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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY 1981-82 BLUE AND GOLD 2 ' - TABLE OF CONTENTS EVENTS 24 SENIORS 56 HONORS ORGANIZATIONS . . 146 LIVING 172 SPORTS 212 GREEKS 292 ADVERTISING 368 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF . . . PRISCILLA D. TALCOTT BUSINESS MANAGER DENISE SIEGEL PHOTO EDITOR JIM WELDY ASSISTANT EDITOR . . . . SUSAN GARBARINO SPORTS EDITOR JOHN GOFF EVENTS SUSAN GARBARINO DENISE SIEGEL SENIORS GRETCHEN CARNER HONORS ORGANIZATIONS . . . KAREN DYER LIVING GREEKS PAM DENNIS SANDY STRADLING ADVERTISING SUSAN NISHIMOTO SENIOR PORTRAITS JIM YUDELSON ,.... ., • • - 3 () COPYRIGHT 1982 BLUE AND GOLD by PRISCILLA D. TALCOTT, EDITOR All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without permission in writing from Taylor Publishing. 3 We ' re sons of California A loyal company. 4 All shout for California While we strive for victory ,,,k1ddg114,2t4 7 All sing the joyful chorus, As her colors we unfold The hurrah for California, And for the Blue and Gold. i 8 rn C-A-L-I-FOR-NIA! CALIFORNIA! CALIFORNIA! CALIFOR-r-r-r-r-r NIA! 10 11 We ' ll yell for California, Dear mother of us all We ' ll fight for California, Till the crimson banners fall. 12 13 14 And raise the joyful chorus, As her colors we unfold For we ' ll win for California, And for the Blue and Gold. 01 16 i 1 Oh, They had a little party down in Newport, There was Harry, there was Mary, there was Grace. Oh, they had a little party down in Newport, And they had to carry Harry from the place. Oh, they had to carry Harry to the ferry, Oh, they had to carry Harry to the shore. And the reason that they had to carry Harry to the ferry, Was that Harry couldn ' t carry anymore. For California, California, The hills send back the cry, we ' re out to do or die. For California, California, We ' ll win the game or know the reason why. And when the game is over we will buy a keg of booze, And drink to California till we wobble in our shoes. Drink, tra-la-la, drink, tra-la-la, Drink, drank, drunk last night, drunk the night before, Gonna get drunk tonight like I never got drunk before. For when I ' m drunk I ' m happy as can be, For I am a member of the souse family. Oh, the souse family is the best family, That ever came over from ole Germany. There ' s the highland Dutch, and the lowland Dutch, The goddam Dutch and the Irish. Sing Glorious, victorious, 4 One keg of beer for the four of us. Singing glory be to God that there are no more of us, For one of us could drink it all alone, damn near. Here ' s to the Irish, dead drunk. Those lucky stiffs, They had four-fifths. A six-pack too, Of homemade brew. And there was Grandma, Swinging on the outhouse d Without her nightie, Swinging on the outhouse door, And there was Grandpa, Wishing he could get some more, But he was eighty, And couldn ' t get it up no more, Without his walker. 17 FIRST ROW — J-R: Jim Weldy, Priscilla Talcott, Jim Yudelson. SECOND ROW — L-R: Denise Siegel, Jim Buckley, Christopher Williams, Gretchen Carner, Sandy Stradling, Carlos Martinez, Joe Kobzeff, John Goff, Andy Chew. 18 20 Susan Garbarino 21 • Why, you may ask, does a person spend an unknown amount of time, usually staying up till the wee hours of the morning, attempting to put together a yearbook. This endeavor entails drawing boxes on layouts, dealing with irate individuals (Senior Portraits?!), and, in general, ruin- ing health, both mental and physical. Well, if you asked such a question from a staffer, they would most likely mumble something about having a paper due and disappear faster than you can blink an eye. Perhaps it ' s the beer, or maybe the pizza. On the other hand, it can be their way of leaving their mark at this larger than life school. Maybe, it ' s because they have a chance to finally exhibit some of that latent creativity lurk- ing within, or perhaps it ' s the feeling of accomplishment that you get when the truck bearing the sacred books pulls in front of Eshleman Hall. Whatever the reason, these people are dedicated yearbook enthusiasts who give up not only hours, but what some would term a social life. Grades have been known to become non-existent, and classes, well, some yearbook people have yet to realize exactly what those are. It is because of their dedication that this yearbook, in all its glory, is brought to you. I dot ' " NR1111111101_ 11111111111111Mit Gretchen Carner 22 Frame 37: A Parting Shot We ' re the ones on the sidelines, in the stands, in front of your groups, behind in assignments, out in the rain, sticking lenses in faces and hanging out in the darkroom for hours on end. We ' re the GOLD BLUE photo staff — the " worth-a-1000-words " guys, practicing arcane alchemy, turning events into images — exact ing and forgiving magic. It would take more than a year and more pages than are between these covers to truly capture the visual range and diversity of the CAL experience. But we came closer than I thought possible in September. Nothing could have happened without the inspiring leadership and dedication of my friend and boss, P.D. The visits from Mr. Daniels didn ' t hurt, either. Denise, you ' re wonderful — could you put out the fire before you leave? Thanks to all the staff photographers — Jeff Rubin, Chris Williams, Bruce Grombowski, Joe Kobzeff, Fred Carruth and the rest who contributed photos. Y ' all know you made it happen. The sports-only photographers, Russ Wright and Paul Gosswiller, gave the book some truly fantastic photos. Jim " the Dude " Yudelson, friend and mentor — for the technical advice and photos — thank you. Mostly, I ' m grateful to you for showing me that the method of staying sane in this job was to stay crazy. Here it is, Berkeley. Enjoy it. That ' s a wrap, kids. Jim Weldy Well, it ' s here, the moment we ' ve all been waiting for, putting the 1982 Blue and Gold to bed (editorial talk. They tell me I ' m allowed to do that!) No one can quite appreciate how hard it is for an editor to write this page. This is the final act of the show, much like the fat lady singing at the opera! The seemingly endless nights of deadlines that include pizza, beer, mass quantities of coffee, and the feel- ing that you ' ll never get to sleep have all come to an end. As a senior, it ' s especially hard to end all this fun. There are so many people who have helped in the production of the book both working on it and en- couraging me from the sidelines. First there are those dedicated staffers who have stay eu up c11111USL as many nights working on the book as I have. I want to thank Gretchen Carner and John Goff whose help in getting the sections to pull together was in- valuable. John: a special thanks for copy that made the whole experience worth it. Then there are the photographers without whom this book would not be possible. A very special thanks goes to Chris Williams and Joe Kobzeff. I also want to send a very special thank you to the Sports staff who took the mad ramblings of a crazed editor with almost a grain of salt. Your patience is greatly appreciated. J.B.: your words of wisdom are inspiring. I ' d also like to thank Larry Prozan for having enough faith in me to give me this job. There ' s another group of people who deserve more thanks than words on this page will ever ex- press. They are those who have seen me through the good times and the bad times, when 2 hours of sleep in three days has been par for the course. To Kelley, Bruce, Joel, and Frank here ' s a very, very special Thank-you. You all deserve so much more. Thank you for the laughter when I needed it the most. And to Scott, for playing the Devil ' s advocate and giving me strength, even when tearing everything apart. Thanks for the caring and understanding, you ' ll never really know how much it really meant. To Mom, Dad and Chuck, you ' re the best family an editor-in-chief could ever have. You gave me the confidence to believe that I could actually pull this project off. Then there are those who have suffered the pain and shared the joys of every step of this process. J.R.: Thanks for always being there to make me laugh, especially when things lacked all humor. To Jim Yudelson, thank you for the hugs and the voice of experience. They helped more than you ' ll ever know. These last two people have become my right hand people , best friends, and best drinking buddies a girl could have. (Anybody have a quarter ?) To Jim Weldy: Thank you for always being there, even if its just to put out fires! The dedication and believing in me even when you thought it wouldn ' t work have meant so much to me. Denise, what can I say; it ' s been too humorous. You ' re the best business manager one could have. Thanks for staying up all night working, rushing to the airport, making mid- night trips to the city, and bringing a spirit of dedica- tion that ' s very much needed on a yearbook staff. To both of you, thank you for the insanity that helped keep me sane A special thanks to the artisans who have made the impossible, possible. P.D. • 001 !IlfriC4gdO4SP43 27 NIUMINIMMINP, 28 29 GREG KIHN TAKES THE STAGE Remember, do you? Remember Big Game week? Remember the " street " party? Once again, it was a fantastic success thanks to Rally Committee, SUPERB and, of course, Greg Kihn. As the stage crew began constructing the stage, beer trucks rolled in, and people began filling lower Sproul, the excitement began to grow. At 7:00 pm when Greg Kihn took the stage, lower Sproul was a mass of people. The crowd was not to be disappointed. Greg Kihn put on a two hour concert, playing all his latest hits and even getting Oski into the act. Then, it was on to Rally ... 31 k 32 BIG GAME RALLY ROLLS ON The bonfire was lit and the band filed into the Greek, filling it with music. This was the beginning of 1981 ' s Big Game Rally. This Rally was no different from the rest of all other Big Game Rallies. Once again the cry resounding throughout was, " Freshman more wood! " as Freshmen added not only wood but also a Stanford Banner to the fire. The band played all the Cal songs and the crowd joined in for a rousing rendition of " Roll on you bears. " This year the rally climaxed in a flash of color as fireworks lit the sky and the excitement for the next day and the big game filled the air. 33 W W 01 BIG GAME 0 DRIVE SAFELY Once again, Berkeley and Stanford met at Stanford Memorial Stadium to add yet another Big Game score to the long rivalry as well as establish a new keeper of the axe. This rivalry that began almost 90 years ago is continued today beginning with Big Game festivities and culminating on Saturday afternoon with the Big Game. Despite th e disappointing ending, this year ' s Big Game week proved to be one of the most spirited and enjoyable in Cal ' s history. 37 OSKI ROLLS ON One of CAL ' s most lovable traditions, Oski, finished his 41st year in 1982. Since 1941, Oski has been barreling along the sidelines and in the crowds at all CAL football games. This year Oski also made a special appearance with Greg Kihn in Sproul Plaza the night before Big Game. The spirit of this rolling, loveable bear would not be possi- ble without the help of: His Crew. 38 I rusks wright 4.— Ain HILDEBRAND TURNS 100 On November 16th an unusual birthday was celebrated on the Berkeley campus. Professor Joel Hildebrand turn- ed 100 years old. Professor Hildebrand was a professor of Chemistry at CAL from 1913 to 1952 when he officially retired, though he continued to be active on campus. For many years Hildebrand promoted the idea that freshmen should be taught by the best teachers on the faculty. He is remembered by many as the best teacher they ever had. As quoted in a recent interview in the California Monthly, Professor Hildebrand said, " Good teaching is primarily an art, and can be neither defined or standar- dized ... good teachers are both born and made; neither part of the process can be omitted. " Professor Hildebrand ' s unique talent is shown in his famous class demonstration during Big Game week when he turned a red solution to Blue and Gold. Professor Hildebrand currently spends his time in ac- tive retirement along with his 95 year old wife, Emily. Un- til the age of 75 he was an avid skier and was president of the Sierra Club from 1937-1940. Now Hildebrand cares for a large garden including 100 ft. redwoods which he himself planted. Professor Hildebrand and his wife are now surrounded by their four children and their descen- dants, totaling 40 people. 40 TOP Hildebrand on the Pennsylvania crew in 1902. ABOVE Par t of the Hildebrand family. LEFT Prof. Hildebrand performing his famous Big Game experiment. RIGHT Shortly after Prof. Hildebrand has been elected president of the American Chemical Society, he meets with Harry S. Truman and Dr. Harry L. Fisher at an American Chemical Society convention in Kansas City. 41 In addition to his contributions as a teacher, Professor Hildebrand served as a dean three times; once of the College of Letters and Science (1939-1943), once of the College of Chemistry (1949-1951), and as dean of men (1923-1926). He was also chairman of the department of Chemistry from 1941 to 1943. Some of Pro- fessor Hildebrand ' s honors include; election to the National Academy of Sciences in 1929 and to the American Philosophical Society in 1951. He was president of the American Chemical Society in 1955 and was awarded many honors by it in- cluding its highest honor the Priestly Medal in 1962. On Charter Day 1980 he was awarded the Clark Kerr Medal for " Distinguished Service to Higher Education " by the University. In celebration of Professor Hildebrand ' s birth- day a public ceremony was held in front of Hildebrand Hall with salutations from Chancelor Heyman. Following the ceremony was a luncheon in the Pauley Ballroom with speeches by Hildebrand ' s sons, Roger and Milton, as well as several distinguished faculty members. The highlight of the day was a cake lit with 100 candles to be blown out by Hildebrand and his children and grandchildren. During the following week a scientific program of seminars was also held in honor of Professor Hildebrand. dy stradling 44 AND THE CANDLES BURNED On a dismal day in October hundreds of UC Berkeley students gathered together to pay their last respects to one of the world ' s most influential and peace-oriented leaders. Anwar Sadat was assassinated at point blank range by terrorists as he watched a military review. All over the world, people were in shock and filled with indignation that such a man could be killed. Everywhere, vigils, memoriums and remembrances took place — Berkeley was no exception. No one will forget the day that a man of peace was gunned down in violence. 45 CAL ' S DIAMOND JUBILEE CAL; committee for arts and lec- tures celebrated its 75th anniversary this year. In 1906 CAL was started to raise money for Bay Area earthquake victims by sponsoring professional performances. In 1906 the renowned French actress, Sarah Bernhardt, ap- peared in an adaptation of the Greek play " Phedre " sponsored by CAL. Now, thanks to CAL, Bay Area residents and Berkeley students can enjoy one of the most varied and high quality programs of the arts found outside New York or London. These programs are held all over campus, in- cluding Zellarbach Playhouse and Auditorium, Hertz Hall and the Greek theater. This season ' s diamond jubilee pro- gram included Count Basie, Marcel Marceau, Oscar Peterson, Andre Watts, the Julliard String Quartet, and the Arirang Korean Folk Festival dancers. 47 co CAL DRAMA The Cal drama department distinguished itself once more this year with its productions of Tom Stoppards ' " After Magritte " and " A Separate Peace " directed by William I. Oliver which played November 5-14. Appearing in " After Magritte " were Claire Merriam as Thelma and John Furse as Harris (pictured here). Players in " A Separate Peace " shown here are Amy Coalbough as Nurse Maggie Caotes, Rose Vincent-hym as the matron and Reed C. Martini as the doctor. Spring of 1981 the drama department put on an excellent production of " Ma chinal " written by Berkeley graduate Sophie Treadwell. 50 isimallisreemw, ,.,■■■•■iiistoilow1110.1.110011yom061011N•101111mmolowebiloorpolows,, 52 53 Clustered around TV sets, crowded in bars, dancing in the streets, thousands of Cal students witnessed a miracle: the San Francisco 49ers won the Super Bowl. The city cheered as long-held loyalties were finally, com- pletely, miraculously rewarded with the greatest sports event in the Bay Area since Cal ' s Rose Bowl appearance over twenty years ago. Flying through the season with a 13-3 record, the Niners handily defeated the Giants, van- quished America ' s (former) team, the Cowboys, to reach the Super Bowl in Detroit. There they defeated the Cincinnati Bengals, 26-21. The City went berserk, and Berkeley joined in the fun. Screaming off dorm balconies, hugging total strangers, celebrating joyously, Cal students distinguished themselves as first-class " Niner Nuts. " They rejoiced at parties all over the football-mad campus. Saved in the Dallas game by Dwight Clark and " The Catch, " and led to their Super Bowl victory by heroes Joe Montana and " Hacksaw " Reynolds, the Forty-Niners successfully captured the hearts of the whole City, enveloping Berkeley in the mania. INKS 49ers FOR HESUPa, SEASON 54 8 -4 fred carruth CP --4 p. d. talcott BARI ABDUL JOHN ABEL TIMOTHY D. ANDERSON TY AFFLECK Civil Engineering Political Science Social Welfare Genetics CLAUDIA J. ALEXANDER JOHN A. ALEXANDER ELIZABETH JANE ALLEN JULIA M. ALSBERG Geophysics Natural Resources Statistics Oriental Languages BRIAN AMBROSE DONALD W. AMERSON JEFF AMES BELITA ANATALIO Economics Architecture English Microbiology LILA ANCHETA CARL M. ANDERSEN DAVID LLOYD ANDERSON GORDON ANDERSON 58 Biophysics Business Administration Social Welfare Civil Engineering KURT SCOTT ANDERSON LORI ANDERSON MARY C. ANDREWS LIBBY ANGWIN Mechanical Engineering Economics History History PAULA M. APONE Geology ARCALLI T. AQUINO Psychology Sociology EDWARD C. AQUINO EECS GEORGE ANWAR Mechanical Nuclear Engineering MARSHA NORI ARAKI Business Administration SEYEM ARSLAN Computer Science STRART DOUGLAS ASAKAWA Mechanical Engineering ATHEND A. AU Nutritional Science SUSANNA AuYEUNG DAVID AVILA FELIX J. AVILA WILLIAM ANTHONY AYRES Electrical Engineering Architecture Social Welfare History 59 EGLIN AYSON RICHARD BACA PAUL G. BACKES CAROL MARIE BADGER Physics History Mechanical Engineering Architecture ALAN L. BAIR ASIF BALAGAMWALLA CHERYL BALZHISER MOHAMMED S. BANDUKDA P.E.I.S. Business Administration English Chemical Engineering MIMI BARDET Mass Communications MARY BARON JOHN BARRON CHRISTOPHER W. BARRY 60 Architecture English History Industrial Engineering KATHERINE ANNE BARULICH PENR GWUNNE BETH BASHKIN Rhetoric History PAUL L. BATES JR. Social Science ARLENE R. BATONGBACAL Statistics BRANDON DREW BLUM REGINALD D. BAZLEY TONI L. BEAL JEFFERY D. BECKER Political Science Social Science Psychology Applied Mathematics ROBERT BEELER DANA MARIE BEERNINK LORRIE BERHORST BERNADETTE BELL EECS Rhetoric Mass Communications History of Art 61 SARA M. BENEDICT International Relations MARK D. BENZ Mechanical Engineering ANDY BERGER Psychology JENNIFER BERLANGE Psychology SHERYL BERLING Computer Science MICHAEL A. BERNATZ Social Science MICHAEL R. BERNSTEIN Business Administration SARA BERNSTEIN French WENDY L. BERNSTEIN BRIAN BERSON DEBORAH BERSTON MARILYN BERSTON Zoology Computer Science Economics International Business SUSAN BERSTON MARK BERTOLI TAMY BESSON JEFFEREY K. BETTER PEIS Economics PEIS Health Arts and Sciences Political Science 62 VINIT SUBODH BHATT Chemical Engineering MARK BIAGINI Business Administration ANDY BIEN EECS CRAIG BIERACH Business Administration KAREN BIERS Architecture OMAR NOORUDIN BILLAWALA Mathematics Computer Scienc e LINDA BINNALL Psychology JENNIFER BIRKELO Physical Education MARGARET S. BLACK STEVE BLACK SARA J. BLACKBURN JUDITH LYNN BLAINE German German Psychology Architecture ALLISON G. BLASHILL ROSS R. BLAUFARB HEATHER LYNN BLUM ANDREW G. BLYHODER Psychology Physiology History Psychology Architecture 63 SUZANNE M. BODE Business Administration JANERIK BOERS Political Science BECKY BOGERT Business Administration CAROL BOITANO Political Science CHARLES BOLCOM Political Science LUCY BORDEN Physiology ALVERT BORO Economics DAGMAR R. BOTTENBVUCH Psychology TED BOURLAND ARTHUR W. BOWRON II LISA BOYAJIAN SUZANNE BOYETT 64 EECS English Social Science Field Study Political Science ROBERT T. BOYLE JR. Mechanical Engineering KAREN A. BOZAK Biochemistry KIRK BRAINERD . Architecture EDWARD L. BRAMBLETT Philosophy DEBRA A. BRENNAN Social Welfare LAUEL BRENNAN Physical Education MARY ELIZABETH BREWER Sociology DONNA LEE BRIGGS French EILEEN BROKAW-BUCHANNAN Psychology DANIEL T. BROSS Political Science 65 r ANNA M. BREDAHL Physics TIMOTHY N. BREECE Chemical Engineering KEVIN BROWN Civil Engineering LYLE C. BROWN Physics MICHAEL R. BROWN EECS LAURA A. BROAOWSKI Mechanical Engineering PATRICIA ANN BRUNELLO Political Science LISA BRUSCO Mass Communications LORI BRUSCO Mass Communications ANN BRYANT Politica l Science 66 MARK VAN DUREN BUCKINGHAM PEIS BRENDA BUMPAS Human Development DAN BURKHARDT Business Administration PATRICIA BURT English ANDREW BROSSEAU Business Administration JIM BROVELLI Architecture FREDERICK W. BROWN Political Science JENNY BROWN Political Science MYRA BURTON HUGH BUSSELL DONNA BUSSEY PATRICK BYRNE Social Science Physics Social Science Field Electrical Engineering BLAS CABANBAN Psychology CANDACE CALLAHAN Architecture ERIN CALLAHAN Social Science Psychology KAREN ELIXABETH CALLOWAY English a LYNN CAMERON SCOTT R. CAMPBELL TREDDIS CAMPBELL ISABEL CAMPOS Mass Communications PENR Business Administration Business Administration JIM CANARY LESLIE M. CANE MADELINE CANEPA BRIAN CAREY Chemistry Sociology PEIS EECS 67 JANE E. CARLETON Psychology JEFFREY WARREN CARLSON Psychology MARK A. CARTER CHRISTOPHER CASEY 68 Industrial Psychology Architecture JAMES CARNEY Business ANTHONY JOHN CARR Soviet Studies EDWARD C. CASEY JR. Rhetoric MICHELE MARIE CARMASSI Social Welfare BYRON J. CARMICHAEL Graphic Design KIMBERLY J. CARPENTER Humanities STEPHEN CARSON Political Science NOEL T. CASTANEDA Economics JOHN CATON RICIA CAULFIELD SANDRA CAVANAH JULIE A. CAVANNA Physical Education Latin American Studies Business Administration Economics French MERCEDES CAZARES YOUNG CHAI CHARLES KIT-YING CHAN DARWIN CHAN Physical Education Architecture Civil Engineering Medical Physics DAVID MING-CHEUN CHAN Biochemistry JOHNNY CHAN WANDA CHAN WAN-MEN JANE CHAN Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science 69 WAN MING CHAN CAREN CHANG SARAH V. CHANG MING HAI CHAO Architecture Biophysics Ec onomics Business Administration COLIN CHAPMAN RAYMOND T. CHAU EMILY Y. CHEN FRANKLIN CHEN Political Science History Computer Science PENR Psychology JOHNNY W. CHENG RALPH G. CHERN DANNY Y. CHEUNG EVAMARIE CHEUNG EECS EECS EECS English SIU-WING CHEUNG Computer Science Applied 70 Math TIPPI CHEUNG Applied Math KAREN LYNN CHEW Business Administration PAMELA D. CHEW Physical Education CURTIS CHIN EDWARD CHIN JEFFERY CHIN MATTHEW WONG CHIN PENR Landscape Architecture Economics Mechanical Engineering DALE CHIN DEWEY CHONG MARK W. CHOW RAYMOND CHOW Chemical Engineering Architecture Soology Psychology BRIAN CHOY Political Science ERIC CHRISTIANSON Aviation Administration CATHERINE CHRISTIE Linguistics CHAU-CHI CHU Mathematics Political Science JOHN K. CHU BELINDA CHUA DAVID CHUN KAREN KIT YEE CHUNG Chemical Engineering Psychology Business Administration Computer Science 71 CHRISTOPHER CLARK Political Science DAVID A. CLARK Economics DOUG CLARKE MICHAEL CLAYTON Medical Physics Physics CATHERINE CLIFTON Business Administration CHARLOTTE CLINKENBEARD French KAREN CLINKSCALES Dramatic Art DAN CLOUSE Computer Science JANE CLOWDSLEY Landscape Architecture 72 BOBBY COBBS English CLIFFORD COHEN Political Science IVY COHEN Political Science JEANA MARIA COLACIANCHI Physiology Psychology JOHN M. COLE PEIS MICHAEL COLLEARY English CRAIG COIG Social Science LINDA COLLEM__) MARILYN COLLIER AVE MARIA COLLINS DAVID EUGENE COLLINS Business Administration Rhetoric Business Administration Computer Science MARGARET J. COLLINS Business Administration DINA COLORAFI Nutrition Dietetics KATHERINE CONDON PENR GEORGE WILLIAM CONDRA SHOFF Chemical Engineering 73 CARI CONK Mass Communications SEONA A. CONNOLLY Biology MAUREEN CONNOR Mass Communications PEGGY CONROY Economics Political Science ANDREW CONTOPOULOS PEIS BERNARD 0. COOPER Philosophy CHRISTOPHER K. COOPER Political Science Economics DENISE COOPER PENR SUSAN COOPER STEPHEN D. COOPER VERONICA CORHADO MICHAEL J. CORLEY Nutrition Business Administration Business Administration Political Science ADOLFO CORONA CHRISTIONE COSTELLO WAYNE COTTRELL DENISE MARIE COUCHOT 74 Political Science Computer Science Civil Engineering Social Science LISA COULTER CURT COUTIN MARK COUTURE JESSE A. COVARRUBIAS Architecture Psychology Physics Social Science LARRY COWLING TED CRAM ER THOMAS CLARK CRAMER SUSAN CRAWFORD Sociology History English Economics Business Administration JEFFREY R. CROCKER DAN CRONAN BRIAN CRONK JULIA CROSSLAND Psychology English English Legal Studies MARIE CROWHURST WENDEL D. CRUTCHFIELD JOSEPH ELMER A. CU RON CURTU Political Science Business Administration Microbiology Immunology Computer Science 75 ANN JUSTINE CURLEY Sociology CESAR DABLO JR. Architecture SYLVIA CURLETTO PEIS MIKE CUTLER Soc iology TROY DAHLBERG DREW DAINE KAREN DALES MARY DALTON History Physiology Social Science Economics JILLIAN K. DALY ELIZABETH DAMERON PAM DAMONTE DIANNE E. DANIELS 76 Political Science Economics History of Art Architecture SISSELA DANIELSON CINDY CAROLYN DARE DOUGLAS KIRK DARLING DIONE DARRACQ Individual Social Science Computer Science Business Administration Bio Reserve Science GINA D. DAVAZARI English TONY DAVID Social Science MARILYN KAY DAVIDSON Economics Business Administration MIKE DAVIES Mechanical Engineering SCOTT DAVISON History JEFFREY D. DAVINE Business Administration JAMES A. DAVIS PAMELA DAVIS Psychology Computer Science 77 RICHARD DAVIES JOSEPH DEA PETER S. DEERING ALAN DEITCH Physics Architecture Business Administration Business Administration ARMAH A. DE LA CRUZ LILLIAN DEL PILAR LISA HELEN DE MERS SATWANT SINGH DHILLON Microbiology Business Administration Business Administration Physiology EVE LYNN DICKSON LISA ANN DIMAC CARAL DIN MOOSA DJAVAHERI Architecture Social Science Social Welfare Computer Science ARPY DJENGUERIAN HOANG C. DO JOHN A. DOLLY THOMAS E. DOLLIVER 78 EECS Biochemistry Political Science lEOR MARIA LENA V. DOMINGO Political Science GINA DONATI Business Administration LEIGH MARGARET DONLEY Conservation and Resource Studies DIANA L. DORAME Political Science SUSAN DORFMAN ELAN DORSEY MYRON E. DORSHAK BOB DORWOOD PEIS Chemical Engineering Psychology Social Science WALDEMAR DOS PASSIS JR. CATHERINE DOUAT SUSAN DOVI SAMUEL DRAKE Physics Rhetoric Political Science Zoology LAURIE ROSE DREYER KIMBERLEE DROKE JEAN MARIE DRONEY CAROLYN DUBBIN History English Sociology Anthropology 79 GREGG DULIK History DANA DUNCAN Sociology DOREEN S. DULAY Business Administration DEBRA M. DUNCANSON Rhetoric KAREN DYER Mass Communications DOUG DYNES Mechanical Engineering STEVEN EAGER Biological Science 80 GRANT EDELSTONE Environmental Sciences DENNIS HARRY EDGREN Physical Science MARC EDMONDSON Business Administration CATHLEEN MARIE DUNN PEIS BARBARA DUNNE Physical Education ADRIA SANFORD SAMUEL ELFENBAUM Mass Communications DOREEN EGER Forestry END THE GERRYMANDER Rim TUC MAIRA ELIOPOULOS ERCI R. ELLEFSEN Psychology English KENDAL ELLIOTT MELINDA ELLIS DALE EMERY MARK D. EMMERSON Computer Science Economics Chemical Engineering Business Administration BRIAN A. EMMONS ELAINE ENG MYRON ENG MICHAEL ENGER Marine Biology Architecture Chemical Engineering Economics 81 PETER JOHN ENGSTROM TRACEY ENNEKING JANICE EPSTEIN KRISTINE ERICHSON English Biology Chemistry Mass Communications THOMAS W. ESCHERICH GRACE ESCAMADO JOSEPH EUPHRAT KATHERINE EVANS Forestry Mass Communications Business Administration Physical Education PETER EVANS COLEMAN FANNIN MAUREEN FANNON GREGORY FARINSKY Nuclear Engineering Political Science French Architecture 82 JOHN P. FARLEY Architecture DeETTE FARNSWORTH English THERSA FARRAH Biochemistry Computer Science THOMAS EDWARD FARRIS JR. History KAREN FAULKNER JANET FAY JAMIE FEDERMAN JOE FEIGENBAUM Architecture Political Science History of Art History CATHERINE FELCH FRANCIS J. FELIX RALPH J. FERNANDEZ WILLIAM JOHN FIGENSHU PEIS History Business Administration Architecture Political Science LINDA JoANN FINCO KATIE FITZSIMMONS CINDY FLEMING DANA FLINN Civil Engineering Business Administration Psychology Legal Studies ELIZABETH FLORES BRENDA MARIE FLYNN MOLLY FLYNN SUZY FOLCK Rhe toric Forestry Landscape Architecture PEIS 83 DONNA M. FONG EVERETT P. FONG JANNELLE L. FONG KELLEE PHILIP FONG Psychology MSE Psychology Physical Sciences BARBARA FONZI Business Administration KAREN FORSSTROM Art RONALD FONG Architecture NANCY FORBES Business Administration SCOTTIE FOSTER LORETTA J. FOX MARCIA FOX LINDA FRAKER 84 PEIS Physical Education Social Science Field Major Spanish KERRY FRANCIS Economics French JUDITH LYNN FRANCIS Industrial Psychology MADELINE FRANKEL Psychology KAREN FRASER PEIS WILLIAM FRANZ ANDREA A. FREEDMAN JIM FREI JEREMY FRIED English Foreign Development Policy Business Administration Forestry KAREN ELIZABETH FRITCHEY PEIS JON COLIN FROJEN Economics SETH FRONT English SUSAN FROST Social Welfare 85 ROBERT C. FRUTH Economics Computer Science DAVID FUJIKAWA Environmental Biology YASUKO FUKUDA Microbiology Japanese LINA R. FUKUMOTO Business Administration JOHN FUNG KARLA FUNG LOUISE FUNKE ANN FURTADO Social Welfare Architecture IEOP Business Administration ANN BLAIR FURBUSH MARGEE GALEF LORI GALLO CHESLYN GAN History Social Science Political Science Biological Sciences THERESA GAN WAYNE M. GARAVAGLIA LISA ANN GARRATT MELISSA GARRICK 86 Nutritional Sciences EECS Political Science Landscape Architecture ANNE K. GARVIN ANDREW GEE JULIA ANNELL GEE SHARON GELDBERG Urban Economic Geography Biology Mechanical Engineering Labor Relations MARTHA GERATRY Individual Human Development SHARON GERBER Business Administration KAREN ANNE GERKEN CNR SHARON LYNN GERKEN Business Administration LYNN GESKE French SHEILA GILLESPIE Health Arts and Sciences GEORGINE GLAFKIDES Business Administration JACQUELINE GAYLE GLANVILLE Chemical Engineering GARY GLENN MICHAEL GLUCK LEAH GODSEY CHERYL J. GODWIN Economics History Civil Engineering Microbiology 87 CAROLY S . GONG Business Administration MARINA GOMEZ Biology ANTONIO GOMEZ Pure Mathematics JOSHUA MARK GOLOMB Philosophy CHERYL GOULD Business Administration 88 MARGARET ANNE GOULD Developmental Studies RONALD D. GOOCH Physical Education LIZABETH GORDON Rhetoric Political Science IRVING A. GONZALES Architecture DAN GORDON PENR MARGIE GOODSMAN Zoology Co5: CREIGHTON BRUCE GOODWIN Graphic Communication GARY GOULDSBERRY EECS STEVEN GRACE Forestry MICHELE GRACHEFF Political Science KEELY GRAF Development Studies ERIC GRAMS DAVE GRANGER KENNETH IAN GRANT SUZANNE GRANVILLE Business Administration Social Science Economics and History Political Science CONNIE GRAVITT DIANE ALEXANDRA GREEN HEIDI A. GREEN JUDITH GREENE Psychology History Near Eastern Studies Art 89 DORIS GROSSMAN Economics and Political Science WENDY GROVER Economics DENNIS E. GRUNDLER EECS LISA M. GUEST Political Science GLENN GULLMES Social Science ERIC KEVIN GUNTHER Architecture HARRISON DARRELL GUNTHER International Relations JAMES WALTER GUTHRIE Political Science ANTHONY JOHN GUTIERREZ go Chemical Engineering LISA HAAS Molecular Biology MARK A. HAGOPIAN Political Science WILLIAM E. HAIR Biology SUSAN GREENFIELD Business Administration BRUCE ALLEN GREMBOWSKI Computer Science BRIAN GRIGGS Social Science DEAN GRINSFELDER Music MICHAEL B. HALL ROBERT J. HALL MATTHEW L. HALLIDAY CARL HALVORSEN Political Science EECS Social Science Economics JONATHAN SAYRE HAMLIN JEAN MARIE HAMILTON ROBERT V. HAMILTON EDWARD HAN Political Science Urban Geography Political Science PEIS STEVEN HANAWALT SUSAN I. HANNA TERRANCE B. HANNA MARK A. HANSEN Mechanical Engineering Economics History Biology ROSE HANSEN DONALD C. HARPIN III GREGORY S. HARDY JILL R. HAROLD Business Administration Business Administration History and PEIS English 91 KAREN L. HAROOTENIAN Business Administration JEFFREY J. HARRIGAN Architecture MITCHELL HARPER PEIS YARY HARRINGTON Business Administration MARGARET HARRIS History WENDY HARRIS Sociology WILLIAM MORLEY HARRISON Architecture JIM HARROUN Mechanical Engineering ARTHUR ANTHONY HARTINGER 92 Philosophy DEBRA LYNN HARTMAN Political Science HARRY LEWIS HARTMAN, JR. Political Science DIANE C. HARWICH Economics JOYCE K. HASEBE RUSSELL HATT KAREN MARIE HATTEN JESSICA HAWKINS Applied Math PEST Management Spanish History DANA HAYAKAWA LYNN HAYASHIDA HELEN SIGURDSON HAYES ROBERT L. HAYNES Entonology Business Administration Statistics Philosophy EDWARD DAVID HEARST Political Science KATHLEEN HELSING Nutritional Sciences ANN HENDERSON KARLA HENNING Mass Communications Biochemistry 93 KAREN HEOTES SUSAN HEPP JAIME HEREDIA DONALD F. HERING, JR. Chemical Engineering Political Science Civil Engineering Philosophy DEBBIE HERMSHIEYER PATRICK HERNAN ERIC FRANCIS HERZOG LINDA LEIGH HEUER French and PEIS Political Science Genetics Geology SUZANNE HIDEN JOHN R. HILDEBRAND JEAN HILKEN JULIA M. HILL Anthropology Business Administration Social Science EECS TOM HILSENROTH MARA HINCENBERGS DANIEL C. HING ZOE ANN HINSON 94 Neurobiology Nutritional Sciences Applied Mathematics Physiology DENNIS HIROTSU LISA HIRSCH TERI HIYAMA SHERRI HO Chemical Engineering Political Science Social Welfare Psychology DON HOBAN RICHARD A. HOBBS KAREN HOBERECHT BRENDA HOCH Economics Physics Economics Social Welfare ARTHUR HOCHBERG HEIDI BERGH HOFF KAREN HOFFMAN STACY HOFFMAN History EECS English Applied Mathematics GAIL HOFFMANN THOMAS HOLDEN MICHAEL D. HOLLAND GORKAMONTE HOLLISTER Microbiology Immunology Computer Science Psychology Rhetoric 95 DAVID HOLSCHER Architecture NANCY HOLT Economics ERIC WILLIAM HOLT Development Studies AMY HOM Math for Teachers JULIE HOM Computer Science LANI K. HONMA Genetics MARYANNE HORTON History MICAELA C. HOSKINS Business Administration DEAN MICHAEL HOUNTRAS Psychology 96 VERNON HOWARD Political Science HSIN-YUAN HU Chemical Engineering BRADFORD WILLIAM HUBLER PETS DAVID HUDNUT DENISE J. HUDSON KRISTA HUFFSTUTLE R JEFF HUGGINS Economics Political Science Religious Studies Chemical Engineering LISA HUNT JULENE HUNTER MARC HUNTER DONNA HOPLEY Architecture History and Art Environmental Science Geography CLIVE K. HURWITZ Mathematics MARK ALLAN HUTCHINSON Business Administration ERIC ROY HYATT JOHN T. HYLAND Physics Political Science 97 MARC LAWRENCE HYMAN CHRISTINA ICHIOKA DARLENE NAOMI IKEDA KATIE K. IM Psychology Chemical Engineering Microbiology PENR DON INO STUART E. INOUYE MARY ELIZABETH IRVING SUZANNE ISHII Microbiology Immunology PENR History Biology JOSEPH F. JACKSON Mechanical Engineering HARRY R. JACOBS Business Administration KURT A. JACOBS Mechanical Engineering BRIAN JAFFE Mechanical Engineering JULIET JAKOSALEM Business Administration 98 DAVID JAMES Mechanical Engineering SARAH A. JAMES WOST LAURA IZUMI JAMISON Mechanical Engineering RICHARD ALAN JENNINGS RICH JENSEN DEBORAH J. JEONG STEPHEN M. JERBIC Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering PENR Electrical Engineering ANNE CECILE JOHNSON Chemistry ANNE MARIE JOHNSON Political Science CAROLE JOHNSON PENR CHRISTOPHER SCOTT JOHNSON Biology DAVID JOHNSON KAREN JOHNSON KIRSTEN JOHNSON RUTH L. JOHNSON Psychology History Sociology Mass Communications STEPHAN JOHNSON JANICE JOHNSTON DORI JONES VERONICA LYNN JORDAN Philosophy Economics Computer Science History 99 EMILY JUE Architecture MELINDA JUELL PEIS HOWARD B. KAMIMOTO Computer Science DAN KALB Conservation and Resource Studies CRAIG KANDELL Physiology YURI KANEDA Microbiology Immunology JEANNIE E. KANG Architecture STEVEN JAMES KAPPLER Civil E ngineering JON KARESH History SUZANNE LYNNE KATZ Psychology JAMES KAUFMAN Physics Astronomy MARY K. KAUFMAN Economics 100 KATHLEEN KAVALEC BRIAN ARTHUR KELL KATHY KENDRICK TED KENNEL Political Science Chemical Engineering Economics Near Eastern Studies HYE-EUN KIM Chemistry EUN SOK KIM EECS REMY KESSLER History CHANG-CHO KIM EECS JAMES KIM ROY I. KIM WON KYU KIM MARI KIMURA Architecture Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering Psychology 101 JOHN KINSELLA Business Administration MYRON KIRIU Business Administration KATHLEEN KIRKPATRICK Visual Studies CURT KIRSCHNER Economics PETER H. KIRWAN Political Science CAROL ANNE KJELSBERG Humanities KATHERINE KLAPKIW Anthropology KAREN L. KLECKNER Psychology DEBORAH KLEIN Business Administration KIRSTEN KLIEGEL Genetics DIANE KNOERLE Psychology JOSEPH KOBZEFF Chemical Engineering t VIVIAN KOENIG Rhetoric 102 CAROLYN KOGURA Business Administration MONA KOMIYA Psychology ANDRIUS KONTRIMAS Economics JOHN KORDIC KAREN KOSTER BRUCE KOVALSKY LORI KRANDEL PENR Economics Computer Science Business Administration MARIKA KRASZULYAK KAREN KREBS JANNET KRISTENSEN ELMER KROPP Mass Communications History Industrial Psychology Physiology ROBERT KRUMWIEDE JOSE KUAN JULIA MARIE KUDAS JACOB E. KUNG Math Architecture Business Administration Biological Sciences MIRANDA KUNG MARISA LAG MAN PAUL LAIRD SUSAN LAM Biology Nutrition Architecture Business Administration 103 MARK ALAN LAMBERT ELIZABETH LANGDON STEVEN LANGNER EMILIO E. LANSANG Political Science French Sociology Architecture ANTONIO LAO PATRICK SEAN LaVELLE ANNETTE LAllANOTTO WILLIAM H. LAVIS IV Architecture Architecture Social Welfare Political Science STEVEN G. LA VOTE History CAROL HELGA LAllAROTTO Political Science BRIAN R. LEARY CAROL ANNE LEE 104 PEIS Linguistics CHUL H. LEE Biology DAVID LEE Economics DONNA A. LEE DORIS LEE Psychology Statistics DOUGLAS W. LEE Sociology ELAINE ANNABELLE LEE Business Administration HEATHER C. LEE Computer Science JENNET CHIN LEE Conservation Resource Science JOANNE C. LEE LINDA LEE MONN-JU LEE MARY LYE SHAN LEE Mechanical Engineering Economics Linguistics Computer Science 105 RODNEY LEE SUNG KEUN LEE KEITH LEISSES DARRICK LEONG Natural Resources Chemical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Zoology FRANCIS P. LePINE DAVID LEPPLA ALESIA LEUNG CYRIL LEUNG Architecture Biophysics Architecture Biophysics ELISE LEW LYRA LEW MABEL LEW ROBERT ERNEST LEW Neurobiology Psychology Legal Studies Biochemistry GRACE M. LEWIS JAMES K. LEWIS MATT LIEBERMAN MAY MAY LIM 106 Physiology English Political Science PE MEE-WHA LIM JULIE ANN LING SHEILA L. T. LING STELLA SHUK CHING LING PEIS Nutrition Biophysics Chemistry SUSAN MARIE LING LAWRENCE C. LIPMAN JEFFREY B. LIPSETT JULIA A. LITTLE Civil Engineering Mass Communications Mass Communications Mathematics LAUREN LIVERMORE HELEN GRAYCE LONG LESLIE GAYLIAN LOUIE LOUISA SZE-JING LOUIE Linguistics Political Science Cell Biology Chemical Engineering SANDRA LOUIE MARY A. LOUCKS SCOTT LOVELAND CARRIE LOWE Linguistics Mechanical Engineering Computer Science English 107 URBANO LOZANO JR. PEIS KAREN LOWES History FERNAND LUBUGUIN MAUREEN LUCEY Psychology PEIS PRISCILLA LUM TERESA LUM JACK CURTIS LUTZ P. TODD LYON Economics Business Administration Development Studies Political Science PAUL MA Mechanical Engineering 108 VERONICA MACAPAGAL Political Science ENRIQUE R. MACARAEG, JR. PEIS SARAH LIN MACK Political Science KATHERINE MacMAHOW French and Psychology CARIN B. MADDEN Political Science MELISSA MALKASIAN HELEN SABINA MANBER PENR Chemical Engineering PAULINE MAO LILLY N. MAR SCOTT MARCUS PAUL MARIGONDA Physics Political Science Rhetoric Political Science BILLIE MARINI TINA W. MARK MICHAEL D. MARKOWITZ MELINDA MARMER History Political Science Civil Engineering Psychology 109 1 KAREN LYNN MARSHALL Psychology REBECA MARTHINSEN EECS CRAIG A. MARTIN Political Science CARLOS ANTONIO MARTINEZ Political Science HELEN ATIRA MARTINEZ ISIDRO CHRIS MARTINEZ PEDRO A. MARTINEZ GRANT MARYLANDER Psychology EECS Spanish Rhetoric JOHN MATTHIESSEN KAREN MATSUMOTO MELINDA ANN MAYFIELD KATHRYN ANN MAYO Economics Environmental Sciences Mechanical Engineering Biology CRISTI McCABE NANCY McCAULOU KEN W. McCORMICK GARY A. McCORT 110 Political Science Mass Communications Political Science Neurobiology NANCY E. McCROSKEY Business Administration FRANCIS M. McDONALD Political Science JILL J. McDONOUGH English and Computer Science PAMELA A. McELVANE Social Welfare DANIEL McGUCKIM KEVIN J. McHALE KIRSTEN McKAY ROBERT A. McKELLIGAN Business Administration PEIS Mass Communications Anthropology DEBRA McKENZIE JUDITH ANN McKINNEY CHERYL L. McLEOD BOB McNAMARA Linguistics Art History Manufacturing Engineering Economics LESLIE ANNE McNEILL KEVIN J. McPARTLAN JULIE McSWEENEY DANA MARY MELTON Physiology Computer Science History and French Anthropology 111 MARJO F. MERCADO EECS ANA MENENDEZ Zoology BETH MEREDITH GREGORY KENT MEYER Mass Communications Business Administration LAURA K. MEYER LOIS A. MEYER KAREN MICHAEL JOSEPH MILAllO Political Science English Biochemistry EECS NANCY L. MILBY Business Administration 112 JOHN FRITZ MILLER Legal Studies KELLY A. MILLER Mechanical Engineering STEVEN MILLER Social Science SUSAN ROBERTA MILLER SUSIE MILLER LYNDA M. MILNE DARRYL K. MINAGAWA Computer Science Art History English P.E.N.R. ELISABETH K. MINETA MIKE KENNETH MITCHELL NANCY MASAE MITSUDA PAUL MITTELBACH Legal Studies Physiology Biology Film FRANK MIYAHIRA M.M.S.E. SHELLEY H. MIYASAKI Zoology SUMIKO MIZUNO DIANE E. MOGANNAM Applied Mathematics Sociology 113 CHRISTOPHER A. MORRISEY Social Science KATHLEEN MORRISON Zoology JEAN MARIE MORRISON History SUSAN MOROSOLI Home Economics Nuclear 114 Physics MARTY MOISA Psychology JAMES ROBERT MOLENDA E.E.C.S. ELIZABETH ANN MONROE Mass Communications MICHELE MONTGOMERY Biological Science JAMES ROBERT MOORE Architecture LAURIE L. MOORE English TRINA E. MOORE Psychology DENNIS MORATA Sociology ELIZABETH MORGAN Social Welfare RON MORIGUCHI Civil Engineering ELAINE K. MORITA Japanese ROBIN MORITA Applied Mathematics TONI MORRISON DAVID MOSS PATRICIA ANN MOSSI STEVEN G. MOTT Landscape Architecture Psychology P.E.I.S. Geography LAUREN E. MOULIN Social Science LUIS EDUARDO MOURA Engineering Geoscience BARBARA PATRICIA MUELLER Italian CAROL MUELLER Psychology DAVID PAUL MUERLE Economics Political Science MONICA MUI Social Welfare MARY JEAN MULLIGAN Psychology Political Science CAITLIN M. MULLINS P.E.I.S. LISA MURPHY TOM MURPHY ALAMA MURRAY KERMIT MURRAY Mass Communications Political Science History Chemistry 115 WILLIAM MARK MURRELL MARY BETH MYRDAL PATRICE M. NADEL MARIAN L. NADEN Physics Economics English Psychology ROBERT G. NAEGELE DANIEL NAKAHARA ALAN NAKAMOTO DEBBIE NAKAMURA Biochem Philosophy Chemical Engineering Statistics Applied Math Biology IRENE NANICHE LAURA NAPIER BRIAN W. NAPPER DEBORAH A. NEASHAM Political Science Psychology Business Administration Linguistics Psychology BRUCE NEILSON PETER NEVILLE AMY NG TAN NGUYEN 116 E.E.C.S. P.E.I.S. Social Welfare Chemistry THUTAM T. NGUYEN Chemistry DARRICK NGUYEN-KHOA Bioengineering Computer Science JANET KEIKO NIIYA Business Administration EFFIE NIKZAD Physiology CRAIG NISHIZAKI LORNA NOBLE ANNETTE NOGA DAVID NORTHFIELD Electrical Engineering Physiology Nutrition Business Administration English SHERI NOVACK MARK O ' BRIAN MAUREEN O ' CONNELL ELIZABETH O ' CONNER Civil Engineering English P.E.I.S. Psychology ANNE-MARIE O ' CONNOR DANIEL J. O ' CONNOR SHANNON O ' GRADY KATHLEEN O ' HARA Ethnic Studies Political Science Political Science Sociology 117 JEAN MARIE O ' NEIL GEOFF O ' NEILL MICHELLE OLIVAN NANCY COBURN OREAR Anthropology Business Administration Computer Science Psychology MATILDE R. ORTIZ DE HOLLANDER Spanish Law ROBERT G. ORTOLA Spanish Mass Communications MAKI OSHIGE Anthropology JANICE OSHIMA Business Administration MARGARET OSTRICH ROGER J. OTA TERRANCE R. OTOSHI ROBERT JON OWYANG Nutrition Physiology Psychology Architecture C.S.S.E. RAINA OZAKI FRANK XAVIER PADILLA CAROL PADLIPSKY LILY P. PAi 118 Rhetoric Physical Education Social Welfare Architecture CHRISTOPHER PAIK ALLAN R. PALAMOS CHRISTINE PALLARES MARTHA M. PALMER History English Mass Communications Political Science Economics Social Welfare JILL PALMQUIST JANET PANG TONY CHEHONG PNAG JAY PARDINI Social Science Nutrition and Food Science E.E.C.S. History EUNGJOON PARK SEUNG HI PARK BARBARA J. PARRISH DAVID H. PARSONS E.E.C.S. Molecular Biology Social Science Education Bioresource Science ANDREW T. PASSELL Architecture FRANCISCO NAVARRO PATRICK Chemical Engineering ROBERT PEARSALL Political Science MARK PEARSON Physical Sciences 119 DANIEL PELLISSIER Development Studies IRENE MENDOZA PENALOZA English EVA ANDREA PENZES Plant Pathology C. LISA PERENCHIO Political Science ANTONIO J. PEREZ GLEN PEREZ FRANCES PERRY FREDERICK H. PETERSEN Civil Engineering Nuclear Engineering Geography Architecture DAVID H. PETERZELL EVAN PEUGH TRACY PFAUTCH LORI PHILLIPS Psychology Architecture Economics Industrial Engineering PARKER PHILLIPS MARK PHINNEY JON PIERCE JOANNE PILLSBURY Economics P.E.N.R. Sociology Anthropology 120 DEMETRIOS E. PITSOS SHELLI PIVA BRENDA PLANCK. KAREN POHL E.E.C.S. Psychology History Food Science and Nutrition JOHN POLLARD STAN POLLITT MICHAEL PON KIRBY V. POOL Business Administration Mechanical Engineering Neuro Biology Mechanical Engineering BRIDGET POOLEY CAROL LYNN POWELL CAROLYN L. POWELL MARGARET M. POWERS Psychology Political Science Linguistics English ROBERT PREECE PATRICIA LYNNE PREVILLE SHELLIE ROBIN PREZANT CAROLINE JANE PRICHARD Mathematics Physics Physiology Psychology Political Science 121 MATTHEW PRIEWE DEBORAH PROCHASKA TYRRELL PROSSER ANNAMARIE PUCCINELLI Strategic Intelligence P.E.I.S. Physics International Economics JANICE PURNELL DONNA L. QUAN KARYN QUAN STANLEY QUAN Political Science Political Science Psychology E.E.C.S. CAROLYN LORI QUINN JAMES C. QUINN LORI LEE QUITIQUIT TERRY QUONG Environmental Design History Business Administration Computer Science LORRI RAIZES MONICA G. RANES TOM W. RAU KEN RAUST 122 Psychology Molecular Biology Architecture Economics CAROL A. RAVANO MIKE RAVICZ DENISE RAY KELLY REA Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering Physics P.E.N.R. MATTHEW REI EVY REICH JOHN KENTO REICHEL GARY REICH HOLD Civil Engineering Art History Social Science Medical Physics SUSAN REICHMANN ROBERT REIDY CORNELIUS T. REILLY BARBARA REINIG Psychology French P.E.N.R. Computer Science Chemical Engineering PAUL REISZ JAMES REMEDIOS PAUL RESHKE LORETTA REYES Political Science Computer Science Business Administration Psychology 123 JAY REZNICK DEMETRIA ANN RHOADS JULIE RICH DAVID A. RICHARD Biology P.E.I.S. Social Science Political Science LACHLAN M. RICHARDS III SANDY RIEDEL MATTHEW RIGHETTI TRUDY S. RILLING P.E.I.S. Business Administration Economics Pest Management MARK A. RINCON Civil Engineering MICHAEL F. RIPPOLONE Political Science Economics SUZANNE RISCHMAN Political Science SHELLEY ROBBINS Business Administration JEFFREY THOMAS ROBERTS 124 Chemistry TAMRA ROBERTS Political Science BRETT ROBERTSON Anthropology JAY PAUL ROBINSON History Political Science ANN M. ROCKWELL Architecture RENE J. RODRIGUEZ Architecture LAURA RODRIQUEZ Political Science Chicano Studies WILLIAM RICHARD ROBINSON Plant and Soil Biology ELIZABETH L. ROEPKE FRANCIS ROGERS KEVIN ROGERS LISA ROGERS Architecture History P.E.I.S. Political Science PHYLLIS J. ROGERS YOUNG KIL ROH ELIZABETH ROODNER NANCY ROSCELLI P.E.I.S. E.E.C.S. Political Science Psychology PAUL S. ROSCELLI TYLER ROSE JUDY ROSENFELD DONALD M. ROSS P.E.I.S. Economics English Computer Science 125 MICHAEL ROSS WENDY ROSS W. BART ROTHWELL ALYSSA ROWELL Biological Science History Political Science Physics Social Sciences SUDIP ROY STANLEY ROZAL DONNALYNN S. RUBIANO AIDA RUBIO Business Administration P.E.N.R. Economics Social Welfare C.N.R. LESLIE COLBERT RULE ADELAIDE C. RULE-LECUMBERRY STORM B. RUSSELL MICHAEL RUTTENBERG Rhetoric Linguistics Mass Communications History Sociology MICHAEL RYAN ANN SABATINI ANNE-MICHELE SABBAH AMY SALA ND 126 Architecture Italian French Anthropology CHARLES SANDEL LESLIE SAIMONS KAREN SALISBURY. RAYMOND SALOMON Economics Architecture Physical Education Economics BETH SAMUELSON RUBEN D. SANCHEZ EDWARD SANGSTER ROGER JON SATO History Chicano Studies Economics English W. A. SAWYER ANDREA SCARNECCHIA TRACY SCHAEFER LAURIE SCHAFFER Computer Science P.E.I.S. Political Science Business Administration HAROLD CHRISTIAN SCHEVING Physiology SHARON B. SCHMIDT Linguistics PEGGY SCHNUGY P.E.I.S. 127 JENNIFER Zoology SUZANNE English RONALD A. Civil Engineering CARL BENSON SEARWAY Business Administration TERI Psychology TRISHA Business Administration CAROLYN Political Science MYLENE SCHWIMMER Business Administration DAVID PAUL SEIDER E.E.C.S. JOE Business Administration MIA D. SELLIER Political Science MARY BETH Statistics JOEL SERCARZ Molecular Biology 128 BARBARA A. Political Economy CURT BRADLEY Social Science CASSANDRA English ANITA SHAM ISAM SAM SHAMIEH IAN M. SHARPE MOLLY SHAW Nutritional Sciences Psychology Sociology Geography Geography SACHI S. SHAW ANNE SHELDON JENNY E. K. SHIN WILLIAM SHIREMAN Political Science English Chemical Engineering Journalism P.E.I.S. JULIE SHOEMAKER DOREEN SHUM JOEL SHUMAKER WILLIAM SHYVERS Economics E.E.C.S. Chemical Engineering German DAN SICOTTE Business Administration EILEEN M. SICOTTE Political Science PARMINDER SINGH SIKAND Computer Science CHRISTOPHER PATRICK SILVA Electrical Engineering 129 DANIEL SILVERMAN AMY SIROKY LINDA SIROLA LANDA T. SIU Computer Science Business Administration History Legal Studies JOANNE V. SKITARELIC GENE SKRABUTENAS AMY JEANNE SLEVEN ALESIA SLOCUM Business Administration Mechanical Engineering Political Science Mass Communications JEFFREY SLOWEY CINDY LEE SMITH DAVID K. SMITH DENISE SMITH Political Science Psychology P.E.N.R. Social Welfare DOUGLAS M. SMITH Mechanical Engineering 130 LINDA SMITH Health Arts Economics LYNN SMITH P.E.I S. MEGAN SMITH Political Science MICHAEL A. SMITH MITCHELL P. SMITH SUSAN SOGG GREGG SOLOMON Psychology Economics Business Administration Business Administration CONSTANCE E. SOLOVIEFF MARK SOMERVILLE UNSOOK SONG DEIRDRE C. SONODA English Clinical Psychology Computer Science Computer Science ANDRES SOTO CYNTHIA M. SPEAR KELLY A. SPELMAN DEBORAH SPERLING Political Science History Business Administration Psychology JANICE L. SPEROW PATRICIA SPIGLANIN PATRICIA A. SPIKES WILLIAM D. SQUIER French Legal Studies Social Welfare English 131 SARI STABLER COLETTE STAMAS SHARON STARK SUSAN ELIZABETH STARK Social Science Computer Science Rhetoric Political Science JEFFREY S. STARR JANET ST. CLAIR SARI STEEL LORI STEINORTH Optometry Psychology Psychology Business Administration JANET STELZNER ELIZABETH STEPHENS PATRICIA STEPHENS LOUISA E. STEPHENSON Microbiology Business Psychology Psychology History HEIDI STETTLER MARGARET STIER LEE STIERWALT MARK ALLEN STOFFERS 132 Nutritional Sciences Psychology English Mechanical Engineering MICHAEL STOKES JANET STONE MICHAEL STOOPS LESLIE STOPHER Legal Studies Zoology E.E.C.S. History SANDRA STRADLING History ADRIENNE SUEN E.E.C.S. MARY M. STRAUSBAUCH Clinical Dietetics STEPHEN SUACCI Urban Planning and Development LAURIE E. SUESS KINGDRACAYA SULIA WAN SUSAN KRISTINE SUMNER HELEN H. SUNG C.N.R. Civil Engineering Economics I.E.O.R. CHARLES JOSEPH SUPPLE ANNE SUZUKI JOHN SVOBODA THOMAS SWAIN English Math Chemistry Mechanical Engineering 133 JULIE TATUM PEIS MARK A. TAYLOR EECS JEFFREY LEE TAYLOR Political Science DIANE HONEY TASOFF Mass Communications 134 ALLYN TABATA Civil Engineering RANDY TABING Business Administration JOSEPH P. TABRISKY Rhetoric P. D. TALCOTT Yearbook Political Science ANGELA SWANSON Political Science LYNETTE SWEET Sociology MARK SWEET Architecture KAREN SWETT Architecture FAI TAM Civil Engineering VICTORIA A. TAMI Sociology RAJA TANNOUD Biochemistry STEVE TAPPE Anthropology PETER TAYLOR JOSEPH TEBELSKIS KIRSTEN JEAN TED.E SALLIE TERESI Optometry Computer Science Civil Engineering Psychology HEIDI THIMANN French KELLY THOMAS Latin American Studies RANDOLPH W. THOMAS Business Administration THOMAS WIUELL THOMPSON Mechanical Engineering TODD THYBERG ELIZABETH TIDMARSH LAURA TIMMERMAN ROWENA TINITIGAN History Political Science Neurobiology Psychology NANCY ELIZABETH LEE TIONG Biological Sciences DANIL TIRTOWIDJOJO Chemical Engineering RONALD TOM EECS LAURA TOMPKINS Business Administration 135 TIMOTHY J. TOPPIN MICHAEL TORRES MICHAEL B. TREGONING CAMILLE TRENTACOSTE Business Administration Architecture Architecture History JIM TRIMINGHAM ALICE TRUMBLY LINDA TSANY GRACE TSAO-WU Zoology English Political Science Business Administration BRIAN PETER TUCKER Mechanical Engineering NIELSON Y. TSE Biochem MICHELLE TUNG Biological Science DAVID CHRISTOPHER TYLER Mechanical Engineering THEODORE L. TURGEON NANCY UIBICLI IRENEO UDASCO IKE C. UDOLISA 136 English Business Administration Microbiology Architecture DENNIS UMANZIO Business Administration JIM UNTIEDT Political Science Economics LISA MARIE URRIZOLA Political Science KAZUYA UYESUGI Biology MICHAEL VALENTINE Chemical Nuclear Engineering ROBERT VALLI JR. Mass Communication ALEXIS VAN DYKE Political Science YAAKOV VANEK Business Administration ANDREW ROBERT VAMIS Psychology Sociology RUTGER EDWARDS VAN MUIJEN Social Science HENRI VAN WANDELEN JR. Computer Science RENEE VARNI Business Administration DARREL LAYNE VARRELMANN Social Science BEULAH MACATIAG VENOYA Social Science NANCY L. VENTURA Political Science PAT VERDUCCI Dramatic Art Mass Communications 137 CRAIG F. VIDAL Political Science MAYURENDRA VIKRAMSINGH Political Science JAN VOARSANGER Architecture ERIKA VOGLER History RANDALL KENNETH VOIGT DAVID R. VOLK SCOT KENDALL VORSE ERIC WACHSMAN Anthropology Economics Business Administration Chemical Engineering JOYCE WALLACH KELLY WALSH ALEX C. WAN GLORIA T. WANG History Business Administration Economics Chemical Engineering =11M11■■11=1 JOYCE WANG Geography 138 YI-CHI WANG Biochemistry RUTH EVELYN WARREN Nutrition and Clinical Dietetics KATHERINE WASTE English NORA S. WATANABE KATHY WATSON DARRELL A. WEBER ELIZABETH ANN WEBSTER Architecture Political Science Computer Science Political Science ROBERT AHLEFELD WEIKERT Economics SHIRA WEISBACH Mass Communications WARREN WEISENBURG Mechanical Engineering JAMES D. WELDY Psychology STEPHEN WELK Political Science DAVID WELLERSTEIN History ELIZABETH WELLINGTON Business Administration RON WELLS Dereliction Mass Communication MATTHEW WERTHEIM RONALD G. WESSELS MARK WEST DAVID WHALEN Political Science History Environmental Science Bioresource Science Zoology 139 DAVID L. WHITE ROBYN ANN WHITING JACQUELINE K. WHITON VALERIE WICKSTROM Bioresource Science Psychology P.E.I.S. Political Science CARRIE MARIE WIESENECK LINDA LEE WIGGINS ROB WILCOXON KAREN WILDER Practice of Art French I.E.O.R. History r -1 0 CHRISTINE K. WILKINS Oriental Languages MARGUERITE WILKINS P.E.I.S. D. BRIAN WILLIAMS Mechanical Engineering HAROLD MICHAEL WILLIAMS Economics KATHLEEN WILLIAMS Business Administration 140 WENDY S. WILLIAMS P.E.I.S. ROSS WILLIFORD E.E.C.S. CHARLES WILSON E.E.C.S. DEBBI WILSON EDMOND WILSON LINDA WILSON . LYDIA WILSON Architecture Chemical Engineering English Art MARK S. WILSON CHRIS WILTSEY LORI WINETRUB CHRIS GEOFFREY WINKLER Mechanical Engineering E.E.C.S. Business Administration Electrical Engineering MARK F. WISMER CAROL M. WITHARM TOM R. WOELFEL LISA ELAINE WOLF Mass Communications Nutrition and Food Science History Political Science Psychology GERI WOLFSHEIMER ARTHUR WONG BRIAN WONG CYNTHIA ISABEL WONG Mass Communications E.E.C.S. Business Administration Psychology 141 DAVID MICHAEL WONG KAREN K. WONG LINDA S. WONG MARIAN WONG Computer Science Architecture Math Oriental Languages MELINDA WONG NANCY WONG PAK WAH WONG PETER WONG Computer Science Linguistics E.E.C.S. E.E.C.S. ROMAYNE WONG SANDRA MARIE WONG SHARON WONG SYLVIA WONG Business Administration P.E.N.R. Psychology Psychology WILLIAM WONG CLIFFORD M. WOO DEWEY WOO DEBORAH WOOD 142 Architecture Geology Biochemistry Political Science LANCE A. WOOD SALLY WOOD STUART A. WOOLF, MATTHEW WRAITH Business Administration Physical Education Business Administration Mechanical Engineering AVA JANI WU LARRY WUNSCH JOANNA WYKES SHERI YAEGER Social Welfare Philosophy Architecture O.E.H.S. MICHAEL YAMBROVICH AIMEE YAN DeWITT YANCEY MICHAEL YANIS German Nutritional Science English Social Welfare HAL R. YEAGER E.E.C.S. AUDREY YEE History Political Science CHERYL YEE Statistics ELEANOR YEE Mass Communications Psychology GILBERT YEE GENE K. YEE KATHRYN YEE LAWRENCE YEE Biology Microbiolog y Civil Engineering Chemical Engineering LAWRENCE L. YEE Biochemistry LISA FAYE YEE Social Welfare Asian American Studies RUSSELL YEE Nutrition and Food Science SUI MEI YEE Chemical Engineering LISA YELLAND DIANA YIM KURT YIP BETH YOFFIE English Applied Math Rhetoric English SCOTT K. YOKOI ARTHUR YOUNG CEDRIC SPENCER YOUNG GUY YOUNG 144 Biological Science Architecture Architecture History NANCY YOUNG RYAN R. YOUNG STEPHEN PETER YOUNG GREGORY YU Microbiology Mechanical Engineering E.E.C.S. Biological Science EDMUND YUE NORMAN YUEN PETER ZABALLOS BOBBI ZANGER Electrical Engineering E.E.C.S. Electrical Engineering Political Science ANNETTE ZAVALA ALAN ZEHNDER PAMELA ZELNIK JAMES ZIPURSKY Political Science Mechanical Engineering Psychology Political Science EUGENIA ZORICH Geology MICHAEL ZUKERMAN Social Welfare DONALD RICHARD SCHOONOVER Sociology Legal Studies 145 Wir tt• CHANCELLOR LOOKS HOPEFULLY INTO THE FUTURE One of Chancellor Ira M. Heyman ' s endeavors this year was to attempt to provide easier admission and longer stay rates for minority students through pro- grams aimed both at the University level and high school level. In addition to this academic goal, Heyman has also been a long time supporter of student participation. An encourager of student members on faculty committees, he believes that the ASUC Senate discourages student involvement. It is the Chancellor ' s responsibility to further in- crease, by use of his leadership skills, the academic excellence achieved on campus. Heyman not only has years of practical leadership experience b ut also the charisma and warmth needed to be a successful Chancellor. 148 I. MICHAEL HEYMAN 149 CALIFORNIA ALUMNI SCHOLARS HONOR STUDENTS SOCIETY: Executive; Tom Mitchell, Pres., Willie Tang, V.P., Gary Bradus, Treas., Kathy Herald, Sec. Ex- ecutive Counselors; Alberto Bolanos, Kathryn Byrnes, Jack Kwei, Pam Lim, Jamshid Najafi, Laurent Ohana, Chris Sweeney, Marie Wu. 150 ASUC SENATE: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Jon Kragh, Kathy Read, Don Smith, Bruce Hamilton, Edgar Lister. 2nd ROW: Elena Almamnzo, Pat, Robyn Burke, Debbie Trubowich, Paul Reisz, Frank Felix, John Chow, Betty Chow, Cathy Lucas, Kevin Dailey. 3rd ROW: Ben Bellinson, Mike Yaki, Patty Pao. 4th ROW: Roger Scott, Ron Davis, Lee Ziff, Ken Arnold, Norma-Jean Ross, Gaudenz Panholzer, Doyle, Kathy Cambell, Chris Johnson, Cathy Morello, Mark Pearl. NOT PICTURED: James Tyrone Smith, Tracey Garell, Charles Larson, Christina Navarette, John Brauer, Ida Landauer, Jon Tweed, Ken Cooper, Jeff Taylor. Attorney General Internal Affairs .EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR. ..03NTROLLER ACCOMMNG DIRECTOR MALL DIRECTOR .STUDENT UNION DIRECTOR ...STUDENT DIRECTOR EXECUTIVE OFFICERS: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Pres. Steve Addison, Ac- cademci Affairs VP Bobbi Zanger, Administrative VP Liz Rivera, Executive VP Kathy Read, Student Advocate Danny Shader. JUDICIAL COMMITTEE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Ken Friedman, Alexis Van Dyke, Andrew Brooks, Cecilia Rodrigo, Elizabeth Shepherd, Lucy Bedolla. NOT PICTURED: Jay Mellman. CALSO: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Yuri Kaneda, John Thorn, Judy Tokuyoshi. BACK ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Deb Curiel, George Truscott, Dana Braner, Whit Manley, Kevin McHale, Anthony Bernier. NOT PICTURED: Tom Trutner, Direc., Barbara Boga, Direc., Lenny Valdez, Direc., Dana Hoffman, Sharon Washington, Jackie Goldsby, John Pfluke, Jim Griffin, Deb Gonella, Heidi Stettler, Stacy Campos, Erin Clarke, Hilary Bachman, Doris Jorde, Lisa Ferguson, Chip Engemoen, Beatrice Gee, Maryanne Jordan, John Geranios, Tracy Garell, Lynne Tyan, Jamie Gower, Cathy Costanza, Diana Dorame, Flora Hood, Fran Panganiban, Karen Lim, Karen Troia, Ted Caruthers. 152 STUDENT ADVOCATE: LEFT TO RIGHT: Robert Weikert, John Kinsella, Danny Shader, Hope Macias, Lynn Finkel. STUDENT LEGAL CLINIC: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Diane Peebles, Curt Kirschner, Mike Dohs, Ben Ng, Pam Tellew. BACK ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Eileen Garren, Phil Lebenbawm, Dana Lungstreet, Steve Ahallah, Bruce McNamara, Mary Farmer, Howard Aaronberg. 153 CAL BAND: Carol Adams, Ty Affleck, Elaine Alarid, Mary Alarid, Tony Arjo, Dave Atkin, Linda Bailey, Kevin Baldwin, Scott Bassett, Bennett Baur, Tavie Blackford, Dan Blick, Remy Bobadilla, Joe Bochner, Melissa Boderman, Donald Boss, Dave Bowen, Gary Bowen, Michael Bowman, Jody Brown, Joel Buringrud, Rich Caltagirone, Kevin Carter, Annette Chinn, Elaine Chiu, Mike Cinibulk, Dan Clouse, Dennis Cohen, Bob Colburn, Briana Connell, Reggie Cormier, Dione Darracq, John Davis, Carlos De Los Rios, Brent Dehart, Jeff Dhont, Stewart Dimon, Robert Dominguez, Alvin Dong, Matt Doty, Tim Ducar, Jeff Encinas, Tracy Enneking, Russ Ewy, Jim Falls, Dave Fink, Mary Finnie, Gary Flores, Mark Fong, Dennis Gamban, Nancy Geimer, John Vito Gibson, Linda Giusti, Michelle Gluck, John Goar, Phillip Graves, Mike Green, Eron Groman, Linda Gunderson, Jeanne Gundzik, Kathy Hansen, Patti Hansen, Clifford Harris, Beth Hatton, Arne Hillesland, Keith Hillesland, Sandy Hollimon, Michael Homes, Judy Huggins, Andy Humphrey, Clive Hurwitz, Leatha Hutcherson, Craig Iversen, Jeff Johnstone, Gloria Joe, Kathy Kang, Marty Kanner, Michael Katten, Ken Katzman, Debbie Kauffman, Betty Kaufman, Norma Kaufman, Alice Kessler, Ron Keimach, Lou Khazoyan, John Kim, Jeff Krey, Warren Lee, Mike Lim, Karen Lingo, David Long, Katherine Louie, Leslie Louie, Amelia Love, Tom Lum, Mark Lundgren, Denny Lynch, Linda Manning, Michael Markowitz, Carol Marks, Steve Martin, Susie Mattson, Dale McGowan, Tom McHale, Pete McKereghan, Robin Melnick, Eric Merritt, Marcia Middleton, Mike Mitchell, Meri Mitsuyoshi, Grace Nadel!, Jim Nagai, Erika Nielsen, Mas Nishimura, Monica Ochoa, Pat O ' Connor, Eric Oto, Judy Pangelinan, Eric Peltzer, Haru Pinson, Steve Polevoi, Shellie Prezant, Mark Protsik, Jay Quinn, John Quintana, Jamie Rawson, Rob Rawson, Randall Rhea, Paul Riek, Galen Rosenberg, Erik Rosenquist, Dave Sandusky, Jeff Schroeder, Carl Servin, Craig Settles, Lisa Severns, Neal Roston, Bill Shyvers, Lynne Sparks, Doug Slaton, Craig Smith, Tim Smith, Mark Stevenson, Rod Suess, Shelagh Thomas, Virginia Tom, Seema Untawale, Steve Uyeda, Greg Vistnes, John Vonk, Bonnie Wach, Bennet Wang, Justin Wang, Ken Watanabe, Connie Wessels, Brian White, Nancy Williams, Wade Williams, Bob Willis, John Woodford, Mike Yambrovich, Donna Yoshiura, Bryn Young, Robert O. Briggs, Director, Lou Crawford, Sec. 154 155 CAL POM PONS AND YELL LEADERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Scott Henderson, Raina Ozaki, Audrey Erving, Susan Holstein, Eric Gunther, Curtis Chin, Judy Garrard, Cathy Vilas, Melinda Yaki, Paula Siirila. 156 157 OSKI DOLLS CALIFORNIANS: MEMBERS: Lori Anderson, Kristen Adams, Mardi Agnew, Bonnie Albin, Shannon Alexander, Mary Andrews, Brenda Balaban, Dana Beernink, Sara Benedict, Liz Bigford, Suzy Boyett, Beth Brenner, Donna Briggs, Marilyn Brosio, Patty Calaway, Michele Carmasi, Cathy Clifton, Sarah Clish, Jane Clowdsley, Sec., Cathy Costanza, Katie DeCastro, Kelly DeSelms, Carmel Dewies, Gina Donati, Melanie Dulbeco, Jeanne Ensor, Deborah Fairweather, Patti Foss, Shawna Foster, Peggy Freidel, Mary Fuller, Louise Funke, Judi Gavello, Martha Geraty, Gigi Glafkides, Renee VanHoy, Kelly Grasham, Sheila Greaney, Rose Hansen, Susan Hepp, Linda Hildebrand, Alison Hills, Lani Honma, Kathy Howard, Jeanne Jacobson, Kellie Johnson, Claire Jones, Yuri Kaneda, Mari Kimura, Sue Kingsley, Debbie Klein, Trinka Knapp, Kris Lageson, Mary Jo Lawler, Carrie Lepkowsky, Nancy Lubich, Leslie Marenda, Dana Melton, Lois Meyer, Liz Monroe, Joel Morton, Trish Mossi, Oski Dolls Pres., Allison Mott, Loretta McNeil, Jill Palmquist, Patti Pao, Tracy Pfautch, Vicki Podberesky, Peggy Powers, Maria Quiros, Sandy Reseck, Laura Richard, Leslie Rivera, Sheryl Rubinstein, Cindy Schaffer, Laurie Schaffer, Cynthia Schmidt, Barb Schuessler, Sheri Shansby, Eileen Sicotte, Debbie Sperling, Sharon Steninger, Betsy Stephens, Patty Stephens, Sandra Stradling, Cindy Struges, Meg Tafoya, Joanne Thomas, Melinda Thomas, Anne Tobiason, Nancy Traveres, Nancy Ventura, Erika Vogler, Elizabeth Wain, Laura Worth, Kathryn Young, Bobbi Zanger, Mark Anderson, Ahmad Anderson, Tom Anderson, Kirk Andrews, Chris Cooper, Steve Cooper, Bill Coyle, Timm Croll, Matt Dieden, Pat Doyle, John Farley, Glenn Gilsleider, John Glass, Steve Glusker, Jim Hayashi, Lou Jug, John Kinsella, Ron Lee, Larry Lipman, Paul Manning, Bob McCarthy, Kevin McHale, Keith McWilliams, Paul Molinelli, Tom Murphy, John Oliver, Mal Pacheco, Steve Pas, Greg Pike, Bengt Post, Larry Prozan, Dave Quintana, John Raney, Hector Ruiz, John Sagaral, Brian Schlaak, Andy Shapiro, Dan Sicotte, Todd Smith, Solomon, Californians Pres., Mike Torres, Jim Untiedt, Treas., Carleton Wade, Michael Walker. TORCH AND SHIELD: Joanne Pillsbury, Sec., Elizabeth Monroe, Tres., Michele Sabbah, Bobbie Zanger, Annette Noga, Ann Mattews, V.P., D enise Couchot, Betsy Stephens, Pres. N 0 T PICTURED: K athleen Morrison. UC RALLY COMMITTEE: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: B. Hernandez, C. Yost, J. Kang, S. Campbell, R. Romer, E. Kilk, K. Toth, M. Weigand. SECOND ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: C. Hess, K. Lukes, K. Raust, G. Hoffmann, L. McNeill, K. Lingel, D. Nguyen, K. Kirkpatrick. THIRD ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: M. Polka, C. Weeks, K. Condon, P. Chandler, B. Robinson, T. Kristensen, K. Kliegel, T. Sheridon, V. Rocha, D. Choate, E. Hazarabedian, T. Elkins. FOURTH ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: L. Berlin, I. Yomaga. PRYTANEAN: MEMBERS: Georgine Glafkies, Yuri Kaneda, Helen Manber, Jane Clowdsley, Diana Dorame, Jenny Brown, Catherine Clifton, Dawn Chaban, Gina Donati, Lis a Ferguson, Beatrice Freiberg, Disa Gambera, Beatrice Gee, Jade Goldstein, Lisa Guest, Gail Hoffman, Sheiley Homan, Maryanne Horton, Susan Janicki, Mari Kawaguchi, Katherine Kendrick, Carol Locke, Kathleen Morello, Elena Mykytiuk, Christina Navarette, Amy Plapp, Lori Quitiquit, Beth Sauls, Mylene Schwimmer, Kelly Walsh, Nancy Weintraub, Elizabeth Wellington, Bobbi Zanger, Michelle Woods, Univ. Advisor, Lyn Nakada, Alumni Advisor. 159 160 PELICAN NW Oifferilli maw wor 1111. jaw " r217: DAILY CALIFORNIAN DAILY CALIFORNIAN: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Dan Woo. 2nd ROW: Barry Shelby, George Leven- thal, John Burgess, Robin Woods, Chris Boyd, Mike Ciraolo, Margaret Talbot, Rick Altman, Barbara Ser- rano, Drew James Digby. 161 POLITICAL ECONOMY STUDENT ASSOCIATION: LEFT TO RIGHT: Steven Tatham, Publicity, Joseph Yellen, Pres., Andrew Contopoulos, Activities, Mary Nyunt, Treas., Katie Surface, Co-editor PESA Newsletter, Urbano Lozano, Alumni Assoc., Tim Sanford — Co-editor PESA Newsletter. NOT PICTURED: P. Vincent Bartick, V.P., Robert Arne, Sec. AIESEC: OFFICERS: Rob Valli, Pres., Mary Dawson, V.P., Alecia Pascal, V.P., Roger Sutter, B.O.A. Member, Debbie Kinney, Personnel Head, Sharon Gerber, Customer Service Director. PICTURED MEMBERS: Frank Slacik, Rick Walsh, Greg Rosston, Carl Searway, Stewart Young, Peter Desforges, Kathy Matlock, Deborah Prochaska, Randy Trost, Mark Ryan. 162 UNDERGRADUATE POLITICAL SCIENCE ASSOCIATION: OFFICERS: Liz Gordon, Pres., Susan Janicki, V.P., Tony Loo, Treas., Hugh Whitmore, Comm. of Pub. Affrs. UC PRE-LAW SOCIETY: LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Keene, Pres., Ileen Garren, Dir. of Activities, Jennifer Gazer, V.P., Hugh Whitmore, Treas. 163 ACE OF CLUBS: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Leslie Kingfish, Peggy Conroy, Alice Devine, Jamie Stone, Lucy Kutchins, Maureen O ' Brien, Jenny Cutting. SECOND ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Karen Bozak, Lori Anderson, Treas., Jean Hilken, Soc. Chair., Joanne Pillsbury, Pres., Karen Fritchey, Tracy Cronin, Peggy Schnugg, Susan Talbot, Cynthia Eastman. THIRD ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Jill Palmquist, Ann Avera, Ceece Cunningham, Cailean Spizlman, Teri Schulman, Jill Tomsic, Sheila Harlzy. NOT PICTURED: Michele Montgomery, Veronica Bailey. KALX: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Gwyn Bashkin, Pamela Flinn, Sherri Brenner, Carolyn Sagani, Eric Siegel, Charles Sawyer, Emily Ramos, Andy Myler. SECOND ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Ellen Clear, Marshall Stax, Paul Griffin, Lisa Van Buskiek, St. Joan, Hilary Roberts, Eraserhead, Red, Monica Macawy, Ben Allbright, Gary Smith, X. THIRD ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Elisabeth, Craig Martin, Hilary Yothers, New Rat, Perry Persoff, Ed Krauss, Joe McConnell, Kristi Webb, Brian Robson, Peter Viek, Greg Campbell, Patti Stone, Chateau, Vidya Tolani, Ron Shmidt, Daniel Niven, Lisa Allbright, Jamie Waste, Mike Henry. 164 UC SPANISH CLUB: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Nick Radetzky, Ernesto Benites, Lucia Tateo, Debbie Neashan, Ann Whaling, Lucia Skwarek. BACK ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Benjamin Dhong, Julie Keaplan, John Dukovic, Linda Power, Jeff Caldwell. CHINESE STUDENT SERVICE CENTER: MEMBERS: Fu-Hwa Ko, Fu-Chieh Hsu, Tony Liu, Yeh David Wang, Wennie Wu, Ching-sn Lin, Jeong-Tyng Li. 165 CAL SKI CLUB: FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Leslie Katz, Win Bowron, Martha Van Galder. BACK ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Sumi Shohara, Sean Deruine, Chris Johnson, Kelly Wee. I UC SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING: FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Ann Weir, Annette Ribeiro. SECOND ROW: Kristel Callahan, Bita Matin, Peggy Friedl, Sharon Walahan, Sharon Ahrendt. THIRD ROW: Judy Blaine, Brenda Ansbro, Alesia Leung, Franny Lizerbram, Valerie Smith. 166 ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Lance Charnes, Brett Butler, Kirk Lee, David Pavey, Michael Glueck. BACK ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Kent Tokunaga, David Burke, Melanie Peters, Anthony Ramos, Felicia Berumen, Erman Cordova, Rex Walheim. BERKELEY SKYDIVING CLUB: LEFT TO RIGHT: Rafael Vascohuarte, Marc Smith, Anne Garvin, Direc., John Tweed, Justine Tatarsky, Llewellyn Phelan, Treas., Pierre Saint Laurent, V.P., Ed Sangster, Pres. 167 GAY AND LESBIAN UNION: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Rachel Iskow, Kevin Casey, Burton Cromer, Conny Barker. BACK ROW: Leslie Mik- kelson, Nancy Amnchild, Grahame Perry, David Hall, Douglas Lee, Eric Chacon, Elizabeth Camacho. NAVY ROTC: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Charles Adamson, Shakeel Akbar, Leroy Bracken, Gregory Carver, Craig Castillo, David Catanzarite, Richard Celestre, Thomas Coonce, Michael Fraunces, William Gilbert, Allyn Glosser, Scott Green, John Healy, Ver- non Hee, Timothy Huson, Peter Jackson, David Jeakle, Vincent Jear, Omer Joly, Todd Lehfeldt, Timothy Lockwood, Thomas Manning, Larry McClung, Kevin Moran, Joseph Murphy, Andrew Neil, Steven Pagett, Charles Parra, Edward Pentaleri, Anthony Proctor, Jaime Salazar, Michael Steiner, Marshall Stine, Dean Sugiyama, David Tao, Antonio Tavares, Edward Watkins, William Wilhoite, Michael Williams, Mason Woodford, David Youmans, Robert Goldsby, Larry Greshan, Selby Brown, Michael Braddock, Taylor Bell, Gregory Brandt, Williams Brooks, John Burri, Robert Boyer, Michele Chin, Timothy Conroy, David Eastwood, Bruce Ely, Marcus Estrada, Mark Felton, David Gorman, Stephen Hamera, Eric Hanlon, Karen Jefferies, Mark Kraemer, John Kuprenas, Edwin Lockwood, Brian Malarky, Raul Martin, Clafin Ng, Robert Portillo, Ernest Price, John Purnell, Sean Ramsey, David Steele, Ivy Shen, Gregory Vernon, Brian White, Lonnie Wilson, Jesse Worswick, Herbert Zick, Robert Downey, Walter Mazza, Mark Avila, Michael Berryhill, Michael Bon- ner, Lewis Byington, Timothy Cayward, Scott Edgington, Joseph Garin, Jack Hamilton, Verlyn Hayes, Katherine Ingram, Charles Johnston, Steven Knott, Steven Noonen, Teresa Rooney, John Slaughter, Marty Salazar, Edward Steiner, Christine Van Wagner, Timothy Waterfield, Christian Westermann, Douglas Wied, Robert Willis, Jesus Vargas, Rebecca Vaca, Rick Lazaro, Timothy Stotts, Michael Humphreys, Corey Moffatt, Eric Walker, Lyle Brown, Douglas Buelow, Kevin Burke, Jeffrey Cochran, William Dash, Eric Ellefsen, John Glenn, Rober Hamilton, William Hatch, Paul Hillenbrand, Richard Johnson, Mark Jones, Michael Kuprenas, James Lackemacher, Michael Morua, Laurie Personen, Alex Rozul, Michael Schofield, Michael Yambrovich, John Yee, John Fairgrieve. 168 BERKELEY COLLEGE REPUBLICANS: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Jacob Margosian, Walter Fisher, Storm Russell, Deb- bie Ledsinger, John Welzbickie, Tim Feel. 2nd ROW: Jim, Sobeth Detrich, Steve Farmer, Sidney Irving. 3rd ROW: Gerald Derhick, Jack Weintrub, Chris Phillips, Michael Wells. BACK ROW: Robert Ward, Eileen Sicotte. REG FEE COMMITTEE: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Lynn McLeod, Daryl Ansel — chairperson, Erika Kruger, Sandy Antignas, Seth Gold. BACK ROW: Matt Lieberman -- Intern Coordinator, Anita Lee, Edward Meier, Gaylee Weinberg, Dan Sicotte, John Bendix. 169 HISPANIC ENGINEERS AND SCIENTIST: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Victor Gomez, Priscilla Sotelo, Melissa Armas, Diane Reyes, Isabel! Sotelo, Leslie Service, Steve Corral. 2nd ROW: Steve Chacon, Robert Rosas, Carlos Baez, Daniel Hernandez, Jose Rios, Manueal Herrera, Leonardo Legorretta, Jose Pena. BACK ROW: Mark Rincon, Robert Cortez, Gerar- do Romo, Marshal! Caravayo, Sean Brennen, Manueal Cisneros, Jamie Heredia, Danny Marquez, Manueal Luera. VIETNAMESE STUDENTS: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Tan Quang Nguyen, Tuan Quoc Vuong, Cuc Hoang Do, Thang Van Nguyen, Linh Ngoc Tran, Phu Nguyen, Khang Nguyen, Ha. 2nd ROW: Dung, Phuong Vi Nguyen, Tuyen Minh Hoong, Trung, Doam Tam Thuy Nguyen, Khuyen Duc Dang, Van Thuy Ti Vuong, Nga Thien Li Vuong, Mai Bach Nguyen. BACK ROW: Tung, Khiem Trong Nguyed, Trung Ngoc Dang, Thanh Phuoc Le, Dung John, Thuy Tuong Ho, Toai Phuoc Le, Hung Hawaii Tran, Minh Dang, Son Le, Hieu Khac Le. 170 PRE-MED STUDENTS ASSOCIATION ASSOCIATED STUDENTS OF CIVIL ENGINEERING 171 ORDER OF THE GOLDEN BEAR Student Members Steve Addison Jeffrey Davine Lynn Lippstreu Jane Sasseen Ahmad Anderson Steven Finacom Nancy Lubich Harry Sherr Daryl Ansel Georgine Glafkides Kevin McHale David Sicotte Alan Bair Deena Gonzalez Alix Mitgang Gregory Soloman David Bowen Margaret Gould Carol Mock Gail Splaver Brian Brady John Heller Kathleen Morello Lisa Stephens Mark Braiman Michael Brant Susan Hepp Joseph Hersko Molly Mull Thomas Murphy James Stewart Christopher Tai Jeff Brody Clive Hurwitz Natan Nestel John Thorn Fred Brown Christopher Johnson Mark Palmer Douglas Tom Dathleen Burnett Monica Johnstone Michael Pitts Chris Tyler David Cahen Yuri Kaneda C. Drew Planting Harold Williams Mahland Cann-Ortiz Richard Kim David Platter Wade Williams Theodore Caruthers Kevin LaBar Lori Quitiquit Robert Willis Dawn Chaban Robert Langerman Patricia Ratcliff Lance Wood John Chavez Edward Lenert Liz Rivera Michael Yaki Louise Cordova Catherine Lew Brooks Robinson Phil Yang Arlene Cosca Matthew Lieberman Gregory Rosston Barbara Zanger Matthew Cutshall University Associates Lloyd F. Austin Raymond A. Colvig Ed B. Hendricks Samuel S. Markowitz Howard B. Shontz William B. Baker Robert E. Connick Ira M. Heyman Juan Martinez Willis A. Shotwell Fredrick E. Balderson John E. Coons W. James Hill Christina Maslach Allan P. Sindler Judith B. Balderson Leland F. Cooper Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. George J. Maslach R. Scott Sherman William M. Banks III Richard E. Corten Irvin J. Hunt Wallace I. Matson William B. Slottman Lynn Baranco Gloria Copeland John Hurst Errol W. Mauchlan Francis X. Small Marvin Baron Louisa Crawford Carol A. Iwaoka John Menzies Neil J. Smelser Babette B. Barton Charles A. Dekker Fannie B. Jefferey Woodrow W. Middlekauf Michael R. Smith William P. Beall, Jr. Louis A. DeMonte Marguerite K. Johnson Robert Milano Norvel L. Smith Laurel A. Begovich William R. Dennes Betty Jones Meredith Minkler Sandra Smith Charles S. Benson Margaret Dewell Sanford H. Kadish Wendy Miyasaki Francoise Sorgen James E. Berdahl Bernard Lee Diamond Joyce K. Kaligren Jane D. Moorman Philip T. Spieth Erin C. Biggs Marian C. Diamond J. R. K. Kantor William E. Moser Robert F. Steidel Charles 0. Bills John M. Dillon Robert N. Katz Clayton D. Mote Fritz Stern Thomas C. Blaisdell Robert J. DiGrazia Herma Hill Kay William K. Muir Fred Stripp Barbara D. Boga Agnes Dimitriou Van Dusen Kennedy Michael K. Murray Edward Strong Sharon J. Bonney Ronald Drucker Thomas J. Kent, Jr. Lyn Nakada Martin J. Takimoto William J. Bouwsma Ida Dunson Robert F. Kerley Susan O ' Hara Catherine Tassan George M. Briggs Sanford S. Elberg Clark Kerr Rosemarie Ostwald Robert W. Taylor James I. Briggs Richard E. Erickson Leroy T. Kerth Roberta J. Park Bud Travers David M. Brown Edward L. Feder Frank Ketcham Roderic B. Park Forrest Tregea James Brown David Feller Walter D. Knight Joan Parker Uri Treisman Robert R. Brown Austin C. Frank Michael J. Koll Jerome H. Patmont Thomas K. Trutner Robert Brownell William B. Fretter Adrian A. Kragen George C. Pimentel Fredric C. Tubach Gloria Burkhalter Howard A. Friedman Alvin Kyte, Jr. Robert Pisani Joseph Tussman Richard M. Buxbaum Stuart K. Gardiner Watson M. Laetsch Karl Pister Robert M. Underhill Jack E. Campbell Jorge B. Garza John E. Landon Kenneth S. Pitzer Leonard Valdez George E. Cantu Joseph M. Gates Kurt Laurisden Arthur Quinn Susan Valdez Fredrick H. Carpenter John E. Gaustad Eugene C. Lee Albert Raboteau Peter S. Van Houten Michael Carroll Clinton C. Gilliam James R. W. Leiby Alva A. Ragan Henry Vaux James Cason, Jr. Peter R. Goldschmidt Jim Lemmon John H. Raleigh Jan Vetter Marvin Chachere Herbert M. Gordon William J. Libby, Jr. Donald L. Reidhaar W. Gary Wagner Sal Chavez Milton A. Gordon Ray Lifchez Lester E. Reukema William E. Wagy Norden H. Cheatham Glen H. Grant Luella J. Lilly Stefan A. Risenfeld Marvalee Wake Earl F. Cheit Charles A. Gulick Yung-Yen Lin Loraine Rust Dorothy Walker Milton Chernin Richard P. Hafner, Jr. Petrina Long J. Roger Samuelsen W. Sheridan Warrick William Chinowsky Cheryl Haigh Mabel Low Alberto Sangiovanni-Vincentelli Ann Watkins Jesse Choper Edward C. Halbach, Jr. Sunny Low David Saxon Arleigh T. Williams Mark N. Christensen Michael T. Hardie Rank McClure Emmet T. Scales, Jr. Garff B. Wilson Marilyn Christopher Roberto Haro Donald H. McLaughlin Samuel A. Schaaf Leon Wofsy William K. Coblentz Lawrence A. Harper Anita Madrid Carolyn Scott Vernice Womack Robert A. Cockrell Lola H. Harris David L. Maggard Arnold M. Schulz Michele Woods Robert H. Cole James D. Hart F. Theodore Malm Priscilla Scotian Victor Zackay Hilbert S. Coffey Ann E. Hawley William G. Manning Glen T. Seaborg Richard B. Coleman Dolores M. Heikka Roland J. Maples John R. Searle 172 CHAUTAUQUA: LEFT TO RIGHT: Moji (dog), Mike Grant, Elizabeth Hancock, Cyndi Fleming, Matt Ferrari, Kevin Ryan. BERKELEY INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Marc E. Linden, Don Martin, Edward D. Hearst, president. BACK ROW: Jean-Marc F. Blanchard, John Clark, Drew A. Welton, Chris Holland. 173 MECHA 174 UN! ON r ttm: sit 4, tow ft 1 ' ASIAN STUDENTS UNION: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: William Kumai, Ken Kong. 2nd ROW: Ligaya Pono, Ed Fong, Jayne Wong, Dianne Chan, Shirley Tung, Jane Lin, Grace King, Linda Asato, Craig Handa. BACK ROW: Jim Obuchi, Yosuke Ito, Chee, Warren Horn, Pauline Tomita, Kwok Yan, Allison Jung, Erich Nakano, Bennet Wang. 175 Dean Ann Hawley (CITC Advisor), Seth Skootsky, Director, Harriet Ukai, Director, Alumni Field Director Marty Takimoto (CITC Advisor), Katie Baird, Director. Cal-in-the Capital is UC Berkeley ' s Washington, D.C. internship program. In 1982, 67 Cal students will pursue summer internships in Congress, the Administration, national museums. and numerous public-interest offices. Cal-in-the-Capital interns enjoy numerous social activities such as softball games on the Mall, weekly happy hours, and a special seminar series. This spring, Vice Chancellor Park hosted a reception to com- memorate 1982 as the year Cal-in-the-Capital sent its 1000th intern to Washington. Cal-in-the- Capital has been wholly student-directed since 1966. J. M. McGinnis, founder of the program, currently serves as a Deputy Assistant Surgeon General of the United States. 176 SUPERB: FRONT ROW: Clifford Hart, Martha Hertzberg, Jennifer Leach. BACK ROW: Karen Euler, Angela Johnson, Chris Johnson, Anna Gildersleeve, Cheryl Garner. PEER SEXUALITY: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Sommer, Anne Laird, Judi Shaffer, Marybeth Ayeua. 2nd ROW: Jeannie Witkin, Erika Capper, Roxanne Epstein, Vivian ishimaru, Sonja Krastman, Mal Pacheco, Brad Sturz, Tracey Orloff. BACK ROW: Thomas King, Lisa Moore, Lisa Ferguson, Julie Shannon, Glenn Kelliner, Bernard Griego. NOT PIC- TURED: David Kersting, Stephanie Cooper, Cyndi Anderson, Belinda Chua, Monica Zurkrow, Ellie Battey. 177 M.. " ... • ° ' - Joe kobzeff CHENEY AtimONOONIMOWNE4-,--,, 81 111M-2 Wow rn 71111.1111K , GRIFFITHS PRIESTLY 1A1•=111E----- NORTON 189 " " 4-, ,o) 4 4,4 " 17 rn U a J m z w 0 BOWLES f w H rn x z 1-, (.0 W MANVILLE z ni z z 0 C rn SHORB 197 0 cn O C) I -H m D C BARRINGTON HALL 0 0 - 0 DAVIS HOUSE 17VH OG11)1 KINGMAN HALL LOTHLORIEN 207 .... . le ai po. , 40-0 . - RIDGE PROJECT 209 tor) CV 0,41 0 104xt z I Cn ( ) rn CO vo z I ( ) 214 N U, 216 217 FOOTBALL - A SEASON OF FRUSTRATION Emotional extremes ranging from pre-season op- timism to frustration and despair characterized the 1981 Cal football season. The opening loss to Texas A M by one point typified the type of season the Blue and Gold squad would have. Mouse Davis and his highly touted Run-and-Shoot offensive set never got a chance to func- tion as designed with the loss of versatile Sophomore quarterback Gale Gilbert for the season due to injuries. J. Torchio was called up to lead the charge but found that the new offense and his style of play did not coincide. The loss of Rich Dixon also gave Coach Roger Theder another unneeded burden. External pressure eased off the Bears after their vic- tory over Arizona, but reemerged as Cal lost a 24-23 heartbreaker to Washington. The pressure for more pro- ductive offensive results led to the resignation of Mouse Davis and the revival of the pro-set. The results were quick. Cal destroyed Oregon. It however was the last vic- tory that a Theder led Cal football squad would taste. In retrospect, it is hard not to blame others for one ' s failures, but the 1981 Golden Bears showed that they were not the only Pride and Poise team of the Bay Area. 220 1981 GOLDEN BEARS: M. Ahr, T. Altree, R. Ambrose, A. Anderson, T. Bailey, D. Bartley, G. Beagle, M. Brady, P. Brady, B. Buchman, S. Cacciari, P. Camera, R. Camp, D. Carter, L. Chesire, K. Churich, K. Crockett, J. Cooper, T. DeLaCruz, R. Dixon, S. Dunn, F. Eddings, C. Eisenbrand, B. Fodor, M. Ford, 0. Ford, M. Funderburk, G. Gilbert, D. Gray, J. Hammond, C. Hampton, K. Heissinger, J. Her- ing, B. Hillesland, D. James, R. Johnson, K. Kartz, C. La- Fountaine, A. Lindsay, G. Loberg, C. Locke, T. Lucas, L. Maddox, T. Mazzucco, J. McCafferty, B. McKee, K. Moen, K. Monroe, C. Montgomery, P. Najarian, G. Nivaliku, B. Otis, D. Palmer, C. Patterson, G. Plummer, K. Poe, T. Portee, N. Pratt, J. Ramseier, R. Rivera, S. Rochlin, R. Rodgers, W. Rose, H. Salem, M. Sherman, S. Shotwell, R. Simms, B. Smith, S. Smith, T. Smith, D. Sofaer, R. Stachowski, P. Stafford, R. Stelzmiller, M. Stephens, J. Stewart, R. Story, J. Sullivan, B. Toplinski, J. Torchio, J. Tuggle, B. Walgenback, A. Walker, E. Walsh, J. Walsh, R. Weigle, K. Welch, K. Westfaul, D. Wetherell, T. White, T. Whiley, C. Williams, F. Williams, G. Williams, T. Wright, R. Zenker. 222 V i - le.-7; IF ;4 li Ii . I , , ir- 4 _ w- 4 ' - --1-- IF ,i IF 4 w ,t ---e-r— -w si i w ,1 1 iir 4 ' .T111 ir I ,r The future of Golden Bear football now lies in the hands of an old blue Joe Kapp. Kapp enjoyed a lot of popularity back in his college days when he was one of the best quarterbacks in the nation. He now has a far greater task ahead of him now, the rebuilding of the Cal football team. Kapp in the early days in office is already busy with his commitment to recruiting which we will see as results in a few years. Joe Kapp has the enthusiasm to lift a talented, but down, Bear squad to a winning season. 1982 will be a very good football season as the rebuilding beings to take shape. 223 THE AXE SWINGS THE OTHER WAY The cold wind blowing into Stanford Stadium on Big Game Day — 1981 was for the Bear Backers an ominous sign of the season that was and the game that was to be. The Bears were handed a humbling 42-21 loss by arch-rival Stanford. Over the years the annual Cal-Stanford football game has not been related to the teams respective winning or losing seasons, but, as the name implies, The Big Game. 1981 was no different. Cal went down to the Farm with full confidence of a victory. However, these hopes were dashed on the soggy turf as the Elway-Nelson show took over. Cal had few bright moments on this gloomy and rainy day as crucial breaks went the other way. 224 225 SOCCER YOUTH MAKES THE DIFFERENCE Youth was the outstanding factor in Cal ' s 1981 soccer season. Bill Coupe, in his rookie year as head coach of the University of California soccer team, proved that age was not a pre-requisite in directing victories as the senior-less Bear Squad went 6-1 in the Pacific Soccer Conference and earned a bid to the NCAA Championships. Consistent play from the entire roster made possible the successful season. Coach Coupe ' s stressing of the fundamentals of technique were evident in the play of his men. Neither a win nor a loss was determined by more than one point. Although a team effort was emphasized, outstanding players included scoring leader Brian Babbini, goal keeper Henry Faulk, and freshman standout Ron Hansen. 1981 ROSTER: Brian Babbini, Dan Bauch, Anthony Bourke, Peter Brockman, Eric CiCourel, Mark Deleray, Mark DiGiovanni, Henry Faulk, Kohn Glenn, David Gustafson, Konrad Habelt, Ron Hansen, Chris Hausser, Robert Jamieson, Erik Kapelke, Peter Litt- man, Teale Matteson, Matthew MacPhee, Carlos Pastor, Mark Robison, Sutton Stern, Joel Swift, Mark Thompson. 226 227 WATER POLO STUNS NCAA Pete Cutino, the eternal wizard of NCAA water polo, proved that the magic was still alive in Cal water polo for 1981; regardless of the loss of all seven starters off the previous year ' s NCAA runner-up team. At the outset of the season, his talented team of inexperienced underclassmen was predicted to do well, but the odds for making the Nationals were understandably slim. Yet, as the Bears victories continued it was clear that this water polo team was no fluke as they concluded their Cinderella season with a stunning third place at the Nationals. With continual status as underdogs, each victory brought more excitement and less surprise. The defeat of the powerful UCLA Bruins was the point when Berkeley ' s opponents finally realized that the aggressive Bears were for real. Play was led by All- American Brian Busalacchi, second team member Jay Cretcher, Kirk Erickson a third team member and Cal Lowell who received honorable mention status on the All-American squad. 228 Mark Bradley Scott Bozanic Brian Busalacchi Shaun Cleary Ken Candaleria Eric Cohn Jay Cretcher Brian Cuneo Randy Davis Scott Donald Kirk Erickson John Felix John Gifford Kevin Golden Bob Gonser Joe Gorek Eric Grant Dan Kahl Mike Keely Peter Kirwan Cal Lowell Ian McCutcheon Alan Miller Greg Moir Monte Mont ore Noel Murphy Bruce Perry Ray Renati John Rogers Dave Shannahan John Thompson Brett Shaver 1981 CALIFORNIA WATER POLO ROSTER w•ON•111••111 b... ■ 111111111•PPPM11111 1111111111111111111111 qP0qP0- `0%0% 229 THE TRADITION CONTINUES ... Coach Pete Cutino strikes a stunning figure on the Cal campus as he goes about the business of continuing the tradition of winning water polo. Cutino has been coaching at Cal since 1962 when he inherited a program that lay in shambles. Using brilliant recruiting and fine coaching the Bears were back to the winning ways in no time. It was not until 1969 that Cutino would taste NCAA blood, but since then he has taken his teams there with amazing regularity. Cutino places the reason for his success on the fine players which he has had over the years. But one must note that the athlete is only as good as the coach that is teaching him. 231 CROSS-COUNTRY DOWNS ALL-AMERICAN As part of his initial instruction, Coach Brian Maxwell encouraged his harriers to run with " wild and reckless abandon. " When the 1981 season drew to a close, it was obvious that his advice was well taken, as demonstrated by the cross country team ' s fourth place finish in the Western Regionals and some of its best performances to date. Yet since only the two top western teams were allowed to compete at the NCAA Division I meet, the Bears could not receive an official ranking. Maxwell, however, speculated that the 1981 squad would have been ranked either tenth or eleventh on the National Rankings. Leading the Bears to these new heights was All- American Tom Downs Jr.. Downs, a junior, was the first Cal cross country runner ever to be awarded All-American status. Downs was the only Bear to go to the NCAA Championships as an individual, coming in 13th out of a field of the world ' s best. Other Bears contributing to the team ' s strong season finish were Mike O ' rielly and Felix Elieff, both seniors and the only departing members of the squad, thus leaving a strong, experienced team for next year. Coach Maxwell was, needless to say, eager for the start of yet another improving season. 1981 Men ' s Cross Country Tom Downs, Jr. (jr.) Steve Schuman (so) Felix Elieff (sr.) Steve Valen (fr) Mike O ' Rielly (sr) Mike McCollum (fr) Mark LaBonte (jr) Paul Cox (fr) Bob Love (jr) Steve Geshart (fr) Brian Brady (jr) Ron McPherson (so) 232 N W W Bears Look to Recapture National Crown Rugby Strong as always, the Cal rugby team is look- ing for its second national championship in a row this season. Against tough competition such as Santa Barbara and Fresno Rugby Club, the Bears were invited to an international tour- nament in Vancouver, Canada. They also earned a berth in the Pac-10 championships at Santa Barbara. Led by Coach Ned Anderson, the Bears also captured the " Scrum Axe " this year, defeating Stanford, 22-7. Captain Drew Brooks proved to be the star of this year ' s squad, scoring in almost every match on field goals or runs. Other outstanding performances were by Hugh Preston and Bob Tanaka, scoring consistently on kicks. Powerful, physical, and punishing, the Bears are hopeful that late-season wins will put them over the top for the coveted national crown once again. RUGBY Drew Brooks Hugh Preston Matt Secor John Blackburn Matt Taylor Peter Jackson Bob Tanaka Ed Kirwin Jesse Covarrubias James Fox Don James Greg Loberg Craig Falkenstein 235 McNAMARA LEADS BEARS TO WINNING SEASON The Golden Bear basketball team, led by the All-American play of center Mark McNamara, turned in their first winning season since the 1974-75 team went 17-9. McNamara virtually destroyed several school records to close out his senior season here at Cal. Most notable was the 1000 points and 600 rebounds in two seasons. Mark is the first player in Cal history to ac- complish this feat. Equally impressive was the fact that Mark finished, leading the Pac-10 in scoring, rebounding and field-goal percentage. Only two others have reached that versatile plateau — Bill Walton and Lew Alcindor. Coach Dick Kutchen had plenty to be proud of outside his 6 ' 11 " center. The supporting cast played the season with drive and determination that has been off and on in recent seasons. Michael Chavez ' s highly accurate shooting, both at the free throw line and from the field, forced opponents to pull away from the man near the basket and defend against the long ball. Butch Hays set a school record with 81 assists in the conference season. Senior Wes Howell shot with a consistency of his own while being the team ' s se- cond highest rebounder. The 1981-82 Cal Basket- ball squad had its lows, as all teams do, but one of the most exciting and intense moments of the en- tire season came with the introduction and first points of Tom Lord. His performance in the Stan- ford game produced a thrilling climax for a fine season. 236 238 239 N ME N ' S GYMNASTICS Ronald Bartusiak Micheal Bergman Detlef Braun Karl Byers Steven CarIs Lawrence Ed Rodney Horn Neil Friedman Finn Gjertsen Thomas Kratky Zia Modabber William Paul Martin Pregno Robert Regan Del Sperber PSI Spinka Nicholas Stachreak Patrick Ti Randall Billy Paul Stars in Strong Gym G Season Despite the loss of top gymnast Finn Gjert- sen due to a shoulder injury, the Cal men ' s gymnastics team compiled a sterling 15-2 record. Coached by Hal Frey, the squad con- cluded its 1982 season by placing third at the Pac-10 Championships behind UCLA and Arizona State, the same teams who kept the Bears from the title in 1981. Billy Paul, a strong all-around performer, emerged as Cal ' s leading gymnast. Recogniz- ed as one of the nation ' s premier collegiate gymnasts, he became a prime candidate for the 1984 Olympics. Besides leading the U.S. in half the events in the Japan-U.S. invita- tional, Paul had qualified for the U.S. national team and was the only Bear to compete at the NCAA ' s. Yet the crowning achievement of his final season at Cal was his upset over UCLA ' s Olympian Peter Vidmar for the all- around title at the Pac-10 Championships. Overall, Frey ' s squad was distinguished by strong, consistent performances and team depth. Other prominent gymnasts included Zia Modabber (high bar), Randy Wickstrom (vault and floor), and Mike Bergman (pom- mel horse), the latter two capturing the in- dividual Pac-10 titles for their specialties. 243 Bears Look for Successful Nationals Golden Bear aquatics are, and have been, a dominating force on the national scene for quite some time now and there appears to be no end in sight. This fall the surprising Cal Water Polo team took third at the NCAA ' s, and this spring the swim- ming team appears to be on their way to a good showing at the national meet as well. This year, Coach Nort Thorton ' s squad could not repeat as for a third year running but their third place finish gave them enough qualifying times for the national meet. Coach Thorton was very op- timistic and confident about the NCAA ' s. He feels that the Cal men are good enough to earn a spot in the top ten and quite possibly place in the top three. Cal ' s strong men for the season were olympian Pelle Holmertz, Paolo Revelli and Bengt Baron. Cal ' s powerful relay teams have given and will provide the Bears with the sure power. It is history to say that Cal had a good season in the water, but with their new training regime on the weights and with a three week rest going into the national competition it would be wisdom to say that the Cal team is going to have a great national meet. 244 Men ' s Swimming Bengt Baron Bruce Berger Dave Boatwright Mark Briggs Pele Holmertz Bill Jacob P. A. Magnusson Tom McMullen Diego Quiroga Paolo Revelli Bill Schmidt Todd Trowbridge Marco Veilleux Dave Wilson 444A, ' 0004 A • 245 1 OLYMPIAN HOLM HERTZ LEADS AQUATIC SQUAD 246 247 Optimism Reigns After Slow Start Five year veteran Coach Bob Milano ' s Bears had a frustrating begin- ning this season. Entering the six-pac race with an unimpressive 1-10 record, Cal managed to win only one of three games in their first series with Stanford by a margin of 2-1. Largely due to southpaw pitcher Bryan Price and slugger Charlie Alvis, Cal broke its eight game losing streak by displaying an impressive fastball and a lot of " Alvis lumber. " Midway through the season Cal came roaring back with a series of vic- tories to boost their record to 12-14-1 (as of March 14). Frank Mat- tox ' s recovery from a knee injury which prevented him from playing in early season, proved to be the main reason for Cal ' s comeback. Boasting a .480 average at one point in the season, Mattox went an amazing 6 out of 6 against USC. This fact tied a Cal record confirming Mattox as one of the true bright spots in the team. Having a partial six-pac record of 3-4, the Bears certainly had a slow start. It remains to be seen how much the season ' s record can improve, and it will probably take a dedicated effort by Milano to return Cal to its 1980 NCAA 3rd place finish. 248 249 California Men ' s Baseball Robert Woods Dave Saul Chuck Cary Dav$Grafiger Glenn=-Newton Brad Reiches Dan Deaver Bill Hawkins Glenn Prater Chuck Cary Mitch Hawley Bryan Price Dave Chiono John Cox Jeff Ronk Jim Eppard ,Greg Zunino Rick Balelo Mike Zahn John House Bruce Johnson Ken Freer Dave Hengel Frank Maddox Darrel Varrelmon Brian Guinn Michael Bugg Terry Greene Craig Charroil E 250 4 251 252 Men ' s Tennis alifor i ourtneY,Bw ark McNally andy Nixon ougfrice Clark Rbsen John Sevely Doug Stone Mark Woolridge Coach: Bill Wright Surprisingly on the onset of the season the Bear ' s fate was an unbelievable question mark. Veterans such as Phil Lehnhoff and top seeded Mike Bauer left to seek competi- tion on the professional circuit making Coach Bill Wright uncertain of the season. Fortunately, junior, Randy Nixon and sophomore, Mark Wooldridge matured dramatically in their game, and they stepped into the 1 and 2 spots on the team. Displaying the remnants of the astounding era Wright had established, Nixon and Wooldridge gave hard fought personal efforts and a spirit that just would not quit. Nixon jumped from last year ' s third spot to lead the Bear ' s attack with an array of blinding forehand returns. Nixon ' s improvement is due largely to his swifter, more self- confident attitude in his game. One of the bigger surprises this season was walk on freshman, Harold Hecht. Competing in the Coaches Association National Champions, Hecht took an unexpected 6th place by winning all four of his matches. What had been billed as a " rebuilding season " was in actuali- ty a series of hard fought games in the Cal tennis tradition. 253 A strong all-around Men ' s Track squad hopes to exceed last year ' s 5 national ranking with returning stars Larry Cowling, Dave Porath, Tom Owens and Doug Kelly. World record holder in the shotput, Dave Porath, was athlete of the meet at last year ' s Pac- 10 championships. He is expected to repeat that fine performance to lead the field team. In addition, Larry Cowling ' s performances on the low and high hurdles continue to be outstanding. The addition of Gary Kelly and football star Carl Montgomery im- proves the sprint squad. Tom Down and Mike O ' Reil- ly lead the distance runners, adding many meet points, except against Oregon ' s strong runners. Jumpers Mike Nelson and Ross McAlexander also are repeating their fine performances. Coach Ery Hunt will combine all these excellent elements into another terrific season. 254 Roy Abendroth Carl Bonner BJ Carmichael Ian Clark Larry Cowling Paul Cox Chris Day Tom Downs William Durbow Felix Elieff Steve Gerhart Kimble Goodman Peter Grimes Lloyd Guss Anthony Hill Alfred Johnson Gary Kelly Michael Kesler Pete King Jay Kovar ark LaBonte avid Lewi obert L Dave Maggard, Jr. Ken Malvino Jay Marden Ross McAlexander Mike McCollum Mik e Metoyer lain Mickle Dell Miller Emery Mitchell Carl Montgom Michael Nelson Bryant Newbill Erik Olson Mike O ' Reilly Bruce Parker David Porath David Rodriguez Paul Rosati Harvey Salem Scott Sanders Jim Scannella Dean Schorno Steve Schuman Dave Smith Tim Smith David Timmons Steve Valen Tom Wetherell Terry Wiley Clayton Woo Brad Zamczyk 255 256 1000.0 " .. - . • 41111111110.1. 257 The men ' s Crew Team ex- pects an exciting season under the leadership of Head Coach Mike Livingston. Coach Liv- ingston is especially hopeful of the Varsity boat, mainly because of their overall depth and experience. They have also proven themselves at a pre- season regatta in Santa Bar- bara as a team to be reckoned with. The coach predicts their toughest conference foe to be their rival, the University of Washington. Washington con- sistently fields an extremely Coach Livingston feels the Bear squad is up for the challenge. If the pre-season regatta is tion, it appeare is correct.- - E 258 11111111111111M1111111.111 nil KY EBRIGH1 BO THOUSE ✓iumisa Ms um Ilk 011111 M r imam= OMR 1011111101111111■111 ter..4111011LL. MIS James Anderson jeAlistair D. Black Paul E. Carson Christopher H. C David A. DeRuff John Patrick Devane Eric A. Fulle r Tim R. Devaney. Thomas Gaebler Jeff Goshay Hagen Hottmann Christopher Huntington Micheal J. Kuhn David R. Kurka George A. Livingston Daniel A. Louis - Miye E. Matsumoto Henry E. Matt JamegS. Mea Richard S. Mukai Bruce A. Neilson Jeffrey J. Rubin JohnASentucci Glenn A. Smith Brewer S. Stone Ben D. Swan Theodore S. Swinford Randolph W. Thomas Craig U. Yonemura Mark J. Zembsch Q) E 259 CAL WATER POLO San Francisco St. Hayward St. Santa Clara U. of the Pacific UC Davis Long Beach St. Fresno St. Stanford UC San Diego UC Santa Barbara USC UC Davis UC Davis UC Santa Barbara UOP Stanford UCLA UC Irvine Hayward State USC UCLA Long Beach St. UC Irvine UC Santa Barbara Pepperdine Long Beach USC Airforce Stanford UOP Stanford NCAA Tourney UCLA Long Beach State UC Irvine FOOTBALL 9 5 Texas A M 28-29 Men ' s Crew 9 12 Georgia 13-27 March 20 California Alumni Crew Day 9 19 Arizona 14-13 March 28 Wisconsin Dual 9 26 San Jose St. 24-27 April 3 San Diego Crew Classic 10 10 Washington 26-27 April 17 UCLA Dual 10 17 Arizona St. 17-45 April 24 Washington Dual 10 24 UCLA 6-34 May 1 New Port Regatta 10 31 Oregon St. 45-3 May 8 Stanford Dual 11 7 USC 3-21 May 15-16 Pac-10 Championships 11 14 Washington St. 0-19 11 21 Stanford 21-42 9 12 9 12 9 13 9 13 9 13 9 18 9 19 9 19 9 19 9 20 9 20 9 26 10 2 10 2 10 3 10 3 10 9 10 10 10 17 10 23 10 24 10 30 10 30 10 31 10 31 11 6 11 7 11 12 11 13 11 14 11 21 11 28 W 12-4 W 8-5 W 13-3 W 10-6 W 12-4 L 2-6 W 4-3 L 2-7 T 4-4 W 4-3 W 6-4 W 12-4 W 10-3 L 6-10 W 8-2 L 4-14 W 7-5 L 5-13 W 16-9 W 6-5 L 5-10 L 4-9 L 7-10 L 7-12 W 14-6 W 7-6 W 13-11 W 11-6 L 7-11 W 7-2 L 5-18 3rd Place W 10-7 L 9-11 W 11-10 ri invite Si. Men ' s Swimming 54-59 No score Unofficial No score No score 72-41 72-41 No score 68-45 55-58 52-61 No score 85.5-39.5 92-41 84-21 69-26 46-67 43-70 90-25 37-76 Third Not available Hayward State Portland UC Davis - San Diego Sta St. Mary ' s UOP Connecticut UCLA UC Santa Cruz UC San Diego Cal Poly SLO Fresno State Sacramento State USF Seattle Pacific Stanford Santa Clara San Francisco St. San Jose St. W 2-1 W 2-0 L 0-1 W 2-0 W 2-0 W 2-1 L 0-1 T 0-0 W 3-1 W 5-0 L 1-2 W W 1-0 L 1-2 L 0-2 W 2-1 W 1-0 W 3-1 W 3-1 MEN ' S SOCCER ilevduci-meri Nevada-Ren Arizona St. 0 o (2) MEN ' S BASEBALL 3 17 10-5 3 20 6-0 3 27 12-8 3 28 9-1 3 30 2-10 3 31 4-8 4 03 4-10 4 06 11-5 4 09 10-2 4 10 6-9 4 13 6-11 4 17 1-7 4 18 9-10 4 21 2-5 4 24 3-11 4 25 2-6 4 27 2-1 5 01 1-9 5 02 No 5 03 score 5 04 9-11 7-6 5 05 15-3 5 08 10-7 5 09 8-10 12-10 8-3 5 16 Arizona USF (2) UC Santa Barbara (2) UC Santa Barbara St. Mary ' s UC Davis Santa Clara CSU Long Beach UCLA UCLA (2) St. Mary ' s Arizona St. (2) Arizona St. Santa Clara USC (2) USC St. Mary ' s Arizona (2) Arizona Arizona St. Arizona St. MEN ' S GYMNASTICS Cal — 215.9 Australia — 211.15 Cal — 270.80 Oklahoma — 268.05 Cal — 270.15 Illinois — 213.5 UCLA — 277.5 Cal — 265.10 Arizona St. — 268.80 Cal — 267.90 Cal — 272.8 CSU Fullerton — 271.3 Stanford — 262.25 Cal — 274.45 UCLA — 269.85 Cal — 272.70 San Jose St. — 245.75 Stanford — 263.55 Cal — 275.20 Stanford — 268.6 Cal — 274.9 Long Beach City — 259.45 CSU Sacramento — 199.45 MEN ' S BASKETBALL 11 30 UC Davis 12 4 USF 12 5 12 12 12 18 12 19 12 22 12 28 12 30 1 2 1 8 1 9 1 14 1 16 1 22 1 23 1 29 1 30 2 6 2 8 2 12 2 13 2 19 2 20 26 27 6 UCSB Nevada Reno Wyoming Tennessee Colgate U. San Diego CSN Stanford Oregon Oregon St. Washington St. Washington USC UCLA Arizona St. Arizona Oregon Oregon St. Washington Washington St. UCLA USC Arizona Arizona St. Stanford (Bears ' score first) 83-76 64-72 74-61 82-95 77-75 48-80 77-47 66-60 87-7 91-81 43-74 55-57 62-74 59-66 56-83 57-70 85-73 70-60 50-57 54-50 48-49 65-70 70-75 • 63-59 " 70-65 78-59 EN ' S CROSS-COUNTRY 21 0 3 0 10 10 17 10 24 10 31 11 8 11 14 11 23 Time Trials All-Cal Championships Stanford Invitational Cal Inv itational St. Mary ' s Invitational Pac-10 Southern Meet Pacific TAC Championships (Iv) Pac-10 and NCAA District 8 NCAA Championships RACK AND FIELD 2 27 Cal-All Corners 3 06 Cal Sacramento St. itt, Bay Area Striders CSU Hayward Cal UC Davis Golden Bear Track Bay Area Striders 4 03 UCLA 4 10 San Jose St. 4 17 Arizona St. 4 24 Cal Cal Poly SLO Golden B ear IC Bay Area Striders Stanford San Jose Invitational Oregon Modesto Rela 5 01 5 02 5 08 15 5 16 UCLA Pepsi Inv ' Iriv ' r Canal 5 21-22 Pac-10 Championships 6 2 NCAA Championships Talcott Alumni San Jose St. San Jose St. UOP CSU Hayward Miami (ESPN) Miami (ESPN) Miami (ESPN) UC Davis UC Irvine CSU Long Beach Pepperdine Cal Poly Pomona Pepperdine Cal Poly Pomona CSU Fresno Stanford Stanford Stanford SF State UCLA (2) UCLA St. Mary ' s USC USC Arizona Arizona Stanford Stanford Stanford 1 23 1 29 1 30 2 02 2 03 2 05 2 06 2 07 2 10 2 12 2 13 2 14 2 15 2 19 2 20 2 23 2 26 2 27 2 28 3 2 3 06 3 07 3 09 3 13 3 14 3 15 3 16 paul gosswiller Tough Competition Gives Spikers Experience Keret+ Kelly Denise All Pars Katie Quackenb Marty Martin o Becky Co o y Coach: Chris Stanley VOLLEYBALL Setting realistic goals and achieving them was the story of the Golden Bear women ' s volleyball team. From the outset of the season Coach Chris Stanley said that his team would make it to the national AIAW tournament. They achieved this by finishing third in the NORCAL behind nationally ranked UOP and Stanford. Unfortunately they were faced with an early defeat and forced to return home. Both coach and team were happy to gain the experience of national competition as it will add depth to next year ' s team. The lady Bears lose only one letter-winner next season, that being strong setter Debbie Anderson. Things are bright however as All-American Sylvie Monnet and all-conference Lisa Newman will both be returning. Monnet ' s strong frontline play com- bined with Newman ' s strong hitting produced a combination that was crucial to many of the Bear ' s victories. Coach Stanley is as optimistic as ever about next year ' s squad as he will be having a squad returning rich with experience and depth. 264 Bears Repeat 266 Despite a demanding schedule, the Cal women ' s basketball team repeated last year ' s superb season and retained its NORCAL conference championship with an impressive overall 22-9 record and a NORCAL record of 10-2. An pre-season poll had predicted a second place finish for the Bears behind Stanford but, with the guidance of Coach Gooch Foster and assistants Coni Staff and Carol Harrison, the women ' s squad proved to be an unbeatable force. The Bears, however, did not immediately establish its dominance as it shared the first place standing with San Jose State during the first half of conference play. But once Cal defeated the Spartans 75-64, no other team stood in its way. Although the Bear ' s few weaknesses included foul trouble and playing down to the weaker opp onents, they led the NORCAL conference in offense and scoring averages. Of four freshman recruits, forward Cynthia Cooke, exuding unusual poise on the court, assumed a key role in the Bears ' success. Other dominant players were guard Karen Smith, center forward Chris Sellin and center Sara Thamer. 1 lorCal Champs FIELD HOCKEY FINISHES STRONG Cal ' s field hockey team, under the direction of Donna Fong, again asserted themselves as a dominant force nationally, with a well balanced attack on offense and defense. This type of play enabled the Bears to gain entrance to the AIAW Nationals and was cornerstone to their fifth place finish. The season opened strong for the Bears and it appeared the team would go undefeated. However, an unexpected slump shook the nerves of even the most seasoned competitors, but the young squad managed to finish strong in the Cal Invitational. Leader ship was in the personage of Shellie Onstead and Melissa Nerone whose consistent scoring throughout the season proved crucial. At the Nationals, Nerone and Onstead again helped the Bears pull back from adversity. The team dropped the first game to Temple but rallied to down Washington St. (in overtime) and Virginia. Sweeper Maureen Robbins was named to the All-Championship team along with Nerone and Onstead. Another standout was Megan Porter, who was named to the All Norcal team. kagarATITailtlielpi 4111011 Oa " It .asolges•slai I. II a•••■2011•106 ■••••••11.11, _••••••■••••• 111001Bileii e011111114 Valt MOOS mom. •ep- sem SU. • 1111 et j1110 ‘ 41110 Oa, , • O MB W OO • ▪ kt a Of Oa • •k oil Dorf yfrow •111 al es wts•• •111011 1981 WOMENS FIELD HOCKEY TEAM: C. Anderson, K. Burton, R. Chatas, E. Dahl, B. Freud, C. Hanson, S. Harrington, A. Luck, J. Mori, M. Nerone, S. Onstead, M. Porter, M. Robbins, C. Swanson, S. Watts, H. Whitling. 269 WOMEN PLACE IN NATIONALS Donna Fong. The name alone speaks for itself when womens athletics at Cal is brought up. Her winning ways with the field hockey squads over the last few years are a direct attribute to the person many women on campus call coach. Since taking over the reins as head coach six years ago, Fong has assembled several national contending teams including this year ' s fine squad. Two of Coach Fong ' s players have gone on to compete on an international level. Last year Coach Fong achieved her highest professional moment by leading the Bears to a second place finish in the Nationals. On a personal level, Donna plays hockey herself, being a member of the Norcal Club Hockey Team. It is this activity in the game that helps her to develop her players into the stars they are. 270 CROSS COUNTRY PULLS OUT BEST SEASON Under the guidance of Vern Gambetta, the 1981 Women ' s Cross Country team overcame injuries and inexperience to capture an unprecedented third WAIAW Region championship and its best placing ever at the AIAW Nationals. With a majority of freshman runners and only three returning letterwinners, the Bears opened with an impressive victory at the Berkeley invitational. Yet the squad ' s inexperience to collegiate competition and working as a team showed in a discouraging 7th place at the Cal Nike Invitational and the loss of the Norcal title to Stanford. Team performance was also hampered by the loss of Cindy Schmandt and Cindy Grant to injuries. At the Regionals at Belmont, however, the weeks of hard training culminated in sterling performances as the Bears set a new record for the lowest regional score (16) with Suzanne Richter as Regional Champion. Two weeks later a 5th place finish at the Nationals at Idaho St. conclud ed Cal ' s most successful womens cross country season ever. Fine Flicks by don gosney 272 1981 WOMENS CROSS COUNTRY TEAM: Cindy Grant, Suzanne Richter, Cindy Schm andt, Margaret Spotts, Lynne Hjelte, Mary Gaffield, Louise Romo, Marcia White, Mary Hanlon, Dana Flint, Kerry Martinson. 273 274 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Karen Smith Sarah Thamer Stephanie Guinn Sandi Satre Chris Sellin Britt Sellin Brigitte Gable Ann Drake Cynthia Cooke Jeannie James Patty Juergens 275 OLYMPIAN AND FRESHMEN LOOK TO NATIONALS. Continuing Head Coach Karen Moe Thorton ' s four year dynasty, the mighty swimming and diving team excelled primarily due to the efforts of Freshmen Cindy Tuttle and Agneta Martensson who were given All Conference honors. In addition Martensson broke the Cal record in the 200 Butterfly. Martensson, coming fresh from the 1980 Swedish Olympic team, ignited the spark Cal needed, while teammate Tuttle ' s time in the 100 and 200 Butterfly were impressive enough to earn her a spot in the nationals during March. In fact, Cal boasted an as- tounding 15 swimmers and one diver, Junior Marti Anderson, in their individual bids for national titles. Although Stanford is con- sidered one of the top ranking teams in the nation, Cal ' s out- standing Freshmen should definitely give them a run for their money. Thorton is certainly op- timistic, and with good reason. Kim Anderson Marti Anderson Regina Arnold Leslie Bell Beth Benson Julia Bergman Karen Bird Pamela Davis Ramey Dent Cissy Fenton Kathleen Graham Leslie Grimley Stacey Hicks Sherri Laudenslager Leslie Lonnberg Margee MacFarland Cory Mackie Agneta Martensson Jamie McClella Wendi Meyer Tricia Renner Karen Schmid Judy Scovel Sandy Spelman Kate Stewart Ann Stier Cathy Szalay Jill Tirpack Myra Troske Cindy Tuttle Lynn Wittstoc Becky Zepp 71 " ) 277 Veterans and Newcomers Lead Netters " Easily ranked within the top ten of the country, " Head Coach Jan Brogan ' s multitalented squad surpassed previous season accomplishments by featuring such " stars " as junior Anne " Barrie " Bulmore, sophomore Nina Bland, and sophomore dy Driver. Bulmore ' s consistency and " fight for every point " attitude earned her the 1 spot on the team. Coach Brogan had nothing but praise for " Barrie ' s " much improved net game, which coupled with her powerful forehand made her an overwhelming nent. 1981 Canadian Champion Nina Bland came back from the Federation Cup a more " self-confident " player. Always hailed as tremely intelligent on the court, " Bland also improved her net game, and is one of the more obvious reasons why Cal is feared nationally. Wendy Driver, a surprising 3rd on the team, is praised as the swiftest of Cal players. Not ing been recruited by the coaching staff, Driver amazed observers by demonstrating her fessionalism on the court. Driver and freshmen Stacy Savides and Julie Grummel are the brightest spots in Cal ' s future. With such a young yet outstanding squad, it ' s hard to agine anything but an accelerated rise in the Bear ' s ranking. Watch out Stanford; the tennis gap is narrowing. 278 Tennis Roster for the Women Nina Bland Chris Breed Barrie Bulmore Karen Buchsbaum Karen Chandler Vickie Corrales Wendy Driver Julie Grummel Nanette Jhnson Anne Kerwin Andrea Lofthus Julie Masciorini Tammy Neiman Stacey Savides Hannah Sommerville Lynne Young 279 280 Youth Sparks the Bears Fracchi Mari Nicki Ftinne n Heimaamig er Hone Kaye Karen JudiMork y JennyiStasey 1 Laura ,r gach: D ' D Launching its season with a fourth place finish at the Cal invitational, the Cal women ' s gymnastics team earned a 4-4 Yet steady im- provement paid off with the Bears second place finish at the NORCAL conference championships, which included new Cal records in the team vault and beam scores, and its top team score in history with a 136.85 mark. The 1981-82 squad was characterized by debuts, since near- ly half the team were freshmen along with a new coach, Diane Dun- bar, and her assistant Peter Bijesse. Freshman Judi Mori soon estab- lished herself as Cal ' s top gymnast by consistently scoring high in all events and winning all-around honors at several meets. Karen Kelsall and Jennifer Hone were also valuable factors, though Kelsall was hindered by shin-splints. At the NORCAL championships, Mori and Kelsall garnered second and third place respectively, with Mori also qualifying to compete at the AIAW national meet. 281 National Title Looms for Bears Women ' s Softball Coached by Bonnie Johnson and assistant Jill van Adelung, the Cal ' s Women ' s softball team began its season by trouncing UC Davis in a 6-0, 17-0 double header, featuring one-hitter by Leslie Partch and Margaret Sutter. Heavily favored to capture its fourth consecutive Nor- Cal conference title, the Bears ' ma- jor goal was to surpass its fifth place finish at the 1981 AIAW National with a serious pursuit for the title itself in 1982. Cal enjoyed a distinct advantage over its opponents since 11 out of 12 players from last year ' s squad returned, thus providing experience at each position except for two freshmen outfielders. Aside from the superior pitching duo of Sutter and Partch, the Bears benefited from the presence of two-time All- American catcher Shari Fisher and all-Conference catcher Andria Sievers. Otherwise, the only an- ticipated problem for the Bears was a basically weak Nor-Cal schedule. As such, the temptation to play at less than their potential will be a constant threat. However both the coaches and team are optimistic in their bid for the 1982 AIAW Championship. WOMEN ' S ° SOFTBALL Marsha Till Leslie P Jo B K Jac Bowm Kelly Ki Gretch Jacobs 283 " Crew Looks to Repeat Success " The 1982 women ' s crew is quietly endeavoring to be a consistent leader in the world of women ' s athletics. In only his second year as head coach, Pat Sweeny has captured three na- tional titles. During Sweeny ' s first year at Cal, both the Varsity 8 and Varsity 4 boats captured National Top Honors. Last year the Varsity four squad repeated as National Champions. This coming season, Coach Sweeny, hopes to repeat his successes of two years ago. He has several women returning from last season ' s varsity and several members from the novice squad. These proven competitors are condi- tioned to the Sweeny style of winning and will give all boats crucial depth. Crew is recognized as one of the ultimate team sports with rarely one individual making a difference. The sense of team competition is Sweeny ' s approach to his sport and it is apparent that this style will propel his boats into national prominence once again. on Ann` off Heidi ieffenb ' ach Mary-Ellen Fish Wynn Gunter Robin Kneeland Sunnie Lander Elana Lawless eslie Martini ' Val McClain Rebecca McLean Dianne Mighetto Liz O ' Conner Martha Plessas Debby Rosenberg Danielle Sergent Dana Tilison Karin Williams 285 Young Team Enthusiastic About Tough Meet Young and improved is how Coach Vern Gambetta describes this year ' s women ' s track team. A freshman-dominated roster combined with the return of some of last year ' s standouts promises a successful year for the Bears. Coach Gambetta calls the team ' s schedule of 11 invitationals and only one dual meet " ideal " for the inexperienced team. Facing a lot of fine national competi- tion can only improve the Bears as the season progresses. Several returning stars will support the excellent recruiting class. Sprinter Kim White and distance runner Suzanne Richter, coming back from injuries, join Cal javelin record holder Kristen Engle as strong returning performers. Richter and also Cindy Schwavelt are All-American prospects. Heptathlete Kathy Raugust is the leading all- around performer. The team hopes for a top 5 ranking in AIAW and a top 15 ranking nationally. In early meet, the 880 medley relay team qualified for both the AIAW and NCAA Nationals. These and other fine performances by the enthusiastic young Cal team gives hope, not only for 1982, but in the y ears to come. 287 , WOMEN ' S RACK Wendy As hton Sherri Ball Kathy Barry Lynn Bevan Yvonne Coelho Connie Culbert Alison DeRuntz Deirdra Donahue Kristen Engle Dana Flint Mary Gaffield Cindy Grant Karen Haller Mary Hanlon Phyllis Hatch Sandi Leavitt Kim Linden Cindy Long Sally Meinbress Meg Montgomery Casey Overfield Suzanne Richter Kathy Raugust Karen Robinson Louise Ramo Christa Sadler Cindy Schmandt Karla Schweickardt Margaret Spotts Susan Springer Sharlette Stewart Alice Trumbly Amy Van Galder Maggie Can Zeeland Chris Viguie Kim White Marcia White Mona Williams CAL Invitational Oregon Invitational BYU Invitational Northern Cal Championships WAIAW Regionals AIAW Nationals 10 3 10 18 10 24 10 30 11 7 11 21 WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY 9 14 Berkeley Invitational 9 26 UCSB Invitational WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL 9 8 Oregon State W 3-2 9 10 Texas L 3-0 9 11 Texas A M W 3-1 9 12 Lamar W 3-1 9 17-19 San Diego State Invitational USC L 2-0 Oregon W 2-1 Long Beach L 2-0 New Mexico L 2-1 Utah State L 2-0 9 21 North Western L 3-1 9 23-24 Cal Classic Pepperdine L 3-2 Oregon W 3-2 WOMEN ' S FIELD HOCKEY 9 19 Davis W 2-0 9 25-26 WSU Invitational Simon Fraser W 2-1 NW Nazarene W 4-1 Washington St. W 2-1 Univ. of British Columbia W 3-1 10 3 Chico St. W 3-1 10 7 San Jose St. L 2-0 10 10 Stanford L 2-0 10 16 Long Beach L 3-0 10 23 Cal Invitational North Western T 1-1 Davis W 3-0 Simon Fraser W 3-0 Stanford T 1-1 11 3 Pacific W 4-3 11 7 Washington St. L 3-2 11 19-21 AIAW Nationals Temple L 3-1 Virginia W 3-0 Washington St. W 1-0 WOMEN ' S TENNIS 11 5-7 UCSB Invite 2 5 Fresno St. 2 9 USF 2 18-20 Tucson Invite Texas-permian Arizona BYU Trinity USC Stanford Santa Clara Pepperdine San Diego St. Texas Invitational CSU Northridge Arizona UC Santa Barbara Stanford Mixed Pacific No score 9-0 9-0 Second 9-0 9-0 7-2 2-7 1-6 0-9 9-0 7-2 3-6 No score No score No score No score No score No score No score No score No score No score No score 1st 3rd 7th 5th 1st 2nd 1st 5th 2 21 2 23 2 26 3 6 3 7 4 2-4 4 7 4 9 4 17 4 18 4 19 4 22-25 4 30- 5 2 5 4 5 16-23 5 26- 6 2 Ojai NorCal Champs. Stanford NCAA Nationals AIAW Nationals Texas A M Oregon USF 10 8 San Jose St. 10 9 Fresno St. 10 14 Stanford 10 16 USF 10 20 UOP 10 23-24 Montana U. Alberta Montana St. Montana Montana Alberta Montana Montana St. 10 28 Santa Clara 10 30 Fresno St. 11 2 San Jose St. 11 4 Stanford 11 12 USF 11 13 Cal Poly SLO 11 17 Santa Clara 11 19 UOP 12 10-12 WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL 11 19 11 20 11 23 12 3 12 4 12 5 12 11 12 12 12 16 12 17 12 18 12 27 1 4 1 7 1 8 1 9 1 15 1 16 1 20 1 22 1 23 1 26 1 30 2 6 2 9 2 13 2 14 2 25 2 27 3 6 3 21-23 3 26-28 Hawaii BYU Colorado St. Montana St. Colorado Arizona St. USC CSU Long Beach Oregon St. Louisiana St. Portland St. Pepperdine Texas A M New Orleans Adams St. Nevada Las Vegas Stanford Fresno St. USF Oregon St. UCLA Santa Clara UOP San Jose St. Stanford Fresno St. USF Santa Clara UOP San Jose St. AIAW Prelim ' s AIAW Nationals 75-57 85-84 87-79 98-69 56-67 68-84 67-78 63-70 59-77 56-65 102-68 83-64 84-55 86-78 74-64 66-61 80-69 59-55 90-71 75-71 62-68 76-54 79-62 75-64 96-65 56-52 83-84 79-71 80-65 n a 10 2-3 Cal Invitational USD W 3-0 Cal Poly SLO L 3-2 L 2-1 W 2-0 W 2-0 W 3-0 W 3-2 L 3-1 W 3-1 L 3-0 International Cup W 2-0 L 2-1 L 2-0 L 3-1 W 3-0 W 3-1 W 3-2 W 3-0 L 3-1 W 3-1 L 3-0 W 3-0 L 3-0 W 3-1 L 3-0 AIAW Nationals 12 12 1 9 1 16 1 29 2 6 2 7 2 12 2 13 2 26 3 6 4 2-3 4th W 129.85-129.05 L 141.7-125.85 W 131.7-128.8 3rd W 128.75-126.1 L 136.1-129.65 W 135.85-130.1 Second No score 2 25 3 2 3 8 3 10 3 13 3 20 3 23 3 26 3 27 3 29 3 30 3 31 4 2-4 4 6 4 8-10 4 14 4 16-17 4 20 4 22-24 4 28 4 30 5 1 5 20-23 5 27-30 WOMEN ' S SOFTBALL UC Davis UCLA USF Stanford Santa Clara Fresno State Oregon State Portland State US International Cal Poly Pomona CSU Fullerton CSU Long Beach Fullerton Invitational USF UOP Invitational Pacific Las Vegas Invitational Santa Clara Cal Invitational Stanford Pacific Fresno State AIAW Nationals, Oklahoma NCAA Nationals, Nebraska WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS Stanford Mixed pairs CAL Invite CSU Long Beach Stanford Fresno St. Oregon USC Seattle Pacific Washington San Jose St. NorCal Champs. AIAW Nationals W 6-0, 17-0 W 1-0, 13-3 W 10-0, 1-0 W 7-0, 9-0 WOMEN ' S SWIMMING WOMEN ' S TRACK AND FIELD 10 29 Pacific 109-38 3 12 Northridge CSULB 10 29 Fresno St. 109-41 3 13 3 27 4 2-3 Northridge Relays Golden Bear Meet of Champions Stanford 11 5 11 19 12 12-13 San Jose St. Stanford Norcal 115-32 40-109 Second 4 9 Cal Invitational — Heptathlon 1 8 Arizona St. 68-81 4 10 4 17 4 23 4 25 4 30 5 8 5 14 Cal Invitational El Paso Invitational Nike TFA Invitational Washington Invitational Mt. SAC Invitational Stanford West Coast Relays Pacific Coast Invitational 1 9 1 10 1 29 1 30 2 13 2 15-16 2 26-28 3 17-20 Arizona Stanford Rel. USC San Diego St. Stanford Diving Iowa Stanford Inv. AIAW Nationals 94-55 second 49-100 92-39 No score No score No score 4 2-4 4 10 4 17 4 24 5 1-2 5 8 5 15-16 WOMEN ' S CREW San Diego Crew Classic Alumni Day UCLA Washington Bay Area Rowing Festival Stanford Western Women ' s 5 15 PCI Heptathlon 5 22-23 Invitational 5 16 Pepsi Invitational, UCLA 6 4-6 Southwest Regionals 5 20-22 AIAW Nationals US Collegiate Nationals 6 3-5 NCAA National, PROVO 6 5 Prefontaine Classic, Oregon jim weldy 289 Cal Athletics in the Eighties University of California intercollegiate athletics have always maintained a national edge in the " minor " sports such as swimming, water polo and cross country. It is with the " money " sports that the Bears have had their troubles. Men ' s athletic director Dave Maggard is acutely aware of this fact. He has responded to the increasing pressure by making both internal and external changes in the office. The appointment of former Cal quarterback Joe Kapp to the office of head football coach is an example of the external plans. Maggard has improved his internal office structure to better function as a top rate recruiting center. He is especially interested in stepping up the recruiting efforts of the major sports since they don ' t have the built in prestige several of the minor sports have developed. Several purists feel that if the major sports can not develop winning programs that it is unfair to divert larger sums of revenues to attempt improve- ment. One can deal with this response in several ways. The first is that a majority of fans follow a minority of sports and if they are not doing well the spirit level suffers. Secondly, and most importantly, is that the minor sports do not get the media coverage that the major sports enjoy. A winning ma- jor sport not only creates an increase in financial backing for that sport but also, through a filtering down process, provides the minor sports with a much deserved increase in their budget. Bear backers have plenty to look forward to as the major sports are going through a rebuilding phase with heavy emphasis on recruiting. The move toward spirited Joe Kapp is an indication of the desire for sound recruiting. Already attracted to Cal for next season is the highly rated Elton Veals who led the nation in junior college rushing. In Basketball, Coach Dick Kutchen has continued to make headway towards their ultimate goal of being a fierce contender in the Pac-10. This year ' s winning season, the first in eight years, gives an indication of what the backers can look forward to in the coming seasons as the team develops greater depth. Bear Boosters also have plenty to be optimistic about as women ' s athletic director Lue Lilly continues to create a dynasty of strong, young women ' s squads. Over the past few years not one Cal squad has had a losing season, a statistic that puts Cal ' s women ' s sports in the forefront of their national competitors. 290 291 INTRAMURAL SPORTS Vet -...36..,0411F.117.1M11..1.•111=1111War-. CA) Jim weldy 294 Here at Berkeley, where academia rules the lives of every student, there is an outlet available that combines fun, exercise and for those that wish it, competi- tion. The intermural program involves close to two thousand students each year in a wide variety of sports. Most popular are the flag football teams in the fall and basketball in the winter. There is such an overwhelming response for these two sports that it is not uncommon to see an intermural game going on at 11:30 at night. Even with a diverse schedule there are still many students that get turned away from the great intermural lottery. This problem is presently being solved with the construction of the intermural sports complex behind Harmon gym. Other sports offered through intermurals Rec sports are an extensive soccer program, various forms of frisbee competition, access to facilities for raquetball, handball and weight training. The intermural recreational sports office is located in Harmon gym on the first floor. The office is hard to miss since it is usually a center of activity. The philosophy of the recreational sports staff at Berkeley is to involve students from every discipline in a healthy and fun atmosphere. Judg- ing from the overall response to their offerings, it is clear that their philosophy is a popular one. 295 296 In the basement of the Unit Three dor- mitories, there is an office which serves as the nerve center for nearly every recreational sport. Here exists the sports club office and its residents in- clude an eager staff who is always in- terested in hearing any ideas for new and diverse sports for Cal students to ap- preciate. Considering the wide range of sports already available for UCB students, this initially may not seem possible because, at present, eleven forms of recreational competition are offered — badminton, bowling, fencing, field hockey, frisbee, golf, martial arts, raquetball, sailing, water polo, and athletics for the disabled. Although the basic purpose of recreational sports is geared towards maximum enjoyment, at Cal there also exists a strong sense of competition as demonstrated in the ex- cellence of several of these teams, some of which are among the best nationwide at the collegiate level. 297 298 .•,•47.46,444 299 GREEKS 300 ACACIA ACACIA MEMBERS: Norman Abrahamson, Charles Anderson, Richard Annin, Joseph Barrett, Michael Bernstein, Edward Cardinal, Keith Cerny, Barret Davis, Robert Dixon, Peter Ericson, Alexander Finch, Charles Gibson, Robert Harris, Michael Hennlinger, Easton Herd, Joseph Hersko, Paul Kennedy, Thaddeus McCaustland, Jerrold Penso, Mark Tasor, Thomas Tau, Robert Richard, Andrew Shapiro, David Steele, Keith Wallace, Daniel Williams, Jacob Wentraub. 302 ALPHA DELTA PHI ALPHA DELTA PHI MEMBERS: Dennis Brown, Alex Choulos, Steve Choulos, John Custer, Mark Dal Porto, Paul Erikson, Martin Feldman, Gregory Fernbacher, Jeffery Gall, Lindsay Gordon, Peter Gotcher, Paul Grafft, David Granger, Robert Gray, Scott Handy, Stephen Hill, Mark Kendall, Matthew Klunis, Blake lasky, Eric Libby, Robert Livermore, Stephen Ludwig, Douglass MacCaulay, Vincent Maniaci, Douglas McKenzie, Alan Metheny, John Metheny, Stephen Ruff, Dennis Sadlowaki, Matthew Secor, Stephen Skaggs, Todd Stone, Henrik Vorrsanger, David Whittaker. 303 ALPHA CHI OMEGA: FIRST ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Stein, Heidi Thimann, Nadine Wong, Sue Nyheim, Paula Siirila, Laura Kornfield, Sherryl Sveiven, Robyn Burke, Grace Chow, Laura Richard, Lori Allen, Cindy Simons, Diana Milkie. SECOND ROW: Karen Roebuck, Janice Williams, Lilia Ancheta, Tammy Neiman, Suzy Ambrose, Mindy Dopler, Nancy Bernstein, Robin Kneeland, Sara Brody. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Eckert, Peggy Hartman, Lisa Wills, Diane Murphy, Lynn Finkel, Carol Lewis, Tammy Wilkes, Lindy Vejar, Laura Dreskin, Sally Bertuccelli, Melinda Thomas, Diane Puccinelli, Liz Montalvo. FOURTH ROW: Lisa Guest, Melinda Juell, Bar- bara Englehart, Julie Arnautou, Shaila Garde, Jill Reiss, Deb- bie Abramowitz, Kathy Anderson, Julee Harman, Monique Meindl, Candy Canning, Jill Fannin, Denise Chock, Christa Cavanah, Sara Paz. FIFTH ROW: Amy Powell, Julia Alsberg, Elena Almanzo, Grace Tsao-Wu, Susan Fernandez, Carolyn Bates, Jeannie Goldsmith, Toni Fannin, Kristin Carner, Pam Gordon, Karen Harootenian, Rachel Asa, Lynn Reithmeier, Jodi Henick, Nancy Dorf, Mar Berston. SIXTH ROW: Cecily Toft, Suzi Paul, Lisa Rodich, Lisa Smith, Alisa Gordon, Sally Jollymour, Judy East, Libby Angwin, Loretta McNeil, Jan Garrett, Liz Bigford, Carmel Dewies, Leslie Jones, Linda Luther, Suzi Dovi, Gretchen Carner, Tracy Pfautch, Jessica Waxman, Loren Denker, Chris Sweeney, Kim McCurdy, Laura Worth, Lorna Noble, Shelly Macken, Lisa Stefani, Janice Purnell, Barrie Fiske, Tracey Stubbs, Debbie Beard- sley, Lisa Zeller, Cathy Tubb, Tara Pierce, Linda Hildebrand, Adrian Albin. NOT PICTURED: Jill Benninghoven, Marcy Shaffer, Melanie Dulbecco, Monique Baylocq, Lucy Ito, Mol- ly Ward, Ann Curley, Jeanne Ensor, Joyce Fitzmorris, Liz Gordon, Anne Kemsley, Linda Lee, Grayce Long, Lisa Loutzenheiser, Jill McDonough, Annamarie Puccinelli, Kim Rhody, Brett Robertson, Deb Sweeley, Kelli Walsh, Sandi Elkin, Linda Sirola. ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Meg Siems, Kathy Spiker, Linleigh Plager, Jackie Whittier, Heidi Froker, Theresa Maraschin, Janet Lewis, Bob Ann Rees, Lin- da Fraker. 2nd ROW: Kathy Kenworthy, Kim Keller, Erika Capper, LeeAnn LaFrance, Mary Steiner, Dana Cohen, Celia Garcia, Sabrina Simmons, Laura Pucceinelli, Wendi Meyer, Jill Tirpeck, Bonnie Lrenzen, Donna Dodson. 3rd ROW: Julie Hoppe, Kathy Mullen, Lisa Dollard, Jana Farris, Maureen Chang, Kathy Allen, Marianne Brenner, Mona Miller, Kim Fisher, Sherri Brown, Maria Christen, Laurel Gleeson, Wen- dy Buchannan, Dee Dee Long. 4th ROW: Gigi Glagkides, Jane Morgan, Audrey Erving, Lynn Hartman, Celeste De La Rosa, Sandra Lenssen, Karen Offenhauser, Laurie Kinser, Susan Marenda, Anne Robinson, Irene Bueno, Bren Reed, Gaspich, Lori Zweig, Jada Wood, Kathy Gustafson, Linda Kiesnowski, Susan Briggs. 5th ROW: Missy Monroe, Laurie Purdy, Caroline Prichard, Kristen Peterson, Lisa Boyajian, Robin Buchanan, Keri Casady, Carol Badger, Rhonda Ramlo, Doloras " Dweeds " Yen, Annie Athon, Len- nie Moore, Terri Bevan, Liz Miller, Trisha Schultz, Kim Anderson, Debbie Schultz. LAST ROW: Cindy Schaffer, Mary Fuller, Toni Beal, Ann Sabatini, Vicki Carothers, Melissa War- nke, Nancy Cossitt, Nancy Escano, Judy Perkins, Jaime Federman, Stephanie Miller, Phyllis Wolf, Allison Nemir, Janet Sterns, Leeann Texeira, Cindy Hinkle, Leslie Marenda, Suzy Granville, Diane Swanson, Mrs. Coyne. NOT PIC- TURED: Susie Bertlesman, Renee Breber, Beth Brenner, Linda Breshears, Lisa Brusco, Lori Brusco, Jenny Chew, Lisa Cole, Cari Cone, Nancy Dunn, Melinda Golden, Lori McFarland, Liz Monroe, Kathy Morello, Dee Dee Perkins, Peggy Powers, Beth Rudee, Lisa Salb, Susan Sweet, Katy Thiel, Sally Von Geldern, Tracy Wade, Denise Welch. 306 ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA EPSILON PHI: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Dawn Davidson, Suzanne Katz, Lori Layton, Katrina Gabeiko, Flora Lee, Beth Webster, Terry Calarw, Katie DeCastro. BACK ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Cindi Winetrub, Lori Winetrub, Viki Ruiz, Debbie Kauffman, Paula Apone, Beth Cameron, Shellie Prezant, Meri Mitsuyoshi, Robanne Silver. NOT PICTURED: Helen Hayes, Lesley Blum, Amy Kaprow, Sandy Morrow. 308 Itteitw .. Illattetertaitittali WAII1111111-== " 4 ' It, MI, 0 m ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA GAMMA DELTA: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Michelle Alan, Marty Moisa, Roberta Jagow, Carla Franceschi, E. Anne Smyth, Roya Camp, Kathy Lukes, Lisa Berlin, Maria Quiros. SECOND ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Tokoyoshi, Jennifer Torren- son, Lori Krandel, Nancy Ventura, Laura Falvey, Carolyn Gong, Daryl Walker, Sue Lynn, Sharon Steninger, Maya Meus, Nadine Bloor, Diane Delfs, Yuri Kaneda, Nancy Mank. THIRD ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: lone Yamaga, Therse Cavanaugh, Karen Wollert, Sara Clish, Chris Yost, Karen Cambell, Susan Forsstrom, Susan Gibbs, Leslie Sherrard, Karen Forsstrom, Andrea Hake, Laura Hollander, Denise Minaberry, Anne Dolan. FOURTH ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Lisa Mundel, Kat Condon, Lisa Nutti, April Fong, Joyce Olsen, Betsy Wellington, Leslie Agularie, Janel Hill, Leslie McNeil, Colleen Gibbs, Theresa Gan, Helen Mamber, Julie Cavana, Kathy Rhyu, Gail Hoffman, Peggy Black, Heidi Schwab, Anne Ustach. NOT PICTURED: Wendy Ashton, Betsy Baldwin, Patty Calloway, Diana Chiou, Deanna Gan, Maria Germanario, Sheila Greaney, Suzanne Heiden, Maryanne Hortan, Nancy Large, Maureen Mattson, Leslie Saugman, Sophia Smith, Sandy Stradling. 311 ALFI-1A GAMMA 13 A -10-__ATEtz.Nii-{)-- ExALTATioN -TuE 7i-1 . at `3 312 ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA MEMBERS: Mariano Balbuena, John Barbattini, Patrick Byrne, Christopher Carson, David Chandler, Kevin Craig, Phillippe Daniel, Andrew Galli, J. Grove, Steven Hanawalt, Philip Hanson, Dean Hountras, Richard Jensen, Robert Love, Scott Pelton, Steven Van Til, Brian Vickers, Eric Bailey, Andrew Dumlao, Kenneth Wong. 313 ALPHA OMICRON PI MEMBERS: Peggy Asoinwall, Jean Ayers, Mary Baron, Cari Barrett, Cynthia Beernik, Vikki Bert- schinger, Karen Biers, Judi Blaine, Carla Brauner, MaryAnne Breihauptm, Alisa Burgess, Colleen Callahan, Kristel Callahan, Lyn Collier, Kris Eichorn, Kelyy Erb, Lizzy Fargrell, Laura Foster, Peggy Friedl, Jen Fujimoto, Stephanie Fulton, Andrea Gammage, Sue Glenn, Donna Guidry, Theresa Hansen, Julie Harrelson, Bobbi Henrsershott-Giren, Karla Henn- ing, Anne Herbert, Loni Honma, Ellen Innis, Vivian Koenig, Patty Meyer, Karen Michael, Jackie Michalik, Alana Murray, Wendy Nurse, Kari Ofstedahl, Micheke Sabbah, Anita Scarpa, Bonnie Smith, Denise Smith, Janet St. Clair, Sheryl Stitt, Angela Swanson, Sharon Tamor, Joanne Thomas, Susan Tobias, Marisa Tomasi, Kay Tsuyama, Julie Vindasius, Carol Whitlactch, Kathleen Williams, Cheryl Lee, Sandy Zanzot, Becky Amaguin, Renee Kibbe, Donna McKean, Irene Meltzer, Renee Opell, Lori Ross, Cheryl Barker, Tristen Billerbeck, Patricia Biscay, Carolyn Carr, Veena Channon, Judy Chen, Claudia Cheng, Linda Chestnut, Claire Chinn, Jennifer Decker, Pan Dennis, Katherin Donaldson, Julia Fariss, Joanie Ghiglieri, Viginia Giuliano, Karen Hashimoto, Millie Hsi, Kirin Innis, Kay Johnson, Erin Kelly, Susan Kigawa, Brenda Lam, 314 Sharon Mann, Dianna Martinez, Carolyn Peter, Julie Scholz, Ellen Sher, Silvia Staklis, Pamela Yee, Kara Kosker, Lynn Wilber. ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA PHI: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Katie Young, Jeanne Buick, Sissela Danielson, Michelle Zabor, Leslie Wolf, Lynn Luckoff, Becky Pell, Kristen Caldwell, Cece Cronin, Bonnie Smolin, Peggy Conroy. 2nd ROW: Laura Sullivan, Tara Shanagher, Laura Walker, Celeste Monroe, Debbie Hartman, Linda Laurimore, Adrienne Graver, liana Brotman, Leslie Kardos, Lisa Santos, Annette Blum, Maria Martinez, Patty Taylor. 3rd ROW: Renee Michelis, Kim Applegate, Carolyn Stovall, Pam Gompertz, Tianna Davidaw, Suzie Folck, Carole Czapla, Melissa Hippard, Helen Biren, Denise Ray, Li z Davidson. 4th ROW: Lynn Rutler, Margaret Oslund, Janette Trueb, Vicki Anderson, Jill Price, Eileen Chan, Sue Totten, Elizabeth Shaw, Marcy Cohen, Melanie Millhauser, Dianne Shortz, Denise Copper, Wendy Ross, Kathy Barulich. 5th ROW: Suzanne Rischman, Jackie Tammi, Maureen Loty, Karen Hobert, Kathleen Fanning, Liz Stackler, Lynn Lubamersky, Jane Bassett, Sara Bernstein. 6th ROW: Barb Lossing, Liz Riley, Dana Hoffett, Christine Smith, Rayna Becker, Draska Cerin, Debbie McCoy, Kathy Hackett, Adrienne Hubbs, Susy Bluer, Debbie Hale, Cindy Lowe. 7th ROW: Sue Payne, Candy Kyburz, Doris Grossman, Sue Berston, Julie Scott, Chrissy Miller, Molly Overacker, Caryn Cade, Jackie Cheung. 8th ROW: Lani Warren, Dottie Bates, Fran Meschendorf, Christy Anderson, Martha Palmer, Julie McSweeney, Stephanie Bell, Debbie Kinney, Laura Tompkins, Liz Sheperd, Deborah Shinn, Connie Cannon. 9th ROW: Joyce Gardiner, Melinda Marks, Kathy Daniels, Gail Miller, Melissa Arien, Suzy Peterson, Amy Burns. 316 -_ � � :ter ALPHA TAU OMEGA ALPHA TAU OMEGA MEMBERS: Richard Albrecht, Greg Aplet, Ted Anderson, Phil Bingham, Rich Bingham, Jim Bowman, Brian Brady, Jeff Brody, Scott Campbell, Mark Carlson, Mark Codiroli, Chris Cooper, Steve Curie, Dave DeRuff, Pete Downs, Mike Eric- son, Scott Flamm, Willie Fleming, Jon Frojen, Chris Ferguson, Jonn Gaevler, Davis Gammafe, Mark Gordon, Bill Hair, Tom Halbach, Mike Halper, Joe Hammer, Rob Harp, Charlie Hildeburn, Eric Hoffner, Bob Hollingsworth, Ray Homan, Walt Homan, Sebastian Hoppe, Aaron Houston, Brian Judy, Mark Delsey, Jeff Knowles, Tom Lacy, Dave Lee, Rick Leider, Steve MacDonald, Frank Mallicoat, Bob Marshall, Chris Matthiessen, Kevin O ' Donahue, Madison Of fenhauser, Bill 011iver, Tony Parkhurst, Dave Parsosn, Jack Parsons, Brian Payne, Drew Planting, Dave Platter, Jeff Pollock, Max Pray, Joey Ramos, Dave Richard, Matt Rhigetti, Tom Sheldon, John Sagarol, John Silver, Adam Stein, Chris Stevens, Austin Tichenor, Massey Toffolo, Bill Treseler, Steve Walton, Warren Weisenberg, Dave Wenstrom, Gary Westermark, Brad Wheeler, Tom Wornham, Pete Za6allos. 318 BETA THETA PI FIRST ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Reta, Charles Sankowich, Mark Meihaus, Will Evers, Bob McNanara, Bob Griffith, Todd Lyon, Peter McDangerous, Jay Quinn. BACK ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Aaron Braun, Blake Davis, Kenny Meyersieck, Ted Helgans, Tom Tyson, Gary Gibbs, Matt Kooner, Bill Dougherty, Hank Stern, Joe Feigenbaum, Saheeb Ybarra, Mike Long, Mike Cole, Daoug Howe, Steve Eager, Larry Clark, Bill Dagley. 319 W N 0 CHI OMEGA CHI OMEGA: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Sari Stabler, Julie Scalise, Mimi Davidson, Karen Salisbury, Carol Langdon, Dana Beernik, Tracey Tapp, Kris Lageson, Kathy Howard, Sue Kingsley, Karen Faulkner, Sandy Ivelich, Katie Twitchell, Tana Woodward. 2nd ROW: Doris (mom) Jorde, Judi Francis, Laura Napier, Penny Weight, Laura Sweeny, Sandy Holliman, Jackie Cross, Kristen Bonarius, Allison Scott, Joanna Brody, Niki DeMorais, Jill Randall, Lisa Hannum, Estreilla Elkaim, Sara Lucas, Gail Partick, Patty Brewer, Mellissa Malkasian. 3rd ROW: Mary Beth Myrdal, Eileen Sicotte, Kelly Grasham, Karen Dales, Nancy Geissinger, Kim Reisner, Kathy Lucas, Carlie Berke, Adrienne Hampton, Robin Rouda, Christina Mantel, Nancy Myrdal, Jackie Reed, Christa Pederson, Phoebe Eng, Kelly Downing, Bridget Pooley, Donna Briggs, Karen Devincenzi, Dori Suggs, Kathy Matlock. 4th ROW: Chris Hayes, Wynne Washburn, Stephanie Youngquist, Dana Olstad, Katherine Boyer, Suzanne Mouran, Dayna Babikian, Lisa Tanner, Michelle You, Jenny Marois, Nancy Smith, Stacy Hicks, Linda Raidy, Jennifer Leslie, Katrina Swan- son, Erin O ' Hara, Carolyn Mitchell, Bonnie Albin, Vanessa Ivelich, Gina Donati, Mardi Agnew. 5th ROW: Cathy Vilas, Suzie Wilson, Cheryl Meyers, Lyn Poterfield, Dana Johnson, Grace Esclanado, Joel Morton, Judi Nakasi, Gloria Patrick, Leslie Graham, Jamie Gomer, Janet Compbell, Kim Thomason, Kathy Graham, Connie Kam, Monica Youngquist, Patti Pao. 321 322 CHI PHI CHI PHI MEMBERS: Fred Anwalt, Pat Banducci, Brian Campapiano, Chuck Cary, Brian Charter, Bruce Copeland, Joseph Cophrat, James Cregory, Everett Hartwell, Jay Haglund, Francis Hatch, Thomas Howard, Gary Jones, Marcus Jones, Kurt Kumli, Paul Laird, Will Lee, Peter Lester, Richard Lossing, Louis Lowenstein, Mark Marinelly, Christopher Moore, Gerald Nilson, Jim Penney, Kip Quackenbush, Peter Reynolds, George Roeth, Scott Sparling, Michael Tye, David Volk, Craig Wallsten, Dennis Williams, Mathew Wraith, Ryan Young, James Eppard, Eric Butenhoff, Doug Dedo. 323 CHI PSI CHI PSI MEMBERS: Brian Ambrose, David Ames, Mark Ames, Douglas Baer, Charles Ball Jr., Christopher Behrens, Mark Berry, Gregg Biglieri, Andrew Brosseau, Theodore Brown, Thomas Carlson, Cory Christiansen, Charles Coyle, William Coyle, Kris Donaldson, David Handy, Donald Hoban, Steven Kappler, Michael Leck, John Lordic, Peter Laird, Martin Livingston, Robert McKelligan, Richard Marshall, Michael Mattos, John McDowell, Timothy McGowan, Brian McGuire, Byron Med, Andrew Meyers, John Meyer, Mathew Michael, David Moore, Gerald O ' Connor, Thomas Peyton, Kelly Rea, Jefferey Rhodes, Kevin Riggs, Michael Robinson, Albert Sandell, David Sabastian, Paul Siberis Jr., Douglas Smith, William Stevenson, Brian Tucker, Dennise Umanzio, Thomas Vogelheim, Marc Wilson, Laurence Duebler. 324 DELTA CHI: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Humphreys, Chris Dolder, Dana Hoffman, Paul Slakey, Charlie Campos. 2nd ROW: Mark Douglas, John Dado, Walt Brown, Tom Hargrave, Steve Westberg, Don Schuman, Brian Smith, Matt Lieberman. 3rd ROW: Cal Walters, Keith Ottehberg, Jim Hiyashi, Mike Cutler, Mike Woolfe, Bob Falk, Herb Venecia, Joshua, Jay Bourland, Stu Bu sh, Paul Reiz. 4th ROW: Ron Bloomberg, Steve Copper, Brian Conner, Matt Sinyj, Vince Anzelone, John Benun, Doctor Roberts, Terry Meagher, Larry Feyh, Mark Briggs, Doug Goldberg, Steve Lavoie. LAST ROW: Dan Sicotte, John Kragh, Jeff Griggs, Dennis Millstein, John Santucci, Kevi Kaz, George Rebhan, Paul Mueller. NOT PICTURED : Eric Hull, Jay Gernmel, Dave Hudnot, Rick Arradando, Ted Rie, Dave Ko!berg, Mark Bayazit, Brett Johnson, John Johnson. 325 DELTA CHI DELTA DELTA DELTA MEMBERS: Lisa Adler, Carol Alberti, Karrie Ander- son, Laurie Aparicio, Dessie Athens, Jennifer Babcock, Julie Balmes, Stacey Batzel, Linda Blackburn, Linda Boehrer, Suzy Boyett, Susan Brennan, Marilyn Brosio, Margie Burstein, Katy Calkin, Madiline Canepa, Chantele Carwin, Mechi Cazares, Evamarie Cheung, Cathy Clif- ton, Jenny Clifton, Liz Cole, Meg Coleman, Stephanie Cooper, Kelly Cor- dill, Cathy Corfee, Catheryn Crites, Corinne Crncich, Michelle Crncich, Patty Daum, Marci Davis, Mary Oat Douglass, Kim Elias, Orlee Engler, Katie Evans, Suzy Finch, Patti Foss, Shawna Foster, Susan Frediani, Louise Funke, Chris Gianotti, Becky Gilbert, Nancy Goedjen, Laurie Grey, Diane Harwich, Regan Healy, Jean Herlihy, Deb6ie Hermsmeyer, Kirsten Hicks, Kathy Hill, Laurie Hoeft, Judy Holm, Laura Hudson, Lauren Hughes, Desiree Icaza, Jeanne Jacobson, Cindy Kahl, Julie Kaplan, Trinka Knapp, Michelle Kruetzberger, Betsy Langdon, Sherri Laudenslager, Julie Leader, Julia Leet, Kathy Leisses, Kim Leong, Lisa Lewis, Jamie Lohr, Cdcd Lolwing, Carrie Lowe, Kica Macy, JoAnne Mascheroni, Mary Mayne, Lynne Meador, Dana Melton, Nicole Miller, Susan Miller, Amy Millpointer, Ann Millpointer, Leslie Mons, Delynn Morgan, Sharon Nagin, MaryBeth Nelson, Annette Noga, Nicole Noga, Alecia Paschall, Angie Pena, Carole Penney, Cathy Perez, Karin Peter- son, Shelley Predovich, Lorri Raizes, Suzanne Renault, Deme Rhodes, Julie Rich, Ann Rockwell, Phyllis Rogers, Sharon Rosen, Cathy San- drich, Jeannie Sassin, Katherine Selle, Sheri Shansby„ Laurie Sheft, Wendy Simons, Joanne Skitarelic, Karen Small, Cindy Smith, Lynn Smith, Megan Smith, Dana Spurrier, Margaret Stier, Cindy Stuges, Anne Lobiason, Barbara Toffolo, Pat Verducci, Barbara Wambach, Leslie Wambach, Celia Wesenberg, Anne Westwick, Linda Wilson, Laurie Witt- man, Amy Workinger, Monica Wyatt, Pam Wylie, Carrie Young. 326 DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA 11415 CONFERENC.E. 15 TO TALK ABOUT COL EGE AND TO DISatf: ' ,5 THE P. A .T.S 1 I ' M NOT INTERESTED IN THE R S. A.T. 5 , MR. FA RGOOD I HAVE MU HEART 5ETOK1 BECOMING A DE.L.TA GAMMA t,-(3 328 329 volimiiiiio..,.....■..._. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON MEMBERS: Scott Albrecht, Kirk Andrews, John Clayton, Arthur Cormier, Alastair Cumming, Roderick Cumming, David James Hobbs, David Holzwarth, Timothy Hosbein, Stephen Johnson, Michael LaHorgue, Joel Macy, John Mahoney, Steven Malde, Thomas Marble, Charles Martz, Thomas Murphy, Milo Nadir, Paul Negalescu, William Odell, John Raney, William Reinhard, William Renwick, James Saver, Joseph Saveri, Steven Summers, Keith Teel, Michael Walker, Guy Young, John Zorbas, Peter Wicher, David LaHorgue, Nick Ross. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON DELTA SIGMA PHI DELTA SIGMA PHI MEMBERS: David Azevedo, Ray Baker, William Benz, Albert Boro, Stephen Buffi, George Canaparo, Matthew Cole, Marc Covert, Doug Crawford, Roy Crumrine, John Dahlgren, Anders Jounge, Philip Dowley, Gregg Farley, James Fazackerley, William Geyman, John Gordon, Robert Granadino, Zachary Griffen, Greg Hardy, Jackson Hseih, John Hyland, Wayne Killen, Peter Kirwan, James Kruse, Michael Lauth, Todd May, David McGrouther, Kevin McPartland, Kelly Miller, John Obana, Mark Paden, Charles Ramsey, Edward Sangster, Gregory Snakovich, Barry Sheldon, Peter Snider, Michael Sorenson, Barry Swan, Eugene Tuan, Mikko Valkonen, James Van Hore, Brian Cardoza, Evan Benjamin. 332 DELTA UPSILON DELTA UPSILON MEMBERS: Kyle Bach, Kirk Beebe, Mark Bertoli, Doug Boring, Matt Burke, Mark Carlos, Greg Davis, Jack Denault, Jeff Harrigan, George Hollister, James Kaplan, Robert LemMon, Mick Luckhurts, Matt MacPhee, Trey MacPhee, Mike Neidorf, Jim O ' Connor, Steve Olson, Charley Rea, Geoff Rushing, Don Sabatini, Charles Schueler, Peter Shellworth, Steven Spurlock, Jeff Starr, Sean Vignoles, Court Younger, John Abel, Douglas Batt, John Citi, Dave Fahrner, Chuck Ganghuss, Clifford Hart, Sheppard Kett, Dan Logan. 333 m m DELTA TAU DELTA DELTA TAU DELTA: Robert Ahers, James Anderson, Bill Black-Hogins, Anthony Bosque, Brian Carter, James Davis, Jeffrey Emslie, Nicholas Farrah, Lawerence Fell, Paul Fyten, John Green, Adam Hollander, Kenneth Jor- dan, Dimitri Klebe, Stanton Mahler, Ian McCutcheon, Ray Meadows, Douglas Moore, Mark Parmeter, Michael Perry, Scott Schoenthal, Martin Schulman, D. Smith, Alec Trueblood, Terry Tuscher, David White, Greg Wilfley, Peter Pavlics. 335 GAMMA PHI BETA: FRONT — LEFT TO RIGHT: Annette Hayes, Cynthia Levikow, Drew Daine, Karen Wilder, Cristi McCabe, Liz O ' Conner, Lisa Dimock, Pam Keyfritz, Heidi Hinds, Bonnie Graham, Jeana Colabianchi. SECOND ROW: Laura Muck, Sarah Mack, Christa Fiorindo, Amy Meyers, Meg Wright, Debbi Christiansen, Kristen Bernard, Kathryn Higgins, Connie Leonard, Laurie Daly, Dede Bowles, Casey Legge. THIRD ROW: Leslie McLauren, Tracy Fisher, Cammie Collins, Becky Zerbel, June Stein, Christine Heinrich, Susan Bouick, Connie Hall. FOURTH ROW: Sheila Giuespie, Kendra Felisky, Mrs. Casburn, Sandy Gimball, Rhonda Mehlmann, Marci Fraser, Lena Vaguine, Hilary Baxter, Grayle Tully, Natalie Young, Lori Phillips. FIFTH ROW: Carolyn Dubbin, Lisa Perenchio, Anne Reich, Sally Stevens, Jeni Wilson, Ann Furtado, Landa Sui, Sharon Gerken, Tracy Orloff, Cynthia Wong, Sindey Schrager, Robbyn Yamashita, Raina Ozaki, Kathy Lucas, Betina Baig, Kathy Watson, Lisa Mineta, Jennifer Joe. SIXTH ROW: Eileen Finney, Megan Finney, Kathy Rice, Julie Hill, Wendy Williams, Leah Godsey, Audrey Grant, Leslie Battenburg, Maureen Boro, Angela Collada, Karen Gerken, Stacey Ernst. SEVENTH ROW: Elaine Peters, Kristen Webster, Francine Caretin, Robyn Whiting, Michelle Puccio, Katie Fitzsimmons, Marcia Perlstein, Tammy Foster, Annette Zavala, Frances Bersola, Cathy Auslen, Maureen Lucy, Denise Torrisi, Jane Lo, Eve Dickson, Christine Dorf, Sue Robinson, Maureen O ' Connel, Cynthia Schanilec, Roxanne Rockwell. 336 GAMMA PHI BETA Making friends for the world to see Let the people know, you ' ve got what you need. With a friend at hand, you will see the light If your friends are then everything ' s alright. 337 338 KAPPA ALPHA MEMBERS: Joseph Alin, John Baker, Michael Barclay, Charles Bolcom, Charles Cardall, John Caton, Anthony David, Dale Emery, Douglas Franks, Eric Fyller, Tyler Gavriel, James Gerger, Brad Bluckstein, Jonathan Goerke, Jeffery Good, Kenneth Grant, Kenneth Gregorich, Lloyd Guss, Michael Gutierrez, Walter Harris, James Hogeboom, Mark Howard, Edward Hugo, Peter Imperial, Adrian Jones, Lorin Kaplan, William Keane, Ryan Ledwith, William MacDonald, William McConnel, David Morton, Christopher Matti, Francis Nordilla, Julian Nordini, Peter Peris, Mark Riggio, Tim Rostrom, Steven Rolin, David Schuman, Michael Akan, David Lee, Gregg Anthony, Marc Alan, Ralph Victor, Dan Williams. KAPPA ALPHA KAPPA DELTA RHO KAPPA DELTA RHO MEMBERS: Eric Amundson, Dan Bartell, Mike Bailey, Dave Brady, Mark DiGiovanni, Scott Davidson, Ron D ' Ercole, Gregg Dulik, Mike Enger, Steve Flad, Chris Hahn, Bill Henthorn, Jim Hill, Tyler Hoeke, John Linfoot, Dan Kahn, Kevin Kern, Mike Markavage, Chris Mirner, Dennis Murray, John Oliver, Jeff Peterson, Charles Rashall, John Russell, Kevin Scott, Steve Sheer, Bob Shortt, Greg Stevens, Dave Tuck, Tim Woodward, Andy Wilson, Frank Rogers. 339 •zr O KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA ALPHA THETA: FIRST ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Maura Murphy, Alison Powell, Tracey Dahl, Sue Sumner, Ann Mathews, Cathy Mitchell, Jennifer Wells, Maureen McPartland. SECOND ROW: Kitty Dawson, Robin Hansen, Adrianna Schwartz, Anne Avera, Terri Schulman, Elizabeth Sanford, Patti Sheehan, Denny Stephens, Cynhtia Eastman, Denise Wilson, Karen Chandler. THIRD ROW: Sally Blackburn, Sonja Loesch, Lisa Siegal, Anne Palmer, Caroline Christophel, Chris Viguie, Mary Ralston, Lisa Echeverria„ Sonja Krastman, Barry Peters, Ruth Multhaup, Lauren Oliver, Laurie Mansur, Joannie Spielman, Evy Reich, Nancy Feldchirdner. FOURTH ROW: Sunnie Lander, Marta Goldstein, Michelle Obeji, Marla Schwimman, Hilary Dawson, Lisa Goell, Jinny Greer, Heidi Honens, Jessica Miller, Patti Carruthers, Betsy Boesel, Sara Larson, Tamra Roberts, Melissa Garrick, Cathy Park, Kim Lewis, Teresa Hess. FIFTH ROW: Connie Haiman, Alison Cornish, Shelly Thompson, Lisa Ritter, Barbara Dunne, Nancy McKay, Anne Appleby, Carrie Oliver, Andy Helm, Kevin Kenney, Cindy Lawlor, Carolyn Bell, Cailean Speilman, Michelle Montgomery. SIXTH ROW: Kathy Farley, Marya Stark, Diana Currie, Anita Castledine, Brenda Hoch, Carol Maurer, Debbie Bowman, Carolyn Peterson, Kathy Coakley, Teresa Maddox, Anne Erickson, Elizabeth Elliot, Wendy Wuerth, Susan Charles, Laurie Shephert. " To be nobody but yourself in a world that ' s trying its best day and night to make you somebody else, means to fight the ha rdest battle anyone ' s fought, and to never stop fighting. " 341 W ry KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA: Jacque Alanis, Mary Anawalt, Mary Arnett, Francine Balestrieri, Lori Barber, Blair Barnes, Lauren Biggs, Stacey Black, Maxine Blumberg, Catherine Bowman, Carla Brady, Diane Brink, Daphne Brown, Jenny Brown, Ann Bryant, Diane Butler, Tric ia Caulfield, Pamela Chew, Pamela Chiechi, Caroline Cochrane, Kimberly Coers, Mercedes Corbell, Lisa Coulter, Sandra Coulter, Margaret Couse, Maria Cronin, Jennifer Cutting, Janet Dahl, Carla Daiss, Laura Daschbach, Kerry Davidson, Cherrill Davis, Margaret Deneher, Cynthia De Nevers, Vinnie Devone, Anne Donahue, Sarah Engs, Susan Evans, Ann Furbush, Maureen Fannon, Louisiana Foster, Mir Fournier, Joy Franich, Mary Gallivan, Lisa Garratt, Nita Gariaeff, An, Gillam, Darcie Goodenough, Linda Gowing, Cynthia Grauf, Diana Hamel, Darrin Hammond, Sheila Harley, Dana Hartford, Jessica Hawkins, Dana Hill, Elizabeth Hill, Lynne Hjelte, Karen Hoffman, Nancy Holt, Judy Holt, Kimberly Honens, Denise Hudson, Marian Hudson, Jannifer Hughes, Sarah Hunter, Merrily James, Carolyn Kami, Jennifer Kawar, Karen Krebs, lvelou Kuchins, Suzanne Kushner, Laurie Lewis, Vicki Lippincott, Suzanne Maccrone, Elizabeth McDonald, Clara McKale, Kathy McKenna, Callie McLellan, Cynthia Mace, Kathleen Maguire, Debbie Mahoney, Kimberly Martin, Janet Metzger, Lauri Miller, Janet Moody, Susan Morosoli, Clea Morro, Amie Mosher, Lauren Moulin, Carol Mueller, Elena Mykytiuk, Sarah Nicoud, Maureen O ' Brien, Kathryn Opdyke, Elizabeth Peck, Grace Pedersen, Dianne Peebles, Mary Peterson, Barbara Reed, Carolyn Reynolds, Lisa Rogers, Letitia Rowe, Carrie Russel, Dee Saloman, Nancy Scherba, Christine Scherick, Linda Scott, Sharon Shaw, Sandra Shipkowitz, Susan Shragg, Carolyn Snorf, Sari Steel, Jamie Stone, Shelby Stone, Pamela Tauchi, Mary Thamer, Kelly Van Bokkelen, Megan Van Kemp, Nancy Vohs, Katherine Waste, Linda Weaver, Carrie White, Margarat Whitehead, Diana Wiegel, Carrie Wieseneck, Lynn Wilcox, Yung-Jin Yoon, Johnna Anderson, Mischell Anderson, Allison Ascher, Ann Battelle, Jennifer Baus, Annaly Bennett, Roberta Bingham, Jacqueline Bowman, Katherine Burke, Patricia Burns, Shelley Carder, Kimberlee Collins, Isabel Garcia Dopazo, Theresa Hoever, Leslie McClendon, Heather McCulloch, Jane Mellenthin, Melissa Merwin, Jill Meyer, Amity Millhiser, Ellen Morris, Lisa Nakano, Mary Null, Virginia Papale, Adelaide Roberts, Lauren Segal, Gayley Stephenson, Sarah Thamer, Sharla Vohs, Rebecca Zepp. 343 344 KAPPA SIGMA MEMBERS: Brett Alsterlind, Craig Bierach, John Bierholm, Daniel Blatter, Benjamin Boissevain, Stephen Broad, David Bruce, Peter Buck, Scott Butler, Greg Cootsoona, Wathan Crair, Eric Davidson, Rober Deklotz, Peter Desforges, Peter Evans, Randall Frite, Mark Fraker, Gregory Fuller, David Furbush, Joseph Gorin, Kevin Graffis, Gregory Hathcock, James Herberg, Brooks Hoehe, Peter Janapoul, Jeffereu Jordano, Anthony Klisura, Jochen Lenz, Mark Lucas, Roger Madison, B Craig Martin, Ember Martin, Richard Mori, Douglas Morrison, Thomas Mulvihill, William Murrell, Gary Omerantz, James Raphael, Mark Ray, Scott Reynolds, Michael Ruttenberg, Michael Scown, Scott Sharles, John Sholl, Michael Spector, Brian Spivack, Robert Stansell, Henry Watkins, Walter Willis, Douglas York, Mark Young, Bradley Zinker, Caxton Rhodes, Lame Ringlee, Mark Weber, Chris Swide, Craig Dunn. KAPPA SIGMA UPPER RIGHT (page 336) The loafer parade at Presents — Bass, Cole- Haau and one Ferragamo, courtesy of (left and out of sight) Mary Joe, Kathi, Beth, Pinky, Jordache, Facehorse, Chip, Mo, Buck and (below) Pigwing. UPPER LEFT Winter Classic wildbunch LOWER RIGHT (page 336) Liz Kramer, Peter Buck, Jenny Armitage and Pete Janopaul at the Kappa Sigma Kappa Alpha " Grim Trou " Presents. Green, red, yellow, madras, and plaids managed to come together in an all-time unbelievable clash. MIDDLE LEFT Beloved fall president Craig " Grand Loaf " Martia, Mark " Toro " Murrell, and Suzanne Sculli at Kappa Sig ' s annual Kamana- wanna-Lei U party — Grand Doorprize: Trip for two to Hawaii. UPPER RIGHT The Four-way Exchange fires up — Kappa Sigma, Sigma Nu, Pi Phi, and Kappa as their favorite film stars, Blues Brothers Brooks " Hawkeye " Hoehn and Eric " Hacker " Acker along-side two Kappa pledges. LOWER LEFT The Monmouth Duo hosts " Bad Guys " in ' 81 — P.L.O. ambassadors (top) Dave " What-a-guy " Furbush, Brooks " Hawkeye " Hoehn, (bottom) Scott " Pappy " Butler, and Tom " Mo " Mulvihill. LOWER RIGHT It ' s seven months earlier, but the loafer theme lines on — Rico, Pigwing, Mo, Frog, Chip, and beloved spring ' 81 president Pappy at the Winter Classic ' 81. " In everyone ' s life, there is a year to look back on that glows more than any other. For many of us, that year is 1981-1982 at Cal — a year of success and friendships of incredible quality and intensity — a year we will remember when the girls were all golden and the young men bright and witty. " Anonymous 345 PHI DELTA THETA PHI DELTA THETA: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Bill Bork, Steve " Splooge " Williamson, Peter Llorende, Doug Schenk, Mike " Oakie " Malherbe, Bill Zero, Russ Robinson, Kevin Kevorkian, Chris La Fountaine. TOP ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Dave " Aruin " Krauler, Scott Bonzo, Drew Roberts, Jeff Orbit. NOT PICTURED: Mark Funderburk, Eddie Walsh, Rich Strahowski, Darryl Haley, Kimbal Goodman, John Hoover, Mike O ' Brian. 346 PHI GAMMA DELTA PHI GAMMA DELTA: Kirk Lange, Peter Neville, Roger Ashton, Rick Ronald, Henry Matthiessen, Chris Cosca, Clark Porter, Tom Schnugg, Dave Clark, John Matthiessen, Bong Kim, Brian Bender, Pat Carter, Jon Ross, Brian Mueller, Steve Blare, Scott Croul, Neil Purdy, Tom Kramer, Pat Doyle, Rob Cash, Jim Kroger, Jim Hall, Jim Platz, Rich Lee, Craig Vidal, Chaz Hendrickson, Andy Mergenthal, Steve Little, Chris Good, Don James, Randy Thomas, Eric Holt, Cary Calkin, Matt Halliday, Brian Griggs, Luke Marsh, John Winans, Rich Bankowsky, Jeff Ames. 347 PHI KAPPA PSI MEMBERS: Phil Angelini, Miles Appel, Brandon Baum, Keith Chrestionson, Sean Collins, Rob Crips, Jeff Flairty, Bob Gerstenberger, Rodger Harger, Bryan Harter, Marco Hellman, Todd Hirsch, Joe Jackson, Brad Jones, Don Larson, Mike Loscavio, Daniel Pellissier, Eric Mackey, Craig Miekelson, Mike Mitchell, John Montague, Jom Orr, Jeff Polsky, Jim Pursiano, Brian Ramona, Jon Rosso, Pete Slagado, Jeff Schrager, Dave Shevick, Tom Smith, Mike Sokolsky, Bruce Spurlock, Richard Stanaro, Joseph Tabrisky, Mike Torres, Eric Tuckness, Mike Ward, Mike Watson, Jim Williams, Chris With-Seidlin. 348 PHI KAPPA PSI •...111111111111MOIll wean i7BIL ongliv,•1•111. imps, • ()Mil NM war—uani isevilh. •Nrissuaspa Alt Iii•oh, ' 111111111111111 ' 111111111111 U111.2r7;;4N • sa..7 . Ma, `11111aill, •••■•• -..jultamogilllleft -..giam•ar -.111101101• ' r_ 349 PHI KAPPA SIGMA PHI KAPPA SIGMA MEMBERS: Jon Arnst, Brad Buchman, Brian Busalacchi, Ken Candelaria, Joeseph Concilla, Michael Carley, Bret Cunningham, Pete Cutian, Tom Davis, Brian Dakin, Tom Downing, Mark Fochs, John Glass, Duncan Gordale, Alan Grosnam, Stuart Hancor, Matthew Hendricks, Jim Johnson, Mike Keely, Jack Killeen, John Laetsci, Jim Larsen, Scott Levy, Matthew Lopez, Mark McClelland, Dick McDougald, John Martinez, Frank Matton, Alan Miller, Pete Mills, Monty Monfore, Patrick Myrphy, Geoffrey O ' Neill, Peter Paulson, Ron Robert, Ray Renat, John Rogers, Don Gangunett, Bill Shmidt, John Schmigg, Curt Setzer, Michael Sidley, Daniel Snow, Charles Stone, John Thompson, Mark Tilley, Crawford Tuttle, Christopher Weir, Ron Wells, Michael Wignot, Mark Williams. 350 PHI KAPPA TAU PHI KAPPA TAU MEMBERS: Mark Anderson, Thomas Badly, John Bengtson, David Brauner, Keith Briar, Greg Burglin, Clark Buschaman, Leroy Chiao, Alberto Cuellar, Clifford Cohen, Jon Daseking, Matthew Dieden, More Edmondson, Eugene Flor, Scott Foraker, Eric Foster, David Freeman, Glenn Gilsleider, H. Glusker, Christophe r Gower, Carrayl Hampton, Scott Healy, Ken Gerkenhoff, Michail Hotell, Micheal Hull, Bryan Hori, Bruce Krill, Kevin Landis, Michael Lynch, Richard Lynch, Paul Manning, Ernest Martin, Robert McCarthy, Mark McGee, Malaquias Pacheco, Christopher Nugent, David Puintana, Jamea Renick, Mark Rosenthal, Todd Smith, Gregory Solomon, James Spallus, Bradley Stine, Mark Vanden Berghe, James Untiedt, David Wisebloo, Bradley Young. 351 PHI MU: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Allison Pappe, Gail Dutton, Dana Parker, Kim Morimoto, Karen Dyer, Kathy Kirkpatrick, Diane Casey, Rachael Condon. 2nd ROW: Cheryl Goldstein, Lisa Lower, Susan Dorfman, Michelle Pappe, Debbie Berston, Sharon Geldberg, Magan Vikramsighn, Nancy Orear, Jane Felix, Debra Levin, Kristen Vegin, Margaret Rossi. 3rd ROW: Lori Long, Audrey Yee, Lorina Sinclair, Sara Wong, Micaela Hoskins, Rhonda Roberts, Aarata Patwardhan, Susan Simpkins, Donna Brauer, Liz Wain, Mary Vollmayer, Juliette Faraco, Loraine Sinclair. 4th ROW: Dianne Giddons, Margarite Faraco, Linnell Weber, Mayor Vikramsighn, Phyllis Hatch, Gretchen Roeding, Patty Allison, Lori Howells, Jenny Rosoff, Jenny Scott, Liz Conaway, Maria Lewis, Ave Collins, Kathy Gregory, Andrea Larson. 352 D m Lc) m PI BETA PHI: Kristin Adams, Julie Adler, Marti Anderson, Muriel Anderson, Mary Andrews, Shelly Asche r, Barbara Austin, Tina Bailer, Dana Bandar, Robin Barnato, Kathy Barry, Melissa Berry, Lisa Beazley, Lorrie Behrhost, Lisa Bemis, Jill Biegenzahn, Mary Breuer, Laurie Brown, Jane Camporeale, Lisa Canton, Meg Carmack, Sandra Carroll, Carolyn Cherry, Jane Clowdsley, Laurel Coburn, Katrina Coombs, Julie Cortese, Mary Dalton, Cathy Dunn, Laurie Earl, Karen Egan, Lynn Edelstein, Melinda Eliis, Helen Ehgh, Marcy Engler, Susan Evans, Laura Farmer, Andrea Freedman, Jenny Frisch, Karen Fritchey, Nancy Gabelic, Nicki Geas, Anne Geremia, Suzy Goddard, Rachel Goldstein, Michelle Gracheff, Ann Gwerder, Stephanie Hadfield, Gail Halford, Sara Halford, Jill Harold, Kelli Harold, Penny Harris, Dawn Hartman, Sue Henderson, Claudia Hickey, Jean Hilken, Libby Hill, Diana Hoppe, 354 Cam Howe, Gretchen Humbert, Colleen Jackson, Helen Karrer, Tracy Keaton, Anne Kelly, Kathy Kendrick, Anne Kerwin, Laura Kirkpatrick, Claire La Barthe, Beth L ee, Sara Libby, Fiona MacKenzie, Karen McGillis, Jackie McKay, Kate Martin, Kirsten Maxworthy, Allison Michael, Maureen Middleton, Julie Minton, Trish Moran, Kathleen Morrison, Suzi Murphy, Thea Nesis, Meg O ' Dea, Kathleen O ' Hara, Colleen Parr, Janet Perham, Paige Perkins, Debbie Polsky, Tina Regan, Linda Regimbal, Susan Reynolds, Cheryl Riedel, Leslie Rivera, Kristy Roach, Wendye Robbins, Jill Robertson, Cindy Rocca, Tamara Roshko, Alyssa Rowell, Laurie Schaffer, Karen Schmid, Libby Schmitt, Peggy Schnugg, Debbie Sears, Karin Seifert, Anne Shea, Evelyn Simmons, Kelly Singley, Kelly Spelman, Patty Stephens, Cathy Stephenson, Shelly Sutherland, Sue Sweeny, Susan Talbot, Erin Taylor, Vaughn Tebbe, Katie Thrall, Janet Tamaro, Laura Towne, Marcy Trieb, Julie Trueblood, Loretta Wall, Diana Walsh, Caroline Wheeler, Nanci Whelan, Kim Wilson, Paki Woolf, Lynne Young, Anne Jenning, Jane Harrington. If) C,) PHI SIGMA KAPPA PHI SIGMA KAPPA MEMBERS: Mitch Ay-Tye, Johnn Beck, Mark Biagini, Greg Bisi, Parke Boneysteele, Lirk Brainerd, Steve Bridge, John Cameron, Chris Cassidy, Mike Cael, Steven Chan, Brad Clarke, William Dewitt, Jeff Diller, John Dressel, John Fennel, Jim Gordon, Robert Groves, Remo Jacuzzi, David James, Alan Krock, Robert Krumweide, Kevin Micael, Keith McWilliams, Lars Monroe, Leonard Ott, Fred Ponce, Robert Regan, Mike Smith, Mark Stoffers, Doug Stone, Norman Swenson, Steven Tanner, Mike Tonn, Brad Towle, Peter Ulrich, George Wells, Jim Westover, Jim Whitton, Kevin Bell, Bruce Chapman, Paul Hart, Steve Kettmann, Ron Lee. 356 PI KAPPA ALPHA PI KAPPA ALPHA: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Peter Kane, Tim Hough, Dan Rosenbaum, Peter Nauenberg, Jim Terzian, Jon Wong, Eric Holmfond. BACK ROW: Vic Rethy, Doug Bertozzi, Bill Nunn, Eric Kolsch, Matt Ferraris, Seth Mathews, Stew Vaughan, Mark Hagopian, Dave Reeves, Tom Legris, Mike Rippolone, Mike Hughes, Chris McGrath, Cameron Foster, Dave Dreyfus, Jeff Dorough, Jeremy Goodell, Jeff Carlson, Jay Reznick, Kaz Uyesugi, Doug Bele, Charlie Sayon, Craig Fortier, Ted Powell, Topo D. Katz. RAN OUT OF TOWN: Christopher Barry. STILL IN HIGH SCHOOL: Kurt Hattendorf, Bruce Thomson, Ted Katagi, Tom Econome, Mario Zepponi, Erin Brockwhurst. 357 PI LAMBDA PHI MEMBERS: Arthur Anderson, Anthony Badame, Todd Baltar, George Boodrookas, Edward Casey, Hector DeLeon, Wescott Guarino, Eric Gunther, Hoseph Hall, Robert Bilmoe, Eric Jacobson, Stephen Kay, Kevin Kirkpatrick, Paul Kushner, Charles Labiner, Carl LaRue, Maurice Levitch, Daniel McGuckin, Alan Me Key, Steffen Nie, Matther Powers, Salvatore Puccio, Andrew Santa Maria, Colin Savage, Paul Scheley, William Shyvers, Bong Man Suh, William Sutherland, Gary Teplitz, Mark Wald, Marc Weissburg. 358 PI LAMBDA PHI PI KAPPA PHI Kr‘FFs PI KAPPA PHI MEMBERS: Carl Anderson, Jeff Barret, Doug Blakeman, Dan Bergman, Jim Campigli, Mark Carpenter, Mike Dunbar, Rob Dutto, Mike Durant, Chip Engemorn, William Fereshetian, Richard Gahart, George Gancz, David Grey, Phillipe Greven, Craig Guenther, David Halligan, David Handley, John Ingram, Edgar Johnson, Robert Johnson, David Kerr, Steven Koines, Graham Luce, John Martorano, Jeff McBride, Vance McNeilly, Mike McQueeney, Steve Miller, John Moncad, Mike Moncada, Chris Nelson, Mark Nielson, Steve Pas, Morgan Pike, Ken Rancine, Richard Rappaport, Gary Reichold, Brad Sasser, Greg Sasser, Chris Scharf, Kurt Scherzinger, Chris Shepanek, Sean Smith, John Stewart, Tom Stewart, Thomas Thomas, Randy Tinsley, Tim Toppin, Brad Tucker, Dennis Valerio, Steve Voslanien, Jim Watson, Steve Welk, Kurt Wilson, Tom Wilson, Jamie Worsnop. 360 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON MEMBERS: Timothy Baugman, Judson Boies, Gregory Christie, Charles Corley, Chris Clark, Stephen Daame, Andrew Dick, Timothy Diekrick, Max Dunn, Paul Edwards, Robert Erdman, Timothy Farley, John Forsman, Robert Garneau, Daniel Himmelstein, William Hughes, Crosby Hyde, Theodore Lawson, Stephen Livingston, David Longerbeam, Richard Lyons, Mathew Macy, George Marshall, Brookes Mancini, James McCarthy, Gene Megazzini, Stephen Mott, Chritian Nall, David Nelson, Brett Nitzkowski, Toby Prehn, Stewart Reding, Lachlin Richards, Kevin Rogers, Thomas, Saar, Jefferey Schneider, Peter Sharafien, Charles Shepherd, Willian Shott, George Stamm, Christian Sutter, David Thomas, Brett Trauthen, Gregory Van Inwegen, Michael Valli, Robert Valli, John Vukasin, Christopher Watson, Todd Whitlock, Samuel Eilliams, Steven Woolidge, Timothy Young, Brad Hubler, Bill Weeks, Kevin Burke, Neils Anderson, Vince O ' Keefe, Mark McNamara, Mike Van Fossen, Kirk Hachigan, Thomas Lord. 361 SIGMA ALPHA MU SIGMA ALPHA MU MEMBERS: Rick Altman, Michael Bauer, Robert Bledroe, John Burns, Victor Caponpon, Ken Cera, Alan Chinn, Andrew Chow, Jim Cohn, Dan Dollinger, Stuart Drayton, Elliott Felson, Fre d Ford, Eric Green, Peter Henry, Greg Hickey, Dan Jurafsky, Whitney Kroctz, Scott Lenga, Steve Lindholm, Rich Ling, Larry Lipman, Doug Maranaro, Warren Naphtal, Doyle O ' Regan, Randy Regan, Steve Redsun, Micheal Sehilling, Andy Shapiro, David Shook, Dennis Suarez, Yaakov Vanek, John Warner, Eric Weisberg, Lance Wood, Gene Yip. 363 SIGMA CHI SIGMA CHI MEMBERS: Andrew Brooks, David Brown, Terrance Burke, Bradley Clagg, Craig Cole, Robert Dawson, Steven Deatley, Michael Desler, Wade Ellery, Gary Glenn, Brian Grant, Gerald Garvey, Donald Hering, Sturart Hering, Gary Hernandez, John Humter, Mark Hazerabedian, Dennis Hazerabedian, Vern Kordahl, Larry Kent, Michael Lane, David Mitchell, Scott Mayer, Michail Muir, Mark Phinney, James Safranek, Robert Suihus, Frank Vadhandel, Robert Wood. 364 SIGMA NU SIGMA NU: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Mike Starratt. 2nd ROW: John Alphson, Jim LaLanne, Bill Wenzlow, Chris Fender, Jim Flores, Latham Williams, Kevin O ' Donnell, Richard Morrissey, 3rd ROW: Ryan Harrison, Mike Reynolds, Don Morris, Steve Calloway, Kevin Fox, Jeff Taylor, Robb Eklund, John Hunter, John Kawalski, Bob Brownell. 4th ROW: Jim Shannon, John Fairgrieve, Jack Loop, Brian Napper, Rob Masheroni, Mark Diccioccio, Rich Boyer, Mike Connally, Pete Engstrom, Matt Courtman, Kurt Truther, Mike Richman, Jeff Lindsey. 5th ROW: Eric Doering, Pete Brock, Todd Wendorff, John Dwyer, Allan Anderson, Tom Ready, Brian Schlaak, Jim Browelli, Tom Anderson, Scot Vorse, Steve Painter, Mike Cullinan, Dave Northfield, Bob Casper. 365 SIGMA KAPPA MEMBERS: Jacueline Adair, Susan Bauman n, Aniceta Bersola, Renee Bimson, Aimee Black, Sarah Bradley, Nancy Brooks, Carol Brucker, Patricia Brunello, Marilyn Caldis, Eunice Calvert, Lisa Campi, Lisa Chislom, Benita Collaco, Dina Colorafi, Sandra Cunningham, Betsy Cuttle, Janet DeMoully, Hillari DeSchane, Catherine Doe, Elizabeth Dunnigan, Anne Eshleman, Sydney Fairbairn, Catherine Felch, Victoria Forster, Allysonne Gann, Dana Gavello, Judi Gavello, Linda Giovannini, Constance Gravitt, Cheryl Greene, Laurie Greene, Holly Gwynne, Anna Herron, Linda Heuer, Natalie Huen, Lisa Hunt, Juliet Jakosalem, Christina Johnson, Jeannie Kang, Linda Kim, Mora Kim, Julia Kudas, Heather Lee, Janice Lee, Patricia Low, Denise LaMont, Lauren Livermore, Leslie Martini, Melinda Mayfield, Cheryl Mayman, Rose McBride, Nancy McConnell, Andrea McIntyre, Sherine Miner, Irene Naniche, Tamaam Nasser, Maura Nicolini, Melane Nock, Mary Nord, Andrea O ' Kington, Deborah Parham, Karen Peterson, Kara Peterson, Jane Petrie, Vallerie Pettegrew, Martha Plessas, Caroline Raphael, Dorothy Roblin, Virginia Rocha, Darlene Rosen, Isabelle Salgado, Karen Sanlderer, Therea Sarzotti, Lynda Schilling, Barbara Schuessler, Lisa Schuster, Catherine Schutt, Nancy Seck, Judith Severy, Collen Shaughnessy, Reinee Sheffield, Julie Shoemaker, Diana Solari, Alison Stanich, Lauren Stone, Mary Sullivan, Lisa Terrell, Jessica Tarr, Pamela Tom, Grace Tong, Karen VanKirk, Wendy Walther, Lisa Wayne, Robin Wertheimer, Margo Whitbeek, Peggy White, Jane Willis, Roberta Wong, Tracey Woodruff, Elizabeth Yelland, Barbara Zanger. 366 SIGMA KAPPA 368 SIGMA PHI MEMBERS: Richard Pawson, Austin Forward, Doug Reaber, Thomas Saxby, Jordon Rinker, William Baringer, Frank Bradley, Paul Hoover, Greg Freeman, Mathew Cline, Ross Blanfarb, Joel Shumaker, Steve Hunter, Tony Hartinger, Tom Hilsenrath, Anrew Kontrimas, Alberto Finali. SIGMA PHI SIGMA PI 1 P X,,y84 SIGMA PI MEMBERS: Mario Aguila, Kevin Banks, John Bernstein, Robert Breeden, Mark Calarco, Stephen Chandler, Matthew Croughan, Brendan Dolan, Evan Domingo, Brian Dubois, Mark Ellenberger, Steven Ellmann, Brian Emmons, Terry Fleming, Michael Gabrielson, Frederick Goldstein, Devon Hinton, Sean Hogan, Jefferey Klink, John Maddox, Peter McNally, Kenneth Meier, Albert Merchant, Franklin Miyahira, Eric Nicholson, Pierre Parent, David Perkins, Stephen Pisenti, Robert Pratt, Clifton Purkiser, Brian Seck, Gregory Sibley, Daniel Simon, Alamgir Tareen, Nicholas Thakar, Martin Van Ardenne. 370 THETA DELTA CHI r THETA DELTA CHI MEMBERS: Scott Anatecker, John Baka, Edwin Beedle, Rafael Christianson, James Cole, Jon Cox, Eric Darner, Robert Denny, Doug Dynes, Tom Eustis, Craig Frieman, Ray Greene, Terry Greene, Bob Guzman, Mark Healy, Mark Heidohrn, Steve Kaufman, Ken LaHonta, Jeff Lodge, Chris Larkey, Ken Lifsud, Mike Miller, George Moskowite, Mike Pitalo, Mitch Rosenburg, Bruce Saffran, Art Schembri, Bob Spinelli, Mark Stofle, Peter Strotz, Mark Todd, Bob Telles, Carl Van Fleet, Mark Walsh, Redmand Walsh, Barry Bitzer. 371 THETA CHI THETA CHI MEMBERS: Mark Askansas, Mitchell Bradbury, Bob Britz, Ric Capretta, Rob Chickering, Timothy Craig, Scot Dinsmore, Mark Edgar, Gregory Finley, John Finley, Gregory Fontana, Robin Gilmore, Jefferey Goldfine, Phil Gregory, Dean Grinsfelder, Bill Gerrin, Breuce Haggerty, James Leonard, Wally Marks, Brooks Pedder, Brian Plant, Harold Schultz, Peter Shapinsky, Douglas Slakey, Mark Stanich, Tim Taub, James Ukagawa, Kevin Wallace, Scott Wilson, Thomas W oods. 372 THETA XI THETA XI: FRONT ROW — LEFT TO RIGHT: Steve Fowler, Mark Hodgson, Craig Yanemura. 2nd ROW: Carleton Wade, P. Sean LaVelle, Coley Fannin, Ray Green. 3rd ROW: Howard Greggersen, Frank Groffie, Tom Holden, Brian Kiesnowski, Adam Dido. 4th ROW: Neil Reilly, Ted Boulard, Jay Dyer, Frank Mandell, John Karish, Bob Williams, Phil DeBruen, Alex Chan. 5th ROW: Craig Haigh, Mike Nelson, Ralph Jones, Frank Bowers, Dan Carmichael. 6th ROW: Steve Witt, Sam Williams, Chris Casey, Dan Kirby, Derrick Au, Tim Mamin, Rob, Stephan Wiser. 373 ZETA PSI MEMBERS: Bruce Armstrong, Steven Ascher, John Badger, Michael Beardsley, John Bertram, Tom Biehl, Edward Breck, Vincent Butler, Kenneth Chan, Phillippe Davis, Thomas Dolliver, Robert Dorwood, Rutger Edwards van Mujen, Sean Enright, Bowen Farrell, Joseph Guth, Timothy Harmon, Stephen Healy, Robert Healey, Brian Hillesland, David Holscher, Steven Hoffmire, Paul Jaqua, William Lavis, John Lss, Michael Matson, Michael Mitchell, William Monatgne, Brian O ' Melvany, Evan Peugh, Michael Price, Arthur Rasmussen, Weston Richardson, Aaron Schector, James Stephenson, Paul Storz, Benjamin Swan, Stephen Smith, Gerald Vlasak, Eugene Walker, Robert Weikert, Robert Witter, Stuart Woolf. 374 ZETA PSI ZETA BETA TAU ZETA BETA TAU MEMBERS: Steven Addison, David Asa, Alistair Black, Kenneth Blenis, Evan Borges, Scott Bozanic, James Brandt, Earl Brien, Paul Brown, Calvin Cederleaf, Michael Chasalow, Kevin Davidge, Keith Davidge, Graham Douglas, Stuart Drown, Steven Drown, Michael Eisner, Abeezer Essabhoy, Garson Foos, Michail Fox, Michael Frankel, Andrew Friedman, Mitchell Gettleman, Alan Gindi, Gragort Ginsberg, John Glasser, Kenneth Godwin, Jeffrey Goldfarb, Jon Goldstein, Alan Grenitz, Jeffrey Gunter, Dana Her- manson, Roland Howard, Ealon Hubbert, Steven Jaffe, Mark Jenness, Tim Karston, Jerry Latz, Randall Keller, Randy! Kershner, Mark Lum, Mark Mendenha ll, Steven Meyer, Warren Mori, David Poverantz, Michael Roos, Willism Rosoff, Gary Scott, Richard Silberman, Randall Sosnick, Michael Steinburg, Edward Sweet, Kevin Thornton, Kenneth Unger, David Weiner, Peter Weis, Steven Whiter, Thomas Wolford, Stephen Wollenberg, James Zipursky. 376 INTERFRATERNITY, PANHELLENIC COUNCILS INTERFRATERNITY COUNCIL: Brian Charter, President; Brian Ambrose, Vice President; Rob Livermore, Secretary; Andy Shapiro, Treasurer; Paul Grafft, Social; John 011iver, Scholarship; Tom Trutner, Advisor. •1100.1111.1.01.. PANHELLENIC COUNCIL: Karen Krebs, President; Tracy Pfautch, Vice President; Susan Cooper, Secretary; Susan Paul, Treasurer; Lynn Wilcox, Publicity; Anita Sham, Activities; Hillari DeSchane, Scholarship; Mimi Davidson, Junior Panhellenic; Nancy Orcar, Philanthropy; Ann Hawley, Advisor. ■•■••••■••••■■■•■•■••., 01•••••• .01■••••••...0 ---1111111 " . " 1 " " " . -UM 377 379 382 383 All hail Blue and Gold Thy colors unfold. O ' er loyal Californians whose hearts are strong and bold. All hail Blue and Gold, Thy strength ne ' er shall fail, For thee we ' ll die, All hail, all hail. All hail Blue and Gold, to thee we shall cling, O ' er golden fields of poppies, All hail Blue and Gold, On breezes ye sail, Thy sight we love, All hail, all hail. 384 385 386 Maturity is the process of exchanging an old idea for a new one. — anonymous 387 388 A maiden at college named Breeze, Weighted down by B.A. ' s and M.D. ' s Collapsed from the strain. Said the doctor, " It ' s plain, You are killing yourself by degrees. " 389 i 390 e-I- CD 0 CD c) F CD CZ. CD 0 o 0-O ' I " 7- CD CD aq 3 0_ CD 74: ( ) - c) D 3 74: (t. (n 5 c -0 O 0 O CD O ' Q CD • 0 • • fret carrups t, " • . 11111 • v. • ‘if • I 1

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