 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The "Roadrunner Review" was an evening program spon- sored by the College Players and included besides dancing and songs two one act plays: "The Killer," and "Rosencrantz and Guildernsternf' Leads from "The Ghost Sturyug I CHSC ffOm "Gl10Sf SUNY" 'Pl 1 H4-JL .Y-Mt. is ..5 .sg , 'A if- 4' . ,. l' ...Ng Wfrgl. j'-12:31 f 3:-f . . ."V.v. ' ki . A 5- --5.5 ESQ! fcili -."?"!13'-H: ' ' F. 7 Lf lx te wa f 54 .,Qf-54255 ,1" A! ' -lN.' ' 1 ' 4 Q H A ala ' 2grEg. -Bw E 'Q - W ,ry . 9 QQ :.iE'.'1'5 :ti-ll iZ,ig:""-'Q 2 fifi f:'1"Ni'- -2'-'f'-5' "'i1'- :'Ji1S15ff.E5 -".-L-.-' - -' - -' - ' .. ,. , VN., ,,,,..-f.,.f.,-,,,. A. .: '- , ,-x.-f-am., ,., .i-,1 af - .- - --, aw.- A., -f. new -.. f,. ,.. -ff. Q f. ,V-:k:fq,,v-at-,soft ,, , .. .V V. . -,.-Jg., ..,.f,.-Ji ... ,TE-v-av., -1.1---qu ., v ,I . ef.. . i-.- --. as'-i"P: gran rf.. 2' J -xg: Manly. 35.5-y4:.g,,x-its,-3.... . .J .1 - . . i. ,-. - .v,,. ,. 9 , Lu: ,. -,wel ,. " . " 'i""".".1H'-- 4 ' D H af ffl:--Af.1g 45722: 5 '.'..-: X , 9.9.1 . . 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Q f . 2 it w a. ff f f-, - N uw ' -, 1.1 .. . i I i ,fa it - f my it-. 4. if tug we 3, fe A Q at il: f' argl? xf A L all ep, 1 ,524 ,A , l x 1 1 Q? fi if x. ,gn J X .L x i V I :Y-'XJ I Q 15'-ff' 5 7 is N if COLLEGE PLAYERS Ashworth - Scenes from "The Roadrun- ner Review" are found on this page. In February the College Players contributed two one act plays to "Rainbow Review," a La Cumbre benefit program. These were: "No More Ameri- cans" under the direction of Evelyn Sims, and "Submerged" under the direction of Fred Harrison. The casts of these plays may be seen on the oppo- site page. Throughout the year mem- bers of the College Players con- tributed stunts and readings to various programs in the school. Court Group Daphne and Lover Peterson Cornwall Reynolds Lewis King Queen Ophelia and Rosencrantz Guildenstern Page Forty-Nine Scene from "The Killer ""A 5 -4 ' my-sa ir, 3 M .r El' i Ra . L 3, 3 i " 'A 15155, .. ji, . V' 2-f ' " " " ' ' -W "' ' ' " ' ' 1. 5- . . WH' sb-5, Q, , I ., A .. .'ff Tn" '. , L.-vw - ' I -Q'f.',.".'A'I5f1" "'t'1.f: fL'r"."'-.'e.5 -.,-'--Pr '.'f.:":'1' 1' ri'1":'+-r"E1:ff:-it qw- :,-, -'-' N- , -47 gg., - S ,.v,'.-f.: yrg-:.-5 - -3 - f -,.f,..::--fa-N ' '-- tA5'j:.,4 ,+.g:v.12':-"i-j".a X. .1.:...f.1'.'?ff'1,.l",!,...g,.f.1,q H-5:5 ' ' Y i ' " 2' 7' ' ' ' AQ'.g,:f:1u1fp5l?f2lQ.21".l?12.7. l 3-g3q3N2,,':Q .sai,f,1f,,-,jg-,:,-.CJLM J.Jff',.:,g'3,:1',j- f.-,P.':llg15.r an 5,1-' :- "W"-'fqffi--frT"l-S '-mv-in-5-'-t -fy .... .. .. .... X ... .ve .. 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M y r t 1 5 l , X is 1, ,elf Hall .nr , L . fry 0, 4 J., .,,4 1 '-3 '- J f if 'iw f fl 1 v 1' '1 .,,, f X ' 'L -, 'Ti' " " iffy' -Q um , , sw Dot Peterson Elbert Cochran .Y 3,3 , 'Q Page Fifty State College Songsters again literally sang their Way into the hearts of all those who heard them, including those in the San Joaquin Valley as Well as in San- ta Barbara. If the clubs continue this splendid cooperation, S. B. State will be proud to have one l of the few co-educational tour- M'1's. Helen Manchee Barnett Director of State Glce Clubs ing glee clubs of the State. Besides the regular group numbers, there were an array of specialty numbers including, the l ever popular Revelettes Trio, a male quartet, a baritone soloist, a japanese Trio, and a mixed quartet who sang the quartet from "Rigoletto." Anita Cochran Mlkado Soloist Maids lfVon1c1z's Ciub Rachel Burns Lawrence Connell Dye, Clapton, Davis, Berg, Bishop Leech Cochran VVeber, Peterson, Hardison, Wheeler, Moore. Burns, Naumau, Cornwall Reeder, Barnett, MeCamon,Wade, O'Leary, Wllson, LCC, CICCYO, H'-V511 . Bangs, Procter, DeMott, Fraser, Tubbs, Brailey, Furman, Lewis. Cash, Parker " cf :-fsitrsi-f' ps-s 1 127 115' i 1 1 'N' -it . - -1.uiqai,.,i:'m?,R7-r . ..-www" u- 1'P.1zl,.l.1::- it-f,f.i--iw-,-if .1:1,qw.-,'2':Jvz,. agar' 1z1,1":v.'f11 fggf-if-K ,'zsf':g-pm Pig-tiff.. ,.,A..,,,,...i. 3, mf.. ., ,,, pi,',7,w tv rffl ivy - ui .' s' N 1 4 11 "F l',.,- '.r"- ' ' xflz'--4.5, ' -iv i'f'- . '. 'W'-. ':i:. , 'a i-'if21i:i. ' ' "'- -frlgilf . ' 'IL TMJ-" ' , - . -, ,, r. .. . . , .,, i. i"?,..r 4 qrfifi ., -A v 'ill-2fiE'fi't '1-lfI5.'1'77'?'z J.-?.'i5:3: .f La' -it'1'w1f'i'- aw' .. -, ,-i,A,,1.t.:A V, ,.,:,.,ig-3,,.f-3,.3,J.3,.,Kf,,g.,1f, 5 . .i -4, V. i-. X t., :,- 43.3.-,,i --W ir-ig"-, y . , ,:-. A 5 ., 2-iii'--.GC-4.-rw sa. i 1-W x '-'rum - 4' X' :'J:,'j.f:1?71" H 1 . ,I x Agility : hu gig: ,l x 1 -:H 1, j ,.i,Q:iv fl, VT, , J -- lt: - Li? .N .. if - 1 t. l -21? ,ig Qpgigl ,M 'r - 4 ' ,.j.,,,5,:,hWm 4 .11 pi. t ,, I il. , l ,. f"iQ ' r .',. , iff.:-f .-f':.,- ' J ""' "'. f- aim? "' f ,.,..-,,,i v ,4 .. - f , ,:,:.,:,,',:',1.,xng, - Q-1 1-'V-1.1 -1,,,,..s-:3 A-Q-15,41-,. :SN As, .Its ,. - 1,9-1-:,fj 11.7. bf., r' , . 1 i ,i ' f 1,115 f"'-1'qfffE5f3i'sfi3 1 t s, 1 :si I ii .4 in x.,.i.. ,. , ,,,..ww, .. ,i , , -u .ft 11.i.s,-, i . . - -.. 1 ' in s sp A N 2 . ,, ,',-- if-4.-m1....-,fc-. . - . i A. i cfv-L'-as f. ff, . -- 'rm f- ' f, af 4 l ,g, Lim , , f,f::,x.:- ,hi,-41,13 ..f.,:p..,:,1:,g,'g,i3.z1,5953-g: Ag: ,4 g..,r5,' -aj,--,-gig ' A ,VL-5.2: 5,5 z 4' I 4 X f ,v, s A 4s,:'f:'-.ziggy v,p-',v- i Lf2':QZ13i3fggt-'r'fra'-"fbi-'1 ',-' -J-'zf-Q' .1 -nw-.i '.-5 1: 'f V - .' f- "U M K r ,. lI.'i:a,'1i:.',':- ' -"' """"-f:f.ff3yg-si-3521151 - '---a,.if. ve',i - ' Y. 5 A if M -li , ' . X fi. fi? Q-w"" +1 -si . law fn- 5 M .J ,A , W "' , s 1 'fig 2 K ' i Y " "g'l""PF1'-"'1'- ' .-.'f'3.,s,'. Ai 1 '1'.1f31,i , x 5 wig? Tk! uM: ,g 2114 -t 'fvzmxf gl A i fu Eb? , 1 1, ,,l,..-,N , ' gum . v 4 ' X Ji-Im. F xi W iv IW j ,gifs nz' A 1 'X sm? sf: fn 17 lg, u' 7Aw- 'N I I 'N ,J ' I 1, 1- is 1 I T in ers? I Z sz 15,2 ggi, 1:1-I 4 1"?.'f J if t L i kenaf, v h vw I JG L -ings L, fp, . ,. 7 N. , . l 3 f v 1 x f , ,gi I 1 , -1 A rl 4 1 l lx X 'rig' ' glni fdll N.'v A M, lat I A 1.-J if ' as . 4. , dill, wi , M -, I1 f fi. fl .s 113 , W ,if '. Ut f 1, P, if 'It Ili. ,M 1 :R A, lj., , v. A JVM ' , ..v xl, 1, A Further proof of the success this year is shown by the follow- ing concerts: Carpinteria, El Encanto, both at gi special con- 552252, a-oist cert and at Easter morning ser- vice, Methodist Church, as Well as the tour and Home Concerts. The combined clubs assisted the Art Department with a Christmas Tableau and in the beautiful original Easter Can- tata Written by the third year Harmony class. The biggest piece of Work was in assisting and furnishing the music for the Passion Play which attracted many people from Santa Bar- A2350 :tion- bara and neighboring cities. Out on The Road Ben Romer Pres. Men's Give McClain, lflicklin, Thiebaud, Lawson, Connell, Keating Range, I Elliott, Kirkpatrick, Lewis, Romer, Root, Casier Cochran, Hillman, Bredsteen, Greeson, Tubbs, Porter, Bevis, Eaves Revelettes Page Fifiy-One J x 4 4 it rw,-1, fu , X ,V - . ,-,I i, M. ,A , , 1, b I- -D ,l ln :I I U V ' . ' . . .M-Y, .., uw. .. , 4 - - ry-.g.-. 't ,l J lv , , - , wiki ' - if A J ff ' J -K ::N,,.5 A .N I- - . .- V' - -A. ,fi r , n .i i LQ., ' 4 A ' p ', ',"',W ,f ' 'ld ,xl ' U, , . ww. ,.,. 3 f, U. 5' f '4 '1l2w ' . -- ' f ' A "5 ii its i l x 1 - 'f fif- - ' I' gag-'Nt- ,:g'1'Q it?-iv 9 f 1, E l 2 " in ,uf ,t Q' S l ' - isa Wifi' Qi . ' -- , ' Ki. 7 ff , if V ' lgllli fi 1 mf ,S T T' z 3 ' 1. ,1N1"' ' Leedy Director 'rv Henry Eicheim Director of All College Orchestra All College Symphony College Orchestra Page Fifty-Tfwo State College orchestra, organized two years ago under the direction of Clifford Leedy and as yet a small group, reached the pinnacle of suc- cess this year as sponsor of the All Southern California College Sym- phony Orchestra. In addition to playing for assemblies and radio broadcasts, they assembled the first intercollegiate orchestra, securing as director Henry Eichcim, noted mu- sician and composer. As hosts to musicians from over twenty-five col- leges, they received state-wide rec- ognition, The personnel included: Violins: Aguinaldo, Dickenson, Hurst, llfloore, Smead, Stadtmuller, Thomas, Washburn. Viola: Cash. Cello: Boardman, Vanderwood. Double Bass: Burns. Flute: George, lVIcDavid. Clarinets: Denno, Nicklin, Ruiz. Trumpets: lkiotto, Tucker. Trombone: Root. Tuba: Bevis. 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Formation under Director Leedy's Baton Cliff Leedy Practice State's Band Band Raises Funds for Uniforms ,, ' .,, f Page Fifty-Three , " 1. "'- -- - ' c K 1 LB. 'E 'vaagrt if nf' P m J "1 L sc lf' I 4 4, ,A ll 5 lp 1. 57? x I 1175! 5 ,ew Nh. ,Ls , , x'ru'3"'g'3f2... Z.. .MQ J If c. ,J .. F. .1-Vt,-r.1:' . '559.-:'ifC?f.g'-'"VF-i1V, 5:-?:':1i 2, .3111 f1"2'i-im' "" 'j gt' 'fig-, :f2.ftil5'f5:7ef-1.-i LW 'filif 9' 'Jlffs-'c5.'4r'3'1fE-:f.1"'Mia?-5-1'GL-Tiff1taJ:'bZVEvlS9ff?fifcgf'?ff:''f:if'ff6 " 'Q' fi-T It ' ll:-ff V ' 5'.f-'lla tizy'-f--2357 ' A, V 1' " " .V .fffffi f,55,'. f .ZQLVV ,fl af' ,-!:f:yt?Qj:iVfJ.fll1,2i3. - .,,V' V. 'LN-,Q . ' - V VV -' ,, -. :.- .1-:V. r-- Nasa. , - 4. V I. .125-'F-1V:"'+.rrV,::',V5g,---,-1s-'cal-HV.-,.EfV:-.31-sr, '-2'.s.:,',,V.-WQV-1:-z-,v-.:.. rt-3 e f , ,'V.? . ' 2 AH'- J .-Vw-1 .J : 1.-,,.5,2.-1-.,. ,,,5',:!53.:P3g3':.' Y' 'Vf"!4-.-V,- f. .25-1. -Lf ' -"f '- ' f VX' .. . 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T52' Ifiiif -.5-firifagiifil-"Q: gZ.'25fV5r: ft f -T Q-.g:P11V::'-J, .rgQ,'f:i-F42 211,25 Seniors Gate Philo Vance at VVork Cast of Butler Corbin l.nvv lilvment . Murder Mystery 1 Afl-eat in the Pool. Junior Play A brief history of class days runs back to 1925 and 1926 when they were first put on in rather crude fashion but in good spirit. The Hrst programs were held in the quad and were later held in the cafeteria. It was due to this indefiniteness that cooperation With the students was not so suc- cessful. It was not until 1928 that such programs were put on be- fore the student body in the au- ditorium. It has been known that these class days have been im- proved year after year until our most successful year of 1931. Each class has shown remark- able spirit in putting on these programs. There has been a Cast Page Fifty-Four Chinks 4-.Fi152535-?.?i'i"l'i5fsiiiffill' "SZ . .f . Q . .- -- ,. Q... as-1.3 J 'L ' '12 .Panos -.iw:J::5Ky51i.g?i,:l,-El 'll-gsigf,-,,,'.'gvq vu-?:'g'5,'1+.: , W' '-fa n4f:,N ff 11- Ag-fm , ,,,, .. .1 ..' ' -gy mack-'4 f,,f,.-.,.- - -' N ' My .., .,,.YX,,g 1, ,NLT .- ya , ,, ,., if i. '53 :sf -" 'izfsil-, '.5w215"' " F '5 A 4 - 2, 5. -fps-., 2 . 1, .4 . Vg ' ' " I V J, V if -4 ,J-A I . . ,mv V: , Vx- 'L gy. .Q-45,1 .y-., .4., ,Q! , ELL ZW:-4-:5,7Q?,gaqQL:1E,,-if V 5',fwL,3Ai g-5.13144 1,-Ar,,4'y9Q1,HL,x'fif.yyyrnqhwkiiifp-5a5,QvgjA,F2s.1, - M.: -7 mi, .f"iGf1- r' L32 4 . 1. " :W .. X Kfyig rt y. A ,bw ,-mwf zf' 4: " if ' 'f ' '-1' ' J "asia -i 1545? er: .M AI ' ,f 555, I' " L-,4 -'ff lizjgfxiiii ., ,, ss, .r ' ,--1,2 -fp ci: 1 559:- fz. wa any 'fi-verarfgkhzl. Tl - . ' -1:1'r- :ff A ' ' , if if . asses is . N. . . t. . it ,- KSN- as A Ti :-S-?'lff."'.1, t15:f'15f?.?r ails? " 1.-is . '- Q5 . , , . .. ,. , " R r . .f'?1'-- . . 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N a K -ff ' Wm' A rv 'i ' -fair fp 1 ff ' 'N 'L "7" 1 I ,sf 4 1 xyv-r at lf 5 1 -1 new , ul 1ffe,""N'f,'c.H," MU: fy gif f N " ls 1 fr, N' r xxx, 1 4 v I ,Lf JH s, 4 f H- 2, f f K -y..-, 1 1 P U t 4 f 1' 171 1 4- 61 1 .' 1 ff if A "2 ' '.Af"f' s, D 14 - Nw s Q if W-X ' 4 r t bf s -i -xdwwfi-'f si, msn' ar ft .A . f . ,, . V .. :mn t ,,1.-J.,--,,,.i:. :-.1 L'-.yew ,fkgiag f .wa-,a gs., 1-. .L A...-f ,. -:,'1.LLf..f - -fg-IH pf-Qs" ' "" ":Tv,!zs4'.f:-- v':vr,cn5.v..,1v:w:- fan- Q:-1. frm 11 i.',z."f. '4 fr Nw- 'sis-5." r 1- 1 15' more or less competitive feeling, and every class has been trying to put over a better program ' than the preceding one. This has been especially shown by the co- operation of the students in such instances as displaying class col- ors on the campus. Showing the modern trend toward interest in the realm of ' mystery, "The Butler Murder Casel' was presented by several members of the Senior Class under the direction of Nell Lar son, as their Class Day S S Van Dine s well known charac ter Philo Vance was carica tured by Stanley Miller 1n the role of S110 Trdnce, the great detectwe new H f , , A P. Cole Soph. Soc. Chairman Adagio Dance Smitty Frz,-.rh Proposmg Prcszdent Son Three of a Kind Follies Alice Furman homore Cast Page Fifty-Five .N g gl-,igq-i,-Eli? .r'.!,s,1Z fe fi "LHS, 1 A A T" F51 9. 4 - -1 . AA . W,A T 33 Q' ff:-55+ mil 1' L7 ll ' of 'Q rs, - 3, .. N.. Tubbs wQ1irip ,-f -is 352132 if-1 1:1 2:14 3 . 'pfgfif - -: - -f - ,.:7,'.:- .3 Wy., an H 3.:,A.,: uqb, .,A,, , , are-sg --U , :Q t 4 l930 fall semester at State was per- haps the peppiest that has ever been recorded in the annals of our college. Victory upon victory in football was apparently the greatest factor in stir- ring the old school spirit and causing T it to overflow in various types and fashions. The Frosh formed an organized rooting section and under the direction it of the Sophs held daily practice in the 5 college auditorium. The result being that We had rooting at the games, and how! Night football opened the Held for various kinds of entertainment during the halves. Anything from sham horse polo and fire Works, to or- ganized marches by the Glee Club and the Band. L Womenls Drill team was A Big Ad for a Little Book 1' 1 , , s fa ,,, A r A -wg A ' X 1 , W J' 1 W I 2, if" f' , .Z .. X t t + f A , I-,W M ,Q 1 , 5: l L I , ful 1 cy 1- , 1 .I 1 xak W a. L 5 gi J H gif I To 1 Iggy r 3' 1 Ano: f ,fi 6 :Army 1 5 1 a a 4' W ,, it lr 14, . Jx 1... r -w ,f f fit. H w , , ,., gf? f M-' 1 vff . in ,qu r Q ,Q x bl 12,63 K unix it M15 ,thi I - 6 V QL , laws, f . 1 1 , imp, .- ,1. .ww S 1' rm. If p S 91:-. sw tl c I K 533, r f, t fa. ray: it , lyfggkt EQ f 1.4 Q-gitg. M I 1 ' tmp, It Q . ii., Q4 wg-R? , U if , .. ft, 11, I 2 Q' , Ji- 0 4 Q 'Ll-.ea 'E A Q1 K-'lag ., i nb' 1 1,3 1 QA bg 'Vg .5 1, ,xt .rxl ' .- H 71 4 A- N v ff f ,if . -A fi, 4 1 V 'E H " - 19' ' "' ' ' J' k, .' ' . ,t .' 1 r", " f wb' i 5f'lH "1' 'l 'li' ' . .5 Q . , ..4.o5?r ig-z?'5: . " wg" ' if ,,-it ' ',,v. 'gg -1,-V 31351 ' ev" Q.'--194' ,. 1 -.-if--we,li-Q-G1rffzliifs-51321.-3-Q: rag f ' ' riffdt-.sgmwfrififrflfif-he . , fr 1 sf:1,11ff,g4,1s2:Q,5izr32f:1'. -W 5 'Q l -X f , if, , ,A - 3. -5.5 , - f. Q f r 1 , , 1 f L I U 1 ,K A K . I P C v , L 1 1 Aloha Theta Chi Prize Float The Crowd Roars Approval of Night Football "Ken" and Fred Talking It Up Page Fifty-Six Luck "Going to bed School Marms . "Sunny-I1m's-Ianes" 222451. ,Gigi-. ifgfjf ffQ"xg'!vf.:V1' f.5-,:fif. ' " f ', ,Ah IQ Johnson s f A 1 ' r J if ' D-' 3j7r"' 4' -1' ' ' 'l ilu- '. 4' r 'iii-1 . P'-L' f -F. .4 , QA' fmf .'7f.-f,-ik 7f.?f'f'i ff?,-.- QZLI-' 'L 'i4"'i"l ' ' X ,A gil .NL TX.. .4 y -. 4.3 El-3, - fb .gr -3 ,FN ,. :MI .V M, . , , . . ,. ...,., 4,55..,,.n5l-,4,M,- ,fu .1.v,fZ.1,gg3,,1 ,. M, 'my 9'1f,igQ7Y:sqa.ili" : ' 1223 sl :Eff .- '1f'Q'1'- ,wax ai. ,141 :sf ,gi-,g?,:a .-A-l, . at ...-. , iq. WQVGQL.,-51,1-,y', .t 25,41 -',y1'1":I 5 ' - ' 0 ,. ji-2-,.,,z,."w7:15. z -ii," .ar-,5fg,AaVyg2'55,g'L -pix , ..-1:-, I 1- 4,55 . L. .-.Ng .gp-,,sl.-, f ' -' it at ' ai? , . -val ,Jef f r A ' gl5l'1'ft'i25ifl1'Lf if3ll3f' I:1 3' '- F55 -, Q , f 5 553, . A 4 K ,gi-T' .qffgljzl KV 34,3 4511.2 2: ':1..'T :. Q . iff: ,1 .i A .T I . 1, ,',,.,-ml ,gi eh, 2 Img ' ftf-ii.-f f,-.' . 1 1 ,. V. -- fa-1 ' x:f"f'li7v:L QQ -. " -"f V " WW-4 . 15 , '-:gig ,Q ,' - ,gf g'.:yaf,ft'3:'1,1fjLg: Q ??f1.L5 f ,a h ., ' '. f Hi' !7E53,1ik11"Iff' 353511,-1' gv,.-,g,:.,- --3A,,,,,jf,.r--..,..,., .., .,, .r ,r-,Ma - H A ' -- ..fM,ft-vw. ,Lf f- .www gf: i , a X.xH,w,, QL vw. s MN.-t 4. .fm t:f't1 I'-,wh ,easy ,1 usp, - f IN, , -1, S 1' I na yr f ,,, 1 V ,A i it I Q we 'fa 'K txafigzt W ri +V f ,fr'f'e-elf M ' 1 ei, 1 f M , l cf: if m A .Q 'Q ' L' I it ol-ff r m' C , " .swf "' UF EXW? 5 F lm-if"'45r,124fix'l:'!i ""x"'v""f 'J' AJ 'LG ' "W?"?": 1. .1 s i it i, 1 I f 1 . L v -. vu L ,, sl J f lf, si 1 if J guru sw if J H L' wi W".-frwwwf ww. Til ,E ' f fig fm '- n 1' fr 1 1r , L f ' xy 1 K " 4 , 'sg 'M faqs! Ngnifj ., . 2:42 ,M ,yi ,512 52 My gs, ,. gy-jst l. nx,'!l Zf" 5-13.11, I i fc 1 - Al 1 Z -, ' H 4 i 1 a Y , ff Y' ,P f- a . 1 X QQ, gf, ig by ' rx, -YK ,, , , FA ff! :Hx 3. 1. v. l 1 Q' 1 0 I M f ' 'Y " Q if XJ? -1 I Y A l A 4 y 'qlflgbj ini , V- 1 5 " A "NH, H ,, 7 , 1 ,L K f 1 1 i. is LQ hr pike ,qw y S , . . f.. 1- 2 4 y X, J' M a r , f A 1 f 7 fi X 1, :Q JI Q1 2 ,Q,f.:.,Q P.,-,,,,f-ff 11,4 .5-,VL y A "yr W -FDI , 'Q rx 4 5 1 p 1 w ff if , , 4, 4 ml '-MW x+x:iv!': 'C'?-irq' -2i'v M'?S:k'. V- 1: ""- .S . 5 5 ' . ' X 1 - . V. 1 x ,X ' t v " eh 'igg-If 1 1,-'f' 4 ,f-PQ ,JM u.-au' -s'-5 ly' fi Hz'-5' -"' ' -1,3 we l?'lv" 4 "J 1 ' 'L ' G ' if 1.. ,ai -qi . . - 1. ' gf , J , -,-gnfftfq 'N lhwf J 9" 44:33 vi i any 'Vigil 'Wi' 'fl tim, I 1 Xl-fly 11' ' H l lla X' H 'arf X l' 1 'X Ly' " V tL2""i'l3 1 1 U ,A ix f ,A .fir gf, 1 , s-e I J 41 L' '1 ' avg 'Y A 5: A' Fi ,5fr,,,,'gzaS? Steiff: 45' , gif. nanny 3 . 1: 'WK' , 1 ' gg ,, W , xr, 1 H A , 3 ' My f lfl , Hn' gf? H :mm 51.0 ,, 51,445 .1 Q S, tr W X bg. ,Q Q' '1 1-, Ha F 4 ' f ,Sv 10411. 14 , li -Lf U fc , ' ' x rv -sh sf rw N sans m 4 N , 4 H MXN v r 'Q 1 , ,U V S , ,X ,U 1 f, x ,. 1 M yi L I F 1 , 1, NJ Q n i M ,, vw ,WHS , , X -1 :- 1 , 5. Ulf ' I . , ' ' -. 'F ' f f r ' ' Y I V J ' "1 139' Alf, 'Z xv A J J til i xyr ,gsm f 'I ' - 1 f 4 r r A . V' . 4 Q H 'H ' X """'5. Y' - 1 ' X ' Q' ilffgflz Ayh as 4, '15 J i 'S' If 1 4 'S ' 4 "W " 'A'S4., ff f5ls,'f 1 l X 1 Jr 'll f 5 M' X ' i , A , l . 1 V .- t- J ,E XR, J, L I ., Spar ' 1 U :Lf ' 2' -32 5 X :fs x x 'yy' J? , l Q24 :iii :nl U ,.,4,5,5,. de, .Y-1 'T W .. li-1 'rv' 1 l xl 7 1 KK 'l x A ' ' M if ,"'l'?'-ffrfxsf .- rfjr:3.w, I W. "' L-'gf' W' '- i1Ma!.tyr: formed under Margaret Wilson, dressed in white, carrying pom-poms of the college colors they made an ex- cellent appearance. Cliff Leedy estab- lished a policy of good sportsmanship at the Oxy game, by having the Men's Glee Club sing the Alma Mater of the rival team before our own. No sky is entirely Without a cloud and the blot on the horizon at State came when the the big bon-fire came to grief and died like a poor soldier by burning down the night before the rally, but a peppy rally was held in the aud. Don't Chet and Dave look hotiin those nice white uniforms? What do you think of Cap- tain Johnson behind the floral wreath presented for luck. Thatls spirit and how. 1--' Rally Campus Queens Lewis Ted Meets His Equal and Then Some Wheel of Life V for Ventura Big S for State Women's Drill Team Page Fiffy-Sefuen 32 af-. lr f t P :M F' From the yellow hilltop Above Pacificfs spray, Where the hazy islands Are anchored in the bayg With lofty mountains guarding Above the quiet town, Santa Barbara College Looks serenely down. With our View inspiring May We then grow to be Strong as rugged mountains, Broad as the rolling sea. Then cheer for Santa Barbara, College on the hill! To our dear Alma Mater Let the echoes thrill! LIGHT YELLDW LIGHT EDDM THE LAMD DE IYNDWLEDGE EALLI SDETLY DN THE EDESHMAN, DADIATES HDDE TD THE SDDHDMDIDE, AND IS AS A IBEAGDN-LIGHT TD THE JUNIDIQ3 WHILE THE SUDEI2- IDD SENIGI2 GIQASDS THE LAMD ITSELE. YELLDW SHAETI DE THE NDDN-DAY SUN ELGGD THE QUAD WITH THE BEAUTY DI: LIGHT AND SHADOW, AS THE STUDENT! GATHEI2 THEDE TD DISGUII AEEAIDS DE GLAII AND GLUI3. SUIQELY YELLDW, THE GDLDD DE GDLDEN GDDDIQTUNITY, IQEELECTS THE SUNLIGHT DI: HADDY GAMDUS DAYS, IQADI- ATES THE WADM GLGW DE SUCCESS. 1 I YT' "1 U! s f-" .L , F, -?,...-.- jf' QUAD IN SU NLIGHT N I-. V .- l A ll Ni lff IJ ig V- lgavis-d Camp Nauman Goodfield :cc nxt: ent Sggrgggyy Tn-a5,,,,C,f P,.L,s,dL,,,t SEN IORS The Seniors have been a very active class this semetser. As their contribution toward Class Day, a one act play, The Butler Murder Case, was presented before the Student Body. The cast comprised Helen Nauman, Fred Olssen, Stanley Carr, Marie Miller, Lovell Paggeot, George Cutler, and Wilbur Day. The Senior class Breakfast was held on Sunday, lXlarch seventh. Smith Corbin Blake Thompson Vice President Social Chairman Secretary Prf-.yident JUNIORS Nlaintaining the position which they set as their goal upon entering Santa Bar- bara State College three years ago, the Junior class has succeeded in holding up ig: A its prestige, an innovation at the "school on the hill." im The Class Day presentation was an exemplication of this spirit of coopera- it on and should this attitude continue, undoubtedly the group Will hold an envi- a le position upon their graduation. Page Sixty-Four :lSic'di Jaxx T e 1 V C L ll M If X I l 1' ,I 1 Nicklin Awl Cole Arnold MeDavid Trcmurcr Vice Prcsirlmzt Social Clxairma Secretary President SOPHOMORES The Sophomore class has a large number of students this year. The men and women have been well represented in athletics, fraternities, sororities, and other or- ganizations onthe campus. The competition between the Sophomore and Fresh- man classes has been as keen as it usually is on the campus. Class Day was on April twenty-thirdg an amusing and Well received program was given before the Student Body under the direction of Phyllis Cole, Social Chairman. X'Vi1'LfEI'S g Briscoe Rogers Furman Smith Trcasnrm' Social CIHIITUIZHL Vice P1'e.riciz'11t Secrctufy President The class of 1934 is the largest Freshman class to have entered Santa Barbara State College, up In pep and interest in student affairs, their enthusiasm was better than has been W shown by former Freshman classes. They also took an active part in ticket salesc Q Q rallies, and in athletics. With such a successful start a great deal is expected of the ' , il fs class of '34. P 1 if i Q -1 Page Sixty-Five is .5- ADAMS. MRS. ELIZABETH A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 BLACKIE, LYLLI S Inglewood, Cal. Delta Phi Delta A. B. Elem. Ed. june 1931 BURNS, RACHEL Glendora, Cal. Glee Club College Players A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 CARR, STANLEY Pomona, Cal. Sigma Alpha Kappa Football '28 A. B. Industrial Ed. June 1931 COOK. LOIS A. B. Elem. Ed. January 1931 CUTLER, GEORGE Upland, Cal. Tau Omega Foo'hall 3, 4 Block "S," 4 Senior Play 4 A. B. Industrial Ed. july 1931 DAVIS, JOHN Tulare, Cal. Tau Omega Football 3, 4 Pres. Men's Club 4 .J BARNES, ELEANOR Pacilic Beach, Calif. Delta Sigma Epsilon A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 BUCK, DUDLEY Sigma Alpha Kappa junior High Cert. A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 CAMP, MARY Long Beach, Cal. Alpha Theta Cl1i Kappa Omicron Phi Vice-Pres. A. VV. S. VVomen's Affairs Committee Vice-Pres. Soph. Class Sec. Senior Class A. B. Home Econ. June 1931 CLEMORE, ALBERT A. B. Industrial Ed. July, 1930 CRONISE, DOROTHY Delta Sigma Epsilon Alpha Phi Gamma A. B. English June 1931 DAVIS, ED Butte, Montana Kappa Delta Pi A. B. Industrial Ed. january 1931 DAY, VVILBUR Los Angeles, Cai. Beta Sigma Chi Pres. Men's Club 4 A. B. Industrial Ed. V. Pres. Senior Class June 1931 A. B. Industrial Ed. ,Tune 1931 H13 F Sfj ELLIOTT, ROBERTA B Victorville, Cal. College Players 3, 4- Glee Club College Night A. B. Elem. Ed. January 1931 .N xxx , ii Page Sixty-Six EZAKI, WILLIAM Pi Sigma Chi Block "SH 2, 3, 4 Track 2, 3, 4 A. B. Industrial Ed. june 1931 FLECKENSTEIN, LOUIS Arcata, Cal. Baseball 2 Track 2 A. B. Industrial Ed. June 1931 FURTADO, ANNA Lahaina,-Maui, Hawaii Pres. P. E. Dept. A. B. Physical Ed. 'june 1931 GOODFIELD, LLEVVELLYN Sigma Alpha Kappa Pres. Freshman Class Vice-Pres. Student Body 2 Pres. Student Body 3 Pres. Senior Class A. B. History June 1931 FARIS, CHARLOTTE Delta Zeta Delta A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 FRAGA, JOSEPH A. B. Industrial Ed. July 1931 GILMORE, NEVA Arcadia, Cal. A. B. Elem. Ed. July 1931 GORDON, RUTH Santa Cruz, Cal. A. B. Home Econ. June 1931 GREENOUGH, FREDERICK I-IIGGS' OSWYALD Beta Sigma Chi Delta Phi Delta Lettermen's Club 'A. B. Art July 1931 HOVVELL, JAMES BRADY I-Iughson, Cal. Pi Sigma Chi A. B. Industrial Ed. June 1931 IZANT, ALICE Delta Sigma Epsilon Kappa Delta Pi A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 Sec.-Treas. I. E. Dept. A. B. Industrial Ed. june 1931 IMES, FRED Tau Omega A. B. Industrial Ed. June 1931 IZANT, FLORENCE GLEN Delta Sigma Epsilon Kappa Delta Pi A. B. Elem. Ed. July 1931 JACOBS, JOHN EDGAR South Pasadena, Cal. Pi Sigma Chi A. B. Industrial Ed. June 1931 Page Sixly-Seven 6-3 S' iff. In r ti ,., S to -L-s, -1 'x x .nb .. IAYNES, MERL Modesto, Cal. Pi Sigma Chi Glee Club A. B. Industrial Ed. june 1931 KELLEY, ,TOCELYN Riverside, Cal. Delta Zeta Delta Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Omieron Phi A. B. Home Econ. June 1931 LARSON, NELLIE Long Beach, Cal. Kappa Delta Pi A. B. jr. Hi June 1931 LEVVIS, JOHN Kappa Delta Pi A. B. Physical Ed. June 1931 LOVELAND, WALLACE A. B. Industrial Ed. ' January 1931 McNAMARA, LOUISE A. B. Elem. Ed. june 1931. MILLER, MARIE El Monte, Cal. Delta Zeta Delta Roadrunner Staff A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 NAUMAN, HELEN Oxnard, Cal. ot l Nt. I' JOHNSON, RALPH Beta Sigma Chi Pi Sigma Chi Block "S" Football 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain 4 A. B. Industrial Ed. June 1931 KNOTT, EDNA Kappa Delta Pi A. B. Elem, Ed. and jr. Hi June 1931 LEECI-I, FRANCES Covina, Cal. Delta Sigma Epsilon Roadrunner Staff A. B. Home Econ. june 1931 LIND, JENNIE Los Angeles, Cal. Kappa Delta Pi Kappa Omicron Phi A. B. Home Econ. june 1931 MCCALLISTER, DORIS Tulare, Cal. Tau Gamma Sigma A. B. Elem. Ed. and jr. I-Ii june 1931 MILLER, MARIAN Goleta, Cal. A. B. Elem. Ed. Iune 1931 MILLER, STANLEY Glendale, Cal. Vice-Pres. Art Dept. A. B. Art july 1931 NEVINS, JOHN A. B. Industrial Ed. Delta Sigma Epsilon . La Cumbre Staff iuly 1931 Roadrunner Staff Hockey, Baseball, Tennis A. B. Elem. Ed. , June 1931 ill! ' Page Sixty-Eig zt WWF In j .Ll I f OGLE, PEARL Kappa Delta Pi A. B. Elem. Ed. june 1931 OLSON, GRACE Patterson, Cal. A. B. Home Econ. june 1931 PAG GEOT, LOVELL Glendale, Cal. Sigma Alpha Kappa A. B. Industrial Ed. June 1931 PETERSEN, VIOLA Phi Kappa Gamma Editor Roadrunner 4 A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 POMEROY, ELIZABETH Kimberly, Idaho A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 ROBISON, DOROTHY Orosi, Cal. Tau Gamma Sigma A. B. Elem. Ed. june 1931 RODRIQUEZ, ALMA Ventura, Cal. Delta Zeta Delta ' A. B. Elem. Ed. and Ir. January 1931 SHACKELFORD, ALMA Garden Grove, Cal. Areta Home Economics Club A. B. Home Econ. July 1931 OLSON, ETHEL Upland, Cal. Kappa Delta Pi A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 OLSSON, FRED Los Angeles, Cal. Pi Sigma Chi Pres. I. E. Dept. A. B. Industrial Ed June 1931 PARKER,IZEI.MA VVasco, Cal. A. B. Elem. Ed. june 1931 POLLARD, LAXVRENCE Beta Sigma Chi Football, '27, '28 Track '29 A. B. Elem. Ed. and Ir. Hi lanuary 1931 RITCPIIE, CHARLES Ojai, Cal. Beta Sigma Chi Glee Club A. B. Elem. Ed. and Ir. Hi June 1931 RODEHAVER, DORIS Kappa Delta Pi Alpha Phi Gamma College Players Roadrunner Staff A. B. English June 1931 SAVVYERS, HUBERT Sigma Alpha Kappa Block "S" Hi Track Captain 2 Football 3 January 1931 SHOESMITI-I, CARL Bakersfield, Cal. Pi Sigma Chi A. B. Industrial Ed. June 1931 Page Sixty-Nirze its pb. 1- in 1? - H. S' ,rw f ij f f' l is SMITH, BERNICE A. B. Home Econ. ,Tune 1931 SMYTI-I, MIRIAM Napa, Cal. Kappa Delta Pi Outing Club A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 STIBER, MARIE Long Beach, Cal. Kappa Omicron Phi Phi Omicron Iota A. B. Home Econ. June 1931 TELFORD, ROSE Areta A. B. Elem. Ed. Iune 1931 TICE, VERNLEY Pasadena, Cal. Tau Omega Pi Sigma Chi A. B. Industrial Ed. July 1931 VVATSON, DAVID Sigma Alpha Kappa Alpha Phi Gamma Editor Roadrunner '29 Pres. Student Body '30 Glee Club A. B. English june 1931 VVEBB, MABEL San Gabriel, Cal. A. B. Elem. Ed. january 1931 NNEBSTER, HELEN VV. A. A. A. B. Elem. Ed. july 1931 SMYTH, MILDRED Napa, Cal. Kappa Delta Pi Outing Club A. B. Elem. Ed. June 1931 STEVVART, VVALTER Lompoc, Cal. A. B. Industrial Ed. July 1931 STO UT, NAIDENE San Pedro, Cal. A. B. Physical Ed. ,Tune 1931 TI-IACKER, FLORENCE Riverside, Cal. Delta Sigma Epsilon A. B. Home Econ. june 1931 TOLAND, VALENTINE Delta Phi Delta A. B. Art July 1931 VVEBB, BEATRICE Los Angeles, Cal. Home Economics Club A. B. Home Econ. July 1931 YVEBER, VIRGINIA Alpha Theta Chi La Cumhre Staff Social Chairman 4- A. B. Elem. Ed. July 1931 VVILSON, MARGARET Riverside, Cal. Delta Zeta Delta A. B. Physical Ed. June 1931 YOUNG, ROSAMOND Delta Sigma Epsilon Q Glee Club K june 1931 Page Sefveniy Q A A. B. Elem. Ed. and Ir. Hi I , I ,PSA Seniors whose names do not appear in the Annual are BLODGETT, J. PARKER Q Industrial Ed. June 1931 GILBERT, D. Industrial Ed. June 1931 TAYLOR, L. Industrial Ed. June 1931 VVALKER, R. D. FLETCHER, VV Industrial Ed. June 1931 BOVVEN, VERA Home Ee. Ian. 1931 STEVENS, RUTH Elementary Ed. Jan. 1931 HOLBROOK, VIRGINIA LLOYD, MARIAN Elementary Ed. July 1931 I-IICKMAN, CECIL Physical Ed. CAYVVOOD, NORVAL Junior High June 1931 LIVINGSTON, A. K. junior High Doxology Industrial Ed. Elementary Ed. Jan.1931 June 1931 July 1931 SCHEDULE FOR SENIOR VVEEK CLASS DAY, JUNE 11, 1931 June 6-Oriental Ball-Honoring Seniors EL PASEO, 7 OYCLOCIQ June 7-Baccalaureate IW . L C june 9--Recital of Original Music x Tomi MM" ,OU 'OODFIELD 'Ioasts--"The Play's the Thing" 10-P'c ' nd Dane -T rcker'. Grove June I me a e L I 1. Setting the Stage-Ralph Johnson 2. The Curtain Rises-Mary Camp 3. Changing the Scene-Stanley Miller 4. Climax and Curtain Call-Rachel Burns 5. The Audience-Dr. Rexwald Brown june 11-Senior Banquet June 12-Commencement-College Court BACCALAUREATE ORDER OF SERVICE COMMENCEMENT PROGRAM College Orchestra College Orchestra MUfCl1 Pvnfifiwl ------- ------- ---'--- G 0 'mod Coronation March C'I'he Prophetl ,,..,.,. Mpyrrbfrfr Processional , ,- Graduating Class Pmceshmnal CThe audience is requested to stand when Fncultl' and Graduates the Graduating Class entersl Doxologv Be Thou, O God, exalted high, And as Thy mercy fills the sky, So may it be on earth displayed Till Thou art here as there obeyed Be Thou, O God, exhalted high, And as Thy mercy Frlls the sky, So may it be on earth displayed Till Thou art here as there obeyed. hw. it Invocation Invocation Hymn Scripture Lesson Chorus Llewenw, Goodfield "Hallelujah Chorus" CMessiahJ ,,.,.,, .,...,, I jafrflpl QPresident of the Graduating Classl Combined Glee CllIbS Cl Prayer Address , rorus . .r A HHOSPOIH Pomiluin udord Have Mercyry--Lwowslly President Clarence L. Phelps Combined Glee Clubs Chorus Baccalaureate Sermon "The Long Day Closes" ........................ ...,.. S ulliwn Dr. Clarence Spaulding Combined Glee Clubs Chorus ' Receggigngl ,,-,,.,,,,.-....,',,--.----- -'...A-..'-.--.--,.' V h DF Ko,lJt,.,l COIlfCl'I'lng of DIPIOIIIHS l Combined Glee Clubs President Clarence L. Phelps Baritone Solo by Elbert Cochran College Song-"Alma Mater" . Benediction U Chimes . Benediction -'Brest be are Tre that Binds" Ch""eS J, ,,'. "Auld Lang Syne" Page Seventy-One If 551 tio XI, si .5 I I , -1 .Vi 1-N . . - .13 1 I I I, A 1, U M ls. I., li- ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS Women of the Santa Barbara State College are organized into an acting body, the Associated VVomen Students. It is felt that only through such an organi- zation can the socialization of college Women be at- tained. The most successful Way to carry out such an aim is through an entertaining and active social program. , At the beginning of each year the first concern of the A. W. S. is the creation of a friendly atmosphere for the incoming girls. This year the social activities started with a tea, the Friday before school opened. On Saturday evening a beach picnic at Cabrillo Pavilion was given. The first formal gathering was the Dean's Garden Party, held in the college court. Late in October, the Backwards Party, which is traditional was held, and in November, the Hard Times Party was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. In january, the Hi Jinx in the gymnasium proved a great success due to the clever stunts provided by the individual Women's organizations on the campus. In hlarch our Hi Tea, the biggest social event of the season was given, honoring faculty, parents, house-mothers, and friends who have had an interest in our progress. The last event of the year is always a tea in honor of the graduating seniors from the local high school. Throughout the year plans were made and carried out in connection with the upkeep and furnishing of the Women's Club room, which is open at all times to all Women for rest and study. In connection with the club room, the Thursday afternoon tea-dansants have proved popular. Betty Procter cacoc ' am PYIC Awl Tlctz I' k C me O1Lea,.y P Stem- janssens Nauma i Page Seventy-Tfwo V 0 L IJ Ml If X I MEN'S CLUB Under its cooperative and hard-working executive 1' board the lNiIen's Club has functioned Very well this year. A new constitution and a budget have been adopted by the club. A new system has been inaugurated to buy a trophy for the most valuable man VVilbu1' Day John Davis of each major sport. The Hrst get-together ofthe year was the Freshman Reception or, as it is termed, the Pow-wow. This ailair was a great success due to the general manage- ment of it and to the excellent turn-out of the men students of the College. The second party of the year, namely, the Hobo Brawl, was also a great suc- cess. The Whisker contest was the big Menls event of the year. A prize hobo was elected from the men students, taking into consideration the man's all-around Elt- titude, sportsmanship, character, and thc big qualification, his two-weeks' growth of whiskers. Fall Spring John Davis ..... ..... ....... , P 7'6.l'l.0IF?Zf ....... ............ W ilbur Day Wilbur Day ,,,,..,...,....,. ..,,.. I fice-President ,..... -, ....,,.,.... Danny Britton William McDavid ..... ....... , Secretary ....... -. .,.. William lNrlcDaVid Stanley Winters ..... .......... T reasurer .......... ...... S tanley Winters Oscar Trautz ................ ........ S ocial Clznirmmz ........ .............. O scar Trautz F- . V L Trautz McDavid Ashworth VVinters .1 Page Seventy-Three qi xVZHU1' Coim- XVeaving fableau Class OFFICERS Pres., Stanley Vice-Pres., Miller Soc. Ch, Cromwell T1-eas., Bush Sec.,Waring Sponsor, CIOSWCH Bush Smyth A OUTING CLUB This year has held many good times for members. Beach g breakfast, moonlight hike, cabin parties, a tri-p to Nojoqui Falls and the annual Island Trip in May completed the Clubls activities for the year. A caravan trip to the snow had to be called off be- cause .of the lightness of the snowfall. Pacific Spray Outing Cabin Patel sux I Larsen PHI OMICRON IOTA Phi Omicron Iota, the Home Economics Club, is one of the oldest organiza- tions on the campus, being founded about twenty years ago and affili- ated with the n a t i o n a 1 A m e r i c a n Home Econ- omics Asso- ciation. The club is Well known Ezaki Johnson - Arliidlll 1? ililbieduson . . Parker p2ll'lI1C1p2l' tion in so- cial activ- Practice House Dmuer Guests Pres.-- Johnson-Stibler Vice-Pre.v.- Leech-Jones Secretary- Lucile Hall T1'easu1'er- Ruth Ezaki Page Sefventy-Six ities and promotion of Woith Vvhile Group Learning How to Clean House student projects, Lgech Mary Camp and Helen Gerbig explain how it is done I. E. DEPARTMENT Sept. 26, the Hrst get to- gether was held in the college dining hall. The spring banquet was held in Ebbets' Hall on -lan- uary 9. lVIr. C. E. Nihart was the guest speaker. the Home Economics and the I. E. De- partments had party. "The Plantation" was the scene of the "Stag" dinner on Feb. 13. May 3rd a barbecue Was held at Tuck- erls Grove. L 1Wk I VVOrk Cabinet Work Bllilders e Chest The annual banquet was held lvlay 29 at the Car- rillo Hotel. This dinner concluded the series of suc- cessful social and profes- sional events for 1930-31. OFFICERS Pres., Olson Vice Pres., Jacobs Sec., Higgs Soc. Ch., Imler Page Severzty-Seven S Turby Hodgms W. A. A. The VVoman's Athletic Associa- tion has taken in twenty-one new members this yeair. In 1930 the W. A. A. entered the Athletic Conference of American College Women, which will bring the as- sociation in closer contact with other associations. On March Zlst, the annual play day for college and high school was given. In May the an- nual Athletic Ban- quet was held and awards were given and new officers in- stalled. Furby Suortswoman and Club Leader Tennis Fans Page Seventy Eight Vice Pr es , Adams Sec , Reiger T1 ear , Smith jigergian ELEMENTARY ED. DEPARTMENT Menibeis of the Ele- mentary Department consider this year an especially successful one. Their hope of 21 new school in Whichthere would be the latest of modern equipment is to be realized, Much credit is due Mrs. Price,head of the department, Counc' in obtaining this building. Clxilrlrei Pilgrims OFFICERS Pres., Nauman Sec., Petersen Soc. Ch.,Tietz Festn al Page Sefuienty-Nine 'Indians Treas., Jigergian fl: mx S. s I A QT I f iM I 9 E . , 4 .-DUPSOTS Hodgms l Frosh P. E. Majors nj-Q .fij 4 'll 8, 'x Page Eighty 1. ll 'z for ' Dunham Furbv departments is growing rap- idly, offering major and minor Work in P. E. entertained with Hallow- e'en and Xmas parties and between semesters the girls Pres., Furtado Vice Pres., Dunham Sec., Reiger Trear., Fu rby Rieger DEPARTMENT The youngest of all Socially the department adopted an"O1d Span- ishl' custom and held a ta- male supper. May day, traditional spring fete took an allegor- ical form this year with Friendship as the central theme. OFFICERS Tennis Enlh W 1 l I ll ,N I' I 'EZ' Rodehaver Earl THE COLLEGE PLAYERS This dramatics organiza- tion has never been highly or ganizedg there are no formal oflicers Fred Imes served as financial man- ager. Irma Reeder Waterman Earl as business manager, and Olson Ida Mae Reed- er as secretary, Gerald Smith act- ed as stage manager with Fred Olson and Dick Waterman as his assistants. Ben Ro- mer, next year's manager. played a big part in this year's activities. Mary Longavva, Betty Hig bee, and Margaret ji- gergian acted as prop erty people. Ch wie" Ha on Stage Cr Higbec Props. OFFICERS Gen. Mgr. Rodehaver Fin. Mgr. Bredsteen Adwrtzsemenl Imes Bus. Mg1'.-Earl Sec.-Reeder 5. fax Iigergian-Profazwiy cial l 1.4 KW" X' I, .1 rg. Page Eighty-One 5,1 . ' N 5? ' I A -7 ' ,X A 'B' Though Winter with its low dark clouds, Seems dreary as a tomb- And what seems bright Within this World Is hidden in the gloom- Saduess, like the overcoat is going out of style, For summer is the time for all To smile and smile, and smile. -Dan Brilton. VEIQDUIQE GIQEEN, GAIJNT, GAWIYY, LEAN, LDNG, LANIYY EIQESH' MEN SWELL THE LINES DE STATE DN IQEGISTIQATIDN DAY AND GAMDDL THIQDIJGH THE CDLLEGE CAMDIJS CAL- ENDAI2. EACIJLTY DECED- TIDNS, TEAS, SMDIKEIQS, DAL- LIES, GAMES, AND DANCES, AS WELL AS CLASSES, CUTS ASSEMBLIES, TEIQM DADEIQS AND EXAMS, EILL THE LIEE DE THE CDLLEGIAN. EACH DAY A NEW DNE, EACH CLAII WITH ITS EXAMS A CHAL- LENGE THAT DDEDAIQES EDD THE YEADS TD CDME. LET GIQEEN SYMDDLIZE HIJMDIQ- DALANCING THE SEIQIDUS- NEI! DE EDIJCATIDN. X . EBBETS' HALL-EMOHA Photo by Obert Qs ,-ur , 5 I J :X gi ,i ' i gi , f , L :iii 54. W, 1- . 1. I , A ,, K T. G , 5, PJ 2 5- ts. ,i ,li -si ' 5 2 i 1 A L JUBA LENT THE ELAPHANT H 5 The elephant he had an itch f A wonderous irritation, 4 Q' And as this monstrous itch did grow T2 So grew his consternation. He wandered long, he wandered far This dread disease to rid him X But, though he tried 'most every cure No earthly good it did him. Great misery was in his soul, Great pain was in his carcass fer!- As sadly through the night he roamed The moon was at its darkest. if t A 'A And not a cooling breeze did stir i 5 To sooth the dread sensation, ' Thus weary, footsore, racked with pain He swooned in desperation. The path poor .Tuba chanced to tread .1 Passed through a desert arid, 1 5 And close beside the path there grew .1 ,t i, A plant, by fate prepared. 1 Q Q, g A cactus plant, whose prickly spines 5- .1 Caressed the hide of Juba, T ,L Awakening him from out the swoon O'er joyed he raised his tuba r, Cavorted 'round the cactus, As scratching past it was superb, , .-.s "1 Technique improved with practice. Z, i Through carefree days he lingered near ..,5 l Assuaging all his itches, Until at length no pain remained k, And little of his breeches! 't r g if Relief from this dread malady 3 fg J ' 5' Brought memories that beckoned, fl' And ere he started out for home , is He sat him down and reckoned. g Q' f T in "Pvc wandered far a-field," quoth he 35 'fBefore I found a cure, if Y 5 , lX'lost dreadful was this itching pain, fi 1 's 5 Of this thing I am sure. A 5 if f gf Qj: ""' ' , It struck me once, and Will strike twice friEf!g-,..-s"g ..,.. . .. A . ' at f 5- , t.. .- ' is ,If fatc doth prove unkind, - I, -,Tl when T wend my homeward Way, - ...W X Vylgy leave the cure behind?" XV, rw '4-r- gil L VVith one great swoop of massive trtinls-M-we-fg"'fH" ww, ,,g, ,,s,. , ,.,. - ,L .if kj 3? The cactus was uprooted, ew i"":..,,1"m if 5' nd, placing it upon his back . e5',iQ,'i Qi 'it ,,., , Young Juba gaily tooted: 5,2 fm A9 , "Ah, now T'll roam the jungle th rougila 5' J VU- And pick the fairest maiden, 1 ' ' A X f A if For never could a princess find g,l,, gl, , S' Q. ,f -"' A prince more treasure-ladenf, fa.-f' gh' ,Www 5- 44-' -Ineq Cash. ..,, A ,-11,5 . X ,S wg! i ,T g ,iprzffe,,Ezfjl'F1-.yqE1glzt 'V ' -"'n i twnisgifv' U, ff s ' ' is 744,57 V ME Sr,:1-zglwur ,gywfr-1153 sigh, 5 'tslgkgq aff in ,W . .. r. .1 3: ,,,,,,,,,,w. ,, .-,,,,,,,,,.,,fef. - Xu, .F 'ji hi-..-,J---M " af ,f 1 :ii s--,-.iw-n63sf.1 .qc-.-.1.:,i-nam au, , ,dimnmmmwmwf 4,1-' hyggwbvk. ,, :,F'T'llT'2 ROAIJHUIG Il,-TSAX FULI. IVURCIQI UI' WIIHAZ-'T'1APl'lCl!S AND USES l'IXCl.USTVIi GRAl'l'IVlNE TELEGRAPHSlilTVllZI'1?,,'ZQ ..- ---------1 .Y LATE NEWS BULLETIN I - '11z1.co1.Lsc.s I om.1..1 c.....,......... nl .1.. 1e.....1.......... I ,,,1,,,,,,g,m,,.,,,,,,,,,,c,N,,,,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, BOAT RACE i Q 1 s.,... cull...-. .....,..qu-1. 1.1. .-.-.1111 ......-....A ,..1.., 1.1 ...1..-... 1 , W , 1... 111. .1.,.1s11.... .1...... 1-my-. .-1...4 ... Hn .1 1w1..w11 ....A- . S15-S10 1 Santa Ellfllill u Stair Olnllrgv ., ... ...U .......-. ..- ..,..,. ... .1.,, ...... ,... ...,. I Ah, 1 1 ...4 1... .a.u11..... 1. thu 5.1.1. nfs... ...11-gf ...1 .1.. 1.......,..1... 1 11. ,........1.. " "' """"""" 'U c....q.1.1.-...... -... -......M ... ...... .uma 11. ...... ... ...A ' ' "5 nuff"-F"f I PA"""' , "E-'TW 0" '..1...11., 1.. 1....1.... ...... 1... 11. .....,.1......, 1.1.1 11.. s...1. lub... ' QQLETA SLOUGH "M WMS' , ...... .1-.L 1...-11. 1. 1... ,.1...1..1- 1 , I 1 11. ..1.1..x.... 1. ..1..1., 11. 11-11 ...1111... Julia -nf., 1'1...1,. 1. 5 A- M1 5lUI'dI! I 1 I 6 f I I M I1-pf.-.1 1. L. ....14.v1-1 .u. 1-...... .1-1 ...... pnsum ... 1n. 1 .9 ng pp.. .1 51 , ...I ru .11..1....1. ...,J -.11... 1 .1 .11. fr, 1... 11, Im... man., nu., 'md u. In hu' -PM h th .mmm 0' +-- 4 - --- - --- - - 5 . ,... ..1..... -... ..4 ... .....1., .fn-..1 1.. 11. s...... ......... SANTA 1111111111 X.l'RI,lIf0RNI1 11'1.11N1.511A1', ..11111. x, 1.1.11 12"""'1""- V 7 bg Y V V STI-ITE PROFS T0 LOSE SEMI-PRO STANDI G TThddy PYLE TAKES +1 1 1 1....1. 1 11...-11...-1. .-.-, P G ,1 I:-111.11111 SL:.1.- A Ml' 1111--.ll TVl1iw1.1-11 I 'ATX' -11:1 g WOMAN DEAN SURPRISES """"SfHx"" OLD TIMEKS HERE 11. ,N1:1111J1: ll111z1'1111Arx . ,., ,. .,,. ,,,,, , ,x,, P ,U ,umm ,,,, 3. ,,4,:im, ml ,,.,,,,,, ,,, nh, , ' mn.-1.s1. am. 1.1 M... r-.1 hum.. 1... 1 1.?lrZb1'. - 1-1 uf 11111114-:11 .111-111-lu ...:... . .1 .. 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Mah. hh nuns: can in aud- ol u I-45:55. . Q - A-. N . I I v' si- 1 " A - + . , , , , .-i-m,,f,i ,ff -, Q Y .- ,:- . ,'1i::L-fa 1 - wifisz., -Sze, -me A .- . xii-'lf , 5tg.35y,.,'w4-'2,.- 'iiiii-.L 44Q:?4Lg'ri3-N?f:iRzfit-'nflf-ifffg 4, , 1 1 i at .ryan i F.,-1. 1255,wrt-sa,.fz3,?7af:.Q43dffi't1, "'lpJ- ia - if 22555213 .. '72'ci:"'l7s1."3::-sf"i:?I'i3?-335'r5?'i331Qf'tQy.,-2Pff1"iif"'"" . A WG ,, 232251. z, f --'zi:,'-Q1-rs-Ag. ":z:.'zgs,4igi-fiysgig-f' ' .1 .V l .,, ....-ig, g ,M 3 5 qu- W5 - 4 fa: - ' ' .- 1 - '91,-if 1-1-A K- '- If as-11 -L 1 ff'--1. I. ' P 51-f' Wwe 's' -.-.21 '-13. '5a'23Q2'?5fHi" A '-fn . "te-":'Y?'w "X 'G " 1' 1 ?s32f'i"'.fs' " . .iff :ff "ir-fi--'Lia 'im '4Qvl5li?f'i1:Qigfi3v ' M-RWM,-. ,- " Tw 79.1" -" " ' .. " A A . i3!5'!E'-Film " 'Q F ' 'B 'i22al74x-.ifIi- 7"14,Ii2ii,l9iiii'i5iJ+:!5vQ" - '7""1'-efiff-1"53'is:.."iii' f J . ' '-"- - "'??'f.'.f'Q" A ' . A. 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'-2. .- ., -A :JM S" , - " 1- . .e , 't?3ffH ' -:ef ia-- wwii' 'Wag I EBL. f. .ff 54Q.f r-' 1 FP . . - - .ff-if fi L- 'Atta - . ' .1pSf:f- if 4- . Q. - . xv. . , 1. me - 5-I- ' 'Mer E11 -fb -W3-,gg,+ .vga sg . 11. ai -.-.f-f...:q.,,' y i I 'IMA' I i :w w A I X 319 1 7 - 5343- 4' Farii ilvsw 'i'f"'14 's.3:'i:4u." - your H -- - 1, .- . - ' '- - - i..i A 'rf st, 1 1.1 ' ' 1-f 1- -'f "-at ' :w.:'am 2 . 'J Si. - . .. T -3-2'1?m' - ,-Pi . 5. , -, .' ' 'gl .-L ,a ff-f5,,.,,1 wfye,i1f:-, . 9:-as 1231.4--. . e f Q' -' -- 'wee .ai-s '9 . "QHf' if 4' 9 .M . f- ff 'tx 452. ' its--it-I -f?+rs--- .. -I ss' 1?-wtf 'f 5, TT,--.mei-. 'air If, 4? - ' '92 -, 'I , 1. .V , ,, .54 -f .lf 513 5-1 -v. : ,, ."f-1. P2 M5113 1 'H ' QF' - 2 1 'ir S w '-' W- .. - . Aff 1 t.'1.es3L::5' 3 25' s ," . .1 -1cj :f5'.-' f..1,i:"',' - .7 - - Miki' A? 'is-""""rt':'2?. -t,Q,gai.- ' . .gE5wQr, . - . '. .:5- -' '- - if . , - , 4 ' '- f i-,rin ,U-, , 'i I 2 'fagfg , .j,,-Tig, , , 3-, 'in ff "QT ' , f - 'rf v .,'S-1.1: A 'X?,,-I3IQk5l5,- ,111 v"iI"E"L"P"'a- . ,ff 33?iliAkn52,a ' -1. ,. .ze 2 fs- -5 - w c.. 1 - :. '. 'J U 'r' a . s- f Q 1. f'-rv? .- -f f ' - -1ff'.f' :'f.f:e.a ... gg. ,-: A 'Biff .. h cgi' , .Tf-C -2:-ug, :,H,JL. ,n Ztgqgrg-,,,,: ,a,-- . Q 'ilwifi-,E ,.,i..fl5-a ff:-. 3- . V G.: ' ffm 'z+,rl1fg.f' -- -t is-E352 4 , ., .' -1- 1-iv -'Q '- 'Ear "'wg.i-5 . -, f 'Q'-sat. ' " -."?.f t .V f: .. - V , f J' -1-1. --ma, -fi--aw ' .1 I ' Ei it.. Q s?- i' " ff' ta' Y f i 4 - - . - . -,L-.0-, . I , .ig Ax V b l W --,ell-.-J' , ' . -I 1-'ff ws-mwtar . - if-' . - '-:issue-vm-.masawyauaim r' e"' ' ' '- ' -- . is .rl Cute May B. Breath Coy lXIay Breath, whose likeness you see reproduced here, is by virtue of an over- whelmingly popular vote the most beautiful and the most popular co-ed on the campus yesterday and today. Miss Breath uses and rec t men ii' following stuffs, goods and articles and attributes their use to her ut opularity. lX'Iy dear Miss Bishop: I find that by eating dail , .-.' I " less Ham sandwich and a Co-op wormy apple, I can retain my 31. wie. t daily morning plunge in the pond and a friendly chat wi an t 4-' puts me in a peppy spirit and if I didn't have to wear heavy fea r g glass , I would be perfectly normal. lVIy wavy eyebrows that you asked it-1 "'?-tw 't wer produced by brushing them briskly with a tooth brush in an up and 'tile o m ent. Through an unfortunate acci- dent I lost my teeth, but I foun 'i at is kernels cemented closely together make a very beautiful and usefu -TTI s - , lX-Iother told me when I was a little girl that kissing was very unsan' nd iss Bishop, I have never, never kissed -my mother since. I don't like e boys, if1"f'I don't disapprove of loving them. I don't smoke-muchg my friends kiddingly say I am a regular smoke stack, which I think is so clever of them. I enjoy coming to school here, for I love all my pro- fessors very much, and I think the happiest part of any studentls life is the vaca- tions. Miss Bishop, may I thank you very much for the unusual honor and Mr. Ka- bailee just told me how beautiful I am. lNiIay I again tell you how fortunate you are and in closing, ,s I remain, and remain, and remain, Page Nine-fy MAY B. BREATH. J , y 2 f f - f ' I fiilfff- l i , .,,, f ng.. 'Q'-f:f','-.-"-1-'w. "-rc, 4-qs' Y- 'nl 'ig +'?l-1!-':,L- A 1.,,'1f, ',1',-.1-. ff. -'f-'-g-. iv K-'-1 GESIN-1-N51 ,rg ,v 3, A, . ,ep J., ,,,,,3,,... ig. egg, .,,,.,g.,a,,. . I 4,, ,Wx ,,. c, ,,,.. , ..,.r,,,,,,,,,, L.-., ,- " -T A I 'vi 3 I- f . gk ' 55533: 5 V" . ,..5if33'Ji?i 7"1 " " 2'?'5fZ:- 'fi' 1 -- "" i i izfif'-S, Ii?" i. 3:-5' 1fL:.- - . a:if5lQfrrs5f-a- aria aff 2' ,,i'3'if:"-'lt ,itigifgafibi A- - ws, .Q--,EE55 :.':?j":,,:.':i!,-I , Atrh if f.. -K., ...,. . an X -I A L , is i ' -,, , . 1, as - ie F- 'iff 'wea r n. is f 'A ,. fla t Ja" ,.,4,, Mb. X1 5 i-4.-'Gila ae iff,-Lfw-was--1 ' ' . 1 'H '. ff?"-.1 SFTMQIZQIY 'if .fi-Ii: ' ' W .4,f ,,1 .m9fa.a aaanws h, .g,aa,g ,, fM+m4as.,ag, stay-. -' -V ri 2 I i- 1" 'iiffifffgk 'gig 1 -. 'JW' 'f .4 f""i4'ifis' fd' I ,i V ii" J' A as 'L 7:?if3ifi. 'fl it ' L if ' -f,1s.3fa2'i " 'a f , 'H12i"a?4 sh - milfs- ' fir-gif-5 , :-2-new . fra' f ,if 1' 5 I ' 5 t 11--1: fl:--11 .' . 4 Qi' fr '- ' , .A-:,-. - -4 cfwnss f- V ff mf ' ,. :K " . , 'm-.- 3 I' ,. ' I I -I ' , K., V, ,. ...I 5 2.352 x ii, 31,51 V. - -J - V 3- , .I -' if ' I v. , r- f it r , . . -' 'A ' rw w . V- . - . Bold Joe Gargle Bad This unusual foto is State's most popular man, Joe Gargle. joe's real name is Guzzle but after the war his parents moved away from Kentucky and opened a large Listerine distillery in Chicago. In order to avoid any pro-Southern an- tagonism, his father had the n -e c from Guzzle to Gargle. Joe is nat- urally bashful and girl shy an , ca s Qhat, he was hesitant about looking straight into the camera. Joe H 1 .3-Fflo blondes and on one occasion it was rumored that his grandmothei r, go ig t d 'c. her hair to gain the aHections of her grandson. Joe is a student, fgqggihe 'efr ted in everything, as long as it u 1 n 5 i I 1 1 does not interfere with his slee rg ayfq' gpm- n athlete, his prowess lies on the track. It is said that he has ,eve ry i h of track on the Southern Pacific System. joe's statement follows: P, ' 'Y My dear Miss Bishop: j . ir I know you must feel gratiigfu in ,lib in elected me as State's most popular man. I attribute my popularity to f ir " . nd a diet of crispy potato chips. Al- though May Breath does not h I love her passionately. I hope that someday she drops her hankie so that I pick it up and perhaps get ac- quainted with her. Oh, Miss Bishop, I am so happy, I'll bet you my mother will be awfully pleased to hear that I am so good looking and popular. Are "Sonny" Schoen, Bert Clemore, Ace Hickman, and some of the other landmarks still in school? Yours, mine, and every one's, jon GARGLE. Page fVz'nefy-One A '.'1.f.4wz1.4,u,:.a .rw 1--f,...,-em,,.,,,a Y,p,,,,,,am,4,,,LL if . 2 .fear -. if 4 Q II,J,,Lw-?i3'i'qvgE5if,2e-1 if I . A ' - Q5.':f5'?-1 . ' Mu L -J ll I , I ,II II. r g, I , - l 11,321 Q ' t 1 , K: ',.f. l' jtg 5 , is . Q, 5 i 'W ' i-"r id ' if E L " I 1 ' . I ' . 1 . II. '+'.fl"', -.R 5 5 A. ,, . 'U' , I, V' iq 'l -f!.+fl..,Cb ' 2 ?-w0u-m.+f.,wy-1-,,u1wv,::u4a:'1u'aeQ :sZi.'1vw.vfLi1 :Cfv1f1z4w5i e . .3 2 vm.,--5 'Hs' 4. ..' 'V -. .- V K. . .,. ,., , , .1 ? U ii . 'na-1'fI9fif"i', 7 ,v""'c'Mii' 2. ' .ei Q 4 r e ..'.. r 1 , 1- . ' few ,,. -. 'W' -'ft 3: 5 'a "iw7'j-ws, T " -1 1 Ur .. ,. 'tl-K 9 I. x-,',,,5 J ,QRII5 . ,.-f :QI l ,I..I I s: :W , I, H! -1 '. , .,-t -fix f"'-Q Ll' I . 1 IN: Q ,I I, ,' . ... . 1. fs .1 . if 'L TW" ' I- . is . ...,.,.,.,. ,.., i7..,.'?. 3 .wr - V. , .. ,I ir' ,,I FMI,xIrf,,Qw, 3 it PWJ' - 1 il 'N w-wid' " ' I ,,,.,,.,.,,.,.,..,,1, . 3 .,,.,,,,,,,,If1e.aLr, M' . ':""""'X-ss.,-. ,,. .. L I ,.., , 1, M31 fs., 5 , ' . ,W DM ' , 'Wir "Ah 5+ ea' 'rfb-h. . 1. slasher- .. fi gtqasgeie-wr--"2'd.fsg5gS4, gf . . ,.5Y,'Fa-:-"t " -3' s-f ,4!r:3:l,g-nsfflihv-113.1271-is ' - .' 'ffl' Qi: ,1:f:'E1Jii2 9z,L.aIfIf1Q-Hear:-' 1 'TNF-1 '1 -"'v'v-fH'Q'5l':'j2l?i34Tii'fi7b'1wif? H.-'-'vqxif EQMJ.--C?1f?u"-4' :+c-.f,-:?mlly2-4.,.2.f1if fr 4U.5.:'-lie!!-..Q-?L5.1dlag: Q, ..-fi:-.m . wxqKQ'L13jvu7': n2'4"!'t11-fvrrrpai 3-ll-A-4b:':'.! l.r,'-'Wt MQ.. if-v7:'+:f1t:' :YZ "l1'?lQ 'gf.i-L'-11132K -331: -.1 i."'i'f":?L'Ff!f . iff. .NE -ii-f?f57-.- -ef-ww-k:..::'.S"?nr S153-Fife "int 3.1 -I 29.19. fiat,zgkgf55C.M:r9:n:ge:viff.'r1 553139. fE2,l':,ilf'1"1- 4 .-aff' g,...?+ze.s1'eim:-psti'ai'-Q25-f.ri2.'5ri:E:4..:"F'f-:Eif.,-1rv lil 3 hw ,,,q.J"f1Q .agar Li- y f-- FrEE+5E12f"g-'.QYf5Q,2,.. gs-pffga4"1?!?,ij3315ifJsj-jg,i.4g- , f fs- 1i.4rEs-siw'?,u,'gI4B-'- -.rsamffi-L1s1.a-'L ei.-2'-.vyiki 1' . F.5i5'ra:'.'.v:Q5:.1,'Fr- 'qraa-fwvtewrext-.:-r,':. 4 ' ,S H7-if RT.irg5f Q ' -. .- 1g6r,'1Qi7,Qj5:fi2f2-ilgig ' F2 'g?ilf:7rz1tg:'ft's-". avi-.34-' f3"1.ffv2iev34fE1"lflf ' it . . - : "'-.-fl 1, , 1-" "1".:,,"-2 .,:Y-.vzf-.,'-. , .fi ' '1.ftF.'f -e"'nw-I.frs:f'e'f'4d111'.'if-.Hail-4. 'hir' f1fa:,fur ,s1'fs't:s-avsfiiarigafifzffg-i--.-ai'' ff-.sf r 5? -rift,-.zf',1w-'-!,i'A'2'f-'.-1474 - s..,,- -..,-..'i4'vm:.. . -. E :+Iw?,?f,:15a,f Iy: 1-nfgarpg I7GIIiII3IIQ,, .-ffm EY, . 1 . ' -f"f'-tex ' -- M y -aairfrv ' g . "'!n4m-4-.. . Q rr 5 - ' .l ESUXQH fill 'Emi 2 ., ,f Q . wr P R ww...-. li 3 2 Girls? ' - - A Q 'cd , -1 k , saw- ,js TQ 5 -.14 fi 5.1 .- v' 'Q if-W if ' 1I i Si ' 1. .I x I . r 1 l' ,I fa, , '1 11 46-.naw 'II "Q, ' ' 1 m....l'.1..Jr '53, gf . 2 3. , Q a.. n, 5 ,,,mIII,I . . ..,,,, ,, I i' -wr 2 rf' rf-1:-e S 3 S5?:Yil3si'f:v2'f'- A f f r .---. 3 5 . "+i4F5'fs'm" ' ,S . - Q uf 1 I . . 'aw . s,w.f . . . A--at-1 E I ' -,,'t:.I If - ,-'I- II- .I I us? A . art.. H , ...,W..,...,............ ...,.a......e . Page Ninety-Tfwo DIRTY DELTA ZETA DELTA Their outstanding feature seems to be a conglomera- tion of nationalities. Have a look at last yearis annual and try to compose a national anthem - Nielson, Kelly, Cornwall, Rodriguez, and even the Smiths. Their main asset seems to be that they manage to get into everybody elsels business, making them well qualified for ministers of foreign affairs. We have often wondered if the Dizzy D's evolved from the Cosmo- politan Club. " ar wmluleupuwmmx1nnawJmw,'::nxm4wmA,..n-v.-w-.- wgftiiw - ' ,f A Q " 1 . . - 'i.."i9?i. 1sf " Kxrlw .-A 1' 1 I ,Q , 4 . ,u'fImi,.., 1 ' r x Mg.lI', ' w -.eff w, . . L - 5- rl r I, N Lt v l 1. 7 .Q r .3111-sf. J,,,,.,.5 F .. .I, ... .2 ,'.h.i. ..,,, L . . I . . .-f' . V: Q A- .- 'Lv Q '57, 3, ' . I 'z 17 di - 'Q ' ,- 1. ' - T fl-1 ff.-fast' - .' sa rah- .cf . '-V-i,. -. -a MJ . ti-.I II I,.,.y,, -.Q Im , , -1-1. .f A 'M ' ff, . i I ' 9 . ' - -. 2 . r W - .. ' ' :al-Rf, 'ra EZ' 1, - K :, I, - 4, .. ff'--I-1, ftwf. 'screw' lf, 1. 1 "L . .s.'.s. , '. g : ' u p :af f- sry-wi, :-pw-1 yjfg fw- fe..-.-., i,.g.'mf.-,Q as - ..-" ,. -. . --r...-fri, 1 ,ar I f L wig, .1 1 3, ,gc 1 X af 1 lv 1 ,H e Ig L ,xv l 7 5 5 A 1--l:f,I,.I.--WI UL' . f , HMV4 . The Little Bird That Told Ella Cornwall, their fairest member, is not lacking in popu- la ri ty. ALPHA THETA CHI This comment is going to be fostered with great care and dif- ficulty. There are only Caboutj four stand-bys on the campus, and what can one say about such an organization without being in danger of personal remarks? Forgetting the personal element, they certainly ate up Tau Gamma's pledges by clever managing of dinner invitations, but then, the saying goes that the way to a pledge's feeling is through her tummy. I hope everyone is happy. With thirteen pledges we wonder what's become of their slogan-- "Quality, not Quantityf' PHI KAPPA GAMMA These sisters must certainly have come from a long line of bargain hunters, for they rush in where angels fear to tread. VVell, it's fresh meat, you know, that keeps the baby kicking and the early boid gets the first tug at the worm. Bargain hunting before the season opens, however, isn't always the quickest way to peace and happy days, because, poor dears, they get planted in the pest house, where all bad little sisters' go, for a year. Not forgetting their merits, they do have the editor of the Roadrunner and the president of the Art Club. Anyway they have the old spirit but who will it be vested in this time next year, may we ask? DELTA SIGMA EPSILON We have wondered if the D. S. E. means Dumbuess Seeking Expression. Neverth-eless, they are well represented in student ac- tivities and are usually present to put in a word or two where none is needed. They usually have quite a crop out for sports and play a worthy part in the welfare of State. We notice that they invited the Dean to their last smoker but alas sh-e could not go, at which they all expressed their sincerest regrets. Well, D. S. E., you Done Sumpun Enyhow! -.-.- --. -,.. -. -q---eq:-arm-vm.. :funk -Wm we sat T' Aa ETA, GAMMA CHAPTER -2 . -rss' F i Poor lill fly on the vvalll 1 I-le ain't got no clothes on i A at all, 3 No pretty skirt, no shiny shirt, Poor lill fly, ain't you cold? YVhat with no dancing 5 and no card playing, WC q.vm-.N-mv- 5 guess these C. U. Ccute unsl ii 5 must favor hiking as a pas- ? time. At least they would be l--.--fm-ww-ww--'mn-ew-vrM"'nefi capable of Walking l10TI1C- Areta TAU GAMMA SIGMA Xfvltll no intimate knowledgevwe have often wondered ii T. G. S. stands, sits, or runs, for "Too Good Sistersi' or "Too Good Sinners." Compromising we have "To Good Sistersu which must be right because they put out nine bids Cby word of mouthl. Alas, they only got four which rather hampers their manipulations. VVC ask now, does it pay to be good? Perhaps some girls were too wise to join. Evidently they are going to have quality, not quantity, which after all is a matter of evaluation. As a parting word we note that they institute study tables for prospective pledges. Ac- cording to Einstein this is all relativeg at any rate they are sisters. BETA SIGMA CHI The gas house gang ought to be pretty well supplied with "warm" material after putting the irons on eleven new pledges. Too had about them. It seems that there hasen't been a good-looking man among them since Bernard Barnes became an alumnus. The boys are pretty active, though their popularity does take a decided sl umn after the football season. Well, they've done did it! VVhich ought to make for all the things they haven't done. They have broken down the Sigma Alpha tradition at last and got their own man into the president's shoes. SIGMA ALPHA KAPPA Well, what are the Slow Action Karacters un to now? Be- sides getting fraternity rules interpreted to their liking, there's not been much done. llflaybe that's why their executives are always tired. lVe can't see what they have to be so stuck up about. They're always having house parties without their sponsor, but then we suppose they're all right, because Dave is there and he's studying for the ministry, and besides that, "Deacon" is there too. VVell, cheer up! Christmas is coming! TAU OMEGA lt seems that the Prospect street gang are street angels and house devils-angels we know they are on the campus, but they've received several complaints from neighbors about too much noise at the house. lllaybe it's because their sponsor is about the wildest Wildcat on the piano in captivity. Anyway since there are not very many pianos in captivity, he won't be held responsible. Too had Elbert wasn't pledged to Areta Gammag he's such a nice little bov and he made about a l.nil in scholarship. i Seems the Tau Omegas are on the up and up. 3, 5 , . ,A , , ,., 5 DIRT 5 li.. 2- awfully? 3' :uw vi gf' 5 , ,. ..,. . ,. , -1 f,,.iiQ. ..,,.+ L ,, . Q f ,r , n ... fiat ,,., ,Q 1 Fr ,ff fi. . A f -...Q -' , 1 . L X qv A .1 - ' YN- N- 'f . '- wk fr 'T 4 " 1 g " ,.-.4 .rua X as T 'L-P 'la pl iw " th, ' .f 'U' .s ,-if.. 'Saw 4 ' A-it -Q - A A 'H ls, " .rr 2 . i- .. ' ffl, Tfl : f.5,f',a,sf- aye, I a.,f-',S1',,,fQ,.,,,,g"-"QW: Q iffls-A1 1 .rf if S' sc ' - -' ' . 'il' ity' ' lu i 1 , H, it fs. . 2" " nw 5 af, 2 3 , 'e . , . -, li ,A Y, , E if ,Za 1 , - Q K I I 1- .lt A, . . is L J. 'U' ,swf g,.-,......-, . -f--ui, .may 3' ,A .1 wg-Q U ? 3. I , 1 4 l 2 ,kts 1 1 1 sr rf" r. M75 2 1, A '- ' - vf' fm . 5 . 2'-4 f : sine ' 'I ? MEF- r' ' 'li ' ,wriT.....r...,tl r f 5 gpm" Y K 4 fl smut?-11-,f fl. fs . 1, - ' X, yi' , .' X .it r Z As J"-f it s 'V' ' ,, Z ,g Q r - if . 'I 1, j C, '. -'N w""3s ji S 'rf , W 45, 1 4--- wil rf . .wr 3 2' , 1 33.5-if!!,,,3 X, 1 .5 V , V .4A,f.v., I .,.. ' L- . , , Q . .ll . 1 I! Y if 7 lf 1 ff . 4 '1 ' .4?w,,.. mow-.,..r WW... I. l - .. Q Af' -' 2 5klf"N'P.3' -. 5 .s,yvwi3- 1,1 to . -'R 3' ':' - yi. f, Q . 1 - .ii -, P' g S li ri ", fi gh , J 'v ,. 1-w-.3-1-9 Q i . . 1 ,, ,,..s.,f,.-g 'i 3.13 4. 13: . , -TQ N A ., . , . .1 s ' -J..1,,g . I - 3 j' fa ' Q , gf 7. ,L .4 .f.., f -, A "-2:55-. . -A r . . 6. ,, ,, f 1 -- 1 f, 1' 1. sf - ' i F L 1 ,9r""' 9.19 . . ., " f if H --ev' ' fe., F. . . J "Y 'E ii E' haw' :.- .HFEJ -j"' 3' .. A ? .Q '-M Q ' 'A iq-1 Ay, Q k. ' . If ,j ,. :wish .wJ!,: figs. V, - Wt, 5 , re X' , " , , s K Ny, . L-Q.. , .1 -,.-, , .. ., . . .4 t ,, ,....,,l-. mg . . , , , . y I .1243 3 '-Ji ,sy-i.i,1',vf -li i . ,. U, .. W L ' liifj' 92-infra? Y' 1' -:jx ' - jivf' , iff-kggfa.. ,' -',' ' -I' for-1 f A Q' ' --::. ' ' mx,-Ai' ' W ' 5 ...J 'N-. '1 X , L . . --ff r , , .-. N ,,. ,G-Q. fr- ,T Q ,fpr- .F .ff if wi. f If ' N f"' F' Hai" ' 1 . j ' -A . Q 1 Q 5 :ff me ,f Q .. 'I i ' 1- 'tif' J... inn? ,ee ivy ,- 5 '7 Q'-AL-LilLY:jv.LA 44' .lx , - t .V - ,fl QL, .. i' ii N "w...s:. -. wx-.i'-si-i'-'M Page Ninetjr'-Tlzf'ee , 1 Q wi r .1 .- .1--.,i-0 s...n.L,f 3. , , i X 1 ,rs or G4ZOOL0GY" OR Wlien I first came to college A delicate child was Ig A spider made me jump and run, At mice I'd scream and cry. lfVorms turned my stomach inside out Fish made my blood run cold. But oh, the change this school has made NTHE 'Q REF ORMATION " Well, friends, the frog was finally I'd cut him every way! And then I sighed in great relief To see him thrown away. gone I thought I'd soon get back again To normal as beforeg But, oh, zoology's no pipe! To make this shy girl bold! Si V I had to learn some more. Y I signed up for zoology, ' ' ' This time 'twas sharks, those scaly fish Not knowing what 'twould beg U I ' A . ll?-lf filled ITIS' lleflff With dread, Not knowing how that subject vile ' 'K ' A CVCYYOUC IUUSY dissect them Would change poor modest me. - 2 f o 'Ii tail fin to the head. . X ' at . The prof. was kind and VCl'Y nice, i "" U after all thlS EOFIUFC The students seemed quite wiseg ffl he flwllgllf Still makes me Sflulfm- But Vvhen discussions were going on, V fl he next dissection that we made I'd blush and drop my eyes. if 215 011 Z1 Slimy Worm. And then one day the prof, he said, nd S0 YOU CPUUIOI W0ndCF "We'll start on frogs today, lil hi' mlb' delicate Child, So fret out your disecting sets ' - Y ' hd goes YO Cdlletle Shy and meek And start to cut avvay,"A ,I Becomes so bold and wild. J - 1, . Ah, shivers ran up and down my spine! Nrdfvesl lvly deaf, mY UCYVCS HFC goflel I shut my eyes and tried, lVIy eyes got wet-mv fingers hurt vllroni that vile formaldehyde. Oh, Froggie, how I cut you up, Dissecting every part! How ruthless was my scalple's blade That stole your very heart l Zoology cured my case. If Viscera you speak of, I will not hide my face. l'll handle sharks, I'll handle worms, I'll even handle mice, And if you need a frog doctor, You needn't ask me twice. For when I took Zoology, I learned my lesson then l'm quite convinced I'll never he The same, shy girl again. NELL LARSON. THE ROADRUNNER The roadrunner never considers his dinner Complete and sustaining, unless the old sinner Has eaten a rattlesnake, several mice, A centipedc, grasshoppers, sp Fat juicy horned toads he iders, and nice surprises while sunnmgg And lizards he easily snatches while running. Cicadas and bumblebees land in his g1zzard- CAt bringing down Hyers this bird is a WlZ2U'd.D I-Ie likes best of all the delic ious young rabbit- Before it can get to its hole he will grab it, So swiftly he races. his short wings outspread, He jerks his long tail as he dashes ahead. His coat is as speckled as Grandmotherls quilt, While Watching an object his head he will tilt, Pag Four And all of the while with his other keen eye Be looking out elsewhere, some victim to spy. By NANCY RICHEY RANSON. If W 0 It ll M f X ,.,..-'-" K HTHE RUMPUS IN THE COLLEGE CAFE A bunch of the boys were cussing it up In the College Caf one day. The punk that gathers the dishes up Had nary a word to say. Back of the bar where the checks are paid, Sat a blonde with eyes of blue, And she watch eir rp . , this fair young maid, The cashier Mimi ,aiu i A Then on a tigfiiflil - 'J ipu a 'ed, And all was fit .1 s ell, But you felt tha 3' s rm' to burst, And going to is 'ke hel il Then up jumps oo,o e col ge tramp, And raises up -tai I And HFriends," e., 'Yo all know me, But I don't giv a sr 'KI want to state my rds are straight And I bet my W o e wad 5c "' That this damned food, be it fried or stewed, Is more than six days oldll' I ducked my head and closed my eyes Wliile the knives and dishes flew, And the one that won, I'm a sunnava gun, Was the cashier known as Lou. -By Ben Romer. mY NEW fypEwf1TER i I-IaVE QD neW typEVVriteRg i liKE It vE1'Y mUCH, I Llkc Ti HEar the? kcYs gO tep! tQDpg anD i Llk- tO heAR tHe biflls RIng aS i lVIaKe iT g0 faST- i well taKE caRE oF iT In Thc winTER aNd iN th3 f-ll AnD mayBe somETimEs niit aT gll? i gOT It f-r mY B'rthdQy. I hPoe yoU XIke it two, YOur fRiEnDit Blll BerKMQQnn 34? The intelligence of college students of the junior and senior classes is shown in the intelligence tests: Gold Bug deals with the--l9'ers rush to California. Guliver was an early traveler in America. The goddess of Wisdom is Psyche. The Lady ofthe Lake deals with a story of Lake Champlain. Snowbound is the story of an arctic expedition. -'ff Chaucer's poetry was written in modern English. Page Ninety'-Fz'oe if Blue Shadows thru the night they surround me Making me blue as I can be, Blue Shadows melodies all around me What can I do, theylre haunting meg Tho I fear I love to hear those blue harmonies, For it seems those tender themes are just memoriesg Blue Shadows, why do those Strallge blue shadows Gather around me when night shades fall. -Raymond Klnges MYSTEIQY SHAIDCWS EALL, THE BLUE CE THE SKY IDEEDENS, SHIQCUD- INC THE EAIQTH IN MYSTEIQY. WHAT BCES CN UNDEI2 THAT CLCAIY CE DAIDIYNESS IS IN A DIQEAM WCIQLD AS EANTAS- TIC AS EANCY ITSELE, AS DEIQEECT AS THE BLUE CE THE NIGHT, AND AT THE DICTATE BE VENUS AND THE MAN IN THE MOCN. SACIQED IQITUALS, SECIQET DASS' WCIQDS, DLEDCED LCYAL- TIES, EAII2 BEAUTY IN MASCULINE AIQMS DIQESENTS THE ESSENCE CE THE BIQEEIY LETTEI2 EIQATEIQNITY. BLUE, DEED BLUE, MYSTEIQIDUS BLUE, THE BLUE CE THE NIBHT. "H A ' 'z H 2 x K ,X , 0 ' v i l i ' 1 4 W 1 1 w x I , , w l E....,... Lk Q F 'z ., J ROCKWOOD AT NIGHT . 'lllfesllsllr lllrrrS5Q gLfl5Sl'llfIlrsWllll ll llsslallulll Wllllllll Plllll lll l'55l.r , reshmen ancl ohm! Y +.. l w l 1, .7 A in Cnrlftmas dance on . . lfvlallne. 413. ln :hs 1x,10m.M ' . ' , ' Sl2ile'.COllCgC to VIC J ,,r'AAf5, winll Dean Llllsixleg I ' 1 E m Contests - ue szurieur-Body soclulgi -- b Ilj- chafge' ' nd of Period of Pro ation fx-f f- vi ,, -, 5 - ,I 5. ,. ' , I lgiaiffwtgfwln 3 Lgrfgfllftnggfggcfgegg Near m Slzlte College r the incomlng freslnncn' lmcml mpclififl mem- Annual Test f' . ll'l lf' c..':-P ' ,gzrs of t-he Mews club of :lim R N lm" LA Of' ' 'fvllege wlll use the Y , , 35,23 rgvggqfgfjffg,Jgmggggg lBANQuET IS s c H E D U L E lf ,frg and'iLs- facilities next A Outage as ll-Sl WW-IE? club room' A "" ,rm Aglrglrt, october- 7, lu me if the hyeaiellvfllllh-. Offenders to Be Taken to Taslr Afhal. lhov plan to ma W1 pmsldem of mol ' VH Ch '. Sh A T-X - Q 'xibtcxr swf l'be nn charge of: ' eclrup ows ny , B-Dllllill partles of the ln - - 'lQEhl.E who ,mncdl ' V iolations V 1 wllegc. can 'allfornla Scholar-4 'Heaclccl hy .John Duvlsl DYE their high 501001 ll- vu., 5, nn: new in mi., -Bright, gmlles and cheerful "Heh com-. guests gf hgnoy' los", mark the presence of ag the club. nnrl Oscar 'l 'al CllIlll'll'l2'il'l. Club :xmn -- oi Women. Tu ' freshmen girls on the State coll ,Url-:ing on prfrparzrluna lm San Ysidr-of lege-campus during me last ' lxlr, which will inulxlcle of lJ:Rks of me gum mmamun leflfled A li. The appearance of fr-ierrmsi 511- Swlmmlfvgl SWNEY ss IS required of the new girl! boxing, and food, Th' -gg N .V H lmg with their green armbanqg, mm? handled bf" UPYWW ,S , I - gpart. of their start, in collegi- hlcl ls espcclally for the 'T' V XL '11 all men of the school. 5 V lj 'The Backwards ParLy," an sn.. mera, to raltcnd. Tlm 'Av' 1 N , ' ln women's -affair in me schoql wr. umrncclecl with tho cluli f 'D I klch Will be held October 2Q lllll nay. 15 Lhrowing: op:-n ltsr Y ' , I qollege dining hall, will mm-"L ,rllging to lhc men lor thu ' - -" ,Q xt lend of arbinrary rules for Lrg' WHS- fzcqlleie A al Clmrislnms H99 of -la e voomers. The party ls glvq: 'Bc-anlvs' Worn lx at me mplcicd - nnll , 'I . t Be in lex' the auspices of the Asst! xwlrl l'l-M1165 will be worn blk Ku 'gonflf has 'fo m me lnshtulvmn, 0 ' b pd Women Studenvs, of whlcif- jwn. and Irozahmen will be askqi I Qfnltll X 563509 Bmw ' -I Mgnledllxh Clkll-I 1s"Bet,ny Procmr ls president., 1 ' 'mfr mon' "beanies" and no wlllll' uL.Qe?S5u 'Od 'LDC wg: ' ,. bartlng with. the supper, whirl I .r corclumy trrousers, The t'1':mo?i S' me SCT' ', WN of than- most prominent. begin with desert Amd en' ' "1 illffll'-03055 filllll l'-'IU ' ww Us ng hom' mls ul E IF' on? ng of lhw vcar. Strrlecol-E soup, everything connectc: by :zo um-erm men from bc cgi, aww ,W-106 'Egm M isoclfd Plfxlrhb Wm ,mmcr-. rn ther the Dam, Wm. be Staged i .. .-rnphomnlw :incl the lreslnurl K0 Y wil bt unlll rlff'49fw 3 Clmmn-Yvlub Snluufdalrse orderq Freshmen wome l.-. 5 lu tho in A ' ' ' .maifx .gm W5 lM'm"'Clm heir Cllzrlalxnzxg iormiilg be required Lo wear mei evcnluf! fiff t lfifwmllihl-HPS '11 HN u -fm smrr at 9 backwards and lf nn- l-,-,prrt lncluclc the rl" Wm Tl? bell concluded in rms mail: ' mov with ' John fm to change dull Il-szxlzz, ian Winters. LDC-DZLYLY. Fin: 'HTC 5:0 co will be erformur., llzal Dnvis. Cecil P l" lima:-r 'Fulvbsz me being. wgmngl rvmrnlltcnj, Lulu? gg upperclgr ,wwlsg ClCC0l'Z1tl0!l5 Lqey are 111-, :ii-Ed. Dave Lewls. gre gag ,Q 'yr-:l Roamer. and Y nm, up 59 g J Q:-fresllnlenls. Nlartrxn I-1,135 made by me oldlg .WV-C WVM-52211 will be broug ' Nfl -7'-P'5""'J for "chasm r jlxr scjhools. ' ii' ln charge A ' '1 E especial supervll t Q C, f the comnggtfg: c lil ry Phoobe Ste N rreshn-len gl ,i Ru Lll Rlzor ani Osborne wlll atter ! f'illlG5 1 up afcrer Lhe party. ' rginiei O , 5. ' K 4- on Apens ' ,mil e . , ri Afrangvm Wmclow-, fl ""' -ul ' .-fl, ollvilfl Fmldenla W , will :ssl and Found" rleoartnmmg l ta! U-mljllxrxl llallmvc-gn celebration Christmas tree, and Q . g conducted by M1-5 h-my l 'nerlu funn nl 8 "hard i A , will havedcharlrf' ?i1ml'l'J w and Mrs. Paul J. Mill? U9 - I The 3 1 W 1 , .for the SIVCTS- '5 lam. office of lhe presldentz X I, Ce Samrclfllf evenmgwq Ciolet,lxffJOLLEGE will be floor msmrlger 001192-E. . The depaftme , ' wlll bf- held W L 31-NSE' A Thompson is hwfrllnsrls for me beneflt or rr fl lx mm and will start 3 ' ' ndvertlslrn? td I mes the college, handles 1 B :X ' , 4 ' cu p. roncsses 0 . j -. 1 cl'lBI'Q - 4 - d yi - . l zrsfbzz ::g..b2f'mafalF0R l,,QD,5AY NIGHT 'J2hi1'S2?m 226 , ff' V - " 'N mee, MASS 9 " N 4 ' " M3,d,r-MH!-ire ugpally called for , Cl-5" 'm 'l ' 1us we ef1PE"3lL.r,,l ., - E. A ?2f112i52Br vfibmwlfnm gg.,qgy,,gggl I 1 . "r'5'45'.l in , 11zsrr:25Rf' ' - WW'--A'-w'f'F+Eb1'f-wr -ll I V' L , x A er Dickenson Peacock McDav1d Rogers Fhompson l l Pafe One Hund1'ed Tfwo Tm- Mm, 1' W my ,,., TL..-3-E-5 v-rg r ,lp I-wr wg- 53 up ggiqlqulcfg-U3 -411-Nml. gpm f4l4'a,1,glb,,ex,cx5E,,-,,c 'lqmlf -ztllelfzlwlmne ejgglggssrfelelw fl Jw h A me lea was seryzd 'te ,ci , ffFOOTBALLl MENDANCE IS lcon EGF, Wu L lBACKWARDS llg1glSgIi15fGE PL ANNED .H AX E DANCE In honor of State college 100 Loming dance in honor 'jbnll players, who last week co College 81m-,mi and given Qllpleted the most successful seaso Student Bod-,v gf the .Qin the hlstory of the school, a co be held m Rockwood on fllege dance will be held ln Rocld evenmg at 3 30 oclock .lwood next Tuesday evening Thl W1-me thg affau- li to be i'C0ll8gB will be ln session only hahe-speclallx for the glacluate .got the clay on Wednesday, giving-WUUBUTS Of Q10 isoliesf -.ffthe students time to go home fo of me alumu W E fjthe Thanksgiving vacation, and thmfmm Dem, Mud,-ed pv1e 01 Qjdance will be held Tuesday nigh. Virginia Weber clmlrman :fans ex vacation send-o1'!"1'or l2he'5DClU-1 CONUHYLCG befor? the -9 . ' Students are asked to show lplayels' Student Bodv cards at the Fl Miss Virginia Weber is 111 chargl Music will be furnished ,gfof the arrangements for the dancefer Robbmg ,,,-cheery, 'iiwhloh will be 'a "cord and glng'r,ml Kwik Dr me M -Wham" affair. boys being re -lto attend ln corduroy tro ,fthe girls in gingham Ydres ,event will be called the " gclance. I The program oi the eve: ,Webczx Wesley Dlcklnson X gcharge of decorations. C "Vo ers will head the clean ibe under the direction glX:lll?t6'J'. rfvllnum vM'L',DAK'ld fthe floor manager, Ellzaby .cook will have charge of fments. and .Stuart .Thomy .handle the advertising. " 1 'Girls ol' State college f 5a "hard tunes" party in" .lege dining hull Saturda frhe party. which wlll'st :o'c1ock. will be under' the lslon of Miss Mary Camp. If As part- of the evening Qteinrnent. the girls will pl ko" and eat pie and lee cl : fordlng' to Miss Betty -.president of the Assocla lmen. "Hard times" czostxi ,be .the order of thc evc-nl ir al- , In the. home of 1721 0 9 Mlddl ton Brown of Miss Gibson Flsle ,Frances ET? cond HW en ' seyearu fqrsttglceose vm, 'Barham gm-day 8:30 55 on .helgogtm M.lfSSlon 08:7 hit 'kw will C as-he social event, me RM er ax-unn ummm OV' i 1vrollc." i 'im is the "Fa-1 ed l'2l.rnDU5 as t, several hlmdr '-'LD9'?wd'ma . , . .'-Mend. . 1. .. ,.-,.,lLw: ,. ---,,l-Y. - BARN DANCE DEAN PY'-E ball team players a dance v.lll befalumni of the school Entrance xe Bell have ggdsteen md M , i lk ir staged in Roclcvtood after the g'1me quirements will be strictly enforcecll plav Whleh ic ISM Darts 'next Frlclav night by the State,at this affalr according to Mxs ydaill- ln the S dug -W0 College Student Bf-'db lwebel students wlll be 1 + 8011901 Md ' the direction of Miss Vlrglnla. Weber college social committee chairman wll sf. rt at 1030 cloc fmackwo ollege Un 0 FOR A ORI TY ' i Five new members of Delta -Epsilon Wsororlty of State ,We1'9 1J18dged at cerem Monday evening ln the hom Jean Wodd WEY6 Lucille ,Laura press: olton B Jones or D nthea M ISS Had 'nlfnerl Cronise ssfnd EIMS, icatel ern: Alumni of Bgggma' Ch! fm- any A 2229 State sn, Kaufnz. Pool, Miss He' lf Lina, and Lovll and supf l l A , ll If Y, 1 i l neg-9 11P1d: . fV me Sfafevco .S dl 1 1 .:13:t5an':-'ual dance in Samarkm i , Mm E17 tl 1855 night- barge' - sms wx, Harriet T583 lho'e1 ncls Williems was in cgnede - gf the , ' Emily Ge V Abel,,g F115 lc was fl-lm l , members fraternities Were' mtl-mmolge Edwi of the affair' Mu? orchestra- 'mdf 'W S Prima and me various Holden-' Kathglda Vlfhf' by V19 Jmssfnsances were iw' 'Q Pledgeq by this vieek- 'ma Whiterfeggarbis. fseveml spmgvcning, I-db - l n me':z'3E M,-,ns held A exen3LHgfm,l mpsuong tures 018,229 Mrs, I3eHf0Yt,Lmz:1e,. V if .l lt the organ a k the' ln, De . Hahn FUTY ML. d al party a ests . - fi mm' Wg,3hbUYY1- Linth gerlain? d the SU , --ga Gamma. figsilfdltgllgeflplgdgesgritges and Kaufman. Laura. Silo!! toalglggipiigsekgnmc dancing! ggi: ofgahigidmiaei- Wsesngfblgrxl' ijgw members P0333 ggtgaqeploulwrgek uk uk 1 f V man' Wm W. , ' ln.: 'l an , smte CO' " ,Hinge er as 5952, - 2 amm,,..Kamh1em,?g:f T-Qnuny Kentn 1 'To adverllsc DOH' ff basketball' G I ho Mlmg. . SPP!-Vl - lr W . coulgag. pal- 3-nd the SC adm pro-l F 5"'?5'Z1i4.me1 Dagisl Sigma MphaBei1i?pB0E!:1tf1ES 'ms 5635226 aovxrer Station -of taiwan, ,Germlde Bf Cuuouzh- gains, Bqbl gram 'is Pfeixgrenq, state college ' May. . stanley HB.!'01d KDB by ll dl " dwevening-' . . - - . ,nemiflma Siem2"He1en Lam' cufulfl 'Chi-fm sorofliv ml? ,12U':,gl rm on if a1nzl E5'he'd illilfil' ePfffq,5Vi.fQfnve,eQQ'f we p'0E5as:50 Owgk-fn5'mi2? e Mudre Banker, + . mn the. 95 .gr 'nneaeta 0m'LHe1en clara V ' V' A Ni if awarded H Safe- , , -uigg 5- hmey Mgrcfirf tl' Q ,nil - St ,dent Acmv-V ,.....- Ltewhi Wise' -lflrub f V heitiggeliihiclg 'is lueadedl HELLENIC 3:22 ' Cl EVPSILGN HAS eV on il A , 7 l QP l I ' 'st NG mmil- and thi, To D .3398-Azalliamenz aiilzfgu L A S , ' Tlwtu 1' A A V P1 czmpzm- or neue slgm mps1-,ni2fQ?f state college 513255 . V 'KXXE , .-1011 national social sorority leave 'N-11ai1dS A university. ce the X. "" lub of A ' ' " srl" dinner last evenlfzs ' mon WW111 mmoun ek ' l awww Q e d H fm-mal. rp V A Ep. H ge game next we . n- wing 9, lari! 9 A pi, W Musa!-et 'wggylqr Inn: Mug co H, Chrmmn cnnege S. TI at L, iii ' we ' 1' the cal Tau l. wnigkrs and L Zeta MryA11ce Izant Ls, president 01' thenm be gdveriisffi bfogmmgp mem Y , d' , ' : - Ra .N V ad. , I .The his p wr attefl U De - an 1 phmp r- ,. , lslgma, t Delta' to will-92814 enmftfgkn at The dinner was served in U16 given by fifgghff Bcguegelk Wuohg afwfrfrcgn mhcifu, m, where a long tablelwi-Mains!! the' .,8- , D Tsimiem l Mrs- Th wmlldarroqilsensl W'1Gi'Jf'February N ere'w1f"' 'H Demd Tau spring-'Vflowerh the 5Dl'f!1'1tyU010i'S.Hox-Xe V nb W cream And Breen' M M15 SDH M154 'MB xss , ery W Jo Boxwgfern Cwxk' Young and 15 1 J 1' me Fred' .H B ugfggl lnum-uumX1x::uEZ' Mrs. mime! I, hm were gaven by Mm M 1 P I It V, l M55 A k 'R .1.'?v-17' an 61 wnomfl and " K f 'Mrs- 196 One Iifundrell' Fon" f. Mm. CHRISTMAS FOR l ,1 M UH P ts me 75 studen the Santa Barbara La Cumbre week! and class yoftlcers and tatlve- ,fraternity Isglfjelgubllcabz thetflfjt file College calete que night E CWSP D. 5 were 818013 elm' tate C0 for D e urmg Banquet AlyCe Murcia. Peteler Out of WW Rebecca B uso Ma , and EUJRUE Cm Helen Camllben ersfleld Sm Ventura, of the of the 81' Bak EV or were Arthur Jane Ann Fay Mar FOIA., an OAL' annual PIHYW' A hem an on My The ev nt sponsored by IG E thletic Msocifimfm 4 , heir conducted 08011 . , 1928. . ' ' ' ' ill be USU: , n the most impOI'b?.n8fQfJc18-l 152:31 Sgxghringstl: thc iden, - ot the collegelyezu- Yo: the Carried out in the DTOZIFZV Women' Students or- Elsie foo? rib: . - - ,ot 'the State! college. 5 S of I ' " et' t'o'fBe Hgld E or the college will 'gather for 3hcf1?fEdM,,u,i, . que .. Followed y annual H1-'I'ea.ln Ebbets din- Ad,-,.".H LQ Evenllliv D cing hall' at the school on Satur- ga:-et: Jon YM' 3. . Prog,-e1m, afternoong ix' . 5 Wise. Eva sCm.m,,: A." ,Q tea will last from four untlllcharlotte pod schedufgl ,ir I Q o'cloek in the afternoon. !Beatrlce dred. mformation 'v Exist of the women students ol',Rogers, - f . college will Include the faculty Jennings Fas, 'chec . ol the school and.the11"NRoblnSon. - ' santa Mana. and Yevflfufa get to be or husbands. parents of thet Oorsages. Jshlrley' Mex-gr college women llgvv :K students, house mothersfman: Margaret Keeley, E to attend --U'-' The the prominent soclal workers o! Mary Erickson, Nora LM., ' , 7 Barbara- Emily 'Ge-ldner. Harrlef P' ' . ' A, W. S. board, Betty.Proc-jglnla Sllcton and An! , tor. Irene O'Leary. Betty Awl.l' Cleanup, chalrmg - 5 mee Sbenr. Helen Neuman, Mary O'Leary: Barbara Wllll bucny Elsie. Tletz and Ca.rm'le1aleen Lane. Chlorls BL1 I ' I ' 'upublicitl' will be ln the recelvlnglbavls, Betty Greenwellgl ' 5 3 -nm, Barba-U' I Bree-dsteen, Betty May. l ilttmd the following faculty members Cummings, Esther Ibsen, 5 'feptesmtatiwf d new pour: Mlss Hazel Severy. Mrafand Mildred Mosher, Hole 'sqxagy gewspapers M will E. T. Croswell, Miss Wlnlfred er. Ellen Voss, Shirley Merc 'S Bl' - erq .1 The banqueta Miss Charlotte Ebbets, Mrs. and Constn.nce'Wlse, Eva f hingwn e Qbi Hkuguyglion of ness Phelps. Mrs. William Ash- Beatrice Kellenberger, Ma.Wa5 to B bag germ, staff! wh the worth, Mrs. Byron Abrahams. Mrs. Keeley, Nora Stephens, Ednal sary a Ba! ' Qaoungry Vhmugmiee, Mnnchee Barnett, Miss Flor- Harriet Rogers, Mary El, ' Sabi bubucny Wmmher, todi-Yvonne Clark. Dr. Elizabeth Bishop. Emily Gelclner, Ramona bm-,S to arrival the orga Mrs. Leonard Hodglns, and Miss garet Holden, Katherine the studenwit grgupl Allce Bradley. , Wilma Whltener, Hilda Amen- public y 01, music- The committees for the tea are 'Grace Glenn., Helen Gex-big ' A prosffmx and da as follows: ell Washburn H .gntertalnmendkmery but FODG. Helen Walker chalrm Hollow 5:1751 be cgnclll Lillian Niels Hgvghu , elen Furby , an: Kaufman, Laura Lind an en. Margaret Morgan, thy Poole. that tYRuLh Ezakl. Jenny Lind. Dorothea Publicity Is to be :eight 50109 e to at.tenf?Petersen, Evelyn Franlcforther. As- by Carmle 'Wm have Haan game 'll-la Cllngwrnld, wfxaa Brodie flese Tfkiouege Lu Uh Cromwell Christa Janssens: . Dalsy mont bg,-,Bet'.'i-"f11r:"f'f'f' , Melba Jeaz1Yl?51rker,..Pc': To " " 2 H0 lense - ' 57551935-j.,i2f23.'ll A' 3 SPRING SEMI FZZIZACI-One Hunrired FW' it L A C U M I3 IQ If 4, -I :I 1 I I Slater Holden Telford H. Whitmer Reeder Boardman Bush Peterson Shackelford Gerbig W. Whitner Glenn Abel Edwards ARETA Founded January 17, 1931 at Santa Barbara State College Gamma Chapter FALL OFFICERS SPRING Alma Shackelford .... ..... P resident ...... . . . Alma Shackelford lda Mae Reeder . . . . . . Vice-President . . . ...... Ida Mae Reeder Millicent Peterson .... Secretary .... .... B lillicent Peterson Viola Boardman .... Treasurer ..... .... V iola Boardman Corinne Bush . . . Pan Hellenic Rep. .... ..... C orinne Bush PATRONESSES llliss Frye 1VIiss Leonard llirs. Lincoln Ferris lVIEMBERS 1931 Alma Shaclcelford Rose Telford 1932 Pearl Slater Ida lVIae Reeder 1933 Corinne Bush llflillicent Peterson Grace Glenn Viola Boardman 4 Helen Gefblg 193 Ramona Abel Margaret Holden Page One Hundred Six Katherine Edwards FACULTY ADVISOR Katherine F. Ball Wilma Whitener Hilda Wllitener R g h ,. V 0 L U M If X I .V Vi.. 'iii ill - vw Miratti Rogers Blake Voss Erickson Geidner Bankers Keeley Wise Kellenberger Wise Mercer Stephens Corb Camp Petler Weber Hicks Hall Founded June 20, 1924 at Santa Barbara State College FALL OFFICERS SPRING lVIary Camp . . . ...... President ...... . ..... lVIary Camp Virginia Weber . . . Vice-President . . . . . . Virginia Weber Lucille Hall .. .... Secrelary .... .... L ucille Hall Alyce Corbin . . . . Treasurer . . . .... Alyce Corbin Virginia Weber Virginia Weber .. Rush Captain Pan Hellelzic Rep. . . . . PATRON AND PATRONESSES Virginia Weber Virginia VVcber lVir. and lllrs. Phil. Bradley lVIrs. Peteler V lWiEMBERS 1931 llflary Camp Virginia Weber 1932 Lucille Hall Ellen Voss Alyce Corbin Edna Blake 1933 llflary Hicks Shirley lVIercer Helen Banker Emily Geidner 1934 'K Clara Wise Harriet Rogers Constance Wise llflargaret Keeley Mary Erikson Beatrice Kellenberger Nora Stevens Eva Miratti I , Q V I EA F QL b Lftfii-2 A531553 Page One Hz4nd1'ed Seven 1.1-l wi, T..,. I. A C U M I3 IQ If . 4" -fm 1-Ty fo'-:rg-. 3' ii U! . t 'l-1' iv' " '- . 1' ..l i--1--f--V---.ftl..-if .. ..,.YY- . lu ...A-I ., R -' E A.: ,, -- 1 1 I, -'N Davis Teal R. Greenwell M. Miller , May Brcdsteen Gibson Smith Abraham Kelley C. Mason Peacock Janssens Faris Tietz Cornwall B. Greenwell WVilson Merritt Rodriguez Johnson Davens Founded October 6, 1927 at Santa Barbara State College FALL OFFICERS SPRING Ella Cornwall . . . Helen Smith .... Charlotte Faris .... Margaret Wilson . . Dorothy 1VIay Gibson Rose Greebnwell Elsie Tietz ....... ......President . . . . . . Vice-Presizlelzt . . . . . . ........ Secretary ...... . . .. . .. . . Corresponding Secretary . . . ... . . .... Trez1surer....... Social Chrzirmalz .. i l ..... Pan Hellerzic Rep. ..... . . . . Ella Cornwall ...... Helen Smith Charlotte Faris lVIargaret Wilsoii Dorothy lVIay Gibson Rose Greenwell i ..,.. Elsie Tietz PATRON AND PATRONESS 1VIr. and lVIrs. Byron Abraham lVIEMBERS 1931 Charlotte Carroll Faris lVIarie llliller Jocelyn Kelly 1932 Carmelita Janssens Ella Cornwall Helen Smith Elsie Tietz 1933 1VIarjorie Johnson Frances lVIerritt Rose Greenwell 1934 Ethel Davis age O n e Betty Greenwell HoNoRARY lVIEIN1BER Georgiana Brown Hund1'ed Eight Nlargaret Wilson Alma Rodriguez Dorothy Nlay Gibson Elizabeth Peacock Charlotte llflason Betty lVIay Nancy Davens Gertrude Bredsteen V Dr I. U M E X I , .- - ., 1 .1 . , 1 r r . . - . , 1 . , , i., .- cw I ' ' --tv -vi -i-1 ,,. ..,w,,,..f..--.1-,f-i -mqri' .- -1 L - . i ii .- 1 ' 2 v 0 O'Leary Young Wadley Iones, B. Dye Aclams lzant ,Peterson Leonard Ballentine Cromse Robinson Hudgins Jones W. Thacker Wood Leech A Naumau Linn Albaugh W'3SllbUfll Furby Kaufman ,Poole Barnes Founded May 23, 1925 at Santa Barbara State College Pi Chapter of National Social and Educational Sorority FALL OFFICERS SPRING Alice lzant ........... Dorothea 114. Peterson .. Frances Leech .... Helen Nauman . . . Jean VVood .... Bettie Jones ...... lrene O'Leary .... hdorjorie Ballentine ...... hir. and M Eleanor Barnes Alice lzant Frances Leech lVIary Louise Dye Bettie jones A 1VIerle Adams lVIarjorie Ballentine .......Pre.vident...... . . . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . . . Recording Secretary . . . . . Corresjzondirzg Secretary Treasurer . . .. Clzaplain . .. Sergeant . r. ....,..... Hzstorzan....... PA1'izoNs AND PATRONESSES rs. C. L. Phelps 1VIr. a IVIEMBERS 1931 Helen Nauman Dorothy Cronise Rosamond Young 1932 Winifred Jones Mildred Robinson llflary Louise Wadley 1933 Louise Albaugh Dorothy Hodgins Irene O'Leary 1934 . . Alice lzant ea 114. Peterson . ..,..... Frances Leech . . ..... Helen Nauman . ..... Jean Wood ........ Bettie Jones . ........ Irene O'Leary . . . Doroth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Marjorie Ballantine nd lWrs. Hal Davis Florence Thacker llfiary Hill Helen Furby Dorothea NI. Peterson H Jean Wood Lowell Washburn Lucille Kaufman D Laura Lind Dorothy Poole 1 S If Page One Hu1zd1'ed NZ'7ZE N ev qi L A C U M I3 I2 If 4 1 i T I I Leonard Horsey I-Iigbie XValker Peterson Maxwell Stanley Doolittle T yl C 5 B' lei' Lane hlyers PHI KAPPA GAMMA Founded October 21, 1924- at Santa Barbara State College FALL OFFICERS SPRING Doris Stanley . . . .... President . . . . . . . Jeanette Taylor Jeanette Taylor Vice-President . . . Virginia Horsey Viola Petersen . . ......... Secretary . . . .. . Bettie Higbie Helen Walker . . .......... Treasurer . . . . . Helen Walker Katherine Coy . . . .... Corresponding Secretary . . . . . Doris Stanley Betty Higbie .. Doris Stanley cL"Xl M S , Page One Hundred Ten ,xr ', 25.99 Pan Hellenic Rep. . . . . PATRONESS ES ll'flEMBERS 1931 Viola Petersen 1932 Helen WValker Kathryn Coy 1933 Jeanette Taylor Sally Leonard Betty Higbie Kathryn llflyers 1934 Chloris Bixler Kathleen Lane . .. Bettie Higbie Mrs. Ruth Doolittle Virginia Horsey N legit A V 0 I. IJ M If X I ,..,, ,W , r-1. , .ll v P '-. 4, ' i V, , Johnson Robison H. Barnett M. Barnett McCallister Iigergian Awl Cole Peterson Procter Cochran hillcllllllllll g M. Mosher Ibsen C. Mosher Fent TAU GAMMA SIGMA ' Founded September 22, 1924, at Santa Barbara State College FALL OFFICERS SPRING Dorothea E. Peterson .... ..... P resident . . . . . . Dorothea E. Peterson Nlargaret Jigergian . . . . . . lfice-President . . . . . Margaret Jigergian Nlildred Johnson . . . ........ Secretary ....... .......... B etty Awl Dorothy Robinson . . ......... Treaszzrer ........ . . . Dorothy Robinson Betty Awl ........ Corresponzling Secretary . . . ......... Betty Awl- lVIargaret Barnett . . . Phyllis Cole ..... Thelma Fent .... Anita Cochran .... Social Chairman ...... Publicity Clzairman . . Pan Hellenic Rep. .... . Rush Capiain ........ . . . Margaret Barnett .. . . . . . Phyllis Cole . . . . Doris lVIcAllister . . . . Anita Cochran PA'rRoNs AND PATRON Esses lWr. and lVIrs. A. Barnett lVIr. and lWrs. E. Awl NIELVIBERS 1931 Dorothy Robinson Doris McAllister 1932 y lVIildred Johnson Anita Cochran Betty Procter Margaret Jigergian 1933 Dorothea E. Peterson Betty AW1 llflargaret Barnett Thelma Fent Phyllis Cole Constance Mosher 1934 Helen lVIcCummings T I3 S Esther Ibsen HONORARY lVI1zMBER Nlrs. Hodgins Pa Mildred ltiosher 1 f alllllfsis fl ge One Iilundrea' Eleven f 'B' L A C U M I3 IQ If ull! ll- JWQ1 . ' in ,, A w i ni 1 Yeoman Day lliclcman Johnson Mead H. Denno G. Greenough Polard Foss Hopkins Powers R. Denno Trelozn' Colton Stewart Ritchie Walker Kent F. Greenough lflatliaway Dornan Sawyers Dolman E. T. Smith Nieclermuller E. XV. Smith Russell FALL Ralph Johnson ...... . . Lawrence Pollard Charles Ritchie .. Paul Hopkins . .. Walter Powers , . . .. . . V 1 ll QDQX 4 P if SX QZPJDWS l X Cecil Hickman Lawrence Pollard Robert llieade Tad Foss Harry Denno Paul Hopkins Walter Powers Nelson Treloar BETA SIGMA CHI Founded January 23, 1924 at Santa Barbara State College OFFICERS ... President . . . . . . Vice-President . . . ... Secretary .... . . Treasurer . Social Chairman . SPONSOR lVIr. Earl Walker NIEMBERS 1931 Ralph Johnson Charles Ritchie Claude Yeoman 1932 James Kent Victor Colton 1933 Tom Mahoney Bud Carlston George Greenough Hugh Barnett SPRING . . . Charles Ritchie .. . Cecil Hickman . . . Walter Powers . . . . Victor Colton . . . Gilbert lVIartin Wilber Day Gilbert R-'Iartin Fred Greenough Clifton Russell Ted Niedermuller Donald Stewart Tom Dornan Bill Allerdyce " 1934 Harry Killian JCSS H21fh21W11Y Elvin Smith Ernie Smith Robert Sawyer George Dalman Clark Schooler .ll I 'gilllfbelii i Page One I-Iundrea' Tfwelfve N- 'wk V 0 I. U M If X I . .Y . ,,., , 1 ,,. ,...,..5,YA --7 .,, x '. 1 ii i , l lzckart Thiclzaud Britton Coleman H. Goodfneld Larson 0 Rlully Harriett Carr Buck Dickenson Thompson Paggeot MoTav1sl1 Brown VVatson L. Gooclheld Goble R. Winters McDavicl I orter McClain Bell Curlney Mauney McCullough S. l,Vinters Founded January 23, 1924 at Santa Barbara State College FALL OFFICERS SPRING Lewellyn Goodfield .. Ned Porter ......... Stanley Carr ...... Lovell Paggeot ..... Wesley Dickenson . .. Dudley Buck Stanley Carr Daniel Britton Everett Brown Stewart Adler John Anderson Wesley Dicken John Eckart L I T SOYI .....Pres1dent...... . . Vice-President . . . . .. Secretary .... . . . . Treasurer . . . . . Social Chairman . . . SPoNsoR Kenneth Goble RRI EMBERS 1931 Lewellyn Goodfield Lovell Paggeot 1932 Walter Barnett Warren Coleman Fred Pierrucci 1933 A Harold Goodfield William lVIcDavid Dave Larsen Emmett lNIcTavish , 1934 Bob Winters Page One Hu1zd1'ed Tlzirteen Lewellyn .Goodfield . ........ Ned Porter . . . . . . Stanley Carr . . . . Lovell Paggeot Wesley Dickenson David Watson Stanley Winters Stewart Thompson Harold lllanney Ned Porter Bernard O'Reilly Nils Thiebaud Archie Way L A CMWM I3 IQ If if , -1 i 1 ., 1 , r Bredsteen Wade Reader Davis Tubbs Casier Romer Canfield Williamson Lewis Bush Imes l-Iabriek Van Winkle Tice Eaves Jacobs Cutler Greeson Hillman Coultas Kirkpatrick Waterman Cochran 1-lughes Keating Founded April, 1927 at Santa Barbara State College FALL OFFICERS SPRING Fred lmes ..... Ben Romer ...... Cleave Hillman .... Cleave Hillman .... George Cutler ,... ... .. President .... . . Vice-President . . . Secretary Treasurer . . . . Social Chairman . . SPONSOR Mr. Harrington Wells M EMBERS . . . . . . George Cutler .. llrlartin Bredsteen . . . Cleave Hillman . . . Lorenz Greeson . . . . John Davis 1931 Fred lmes George Cutler John Davis Vernley Tice Lewis Reeder Edmund Haberek Albert Wade 1932 James Williamson Boyd Canfield Chester Tubbs lllartin Bredsteen Charles Van Winkle Albert Eaves Howard Bush 1933 Ben Romer Lorenz Greeson Dave Lewis Roger Casier Robert Hughes Cleave Hillman 1934- Thomas Keating Elbert Cochran Dick Waterman Douglas Kirkpatrick Jimmy Coultas S l'lONORARY M EMBERS Mr. Soules Mr. Azrthur Smith Page One Iifundrea' Fourteen VDLUME Xl Izant Camp Pct:rson Pyle Tifrlz Bllsh PAN HELLENIC OFFICERS Elsie Tietz ,,,,,, .,........ I 'resident ....... .. ..,.... Delta Zeta Delta Alice Izant ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,, ,,,,.,. , V ice-P1'esia'enf ............ Delta Sigma Epsilon Mary Camp ,,,,,,.,..,, , ,.,, Secivtzzry-T1'er1.r1zref .... ........ A lpha Theta Chi Dorothea Peterson ...... .... C hm. Judicial Comm ......... Tau Gamma Sigma Doris Stanley ,.,.,...,.... ..,... R ep1'e.ve1zfzzii'Ue ...... ...... P hi Kappa Gamma Alma Shacklcford .,.............. Repre.ventaz'z've ................................... Areta The Pan-Hellenic society is composed of two representatives from each social sorority on the campus, one being the president, the other an elected representa- tive. Meetings of this organization are held the third Tuesday of each month. Here matters that concern all the affairs of the sororities are discussed, such as matters of rushing and matters of general policy in order to promote uniformity and fair play in social competition. This year a new sorority was formed on the campus, namely, Areta, Gamma chapter. This is a national sorority wi h the original chapters found at the Uni- versity of California at Berkeley and at Los Angeles. The only social event held under the auspices of Pan-Helenic is the formal dance held the last month of the Fall semester. This year the dance was held at the beautiful Samarkand, Elsie Tietz was in general chargeg Irene O'Leary, in charge of the dance programsg Dorothea Peterson, in charge of the music which was furnished by Victor -Ianssen's Orchestra. The Pan-Helenic Code of Ethics is as follows: l. To cooperate with the college and the administration. 2. To refrain from discussing sorority disagreements. 3. To obey both the letter and the spirit of any agreement made the college or the association. 4. To conduct rushing as inconspicuously as possible, to keep all rush rules both in the spirit and the letter of the law, and to make the lines of demarcation between sorority and non-sorority girls as slight as possible. 5. To refrain from speaking disparagingly of any college girl. 6. To so regulate our personal conduct that it will conform at all times wi accepted standards of good breeding. Page One Pfundred Fifteen QQ' l- Q4 fp it ff-ig - ,Q xlaxl X ALMA MATED Hail! Alma Matter fair! A song to thee We raise. VVhile one and all, obey they call And rise to sing thy praise. Thy name increase in glory! Reign forevermore! And loyalty shall ever be Our Watchword as of yore. Raise thy colors, float them proudly Earth shall know thy fame! While mountains, hills, and dales re-echo Alma Matei',s name. WISDDM DIQUTE STDENGTH--A MIGHTY EDDGE--A DDWEIQ THAT GIQUSHES, THAT IS EEAIQED AND HATED! WISDDM-A MIGHTIEIQ EDIQGE-A DDWEI2 THAT ENLIGHTENS, THAT IS LDVED AND IQESDECTED! MEN HAVE LIVED THIQDUGH WISDDM AND MASTEI27' DE MIND AND, THDDUGH THIS DYNAMIC DDWEI2, HAVE DIQDIYEN DDNDS DE SLAVEIQY, EDUNDED GIVILIZATIDNS, AND GIQEATED DEMDGIQADI ES. WISDDM, THAT GIQEATEST DE IDDWEIQS, MUST DE TEM- DEIQED WITH IYINDNESS, GUIDED DY JUDGMENT, AND USED EDD DDDGIQESS. IQDYAI. DUIQDLE SYMDDLIZES THIS WISDDM! l 'ai E E ,H , AIRPLANE VIEW OF STATE 1' 2 L A C U M I3 I2 E Y , W' i .is , :JNL 04.4 . 'F it 2 DIQESIDIZNT CLAIQENCE L. DHELDS President Clarence L. Phelps, although a Californian, reflects the quality of the Southerner in thought and ac- tions. Slow of thought, and afraid of the outcome of snap judgment, he purposely deliberates long over each decision he makes. Once the decision is made, however, he is in- clined to plunge headlong into his undertakings and duties with absolute disregard for his own physical welfare and without so much as a thought to the drain on his already limited time. Although an ardent listener, he is not easily swayed by the opinions of others. I-le exerts an influence, unobstrusive yet forceful, on those with whom he has to deal. The power he possesses is exerted quietly in working for the improve- ment of the college, and not inclined to display it before students, few really know the extent and strain of his mani- fold interests. He takes a great interest in clubs and is a member of several honorary societies, organizations studying school curricula, and also the University andsRotary clubs. For him, everyday life is far from being serious or too monotonous, perhaps because of his extreme interest in the replica of the "Alley Ranger's" club house that his sons have built. And his idle hours are usually spent working in his garden, finding joy in doing so, VVith eyes focused beyond the horizon, his hopes, vis- ions, and ideals center on the day when Santa Barbara State shall attain greater perfection and fame. Such a man is president of State. V U L U M If X I X68 if w bl .42 M I' , Q in 1 Y N7 X4 1 LA C.UMI3IQE I .. . ,r1 l Arcl1itect's Sketch of Proposed Athletic Field PROPOSED NEW ATHLETIC FIELD The present legislature is making available 5El00,000 for the purchase of additional land to add to the pres- ent college site, It has long been felt that unless addi- tional land could be secured, the future growth of the college would be materially handicapped. lt is now pro- posed to secure twelve or fifteen acres of land nearby, the primary purpose of which would be to locate gymna- siums for both men and women, together with an out- door swimming pool, as well as to provide play areas for the women of the institution who have hitherto been Q much handicapped in this respect. These fields will be carefully laid out and developed and the whole tract will be carefully landscaped to present as attractive a development as possible. It is difficult to estimate the value of such an improvement to the college. It will make possible the enlarging of the institution to the number of some 2,000 to 3,000 students. New students will feel a greater satisfaction in the institution due to this new acquisition, although its development will necessarily have to be somewhat gradual. Davis From the students standpoint the swimming pool is to be very popular, as all enjoy swimming whether excelling in that sport or not, and here in Santa Bar- bara it will make possible an all year round activity. Swimming classes will no longer have to be held at night and an indoor pool used. Regulation courts and fields for all sports will be provided thus saving val- uable practice time that is spent in waiting for available fields from outside sources. P. E. majors both men and women will greatly benefit and the addition will standardize their courses. This splendid and attractive new athletic field will bring into reality another of the plans for the development of Santa Barbara State College. .la , Page One H11,nd1'ed Tfwenly-Four 12.1 '59 ill, . -is, V U L IJ M If X I ,-Xrchitect's Sketch of New Science Building SCIENCE BUILDING Every new building on the college campus is an asset to the institution. However, certain ones coming at certain times have more strategic value than others. This is particularly true of the new building which is soon to be placed on the northeast corner of our college campus replacing the old cafeteria building and the music bungalow. This will be the long-sought Science Building which will make possible the fuller devel- opment of our science work by the opening of addi- tional space for other lines of work due to the removal of the science work from the old main building. The new building will correspond quite closely in architec- l tural design to that of the new Home Economics Build- B ing and will complete the enclosure of a new court Semy which will be landscaped in the near future. The building will contain laboratories for the various sciences usually included in undergraduate work and will be equipped with offices, storerooms, lecture rooms, a solarium, and an animal room. The building should easily be completed within the coming school year. THE NEW TRAINING SCHOOL The College Elementary School, comprised of the Hrst six grades with an en- rollment of one hundred thirty children, is located on the campus. Its temporary buildings are to be replaced by a modern structure in keeping with the new architecture on the campus, The site selected overlooks the city and ocean beyond, and gives one a view of the stately mountains in the rear. Seventy thousand dollars has already been appropriated for the Hrst Wing which will house the kindergarten and Hrst three grades. Plans are being drawn incorporating the best features in the newest elementary school buildings. They provide sufficient space for the constructive work of chil- dren, such as floor projects, peep-shows, industrial art, and exhibits of work pro duced by the children. f y There will be a court in which the Kindergarteners may enjoy their play a paratus, care for their pets, or hoe and weed in their gardens. gf . . . . , Time and effort will not be spared to make the physical environment of th school one conducive to the development of the highest type of young America T citizens. il Page One Hurzdred Twenty-Five 'gl' afiir.: ll Ag I. A C U M I3 D E l WILLIAM ASHWUIQTH DEAN OE MEN A man among men is Dean Ashworth. He not only works with the men but plays with them as well. Dean Ashworth is actively interested in dramatics, working with the Community Players and the College Players. He is sponsor of the Men's Club and as Dean has charge of the housing of the men. Under his direction James Kent has this year conducted an employment bureau which has been a source of help to many. Sev- eral thousand dollars worth of work have been handled through the efforts of both Dean Ashworth and james Kent. Dean Ashworth Dean Ashworth is Dean of the Lower Division and head of the English De- partment. His courses are made interesting by his pleasing personality and his clever witticisms and prove popular with both men and the co-eds on the campus. Always ready to give freely of his store of knowledge and his advice at any time, Dean Ashworth is a popular member of our administration. MDS. IIQENE W. CLUW SECIQETAIQY TO THE DIQESIDENT Information of any sort may be obtained from Mrs. Clow. Everything from answering the unimportant phone calls to caring for the most important State cor- respondence is done by this most obliging person. Though M1's. Clow came to Santa Barbara State College in 1922 she has not been with us all the con- secutive years following. She fills the office of Secre- tary to the President, and has to aid her in her work Mrs. Marnie S. Miller who cares for the routine of office duties. Mfs- Clow Every year the State College publishes a catalog giving information of the courses offered and other facts concerning the school which are of importance to prospective students. In l930 this catalog was pub- lished by her. The important duty of keeping many of the details of administra- tion from the President is carefully fulfilled by her. The lost and found depart- ment is under her direction, as well as the handling of incoming and outgoing ' Y mail. YQ' With her versitility, Ml'S. Clow has aided a composer with a new college ' TX! ong and has served as advisor to debate judges in the elementary school. Her I cheerfulness and ready helpfulness have endeared her to both students and fac- lty, while her efficiency has made her invaluable to Santa Barbara State. 10 1 1 k: is Page One Plundrea' Twenty-Six V 0 L U M E X I MDS. MILDIQED C. DYLE DEAN OE WOMEN A smile might be said to characterize the Dean of VVomen-a smile that is always there despite daily, even hourly, problems that confront her. In her seven years here Dean Pyle has become an integral part of State. As a friend of all the students and particularly of the women students her influence is far-reaching. Always lending her whole-hearted assistance to any project that furthers the development of State and sup- porting the activities of the students with enthusiasm and vigor are but examples to illustrate the character of her many duties. As Dean of Women she is closely connected with all the affairs of the women students and always do they find her an interested ad- visor and helpful mediator. Serving as the link between the housemothers and the administration she brings the townspeople into closer relationship with the college and makes them see and appreciate our school on the hill. She is outstanding in her example of upholding the standards of the college and is an inspiration to her fellow-workers. Mrs. M. C. Pyle MDS. JANE C. AIBIQAHAM IQEGISTIQAIQ The life, pep and personality of college activities is largely reflected in Mrs. Abraham, friend and wil ling helper of every college student. Mrs. Abraham is an active and vital force in keep ing the spirit up during the Summer School session. Instead of being looked upon as a drudge it is now con- sidered a pleasant way to spend the vacation. For almost twenty years Mrs. Abraham has been affiliated with the college. In l9ll she took up her duties which included the keeping of the accounts, the positions of social secretary, oflicial guide, and coun- selor, and stenographic, placement, and alumnae work. became President of the college in l9l8 Mrs. Abraham's title was changed from General Secretary to Registrar. Through her hard work and untiring efforts Mrs. Abraham has gained suc- cess. One ofthe most helpful phases of her work DOW is that of Appgintment Secretary, whereby she finds positions for graduating students. All State students appreciate her efforts in doing the best that can be done for them. Mrs. Abraham When Clarence L. Phelps if w bl li 4,051 . KX Qi. " 4 Page One Pfzmdrea' Twenty-Sefven - fs-- I A A - .ffug Allred Ball Lowsley Menkcn Miller Barnett Leedy Willits Ellison Ncttles Maxwell Goble Davis Bradley Ehbets Churchill Clark Frye Robson Ramelli Price Lyzms ADMINISTRATION PHELPS, CLARENCE L. .... ......................... ............................. P I 'Miderlf JACOBS, CHARLES L. ........ ......,............... . .............. D ran of Ujzpw' Di-vision ASHVVORTH, VVILLIAM ..... Dnm of Illmz, Dfan of Lofwer Dilvixion PYLE, MILDRED C. ........ ..................... D fan of Ilfamwt ABRAHAM, JANE M. .... .............. R rgixtrar ALLRED, FRED L. ........ ............. C omfftroller CLOW, IRENE VV. ......... .... S frreiary to Pre.ridmzI LOWSLEY, WILMA ...... .... ..... F i nanfia1S1'n'c'1z1ry MENKIN, VVILHELMINA ..... .... S ecrrtary io Rfgistrllr MILLER, MAMIE S. ........ ........ O fire ,flnigfdnl XNILLITS, ORA L. .... ............ ....... .... ............ ........ H e a 1 i of C0-011 Sion' SOCIAL SCIENCE ELLISON, WILLIAM H., B. A., M. A. ............................ ...H1'aa' of Sofia! Srienre Dept. WBRADLEY, HAROLD W., B. A., M. A. .... ................... ....,............ S 0 rial Sfimzfe NETTLES, H. EDWARD ........ ..... . .. ............... ............... S ocial Sfifnce ENGLISH ASHVVORTH, WILLIAM, B. A., M. A. ....... ............... . .... I ffad of English Depl. DAVIS, MARIE J. ............................ ...... ...... ................ E 1 1 glish MAXVVELL, VVILLIAM, B. A., M. A., Ph. D. .... . ....... ........ E nglfsll GOBLE, KENNETH. .............................................. ............. ..... J 0 urnalisni HOME ECONOMICS EBBETS, CHARLOTTE P., Pratt Inst. ...... ..... ...............,.. .... H 4 ' ad of Harm' Errlnomifs Dept. BRADLEY, ALICE, B. S. ............... ......... . . ........... ................. I lame' EL'07l0lIIil'S v , CHURCHILL, EDITH, B. A. ......... ............... I lomf' EC07l0lIlit'5 . N' CLARKE, FLORENCE, B. A., M. A. .. ..... Homz' Economic: K FRYE, WINIFRED, B. s. ............................. .....,.. ....... 1 1 07110 Eronomic: k EDUCATION JACOBS, CHARLES L., B. A., M. A., Ph. D. .................. .... I had of Education Dept. Q BISHOP, ELIZABETH, B. S., M. A., Ph. D. ...........,, ,,,.,,,.,,. ,...,,,,,,,,,, E d ligation I' CARSON, LEWIS C., B. A., M. A., Ph. D. ............. ............ ..................... I f d1ll'I1fi0ll ." FOREIGN LANGUAGES Q -4' P RAMELLI, EDA, B. A., M. A. . .. .............. ............... . ..Read of Modern Language Dept. if Y ROBSON, CHARLES ........, .......................... ................ M 0 dm. Language l-A kLeave of Absence li.. ,. N ' X, Pa e One Hu'ndv'ed Tfwent -Ei hz 9 y 9 'lil lk A1 Maurer Leonard Bishop Iacohs Carson Rust Ericson VVernez' Croswell Kebely Doolittle Fish Camp Severy Peters Walker Plate NVells I-Ioclgins Dozier Davis Trimble MUSIC BARNETT, HELEN M., B. A.. . . . LEEDY, CLIFFORD, B. A. .... . ART CROSVVELL, MARY E. T., Pratt Inst.. .. ..... .. . .. CAMP, AUSTINE, VVellesley College .......... DOOLITTLE, RUTH, B. A. .................... . FISH, ISABEL M., Boston Museum of Fine Arts... . .. . . . KEBELY, FERDINAND ...........................,.......... SCIENCE SEVERY, HAZEL VV., B. S., M. A., D. Sc. O. .................. . PETERS, WILLIAM, B. A., M. A., M. S. . . . .. PLATE, AGNES, B. A., M. A. ............ .. VVALKER, EARL, B. A., M. A., Ph. D. ................. , ........... , WELLS, HARRINGTON, B. A., M. A. ................................ .... . PHYSICAL EDUCATION DAVIS, HAROLD, B. S., M. A. .... .............................. .... I I md o DOZIER, HELEN ............... ............................ ......... TRIMBLE, LEON, B. A. ............. . fVAN FOSSEN, GLADYS, B. A. .... .............................. . HODGINS, WINIFRED, B. S. ..... .................................. ........ . INDUSTRIAL EDUCATION ERICSON, E., B. S. ........ ..................................... H ead of GRIFFIN, FRED L., B. A. ..... ............... ............... .......... . WERNER, SCHURER O., B. A. .... RUST, VVILLIAM ............. ................. ELEMENTARY EDUCATION PRICE, LAURA S., B. A., M. A. ..................... . 'BURKE, MARGARET, B. A. ....................... . LEONARD, EDI'l H, B. A. ............. . MAURER, NETTIE A., B. S., M. WPOND, ELSIE, B. A., M. A. ......... . WVVORMSER, ROBERT, B. A. ...... . +Leave of Absence ..,.Head of Music Dept. Muxir . . . .Head of.f'1rtDept. lffeafving .-lr! flrl .-lrl . ...Head of Sfiencz' Dept. . . . .MalhfmaIir.v, Physirs Physiology Chemistry . . . . . .Biology and Zoology f Physical Eduralion Depf. . . . . . . .Physicial Edzzmlion . .... 'Physicial Education . . . .Physicial Edumtiorz . . . .. . -Physidal Eduration Induslrial Education Dept. ...IVoodfworh, Sheri Metal flrchiledzlral Dra-1.uing Industrml lzducaimn Head of Flrmenlary School College fllmentary Sfhoo College Plzrlzentary School College Junior Ilmh Tclool X College Ju-moz Ilwh Sfhool "l':- w bl if Wari- fffffffflffffffn ffff. 91, . 'Xl .....c011.qyf ezfmfnmfy Sfhoolgtf Q g , .Q , 4 4 .-, Page One Hundred Twenty-Nine L A C U M I3 IQ If ASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY As the year 1930-31 draws to a close, we of the student body may well look back with no uncertain pride on our accomplishments. Starting off the year with the greatest spirit ever displayed in our school, our teams, band, rooters swept on to victory, some- times being turned from our ultimate goals at the last step. Thus we have progressed throughout the year, and sometimes the laurel wreath has been ours, other times we have had merely the sight of victory. We have been experiencing a period of reorganiz- ing growth at our institution. Of necessity, there must Watson be many changes in government, administration, and management to serve morefully the requirements of a growing student body. With the continuance of this same spirit of enthusiasm and cooperation, we shall go3far toward the fuller perfection of our student government, student scholarship, and student life on the campus of Santa Barbare State College. It is with no little re- gret that we, your officers, put down our tasks and wish most hearty success to the future of the student body. DAVID WATSON, President, dssociated Student Body. Day Chamberlin Procter Severy Pyle Ashwoffh avis etersou Niedermuller NVcber Eaves n an Win - e Peacock Roclehaver Bishop Cornwall Dickenson i fl, ' X Page One Hundred Thirty' QQ? If D P R L' V kl 3...-wi fi VULUME XI STUDENT AFFAIRS COMMITTEE Each year this group has to be reorganized to meet current demands. The First showing of the campus spirit started dur- ing footbball season, as do many things. A rally was held at Pershing Park following a parade in which all sororities, fraternities, and classes entered floats, and a prize was awarded to Alpha Theta Chi Sorority forthe best float. Then, it was the duty of this organization to have full control of every home football game, to wrap each gate post with the college colors, and also to pro- vide entertainment between halves. At the Hrst home game, which was with Cal Christian, the entire lighting Wesley Dickenson system of the park was turned out during the half, and elaborate fireworks pro- ceeded at the end of the field, a red UC" and a green "S" burned for several min- utes while the entire grandstand sang and cheered. Due to an over-night mishap, the annual bonfire rally, which is held on the east beach was given up, but a rally was held in the college auditorium. Also, during the homecoming game with Oc- cidental, this organization sponsored our band which performed during the half in connection with about thirty women who circled and formed in various forma- tions. Besides this, this organization edited the new State Hand Book which was out the beginning of the second semester, and it also took full charge of the group of southern college orchestras which performed here in April under the direction of Mr. Henry Eicheim of this city. YVater T bl 1 w bl lf M QW' Nfl ' i Sf A Lewis Greenwell Peterson u as -X - man Larsen ', . 1 --'f A . EQ If ' 2 Page One Hzc1zd1'ed Tlzzrty-One i ,xr 51. , f J 04, I 1 M 3 L A C IJ M I3 IQ If 'F 'EU' 11 ll IB- Rodehaver Ballentine Adams Peterson Cronise Bredsteen Bishop Wood Barnett Grady Britton VVatson Ashworth Maxwell Ellsworth National Co-educational Honorary Fraternity Pi Chapter established January 18, 1928 at Santa Barbara State College FALL Emily Wood . . . Kay Bishop . . . Dorothy Cronise Dorothy Cronise David Watson Tomys Wood 'N I Katherine Bishop OFFICERS SPRING President . . Vice-President . . . Secretary Treasurer HONORARY lVIEMBERS EmilyWood Kay Bishop . . . Marjorie Ballentine . . . Marjorie Ballentine llflr. WVilliam Ashworth Dr William Nlaxwell ASSOCIATE MEMBER Ted Ellsworth MEMBERS 1931 Doris Rodehaver Dorothy Cronise 1932 Dorothea E. Peterson Lenore Adams Daniel Britton Martin Bredsteen 1933 Margaret Barnett Elwood Grady Ben Romer lllarjorie Ballentine is Q is .,, R11 My-i f fF'2f1-2'-'Q , 'i Page One Hundred Thirty-Tfwo V 0 L U M If X I . . , --.Ltr Hebert Fish Fraga Camp Doolittle Bishop Robinson Croswcll Foster Vizzulini Stanley Tolancl YValters Blackie VVuod National Co-e FALL Kay Bishop ..... Elizabeth Foster . lda Vizzolini .... hlarian Hebert .... Lyllis Blackie llflrs. Fish lVIiss Camp , , six -F DELTA PHI DELTA A ducational Honorary Fraternity founded at University of Kaansas, 1912 Local Chapter XI, founded 1927 OFFICERS SPRING ......President...... ........KayBishop . . . Vice-President , . . .... Elizabeth Foster . . . . Secretary . . .. .. . . . Ida Vizzolini . . . Trensurer . . . . . lldarian Hebert SPONSOR llrlrs. lll. E. T. Croswell lVIEMBERS 1931 Fred Greenough Val Poland 1932 Kay Bishop Doris Stanley lllarjorie Walters Emily Wood ALUIXINI - llflaude Robinson lda Vizzolini f ' I llflarian Hebert Elizabeth Foster HONORARY f xl Clara Fraga lVIrs. Larkey :X Nlrs. Doolittle lVIarion Braclcenridge ' . 5 4 -- T51 , Ii Page One I-Iundred Thirty-Three Aki, M-xi. S .A-P1, Mrs. Fish io 110 1 41 -l. KM N its L A C IJ M I3 IQ If 4' , 1 1 i 1 WY I ,, V 1. 1 , Churchill Lyans Ashworth Phelps Pyle Fish Doolittle Barnett Werner J' ol s Noel ac J Ogle Olson Knott Larson Rodehaver Kelly Izant Miller Lind Smythe Sxnythe KAPPA DELTA PI National Co-educational Honorary Fraternity Founded at University of Illinois June, l9ll. Alpha Rho Chapter installed lVIay, l927 FALL OFFICERS Francis Noel ...... .... ....... P 1 'esident ..... llflildred Smythe . . . . . Vice-President . . Alice Izant ....... . . . Secretary . . . Arthur Barnett . . . . . Treasurer . Edvvena Kennedy . . . . . . . ....... Reporter . . Dr. Jacobs ....... .................. C ounsellor .... HONORARY M EMBERS Dr. Oliver Hart Bronson ll-'Ir. Pa FACULTY ll4EMBERS Dr. Charles L. Jacobs Edith Churchill C. L. Phelps Schurer VVerner G'- Q J . ,- llrlildred Pyle Olive Johnston Joseph Kellem Lucille Derbyshire Edwena Kennedy Francis Noel Helena Collins Helen Noel Frances Weyman George Brown Sara Arklev Elizabeth Uejirna lllary Wheeler Florence Lyans ACTIVE lVlBhIBERS hlargaret Elwell Alice Izant Jennie Lind llflildred Smythe lVIiriam Srnythe Pearl Ogle Rose lVIary Aleksi Estelle Pike Jocelyn Kelly Arthur Barnett . Ed Davis Isabel Fish lllarie Nliller Page One H1a1zd1'ed Thirty-Four ul E. Stewart SPRING . . . Francis Noel lvlildred Smvthe . . . . Alice Izant . Arthur Barnett Edwena Kennedy .. . . . Dr. Jacobs Ruth Doolittle Dean Ashworth Ethel Olson Doris Rodehaver Nellie Larson Edna Knott Hattie lWcGuire, Olive S. Denman Ruth Gordon Jean Wood Norene Cave Georgiana Brown J. C. Lewis Anita Cochran . ur l' z ll. X 1, fee? qs 1 ' Y fv -5,4 ., tfan. il t . V 0 L IJ M If X I Johnson Peterson XValker Ezaki Y Stiber Camp Clark Jennings Kelly , Lind VV. Jones B. Jones Frankforther Banker Brodie Clingwald Griffin Cave Th FALL Iocellyn Kelly . lllary Camp . . . Jennie Lind . . . hlarie Stiher .. llflildred Johnson KAPPA OMICRON PHI eta Chapter installed January ll, 1928 at Santa Barbara State College OFFICERS SPRING . ...... President ..... .... ennie Lind . . . . Vice-President . . . . . . . lVIarie Stiber ......Secretary....... .......lWaryCamp Treasurer Winifred Jones . . . C0fTFSfJOIIIIilIg Secretary. . . . .... Helen Walker SPONSOR lliiss Florence Clark NIEMBERS 1931 Jennie Lind lilary Camp Jocellyn Kelly hflarie Stiber 1932 hlildred Johnson Christine Jennings Astrid Clingwald lVinifred Jones Ruth Ezaki Wilda Brodie Bettie Jones Helen Walker' Catherine Frankforther Dorothea hi. Peterson 1933 w ii Page One HzL1zd1'ed Thirty-Fifve 1' Helen Banker Narene Cave Geraldine Griffin f .lv l N Sf .1 X " lil' 1 -- an al' I if 4' Q fr' 'G x 1 E x i' 1 it-1 -x Wil , Q , y.-gl, , L A C U M I3 IQ E nl Tice Iaynes Day Iacobs Fleckenstein Werner Shoesmitli Erickson Howell FALL Carl Shoesmith Ralph Johnson Vernley Tice . Wilber Day . . Gilbert Vicrra John PI SIGMA CHI Founded November ll, l93Q at Santa B OFFICERS .....Pre.fident.... . . . Vice-President . . . .. Secretary .... Carl Shoesmith Ralph Johnson Vernley Tice VVilber Day . . . Treasurer . . SPONSOR Nlr. E. E. Ericson MEMBERS 1931 Norvel Caywood Lewis Fleckenstein D. B. Gilbert Bradley Howell Page One I-Iundrea' Thirty Six. son Olsson arbara State College SPRING Carl Shoesmith Ralph Johnson . Vernley Tice . . Wilber Day Edgar Jacobs hilerl ,launes Fred Olsson Joe Vierra SANTA BARBARA FROM THE COLLEGE Phulu by Obcrt Y LA CUMIBIQE, 1931 WAS PRINTED BY THE SCHAUEIQ DIQINTING STUDIC THE PHOTOGRAPHS WERE TAKEN EY I3Al2TEl.'S THE CUTS WERE MADE BY THE CDMMEDCIAL ADT AND ENGDAVIN6 CD. AND THE COVERS ARE A PRODUCT OF WEIBEIQ MCCIQEA CDMDANY TO THESE FIRMS THE STAFF OWES AN ACKNOWLEDGMENT FOR FINE WORK AND WILLING CO-OPERATION. T A Touchdown! A Ott's New Sports Shop Visit this unique 4'Mountain Lodge in the Heart of a City" Ott Hardware Co. 727 Slate Street Santa Barbara Page One Hzcnd1'ed Tlzirt JA The Great Wardrobe Quality Since 1886 COMPARISON DETERMINES VALUE THE y Hunt Mercantile Company Established 56 Years We feature the popular ' PAGE AND SHAW, Candies of Ezrcellence Solves that gift problem for old and young, for every sea- son of the year. A splendid and complete line of all fine confections. Gift Shop, ll35 State Groceries, 1025 Chapala We cordially invite you to visit both of our stores PHONE 7131 Every Collegian Shoifld Read c'And they called it Co-education" Written About Collegians A For ' Collegians Starting on Page 145 ? Milpas Dry Goods Co HOSIERY AND NOTIONS 514 North Milpas Street Phone 25939 Santa Barbara, California Y Page CjneA,.H11e1zd1'ed Forty I 0 xn- 6 923-925 State St. Phone 4495 OSBORNEPS BOOK STORE BOOKS, STATIONERY, KODAKS ROUTH'S CANDIES PERIODICALS, ENGRAVING made at 1 l EAST I-IALEY STREET Santa Barbara + The Ideal Gift for the Grndzmte A Well Chosen Book Books of many kinds are at hand in our -0- store. Wliethei' it be a handsome record . . book in which to keep in permanent form Special Candles made to Order the names of scholars and teachers, com- go- mencement programs and other cherished material, a standard biography, or a book O. E. ROUTH, Prop. P11006 267-i-7 of Collected poems, We have lr, -Oi Osborne's Book Store 925 State St. "This Thinq Called Love" By "DANNY"' BR1'r'roN The old frog settled himself to bask on a big rock in the moonlight. It was a beautiful night- the moon sent its soft golden rays through the eucalyptus trees to rest on the quiet and sleepy waters oi the pond. Bert Clemore strolled through the quad alone and pensive, as he is Wont to do quite often. lt was the time of romance-heavy clouds hung over the ocean and mother earth appealingly sent out her prayers for only a drop of water to quench her burning heart. From the quad, the library, from the windows of the Home Ee Building, over the telephone Wires of the Practice House, in the recesses CContinued on Page 1463 The Plantation M 19 E. Figueroa St. Santa Barbara We Frame Pio tures Prlvate rooms for Bridge, , -- . Paints for Every Purpose Lunoheons, .Dlnners 1 and Banquetg Mission Paint 81 Art Company J. O. KNIGI-ITEN, M gr. 12 E. 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The scientist thought and stroked his cat's long, fluffy tail-could he, by tracing the ancestry of the mighty tribe of bullfrogs come to some conclusion? Could he reach some answer by tracing the artercal system of the amoeba, or by an exact determination of the links in a chain store cCOIlfiIlIlEd on Page l-l-9, MDDEIQATE DDICEI Phone +387 Santa Barbara, Calif. Ealet berhtte I N N QUALITY DRY CLEANING 0 , 8: CU. 1 31 5 STATE S'l'lQElf'l' DYEING BY EXPERTS SANTA IEADIBAIQA TAILQRING juss CLARKE 18 West Figueroa St. Page One Ifundrea' Forty-Four Faulding Hotel Barher Shop Specialists in Ladies' and Childrenls Hair Trimming .loi- Phone 2114-l 13 East Haley St. W. A, Greenough Santa Barbara, Calif. Ed llII.I.Y IWIYEIKS lm EXCLU SIVE AGENT foreman Gt Clark lllens and Young lilens Clothes 1107 STATE STREET I BARBARA CALIF. is SANTA . 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Their lips clung for a space and then parted. Fr-eddie sighed ecstatically. He felt poetic. "Your eyes are just like pools of happiness, Adorable," he said, carressing her with his eyes. "Really, Freddie," she cooed. Her adoring glance had no suggestion that she was wondering what Fred- fcontinzzed on Page 1473 PRescRrP'r1oNs KODAKS WHITMANS CANDIES 10.1 STATIONERY Accuracy - Reliability -I- RED Caoss DRUG Co. 1 824- State St. Telephone 5115 lVe Deliver Willard's El Cortijo Inn 9l5 Coast Highway, at Butterliy Lane Santa Barbara, California "fly ZVMQ' ns Your Telephonel' Tarpaulin - Canvas - Sails - Tents AL. W. HAYWARD Awnings, Linoleums Window Shades, Rugs, Camp Furniture Phone 4326 1025 Santa Barbara St. Santa Barbara, Calif. Page One Hurzd1'ed Forty-Five "First with the Latest" Harry C. Smi Desirable Dependable Wearables for lllen tb I! Miss Hatter QSASERS Q 1: 04,0 6 lsrffso NrMALL0 RY AND oz: STATE smear NAP? QContinued from Page lil-IQ of the Elementary school, beautiful co-eds bewitchingly gazed-gauehed and timidly sought the attention of their unshaven heroes who prepared themselves for the lVIen's club hobo brawl. Romance elced, echoed, and oozed everywhere. The old frog himself felt ill at ease and began to slip off the rock only to find that he had sat on a Wad of gum and was held fast to the rock. Romance and love filled the air, and only romance and love could he see. Hidden away in the fastness of the banana trees he saw State's most amorous lovers, "Happy,' Day and Ethel Davis, coyly cooing to one another. Even the "little babes," Larry and Nora, babbled their affections to each other. Graeefully repos- ing on one elbow and with month open, Bernice Smith dreamed and drulled her secret passions for her hero Pat hfIcCullougli. The old frog loosened himself from his fastness and wearily hopped away from it all only to jump into Ted Reeder and "Peggy" hflathias who held each other in fond embrace while George Harper and Grace Olsen looked on in wonder. Bob "Ox" Hughes and hflildred Clompton gazed blankly off into space dreaming and planning. The old frog jumped out of QConti11ue1lo1z Page lS+l-J Hage's Barber and Beauty Shop 1934 DE LA VINA STPtEE'l' State Telephone 24340 Santa Barbara, California Page One H1r1zd1'ed Forty-Six J, D. Speer, Nlanager Phone 3850 Establirlzed IQIO Perry Bros. Co. E-O1 Plumbing and Heating .-P 724- Anacapa St. Santa Barbara, Calif. qcflllfillllfll from Page 1453 die had been reading. It must have been a gushy one. Ilwifil a woman like you, I could do anything. l could spend my Whole life making you happy. Are you sure you like me better than anyone else, Joan ?" he asked suddenly. 'WVhy of course 1 do, Freddie," answered Joan as if the very idea were ridiculous. "I like you ever so much better. There isn't any one half as nice as you. I just adore the way you dance." Joan looked reproachfully at Freddie with her wide, innocent eyes and he felt like a perfect brute for ever doubting her. He kissed her again and there was silence for a time. "Joan,', said Freddie, suddenly, rousing himself. "Yes, Freddie," she said expectantly. "Do you want to make me the happiest man in the world ?" Joan said nothing but her attitude showed that she was open to suggestions. "I want you to wear my frat pin. Wzlnt it, Adorable T' "Ch, Freddie," gasped Joan. 'Al had no idea that you liked me that way. YVhy, you dearest old darlingf' She simply bubbled over. Freddie had removed the pin from his vest and was trying to de- cide where to put it. Joan was wearing an evening dress and the possible locations were meager. Laughingly, Ioan took the pin and CCo11Iiuu1'1l on Page 1535 ieeeeeeefe Seam . Falvy niiques Casa De la Guerra QNILL4 fwnfmir- ij F . . 'f"' ,. . -nm 8 D -V . nf, 1 th -524 l o is s A , 4 xi X 'KW' 'T' V. ' Zim' Q If-N' . ,,1 - i 5. Hy I . ,is H Entertain your Friends At ASA de SEVILLA Genuine Spanish Dishes SOMETHING DIFFERENT lP1'iva.te Rooms for Partiesb Luncheon 12 to 2, 750 Dinner, 5:30 to 8:30, 351.25 and 551.50 CSundays and Holidays, 12 to 8 P.M.J PETER EG-US, Prop. 428 Chapala St. Phone 4370 Page One ffznzdred Forty-Sewell DQ DQQQ Biiggiggig B?eai'c5B?a VVe take considerable pride in saying WE DIQINTED THIS ANNUAL as we have printed every annual that has been issued by the State College. 90 do VVe also print for you and most of the other leading users of DIQINTING AND IZNGIQAVING 8553 VVe also make Blank Books, l.oosefl.eaf Systems and Binders, and do all kinds of Binding and Special Ruling. 952932932 CZQCZOCZG 964295429542 oooooo Tlllf SCI-IAUEIQ DIQINTING STUIDIU, INC. 1126 SANTA BARBARA STREET V OU SANTA BARBARA, CALIF. Q0 Eid G26 Page One Hu1zd1'ed Forty-Eight Spreitz Transportation + PASSENGER LINES TO GOLETA MONTECITO, SUMMERLAND CARPINTERIA AND CITY OF SANTA BARBARA L7 io? OFFICE AND WAITING ROOM Spreitz Stage Depot 622 Anacapa St. Phone 3689 Majestic Radios .... and .... Refrigerators WILLARD BATTERIES Specialized Service RADIO - BATTERY - ELECTRIC 101. LAMB AUTO ELECTRIC CO. Radio Headquarters 1200 Anacapa 4 Phone 7117 CC'fHlfillllf'Il from Page 1-HD :ould he determine the origin of the cabbage? Ah! at last came the light-deep in the marshes of Frog- land, hidden away in a chest of tubes-lay the answer. It seems that many, many years ago-in fact, it was as Dean Ashworth would have it,-in the Dark Ages-this exact period being called the B.C. period, B. C. standing for "Before Candlesn-there lived an old philosopher named Cabb. Cabh boast- ed of many things. He had done this and done that but he cou1dn't boast of having ever kissed a col- lege woman, much less one who has lived in the practice house. He was obsessed with the desire, in fact he really wanted to do it. He planned and dreamed but the opportunity had not presented itself. CContinuea' on Page 1525 PHONE 6484 917 State St. Santa Barbara W illiam Klttler Builders Hardware -0- B WooLENs-Hos1ERY-SHOES Kitchen Utensils, rmims, ons, Glass SILKS -0- MILLINERY and ART NEEDLE WORK 502 Milpas St. at Haley Santa Barbara, California Page One ffundrea' Forfy-ZVine THE PETERSON STUDIOS l30 E. Carrillo .-0.1. INTERIOR DECORATORS AND DESIGNERS OF FINE FURNITURE DRAPERIES AND UPI-IOLSTERY Reliable M erohandise Since 1898 Under the Same Or'igi1znlOfwners'hijJ THE HOME OF KUPPENHEIMER GOOD CLOTHES 3. 62966.33 701-703 STATE STREET l l l Betty Procter BETTY PROCTER Second place Winner in popularity contest. "Per- Sonality plus" may well be used in a description of Miss Procter. Betty has a character trait that only a few possessma magnetic personality. Her friendships are easily made and there to stay. Betty is now president of the Associated VVomen Students, member of Tau Gamma Sigma sorority and is now a junior at the college, She was graduated from the Santa Barbara High School. Telephone 6171 G. H. Merritt, Mgr. Established 1904 MEMS E ia. iNaIionaljAssociaIion ofDg ers anbfleancts Of UNITIDJWUI IND CIINIDI St. Paul Dye Works French Dry Cleaners and Dyers -O.. lil-20 W. Gutierrez Street Santa Barbara, California Keeping Pace fwiffz Santa Barbara Progress Schebler Carburetors National Batteries Moreland Trucks WOOD'S GARAGE HARRY Woon Sc SoN GENERAL REPAIRS - STORAGE Phone 5528 400 State Street Santa Barbara RALPH izurxxte BCCTERY IJIIQEOIZE Hz4nd1'ed Fifty . . g , Alpha Phi Gamma. ATTENTION! 5- E- MORRIS STUDENTS of the STATE COLLEGE -0- TRY ARCHITECTS' SUPPLIES TOM and BOB'S Drive In GIFTWARES Service Market STATIONERY -O- ARTISTS' MATERIALS Charge Accounts Solicited We make it convenient to phone in -0- or drive in ,Telephone - 4496 Free Delivery 1123 State Street Morning and Afternoon -101. Santa Barbamv Cahfofmfl Corner of Chapala and De la Guerra , Phone 6l35 MARTIN BREDSTEEN i T Bredsteen chosen second by students. Martin Rredsteen, second favorite son of State, is a quiet fellow with a winning smile. His charm is of an individual nature, and is striking because it is so unaf- fected. 'fMa1-ty" never pushes himself and is always ready to acclaim others. Since coming to State two years ago Martin has Shown his worth in connection with, the Menls Glee Club, the college weekly, "The Roadrunner," and La Cumbre, the college annual. Mr Bredsteen is a member of Tau Ome a and Congratulations, "lX1arty.,, Martin Breclsteen OGILVY 52 GILR RT REAL ESTATE INSURANCE Monteeito and Santa Barbara Rentals Residence Properties Ranches and Business Properties 900 State Street Phone 5183 Page One Hundred Fifty-One J OI-INSON'S GARAGE 19-Zl East Haley Street SERVICE AT ALL HOURS Santa Barbara, Calif. Official Garage Automobile Club of Southern Calif. Free Towing io Members TELEPHONES-3054 or 3252 fCOllffII1ll?l1 from Page l-l9J One day as he strolled through the ever green forest, wading and splashing water as he wandered up the gently running brook, he espied under a spreading willow tree a beautiful damsel. He could tell by the sewing basket and lunch that was spread about that she was a college woman. He knew that all college women love the quiet and peace of the country. He could not be mistaken, his heart-beat quickened and goose pimples ran up and down his back and his lips quivered. He chased the little turtle doves away that cooed and sang to the sleeping beauty. Cahb was in a frenzy, combing his long and wavy beard, he stooped to lciss her when out of the thiekets came tripping a fairy. "Ah, hall' said Qffontizzued on Page 1551 . 1017 s s . 32 Ph 567 It Has Been Said me t one 6 that Ulf you like California, you Will lofue Santa Barbara." We believe that to be true, and offer our services to prove it. ,ai i f , ,f . . ,TOT , 1 ' Dealing in the better class o --+--mmm an Homes, as Well as all kinds of good lusuranoe with Service Sports and Dress Apparel EOR 6'The Collegienne DISTINCTIVE - INDIVIDUALISTIC SMART MODERATELY PRICED ,Oi TERRY 81 KRAMER lOll State Street Telephone 4119 99 l i l l Page One Pfundred Fifty-Two 1.1 . . a ALFRED T. CORNWALL soline , -0- . . FINE SHOE REPAIRING In the ltinal -O- aside2 Analysis- Phone 6868 Ngtiggably Bgthtgf 1033 State St. Santa Barbara, Calif Performance S . PELCH 81 BLAUVELT With... -O- QUALITY CIGARS SQHSQQZQM 950,11-ne SPORTING GOODS ' ' 'vvvvv 'V T wvvv ' v -0- l20l State Street CCo11tin1ze1l from Page 1475 fastened it in place. There was silence again, broken only by an occasional murmur from Freddie as he whispered some endearing term into her ear. Th :re was nothing especially original in what he whis- pered but that dfdn't matter in the least. They exactly suited the time and place. Freddie had found that there was an appalling-scarcity of words one could use at times like this. lt was 'extremely diffi- cult to think up new ones and one got awfully tired of using the same ones all the time. He had found it necessary to develop his vocabulary since he had come to college. A popular man like himself simply had to have a good line. He had been here only a few short months but he knew the ropes already. He had certainly been green at first. He had actually come to college to study! The fellows had soon set him straight. He was grateful to his fraternity for giving him a bid. He often shuddered to think what fContinued on Page 1583 - 1312 Anacapa Street Santa Barbara, Calif. t - . S Y'X X N . - I n, y ""' 'ami Ei" mm ,xi , Sl. Y f.ff'f1f martin jj. lizliher FUNERAL DIRECTOR T Dial 7828 Ambulance Service Page One H14nd1'ed Fifty-Three Be. .. Terspzbafzbzzso c E fliliizzinn line Glnmpamg Official La Cumhre Photographers '28 ,29 '30 ,3l new B T B lj Photographers' new La Plaoita Bldg. 740 State St. Santa Barbara cC0!Ifi711l6l1f7'0lIIPIlgf? 1467 the way just in time to avoid being run over by "Stew" Thompson and "Jo" Kelly. Tad Foss held Betty Awl firmly by the hand as they chuc.kled to themselves of love's queer feelings. lt was a great night for love and the old school was certainly doing its bit to further the cause of romance. Yes, the old school was like a great mother hen who crowded her young ones under her for shelter and pro- tection. Protection because you know what the ll-lontecito Nite Patrol and other patrols around town do to wandering "chicks.'l "Uncle Tom" Nicklin and "Little Eval' Toull were all in a knot too. The old frog was surprised to hear what Cleave whispered in Carmells ear but he croaked in merriment when fcontinued on Page 1565 Page One lifundrea' Fifty-Four Two RESTAURANTS or UNIQUE CHARM Quaint, colorful El Paseo restaurant is a veritable haunt of epi- Cures and lovers of old world hospitality. On the Street in Spain which is entered from Paseo de la Guerra. To dine under the open sky, in the warm sunshine is a never ending delight. Service 12 to 2 and 6 to S. Restaurante Russelis' del Paseo Fine Foods Those who have a fondness for dishes pre- pared in a certain way will enjoy and long re- member Russel's in La Arcada Building. Superb foods and quiet sugg- roundings combine to bid welcome to the dis- criminating guest. Ser- vice eontinuous, 11:30 to 8:30. ' Popular Books at Popular Prices i'-""!" ' A Fi -5' wlllll ii: "i- A a ll Next lo Postoffice Copeland's Book Shop Pyhere You Leave Your Kodak Films One Thing You Are Sure of When You Send us an Order-Tlzaz ir S!IfZ'5flICfiO?Z , l The Telegraph Florist of Santa Barbara RU SSEL 1S Your Host 9l8 State Street cC071Z'i7lllE!I from Page ISZD the fairy-l know what your mission is. lf you kiss that innocent' college woman, I shall wave my wand and change you into a lowly plant of the earth and I shall give you a funny face with many leaves so that people will come and pull your ears off for not having listened to advice. But Cabb could not stand it-he was not besid-e himself-and stooping, he kissed the sleeping beauty. The fairy was taken by surpriseg he pinched himself to see if it were really true, but remem- bering what he had said, he waved his Wand and lo-Cabb became a lowly plant. This period of disaster and anticipation has been known to scientists as the CABB age and the plant has since been called the cabbage. ' End. JUST TO REMIND YOU TO DIAL George W. Hay l34O State St. Phone 3079 E1 r r' boi p Fresh Fruits and Vegetables i Finest Groceries at Reasonable Prices 225 State Street -Oi 10- Telephone orders given careful attention FO.. Finish Work F-0- Family VVash 6Oc Doz., or Dry Wash Free Delivery Sc lb. P ' 10 A.lVl. - 3 P.lW. Page One Hfundrea' Fifty-Fifve The California Pharmacy is THE PLACE TO BUY Interesting Gifts and Rare Perfumes E? f , W 1 ? 5 ily' Registered Cosmeticians in charge of the Toilet Department qCOIl1'iIlIlEd From Pllgl' 154D he Saw that it had the same effect on Betty Lindsey as she fell in Dave Lewis' arms. Clifton Russel was out too and he didn't take his girl out just to give her thousand sweaters an airing either. The blond from Solvang, Esther Ihsen, was giving Bob lXfIcClain all the latest from the North and Schyler Qffontinuea' on Page 1591 STUDENTS ' H. R. Hitchcock RENT A PORTABLE OR STANDARD T ewriter DRY GOODS YP Special Rates to Students -O- SILKS, Hos1ERY, UNDERWEAR, BAGS, I-IANDKERCHIEFS, ...r..,, ... ,,, - 0- - 1200-02 State St. ' Hitchcock Bldg Santa Barbara, California 33 W. Anapamu . Dial 4260 Phone 3931 Page One Hund1'ed Fifty-Six California TIRE Company XX ffffpff S Dinalfs Shack lumen! , 'manga ONE-HALF SPRING CHICKEN A Y, "f j MfQe" - N3 V, ' : e e n -, Y ' 2' 'T' QSM: iw 'fa' ,p ,I 2 A yr Tx ' -Q. I, J' ff l' KC 1 'W u r i-, , I. . . li l ad? 'r Jw ll llll I 'af p,aya,4 ,l5, ,Qt by MEM 5 li fa -- .gg ' . 'Ca-ff 3,4 'eil 'K N L..- af w Xie- Kg be - .S , ,. Y I J ' 'N' ' '- , , ,v . .,.. , - f "I::1-1 " ON TOAST SO CENTS UNITED STATES TIRES 4 GAS sa o1La OPEN ALL NIGHT -0- Coast Hi Way Phone 9466 Haley and Anacapa Streets Santa Barbara, Calif. 'fSPORTSMAN'S HEADQUARTERS" MCCAFFR EY BROS. SANTA BARBARA'S EXCLUSIVE Sporting Goods Shop We Carry a Complete Line of Athletic Equipment 634 State Street Telephone 5656 DISTINCTIVE PORTRAITURIQ EXCLUSIVE BABY P1-ioTooRAP1e1Y and all branches of Commercial PHOTOGRAPHY 13 Sruoto A Ralph B. Bradford AI. Burr Bradford 101 Hitchcock Building Phone 5311 ORDQOIHQDBRO MASTER GROCERS QUALITY GROCERIES AND MEATS AT THE VERY LOWEST PRICES 10.1 VVe give S. 55 H, Green Trading Stamps + Corner Canon Perdiclo and Chapala Sts. Phone 5221 Page One Hund1'ed Fifly-Seven ELL Bao . portin Goods Dealers 705 State Street TM5' 1 ba? Whether your vaeation is to he a trip to the mountains or on the oeean, you will find everything you need for the trip at our two stores. MARINE STORE MAIN STORE STEARNS WHARF 705 STATE STREET PHONE 6911 PHONE 4264 CCOIIHIZZIEII from Page 1531 a dub he should have been had he not got in with a live bunch of men. Now he knew just how to hood-wink the profs. They were sorta dumb, anyway. He knew which girls on the campus were the best dates. He knew all the frats and sororities on the campus and how they rated. He was considered one of the h-est dancers. Lots of women had told him so. He also knew that they liked his blond curly hair and blue eyes and that when he smiled in a certain way, no woman could resist him. The boys con- sidered him a good fellow, too. He could take his whiskey straight, now. The last few times, he hadn't even choked-much. Freddie wasn't conceited. Of course, he knew all of his good points. He would have acknowledged his faults, too, if he had had any. Q ' He simply believed in giving credit where credit was due. CC07lfi7IIl8Il on Page 1603 Shantung and Crepe de Chine ' Dresses ,fx Short sleevesg all pastel shades and Whitey get washable. use sexe 9 - 35255 Panama flats, white and natural, 35.00 - 310.00 Page One llfzmdred Fifty-Eight Glass for all Purposes, Automobile Glass B. Cunnane, Pres. L. E. Greene, Sec'y. Non-Shatterable Glass Beveling and Grinding Santa Barbara Glass Coy Gutierrez Drug Store Telephone 3174 io.- -0- The Plate Glass, Window Glass and Mir1'ors Lmaimg - I 1 Prercrzptzon We Replace Your Broken Windows Druggim, ...Ol ioiv Phone 3450 310 Chapala St. 635 State SU-ect Santa Barbara, Cal-ifornia Santa Barbara, California Virginia Weber: Third place Winner in the popular- ity contest. Leads the social committee, is a member of Alpha Theta Chi and a Sen- ior at S. B. S. C. James Kent, the boy grown up, with black hair and sober grey eyes, was chosen third ranking man. Later he was elected A. S. B. president. Mr. Kent is a Beta Sigma Chi. Congratulations H-lim." V rg 1 a VV ber THHICS K Ccorztinued from Page 1563 wasn't neglecting his Boy Scout "good turns' either. The old frog was just about fed up so he decided to climb the Hag pole for a change of scenery only to gaze straight down to the Hill- side apartments where girls hung out of every window dreamy eyed and full of yearning. lltirs. Since 1903 Ritchie's boarding house across the street wasn't so much better off either. What a sight-what a Over night-poor old frog was alone. Wear-ily he 'Q , hopped back in the pond to contemplate and wait --i for what next year might offerj rua. E. M. FILLMORE Phone 5281 15-23 E. Victoria St Page One Ifznzdred Fifty-ZVi1ze VV. P. Fuller 8: Co. jgmw If Paints 1 Compliments Var H S h 9 S Of Glass A Friend EK Laequers PIONEER WHITE LEAD I f -0- lT he 627 State Street Phone +345 cC0llliIlIlFIl from Page 1585 "You,ll always love me, Freddie ?" Joan asked wistfully after a while. "Always," he murmured, looking deep into her big blue eyes. The Gamma Delta Zeta sorority was giving a bridge-tea for its active members. The house was teeming with the sounds of laughter and voices. Someone was playing the latest popular number and over in the corner, little Betty Hanson was practicing her newest tap step. The door opened to admit two or three girls, all chattering excitedly. "Say, girlsf, called one of them, "Gwen is Wea ring a new pin.', There was instant attention from those in the room. iTWi1OSC is it?" came a chorus of voices "Freddie SouthWorth's," announced Gwen, a little proudly. fContinued on Pages 161-1635 Our covers were manufactured by VVeher- lVleCtea Company INCORPORATED 421 East Sixth St. Los Angeles, California Page One Hll7Zd1'6d Sixty .KA- The reception to this statement was surprising. "Whzitl" came the reply from several startled voices. Gwen looked surprised and a little hurt. "Well, why not ?" she asked. At Gwenls announcement, Betty Hanson stopped suddenly in the midst of a difficult dance step. She walked over in front of Gwen. With a deliberate gesture, she reached down the front of her dress and pulled up a portion of lacy underwear. A pearl studded frat pin was fastened to it. "This," she said slowly, "is also Freddie Southworth's pin.', The girls stared at each other. No one dared say anything. Then Agnes Coverdale rushed over to the stairs. "Oh, Connie," she called, "Didn't you tell me this morning that Freddie Southworth had given you his pin ?" There was silence for a moment and then a reluctant voice said, "Yes, but why on earth are you shouting it all over the place?" The reply was drowned in a chorus of excited exclamations from the room. Someone had discov- ered another Sigma Kappa pin. "Say, Dot, you're wearing a pin, too. Don't tell us that it is Freddie's, too." 'fVVell, it is," answered Dot in a bewildered tone. Just then the door opened and Joan came in. "Joan was out with Freddie last night," someone called. They all made a rush for her. Yes, there was his pin. "What on earth is the matter with you?" demanded Joan. "Wliy, nothing, darlingf' answered Agnes, "Only you are the fifth one today that is sporting one of Freddie Southworth's pins. The expression on Joan's face set them off. They began to laugh. They laughed until they were bent double. They collapsed into chairs and laughed and they leaned against each other and laughed. Joan laughed until she cried and then because she felt like it she just cried. Betty Hanson was sitting on the floor with tears running down her cheeks and gasping for breath. Wlieii they were exhausted, they sat and looked at each other. "Well," said Betty, "lt seems that we will have to gang up on little Freddief' The next afternoon, Freddie came breezing into his room and greeted his room-mate. "Hallo, ole son. Whadayfa know?" "Not a darn thing," came the polite reply. Freddie walked over to his desk and picked up a letter that was lying there. It had a sorority seal on it. Another invitation. Probably a dance or something. He wondered who was asking him. He tore open the envelope in a leisurely fashion and unfolded the thick paper. He started. Between the folds of the paper was a card with five frat pins fastened across it. Underneath was a message. "We decided to break off the engagement. fSignedQ Your Harem. P.S. The next time your gregarious instinct gets the better of you, don't take them all out of the same sororityf' "Take it from m-e, Jack," said Freddie gloomily as he sat down heavily on the bed. "If you want to stay out of trouble, leave the women alone. You c1n't depend on 'em." "VVhat's the matter," asked his room-mate carelessly, "Did she throw you down?" "Naw," said Freddie, in deep disgust, "My grandmother just had twins," Freddi-e was walking slowly along the sidewalk on his way to class. He was extremely morose. For a week now, he had been in disrepute. He had met all five of his erstwhile Hances and they had snubbed him. He hadn't had a date for a week and he was getting desperate. At this point, Fate chose to enter into the game. The Dim Ones who play chess with the lives of little mortals decided to make a move in Freddie's life. YVith a pondrous gesture, the greatest of the Dim Ones picked up a queen and set her right in Freddie's path. A car purred up to the curb beside him and a sweet voice said, i'Are you going my way?" Freddie looked up suddenly into the bluest eyes he had -ever seen. Above the eyes, little curly wisps of pale gold hair were escaping from beneath a perky little green hat. The rest was a general impres- sion of peaches and cream and honey. For an instant, Freddie stared and then said, "I should say I am going your way." Page One fIu1za'1'ed Sixty-One 'I He climbed in beside her and continued to stare. "Where have you been all my life ?" he asked, giv- ing her his best smile. "Looking for you, big boy," She laughed up at him. She had the most adorable lisp. "You're new here, aren't you ?" asked Freddie. l'Uh huh," she answered, giving him the full benefitvof both eyes. "What's your name?" "Frederick Anthony Southworth Jr." answered Freddie promptly. She laughed at him. It was a sort of gurgle that bubbled up from inside her. "Oh my goodness," she lisped, "I suppose they call you that for short." They laughed into each other's eyes. "No, just Freddie," he said. "And yours?" "Bly name's Barbara. They call me Bobby." "I have to get out here," said Freddie regretfully. "Can I see you sometime?', "Call up Benton Hall and ask for Barbara Stanley." - He thought she had the sweetest mouth he had ever seen. "Thanks for the lift," he called as she started away. "Okeh, Freddief' she called. "I!ll be seein' yuh." Freddie watched the car disappear as if in a daze. He felt as if he were going to soar right off the ground. What -eyes! What lips! At last he was in love! After that, Freddie was living in the clouds. That very night he had called her up and they had gone riding together. They went out almost every night. The other men on the campus began to notice her. Freddie began to have fears that she would be snatched away from him. She allayed his fears by telling him that she didn't even want to know anyone else. He invited her to all the school affairs and to his frat dances. One night, he gave her his pin. They had just left the hot and crowded dance floor and were strolling in the garden. It was a lovely night. There was no moon but the stars made their patterns of the sky. Nature and the little girl beside him got the better of Freddie. He caught her sud- denly in his arms. , "You're wonderful," he said vehemently. "You're the most wonderful girl I have ever known. I'm crazy about youf' "Now Freddie," she said a little nervously, as he tried to kiss her, "'You might muss my hair. What would people think ?" "Oh, that's all right," he said recklessly, "We'll comb it again." Freddie was master of the situa- tfon. VVhen they returned to the dance floor, Bobby was carrying his frat pin in her little bag. She had not promised to wear it on the outside. She had told him that she would wear it on the inside of her dress, right over her heart. 'That night when Bobby was getting ready for bed, she entertained her room-mate with an account of the dance. She told her whom she had danced with, who was there and what they had on. Then she told her about Freddie and the pin. iiX!Vl1CF'C is that little lacquered box of mine, da rling?" she asked presently. "Right down there in the right-hand drawer." Bobby pulled out the box and came over and curled up on the bed. It was a jewel box of Japanese workmanship and had an intricate lock. Bobbie moved several little catches and lifted the lid. "VVant to see something?" she asked her rcom-mate with a little gurgling laugh. She held up the box so the other could see. Inside, were at least a dozen pins, of all shapes and sizes. Some of them had pearls, others diamonds and rubies. Some were just plain. All bore Greek letters. "Frat pins?" asked the other girl with a ghost of a smile. "Frat pins!" answered Barbara. She opened h-er right hand. On the palm, lay another pearl studded frat pin. She looked at it a moment with a little inscrutable smile and then tilted her hand. With a clink, Freddie's pin dropped into the lacquered box. Frederick Anthony Southworth Jr. walked slowly into his room and sat down on the bed with a Page One Ifundrea' Sixty-Tfwo thump. His room-mate looked up from his book and asked, 'WVhat's the matter? You look about as cheerful as the starving Armenians.', Q "Oh nothing," said Freddie sullenly. MA woman. I thought so,', said his friend philosophically. "l'll tell you, Fred, you should lay off the women. Who has she been out with this time ?" E "Everybody,,' growled Freddie savagely. "I fo und out that she had been going out with other guys all along. She hasn't even been wearing my pin. I'm through with her. l'm through with them all. They'll all double-cross you every chance they get. VVomen are no good." He walked over to the window and stood looking out. YVith a little smile his room-mate returned to his book. There was silence in the room. Freddie was free to pursue his bitter thoughts. He had never suspected that she was false to him. Why the devil would she want to go out with those oth-er eggs? Wasn't he enough? She was the only girl he had ever loved, too. For a time, Freddie was al- most overcome with the sense of his loss. No one had ever broken his heart before. He supposed that he would get over it after awhile. It was a low trick to lead a fellow on like that and th-en let him down. YVomen were no good. They, were all fickle and two-faced. All they went out with you for was to get what they could. Well, none of them would ever make a fool of him again. He was off of them for life. What did a fellow -want to bother with them for anyway? There were lots of other things that were more important. He would start studying or do something else desperate. His mind began to wander. A girl was passing on the street and Freddie followed her with his eyes. Say, she was good-looking. She would probably be a good date. Freddie brought himself up with a jerk. He was off wom-en. He wasn't going to -date any more of them. lf they were so stupid that they didn't know a good man when they saw' one, he couldn't be bothered with them. YVomen were no good. He had been a fool to waste his time with any of them. Freddie turned and stalked sayagely out of the room. Our hero leaned disconsolately against the door of the dance hall and watched the couples gliding past. That is, he watch-ed the girls. Unconsciously, he tabulated each one in his mind. He decided in- stantly whether or not they were good dancers, good looking and a good date. He was in a gloomy mood. He had stagged the dance tonight. Having decided to have nothing more to do with the troublesome sex, he was finding life rather dull. However, he was still "off womenf' Someone touched him on the shoulder and he turned. One of his frat brothers, Joe Garland, was standing beside him. They shook hands and exchanged a few words, then Joe said, "Say, Fred, Fife got my sister here tonight. The family came up unexpectedly and I almost had to bring her. Someone told me that you were stagging it. I wonder if you would like to take care of her." Freddie was a frat man and therefore a liar and a gentleman. 'fSure," he said with forced good-nature, "Lead me to her." He was cursing to himself. He would just as soon die as to take a blind date tonight. She would probably have buck-teeth and bow-legs. Anyway, he didn't want another woman on his hands. He was through with them. ' They had worked a slow path through the crowd and now they came face to face with a small group on the other side of the room. Freddie greeted the crowd. He knew all of them except one girl who was looking at him expectantly. She must be the one. Something seemed to hit Freddie right in the chest. Those eyes! and how she could use them! His pulse was beginning to flutter already. He whistled to himself. Boy, this was goin' to be somepin'. She was a lollapalooza. He would take care of her all right. Joe was saying, "Jane, this is lVIr. Southworth." So her name was Jane. Well, it was a nice name but it didn't sound like that girl looked. The music had started. "Shall we dance this one ?" said Freddie and they glided out onto the floor! His arm tightened about her slender waist. His eyes held hers. "Baby," said Freddie, in his best manner, 'WVhere have you been all of my life ?" Wfrittezz by Carmel Leach. Page One Ifznza'-red Sixty-Three INDEX T0 ADVEIQTISEIQS Page ADdSf3,S Dry Goods ,,,,,,, ,,,..,,,, 1 S8 Ashton The Hatter ,,., ,,,,,,,,, 1 46 Bartel's Studio .,... H154 Bartlett's .,..,,,,,, 0147 Bradford Studio Buell Bros. ,...,,,,,,.,,, , California Drug Co. .. ..157 H158 .,.,.,..,156 California Tire Co. .... H157 Casa De Seville H147 Churchill's ........ H142 Copeland's ...............,,,.,,.,, ,-,.,,,,, 1 SS Cornwall, Tom 8: Bob ,.,,,., ,,.,,,,,, 1 S1 Cornwall Shoe Repairing N153 Dinah's Shack ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 57 Enterprise Dairy .,...,,i ,,,,,,,,, 1 4-S Enterprise Launderers .... -,,,,,,,, 1 55 Eisenberg's White House Falvy, A. ...........,............ . ....... .150 Faulding Hotel Barber Shop ..,,.,, ,,,,,,,,, 1 45 Fillmore, E. hi, ,,.,... ,.,..,..,,, .,,e,,,, 1 5 9 Firestone's .......,...... Fuller, W. P. Gleaves' ...,.................... ....,....152 .........160 .,.,.,,,.155 Golden State Dairy ........ ......... 1 43 Great Wardrobe, The .... ..,.,.... 1 40 Gutierrez Drug Co. ........................ ,........ 1 59 Hages Barber and Beauty Shop ......,, .......,, 1 -16 Haider, llflartin .......,......,........... ......... l 53 Hayward, Al. W. ...... H145 Hitchcock, H. R. ..... 0156 Hughes, The ....,.........., D149 Hunt lliercantile Co. ..... ......... 1 -lO Iohnson's Garage ..,.. Jordano Bros. Inc. ..... . H152 .........157 Kittler's ,Hardware ....... ......... 1 49 Knight Chevrolet Inc. ....... H143 Lamb Auto Electric . Page ........149 hlagnin 8: Co. .,,,,,,.,,,,, ----..-- 1 44 Milpas Dry Goods Co, ,.,. ,,v,---, 1 40 Mission Ice Co. .,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, --,.,-,, 1 54 hiission Paint and Art CQ, ,,,,, ..,--,-, 1 41 hfllorris, S, E ,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,., ,--..... 1 51 llly-ers, Billy ,,r,,,,.,, --,,,,-- 1 4.5 lVIcCaHrey Bros. ,..,. . Ogilvy and Gilbert ..,.... Osborne's Book Store Ott Hardware Co. Pelch and Blauvelt ....,.. Perry Bros. CO. ......... . Peterson Studios .. Plantation, The .,...... Pure Food Grocery ..,.. Red Cross Drug Store . Remington Rand ...... Routh's Candies .... Runl-:le's Bootery ......... ,.......157 ........151 ...,....141 ......,,139 ....,...153 ........147 ........15O ........141 ......,.155 ........145 ...W156 ...,,...1+1 ........15Q Russells Cafe ................... .,,,,,,. 1 55 Santa Barbara Glass Co. ...,,.. ........ 1 59 Schauer Printing Studio, Inc. ...,.. .148 Seaside Oil Co. ,............,..,...... ........ 1 53 Smith, Harry C. .................. ........ 1 46 Spreitz Tranportation Co. ..... ........ 1 49 St. Paul Dye VVorks ....,....... ...,,.., 1 50 Terry 81 Kramer .. Trenwitlfs ......... Turnbull, John ....... Valet Service ,............... ,.,...,.152 ........142 ........1-14 144 Warner Bros. Theatres ...... ........ 1 -l-Z YVeber lVIcCrea Co. .... . YVillard's E1 Cortijo ...,, VVolf, C. A. ............ . Wood, Harry Sc Son ..,..,,.160 ........1-15 143 ........15O Page Une H1,l71d1'6d Sixfy-Four , -4 - ,f7 gif I "V, . x , 7 ,f u 'ki-f'T ,, X X' . . ' L: , Z f X v I I ,I I U" V fi Jfwv fu dV wvfw -CV K If 'V F 'xx , ' V. 1 gi Xl' b If," A 'HL ' , x f ," f f 'QL' .1 1 r .wxjxdp J ,1 wi 3 JM fy v f yxyff v3L' " ' 'CMM x Q 04jjffJj, fl 1' Y 1 l A My '. M V06 V56 , W 0 DMM I wfM 3 , LK L may I X ,X 'avi' X R aka, I Q , ,hw C7 XX tv qs' X ' X 004 NVI49 Q,r",:' 'Ay Us X Dvxlgfvwfwl X 'NXo"'r aupd-U J . A My fob' xflxug 4 E-,,S,a K K ,x ,X You- ik yxyg-2 BX, txt QQXWEJQ' 'Qvt bg: Q,-ff' S, ' txxxa' ', :ogg ,,,..,., V " ex A 1 gg fcfyfiwwjmwkw, 'F MNH la T7R3f3,Jf,Ejf QSgWlQ'DNy 4 E", .mkmki ii' K ' , k L f sf Q 3f5.SMjj'2i5 ' 3 W , 2 .,., N 'JS fawvgww km, 3 , . . 'PJ' Sb-M J W' 'LL Xi 3 J N ?'L2'W5h- - ' Jzffwlvxl ., W' - X N ' , f 'fix QQWVLMQ, 51 '- fw,1,,,.Ng. 76 A -X J M j 7 Q ff Cf543'NV,xig:-17:5 .J X fl , MQW zff,,,,zM,,mZ,fM0Mf PC oyQ.,fl ,Ja - I I N, 5514, . 1 . . od 0 ffffgiifff J yifwbl KW . M1fQfJ,,ff ,w ,yf Msg 9' ww 6 , Ali'-G ' j f f,41ff UK0j,iJf 01 NM f ,fy ,f Wy . Of Wxxjwyije M:Ym5Jt3,,l?4,fxg NW bmsfmsbj O " , .JJA X , W ,WMQMQJ .?1LM . I JMX X jwyyifvd Q, J YW? sf ,W X 2 1 N V! y f Oj ju , K . Q ' X xJ . ,A V A X Q Lcbvsplxifgf " , x , A ,V X . j ' I, X ff .L if -Lagflzig x X H , X' 10 f - ' f' , 004951594 ia.f Q V ,JJ rj ,F f ' 1 ,nf -- 4 M if LfAfi2,ffgf7f'rLf54!,Lg,. , 1Afi,12,fg' ,QC 4g,g,,fL,i Cf N ,,2f,VyJ ,,g,f47 Lic' ififlej f ' r g.f!L'5-' r.rg,,jf',+fL,,vl LQ' I PI,-,,,f,g,u , - ff V,g,L,',,ff4fz,,....f , H -V LQ n I I .' 'Y vt Qt! fafffe, ne. Q., cpu IC' De. ' ' , , KX Sf cpu ld no-" DEL .4 fl Cl IE.. YI "" , - r J ,. I -x F fffJJJ 1?-0 4 Q Q ' 'J 'A 'Q"'1'LL ' 'AC I Af iff ' V V- N - ' "' In Y V-L Q51 fl L, ow. .f J f N " I U .' " Lu ffl N, , V,-4 ...L fu.. .., - . 1 A VV 1: ,i k W JL, - 1, mf Y , I , . 7,4 y-.11 IC I if 5'-f fbi-3 L Q' uf' -I I I N 4, " 'in ,L A , lr. .-,if .l,. fe, .vac A gs- if .1 f ,zf fx C . I , 4 V. iff, W Av Wy, X If X-k,v,f,.,,.f If ,JA -NL.. 4"C.5' 'j J' VIL 1 A I j , ,Q fx' Y r, X 1 I , f 1-' V- M." , A .V U L F VJ .,, I .L ' 1 I LP,-J V r 011, 1, N . o Ui' ' 5 fi! Xu , ,I I , 1- 1 :L .3 , f 1', A -L I- f --U. 'bww .4 -' -. i 3 , ,V 0 4 - A , ' -- ,-N . , -L -ff ' -Q J J LJ VJ -J V1.9 Ltfvl I 1 f, N' 4 -.-' 'L K.. .1 +V! -I I Il! :A-V1 f 5 ' I 1 1,1 I L W, ,,,,,, - , , ,, 1, , 1 . L f 1 1 1 ' 1 I L- Sf Q' S9 VA N : L X If YY fl, 'W f D , Q. ' ' it ' q' -. -: 'ff 1. Q it 9 ff' y R r 1-2'T'Y'xr wifi! mi . if fy , 1 "su-An D J 1,1 4? r - L .' .' X . ,'c:: -1rQZ gjf3 -534' , 17:5 ,. -qi, ,uh 55: .v -- - . f"-'-kywf 1 ,N . M ' f flazaz ,I , , q ggw X, lklaxfmf ff " X.

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