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Text from Pages 1 - 40 of the 1944 volume:

iw if w The Capsfan The NAVAL R.O.T.C. UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Presents the I944 CAPSTAN .,,,,,,,,Swee I I-Ieuman Burnside. Cosfa, W . ,,..,,.,.... ,.,,,.,.,.,,,,..,, I3 row . T. KugIer, U I I Q July llrsl. nineleen forly-Three . . . and now i'r's Ocfober, nineleen forlry-four . . . an un- forgelable six+een monlhs . . . slworf enough To make fha? July firsf seem like yesferclay . . . long enough To make Hue place seem like home . . . FRGM THE CAPTAI B. L. CANAGA, CAPTAIN USN lRET.l Commanding Officer N'S DESK The regulariTy wiTh which The CAPSTAN is published is a source oT greaTesT saTisTacTion To anyone who has ever been associaTed wiTh The Naval R.O.T.C. UniT aT This UniversiTy. IT is a pleasure To all oT us, 'From your TirsT Com- manding OTTicer, Admiral NimiTz, down To The presenT, To read each issue oT The CAPSTAN, To noTe The eTTorTs Taken by all iTs ediTors To keep iT on a high plane, and To keep Those who are no longer aT This UniversiTy in Touch wi+h The R.O.T.C. pro- gram. You members of The UniT are Tollowing in The TooTsTeps oT a group who, in ser-vice now, are leaving a splendid record. You have a real responsibiliTy and your record can be iusT as good. Good luck, and To use your own expres- sion, "All righT now, leT's go." B. L. Canaga, CapT. USN lReT.l ABSENT: LT. J. T. Kugler, LT. E. O. Jones. BACK ROW: LT. A. J. Crabaugh, LT. L. E. Braden, LT. W. G. Light LT. V. D. P. Spicer, CapT. W. P. Gooch. MIDDLE ROW: LT. Comdr. S. Bradbard, LT. R. W. Mullinex, LT. W. G. JohnsTorT. LT. E. G. Bauer, LT. Comdr. F. R. O'Brien. FRONT ROW: CapT. H E Odell CapT B L Canaga Comdr F Gram' Marsh, LT Comdr S E SouThard COMMANDER'S MESSAGE Again if seems perfinenf fo bring fo fhe affenfion of all Naval R.O.T.C. sfudenfs fwo imporfanf requisifes which musf be fulfilled in order fo qualify for appoinf- menf as Ensign. The firsf requisife is successful com- plefion of all courses in fhe Deparfmenf of Naval Science and Tacfics. ln academic ferms, "successful complefion" means nof less fhan a "C" average for fhe enfire curriculum. Failure af any fime fo mainfain a "C" average will resulf in your disenroll- menf as a member of fhe Naval R.O.T.C., unless if appears fhaf fhere are exfenuaf- ing circumsfances which mighf be weighed in your favor. . The second requisife is "apfifude for fhe service" which indicafes possession of Y-un' F. GRANT MARSH, COMDR. USN fRef.l Execufive Officer fhose qualifies fhaf combine fo qualify you fo become an officer and, as such, a leader of men. Thaf increasing emphasis is being placed upon fhis second requisife is indicafed by fhe following excerpf from a direcfive recenfly issued by fhe Bureau of Naval Personnel. "The besf inferesfs of fhe Naval Service require fhaf only fhose officer candidafes whose performance af successive levels of fraining indicafe fheir prospecfive value fo fhe Navy as naval officers should be re- fained for furfher framing." The commissioned officers of fhe Naval R.0.T.C. sfaff demonsfrafe fo you by pre- cepf and example fhose qualifies which you should sfrive fo emulafe. E. GRANT MARSH. Commander, USN lRef.l X CDPEN RANKS Laslr minufe haircufs ..... Clo+hes brushing done +0 eewarcl ..... Who is I+ Today? ..... Oh no, I+ can? be . . . . We were given The works las+ Time, foo .... FIRST CLASSMEN Brown, W. H Callery, J. B. Carey, R. W. Dodds, R. W. Friedman, R. E. Duffy, G. W. Feisi, G. R. Gaufschi, T. F. Heumann, J. M Hooper, W. M. . FIRST CLASSMEN E Jones, E. E. R Laub, W. M. Lee, R. S. Liesz, G. W. Loper, J. C. Malone. J. R. Marsh, H. J. McAllis+er, N. R. FIRST CLASSMEN Power, J. V. Roberfs, J. D Preece, H. E. Robinson, T. G. Ralphs. J. C. Shaffuclr, C. H. Smallwood, J. G. FIRST CLASSMEN Snyder, T. J. Van Zelsi, T. W. Thacher, E. A. Wes+, K. P. Williamson, N. D. Win+on, D. K. AT EASE If we could have a dime for every Time we've walked up fhese sfeps, our forfunes would be made . . . as H is, if 'fakes an hour's pay To make a phone call . . . J. D. ROBERTS, BaTTalion Commander QUARTERDECK In keeping wiTh The impeTus given our smokers lasT semesTer by having Them aT Lake Anza, a place where we can'T sTain Tables and floors wiTh The ineviT- able overflow of good cheer, our beer busTs oT This semesTer were also given over To naTure. BUT no longer did we disguise Their obiecT wiTh The name of "smoker", They were beer blows spelled wiTh such a capiTal "B" ThaT The park warden developed a pro- boscis durus when he discovered ThaT his lake was rapidly becoming 3.2. The aTTernoons quickly passed wiTh various chug- a-luggings and ball games always in evidence. Though when all was done, no one had enough oT a memory leTT To remember To bring The TooTballs back. ForTunaTely, however, someone had enough presence of mind To pile The saTuraTed sTiTFs in his car and de- posiT Them in TronT of Callaghan. IT was remarkable To noTice how, The more oiled DuTTy's vocal cords, The more unbounded his choral reperToire became, Though iT was all The more amaz- ing To noTe how iTs characTer changed The momenT of The arrival oT l.ieuT. and Mrs. LighT. All in all, Lake Anza is a beTTer place Than mosT To spend a TroThy aTTernoon, and iT is wiThouT any reservaTions ThaT we say They were 4.0 or should we say 3.2. BACK ROW: Duffy, G. W., l-leumann. J. M., Shafluck, C. l-l., Friedman, R. E. THIRD ROW: Thacher, E A Loper, J. C., Liesz, G. W., Ralphs, J. C., Williamson. N. D.. Van ZelsT, T. W. SECOND ROW: FelsT 6. R., Power, J. V., Robinson, T. G. FIRST ROW: RoberTs, J. D., Malone, J. R., WinTon, D. K., Marsh, l-l. J., Carey, R. W. x PARADE REST Wifh Rod Masfick as Officer of The Deck, and Dick Wrighf as Junior Officer of fhe Deck, our Ouarfer- deck acfivifies were well direcfed. Ed Thacher handled our finances as Supply Officer, while George lv1cDermoH' was Communicafions Officer and Lee Parker Sergeanf-af-Arms. Beginning wifh 'rwo informals and ending wifh a formal, The Ouarferdeck social program was declared fo be a success by all hands. Music af fhe fwo in- formals, held in The Women's Club Rooms af Sfephens Union, was supplied by records. The RO "Liber+y Hounds", each sporfing fheir mosl' wolfish gleam, furned oui' in fine numbers for bofh of fhose hops designed fo fide us over our usual end-of-fhe- monfh insolvency. We all fell like cheering 'rhe cam- pus cop who fhrew fhe lighf swifches for us: so early in fhe game, foo! Cokes were on fhe menu and The concensus was fhaf 'rhe afmosphere was "fine and mellow." The annual Ouarferdeck formal provided a fiffing finale for a slrenuous semesfer. Headed by Capfain B. L. Canaga and Bafialion Commander John Rolo- ers, 'fhe receiving line added fhal' required Touch of forrnalify, and fhe fine music and beaufiful surround- ings served fo makea good background for The happy RO's fo smoofh in on 'Their parfners. ' R. J. MASTICK Officer of fha Deck CAPSTAN STAFF QUARTERDECK OFFICERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Thacher, E. A., Parker, L. A., Masfick, R. J., LEFT TO RIGHT: Cosfa, W. H., Burnside R H Heumann McDermoH, G. H., Wrighf, D. R. J. M., Brown, B. B., Sfeck, G. P., Sweefland E D l AS OTHERS SEE YOU . ...... . WARREN HERBERT BROWN is one of The Three Brown boys in The UniT, and an eminenf senior in Mechanical Engineering. "W. H." hails from Los Angeles and quiTe recenfly gave his friends a shock by inquiring abouf engagemenf rings. Yes, he made The faTal sTepl Roomie spenT his TirsT Two years aT UCLA where he made his leTTer in Track, and here aT Cal he has gained a repuTaTion as "one of Those Mech l3l boys," and ias secreTary of Tau BeTa Pi. As for his Navy plans, he is Torn befween Two loves, sub- marines and desTroyers: perhaps he will geT one of These if he can learn To Take blinker aT more Than Ten leTTers per min- uTe. AfTer The war he wanTs a S400 a monTh desk job wiTh Three days off a week. . . he'll probably geT iT, Too. JOHN BOYLE CALLERY is a lanky sixfooTer born in Pasadena, "Where The sun spends The winTer," California, and one hun- dred and sixTy-Tive pounds of pure man. He is a member of Psi Upsilon fraTerniTy and somewhaf associaTed wiTh a member of The Kappas. ln spife of The facT ThaT he is a Bus. Ad. major, he will sTill be a greaf asseT To The Navy. Boyle has a brillianT mind, a smooih Tongue, and abiliTy To use Them boTh, especially The laTTer. He has been a considerafe and helpful roommaTe. Johnny plans on LighT Cruiser duTy and feels ThaT by all righTs ThaT The War should be over six monThs afTer he arrives in The Pacific. RICHARD WILLIAM CAREY. May This shorT arTicle serve To acquainf you all beTTer wiTh The deparTing hero of The Berkeley TheaTer of Operafions, The "CasTlemonT Casanova," Dick Carey. Dick has exhibifed his winning ways noT only wiTh The femi- nine elernenT on The campus, buT on The baskeTball courT as well. IT was he who was The mighTy midgeT among The beanpoles on Nibs Price's championship varsiTy baskefball Team lasT winTer. l3uT Dick is noT a midgef in all Things. He looms as The inTel- lecTual gianT of The graduafing N.R.O. Poly Sci. maiors. Public AdminisTraTion was his specialTy. We all haTe To see Dick leave-buT our loss is The fleeT's gain. I wish a very successful cruise To a wonderful roomie and a Tine officer. - RICHARD WHITAKER DODDS is anoTher of Those boys from souTh of The Mason-Dixon line, claiming SanTa Paula as his home Town. Aimlessly wandering Through The prescribed cur- riculum, he has amassed sufTicienT uniTs, courses, and grade poinfs To claim a B.S. from The College of Business Adminis- Trafion. Dick is a connoisseur of spirifus fermenTi, as evidenced by his good sTanding in The Sig-Eps and in Phi Phi, The cream, or raTher The foam, of The beverage group. However. I musT dis- claim all responsibiliTy for ThaT fracfured arm and laceraTed scalp: you can blame ThaT on The CoasT Guard. Wherever he goes and whafever duTy he geTs, and l Think we'll see him aboard some Tin can, he'll be Taking iT ouT on The Japs for invenTing saki. BesT of luck, roomie, l've enioyed The pasT 478 days immensely. GORDON WEST DUFFY. Debonaire, man-abouT-Town, happy, and friendly, "Duff" wends his way Through The vicissiTudes as creaTed by Navy life wiTh a ready smile and familiar greeTing. A Typical L8iS man "Gordo" has refused To leT sfudies inTer- fere wiTh The broader aspecfs of a college educafion. "Duff," manfully cuTTing himself down To Three packs of cigareTTes a day, wenf ouT for Track and reached The l1ighesT pinnacle of his college career when he won The "lOO" aT The I944 Fresno Relays. Especially renowned ThroughouT The UniT is "Duff's" abilify To keep so many women in such close proximiTy so happy and aT The same Time so compleTely unaware of each oTher's exisT- ence. Seriously, no one could ask for a beTTer friend, and I am sure his "Take me as I am" aTTiTude will Take him close To many. GLENN RICHARD FEIST is The man who is responsible for puf- Ting us To sleep and awakening us each morning. GeTTing buglers To play every day, along wiTh geTTing gas for his car, seem To be his main worries. One of The busiesT men in The UniT is This glib-Tongued roomie of mine. I say "glib-Tongued" because one of his greaTesT asseTs is his "gifT To grab." FeasT, as he is called by "Them who don'T know no beTTer." has Talked himself ouT of more TighT places Than mosT ever like To Think abouT. So here's a wish for FeasT, who, if my guess is correcT, will be Telling his Skipper how To run Things before The war is over. Good luck, roomie. RICHARD EUGENE FRIEDMAN is one of The sunny SouTh- land's maior conTribuTions To The UniversiTy, To The N.R.O., and as former Commander and presenT M.P.O.. To The far-famed Regimenfal Drum and Bugle Corps. Dick. one of The Top men To receive a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in OcTober, I944. was elecTed To Tau BeTa Pi as a iunior, served as Treasurer and is now vice-president He goT a "C" lasT semesTer, Though, bringing his grand ToTal of Those nasTy Things To Three. His aThleTic career as one of The more promising winners of The freshman ski Team was cuT short by The well-known Trans- porTaTion siTuaTion. For The fuTure he has his eye on The sub- marine service, wiTh an idea Towards invesfigafing The femi- nine possibliTies of The EasT CoasT. THEODORE FRANKLIN GAUTSCHI. This lad, who has The qualiTies of a scholar, engineer. and genfleman, has a long lisT of ex-girl friends in his liTTle black book which he has com- piled during Ten semesTers of college life. Some of his numer- ous friends hail him as "The Grouch," buT never can you find This chap wiThouT a welcome smile. He has been a fine asseT in all inframural sporTs and has proved himself able in all of Them. His mafrimonial inTenTions wiTh one of The cuTesT girls in Los Angeles has caused The dis- card of The liTTle black book. One Ensign who will be welcome aboard any ship To add life and enioymenf To The Wardroom and To aid in TighTing perfecfion and precision is my roomie. JULES MORTON HEUMANN, alias "Mr. V.," and "Romulus," is The only man who reTurned from The summer vacaTion wiThouT a Tan. You can easily pick ouT Heurnann in The R.O. UniT by his frog-like cadence which goes "hep" insTead of "hup." "Mr. V." is a "real Navy?" man who spends mosf of his week-ends sailing around San Francisco Bay in his 'rrim liffle boaf, fhough we do noi' know for sure of which sex his crew is composed: buf we have our suspicions. If any fhird classman is inferesfed in buying "fybafes" for Naval Science courses, iusf see "Mr. V," He has accumulafed 'these nofes during his long sfay in 'rhe N.R.O. Unif. Affer fry- ing in vain for four semesfers fo be a member of fhe "B" aver- age lisf, he has finally resigned himself fo a much more favor- able occupafion, which requires fhaf he hold office hours on Wheeler Sfeps. WAYNE MOORE HOOPER, somefimes called "The Jaw," "Hoop," "Remus." and a hosf of oiher unprinfable names, is fhe firsi roomie l've had who UNDRESSES as well as dresses in fron? of a mirrorl Buf despile lhis, he has carved a name for himself in sporls, having won his leffer in baseball and baskef- ball. making all-conference feams in bofh sporfs, and being elected lo fhe Big "C" Sociefy. Seldom does a day pass fhaf fhis Delf doesn'+ cry ouf, "l'm embarrassedl" or scream for his bible, "fhe Green." Our hero of J-30 is counfing fhe days unfil his senfence is up wifh fhe dubious aid of a wall-sized calendar: and when nof sailing fhe ocean blue on week-end cruises, he is quife confenfed chasing "San Ouenfin Quail" in his lilfle converlible. Despife fhe facf fhaf "Hoop" never seems fo have any razor blades, maneuvering board paper, malches, cigareffes, Tobacco, ancl ad infinifum, he will sfill be missed by Romulus. EARL EDWARD R. JONES, more aflecfionafely known fo fhe R. O. boys as "double 'E' Jones," is a senior in Mechanical Engineering and a member of fhe Chi Phi frafernify. "Double E" is fruly a mad engineer, and ouf of pages of formulas and volumes of slide rule calculalions he has de- veloped his frue love, his aufomobile, info a sfove oil consum- ing monsler. Though "fank" would be a more descripfive 'ierm for fhis conirapfion, he makes if a poinf never io frealf if 'lo a lasfe of gasoline, and he lefs if belch forfh flame and smoke wifhouf seeming fo care. Jonesie is famous as a smoofhie in all fhe sororifies, and equally famous as a guide wifh a variefy of cadences. WILLIAM MURRAY LAUB. More commonly known as "Willie- da-weasel," he can easily be recogniled by his brighf red cheeks, probably an afferglow of his cheerful disposifion. A Business Adminisfrafion major. Bill claims Soufhern California as his sfamping ground. Moreover, he is rafher used fo regi- menfed life since his fafher is a Lieufenanf Colonel in fhe Army. Bill has a burning desire fo gef assigned fo a fin can affer we make fhe move from Callaghan. ln addifion fo his many oiher falenfs, far foo numerous, and some foo sordid, fo men- fion here, Willie has a clefinife leaning foward lhe dramafic: his fouching rendiiion of "Casey af fhe Bai" is wifness enough fo fhis. He is a swell guy for all of 'lhis fhough, and I have enioyed being his roommafe. RALPH STEWART LEE. Born on a whale. bapfized on fhe sea, and weaned on a block of salf mighl' be fhe way Ralph would say if: buf he has, like 'rhe iradifional sailor, a girl in every porf. OR DON'T Wifh Local Drafl' Board No. 42 hor on his heels, Ralph ioined fhe Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps in Sepfember of I942. ' A very iovial characfer, Ralph's favorife fopic of conversa- lion is women. To quole his opinion on The subiecf. "All women are fundamenfally The same." Allhough never having special- ized on fhe subiecf, Ralph has a marvelous collecfion of names. Seriously, Ralph has fhe qualifies of a good officer: fechni- cal knowledge, confidence, forehandedness, and will soon gain sufilicienf experience 'ro make him a valuable assef fo fhe Navy. We all wish him 'bon voyage'. GEORGE WEBSTER LEISZ. If you've ever seen a long lifhe slrip of khaki smoke by enroufe fo fhe oh-seven-four-five musfer, you have seen George "Lighfning" Leisz. No doubf fhese morning dashes had much fo do wifh fhe specfacular showing he made as capfain of 'the '44 lrack feam, and crack quarfer- miler and anchor man on fhe mile relay. Having slarred in inframural foofball, summer session found "Lighlning" doing well as speedy leff half on fhe Cal Varsify. Speaking of speed, we mighl menfion af fhis poinf 'rhal' his hearf and frafernify pin are definifely disposed of. Having always been a naval enfhusiasf, he fakes pleasure in puffing his snappy second plafoon fhrough ifs paces. ln fhe hope of seeing some acfion, George is puffing in for desfroyers-a place where he can'f miss a successful naval career. JOHN CAMPBELL LOPER is iusf a hell of a good guy, fo say nofhing of being a good roommafe. Having had a "B" average for fhe lasf fwo semesfers. he has been ouf mosf of fhe lime seeing his girl or going fo shows. There is sfill one fhing fhaf l can'1' undersfand, and fhal' is where he does his sfudying, for when he is in his room he's always wrifing leffers fo lhaf girl in fhe cify. Having graduafecl lasf semesler, he has loafed fhrough 'rhis one by correcfing "P Works." He is one of fhe besf afhlefes fhaf we have in The Unif, and when fhe season opens you will see him ouf on fhe foofball field. Having goffen his commission fhis semesfer, l wish him all fhe luck in 'the world, and l hope he'll wrife 'ro his fired old room- male once in a while. Bon Voyage, John. JOHN ROBERT MALONE, of Irish exfracfion and possessor of considerable proporfions and imaginafion, has af lasf reached fhe poinl' where he can wear fhe broad gold sfripe of an en- sign. During his slay here, and who says he didn'f wanf fhe "B" average lisf, he has accomplished much, including making a life-sized impression of himself in a G. l. maffress. . Many and greaf are his capabilifies, nof The leasl' of which is his capacify for liquid refreshmenf. Among fhe members of fhe baffalion he has been known as "Bars," eifher because of lhe obvious reason or because of his posilion as Baflalion Sub- Commander which enfifled him fo wear fhaf insignia ofa Navy Lieufenanf. His many friends wish him a sincere Bon Voyage and many happy refurns-fo porf. . HOWARD JOHN MARSH is San Leandro's confribufion fo humanity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and fhe Naval R.O.T.C. He is ASOTHERSSEEYOU... known among his male coniemporaries as "H" and among 'the female coniingeni as "Howie." His oulsianding characierisfics are: one. his even disposiiion and everlasiing smile: iwo, his mania for faking courses by examinalion-lhis is how he swepi ihrough 'the universify in six semesiers--: and fhree, his siory felling abilily. "H" disfribules more sculilebuii and fall siories 'rhan fan oiher fellows. He does if so disarmingly, foo. Firsi, he puis on 'thai innocent as-only-Marsh-can-do-il' expression and ihen leis fly wilh 'fha scuiflebuii 'Ihal' has worried counfless fhousands of individuals. NEIL ROBINSON McALLlSTER. He hails from Sacramenio, folks--'thai fall blade wifh a knack lor slinging 'fhe bull. l mean lhal good-looking, hard-bifien, rugged buf ready characler. Neil "'rhe worm" McAllisI'er. Poliiical Science has been his maior, and when 'the fracas is over he plans 'ro afiend law school. Wifh pleniy of drive he 'turned oul' for freshman 'rrack buf failed 'fo gel by 'the 'firsl hurdle. He lei' fame slip fhrough his grasp when he lefl' basket- ball Io Luisefii. Hooper, ei' al . . . For siiff necks he has a mania: he'll go 'ro sea loaded down. noi wilh Duflon, HO 2l4. and ihe like, bul wiih 'ions of rubbing alcohol. Ben Gay, and hol musfard plasiers. He hopes 'lo Follow in 'rhe fracks of Roland Biancalana, io become one of The Navy's besf "Jap-haiing-Yanks." Besl of all. his men will love him when he waves his arms and exclaims, "Come on, you guys. Ief's have fhal old bull session." JAMES VISEL POWER. This well buili. good humored com- mander of lhe firsl' company is more offen known as "Brick." He hails from Anaheim, California. and, 'fhough his hearl and fraiernify pin have adopied San Francisco in 'fhe form of a charming belle named "Lib," he sfill longs for Ihe sailing and sunbafhing of Soufhern California's beaches. A Business Adminislrafion maior, Alpha Deli presidenl. and member of Golden Bear, Brick is also quile a foolball player. holding down a guard posifion lasi year and 'rhis year faking a crack al' righl half. His dislikes consisf primarily in docfors and hospilals. Of course, ihe facf 'thai a cerfain sfudeni nurse in San Francisco has 'lhe Safurday nighf shill' during lhis, his lasi, semesler may have someihing 'ro do wilh his opinion. HAROLD EDWIN PREECE comes from a God-forsaken! place called Needles. Don'l lei' fhis fool anyone, lhough, for 'rhe deseri ral geis around more ihan mosl people realize. Very seldom is he in before ihe wee small hours of Sunday morning. Never once has he failed io have +ha+ grin of safisfaclion on his face aiier lhe complelion of a successful week-end. His Saiurday afiernoons lasi semesler were spenl in hauling hurdles onlo and off of ihe irack. He was supposed io be Junior Track Manager, buf he was never fhere when if inierlered wiih his social life. Hal is an Elecfrical Engineering maior and is foriunaie be- cause he will receive his degree 'rhis semesler. He is applying for submarine duiy and hopes lo round ouf his work al New London, Conneclicuf. JOHN CHARLES RALPHS. Johnnie broughl' his large self 'lo Ihe California campus from San Bernardino, and I don'f Ihink he has regrelfed if al' all. He was aclive in Navy inlramural sporls, playing on lhe fooiball, baseball, and 'lrack leams. This being Johnnie's lasl semesier, he is really "hiHing 'the books," as usual, of course. He is a Business Adminislraiion maior, buf ii has a close second io confend wiih in lhe person of a cerlain brune'He. If eiiher a ship or an airplane is seen around ihe hall pro- pelled by ihe principle of iel'-propulsion, il' will undoubiedly be one of my roommaie's laiesl' inveniions. Johnnie is a plaloon commander. and if his men have learned nolhing else, ihey cerfainly know all 'fhe advanfages of fhe collar sfay. JOHN DAVID ROBERTS, more recenily known as "lhe leaf." sfaried his rise lo fame by occasionally being allowed 'ro be fhe M.P.0. of ihe plafoon he was in, and 'fhe nexi semesler he became lhe commander of ihe second company. He won his lelier in swimming and ulfimaiely rose 'ro 'the posifion of Bai- falion Commander wifh four barred flunkies. Sculilebuli has il' lhal Johnnie's claim io 'rhe posl' lies in 'thai having pul' up wifh his roommale for iwo semeslers, he was eniiiled lo some com- pensalion for keeping him for a ihird. A very amiable guy, he is always bringing in his friends 'ro keep his "Love and Sleep maior" roomie from gefling lone- some by discussing lhe 'liner poinls of engineering problem seis. Nol' quife finishing his Engineering course. he will graduale wilh an A.B.S. The Submarine Service, for which he applied, will be lucky 'fo gei for an officer a, man as swell and as com- pefenl as I did for a roommale. THEODORE GOULD ROBINSON has his sighls sei on wings of gold. He iherefore had chosen du'ly wilh a flai'-iop as a means of achieving his uliimafe ambiiion, flying anyihing wifh wings shorl' of an egg crale. This easy-going Long Beach kid spends his daylighi hours al ihe pool and founlain soaking up sunshine, cokes. and women. He occasionally cracks a book fo see whaf is beiween ihe covers. He spends his nighis running around campus as if he were one of ihose "B" average siudenis. As a graduaie hisfory, he falks aboul lhai almosl as much as he does aboui his fraierniiy, 'lhe Alpha Phi-oops, l mean 'the Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Besides being a Big "C" irackman, he underfook several minor sporls fo avoid lhe boredom of faking physical fraining. Whenever you run info ihis second company commander, if and when. iusf ask him how many girls There were al Cal wilh fhe name of Barbara. CHARLESIHENRY SHATTUCK is a serious appearing fellow, buf as usual appearances are deceiving. Hailing from +he Home of The Roses, Pasadena. Chuck has had all of his college 'rraining here al' California and is a member of Ihe Delia Kappa Epsilon fralernily. Chuck's maior is Business Adminislraiion and from ihis he derives his inieresi in foreign frade. When he isn"f shooling 'the breeze or 'lapping oui af Callaghan. he can be found ai lhe Kappa house. l+'s aboui six of one and half a dozen of fhe oiher. Alfhough Chuck played on lhe Freshman fooiball ieam, he enioyed varsify soccer more. Firsl' place in Chuck's hear? is a lighf cruiser, 'lhough he wouldn'l be foo disappoinied should he be handed a desiroyer. JAMES GERALD SMALLWOOD. Unfil the Navy puf a sfop fo il, you could fune in any Tuesday nighf around 2l30 on KRE and fhrill io fhe commanding voice of my roomie, Jim Small- wood. Jim, The lifile man wifh lhe big voice, was fhe pafron sainf and guiding Iighf of California's Radio Workshop, and aspires some day fo be owner, manager, and chief boffle opener of a whole nefwork. Jim's olher aspirafion is fo gef married. Things look preffy sewed up along fhis line, fhough, because he's Ihe only man I know who regularly receives a housebill from fhe Kappa Delis. Jim's such a good guy fhaf I find if hard fo believe fhaf he's nof from Soufhern California. buf he claims Gary, Indiana. as his home. All in all, I'm glad fhaf l've been wifh him for Ihese fhree semesfers. and l wish him all fhe luck in fhe world on his L.C.R. THOMAS JAMES SNYDER. This roomie of mine is a Spanish maior from Vallejo. and alfhough we have had numerous wafer fighfs, cases of mislaid bedding, efc., we are sfill friends even fhough we are roommafes. Tom is a very valuable roommafe as his aunf keeps us well supplied wifh sunshine cake, cherries, apricofs, persimmons. and ofher welcome foodsfuffs: nof fhaf we don'f like fhe food here, buf we have very parficular fapeworms. We make fhis sfalemenf realizing fhaf if will be published lafe in fhe farm, foo lafe fo be bofhered wifh hungry callers. Tom plans fo Iravel affer fhe war, perhaps wiih his "B" average helping to secure a fellowship as an exchange sfudenf. T. J. had planned all along Io ask for desfroyer dufy, buf a shorf frip on a minesweeper made him wonder if he had befler nof ask for good solid old Ierra firma. EDWIN ANTHONY THACHER. Yes, he is known as "Uncle Ed," fafher and advisor fo his fellow inmafes af fhe hall, and a genfleman of unfold wisdom. Among his innumerable acfivie fies have been frosh and varsify foofball, fhe D. G. house, and remaining scholasfically ineligible for ofher sporfs. Furfher, his proficiency in fhe arf of swimming cannof go unmenfioned af fhis poinf. His good nafure and looks, fogefher wifh a 'Ierrific line. have made 'ihe Uncle a very smoofh individual. He usually can be found operafing on fhe "sfeps" when he isn'f cafching up on some well earned sleep. Wiihouf a doubl' fhe oldesf sfudenl' in fhe school of Business Adminisfrafion, if has always been a race wifh Ed fo see whefher fhe Navy Deparfmenl would presenl him wifh a com- mission or refiremenl' papers. However, infense sfudy and am- bifion will gel' him fhrough and make Uncle Ed one of our mosl' formidable officers. . THEODORE WILLIAM VAN ZELST has buf one maior weak- ness, fhal' of receiving from fhree fo five leffers a day, fofaling almosf five hundred so far fhis year. lf is all very discouraging fo 'Ihe person who opens mailbox O30 and vainly fries fo exfri- cafe somefhing for himself ouf of fhal wad fhal' is always fhere. lf's his own faulf, fhough: he wrifes as many as he receives. Van's major is fhe roughesl one in fhe Universify, and I admire any- one faking a similar one. If is, of course, Civil Engineering. Van is a fransfer from fhe N.R.O. Unil af Norlhwesfern, and .......ORDO if was fhere fhaf he had fhe disfincfion of being commissioned for fhree days, because of an error made in Washingfon. He has had 'Ihe addifional advanfage of having been on 'Iwo cruises, making him fhe voice of experience in fhis regard. Van is one swell guy, nof discouraged by being called down for his "hollywood" on his fhird day here, quick' wiffed, con- siderafe, and very easy fo gef along wifh. He has fhe slufl 'Io make a 4.0 Naval officer. and I am sure fhaf he will be a suc- cess in whalever branch he is assigned. Good luck, Van. KIRBY PARCELL WEST, known also as "K. P." or "Zules" by his shipmafes, hails from Oakland, California. from which cify he came fo begin his sfudies af California in Ihe summer of l942. Spending his firsl semesfer as a Civil Engineer, he changed fo Mechanical Engineering, and in his lasf semesfer he made anolher swifch, Ihis lime fo General Curriculum. A member of Thefa Xi frafernify, Kirb's favorife ioys in life are baseball-he played shorfsiop on fhe second company feam-camping, fishing, fhaf beaufiful Oakland bruneffe, and ships. The laffer are in prominence on fhe walls of his room, which display everyfhing from P.T. boafs fo baffleships. Kirby's greaf ambifion affer commissioning is fo serve in desfroyers. buf cruiser dufy will nof be fhrown away. NORMAN DANIEL WILLIAMSON, beller hailed as "N. D." or "Willy" fo his friends, comes from a small fown in fhe norfh- wesfern parl' of fhe sfafe called Ukiah. And don'f fell him you have never heard of if, because he is very sensifive on fhaf subiecf. He is an Economics maior and some day hopes lo be- come a corporafion lawyer. Norm has carried his upper divi- sion work in fwo semesfers, faking an average of lwenly-fwo unifs a ferm. Even wifh all fhis he has managed fo mainfain a "B" average mos? of fhe fime. If is hard 'lo say exacfly how he gefs his good grades be- cause he can be found almosl' any affernoon in fhe sack or down af Epworfh. In addifion fo his scholasfic bend. Norm has olher good qualifies. Especially lhai of sforing away fhe liquor. Those who were al fhe lasf beer busf can feslify fo Ihaf. He is a swell fellow, and I wish him fhe besf of luck in fhaf deslroyer division. KEITH DOWER WINTON A foasf fo my roommafe's in order foday, And in his behalf l've a few words fo say. He's a prince of good fellows-always ready for fun. "A shorf game of cards when musfer is clone?" A Poly Sci maior from Livingsfon High, And he's proud of if, foo, fhough Heaven knows why. He's an all around alhlele and a BMOC, And he'll make a good ensign when we go fo sea. As Regimenial Sub-Commander he's a leader of men, And l've come fo Ihe conclusion fhaf i'i's nexf Io impossible fo fell abouf Winf wifh fhe silly verse fhal"s 'rhe besl' I can wrife-all abouf how he's a Pi Kappa Alpha and engaged fo be married, and whaf a line sense of humor he has, and how he was fhe oufsfanding cenler on fhe I942 Freshman foofball feam. and fo explain exacfly whal' a damn good guy he is, and fo fell abouf all fhe laughs and gripes we've had Iogefher, and how I wish him good luck and happy sailing, don'f you Ihink so. ' FIRST COMPANY Power, J. V ..............,.............,....A...........,.. ..,.....,... C C Heumann, J. M ..,.,,..., ..,...,., C PO Flaherfy, R. .,.,.......C....C,,...........,,..., ' .......... ...,..,.. G B Thacher. E. A., PC FIRST PLATOON Dodds, R. W., Guide FIRST SQUAD SECOND SQUAD THIRD SQUAD Agee, M.J. Eclcarf, J. H., SL Nicholls, W. P., SL Travers, S. L.. SL Casfle, R. M. , I - ? Fuller, D. P. Morse, R. G. Giusse, W. L. Hahs, O. A. Newcomer, W. W. Gillies, D. K. Arnold, J. S. Williams, D. E. Nelson, E. H. Van Zuyen, W. M. Robbins, C. R. Kuehn, R. E. THE BATTALION Robinson T. G ....,....,....,,.....,,...........................,... ...... C C Shalfuclc, C. H .....,.,. ' ........... CPO Snoolt, W. S ...............,............................ .......... G B FIRST PLATOON Loper, J. C., PC FIRST SQUAD Snyder, T. J., Guide SECOND SQUAD THIRD SQUAD Garlhwaife, E. L., SL Cazier, E. C.. SL Barfholomew, S. H. Grano, R. G. Merriff, J. A. O'Meara, D.J. Ashford. C. R. Cockrell, J. R. Knapp. W. E. Smifh, R. B. Bevins, J. T. Reid, S. A. Hooper, W. M., MPO SECOND PLATOON Leisz. G. W., PC FIRST SQUAD Edson, J. A., SL SECOND SQUAD Mersereau, J., SL Jones. E. E. R., Guide THIRD SQUAD Kat. R. L., SL Planl, F. A.,SL Sfowe, T C N 4. iefi mi, , . 1 Il ' M It ,ln I Cummings, A. R. Flefc e E.. . Lerond,J. M. Krumvieda, E. C. Saenger, D. M. Wesfer, R. A. iclclan . W. Saxby, L. W. Mel, H. C. Crawford, P. Herman, A. C. Hall, K. Brown, H. Phinney, G. Boede, R. H. Sumner, M. E. Naugh1'on,J.V. Elsken, R. H. Bliss, R. C. Bascom, H. H. Lee, R. S.. MPO THIRD PLATOON Williamson, N. D., PC ' Gaufschi, T. F.. Guide FIRST souAo secouo souAn Rafhfon, P.w.. SL . .. .. A R "". Smoo ,A . '. Sfrube, W. P. oa s ik? Fackler. F. L. Chambers, E. O. THIRD SQUAD Taylor, B. L., SL Heasley, C. C. I Olcerman. F. F. Tu'HIe, R. A. Howaff, S. E. Oiala, I. R. Jones, F. W. Brandenburg, D. F. Bernard, R. M. Lang, R. D. Bush, H. D. Sypolf, C. M. Kennedy, J. R. Miller, H. L. Evans, D.J. Laub, W. M., MPO DRUM AND BUGLE CORPS Commander ,..........,........................................ Feisf, G. R. Firsl' Pe'r'ry Officer ..... ........ F riedman. R. G. kNSecond Peffy Office r... .,....................... S heppard. J. C. Peffley, J. F. Bishop, J. L. Fluvog, J. T. Rofflze. C. E. Waid, Conway. C. J. Cosfa, W. H. I -.i. . ii i Henry, K. W. Murrell, L. W. McDermoH. G. H. 1 -ASW:-'vii' F H T1 Boofh, R. J. Wallace. D. B. Ballaniine, J. K. Brown, J. R. Kroninger, R. R. Frye. H. D. ' Denny, L. E. Rice, R. B. Gray. R. W. Woodward, G. F. While. R- D. Wanelc, B. F. Coffey, T. L. Preece, H. E., MPO SECOND PLATOON Van Zelsf, T. W., PC Callery, J. B., Guide FIRST SQUAD SECOND SQUAD THIRD SQUAD Sweefland, E. D.. SL Masficlc, R. J., SL Wrighf. D. R. Hill. G. S. Hayne, W. A. Scherling. L. C. Baum, T. L. Swaney, H. F. Carabello, H.J. Ralphs, J. C., PC FIRST SQUAD Doug as, J.C. Brockway, B. F. Robinson, J. D. Brown, B. B. Joy. W. B. Willoughby, A. B. Trowbridge, W. P. Wood, R. J. Walfers, F. A. Emmons, G. L. S. Fisher, R. R. Campbell, R. Johnson, E. E. Lucas, R. A. Parlcer, L. A., SL Boerclcer, F. D. Unger. C. W. Prichard, R. W. Keyes, E. B. Madiera. G. W. Neiswender, P. D. Laughlin, J. R. McAIIisIer. N. R., MPO THIRD PLATOON SECOND SQUAD Sfolcely, M. S., SL Johnson, D. C. Schuyler, R. A. Kabuss, N. G. Trempy, E. J. Burnside, R. H. Wesf. K. P.. Guide THIRD SQUAD Smells, K. D., SL Gilkey, C. R. Sfill, W. E. Nelson, E. L. Kearns, P. B. Price, R. H. by Chrisfofferson, E. - Brya nI', H. T. Kauffman, G. A. Smallwood, J. G., MPO COLOR GUARD Firsf Pe+'ry Officer ..,................................................... Brown. W. H. Second Peffy Officer ,.................... ............. .... .......... S I e clr. G. P. Third Peffy Officer .....,.. ........ B or hi, H. Fourfh Peffy Officer ..... ...................................... . . BATTALION STAFF BaHaIion Commander .............................................. Roberfs, J. D. Baffalion Sub-Commander ........................................ Malone, J. R. Adiufa nf ........................................ Baffalion Commissary Officer ..... Baffalion Chief Peffy Officer ......... Regimenfal Sub-Commander ..... .............Marsh, H. J. ...........Carey, R. W. ............Duffy. G. W. ......,...WinIon, D. K. SMALL STORES OPEN 3004630 lin sorry mdarn bufwe don? have any of fhoie REGULATIONS AND INSTRUCTIONS I. Morale will be high. Men who have nof been is- sued morale will draw same from Clofhing and Small Sfores af earliesf opporfunify. 2. Smiles will be worn IV4 inches above fhe chin wifh I4 feefh showing in a parallel line. Teefh will be polished wifh Brillo. Blifz clofh is recommended for gold feefh. 3. Misfakes will nof be made wifhoul fhe permission of fhe Commanding Officer and all cadef officers. 4. Men will sleep in fhe prone posifion IV2 inches above fhe bed so as nof 'ro wrinkle Ihe sheefs. The nose will be held af a 900 angle. Breafhing will be done in cadence of 35 fo fhe minufe. If men cannof conform fo fhis regulafion fhey will sfop breafhing. 5. Snoring will be permiffed on Tuesday nighfs only befween 0200 and 0345. The key of E flaf will be used. 6. Men will violafe none of fhese regulafions wifh- ouf legifimafe reason. No reason whafever will be considered legifimafe. 7. Exfra liberfy will be granfed only in cases of emer- gency. All applicafions musf be in fwo days prior fo emergency. ' SCUT END ouore I-low you gef if in your eyes in your own problem." Lieuf. liql Doyle. 'I' Ik PK PII Weak? I-lell, l'm geffing as much disfance as you are." Lieuf. Comdr. Bradbard. lk lk Ik ll! "There's a difference befween being "in a ruf and in a groove." Lieuf. Comdr. Soufharcl. if lk Ik lk "Wouldn'f fhe Capfain be perfurbed af being awakened af 0200 fo be fold fhaf fhe baromefer was wound?" "I-lell, fhaf's whaf he's paid for." Lieuf. Kugler. Ik ill ik lk "WhAich is if. Gaufschi, number one or number fwo?" Lieuf. Bauer. ll! ik Il' lk "Di+ dif dah didi .... dif-dif dif-dif dif-dif dif-dif clif-clif .... Dif Dif DA-A-A-A-A-A-A-AH DH." Lieuf. Comdr. Soufhard. at u xx To' I 1 " ' 5 ll ,s will! I I , SOONER OR LATER IWho would have fhoughf fhaf Navy Regs could produce such a quanfify of romance. Do you sfill fhink fhaf if's a good place fo hide fhose Ieffers Jolly? Chief Rideouf: "Borghi. don'f you have a decenf pair of panfs? "No sir, I'm a Chem major." Borghi has an answer for everyfhing. If Cowell would run ouf of fheir ZOOI brew, fhey "if I in f. I. E B U T ' f0"""" " I , Nh . fs XIX '- Ns ' w .. Iiqil ii X would find fewer people wifh coughs. " .. .buf every once in a while Mrs. AsforbiIf's besf dressed horse comes ouf in fhe shape of an Ensign." I don'f fhink he meanf you, Ed, buf you never can fell. "Give me 'rhaf haf, Sfeck. if will only lead fo blood- shed!" Believe me, Willoughby means whaf he says. Each Sunday musfer is sfricfly a "V" musfer, and if isn'f "V" for Vicfory. Ask fhe Weasel, he knows. - .. . gf' 1 N I - I I S Sl K. W 5 Z 'Att'-'X--'ft' vfx 4- i WILL WE EVER FORGET ..... . . . Mr. Mullinex fhoroughly enioying himself on fhe P. C.: one week fapping ouf on fhe ready service lockers. and fhe nexf landing a salmon. . . . Ship's Sfores opens-all fhe cusfomers are RO's buying ouf all fhe cigarefs and candy. . . . Power's sprinf for fhe sweep from his chocolafe bar buying frip. "They're really good." says he. "Whoops ..... " I . . . AI Pearce 8: Co. coming in on fhe R.D.F. . . . These people who claim fhey feel fine in fhis wonderful salf air, yef refuse chow and gorge fhem- selves on salfed crackers. . . . Duffy af fhe wheel of fhe P. C. as we almosf pile up on a mud bank. . . . Roberfs' claiming he wasn'f sick, fhough his frequenf frips fo fhe head raise fhe elemenf of doubf. . . . Gaufschi filing his applicafion fo fhe Junior Birdman of America early-even before leaving fhe bay. . . . Carey and Robinson giving fhe seagulls a bad fime playing cops and robbers wifh a 40mm. Classic remark: "I wonder how far fhis fhing frains before if unscrews?" ' Rim 9 CD DOUBLE TIME Soflball .... Baslce+ball . . . . Volley- ball .... A well-rounded sporls pro- gram .... Designed +0 'rake The edge off llwe slrenglli lesls as well as lo provide friendly compelilion ..... STAN HOWATT JACK BROWN Company Soffball Managers SOFTBALL. Losing Two runs To The hard-playing Company Six lolueiaclceTs during The lasT oT The TourTh inning on I3 SepTember, NROTC Company One sTands Tied wiTh Navy UniT Company Six in The semi-Tinals oT The Navy soTTball TournamenT aT The Time of This wriTing. A piTching duel beTween FirsT Company's Ed ThaTcher and Dick King oT Company Six broke in The TourTh inning when TirsT baseman, Paul Crawford, and Thacher crossed home plaTe To score Tor Company One. The blueiac:lceTs came back in The lasT oT The TourTh To Tally Twice and 'leave The counT Tied up aT The end oT The game. Filling The Company One rosTer were John Arnold, caTcher: Ed Thacher, piTcherg Paul CrawTord, TirsT: Wayne Hooper, shorTsTop: Marv Agee, second: John Malone, Third: Team c:apTain, STan T-TowaTT, leTT Tield: Jack Edson, cenTer Tieldg Bob KaTz, righT Tieldg and Dave Gillies, rover. The Company Two Team, led by PiTcher Jack Brown 'Failed To win Their division TiTle. BASKETBALL Never pressed 'foo closely, 'rhe NROTC second company baslcelball squad breezed 'rhrough 'rheir summer schedule lo win Their division championship, swamping 'rhe Company Nine blueiaclcels 50-I9 in Jrhe semi-linals, and al lhis wriiing appear 'ro have cinched ihe Navy League lille. Dependable Dick Carey ai forward led The Com- pany Two 'ream as high poinl' man, followed closely by Guard Bill Maderia. Ray Lucas al guard. Niel McAllis+er al cenler, and Bud Willoughby al forward rounded oul Jrhe quinl. Siu Barlholomew played a dependable defensive game. ln lheir hardesl game The Company Two cagers came our on lhe long end of a 29-24 score over Navy Company Four, leading lhe blueiaclcels by a small margin lrhroughoul lhe conlesl. Led by Lou Saxby and Jaclc Lerond, lhe Firsl Company won i+s division lille bul was overwhelmed 47-36 by Navy Company Four in 'rhe semi-finals. LEE PARKER N PAUL RATHFON Company Baslxelball Managers JOE ECKART JOHN RALPHS Company Volleyball Managers VOLLEYBALL . ApparenTly heading Tor The Top rung of The Navy League ladder, The NROTC Company One volley- ball Team downed The Second Company squad in Two sTraighT games To puT The crown pracTically in The bag. Depending upon smooTh, coordinaTed Team- work, The FirsT Company sexTeT rose To The Top spoT wiThouT producing any singular sTars. CapTained by Joe EclcarT, The Team consisTed of Mal Smoolc, John Malone, Dunc Williams, KeiTh WinTon, and Bill Laub. OTher regular players were Hollis Bascom, Lee Trav- ers, l-loward Marsh, and Dave Saenger. Placing second in Their division due To a Tlulce loss To Navy Company Six, 2-I , Company One overcame Company Two I5-9 and I5-I3 in a hard-ToughT semi- Tinals game. The FirsT Company Team, capTained by John Ralphs won iTs division, downing all opponenTs by large margins. l J 4 ? i .x Ai 1 ! 1 I 1 1 S 1 ! 1 -1 T E S U S . 4 T i z 14 fri N .4 vw E

Suggestions in the University of California Naval ROTC - Capstan Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) collection:

University of California Naval ROTC - Capstan Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 10

1944, pg 10

University of California Naval ROTC - Capstan Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 15

1944, pg 15

University of California Naval ROTC - Capstan Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 31

1944, pg 31

University of California Naval ROTC - Capstan Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 25

1944, pg 25

University of California Naval ROTC - Capstan Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 18

1944, pg 18

University of California Naval ROTC - Capstan Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 36

1944, pg 36

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