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w ' 1 vv x Q my .rl x.- .L-1 mc -Au rn 1 u .. 41: ' Q . . . ,ff - in J' Pt -a Q an .wr 'i ,j , f U' 3-Q v--, - I 5 nt' . 'nw-Q V 2, 'f r bv' 1 ,.. ,, 1,2 -,,. V.,., ww. , Y , -V ,, ,.,. ,. ,..,...,Y,. A TH, ,. V'.,..4.g,-.. . .v'.-,f- ,mf-' . , . X W , . , . , . . .,a- , My . ' ', .- I A ,- -' N. " -. .-... ., -.:1. 'HEI' - .J . . , . , -' x .'- ,...'..,. -.-g,.".' w w w 4 w 1 , .. 1jw-f-4 .4 f " 'V" gffi 1 ' , , L-'F' K, '. ,Q -gi1iQ1V'hjfQ,3G4gQ.g5g, , fy ,'f3,s!L,f,'vg-w.jQ,g1' 1,561,- : "Q'ff55i3f?f'i?fi6 filjqqg-Ugi-31A Spqggfw W1ir4w2'g,, 34,31 A1.-,.,.-,c- :,,"El nhf, el-,Vx -. 1 .,'.-H .I :rA5J.'1'.e-- -.lm L.. -, 1.5 -4 ,A AW. --156,515 5::'11'u, ,y-Wx :gt-,H ' -,-,LM-'Ai 553371--" we 55,53 -'-- yn:-Y: awgqrw M 1 .EUS PM 'ff??,lFF4"1'X:L.3'E'ifg 31 'W ' 'I gf 1 "Q f7IE-6321.15 :Iv Hff' '.Hn',.+::'!f.' ,. 1112: .uf AAL!-by 1 f X fl Rodeo Published annually by 'Hue Associafed Siuclenis of +l1e Branch of +l1e College of Agriculfure, Universiiy of Cali- fornia, Davis, California. Con ten tA ADMINISTRATION ACTIVITIES C L A S S E S LIFE ON THE CAMPUS A T H L E T I C S ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISEMENTS Four ?of2 vid Our numbers are increasing, bur we s+ill have in maiorHy 'lhe sfaunch and rrue Aggie rype-wHh Hs comracleship, Hs unHy of spirH, and Hs co-operafion-may H ever confinue. EI Rodeo clepicfs our campus as H is, a Truly agriculfural college, loul' an up-'ro-clare one. Here in black and whHe are fhe fradi- rions +ha'r 'rhose before us eslalolished-our sfudenl' governmenl, our honor spirH, our arhleric feams, and our farm. May El Rodeo have caprured all of +his Aggie spirH. bedi qtivn To Six H16 oirl who sifs beside you in Bo+any lb, fo fhe professors who are more 'Phan insfruciors. fo 'Phe boys who won 'flue games, fo our college life +l1is bool: is dedicafecl. In lllemvkium RALSTON HICKS 1'-"' 44 , , .. i rx .v V ,ff w ,, ,. ,, A 'a f i i A. i , T " Q Eff 32.32" Eight Animal Science Building R. --U xx RK gjfi A A A A Ai!! .4:.x,-Ga?" , J W M . - 'J' ' J' 4-1. T" Dair I cl y n us+r B 'I y UI ding Nine ss ss Sm ss is V' 1: ,- K N Ten Pu+ah Creek .I 1: X' '52,-1 -' .4 x 'I . "Cm J fa if-f ' 8 . 4 ' .5 ' , H7 ,utr ,, .4 ' , . '--.R L . f .' ,.... l...a .1 --, , -uw-W ' .'- 54 1. . 'Q fk,i1.:,. 1, ,y .. ..-.v -Sf1n'.:HE -' :A ' 7 .If ., Ka 12 u..vf.."w, ry --v WA' ,, 'J 1 2,'W.1:'f-" riff' ywghv,-,3.,g wilt-1.vL'1 ',g.c,.:.1,g., ':,v-'- N , 3'-Cluiwl' ' ' .V p , Q' rv , gxjn,-'E 1 ' " gr' J E' cf. Hv""-- I -mx' V, , , - I X ,- .v -' 11, .,l.,..1-, l, Hz N , '4-15" J ' I X n n -. w J' H ms ms ss sms Q E Eleven Ir n-, ..--,.-vr.: - x +1 ,fm PT ""'v 5 ru.. 'H 1-M " ' lx- Mgr.: H1 'V LLM '11 fy, 'J ,I U' , 11119112 .MIB h n J-121111 HP srl vu' , '1?ItL LM firM,M r,,--M,g'- 9:52. , , sw'-lf: P, ' -f?1455'E if! .V -, .,.- T L .1.5.f,v..,-.g1.,, -..,, 3525 , ,' in gi Q, :.J,e.L.y.Hl,Q! 3 .EM-LQ: 4if'v"1!f 45,1 .QI Lh:.2.5'f'Hl 1'fMQ.Wa': 1 3.1111 w farm, v -QM. I.. 5l,.,.,3:g3,f .- .1 ,. 141-'mx-wig 1- -H'Qf1-'M -rcffpf Nj gil- " ri: ' jgffiu LQ. -If Vr? W. wg HI., aw-, , if PSM' -Qgflla am' Ld - f Fourteen K 'J on--' f. ,gb 111 . v 55, .:':"- " 5.1 .fP'pLA5,- I 95,5 ,I pffq :xii-f'-b-. FL.-'.- rf - -,- ..f 47. " I P 14 dmlnl tfzatwn i gf g Wg llllllll ' , P 4 l -',. e A - a 171-eAident Sproul ln recenf years Davis has been 'lhe fasfesl' growing campus. of 'Hue Universily of California. l hope fhaf +l1is also applies 'lo fhe sfudenrs, and 1'l1a+ 'lhose who are being graduaied fhis May will conlinue +o grow affer 'lhey leave +l1e campus, bofh in power of +l1inlcing and in apprecialion of +l1eir social responsibililies as alunini of +l1e Universify. Presiclenl Sproul Sixteen been iiatclciwn All'l'lougl1 nol in daily con- i-acl wi'rl1 fhe sluclenfs and facully, Dean Hufchison is known and respecled by all. l aff' . an Rlie"'50" 1 l Capable, loyal, and sympa- +l1e+ic-quiclc +o perceive a need and +o supply if. Bo'I'l1 live +l1e Aggie life ancl under- sfand Hs problems: l::o+l1 have immeasurably enriched I+. 14AAiAtant bf n n 15,391-ee mf. Qffllfn' We' mor 06 0 Seventeen lil 1 i-1. 1 1 K Fi ,p 3- '- li i f . 1, I .VFX -v -. fr gg: '. Qifipllll i" ' il' ii Q gig-l :gil iiizill f ,il '51 171 5 "-1l"1i 114' :f in li: gil. . iii ? 5.i?u"m3 I, nb. My ' , y ,in I-J l rv ill if 5. 'iff L H ef--v J, --.,.- lra Smifh, Compfroller Cecil Norris, Assislam' Compiroller Eighteen Cvmptrolle ' ffzce A good place +o gef rid of your surplus cash buf also a place where sound advice is given. The Compfroller and his assisfanis are always willing +o offer sugges+ions or help +ha+ may be needed in moneiary problems. yr- Mrs. Dennis, Recorder e6COI'd6 lf Mice Nof only a place where fhe vifal sfafisiics of +he college are lcep'r, bul' a place where a greal' deal of informafion and help may be obfainecl. H' is more ihan 'lhe source for accura+ely recording and generously dispensing cinch nolicesg il' is +he founf where counsel and adviseare ever genially given 'lo fhe fimid Freshman, 'rhe arroganf Sopho- more, +he cliligeni' Junior, and fhe sapienl' Senior. N ineteen. If i v i ig! 'rf I., L.,-L' '.Y":aYf L Nr" I ity., in , . U'l'2,'.,N film W 1. Qi, , 4 .yr I viii:-'A ,, u 1 jf, 'iM5'i':'1-xi' Hjnjng ' W -LA, Q Km ifqiii 'jf' fgifwli iimlil Fiiiiiiifii 1:31-:wifi . '.H.ii ie L. i ,igiigfiwi if fri' 'w 4:4 'figliim "c- MTI: 2:11f',,:. Pzyjgfrr i lljf ' 1 'g , 1" ,Ji pd:-ri Q: Eifiiliv-i, izj5..s.',i5. :.v.?w4 f!'E::u'ii LQQALQ' ' rim--ri f.Cr,I-Ei ' ' ' i 'I"'T il. rig--r ifijl ,ji-gif, :,:-L-Ji TERM Yiiiiiglil Lfiigi, -:nw ,.i,Qk., iii? lf s'ff1,i..is3i g-W.-P-f tiiiiii -1,1 7. iam ,F.11,iQ:. fy? ' 1-ggi! u ilifyigi' i lf' tiff? ai .,,. Q4 'hifi H" 'Karin im i V, -iz irffi -LW 1 'FP' ii' iijw-1 '..,-rNi ,l,. Uillil IE 4:1532 Y ii ' H2 1 ,l. 11 I N. '-fivliz ME, i ' ' i .' we if! N -A., mi! ii 4.5, iii Paul Couiure, Presidenf The pasi year has been reple+e wi+h man Y successful ac1'ivi+ies. O ne of +he impor+an+ inova+ions was 'i'i'Ie organiza+ion of fhe Mus- +ang Mavericks, a group of Hwe non-organized sfudenis. To The sfudenis as a whole musi' go 'l'i1e credif for ihe success Thai' was aH'ained. For if was Hwrough 'rheir coopera+ion, enfhusiasm and diligence +l1a+ we can sa year i938-39 fely say +l1a+ fhe was a success for 'rhe A.S.C.A. Paul Con+ure Bob Munyon Vice Presidenf Twenty V Wi+h a larger general enrollmeni' and a 'forly per cenl' increase of coeds, fhe year I'-738-39 presen'l'ed ifs quofa of problems +o 'lhe Execu- five Commi+'ree. The increased facili+ies offered by +he new gymnasium solved 'the problem of social funclions and made parficipaiion in lhe 'rhe work of ihe Commi'I'+ee once more successful. Band uniforms and a morion picfure camera were purchased, as well as a Blue and Gold Aggie flag. The prevalence of Aggie spirif made afhlefics more aH'rac+ive. I V in mriw ,LN O O O 5 Studen t 14 num t atl X -T315 LL' " -3 J :U 51125: . 2f31'V2fli'ffVFSA :'31'4ll3 '51 flgficif- f2"fA,2i?, ,fi .QinI-'bi-.A,'.f1'fmil-zz A1-qaf.',,g'gF. :,',3-iglgu, r5:'gA.u 42421 ,r .g o-."-HY. gr,- :eijff f' 4242-iwfa?rea-Ziigizililifjgge 1 X JIHLQA WIA ply fl l1fn'Ll'1f ww, ., ,r li x xv -41 I " H er. Q W :S I sd My x 1 I Alf' J- 1 944-11 ll'31."z?'Zfl5l1l' Cir' lr l.,-513 4 3 I F 'Dil'Jf1wnev1p1q?.if':'r1'zriffdffih'-1-',' f 2. -'fgqigj - r.,f'1.g4.,-me J ir 'um'-.-. r .v+J'1L :fm-' -1 5,".u,aq,, w-.51 rm ,nu .' . :Lan-.1-' . T wenty-one 1.11 -1, ll ,1 l-'1 ly' my 111 1 'lu . 1' I1 l. li' '1 1 l l 11 ll L 1 . W r. 1 V. 11 6 V. 4, 1-4 ll' : , 1.1 if 1 11 'Il' 1 1 "I Y l. . 'ffl' Bill Dryer, Frank Rue , Bob Munyon. Florence L ydon, Sieve Choral: 51251 '5 ' ' We! are Councl Bob Munyon, Chairman T wenly-two The 'funcfions of ihe Welfare Council are T all maH'ers of im o supervise porrance fo The welfare of 'ihe siudenis and 'io fosier and promoie The honor spirii by means of public informafion and clireci aclion. This body of 'Five s+uden+s headed 'ihe S'ruden+ Housing Commi'H'ee, which siudied fhe needs for ereclin g a new dormiiory on lhe campus. E+ yalence o Committee Chairmen WaI+ wagon, fall: Peie Gaines, Spfin Traclifions are very imporranl' +o college life, and 'ihe Sophomore ' Vigilance Commi'r'ree is given power by +he Execuiive CommiHee fo penalize all freshmen who viola'l'e ihese iradifions. The Com- miffee supervises fhe greenhancls in promo+ing school spirii' a d building rally bonfires, as well ' n as doing decoraiive work 'for ihe sfudeni' body funciions. Bak c Row: Fefe Gaines, Harry McClean, Archie Friclc, Rex Eclcles, Dave Chrislensen, Wah' Wafson Middle Row: Wesley Mole Nor Cline, Gene O , man Slafer, Jaclr penshaw, Lloyd Backensfoe, Sian Jones Fronf Row' Ch . esfer Handy, Bob Allard. Bill Randol, Russell Biddiclz, Sam Shannon T wenty-three 9 X Twenty-.six 3-4U,f ld- - . A ,dc tinlifiexi gl I--f Bruce Krallra, Edifor We of The slaff hope you enioy +his book. If you do, a very large por+ion of your enioymenl' is due 'I'o Dr. Marlin, adviser, Frank Fussell, fhe lad lhal' helped educafe us 'lo gel' foul' fhis year boolq Mr. Gee, Ray Gobel and rhe resl of +he fellows in Murray and Gee who helped so much in prinlingg +o Silvius and Schoenbackler for 'lhe covers, +o "Sal" for his needed help, and lo Kee Coleman for +he por+rai+s. They argued wilh us, cried wilh us buf in lhe pinches delivered .... Now il' is yours -you are rhe judge. Tzu nm eight El Rodeo, a bool: of 'lhe sl'uden+s and for 'lhe sfudenfs, is once again in print The cooperafion of The siudenfs has made our bool: whal il' is. ln 'l'his El Rodeo, as in previous volumes, 'lhe Aggies have been porfrayed as 'lhey are-friendly, spiri+ed, and cooperaiive. Campus life is fhe main lheme +hroughou+ fhis El Rodeo, and if is hoped +ha1' fhis annual may noi only bring back happy memories of 'lhe years speni' on lhe Aggie campus, buf also renew old friendships and rekindle loyalfy and failh in our Universi+y. Miles Krafka, Business Manager fl Rvdev ..s-mt' 1vf.,.,-V '. fl .gh .N ,, l. Vx, ,T 'Af U, 1 X JH! , .fl D ,, . l W N 'lf'- ,, .4 ua fx .1 Huw ,I il wU.:v',, u H X: Q g 1, w ' H . my , 3. 1 ,w5,,,g.-, V., . ,. N1 M. " Q- ., 'w . w . , ,. , 4 l I-Jr ',.,, . ,l .rf x... um, , ,,r Top Row: Sian Jones, Ari' Edifor: Sieve Choralc, Sporfs Ecliiorg Lucille Huichison, Women's Ediiorg Pele Gaines, Assisfani' Ediforg Doug Clarke, Assisfanf Edifor BoH'om Row: Norman Golden, Sales Manager: Joy Eddy, Copy Edi'rorg George Teranishi. Phoiographyg Gale Preifauer, Copy: Isabel Irwin, Ari' T wenty-nine Y Y Y ,YW , ,,, T hirzy Ernie Tarone, Ecliior Ernie Tarone's name goes clown in hisfory. From a weekly dirl sheei' +o a campus publicafion of which fhe college can be proud-such has been +he success s+ory of his Ediiorship of The California Aggie. When Brad Williams was forced +o leave school soon afier ihe beginning of 'rhe fall semesrer, Tarone was his successor as Edifor. Almosi' immediafely a new life was noiecl in 'lhe paper. Columns were cui' our and new maferial was added +o make for a more in'reres+ing and readable newspaper Th' . IS was all accomplished in one year wilh fhe help of a loyal s+aFF. Business Managers Bill Coclcroff, Fall Oriville He rrick, Sprung X '-,L ff l N ,f' ' 'H F' ' X .f X 1 1 v California My ke Top Row: George Bowman, Assisfanf Eclilorg Florence Lydan, Women's Edifor- Fall: Mariorie MaH'ley, Women's Ecliior-Spring: Pele Gaines, Sporis E:'li+or-Fall: Bob Allard, Sporfs Ediior-Spring Bo'Hom Row: Ed Sfoeckle, Campus Ecliforg Gladys Sclnulfe, Feaiure Edii-or: Margarel' Amiclu, Sfaff Arlisfg Bob Ru'Pf, Exchange Ediforg E. V. S'l'dl1l, SfaFF Phofograplmer 0 Thirty-one i l L Doug Clarke, Ediior Half way 'Through rhe s'l'ar'r of his ihird year of producrion, Musiang, of Cal Aggie Humor, finds himself iemporarily dedicaled +o ihe proposifion Thai' a good smoke is iusf a good smoke, bui' 'lhaf a good Mus- 'l'ang is an hour 'rhai' will warm +he coclcles of your hearf, dissipate 'rhe lasf shred of doubf from your very exisience, shiver your viials wi'l'h Hs clarion call, and quiver 'ihe very fiber of your being wirh a hoi' or warm appreciafi-on of ihe mosi' redoubf- able Timbers of Democracy. Thirty-two Howard Shoniz, Business Manager ,.' Q .75 - lllzw tang -0 3 6 Top Row: George Bowman, Ellora Doney, Ed Lydon, Larry Moir Boffom Row: Ted Riehl, Louis Grosso, Diana Porfer, Wendell Shipman VLQWJQ, . 5215! ...sq-.g',-1-L , ,. 35,1 r , .HL f'p- uhm 1:31-. ::1i:L:f2f , gF'.,1T,,,-.Q .uweif gli M: ,- 1 .1 r -A -,H f .1?1'.:'P-Lv, ' fas 1'--'V 152.5 :Wils-?!MIi?L'1'ff3""J' 1.-r H-21:1 3: ': :fifh .gm L..J. . 4411-., -X. .1 r .. I ---rv. qv- '-x ' QQ. am." nn.-,1 ,-Q: fs, W-i.g.ffi2, sv "1 nu -' 'FWQW' "f:3"3Lm"J"' 5 - vi? .5f,gfrEfvi',,i"E6i1f WJ W Mu ff-1 1' .-'- ws. nh - 2- HIQLWL. .. 'lla v'i'4f?:'vf .""fv22-5Bmzf45- '+f:U.'24 V. fl if 'fi'-MET fQ5Ef'T me Jw' . ,Ujm,:.,: E-,,3 ir q.VriM..:l, "fH1,,3'f5'gJ'il51'V ' Thirty-three Back Row: Bob Woolley, Clarence Jones, Ralph Weslfall, Sieve Choralc, Frank Rue Par McGowan, Charles Haffield Froni' Row: John Shea, Florence Lydon, Pere Gaines, Ed Lydon, Howard McSweeney Jerry Fielder, John Silva, Bob Munyon ,.5f"""em'T's-X .+'fiwl':', f M ' W, ii' T S .yn 'Q .745 xv- wx . l ' ,Q-' 'I .J " g, My , R '--. n.--Q !,2'r,i,.2ij1-,lla-' in -:V ll, my-,f gf, ,guy ..-1 ,,i Jerry Fielder, General Chairman T flirty- four Picnic Day once more came forfh in all Hs glory and +o rhe glory of 'rhe srudenis affer having missed a year. Once again fhe Aggies playing hosl' +o 'rhe Sfafe of California. The day was 'Filled wiih evenfs planned -l'o be of inieresi' fo all. In 'l'he parade ihe iheme "AgricuH'ure from I909 fo l939", under 'lhe direcrion of Clarence Jones, was cleverly and skill- fully carried our by all parricipanfs. A much more in+eres+ing horse show was held and was well affended. The High School Track mee+, managed by Jack Underhill was very successful and being 'Phe las+ one +o be held on Picnic Day will be missed in rhe fufure. The Dance a+ nighi' in +he new gym had a record ariendance and fea- 'iured a swimming exhibi+ion a+ rhe iniermission. Also, as is +he cusfom, many Fuiure Farmers srayed a+ Davis for a period of rwo days iudging and raking in Picnic Day. Jerry Fielder, general chairman and ihe resi' of ihe persons who worked on Picnic Day will long be remembered for iheir successful day. Qfisff' Ilia ic Price Gifiinger Thirty-six Happy will be lhe memories of fhe musical acfivifies for I938-39-our band 'in 'iheir new uniforms providing The musical background for 'rhe a+hle+ic games and rallies-ihe glee club singing over fhe radio-fhe music appreciafion series-'lhe colorful opere'H'a "Pira+es of Penzance" wifh excellenf performances by fhe enfire casf. The fine inHegra+ion an dsmoolhness of 'fhe performances would noi have been possible wiihoui' 'ihe capable direc- iion of P. J. Gilfinger. Top row: Price Geflinger, John Miller, Lee Burns Marlin Glashoff, James Calway, Bill Rollins Middle row: Paul Winn. Geo. Reel. Phillip Lamm, Herman Cohen, Waller Conley Boflom row: Fred Allen. Glenn Marlin. Lloyd Wheadon, Anfon Krainlz, Bob Barfon . Jffjxf . f"vT::',',',! efflgv-,A gn 1, QQ 'V 5 253 f"2 4 . ,liif ,-215, f""4. 'ml - E , ,, ju' Um I' 1, , ng.. ,-.wx ' 1.1 X ,Q ,K I ji: L 'ln " J I. ,,l.,,,. '.,.',. ' "sw . .-.J . ,wg -, lt N M, 1,15 I' .f Thirty-seven Jerry Fielder, Chairm Thirty-eight B11 Miles Krailra P . aul Coufure. Dr. Young. Dou Jerry Fielder, Chucl: I g Clarke, Ralph Wesifall, Bob Munyon. Heifield. Ernie Tarone, Sieve Chorah. Remi O'Connor, Ed Sioeclile. Clarence Jones Q1 C1116 rung aboui' a closer fraiernal relalionship be+ween ihe several sludenf bodies, fhe California Club includes in Hs membership all siudenrs on +he seven campuses. Presicleni' Srpoul is head of rhe club, and a council is chosen on each campus 'ro regulaie The ac+iv- ii-ies of +his or a ' ' g mzahon. H div C7116 The Radio Club has been fh , rough +he coopera+ion of fhe sfuclenfs, a means of informing 'lhe public of The happenings on fhe Aggie Campus. Many of our campus acfiviiies are presenfed in a way fhaf cafch fhe eye of fh ' e public and are beneficial fo our college. Managers Al Eillcen, Fall Kar Roberf Rushforlh, Karl Tobiason, George Bowman, Marv' Barbara Higgins, Vance Keyf, Ald ' in Taylor, Noble Co en Brochler ryell, Thirty-nine I Tobiason, Sprin 9 .Ji:b!:'l' -'11 Jia? ,.-iilnl ln. if ii' -175 .Aff l' . H lv V ,.-uw 1, .-.X 4 Tl., ,, ., .uk fl EQ, 4 l Ezlmfi ., U ,- or .A 5 ,,,,,, - - -- ,vi 1 ze: w . ,li-,.,f-,-.-,.f,f: ry -fe '-.- -. .--2.1-J behzting Managers Deming Williams, Spring: Wilbur Lesier, Fall F orzy Back Row: Dr. Smilh, Deming Williams, Ted Rielml, Ed Osgood Fronf Row: Dr. Wriglnf, Bob Barron, John Si'-anley, Bob Harrell Gale Preilauer Under flue direclion of Dr. Roy J. Smi'll1 and Dr. Celesle Turner Wrighf, debaling had numerous evenls, including Cal. Aggie round 'lable discussions over KFBK, clebales willm Sfanford, U.C.L.A., and U.C.g and a Pi Kappa Dellanlorensic lournamenf al' C.O.P. Homecoming bay Even lhe Rambler game defeai could noi dampen 'ihe liesiive spiril' of Homecoming. A gay assemblage of Alumni was on hand 'for +he game and siayed on io enioy ihe open houses and fhe dance sponsored by 'ihe Inier- frafernify Council. Y . -.,- l , .., W..-f Ed Lydon. Ch airman A H ' ,. - -f'C::.f'v,7l2,4l'-l Qfifl- T fi, wr,-5,1 if .V,.A ,gg '71 Back Row: Howard McSweeney, Ralph Wesifall, Sfeve Choralx, Frank Rue Fronf Row: Clarence Jones, Ed Lydon, Florence Lyclon, John Silva, Chuck Haffield Forty-one '9s2i.'?f'7L ' i '. k x i l We 76 "' Managers Everei-I' Rypinski Ed F arty-two Pumphrey Back Row' Ev . ereff Rypinslsi, Ed Pumphrey. Dudley Winn, Harold Holmes, Elvin Barnharf Frunf Row: Joe Hol mes, John Williamson, R b N o'I' as acfive as ii' will be in 'lhe f + u ure, 1'he rifle feam has +he suppori' of enough s+ude + n s +o make if an aciivify of 'lhe A.S.C.A. Because of ifs recenl' ori i 'F gn, ew meefs have been held, and i+s repuialion is n Jr o yef well esfablished. Wifhin lhe nex+ few years, wifh +he meels planned, ihe Aggies will be well re is acl'ivi+y. presenied in fh' e a Hays, Doroihea Bell 146 fillif 2 Counc 7 PRE C Eslablished 'lo supervise and h l SIDENTS huclc Halfield, Fall: Lesfer Van Dues ep con'I'rol fhe many acfivifies on fhe campus, as does fhe Block C A in a+hle'l'ics, 'l'he council has funcfionecl Q very smoolhly in Hs Hrsf year. Many problems have been ironed ou+ Xxx and much help has been renclerecl by fhis ' ' organuzahon lo fh N. -. - " e campus. Ernie Tarone, Ed Sfoeclcl Dr. H e. Paul Couiure, Lecfer Van Duesen oward, Bob Munyon, Chuck Haffield ' , Jerry Fnelder F orty-three en, Spring lx W I X V. 1 V. 4 1 4 1 , , 1 ,V I ,Q ' f N, 9 R "x ,J xx , 'Xu , ' 1-.Q ,Q K , 4 Y , ,.f ' In AeA Jerry Fielder, Presidenl' F orty-eight Ralph Wesffall, Vice Preslclenl ,4 X Florence Lydon, Secrefary-Treasurer Al Booih, Ex Commiifee Represenlafi Senivl-A Now lhai 'lhe members of +he class of I939 have reached 'rhe end of 'iheir careers as California Aggies, -'ihey may pause 'ro fake sloclc of 'rheir ac- complishmenrs during ihe pasl' four years. Of fhal' group which firsi made iis appearance on 'rhe Aggie campus in +he fall of l935, The s+ern hand of circumsiance forced many 'ro fhe wayside, leaving only a remnani' fo receive +heir sheepskins, emblemalic of all 'rhey have learned while pursuing lheir sfudies here. As a whole, ihey have been a well balanced class wi+h members represen+ed in every phase of cam- pus ac'I'ivi+y. Some of iis members will be remem- bered as sfrong men excelling in afhlerics. Among 'lhese are Gardiner and Serpa of +he gridiron, Leggi'r+ in baslce+ball and baseball, Warson in box- ing, and Al Boorh in iennis. Scholasfically ihey poinf wiih pride 'ro Frank Rue, Bob Wooley, and Al Booih. ln service 'io fheir alma mafer 'ihey are pariicularly ouisranding wifh such aciive men as Jerry Fielder, Charles Haifield, Gladys Schulie, Paul Coufure, and o+hers. Socially, 'lhe class has been acfive, observing all +he iradifions, noi' being mere imi'l'a+ors buf adding fheir bil' 'io enlarge and enrich rhe life of fhe campus. F orzy-nine Seniv Akins, Richard Animal Husbandry Azzouni, Nasouh General Barbee, Edward Animal Husbandry Beckley. Maurice Dairy lnduslry Beckman, Charles Dairy lndusiry Bell, Dorfhea Animal Husbandry Berfuleif, Don Dairy lndustry Beniamin, Jack Animal Husbandry Bugle, Warren Horficulfure Boofh, Alberr Animal Husbandry Bowcoclc, Roberl' Animal Husbandry Bridge, Lewis General Brown, Joseph Enlomology Buckingham, Waller Dairy lndusiry Buckley, Geo. General PAUL COUTURE Wesf Hall, Hon' Round Table '36-'38, Pres. Radio Club '38, Picnic Day Com- miffee '37-'39, California Club '38-'39, Alpha Zeia '37-'39, Pres. A.S.C.A., Ac- 'livifies Award Sociely '38-'39, Winfer Sporfs Club '37-'39. Chad bourne, Harry Animal Husbandry ND Chenery, William Animal Husbandry ND Cheyney, Clyde Horliculfure D Clark, Ernesf Animal Husbandry ND Coafes, Kennella Animal Husbandry ND Cook, Bruce Agriculiural Mechanics ND Coufure, Paul Horficulfure D Crawford, Gordon Dairy lndusfry ND Crum, Presfon Animal Husbandry D A TH V 1 I if ,.-45 4- .1 iw fr, 'vf .WMIMN N ,, xy 'nv In-veg? ,.' 'rl' W, -1 .ff V f p -'Qi' ,'-, xl E ,lx 1. I 4..,r . if aa. v Ti 5 al" P 1 f .- x u A, . J, f-2' l"- ,iz-Q .i :. -I -'e il WIP-"I Jil ..l ,'i.':i,',"',uiw.. 'L -slh-.-'- -.gif f.. ,- M 1f,.fg, .,,VVgj,5, fi, I ,ir',,1V":- 13551-,',,',i,l 53 fy. l- 5 jfiQ':'.-.-1.-yu ,"3'n'i3:1.1jQl'.,v'ff+,i12.J1 1 I .f':.',-.-,.' 'Jr' '-'4',:.'.,-!'-n,.,r'--,f- li' l' jun-f':.'1g ,, -," 'm'4f5'nllT".H, ff 1l""i-'-my H-F9 ay .",,f11.1F+fll nn-'ww "r -,l,i',i,L1.'N 21- -.12 U l,71I-I'I..,l,,1:f-I.-1 -W,-."5MiZ'L1-fi' :".n',-.-gyfy :lf-Q,i .fu M1141-' 5 His cw :lf f'i'.i'ilf V fm 1 --s, f. -vi f- 1 X21 ,,L. ,lik-r' iff! fl .,T5'i. 1.15 1A.uflff'i JERRY FIELDER Alpha Gamma Rho. Freshman Class Pres. spring '36, El Rodeo Manager '37-'38, Execufive CommiH'ee '35-'38, California Club '37-'39, Chairman '38-'39, Sec'1'. A.S.C.A. '37-'38, Picnic Day Commiffee -Sec"l'. '36-'37, Parade Chairman '37- '38, General Chairman '38-'39, Senior Class Pres., Alpha Zefa '37-'39, Chan- cellor '37-'39, Acfivifies Award Sociefy '37-'39. Gallarda. Leonard Agriculfural Economics D Gardiner. James General ND Garvey, BeHy Animal Husbandry ND Gilhooly, David Animal Husbandry D Glim, Roberf Agriculiural Economics D Goff, Maurice Dairy lndusfry ND Green, Joe General ND Groff, Laurence Animal Husbandry D Hansen, Helene Home Economics ND Senior Harlcey, Margaref Home Economics ND Haifield, Charles Truck Crops D Hellman, Huberi' Animal Husbandry D Henkel, Fred Dairy Induslry ND Hill, Russell Agricullural Economics D Hohnemann, William General ND Holaday, Miles Truck Crops ND Holzboclr, Joe Horficulfure ND Horlon, C. R. General ND Hunf. Claude Animal Husbandry ND Hunler, James Horficulfure D Hurley, William Truck Crops ND Inman, Lyle Horlicullure ND lssaclt, Lucie Landscape Gardening ND Jensen, Bruce Agriculfural Economics D FLORENCE LYDON Scufh Hall, Glee Club '37-'38, Sec'f.- Treas. Golden Hoof Club '37-'38, Pres. CAWA spring '38, Pres. Soulh Hall fall '38, Pres. Riding Club fall '38, Picnic Day Comrnillee '38-'39-Enierfainmeni Chairman '39, Homecoming Day Com- miHee '38, Sec'+ Welfare Council '38- '39, Women's Ediior Aggie 'Fall '38, Housing Board '38-'39, Sec"r Senior Class '39, Aciivifies Award Sociefy '38-'39, Sec'+ Winler Sporfs Club '38-'39. Johnson, Cecelia Animal Husbandry ND Kafow, Ben Truck Crops D Kebo, Saloru Agronomy D Keller, Dean Animal Husbandry D Kelley, Edwin Animal Husbandry ND Kimofo, George Horliculfure ND Kimoio, Ralph Horriculfure ND King, Bob . g Animal Husbandry ND King, William Landscape Gardening ND Seniv Kodama, Henry Truck Crops Kozulri, Russell Horficulfure Krailca, Bruce Truck Crops Kraika, Miles Truck Crops Kumafaka, Lloyd Horficullure Leailxers, Bill Horiiculrure Ledson, Winslow Dairy Indusiry Lehman, William Animal Husbandry Levin, Telza Home Economics Lydon, Florence Animal Husbandry Mash Lloyd General Mayeda, Hiroshi Horficulfure Maysonave, Rene Dairy lndus'l'ry McAllis+er, Waller Dairy Indusfry McAri'l1ur, Douglas Horriculrure af! r be ff' A Y ll V .xx e.','u' '77, ,ff-'F -' 23"- ie, ni , ' ,' WHA, ,Jn ., ITN. , ,U in , V , r lx. Y l l "iv,,H,I' 'ai V N " ,y -1, ,. . -'-. -HW, if .jq. l"l'. il,'lV,'lvlx' i1'l'i1iii, -, ' , , ig ' 1 ' 3, H' J", I . I-M.-I -"'1' , ." .:,,.l, ,,' 5, I--'nf n ix- - i " 'f-1-G.',n-" ,H-. " ,:. --,I. ,sf Mew," ff uw FRANK RUE Norfh Hall, Golden Hoof Club '38-'39, lnferlwall Council '38-'39, Boxing '38, Bloclc C.A. '33-'39, Alpha Zefa '38-'39, Welfare Council '38-'39, Execufive Com- miffee '38-'39, Picnic Day Commi'Hee '38-'39, Aciivifies Award Sociefy spring '39, Housing Board '39, Homecoming Day Commiilee fall '38, McCaffrey, Helen Dairy Indus+ry McConnell, Earl General McCurdy, Edward Animal Husbandry McNeil, Charles Animal Husbandry McRae, Bruce Animal Husbandry Mendoza, Joseph Animal Husbandry Mervile. Barbara Animal Husbandry Mezger, Rurh Home Economics Miles, Harry Horiiculiure 1' xx ,N , H 1' gf .V mf nf' "4- , 5' 1 5 A ,..- , v f,' ..,.,f I , , r. .L 44 pw ,HL -Q. .43-ff r ' - in ,I -Rnd' ,',:x'z,x 1 m 1 , Q ,.4 9 gl . Yr Wi: ' l nd.. W I 1 ,fx f X 1" .9 ' W 1 v .ff 3'-X ff 'SJ-. -. .I Y gg, ,yff 'L-122.3 ,J-" ' fi. - -1 A is if ., xxx 3 5' I r .ff 1, ' -. TXT ag-T 1 ' i Q, W' ' Xb- 5 X ' I it - ,L ... 1 1 nf If 'IN I:-,rg-A f ' ' A -5 -1 , - .' ,V 9 f I .X , L I CHUCK HATFIELD Norfh Hall, Execufive Commiifee '36- '37 spring '39, Boxing '36-'38, Block C.A. '37-'39, lnferhall Council '36-'37, Picnic Day-Commiffee 36-'39-Finance Chairman 537-'38, Awards Chairman '38- '39, California Club '37-'39, Truck Crops Club '38-'39, Aciivifies Award Sociefy '38-'39, Alpha Zeia spring '39, Sibley, John Animal Husbandry Scha'Hauer, Fred Animal Husbandry Schneider, Karl Dairy lndushy ScoH', John Truck Crops Seim, Paul Animal Husbandry Sharp, Merrill General Shea, John Animal Husbandry Sherwood, Bob Horficuliure Shibafa, George Truck Crops Senio Safferfield, Tilus Poulfry Husbandry Silva, John Dairy lndusfry Shigeno, Ted Truck Crops Smarf, Dan Animal Husbandry Soo Hoo, Edward Dairy lndusfry Sfone, Jack Agriculfural Mechanics ND Sumner, Dorman Agronomy Tekawa, Dave Truck Crops Teranishi. George Poulfry Husbandry Tefrick, James Animal Husbandry Thoringlon, Alfred Horriculfure Trowbridge, James Horficulfure Van Deusen, Lesier Animal Husbandry Wagoner, Norman Animal Husbandry Wafamura, Masofo General LEST.ER VAN DUESEN Wes? Hall, Golden Hoof Club '37-'39, Pres. spring '38, Rally Commifiee '37- '38, Boxing '36-'37, Block C.A. '37-'39, Welfare Council '37-'38, Aciivifies Coun- cil '38-39, Pres. spring '39, Wesl' Hall Presidenl spring '38, Picnic Day Com- mifiee '37-'39. , ,il - . ,,. r-, i . .ikxx A . r ,-.J If l X a Waison, Ward Dairy lnduslry Welasier, David Horiiculfure Welch, James Dairy lnclusfry Smifh, Raymond General Williams, Joe General Wilcox, Barbara Landscape Gardening Williams, Deming Poullry Science Williamson, John Hor'l'icul+ure Winfers, Glen Animal Husbandry Wood, Waller Horficuliure Woolley, Roberi Animal Husbandry Wurz, Charles Horiicullure . 'J 1-" JUNIOR BEARDS llni0 Augus+, l938 found +l1e ranks of flue iunior class sadly deplefed bu+ wifh a few new faces, new friendships, old Hes firmer and a busy year ahead. In lime 'Fall fhe class sponsored 'rhe Junior Prom. ln +he spring +l1ey eagerly supporfed fhe annual beard growing oonl'es+. Making ,use of 1'l1eir fechnical knowledge, Wool Tecl1nologis+s,'Wilson and Miller, who served as judges, awarded prizes fo Mac Osborn, Howard Be'Hs, and Alfon Huneviell in 'lheir respeciive divisions. 4 The class has enjoyed a successful year. Under able leaders, Hs members have conrribufed considerably +o 'ihe success of 'rhe various campus aclivifies and produced individuals who ranked high in scholarship, leadership, and a+hlerics. CLASS OFFICERS Presidenf ------ Kenny Coaies Vice-Presidenf - - Bob Emerson Secrefary ---- - Al Smirh ExCommiH'ee Represenrafive - - Ed Lydon .ff ' 1 , P--r.. Y ii r-. , V r -5 11 ' ui if Xt,-VI .Y1lln-,- ,v , ,, , 1- , , ,r my W 'K . K " " ,7' . rr ,' -, .- Vg Top Row: Ernie Tarone, Pafricia McGowan. Bob Munyon, Sieve Choral: Bofiom Row: Ed Lydon, Bob Emerson, Remi O'Connor, Doug Clarke Sixty-three SOPHOMORE BRAWL Soplwmv e Sixty-four Members of 'lhe Class of I94 . l fool: 'rheir +radi+ional place in 'Phe ini+ia+ion of +he Fresh men by decisively winnin lhe brawl. 9 The mosl' imporlanl- dulies of 1'he S h op omore Class namely fhe ins'lruc+ion of The Freshmen in campus fra- difions and 'lhe enforcemeni' of lhese l'radi+ions has been enfrusfed +o lhe Vigilance Commilfee. Under The able leadership of Waller Wafson in l'he fall, and Pele Gaines in +he spring, l'his commilfee has funcfioned sm oolhly. The Class may already poinl' wifh pride lo +l1e success il' has enjoyed during 'lhe pasl' four semesfers. Hs mem- bers have been well represen+ed in every phase of campus life, including scholarship, aclivilies, s1'uden+ governmenf, publica+ions, and alhlelics. -u '1 co 2. Q. rn 3 -I- I O - r- IP an uw - o 'rl I O m 70 uw c. na n PV' Q 5. an '-5f7C"21w,, A Elf Q-Eli" m1:r5'Qf.Sf" !,Qg,,. apo: , 3 5fQJ! Vice Presideni' Sian Jones 'I Secre+ary - - - - Helen Miller Ex. CommH'+ee Represenfafive Dave Chrisfensen K I I w W K J-if 'ff' u l Top Row: Dave Chrisfensen, Lmlcile Hufchison, Gerirude Siafford Bob Allard ' Boffom Row: Sfan Jones, Jack Cline, Peie Gaines, Mifsuo NiHa Sixty-five Sixty-six :fi BONFIRE BEFORE SAC. J.C. GAME Allhough somewhal' rushed and bewildered for fhe firsl' week or so 'rhe Freshmen soon seHlecl down lo siudy and +o supporl +he full calendar of acrivilies. Numerically +he largesl class ever 'l'o enfer 'lhe porlals of 'lhe Universify Farm, 'lhey neverrheless bowed in def + ea ro 'lhe more experienced Sophomores in 'I'he Brawl. Un- d aunfed, fhey produced a 'foofball 'leam wiih ro ' ' p masmg varsify maierial. Their bonfire for fhe Sacramenro game was one of ihe largesi' and mos+ successful ever seen on 'lhe campus. They inifiaied a new fradiiion in sponsoring 'lhe Freshman Dance. This class is +he firsi' one +o be spared an informal inifialion affer ifs 'firsf meefing, a s+ep fell by many +o be definifely for fhe beHer. CLASS OFFICERS Presidenf - - - - - Sam Cowan Vice Presidenl - - Secrefar Cecil Berganh Y s - - Ex. CommiH' Barbara Mudge ee Represen+a+ive - - Sam Cowan Top Row: John P earce, Sam Cowan, Norman Golden, B b BoHom Row: Ray Ba J o Ruff ron. Mary Jeanne Gilhooley, Midge McGow ack Manders B I1 Sixty-seven r1""'Ei,,, .JH-5-., W" , w- ' . '15, - M .v" Tn ' Ur My -mg . ,iafiu ,Q1 ,-,1 f V: , . H lx . , , ,. -V 'W ,126 IM.-..' +. "In f-1 -J- -.wg X-'Qu ' 11' ?'f",.I,."xr, w", I 15 . I I .1 .LC 311 . ,, , ,. 1 ' 1: ,.f.'.L, -' 'Alf : " -if E-abr" : 'r Mfr W-155 vs' I f' .' ,. '19, Q-.A 1.114 -.N Q.. hu.. ii-Q. .,, Q... ww-- Q.. 'J'-"Fx n thg ampub ,,.qrf'1",.'-"W .- , irC'1"5ll" lx:'M7'Aif'fl awwwrf 145- gr'-yr .qi fi"'l5'fIl4'f'?li1 ,- fl'-" sl. ,.:m1' --V4 'i ii:-i -- , .l -.- .- .1 . . '21-J'rfl":-i:i1' no 'r .., ,Mir if ,1'-?:'r'1- ..-Ae IV-'la .fffi Ii' FN, ,, '- lbw. Hill., 'J r -Q EJ- -iHf1,r2,x' ...L Y ., , f..,f,1,','-:ly ,ill ll -.l,lIJ,.4lZ,.' Q1 xl fl ' X A 0. , 4 vi rv i H .1 . .N 34.3. 44.2-5-13, :g3g'h,:g:'K:lgQi'15.'l . -iifiirz-5,11-gnlijq '-'-',iyri,4'f,l1,-,-'- ieanww.+mwmw 3'iLG-fllfl'!'.1i all , M3 inf-Q l"':f'iV,...liQi gl - 12:-' -1l,LlT'f,f 'mai mn. . il . ... vi il 2,3-fzwvl l'g-,af qua- .- ,',,"i U ,cyl gi :iw vi S evenly-L 'LUO Before 'rhe beginning of 'rhe Fall semesier ihe Soils Building burned, causing hardship among 'rhe pupils and acuie cramping 'for ieaching. The semesier officially opened wiih all 'Phe hullabaloo of regis'lra+ion, e+c. Affer everyone was sefiled, 'ihe hazing of Freshmen, including +he coeds, began in earnesi. Along wi'rh 'lhe warm wealher came beer busis up a+ Puiah. Campua life fl 'll lifilfff fi' liwiilf' ,I-i'gdPl:'lfxL 'af' 2 wg ,Q nr ,-f'I,LfIA 'i' "' 5 1- A f -S fe Qizagshigw lg Uh ,fi I A "hidden beauly" was broughf fo lighi' when nominafions W ET? eleciions were held for +he Blue and Gold D. I. Club queen, Hilda being +he winner buf disqualified. Along wi+h all of +his excifemenl' came 'lhe foofball games, monihly issues of lhe Musfang, daily classes, picnics a+ Puiah and as usual queening. , , -:,0gf.":, I W l Seventy-four The bes+ rallies for a number of years were held before fhe school games. Snappy programs were held, 'Phe highlighfs being: Woody Wilson gefiing an ounce or fwo of milk, Bob Munyon in a silk nighfie, Ira Smifh 'frying 'ro mill: a cow and The Freshmen 'frying fo sing "All Hail Blue and Gold". The pie-ealing confesi' held in froni' of Wesl' Hall showed +hal' some of 'lhe coeds were on ihe same basis as 'lhe men when if comes +o eafing. Campu i e Many enioyable dances were held duringjhe Fall semesier. A'l' 'l'he Blue and Gold Dairy Club dance, Mary Jeanne Gilhooley was crowned fhe righfful queen of rhe dance. The Block C. A., fhe Sou+h Fall formal, 'Phe Freshman, ihe Junior Prom and fhe aHer rally dances were all a success and enioyed by all. The affernoon dances held in fhe Fall were missed by many during fhe Spring semesier. 4.4 1 l l l l Seventy-six Jusf daily campus life-remember 'lhe girls selling lhe Grizzly . . . and +l1e sforiesg ihe afiernoon labs, waifing +o eal in 'Phe Cafeleria. Remember how snappy our band looked when +l1ey firsf appeared in 'lheir new uniforms? . . . Your days as a pledge? C'ampuA ife HN- l+ musi' be +ha+ limburger cheese given away a+ fhe cheese exhihifli The exhibii' was very infelleciual and 'filling 'l'oo. Jack Cline finaiiifio gof on ihe wafer wagon fowards 'Phe end of school. H' musi be spring or fhe EI Rodeo is ouf liokel. " 17 7, ! an s I l "R J' ' R '1 , x , ,- ,, 13 we - -3 ..,?.1 ,V..j..gJ 1: ' , .. J' "" - - I' -,:Q1,5EI.F ,- . AL, 'um .iz i .' ' Seventy-eight. La+e fall wi+l1 many a skiing 'lrip +o Sl1as+a, +l1e Summit eic. wi+l1 a few sore spofs as remembrances. Around 'rhis lime +l1e LiH'le lnl'erna'l'ional is pui' on by fhe Golden Hoof Club in ihe judging pavilion. Of course in beiween lhe many acfiviiies are fhe many resi periods which are needed +o relax and enjoy life. C'ampaA I i e Spring again. Along wi+h if comes fh e baskeflaall championship, 'Firsi' in ihe Cal Aggie his+oryg 'rhe Vicfory Bell in a permaneni' place and in use' f , ree affernoons for 'swimming . . . in 'ihe finally 'Finished pool. Can you remember back ancl counf all of +he "free labor" courses? Eighty Siill Spring. Jus+ lazy clays and more lazy days wiih a 'Few beer bus'l's in befween. Pu+al1 is siill paironizecl by some in preference +o flue swimming pool 'For some reasons. A+ noon The Quad has once more become +l1e favorife spo+ for many a s+uden+. C'amp A i e The Spring dances were as successful as 'lhe Fall dances, if noi' more so. Anolher Sou+h Hall formal was held fo +he enioymenl' of 'lhose lucky few. Olher highligh+s were 'rhe Golden Hoof Club Barn Dance and +he Picnic Day Dance . . . and 'Phe Senior Snow Ball, even +hough noi' a nancial success. Also 'lo be remembered was fhe Milifary Ball. . 1 I if iw: Qdrnj 1i'.li::.:j.2jI,1 W 553213 ,, Y J . W me H" 'd1.-'QQL r. .,.M,,g . vi- , X, ,. :www .. i .11 'II 1" ':, i .., r i w I i v 11' wsllffix ',i?,'v1.f"Tf: A 11.-11:-QF w15,.:..- MQ, lip W, -. " ,-,ga gl! "-lil . gn! Xin' yn iii MV,-F 1 ll. -ill Eu " mlm:-' 3277 ,fl 'fgi - 'ff HT", Iv- Llglmgl if .' il 1' ,nik :'l,J1 l ll i ill v, - li I lijf, F hte Z' in-135. df E-I, 'uxji lui? fig all., fluff' vi, ,p- '1 li 1 ,N -, , 1. ,4-1 r V- ,l UI i if uw'- ,M , ' v1,'l'll V ,. 'T X. in-'f. 113 3.11 .Li vm will I .1 i. ni 1 gf Mn, .15 lu! Q. JQQT' 4,: ,g V.. lx' Q N it . "JV l 1 M A xg. I vu, 1 1- U, 1 ' - E gr, i 1-11,1-1 in 251- limi. yn :Zl1,,.l ,ya-. ,al f- 'u ,J E lliwir' U Q lf.. Q' ll j- '-.1'fjj!i ,, jg? 61:15 ,f"-,jgv rl ,T i wr M L. We ASQ! .' " if -1. ,-a.f.l1f': nj' ' lIJ'. 1. If V. ' l il -is "1- Il. 1' 'Wil dig..-,,vQ,,. rj lv- Null. lr-nlff I I1 1., " ii f -1 , 1 .V fy emflvfj 11 . 1 V, 1 V.- gfig, A - ll! My m..v'wi .,.. v 1-1 Pl IH ,.. .4. Ai, 1 'Q I 1, .4 .i . 1 i l J W Elly! 'U is ., im lqlgl .i'iR l Ulw 1 'J gl vp is s- , nm ll T VZK Z' .f .A ,,1 2,751 -.1 ' -' ill Wfiff-r . if ,, ,f 43- fl wi 'f l Y l JC, , . fel in-'A rlxlv ". rw l 'I:'l'f"-f' 3. ,If al-Wy'2l'i gf "qu wi -11, :il-X ,Aff If uffqltwl 7-'flfl Hal - :J 'iiif-'Qil .mf Q, wi ' IU -f.fIr,'1lLf fl-vm? we--,pfxx 1 I ' ,' url' l'il'i1 .V ,.vv U fu-Iidvrgi 'lull sf' -,.-J if-:'gf,l mimi 'i ,'V 17 V rl-V 1 ,-. ,Wil ,A Z, ifgef ,, I. .. :eip ' rk'.L" . qxxlxux: 1ll'l,i 1 f new 1 QI ' 4, :ggi E11 , Lf .chi EU 5.-il fi if QV".,Vg1. "IM 2 . "A ??f"7?l nil' ,J l L .-inf -'ll' HIQL' gf zpg 2 nn-L".f 4,4 JNL- - 'l 1: mf' 'V ,ani 'L4'.'L'3v FTF! il-5, if 's 'pm 'J gil ' Qfgmzl' N5 Kip. l ll lf ' - W' .QAM ii- , l lf' Eli. if 1, g Qi ' A H- l. , L--5' , 3 . ,N . .. ly ,Y lm ID, -,. 2511 wiv'-'r 13,555 " rf e H ' 'E LL-L. Eighty-two The same old siuff ihai' conslifules fhe leisure hours of "Joe College"-more skiing, more loafing, maybe a leH'er home or 'io some one else. Track in full swing, wi1'h ifs iraining rules +ha+ are usually hard +o keep. Campu i e Finally in fhe cafel mefhing 'l'o eat Jusl' goes l'o show whai' you gel' when you wail. The signboard finally moved fo a desirable locafion. Ano+l1er beer bus? bul' lhey are always nice and refreshing. The Bela Phi boys are in earnesl' aboui- +heir new house and have resulfs +o show for +he' eria fo gel' so lr e'Fforl's. 12:31 -Y- vz , :my-A fy ,ff 'Q ljxu W. U lv . J., l 'um-L Q7.:Wll ull-1' .lm ELL-' Ml'-a + ll-25 whiff '- "1 1 .l-- ll-Y lr Elllli H-I W'.xCVH,E -fy! Plnlj 'gdflfl lrll?!l 5552655 vllzlilfll - ' .".F'2- :'v"H'sfl?, li-'S af", - L3.ff21.-i ,nv 1 -:gg-1. f llgly.-l.' ., 1.5,Du'yi ggsfylsfl yr ll lr 'T Ju 1 ,- Wil I -' 5,--1, 4, . , N .4 l EQ:-llcl Lin Higllli r-'.l-.-wig .:- .:,,.,, .L fllf,-. --53 F1739-F?-1U-I ME:5ilmij'h 5'-12.5 friilsg in N-J, Hvggy 9 Egg: 515 Qi wfluysesgn gf-FM -f K -ffl' li 'lf .Elf ' Qvxakginfxl 9"" Ell::G'.'. ffl M511 ell l ' V1.1 lliilllll-Eg-l rw 5- -, -1 Qzieizin l .3 MEF' ' -J' Imaam? if if Qfllli., , l'fl"1' g . , Ja' Exjlllillll ' V 'llilf-Z -:run , - A Slime' ' bgi'fbe' l r.-.1353 1 , My -fly l'5'eF"'E pfxel l -: , livlfsii- . +.1!.t,xH . 'frullfvi mein 19.1.'.'1 fulfl, M351 :pi -1-P31545 all 'T-:fl f"1'1 Wlif - .',,.-W, , lrQ?f"'IE3 ., ,,, i1Q.,L1,1v.. 59.11"-EQ!! 5 .Elf 3.5 ' ,I -Y-9 ,K 1 w Y , L ,.,f-f '-'J-,,.,. 5 l 4 :R -.,, A-4-. 14th1eticA V lim ,. up 1' . ,-, TU .-j.L,gi . f, ,'2m??i2i2fDii"fll5'i'l"'if'fW fl .f fa, ,za -frr"'li-Ui il .Iii -,, - Wl"'f'-if I' llaugggl-5,154 Crip Toomey, Ai'l1le+ic Direcfor dtlalet k 14 mini t ation Propl1e'l'ic of and con+ingen'I' wiih 'the progress of a growing agricul+ural college has been +l1e conlinual improvemenf of +l1e a+hle+ics on 'Phe Aggie campus. Crip Toomey's ceaseless eFior+s fo pul' Aggie sporfs on a par wifh +l1e besf on ihe Pacific Coasl' will long be appreciafed by fhe California Aggie Associafed sfudenis ancl alumni. ln addi+ion, he has made available compefifive sporfs +l1a'I' have noi previousl been a par+ of fhe Aggie aihlel' Y IC program. Eighty-eight 1 'X --0 N 'Miller" Monfy" "Gail" Woody Wilson, George Sfromgren, Verne Hickey. Heine Sevier Crip has been wifh fhe Aggie eleven years and 'lhe lasf year was promofed fo fhe well deserved posifion of Afhlefic Adminisfrafor. He is a member of fhe American Federafion of Coaches and a former Presidenf of fhe Far Wesfern Conference. Verne Hickey has spenf fwo years now as fhe Aggies coach of foofball and has eslablished himself as an able coach. He has placed fwo feams on fhe field fhaf have disfinguished fhemselves againsf fheir opponenfs. ln fhe spring, Verne coaches fhe baseball feam which is usually fop-nofch. George Sfromgren, a former California baslcefball sfar, 'lopped his career of furning ouf a feam fhis year wifh a conference record of eighf wins and no losses. Wifh fhe new gym fo oifsef fhe disadvanfage of fhe previous year, he produced a feam fhaf made a fine showing againsf higher class colleges in fhe upper conferences. Heine Sevier, boxing coach, finds lime in addifion fo being ranch foreman, fo coach fhe Aggie boxers. For some fime Heine has produced 'reams fhaf have made fhe Aggies leading confenders in fhe Pacific Coasf Infer- collegiafe Boxing Meefs. Woody Wilson, genial physical educafion insfrucfor, has frained some excellenf fraclcmen for 'lhe cincler pafh in his years of coaching on fhe Aggie sfaff. Along wifh his fraclc, Woody is fhe linesman for fhe foofball feam, help- ing Verne puf ouf fhe foofball feams. Alberf Miller, formerly of fhe Universify of Nevada, wifh fhe able help of Pinky Redden and Karl Schneider, bofh former Aggies coached fhe freshman foofball feam. Freshman football, new on our campus, will be of greaf value for fufure varsifies. A E ighty-nine 7 , 1. Froni Row: Ted Riehl, Franlc Espinola, Bob Symes, Pefe Gaines Remi O'Connor, Ch irman wi-.!'.:l-. - ,nn--51 . , Y l ..f if f. 1 ,,.. ., U.. H ,K-1,-:-,.--.. 1-,T " '-1 ..I 'li"'.:.' '.' ff 'H5,trK,',V:' Q: H. .. ,,.. ll .. Xu -,n'.,.l1q.4 Ulu.. levi! 3 11214, . 3-1.1 39.1, .msih f 1. 1' f"?-PM-' H, . file" EVP? il Hifi?"-T' L3 Q' nj" ,F-1' Rl Qi-,'j': Jrphlzliijllfy, -- R Wrivlag - 15'--lfff ly' 'H,tQg5':':'Mii1 ' ,l'2lmQi4.l.' The l938-39 Rally Commi'Hee, under Chairman Remi O'Connor, will long be ro- membered for +l1e excellenf rallies 'fhal' llwey gave l'l1is year. Fighiing againsl' a seemingly lagging in'reres+ in Aggie sporis, lhe CommiH'ee made of fhe annual Paiamarino rally before 'I'l1e C.O.P. game, and lhe Thealre rally before flue Sac. J.C. mee'l', evenis wi+h new appeal +o ihe s+uclen'rs. Pre:.en+ a+ all rallies and alhlelic con'l'es1's, +l1e yell leaders clicl Their share of l'l'1e worlz. In +l1e spring semesier, Noon rallies on 'rhe quad helpeclilo call +o 'rl-ue a'H'en1'ion of +l1e s'ruden+ body +l1a+ lheir supporf is valuable +o +l1e men who represenl lhem in sporis. Jack Manders Mary Jeanne Gilhooley Bill Leaihers jk Ninety CB GS Manage Again lhis year ihe senior and assisiani' managers of sporfs have worked harmoniously ai' fhe various odd iobs fhai' musi' be clone fo assure a winning machine. Their efforis will be especially appreciaied by +l1e ieam members, for fhey foo have clone fheir share of scoring indirecily. g-Jil . I ,Q il: I 5 xr- ..,H2. Top Row, Managers: Don Monfgomery, Fooiball: Charles Fisher, Boxing: Fred Allen, Track: Archie Hendricks, Baseball Bofiom Row, Assisfanis: Bob Owen lalso Baslcefball Manager, Russ Donogh, Gene Seghesio l 7V - is Ninety-one Spa:-U While fhe California Aggie foofball feam for i938 was nof fhe besf feam in fhe conference, if succeeded in having a very successful season. Hs season record of fwo wins, one fie, and six losses is nof very impressive, buf fo fhe members of fhe California Aggie sfudenf body who sup- porfecl fhe feam in a very loyal fashion if proved safisfacfory. The Aggies gof off fo a bad sfarf in fheir inifial encounfer in fhe Sacramenfo Munici- pal sfadium when 'rhey played Whiffier Sfafe College. A cosfly penalfy, when fhe Ninety-four Chico Game Milf Peferson Ralph Wesffall Bill Ware l4L-I ?vv t6 ll Aggies were wifhin sfriking dis+ance of 'Phe goal line wi'I'h +he score sfill 0-0, s'raved off an Aggie fouchdown +ha+ may have meanf 'the difference beiween a win and a 24-6 defeat In iheir second game of The season, fhe Aggies enierfained San Francisco S+a'l'e in Davis and seni' ihem back 'ro 'l'he Cify of Bridges rankling under a 20-0 defeat One of +he feaiures of ihe game was a sevenfy- 'Five yard 'rouchdown by diminuiive Siubby Gardiner, wafchcharm halfback for ihe Aggies. Coach Hickey Capfain McSweeney Q J -, be Bob Emerson George Buckley Fred Schaiiauer A-do N inely- five ip-' l , . i F411-, .Iwi ly :nw sf? -r .UI-..y -lv , fig? ' Q 1 ,. Hg HJ.-l .Q ,. l gil ,..i1.-1: fl .Hr l L21 Q ,N i2'ifM,vL. ..!1 Jeff' i-,LJ-' HEI! i. -- iii-,gli I7 ,i vi-1' iw 1 in '- :Qgfu J.-ww ,v li'il"E'L W 5 hz. U in Q lr? .1..-, - ill?-1:1 Mull' alll? ra':1?rl 1jTq3,i5..1ilfl g . ,W ,,,, Ipzin- .- -ffa, 79573 lfill-,R1i'lQfi ' 'lnll " i .wx iw 1 W-lL'AiQ,,4-'3 yflgfdmlg. ! ,I . I .RU Kilim, -lin, i 55,-zip' .4 in Q, .ggi-1".'. ip'i5,A M....1.1 fl!! I- '. Ill .HJ l auf l qE'r..f5J ,. 13. 1Sl,'.'f-EiF"? 'l:l , ' ,-1:25, :A 'e'glil'511.wJi .i H131-ilpiiu ll l :Q llilaifljill'-'ll 1 'FL-,WI ,fi l'l'll,l"Lig. y, Jli Wi .-. i .mn ,Ji we '. f .1--L g is l L. .ww ,. l... H :ue ,L qQm..,,Jli i A L l-.ig -3511, 1 , ll ii 15153 -lf- i gn' '-IF-31 V-l.-1:'1lf:'f i 'uf ' Ill L fy. ,U u 13.31311 li i 4, .. .,-iff-,, l'iigjll:', .l . 1 .ii,,. -fli-.-l . -wi , 'vfl ' JI 'uf in nl 'fun ...r7, A i ,ou ,FL I . U .. u. .A5:g,gJ' 'V1 J i"W-W P- 1: MMI ilu, -ii ' ' 15. .i Nil When lhe Califor Golden B a num af B lc ' r was slill mad Musiang had shown rhe re in holding +hem fo nia Aggies mei' lhe ear in Memorial Sf cl' er eley, fhe big brofhe aboul' 'Phe kick 'Phe year befo a I4-0 score and proceeded 'ro pour ii' on. The end resulf of +he efforls of BoHari and s a 48-0 loss for +he Aggies. Posrponemenl -of +he Sacr company wa amenfo Junior m Friday +o Monday nighi' served +o anger +he Aggie Mus+ang, a d h ' n e look I+ our on 'rhe 'lune of I0-O. The S College game fro Panlher +o +he .J.C. leam was nolice- N irzely-six 700 t6 ll ably sfronger and heavier fhan +he crippled Aggie, buf spirii' served fo swing +he baflle. In +heir nexr encounfer Indian summer and a Chico homecoming celebralion served +o keep +l1e Musfang from winning a game from a much weaker opponent This was anorher fime when spiril' served +o balance a +eam, buf fhe Chico Wildcaf was fhe one if helped, and The Aggies were lucky 'ihaf rhey held fhe score ai' 0-0. The Fresno S+a+e Bulldog was ou'r affer some lcincl of a scoring record 'For I938 Rambler Game Paul Minor Rip Francis Fred Friclc oh J x V S f Ninety-seven reporls from 'l'l1e Gar- and proceeded +o build up fheir seasonal 'l'o+al ai' fhe expense of 'I'l'1 e Aggies. Final score in 'Hwis lo s'd d p-1 e confesf was 34-7. Againsf Sanfa Barba ggles were unable +o do anyfhing more +l1an an I8-6 defeat All ra S+a+e flue A ' den Ci'I'y l1ave il' 'l'l1a+ +l1e l'eam a ppreci- a'l'ed ll1e co-eds from 1'l1a+ ins+H'u1'ion 'Far more +l1an +l1ey did +he brand of"Foo+ball. !F4j i513.:iiE7 '. con+es+ of +l1e year, lhe +o S+ocld'on where +l1ey of 'llxe Bengal Tiger bul' and were scralched 'lo +l1e Ninety-eight San Francisco Gam . 1, E Leonard Beechiner Al Serpa Fred Marall 1 172 W .1 R .R 1 l ?ov t6 ll rune of 34-6. This game was +he Final one for several Aggie sfalwaris, or! af leasf ii' was ihoughi' lo be: however a new confer- ence ruling will see 'ihem back netld' year. A few of lhese men are: Ra-lph'T'Wes+fall, Al Serpa, Capfain Howard McSweeney, Fred Schaflauer, Max Johnson, Fred Frick, and Merril Sharp. I+ is hoped fhai' wilh fhe new ruling 'ihai' allows men four years of compefifion fhe California Aggies will see several of fhese men relurning fo make up one of 'ihe besi' 'ieams in Aggie Hisfory. Va rsify Foolball Squad Clyde Tipfon Ken Slusser vf For fhe firsf fime since fhe Far Wesfern Conference was organized, fhe California Aggies walked away wifh 'rhe champion- ship. They' sef a new conference record by going undefeafed in league compefi- fion. No ofher feam had previously been able fo accomplish fhe feaf. Coac Sfromgren developed a quinfef which funcfioned fhroughouf fhe seaso h George n as one unif, and displayed a brand of baslcefball which was of firsf class calibre. Af no fime during fhe league games were fhe Aggies forced fo exfencl fhemselves fo fhe limif. One Hundred Ka lzet6 I Coach S+romgren srarred 'lhe season wi'l'h five refurning le'Hermen and several prom- ising men from lasl' year's freshmen squad. The ream rounded our info good early season form wifh 'lhe sfarfing combinalion of Capfain Sieve Chorak, Leggerr, Con- rad, Soeklancl, and Slusser. The Aggies were nosecl our by Sanfa Clara 49 ro 40, and S+. Marys edged our 'l'he Farmers 36 'ro 3I af Davis, and again al' Moraga 54 'I'o 40. ln rhese games ihe Aggies were playing in fasl' company and did remark- ably well againsi' such high class compefi- Coach Sfrcmgren Capiain Choral: ' P -'FAQ - 15 - v Jaw- r- :-- '. ,.,.--.e,,..-,- A iw as-,JN -1-Q. 'I rw-N ---. ' fra- -314 ,Js.Q,,,V. 1 Y -Q..,,,m g 'A - Al Johnson Ken Slusser Laurence Lavigne One Hundred One +ion. Alihough +he feam losf 'ro Whiffier by a 25 +o 23 Rosa J.C. 46 fo 42 and 4I +o 29. They niversiry of California quin- score, 'they defeafecl San+a gave rhe fall U 'rel' a +ough baffle, buf losl' by a score of 5l fo 35. SAC. J.C. SERIES The Aggies found +hemselves in lhis series when 'lhey won from fhe Panfhers by a score of 47 'ro 4l in an overlime game, and +hen frouncecl 'lhem a+ Davis 5I +o 30. lg, .g.,4 3 inl' of +he season a newcomer, gr - J lla.: iiij brolce info +he lineup, and sw. l --' 11l1':w15' 34. - - -i alllulle-' .elf nv' 1' ' a -mf-Q ,..i,'3+r L. aamaig .. - - ,semi he Aggies began +o click. Jgrffflll"'n.--ll--Til '-.IM-1" N hge. ,. Lu,g,lr,ll5gf:iw,y, in-i.2,,gfllf:-ill Dlll ii-fflxff-11fE.r.--,Gr-:?fl'lif-awfliv 'il ,1',,i'ijQlLfQl4L: "lf.,Q1'-'-'ilug,i',.,Tmg I ' lfiflil if 'Q'Qli253fl'i'flQ'- ' f' One Hundred Two Fresno Game Walier Buckingham Roberf Jacobson John Gallagher Ka lzet6 CHICO STATE SERIES This was The crucial weelc-end for lhe 'leam as +hey had +o defeai' a feam which was considered 'lhe conference favorile. The Aggies won a+ Davis by a large score 46 'lo 22, and again a+ Chico +hey 'lrouncecl fhe Wildcals 54 'lo 40. S. F. STATE GAMES Meefing one of +he besl' reams +ha'l- ever represenled S+a+e, 'rhe Aggie quin+e+ was given one of i+s +oughes+ games of lhe season by +his +eam. Affer frailing for all buf live seconds of fhe game, +he Aggies Slanforcl Game Lewis Bridge Bob Crouch Viclor Gray One Hundred Three 1? shol' oul' in 'Fronl' on Guard Soekland's sens afional shoofing fo win 44 'lo 43. FRESNO STATE SERIES The Aggies overpowered a weak Fresno 'leam by a large margin, rolling up scores of 55 fo 36 and 5l lo 33. C onsis+en'l' shoofing by LeggiH and Chorak kepl' +he Aggies well our in fronl' while Conrad kepl' knocking +he ball our of Fresno's basket STANFORD GAME ln a hard foughl' game lhe Sfanford vars- nosed oul' 'lhe Aggies 26 lo 30 afler i:f'T".'xL for +hir+y-seven minufes of 'lhe guarding by Soekland and 1, H ' .l . , Hi . 1 ,v.-.TI xiii 1, 21, 'Hy' One Hundred Four f A Nevada Game , John Crawford x Conrad and Johnson ' i T Ka lzet6 I Johnson smofhered 'rhe Sfanford aH'ack. C.O.P. SERIES Confinuing +heir winning sfreak, +he varsi+y lrouncecl 'rhe Tigers a+ Davis 45 'ro 24 in a raiher dissappoinfing game. A+ S'roclc'l'on 'lhe Aggies ran info clifficulfies, buf came ou'l fhe winners 36 +o 28 afler a hard foughl' baffle. NEVADA SERIES Needing only one game +o cinch +he championship, fhe Aggies easily defealecl +he Wolves 55 fo 40. The nex+ nighl 'Phe varsily became fhe firsi' 'I'eam 'lo remain unclefeafed in league compefifion by win- ning 47 fo 39. Coach Slromgren. Wayland Conrad, Roy Soekland, Sieve Choralr, Al Johnson, Guy Leggi'H One More Poinf l' il I'-" P rospecis seemed brighl' for ihe Mus'l'angs a+ 'rhe s'l'ar+ of 'l'he I939 Boxing Season. Coach Sevier had eighf ve'rerans reiurning 'lo form 'I'he nucleus of his 'l'eam, and 'Phe Aggie Championship in +he 'fall had uncov- ered several men of promise 'io give depih 'lo each class. By +he opening of l'he season wi'l'h lhe S+anford meef, 'ihese men had been 'formed ' 'I' in o a well balanced ieam h w ich was able +o defeai +he mosi' powerful S+anf d or 1'eam of years. One Hundred Six Ko ing Then ca+as'I'rophe s+ruclc. Youdall, lngebrei- son, Ben'I'on and several ofher ouisianding men were los? io lhe feam in one shor'r week. Seriously crippled, +he feam sirouggled ihrough a severe schedule +o enirench even more firmly 'lhe repuiaiion of good sporrs- manship of 'lhe Aggie boxers of fhe pasf. ln 'rhe spring +he Aggies again sponsored fhe Pacific Coasi infer-collegiafe boxing ma+ches as has been iheir cusiom in ihe past Bob Erickson Edward Wilson Hilmar lngrebrerson Hnene Sevier Coach Bill Mingeiii, Trainer One Hundred Seven in-f IZO l27 I35 I45 I45 l55 I65 I75 Hvy I20 l27 I35 I45 I45 l55 I65 I65 I75 Hvy THE STANFORD MEET ....-...Forfei+ io Aggies ........Moore QCA, dec. Berg QS, ........Perry QCA, dec. Wilson QS, -.-...-.Wilbur QS, dec. Sevier QCA, -.......Rice QS, clec. Necolson QCA, -...-...lngebre'rson QCA, TKO Grand QS, ........Youdall QCA, dec. Gunn QS, -.......Greer QS, clec. McQuilken QCA, . ..,..... Ward QS, TKO Walson QCA, THE CALIFORNIA MEET ....Moore QCA, uclec. Clio QC, -..Bogclasarian QCA, clec. Salcanari QC, .-..Perry QCA, dec. Miffler QC, ....Sevier QCA, clec. Drouboy QC, ..-.Nielson QC, clec. Nicolson QCA, Ford QC, dec. Calcin QCA, Barre QC, clec. Rose QCA, Meade QC, TKO McQuillcin QCA, Forfeil' fo California .Walson QCA, dec. Bu Bois QC, One Hundred Eight Koxing WASHINGTON STATE MEET I27 Williams IW.S.C., TKO Moore ICA, I27 Blessenger IW.S.C., TKO Bagdaserian ICA, I35 Coffman IW.S.C., TKO Perry ICA, I45 Sevier ICA, dec. LiHle IW.S.C., l55 Drake IW.S.C. dec. Calcin ICA, I75 CLINGER IW.S.C., dec. WilliamsICA, Hvy. Allen IW.S.C., KOed Wafson ICA, SAN JOSE MEET I20 Forfeil' io San Jose I27 Wrenn ISJ, dec. Moore ICA, I27 Bagclasarian ICA, dec. Konroshisna ISJ, l35 Perry ICA, dec. Kerwin ISJ, I35 Taylor ISJ, dec. Wilson ICA, l45 Kincaid ISJ, dec. Sevier ICA, l45 Horrell ISJ, dec. Kellogg ICA, l55 Bolich ISJ, clec. Calcin ICA, l65 Cro'I'ser ISJ, TKO McQuilkin ICA, I75 Bolich ISJ, dec. Williams ICA, Hvy. Wafson ICA, dec. Presley ISJ, 'Hu as S as , Joseph Rose Harold Moore Howard Bells, Assisiani' Coach ,yawn , r.. Gene Cailcen vs Wall Wafson, w,g.,4:g,jji-A-"aff f x 1, 1 V X., A:-:V .i H vi"'A13'l:s One Hundred Nine fd ,- l l fl 'L lol ll la Nl! glirw - A ir" ,.,, .-eff f 'il "9?:.Q1. V" " ' ' 351' 7711. 852' , i 1 -. .lL'- ' 'mms - " gi ,,'f,F,Qgi' ,- " ' V ,glhi l7Q',"'lf-il ' -L "wk ? l 23 ' , all 5 ui l lil 44 The l oss of many sfar frackmen lefl' Coach Woody Wilson wifh l' lHle ma+erial +o s1'ar+ 'lhe season. The mosi nofable loss was lhai' of Capfain Fred Frick, ace high hurdler, who graduafed. Friclc placed second +o Humphries of U.S.C. a+ +he Fresno Relays only a maHer of inches behind velerans are: Rhoades, One Hundred Ten 71-ack sprinfs: Underhill, 440: Farquhar, 440: Wood, 880: Jones, high jump: Weslfall, iavelin, NiH'a, pole vaulh and McFarland, dislance. Among fhe newcomers fhe mosl' owlsfanding are: Mahoney, high jump, Friclc, high jump: Friend, sprinls and 440: Gaines, weighfs and Jones, pole vault These men will compose The nucleus of 'lhe 'leam and will score mosl of 'lhe poinfs in 'rhe meels. The Aggies losf 'rheir firsf 'lrack Woody Wilson, Coach Dave Rhoacles, Capfain fs 'lc".'.- Don Farquhar Ralph Wesffall Waller Wood One Hundred Eleven in l 'li at Une Hand meer 'I'o a s'l'rong San Fra ' nclsco S+a+e feam buf ihey did well considering 'I'ha1' +hey hadn'1' had fime 'l'o gel info shape. The following games againsi' Chico and Nevada were won by 'I'he Aggies' by a wide margin. Alihough fhis is noi ihe bes+ Aggie frack +eam +o represenl' +he school, 'lhey will give a sfiff baffle +o mos'I' feams wi'I'h whom 'lhey compefe. Nexi' year prospecis are fair as many of fhe feam will refurn for anoiher year's compe+i+ion. red Twelve - f 1 v. ,ff " V I F-'hm 4,37 n J V-wk-I unix. -- Sli I-,thx AQ pw-f'--uw Qu",--, H . my f Nm' 1' Milf. ""'. J. "5"llr"3- ll' "K fill? 'ff' if ' f ll f M ML- , f in . ,, f., I , 1 J' f. -1: ' W ' F., V-"law nlb- -i1,fx'z-"-iv V ,-4 n M 1 . H yn . ,- il 4,,,.w .. n M 4, sign! 4, n . gf' N.. - .1 ,, my-"" Back Row: Woody Wilson, Rollis Friend, Arnold Dolcini, Bruce Barcus, Jim Parks, John McSwain Frank Sagehorn, Aldin Every, Ed Cook, J. D. Henderson, Jim Mahoney, Archie Fricls, Wayland Conrad Middle Row: Bob Emerson, Fred Allen, Jim McFarland, Pele Gaines, Tom Kilday Bob Ward, Ari Seeley, Dave Rhoades, Don Farquhar, George Gray, Alfred Hayes Fronl'Row: Bob Woods, Dick Schoonover, Charles Wurz, Jack Underhill, Mifsuo Niffa, Alois Pasfor, Herberi Penlield, Lloyd Russell, Roberl' O'Neal, Ralph Weslfall l Jim Ferguson Dave Rhoades Enioying 'Fine early season weaiher +he baseball ieam under Coach Vern Hickey began lo round ouf info fine shape. Wi+h a good, experienced group of such veier- ans as: Leggi'H' ai' firsi' base, Cap+ain French al' 'rhird base, Kiyomura, ouffield, and Tipfon and Isaacs, piichers 'lo s+ar+ wi'rh, Coach Hickey soon had a good ball club. In 'ihe opening series 1'he Aggies 'lraveled 'ro Fresno and los'l' io Fresno Sfaie by idenfical scores of 9-8. S+. Marys de- One Hundred Fourteen High and oulside X? N X , , 'Fe Xu Hal Isaacs Rip Francis Guy Leggiff e6l feaied +l1e Aggies 8-3, and al' Davis fhe Aggies los+ 'rwo +o Fresno Slale again by scores of 3-2 and 9-2. New men +l1a+ are promising are: Francis, ca+cherg William- son, cafcherg Taylor, second base: Red Jacobson, shorl' sfopg Clayion Brown, piicher and Bud Jacobson a cen+erfielder. To dale mosl' of +l1e piiching lask has been lefl' fo Hal Isaacs and Clayfon Brown. Bofh men have furned, in several good games. Verne Hickey Coach Glenn French, Capt Erlin TaYl0" Roy Soclcland Jay L. Clear One Hundred Fifteen , 4 as Nexl' year's pp ar very good as only one member prospecfs a e will be lost The presen'r l ineup is as follows: Ca'I'cher Williamson Pifchers lsaacs, Brown Firsi base - Leggill Second base Taylor Third base French Shorfsfop Jacobson Lefl' field Tiplon Cen'rer- field Jacobson Righi field Kyomura Ohe Hundred Sixteen 4 -C w 1 L v : i ,g f'i ,A,,.- br ,. , A 1, T ,ck - .f"f-.9 irc'-:J , my 1, N -nw, . gin! :Q .,,- -,W , , Jlrrff, Q. -vavflrf., ..-yr ,. 15.1341 ,f ' 1 Q-51: . ,r 2 -Y-12 like 5 - 1. Q. '-"1-".'f-.1'- ,. 4" ' 111' ' 1 A 5 'Q . 51a '. ,e-if-iii , ,J - -' ' R125-::if1a'vE"f , .. ,ng-.-1'-. ,- 7Ir,'r .2 A ,: . 2553, f' -Til" A si. 1 ' 'E Spring Praclice x l li 11,5 1 l l v 1 1 7 T ' l l ' u l 3 Takashi Kiyorr- Herberl Willia Clyde Tipia l A, .lr uf' I ,L,, .rp :yer ,. l 1 "V Ur'-'if1ilw1QF.,. f 1 1311 .. '-jfF'1M 5, I-QA. g'w2'f', .4 l I ","'Fllg'-1.-" 'lbw'-I, lyjgvtiy ll, -.,,gfv , ,w1:g.H,... i LJ "f:'.'1' ,.-i1H"'lLWAfllf"ff H4 Qin ,235 'le KL, H 1. iv ,.,'w'g,,:.-,,,-yr: RQ., l. r..,f 1.145-mAJ,:Q'5L3.1 ,.. Baclr Row: Verne Hickey, Phil Bundgard, Henry Cagle, Clyde Tipfon, Don Jacobson, Glenn French. Bob Jacobson Middle Row: Guy Leggiff, Claylon Brown, Delberl' Beffen- courf. Ed McCandless, John Dovilc. Jay Le Clear Fronf Row: Archie Hendricks, Paul Schmidi, Mamoru Masuda, Chef Handy, Elrin Taylor, Rip Francis Clayfon Brown Don Jacobson at my 4 Anais, minvr Sp ortA and fic tia7itieA One Hundred A " Al Miller, Coach One Hundred Twenty lumen ?oot6 I For lhe lirsl lime, fhe F-rosh 'foolball leam was under lhe guidance of a regular facully coach. The coaching slaff consisled of Al Miller, coach and Karl Schneider, and Pinkey Redden, assislanls. Owl' of 'l'he six games played lhe Aggie Colls heal Chico and Lassen here, and los'l 'lo Sl'ockl'on J.C., Marin J.C. Placer J.C., and Sanla Rosa J.C. on lheir home fields. The Aggie Cells showed several men lo be good Varsily malerial. The oufslanding men were Pearce, Locke, Marioni, Meek, and Brown, 'Forming a five man combinalion 'rhal held 'fhroughoul 'lhe season. Chel' Locke was elecled honorary caplain for lhe year. e lnmen Ka' la'et6all Cal A ggies saw fhe s+ar'I' 'of fhe Frosh baskeiball a good 'l'urnou'r ihe ream, alrhough no+ winning very many games ai' firs+, showed rhai' +he 'ieam had a lo'l' of good maferial by Hs good showing ai' 'lhe d feam ihis year. Wifh en of 'lhe season. Wifh fhese boys and ihe remainder of 'lhe varsily squad fhe prospecls look good for nex'r year's varsily season. l l x l i i Verne Hickey, Coach A- 5 1 11.1 !::'11fW' . nlVilELl,f'n df? Tf15l'.4:f "I: -.rml.'f:5A:"'f ." ,. --f.p::,:rg ii,-.1.lfXm, Q-1-w ,.-tvzmi ...ral if X Q. ,,.,1ff3,s.l-, -, ,11-J.:-'mix ai--faf,'j5-5-j-mf f an-ry," 1, ."!'..:. y5"l',i. 1.i,.', vw! Jw- Q, f,nAn,.i U' - f T 3 . . A Y,.k,.ii-- i .., V. .wr -l' V I '. 2 Suzi-'Hz' is 3 'w ...i H.. 'g1.l3i'l:Ll-1..1:1j ,W fi. .qf""g 5iWli.2l,.Ll '-,4.m-i'-me 5-gf" rf.-,i si? li, P-'.'M.:i?l' ,. ,Ly ..i,,,.r. N, . VU, , ,H'f 5 . - Q ' wvlfvv 1 'f will FSH uf-ai kuif-W gf,-,Elms-qv' l,-,tumf :fu--:xiii 2'- 1 1" ' 'il' ' ,.i .i H wi -La-'-'W-' , , L. ,V .1 - -TQUEHG Im Lilly 9,15 if : by xwhel ,210 " 1 "6 ii? 5-,Z 'z 'Juv u:"" uf, v,-1 X, vnuujllnr l Lil'.I,,Al...l -, --mmf.. ' " " 3 .1-.,L .1-J LLM Baclc Row: Edwin Kelley, Allen Sherma J' Gerald C d n, lm Dodds, Bill Seiferf. ow en Fronl Row: David Graf, Ray Barron, Richard Jones, James Nicholson, Bob Dunham, Ralph Sandsfad One Hundred Tw enty-one Ml Ge orge Siromgren. Coach One Hundred Twenty-two -.NX Coach Sfromgren, Edgar Osgood, Warren Tuffs Lewis Bridge,YRichard W. Jon es, Fred Baird. AI Booih Tennis on 'rhe Davis campus is rapidly climbing info a very prominenl' posiiion, and 'lhis year's -+urnou+ of +wen1'y-five men was an increase over lasi' year's squad. The only ou+s1'anding leHerman reiurning is Al Booih, buf new men +ha+ show promise are: Lewis Bridge, Ed Os- good and Fred Baird. Meefs have been scheduled wiih San Francisco Sl'a're CO P , . . ., Pasadena J.C., Sacramenio J.C., Universify of Nevada 5 and 'Phe 'ream will be enfered in 'rhe Far Wesiern Conference meel' ai' Siocldon. . Y x e tling if Wresiling, affer an absence of one year, has once more in appeared on our campus as a minor sporl. Meels were held wiih California 'I'wice w"I'h , I San Jose, and Sianford. San Jose was bearen by +h A e ggie grapplers decisively buf 1'he experienced California ieam sei' fhe Aggies back iwice, 4-I and 3-2. Th .r l e firsi' feam, and probably leH'er winners, was com- posed of Shankel, l27 pounds: Cap'I'ain Hull, l35 pounds: Renwick, I45 pounds: Paulman l55 , pounds: Tyler, I65 pounds: Walker, I75 pounds. -, . .-':1'i'?Af 'l H4 ,..,fHT"T" ' i -A--f "' ' , ' ffl .-f--" . " ' s 1 ,f-f'f""'A! , l 417 ll ii i I Back Row' P . erry Miller, Roy Powers, Harry Walker, Wilbur Lesfer, Charles Swanson, Olis Harvey Middle Row: Takeshi K b H u ofa, Dave Dubois, Bill Clinion, Joe ull, John Eberhard, Larry Marks, Joe Brown, Pele Luppen Fronl Row: Haruo Naiima, Ed Hull, Capi. Paul Barmore, Hilfon Paulman, Waller Shankel, Bill Renwick, Morgan Tyler One Hundred Twenty-three Pefe Luppen, Coach H, ,J Bob Squibb, Coach One H zmdrecl Twenty- four ,..! Nasouh Azzouni, Russell Kozulxi, Jawad Daoudi, Sfewarf Nixon, Bob Squib ado A new ac+ivi+y'on rhe Aggie campus 'ihis year is Judo, a modified form of Jui Jifsu. California and several a+hle'l'ic clubs have served as opponenis. Early in lhe season, Kozulci was elecfed Capfain. He also serves as assis'I'an'I' coach lo Bob Squib. Judo requires quick lhinlcing and science raiher 'Phan loruie sirengih. The Aggies have learned The sporl' quickly and ihe 'l'eam has ye+ +o be defealfecl. b Sk ing Winier sporfs have had an imporfanf place ihis year among 'l'he Aggies, and members of +he skiing feam have done remarkably well in compeiifion. The feam placed eighfh in a field of sevenieen en+ries a+ 'the Pacific Coasi Infercollegiafe Ski Union Meei' held in Yosemife and second in 'rhe mee? of fhe soufhern division of fhe Ski Union, held in Los Angeles. The en'l'ire 'ieam is reiurn- ing and under fhe able guidance of Coach Woody Wilson, should even furiher exfend 'rheir repufafion nesd' year. 1 I lff if Woody Wilson, Coach . i 'x I i Jerry Conrow Lorin Trubschenck J I' R . , uuus ussel, Bill Pelcher, Capi. Geor e S ' l b g plege urg, Houghion Sawyer One Hzmclred Twenty-,Que V Back Row- Be . n Marcum. Lee Morrison, Earl McConnell Bryc Barnard, Bill Ware, Capl. Charles Morfon, Don Beriuleli' Middle Row: Bob Spangler, Jack Manders, Morgan TI King, Gilberf Ayron Fronf Row: Don Demeireos, Al Benion, Thomas Gaslon, Carl S+evenson Swimming y s E i N l Ben Marcum, Coach One Hundred T wenty-six Srrong swimming inie l resi' was show 'rh' acl' ' n is year in 'ih' lv1+y as 'rhe ne n w 5365.000 swimming pool and nasium were o Parramore lrvln S 9Ym' pened ai' ihe b ' ' egmmng of 'I'he school year. S'l'uden+ Coach Ben Marcum has been +he direclor of a swimming ieam, and Capiain Bill'Ware, breasi' sirokeg Bryce Barnard, back srrokeg Lee Morrison, free sfyle and Wall Buckingham, diving, have been 'lhe nucleus of 'lhe ieam. Meers were scheduled wifh 'Phe Elks Club of Sacramenfo, COP, and Grani' Union High School of Sacramenio. mock ci . All si-ucle arned +heir Block C.A. are enfilled l'o membership in lhis organizafion. Through fhe funciions spon- sored by lhis club, +he iniury fund lo fake care of all iniured alhleles is mainlained inlacl. Luncheon meelings are held every lwo weeks a'I' fhe various Fralern nl's who have e ilies. Cla rence Jones, Presid enl Sieve Cho - 'W Back Row' Joh S .I U, 3-.54 1 1-'-me 'i 1 lf.u.i.w-- .v Tl! ' ,f,f1,.i,: ff'-If.: ,.,, 1:19. fefffgm. Qglul LQ 'TS unify . n ilva, Wall' Walson, Chorak, Roy Sockland, Dave Peferson, ClarerFQlill-,lilllliiil,f'BfQl,?fQl2ll,1fE4.l'Hi Manley, George Buckley, Guy Leggi'H', Mr. pic?-:El Marall, Clyde Tipfon i:iif'f:f,42:"'l'l?'P',l'i,ff'.VflX-MSF gjji Middle Row: Howard Befls, Frank Rue, Lesler Wllfe1iQ,AlQi13SagQ'5'gQhkdk.E "." Underhill, Chuck Halfield, Don Farquhar, Fred ,:., Fronl Row: Takashi Kiyomura, Doug McArlhur, Bob Monlgomery, Al Smilh, Glen Sevier, Bob Emerson, e':V'3"ll"il' Une egkdiakwy Hundred Twenty-seven rak, Vice Presidenl' , l ,,f'- - -X N, 1 L f N J I I gg , .2 fs ,L Can- 3 ' 1' N fr ii V ' 'Y I V L-V X, Uizgdni dfilml Counc Y Thl e nrerfraiernily Council, composed of fwo represenfarives from each frafernify, aims io crea+e beH'er cooperafive infer- fra+erni'iy spirii' and ac'I's as a cenfral gov- erning body. The Council sponsored such aciivi+ies among fhe fraiernifies as fennis, baseball, baskerball, iraclc, and scholarship compeiiiion. By sponsoring 'ihe Homecom- ing Day dance, rhis group ex+ended i+s in'I'eres+ beyond l'his original s cope. ,911 ter rate nity Presicleni s Bill Hurle y, Fall: Warren Tuff s, Spring Leroy Edwards Ll , oyd Roe, John Johns, Lewis Bridge, Jim Leafhers Warren Tuffs, Wayland Conrad, Pere Gaines, Vicior G Foley, Archie F ' ray, Thomas rick, Bob Emerson One Hu nd red T hirty-three V h X-iv -,X 1 X Hu. ' --nu "fx f Wil 9 'A 1 -1 Row One: Fredric Baird, Don BuH'le, Emerson Clark, Bob Conn, Bob Crouch, Norman Dal Porio, Bill Dryer Row Two: Rex Eclcles, Dick Ellingwood, Tom Foley, John Gallagher, Vicfor Gray, Joe Green, Fred Henkel ' Row Three: Bob Klein, Arihur McClean, James Morris, Ernesi' Nolfe, Alvin Osfman, VVHHam Ream John Run Row Four: Alber+ Serpa, Jack Shea, Jack Sfone, Walfer Wood HONORARIES: F. H. Abboff, C. A. Phillips, H. L. Belfon. H. A. Young, J. B. Kendrick, L. M. McQues+en Jacl: Shea Y Kata Phi One Hundred Thirty-five , ??Q,w'iL , ,.!11,',w-rQ,r1f:g- vi,- fiif. ' fi Kvmil- QI' E-5-lb "xii .x"5i,:'i1' Fifi 13-7 4:99,-9' Jia" 'ln ".x'-A15 .- .ggi ' gg, -3, C I 'S-' 131:-gf? ,552 if ,'jg H" i fi' l 'J lf + 7 li 'T FV ' . 'H 1-Trim.: , mov ef. ii "lin" 'iff infill' .M,.l:4l.i i,,.1gg:,wJ- n-H - 'Jin .I ' 1 - . i Q-, , ' 'f..1?ll5'.z3,1,r' ' Row One: Brenf Akers, Henry Anderson, George Bowlrer, Beri' Campbell, Leonard Chaney, Doug Clarke, Michael Dolan Row Two: Archie Frick, Fred Frick, Louis Grosso, Bill Hapgoocl, Roberf Jack, Roberl' McDonell, John Pearce Row Three: Davicl Pelerson, William Randal, Bruna Rosellini, Elfon Sandsiad, John ScoH', Bill Seiferf, Reber? Seyms, Kennefh Slusser, Roberl' Walfon, Dees Youdall HONORARIES: C. S. Mudge, I. F. Smifh, G. H. Hari, M. A. S+ewari, W. M. Regan, F. M. Hayes, S. B. Freeborn, E. C. Voorhies, F. Smiih George Bowlre l One Hundred Thirzty-six Row One: Ambrose Arbini, John Boflcin, George Buckley, Leroy Edwards, Forresi Griggs, Mellon Hadley, Charles Hill Row Two: Franklin Kumberg. Jack Long, Dario Marioni, Kennefh McNees, James Millerick, Don Monfgomery, Roberi' Owen Row Three: Bob Pearson, Roberf Quick, David Rhoades, Alberf Ricci, Lloyd Roe Row Four: Fred Schaflauer, Paul Scha'H'auer, Philip Sibley, James Waidlich HONORARIES: C. Hansen, R. Bainer, J. D. Long, E. L. Proebsfing, J. W. Gilmore 1 N il F I 4 0' l fy . I in 4 Xe, 44 Une Hundred Thirty-seven ,- Philo bel leo Row One: Bryce Barnard. Russell Biddick, Edward Cook, Bob Dunham, John Emery, Douglas Fenley, John Griffin Row Two: Donald Hefner, Miles Holaday, William Inman, Hal lssacs. John Johns, Jacl: Ladd, John Lear Row Three: Bill Leaihers, Jim Leaihers, Winslow Ledson, Chesfer Locke, George Maroni, Howard McSweeney, Gene Openshaw Row Four: Bud Rossi, Roberf Scripps, Karl Schneider, Roy Soelrland, Jim Tefriclc, Bill Ware, Charles Weeks Row Five: Bob Welch, Ralph Wesffall, Berf Wifham HONORARIES: E. H. Hughes, H. W. Shepard, W. E. Lloyd, H. Goss, J. C. Doughieriy, H. M. Skidmore -E2 James Tefricl: One Hundred Thirty-eight l L Row One: Earl Blaser, Walfer Buckingham, Lewis Briclge, Hal Campbell, Harry Chadbourne, John DeNure, Jim Eager Row Two: Bill Frank, James Gardiner, George Jaclxle, Clarence Jones, Roberf Lind- gren, Don Lindsay, Jack Manders Row Three: Paul Mariana, Jack Meek, Ray Mefiler, Frank Rivers, Glenn Sevier, Samuel Shannon, Dean Shaver Row Four: Bob Sherwood, James Trowbridge, Warren Tuffs, Morgan Tyler HONORARIES: J. J. Jacobson, C. E. Howell, A. J. Greer, W. P. Tuffs, W. Hewifr, O. Lillaland, J. T. Sfahl, H. Sevier, H. B. Wallxer, E. R. Brown, J. E. Wilson feta W One Hundred Thzrty nme In terla ll p Cvuncd Funcfioning for 'l'l1e largesi' body and sponsoring inlerlw II .1 l a compefifion in +ennis, swimming, Ru+l1 Mezger, Presidenf Franlc Rue, Ex. Com. Represenfalive , ,u.:xv:.,3 . wh , , . 'N x of organized sfuclenis fa, ' l FXR f V .Il up foo+ball, baseball, and olher minor sporis, ihe lnierhall xi . g Council has Hs prominenl' place on 'rhe campus among l "" ' X X. +l1e organized groups. ,J . W -Ay '-2, , ' of 'A....i.,f-' , Kenny Coafes, Belly Garvey, Rufh M :. . , ggw..-1-A'-" ezger, E. V. Sfalml, Ross Johns, Franl: Rue One Hundred Forty-one 710 , ,, Qtle IJ I Ted Riehl Row One: Rudolph Adams, Dick Akins, Clyde Barber. Paul Barmore, Roberi Barfon, Don Berfulief, Alden Brochier Row Two: Roberf Brubaker, Lee Burns, Palmer Casson, Jael: Cline, Waller Conley, Nobel Coryell, Gordon Cosfello Row Three: Waller Cousineau, Rolaeri' Emmons, Melfred Erickson, Ralph Ewing, Arfhur Gee, Warren Goldsmi+h, Chesier Handy, Ruperf Handy Row Four: Charles Haifield, Ralsion Hicks, Sianley Hill, David Holly, Joe Holmes, Andrew Irwin, Alan Johnson, Roberf Johnson One Hundred Forty-two Richard Tyree Row One: Dave Jones, Ralph Kimolo, Takashi Kiyomura. Henry Kodama, Phillip Lamm, William Lehman, Ray McCauley Row Two: Ted Marble, Hiroshi Mayeda. James Marlin, Doug McAr+hur, Ed McCurdy, Harry Mills, Bob Munyon I ' Row Three: Edgar Asgood, Alois Pasfor, Harry Paulson, Herberi Penfieldl Dick Pogue, Pefer Porferfield, Norman Powell I - gig Row Four: George Reel, Frank Rue, Norboru Sakai. John Short Roberl Srni'rh,'San". Somerhalder, John Sianley ' ' Row Five: Dorman Sumner, Morifa Takashi, Karl Tolaiasson, Clyde Tipfon, Richard Tyree, Howard Wilson, Ward Waison One Hundred Forty-three Florence Lydon SMU! iii .- - --,Buy ,:,f-,- Row 'One: Beify Badgley, Phyllis Barlow, Marfha Beisigl, Dorolhea Bell, Charlene Berg, Margarei Blowers, Joyce Bundgard Row -Two: Barbara Bur+on, Bernice Chacllziourne, Doris Cole, Laura Cornell, Marian . -Dinkelspiel, True Dolson, Elizabefh Doiy :Row Three: Audrey .Durst Joy Eddy, Marie Ellis, Beiiy Garvey. Gerirude Geniry, Bargaret Gilljeurf, Mary Jeanne Gilhooley Row Four: Margarei' Harlcey, Reba Hays, Grace Hendricks, Barbara Higgins, Herfha' Hoy, Lucile Huichison, Lucie Isaak Row Five: Cecilia Johnson, Vance Keyf, Doroihy Kinlcler, Diana Koeiilz, June Lang- rehr, Marion Lanlz, Telza Levin Row Six: Kafhrine Lilienihal, Palricia Locke, Lillian Low One Hundred Forty-four fu .5555 ' ..fg:-sfrffx L ' w . W! I I s 1 s V X.-51 fe? --x ,v,.Q,, iff' .mm ,, 4 62: 'A J -f., -vw - 1. , x ,, .- -Ayn., -1-.1.,,. , .,,, .- .f- b . x ,fn x-. ,..-I any Q '42 f ..., X , sw., fa 1 ' X f 'Ci- W., ,,1.:x. .. is 1: ,J xi 'Via ll . J! 9. 5 ff ' is 'FAA' r. 1. Q qvse. uv W A , LU ff ,.. In , 5...- WJ. ,- 'sq fM.vA Mi. m...+ U " 4? ,' ' 'fu I , I Va ., . . l r...1,-..,i , ,Z w M' V ,,, My Ry ,A N, E-V ,. 5 Y. .11 ' - Q S.. Ig- N Qr ' ,. . ' 1 ' I , W Q-'e 'Fi 1' - Lk: ' -' ' . ,K - VI . AI n ' J ' ' A . wg- 5, ' . , V rf:-G ' .Q 'Q , L, V' 1. ,f ILL.. ' , IAN 1' 1'u,lJ"lh.w5fT'1"r4 .JH ::' . ,L . 4 -PQ'A-i'- if J w??f'!51'Q1- 1.--, I W1 14 '-U". us.iEP??'V,'Q' ".f123'3f,1-HF'f.' "'L 5:5-'Ep Mslkjsjx-cg K-Q1 '1' fr- -wflfff, Ts" 1-.',.:,, . ,A '21 'Inn W ' w M ,- 5'-' A -, 41, . s vu .-.,.,v,. ,..: I , ..u. W.. W..-,, I, . -4.- H I uw ul I' AJJ, H , L N N W .. ,,.A , .1 , , ,flyw ,f-ggfL,":n-Pj: J, n:.1xl.Afi2.VH..r, in ,Z .. .w,., . ,J -,rw W VE, f.,g,1g L5 Jun ,,1,..- J, M 1, - L I v.1:ZW.2- 1,-'!':!f A' fm. .iff 1-"wi, su 1. 5L.Ef?'ZENQm'jj u ,". JVfQ'iY"5'2f5xf. Ug. Tig 215, -15,-px.--I1!f.1'f'.2 mira 'rf' ,rg Hing- . ': 1:1-.1.,:p'A1.-f:'.'.:' , - 'I-girgwhu '. -'MLM ,, Q 'Ly-H - nb, fa 'lf-Hi: ' 4112"-'1Hgy'5, g'!Z.5r- - 2-H12 -'f1'iYI?i'ff?1lJ"1fff 'MEL' f :ef ' I' 24:11-:T 7'- 1'9'!m?':55Q,:-2:1152 -' ' s Qi- 6.4. . , s-, 'A ' . ' ii?- -e'1-'f':L- 'f ff! w"?,""'-E7 fl, - l ' ::-. ,Q 14 lea feta Jerry Fielder, Presidenlg Al Boofh, Vice Presideni' One Hundred F ifty Back Row: Dr. Crawford, Bob Woolley, Sieve Choralz, Julius Russell, Jerry Fielder, Oriville Herrick, George Bowman. Bob Beechinor, Morris Kershner, Paul Coufure, Jack Sandlxuhle, Dr. Mac Gillvray Middle Row: Bob Brendler, George Crum, Archie Friclz, Newfon Heisinger, Al Smilh, Leonard Gallarda, Bill Lehman, Bob Spangler, Chuck Haffield Firsl Row: Franlr Rue, Preslon Crum, Noble Coryell, Al Booih, Bob Allard, Ernie Tarone, Huber+ Heilman, Lawrence Bruscia, Don Monfgomery, Jack Hagerud Through 'Phe earnesf efforrs of Presideni' Jerry Fielder, a separafe chapfer of 'lhis honorary agri- cullural fralernify was esfablished on lhe Aggie campus. Smokers for prospec+ive members are held each semesfer-helping sludenis regisler is a regular ac+ivi'ry of +he organiza+ion. gal en Hoo C7116 PRESIDENTS Lesfer Van Duesen, Fallg Bob Bowcoclc, Spring This year members of rhe Golden Hoof Club enioyed one of 'rheir mosr acfive years since 'They organized in l92O. The LiH'le lnfernafional Livesfock Show in +he 'Fall was well affended and highly praised. Their Barn Dance in +he spring was anoiher memorable occasion. The club was honored by being in charge of 'rhe dedicafion of ihe livesloclc coliseum 'For +he San Francisco World's Fair. Ed IXEIIDQ, Rub: uullugll, Janice lluuucl, uvu uvvvnvvn, u-Db Woolley Middle Row: Presion Crum, Al Benfon, Gilberf Powers, Dale Andrews, Koy Lilienihal, Kafhleen Peirie, Blair Thorfon, Doris Ridley Fronf Row: Riley Fleislhman, Lawrence Groff, William Lesier, Lesler Van Quesen, William Keller, Jusfin Fifzgerald, Paul Seim, Gene Openshaw One Hundred Fifty-one Back Row: Mohamed Nafie, Warren Tuffs, Archie Calguhoun, Richard Marx, Sranley Shulh, Charles Beckman, Edwin Brown, Ross Websier, Bob Brendler, Harry Miles, Verner Carlson Middle Row: Takashi Morifa, Harold Jordan, Al Fradlxin, Bob Spangler, Gladys Shulle, Carl Hansen ladvisor, Ross Johns, Saforu Kebo, George Kimoio, Wilbur Lesfer Froni Row: Al Arakelian, Larry Marks, Don Brady, Lesfer KIa'f+, George Avalrelian, Harry Nakaia, Al Smifh, Bob Wood, Lloyd Kumafalra Hart tultural Round a6le Presidenfs Bob Brendler, Fall Verner Carlson, Spring One Hundred Fifty-two The Horficulrural Round Table has pro- vided i+s members a successful year of coniacfs wifh leading men in ihe indusfrial field 'rhrough Hs meeiings held every oi-her Tuesday. Members and gues+s joined in +he annual banquei' a+ 'lhe end of 'Phe fall semesfer +o encourage a closer 'Fellowship among ihemselves. glue and gold C706 Again 'rhis year fhe Blue and Gold Dairy Club experi- enced a successful college year wifh splendid bi-monfhly meefings . . . prominenf men in fhe dairy field obfained as speakers. O ne of fhe beffer affairs f fh o e school year was fhe annual "Round-up" dance sponsored by fhis club. held on Ocfober I, Presidenfs Wa d r Wafson, Fall Re V I . ,-.'. , r, .45 "' ne Maysonave, Sprin 3' ,YL ,, if 'iv' f' ' fl'if1l'1iil?NxH- ,gp 1' ',- gfa. ,f'gg.5i'. -N fm' " " , ,ml .-fx 'ig' nf : - V H ' y' f"'1Fv' E'i!.I':L-'Q-.3 i H - .L ,1 :..,n in '. fling- L 2- . lrfuv if r N, PM lv ' ff YM!! .v wi' 2159 gf. . . . ,i .4 . Back Row: Roy Heiniger, Irwin Bagdasarian, Lloyd Wheadon, Pefer Luppen, Roberf Johnson, Junius Heafon, Morris Kersh- ner, Rene Maysonave Middle R ow: Verner McReynolds, Oriville Heniclc, Remi O'Connor, Bob Thill, Kuciel Breen Fronf Row: Charles Hunf, Harclesfy McAllisfer, P f' ' Locke, Helen McCaffr a rlcla ey, Ward Wafson One Hundred F ifty-three ,V IN ., 1 'rr' ,, ,B r.- - HJ 31' , 'ni ay?-H-'-'all' -ff .. -7".4."i'5 l ' " V ,vyv,n' . ,r -ff -.n..n-'- 9 -'free X Back Row: Doris Ridley, Dorolhea Bell, June Langrehr ' ik Kafhalene Pelrie, Florence Cresap. Nan Prendiville, June 1 ,A ff -I Miller, Blair Therion 1 . Middle Row: Gene Openshaw, Sidney Lee Smifh, Dan Smari' ' VV u Dave Holly, Ed McCurdy, Gregory Lougher, Bob O'NeaI '3 Fronl' Row: Kay Lilienfhal, Florence Lydon, Jack Nuland X Q ffl Bob Pierson, Raphael Reich, Bob Browne, Reba Hayes . '3,,.2" . X., l A-Ta Presidenlsjg Florence Lydon, Fall Bob Pierson, Spring One Hundred Fifty-four The Riding Club was eslablished for 'rhe benefi+ of all +hose inleresled in horses. Throughou+ lhe +wo years of i+s exisience many good speakers have been oblainecl for +he enioymenl of lhe members. Due +o ifs similarily +o ihe Golden Hoof Club, al 'rhe close of fhis year They were combined. 9 Cla Ymv e fducativn 6 Bruce Jensen, Presiclenf Dave Gilhooley, Vice Presideni- The Gilmore Educarion Club was founded for rhe purpose of sfimularing agriculrural educafion by bringing Hs advocafes 'lo- gefher and has progressed rapidly. This year 'lhe column, "Oppor- A 'lunifies in Agriculfure," in 'lhe California Aggie was sponsored in order 'ro infroduce srudenrs fo The possible furure field of agricullure. Bacll Row: Myron Frane, Bob Woods, Leonard G-allarda, Bob Munyon. Melvin Herrick Middle Row: James Dillon, Pere Gaines, John Selkirk Ted Riehl James Hunfer Fronr Row: Lloyd Russell, Ernie Tarone, Dan Dieier, ljeming Williams, Bruce Jensen Allen Sherman One Hundred F ifty-ji-ue A I f A. V, ,l-:Fr rl ,af m fm, 1, :, li wi J l llri l'fi' J L l l A 1' 'F if xwvr' l l L 1 1 1 EP- '- wif ,. lf... 4: M, 'L ag.: - ll' ,ml lg, lj' 'I ngffl ly. :ind ku: , rn, li l ,, ,le p,.,.,,,, 'fl rl'lr-V 1 ,L E, L, .2 . K: ll,-1.-1 ' -IS -llwa In aiifll .WD-1 lm- If -Iflvlf-l wh' L .,- -n. JE. 'ig vii , 4' l Ps 1 X v -v N f Qi wa, x1 lr: -1 ilu All 1:':'Fln 4- 1' -,bil Rfll .W K A1455 1 r P." ll Q13 l l J lf ll ' 52 .sw ,afar lf ,:?'rfw fulfil H711 'mf-fr lillilfl l lllll r lugll, ' wif, 231, f lk 45 L' llf l el ip: in ,ly , .71 , ,Qfsff MEN, .T JU , ww, mer-- Ll.,-r.U' lcglil. T'.'flT" 1 .vu 'J ,afllig Uijiur Froni' Row H : oughlon Sawyer, Helen Miller, Alice Moses Kay Lilienlhal, George Spiegelburg, Lorin Trubschenck Back Row: Jack Underhill, Bud Miller, Don Bailey, Paul Selm John Shamel Win te po M C' 116 Presidenis Bill Coclcrofl, Fall G One Hundred F ifty-six eorge Spiegelber S g, pring The W inler Sporls Club, a organizalion on lh llhough a young e campus, has had many supporfers ihis year. Snow ranged for members during lhe win+er- s aso compeled in lrips were ar- member l inlercollegiale ski meels. A+ campus meelings ski movie s were shown and inlereslin g speakers were oblained. Holy fcvnvmic ...N f" C1116 The Home Economics Club i s composed of all girls who are raking one or more courses in fhis deparfmenf. During ihe pasl' year several ' oufslde speakers have lallced io +he group on subiecfs rela+ed +o Home Economics. The club also 'look pari' in 'lhe program of +he Home Economics S+u- denl' Rally a+ Sacramenlo Junior College, ar which represen+a+ives 'From home eco- nomics clubs from all norrhern California were presenf. E- Peggy Harlcey, Presidenf Florence C resa p, Secreia ry-Treasurer Back Row: Dorofhy To ' ' masmi, Gail McKenzie, Helen Miller, Belly Garvey, Diana Koeiiiz, Joy Eddy, Florence Cresap Middle Row: Mary Jeanne Gilhooley, A d iorie Herro I u rey Durst Mar- n. rma Sahm, Telza Levin, Helene Hansen, Judy Soanes, Margaref Blowers Fronf R ' ow. Peggy Harkey, M H . ary Helene McEvoy, Lucille ufchnson, Laura Cornell, Barbara Burfcn, Marilyn Ricker Une Hundred F ifty-seven .ae .- 1.. 111 ill I, 11'-'iw-11 I1, . . 111 'nl 111' fu. '11 1 if 1-9 ww -', 'Jil , 1 - l l ,.4 1-, ll I - A , .zu ,R JJ. ."'.'lll W,l 1 114 I, " "I .ll 1- 1: 11 J. 'E F11 .M PJ 11' ,. . A-1 .Lu in, U.'f I 1 1 4? 1:31 I Rl Wlfff' .l :1 41,113 glflim' 1 11 1:1-j Ng',.1.,. Ulf 1" X1 1U"1 Bw 'jus -11. 'QE-,-,:.:r'.l1 if-,' :eu 53,1211 1,1331,.11, kim-,1 .. ,1,, , :wi-13.11 1 ig-15" 11151112 4?ll"'?2g ' l'ili'2'l f'l":' 1ls3fl1.'al all Hi 5513! L '- M 115 l lillil . l l, '1l, l1 l Il .AQ 3 1 +5 if 'gm . .K lllilisll 1 llllllifg' , ' 1 if r-'fvlif nv " .. .. 15" " .'I,g12L.2 WAN ,M . , sg " TW: 1,151-' 1- 1 ' - 'E . .' i- . .g -' Cali 0 nia 1499 2: Women lf oc ht 'on X. X f Q Presidenls E . slelle Wrnghf, Fall Hele One Hundred n Miller, Spring F i fty-eight The Cal Aggie Women's Associalion is an organiza+ion for ihe benelil' of all +he women on 1'he cam pus. Meelings are held al which 'rime l'he problems 'conf ronfing 'rhe women are discuss ed. Also speakers are for some meelin inleresling lo 'lhe c ob+ainecl gs on 'ropics oeds. i wg N , f ,, W 'lj , v -31 '. ' Q3 xy. !lK.jf ' xg, fx. N 2 W N163 7 .1 1 l w,gw--7.4, 1 , Y Y Y Y Y ilitarq X Y . w R One Hundred Sixty-one N . N Y ,,.,-1 V 4-1411 JL ,un Evere'H' Rypinski Bob Munyon Al Boolh increase of enrollmenl' in +he college, +he Mililary Science Deparl'men+ has also grown. This year fhere are l90 s'l'uden+s faking making up a ba+'I'alion composed of 'l'wo companies and a band. R.O.T.C., wiih sixieen officers, ek, Lieu+enan+ The uni+ ins+ruc1'or, Major C. E. Driggers, is on +he campus one day a we . . . F Green and Sergeam' Snyder being in daily coniacl' wl+h 'fhe s+uden+s and looking a 'ler iheir needs. A+ rhe end of 'ihe fall semesler, lhere was a drill a+ which Colonel Huni' inspecfs +he company. A 'Final drill was also held on April 28. A+ fhese inspecfion drills, 'lhe various uniis are compared: an in is co p eden'r lo appoiniing a Lieulenanl Colonel, This year 'l'he uni'l' esiablished a new prec y Bob Munyon. 4-'cf'-' "'fr-vffj--fi-"--77.....T....,-.,,.,-T-.:,....7.5. ,YTW mfg., , . ....g.,.....1.,s,A ,,..-...... ii ..A, ,'- -i ,N I, .,, 1 I 5 l:l"Lf1'!:l . L , " .Q ii 4 V g A I l.Z If l - 0rLe Hundreds- f,S1,xtys151,vQ. IL, ' . 1 J 1 1 ,, 7- N, .. P ,gn .g. 'ii ig, su, R4 .- 'N 1-:Ti if L ,',.-1,,sz..1 L H I, N A i H V . Z .,,.I ,I N, 5, f. ii ,Q HE.: I- --,W ',,1l.l-:L-1 .-Libre, QL l . .,,, 1 sim-'fa l 3 ' P .- ,". - M ,. 'H' T?'1 1 H" ' .311 Ie' -f --if",-" 1... 'f"'f"' '-f5"'.-J"-2-"f fi-W L A-i.n.l.Liwl'Jff'fEs+eQli.,Qg4.g5Js.f - JJ L.51.ll....zs:Q.ssL.3sag,Q1.giff-,:'73Q-Q5l, -,Q-,!.:5-'-gig'-fl lfil., .fig ...A l .-2 '-f5""iil 1"-313'fH'i'-Q-'sh' l v ' r T l 1 d ' 'lh' m arison lhe Davis uni'I's always ranlcs very high. NEWMAN the C706 CLUB The Newman Club is for all Cafholic s+uden'l's on The campus, carrying on funcrions +o 'rhe in+eres+ of 'rheir members. Banque'rs and mee+ings boih recrea+ional and educa+ional are held 'ihroughoui' 'rhe year. TRUCK CROPS CLUB 4-H CLUB The Truck Crops Club is a recenfly -organized club and is for +he benefif of fhose who are fruck crop majors or who are inieresied in 'Truck crops. lnieresiing speakers are had a+ +l1eir mee'l'ings for 'lhe enioymeni' of +he members. This is a club +o which all 4-H members may ioin upon eniering college if ihey have been a 4-H member before. lnieresiing and educa+ional 'I'rips are 'ralcen by +he members and 'Their meefings are always in+er- es+ing +o all who come. INTERNATIONAL FORUM CLUB In order 'lhai' all sludenis from 'foreign lands could become acquain+ed and exchange ideas for +he benefii' of fhemselves, ihe lnfernaiional Forum Club was s+ar+ed some years ago. Many are +he benefifs +ha+ have been derived fhrough membership in 'lhis Club. One Hundred F ifty-nme uf .f ,..-'fu' 4 ,,, ' V-.-. One Hundred S ixty-th ree ,w "f . , 'Sw xl r J x lx Il I , I y l R. CD. T. CL Drill More Drill lnspecfion of Band Arms l I f I If ,f L 1, 1 x Y, ,, RAL TUDAY I 14da7e7tiAing For Sporting Equipment see . . The Davis Lumber Co. I Have a Date with "Jerry" See You Larer mi' --" Dancing 'I'o rhe laresi' i Recordings "Cokes" "Shakes" "Mal+s" Sandwiches M and Shori' Orders ,,,., The Campus Confectionery JERRY NORRIS, Prop. One Hundred Sixty-eight Compiimenis of Coleman Sfudio Poriraii Phoiographers for I939 EL RODEO I3O Geary Crans'I'on Brolhers WOODLAND, CALIFORNIA IMPLEMENT DEPARTMENT 4I7-433 Second Sireel McCormicklDeering Harvesfers Diesel and Gas Tracfraciors I Farmall Tractors and Tools I Planfers - Cullivalors - Harrows Mowers - Rakes - Hay Tools Iniernafional Trucks and Pickups Compleie Shop Service HARDWARE DEPARTMENT lull:-620 Main Sfreei Sherwin Williams Painfs Guns - Carfridges - Fishing Tackle Wear-Ever Aluminum - Pyrex Ovenware Frigidaire Household Refrigeraiors Frigidaire Commercial Insfallafions Iron - Bolis - Sheef Sfeel Crockery - Glassware BUY FROM CRANSTON BROTHERS FOR SERVICE l QUALITY l PRICE San Francisco L. S. QUINAN McCORMlCK-DEERING TRACTORS AND POWER FARM EQUIPMENT I I 'ini' rrv- Egg I -4..- 'mf fl5qI1AL. 5I do Q E ll . slr' 'uimlllinmilllliiillliii IiliinimiiiniIiIiiuwwv1"'h, I I . -, ,,.,... - -fm -f- , I I J T: MI' N I- 'lr "" 7 "I IMI r I, . lxmnriimir 'I3'II:IiIi I I '- -i1 ,l,,., , A-:A ' A ' ""1f' aEa.:. :. ' ' +L'- Z- f -Emi -451931 ' Q p .,,,. ,i:, X JT, I .'. . .,. :.., " K 3. I ' Mg., A -.afjlimiii X L MS ,- 1: LIIIIZIILU-4,243 -' , me I ,4 x ' ' I6I5 "M" S+reeI', Sacramenio, California Phone Cap. 7I2O One Hundred Sixty-nine In appreciajrion 'ro Q ' ww' ,Q 1-.IIIJ 1 "THE Ac5erEs" pw 1 TJTWTTT , I M ,fgfngi 2541517 Golden Barber Shop 'feafu ring ' . HAIR CUTS The Largesf Manufacfurer of SHAVES Tracfors in 'I'I'1e World , and Popular TdD-if -giiael TracTrag9o5-viiherevgr WB yI?c?u'IIrfTT1Z lnf?aT'In.:IIoX1aTrTrarI:?Sr: onaIIhe IIZTJII INTERNATIONAL DIESEL and GAS TRACTORS TracTracfors POWER UNITS FEATURE: Dependabilify Economy of Operafion Qualify Long Life Accessibilify COMPLETE NATION-WIDE SERVICE BRENDLY BLDG. INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER DAVIS I CALIFORNIA YEAR BOOK COVERS istinction X Silivus 8: Schoenbackler SACRAMENTO 0 CALIFORNIA One Hundred Seventy ....An Interesting ugar Beet ff me ister J. E. STEWART 8: SON LOST THEIR FIRST PLANT- ING . . . THINNING ON THE SECOND WASN'T STARTED UNTIL JULY 7TH. YET THEY ENDED UP WITH I7 TONS AVERAGE PER ACRE. by!! Mr. S'fewari's report- gives Shell NH3 credit: "Due to moisture conditions, we lost our original planting, and by the time our replants had started it was so late in the growing season that even old and experienced beet men felt sure we were doomed to failure. "However, as Shell Nl-I3 was the best and really the only plant food that could be applied, and as it was the 'ith of July before thinning was started, we went ahead applying the required amount to comply with the government specifi- cations. "Right from the start the sugar beets made rapid and remarkable growth. Daily we felt. more encouraged, and the final result was a definitely satisfactory beet crop considering conditions. "The Shell NH3 gave us an average of 17 tons with an average sugar of 20.211, For a time our sugar was running as high as 25721, but unfavorable weather during the last part of the harvest caused this to fall. However, we were still very pleased with the final results. "The method of application was a great help in saving both time and labor. From the cost standpoint, we feel that even if we could have used a dry fertilizer, the Shell NH3 was no more expensive, considering application, than any other we might have used. There is no chance of mechanical damage in the application of Shell NH3, which certainly appeals to us. g'We plan to use Shell NI-I3 on our entire planting in 1939." CSignedJ J. E. STEWART As with sugar beets, so with wheat, flax, prunes and many other Western crops, Shall Nl-I3 is earning the growers new profits. Shell NH3 is metered into the irrigation water-where the water goes the nitrogen goes . . . right to the feeder roots. Nitrogen content is over 8071. No residue is left in the soil. 1. 'it J. E. Stewart is well known in sugar beef growing district around Brentwood, California. He farms 3II acres in beets. SHELL NH3 SERVICE SAVES GROWERS MONEY NH3 is applied for you by trained nitrogen experts. NH3 is delivered as neerled. No capital tie-up. NH3 is continually tested on California crops. NH3 is uniformly applied-at the right time-in exactely the right amounts. NO LABOR! NO MONEY TIED UP! NO GUESSWORK! NO WASTE! FREE Booldel' for Davis Students "Ni'rrogaI'ion on Irrigated Farms" The complete story of Shell NH3-how it is applied and how it works, dozens of actual case histories with citrus, wheat, flax, prunes, grapes, tomatoes, almonds, apri- cots and other Western crops. Every student of agriculture should read this treatise on modern 'iNitrogation". Write Shell Chemical Company, Shell Bldg., San Francisco. One Hunclrefl Seventy-one I Kill Weeds The Wig, CAPITAL ga,-bon NATIONAL Bisulphide BANK . ' OF Sacramenio, California COMMERCIAL 9 SAVINGS TRUST For Over Fifty years SAFE DEPOSIT BOXES Manufactured by ACCOUNTS SOLICITED WHEELER Member R E Y N O L D S The Federal Deposil' Insurance 8K U Corporafion 636 California Sfreef, San Francis Al-DEN ANDERSON G- E- Zo'-l-ER President Cashier F' UPERATE... From Those Dry Lecfures wah The Pause Thai' Refreshes" cam uufu WOODLAND, CALIFORNIA One Hundred Seventy-two - H af - ei' ' - "f ' . ' aa, , , 1 -3.3,-A , I , K4 , . , . K .... A U ----- "42Wz1Lm .m J 1 ' 'V ' 'E 5 :Ef3K'25f v-1-. ,f NN 'iv . xg, t' QF? 3-5 -2:-x-Qjf 'Wi -..T ,.,."wi,sN,, M353 ,, :ww .. 14 :: wg: ' 'I ,"' I 'et 'X 1 ,f lf' X, 1 . f I !!l X s wi" 5: ' f I 1 ' 'fi " ease 5 ul. O fx ' A 'vfgarvft ,ef...,- Qi i 4, All rx- x - gf- -4' A E 1 vfnotber BEAN A rqfifzemerzb ADJUSTABLE AXLE MOUNTING Adjustable for height to al- low for use either with steel or pneumatic type wheels. Change from steel to rubber tires made any time without extra expense. Only in the BEAN do you get all import- ant sprayer features in one outfit. ll. IN the BEAN you get the most advanced engi- neering known to the industry. And engineering means performance. You get good service out of a BEAN because we build good service into it. The BEAN Royal Pump is all-enclosed, sealed from dust, operates continuously in oil. Simple in design, sturdyin construction. Remember, it's the pump that counts in a sprayer. 'Talk with your nearext BEAN dealer or write direct to us for complete BEAN catalog JOHN BEAN MFG. CO. 'Division ofFood Machinery Corporation.- l54 WEST JULIAN ST. ' SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA 355 S. THIRD ST. ' LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA One Hundred Seventy three I I Established for YOUR CONVENIENCE .... and at Your Service 0 I .M-W YOUI' SEOFC 1 EEJE.5,'3f'3iEi2i'Z' T h e C O O P I 1 PACIFIC PAIRY EQUIPMENT GJ. I EO.W. PRISING CO. DIVISION COMPLETE EQUIPMENT FOR THE DAIRY INDUSTRY Perfecf Milking Machines Dumping and Receiving Unifs Louden Barn Equipmenf Pacific Special Milk Filfers Froskisf Refrigerafion Pacific Special Filfers RoIIs Besfou and Orioie Milk Coolers Solvay Dairy Cleansers Johnson 8: Johnson Filfers, Rolls and Discs Maisbary Sferiiizers and Fiash Boilers DISTRIBUTORS FOR CHERRY BURRELL PRODUCTS I923 Eighfh Sfreef 777 Folsom Sfreef 742 Fuifon Sfreef Oakland, Calif. San Francisco, Calif. Fresno, Calif. Une Hundred Seventy-four When you're'puzzlea' overproblems of pest controL remember this "0RTHO" 5-Point Pest Control Service ...and what it means to YOU! Egg , Ne.,-X' SCIENTIFIC Pear comnoi 0,3150 I GlIl.IF0llNllI 1 A FIELD SERVICE MAN who lives in your vicinity, ' knows your pest control problems, brings to you the full laboratory, manufacturing, and distributing resources of this corporation. 2 A COMPLETE LINE of all basic Insecticides and Fungi- ' cides as well as many special products developed in our research laboratories to mee! every control problem. 3 WAREHOUSE STOCKS of seasonable products in every ' commercial fruit and vegetable growing district. 4 SPRAY-CHEMICAL PLANTS, rnodernly equipped, with ' experienced worlcers,operated unde'r exacting laboratory control, providing dependable materials of uniform quality. 5 A WORLD-WIDE RESEARCH ORGANIZATION, con- ' tinually searching for and developing new and better spray materials, new and better ways of controlling the pests. ORTHO Scientific Pest Control is not a mere intangi- ble "something," but a definite concrete service that starts back in our laboratory and ends in your own orchard, right where you are most vitally concerned. ORTHO service follows through until you obtain the best possible results from your control program. O A telephone call or letter to your nearest ORTHO field man or dealer will bring this full 5-Point Scientific Pest Control Service immediately to your aid. SPRIIY-CHEMICIII. 00RPORllTION Richmond - Anaheim - Fresno - Lindsay - Modesto - Orange Pomona - Redlands - Sacramento - San Jose - Watsonville - Whittier Wenatchee - Weiser - -Yakima - Elizabeth, N. J. - OrIando,Fla. WINTER OIL SPRAYS KLEENUP Emulsion KLEENUP Ready-Mb: ORTHO Tar Oil Emulsion Winter VAPOROL Fog Spray SUMMER OIL SPRAYS VOLCK Emulsions ORTHOL-K Emulsion: ORTHOL-K Ready-Mix GREENOL Ready-Mix VAPO DUST Fog Sprays VAPOROL Fog Sprays SULPHURS AND SULPHUR COMPOUNDS ORTHO Lime-Sulphur Solution FLOTOX, ORTHO, LIGHTNING Dusting Sulphurs FLOTOX Wettable Sulphur INFERNO Burning Sulphur: CALFALFA Sulphur Soil ORTHO Zinc-Sulphur Dusts COPPER FUNGICIDES COPOSIL I-'ungicide ORTHO Powdered Bordeaux Mixture ORTHO Two-Package Bordeaux Mixture ORTHO Instant Bluestone ARSENICAL INSECTICIDES ORTHO Standard Lead Arsenate ORTHO Basic Lead Arsenate ORTHO Calcium Arsenate ORTI-IO Buffered Zinc Arsenltc SODITE tSodium Arsenltel MIXED DUSTS ORTHO Nicotine Dust: ORTI-I0 Nicotine-Sulphur Dusts. BOTANO-R Dust: BOTANO-PY Dusts ...and a full line of mixed dust! containing the various standard ln- sectlcidcs and funglcides. We also do custom mixing ot special grower formulas at our four dust mixing plants In Richmond, San Jose, Fresno and Whittier. WEED KILLERS PENTOX Weld Kllltl' TRIOX Weed Killer and Soll Sterilizer SOAPS AND SPREADERS ORTHO Liquld Spray Soap ORTHO Liquid Spreader ORTHO Dry Spreader ORTHEX Sticker and Spreader BOTANICAL SPRAYS BOTANO-N Spray BOTANO-PY Spray BOTANO-R Spray ZINC SPRAYS Zinc Sulphate Zinc Oxide OTHER PRODUCTS ORTHO Poisoned Barley ORTI-IO Agricultural Bait DEADLINE Insectiarrier One H Ilfldfed Seventy-five RICH In Mineral And Vitamins "Economy" started Now they use lt also f many stockmen feeding Cane Molasses or lts mlnerals Cnearly 200 lbs er P tonj, vltamms, hxgh feedmg value and ton1c propertles to produce faster gaxns or lncreased producuon at lower I cost -A' Try xt If your Feed Dealer cann t l wrtte our nearest ollice The PACIFIC MOLASSES C o supp y you, OMPANY LTD DEP T R I 215 Market St San Fr ancnsco QBranch 3200 llth Ave S W Seattlej Send me FREE tbe booblels or circulars checked Complete large illustrated booklet on molasses feeding cattle sheep hogs horses poultry ences of molasses feeders 32 page booklet Handling Feed Molasses on the Farm methods of feeding mxx mg handlxng How to Make Hay in the Ram Name Concentrate Mixtures for Dairy Cows Nutrmve values of com mon Concentrates and comparative More Molasses m l938 Exper iences of feed millers in using mo lasses In prepared feeds Molasses Sxlage Making Molasses Legume Snlage Address FREE - FILL OUT AND MAIL TODAY ,, I ' ' ' . 2 D .: U ucostsi'-. . N fe'T ffm? f'f'f':"1 U . 1 . "T z .... ' I One Hundred Seventy-six The H. c, Shaw co. Your Guarantee of Satisfaction Disfribulors in Norfhern California and Weslern Nevada OI l'Iigl'1 Class lmplemenl Speciallies Including The Following New llems HEROULES DIESEL MOTORS LIESERSITIENIOSETISIIJSCKS VENTURA BEAN PLANTER-CULTIVATOR-SUBSOILER OANNONBALL DOOR HANOERS-TRACK, ETC. NEW JAY HAWK STACKER AND LOADERS THOMPSON LEVELERS AND CARRYALLS NEW IDEA MOWERS AND HAY LOADERS AVERY OULTIVATORS FOR OLETRAOS POx PICKUP HAYOUTTERS OAKS POULTRY EQUIPMENT DEMPSTER WINDMILLS JOHNSON DUSTERS OAKS SPRAYERS GOBLE HARROWS STROMINGER MTXERS I CALIFORNIA AT WEBER STOCKTON, CALIFORNIA One H nndred Seventy-seven DAVIS ENTERPRISE ALLIS- We Print "The California Aggie" . 'A' TRACK-TYPE TRACTORS ROUND WHEEL TRACTORS ROAD MACHINERY FARM IMPLEMENTS ALL CROP HARVESTERS COMBINES Dealer represeniaiion af all imporfanf Irade cenfers O C. A. MAGHE-I-fl Allis-Chalmers Mfg. Co. Davis, California 2533 Peralia Sf. Oakland, California A REGISTERED l LETTERIIII-ll'l'5 ! ' SWEATER MADE ay - , .sEArn5, u5.A. This label appears only in +I1e besl award swealer money can buy. H. L. WHITING COMPANY SEATTLE, WASHINGTON One Hundred Seventy-eight For Those Interested . IN PRODUCING OUALITY DAIRY PRODUCTS AT A MINIMUM COST: DE LAVAL SEPARATGRS-the world's standard tor 60 years-now available in a size and type to tit any skimming requirement-regardless ot the amount -it pays to use a Do Laval. DE LAVAL MILKERS-endorsed and used by leading dairymen. the world over-will handle your milking iob bet- ter, in less time, and more economically than any other method ot milking. 'A' DE LAVAL PACIFIC COMPANY bl BEALE STREET SAN FRANCISCO Final Quiz . . . ' Where do graduates go when they think of Nset- tling downv? ' Where do fraternity men go for husky furniture at-a-price? Theygoto... BREUNER'S Main 4800 Sacramento 6th Sr K Sts. Californian fir 47 Years MAKING Iiigli-grade feed concentrates, in California, for Californians, has been the business ol EI Dorado Oil Works, ever since 1892. To you today, there is available n wealth of line ,feed concentrates, of known worth- in large measure tlirougll El Dorado pioneering. For example, llICl'C,S EL DORADO LIN- SEED MEAL 130-31721 Prnteinj. It's crushed from California-grown flax-a new crop, virtually, since 1932, and one largely pio- neered by El Dorado. C80 acres in 1932- 4li5,000 acres in l938-l00,000 acres in 1939 -much of it land previously out of produclion.J And of course-EL DORADO COCONUT MEAL C2021 Proteinl-crushed in Cali- fornia, making California payrolls-the cream.-check standby of California dairymen -the egg-check handyman of California ponltrymen-important also to stockmen, sheepmen, and turkey feeders. So-as you take your way into the world of California Agriculture, do so with the thought of EL DORADO FEED CONCEN- TRATES as your valuable allies, to be fed when and as they can improve production and at the some time reduce the unit cost of production! Here's to your success! EL DORADO OIL WORKS 3Il California Street, San Francisco Plants at Berkeley and Oakland Producers ot EL DORADO COCONUT MEAL EL DORADO LINSEED MEAL l20'Z, proteinl IBO-3I'X, protein, One Hundred Seventy-nzne ARRELS and KEGS STATE Box COMPANY FOR WINES AND BRANDIES 6 Facfory-Wesi' Sacramenfo ' F6 ' G Vii!hil1:eJqPig-Ezticirtiecgsfo?GrZT::eESgs I Manufadurers of CABCO Allbouna CRATES "WE BOTHOOK For Shipping Vegefabies 'i ,N Veneer Covers - Pea Hampers JVC V. P A1dB-TWASTEN M l - ICE Teil En an CTI. QI CALIFORNIA BARREL CO., LTD. PUQBOX Phone Main 476 IOO Bush SI.. San Francisco SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA DAVIS LAUNDRY 8: DRY CLEANERS Modern Up-+o-Da're Laundry and Zoric Dry Cleaning Corner 3rd and G S1'ree'I's Phone 228 Lei' Us Help You +o Keep Nea'I' After the Game, Dance QI' Show .- Meef The Gang af Tommy's CONFECTIONERY I LUNCHES 14? SANDWICHES AND SHORT ORDERS TOMMY'S LLEGE INN C0 One Hundred Eighty Quality ID the Market Begins with .... SEED Whether it's Beans, Beets or Tomatoes, your crops can,t surpass the quality of your seed. When you buy FERRY-MORSE PUREBRED SEED, you assure your crops the finest inheritance in market qualities. To keep the quality of FERRY-MORSE SEEDS con- stantly improving, Seed Breeding Stations are main- tained for breeding and testing new and better strains. For quality in the market, buy Seeds You Can Trust bred and grown by FERRY-MORsE- sold by your nearby Dealer. FERRY Morse SEED CQ. Growers and Breeders of SEEDS YOU CAN TRUST for over 80 years One Hundred Eighty one BANK OF DAVIS Member Federal Deposif Insurance Corp. 55000 Maximum Insurance for Each Deposifor Commercial ' Savings TI-IOMAS E. COOPER. MD. Physician 'Io The California Aggies DAVIS ' CALIFORNIA SACRAMENTO TRACTOR 84 EOUIPMENT CO. TRACTORS and EQUIPMENT Phone Capifal IO65 G. W. O'Connor. Owner Iofh gc R Sfreefs ' Sacramervlo, Calif. VVEINSTOCK-LUBIN 84 CO. Sacramen+o's Finesi' DeparImen'r Sfore K ST. af I2Th Yau'II be AHEAD wzih a CHEVROLET N I C I-I O L S O N' CHEVROLET CO. 222 e s+fee+ Telephone IO6 I Davis, California MARCUS AUTO SUPPLY Never Unclersolcll Everyfhing for The AuI'o Locally Owned ancl Operafecl Corner l2+h X: J SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA Morris E. Marcus Phone Main BOO Sacramen'ro's STore Tor Men Lee "Wafer Blocked" I-Ia+s Alberi' Elkus ' 925 K SIreeI' N. D. TI-IOMAS A++orney a+ Law 7I4 Second Sfreef l Davis, Calif. SI-IELL SERVICE In appreciaiion To The siuclenfs for Their pafronage. Cor. Firsf ancl B Davis, Calif. THE GREY PHARMACY 4OI K Sfreef Sacramenfo. California "Open All NiqhT" EASTMAN PHOTO SUPPLIES DUFAYCOLOR FILMS CI-IAS. D. STEEL Davis Dry Cleaners Phone 277 ' Davis, Calif. MORROW ELECTRIC CO. J. W. Morrow, Prop. 235 G Sjrraef ' Plwrle 65 0ne Hundred Eighty-two ROGER'S STORE General Merchandise Good Things lo Eal and Wear DAVIS l CALIFORNIA We lhank lhe Aggies . . . for Their generous palronage in 'lhe pasl, and will 'fry hard fo merif ils conlinuance. C. S. QUESSENBERRY Davis Pharmacy Besl Wishes io The Aggies Soil Drinks, Candy, Tobacco DAVIS MEAT MARKET Choice Meals, I-larns, Bacon POOL and Sausage PUGI-l 84 NICKERSON C ,H P DAVIS u CALIFORNIA On" 'op' PHONE 84 0 DAVIS For Those Beiler Meals Try CLARK'S GRILL J. l. CASE COMPANY OAKLAND 0 LOS ANGELES Full Line of Traclors and Farm Machinery In Apprecialion VARSITY THEATER Mike Luil PACIFIC PUMP 84 SUPPLY CO. ' Disfribufors of Myers Pumps and Wafer Sysfems, Burks Turbine Wafer Syslems, Slar Zephyr Windmills, Hoosier Pumps, Gasoline Engines, Pipe, Fiffings, and Wafer Works Supplies. SAN FRANCISCO 0 CALIFORNIA HAIL GRADUATES Our Congralulalions and Good Wishes Make Rain While The Sun Shines Ge? bumper yields of beels and beans, peas and poialoes and all row crops, small and orchard fruils wifh lhe CALCO RAINMAKER. Gel The whole sfory from Kal' Ninfh 9 M, 5100 California Corrugaled Culverl' Company Berkeley 0 California For Over I7 Years The Leading I-lolel and Cafe in Davis TERMINAL I-IOTEL 84 CAFE Wlurra I II ze GLadsfone l622 N. Highland 4 I 4 I Ave., Los Angeles Printers OI'l939 El Rodeo One Hundred Eighty-three : Une H unrlrecl Eighty- four A..

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