University of California Riverside - Tartan Yearbook (Riverside, CA)

 - Class of 1954

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University of California Riverside - Tartan Yearbook (Riverside, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 38 of 82
Page 38 of 82

University of California Riverside - Tartan Yearbook (Riverside, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 37
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University of California Riverside - Tartan Yearbook (Riverside, CA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 39
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Page 38 text:

Voting Technique For Election Day By Jim sr. Clair Tomorrow we go to the polls to cast our votes for the candidates of our choice. Certain rules have been established by the student committee on elections in a meeting with Dean Broadbent. These rules are essentially as fol- lows: Polls will open at 8 a.m. for ballot- ing and will close at 5 p.m. Balloting will take place in the airway just outside the large lecture hall, rm. 1000 of the Social Sciences Building. The blue registration card will serve as identification for the voting. The officials at the polls will have two complete lists of all students registered at UCR. When you go to the polls present your registration card to the officials. They will punch the card, hand you a ballot, and check your name off one list. You will then mark the ballot, plac- ing an X', after the name of the candidate of your choosing. Once the ballot has been properly marked place it in the ballot box and the poll offi- cials will cross your name of the sec- ond list of student names. The election committee appointed at the last student body meeting will arrange for students to count the votes under the supervision of the Dean of Students office. A simple majority of those voting will be sufficient to elect any candi- date. However, if no candidate re- ceives a majority of the votes a run- off election will be held between the two candidates receiving the highest number of votes in the regular elec- tion. Students are to be cautioned to make no erasures on the ballots as these will disqualify the ballot. If a mistake is made ask for a new ballot. The Registrar's Office wishes to remind students that a great deal of information of import- ance to students is contained in their green handbook of instruc- tions. SMALL PIANOS Bought - Sold - Rented Steinway - Knobe - etc. S5 a mo. up Gossett's - 4024 7th MEXICAN FOOD Q If you wan't a job in the libra- ry don't hesitate-apply now. A few student openings are still available. If interested contact the Per- sonnel Office or the Office of the Librarian. Watkins' Birthday Almost Unnoticed By janet Buvens A birthday is a significant date in oneis life, but to most of us neither job nor time allows ex- tensive celebration. The extent of most birthday festivi- ties is a modest home celebration with the symbolic cake and candles. Some- times a few friends are invited to help celebrate the 'occasion, but generally, birthdays to the majority of us are simple and quiet celebrations. Sometimes when we wish to honor great men and their achievements we set aside a special day in which to do so, as in the case of George Washing- ton and Abraham Lincoln. A national holiday is declared, bands play, mayors make speeches, and parades march through the main streets of every town. If we had known March 9th was your birthday, Provost Watkins, we too would have declared a holiday, hired a band or even made you that birthday cake. But since we did not know until too late, may we the ASUCR extend to you our congratula- tions and best wishes. Happy Birthday, Provost Watkins. REYIVUYEPV SPECIAL STUDENT RATES S4 per month, S10-3 months FULL INITIAL RENTAL PAID MAY BE APPLIED ON PURCHASE Your complete headquarters for OFFICE - SCHOOL - ENGINEER Citrus Station An Integral Part Of University By Ken Philbrick Founded in 1907, the Univer- sity of California Citrus Experi- ment Station has grown from 464 to its present size of 871 acres. What started to be a staff of only a handful of research workers has grown to more than 170 qualified scientists and more than 105 assistants. As the name implies, the main function of the CES is to conquer problems which arise in the pro- duction of citrus. But due to the di- versity of California agriculture, pi lems ranging from dates to alfalfa also undertaken. While the staff's principal wor carried on here at thhe campus, nj of th eexperiments are conductec fields and orchards whose locati range from as far North as Tu County to the Imperial Valley on South. The CES Library which now cupies part of the second floor of UCR Library is one of the fines its type in the world. At the pr time it contains about 16,000 bd volumes and many more bulletins pamphlets. Instruction at the CES is lim to graduate students who are d research for their doctorate deg For this reason the courses avail are limited and consist mostly seniors and laboratory work. I . 1 u , 's 1 'I L li a fffl' 'Tr' ll itil W lflllwwanea T DRlVE IN S RESTAURANT 'l3th 8. Market Streets Riverside C7779 SLAC KS for Town or Campus Everything from Demms to Charmeen Gabardlnes Ms? 54-95 TO 545 nslplyoemsrw' 522255 .,,.---' -H ' TYPEW'RlTERS --f : K 4 ADDING MACHINES j' G In ' V' I Sales-Rentals-Repairs -1' I ' -- ..3, ,, ij Laciann V P l,, E . f- BINN f ' I -.'l.l.'7 1'lU-i 5'3-31552372 ff and El ' STORE EOR MEN 9059 'WGN AW- GW f U Main at Eighth ln Riverside 3744 MAIN STREET lf 5 11 tl . his-J-eff., A Q , , 1 5 5 M A ,P L' E I Q L 1 X , 4.-in milfs, V .,,I , TVN luVj1iE'L'- .VT-,f-e I ! sf' :M .5 I -- ' . I. , Jig: 1 .',.-. .24 . 4 V I . I' -- '?5s:.5::1'. ggi, L TA f . U LH WT 'PED T 'l il' 1 f in fa ll' 4'4 .g: I A iizifaa t N 1 f ,. 253535 - 25555 . W f .1:zfi2E5f:iti'S':i --4- -:1- 2i2i252ti2i:zEt 255253 fig ' 252555255515 E' ' - . tiziiiiiii til-iii? - ?f'3?1E7'? 2f 2.-.EI 5,3525 1. z j . get . 5 1 349 . ,- at AQ ,, ly ' l 1 ' l X A6 . f j if w , - f ar! J 1 ff Ll. E X Y

Page 37 text:

eons Report On erkeley Confab The Editors of the UCR Cub d Deans Tom Broadbent and a Mae Davis to report on ir annual conference student sonnel services. The follow- is their report: in February 26 and 27 Deans of lents, Deans of Men, Deans of men and their staffs met in an- l conference to exchange ideas and ore ways to improve student :onnel services. in the agends were such major cs as: The Role of the Associated Ilents: Current Problems and Fu- Prospectsug Student Social Func- s: Policies and Proceduresng Resi- e Halls , Financial Aids , and muters and Unattached Stu- s. ports from all campuses indicate the most successful student ac- 'programs were those in which ents, faculty, and administration ed cooperatively and had man- to avoid the frictions that often when students on the one hand faculty-administrative groups on other do not recognize common ctives in student activities and ' in close harmony to achieve CR was the object of a good deal vy. Here, it was felt, is an oppor- f 'Ififf1:si2252225522252ge33sg1:ffl:1f2525?22325E3252522245552gs5egagzg2g2gzgs,.,.,.,. 25:3 ii: Q, :lt-:+1-1-:ir E5 , M,5:5:3:3:g:g13:5.,.1-.-. Qiizgzgg. ei ' ' iiiiiiygrgzg 1 g2:23E53g - 'Z3:i:2 - ':5r52E'f3f5f1:?:5 1:-. 1-2-. .-.'.-25'-E:'- 5 il41f3'53' :5:3: 15:1 . 3:Z:5:,.:..-T'2:1'2:2:1:3:2. 5 , , , 1'5:513155:22.,-L.'.'.-:1:1:1:5:5- 1:5:5:2:E1 413 . 5212 - 'I . . . .IEIE gg-:5:gfE::::g:11g1:!:2:2:3.' 'I'lz1:2:-.,'-:-:7:pgy2!g:g:- -4: Q1 .::i:I:1:?:1:1:-., .-:1:1:1:2S:1:1:1:1:2:f:-zf:- 12:21, ggzgcgzg:g:::1:g1g:::-:g:5:::g.. ,.-,, ,g11:gzpiffitp-:3:3:1? :1:3:5:1:22:215 :1:g:g 'g:,:::,', g:::,:1::::1:1:1:1:1:1:-.- :-:-:':-:v,':5:g:g::: ,.g:+'--. -11:3515:5:::3:,:::::,:::5:g::1:2g111:1:I:1:1 .-:2:1:1 gp: if I 1 5 5 5 5 1i5E5E5i3E3E555E5E3E5E5E3 -E ' iii' : '-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:-. .-.- '-2315.595 :-:- : :-:-:-:-1-2-I-PSG:-:-:I:1:I :-:-:lz-:-.- :1:2 1 :':':':Q:f:f:::::-::':,:,:,:.:m, ' :Q zIglzi:-:-zz:-:::Z-Eq:::::1:-15:-:,: ,, -P I: 'i'ii'i2iI:2Zf:f? 5:1:'.'.','f.' WG. revels s U I . . . , . ,, , ,, - R fx 4-4. ..... -- :-:-:l:g:g:g.,.:.: -.-.,.:.,.5.:.:., , 3, ji 1ZliIE2:I:E:2:E:2:fEf35:f:f:5:2:E:E: :2:, 32 f if? ' 5i3EfEfEfEQEQEfEQEfEl 1:55:g:5:5:5gZg2:1:i:1:T 1-1-2 1:-g:E:51::gZ12:1- ' 2754152515:-:-:g:5:g:53.,. -'-315132, ':2:I'5:E:5:g:E1E!EI212131. .... :I:1:i:!:2:7:' 1 Z' Z 'E2EIE1EI5:2:2:I' ki:1:2:2 : - 2g5Eg:5:3:::Q:5:5:, :E:2:f:2:2:5:5:' 1 fE:: ::I-' 'giiifgw I. . f. 5515:-zfzzzygzzrz 2:-:f:1:3.5.,.,., . .'.7:E:2:2:Z:, ' ,I , If , , gl., . .- .-'q:- - :1 -'ii r:f:1:f:1.2:5:5: .l:5i1if51:?:i:1:5:f15., Eff 'f Qg:1:g:g:5:g:g:gg:5,.,2.1Q: Q:Q:5:Q:E:f:3::: ,:g1'Q:Q1Q:Q:f:f:5iQ. .3:5:,-:y I 5,913.52- ' . ' '- '-'cgigt 1?ErEi1E2??E2??5f422E fgfriiiii: -, . , . . EgEgE5i,.,,,:5-gig., -- f E115 ' 35121: '-5: ,:g:gg:-':p:::-'125135112 ,-153.1 f-1-:',-:-:-:ft-:gg .y ,,.::3:5.g:, , -.-.:53:f .. . - . ., . ,,:,m,,.,:m ::, 3112.344 Dr. Herman T. Spieth Meet Your Masters By Mary Howard Dr. Herman T. Spieth is the chair- man of the Division of Life Sciences. He is a specialist in the field of en- tomology and has attended Indiana Central College and Indiana Univer- sity. Dr. Spieth has taught at Indiana p- - 1 Corbin Gives Lowdown on Taxes By Donald Corbin Associate Economics Professor March 15 is the last day for filing Federal income tax re- turns. April 15 is the deadline for California state tax returns, so a few remarks seem appropriate. 1953 tax rates are at near record levels. They range from 22.2'Z: of net taxable income of 32,000 to 9221 on the income in excess of 200,000. However, those who complain about taxes might recall that it takes beau- coup de loot to finance wars and re- cessions every few decades. Both faculty and students should be interested in taxes, because they are either taxpayers or dependents. A working student is a dependent if he or she eamed less than S600 in 1953, and received more than half support from the taxpayer. A refund of withheld income taxes may be requested by the dependent merely by filing his own separate re- turn. Allowable deductions from taxable income are usually the most interest- ing phase of tax law. All taxpayers may deduct l0'Z: of their adjusted gross income, but have the option of itemizing certain de- ductions if they exceed this 107: stan- dard deduction. The deductible items are many and tricky. Within each classification such as contributions, interest, taxes, casualty losses, medical expenses, etc., there are often several deductions of which the average taxpayer has never heard. He may also have misconceptions as to allowable deductions. If he is con- templating iteniizing deductions, and especially if he has income other than salary-fees, dividends, and rentals are examples-he definitely should seek expert advice. ' This may not only save him taxes, but also keep him out of legal diffi- culties. The postwar inflation and the poli- cies of the new administration have brought forth the possibility of sev- eral desirable tax reforms. Chief among these are the proposals to raise the personal exemption above the present 35600, to allow working moth- ers to deduct the cost of child care, tolavoid double taxation of corporate dividends, and to raise the medical deduction. One might even argue that the per- sonal exemption should be raised high enough to eliminate families earning less than say S4500 fthe bulk of wage-earning unitsl. The saving in tax collection ex- penses, and man-hours spent pouring over tax returns might more than offset the loss in revenue. Millions of Americans would wel- come this relief. 1 -c -4+ 5:5313 y to build a new tradition of University and at College of the City US Wide Community SPlrlr-With Of New York- 3:gagaia5.5525age52555Q5555525sgarage,zis,sis3s5a5age5z5gage55533.555agfgegsg5gzgsis5sgzgzgagzggzgzgagzgzgagsg flly sfowins from H, .. . , b, E S. . X. , , ....,,. ,,,,,... 'mall size of the student body and L 15 'l mem at 0 lgmd 1' t K he faculty and becoming tradi- Scientific research fraternity' and of l through the years. the American Association for the Ad- iff increasingly llwtufe annnde Of vancement of Science- He has Wfinffn ents in the University was ap' many articles on various entomologi- 6 ..,.,. , ded by the group. It was noted VI Q b, I 1 up I, H tl f ,t H 55 -Q .ak on all campuses, students are Ld su Icfthi 'fbllefm Y le ru' Y- g,.5,, , I, ning responsibility and are recog- .,.4.,i,: ,A , , , . ' - :zgsgagzgzggaggigaff ' 1-2''i5WEE1i5E','ifs'af5if5f11Zfwa.. -,.,' 1 1335, Igt ggigfaigzgiziaia- 8 the PnrnnrY Plane Of ncndelmc R S T O TS USGS nf the UnlVerSlfY and the CHO U RY U to integrate the exnn-Cnfncnlar Try-Outs fOr fl UCB Cl10f11S 'ties into tiese purposes. . 2 leneral the need fn explore POS- fl'0m 4230 t0 5130 P-HL and from I .,....,,, .,., avenues leading fv after lm' - - nfllnlnlslfnllnn- ll WHS recognized Of the Hunranllles Bldg- N 5 1 Student PnnlClPnti0n is Such CX- . . . ltofy nnflvlties is Viral- The rwn All who are mferested In Slug' ' ' Sentafives from Riverside in are i,,vit.,d to amd the COHVGHUOH Cvnfiflenf that g . . ivnverins venture OH this Cam' Dr. Edwin Simon Professor of - - . - ' 552225iiieieifiafifiiif fiiifiiiiii : ti-2252125232522 .:-i':122E2i2i1i2e2ii ' Wlthm the general framework of M - - in b - h E55E5E5E5E5E55E5E5E5E5E5EQ 5555251 . eiaf:222a2s25s2s ' gf:s5a3gz5s515s5sg efsity Policy Will lend ln Sig- um W e m C arge' Ht innnvnhnns- The other Ginn' nfs Watching US with the sfenf- nferesf- The Convention will be on the UCB CHIHPUS in 1955' 9 ..,.,,.., Fire Damaged - of IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ALL STUDENT-S Note Books Hema. I . S I .I LATE MODEL UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITERS ARE AVAILABLE G S V I e S735 MIESES' FOR YouR use IN rl-ns TYPING ROOM or THE LIBRARY. a ues To . , . -I . p WOMENS A SMALL CHARGE OF IOC FOR 30' MINUTES USE IS MADE..- Q I I I . , , 'Clothes TYPE-o-MArlc SERVICE ROY D. GRAHAM ' 8' Men S Wear 4217 E. Gage Avenue ' Owner . 6566 Magnolia Ave., ggll C rf ia Riverside 3855 MAIN ' Blom . .

Page 39 text:

It has been proposed, unoffieially OH APYH 8 at 1:30 Pm- and 011 7 Represent Poland , if l. I Riverside California March 19 1954 No. 5 3 7 7 - - I2355559555225E3E?E5E5E?E53555i.1.1.:. -:-:+E5ErE5E3E2ES: sz- S5E3E?S5E5E::-1-1:5 ifE555525EgfifiigffffifsfififiStiff? I:2:rE:2152E2Sri3E555152E25I512555315231EIEfEfE1EfErErE1E1E5E2E2-.I I'1 'iI.:2:1f11r1f1if: I'.'I-A' E2: . 21- 3:1:1:' '?':'ZrE551E N- 1 f:2f:55ri?g'-,,wwf:5:5:513:5555555:51533555:5:5:5:5:f:53zs5:g5E45:5:5+ 2:5:zr:::gg5:kx2s5:g:5:5E31315:5:5:3E :1:1:1:2:r:f:f , ,,,A ..... . ....,....,......,.,. E 13rErErZrE1E1E2E2f'1'1'55f 1fE2?:f.': : -2115252111 -- -r:1:r-'f :1: :.:-- -:-:.:-- Y f5'tQFrfrE1f1 553513-:-9,012-:-. .':1:IQ2'ff:2:2511:iz1525222Eliiifzliliiiiiffffiiiiz- ' li 'i23ii 'f:5:1:f:2:1:1:1:l I:TEI:111:1:15I32fE251iii12151E1215121SI5fE2E2E2EIS15I5fE23IE221' 1fIE2?2f1f' SEP :-: ' - ' I-fi:-:. . ':i:P4:-:-:-.-.-:-.- '-'-22' :-'QTCV :g.,5.f.,Qg:g S:5:5:,:-:5:5:-:11.55535-1.1.-qg.g.g.g:3.g, 4:g:g:5:3:3:5:,.,.,.,. Q.,.,.55:::g:5:5:5:5:ggi:5:71-:Z13:-zf:-:r1-2-:Az-:-:':-:-1+'11 ':-1' ,:.:b20f - ' -'Etg:g:gQ:g:1z-' .. , ' ' 155ei55s5555Efi2E2S .-.,:5:22E21 f ', , ' . . .g1i:g. , .1 riff ..,, ,, , ,.-ta., ....., , .,.,.,........ .. .... .. ..v .... .. - ,-.g.:.,.5.:.:,,.- .8 S, , ., .. 1. :3:g:5-13:::5::::g::11:515:2:Q:f:2:2:f:f:5:5:5:Q:f:3., -1':'f'2:E:5:5:1:2:f:2:?' ' , :f:f ' . -2:23515' jj:5:2-Zz' 211E:3:3:551:1'1:35:l:2:5:5:1'i'2'I - , g:g:f.g -. i'i':-. Ji - 'ifiliii-:-: :'i'515IE1: :I:1:2:i:Ig:g.g:g:1:3:::::::5sf ,:::::::::3:::::::g:-:g:5:3.,- f:2j.-jg.' ,. - -:::::1:3:g:2:::3 111:5,:gr:ringgzf:-:-:-:1:::5:::5:95 :-:5:2:?:5:E:1:1'1:1:I:f:3:1- +.....:-..-frgrg. .'g1-15252511- g:5'1:'-:::..1'-:':2:Ig.,- . -. -ii' +75 - - - - -1'1:1'iE1:2:'.1: '-'-' .If:1:f.5:2:1:i:1:l 5555531gzgeszgzggr-5:5555 ---:,:::::,:,:,1grifzgigrz., 45:5 v:5:::?Z5 -':r:53'1- --12fr:11111.r1 .f,:,:,:::g:.:1:,:,:,:.:.:,: :f:1:,rgfg:5:515:5:211.12551-2-212:1s:f:355-3:1:22rssiifsii5212355225rEvErES??3rS1f:''j:E:E:f1:1:f:2ff-1:- i.. fE1:1:Ps'- . -:.:.. '1 1 1: 2S:1.-.-5.. :1:1ak-. .r:f:-11515: g4.g.5QQ:.g.3.5.,:,.7.g.g :5:g:5:::::3:::-:zzggzggq 43-1---9 953.55 ,gf , Z1:g:::ft3:: -251712315 ,I3:g:3:g:::51::3:::-251531:-: , 'f:-2-:-54:-1-5283:-: '2f49:1:IgZ'1-,ylgrglgrgig131325:Zz-:-1-:-1133:-:'L':i:43531'!-L' ,-:1::g:g1g3g.,.,.1.5:-15-2-' :. - .- 5353gE3S.:.y5?1f5E55fE5ff5,Q:5:5: E5E3E5E55Q25E5E225i15355520 21S555:5:3EfE5E555E5ZE:f7225225555 :fi555255525355525E5ECE521EIEffI5EEIEIEIQEQEEEI-35151515 35215 -jS53j'.N5555522232513 E x : '- '5ir:-5Ezfckiffwfiii-'-112213235555I l 'f'5'3f-5551523 if A '51:f5f55555f55E5E5E5E2 si .' .g.-.5.35:315:,::.-f. ' -,, 5:-1,.glgigzg,::5:::3.5:3:3,--44. '-.g,g:g:g,g.11g:gW .g:g:-'4:g.,, .5.,. .,5:5:3:::3:-z-:-:-.,.,. ,.':f'-'51- 4:71 - - 2.,:g.,.gZ-'-' - -'-'-:5:::- -:-4.-:':fIE. .127-:-:7:7:3:3 '3 -7 ,:g.g:g .g, '-:-:,.5:3'5-1-:. f. ' .:3:3:1'7'f:-.':i:-.-.-.-14 1:f:f:2:j:f:3:3:S5ii3:ff 4' '-' ' 'f'2'l:3:?:f:E:?:2:7:5:321' -.-:-34 2121. 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We have it on good authority that the face is located .... arter Day rch 26th arter Day Exercises, marking the anniversary of the founding of niversity of California, will be at 11:00 p.m., Friday, March 1 the main room of the Physical ation Building. isses will be suspended for this ion so that students and all us employees may attend. dents will be addressed by Pro- Gordon S. XVatkins and by Dr. Howard, professor of English e Los Angeles campus and emin- uthority on American literature. 7 p.m., in the Mission Inn the ional Charter Day Banquet will ld. vost Watkins will give a uni- progress report and tell some e interesting sidelights on the ic opening of the new College -tters and Science at Riverside. Howard will also address the 1 on the subject of Academic om and the Freedom to know. Phillip Vtfheelwright will give entitled, Impressions of a Col- i 'thout Ivyf' of course, that a booster organization entitled the Order of the Great Stone Face should be formed on the campus. This organization, according to present plans, would constitute the rally group for assemblies, athletic events and the like. In order to qualify for membership in the Order of the Great Stone Face, students must find its location with- out any assistance from those who have already been there, and must re- turn with a picture proving that they have actually been there. Pat Sparkman, Lorraine Eyer, Jim McMillan, and Harold Durian arc the first four UCR students to have dis- covered the location of the Face. It was first found some twenty years ago and then supposedly lost for 18 years until two years ago. At that time it was rediscovered and pic- torial proof of its existence presented. Since that time increasing interest in its location has been displayed. Further plans for the organization of The Order of The Great Stone Face will be discussed at a future meeting of the student body. Paintings Shown ln CES Library The Letters and Science Library has displayed on the second floor in the entrance hall to the CES Library four of the loveliest paintings of one of England's greatest nineteenth cen- tury artists. These beautiful paintings loaned to the Library by Dr. Edmond C. Jaeger, fomier professor at Riverside College, are hand-retouched lithographs done from the famous Holy Land and Syrian sketches of David Roberts. Born in Stockbridge, Edinburgh, in 1796 David Roberts evidenced great love for 2111 at an early age. In 1822 he became active in theatrical scene painting. Noted for these paintings he was elected President of the Society of British Artists in 1831. Roberts made a long tour of the East in 1838, visiting Egypt and the Holy Land. The paintings on display are sketches made during this trip. The next time you are browsing through the Library make it a point to go upstairs and see these beautiful sketches. They will be on display for the next two weeks only. Riverside Delegation. Will at UCLA By jim St. Clair . In cooperation with Riverside junior College, UCR will send a delegation representing Poland, to the Model United Nations meeting to be held at UCLA March 24 through the 27th. i Representing UCR at this meeting will be Marilyn Merchant, janet Buvens, Ruth Pcrtcl, Ruth Eldred, Pat Sparkman, Ed Crovcn, Dick Williams, and Jim St. Clair. Dr. Malcolm Smith, Professor of .Political Science, will be the UCR's delegation adviser. More than 1000 students from 100 western universities are expected to take part in the meeting. This is the fourth such meeting to be held on the VVest Coast. The model United Nations attempts to exactly duplicate official United Nations procedures and methods. The meetings are designed to ac- quaint students with the workings of the U.N. and to provide opportunities for studying world affairs by direct participation. The Model U.N. Conference Direc- tor is Aly VVassil, a foreign student from Hydcrbad, India, attending at UCLA. He will be assisted by a student committee, a coordinating council of faculty and administrative officers, and an advisory board. Lecture Series Scheduled By Faculty Group Professor john W. Olmsted, chairman of the Committee on Drama, Lectures and Music, has announced the following events to be presented to UCR students during the school year. April 14 at 8:00 p.m., Dr. Phillip Wheelwright will lecture on Idea and Imagery in Contemporary Poetry as exemplified in T. S. Eliots' Four Quartets. Patzquaro, a film about Mexico's most beautiful lake will be shown in Rm. 1141 next Wednesday at 9:30 and 2:30. It is the first of a series being spon- sored by the language depart- ment. 7 May 6 at 1:30 p.m. and May 10 at 8:00 p.n1., Dr. Herman T. Spieth will lecture on Evolution: The Golden Thread of Biology. Dr. Arthur C. Turner will discuss Britain's Changing Role in World Affairs at 1:30 p.m. on May 20 and at 8:00 p.m. May 24. Each faculty lecture is to be of- fered on a Thursday aftemoon pri- marily for students, and repeated on a following evening primarily for members of the community. All faculty lectures are to be held in the Lecture Room, Room 1000 of the Social Sciences and Humanities Building.

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