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,375- -n U Ai 'av ,. ,. fi ,3 ., 'is if? J- A ' ff' H ,J l .I 1.51 iff ' , i 4 1 4-5, SQ 154 4+ is, ,, - Y .5 by' i YM ,I nf ,Af ff , , an .5 'gl -6 4 the'-wk aw, U' 4 I W ' , yqg gf Q . , :-- Mm M' -' ,I 'I " ,V , I E . Q ,wa 'f ff e ,- . . ' " . ,, ,, f . , , fg. , , ,.f, .,: ' .. .V , , V FV' .. xi, 11 ami? grins ,Qu JW UCI Graduate University of California, Irvine Compliments of the UCI Alumni Association June 1976 gig ' u, fwflalgy We started vvitn Nixon . . . War, tour more years, growing protest to the draft Tnen peace, peace at last, an end to Selective Service- A beginning to gas lines. The economy teil . .. Unemployment soared, chasing prices- but tne POVV's came nome. Watergate burst, the flood drowning Nixon's administration and nearly sinking our confidence as a nation. Yet vve survived. Xffmwdfm, is ,. K ,A ' 1. ., f-as - . .. - ..-was . we -we ewsfws. .xmas i wait.-,, 5 L E Wounded Knee, amnesty, Patty Hearst, an economy getting worse. Familiar scenery of the 60's changing bit by bit. Old issues died-and old issue-makers: LBJ, J. Edgar Hoover. Heroes of another age, artists that had molded our times- Lindberg, Picasso-were no more, their eras ended. But Bob Dylan came back, singing new songs Flhoda got married and Betty Ford spoke her mind. Streakers ran by, bringing simpler pursuits. Apollo and Soyuz joined in space, Brown replaced Beagan, And A vve started dreaming of the 50's again. -.... 5 ,, ,fi .. ..., L, i k..:,,.,X,.. . - A 1 1 S1 ' as L"'1ff:v-38-we , MQQM. .X ,X 5 A ,Fi 11 .f X gg, M Y The Bicentennial arrived, and the tvvo dollar bill revived. Bits and pieces of our lrvine years, fragments ot what vvas happening outside the confines of central park. Novv events have corne round the circle another election, another Olympics, another graduation. Q Nwwxmwbwmwmvmw fx Fix ,Mmm 'ff H 2, L1 'fy 4 2 i el 1, .ri in X-S' l , j3fBaguv'f? Q X 9 it x AV,L JKLAQZM ' .rwfxfzl .,K232,Z ,'W?, V A 3, 1:2 iff 1 r ' ifzfjfz frgfj an Y SMT -we--W r 4,1 ln four years our focus changed, shitting from international vistas and fights for peace to basics. Like energy, food, a job. Our academic pursuits grew practical no time now for demonstrations. The eartn's resources are dwindling, we have an education to finisn. Besides, tney're filming a movie at the Engineering Building. 0 E i f 33,322 'i Q bf ' ilk V Y, fx, g W 1 fl, 3 ' ,ff , , , if 4 4 5 f 2 SM ,f M 1 -' A 2 I fi. ' ' ga., K 5' QQ, 1 A' Q -5 K'-an -,,,...-s- l W. W t ' College is more than earnest pursuit of a "future, more than preparation for the uncertainties ahead. Our lrvine past will be made up of many pictures fraternity pyramids, NCAA championships, moving in and moving out, gardens and sundae contests, books, fees, and trees growing in central park. Glimpses of our work and play are here frozen for us, a black and white reminder of how we were . . . 32235 1 K5 1 12 Ci' So, you're leaving UCI. Just think, no more requirements, fines for late add-drop cards, allnighters, or nodding over organic chemistry in the library, No more huge library fines for unopened books that have sat in the back seat of your car for tvvo months. ln fact, it means the end of all those degree-related hassles that you'ye survived. ULL T1 A 2- M 1 35. jj, 3 Z s A 2" 5 f ir ag u ui Yet- vve've heard that the "real world" out there can be just as confounding. But don't despair, tnat's what the UCI Alumni Association is all about- to make it a little easier to rnake your vvay inthe world after graduating. Congratulations and best wishes tor a nappy, satisfying life anead. Bon voyage! 1 Qi 5 5 2 Q 4 I- K K 5 X ERIC ANDERSON 10151 Ludwig St. Villa Park, California 92667 MARK ANDERSON 715 Cameo Highlands Dr. Corona Del Mar, California 92625 SUSAN ANDREWS 1410 Vistazo W. 37 Tiburon, California 94920 KENNETH V. ANZLOVAR 33322 Mesa Vista Dana Pt., California 92629 DIANA E. ARAUJO 1124 N. Olive St. Santa Ana, California 92703 EDITH P. ARCHIBALD 22832 Nolan St. El Toro, California 92630 RICHARD MICHAEL ARMSTRONG 2020 W. Alameda Av. ali9G Anaheim, California 92801 MARIA A. ARRIETA 12437 Brittain St. Hawaiian Gardens, California 90716 MARK CHRISTOPHER ASBILL 18029 Joseph Drive Castro Valley, California 94546 DIANNE ATKINSON 2300 Fairview Rd. HC-207 Costa Mesa, California 92626 DAN F. AUSMAN 2319 E. Santa Clara HD Santa Ana, California 92705 GARY D. AUSTIN A 1286-104 Discovery St. ' San Marcos, California Presenting the Graduates Of 1976 ' 15 SHARON ABEL 16682 Bolero Lane Huntington Beach, California 92649 HOWARD ABRAMS 24345 Crestlawn Street Woodland Hills, California 91364 SUSI ALLISON 4540 Ashton Drive Sacramento, California 95825 POUL C. ANDERSEN 9122 Playa Dr. Huntington Beach, California 92646 -rss. ,:-- Nrvweeefx 2. :f "ras'1ssEN:E'slERfEI1:I:' -5- 2 X . 9 .,.. - ii. I I ' i ' in A: nSs?Si5Slf5r? .- - - 'si 1 - i I -23 . ix. . . : 1:11 sf . .. B K ..., g . .W . at T... . .,.ft 9 ,..... . . ' ... 1 f y Nmgfg . 1, " ' f'-1 15 35525 .. . .. ..... , se R3 Q H as , 1 . '-is X .. H ,, : L ti X . . . 5 X - - , . X .. ., Sa-lsssmstiix : A -. --,, - fs fmswz-em . , , . W .., . -f -f .. . .... 5 g 1. we--sw V - -me-v K t , 'f X , kr is S Q 213. '--g.iL1Q,,g gf . '- X "'k K jg ' ' f ' as. ' - ' M ,,. . , ' rs, . W ge If ,:f,:e MICHAEL T. AZEKA 301 Broadway Costa Mesa, California 92627 JOHN H. BAILEY 4551 Marmian Way Riverside, California 92506 EILEEN BAKER 217 S. Orange Ave. Santa Ana, California 92701 CINDY BANDARUK 7204 W. Oceanfront Newport Beach, California PAUL BARTHOLOMEW 1152 W. Valley View Fullerton, California 92633 LINDA BARTSCH 939 Oakhorne Drive Harbor City, California 90710 JONATHAN BATTEY 1200 Park Newport 3419 Newport Beach, California 92660 CHRISTOPHER BELL 79 N. Meridith Ave. Pasadena, California 91106 ROBERT G. BENDER, JR. 25901 Cordillera Dr. Mission Viejo, California 92675 MATTHEW P. BENNETT 11902 Mac Duff St. Garden Grove, California 92641 ' 1 DAVID M. BERGDAHL 20892 Balgair Cir. Huntington Beach, California 92646 SHARON BERGSTROM 11125 Canby Ave. Northridge, California 91324 Mm. Xisism, si RSX Sf" X. .J Us K -QMIY' SAM BERRO 1008 Stevely Ave. Long Beach, California 90815 GAY MARIE BERRY 740 Linwood Ln. Santa Maria, California 93454 MICHAEL P. BIELA 3054 S. Main St. lf63B Santa Ana, California 92707 VERN G. BJERUM 328-S-W. Washington Apt. S Santa Ana, California 92706 KENTON BOETTCHER 8142 7th St, Buena Park, California 90621 ROBERT BOYAJIAN P.O. Box 1032 Tustin, California 92680 KAREN BOYARSKY 14740 Tacuba Drive La Mirada, California 90638 MAFIIANNE MAIOCCO BRAMSON 218 Verano Place Irvine, California 92717 SARI L. BRENNER 21 Aspen Tree Ln. Irvine, California 92715 MICHAEL BREWER 708 E. Almond Orange, California 92666 MAURICE BROUILLETTE 26521 San Gonzalo Dr. Mission Viejo, California 92675 DEBORAH ANNE BROWN 795 South Woodland Orange, California 92669 WW -img gtg 4. x , A f "' 1, 'nf is is CONDIE E. CARMACK 3311 Sepulveda San Bernardino, California 92404 KEN CASSUTT 1830 Port Cavlow Pl. Newport Beach, California 92660 SUZANNE M. CECCONI 885 Capital St. Costa Mesa, California 92627 JEANNE MARIE CESARE 1835 Terrace Place Delano, California 93215 DAVETTE CHAMBERS 452 Shady Drive Costa Mesa, California 92627 YI-PING CHAN 23147 Los Alisos 8251 Mission Viejo, California 92675 STEVEN M. CHERNOW 16621 Lanoau Ln. Huntington Beach, California 92647 GAY CHISHOLM 26575 Granvia Dr. Mission Viejo, California 92675 PETER CHIU 895 Pacific Ave. H535 San Francisco, California 94133 JOSEPH E. CHURCH 15391 Hanover Lane Huntington Beach, California 92648 RICHARD M. CHUTE P.O. Box 404 Blue Jay, California 92317 JACKIE L. CIAIR 3017 Evelyn Fiosemead, California 91770 4 175? :fm HQZQ Pj? , W, , Q 1 .,li Q 1 V 2 f Tiifib ., Y -lli AU C rr .., , ..,, W cf J,,,! Q fag? K 4? wmv' '34 NATHANIEL BROWN 609 S. Wood St. Santa Ana, California 92703 PATRICIA LYNN BROWN 11391 Larkin Dr. Garden Grove, California 92641 STUART D. BRUMBAUGH 10 Butterfly Lane Kentfield, California 94904 VICTORIA JANE BRYANT 12234 Dunoon Lane Los Angeles, California 90049 CHRISTINE N. BURDICK 18120 Marilla Northridge, California 91324 GARY BURKE 1734 Vallejo Way Upland, California 91786 PATRICIA A. BUTLER 20211 Clark St. Woodland Hills, California 91364 COLIN K. CAMPBELL 2339-B Santa Ana Ave. Costa Mesa, California 92627 JANE CATHERINE CAMPBELL 22905 Crespi St. Woodland Hills, California 91364 MARTHA S. CAMPBELL 2124 Verano Place Irvine, California 92715 CATHERINE CAMPION 19410 Vintage St. Northridge, California 91324 RONALD E. CANO 9090 Nan St. Pico Rivera, California 90660 If 11 I' K N wi' HW ,wi ,f wh '3?1P,?gUi - V' t E ' 8 I fu. ' 3 ' 29521 1 A IC: "1. 1 .,,,,f,, ,. z,,,,,,..5 , A ,,,,,, , ., tm., ,. y.i.,...w..55.1. ,afar we , .-- -r . .ff ff fnuiv .,::rf,t-55, .ffmmi-zf.. 1 KAYLER M. CLARKE 1205 Pepper Tree Lane Fallbrook, California 92028 KATHRYN GWEN CLAYTON 8488 Arrow Hwy. Cucamonga, California 91730 RAYMOND COBB 13782 La Pat H33 Westminister, California 92683 COURTNEY L. COLEMAN 4132 Fairway Blvd. Los Angeles, California 90043 DEBORAH COLLINS 1922 Elder Glen Cir. Anaheim, California 92806 RICHARD J. COOGAN 630 S. Olive Ave. La Habra, California 90631 MARY SUSAN COOK 3941 Palos Verdes Dr. So. Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90274 JOYCE A. COOKE 2214 Pacific Ave. Costa Mesa, California 92627 SUSAN COOLEY .. my Ai QL- Y ,E as 'Sf K. 0A0.0 ,I .v 4816 Shaw Sf. Long Beach, California 90803 SUZANNE E. COOPER 2530 So. Brentwood Lakewood, Colorado 80227 -. si, Gonoon conNETT O. 3165 Shady Park Dr. N Long Beach, California 90808 P ' RHONDA COSNER so ' ..-. ' 1231 S. Poplar Santa Ana, California 92704 18 ,pr-N . . 'I 5:1 :tm -. . , ,slr 'Mis .1 : 2 . .arg sa X k,ik : ' Q. ww' x 6 W... i . ' six- X . T' 1 s R . 13' -x Q 3.5-we .iw N K 3 W.T. COURTNEY 425 N. West St. Anaheim, California 92801 MICHAEL CRIOM 5574 Elsinore Ave. Buena Park, California 90621 DANIEL CRUMP 9902 East Daines Drive Temple City, California 91780 RICHARD C. CULL 2218 S. Birch St. Santa Ana, California 92707 RICHARD W. CUMMINGS 1410 Blackstone Rd. San Marino, California 91108 SHELLEY LYNN CYPHER 2345 No. Fullerton Road La Habra, California 90631 LORRAINE d'ANGELO 2003 Baltra Place Costa Mesa, California 92626 RICHARD DANIEL DANSON 32442 Crete Hd. South Laguna, California 92677 DAVID W. DASSLER 6866 Weller St. San Diego, California 92122 CHRIS T. DAVIES Box 85, 599 St. Anton Ct. Big Bear Lake, California 92315 BILL DAVIS 2203 E. Viking Ave. Anaheim, California 92806 THOMAS H. DAVIS 2116 W. Niobe Avenue Anaheim, California 92804 4,1 S. W, fi 1.5 hifi XIX X R 1 S X, fe ' gg r 12 ' N 9 xx ,ghd I 35 il' I f V tx , .-Rift., g flxit .f S 'R . ,r a - - :N c : F 5 -11Q: 1 . ::L A , ,,.qq g ix Q . , 1. N. .rs is x X -,pw-If - .- .if-,g--Q .. Q M XY' , is 3 5 x . X 2 as ' 9 3 .1 Q ' 1' , it ,-4 ' fri N 5 Q' he Q5 5 as Q 'lbw 1 , .wifi if -A . . ff' i!. sM 9?2iE-ftffref BARBARA DURELL 2725 Fairway Ave. Visalia, California 93277 CATHERINE DZIUBA 84 May Street Rochester, New York 14620 DAVID EASTMAN 11215 N. 74th St. Scottsdale, Arizona 85260 WILLIAM S. ECHOLS 99 Emerald Bay Laguna Beach, California 92651 BARBARA EKWALL 420 Northridge Rd. Santa Barbara, California 93105 SYLVIA ELEK 19222 Sierra Isabelle Rd. Irvine, California 92715 MICHAEL ELLIOTT 17311 La Collette Pl. Yorba Linda, California KEITH A. EMERSON 14301 Raintree Tustin, California 92680 SCOTT KEITH ENDSLEY 2734 San Juan Ln. Costa Mesa, California 92626 JANICE A. ENOKI 2887 Lynrose Dr. Anaheim, California 92804 HANS ENYEDI 1558 N. Altadena Dr. Pasadena, California 91107 R. LEIF ERIKSEN 3030 Boundary Ln. Riverside, California 92503 K, ,- N if fi ai :- -t - g, BSN Qi. OW . ,M .. N f 1 it 8 sf 1 I., f re .I 5 as 9 Q S ,S . . as Q Q fx 13,53 ., S, ig 5 . ix . , Y f -115 gf S .iv 'X 1: J!" 'E' 11 S Qi 9 Y? to - A .. Qs' 6' X IS -, WW' X -!"""'fY' fir WENDY L. DAVIS 20381 Amapola Ave. Orange, California 92669 DAVE DEAN 2310 S. El Raile Pl. Hacienda Heights, California 91745 HORATIO FRANCIS DeCASTRO 1426 W. Moore Ave. Santa Ana, California 92704 WILLIAM F. DELVAE 7650 Cullen Sf. San Diego, California 92111 JOHN L. DEVLIN 26 Queens Wreath Irvine, California 92715 DAUN ALINE DeVORE 30246 San Joaquin Drive Palm Springs, California 92262 CARMEN DIAZ 12272 Haga Street Garden Grove, California 92641 BETSY J. DODGEN 338 Violet Lane Orange, California 92669 KEVIN KIYOSHI DOI 14520 S. Budlong Ave. Gardena, California 90247 JOHN B. DOREY 9831 Hibiscus Dr. Garden Grove, California 92641 JUDY DOUGLASS 6172 Larchwood Dr. Huntington Beach, California 92647 ALFRED STANLEY DRAKE 5182 Yearling Ave. Irvine, California 92714 X si N f Q Q -ff xN"""' , ..,, " f gn- 15.5 1 ' fi, I A A I I Xiu Q N f if J..-55.,:.5.i 21 ERIC JOHN ERICKSON 19391 Sierra Linda Rd. Irvine, California 92715 ESTHER EMILIE ERVIN 466 E. Santa Rita Pl. Banning, California 92220 ANDREW ESTRADA 15112 Capetown Lane Huntington Beach, California 92647 NANCY JOAN EVANS 4713 Hasti Jay Ct. Bakersfield, California 93309 RHONDA EVANS 17003 Pires Ave., Cerritos, California 90701 SUSAN EWALD 11612 Suburnas Way Santa Ana, California 92705 EMIL FAITHE 11581 Varna St. Garden Grove, California 92640 JOHN FAUCETT 1147 Wilson Ave. Orange, California 92667 SUSAN FEDERER 7727 Penfield Avenue Canoga Park, California 91306 ROBERT DANIEL FEIST P.O. Box 792 Rancho Santa Fe, California 92067 RANDY FERMAN 130 N. Gladys Ave. Monterey Park, California 91754 nolvnno MARINO FIDALPO P.O. Box 4425 Irvine, California 92716 X.. WW' X X . Vg,A we ff. + g et - f-41.1 J El, .5 xg., -if, A31 X W ww Ne 5? A- . he -. - 'Bu Sega .Q ..... X XX Kxxgx X X I i f Q X wx, wx fin. 'iw 3 S Q-mile -we,-ef., f2w 2. -..- . f . ..: , f aww-wil' i,,- 5 -iil f.-,:' fix.,-we sl---' .eg -- -- 't' - -V -- A- - s N N43 H 1 'S . wigs I Jr.. A. N 4 .. x Fx s 9 Q ta 2. , Q-fwfr:-1 If.. ..eee1,: 1 A 1: .- eg.: f.Q,i,.,w 5 N UfQ.1'f' fi SESQQ' tw 'SSL . Q W a X f 1-,M - -ffie-19 GN M N ,X fi as 'Q QQ I ix 'x Q we "'?-s"'- 51 . . 8? .mi ' . . , Mg . , 5 ' A ewit SIGMUND ADAM FIDYKE, III 1132 Gleneagles Ter. Costa Mesa, California 92627 ZOILA FIGUEROA 2401 S. Rene Dr. Santa Ana, California 92704 PHILIP R. FISCHER 30238 Via Victoria Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90274 BEVERLY R. FLEMING 34855 Camino Capistrano Capistrano Beach, California 92624 STEPHEN THOMAS FLOX 483 Dvarte Rd. Arcadia, California 91006 BRIAN T. FOSTER 726 Camino Grande Anaheim, California 92807 TIMOTHY J. FRAZIER 2731 St. Albans Los Alamitos, California 90720 LORI FREEDLANDER 5607 Randall Ave. Cote St. Luc, Montreal, Quebec, SHEILA ANN FRIEDGEN 15102 Domart Ave. Norwalk, California 90650 CARYL FROST 3020 Qualtrough St. San Diego, California 92106 GAYLE ANN GARDNER 5711 Canyonside La Crescenta, California 91214 KENNETH R. GAREY 7222 Judson Ave. Westminster, California 92683 Canada INES GONZALEZ 717 4th Street Calexico, California 92231 PHILIP HOLDEN GOODMAN 931 Emerson Street Thousand Oaks, California 91360 AUDREY GOSEY 2237 Bliss Street Compton, California 90222 MARGARET L. GOTO 18902 S. Stefani Ave. Cerritos, California 90701 THOMAS EDMUND GRABOWSKI 4521 Loganview Dr. Yorba Linda, California 92686 CURTIS A. GRAHAM 4227-F Colfax Ave. Studio City, California 91604 JAMES SCOTT GRAHAM 11171 S.E. 59th St. Bellevue, Washington 98006 JAMES WILLIAM GRAY 2401-2G Via Mariposa West Laguna Hills, California 92653 ANITA MARIA GUITRON 45-750 King St. Indio, California 92201 JAYNE GUNDERSON 530 Cortez Rd. Arcadia, California 91006 HARVEY MERRILL GUZIK 9526 Cornwall Dr. Huntington Beach, California 92646 PATTY JEAN HAIR 14740 Perris Blvd. Sunnymead, California 92388 Dx ,wi .:iflfs'5i?f. QE 'j , .- 5 N. -av' 9 .ss . ' -,, x 'aim I ' 545 A TE i' ,gf if 'QU' N s R S X at f . fy. ....... - 'S 9. Q sf , 4 5' L ge. X . as te-,kim Q.,- 2 CLAUDIA K. GARNER 253 Cabrillo St. Apt. C Costa Mesa, California 92627 JAMES A.F. GATACRE 1104 El Prado San Clemente, California 92672 DAVID A. GAUNTLETT 382 Ramona Way Costa Mesa, California 92627 STEVE GAY 436 Colgate St. Anaheim, California 92801 BARBARA JEAN GIBSON 315 Howard Ave. Piedmont, California 94611 GUNNAR, GIBSON 220 Larkspur Corona Del Mar, California 92628 VALERIE GILLETT 1919 Carmen Ave. Los Angeles, California 90068 ESTHER GILMAN 3153 Sharon Ln. Costa Mesa, California 92626 ELIZABETH GINGERICH 5025 Carmen St. Torrance, California 90503 KATHLEEN L. GLASER 2920 Rhodelia Ave. Claremont, California 91711 LINDA PAULETTE GONZALES 10219 Brian Court Whittier, California 90601 AIDA E. GONZALEZ 3242 S. Main 347-C Santa Ana, California 92707 Aix sfs .QM A - k2?.1:s,.3fg5Q.s5fRs1s'3,f-,--:if fi - raffle-. Q LIAA . .,-., ..4s iw. gg 9 BRIDGET HAMANAKA 4625 Wawona St. Los Angeles, California 90065 DEBORAH HANICH 1436 Colver Pl. Covina, California 91724 JENNIFER LOUISE HARWARD 14210180016th St. Newport, California 92260 SHARON HARWOOD 2081 Rainbow Drive Santa Ana, California 92705 JUDY O. HASELHOEF 3917 Oakdale Ave. Pasadena, California 91107 LESLIE HAUCK 1465 Galaxy Dr. Newport Beach, California 92660 PAUL C. HAUGHEY 9413 Van Alden Ave. Northridge, California 91324 STACIE D. HAYASE 29034 Warnick Road Palos Verdes, California 90274 JOYCE HECHT H4 Sandflower Ct. Newport Beach, California 92660 ALBERT J. HERNANDEZ 1327 W. Olive St. Oxnard, California 93030 TIMOTHY WAYNE HERRON 401 Vista Roma Newport Beach, California 92660 SASKIA den HEYER 19931 Lexington Ln. Huntington Beach, California 92646 Q.. ,, i'f""'Y' A N , 3 X WT' MM' .,..X..,.k . -. sir-i9f1ft'i:.?i?lmQ - at aa .. .eww - ...t fs :4.,i,aw,. 'ik . X X N. X P 159 .. -3 tg , gsgg g S ., ' ,M 3 ? '- N A' 1 A I .. 5 .s,:,f:L..v -if Q. . . 4 .L - N N ,fi ff K. 12" N at -xx we ts W,-was kia, X, af? W-may-1 .- WM X sv W - E .sf- Q-5 W x 'Ox 'Xiu MICHAEL P. HICKMAN 1271 Kalua Lane Tustin, California 92680 MICHAEL B. HILL 13411 Lee Dr. Westminster, California 92683 DEBBIE J. HINDERSTEIN 18809 Paseo Nuevo Drive Tarzana, California 91356 BRETT G. HIRSCH 1622 Chateau PI. Anaheim, California 92802 STEPHEN D. HOCKETT 33578 Halyard Dr. Laguna Niguel, California 92677 ERICH HOERCHNER 1333 Verano Place Irvine, California 92715 SANDY HOFFMEISTER 26295 Naccome Mission Viejo, California 92675 CATHERINE M. HOLT 13712 Farmington Fld. Tustin, California 92680 DENNIS C. HORD 525 N. Gilbert 4120 Anaheim, California 92801 E. WAYNE HOUSE 874 S. Sierra Ave. Solana Beach, California 92075 SUSAN L. HOWARD 15323 Hayford St. La Mirada, California 90638 THOMAS A. HOY, JR. 3736 Myrtle Ave. Long Beach, California 90807 t v X x 'Q Q X .Q ...., I 'FQP' ' as ., Quia-war .- -Q ., 6 , ml"' 1, , A if ' - 9 3, . A ' , 1' . surs Q ' 1 :,. :..:: H , 755:19 iiis. . ' Q ,-fs, N, 1. A 1 'mf XX 'sg L ,, . JEROLD KACSIR 825 N. Van Ness Apt D Santa Ana, California 92701 SCOTT SATOSHI KAJIMA 1311 W. 141 St. Gardena, California 90247 ROBERT BARRY KAPLAN 17136 Lisette St. Granada Hills, California 91344 DONALD A. KARLIN, JR. 9962 Ocean Crest Dr. Huntington Beach, California 92646 BENITA KASTEN 12291 Meade St. Garden Grove, California 92641 SUSAN JOY KAWAMURA 11643 Everest St. Norwalk, California 90650 DAVID L. KELLY 821 Cortez St. Costa Mesa, California 92626 LISA KENDALL 304 N. Armel Dr. Covina, California 91722 KARMEN KAYE KERO 26301 Granvia Dr. Mission Viejo, California 92675 JOHN T. KERR 1912 Leward Ln. Newport Beach, California 92660 ROSALIE KFOURY 2833 Cassia St. Newport Beach, California 92660 DIANE T. KIM 125 S. Citrus Orange, California 92668 , t. .sftfdqsg N-.i....-1 3 fl f '5'K.-nw f sflisifis ION Xi'-19' ',,e.-s..f.-wp vr ,1 I 9 sk V M .Q , ,,,. . .. . .f x .594 .-' Sag QSM 132.57 KATHLEEN MARIE HUGHES 2700 Park Newport Newport Beach, California 92660 PIER CHARLENE MARLATT HURD 14436 Tedemory Dr. Whittier, California 90605 STEVE IRVINE 1845 Anaheim 46B Costa Mesa, California 92627 SUSANNE HIDEKO ISHIMINE 6021 Downey Ave. Long Beach, California 90805 LEANORE ANN IVERSON 5022 Bluejay Circle Huntington Beach, California 92649 LARRY JACKSON 1101 S. Chester Ave. Compton, California 90221 VALERIE JELONEK 111 Roberta Ave. Pleasant Hill, California 94523 JUDITH ANN JOHNSON 2731 Brierhaven Drive La Crescenta, California 91214 ROBERT N. JOHNSON 11019 Rives Downey, California 90241 TERRY JOHNSON 3105 S. Diamond Santa Ana, California 92704 GREGORY JONES 21963 Mohican Ave. Apple Valley, California 92307 PHYLLIS J. JONES 211 A Mesa Dr. Costa Mesa, California 92627 'E DAVID R. KIME 2340 Camino Del Sol Fullerton, California 92633 DONALD I. KING 26636 La Sierra Dr, Mission Viejo, California 92675 PATTI KING 2707 W. 233rd St. Torrance, California 90505 JULIE ANN KIRSCH 1952 Brookshire Ave. Tustin, California 92680 DENIS KITAYAMA 8619 Alburtis Ave. Whittier, California 90606 NANNETTE KONYU cfo 17575 Yukon Ave. HJ2 Torrance, California 90504 MARIA KOOTSIKAS 12591 Kensington Rd. Los Alamitos, California 90720 ROBERT KOSS 5808 Balcom Ave. Encino, California 92614 PATTI ANN KRAMER 1777-60 Mitchell Ave. Tustin, California 92680 NORMAN KRAVITZ 385 San Mateo Ave. Ventura, California 93003 ROBERT KREBS, JR. 4154 Ladoga Ave. Lakewood, California 90713 JOHN HIROSHI KUWATA 30 Pony Lane Rolling Hills Estates, California 90274 ,gsltff gf WW . Y sk , M...-ny if F! ! mn. , MH! 5, Q 'i425?s1l" ex., W.. .,,. Ui K. . .,,:, ',Qb- T38 . A 3' is if Q P .Q xxx X M3 wtf' 1 ...Z .'.:.5.b,:.:k 1 g if ,A .L sg: 'gg , A ,ff ,si , .,.,.. all ku Q M M A- ff X DONNA J. LABAR 1719 W. Olive 346 Fresno, California 92728 DOUGLAS LAGER 22016 Lakeland El Toro, California 92630 SUSAN ELIZABETH LANDIS 16652 Jersey St. Granada Hills, California 91344 MILI LARSON 6322 Marcellena Dr. Huntington Beach, California 92647 PAUL C. LAWMASTER 18591 Jocotoc Villa Pic, California 92667 ANTHONY WONG LEE 7561 Barbi Ln. La Palma, California 90623 MIKE LEE 2325 Johnston Street Los Angeles, California 90031 DIANN LEINBERGER 13811 Palace Way Tustin, California 92680 MARK LESTER 5325 Middlecrest Rd. Palos Verdes, California 90274 BRAD LEWIS 505 Begonia Corona Del Mar, California 92625 DAVID PAUL LICATA 15691 Butterfield St. Westminster, California 92683 VINCENT LICATA 13712 Rushmore Ln. Santa Ana, California 92705 5 xg W . I ., we-U ' fn- ' .... ' , . S, , SILVIA LUND 4624 College View Ave. Los Angeles, California 90041 DOW E. LYNCH 13770 Darvalle St. Cerritos, California 90701 ROB ROY MACKEY 665 N. San Pedro Road San Rafael, California 94903 ROBERT MADUELL 1684 Boxwood Avenue San Leandro, California 94579 DAVID B. MAIZLAND 18841 Bikini Pl. Santa Ana, California 92705 SCOTT MALMGREN 936 E. Palmyra Orange, California 92666 SALLY MANAKO 659 B W. 6th St. Tustin, California 92680 ROSEANN MANGANO 7598 Cody Dr. Stanton, California 90680 FRANCES O. MANN 4051 Figaro Circle Huntington Beach, California 92649 KAMAL A. MANSOUR 1643 8th St. Manhattan Beach, California 90266 BARBARA MARTIN 4870 St. Andrews Ave. Buena Park, California 90621 JANICE F. MARUMOTO 2453-A Kilauea Ave. Hilo, Hawaii 96729 Kam J .r t I I " 1 1 ' 512'-P ,--' A.l 2 f 'X 1?i-g.- .. 5 A-sa. ig ,., xx is f 3 ,v. itylix it DEBORAH ANN LIEN 220 Gwynwood Ave. La Habra, California 90631 ON W. LIM 837W No. Beaudry Ave. Los Angeles, California 90012 ELIZABETH LIMA 20382 Camfield Ln. Huntington Beach, California 92648 GEORGE LIN 213 W. Scenic Dr. Monrovia, California 92663 JUDY LOUISE LINDSEY 10081 Beverly Dr. Huntington Beach, California 92646 VALERIE ANNE LIPOW 6410 Green Valley Circle 3228 Culver City, California 90230 WENDY LIPSON 5274 Crebs Ave. Tarzana, California 91356 WILLIAM E. LIVINGSTONE 3559 Yosemite St. San Diego, California 92109 JOHN E. LOE 3900 Parkview Ln. ff15A Irvine, California 92715 PAMELA LONG 1898 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6J2M2 PATRICIA LONG 1898 W. 16th Ave. Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6J2M2 JOYCE HELEN LU 1302 Landfair Circle Santa Ana, California 92705 - Q. .s is are - .L QQ.: QM N X K A ' - 'gal Q -gg: fy gs : ,P cg, X I 3 X I we-3 A A , . l SUSAN L. MARUYAMA 2988 Andros St. Costa Mesa, California 92626 LYNN MARIE MASTERS 15852 Queenside Drive Covina, California 91722 GARY KEN MATSUOKA 26842 Primavera Dr. Mission Viejo, California 92675 DUANE G. MATTHEWS 248 Montalvo San Clemente, California 92672 MICHAEL E. McCLELLAND 1422 Verano Pl. Irvine, California 92715 JEFF McDERMAlD 219 Rivo Alto Canal Long Beach, California 90803 MICHAEL McFARLAND 835 Amigos Way H14 Newport Beach, California 92660 LYNDA n. MCGEE 17101 Springdale 3111 Huntington Beach, California 92649 JEFFREY WILLIAM MCGUIRE 16571 Alliance Ave. 315 Tustin, California 92680 GEORGE QUINN McNEIL 8612 Elmer Lane Garden Grove, California 92641 BARBARA McRAE 32691 Carreterra San Juan Capistrano, California 92675 ROBERT MEADE 1095 Visalia Dr. Costa Mesa, California 92626 3 gg.. W -Ls yawn, 5 " ' A w,F......-,Q 6 Artis .ess , g I S, W? Q t 1 A+ 'eryvr f-.. K X WK.: - .., .1 X . GARY MECKLENBURG 16 Seascape Dr. Newport Beach, California 92663 GERALDINE V. MEREDITH 1212 Verano Place Irvine, California 92715 DOUGLAS S. METCALF 2560 Greenacre Ave. Anaheim, California 92801 WENDY METTGER 6379 Caminito Andreta San Diego, California 92111 MARY A. MEYER 529 Flover Blvd. Los Alamos, New Mexico 87544 MARK MEYERS 8152 Marseille Dr. Huntington Beach, California 92647 ANDREA ENID MIKELL 771 Golden Prados Drive Diamond Bar, California 91765 BRUCE G. MILLER 126V2 Ruby Balboa Island, California DENVER J. MILLER, Jn. QCHIPI 4917 Callede Arboles Torrance, California 90505 :ESX TERRY MILLER 528 Cavanagh Glendale, California 91207 GREGORY SCOTT MILLS 844 N. Dickel St. Anaheim, California 92715 CELESTINE EMI IPO MINNIEAR 2610 E. Monroe Ave. Orange, California 92667 I fs' Q A f ifg Q lk Q X 'X JEAN T. MIYASHILA 15920 Youngwood Dr. Whittier, California 90603 KAREN ANNE MOE 12231 Afton Lane Santa Ana, California 92705 VIVIAN KAREN MOLINA 4741 Newman Ave. Cypress, California 90630 SANDRA MAY MOORE "Fir: r11-i 3 238 W. Escalones Apt. A San Clemente, California 92675 M.J. NAPIER 59 Acacia Tree Ln. Irvine, California 92715 JULIE LYNNE NASH 43752 27th St. W. Lancaster, California 93534 LARRY NEVONEN 31505 Bluff Dr. S. Laguna, California 92677 KERRY KAY NEWLIN 16159 Caribou Fountain Valley, California 92708 KAREN OI YEE NG 419 Cottage Home St., 32 Los Angeles, California 90012 TED W. NIEDERECKER 7460 Corey St. Downey, California 90242 HELEN O'CONNELL 25962 Via Viento Mission Viejo, California 92675 PAUL OLDHAM 10810 Cullman Ave. Whittier, California 90603 JENSINE LOUISE OLSEN 25 Melrose Court Hillsborough, California 94010 ROBERT MacGREGO0R ORR 2382 Via Capri Ct. La Jolla, California 92037 VIRGINIA ORTIZ 12902 Leibacher Norwalk, California 90650 MIKE O'SHEA 4611 Palm Ave. Yorba Linda, California 92686 J' ii A f A Q " ' 5 - K-17Lw15:..ii55 ,fi yi MSN ,. 'UFNQNDW TERRY MOORE 221 Diamond Ave. Balboa Island, California 92662 JUDY MORGON 9509 E. Pentland St. Temple City, California 91780 SHELLEY VICTORIA MORSE 1453 W. Browning Fresno, California 93711 BETSY LOU MORTON 19563 Crestknoll Dr. Yorba Linda, California 92686 SCOTT MULROONEY 400 N. Sunrise Wy. 3167 Palm Springs, California 92262 SUN OK MYONG 17316 San Mateo St. 31 Fountain Valley, California 92708 ANNEMARIE NAGY 32 Cedar Tree Lane Irvine, California 92715 JILL NAKASHIMA 10397 W, Walnut Ave. Livingston, California 95334 ,.s..,Q,.k I Qs 1- X 5 9 L SSR x sig it g . iq.. gg XXNQF Q X fig X IQ' .Wav RONALD DEAN Osuml 15633 E. Mentz Ave. La Puente, California 91744 CHARLES H. PACKER 41 Cypress Tree Ln. Irvine, California 92715 LINDA PAGE 655 W. Princeton St. Ontario, California 91762 HOWARD HYOWON PAK 832 E. Skyline Dr. Globe, Arizona 85501 THEODORE HARRIS PALKER 84 Herbert Lane Campbell, California 95008 NORA PALLER 17340 Clark St, Encino, California 91316 DAVID PASKIL 16636 Charmel Ln. Pacific Palisades, California 90272 RAJ C. PATRAO 14552 Erin Hd. Westminster, California 92683 STACY PATTEN 4301 Flintridge Bakersfield, California 93306 ALDRICH M. PATTERSON, JR. 3773 S. Wilton Pl. Los Angeles, California 90018 MARK P. PATTON 1317 S. Olive Santa Ana, California 92707 BOB PAUL 7950 Jackson Way Buena Park, California mii- .yvg V sl ...M . .,..X2,a,5.f t,,,,.sgQ., ,. - ag, . A V K X Q vw . .. k ,- . -- vt--as Q H ,., a. A .. . sf 'S 8 A .5: rsti. f 1 2 1- 14. sss. 5 X51 it 5 Q ,,.. - i t 6 ' as 'ef as - , Q 6 's 4.5 ,Q , v , ef. f - .,: -5 it isa .. , .t. ,, .. 41. .K L 1 9 is gg 8 E k S .tg - A is Y- , at .. . N . Q!! YQP' f NANCY PAWLIK, 17685 Sequoia Tree Lane Irvine, California 92715 PATRICIA RUTH PERK 1104V2 El Prado San Clemente, California 92672 LYNN PERRY 16801 Kamalii Dr. Huntington Beach, California 92649 RICHARD D. PESAVENTO 18859 Walnut St. Fountain Valley, California 92708 OLUSEGUN PETERS 30B Sasegbon St. lkeja, G.R.A. Lagos Nigeria GREGORY E. PETERSEN 1925 La Cuesta Dr. Santa Ana, California 92705 KIM CARTER PFLUEGER 1245 Cindy Ave. Clovis, California 93612 GARY F. PIRNAT 12326 Breezewood Dr. 82 Whittier, California 90604 ALEXANDRA NADINE PISKATY 14746 Albers St. Van Nuys, California 91411 DAVID P. PIVIN 8661 Avon Cir. La Palma, California 90623 TINA PIVONKA 1041 Tropicana Way La Habra, California 90631 LORINDA POLLOCK 1436 Paloma St. Pasadena, California 91104 L' XL , 2 .. Eb, DONALD WALLACE RICHARDS 2546 Colt Road Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90274 YVETTE SHEREE RICHARDSON 27301 Via San Pedro Mission Viejo, California 92675 LINDA A. RISKA 621 Kelly Dr. Barstow, California 92311 CHERYL R. ROBERTS 16 Gold Bluff Irvine, California 92714 LINDA ANN ROBERTS 9315 Lubec St. Downey, California 90240 SCOTT PAUL ROBERTSON 3151 Bermuda Dr. Costa Mesa, California 92626 PUEBLITO B. ROMERO 1326 Alma Ave. Salinas, California 93901 DEBRA ROSENBERGER 81-311 Forest Dr. Indio, California 92201 STEVEN RICHARD ROSS 2766 Via Hacienda Fullerton, California 92635 LINDA ROXBURGH 10701 Walnut Dr. Sunland, California 91040 IMICHAEL RYDZYNSKI 3842 Hamilton Street Irvine, California 92714 GARY A. SAENZ 225 Lancaster Dr. Stockton, California 95207 W----ff Mm DANIEL S. POWELL 10202 Meredith Dr. Huntington Beach, California 92646 JANICE PRATTE 320 Flora St. Laguna Beach, California 92651 JOSEPH R. PRYZMENSKI 34062 Malaga Dr. Dana Point, California 92629 LUCINDA LEE PRYZMENSKI 34062 Malaga Dr. Dana Point, California 92629 KATHLEEN A. QUINLAN 23942 Amundsen Bay Laguna Niguel, California 92677 MARJORIE ANN RAJCA 223 62nd St. Newport Beach, California 92663 MELISSA RANDEL 28609 Rothrock Dr. Rancho Palos Verdes, California 90 FRANK RECHBERG 2540 Shadow Ridge Ln. Orange, California 92667 RICHARD RECOR 4405 W. Maurie Ave. Santa Ana, California 92703 DEBORAH JEAN RECKERS 3800 Parkview Lane 880 Irvine, California 92715 MICHAEL CHARLES REESE 2104 Greenwood Dr. 31 Bakersfield, California 93306 TERESA C. RENOSO 2130 Halladay Santa Ana, California 92705 274 NANCY SAKAI 845 N. Perry Montebello, California 90640 LUCY ANNE SALAZAR 3552 Pershing Ave. San Bernardino, California 92405 LAURA E. SALMON 2611 Thompson Blvd. Ventura, California 93003 THOMAS R. SANDERS 22422 Gravino Laguna Hills, California 92653 MARTHA SANDIFORD 5640 E. 6th St. Long Beach, California 90814 DAVID SANTOS 4508 Albury Lakewood, California 90713 TIMOTHY A. SATALICH 1768 W. Sallie Ln. Anaheim, California 92804 TOMAS SAUCEDO 2628 Gleason Ave. Los Angeles, California 90033 CHARLES H. SCHARDIN, JR. 1825 Vista Del Oro Fullerton, California 92631 AIDA M. SCHNEIDER 15681 California St. Tustin, California 92680 CHERYL ANN SCHOELLERMAN 1818 Santiago Drive Newport Beach, California 92660 ELENA SCHONFELD 17981 Mann Irvine, California 92715 JANIE SCHROEDER 2316 N. Old Grand Santa Ana, California 92701 LORRAINE M. SCHULZ 11292 Brunswick Way Santa Ana, California 92705 BRIAN GREGORY SCHUNCK 5281 Christal Ave. Garden Grove, California 92645 ADAM H. SCHWARTZ 19511 Rockland Ln. Huntington Beach, California 92646 JOHN STANLEY SCHWARTZ 932 Meadow Lark Dr. Laguna Beach, California 92651 ROBERT I. SCHWARTZ 19328 Allingham Ave. Cerritos, California 90701 LAURA ELLEN SEGAL 3843 Longridge Ave. Sherman Oaks, California 91423 MAXINE SEILER 224 Beverly St. 44 Laguna Beach, California 92651 ROBERT SELBY 5204 Melbourne Dr. Cypress, California 90630 RICHARD W. SHARECK 2650 Hollister Ter. Glendale, California 91206 JAN SHAWE P.O. Box 52 Corona Del Mar, California 92625 JOHN SIEH 12130 Brittany Stanton, California 90680 .MNINWM fx fl! - . .-sifiiii W A A A 8 .Q x Mm XM 3 ,,. misss, gsm 2 - - S Qxxk Ex X ig A 8 mt Al ,Kg J X 1 .W ,fa ,X 4 , Q -K sf' f-L Q-'NX A ts. ...Q A ,A X . is xg A I XX. WQQQYQ, i",Xl, 'X xniy ,f , W F BARBARA SIMMONS 22622 Maple Ave. Apt. 42 Torrance, California 90505 MICHAEL SKARSTEN 1782 N. Craig Altadena, California 91001 CARL SKOV 320 N. Coast Hyw. Laguna Beach, California 92651 CLAUDIA A. SLATER 2881 Bristol St. 3109 Costa Mesa, California 92626 JOAN L. SMALL 1516 Edinburgh St. San Mateo, California 94402 ELEANOR A. SMITH 730V2 Tustin Ave. Newport Beach, California 92663 RICHARD T. SMITH 301 Broadway Costa Mesa, California 92627 SHARON ANN SMITH 1028 S. Exmoor Ave. Compton, California 90220 SHERMAN J. SMITH, JR. 23651 San Esteban Dr. Mission Viejo, California 92675 JULIA L. SNOW 305 S. Anita Ave. Los Angeles, California 90049 ARLENE Z. SONTAG 1638 S. Melissa Way Anaheim, California 92802 NANCY SPOHN 1214 Ocean Ave. Apt. B Seal Beach, California 90740 JAMES JAY SPOTTS 2751 North 'D' St. San Bernardino, California 92405 CHERYL SPREEN 24441 Regina St. Mission Viejo, California 92675 TRACY E. STANLEY 1037 Marine Avenue Wilmington, California 90744 SUSAN HELEN STEMMER 5901 E. 7th Street Long Beach, California 90801 MARYELLEN STIPE 12571 Newport Ave. Tustin, California 92680 ROBERT NEAL STIVERS 200 Via Genoa Newport Beach, California 92663 JAMES WOOD STRAHAN 18502 Taft Ave. Villa Park, California 92667 LOUISE J. STUART 3737 So. Golden West 31 Santa Ana, California 92704 ANNE LAURIE STURDEVANT 1955 Port Edward Pl. Newport Beach, California 92660 KATHLEEN SULLIVAN 2233 E. Catalina 318 Santa Ana, California 92701 JAMES E. SULLIVANT 10511 Glenview Ave. Cupertino, California 95014 LESLIE ANNE SUNELL 235 E. Gladstone San Dimas, California 91773 ALICIA W. SUSONG 9891 Kite Drive Huntington Beach, California 92646 KAREN L. PERATT SVATKO 10250 W. 65th Ave. Arvada, Colorado 80004 KNUTE SWENSEN 419 Chery Ave. Los Altos, California 94022 CANDICE ANN SZABO 312 10th St. Apt. L Huntington Beach, California 92647 DEAN KEVIN SZABO 312 10th St. Apt. L Huntington Beach, California 92647 FRANK PAUL TADMAN 1427 S. Cedar Ave. Fullerton, California 92633 GLADYS TALLMAN 2303 E. Jackson Ave. Orange, California 92667 CHRISINA TANNOUS 16316 Mt. Emma St. Fountain Valley, California 92708 JOHN TARASCIO 10827V2 Brookshire Ave. Downey, California 90241 ISOM TAYLOR 2712 Verano Place Irvine, California 92715 JAN D. TAYLOR 1875 Gail Ln. Anaheim, California 92802 BRENT TEETER 312 Peg St. Ridgecrest, California 93555 KQV nxt v""'W g . , . g , 7 6 A N :FEM E? 'il ctw ,, ky V- in I, , , , K:,. . . if -2 'Q t .. Q , ...,g V iii.i I if , I A ' ei ,A ' A f I I Y '.: it , . kk.. M K Q ',ae f K :ac .,.., 152 t Wippit.. C.-W...-Mei Q at -iii M , 1 .mi "9-1' KATHY L. THELIN 525 Victoria 373 Costa lvlesa, California 92627 GREG THOMAS 6051 Cartwright North Hollywood, California 91606 JOANNE THOMAS 6051 Cartwright Ave. North Hollywood, California 91606 LYNNE L. THOMAS 1232 Glenaire Dr. Santa Ana, California 92705 ANDREA L. THOREN 427 Eleventh St. Hermosa Beach, California 90254 LAURA THORNBURGH 1840 Leeward La. Newport Beach, California 92660 ERIC THUEN 9623 Craiglee St. Temple City, California 91780 BARBARA TOBIAS P.O. Box 171 Carmel Valley, California 93924 SYDNEY TOMPKINS 17942 Rainier Dr. Santa Ana, California 92705 PAMELA TOOMEY 29331 Applewood Ct. San Juan Capistrano, California 92 MARK NICHOLAS TOTO 2501 Harbor Blvd. Costa Mesa, California 92626 CLAY WILLIAM TOTTEN 4424 Hazelnut Avenue Seal Beach, California 90740 .gif 675 X TRUDY WEAVER 2731 Alta Vista "ilk Newport Beach, California 92660 MARK OTTO WEST 1211 Verano UCllrvine, California 92715 PAT WEST 21582 St. John Ln. Huntington Beach, California 92646 RHONDA ALLEN WIKERT 206 Marker St. Long Beach, California 90805 MARILYN WILLIAMS 111 Colony Drive Sierra Madre, California 91024 JANE WILSON 1022 West St. Oceanside, California 92054 RICHARD WILSON 16788 Drury Dr. Whittier, California 90603 BETTY MARIA WINKES 5550 Atherton Long Beach, California 90815 TIM WINKLER 2421 Elden Ave. Apt. 3 Costa Mesa, California 92627 FRANCIS WITCHER 8877 Lauderdale Crt. 3209-H Huntington Beach, California 92646 LeROY SAMUEL WONG 1130 Ronda Dr. Manhattan Beach, California 90266 ELIZABETH YANG 4108 E. Fernwood Ave. Orange, California 92669 EDWARD WILLIAM TRIGG, JR. 1250 S. Brookhurst St. H1075 Anaheim, California 92804 JOYCE L. TRIGG 1250 S. Brookhurst 31075 Anaheim, California 92804 LINDA R. TRIMBLE 10674 El Morro Circle Fountain Valley, California 92708 MARGIE TUTTLE 4220 Chesnut Ave. Long Beach, California 90807 SANFORD SAMUEL VANCE, II 24501 Vanessa Mission Viejo, California 92675 JERRY VEEH 1161 Tiki Lane Tustin, California 92680 JOHN ANTHONY VESCO 2222 Verano Pl. Irvine, California 92715 JAN VIELE 4692 Park Mirasol Calabasas, California 91302 ANTONIA AMMAZZALORSO VIGNOCCHI 115 Olinda Pl. 83 Brea, California 92621 MAGDALENA VILLARREAL 904 S. Karen Santa Ana, California 92704 PAMELA JEANNE WALLI 18052 Athens Ave. Villa Park, California 92667 KENDALL A. WAMEL 121A 42nd St. Newport Beach, California 92660 Kai ..,...-M! fy 3 9 4 - .fs-"unN,Nh DIANE YATES 19600 Fairweather Canyon Country, California 91351 SUE YOSHINO 14712 Comet Street Irvine, California 92714 DON Y. YOUNG 2429K Cincinnati St. Los Angeles, California 90033 SUSAN YOUNG 23931 Azusa St. El Toro, California 92630 ANTONETTE L. YUSKIS 1153 Pine Drive El Cajon, California 92020 JAMES M. ZERDONI 6150 Buckingham Pkwy. 3210 Culver City, California 90230 me 'WWF ' 1'4h,,,,.w-,. Highlights of the Graduates of ABEL, S.: Social Ecology, B.S.: Psychology, Child Development, Swimming, Tennis. ABRAMS, H.: Mathematics, B.A. ALLISON, S.: Social Ecology, Bachelors: SPOP, Uni-Prep Staff, Resident Ad- visor-Middle Earth, ASUCI Vice Pres. Academic Services, Fannies, Graduation. ANDERSEN, P.: Biological Science, B.S. ANDERSON, E.: BIO, B.S.: Playing with the Druids, Being a Veg, Passing History of Art, Tasting the Thrill of Victory 8. the Agony of Defeat. ANDERSON, M.: Social Sciences, B.A.: Charter Member Alpha Falfa Frasority, Member UCISA, Intramural Sports Activist. ANDREWS, S.: English, B.A. ANZLOVAR, K.: Bio. Sci., B.S. ARAUJO, D.: Biology, B.S. ARCHIBALD, E.: Studio Art, A.B. ARMSTRONG, R.: Biology, B.S.: Flying, Music, Sports. ARRIETA, M.: Comparative Culture, B.S.: Tennis, Public Speaking, Deans Honor List, Campus Crusade for Christ Christian Students, Education Abroad 74-75 in Barcelona, Spain. ASBILL, M.: Biology, B.S.: Professional Forum, Honors in Biological Research, New- Student Peer Advisor in Biological Sciences. ATKINSON, D.: Soc. Sci., B.A. AUSMAN, D.: Biological Sciences, B.S., Swimming, Golf, Charitable activities, Reading, Collect Coins 8. Stamps. AUSTIN, G.: Economics, B.A. AZEKA, M.: Civil 8. Environ. Engr., B.S.C.E., B.S. ENV. E., Rock Climbing, Photography, Music, Skiing. BAILEY, J.: Psychology, B.S.: Beta Theta Pi Fraternity, Associate, Orange County Mental Health Association. 1976 BAKER, E.: Psychology, B.A.: B.S. Biology 1972 UCI, Deans List, 8 Children, Community Counselor. BANDARUK, C.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Transfered from OCC, Plans Are to Continue with Graduate School in the Education Dept. at UCI to Get Teaching Credential. BARTHOLOMEW, P.: Biology, B.S. BARTSCH, L.: Classics, BfA.g Eta Sigma Phi. BATTEY, J.: French, B.A.: Athlete, Scholar, Voyager. BELL, C.: Bio. Sci., B.S. BENDER, R., JR.: Economics, B.A. BENNETT, M.: Biology, B.S. BERGDAHL, D.: Biological Science, B.S. BERGSTROM, S.: Soc. Ecology, B.A.: ln- tramural Sports, Sailing. BERRO, S.: Biology, B.S.: Sailing, Skiing. BERRY, G.: Dance, B.A. BIELA, M.: Biology!Psychology, B.S.!B.A.g Dean's Honor List, Health Science Experience Program, U.C.l. Flying Club, Biology, Psychology Double Major. BJERUM, V.: Social Ecology, B.A. BOETTCHER, K.: Bio. Sci., B.S. BOYAJIAN, R.: Social Ecology, B.A. BOYARSKY, K.: English, B.A., Four Wonder- ful Years of Academia and Friendship . . . Best of Memories! BRAMSON, M.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: Studying, Growing, Friends, Walter, Grad. School. BRENNER, S.: Biology, B.S. BREWER, M.: Math, B.A. BROUILLETTE, M.: Biology, B.S., Dean's List, Faculty Peer Advisor for Department of Biological Sciences. BROWN, D.: Social Sciences, Bachelor'sg Intern in Office of Development and Alumni Affairs, Member Dean's List 1973, Plan to be Involved in Some Facet of Communications Will Marry in July of 1976. BROWN, N.: Bio-Sci, B.S.: Bio-Sci Studen' Representative, Molecular Bio 8 Biochen' Student Representative. BROWN, P.: English, B.A., Plans to Atteno UCLA Graduate School in Library Science Honors Graduate, Enjoys Skiing, Reading 8. Traveling. BRUMBAUGH, S.: Biology, B.S.: MCAT Prep Club '74-'75, Rugby Club Fall '75, Classical Guitarist, Avid Tennis Player, Friend Indeed. BRYANT, V.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Health Sciences. BURDICK, C.: Chem.8t Bio., B.A. in Chem., B.S. in Bio.: Phi Betta Kappa, Deans List 11 Quarters, Co-Chairman of the Professional Forum 74-75, Bio Peer Advisor 75-76, Enter- ing Law School After Graduation, Skiing, Waterskiing, Basketball. BURKE, G.: Mechanical Engineering, B.S.: Student Chapter A.S.M.E., Girls, Cars, ln- tramural Sports. BUTLER, P.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Better Communication Between Women and Men, the Arts and the Environment. CAMPBELL, C.: Physics-Chem, B.S.: B.S. Chemistry, B.S. Biology, B.S. Physics. CAMPBELL, J.: English, B.A. CAMPBELL, M.: Soc. Ecology, B.A., Teaching Credential, Multiple Subject: Regent's Scholar, Dean's List, Chancellor's Committee on Standing of Women and Minorities, Phi Betta Kappa, Outstanding Senior. CAMPION, C.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: ln- tramural Sports, Sailing, Cooking, Honors in Research in the Biological Sciences, Special Service Award School of Biological Sciences. CANO, R.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Elected Twice l I las Secretary to the Pre-Law Society, lScholarship Recipient for the "Symposium on lthe Presidency," U.C.l., Active in lntermural iSports. CARMACK, C.: Bio. Science, B.S. ICASSUTT, K.: English, B.A.: Intramural Athletics, English Undergraduate Committee, Law School. CECCONI, S.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: Bio Sci. Student Association, Tennis, Folk Music, Graduatingllll CESARE, J.: Biology, B.S. CHAMBERS, D.: Humanities, B.A. CHAN, Y.: Chem., B.S.: Like Music, Honor Student, Bilingual. CHERNOW, S.: Chem., B.A.: Maintained Sanity for Five Years at UCI, Interests Include Tennis, Coffee, and Girls. CHISHOLM, G.: Biology, B.S.: Especially Interested in Children and Seeking a Vocation in Physical Therapy to Work with them. CHIU, P.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: B.S.S.A., Chinese Club, Photography Club, Dean's Honor List, Biology Students Tutoring. CHURCH, J.: English, B.A.: Deans Honor List, Grendel's Mother Literary Club. CHUTE, R.: Political Science, B.A.: Dean's List, Junior Fellowship in School of Social Science. CIAIR, J.: Soc. Ec. lCrim Just.l, B.S. ECLARKE, K.: Math, ics, B.A., es. lCLAYTON, K.: Dance, B.A.: UCI Songleader N75-76, Gamma Phi Beta Soroity 74-76. ICOBB, R.: E.E., B.S.: IEEE. ICOLEMAN, C.: Social Science, B.S.: Marketing, Tennis, Learning, Living. COLLINS, D.: Dance, B.A.: Dance, Dance, land More Dance, Especially in the Tudor- Loring Concert, 1976, Deans List. COOGAN, R.: Psychology, B.A. COOK, M.: Social Ecology, B.S. COOKE, J.: Social Ecology, B.A. COOLEY, S.: Drama, B.A.: Acting, T.V. Production, Skiing, Sailing, Riding. COOPER, S.: Economics, B.A.: Women's Intercollegiate Swim Team. CORNETT, G.: BiologylChem., B.S., B.A.: Going to U.S.C. Dental School. COSNER, R.: Sociology, B.A.: Anthropology, Sociology, People, Jogging, PAHRUMP, Nevada, Graduation 1976. COURTNEY, W.: Social Science, Social Science: Biology, Social Science, Concert Committee, Intramurals. CRIOM, M.: Biology, Chem., B.S., B.A. CRUMP, D.: Social Ecology, B.A. CULL, R.: Social Ecology, B.S. CUMMINGS, R.: Biology, B.S.: Intercollegiate Varsity Sailing Team 4 Yrs., Commodore UCI Sail Asso. 2 Yrs. CYPHER, S.: Biology, B.S.: Graduation with Honors, Publication in Journal of Undergraduate Research. d'ANGELO, L.: French, B.A. DANSON, R.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: 4-4 Christian Fellowship, Christian Rock Band, Guitar Playing, Surfing, Scuba, Bio. Research. DASSLER, D.: Civil Engr., B.S. DAVIES, C.: Biological Sci., B.S.: Research in Immunology, Peer Advisor ln Biology. DAVIS, B.: Philosophy, B.A.: ASUCI Council, Pre-Law Society V.P. DAVIS, T.: English, Classics, B.A.: President - Eti Sigma Phi 1974, Student Representative - Classics 1976. DAVIS, W.: Biology, B.S.: Undergraduate Research, Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Enjoy Snow!Water Skiing, Sailing, Playing Flute, and being with Friends. DEAN, D.: Biology, B.S.: Health Science Ex- perience, IM Volleyball, IM Softball, UCISA. DeCASTRO, H.: Comparative Culture, B.A.: Member UCI Alumni Ass'n. DELVAC, W.: Social Science, B.A.: AS Coun- cil, Soc. Sci. Junior Fellow, Regent Scholar, Undergrad Rep - Budget Ctee., S.A.P., NSF Grant Project Director, Nice Guy. DEVLIN, J.: Double Chem!Bio, B.S.: Physical Science Dean Fellow 1976, Publications in J.A.C.S. DeVORE, D.: Philosophy, B.A.: U.C. Student Lobby Annex Director, Statewide 81 Executive Committee Student Affirmative Action, Chancellors Advisory Committee on the Status of Women St Affirmative Action. DIAZ, C.: French wfemph. on Linguistics, B.A.: Dean's Honor List, Interest in: Linguistics, Translation 8. Interpretation of German, French, Spanish, Music 81 Art Hist. DODGEN, B.: French, B.A.: Dean's Honor List, Teaching Resident in Foreign Language Dorm, Interest in Linguistics and Art History. DOI, K.: Biological Sciences, B.S. Biology: Biology 199 Research, Committee on Rules 8- Regulations. DOREY, J.: Soc. Ecol., B.A.: Active in College Legal Clinic, Interested in Law. DOUGLASS, J.: Spanish, B.A.: Regents Scholarship - 4 Years. DRAKE, A.: Soc. Sci., B.A.: My Wife, My Child, My Life, All the Children, All the People, and to All That May Become. DURELL, B.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Not Star- ting Water Fights, Rearranging My Room, JSG, Experimenting with Exotic Drinks, Sur- viving the Double at "The Beach Ball", Graduating as an anteater. DZIUBA, C.: Social Sciences, B.A. EASTMAN, D.: Soc. Ec., B.A.: Tennis, All American, R.A. Camino 74-75. ECHOLS, W.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Specializ- ed Area of Study: Urban and Regional Plan- ning. EKWALL, B.: Social Ecology, B.A. ELEK, S.: Biology, B.S. ELLIOTT, M.: Int. 8- Comp. Sci. EMERSON, K.: Classical Civilizations, B.A. ENDSLEY, S.: Political Sci., B.S.: Deans Honor List 1972-1976, N.C.A.A. Tennis Team Member. ENOKI, J.: Biology, B.A.: Orientation Programs, Leadership Retreat, Learning Skills Center, R.A. Selection. ENYEDI, H.: Social Ecology, B.A.: To Carry on the Ideals of Our Generation and Those That Have Gone Before Us. ERIKSEN, R.: ICS, B.S. ERICKSON, E.: History, B.A. ERVIN, E.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: Student Recruiter EAP, Education Abroad Selectee, Judo Club, University Orchestra. ESTRADA, A.: Biology 8. Chem., B.S. 8 B.A. EVANS, N.: Art, B.A. EVANS, R.: Social Ecology, A.B.: Planning Public Policy, Social Program Evaluation. EWALD, S.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: DROSOPHILA Research, Dean's List. FAITHE, E.: Biology, B.S.: DISC Jockey, Interest in Pharmacy, Rock Concert MC. FAUCETT, J.: Physics, B.A. FEDERER, S.: Bio., B.S. FEIST, R.: Social Ecology, B.A.: UCI Cross- Country and Track Team Member l1972- 19763. FERMAN, R.: Mechanical Egr., B.S.: KUCI Radio Disc Jockey, School of Engineering Peer Academic Advisor, Scientologist. FIDALPO, R.: Engineering, B.S. FIDYKE, S., Ill: ICS, B.S.: Good Wine, Gentle Women, Soft Songs. FIGUEROA, Z.: Bio. Sci., B.S. FISCHER, P.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: General Coordinator 4-4 Christian Fellowship, Disc Jockey KUCI, Intramural Basketball and Volleyball. FLEMING, B.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Nurse- Practioner, Consultant - Aging. FLOX, S.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: Premed, Participated in Undergraduate Research and Health Science Experience, Interests in Art, Music and Outdoor Sports. FOSTER, B.: ICS, B.S. FRAZIER, T.: lCS!Social Science, B.S.!B.A. FREEDLANDER, L.: Interdisciplinary, B.A.: Chamber Singers 1975-76. FRIEDGEN, S.: Biological Scie., B.S.: Interested in Physical Therapy Specifically for Children. FROST, C.: Social Science, Social Science: 4- 4 Christian Fellowship, Dean's List, Honorary Fraternity of Early Childhood Education. GARDNER, G.: Psychology, B.A.: Elementary Education. GAREY, K.: Biology, B.S.: I Study, Move, Sleep, Eat. GARNER, C.: Chemistry, B.A. GATACRE, J.: Bio., B.S. GAUNTLETT, D.: History, B.A.: Tennis, Sail- ing, Skiing, Traveling, Reading, Deans Honor List, Law School. GAY, S.: Biology, B.S.: Research in Developmental Biology, Sailing. GIBSON, B.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Member of Women's Swim Team, Member of Women's Water Polo Team. GIBSON, G.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: Neurochem. Research, Sailing, Free Clinic Lab Technician. GILLETT, V.: Drama, B.A. GILMAN, E.: English, B.A. in English: I Am Interested in Loving God and Caring for Peo- ple. GINGERICH, E.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: University Orchestra, University Chorus, Peer Advisor, Regent's Scholarship, ChanceIlor's Scholarship, Dean's List. GLASER, K.: Mental Health, B.A.: Sailing. GONZALES, L.: Psychology, Comparative Culture, B.A. GONZSLEZ, A.: Spanish, B.A. GONZALEZ, I.: Social Ecology, B.A. GOODMAN, P.: Bio. and Physics, B.S. and B.A.:fivBK,,f1vE2.El1E, Physics Club lPres.l, Radio Club lChairl, Students' Cooperative lV.P.l, Aikido Club, Karate Club, Who's Who in Colleges, Dorm Staff, Dean's Honor Lists, Life. GOSEY, A.: Soc. Ecology, B.A.: Music, Sports, Graduating, Deans Honor Roll. GOTO, M.: Spanish, B.A. GRUBOWSKI, T.: Social Science, B.A.: Waterpolo, Ocean Lifeguard, Chef, Indoor Plant Grower, Learning 81 Loving. GRAHAM, C.: History, B.A.: Exec. V.P. of Stu- dent Body, Resident Advisor, Education Abroad Program, Editorial Editor of NEW UNIVERSITY. GRAHAM, J.: Electrical Engineering, B.S. Electrical Engineering: I.E.E.E., Photography, B.J.D., Gusher Cum Laude. GRAY, J.: Comparative Culture, B.A. GUITRON, A.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Cal Eta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Newman Club, Tennis, Needlework, Writing, Working in Law Enforcement. GUNDERSON, J.: Dance, B.A. GUZIK, H.: Psychology, B.S.: Varsity Crew Team. HAIR, P.: Social Science, B.A.: Soc. Sci. Ma- jor, Completed Upon Graduation My Elem. Credential, Further Study in Special Ed., Member of Delta Phi Upsilon QECE Fraternityl. HAMANAKA, B.: Classics, B.A. HANICH, D.: Biology, B.S.: University Calif. Sailing Association, Health Science Ex- perience Program. HARWARD, J.: German, B.A. HARWOOD, S.: Social Ecology, A.B.: Fine Arts Critic New University, Thespian, Varsity Tennis, Raquet Ball, Dance, Social Ecology Club. HASELHOEF, J.: English Literature, B.A. HAUCK, L.: Art, B.A. of F.A. HAUGHEY, P.: Electrical Egr., B.S., Class 1 Waterfighter, Ice Tea Freak, Reckless Skier, Noted Comedian, Part-time Student. ' HAYASE, S.: Biol. Sciences, B.S. HECHT, J.: Spanish, B.A. HERNANDEZ, A.: Psych., B.A.: Karate Club, Yoga, Intermural Sports, Tennis, Music, Psych. HERRON, T.: Civil and Environmental Engineering, B.S.: President Navigators, President ASCE Student Club. HEYER, S.: French, B.A.g Phrateres, Folkdan- cing, French, Linguistics, Biology, Secretary of Phrateres, President of UCI Folkdance Club. HICKMAN, M.: Criminal Justice, B.A. HILL, M.: Psychology, B.A.: Interest-Getting into Medical School, Psychology, Art History and Music. HINDERSTEIN, D.: Dance, B.A.: Dancer in Faculty Dance Concert 1975, Assistant to Choreographer - "My Fair Lady", Dancer in "My Fair Lady". HIRSCH, B.: Computer Science, B.S.: Dean's List, Member ACM. HOCKETT, S.: Psychology, Bachelor's, QBAJ. HOERCHNER, E.: Economics!PoliticaI Science, Social Science, B.A. HOFFMEISTER, S.: Social Science, B.A. HOLT, C.: English, B.A.g Singing, Music, "GodspeII", Children, English, 'Thursday Night", Symphony, People, Dean's Honor List, Family and the Lord. HORD, D.: English, B.A.: Program Directer KUCI 1969-70, Interests: Films, Literature, Travel. HOUSE, E.: Biology, B.S.: Party Goer and Arm Pit, Ein Gutes Leben! Tschub. HOWARD, S.: Chemistry, B.A. iwith A.C.S.J, Swimming, Surface Chemist at MacDonald Douglas. HOY, T., JR.: Engineering, B.S. HUGHES, K.: English, B.A. HURD, P.: English, B.A.g Chorus, Orchestra, Drama, Dance, Verano Gardens, Children's Literature, Writing, Backpacking. IRVINE, S.: ICS, B.S.: Deans List Six Quarters. ISHIMINE, S.: Comparative Culture, B.A. IVERSON, L.: Psychology, B.A.g Dean's List, Psychological Research, Novel Writing. JACKSON, L.: Social Ecology, B.A., Advisor and Coordinator of Summer Orientation Programs at UCI, Resident Assistent of Dor- mitory, Student lntern, Adim., Deans Honor List, Future Psychologist. JELONEK, V.: Dance, A.B.: Performance in Faculty Dance Concerts, Mystique Side, Danze Roja, The Voice, Billy the Kid, Club the Navigators. JOHNSON, J.: Social Ecology, B.S.: 4-4 Christian Fellowship, Outdoor Interest Dorm, Educational Fraternity, UCI Educational Intern. JOHNSON, R.: information and Computer Science, B.S.: Nominated to the Dean's List for Three Quarters. JOHNSON, T.: ICS, B.S. JONES, G.: Biology, B.S. JONES, P.: Chemistry, B.A.: Passed P. Chem. KACSIR, J.: Bio-Chem, B.A. KAJIMA, S.: Social Ecology, B.A.: TO BE Con- tinued .... KAPLAN, R.: Computer Science, B.S.g The Marriage Between the Arts and Sciences. KARLIN, D., JR.: Chemistry-Biology, B.A.- Chemistry - B.S. Biology, Skiing, Music. KASTEN, B.: Social Science, Emphasis Political Science, B.A.: Social Science Junior Fellows 1974-76, Pre-Law Society President 1975-76. KAWAMURA, S.: Social Science, B.A. KELLY, D.: Double: Biology!PhiIiosophy, B.S., B.A.: Intermural Track Record Holder. KENDALL, L.: Spanish, B.A. KERO, K.: Anthro., B.A. KERR, J.: Physics, B.A.g Was on the Crew Team. KFOURY, R.: Soc. Eco., Soc. Eco.: Extended University. KIM, D.: Dance, B.A. KIME, D.: Bio, Chem., B.S., B.A.: Like Fishing and Racing. KING, D.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: Dean's Honor List, Leadership of 4-4 Christian Fellowship. KING, P.: Mental Health, B.A.g FOG Advisor, Orientation Week Tour-guide, Phrateres, Pi Beta Phi Sorority, Dean's List. KIRSCH, J.: Biology, B.S.: Bowling, Sailing, Tennis, Hiking, Camping, Swimming. KITAYAMA, D.: Biological Sciences, B.S. KONYU, N.: Theatre Arts, B.A.: Went to Park City, Utah with Ski Club, Also Crested Butte, Colorado, Directed Two Sunday Workshop in Drama Dept. KOOTSIKAS, M.: Biology, B.S. KOSS, R.: Studio Art, B.A. KRAMER, P.: Spanish, B.A.: EAP, "mi segun- da tierra natal", Languages, People, Travel, Dean's Honor List, Spanish as a Second Language. KRAVITZ, N.: Psychology, B.A.g Eclectic Integration, Increased Sophistication, Recognizing Mickey Mouse. f KREBS, R., JR.: Elect. Engr., B.S.: California State Scholarship Recipient, I.E.E.E. Member. KUWATA, J.: Biology and Chemistry, B.S. LABAR, D.: Biological Science, B.S. LAGER, D.: Biology, B.S. LANDIS, S.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Intermural Sports, Working with Children, Bible Study, Outdoor Recreation, Graduating, Dean's List. LARSON, M.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Pre school Teaching, JESUS, People, Crafts, Ou door Activities, Music, Wife, Mother of Tw Fine Boys. LAWMASTER, P.: Psychology, B.A.: CREVI Sports, Volunteer Work, Jackie. LEE, A.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: Voluntee Translator, UCI Language Laboratory, Dean' Honor List. I LEE, M.: Biology, B.S. LEINBERGER, D.: Biology, B.S. LESTER, M.: Economics, B.A.g Collegiat Tennis Team, Dean's List, Pre Law Society. LEWIS, B.: Psychology, B.S.: Crew Tean' Volleyball Team. LICATA, D.: Chemistry, B.A. LICATA, V.: Biology, B.S.: Phi Beta Kappa. LIEN, D.: Dance, B.A. LIM, O.: Medicine, M.D.g Chinese Asso. UCI U.C. Regents Scholar, Clinical Hypnosis Director Well Baby Clinic, U.C.L.A. Phi Beta Kappa, Calif. Med. Asso. Sub-committee. LIMA, E.: French, B.A.: EAP - Bordeau: France. LIN, G.: Engineering, B.S.: Acherg, Tennis. LINDSEY, J.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Campul Crusade for Christ, Delta Gamma Sorority House Manager in DG, Worked at Farrells Am Currently on Full-time Staff with Campul Life - Youth for Christ Intl. LIPOW, V.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Rehabilita tion Counseling, Community Psychology Literature. LIPSON, W.: Soc. Ecology, B.S.: Dean': Honor List, Ski Club, Ice Skating, COED In tramural Sports. LIVINGSTONE, W.: Biology, B.S.: Diver Swimming Team. LOE, J.: Social Ecology, B.A.: A.A. fron P.C.C., 4 Years Air Force, Active in Prop. E 419745 and Prop. 15 l1976J Campaigns. LONG, P.: English, B.A.: Treasurer of the Chinese Association of U.C.I., Committee Head for "China Night", Tennis, Bowling. LONG, P.: English, B.A.: Secretary of th Chinese Association of U.C.I., Committej Head for China Night. LU, J.: Biology, B.S.: Involved in 4-4 Christiar Fellowship, Got to Know Some Great People Jr.-Sr. Years, Played Volleyball 8: Racquetball LUND, S.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: Deans List. LYNCH, D.: Bio. Science, B.S. MACKEY, R.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Pre-Iavi Society, Students for Prison Change, Lacros Club, Attending Law School This Fall, Deanj Honor List. MADUELL, R.: Biology, B.S.: Intramural Basketball and Tennis, Academic Interest in Cellular Biology. MAIZLAND, D.: Economics, B.S.: Sigma Chi, Super Sig, Big Daddy, Ski Bum, Go Fo It, Heliocopters, River Action, DB - "Pure" Yes. MALMGREN, S.: Philosophy, A.B. MANAKO, S.: Math, B.A.: Twice on Dean's List, Member of Math Club, Successfully Passed First Actuarial Exam. MANGANO, R.: Spanish, Bachelor: .,ean's Honor List, EAP Participant Madrid, Spain, Campus Tour Guide. MANN, F.: Soc. Ecology, B.A.: Deans List each Quarter, Honor Graduate, Medical Ad- ministrator. MANSOUR, K.: Info. 81 Computer Sci., B.S. MARTIN, B.: Art History, B.A. MARUMOTO, J.: Soc. Ecol., B.A. MARUYAMA, S.: Dance, B.A.: I Plan to Pur- F.- sue a Career in Dance, Now That l'm No ILonger a Professional Student and Hope to Find Time for Traveling 8t Skiing. MASTERS, L.: Biological Scien 'ces!Chemistry, B.S.fB.A.: Dean's Honor List in Biological Sciences and Chemistry. MATSUOKA, G.: Biology, B.S.: Track, Deans Honor List. MATTHEWS, D.: Studio Arts, B.A.: Art 81 the Art of Living. MCCLELLAND, M.: Civil and Environmental Engineering, B.S.: ASCE Club, Dean's List. McDERMAID, J.: Biology, B.S.: Deans List, Varsity Sailing Team '72,'73,'74,'75, Team Captain '73,'74,'75, All-American '72,'74,'75. McFARLAND, M.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: Skiing, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Premed. McGEE, L.: Social Sciences, B.A.: Dean's List. McGUIRE, J.: l.C.S., Bachelor: Associate of Arts Degree with Honors from Pasadena City College. McNEIL, G.: Biology, B.S.: Institute of Religion, Swimming, Tennis. McRAE, B.: Math, B.A.: Participated in Educa- tion Abroad Program 1974-75, Studied at Stirling University, Scotland. MEADE, R.: Chemistry, B.A.: Highway 61 Club, Crew. MECKLENBURG, G.: Engineering, Social Science, B.A. and B.S.. MEREDITH, G.:Social Ecology, C.M.H., B.A. METCALF, D.: Social Ecology, B.A. METTGER, W.: Sociology, B.A.: Sociology, History, Mythology, Laughing. MEYER, M.: Spanish, B.A.: Karate, Running, Yoga, Wild-mushroom Hunting, Reading, An- ropology - Related Interests. EYERS, M.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: Skiing, Motorcy- me Racing, Photography. , IKELL, A.: Psychology, B.A.: Co-Director University of California Student Lobby Annex, Public information Officer, U.C. Student Lob- by Intern, Dean's Honor List. Pre-Law Society, Student Vote "76", Black Statewood Coor- izlinating Council Univ. of Ca. MILLER, B.: Social sci., Psych., B.A. MILLER, o., Jn.: Biology, B.S.: Crumb - Do You Know of Any Easy Classes! lVIILLER, T.: Social Science, B.A.: ASUCI Used Bookstore Coordinator, Irvine En- vironmental Coalition, On Campus Recycling Center. ILLS, G.: Comparative Culture, B.A. INNIEAR, C.: Biological Sciences tBiologyl, .S.: Part-time ECG Technician at S.A.T.C.H., nvolved in 199 Research Lab Project at UCI Medical School, Interested in Medicine as Profession, Polynesian Dancing, Sports tin Generali, Enjoy Meeting People. MIYASHILA, J.: Social Ecology, B.A. . MOE, K.: Chemistry, B.A.: Member of Chinese Association of UCI, Enjoy Tennis, Sewing, ilolleyball, 81 Piano. MOLINA, V.: Drama, B.A.: A.A. Cypress College, Major Stewardess Hostess, B.A. Drama Major, Backcourt Girl for UCI Basket- all, Interests: Camp Counseling. OORE, S.: English, B.A. OORE, T.: Philosophy, B.A. IIIORGON, J.: Double: Biology 8t Psychology, .S. Bielogy 81 B.A. Psychology. ORSE, S.: Social Science, B.A., Secretary UCI Sailing Association, Social Chairman Dorm, Co-Ed Intramural Football, Basket- all, Softball. ORTON, B.: Biological Sciences, B.S. MULROONEY, S.: Biological Sciences, B.S. MYONG, S.: Chemistry, B.S. NAGY, A.: Social Science, B.A.: Deans Honor Roll, Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. NAKASHIMA, J.: Dance B.A. NAPIER, M.: Anthropology, B.A. NASH, J.: English, B.A.: Phi Beta Kappa, Regents Scholar, English Undergraduate Comm., Dorm Secretary, Treasurer, Poetry, MLS at USC. NEVONEN, L.: Social Ecology, B.A. NEWLIN, K.: Drama, B.A.: Transfered from Chapman College, Involved in Several Theatrical Productions and an Intense Study of Bridge. NG, K.: Math, ICS, B.A., B.S.: Dean's List, Chinese Association. NIEDERECKER, T.: Biology, B.S.: Intramural Sports, Ski Club, Spop Advisor. 0'CONNELL, H.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Wife, Mother, Registered Nurse, Tennis, Golf, Swimming, Skiing, Reading. OLDHAM, P.: information 81 Computer Science 8t Social Science, B.S.!B.A.: Mesa Court RA Selection Board. OLSEN, J.: Theatre Arts, B.A.: Dean's Honor Lists, U.C.l. Sailing Association, Producer- Director of U.C. Eye, Laboratory Technician in Dept. of Psychobiology. ORR, R.: History, B.A.: Irvine Sigma Chi Founder, Resident Assistant, Student Coun- cil. ORTIZ, V.: Bio.-Sci., B.S. O'SHEA, M.: Biology, B.S.: ICA Crew - Fresh, Senior Year, Rugby - Senior Yr., Deans List, Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, Jr.-Sr. Undergrad Research. OSUMI, R.: Social Science, B.A. PACKER, C.: Soc. Ecol., B.A.: Dept. ofJustice LEAA Summer Internship - Orange County District Attorney's Office, Social Ecology Research Assistant 8t Teaching Assistant. PAGE, L.: Dance, B.A.: Teaching at Dance Arts Studio Ontario, Going on for My MFA in Dance at UCI. PAK, H.: Bio. Sci., B.S. PALKER, T.: Economics, B.A. PALLER, N.: Spanish Lit.!Comp. Cult., B.A.: SAPO, Comp. Cult. Undergraduate Com- mittee, EAP - Barcelona, Espana '74-'75, General All Around Serious Goof-Off IGAAS- GOj. PASKIL, D.: Biological Science, B.S.: Undergraduate Research in Biological Science, Dean's List - All Quarters, Jewish Student's Union, Bowling Team. PATRAO, R.: Biology, B.S.: Hobbies: Tennis, Travelling, Film-making,Quote: "Never be a Quitter", Activities: Big Brother of O.C. PATTEN, S.: Biology, B.S. PATTERSON, A., JR.: Psych., B.A.: R.A. of Lago 74-75, R.A. of Ciudad 75-76, Intellectual Growth. PATTON, M.: History, B.A.: Wind Ensemble, University Orchestra, SAC Orchestra, UCI Fencing Team. PAUL, B.: Psych., B.A.: SPOP Advisor '74,'75, Drugs on Ice '76, Uni-Prep Advisor '75, Plan to Go into Counseling Psychology. PAWLIK, N.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: Coor- dinator - Health Science Experience Program, Coordinator - MCAT, DAT, GRE Preparation, Active in BSSA, Freshman Orientation and Guidance, Professional Forum and UCI Folkdancers, Currently Par- ticipating in 3-2 Program Administration. PERK, P.: Philos. B.A.: Poetess 8t Writer, Play Banjo and Piano, Enjoy Fencing and Skiing. PERRY, L.: Social Science, B.A.: Waterskiing, Getting Out of the City, Camping. PESAVENTO, R.: Biology, B.S.: Most Likely to Succeed. PETERS, O:: Admin., M.S. PETERSEN, G.: Economics, Soc. Sci.: Crew - 1976 Varsity Captain. PFLUEGER, K.: Social Ecology, Biology, B.A., B.S.: The Medium of Knowledge is Time: but Wisdom is Timeless. PIRNAT, G.: Biology, B.S. PISKATY, A.: Social Ecology, Biological Sciences, B.A., B.S.: Deans Honor List 4 Quarters, Deputy Commissioner for Speakers, Volunteer Work in Public Health, Will Be Attending Graduate School in Public Health at U.C.L.A. PIVIN, D.: Elect. Engr., BSEE: Deans Honor List, Member of Eta Kappa Nu, National Elec- trical Engineering Honor Society, President of UCI Chapter Eta Kappa Nu. PIVONKA, T.: Social Ecology, B.A. POLLOCK, L.: Social Science, Bachelor. POWELL, D.: Economics, B.A. PRATTE, J.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Laguna Greenbelt, Friend of Irvine Coast, Student Member - American Microbiologist's Association. PRYZMENSKI, J.: Philosophy, B.A.: Interested in Doing Graduate Work in Philosophy of Religion and Clinical Psychology. PRYZMENSKI, L.: French, B.A.: Languages, Music, Medicine. OUINLAN, K.: Social Ecology, B.A. RAJCA, M.: Biology, B.S. RANDEL, M.: Dance, B.A.: My Fair Lady. RECHBERG, F.: Biology, B.S.: Dentistry, Ten- nis, Soccer, Backpacking. RECOR, R.: Psychology, B.A.: Deans List 6 Quarters, Volunteer - Mental Health Association 2 Years. RECKERS, D.: ICS, B.S.: Currently Working on Masters Degree in Administration, Dean's List. REESE, M.: Pre-Med, B.S.: Backpacking, Orchestra, Cancer Research, A Follower of Jesus Christ, Guitar. REYNOSO, T.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: M.E.C.L.A., C.C.M., R.A. 1974-75, Councelor Assistant- Cross Cultural Center Staff, La Escuelita, Commencement Committee. RICHARDS, D.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: Summer Orientation Advisor, Wayz Goose Committee. RICHARDSON, Y.: Art History, B.A.: Christian Science Org., Deans List 3x. RISKA, L.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Tennis, Snowskiing, People. ROBERTS, C.: Social Ecology, B.A. ROBERTS, L.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Gamma Phi Beta Sorority - President, Philanthropy Chairman, Greek Council, SPOP Advisor, Campus Crusade for Christ. ROBERTSON, S.: Social Science, B.A. ROMERO, P.: Biological Sciences, B.S. ROSENBERGER, D.: Bio. Sci., B.S. ROSS, S.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: Activities U.C.l. Crew Team, Research Using Electron Microscope. ROXBURGH, L.: Social Ecology, B.A. RYDZYNSKI, M.: Music, B.A.: Performance tPercussion and Pianoj, Conducting, Bowling, Golf, Tennis, Swimming, Drawing, Founder, UCI Percussion Ensemble. SAENZ, G.: Physics-Chem., B.S. SAKAI, N.: Biology, B.S.: Kababayan, Navagators, Dean's List. SALAZAR, L.: Math, B.A.: California State Scholarship, Forestry Management as a Career. SALMON, L.: Soc. Ecol., B.A.: Major in Social Ecol., Interest in Mental Health Area, intends in Going on to Graduate School to Obtain Masters in Academic Counciling at the Jr. College Level. SANDERS, T.: Dance, B.A.: Going to be a Dance Therapist, Going on to be a RN, I Am Doing Work in a Mental Health Ward. SANDIFORD, M.: Biology, B.S. SANTOS, D.: EE 8i ICS, B.S. SATALICH, T.: Political Science, B.A.: Per- manent Member ot Alpha Gamma Sigma Honor Scholorship Society, 3 Time Member of Deans List, Submitted Proposal and Awarded a National Science Foundation Research Grant, Conducted a Needs Asses- ment Survey and Analyzed the Results for the Orange County Legal Aid Society. SAUCEDO, T.: Biology and Spanish, B.S. and B.A.: Deans List, Honors Chemistry, Played lntermural Sports, U.S.C. Med. School. SCHARDIN, C., JR.: Chemistry-Bio. Sci., B.A. and B.S.: Dean's List, Undergraduate Research in Chemistry, Intramural Football and Softball, Met Karen, Scuba Diver. SCHNEIDER, A.: Studio Art, B.A. SCHOELLERMAN, C.: Spanish, B.A.: Enjoy Sailing, Tennis, Spent Junior Year in Mexico City Through the Education Abroad Program. SCHONFELD, E.: French, B.A.: Languages, Music, Travel. SCHROEDER, J.: Math, B.S. SCHULZ, L.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Interest: Planning 8i Public Policy, Accomplishments, Four Kids, 6 Yrs. to BA, Retired R.N. SCHUNCK, B.: ICS, B.S. SCHWARTZ, A.: Mechanical Engr., B.S.: Member ASME. SCHWARTZ, J.: Fine Arts, B.A. Fine Arts: Unofficial Spokesman for Irvine Meadows. SCHWARTZ, R.: Bio. B.S. SEGAL, L.: Drama, B.A.: Participated in Drama Productions Including Uncle Vanya, The Slave, Enter A Free Man, Survival Theatre. SEILER, M.: Biology, Bachelors: Sailing, Backpacking, Tennis, 'Photography, Skiing. SELBY, R.: Anthropology, B.A.: Deans Honor Role, House Manager, Fine Arts. SHAROCK, R.: Biology, B.S. SHAWE, J.: English, B.A. SIEH, J.: Soc. Ecology, B.A.: Chi Psi Fraterni- ty, Dean's List, Education Abroad Program Going to be Famous Diplomat. SIMMONS, B.: Social Ecology, B.A. SKARSTEN, M.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Out- door lnterests, Backpacking, Photography, Bicycle Touring, Kyacking, People. SKOV, C.: Economics, B.A. SLATER, C.: Social Science, A.B. SMALL, J.: Social EcoIogy!Special Educa- tion, B.A.: Interests - Working with Children, Following Sports, Activities - Church. SMITH, E.: Comparative Cult., B.A.: Tennis, Racquet Ball, Skiing, Travel, Worked on Com- parative Culture Newsletter, Bilingual Tutor-La Esculeita. SMITH, R.: Engineering, B.S.: Rock Climbing, Fun. 40 SMITH, S.: Economics, B.S.: Administrative Intern, B.S.U. Member. SMITH, S., JR.: History, B.A.: Graduated from Santa Monica H.S. 1935, Santa Monica J.C. 1938, Retired from the USAF After 23 Yrs. Spent Eleven Yrs. in Europe. SNOW, J.: ICS, B.S.: Association for Com- puting Machinery, Intra-mural Sports, UCI Pep Band. SONTAG, A.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Irvine Stu- dent Coalition, Local Lobby - Asuci, People, Politics, Decision-making. SPOHN, N.: Social Science, B.A. SPOTTS, J.: l.C.S., B.S. SPREEN, C.: Social Science, B.A.: Charter Member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Dean's List, Graduating from U.C.I. STANLEY, T.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Photography, Scuba Diving, Music, Altered States of Consciousness. STEMMER, S.: Biology, B.S.: Dean's List Biological Sciences. STIPE, M.: Cocial Ecology, B.A.: Deans List 5 Times, Teachers Education. STIVERS, R.: History, B.A.: Photography, Water Skiing. STRAHAN, J.: Biological Sci., B.S.: Phi Delta Theta Fraternity, intra Mural Bongo Board Champ. STUART, L.: Philosophy, B.A.: Dean's Honor List. STURDEVANT, A.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: Undergraduate Research, Swim Team, Hopes to Get in to Medical School. SULLIVAN, K.: History, B.A. SULLIVANT, J.: Biological Sciences, B.S. SUNELL, L.: Biological Science, B.S.: Regents Scholar '72-'76, Research in Developmental Biology and Genetics, City Desk Editor - NEW UNIVERSITY. SUSONG, A.: Psychology, B.A.: Member of University Wind Ensemble, Treasurer of Delta Phi Upsilon. SVATKO, K.: Poli. Sci., B.A.: EAP Hong Kong, Foreign Languages Russian and Chinese. SWENSEN, K.: Social Science, B.A.: Soccer Club 74-76, Student Book Store. SZABO, C.: French, B.A. SZABO, D.: Economics, B.A. Econ. TADMAN, F.: Mathematics!lCS, B.S. Mathematics, B.S. Info 81 Computer Sci. TALLMAN, G.: Social Ecology, B.A. TANNOUS, C.: French, B.A.: EAP Student in Bordeaux, France 1974-1975, Goal - High School French Teacher, Member of Gamma Phi Beta Sorority. TARASCIO, J.: Biology, B.S. TAYLOR, I.: Psychology, Political Science, Social Ecology, B.A.. TAYLOR, J.: Studio Art, B.A. TEETER, B.: Double: ICS, Engineering, BSEE, BSICSQ Member: IEEE, ETA Kappa Nu, Co Chairman: Engineering Week 1976, Co Coun- cilman:ASUCI. THELIN, K.: Chemistry 8t Biological Sciences, B.S., B.A.: Regent Scholar, Sunday School Teacher, Choir 8i Trio Member, Gardening, Camp Counselor. THOMAS, G.: Biology, B.S.: ASUCI Executive Vice President. THOMAS, J.: History, -B.A. THOMAS, L.: Soc. Sci., B.A.: Charter Member Gamma Phi Beta Sorority, Secretary Treasurer -- Panhellenic. THOREN, A.: Soc. Sci., B.A. THORNBURGH, L.: Biological Sciences, B.S.: Delta Gamma Sorority, Skiing. I THUEN, E.: Biology, PsychoIogy,F.S. 8- I U.C.l. Sailing Association, Double Major TOBIAS, B.: Dance, B.A.: Faculty Di Concert 1974,75,76, MFA Dance Cor 1974, Dance Workshop 1973, My Fair l 1975. , TOMPKINS, S.: German!Linguistics, B.A TOOMEY, P.: Social Ecology, B.S.: Pi Reform, Law and Its Place in Society, U Planning, City Government, Choreograp TOTO, M.: Biology, B.S.: Enrolled in Program with G.S.A., Will Receive MH Hospital Administration Next Year, and go On to Medical School. TOTTEN, C.: Biology, B.S.: Mi Scholarship. TRIGG, E.: History, B.A. TRIGG, J.: History, B.A. TRIMBLE, L.: Linguistics, B.A.: Mul Teaching Credential. TUTTLE, M.: Psychology, B.A.: Tennis, Club, Swimming, Autism Research. VANCE, A., II: Chemistry, Bachel Commercial Pilot, Photography, Mo cycling, Who's Who of American Studi Boy's State, NMSQT, Honor Roll, Chem and Physics. VEEH, J.: Math, B.S. VESCO, J.: Soc. Sci., B.A. VIELE, J.: Social Ecology, B.A. VIGNOCCHI, A.: Drama, B.A. VILLARREAL, M.: Social Ecology, B.A. WALLI, P.: French, B.A. WAMEL, K.: Social Science, B.A. WEAVER, T.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Won L Town and Gown Scholarship for Separate Academic Years, Dean's Honor I WEST, M.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: Honors in Bioloq Sciences. WEST, P.: Soc. Sci., B.A.: Water Polo. WIKERT, R.: Dance, B.A.: Performed in Fa ty Dance Concerts Such as "Danza Roj "Billy the Kid", Drama - "My Fair Lady. WILLIAMS, M.: Drama, B.A. WILSON, J.: Soc. Ecology, B.A.: Social P ning. WILSON, R.: Civil Engr., B.S.: Enginee Training Certificate, Snow Skiing, Backp ing. WINKES, B.: Social Ecology, B.A. WINKLER, T.: ICS, B.S.: Mathematics, istentialism, Science Fiction, Frustr. Author. WITCHER, F.: Psychology, Anthropology wouc., i..: Bio. soi., B.S.: Course Evaluall Co-Editor, Films Committee, Chairperso 199 Club. YANG, E.: l.C.S.!Math, B.S.!B.A. YATES, D.: ChemlBio, B.A.!B.S. YOSHINO, S.: Bio. Sci., B.S.: Sierra Surp Bruce - Bibles in Ohio, Rainbow Vis Cielo, lsengard, CC, RA Misty Mtnl, Bridget, Lisa P. Michaell, Big J, Learn Clay. . . t YOUNG, D.: Engineering, B.S.: Sports, P ting. YOUNG, S.: Social Ecology, B.A.: Univ? Center Advisory Group, Swimming, Tennis, Music. YUSKIS, A.: Dance, B.A. I ZERDONI, J.: Economics, B.A.: Surr' Orientation Co-ordinator, Resident Assisi - 2 Years, Streaking, All Pro lntra lv Football - 2 Years. '25

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