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■ • 8ZE ZSZ 8171 I711 OE 81 bu!sipanpv sJoivas 6u!An stuana spods suonnz!upaio s.louoH l PI°D °nig There never were in the world two opinions alike, no more than two hairs or two grains; the most universal quality is diversity. — Michel Eyquem De Montaigne 3 11.1. skla C.1 welfr‘ rack PRAiii i4‘c1 46L000 Aiwr SOK I a. I wont to be alone. — Greta Garbo A duet, A kiss, An argument, A triumph All are best, all are most, when shared. 6 nal! - It is those things we take for granted which we first miss when we leave a place. And it is those things we once took for granted which bring us back. 9 For every man the world is as fresh as it was at the first day, and as full of untold novelties for him who has the eyes to see them. — Thomas Henry Huxley LI 11111.11 II If) 111.,1 " 11! What is it about a football game? 12 • -Da - t, .6) ci ••• A zi , • -40 40 • 4 - I At There is nowhere on earth where a grade point average is worth more than a smile, a welcome, and a memory. — Anonymous Reaching out, Turning away Solitude, Sharing Taking for granted, Recognizing freshness in the familiar. A chem lab, A demonstration; A street person, A football game Contrasts which we live here at Berkeley Anywhere else it might be impossible. But here we live it And fondly call it diversity. ( 16 • 1Pri ‘00er Ira • Game • • 0- Sao olp r ' ' t , • • tvoi . S 1110 4. ••• 1 4 . it • ev s r 7 4 I? - • k .. ° 41. 4 • te I 4 V, vi:if 0 ( • • 1110 • • 1 P ' • IV4i • .. • t • • • rat • k . a « is e■ % • . . , d l b • i . 0 • ., t 1 6 S ' ,. 1 • . . . • • • . . • • • 411; t • . 4,. 4 • • • a • e I , IS • • It AI ■ " . • .19 Chancellor Bowker Chancellor Albert H. Bowker has announced that he will retire from his post June 30, 1980. Previous to assuming his Berkeley posi- tion in August 1971, Chan- cellor Bowker had been dean of the graduate division of Stanford University and then chancellor at the City Uni- versity of New York. Bowker has seen many changes in student attitudes and be- havior during his eight years here. He has also hod to guide the university through o period of declining state fi- nonciol support, o tosk that called upon his many skills os on administrator. " In all immodesty, " Bowker said os he announced his retire- ment, " I must cite the recent notional survey which for the third time in 15 years found Berkeley to be one of the na- tion ' s three foremost univer- sities. It has been a privilege to head this spirited, creative campus. " The Blue and Gold wishes the best of luck to Chancellor Bowker in his fu- ture activities. TOP — The Osoncellor discusses current university issues of press conference; ABOVE —Chancellor Bowker and wife Rosedith of the 1979 Chancellor ' s Reception. ear • t Vice Chancellors Ira Heyman Robert Kerley AS UC Directors Barry Woodward Gerald Brown 23 ASUC Officers 1 ASUC OFFICERS — TOP LEFT — President Karen Westmont; TOP RIGHT Executive Vice President Eric Rittenhouse; ABOVE — Administrative Vice Presi- dent Lynn Lippstreu; RIGHT — Student Advocate Marc Utchmon; NOT PIC- TURED — Administrative Vice President Estelle Lopez. 24 ASUC Senate LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Amondis Rittenhouse, Mice Ciroolo, Stephan Perison; 2nd ROW — Lo Bonilla, Eric Rittenhouse, Doris Grossman; 3rd ROW — Charles Gikrest, Jenny Brown, Bob !Molise, Drew Planting, John Hoover, Laura Rodrigues, Kevin Dailey. 25 Torch and Shield TORCH AND SHIELD — LEFT TO RIGHT — I it ROW — President Noncy Currier, Treosurer Jenne Smith, Vice President Beth Bleicher, Mary Ann Scckm, Kathy Clifford, Kathy Morrell; 2nd ROW — Secretory DeDe Tully, Trocy Flinn; NOT PICTURED — Robin Tornoi, Debbie Huber. 26 The University of California Rally Committee has been the offi- cial guardian of spirit and tradition of Col for more than 75 years. The duties of the Committee include being the custodian of the Axe, the Victory Cannon, the California Bonner, and the " C " ; the preparation and performance of the bonfire rallies; the orgonizo- tion of cord stunts; and the operation and maintenance of the light board. This year the Committee was headed by Ann Won- Rally Committee dolowski, with Ca of Colwell as Director of Rallies, Nancy Bublitz as Executive Secretary, Ed Wong as Director of Card Stunts, Andy Chofin as Cannoneer, and Carol Leong and Porn Leong as Directors of Publicity. The highlight of the year for the Committee come with the victory over Stanford and the return of the Axe to Cal. RALLY COMMITTEE — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Doug Smith, Valerie Ho, Dick Rushton, Lyme Tyon, Pot Tyson, Sylvia Chon, Justice Medno; 2nd ROW— Kevin Wallis. Sharon Miller, Lee McNeill, Ron Rhodes, Brooks Robinson. James Kristensen, Goil Hoffman, Laurie Leong; 3rd ROW — Chuck Pousso, Lynn Cameron, Andy Cholla, Ed Wong, Carol Leong, Kirsten Klieget Julie Soo, Laurie Crawford; 4th ROW — Pom hang, Nancy BubFez, Ann Wondolowski, Carol Colwell, Rob Duffolo, Randy Burke, Ross Dehovitz, Homy Klan; NOT PICTURED — R.R. Arr, Kathy florborini, David Chelf, Vicky Jeff Davin, Charlene Emmrich, Karen Johnson, Bob Dozberg, Grace Ku, Deanna Lee, Debbie Lee, Marty Moiso, Sue Overocker, Sandy Overocker, Liz Janine Torn, Alan Yee. 27 Ski Team 28 v) c 0 0 0 U oe5 0 0 0 • - U) 0 . v SORT Season Not To Be Forgotten " A season not to be forgotten. ' This-phrase, spoken by Golden Bear Coach Roger Theder might sum up the 1979 season of California football. But does it? The team was excit- ing, heartstopping, incredible at times, disappointing of others. From a sound whomping of the Oregon State Beavers to a nerve wracking loss to USC the Bears played incredible foot- boll and definitely provided us with o season that will not soon be forgotten. Written off in the pre-season, Cal surprised and shocked many of their critics by going to Arizona and beating both the Sun Devils, 17-9, and the Wildcats, 10-7. Since both of these teams were well regarded, the Bears suddenly found them- selves o force to be reckoned with in the Poc 10. Two victories in their bock pockets, the team then come home to meet first Son Jose State, then Michigan. The Son Jose State game might hove been nicknamed " The Mott Souza Show " as the junior receiver come up with many key receptions to confirm o 13-10 Bear victory. California then suffered o close defeot to Michi. gun, 10-14, and let the game get them out of sorts for the following match-up as well, a heart breaking 14-19 Oregon Duck victory. But the Bears quickly and effectively reorganized for their next battle, tromping the Oregon Store Beavers 45 0. Fired up and raring to go, the team headed to the Los Angeles Coliseum to meet long-standing rival UCLA. In a game true to itg..controversia I tradition, the Bears just missed victory os they-succumbed to the Bruins, 28-27. Coach Roger Theder described the match-up as " o game In which nothing went right " —for the Bears. These some sentiments were also expressed by junior safety Ron Coccimiglio, who sow the UCLA game os " consisting of a lot of close plays, unfortu- nately close in UCLA ' s favor. " Bock north trod the Bears to face their other southland rival, USC — the number two team in the notion and eventual Rose Bowl victor. The Bears put out a supreme effort, and the game wos much closer than the final score suggests. Due to o lute scoring drive by the Trojans, the final score was a deceiving 24-14. Down once again, the California athletes stumbled be- fore the Washington Cougars, 28-24. But once again the Bears recovered themselves in time to soundly defeat the Washington Huskies, 45-13. The coaching stuff for the California team sow this victory os especially important be- cause at this time the Bears bowl chances looked especially good, in light of the recent Arizona State losses. Both the coaches and the players realized that it wos all coming down to the rivalry, the Big Game against the Cardinals of a nford University. this year or Stanford ' s home stadium, the game pro- , to be one of the mospxciting of all rime. The deafening ;from the visitor ' slida the stadium spurred the Bears on to one of their best games and a fourth quarter Joe Rose touchdown proved to be the winning margin. The Cardinals come close in the last few moments, too close for comfort, to the California end zone. But a stalwart defensive effort, led by junior Ron Coccimiglio and sophomore Rich Dixon, denied the Cardinals their lost chance. Coach Theder described the game as his " biggest thrill of the season. " And not only wos the game a thrilling victory, it proved " to be the key to California ' s bid to the Gorden State Bowl. first time to o bowl game in twenty years, the Bears met ple University in Eost Rutherford, New Jersey. And alth defeated by a first quarter Owl effort they couldn ' t ove later in the game, the Bears found the entire bowl experi to be o most satisfying and enjoyable one. A final score of 28.17 doesn ' t begin to express the excitement of a Garden State Bowl invitation for both the Golden Bears and their many loyal supporters. California hod many strong players in the 1979 season, and the Blue Gold wishes they could acknowledge and thank each one by name. Some top names that continuously r red throughout the season included senior linebacker Bracelin and the entire outstanding Col defense. Fresh Fred Williams and Ahmod Anderson started at the cornerback position and established most impressive reputations. Junior Ron Coccimiglio and sophomore Rich Dixon continued to im- prove and demonstrate outstanding ability on the field. Moving to the position of tackle, Cal boasted junior Pat Graham and Daryl Skaugstad. According to Conch Theder, " Skougstod was doing a great job until his injury; we were very sorry to lose him. " On the offensive line, impressive performances were turned in by all, guard Brion Bailey showing increasing im- provement. And of course California ' s offense wos led by ju- nior Rich Campbell, ranked in the top 10 in the notion in pas- sing and o definite Heismon trophy possibility for 1980. Campbell tossed many of his stunning posses into the hands of such valuable players os Mott Bouzo, Michael Buggs, and tight end Joe Rose — Rose, of presstime, hod just emerged os the MVP of the East-West Shrine game. And, of course, lend- ing the California running game was back Paul Jones, a senio and strong pro prospect. On the whole, it wos a banner year r Colifornio footbo The Bears, led by on outstanding coot Off, stunned early critics by not only playing impressive football throughout the season but by finishing with a winning season record, a bowl bid, and much in the way of Poc 10 recognition. Coach Theder summed it up well, expressing the thought that this year " the team gained respect for Col football, showing a class team that could handle themselves well. " Yes, it was clearly " o season not to be forgotten. " 32 ( ' i lot i 1 ” 1 Ilk 1 II II i„ if jilt 1h; tlitt:101 100 ' ill: ' ill II 0 " : " leillifillt vi v I P ' ' ' 4 A 914 I TOP FAR RIGHT — Coach Roger Theder tunes into another Bear victory. TOP MIDDLE — Rich Campbell hands off to John Tuggle during Washington game. RIGHT — Rich Dixon thwarts a Temple gain. BOT- TOM RIGHT — Vicious Bear defenders ottock o Span ton running bock. BELOW — THE CALIFORNIA GOLDEN BEARS — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW E. Mixco, A. Anderson, T. Muzco, D. Reed, A. Blackmon, T. Portee; 2nd ROW — D. Gray, O. Sengo, J. Cooper, F. Williams, T. Wiley, O. Samos; 3rd ROW — D. Chapman, T. Tuggle, N. Lozico, C. Williams, M. G. Ikea , R. Coccimiglo, Lozico; 4th W — F. Williams, M. Alw, P. Najatin, D. Heck, H. Moen, T. Galin, M. Luckhurst, A. Waggle, J. Tor- cio, D. Palmer; 5th ROW — D. Field, ft:Jones, H. G. Woodard, G. Maskowite, T. Wright, A. Getts, G. tkocelin, D. Weotheroll, P. Comers, P. Turner; 6th ROW — B. McCrog, D. Sprague, R. Zopoto, J. Bridentholl, R. Dixon, J. Stewart, E. Mein. tyre, R. Hill, D. Morsholl, M. Bouzo, C. Neoluku, D. Govan; 7th ROW — S. Coccire, S. Shotwell, V. Moth- son, D. Hudson, B. Bailey, S. Holloway, G. Stubblefield, S. Pas, D. Mosely, W. Disney, C. L ucas; 8th ROW — D. Skougstod, 8. Hillslord, 8. Vincent, M. Harmon, J. Bailey, P. Graham, T. Corvorubis, 8. Sot- raison, D. Lewis, J. Row R. Stakowski, B. Buchman; 9th ROW S. Davis, H. Salem, E. Anderson, R. Comp, R. Campbell, 8. Fonder; 10th ROW COACHES — D. Monoy, D. Show, T. Grevey, B. Orr, P. Molar, D. Sperger, 8 D. Day, L. Bell; 1 I th ROW — B. Naked, D. Allmon, D. Smith, C. Bonozek, S. Stress, M. Church, G. Cunningham, Head Coach — Roger Theder, A. Saunders, D. Hopers, C. Johnson, A. Pedy, It Johnson, D. Freeze. —9 t 9 in et f ' S us ' • f " • - n. � Ertl --h. • x S6 8 r ito 89 44 gilEhailEESIst 34 35 FAR RIGHT — Rich Campbell, under pressure, tosses to Mott Bouza. — RIGHT: BOTTOM FAR RIGHT — Senior Joe Rose gains five for Col. BOTTOM CENTER — Rich Compbell obout to complete o pass to Paul Jones in the flats. BELOW — Col defense ties Temple up of mid•field. I I 3 4 egtt. ' tr•t9.; • " I • At ' .!bo011111 ; 1 ' 11111111 ii, ‘...„: :,.. ttttt ttt Illio.0inwrpmmTP 4- ' ' ' .41111 " " vpirtgkrPhi ...... id iirik• — • qui. . .. lit vramiNg ..•„,. it a AA. II " ifialF440 t imattnt 1 Ittruilt I nil mkt .-onni, b %Eli 1...? 0- • • itin agnii14. :•1;:, iv r kg - fl ! " .! . A ' • ... • . . . 0 1 ilttt b44.0„100,44 - alir :U1 • H. a 64 14irt " 1 r 1 gtt11.15111111115111.1110 As ai i ; III. ..... I. k ul nn 46. n woit• h or• • t• st; 41.o IN .th ‘nt1. 4imr, • • • • r .. " St•A• - Soccer Works Through A Young Season Col ' s Varsity Soccer Teom was on unusually young one this year. While the roster of twenty-three players in- cluded four freshmen, there were only seven seniors on the team. Next year ' s team may prove to be a well trained one. Says Coach Bob Digrozia, " We ore only one year away from being top in the conference. " The strongest aspect of the team this year was the de- fense, with most of the out- standing players coming from the bock line. Top players this year were goalkeeper Jeff Jorgenson, fullback Tony Kovac, fullback Keith Teel, and midfielder Richard Fike. _49 TT 40 VARSITY SOCCER — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW —.Steve Kersevan, Jeff Jorgenson; 2nd ROW — Rich Fike, Joel Mocy, Keith Teel, John Glenn, Phil Shin, Don Martin, Scot Vorse, Eric Kopelko, Tony Kovoc, Asst. Cosh Bill Coupe; 3rd ROW — Cocci) Bob DiGrozio, Mork Askelond, Dove locoby, Mock Roy, Bob Bustomonte, Steve Molde, Mott Bryant, John Simoncic, John Spillman. II Lacrosse Sticks It To ' Em Coach Mike Gotleib and the lacrosse team got an unex- pected surprise early in the new decode when Athletic Direc- tor Dove Maggord mode the former club into o fully recog- nized intercollegiate sport. Under Coach Gotleib and Mork McLaughlin, team captain, the team hopes to improve upon lost year ' s second place Northern California Conference finish. An unusually large turnout for team tryouts offers hope for even o brighter future. ABOVE — VARSITY LACROSSE — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1ST ROW — Shomit Chose, Keith Leisses, Mork McLoughlin, John Woy, Jeff GoIdfein, Bill Denebeirn, Rob Fowler, Greg Hickey; 2ND ROW — Duke Harvey, Hood Cooch Mike Gottlieb, Bill Guerin, Thad King, Barry Neal, Mike Storrott, Jarred Eisenstadt, Owen Von Kugelgen, Col Bordonoro, Pete Skopinsky, Frank Rodgers, Poul Manning, Steve Olson, John Gloss, Bruce Krill, John Owen, Jon Silver, Jock Parsons, Paul Senior, Coach Dennis Gogamiros; NOT PICTURED — Mike Stebbins, Rich Meyer, Carter George, Joshua Goldstein, Mott Biers, Ken Fisher, Chip Hoberg, Dove Lee, Mitch Brodburry. Waterpolo Shoots To A 4th At Nationals mode it 7-6 going into the final period. The Bears mode the first move as John Schnugg took o pass from Carlos Steffens and hit to make the score 8-6. UCLA .0 scored the next three goals to take a 9-8 lead into the final " minute. Cal tied the score as Steffens drew a penalty shot with just 33 seconds left in the game. However, a controversial turnover in the final seconds gave UCLA ' s Vince Tonne o shot at on undefended goal to end Cal ' s hopes for o fifth NCAA waterpolo title in the lost seven years. The next night, the Bears played an anti-climactic match with Stanford for third place and again lost the game in the lost minute, another 11-10 heartbreaking decision thus, wrap- ping up the year with a 4th place notionally and on overall record of 27-6. " We started with on inexperienced team in a very strong conference, but we won the Poc-10 outright . . . the first time in awhile, " stated coach Cutino with a smile, " No one expected us to do so well, but we sure surprised them. " Col ' s ' 79 w aterpolo squad hod o slow start os o young and inexperienced team. But as usual, under the guidance of the phenomenal coach Pete Cutino, the team wrapped up yet another superb season. Earlier in the year, the team appeared unusually strong, winning six straight at the Irvine tournament, capturing the team title and concurrently beating the defending national champions Stanford (8-7), along with seasonal powerhouses UCLA (7-6) and Santa Barbara (5-4). However, the Bears ap- petite was not yet satiated os they went on to win the Pac-10 conference with o 26-4 record. Up to this point the team hod established itself as merely a do rkhorse candidate, but with the regular season completed, the squad had risen to corral the top seed in the NCAA championships. The first round went os expected os the California team breezed to a 19-7 win over Air Force moving them into the crucial semi-final match with UCLA. The Bears fell behind 3-1 in the early going, but then took control of the game outscor- ing the Bruins 6-3 through the second and third quarter which eas , 1 r 1110111111r ABOVE — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — David Young; 2nd ROW — Corlos Steffens, Rolphie Gonzalez, Chris Goode, Steve Johnson, Joe Corer.; 3rd ROW — Many Livingstone, Morgan Foley, John Schnugg, Tim Dietrick, Dove Mayer, Lance Kolcing; 4th ROW — Pot Murphy, Bob Depersloot„ Kevin Retortion, Don Miller, Alan Miller, Peter Cutino, Don Anrig; 5th ROW — John Thompson, Kirk Jensen, Mork Vigeom, Mitch Dolton, Monte Monford, Jim Edwards. 44 LEFT — Co dos Steffens, 1st teom AII.Americon, Poc.10 Player of the Year. BELOW — David Young. BOTTOM Conch Pete Cutino with Oski following the upset over Stanford. 45 TOP FAR LEFT — John Schnugg; TOP MIDDLE Bob Dispelsloot about to block on attempt to score; LEFT — Peter Cutino tryMg to score another point for the Bears; BOTTOM FAR LEFT — Coach Cutino with the team during halftime; BELOW—Kevin Robertson, Is? Team Allarnerkon. 47 Cross Country Runs Aground Facing some of the best competition in the world, coach Brion Maxwell ' s men ' s harrier team finished sixth in the Pac-10 for the 1979 season, thus falling short of its pre-season goal of placing in the top three to earn a berth in the Nationals. A stong nucleus of runners will return next year to attempt to lead Cal into the Nationals for the first time os a team. The only runner who graduates this year is top runner Hal Schulz, who placed third in the Poc- 10 Southern Division race. Freshman Tom Downs and Junior Mike Dyer appear to be the likely candidates to battle for the top spot on next fall ' s squad, but with the tremendous depth of the Bear footers, no runner is guaranteed to be outstanding from his teammates, but hopefully from the competition. Other varsity performers returning to lead Cal will be Juniors John Sup, Mott Thornsberry and Poul Burke, as well os sophomore Mike O ' Reilly. Conch Maxwell is himself o marathon runner, and will be representing his native Conodo in the Moscow Olympics, with o gaol set of a top ten finish. He ' s placed ahead of American favorite Bill Rodgers in two of their four meetings. TOP FAR LEFT — Rich McConn and Mike Reilly. LEFT — Hal Schulz (33). BELOW — Rich McCann (31), Mott Thomsberry (34). BOTTOM FAR LEFT — LEFT TO RIGHT — John Sup, Sae O ' Reilly, Rich McConn, Torn Downs, Mott Thomsberry. BOTTOM RIGHT— LEFT TO RIGHT — Cooch Brion Maxwell, Mon Thomsberry, John Sup, Mite O ' Reilly, Mike Dyer, Rich McCann, Hal Schulz, Tom Downs. Rugby Pounds To Early Victories The Col Rugby team, cooched by Ned Anderson, started off the season with a very impressive victory over Hastings College. Not to be stopped here, however, the team went on to trounce St. Mary ' s with a score of 41-10. Coach Anderson expects the team to carry on this win- ning attitude throughout the season, which includes a trip to Victoria Conado to compete in the International Rugby Tournament. The team ' s backbone players, according to Coach Anderson, include Mick Luckhurst, Greg Brocelin, Bruce Sorenson, Tom Lemmon, and Ken Moyersick. so BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW —Mork Donekos, Scott Demondo, Fronk Hokn, Bob Spurzen, Doug Roisch, Greg Brocegn, Darrel Breddlove, Dove Heck, Torn Horvath, Bruce Sorenson, Coach Ned Anderson; Ind ROW — Brion Vim cent, Bob Williams, Kevin Derkis, Ken Meyersick, Matt Toylor, Don Hooper, Jim Costignoni, Peter Lethim, Torn Lemmon, Tim O ' Brian, Mick Luckhurst. 51 Gymnasts Round Out A Fine Season Even without their top gymnast Mohommod Azorpy, who is out for the season with on injury, the Bears placed second in their first meet of the year against formidable opponents lahoma and Michigan. The Bears received 262.20 points, to edge out Michigan by a mere 1.35 margin. Col was led this year by Michael Ares, who had the second best vault of the meet with o 9.55, along with Billy Paul, who placed fourth in the all-around competition with 52.15 Rounding out the team were Warwick Forbes and Rod Horn, along with specialists Mike Bergman and Don Hazen. 52 ---A.6. ....... Basketball Builds As Season Progresses Enjoying their best recru ting season ever, Col Basketball Coach Dick Kuchen opened the 1979.80 season with immense optimism, looking forward to o season of building for the Bears. In pre-season ploy, Conch Kuchen found his young team to be much improved over lost year ' s in both skill and spirit. The Bear bosketbollers easily romped over early opponents UC Riverside and UC Santo Bor- boro and put on a good showing against national powerhouse, USF. Freshmen recruits Michael Pitts, o 6 ' 11 " high school All- American, Dorrel Holey, Michael Chavez, and John Ritchie demonstrated a lot of maturity in the early season and Coach Kuchen admits that he has high hopes for all of his new players. Kuchen had to place o lot of faith in his new ployers, due to some losses from lost year ' s TOP FAR RIGHT — Coach Dick Kuchin instructs players in o vital confer- ence. TOP CENTER — Freshmon Mike Fitts towers over Arizono defenders to score two for Col. TOP RIGHT — Phil Wilhite drib- bles downcourt on the lost break. RIGHT — Mike Chavez directs ploy. team. Kevin Singleton, one of Col ' s lending scorers and an in- valuoble asset to the Bears, suf- fered an injury of the knee and is out for the season. Sophomore Kevin Sparks, o talented starter os o freshman, injured his ankle and hos been able to ploy only minimally in o few games. Re- turning players Doug True and Mel Holland hove continued to show skill and suprising matura- tion in their defensive ploy, True especially leading the Bears in early games. Other excellent re- turnees include Walt Gillespie and Phil Wilhite. And although at presstime the Bears have just begun Poc 10 competition with a slow 0-5 record, Coach Dick Kuchen and oll of the Golden Bears agree that this year ' s team has much more potential than lost year ' s. All are looking toward o suc- cessful, building season and steady climb to the top. $1 54 55 BOTTOM — THE CALIFORNIA GOLDEN BEARS — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Jimmy Ransom, Michael Chavez, Kevin Sparks, Assistant Conch — Russ Critchfieki, Heod Coach — Dick Kuchen, Assistant Coach — Bob Bonkhead, Bryon Guinn, Phil Wilhite, Robby Rainer; 2nd ROW — Mke Adelson, Bob Owen, Chris White, Daryl Holey, Reed Poole, Michael Pins, John Ritchie, Doug True, Kevin Singleton, Walt Gillespie, Mel Holland. Ii 5 Tennis Swings Towards Smashing Season " ..t•WsWAWAVA ' srieviciVeYin ' effa f • I . ,,....t.“:mmoo•••0,44.••••A A wyg...v..A.yawkwithynti4p• •••• •••••4 r Arce444;44444.-(04444cec 44 covet-ow eccov c yr , , 1 •,,A :A.A.NAAwp n ...sonnoonion•••1•••• , A . ),, We: ? A • • A A A • • e• a •❖• A • I, u 4 • • 4 4 Mt At iitaldAted. WM: • 4„ 444S.„ITI 4 000404 44•40•40044001•4 a.4 ' : $4,441,44,400,40. t4,4,84, 444:1 41,44:440 1 4 I VA,64 0,144.%. " 4 " b • 4411 A A ' - •••• i ••• -444:e„:$044,“ .440,4•,W,44,4 0 I A W O, ♦ , - , ' . t4 % te s ---- - - • : . ‘, ' Z4‘..ko.itS0 • 4400HO 4;4:0 • .cf‘04‘44 i1 2., St.• - . • - • MIXON000 • INVONNYMNI •••••••••••••J iS ASO 4444 MS. MeV% VelOyby,vti WAS.44 • % • ••••••••••• ti• I OS • 4444 • • 44 4444 44 4 4 44 4 • ••••••••er 4 4••••• 41•4 ••0044 • • • • • • " I ' d .016.44.4 . ‘ ' ‘ • s Wovia= sassasas renle7,149,71 Vet) e e f • • r t .44 (.30 en - • " , .` " ..11414;714:4 58 vreexcem. • I4 • ••• 44,411 nen Werenitnneene 4111••••••••• V0•••• I MA Mel ••••••••••••••• ••• t Ant • • • • v• . • • • • p t t . ip ' e _ Y11 _. 0._. ••••••...••••• , 4•••••• .••••••••••••:A Mei•i t 5. t • t t t t It• 10. • t • in t• • ••••• p)..... ••• -•)I •••Iryt .›. ..)..).1.0111... 0 f... ' 0G. •0 SG11,10 it ••I 1 ••• • d -). re . ,, nove••• 0 ),••• . % t , . • -, • • 5 . ‘ 5 5 I ' , • • - • ■ • • • + I a • 1 4 4 P7 le;ve it•43•400;t■ • 4 • A Aro, saiwoo•• I • a 59 Varsity Crew Rows Toward Another Championship " A highly motivated, hard-working team with a very good chance of the championship . . . " , is one way Varsity Crew Coach St eve Gladstone found of describing the 1979-80 Bears. With returnees from lost years championship team Craig Armaccioni, Don Dutcher, Brod Stein, and Dove Rettick, this year ' s young team has high hopes for their tough competition. When asked about the team ' s chances for the championship this year, Coach Gladstone admitted that although Washington and UCLA hove strong teams this year, there is a very good chance that the Col boatmen will end up on top. A young team composed of many ambitious young men, including eight sopho- mores and three transfers, this year ' s crew had long been involved in their early morning workouts by the time this went to press. And although we had yet to see their competitive perfor- mance, Coach Gladstone assured us that this combi- nation of maturity and youth — led by new members Hoffman, Livingston and Stone — would go o long way together. 111-- E9 N, kit at. wie iAga ' Swimmers Splash To Early Victories The University of Califor- nia swimming team has high hopes to continue its current reign as NCAA Champions in 1980, but according to head coach Nort Thornton " it ' s not going to be on easy rood. Lost year ' s title is his- tory, it doesn ' t score any points for us this year and everybody will be gunning for us because we are the defending national chompi- Gone are NCAA backstroking champion Peter Rocco os well os five time notional breoststroking champion Graham Smith who sat out the year to train for the Olympics. This lock of depth however, was more than compensated for by conch Thornton ' s strong re- cruiting program, which brought in ten talented freshmen including world class swimmers Peter Szmidt and David Wilson. They were joined by senior stand- outs Jeff Freeman, Rich Thornton; juniors Par Ar- vidsson, Kirk Anderson, David Santos, and Mike Kelly os well os sophomores Pelle Holmertz, Jim Johnson and Torn McMullen. With o little over a quarter of the season to go, these talented athletes hove prov- en themselves, as they con- tinue to remain undefeated. Presently, the team has beaten Arizona State, Simon Fraser, Mission Viejo Swim Club, Long Beach State, UCSB, and Chico State. Al- ready, many of Col ' s unsha- ven records have fallen, beginning with Kirk Ander- son ' s 15:37.5 in the 1650, David Santos ' 4:02.34 in the 4001M, and Col ' s 200, 400 and 800 freestyle relays. 64 65 -0•••• • - . FAR BOTTOM LEFT — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Gerry Grey, Diego Quirogo, Pills Holmertz, Mice Kelly, Tim Cespedes, Jimmy Johnson, Dove Santos; 2nd ROW — Distance Coach Greg Connec, Par Arvidson, Mike E liftmen, Jeff Freeman, Jeff Heiman, Earl Wel. Peer, Dave Wilson, Bill Schmidt, Coach Norton Thorton; 3rd ROW — Sprinter Coach Rich Thorson, Teen McMullen, Paul Simms, Par Magnusson, Todd Trowbridge, Mike Doyle, Kirk Anderson, Don Boatwright, Peter Szmidt, Karl; 4th ROW — Ken Grimes. 66 Track Paces Itself For Victory 1 ' " •. - sauan.;,, ;1111±., 11.VatiU1 P. 68 MOW Cr BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Dove Steen, Mork UR:0, Torn Anderson, Mott Dog-Pleis, Mike O ' Reilly; 2nd ROW — Mike Nelson, Pete Imperial, Pot Johnson, Tom Philbert, Kevin Stevenson, Rob Clarke; 3rd ROW — Gregg Thornton, Paul Rcoche, Poul Bores, Lorry Calving, Mike Meyer, Andy Howard; 4th ROW — Eugene Rochol, Mike White, Glenn Harvey, Doug Cooper, Mike Self, Roy Abendroth; 5th ROW — B.J. Carmichael, Mike Hurd, Brad Duffey, Ery Hunt. ss, Baseballers Grandslam Pre-Season 70 • frit-, lir alai Sit ABOVE — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Bill Howluns, Bob Milano, Cooch Don Driscoll, Kelley Wood, Mitch Lawley, Greg Worzecko; 2nd ROW Glenn Newton, Glenn Prater, Jim $elvetello, Bruce Johnson, Tim Gerlock, Lyle Brockenridge, Jeff Ronk, Gregg Zuntno, John House; 3rd ROW — Don Mclnerny, Rob Jesen, Mike Suggs, Brion Duff, Chuck Hensley, Doyen Granger, Torn Colburn, Rod Booker, John Hughes Pitching Coach. f Field Hockey Keeps Growing Stronger In spite of the Women ' s Field-Hockey Team finishing the season with o record of 5-6-3, a true determination of the team ' s talent wos reflected by their conference record of 2-1-2. With spectacular wins over Son Jose State (2-I) and U.O.P. (8-0), the team, according to Coach Donna Fong, illus- trated o great deal of growth and perseverance stemming from a solid base of experience. And although this wos a young squad, deficient of any seniors, it wos nevertheless well- structured with all the players contributing to the success of the team. Among the most consistent on the field this year were Emily Schwegman and Sandi Chamberlain along with most improved players Ellen Hilbrich, Melissa Nerone, and Kim Hunter. BOTTOM LEFT — J.V. FIELD HOCKEY — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — lone Chisokj, Robin Spencer, Cricket Gong, Carolyn Anderson, Sue Buechel; 2nd ROW — Onnie Killefer, Gwen Sidley Cloro McKole, Tony Robinson, Jennifer Okono, Mode Crowhorst, Candy Ross, Donna Fong. BELOW — VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Ester Dohl, Carol Burton, Tern Bonwell, Ellen Hilbrich, Kim Hunter, Jeanette Mori; 2nd ROW — Asst. Coach Onnie Kilhfer, Emily Schwegmon, Melissa Nerone, Sandi Chomberloin, Shelley Craig, Sue Dunlop, Marcy Place, Vi San Juan, Coach Donna Fong. Volleyball " Nets " 15-2 Season A group of young, talented, hard working players brought Col ' s 1979 Women ' s Volleyball Team through a very success- ful and productive season. Coach Chris Stanley and his team expect to be one of the top teams in the notion next year. Coach Stanley expects that the outstanding skills and finesse of sophomore Toady Maher and the fine ploy of our 6 ' lefty, freshman Kelly McGarrey, will bring this fine team to the top. The team is very proud of their 15-2 record. FAR BOTTOM RIGHT — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Ant. Coach, Coni Staff, Heed Coach. Chris Coaching Intern, Connie Wooding. 2nd ROW — Michaele Parrish, Jeanne Tajiri, Lisa Newman, Toady Maher. Denise Slater, Anne Rudy. 3rd ROW — Sobro Jones, Barb Dunne, Debbe Anderson, Gayle Schmutz, Kelly McGarity. 0th ROW — Kim Carpen- ter. 78 Cross Country Builds Toward Nationals With another year ' s expe ence, in the words of Coach Vem Gombetta, the women ' s cross-country team is " not going to be just good, they ' re going to be awesome. " For the second year in a row, the senior-less Bears took seventh place in the AIAW nationals. Sophomore Jone Oehm also repeated lost year ' s per- formance by taking 17th place over the 5000 meter (3.1 mile) course in Talahossee, Florida, with a time of 17:17. Behind Oehm were three run- ners with the same time: Alice Trem- bly, Cindy Schmondt, and Lynne Hjelte, with places of 31st, 34th, and 35th respectively. Injuries prevented Cal from attaining its season goal — a top five finish although Gambetta was reluctant to make excuses. Probable number one or two runner Susanne Richter missed the season os did Susie Meet, and the re- sulting lock of depth was costly. Col had the best top four finishers in the nationals, ahead of even No. 4 Wis- consin ' s and No. 6 Virginia ' s third finishers, but five score count in the team total and the next Col finisher was minutes and 120 places be- hind. " As a team we achieved all our sea- sonal team goals save one — the mar- gin 1-5 (places of the runners), " says Gombetto. " We wonted to average a 45 second spread on the season In the smaller meets, up to and including Re- gionals, we got by with a 120 second spread. It finally caught up with us at Nationals. " " Still, this should not detract from our occomplishments, " he continues. " During the season we defeated 82 teams and lost to 8. The post two years 00 we have defeated 147 teams and lost to 14. We repeated as Regional Chomps. We won our first NorCol Championship. " " We have to wait another year to achieve our ultimate goal. With everyone coming back a year stronger, healthier, and more experienced, in- cluding Susie and Suzanne, we will achieve this goal in 1980. " Also returning to next year ' s team, a team that is intent on gaining a na- tional championship, will be top run- ners like Chary! Flowers, Valerie Ross, Porn Cox, Eugenio Zorich, and Cindy Clairborne to name but o few. N • 80 BOTTOM FAR LEFT — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Diane Bubonic), Alice Trimbley, Suzanne Richter, Jan Oetrn, Porn Cox, Cheryl Flown; 2nd ROW — Assistant Coach John Lar- rolde, Cindy Cloirborne, Valerie Ross, Cindy Schmondk Joon Fox, Eugenio Zorich, Lynne Kelm Susan Jenkinson Coach Vern Gombetto. TOP FAR LEFT — Alice Trumbly cruises an too Boor victory. LEFT — Jon Oehm (middle) and Suzanne Richter (right) pull farther away from their op- ponents. BOTTOM CENTER — After o grueling race, Suzanne Richter re- laxes in the pleasant Berkeley after- noon sun. 81 Fencers Seek National Ranking This year ' s women ' s fencing team ' s goal is, os most team ' s, to better last year ' s record. To accomplish their objective however, would mean for the team to place in the top twelve at this year ' s Notional Championships. Neverthe- less, this goal is not only possible, but highly probable. The key factor lies within the tolents of junior captain Edit Kolas and superstar Virginia Yoo, along with teammates Michelle Craig and Terri Griggith. Having already cut down Sacramento, San Francisco State College and Sonoma, the team appears well on its way to accomplishing their goal. The laurels harvested by this year ' s squad however, must ultimately be credited to- words Cooch Rob Handelman who, in his sixth year at Col, lost only one match last year and that to the defending Notional Champions, Son Jose State. Along with the team, Handelman believes that they will surpass the previous season ' s achievements by placing themselves within the six best teams in the nation of this year ' s championships, to be held in Ohio. 82 - Women ' s Basketball EyesChampionships After a slightly less then inspiring pre-season, Col ' s Women ' s Basketball Teom began their regular season with on impressive 63-49 win over Col State Fresno. Led by excellent defensive player, Chris Sellin, the Bears appear to be well on their way to a winning year. Other key players include Colleen Galloway, Jeanette Cameron and freshman Mozetto Garrett. 84 Gymnasts Stretch Toward Success , Ci-dr es - Tennis Hopeful For Smashing Season BOTTOM FAR RIGHT — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Coach Jon Brogon, Beth Fernbacher, Ann McIntosh, Susie Folk, Lisa Bee; 2nd ROW — Sue Guyon, Mary Johnson, Peggy Kincoid, Koren Chandler, Borne Bu more. 88 .......mmincAlmtmennt.ilionintinmarissorammen aymnallliaMICan - Track Team Gets Off To Fast Start Following an intensive two year recruiting program, Coach Vem Gombetta ' s track and field team is shooting for recognition within the notional ranks. Last year, Col was strong in a few events and weak in others. The strength of the team showed at the AIAW na- tionals, where Jon Oehm placed fifth in the 10,000 meters, Kelio Bolton fifth in the 200, Suzanne Richter sixth in the 3000, and the team of Elaine Parker, Michelle Hawthorne, Oehm, and Bolton fifth in the 440 relay. In their first meet of this year, Col dominated Stanford and Col Poly (113V2-97V2-28). In addition, the team mode qualifying National standards in six events: Bolton in the 100 and 200, Alice Trumbly in the 1500, Gale Zophiropoulos in the discus, Marion Franklin in the 400, and the team of Connie Culbert, Judy Tobacco, Franklin and Bolton in the mile relay. Other anticipated notional qualifying marks ore expected to come from Jon Oehm and Sue Richter, who are presently out due to injuries, Cindy Banks, Lynne Hjelte, and Elaine Porker, along with out- standing freshmen recruits, Cheryl Flowers, Cindy Schmondt, Susan Springer, and Kathy Hamilton (the junior national champion in the high jump). With this accumulation of talent, Coach Gombetto is look- ing forward to onother winning season which will hopefully establish the team os one of the top fifteen squads at this year ' s AIAW Nationals in Eugene, Oregon. W.4 4 1.1 BOTTOM FAR LEFT — THE CALIFORNIA GOLDEN BEARS — WOMEN ' S TRACK — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1ST ROW — Lynne HjeIre, Cindy Claiborne, Valerie Ross, Cheryl Flowers, Marion Franklin, Cindy Schmondt, Suzanne Richter; 2ND ROW — Heidi Corlson, KeSo Bol- ton, Cindy Banks, Cheryl Hawthorne, Shelly Craig, Eugenio Zorich, Connie Culbert, Sue Jenkinson; 3RD ROW — Koren Ouellette, Nina Gottschalk, Phyllis Hutch, Cindy Damon, Lod Soia, Dana Hoyokowo, Sue Springer, Kathy Hamilton, Manager Dan Hersh; 4TH ROW — Ant Coach — John Lon°We, Dana Spurner, Elaine Porker, Alice Trumbly, Judy Tobacco, Christ° Covanah, Gale Zophiropoulos, Ann Johnson, Hood Coach — Vem Gombetta 71 " 91 - 11•••••ar 411. • Swimmers Splash To Victory Inspired by the freshman freestyler Morgee Macfarland, Col ' s Women ' s Swimming Team has enjoyed primarily a build up year. Macfarland has already qualified for the Na- tionals in both the 500 and 200 yard freestyles. Brigit Kress, o participant in five events at lost year ' s Nationals, qualified to return in the 200 yard breaststroke. The Bears ' 800 yard freestyle relay team also qualified. Although the squad is basically young and inexperienced, Coach Koren Thornton firmly believes that they will place within the nation ' s top fifteen teams. In order to ac- complish their goal however, Thornton will be relying heav- ily on the superb freshman recruits Kim Anderson, Twilo Bridgewoters and Karen Schmid. TOP FAR RIGHT — 1st ROW — Hood Coach Koren Thornton, Coryn Schmidt, Ann Garland, Janice GIlies, Margaret Stier, Mario Creon, Jenny Nutt, Lisa Smith; 2nd ROW — Brigit Kress, Jeanne Hanson, Betsy Henry, Marge MocFarland, Twillo Bridgewaters, Jeanette Pruhon, Carol Bush, Kim Anderson, Diving Coach Daryl Jorgenson. 92 Softball Aims Toward Championship TOP FAR RIGHT — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Lisa Limit, Terry Robinson, Leslie Potch, Mory Fleming, Marilyn Walker; 2nd ROW — Corky Foo, Cherl Smith, Shari Fisher, • Porn Glcdsboro, Andy Sieve; 3rd ROW — Coach Bonni Johnson, Kathy Hicks, Ann Won- dolowski, Roxi Elordwoll, Porn Reinoeh, Marianne Flatland, Assistant Coach Jill Von Adeling. 94 Crew Pulls Toward Winning Season .• t - • ••• as• •IF • arm • -1•-•41.16-4W. Since its conception as a varsity sport for women, the Col crew team has always been the team to beat, and consis- tently finishes among the top teams in the notion. Although o relatively new sport, the team has olreody developed o tradition of winning. Just lost year the vorsity eight suffered only o few defeats and they are the defending collegiate crew in a number of regattas — the Son Diego Crew Classic, the Heod of the Harbor, the Bay Areo Row- ing Festival, the Western Intercollegiotes, and the South- west National Women ' s Rowing Association (NWRA) Re- gionals. The team also placed second at the NWRA Nation- als in the collegiate division, and fourth in the elites, which mode them the fourth best crew, college or club, in North Americo. Although it will be difficult, Coach Sweeney is hoping to reach, and surpass that accomplishment this year. BOTTOM LEFT — THE CALIFORNIA GOLDEN —a: BEARS — WOMEN ' S CREW — LEFT TO RIGHT 1ST ROW — Nancy Denison, Katie Evans, Anne Do- -V Ion, Katie Stone, Karen Roberts, Keyrrin O ' Brian, Koren Payne; 2ND ROW — Liz O ' Connor, Leanne Cox, Hilary Etron, lour° Dickson, Barbara O ' Neill, Nanette Bernodou, Lucy Borden; 3RD ROW — Alice Devine, Undo Stone, Betsy Hof ner, Barbaro Beoudelle, Alice Lee, Joy Stockton, Blair Barnes; 4TH ROW — Marisa Dykes, Jennifer Scott, Monh Allison Mott, Ann Derhloff. Renee Russak, Karen Penholigon; 5th ROW — Peggy O ' Leary, Kathy Moeller. Pauline Velez, Sue Goerss. Denise Songster, Kit Condon, Kathy Grohom; 6TH ROW — Dona Lozano, Judy seeing, Jennifer Hunsaker, Sally Not h- ey; 7TH ROW — Coach — Pot Sweeney, Asst. Coach — Brod Koderobek; Not pictured— Dionne Mighetto, Robin Kneeland, Stacie Richmond, Diane Gil, Martha Plisses, Lydia Zele, Lomo Noble. Sigma Nu Captures IM Football Crown IM Frisbee Goes Ultimate 102 103 IM Hockey Takes To The Streets Arm Wrestlers Put Their Fists Down 106 IM Boxers Roll With The Punches The 46th annual Intramu- ral Boxing Tournament was held December 2 in Harmon Gym with approximately twenty-five porticiponts. Alex Choulos, fighting in the 156 pound senior division, received the Milton T. Cunha Award and was voted the outstanding boxer of the tournament. The other win- ners in their respective divi- sions: Dove Feldman, 125 pounds; Dove Romono, 139; Mike Moles, 147; Mork Sluko, 156; Poul Zolis, 165; Tom Lindell, 172; and Stephen Chun in the 180 pound division. 1 More Intromurals . In addition to the regular Intercollegiate Athletics por- trayed in the previous pages, the Blue and Gold Staff dis- covered over two dozen intramural sports and posttimes associated with the campus itself. The fol- lowing pictures are devoted to those organizations and activities which have become such on integral port of the Berkeley lifeline. 110 And Still More Intramurals . . . ? 112 - " -111-.7-crWrirC ' er C An. " r Mar Nfr VI% I(Mli vs dos .411 M. a KRISHNA 61417 RASHID :WAAL MBER 26 Mimi AND LESANEME 99 your own speakers and save! ;:ff-ran risco . NOVEMBER 26 on V • U andoshow and r MYTH OF DI • • -•••- — - .5 Stre$47.- . . . M. A. XIMU M POLL TUES18.10 94:FM. ip A d a stidesh 1,44,) 3 wv ,- k ' " ; LI1t 111 myth Directed by ED Berman A.C.r ICKETS BY•Tftt.FitiONE -ay o T Y CI P PC flint I W noanyni a deshow an MYTH OF I Ifitirsin r- sosaintaasi Id Pr e sent motion on 11IE IN EVENTS Berkeley In The 80 ' s A 60 ' s Renaissance? For most Americans, the name Berkeley instantly brings to mind demonstra- tions, political awareness, and people fighting for causes they believe in. Ber- keley earned this reputation during the turbulent 60 ' s. However, students attending Berkeley during the last 10 years have noticed o definite " mellowing out " of the campus otmosphere. A mel- lowing out, that is, until 1979. The end of the decode seemed to bring new life to political causes at L. C Ber- keley. The students champi- oned causes os varied os aid for the homeless boat people from Cambodia, and the preservation of People ' s Pork. Once again, Berkeley is o synonym for politico) awareness. Possibly the most inflam- matory issue was the ongo- ing Iranian crisis. At press time, Iranian students were holding 50 Americans hos- tages in return for certain political demands. This issue was causing mixed feelings among the students. Many felt angry and outraged, demanding the hostages ' re- leose. A small group, how- ever, supported the Iranians. Although this caused some tension, the demonstrations were bosicolly peaceful. 116 117 They Cared Then, They Care Now When the boat people were forced to leave their homes in Cambodia, many Americans flocked to their aid. Berkeley students, true to their reputation for car- ing, were fast to add their support. They were aided in their efforts to help by singer Joan Baez. Together they put on a noon rally, true to Berkeley standards, and de- signed to reap aid for the un- fortunate boot people. Probably the issue most dear to Berkeley students, though, wos the People ' s Pork issue. Once again this small but precious plot of land wos threatened by the University. The response was strong even though the issue had been dormant for ten years. Students and citi- zens flocked to the pork ' s defense. People camped out in the pork to prevent its conversion into a fee parking lot. Working by day, the de- monstrators tore up the as- phalt and worked to give the park back to the people. 118 119 A Senior Photographer ' s View of Berkeley Reaching into the files of one of our most talented senior photogrophers, we realized that we had quite a history of four years here of the Big U. From the wondering eyes of o freshman to the cynicism of a sophomore to the anticipation of a junior to the anxious dis- sotisfaction of a senior, these pictures reveal not only a lot about Berkeley but a lot about growing up while you go to school in Ber- keley. All this courtesy of incredibly talented Hernando Conwi. Alumni Scholars Alumni Scholars, pictured kw-,. wah Roderic Park. The scholorshps To These C c, California Alumni Association. 122 Prytanean ABOVE — PRYTANEAN — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Jane Elliot, Ellen McKissock, Denise Humphreys, LePo Dents, Dcbbi TooneIn, Connie Mohler, Laura Como% Kathy Giant 2nd ROW — Dean Howley (faculty advisor), Gndy Joanne Hussey. Liz Erickson, Wondo Newbreost, Porn Mills, Amy Herberholz, Elizabeth Leor, Robin Skiffington, Mrs. Shrontz (Alumnoe Advisor). 123 Culture Continues To Grow At Zellerbach Always one of the Universi- ty ' s main attractions, Zeller- bach Hall waltzed, sang, mimed, and jazzed its way through another successful season in 1979-80. Featuring such renowned artists os Mar- cel Marceau, the Son Fran- cisco Ballet, and Mum- menschonz, the center for arts and lectures continued its trad- ition of excellence. New shows and performances brought ex- citement to the season, while lectures by distinguished guest speakers allowed for an occo- sionolly more serious, intellec- tual atmosphere. All in all, Zel- lerboch and its patrons con- tinued to giggle, tap, and learn their way through another year at Col. 124 And More Zellerbach . . TOP FAR LEFT — The Houston Bollet performs " Coppela. " LEFT — TuroniMizio Ronal sings of Zellerboch. BOTTOM CENTER — Nikolais Dance Company performs " ' Gallery. " " BELOW — Bran S ' berell and lean Alterman perform " The Seagull " , dratted by George House. W.O.A.S.H. Protests Sexual Harassment U.C. Berkeley was the site of o demonstration against sexual harassment, sponsored by the Women Organized Against Sexual Harassment (W.O.A.S.H.). This group was not just protesting sexual harassment in general, they were also protesting the lenient judgement against a U.C. profes- sor accused of and found guilty of sexual harassment. Al- though Chancellor Bowker publicly condemned the profes- I sor ' s behavior, the University only suspended the teacher without pay for one quarter. Since the professor has been absent on sabbatical anyway, and is teaching in another country, this did not seem like a very strong deterrent for future offenders. W.O.A.S.H. ' s demonstration included skits, speeches and chants. The group hopes to convince the University to administer stiffer sentences for future horossers. But even more important, they hope to eliminate the problem altogether. 128 Spoilers Rock Cal Lunch Crowd Just one of the many bonds featured in Lower Sproul Plozo this year, the Spoilers are a Southern California bond trans- planted to Northern California. Originally from Santa Barbaro, the bond has just released its first album in the United States and Europe. And although their business center is, by necessity, in Los Angeles, this bond feels most comfortable playing for Nor Col audiences. They, obviously, hove left their hearts in Son Francisco. 130 447 TOP FAR LEFT — Dean Stephen tontolizes the women of Cal with his vocols in Lower Sproul. BOTTOM FAR LEFT — Dean and Craig Wisdo combine in o rocking harmonization os the crowd goes crazy. BOTTOM CENTER — Drummer Mickey Kesler " gets into " his beat. BELOW — The Spoilers. 131 I House Celebrates 50th In 1980, International House Berkeley celebrates its Fiftieth Anniversary. I House is home each year to more than 580 U.C. Berkeley students, half of whom are American. Most residents are graduate students. In a typical year, about 60 other coun- tries are also represented by the students and scholars in resi- dence. Nearly o thousand people use the building each day for studying, eating, meeting, and socializing. I House, a gift from John D. Rockefeller, Jr. to the Regents of the University of California, is o private, non-profit corporation. Since 1930, I house has worked in partnership with the Univer- sity to provide o residence and a program center for tens of thousands of students and scholars from all notions and cul- tures. Programs ore coordinated with American families os for away as Yreka and with industries, organizations and institu- tions representative of American society. The goal is to ac- quaint the foreign visitor with American life and to widen Americo ' s perceptions of the rest of the world. The dome of I House, visible around the Boy Area, hos be- come a symbol of the commitment of the University to an idea: that students born in California, in Bhutan, in Zaire can live, talk, study, and meet together to shore ideas and values, build- ing understanding and friendship. The Berkeley Campus is famous for the international impor- tance of its teaching and research, supported by superior stu- dents, professors, and scholars from around the world. Interno- tionol House is proud to have contributed to this world-wide reputation for half o century and looks forward to the future, when global understanding will be ever more important. The Blue and Golf solutes International House Berkeley: Fifty Years Old!! 132 • O 0 a 44.- cs0 `As r • . ? 0 • 4. + •••• • soii, ■ International FhiseBerkeley Fiftieth Anniversary 133 B G Takes Artsy Look AT UAM The University Art Museum serves both the campus community and the general public with a cultural haven for the arts. It contains individual art collections, as well as timely exhibitions of such artists os Fronny Mora and Andy Warhol. It also has on extensive photograph collection. The museum opened in November of 1970 and is the largest university art museum in the world. The building itself is composed almost entirely of concrete walls, in vari- ous goemetric shapes. This provides a nuetral background for the paintings and sculptures. Some of the more promi- nent artists featured ore Rubens, Carro, Ceiolo, Ceyonne from the 19th century and earlier. Also featured are many modern works by Francis Bacon and Fernand Leger among others. There is also o growing collection of Asian work. The museum does not only limit itself to art. It also contains o theatre which seats 199 people and presents nightly pub- lic showings. Be sure to visit the Museum soon. It is located on Bancroft, above Telegraph. 134 135 Cal Wins Big At Big Game V Big Game Week. No one can attend U.C. Berkeley in the fall without knowing whot this phrase means. It ' s not just o football game between Col and Stanford. It ' s a tradition. A week of partying, rallying, and getting psyched up to beat the red pants off the Cardinals. The week is one for Tug-o-Wor contests, beer-drinking con- tests, the Big Game Queen election, and parties on top of parties. When the Big day finally ar- rives, the spirited crowds are a sight to see. Alumni and stu- dents join together to make the pre-game ponying really excit- ing. This year the game was at a Stanford which meant all the j Bear supporters camped out in l. Stanford before the game. Winnebogos full of fans, both Col and Stanford fans, mode themselves of home. Some of the more ambitious ones really went whole hog. There were tablecloths, condleobras, champagne, and pheasant under gloss. For the average rooter, however, there were hamburgers and beer. Lots of Beer! It was o really exciting time and we brought home the Axe! ri• i7; v 136 Daily Cal Tries To Keep It Daily There ore only a handful of campuses around the country which ore informed by independent off-campus newspa- pers. Always striving to be unique, the University of Colifor- nio of Berkeley is one of those few campuses. The Doily Cal has been independent of the University for nine years. Dur- ing this time it hos sought to provide info rmation uncen- sored by faculty or administration. This year, however, the Doily Cal has run into finance problems. By problems, we mean to soy they have incurred a $90,000 debt. Fighting to pay off this debt ond to continue to go to press the Doily Col stoned o D o-It-Doily drive. Stu- dents were urged to help save the Daily Col with donations ond the purchase of raffle tickets. Faculty were asked to subscribe to the paper. And merchants were urged to give their support through donations for raffle prizes. A lot of interested people pitched in to help, but the drive was not os successful os the Doily Cal would have liked, or indeed needed. Whether the paper will be able to continue inde- pendently or not was still in question at press time. The Doily Col was, however, still being printed when this went to the press. We hope they manage to keep it doily. 138 139 TOP LEFT — The Daily Col prints the pions for the H-bomb, the Feds come to check it out; BOTTOM FAR LEFT — Working hard to sove the Doily Col; SOT. TOM MIDDLE — Time to Peke o brook; BELOW — The Doily Col kicks off the Do-It-Daily drive with o fund raising raffle. Some Berkeley Traditions AN ENC01 Willi DU 141 Blue Gold Salutes Oski i ben roun heer sins 41 and i hovin lots of funngoin to gammz, mettink stoodens on olloomneyes, drunkin beres, chassin woomuns, on doze sorts o tings. butt wut i liks bens iz to bee everbodees pal, yer pal, speshulee ifs yer a woomun, heh heh!! i hop dot wen yu iz grodooated yu cum bok too KAL an vizut me upp n straaboiree cannon, me on de missus. yu kont mis uss, folio de trale we leeve, yu no: duz a bore — in de wudz?, yoh, dot stuffs, uh huh!! butt wile yer her ots skool gimme a HI wunce in de wile wen ime orroun, cuz ile bee beer fer ever (dey wont lets me owt o moths P)!!! sineded, Oski (dots me) p.s. o speshal thonxs to my Committee Roser: Sarah Clish, Muir Davis, David Leslie, Ian McClure, William Popelboum, Richard Rappoport, Noel Sherry. 142 Students Take Time Out 144 For Sleeping, Partying — Anything But Studying LIVING ;Tr Panhellenic Spa rks Greek Life 152 153 Alpha Chi Omega Alpha Chi Omega started in 1979 with the Great Elephant War — and our huge elephant was transformed into a pink porker for Pig Run! Our 48 fon tastic pledges surprised us with a great beer and pizza pledge sneak, and put on a spaghetti dn- ner — o big success! Parties . . . exchanges . . . winning sports teams . . Oski dolls . . . ASUC politicians . . . Fenton runs . . . all of it adds up to another terrific year for ALPHA CHI OMEGA! BOTTOM FAR LEFT — ALPHA CHI OMEGA — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Heide Hon, Liz Coburn, Debbie Stein, Gina Bolocco, Marilyn Conner, Dee Shames, Brett Robinson, Joy Foss, Linda Lee, Sue Prehpp, Denise Humphreys, Grows Long; 2nd ROW — Mimi McIntosh, Kathy Sokoottchi, Tracy Pfoutch, Ann Curley, Brenda Franco, Cindy Heubschie, Lido Luther, Morn, Copeland, Lucy ho; 3rd ROW — Katie Morning, Koren Heater, Lilt Ancheto, Anna Lou, Donna Del Simone, Sue Dovi, Lisa Kern, Janice Williams, Sony Son, Melinda hzell, Anriso Fannin, Lorna Noble, Kathy Broderick, Wendy Morita, Janet McCormick, Pomlee, Evon Chan, Melisso Pontius; 4th ROW — Joon Hooy, Judy Young, Jeannie Ensor, Liu) Bedell, Margie Sussman, Mar Berston, Carolyn Cartier, Kathy Bressler, Carol Meykm, Sue Knauss, Liz Gordon Tracey Pecker, Tommy Maciulis; 5th ROW — Anne Kernsley Lisa Loutzerbeher, Barb O ' Neill, Sue McCammont, Anne Roby, Jill McDonough, Sue Paul, Dios Milkie, Renee LoBron, Koren Swett, Karen Kristovich, Lori Allen, Peggy Honmon, Robin Simi, Joyce Fitzmonis, Kelli Walsh; 6th ROW — Judy East, Debbie Bawdily, Julie Flake, Lisa Stefan, Laura Richard, Linda Sir°lo, Sandy Fitzgerald, Kim Rhody; 7th ROW — Kim Lawrence, Lisa Wills, Liscs Rodich, Gretchen Corner, Adrian A lbin, Cindy Simons, Lisa Zeller, Lynn Reithmeier, Candy Canning, Loretto McNeil, Carmel Dewies, Nancy Trove,,, Jon Go nett; 8th ROW — Jill Fannin, Janice Purnell, Stocey Burdick, Alicia Berberich, Linda Hilde!world, Rabin Kneeland, Jill Bennin- gfrxwen, Leslie Jones, Melanie Delbecco, Tracy Stubbs, Doni Car. kworo, Lynn Riddle, Roxanne Baxter, Kim McCurd y. 155 Alpha Delta Phi 756 TOP FAR LEFT — 1978 pledges lead a plastic toost. to the Alpha DeIt Actives, knowing that the potty ' s really over. ABOVE — Big Daddy Bustomonte (center stage front) leads Lo Fornilio in a sell-out performance at the 1979 Winter Formal. LEFT Dal Shorto and Toll water slow down at the annual mellow Delta weekend, the Alpha Delta Fry. BOTTOM FAR LEFT — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Mork (Do?) (bloat°. Kevin (Nietermayer) Mayer, Jon (Mann) Voorsonger, Kurt (510) Parry, Don (Big Daddy) Harris, Pout (the Bros) Brosio, Mork (Pod)Sullivan; 2nd ROW — Doug (big Mac) Macaulay, Tim (The Ev) Everson, Dennis (The menace) Brown, Peter (Covineton) Gotcher, Jeff (Toll Gloss ' A Water) Goll, Lindsay (Gordoon) Gordon, Jesse (Mex Mun) Coverrubias, Brian (Stupes) (The Duff) Duffy, Matt (Mateo, Stupes, Homes) Spono, Dennis (Sod Mon) Sodlowski, Steve (Lud the Stud) Ludwig, Doug (shnuggy) McKenzie, Paul ($S) Grofft, Al (Thenes) Metheney; 3rd ROW Steve (Big Dog) Hill, Alex (Hollywood) Chonlos, Mon (Seapup) Secor, Rob (35 miles out on 580) Livermore, Bruce (La Rue, Buck) McLellan, Carl (Olon) Lundgren, Vince (Skiniachi) Mon. Loci, West (Spinacker) Whittaker, Bill (Logey) Logan, Scott (Hondyrnoncon) Handy, Gael (Brooks Bros) Williams, Steve (Low Rider) Ruff. 157 Alpha Delta Pi BOTTOM FAR LEFT — ALPHA DELTA P1 — LEFT TO RIGHT — FRONT ROW — Beth Rudee, Mary Fuller, Jane W. Gozzolcs, Soroh Tenoglio, Lori Brusco; 2nd ROW — Sue Fuller, Kathleen B. H. Clifford, Julie Hyde, Jenny Chew, Lisa Cole, Susie 13ertlesmon, Susan Sweet. Mrs. Coyne, Thelma Monroe, Becky Daemon, Cathy Cole, Jule Bertkortxm, Anne Brazil, Nancy McC,aulou, aortae Little, Susan Briggs; 3rd ROW — Kathy Grant, June Alber " teenie " , Melissa Wornke, Tracy Wade, Theresa Ma roschin, Koren Shannon, Robyn Emory, Coro! Badger, Leslie Froker, Jane Morgan, GiGi Glafkides, " Cheeks " Rickson, Mady Wolfe; 4th ROW — Deane, Perkins, " Blab " Morello, Maxi Schultz, Smellen McKissock, Leslie Morendo, Anne M. S. Patterson, Suzy Coin, Liz M. R. Moulds, Lesley " Mouth " Heickg, Lynne O ' Shea, Cindy Boyfro Kathy Spicer, Mario Tenn°lio, Toni Beol, Julie Hoppe, Liso Brusco, Laurie Sweeney Susan Brackett, Kathy Mullen, Jackie Whittier, Sallie VonGeldem; LEFT WINDOW — Lennie Moore, Candy Sabatini, Martha Joseph, Jenny Kelsey, Mary Peck, P. L. Melinda Golden; RIGHT WINDOW —lone R. Eliot, Janet Darkenwold, Lisa Tvietmoe, Linda Bresheors, Con Cone, Heather Morgan, Jeanette Bromholl. 59 Alpha Gamma Delta BOTTOM FAR LEFT — ALPHA GAMMA DELTA LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Yud Kaneda, Marty Molars, Maryanne Horton, Renee Gordon, Mario Quiros, Alison Yip, Laura Embrey, Anita Sham, Becco Reynolds, Anne Dolan, Gail Hoffman, Sharon Steninger; 2nd ROW — Koren Forrsstrom, Leslie Sougmon, Kathy Bathed. Lora Nelson, Sue Mira, Sheila Greoney, Carolyn Gong, Debbie Muir, Maki Tsuyomo, Laura Kubin, Sandy Sour°, Laura Trussell, Lydia Wilson; 3rd ROW — Sarah Clish, Nancy Ventura, Peggy Black. Frances McDonald, Sandra Merrill, Lee McNeill, Karen Campbell, Helen Monber, Joanna Kanner, Karen Hoberecht, Janet Lori Leach, No Leavitt Ruth Prescott, Fran Lord, Lois Broadway, Colleen Gibbs; 4th ROW — Sophia Smith, Betsy Debbie Tognetti, Charlene Em- ' arid ' , Sue Studd, Kirsten Tede, Mad Obninsky, Joyce Wi!balmy, Justine Medina, Fredricks, Gotewood, Betsy Wellington, Nancy Sterner, Vickie Sveen, Laura King, Nancy BubRs; NOT PICTURED — Beth Derdevanis, Conde Benoist, Julie Coven , Janet Foley Doris Hob lander, Lod Krondel, Louro Falvey, Lucinda Steele, Nancy Williams, Paulo Londe. TOP FAR LEFT —Smil- ing pretty for mom. LEFT — Let ' s toast to that too. RIGHT — 5 , singing, and drinking down Pled. mont. BELOW — Vickie and Frances mingling with the guests at Spring Formal. 161 Alpha Gamma Omega 2713 Haste Street ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Orris Long, Joel Coidwoll, Bob Breuckner; 2nd ROW — Eroc Grove, Dove Rodriguez, Daryl Wilkins, Tom Beckmann, Mike Galli, Jeff Koelevryn; 3rd ROW — Rope Tyler, Jeff Alward, Hoi•FribDai, Todd Anderson, Rich " Kid " Lowell, Marlin Murray, Bill Rundle, Perry Bush, Phil Hanson, Justin lelincic; 4th ROW — Dove Chandler, Groy Pennell, Chris Corson. 162 Militia 0 a leo 6 n; :o lap tla LI; ol 3:CitaLI a: both, ' t. n fz, C II A A I I% Lie A Alpha Omega Pi BOTTOM FAR RIGHT — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW Undo Gommoge, Coral Leong, Angelo Swanson, Porn Leong, Mory Boron, Morgeret Hays, Sheryl Stitt, Kori Otstodahl, Moryonn Breit ' s:mot, Ford Mortensen. Teresa Parker, Janice Gollordo; 2nd ROW — Cindy Hayes, Sylvia Hansen, Ann Root, Debbie Stone, Carol Redden, Cheryl Yee, Hildy Dougherty, Joann Coyne, Nostoron Sohrobi, Janet Coyne, Robyn Nodal, Mary Honmo, Casey Smart, Fron Wonder, Stocy Campos: 3rd ROW — Maureen Con- ner, Jocelyn Herrick, Mory Ann Beryl Mory Ann McNett, Patti Mathew°, Alison Reed, Kimberly Sturges, Koren Simpson, Lizzy Fogrell, Kothleen Williorns, Kathleen Mul- lins, Judy Blaine, Carol Whit lotch, Jon Luders, Suzanne To- bias, Tracy Grenz, Morthe Mann, Debbie Chinn, Colleen Wigan; 4th ROW — Armored° Tomosi, Colleen Colohon, Catherine Johnson, Vivion Koenig, Rosemary Dunn, Kris Convery, Ten Primock, Cynthia Beemink, Potty Meyer, Peggy Friedl, Mods° TOTOSi, Cord Zettos, Johann Smith, Koren Koster, Vicki Frankel, Julie Horrelson, Liz Weigon, Jo Martens, Tina Spitzer, Toni Barnhart, Anne Herbert, Judy Stroberg, Lisa Belson, Koren Michod; Sth ROW — Brenda Planck, Missy Lucas, Lyn Collier, Alicia Earle, Michelle Lamphere, Denise Smith, Cori Barren, Theresa Sporgo, Marie O ' Dea, Michelle Sabboh, Stephanie Neff, Kris Roper, Jenny Coned lo, Amy Beemink, Debbie Bangor, Karen Biers, Karla Henning, Sue Glenn, Vicki Essen, Ellen Innis, Rennie Dyke, Koty Bonkroft, Shelley Harris, Michelle Colson, Lorena Ruthven, Dede Tully, Linda Howells, Karen Bryson, Gerry Rosen; NOT PICTURED — Tio Welch, Lynda Moe- kowski, Bort Beoudette, Cynd Eogleton, Ann Ghighieri, Linda McGorrigle, Gwen Ortmeyer, House Directors — Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bond. 164 165 BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT — Is? ROW — Carolyn Doolittle, Molly Moll, Elizabeth Notti, Paulo Barry, Mimi Bartle; 2nd ROW — Kathy Baralich, Mary Hancock, Sarah Bernstein, Leslie Mills, Doris Grossman, Candy Kybua, Gemmo Kochi ' , Barbara Bozzo, Wendy Ross, Clore Cohn; 3rd ROW — Amy Sparer, Mary Pot McCoy, Lori Santos, Eden Zigmon, Stefanie Herlihy, Janie Koch, Anne Gould, Kristi Mortimore, Annette Botino, Jill Price, Bridget Barrett, Leslie Wolf; 4th ROW — Brenda Biren, Kathleen Fanning, Amanda Trethewoy, Denise Cooper, Jackie Benzwi, Denise Moak ' , Sisselo Danielson, Joanne Pillsbury, Rochoel Lundberg, Pam Gotteli, Dottie Bates, Helen Siren, Katie Schoeffer, lone Bassett, Koren Carver; 5th ROW — Kristi Corns, Louise Struther, Susan Kondel, lbw McMullan, Lisa Kully, Suzanne Rischman, Lisa Santos, Beth Meredth, Mary Domron, Angelo Herd, Lucy Morchant, Michelle Morchont, Cheryl Finley, Bonnie Smoin, Anne Bohr, Mrs. Corilli, Peggy Conroy, Eve Decker, Katie Young; 6th ROW — Kristen Caldwell, Suzanne Folck, Jenny Geroty, Kathy Klopkiw, Alice Devine; 7th ROW Michelle Jurgens, Patricia Taylor, Morci Cohen, Sandy Lorenz, Alison Murphy, Marcie McDermott, Colleen Kerwin, Leslie Forrester, Us Murray, Veronica Bailey, Libby Roberts; NOT PICTURED — Leslie Bee, Michele Benjamin, Annette Blum, Susan Dahlgren, Meg Foy, Alison Gold, Pon, dompertz, Linda Graham, Elizabeth Griffin, Sophie Hahn, Debbie Hartman, Joyce Honer, Kimberly Hazel, Hilany Hol- brook, Mary Johnson, Liso Levine, Lisa Lipett, Barb Lossing, Debbie McCory, Kathy McCutchen, Julie McSweeney, Renee Michelis, Commy Miller, Megan Moody, Lisa Murphy, Becky Oliver, Morgeret Oslund, Sandy er, Laurie POVIit10, Sue , Louro Pronty, Michoela Schafer, Elizobeth Shepar, Eve Shos. tak, Sonia Soo oo, Cherie Stein, Laura Sullivan, Sue Sutton, Jill Tomsic, Laura Walker. tn. —.r at 1 Alpha Tau Omega ALPHA TAU OMEGA — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Craig Bnizzone, John Davenport, Toby Pontin, Brian Brady, Steve Cune, Sebastian Hoppe, Rich Binghom, Mork Kelsey, Tom Sheldon, Drew Planting, Peter Chumey, Tony Parkhurst; 2nd ROW — Dove Richard. John Kerby Miller, Richard Leider. Steve Tovoni, Bred Wheeler, Mork Gordon, Jim Morns, Adam Stein, Gory Westernark, Joe Hammer, Bill Hummer, Ron Kerkeing, Lorry McDonald; 3rd ROW Bob Gorey, Walt Homan, Chris Cooper, Davis Gammcgc, Austin Tichenor, Chris Stevens, Jim Bowman, Alan Swimmer, Pete DeGolia, Mark C,odiroli, Warren Weisenburg, Jon Froien, John Goble r. Jim Foirbonk, Jim Farnsworth; 4th ROW — Scott Comte ' ' , John Silver, Tom Wornhom, Steve McDonald, Ted Anderson, Scott Floram, Doug " Grease " de Unostic, Bob Marshall, Tom Lacey, Link Snyder, Greg Aplet, Spencer Eldred; Sth ROW — Dave Platter, Dave Lee, Bill Tresler, Brian Judy, Fronk Mollicoot, Steve Walton, Kevin O ' Oonahue, Jell Knowles, Mossy Tut olo, Tom Halbock, Josh Flown, Bob Burley; LYING DOWN — Margret Dorons. 168 Beta Theta Pi WOOGLIN 170 Chi Omega BOTTOM CENTER — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Karen Jones — Treasurer, Lisa bowing — Secretary, Co rolen Weissen- berg — House Monger, Lori Miller — Personnel; 2nd ROW Julie Scalise — Rush Chairman; 3rd ROW — Connie Mohler President, Rebecca Ji!Eton — Vice-President. BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Debbie Webster, Ooyno Pearson. Laura Cornell, Connie Mohler, Koren Jones, Michelle Olivon, Ellen Erdman, Porn Neeley, Julie Anderson, Judy Nicossi, Eleni Gusios, Potty Pao, Melissa Molkosion, Keely Grof, Gino Dorton, Cod Olson, Sue Jollymour, Dense Shea; 2nd ROW — Dana Weiss, Dennine Bullard, Caroline Steier, Kelly Groshom, Dana Beemink, Potty Brewer, Nancy Gisinger, Karen Salisbury, Shel- ley Weaver, Liso Wargo, Lisa Downing; 3rd ROW — Robin Rolph, Joni Hollor, Rochoel De Boere, Kim Smith, Koren McCrea, Grace Lewis, Jane Milne, Tracy White, Emily Waldron, Polly Logan, Snow Ealing, Kathy Graham, Sari Stable, Wynne Woshbum, Kothy Steffes; 4th ROW — Sue Peterson, Barbaro Hayes, Kerby Kobrinsld, Liso Shuns, Rebecca Jollison, Mimi Davidson, Cynthia Ruggers, Janet Foy, Suzanne Bode, Bonnie Alben, Kathy Howard, Julio Kobeinski, Jock Francis, Carol Stif- les, Penny Weight, Sue Kingsley, Keys ' ' , 2orodo, Lod Miller, Chris Coovelis, Kathy Slevin, Coroten Weissenberg, Joanne hn- sey, Nancy Corder, Julel Scalise, Karen Sorenson, Katie Twitch- ell, Carrie Theiller; 5th ROW — Koren Faulkner, Kathryn Selby, Monica Youngouist, Kathy Vikts, Colleen McElroy, Bridget Peaky, Joel Morton, Kathy Matlock, Kris Logeson, Coral Long n, Sue Kingsley, Lisa Madsen, Core Kiesz, Donna Briggs, Stephanie Youngquist, Tina Dohmoroy; 6th ROW — Mary Leitner, Pom Perkins, Jane Bollontine, Gloria Patrick, Eileen Sicotte, Amy Herberkolz, Amy Lundquist, Cindy Henderson, Cindy Irwin, Coral Wood. Ill Chi Phi CHI PHI — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Joe Hawkins, Paul Mono,, Joe Euphrat, Kip Quackerbush, Chip Nilsen, Marcus Jones, Roy Roskop, Brion " Groucho " Compopiarva; 2nd ROW — John Lofgrer, Doug Dodo, Ryon Young, Denise Robinson. Teen Lufkin, Paul Laird, Peter Lester, Tom Howard, Fron Hatch, Mike Tye, George Roeth; 3rd ROW — Matt Wraith, Jim Wraith, Rick Lossing, Brion Charter. Gregg Cary, Paul Magruder, John Christian. Bob Finley, Dove Volk, Craig Wallsten, Pete Reynolds, George Luchs, Chuck Cont Chris Moore, Kurt Kumli, Gory Jones, Jon Lee. - t 172 Chi Psi CHI PSI — LEFT TO RIGHT— 1st ROW — Ted Brown, Greg glen, Dove Sobostion, Jeff Rhodes, Chuck Boll, Doug Boer, Andrew Meyers, Dove Keeling; 2nd ROW — Marty Livingston, Thomos Carlson, Kris Donaldson, William Coyle, Talbot SW ley, Jerry O ' Connor, Steve Towle, Todd Lord; 3rd ROW Doug Smith, Tim Bory, Craig Korosky, Tom Peyton, Dennis Llmonrio; 4th ROW — Don Hobon, Poul Kilkon, Brion McGuire, Mork Ames, Steve Puccinelli, Mike Dickey, John Fisher, Drew Brosseou; 5th ROW — Cory Christionson, John Korck, Bert Sordell, Mike Vonlocklon, Mike Mottos, Brion Tucker, Mike " Tiny ' Meyers; 6th ROW — Kelly Roe, Bill Coyle, Brion Ambrose, Andy Moimoni, Rich Marshall. 173 Delta Delta Delta From the first I felt it ' s here I be- long . . . Oh, the comfort — the in- expressive comfort of feeling safe within a person. Having neither to weigh thoughts, Nor measure words — but pouring them all right out just as they ore — chaff and groin together — Certain that a faithful hand will take and sift them — Keep what is worth keeping — And with the breath of kindness blow the rest away. 3 4 174 BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Diono Funito, Lesley GoPoway, Tern Wafters, Louise Fonke, Kay Cock , Cathy Clifton, Dana Spurner; 2nd ROW — Laurie Deck, Joanne Skitorekc, Suzy Finch, Annette Blackburn, Kico Macy, Judy Gordon, Kristian Stollor, Angelo Strausburger, Michelle Cmcich, Norm Borshay; 3rd ROW — Kimberley Leong, Korrie Anderson, Kristen Hicks, Megan Wogner, Koren Finch, Trocey Flinn, Crio Anderson, Evo Mode Chomp, Mrs. Kelly House Mother, Susan Cooper, Diane Nukes; ROW — Dente Rhoads, Am Rockwell, Patti Foss, Gay Wrenn, Carrie Lowe, Marilyn Brosia, Mary Marx, Kathy Hill, Janet Nystrom, Shari Shonsby, Monica Whitlock, Lauren Perkin, Diane LeEleauf; 5th ROW — Cindy Kohl, Kathy Leisses, Stacy Botzel, Morgeret Stier, Carol Frgo; BACK CROWD — Pam Wyie, Cele Weserberg, Marcy Oat, Bernie Seybolt, Debbie Hermsmeyer, Ann Prohosko, Mio Interlandi, Lisa Meyerhoff, Cece Lolwing, Desiree Icor°, Trinko Kropp, Lynn Wonfield, Suzy Boyer; Julie Rich, Sandy Weinberg, Koren Fossig, Lorene Hoymord, Suzanne Gunderson, Mechi Cabaret, Shouna Foster, Co: Burnett, Laurie Shelf, Linda Wilsm, Diane Harwich, Kim Motson, Jeon Herlihy, Cherie Newton, Joyce SI° ter, Ann Olson, Ann Spicer, Katie Evans, Mary Aarts, Mary Beth Irwin, Tanya Pole, Annette Ncgo, Ku-n Eaton. Delta Kappa Epsilon (1 176 LEFT — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — P. Nicholson, R. Cumming, 8. Renwick, B. Andrews, M Rona; 2nd ROW — K. Teel, I. Mocy, T. Marble, D. Holzworth, B. Odell S Albrecht, T. Murphy; 3rd ROW — T. Payne, P. Jacobs, B. Reintwd, B. McLeod, T. Hosbein, J. Mahoney, P. Wither, E. Seidel, M. LoHorgue, S. Mold°, ).A. Zorbos, B. Geemoert; 4th ROW — J. Saver, T. Mods, G. Young, J. Roney, A. Cornier, S. Summers, M. Nadir. 177 Delta Chi The Abracadabra Chapter of Delta Chi, spurred by the acquisition of a new house of 2721 Charming Way, launched a successful rebirth this year follow- ing a difficult period in which the fraternity had a function without o house. The 48 brothers of Delta Chi mode great strides in preserving their status as one of the three top academic houses on campus, perpetuating athletic strength in a sportsmanlike manner, and providing a rewording social program, all of which were goals established by brothers dur- ing the chapter ' s recolonizotion in 1977. Of greater importance, though, was the spirit of brotherhood which evolved among the members as they set about in rebuilding. DELTA CHI — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — W. Manley, D. Roberts, J. Bloom, J. Hoyoshi, W. Brown, R. Gottesman, D. Hoffman, R. Solverrini, J. Dolton, M. Chon; 2nd ROW — L. Fosslo,, B. Johnson, A. Afshari, F. J. Bourlond, F. P. Yong, A. Hill, D. Scone, E. Sullivan; 3rd ROW — C. Wolters, 0. Loughrey, S. Schumann, S. Copper, B. Connor, G. Thunen, M. Cutler, O. Marshall, J. Johnston; dth ROW — K. Otterberg, C. McMillan, M. Lieberman, T. Meagher, M. Huffman, J. Bryne, S. LaVoie, O. Sawn, G. Pike, T. Ish, M. Wertheim; NOT PICTURED — B. Cowden, M. Cohen, D. Drubin, 0. Solvemini, R. Espinel, R. Kruchten, T. Antic , K. Koso, K. Shields, B. Dovoren. 178 Delta Gamma DELTA GAMMA — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Cindy Grillo, Joyce Wang, Amy Unger, Nancy Hoyden, Leslie Brown, Betsy Stephens, Jill Sheperd; 2nd ROW — Susan Thoxter, Liz Tidmarsh, Becky Lange, Fiono Martin, Mimi Valance, Stocey Mickel!, Mario Boron, Emily Gold, Cici Christiansen, Susie Labile , Tricia Mossi, Robyn Skiffingten, Kathy St. John, Kathy Mischok; 3rd ROW — Megon McDonold, Claire ones, Jolene Hunter, Carolyn Ross, Michelle Cormossi, Corole Johnsons, Trish Britton. Ceece Cunningham, Eriko Vogler, Mary Arendt, Jackie Mills, Leanne Fierce, Vicky Cumming, Carolyn McDonnell, Pot %.e, Kerry Francis; 4th ROW — Keely Posing, Lindsey Stonsbury, Sue Perm, Lee Vance, Paulo [3 ' Am:rite, Debbie Bolobon, Sharron Alexander, Jill Polmouist, Lori Anderson, Koren Bozok, Lou Golb, Jon Johnston, Marcie McCrony, Katherine MocMohon, Melinda May, Wendy 8obbush, Cynthia Smith; Sib ROW — Kristy Forsmon, Janet Portman, Sue Edgar, Christine Dornelle, Potty Preville, Conn Madden, Monica Rants, Debbie Tracy. Cathy Cunha, Donelle Rugoord, Marsha Howard, Mori Kimura, Sono Benedict, Sue Jewell, Kerry Casey, Woelffer, Leslie Stitcher, Billie Marini, Morika Kroszulyok. 1 nol.... • • • • ......-•-. . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • • • • • • • • • a • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • • • • • • • . • • • • sant .. .... . • • —.., :.... • • • • ffilt..;• ' . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • IMO • . • • • • • • • • • .• -•—•• 4 • • • • • • • • • ...-- ' N. . • . • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • . • • ..., . • • • • b . • 3...1 N14 t 179 Delta Sigma Phi BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Roy Allen, Steve Buffi, Woyne Killen, Jeff Dracut), Bill Fridl, Jon Morton, Jeff Kelly, Dove Azevedo, Curt Kid- di ' , e 2nd ROW — Charlie Ramsey, Jim Von Horn, Gem Robilscer arso n Hsieh, Chris Miller, John Obono, Scott Matson, John Hyland; 3rd ROW — Ken Hoff, Rich Moonier, Moire Sorenson, Bill Benz, Jim Fozockerly, Bob McGrouther; 4th ROW — Al Boro, Greg Hardy, Kevin McPonlan, Pete Snider, Scott Shea, Dove McGrouther; 5th ROW — Phil ()owlet!, Roy Crumrine, Greg Forley, Marko Vol. konen, Todd Moy, Rich Holmer; NOT PICTURED — Roy Baker, Mott Cole, Chris Dunn, Mork Hotosoko, Pete Kinvin, Ed Songster. • • Delta Upsilon 182 Gamma Phi Beta TOP FAR LEFT — " A Hundred And One Days of Fun . . . " sing Gommo Phi sailors and island girls during South Seas Cloy, when Gomm Plmi was transformed into o tropical isle f or sorority rush. LEFT — As rush week draws near, Gommo Phi Betas work together rehearsing new songs du dip a morning workshop. BOTTOM FAR LEFT — Hamming it up for the photographer, Wendy Williams, Carol Cot. welt Jennifer Joe, and Monica Towers picka pretty pose bef ore the Presents Pony. BOTTOM LEFT — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Jenny Wilson, Michele Nikoloff; 2nd ROW — Angelo Corlodo, Elaine Peters, Leah Gods , Kirsten McKay, Janet Fink; 3rd ROW—Pamela Koyfetz, Kathy Watson, Lucy Sedalia, Lori Philips; 4th ROW — Karen Wilder, Michelle Pucci , Sheila Gillespie, Kristen Ben nord, Heir ' Hinds; Sth ROW — Wendy Williams, Lisa Dimock, Cristi McCabe, Sarah Meek; 6th ROW — Robyn Whiting, Bettina Bog, Stacey Ernst, Koren Johnson; 7th ROW — Jule Hill, Dole Pobwski; 8th ROW — Caroline Dubbin. BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Peggy Robinson, Kim Aikowo, .lesha Cobbiandli, Laurie Keyson, Jeannie Graham, Sue Robinson, Kristin Steinmetz; 2nd ROW — Jenny Buttner, Cathy Inners, Kathy Horrell, Janet Shane, Coral Colwell, Kim McKay, Cathy Hoymes, Allison Wells, Sue Gorell, Karen Erickson; 3rd ROW — Clara Hargis, Beth Galvin, Monico Towers, Angelo Penny, Susan Petoletti, Sue Fife, Aileen Herrington, Allison Dubbin, Rebecce Elio, Martha Grosty, Helen Otto, Linda Brooks, Kathy Harrington, Sheri Koenig, Caroline Froid, Molly Flynn, Brenda Blordony, Rochelle Chong, Amy EOM. 183 K A P P A A L P H A KAPPA ALPHA — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Bill MocDonold, Steve Rochlin, Jeff Good, Joy Pordini, John Baker, Ken Hertz, Ralph Torres, Pout Rooche; 2nd ROW — Lloyd Guss, Mike Gutierrez, Dove Shicknuan, Stuffed Buck, Dole Emery, Lynn Houlillon, Dove Steen; 3rd ROW — Don Bowe, Dove legato, Bill McConnell, Adrian Jones, Ed Palmer, Ken Gregorich; 4th ROW — Ken Grant, John ElPiston, Tim Renstrom, Jon Goerke, George Money, Pete Imperial; Sth ROW — Ed Hugo, Jim Hogeboom, Mork Howard, Bob Agee, Fronk Podllo, Don Goor; 6th ROW — Brod Smith, Chas Cordon, Dove Stivers, Dove Morton, Steve Corson; 7th ROW — Ryon Ledwith, John Caton, Eric Fuller, Mike Skubic, Mork Roggio; NOT PICTURED — Tony David. 184 Kappa Alpha Theta KAPPA ALPHA THETA — LEFT TO RIGHT — FRONT ROW — Ccaeen Speitenon, Edith Skewes-Cox, Denise Wilson, Loser° Holtingswonh, Kathleen Farley; 2nd ROW — Kim Carter, Brenda Hock Anne Murphy, Linda Geary, Link Bolek, Jennifer Gatti, Corey Haggkmd, Karen Herten, Kitty Dawson, Valerie Anse Avert, Holly Mouse; 3rd ROW — Addama Schwartz, Lisa Seigle, Tel Schulman, Erica Kruger, Dam Dins. Barbara Smith, Nancy Feldkircher, Elizabeth Sandford, Alison Anson, Mary Jacek, Sonsi Kenner, Honey Paul, Maureen McPortlond; 4th ROW — Koren Egon, Cathy Wiley, Connie O ' Neal, Becky O ' Neal, Monique Henderson, Cathy Wilson, Laurie Shepherd, Sue Kolossul, Ann Seeder, Hon, Shepherd, Leanne Repetto, Jennifer Wells, Cathy Mitchell, Jennifer Hunt, Ma ire Galef; 5th ROW— Kim Lewis, Michele Judson, Koren Chordler, Bo ri Peters, Kay Stuckey. Toni Hutchins Julie Non, Arita Costkcine, Cilys Walker, Doryn Eller, Morgan Tarantino, Sue Sumer, Ake Sherman, Ram Lenaburg, Nancy Tufts, Anson Knight, boryn Oos, Alicia Donohue, Deb Ballentine, Theresa Hess; 6th ROW — Lynn Lipps, Mary Rolston, Loud Scolobrink Mkhele wm..iry, Kathy Lusk, Kotheryn Win, 140 Sundlufss, Maggie Wells, Het yip, Laurie Hart, Meliss Charles, Liz Koenig. 185 186 Kappa Kappa Gamma BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT— SITTING— Porn Cheer, Undo Crowing, Vicky Borman, Young Jin-Yeun, Dee Solomon, Daphne Brown, Vicki Uppincon, Marian Hudson, Lind, Myerson, Denise Hudson, Jenny Brown, Koren Hoffman, Koren Krebs; STAND. ING — Megon Voncornp, Rebecca Moscone, Vinnie Devon., Chris Sherek, Lod Barber Fronde Solestreri, Diane Peebles, Janet Dahl, Kimberly Boll, Anne Donohue, Suzanne Macron., Carolyn Renolds, Currie Russel, Clara McCain, Porn Chechi, Ann Furbush, Jennifer Kowor, Lauren Biggs, Janet Muddy, Diane Butler, Jessica Hawkins, Beth Gollivon, Kell Tonneson, Lauren Moulin, Kathy Porker, Core Stocknoyer, Sad Steele; PORCH — Nancy Sherbo, Jenny Cutting, Anne Gillorn, Corilyn Komi, Elena Mykituik, Amy Moser, Betsy Hofner, Diana Hamill, Carolyn Snarl, Lynn Nish., Donna Bowman, Ann Bryant, Cali McClellan, Susie Shrogg, Lynn Wilco; Deno Hill, Michelle Fournier, Erin Biggs, Shield Harley, Lisa Rogers, Grace Ann son, Judy Holt, Joy Fronich, Diane Pout), Carol Mueller, Mary Pederson, Carla Brady, Kim Wilson, Morgeret Cause, Carol McKnight, Caroline Cochrane; BALCONY — Maureen O ' Eldon, Ann Roger, Ellen Anderson, Carrie White, Barb Selbxh, MaryO ' Brion, Leslie Fiedler, Jaime Stone, Kim Coors, Katie %one; NOT PICTURED — Lucy Kuchins, Laurie Lewis, Scottie Faster, Fran Willis, Nita Gorelf, Claire Hcglord, Susie Rowws, Stacy Block, and many others including the entire Lisa Am Ckb. 188 Kappa Sigma TOP FAR LEFT — Porn, Mo, and the beloved Foil president Skid. LEFT — Spring ' 79 Kappa Sigma Party. A big splash near " Craw ' s pool. BOTTOM FAR LEFT — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Tony Klisuro, Al Tyler; 2nd ROW — Steve Morcy, Scott Reyna:Is; 3rd ROW — Eric Davidson, Lone Ringlee; 4th ROW — Stephen Benz, Dove Bruce — House Manager, Pete Evans — Grand kite, Don McCleod, Robert Brunswick; 5th ROW — Jamie Rowland, Joe Godn, Caxton Rhodes; 6th ROW — Jim Herberg, Chris Swide, Casio Martin — Link Sister ' s Chairman, Mike Soawn — Social Chairman; 7th ROW — Mork Young, Mire Ruttenberg, John Garin, Scott Butler, Rick Mod; 8th ROW — Roger Morison, Mark Brait — Kitchen Steward, Torn Rose, Gory Pomerantz, Keith Murray — Grand Treasurer, Robert DeKlotz, Kevin Groffis; 9th ROW Glen Roycroft — Rush Chairman, Jock Shall, Mork F raker, Whitney Skala — Grand Master; 10th ROW — Henry Wotkins, Pete Corson, Chuck Po roni — Grand Master of Ceremonies. Not Pictured — Kevin Doly and Ron Ruttenberg Grand Procurator. BELOW LEFT — Some ci the members of " Lorigprong " , the Kappa Sigma tees hockey team. Spring ' 79 chomps pointed up on unfortunate photographer when it was thscovered he was a an for the losing team " Trout " . Clockwise from TOP — Chuck, Mug, J. T., Squirrel, Mace. Moc, and D.B. 189 Lambda Chi Alpha caw 1111 ce, 190 A LAMBDA CHI ALPHA — BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT 1st ROW — Jon Dorsey, Muir Davis, Steve Cherry, Ron Cordes, )(Aril Reed, Bill PopeMourn, Don °tomer; 2nd ROW — Jon Gallagher, Pot Garvey, Neol Herzstein, Don Hogin, Ian McClure, Noel Sherry, Mitch Hawkey, Mork Buckingham, Andy Weaver, Tim Taylor, Tom Scrivner, Jim Price, Stan Thomas, Josh Heard, Curt Kirschner; 3rd ROW — Karl Bromley, Mike Digeronimo. Phi Gamma Delta Go Bears. Doesn ' t show me much. Shows me olot. Nice heat. Adolph Coors and his friends solute seniors: Rinooch, Pear, Buck, Fores, Fives, Neil, Tolboot, Rally, Brice, Disco, Samoan, Gumby, Chihn body, Krotchy. The Chancellor also congrotulotes them and sends his best wishes for the future. BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Mite Chinn, Tony Pinelli, Rocky Antovich, Chris Good; 2nd ROW — Ben Burke, Mike Cook, Bob Buckley, Bill Simmons, Scott Laid low, Tom Cromer, Oscor Gamble; 3rd ROW — Rich Lee, Brice Wightmon, Jim Buckingham, Rich Bonowsky, Brod Krowskup, Craig Jones, Steve Hinds, Neil Wirth, Kevin Smith, Neil Puroy; 4th ROW — Rolly Dickison, Keith Zof ren, Bruce Beck, Brion Griggs, Marl Meihous, Bubbo Mothiessen, Randy Thomas, Ken McComick, Eorl Calfison; NOT PICTURED Brion Grego, Bob Fores, Pete Neville, Cory Conan, Bill Kendall, Luke Morsh, Pot Doyle, Kirk Longe, Mott Hollidoy, Dove Cork WU; 411 ' 1 rt , 15. .1.1.,;: • alb ABOVE — PHI KAPPA TAU — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Bryon Hon, Mork Freda ' , Bruce Kral, Paul Moaning, Scott Healy, Rich Lynch, Rob Walt, Bob McCarthy; 2nd ROW — Greg Burglin, Eric Foster, Lee Choo, Bill Johnson, Keith Brior, Mark Rosenthol, Dove Weisblcod, Mark Li, Gregg Solomon, Clark Bushman; 3rd ROW — Jim Untied!, Mork Anderson, Mace Hotel!, Ernie Martin, Ken Herkenhoff, Walt Christen. Scott Foroker, Mork McGee, Lorry Porker, Steve Voiles, Dove Brouner; 4th ROW — Torn Bradley, Greg Anderson, Rick Nichelman, Don Dutcher, Kurt Johnson, Brod Prescott, Jon Doseking, Mike Hull, Bill Krill, Brod Stine. Phi Kappa Tau 193 194 Phi Kappa Psi PHI KAPPA PSI — BOTTOM FAR LEFT — LEFT TO RIGHT — Ist ROW — Bryan Ramona, John Games. Gory Goldstein, Greg Sowdey, Mike Neiman, Bob Bleicher; 2nd ROW — Glenn Corn, Mike Word, Mike Torres, Jeff Floirty, Rick Renslo, Keith Chresticoson, Ernie Beemink; 3rd ROW — Jeff Po!sky, Cod Hovorsen, Don Pellissier, Brod Jones, Jim Williams, Rob Creps, Alan Deitch, John Montague, Chris With — Seidelin, Brondon Bourn; 4th ROW — Gregg Thompson, Mike Watson, Phil Angela Randy Brown, Miles Appel, Bryon Harter, Horror, Moe Mitchell, Joe Jackson, Joe Tobrisky; NOT PICTURED — Leo Cosentini, Dove DoSilvo, George Dic- kerman, Fronk Dietderich, Robert Jackson, Darren Jones, Mork Noy, Bloke Yeoman, Bruce Spurlock, John Comozzi, Mike Sokolsky, Jeff Schrager, Don Larson, Mike Loscovio, Eric Tuckness. 195 Phi Sigma Kappa PHI SIGMA KAPPA — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Sonny Austin, John Comerson, Chortle Rego, Nom, Swenson, Greg Biel, Mite Maloney; 2nd ROW — Vince Froncheschi, Kevin Parker, Torn Shaffer; 3rd ROW — Bill Dewitt, John Dressel, Phil Harrington, Ion Haroder, Ron Lee, Bob Regan, Les Lee, John Hunter; 4th ROW — Mike Neory, Randy Shaffer, David lorries, Doug Stone, Mike Oiilcoot, Pot Sulivon, Fred Ponce, Mork Staffers, Peter Ulrich, Kevin McHale, Mike NICCuT, Jim Whitton, Skip Doberenz, 5th ROW — Mitch Ahtye, Mae Tonn, Len Ott, Jim Diller, Alan Knock, Mike Smith, Mon Ackerman, Mork Biogini, Chuck Pousso, Reno Jacuzzi. 196 Pi Kappa Phi PI KAPPA PHI — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Charles Von Vleet, Greg Tanner, Carl Andersen, Brod Tucker, Bloke Elrehl, Von McNally, Jell Barrett; 2nd ROW — George Humphreys, Torn Pontozis, Gory Reichhokt Ed Johnson. Bob O ' Malley, Rick Rappoport, Dove Clemens. Craig Errehl, Mike Dunbar, Mitch Sado; 3rd ROW — Warren Mod, Steve Welk, Dove Herdren, Tan Stewart, Mark Plonk, Steve Block, Jeff McBride, Chip E, John Monorono; 4th ROW — Randy Tonsley, Eric Auchard, Jim Watson, Dove Halligan, Don Bergmann, Dick Rogers, C ris Sheponek, Joe Yellen; 5th ROW — Poul Coupin, Jon Ingrohom, Steve Kolnes, Mire Durant, Wayne McForlond, Steve Brandon, Dave Gray, Tuna Wilson, Dove Hondley, Morgon Ake, Rob Dutto; 6th ROW — Jim Stublorec, Rick Gohort, Don Bosshort, Tom Davis, John Vetter, Doug Blokemon, Steve Miller, Bill Peironnet, Brion Word, Hugh McCann, Spencer Larson, Greg Hoff, Jim Lucey, Mike Kroszulyok. 197 Pi Beta Phi Ii r • • • • ; • t • • • ‘i 414-e • • _ ••• v I I ' • • kW - ' 4 fa. 4 • 44- Ai 1p : A , ; • 1 . • - 4 ' 4 • a k„ -1.4. 4....... k .k. . .• I• c+, • 4. ' ' f •,,,n , • , ; b ' ' 41 BOTTOM FAR LEFT — Fl BETA PHI — LEFT TO RIGHT — BOTTOM ROW — Sally Pork, Gail Schmutz, Jill HoroId, Mary Andrews, Carolyn hbppe; 2nd ROW — Wendy Rob- bins, Alison Michael, Amoco Ashiion, Jeanie Symes, Boo (Urdu) Carey, Susan Reynolds, Tino Regon, Edrs Taylor, Laura Byrd, Michelle Croch et Donoe Poros, Ann Cunnin- gham, Laura Towne, Colleen Porr; 3rd ROW — Goy K441, Kelly Spelmon; 4th ROW — Lod Gessler; 5th ROW — Kelly Ditto, Laurie Sod, Jane Clowdsely, Katie Waller, Lord. Behrhorst, Ann Gwerder, Sue Henderson, Kathleen O ' Hara, Karen Fritchey, Jule Reynolds, Kerry Parr; 6th — TuTu Rhea, Shelley Ascher, Kristin Adams, Gay Botisticu, C. Dunn, Wmo Dana Garrick, Libby Hill, lull Biegenzohn, Moe (Melinda) Ells, Mary Breuer; 7th ROW Mary INethistle, Suzy Murphy, Hillary Hillken, Jaime Riker, Lisa Bonin., Emily Seorls, Barb Fish, Potty Stephens, Lori Schaffer, Fran Vuno, Colleen Jackson, Cindy Rocca, Ando (Andrea) Csaszar, Laura Fitch, Libby Compbell: ON PORCHES — Dona Bauder, Vero Jonushkowsky, Chris Henry, Katie Craig, Janet Fathom, Julie Trueblood, Debbie Sears, Gail Holford, Ronie Crowley, Andy Kossich, Andy Miller, wino Coombs, Diana Walsh, lone Rimer, Christie Barbera, Koren Egon, Susan Poulson, Kelly Herzberg, Caroline Johns, Kim Wilson, An Shea, Peggy Schnugg, Mary Dalton, Alysso Rowell, Kathy Kendrick, Susan Ted. bat. 199 Pi Lambda Phi -At TOP FAR LEFT — " Pledge Banquet " ; LEFT — " The Nome Of The Gome: Diversity " ; BOTTOM FAR LEFT — " The Guys of R Lomdo Phi " ; BELOW — " Phi Lom Desert Rots " . fj 11.01111.:111, " Not Four Years But A Lifetime " 201 Sigma Alpha Epsilon SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON — RIGHT — LEFT TO RIGHT — Is, ROW — Bill Hughes, John Wright, Pete Mon shol; 2nd ROW — Geoff Bloke, Scott Nittkr, Kevin Moce, Adolff Nipples, Chris Sutter, Lock Richards, Dove Cuneo, Steve Schuroffion, Todd Moby; 3rd ROW — Flipper Williams, Kevin Burke, Joy Benotar, Ted Lawson, Jud Boise, Bill Shott, Skip Mancini ROW — Tim Farley, Greg Christy, Todd Whitlock, Vonce Osmont, John Dolby; 5th ROW — Dove Nal. son, Bob Erdmon, Crosby Hyde, Torn Giovininni, Bee Weatherbee, Mork Biestrnon, Wade Foster, Tron Vongledrun, Tim Moriority, Dove Thomas, Ed Silver, Bob Tobiason, Jim McArthy, Rich Lyons, Bob Fioninni, Dove Patton; 6th ROW Steve Mott, Tom Sump, Rob Valli, Pool Edwards, Kirk Anderson, Joy Vuckoson, Bob Brown, Dove Bor. desso, Mork Nittler, John Pro- topopus, Mike Menechoff, Boner Hymen, Terry Devo: 7th Row Pumpkin, Jeff Schneider, Pete WU. cox. 202 Sigma Chi SIGMA CHI — LEFT TO RIGHT — in ROW — Steve D ' Attley, Gory Glen, Bob Pond, Mike Corson, Mice Anderson, Brion HoHstetter, Rob Sivihus, Chorlie Wingord; 2nd ROW — John Edmunds. Court Washburn, Dove Rhine, Rob DOwS0A, Wode Ellery, Don Hering, Dove Mitchell, Chris Santos, Bill McDonald; 3rd ROW — Mark Hozorobedion, Mork Phinney, Gory Her Doug Hornet, Vem Kordol, Drew Brooks, Craig Cole, John Hunter, Bob Wood; NOT FICRiFtED — Kevin Sullivan, Mike Dossier, Jeff Laird, Paul Kleinen, Terry Burke, JaM Wondolowski, Eric Strensnid, Rondy Coste, We Lore, Fronk Vodhondl. 203 Sigma Kappa SIGMA KAPPA — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Denise AlefriO, Lod White, Kathy Globs, Pons Tom, Linda Hovel; 2nd ROW — Andrea McIntyre, Gloria Vitiators Sue Wooeword, Carole Brucker, Martha Agee; 3rd ROW — Koren Beck, Shirley Corson, ZoeAnn Hinson, Michele Desoer, Ninon Nock; 4th ROW — Michelle Steindle, Undo Farrell, Darlene Rosen, Nancy McConnell, Hollie Berliner, Julia Kudos, Lisa Hunt; 5th ROW — Lisa Yellen, Laura Jameson, Laura Terry, Barbara Schussler, Laurie. Sullivan, Holly Gwynne, Mallory Lynch; 6th ROW — Syrxli Paden, Lisa Schuster, Julie Showmoker, Julie Westerbeck, Nancy De ' chesty, Melon. Nock, Bobbi Zanier; 7th ROW — Natalie Huen, Liz Worn, Ruth Ann Geissinger, Cothedne Fetch, Ellie Nishett, Lynzie Bozlen, Lynne Hunter, Lynn Housroth, Terry Paulsen; 8th ROW — Nancy Hort, Sandy Cunningham, Mary Ann Soden, Alex Glickman, Suzanne Steinle, Melinda Potty BruneIto, Beth Wiley, Karen Sonloderer, Jon Merkert, Potty Smith, Jane Myers, Holly Melton; WINDOWS — Hillori De one, Sue Hughes, Koryn Bemicchi, Olympia Zele, Patty Sniglortin, Cathy Kozlowski. 204 Sigma Nu I „es,- sta SIGMA NU — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Bob Fitzsimmons, John Crompton, Mite Starret, Richard Boyer, Brian Schlock, Tom Anderson; 2nd ROW Ben Hepworth, Steve Calloway, W. John Hunter, Kevin Fox, Steve Pointer; 3rd ROW — Dove Siegol, Dove Northfield, Todd Wendod, Ernie Blockwelder, John Turner, Ryon Harrison, Rob Falconer, Steve Tait, Bill Wenzlou, Mott Alexander, Don Morris, Torn Reedy, Mike Richmon, Jim Flores, Barry Westerwick; 4th ROW — Steve Fowler, Mark Nonhfoeld, John Swift, Bill Banks, Pete Koenig, Reed Payne, Tim Conner, Pat Gobrieki, Torn Culknon, Dove Shover, Andy Moscheroni; 5th ROW — Peter Thomas, John Toellner, Phil LaBarbera; NOT PICTURED — John Logan Hunter, Alon Anderson, Buzz Brown, Brion Peck, Latham Williams. 205 Sigma Pi RIGHT — " Ws rust onother Luou ... But Where ' s the Volcano? " ; BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Terry Fleming, Fronk Miyohiro, Bob Breeden, Bo Mitchum, Cuff Purkiser, Dog Cody d. Mutt; 2nd ROW — Steven Chordler, Brion Dubois, Gregor Sibley, Stu Nichols; 3rd ROW — Morio Aguilo, Mott Croughon, Pierre Potent, Doug Hooke, David Honeine, Sean Hogon, Brendan Dolan, Josh Moddon; 4th ROW — Kurt Lovemson, Ron Kludos, Steve Sosheo, Inn Stoma Tenn C,nrdicar Fred Cadelctain Hewn.. Shwa Resat; Rana Sark Theta Chi THETA Oil — BELOW — LEFT TO RIGHT— 1st ROW Dean Grinsfelder, Mork McLoughlin, Kris Wvotke, Hal Schuhz, Tun Craig, Ed Nags, Mork Edzeg 2nd ROW — David Corson, Weothery Kemp, Bill Guerin, Roger Behringer, Mott Sears, Mork Stonich, Bill " Spike " Reichle, Doug Slokey, Thomas Woods, Bob bickering; 3rd ROW Mite Moroes, Jock Robertson, Reto Tuff ley, Dean Poor, Moo King, Mon Biers, Orion Moschler, Scott Wilson; 4th A ROW — Pete Skopinski, John Way, Dean Heotherington, Tea Wilson, Scott Piper, Scott Dinsmore, Dove Wiley, Cal Bordonoro, Ken King. a • Theta Delta Chi TOP FAR LEFT —THETA DELIS " GoHollywood " ; TOP CENTER — CAVE PARTY, ' 79; ABOVE — Huts Roof, ' 79; BOTTOM FAR LEFT — THETA DELTA CHI — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Torn Eustis, Ken LoHonto, Pee-Pee, Big Lou, Donny Dousche, Styme English, George Marquez, Ken M ' d; 2nd ROW — Mork Stolle, George Marquez, John Bake, Poke Miller, M.C. Van Fleet and Wilbur the Wildcat, Brad Carter, Rick Harper, Bob Spinelli, Paul Wonom; 3rd ROW — Doug Lovolley, Scott Anoker, Terry Greene, Bob Colwell, Dr. Woo, Hawg Roberts, Cloy Cone, Mork Heidom, Whacker Tywoniok, L.B. Zeller; 4th ROW — Ron Petroff, Nose, Bob Weigle, Steve Kaufman, Slug Cole, Nooks, Lindell, Eric Domer, Doug Dynes absa Joseph Lfrigoro, Mork Frotstud Walsh; 5th ROW — Bob Denny, F.B. Friedman, Hot Dung, Mkelo, John Roseberry; NOT PICTURED — Bill Beadle, Roy Greene, Slush Healy, Tim Healy, Peter Shatz, Mork Coleman, Doug Kepner. TOP FAR LEFT — Brother Bolo is in control of the table of our Gong. lond party held earlier in the year. LEFT — With the completion of the ' Unicorn ' , Theta Xi ' s ' Shipwreck Pony ' is about to commence. SOT. TOM FAR LEFT — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — An Kopoor, Owls Casey, Willem Peksh, Jon Koresh, Fronk Mandel, Mike " FN " Nelson, Howard Gregersen; 2nd ROW — Codas Guevara, Charleton Wade, Gidsh Apt Mark Michael, Alex Chan, Samuel Williams, Robert Forks, Neil Reilly, Mike FoIona, Roy Fredericks, Gory Manson, Rich Jorgensen, Steve Win, Steve Rusch; 3rd ROW — Simon Martin, Arturo Jimenez, John Gregory, John Peterson, P. Sean LoVella, Thomas Holden, Roy Green, Mike Hoilsteod, Steve Folletto, Gory Chan, Bob Christensen. BELOW — Theta Xi little sisters. 211 Tau Kappa Epsilon 212 Zeta Beta Tau ZETA BETA TAU — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Gory Silberman, Mork Mendenholl, Bill Sullivon, Colvin Cedo deaf, Willie Rosoff, Jerry Loewen, Steve Wright; 2nd ROW — Randy Iceller, Andy Heekein, Elliot Sokolow, Mork Feldman, Scott Weinberg, Jerry Katz, Scott Kelly; 3rd ROW — Jeff Gunter, Steve Joffe, Steve Meyer, Gerson Foos, Keith Dowidge, Scott Botanic, Sven Pole, Evon Borges, Mice Fox; BACK ROW, STANDING — Scott Keller, Paul Brown, Kevin Dowidge, Andy Freidman, Gory Scott, Steve Wollenberg, Kevin Thornton, Rick Silberman, Vern Howard, Jim Zibursky, Peter Weis, Buddy Rubbed, Earl Brien, Alon Greinitz, Randy Sosnick, Mike Roos, Ed Sweet, Stu Drown, Alen Gino; ABSENT — Steve Drown, Dona Herrnansen, Seth Mitchner, Tony DeGuymon, Don Hanna, Mork .leness, Jeff Anderson, John Glazer, Dove Goerss. 213 Zeta Psi a V - O BOTTOM FAR LEFT — FROM LEFT TO RIGHT — 1St ROW — R. VonMugen, J. Hor- ns, B. Farrell, J. Bertram, B. Walker, S. Woolf, P. Michoelides, B. Dorword, M. Wrote ' . P. Jacque, M. Levy; 2nd ROW — 8. Hillesland, Volosek, R. Watts, 8.14ommerson, S. Healy, J. Goodwin, T. McGrath, B. Witter, Jr. R. Hunter 111 3rd ROW — T. Fairchild, D. Mclnemy, Hanson, J. Malmquist, R. Phillips, 8. Cutter, P. Jackson, W. Boron, T. Enright, T. Dolores; A. Schecter, D. Holscher, M. Price, 8. Alba R. Papule, J. Hogler, M. Beardsley, P. Storz; eth ROW — K. Chan, T. Brock, S. Smith, M. Taylor, E. Peugh, D. Reod, S. Hoffmire, H. Maguire Jr., 8. OWIelveny, A. Rasmussen, B. MoMogne, Jr. 215 . .. ,, • ....... am gryWIroweVIII11.111 11.,,S Chi N.., %Pe • " • • ga, el ill • -AtIPS :a= - ....asearelinni " was......... vows • v.- Dorm Living: A Special Experience • • • As the first year that the Blue and Gold is attempting to include oll the dorms and give all of the " misfortunotes " who never got to live in the dorms a slice of what makes them special, we unfortunately ran up against the worst low possi- ble. (No, it doesn ' t concern the smoke wafting down the halls). This time, it was Murphy ' s Low. Murphy quite simply stated thot if anything can go wrong, it will. Although all the dorms are included, it was no easy job. We had to get people together for the group shots, only to hove the photographers not show up; we tried to be in the right place of the right time for the condids that would summarize dorm life only to lose the negatives; and to top it all off, we had to schedule retakes during finals to meet the deadline. But then, those are the problems and joys of working on the yearbook. So what makes the dorms special, whether it be a castle tucked in o hill, a house looking like any other in Berkeley, or the monoliths sticking out like sore thumbs? The answer is simple and immediate: the people. Whether they are freshmen getting their first experiences at Cal, sophomores returning for more of the some, juniors who should know better, or seniors (ore there really seniors left?), they come to the dorms first in desperate need of housing. But then they find people with whom they can lough, talk, party, study (?!), and mostly shore good times. People to commiserate with while trying to stay awake typing o paper that should have been done days ago, to wonder with about what slop will be dished out for dinner, to celebrate with at the end of finals. People you talk with until all hours of the night, or raise your glasses with to commence the party. Whatever the activity, there are friends to shore them with. 4411416644 4 WI 4 4 4 218 Freeborn, Putnam, Cheney, Deutsch Unit TOP — FREEBORN — LEFT TO RIGHT — Is? ROW — Brenda Bolobon, Stephanie Wachtel, Lisa Mokopspol, Morrison Grof, Tina Smilkstin; 2nd ROW Andy Miller, Allison Michael, Joshua Simpson, Claudio Lyons, Carolyn Maher, K.0 Kelso, John Christenson, Nikki Sch1 41er• Undo Crowing: 3rd ROW Mod Pearlman, Foal Molinelli, Torn Kaebel, Pat Komenermeyer. ABOVE — PUTNAM HALL has seceded from Unit 1 and the University of California. 220 TOP — CHENEY HALL; ABOVE — DEUTSCH HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Elliot Bennett, Brian Pugh, Mike Moore; 2nd ROW — Rick Monteiono, Bruce Dahlberg, Glenn Williford, Mitch Cone; 3rd ROW — Richard Monis, Stan Mohler, David Williomson. 1 221 Unit 2: Griffiths, Davidson, Cunningham, Ehrman TOP — EHRMAN HALL — No one from Ehrman Hall showed up. ABOVE — GRIFFITHS HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Rote Miranda, Jonice Melton, Regan Pride, Kurt Brumbaugh, Mary Ann Jordon, Geno Acevedo, John Rechel, Jon Petit; 2nd ROW — Tim O ' Keefe, Sandy Louie, Keith Matsumoto, Dove Nelson, Shelly Croig, Norm Herterich, Sonia Levinaston, Peter Yoke, John Beohm, Erick Burke, Dick Voterlous, Kathy Watson, Groy Chorron; 3rd ROW — Joyce Takeyosu, Lilo Abbot, Sandy Sumberg, Torn Froser, Dove Muene, Jackie Greene, Joe Loos, Jeff Ronk, Marty Kaplan, Scott Schoenthal, Porker Phillips 222 TOP — CUNNINGHAM HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Nino Chemick, Eric Coplin, Chris Johnsen, Caroline Scolori, Ted Seoy, Anita kis ler, Tony Basque, Peter Povkcs, Hasson Lotfizodeh, Andy Hoikolis, Lonny Gold; 2nd ROW — Don Von Dyke, Chester Mork, George Romstod, Emiko Higoshi, Nancy Wong, Mke Vu, Kurt Anderson, Joe Morino, Twon Sun, Steve Ems, John Molinick, Joni Tohoro, Donna Watanabe, Patti Ryon, Jeonette Boukher, Charlie Mercer; 3rd ROW — Kurt Fuller, Peter Biffor, Steve Server, Koren Marshall, Joe Muench, Torn Winterbottorn, Rick Davis, Anne Sconlon, Kathy Fitzpatrick, David Bobo; dth ROW — Kit Lee, Wendy Flagg, David Curter, Westermeyer , Mork Rozum, Leslie Pro°, Chris Mornsey, Ecan Chester, Kurt Coutin, Lance Belsom, Dole Surowitz, Mike Davies; 5th ROW — Ricky tampon, Tim Cooley, Steve Col, Sandy Shipkowitz, Oren Noah, David Faye, Cynthia Thornton, Jim Greenstein. 223 Unit 3: Priestley, Ida Sproul, Norton, Spens TOP — NORTON HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Pete Sossi, Fronk Lee, Rob Yosui, Barbaro Bailey (Publicity Chairperson), Mork Hoshino, Don Jan:milk, David Enzer, Terry Covonooh (Internal President), Lorry Lipstone, Jim Garcia, Owls Falbo; 2nd ROW — Young Choi, Missy Glidden, Kim Thomosson, Elaine Fink, Janie Garner, Pauline Roy, Inhuva Chd, Margaret Woo, Chris Poge, Dom Martinez, Sorely Fong, Kevin Roche, Sue Jewell, Kathy Propper, Helen Fehr, Vince Young; 3rd ROW — Rhonda Robert (External President), Maureen Lorrowe, Veer on on, Nick Gutierrez, Sue Durham, Michelle Moy, Tzu Chin, Lars Fong (Secretary), Chris Snowy, John Soulovich, Ron Moja, John VoI ' s, Bob Kosai, Antonio Carton. ABOVE — IDA SPROUL HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Rich Aptoker (Resident Assistant), Lexie Whitely (Resident Assistant), Mace Gheleto (Hall Coordinator), Marguerite Wilkins (Ant. Hall Coordinator), John Mu!cake, Jill Fannin, Teri Goodman, Doreen Dulay, Annie Culbert, Dond Ruben, Doug Yoshida, lone Zenezefiss, Beth Brenner. 224 ABOVE — PRJESTLEY HALL— LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Brian Yue, Brion Cohn, Chuck Hammers, Ralph Lohr, krny Nute, Kevin Marchese, Omar Billawolo, Kevin Johnson, Chris Toylor, Patty Donoghue, Peter Montgomery, Connie Lappin, Oren Ziv, Steve Finocom, Jeff Kimoto, Lance Lysinger, Albert Peters, Randy Kirby, Dionne Giddens, Steve Rothman, Stan Godwyn, Steve Huskins, Ken Ross, Son Steel, Shone Greenstein, Denise Siegel, Karen Rasmussen, Betty Bickers, Suson Brownell, Susan Payne, Janet Bercovitz, Paul Holm, Moreldo Chow, Andrea Swish, Christina Lim, Anito Shah, Jim Keomey, Suchitro Phordis, Julie Shannon, Chris Yr, Leslie Coles, Tina Fitzsimmon, Laura O ' Neill, Irene Meltzer, Peter Luerono, Sondra Overocker, Fred Naruto, Debbie Beardsley. Cheryl Sindel, Keiko Nakamura, Lynne Kimura. TOP — SPENS — BLACK HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW— Michelle Thompson, Russell Fox, Sari Steel, Brion Cohen, Cathy Musni, Henry Wong; 2nd ROW — Paula Ow, Alice Chen, Dora de lo Roso, James Byrne, Cindy Servile,. Kathleen Willioms, Terry Woo, Jim Terzion, Mike lc:chi, Simon Hurnphines; 3rd ROW — Lorraine Chun, Kevin Vukson, Edmundo Barrios, Carol Brownstein, Bort Hechtman, Richmond Botirkk, Dove Sokowi, Jeff Pierce; 4th ROW — Mork Pitsenberger, Ron Wong, Kevin Thiele, Damon Moore, Monty Monfore, Janice Oshimiro, Jim Boleix, Jeff Generoo, Art Tanaka. 225 Some Dorm Unit Candids ABOVE — SHORB HOUSE — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Motteo Nona, Sam Young, Daniel Goolvein, Tin, Covington, Andres Adorns, Mott Dunphy; 2nd ROW —Mary Becker, Rosemary Reilly, Elizabeth Harrison, Kate Hill, Pete Mixon, Eric Guenther; 3rd ROW — Mory Finnic, Asho loin, Elena Gallegos, Sylvia OJrletto, Anna Norduzzi, Marisa Tomosi, Dove Torre; 5th ROW — Brion McKeon, Joe Breoll, John Grant, Greg Stephens, Don Louis; NOT PICTURED — Joel Levine, Toni Nicosia, Kevin Rogers, Frances Tsai. Shorb House 227 rI53,31 IN I c a BELOW — MANVILLE HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — Standing — John Loughlin, Joe Feors, Albert Arredono, Robert Frotes, Scott Peterson, Larry Smith; Seated — Joel LiboYe, Greg Gordon, Greg Torlecki, Susan Hous, Julie Wong, Mortin Johnson. I 229 ABOVE — STERN HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Cathy Wore (We President), Janet Stone (Treasurer), Susan Petoletti (Social Choirmon), Cyndi Richardson (President); 2nd ROW — Lynn McLean, Kara Kosken, Vivian Hor, Debbie Kern (Secretary), Laura Menke ' s , Wanda Sirls, Heidi Gyn, Patty Baker, Jennie Kweng, Diem non; 3rd ROW — Porn Morrison, Denise George, Leslie Miller, Mk deVrin, Koren Valentine, Annette Fronks, Anne So, Natalie Maoris, Vivian Anne Yeung, Becky Yang, Amy Gee; 4th ROW — Lon Le, Barbaro Schmidt, Pot Pelzel, Susan Hepp, Liso Beat ley, Jane Basset. Nancy Lubich, Jennifer Yee, SeEno Lee, Lily Tarn, Susan Kwon, Ellen Ng, Kiyoko Tokohoro, Annabelle Votdez, Undo Simon; Sth ROW — Roonne Ross. Kathy Kendall, Meg ' s° Tenney, Shelley Harris (Hall Coordinator), Lynne Tyon (Resident Assistant), Kelly Cord II, Connie deHoon, Koren McGillis, Kirsten Hicks, Cynthia Wiedel, Debbie Bickel!, Patti SonWong, Susan Zweizig, Mary von deGriendt, Akio Racer , kanette Yu, Kathy Thompson; 6 ROW Potty Wholey, Mary Sondovol, Shed Alheim, Nancy Lee (President ' s Council Coordinator), Kim Johnson (Resident Assistant), Gail Groy, Kim Low, Koren Fugate, Anno Meloro, Maureen Ebro, Marilyn Long, Katie Im. 230 731 (N • r A. SI o. tij 4 mete • .4 ts •••-• " 011.• Ii 7 • • ,, Barrington Hall Presented this year for the first time ever in the Blue Gold, the University Students Cooperative Association (USCA) was established os a corporation in 1934. The brainchild of four- teen impoverished Col students early in 1933, the USCA now consists of seventeen units and is the largest student housing co-op in North Americo. Begun with Barrington Hall, the cooperative system was founded on the idea that the students who live and work together love living and working together. As o corporation and democratic organization, the USCA is run and controlled by its members. There is o Board of Direc- tors, elected by members, which makes policy. An all-student hiring commission is responsible for the hiring and firing of the General Manager and Operations Manager; clearly, this re- sponsibility allows them great control over their living situo- tion. There is a Board of Directors through which students can air their opinions and grievances. Also, the USCA President and Vice-President are elected by the Board Directors and serve six month terms, terms which give them time enough to get a feel for their position and its responsibilities. There are various other committees and programs, such as Adcom and Food Service Committee, which give members the opportunity to both be involved and to have their voices heard. The self-governing, independent otmosphere of the cooperative situation is one that more and more students are turning to in the desperate Berkeley housing crunch. Many students still thank those fourteen impoverished Col students of 1933 fora fantastically successful idea. BARRINGTON HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — Is? ROW — Alex Gordon, Lisa Fink Cloud, Gretchen Reich, Mork Edwards, Iris Greenberg, Roxanne Holper, Hoochie Granucci; 2nd Row Dona Treodwell, Laura Games, Mary Morris, Margie Hatton, Neff Breen, Maggie Beckwith, Jennifer Lormons, Koren Weinstein, Rona Smythe, Koren Robertson; 3rd ROW — Lisa Siegal. Halle Bangor, Steve Norger, Arden Cody. Mork Merrifield, Peter Roscoe, Torn Carboikal, Maggie I3eckwich, Steve Gonzales, Lynn Goettinger, LesI e Modden, Trade Lasky, Conte Monks, loyne Overguord; 4th ROW — Renee Okomura, Lawrence Kona, Jill Uyeda, Felix Karim, Sam Quinones, Poul Dottilo, Amy Kent, Chris Vaughn, Brion Groveline, Andrew Brooks, Laura Walker, Lauren, Judy Choi, John Clock, Chod Keller, Vince, Brion, Brad Rubenstein; Sth ROW — Tracy Mks, Scott Edwards, Bob Lacey, Marcel Outlet, Nick Mills, Alex Montenoso, Scott Homren, Joanne lessee, Arno Kurnoyoi. 236 Cloyne Court 237 Ridge Project ABOVE — RIDGE PROJECT — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Abbusoglu Holuk, Koren Isleld, Bob Casty, Nothon Hoover, Peter Kosin, Glen Godwin, Soong Ken Bun, Carole Mozzeo, Anne Hill, Emily Waldron, Eileen Hurley, Debbie Bern, David Crouse, Ken Williams, Tom Groul, Phil Bailin, Albert Lee, Nimesh Shah, Rich Nguyen, Brendo Flynn, Greg CY8yrn, Hugh Merriam, Grace Fleming; 2nd ROW — Steve Vitsky, Avinosh Agrowol, Anita Elks, Evelyn Aguilar, Bessie Lee, Richard Wilcox, David Underwood, Debbie Dunconson, Gory Gill,Igal Megory-Cohen, Mary Cochran, Jim DeFrisco, Gregory Groan, 3rd ROW — Marro Logmon, Judy Jocobson, Torn Groycor, Atomise Um, Monique Albert, Mono Ontiveros, Jacynthio Monroe, Louis Fogliono, Nancy Forbes, Boyd Clark, Debbie Bryson, Agnes Chon, John Ow, Quon Nguyen, 238 Sherman Hall Kingman Hall LEFT — SHERMAN HALL LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW Korey Kroger; 2nd ROW — Soo Kuen Yon, Cathy Lew, Dee Dee Monaghan, Janet Mo, Diana Lowell; 3rd ROW — Sunhe Pork, Minsoon Owi, Lori K. ICON, Ai- leen Arrieto, Erika Frose, Borbi Lemon, Foy Wong, Barbaro Chon; 4th ROW — Massa Bag- ley, Mark Barron, Liz Pearce, Claire Cesearo, Randi Koplon, Kathy Starnes, Liz: Littera!, Down Swanson, Wendy Jocks; NOT PICTURED — Donna Alschuler, Susan Bearden, Wendy Brill, Kelly Calico, Pot Cotolico, Susi Cronston, Petra Fuxjoeger, Ken Conner, John Gunderson, Carol Hock, Susan Harpole, Tina Harrington, Carol Heiman, Beverly Hicks, Goy Kim, lin Soo Kim, David Levin, May Mo, Anne Mestere, Colleen McCrystle, Kris Redeker, Barbaro Rehkulger, Lisa Reilano, Jeff Young. BELOW — KINGMAN HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — In ROW — Marc Lister, Laurel Pre vetti, Henry Ramos, Loni Way, Oove Clementson, Joel Kozarien, Mork Rice; 2nd ROW — Mary Linehom, Leslie Ota, Steve Moss- ier, Kathleen Hull, Zachary Sharp, Catherine Sonones, John Kenney, David Trachtenberg, Bruce Boer, Jim Doherty, Keith Nordmon; 3rd ROW — Syncie Moyer, Caleb Ross, Kathy Filcher, Steve Winslow, Cindy Smith, Dennis Higgins, Jacque Bother, Don Landis, Sara WU- dovsky, Mike Kobori, Eileen Rohlfing; 4th ROW — Eric Rice, Wolter Ronten, Steve Forks, Mike Rondolph, Chris Spouldng, Ruth Harvey, Chris Rokos, Rebecca Sheppard. Russell Wilcox, Jose Compono, on Clinkemoillie, Ellen Johnson. Davis House Ridge House TOP — RIDGE HOUSE — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Neol Lowon, Gregg Koplon, Mike Kigonoto, Sam Doque, John- Louis Pierson, Morozumi Ohkubo, Paris Chen; 2nd ROW — Vosnhiro To- mooko, David Lowell, Scott Roth, Robert Di. gitolo, Brion Steocg, Lyndon Wong, Peter Guen, Pablo Es- perozo, Al De- mee; 3rd ROW Lee Kiley, Homo. Loon Sam, Yong Lee, Erick Cha- ron, John Wood. f ill, Alan Guen, Eric Larson, Brion Anderson, Steve Pesente, Laur- ence Yu, Zip Cot. ter. RIGHT DAVIS HOUSE — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Juke Wil. son, Jon Pritikin, Bob Indig, Henry Williams, Byron Lee, Sophia Smith, Brion Simmons, Paul Condou, Mike Croteou, Greg Blotmon, Greg Syren, Don McColl; 2nd ROW— Sherd Replogle, Ruth Goldenberg, Andre° Hartman, John Wood, Axel Jessen — President 8 Monoger; 3rd ROW— Bob O ' Rourke, Lisa Nogy, Don Eger, Mary Aoki, Renate Hones, Kathy Funk, Kurt Riedel; NOT PICTURED — Kip Culkmore, Kerry Jensen, Alison Kruk, Monte McCrossin, Louro Solzmon, Bill Shiremon, Wayne St. John, Linda Wong, Geordie Zopoloc. 240 Castro Arms Chateau TOP — CASTRO ARMS LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Harry Hortmon, David Joy, Arne Delehunt, Steve Caldwell, Todd Nord- land, Claudio Alexander, Paul Cory; 2nd ROW— Robyn Davidoff, Tommy Gotchell, Chuck Allen, Jim Fulton, Clayton Lee, Eiji Yomosoki, Isidro Mork- nee, Jim Banks, David Huong; 3rd ROW — Milan Kovacevic, Jon Strich, Mitch Rappeport, Anobelle Gar- cia, Marianne Schwerin, Andy Supple; 4th ROW Laura Martin, Christine Hughes, Judy Nikozy, Keith Leisses, Ken Sanders, Cindi Lyon, Tanya Nigh, Pout Backes; 5th ROW Glen Carey, Guest, John McGuire, Steve Beotiroglie, Greg Evans. LEFT — CHATEAU — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Carol Johnson, Julie Norby, Janet Monks, Leslie Clark, Liz Simmons, Mork Roebuck, Scoot Holl, Ginger McClesky, Ken Roberts, Moriso Dykes, Ed Biow, Russell Briggs, Dove To- kofsky, Danny Mock, Curt Denham, Guido Zulgzhe, Marla Fibish, Paul Dutton; 2nd ROW — Chick Maynard, Danny Blois, Janet Head. Carl Livingston. Amy Sokknon, Mike Zobiliski, Marcia Sanders, Shirley May, John McNeil, Alison Reed, Eric Citron, Mike Drennan, Dimitri Wikinson, Wolter Heinecke, Bob Hogg, Ease Hughes. Louise Woo, Anne Konen, Jonathon Cooper, Andy Hiles, Rick Edelsca, Emily Friedmon, Joe Rodriguez, Charles Rand, Mark Mosheim, Mike McCauley; 3rd ROW — Jorge Mostoche, Chuck Yornrone, Colleen Connell, Andrea Irvin, Moureen Roddy, John Groybeol, Jeff Wright, Dionne Bradshaw, Meg Dulaney, Riley Waterhouse, Anthony Maiden. 241 Euclid Hall Kidd Hall ABOVE — KIDD HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT — Peter, Maratha Ow, Myles Reid, Monique Woodson, Linda Yoshikowo, Mock Ronk Gordon Anton, Eric Wilde, Jeff Curtis, Bonnie Smith, Paul Van Zuyle. RIGHT — EUCLID HALL — LEFT TO RIGHT 1st ROW — Lois Lyons, Mary Ann Lynch, May Castro, Honky Frozis, Monique Masse, Joyce Fornilton; 2nd ROW — Kurt Zembsch, Prentiss Williams, Don Hendrix, Meredith Sibley, Darwin Ferror, Johnson Lew, Bob Hawn, Victoria Unman, EM Hanson, Aloft Houswold, Dove Mastoid ' , Porn Teller, Som Chan; 3rd ROW Steve ' leaver, Celia Oakley, Karl Housker; NOT PICTURED — Greg De Mouilly, Melissa Mar- coni, Phil Bailey, Toi Von Nguyen, Somchoz Cholsiripunien, Lowell Boroditch, George Me- ranger. 242 Loth lo Hen Wolf House -.awe s FAR BOTTOM RIGHT — WOLF HOUSE LEFT TO RIGHT — ht ROW — Eloise Co- hen, Ben Cohen, Mio Menzel, Louise Hope, Marion Concur; 2nd ROW —Juanita Smith, Tommie Moon, Eric Zorenski; 3rd ROW Renee Sotelo, Kent Pease, Cathy Pholen, Ton, Elks, Doug Fitzgerald, Chris Schenck, Mott Proetzel. r. sra s 245 Some Co-op Candids . 246 Commuters Do It On The Road 248 `_ � ` I ���13i And The Search For Housing Continues. . 250 raer Aterr° alMOMMMINNO=IM • First Sitting Henry Ackerman Engineering; 8.5. Carlton Aihora Engineering; 8.5. June Albeoini PETS; A.B. Betsy Alden Forestry; B.S. Wendy Alderson Psychology; Ellin Anderson Social Welfare; A.B. Gregory Anderson Medico ' Physics; Tommy Antonucci Biochemistry; Christopher Aronson Geography; A.8 Jim Bobo PETS; A.B lone Saltontine Physiology; A.B. Kathleen GoImes Economics; A.B. Kothryne Bancroft Anthropology; 8.5. Gzelle Barony Physiology; B.S. GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A GRADUATES GRADUATES 254 KothIeen Borberini Business Admin.; 8.5. Bruce Barker Science Society; A.B. Veva Borkowski Sociology; A.B. Mario Boron Engineering; 8.5. Koren 13ouder Anthropology; A.B. Nancy Beorden Art; A.B. Brett Benok Engineering; B.S. Allen Kerrey Forestry; B.S. Mork Biestmon Economics; A.B. Erin Biggs God Biglien lournolism.Germon; A.8. Brenda Siren Economics; A.B. Teresa Bloke Political Science; A.B. Beth BIOcher Moss Communicot:ons; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES A A GRADUATES R A D GRADUATES • 255 Michael Bledns History; A.B. Brian Boatman Engineering; B.A. SoIke Boling Business Admin.; B.S. Michael Bordonoro Dole Raymond Boni, Engineering; B.S. Basil Booths EcomPoliticol Science; A.B. Christopher Boyle Moth; A.B. Neneng Breton Physiology; A.B. Beth Brinkmonn Poli. Sci.if rench; A.B. Lois Broadway Architecture; A.B. Deonn Broglio Economics; A.B. Undo Brooks Polticol Science; A.B. Paul Brosio Biology; A.B. Thereso Bryon Poiticol Science; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES D R D A I A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES 256 Nancy Bublitz Psychology; A.B. Buckingham Economics; A.B. Gerold Burchord Randal Burks PEIS; Myron Burr Mech. Engineering; B.S. William Burrell Economics; Eric Punt Mech. Engineering; B.S. Jennifer Buttimer Accountirg; B.S. Michael Cobonotuon Journalism; A.B. Mork Campbell Business Admin.; B.S. Tomes Conepo Accounting; B.S. Robert Conti Finance;Marketing; B.S. Susan Carson Political Science; A.B. B an Chon SECS; B.S. GRADUATES J GRADUATES R D R A A A D R D GRADUATES GRADUATES 257 Donald° Cohng Latin Americana; A.B. Phillip Chavez Accounting; B.S. God Chestnut Psychology; A.B. Diana Chewy Chemical Engineering; B.S. Dovid Chiang Biochemistry; A.B. James Chiang SECS; Michael Chinn PETS; Jason Christian PETS; A B John Chtistion Poktical Science; A.B. Gillian Clark Art History; A.B. Kathleen Clifford Social Welfare; A.B. Carolyn Cornelia Donold Conant Econ.History; A.B. Kristine Cauvery History; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES D R D A A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES 2.58 ■ GRADUATES 1 GRADUATES A A A GRADUATES GRADUATES Laura Cornell Social Science: A.B. Debbie Cornfield Business Admin.; B.S. Pouf Coupin Business; B.S. Crndy Coughlin Finonce:Morketing; B.S. Michael Coughlin Accounting; B.S. Joanne Coyne Psychology; A.B. Robert Critchlow Political Science; A.B. Ann Conninghorn PSIS: A.B. Nancy Currier French; A.B. Christine Domele Business Admin.; B.S. Janet Davy Art History; A.B. Dion° Daymond Psychology; A.B. Louro Deck Social Science; A.B. Anthony de Guzman Anthropology; A.S. 259 GRADUATES D A GRADUATES A A Anne Delehunt Clara Delgado Social Science; A.B. Mia Vries Physiology; A.B. Undo Dezzan. Physical Educotion; Vicente Diox-Rui EECS ' MSE; B.S. Deborah Di Nordo Psychology; A.8. WINom Doherty Jonathon Dorsey European History; B.A. Anne Drozdiok Poetical Science; A.B. Jedo Dunces PEIS; A.B. Christion Dunk PEIS; Rosemary Dunn French; A.B. Diana Duronceou An Design, A.B. Duthie Shona., Accounting; B.S. GRADUATES GRADUATES Forshid Ebrohimi.Ghojor Engineering; B.S. Dane Elder Anthropology; A.B. Doryn Eller English; 4.8. lane Elliot Accounting; B.S. Donna Ellis meorbtology; A.8. Charlene Emmrich Phys. Ed. Psychology; A.S. Francis Engs Social Science; A.B. Cynthia Estrodo Dramatic Arts; A.B. Samuel Estrodo Dramatic Artstonee; Kenneth Ettinger Mech. Engineering; B.S. Janet Evons Political Science; A.B. Michelle Evolo Dramatic Art Dance; At. Bret Folk Engineering; B.S. Mork Feldman Sociology; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES R is Ci GRADUATES GRADUATES 261 Shirley Fickett Applied Moth; A.B. Modo File Appied Moth; A.B. Finley Psychology; A.B. Robert Finley Business Admin.; B.S. Enrico Fiocenzo Mech. Engineering; 8.5. Kathleen Fitzpotrick Political Science; A.B. Wendy Flagg Business Admin.; B.S. lone Fliesbach History; A.B. Tracey Finn Business Admin.; B.S. Arthur Fong Microbiology; A.8. Vincent Fronceschi Civil Engineering; B.S. Mork Freitos Cyril Engineering; B.S. Bill Fridl Clifford Fried Economies; 8.5 GRADUATES -_ - ' N GRADUATES cifst, D R A A Da A RM GRADUATES GRADUATES • 262 GRADUATES GRADUATES Lori Friedman Mitchell Friedman Accounting; B.S. Janice Fugler English; A.B. Kevin Furlong Political Science; A.B. Christine Furnos English; A.B. Debro Goetke PEIS Poli. Sd; A.B. Susan Go!bid° Civil Engineering; B.S. Beth Galvin Zoology; A.B. Sharon Garnko Women Studies; A.B. Dona Garrick English; A.B. Jane Gonelo Business Admin.; B.S. Woyne Gee Accounting; B.S. Laurent Ghorda Computer Science; A.B. Janice GIlies Anthropology; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A 263 Laura Ginsberg landscape Architechture; A.B. Katherine Glofkides Business Admin.; B.S. Kirk Goddard Ookticol Science; A.B. Brod Go1st 4n History; A.B. Michael Gorses Natural Resources; B.S. Christine Goodrich Anthropology; A.B. Beth Gorman Journolism; A.B. Helen Angelo Grocios FinancerAccting; B.S. Jeannie Graham Moss Communications; A.B. Kathy Grant MorketingrAccting.; Shirley Groppone Anthropology; A.B. Thomas Groul Architecture; A.B. Judith Greenwood Social Welfare; A.B. 4 -- GRADUATES A A GRADUATES Ash D 41 AR D R • D GRADUATES GRADUATES 264 GRADUATES GRADUATES R D R A A D R aD GRADUATES GRADUATES George Grego Economics; A.B. Mitchell Gronner Psychology; A.B. Howard Grossman Business Admin.; B.S. Kristen Gudjohnsen Physical Educotion; A.B. Suzonne Gunderson Political Science; A.B. Mary Hancock Anthropology; B.S. Jon Horoder Economics; A.B. Philip Harrington Civil Engineering; B.S. Joseph Hawkins English; A.B. Catherine Hermes Economics; B.A. Kimberly Hazel History; A.B. Stephen Heod Computer Science; A.B. Patrick Healy Mech. Engineering; B.S. Connie Hein Food Science; B.S. 265 GRADUATES GRADUATES __ R D A , A A R t-D R GRADUATES GRADUATES Jody Hensel Physiology; A.B. Amy Herberholr Moss Communications; A.B. Stephanie Herlihy Physical Education; A.B. Julio Hernondez EnvirOnffient01 Design; A B. Jocelynn Herrick Environmental Design; A.B. Loretto Hess English; A.B. Lo Vonne Hkkerson Afro-American Studies; A.B. Cheryl Hills Rhetoric; A.B. John Hills Architecture; A.B. Steven Hinds PENR; A.B. Gregory Hoff Business Admin.; B.S. George HoHmon S.E. Asian Studies; A.B. D. Hoffman Claire Hoglond 266 Rebecca Holmes History; Gale Horn REIS; A.B. Marsha Honda Business B.S. Trisha Hoyle Psychology; A.B. lames Hudson Environmental Studies; A B Goy Huffman Social Science; A B Rosalind Hunt French; A.B. Julie Hyde Marketing; B.S. Asek ‘ , - i r -_r_ C ..--_, ,o; -,,,, GRADUATES ' GRADUATES R A..-• aD R ' ' D GRADUATES GRADUATES Martin Hyland Chemical Engineering; B.S. Cathy lnnes IEOR; 8.5. Donna Jong Business Admin Kenton king IEOR, B.S. Donald fanner Cell Biology; B.S. Justin Jelin Business Admin.; B.S. 267 Bert Jensen Mech. Engineering; 8.5. Stephanie kung Environmental Studies; A.B. Madeline Joe Psychology; A.B. Kurt Johnson Accting Finance; B.S. Steven EEC; B.S. Troi Jones Linguistics; A.B. Alma Kohon Nutrition; B.S. Dougtos Kohn Zootogy; GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A GRADUATES GRADUATES Catherine Kam Social Welfare; A.B. Neil Kotsuro Physiology; A.B. Kerry Keoch History; A.B. David Keeling Mech. Engineering; B.S. Gordon Keh 8.S. Kathleen Kelly French History; A.8. 268 Andrew Ketchom PoItical Science; A.B. Curt Kidder Political Science; A.B. Poul Kilkon History.Rhetotic; A.G. Douglas King Physical Education; A.B. Ronald Kleinman Optometry; Jeffrey Mimes Psychology; A.8. Paige Kioski Dramatic Art.Donce; A.B. Steven Klukkert Cons. Natural Resources; ELS. Douglas Kniveton History; A.B. Catherine Kozlowski Civil Engineering; B.S. Andrew Kramer Eleanor Krouse Engish ournolism; A.B. Susan Krouss Political Science; A.B. Daniel Krebs Political Science; GRADUATES R D A A A D R D GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES 249 Koren Kristovich Marketing; B.S. Robert Kubick EECS; B.S. Kelly Kwan Architecture; A.B. Greg Logorio Marketing!Finance; 8.5. Jeff Loyd Admin.; B.S. Suzanne LaTonne Italian; A.B. Mary Longo French; A.B. Lawrence Lapides Physics; A.B. Stephen Lau EECS; B.S. Eleverte Lox Linguistics; A.B. Daniel Leal Finance; B.S. Diane LeBeoul Social Welfare; A.B. Anna Lee Sociology; A.B. David Lee Political Science; A.B. A - GRADUATES GRADUATES D R D A A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES 270 Nancy Lee Business Admin.; B.S. Scene Lee MothCcenp. Sci.; A.B. William Levin Gory Levinson Political Science; A.R. Virginia law PsychologySoc. Welfare; A.B. Mark Lewin Physiology; A.B. Mary Lightner Forestry; B.S. James Linoberry Industrial Engineering; B.S. John Lofoten Chemical Engineering; 8.5. Jane Langan French; A.B. Kristen Lan° English; A.B. Susan Lopez Psychology; A.B. Randall Low Koren Lowe Biochemistry; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A DR GRADUATES GRADUATES 271 George Luchs PEIS; A.B. Christine Lum AcctinglMorketing; B.S. Richard Lundquist Architecture; A.B. Bruce Mocoloney Engineering; 8.5. Judy Mocouloy Business Admin.; Patti Moehono Psychology:. Paul Magruder Medical Physics; Mary Maher Civil Engineering; Connie Mohler Physical Education; A.B. Andy Moimont Psychology; A.B. Michael Moloney Acctingfinancei B.B. Paul Manca Economics; A.B. William Manning Michelle Morchont Social Science; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A R D EZA GRADUATES GRADUATES 272 Elaine Moriolle Tracy Martin English; A.B. Verne Monin History; A.B. TroCY Mathews Economics; AB. Kimberly Matson Politics Society; A.B. Denise Motsuboro Pest Monogernent B.S. Jonathon Moy Computer Science; A.B. Suson McComorti Economics; A.B. Janet McCormick Political Science; A.B. Thomas McCormick Political Economy; A.B. Mary McCoy Accounting; B.S. Thomas McDaniel Mech. Engineering; B.S. Carol McKnight Marketing; B.S. Mary McMahon Political Science; A.B. GRADUATES D A A D R GRADUATES GRADUATES A D GRADUATES 273 274 Bilge McLellan PEIS; A.B. Steven M elEnger Mech. Engineering; 8.5. Sharon Mellon Medical Physics; A.B. Mork Mendenhall Physics; A.R. Lisa Meyerhot Physical Education; A.B. Carol Maylon Poll. Sci.IFrench; A.B. Stacey Mickel! Architecturedourn.; A.B. Cameron Miller History An; A.8 Joseph Miller Physical Science; B.S. Mark Miller Psychology; A.B. Nancy Miller Physical Education; A.B. Robert Monk Gal Engineering; B.S. Lisa Moore Italian; A.B. Elsa Morales An.hitecture; A.8. GRADUATES GRADUATES D R A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES Brenda Moran Social Science; A.B. James Morris PEIS; A.B. Molly Morris Jared Morse Engineering; B.S. David Mostar( ' Zoology; A.B. Kathryn Mowry Economics; A.B. Kimberly Mowry Biochemistry; A.B. Shigent Murolcoshi Economics; A.B. Elizabeth Murray Communications; A.B. John Musni History; A.B. Anna Norduzzi Computer Science; A.B. Barry Neal Business Administration; B.S. Michael Neory Civil Engineering; B.S. Michael Neiman Economics; A.B. GRADUATES A A A GRADUATES GRADUATES 275 Wanda Newbreost Physical Education; A.B. Ton Nguyen Political Science; A.B. Vu EE Michael Niccum Civil Engineering; B.S. Richard Nichelmon Social Science; A.B. Frances Nicholson Ninoh Nock Dramatic Art; A.B. Edward Fronk Nuccio Physiology; A.B. Craig Oakley Moth; A.B. Mary O ' Brien Child Development; A.B. Leo O ' Farrell Sociology; A.B. Rebecca Oliver Dietetics; B.S. Reiko Oshimo Psychologylocial Welfare; A.B. Helen Otto English; A.B. GRADUATES w GRADUATES A A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES 276 Katherine Porker Valentine Patina Physiology; A.B. Wendy Peck History;Art History; A.B. Williom Perish Politico ' Science; A.B. GRADUATES D R A A A D R D GRADUATES GRADUATES Lauren Polkas Marketing; B.S. Robin Phipps Physiology; A.B. Anthony Political Science; A.B. Michoel Pcmorski Political Science; A.B. I Robert Pond Zoology; A.B. Andrew Porot Athon Poulos Economics; A.B. Laura Pressler Physical Education; A.B. Steven Puccinelli AcctinglFinance; B.S. Hermit Puggy Microbiology; A.B. 277 Diane Radcliffe Geography; A.B. David Rolf le Biophysics; A.8. Suson Randall Economics; A.B. Raymond Raskop Biotogicol Science; A.B. Julio Raymond Italian; A.B. Susan Roynes History; A.B. Carol Redden EECS; B.S. Agnes Redei Accting ' Finonce; B.S. Debbie Rego Marketing; B.S. Julie RenoIds English; A.8. Scott Reynolds Economics; A.8. Cynthia Richordson Business Admin.; 8.S. Doretho Robinson HeoIth and Meek Science; 85. Peggy Robinson Environmental Studies; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES R D R A A A GRADUATES GRADUATES 278 GRADUATES GRADUATES Peter Rocco Physical Education; B.S. Aliso Rogers Social Welfare; A.B. Anne Rogers English; A.B. Daniel Rogers EECS; B.S. Dense Rowell PETS; A.B. omit RoivIond Economics; A.B. Laura Rubin Psychology; A.B. Dandle Rugoord An; A.B. Cynthia Ruggeiro Biological Science; A.B. Ebro Ruiz Accounting; B.S. Linda Sono Biochemistry; A.S. Lori Santos HistorytPoliticol Science; A.B. Vivian Sounders SANS; B.S. Anne Sconlon English; A.B. GRADUATES A GRADUATES A A 279 Jeffrey Schaffer Stephen Schoer Engksh; A.B. Dono Schkenger Journoko ' ; Daniel Schnieder AccountingrEinonce; B.S. Leonoro Sea Physical Science; A.B. Armen Sedrokion Stotistics; A.B. Viyo Sehgol Psychology;Zoology; A.B. Rani Seidman Social Science; A.B. Barbara Selboch Business Admin.; B.S. Somali Sen Business Admin.; B.S. David Shover Political Science; A.B. Gory Skew Psychology; Phillip Shinn English; A.B. Mitchell Shulkin Moth; A.B. GRADUATES D A R GRADUATES A A D R GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES A D R D GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES A A Kothi Sims Physiology; A.B. William Simmons Political Science; A.B. Paul Sinosohn Physical Geography; A.B. Robyn Skilfington Business Admin.Acctirg ; B.S. Joyce Slaughter Political Science; A.B. Kathleen Slevin Political Science; A.B. Charles Slayer Engish; A.S. Casey Smart Social Welfare; Joni,. Smith AcctincyMorketing; A.B. Susan Smith Marketing; B.S. Mory Ann Soden Political Science; A.B. Tunny Soesanto Chemical Engineering; B.S. Michael Spears AcctingTinonce; B.S. Christina Spitzer History; A.B. 281 GRADUATES GRADUATES D R D A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES Any Spoor EngSsh; A.B. Peter Stolun Economics; A.B. Steven Stanton Moth(Physics; A.B. Virginia Stork Chemical Engineering; EI.S. Cheryl Stein Physiology; A.B. Aliz Stewart Comparative Literature; A.R. Otis Stillwell Sociology; A.B. Janet Stile Slavic Languages Lit.; A.B. Scott Stine English; A.B. Russel Stolins Anthropology; A.B. Debra Stone Applied Econ. Finance; B.S. J. Todd Stone PETS; A.B. Morena Soot ' s-Orozco Psychology; A.B. Michael Summon 282 GRADUATES W GRADUATES R D R A A i A D R D GRADUATES GRADUATES Tjet Sun Physics;Moth; A.8. Twon Sun Moth.Physics; A.B. lchny Suriona Mechanical Engineering; B.S. Kevin Sweeney Political Science; Alan Swimmer PEIS; Doniel Tochiero PEIS; A.B. Ching Tang Ida Tate IEOR; B.S. Emily Taylor Social Res. Management; B.S. Elaine Teng Business Admin.; 8.S. Barbaro Tengen Political Science; A.B. Joseph Teresi Civil Engineering; B.S. Carrie PEIS; A.B. Mork Thomos Mechanical Engineering; B.S. 283 Debra Tognetti Accounting; B.S. Kelli Tannest, Moss Communications; A.B. Monico Towers Sociol We!fore; A.B. Stephen Towle PEIS; A.B. Steven Tucker Linguistics; A.B. Nome Tully History; A.B. Poul Volvo Economics; A.B. Wendy Von Houten Soil Resource Management; B.S. Mike Vontochem PEIS; A.B. Lorry Vorellos AcctingTinonce: B.S. Hermits:a % Mono Economics; A.B. Clifford Waldeck Moss Communications; A.B. Fran Wonder Economics; A.B. Tat Wekh Environmental Planning; B.S. GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES A GRADUATES A A 284 GRADUATES GRADUATES D R A A 4 Pe.— A D R-a- D GRADUATES GRADUATES moggie Wells Geography; A.B. Philip Welsh Political Science; A.B. Karen West Accfing ' FinonCe; Jonathon Whitcraff Economics; A.B. Mory Whim Social Welfare; A 8- James Wickware History; A.B. Henry Williams Economics; A.B. Pamela Williams History; A.8. Robert Williams Geology; Cathy Wilson English; A.B. Kimberly Wilson Moss CommunkatiOns: None), WthSek Anthropology; A.8. Charles Winpard Accounting; 8.5. Elizabeth Wogen SECS; B.S. 285 286 Edward Wong Engr. MotIvMoth Statistics; B.S. Julie Wong Art; A.B. Loso Wong Accounting; B.S. James Wraith Penr; B.S. Wayne Wu Architecture; A.B. Janis Yip Art; A.B. Pamela Yoshido Architecture; A.B. George Young Medical Physics; A.B. Venetio Young Social Welfare; A.B. Linda Youngbkxd Psychology; A.B. Jackson Yuen Business Admin.; B.S. Leighton Yuen Business Admin.; B.S. Rosa Yuen Business Admin.; 8.5. Brian Zailian French; A.B. tAi GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A GRADUATES GRADUATES Second Sitting Mary E. Aarts Nutrition; 8.5. Robert W. Albo Roy W. Allen Economics; A.B. Cherri N. Allison Moss Communications; B.A. Louro T. Alvarez Ch ernkol Engineering; 8.5. Chintono Anontvilokit Leslie L Anderson Physical Education; A.B. Annette Yvonne Arredondo Psych:Social Wolfort; A.B. Eileen L. Ash Architecture; A.B. Mohomod Atith Civil Engineering; 8.5. Joyce Aung Business Admin.; 8.5. Mork E. Ausen Morgaret C. Backer Economics; B.A. Howard 8oizer Psychology; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES R DR A A i-L A D R D GRADUATES GRADUATES 787 Terry A. Barnes Antonio Bomhort Augustine Bou Peter Lee Bourn EELS; 8.5. Thomas to 8eckmonn EELS; B.S. Lisa Bedell Applied Moth; B.S. Ernest H. Beernink Computer Science; B.A. Valerie L. Behrendt PoElko! Science; B.A. Glenn M. Be!Westin° Moth; 8.A. Jay Edward Eknotor Economics; B.S. Craig Alan Biehl Economics; B.S. David A. Sisson Jr. Business Admin.; B.S. Brenda M. 8lordony Microbiology; B.S. Ann N. Wick Social Welfare; B.A. GRADUATES GRADUATES D ' , R D A A A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES 288 Lorry Back Political Science; 8.A Bloke R. Brehl Industrial Engineering and Operations Research; B.S. Leslie Loniloui Brown Sociology; A.B. Reis B. Browned Penelope S. Burt AcctgiMorketing; B.S. Julie K. Byerlein Business Admin.; B.S. Toro Michele Cohn Elizabeth A. Coin Acctgifinonce; B.S. V hoe ' D. Corson Zoology; A.B. Jon Costignoni PETS: B.A. Donna L. Castillo Psychology; 8.A. Richard P. Cerri Anna W. Chan EECS; S. Edward Chan Chemical Engineering; 8.5. GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A GRADUATES GRADUATES 289 Emily S. Chon Kom.Hung than Civil Engineering; B.S. Kit Yuk Chao Civil Engineering; B.S. %tricks Chon Nutrition; B.S. Ricky Chan Bacteriology; A.B. Meths Chandler Architecture; A.B. Potricio Koori Char Art History; A.B. Robert J. Chattel Jill L. Chiechi Art History; Al. June N. Chin Asian American Studies; A.B. Mary Chin Accounting; B.S. Deborah Jean Chinn Economics; A.B. Andrew Chu Architecture; A.B. Anita Chiu Architecture; A.B. GRADUATESGRADUATES D R D A A R D GRADUATES A R GRADUATES 290 Carol Christiansen PEIS; A.B. Dono J. Chu Sociology; A.B. John K. Chu Terence Chui Computer Science; A.B. Brion W. Chun Biochemistry; A.B. Eric K. Chung Civil Engineering; B.S. Benjamin G. Cohen Carol A. Colwell Chemical Engineering; B.S. David Commins Economics; A.B. Michelle Cornejo loses Cortopossi Computer Science; A.B. Cathleen Coulmon Robert Cowden Georgrophy; A.B. Leslie Crowell Political Science; A.B. . GRADUATES I GRADUATES A A I , A D t0 , R ' D R ' ' D GRADUATES GRADUATES 291 Catherine Cunha Physical Education; A.B. C. Cutter History; A.B. Tomro Doney Psychology; A.B. krone Do Silva Sociol Welfare; A.B. J. Davoren Eloise Deane History; A.B. Koren Declue Geography; A.B. Molly Delehonty French; A.B Madeline Dennison Political Science; A.B. Elizobeth Derdivonis Moss Communications; A B Mike Dicke Business Admin.; B.S Fronk Dielderich Arden Dingle Psych:History; A.8 Russell Doe GRADUATES a GRADUATES D R D A ee A A R , D R GRADUATES GRADUATES 292 A A A ‘D R GRADUATES GRADUATES Donny Fong Economics; A.B. Dorrin Fleming Medico! Physics; A.B. Susan Flogeollet Political Science:A.B. Nancy Evans Finance; B.S. Alan Eto Economics; A.B. Dorene Emmrich Environ. Studies; A.B. Andres Eichhom Economics; A.B. Phyllis Dyer Social Welfare; A.B. L. Durham Indonesian Studies; A.B. Kathleen Dunn History of Art; A.B. Christopher Dunn Economies; A.B. Jean-Pierre Duguoy Physical Education; A.B. Lee Dresser Physiology; A.B. Andrew Dombro GRADUATES GRADUATES 293 Johnson Fong Accounting; ELS Robert cores Politicol Science; A.8. (None Foug Brod Francis Physiology; A.B. Randy Friedman Mech. Engineering; B.S. Ake Fu Computer Science; A.8. Michele Rifkin PBS; A.B. George Mechonicol Engineering; B.S. Patrick Gobnell. English; Linda Gee Biology; A.B. Todd Gelford Lorraine Gock Emily Gold History; A.B. Bonnie Gong Biochemistry; A.B. • GRADUATES GRADUATES A ► A A GRADUATES GRADUATES 294 Jose Gonzalez-Soto EEGS; B.S. John Colin PETS; A.B. Jeannie Graham Moss Communications; A.B. Mork Greene Finonce ' Econornics; B.S. Joseph Gregor Chemical Engineering; B.S. Robert Groberean Political Science; A.B. Barbaro Gurley Economics; A.B. Sue Haber Political Science; A.B. Kristin Horn A.S. Reuben Hole William Hommerson Civil Engineering; B.S. Donald Honna EconomicvSponish; A.B. Gory Hanson Arch. Engineering; A.B. Kathy Hornell Political Science; A.8. GRADUATES GRADUATES ? R D R , A E 6 R A D GRADUATES GRADUATES 295 GRADUATES GRADUATES AA A GRADUATES GRADUATES Gerald Hoshimoto Lenore Hata Clinical Dietetics; B S Cynthia Hous Joel Housman History; A.B. Sikandor HoYol Civil Engineering; ELS. Cynthia Hayes Physiology; 8 S Mary Anne Healy Anthropology; A B Shelley Sociology;Soeiol Welfare; A B Fronk Helm Biophysics; A.B. Karen Henderson Social Science:Moss Media; A.B. James Everett Hendry Poiticol Science Economics; Nancy Hernondez Peter klerzstein HistorrSociology; A.B. Susan Hewett Psychology; A.B. 296 GRADUATESGRADUATESR R D A A A D R D GRADUATES GRADUATES Phillip Hill EECS; Juliano Ho AcctgiFinonce; B.S. Stephan Ho EECS; 8.5. Dcvglos Hornet Business Admin.; B.S. Bradford Howard Carol Physical Education; A.B. Ripley Hunter Bacteriology; 8.5. Carol Ikemiyo Nutriticatlinical Dietetics; B.S. Cathy !Imes IEOR; B.S. Morybeth Irwin Economics; A.B. Patricia Jackson Social Welfare; A.B. Peter Jackson History; A2. Joni Jacobson Architecture; A.B. Paul Jaguo Bioengineering; B.S. 297 Ledo Jilts Drornotic Arts; A.8. Irene Jo Aision American Sisk:Fres; A.B. Kristen Johnson Marketing; B.S. Helen low Biochemistry; A.B. Janice Kageto French; A.B. Liza Karsten Thomas Korsten Coral Kosparion Anthropology; Michael Kasso Jerry Katz Business Admin.; A.B. Safi Keller Business Admin.; 8.5 Jurkid Khon Mech. Engineering; 8.S. Lawrence Knot Christine Kim Psychology; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES D R D A r A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES 298 Hyuniko Kim Biophysks; A.8. Thong Kin Electronics; B.S. Cameron Kimbrough Elect. Engineering; B.S. Joon Klein Computer Science; A.B. Robert Kosberg Moss Communications; A.B. Dionne Kramer Architecture; B.S. William Krill Civil Engineering; B.S. Brod Krouskup Geography; B.S. Sokuro Kuo Biochemistry; A.B. Munnow Kwong Architecture; A.B. Renee LoBron Economics; A.B. Jesus Locebol Architecture; A.B. Nancy Luckey English; A.B. Cheung-Ching Lom Chem. Engineering; BS. GRADUATES GRADUATES IL iA A D , . A R AA; R D GRADUATES GRADUATES 299 GRADUATES A A D R GRADUATES GRADUATES D A R GRADUATES Pamela Longsom Social Welfare; A.B. Liso Lorson Microbiology; A.B. Cheung-Chim Lou Civil Engineering; B.S. Sarah Lower PEIS; Christopher Lee Chemical Engineering; B.S. Cynthia Lee Chemistry; as. Kathleen Lee Sociol Welfare; Margarita Lee Psych..Sociol Welfare; AM Susanne Lee Asian Studies; A.B. Theresa Lee Sociol Welfare; A.B. Linda Lershmon English; A.B. Paul Leung Business Admin.; B.S. Tony Leung Doug Levinson English:Psychology; A.B. 300 ' t It GRADUATES R D A A D R GRADUATES GRADUATES A D GRADUATES Kwongho Li Civil Engineering: B.S. Mork Li Accounting; B.S. Christine Lin Acctg.linance; A.B. Poul Lindsey Mechanical Engineering; B.S. Peter Linfoot Morine Biology; A.B. Kwok-Wing to EECS; Robert Locke Economics; A.B. William Logan Political Science:Economics; A.B. Anna Lou Architecture; A.B. Kenneth Love EECS; B.S. lanes Lucey Jessica Ludwig Thomas Lufkin Biology; A.B. John Lum EECS; M.S. 301 302 Michoel Lyon Business Admin.; 8.5. Mogdolene Mo Nutrition; B.S. Manuel Mochodo Civil Engineering; B.S. Marcia Modrigol Nutrition; 6.5. Ghohremon Moholotinio Civil Material Science; B.S. Pamela Monn History; A.B. Trudy Martin Political Science; A.B. Morin Angeles Martinez Methonieol Engineering: B.S. David Mosson Anne Miner° Accounting; B.S. Scott Matson Accounting; 8.5. Loughlin McCullough Chemistry; B.S. Mary McGrath English; A.B. Terrance McGrath Economics; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES D R D A ► A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES Ellen McKissock Pokticol Science. ' Journalism, A.B. Donald McMockin Statistics; A.B. Jeff McNeor Comporotive Literature; A.B. Holly Melton English; Al. Lori Menochof History; A.B. Michael Menochof George Mercier Dramatic Art; A.B. Peter Mkhoelidts History; A.B. Cheryl Michaels Marketing; B.S. David Mikelson lose Miranda Seth Mitchner CNR; B.S. Megan Moody History; A.B. Stephen Moran CNR; B.S. GRADUATES GRADUATES R. D ( A. A -, aD R D GRADUATES GRADUATES 303 Heather Morgan Psychology; A.B. Timothy Moriarty PEIS; Forel Mortensen English; A.8 Courtney Moulds Biology; A.B. Elizabeth Mould PEIS; Cynthia May Psychology; A.B. Mary May Dietetics; B.S. Keith Murray Economics; A.B. Marlin Murray Civil Engineering; B.S. Patrick Murray Architecture; A.B. Carolyn Murry CNR; B.S. Koren Nonce Rhetoric; A.B. Alice Ng Oriental Languages; A.B. Keith Novotny EECS; GRADUATESt GRADUATES A A R D GRADUATES GRADUATES 304 i GRADUATES AlILt GRADUATES R D R A A A D R D GRADUATES GRADUATES Koren Oos Geogrophy; A.B. Nicole Obuholf Social Welfare; A.B. Ellen O ' Connor Physicol Education; A.B. Celine O ' Grody Siobhon O ' Hara Finonce " Acctg.; B.S. Karl Olson English; A.B. Margaret EYNeol Art History; A.B. Dona O ' Neil Economics; A.B. Paltrier Orol Psychology; A.B. David Orboch David O ' Rear Poitkol Science; A.B. Brion O ' Toole PETS; BS. Shon Oloolestein Political Science; A.B. Gory Ozoki Bacteriology; A.B. 305 GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES °stung Wei Pang Civil Engineering; B.S. Tom Pontozis Architecture; A.B. David Ponush Pokticol Science; A.R. Rocco Popole History: A.B. Dance Rams English; A.B. Lawrence Porker Mechanical Engineering; B.S. Thomas Porker Business Admin.; B.S. David Parks Architecture; A.B. Koren Parrish English; A.B. Anne Patterson Grayden Pennell Mechanical Engineering; B.S. Jeanne Peters Physical Education; A.B. Susan Peterson John Peterson Civil Engineering; B.S. Aeon Pichotto English; A.B. Mork Plonk Forestry; B.S. Melissa Pontius Civil Engineering; B.S. Janet Ponmon Art History; A.B. Keely Postmo PEIS; A.B. Ajoy Prokosh Civil Engineering; B.S. David Prend Civil Engineering; BS. Bradford Prescott Biophysics; A.B. Toni Prezont Genetics; A.B. Randy Proctor PEIS; A.B. John Psathos PEIS; A.B. Doris Pon Computer Science; A.B. Michael Romil Development Studies; A.B. Kathleen Rovono Biochemistry; A.B. GRADUATES GRADUATES e R A A A ■ GRADUATES GRADUATES 307 Kris Redeker French; A.8. Koren Reid Sharon Reid Physicol Educotion; A.B. Lynn Reiter Psychology; Richard Renslo Biophysics; A.B. William Revels EECS; 8.5 Ronald Rhodes Mime Riker Political Science; Rival Roboncho, Jr. Sociology; A.B. Alyson Roby Physiology; A.B. David Rodriguez Psychology; A.B. Mork Roebuck Chemical Engineering; B.S. Thomas Rose Economics; A.B. Hollen Rosner GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A R D R GRADUATES GRADUATES 308 GRADUATES GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A D R D GRADUATES Glen Roycrofi Civil Engineering; B.S. William Rundle English; A.B. Steve Rusch Civil Engineering; B.S. Ronold Ruttenberg Acctollinonce;13S. Joyce Sokomoto Anthropology; A.B. Donna Saks History; A.B. Patricia Solcido Political Science; A.B. Lindley Sole PENR; B.S. Gregory Sasaki Physics; A.B. Dole Schmidt Jeffrey Schoenfeld Economics; A.B. David Schreibman Math; A.B. Kurt Schroeder Biology; B.S. Timothy Sechrist Political Economics; A.B. 309 Cherie Se mons GeogrophyeAnthropokvy; A.B. Bernodette Seyboldt Social We!tore:Political Science; A.B. Thomas Shaffer Chemicol Engineering; B.S. Dana Show English; A.B. Deanna Shea Art; A.B. Rovinder Shergill Electricol Engineering; B.S. Mary Shih Thomas Shoff Ecology; A.B. 1. REIS; A.B. Robert Shoots COP Silberman Film; A.B. Edward Silver Civil Engineering; B.S. Whitney Skolo EcononicsiPoiticol Science; A.B. Kevin Smith Chemical Engineering; B.S. GRADUATES GRADUATES A A A ' 7416 GRADUATES GRADUATES 310 Reto Tuffli Economics; A.B. Cheryl Tyler Social Welfare; A.B. Undo Volentk No o Vidocil Political Science; A.B. Eric vonGeldeon Tali °stump Woi Computer Science; A.B. Barbaro Walsh Psychology; A.B. Albert Wong Edward Wong Chemical Engieering; B.S. Marcy Worheit Donna Wotonobe Oriental Languages; A.B. Scott Weinberg Physiology; B.S. GRADUATES A Cavan Weisenburg History; A.B. Neil Wertlieb Management Science; B.S. Gregory White EECS; B.S. Howard White Computer Science; A.S. sly GRADUATES A A D R R GRADUATES GRADUATES 313 Lori White Psych. English; Robin Whitmon English; Brice Wightmon Polka! Science; David Wiley PoSaco! Science; Mork Windham Political Science; A.B. Neil Wirth MothGeogrophy; A.B. Amy Wohl D.L.; A.B. Peter Wolf AngeSno Wong Rhetoric; Bettina Wong Microbiology; A.B. Curtis Wong EECS; B.S. Duane Wong Business Admin.; B.S. GRADUATES GRADUATES R D R A A A D R—a.....baD GRADUATE S GRADUATES Henry Business Admin.; Shelly Wong Social Welf. Orientol Long.; AM Wendy Wong Elect. Engineering; 8.S Jon Wright Nutrition; 314 Regina Wurst Mineral Engineering; B.S. Jane Yong Phillip Yong Architecture; A.B. Gorty Yee Electrical Engineering; B.S. Mario Yee EECS; B.S. Alan Young Chemical Engineering; B.S. Randall Yip Journalism: Political Science; A.B. YouLeung Yiu Computer Science! Applied Moth; A.B. Judith Young Social WeHare; A.B. Andrew Yu Civil Engineering; 8.5. Henry Yu AccigiFinance; U.S. Koren Yu Microbiology; At. GRADUATES GRADUATES D R D A A GRADUATES Michael Yu PEIS; A.B. Peon° Zeloyo Industriol Engineering; 8.5. Eden Zigrrion English; A.B. Julie Zoelling Finance; U.S. A R GRADUATES 315 316 The Blue Gold Captures Moments . . . 317 The Blue Gold Spies Talents . • • I I 318 The Blue Gold Photographs People 320 ] 1 The Blue Gold As I sit before this all-too-familiar typewriter, I find myself wondering how I come to get involved in this completely insane whirl some call " Putting o yearbook together. " I vaguely, through my current haze of exhaustion, recoil eying the posi- tion os a freshMon and wondering enviously about the joy and obvious glamour of the post of " Editor-in-chief. " At this mo- ment, os o sophomore, I have that position and wonder envi. ously about the joy and obvious calm of being simply a normal student. I find myself pondering what it would be like to go to a campus event and not have to check in every corner to make sure we have o photographer there (or knowing that we don ' t and feeling incredibly guilty all the way through the event). But wait, before I make it sound as though I regret having token the job, let me soy that I don ' t. I love the work, love the excitement, and would never replace some of the moments my stuff and I hove hod together. When I put out o call, of the start of the Fall Quarter, for both staff help and editorial position fillers, I never dreamed I ' d be able to pull and hold together such on incredibly motley crowd. Surely no one on the staff had any idea, when coming in, what the group would be like. And just os surely, none of us will ever forget such moments together os sending out senior picture letters (thanks, Phyllis), eating greasy Kip ' s pizza of I om and feeling " so disgusting " , or pulling the 107 page dead- line out of o hot in the last two days (thanks loads, Peter). How could we ever forget such classic lines os " I think my mouth is growing. " , " But I ' ve got o test tomorrow!!! " (and the ever- ready answer — SO?), Lorry ' s infamous " Not our fault. " , and the two all-time favorite words . . . MEGA and . . . BREATH. But seriously, folks, there were some fantastic people on my staff and I tell myself — os I sit before this typewriter — that I must remember to thank them all. My special thanks to George, Bill, and Beor for pulling the co-ops together and to Lawrence for trying to pull the dorms to pictures six or seven times. To Colby, Phyliss, and Susan I can ' t say enough; you guys were always there whenever I needed you. To my Pi Phi sister Kelly I con still only offer my sympathy of walking into the middle of the Advertising section with o boss like Peter; to Peter I offer my thanks for what he tried to do and a hope that someday his stomach will be os big os his eyes. There ' s not much I can soy to Lorry that he hasn ' t already heard but I do wont him to know that, despite his anti-Greek stance and al- most constant harassment, I really appreciate the job he did, os well os the one he hoped to do (As any poll sci prof would tell you, learning to work with people is leoming to compromise. But who mentioned deadlines, right?). And Clement, you ' re a god. Need I soy more? To both Lorry and Clement I dedicate the 107 page deadline with all my thanks for o fantastic job. There are also some photographers whu have definitely earned o permanent place in my heart because of their loyalty, accessibility, and just plain ole ' courage. Special thanks to Hemondo for printing about o million pictures in one day, to Bruce for ALWAYS being there, to Andy for being so efficient and " SO L.A., " to Linda for the street people and ever-willing enthusiasm, to Stuart just because he ' s one of the best, to Ron for hating my perfume some days and lusting after it others (and for not getting too fed up), and to Poul, who I secretly adore, for feeling guilty and for being the best photographer on the staff. And finally, there are two people without whom none of this would have been possible. My love, admiration, and eternal gratitude go to Mork and Doro. Mork, for a preppie you ' re not a bad kid — even if you are from P.V. You ' ve been more than helpful of times, completely obnoxious of others. But I couldn ' t have done it without you and I thank you. And Doro, there is almost no way I can soy enough. You have often been the lost thing to keep me going through this; looking over at you working so diligently completely out of the goodness of your heart mode me remember why I come to 515 Eshleman. You are o goddess. Finally, I would like to briefly explain what we hoped to achieve with this year ' s Blue Gold. When I come in to this position, I expected to create the most perfect piece of artistic coverage Col has ever known. After the first deadline I realized how impossible that would be A more realistic and, I see now, worthwhile goal has become that of people. I added some 80 pages to the book because I wanted to get more of the people, more of what really makes this campus the best in the country. I wonted, and still want, you to look bock of this book and be able to find yourself, or of least o bock or on arm you think is you, ten years from now. They tell me that college is the best time of your life — it ' s clearly the most intense time. The complete highs and lows, the exhaustion and the relief, the sorrow and the frightening joy — we wont you to remember it oil as you sift through these pages. And if you do, for just on instant, then this has all been worthwhile. I know that complete high of this very moment and I never forgot it was worthwhile. Allison Michael, Editor-in-chief Blue Gold, 1980 S.P.P.S. As expected, I managed to forget to thank some very important people. Nancy, thanks for o great Activities section; Roymonde, thanks for always being there to guide and help; Laurie, thanks for putting up with me (you too, Piphis and 6th gloor Freeborn); Mike, thanks for the secret; and Cal, thanks for the chance. Enjoy!!! 322 The Blue Gold Editorial Staff 324 LEFT — BLUE GOLD STAFF — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Ecitonin.chief Alison Michael; 2nd ROW — Clement Tanako, Alice Chin, George Fogehon. Nancy Gobek, Undo Gowing, Cindy Scholl, Honey Paul; 3rd ROW — Sports Ecitor Lorry Proton, Ant. Advertising Editor Kelly Spelmon, Colby Campbell, Production Editor Dora Lawyer, Cathy Musni, Katherine MocMohon, Sue Mills; 4th ROW — Peter lonopoul, Emily Hong, Phyliss Lee. TOP LEFT — Lorry and Clem hard of work of clove to 2 am TOP FAR LEFT — Dora and Stuart sacking around. ABOVE LEFT — Peter in a completely lypicol pose. sst. Advertising ditor Kelly Spelman 325 The Blue Gold Photography Staff As you stroll th ough the pages of Blue Gold 1980, a multitude of pictures remind you of the many details that were either token for granted or forgotten amidst the textbooks and exams. It is these details that we hove tried to capture — Sproul Plozo of lunchtime, Big Game excitement, the determination of college athletes — to be recorded on timeless film. The pressure of deadlines and timetables all so in- consequential in retrospect, but the sheer hard work of all those involved in producing this book con only be valued years from now when you browse through it time and time again, say- ing " What an incredible four years. " Goad friends and good times will be remembered long after the lost final, and the University of California takes on o different light in future years. Never again will we encounter the hard work and hard ploy quite the same os those years at Col. Never again will so much knowl- edge come our way, both in the classroom and out . . . and often, there is much more to learn outside the classroom than in. College slips by too quickly . . . But go slowly through these pages, remembering those who influenced and shaped our lives os they are today ... and forever. Mark S. Bridgwater Photography Editor-1980 326 BLUE GOLD PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF — LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Stuart Hartley; 2nd ROW Linda Gowing, Hernando Conwi, Noncy Currier; 3rd ROW — Andy Shapiro, Ron Hunter, Paul Vois, Bruce Elleman; Not Pictured — Bill Fridl; CONTRIBUTING PHOTO- GRAPHERS — Jim Yudelson, Bor- boro Thompson, Barbara Holmes, Daphne Brown, Eric Seidel, William Stein, Bruce Grembowski, John Christensen, Greg Aplet and Sobro Clock. 09rdcr (Pf the Vailtint litat Order Of The Golden Boor 1900-1980 Student Members Nanette Bemodou Mork Broirnan Linda Brooks Richord Campbell John Chavez Marilyn Christopher Deborah Demock Lesko ()even Robert Duff°la Robert Fares Elrod Golstein Kathy Grant Kathy Harrell Ted Harrison Lynne Hjelte Gale Hom John L. Hunter W. John Hunter George R. Hutchinson Cheryl Hanson Pamela Krouss Kevin La Bar Nancy Lee Carol Leong Michael Moskowitz Terry McCroy Susan Meek Carol Mock Walter Palen Nod Permoul Patricia Rotkffe Susan Robinson Stanley Ronal Gregory R. Schoofs John Spees Tonyo Stewart Scott Swisher John Thorn Wendy Van Houten Koren Westmont Ann Wondolowski University Associates 1. Oswoldo Asturias Margaret Dewell Wolter D. Knight Emmet T. Scales, Jr. Lloyd F. Austin Bernard Lee Diamond Michael ). Koll Samuel A. Schaaf William B. Baker Marion C. Diamond Adrian A. Krogen Priscilla ScotIon Frederick E. BakJerson John M. Dillon Alvin Kyte, Jr. Carolyn Scott Judth B. Bolderson Robert J. DiGrozio John E. London Arnold M. Schultz Lynn Baronets Jean S. Dobrzensky Kurt Louridsen Glen T. Seoborg Marvin Boron Sanford S. Elberg Eugene C. Lee John R. Searle Babette 8. Barton Richard E. Erickson James R.W. Leiby Scott Sherman William P. Beall, Jr Edward L. Feder Arnold Leimon Willis A. Shotwell Laurel A. Begovich David E. Feller Jim Lemmon Allan P. Sindler Charles S. Benson Austin C. Fronk Mary Helen Lewis R. Scott Sherman James E. Berdohl Wolter S. Frederick William J. Libby William B. Slortmon Thomas C. Blaisdell William 8. Fretter Roy Ufchez Neil ). Smelser arbor() D. Bog° Howard A. Friedman Luella J. Lilly Michael R. Smith William 1. Bouwsmo Stuart K. Gardiner Tung.Yen Lin Norvel L. Smith Albert H. Bowler Bruce Garland Leon Litwock Snodro S. Smith George M. Briggs Joseph M. Gates Petrina Long Francois. Sorgen Robert 0. Briggs Clinton C. Gilliam Fronk E. McClure Robert F. Steidel David M. Brown Stephen C. Gladstone L. Easter McHenry Marjorie Stone Gerold Brown Peter R. Goldschrridt Donald H. McLoughlin Natalie Stopper James Brown Herbert M. Gordon Anita Madrid Fred S. Shipp Robert R. Brown Milton Gordan David L. Moggord Edward W. Strong Ernest H. Sunless Glen H. Grunt F. Theodore Molm Cathy Tosson Richard M. Buxboum Charles A. Gulick William G. Monning Robert W. Taylor Jock E. Campbell Richard P. Hofner, Jr. Roland J. Maples Timothy W. Taylor George E. Cantu Cheryl Hoigh Samuel S. Markowitz Pout Tiffany Frederick H. Carpenter Edward C. Halbach, Jr. Juan Martinez Bud T. Travers Michael Carroll Robert Horo Christine Masloch Forrest Tregeo James Cason, Jr. Lawrence A. Harper Wallace I. Matson Thomas K. Trifler Marvin Chochere Lola H. Harris John Menzies Frederic C. Tuboch Sal Chavez James D. Hon Woodrow W. Middlekouff Ion G. Turner Norden H. Cheatham Ann E. Howley Robert Milano Joesph Tussmon Earl F. Chen Ed B . Hendricks Meredith Minkler Robert M. Underhill Milton Chernin Ira M. Heyman Jane D. Moorman Leonard Voldez Wili am Chinowsky W. James Hill Willi om E. Moser Susan Valdez Jesse Choper Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Witliom K. Muir Peter S. Von Houten Mork N. Christensen Miles R. Hudson Michoel Murray Henry J. Voux Wiliam K. Coblentz John Hurst Lynn Nakodo Jon Vetter Mory Lou None Robert A. Cockrell Fannie B. Jeffrey Yon Wodo Hubert S. Coffey Marguerite K. Johnston Roberto J. Pork W. Gory Wagner Robert H. Cole Ted 0. Johnston Roderic B. Pork William E. Wogy Richard B. Coleman Betty Jones Joon Porker Morvolee Woke Raymond A. Colvig Sanford H. Kodish Jerome H. Putman Dorothy Walker John B. Conchliffe Robert Kogan George C. Plmentel W. Sheridan Warrick Robert E. Connick Joyce K. Kollgren Robert Pisani Ann Watkins John E. Coons J. K. Kantor Kenneth S. Fltzer Arleigh T. Williams Leland F. Cooper Robert N. Katz Arthur J. Quinn Gorff B. Wilson Gloria Copelond Hermo Hill Kay Alva W. Rogan Leon Wofsy Richord E. Corten Von Dusen Kennedy John H. Raleigh George W. Wolf mon Charles C. Cushing Thomas J. Kent, Jr. Donald L. Reidhaor Vemice Womack John I. Danielson Robert F. Kerley Michele G. Woods Lester E. Reukema Stefon A. Riesenfeld Molcom M. Dovisson Clerk Kerr Victor F. Zockoy Charles A. Dekker Leroy T. Kerth Morsel Rodreguez.Boscur Louis A. DeMonte Frank I. Ketchum J. Roger Somuelsan William R. Defines Harry Kingman David Saxon 346 A Special Thanks To Senior Photographer Bill Fridl For Yeors Of Fantastic Service To The Blue Gold " WHAT ' S HAPPENING? " Best Of Luck In All!!! SOUND LIGHT UNLIMITED Tim Kling (714) 998-8248 Brad Stone (213) 370-9949 Paul Rosodiuk (213)371-1162 FAA RIGGER A P MECHANIC GEORGE MORAR PARACHUTING INSTRUCTOR (916) 758-9098 626 Arthur Street Dovis, Ca. 95616 347 Blue Gold Captures Late-Blooming Organizations Ace Of Clubs LEFT TO RIGHT — 1st ROW — Kathleen Maguire, Andre° Sauer, Susan Poulson, Erin Biggggs, Trainer, Mary O ' Brian, Diane Foug, Hillary Milken; 2nd ROW — Lero Paros, Carey Hoggluno, Emily Gold, Akio Donohue, St. Adorns, Laura Dosch och, Laura Byrd, Keely Postno, Dona O ' Neil, CeCe Christensen, Koren Owes. 348 C D 0_ 0 (0 0 0 C 0 --I- ORDIDOSS V StIPILTO Visitors ' Center VISITORS CENTER — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Betsy Stern, Noelle Ross, Gory lunge. 2nd ROW — Michelle Radon, Martha Geroty, Esther Soucedo. 3rd ROW — Sue Fong, Morie Teixiero, George Chan, Betty Ann Sciomonno. 4th ROW — Aiko Tokito, iconic Shepherd, Linda Brooks, Debbie DeMock, Joqueline Woods, Chorles Wingord, Brian Cohen, Joaothon Reiss; NOT PICTURED— Susie Fife, Diane Horwich, Lori Hess, Lynn Kitogoki, Cindy Morale, David Mintz, Lorry Pang, Cecilia Rodrigo, Potty Spiglonin, Gayle Tom, lonothon Tom, Motk Word, Fannie Jeffrey — Domestic Visitors, Dora Dm ' — International Visitors. 350 Counseling Center OUNSELING CENTER The Pelican • • Per, " .. " 1 " . " 1,1 1.11111”1 ;4( THE PELICAN STAFF — LEFT TO RIGHT — I st ROW — Ion Beste, Seth Front, Kevin, Don Miller, Tom Parker; 2nd ROW — Bret Folk, Jocelyn Bergen, Jon Good, Poul Mittelboch, Joel Drucker, Steve Mawr, Farley. 352 Acacia ACACIA — LEFT TO RIGHT — Is, ROW — M. Ronetto — House Manager, M. Derendinger — Secretary, E. Cardinal — Ruth Chairman. ). Bopirett Pr esident, P. Kennedy — Social Chairman, M. Muller — Pledge Trainer; 2nd ROW — 1. Fens°, L. Yokota, D. Guidry, M. Etasor, D. School, 3. Hag°, R. Dixon. C. Gibson, R. Richard, M. Hodkins, K. Cerny, A. Shapiro, M. Henninger; 3rd ROW — R Amin, M. Zoslove, R. Friedman. K. Wallace. M. Bernstein. R. Rasmussen. 353 • immaissr_ 1 355 And suddenly the year is over The lost final is taken and it ' s the morning after You may never see that hole in your ceiling again Someone else may take over your favorite study spot Will you ever leap into Ludwig ' s fountain? The Campanile bells chime the noontime music And you realize that you ' ll miss the place 440 k _

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