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If H 1978 Blue And Gold ' , ALL r 1 CAMPANILE THE LANDMARK THAT MEANS U.C. BERKELEY The Campanile is a familiar landmark to all Cal students, but there is much that occurs inside the Campanile that goes unnoticed. This pictoral essay attempts to emphasize the lesser-known aspects of the Campanile - - for they are a fascinating and integral part of this famous monument. 10 Margaret Murdoch, a 1918 Cal graduate, has been playing the carillon bells in the Campanile since 1922. Since then, she has become well known. She was interviewed by Charles Kuralt on network T.V., and is heard playing the carillon in Garff Wilson ' s recording of Dickens ' " A Christmas Car- ol " . A talented musician, she adapts various pieces of music to be played on the levers that operate the bells. These bells are played by pushing one of these levers which pulls a string-like cable attached to a bell. Ms. Murdoch confides that when one of these " strings " breaks, she calls a repairman to inform him that " she busted her G-string again! " Leonard Johnson has been the Campani- le guide and elevator operator for several years. He is extremely knowledgable about all aspects of the Campanile, espe- cially the technical workings of the clock and the history of the tower, including stories of the numerous pranks that have taken place since the tower opened. Visit him sometime. 11 Southern view from the observation deck of the Campanile. 12 Few people know that besides being a museum, a landmark, and a great lookout point, the Campanile is also the home of a large portion of the L C. Berkeley Paleontology Department ' s fossil collection. The Department ' s Rancho La Brea Collection is housed in the floor space surrounding the elevator shaft, and it consists of fossils from the La Brea Tar Pits. The U.C. Paleontologist in the picture is J. Howard Hutchison, and he is holding the ulna (forearm) bone of a mastodon, which is one of the animals whose fossils were found in the tar pits. Other fossils found there include: saber-tooth cats, ground sloths, and dire wolves. The collection is not open to the public, but is available to reputable museams and scientists. 16 Chancellor Albert Bawker " , m V-r V ' t ' C r SP 18 Vice Chancellor Robert Kerley Vice Chancellor Ira Michael He u man 19 Deans Dean Cheit School of Business Dean Hoskin College of Engineering 20 Dean Bender College of Environmental Design Dean Bayley School of Journalism n Dean Park College of Letters and Sciences Dean Buckland School of Library Studies 22 Dean Winkelstein School of Public Health Dean Specht School of Social Welfare 23 Trudy Martin, A.S.U.C. President Joe Leitman A.S.U.C. Executive Vice President Greg Ryan A.S.U.C. Executive Vice President SENATE FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Tomas Zavala. Debbie Dimardo. Bob Forres, Anne Balcai, Anitu Chiu. Eric Roth, Tacy Handle. SECOND ROW: Kathy Taylor, Chris Fillman. Austin Allen. Rich Hennum, Lindsay Spillor, Eric Rittenhorse, John Sorenson, Finance Officer: Christine Cordi. THIRD ROW: John Rynn, Joan Chen, Peter Thomas, Dave Prend. Fourth Row: Jeff Schaffer. Steve Matt. 25 Torch And Shield Lili Foard, Tina Powell. J. J. Johnson, Margie Hoff Mimi Righetti, Mary Duziak Laura Glines Not Pictured: Diane Herrerias 26 HONOR STUDENTS ' SOCIETY EXECUTIVE OFFICERS: Shelley Lai, Daine Neudeck, Valerie Suslow, Gina Brusatori, Marji Ray- mond. PRYTANEAN Front Row (Left to Right): Kris Hammers, Laurie Robert- son, Mary Duziak, Debbie Fink. Second Row: Sue Elder- kin, Jackie Guibert. Catherine Geraty. Third Row: Bonnie Smigle. Lisa Stewart, Dominica, Teresa. Fourth Row: Ann Meyer, Kathy Stickler, Mary Beth Kloser. Fifth Row: Caroline Walker, Bodi Korby, Kathy Hagler, Kathy Lutke, Jane Maushart, Lynn Koll, Karen Hansen. 27 CALIFORNIANS FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Sherwood Anderson, Bob Janjian, Glenn Friedman, Chris Reyes. ROW 2: Dave Sheridan, Kip Bettencourt, John Gorin, Mike Burr, Greg Ma, Bob Miyashiro, Dan Meinrich, Ed Bustamonte, Paul Formosa. ROW 3: Steve Lopez, Karl Keller, William Rami, Greg Riehl, Dewitt Burnham, Larry Guclani, Bob Nickerson, John Gomes. 28 OSKI DOLLS First Row: Teresa Finn. Debi Fink. Debi Davis, Mary Anne Hays, Jackie Guibert, Sue Fleming, Gabrielle Wirth, Marsha Honda. Sue Trebinc, Second Row: Cathy Innes, Sue Kimball. Mary Anne Soden, Connie Mahler, Julie Hyde, Debbie Lagapa. Patti Olaque, Paula Franco, Carol Reebe. Kathy Mossi. Meliss Frost, Kathy Feeney, Marva Mayfield, Third Row: Hanna Shields, Anne Menard. Michele Furlan. Linda Brooks. Debbie Tognetti, Sue Flageollet, Kathy Clifford, Suzanne Tocci, Margie Raymond, Pat Harwell, Sue Kennedy, Sarah Smyth, Lynn Cleary, Susan McCamont, Paula Spragia, Back Row: Laurie Robertson, Katie Inderkum. Mary Beth Kloser, Lisa Bonsall, Karin Cotta, Carol Feigenbaum, Helen Wilson, Linda Bolenbaugh. Christine Damele, Catherine Geraty, Amy Wondel. A Day in the Life 6:09 AM born again 30 6:44 AM freshening up 8:32 AM great moments in education 10:50 A M field observations 32 12:05 PM luncheon special 2:17 PM learning by doing 5:09 PM close encounters 33 5:12 PM nature walk 34 6:26 PM haute cuisine 11:48 PM doing time 2:00 AM escape 35 SPORTS PQ H O O ABOVE: No. 3, Jim Breech. RIGHT: In memory of Joe Roth. BELOW: Cal ' s first string. BRUINS HTH DUWH :H7 BflLLOMTHEHO IN YflRDS TO GO I 3 H T FD TO L 3 3 10 3 19 23 I UCLfl 7 IH 1 IS 3 The California Golden Bears turned out another interesting but unfortunate sea- son. The strong, well-balanced team started the season with a promising 4-0 record; the victories were glorious, the defeats misplaced. With their explosive offense and strong defense, the Bears defeated Tennessee, Air Force, Missouri, San Jose St, Oregon St, USC, and Oregon. We yielded to Washington St, Washington, UCLA, and Stanford. Although roses did not appear for the Bears, Coach Mike White led the team to a highly respected season. ABOVE. TOP OF PAGE: Cal against UCLA. ABOVE: No. 2 Anthony Washington. 43 LEFT: Eric Anderson. BELOW: The Cal Bears. BOTTOM: Ralph DeLoach. RIGHT OPPOSITE PAGE: Eric Anderson passing off to John Williams. BELOW RIGHT, OPPOSITE PAGE: Dave Mogni. FAR RIGHT: Coach Mike White. ABOVE RIGHT: Jim Breech, one short of tying NCAA field goal record, kicks against SJSU. ABOVE: Charlie Young drop- ping back to pass. RIGHT: Char- lie Young about to hand-off to Oliver Hillmon in game against U.C.L.A. 46 ABOVE LEFT: Oliver Hillmon sweeping wide. ABOVE: The Cal Band. BELOW: Tim Miller, Pat Turner, and John Harris close-in for the tackle. 47 ABOVE, TOP OF PAGE: Charlie Young handing off to Paul Jones. ABOVE: Pat Graham drags a SJSU player to the ground. RIGHT: The Bears put the pressure on an SJSU quarterback. 48 ABOVE: Charlie Voune. Paul Jones, and Oliver Hillmon. RIGHT: No. 94, Ralph DeLoach. BE- LOW: Charlie Young and Oliver Hillmon. ! ABOVE: Charlie Young on a snap. BELOW LEFT: Quarterback Gary Graumann throwing in the pocket. BELOW RIGHT: The Bears attempting to block a punt against Air Force. 50 ABOVE: Paul Jones stretching for the extra yard. BELOW RIGHT: Gary Graumann handing-off to Paul Jones. 51 BIG GAME FAR LEFT: OPPOSITE PAGE: Quarterback Gary Graumann FAR LEFT. BELOW: No 65 Bob Meredith. ABOVE: Randy Bishop, Cal Band. Left: Mark Houghton. BELOW: No. 77 Jack Clark. V; 73 Leo Biedermann. %- + f A -f. -r . - A ABOVE, TOP OF THE PAGE: Kevin Robertson and teammate on de- fense. ABOVE: NO. 1 player, Mike Loughlin. RIGHT: Carlos Steffens steals the ball from Stanford opponent. ABOVE RIGHT: Coach Pete Cutino delivers his half time strategy. BELOW RIGHT: Jim Purcell displays his quickness with the ball. NCAA Contenders 57 NCAA contenders this year, Cal ' s Polo Bears ended their successful season with a 26-3 record. Led by Mike Loughlin, the Bears dom- inated their opponents with their mobility and knowledge of the game. Coach Pete Cutino credits their success to the team ' s ability to perform as a unit. Continuing to show improvement, the Polo Bears were ranked top 2 in the nation. The team ' s super- star players were Jim Purcell, David Post, Jeff Roy, Roddy Svendsen, and Bill Lee. 58 ABOVE, TOP OF PAGE: Freshman Kevin Robertson was one of the key players on the team. DIRECTLY ABOVE: Carlos Steffens. LEFT: Jim Purcell attempts to score with a lob. ABOVE: Mike Loughlin on 5 on 6 defense. ABOVE RIGHT: Goalie Tim Mascheroni displaying lateral move- ment in the cage. BELOW: Mike Loughlin throwing the ball from the hole position. 59 u u o For the first time in 17 years, the Cal soccer team, seeded third in the West, participated in the NCAA post-season tournament. The Bears finished the season with one of their best regular season records in recent years: 12-6-3. This season was highlighted by the Bear ' s vic- tory in the All-Cal Tournament, and by their performance in the game against defending NCAA champs, USF. Cal took the Dons to two overtimes before losing 3-2. Three outstanding players were named All- Conference and to the All-Pacific first team: Dan Salvemini, the leading scorer and an Ail- American last year, Toy Hunter, a leading playmaker, and Chris Baudouin, the goalie, who had the best goal average of any goal- keeper in the league. Coach Bob DiGrazia praised the team saying, " I ' ve had other teams with individuals at higher skill levels. But, this team understands the team concept and works together better than any I ' ve ever coached. They are a very close group. " ABOVE LEFT: Goalie Chris Baudouin pulls down Stanford ' s goal attempt. BELOW: The Bear ' s line-up. ABOVE: Pedro Merino kicks up and over LSF. 61 ABOVE: No. 9 Dan Salvemini manuvers through USF. RIGHT: No. 12 Jim Castignani, an No. 8 James Carlson. BELOW: Cal player threatening opponent ' s goal. 62 ABOVE: Pedro Merino, Juan Simon. No. 4 Chris Oldenburg. No. 18 Tony Kovac. LEFT: Goalie Chris Baudouin protects the Cal goal. BELOW: Toy Hunter attempting to score against USF. 63 Cal ' s cross country team, under the direction of former Cal runner, Brian Maxwell, finished fourth in the Pac- 8 District 8 championships this year. Outstanding runners were: Sophomore Hal Schultz (top runner), senior Gary Blume, junior Andy Clifford (also the Pac-8 1 500 meter champion in track), and freshmen Paul Burke and Felix Elief. C D O u ABOVE, BOTH PICTURES: Gary Blume running against Fresno State. ABOVE. TOP OF PAGE: Dave Velleguette. ABOVE: Paul Burke. RIGHT: Felix Elief. -- 1 Cal ' s field hockey team got off to a slow start this season, losing their first five games, but won 8 of their next 10 games and ended with a season rec- ord of 11-12-1. This was possible through the hard work of Coach Don- na Fong, Assistant Coach Carla Sor- acco, and star players Sheryl Johnson, Sandi Chamberlain, Emily Schweg- man, Kim Hunter, and Marcy Place. The team ' s early losing streak was in part explained by the fact that there were only four returning players, but with twelve new players gaining exper- ience this year, expectations are high for next season. ABOVE LEFT: Sheryl Johnson. LEFT. Sheryl Johnson. BELOW: Emily Schwegman, Sheryl Johnson, and Pati Lock. 67 VOLLEYBALL ABOVE: Dinnette Parrish spiking the ball. ABOVE RIGHT: Cal player blocking oppo- nent ' s return. RIGHT: Regina Conaly jumping up for the spike. 6 8 CAL WOMEN ' S BASKETBALL BASKETBALL Nine returning lettermen formed the nucleus of the 1977-78 Cal basketball team. The Bears looked forward to a successful season this year under the leader- ship of head coach Dick Edwards and assistant coaches Russ Critchfield and Bob Bankhead. Coach Edwards, long respected as one of the finest technicians and strategists in college basket- ball, entered his sixth season as Cal ' s head coach with expecta- tions of a successful year. Despite several injuries, the team opened its season with a 95-59 victory over Pomona. At Cal ' s first Pac-8 victory against Wash- ington State, Doug Vilotti broke the tie in the last 28 seconds of the game to win 66-64. Some of the outstanding mem- bers of the squad include: Gene Ransom, an All-Pac-8 guard, guard John Caselli, center Tom Schneiderjohn, one of the best shooting centers in the country, forward Doug True, and forward Doug Vilatti. ABOVE: The 1977-78 Cal basketball team jerseys. LEFT: No. 32, Doug True. BELOW: Head Coach Dick Edwards and forward Doug True. 71 ABOVE LEFT: Center Tom Schneiderjohn scoring against Washington State. ABOVE: No. 15, Junior Tyrone Davis. BELOW: No. 14, John Caselli. 72 ABOVE: Sophomore Kevin Singleton attempting to score against Santa Clara. LEFT: Junior Gene Ransom. 73 ABOVE: No. 24 Gene Ransom shooting against Santa Clara. LEFT: Gene Ransom. BELOW: No. 30, Senior Doug Vilotti. 74 BELOW: The Cal Cheerleaders. FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Judy Anderson, Stacy Snow, Sue Russell, Kym Eaton. Nancy Webber, and Nancy Knudsen. 75 A group of returning NCAA scorers, including Olympian Peter Rocca, were the core of the 1977-78 Cal swimming team. The Bears got off to a fine start by winning team cham- pionships at both the Rain- bow Classic in Hawaii and the Stanford Relays. Coached by Nort Thornton, the team had eighteen re- turning lettermen, including ten All-Americans. Head- ing the list were Junior Pe- ter Rocca, (back, free) Olympic silver medalist, and Sophomore Graham Smith. Smith won the 100 and 200 breaststroke events at the NCAA championship last year, and set a new world record in the 200m individ- ual medley at the Canadian Championships. Other outstanding swim- mers were: Rick Thornton, Jeff Freeman, Jim Ballard, and Par Arvidsson. TOP OF PAGE: Sophomore, Ron Laher. ABOVE: John Cleveland swimming the butterfly against Arizona State. ABOVE: Sophomore Ronald Laher. LEFT AND BELOW LEFT: The Cal swim team. a -:; . -.--. - ;:: f .-i . 77 ABOVE: Mohamned Azarpy. RIGHT: Senior Ron Bell. BELOW RIGHT: Mohamned Azarpy on the floor exercise. The 1977-78 Cal gymnastics team, though largely inex- perienced, proved to be for- midible contenders in the Pac-8 this season. First year coach Sho Fuku- shima led the team whose outstanding members in- clude: Junior Warren Long (AA) who captured a Pac-8 individual championship last year, Senior Mike Du- bas (AA), one of the coun- try ' s finest compulsary gym- nasts, Senior Ron Bell (AA), Juniors Michael Ares, Steve Omi, Tyr Wil- banks, and Freshmen Rod Horn and Warwick Forbes. TOP OF PAGE: The Cal gymnastics team. LEFT: Freshman Don Hazen. ABOVE: Cal gymnast displaying aerial somersault. 79 z h ABOVE: Bob Greene. RIGHT: Paul Jaqua. The success of the 77-78 Cal ten- nis team was due to the team ' s four star recruits as well as sev- eral experienced veterans. Coach Bill Wright was excited with his team stating that, " Their poten- tial is unlimited. " The talented sophomore doubles team of Marty Davis and Chris Dunk won the National Colle- giate Invitational Doubles title. They are expected to be contend- ers for the NCAA doubles title in 1978. The Cal Netters did well this year and are looking forward to another successful season next year. Cal ' s 1977-78 wrestling team consisted of a young but talented group of wrestlers. Coach Bill Martell was optimistic about the team ' s success despite the fact that there were only seven returning lettermen. Some of the outstanding team members were: Soph. George Maskowite (heavyweight) who finished third in the Pac-8 and seventh in the nation last year, Senior Len Jacobsen (142) who finished second in the Pac-8 last year, Junior Ray Glenn (167), Soph. Ryan Kawaoka (126), and Soph. Randy Coste (177). The highlight of the season was the First Annual California North-South All Star meet on Feb. 13, where top college wrestlers contended for individual titles. LEFT: Ryan Kawaoka vs. Cal Poly ' s Tad Overmire. BELOW LEFT: Cal ' s wrestler, John Hunter. BOTTOM OF PAGE: Ryan Kawaoka. 83 PQ o 3 ABOVE LEFT. OPPOSITE PAGE: Cal rugby players. ABOVE: Mark Hof fman. RIGHT: Mark Reichter. 85 ABOVE: No. 9, Terry Stigge slides into third base in the game against the Cal alumni. BELOW: The Cal baseball team. ABOVE RIGHT, OPPOSITE PAGE: Head Coach Bob Milano. BELOW RIGHT, OPPOSITE PAGE: Jim Selvitella. FAR RIGHT, OPPOSITE PAGE: Cal Yell Leaders, TOP ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: John Hunter, Paul Koenig. BOTTOM ROW, LEFT TO RIGHT: Mark Nay, Ben Dixon, Dewitt Burnham. 1 I The 1978 Cal Baseball Team started the season off well with an 8-3 record. Headed by new Head Coach Bob Milano, (who was named to the position last summer) the Bears had fourteen returning lettermen and several highly regarded newcomers from the prep and junior college ranks. Cal ' s main asset was " up the middle " where they had several outstanding players. Senior second baseman Dennis Barfield had a .341 batting a verage, 7 home runs, and 48 RBIs his junior year, and won All-Conference and All-District-8 honors. Sophomore Tom Colburn was a switch- hitting catcher who was the only member of last year ' s squad to play in every game. Transfer, Dan Driscall batted an impressive .385 last season. Other outstanding players include: Bob Silverman, who was the team ' s leading hitter last season, Terry Stigge, Bob Bohnet, Greg Thip, and Greg Zunino. The pitching squad was led by Brian Duffy, Paul Fox, Chuck Hensley, Mitch Hawleg, and J. C. transfers Steve Kaia and Doug Land. 87 ABOVE: Cal offensive player, Mark Daly spikes the ball past UCLA opponents. ABOVE RIGHT, OPPOSITE PAGE: Time-out for Cal. BELOW RIGHT, OPPOSITE PAGE: No. 9 Mark Daly displaying defensive block. In its second season as a full-time Intercollegiate sport at Cal, the 1978 volleyball team had hopes of beating the 7-6 record they had last year. Coach Chris Stanley relied heavily on his five returning starters. They were: 6 ' 5 " Bill Cole, one of the most dominating outside hitters in the country, 6 ' 5 " Eric Anderson, who was also a quarterback on Cal ' s football team, 6 ' 4 " Larry Ricksen, who will be the key to the Bear ' s defense at his center blocking position, 6 ' 3 " Jack Hagler, perhaps the best all-around athlete on the squad, and 6 " 2 " Mark Daly, another fine blocker and steady player. Joining this group was new player, 6 ' Jerry Peters, who was the Bear ' s top setter. I The 1978 Cal Crew Team, coached by Steve Gladstone, had a lot of new faces in addition to a couple of returning oarsmen. Paul Prioleau, a 6 ' 3 " , 180 Ib. junior was one of the remaining members of last year ' s varsity boat which finished third in the nationals. Cox-swain Robert Mon also returned for his final year in the varsity crew. New oarsmen included: Stewart Lenz. Joel Kew, Greg Bailey, Bob Waggener, Scott Looiz, (who were all excellent rowers for the 1977 JV squad) and sophomores, Don Dutcher. Chris Brown, Ross Brunson, Dave Reddick and John Shall. 91 TRACK 92 LEFT BELOW. OPPOSITE PAGE: Junior Ray Smith. ABOVE: Senior, Tori Lewis. BELOW: Junior. Quentin Wheeler. ABOVE: Cal high jumper. BELOW: Senior, Paul Santiago. 94 95 ABOVE. OPPOSITE PAGE: Freshman, Ruth Goldenberg. BELOW, OPPOSITE PAGE: Freshman, Cheryl McLeod. ABOVE: Kathy Halbach. RIGHT: Judy Anderson. BELOW: The Cal Gymnastics Team with Head Coach. Daniel Millman, and Assistant Coach. Pauline David. 97 NO SMOKING OR EATIN OH POOL DECK r 101 ' Ml X . NOBEL LAUREATES AT BERKELEY Alfred Bernhard Nobel devoted nearly fifty years of his life to the study of nitroglycerine, a dangerous and unreliable explosive. In 1867, Nobel found that mixing nitroglycerine with kieselguhr produced a safer explosive: dynamite. Because of what many believe was Nobel ' s guilt over the destructive uses of his explosives, and also his deep concern for world peace, Nobel established upon his death in 1896 an annual prize to honor outstanding achieve- ments in five categories: physics, chemistry, physiology or medicine, literature, and peace. Berkeley has been honored by the presence of twelve Nobel Laureates, in the fields of chemistry and physics. We now have the pleasure of honoring them. 104 " The capital . . . shall constitute a fund, the inter- est of which shall be annually distributed in the form of prizes to those who, during the preceding year, shall have conferred the greatest benefit on mankind " Alfred Nobel ERNEST ORLANDO LAWRENCE In 1928, after a brief term on the staff at Yale University, E.O. Lawrence joined the faculty at Berkeley. Here he flourished, founding the Lawrence Berkeley Labora- tory in 1936, and actively directed the lab until his death in 1958. Lawrence received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1939 for the invention and development of the Cyclo- tron, a particle accelerator which had a major role in man ' s entrance into the atomic age. 105 WENDELL MEREDITH STANLEY Wendell M. Stanley came to Berkeley in 1948 at the peak of his scientific career. In 1935, while at the Rockefeller Institute in Princeton, Stanley achieved the first isolation and purification of a virus, and for this he shared a Nobel Prize in Chemistry with John H. Northrop in 1946. Upon his arrival at Berkeley, Stanley established the famous Virus Laboratory, which he supervised until his death in 1971. JOHN HOWARD NORTHROP John H. Northrop, was a colleague of Wendell Stanley while on the staff at Rockefeller Institute in Princeton. Northrop followed Stanley to Berkeley a year later in 1949 to take a position as visiting research professor of bacteriology. Northrop is a pioneer in the chemistry of proteins, and for his work he shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Stanley in 1949. WILLIAM FRANCIS GIAUQUE William F. Giauque entered Berkeley as a freshman in 1916, and has remained at Berkeley ever since. Giauque received a B.S. in chemistry with high honors in 1920, continued graduate study toward a doctorate in chemistry in 1922, and by 1934 Giauque had advanced to professor of chemistry. His work on the behavior and entropy of low tempera- ture matter earned him the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1949. Giauque is still working at the Low Temperature Laboratory named in his honor, in the chemistry department at Berkeley. 106 GLENN THEODORE SEABORG Glenn Seaborg received his Doctorate in Chemistry at Berkeley in 1937, and by 1945 he was promoted to full Professor. Seaborg held many high positions and honors including Chancellor of the Berkeley Campus and in 1958 was Chairman of the Atomic Energy Commission under three presidents from 1961 to 1971. Upon his return to Berkeley in 1971. Seaborg was appointed University Professor, the most distinguished teaching title bestowed by the Regents. Seaborg is the only scientist since Men- deleev to make a major change in the periodic table of the elements. His co-discovery of element 94, Plutonium, the first of ten higher numbered ele- ments, discovered at Berkeley, led to his receiving a Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1951. EDWIN MATTISON McMILLAN After receiving his Doctorate at Princeton, in 1932 Edwin M. McMillan became interested in E.G. Law- rence ' s invention of the Cyclotron, and after two years of research at Berkeley, McMillan joined Lawrence ' s staff in 1934. By 1946, McMillan became Professor of Physics at Berkeley. In 1958, upon Lawrence ' s death, McMillan was appointed Director of the laboratory. For his discovery of element 93. Neptunium, and his co-discovery of element 94, McMillan shared the Nobel Prize in Chemistry with Glenn Seaborg in 1951. 107 OWEN CHAMBERLAIN After a year of graduate study at Berkeley in 1941, Owen Chamberlain joined the Manhattan Project and later the Los Alamos Laboratory, where he performed Atomic research and participated in the first Atomic Bomb Test in 1945. After World War II, Chamberlain completed work for his Doctorate under Enrico Fermi at the University of Chicago. Chamberlain re- turned to Berkeley, and in the early fifties he collaborated with Emilio Segre in the study of Antiprotons. Chamberlain shared the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1959 with Segre for their discovery of the Antiproton. EMILIO GINO SEGRE Emilio Segre obtained a Doctor ' s Degree in Physics at the University of Rome in 1928 under Enrico Fermi. Segre came to Berkeley in 1938, and was appointed Professor of Physics in 1946. Among his achieve- ments at Berkeley was the joint discovery of element 85, Astatine, and the co-discovery of the fission ability of Plutonium-239. Together with Owen Chamberlain, Segre won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1959 for their discovery of the Anitproton. DONALD ARTHUR GLASER Donald Glaser obtained a Doctorate from the California Institute of Technology in 1959, and became Professor of Physics at the Univer- sity of Michigan in 1957. In 1959, Glaser was appointed Visiting Pro- fessor of Physics at Berkeley, and the following year he was named to the faculty. Glaser ' s crowning achievement was the creation of the Bubble Chamber, a device which enables scientists to visualize the tracts of high energy atomic particles in a liquid medium. For his crea- tion of the Bubble Chamber, Glaser received the 1960 Nobel Prize in Physics. 108 MELVIN CALVIN Melvin Calvin received his Doctorate in Chemistry at the Uni- versity of Minnesota in 1935. After his post doctoral work in Manchester England, Calvin joined the Berkeley faculty in 1937. His most famous work was the determination of chemical steps by which plants generate carbohydrates and proteins through photosynthesis. For this accomplishment, Calvin received the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1961. Calvin is now Univeristy Professor of Chemistry and Director of the Chemical Biodyna- mics Laboratory at Berkely. CHARLES HARD TOWNES Charles H. Townes received a Doctorate in Physics at C.I.T., and joined the faculty of Columbia University in 1948. At Columbia, Townes developed the Laser and Maser, two devices which amplify light to produce powerful, highly focused beams, generating a great number of vital uses in ' medicine and industry. His discovery led to his receiving a Nobel Prize in Physics in 1964. In 1967, Townes was ap- pointed Univeristy Professor of Physics at Berkeley. LUIS WALTER ALVAREZ Luisa Alvarez attended the University of Chicago, where he received his B.S., M.S., and Doctorate in Physics. In 1936, Alvarez came to Berkeley, and was one of the first scientists to join E.O. Lawrence ' s team. Alvarez advanced to Professor of Physics in 1946. Among his accomplishments was the discovery of a stable isotop of Helium, and the discovery of Tritium. Alvarez received the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1968 for the discovery of Resonance States through the use of the liquid Hydrogen Bubble Chamber. 109 What Was The Wafer Shortage ? taking luxurious showers an excuse to put off doing the dishes anticipating fragrant and colorful bathrooms an excuse to drink more sophisticated beverages RAIN! ,r yv JT ' " ,-. .... I ' I I ' . : 118 119 120 121 122 123 I 12b v GREEKS PI KAPPA PHI 2908 Prospect FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Neil Sullivan, Geoff Siegren, Blaise Anet, Paul Giordano, John Kemble. Bill Dayton, Phil Chavez. ROW 2: Jeff Gahart, John Barry. Bob O ' Malley, Ron Osborne, Blake Brehl, Cory Babarovich. ROW 3: Greg Hoff, Dave Wong, Steve Henry. ROW 4: John Vetter, Grant Hodges, Jim Lucey, Jim Campigli, Keith Richmond, Ernie Furtado, Tary Salinger, Dan Bosshart, Paul Coupin, John Brackett, Steve Brandov, Garry Schwartz, Dave Scruggs. ROW 5: Steve Clark, Tom Davis, Joe Tombari, Steve Tyndall, Ed Bustamente, Darell Breedlove, George Humphreys, Roy Kutlik. 132 ALPHA GAMMA OMEGA 2713 Haste FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Tom Beckmann. Jeff Koelewyn. Jeff Anderson. Martin Holdrich. Ron Nicholson, Justin Selnciv. ROW 2: Daryl Wilkins. Dave Herbaly, Richard Lindquist. Jim Duffy. Erik Jorgensen. Dave Hammes. Greg Blackburn. Richard Lowell, ROW 3: Scott Tyler. Bruce McGrew. Rob Culp. Brian Vickers. Greg Pinnell. John Lind. Kent Montgomery. Paul Davis. 133 ALPHA PHI 2830 Bancroft Steps TOP TO BOTTOM: Mariann Leonard. Lynn McCaffery, Kathy McCutchan, Molly Delehanty, C. Hoyt, Helen Wilson, Sarah Blair, Robin McCleary, Diona Devincenz, Sally Grefell, Celine O ' Grady, Dana Peugh, Jane Dolliver, Randy Mayhem. Carol Feigenbaum. Alison Herlihy. Carol Pearsall, Becky Oliver, Jenny Geraty, Jean Allen, Carolyn Swartz, Meg Fay, Jeannine Chase, Leslie Mills, Jennifer Scott, Lori Santos, Stephanie Herlihy, Barbara McCutchan, Mary Shifflett, Susan Sutton, Megan Moody, Tuula Tossavainen, Barbara Fanning, Pixie Clarke, Katie Horan, Jenny Dales, Pam Sabin. Susan Moser, Erica Torrell. Cindy Jewett, Cherie Stein, Sue McDaniel, Deborah Huber, (on side) Simone Quarre, Michelle Marchant, Brenda Byron, Libby Roberts, Lisa Levine. NOT PICTURED: Sally Barry. Cindy Bart, Michelle Benjamin, Cynthia Boech, Aimee Boyle, Heidi Clendein, Anne Dickey (squirt), Stephanie DiMarco, Debbie Dinneen, Cheryl Finley. Catherine Geraty, Lisa Halbo, Katie Harrison, Kit Huber, Markey Leeds. Greta Lenahan, Lucy Marchant, Cammy Miller, Leslie Mills, Julie Raynond, Amy Sporerm. Margie Stack, Cathy Wynne. 134 SIGMA PI 2125 Warring FRONT ROW i LEFT TO RIGHT): Scott Erode, Ron Kludas. Ken Meier, Fred Goldstein. Bob Breeden. Brenda Dolan, Brian Emmons, ROW 2: Eric Nicholson, Rudy Silva, Rob O ' Rourke. Pierre Parent. Rich Claveria, Homy Kahn, Brian Seek. Row 3: Andy .Millar. Pete Bellows. Dave Haneline, Mitch Fine. Tom Gardiser. Kirk Schnack, Evan Field, Ed Thibodeau. Kent Emmons. Bob Wilder, And Alenick. Scott Freeman. Will Kinnear. ROW 4 Dave Wiuemberg. Brad Sherman. Steve Pisenti. 135 ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 2424 Warring FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Missy DeRobertis, Liz Lufkin. Debbie Tognetti, Justine Medina, Kate Bates, Anne Meyer, Sandra Merrill, Marguerite Devaurs. ROW 2: Elaine Ollerdessen, Margret Butker, Tacy Hindle, Erin Burgin, Alison Friedman, Mrs. Lee, Carol Griffin, Laura Rubin, Anita Sham, Teresa Ow-wing. ROW 3: Sue Digrazia, Kathleen Galoway, June Patocchi, Beth Derdivanis, Laura Embrey, Karen Kolb, Trisha Hoyle, Frances McDonald. ROW 4: Alyce Mayer, Sarah Smyth, Betsey Hill, Sue Fischkler, Cathy Ross, Sue Skinner, Eilley Weddle, Rosalind Hunt, Nancy Bublitz, Teresa Schaeffer, Anne Rockwell. FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Lori Donzelli, Lora Nelson, Cindy Campanile, Cindy Brewer, Carol Schmid, Lisa Stewart. ROW 2: Amy Dolan, Anna Estrich, Lisa Johnston, Kim Wollenberg, Sandy Freymuth, Suzan Sailer. 136 SIGMA CHI 2345 College Avenue FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Mike Laird. Treasurer. Greg Ryan. President, Blake Gunderson. Samantha. Steve Smith, Secretary. Charles Lee. Geoff Raaka. ROW 2: Andrew Brooks. Steven Rocha, Robert Grobman. Ritual Chairman. Vince Rocha Lynn Anders. Robert Pond. Social Chairman. Dave Rhine, Pledge Trainer. W ' alt Gill, John Wondolowski. Terry Burke. Bill McDonald. ROW 3: John Thompson. Scott Knight. Louis Scampavia, Jeff Laird. Ed Glover. Greg Maizlisch. Jim Kordakl. Charles Wingard. NOT PICTURED: Mike Milani. Vice President. 137 KAPPA SIGMA 2400 Warring FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Glen Roycroft, Jim Schneider, Steve Marcy, Kip Bettencourt, John Gorin, Pete Sawyer, Dan Bartell, SEATED: John Prader. ROW 2: Dewit Burnham, Paul Prioleau, Dave Sheridan, Paul Hoskins, ROW 3: Tom Juterbock, Robert Brunswick, Bob Flinn, Alan Tyler, Whitney Skala, Bob Deklotz, Jim Tufts, Jochen Lenz, Jack Scholl. ROW 4: Rhys Thomas, Dick Hunt, Jeff Erwin, Bryan Howard, Kevin Graffis. ROW 5: Pete Carson, H. Kevin Daly, Nathan Criar, Mark Weber, J.D. Raphael. 138 THETA CHI 2499 Piedmont Avenue FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Bill Duff. Bob knudson. Doug Smith. Phil Pifer. Rob Ewert. Row 2: Dennis Freeman. Ed Riielli. Dave Wile . Tim Craig. Hal Schultz, Thad king. Mike Cianfichi. Row 3: Rick McDonald. Mark McLaughlin. Mark Rasor. Dean Heatheringion, Brian Mauschler. Sctoo Pieper. Tom Vallee. Jon Way. Rick McDonald. Matt Sears. Norm Stuart. 139 PHI SIGMA KAPPA 2312 Warring FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Dan Spiegleman, Kevin Parker, John Harader, Les Lee, Norm Swenson. ROW 2: Randy Sheffer, Tony Jimenez, Al Casarez, Pete Anderson, Beta McBride, Leland Saito, Jim Diller. ROW 3: Brad Dorkin, John Winch, Matt Burgin, Charlie Rego, Eric Irwin, Sonny Austin, ROW 4: Doug Kahn, Mike Scardino, John Cameron, Mike Niccum, Rick Musci, Kirk Doberanz. ROW 5: Jeff Erickson, Mike Chilcoat, John Mitchell, Larry Guslani, Jeff Lotz Paul Oliverio, Ed Goldberg, Bill Barbagallo, John Hunter, Pete Cavanagh, Matt Ackerman, Bruce Maxwell, Kevin McHale, Steve Roberts, Steve Mclnarey. 140 ALPHA OMICRON PI 2311 Prospect FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Debbie Chinn. Michele Meredith. Susy Michaels, Cindy Tuthill, Linda Gamage, Rita Yeraka, Lila Chestnut. Irene Visser. Karen Hanson. ROW 2: Janet Cotne. Patti Maehara. Karyl Robbers. Hildy DoughterH. Linda Howells. Amy Hizenski. Sylvia Hansen. Jasmine Hinton. Sue Forrester. Fran Wander. ROW 3: Lisa Lucheta, Louise Rondestuedt. Debi Fink, Carmelita de Urioste. Amy Beernink. Kris Convery. Maureen Connor, Janice Gallardi. Rena Wong. Darrah Flynn. Linda Echeguren. ROW 4: Mimi Richetti. Vick Linville. Debbie Stone, Suzanne Tocci. Ferri Cadenasso. Karen Bertero, Danit Frank, Tia Welch. Dede Tully, Celeste Connor. Jenny Concilia, Michele Cohan, Leslie Barner, Joanne Coyne. Anita Adams. ROW 5: Sue Lyon. Ana Novakov, Carol Redden. Mary Bagnaschi. Annarosa Tomasi. Jan Luders, Alyce Dibble. Claudia Bishop, Janet Vail, Terry Watson. Tina Spitzer, Casey Smart. Tony Barnhart. Karen Shiba, Alisia Trejo. Pam Endo. 141 ALPHA CHI OMEGA 2313 Warring Avenue FRESHMEN: Elizabeth Coburn, Gina Balocco, Brenda Franco, Linda Luther, Cindy Huebschle, Marilyn Conner, Diana Shames. Row 2: Melinda Juell, Yondi Fryer, Joan Hooy, Marna Copeland, Karen Heotes, Shelley Derdivanis, Lisa Kern, Pam Yost, Katie Manning. SOPHOMORES: Karen Kristovich, Pam Goldschmidt, Renee LeBran. Row 2: Betsy Kirschbaum, Mimi Mclntosh, Sue McCammot, Susan Krauss. Row 3: Pam Lee, Joie Lopez, Lisa Bedell, Robin Simi. Row 4: Kathy Walker, Anrisa Fannin, Melissa Pontius, Joy Foss, Laurie Ginsberg, Julia Mitchell, Mary Jane Kaiser, Cheryl Croft, Leslie Roach JUNIORS: Lyn McNeil, Alie Berka, Jean Casucci, Meg Elliot, Row 2: Flora Milkier, Fran Dugan, Carolyn Ivey, Cory Benson, Teri Ravel, Jenny Bender, Kim Parker, Paula Hagan. SENIORS: Dana Klien, Chris Jensen, Valerie Toohey, Diana Bukove, Jackie White Marie Rodrigues. Row 2: Diane Wyatt, Sarah Jacocks, Janet Brunn, Nancy Wildenradt. Row 3: Colleen Mahoney, Mary Ann Gilcrest, Vana Renfro, Wendy De Gabrielle. 142 DELTA UPSILON 2425 Warring FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Ed Kerwin. Gary Brewer. Jim Castiangni, Bill Bilbdeau. Dick Watson. ROW 2: Scott Leizy, Tom Lodge, Gary Bunce, Dennis Lynn, Mike Neidorf, Charley Rea, Mark Bertoli. ROW 3: George Chavlos, Dave Wemmer, Matt Burke, John Sutton. ROW 4: Eric Raynor. James Kaplan. Lance Younger. 143 DELTA DELTA DELTA 2300 Warring FRONT ROW (LEFT TO R4GHT): Laurie Deck, Debbie Fisher, Tracy Flinn, Lesley Gulloway, Kim Eaton, Mae Wong, Katy Feeney, Kim Matson, Cali Sutler. ROW 2: Ann Olsen, Diane Dierkes, Lisa Meyerhot. ROW 3: Cathy Bolenbaugh, Nancy Weber, Cherly Tyber, Tudy Anderson, Jeannie Burner, Cathy Tyler, Mary Varanis, Terri Tanasovich, Carolyn Walker, Theresa Viskovitch. ROW 4: Jean Cunningham, Lynne Anders, Diane Radcliffe. ROW 5: Karen Grey. Jan Garfinkle, Laura Glines, Stacy Snow, Lynn Koll, Kathy Hill, Mrs. Maude Kelly (house mother). ROW 6: Laura Pressler, Karen Jensen, Kathy Anderson, Kathy Balmes. ROW 7: Lorreta Koll, Gia Anderson, Jessica Ludwig, Carolyn Tobiason. ROW 8: Peggy Miller, Linda Franz, Janet Anderson. ROW 9: Nancy Miller, Janet Nystrom, Laurie Petkin, Monica Whitlock, Katie Stuart. BACK CORNER: Tanya Pole, Vicky McGee, Leslie Silver, Beth Brinkman, Liz Osborne, Anne Donoghue, Karen Spindari. 144 SIGMA NU 2710 Bancroft Way FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Bill Banks. Bruce Beagle. Bob Lewis. Dave Martin. Tom Kress, Jon Scott. ROW 2: John Turner. Mike Callaghan. John Hunter. Steve Fowler, John Swift. ROW 7 3: Bill Han. Tim Corrigan. Matt Alexander, Tom Cullinan, Dan Fitzsimmons, Dave Shaver. Keith Galiano. ROW 4: Bob Greene. Mark Northfield. Dave Begert. Mike McNulty, Steve Tail. (IN BACK) Dan Begovich. Bob Spurzem. Scott Thimann, John Kavalaris. Tom Bradfield. ROW 5: Peter Koenig, John Hunter. Steve Nystrom. Robert Hines. Reed Payne, Tim Mascheroni. Barry Westerwick. Lindsay Spiller. Tim Iben. Andy .heroni. Bob laconetti. 145 ZETA PSI 2728 Bancroft Way FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Steven Scawai Cloudsley, John Cooper Goodwin, Stephen Charles Healey. Daniel O ' Connell Mclnerny. ROW 2: Kenneth Hing Wa Chan, John Barker Malmquist, John Bryan Bertram, Lawrence George Bocck Jr., William Andrew Hammerson, Edward Bragg Breck, Stephen Emery Smith, Eugene Bruno Walker, Robert Miller Goodwin. ROW 3: Henry Onehard Wagner III, Steven Bryan Dunn, James Edward McHugh Jr., Michael Allen Collins, Peter Hamilton Jackson, Michael Edmund Taylor, Andrew Kevin Licht, David MacLeod Walker, Robert Wendall Albo, Jack Brewster Hagler. ROW 4: Curtis Brooks Cutter, Daniel Scott Krebs, Rocco Joseph Papale. ROW 5: Terence Michael McGrath, Eric Hart Gabrielson, Dean John Meniktas, Bruce Church Taylor, Marshall Kent Jaquish, Steven Bruce Taylor, Laurence Ciymer Ricksen, Joseph Robert Garrett II, John Clinton Callan Jr., George Paul Christopulos. NOT PICTURED: Ripley Harold Hentcr ill, Mark Francis Bo zini, Clinton Nicholas Stefan, Michael Thomas Woolf, Gary Alvin Kuhn, Peter Bennett McLaughlin, Mallory Paul Hill, Peter Addison Hayes, Bruce Linforth Paul, Neal Joseph Hoffman. Christopher Tatum. 146 PHI KAPPA TAU 2335 Piedmont Avenue FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Steven Rea, Bob David, Dennis Barfilde. Scott Ellis. Vhron Burr. Mark Frietas. Jeff Hollander. ROW 2: Jim Ghormley. Eric Waits. Landi Card, Tom Amesbury. Brad Ng. Larr Parker. Dave Miloslavich, Clay Ward. ROW 3: John Bengtson. Brad Prescott. Kurt Johnson. Bill Krill. Scott Healey. Minnis Patterson. Eric Bailey. ROW 4: Gregg Riehl. John Schoustra. Don Ditcher. Greg Anderson. Tom McGaffigan. Dan Ahern. Jamie Gower. 147 PHI KAPPA PSI 2316 Bowditch FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Mark Levy. Blake Ycaman. Gar Goldstein. Greg Sawdev. Stan Pang. Gregg Thompson. ROW 2: Ernie Beernink, Peter Harvey, Kirk Barry, Mark Nay. Ben Dixon, Dave DaSilva. ROW 3: Steve Eidienlaub, Darren Jones, John Gomes, Rodger Hargcar, Bob Bleicher. Sal Lucia, Tom Smith. ROW 4: Mike Neiman. Ken Pcrscheid. Mark Callan, Keith Chrcstionson, Randy Brown. NOT PICTURED: Leonard Cosentini, Clark Danielson. Lars Enevoldsen. Dcclan Hoban, Kimball Koch, Matt Lorence, Roger Snell 148 ALPHA DELTA PI 2400 Piedmont Ave. FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHTi: Maria Tcnaglia, Julie Hyde. Robin Kahn. Nina Bryan. THE MLNCHKINS: Kate Blackburn. Carole Duffy. Kathy Grant. Karen Reid. Laura Bowers. ROW 2: Barb Fletcher. Becky Dudman. Wynn Elliott. Kathy Glafkidex Leslie Froker! HOLSEMOTHFR: Mrs. Sullivan. Marsha Matsunaga. Betty Trubitt. Jan Hart. Robin Mariil. Kris Porter. ROW 3: Julie Bertelsman. Michelle Piceo zi, Kitty Carson. Anne Brazil, Pikke Allen. Laurie Sweeney. Becky Borges. Heather Morgan. Donna Probert. Lisa Bansall. Kathie Rowe- McAlien. Debbie Grose. ROW 4: Colleen Robinson, Richelle Kellner. Ellen McKissock. Jane Gazzola. Liz Erickson. Slacey Heidig. Janet Davy. Su y Cain. Kathy Clifford, June Albertini, Sarah Kiesling. Karin Cotta. Joann Villani. ROW 5: Sandi Smith. Carla Cline. Lesley Heidig. Ralphia Flageollet. Nanci Ncidorf. Liz Moulds. Sharon Kong. Anne Patterson. Gail Chesnut. ROW 6: Liz Fordyce. Jane Elliott. Jan Biggerstaff, Mary Beth Kloser, Donna Hasbrouck. Mary Saffell. 149 I PHI GAMMA DELTA 2395 Piedmont Ave. KRONT ROW (I. I- FT TO RIGHT): Greg Km. Steve Hinds. Bill Simmons. Riek Harrer. Rick Miller. Chris Jones. .lelT McDcrmott. Kurt Biltner. Neil VVinh. ROW 2: Craig Wilson. Brad Krouskup. Mike Chinn, Jim Buckingham, Tony Pinelli. Kevin Smith. Bill Kendall. Doug Miller. ROW V Roily Dickison, Ron Eliggi.Tom Ley. Jesse Chcnn, Art Hampar. ROW 4: Mark Ellis. Tim Lien. Bryan Johnson. Mark Allen. Pete Anson. NOT PICTURED: Doug Becker. Jed Bittner. Rich Blue, Bob Fores. Randy Proctor. Arto Toivola. " I lound-Doa " Turner, Bob Warnock 150 KAPPA ALPHA THETA 2723 Durant Ave. IRON! RO V (LEFT TO RIGHT): Alice Sherman, Carolyn Krai?. Joan Shepherd. Alicia Donahue. Deb BaUcntmc. - Kath Grubb. Carol Goepp. RO V 2: Melissa Charles. Jody Church. Julie ' Tricia Shepherd, Cath) : c. . Nanc) Tufis. M.: s:iv.- cii-. Bcir .p.snjian. RO V 3: Connie iita. .1. .1. Johnson. Jane Vlaushardt. Pam Criichfield. Nancy ilhams. Stephanie Camp. Susan Irish. RO V 4: Leigh Hunt. Kris Spanjian. Tamrm Do lc. Lisa Baker. Lori Ha. i Lekuen. RO 5: Shannon Duthie. Karyn Oas. Bambi 1a er. Carolyn Prescott. Colleen Juhl. Pam Powell. Sara Sliuler. RO (r nn 1aynin. Lori Quinn. Trina Wolfgram. Nancy Parro. Lolly Ldall. Collette DeNcu. 151 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 2722 Bancroft Way FRONT ROW ( LEFT TO RIGHT): Randy Scotl. Jon Stecle, John Peck, Bill Baxter. Kent Halkclt. Ed Silver. Terry Dcmming. Bob Perussina. Drew Jordan. ROW 2: Lee Spelman. Todd Stone. Lee Dresser, Brian OToolc. Jim Ballard. Jeff Peralta, Pete Howes, Pete Kiee. Mark Niller. ROW 3: Rob Giianders. Dave Sehult .. Mike Menachof, Tim Moriarty, Tim Baughman, Eric Von Geldern. Pete Marshall. Chris Kline, Dick Steinv. Mark McGourtney. Kurt Wharton. Mike O ' Brien, Terry Deveau. Todd Palmaer. ROW 4: Brian Hoppe. Dave Prend. Mark Bicstman, Trevor Jones, Tom Giovanini, Greg Beltram. Robert Carrol. Jeff Schneider, Chris Kanolf, Bob Eanini. Bill Shot. Paul Edwards. Chip Sanders. Dave Longerbeam. Bob Broun. Rich Guldin. ROW 5: Carl Spurzcm. Eric Schnieder. 152 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 2328 Piedmont Ave. TOP (L.-R.i: Elaine Deane. T Powell. Sta Adams. Linda Fitch. BOTTOM: Jill Welch. Jami Chang- aris. FRONT ROV (LEFT TO RIGHT): LM Foard. Janice Rcgimbal. KathL, re. Ellin Anderson. Sophia Ahlas. Kaih Parker. Barb Selbach. Care .inn Dorward. ROW 2: Lauren Biggs. L nne Hjclte. Laura Daschbach. Emily Penis. Laurie Farnsworth. Grace Ann Pcde- - .: ] .d. k.: ' .!e .. :burn. Jo Franich. Linda Fitch. RO ?: Anne Donahue. Karen V nne Began. Sara Goicher. Siace Black. Erin Biggs, Lisa Mann. Susie Silk, Ginny Rickson. Marj ret N I . ' : . RO 4: Anne Gillam, Holly Engs, Mar) Siefanki. Marion Hudson. Jud Holt. Kim Rountree. Kalh Finncy. Amie Mosher. Christy Plait. Sla Adams. Beis Mden, Loki Derone. Jill Welch. Briait Bush. Kim ikon. Mary O ' brien. 153 THETA XI 2639 Durant Ave. FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Raymond Slaidins, William Pclcsh, Raymond Fredricks, Andres Varona, Fernando DeLeon, Thomas Holden. Scott Walker, Arturo Jimenee. ROW 2: Steven Rusch, Richard Rushton. Girush Apte. Arthur Kapoor, Gary Hanson, Richard Scherb. David Hansen. Brian Cochran, Nicholas Jedenoff. Frank Mandel. ROW 3: Ronald Wylie, Eric Bell, Wayne Bolio, Jim Baba, Rick Nelson, Sam Williams, Michael Hallsted, Alan Hart. Steven Foletta. Steven Leutza. 154 PI BETA PHI 2325 Piedmont Ave. ROW 1: Alison Kelly. ROW 2 (LEFT TO RIGHT I: Arm Re nolds. Paula Zagaris. Meg Bittncr. ROW 3: Linda Stafford. Carol) n 1aicr. Kelly Ditto. Susan Fleming. Karen Everest. Maureen Harris. ROW 4: Lisa Sard. Jane Rickson. Colleen Harold. Laura Byrd, Gia Granuci, Jan Jensen. Tinsley Place. Sabra Clark. Hillary Hilken. Mar O ' Melveny. Jessica Hansen. RO 5 (STANDING): Leslie Dixon. Kris Hagen. Jeannie S mes. Krislen Paulson. Sally Parks. Sue Albritten. Kelly Her berg. Danae Paras. Jill Hart. ROW6(ON BALCONY): Roberta ' Reeves. Joan Cotton. Maggie Barry. Lori Bracken. Andre.: Dot Pederson. Linda cissinger. Linda Bandar. Jill Schwendingcr, Laurie Herring. Libby Campbell. Caroline Johns. Sara Tindell. Annie Maier. Jane Wheatcroft. Lisa Tobin. Lori Gessler. Dene Rowell. Li? Klein. NOT P1CTL RED: D. D. Daiss. Becks DeCalb. Diane Green. Barbara Fish. Moira Holden. K le Kipnis. Wendy Krill. Debbie Michaelides. Melanie Oaks. Gail OJesen. Jaime Riker, Noreen Roche. Sarah Schnugg. Paulette Skofis. Gayle Solan. Sheila Tobin, Sarah Whittaker. Holly Bellcgarde. Muffi Be er. Mimi Blakeslec. Lynn Eisenbrand. Luc Farkas. Susie Hutt. Mar Lou Pon. Julie Searles. Lisa Libb . 155 GAMMA PHI BETA 2732 Channing Way FRONT ROW ([.EFT TO RIGHT): Karen Aumock. Tracy Logan, Paula Franco. Allison Wells, Jamie Wells, Dana Styles, Lori Nelson. ROW 2: Debbie Macktinger, Janiele Mallei, Gail Godsey, Gina Owen, Katie Barren. Kathi Hoeffling, Caroline Froid, Kim Aikawa, Beth Galuin, Tricia Jump, Rebecca Elia. ROW 3: Patty O ' Lague. Betsy Rosenthal. Kris Hammar. Sue Trebino, Cathy Veretto, Cheryl McLaughlin, Ellen Wynne. Kelly O ' Lague, Lisa Smeley, Sue Fife. Bernie Maloney. ROW 4: Margie Hoff. Nancy Knudsen, Carol Colwell, Linda Brooks. Kristin Stcinmet . Janet Martinelli, Katie Indcrkeim, Alison Yuen, Laurie Andres (President). Lucy Carrico. Mrs. Phyllis Casburn (llousemorn). ROW 5: Jeannic Banfield, Tcrese Long, Peggy Robinson. Sue Kimball, Nancy Bcrdrow. Jackie Guibert. Kathy Keane. Anna Menard. Cathy Innes. Gwcndy Longyear. Carol Willoughby. C ' arlanne Galik, Sharon Anderson. NOT PICTURED: Andrea Alaban, Ann A euedo. Mary Cassatre, Michele Furlan, Sue Holt, Jenny Buttimer, Gailvn Avvenices. Sue Richardson. Cindv Richardson. 156 THETA DELTA CHI 2647 Durant Ave. :: -j |L i V - I! VV- k 51 FRONT ROW (I I- FT TO RIGHT): Kevin Mckcnna. Dan Tachiera. Eric Tomich. Jim Robcrst. Stove Douche-an. RO 2: Ton Jones. Mark Slolle. Tim Walsh. Brad Timley. ROW 3: Doug Carlisle. George Moskodildo. Marc Roberts. Mike Miller. Fril Logan. Tim McThai. Bitch Friedman, Little Bobby Zeller. Mark Walsh. JclTGrady. Damp Helson. Dave ason. RO 4: Tom Tormex. Habb Panacaldo. Christian Marke . Hal Jennings. Tevis Martin. Fppie (iiles. MugL ' Mushroom cik. John Dickenson. Steve Shiflilett. Rich Anihonv. Pat Murray, Ricky .locinio. ROW 5: Brent Jorgenson. John Greer. Jim Cole. Steve R der. Bob Spinelli. 157 TAU KAPPA EPSILON 2725 Channing Way FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Rob Bracket!, Jim Mahler, Larry Harlcy, Eric Kostlan, Cliff Marks, Ed Mastro, Rob Packenham. ROW 2: Mike Wray, John Sodklaris, Mark Parrish, Henry Saunders, Urs Matejka, Peter Shelton. ROW 3: Peter Barry. Jon Kahn, Randy Buford, Scott Dinklespiel, Dennis O ' Connor, Dale Kersten. ROW 4: Kevin Clark, Jim Falconer, Scott Littlr, Luke Littlr. John Nirenstein, Brent Rasmussen, Gary Hook, Dan Diettrich. ROW 5: Tom Tenauall. Bill Logan, Brent Blaesi. 158 . " CHI PHI 2722 Durant Ave. FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Tom Zane. Dan Schiff. John Christian. Paul Manca. Rand Bi hop. ROW 2: Jim Goldhawk. Kip Quackenbush. Phyllis Preston, Joe Graziosa. Darrin Fleming. Todd Reid. Michael McDonough. ROW 3: Colin Dovle. Craig Wallstcn. Stuart Jones. Robert Finley. Mitch Friedman, Mike Santos. Joe Hawkins. Ryan Young. Doug Dedo. Gregg Mayer. Kip Parent, Jim Hoff. ROW 4: Greg Maxwell. John Soltau. Paul Magruder. Cliff Raisbeck. Tom Lufkin. Ed Wright. Mike Tve. Rick Suiter. NOT PICTURED: Ned Purdom. Dan Magid. Jim Wraith. 159 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 2327 Warring FRONT ROW (left to right): Paul Koenig, John Davenport, Chris Barker, Jim Fairbank, John Kerby-Miller, Craig Bruzzone, SECOND ROW: John Reece, Rob Jones, Larry VanEckhardt, Bob Melrose, Brian Judy, Dave Bartick, Mark Kelsey, Rick Pawell, Drew Planting, Rich Bingham. THIRD ROW: Jim Farnsworth, Harry Nelson, Tom Philbert, John Hoy, Alan Swimmer, Peter Presscott, Scott Peters, Bob Marshall, Alan Wilhemy, Valon Cross. FOURTH ROW: Toby Pantin. Pat Flanagan, Josh Floum, Casey Jackson, Ken Gammage, Spencer Eldred, Tod Moody, Kyle Christie, Jeff Raabe, Pat Devoe. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Pickering, Massy Tuffolo, Kevin Stevinson, Jim Morris, Mark Codiroli, Henry Nesis, Bill Charlesworth, Jon Richmond, Doug DeUrioste, Doug Sharp, Doug Seller. 160 CHI PSI 2722 Durant Ave. FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Jim Bogush. Russ Decausemaker. Kirk Steers. ROW 2: Kevin Nuckles. Paul Killion. Kris Donnolson. Andy Mamoni. Mike Callison. Pierre Rabano, Clay Holsine. ROW 3: Dave Keeling. Bob Delsol. Rob Krantz. Mike Dickey, Bob Baumann. Brent Holden, Craig Krasky. Steve Puccinelli, Steve Towle. ROW 4: Tom Escherich. Bill Stephenson, Lance Henderson. John Fisher. Tori Lewis, Eric Tonningson. NOT SHOWN: Bert Sandell. Ben Johnson. 161 ALPHA DELTA PHI 2422 Prospect FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Steve Ruff, Elliot Gould, Steve Hill, Mark " Ernie " Courtney, Steve Ludwig, Peter Gotcher (!), ROW 2: John Trueb, Dave Jones, Rich Mazzera, Marguerite Fuller (cook), Kevin " Sarge " Mayer, Mark " B.H. " Dal Porti. ROW 3: Phil " Hollywood " Larson, Dave Dimatteo, Mike Edwards, Mumbles Olson, Tom Skewes-Cox, John Specs, Steve " Showdog " Wilson, Steve Ghiselli, Steve Gould, ROW 4: Don Harris, Buck McClellan, Jeff Gall, Vinnie Mo, Brent Constantz. 162 DELTA GAMMA 2710 Channing Way FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Katherine Holmes, Buffy Lee, Liza Paige, Patty Hambrick, Sue Mitchell, Pat Harwell, Sue Perry. ROW 2: Chris Damelle, Marianne Jacobs, Lori Mark. Kim Stansbury. Laura Bownay. Emily Gold, Cathy De Silva, Linda Ruxton. Diane Hevrerias. Kathy Reid. ROW 3: Terre Nicholau. Jenny McCracken. Kathy Mossi, Linda Riewerts, Kathy Lange. Robyn Skiffington, Liz Jones, Marcia Smith. Maria Baren. ROW 4: Kathy Stickler, Deborah Blitz, Lori Riewerts. Betsy Wilcox. Paula O ' Neil, Betsy Gallup, Diane Nicolini. ROW 5: Lindsey Stansbury, Demetra Petropulos, Liz Holmes, Lori Arosteqvi. ROW 6: Bodee Corby, Danelle Rugaard, Jorgi Nicholai. Cathy Cunha, Lora Lee Davis, Liz Black. ROW 7: Sue Stitt. Dana O ' Neil. Julie Horton. Kathy Feeney. ROW 8: Diane Burri, Susie La Lanne, Kathy White, Nancy Hayden, Cici Christensen. 163 ' . : DELTA CHI Abracadraba Chapter 2425 Piedmont Avenue FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Ray Seed, Treasurer, Remo Canessa, David Hudnut, Adel Afshari, Jim Dalton, ROW 2: Whit Manley, Michael Ramil, Rob Shapiro, Ben Davoreen, Jack Stern, (cook), ROW 3: Noel Johnson, President, Richard Alter, Chris Reyes, Alumni Relations, Lee Levano, Dan Salvemini, ROW 4: Walt Holmes, Damien Loughrey, Greg Clark, Sargent-at- Arms, Greg Rogers, Hamid Mahdavy, Bob Cowden, Evan Reade, ROW 5: Anthony Hill, Garth Nelson, Greg Hackman, Rey Espinelli, Alan Brune, Vice-President, Mark Raynard, Phil Yang, ROW 6: Pat Ransil, Richard Alter, Ron Blatman, Rob Main, Steve LaVoie, Denis Squeri. 164 PHI KAPPA SIGMA 2320 Warring FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Scott Westphal, Kurt Easthouse, Matt Hendricks, Steve Ernst. Pete Mills. Chris Luciani. Tim Paintor, Tim Mather, Fred Burrows, Eric Jorgensen. ROW 2: John Schnugg, Steve Lupez, Gary Graumann, Wake Sweet. Ed " Bobo " Mozen, John Hendricks, Wayne Colahan, Mitch Valton, Tom Hambleton, Greg Lagorio, Jim Wickware. ROW 3: Frans Insinger, Ted Trenkwalder.Gary Lambert. Kirk Ericsen (kneeling). Matt Pleis (kneeling). Dave Young. Ted Cotter. Matt Lupez. Bob Bonet. ROW 4: Pat Pahl, Bill Lee, Dave Wells, Paul Hammond. Jim Larsen, Rafael Gonzalez. Lance Pruitt, Lee Buckner. Jeff Cameron, John Stings, John McMahon, Carlos Steffens. Van Sanguinnti. ROW 5: Mark Vigeant. Jeff Wilson, Tom Taylor, Drew Fields. NOT PICTURED: Mike Laughlin. Rob Reid. 165 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 2421 Prospect FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Mark Babkan, FARRAH-FAWCETT MAJORS (House Dog), Bill Power, Joe Marshall, Greg Hill, Eric Meub, Pat Buscovich, Pat Kerwin. ROW 2: Jim Doordan, Dave Lee, Doug Foris, Steve Nowak, Ian McClure, Tim Taylor, Phil Shreger, Terry Garnett, Jeff Leuchi, Jeff Sayles, Dane Grezia, Fred Turner. ROW 3: Jeff Gross, Kent Johnson, Dave Bertha, Doug La Mont, Greg Smith, Tom Scrivner, Sam Traina, Dave Leslie, Rob Williams, Jon Gallagher, Jeff La Mont, Brian Young, Rob Ritchey, Russ Cotteral, Tim Eyster, Greg Lintner. NOT PICTURED: Randy Cannon, Greg Zitani, John Gezelius, Jerry O ' Driscoll. 166 PI LAMBDA PHI 2727 Channing Way FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Steve DeSmith, Carl LaRue, Paul Shonemann, Todd Phillips, Ken Fordyce. Larry Johnston ROW 2 David Kahan, Robert White, Dave Shirley. Dave Evans, Roland Goodman, John Hills. Brian Rudenberg, Scott Rechtschoffen, Denis Lucey. Moose. ROW 3: Doug Conrad, Mark Burton. Robert D ' Amant. Doris, John Danhakl, Todd Teicheira, Jeff Walker, Tod Gelfanda. 167 BETA THETA PI 2728 Channing ALPHABETICALLY: Jeff Allen, Gary Burns, John Clark, Larry Clark, Peter Chapman, William Dagley, Kevin Dakis, Howard Daschbach, Marty Davis, John Dubois. John Fair, Jay Flagg, Jim Flagg, Tom Fortunate, Tom Franson, Richard Fyke, Gary Gibbs, Bruce Goedde, Peter Grassi, Matt Harris, Jim Hogland, William Hogland, Paul Jones, William Holsapple, Steve Kingsley, Andy Kruse, Scott Lasher, Carl Otto Lovenskiold, Todd Lyon, Duke Leffler, Tom MacLauglin, Kevin Moran, Jim Myersieck, Kenny Myersieck, Daniel North, Peter Price, Stuart Procter, Jim Purcell, John Quinn, Doug Raisch, Mark Richter, Serge Rigisich, Rick Rogers, Scott Shields, Bob Smiland, Steve Southgate, Roger Stephens, Scott Swisher, Matthew Taylor, Gary Thompson, Hugh Thome, Tom Tyson, Robert Whitehead, Joe Williams, Charles Wiser, Richard Woodward. 168 SIGMA KAPPA 2400 Warring FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Celeste LeVlaster. Patti Lundburg, Carol O ' Brien. Melinda Miller. Karyn Bernicchi, Janet Coayes, Gayle Kardoos, Sandy Cunningham. ROW 2: Wendy Ankele. Eliana Caltagirone, Sarah Blackwelder. Lynne Hunter. Susie Lisker, Ten Paulsen, Denise Alegria. ROW 3: Anne Stezl. Ann Beck, Lisa Snauffer, Hana Shields, Mary Dudziak. Lila Farazian. Melody Pekarek, Sue Woodward. Geri Freeman. ROW 4: " Sweet Pea " Soden, Gaby Wirth, Julie Geers, Emily Williams. Cheryl Whiting, Nancy Hart. Julie Theodore, Laurie Robertson. Kathy Kozlowski. ROW 5: Mallory Lynch, Sue Kennedy, Laurie Jo Wallace, Carol Beebe, Barbara Winslow, Jasmine Castillo, Karen Smith. Ruthann Geissinger, Dawn Hull, Shirley Carson, Gina Bruno, H. Innes Melton. ROW 6: Kathy McElroy, Cindy Softball, Jane Me ers, Becky Rodriguez, Michelle Deseur, Chris Johansson, Claudia Domingo, Lynzie Bazlen, Linda Vigeant, Nancy Hacker. ROW 7: Sue Lentz, Kim Machado, Michelle Skinner, Ellen Martin. 169 ZETA BETA TAU 2438 Warring FRONT ROW, (LEFT TO RIGHT): Jim Renalds, Bill Black, Tom Frederico, Ear) Knutsen, Jeff Trenton, Barry Gold. ROW 2: David Goldberg, Garson Foos, Scott Kelly, Don Hanna, Tony deGrzman, Keith Epstein, Randy Sosnick. ROW 3: Seth Mitchner, Jerry Katz, Tom Kent, Scott Weinberg, Mark Bressler, Mark Mendenhall, Mike Ferretti, Tom Gibbons, Andy Heekin, Keith Tan- dowsky. ROW 4: Steve Gomberg, Peter Cohn, Carlton Wilder, Dave Goerss, Pete Taylor, Joel Hausman, Mark Feldman, Randall Brody, Jerry Loewen, Jeff Anderson, Steve Loewenthal. NOT PICTURED: Jeff Mintz, Tim Karsten, Rob Golden, Dave Saltzman, Rodney Minott, Al Bannatyne. 170 DELTA SIGMA PHI 2347 Prospect St. FRONT ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): lorn Williams, Charley Ramsey, Bob McGrouther. Dan Dudziak, Jim Nolan. Scott Shea ROW 2: John Hyland. Jon Matson. Peter Kirwan. Phillip Dowley, Tom Fullair, Fill Benz. Rich Lucas ROW 3: Chris Miller. Geoffrey Flavell. Jim Fazackerley. Jeff Kelly. Chris Dunn. Reed Harris, Ralph Goehring. Ray Allen, Rich Muenter, Curt Kidder ROW 4: Kurt Stoffers. Chuck Crosb y 171 I I ftrS A I v 1 HT I I : . Cbokie DORMS 186 187 . . i .1 .-- I V - . v, v I f V X A L riM ' - ' CN NTHIA ABB1SSINO Physi C YNTHIA AGRICOLA Social Welfare BRLCE Al P.E. .1 1tS KEYSON Poll. Sci. kl C.E. SEBESBIE M. l : . 1- VEHl. Sociology ANDREW 1 I ICK Business - dminisiration BDL LRAHMA ALIRF X C.E. HERMAN ALIWARGA L I 1 RK ALLEN Business Administration SLSAN ALLEN English VICKIE ALLSTOT C N.R THOMAS MESBLRY Forestry JEFFREY ANDERSON History KEVIN ANDERSON Business Adminstration SHERWOOD ANDERSON Business Administration LAURIE ANDRES Business Administration BETTY ANG Rhetoric PAL L ANGULO Poli. Sci. PETER AN SON CNR. PHANIi: ARBUCKI I I ' oii. Sci. ATRICIA A R A DON Social Welfare ,1K HALL ATCIIISON ANTHONY ATTARD Mathematics ,E At: Applied Mathematics MONICA A I Architecture ROLAND AV-Y1 I N(, C.E. GAILYN AWENIUS English Soc. Sci. MARK BABAKAN Business Administration RANDOLPH BAER C.E. MARY BAGNASCH1 Zoology Bacteriology Immunology ' DON BAKER Chemical Engineering LISA BAKER Sociology ALAN BANNATYNE Computer Science DENNIS BARFIELD Business Administration MIRIAM BARRIOS Spanish Portuguese GEORGE BARRY History JOHN BARRY E.E.C.S. CYNTHIA BART History DARL ' ENE BASCH Poll. Sci. KATHRYN BATES Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies ANGELA BAL Psychology JOHN BAXTER Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM BEATON Chemistry CAROL ' BEAVERS Business Administration DOUGLAS BECKER Business Administration MICHAEL BECKER Economic Studies CAROL BEEBE Pol. Econ. of Natural Res. ANN BEGAN Pol. Econ. of Natural Res. DENA BELINKOFF Poll. Sci ERIC BELL Business Administration SALNDRA BELL Poli. Sci. CYNTHIA BELLINGER Economic Studies GREGORY BELTRAN Ind. Engineering Oper. Rsrch. AKLILL BEMNET Economic Studies SALIVADOR BENAVIDEZ English WENDY BENNETT History of Art FELICITY BENSCH Poli. Sci. ESA BERGMAN English ,;AREN BERTERO Anthropology WILUAM BLADE Physical Science PAMELA BLANC k Psychology ..EBORAH BLITZ Conscrv. of Natural Res. STLPH! N BOER I Geography DAN BOLTON Sociology ALLISON BONESS lusiness Administration LISA BONSALL History SUSAN BOWEN Social Science iNGELA BOWMAN Mathematics DAVID BOWMAN Economic Studies ...IER BOYCE Psychology JUDY BOYKO Physiology TIMOTHY BRADLEY Business Administration JOAN BRADY 1 1 istorv MICHAEL BRADY French LAURA BRAIN1N-RODRIG Food Nutrition Dietetic ROBERT BRA IN English ENRIQUE BRAVO Spanish Portuguese 1 TTHI BRX II n Studies JOHN BRI-NVVN I I 1)0 A BRESLM I R JOSH LA BRIHT i, I RID BRITO jh ALLEN BROMBI RGER Poli - PALI BRO N Bio!. | ELIZABETH BRUT CAROL BLCKLI-s Civil Engineering JOHN BLFORD Business Adminisn ERIN BL RGIN Lll BL RkE Histor JEXNNIE BL RNLR Amh- JETHRO BLSCH Rhe; CVNTHI C MP Nll Ene EUGENE CAMPBELL STEPHANI CAV1PI Economic Siudies ROBERT CARNER JR. Rhci 1 Rt r E . Immunok JOY CATTANACH Enu DONGLLA CHAN Applied Mathematics FELIX CHAN Economic Studies MARGARET CHAN Philosophy MIMI CHAN Business Administration SHIRLEY CHAN Civil Engineering WAYNE CHAN Computer Science WINNIE CHAN Business Administration HARVEY CHANG Poli. Sci. JEFFRY CHANG E E C S TAI-AN CHAD E.E.C.S. WILLIAM CHAPMAN Mechanical Engineering WILLIAM CHARLESWORTH Geography HUGH CHEE Biological Science EUNICE CHEN Physical Science PAULA CHENG Computer Science 4Y CHILCOTT Psychology SUSAN CHILDS Ind. Engineering Oper. Rsrch. JOHN CHILENSKI E.E.C.S. BRIAN CHIN Neurobiology FRANCESCA CHINN Biological Science BILLY CHOW End. Engineering Oper. Rsrch. LYDIA CHOY Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies DEAN CHI Poli. Sci. AMELIA CHI A French SHELLY CHUAN Biology NELLIE CHUN Business Administration JO CHURCH MICHAEL CIANFICH1 Mechanical Engineering CLARENCE CLAY Computer Science JOSE COBOS Spanish Portugese STEVE COCH RANI Biological Science MITCHELL COGERT Business Administration V1VAN COHN Biological Science CATHERINE COLLINS Political Science JEAN COLTHLRST Civil Engineering BRIAN CONL1SK Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies JANE CONNOLLY Business Administration DOUGLAS CONRAD Geophysics ROBERT CORREIA Business Administration JUDITH COSENS Business Administration Food Nutrition Diclie JOAN COTTON Food Nutrition Dietetic LISA COUGH1 IN Business Administration MARK COURTNI Y History CRAIG COWDERY Pol. Keen, of the Ind. Societies DONALD CRAIG History SI SAN CRAIG Physical F.ducation PATRICK CROAK Flementary Education CHARLES CROSBY Pol. Leon, of Natural Res. MARK CROWNOVF.R Business Administration LOR ETTA CUMMING Pol. Econ. of Natural Res. ALAN DARBY Chemical F.ngineering CHARLES DA R ROW Architecture PAUL DAVIS Chemical Engineering WILLIAM DAYTON Business Administration JOCELYN DE CASTRO Architecture TERRY DBA Food Nutrition Dietetic PHILIP DEACY Poli. Sci. ALBERT DEALMELDA Economic Studies GARRISON DEI Li Business Administration JOAN I llisior o ' CHIANYDI DENN V. Civil Engineering M SAN DE GRAZIA Business Adminisir M.YCE DIBBLE His!or DEGRIOl MO k TH{ RIM DOCIIh Sociology 1 VRY DOLIN Rhetoric DUNE DON I El SON HlSlOIA 1ARV DL 1)71 A k Socio!og RON DL II Poll. SC! MATTHEW DL NC AN Welfare ELIZABETH EASTLAM) Business Administration LTER EDBERG Civil Engineerine EDWARD EDWIN Economic Studies KENNETH EG EL Conserv of Natural Res. SUSAN ELDERKIN Philosophy SCOTT ELLIS Economic Studies I At RIE ENGLER Business Administration VIRGINIA ERCOl INI ;sh Soc. Welfare JAMES FALCONER BARBARA FANNING Business Administration LUCRECIA FARFAN RAMIREZ Soc. Welfare MAUREEN FARRELL Biology of Natural Res. CAROL FEGENBAUM Soc. Science GREGORY FEIS Rhetoric JEANETTE FELIX Soc. Welfare THOMAS FERENZ English STEVEN FERRERO Business Administration EVAN FIELD Economic Studies KAREN FIGENSHU Botany STELLA FIGUEROA Psychology KATHLEEN FINNEY Soc. Science MARY FISCHER Near Eastern Studies ARLENE FLESH English CHARLES FLYNN Business Administration ALICE FONG Food Nutrition Dietetic BYRON FONG Computer Science CLAUDETTE FONG Bacteriology Immunology DEBRA FONG Psychology GLORIA FONG Food Nutrition Dietetic JAMES FONG Biological Science PAMELA FONG Bacterioloe Immunology RAYMOND FONG Chemical Engineering EVELYN FOO Bacteriology Immunology PALL FORM ' Business Administration FRANCESCA FOVINICI English PAULA FR NCO Ph siolog% ORLY FRANK English STEVE FRANK L Geology ROBERT FRANKEL HAROLD FRANKLIN English THOMAS FRAYSSE Poli. Sci. THOMAS FREDERICO ALICE FREEMAN Socioloe KIRK FREEMAN Poli. Sci. ANDREW FREIBERG E.E.C.S. JENNIFER FREL ' ND Poli. Sci. S NDRA FREYMLTH Soc. Welfare THOMAS FILLER JR Civil Engineering JAY R (i Architecture ERNEST RJRTADO Business Administration MARK GALBREATH Mechanical Engineering .US GALLECUILLOS E.E.C.S. l RIA GALVAN Psychology LAWRENCE GEE Biological Science TERRENCE GEE Civil Engineering WAYNE GEE n-American Studies JOHN GEZELIUS Poli. Science STEPEHN GHISELL1 Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies EPPERSON GILES Poli. Science PAUL GIORDANO Business Administration RANDY GIOVANETTI Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies MARLEE GLANTZ Economic Studies JONATHAN GLAZIER History DEBBIE CLICK Poli. Science RALPH GOEHR1NG Business Administration CAROL GOEPP Computer Science BARRY GOLD Psychology WILLIAM GOLD Chemistry In. NO PHOTO AILABLE STEVEN (JOLDBERG -ir ROBI RT GOI.DFN lion IMNNY GONSA1 RICHARD GONSAI O Ph icj! Science JOHN (,ON I Poll - HLLEN GORMNN CAROLYN GOTTSTEIN Chcrr KENNETH (R NT Economic StD ALISON GRAVELVN JOSEPH GRAZH .nee BARBARA GREENt CRAIG GRIFFIN itcciure DEBORAH GROSE Pol. Econ ral R BRETT GRt rtMgese JEFFREY GROSS Economic Studies MICHAEL GROVER Vlechanical Engineering JACQUELINE GLIBERT Food Nutrition Dietetic JANETGLLBR Soc. Welfare BL KE GLNDERSON Poli. Science KENT H ALKETT Business Administration ELIZABETH HALL )d Nutrition Dietetic CAROLYN HAMEL Sociology KRIS HAMMAR ARTHUR HAMPAR Philosophy JSAN HANNUM Bioengineering CHARLES HANSEN Business Administration DOUGLAS HARNSBERGER Architecture MAUREEN HARRIS Zoology JAYNE HARROUN Business Administration PATRICIA HARWELL Physical Education DONNA HASBROUCK Business Administration DAVID HASEGAWA Bioengineering JANET HASHIMOTO Biological Science JAMES HAYASHI Biochemistry DANIEL HEACOCK Business Administration STACEY H El DIG Psychology DANIEL HEINR1CH Business Administration CHRISTOPHE HELGESUN Biochemistry RICHARD HENNUM Business Administration ALISON HERLIHY History ' MARIA HERNANDEZ Anthropology DIANE HERRER1AS Physical Education WAYNE HEUSINKVELD Mechanical Engineering GREGORY HIBSER Business Administration MARGUERITE HILL History of Art KAREN HILLER Economic Studies PETER HILTZ Economic Studies BARRETT H1NSVARK Rhetoric MICHAEL HINTON Business Administration DENISE HIRAI Psychology GRANT HODGES Civil Engineering C RI HOFFMAN Comparative Literature BRENT HOLDEN Business Administration NANCY HOM Phy social Education ADRIENNE HONG Biological Science FRANK HONG Civil Engineering II BRUCE HORI Soc. Welfare WINTER HORTON French CLINT HORWITZ History JAMES HOUPIS Environmental Studies PAMELA HOWARD Sociolog y SHARON HOWARD English BRION HI Zoolog) JOHN HUGHES History 1SANNA HUNG Biological Science JEFFREY HUSKEY Chemical Engineering TONY HWANG Biochemistry GAIL HYB ' l Psychology CHRISTEN HYDE Zoology STEVE IN ADA Biological Science VICTOR INGA Ind. Engineering Oper. Rsrch. BETTY ISAACSON Poli. Science ARD ISONO Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies KENT ITO Psychology KEITH JACKSON Biology of Natural Res. SHIRLEY JACKSON Soc. Science BONNIE JACOBS History JOHN JAMESON Business Administration NICHOLAS JEDENOFF E.E.C.S. Pol. Science C HRISTIM CYNTHIA II iiTT Business Administration KARI-N JOK Social Welfare RJI-RE JOHNSON Social Welfare BhRNARD JOHNSON Sociology BEVERLY JOHNSON Civil J-ncineerinc JEFFREY JOHNSON Business Administration ROBERTA JOHNSON Bactenoloc Immunolosv SI h JOHNSON Bioph AEU7ABET JON IS Ph sical Education NN[: JON IS Science L L R JON IS Soc. Science VICTOR I JONES Ph sical Education DAVID JONhS III Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies ANDREW JORDAN Enelish WILLIAM JORDAN History SLRIYX Ind. Engineering Oper. NANCY Jl RICH Food Nutrition Dietetic BRADLY KADERBEK Ps choloa DAVID KAH AN Business Administration HINDA KAHANE Soc. Welfare JAMES KAHN History JONATHAN KAHN Biochemistry ROBIN KAHN Zoology RENEE KAJIMOTO Architecture GERALD KALAS Computer Science JUDY RAM El Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies WILLIAM KAMI English DAVID KAM1OTO Soc. Welfare RAJ KAPANY Business Administration CHARLES KASSEN BROCK Biochemistry ANN KAWAMOTO EVELYN KAWATA Biochemistry KATHLEEN KEANE English KARL KELLER ALISON KELLY Economic Studies LISA KELLY Mathematics VICKI KENDALL Psychology LYNN KESSEL Business Administration JONATHAN KEYAK Civil Engineering SAKMI KlhSLINd Business Administration JOHNNY KIKLCMI Biocnginccring KATHARINE Kll.l H N Biological Science k N(, SL ; kl 1 Biochemistry RON Ml) KLEINMAN Rl D kl IN 1 N Statistics TOM MM ST AD Economic Studies CHRIS kONDO Ind. Engineering Oper. Rsrch. JON kONJOV AN Poli. Science KENNY kONO Civil Engineering CAROL KORN Biological Science LORI DRAMER Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies ROBERT KRANT Economic Studies C ROL DRAN Music HOWARD KRFM1 N Biological Science THOV1 AS k R L C k [ V ITT Electr. Engineering Comp. Sci. JON KUBOKAWA Biological Science KATHLEEN kL N Business Administration THOMAS KL N7 Poli. Science NORRIS K VAN Civil Engineering MICHAEL KWOCK isincss Administration KARl. KWOK Biological Science RICHARD LAFLAM E.E.C.S. KRISTINE LAM Biological Science HENRY LAMBERT E.E.C.S. PAUL LANE Poli. Science ROBERT LANGH1 oology LANDI LARFI Business Administration LAURA LARSEN Soc. Science KARAN LATIMER Soc. Welfare CHAK-YEE LAU Civil Engineering WAI-CHI LAU E.E.C.S. JONATHAN LATER Comparative Literature CHIN WING LAW Ind. Engineering Rsrch. ALLIE LEE Business Administration BARBARA LEE Food Nutrition Dietetic BEVERLY LEE History BRIAN LEE Civil Engineering CHANHO LEE Mechanical Engineering JANE LEE Psychology JEANETTE LEE Computer Science JOHNNY LEE Architecture JL DY LEE E.E.CS KATHERINE I II Soc. Welfare K - THLEFN LEE Chemisiry 1 RY LEE Economic Studies VICTOR LEE Ind. Engineering Oper. Rsrch. KATHY LELES Hisiorv TERRANCE LEONG Civil Engineering PETER LEVY History DORA LEW Spanish Portugese KEVIN LEU Business Administration ROXANNE LIM Bacteriology Immunology STEVEN TINDER Chemistry ANDREW LIONG E.E.C.S. JIM LISTON STIV1N LITYD Civil Engineering SYDNEY LOFTON E.E.C.S. JOAN LOFUS Religious Studies TRACY LOGAN English STEPHEN LONDAHL Near Eastern Studies JUDY LONG Business Administration BARRY LOO Civil Engineering MANDY LOOK Food Nutrition Dietetic JAMES LOPEZ Geography LISA LORET Engineering Physics MARI LOR I A Soc. Science KELLEHER LORRAINE Economic Studies ALAN LOUIE Biochemistry FREDERICK LOUIE Computer Science VIVIAN LOUIE Business Administration DEBORAH LOVE Soc. Science JOHNNY LOW Biological Science TIMOTHY LOW Civil Engineering DOUG LOZA Business Administration JOAN LUCAS Business Administration PAGE LUDINGTON Business Administration LISABETH LUFKIN Rhetoric RITA LUK Pol. Ecop. of Ind. Societies DEBBIE LYNN Geography SI S I. YON Economic Studies GLEN MACDONALD Geography MERYL MACHAOO French ROSEMARY MAC HARDY BRIAN MAHIDA EEC S DEBBIE MACKTINGER Rhetoric STEVEN 1 DSEN Applied mathematics JANIELE MUTE I ilecture LL IS MAIMON1 Poli. Science BERN It MM.ONEY Business Adminstralion LORRAINE 1 N Psycholog DANA MANSFIELD Physical Education APRIL MARINE Linguistics PETER MARKAVAGE Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies JOHN H MARSHALL Environmental Studies JOHN V. MARSHALL Business Administration TEVIS MARTIN Historv JUDY MARX Business Administration THOMAS MASH Business Administration MANUEL MATIAS Phvstcal Sciences ANNETTE MATSUOKA Asian-American Studies JANE MAUSHAROT Economic Studies GARY MAXWELL Architecture COLLEEN MCANDREW- SCOTTISH SHERI MCBRIDE Physical Education BRIAN MCCARTHY Sociology LARRY MCCLARAN Civil Engineering CECLIA MCCOY Chemistry BARBARA MCCUTCHAN Forestry DAVID MCFARLAND Chemical Engineering THOMAS MCGAFFIGAN Mechanical Engineering RONALD MCGLOTHIN JOHN MCGOVERN Biophysics THERESA MCGOVERN Anthropology DANIEL MCGUE Business Adminstration DINCY MCKEE Business Administration SUSAN MCKNIGHT History CHERYL MCLAUGHLIN Business Administration JACQUELINE MCMAHAN English STEPHANIE MEGINO Biological Science I S I V MEHROTRA E.E.CS. HENTRIETTA NDELSOHN English CYTHY MERRILL NM MEYFR Pol. Science CH - RLES MICHAFIS Business Adminstration I IND MILLER DEBRN Ml SCO Food Nutrition Dietetic JEH-REY MINT Business Adminisialion JOHN MITCHELL Business Administration ROBERT M1VASHIRO Economic Studies KARLETTA MOMZ Histors of Art FREDY MONTESINOS 1 Engineering ROZANE MOON Food Nutrition Dietetic GLFNDA MORXLES Arthitecture OSCAR MORENO Social Welfare JLDITH MORETZ Sociolo ' ev LINDA MORGLNl XNDER Arthitecture TIMOTHY MORI Food Nutrition Dietetic CLAIRE MOSHER Anthropology MEL IN DA MOY Psychology EDDIE MO i Biological Science SCOTT MURRAY E.E.C.S. GREGORY NAIVE Psychology NANCI NEIFORF Soc. Science LOR IS NCI SON Soc. Welfare ROCKY NEVIN Physics ELLIN NEVINS History of Art BRADFORD NG Biophysics SUSIE NG Business Administration SHARON NGIM Psychology TERRE NICHOLAU English NICKERSON LINDSAY NISHIKI Business Administration MARK NITTLER l. Econ. of Natural Res. SUSAN NOSTON Psychology KEVIN NUCKELS Business Administration SARAI KAHN OBERMEYER Rhetoric MICHAEL OBRIEN Psycholoey DIANE OCHI Environmental Studies THEO OFFENBACHLR Rhetoric .1 lhS OHEARN Business Administation A CV OK SAKI Sociology JAN OKIMOTO Bacteriolosv lmmunoioe PATRICIA Ol Gl I Bioph. ELMNE OLLERDESSfN Encliih LEE OP TO SKY CHRISTINE OPEL Human;: DENMS ORKIRER Poli Science Jl LIE OSTARELLO Ind. Engineering . Oper. LORI OSTERHOLM Economic Siu- PETER OLYANG Soc. Welfare ALTER PAN Statistics ALLAN PANGEL Arcitecture 1 RK PARRISH Pest Manaaement N NCY PARRO Soc. Science BRIAN PARSONS Business Administration LINDA PARZI-XLE Food Nulrition Dietetic RUTH PASCL A I Economic Studies ROBERT PATRICK Sociologv ivin-Mi K- r.- i i i-RSON Architecture CELESTE-: PAX CAROL PEARS A I I Foresirj LNNELISE PEDERSEN Computer Science IN PEEK Business Administraiion DALE PERRY Neurobiology DREW PERRY Soil Resource Management ROBERT PERL SSI N A Environmental Studies DICKSON PETERSON Economic Studies STEPHEN PEZZOLA Business Administration JAMES PHILLIPS Earth Science JOANNE PIANKA Biology of Natural Res. SUSAN PIERCE Anthropology FREDERICK PIVACERIII Computer Science EVAN POLLACK Physiology LISA POMEROY Psychology DANIELLE PON Geography MAX PONG Chemical Engineering PAMELA POWELL Anthropology TINA POWELL Food Nutrition Dietetic PETER PRESCOTT Business Administration SUSAN QL N Bacterioloe lmmuno)uev LFONSOQIINTERO Architecture PHILO RAMOS Civil Engineering R. MSEVER Philosophy M RK R SDOL Physical Scier . SLSXN R TTR V - Eastern Studies ROBERT REID DEBORAH REILING English PHILLIP REINDERS ematics JEFFREY REMIS Xminislralion MY RENXLDS Sociology JAMES RENXLDS Poll. Science ELLEN REYNOLDS THOMAS RICKs LISA RIDGE Poli. Sci ALEX RIDGEFIELD Classics GREG R1EHL Economic Studies JAY RIFKIN ERIN ROBERTS Applied Mathematics ANGELA ROBINSON English GEOFFREY ROBINSON History HILDA ROBINSON Art MARTHA ROBLI-S Linguistics STEVE ROCHA Business Administration ANNE ROCKWELL Physical Education ISAAC RODRIGUES JR. Rhetoric REBECCA RODRIGUEZ Sociology MICHAEL ROSENFELD Poli. Science SHAHROKH ROUHANI Civil Engineering MARIO RUIZ LAURA RUSSELL Food Nutrition Dietetic RICHARD RUSSELL JR. FREDERICK RUTLEDGE History GREGORY RYAN H istory BARBARA SABATINE History of Art LELANDSAITO Sociology RONALD SAKAUE Oriental Languages DAVID SALTZMAN History RAM1N SAMADANI Engineering Physics RICHARD SXNKARY BlOph SICS MICHAEL SANTOS Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies ANNA SARTOR I MICHAEL SCARDINO Physical Education LINDA SCHr-RMER Business Administration CAROL SCH MID Business Administration ROBERT SCHMIDT IICS SI S SCHMIDT PL LS VICTORIA SCHMIDT Psychology NICHOLAS SCHOMMER Mechanical Engineerine ROBERT SCHORD PE GARY SCHWARTZ Business Administration v.-. SCOTT Food Nutrition Dietetic K THRYN SE BE NIL ' S Soc. Science KATHLEEN SEILER Business Administration MERRIESENNETT Psychology ARTHLR SERATA Civil Engineering CLIFFORD SETVONO Mechanical Engineering ANDREA SEYFFERT Poli. Sci. RICK SHARKEY Poli. Science SCOTT SHEA Chemical Engineering SUSAN SHERMAN Psychology GARY SHERRER Poli. Science PAULA SHIMATSU Biological Science ANNE SIMPSON Physical Education BRADLEY SIMPSON Development Studies SUE SISSON Geography RICHARD SKARDA History GARY SKRABUTENAS E E C S NORA SKRUKRUD English BARBARA SMITH German BENJAMIN SMITH History CHRISTOPHE SMITH E.E.C.S. DOUGLAS SMITH Poli. Science FRANK SMITH Anthropology LARRY SMITH Dramatic Art THAD SMITH Business Administration ROGER SNELL Business Administration MARY SNODGRASS Psychology MICHAEL SOMMERS Business Administration DONNA SORENSEN Psychology DAPHNE SORRO Psychology EDWARD SPALLDING Chemical Engineering LELAND SPELMAN Pol. Econ. of Natural Res. JENNIFER SPIEGEL Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies TODD STANTON English MARILYN STETLER Poli. Science SANDRA STEVENS Business Administration ELI STEVENSON History LISA STEWART Geophysics KATHLEEN STICKLER Physical Education PATRICIA STILLMAN Physical Science DOUGLAS STIMPSON Geology KURT STOPPERS Business Administration NORMAN STUART Soc. Science DANA STYLES Soc. Welfare BETSY SUGAR Soc. Welfare ROBERT SUGAR RICHARD SUITER Pol. Econ. of Natural Res. MARY SWANSON Poli. Science SANDY TAM Civil Engineering STEPHEN TANAKA Business Administration TERI TANASOVICH Business Administration BENJAMIN TANG E.E.C.S. SHERI TAPLITZ Geography ALAN TARBUTTON E.E.C.S. CYNTHIA TASKER Economic Studies PAMELA TATE Soc. Welfare Mill TAXY Lconomic Studies THOMAS TAYLOR Pol. Leon, ol I nd. Societies TJL-MIN Till: Business Administration I IKiAR THIDODLAU Business Administration CONNIE THOPOS Soc. Science DANIAL TIERNEY Ind. Engineering Oper. Rsrch. JANE TODA Psychology KENG TOH Economic Studies ARTO TOIVOLA Business Administration BURL TOLER Architecture ERIC TOMICH Architecture CHRISTINA TONNA Soc. Welfare VALERIE Developmental Studies TLLLA TOSSAVAINEN Rhetoric MICHAEL TOSSY Computer Science YAL TOW Architecture LENDA TOWNSEND Soc. Welfare JAMES TROWBRIOGE Poli. Science JOHN TRUEB Biological Science ANNIE TSANG Computer Science UGYEN TSHERING Developmental Studies KENNETH TLRMAN Economic Studies FREDERICK TURNER Civil Engineering CATHLEEN TYLER Biological Science KAY URBAN! French DONNA UTSOUMI Psychology ALAN UYEMURA Economic Studies FRANCISCO VALDES Rhetoric BARBARA VANSLAMBROUCK Economic Studies MARY VARAN IS Food Nutrition Dietetics CATHERINE VERETTO Pol. Econ. of Ind. Societies VALERIE VINCENTE English ILLANI Soc. Welfare CAROL WANG Business Administration JAMES WEIK Poll. Science SCOTT WEINBERG STEPHEN WEINBERG Psychology PETER WEISS Business Administration LINDA WEISSINGER Poli Science JAM IE WELLS Psychology OLEVIA WELLS Soc. Welfare PETER WELTY Physiology JEFFREY WERNER Business Asministration EVE WESTVIK English LUCY WHITE Physical Education IRVIN WHITE JR. Poli. Science BRUCE WIENER Poli Science RALPH WILDERMUTH RUTH WILLHEIM Soc. Welfare EVELYN WILLIAMS Anthropology THOMAS WILLIAMS Business Administration HELEN WILSON Psychology Geoeraph M.AN WONG Business Administration DEBORAH WONG Linguistics DERRICK WON(, Business Administration JEFFRFY ONG MARY WONG Comr - v - i. ' nce PETER WONG Ind. Engineering Oper. Rxrch. RICHARD E WOM. Business Administration RICHARD ONG Engineering SAMUEL WONG Business Administration MDA ONG Food Nutrition Fietetic ll U Mechanical Engineering NE WOO Computer Science LILY WOO Business Administration MARY WOO Film SYLV1 WOO Busine Administration DONNA WOpDS Psvcholog} EDWARD WRIGHT English JOANNA WL Comparative Literature RICH ARD W L N DERLICH Business Administration 1ENNIS YABUKI Arl NICK YALE DAVID YAMADA actcriology Immunology CARL YANAR ' I Engineering Geoscience HOI-CHLII YAU Civil Engineering CAMERON YEE Physical Sciences JOHNSON YEE Civil Engineering SUE YEE Civil Engineering MARIA YEFTIMOVICH Economic Studies CECILIA YEUNG Computer Science ALICE YIM Business Administration MICHAEL YIM E.E.C.S. KENNETH YIP E.E.C.S. LING YOUNG Chemistry GARY YOVNG Food Nutrition Dietetics JOHN YU Biological Science LUN-TEH YUEN Biological Science JERI ZEMON Conserv. of Natural Res. KAREN ZIEGLER Soc. Science CAREY APPEL Art History MARK BLLCHER V, hi lecture SANDRA BRANDEBERRY Art History THOMAS BRA DFIELD Business Administration GEORGE BLDRIS Mechanical Engineering TERRY DEM ING Ps choloa . Zoology RICHARD DOW ELL PhlS DAVID HIRAMOTO Computer Science INSOOK LEE M usic TAD LEWIS Matherrui L1S 1 NN Soc Science ANNE RICHTER Sociology GINNY R1CKSEN Social Sc ience DAN STOFFLE Oriental Langu EUGENE TAFJEN Natural Resources FRANCISCO VALDES HLRTADO DANIEL WHALEY Poli. Science DARMADI SUSANTO Civil Engineering EDWIN S- TAN Architecture FOLEY DRUG COMPANY 2312 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley 845-1545 GAL CLEANERS 2531 Telegraph Avenue Berkeley 849-2944 UNITED CALIFORNIA BANK 2175 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley 843-6626 MOUNTAIN TRADERS 1700 Grove Street Berkeley 845-8600 230 JC PENNEY ' S 2190 Shattuck Avenue Berkeley 843-8683 ZIMM ' S SURPLUS 2136 University Avenue Berkeley 843-6626 Cal Book Importers and Dealers in; Books Stationery School Supplies 23 10 Telegraph Ave Berkeley, California 94704 231 Textbooks Natural History Books Maps, Globes, Atlases, Rare Titles and Sets Used Books of all kinds LUCAS BOOK COMPANY 2430 BANCROFT WAY BERKELEY 848-3311 MANUFACTURING JEWELERS CERTIFIED GEMOLOGIST AMERICAN GEM SOCIEf 2200 SHATTUCK AVE., BERKELEY TH3 6410 232 PUB Serving the Campus Community Photographic Needs Since 1910 ALL FILM PROCESSING AND PRINTING DONE AT OUR OWN PLANT 1177 SAN PABLO 526-5511 2311 TELEGRAPH 845-5268 233 I X 234 UNIVERSITY OFFICE 2460 BANCROFT WAY Berkeley Main Office Elinuood Office North Berkeley Office South Berkeley Office W. t Berkeley Office 2144ShattuckAve. 2959 College Ave. 1800 Solano Ave. 3290 Adeline St. 1095 University Ave. And 17 additional banking offices serving Alameda, Oakland, Emery- ville. Piedmont, and San Leandro. S NCE WELLS FARGO BANK 235 i THE mm I wlto-t J. j ' k-t to OJ vkert- tj STHFF -- -- - ' - ' ' - -- ' ' " ' J --- -- , . . . ,.-_ ' jo: r.. ., 4p, . y r .Public Information Offk Nobel Prize Winners: David R; - ,. - USINESS m L -: II PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF BJCK row. left to right: Paul Chinn. Peter Ou ang. Barb Holmes, Dave Raffle. Tom Taylor. Front row: eter H.i!e;. . Kirnberh Martin, Rhonda Flanzbaum. PRODUCTION STAFF Back row. left to right: Bernadette Selvin, Pat Bartlett. Gail Biglieri. Froet Gerald Karen Enckson. 1 vouict Ufce- to e tencl mj WDcmte t tkcmlcs to vvu u uy people- wi io j:pur o f reeU f of ou u iXopen Hcedx taff to W6lt c -to catTttXx iw t of vttK -fckid or-t of c u pu, to Jt vt " to 1 i iovu ow ,Jnylor f i)W ixl tH CISUt qlice. ' r Ate3u r ' Jr wtiiq oj x -c.j J our- repre- toff w ' ko a ut ( r utt q ' -Jte- ' w u-6O t vto wko -d d to-tkc ovt-cUt t a tDuH6r j J 013 . jtTT 1 78

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