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BLUE AND GOLD 1976 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY CONTENTS • • • • • • • • 9 • • • • • • •127 Why . • • • • • • • 173 2 michael palcic I. 8 Heroes and Villains, Superstars and Lesser-knowns, You and your Neighbor next door. Perfectly Illustrating, All, that Style is more Crucial Than content. chris kondo chris kondo 11 cliff bowen 12 3 C 0 0 michael palcic 17 chris kondo 18 chris kondo 19 michael palcic r michael palcic 21 Joe velson 22 michael palcic 24 michael palcic 26 peter ouyang 27 claire trey 29 michael palcic 30 What . . • chuck nip First creating, perceiving, performing Then sharing, exchanging, giving. chuck nip 34 4 james oeder 35 rick kattleman I II 16 rick kattleman 37 Joseph campbell s[ 40 joseph campbell Joseph campbell 44 Joseph campbell 45 Joseph Campbell 48 52 kenyon mark lee 53 michael palcic .1 56 claire frey 57 chris kondo 58 jim yudelson 62 jim yudelson jim yudelson 63 chuck nip 64 michael palcic 65 Football sgAilkukairl711L—Pgratr VA, -614 C s I michael palcic michael palcic 66 rnichael palcic 67 jim yudelson 68 joe velson 11 jim yudelson jim yudelson 69 jim yudelson 11 70 peter " Yang 71 Joe velson michael palcic • r • ' A ichael palcic joe velson mike simpson 74 michael palcic 75 jim yudelson joe velson jim yudelson joe velson 76 michael palcic joe velson 77 michael palcic 80 michael palcic 81 michael palcic 82 michael palcic 83 michael palcic I I 11 I 84 michael palcic 85 michael palcic 86 michael palcic 87 michael palcic 89 michael palcic 90 michael palcic 91 cliff bowen cliff bowen 92 michael palcic 93 chris kondo 95 claire frey 97 marvin soohoo marvin soohoo 100 marvin soohoo 101 peter ouyang 1 04 cliff bowen 105 jim yudelson 106 jim yudelson 107 jim yudelson , jim yudelson 108 jim yudelson jim yudelson 109 chuck nip 110 f7,- claire frey claire frey claire trey cliff bowen 1 1 5 michael palcic claire frey claire frey 1 1 8 claire frey 1 19 marvin soo hoo 120 marvin soo hoo cliff bowen 121 cliff bowen 122 claire frey 123 jim yudelson 124 jim yudelson 125 chuck nip 126 When • Dawn, Day, Darkness, Monday, Sunday, Monday, Fall, Winter, Spring, Then, Now, and Again. • joseph campbell 129 ichaeI palcic 130 claire frey 131 diu pnip ZE chuck nip 133 Where . . Here, of course, Where formica is For freshmen Or the more Fortunate few While the remainder Must mete out Its existence As it will. chuck nip • peter ouyang 139 cliff bowen 144 cliff bowen 145 peter ouyang 146 Alpha Gamma Delta " To cherish friendships . . . " 2424 Warring Founded at Syracuse University May 30, 1904 Omicron Chapter established March 12, 1915 113 Chapters Row 1: Barb Nelson, rush, song chrm., panhellenic delegate, Patti Donzelli, Giselle Bosc, Bonnie Smigel, Marguerite Devaurs, Missy DeRobertis,Leslie Shaw, social chrm., Kathleen Zivic, 2nd vice-president. Row 2: Kate Bates, Judy Oshida, Patti Chan, Amy Dolan, Karen Kelly, 1st vice-president, Sue DeGraztia, chap- lain, Ann Meyer, recording sec ' t., Patricia Tomsivic, activities chrm., Delores Johnson, Cynthia Campanile, corresponding sec ' t. Row 3: Barb Mohorovich, Suzan Salter, Kim Wollenberg, Yvonne King, Erin Burgin, Karla Nisley, Janet Tsugimoto, Adrienne Schofield, editor, Sarah Symth, house chrm., Karen Wallsten, standards chrm., Liz Lufkin. Row 4: Catharine Collins, Lisa Stewart, Barb Smith, Cheral Stewart, Adair Mumby, Eilley Weddle, Sandra Freymuth, Wende Wag- ster, president, Laurel Begovich. Not Pictured: Alison Gravelyn, Carol Schmidt, Laurie Sugimoto, Alyse Carey, Cara Wada, Elaine 011erdesson, Teresa Schaf- fer, Paula Aspetia, Terry Ow-wing, Kathleen Doughtery, Rosalind Hunt, Lynette Hunter, guard, Anna Estridge, Victoria Nelson, Kathleen Correia, treasurer, Katy Franotovich, Nancy Peshon, Anne Rockwell. 148 Alpha Gamma Omega 2713 Haste Beta Chapter Row 1: Chang Lee, Dan McGuire, Mark Compton, Tom Quick, Charley Garraway. Row 2: Rob Culp, Jim Duffy, Peter Shis, Joel K. Caldwell, Harry Funk, Jeff Anderson. Row 3: Gene Cuneo, Fred Purcell, John Lind, Tim Keil, Mark Littlejohn, Paul Davis, Jim Carucci, David Hammes. 149 Alpha Delta Phi 2422 Prospect California Chapter Row 1: Mark Piquado, Juan Simon, Bill Caruso, Dave Morton, Tom Shawyer, John Gould. Row 2: Bill Craig, Tom Toolan, Dave Jones, Steve Solari, Barry Wag- ner, Jim Carlson, Tom Hardy, George Barry, Steve Ghiselli. Row 3: Tom Skewes-Cox, John Boyle, Larry Morehead, Phil Larson, Vince Morris, Markos Kouna- lakis, Steve Wilson, Jim Sues. Not pictured: Paul Reinhardt, Peter Skewes-Cox, Joe Torrano. 150 Alpha Omicron Pi 2311 Prospect Sigma Chapter Rush Chairman, Helen Holbrooks; President, Mary Crawford; and Pledge Trainer, Pat Power at AOT Intl. Convention in Chicago during the summer of 1975. Founded at Barnard College Columbia University, 1897 Fall quarter brought nineteen enthusiastic pledges who line the archway of Alpha Omicrom Pi during presents and heightened hopes for the Rose Bowl during football season with Chris Costantino as Big Game Princess. The excitement of dances, high- lighted by the Winter Formal at A. Sabella ' s in San Francisco, along with exchanges and evening sere- nades by courting males, kept spirits high among the sixty-four women. A record amount of money was raised for their national philanthropy, the Arthritis Foundation, by selling assorted handicrafts at their first annual Arthritis Bazaar. Campus involvement and scholastic achievement were represented by participation in Oski Dolls, Pan- ile, Prytanean, UC. Marching Band, and Women ' s Intercollegiate Athletics and Intramural Sports. r 1: Helen Holbrooke, Suzanne Farkas, Sue Lyon, Louise Rondestvedt, Karen Kightlinger, Kerry Yarkin, Mary Paterson, Becky Walker. Row 2: Angi Williams, s Christensen, Sylvia Hansen, Vicky Quinn, Cindy Buchholz, Mary Bagnaschi, Vicki Clucas, Lisa Parker, Anita Angotti. Row 3: Julie Harter, Lisa Lucheta, bie Cederberg, Helen Braverman, Mary Jo Salvo, Carmelita de Urioste, Sue Elderkin, Jennifer Cook, Chris Constantino, Karen Bertero, Christy lben. Row 4: cy West, Paula Lim, Juliette Stromeyer, Pat Power, Karen Hanson, Becky Smith, Sherri Boucher, Linda Taylor, Sue Wart, Nora Lapidus, Terry Cadenasso, ryl Hanson. Row 5: Kathleen Walker, Terry Podany, Cindy Hanson, Amy Hizenski, Mindy Persoglio, Claudia Bishop, Mary Crawford, Dianne Lamon. 151 Alpha Tau Omega " To bind men together . . . " 2327 Warring Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1865 California Gamma Iota Chapter founded 1900 201 Chapters Row 1: Randy Malat, Jim Farnsworth. Row 2: Scott Snowden, Neill Barker, Brian Noteware, Mark Dakos, Bill Ferris, Alan Thaler, Row 3: Tom Guadagni, Jeff Lee, John Hoy, Bruce Hamilton, Dave Bland, Valon Cross, Mark Bailey. Row 4: Vic King, Tom Paton, Ken Gammage, Frank Bosl, Peter Prescott, Paul Hen- dricks, John Kerby-Miller, Doug Pike, Tim Abrott, Mike Van Eckhardt, Don Ladd, Bob Hacker, Casey Jackson. Row 5: Leif Soderling, Rich Cervisi, Matt Brew- ster, Lane McVae, Mike Diaz, Bill Charlesworth, Leonard Kalm, Brian MacKellar, Dennis Mullen, Chris Hamm, Jim Sterbentz, Bob Gerughty, Kim McDonald. Not Pictured: Cliff Baker, Bruce Bateman, Steve Boeri, Matt Bronson, Steve Cameron, Paul Clark, Flint Dille, Joe Kaplan, Chuck Leighton, Dip Milch, Dave Otto, Ryon Paton, Scott Peters, Matt Pavone, John Reese, Jay Rifkin, Otto Roelle, Doug Sharpe, Larry Smilie, Alex Stuart, Steven White. 152 Delta Delta Delta 2300 Warring Phi Chapter Row 1: Debbie Eaton, Jan Farrell, Lonnie Benham, Heidi Imsen, Cathe Amber, Lynne Koll, Carolyn Walker, Jeanne Burner, Kathy Hill, Anne Paganelli. Row 2: Sally McCumber, Diana Paille, Debbie Ziegler, Cathy Bolenbaugh, Theresa Viskovich, Karen Spinardi. Row 3: Lisa Vass, Becky Barry, Cathy Tyler, Cathy Lutge, Jennifer Quock, Amy Anderson, Sandy Chapman, Elizabeth Osborne, Carol Anderson, Karen Jensen, Betsy Young. Row 4: Karry Running, Kelly Walsh, Jean Cunningham, Laura Glides. Row 5: Barb Everett, Claire Fleig, Teri Tanasovich, Mary Vargnas, Michelle Walsh, Vicki Saks, Sue Groetsema, Debbie Elliott. Row 6: Lynne Ciullo, Denise Bernstein, Carolyn Tobiason. Row 7: Kathy Anderson, Linda Bolenbaugh, Stephanie Cleveland. Row 8: Anne Post, Janet Anderson. Row 9: Carol Schnieder, Nancy Kane, Megan Hill, Mae Wang. Not Pictured: Sally Thompson, Terri Thomas, Kim Stever, Tally Sutter, Marty Hutchkraft, Phyllis Gaskins, Rose Marrero, Joanne Dana, Jean Bingham, Marion Scotto, Peggy Miller, Barb Calvert, Stacy Snow, Nancy Stiff, Debbie McGee, Vickie McGee, Kathy Norton, Anne Koblick, Diana Williams, Judy Sechini, Laura Russell, Nancy Warner, Cindy Tasker, Lau rie Reiss, Katie Stewart, Lynne ' e Hetner. 153 Delta Sigma Phi 2347 Prospect Hilgard Chapter ' 4 Row 1: Dave Meros, Steve Pyce, Jim Pickel, Jim Nolan, Mike Lee, Jeff Kelly, Don Haden. Row 2: Mark Smith, Rich Muenter, Mike Lindsey, Rick Jones, Tom L. Fuller, Dave Chisholm, Steve Baccari, Al Koski, Phil Deacy, Kevin Powers. Row 3: Rick Pederson, Chris Sereda, Wayne Rudick, Mike Acton, Phil Magrini. 154 Theta Delta Chi 2647 Durant Delta Deuteron Chapter sandy parkman Rich Anthony Dave Nason Jim Brigleb Andre Naniche Doug Bryant Ric Panecaldo Joe Costa Sandy Parkman Dave Delahant Dave Rainero Andy Deane Bob Risedorph John Dickenson Jim Roberts Neal Dorow Steve Ryder Wally Fletscher Rudi Schmid Charlie Follette Nick Schommer Eppy Giles Dave Strait Jeff Grady Ken Schneider Stu Greenberg Steve Shifflet Mike Herrernan Larry Starnes Kent mrie Tom Tormey Rich Jacinto Eric Tomich Tony Jones Jim Weik Trip Kloser Graham Wright Mark Krueger Steve Wonch Muggy Laguillo Terry Ward Trevis Martin sandy parkman 155 Kappa Delta Rho 2739 Channing Lambda Chapter Members: Jim Akeyson, Alex Bigelow, Dave Bonelli, Jeff Bornstein, Gordy Buchan, Phil Castaneda, Brian Conlisk, John Delahaye, Jim Edelstein, John Fern- bacher, Curt Froid, Jim Geers, Dan Gray, Steve Gritsch, Vince Gritsch, John Hubbell, John Jack, John Jameson, Andy Katz, Dan Kennedy, Perry Lange, Paul Larson, Scott Leahy, Robb Lenehan, Curt Leviant, Pete Markavage, Monroe McBride, Doug McDaniels, Mark Newsome, Dave O ' Rourke, Tom Pace, Stuart Park, Steve Rivera, Mark Rosasco, Mike Sanford, Dave Schreiner, Neil Vandendriesche. 156 Kappa Kappa Gamma 2328 Piedmont Pi Chapter Row 1: Hilary Devine, Sue Russell, Nancy Nutting, Kate Sebenius, Mary Lou Cunningham, Debbie Ingram, Martha Abrams. Row 2: Catherine Hunter, Becky Thompson, Cindy Morris, Laurie Farnsworth, Jill Welch, Jami Changaris, Kathy Finney, Carey Appel, Karen Strycker, Amy Sutton. Row 3: Molly Morris, Sta Adams, Sue Schultz, Tracy Powell, Katie Trotter, Sally Scott, Mary Foard, Pam Wick, Anita Pister, Joy Kovaleski, Carla Moreno, Annie Brush. Row 4: Chris Engs, Mary Shea, Kim Ankele, Grace Ryan, Emily Pettis, Ginny Rickson, Dana Whitaker, Jill Kelly, Mary Murray, Amy McLaughlin, Lili Foard. Not Pictured: Mary Canning, Beth Anderson, Lacey Arnstein, Anne Brush, Elaine Deane, Mary DeMay, Susie Fletcher, Evie Fletcher, Mona Abadier, Laura Barr, Beth Bentley, Abby Blak, Barbara Booth, Mary Ellen Burns, Jennifer Cross, Sally Eberle, Nora Graney, Shelley Glueck, Valerie Hagman, Martha Harris, Kit Henderson, Joan Hillsman, Sue Johnson, Alison Keith, Karla Kirkegard, Julie Laughlin, Lisa Mann, Sarah McAuliffe, Karen McLeod, Margaret Miller, Aniko Molnar, Cyndy Nadai, Karen Noack, Collette O ' Connor, Randi Palm, Marsha Pettis, Sally Podesta, Laurie Purrington, Diana Rice, Kate Shelly, Suzy Smith, Bonnie Tucker, Jody Vays- sie, Carlin Waste, Jenny Williamson, Mrs. Jean Berger. 157 .60 EM e ' RE(s.60,1? VI R Founded at Boston University, Nov. 2, 1909 UCB Mu Zeta founded 1869, State; Skulls, founded 1909; installed Dec. 15, 1913; Achaean Club founded 1912, installed (Theta Kappa Nu) March 31, 1918. Ambda Chi Alpha " The Fraternity of Honest Friendship. " 2421 Prospect Row 1: Jeff Gross, Jeff Leuchi, John Stancyk, Rich Raso, Greg Piligian. Row 2: Tim Eyster, Greg Smith, Terry Fast, Tom Carson, Fred Turner. Row 3: Steve Forsgren, Gerry o ' Driscoll, Doug Elsener, Jeff LaMont, Craig Ghylin. Row 4: Greg Hill, Dave Berta, Doug Foffs, Kannes Noack, Sam Traina, Pat Buscovich. Not Pictured: Rich Grix, Shon O ' Toole, Greg Lintner, Greg Zitani, Jay Jacobson, Ken Speer, Randy Caniron, Jerry Herrera, Howard Edelstein. DAFFODIL FESTIVAL 158 Pi Beta Phi 2325 Piedmont Beta Chapter Row 1: Sarah Schnugg, Sheila Tobin, Jane Schnugg, Diane Headley, Sonny Denault. Row 2: Mary Lou Pon, Laurie Halliwell, Elsa Walsh, Sue Mccaulay. Row 3: Sandy MacNamara, Daily deLormier, Donnell Stanton, Barbara Erickson, Dede Schwab. Row 4: Diane Green, Janet Young, Libby Brown, Dianne Dugan, Jane Galbraith. Row 5: Melanie Oaks, Ruthie Cummings, Lisa Ferrell. Row 6: Leslie Towns, Leah Shadowens, Noreen Roche, Sue Fleming, Ann Ferroggiaro. Row 7: Madeleine Seig, Roberta Reeves, Sue Schaffer, Pam Stunz. Row 8: Jollyne Toste, Liz Lewis, Dot Pederson. Row 9: Alison Kelley, Marit Taylor, Shelby Hilde- brant, Marci Solt. Not Pictured: Ann Schnugg, Becky Tundell, Evelyn Kohan, Paige Jones, Lisa Libby, Judy McGraw, D. D. Daiss, Barbie Love, Denise Hockley, Jane Ricksen, Joan Cotton, Laurie Brecken, Debbie Michaelideu, Lisa Johnson, Laurie Heard, Margaret Crosby, Ann Thor, Sue Jordan, Karen Everest, Gayle Solari, Suzi Quatman. 159 Pi Lambda Phi 2727 Channing California Tau Chapter Founded 1922 Greg Schofield, President, Mike Liepman, Vice Presdient, Phil Patiris, Treasurer, Larry Yuen, Marshal and Cook, Bob DoAmaral, Scribe, Garth Goldberg, House Manager, Pete Baum, Food Steward, Vic Almaraz, Dick Archbold, John Belcher, Greg Blevins, Mark Burton, John Danhakl, Joe Dignan, Tupper Doe, Jeff Doung, Mike Dunn, Dave Evans, John Evans, Scott Field, Rene Horn, Rick Horn, Roger Koppel, Ted MacDonaghy, Guy McCarter, Mark Mizuno,Steve Nakano, Tom Norman, Mark Selby, Eric Solomon, Mark Sommer, Mark Stapke, Mark Wilson, Dave Woodworth. " Not four years, but a lifetime. " 160 Sigma Nu 2710 Bancroft Beta Psi Chapter Row 1: Billy Han, Jan Toellener, Dave Martin, Dave Murphy, William W. Freeman, John Kalfayan, Mike Callaghan, David De Puy. Row 2: Mike Gordon, Ken Lalanne, Ronald Eugene Silva, Douglas Ose, Jim Hayman, Bob Tietjen, Keith Galiano, James D. Mahar, Tony Liftin, Christopher, Fransco. Row 3: Dan Cotton, Tom Terril, Andy Masc heroni, Dan Cullinan, Jack Dittoe, Jeff Walker, James C. Masters. Row 4: Roger Arrighi, Dan Begovich, Bob Lalanne, George Van Der Leith, Douglas Remensperfer, Tom Bradfield, Scott Erickson, Mark Cantrell, Bruce Beagle, Bob Lewis, Mark E. Gelow, John McAloster, Eric Timothy lben, Frank Olsen. 161 Phi Kappa Sigma 2320 Warring Omega Chapter Row 1: Tom Kopas, Bob Silverman, Scott Helton, Doug Cole, Greg Mah-Hing, Ted Trenkwalder, Jeff Cameron. Row 2: Steve Lopez, Chris Glass, Lew Albertini, Bill Knaus, John Keyak. Row 3: Tom Taylor, Dan Sanguinetti, John Herdricks, John Svendsen, Ned Butler. Row 4: Scott Loorz, Dave Wells, Steve Carson, Fred Solomon, Dave Russell, Scott Stewart, Kaar Field, Pat Pahl, Roddy Svendsen, Gary Probert. 162 igma Kappa 2312 Warring Omega Chapter Front Row: Ken Macumber, Pete Anderson, Glenn Koorhan, Russ Stake, Jeff Lotz, Calvin Groenenberg, Greg Traynor, Chris Kondo. Row 2: Martin Delateur, Steve Washburn, Keith Yates, Micah Stolowitz, Joe Charez, Warner Gysin, John McCann, Greg Dix, Paul Oliverio. Row 3: John Mitchell, Mike Scardino, Alan Hu, Bill Barbagallo, Dick Buckingham, Mark Edwards, Frankie Rhodes, Gary Foster, Jeff Haushe, Jim Lincoln, Larry Guslani, Evan Pollack, Rob Ponce, Paul Drozdiak. Row 4: Rod Garcia, Steve Azevedo, Mike Rego, Dave Naino, Bob Oliver, Randy Bate, Tom Coull, Bert Glenn, Stan Harbuck, John Dean, Ed Babb, Ken Kardash, Bill Babb. Not pictured: Dirk Fledderjohann, Dave Hoyt, Fred Pivacek. 163 Chi Phi 2722 Durant Lambda Chapter The fraternity was founded at Princeton, Dec. 24, 1824. Lambda Chapter, second in order of estab- lishment at Berkeley, was founded Feb. 11, 1875. Compete chapter roll includes 840 men. 1875-1976: The on going Chi Phi Tradition Row 1: Jim Nichols, Mike McDonough, Art Fisher, Mark Murray. Row 2: John Soltau, James Fritz, Bob Dillon. Row 3: Rick Sutter, Ned Purdom, Dave lIchert, Mark LaBelle, Ron Cohn, John Cochran, Randy Mayer, Cliff Raisbeck. Row 4: Ed Laughlin, Steve Kauffman, Mike Santos, Frank Tai, Joe Guth, Bill Bird, Eric Pressler, Tom Zane, Tony Larkin. Not Pictured: Bob Rusnak, Frank McCoy, Alan Covey, Mark Hoffman, Jim Anderson, Steve Lin, Jeff VanDuzar, Bill Lutt, Doug Jorgenson, Gary Lehrer. 164 Chi Psi 2311 Piedmont Alpha Delta Delta Chapter Row 1: Dave Keeling, Donald Bruce, John Scott, Rob Krantz, Mark Plinneke. Row 2: Bob Delsol, Bill Schroeder, Jeff Ryan, V. Pres., Steve Erickson, Treas., Clay Holstine, Kevin Nuckels, John Kubota. Row 3: Jeff Collins, Pres., Mark Dewitt, Jeff Davies, Tom Escherick, Rick Hofstetter, Glenn Friedman, Lance Hen- derson, Sec. Not Pictured: Clarke Elliott, Peter Marek, Stu Listug, Luis Maimoni, Larry Regalado, Pierre Rabano, Frank Sperling, Bill Lafferty, Bruce Simon, Jeff Allen, Brian Schmidt. 165 Chi Omega 2421 Piedmont Mu Chapter Top right: Seniors, Kathi Macabeo, June Gordon, Leonora Sea, Claudia Stibbe, Debbie George, Karen Schmidt, Kathy McKenna, Betsy Rios, Susan O ' Donnell, Alison Penney. Middle right: Jun- iors, Seated: Kathy Eustis, Maureen Cunningham, Stephanie Arata, Lisa Nesson, Diane Hood, Kristi Nyberg, Vicki Umphreys, Anne Nakao. Standing: Lisa Bailey, Tina Powell, Kathy Wakai, Julie Twitchell, Brady Nordland, Anne Nolan, Sue Lundine. Bot- tom right: Sophomores, First Row: Paula Sbragia, Jane Schmidt, Julie Bussey, Kathryn McEachern. Second Row: Lisa Stark, Kar- letta Moniz. Below: Freshmen, First Row: Ginny Sjoberg, Debi Davis, Teresa Finn. Second Row: Marsha Honda, Mimi Overton, Anna Robinson. Third Row, MaryAnne Hays, Angie Wong, Sarah Knapp. 166 Delta Gamma 2710 Channing Gamma Chapter Row 1: Diane Herrias, Mary Benedict, Sue Pierce, Sandy Neuroth, Teri Malone, Liz Jones. Row 2: Loretta Cumming, Susan Napper, Sue Cullington, Kathy Mossi, Gayle Hayashi. Row 3: Kim Stansbury, Kathy Reid, Nan Shimizu, Pat Harwell. Row 4: Tracy Gust, Sally Baird, Lisa Nicolini, Marianne Jacobs, Paula O ' Neil, Tracy Lagos. Row 5: Bodee Corby, Debbie DeGanna, Laura Wolfe, Mary Barstow. Row 6: Kerry Efigenio, Carolyn Desimone, Martha Carlson, Joan Workman. Row 7: Kathy Stick- ler, Kim Hudson, Debbie Silfvast, Cheryl Napper. Row 8: Kathy Haglar, Linda Ruxton, Vicki Filice, Nancy Hemmerle. Row 9: Buffi Lee, Sue Bilodeau, Marilyn Edwards, Sue Stitt, Kathy Guerra, Susan Gallup. Not Pictured: Leslie Ball, Marcia Beckman, Janey Bergren, Robin Burroughs, Nancy Bowen, Sally Cahill, Carol Danforth, Lisa Donati, Nancy French, Kit Gardiser, Melinda Griffith, Holly Hayden, Debbie Holden, Sue King, Tracy Knipe, Sue Mitchell, Cathy Mullowney, Julie Palmquist, Demetra Petropulos, Cathy Reger, Joey Roberts, Janet Russell, Millie Schommer, Muffy Schommer, Melissa Thompson, Dee Tissier, Gayle Wheatley, Nancy Witter, Lyn Wylie, Holly Zamzow. 167 Californians Members: Pres. Dan Ahern, VP Tom Bowe, VP Kevin Clark, Sec ' y. Martin DeLateur, Treas. Donald Ruthstaller, Speaker ' s Bureau Ken LaLanne, Bob LaLanne, Tom Terrill, Dave Martin, Scott Erickson, Bill Freeman, Tom Bradfield, Jeff Walker, Tim Johnson, Joseph Costa, James Briglelo, Neal Dorow, William Giles, Tevis Martin, Walter Fletscher, Jim Leetham, David Delehaut, Eric Tomich, Bob Oliver, Andy Katz, Monroe McBride. Oski Dolls Back row: Patty Kaitz, Vicki Clucas, Paula Lim, Marcia Owen. Front row: Kathy McKenna, Kathy Wakai, Judy McGraw, Jollyne Toste, Debbie George. 168 Cal Band Every muscle taut, every note carefully memorized, the Cal Band puts its body and soul into that brief interval on the field. Bombs, eye-teasing formations, zany melodramas, fancy footwork, various musical styles, and a spirit of pride and enthusiasm are all trademarks of the Pacesetter of Col- lege Marching Bands — The University of California March- ing Band. California Rally Committee The University of California Rally Committee, consisting of about 50 zany, spirited, and indefatigable Cal students, is involved in a variety of activities that promote the spirit and traditions of Cal throughout the year. During football season, Rally Comm produces at least three fantastic pre- game bonfire rallies, designs and directs halftime card stunts, paints inspirational stadium signs, maintains and fires the Cal Victory Cannon from Tightwald Hill, and protects and unfurls the California banner high above the Cal rooters in Memorial Sta- dium. Rally comm is the official guard- ian of the coveted Stanfurd Axe, which a former member of the Committee heroically rescued from the clutches of the Stanfurd Band last year at the Big Game. Each year the Committee journeys south to support the Golden Bear foot- ball team and spur them on to victory against USC or UCLA. For next year, Rally Committee is planning two more trips: an extended two-week vacation in Georgia, Oklahoma and Arizona, and a New Year ' s bash in Pasadena (GO BEARS!). This year the University of California Rally Committee is celebrating its 75th year with such activities as radio appearances and the revival of Leap Year Labor Day, which was used for restoration and repainting of Big C. Following the busy basketball season, the Committee will relax for a moment with University dignitaries and other spirited guests at its annual spring banquet which signals the end of another unforgettable year, and then swing in to preparation for the oncom- ing fall quarter and more football fun. 0 0: 4• • ♦. „ • •• • • • • • • • • • •• • • • • •• .. • •• . • • • 0. • • •-..: • 4. • • • • • • IV • • • • ••■ • .• ♦ •♦ . •♦ • • • •• • • • 10. doug ng 170 Student Union Program Entertainment and Recreation Board provides the campus and community with films, lectures, con- certs, dances, and free noon concerts. Come and join us at our events and experi- ence the growth and education that can be gained from helping to produce these events. Students working for students; that ' s what the ASUC is all about! photos by Brad Goodwin and Paul Miller 171 Torch And Shield Left column:Vicki Clucas, Vice President; Beth Bentley, Secretary Treasurer. Middle column: Lynn Mettier, Debbie Cronin, Millie Schommer, Peggy Mullins, Sally Thompson (President). Right column: Kathy McKennan, Laura Divine, Prof. Marion Diamond (Advisor). 172 • • Why all of These people Here, now? The many Opportunities for Window shopping, The intellectual Cavalcade, To go to school. And some are here Simply to be In Berkeley. ' cliff Bowe 173 jessica herzstein 174 Jessica herzstein 175 chris kondo 176 crag montell 178 peter ouyang 179 sara hartley 181 z Lisa Abe Jill Adams Daniel Ahern Claudia Albano Amy Allikas Karen Anderson Nancy Anderson Natural Psychology Political Political Architecture Psychology Slavic Resources Joseph Afong Science Science Catherine Amber Kevin Anderson Manuel Andrade Laura Accinelli Biochemistry Julie Ahn Marshall Alexander Humanities Economics Music Comp. Lit. Nasteem Aftab Political Economics Cheryl Anderson Marit Anderson Mehrangiz Ansari Roberto Acosta Elect. Engin. Science Bus. Adm. Agricultural Food Nutr. Chemical Eng. Health, Arts, and Sciences Comp. Sci. Linda Akamine Architecture Mignone Allen Landscape Science Dietetics Architecture Douglas Anthony Primitivo Arellano II Jose Arevalo John Baca Deidre Bainbridge Muhammed Craig Barnes Bacteriology Practice of Biology Political Social Welfare Balagamwalla Computer Sci. Kathryn Anthony Art Toshio Asano Economy of Margaret Baker Ind. Engin. Rebecca Barry Psychology Susan Arenz Elect. Engin. Nat. Res. Biochemistry Operations French Psychology Comp. Sci. Janet Bailey Research History Roxana Barad Physiology 182 Paul Bartel Michael Bayard Deborah Beavers Alex Beltran Marylee Bent Mike Berndt Cynthia Best Ind. Engin. Political Bus. Adm. Electronics Accounting Bus. Adm. Social Sci. Operations Science Kimi Beck Ann Bennett Margarito Bercilla Real Estate Richard Bevin Research Andrea Beard French Food Nutri Public Health Richard Bernstein Philosophy Ivan Batchkoff Psychology Richard Beeson Dietetics Madeleine Bergman Comp. Sci. Michael Bibin Psychology Winifred Beaty Plant and Lori Bennett English Robin Berry Accounting Douglas Bauser Public Health Marine Bio. Dietetics Psychology Accounting Conservation of Nat. Res. Ronald Bick Jean Bingham David Bland Katharine Blewett Joan Block Charles Boettger Brenton Boone Ind. Engin. Accou nting Economics Political Economics Accounting Civil Engin. Geoff Bickers Finance Harold Bledsoe Science Fredson Boateng Susan Bonhiver Robin Borroughs Engineering William Bird III Physics Ann Block Biological English Physical Ed. Bus. Adm. Physical Ed. Science Religious Studies 183 Laurie Boucher Comm. and Public Policy Sherrie Boucher Comm. and Public Policy Cliff Bowen Civil Engin. Jerrold Boyle Biochemistry Barbara Branson English David Bressler Health, Arts, and Sciences Peter Bretan Physiology Matthew Brewster Conservation of Nat. Res. Michelle Bricker Genetics Vicki Britt Sociology Louann Brizendine Neurobiology Deborah Brown Journalism Kenneth Brown Economics G. Franchesca Callejo Economics Robert Calonico Music Alison Campbell French Chrystal Campbell Social Welfare Larry Campbell Spanish Carolyn Capps Accounting Mark Capron Engineering Diahnn Caracciolo Psychology Scott Carey Frank Carlson Michelle Carlson John Carter Leonard Casanares Jaynelle Chambers Charles Chan History Elect. Engin. History Forestry Poli. Sci. Comm. and Accounting Carol Carlson Comp. Sci. W. Bradford Carson Steven Carter Debbie Cederborg Public Policy Daniel Chan English Martha Carlson Bus. Adm. Economics Land. Arch. Charisse Chan Bus. Adm. Comm. and Public Policy 1 84 ....... Esmond Chan William Chan Martin Chee Darryl Cheung Nancy Chin Richard Choi James Christian Civil Nuclear Economics Biology Nutrition Psychology Bacteriology Psychology Engineering Judy Chang Denny Chen Yvonne Chevalier Rebecca Chin Dickson Choy Robert Cieri H. Hay Chan Medical Bus. Ad. Psychology Statistics Elect. Engin. Political Civil Engin. Physics Alan Cheng Howard Chew Pedro Choi Comp. Sci. Science May Chan Lance Chang Bacteriology Biochemistry Bus. Adm. Nancy Choy Cheryl Clar Spanish Bus. Adm. Finance Accounting Physical Ed. Marketing chris kondo 185 Anne Coffelt Allin Collins Brian Connolly Catherine Cooney Michael Coppock ChrisAnn Costantino Anthropology Computer Sci. Bus. Adm. Biology Biology Physical Ed. Katie Colbert Florine Collins Daniel Coombes Kevin Cooper Kathleen Correia Jeffrey Coyne English Lit. English Forestry Computer Sci. Accounting Economics and Visual Arts Larry Conklin Kristina Coombes Richard Cooper Finance Sandra Crane Dennis Coleman Sociology Bacteriology Economics Rhina Cortez Zoology Zoology Bacteriology .4t olt) Jason Clarke Political Science Carolyn Clifford English Victoria Clucas English • r Mary Crawford Susan Cresto Janine Crowe Patricia Dable Joseph Daly Joanne Dana Curtis Dare Psychology Political French Spanish Marketing Bus. Adm. Sociology Elect. Engin. Marianne Cremen Science Sheryl Curren Finance Marketing Jim Daniels David Davis Bus. Adm. Margaret Crosby Near Eastern Mark Dakos Deborah Dalzell Civil Engin. English Bus. Adm. Marketing Studies, Hist. and Archaeology History Political Science 186 I can ' t wait ' til it ' s over. peter ouyang — Kathleen Flood Gregory Davis Pam DeJohn Pedro De La Rosa David Dell Michele deNevers Joseph DeRosa Maureen Dick Anthropology Psychology Physiology Economics Bacteriology History History of Debbie de Ganna Abdulla Dekna Adela de la Anne Denebeim Bruce Dennis Carolyn Desimone Art English Elect. Engin. Torre Koneff Physical Ed. Economics Economics David Dickson Computer Sci. Political Biology Economy of Nat. Res. 187 Cem Dobra Diana Dong Richard Draper Debra Eaton Kerry Efigenic Ian Ekholm Flor Elterman Architecture Accounting Bus. Adm. Psychology Social Bus. Adm. Math Philip Dodds Nancy Dorst Finance Robert Eckstein Welfare Yolanda Eldred Becky Emch International Psychology Stan Dutrow Economics John Egermeier Italian French Relations Gretchen Douma Ind. Engin. Marilyn Edwards Geology Anne Eliott Edward Epstein Peter Doleman English Operations Physiology Paul Einarsson Political Spanish Computer Sci Research Nuclear and Science Math Theresa Eakin Mech. Engin. Latin Amer. Studies Jennifer Evans Folklore Duane Ewing Pest Management John Fagundes History of Art Donald Falk English Gregory Falk Economics Janice Farrell Economics James Fedalen Political Science Ronald Fellman Electronics Michael Fenger Rhetoric Claude Fenner Elect. Engin. Computer Sci. Stephen Ferrell Physical Geography Robert Finston Accounting - — Marian Fisicaro Political Science Sarah Fleming Comp. Lit. 188 Brian Flyer Ronald Fong Thomas Foo Anne Franklin Rosetta Gainey Eun-bok Gamez Charles Garraway Physiology Physiology Bacteriology Psychology Publich Health Nutrition Conservation David Fong Roseanne Fong Joan Forgy Guy Franks Jane Galbraith Philip Ganong of Nat. Res. Physiology Psychology Anthropology English Comm. and Economics Karen Gee Jeani Fong Stewart Fong Edward France Raymond Frost Public Policy Jean Garrard Social Social Welfare Physiology Optometry History Theodore Gamboa Social Economics Welfare Randall Gee Welfare Social Welfare Deborah George Fariba Ghaffari Barbara Glenn Wanda Godsey Leonard Gomberg Frankie Gonsalves Edna Grasberger Psychology Architecture Social Economics Political Physiology Social Janine Gerrish Christopher Gillock Welfare Steven Goldfarb Science Craig Goosen Welfare DIGS Economics John Glennon Psychology Richard Gomez Accounting James Gray Humanities Neurobiology Native Amer. Finance English Studies 189 Teresa Green Melinda Griffith Diana Guido Robert Guthrie Suzy Hagstrom Penney Halvorsen Stan Harbruck Physical Ed. Bus. Adm. Sociology Product Journalism Marketing Political Joseph Greven Sue Groefsema Russell Gunderson Management Kenneth Halligan Laura Hammersly Science Physical Sci. Comm. and Ind. Engin. Warner Gysin Accounting Comm. and Grant Harmon Thomas Griffin Public Policy Operations Bus. Adm. Laurie Halliwell Public Policy History Geography Blanche Groves Research Kristi Habedanck History John Harbottle Steven Hashimoto Psychology Paul Gustafson Economics Bus. Adm. Economics Accounting peter ouyang 190 kenyon mark lee Gary Hamin Richard Hauser Rose Marie Hawkins Lynee Hefner Jeanne Heintz Corliss Henderson Kathy Henry Geography Elect. Engin. Rhetoric Geography Forestry Afro-American Economics Mark Hauser Computer Sci. Pamela Healy Susan Heing William Helgesor Studies Patricia Henry Engineering Mech. Engin. Anthropology Practice of Accounting Humanities Physical Ed. Physics Bernard Haverly Art Maryann Henn Architecture English 191 kenyon mark lee Susan Herald Gordon Herscher Kathleen Higashiyama Michael Hintz Kevin Hitomi Diana Ho Perry Ho Bus. Adm. English Psychology Bus. Adm. Environmental Genetics Chem. Engin. David Herron Tucker Hiatt Madeline Higgins Bruce Hinze Studies Paul Ho Steve Hocking English Physics Political Botany Deanna Hittner Elect. Engin. Political Science Philosophy Computer Sci. Science 192 " You don ' t drive when you want to go somewhere in Berkeley. The city does not accommodate auto- mobiles. Intersections are interrupted by steadfast slabs of concrete known as traffic diverters. Many main streets run one way which, more often than not, happens to be the wrong way. Parking rates and fines are at an all-time high, while parking spaces are more scarce than ever. Berkeley is like that. You can ' t approach it as you would any other place. But once you learn its idiosyn- crasies, you can move with ease, and Berkeley can become friendly, even cozy. " — Jeff Hudson Denise Hockley Marie Hollander Channing Hoo Carol Hughes Danny Hum Donald Hwang Pete Iliyn Journalism Psychology Physiology Computer Sci. Bacteriology Bacteriology Elect. Engin. Michael Hoffman Lavinia Holmes Roy Hopkins Frank Hughes Kelley Hurt John Hyun Computer Sci Political Architecture Native Amer. Architecture Economics Elect. Engin. Materials Science Ann Holt Studies Allen Hum Janice Huth Crisostomo Ibarra Science Daniel Hoi Economics Yvonne Hsin Electrical Psychology Conservation John ' mholz Elect. Engin. Accounting Materials of Nat. Res. Biology Computer Sci. Asian Amer. Kent Imrie Studies Political Science I 193 Mark Innes James Jack Stephen Jackson Paullet Janetos Sara Jeffrey Carolyn Jesberg Elisa Johnson Bus. Adm Biology Music Physics Psychology French Journalism Arlene Inouye Flossie Jackson Noval Jacobs Debbie Jarvis Sharon Jeffrey Willie Jew Thomas Johnson Sociology Psychology Sociology Comm. and Social Accounting Architecture Marc lshida Robin Jackson Roberta Jacobs Public Policy Sciences Gary Joe Tim Johnston Psychology Psychology Political Dale Jaynes Kathleen Jensen Bus. Adm Economics Science Sociology Psychology Finance Social Welfare Carolyn Jones Mark Jones Theresa Jones Thomas Jordan Kathryn Jung Cynthia Kadonaga Patricia Kaitz Social Comm. and Practice of History Public Health Journalism Accounting Sciences Public Policy Art Kathleen Jung Steven Jung Susan Kaiser Margo Karler Clothide Jones Nancy Jones William Jones Physiology Bacteriology Journalism Anthropology Political Psychology Psychology Science Picture Not Available 194 Hamid Kassaian Julie Kawasnima Linda Keith Deirdre Kennedy Alf red Kerr Scott Kimoto Maryann Knets Civil Engin. History Political Social Math Bus. Adm. Anthropology Jeffrey Kataoka Kevin Kearney Science Welfare Jhong Tae Kim Marketing June Ko History Physical Ed. Karen Kelly Mary Kennedy Architecture Yvonne King Accounting Janice Kawamoto Sharon Keffeler English Neurobiology Kun Sam Kin Psychology Jeff Koblick Sociology Computer Sci. Earl Kemp Dan Kenny Bus. Adm. Sociology Economics Philosophy Sociology Jane Kirschbaum Conservation of Nat. Res. Laverne Koehn Stephen Kong Richard Koo Norman Kunz Leigh Kutchinsky Leonard Kwock Mary Kwong Psychology Chemistry Political Philosophy Sociology Biology Conservation Montgomery Kong Ginger Konesky Science Alan Kutchinsky Public Health Lily Kwock of Nat. Res. Bacteriology Bacteriology Roger Koppel Epidemology Benjamin Kwan Bus. Adm. Nooriin Lakhani Biophysics Biochemistry Ind. Engin. Operations Research -,-.01■■■■mt " .1 195 peter ouyang Having graduated from Berkeley, I have complete confidence in MY intellectual and moral fiber It ' s the rest of the world that worries me. — Phillip Magrini Susan Lam Emma Rose Lankford David Larson Edwin Lasman Steven LaVoie Betty Lee Harlon Lee Bacteriology Public Health Conservation European DIGS Biochemistry Economics Biochemistry Cathy Larimer of Nat. Res. History Humanities Cecelia Lee Jane Lee Daniel Lamb Psychology Kim Larson Michael Lauer Deborah Lawson Biology Linguistics Mech. Engin. Urban Studies Economics History of Art 196 Kenyon Lee Margie Lee Susan Lee Wiliam Lee David Lennon Georgiana Leung Darwin Liang Psychology Bus. Adm. Biophysics Accounting Civil Engin. Architecture Elect. Engin. Liang Lee Melinda Lee Teresa Lee Chuck Leighton Lawrence Leonard Frederic Leventhal Victor Lim Civil Engin. Bacteriology Computer Sci. Spanish Mech. Engin. Political Bacteriology Lina Lee Stephen Lee Chinese Stephen Lemson Karen Leong Science David Limcaco Bus. Adm. Elect. Engin. Tony Lee Political Economics Laurie Lewis Accounting Finance C omputer Sci. Computer Sci. Science Biochemistry Jennifer Linden Henry Lo Martha Lochridge Lawrence Lococo Brian Lombard Marjorie Long Diana Lowe Comm. and Psychology Near Eastern Business Elect. Engin. Social Psychology Public Policy Sandra Lo Studies Richard Logan Dennis Long Welfare Kathryn Lowe Violet Littlejohn Biological William Lock History Political Barbara Love Social Political Sciences Accounting Science History of Welfare Science Art 197 peter ouyang Nancy Lubamersky Pam Lundgren Stuart Mackenzie AJisanne Maffei Gregory Mah-hing Bret Mannon Paul Markavage Political Psychology Rhetoric Economics Civil Engin. Anthropology Elect. Engin. Science Nancy Ma Vyvyan Mackeson Phillip Magrini Ken Mandler Nelda Marchand Ivelisse Marquez Lena Luk Psychology Criminology Journalism Forestry Humanities Bacteriology Bus. Adm. Finance 198 Janet Martin Khaled Massoud Nancy Matthews Scott McAdams Melanie McCrossin Dennis McKenna John McMullin Biological Chem. Engin. Physical Economics Botany Math Physics Sciences Jodie Mathon Sciences Monroe McBride Denise McDonnell Kathleen McKenna Charles McNeill Juan Martinez History of Lois Mayeda History Economics Physical Ed. Conservation Zoology Art Zoology Judith McGraw Patricia McKee Beth McKenzie of Nat. Res. Iola Mason John Matselooba Elsa Mayor Bus. Adm. Social Psychology Ellen McNutt Psychology Chemistry History of Marketing Welfare Practice of Art Art peter ouyang 199 Steven Mehlman Heidi Meresman Lynn Mettier Edith Miller Donald Misumi Victoria Mitchell Gary Mochizuki Comm. and Slavic Lang. History of Architecture Bacteriology Geology Civil Engin. Pub. Policy and Lit. Art Harry Miller Martha Mitchell Mark Mizuno Fred Mock Poli. Sci. Steve Merlone Mary Michael Biological Architecture Biophysics Bacteriology Roger Membreno Neurobiology Spanish Science Nancy Mitchell Chris Mochizuki Gary Moe Engineering Patricia Merrill Linguistics William Miller DIGS Physiology Mech. Engin. Mark Mendonca Physical Ed. Mark Millard Landscape Humanities Engineering Economics Architecture Assam James Morando Economics Michele Morgan Physical Anthropology Vera Moriyama Phillip Morris Jone Motes Robert Moulton Sociology Sociology Organ. Beh. Political Soc. Welfare Ralph Morris Indust. Rel. Science Iris Morris Political Clark Moulthrop Kenneth Moy Sociology Science Bus. Adm. Statistics Marketing Applied Math James Moffitt Helli Moore Economics Comp. Lit. Annie Moore Robert Moore Criminology Anthropology 200 Marti Moy Linda Mundy Dennis Myers Cheryl Napper David Newacheck Janet Noeller Michael O ' Connor Food Nutri. Anthropology Chem. Engin. History of English Psychology Comm. and Dietetics John Muir Gail Myers Art Christopher Newkirk Nancy Nutting Public Policy Dennis Mullen Economics Accounting Barbara Nelson Architecture DIGS Social William O ' Connor Physical Charlotte Myers Regina Naegele Marketing George Nichols Sciences History Sciences Social Marketing Organ. Beh. Social Clarissa Ocampo Susan O ' Donnell Margaret Mullins Welfare Finance Indust. Rel. Welfare Economics Comp. Lit. Social Sandra Neuroth Sciences Psychology James Oeder Kate Oliver Patricia O ' Neill James Oser Marcia Owens James Pagliero Marian Palmer Elect. Engin. Native Amer. Food Nutri. Engineering Practice of Political History Computer Sci. Studies Dietetics Mathematics Art Science Beth Pao Steven Oki Maureen O ' Neil Janene Osborn Judy Oshida Robert Owens Allan Palmer Social Computer Sci. Comm. and Public Policy Psychology Accounting Health, Arts, Sciences Social Sciences Welfare 201 Aleck Phil Patiris Keith Payne Mark Peckham Alison Penny William Petro Guy Petzold Papanicolopoulos Economics Political Bacteriology Practice of History Economics Psychology Thomas Paton Science Richard Pederson Art George Peters Leslie Peugh Stephanie Marketing Andrew Pearl Sociology Glenola Perasso Afro-Amer. Physical Ed. Pappageorge Finance Psychology Daryn Peeples English Studies Linda Pezzola Economics James Patterson Jeffrey Pearson English Jose Perez Mark Petroni English Ann Parker History Accounting Landscape Biophysics Astronomy Architecture Physics Being a senior? It ' s like being a sophomore but worse. — Anonymous health sciences journal 202 claire frey • t Gregory Piligian Marisa Poggi Mark Portner Andrea Prim Anita Proulx Robert Purdie, Jr. Marketing Practice of English Admin. Psychology Civil Engin. Finance Art Robert Post Recreation Maria Puente Gary Quinn John Pippig Julie Porteous Anthropology Ted Princehorn English Mech. Engin. Bus. Adm. English Accounting Richard Phillips Civil Engin. Janice Pighini Practice of Art 203 James Quinn John Ramirez Chet Ratliff David Rechtman Stephen Ricossa Patricia Roberts Michael Robinson Real Estate Physical Ed. Math Economics Elect. Engin. Accounting Political Paul Rabe Raydean Randlett Joseph Rea Ja net Reekers Computer Sci. Blaine Robinson Science Physics Conservation Accounting Psychology Ronnette Riley Social Carol Rogers David Rainero of Nat. Res. Kathryn Reams Josie Reyes Architecture Sciences Psychology Physiology David Rasmussen English Architecture Elizabeth Rios Janet Robinson Theresa Rose Comm. and Bus. Adm. Political English Public Policy Marketing Science Native Amer. Studies Alan Ross Michael Roullier Owen Rubin Willi Rudowsky Dharmawan Ruslim Stephen Ryan Physiology Sociology Elect. Engin. Comm. and Ind. Engin. Bus. Adm. MaryCarol Rossiter Stephen Rowe Computer Sci. Public Policy Operations Finance Zoology Criminology Wayne Rudick Katrinka Ruk Research Ronald Sacchi Public Health Psychology Janet Russell Biological Physical Ed. Sciences 1) : ad. Nancy Rosenberg Sociology Elaine Rosenthal History 204 Jill Salomon Kreyne Sato Jack Schiffman Amelia Schommer William Schultz Robert Selwood Isam Shamieh Rhetoric Mech. Engin. Sociology Practice of Forestry Bus. Adm. Sociology Jane Santana Michael Sattel Biology Art John Scott, Jr. Leah Shadowens Anahit Shateriam Economics Civil Engin. Kathy Schimandle Jamie Schubert Economics Physical Ed. Psychology Paul Sarkisan Stanley Schaffer Marketing Geography J. B. Scripture Patrice Schaffer Nancy Sheets Biology Physiology Finance Diane Schultz Zoology Social German Karen Schmidt Anthropology Welfare Accounting Robert Sheets Peter Shelton Roger Sheppard Dale Shimasaki William Shoneff Henry Simpson Lynne Sisk Psychology Forestry Elect. Engin. Economics English Practice of Psychology Marsha Shelton Noretha Sheppard Computer Sci. Michele Shiozaki Madeleine Sieg Art Stephen Skuris Psychology Conservation Craig Shibata Sociology Economics Michael Simpson Political of Nat. Res. Civil Engin. Biology Science 205 Larry Smilie George Smithwick Debbe Sockolov Takeshi Soma John Spahn Debra Spitler Regina Steele Bus. Adm. Economics Architecture Chinese English History Economics Catherine Smith Scott Snowden Leif Soderling Marvin SooHoo Char Spanjian Michael Stample Daniel Steinberg Psychology Journalism Economics Marine Biology Bus. Adm. Philosophy History of Women Mary Soares Ted Solomon Margaret Soublet Brenda Speck Kirsten Stecher Robert Steinberg Tim Smith Psychology Psychology French Physical Ed. Political Rhetoric History Science Scandinavian Mario who? — Phillip Magrini michael palcic 206 Wendy Stock Roy Stouffer Shirley Strong Jill Sturtevant Michelle Sung Sandie Tabery Steve Talson Psychology Bus. Adm. Computer Sci. Political Italien English Political Paul Stockwell Michael Streck Miriam Struck Science Amy Sutton Randolph Takasuka Science Architecture History of Anthropology Anne Sugar Dramatic Arts Accounting Lilly Tam Renee Stoddard Art Pamela Stunz Social Sybille Swords Peter Takeuchi Bus. Adm. Computer Sci. Adrian Stroganoff Bus. Adm. Welfare History Biology Finance Computer Sci. Laurie Sugimoto Jane Taylorson Economics Political Science .1=111■1■ Gary Tenzer Alan Thaler Joseph Thomas Chris Tillman Adrienne Tissier Karen Tom Patricia Tomsovic Economics Sociology Economics Elect. Engin. Economics Bacteriology Spanish Vera Teyrovsky Debra Thaler Melissa Thompson Computer Sci. Ernest Tom Wendy Tom Jollyne Toste Sociology Theoretical History of Becky Tindell Civil Engin. Zoology Physical Ed. Mathematics Art History 207 claire trey Fee Tow Karla Treml George Tripp Caroline Utz Leslie Vakhassian Victoria Lisa Vasse Math Math Accounting Practice of Zoology Van der BijI Bacteriology Leslie Towns Henry Trost Nancy Turner Art Mark Van Cleve French David Vergari English Agricultural Physical Ed. Cynthia Vahlkamp Physiological Michael History Economics Economics Psychology Van Eakhardt Chinese Economics 208 Jose Raul Villarreal Michael Waldo Sarah Wallace Paula Weaver Jeffrey Weiss Camille White Brian Wiele Spanish Psychology Comm. and English History Zoology Comm. and Education David Walker Public Policy Stuart Weiner Fred West, Jr. Jess Whitehill Public Policy Cara Wada Accounting Marcia Ward Anthropology Accounting Greek Douglas Wiele Practice of Randy Walker Geophysics Barry Weinert Jeanne Wheeler James Whittenburg Bus. Adm. Art Elect. Engin. Lori Wasson Forestry History Political Edgar Wikdall Ute Waldman Computer Sci. International Science Bus. Adm. Plant Biology Relations Marketing Biology peter ouyang 209 Duane Wildenrada Opal Williams Marti Wishengrad Brian Wong Eileen Wong Joyce Wong Lily Wong Forestry Criminology Psychology Accounting Accounting Bacteriology Conservation Moishe Wilkominsky Linda Wilson Thomas Wolfe Donna Wong Garrett Wong Larry Wong of Nat. Res. Near Eastern History Political Bacteriology Psychology Accounting Matthew Wong Studies Michael Wilson Science Edward Wong George Wong Laura Wong Architecture Angela Williams Music Alfred Wong Biochem Bacteriology Social Milton Wong History of Accounting Welfare Computer Sci. Art Roland Wong Bus. Adm. Sandra Wong Accounting Simon Wong Elect. Engin. Computer Sci. Suet-Chun Wong Economics Susan Wong Linguistics Ben Woo Accounting 41 Dexter Woo Bacteriology Ronald Woo Physiology Steven Woo Bacteriology Thomas Woo Finance Accounting Steve Woodruff Ronald Woodworth Mech. Engin. Near Eastern David Woodworth Studies Electronics Peggy Wu Accounting 210 health sciences journal Linda Yasui Donald Yee Joanna Yin Jennifer Young Alex Zaitaeff Kathleen Zivic Zoology Bus. Adm. Bus. Adm. Bacteriology Economics Chem. Engin. Calvin Yee Marketing Daniel York Hilda Yu Paul Zamolo Thomas Zizzo Civil Engin. Evelyn Yee History Computer Sci. Economics Conservation Dane Yee Math Louise Yoshimura Ronald Yuen Debra Ziegler of Nat. Res. Social Norman Yee Practice of Physiology Comm. and Howard Zochlinski Welfare Political Art Public Policy Genetics Science 211 Cutting class again is the production staff: Dan Billings, Judy Middlesworth, Steve Lewey, Janet Walkup, Catherine Geraty, Valerie Miller, Catharine Collins, Cindy Alfieri, Tom Varghese. 220 jim yudelson •of Always keeping an eye on student affairs is the Photo Staff: Chuck Nip, Carol Fujimura, Chris Kondo, Peter Ouyang, Cliff Bowen, Jessica Herzstein, and Jim Yudelson. Not pictured are: Claire Frey, K. Mark Lee, Michael Palcic, and Joe Velson. 221 Secretary Kathy Sherrill Ad solicitor David Thomley Business Manager Brian Connolly and Carolyn Capps 222 Photography is a form of art if done with emotion, thought, and high qual- ity. It is possible for a photograph to affect the feelings of a person the same way that a good painting or sculpture can. But I ' ve found that the definition of what is art and what is not can lead to dispute. Nevertheless, it is my opinion and the staff ' s that a high quality photograph is a piece of artistic work. With this in mind, the style and structure of the 1976 Blue and Gol d was devised by Jim Yudelson, Joe son, Steve rewey, and myself. We believed that it was possible to do an artistic book with high quality photog- raphy and minimal copy that could accurately express the experiences of a person going to Berkeley and be appealing. We chose pictures for their quality, feeling, and subject value. We expanded boundaries beyond the Uni- versity because a student ' s life is not bound to only Berkeley. Then the staff used layouts that would best highlight the photographs. Deadlines were a constant enemy, but the staff was able to produce a yearbook that is our attempt at an artistic endeavor. Jeff Kataoka, Editor EDITOR: Jeff Kataoka PROD. EDITOR: Steve Lewey PHOTO EDITOR: Joe Velson BUS. MANAGER: Brian Connolly EXEC. CONSULTANT: Jim Yudelson BUSINESS: Carolyn Capps Larry Erickson Stephen Skuris David Thomley PHOTOGRAPHERS: Cliff Bowen Claire Frey Carol Fujimura Jessica Herzstein Chris Kondo K. Mark Lee Stuart Lee Chuck Nip Peter Ouyang Michael Palcic Mike Simpson Marvin Soo Hoo Ralph Wondra Jim Yudelson CONTRIBUTORS: Joseph Campbell James Carroll Health Sciences Journal Rick Kattleman James Oeder John Reed COVER DESIGN: Catharine Collins LAYOUT M ANAGER: Catharine Collins PRODUCTION: Cindy Alfieri Dan Billings Catherine Habiger Lisa Hogeboom Judy Middlesworth Valerie Miller Peter Quinto Cathy Quon Paula Sbragia Tom Varghese Janet Walkup COPY WRITERS: Jeff Hudson Steve Lewey Paula Sbragia SECRETARIES: Eleanor Robbins Kathy Sherrill The Blue and Gold owes a great deal of thanks to the following people: Mrs. Raymonde Adams for her advice and financial assistance; Mr. Gerry Brown and Vice Chancellor Arleigh Williams for funding assistance, Ms. Vickie Bryant and Ms. Donna Nagata for Activities assistance, Mr. John McCasey of the Intercollegiate Athletics Dep ' t. Ms. Eleanor Robbins, Ms. Laura Acci- nelli, Mr. Pat Campbell of Taylor Publishing, Mr. Sam Fields of Delma Studios, and Mr. Jim Yudelson for his all-around assistance. All senior pictures were photo- graphed by Delma Studios. 223 This being the night before the last big deadline, I can ' t help looking back and reflecting on my experience with the Blue and Gold. I think it ' s all been worthwhile. I ' ve learned a lot about publishing, photography, handling responsibility, and Life in general, and I think everyone on the staff has learned something. If not, we have at least all met some new people and made new friends, this is one of the benefits of working on the staff. All of the staff worked hard and worked long hours to get this year- book out. They did all this without any compensation except for occa- sional cokes, beer, and pizza. As a matter of fact, one of our best plan- ning sessions occured after our third pitcher of beer one night. Anyway, the staff, whether business, production, or photography, were hard working and dedicated and they deserve praise. I ' m proud of them all and thank them all for their efforts. I ' d especially like to thank Jim Yudel- son, Joe Velson, Steve Lewey, and Brian Connolly for all their efforts and ideas that aided in the making of this book, without them the burden would have been too great for one person to carry. On behalf of the staff, I apologize for any errors that may have occur6d and ask for your understanding. I would like to thank Steve Renshaw for his sketch on this page and once again thank all of the Blue and Gold Staff for their efforts. Our reward is that someone has taken the time to look at this book and is reading this message. 224

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