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(41: 1979 BLUE AND GOLD UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY , - - • • rut • A. 44 y. ' ••• y • a a 1 • I • V .... e. 1 • • . oixt . 1 . t i 1 u lit ls, -4. ' .. • . , ......... " • -. - .. r• • ■ • . 4 - . Av. • 1 I ' 1 r It• I 4 4 4 A • m.4..vaem • 4 I " ‘..t. t. " . HONORS 18 LIFESTYLES 30 FALL SPORTS 48 ISSUES 66 ENTERTAINMENT 78 WINTER SPORTS 96 GREEKS 128 SPRING SPORTS 182 SENIORS 198 " mu . • ... ,,, , . • • • • !ZIILIIrt " inlet • tl Iti 11; AI • •4 : • • . Is• ' p•m IL A II BUM I ••s $ 1 SSSSSS $ .107 1.181$411 if 111101241 •UM OH ' Writ MUM Stitt SSSSS• mg: ; 15 17 SNOLLVZINVOWVSNONOH � ��) 21 Robert Kerley VICE CHANCELLORS Ira Michael Heyman 22 GERALD BROWN Executive Director. A.S.U.C. BARRY WOODWARD Director of Student Activities. A.S.U.C. A.S.U.C. OFFICERS Press Information Officer Beverly Wood Student Advocate Anne Saha( 21 President Lindsay Spiller External Affairs Coordinator Kathlyn Taylor Academic Affairs Vice President Pamela Goldschmidt Executive Vice President Anthony Rainey A.S.U.C. SENATE HONOR SOCIETY MORTAR BOARD OSKI DOLLS APY 26 CALIFORNIANS A ta Inilavama AsswasSiffiellItU tit APPAVAIra ill 27 l, • k UNDERGRADUATE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION UNDERGRADUATE BUSINESS ASSOCIATION OFFICERS 28 UNDERGRADUATE ECONOMIC ASSOCIATION 29 DORMS This lifestyle section will attempt to show the different ways that Berkeley students live — and why. The first section is about dorms. Most students live in dorms because they are covenient — close to campus and have services provided for you. If you live in a dorm, you don ' t have to worry about monthly rent, utility bills or food budgets — just keeping your own room in shape. 33 DORMS There is nothing more descriptive of dorm life than a look at a dorm cafeteria. From the anxious anticipation which accompanies the arrival of the meal hours. the stan ding in line, and the presenting of that dearly frayed, freshly laundered meal card to the actual consumption and after-effect, the experience of eating in a dorm is one that many Cal students never forget. The cafeteria itself is the regular site of many events, including such mealtime activities as rating prospective romance candidates and all out food fights. As for the food itself, these photographs and the expressions they catch speak louder than words. Needless to say, most students find it necessary to resort. occasionally, to Kip ' s. Giant Hamburger. Top Dog. or popcorn a la kitchenette. 34 35 APARTMENTS Many Cal students prefer living in apartments over living in dorms or Greek houses. The main reasons for this choice are: 1) having a sense of independence and 2) privacy. When you live in an apartment, you don ' t have meals provided for you. you have to pay bills and you have to do the dishes! But — you have quiet, privacy and a sense of " really being on your own " . 36 ........ •••••••• t• GREEKS Belonging to the Greek system has many advantages. A fraternity or sorority member has a built-in group of close friends, a house to live in and a special sense of identity that comes with belonging to a certain house. 38 39 COMMUTERS • El MI evil Commuters make up a large percentage of Berkeley students, traveling mainly from the East Bay, San Francisco, Marin and the Peninsula. The main two forms of commute transportation are BART AC Transit and driving. There are advantages and disadvantages to both - BART saves gas money and parking hassles but it can be unreliable. Cars are convenient - you can arrive and leave when you please, but it is expensive and parking is all but impossible to find. Commuters have to decide which is best for them. 40 41 Part of the interest of Berkeley living is found in the residences themselyes. You can live in anything from a huge classic Frat or Sor ority house to a brown shingle home to a modern apartment. The variety of architectural styles is endless. " ' lofts. 42 43 45 Finally - Berkeley " lifestyles " is more than when and how people live - its also the people themselves - and the activities that they participate in. • - AN, Z 47 ;1st •, 1-1 t1 4 ports., 4 I I, • t . I il ' I . ' .4 . ;4E0r • 1 • „. • 1 icalls-25. .... ii . A 1 1.• . f 1 a , 1 . chi tag P ka e " i . ;v.- 4 wf, ise• r■ii► • I „, (4 • diff • 4 St fir fs I a. • • 14a 196•3? ft. ' a a are • Pi ' et L., k I t. 41 4 rb4•1 i - ' AI- . i kr III . . 4 • ' 1e... Alt .. - it , • fr . - , ' • % gra. 4.1,4 ' .., , .mtka., •_„. . t• e. -,P. ' ' Is ' •• ) • SS. ' . i V .1 e• • ' , „ 7‘.11r. ' • ‘ A P.1 , $ - --,..„ ; t• 4,. -- li• --i- ' ,,, i ‘ • f ' . 1 " n. - dr sr, .• ,„, • „,„„..... , -.4., ,fir k- r 1. a • Ilr Jar tit - - ' ' :1 ' • ..- r it 1 ' ; en. z...,.i. __ _a I • 2 a _ , • ,i vir I ILI t S a t. filt.,13 4-- , • le F ' ' w g • - ' ,111tig; ' al° i0 " dr •I ' s i it - Tr • , P. ' rt. ' ' A ' t- Xt ' 4 )• fk I I 4%4 y • " 0 ; t.- -4t• so Of i t pr, seti. , .• ,,,, ir i : 1 ' -, ' 4 ill . • 1 ■ i I 1 I ' ' • r 4 ,}h, ' A • ips • 1,4 ) A ta r i d„, it X, fin - • 1 ' -1 FALL SPORTS MEN ' S INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS -.311111111r- Harmon Gymnasium Dave Maggard, Athletic Director Lauren Moore, Ass ' t. Athletic Director Michael Murray, Ass ' t. Athletic Director John McCasey, Sports Information Director 50 WOMEN ' S INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS 103 Hearst Gymnasium • a Dr. Luella J. Lilly, Athletic Director Joan Parker, Ass ' t. Athletic Director Chris Dawson, Sports Information Director de ' .1. a. .S 20I• • • 4- • • 71L4_. Nies 11111111111rf • 0 I 51 BOXING The Cal Boxing team, under Coach Mike Huff, finished second in the California Collegiate Boxing Conference. They were third at the Western Regional tournament. Dave Oster and Jim Riksheim qualified for the National Collegiate Boxing Association tournament in Chicago. 52 MEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY The 1978 Cal Cross Country team took second place in the southern division of the Pac•10, the nation ' s toughest conference. Coach Brian Maxwell ' s harriers were also second in the All Cal meet at San Diego, to U.C. Irvine. The seven•man varsity competes primarily in invitationals, on courses that average about 10,000 meters in length. Hal Schultz was the Bears ' top runner this season, with support from Felix Ellieff, Paul Burke, ichael O ' Reilly and Carl Andersen. All five will be back next year. s .54 de 53 WOMEN ' S CROSS COUNTRY The 1978 season was the most successful ever for the Cal Women ' s Cross Country Team. The Bears ran their way through an undefeated season, including wins at the Fresno Invitational and the Cal Invitational. They then took the WAIAW title at Long Beach, the first Regional Championship to be won by a Cal team. The Bears capped the season with a seventh place finish at the MAW National Championships in Denver, where Jan Oehm came in seventeenth, just missing All-American status. This year was a complete turnaround for Cal. After a last place finish at the 1977 Regionals, coach Vern Gambetta spent time planning, recruiting and developing for a new season. The result was a young team, all freshmen and sophomores, that ranked as high as second in the nation in 1978. 54 FOOTBALL The inaugural year of the Pacific Ten Conference saw the California Golden Bears turn in a winning season under new Head Coach Roger Theder. After a tough opening loss to the Cornhuskers of Nebraska, the Bears reeled off five wins in a row. Then came some disappointing losses and an incredible rash of injuries. Twenty key players were put out of action, most of them for the season. Yet 1978 was a good year for Cal football. There was a nationally televised game, the first since 1968, and a number of outstanding individual performances. Rich Campbell led the Pac 10 in passing for the first six games and wound up with the second best season in Cal history for passing yardage and total offense. Paul Jones broke his own record for carries in a single game with 46 against Washington State, and moved past the immortal Jackie Jensen to become Cars third best career rusher. Dan Melville led all Pac 10 punters with a 41.5 yard average and remained Cars top career punter; Joe Cooper kicked a 52 yard field goal against Georgia Tech, second longest in the Cal record books; and Anthony Washington had the most interception return yardage in the Pac 10. becoming Cal ' s career leader in that category. s o se 59 WOMEN ' S FENCING The Cal fencing team lost only two dual meets this season. both to national champion San Jose State. The Bears won the All Cal tourname nt in Santa Cruz. Coach Rob Handelman ' s fencers compete in four events: men ' s foil, men ' s epee. men ' s sabre and women ' s foil. The women ' s foil team did especially well this year. defeating the outstanding San Jose State team in dual meet competition and taking third place at the Regionals. Edit Kolos was Cal ' s top female fencer, taking third at the AIAW Nationals. Virginia Yao. a member of the Junior Olympic team, and Bruce Jugen (foil), a 1976 Olympian, also had good years.lqx pg62 Afiii fit tarr is FIELD HOCKEY Cal ' s Field Hockey team enjoyed its best season in years in 1978. Coach Donna Fong began her third year at Berkeley with a strong nucleus of returning players. Leading the list of veterans was senior Sheryl Johnson, Cal ' s high- scorer in 1977. The Bears were undefeated through their first nine games before suffering a 3-1 loss to the fourth ranked , team in the nation. San Jose State. At the Regional Championships held in Berkeley. Cal stunned second-seeded Long Beach 3-1 in penalty strokes after two overtime periods. But the Bears lost 1-0 to both San Jose State and Stanford, falling one victory short of a trip to the AIAW Nationals. 62 SOCCER The Soccer Bears. and r Coach Bob DiGrazia, finished the 1978 season in third place in the Pacific Soccer Co ference behind NCAA Champion USF and San Jose State. One of the highlights of the season was a 3-0 victory over Santa Clara during league play; Santa Clara eventually 10 t to USF in overtime at the NCAA Regionals. The Bears also placed second in the All Cal Tournament at Santa Barbara. Senior Dan Salvemini was a First Team All Conference selection for the fourth year in a row, as well as an AN American for the third time. He is the first player in California soccer history to be so honored. Also making All Conference were Bob Bustamante. a Second Team pick, and Pedro Merino and Chris Baudouin. on the Honorable Mention list. The loss of Salvemini for three and a half weeks due to an injury was a definite factor during the season. Five key games this year were narrow one goal losses to San Jose State. UCLA. UC Santa Barbara, Washington. and Simon Fraser. If any of them had been turned around in Cal ' s favor, the Bears would have had an excellent chance of making the NCAA Regionals. L. 41 " 1 al 64 • Urn iflom • )?‘. • t 65 ISSUES U.0 Berkeley has long been a place where issues of the day are very important. Every day in Sproul Plaza you can see people discussing and proclaiming their causes, which range from religion to politics. It is these people and their issues that make Cal the diverse and interesting place that it is. 68 Abli " ..pot ' -ir: .. . ... . FA ' •4• ,.. -...-. :• it .5,4 . - --.- .• I I eir • ; 4 ft: ifiy, ,,,,.,...- 1 % irer , i . ,,ihr..• •••,, - .41 . -. , ?) — . , a ....., . • • , • ■ " ... a I. 0 ) • " • • - • ( ‘ , ' ' • • • _I ) ' ‘ .f • ' fr • C . 69 70 r- In f. LOCAL 315 ON STRIKE 74 IS INTERNATIONAL WOMEN ' S DAY 76 ENTERTAINMENT ENTERTAINMENT A Reggae band... Bongos on a Sunday afternoon... Scottish bagpipes... The Mime and his followers... ...Here are the diversions that make Berkeley go ' round. Many struggling entertainers who start out on Sproul Plaza move on to the spotlight of Ghirardelli Square - it ' s an uphill climb. Others remain true to their Telegraph heritage and their open guitar case wages. Where else could you buy a piece of the moon, listen to luncheon jazz, protest nuclear warfare with a die-in, and argue with a Moonie all in the same afternoon? 80 81 81 Ai aaa-S• IS ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW 7 ..:1=,141111. a a aS a a a- 91 91 + 93 94 Many bands play on and around the Cal campus. They range from well known, national bands to local groups. Pictured here are examples of both: Elvis Costello and the local band Afterglow. WINTER SPORTS i Cal Basketball welcomed new Head Coach Dick Kuchen this season. Kuchen. who comes from Notre Dame. is developing a new system for Cal ' s offense, a system which stresses a passing game. While not earning a Pac-10 victory. individual members of the team did manage to shine. Kevin Singleton received honorable mention in the Pac-I0, and honorable mention in Northern California. Singleton became the 15th player at Cal to score 30 points or more in a game, and only the eighth to do it more than once . John easel ' now ranks filth all-time in assists, with 221 for his Cal career, while Doug True stands sixth with 212. True also now ranks eighth in rebounding. while Tom Schneidertohn ranks ninth. r WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL Women ' s basketball came up with a third place conference finish this year with an 8 and 4 NorCal record, and an overall record of 14 and 17. Team members such as Colleen Galloway who grabbed 277 rebounds and shot practically fifty percent from the floor, and Jill Weddick with 300 rebounds and an equally high field goal average lead the team to their third place finish. The coach of the 1978-79 team is Gooch Foster. S 102 103 MEN ' S GYMNASTICS Going into the 1978-79 season, good squad depth is probably one of the chief features of California ' s Gymnastics team. Head Coach Hal Frey likes the makeup of his squad, which includes a top-level gymnast, a couple of international veterans, and a fine group of younger gymnasts. The key to the Bears ' success in the upcoming season as it was last year, is Canadian Warren Long. who has developed from a good tumbler and vaulter into one of the top collegiate all-around men in the country. Chief prospects for the other three slots include: Mohammed Azarpy, Warwick Forbes, Michael Ares. Billy Paul and Rod Hom. In the pommel horse, a weak event last year. the Bears will have help from Mike 104 Bergman, a talented freshman specialist. _rale= 7 411 ' MG WOMEN ' S GYMNASTICS Women ' s Gymnastics at Cal has grown quickly from a fledgling program into what coach Dan Millman (a former NCAA champion for Cal) describes as " the beginning of a new tradition " . Three outstanding freshmen, Sandra Skiles. Susan Heilig and Jennifer Barrett are the keys to the growth of the team. Skiles and senior Joyce Ng have good prospects for individual honors at the conference, regional and national levels. 106 F 107 RUGBY 1979 was a rebuilding year for the Cal Ruggers. a young team of good athletes who were hurt by inexperience. In spite of that handicap, the Bears took twelth place in the Monterey National Rugby Tournament (the highest finish by a collegiate team), and defeated the Kansas City Blues, a top club team. Coach Ned Anderson noted the exceptional play of team captain Jim Meyerseik. Greg Bracelin, John Harris and Bruce Sorensen. • r .... ••••••..-..... - ' • . ' ' ' .. .,.. Li a • .-.-.-- , • w •110: a -.a Ar rear , . rem .........a Inallor1 - - .-% neevemea:nampas ▪ ksi T raPP•romir porna " •••••11 ' ert . r err • :Ma dem- - ass Ni Or • ;se, • 40 108 109 MEN ' S SWIMMING It was the finest season in history for California swimmers, as they claimed the 1979 NCAA swimming and diving title. Coach Nat Thronton ' s Aqua Bears swam through the Pac-10 conference meet without shaving down, pointing for the NCAA championship where they beat second-place USC by a surprising 60 point margin. Cal won the first event, the 400 medley relay, in NCAA and US Open record time—and kept on rolling. Graham Smith was a triple winner in the 100 breaststroke (NCAA and US Open record), the 200 breaststroke and the 200 IM. Par Arvidsson won the 100 butterfly (NCAA and US Open record) and the 200 butterfly. Team captain Peter Rocca took the 200 backstroke and Jeff Freeman was the silver medalist in both breaststrokes. It was a team effort, and in addition to Smith. Avidsson, Rocca and Freeman. Kirk Anderson, Jim Ballard. Mike Elleman, Pelle Homertz, Jim Johnson. Rpn Laher, David Santos and Byron Sims earned All- American honors. 110 " Ipp 4 •Nri .•••••-s WOMEN ' S SWIMMING 111111 ..-- 1. . r .; •-ar , . _ ic: .: Mires- C The Cal Women ' s Swimming Team took second place in the NorCal Conference to the powerful Stanford team, moving up from a fourth place finish last year. Under new Head Coach (and Olympic Gold Medalist) Karen Moe Thornton. times for the entire team dropped consistently. The Bears were 6-2 in dual meets. Six swimmers qualified in fourteen events for the AIAW Nationals. Outstanding was Teresa Spicer, who qualified in five events and took fourth place in the 500 freestyle. 113 airat 0 c:3 0 0 .0 .0 .0 .... .... .... .... .... .... . n4 With about half of the 1979 season still to go. the California Track and Field team under Coach Ery Hunt has already turned in a number of impressive performances. Dave Steen scored 7602 points in the decathlon to wipe out the school record, with his best marks ever in nine of the ten events; triple jumper Mike Marlow, Cal ' s outdoor record holder, soared to a new lifetime best of indoors and should be a contender for the national title: freshman Mike White posted a 1:49.0 800 to qualify for the NCAA ' s; 1500 record holder Andy Clifford has been running well; Gary Blume was a double winner in the steeplechase and the 5000 against USC. UCLA and Stanford; and freshman David Porath has thrown the discus 183 feet. Perhaps the Bears ' strongest event this year is the 400 intermediate hurdles, where they have more depth than any school in the nation. Five Cal runners have times under 52 seconds: Walter Pratt, Larry Cowling, Peter Grimes, Lloyd Guss and Ray Smith. 117 WOMEN ' S TRACK Thanks to a very young and talented team, California Women ' s Track and Field should have its brightest year in history. Coached by two-time Olympian Marilyn King. the Bears have already won the All Cal meet and qualified ten athletes for the AIAW Nationals: Cindy Banks. Kelia Bolton, Michelle Hawthorne, Lynne Hjelte. Susie Meek, Sally Metteer, Jan Oehm. Elaine Parker. Suzanne Richter and Alice Trumbly -- a group including two juniors and no seniors. Last year. there were only three Cal qualifiers. Although they are relatively weak in the field events, the Bears have a good chance to be one of the top ten teams in the nation, as their marks have continued to improve. 118 119 MEN ' S VOLLEYBALL After several successful seasons in the Northern Volleyball Conference, Cal this season was invited to join the more competitive California Intercollegiate Volleyball Association (CIVA). Led by two-year lettermen Eric Anderson and Jack Hagler. the Bears have fought valiantly against such perennial powers as U.C.L.A., Pepperdine, Long Beach, U.S.C. and others. Under the leadership of Coach Chris Stanley and Ass ' t. Coach Leland Sandler, the Bears are looking forward to many successful seasons in the future. With only one senior graduating, and the rest of the squad remaining, the Bears will have the talent to qualify for an NCAA Regional Berth in the upcoming years. 120 1 22 WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL Under the guidance of Chris Stanley (Coach of both men ' s and women ' s volleyball) Cars women ' s volleyball team captured fourth place in the NorCal conference with a 7 and 5 record, and an overall record of 21 and 18. Although their play throughout the season remained inconsistent, such stars as Toody Maher, Regina Conley, Barb Dunne, Debbie Anderson and Gayle Schmutz did emerge. WOMEN ' S VOLLEYBALL 123 WATERPOLO The 1978-79 Polo Bears had yet another great season under Coach Pete Cutino, Taking the Silver Medal at the NCAA Water Polo Championships in Long Beach. The Bears could not have come any closer to a fifth NCAA championship in the last six years. In the final game. they were tied with Stanford after regulation play and two overtime periods before losing in sudden death, 7-6. It was the culmination of an incredible season-long rivalry between the two best teams in the nation. Cal played the more experienced Stanford team four times, losing the first game 6-5. tying the second 10-10. losing the third 908 and winning the fourth 11-9. Carlos Steffens, Kevin Robertson and team captain Mike Loughlin were named to the 1978 All- American water polo first team. It was the secon d year in a row for Robertson, and the third in a row for Loughlin. who became a four- time All-American. Goalie David Young was an honorable mention. 124 David Cotti, Blake Yeaman and George Moskowite were the standouts on Coach Bill Martell ' s young Cal wrestling team this year. Cotti finished third in the 118 pound division at the Pac-10 Wrestling Championships in Oregon, qualifying for the NCAA ' s in Iowa. Yeaman was fourth in the conference at 167, and Moskowite. a heavyweight, made it to the semi-finals. The Bears were hurt by the loss of Wayne Pouncey and Randy Coste to injuries near the end of the season. 127 • • BMW MN • -art:F; i.1.; 1 ' National Lampoon ' s Animal House " • : Universal Cit Studios. Inc GREEKS jet GREEKS AT BERKELEY DELTA SIGMA PHI Row 1: Phil Dowley. Bill Benz. Roger De Haven. Dave Avezedo. Bob McGrouther, Mitch Garret. Steve Buff ' . Row 2: Jim Fazackerley. Curt Kidder. Greg Hardy. Danesh Tavanna. Chris Dunn, Jim Van Horn, John Obana. Scott Matson. John Berman. Charlie Ramsey. Ken Hoff. Row 3: Al Bona. Glenn Richardson. John Matson. Reed Harris. Scott Shea. Jeff Dracup. Chris Miller. part of Jeff Kelfy ' s hat. Not Pictured: Bill Fria Pete Kirwin. Rick Moenter. Jackson Hsieh. Rich Holmes 131 PIG ' S RUN 132 133 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Row I: Ma ni Raymond. Amy Dolan. Suzah Salter. Sallie Bolding. Justine Medina. Marianne Devereaux (Housemother) Marguerite Devaurs. Lois Broadway. Marianne Horton. Victoria Kuhns. Row 2: Carla McDonald. Cindy Dittmar. Alison Yip. Carol Griffin. Cindy Alfieri. Laura Rubin. Trisha Hoyle. Beth Derdivanis. Laura Embery, Lydia Wilson. Gail Hoffman. Missy DeRobert ' s. Row 3: Gina Brusitori, Anna Estrich. Renee Gordon. Marty Moises Yun Kaneda. Maki Tsuyama, Kathy Barberini, Anita Sham. Row 4: Janet Foley. Betsy Hai. Trish Borasi, Diane Neudick. Betsy Baldwin. Helen Manber, Sue Stucki, Lee McNeill Fredericka Gatewood. Joyce Wilhelmy, Mari Obninsky. Karen Forsstrom, Kirsten Tede. Nancy Bublitz. Karen Pressler. ley Weddle. Row 5: Becca Reynolds. Sandra Merrill. Janet Tsujimoto. Donna Lee. Charlene Emmrich. Cathy Ross, Debbie Tognetti, Sandy Souza. Nancy Williams. Lisa Loret. Frances McDonald. Lucinda Steele. Vicki Sveen. 134 Front Row: Kurt Gaubatz. Robert Owens. Kent Montgomery: Tom Beckmann. Middle Row: Dave Chandler. Jeff Alvord. Erik Jorgen. sen. Rich Lowell. James Duffy. Back Row: Brian V,ckers. Graydon Pennell. Front Row: Dean Wilkerson, Rich Lundquist. Bruce McGrew. Martin Holdrich. Middle Row: Joel Caldwell. Greg Blackburn. Jeff Koetewyn. Marlin Murray. Steve Tripp. Daryl Wilkens. Back Row: Tom Beckmann. Jr.. Justin Jelin. cic. Interspersed: bedlam, mayhem and Christian fellowship! ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI Pa as all ate a Masa US " s sum sass flee. SOD 11111•Mpr, Sid =SW Freshmen: Katie Thiel. Susan Franson, Jennt Kelsey. Ann Sabatini. Melinda Golden. Gig) GlaIrides. Peggy Powers. Joanie Manta ' s. Sophomores: Liz Erickson. Laurie Sweeney. Reenie Machanich, Maria Tenaglia, Barbe Little. Wynn Elliot. Lisa Tuictmoe. Becky Borges. Sharon Peck. Sue Brackett. Janet Darkenwald. Jody Rosin. Juniors: Martha Joseph. Jeanette Bramhall, Heather Morgan. Kathy Glanudes. Janet Davy. Kathy Grant. Tori son. Jane Elliot. Barbara Fletcher. Eleen McKisseck. Suzy Cain. Leslie Froker, Liz Moulds. Kathy Clifford. Gail Chestnut. Cindy Dooling. Sarah Tenaglia. Seniors: Sue Fuller. Pikke Men. Liz Fordyce. Marybeth Moser. Nina Bryan. Kris Porter. Karin Cotta. Shelley Williams. Julie Hyde. Jan Hail. Marsha Matsunaga. Deanna Duoos. 136 Row 1: Drew Mauling. Mark Kelsey, David Bartick. Rich Bingham. Adam Stein. Larry McDonald. Jon Richmond. Chris Barker. Row 2: Ian MacLaren. Dave Wenstrom, Rick Leader. Craig Bruzzone Josh Room. Peter DeGolia. Jeff Brody. Bob Burley. Kevin Stevenson. Row 3: Todd Moody. Steve Tovani. Phil Bingham. Chris Stevens. Doug Seiler. Henry Nesis, Link Snyder. Nan Swimmer. Many Tolfolo, Tom Philbert. Row 4: Jim Farnsworth. Greg Aplet. Ron Kirkeeng. Jim Bowman. Steve McDonald. Austin Tichenor, Alan Wilhelmy, Walt Homan. Larry VanEckhart. Bob Melrose, Brian Judy. Mark " Squirrel " Codiroli. Row S: John Davenport. Max Pray. Toby Pontin, Frank Malticoat. Harry Nelson. Tom Wornham, Bruce Pickering. Paul Koenig. Peter Churney. Spencer Eldred. Kyle Christie. ALPHA TAU OMEGA 137 ALPHA CHI OMEGA Row 1: Jenny Bender. Ton Ravel, Linda Luther. Karen Kristovich, Lorin Rasmussen, Lucy Ito. Melinda JueII, Sally Sow. Row 2: Joan Hooy. Lisa Guest. Donna DelSimOne. Carolyn Cartier. Carolyn Ivy, Lilia Ancheta. Anna Liv. Katie Manning, Gina DaloCCO. Cindy Heubschle. Row 3: Janet McCormick. Ellen Batley. Elaine Hamill. Fran Duggan. Wendy Morita. Linda Lee. Pam Lee. Elizabeth Coburn. Lisa Bedell. Denise Hunphreys, Lisa Kern. Row 4: Joy Foss. Sue Dove. Renee Lebran, Mary Jane Kaiser. Melissa Pontius. Laurie Grys. Cathy Bressler. Jeanne EnS0r, Anne Curley. Janyce Williams. Kim McFarland. Lorna Noble. Row 5: Lisa Loutsenheiser, Tracy Packer. Jean CasuCci, Judy Young. Row 6: Karen Heotes. Laurie Ginsberg. Julia Mitchell. Paula Hagan. Mama Copeland. Kathy Broderick. Kelli Walsh. Yondi Frier. Michelle Huggins. Joyce Fitsmorns. Brett Robertson. Sue Prelim. Liz Gordon, Grace Long. Kim Rhody. Tracy Flautch, Brenda Franco. Evon Chan. Donna Laaksonen. 138 ALPHA OMICRON PI Top Row: Joanne Coyne. Janet Vail. Susan Glenn. Jenny Comilla. Amy Beernink, Sandy Cavanah. Maureen Connor, Karen Bryson. Missy Lucas. Anne Herbert. Marie O ' Dea. Alene Riley. Linda Mackowski. Gwen Ortmeyer. Michelle Cohan. Vicky Quinn. Brenda Planck. Barb Beaudette Dede Tully. Jan Lot:lets. 2nd Row: Mrs. Carilli (Housemother). Chris Rippe. Jasmine Hinton. Mary Bagnaschi. Amy Hizenski, Casey Smart. Rosemary Dunn. Jocelyn Herrick. Linda McGarrigle, Mary Ann McNett. Mary Anne Borghis Denise Smith, Mn Root. Cindy Hayes. Alicia Earle. Karen Michael. Janet Coyne, Carol Redden. Suzanne Tocd. Carmelita De Urioste. Celests Connor. Not Pictured: Linda Howells. Leslie Burner. Terry Cadenasso. Debbie Chinn. Jennifer Cook, Hildy Dougherty. Linda Howells. Darrie Ganzhorn. Tina Spitzer. Alisia Trejo. Cindy Tuthill, Na ncy West. Tia Welch. Michelle Meredith. 139 ALPHA PHI Bottom Row: Jean Allen. Sally Grenfell. Lisa Hogeboom. Sue Sutton. Marypat McCoy. Libby Roberts. Leslie Mills. Louise Strutner, Cammy Miller. Cheryl Finley. Randy Mayen Sally Barry, Dana Peugh. 2nd Row: Michelle Benjamin, Denise Mandel. Carolyn Swartz. Debbie McCoy. Gemma Kochis. Sissela Danielson. Susan Dahlgren. Michelle Merchant. Mary Hancock, Megan Moody. 3rd Row: Eden Zigrnan. Leslie Wolf. Mary Damron. Mimi Bardet. Son ' Soo ' too. Angela Herd. Joanne Pillsbury. Margaret Oslund. Anne Bohr. Leslie Forrester. Colleen Kerwin. Robin McCleary. Susana Breashears. 4th Row: Jenny Dales. Lisa Halbo. Kathy Barulich. Cathy Disse. Cheryl Stein. Anne Gould. Becky Oliver, Whitney Pinger, Micaela Schaffer. Kristen Johnson, Lori Kaufman. Amy Sporer. 5th Row: Jane Dolliver. Barb Frumenti. Liz Netts. Doris Grossman. Kathy Klaplow. Hilary Holbrook, Lucy Merchant. Carolyn Doolittle. Bridget Barrett. Lisa Levine. Top Row: Stephanie He rlihy, Mary Shiftlett, Michelle Lawson. Liz Murray. Kristi Corns. Brine Sjorgren. Janey Koch. Kim Hazel, Catherine Geraty. Jenny Geraty. 140 GAMMA PHI BETA SORORITY Eta Chapter 2732 Channing Way Founded in 1874 at Syracuse University Syracuse, New York Row I: Crest ' McCabe. Janet Mazzucchi. Mara Murdock. Drew Daine, Karen Wilder, Rachelle Chong. Row 2: Tricia Jump. Alison Dubbin. Sewn ConnoNy. Anne Sheldon. Bettina Bait Clara Hargis. Linda Schilling. Kathy Harrell (Social Chairman). Jeannie Graham. Row 3: Alieen Harrington. Kristen Bernard. Claire Wibroe. Cathy Haymes. Julie Hill. Wendy Williams. Sheila Gillespie. Leah Godsey. Carolyn Dubbin. Annette Zavala. Row 4: Mrs. Phyllis Casburn (House Mother). Caroline Froid (Corresponding Secretary). Karen Aumock. Sue Robinson. Helen Otto. Kirsten McKay. Beth Galvin. (Panhellenic Delegate) Susan Richardson (House Mani alter). Lisa Smoley (Secretary). Amy Eskin. Kristin Steinmetz. Row 5: Carolyn Murray. Jessica Hoover. Kathy Boyd. Carol Willoughby. Cathy Ines, Jenny Buttimer (Treasurer). Karen Johnson. Nancy Bedrow (Pledge Director). Teresa Long. Sue Kimball. Ann Menard, Carianne Gatik, Sarah Mack. Peggy Robinson. Dale Polowski. Row 6: Molly Flynn, Lucy Carrico, Susan Garrett. Gina Owen (Rituals Chairman). Kathy Hoertling. Mary Wynne. Kim Rhine, Brenda Blardony, Andrea Zavala. Kim Aikawa. Gail Godsey (Chapter Development Chairman). Andrea Alban. Row 7: Martha Grasty, Kathy Harrington, Nancy Knudsen. Carol Colwell, Liz Clayton. Ellen Wynne (President). Linda Brooks (Rush Chairman). Lisa Dimock, Karen Pelham. Barbara Gurley. Alison Yuen. Sharon ' Anderson, Katie Inderkum. Not Pictured: Laurie Andres. Annie Azevedo. Rebecca Elia. Michele Furlan, Sue Holt. Janet Martinelli. Jeanne Peters. Betsy Rosenthal, Beverly Skirvin, Allison Wells. 141 DELTA GAMMA 1st Row: Sharon Ives. Katherine MacMahon. Lindsay Parker. Kimmy Stansbury. Carolyn Ross. Mimi vidarta. Leslie Brown. Janet Portman. Carol Johnson. Paula Oiled. 2nd Row: Billie Marini. Kathy Feeny, Charlotte Keen. Janice Fugler. Nancy Peck. Chris Hackett. Debbie Klein. Megan Macdonald. Janice Elliott. 3rd Row: Jan Johnston. Mantra Krazuliak, Michelle Carmassi, Lon Anderson. Mary Jo Lawler. Mrs. Selzer, Julie Horton. Maria Baron. Jill Tripp. Kathy Mayo. 4th Row: Catherine Holmes. Susie Lalanne. Heidi Thomas. Sara Benedict, Ten Blake. Patti Provide. Melissa Frost. Dana Philips. Kathy Mossi. Keely Postma. Dana Schlinger. Lora Lee Davis. DaneIle Rugaard. Carin Madden. Betsy Stephens. Kathy St. John, Julene Hunter. 5th Row: Karen Bozak. Robyn Skiffington. Jorgi Nicholau. CC Christianson. Trish Mossi, Lee Francis. Judy Garrard. Debbie Balaban. Sue Ashcraf t. Amy Unger. Kristine %SW. Julia Hull Jenny McCracken. Chris DameIle. Diane Kramer, Daryl Sohlinger. Sue Stark. Stacy Michael. Nancy Hayden. Mary Lange. Marty Gibbons. 6th Row: Liz Bassi. Maureen Lord. Linda Dezzani. Patti Hambrick, Kathy Reid. Jody Hensel, Kristy Forsman, Sue Edgar. Debbie Albo. Marcia Smith. Lori Riewarts. Lindsey Stansbury. Emily Gold. Lisa D ' Amante. Linda Riewarts. Sally Rousek. 142 143 Row I: Kathy Burnett. Cherie Newton . Mia Interlundi. Carol Higa. Madeline Canipa. Dean Borshay. Row 2: Monica Whitlock. AIM Wright. Diane Radcliffe. Sue Cooper. Carolyn Tobiason. Nancy Webber. Tracey Flynn. Mrs. Kelly. Angela Strasburger. Row 3: Emily Pott, Joanne Mascheroni. Jean Herlihy. Ann Olsen. Shelley Homan. Row 4: Kit Williams. Sue Haber. " Bunn " Cunningham, Katie Feeney. Linda Bolenbaugh. Teresa Viskovitch. Karen Gray. Karen Jensen. Karen Spinardi. Row 5: Anne Donoghue. Diane LeBeough. Alecia Paschall. Cathy Clifton. Row 6: Jan Garfinkle. Wendy Bents. Marti Hutchcralt. Row 7: Annette Naga, Lorene Hammond. Stacy Snow. Janet Anderson. Row B: Liz Osborne. Diane Dierkes. Anne Spicer. Gia Anderson. Row 9: Lesley Galloway. Ann Rockwell. Dana Melton. Laurie Petkin. Linda Franz. Row 10: Megan Wagner. Kym Eaton. Karen Helgans. Kelley Walsh. Karen Finch. Row II: Cali Sutter. Judy Gordon. Laury Frieber. Nicole Obuhoff. Kim Matson. Not pictured: Amy Anderson. Judy Anderson. Kathy Anderson. Kathy Balmes. Bettina Bents, Sandy Chapman, Laurie Deck. Barb Everett. Lori Hess, Loretta Koll, Jessica Ludwig. Lisa Meyeroff. Nancy Miller, Janet Nystrom, Tanya Pole. Laura Pressler. Katie Stuart. Carolyn Walker. Suzanne Boyett, Mechi Cazaves, Eva Marie Cheung. Meg Coleman. Michele Cerncich, Katie Evans. Shauna Foster. Louise Funke. Suzanne Gunderson. Diane Harwich. Cindy Kahl. Jo Anne Normington. Libby Randall. Deme Rhoads. Phyllis Rogers. Lori Russell. Susan Scherer. Sarni Seyboldt. Megan Smith. Pat Verducci, Barbara Wambach, Linda Wilson, Amy Workinger. DELTA DELTA DELTA 145 ZETA PSI Front Row: E. Peugh, M. Bridgwater, T. Lloydd- Butler. S. Woolf. R. Dorward. M. Taylor. J. Maim. Quist. 2nd Row: R. Hunter. B. Walker. R. Witter. B. Hammerson. J. Hagler. H. Maguire. Jr.. R. Phillips. B. Farrell. 3rd Row: S. Smith. R. Albo. T. McGrath, 0. Krebs. 8. Cutter. P. Jackson . S. Healey. 8. Montagne. Back Row: S. Hollmire. T. Breck, A. Licht. S. Cloudsley, M. Hill, J. Bertram. P. Madden. J. Goodwin. R. Papale. J. Garrett. Absent from Pic. ture: S. Dunn. R. Lowry. K. Chan, D. Reed. P. Michaelides. R. Wickert. 0. Mclnerny, R. Good- win, N. Finger. THETA CHI Row 1: Tom Woods. Hal Schultz. Rob Gilmore, Matt Biers, Mark McLaughltn. Mar k Stannich. Row 2. Dean Grinsfe:der, Jell Goldfern. Thad King. Dave Wiley. Scott Piper. Greg Finley. Tim Craig. Row 3: Steve Lesley. Rick McDonald. Tony Krantz. Tom Vallee. Ed Peggs. Row 4: Malt Sears. Ed Ritelli, Dean Heatherington. Mike Leonard. Row 5: Jim Schmidt. Kennon Bradley. Brian Maschler, Ken King. Roger Elehringer, Jon Way. Rob Ewer ' . Cal Bordonaro, Rick McDonald. Nol Pictured: Ted Wilsen, Ian Olsen. 146 HI f• kit Front Row: Jeff Good. Pete Mc Daniel. Adrian Jones. Claude Wyle. Dave !Apple. Steve Carson. (standing) Mike Gutierrez. 2n0 Row: Jim Hogeboom. Bob Agee. Jon Goerke. Lloyd Guss. 3rd Row: Ryan Ledwith. Mike Skubic. Tim Renstrom. Mark Howard. 4th Row: Dan Weaver. George Money. Dave Shickman. Ken Grant. 5th Row: Bill McConnell. Mark Reggio. Jon Elliston. Pete Imperial. John Caton. Top Row: Eric Fuller. Dale Emery, Frank Padilla. Jay Pardin.. On Rail from Top Left: Dan Bowe. Dave Steen. Right Rail: Ken Gregorich. Not Pictured: Ken Hertz. Ed Hugo. John McMahon. Steve Weinstein. 147 KAPPA ALPHA THETA Row I: Lisa Sundquist. Bambi Mayer. Leigh Hunt. Lori Haynes. Joanie Shepherd. Cathy Wiley. Sharon Duthie. Pam Critchfield. Sally Edwards. Carolyn Kratz. Cailean Spielman. Pam Lenaburg. Sheila Prescott. Linda Atwood. Row 2: Kathy Grubb. Nancy Ross. Jennifer Hunsaker, Denise Wilson. Sue KOlaS3. Sue Sumner. Laura Hart Daryn Eller. Carolyn Prescott. Marion Paulson. Kris Spankan, Cathy Wilson. Row 3: Linda Geary. Beth Smuckler, Alice Sherman, Nancy Tufts. Maggie Wells. Anne Murphy. Aileen Wantanabe. Mayo Mita. Martha Wilder. Michelle Montgomery. Suzette Foley. Cathy Ferst. Row 4: Beverly Wood. Nancy Paul, Monique Henderson. Lynn Lippstreu. Sarsi Kellner. Valaire 8yrns. Teri Schulman. Carey Hagglund. Melissa Grigsby. Alicia Donahue, Kate Hobbs. Debbie gal!online. Connie O ' Neal. Not Pictured: Sarah Jordan. Ann Magnin. Lou Quinn. Linda Shackford. Sara Whittles. Anne Gregory. Kate Fay. Chelsea Congdon. Suzanne Zelonnis. Nancy Williams. Mary Becker. Leslie Bolek. Suzanne Bundy. Melissa Charles. Tammy Doyle. Nancy Evans. Beth Fernbacher, Ellen Huss. Tony Hutchins. Tiffany Man. Val McClain. Sandra Messick. Karen Oas. Deb Stewart. Margaux Tarantino. Lolly Udall. Dilys Walker. Trina Wolfgram. Janis Yip. Karen Westmont. 148 KAPPA DELTA RHO a ftarl If your idea of a Greek is a stooge who hangs around the " Comeback Inn " on Thursday nights in a v-neck sweater, watching the air flow between some sorority girl ' s ears, Then Mister You ' re Wrong. We ' re the one-percent of society that doesn ' t fit and doesn ' t care. We ' re down the road and up your sister ' s leg. What is all this " Animal House " noise anyway? We ' re too pilled on leapers to care about the Shah or Ted Bundy. Have you got your Red Wings? Stones and the Half-Boy do. So does Dirty Murr the homicidal vampire. Dinner in the bar and sleeping in the gutter. Trout fishing in America is all there is in life. FURTHER! Top Row: Mikey Leo Nardo Whitey Jonese Herk KUrt Morrelison Spiker Geers Chuckles J.T. Redeye HaySeed Dirty Murr Freddy Pe• terpuck Capps. Middle Row: Dev Vinnie Gomer Iggy Moondog Sambo. Bottom Row: R.T. Lunger Pooh•Bear Harps Bufu Eck Sweens. Not Pictured: Greg Coupe. Myles Conway. John Fernbacher. Greg Boyd. 149 K A P P A K A P P A G A M M A Top Row: Diane Foug. Chris Waled . Arnie Mosher. Grace Ann Pearson. Brynne Montgomery. Scottie Foster. Carrie White. Anne Donahue. Jenny Brown. 2nd Row: Lucy KuChins (with fingers) Laurie Lewis. Elena Mykytiuk, Jill Welch. Barb Selbach. Joy Franich. 3rd Row: Judy Holt. Venni. Devone. Vicki Lippincott. Lauren Biggs. Stacey Black. 4th Row: Katy Waste. Susan Shragg. Kim Honens. 5th Row: Kathy Parker. Caroline Cochrane. Libby McDonald. 6th Row: Jaime Stone. Fran Willis. Kehl Tonneson. 7th Row: Kim Rountree. Martha Williams. Claire Hogland. Mary O ' Brien (President). Betsy Alden. Standing Left: Kathleen Maguire. Pam Chiechi. Bottom Row: Kim Wilson. Karen Krebs, Karen Hoffman. Standing Right Top to Bottom: Jeni Lewis. Ann Furbush. Lynette Calcagno, Ann Bryant. Lisa Garratt. Vick, Bowman. Lisa Coulter. Erin Biggs. 150 PI KAPPA PHI Last Row: Mike Omani. Morgan Pike. Brad Saner. Brad Tucker, Thomas C. Thomas, Chip Engemoen, Jim Watson. Dave Halligan, Rick Rappaport. dth Row: Joe Yellen. Joe Selewicz. Steve Brandon. Keith Kjelstrom, Mike Neal, Rob Dutto. Steve Clark. Ron Osborne. 3rd Row: George Tabara, Darryl Breedlove. Jim Lucey. Tary Satinger. Blaise Curer, John Bracket. Dan Bossharl. John Verrer. Mark Plank. 2nd Row: Tom Krattenmaker. Jim Stubuarec. Craig Biehl. Tom Davis, Blake Brehl. Jon Knox. George Humphreys. Front Row: Bill Peironnet. Dave Gray. Steve Kolnes. Mark Siegel. Kurt Wilson. Dick Rogers. Mike Niebur. Not Pictured: Dan Bergmann. Steve Black. Jim Campigh, Mike Carpenter. Paul Coupin. Jeff Gallen. Paul Giordano. Davis Hendren. Rick Hever, Greg Hoff. John Ingraham. Jay Maltby. Dave Mullen. Hugh McCann. Bob O ' Malley. Chris Shepanek, Geoff Siegel, Neil Sullivan. Greg Tanner, Jeff Templin. 151 1st Row: Laura Byrd. Hillary Hilken. Lisa Nard. Susan Paulson. Jeanie Symes. Gale Oleson. Kelly Herzberg. 2nd Row: Kelley Ditto. Barb Fish. Beth Lee. Sarah Schnugg. Lisa Tobin. Kristin Paulson. Lisa Libby. Debbie Michaelidis. Mrs. Gellespie. Jane Cloudsley. Sara linden. 3rd Row: Kathy Dunn. Linda Bawdar. Carol Katzman. Sarah Hill, Vera Janaskusky. Dana Garrido. Holly Beleegnarde. 4th Row: Liz Montgomery. Jill Harold. Colleen Harold. Mary Andrews. Kathleen O ' Hara. Linda Stafford. 5th Row: Kerry Parr. Karen Egan. 6th Row: Susan Talbut. Mo Ellis. Dana Banar. Karen Fritchey. Kathy Kendrick. Connie Wooding. Patty Stephens. 7th Row: Laura Fitch. Ann Shea. Connie Froelich. Jean Hilken. Lysa Roweu. 8th Row: Jane WheatcrofI. Laynn Eisconbrand. Mary Birthistle. Cathy Dunn. Chris Hagen. I ' ; P I Fr BETA P H I Back Row: President Hillary Hilken. Lisa Nard. Barbara Fish. Colleen Har- old. Laura Byrd.. Sarah Front Row: Kelly Herzberg. Kristin Hagen. Holly Bellegarde. Debbie Michaelides. Liz Montgomery. • SIGMA KAPPA Row I: Olympia Zele. Sandy Cunningham. Gloria thIlalon. Lisa Hunt. Melinda Mayfield. Nancy Hart. Susan Woodward. Row 2: Michele Skinner. Michele Sedoer. Emily Williams. Ruthann Geissinger, Hotly Gwynne. Beth Coleman. Sue Kennedy. Denise LaMont. Row 3: Julie Shoemaker. Alexandra Glickman. Patricia Smith. Dawn Hill. Michele Steindle. Dana Shaw. Jennifer !click. Eleanor Nisbetl. Alison Rowe. Julie Theodore. Lynne Hunter. Row d: Betsy Cuttle. Carol ' Brian, HaIhe Berliner. Laura Jameson. Cathy Kozlowski, Lynzie Elazlen, Elizabeth Wogen, Suzanne Steimie. !sae Wada, Karen Bernicchi, Denise Mogen. Row 5: Susan Hughes. Lon White. Mary Ann Sodon, Ten Paulson. Karen Smith. Catherine Osborne. Kathy McElroy. Heather Roden. Paige Williams. Barbara Horning. Lisa Snuffer. Cindy Casteel. Martha Plessas. Gina Bruno. Jasmine Castillo. Not Pictured: Ann Beck. Karen Beck. Sarah Blackwelder. Shirley Canon. Janet Evans, Gen Freeman. Julie Geers, Nancy Hacker. Caroline Haskell. Christine Johanson. Gayle Kardoos. Susie Lisker, Mallory Lynch. Holly Melton. Jane Myers. Melody Pelcarek, Maryellen Skeels. Ann Stenzel. Linda Vigeant. Cheryl Whiting. Kathy Williams. Alison Blakeney. Lisa Chisholm. Dede Duranceau, Catherine Fetch. Linda Hever. Elizabeth McGee. Beth Wiley. Ann Marie ganger. 153 SIGMA NU Back row: Steve Fowler. Mike McNulty. Billy Han. Buzz Hines. Tim Mascheroni. Buzz Brown. Dan Fitzsimmons. Mark Northfield. Jim Brouelli. Pat Gabrielle. Tom Kress: Mike Fitzsimmons. Dave Northfield. Keith Galiano. 3rd Row: Walter John Hunter. Bruce Beagle. Phil La Barbera, Peter Thomas, Steve Calloway. Pete Koenig. Tom Cullman. Morgul the Friendly Drelb. Andy Mascheroni, Dave Shaver. Matt Alexander. 2nd Row: Greg Beagle. Dan Cu ' linen. Steve TaIt. Rob Falconer. John Swift. John Logan Hunter. Front row: Tim Iben. Tim Connor. Steve Pointer. Bob Spurzem, Crull. Ernie Blackwelder. Not Pictured: Bill nks. Dan Begovich. Tom Brickley, Mark Gelow. Mike Gorton. Kirk Haley. Torn Hardin. Ryan Harrison. John Kavalaris. Dick Lee. Bob Lewis. Jim Masters. Lindsay Spinet. John Toeliner. John Turner. Bill Wertzlau. 154 SIGMA PI Front Row: Brian Emmono, Steve Soshea. J. R. Begg. Horny Khan. Clifton Purkisor. Greg Sibley. 2nd Row: Ian Sharpe. Pete Bellows. Eric Nicholson. Dave Haneline, Brendan Dolan (Dog) Carly. Steve Pisenti. Curbs Tom. 3rd Row: Joe Piueti. Andy Miller. Ken Meer. Frank Miyahira. Mark Lipshutz. Doug Haake. Stu Nichols. Last Row: Pierre Parent. Bo Mitchum. Bobby Wilder. Fred Goldstein. John Roos. Ron Kludas. Bob Brendan, Mitch Fine. Terry Fleming. Brian Sock. 155 SIGMA PHI DELTA Back Row: George Thomas. Grant Archard. Stephan Peter Perison. Middle Row: Bob Christen. Rich Jennings. Ernie Phumada. Rich Jourgensen. Russ Yearout. John Schiller (Pres.). Front Row: Troy Morrissey. Wally Yang. Kurt Scherzinger, James Rea. Niel McKenzie. 1% PHI GAMMA DELTA Bottom Row: Earl Callison, Randy Thomas. Dan Turner. Randy Proctor. Tim Lien. Pete French. Bill Kendall. Scott Laidlaw. 2nd Row (Sitting on Wall): Henry Workman. Steve Hinds, Chris Jones, Pete Neville. Luke Marsh. Bryan Johnson, Neil Wirth. Tony Pinelli. Neil Purdy. Jim Buxkingham. 3rd Row: Rick Harrer. Mike Chinn, Cary Cackin, Brice Wightman. Kevin Smith. Brad Krouskup. Bert Jensen. Back Row: Jed Bittner. Tom Cramer. Doug Miller. Rick Miller. Bruce Beck. Brian Grega. Brian Griggs. Not Pictured: Ron Euggj, Bob Pores. Tom Ley, Jeff McDermott. Mike Cook. Bill Simmons. 157 PHI KAPPA TAU 1st Row: Mark Freitas. Greg Burnm. John Bengston. Mike Hull. Bryan Hon. Robert Eve. Myron Burr. 2nd Row: Larry Parker. William Johnson. Mark Rosenthal!. Bob David. Eric Waits. Gregg Solomon. Walt Casten. 3rd Row: Jon Daseking. William Krill. Keith Briar. Clay Ward. Scott Healy. Jeff Goshay. Ernie Martin. dth Row: John Schoustra. Bruno Rocca. Steve Valles. Back Row: Clark Buschman. Greg Anderson. Rick Niche!man. Don Dutcher. Brad Prescott. Kurt Johnson. Jamie Gower. Eric foster. Dave Miloslavich. 158 PHI SIGMA KA PPA Seniors: Back Row: Randy Shaffer. Peter Anderson. Bill Barbagallo, Front Row: Matt Burgin. Steve Mellinger. Paul Oliver . Sonny Austin. 49 A Freshmen: Bac k Row: Pat Sullivan. Bob Krumwiede, Torn Shaffer Front Row: Lou Jag. Mark Biagini. Greg Bisi. Sophomores: Back Row: Pete Freund, Pete Kavanagh. Len Ott 2nd Row: Kevin Bing McHale. Matt Ackerman. Front Row: Bill DeWitt. Brad Towle. John Cameron, Jim Diller. Juniors: Back Row: Doug Kahn. John Winch. Craig McBride. Phil Harring- ton. 3rd Row: Charlie Rego. Mark Stofters. Norman Swenson. Les Lee. Mike Maloney. Mike Chi ' coat. Sitting on Couch: Jon Harader. Rich Musa Kirk Dobernez. Front Row: Mike Neary. Rick Chan. Vince Franceschi. Kevin Parker. Mike Mecum. 159 CHI PSI Mb- Si rfilearT11=11 Bottom Row: Bill Coyle. John McDowell. Tat Shibley. Dave Sebastian. Andy Meyers. Jeff Rhodes. 2nd Row: Cory Christianson. Paul Killion. Bob Delsol. Steve Pucinelli. Greg 8iglieri. Kirk Steers. Mike Dickey. 3rd Row: Bert Sandell. John Fisher. Mike Vantochean. Don Hoban. Mike Mottos. Craig Karafsky. Kris Donaldson. Thomas Carlson. Kevin Riggs. 4th Row: Kelly Rea. Dave Mark. Graeme Coyle. Doug Smith. Bill Stephenson. Andy Malmoni. Steve Towle. Brian McGuire. 160 CHI OMEGA Row 1 (front): Mimi Davidson. Teresa Finn. Claire Bunny. Sari Stabler. Julie Scalise. Mary Anne Hays. Debi Davis. Sarah Knapp. Row 2: Gina Donatti. Shelley Weaver, Michelle Moan. Karen Salisbury. Karen Faulkner. Tina Darmohray, Katie Twitchell. Donna Briggs. Debbie Lagapa. Jane Longan, Eileen Sicotte, Robin Rell. Dana Beernick. Caroline Steier, Amy Herberholtz, Connie Mahler. Lisa Downing. Row 3: Staci Solari. Kathy Steles. Carol Wood. Debbie Webster. Lori Thor. Danusia Zaroda, Keely Graf. Karen Williams. Karen Dales. Sue Berney, Sue Jollymour, Barb Hays. Sue Zainisheef, Dayna Pearson, Beth Franzblau. Row 4: Karl Olson. Kelly Grasham. Karen Jones. Sue Peterson. Denise Couchot. Karen Sorenson. Cindy Irwin. Joanne Hussey. Anna Hikoeda, Anna Robinson. Sue Neeland . Trish Rost. Rebecca Jelkson, Eleni Gousios. Lisa Shurtz. Lisa Marois, Connie ThaiIler. Ann Brozdiak. Row 5: Wynne Wash Burr, Lori Miller. Ginny Sjoberg. Mary Lightner, Lisa Wargo. Nancy Currier. Cindi Henderson. Amy Lundquist. Carolen Weisenburg, Dana Weiss. Kathy Slaviv. Diana Wredan. Jane Ballantine. Amy Wandal. Gloria Patrick. Diane Darracq, Kathy Kobrinsky. Liz Brittian. Tia Lemke. 161 S31DI1e1V SCII4NVD ■ ■ ALUMNI ASSOCIATION sp, ALUMNI SCHOLARS assembled for a meeting at Alumni House in the Fall. Every year nearly 700 entering Cal students. selected by 75 committees of alumni volunteers, come to campus through the Alumni Scholarship Pro- gram, which the California Alumni Association administers (funds are raised through the UC Berkeley Foundation). Since the program be- gan in 1934 about $2 million in scholarships have gone to some 7.000 students. The Alum. ni Scholars have their own club and activities. including tutorials and a newsletter. ALUMNI HOUSE is a campus headquarters for students and alumni alike. It ' s a good place to study, and its adaptable rooms are used year-round for meetings. conferences. lectures. press conferences and even wedding receptions. 164 INN y Cluestioning the ties: THE AN NUCLEAR WEAPONS LABS , st Also gnat Sex and the student body Celebrating Josephine Miles Great rooms on campus CALIFORNIA MONTHLY is the Association ' s award-winning publication. ceived by students and staff on campus and by all Association members. It has won honors as the nation ' s top alumni newspaper the last three years in a row. (Top) THE LAIR OF THE SEAR, consisting of two adjacent family vacation centers in the Sierra. provides summer employment for students of UC campuses and afforda- ble mountain vacations for alumni and their friends. (Above) TM COUNSELING is provided free to students in Alumni House at the appropriate time every year. The Association also provides (again in Alumni House. with co-sponsorship by the Office of Student Advising Assistance and the Career Planning and Placement Center) valuable advice and leads through the an- nual Career Fair and its career representa- tives file. (Left) TRADITIONAL EVENTS: Alumni flock back to campus for Charter Day and the Association ' s splendiferous banquet the evening honoring the Alum- nus of the Year: Commencement lun- cheon, co-sponsored with the Chancellor, honors the graduatig class and its I iffy- year predecessor. 165 CHARTER DAY - 1979 1M 167 L4 I EL 1k 174 177 ' • 7 . — j, 14111111 tint ti • liatokesnoon nyeail int 1 Si II 1 Vs teettttt • m It IS 1.1 ieee tette " kr ' atte • • 179 I dr) , lie iitAtbilt 11,y,% 14:- " 4frA " • • • 1. • • ' 0 I • 11 • • • I • • • Es p I • ' Iti .. li . 4; • . Sit frf. -. in ••4 ' :. • ra4m,.... ,..,. , • • . 4.,,,,,... ., ‘,..... „„•„„,, .. . rna„:••• • • so. • • r ki....! .... • C . t re 4 • . ,.... • l• • ' ' ...:4 • --.• . 4 .; . .. le • =1 .° . . i ••••• IIP Wa...Iliut . II lb • 4•• • A • • .. • ... 0.0 a .. " . • S • . • • A 4 . " • a ew. • 4 • %. • 4 ay ... ..; . 1. `at .4 se 4, V., • at. : ... .0, re ...Av... • . ...cis . • ' .1; , l.. ‘4 . .‘ala . • .II. .„. II • , • ' g .• • ... " • tecki,1 :. o • NA. . • • •• .. ._ ; • P. . P• •ir • • • 41 II ;a . A. 41 • u • • 3 •••• .. ;•t• t. • • • ...1.•.•..41: • 1 ... . 0 . 1,0 • • i. Coco.. • . I. . 114144 irr. 4? ‘ . t • Or It ' . . • • i • • • I C4: IA • • . 4 • ot:i..!, ..... , • ' 4 MI 1 • 1 2 • .5 • • • • Y.. • •••• lc So 1. • • BADMINTON Badminton, a sport gaining much popularity at Cal, is off to a good start this season. Coach Andy Gouw has inspired his team to a vict ory in a five team badminton invitational. With team member Sheryl Johnson leading the way, the Cal team is looking forward to a top finish in the Northern California Athletic Conference. 1 1 is 184 1 vs I IA Coach Bob Milano and a young N California Golden Bear Baseball team enter the first season of Pac-10 play with bright prospects for an exciting and successful year. The Bears return six of their top seven pitchers from last year ' s staff, as well as a starting catcher, two starting infielders and a starting center fielder. Furthermore, Cal had perhaps its finest recruiting year in memory this season and is an extremely young squad (21 of the 26 roster members will return next season) which figures to only get better with experience. Early in the year, the team has already become the first Cal squad in over a decade to win two games in a season at USC, behind the pitching of Brian Duffy and Dave Johnson, and the relief of Steve Conroy and Mitch Hawley. 187 MEN ' S CREW 188 The 1979 California Crew Team is the latest in a long line of outstanding rowing squads at the University. Head Coach Steve Gladstone welcomes back three of last year ' s starboard side which racked up impressive wins throughout the season, and rowed a brilliant race in losing the Pac-10 Championship to Washington ' s world-cla ss squad by just 30 of a second in a controversial finish. Gladstone feels this year ' s group has the potential to be as good as the 1976 team which won the national title. Paul Prioleau, Dave Reddick, Don Dutcher and Stuart Lenz all return with a year ' s experience in the varsity boat. The Bears will also be counting on Bob Waggener, Dave Goerss, Craig Amerkhanian, Miles Raphael, Charles Perry, Brad Stein. Greg Aplet and Peter Matheson in their quest for the National Intercollegiate Rowing Association Championship. 189 WOMEN ' S CREW Women ' s Crew at Cal has been both popular and successful since it became part of the sports program in 1974. Last year, the Bears were undefeated in their regular season. On the basis of their seventh place finish at the National Women ' s Rowing Association Championships. they were recognized as the third best collegiate team in the country. This year, Coach Daig O ' Connell believes that a national title is entirely possible, with an experienced rower in every seat of the varsity boat for the first time. The Bears have already taken both first and second in the Head of the Harbor Regatta, and second in the San Diego Classic. They also enjoyed their most profitable year in the Sacramento River Crew Marathon (from Redding to Antioch). raising funds for new racing shells. 190 SOFTBALL Cal Softball is vastly improved this year as the result of better pitching. Freshman Leslie Partch, with a no-hitter to her credit, and junior transfer Sue Kensill are the pitchers who have made a big difference for the Bears, who were weak in that department last year. The team ' s hitting has also improved: shortstop Pam Goldsborough currently has the best average. In 1978. Head Coach Bonnie Johnson ' s first year at Cal, the Bears were second in the conference. This year, they should win it, having already defeated CSU Fresno, the defending champion. If, as expected, the Bears make the Regionals. they will have to face defending national champion UCLA. However. MAW rules could permit both teams to qualify for the Nationals. 192 rei p £61. MEN ' S TENNIS After finishing among the nation ' s top seven teams the last two years. Coach Bill Wright and his California Tennis team feel confident that 1979 will mark another step forward as the Bears contend for a national championship. Wright. the NCAA Coach of the Year. welcomes back five of six starters from last season as well as all three doubles teams which helped the Bears finish with a 22-8 record and a sixth place finish at the NCAA championships. All-Americans Marty Davis and Chris Dunk return for their junior years. and the strength of Larry Stefanki. Scott McCain. Yair Wertheimer. Jim Harper and Mike Bauer will give the Bears one of the deepest teams in college tennis. The doubles team of " Mad Dog " David and " Slam " Dunk should be a strong contender for the NCAA title. 10,1 1 195 WOMEN ' S TENNIS According to new head coach Janet Brogan, the California Women ' s Tennis Team has two goals for their 1979 season: to build a strong, well-rounded program which emphasizes individual development, and to qualify as a team for the Regionals. Cal should finish second in the Northern California Athletic Conference to perennial power Stanford, also the defending national champion. Since the Bears ' Regio 8 opponents include USC and UCLA. it will be difficult for them to advance beyond regional competition. Beth Fernbacher, Eva Herrera, Toni Reed. Mallory Lynch, Gayle Schmutz and Diane Hafner make up the team ' s current top six. ........... 1M • MI 4 4 • tit • ••• • :;-4771.41. " ,••••,...7.47ficr e ..reciactiosa. h... ..•.... • SY. ... ---- ..-itysieteit, 4 ' • 4 t 4 • :.). " 1.;: e Seetitgl ' i ce • = te4s,„ t z 4 e tr•••••••_, V Art w 1l a • 4r. - • saw WWWWWW•Leardlt 1 1 •• „ lt, ` • • • • 1 I TireirAr WoWskir,.. +v. • `•••• NAM; fe- 71412,,:r:- vernreis ' assr•mt tat% 1.17+42 a 3 sA.4•114141eneentll 197 02191 sip • - e • I s- 11111Ut serow 3 196 ..s rr = •-•-• " • ir • • • 197 A typical. traditional Cal graduation TP:7-0 t: • I f4 • A. ;eV? • !or • • • e • • IL C! . • Trrirm•fl 111 frit " 1 Ase.4 Ji m 198 SENIORS St:131131 301 13108 Roderic B. Park The theme of the College of Letters and Science is wholeness of knowledge, a concern which results in a variety of departmental programs. There are 51 departmental majors, ranging from Art to Zoology. In addition there are group majors in areas such as Asian Studies. Film, Neurobiology and Women ' s Studies, and field majors in Humanities. Biological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences, and individual major programs designed by the student with support of the college dean. Thus the number of options available to students outside traditional disciplines are many and varied. For an L S student, the first two years are a time of exploration. experimentation and decision, the last two of experience and specialization in a major program. This four-year academic study leads to the Bachelor of Arts degree. • • DEBORAH ADAM ' S Rhetoric PATRICIA AISSEN Psychology DONALD ALAMAN Afro American Studies CYNTHIA ALFIERI Political Science Italian TOM ALLER Zoology DEBORAH ALTAMIRANO Anthropology LEE ALTENBERG Genetics SHARON ANDERSON Slavic Lang. Lit. BRENT ANDREW History LORETTA ANTONUCCI English LORRIANE AOCHI English JOHN ARAMBURU ALEXANDER ASHFORD Zoology. L S CATHERINE ATCHESON Biochemistry Bacteriology RUBEN AVELAR Political Science PATRICIA BALDWIN Geography JANIS BALLARD Physical Education LINDA BANDAR Social Welfare WILLIAM BARBAGALLO Sociology NANCY BARKLEY Linguistics 202 PATRICIA BARNUM French EVANGELINE BARR Sociology SALLY BARRY Physical Education PATRICIA BARTLETT English MICHAEL BASAYNE Economic Hist Computer Science BRIAN BASOLO Computer Science MYRON BATTLE Pol. Sc. of Indus. Soc. JAMES BAUDOUIN Pol. Econ. of Indus. Soc. MIKE BAUMGARDNER Social Welfare ANN BECK Linguistics KAREN BEEMAN Linguistics KAREN BEEMAN Linguistics DAVID BEGERT Biology SANDRA BEGIN English GERARD BEIGEL History HOLLY BELLEGARDE Physical Education MARY BELOTE Social Welfare JENNIFER BENDER Sociology LOUISE BENDIK Social Welfare ENID BENNION Anthropology CORALEE BENSON English 203 JONATHAN BERMAN Statistics JOSHUA BERNSTEIN Environmental Studies JULIETTE BETTENCOURT French JANET BIGGERSTAFF Political Science PAUL BERTUCCI Computer Science ERIC BILLITZER English MELINDA BITTAN Political Science SARAH BLACKWELDER Social Science LINDA BOLENBAUGH Physiology MARGARET BOND Pol. Econ. of Indus. Soc. MARTHA BONER Sociology JOEY BONING Pol. So. ROBERTA BORDNER Social Welfare DANIEL BOSSHART International Relations PHYLLIS BRAMSON Pol. So. CHERI BREAULT French THEODORE BREECE Economics DAVID BRENNAN Botany STEPHEN BRET2IUS Comparative Lit. ELIZABETH BRITTAIN Pol. Econ. of Indus. Soc. 204 MARGUERITE BROWN History of Art GINNY BROWNE P01. Sci. GINA BRUSATORI Econ. Soc. Welfare CRAIG BRUZZONE Soc. Sc.. JANIS BULTMAN English MATTHEW BURGIN Music CAROL BURKE Soc. Welfare MEGAN BURNETT History TERESA CADENASSO Soc. Welfare RACHELLE L. CAHN MARETTA CALIMPONG Soc. Welfare CAROLYN CAMPEN Biochemistry REMO CANESSA Economics KARIN CARMIN Pol. So German ALLEN CARPENTER Philosophy CHERYL CASEBEER Development Studies MARY CASSERLY Geography JASMINE CASTILLO Physical Education DIANE CHAN Environmental studies EUGENE CHAN 205 LILLIAN CHAN CHARLES CHANG. JR. Economics BRENDA CHAUDHRI Mythology ADAM CHEN Biochemistry ANTHONY CHENG Biochemistry PAULA CHENG Computer Sc ' , LILA CHESNUT Anthropology TOM CHEW GEOFFREY CHIN Geography BRIAN CHINN Computer Sc ' . LOUIS CHINN Soc. Sci.-Dey. Psy. BRENDA CHONG Soc. Welfare FRANK CHONG Soc. Welfare Asian Am. Studies LAURENCE CHU Computer Science AMELIA CHUA Frehnch SUSAN CHUN Math WILLIAM CHUNG Physiology KEVIN CLANCY Physics GREG CLARK Rhetoric JAMES CLARK P01. Sc.. 206 207 MICHAEL CLAYMAN Religious Studies CHRISTOPHER CLEGG Pol. Sci. CATHERINE CLEMENS OLGA COBOS RICHARD COHEN Pol. Sc ' . DEBORAH COHON English ELLIS COLEMAN Pol. Sc ' . KARIN COTTA Phy. Education MICHAEL COX Pol. Sci. PAMELA CRITCHFIELD Pol. SC1. CHERYL CROFT Astronomy WILLIAM CROSBY Sociology VALON CROSS Physics. Astronomy EDWARD CUMMING. III Music JEAN CUNNINGHAM Computer Sci. MICHAEL CURRY Comp. Sci. REBECCA DAHLBERG History PAMELA DALLY Development Studies KIEM GANG History RICHARD DANIELS ash ROBERT DAVID Pol. Sci. ILLY( DAVIES Paleontology Geology MARY DEAN Mathematics ELAINE DEANE Rhetoric CYNTHIA DENNIS Comparative Lit. MICHAEL DENNIS Econ omics JONATHAN DENT Rel. Studies Linguistics ELIZABETH DeOCAMPO Soc. Welfare MARGARET DEOCAMPO• EISENBISE Soc. Welfare JANE DEPERALTA Pol. Econ. of Indus. Soc. VERNE DERIMAN History STEVE DeSMITH Pot. Sci. CARMELITA de URIOSTE PETS MARGUERITE DEVAURS Sociology JAMILA DEWJI Zoology MARIO DIAZ Spanish JOSEPH DIGNAN Dramatic Art AMY DOLAN Physical Geography JANE DOLLIVER Soc. So. CARROLL DONAHUE English .108 JANICE DONNELLY English KAHT DORWARD Biology DOUGLAS DOUGLASS Pol. Sc.. CAROL DOWS Italian TAMMIS DOLE History JAMES DUARTE Economics STEVEN DUCA Econ. Pol. Sc.. French ROBERT DUFFALA Economics JAMES DUFFY Pol. Sci. FRANCES DUGAN Bacteriology 8. Immunology MARTIN OURANTE. III History LESLIE DURFEE. JR. Pol. Sc ' . ROSS DYKSTRA Physiology MITCHELL EARLE Pol. Sci Rhetoric YVONNE EASHMAN Linguistic DAVID EDLUND Economics DAVID EHRENBERGER Biochemistry GREG EINHORN JANIS ELLIOTT Sociology MEGHAN ELLIOTT English 204 SCOTT ELLIS Economics GERALD ENGLER Economics KEITH EPSTEIN Economics ROBERT ESKILDSEN Linguistics French DAVID EUBANKS Pol. Sci. BARBARA EVERETT English LUIS FALCOHN JAMES FARNSWORTH Economics DOUGLAS FARRY Art KATHLEEN FEENEY Soc. Welfare JODY FEERST Pol. So THOMAS FERENZ English ANTHONY FERRER Biophysics JAMES FERRY Biological Sc ' . TERESA FINN English THOMAS FITZMORRIS Physics DARRAGH FLYNN Genetics GEORGE FOGELSON History BRIAN FONG History DUANE FONG Zoology 210 RICHARD FONG Anthropology STEPHEN FORD ANTHEA FRANCINE Soc. Welfare KATHRYN FRANOTOVICH Anthropology LINDA FRANZ Sociology KATHY FRARY Anthropology Sociology KENNETH FRASER Slavic Lang. Lit. STEPHANIE FREE Pol. Sci. WILLIAM FREITAS Mathematics ALAN FRIEDMAN Biochemistry MELISSA FROST Soc. Welfare NICHOLAS FRUDAKIS Rhetoric BARBARA FRUMENTI Pol. Sci. MARK FRYDMAN Soc. Welfare PETER FULLER Mathematics SUSAN FULLER Soc. Welfare PAUL GAIST Psychology Physiology KATHLEEN GALLOWAY Soc. Sc,. KENNEDY GAMMAGE English MITCHELL GARRETT History TY R. GARRETT Bacteriology KURT N. GAUBATZ Economics EVONNE S. GAYNE English BETTY S. GEE Art History CHUANG S. GERARD Individual Major CATHERINE A. GERATY Social Welfare KATHLEEN M. GIBSON English MAUREEN ELIZABETH GILBERT English DALE K. GILL Physics EDMUND SANFORD GLOVER JR. Economics SUZANNE E. GOLDMAN Math JOHN M. COMES Biological Science JOSEPH F. GRACEFFO English KAREN A. GRAY Social Welfare CAROL L. GRIFFIN Psychology SUSAN L. GRISWOLD Oriental Languages ROBERT J. GUNDERT BARRY L. GURMAN Economics ELIZABETH I. HAGER Spanish PETER S. HALEY Physical Sciences 212 PATRICIA LYNNE HAMBRICK KENNETH R. HAMMOND Computer Science NICHOLAS THEODORE HARITON Psychology SUSAN LEIANN HARKER Psychology SHEILA M. HARRINGTON Political Science REED J. HARRIS Biochemistry CATHERINE L. HARRISON Zollogy SUSAN E. HAUS English CAROLE K. HAYAKAWA Applied Mathematics KAREN MARIE HEALY English Literature KAREN P. HELGANS Psychology KAREN JOYCE HELLER Sociology LINDA J. HENNING Bacteriology JODY A. HENSEL Physiology JOSEPH ALAN HERNANDEZ Political Science ZONA G. HERNANDEZ Social Welfare WENDY LYNN HESSE History DIANA M. HEYER Linguistics JEANNE HING Psychology ALLAN STUART HIRSCH Geography and Economics 713 AMY L. HIZENSKI Political Science DECLAN LAWRENCE HOBAN Rhetoric MATTHEW J. HOLDEN Marine Biology MARTIN K. HOLDRICH Rhetoric Economics LAUREN ANNE HONG Oriental Languages (Chinese) JESSICA M. HOOVER Economics. Political Science JULIE ANN HORTON Political Science VALERIE VENITA HOTZ Rhetoric WILLIAM OTIS HOWLAND JR. Political Science DAWN L. HULL Zoology WILLIAM P. HUNG Environ. Sci. KATHERINE INDERKUM Political Science PENNIE ITO ABOLFAILNAZIRI-IZADNESHAN Psychology MARTIN JACKMAN Zoology TERYCE ANNE JAMES Spanish VINCENT KEITH JAMES Political Science KAREN J. JENSEN Economics CHRISTOPHER K. JEONG Physiology HAROLD WOODWARD JEWTT 214 CHRISTINE ANN JOHANSSON English HELEN K. JOHNSON English HELEN L. JOHNSON Psychology PATRICIA JOAN JOHNSON Political Science and Anthropology PEGGY 0. JOHNSON Biology RONALD A. JOHNSON Physical Education STUART E. JONES Political Science KENNETH ALAN JORDAN Computer Science HERMAN BING JUE LEONARD ALAN KALM Psychology JANET P. KAPSTEIN History DEAN G. KARDASSAKIS Psychology JUDITH ANNE KAUFFMAN Practice of Art EITHNE F. KEELAGHAN Applied Mathematics STEVE W. KEELER English RICHELLE D. KELLNER Econ. of Indus. Soc. NANCY B. KENNEDY English PAUL TRAVIS KENNEDY Computer Science and Applied Math ELENA P. KIM LANI M. KLEINHANS Political Science 215 SUSAN J. KLINE Art History MARYBETH KLOSER Social Welfare JANE GRACE KOCH Geology KIMBALL EVAN KOCH Economics LUCY YUN KOH French JUDY W. KONG Psychology and Social Welfare JAMES M. KOOLER GABRIELLE KOSINSKI Psychology KENNETH W. KOSSOFF Political Science MARGARET KURODA Sociology CHARLES FREDERICK KURTZ Biology Botany WENDY JERY KWONG Psychology RAYMOND J. LACEY Geography LAURA ESTHER LAKE Pol. Econ. of Indus. Soc. STANLEY IRA LAKE Mathematics for Teachers PERRY L LANGE Physical Education DANIEL YIU TING LAU Bacteriology HANNE LAURIDSEN History of Art and Art GAIL S. LEBOVIC Physiology BRIAN DAVID LEE Political Science 216 SUNG R. LEE Economics ELLEN J. LEIBY Greek JOE L. LEITMANN BARBARA CELESTE LEMASTER Linguistics and Anthropology SARY LENG Political Science CHRISTINE P. LEONG Bacteriology COREY JENNELL LEONG Zoology JANE LOUISE LEPISTO Biology HENRY K. H. LEUNG Biochemistry DONALD S. LEW Biological Sciences THOMAS R. LEY Economics ANDREW K. LICHT Economics BONNIE J. LIDDLE POI. Econ. of Indus. Soc. DREW R. LIEBERT History RAYMOND CHI.YAN LING Political Science and Computer Science GREGORY C. LINTNER Economic History ELLEN ANN LINTZ Sociology MARK S. LIPIAN Psychology SUSAN A. LISKER Political Science PATRICIA ELIZABETH LOCKARY Political Science Ill TERESA CHARL LONG Zoology LAUREN S. LOPEZ Biochemistry ROBIN MICHELE LOU Zoology MICHAEL Y. LOUIE Political Science RICHARD E. LUCAS English LISA M. LUCHETA Anthropology LESLIE P. LUNDBERG Psychology KATHRYN MACKENZIE Anthropology ROSANA H. MADRIGAL Comparative Literature PEGGY S. MAINOR History ROGER MAK Economics PAMELA H. MALNBURG -SAHIN Earth Sciences SHARON RAE MANASEVIT Social Welfare JONATHAN A. MANHEIM Molecular Biology DOUGLAS H. MAR Physio logy JOSEPH N. MARCELLINO Computer Science MARIA C. MARIAN ' ROBIN S. MARILL Dramatic Arts PATRICIA A. MARSHALL English Literature SHARON LOY MARTINEZ Sociology 218 M. MAYUMI 0. MATSON Social Welfare KEITH RANDALL MATSUI Bacteriology MARSHA LOU MATSUNAGA Biology JANICE M. MAY Social Welfare RANDI A. MAYEM Political Science SHARI I. MAZUR Psychology DOUGLASS W. MC CASLANO Applied Math MARGARET ANN MC CREA Rhetoric MARY ELIZABETH MC CREA English French SUSAN J. MC DANIEL Biological Science CHERYL L. MC DONALD Political Science TERENCE JAMES MC DONOUGH Political Science CAITLIN M. MC GAW Anthropology L. MC NIEL Applied Math BETH M. MC QUILLAN English MIRIAM S. MELLEN Anthropology GARY D. MELNICK History ALISON L. MERWIN Social Welfare MONTE S. MEYERS Geography and French DEBORAH R. MICHAELIDES Biology 219 ANDREW W. MILLAR Psychology BILLY BRUCE MILLER Political Science SHARON ANN MILLER Anthropology MAXINE S. MOK Bacteriology CHERYL TERESA MOORE Social Science Field Major JAMES MICHAEL MOORE Bacteriology and Immounology PAMELA MARIE MORRISON English TIMOTHY R. MORTON Economics KATHLEEN MARIE MOSSI Social Welfare STANLEY KIMOTHO MUKABI Economics BRIAN G. MURPHY Zoology SCOTT EDWARD MURRAY History TIM J NADER Political Science LYNN Y. NAGAFUJI Social Welfare PATRICIA NAKAO Social Welfare DAVID F. NASON Psychology MANUEL JIMENEZ NAVARETE Political Science and Economics MICHAEL ANDREW NEAL Political Science MARY KAY NEFF Economics RANDY ERIC NELSON Sociology 220 RICHARD E. NERVIK Economics RICHARD SLATER NESDALE Communication Arts DIANE M NEUDEK Psychology and Sociology KEITH T. NG Bacteriology SUSAN M. NISHIZAKA Political Science AMY JANE NIXON History MARGRET MAIJA NORTHCROFT Art History JILL S. NOVASCONE English MARGARET M. NOVENCIDO English LIVINUS UGWEGBU NWADIKE Development Economics WILLIAM P. O ' DONNELL Social Sciences MARY J. O ' DRAIN Anthropology 50MI OH Genetics SHARON R. OLDS Applied Mathematics JANIE LEA OLOFSON Anthropology LEWIS NATHANIEL ORR Pyschology ELIZABETH L. OSBORNE Psychology MIMI OVERTON Economics ROBERT LEWIS OWEN Sociology VIRGINIA R. C. OWEN Film 221 VERNA DEAN OWENS Political Science ROBERT ARTHUR PACKENHAM Economics LESLIE A. PAHL German and Political Science KIM L. PARKER English and Linguistics JANE PATOCCHI Medical Physics LUCIENNE PATTISON English MARION L. PAULSON LAURIE A. PAVLINA English KAREN S. PELL English KENNETH M. PERSCHEID History MICHAEL PATRICK PERT History MARK L. PETTINARI Political Science DANA PEUGH Physical Education RATANA PHONGPRATEEP Political Science NEWMAN B. PICKERING Political Science ANTHONY MICHAEL PLEVA Physics MITCHELL POMERANTZ Political Science SALLIE L. POOLE Economics ELIZABETH THERESA POPPETT History JOAN C. PORTER Social Science 222 JEFFREY G. POULIN Geology ALEXANDER J. POULOS Economics ROBERT A. PRENTISS GREGORY STEVEN PRESCOTT Pol. Econ. of Indus. Soc. SHIELA IRENE PRESCOTT Computer Science KAREN PRESSLER Art ROXANN R. PRESTON Biology SHERRIE L. PREZANT Social Welfare CHARLIE OLIVER PRICE III Art DONNA L. PROBERT Social Welfare JULEE L. RAISKIN English and Comparative Health Care MARK A. RAKICH Economics and Political Science MARISSA V. RAMOS Bacteriology PEDRO RAMOS Dramatic Arts ELIZABETH M. It READ Comparative Literature MARK V. RAYNARD Economics EVAN G. READE Political Science TONI F. REED English KATHLEEN A. REID Social Welfare KIMBERLY RHINE Social Welfare 223 STEVEN RICHARD RHOADS Political Science SUSAN LYNNE RICHARDSON Social Welfare JON RICHMOND English and Economics RICHARD L. RILEY Pol. Econ. of Indus. Soc. ANNA PERKINS ROBINSON Economics COLLEEN P. ROBINSON Social Science MARIE E. RODRIGUES Linguistics LOUISE R. RONDESTVEDT Social Welfare BETSY R. ROSENTHAL Social Welfare MARK A. ROSS English THOMAS P. ROSS Political Science DIANE GAIL ROUKES Zoology KIMBERLY ROUNDTREE Physical Geography REID M. RUBSAMEN Biochemistry and Computer Science DEBRA A. RUNYAN Social Welfare SUZAN J. SALTER Geography: Cultural. Environmental KAREN G. SAM Social Welfare MARK A. SAMUALS History ANDREA SAVEDRA Political Science STEPHEN S. SAYAD Economics 224 SARAH E. SCHAFER Biochemistry JEFFREY DAVID SCHECHTER Biology RICHARD ALAN SCHERB History NORMAN P. SCHIFF DIGS.Social Science PHILIP R. SCHLECHT English VICKIE L. SCHMIDT Psychology and Philosophy SHARLENE ANN SCHNEIER Sociology SARAH LYNN SCHNUGG Psychology JON M. SCOTT Zoology RANDY R. SCOTT Economics ROGER LOWELL SCOTT English MARGARET E. SCULLY Anthropology MERYL A. SHADER Political Science NEIL S. SHAPIRO Biological Science LUCY ANN SHAWHAN Medical Physics SHIBA Bacteriology STEVEN C. SHIFFLETT Neurobiology RONALD A. SHIGEZUMI Economics YUNGSOON SHIN Statistics PAUL J. SIMONDS English 115 ELIZABETH L. SIMPSON Social Science Field Major ALLAN H. Sill Biochemistry JANE L. SKEELS Social Welfare KAREN A. SMITH Political Science MICHAEL K. SMITH Geography STACY ELLEN SNOW Biology TERESA A. SORISIO Sociology DIANE M. SOUZA Math for Teachers PAUL ANDREW SPIEGEL History NICHOLAS STAVRINIDES Classical Languages MARIANNE T. STECHE History and Scandinavian RICHARD E. STONY Po. Econ. of Indus. Soc. ELIZABETH D. STERN • Scandinavian CLAUDIA STOCK Soc. Welfare Pub. Health KATIE MARSHALL STUART Political Science LARRY J. SUE Math for Teachers Chem. 226 DAVID T. SUEZAKI Psychology MARK SULLIVAN Economics JOHN DAVIES SUTTON Dramatic Arts SUSANNE REITER SWANSON Art GARY E. TAVETIAN History JANE DEBRA TERRY Economics JULIA ANN THEODORE Zoology ROGER FREDERIC THOM Bacteriology OLLEITA M. THOMAS AnthrOPOlOgY RUTHIE M. THOMPSON English 8 Journalism LAUREN B. THOR Rhetoric KIMBERLY S. TINLIN Political Science CAROLYN F. TOBIASON Political Science GISELE AVON TOMPKINS English ANTOINETTE LOUISE TORRES Psychology VICTOR M. TOY Environ. Studies Biology 227 DONALD E. TRIGLIA STEVEN ELLIOTT TRIPP History BETTY ELLEN TRUBITT Sociology STEVEN T. TSCHANTZ Mathematics KARL S. TSUJI Geology JANET Y. TSUJIMOTO Physical Education JOSEPH PATRICK TUNG Biochemistry RONALD 8. TUROVSKY Poll. Sci. Journalism CYNTHIA WALES TUTHILL Biochemistry MARY JANE TYLER AILEEN REIKO UCHIDA ANN VANDENBURG French DOUGLAS R. VAN WICK Environ. Studies Biology CAROLE N. VEISS Anthropology LINDA J. VIGEANT English TERESA Y. VISKOVICH Economics 228 ERIC R. WAITS Biological Science WALKER KELLEY A. WALSH Social welfare AMY G. WANDEL Biology STEVEN D. WASAY History VALERIE A. WASHINGTON Biology AILEEN NAGAKO WATANABE Biochemistry NANCY C. WEBBER Social Science EILLEY KATHERINE WEDDLE English LOUIS N. WEINER Music JEFFREY L. WESTCOTT Social Science KURT RODNEY WHARTON Physiology TYR 0. WILBANKS Molecular Biology ALAN JOSEPH WILHELMY Political Science CLYDE A. WILLIAMS EMILY ANNE WILLIAMS Dutch Studies 229 SHELLEY D. WILLIAMS Bacteriology Immunology CAROL L. WILLOUGHBY Economics Emnron. Studies BARBARA L. WISHINGRAD History TANYA B. WOOINSKY English TERESA L. WOLF KIM C. Y OLLENBERG Psychology DEBORAH L. WONG Social Welfare DIANA WONG Phys. Ed. Soc. Welfare HOMER T. WONG Computer Science JULIE ANN WONG RONALD L. WONG Economics ANNA W. WOO Social Welfare GARY S. WOO Bacteriology Biochemistry • LINA WOO Social Welfare BEVERLY WOOD Economics LINDA WOOD Italian 230 MICHAEL J. WRAY Geology ALICE E. WRIGHT German JERI DAWN WRIGHT Biochemistry ROBERT YEE Economies RITA YERAKA Environ. Stud Elio. Sc.. SANDRA W. YIP Political Science DAVID R. YOUNG Biochemistry JERRIE H. YOUNG Sociology CARRIE Y. N. YU Oriental Language EDWARD L. YU Art DANUTA M. ZARODA English Intl. Relats. LAURA M. ZEHNDER Sociology SHARON D. ZEMON Political Science DAVID V. ZOVICKIAN Zoology CLARKE BARRETT Pol. Econ. of Indus. Soc SCOTT L. STEWART Physical Education ENGINEERING Ernest K. Kuh The Engineering student must be well-grounded in the sciences, humanities and social sciences, and must gain full control of the principles and practices of the profession. Their undergraduate studies are four- year programs in one of the following professional fields: Civil Engineering. Electrical Engineering, and Computer Sciences, Industrial Engineering and Operations Research, Manufacturing Engineering. Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science and Engineering. In addition, the engineering major can choose to organize an individual major emphasis or a double major. Graduates from the engineering department have studied both environmental concerns and mechanical systems. and their effects on soil and foundation engineering, reinforced concrete design. water quality and transportation. 233 LOIS M. ACKER Industrial Engineering RICHARD M. ALTER Engineering•EECS RIC 8. APPLING Mechanical and Nuclear Engineering BRUCE G. ARMSTRONG Electrical Engineering SCOTT V. BAKER VIOLET BARGHESHARGHI Bio•ngineering THOMAS JOHN BECKMAN Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. PETER H. BELLOWS Civil Engineering DOUGLASS P. BERGH Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. JONATHAN BERNARD Electrical Engineering DALE E. BERNER Civil Engineering NATARAJ BHADRIRAJU Electrical Engineering EDWARD W. BOSCACCI JR. Civil Engineering DANIEL P. BOYLE EECS•Bioelectronics ROY J. BUIS Civil Engineering CARL C. CHAN Civil Engineering TALUS YOUNG CHANG Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sei. DAVID P. CHENGSON Elect. Eng. and Comp. SO. PING CHOU Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. CHING CHU Mechanical Engineering 234 WEI CHU Me chanical Engineering STEPHEN J. CLARK Indus. Eng. and Oper. Rsrch. FRANK LAWRENCE CODD Civil Engineering KEVIN M. COUNTRYMAN Civil Engineering JOHN G. E. DAVENPORT Mechanical Engineering MICHELLE M. DEROBERTIS Civi l Engineering BRIAN P. DOUGHERTY Electrical Engineering GEORGE L. ELDRIDGE Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. WAYNE H. ENG Indus. Eng. and Oper. Rsrch. EDDY ALEXANDER FATTOUH Civil Engineering PHILIP F. FONG Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. ROBERT Y. FONG Mechanical Engineering RANDOLPH E. FOX Electrical Engineering DOUGLAS L. FRINK Engineering Geoscience JAN LYNN GARFINKLE Bioengineering ROBERT A. GOADY Mechanical Engineering STEPHEN D. GOETSCH Civil Engineering JEFFREY PAUL GUNDER Mechanical Engineering JOHN RANDOLPH HAAG Mech. Eng. and Nuc. Eng. JAMES E. HAKANSON Indus. Eng. and Oper. Rsrch. 235 DONALD E. HELLING Mech. Eng. and Mater. Sci. Eng. JASMINE M. HINTON Material Science Engineering SUSAN S. HONG Civil Engineering MERLE M. HOSAIN Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. JON HOSHIZAKI Mechanical Engineering RODY K. ISHII Industrial Engineering MATTHEW J. IVARY Mechanical Engineering MAZEN I. JABBAN Civil Engineering KEITH JEW Electrical Engineering NOEL LARS JOHNSON Bioengineering KHAN AURANGZEB KAMAL Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci: Nuc. Eng. THOMAS J. KARDOS JAMES D. KAWAMOTO Civil Engineering JEFFREY C. KELLY Mechanical Engineering JAHMSHED N. KHAN Electrical Engineering JON P. KILAND Civil Engineering TERRENCE W. K. KOP Elect. Eng. and Comp. So. ALBERT EINSTEIN LASSITER Elect. Eng. and Comp. So. CYNTHIA ELAINE LEE Indus. Eng. and Oder. Rsrch. SONGKUN LEE Electrical Engineering 236 STEWART WILLIAM LENZ Mechanical Engineering YIN LIE Civil Engineering JEFFREY CHARLES LOTZ RICHARD B. MAC CONNELL Mechanical Engineering BRUCE KENNETH MC GREW Electrical Engineering JAMES E. MELLERS Mechanical Engineering MARK M. MILANI Engineering Geoscience MICHAEL E. MILANI Civil Engineering DOUGLAS G. MILLER Bioengineering GALE A. MURAOKA PHUC V. NGUYEN Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. KENNETH M. NITTA Bioengineering MARCELINO R. NOGUEIRO Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. ALVIN M. OGA Elect. Eng Comp. Sci.; Mat. Sci. Eng. PAUL F. OLIVERIO Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. RONALD E. OSBORNE Indus. Eng. and Oper. Rsrch JAMES G. O ' YOUNG Mechanical Engineering ZUBAIR KASIM PAREKH Civil Engineering RICHARD PATTON JR. Mechanical Engineering ANDREI A. POGOZELSKI Mechanical Engineering 237 TOM PRESCOTT Mechanical Engineering STEVEN M. REA Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. STEPHEN PETER REAMES Electrical Engineering WAYNE A. RECHNITZ Mechanical Engineering KEVIN C. REILLY Manufacturing Engineering JAMES HILDEBRAND ROBERTS Civil Engineering RICHARD K. RUSSELL JR. Industrial Engineering STEVE B. SANDS Electrical Engineering RICHARD L. SHAW JR. Mechanical Engineering WAYNE SHEN Bioengineering PUI•SHUM BENSON SHING ROBERT J. SIMONOFF Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. MICHELE ANN SKINNER Civil Engineering HANN KHONG SO KAREN D. SPINARDI Civil Engineering ROBERT J. STELLMAN Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. PETER RAY STROGANOFF Indus. Eng. and Oper. Rsrch. JEFFREY ROBERT THOMAS Civil Engineering ROBERT LEE THOMAS JR. Civil Engineering HENRY MICHAEL TOVAR Electrical Engineering 238 CHRISTOPHER M. TS01 Electrical Engineering GARY W. UNG Civil Engineering MARK EDWARD VALENTINE Computer Science KHUONG VINH Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. SOMNUR PETER VORAMETSANSTI Civil Engineering STEPHEN H. WATSON Mechanical and Materials Science MARK G. WEIR Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. JAMES G. WHITE Indus. Eng. and Oper. Ruch. PETER HEINRICH WOLF Indus. Eng. and Oper. Rsrch. STEVEN D. WOLF Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. COREY J. WONG Indus. Eng. and Oper. RSrCh. MELVIN WONG Civil Engineering SCOTT D. WOODWORTH Mater. Sc. and Nuc. Eng. DOMINIC WU Elect. Eng. and Comp. Sci. THOMAS T. WU Civ. Engin. (Construction) 239 NOLLVELLSINIINGV SS3NIS1118 opt Earl F. Cheri Graduates from the School of Business Administration are ready for responsible positions in administration and management. Students in this field analyze price systems, business fluctuations, and forecasts, and the social and political environment of business. They choose to emphasize their interests in one of the following areas: Accounting. Applied Economics. Finance. Management Science, Marketing. Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations. Production Management. Real Estate and Urban Land Econoics or Transportation. These students follow a curriculum leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. Undergraduates with strong academic records are admitted into this school at the junior level. 241 JANET ANDERSON Business Administration MAURICE AUSTIN Business Administration MARK BAGNALL Busn Business Administration JOHN BENGTSON Finance MICHAEL BENTIVOGLIO Business Administration WILLIAM M. BLAINE III MARK I. BLAZE Bus. Adm. Finance SALLIE M. BOLDING Bus. Adm. Marketing DAVID BROMBERG Business Administration TERESE ANN CALLAHAN Business Administration DEBORAH R. CHATMAN Accounting and Finance VIVIAN B. CHATTEY Business Administration FRANK FUNG CHEUNG Accounting and Finance CANDICE C. CLARK Business Administration BUFFY E. CLOUSE Accounting and Finance SANDRA T. CORTES Accounting and Finance DEBORAH A. DASOVICH Business Administration PETER J.L. deVRIES Business Administration LISA ELLIOT Business Administration ROBERT A EVE Business Administration 242 FRANCIS W.S. FOK Business Administration MARK S. FREEMAN Business Administration DIANNE K. FURUYA RAYMOND G. GAGNE Business Administration PHILLIP S. GONG Accounting JEFFREY C. GRADY Business Administration DEBRA A. GROVE Business Administration JOHN GUDMUNDSON Business Administration LAWRENCE M. GUSLANI Business Administration DONNA D. HAM Bus. Adm. Accounting LESLIE MARGARET HARDIN Bus. Adm. Acct. and Fin. RICHARD T. HARRER Accounting. Real Estate JOHN W. HART Business Administration MARY ANNE HAYS Business Administration JAMES ALAN HEFFERNAN Business Administration GREGORY H. HILL Finance and Accounting JOHN E. HOFFMAN Business Administration DAVID J. IDA Bus. Adm. Accounting RICHARD J. JACINTO Business Administration RICHARD D. JENSEN Finance and Marketing 243 PAUL A. JOHNSON Business Administration PATRICIA L. JUMP Accounting TOM C. JUNG STEVEN KAPLAN Business Administration SUSAN D. KENNEDY Bus. Adm. Acct. and Fin. PATRICK A. KERWIN Business MICHAEL J. KINANE Business Administration LYNN KITAGAKI Marketing NANCY NORRIS KNUDSEN Business Administration RICHARD KEN KUROMOTO Bus. Adm. Acct. and Fin. SHELLY C. (Al Business Administration JEFFREY P. LaMONT Bus. Adm. Mktg. real est. JAMES IRA LANDRES Business Administration LAURENCE ANDREW LAVENDEL Business Administration MICHAEL D. LEONARD Business Administration STEPHEN JOHN LEUTZA Accounting MARK S. LEWIS Business Administration ANNETTE L. LIM Business Administration ROBIN S. LIM Business Administration BRUCE J. LITCHFIELD SCOTT K. LITTLE Acct. Finance Marketing CHRISTIAN H. LUNDQUIST Business AdministratiOn ROBERT PETER MAH Accounting Finance SHAHZAD MANZOOR JUDY ESTHER MARX Accounting BRADLEY K. MC BRIDE Business Administration S. ELISABETH MC CLURE Business Adm. Accounting KATHLEEN A. MC ELROY Business Administration CHARLES S. MILLER Business Administration DANIEL L. MILLER Business Adm. Finance JULIE CLAIRE MILLER Business Adm. Accounting KATHLEEN M. MOFFETT Business Administration KENT W. MONTGOMERY Bus. Adm.. Acctng. Finance RICHARD .1. MUEN TER Marketing DORA S. NG LINDA M. NG Marketing 245 REGINO P. F. NIEGO Business Administration DEREK J. NORRIS Business Adm. Accounting VINCENT P. OPPERHEIM Business Administration KAREN S. PELHAM Business Administration SCOTT COURTNEY PORTER Finance Marketing JOSEPH A. RAK AUSKAS SHERRI I.. REPLOGLE KEITH O ' NEAL RICHMOND Business Administration NANCY M. RIDDLE Accounting EDWARD J. WELL! JR. Accounting SHARON JEAN RUSCONI Business Administration TARY E. SALINGER KELLY SCOTT Business Administration HANG-CHONG CLIFF SEE Finance Marketing ROBERT SHAPIRO Business Administration LINDA G. SILVA Business Adm. Accounting 246 PETER W. STEINFIELD Business Administration MARY B. STEVENS Business Administration SUSAN D. STITT Business Administration DONALD N. STRAUSS Business Administration CALI SUTTER Bus. Adm. Acctng and Mktg. GEORGE T. TABATA Business Administration LISA M TORRES Bus. Adm.. Acctng and Finance HASAN M. USMANI Bus. Adm. and Development Stud. CLAY A. WARD Accounting and Finance STANLEY M. WESSELS Bus. Adm.. Acctng and Finance JEFFREY A. WHITE Business Administration ROBIN LYNN WYTHE Business Administration PERCY S. YANG Accounting and Finance TERRY L. YOUNG Business Administration HAROLD J. ZECHER 247 s3ounosau ivsnivN David E. Schlegel The academic programs offered by the College of Natural Resources focus on the physical, biological, technical and social processes that people use to produce and utilize the food, fiber and other materials that they require. The Undergraduate programs serve the needs of students interested in careers in the biological sciences and of students in the pre-medical and other health-oriented fields. Majors in the Biology of Natural Resources and Food. Nutrition and Dietetics stress the sciences and disciplines that are basic to the nutritional values and conservation of renewable natural resources. Other majors. Conservation of Natural Resources and Political Economy of Natural Resources offer broad, flexible programs for students who are motivated and concerned by public issues in the fields of population. renewable natural resources, resource economics and environment. Still other majors aim toward professional careers requiring extensive, specialized academic training, such as Forestry, Pest Management. Wood Science and Technology, a professional program in dietetics and a pre-veterinary program. 7s0 DAVID C. BERTA Wood Science and Technology JAMES E. BITTNR Forestry ALAN KURT BRUNE Forestry MARK J. CALLAN Food Science and Nutrition JEAN MARIE CASUCCI Nutrition ANNA CHENG Food Science CONSTANCE CHING Food Sci.. Nutri. and Diet. THOMAS P. DAVIS Forestry ROGER A. DE HAVEN Forestry WANDA G. FARRAJ Nutrition and Food Technology MARLENE C. FONG Nutr.. Food Sci.. Diet. DENICE C. FOREHLICH Biology of Natural Resources DOUGLAS DENA GAFFIN Forestry RUSSELL NORMAN GREEN Poht. Econ. of Nat. Res. ROGER T. HACHETT Petit. Econ. of Nat. Res. JULIE A. HUBBARD Dietetics 250 ERIK M. JORGENSEN ESQ. Animal Resources ESTHER KWAN NUtritional Sciences CURTIS D. LEVIANT Natural Resourses ELLEN M. LI Nutrition EMMY L. LI Nutrition STEVEN RICHARD LOWENTHAL Pat. Econ. of Nat. Res. JILL W. LOWNSBERY Forestry JOYCE 0. LUM Wood Science and Technology CLIFFORD OWEN MARKS Biology of Natural Resources ROBIN HEATHER MC CLEARY Conserv. of Nat. Recourses RICHARD W. MC GREEVEY Polit. Econ. of Nat. Res. JEAN HILL MC GROGAN Food. Nutrition and Diatetics JENNIFER MC RAE Soil Research Managment KATHERINE LAWRIE MILLS Nutrition Science MARTIN R. MOCHIZUKI Pest Management JIM JOSEPH MOITA Poht. Econ. of Nat. Res. IS1 CHRISTOPHER H. MOSHER Forestry MARGARET ANN MURPHY Forestry MARK J. OWYA G Conserv. of Nat. Resources HAE-.100 PARK Food and Nutritional Science MARK HOWARD PLANK Forestry GARY M. PROBERT Soil Resourse Management JESSE EUGENE ROSENQUIST Forestry IRENE T. SCHANBERGER Polat. Econ. of Nat. Res. SHARON N. SOLKOWITZ Conserv. of Nat. Resources BRENDA L. SOMERS Conserv. of Nat. Resources MONA C. SOO HOO Conserv. of Nat. Resources EDDY R. STRUFFENEGGER Forestry W. RANDALL TEDDER Genetics DAVID IVAN TEMIANKA Conserv. of Nat. Resources SUZANNE B. TOCCI Posit. Econ. of Nat. Res. NATALIE TOMITCH Nutrition 252 KAREN J. TOY Biology of Natural Resources SUSAN A. TREBINO Nutrition VICKI M. VILLATA Nutrition CINDA K. VOLGA Nutrition STEVE D. WASHBURN Nutrition THERON K. WONG Food. Nutrition and Dietetics ELLEN MARIE WYNNE Polit. Econ. of Nat. Res. JANICE AKIKO YASUDA Dietetics ALLISON LYNNE YOUNG Nutrition 253 Noism 1V1N3YYN01:11AN3 Richard Bender Students in the College of Environmental Design can be identified by the large black portfolios under their arms and the T-squares tucked into their backpacks. They have matered the fine art disciplines of line perspectives and vanishing points, as well as the technical studies of lighting, acoustics and ecosystems. The College of Environmental Design is comprised of the Architecture, City and Regional Planning and Landscape Architecture departments. There are also programs in Environmental Design and Visual Design. Undergraduates of the Environmental Design college follow a four-year curriculum leading to the Bachelor of Arts with a major in either Architecture or Landscape Architecture. Individual majors and a limited pro- ram in Visual Design are available for continuing students. 2SS RODNEY DALE BARGER Architecture GREGORY E. BLACKBURN Architecture JOHN CHAN Architecture JERRY CHODAK Architecture KIM ELAINE CLARK Visual Design SUZANNE ELIZABETH COLE Architecture MARILYN L. CRENSHAW Architecture LESLIE K. deBOER Architecture SUZANNE E. GROSS Architecture GREGG T. HERMAN Architecture RICHARD JOHN HEUER III Architecture DORINE J. HOLSEY Architecture CAROLYN JEANNE IVEY Architecture SCOTT ALBERT JANES Architecture BRYAN 0. JOHNSON Architecture BENJAMIN P. JONES Architecture SUSAN KAE KIMBALL Architecture LYNN M. KIMOTO Landscape Architecture DAVID HEERWALD LEONARD Architecture MICHAEL S. MONTGOMERY Architecture 256 ROMMEL E. MORENO Architecture Ell NAOR Architecture TERI SUE RAVEL Landscape Architecture GREGORY ROGERS Architecture KAREN LESLIE SANDERS Landscape Architecture EDWIN DOUGLAS SMITH Architecture MARK B. STEPPAN Architecture VICTORIA ANN TOM Landscape Architecture DONALD C. TOMASI Architecture CAROLYN LEE WALKER Architecture CHERYL M. WHITING Landscape Architecture 257 CHEMISTRY Norman E. Philips Graduating from the College of Chemistry requires long hours of laboratory experiments and a wardrobe of acid-eaten jeans. The college is divided into two departments. the Department of Chemistry and the Department of Chemical Engineering. The vocabulary of the chemistry majorincludes " quantum mechanics " , " spectroscopy of simple molecules " and " multi-step synthesis " . Advanced study in chemistry allows students to specialize chemistry in related fields. such as biology, geology. metallurgy, nuclear engineering, ceramic engineering, or to complate pre-med requirements. The studies of the chemical engineer deal with classes such as Chemical Kinetics of Industrial Processes, Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer Processes and Chemical Engineering Therodynamics. Interdisciplinary options now available for an in-depth alternative include space systems, earth and ocean sciences. environmental balances and food resources and processing. 259 JOURNALISM 260 Edwin R. Bayley The School of Journalism operates on the principle that a journalist combines a broad general education and superior writing skills with the techniques and background of the profession. Classes in Journalism range from discussions with different journalistic professionals, propaganda in the Mass Media, issues in television journalism to supervised journalism experience in off-campus organizations. The A.B. program is designed for the undergraduate double major student. This dual degree bachelor ' s program also demands a broad liberal a rts education, suitable for students who don ' t plan to continue with graduate work in journalism. The Master of Journalism program provides training in the tradition and principles of the profession combined with the other academic disciplines of journalism subject matter. 261 OPTOMETRY 262 Dr. Irving Fatt Graduates from the School of Optometry are trained in the principles of anatomy, optics. phusiology and psychology. They become aware of both the environmental and personal factors influencing visual performance. The first•year optometry student studies advanced sciences as background for the second and third year optical sciences and technical skills. The fourth year is devoted to the practice of optometry and the detailed study of specialized areas. An undergraduate program in physiological optics, which leads to the B.S. degree, prepares students for the graduate program in physiological optics rather than the practice of optometry. 263 EDUCATION ROBERT B. RUDDELL DEAN Training in the School of Education is primarily a. graduate program, although classes and teaching programs are offered to the graduate student. There are three principle areas of study: a teaching credential program geared for teaching positions in public schools; programs leading toward credentials for administrative and pupil personnel services in the public schools; and degree programs, both academic (M.A. and Ph.D) and professional (M.A.T. and Ed. D) Upper division classes which prepare undergraduates for the field of education explore the Alternative Education movement, the exceptional child. minorities in the American education system and school psychology. These courses often include laboratory work, field studies or simulated teaching experiences. 265 ROBERT L. BRAINARD Organic Chemistry PATRICIA CLARE DOOLEY Chemical Engineering RICHARD A. IKEDA Chemistry BO Y. KIM ROBERT KWONG MITRA LAHIDJI Chemical Engineering FELIX G. NGAN Chemical Engineering NUTAN K. PANDE Chemical Engineering MARK PETERSON Chemistry ROBERT H. REAMEY Chemistry DAVID P. ROGERS Chemistry Applied Math ANTHONY P. SAWAYA Chemistry and Chem. Engmeerir RAYMOND M. SHISHIDO Chemical Engineering ARDEMIS TAJIRIAN Chemistry RICKY H.P. TANG Chemical Engineering NILUFAR TAVANA Chemical Engineering JOHN CLIFTON VETTER Chemical Engineering WILLIAM A. WOODS Chemical Engineering BERNARD J. WU Chemical Engineering 266 JACKIE R. BLOSSOM Native American Studies YOKO JUNG Ethnic Studies RAUL E. PENA Rhetoric; Chicano Studies KAREN J. WILLIAMS Native American Studies WILLIAM R. BUCHANAN Journalism and English JOHN WILTSHIRE Journalism and Art HOLLIS L. STAVN Optometry PATRICIA LUNDBURG Architecture ALAN D. MINSK Astronomy 267 270 EVANGELISM ON CAMPUS r • 7,0, 11! et. .• tb ,:1 -.: f 271 ?LZ SNOLLVZINVOLIO sn0lJrn2l EDITORIAL STAFF r r Business Manager Sandra Cortes Production Editor Mark Kelsey Sports Editor Brian Fong Assistant Sports Editor Gerald Seam Assistant Editor-in.Chiel Elizabeth Clayton Assistant Editor Allison Michael 174 Layout Staff (Let to Right) Elizabeth Clayton. Ka. ren Erickson. Allison Michael. Absent from pic- ture: Thomas Wornham. Carrie Lowe. Advertising Salesperson Beverly Wood Advertising Salesperson Richard Leber Blue Gold Advisor Mrs. Raymonde Adams Assistant to the Advisor Susan Forrester 77C HEAD PHOTOGRAPHER: William Fridl STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS: Front row, left to right: Peter Qurrito, Mark Bridgwater. Peter Haley. Back row, left to right: Thomas Blackshear. Barbara Thompson. Judy Bartlett. William Fridl. Absent from picture: Greg Aplet. Nelson Kwok, David Winer. 1978-79 BLUE GOLD STAFF (040ein{lbelwsPattech• 13Jrneti 0040101.% ProArchon Color Spats [Wog Asti t Sporn Editor Photography Head Pnotograohte.Whter a Wel An ' t Ecitorm ChM Ass ' t Echo Ad SaMstrerson AO SYmpeison Aehrsoe Cortes Mark KNIC ran Yong Gerald Sevin Mynd mem women 041 Eh al:frith CLamon Almon 44 natt Bondy Wood Richard Leek. Mrs. Raymond, berm LAYOUT STAFF Elizabeth Clayton Karen Erickson Carrie Lowe Allison Michael Thomas Wornharn PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Greg Aplet Judy Bartlett Thomas Blackshear Mark Bridgwater Peter Haley Nelson Kwok Peter Quinto Barbara Thompson PNOTOGRAPIIER CREDITS 6.48 AOsel 5. 7. 9. 10. 11. 32. 33. 34. 35. 38. 39 Judy 86. 87. 88. 89. 94. 95 Thomas 8404hear. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 10. 12. 15. 110. 111. 184. 50. 51 Mark 13r4pratee 8. 9. II. 12. 13. IS. 56. 57. 58. 59. 162. 163 Ekon Fong 112. 113. 118. 119 wmam tact 27. 786 Russell Green 4. 16 Peter Khey 8. II. 15. 18. 19. 38. 46. 52. 56. 57. 68. 69. 70. 71. 74. 75.90. 92. 96.97. 98. 99. 103. 101. 102. 103. 108. 109. 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120, 121. 126. 127. 183. 184. 186. 187. 192. 193. 194. 195. 201. 270. 271. 272, 273. 276. 50 Barbara hoboes: 13 Nelson Kw, 122. 123. 1%. 197 Men ' s Intercerlemate MIgetrcs 53. 64. 65. 124. 125 IAA Musrmsh 63. 124. 125 Once of Public krtormatron 20. 21. 198. 199. 233. NI. 249. 255. 259. 261. 263 Peter Qurnio 12. 60. 61. 68. 91. 93. 104. 105. 106. 107. 51 Richard Suttee: 30, 31. 48. 49. 78. 79. 132. 133 Barbara Thompson 76. 77. 98. 99 Universal Shshos 128. 129 ChM %epee I. 2. 3. 10. 13. 14. 16. 22. 40. 41. 42. 43. M. 45. 46. 47. 274. 275 vioenen ' s intercollegiate Athletics 54. 55. 62.63. 190. 191 Jeres Yodehon 23. 24. 25. 26. 28. 29. 166 167 Canchth Greek Houser LIMOS Y4.401$06, Thomas EllatIonear. Peter crunto Seas PKWI4S Irnsgeworts ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Contra Costa Times Jim Howell Institutional Services Men ' s Intercollegiate Athletics.Sports Information Service Office of Public Information Office of Student Activities A.S.U.C. Room Reservation Office Universal Studios•Mr. Peter Emmet Women ' s Intercollegiate Athletics-Sports Information Service James Yudelson 276 Fr! 3 ' rr .r ' CHret 1 ' 3•33 ,,, ' t There are several people that I would like to thank for all of their help this past year: Mr. Stephen Berg, Mr. Gary Greer, Ms. Moira McAlister and Ms. Charmaine Ching. of lmageworks, Mr. Jim Howell of Jostens. Mr. Ray Colvig of the Office of Public Information, Mr. Ron Maples of the Office of Student Activities, Mr. Kevin Reneau. the Ass ' t. Public Relations Director of Men ' s Intercollegiate Athletics and Ms. Chris Dawson. the Sports Information Direc- tor of Women ' s Intercollegiate Athletics. I would also like to thank everyone on my staff for the fantastic job that they did this year. Putting together a yearbook is a long and difficult process, but they all worked hard and helped produce a yearbook that we are all proud of. Finally, I would like to thank a few people who have been of a great personal help to me: Sandy Cortes. my harworking and very patient business manager, Liz Clayton and Allison Michael, my two " assistants " who put in many, many hours of hard work, Jim `Jude!son, who was an immense help to me with our photography, my family, who has been very tolerant of numerous phone calls, frequent layout sessions on the dining room table and much more. and Mrs. Raymonde Adams, our advisor, who has been a good friend as well as advisor all year. It is to her that I dedicate this 1979 Blue Gold, with thanks. Patricia Bartlett 277

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