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wary. um; 5.....9-vT-w.$p yr' 7. e-w wowfrv 'rtu-nv. 'ax IWV'" .4, 'wmwmw N.?m.F,4e v ,FVW, 4m W; ; ff M VWNH'QW.WV WVw-u- Aw Wm '.' n , , A I Innovation 31:1? . v . 3, ..-......-x wk -4 Ar, . va'wk . .....N. anam :unganmww. .-.,.A-... $?.qu x .x,$ . . . .in environment . . .in curriculum . . .in competition . . .in participation . . .in living . . .in understanding . . .in being Ax A,.A.A .t. . :waa avg w". 4x ..- wax, 7 A avs-t a Wmm.w.wym,..-s A IRVINE The land of peace and serenity was also a barren land where save for an occasional Indian none had trod its scattered miles . . . Then it was beautiful with its beauty as a childs unworn unscathed . . . As the child a fertile clay lay bare to turn upon the wheel of time where mants fmgers would yield its shape . . . The once proud hills now showed adolescent scars where man and beast had left their toil- their roads . . . The pleasing roll gave way to a heated chisel with none to remain but a roughly hewn idea. The innocent beauty departed as sweat began to show upon the brow . . . Itts trail was paved with a stronger foundation for what lay ahead. A fertile land it was that yearned to press its bosom Skyward as fertile as the idea growing on its face. Clay that once crumbled under cattlets hooves now yielded to the giant claws of mans invention . . . Steel and stone replaced the ugly scars . . . and the land matured . . . Rising from the firmest roots was an idea- an idea with character . . . The land had lost its innocence but it was barren no more . . . Donovan E. Dorsey 7 $7531; 1;:va $on . ; innovation had impregnated the land, 5 A21 am . V. .. ?ILHUJ . tiThere is something photographically magnetic about UCI which makes a photographer desire to have his camera with him at all times to capture the feeling UCIis architecture creates within him? When photographer Stu Shaffer first visited the university several months ago, this is how he described his own personal feelings. These photographs are the result of that initial magnetism. They represent what Mr. Shaffer calls the integration of photography, abstract art concepts and the occurrence of the most significant event in Orange County during 1965e construction of the University of California at Irvine. twee Photographer, Stu Shaffer i? rmrmn m y, .,. . -.. .. ."am nun .1. -r.r--5K' ft: wJVb-u W yap: VT m 13 that yearned to press its bosom Skyward . . . A fertile land it was .l....,.-.. -. .m. . "Soon now the rolling hills where the sleek and beautiful deer and grazing cattle once roamed in an atmosphere of tranquility will be no more. ttOur children shall not know the experience of roaming over these rolling hills and listening to the wild birds as they talk to nature. Here now will be a fountain of knowledge where the cream of our youth shall drink from the rivers of learning. Here will grow men who will delve into the science of the future, men who will live and work in outer space. Here men will learn to combat and win the agc-Old battles of man and prepare him for greater things in the future. ttThe future belongs to our youth. Our footprints upon the sands of time shall be history to them.W Chief Clarence Lobo Capistrano Indians 15 Soon now the rolling hills where the sleek and beautiful deer . . . . . . and grazing ca ttle once roamed . . . 17 18 . . . in an atmosphere of tranquility . . . ...Wi11ben0more... Our children shall not know the experience of roaming over these rolling hills . . . . . . and listening to the wild birds as they talk to nature. w 1" 19 20 William L. Pereim, Architect The Irvine campus site was selected in 1960 after an extensive survey. The original 1000 acres were donated to the University by the Irvine Company. Planning for the campus began in late 1961 when Mr. L. E. Cox established an office in the 01d Irvine Ranch home. W. L. Pereira and Associates were appointed to prepare a Long Range Development Plan. In J anuary of 1962 Dr. Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr. was appointed Chancellor and on February 1, 1962 Mr. Coulson Tough transferred from UCLA t0 Irvine as Campus Architect. On December 13, 1962 the proposed Long Range De- velopment Plan was submitted to the Board of Regents. This was approved as a basis for publication of the plan and further archi- tectural and planning studies. The firms of W. L. Pereira and Asso- ciates of Los Angeles, Jones and Emmons of Los Angeles and Blu- rock and Ellerbroek of Newport Beach were appointed for this work. In December of 1962 the tirst Irvine campus building was completed and the then existing staff consisting of about six persons moved into this building. This building is now called the iiGeneral Service Buildingfi The initial building designs were approved by The Regents in the fall of 1962. Working drawings were completed by late sum- met. The landscaping plans for the campus were prepared by three landscape firms: Hahn and Hoffman of Sierra Madre, Frederick M. Lang of South Laguna, and Robert H. Carter of Los Angeles. Construction began with the initial rough earth grading in late 1963 and building construction started in J anuary of 1964. During construction, the campus was dedicated by President Lyndon B. Johnson on June 20, 1964. The initial buildings and related utility Work were essentially complete by August of 1965 and the build- ings were occupied by the faculty and staff. The first classes began October 4, 1965. The total cost for constructing the initial build- ings, developing the site and providing utilities and furniture and equipment for the buildings is estimated at $20,000,000. The Irvine campus is planned for an ultimate enrollment of 27,500 students. The initial buildings were designed in a scale to relate to the ultimate size of the campus and to reflect the urban environment that will exist when the campus will have a daily pop- ulation of 40,000 persons including students, faculty and staff. The architectural design was envisioned by the architects to provide this environment and to relate to the gentle, rolling terrain of the campus site. The exterior wall surfaces were designed considering the white sky condition and the resulting glare prevalent in the Orange County coast area. The colors selected for the buildings considered the prevailing color range running from the greens re- sulting from the winter rains t0 the golden and brown hills existing in late summer. The plazas are designed to serve as major pedes- trian gathering places. The campus development will be continuous to meet the pro- jected enrollment which will increase by about 1,000 students a year. Construction activity will be a normal part of the campus scene to provide the facilities needed for the future students of Irvine. Coulson Tough, Campus Architect H mm w JUN w . . . the giant Claws 0f mafs invention. V !-.;$5$Ka:fw r71 . . . from the flrmest roots . . . . a fertile clay lay bare . . . - Whey have created a there there on the rolling hills of Irvine." 26 .2 a , .WEN.V5 ., . N: .T :iHLE: . . . man,s fingers would yield its shape . . . 28 . . . Here now will be a fountain of knowledge where the cream of our youth will drink from the rivers of learning . . . 29 A uqum EQUEUHU . Here will grow men who will delve into the science of the future . "E'f-JL'Z' N um? 1 . . . men who will live and work in outer space . . . a "if -- -- pu---- 7"!" . . . Here men will learn to combat and win the age-old battles of man and prepare him for greater things in the future . . . uu-w-u--.--r .w 32 THIS PLAQUE PLAeLD AT SHE DEDXEMION of him: UNIVLRSITY 0f CALITORNIA. "WINE nun mun unuuv or u: nu: : l un mun: An in- vunuu evil! mun." unnum- TIIE REGENTS 0T TEE UNIVEkHIY As we lift our eyes from this place across the val- ley to the magnificent hills beyond, we are remind- ed of our responsibility to build here not merely an institution to prepare our youth for the tradi- tional learned professions and career interests, but one which shall provide them opportunity to seek deeper insight into human experience and shall lead them to know the vast body of knowledge and heritage of beauty in all forms upon which our society rests. Dedication address-Chancellor Aldrich June 20, 1964 1 33 34 Lyndon B. Johnson President of the United States Clark Kerr President, University of. California Edward Carter Chairman, Board of Regents Edmund G. Brown Governor, State of California I van Hinderaker Chancellor, UC Riverside then Vice Chancellor-UC Irvine "l . and they all came. 36 Plato said that the beginning is the most important part of the work, and today an auspicious be- ginning is being made. Clark Kerr, Dedication Address WW! v "J 1 Mn . Photographer: Beth Koch 38 . Our footprints upon the sands of time shall be history to them. 39 mm . . . a fertile clay lay bare to turn upon the wheel of time where man,s fingers would yield its shape . 41 Among the instruments of human evolution, the arts are su- premely important. Every culture develops art forms as surely as it develops atlanguage, and as in the past, the spirit of the present will be capturedvand symbolized finally through the arts. The program in the fine arts is committed to significance and excellence in de- veloping the creative efforts of its students. Clayton Garrison The Division wishes to provide an education that develops criti- Dean, Division of Fine Arts cal and historical understanding as well as creative and performing artistry in each student. The objective of the program is to produce literate artists who are responsive to intellectual stimuli, capable of integrating knowledge into creative acts and committed to rigorous standards of professional involvement. The arts are not viewed as . merely ornaments of civilization, but as organic components of life II I e r S concerned with human vitality and vision. Roger Wagner and the UCI Chorus present the Christmas program The cast and backstage crew of UCFS first dramatic production "Lit- tle Mary Sunsl'zine" congregate on stage for post-performance bows. 43 "Little Mary Sunshine" n Tl1e Night of the I guana 011 What A Lovely War f h 1 First Convocation, September 26, 1965 Chancellor Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr. Diane Holt, Student Speaker t We view the activities within the university as a continuum and the educational care desperately about the individual student who cares desperately about making sense out of his life. We want to communicate the sense that one is constantly becom- ing, that no one arrives and that the university experience is being and becoming, not watching and waiting. We believe flnally that the university should be at the cutting edge of current occurrences, a productive agent in extending the level and view of knowledge utilized in a society and an imaginative agent in man,s continuing search for the true, the beautiful and the good. experiences as a seemless encounter with knowledge, human vitality and vision. We 46 Arthur C . Turner Avrum S troll Jesse L. Carr Jascha Kessler Edgar F riedenburg gcThe Right to Know? hThe Right to Knowh series of speeches were sponsored by the UCI Committee for Arts and Lectures and the Intercampus Cultural Exchange Committee. They included the subjects of: The IMeaning 0f Censorship hProfessor Avrum StrolD, hThe Public School as a F actor in Perceptionh, hProfessor Edgar Friedenbergk hFree Press: Some Confiicts with the Right to Know, hPrOfessor Charles Hul- tem; WFhe Censorship of Art and the Art of Censorshiph hProfes- sor Jascha Kesslen; hhThe Right to Privacyh Hesse L. Carr MD. M and hThe Right to Know About Governmental Affairsh, hProfessor Arthur C. Turnerl 47 $5 Jagiw L: m 9.22.5 .4 . 4:139.wa .zg1irumegkuwmh43nkfuvz. i u. Euttmiru Iagamiggui ,AF. z V Inauguration of Chancellor Daniel G. Aldrich, J r. M ay 20, 1966 49 n. As 1 look at the world about me, I am sure there never has been a more exciting time in the history of man in which to embark on the building of a university. Blessed with more knowl- edge and technology than he has ever known, yet fraught with, and frustrated by, more problems than he presently knows how to solve, man nevertheless dares today to explore, to test, to talk about, and to do more in behalf of the human estate than ever before in history. Chancellor A ldrich I rznagm'al address May 20, 1966 54 4m; Dr. Francis Keppel, Assistant Secretary, Health, Education and Welfare, receivin g the L.L.D. degree, the hrsr honorary degree com ferret! by the University Of California at Irvine, May 20, 1966. H y u h 1 4m; ml h gr ,I. h ,. m l . junkie. 1.4- u '51? i UCI Students present the Chancellor with a gift of a clock. S tudent S peaker, Mark Massachia. 55 56 University of California Associated Students Leaders luncheon. Mrs. Daniel G. Aldrich, Jr. Ye F ogge playing at I naugural Ball 1 'flllllllulmrll null Ill .,. ,4. u 1.13 Recipient of jgrst doctorate degree is conferred upon Roland Schinzinger, Ph.D. in engineering. Linda Ann Howey presents to Chancellor Aldrich the class gift. G 1. aduatlon The Class of 66, first to earn degrees at UCI and numbering 14 at a Commencement dinner, June 25, 1966, in the Commons, was addressed by Bernard R. Gelbaum, professor of mathematics who said: hln your memorable year at Irvine you have been one of a group of adventurers brave enough to forego the comfortable paths to success, daring enough to gamble with a set of untried ideas and eager enough to cause a quiet revolution in University outlook. You were endowed with great resources, excellent counsel, a desire to succeed and the crucial ingredient of courage? Vincent Healy holds his BA. diploma. 59 Clayton Garrison, congratulates Jeri Collins, 19rst recipient of the annual Nicholas Aeberlmrd Memorial Award. 60 F ram left, recipients of the Bachelor of Arts degree were Rita Anne Cregg, Jerene Clair C line, English; Peter Leland Jacklin, Clmrlex Dion McGregor, Michael Merrick Gollong, Mathematics; Vincent Jerren-zs Healy, Jr., Carole Carney Rarhfon, art; Bland Ewing, biological .S'Ciences; Linda Ann Howey, psyclzobiology; and Michael Max Asher, art not in plzotoL Master of Arts degree went to Gail Lana While, English, second from right, and Mary Dorothea Polk, Eng- lish, and Mark A lvin C ross, physics, not in photo; PhD in engineering was received by Roland Schinzinger, far right. 62 Julian F eldman, Associate Dean Division of Social Sciences Richard S nyder, Dean Graduate School of Administration Robert Saunders, Dean School of Engineering J ames March, Dean Division of Social Sciences The educational programs in the Division Of Social Sci- ences have a double emphasis. First, they are built upon systematic empirical observation and quantitative analysis of human behaviour. Second, important new problems confront society; and social scientists have a responsibility to assist in the de- velopment of solutions to these problems. In a world in which the knowledge of human behaviour is increasing rapidly, training in the sociaI sciences must emphasize the basic analytical tools and the processes by which knowledge is gained. The School of Engineering provides the tools requisite to the practice of engineering in industry and government after a short internship. The various programs emphasize the fundamentals underlying engineering so as to make easy future maintenance of engineering competence by either formal or informal study. Thus, UCI graduates will be equipped with adequate intellectual tools for updating their technological knowledge in the presence of a rapidly ex- panding technology and the changing needs of society. Graduate study is a major aspect of UCIis academic activity. Appropriate graduate degrees at the Masteris and Doctoris levels, emphasizing the creative arts and creative scholarship as well as technical proficiency are offered. The graduate student is given full opportunity to achieve excellence in such disciplines as English, foreign languages, Mathematics, bibliography and computer techniques; to develop some knowledge of the history of his area of in- terest; and to acquire some understanding of higher educa- tion in this country and some guided experience in teaching. 63 Kenneth Ford, Acting Dean Division of Physical Sciences Edward Steinhaus, Dean Biological Sciences James C. McCollock, Dean Humanities Frederic Reines, Dean Physical S ciences The Division of Biological Sciences reflects the tlnew biology in curriculum and research programs. UCIls ped- agogical approach and departmental organization recognize several levels of biology. They are reflected in the Divi- sionls departmental organization; Molecular and Cell Bi- ology, Organismic Biology, Population and Environmental Biology and in addition to these, Psychobiology, which is concerned with the biological significance and bases of behavior. These themes unify the fields of biologyein the past all too rigidly separated and grouped according to whether their subject matters were animals, plants, or microorganisms. The trend to abstraction provides the major challenge to students of Physical Sciences. The faculty, active in re- search and graduate education, is also vitally concerned with undergraduate teaching. Curricula of the Division meet the needs of those with little technical background as well as those preparing for creative research in physical science. Mathematics, physics and chemistry, while providing the foundation of the technology that dominates contempo- rary civilization, underlies to an ever increasing extent the new developments in the biological and social sciences. The Humanities are concerned with fundamental prob- lems of human thought and experience. They contribute both to understanding and to continued appraisal of the human condition. They introduce the student to those many broad difficult problems of value that are not susceptible to statistical or quantitative judgment. The Division is composed of the Departments of Eng- lish, Foreign Languages and Literature, History and Phi- losophy. It stresses not only the literary heritage of the American student, but the history from many different na- tionalistic standpoints, and attempts to make philosophical concepts clear and applicable to daily life. Donald Walker, Vice Chancellor Robert Lawrence, Dean of Students Student A ffairs Administration Spenser Olin Acting Vice Chancellor Student A ffairs Coordinator of Academic Advising Richard Balch, F irst Vice Chancellor Coralie Turbitt 66 Student A Jyairs Student Activities Advisor J. W. Peltason, Vice Chancellor L. E. Cox, Vice Chancellor Academic A ffairs Business and F inance ' ' ,. M 1' Richard Baisden, Director Ralph Gerard, Dean, UCI Extension Graduate Studies i Conway Pierce John E. Smith Assistant to the Chancellor University Librarian Physical S ciences A rthur Banglxey, Chairman, Pap. t5: Env. Biology M yron Braunsrein, Psychology Richard Campbell, Organismic Biology Jolm Coplans, Art Wayne C I'awlord. C Imirmun, Physical Education Ray Thornton. Physical Education Hazard Adams, Chairman, English Francoixe Appeil, French Howard Appel. French Gilbert Bane, Pop. 62 Env. Biology Richard Barrutia, Foreign Language Duran Bell, Economics Inge Bell, Sociology Isabel Birnbaum, nychalagy Daniel Dammit, Philosophy Julian Feldman, Associale Dean of Social Sciences, Psychology, Economics Gordan Fielding, Geography John Holland, Molecular cf: Cell Biology Daniel Wullf. Molecular 62 Cell Biology John Huddleslan, English Harvey Gross, English Ken Hagan, Associate Prof.. H islary Joe Hart, Psychology Leland Hartwell, Molecular 3: Cell Biology Theodore Forrester, Physics Lewis F roman, Political Science Bernard Gelbaum, Chairman, M athematics Richard Gaertz, Spanish 70 David Isaacs, Engineering Jon Jacabxan, History Keith Justice, Pop. cf: Env. Biology Donald Kaplan, Organic Biology Sheen Kassouf, Economics Alice Labarde, French Lachenbruch, Mathematics Allan Lawxon, History James McGaugh, Chairman, Psychabialagy Calvin McLaughlin, Biochemistry Arthur Murder, H islory Alexei Muradudin, Physicx Abraham Maiden. Chairman, Philosophy Seymour Memo", Chairman, F oraign Languages Henry Meyer, Chairman. History Alan Miller, Psychology Keith N eIson, History Deane Neubauer, Political Science Spencer Olin, History, Acting Vice Chancellor for Student A gairs John Pellam, Physics . E ' Wilm Pelters, German Edgar $0,181! .flgllm . . . Roland Sclunzmger, Engmzermg Karl Radov, Economzcs Ste hen Sim iro En lish Lucien Rico, French p p , g Dan Rogerx. Physical Education Clitlord Woollolk, Molecular t2: Cell Biology William Wagner, Physicx John Weicher, Economics Otto Sorenson. German Norman Weinberger. Thomas Stark, Physics ' Psychabiolagy Graver Stephens, Chairman, Organixmic Biology Edward 0. Thorpe, Mathematics Gordon Shaw, Physics Fred Tonge, Administration, Colin Slim, Music Director of Computer Facility Stanley Soderstram, Philosophy Richard Triple", Drama ' Juan Villegas, Spanish The University of California at Irvine is a university for the modern man. It confronts the prospects of the next century with enthusiasm. It regards the past with respect but without nostalgia. It is unashamed of modern society, unintimidated by modern problems, stimulated by modern opportunities. 73. First Conclave What Is A University? Ralph Gerard Howard Babb 74 u-I'm-I--- , Second Conclave qudgment at Nuremberg--1966,a I mm: IIMM mm..ww WHIDM um . wuuummallummm Thll'd COHClaVG . The Use and Mls-use of Human Bemgsa, . . . sweat began to show upon the brow . . . 77 UCI Coaching Staff . -l 5. .a- tih'l u..." u- Guiding the teams as Coaches are: Heft t0 righU Wayne Crawford, athletic director; Dick Sweet, sailing; Al Irwin, water polo and swimming; Duval Hecht, crew; Ray T horton, tennis; and Dan Rogers, varsity basketball and golf. Not shown: Dick Davis, frosh basketball. Dr. Wayne Crawford, UCPs athletic director, has launched a most remarkable first year of athletics at UCI. Starting from scratch, the UCI coaching staiT has molded an exciting and highly successful intercollegiate sports program, and has at times received national acclaim. A unique faculty, staIT and student intermurals program was also arranged by the depart- ment and drew wide participation. Charter members of the Big I Boosters, formed to support intercollegiate athletics at UCI, looking at the UCI coacifs jacket, are: Heft to righU Richard L. Stevens, Big I president; George Yardley, Stanford and professional basketball great; Clipper Smith of Notre Dame football fame; and Wayne Crawford, UCI director of athletics. I I I: I L . . I 3 .- r JI K: I i I l l l l l 1l l l I I l 79 80 M 51m mutual"! Irvinews littlest Big I Booster. The Big I Boosters was formed by a group of local businessmen who were interested in the Irvine inter- collegiate athletics program. T hey con- tributed time, support and money toward the successes of Irvinews first athletic teams. These gentlemen are the members of Irvinehs crew booster club, Founders of Row- ing. They are business men in the area who used to row competitively or have an in- terest in the sport. Largely through their support, crew has found a home at UCI. 82 Water Polo Coach AI Irwin greeted a fifteen-man squad in- cluding four Junior College All-Americans this fall and prospects looked bright, but none could forsee the resounding success to be achieved by the team in ifs first year. The All-Americans; Pat Glasgow and John Van Cleave, guards; and Bill Leach and Bob Nealy, forwards, formed the nucleus of a powerful first year squad. In their first encounter the team leveled Cal Poly Pomona 22-6. From then on they fashioned a season7s record of fourteen wins, against four losses, earning them a high national ranking. One of the years highlights was a second place finish to UCLA in the AIl-University of California Polo Tournament. Forward Bill Leach was named to the All-UC First Team. UCI I965 varsity water poloists are: as! row, left to righU Jerry Kiel, Dave Belknap, Bill Leach and Randy Howatt; Qnd rowt Dan Neyen- huis, Larry Broering, Pete Beauregard, Dave Kelly and Bob Nealy; Brd row Coach Al Irwin, Bob Ernst, Pat Glasgow and John Van Cleave. Missing are: Denny Gelvin and Doug Barsonte. Coach Al Irwin observes his poloists in workout. UCI 22 13 7 5 15 10 3 12 1 9 14 13 7 17 2 2 15 19 176 VARSITY WATER POLO RESULTS OPPONENT Cal Poly Pomona San Diego State San Diego State Long Beach State Cal-Tech Santa Barbara UCLA San Luis Obispo Foothill San J ose Redlands LA. State Fullerton San Fernando State Claremont Pomona Claremont Redlands Won: 14eLost: 4 84 r-Ir-A WOOOH-br-tmb-lr-Aqwgoxqmmgx 00 N Bob Nealy, left and Pat Glasgow, juniors at the University of California, Irvine, were honored by the American Coaches Association as All-Ameri- can water polo selections. Nealy was named on the third team and Glasgow received an honorable mention. A large turnout prompted Coach Al Irwin to form a freshman water polo squad and arrange a schedule of games. Bob Sharp and Dave Smith led the squad to victories in six out of eight of their contests. Highlights of the season were two victories over UC Riversidds Varsity. Other regulars 0n the squad were: J ohn Odsit, Steve Cohee, Bob Eubanks, Steve Henkle, Jeff Neuroth, Paul Posznanter, Bob Sharp, J ohn Short, Dave Smith, Gary Wise, Jerry Winterboer, and George Witt. : An awards banquet was held on January 12 for UCPS first water polo team. The banquet was held at the Balboa Bay Club with a guest speaker. The highlights of the season were revisited. Those players receiving top honors were Bob Nealy; most valuable player; Pat Glasgow, Captain; and Bill Leach for the special tthustleh award for all-around play. Those receiving letters were Doug Barsante, Dave Belknap, Pete Beauregard, Larry Broering, Bob Ernst, Danny Gelvin, Pat Glasgow, Randy Howatt, Dave Kelly, Jerry Kiel, Bill Leach, Bob Nealy, Dan Neyenhius, and John Van Cleave. Dave Smith was elected captain of the frosh team while Bob Sharp was voted most valuable player. UCIts flrst All-Americans, Pat Glasgow and Bob Nealy were again honored. Dave Smith passes. UCI 1965 frosh water poloists are: Ust row, left to righU, Steve Henkle, Dave Smith, Bob Sharp and Steve Cohee; QmI rowL John Azlsit, Jeff Neuroth, Lloyd Charton, John Stringfellow and George Witt; Urd row; Coach Al Irwin, Paul Poznanter, Gary Wise, John Short, Bob Eubanks and Vance Blaiszlell. Missing are: Jim Mc- Quiston and Terry Winterboer. VEVY, 7 'afhl ,' ix . V, e .7 ,, 7 , f r . . . , -,.,,r 85 86 Basketball 87 88 UCI Varsity team members are: Mneeling, left to rightL Bill Brockman, Skip Allan, Jim Splittgerber, John Driscoll and Bob Land; mtandingJ Tom Bryan, Scott Mc- 0wen, Eldon McBride, Mark Nelson, Jeff Bland, Bob Johnson and Dale Finney. CHANCELLORS TIP The first season of basketball at Irvine began with pre-game ceremonies including the Chancellofs tip at left where Riversidefs Chancellor and our own Chancellor, Daniel G. Aldrich leap at mid-court. Irvine went on to win its flrst game 85 to 71. T om Bryan 24 and Eldon McBride 33 j go to the bucket. 4 Mam; Nelson grapples with Chapman player in Jinal game of UCI tourney. Dale F inney hits from the corner. 90 mat ' , Jeff Bland drives through Pacific defense for a score. Mark Nelson positions for a possible rebound. Irvineis first basketball team, with 12 university and junior college transfers coached by Dan Rogers, turned in a fine first season of 15 wins against 11 losses. A starting team of Tom Bryan and Bob J ohnson at guards, Mark Nelson at forward, with Jeff Bland and Eldon McBride alternating at the other forward position, scored impressive wins over UCR, Westmont, and Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo. This group of starters plus consistent help from Scott McOwen at guard presented a balanced scoring attack catalyzed by a fast-break offense. 91 92 31$ 421 2745 $ V; n 1",; 4 a 4 :19; 4 4 ' " 4 44 ,4 ,4 4. .,4,L,,'.i;$aha::;;3m Frosh basketball team members are: tkneelingt Eric Carlson, Greg Gaylord, Don Messerschmitt, Jim Farley, David Ault and Charles Brand;fstar1dingJ Coach Dan Rogers, Nick Sanden, David Fontius, Bill Carroll, Mike Heckman, Sheldon Keitel, Mike Novak, Bill Roley and Head Coach Dick Davis. The frosh basketball team compiled a fantastic 19 win and 5 loss record against the finest freshman compe- tition in the nation. Starting as forwards were Nick Sand- en and Dave Fontius, Mike Heckman at center, and J im Farley, Charley Brande and Eric Carlson alternating as guards. Nick Sanden was voted most valuable player on this yeafs squad. Mark Nelson, center on Irvinets great tirst year has- ketball team, was chosen as the most valuable player. Nelson led the team in rebounds and usually scored in double figures. Honored with Nelson were Tom Bryan, chosen team captain and Bob Johnson was voted the best defensive player. The entire squad was honored at the awards banquet sponsored by the Big I Boosters. Pete Newell, famed basketball player and coach, now director of athletics at UC Berkeley, was the guest speaker. .mxmhyllo mm M, cler basket. A 4A,, Bob Johnson receives ball Lm 93 7. i, ...7 ., 77 .77777 7 7 7 , 7 -77. , . MN H H WV XW . M X 7 ' w a... ..... 4 n..' Wwf' ' . 7 . MP 7 7 R , . . - 0...: H :. .4...5,..A - 7 7 7, A v . m m . w, ' H 711 u . . 7 . 7,, . a , . . Swimming 94 wnL Backstroke competition begins. A Van Cleave Start in freestyle relay. ' -1!'3 " M 95 96 Irvinets 1966 Swimming T eam The Anteaters began the hrst ever competitive year in swimming on a high note and ended on a high note. Early-in December, Irvine finished third in the Pacific Coast Relay Championships. One week later in the All-University Championships at UCLA, Irvine was second, and followed up by winning the Golden Coast Championships at Santa Barbara where Bill Leach won the ttHelms Awardt as the outstanding swimmer. Bob Wilhite and Don Stewart led Irvine to a hrst place team championship at the UCI Invitational Diving Tourn- ament. Bob Wilhite was awarded the outstanding diving award. The freshmen and varsity were combined as one team to compile a record of seventeen wins and only one loss. Outstanding freshmen were: Dave Smith, backstroke and sprints; Bob Sharp, butterfly and individual medley; Pete Stys, breaststroke; Steve Cohee, distances and; Bob Wilhite, diving. Pete Stys in the fly .. pr. w m? w B A M 3.: Pat Glasgow smiling after another victory. 97 Competitor in UCI I nvitatiorzal Diving Meet. The outstanding varsity swimmers for the year are: John Van Cleave and Dave Belknap, sprints; Pat Glasgow and Bill Leach, distances; Bob Nealy, middle distances and; Don Stewart, diving. Randy Howatt was a ltJack of all tradesf filling in where needed. Highlight of the year was the selection of John Van Cleave, Dave Belknap, Bob Nealy, Pat Glasgow, and Bill Leach to participate in the National A.A.U. Championships at Tampa, Florida. UCI was rated the top small college team in the country and was among the top ten of all schools! 1966 SCHOOL RECORDS IN SWIMMING 200 yd. Free 1:50.1 Bob Nealy Jr. 50 yd. Free 22. John Van Cleave Jr. 100 yd. Free 48. John Van Cleave Jr. 500 yd. Free 5:06.1 Bill Leach Soph. 1650 yd. Free 17:39.1 Bill Leach Soph. 100 yd. Back 59.1 Dave Smith Frosh 200 yd. Back 2:12 Dave Smith Frosh 200 yd. Breast 1:209 Pete Stys Frosh 100 yd. Breast 1:064 Pete Stys Frosh 100 yd. Fly 54.6 Bob Sharp Frosh 200 Ind. Med. 22109 Bob Sharp Frosh 400 Ind. Med. 4:50.4 Bob Sharp Frosh 400 yd. Med. Relay 3:495 Nealy-Stys-Sharp-VanCleave 4x50 Free 1:30.9 Nealy-VanCleave-FerguyBelknap 4x100 Free 3:15.3 Nealy-VanCleave-Belknap-Leach 4x200 Free 7226.1 Nealy-VanCIeave-Leach-Glasgow 4x200 Ind. Med. 9: 15.5 Howatt-Sharp-Gelvin-Glasgow 4x100 Ind. Med. 4206.2 Howatt-Story-Gelvin-Sharp 4X100 Back 4:033 Nealy-Glasgow-Frost-Smith 4x100 Fly 3254 Leach-Glasgow4Howatt-Sharp 4x100 Breast 4234.2 Kelly-Stys-Gelvin-Story 1966 SWIM SEASON RESULTS UCI 67 Long Beach State 32 UCI 70 Santa Barbara 25 UCI 81 Capistrano AAU 19 UCI 66 Riverside CC 27 UCI 80 Cal State LA 15 UCI 71 Fullerton JC 24 UCI 76 Santa Ana JC 16 UCI 79 USC Frosh 19 UCI 61 LA Valley 34 UCI 40 USC Varsity 55 UCI 65 Long Beach State 30 UCI 51 Santa Barbara 44 UCI 68 Bakersfield 26 UCI 75 Long Beach CC 19 UCI 84 Redlands 10 UCI 63 Orange Coast College 32 UCI 71 Citrus College 24 UCI 75 El Camino College 16 Total for UCI 1243 Total for Visitor 467 WON: 174LOST: 1 Third Place: Pacific Coast Relays Second Place: All University Championships First Place: Golden Coast Championships First Place: First Annual UCI Diving Championships Nick Wilhite shows winning form. Coach buvall Hecht Into the shell 101 102 t u.- t L - 1.1 Lu. W- . 4L V First Freshman: Bow-Mike Glassey; N0. 2-D0n Burns; N0. 3-Burr Smith; N0. 4eWalter Druji' N0. 5ePaul Ryan; N0. 6-Richard Farrell; N0. 7ePat Skelly; Stroke-Peter Jung; CoxeBoris Buzan; CoacheDuvall Hecht. Duvall Hecht greeted 4O inexperienced men at the onset of this yearts rowing season and mold- ed them into three boats of rowers who surprised everyone. The rigorous afternoon and evening workouts originating from the boathouse on Shell- makerts Island prepared the oarsmen for a pretty stiff list of competition. In achieving their successes the Anteaters employed a comparatively slow heat with the oars carried virtually iiat along the surface of the water with a flip catch in the driving portion of the stroke. Rowers inspect their Shell before a race. S econd F reshnmrz : Bow-Larry A mling; N 0. 2-Jej3c Jarvis; N0. 3 Stuart Gibson; N0. 4 J MUM JAN 10lm Pinschmidt; N0. 5 00ug Green; No. 6 - Mike Kemp; N0. 7 - Dennis Ett- lin; Stroke-R0n Schwartz; C0x Schuyler Bassett. Lightweight F reshman : Bow--Thomas F isch- er; N0. 2 R0bert Currier; No. 3 D0nald Bush; No. 4 Donald Loomis; N0. 5 Tim Hogle; N0. 5 Th0mas Bria; N0. 5 R0bert Ernst; No. 6-James Shadell; No. 7 -Phil Watanabe; Stroke Jeff Freeman; Cox Jim Sullivan; Cox Dave Minch; Cox- J0hn McCoy; Mgr. Bruce Harrison. ":I' ' '1 r WP, 57mm mum w ..a',-- Oarsmen depart for a session in. the training barge. Rowers strain to the coxwairfs chant. Practice in back bay -.a-r - In the channel 105 Sailing ., ';. Ill. L h um inmmlul Sailing Team: Wack row, left to righU Skip Allan, Bob Rubin, Bart Beech, Jeff Lilly, Wront row, left to righ0 Jerry Lietch, Karl Robinson, Connie McClarety, Marcia Lemon. Skip Allan and Marcia Lemon 108 w a M Golf To round out a rather complete sports pro- gram, Irvine formed an intercollegiate golf team. The team was coached by Dan Rogers and faced some stilT competition away and on their home course-Rancho San Juaquin. A full schedule of matches is being planned for next year with several tournaments on the list. Golf team: iLeft to righU Bill Odett, CharlesSmitlz, Jim LaBarber, Ken Childers, Mike McBride, Jeff Freeman, Biff McIntosh and Golf Coach -Dan Rogers. 109 110 Tennis team: hBack row, left to riglm Ray Sokolow- oski, Harvey Klyce, Ron Bush, Wront row, left to rightJ Roland Buccanan, Jejy Parker, Gayle Duke- low, C0acl1--Ray Thorton. Tennis Coach Ray Thortonhs tennis team iinished a fine first year of competition. Behind the consist- ent play of Gayle Dukelow who played first singles and the combination of Dukelow and Harvey Klyce in doubles, the Irvine netters held their own against some stiif competition. Highlight of the year was a third place linish in All-University of California tourney at the Santa Barbara campus. 3'65 N1aua 4 .i ... ..,. 9.' x. ... ,g.', 1m . ... Roland Buccamm 112 UCPs new handball courts are christened. 113 A player bangs out a hit in spring softball action. Participation in this yearts intramural ath- letic program was tremendous. Coach Ray Thorton, who headed the program, organized leagues in team volleyball, football, basket- ball, and softball and had round robins in co-ed and two man volleyball. Students of- ficiated and organized play. Along with the various leagues, all facilities were open to student and faculty and staff use during each day and on Tuesday and Thursday nights. The pool, weight room and gymnastics room got plenty of use at these times, as well as the tennis courts later in the year. To round out the program, squash and handball were ad- ded with the recent completion of the courts adjacent to the pool. 114 A trail . . . paved with a stronger foundation for what lay ahead. qq-mMi-lh"1r-M5M:' 2.4 i- , a , , A us x wm$tT'S mm -n -m u-mq H.173 12m? vmq I z, 5;. , , 7 - 117 Polls become commonplace 0n the UCI campus. 118 Elected Committees HONOR CODE R0llin Buchanan, Karla Davis, Susan Schinkel, Jay Straus, Vincent Healy, Craig Beam, Doug Trapp, Diana Janas, Ray Roth and Louise Lindorf. AC T I VI TIES w Marti Williams, Larry Schlienz, Margy Mills, Bob Lenard, Cheryl Rohm, Bob Whitmore, Suzie Chippendale, Andrea Anderson, Douglas Hopkins, Hei- di Richardson, Kay Jansen, Dia Dorsey, Bill Richardson, Adreana Stittmater, Schyler Bassett, Chris Stewart, Jack Phil- lips, Peggy Steinhaus, Bill Leonard and Kristine Nelson. CONSTI TU T ION Michael Kemp, Glenn Kageyama, Paul D,Am0re, Donald Hill, Doug Davidson, Jack Lewin, David Kurth, Pooya Hoosh- mand, Judy Burns, Chet Richards, Steven. Rathfon, James Bish, Kathie Waterman, Brian. Barnett, Nick Ae- berhard, Pamela Wood, Bob Currier, Steve Lester, Larry Brewster and Eric Smith. 119 Songleaders Nancy T runk ; 1 Julie Roberts Kareh Keils Londa Ste-Wart 120 Bob Coleman, Schyler Bassett, Bill Coleman, Paige Conrad and Andrea Anderson. Cheerleaders Along with the election of the Anteater as the official UCI mas- cot came the selection of his spirit representative, the first UCI cheer- leaders and songleaders. They were selected through a screening by the Activities Committee and election by the student body. Despite the inconvenience of being chosen only a few weeks before the start of basketball season, UCPs first pep squad met the situation with a ZOT and handled it well. Uniforms and routines were quick- ly assembled in time to greet the mighty Anteater as he stepped on the court for the hrst time. The enthusiasm of the elite eleven echoed from the bleachers throughout the season as they successfully began another new prece- dent on the UCI campus . . . a sincere and spirited interest in ath- letics reliected in the resounding ZOT of conquest. 121 3g, . Opposition: AHtiI-izafdtza'rrkr demonstrators Sports Illustrated, Nov. 8, 1965 LET'S co. ANTIATIRI "Boolu, boolaft cried Yale in the good old days. "Charge!" thundered USC in more contemporary times. Now tune up your tonsils for a new battle cry, this one belonging to the University of Cali- fornia at Irvine, whose traditions date back to October 4. tOn that date, 88.- 000 acres of former citrus and cattle ranch opened up as UCIJ What UC 122 A new campus needs new and different ideas. One of the most diITerent ideas to appear during UCI's charter year was the selection of the ANT- EATER or Antbear as it is actually called for UCPS official mascot. The selection took place in the minds of different students At different times during the strenuous campaigning which the ANTEATER forces, led by Schyler Bassett and the Zeta Omega Tau, steadily gained in strength. The final deci- sion was made November 30, 1965 when ANT- EATERS was selected over runners-up Eagles, Unicorns, Golden Bears and Seahawks. Advocates of the ANTEATER cited its originality, unique- ness and its relevance to the UC tradition tANT- BEARh as factors in the decision. o7 AN'I'EATERSQ'D 123 unnuul A-nunnvlnn 124 SPECTRUMeEarly in the academic year, en- thusiasm was generated for a campus newspaper. Because university financial and faculty support for such a project was not available, interested stu- dents formed a self-supporting, non-profit corpo- ration. The Irvine Student Press Corporation, or- ganized for the express purpose of publishing the Spectrum newspaper, operated with a five-man Board of Directors and was supported by adver- tising from local businesses. Members of the Spectrum staff included: Phil Pearlman, editor-inachief; KC Westburg, news ed- itor; David Cooksy, opinion editor; Amanda Spake, feature editor; Floyd Norris, sports editor; Don David, business editor; Alan Allbright and Jim Sullivan, photography. Staff members included: Margie Stillman, Andi Graham, Rob Holland and Bruce Golino. TONGUE - The Tongue was conceived with the purpose of better informing students, faculty and administration of campus affairs. Board of Directors: Chairman, Brian Barnett; Vice Chairman, Bill Coon; Secretary, Ruth Ann Stephenson; Members, George Avera, Dave Asher, Sheldon Keitel, Marsha Kaplan, Mary Ann Snaubelt, Jim Rausch, Lange Winckler, Ruth Ann Stephenson, Jo Ann Alfred, Linda Mullen, Sharon Storm, Jeff Moskow, Joe Perrucio, Paul Ryan, Don Hill, James Immel, Greg Blystone, Davis Usher, Ron Ridgle, Jim Sullivan, Tom Slayback and Donna Campbell. SCKEED LITERARY MAGAZINE:Members: Joanne Aldrich, Spy Babeaux, Nancy M'cCall, Greg Hoffman, Gloria Basque, Amy Smeyd, Louise Lindorf and T ony Gregory. UCI BOOK COLLECTORS 6 Winners of the Adolph A. Kroch Student Book Collection Contest for 1965-66 at UC Irvine, from left are: Thomas Felt of Costa Mesa, first place; Beth Trinast of La Canada, third; and Mrs. Philip Moddel of Anaheim, second. W... n:naannanm i i i J 125 ' 1f 1 Pajama party at Cuesta Campus Hall Sock Hop Ye F ogge rocked M esa Court 126 Halloween C apers 127 Pancake Eatmg Contest Relaxation Study break 128 Machine Age IUIIITD "III DIANE! MY El MI l YILM lLul "nth; 130 Students Decorate for Christmas ich9s Inauguaration and Chancellor Aldr The Association 0 n .m .C .11 e F e S 0 .J New Society 132 UCICA B0b Johnson, Wendy Schmitt, Beth Markowitz, Spy Babeaux and Tony Gregory. SDS-Members are: Pat Kennedy, Gary Braucher, Larry Anderson, Chris- sy Von. Glascoe, Jeanette Williams, Barry Glass, Patty Parmalee, and Greg Hofman. TA MANDOA JOArm Alford, Andrea Ander- son, Cathy Bendall, Diane Bjorklund, Suzie Chippendale, Jan Creedon, Karla Davis, Wen- dy Fogwill, Lynn Gevers, Kris Jenkins, Joanne Jorgensen, Marcia Lemon, Betty Lindorf, An- gela Loh, Molly Mason, Linda Mullen, Sharon Powell, Lynda Robitsch, Mary Runing, Jill Shu- ler, Teresa Smith, Dianna Stearman, Peggy Steinhaus, Londa Stewart, Vicki Stone, Sharon Storm, Arm Strohecker, Nancy Trunk, Carla Sue Wiley, Joanne Gordon. Advisors: Mrs. Sam Cohen, Mrs. Richard Davis. VINTAGE BRIAR-Club members are: Bruce Kirkpatrick, Russell Hindin, John Teal and Robert Algien. FILM GROUP John Pinschmidt, John Cambon, Martha Myers, Mary Beausarzg, John F ay, Olivia Gates, Greg McFarland, Larry Maland, Linda Rhodes, Claire Schmidt, Sue Stanley, Richard Yensen and Linda Tinf013c. 134 THE INTERFAITH COUNCIL is composed of students representing the organized religious groups at UCI. Students include: Russ Hindin, Chairman; Kay Jansen, Jerry Leitch, Phil Dawson, Steve Freedman, Lou Marlin, Betty Lindorf, Louise Lindorf, Pete Beauregard, Jeff Jarvis and Dr. Cecil Hoffman. ORIENTATION COMMITTEEg 1966 Russell Hindin, Chairman; Tony Rwy, F loyd Norris, Marguerite T isdel, Secretary; and Jim Sullivan. ACLU members Sue Miller, Mar- gie Stillman, Martha Myers, Barry Glass, Andy Lachman, Irva Hertz, Floyd Norris, Ron Ridgle, Kathy Richardson, Cathy Sullivan, Mau- reen Flam'gan. and Hugh Nelson. 135 136 GUN CLUB -Greg0ry Hopwood, Thomas Bria, Terry Winterboer, Bill Hansen, George Geronsin, John Tomlin, Suzie Ozbum, Gordon Smith, Carl Loeber, Thomas Babecky, Doug T rapp and Ad- visor Robert W. Heavey. SAILING CLUB -Skip Allan, Mike Asher, Bart Beach, Spy Babeaux, Mau- reen Beehler, Greg Bylstone, Robyn Willam, Steve Greatrex, Rob Greene, Cheri Kratka, Jerry Leitch, Marcia Lemon, Bob Leonard, Bill Lilly, Con- nie McClaugherty, Hugh Nelson, Kath- ryn Nelson, Suzie Ozbum, John Ran- dolph, Carl Reinhart, Ron Rosales, Bob Rubin, Stephie Sacks, Ann Steele. BIOLOGY CLUB Pictured in the lab are club members: Bob Dantas, Pres., Randy Berens, Larry Herman, Irene Varelas, Bert Anderson, Linda Brown and Louie Baety. ROYAL ANTEATERS HISTORICAL ASSO- CIA TION-Phyllis McKown, Nancy Nolan, Dan Grieser, Dave Belknap, Carol Kridner, Elaine Burnap, Margaret Maradudin, Gary Shanafelt, David Georgi, Gunter Mende, Chuck Wright, Vir- ginia Schroader, Lange Winckler, Frances Park- man, Helen Buckles, Robert Campbell, John Ac- Lma, John Driscoll, Jan Lewanski, Paul Pearson, Ignatius, Laura Hoey, Joyce Scotan, Rhonda Biggs, Chris Stewart, Sheila Lillegraven, Honorary MemberseHenry Cord Meyer, Mrs. Winn, Ad- visoreDr. Alan Lawson. GERMAN CLUBeThe HOFBRAU atmosphere of the UCI German Club meetings was an incentive to Geistm- the overflowing spirit and love for which Germans are known. In addition to discussions led by native Germans and slides presented by travelers, meet- ings were highlighted by glass-klinking, joke-making and song-singing. COMPUTER CL UBeLouise Lindorf, Allen Gore, John Kramer, Gregg Van Volkenburgh, Pres., Virginia Ronfeldt, Lynn Kruger, Sec.-Treas., Greg Hop- wood, Edie Skalmowski, Ron Epper- son, Vice Pres., and Mike Games. 137 138 ' umitnsn-v 1 . ' : OF -; CALIFORNIA l IRVINE DEMOCRAT CLUB Andy Lachman, F loyd Nor- ris, Cliff Miller, Larry Schlienz, Karen Bachmann, Margery Black, Jim Diea'erich, Kathy Donovan, John Fay, Lizzie Gill, Peter Herman, James Immel, Mar- sha Kaplan, Penny Marienthal, Sue Miller, Ginger Noga, Pauline Nylassu, Roberta Pegan, Ronnie Rid- gle, Carey Schmidt, Chuck Sippl, Joel Steinfeld, Mar- gie Stillman, Ann Strohecker, Margy Tisdel, Patsy Truxaw, Bill Waterhouse and John Walley. CIRCLE K Alan Albright, Leslie Badin, Charlie Bevan, Michael Blair, Larry Bramner, William Brockman, Richard Callis, John Car- lisle, Randall Cobb, Bob Deshon, Stephen Greatrex, Dale Hiltgen, Mike Hughes, Jack Jennison, Glenn Kageyama, Eldon McBride, Mark Nelson, Thomas Pittman, James Rausclz, Charles Smith, Bernie Stephan, William Sum- mers and Richard Yensen. YOUNG REPUBLICANS Bill Lau- er, Andrea Graham, Don Hill, 1er1 F ie- berger, Alicemary H0 tman, Tom Reins, Dee Sinclair, Karen Murray, T 0m Wood, Laura Maxwell, Lou Mar- lin, Margaret Shock, Jeff Hendrix, Rich Gehle, Jim Johnson, Eric Ericson, Skip Osburn and Joe Moreno. ZETA OMEGA T A U-Members include: Robert Byde, Stephen Lewis, Schuyler Bassett, Mike Turn- ball, William Coleman and Jeff Treeman. ALPHA PHI OMEGA Bill Sing- er, Pres.; Steve Burris, Vice-Pres.; Ron Robbins, Sec. Treas.; Paul Reed, George Witt, Carl Reinhart, Bruce Henderson, Bill Richardson and Advisors are Coulson T ough and Dr. Spencer Olin. SIGMA SIGMA BETA R0nald Harris, Pres.; Scott Swetnam, Exec. Vice Pres.; William Colborn, Direc- tor of Public A gairs; David Minch, Correspondent at Large and Mem- bers: James Castle, Stephen Fish- man, Greg Gaylord, Robert Hersh.- ey, Dennis Kempke, Dean Lambert, Stephen Lester, Steve Lewis, Kent 0,Mara, Barry Seyster, Pat Smith and Flip the bird; 139 . .I-Im Ii" 3"." u ' W V, Rising from the firmest roots was an idea an idea with character . . . 142 The first UCI residence halls, the ten cottages comprising Mesa Court, opened with the Univer- sity in September 1965. Accommodating 500 stu- dents, these halls were situated on the only campus ttmesah - a natural tableland e- hence the name ttMesa Court? Each cottage is divided into six suites consist- ing of a living room, four double rooms and double bath. Outside the suite arrangement each house includes a formal living room and RA suite on the hrst hoor; a recreation room, library and a laundry on the second. Mesa Court H h .. m m' u '.. 3' am ,. .H H u 7 , Mrs. Margaret Setzer Head Resident Advisor 143 R. A. Meeting Informal get-together in Loma 144 Mrs. Ellene Sumner Director of Housing and F 00d Service I ellofs ina F lower-making for the Chanc Dr. Walker learns the fine points of flower-making. 145 DONALD Looms EARL MAKI LEFTOUTS GARY ADLER LARRY BIRNBAUM BARY BROWN RICHARD CALLAGHAN EDWARD DUDEK DAVID FOLLETI' DAVID FONTIUS BRUCE KIRKPATRICK ROBERT J OHNSON ED LOVEJOY MICHAEL KEMP KEN MEADE JOHN KNOX MARC MILLER DAN MOORE CHARLES OLIVER STEPHEN RIEMER ROBERT SCHWARTZ JOHN SHRADER DAVID TUCKER JOHN VAN MAANAN KING F ITCH ROBERT FROMSON TIMOTHY HOGLE ALLEN JACOBSON J 0N DELBRUCK JOHN DELGATFO RICHARD DOWELL DOUGLAS ECK DALE FINNEY DOUGLAS BARSANTE THEODORE BALLINGER RICHARD CRUZ RICHARD CUMMINS Arm 0 KEITH DAVIS 146 BILL WATERHOUSE MIKE WYER RICHARD MAURER DON SANFILIPPO BILL SUMMERS GREG MCFARLAND JIM SHADELL STEVE TAYLOR FLOYD NORRIS BOB STEWART GREGG VAN VOLKENBURGH JOHN PINSCHMIDT THOMAS PITTMAN MARK ROBINSON LEE SALE 147 MAUREEN BEEHLER ROBYN CANO SUSAN CHIPPENDALE Bahia 148 JERALDEAN EVANS KATHLEEN FERGUSON PATRICIA CIRATA JULIA CREEHAN JAN CREEDON MAUREEN DALZELL CLAUDIA DAVIS ANN GOTTLIEB CATHERINE GREGG PAMELA HEISER LEFTOUTS ELAINE BAKER DIANE BERKEY CHRISTINE BRIDGE CATHY Jo BUSSEY PAMELA DENISON SUSAN FREEMAN PATRICIA Foscm NANCY GARAFALO MARGARET GROVER THEODORA GURNS KAREN KEYS J ILLANA ODLAND PAT PARDOLL MARY ANN PRIME KRISTINE RITTER JUDITH ROBERTSON ELIZABETH ROBINSON TERESA THOMPSON TERESA WATERS SHARIS WOODARD ELAINE FREDRICKSON MARY GARREN ANNETTE GARRETT 1.12sz GILL NANCY GINSBURG MARGUERITE TISDEL HELEN VAN DER LAAN PAMELA WESP ROBYN HILLAM MARGARET Hon MARCIA LEMON SUZANE Lorns KATHERINE MOORE JULIE ROBERTS NANCY MCCALL MARY NELSON KAREN SHOEMAKER LINDA MAGARIAN PAMELA PAPE JANIS SOLLEE KATHY MAHONEY CANDACE PELTAOLA VICTORIA STONE 149 MICHAEL JoNEs SHELDON KEITEL STEVEN LESTER STEPHEN LEWIS 150 SCHUYLER BASSETI' FRED BERGER VANCE BLMSDELL CHARLIE BRANDE DON BURNS LEFTOUTS MICHAEL BLAIR MIKE CALVERT RONNY CRAIG FRANK DUFOUR SnavE FISHMAN LAWRENCE GLARUM ROBERT HERSHEY WRIGHT HICKS DOUGLAS HINKEY RANDALL HAUTZ ALAN LAWSON Louxs MARLIN DAVID MINCH DOUG OLIVER ROBERT BYDE JAMES CASTLE WILLIAM COLBORN ROBERT COLEMAN WILLIAM COLEMAN DAVID RALSTON DAVID ROBB ROBERT SANCHEZ GARY SAWYER JAMES SHORTER JEFFREY STONE STEVE WRIGHT MICHAEL ZORN ROBERT DESHON, JR. ROBERT ERNST FRED ENGBARTH GREGORY GAYLORD PATRICK GLASGOW MICHAEL HARRIS RONALD HARRIS BRUCE HENDERSON Roc INDERMILL LESLIE J OHNSON Camino DON MESSERSCHMITF Scon' SWETNAM JOHN GMARA RONNIE RIDGLE CHARLES SELIN J OHN SHERMAN MARK NELSON DAVID ORTEZ JOHN PAYNE IAMES RAUSCH THO MAS SLABACK ScoTr TAYLOR u' W MICHAEL TURNBULL PHIL WATANABE STEVE WHITE 151 152 KATHLEEN ADAMS LAUREL BABEAUX MARGARET BUCHROEDER DIANNE CHIARY DIANE CLARK CYNTHIA COMARR JANIS DINWIDDIE DIA DORSEY ALLXSON DREITI-I J ANICE DULL KATHRYN FAY h MAUREEN FIANIGAN ELLYN FRIEDMAN ASTRID GABLOFFSKY MARSHA KAPLAN PAULINE KENNARD CHER! GADDIS STEPHANIE HALLOCK CHRISTINE HAYES SUSAN HAY DONNA RICHARDSON WENDY SCHMITT LYNDA RoarrscH MARGARET SHOCK STEPHANIE Rom DIANA SINCE AIR STEPHANIE SACKS NANCY SULLIVAN - ' DOROTHY K311511511 SHARON KLEMM CHER! KRATKA LAURA MAXWELL LINDA MAYER CONNIE MCCLAUGHERTY LINDA MCDOLE MARGUERITE MILL J UDrrH NORDYKE JEANNE PARKHILL LINDA TINTHOFF CLAIRE WICHMANN SALLY WILSON LEFTO UTS TONI BASLER KAREN BURNSWEIG SALLIE BUSH CAROLINE CARVER DARLENE DISCOE CANDACE DOUGHERTY LYNNE ELDRIDGE GORIA GENE FIORAMONTI MARY GALBRAITH JANE J UDSON Roam KRIMEL SUSAN MILLER MARTHA MYERS CATHERINE RICE MARY ANNE SCHNAUBELT J ILL SKALNIK MARGARET STILLMAN 153 154 JOHN ADsrr PAUL BOULIAN JOSEPH CUPP GEORGE AVERA LARRY BRAMNER MICHAEL EASLEY BRIAN BARNETT ERIC CARLSON JAMES FARLEY JOHN BLOCKER STEVE COHEE RICHARD FARRELL GREG BLYSTONE WILLIAM COON STEPHEN FREEDMAN Ciudad TIMOTHY GILMORE J OHN GREGORY STEPHEN Human PETER HERMAN MIKE HUGHES GLENN KAGEYAMA DAVID KAGEYAMA J ON KRONICK ANDREW LACHMAN WILLIAM LINSMAN RAYMOND MCGRATH HARLAN MENKIN J EFFREY Mosxow RONALD ROSALES LENNARD SMITH JOHN SHORT ROBERT SHARP J AY STRAUS L EFTOUTS DAVID AULT DAVID BELKNAP LARRY BRAMMER SHAWN CLARK WILLIAM EITLEBACH J EFF EVANS JOHN HARTMAN MICHAEL HECKMAN JOHN JENNISON DAVID KURTH JOHN LANCASTER J05 PERRUCIO RON SCHWARTZ ERIC SMrl'H DAVID USHER PATRICK VAN DERHOFF LARRY WILSON TOM Woon 156 THAYER BROWN MARY BRUSTMAN CINDY BURRESS CINDY CAMPBELL CHRISTINE CARBON DONNA MARIE AUGUSTIN ELAINE AUSTIN VIRGINIA BALE MADELINE BASS SUSAN BENNE'rr CLAUDIA BROWN Cuesta BARBARA CLINE PHYLLIss GIUNTINI DONNA HANDLEY 7 ALICEMARY HOFFMAN MARILYN HOLDEN LINDA HOLLOWAY KATHRYN Hownz J ILL HUGHES DELLA JOYCE GAIL KLEMME ARMINE LAFDJIAN LAURA LATIMER ANN LISEC NANCY MAAHS PENNY MARIENTHAL BETH MARKOWITZ SARAH MATTHEWS SHARON MCMANUS SHARON SCOTT LYNDA SHANNON SUZANNE SIEMON BEVERLY SMITH MARILYN STONE VIRGINIA N OGA ALISON ODENWELLER ARIEL OTsugfx VICKLYN PARIi MARY RUNING VIRGINIA SCHROADER ANN STROHECKER KATHLEEN SULLIVAN LEFTOUTS LYNNE BIXBY NANCY CARROLL KATHLEEN COLLINS HOLLY COLON HOPE GEERTZ LYNN LAUMEISTER DIANE MILLER MR5. MARGARET SETZER LYNDA TEPLY BARBARA TERHUNE BETH TRINAST NANCY TRUCK SHARON WEESE 158 SONJA BERGGREN MARIAN BE'rrs Lago SUSAN BLOOMBERG NANCY BURKE ELIZABETH BURLEIGH KATHY BUTLER JANINE CARLSON GAIL CLARK KATHLEEN CLARK LINDA CUTTER DIANE DOMBROWSKI MARTHA DORSEY DIANE DRUMMOND LESLIE FAUSSET LINDA FOSTER WENDY GORDON ANDREA GRAHAM DEVEN GREENFIELD IRVA HERTZ SANDRA HILLIKEN PHYLLIS IRETON LINDA HOLTE J EANNE JoNEs KATHY Hows NANCY Menmcx LEFTOUTS MARGENE ALLEY SHARON BIBY PATRICIA BUTLER PATRICIA BUTTERFIELD JERI CALDWELL LINDA DAVIS GERRY EASON SHIRLEY GIBSON PATRICIA MARSH LILA SIECK JEAN Soysmn BARBARA STORM IRENE VARELAS NANCY WAPLES JEAN WOLFF MARY WOODCOCK NANCY MILLER KAREN MURRAY KATHY NELSON CORNELIA NIXON LINDA PETERSON MARGARET RAAB ELMNE RHHENEN KAREN WESTBURG MARY WILEY MARY WURSTER MARY Jo SHEPARD LINDA SLOAN PAT TAYLOR SUSAN WALL 160 ALAN ALERIGHT ROBERT ALGIERI MIKE ASKEW ROBERT BALL RON BANK THOMAS BARBOSA ' STEV EN Bums PETER BEAUREGUARD JOHN BILLINGS DENNIS BOECHER HEZEKIAH BOLTON STEVEN CAPPS DAVID CAPLES JEFF CHIN J 013 CLARK Loma THOMAS CLOW CRAIG CUMMINGS PATRICK DELAVAN ERIC ERICKSON BRUCE GALINO LEFTOUTS DAVID ALTSCHULER RICHARD ARTHUR ROBERT BALL STUART BONNER WILLIAM CARROLL RANDY COBB SIDNEY COOK pAvm COOKSEY MIKE FELDMAN DAVID HILSABECK CARL LOEBER LEONARD NILES JAMES ONEAL J 1M POPE STEVE SABIN DAN SCANLON GLENN STELLO JOHN WOLLEY DALE GUSTAVSON JOHN GUSTAVSON DAVE HILSABECK RUSSELL HINDEN ROBERT JOHNSON RICHARD KIDDER JEFFREY KIM WILLIAM LEONARD ARTHUR PETERSON J ACK PHILLIPS PAUL REED GORDON RICHARDSON RONALD ROBBINS WILLIAM ROLEY ELLIOT ROUFF BILL SINGER PATRICK SKELLY CHARLES SMITH JAMES SULLIVAN J OHN TEAL GEORGE Wm" 161 PATRICIA KENNEDY KATHRYN MASON TERRY MILLER DIANE JAGODNIK PATRICIA MILLS KRISTIN J ENKINS SANDRA NADLER PATRICIA JOHNSON CATHY NASON ELENA J ORDAN LINDA NELSON MARY BEAUSANG SANDRA BORENSTEIN DONNA CAMPBELL YVONNE CAROTHERS KARLA DAVIS BARBARA DOAN ANNE DRYDEN JOANNE GORDON ANN GREENSTONE o Slerra LYNN JACOBS 162 SUSIE OZBRIN CHERYL PEASE LINDA RAMSEY LINDA RHODES CAROL Rosa CLAmE SCHMIDT TANA SHATTUCK CHRISTINE STEWART KATHLEEN SWEENEY CAROL VOELKL LINDA WEBB KATHIE WILHELM LEFTOUTS CAROLYN ARNQUIST CONNIE BRonECK KAREN CHESSER PAIGE CONRAD LINDA COTTER DIA DORSEY MARILYN FAZEKES OLIVIA GATES CAROLINE GESTELAND PAT HUTCHINSON CATHY KILPATRICK NANCY MILLER KATHLEEN Moona MARTHA WILLIAMS SHARIS WOODARD J ERRY NEWHOUSE KATHY NISHIMOTO MERLE PHILLIPS KATHLEEN RICHARDSON ANDREA ROGOZA ELAINE SCHWARTZ AMY SNEYD PAULA SNOWDEN KATHY SOVERIGN PATRICIA TUSA MARIS LYNN WARD LINDA WEBB FRANNY WISER 163 164 WILLIAM HANSEN JEFFERSON HENDRIX WAYNE GIBB BARRY GLASS WILL GILLE'IT MICHAEL GLASSEY ROBERT GILLILAND GEORGE HANINGER ERNIE ALTVATER ROBERT CAMPBELL CHARLES BEVEN JEFFREY FIEBIGER THOMAS BRIA RICHARD GEHLE RICHARD BUNEK GEORGE GERONSIN Viento JAY JACKSON HARVEY KLYCE LEFTOUTS JEFFREY ACKERMAN J oHN AGNELLO DUANE ALLAN JOSHUA BAY GARY BAUCHER JEFF BLAND WADE HUNTING VAL DETLXNG FRED ENGBARTH LAWRENCE FINKELMAN DOUGLAS GREEN JAMES JOHNSON JOHN LANCASTER BILL LAUER MARK LIBBEY LIEF LARSON TOM MORGAN GOEFFREY PARKER DAN RANER DAN SCANLON MIKE SMITH CHARLES STEENROD RANDY STEWART GEORGE SWARTWOUT GREG TOLMAS MIKE VAN FossaN TERRY WINTERBOER JOHN McCoy ROBERT MELDRAM J OHN MORENO J n. JOHN MORGAN JR. MICHAEL MOTr HUGH NELSON JOHN NEVILLE JR. BARRY PARKER ROBERT PETERSON CHARLES SIPPL JOEL STEINFELD MICHAEL STRAUSS PETER STYS JoHN ToMLIN DOUGLAS TRAP? 165 deB 919,. .. v13....J.2W. . V3443. H21. .u: .. h. Clay . . . . . . yielded to the giant claws of man s invention . . . 167 JoANN ALDRICH JoANN ALFORD SKIP ALLAN LARRY AMLING ANDREA ANDERSON BARBARA ANDERSON LARS ANDERSON NANCY ANDERSON PEGGY ANDERSON DOUGLAS ANDORRA JUDITH ASCHER RAINY ATCHISON DAVE AULT VANCE Aws BARRY AXELROD JUDY BAESKENS THEODORE BANDARUK JANIS BARNETT ALYN BARTICK JUDIANN BASS LAURA BATDORF KAREN BATEMAN CATHERINE BATTISTONE ROBERT BAUMAN VALERIE BEARDWOOD LEWIS BEATY ALLAN BEEK CRMG BEHRENS CATHERINE BENDALL GAYNELL BENNETT MARILYN BERGDORF DONALD BERKHEIMER JAMES BISH DIANE BJORKLUND 168 ' DORIS BROOKHART KATHLEEN BURTON MARIA BLAND MARY BRADLEY SANDRA BROOKS RONALD BRANDALISE DENNIS BRANDEWIE BONNIE. BROWN ARLENE BROWN GLORIA BOSQUE SUSAN Bno DALE BROWN LINDA BROWN DEBORAH onwma LORRAINE BRUNO TOM BRYAN ROLLIN BUCHANAN ROBERT BUNYAN JUDY BURNS DON BUSH CATHY Jo Bussriv ermmn CALLIS 169 JOHN CAMHON ANTHONY CANINI CAROLYN CARLSON SHIRLEY CARMONA LINDA CARROLL JOHN CARVALITO CAROLYN CARVER GLENN CASE DOLORES CASINO JANE CASTELAN LEIF CHAPMAN LLOYD CHARTON RONDA CHOATE JEANNE CHRISTIANSEN DARROLYN CIAMPA PAMELA CLARK KATHRYN COATS CORNEL COLIN RICHARD COMBS JOYCE COMPTON RICHARD CONNOLLY JOAN CONRATH GEORGE COOK LINDA COSTARELLA UNA CoYLE RONNY CRAIG CARL CULLINGS BRIAN CUNNINGHAM ROBERT Cumman STEVEN DALE ARMANDO DANTAS LINDA DARWIN DENNIS DAVIDSON DOUGLAS DAVIDSON 170 JOHN DELANUY PAUL DEMBER GREGORY DENNIS EUGENE DAVIES A JIM DIEDERICK LARRY DINGLE KATHLEEN DONOVAN ROY DORMALES FRANK DORNIK JIM DOTY SAM DOWNEY JOHN DRISCOLL WALTER DRUFF RICHARD DUNKLE PAUL DUNNING BARBARA EASTWOOD ENID ECCLESTON KEITH ERKERLE KEN ECKHARDT ToM ELDRIDGE MICHAEL ELLIOTT 1! A l PETE ENGLANDER TACHIKAWA ENZO RON EPPFRSON PETER ESSER DENNIS ETTLIN ROBERT EUBANK DENNIS EVANS RICHARD EVANS DARYL FAIR LINDA FARRIS JIM FASSELL JOHN FAY 171 WILLIAM FEENEY JoANN FENCEL PATRICK Faxcus CAROL FERGUSON MARGIE FERNCASE CHARLES FETE RICHARD FIELD ROGER FINNEY EUGENEI FISHER STEVEN FISHMAN MARTHA FITZJARROLD BRADFORD FLACK 1.71 JAMES FLEMING WENDY Foowm. JAMES Fox PETER FRASER JEFFREY K. FREEMAN JEFF R. FREEMAN RICHARD Fnos'r J EANNE GALLANT SUSAN GARFIELD DAVID GARRINGER OLIVIA GATES DAVID GELBAUM DENNIS GELVIN CHRIS GERAGNTY LYNN GAVERS CHRIS GIBSON STEWART GIBSON LARRY GLARUM MERALEEN GLASS SANDRA Goowm MICHAEL GOLLONG LYN GOLTER MICHAEL COMES MARC GOODFRIEND 172 ALAN GORE KENDRA GOSLIN STEPHEN GREATREX ADRIA GREEN DOUGLES GREEN ROBIN GREEN ROBERT GREENE DANIEL Gmesen LAURIE HALE LINDA HALE LEONARD HALL ROBERT HALL ELLIoTr HAMBROOK CAROLE HAMMER NADA HANNAFORD BARBARA HANSEN SANDRA HARBISON BRUCE HARRISON CHARLES HARRISON TIMOTHY HART JOHN HARTMAN, JR. GEORGE HARVEY ARTHUR HASELTINE BRIAN HAWKINS RICHARD HAWLEY VINCENT HEALY JEANE HEILIGMAN CAROL HERBERTS LAURENCE HERMAN ROBERT HERSHEY DOROTHY HIAM BEVERLY HICKS WRIGHT HICKS LINDA HILES 173 DONALD L. HILL, JR. ROSALIND HILL DALE HILTGEN PATSY HINER DOUGLAS HXNKEY LAURA HOEY ESTHER HOFFMAN ROBERTA HOLLAND ROBERT L HOLLAND MICHELYN HOLM LANELL HOOKER VIVIAN HOPKINS DOUGLAS HOPKINS GREGORY Hopwoon GERDA HORNSVELD JOHN HORVATH JUDY HOWELL LINDA Howav ROBERT HUBERTY KAYE HUFFER DAVID HUFFORD CARLTON HUGHES MARLYNNE HUMPERT JOHN HUNTER HARROL HUTCHISON PAUL IDEKER ROGER INGRAM SHIRLEY ISERMAN ANGELO IZZI T3,? PETER JACKLIN DIANA JANAS KATHRYN JANSEN JULIE JARRETT JEFF JARVIS PETER JENKINSON 174 1 .U'M . HELEN JOHNSON KURT JOHNSON MARY JANE JORDON JOANNE JORGENSEN DENNis JOYCE ROSEMARY KACZMARIK SUSAN KMELIN DAVID KELLY KARYN KENDALL JAY KESSLER KAREN KEYS JERRY KlEL BRUCE KIRKPATRICK Emc KLIMPNER ALMA KNOWLTON ' PATRICA KOPF JOHN KRAMER KATHLEIN KRENEK LYNN KRUEGER JAMES LABARBER PATRICIA LAHER CONSTANCF. LAING JOAN LA MONTAGNE LYNNE LAUMEISTER BILL LEACH CECILY LEARNED PAUL LI: CAKES YVONNE LEMKE Boa LIaNARn JACK LEWIN JOYCE Luo SHEILA LILLEGRAVEN KARIN LINDERWOOD HENRIE'ITE LINDERWOOD Barrv LINDORF EDWARD LovaJov LEE LUDWICH STEVE Lunww STANLEY LuxowrcH BARBARA LUND RICHARD LYDDON Boa MAC KINNON MIKE MADRID LYNN MADSEN JOHN MAGGIANA LARRY MALAND KAREN MAROSY DENNIS MARSHALL JULIE MARTEIL ELAINE MARTIN MARY MARTIN SHARON MARTIN STEPHANIE MARTIN SHIRLEY MARTIN SUSAN MARTZ MARY MASON CHARLES MAYER BILL MEADOWS PAM MICHAEL CYNTHIA MILLER LESLIE MILLER PATRICIA MILLER LINDA MOCH TIM MONTGOMERY PATRICIA MONTOOTH 176 STEVEN Moons KIM MORRISON LINDA MULLEN DENNIS MURPHY SUSAN MCALPINE MIKE MCBRIDE CHERYL MCCABE NANCY MCCALL JIM MCCUISTON DANIEL MCFARLAND JOHN MCGINLEY PATRICIA MCGINN CHARLES MCGREGOR ANNE MclNle BRYON Mblm'osu PHYLLIS MCKOWN SCOTT MCOWEN TINA NATE WILLIAM NEELANS PATRICIA NEISSER KRISTINE NELSON DIANE NESKIZ JEFF NEUROTH PAULINE NYRILASSIR LESLIE OLDENBROOK RAE LYNN OLSON Smilm OL'X'MANNH JIM O'NIiAl. Rosu 0N0 MlKl-I ORHM'k RUSHFH. Onwm 177 LINDA OSTEEN HARRY O'rrmu PATRICIA PARDOLL GILBERT PARKER FRANCES PARKMAN DEBBY PAUL SUSAN PAYNE PAUL PEARSON MARY PEGAN GARY PETERSON JOHN PETERSON WILLIAM PETERSON BAR! PHEASANT JERRY Pom. DORA POLK CRAIG PoTrENGER JOHN POTTER SHARON POWELL ROBERT PRITCHETI' JERRY RAMLO JOHN RANDOLPH CLAIRE RAWCLIFFE PEGGY R150 CARL REINHART DAVID REINHART PENELOPE REIS JEFF RICHARDS HEIDI RICHARDSON KATHY RICHARDSON BILL RICHARDSON JOHN RICHWINE HENRY RILEY Joyce KALLISTER ALLAN JACOBSON 178 RONALD ROCKNEY THOMAS Rouuuks KATHY RADICK CHERYL RoHM ARLEN ROLL VIRGINIA RONFELDT JUDY ROSENER RAY ROTH WILLIAM ROVIN ELIZABETH ROYSTON Jovcu Rum": LEE SAILER PEGGY SALYER NICK SANDEN DANNY SANTUCCI GERALD SANTY CATHY SAUNDERS SUSAN SCHINKEL LAWRENCE SCHLIENZ DELL'SCHWEITZER JANET SCUINTO CHARLES SEXTON GARY SHANAFELT LENDA SHANNON JAMES SIMMONS S'I'EVEN SINGER Em'ru SKALMONSKI LINDA SLIM: ALBERT SMITH DAVIE SMITH DAVID SMITH DWIGHT SMI'I'II Gonmm SMH'H .llilvlrkliY SMHII I79 TERESA SMlTH AMY SNEYD PARELA SNOWDEN RAYMOND SOKOLOWSKI JOHN SPISKGHT JIM SPLnTGERBER SUE STANLEY DIANNE STEARMAN PEGGY STEINMAUS GLENN STELLO PATRICIA STELZNER BERNICE STEPHAN JIM STEWART LONDA STEWART RANDY STEVVAR'I' DENNIS STILWELL TOM STONE SHARON STORM MARJORIE STRAYER PAM STRICKLAND JOHN S1 RINGFELLOW ADREANA STRITFMATER BARBARA STROM LEE SUTHERLAND PAM SuTroN SUSAN SWEET MARIA TESMAN PAM THOMAS DENNIS THOMPSON JUDY THOMPSON SANDRA THORPE CHENG TING 180 ELIZABETH TEPPING GREGORY TOLMAS DONNA TRANBERG PATRICIA TRUXAU DAVID TUCKER VIRGINIA TUCKER JACKl Tum STEPHEN TURLEY DAVE TWITCl-IIZLL SUIE TWITL'HELL WILLIAM URONE JIM U'rr KAREN VALDES DIANE VAN DUREN SUZANNE VAN HOOK JOAN VOLDEN CHRISTINE VON GLASCOE CLYDE WAGNER PAUL WAKEFIELD JOHN WALKER CHRISTINE WALLACE MARJORIE WARRICK MARY WATERMAN CHRISTINE WATERS RICHARD WATKINS GREGORY WATSON CYNTHIA WEAVER DANIEL WEBB MARY WEHMUELLER STEPHEN WEHNER NANCEY WEST GAYLA WHEELER KRISTINE WHITE RICHARD WHl'l'li GEORGE WHITEHEAD 181 Boa WHITMORE DOROTHY WILDER JOYCE WILENSKY CARLA WILEY DONALD WILSON DUANE WILSON PAMELA WENG GARY WISE ROGER WOODSMALL CHARLES WRlGHT PATRICIA WYMAN WILLIAM YANG RICHARD YENSEN MINA YING JAMES YOHN MARY YOUNG LOUISE ZIMMER 182 5W$5Ntkkmskmm 7 tsymsmmkimmm r Steel and stone replaced the ugly scars . . . and the land matured . . . 185 1: . A , v. aanwbw lduxl n kmtn ds 0f UCI ..TOW11 and Gown . .. . . Frien ...Friends of the Library. .. 190 niversity allery. ssociation. . . PHOTOGRAPHY OF ES1FLJ ESI-LAKFrFrEEF? :5g5 PROVEN EXCEL- LEN- C E ::: T IN ORANGE COUNTY TELEPHONE: W14 545-3025 194 PARTNER IN YOUR FUTURE As the horizons of knowledge continue to expand, the fullness of the future belongs to those who are best prepared. On this occasion marking the first academic year of the University of California, Irvine, we are proud to be a part of the community that helped build an educational environment second to none. NEWPORT BALBOA SAVINGS and Loan Association P. A. Palmer, Chairman of the Board; Agnes Blomquist, President 3366 Via Lido, Newport Beach, Orange County, Californial 673-3130 Corona del Mar Office: 2166 East Coast Highwayl 675-5850 Resources in Excess of One Hundred Million Dollars The door to your future. .. HOME BUSINESS INVESTMENT Skyline Realty Eleanor Dorsey, Realtor 4th St. at Newport, Tustin 544-7600 544-0654 195 KodM sfehEOLAND .. 103.1 on your FM dial 951 West Sixteenth Street, Newport Beach, California - 646-0253 196 WHY DON"! IVERSONS SERVICE PEOPLE SMILE? It has been said that they never smile there- fore they seem unfriendly. They do smile. But it's a secret smile. Their's is a big job. With 18 service lifts operating and knowing that the service has to be good as the car, there isn't much time for smiling. They know that you need your Volkswagen as quickly as pos- sible and it has got to be operating to per- fection. lverson has 47 VW factory trained personnel to serve you and your needs. To do this properly and to your satisfaction, is no laughing matter. The secret smile comes from a job well done and after you have left. As for being a satisfied customer, you'll just have to try his service and smile to yourself. NEWPORT BLVD. AT 22nd ST. 0 NEWPORT tBALBOA PENINSULAt 0ng 0f! P.S. CHICK IVERSON IS ALSO THE ONLY AUTHORIZED PORSCHE DEALER IN THE HARBOR AREA. 197 STUF T SHIRT is only our name not our policy - :5 DINING - DANCING - COCKTAILS West Coast H ighway, Newport Beach 646-5057 Stuff Shut HARBOR PAINT CENTER, INC. Joe L. Starr, President 'Ew UMNHSIHBUOR 3102; ET Em . HFW .; I mgr! , '4 - . - W k m 21 s'muwammif - a UCI UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE 198 A SPECIAL OFFER TO THE FACULTY AND STUDENTS OF T HE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA ' IRVINE PERSONALIZED UCI GOLD CHECKS YOUR NAME AND ADDRESS" . H - GOES'HERE " " : v :. . PM! To Tn: ORDER or wssmm Ar 17mm - nlwwn ILANICMUDAN? IILEEE'IIDS? El: PERSONALIZED UCI GOLD CHECKBOOK no CHARGE ion CHECKS tA FREE SUPPLY OF THESE SPECIAL UCI CHECKS AS LONG AS YOUR ACCOUNT REMAINS OPENt Plus no service charge twhen you maintain a $300 minimum balancey. Plus a long list of services available only from the Newport National Bank. Of special interest to the faculty and students of UCI are the extra banking hours. The bank is open till 5 pm. daily. 6 pm. on Fridays, making banking more convenient for everybody. Another extra at the Newport National Bank is Banking by Television. You don't even need to get out of your car. Just drive on to the bank's lot and up to the T.V. screen. On the screen IS your own personal teller. The Newport National Bank is the Harbor area's very own independent bankethe most unique bank in America. Come in and open an account. OPEN "ll 5 PM DAILY- 6 PM ON FRIDAYS 199 ' R: 3-5; l I X x. 4. 4x 4 xxx: $2 Y a; M x 4 5 . w MN 442. i ' smnssunu 31mm mm OVER 25 mus WITH nuncx AUTHORIZED PONTIAC " f7 I - : TEMPEST SALES and SERVICE Complete Sales and Service for mm REPAIRS 3v . .. rmonvmmao MECHANICS BUle " Jaguar - Opel AUTO mmms-somuop.mrsnm. 6 g GMC Trucks PHONE 541-2681 : ' Aum " Ra'szams 548-7765 SERVICE . Modern Equipment to Care for Your Every Service Need 234 E. 17th St. a BLOCKS EAST or NEWPORT BLVDJ in COSTA MESA - LAGUNA BEACH a TUSTIN RECAPPING IN OUR OWN PLANT ONE-DAY SERVICE ROADSIDE SERVICE PASSENGER - TRUCK WHEEL TRACTOR BALANCING WHEEL ALIGNING BRAKE SERVICE MUFFLER SERVICE NEW 8: USED CARS 5235243" ORANGE COUNTY'S EXCLUSIVE DEALER COSTA MESA LAGUNA TUSTIN f" '- 548-1 197 494-6666 544-7650 ROLLS ROYCE - BENTLEY - FACEI. VEGA "NE MOTOR C ARS 1596 NEWPORT , 482 OCEAN AVE. , 305 SOUTH D 548-3466 ; YOUNG 8: LANE TIRE CO. 1400 W. COAST HIGHWAY NEWPORT BEACH 200 K Whom ever putN ' a tie on an Anteater? 252111; 1 VW ., 2,1? .1 x V, 1 , ' y X k1 Q Bidwell's would. J Cor a 63111: Shirt...or a 1J Deansgate Suit...or Corbin Slacks . . .or. . .1 K corner of Newport Blvd. and Lido, Newport Beach 1 673-4510 IN NEWPORT BEACH TRAVEL HEADQUARTERS FOR STUDENT TOURS YOUTH FARE CARDS Airline - Train - Ship WESTCLIFF PLAZA NEWPORTER TRAVEL AND TOURS at the Newporter Inn Jamboree Road at Highway 1 1 Newport Beach California SUITS - SPORT COATS - ' SLACKS Phone 644-0360 642-1161 1028 IRVINE AVE. NEWPORT BEACH Catering to the Discriminating Gentleman 201 UNITED STATES NATIONAL BANK 43 Offices Serving the Five Major Counties of Southern California COMPLETE LINE OF ARTISTS SUPPLIES FEATURING GRUMBACHER, LIQUITEX, PARA-TIPE Custom 81 Stock Framing Classes in Oil Painting Wallpaper and Benjamin Moore Paints Phone: 847-2280 ?W PAINT 8: ART CENTER 17967 Beach Blvd. Huntington Beach SPORT 81 SKI HEADQUARTERS TENNIS - GOLF - DIVING - FISHING HUNTING 8c ALL SPORTS ALL THE GREAT SKI NAMES Head - Molitor - Hart - Bogner White Stag - Aspen - Koflach Scott - Alp Sport Rieker - anissel - Kastle , SANTA ANA FULLERTON N E AL 8 216 E. 4th St. 60180. Euclid KI 75723 871-5988 SPORT'NG GOODS CORONA DEL MAR COSTA MESA 3330 E. Coast Hwy. 333 E. 17th 675-3431 548-4512 $6 I VAIII ZAIIIDT TOUR and TRAVEL Telephone: 646-7121 1617 WESTCLIFF DRIVE NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA STUDENT FARES NO SERVICE CHARGE HUNTINGTON ART GALLERY Orangewood- Press, Inc. LITHOGRAPHY 8L TYPOGRAPHY Typography Department Camera, Stripping and Platemaking Department Pressroom Photographer, Stu ShMter r A . . Phoptograher, D. Eugene Koch Photographer, Beth Koch 204 Editor, Dia Dorsey Assistant Editor, Adreana Strittmater Sports Editor. Donovan Dorsey Photographers: Thematic Photographer, Stu Shaffer Campus Development 8; Special Events, Beth Koch Sports-Crew, Dr. Eugene Koch Sports Pictures, Daily Pilot Fine Arts Photos Student Photographers, Glenn Kageyama, Allan Allbright, Jim Sullivan Copy: Stephie Sachs, Chris Stewart, Jeff Stone, Ann Dryden, Pam Wood Student Pictures, Albert James Art Work, William L. Pereira Cover Design, Richard Fyhrie Proofreader, Mr. Lewis Barrett Administrative Contributions: Coulson Tough, Campus Architect, Robert Lawrence, Dean of Students, Dr. Spencer Olin, Coralee Turabitt, Director of Activities, Public ARairs Office, Athletic Department and Dr. Wayne C. Crawford. Publichers, ASUCI Printers, Orangewood Press 7- R 7 A' i 7 v 7 . rr 2 7 r- ? ?T E ' - I 4 1. 11;: 3' l, V v, I Chris Steward, G 205 Donovan Dorsey, Sports Editor Lewis Barrett, Proofreading. 206 Adreana Strittmater, Assistant Editor Dia Dorsey, Editor. 208 .5 gg Eigiggg L T0 the idea and ideal of Irvine, I render this book Dia M . Dorsey Editor J m. x x ,

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1966, pg 196

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