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blue and gold 1968 volume 95 university of california berkeley ©Copyright 1968 by the Blue and Gold of the University of California at Berkeley. There any other way table of contents theme: soft struggle for meaning 4 living: bending choice branches, alighting 128 organizations: to harmonize 302 sports: muscle-thinking, 380 academics: still, above and below all, to challenge 466 index: the vitality of statistics 544 Immunity is yours for the taking, my friend. It is a simple treatment—a simple amputation Of an unnecessary appendage 1934 1936 And when it is done, Life is yours. I am immune, untouchable, safe, secure. The world goes to hell, but I go on. This Campus is Not a Sanctuary for Thugs I am happy, in my own way. Perhaps I lost something valuable, But I do not miss it. 1928 I wonder how I live, and why, But I go on. Senator Eugene McCarthy My integrity survived; I would not cut that out. Honesty is all I left myself Love? I would not call it that. 1917 I have love enough, my friend. A woman who adores me, And who only I, in all the world, Can make weep late in the night. 1967 1917 I have weighed my feelings towards her And they are substantial. 1919 Were she to go, I would feel quite alone and lost. What else I would feel, I do not know. I cannot promise tears. Oh, do not think me cold. 1961 1898 Like you, I have friends. 1919 And I too have battles To be fought at any price. 1918 Chief Justice Earl Warren Congressman Adam Clayton Powell Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Justice Thurgood Marshall 1967 1939 i You have not seen me weep for the fallen knight, When he is told that his giants are but windmills. 1962 In memoriam Martin Luther King 1929-1968 His drum, like mine, beats out of time. 1927 And the pace we step is not the world ' s. 1917 I do not cry for many, But I wept for him. 1966 1959 And yet you still will think me cold. Do not doubt that I am warm and loving! Do not doubt, my friend, That when the villagers are murdered, My heart cries out, And I curse War! Do not doubt that I smile, Or that I rage, like you, At the walls that surround us! 1901 I am like you, my friend; I play my part well. 1919 But I tire of the role. Others have played it before me, And better, perhaps. 1936 1906 This stage has seen A hundred casts step forward. 1951 As creaking and floodlit 1926 1914 i 1 A., And they are gone, audience now. They all move on, shedding Their costumes as they leave the stage. 1919 Their lines, learned by rote, Are forgotten, and their mouths empty. One hundred times the actors have retired, 1964 1941 1918 1967 1951 Centennial Celebration, March 23, 1968 1931 1933 Nancy Wilson in Concert The trappings grown heavy, And the applause scant, And the pain of walking the boards Too great. The Eucalyptus 1913-1967 1959 But the shadows of the past recede, and I am safe again: I have answered my cue, and the play continues. Oh, I am burnt by the villages we fire, my friend. But my curtain rises for a mental bow, And I take it. I, like you, will pound forever on our walls; But I seek someone to bandage my bruised fists. I am deathly weary of the role, my friend, But I will play it. Do not think me cold. Like you, I am warm to the touch But do I live? alighting, bending choice branches . . .living And how does the nesting go? Separate and together. . . the engrossing paradox puts on a grin eats dinner without a tie or tying tight shoes and a loose top with ten fingers streaming from symmetrical arms builds thick walls and a thin door with a single body or so breezing, storming through the group of years clustered under the roof airs of independence and the wind of union Meet to fly the paradox back and forth precious ambivalence, gathering " things " And how does the nesting go? 1956 " a storehouse of neatly indexed rules. . . ...covering such problems as goldfish and candles (not allowed), decorations (see specific wastebaskets (may not be perforated), and laundry (not to be dried in room), " -- complained one irate coed of her living group. In this Centennial Year a review of the campus living groups is apropos. Throughout the years, campus residences have prospered and failed. Cries of " The Greeks are dead, " and " The dorms are a drag and mystery meat is neat! " echo through the corridors and dining rooms of all campus residences. Yet, it cannot be denied that living groups have played an important role in the life of the University. At the time of the founding of the a state law made a dormitory system illegal. During this period the founding of Greek letter societies In 1871 Iota Chapter of Zeta Psi was established as the first Greek letter society on this campus and the Pacific Coast. During the period the majority of national Greek societies established houses at Cal. According to Louis C. Rice, past Dean of Students, " Fraternities have been on the Berkeley campus since 1870, five years following the Civil War and just two years after the University ' s founding. Fraternities a small group living experience which affords an opportunity to with a group of friends that is an important requisite for most " The freddies have certainly played a major role in the intellectual growth of this campus. Greek life has changed greatly from the 1920 ' s im- age of Joe College. Beer busts, parties, and chants of " Deezees are easy, " have all but diminished. In the early days of campus life the fraternity was the place to live. College life revolved around bathtub gin and the fraternity support of all athletic functions. The thirties saw an added stress on the importance of fraternity life. The forties showed a marked decrease of Greek due to the war. Yet the fifties saw a revival of fraternity importance and house memberships increased. The fraternity system in the last ten years has taken upon the task of revamping itself. Emphasis on scholarship, member participation in student government has replaced the beer busts and frivolities usually associated with fraternity life. P arties still exist, but community service projects along with scholarship now play a more role. Many of the houses participate in the Big Brother Programs and fraternities have become Cal Camp ' s single contributor - both dollar and counselor wise. Last year Interfraternity Council initiated a speakers Highlighting this series were Senator Robert F. Kennedy, Senator Mark Hatfield, Dr. Martin Luther King, and Stokeley Carmichael. Added emphasis has been upon encouraging fraternity contributions significant to the entire campus community. With projects such as these, fraternities at Cal hope to the cries of " Greeks are dead " and combat the decreasing rush. Ever since the FSM of 1964, have striven to reevaluate their position on It ' s a long, hard job, but IFC recognizes the definite advances of the forty-five fraternities on this campus. In a like manner sororities have managed to combat the stereotyped image of the 20 ' s and 30 ' s. The first Greek fraternity for women at Cal was Kappa Kappa Gamma, founded in 1880. The development of the sorority role in the University has taken a secondary role to the fraternity system, but has managed to be subject to the same direction as other student organizations. The 1930 ' s plac ed an added emphasis on sorority life and A sorority at this time " was a husband trap, " with added emphasis on pinnings, engagements, and dances. The war years saw all the sorority women take over the ASUC government. " Sallies " held all of the ASUC offices, including president. With the advent LIVING GROUP SYNOPSIS date event 1870 Founding of Iota Chapter of Zeta Psi Fraternity. 1874 Repeal of state law banning University dormitory system; Construction of Keppler Cottages. 1876 Construction of first fraternity house--Zeta Psi. 1880 Founding of Pi Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma. 1909 Opening of College Hall (first private women ' s dormitory.) 1929 Opening of Bowles Hall, a gift of Mrs. Mary McNear Bowles in memory of her late husband, Regent Phillip Bowles; first University operated dorm. 1930 Opening of International House, a gift of John D. Rockefeller, Jr. 1933 Co-operative Association established. 1942 Opening of Stern Hall, a gift of Mrs. Sigmund Stern in memory of her late husband. 1945 Opening of Smyth-Fernwald Halls, financed by federal funds, land donated by the late Mr. Smyth. 1959 University adoption of a non-discriminatory policy on Housing. 1960 Opening of Unit I--Cheney, Deutsch, Freeborn, and Putnam Halls. 1961 Opening of Unit II--Davidson, Griffiths, Cunningham, and Ehrman Halls. 1963 Opening of Unit III--Spens-Black, Priestley, Ida Sproul, and Norton Halls. 1964 Free Speech Movement. 1967-68 I.F.C. Speakers Program, revoking of Sigma Chi ' s national charter. of the fifties sorority life remained much as it previously had been. However, sharp declines in rush participants and pledges in the early 1960 ' s forced sorority women to re-evaluate their function on campus. Today the women of the twenty campus sororities emphasize scholarship and community service. Marily Allen, past Panhellenic president, stated that individually, girls act as volunteers at Cowell Hospital, counsel at Cal Camp, and participate in various religious groups such as the Campus Crusade for Christ and the Catholic Peace Corps, Amigos Anonymous, as well as for national philanthropies. In 1965 sorority women composed more than one third of campus honor societies and also contributed to the publication of the Daily Cal, the Blue and Gold, and Radio Kalx. Like their male counterparts, sororities have re-evaluated their position in the campus community. As a result, according to figures released by the Dean of Students, " formal rush for 1967 is on an upswing with 84.5% of 439 registered rushees pledging. " " The sorority complements your personality. It gives you the opportunity and encourages you to develop your own individuality, " states the Panhellenic rush bulletin. University residence halls have played an important role in campus development. Although residents complain of cramped space, and poor food, University residence halls provide the campus with many of its student leaders and a diversity of opinions. The administration recognized these factors when they opened up the first Cottages in 1874. These cottages were leased to student clubs to be used as residences. From the very start campus dorms participated in student affairs. Although there was no approved dormitory system until 1929, various private dormitories (mainly for women) were established. One such dormitory was College Hall where, according to an old Blue and Gold, " all the fraternity men hustled the good looking tomatoes. " In 1929, the University, confronted with a housing problem, accepted the gift of Mrs. Mary McNear Bowles in memory of her husband former regent and alumnus Philip Bowles. Mrs. Bowles donated the uniquely constructed castle below the Big C. Bowles Hall became the first residence hall on campus. It has accomodations for 204 men. " Bowles is the best place to live, " said one resident. " The residents have always had diverse thoughts and backgrounds as well as an active interest in campus affairs, " states Prof. Koshlon of the Biochemistry Department. The construction of Bowles Hall was followed two years later by the building of International House, a gift from John D. Rockefeller, Jr. In 1942, the first women ' s dormitory was opened. Stern Hall, " that citadel of femininity, " was a gift of Mrs. Sigmund Stern in memory of her late husband. Increased enrollment forced the University to request a state subsidy to build " The Hill. " Smyth-Fernwa Id was completed in 1945 on land donated by Mr. Smyth (formerly his estate) followed in 1946 by the construction of Oldenberg Hall, Mitchell-Peixotto Hall, and Richards Hall. Soon after, married students ' housing at Albany Village was completed. Tuesday Afternoon 31 October, 1967 Pam Stucky Greeks Editor Blue Gold Dear Pam: Your Past Portrayals of the " Greek System " have been largely accurate and justified; The image you have perpetuated is not so obviously mistaken, At least not from here. But perhaps I do detect a change among us. Sensing its own death the system has redoubled its attempts to rid itself and its reputation of irresposiblity. To often, Though, a few more good deeds with a great deal more publicity have been designed to give us a " New Image " But this is using what would otherwise be laudable conduct as a means to selfish ends - the new image looks rather like hypocrisy. Yet I feel sorry for the Greeks, and out of respect for those who are trying to improve the system rather than its image. I send you a description of the better side of my house, Not asking for publicity, but rather for understanding. Sincerely, Michael Sorenson, For AXA. 1951 These dormitories made important contributions to the campus community. Many of the ASUC presidents have resided in these halls as well as active participants in all branches of campus activities. 1960 saw the completion of the first of the $8.3 million dollar units. Cheney, Deutsch, Freeborn, and Putnam Halls comprise this complex. The men and women of these halls have always taken an active part in campus programs and spirit. Deutsch is the leading stealer, and along with Cheney has captured trophies for Spring Sing and Big Game floats. The construction of Unit I was followed in 1961 by the opening of Unit II (Griffiths, Davidson, Ehrman, and Cunningham) and Unit III (Spens-Black, Priestley, Ida Sproul, and Norton) in 1964. In spite of critical comment on the nature of the units, ASUC activities and the campus would be at a loss without the residents ' active participation in tutorial projects as well as political and honorary societies. Another form of campus housing is the Co-ops- an independently sponsored residence organization founded in 1933. They offer students the opportunity of working to pay part of their living expenses as well as continual snacks and well-equipped recreation centers. Members of the co-ops, Barrington and Oxford Halls, Cloyne Court, and Ridge House, participate in all activities ranging from ASUC government to the SWOP program. Through the years, Cal has seen the emergence of the organized living groups. In the early years, this campus was composed mostly of commuting students. Until the 1950 ' s commuters played a minor role in campus affairs. Today the commuter-independents are probably the most important group on campus. Numerous apartments, houses, and boarding houses offer a student a citadel from " institutional living. " In the past ten years on campus residence halls and Greeks have wittnessed a large exodus of their communities into apartments. " I can do what I want, when I want, with no restrictions, " commented one apartment dweller. Commuters at Cal have achieved a place that no other living group can match. Student government is composed largely of commuters, as are most student political and service associations such as the Student West Oakland Project. Commuters have also expressed their prominence in the intramural sports program- competing against both Greeks and Dorms in football, basketball, baseball, soccer, rugby, boxing, tennis, and handball. In an age of increased student involvement, all campus residence groups have come a long way from their predecessors of 100 years ago. As the campus grows and its involvement in local, state, and national affairs increases, so does student participation. Presently the trend in housing preference favors the commuters, but Greek and dormitory residences are, for the most part, filled to capacity. In each group, responsibility and individuality is stressed. However, active participation in campus affairs is encouraged. Combined, the various living groups, throughout the years, have contributed immensely to the growth of the finest institution of higher education in the world. 1926 1917 1936 1951 1929 1951 if houses and rooms could feel the earthquake resultant from the solidifications, cleavages, shiftings of students ' thoughts and dreams if all the brick and mortar felt that quake would they not in pain and fright abandon their forced tasks of warmth and sheltering would not the adornments and decorations leap away all done into a perfect chaos a revolution and a dying of our housing under the height and weight of a consciousness which even flesh can hardly bear? acacia faces about seen in walkaday crowds moving among the multitudes and among themselves to their pivot point, Piedmont-Channing. David Allen James Beauchamp Robert Benson James Blake Ray Bolin Lawrence Camp Richard Christiansen Stephen Cutright Eric Drew John Geringer Samuel Hedgpeth William Hickman Ronald Jacobs Richard Juarez John Lawson Richard Lentz Joseph Marshall Duncan McCallum Jay Miller Kenneth Pier Robert Poore James Reed John Reiner Theodore Ryan Daniel Spisak Kenneth Strasser Rudolph Szymczak Wayne Telford Robert Warner Robert Young spinning from the ball game to the Big Game and on. . . acacia sweetheart Miss Nan Peletz breaths of a chi o schuss and skid in to a hum of knowing something special lies in not knowing enough Karen Albrecht Jane Armstrong Judy Armstrong Marliss Baldwin Chris Beffa Christine Bergren Barbara Birsinger Nancy Booth Christine Brimer Bette Carpenter Barbara Cattolica Jane Corby Letitia Davis Nancy Davis Helene Deehan Carol Ecker Linda Elliott Diana Fabretti Julie Grau Elizabeth Harris Barbara Hawkins Marta Hayes Lynn Hilgendorf Parki Hoeschler Karen Hollinger Lynn Howell Diane Hubbs Nancy Irwin Claudia Johnson Liz Johnson Dana Kindt Terry Kindt Sandi Lemmon Kristine Lerud Barbara Maas Mary MacDonald Susan McKeehan Joan McLean Christine Meek Chris Miller Judy Mingst Nina Molina Sue Monaghan Linda Moore Carole Morrow Diane Pedersen Sandra Puncsak Shelly Rouda Bobby Rowe Karen Simidian Connie Smith Stephanie Smith Diane Teshima Linda Thomas Susan Trayers Mary Tryon Jane Turner Joyce Wallace Denise Wild Diana Williams Katrina Williams Judy Williamson about where they ' ll be the next time. a chi rho excuses itself academically clearing its 8 p.m. throat to walk upstairs, book after book railing a promise of equilibrium. Was he studying and loving when Will Shakespeare declared: " Let me not, to the marriage of true minds, admit impediments. " ? And what would Will have done with Open Doors? Eric Barnett Jeff Barnett Ken Dachman Carl Glatze Steve Gutman Mike Wildman Bob Hargreaves Pete Haynes Fred Miles Pete Slapar Bill Toms a chi sigma ' s at work in play. . . dextrous incentives slide down forearms, " C ' mon, Larry, you ' ve never made that shot before. " " Okay, that ' s a good enough reason. " and give hands poise. Carlo Alesandrini Don Bergstrom Robert Challey Charles Churchman Marshall Coopersmith James Dake Nicholas Fedrick Owen Griffith Walter Krostek Richard Langlois David Larson Thomas McCloud Monem Omran Larry Schick Kenneth Solen Robert Steele Gary Struve Kong Heong Tan Jerry Tomann Patrick Yeung Peter Adams Thomas Boehm Stephen Bunker Thomas Cox Bruce Fessendon Robert Gregg Bruce Hall Howard Hall Mark Jang Rodrick Keener William Kellogg Robert Kelso Fredrick Linari Bruce McGee William Molmen Tom Parry Stephen Richards Ronald Thiele David Van Sciver Schuyler Allen Van Scoy Steven Winkel Richard Wood a d phi calls up its visions to please sit down. On naughahide — the tangible becomes a key phase to open with. Gai l Alexander Elin Anderson Carolyn Bell Kathy Braaten Renata Brunetta Carol Burton Jan Cate Linda Christensen Camille Collier Kathi Davis Lynne de Groot Marsha De Martini Patty Dempster Jane Durant Rosie Edwards Suzanne Fleck Pat Fleming Nancy Godfrey Ruth Goltzer Betsy Gregory Sue Haar Marsha Hayburn Linda Head Bette Heuler Stacia Horn Lynda Lober Cindy Ludwig Deidre McBride Cathie McNeill Tracey Meifert a d pi posing humorous questions that their tongues may answer evasively that their minds may choose to answer in depths sooner or later on. Marilyn Merrill Daphne Molfino Carolyn Moore Genie Moreno Ginger Moreno Kathy Moulton Mardi Murvin Cathy Nelsen Joanne Ohliger Chris Owen Pat Parker Pam Paul Karin Peterson Marcia Peterson Adrienne Picchi Sheila Pruitt Erica Rasmussen Jamey Ronzone Gerrie Rostron Lorrie Rostron Helene Ruzicka Carol Schmidt Patti Schwiers Ann Scott Beth Selby Loraine Senger Paula Sengstack Carol Sherman Janna Smith Kathy Smith Linnea Smith Sherry Steffens Cherie Tomlinson Chris Van Wart Gay Weinberger Karen Winston Naomi Angel Wendy Arnold Freda Avidon Nancy Barr Lauren Bell Deborah Bleiberg Dana Constine Dana Curvin Gail Feldman Jill Feldman Judy Felix Ann Fiorentino Laura Forrester Joann Goldstone Judy Greenwood Kathy Gildred Lori Hackel Sue Hahn Ellen Horowitz Sally Jones Sue Karp Karen Kaplan Sue Katz Wendy Kaufman Joyce Konigsberg from the folds of a e phi a line is cast up drawn by the hundreds, hands and years, to pull the commonplaces, the textured tete-a-tetes, up the hill. Linda LeBaker Sue Levin Lois Levy Audrey Mailer Michelle Margolis Ginny Marion Gail Mirman Betty Morrin Barbara Morris Sandy Newhans Denise Newhart Cindy Platt Nancy Riegleman Joanne Rogers Linda Rogers Heidi Ross Mikki Rothberg Gail Rueben Wendy Sheinkopf Ann Siegle Rise Joan Siegle Margo Solomon Mardi Sullivan Susie Taylor Julie Wasseman Louise Weinberg Andy Zietlin Diane Zimmerman Michele Blazzard Yvette Blazzard Mary Boughen Denise Bradfield Connie Branham Deborah Butler Mary Ruth Carleton Kathie Cochran Julie Dewey Vicki Duckhorn Carolyn Engstrom Joan Ferris Jan Gholson Jan Gibson a g d gathers collecting a tiffany lamp, a roadsign, and a vigil, mementos of an order beyond the walls. Charlene Grogan Ann Harps Jane Harrington Jeanne Higbee Carol Jackson Lynne Marx Mary Mattis Kathy Morris Kasee Nesbitt Diane Neves Carla Nielsen Carol Noji Kathy O ' Connor Sheri Orzilli Diana Ostlind Hilary Parsons Kathy Patton Jan Persons Carol Pierce Sue Prescott Judy Reeder Sue Robbins Linda Romanini Linda Sandkulla Karen Sborov Jean Schoales Suzie Shaner Cathy Smith Debbie Smith Marcy Tower Kathi Walt Kathy Walters Joan Weaver Lindy Whelton Karen White Liz Wilkinson Janet Zamucen a g o ' s flexing muscle to nail an unprefabricated homage to times of construction a wall to co ver with panels, panes of plans work out to have built-ins. Doug Anderson Edwin Barnes Richard Bonerud Jerry Jones Dale McNally Paul McNally Ian Middleton Lee Robinson Terrell Smith Jeff Anderson Frank Bliss Bob Chrestensen Max Copenhagen Rich Cummings Jim Deneff Bob Ferroggiaro Marvin Fickle Tom Gelsthorpe Geoff Henny Dave Holmes Hank Holmes Steve Howard Kent Hughes Blair Prentice Bill Quillinan Ben Reese Pete Vanderwarker Pete Wawro Bruce Wheatley Sophie a k l ' s performing indispensable parts in the play, dramatists with no pretense but social creation . . . beer is spilled, dogs growl, and someone wonders: " Is the greatest glory of the party line the waiting, or the getting through? " a o pi encounters the necessity of seclusion for getting out, a paradox resolved by discovery interchanged. Linda Baker Bronwen Becker Dale Blankstein Audrey Borochoff Lorrie Bothman Linda Boverman Pat Brautigam Mia Breen Jan Brenner Britta Bull Debbi Cline Michele Davis Josie Dizenfeld Marisue Dodd Barbara Eisendorf Nancy Even Margaret Frick Pat Gallagher Marlene George Cindy Graham Diane Grant Marsha Hamilton June Hargrove Debbie Hornby Jaymi Johnson Janet Kaller Cindy Karp Vicki Kay Nancee Knott Kristie Lewis Janet Lewman Mary Lipsman Mary Martin Jane Meier Sue Myers Lisa Obregon Linda Raap Debbie Rabe Kathy Solomon Marilyn Strumwasser Leslie Thorpe Elaine Trueblood Laura Trueblood Chris Viktor Fran Weintraub Wendy Weir Shari Winans Carol Ziebell Jean Ablan Josselyn Ames Julie Basch Lynn Batchelder Christine Bergren Peggy Blackmore Becky Blevins Mary Bochner Barbara Bonner Susan Bowman Lynn Burrows Nancy Burrows Sandra Cavallo Merle Chambers Phyllis Coghlan Carolyn Cox Alexandra Dewar Kathy Farrell Harriett Galvin Susan Gede Nan Giddings Kim Giles Laurel Glover Kathryn Gruhler Mary Haley Martha Heath Susan Hoffner Martha Knecht Sharon Knutson Ann Matheson Nancy McKee Susan McMeans Hollie Meyer Regina Minasian Nancy Norton Missy Orrick Helen Pangburn Kathle en Pasqualetti Susie Peters Christine Phillips Teresa Powell Nancy Rea Christine Robinson Michaele Roth Pamela Rudiak Judy Sardo Laura Schlichtmann Susan S elfridge Cathy Selway Wendy Selway Linda Shelburne Anna Smith Alison Snow Katherine Sokoliloff Toni Taylor Cozette Thal Gail Tuck Kay Walker Karen Whelan Susan Wickcliffe Barbara Winslow Diana Wright Susan Wright Nancy Young alpha phi ' s raise knuckles, eyebrows, left knees, pull the energy of reckonings with block and tackle, cackle and brood from bias toward belief. sweetheart of alpha sigma phi Miss Melody Tennent Al Alcorn Steven Blush Frederic Clerici Kevin Frey Tim Guertin Dave Johnston Greg Kallo Robert Kutz Jim Lewis Michael McKinley Bill McLeod Larry Moser Joe O ' Flaherty Al Schmierer E. Schwench Lee Shenk Felix Usis John Usis John Yancey alpha sigma phi accepts the invitation to air by air a football game is to be watched by grass but ten minutes taller; the trees await an almost casual climbing come time.. Les Beasie Jon d ' Alessio Carl Dysland John Heath Jay Jackson Richard Lane Dick Luthy Colin McLane Greg Monohan John Moock Steve Pa I iwoda Cliff Shahbaz Mike Wheeler a t o pulling the bay south they aid in the inundation of Stanford ' s shores: flood with rah! beer and the music of a winning minute. an a xi d toast, warming to the fever tones of chalktalk, but spilled to an inevitable cooling rest in the eye-blink of challenge. Pam Bernauer Penny Bishop Cindy Black Connie Boyle Judy Calvert Holly Childshouse Stephanie Deatsch Linda Derivi Linda Hauser Joyce Keith Janis Kirschner Norma Love Chris Luft Toni Nolan Elvira Orly Marie Prahser Kathy Rhodes Seaton Sharon Volkerts Denise Weiner Diana Wintle Pam Wood Bob Abright Geoff Anderson Bill Boyl Bob Brown Steve Desimone Mike Drewes Lee Eisan Blaire Evans Steve Fallai Bob Gilmartin Sid Goldstein Mac Graham Ross Hall Larry Hart Jim Healy Tom Henderson Larry Hoppin John Huff Elliot Josi Jeff Kitto Tom Leary George Lindahl Mike McEneany Gary Neugard Rob Robinson Gary Rossi Dan Ryan Ken Scarlett Steve Seely Randy Smyth Curt Sproul Dave Stewart Jeff Taylor Stu Watterson John Welbourne Bob Wilson Ward Wolff Chris Woodward beta ' s light their starry tree of friends and frolics, their tree of green seekings with a chandelier of incandescent tunes. chi o ' s bounce and scramble and when parents ask what ' s doing, it provides a chance to slow, for looking under, finding new selves sitting on old days, one thought ahead hatching the lights of tomorrow. Duease Adams Katherine Backus Susan Bridgeman Gayle Butts Wendy Camp Julie Casassa Jeanne Chilton Diane Church Sandy Clapp Judy Coffman Barbara Davis Jane Dickel Susan Edgren Elizabeth Edwards Karin Elliott Roberta Fountain Kathryn Fralic Alfreda Fry Katherine Gale Linda Golden Marcia Graham Ellen Hartenfeld Susan Henderson Andrea Kemp Kathryn Komatsu Kathy Lanzarotti Janet Lund Ann Macey Pam Mattson Lori McClure Gale Metcalf Mary Ann Muller Darby Nelson Kelsey Patten Jennifer Peterson Diane Pettitt Christina Presti Theodora Quatman Sue Rankin Janice Reber Susan Richards Susan Rinderknecht Susanna Sciutto Susan Shearer Virginia Skarsten Linda Smith Ellen SooHoo Vivian Stadelman Wendy Stone Melody Tennant Leslie Urch Ann Wilson Isabel Winter Patricia Yim Barbara Ziegler Peter Bacon Jon Cosby John Elliot Jim Ellis Bill Escamilla Bob Flaherty John Glaze Rusty Holden Louis Indindoli Bill Kritikos John Lahti Larry Lawrence Bruce McDiarmid Fred Morse Jeff Palmer Don Reed Alan Reinke John Romsan Rogert Stewart Steve Wren chi phi ' s carefully observe the law of Conservation of Big Matters: " When are we supposed to pick ' em up? " " There isn ' t enough beer. Somebody ' s housemother stole a case. " " I think we should open a window. Wish we had one. " " Put out the dog. Let in the cat. " " When are we supposed to pick ' em up? " William Battles Paul Bonds Richard Boone Robert Boone Robert Cross Ronald DeCausemaker Alexander Farrell Stephen Farthing Craig Kamansky Alexander Kasper moving day for chi psi ' s seniors never quite leaving, leaving friendly ghosts, seniors going before their house steps abandoned by the need of firmer places to stand; these steps recite a poem of foot-made rhythm about their impermanency; the first verse is the first step on them. Timothy Klement William Leavens Ross Lumley Christopher Miller Richard Pinger Frederick Reinsch James Reinsch Peter Reinsch Michael Roderich Daniel Rosenthal Jon Rosenthal Edward Skei Gary Springer Gerald Tognetti Robert Trull David Wurtzell John Ulrich a lolling in digestion for the delta chi ' s a fine fullness necessary to the " visions and revisions, " and even fist-and-finger food may render that warmth to time, even fist-and-finger food even warmed all over. Gilles Attia Bob Bowen Vince Cassalina Doug Clayton Richard Conley John Farrell Warren Fine George Hamilton Marc Hynes Norm Nielsen Jim Smith Pete Williams Bob Wood Victoria Winslow Janet Bainbridge Sue Barr Susan Belloni Susan Brandt Chris Brown Lindsay Brown Sue Burnett Linda Closs Karen Colberg Sue Davis Cathy Doubleday Hannah Elliott Sharon Enright Nancy Evans Lynne Francis Paula Freschi Sue Gallison June Halstead Barbara Hardacre Stefan Harvey Ann Hudson Rhea Irvine Patti Kagawa Sally Lechich Deanne Madden Cheryl Mansfield Cherry Martin Maisie McCarty attentive tri delts regarding each other, so regard musical insides: mockingbird, a model vocal cords, a mode so sound may wrap itself around a present. Mary Minor Kathy Niccols Susan Petersmeyer Becky Redman Barbara Robbins Carole Rosan Jane Rutherford Karla Savage Vicki Schmidt Ann Simpson Joannie Steinberg Gigi Stonkus Celinda Tabucci Marilyn Tatarian Diana Vandersloot Sharon Vannucci Julie Wagner Nenon Wilson Bev Witcowsky Linda Worlow d g ' s ponder.. We have come a long way since September past the uncertain corners of new faces and new streets. We have played our own " Big Game " on the muddied fields of November discussed war in the backfield and listened desperately for the sound of January snow . . . Jean Acheson Carolyn Banker Carol Barker Jane Beeson Pam Beeson Lin Bonsall Jane Bryan Christy Carlson Carolyn Cochrane Katie Cooper Cam Corlett Julie Craig Anne Cronin Bobbie DeVore Alice DiGiorgio Ellie DiGiovanni Poppy Eager Judy Ehrlich Jan Farley Janis Gay Lynn Grossman Ruta Hagman Cindy Hanson Janet Hardison Cathy Harvey Linda Herbert Doreen Hering Julie Hickcox Marilyn Howe Cynthia Jacobson Carol Kizziah Janeen Knight Allison Land Donna Lee Cindy Lester Linda Luthy unruffled by academia and conquered by the common cold we met the months squarely and forgave all dabbled in this and that raised a senator ate sherbert and touched tradition. But we have mostly been busy impersonating ourselves, which seemed to be the important thing . . . Lauren Marble Dina Morengo Susie McAlpine Susan McKay Mary McKeighan Anne Montgomery Carol Morse Sally Mosgrove Lin Mulcahy Sally Nielson Mindi Oliver Janet Phillips Janet Pierini Corinne Powell Chris Priday Nancy Quinn Debbie Schnell Leal-ann Senram Nancy Shipman Donna Tranberg Jeanne Wade Dawn Wall Kerry Warnock Barb Williams You ask if next year will resemble this one We think not Was yesterday ever like tomorrow? William Alexander Peter Charles Rick Chisholm Gregory Hampton William Ince William McKleroy dekes delay a little bit that imminent departure just long enough to have a chat about an infinity of affairs that there was no time for until they began. Derrick Von Schlegell James Stent John Stokes Wrighton Switz Robert Woodward d phi e ' s exude some supersatisfaction with the scene called smiles that cannot quite be explained by the warmth of the spread or a sip of frosty water. Robbi Concoff Deborah Constantine Marcia Deutsch Debbie Donner Sue Edelstein Ellen Freeman Judy Goldberg Carole Goodman Phyllis Greenhouse Carole Gross Barbara Hiyama Cecilia Kagan Jaimie Kanner Miriam Kasdan Arlene Kerner Julie Kimmelman Eva Koppl Jan Kupper Bianca Levy Patricia Manzer Joyce Marcus Carole Marks Paula Millman Michelle Naggar Dorie Nepom Merle Panick Monette Salwen Sheryl Schochet Sue Shapiro Marilynne Solloway Bobbi Spindel Ju dy Spindel Gina Strumwasser Jill Switzer Robert Bradfield William Brubaker John Bullard Lance Carnes James Cowart Thomas Dittmar Richard Gleitsmann Mark Grubbs Randolph Hepworth David Hesse Stanley Inouye Thomas Jones Kurt Junge Walter Lindsay Royal Lyons Mark Maves William McCamy Frank McNally Lewis Mezirka Steven Passin Larry Peterson Benson Quan Gregory Rapp Michael Read Burton Rohde Steven Ross William Rubendall John Runde Jeffrey Shaw James Shirley John Stephenson Steven Swarts John Ting David Tokeshi Charlie singing delta sigs or so they sing, " There are no delta sigs in hell, in hell. " Regardless of their stance we are also informed they don ' t just sing; they move toward dance. dream girl of delta sigma phi Miss Susie Taylor Bill Anderson Gary Applegarth Tom Baumbach Craig Berris Denny BerryhiIl Ken Brownell Bill Crosby John Dorey George Eckard Eric Eriksen Hunt Fales Rich Fisher Rob Grant Steve Harrold Byron Holmes Dave Horning Bob Jacobel Gordon Johnson Bob Keethler Bill Lavaroni Rick Levy delts gambol a study break away, a fiction of fun for isn ' t there a continuity between this pleasure and that: roll to understanding the fickle fortunes of the brothers? Bud Lyons Nick McConaughy Dick Meinken Steve Metcalf Terry Miller Leigh Mosconi Preston Peck Rich Preston Joe Richards Dick Riegels Bill Shinen Steve Shower Deke Sinclari Bud Stalney Ken Todd Don Tortooga Chris Whittell Ken Wiedemann Wayne Wilkenson Randy Wilson Bill Works waiting waiting d u ' s awaiting. . . dinner, first loves, international forum, their faces set tranquil in front to guard heads churning with " the facts of the matter " the axis, of those heads which orbit on a patience, tilted slightly toward Dream. Andy Bell Jim Birdwell Rick Bishop Bill Booth Gary Brooks Fredrick Campagnoli Clarke Cole Patrick Cole Rich Creighton Dan Daly Ernest Elledge Tom Fabris Rob Hicks J. D. Kessler Gus Kious Gordon Linden Greg Lynn Ron MacBride Greg Malley Reese Milner John Mount Jim Mulholland Tim Newlove Gene Parker Charles Petit Tom Phair Dennis Pitta Greg Schiffner Andy Smith Forrest Tancer Jeff Taylor John Taylor Rick Thompson Gary Turner Edgar Weddle John Welty Grover Wickersham Jeff Williams d z ' s perceive the entities crawling turtle-wise that short distance that stretches itself out demands repeated glance; watch the slowfeet moving fast amuse amaze comprehend Carol Bergfeld Andrea Drake Leena Enkovaara Debbie Freeman Carolyn Krohn Alice Kubler Simi Lee Linda Lenox Gail Neumann Valerie Onken Carol Paulsen Judy Perlis Dixie Piver Sharon Richards Karen Smith Nancy Smith Amy Sugihara Judy Sugihara Marilyn Thompson Sara Weiss Donna Wineburgh Sue Allcorn Karen Aulwurm Jane Bateman Nancy Benedict Karen Berdahl Sue Bingham Bev Cady Sue Campagnoli Cathy Chimiklis Joanne Chow Marlene Cox Diane deForest Betsy Dennison Linda Fay Joan Felder Carol Fickenscher Ellen FitzSimmons Beth Galindo Sue Garrett Giannopoulos Brita Gill Judy Guibert Diane Hall Kris Hallsten amma phi ' s gaze high " The sky is falling in, is falling in. " Chicken Little is viewed somewhat skeptically by friends holding threats and crises sky-high, examining them together as Chicken Little glides out the window, Andy Hammond Peg Hershenow Barbara Heryet Shirley Hostetter Beth Houston Sue Jackson Jaque Jamieson Karen Kariya Pam Kelley Kathy Kram Lynn Krohn Mary Larsen Karen Manheim Ann Meeker Lili Moshiri Nancy Nelson Pat Nelson Carol Ann Nichelini Nicki Nichols Jane Osborn Chris Owen Carolee Pace Cathy Pace Kay Philbrick Julie Rotary Faye Rothganger Kathy Saunders Margie Shaeff Liz Shane Carol Sievers Linda Smith Mary Stewart Liz Stone Pam Strong Carol Sutherland Carole Swain Julie Teskey Linda Veeh Mary Vlazakis Janet Wallace Marjie Warriner Meridey Ziegler craft involves the kappa alphas wherein the implements: paintbrush, razor blade, pillowy hand grow to symbols of the product and by-product of the constant craft: professional mankindness. Dennis Deromedi Bill Dopkins John Draeger John Drew Jim Durkee Greg Filice Scott Frazier Dave Hammond Tim Ingham Jack Kelly Harley Knight Jim Lawrence Jim Meredith Dave Nelson Dick Rasmussen Scott Roberts Bryce Robinson Leon Steffenson David Stephens Larry Tout Gary Wellman Greg Baecher Nick Boot Tom Bouck Dick Bowers Randy Boyd Steve DeBenedetti kappa alpha rose queen Miss Chris Viktor triumphant theta ' s gather to recall throwing passes is part of the game and losing stead, and setting claim But when someone asks us what we ' ve won we ' ll have just enough breath to say, " Friends and Fun. " Jean Ackerman Heather Akin Mary Allen Katy Bates Jan Beauchamp Phoebe Biggle Ellie Boone Debby Botsford Jane Bronner Sally Bronner Kathy Burkett Julia Cline Kathy Cornell Kat Davis Kathy Deamer Karen deBakker Debby Doerflinger Ellen Drury Mimi Drury Diane Dwyer Sally Edwards Gail Ellis Sandy Fuller Ann Given Sue Gleckler Mimi Gramatky Nancy Gruys Nancy Hall Nancy Hemerslag Wendy Hill Sue Honeyman Catharine Hooper Barbie Hoskins Sue Manning Georgia Martenyl Dale Matsui Ann May Ginny Mayer Marsha McBride Meredith McBurney Terry McCarthy Deirdre McHugh Heidi McHugh Marsha McKeegan Nancy Mohorovich Donna Mulford Robin Munro Lynne Murphy Nanci Newton Corrine Oishi-Oishi Jan Oswald Michele Pierron Chickie Pohlman Podie Porter Linda Ralphs Therese Riemer Sue Scott Mari Scurich Mary Sorensen Debby Stein Sally Stojkovich Emily Stratton Melissa Taubman Ann Thomas Connie Tomal Vandy Wallace Barbara Weeden Nancy Welcome Georgia Westdahl Ann Woodhull kappa delta ' s cluster within the central scene around an eiderdown, a woodywarm support, reputedly soft place to study . . . is it true it gets harder and harder as the pages slip from the grip to cover? Elinor Accampo Shelly Anton Donette Arnold Carol Axline Toni Bava Birgit Black Sue Bradford Barbara Brinkley Ruth Brown Sheri Buttimer Vickie Carlyle Anne Cassettari Judy Denes Michele DePhillips Stephanie Felheim Sue Freeborg Olivia Gates Jeam Goncalves Mary Gottlieb Stephanie Granger Marcie Harrison Mary Kay Hartman Judy Johnson Sue Kelley Sue Kiel Judy Kronke Janet Martin Ann Mathews Fran McGann Millie Miller Nancy Nilson Mary Paulson Sue Quirin Sandy Rhode Rita Romero Joyce Saltalamanchia Marilyn Shuman Jacqueline Smith Kathy Smith Marianne Spamer Ginny Spangler Shirley Stark Linda Tinthoff Ruth Vogt Bonnie Welling Becki Williams Shari Young Donald Bartels Virgil Bufkin William Demmon Bryant French Dennis Gesin Robert Hall Geoffrey Hanson Rex Hjelm Jim Jarvis k d r ' s twist, type, tape on enigmas of slogan, bandwagon, affiliatory colors . . . the turn of a hundred wrists and four wheels brings a float along; a phrase turned and returned by the thousands steers the essay to a close. John Morris John Pritchard Bruce Rianda Bryan Rianda Tom Vortman Robert Willson Gary Woo Larry Zwakenberg - Diane Atterbury Laurie Atterbury Ann Baker Linda Bartok Jeanne Bedford Gretchen Bitterlin Debbie Blanton Gay Callan Anne Campion Kacy Cook Dennie Coonan Patty Dinner Lynda Drennan Kim Durney B. J. Elias Candy Evart Lynn Feinteck Cindy Forgie Alyce Garat Peg Gessler Vicki Gott Linda Green Ann Griffin Mimi Hanlon Priscilla Harrison Laurie Hendrickson Toni Hubenette Ann Julius Hope Julius Marcia McCord Marian McCord Molly McGettigan Kathy Meier Shawna Miller Cissy Moore Carolyn Murphy Patty Newton Christie Noble Claire Noonan Stephanie Onstott crowd of kappa kappa gamma ' s prepare mirror-wise, a set of poses spread on themselves thickly, lightly they lend and borrow garments, props, get caught wearing one another ' s shoes. Kit Peck Nan Peletz Shirley Picard Amy Purrington Gay Rawlins Vicki Roby Jill Rodrick Therese Roos Barbara Scatena Ann Seamster Joan Seamster Nancy Shelby Sue Shoemaker Carol Singleton Julie Smith Stacy Smith Dede Snow Shelley Spencer Amy Walker Molly Wheary Marti Ziegler voiced by kappa sigs an intrigue with the subtler workings of musical and political thunder-and-lightening falls to a phrase, a piano key: a single evening ' s storm toward compromise. Robert Andrews Stephen Barnes Stewart Buttery Hugh Calvin John Chappell Michael Clyman Michael Davidson Steve Davis Peter Dawson Robert Dexter Harry Gibson Jack Gipson Thomas Henle Doug Hewett William Kugler Terrance Lewis Michael McGee Alex McKenzie James Merritt Roger Owens David Reed Ronald Salsig Alan Spiegelman Robert Stanfield Roger Rest Pete Thelin Mike Thompson Roy Vessels Sherwood Wakeman Steven Weeks William White Eldon Wiggins the jaws of lambda chi alpha now and then contain whole hamburgers milkshakes and slightly wary smiles at the wider, less discriminate jaws of dogs-turned-gourmets, all for a bite who aren ' t supposed to appreciate the finer points of takehome goodies. Chester Ken Berry Jerry Borgia Craig Collins Dan Crowe Jeff Dake Ed Edson Jim Flint Gary Fowler George Hayes Vaughn Kezirian Alan Kirkpatrick Dan Koon Bob Koontz Craig McCreight Paul Martyr Mike Masini Paul Meyer Greg Pagan John Robertson Norm Ronneberg Jim Roseberry Jack Sakazaki Michael Sorenson Larry Sweet Tim Theiss Rich Voris Walt Weir Jay Westphalen daffodil queen Miss Donna Tranberg Johannes Albeck II Carter Bagg Charles Bowden Willis Boyce H. Clement Evo Coehlo Alan Doscher Dennis Fitzgerald Jeffrey Hergenrather Tomlin Horsley Jr. Bruce James Robert Johnson Jr. Richard Kenney Donald Lewis phi Belts get cracking. . . up to their hallways, up to smiles of meticulously sinister form then cracking the shell of the words on the leftover page wrinkled between jaw and paw: " — If you can ' t wave it away, and you can ' t chew it to bits, what do you do with it, pledge? " " — You study it to death, or to understanding, whichever comes first. Doesn ' t everyone know that, man? " Richard Liebman Dennis McClure Gregory Moore Rivers Morrell Ill Steven Morrell Craig Nelson Richard Paulson Reed Roberts David Roebuck Marc Rogers Clayton Rowley Michael Schelp Joseph Wharton phi epsilon pi diversifies.. . a versatility in numbers reveals itself in odd places, even pool table potwasher peekaboo window reveals its route a smiles-long vacation in Ideas. Richard Aronoff Kenneth Asher Marc Ashkenas Peter Ballin Fred Baron Norman Besman Morris Budak Bill Carr Howard Erlich Steve Evans Biff Faber Larry Faber Steven Finston Rich IIIgen Richard Juster Jeff Klurfeld Howard Korn Mike Levin Bill McIntyre Tom Marcacci Brian O ' Keefe Neil Usher Eugene Pavitt James Rogers Robert Schwartz Gary Selig Neil Shapiro Russell Silverstein Robert Stanley Stu Wein Fred Yates Kelly Yee Richard Blake Dean Boatright Daniel Buhler Robert Conn, Jr. Bobby Damron William Green Terry Horn William Hull Dennis Jones Daniel Kreps Albert Kugler Roderick Lee Robert Mellin George Smith Kevin Smith Ramsay Wiesenfeld a compound of phi kappa psi ' s poured within the walls of a single house can eat away the insides of whole refrigerators may fill any given spot with spots of laugh and light and meetings of its member elements are reported to have on several separate occasions eradicated yards of gloom entirely PHI KAPPA PSI — Row One: Hamp Lyons, Tony Hoffman, Mike Theile, Dan Kreps, Ed Pearson, Roddy Lee. Row Two: Terry Horn, Gary Johnson, Jim Sobcyzk, Dave Masters, Carl Echkardt, Don Garrick, Hank Kugler. Row Three: Don Heckman, Greg Hahn, Tom Toffoli, Dick Blake, Frank Harvey, Scot Noble. Row Four: George Landis, Derry Cook, Paul Knight, Deny Jones, Art Bradley, Jeff Smith, Cra ig Dere. sweeping phi kapp ' s cross eyes with eyes traverse thin lines of vision strung among days a spiral pass sun-blasted a bump on the head a fall on theory teaches, like a friend, to see double Dick Abbey Mike Allen Chuck Baird Dick Carter Fred Clark Gary Coburn Dave Crockett Winston Cundiff Jim Dal Porto Lou Dangles Mark Dwino Jim Egan David Endicott John Endicott Frank Fernandez Ron Grossman Don Groth Rich Guadagni Bob Gunther Jan Huly Steve Hansen Curtis Heikkila Randy Humphries Jim Kennedy Tom Lott Al McAuley Don Nesbit Bob Peterson Dave Peterson Jeff Prevost Craig Price Roland Reeves Jerry Richardson Bruce Roberts Bruce Robertson Jerry Rodgers Steve Rosenberg Henry Salvo Alex Shestakov Steve Skinner Mike Taylor Stanley Taylor Bob Thacker Mike Welch take a deep breath and hold it, phi kappa tau Nick Andrade Ron Boris Hollon Bridges Steve Brothers Geoff Cleak Jim Corcoran Roman Davis Larry Delucchi chin up grin up line up lean stiffen straighten stop You may breathe now These X-rays of your moments will be developed by sentimental chemistry into years. Jeff Demanes Steve Dunning Bill Finnegan Jeff Keck Jack Majtlis John McPhereson Al Melnicoe Bill Morrish Mike Murray Bill Snyder Dana Snyder Mike Spiegelman Roger Stevens Blake Upton Pete Vigil Ronda Abernathy Patricia Cleavenger June Cochran Kristin Curtis Maria Daifotis Ann Fay Laurel Galletch Carla Glerup Heidi Hansen if phi mu ' s bark back well, chances are that it ' s in play besides that, maybe it ' s a way of calling soft little puppies o f beckoning free little fancies in from the rain Virginia Johnson Pamela Madsen Marry Anna McKinley Sally Nelson Patricia Norris Suzanne Pavey Nancy Pinkham April Rhyne Cheryl Saunders Claudia Schmidt Dorothy Stephens Jean Stevenson Carol Stone Christine Thompson Virginia Volheim Sherilee Wieland Ispsk little sisters Karen Albrecht Karen Berdahl Barbara Birsinger Christi Brimer Bev Cady Mary Ruth Carleton Janice Cate Poppi Eager Nancy Godfrey Kristine Lerud Barbara Maas Cathy McNeil Cathy Nelson Joanne Ohliger Chris Owen Janice Persons Paula Sengstack Diane Teshima Bruce Austin Tom Bruce Chuck Cabrara John Cardinalli Nick Cavallero Cliff Coolige Jim Cosso Keith DeCondie phi sigma kappa reaches a shoreline hairline pause, within strain the muscles continue to labor while the mind halts in awe of having been to these gleaming new spots before Ernie Elliot Paul Henshaw Ben Hicks Gordon Humphrey Ron Hlutter John Jackson Harish Malkani Ted McNeill Claude Munday Jim Murray Gordon Nelson Jerry Neufeld Rich Ongerth Ken Pepi Frank Smith Al Sze Jim Thompson Greg Ward David Wilkins Sally chuckling pi alpha phi ' s elaborate the slow-to-go vestiges of the " uptight " day, of the " turndown " day the house in informal session - - these phrases and confidences interact incessantly carrying size and power Atomic. Tyler Chan Anthony Fong Ken Fong Ronald Fong Greg Jue Douglas Lee Jeffery Lee John Lee Michael Lee Clyde Matsumoto Neal Matsunaga Lawrence Mock Gary Nakagiri Bob Nii Gordon Owyang Albert Seid Robert Seid Ronald Wake Robert Wong Wayne Wong David Woo Norman Yamauchi William Yee Joan Amonette Kirtley Baskett Lin Bialecki Susan Bundschu Patricia Boyle Ruth Brown Marion Bulin Sheilah Casey Connie Collins Lucinda Coveney Nanci Daniels Diane Dwyer Nancy Eckel Lynn Eichelberger Nancy Fisher Susan Gardener Susan Girtler Randy Goldman Renee Guiral Kym Harley Ann Harris pi beta phi ' s undergo a reverie peering from the bench, the balcony if we keep our gazes pasted to the lawn literal war to earth a visible transformation? and can you hear the changes, play them out of your fingers? Susan Harrison Pamela Horn by Maryly Howden Leslie Lambert Lynette Leonard Christine Lewis Kathleen Lowe Susan Lurman Christine Maxwell Margaret Maxwell Anne Moller Madeline McLaughlin Nancy Peck Heidi Pirog Michele Platzer Jane Plummer Robyn Relfe Maryly Rice Christine Schoenfeld Elizabeth Sinclair Katherine Sisk Ann Sleeper Anderea Solari Jane Spiller Ann Stephens Martha Stevens Eleanor Tobin Nancy Welch Susan Woods Elizabeth Wythe pi kappa phi rose queen Miss Ellie DiGiovanni rose court Sue Balloni Marianna Bradford Ann Harris Kathy Kenfield Shelley Spencer Dale Blanstein Suzy Edgrin Sue Kelly Gayle Mosley Christine Viktor intervention of pi kappa phi ' s entering the scent to patch things, to repair the knight with squeaky hinges gets oiled, squeaks less now, asks the queen for a dance Greg Anderson Will Barber Arne Bjermeland Wayne Bremer Charlie Butcher Rollin Anderson Dennis Barley Pete Boyd Joe Brulenski Doug Chase Gary Cochran Ed Drury John Emerson Al Gomez Rod D ' Acquisto Ed Edmondson Neal Evans Steve Holmes Eihnara Diaz Bruce Edwards Harold Fisher Dave Howes Brian Dougherty Mike Eclan Lars Gare Rick Hunter Steve Keil Bob Peoples Craig Stevenson Al Lombardo Chuck Piper Bruce Valentine Greg Lunt Ken Quandt Bill Weightman Tom Michaels Wade Ritchie Bill Willig Gerry Mosher Larry Sage Randy Wilson Art Olson Tom Sliter Brandy to repair with fixalls for bathrooms, for bair walls, for a sadness conversations of the pi lambda phi ' s go largely unrecorded Except on the folds of willing ears, of tree trunks, palms, willing ears; go largely unrecorded Except on the bottom of the empty glass bottle, cast into the dry field, which communes with the sun starts a fire. Mark Seewald Jack Sicherman Norberto Sperling Bruce Wasserman Snarf Andrew Adler Gary Alter Steve Arnold Howard Beadner Jeff Berry Joe Blum Mark Blum Walter Caplan Jeffrey Greenberg Peter Hansen Rich Kaplan Michael Lauer Gary Levin Jim Licht Bob Loew Mike Marans Mike Marowitz Al Mendelson Stu Parker Stephen Reingold Brenton Rogozen Michael Rosenthal Joe Rothman Bill Rothschild Bob Ainsworth Dick Blair Tom Bradford Terry Farnsworth Bob Gattis Mike Gillfillan psi u ' s train Rock Hudson Mike Laine Mike McKinley Ray Shine Jim Thaman Ward Johnson Dick Lerch Edwin Munsey Phil Smith Jeff Warren Don Kellogg Jim McAdams Bob Schwiers Steve Smith Ron Wilcox a member to retrieve so the extensions of men into nature pull out laughs, too; dogs become the jesters overseeing the doings of their courtly home; this well-fed hairy bit of objectivity breeds high humor. s a e ' s guide their furniture their fun their own two feet, or so to a comfortable harmony rising, falling insistent to touch pals and concepts Peter Asch George Cierny John Ernster Steve Karp Russ Baruh Brian Craig Fred Hall Ray Koch John Boothby Robert Ellsberg Larry Jacobson Terry Layden Ted Caldwell Steve Enochian Fred James Jack Lee Sally Bronner Diane Church Sandy Clapp Lynn DeGroot Jane Dickel Sandy Fuller Sue Gleckler Gail Goldstein Betsy Gregory little sisters of minerva Charles Maguire Barry Schnider Craig Weber Barbara Hardacre Linda Rich Brian McBride Jon Shores Ralph Weber Ann Hudson Jane Rutherford Niel Pearson Dan Southard Randy Weil Mary Lipsman Julie Wagner Randy Phillips Jay Southard Barry Weitzenberg Mary Anne Muller Fran Weintraub Gilbert Powell Jim Swineheart Andy Westfall Linda Rapp Meridy Zeigler Jeff Reeder Mike Turner Gary Wittenmire Geoff Rieser John Van Every Christopher Yeager sweetheart of sigma chi Miss Robin Leichter Larry Baker Jerry Berglund Harold Bobrow James Calkins John Crane Mike Dorshkind John Hansen Rick Hubbell Gary Humphreys Daniel Juarez Mark Kallenberger Paul Kraus Philip Nemir John Peterson James Schmidt William Scown David Seppi William Shaw Wayne Stewart Edward White Fred winning self-respect, the men of sigma chi lost their Charter due to: " rapid deterioration of the Berkeley campus as a suitable location for fraternities, " or so the national said. Thoughts of equality can these be halted from a distance? Here answers continue Kathy Anderson Sally Andree Christie Artus Joyce Asmussen Bonnie Birsinger Angela Bonura Joan Capdevielle Pat Cerri Marie Champagne Barbara Chocholak Marsha Crabtree Marilyn Crane Lorraine Culver Frances de L ' Arbre Diane Delucchi Liz Dunn Debi Dye Carolyn Frederick Elinor Griffith Cathy Hill Mary Hoole Diane KaIlo Kathy Keefe Kathy Kenfield Carla Lazzareschi Cokie Lewis Sue Lippi Kelly Long Sue Lundberg Denise Mahon Sharon McCarthy Marianne McDaniel Susan Meyer Susan Moore Sharon Morjjig Ruthann Morris the focus of sigma kappa Lee Nicoliason Beth Plowman Linda Ricker Kristy Savard Bonnie Sheehy Linda Stinehoff Christine Venediger Cindy Nutt Karen Plowmen Margie Robert Jana Schielbelhut Jane Sheffield Kathryn Tartt Linda Vickery Sue Peterson Nancy Probst Joanne Rokoszewski Rhea Seddon Sue Small Barbara Thomas Karen Wagner changes from the plate shifts in its chair from full stomach to bowed head to say grace after dinner. Larry Amling Hal Borthwick Barrett Clack Al Del Simone Larry Aro Mason Brutschy Tim Clack Doug Ewers John Banker Rick Chamberlain Steve Cornecl Mike Fletcher sigma nu ' s do a bit of leaning, too Given a place that will remember that a hand rested on it void of heaviness be that place the shoulder of a wall, a book, a friend. Dave Fong Larry Kenney Don Parce Mike Thurlow Bill Frizell Gary Marianni Ron Polivka Bob Tjosvold Roger Hartley Larry Martin Don Severy Jim Tjosvold Jim Hayes Steve Moore Dave Smith Bob Ward Tom Hobbs George Nichols Malcolm Sprott Dave Williamson Brian Hunt Rich Nilan John Stillings Tony Yankowski John Adams Mark Andrews Antony Battaglia Richard Bruce Larry Eslinger Lawrence Ball Joseph Berry Peter Clark Roger Graham Guy Anderson sigma phi ' s witness themselves as the reel spins through laughter through the " How ya doin ' ? " of a brother almost all the way through to 2 am the movie-camera eye closes almost long enough to rest behind a film of sleep, a preparation. Edward Jochums Bob McGill David Soltz Erik Johnson Richard McNeely Jeffrey Wales Mark Keith Cameron Meeker Terrill Welcome Jonathan Koch Geoffrey Schlittgen Christopher Zwingle queen of hearts Miss Sherry Steffens floating sigma phi epsilons hold stormpillars, baybuoys, ships ' masts linoleum turns to water feet to fins dance to dance to dance on the whispered symphony of a walled-in sea. Dave Anderson Jim Christie Robert Hardin Fred Marrah Tom Pimentel Michael Shields Mike Wallace Ron Byers Terry Duryea Jerry Harvey Al Nieden Mike Rizzo Cyrus Smith Pat White Steve Byers Benjamin Elliott Bill Hewlett Gary Oderda V. Robert Sansone Cyrus St. Sure Al Zacherin Merle Chapman Neal Gibsen Frank Isola Michael Oppido John Servente Lou Viani Pierre teke ' s travel in the shadow of a massive fleecy paradox the soft unwieldy creature reconciling the young-age business with alternating leaps and bounds never lets beer or praise go to his head it takes much too long; every day letting the molehills slip between his paws balancing perfectly bark with bite bird? plane? SuperBrutus daughters of diana James Adams Mack Borgen Mike Cowett Robert Free Rich Aftergut Steve Bray Gary Crowley Joseph Garrett David Allen Lawrence Brehm Robert De Cicco Robert Lacy Ken Bardizian Lawrence Brown David Dematteis Doug Lee William Binder Jim Buckheister Mike Dillon Tim Levine Frank Blumer Russ Calvert Dave Eandi John MacArthur Carol Barker Dale Blankstein Lindsay Brown Britta Bull Cam Corlette De De Dwyer Pat Gallagher Priscilla Harrison Marilyn Howe Vicki Kay Michael Malachowski John Pardee Robert Schactman Ken Mann Stuart Pivnick Steve Smith David Maynard Jack Quatman Butch Snow Colin McRae Mike Reinhart Robert Testa Rodger Muhlbach Tim Reiterman Dave Thompson Warren Newmark Kennedy Richardson Eric Thor Chickie Pohlman Barbara Robbins Jill Roderick Karla Roth Carol Swain Beverly Witcosky Eleanor Accampo Janice Eckdahl Joan Ferris Terry Kohler Linda Rader Linda Stinehoff Bette Carpenter Carolyn Engstrom Gail Goldberg Sharon McHuge Bonnie Sheehee Becky Williams Bruce Barnes Greg Eckman Michael Mendelson Cliff Salwen John Behrman Tom Eckman Bruce Menke Pierce Stanley Billy Buchenau Larry Fisher Richard Merrill Tom Stone Jerry Charlup Stan Harkness Stan Nielson Lon Sutter Tim Coughlin Steve Jacobs John Richards Eric Thompson Bruce Creeling Bruce Johnson Michael Rucker Charles Withuhn theta chi ' s steering their eyes along lines of plot and plan, victories of shots made without hands and the lines converge into an asterisk, footnoting timeless interest theta delta chi sister stars Row One: Nikki Brajevich, Barbara Eisendorf, Shelly Rouda, Nancy Welcome, Alison Snow, Kathy Ryan. Row Two: Mia Breen, Mary Martin, Toni Bava, Marliss Baldwin, Carolyn Cox, Mary McKeighan, Mindi Oliver, Jane Bryan, Kathy Row Three: Missy Orick, Joan McLean, Kandee Killen, Parkey Hoesehler, Linda Bialecki, Doreen Hering, Pam Hornby, Linnea Smith, Cindy Smith. Mark Anderson Baker Pete Bateman Rich Biscay Charles Ehrlich Kent Erskine Gary Evers Gus Filice Jamie Gittens Roger Gray David Greenlee Charles Huguley Peter Joyce Mark Kamena Paul Majka Tom McAlone Mike McCann Mark McCarthy Steven Murphy Steve Newcomb Dirk Noyes Stuart Pederson Steve Pierce Bob Powell theta delts weave a rich, deep fabric of families and are woven in; with long talks and fresh repasts knit brows and brains of brothers finish them into a warm cover tied up in a little sister ' s ribbon and a mother ' s touch Steve Schnugg Thomas Sollars David Swantner Doug Swantner Fred Tomlins Paul Wilcox Don Wilgus Tom Williamson Gary Wood Charles Woodard z b t props up its evening head towards the pictures of long-distance words; evening head in starshot darkness tumbles to rise in a plaid morning saying: move I ' ve gotcha covered. With afterthoughts. Charles Abbott Doug Abbott Marty Berg Ed Blum Manny Burgess Joe Charney Gene Colker Loren Davis Steve Herman David Epstein Marvin Hersh Randy Gahm Sam Hiatt Jeff Gaynor Phil Israels Mike Glazer Steve Jogoda Louis Goldman Gary Klapman Ken Hausman Larry Korn David Krantz Craig Kubey Larry Lewis Steve Passen Don Ritchie Howard Rosen Richard Rosenbloom Howard Rothenberg Phil Rothenberg Stu Sachs Steve Sacks Steve Weinstein zeta psi ' s scatter the thumbprints of their liberty on typeset and tonethrill; infinite energy is but barely preserved with a short nap on a laser-beam of warmth Mike Anderson Greg Armstrong Dave Baker Ted Blanckenberg Al Brown Rich Bulotti Ellsworth Cragholm Tim Comstock Steve Dorinson Bob Ferguson Doug Field Steve Giffen Jack Goodman Pete Hall Richard Handley Jack Hanson Jeff Harper Bill Herbert Dan Hunt Dave Little Clay MacKinley Mark Minis Dave Pettus Jim Townsend Dave Marshall Roger Niello Larry Ruhstaller Rich Vielle Geoff Matlow Lynn Oliver Bill Sellier Bruce Wild Dean McPhee Fred Peterson Pete Talbot Bill Woods Carol Balassi Janice Eckdahl Sandy Harris Pam Burge Cindy Gardner Janet Holmes Judy Coulter Barbara Greer Bethanne Lee Judi Decker Jule Griebrok Ginny Lee z t a harmonizes (Phone calls arrive unhalting, a disconnected doorbell is unfeasible, we can ' t exactly lock the door.) But I ' m sorry, she ' s not really here and now particularly she ' s gone to song. Peg Lenson Lee Meadows Jean Neri Jeanne Ogilvie Cyndi Peat Linda Rader Laura VanMeter Molly McKinstry Teri Morris Kay Neri Caroline Opocensky Doreen Phelps Helen Sherry Claire Vida The windows convened on Thursday to meet the problems of higher placement and frequenter scrubbing but this group, unlike many, strayed into more exciting realms: " We the windows of Berkeley students, finding ourselves standing in the sixth decade of the twentieth century, amidst a vastness of technological change and a strong push for the use of one ' s five senses for freer communication hereby urge and request investigation of the possibility of Ears and Hands for us. Such development would surely increase our understanding of those who lean on us, out of us dance with us open, dance with us closed wave and holler through us and leave us, it would seem, too soon We want to hear their songs, their chatter, their speeches, their confessions. We want to hear what some hear daily, what others refuse to hear. And the hands will be for touching their hair and hemlines, for smoothing their ties when they go outside. For it must be realized that being so near them as we are encourages a growing love. If these improvements can somehow be made we agree and promise with all the honesty of glass never to hurt them with new hands and never to stop listening for we believe that there is at least as much to hear and touch as there has been to see. " Susan Anderson Lai-Ying Fung April Kibler Pamela Burgess Carole Hodson Ethel MacLean Kathryn Case Jessica Holl Susan Nisbet Dianne Chandler Karene Jen Frances Saia cozy beaudelaire reposes in something lacy like leaves hairpart brickseam frame stand firm as shingle by shingle come to a point softened by a chimney ' s work and two ' s-by-four ' s eyes. bowles uncovers its efforts the little-celebrated gallantries of cook floatmaker dad and mother is marked with a certain insistency Edward A. Agnew John A. Baker, Jr. George Bearcroft Fredrick A. Black James R. Brandley Timothy J. Buckley Mark Burnside Frank Celada, Jr. Ted Chester Bruce Chisholm Kenneth Clark Dean Cromwell Edward Daube William J. DeBord Terry M. Ehrman Gerald Eliaser James Elliott William D. Ellis David F. Fair Burke Fong Carl Fredrickson Jeffrey Golden King O. Golden, Jr. Robert J. Hamilton, Jr. John Hansen Leslie A. Hausrath Stan Helsel Ronald Himes Rodney G. Hughes William A. Hyman Jon A. Johnsen David Lamon Henry S. Lamon Eric Laine Lane D. Lee Myron S. Lehtman Mathew W. Little Richard P. Lloyd James T. MacMullan Thomas W. Mader Richard Matselboba Wallace Meyer, Jr. William McIntosh Raymond Miailovich Donald McRae Robert Miksch Allen Meredith Lyford Morris Jansuz Mermel Peter May Denis Munoz-Plaza Gene Musser James Nash Brady Nellis Robert Okazaki of which disassembly cleanup and parents fumbling coats on departure leaves a trace. Hal L. Peddy Wayne Peterson Eric Phillips Robert Relat Richard Romero Richard T. Scott Richard M. Spickard Patrick E. Shannon Richard P. Staley Andrew B. Sills Ronald Sullinger Harry E. Skofis Norman A. Ticer Bradley V. Smith David Tomsky John R. Ulrich Michael Vavra Richard Walton Vincent D. Wong Ralph Zak cheney curls Jan Aaronian Nancy Alexander Kathy Bennett Cathy Block DeAnna Chao Ann Cogen Betty Eng Jan Abrahm Eve Axelrad Sharon Besman Marilyn Brownton Stacie Cherniack Claudia Cohrt Colleen Ferris Maureen Alcalde Meredith Bates Gerry Bleier Lucy Burlingham Chr istine Chun Teri Dane Evelyn Fritz bouncing around nylon strings and valentine threads glide in unison to knit the hands and reasonable, rhythmical facsimiles thereof among. Virginia Garetson Julie Hofstrand Marilyn Lurie Beverly Mendelson Gail Shavelson Margaret Sullivan Lorraine Warshaw Beth Graysen Terry Kelly Susan MacDonald Barbara Olgin Carolyn Siderine Nancy Susnow Nancy Whiteside Patricia Griffith Lan Hing Lee Babette Markus Carol Pedersen Marjorie Sinkankas Darlene Tong Maureen Wong Joyce Hawkey Margaret Less Jean Matoi Martha Runner Karen Springer Elaine Toscana Phyllis York CUNNINGHAM HALL the girls of Cunningham hall keep a standing appointment momentarily entitled not to move anything but their mouthes, no cerebral strings attached. yet the attachment comes over and above dessert. Karl Allmendinger Thomas Cline Robert Hall Jack Jew Michael Leonhardt Michael Brown Leonard Coates John Heyman James Jew Nicolas Loo-Tam Victor Carboni Robert Foster Gary Hippenstiel James Kremen Jesse Mase rambling deutschmen haul signs and symbols of a denim dynamism that those soft suede eyelids and those translucent hands in the firelight or moon seem sometimes hardly ready to sustain; the game ' s tomorrow. Leslie Miller Lewis Osofsky Douglas Scott Thomas Strangman Lee Whitt David Moor William Rae Stephen Singer Douglas Taylor Andrew York Bill Nachbaur Svenn Rasmussen Christopher Snyder William Thomas John Yost Thomas Nachbaur Martin Ritchie Timothy Snyder Bruce Walker Michael Ziegler freeborn coincides with a clock of its choosing says hi bye see ya can ' t spend much winding and setting it gotta catch that ride they ' re on, friend. Judith Bogdan Marilyn Briggs Nancy Briggs Dorothy Brown Valerie Chambas Patricia Clevenger Sandra DeBiase Roberta Dempster Susan Dennis Lorraine Dille Kathleen Doyle Rosemary Faller Jane Fick Maedell Fong Andra Guggenheim Prunnie Henry Ann Hickey Lenore Hu Alva Jeppesen Gale Kirby Carol Krieger Catherine LaBombard Phyllis Lee Barb Lewis Arlene Milrad Renita Mock Sue Moran Courtney Murphee Ann O ' Hara Jean Pollock Stern ' s 25th anniversary celebration brings Chancellor Heyns to dinner. stern bends its banister leans on mood and meeting friendship circle launched by stair-smart feet spins slowly into sphere. Lois Renge Jill Taniguchi Janice Robertson Susan Tanner Billie Rosen Judy Trayer Sandra Slater Nini Turner Pam Shirakawa Brandy Weaver Linda Stinehoff Shari Witherspoon Mary Sweets Laraine Wing Magaret Takesuye Christine Yount tellefsen marks time Outside it is November afternoon, But inside, cool and dark, there is no time, Until at last we hear the stirring tune: A single note from Campanile ' s chime, A tunnel yell, a whistle blast, and then We burst in pounding waves upon the turf The drums drive forth a hundred twenty men Who kick the lime to foam in rumbling surf A thousand they for every Bandsman one, They rise at stirring fanfare to their feet, And cheer each California Fav ' rite Son. ' Tis sad that nary one amongst us knows The squish of Pasadena ' twixt his toes. James Baker Peter Birnbaum Edward Cheever Douglas Day Ira Duden Jeffrey Feldman Michael Foster Larry Fredlund James French Barry Hanks Harold Hickman Ernest Jackson Robert King Stephen Klein David Kopf Bruce Kramer Marc Lambert Stephen Lester Kenneth Peterson Samuel Rudolf Ryan Sanders Chris Scott Donald Terry Gary VanCamp Richard Wendell Stephen Whitgob Daniel Williams Stephen Wolf i-house moves into being the big house on the hill. . . Internationalism has been at least as frequently advanced as there have been men brave and foolish enough to ride the Utopian horse, Even so, they mount one by one, and galloping is restricted to hearts. " i got slammed, " began a slim blue door with multiversatile posters taped all over his chest. Vanda Aalgaard Howard Abbott Ryan Abe Joanne Ablan Lawrence Abrams Bruce Abramson Sandra Agafuroff Mohammad Aghili Merle Albin George Alexanian Leslie Allan Frederick Allardyce Ill Margaret Allen Glen Allison Willard Alloway Susan Almazol Marlene Alter Hanan Altschuler Patricia Ames Irving AmrofelI Helga Andazola Aino Anderson Bob Anderson Dave Anderson Karen Anderson Katherine Anderson Richard Angell Jesse Ante Bruce Anthony Bruce Appel Andreas Argyres Ann Arnold Charles Arnold Veronica Asime Shimon Aviel Christine Babcock Anne Babson Ellen Back Reidun Baillie Edwin Baker Rachpal Bal Russell Baldo Pamela Ball Steven Bandettini Maria Banos Mercedes Banos David Bard Marilyn Barkin Helen Barnett Minerva Barranco Richard Bass Anne Batmale Linda Batson Michael Bautista Connie Baxter Abbass Bazeghi Wynellen Beavers John Becker Michael Becker William Beckum, Jr. Kathleen Beers Dorothy Begley Paul Behounek Ruth Behrens Bonnie Belden Gerald Belden Marilyn Belove Kenneth Benhassat William Bennett Bonnie Benson Florence Berghuis Kenneth Berk Morton Bernstein Andrea Berrin Julianne Berry Lyn Berry Margaret Berscheid Nicole Besin Bettencourt Karen Bierly Rosalie Billings Harold Biswell, Jr. Jerome Blaka Craig Blake Diane Blanchard Stephen Blank Tamera Bloodworth Niki Bloom Jean-Michel Bock Gary Bollard Don Boortz Janis Boothe Larry Borelli Estelle Borg Teresa Boucher Peter Bowes Jeff Boyarsky Lloyd Bracewell Joan Brannigan Harold Bresnik Dulcie Brigham Janice Brill Barry Brittan Allan Brochier Bruce Brodkey Reginald Bronner, Carole Brow David Brown Faye Brown J. Craig Brown Lynn Brown Michael Brown Randall Brown Jr. Anthony Bruce Susan Bruce Andrew Bruno, Jr. Paul Buckelew Katherine Buckovetz Jed Bullard Pornpilai Buranabunpot Allen Buskirk Miriam Byers Laura Byrd Carol Cabell Shirley Cachola William Cady Nancy Callahan Krystal Calzia Michael Campbell Thomas Campbell Joseph Campos Wayne Canterbury Robert Capozzo Karen Carash Cynthia Carlson Ben Carmel Claudia Carr Richard Cartwright Mario Caruso Rosa Casazza Charlotte Case " during a wild argument between Jim and Gordon, but Jim shut me gently late that night. " This blue door told an intriguing tale of how they ' d fought intensely over dish-washing and the stereo, then laughed themselves up like balloons, and let the dishes go to discuss a matter of freedom. . . Robert Casteel Janice Castro Marsha Caulfield Peter Ceccotti Suzanne Cecil Angelilla Cerniglia Linda Cervantes Christine Chabiel Jane Chalmers Richard Chamberlain William Chamberlain Layton Chambers Afonso Chan Lori Chan Shirley Chan Suzanne Chan Yee Chan Ethel Chang Wing Chao Chartz Adrienne Chen Alex Chen Eunice Chen Lainee Chen Angela Cheng Harvey Chin Oay Chinn Kung-Hang Chiu Kung-Ming Chiu Darryl Chong Wye-Ming Choo Grace Chow Winston Chow Barbara Choy Jane Christopherson Estelle Chun Mary Ellen Chun Andora Clark Marjorie Clark Robert Clayton Casey Coane something about not going to church Easter but the door missed most of it, fell asleep, for it went almost ' till dawn. " They were pretty good to me, " ended the tall blue door. Richard Crump Gaye Cullison Shirley Culver Stephen Cummings Agnes Cyr Rodney Cyr Marc Dake Maria Dalagan Sheila Dalton Don Danmeier Margaretta Darnall Joyce Davidson Judith Davis Richard Davis Diane DeArmond Eileen Deck James Dederer Carol Degen Erin DeLano Carole Delany Erma Cobb William Cockerham Henry Cohen Beverly Coker Patricia Cole Susan Colvin Stephen Compton Edward Connors, Jr. David Cook Cornelius Coonerty Robert Coop Philip Cooper Henry Coopersmith Kenneth Corcoran Catherine Cornwell Gregory Costa John Costello William Costello Roberta Coyl Geoffrey Crawford John Crimmins Nancy Crisona Patricia Crosby Stanley Cross Sanford Delugach Gail DeMunck Royal Denton Gail Dershewitz Cheryl Dewey Jas Dhillon Candace Diamond Myra Diamond Bruce Dichter Carol Dicmas Elaine DiPietro Marian Dittman Barbara Dittrich Diana Dixon Thomas Dodge Denise Domerque Kathryn Donaldson Shirley Donaldson Eve Donlon Deanna Donovan Daniel Doore Jay Doubrava Jeffrey Doutt Michael Dove Michael Drong Kathleen Dullum Mary Dunlap Kathryn Dupree Paul Durano John Early Ill Victor Eckland Joseph Edelheit Karen Edlefsen Richard Edmonston Marjorie Edson Thomas Edwards Kenneth Eggers A wide orange door, after this, burst into song: " Hush, little baby, don ' t you cry. . . All my trials, Lord, soon be over. " then she whispered: " That was the singer ' s favorite I can ' t talk enough of the year in this short meeting. So much has happened. Steven Eisen Lois Elliott James Ellsworth Mahin Emami Mary Emery Yasuhiko Enaka Marilyn Eng Douglas Engmann Elisabeth Epstein Robert Ericson Kathie Ernst Carlos Espana Joanna Etchison Leigh Evans Joan Everson Raymond Faller Karen Fanta Charles Farrar, Jr. Anthony Fattarsi Katherine Ferber Gary Ferman Eddy Fernandez Enid Fields Bonnie Finn Maureen Finn Ressie Finnie Garry Fish Gail Fisher Bonnie Fishman Ellen Flagg Wilbur Fleck, Jr. Philip Flickinger Dale Flynn Angela Fogg Sandra Folger David Fong Howard Fong James M. Fong James T. Fong Janet Fong Janice Fong Stewart Fong Shirley Fong-Torres Robert Forney Elvia Foulke Peter Foulke Angela Fox Barbara France Michele Francis Joanne Frank Ronnie Frankel Jim Franz John Franzoia Jack Frater Marlys Frederickson Thomas Fredette Deborah Freeman Edward Friedel, Jr. Ednah Friedman Elise Friedman Karen Friedman Knut Frolich Barbara Fuchs Paul Fujii Bill Fujimoto Evelyn Fujimoto Kumiko Fujimura Kisaburo Fujita Paulette Fuller Roderick Fuller Cecilia Fung Leslie Fung Vicki Furtado Susanna Galanis Gerald Galliano Dorothy Galovich Andrew Ganes Michael Garabedian Ruth Garbell Robert Garbutt Alatorre Garza Scott Gassaway Ann Gates Douglas Gates James Gay Beverly Gazarian Kathleen George And I heard—well, almost every word I truly missed not having eyes I would have loved to hear the singer ' s face to see her face when the phone call came for the engagement to sing and play her guitar somewhere in the City she shrieked and cried so. Ingolfur Georgsson Sue Gershenson Larry Gerston Deborah Giles Georgine Gillanders William Gillanders John Gillies Cindy Gilman Ann Gilmore Donald Gilson, Jr. Lorraine Giurlani Linda Glasgow Margaret Glasser Adria Goble Barbara Goldberg Gail Goldberg Dean Golden Ronald Goldman Gail Goldstein Ronald Goodwin Linette Gordon Christiaan Goslinga Menahem Gottlieb Lowell Gottstein Barbara Gould Debra Graham Kenneth Graham Edward Grant, Jr. Dana Graul Jan Gray James Greeneich John Greenless Paul Grey Norman Grib Robert Griffith Joy Grisanti Marilyn Griset Stephen Griswold Carol Grizzle Jane Grossman Deborah Gruberg Donald Guerin Bob Guletz Linda Gummerson Sheryl Heald Sandy Heiman Carmen Helisten Marcia Hellam Carol Heller Charles Helms Karen Helms Lawrence Helzel Judy Hemery Richard Henderson Marjorie Hennessy Carol Henry Brian Herbert Jon Herbert Jill Herkus John Herr Kenneth Hadlock Harvey Hailer Tim Hallahan Steve Hammond Barbara Handa Eloise Hanley Kenneth Harano Pamela Harding Peggy Harding Keith Hardy Pamela Hardy T. Norman Hardy Kathleen Harnett David Harris Linda Harris Miriam Harris C. Merrilee Harter Jeanne Hartsough Jill Hartstone Amy Hashimoto Rick Hattori Jean Hawkey John Hawley Robert Heald II Edith Heumann John Higginbotham Emma Higgs Roger Himoritz Norman Hirata Richard Hirayama April Hird Carol Hironymous Arthur Hislop, Jr. Russell Hitomi Helen Ho Lester Ho Titus Ho Jay Hodin Donna Hofeld Margaret Hoffman Richard Holsington Kenneth Holstein Madalyn Honig George Hoover Frances Hoppe Carolyn Horn Aletta Horton William Hosmer Randall Hough Fred Howard Cathy Howe Rosemarie Howells Sandie Howker Shirley Hoye Roy Hoyer Yuchuek Hsia Donna Hsu Benjamin Huang Larry Huber Jennifer Hudson Ken Huez Ronald Huff Robert Hughes Paul Hui Edward Hukoveh Marilyn Hulmer Kathryn Hummel Jerald Hunter Milly Hurliman Michael Hyman Daniel lacopi Diana Ice I ' m sure my panels will never recover from the ecstasy but gee I ' m not complaining For they were surely good to me. " with this she waved her upper hinge at the pine door bent over beside her " What ' s new, Woody? You look rather glum, or is it your varnish? " Richard Jennings James Jensen Marilyn Jensen Warren Jensen Raphael Johannes Brann Johnson Carolyn Johnson Conrad Johnson Cynthia Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Linda Johnson Jared Jones Lawrence Jones Lynn Jones Robert Jones James Joy Mei-laan Jue Karen Julien Barbara Jurgens Marilyn Kabakov Richard Kaden Kay Kaggerud Robert Kahn Jack Kaiser Tania Kalinovsky Lillian Kanno Hal Kantor Jan Karowsky Diana Kaste Michael Kavanagh Ronald Kawakami Alan Kay Ronald Ichikawa Nonaka Ikujiro Phyllis Inerfield Wanda Ingmire Gail Inouye Sandra Irving Marvin Isaacson Toru lshida Penelope luama Sharyn lwamasa Susanna Jack John Jackson J. Lloyd Jacobs, Jr. Diane Jacobsen Thomas Jacobsen Richard Jacobson William James Denise Jamin Clifford Janes Maxine Janowitz Robert Jansen Jeanne Jasonides Madeline Jay Loretta Jen the pine door laughed politely at her joke not too politely, being rather embarrassed about growing so grainy in his old age He stammered: " He didn ' t stay long, the first one. He must ' ve taken ill. His cough grew worse, and wracked me for awhile. " Hormozdyar Keyani Behman Kia Gail Killebrew Chin Kim Doris King Marlene Kiyoi Dennis Klein James Klein Adean Klemtner Les Klinger Donald Klingner Richard Klingner Dina Klugman Melanie Knisely Rich Knox Marguerite Kay Maxine Kaye Douglas Keachie Carol Keck Daniel Kee Antonia Keiley Mary Kelley Wanda Kelley Reginald Kellum Darcy Kelly Marianne Kelner Joyce Kempner Janine Kennings Robert Kent Ilan Keret Katherine Kerner " One afternoon he tried to paint me quite slow, very careful—but his hand shook. And the paint was sanded off by the one who followed. This fellow read notes aloud. Did you know that camels can drink up to 25 gallons of water in 10 minutes? That spiders have 8 legs? And he kept a cage of ducks. You should ' ve heard them quack when he came home. These two were really good to me, and— " Barrett Knudsen Priscilla Knudsen Katherine Kohl Terri Kohler Lawrence Kojaku Uri Kolani Karen Korff Steven Kornberg Cathie Kosel Janice Kosel Susan Koser Gale Kozberg Ann Kramer Patricia Kramer Robert Kramer Mary Kreick Mary Kreissl Kenneth Kubota Katherine Kucera Aileen Kuda Elizabeth Kung Yulanda Kung Ealine Kutcher Leong Tek Kwee Douglas Lacey Paula Lakey Stephen Lam Rosabel Landberg Carol-Anne Lane Susan La Plant Richard La Pointe Michele Lasagna John Latta Yu-Yang Lee Yvonne Lee Stuart Leibsohn Joseph Leicheter Viacheslav Lekach Robert Lemkau Roberto Lemus Marsha Lerner Carol Lester Theresa Leung Amalia Levand Mary Levin Michael Levin Merri-Jo Levinger Edward Levinson Keith Levy Sandra Lew Dorothy Lewis Jean Ai-Hwa Li Paula Chi-Ting Li Noel Sung-Mei Liang Fritz Lichty Leigh Lightfoot Diane Lightner Wellman Lim Bob Lindboe Joyce Lindsey Gregory Lines Loren Linholm William Link Raymond Lippert Nancy Litton William Lattin James Laub Donna Lawson Robert Lawson Jackson Lay Stephen Lazarus David Ledford Cheryl Lee Cynthia Lee Jane Lee Karen Lee Laurel Lee Mary C. Y. Lee Patricia Lee Rudy Lee Sylvia Lee " —Mine had six cats, " interrupted a big brown door who wore a coat of notes which read: " Sally is asleep. Go away. " " Tell the boys we ' ll go skiing with them, if there ' s room. Your friend, Deanna. " " Jim: the injunction didn ' t go through!! Deanna. " " Sally, dear. I LOVE YOU. Ed. " Roberta Locher David Loeb Joanne Lopez Allen Louie Lorraine Wan-Ling Louie David Love Marker Lovell Wallace Lowry Susan Lucas Leona Lucchetti Cheryl Luce John Lum Owen Lum Bertrand Lurie Rose-Marie Ma Marcia MacArthur Lynn MacDonald Marcia Mace Gregory Mack Richard Maddigan William Maina Linda Mak Marian Malovos Thomas Malsbary Rebecca Mammon Jeanne Mandell Merrily Mansfield Dennis Mar Helen Marcus Argyrios Margaritis Gary Markarian Linda Marron Pamela Marshall Thomas Martin Omega Martinian Mark Massen John Massey Charlotte Masuoka Dilip Mathur Laurel Matsukado Matthew Matsuzaki Lynn Maxwell Hashem Mazandaran Patricia McCabe Louise McCahan Barnard McCloskey Elizabeth McCosh Lorraine McCracken Joanne McDaniel Paul McDermott Lorraine McDonnell Docia MacFarlane Mary McFarling Terence McGee Ellen McGinty Stephen McGrogan Maryann McKay John McKenzie Corinne McLaughlin Julia McMeans Carcy McMills Melanie McNeil James McReynolds Marise McTucker Thomas Medford Donald Megna HarDayal Mehta Gayle Meltesen Ronald Merenbach Stanley Meresman Teall Messer Sheldon Meyer Anne Michaels Anita Micossi Donald Mikami Peter Mikelens David Miller Edward Miller Jaxon Miller Judy Miller Mark Milleer Ronald Mills Robert Millsap Charles Minahan Nail Minai David Minkins Roger Minkow Peter Minkwitz Michael Mitchell Julie Mitome Ronald Miyamura Cheryl Moberg Sharon Mohtr Catherine Mohrhardt John Monteverdi Howard M ontgomery Peter Montgomery Carol Moon Nancy Moordigian Christine Moore Rosanna Nelson R onald Neubauer Clair Newman Pamela Newman Sai-Kok Ng Yiuto Ng Harry Nichdros Susan Nicholas Rosemary Nielsen Renton Nip Judith Nishimoto Karen Nissen James Nixon Paul Normart Donna Norton James Norton Dorothy Norwood Cathryn Novak Kenneth Nozaki Penelope Niuccio John Oakley Sallie Odom Gordon Oishi Alison Okada B. J. Mues Susan Mullally David Mundstock Peter Munoz Nancy Nagase Joyce Nakada Pearl Nakamura Patricia Nakasone Judy Naktin Mary Namsirichai Patricia Napoli Gail Naruo Laurel Nase Roxanne Nathanson James Nelson Richard Nelson John Moore Michael Moore Marilyn Moorehead Frances More Diane Moreland Joe Morganti Elas Morris Melodye Morrison Judith Morthland Gayle Moseley Oren Mosher Sharon Moy Alan Okamoto Toyohiko Okamoto Fumio Okida Masefield O ' Laughlin Ronald Oliveira Mario Olmos Jeffrey Olsen Donald Olson Lyric Olson Kathleen O ' Meara Jack O ' Neil Dennis Orbus Glenn Osajima Robert Osborn Mark Osborne Daniel O ' Shea Sheryl Ossias Karen Ostrom Theodore Pack Tim Packwood Fred Padilla Marlene Paganini Greg Page Anna Paikow Michael Palmer Thomas Panagiotaros John Panieri Cheri Papike Richard Papike Larry Parker Suzanne Parker Jean Parsons Gregory Pasco Wendy Patterson Pat Patton Marc Paulsen Pamela Pearl Karen Pearson Lee Peisker Nancy Pelmas Lora Peluso Joyce Penfil Richard Penner " You know, one of those cats was always rubbing against me. But Sally taught him not to. " Nodesan Permaul Nick Peros John Perry Nancy Peters Glenn Petersen Glen Petersen Richard Peterson Ronald Petrucci Roger Phelps Barbara Phillips David Philipson Marilyn Pick Richard Piehl Pamela Pomeroy Laurence Poon Miriam Porath Madelon Powers Wendell Prather George Proper Charles Puccinelli Joann Puskarich Ruth Quesada Gustavo Quiroga Pamela Rafanelli Pavan Rai Verlita Ramos Norma Rampino Jennifer Randolph Suzane Rathbun Jean Ratliff Mary Rau Marita Raubitschek Frank Reeve Roy Reeves Linda Reich Joan Reiman Fred Reiner Ralph Reiner Carol Reitmeier Carol Relat Patrick Reynolds Teresa Richards Mary Rice Alan Ridley Barbara Rindge Barbara Ripley Tom Ritter Anne Roberts " Deanna would always leave me open when she ' d go out for rides and walks (then I could wave at ' 203 ' He ' s stunning. Is he here today?) " Carter Roberts Judith Robertson Robert Robin Janet Robinson Linda Rodgers Byron Rogers Evelyn Rogers Larry Rogers Nancy Rogers Nancy Rose Nancy Rosenberg Richard Rosenblatt Nadine Rosenthal Ronald Ross Gordon Ross Roberta Ross Melanie Rothschild Ruby Roy Donald Rubard Peter Rubenstein Alice Rudomino-Dusiacki Kathy Rueschenberg Pedro Ruiz Christina Russell Mike Ryan Ralph Rydman Eugene Saenger Sakamoto Yonetta Saks Richard Salisbury Barbara Sapiro Robert Sargis Subhas Sarkar Jens Sartz Joan Sasaki A. Lee Scaief Margo Schachter Anne Schaffer Barbara Schei Karl Schmidt Karen Schueler John Schutz Lynn Schwartz Kathy Scott Linda Scott Nancy Seaton Hamideh Sedghi I ldiko Segesuary Bryce Seidl Gary Semans Robert Serventi Kenneth Shang Lorre Shapiro Cathy Sharp Ellen Shavelson Charles Sheldon Denna Shen Amy Sheng Imogene Shockley Eileen Silge Sharon Silva Melvyn Simburg Patrick Simpson David Singleton Ann Sjaberg Dawn Skailand Rochelle Sklansky Kenneth Slevin Paul Slottlemeyer Jack Small Arthur Smith Bruce Smith Robin Smith Rod Smith Roma Smith Marilyn Snow Linda Soares Sheba Solomon Michael Somers Larry Somerton Ronald Sorensen Jean Sours Beth Spaner Garreta Sprattling Lucy Sprecher Donald Squires Donna Stanley Walter Stannard Thomas Stassen Andrea Stawisky Linda Steinberg Douglas Steel Roger Stephens Laurence Stern Peter Stern Richard Sterner Vicki Stevens Tom Stimac Gloria Stockton Susan Stoddard Robert Stone Robert Stoner Janice Stout Linda Stout " Sally is doing research in sociology so she ' ll be back next year. Deanna married Ed. I ' ll sure miss her. They were really good to me, I must say. " Baiba Strads Wayne Stubbert Judith Stubblefield Pamela Stucky Ricardo Suarez-Gartner Noboru Sugino Dennis Sullivan Donna Sullivan Aili Sumeri Irene Yi-Chi Sun William Sun Lawrence Susnow Roberta Swanburg Cynthia Swanson Stephen Tabor Lyda Takagi Phyllis Takahashi Sharon Takamoto Toshihida Takeshita Thomas Talmantes Ellen Tamaki James Tamulski Donald Tanaka Jerry Taylor June Taylor Lana Taylor Ann Teachout Hussein Thanawalla Javier Thayer Susan Thompson Tevis Thompson Leonard Thornquist Richard Thunen Gene Tobias Glen Tobias Kathy Todrank Daniel Tolentino Edward Tom Jerry Toman Glenna Torassa Constance Torii Yuet Mei Tow Barbara Travaglio David Traxel Michael Tripp Lawrence Trop Kemay Tsao Sonny Tsuboi Gordon Tsuchiya Eni Tsuno Edmund Turner Steven Turover Linda Turpin Gus Underhofler Helen Urwitz Lynne Ushiro Craig Valente Ghdam Valiyee Connie Vandervort Robert Vaughn Nader Vaziri Ruth Vedovelli Ellen Venton Thomas Victor Juan Vila Antonio Violoch Carol Volker Dira Wade Kaithy Waite Helmi Waits Glen Waki Clarise Walgemann Louis Warchot Richard Ward Thomas Ward Charles Warren Tim Washburn Arlene Weber Richard Weber Tim Wei Willa Weidler Helene Weiman Bruce Weinsoft Michael Weitz Michael Westall Edward Westley William Weston Kyle Weston Anne White Kathy White Lawrence White Betty Whitman Janis Wick Jeffrey Widmann JoAnn Wilder Elayne Wilding Janet Wilkins John Willadsen Walter Willard Barry Williams James Williams Malcolm Williams Mike Williams Wendy Williams Willie Williams Ken Wilson George Wing William Winn Valerie Wisot Lynne Witkin Thomas Wolf Pernille Wollan Anthony Wong Daniel Wong Deanne Wong Jane Wong John Wong Lily Wong Raymond Wong Susan Wong Judith Wong-Sing Jeff Wynn Marilyn Wyrens Mansour Yaghmai Michael Yamada Terry Yamada Peter Yanev Gloria Yee Willie Yee Joan Yen Ronald Yeung Ted Yoshimura Jon Zablackis Candace Zander Edlynn Zimmerman and after a few more hundred experiences shared the doors concluded their meeting with a unanimous recommendation that they be given Eyes in the near future. and wishing one another a warm, soft new season they ambled, rumbled, tumbled home. . . to harmonize organizations gypsy evangelist sage to chant let ' s go in, let ' s go, let ' s no sharp pencil no pointed toe impedes, and no book covers; ideas come in, ideas come, ideas enter the holes in cloth holes of weave-and-tear at knees to dance 1941 the asuc - once called a " refined racket " more currently a " sand box " It ' s a massive glass, brick, and concrete building, scraping the sky with its bizarre iron-ringed roof--that ' s the ASUC, Perhaps, but the Associated Students of the University of California is much more than a red brick building. It is the mother of all student oriented activities covering everything concerned with the student body on this campus. Like most other organizations, the ASUC has been an active participant in University life--often as a pain in the neck and often as an aid. The Class of 1874 was the first to organize itself formally. This organization was a result of a student request and tacit faculty permission, and soon other classes followed suit and organized. The first ASUC was not started until 1887 when student activists protested the admission of a non-student to the football team. On March 16, a formal constitution of the Associated Students of the College of Letters and Sciences of the University of California was approved. Two years later, the name of the new student government was shortened to the Associated Students of the University of California. The formation of the ASUC proved to be a boon to the California spirit. An increase in the demand for centralized and effective student affairs followed the first Big Game in 1892. Membership was restricted to undergraduates, led by a salaried graduate manager and a student executive committee. But at this time, student government meant management as rather than activities. In April of 1900, President Benjamin Ide Wheeler established the Order of the Golden Bear in order to consult class leaders on campus problems. 1905 saw the faculty removed from the ASUC and remaining on a strained relationship with the ASUC for eight years. In 1913 the faculty recognized the Honor Spirit and relations with student officials resumed. As the ASUC grew, so did its branches. Independent student enterprises and societies requested and received ASUC sponsorship. One of these organizations was the Daily Californian, founded in 1895 and assumed by the student body in January of 1909. 1901 1921 The student store was purchased in 1913, and the Pelican and the Occident were taken over from the English Department, while the Blue and Gold was obtained from the Junior Class in 1925. The most rapid expansion of the ASUC occurred in the 1920 ' s. During this decade, the ASUC had become a large government of a community of 9,000 undergraduate students, and also a huge enterprise financing every field of extra-curricular activity. The executive committee was composed of representatives of these councils together with student elected officers, and a faculty and alumni representative. It was in the next decade that the first sustained attack by dissident students hit the ASUC. The Social Problems Club distributed literature in 1931 condemning the ASUC as a " refined racket " controlled by alumni and faculty. The first student strikes occurred that year when attempts were made to wrest student body leadership through a series of " peace strikes. " Although these efforts failed, students made peace strikes an annual affair until the outbreak of World War II. The deepening of the great depression of the 1930 ' s and the military buildup in Europe caused student concern to turn more toward outside activities. As a result, the executive committee of the ASUC was restructured. In 1940 the committee took an active stance in preventing American entry into the War. The boycott included strike bound industries, racial discrimination and the establishment of Faculty Glade. A constitutional amendment replaced the representatives elected at-large. World War II interrupted campus life and changed student government permanently. Class spirit disappeared and extra-curricular achievements dwindled. In 1943, all disciplinary functions were removed from student committees and assigned to a new faculty-administrative committee on student conduct. 1914 Musical and dramatic productions experienced a similar fate as they came under increasing faculty control. The War years saw a mass male evacuation on this campus. The evacuation resulted in the election of the first female ASUC President in the student organization ' s history. Natalie J. Burdick won the campus in the Fall of 1943. She was succeeded by two other female chiefs, Phyllis Lindley and Jean Elliot. After the War, the return of many graduate students pressured undergraduates to include them in student government. In 1949, graduates received the vote and representation on the executive committee; however, they did not keep the vote long. In 1955, they were made ASUC members, only to be excluded from membership and participation in 1959. The fifties remained relatively stable, with no student occurring. The Regents agreed to replace Stephens Hall and old Eshleman Hall in 1955. The new student buildings were to be constructed under partial financing by compulsory student fees. The Memorial Union was completed in 1961, a new Hall in 1965, and the auditorium in the Spring of 1968. Within the period of the last ten years, student government has undergone many pressures and resulting changes. 1958 the emergence of the campus ' first political party, SLATE. The custom that each candidate compete individually for office was shattered when SLATE ran a full board of candidates on one platform. Ever since the emergence and demise of SLATE, politics has become more and more complex. In 1962, the executive committee was replaced by the senate, which devotes more attention to policy matters, while a cabinet of board coordinates various activity boards and councils. Students ' rights and independence from University control gained momentum until, in 1964, it culminated in the Free Speech Movement. Led by an unknown student, Mario Savio, campus students vocally questioned the depersonalization of the University. Mass disruptions of classes and administrative business followed. A sit-in demonstration in the corridors of Sproul Hall lasted from December 5-8. Governor Brown requested action from police, which resulted in the arrest of some 800 students. On December 8, the administration announced a outlining various academic reforms. The results of FSM are not well known yet. Most outsiders disclaim the demonstra- tion; however, valid and badly needed reforms, such as smaller classes, evolved. A new constitution was drafted in 1966 by a student-elected of graduate and under-graduate students. Yet student apathy has come to play an increasing role in ASUC governance decreasing only in rallying strikes, such as last December ' s strike for suspended students. Today, as one student " Why vote when you ' ve got 50 people running and you can ' t figure out the IBM sheet. " The ASUC is seeking a means of reforming University and campus life further. It has continually played an important role in changing and formulating and community policy. Concerts, cabarets, dances, and art shows are presented in the student interest. There is a air within the new student union—one of diverse views and diverse appearances. The ASUC is student involvement in diversified fields. 1941 ASUC SYNOPSIS Date Event 1874—Class of 1874 organizes: first class to formally organize class activities. First Blue and Gold published, Harry Dom, editor. 1887—Associated Students of the Colleges of Letters and Sciences of the University of California formed to protest the participation of a non-student on the football team. 1889—Name of student government organization changed to the Associated Students of the University of California. 1892—First Big Game. 1895—First issue of the Daily Californian published. 1900—Formation of the basic ASUC structure. Establishment of the Order of the Golden Bear by Benjamin Ide Wheeler. 1905—Faculty removed from ASUC; strained student-faculty result. 1909—ASUC takeover of the Daily Californian. 1913—Faculty recognizes student rights on the " Honor Spirit " system. 1920-30—Most rapid expansion of the ASUC. 1925—ASUC takeover of Blue and Gold, Pelican, and Occident. 1931—Social Problems Club disrupts the " refined racket of the ASUC. " 1931-40—Annual peace strikes and student commitment to and community affairs. 1943—Natalie J. Burdick elected first female ASUC president. Faculty-administration committee takes over disciplinary actions. 1949—Graduate voting and representation approved. 1955—Graduates made compulsory ASUC members. 1958—SLATE formed; first campus political party. 1959—Graduates excluded from ASUC membership. 1961—New student union constructed. 1962—ASUC Senate formed. 1964—Free Spech Movement—student strike for student rights and an academic reform program. 1965—New Eshleman Hall, student office building, completed. 1967—Student strike. 1968—Completion of Zellerbach Hall, theater-auditorium of student union. 1921 1952 Student Campaign Week May 6-12 asuc: " And the heaviest penalty for declining to rule is to be ruled by someone inferior to yourself. " Plato, in his Republic, challenges... and we in ours see it many ways varicolored visions into a mutual legible focus; so we look to form of ourselves a sighted prism. Dick Beahrs ASUC President Ken Stahl ASUC 1st Vice President So from art and alchemy, from wisdom and witchcraft, might be fashioned a Senate we are asked to choose from among us President, Vice President, Is this, for some of us, like giving birth? like transplanting hearts and flowers? Really. Is voting, for some, like breathing? Myron Lehtman NSA Representative nsa reaches across to combine skills and fevers tuning the cloud-cruising, international harp... " we the finance committee. . . hereby move that we, as a representative committee, work to reinstitute a monetary system of buy-and-shell. Rocks are worth millions. Founder ' s will therefore get us... " FINANCE COMMITTEE: Mark Lipton, Bill Bennett, Chic Edwards, Ken Stahl, Charlie Palmer, Doug Turner. STUDENT JUDICIAL COMMITTEE: Peter Joseph, Jacob Sperber, Chairman; Steve Wolan, Stuart Shapiro. MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE: Paul Israel, Craig Rothbach, Robert Bookman, Chairman; Richard LaPointe, Robert Leberman. WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE: Kathy Todrank, Cindy Gilman, Meg Crosby, Carla Singer, Chairman; Leal-Ann Senram, D. D. Dwyer. Not pictured—Nancy Peck. judicial committees try Appeals: If at first you don ' t succeed at grasping legislated empathy, " try try Again. associated women students catch Cleopatra caught a slow boat. Godiva caught a cold. As John Henry fell ill, Mary caught the shovel. Can any surely say " These are stubborn and these are bold. " ? Barbie Hoskens AWS President (rt.) AWS Models Woman Power Conference . . .an information desk complete with wings...a pretzel wagon with a twist toward understanding. from publicity and public relations board comes nourishment ...because Between breakfast and dinner a thousand rumors may cross our plates! Not to mention, one another. ART BUREAU: Don Tachiki, Greg Jue, Carol Heath, John Lee. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD: Mel Simburg, Chairman; Carol Tantau, George Hirsch, Greg Peak, Ann McCutchen, Mike Grunstein, Eva Saunders, Tim Sauer, Peter Montalbano. Not pictured: Bruce Abramson, Edgar Weddle, C. C. Grunwald, Rick Poise, Helen Marcus, Karl Yocum, Otto Palmer. international relations board relates that weeping is not the universal symbol of grief, nor do all men elsewhere smile with their mouthes. Anand Panyarachun Thailand ' s UN Ambassador Salvador P. Lopez Philippine UN Ambassador Jazz Festival Cal Tjader, Bear ' s Lair Cabaret superb: featuring.. . The Phenomenal Elastic Dollar wrap it tightly around Art-Literature-Music Cabaret-Movie Joe Williams Miles Davis and Gil Evans Carmen McRae Cecil Taylor Wes Montgomery Quartet Miles Davis Quintet Drummer Senator Eugene McCarthy Adam Clayton Powell tutorial groups find A bird, a word is a vehicle whereupon each rider may take A window seat. COMMUNITY PROJECTS OFFICE: John Gage, Beth Grossberg, Les Hausrath, Terry Hill, Jane Schiesel, Jon Schiesel, Glen Barnes. Science Club—Jack London Public Library Amigos ' 68 tutor for deaf school in La Mesa, Tijuana. Construction of trade school in Vivienda Popular, Tijuana. cal camp pledges First off: If it ' s a little boy, he shall have a dog. A girl-then, a doll. And they will probably swap these lives. often. But for either, for both, for all, Please------Trees. Daffodil sales help send children to camp. All proceeds from the Ugly Man Contest support Cal Camp. Chinese Students ' Association for the Chinese Students ' Association, too... it seems that Yes every group is a minority until you let it touch you. COMMITTEE ON STUDENT CONDUCT: Row One: Leone Weaver, Robert Professor Stephen Weiner, Chairman; Meg Crosby, Carla Singer. Row Two: Ronald Rosen, Professor Fred Stripp, Professor Michael Covent, Professor Henry Bruyn. blue and gold staff seeks threads of heroism, finding some unsuspectingly knotted around vertebrae. And sometimes weaving finding ourselves yanking dormant lines. June Cochran Associate Manager and Assistant Editor John Herr Manager Kaye Kliewer Editor Dick Lloyd Photo Co-Ordinator Pam Stucky Greeks Editor Kay and Jean Neri Activities and Assistant Acti vities Editors Les Klinger Theme Editor Mary Dunlap Copy Editor Steve Yost Sports Editor Docia MacFarlane Studio Manager Kathy Todrank Promotions Manager Sue Pantell Office Manager Sally Bachman Frosh Staff Corliss Fong Dorms and Cl ' s Jim Hartung Assistant Sports Editor Judy Swig Frosh Staff Anne Clark Frosh Staff Annette Floystrup Frosh Staff Photography Staff: Randy Kopp, Jeanne Wade, Jim Fong. Judy Armstrong Photography Staff: Jim Thompson, Phil Roybal, Susie Mullally. Cal Engineer—Paul Nyberg; Catherine Kekoa, Secretary; Tom Wolf, Business Manager; Bob Wood, Assistant Business Manager. cal engineer reveals an attitude " The Bay Bridge is a cathedral. " Kathy Todrank Paul Nyberg Editor Ready your house for the storm. Rake the backyard grass: the warning: place these baskets of leaveings in front of the fan. Now, duck! Pelican Staff Bob Wieder Editor Dennis Stuckenbroeker Associate Editor Dave Amme Distribution Manager Larry Logan, Charles Sanford Managers Walter Fredericks Director of Publications Garth Blier Controller Raymonde Adams Publications Office Forrest Tregea ASUC Executive Director Phyllis Elliott Ann West Aleta Williams Publications Office daily californian hypothesizes cars and elevators will t ravel sideways Schools will be open to the hungry and every newspaper in the world shall be printed in three dimensions On glass Tom York Fall Assistant Managing Editor Val Miner Steve Duscha Night Editors Karlyn Barker Fall Editor-in-Chief Mary Pinotti Fall Copy Editor Reporter: Marilyn Snow Librarian: Nancy Susnow Herb Trubo Fall Assistant City Editor Spring Editorial Editor Andy Fall City Editor Mike Kersten Fall Managing Editor Spring Editor-in-Chief Cathy La Bombard Spring Assistant Managing Editor Reporters: Debbie Heintz, Claudia Cohrt, Susan Redstone. Barbara Cowan Spring Assistant City Editor Sue Werbe Fall Editorial Editor Spring Managing Editor Konstantin Berlandt Spring City Editor Night Editors: Sharon Frumkin, Doug Samuelson, Carla Lazzareschi. Spring Feature Editor: Marti Greenberg. Tom Wolf Fall Business Manager Managerial Staff: Stephanie Wellemeyer, Cindi Conrad, Nikki Brajevich, Bob Wood, Melanie Rothschild, Carol Anglea, Scott Julka. Melanie Rothschild Spring Promotions Manager Al Cheung Fall Advertising Manager Gail Jones Fall Promotions Manager John Fante Spring Production Manager Dana Grau Spring Business Manager Carol Anglea Spring Advertising Manager Night Managers: John Fante, Lela Zils, Dru Schutz, Mary Mariani. Photographers: Mike Lovas, Chief Photographer; Soon Kee Neoh, Ron Lew, James Fong, Tim Zukas. Reporters: Alison Farley, Marcy Tower, Joanne Schulz. Reporters: Jan Deligans Unidentified, Mark Ornellas. Lance Simpson Weekly Magazine Editor Sports Staff: With football—Bruce Jenkins, Assistant Sports Paul Gerard, Chuck Carleton, Deke DeKay. KALX Engineering Staff: Don Flory, Sam Wood, Scott Loftessness, Owen Bates. radio kalx: the best in berkeley radio Mary Stewart Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer class officers chorus: ... " Time held me green and dying Though I sang in my chains like the sea. " —from " Fern Hill " by Dylan Thomas Bruce Roberts Senior Class President DD Dwyer Senior Class Vice President Joe Edelheit President of Centurions Jim Ellis Senior Class Yell Leader Libby Sinclair Junior Class Vice President Ted McClure Junior Class Yell Leader Carol Goodman Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer Kathy Braaten Soph Doll Brad Boland Sophomore Class President Bruce Goldstrom Sophomore Class Vice President Kathie Beers Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer Lorraine Warshaw Sophomore Class Yell Leader Eric Hutchins Freshman Class President Michael Hall Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer Tom Morjig Freshman Class Yell Leader GAVEL AND QUILL SOCIETY—Row One: Carol Matzkin, Pinki Diane Williams, Libby Sinclair, John Welborne, President; Barb Scatena, Carla Lazzareschi, Fritz Lickty, Marsha Crabtree. Row Two: Kathie Beers, Ells Cragholm, Claudia Schmidt, Mel Simburg, Eric Thor, Mack Borgen, Tuck Coop. cultural: ---an almost intractable term.... Does it mean Does it opera Camp movie courteously risque? is it bigger wider that which pertains to the institutionalized modes of expression of the particulars of a society? And could it be its meanings come while searching for its meaning? Construction of the auditorium-theater was completed for Centennial Week activities. Opening Night—Zellerbach Hall Glee Club—Treble Clef Jade Singers treble clef society creates one raindrop heard on a thousand thousand pages, as the tree sings through the paper mill men ' s glee club songs -beyond cause and effect: sending messages into the four corners of chairs. Senior Men ' s Octet Donald Aird Director the chamber band instruments But define each instrument separately. That is, what is my violin carried far far away from your cello? James Berdahl Director University Chamber Band Repertory Chorus Production of Macbeth in Greek Theater by the San Francisco Opera Company. a tremor breeze.. . university theater teachers offspring leaping on Orestes chairs transformed into bottomless motorcycles to ride out of said city into mind ' s topless terrortories. once upon a summer almost any summer will do together a few minutes serve the repast of members Student-Alumni Repertory Theater spread The Recruiting Officer. .. and The Visit out among guests. Actors expect to hear echoes whispers of after-dinner talk from within their dressing rooms wiping off the garnishes. asuc art studio- a note of thanks " Keep it it ' s ours to give take away this latest communicable glimpse into Realities none touches or forgets. " for our excursion to the art museum We ' ve laced our shoes this morning To unlace them tonight; Mumbling half-begrudging: Art must walk barefoot, walk earth wise Let wind do the combing and brushing dance her timelessness newly unconscious of her morning ' s fatigue. societies and honoraries: Enough said year to back up year about the groans and glories of the microcosm, building itself a roof wreathed and staffed in Pauley in Stiles in Giannini in our dreams we stand and sit and sit to seize the glowing stand. journeymen carrying berkeley to some point of intercampus scrutiny a couple of suit- cases Cal Club fills with attempts to understand. Linda Bialecki Mack Borgen Lynn Burrows Dan Hunt Harriet MacMillan Deeanne Madden Diane Moreland Fred Reiner Barbie Scher Don Severy Libby Sinclair Vicki Stevens Mary Stewart Gail Tuck John Welborne Bruce Wild oski dolls ask: " Coffee, tea, or tour? " some answer: " Hippies? Hippies? Vietnam? " others tour. Kathy Anderson Janet Bainbridge Jane Beeson Kathy Braaton Chris Bergren Pat Brautigam Julie casassa Ethel Chang Maria Dalagan Ellie Digiovanni Diane Dwyer Sally Edwards Lynn Feintech Pat Gallagher Sue Gershenson Merrilee Harter Kym Harley Stefen Harvey Cathy Hooper Hope Julius Kathy Lanzarotti Janet Lewman Lee Lightfoot Deeanne Madden Bee Merchant Carol Morse Rosemary Nielsen Carolee Pace Anne Roberts Barbara Robins Nadine Rosenthal Sue Rathbun Julie Rotary Laura Schlichtmann Susann Sciutto Margie Shearf Wendy Sheinkopf Libby Sinclair Sally Stojkovich Carole Swain Sharon Takamoto Judy Trayer Helene Urwitz Chris Viktor " shake a hand shake a hand every day if you can " Californians hum a song a vigor to host new tunes, fresh energies from Founder ' s Rock to Jim Birdwell Bill Booth Mack Borgen Pat Cady Tuck Coop Davey Crockett Pete Dawson Walt Diangson Bill Dopkins Bob Ellsberg Blair Evans Rich Fisher Bill Glass Rodger Gray Dave Greenlee Fred Hall Pete Hall Tim Hallahan Gary Humphreys Bob Inadomi Bruce James Elliot Josi Larry Kenney Ken Kubota Bill Kugler Rich Liebman Jim McAdam Mick McConaughty Ted McClure Jay Miller Dirk Noyes John Oakley Gene Parker Dick Rasmussen Alan Reinke Ronald Roth Bill Rothschild Don Severy Mel Simburg Phil Smith Stu Wein Bruce Wild Ken Wilson Gary Woo on family day annual influx of vociferous, and not quite so parental curiosity met in a score of ways by Panile girls, professors, and a stray Plaza-bound puppy. Elinor Accampo Merle Albin Karen Albrecht Kathy Beers Chris Bergen Kathy Braaten Marianna Bradford Deborah Butler Mary Ruth Carleton Janice Cate Ethel Chang June Cochran Jane Corby Carolyn Cox Marsha Crabtree Andrea Drake Mary Dunlap Lynn Feinteck Kym Harley Rhea Irvine Kathy Lanzarotti Carla Lazzareschi Simi Lee Pam Mattson Lorraine McDonnell Docia McFarlane Jean Neri Carolee Pace Anne Roberts Barbara Robins Laura Schlichtmann Helen Sherry Pam Shirakawa Andrea Solari Ellen SooHoo Marianne Spamer Margaret Takesuye Linda Thomas Kathy Todrank Connie Vandervort Marilyn Way a bunch of projects: " Woman Power " " Alumni Function " " EOP Friends " appears at first on the table a few are peeled off examined abandoned assimilated by Prytaneans getting group-wise. Kathy Anderson Judy Armstrong Ann Arnold Karen Berdahl Chris Bergren Teresa Boucher Pat Brautigam Lynn Burrows Julie Casassa June Cochran Marsha Crabtree Marilyn Crane Meg Crosby Nancy Davis Jane Dickel Mary Dunlap Diane Dwyer Karen Edlefsen Betty Elias Candy Evart Karen Friedman Harriett Galvin Sue Gershenson Cindy Gilman Cindy Graham Barbie Hoskins Kaye Kliewer Kathy Lanzarotti Meredith McBurney Maisie McCarty Marian McCord Harriet MacMillan Deeanne Madden Pam Madsen Helen Marcus Dale Matsui Diane Moreland Genie Moreno Kay Neri Carol Noji Barbara Rindge Anne Roberts Barbara Schei Libby Sinclair Ellen SooHoo Vicki Stevens Mary Stewart Wendy Stone Pam Strong Carole Swaine Kathy Todrank Kerry Warnock for mortar boarders.. . Two heads Four heads Six heads whisper, holler point to us that we may join the leader-worker-scholar.. . recruitment is excruciating and plans and acquaintances come just in time. Karen Berdahl Pat Brautigam Lynn Burrows, President Nancy Davis Jane Dickel Sue Gershenson Cindy Gilman Andy Hammond Sharon Morjig Cathy Novak Vicki Stevens Carole Swain Ellen Tamaki Toni Taylor TOWER AND FLAME — Imelda Kit, Lynda Lober, ,Rostron, Karen Winston, Rosanna Nelson, Daniel lacopi, President; David Mundstock, Brian Shon, Mark Zinnecker, David Schneider. the fervor to know peers, glows, remains, perhaps into membership upper sub- division, in similar affairs of Honor Students ' Society. the symbols may be set aside by Tower and Flame at faculty banquets and such.. . Members discuss plans for semi-formal Banquet and Theater Night at Honor Students Society meeting. TORCH AND SHIELD —Carol Deagan, Diane Morland, Jan Farley, Ann Fergeson, Ginny Mayer, DD Dwyer, Stefan Harvey, Patty Newton, Gail Tuck. in the year of the big earthquake Torch and Shield was formed. . . seismologists delve to explain the first the last continues, a most clandestine matter. order of the golden bear UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Arthur M. Arlett Albert M. Becker Eric C. Bellquist James Berdahl Allen C. Blaisdell Ernest H. Burness James Cason, Jr. Ralph-W. Chaney Milton Chernin Paul G. Christopulos William K. Coblentz Robert A. Cockrell Terry E. Cole John B. Condliffe Robert E. Connick James H. Corley James H. Cullom Charles C. Cushing John I. Danielson Jerry Davis William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Dennes Robert J. DiGrazia Clifford L. Dochterman Richard Doughty Carroll Ebright Stan Elliott William Ellsworth Richard E. Erickson William W. Ferrier Walter Frederick William B. Fretter Varden Fuller Charles A. Fulick Richard P. Hafner, Jr. T. E. Haley Brutus Hamilton Lawrence A. Harper James D. Hart Rene Herrerias Roger W. Heyns John D. Hicks Joel H. Hildebrand Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Miles R. Hudson Charles G. Hyde Sam Kagel William N. Keeler. Van Dusen Kennedy Thomas J. Kent, Jr. Clark Kerr James. R. Kidder Frank Kidner Harry Kingman Michael .1. Koll Adrian A. Kragen John E. Landon Jim Lemmon Donald H. McLaughlin Samuel S. Markowitz Gerald E. Marsh Wallace I. Matson Woodrow W. Middlekauff Ralfe D. Miller Joseph R. Mixer William W. Minahan Peter F. Newell Robert M. O ' Neil Richard Palmer George A. Pettitt Richard E. Powell Alva W. Ragan Lester E. Reukema Carl E. Schorske John R. Searle William F. Shepard Alex Sherriffs Bill Somerville Raymond J. Sontag Robert G. Sproul Verne A. Stadtman Wendell M. Stanley Robert A. Steiner Fred S. Stripp Edward W. Strong Jacobus Tenbroek Forrest E. Tregea Ian G. Turner Tobert M. Underhill Peter S. Van Houten William W. Wadman W. Sheridan Warrick Arleigh Williams John P. Williamson Raymond L. Willsey Garff B. Wilson George W. Wolfman Frank E. Woodward GRADUATES Jules Eugene Bernard Robin Clements Robert Shelley Draper John William Friedly David Alan Kamen William Peter Krum Edward R. Lebb Christopher Macie Stephen Bela Magyart Clifton Anthony Rhodes Ronald Delano Rosen Randolph Robert Thaman Malcom Thornley, Jr. Wilfred Page Van Loben Sels Jenry Elliott Weinsetin UNDERGRADUATES Edward Taylor Anderson Richard David Aschenbrenner Richard Hewlett Beahrs William Morgan Bennett Randolph Maxwell Blotkey William Harry Booth William Patrick Cady Richard Frederick Carter Bill Ses Cavala Robert Edward Cheever William Frank Colescott Thomas Hames Collins Stephen Howard Cornet Robert Andrew Crittenden Harl David Crockett, Jr. Charles Frederick Darley Joseph Michael Ducote Howard S. Erlanger Michael S. Flier Robert Alan Free Ernest Fred Fretter John B. Gage Michael Robert Gallagher Jerry Stuart Goren Duncan Scott Gregg Lloyd Norris Halverson Michael Mounce Hearn Lenneal Joseph Henderson Douglas Wayne Holt Richard Fredrick Jacke Michael Hong-Chin Jang Lawrence Mouze Kenney Michael John Kersten Robert Leo Leberman Stuart Harris Leibsohn Mark Hanley Lipton Stephen Edward Lovette Kenneth Edward Mann Rimothy Allen Manring Nea Robert , William Dennison McIntyre, Jr. John Alan Meyers Henry Simmons Miller, Jr. Peter Salvador Munoz Michael Tadashi Murakami Wayne Eugene Musser, Jr. Robert Tatsui Nakamura Renton Ling Kong Nip Charles France Palmer Richard Joel Penner Frederick Ford Peterson Glenn Lanie Peterson Lawrence Robert Pettinger Fred N. Reiner Robert Thomas Relles Richard Allen Reimke Mark Christian Ritter Donald Peter Ross Ira Bruce Ruskin Eugene Lang Saenger Robert Blake Satterford, Jr. Seigfried Reinholdt Schnuetgen - Donald Craig Severy Lyman Huntley Shaffer Charles Bernard Sontag Jacob Elliott Sperber Kenneth Lee Stahl James Clifton Taylor, Jr. Bruce Paul Richinin Douglas Lee Turner Jorgen Ole Vindum Jud Whyte Mount Bruce Wild Thomas Francis Wolf Robert Reese Wolfe John Arthur Woods Frederick Thomas Young Wayne Ybarra CENTURIONS — Row One: Barbara Scatena, Jule Griebrok, Bruce Roberts, Joe Edelheit, President; Mr. Ellsworth, Jim Laub. Row Two: Dick Weber, Clyde Matsumoto, Jay Miller, Unknown, Pete Bowes, Jon Zablackis, Bob Kutz, Marshall Art Smith, Wanda Kelley, Aili Sumeri, Sally Andree, Pinki Stevenson, Sue Covin, Judy Perlis, Unknown, Jim McAdam. centurions.. . the hundr edth year ' s spoke to roll under with celebration. meet the press the press for news and notes on its own terms talk about talk, read reading in urgency and concern is borne Theta Sigma Phi. THETA SIGMA PHI —Row One: Judy Zimerins, Debbie Graham, Pam Pomeroy, President; Carol Lombardie. Row Two: Carol Helen Marcus, Kathy Ferber, Finn. ALPHA PHI Callison, John Zablackis, Harvey Hailer, Larry Asera, Pete Ross, Bill K ' Burg, Jerry Belden, Marshall Coopersmith. GAMMA DELTA EPSILON — Mrs. Weaver, Paula Li, Bea Sue Ellen Gray, June Cochran, Ann Fay, Pat Kramer, Laurel Galletch. a phi o and g d e challenge armchair definitions of " Service. " And there are other things to get hung up on besides, because of, despite telephones. phi beta kappa Daniel Alegria Garrett Alexander Susan Amateau Susan Anderson Raymond Applebaum Susan Artis Sandr a Baak Luckie Bagett Juliet Banning Diane Bass Ann Bassett Howell Baum Robert Bazell Stephen Bearg Darryll Bertolucci Deborah Bilsky Beatriz Birenbaum Randolph Blotky Grace Blumberg Gail Boreman Michael Boskin Barbara Brackney Carl Brazell, Jr. Alexander Briggs Penny Brody Claudia Buckner David Butterfield Kathryn Chamberlain Charles Chase Vincent Chu Thomas Clarke, Jr. Robin Coates Ira Collins Mary Elizabeth Davidson Robert Davison, Jr. Margaret Der Johanna Dobkin Stuart Dole Bretislav Drasky Kathleen Drasky Steven Druker Gerald Eliaser Catherine Erigero Stephen Elliott Edward Evans Neal Evans Mark Fairman Lee Ann Feinberg Bernard Feldman James Ferrigno Frances Fischer Harriet Fishlow Marvin Fishman Donald Floyd Kirby Fong Kenneth Fredrickson David Freeman David Gale Carol Gerber Leland Guest Norman Gravitz Thonda Haet Gregg Harrison Allen Hartford, Jr. Paul Haverty Gerald Hawkins Barbara Hayler Sulamith Heins Caroline Hills Charles Hoofmeister Kenneth Holyrod Ronald Hoy Penny Howe David Hsu Betty Hsu Bambi Hu Karen Ivy John Jamieson Wesley Jan Elga Jekabsons Stanton Joe Jane Kaplan Robert Keller Judith Klein Christina Klumph Honde Elaine Kohn Nancy Koo Rand Krumland Helen Kuhne Nanon Landay Joanne Landy Kay Latona Susanne Lawrenz Robert Lawson Stephen Lehman Andre Lehre Anthony Leung Edison Liang Chamond Liu Ronald Loewensohn James Logan Alan Long Rosemary Loughman David Luck Geoffrey Luebbert Edwin Lundell Glenn Lym Margaret McKean Jonathan Mack Susan Macovsky Richard Maddux Nancy Maizels Scott Manders Robert Mangurian Louise Marshall Stephen Marston William Meserve Ann Metzelaar Jennifer Meux Marilyn Miyamoto Lawrence Mohr Martin Morrison Nan Motolinsky John Murdock Dennis Myers John Niles Thomas Nugent John Odenheiner Helene Olson Robert Olstad Nathan Pace Wing Pang Joseph Peek John Payne Louis Peters Basil Petropolous Helen Piotrkowski Carolyn Piper Charleen Pizzorno Carol Potter Ellen Prager Thomas Prinz Anthony Ramirez Elizabeth Rather Kathleen Rathlesberger Marilyn Ream David Redell Richard Reeder Jan Riggs Marion Rodnick Phillip Rohrbough James Rose, Jr. Barbara Rosen Leon Rosenson Robin Rosenstrater Helgola Ross Peter Rubenstein Lillian Rubin Beverly Russell Stephen Russell James Saarinen David Sandahl Susan Sandberg Patricia Sanders Carol Sanford Edita Schevitz Mark Schimbor Anita Schindler Leon Schipper Louis Seiler Elizabeth Selkirk Mehrdad Shahshahani Jennifer Shaw Bradd Shore Alan Silverman G. Steven Silvern Barbara Sims Andrew Skipper Herbert Solomon Harold Sonenklar Michael Sose Thomas Spanier Carl Stoney, Jr. Pieter Stroeve Eliz abeth Sullivan Marvin Tener Jack Thomas Robert Traupe Alexander Tribe Jay Unkeless Katherine Van Spanckeren Elena Ventruini Margaret Ann Viesselman Peter Van Dippe Rachel Vorspan Leslie Wallsma Kathleen Weaver Rima Weilerstein Richard West Marsha Wick Stuart Willis Julie Winship Loring Winthrop Lilly Wong Julia Yao Harold Yoshimura Charles Zaloudek Norman Zucker afrotc develops men into officers ' My own political survival matters less to me than the deaths of other men. " —Eugene McCarthy, 1968 air force queen ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY AND ANGEL FLIGHT—Row One: Ken Tom Stassen, Joe Maddigan, Mark Massen. Row Two: Sherry Clark, Diane Williams. Susan Hofstetter, Bonnie Beldon, June Cochran, Cindy Graham, Carol Nichelini. Row Three: Linda Hauser, Pam Shirakawa, Nancy Seaton, Debbie Giles, Danielle Stegner. Row Four: Jim Bennett, Ronald Huff, Frank McDermott, Dave Linn, Dave Endicott, John Duezabou, Dennis Lods, Jim Gosling, Ralph Johnson, Bob Camerena, Lee Barry, Cliff Shabaz, Jesse Ante. Air Force Ball Court Joanne Ohlinger Diane Williams Danielle Stegner Carol Nichelini " The only kind of fanaticism that is good for anything is military fanaticism: it is needed if men are to let themselves be killed. " —Napoleon Bonaparte, 1817 golden guard gathers for special forces orientation " We are not going to surrender. " —Lyndon Baines Johnson, 1968 " If I had my way, this war would never have commenced. " —Abraham Lincoln, 1863 little sisters hold tea and auc tion One of Tri-Service Society ' s projects was a float for Big Game Parade; another was taking blind children trick-or-treating. tri-service society aims.. . . . .to honor outstanding cadets .. to provide for a working relationship between the three forces . . .to consider the possibility of reinstating Scabbard and Blade . .to provide for fellowship. nrotc midshipmen gain experience through command NROTC BATTALION STAFF—Row One: James Cowart, Richard Weber, Michael Seaman, David Johnson, Carl Schmidt. Row Two: Robert Forney, Steven Weeks, James Ritchie, Wiley Martin, Montgomery. " The national security must come first. We can ' t negotiate with a gun at our head. " —John F. Kennedy, 1963 " For a moment I was left alone just lying there, waiting to die. " —Che Guevara, 1959 nrotc color queen Katy Bates Tina Guzek Nancy Riegelman Dagney Zeltins Ronda Abernathy Janet Bainbridge Patricia Clevenger Maureen Finn Cynthia Gardner Nan Giddings Sue Henderson Cathy Howe Cynthia Karp Elizabeth Lee Margaret Lenson Tracey Meifert Judith Perlis Doreen Phelps Nancy Pinkham Pam Rudick Cherie Tomlinson Virginia Volheim Janet Wallace Bonnie Welling Meridy Zeigler to muscle think . . " Remember then, dear son, to have your mind full of every resource of skill. . .By skill charioteer outpasses charioteer. So, dear son, drive thoughtfully and be watchful. " Nestor to his son, during the Achaians ' games; The Iliad, Book XXIII five female jocks started it all The bright lights are dimmed and out of the flickering darkness booms a voice reading a sentimental eulogy as the crowd stands in a silent chill. Then out of the stillness thunders California spirit in a resounding " Beeeeat Stan-furd. " California athletics have taken a foremost part in the building of the University ' s greatness. The University ' s athletic prowess has evolved from an informal competition among students to a program which boasts of sixteen national titles and fifty-four Olympic medals. As Cal has grown, so has its athletic program, now claiming over nine hundred participants with varsity, junior varsity, and freshman teams in sixteen sports. The origins of the Cal athletic program inauspiciously dates back to April of 1873. In this year the class of ' 75 played its first football game against Oakland High School for the Alameda County Championship. The game ended in a free-for-all--indicative of the Bears ' aggressiveness. During the early days of the sports program, University baseball teams met pickup teams of young Oakland and San Francisco businessmen. The first Cal basketball team was composed of five feminine jocks who were defeated 6-5 by Miss Head ' s School on November 18, 1892. In 1878, Bear track teams practiced and competed at a race track in Emeryville, while the gridders practiced proper facilities until 1882. The year 1879 saw the construction of the old Harmon Gym while the University Crew founded in 1875 as the of California Beat Big Game Statistics year Cal Stanford 1892 10 14 10 10 1893 6 6 1894 0 6 1895 0 6 1896 0 20 1897 0 28 1898 22 0 1899 30 0 1900 0 5 1901 2 0 1902 16 0 1903 16 6 1904 0 18 1905 5 12 1906 3 6 1907 11 21 1908 3 12 1909 19 13 1910 25 6 1911 21 3 1912 3 3 1913 8 13 1914 8 26 1915 No Big Game 1916 No Big Game 1917 No Big Game 1918 SATC-Game 1919 14 10 1920 38 0 1921 42 7 1922 28 0 1923 9 0 1924 20 20 1925 14 27 1926 6 41 1927 6 13 1928 13 13 1929 6 21 1930 0 41 1931 6 0 1932 0 0 1933 3 7 1934 7 1935 0 13 1936 20 0 1937 13 0 1938 6 1939 32 14 194 130 7 1941 16 0 1942 7 26 1943 No Big Game 1944 No Big Game 1945 No Big Game 1946 6 25 1947 21 18 1948 7 6 1949 33 14 1950 7 7 1951 20 7 1952 26 0 1953 21 21 1954 28 20 1955 0 19 1956 20 18 1957 12 14 1958 16 15 1959 20 17 1960 21 10 1961 7 20 1962 13 30 1963 17 28 1964 3 21 1965 7 9 1966 7 13 1967 26 3 Win Record California -- 29-32-10 Stanford -- 32-29-10 Indicates Rugby games substituted for Football. 1936 1931 Club, floundered on the Oakland Estuary not to be resuscitated until 1883. As University enrollment increased, so did sports interest and fortunes. Track became the first sport to bring national recognition to Cal. Walter Henry, a hurdler, startled judges when he ran the 120 yard high hurdles in an inhuman seconds. In 1892, the first Big Game was played. A crowd of 15,000 jammed the Haight-Stanyan Field in San Francisco only to see two bewildered teams await the arrival of the game ball which someone forgot. Football soon became the campus ' most spectacular sport. Numerous injuries and the brutality of the game crowds until 1914. In this year President Benjamin Ide Wheeler and President David Starr Jordan of Stanford decided to abandon American football for rugby, but this change lasted only three years. Cal joined the newly formed Pacific Coast Conference. 1920 1920 1919 1921 (P.C.C.) in 1915 and won its first conference title for track in 1919. During the twenties, Cal ' s Wonder Teams, under the tutelage of Andy Smith, won four consecutive P.C.C. titles (1920-1923) and an N.C.A.A. crown in 1922. The name Andy Smith evokes in the hearts of fervent Cal rooters. Smith started out as the University Rugby Coach in 1914, but switched to football in 1917 with his rugby team. Under his excellent coaching, Cal football teams reach ed unparalleled heights—going undefeated for four straight years. While the Wonder Teams tore up the turf, Bear Basketball, under Coach Nibs Price, captured P.C.C. titles in 1925, 1926, 1927, and 1929. In 1928, California added an Olympic gold medal to the University ' s flourishing trophy case. The thirties saw Cal expand its team competition into the fields of boxing, gymnastics, rugby, and swimming. These teams brought home accolades for their competitive spirit and superior athletic ability. This trend continued well into the 1940 ' s and 50 ' s when University teams showed their prowess behind such greats as Jackie Jensen and Matt Hazeltine in football, and Andy Wolfe and Larry Friend in basketball. The Bear ' s teams were well coached by such greats as Lynn " Pappy " Waldorf, Nibs Price, and Brutus Hamilton. The sixties have shown the Bears to be fighters, although the glamor of Rose Bowl and N.C.A.A. champs have faded. In 1960, shortly after the formation of the A.A.W.U. (Athletic Association of Western Universities), Cal bounced its way to the N.C.A.A. Basketball Championship via All-American Darrall Imhoff. Yet the gridiron parade was not so great. Stanford tromped to seven consecutive Big Game victories, until 1967-68 when the Bears recovered the axe. Meanwhile, track, swimming, and boxing, went through " Building years. " Outstanding highlights of California sports center mostly around the mystery of the Big Game. Perhaps the most exciting Big Game was in 1924 when a surprising Stanford eleven deadlocked the Wonder Team in a 20-20 tie. Also memorable was the N.C.A.A. playoffs, and the night big U.C. Lew Alcindor came to Berkeley. Bear sports have come a long way from the days of female basketball teams to today ' s super spirited teams. The still flicker in the breeze, the axe is hidden from the Reds, and the cannon roars the never-ending echo of California sports and spirit past, present, and future. All Americans Football Year 1921 Harold (Brick) Muller, end 1922 Harold (Brick) Muller, end 1924 Edwin (Babe) Horrell, center 1928 Phillips, end 1929 Bert Schwarz, guard Roy Riegels, center 1930 Ted Beckett, guare 1931 Rusty Gill, halfback 1935 Larry Lutz, tackle 1936 Bob Herwig, center 1937 Bob Herwig, center Perry Schwarz, end Vard Stockton, guard Johnny Meek, quarterback Sam Chapman, halfback 1938 Vic Bottari, halfback 1940 Bob Reinhard, tackle 1941 Bob Reinhard, tackle 1947 Rod Franz, guard 1948 Rod Franz, guard 1948 Jackie Jensen, fullback 1949 Rod Franz, guard Forrest Klein, guard 1950 Les Richter, guard 1951 Les Richter, guard 1952 John Olszewski, fullback 1953 Matt Hazeltine, center 1954 Matt Hazeltine, center Paul Larson, quarterback 1958 Joe Knapp, quarterback 1964 Craig Morton, quarterback Basketball 1926 George Dixon, guard 1927 George Dixon, guard 1929 Vern Corbin, forward 1932 Joe Kintana, forward 1934 Hal Eifert, forward 1948 Andy Wolfe, guard 1957 Larry Friend, forward 1959 Darrall Imhoff, center 1960 Darrall Imhoff, center football 1967 - a season of early victories, consecutive midseason defeats, and final triumph 1967 Record Cal 21 Oregon 13 Cal 8 Notre Dame 41 Cal 10 Michigan 9 Cal 14 Air Force 12 Cal 14 UCLA 37 Cal 14 Syracuse 20 Cal 6 Washington 23 Cal 12 USC 31 Cal 30 San Jose State 6 Cal 26 Stanford 5 wins 5 losses AAWU Standings USC 6-1 UCLA 4-1-1 Oregon State 4-1-1 Washington 4-3 Stanford 3-4 California 2-3 Oregon 1-5 Wash. State 1-5 The 1967 edition of the California Golden Bears football team displayed a strong, quick defense and an offense that varied from pathetic to great. Considering pre-season predictions of only a few victories and the fact that Cal played three teams ranked No. 1 during the season, the 5-5 record Coach Ray Willsey ' s 22 ran up was highly respectable. Winning three out of their first four games, then losing four straight, and finally to win their last two games, including the Big Game, were strong indications of the strengths and weaknesses of a young Bear team that will have 30 returning lettermen for the coming campaign, in addition to many fine freshmen prospects. Optimism is the word of the day, for Cal rooters are setting their sights on the coming season with thoughts of many Bear victories in 1968. bears grab opener, fall to no. 1 irish, OREGON—California ' s young and untested Golden Bears opened the 1967 gridiron season with a big come-from-behind win over Oregon, 21-13. Cal full back John McGaffie highlighted the afternoon with two scoring plunges and Irby Augustine added a 14 yard TD on an interception to the Bear effort. Jumping out to a 7-0 second quarter lead, California quickly saw the Oregon Ducks come back with two quick scores to send the Bears to the locker room at the half, trailing 13-7. But, led by the duck-hungry California defense, and McGaffie and Augustine, the Bears came back in the fourth quarter and sewed up their Pacific Eight opener. NOTRE DAME—Hindered by an anaemic aerial and facing the then No. 1 ranked team in the nation, the Golden Bears tasted defeat at the hands of Notre Dame, 41-8. Despite the score and the fact that Cal had the ball only three times in Irish during the entire game, the Bear defense was praised by many for its hard-hitting performance. One of the few bright spots of the game that rooters could savor was the Bear ' s fourth quarter touchdown drive directed by sophomore quarterback Randy Humphries, a feat considering that it prevented a shutout against an Irish defensive front four that tipped the scales at 1,000 pounds, and that Notre Dame only 36 points in ten games during the 1966 campaign. MICHIGAN—Snapping a fourteen year losing streak to Big Ten teams, the Golden Bears squeaked by Michigan in the last two minutes of the game to claim their second win of the young season, 10-9. Trailing the Wolverines 9-3 with 2:01 remaining on the clock, reserve quarterback Randy Humphries subbing for Barry Bronk hit fullback John McGaffie on a 77-yard touchdown to knot the score at 9-9. Ron Miller ' s conversion split the uprights and the was Cal ' s. Typifying the contest ' s brilliant battle, the only other scoring was a booming 44-yard field goal by Miller in the first quarter, a four yard burst by Ron Johnson for Michigan ' s six pointer in the second period, and a 30-yard field goal by Mike Hankwitz midway in the final quarter. Jerome Champion blocks as Bronk passes to an unknown Cal player deep in Wolverine territory. In this sequence Bear quarterback Barry Bronk hands off to halfback Paul Williams who darts up the middle for some important Cal yardage. then steal first big game ten win since 1952 Randy Humphries, John Salisbury, and Lloyd Reist give protection to Bear Paul Williams as he sweeps around left end during the Michigan game. fans cheer as bears claw but losing streak ensues.. . AIR FORCE — Although receiving stellar performances from quarterback Barry Bronk and split-end Wayne Stewart, California had to hold its breath in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter to preserve a 14-12 heart stopper over Air Force. After spotting the Falcons a second period field goal, the Bears roared back with a 73-yard scoring march on the weight of Bronk aerials to Stewart who hauled in eight passes in the contest for 110 yards. The junior quarterback capped the drive himself with an eight yard run for the score. An Air Force field goal closed the gap to 7-6 at but Cal scored what proved to be the winning margin in the third quarter on a 9-yard pass from Bronk (who completed 15 of 24 attempts for 197 yards), to Jim Calkins. Ron Miller ' s second PAT was good, making the score 14-6, California. A Falcon scoring drive with four minutes remaining in the contest narrowed the Bear lead to 14-12, but a two point conversion attempt by Air Force ' s Steve Turner sailed just out of the outstretched hands of teammate Carl Jansen, enabling Cal to claim its third victory in four attempts. UCLA — Led by Heisman Trophy winner Gary Beban, UCLA ' s freewheeling quarterback, the Bruins overpowered California in a smog-ridden contest in Los Angeles, 37-14. First quarter scoring belonged to UCLA as Beban passed to Dave Nuttal for a 10-yard touchdown, and Andrysyshyn added the three points to the score with a 27-yard field goal. In the second quarter the Bears marched 86 yards in 13 plays highlighted by Barry Bronk ' s 37-yard touchdown pass to Gary Fowler with three minutes gone in the period. The Beban-led Bruins then mounted two scoring marches, the first going 74 yards and the second, 55 yards. Halftime score: UCLA 23, CAL 7. After a scoreless third quarter, Cal mounted its last touchdown drive, covering 60 yards and ending with Bronk sneaking over from the 1-yard line. UCLA ended the scoring with a 16-yard TD pass from John Bolden to Mike Garret, making the final score 37-14, and handing Cal its second defeat in five tries. Sweeping around right end with the aid of Champion (65) is Bear halfback Jim Russell (24) who had 36 carries for the season and gained 100 yards. With excellent Cal blocking, Bear wingback Gary Fowler sprints towards the Falcon goal line. one two losses.. . SYRACUSE — Syracuse proved to have just one man too many as the Orangemen dumped California in a windblown contest, 20-14. The individual was of course, All American fullback Larry Csonka. Csonka not only bulldozed his way through the Cal front line for 204 yards on 34 carries, but also put all three Syracuse touchdowns on the scoreboard. The Bears continually spotted the Orangemen the lead, but played their own brilliant type of football game to tie the contest twice at 7-7 and 14-14, thanks mainly to the great and catching of Paul Williams. Williams gained 116 yards in the game including a 63 yard gallop to set up the first Cal score. He also made a spectacular catch of a Barry Bronk aerial during a determined Bear offensive march that led to the second Bear score. But, Csonka ' s third touchdown proved to be the winning margin as a last-ditch Cal drive died on fourth down when Randy Humphries ' end-zone pass intended for Wayne Stewart sailed lust out of reach. Climaxing an 86-yard Cal d rive against the UCLA Bruins, sophomore wingback Gary Fowler catches a 37-yard touchdown pass from Bronk. Defensive halfback Jim Coleman intercepts an Air Force pass and runs for yardage. He had three interceptions for the season and gained a total of 26 yards. three losses, four.. . bear defense strong against nation ' s best WASHINGTON—Summing up a disastrous 23-6 loss to the Washington Huskies, California ' s Head Coach Ray Willsey pointed out, " When you make mistakes against a team like this, you simply aren ' t going to win. " Unfortunately for the Golden Bears, it wasn ' t just their that spelled defeat, as a hard-hitting Huskie team not only put the points on the scoreboard, but also clamped down on the California offense. The Washington victory could largely be to Tom Manke, sophomore quarterback who threw only five passes, two of which were for touchdowns and another that set up a third score. Wayne Stewart was singled out as one of the few bright spots of the afternoon for the Golden Bears as the tall end snared eight passes for 78 yards. USC—Playing perhaps their greatest defensive game of the year but falling short on offense, the Golden Bears dropped a closer game than the 31-12 score indicated, to the nation ' s best, USC. For the first one-and-a-half quarters of the contest USC was met headlong by a savage Bear effort causing the Trojans to give up the ball (three successive times) and two points, when USC quarterback Steve Sogge was caught in his end zone for a Cal safety. The Southern California offense was not to be stopped, however, despite the absence of All-American O. J. Simpson, as Sogge a 47-yard scoring drive midway in the second period that tallied six points on his aerial to Bob Klein. Just a minute later Gary punt to Mike Battle tacked up another six points for USC as Battle sprinted 66 yards to the end zone for a 14-2 halftime lead. California comeback hopes rose in the third quarter as Bear safety Ken Wiedemann picked off a pass intended for Klein in the flat and outran Sogge for a 34-yard touchdown run. Cal placekicker Ron also came through in the next series of downs with a looming 49 yard goal-splitter, establishing a modern California record for the longest field-goal. But USC killed all further Bear hopes, as they put a field goal through the posts to end the third quarter, and then blew the lid off Memorial Stadium with touchdown passes from Sogge of 21 and 15 yards to Earl McCullouch, the nation ' s fastest receiver. Evading several Wolverines, Bear Paul Williams runs for a Cal first down. Grabbing a TD pass against the Huskies, end Wayne Stewart racks up 6 points for the Bears. Stewart ended the season with 45 receptions for 503 yards. Bear quarterback Barry Bronk gets good protection as he sets to pass against the Huskies. Bronk passed for 708 yards this season as he hit 65 out of 146 passes for a completion percentage of 44.5. Anxiously awaiting a key play, the Cal bench watches from the sidelines in the USC game. Varsity Coach Ray Willsey discusses strategy with quarterback Randy Humphries as the scoreboard indicates Cal ' s fantastic 23-0 lead over the Spartans. bears rebound to end bad streak offense, defense great as bears massacre spartans SAN JOSE STATE—Making good use of their towering defense and cashing in on early opportunities, California took revenge on San Jose State by defeating the Spartans 30-6. Avenging the walloping they received in their 1966 meeting, the Bears received needed point production from the toe of placekicker Ron Miller who kicked 37, 38 and 40-yard field goals and added three successful point-after touchdowns for a 12 point performance, high man of the afternoon. Cal ' s defensive game was perhaps the greatest contributing factor to the win as it dumped SJS quarterback Danny Holman eight times for 73 yards, intercepted four of his aerials, recovered three San Jose State fumbles, and continually staved off any Spartan scoring threat until the game was out of reach. In addition to Miller ' s booting, the Bears received good efforts from quarterback Randy Humphries who hit on 7 out of 14 passes, including a touchdown; John McGaffie, who led the Cal rushers with 54 yards; and Paul Williams, who gained 52 yards and scored a touchdown. Cal ' s defense opens a big hole for Bear halfback Paul Williams in the San Jose State game. Williams led the Bear team in total carries (116) and yardage (466) and ended the season with 3.72 yards per play average. 70th big game - u.c. fans go wild as bears mutilate indians, and.. . With blocking by Bears Dan Ryan and Jerome Champion, Jim Russell drives for extra yardage in the 26-3 victory over the Indians. STANFORD — Combining a tenacious defense with the brilliant leadership on offense of sophomore quarterback Randy Humphries, the California Golden Bears crushed the favored Stanford Indians, 26-3 in the 70th Big Game, ending a string of six losses. the vicious defensive battle that this annual rivalry has always displayed, the only scoring in the first half resulted from a Stanford field-goal and a California safety. The Tribe lead was shortlived as Cal ' s Ron Miller booted a go-ahead field-goal midway through the third period, indicating the rising momentum of the Bears. Late in the same period, under the direction of Humphries, California mounted a dramatic scoring drive that forced the Indians into playing catchup football. The key play of the march was a 37-yard leaping grab by end Wayne Stewart at the eight yard line. On the next play Stewart leaped into the end zone with the ball for six Bear points. Following Miller ' s PAT and the ensuing kickoff, Cal ' s Mike recovered a Stanford fumble that literally broke the Tribe ' s back. The victory-hungry Bears took only two plays to put the TD on the scoreboard as the red-hot Humphries missed Stewart, but found end Jim Calkins for the 21-yard score. California completed the massacre the next time they got the ball, going 52 yards in 11 plays with Humphries, himself, deservedly taking the ball in from the five on two quarterback sneaks. Star Cal kicker Ron Miller boots the third quarter field goal which puts the Bears ahead of Stanford, 5-3. Jim Russell jumps high to beat his Stanford opponent to the ball. . . .we ' ve got the axe " we ' ve got the axe, the axe, the axe. . . " big game queen the 1967 golden bear varsity.. . 1967 GOLDEN BEAR VARSITY—Row One: Travis Tatum, Irby Augustine, Larry Reis, Ronnie Knox, Jim Sheridan, Lloyd Reist, Jim Fetherston, Rick Laven, Dennis Pita, Bob Crittenden, John McGaffie. Row Two: Barry Bronk, Jim Russell, Steve Schulz, Chuck Reed, Vince Gibbert, Bobby Smith, Jerome Champion, Jimmy Mack, Randy Smith, Carlos Zaragoza, John Fay, Jerry Woods, Jeff Warren, Jim Coleman. Row Three: Paul Martyr, Bill Weatherford, George Harris, Troy Cox, Randy Dennis Bugbee, Dan Ryan, Eric Kastner, Skip Stress, Ned Anderson, John Buada, Wayne Hjelmstad. Row Four: Don Wilcox, Wayne Stewart, Mike McCaffrey, Duane Mayfield, George Gearhart, John Frantz, John Salisbury, Gerry Borgia, Mark Hultgren, Bill Laveroni, Ken Wiedemann, Gary Fowler. Row Five: Jim Carson, John Kobzeff, Mike Stone, Dick Wagner, Rod Maslowski, Jim Calkins, Ed White, Mike Meers, Bernie Keeles, Bruce Barrows, Mike Freyler, Ron Miller. Row Six: Coaches Joe Marvin, Ray Willsey, Bob Ghilotti, Myrel Moore, Bill Dutton, Dick Corrick, Rudy Carvajal. Ray Willsey Head Coach COACHING STAFF—Kneeling: Ray Willsey. Standing: Bob Ghilotti, Joe Marvin, Jim Cullom, Myrel Moore, Bill Dutton, Rudy Carvajal, Dick Corrick. Cub Steve Johnson runs for big yardage in the Stanford game. Jim Cullom Frosh Coach Quarterback Dave Penhall calls signals to center Doug Johnson as the Bear Cubs prepare for another score against the Spartan Babes. bear cubs undefeated - blitz spartans 61-0 The 1967 Bear Cubs ran up a perfect 4-0 record and in the process extended an unbeaten string of frosh victories to eleven dating back to 1965. Coach Jim " Truck " Cullom called his straight undefeated squad " the best team I have ever coached, " and added that he felt " there was more varsity on this squad than on any of my previous teams. " This year ' s action started with the Cubs knocking off UCLA, 29-0, and San Jose State, 61-0. Then came the key game of the season, as the frosh came from a 14-0 deficit in the first against Stanford to win 34-28. The final game over USC, 28-20, preserved the undefeated season. Leading the well-balanced and spirited attack was Bob Darby, who scored five touchdowns, gained 438 yards rushing in the four contests, and was given the Bob Simmon ' s Memorial Award, as the most outstanding frosh gridder. Linebacker, Phil Croyle, a defensive stalwart to the squad, received the Clint Evans Award as the most intense competitor. FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM—Row One: Silas Jacobs, Steve Munson, Clyde Flowers, Pat Shorrock, Eric Scott, Phil Croyle, Dennis Acree, Doug Johnson, Royal Lyons, Dennis Edwards, Jim Brady. Row Two: Joe Acker, Butch Cattolico, Steve Fraser, Bud Lyons, Greg Gene DeMay, Bob Simmons, George Robson, Tim Wilson, John Bullard, Doug Collins. Row Three: Kevin Smith, Steve Sawin, Bob Richards, John Smrekar, Ron Disk, Steve Johnson, Dan Tom Nelson, Don Atkinson, Gil Powell, Ed Hickman. Row Four: Jeff Karp, Phil James, Ron Brown, Geoff DeLapp, Dave Penhall, Mike Mohler, Larry Jacobsen, Steve Wren. Row Five: Don Baumhefner, Johnnie Harrison, Ted Goto, Doug Bower, Bill Reynolds, Bill Perry, Russ Adams. Row Six: Skip Leonard, John Cosley, Bob Sahii, McKinley Parker, Bob Darley, John Hansen, Steve Johnson. Row Seven: Coaches Jerry Bradley, Frank Lynch, Jerry Walter, Bruce MacDonald, Jim Whitley, Carl Van Henit, Jim Cullom, Mike Singer (trainer), Norm Bowen. Not P ictured: Coach Tom ReIles, Doug Anderson, Jim Collins, Lance Dom, Lee Eisan, Tom Lester, Steve Ohland. VARSITY WATER POLO — Row One: Eric Laine, Mark Rodgers, Mike Turner, John Welty, Leland Foust. Row Two: Bill Snow, Anton Kajlick, Sky Van Scoy, Dave Horning, Jeff Reeder, Bob Owens. Row Three: Ramsay Wiesenfeld, Daniel Juarez, Jon Shores, Jeff Taylor, Barry Weitzenberg, Pete Asch, Bruce Boyd. polo bears emerge from season with sixteen wins tie stanford for second place in national rankings Bear Coach Pete Cutino gives his squad advice before the UCLA game. Cal ' s Varsity Polo Bears splashed through a very season inundating their opponents and finishing with a very respectable 16-4 record. Highlighting this year ' s action was Cal ' s tying Stanford for second place in the national rankings. In addition, the Bears captured the Northern California Water Polo defeating Stanford, San Jose State, and the Olympic Club in the process. Outstanding players of 1967 were first team Barry Weitzenberg and Jon Shores; second team All-American Pete Asch; and third team All-Americans Anton Kajlich and Mike Turner. Polo Bear Mark Rodgers passes to Bill Brandt as Cal moves the ball deep into UCLA territory. Cal ' s Pete Asch catches his breath and prepares for a scoring drive as an tries in vain to block his shot. While most sports don ' t have the fan attraction of football or basketball, a good Cal Water Polo game inevitably rates a large rooting section; here fans applaud a fine Cal effort. Cal ' s Jon Shores (front) maintains control of the ball as he is approached by a Bruin; Pete Asch (34) comes to his assistance. cubs swamp opponents lose only four games Plunging to second place in the Northern California Water Polo Tourney, the Polo Cubs finished their 1967 season with an impressive 19-4 record. Outstanding players on Coach Cal Caplan ' s squad were goalie, Mike Morgan, field player Eldon Michaels, and hustling Bill Crosby. Pacing the frosh in scoring was Jim Richards with 28 goals. FROSH WATER POLO — Row One: Joe Shawb, Brian Martini, Ed Drury, Kent Williams, Brian Newnan, Rod Hall. Row Two: Bill Toms, Don Nesbit, Jim Richards, Jim Kinter, Bob Mace, Pat Woods, Ron Ernst. Row Three: Bill Crosby, Mike Morgan, Bob Laston, Barry Svendsen, Eldon Michel, Mell O ' Neil, Dave Dumars, Jim Merritt, Coach Cal Caplan. VARSITY SOCCER — Row One: Bob DiGrazia (coach), Jay Lunt, Jan Alex Bondarenok, Bill Coupe, Tor Rasmussen, Ghassem Shamszao, Ken Nakano, Franko Mulas, Harry Frere, George Montoya, Bill Finnegan, Dominique Bastien, Scott Robinson, Nick Brorko, Bora Ozkok. Row Two: Douglas Lee, Will Nevins, Dave Beaudoin, Alan Coghlan, Mike Seaman, Jerry Goren, Ken Dusick, Greg Watty, Lance Carnes, Roman Daris, Geoff Cleak, Benson Quan, Larry Ball, Jon Cosby, Phil Smith, John Servente, Paul Wilcox, George Roussakis (coach). Coaches George Roussakis (JV) and Bob DiGrazia watch their soccer Bears attempt a goal. soccer bears capture eight wins finish third in west coast conference Led by All-conference team members Bora Ozkok, Tor Rasmussen, and Fred Shamszad, the Cal soccer team matched last season ' s record with an 8-1-2 mark, losing only to defending NCAA champ USF. Summing up a season that saw the Bear soccer squad finish third in the West Coast Soccer Conference with a 5-1-1 mark, Coach Bob DiGrazia noted, " We had a strong team as far as performance goes, but we lacked a little offense. We ' d win our games with scores like 2-1. Usually in soccer a low-scoring team gets killed. " The team award for most valuable player went to Ozkok who was named to the All-American team as an honorable mention selection. Socker Bear George Montoya kicks downfield. FROSH SOCCER — Row One: Andreas Michael, Mike Chase, Rainsford Olav Lyssand, Andrew Alegria, Sam Chu, John Newcomb, Dave Mullin. Row Two: Noel Singer, Bill Escamilla, Joe Leonard, Victor Hsi, Ned Buratorich, Arthur Olsen, Amos Galpin. Row Three: Eric Fink (coach), Bill Kellogg, James Ready, Pau Lufkin, Gus Felice, Tom Barni, Steve Gordon. TOP VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY COMPETITORS — Left to right: Steve Byers, Phil Davis, Larry Hoops, Randy Haase, Bob Waldon, Gunar Liepins, Ron Byers. cross country harriers compete well - lay foundation for strong track season Cross country coach Sam Bell times his Harriers. California ' s cross country squad finished the 1967 with a losing record, 4-5. After winning the first four dual meets, the Bears, hampered a great deal by a foot injury to junior ace Ron Byers, lost the next five straight. But Coach Sam Bell feels that the basic objective of the season was fulfilled—to prepare for distance running in the track season. " We attempted to lay a foundation for track, and I feel that several kids made great strides, " explained Bell. Sophomore Bob Waldon was the team leader, and he capped the season in style with a first place at Stanford in a time of 20:21.1 for the 4.2-mile course. Waldon also turned in the best performance for the four-mile run at Cal ' s Panoramic course against San Jose State in a time of 20:16. FROSH CROSS COUNTRY: Bob Crow, Tom Plumb, Ray Weber, Pete Thomas, Don Geisinger. VARSITY: Karl Glutze, John Downing, Bob Anderson, Jerry Tallon. basketball bear hoopsters crank out best record since 1960; critchfield_ pestleystar The California Golden Bears basketball team closed out the 67-68 season with the best overall and conference records of any California quintet since the 1960 NCAA Cal team. The Bears, 19-6 for the season and 7-7 in conference play, broke team a nd individual scoring records behind the all-around performances of Russ Critchfield and Bob Prestley and Cal fans once again with that tradition. " Big Bob Prestley easily outjumps his Washington State opponent in the opening tip-off of the Beavers-Cougars game. 1967-68 Record Cal 67 Idaho 55 Cal 76 St. Mary ' s 69 Cal 78 USF 74 Cal 92 Athletes Action 73 Cal 79 Iowa 73 Cal 89..... ..... . ......... Illinois 72 Cal 88 SMU 84 Cal 85 Western Ky. 96 Cal 63 Oregon State 76 Cal 96 Oregon 81 Cal 64 UCLA 94 Cal 65 USC 80 Cal 74 Portland 61 Cal 79 Air Force 81 Cal 96 Denver 82 Cal 79 Washington 66 Cal 82 Washington St. 76 Cal St. 87 Cal 52 Washington 64 Cal 76 Oregon 64 Cal 71 Oregon State 58 Cal 91 USC 90 Cal 71 UCLA 115 Cal 88 Stanford 81 Cal 51 Stanford 16 wins — 9 losses Cal ' s greatest scorer Rusty critchfield steals the ball from his Cougar foe. beginning prospects high - seven non-conference wins, second in dallas all sports classic.. . Big Bob grabs a rebound in the USC game; Prestley set a new Cal record for rebounds earlier in the season by snatching 27 against the St. Mary ' s Gaels. Bob Wolfe passes to Critchfield in the UCLA game. then tough pacific 8 competition - cal loses three out of four The Bear hoopsters opened the season with seven straight wins beating Idaho, St. Mary ' s, USE (overtime), the Athletes in Action, Iowa, Illinois, and SMU—in the semi final game of the All-Sports Classic in Dallas. However, Western Kentucky ended a string of eight straight intersectional victories by the Bears dating back to 1966 by beating Cal in the Classic 96-85. Pacific 8 action opened for California the following weekend against Oregon State and Oregon. The first game went to the Beavers 76-63 but the following night the Bears roared back with a crushing 96-81 victory over the Ducks. Next the Bears confronted UCLA and their not-so-secret weapon Lew Alcindor. In a packed Harmon Gym, Big Lew personally decimated Cal in the 64-94 Bruin win breaking Bob McKeen ' s Harmon Gym single game record of 40 points. The next night the Bears battled the USC Trojans and lost, 64-80. The Cal bench rejoices as the Bears score two points against the Gaels; Critchfield had to support the team from the bench in this and several other games this season due to an early season injury. Critchfield is closely guarded by Bruin Lynn Shakelford; despite the Bruins ' pressing defense, however, Russ was able to score 24 points in this first UCLA game. Cal fans cheer as the Bears score against the Huskies; the Bears easily won this Harmon Gym game 79-66. fans cheer as the bears rebound, defeat huskies, cougars The Golden Bear cagers then briefly left conference action for a three-game set downing Portland 74-61, losing to Air Force 81-79, and dumping Denver 96-82. Returning to Berkeley, the Bears squared off against the tough quintets of Washington and Washington State and proceeded to dump them both by scores of 79-66 and 82-76. Clarence " Tree " Johnson saves the ball for the Bears. Coach Rene Herrerias shouts directions to the Bears from the Cal bench. Bear guards Russ Critchfield (20) and Waddell Blackwell (22) prepare to steal the ball from this unsuspecting Cougar. critchfield at his best, breaks numerous cal records Soph forward Tom Henderson shoots an easy lay-up for two Cal points. Senior Russ " the Rat " Critchfield floors his Cougar opponent and darts to the basket for an easy field-goal. Leaving this year as Cal ' s greatest scorer, Rusty scored a total of 1437 points in his 3-year career, 505 of them this year. Besides being the fourth highest scorer in PCC-AAWU-PAC-8 history and third best per game averager, the " Rat " is also the first Californian ever to average 20 or more points for a full season — his average was 21.9 this year. Prestley jumps high and shoots as Bear Stu Watterson (33) prepares for a possible rebound. two northern losses - then bears beat ducks, beavers in harmon; a trip down south - powerful bears edge trojans in overtime.. . Guard Trent Gaines (24) grits his teeth and tries to grab the ball from an Oregon guard. A Gaines-Watterson pass sets up a Bear score in the Cal-USC game in L.A.; the Bears won in overtime, 91-90. Critchfield and Prestley take a few minutes to cool off during the second Oregon game; Cal easily won 76-64. Stu Watterson shoots from the ring as Bears Tom Henderson (31) and Trent Gaines (24) get ready to jump for a possible rebound. Critchfield is chased downcourt by rival star PAC 8 guard Mike Warren of UCLA. then fall again to bruins With a 3-3 AAWU record and nothing but tough schedule ahead, the Bears opened their stretch drive against the same two Washington clubs they had downed the week before. However, Cal field-goal percentages that looked like low-scoring football games led to two straight defeats, 76-82 and 52-64. These were reversed the following weekend in the safe confines of Harmon Gym as two tremendous Bear efforts downed Oregon 76-64 and Oregon State 71-58. With the needed the Bears swept into the southland to meet the rampaging USC Trojans and the you-know-who-led UCLA Bruins once again. In perhaps their greatest team and individual of the season, Cal battled USC into overtime and won 91-90 on a Rusty Critchfield jump shot with just seconds The following night however proved to the Bears why UCLA had swept through almost two straight undefeated seasons as the Bruins downed Cal in a lopsided mismatch. Big Lew Alcindor outjumps Cal ' s Bob Prestley for a rebound; Alcindor and UCLA ' s full court press were insurmountable obstacles for the Bears again this year as Cal lost both games, 64-94 and 71-115. Prestley shoots for an important 2-points in the tight USC game in Los Angeles. bears break six year hex - beat stanford in harmon, then lose to tribe at the farm Needing two wins over Stanford to finish in a tie for third in PAC 8 standings, the Bears could only manage a split, leaving them in sole possession of fourth place. The Friday night Harmon Gym crowd saw Cal play a fine all-around game 88-81 with Stu Watterson banging the offensive boards for 26 points, high for all scorers. The following day, however, was the worst for the Bears all year. Shooting only 16 percent from the floor in the first half, Cal saw Stanford build an halftime lead that couldn ' t be overtaken despite a strong 16-point second half performance by Rusty Critchfield. Bear forward Stu Watterson grabs a rebound f rom the Stanford basket and passes to Critchfield. This Critchfield lay-up is good for two Bear points in the Saturday afternoon game at Stanford; although Russ was held to only a handfull of points in the first half, he rebounded to score 16 in the second half to end his collegiate career in style. Watterson jumps high for another rebound; his impressive hustling in the Friday night game enabled him to score 26 points, high for all scorers. High jumper Clarence Johnson uses his ability to leap above his Indian opponents for an easy 2-point field-goal. VARSITY BASKETBALL — Row One: Waddell Blackwell, Don Johnson, Trent Gaines, Russ Critchfield, Rick Hubbell, Steve Desimone, Rene Herrerias (coach). Row Two: Pat Gilligan (manager), Tom Henderson, Wendell Kallenberger, Bob Abright, Bob Wolfe, Willoughby Johnson. unbelievable hoopsters average 98 points; ridgle sets 9 records Cal ' s 67-68 Frosh basketball team cannot be described as anything short of " great. " With a 17-1 season record, lost only to the San Jose State frosh 85-89, this year ' s Cub team broke nearly every season and single game Such things as 715 field-goals, 1527 field-goal attempts, 334 free throws, 1050 rebounds, 1764 total points for a 98.0 per game average were among the unbelievable new frosh records set this season. Forming the nucleus of a team that had all five starters average in double figures was the prep All-American Jackie Ridgle. Ridgle set numerous single game and season records, and he, along with the rest of the team, is expected to give the 1969 varsity a big injection of win, win, win. Frosh sensation Jackie Ridgle outguns his two upper Blue Bears, Paul Loveday and Wayne Stewart, in the Frosh-Blues game. Ridgle set Frosh records for the season of: 194 field-goals; .632 field-goal percentage; 161 free-throws; 258 rebounds; 549 points; 30.5 per game average. He also set single game records of: 41 points against Fresno State; 15 field-goals against USF; 14 free throws against UC Davis. Cal coaches Jim Padgett and Rene Herrerias watch the Bear hoopsters prepare for a score. FROSH BASKETBALL—Row One: Jackie Ridgle, John Hillsman, Mel Thompson, Bob White, Charlie Johnson, Leo Dorado, Henry Borenstein. Row Two: John Bronson, Bill Duwe, Clyde Flowers, Tony Bartholomew, Dave Lamon, Bron Baker, Russ Calvert, Alan Fritz. Bears Joel Wilson (middle) and Leland Foust (left) get set for the 200 butterfly; Wilson took first place and Foust, third in this meet. bear mermen create best team ever.. . Sophomore merman Joel Wilson swims the butterfly here, but his specialty is the 500-yard freestyle where he set a new Cal record of 4:54.6. Craig Meacham catches a breath of air and turns for his final lap of the 500-yard freestyle. Coach Pete Cutino times Bears Alex Shestakov and Pete Ashe in the 500-yard freestyle. VARSITY SWIM TEAM — Row One: Butch Snow, Bora Oskok, Julien Tosky, Joel Alex Shestakov, Tom MacPherson. Row Two: Gerald Rodgers, Ed Jochums, Bruce Bricker, Mike Rhinhart, Mike Turner, Leland Faust. Row Three: Buzz Ramsey, Dave Hornig, Pete Ashe, Jeff Reeder, Jon Shores, Mike Selna, Barry Weitzenberg, Mike Clyman. .finish seven and four in dual competition, set numerous cal records Cal ' s best-ever swim team finished the 67-68 with a remarkable 7 wins-4 losses record. the fact that the Bears had to compete with three top national powers (Stanford, USC, and UCLA), these results were impressive and Cal ' s best dual meet record since 1960. the Bears had five Cal recordholders the competition was so rugged that none placed in the AAWU swimming standings. The Cal recordholders are Tom MacPherson (2:20.8 in the 200-yard breast-stroke); Alex Shestakov (2:02.5 in the 200 individual medley and 4.22.6 in the 400 individual medley); Mike Selna (2:01.6 in the 200 back and 55.9 in the 100 back); Joel Wilson (10:27.8 in the 1000 freestyle, 17:23.3 in the 1650 free and 4:54.6 in the 500 free); Craig Meacham (1:46.7 in the 200 freestyle). Emerging from practice are the top three frosh swimmers: Mike Williams (frosh recordholder with a 2:02:4 in the 200 fly); Jim Kinter (22.6 in the 50); and Bob Laston (50.0 in the 100 free). FRESHMAN SWIM One: Doug Scott, Fred Black, Leon Pendleton, Ed Drury, Walt Willard, Kent Williams, Mike Williams, Don Nesbit. Row Two: Steve Griswald, Jim Richards, Eldon Michel, Barry Svendsen, Jim Kinter, Bob Laston, Mel O ' Neal. troy cox is best in league - five knockouts This sequence shows Cal ' s star boxer Troy Cox knocking out his Nevada opponent John Rodgers. Cox went on to win the CCBC in the 172-pound division the next night by knocking out Luis Hernandez of Chico State in the first round. four cal boxers win championship titles - Webb Loyd of California defends himself from a jab by Matorian of Nevada. The California boxing team, one of only four boxing teams in the United States, ended the season with a disappointing 1-3-1 record, but fared much better in the California Collegiate Boxing Championship Tournament held in Harmon Gym. Four Cal boxers—Dan Burnstein, Gary Evers, Troy Cox, and Webb Loyd—won titles giving the Bears a tie with Nevada for the championship. Senior Troy Cox led the team scoring five to end a fine collegiate career. Coach Ed Nemir remarked at season ' s end, " Losing only three men off this year ' s squad makes prospects bright for 1969. " VARSITY BOXING TEAM—Row One: Dirk Noyes, Dick Carter, Mike Hogan, Jeff Dave Clement, Gary Evers, Pete Morris, Phil Nemir, Sol Quintero, Jon Bedri, Bill Holmes, Dan Burnstein. Row Two: Ed Nemir (coach), Rick Aftergut, Ray Koch, Steve Fallai, John Chappell, Webb Loyd, Rod Ott, Mike Ramsey, Troy Cox, Ron (assistant coach). prospects " bright " for 1969 team Gary Evers of Cal grits his teeth and swings at Sam Simmons of Chico State in the championship bout of the 139-pound division; Evers won. Bear coach Ed Nemir, one of the founders of the California Collegiate Boxing Conference and Cal ' s boxing coach for 35 years, shouts encouragement to a Bear boxer. Dirk Noyes of Cal and Joe Pedrojetti of Nevada fight it out for the 147-pound division championship. Junior Ricky Dees (L) flips his Indian opponent. cal wrestlers win seven meets VARSITY WRESTLING—Row One: Rich Geissner, Mark Disman, Gordon Yamamoto, Rich Melton, Stu Crymes, Mike Rizzo, Bill Harris, Russ Baruh, manager Jon Imamura. Row Two: Larry Lathrop, Mark Hultgren, Linn Montgomery, Jerry Borgia, Dan Buhler, John Salisbury, Mark Nelson, Mark Heter, Steve Warren. Steve Warren attempts to pin his Stanford opponent. Heavyweight Larry " the Hulk " Lathrop pins his crushed opponent as the referee counts to three. bears finish sixth in aawu championships steve warren places first The California wrestling team finished the 1968 season with a respectable overall record of seven wins, eight losses, and one tie, but could do no better than one win and six losses against league competition. The Bear grapplers also finished sixth in the AAWU championships despite some outstanding performances in five weight classes. Steve Warren, a tremendous competitor throughout the regular season, placed first in the championships in the 145 pound class and was named the outstanding wrestler of the Mike Rizzo, 123 pound class; Shep Bloom, 137 pound class; Bill Harris, 152 pound class; and Mark Heter, 167 pound class, all placed fourth among a strong field of wrestleres in PAC . Bear Coach Bill Martell advises Cal wrestler Bill Harris before his bout. FROSH WRESTLING—Row One: Brian Greg Anderson, Glenn Takei, Rand Knudson. Row Two: Mohammed Steve Welch, James Wilson, Mark Neuhaus. graceful gymnasts complete impressive season - win aawu championship Sophomore George Greenfield performs on the still rings. This series shows Freudenstein ' s outstanding parallel bars performance at the USC meet in Harmon Gym. Bear Dan Millman vaults the long horse. Sid Freudenstein, Cal ' s leading gymnast this year, performs his graceful long horse routine. VARSITY GYMNASTICS — Kneeling: Hal Frey, coach; Geoffrey Elliott, assistant coach. Standing: Tom Bruce, Sid Freudenstein, Gary Diamond, Joel Tepp, Paul Orecchia, Eric Courchesne, Bill George Hammon, Dan Millman. then conquer ncaa title as freudenstein, millman star It was the year of the Bear as Coach Hal Frey ' s gymnasts ran up an impressive season record, won the AAWU championships in Oregon, and topped Southern Illinois in the NCAA finals to give California its first NCAA championship since the 1959 Basketballers. The Bears opened the season with first place finishes in the Sacramento Invitational and the San Jose State Invitational. Cal also smothered Sacramento State and San Francisco State, and Arizona State and San Jose State in meets. Then the Bears defeated Cal State at LA in a dual meet. After placing second in the UCLA Invitational and dropping their next decision to San Fernando State, the graceful Bears roared back to five straight wins over BYU, Southern Cal, UCLA, Washington, and Stanford. At the AAWU Championships in Oregon, the Bears placed first with the highest score ever registered at any time by a west coast team (190:05). From there, all sights turned to the NCAA Championships where the California gymnasts put together some sensational performances. Sid Freudenstein and Don Millman starred in a final event comeback to win the NCAA Championship for the Bears by edging defending champion Southern Illinois 188.25 to 188.15. The Cal bench and Coach Hal Frey applaud a fine performance by Bear Dan Millman. VARSITY TENNIS — Row One: Mike Gillfillan, Geoff Rieser, Gary Hippenstiel, Craig Olson. Row Two: manager Howard Chan, Bendy White, Bob Waldman, Dennis Carlston, Corky Meinhardt, Chuck Darley, coach Chet Murphy. bear netters start tremendous year win five all-u . Coach Chet Murphy ' s tennis team opened its season by five straight victories over squads from San Fernando Valley, UCSB, Seattle, Oregon, and Redlands. Forming the nucleus of this, one of the strongest squads ever at Cal, are Chuck Darley who is currently ranked twentieth in the nation, Corky Mike Gilfillen, Bob Walderman, Gary Hippenstiel, and Dennis Carlston. Darley won the Northern California Intercollegiate Tournament title for the third straight year and in the process helped the Cal netters capture the tournament ' s team title. Adding to his outstanding 1968 year, he also won the All University Tournament. Greg Shepard returns the ball to Bear star Chuck Darley; Darley easily won this match 6-3, 6-2. darley is 20th in nation Chuck Darley, Northern California Intercollegiate Champion and currently ranked twentieth in the country, volleys at the net. Bear Geoff Rieser returns a service. FROSH One: Mike Durkin, Bob Alloo, Dixon LeVant, Larry Parker. Row Two: Henry Moon, Steve Schnugg, Tim Boles, coach Dick Crawford. Sophomore Mike Waldman executes a fine service in the Cal-SJS tournament. rugby rugger bears finish successful season with twelve wins retain world 1968 Record Cal 18 San Diego State 0 Cal 25 UC Santa Barbara 9 Cal 3 Oregon State 3 Cal 14 UCLA 15 Cal 19 UBC 9 Cal 23 UBC 12 Cal 12 USC 17 Cal 8 San Diego State 0 Cal 17 St. Mary ' s 3 Cal 15 Stanford 13 Cal 9 Stanford 14 Cal Vikings 6 Cal Harlequins 6 Cal All-Stars 5 Cal 20 Oregon 0 Cal 42 Notre Dame 0 12 wins, 3 losses, 1 tie The 1968 California Rugby team had the dubious distinction of being the first Bear squad to lose to UCLA and USC and Stanford in the same They also lost the Scrum Axe to Stanford for the first time in five years, but there were many bright sides to this Rugby year that ended with an impressive 12-3-1 record. Cal successfully retained its World Cup Trophy for the seventh straight year by racking up the highest total score (42-21) during the two-game set with British Columbia. The Bears also had a successful if not rain soaked tour of Hawaiian competition as they defeated three of Hawaii ' s best rugby teams-11-6, 31-6, and 31-5. Randy Wilson (18) tosses to a line-out; in the action for the Bears are Ned Anderson, John Bardin, Pete Benenson, Gary Hermansson, and Craig Newnan. Les Williams kicks for three Bear points. . . .then lose scrum axe as Indians outscore bears The highlight of the season came when Cal, still the best team on the west coast. came up against a powerful Notre Dame team that was undefeated in seven going into the game. After a dazzling display of offensive prowess, the Bears came out with a crushing 42-0 victory. New Zealander Les Williams led the Bear attack throughout the season and in the process established a new single season scoring record of 160 points breaking Tom Blanch field ' s 1964 mark of 136 points. Bruce Forbes takes the ball from a Stanford scrum; the Bears won the first game 15-13 but lost the second 9-14 and had to give up the scrum axe. Tackling their Stanford opponent are Bears Don Guest and Bruce Forbes. Coach " Doc " Hudson huddles with his Rugger Bears at halftime. Passing rush are Bears Bruce Forbes, Rick Laven (with the ball), and Les Williams. fantastic bear offense blitzes undefeated irish ruggers Grabbing for the ball after a Cal scrum are Bears Craig Newnan, Ned Anderson, Bob Crittendon, and John Bensen. Unidentified Bear reach for the ball in a Cal line-out. Rugger Bear Ned Anderson jumps for the ball in this Dame lineout; the Bears went on to mutilate the Irish 42-0. VARSITY RUGBY—Row One: Pete Carter, Bruce Forbes. Row Two: Rick Laven, George Eckard, Bob Evans, Brian Forbes, Tom Relies, Bob George Gearhart, Pete Benenson. Row Three: Gary Hermansson, Greg Hugo, Bill Keep, Mike Hoffman, Mike Meers, Mike McCaffrey, Ned Ander- son, Jim Meyer, John Bardin, Craig Newnan. guano bears win 9, lose 3 Dr. Miles Hudson and Jim Cullom Varsity and JV Coaches GUANOS — Row One: Bruce Burrows, John Fay, Jeff Warren, Al Niedan, George Eckard, Bob Evans, Phil Combs, Bob Rogers. Row Two: Tim Wilson, Dwayne Mayfield, Leigh Mosconi, Bill Keep, John Oakley, Stu Drange, Jim Brady, Bon Gelfand. Row Three: Jim Musgrove, Sam 123, Chuck Erlich, Reese Milner, Warren Carleton, Dennis Pitta, Phil Croyle, Jon Montgomery, Bill Hosmer, Steve Johnson. Row Four: Vince Gilbert, Gil Powell, Steve Fraser, Darrell DeCosta, Cris Jackson, Rich Ongerth, John Fales, Dick Buckley, Jim O ' Leary, Terence O ' Reilly, Don Baumhefner, Andy Westfall, Stu Smith. batbears accumulate impressive .625 record Lefty third baseman John Jackson hits a line drive into right field. Dave Texdahl slides safely into second base in Cal-SJS game. Bear Rich Papike is picked off as he attempts to steal second. Dave Hagen leaps back to first base to avert a pick-off as Cal batter Bob Reb uschatis watches from the plate. play even ball through first twenty games.. . Coach George Wolfman ' s baseball Bears had to wait out the elements of nature at the start of the season, but once they got rolling, they played at a .625 clip through their first 26 games. After four straight opening rainouts, the Cal rawhiders launched the season with a satisfying 3-2 victory over Fresno State. Losses to USF, the Philadelphia Rookies, Santa Clara, and USF again sandwiched around a win over San Jose State were followed by a streak of victories over St. Mary ' s, the University of the Pacific, and USF (in During quarter break the club participated in the Marine Tournament in San Diego; Cal lost to Cal Poly Pomona in the opener, and, after crushing Utah State, they dropped the next game to the San Diego Marines. Second baseman Dave Hagen catches a grounder and throws to first base. VARSITY One: Ray Miailovich, Ron Brovilette, Rich Papike, Bob Rebuschatis, Bill Shinen, Ken Wiedeman, Baker, Dave Hagen. Row Two: Biff Faber, Dave Aldrich, Dave Little, Ken Brownell, Mike Taylor, Dave Texdahl, Tom McAlone, John Jackson, Frank Smith, Wayne Burd, coach George Wolfman. Row Three: Senior manager Jerry Taylor, Greg Patton, Jay Leftin, Bill Waite, Brian Seeley, Roger Grey, Tony Murray, Sc ot Murphy, Sandy Ingersoll, Bill Kirkpatrick, Don Wilcox, Hal Bond, trainer Bob Orr. then pour on strength as hagen leads batters with .398 average George Wolfman Head Coach Bear pitcher Bill Kirkpatrick follows through after a fast pitch. Cal pitcher Hal Bond throws to a Fresno State batter. Bear catcher Frank Smith recuperates after catching a fly ball. eight straight victories bears begin league play When Spring quarter action began, the Bears beat San Jose State, dropped one to Humbolt State, downed the San Quentin inmates, and swallowed losses to Santa Clara and San State. Then, putting together their best two efforts of the early season, Cal swept a double-header victory over Brigham Young University avenging the double billing the BYU powerhouse had over Cal in 1967. At the time of printing, the Bears owned an eight game winning streak as they headed into league Leading the attack was second baseman Dave Hagen hitting at .398. Dave Hagen hits deep into center field; he led the Cal batters with a .398 batting average. FROSH BASEBALL—Row One: Fred Moresco, Ken Scarlett, John Cardinalli, Gary Bogue, Rich Schau. Row Two: Russ Joy, Steve Ohland, Terry Johnson, Ron Thiele, Jim Corcoran, Walt Row Three: Rich Nielsen, Phil McDonnell, Steve Freeborn, Eric Erickson, Hal Peddy, Rich Knox, Greg Tellis, coach Doug Weiss. track cindermen fare well against tough pac-8 competition - prepare for AAWU and NCAA championships.. . Bear Bob Hargreaves prepares to put the shot as the judges look on. Compiling a 4-4 dual meet record, sweeping a tri meet, and placing third at the West Coast Relays, the 1968 varsity track team turned its sights toward making an impressive showing at the AAWU and NCAA Championships to be held at the Bear ' s Edwards Stadium . . . The track season got under way on a dismal note as the Bears dropped a 66-79 squeaker to the spikesters from the Athens Club. Following a brief layoff, swept a tri meet with Nevada and San Diego State, scoring 93 points to Nevada ' s 45 and to San Diego ' s 43. The following weekend, San Jose State ' s speedsters Edwards Stadium and walked off with an 87-58 win over the never-say-die Bears. Turning from San Jose State, Cal ' s thinclads sporting an undermanned and outclassed team succumbed to the USC powerhouse 43-102. The Bears raced back on the winning track with a 75-69 clutch victory over but then dropped a 69-76 decision to the Beavers of Oregon State at Corvallis. Traveling south to UCLA the following weekend, California pulled out a upset of the Bruins by a margin of 76-68. Closing out their dual meet campaign against Stanford in the 1968 Big Meet, the Bears jumped, leaped, and ran away from the Tribe with a lopsided 100-45 tally marking the first time any Bear squad has hit the 100-point mark against the Indians. With the momentum of the last two meets and outstanding individual performances, Cal earned a third place at the West Coast Relays at Fresno and began preparations for the upcoming Cal jumper Stan Royster leaps for distance in the long jump. Royster glides gracefully through the air into the pit; his best mark to date for the long jump was a remarkable 25 feet inches at the Fresno Relays. stan royster leaps stars in long jump, triple jump. . . Track fans cheer an exciting finish of the 880-yard run. Sam Bell Varsity Track Coach Cal ' s Devone Smith lunges towards the tape at the end of the 880. Pat Weddle passes the baton to anchor-man Devone Smith in the Cal-SJS mile relay. VARSITY TRACK—Row One: Mike Robinson, Jim Kiefer, Jorge Pena, Steve Byers, Ron Couser, Bob McLennan, Clarence Johnson. Row Two: Joe Richards, Jim Smith, Lavell Jackson, Jerry Tallon, Gary Pennington, Bob Waldon, Gunar Liepins. Row Three: Mark Seeley, Jeff Herfenrather, Terry Lewis, Wally Mattingly, Bob Hargreaves, Michael McCann, Ronald Byers, James Berger, Coach Al Ragan. Row Four: Coach Sam Bell, Jason Moss, Devone Smith, Rick Preston, Gary Mahan, Peter Shields, John Diehl, David Horning, Steve Metcalf, Lou Kirtman. clarence twice leaps 7 feet 1 inch tries for american record.. . Clarence " Tree " Johnson clears 7 feet 1 inch; his next attempt was above the American record—at an height of 7 feet inches. Carefully measuring the high jump bar at 7 feet 33 4 inches, the judges prepare for " Tree ' s " jump; although Clarence has made several attempts at this height, he has, as yet, been unable to clear it. Bear fans attentively watch a close finish of the 100-yard dash. mike robinson consistently soars to 16 feet on pole vault Among Coach Sam Bell ' s many outstanding performers this season were high jumper Clarence Johnson who, as of this printing, had twice cleared 7 ' 1 " and just missed the US high jump record of 7 ' Stan Royster was Coach Bell ' s " Mr. Clutch " in the triple jump and long jump events. Stan reached his high of the season in the triple jump against San Jose State with a 47 ' 71 4 " and hit 25 ' in the long jump at the Fresno Relays. Another top competitor in Cal track was Bob Waldon who broke the two and three mile records of Bob Price with times of 8:45.1 and 14:06.8 respectively. Gary Pennington also brought home the points for Mr. Bell. He twice broke his own javelin mark at 236 ' 11 " with heaves of 237 ' 3 " and 241 ' 3 " . In the high hurdles, Lou who twice equaled the school record of 14.2 during dual meet ran a wind-aided 14.0 at the Fresno Relays. FROSH TRACK—Row One: Charles Carranza, Robert Crow, Captain John Sproul, Jeff Karp, Richard Delmarter. Row Two: James Peterson, Michael Miller, Roddy Lee, Steve Rogaway, Doug Collins, Craig Kubey. A varsity shell rests in the Oakland Estuary and prepares for an upcoming race. crewmen stroke to early season victories; then fall to bruins, huskies. . . California started its unusual season on a winning note as the bears outstroked San Diego State, UC Santa Barbara, and St. Mary ' s over the 2,000 meter course near Santa Barbara in 6:23. Long Beach State and Orange Coast College were Cal ' s next as the men of the Blue and Gold rowed an easy 32 strokes per minute for a four length rout. Following these two victories, Cal met UCLA down south in what was supposed to be a close race. But the Bruins continued their recent over the Bears as they streaked to a three length victory in an exhausting time of 6:09. California regained the winning touch in its following row as it downed UC Irvine and Santa Clara in a relatively slow time of 6:45. Stroking better in their following race then they had against UCLA, the Bears were nevertheless overcome by a fine Washington crew giving the Huskies a dual record of 44-17-1 with Cal. The season reached a climactic low in the " Big Row " with Stanford as the Bears pulled to an early lead over the favored tribe only to have waves pour over and into the shell sending the varsity ' s hopes to the deep six. Despite this " Big Sink " the other Cal shells managed to win their races and thus to salvage the " Big Jim " Reynolds Cup which was presented for the first time this year. Old crew jocks don their seats for the Alumni day races. Cal vs. Santa clara and Irvine; Cal ' s varsity shell (front) won. Frosh crewman Lewis Osofsky carries his oars to the shell. Varsity coach Marty McNair supervises the return of the Cal shells to the Ky Erbright Boathouse after a victorious romp over Santa Clara and Irvine. VARSITY CREW—Row One: Ken Kubota, Ed Noyes, Russ Takei, Mike Shinoda, George Hayes, Pete Burke. Row Two: Tom Tryon, Doug Perez, Larry Vaughan, Mike She1p, Steve Pierce, Larry Sweet, Jim Richards, Coach Marty McNair. Row Three: Dave Williamson, Carl Mukri, Stan Taylor, Harland Winter, Gary Shean, Don Costello, Bob Ellsberg, Rick Liebman, Mike Fletcher, Bob Peoples. Row Four: Jerry Richardson, Chris Yeager, Leigh Boyce, Frank Graetch, Charles Bell, John Hoefer, Tom Veblen, Dwight Morgon, Pat Stanton, Bruce Robertson. . . stanford cup despite sinkage of varsity shell The varsity crew team carries its shell to the estuary before the Alumni Day races. A victorious Cal crew launches its coxswain into the Oakland Estuary. Marty McNair Varsity Crew Coach Varsity crewmen John Hoefer, Tom Veblin, Dwight Morgan, and Pat Stanton grit their teeth and stroke during a Cal workout. FROSH CREW—Row One: Terry Harris, Joselito Yujuico, Steve Altman, Lyford Morris. Row Two: Gary Tietz, Greg Sawyer, Jon Ruehle, Bill Jim Rogers, Phil Eiker, Tim Boege, Bill Ward Johnson, coach Ed Graham. Row Three: Ernie Elledge, Bob Byers, Bob Baker, Jim Elliott, Mike Johnson, Jeff Lawrence, Steve Barnes, Tom Wilson, Tom Lindberg, Kent Erskine, John Green e. Row Four: Jim Ruth, Warren Fine, Kelley Moore, Grover Wickersham, Lewis Osofsky, Paul Knight, Ed Price, Pat Reynolds, Mike Welch. intramural jocks ignore papers, midterms, sex engage in good, healthy sports competition. . . Intramural activity during the 1968 season, or for that matter, any season, could best be described as a determined competition among " organized " teams consisting of jocks aspiring to achieve higher athletic prowess. Whatever these amateurs lack in ability, they make up in determination. A game of football turns into a Green Bay Packers—Dallas Cowboys championship; a basketball game a Philadelphia 76 ' s—Boston Celtics playoff game; a match becomes a bout between Dick the Bruiser and Gorgeous George; a golf tourney balloons into a sudden death playoff between Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer; a baseball game takes the form of a World Series contest between the Giants and the Red Sox. But, after the last pass has been intercepted, the last free throw rimmed, the last four-legged leg lock broken, and the final pop fly dropped, there ' s still a smile on all the faces of those that have earned the right to be called the amateur competitors of the Big U. Point Standings As of May 10 NATIONAL LEAGUE 1. Sigma Nu 1545 2. Theta Delta Chi 1352 3. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 1255 4. Sigma Alpha Mu 1145 5. Alpha Tau Omega 1030 AMERICAN LEAGUE 1. Norton 1360 2. Priestly 1345 3. NROTC 1215 4. Bowles 1175 5. Oxford 1100 Typical Cal jock Stu Leibsohn triples into left field for the MBA ' s. Leading off from third, Stu prepares to score. Rounding second here, Stu darts towards third base. Scoring one of the MBA ' s 16 points this game, Stu jaunts to home plate as another batter singles into right field. Deutsch Hall hoopsters control the ball in this intramural basketball game. big C society Ray Willsey Assistant Director of Athletics Pat Farran Athletic Business Manager Pete Newell Director of Athletics pete newell completes final year as cal ' s athletic director DEPARTMENT OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS STAFF—Left to right: Dave Kayfes, Assistant Sports Information Director; Joan Hauser, Ticket Manager; Bob Steiner, Sports Information Director. This year Pete Newell stepped down as Cal ' s Director of Intercollegiate Athletics, a position he had held since 1960, the year he retired from active basketball coaching at the As one of the great students and teachers of basketball, his approach to the game was complete in every phase; he was inventive, to detail, articulate, and a master of psychology. Mr. Newell ' s six California teams won 119 and lost only 44 games. His last two teams won 44 of th eir last 46 games and his clubs won conference championships the last four years of his coaching career. Assisting Mr. Newell with the many complex aspects of the Cal Athletic Department this year were Director of Athletics Ray Willsey and Business Manager Pat Farran. cal sports clubs keep amateur jocks busy JUDO CLUB—Row One: Fred Weissberg, Paul Santos, Fulton Yeg, Robert Dennis Terrao, Jerry Hashimoto, Steve Soo-Hoo, Nobuyuki Taniguchi, Baba Toshiharu, Steve Lynch. Row Two: Keith Ichinose, Mohammed Siadet, Huzit Tsu, Don Flory, Tom Carroll, Jeffrey Harris, Glen Chu, Eric Salin, Fred Weissberg. Markswoman Libby Sinclair cocks her rifle and aims for the bullseye. hai, ippon, bonzai. . . the cal judo club works out Thrower Fred Weisberg flips receiver Robert Imagawa in judo practice. rifle club sets sights for championship RIFLE CLUB—Row One: Karl Schmidt, GYSGT. W. T. Wright, Jim Null. Row Two: Jim Ritchie, Mike Thurlow, Steve Tony Corse. form and precision are the aims of cal fencers FENCING CLUB—Row One: James de Felon, Neil Chlarson, Stanley Lekach, Frank Ettin, Geoffrey Reynolds, Peter Stern, Nikolai Tehin, Jr., Michael Alley, Erik Scoredos. Row Two: Richard Lanny Lampl, Evelyn Chinn, Vera Chang, Orly, Revital Krawetz, Sandy Parry, Fay Weinbergen, Cheryl Jensen, Bonnie Starnes, Minnie Maxwell, Diana Amidon, Julius Palffy-Alpar. cal students get away from it all Students who want to get away from the hectic pace set by the quarter system have ample opportunity to do so almost every weekend. The UC Hiking Club plans trips which range from sunrise hikes on Mt. Tamalpais, aimed at beginners, to more difficult and specialized expeditions such as and mountain climbing. The UC Yacht Club offers instruction and companionship to those who like the feel of the wind against their faces and the smell of salt air. Several weekends each quarter, the Motorcycle Club heads for the backroads to rev their bikes up to full speed and try new driving techniques. And once you ' ve been up to Squaw Valley with the Ski Club, you ' ll want to be out on the slopes every weekend. Whatever your special interest is, you ' ll find companions with whom to share your experiences and your enthusiasm. WOMEN ' S CREW—Dede Moy, Sidney Smith, Sue Fugimura, Lisa Reines, Kathy Dietrick, Pam Hoffman, Alexis Lumsden, Kristen Terry. long hard work-outs bring worthwhile results for womens ' crew co-rec: relaxation and enjoyment for cal students waa promotes good sportsmanship through athletic endeavor The Women ' s Athletic Association is designed as an organization to provide for the needs and interests of women students in the realm of both intramural and athletic competition. The Sports Club Board and the Intramural Board work within the structure of the WAA to plan and promote these activities. In addition, the WAA sponsors an annual Sports Day open to all high school girls in the Bay area which includes workshops and provides an opportunity for visiting the Berkeley campus. Invitational involving representatives from other colleges is also a WAA activity. Those who have made outstanding to WAA are recognized by in the Women ' s C Society. is based on participation in and sports club activities and of good sportsmanship, and fellowship. 1968-69 WAA COUNCIL—Row One: Freida Lee, PB Coordinator; Simi Lee, IM Chairman; Gail Price, Secretary; Cynthia Almazol, ISC Chairman. Row Two: Miss Joan Parker, WAA Advisor; Krohn, Vice President; Marilyn Thompson, President; Debra Henderson, Treasurer; Kathy Scott, Women ' s " C " Society President. WOMEN ' S " C " SOCIETY—Row One: Simi Lee, Pam Strong, Linda Covel, Anne McIntyre, Diane Row Two: Miss Doris White, Advisor; Marilyn Thompson, Carolyn Krohn, Kathy Scott, President; Penny Wollan, Diane Sawin. INTRAMURAL BOARD—Simi Lee, Penny Wollan, Carolyn Krohn, Maedell Gong, Gail Price. INTERCOLLEGIATE SPORTS CLUB BOARD—Chris Hansen, Diane Sawin, Cynthia Almazol, Anne McIntyre. womens ' intramural program helps cal coeds balance intellectual and athletic activity Almost every afternoon in Hearst Gym Cal coeds can be observed letting out their frustrations after that dreadful midterm, working off the extra calories from that irresistible ice cream con e, or just plain having fun through the intramural program. Teams are organized through the living groups, but individuals may join the Commuter Independent teams. The intramural program not only provides the opportunity to participate actively in some form of recreation, but also encourages the development of good sportsmanship and friendly cooperation. Some of the sports on the intramural schedule are volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, and bowling. Although not an official intramural activity, Powder Puff football has made a place for itself here at Berkeley. Through Powder Puff, the participants have gained a basic knowledge about football and the skills required and also an appreciation for the many long hours of practice in preparing a team for competition. Participation in some form of athletic activity then definitely plays an important role in helping Berkeley women to maintain well balanced schedules of study and recreation and to meet other women students in a more casual atmosphere than the classroom situation. spirit brick mullers answer the call " freshmen, more wood " The Brick Muller Society, youngest of all spirit groups, was founded in the fall of 1963 by the Class of ' 67. Its main purpose is to provide an outlet for freshman The group supports freshman athletics and has special sections at rallies, games, and basketball games. In addition to promoting freshman spirit, Brick Mullers have contributed to the campus community by running this year ' s ASUC elections. The Society not only the Elections Council Chairman but also volunteered their entire membership as poll workers. Young though it is, Brick Muller Society has already found its place among Cal spirit groups and will continue to foster enthusiasm among the freshman class members. MEMBERS Bruce Anthony Jed Bullard Bob Erickson Bob Garbutt Bruce Hall Robert Kutz Ed Levinson Fritz Lichty Bertrand Lurie David Mundstock Clair Newman Donald Olson Craig Valente Jim Williams Jay Miller, Chairman EX. COMM. Pete Bowes Peter Munoz Peter Stern John Welborne Jon Zablakis " we ' ve got the axe " is the triumphant cry of california rally comm For the first time in the past six years the men of California Rally Committee were able to carry out one of their prime guarding the axe. The famous axe had actually been in Berkeley throughout the spring and fall preceding this year ' s Big Game due to the daring recapture executed by two Berkeley men, John Welborne and Pat Gilligan. It made an appearance at the Big Game Rally and was then returned to Stanford at the game. And that night after our decisive victory, it came home to Berkeley again in the hands of its able guardians, the men of Cal Rally. On the following Monday the first Axe Rally ever to be held on Sproul steps took place! Throughout its 66 year history, California Rally Committee has been in charge of all spirit rallies. The format of these rallies has varied over the years from the all male Smoker Rallies to the present day version designed for integrated audiences. Rally Committee has received recognition and in the form of taunts from the rooters—the favorite chant of the ' 30 ' s and ' 40 ' s was " The Rally Committee stinks! " Today a rally is never complete without a shower of beer cans. Pinki Stevenson, Chairman EX. COMM. Marilyn Crane Jane Dickel Kathie Ernst Laurel Galletch Carla Glerup Kathy Lanzarotti Linda Mak Kay Neri Vicki Rushakoff Aili Sumeri Roberta Swanburg Connie Vandervort Diane Williams MEMBERS Cindy Black womens ' rally comm initiates sports orientations programs Until World War II promoting spirit at athletic events was entirely dominated by men. To fill the void which appeared during the war years, Women ' s Rally Committee was WRC ' s major function is to transcribe the card stunts, mark the instruction cards, tack up the cards and balloons, and check the stunts on the mornings before home games. In addition the members help to set up and hostess for the Rallies. They also attend and hostess for many other athletic events throughout the year. This year Women ' s Rally Committee for the first time held sports orientations meetings—one in football and the other in rugby. These programs, while initially planned for women, were popular with the men, too! The members plan to continue and expand these orientations programs to stimulate interest in less familiar sports events. Because of the traditional segregation into a women ' s and men ' s committee and the fact that WRC is much younger, the group enjoys a friendly yet cooperative rivalry with their male counterpart, California Rally Committee as the two groups work together to perpetuate that California spirit. Marie Champagne Diane Church Claudia Cohert Linda Derivi Andrea Drake Ann Fay Barbara Fuchs Heidi Hanson Carol Jackson Jane Lee Simi Lee Valerie Onken Susan Peterson Karen Plowman Susan Richards Margee Robert Ann Sugihara Barbara Travaglio Chris VanWart Lorraine Warshaw Anne White Sherilee Wieland Jane Wong Pat Yim vociferous cheerleaders rally cal rooting section YELL LEADERS —Jim Lawrence, Chuck Everett, Pat Cady, Head; Bill Rothschild, John MacFarland. POM PON GIRLS—Kathy Gale, Shelley Spencer, Mary Haley, Pat Lee, Head; Becky Butler, Linda Raap, Jan Cate. pom pon girls add a touch of femininity to rough and tumble athletic events oski celebrates his 26th birthday during the university ' s 100th Although the University is celebrating its 100th birthday, our Oski is only 26 years old. Oski made his first appearance at the St. Mary ' s Rally on Sept. 26, 1941. Bill Rockwell, a member of Rally Committee, started the Oski tradition and formed the first Oski Committee. Oski takes his name from the " Oski-Wow Wow " yell. The official mascot before Oski was a series of live bears who, although they were cute as cubs, became difficult to handle as they grew older. Oski loves playing with little kids, greeting visitors to the campus, and tangling with his rivals, but his favorite pastime is chasing girls! megaphone society provides behind the scenes effort in promoting cal spirit The Megaphone Society takes an part in supporting Cal athletics by helping to train future yell leaders, contributing ideas for new yells and routines, and leading special sections of rooters on Family Day, Kid ' s Day, and Band day. In spite of the fact that the members aren ' t always out in front leading yells and enjoying the spotlight, they willingly devote many hours to the behind-the-scenes work involved in yell-leading. MEGAPHONE Eiseley, John Craven, John Chairman; Tom Morjig, Graham Chloupeck, Al Abraham. Not pictured: Dave Guerrero, Elliott Stein, and Bill Schreiber. CARD STUNTS COMMITTEE—Row One: Julie Rotary, Carol Julia Teskey, Judy Guibert, Nancy Nelson, Joyce Davidsen. Row Two: Mary Vlazakis, Jane Osborn, Anne Campion, Therese Roos, Margie Sheaff, Ellen Fitzsimmons. card stunts a cal tradition since 1910 Cal takes pride in having originated card stunts as a half-time activity in 1910. Throughout the years the size, complexity, and number of card stunts performed at each home game has increased many fold. This year the Centennial Seal was a stunt at each game, along with the Block C, the Bear, Campanile, and Script Cal. The card stunts at the game were televised nationally and the comments were very A unique activity which follows each card stunt performance is the balloon stunt which is a favorite with Cal rooters and fans. " fossil " ellsworth entertains straw hatters with his traditional soft shoe Two Berkeley traditions which are inseparable are the Straw Hat Band and Bill " Fossil " Ellsworth. Bill was active in forming the Straw Hat Band and he ' s still a part of the group today. Straw Hatters always enjoy calling on the " Fossil " to perform his well-known soft shoe for Cal rooters. Basketball games just would not be the same without the Straw Hat Band. Harmon Gym resounds when they come marching in. The Band is responsible for a favorite yell, given after the name of each opposing player as he is announced— " Who ' s he, drop dead, turn blue, orange juice, squish! " The Straw Hatters also make appearances at other athletic and University events. Wherever they go, their own enthusiasm increases spirit rapidly it just seems to be contagious. cal band kicks off charter festivities with a state-wide tour In 1923 Chris Tellefsen, a loyal friend of the University, donated the first band uniforms, and this event marked the beginning of the modern California Marching Band. Throughout the years the group has not only enlivened football games and rallies but also has carried the name of the University of California all over the country and even to Europe. Decades of Cal bandsmen have experienced personally that music is an international language and is always greeted with warmth and hospitality. In spite of its large size the Cal Band is a very closely knit group. During the football season the members must spend innumerable hours together practicing routines until they are automatic. Although this rigorous schedule may cause tension to build up, the band is able to maintain its unity because the members are all fun-loving and possess a deep loyalty to the University. still, above and below all, to challenge. . . academics In A school? Great numbers of men gather in one place To penetrate those numbers, To make of that one place many. 1931 it is the university of this state It is not the University of Berlin nor of New Haven which we are to copy . . but it is the University of this state. It must be adapted to the people, to their public and private schools, to their peculiar geographical position, to the requirements of their society and their resources ... President Daniel Coit Gilman 1872 The state of California being as Richard Henry Dana says, " beyond the realm of Christendom, " established its own state university late in its colorful history. The Spanish and Mexican conquests over the Indians did not establish a valuable system. It was only after American settlement and that the people of California founded the incomparable institution of higher learning known as the University of Much to the chagrin of many residents, the state took over the Presbyterian College of California on March 23, 1868, and opened to enrollment in Oakland on September 24, 1869. Upon the completion of North and South Halls in Berkeley, the campus moved there on September 25, 1873. The first included 167 men and 220 women. Out of these meager beginnings has evolved one of the world ' s great centers of learning and research, currently enrolling 26,834 students from every state and over ninety foreign countries. Henry Durant assumed the not-so-honored position of President in 1870. In the beginning Durant assumed the role of chief administrator of a humble land grant college of agriculture and mining. He was subject to a Board of Regents for the authority and responsibility of academic and student affairs. For over three decades the regents exercised daily administrative In 1890, efforts were made to define the role of th e Regents and of the President. These negotiations were climaxed in 1899 when Benjamin Ide Wheeler accepted the Presidency on the condition that he be the sole channel of communications. His appointment ended long years of transitory faculty and policy and members. Under Wheeler the University tasted its first mouthful of success. Enrollments, faculty and campus construction increased. In 1909 Mrs. Peder Sather donated Sather Gate and construction started on the University landmark—the Campanile (completed in 1914.) After Wheeler ' s retirement in 1919, David Prescott Barrows governed the University through the depressing twenties and the ensuing academic and athletic glory that the University attained. In 1930, Robert Gordon Sproul, an alumnus of the University, became President. Sproul changed the academic and economic prowess of the University drastically. He is the man who built the University and rightly deserves the title, " Mr. California. " Sproul governed the University for twenty-eight years watching and helping the University grow. In 1958, the Multiversity plans of Clark Kerr increased the University into a sprawling education system of nine campuses and over 160,000 students. In 1964 with the administration of Governor Ronald Reagan taking office, Kerr ' s policies and his handling of the Free Speech Movement were attacked. In January 1967 Kerr was fired, but ret ained as a professor of economics. He was temporarily succeeded by Harry R. Wellman who in turn was succeeded by Charles J. Hitch in January of 1968. Under Kerr an authorized decentralization of the system evolved. Chancellors took a greater hand in making campus budgetary and personnel actions. In 1960, local campuses were given the authority for the administration of admissions, and educational placement. However, political began to take the toll on the Kerr administration. These partisanships have rocked the campus and are still topics of many discussions between campus officials, students, and the Reagan administration. After continued budget cuts and the threat of imposing tuition on state residents, the Regents, under President Hitch ' s decision, cut incoming enrollments, turning away eligible freshmen, junior college and inter-campus students, for the first time. The University of California offers a wide range of subjects and consists of 15 colleges, 72 departments, and 58 research organizations. Its Doe Memorial Library is one of the nation ' s largest college libraries. This is quite a jump from the college of one hundred years ago established by the Morrill Land Act of 1866. Courses now range from African studies to Zoology. Various seminars are offered and credit approval of student initiated courses is a reality. Under the direction of the Student Education and Faculty Relations Board (SEFR), students upon faculty approval, can initiate their own courses. Educational reform is of great importance at Berkeley, led by such advocates as Charles Muscatine, Professor of English, and various administrative and student committees. Berkeley has long received wide spread recognition in research fields. Achievements in physics, anthropology, history, social sciences, and English have been lauded with numerous awards and prizes. It was at Berkeley that Ernest 0. Lawrence built the first cyclotron and discovered the anti-proton, while various teams discovered the trans uranium elements such as The professional schools offer important contributions in legal research, optometry, medicine, criminology, and Boalt Hall School of Law is one of the nation ' s foremost as is the University School of Medicine. Unique in social sciences and humanities have also occurred, such as Professor A. L. Kroeber ' s isolation and plotting of California ' s Indian and his study of Ishii— last known Indian. As befits a distinguished University, Berkeley ' s faculty is the world ' s finest. Among the ranks of the faculty have been nine Nobel Prize winners: Melvin Calvin, Owen Chamberlain, William F. Giaque, Donald A. Glazer, Ernest 0. Lawrence, Edwin M. McMillan, Glenn T. Seaborg, Emilio Segre, and M. Stanley. Forty-eight faculty administrators are members of the National Academy of Science and Louis A. Simpson is the University ' s Pulitzer Prize Poet. The beginnings of the faculty are as scant as those of the Uni Robert Gordon Sproul 1961 versity. In 1869 it consisted of ten members who formed the Academic Senate—an organization which has grown to nine divisions, with 5,200 full-time members. The faculty has always been engaged in political and academic protest. In 1919-1920 the faculty, led by Joel Hildebrand, Armin Leuschner, George Lauderback, Gilbert Lewis, and Andrew Lawson, revolted to achieve a voice in faculty promotions, budget decisions, and educational reform policies. In 1964 many members supported the Free Speech Movement which disrupted campus activities to demand for free speech and educational reform. Today many distinguished faculty members openly protest political situations as well as teach classes, write distinguished works, and receive research awards. The objective of the 1964 FSM was to secure liberalization of rules concerning use of campus facilities for political fund raising and advocacy. The movement also sought intensified studies of University structures and academic reform. The FSM resulted in the arrests of 758 demonstrators on December 3, 1964. The reaction of the movement includes an amending of University regulations, reaffirmation of students ' rights to free expression and advocacy, and the placement of all governing on the nine individual chancellors of the various campuses. The first seniors of what now is the Berkeley campus graduated in 1873. Of these twelve men, all of them later became involved in the government of the University and of the state. One governor, and two others were appointed Regents. The remaining eight assumed leading positions in business and agriculture helping to expand the resources and revenues of the state. Throughout the years California graduates have achieved a special position within the University, the state, and the nation. Earl Warren, ' 06, is now Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court. Seniors at Cal have also kept many of 1965 the school ' s traditions going, as well as initiating many new of their own. As befits studying at this institution for three years, the senior class has constantly upheld the of California by assuming the top leadership roles in government and other campus activities. This year the Seniors have formed the core of the Centennial celebrants. The last class to participate in the 1964 Free Speech Movement, they have witnessed vast changes in academic and social reform. The California Alumni Association also has played an important role in University affairs. Founded in 1872 by C.A. Garter (class of 1866, California College), the alumni frequently serve as and in other executive University positions. It is a organization headed by an elected president and and a fifty member board. Its total membership 54,000 " Old Blues. " The alumni association publishes its own magazine, California Monthly, as well as operates two recreational centers: Tahoe Center and Lair of the Bear near Pinecrest. The association also awards sixty-two alumni awards to eligible students. Between 1934 and 1965 over 4,600 alumni scholarships were granted. Gifts to the University include Stephens Hall, Memorial Stadium, Alumni House, and the Memorial Student Union—all built through alumni and funds. " Old Blues " are most prominent during Big 1965 PRESIDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Henry Durant 1870-1872 Daniel Colt Gilman 1872-1875 John LeConte 1876-1881 Wallace T. Reid 1881-1885 Edward S. Holden 1885-1888 Horace Davis 1888-1890 Martin Kellogg 1893-1899 Benjamin Ide Wheeler 1899-1919 David Prescott Barrows 1919-1923 William Wallace Campbell 1923-1930 Robert Gordon Sproul 1930-1958 Clark Kerr 1958-1967 Harry R. Wellman 1967-1968 (acting) Charles J. Hitch 1968- New undegraduate library construction. 1913 1939 Channing and Warring 1888 Game Weekend and also during Charter Day when class create an influx on campus. One hundred years is a short time. Within this span the of California has become the nation ' s, if not the world ' s foremost public institution of higher learning. Lasting and academic reforms have occurred. An overall expansion of the University system has come to be. The future looks promising as new reforms are constantly evolving. President Gilman stated the University ' s purpose well, but the words of George Berkeley, Bishop of Cloyne (for whom the campus is named) ring through the spreading foothills like the Campanile chimes: Westward the course of empire takes its way; The first four acts already past. A fifth shall close the drama with the day; Time ' s noblest offspring is the last. The last act has not yet occurred and is not about to start. There are many more years of existence left within the As time goes on and changes, the University promises to be the leader of social and academic reform. FIAT LUX— " Let there be Light, " and may God cast his light upon California forever. administration and faculty: a line is a series, a gathering points upon points a circle: causes and clocks join hands to tick moonbridges heads and clouds bend over cores of stars a circle: an infinite series of lines, of lines: series, gathering points upon points: seeing moonbridges stretch to the cores of stars. The Regents take part in groundbreaking ceremonies and in the planting of the centennial tree. The following serve as Regents: Philip L. Boyd, John E. Canaday, Edward W. Carter, Mrs. Dorothy B. Chandler, William K. Frederick G. Dutton, Robert H. Finch, William E. Forbes, Allan Grant, H. R. Haldeman, Mrs. Randolph Hearst, DeWitt A. Higgs, Charles J. Hitch, William U. Hudson, Laurence J. Kennedy, Theodore R. Meyer, Einar 0. Mohn, Samuel B. Mosher, Edwin W. Pauley, Max Rafferty, Ronald Reagan, William M. Roth, Norton Simon, Jesse M. Unruh. the regents, and the governor, yet the intersection of points from lines can be a meeting or a crash, a crossing or a touch: Do not drive your car along the table ' s edge. It may tip over into unwarned laps. Inverted wheels spin, yet; Drive your car along the table ' s edge. With a sideways periscope You may traverse corners where none sit, yet. Governor Ronald Reagan charles j. hitch inaugurated as university ' s 13th president " Oh, whatcha gonna do when the meetin ' is over, meetin ' is over, meetin ' is over, Whatcha gonna do when the meetin ' is over, All over this land? Charles J. Hitch President of University of California chancellor roger w. heyns welcomes We gonna sit down together at the welcome table, at the welcome table, at the welcome table, Sit down together at the welcome table All over this land. " a Baptist hymn Mr. Arleigh Williams Dean of Students Mrs. Betty Neely Dean of Women Mr. Jim Lemmon Dean of Men deans of students: " How much sun do you think you ' ll need? How do your roots feel since they shifted to wetter? You ' ve been here since eleven? Why, What are you studying here, and Have you changed your address? What is your maiden name, flower? " assistant deans find a balloon up from hands-down in the Plaza in a struggle with space and time creating a symbiosis with its air. Mr. W. S. Warrick Foreign Student Advisor Mrs. Elizabeth Chilton Assistant Dean of Students Miss Ann E. Hawley Assistant Dean of Students Mr. Eric Bellquist Assistant Dean of Students Mr. Peter Steiner Assistant Dean of Students Mr. Willis Shotwell Assistant Dean of Students Miss Constance Brainard Assistant Dean of Students Again, Mr. Pete Steiner. Mrs. Ruth N. Donnelly Mrs. Margaret Dewell Mrs. Emily Reid for the vice-chancellors Soaring and plummeting. The opening of mouth to free a word. Words and feathers on mutual air. These wings may mend, fold over lowed heads, break. to a change of course have men been flying for ages? O. W. Campbell William Bouwsma William B. Boyd Loy L Sammet Earl F. Cheit Albert Bendich Speech for the professors: Course number :Featuring sun and rain. Alan Dundes Anthropology and Folklore some hung on the edges of precipices, rode sidesaddle, mounted camels and trees for preview perspectives on the rainbow. From the first day on emerged the sound of peeling out on skateboard, fringe, and single ski. Miss Josephine Miles English Martin E. Malia History George C. Pimentel Chemistry Milton Pickus Engineering A few moved up front so as to be able to examine the clouds between the words of teeth. Mrs. Anne Prah-Perochon French Kenneth N. Stewart Journalism And now, ladies and gentleman sun and rain. From outside the room With the doors closed, and above an occasional dog-bark: the clapping of wet hands around the beams. ta ' s, called upon Sometimes to estimate distances between: book and eye lip and brain little finger and third-story window Mostly they walk them. CENTENNIAL CARAVAN COMMITTEE: Dick Erickson, Cliff Dochterman, Colette Samuelson, Jim Moore, Bob Rubin, Professor George Kyle. Young Alumni Potpourri Program involves informal get togethers with young alumni and students. These are held in the homes of alumni throughout the state. Pictured Nancy Alexander, Bill Baker, Irene Boschken, Linda Williams, Don Ryan, Jan Farley, Rick Buxton, Cam Corlett, Terry Cole. The California Alumni Monthly Magazine, recipient of the Robert Sibley Award for Outstanding A lumni Magazine in the United States, is managed by Andy Pierovich. Assistant Editor to the Managing Editor is Beth Karsten. alumni cross time Along with brothers whose hands cross time, I have spent a century hollering through the sun. It has been my faithful medium --lighting and warming me, and Never letting me look up to it for long. Lair of the Bear camps provide summer rec- reation for alumni. Winter finds students and alumni at the Tahoe Recreation Center. Alumni House welcomes past students during Centennial Week in March. agricultural sciences modernizes its program Creation of the College of Agricultural Sciences was the first task of the Board of Regents at the founding of the University in 1868. The department celebrated its this year by taking an active part in the of Scientific Study " week held May 20-25. The great innovations which have been made in this field were to the public in many activities held during this week. Guided tours were given of the Insect Museum and laboratory, the Nutritional Sciences department, and the Oxford Outdoor Study tract. The Entomology department showed a film on the Honeybee, the department presented demonstrations, and Sir Fredrick C. Bowden, a world-renowned English scientist, spoke on " Agricultural Sc iences: in Retrospect and Prospect. " Recently the College of changed its name to the College of Sciences and modernized its program now teaching and research in the biological, physical, and social sciences which are related to agriculture. Many outdoor study areas, as well as the vast facilities available on campus, provide agricultural students at Cal with a well-rounded background and educational experience. Briggs,Marilyn Lafayette Stern Hall, President Treble Clef Nutritional Sciences Club Dietetics Diehl,John Saratoga Alpha Chi Rho Big C Society Track Food Science Enochian,Steven Moraga Sigma Alpha Epsilon Golden Guard Economics Hjelm,Rex Canoga Park Kappa Delta Rho Cal Band Honor Students ' Society Genetics Kaste,Diana Walnut Creek Yacht Club Nutritional Sciences Club Dean ' s Honor List Dietetics Knudsen ,Priscilla Richmond Dean ' s Honor List Nutritional Sciences Club Dietetics Madsen, Pamela Las Vegas,Nevada Phi Mu Radio KALX Manager Elections Council Panhellenic Executive Board Nutritional Sciences Club Prytanean Society Nutrition and Dietetics Moore,John Orinda Cal Prep Counselor Sextant NROTC Agricultural Economics d ' Alessio,John Ross Alpha Tau Omega Agricultural Economics Doutt,Jeffrey Mill Valley Radio KALX Honor Students ' Society Agricultural Economics Hicks,Rob San Marino Delta Upsilon Karate Club Ski Club Cal Prep Counselor IFC Rush Counselor Agricultural Economics Hsu,Donna El Cerrito Nutrition Knecht,Martha San Francisco Alpha Phi Dietetics Lovell,Marker San Francisco Honor Students ' Society Agricultural Economics McCosh,Elizabeth Berkeley Nutritional Science Club Nutrition and Dietetics Moore,Michael San Francisco Agricultural Economics Morjig,Sharon Oakland Sigma Kappa Treble Clef Nutritional Sciences Club Mortar Board Dean ' s Honor List Honor Students ' Society Dietetics Oliveira,Ronald El Cerrito Phi Kappa Psi Student Orientation Service Tower and Flame Agricultural Economics Smith,Steven Oakland Tau Kappa Epsilon Economic Development Spindal,Berbara San Francisco Delta Phi Epsilon Dietetics Spindel,Judith San Francisco Delta Phi Epsilon Dietetics Tanner,Susan San Rafael Nutritional Science Club Dietetics Thelin,Peter South Laguna Kappa Sigma Water Polo Agricultural Economics Wellman,Garry Santa Rosa Kappa Alpha Genetics business administration: to prepare students to take executive positions With the financial backing of Miss Cora Jane Flood, the School of Business Administration had its origin as the College of Commerce in 1898. The College of Commerce at Cal was the second collegiate institution to train students for business in the United States and was by the School of Business in 1943. Its purpose is to prepare students to take important positions in recognized professions and executive positions. The School of Business Administration is in Barrows Hall, built in 1965. It houses the most modern laboratory facilities available including various types of computers. Many programs of research such as the Institute of Business and Economic Research and the Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics have enriched and enlivened the teaching program in this college. This section, in celebration of UC Berkeley ' s one-hundredth year, features the faces and voices of senior students. The criterion for their selection seems deceptively simple: out of a larger group telephoned randomly, these people had something to say, and they spent the time and energy to come and say it. Angell,Richard Fresno Business Administration Bal, Rachpal Oakland Soccer Delta Sigma Pi Accounting Bandettini,Steven San Francisco Delta Sigma Pi Accounting Banker, John Orinda Sigma Nu Tower and Flame Business Administration Barnett,James Burbank Finance Beauchamp,James St. Louis, Missouri Acacia Economics Jean Ratliff Speech San Bernardino " College graduation, the end of a beginning begun with the other beginning ending with all that matters mattering more .... or less. " Behounek,Paul Berkeley ROTC Golden Guard Accounting and Production Management Berk,Kenneth Los Angeles Organizational Behavior Biswell,Harold Berkeley Honor Students ' Society Education Abroad Program Economics Bjermeland,Arne Toensberg,Norway Pi Kappa Phi Administration and Policy Blake,Craig San Rafael Production Management Blum,Joseph San Francisco Pi Alpha Phi IASAC Finance Bock,Jean Paris, France HonorStudents ' Society Beta Gamma Sigma Phi Beta Kappa Marketing-International Business Brown,David Berkeley Honor Students ' Society Business Administration Marketing Brown,Michael Tipton Business Administration Political Science Butler, Rebecca Monte Sereno Alpha Omicron Pi Honors at Entrance Tower and Flame Pom-Pon Girl Industrial Relations Cabrera,Charles Piedmont Phi Sigma Kappa Business Administration Carmel,Ben Beer-Seva,Israel Government and Business Chan,Yee Saigon,Vietnam CSA Lion Club Finance Chin,Harvey San Francisco Norton Hall Finance Converse,John San Mateo Delta Sigma Pi Business Administration Corneal,Steve Orange Sigma Nu Business Adminstration Crane,John Glendale Sigma Chi Business Administration Crockett,David Arcadia Californians Skull and Keys Order of the Golden Bear Phi Kappa Sigma Operations Research Cummings,Stephen Orinda Marketing Damron,Ray Santa Barbara Phi Kappa Psi Accounting DeLugach,Sanford San Francisco Alpha Epsilon Pi Hillel, Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Denton,Royal Brawley Accounting Dopkins,William Sacramento Kappa Alpha Calfornians Industrial Relations Dye,Deborah Pacific Palisades Sigma Kappa Phi Chi Theta AIESEC Insurance Early,John Palo Alto Ehrman Hall Accounting Eggers, Kenneth San Francis co Ridge House Beta Alpha Psi HonorStudents ' Society Accounting Fong,Howard Citrus Heights Economics Fong,Janet Sacramento Business Administration Foulke,Elvia Sacramento Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Foulke,Peter Sacramento Alpha Chi Rho Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Frolich,Knut Sandefjord,Norway Marketing Fuller,Roderick Victoria,British Columbia Delta Sigma Pi Organizational Behavior Ganes,Andrew Beverly Hills Accounting Grey,Paul Berkeley Finance Grant,Edward Long Beach Norton Hall Business Administration Gueron,Michael Los Angeles Theta Chi Finance Hall,Fred Los Altos Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cal Prep Counselor Californians Golden Guard Business Administration Hardy,Keith Porterville ROTC Business Administration Gittins,Jamie Carmichael Business Administration Goslinga, Christiaan Curacao,N.A. International House International Business and Finance Gottlieb,Menahem Tel Aviv,Israel Production Management Grubbs,Mark Palos Verdes Estates Delta Sigma Phi Marketing Hackel,Lori Van Nuys Alpha Epsilon Phi, President Marketing Hall,Peter Piedmont Zeta Psi Gavel and Quill Californians International Business Hart,Larry Agwra Beta Theta Pi Finance-Marketing Hedgpeth,Samuel San Jose Acacia Megaphone Society Glee Club ROTC Finance Hicks,Ben Visalia Phi Sigma Kappa Finance Howells,Rosemarie Los Angeles Gamma Phi Beta Angel Flight Business Administration Jagoda,Steven Kansas City, Missouri Zeta Beta Tau Chiefs Marketing Kohler,Theresa Orinda Alpha Gamma Delta Jr. Panhellenic Theta Chi Little Sister Marketing Hepworth,Randolph Ann Arbor,Michigan Delta Sigma Phi Business Administration Hirschmann,Jack Pasadena Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Administration Humphreys,Gary Fullerton Sigma Chi Californians Industrial Relations Junge,Kurt Oakland Delta Sigma Phi Cal Band Operations Research Kolani, Uri Jerusalem,Israel International Business Heuler,Bette Anaheim Alpha Delta Pi, President Business Administration Hitomi,Russell Sacramento Nisei Students Club President Operations Research Isola,Frank Hayward Brick Muller Centurions Sigma Phi Epsilon Managerial Economics Karp,Stephen Redwood City Sigma Alpha Epsilon Intramural Baseball Golden Guard Marketing Kwee,Liong Singapore International Business Hickman,William Santa Rosa Acacia ROTC Business Administration Hoppe,Frances San Francisco Freeborn Hall Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Jackson,John Hollister American Marketing Association Putnam Hall Business Administration Knutson,Sharon Bakersfield Alpha Phi Business Administration Lawrence,James Geneva Kappa Alpha Yell Leader Business Administration Lee,Mary San Francisco Phi Chi Theta Accounting Loo-Tam,Nicolas Panama City, Republic of Panama Deutsch Hall Chinese Students Association Business Administration McEneany,Michael Oakland Beta Theta Pi Californians IFC Cal Club Winged Helmet Skull and Keys Marketing Moberg,Cheryl Los Altos Hills Phi Chi Theta Accounting Nelson,Richard Oakland Junior Class Yell Leader Class Officers Board News Director P PR Board Gavel and Quill Marketing Leibsohn,Stuart Encino Delta Sigma Pi Order of the Golden Bear Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Malsbary,Thomas San Leandro Marketing McGann,Frances Escondido Kappa Delta Marketing Moock,John Visalia Alpha Tau Omega Finance Nixon,James Webster Groves, Missouri Marketing Lewis,Donald Berkeley Phi Delta Theta Alpha Kappa Psi Organizational Behavior and Industrial Relations Matselboba,Richard La Jolla Bowles Hall Business Administration McRae,Colin San Francisco Tau Kappa Epsilon Economics Murray,Michael Martinez Phi Kappa Tau Tower and Flame Brick Muller Cal Peep Counselor Business Administration Normart,Paul Oakland Personnel Link,William Fremont Business Administration McBurney,Meredith Long Beach Kappa Alpha Theta UPB Chairman SOS Oski Dolls Prytanean Marketing Merryman,John Daly City Phi Kappa Sigma Business Administration Nelson,David San Rafael Kappa Alpha Business Administration Okida,Fumio Kobe,Japan Operations Research Owen,Christine Hayward Alpha Delta Pi Accounting Panier,John Concord Priestley Hall Delta Sigma Pi Finance Papike,Richard Spring Valley Varsity Baseball Industrial Relations Paul,Jeff Amarillo,Texas Business Administration Paulson,Mary Bismarck,North Dakota Kappa Delta Elections Council Gamma Delta Epsilon Business Administration Peisker,G.Lee Playa del Rey Glee Club Deutscher Verein Opera: " Three Against Christmas " Accounting Pepi,Kenneth Burlingame Phi Sigma Kappa Business Administration Petersen,Glenn Oakland Cal Band Business Administration Peterson, Wayne Martinez Bowles Hall,President Industrial Relations Pimentel,Thomas Boulder Creek Sigma Phi Epsilon Real Estate-Insurance Proper,George Los Angeles California Rally Comm. Barrington Hall Tower and Flame Industrial Relations Puccinelli,Charles San Francisco Griffiths Hall Beta Alpha Psi Cal Republicans Honor Students ' Society Accounting Richardson,Jerry San Mateo Business Administration Rosenblatt,Richard Los Angeles Norton Hall Student Manager, Unit III Business Administration Roy,Ruby Calcutta, India Gamma Delta Epsilon Phi Chi Theta American Marketing Association Honor Students ' Society Tower and Flame Marketing Rushakoff,Vicki San Francisco Women ' s Rally Comm. Phi Chi Theta Beta Alpha Psi Accounting Sacks,Steven Oakland Zeta Beta Tau Marketing Saenger,Eugene Cincinnati,Ohio Chairman UPB AIESEC University Theater Business Administration Sargis, Robert San Francisco Bowling Team Alpha Kappa Psi Golden Guard Marketing Sartz,Jens Oslo,Norway Business Administration Schachter,Margo Ross American Marketing Association Marketing Schwiers,Robert Orinda Intramurals Freshman Football Psi Upsilon Production Management Shen,Denna Hong Kong CSA Marketing Slapar,Peter Pittsburg Alpha Chi Rho Californians Operations Research Smith,Frank Alameda Phi Sigma Kappa Varsity Baseball Transportation Sperling,Norberto Buenos Aires, Argentina Pi Lambda Phi Delta Sigma Pi Industrial Relations Steffensen,Leon Oakland Kappa Alpha Industrial Relations Taylor,Jerry Sausalito Cal Band Straw Hat Band Senior Manager Varsity Baseball Big C Society Marketing Thompson,Eric Washington, DC Thelta Chi Business Administration Thompson,Tevis Orinda Finance Thurlow,Michael Orinda Sigma Nu Riflery NROTC Quarterdeck Society Industrial Relations Tjowold,Robert Castro Valley Sigma Nu IFC Business Administration Tomlins,Frederick Cupertino Theta Delta Chi Finance Tsuboi,Sonny Selma Judo Club AIESEC Publicity Operations Research ugh Concord Accounting Ward,Richard San Francisco International House Sierra Club Priestly Hall J-Comm. Industrial Relations Washburn,Timothy Pasadena Freshman Baseball N ROTC Finance Weber,Craig Los Altos Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Administration Weber,Richard Los Angeles Delta Sigma Pi AIESEC Centurians Quarterdeck Society Commonwealth Club of California Scabbard and Blade Finance Insurance Welcome,Terrill Walnut Creek Sigma Phi Winged Helmet Scull and Keys Business Administration Westley,Edward Corning Delta Sigma Pi Beta Psi Accounting Wong-Sing,Judith San Francisco Accounting Wood,Gary Pasadena Theta Delta Chi Marketing Henle,Thomas Berkeley Kappa Sigma Finance Jack,Susanna Decatur,lllinois Business Administration college of chemistry: a modernized complex Founded in 1872, the College of Chemistry was located in the first building on the Berkeley campus, South Hall, which was designed as a chemistry laboratory. Today, the College of Chemistry is housed in the recently modernized complex. In the early days, all students interested in science were in this college since there were no separate for physics, geology, or biology. This was the first scientific college to be thoroughly equipped with apparatus for instruction and research. The chemical library for years was practically sole of scientific literature in the University. A separate College of Natural Sciences was created in 1894 and was incorporated into the present of Letters and Science in 1915. Consequently, since 1894, students have had the choice of a major in the College of Chemistry leading to a BS degree, or of an AB degree in the College of Letters and Science. Course offerings in chemical technology began in 1912, but not until 1955 did chemical engineering become formally a separate department. Today the College of Chemistry two departments: the Department of and the Department of Chemical Engineering. Bautista,Michael San Jose AIChE Chemical Engineering Chen,Lainee Oakland SA-ACS Chemistry Christopherson,Jane Sacrarmento Chemistry Douhrava,Jay El Cajon Theta Tau AIChE EJC Chemical Engineering Fung, Leslie Oakland HSS SAACS Iota Sigma Pi Chemistry Hardy,T. Norman Fresno Chemistry Jensen,Marilyn Fresno Cunningham Hall Honor Students ' Society Physical Chemistry Kleid,Dennis Napa Alpha Phi Omega Ski Club Chemistry Kung,Elizabeth Hong Kong Chemistry Leung,Teresa Hong Kong SAACS Iota Sigma Pi Honor Students ' Society Chemistry Berry,Julianne Chicago,Illinois SA-ACS Chemistry Chow,Winston San Francisco AIChE SA-ACS Chemical Engineering Coopersmith,Marshall Piedmont Alpha Chi Sigma UC Yacht Club Centurians Alpha Phi Omega Chemistry Fair,David Redding Chemical Engineering Grib,Norman Salinas AIChE President University Republicans (Area Director) Chemical Engineering Huber, Larry Watsonville SAACS Interhalls J. Comm. Honor Students ' Society Chemistry Johnsen, Jon Petaluma Bowles Hall AIChE Glee Club Chemical Engineering Kremen,James Palo Alto Deutsch Sophomore Class Treasurer Fencing Californians Gilbert Award Chemistry Langlois,Richard El Cerrito Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Luthy,Richard Los Altos Hills Alpha Tau Omega Rally Comm. Sophomore Council Honor Students ' Society AIChE Chemical Engineering Malkani,Harish Poona,India Phi Sigma Kappa Chemical Engineering Mosher,Oren Oakland Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Chemistry Ng,Sai Hong Kong CSA AIChE Chemical Engineering Nilan,Richard Mill Valley Sigma Nu AIChE Chemical Engineer Stubbert,Earle Twain Harte Putnam Hall Chemistry Thanawalla,Hussein Bombay,India Channing House Chemical Engineering Yamada,Michael Santa Clara Ridge Project Chemistry McCloud,Thomas Alameda Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Nellis,Brady Whittier Bowles Hall AIChE Chemical Engineering Ng, Yiuto Hong Kong CSA Chemistry Petrucci,Ronald San Francisco Basic Chemistry Sun,lrene Shanghai,China Chemistry Tsuchiya,Gordon Oakland NSC AIChE AOAC Tower and Flame Chemical Engineering Yamada,Terry Alea,Hawaii Chemical Engineering college of criminology: seeks answers to pressing social questions At UC the College of Criminology is a unique in the United States and perhaps in the world. A great variety of subjects are offered in the natural and social sciences dealing with problems of causation and prevention, detection, treatment, and control of crime and criminality. An panel of lawyers, historians, social workers, anthropologists, sociologists, psychiatrists, criminologists, chemists, and administrators representing the spectrum of law enforcement and correctional agencies join with the students to bring relevant knowledge to bear in seeking answers to pressing social A curriculum of criminology was established as a group major in 1933. The Bureau of Criminology was located in the Department of Political Science in 1939 until the College of Chemistry was established in 1950. The instruction under the original curriculum was divided into three branches: law enforcement, corrections, and criminalistics. In 1962, this curriculum was changed to provide two programs: a major in criminalistics and a major in general criminology with specialization in etiology of crime, law enforcement, or corrections. Bearcroft, George Santa Monica Bowles Hall Ski Team Sailing Club Ski Club Law Enforcement Cook,David Sunnyvale Criminology Donaldson, Kathryn San Rafael Corrections Epstein, Liz Beverly Hills Law Enforcement Freschi, Paula Oakland Criminology Higgs, Emma Oakland Alpha Kappa Alpha President Afro-Americans Student Association Criminal Etiology Hoffman, Margaret Tacoma, Washington Criminology James, Fred San Jacinto Sigma Alpha Epsilon Law Enforcement Kious, A. Gus San Leandro Delta Upsilon Inter Collegiate Crew Criminology Lee,Patricia Oakland Gamma Delta Epsilon Head Pom Pon Girl Corrections Nase,Laurel Sacramento Corrections Neufeld, Gerald Salinas Phi Sigma Kappa Corrections O ' Flaherty, Joseph Rolling Hills Alpha Sigma Phi Karate Club Ski Club Fencing Club Criminology Robertson, Bruce Santa Paula Phi Kappa Sigma Varsity Crew Big C Society Varsity Rowing Club Criminology Stassen, Thomas Richmond Intramurals Arnold Air Society Criminalistics Williams, Wendy Upper Saddle River, N.J. Honor Students ' Society Criminology Alexanian, George Oakland Theta Tau UCSEE Golden Guard Electronic Engineering Altschuler, Hanan Haifa, Israel Mechanical Engineering Amrofell, Irving San Francisco ASCE Civil Engineering Anderson, Rabort San Francisco Nuclear Engineering Ante, Jesse Hayward Intramural Wrestling Arnold Air Society Alumni Scholar Mechanical Engineering Baecher, Gregory San Francisco Civil Engineering Baker, Edwin Sebastopol Civil Engineering Baker, John Manteca Bowles Hall ASCE Civil Engineering Barnett, Jeffrey Woodland Hills Alpha Chi Rho Collegians Centurians Yacht Club Flying Club Electrical Engineering Baumbach, Thomas Mountain View Delta Tau Delta Tau Beta Pi Honor Students ' Society Cal Prep Counselor ' 66 Engineering Physics Belden, Gerald Napa Alpha Phi Omega UCSEE Electrical Engineering Bell, Andrew Stockton Delta Upsilon ASCE Civil Engineering a vast network of research facilities comprise college of engineering Organized in 1872, the College of Civil Engineering later shared the tasks of engineering education with two other on campus, the College of Mechanics and the College of Mining. Electrical engineering was added to the College of Mechanics in 1892, sanitary engineering and irrigation to the College of Civil Engineering in 1905, and ptroleum to the College of Mining in 1915. In 1931, the of Civil Engineering and Mechanics combined into one College of Engineering, and in 1942, the College of Mining also merged. On campus a vast network of scientific research facilities, including laboratories, libraries, and centers provides the student with a complete practical training in engineering. The Bay Area, a prominent research and industrial center, provides an interesting environment for the engineering student. Berry, Ken Eureka Lambda Chi Alpha ASCE Civil Engineering Buchenau, Billy San Bernardino Theta Chi Electrical Engineering Cartwright, Richard Alameda UCSEE IEEE Electrical Engineering Chiu, Kung-Ming San Francisco Civil Engineering Coates, Leonard Morgan Hill Deutsch Hall Electrical Engineering Bolin, Ray Ontario Acacia Electrical Engineering Buskirk, Allen St. Helena LDS Student Association Electrical Engineering Chan, Afonso Macau CSA ASCE Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Chong, Darryl Sacramento ASME Tau Beta Pi Mechanical Engineering Crowe, Daniel South San Francisco Lambda Chi Alpha Civil Engineering Bucheister, James Placentia Tau Kappa Epsilon Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Honor Students ' Society Electrical Engineering Carboni, Victor San Francisco ASP Honor Students ' Society Engineering-Physics Charlup, Jerome El Cerrito Theta Chi AllE Industrial Engineering Choo, Wye-Ming Tapah, Malaysia Civil Engineering Cyr, Rodney Medfield, Massachusetts Ridge Project Tau Beta Pi Tower and Flame Blue and Gold Engineering-Math De Bord,William Palo Alto Electrical Engineering Dhillon,Jas Lucknow,India AIChE Chemical Engineering Duryea,Richard San Mateo Sigma Phi Epsilon Centurions Frosh,Varsity Crew AIIE Varsity Rowing Club Alpha Pi Mu Industrial Engineering Edmonston,Richard Pomona ASCE Civil Engineering Egan,James Piedmont Phi Kappa Sigma Mechanical Engineering Endicott,David Redding Phi Kappa Sigma Arnold Air Society AICE Chemical Engineering Espana,Carlos Van Nuys Freshman Football ASCE Civil Engineering Ewers,Doug Oakland Industrial Engineering Faller,Raymond San Diego Golden Guard ASCE Civil Engineering Fong,Stewart San Francisco UCSEE IEEE Electrical Engineering French, Bryant San Bruno Kappa Delta Rho Engineering-Physics Friedel, Edwerd Palatine,Illinois AIIE Alpha Pi Mu President, Treasurer Tau Beta Pi Industrial Engineering Fujimoto,Bill Berkeley Photo Club Sailing Club Varsity Gymnastics Big C Society ASME Pi Tau Sigma President Mechanical Engineering Georgsson,Ingolfur Akureyri,Iceland Electrical Engineering Gibsen,Neal San Diego Sigma Phi Epsilon Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Gilson Jr., Donald San Francisco ASME SAE Pi Tau Sigma Mechanical Engineering Glatze,Carl Oakland Alpha Chi Rho Track Cross Country Civil Engineering Gleitsmann,Rich Orange Delta Sigma Phi President Electrical Engineering Golden,Dean West Covina ASCE Civil Engineering Greeneich,James Berkeley Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Harano,Kenneth Castro Valley Mechanical Engineering Helms,Charles Hayward Engineering Physics Cristy M. Schade Electrical Engineering Fernley, Nevada Did you know... " The rest of your days depend upon the rest of your nights. " " Success is not a matter of luck or of genius. Success depends on adequate preparation and indomitable determination. " Hewett,Douglas Aptos Electrical Engineering Higgingbotham,John Salinas Golden Guard Cal Camp Structural Engineering Hiyama,Barbara Sacramento Delta Phi Epsilon ASCE Nisei Students Club Secretary Chi Epsilon Powder Puff Football Structural Engineering Ho,Titus Kwong Palo Alto Putnam Hall Crew Theta Tau University Art Museum Council Materials Science Hoover,George Pacific Palisades Putnam Hall Tau Beta Pi Engineering-Physics Howard,F red Lindsay Yacht Club Upper Division Honor Society Tau Beta Pi ASP General Chairman Engineering-Physics Ince,William Twenty-nine Palms Delta Kappa Epsilon Industrial Engineering Jensen,Warren McKinleyville Deutsch Hall Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Johnson,Conrad Kingsburg Deutsch Hall Civil Engineering Jones,Jared Campbell Peixotto Hall Radio KALX Masonic Club Yacht Club Electrical Engineering Keret,lIan Tel-Aviv,Israel Honor Students ' Society Electical Engineering Keyani,Hormozdyar Tehran,lran SEE Blue and Gold Electrical Engineering Kia,Bahman Tehran,lran Alpha Sigma Phi Iranian Student Club Computer Sciences Klingner,Richard Belmont Barrington Hall ASCE Tau Beta Pi Civil Engineering Koch,Jay Piedmont Sigma Phi Brick Muller Society UCSEE IEEE Cal Camp Golden Guard Electrical Engineering Kubota, Kenneth Delano Varsity Crew Californians Electrical Engineering Kugler Jr, William Washington, DC Kappa Sigma Californians Lawson,John Fresno Acacia Crew IFC Ceramics Engineering Lee,Virginia Concord Zeta Tau Alpha Electrical Engineering Lekach,Viacheslav Oakland Fencing Rally Comm. Chess Club Honor Students ' Society Tower and Flame Tau Beta Pi Engineering Math Lim,Wellman Willows AIIE IEEE UCSEE Alpha Pi Mu Industrial Engineering Linholm,Loren Calexico Priestley Hall IEEE UCSEE Amateur Radio Club Electronics Engineering Loew,Robert Beverly Hills Pi Lambda Phi Cal Prep Centurians Crew AIIE AIESEC Industrial Engineering Louie,Allen Sacramento Mechanical Engineering Lum,John Jr. San Francisco Priestly Hall Nisei Students Club CSC Elections Committee Co-chairman UCSEE Electronics Engineering Computer Sciences MacMullen,James Walnut Creek Bowles Hall Electrical Engineering Marshall,Joseph Pasadena Acacia Tau Beta Pi Electrical Engineering Computer Sciences Mathur,Dilip Kanpur,India Mechanical Engineering Mazandarani,Hashem Teheran,l ran ISA Electrical Engineering McCloskey,Barnard Electrical Mehta,Hardayal Berkeley Mechanical Design Miller,Leslie Auburn Deutsch Hall UCSEE Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Mostaghel,Naser Berkeley Structural Mechanics Padilla,Fred Alhambra AIME ASM Metallurgy Perry,John San Francisco UCSEE IEEE Electrical Engineering Richards,John Berkeley Theta Chi ASCE Civil Engineering Ross,Gordon El Cerrito Ehrman Hall ASME Bowling League Mechanical Engineering Shang, Kenneth Burlington, Massachusetts Pi Tau Sigma ASME Mechanical Engineering Stimac,Thomas Martinez ASCE Alpha Phi Omega Fencing Club Civil Engineering Takeshita,Toshihide Higashi-Osaka,Japan Nuclear Engineering McCreight,Craig Pasadena Lambda Chi Alpha President Pi Tau Sigma Tau Beta Pi Honor Students ' Society Mechanical Engineering Meresman,Stanley Phoenix,Arizona AIIE Cal Engineer Assistant Editor Alpha Pi Mu Industrial Engineering Minai,N ail San Francisco Smyth Hall Electronics Engineering Nelson,James Willow Springs Civil Engineering Page,L. Greg Anaheim " Hell, I just got through the damn place. " Mechanical Engineering Pier, Kenneth Sepulveda Acacia KALX-FM Acacia Yacht Club Tau Beta Pi Electrical Engineering Roberts,Bruce Fullerton Phi Kappa Sigma Centurians Vice- President Gavel and Quill Freshman Class President Centennial Selection Committee Senior Class President Mechanical Engineering Sakamoto,Randall Los Angeles IEEE UCSEE Judo Club Tau Beta Pi Upper Division Honor Society Electronic Engineering Shower,Steven Sacramento Delta Tau Delta Cal Prep Tower and Flame Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Stoner,Robert McCloud Priestley Hall Industrial Engineering Talamantes,Thomas Pico Rivera Civil Engineering McGrogan,Stephen San Leandro UCSEE IEEE NACM Association for Computing Machinery Computer Sciences Meyer,Sheldon Stockton Priestley Hall Pi Tau Sigma Tau Beta Pi Mechanical Engineering Minkin,David San Francisco Ridge Project UCSEE IEEE Electrical Engineering Nichandros,Harry Orinda Radio KAL ASCE Theta Tau Civil Engineering Pasco,Gregory Berkeley EJC Secretary Tau Beta Pi Electrical Engineering Quan,Chris Oakland Pi Alpha Phi Biological Engineering Rogers,Larry Oxnard Priestly UCSEE IEEE Dean ' s List Electrical Engineering Schade,Christy Fernley,Nevada Phi Kappa Psi Tower and Flame President Quarterdeck Society IEEE UCSEE Cal Prep Counsellor Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Snyder,Christopher Paso Robles Deutsch Hall Cal Band ASCE Civil Engineering Stangman,Thomas Fullerton Deutsch Hall American Ceramic Society Honor Students ' Society Ceramics Theiss,Tim Arcadia Lambda Chi Alpha Civil Engineering Medford,Thomas Lafayette Tau Beta Pi Electronics Engineer Miller,David Willits Radio KAL Crew Big C Society Varsity Rowing Club Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Monahan,Grag L os Angeles Alpha Tau Omega Boxing Mechanical Engineering Ongerth,Richard Berkeley Phi Sigma Kappa Rugby Civil Engineering Peros,Nicholas San Francisco Masonic Club UCSEE Electrical Engineering Rianda,Bryan San Francisco Kappa Delta Rho Civil Engineering Romero,Gregory Daly City Mechanical Engineering Schick,Larry Berkeley Alpha Chi Sigma Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society AIChE Chemical Engineering Solen,Kenneth Sonoma Alpha Chi Sigma AIChE ACS Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Chemical Engineering Suarez-Gartner,Richardo San Cristobal Venezuela UCSEE IEEE Eta Kappa Nu Electrical Engineering Thunen,Richard Piedmont Electrical Engineering Tobias,Glen Orinda Industrial Engineering Weeks,Steven San Lorenzo Kappa Sigma Centurions ASME Honor Students ' Society Mechanical Engineering Westall,Michael Glendora Regent of Theta Tau UCSEE SAC Assistant Basketball Manager Electrical Engineer Wilson,Ken Anaheim Californians Electrical Engineering Yen,Joan Hong Kong Physical Metallurgy Toman,Jerry Antioch Honor Students ' Society Alpha Chi Sigma Chemical Engineering Wei,Tim San Francisco Civil Engineering Williams,Malcolm San Marino Electrical Engineering Wong,Daniel Cholon,South Vietnam IEEE CSA NTSGA Electrical Engineering Yeung,Ronald Hong Kong Deutsch Hall Tau Beta Pi Asme Aiaa Yacht Club Honor Students ' Society Naval Architecture Vaughn,Robert Dunsmuir Honor Students ' Society Chi Epsilon Tower and Flame Civil Engineering Weitzenberg,Charles Los Altos Sigma Alpha Epsilon Industrial Engineering Williams,Peter Santa Rosa Delta Chi Circle K ARE Alpha Pi Mu Honor Students ' Society Industrial Engineering Yanev,Peter El Cerrito Chi Epsilon Civil Engineering Yoshimura,Ted Sacramento Civil Engineering Young,Robert Forestville Acacia Civil Engineering college of environmental design; a synthesis of fields Bernard Maybech initiated the instruction of in 1894, but the College of Environmental Design was started only in 1959 as an of the previous College of Architecture and the landscape and planning departments. Later, the Department of Design was added. Just recently, Wurster Hall was built to provide classroom, office workshop, library, and laboratory space for the departments. The College of Environmental Design promises a synthesis of the fields which deal with the and aesthetic quality of man ' s surroundings. These fields include architecture, landscape architecture, design, city and regional planning, and disciplines. The field of city and regional planning has been changing the most. It had its beginning early in this century as a movement for civic beautification and it soon encompassed programs for social, and governmental improvement of cities, and for large-scale development of regional resources. Similarly, the broadened objective in architecture and landscape architecture is one which combines social and economic utility, technological and aesthetic design. Imagination, creative analysis, and visual as well as verbal talents are mandatory requirements for the students in this college. Allison,Glen Oakland Architecture Bernstein,Morton Los Angeles Architecture Brothers,Donald Long Beach Phi Kappa Tau Big Brother Project Cal Prep Freshman Crew AIA Student Chapter Architecture Chamberlain,Richard Walnut Creek Architecture Asime,Veronica Van Nuys Design Association Architecture Brehm,Lawrence Fullerton Architecture Brown,J.Craig Palm Springs Architecture Chao,Wing China UC Architecture Association President AIA Student Chapter Vice-President I-Week Exhibition Chairman CSA Bay Area President Tower and Flame Architecture Bazeghi,Abbass Oakland Architecture Bresnik,Harold Pacific Palisades Honor Students ' Society Architecture Canepa,Daniel Sherman Oaks Theta Delta Chi Architecture Chow,Joanne Fresno Gamma Phi Beta Brick Muller Society California Engineer Architecture Bernstein,Barry Los Angeles Chi Alpha Kappa Architecture Brimer,Cristi Santa Barbara Alpha Chi Rho LSPSK Architecture Carptenter,Malcolm Glendale Theta Delta Chi Architecture Connors,Edward Omaha,Nebraska AIA Student Chapter Architecture Danmeier,Donald Escondido AIA Student Chapter Student-Faculty Liaison Committee Architecture Dittmar,Thomas Arcadia Delta Sigma Phi Landscape Architecture Design Club Rep. Landscape Architecture Fernandez, Eddy San Francisco Architecture Fredette,Thomas Costa Mesa Architecture Galliano,Gerald Seattle,Washington Alpha Phi Omega Architecture Harder,John Monterey Park Varsity Boxing Wrestling Architecture Darnall,Margaretta Oakland Architecture Dittrich,Barbara Redwood City AlA Student Chapter Architecture Fong,David Sacramento Architecture Fujii,Paul San Francisco Nisei Student Club Architecture Gillies,John South Pasadena Architecture Helms,Karen Long Beach Landscape Design Club Landscape Architecture Dawson,Peter Camp Springs, Maryland Kappa Sigma Californians Big Game Concert Co-c hairman Cal Prep SRV AFROTC Architecture Eckland,Victor Ill San Anselmo Architecture Fong,James Sacramento AIA Student Chapter Honor Students ' Society Architecture Fujimura,Frank Berkeley Architecture Goldman,Ronald Sacramento Architecture Hoisington,Richard Alameda Architecture Diangson,Walt Stockton Delta Upsilon Daily Californian Californians Architecture Enaka,Yasumiko Tokyo,Japan Architecture Franz,Jim Fresno Architecture Fujita,Kisaburo Tokyo Architecture Gutman,Steven Ross Alpha Chi Rho Yacht Club Chi Alpha Kappa Architecture Hsia,Yucheuk San Francisco Ridge House Architecture Huff, Ronald Hays,Kansas AF ROTC Architecture Inouye,Stanley Berkeley Delta Sigma Phi Cal Band Megaphone Society Campus Crusade for Christ Landscape Architecture Ishida,Tore Kyoto,J apan Architecture James,Bruce Tacoma,Washington Phi Delta Theta Rugby Californians Architecture Kelley,Mary Landscape Design Club Tower and Flame Landscape Architecture Kent,Robort Walnut Creek Dean ' s Honor Roll Architecture Kim,Chin Masan,Korea Glee Club Architecture Kraus,Paul Berkeley Sigma Chi Architecture Martinian,Omega Tehran Architecture Onken,Valerie Oakland Delta Zeta Rally Comm. Blue and Gold University Chorus Ski Club Design Stone,Thomas Whittier Theta Chi Quill and Scroll Departmental Citation 1967 Landscape Architecture Lam,Stephen Hong Kong Nil Architecture McCabe,Patricia San Mateo Tower and Flame Architecture Paliwoda,Stephan Manhattan Beach Alpha Tau Omega Crew AMF Architecture Sun William Hong Kong Architecture Lay,Jackson San Diego Skull and Keys Beta Beta Architecture Messer,Teall Redwood City Sigma Nu Honor Society Freshman Class Council Architecture Pedersen,Stuart Los Angeles Theta Delta Chi Architecture Valiyee,Gholam Tehran A rchitecture Levin,Michael Chicago,Illinois Architecture Niedan,Al Lodi Sigma Phi Epsilon Rugby Architecture Puncsak,Sandra San Francisco Alpha Chi Omega Panhellenic Scholarship Chairman Honor Society Area and Textile Specialization Willadsen,John Oakland Architecture Linden,Gorden Oakland Delta Upsilon Architecture Nielsen,Stanley Vacaville Theta Chi Architecutre Quirin,Susie San Jose Design Williams,Barry Sacramento Architecture Markarian,Gary Fresno Architecture Norton,James Daly City Architecutre Rapp,Gregory Arlington Heights, Illinois Delta Sigma Phi Upper Divison Honor Society Architecture Wong,Rogert Oakland Chinese Student Club Nisei Student Club Design Association Architecture Martin,Thomas Santa Ana Architecture Olsen,Jeffrey Salinas Architecture Somerton,Larry Lafayette Architecture Yaghmai,Mansour Tehran,lran Architecture Garabedian,Michael San Francisco Forestry Club Xi Sigma Pi Forestry Hadlock,Kenneth Santa Monica Cal Band Soccer Team Forestry Hammond,Steven Berkeley Timber Editor Blue and Gold TPE Forestry Salwen,Clifford San Francisco Theta Chi ASUC Publicity and Public Relations Timber Business Manager Forestry Underkofler,H. Gus Los Angeles Priestley Hall Marching BAnd Forestry Club Society of American Foresters Forestry access to wildlife in school of forestry Under the direction of Walter Mulford in 1914, the College of was established. Two factors of conservation are in its definition: the wholeness of approach to the and an effort to relate the environment to man, his and his desires. The location of Cal gives the College of Forestry access to many the major forest and wildland types of the state, gives it close to major focal points of decision-making in forestry conservation, and enables it to function as an integral part the University as a whole. flexible yet thorough program of basic studies offered by the college of letters and sciences In 1915, the consolidation of the Colleges of Letters, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences formed the single College of Letters and The college is an undergraduate nonprofessional college, a great variety of programs in the humanities, the social and the natural sciences. The fundamental aim of the college is to increase man ' s understanding of nature and of himself. To achieve this underst anding, a student should have a of abstract thought, an appreciation of the structure of ideas, a feeling for style, and a basis for forming value judgments. He is to explore the significant broad fields of human knowledge and to gain some limited experience in specialization, focusing his attention on a specific subject. The college of Letters and Sciences serves as the backdrop for this exploration. Before I came to Cal I had a lot of ideas about Berkeley, hippies, fredies (sic) and a lot of other things that I ' d heard about. After I got here and joined a house most of those ideas went down the tubes. After a Big Game and a couple of kegs all the problems of the world are forgotten. Rich Papike Industrial Relations Spring Valley Aalgaard,Vanda Citrus Heights Design Abe,Ryan Salinas Philosophy Abrams, Lawrence Kansas City,Kansas Debate Economics Adams,Peter San Francisco Alpha Delta Phi Honor Society Sociology Abbott,Howard Oroville Norton Hall N ROTC Interhalls J. Comm. California State Scholar Political Science Ablan,Jean Oakland Alpha Phi German Adams,Duease South Pasadena Chi Omega Treble Clef Society English Aftergut,Michael Berkeley Tau Kappa Epsilon Cal Prep Counselor Varsity Booing Daily Cal Tower and Flame Upper Division Honor Society History Agafuroff,Sandra Los Angeles Baptist Student Center University Chorus Statistics Allardyce,Fred Los Altos Ski Team Political Science Allen,Margaret Berkeley Biological Field Sciences Almazol,Susan Pinole Tower and Flame Penile Student Orientation Service Sociology Andazola,Helga Rio Dell Anthropology Anderson,Katherine Livermore Oski Dolls Prytanean History Appel,Bruce Arcadia Political Science Armstrong,Gregary Sacramento Zeta Psi Skull and Keys History Armstrong,Judy Westport,Connecticut Alpha Chi Omega Union Program Board AWS Cabinet Panhellenic Council Blue and Gold Photographer Prytanean Biological Sciences Arnold,Charles Palo Alto Zoology Austin,Bruce Sacramento Phi Sigma Kappa House Manager Mathematics Allan,Leslie Washington, DC Art History Allen,David Buena Park Tau Kappa Epsilon Track Honor Students ' Society Zoology Alloway,Willard Merced Political Science Ames,Josselyn Los Angeles Alpha Phi Centurions Little Sisters of Golden Guard Humanities Anderson,Dave Walnut Creek History Andree,Sally Menlo Park Sigma Kappa Centurions Spanish Argyres,And teas Berkeley Eta Phi Sigma Anthropology Armstrong,Jane Westport,Connecticut Alpha Chi Omega Biological Sciences Arnold,Ann Trona Physical Sciences Asmussen,Joyce San Rafael Sigma Kappa Sociology Babcock,Christine Riverside Anthropology Babson,Anne Palo Alto Political Science Baillie,Reidun Lafayette History Bainbridge,Janet Lodi Delta Delta Delta Oski Dolls Aiguillettes History Baldo,Russell Auburn Lambda Chi Alpha Intramural Football Political Science Ballin,Peter San Francisco Phi Epsilon Pi Zoology Banos,Maria Bogota,Columbia Psychology Bardizian,Kenneth San Francisco Tau Kappa Epsilon Political Science Barkin, Marilyn Oakland B ' nai Brith-Hillel Honor Students ' Society Psychology Barr,Sue Fresno Delta Delta Delta French Bass,Richard Richmond NROTC Quarterdeck Society Political Science Batmale,Anne San Francisco Cal Camp History Back,Ellen Los Angeles Cheney Hall UC Tutorial Project Social Science Baim,Linda Modesto Alpha Phi History Baker,Linda San Leandro Alpha Omicron Pi Oski Dolls Cal Prep Daily Cal Theta Sigma Phi Treasurer Journalistic Studies Ballard,James Marysville Delta Tau Delta Sociology Banker,Carolyn Piedmont Delta Gamma Political Science Bard,David Chula Vista Brick Muller Society Honor Society Political Science Barker, Carol Littleton,Colorado Delta Gamma Physical Education Barnett,Helen San Jose Social Science Barranco,Minerva Panama Social Welfare Batchelder,Lynn Redwood City Alpha Phi Art Publicity Board Treble Clef Society Jade Ensemble Art History Batson,Linda Greenville Geography Baxter,Constance Lake Oswego,Oregon Economics Beavers,Wynellen San Pablo Psychology Bedford,Jean Fort Worth,Texas Kappa Kappa Gamma Political Science Beauchamp,Jan Floussant,Missouri Kappa Alpha Theta Sociology Becker,John San Francisco Kroeber Anthropological Association Student West Oakland Project Honor Society Anthropology Beeson,Jane Berkeley Delta Gamma Oski Dolls Speaker ' s Bureau Anthropology Begley,Dorothy Lafayette Art Behrens,Ruth Ventura Spanish Belden,Bonnie Castro Valley Angels Political Science Bell,Carolyn Vallejo Alpha Delta Pi Social Science Belove,Marilyn Kansas City,Missouri Oski Dolls Penile Sociology Benbassat,Kenneth Encino Honor Society Political Science Honor Fraternity Political Science Benedict,Nancy San Mateo Gamma Phi Beta Design Bennett,William Kentfield Senate Finance Order of the Golden Bear History Benson,Bonnie Los Altos Hills French Berdahl,Karen Berkeley Gamma Phi Beta Cal Prep Executive Card Stunts Mortar Board Prytanean Panile Social Science Bergfeld,Carol Moraga Delta Zeta President CIA Area Rep. English Berghuis,Florence Glendale International House Premed Society German Club Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Education Abroad Program Psychology Bernauer,Pamela San Francisco Alpha Xe Delta All-U Bowling Team Physical Education Berrin,Andrea Los Angeles History Berry,Lyn Santa Rosa History Berscheid,Margaret Las Vegas,Nevada Kroe ber Anthro Society Anthropology Besin,Nicole Belgium Bacteriology Bettencourt,Nancy Concord Music Bierly,Karen Woodside Art Biggle,Phoebe Pasadena Kappa Alpha Theta Art History Billings,Rosalie Alta Loma Spens-Black Hall Honor Students ' Society Mathematics for Teachers Binder,William Burlingame Tau Kappa Epsilon Varsity Swimming Varsity Water Polo Big C Society Honor Society Tower and Flame Zoology Bingham,Susan Oakland Gamma Phi Beta Brick Muller Art Birdwell Jr,James Sacramento Delta Upsilon Orientations Board University Day Chairman Californians Order of the Golden Bear Speech Birsinger,Bonnie San Francisco Sigma Kappa Economics Bishop,Richard Los Altos Hills Delta Upsilon Biology Bisseel,Hory Santa Barbara Alpha Phi Art Blaha,Jerome Castro Valle y Economics Blair,Richard Orinda Psi Upsilon Economics Blanchard,Diane Boise, Idaho Bacteriology Blank,Stephen Liberty,New York Pre-Law Students Honor Students ' Society Bloodworth,Tamera South Pasadena Anthropology Blum,Edward Oakland Zeta Beta Tau Big Brothers Speech Bollard,Gary Inglewood Deutsch Hall Music Bonds,Paul Oakland Chi Psi Physiology Boatright,Dean Inglewood Phi Kappa Psi Political Science Bollier,Wendy San Francisco Alpha Delta Pi Oski Dolls Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society English Bonner,Barbara Los Angeles Alpha Phi Cal Prep AWS Tennis History Bonsall,Lin Pasadena Delta Gamma Social Science Bonura,Angele San Francisco Sigma Kappa Ski Club WAA Board University Art Museum Council World University Service Honor Students ' Society Art History Boone,Richard Walnut Creek Chi Psi History Boortz,Don Long Beach Political Science Boothe,Janis Los Gatos Cunningham Hall English Borelli,Lawrence San Francisco Yacht Club Biological Sciences Borg,Estelle Forest Hills,N.Y. Sociology Boucher,Teresa San Carlos Treble Clef Society Senior Manager English Boudett,Kathleen San Mateo Alpha Phi Humanities Bowes,Peter Lakewood Rally C omm. Geography Boyarsky,Jeffery Piedmont Alpha Epsilon Pi Sociology Boyd,Randy Westlake Kappa Alpha Skull and Keys Economics Brannigan,Joan San Francisco Cunningham Hall ISCN Blue and Gold Tower and Flame Gaelic League WAA English Brautigam,Patricia San Jose Alpha Omicron Pi President Oski Dolls Brick Muller Society Mortar Board Prytanean Gavel and Quill Economics Bray,Steve Dyess AFB,Texas Tau Kappa Epsilon Political Science Bridges,Hollon Orlando,Florida Phi Kappa Tau President Big C Society Varsity Baseball Asst. Freshman Baseball Coach Sociology Brigham,Dulcie Los Altos Biochemistry Brill,Janie Riverside International House Social Science Brinkley,Barbara San Francisco Kappa Delta WAA Treasurer Women ' s C Society Tennis Team Ski Club Art Brodkey,Bruce Omaha,Nebraska Alpha Epsilon Pi Young Democrats Economics Bronner,Jane Sacramento Kappa Alpha Theta Famacs Newman Club Design Bronner,Reginald Oakland Political Science Brow,Carole Travis APB Honors Society Geography Brown,Douglas Stevensville,Montana Tau Kappa Epsilon Young Democrats Political Science Brown,Faye Greenbrae Honor Students ' Society Slate Supplement Staff Young Democrats Political Science Brown,Lindsay Missoula,Montana Delta Delta Delta Daughters of Diana Social Science Brown,Michael Albuquerque, Deutsch Hall Golden Guard Zoology Brown,Ruth Cupertino Kappa Delta Treble Clef Society Head Star Project Design Bruce,Susan San Jose Biological Sciences Bruce,Thomas Berkeley Phi Sigma Kappa Varsity Gymnastics Honor Society Physics Bruno,Andrew San Jose Daily Cal Sigma Delta Chi Secretary Journalistic Studies Bryan,Jane Laguna Beach Delta Gamma Oski Dolls Cal Prep Little Sisters Theta Delta Chi Dean ' s List Speech Buckelew,Paul San Diego Independent Spanish Alpha Mu Gamma Buranabunpot,Pornpilai Thailand Independent Design Byrd,Laura New Orleans, La. Independent Political Science Buckovetz,Katherine Carmichael Independent Psychology Pre-Medical Society Burnett,Susan Chappaqua,N.Y. Biology Field Delta Delta Delta Cabell,Carol South San Francisco Independent Economics AWS Gamma Delta Epsilon Bulin,Marion San Francisco Art Pi Beta Phi Buttimer,Sharon Oakland Economics Kappa Delta Cady,William Washington, DC Independent History Head Yell Leader Megaphone Society Order of the Golden Bear Cabinet Bundschu,Susan Vineburg Psychology Pi Beta Phi Byers,Miriam San Rafael Independent Social Welfare Callahan,Nancy Coronado Independent English Diana Vendersloot History Orinda " Ideas, people, discussion, books, professors, politics, society—all these a part of me. " Calvert,Judith San Francisco Alpha Xi Delta Design Campagnoli,Joy San Francisco Gamma Phi Beta Political Science Campbell, Thomas Eureka Independent Biological Sciences Canterbury,Wayne Danville Independent Political Science SWOP Carlson,Cynthia Los Angeles Independent History Carr,Claudia Menlo Park Davidson Hall History Carr William Leawood,Kansas Phi Epsilon Pi Economics Calzia,Krystal Tulare Independent English Campbell,Michael Riverside Independent History Psychology Campos,Joseph Antioch Independent Bacteriology Carash,Karen Yuba City Independent Gamma Delta Epsilon UC Tutorial Social Welfare Carlyle,Victoria Lafayette Kappa Delta SWOP Newman Club IRB YWCA AIESEC Political Science Carr,Susan Fresno Independent Biological Science Caruso,Marlo Carmichael Independent Social Welfare Honor Students ' Society Casassa,Julie San Francisco Chi Omega Oski Dolls Prytanean History Case,Charlotte Wayzata,Minnesota Independent Comp. Lit. Cassettari,Anne Grass Valley Kappa Delta Political Science Caste l,Robert Oakland Independent Social Science Cavallo,Snadra Oakland Alpha Phi Social Science Ceccotti,Peter Sherman Oaks Independent Biochemistry Cecil,Susan Palo Alto Independent English Honor Society Cernigla,Angelina Berkeley French Cerri,Patricia Martinez Centurions Sigma Kappa History Cervantes, Linda King City Independent Social Science Chalmers,Jane La Jolla Independent Kappa Kappa Gamma (Colo.) English Chamberlain,William Northridge Cal Band Norton Hall Economics Chambers,Layton Los Angeles Independent History Chambers,Merle Winnetka,lll. Alpha Phi Political Science Chan,Adrienne International House Sociology Chan,Lori San Francisco Independent Design Chan,Suzanne Hong Kong Chinese Students Assoc. Honor Students ' Society Physiology Charney,John New York City Zeta Beta Tau Genetics Chartz,Jane San Mateo French Cheever,Edward Sacramento Tellefsen Hall Cal Band Order of the Golden Bear Political Science Chen,Eunice Honolulu,Hawaii Honor Students ' Society Independent History Cheng,Ming-Chu Hong Kong International House Music Childhouse,Holland Greenbrae Alpha Xi Delta Brick Muller Gavel Quill Cal Prep P P R Sociology Chinn,Oay El Cerrito Sociology Chisolm,Richard Atherton Delta Kappa Epsilon SWOP IFC Rep. UPB Blue Gold History Chlu,Kung San Francisco Biochemistry Chocholak,Barbara West Covina Sigma Kappa Spanish Christiansen,Richard Palo Alto Acacia Spanish Chun,Christine Honolulu,Hawaii Cheney Hall Chi nese Students ' Assoc. Honor Students ' Society Social Sciences Chun,Mary Union City Freeborn Hall Social Sciences Clark,Andora Santa Clara Davidson Hall Tower Flame Honor Students ' Society Biochemistry Clark,Frederick Huron Phi Kappa Sigma English Clark,Marjorie Sacramento Independent Ski Club Tower Flame Honor Students ' Society Art Clark,Peter Berkeley Sigma Phi Rugby Golden Guard Winged Helmet IFC History Clayton,Robert Merced Independent History Cline,Thomas Orinda Deutsch Hall Cal Prep Counselor Intramural Handball Tower Flame Honor Students ' Society Biochemistry Coane,Casey Redondo Beach Naval ROTC Masonic Club Independent Political Science Cobb,Erma San Francisco Independent Speech Coburn,Gary Pasadena Phi Sigma Kappa Baseball Big C Society Skull Keys Economics Cochran,Kathleen Santa Ana Vice President Alpha Gamma Delta Psychology Coffman,Judith Red Bluff Chi Omega Education Abroad 1966-7 Sociology Cohen,Henry Nashville,Tenn. Independent Psychology Colberg,Karen Stockton Delta Delta Delta Cal Prep Tutoring History Cole,Clarke Whittier Delta Upsilon Zoology Cole,Patricia Alameda English Comstock,Tim Sacramento Zeta Psi President Californians Brick Muller Skull Keys Winged Helmet History Cooper,Philip San Francisco Legion of Mary, Newman Hall Intramural Track Biological Sciences Cosby,Jonathan Berkeley Chi Phi Cal Camp History Coughlin,Timothy Oakland Theta Chi Glee Club Personnel Manager Alpha Mu Gamma Bacteriology Cox,Marlene Pacific Palisades Gamma Phi Beta Economics Crane,Marilyn Moraga Sigma Kappa Women ' s Rally Comm. Ex-Comm. Lifeguard Corps Cal Prep Yacht Club Political Science Colker,Gene San Diego Zeta Beta Tau English Constantine,Deborah Sacramento Delta Phi Epsilon Empire Builders Properties Dramatic Arts Coopersmith,Henry Piedmont Law Cosso,James Lafayette Phi Sigma Kappa Economics Coulter,Judy San Francisco Zeta Tau Alpha Tower ana Flame Social Science Coyl,Roberta Berkeley English Crawford,Geoffrey Berkeley Mathematics Collins,Constance San Francisco Pi Beta Phi Art History Coonerty,Cornelius Van Nuys English Corlett,Mary Berkeley Delta Gamma Daughters of Diana AOC Brick Muller Society Treble Clef Society Design Costa,Gregory San Jose Cal Camp History Cowart,James Castro Valley Delta Sigma Phi NROTC Quarterdeck Society Varsity Boxing Political Science Craigholm Jr, Ellsworth Orinda Zeta Psi Centurions Gavel and Quill Yacht Club Ski Club Tower and Flame Political Science Creighton,Richard Mill Valley Delta Upsilon Psychology Colvin,Susan San Francisco Centurions Honor Students ' Society Coop,Robert Phoenix, Arizona Californians President Centurions Gavel and Quill Big Game Concert Chairman Spring Sing Chairman Student Centennial Committee Political Science Cornwell,Catherine East Orange, N.J. Afro-American Student Union Honor Society Psychology Costello,John San Rafael Philosophy Cowett,Charles San Bernardino Tau Kappa Epsilon Political Science Craig,Ogden San Diego Sigma Alpha Epsilon Glee Club Manager Biology Crimmins,John San Diego Political Science Crisona,Nancy NewYork,N.Y. Zoolog y Cross,Robert Selma Chi Psi Freshman Tennis Brick Muller Student Intramural Advisory Board History Cullison,Gaye Sacramento Political Science Crosby,Meg Newport Beach Kappa Kappa Gamma EOP Tutor Prytanean Society Officer Women ' s J. Comm. Faculty Committee on Student Conduct English Preceptorial Program Cross,Stanley Menlo Park Honor Society Economics Cummings,Richard Moraga Alpha Kappa Lambda AIChE Chemical Engineering Cyr,Agnes Oakland Psychology Dake, Marc San Francisco Rugby Honor Students ' Society Zoology Dal Porto,James Berkeley Phi Kappa Sigma Economics Dalton,Sheila Riverside Sociology Davis,Judith Los Angeles History Davis,Kathleen San Carlos Alpha DeltaPi English Davis,Nancy San Francisco Alpha Chi Omega Angel Flight Mortar Board Psychology Davis,Stephen Santa Barbara Kappa Sigma Biological Science Deamer,Kathleen San Francisco Kappa Alpha Theta Sociology Deck,Elleen Santa Naria Ida Sproul Hall Hall Officers English Decker,Judith San Francisco Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sciences Dederer,James Hillsborough Political Science Degen,Carol Denver,Colorado Woman ' s Tennis Team Torch and Shield Delano,Erin Sacramento French Delany,Carole Sebastopol WAA Zoology Delucchi,Diane Piedmont Sigma Kappa Centurions Cercle Francais Humanities Deming,Shelagh Albany Rally Comm. WAA Brick Muller Panile French Demunck,Dgail Berkeley Sociology Dershewitz,Gail Beverly Hills U.C. Tutorial Sociology Dewey,Julia Sacramento Alpha Gamma Delta U.C. Tutorial Political Science Diamond,Candace Miami,Florida University Village Sociology Diamond Myra New York City Anthropology Dichter,Bruce Granada Hills Pre-Med Dickel,Jane Napa Chi Omega ASUC Arrangements Comm.,Panile, Prytanean Mortar Board Women ' s Rally Comm. Little Sisters of Minerva Dicmas,Carol Arcadia Spens-Black Hall UC Symphony Orchestra Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Linguistics Dillon,Michael Malibu Tau Kappa Epsilon Football IFC Rep. President,Fraternity Psychology DiPietro,Elaine Walnut Creek Freeborn Hall Political Science Dittman,Marian Redding Physical Education Dixon,Diana Berkeley YMCA YWCA Daily Cal Slate Union City Project Kroeber Anthro Society Dodge,Thomas Live Oak Psychology Domergue,Denise San Francisco Alpha Phi French Dizenfeld,Josie Canoga Park Brick Muller Social Welfare Doerflinger,Debra Atherton Kappa Alpha Theta Card Stunts California School for the Blind Tutoring History Donaldson,Shirley Oakland Honor Students ' Society Economics Donovan,Deanna Santa Maria Economics Drong,Michael Seattle,Washington ISCASP Chairman Physics Dunlap,Mary Napa Stern Hall Blue and Gold Panile Prytanean Psychology Durney,Kim Peidmont Kappa Kappa Gamma Panhellenic Board Social Science Edelheit,Joseph San Francisco Centurions President Debate Team Captain Pi Kappa Delta President Cal Prep Brick Muller Society Pi Lambda Phi Vice President Speech Elias,Betty Pasadena Kappa Kappa Gamma Union Program Board Cal Prep Cal in the Capitol Berkeley Centennial Fund History Ellsworth,James Honolulu,Hawaii Political Science Enright,Sharon San Francisco Delta Delta Delta SRV Tutoring English Etchison,Joanna Costa Mesa Art History Evart,Candace Healdsburg Kappa Kappa Gamma AWS Model Oski Dolls Panile Prytanean Cal Prep History Dove,Michael San Jose Golf Honor Society Economics Drury,Margaretta Sacramento Kappa Alpha Theta Art Dunn,Elizabeth Santa Maria Sigma Kappa English Dwyer,D.D. Stockton Pi Beta Phi Oski Dolls Women ' s J. Comm. Daughter of Diana Panile Panhellenic Woman of the Year Art Edlefsen,Karen Mountain View AWS Special Projects Chairman Prytanean SEFR Faculty Fellows Chairman Political Science Eliaser,Jerry San Francisco Bowles Hall Cal Band Senior Manager Order of the Golden Bear Phi Beta Kappa Mathematics Emami,Mahin Iran History of Art Ericson,Robert Oakland Rally Comm. Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Evans, Leigh Oakland Elections Council Tutorial Alpha Gamma Delta Alpha Mu Gamma French Everson,Joan San Anselmo Geography Drange,Stuart San Rafael Delta Tau Delta Rugby Soccer Dullum,Kathleen Orinda History Dupree,Kathryn Alameda Westminster House Pre-med Society Tower and Flame Alpha Gamma Sigma Bacteriology Dyer,Cynthia Soled ad Alpha Phi History Edson,Marjorie Berkeley Deutuher Verein Honor Society Phi Beta Kappa German Elliott,Karin Sierra Madre Chi Omega East Oakland Tutoring Project School Resource Volunteers Richmond Headstart Sociology Emery,Mary Concord Social Welfare Erlich,Howard Los Angeles Phi Epsilon Pi Political Science Evans,Neal Oakland Pi Kappa Phi Phi Beta Kappa Honor Students ' Society Physics Falk,Lin Reno,Nevada Alpha Epsilon Phi Cal in the Capitol UPB Public Affairs Comm. Political Science Drew,John London,England Kappa Alpha Freshman Crew Axe Review Greek Week Political Science Dunbar,Kathryn Orinda Pi Beta Phi History Durando,Paul Fresno Cal Band Rnr Band Gross National Product Leader History Dyer,Stephen Carmel Chi Phi Intramural Board NROTC Political Science Eisen,Steven Los Angeles Intramural Swimming UC Karate Club Economics Ellis,James Kensington Chi Phi Senior Class Yell Leader Oski Committee Centurions Cal Prep Golf Social Welfare Eng,Marilyn Oakland Bacteriology Eslinger,Larry Lafayette Sigma Phi Brick Muller Forestry Club Yacht Club Ski Club IFC Representative Biological Field Sciences Evans,Steven Daly City Phi Epsilon Pi Economics Faller,Rosemary Healdsburg Stern Hall Vice President Social Science Farley,Janet San Francisco Torch and Shield French Farrar,Chuck Santa Cruz Sigma Chi Intramurals Social Sciences Field Major Farrell,Alexander Diablo Chi Psi Lodge Social Sciences Field Major Fattarsi,Anthony Ontario Varsity Baseball Big C Society English Feldman,Gail Alpha Sigma Phi Political Science Felheim,Stephanie Palos Verdes Kapp a Delta President,Sorority Comparative Literature Ferber, Katherine Berkeley Elections Council Brick Muller Theta Sigma Phi Ferman,Gary New York City I RB,ASUC Cabinet Honor Students ' Society Political Science Fields,Enid Santa Barbara Psychology There is a divinity within all of us, something that Meister Eckhart called the " divine spark. " Many of us felt the power and meaning of that spark in 1964. Now it is 1968, and we may feel we have lost sight of our vision. But we have a much better chance than Meister Eckhart ever had in his society to realize the spark. By questioning everyone and everything, especially ourselves, we are learning to believe in ourselves and each other so that we can learn how to love. Brian Patrick McGuire History Berkeley Fong,Anthony Oakland Pi Alpha Phi Industrial Psychology Fong,James Berkeley Priestley Hall Daily Cal Photo Staff Blue and Gold Photographer Fong-Torres,Shirley Oakland Stebbins Hall Social Sciences Finn,Bonnie Sun land Daily Californian Theta Sigma Phi English Finn,Maureen North Hollywood Aigu illettes Bacteriology Finnie,Ressie Kansas City, Mo. History Firth,Robert Pomona Political Science Fisher,Lawrence Atherton Theta Chi KALX Honor Students Psychology Fisher,Richard Lafayette Delta Tau Delta V.P ., Californians Zoology Fishman,Bonnie Woodland Hills U.C. Tutorial, Cal. Prep Counselor Fogg,Angela San Diego Freeborn Hall Bacteriology Forney,Robert San Diego NROTC Quarterdeck Society Economics Fox,Angela Sunnyvale English Fox,Barbara San Francisco Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Sociology France,Barbara New Orleans, La. Bacteriology Francis,Lynne Los Altos Sociology Francis,Michele Monterey History Frank,Joanne Oakland Art Frankel,Ronnie PerthAmboy,N.J. Sociology Franzoia,John Sacramento Dean ' s List English Frater,Jack Kentfield Economics Frederickson,Marlys Richmond Social Science Free,Robert Vista Del Mesa Honor Students ' Society History Freeborg, Susan Lafayette Kappa Delta Rally Comm. Economics Freeman,Ellen Hartsdale,N.Y. Mathematics Freeman,Beth Woodlake History Friedman,Karen Portland,Oregon AWS Conference Comm. Prytanean Fritz,Evelyn Reedley Math Fry,Alfreda Mt. Eden Chi Omega AWS Cabinet Brick Muller Angel Flight Centurions Tower and Flame Political Science Fuchs,Barbara Pacific Palisades Women ' s Rally Comm. SRV Psychology Fujimoto,Evelyn Pasadena Latin Fuller,Paulette Sepulveda Sociology Fung,Cecilia Hong Kong Honor Students ' Society Physiology Furtado,Victoria San Leandro Computer Science Galanis,Susanna Belvedere Cheney Hall Fencing,Amigos Anonymous French Galovich,Dorothy Castro Valley Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Galvin,Harriett New Haven, Conn. Union Program Board West Oakland Project Prytanean Social Sciences Field Major Garbell,Ruth San Francisco Gavel and Quill Art and Dramatic Art Gardner,Susan San Mateo Pi Beta Phi Phi Chi Theta Economics Gassaway,Scott Los Altos History Gates,Ann Falls Church, Virginia History Gazarian,Beverly Oakland Treble Clef Society History George, Kathleen Watsonville Geography Gershenson,Sue Detroit,Mich. Cal Prep, Cal Camp Oski Dolls Brick Muller Panile Prytanean Society Mortar Board Psychology Gerston, Larry Los Angeles Debate Squad Political Science Gholson,Janis Pebble Beach Alpha Gamma Delta Social Chrmn. Young Republicans Kroeber Anthro Soc. Anthropology Giles,Kim Los Altos Alpha Phi Powder Puff Ski Club Design Gillanders,Georgine Redwood City Tutoring Honor Students ' Society Psychology Glasser,Margaret Eastchester,N.Y. Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Golden,King Chula Vista Bowles Hall Intramurals Tutorial Gottlieb,Mary Salinas Kappa Delta Political Science Graham,Kenneth Modesto USCA Member Biochemistry Cloyne Court Co-op Grant,Robert Oakland Delta Tau Delta Psychology Greenlees,John Oakland Economics Gillanders,William Redwood City Pre-Med Society Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Zoology Glover,Laurel San Francisco Physical Education Goncalves,Jean La Crescenta Kappa Delta Economics Gould,Barbara Whittier Social Science Graham,Marcia Lafayette Chi Omega Brick Muller Panhellenic French Grau,Dana Stockton Daily Californian Spring ' 68 Bus. Mgr. Psychology Griffin,Ann Albany K appa Kappa Gamma FAMACS Panhellenic Board Gilman,Cindy San Francisco Women ' s J. Comm. Mortar Board Goldberg,Barbara Rockville Centre,N.Y. Ski Club Yacht Club Headstart Volunteer Psychology Goodman,Barbara Berkeley Anthropology Graham,Cynthia Auburn Alpha Omicron Pi FAMACS, " Angels " Geography Gramatky,Mimi Berkeley Design Green,Linda Los Angeles Kappa Kappa Gamma Centurions History Griffith,Owen Lafayette Alpha Chi Sigma Biochemistry Glasgow, Linda Oakland Psychology Goldberg,Gail San Francisco Freeborn Hall Social Welfare Goodwin,Ronald Oakland Slavic Languages and Literatures Graham,Debra Monta Vista Daily Californian Theta Sigma Phi Journalistic Studies Gravata,Richard Burbank Football Skull and Keys Psi Upsilon Sociology Greenlee,David Pasadena Theta Delta Chi Californians ASUC Centennial Comm. English Griffith,Robert Long Beach History Grizzle,Carol Pasadena Unitas Dramatic Art Gross,Carole Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Social Science Grossman,Jane Minneapolis, Minnesota Alpha Epsilon Phi YWCA SRV Sociology Grossman,Ronald Beverly Hills Phi Kappa Sigma Humanities Hall,Diane Arcadia Gamma Phi Beta President Social Science Hampton,Steve Orinda Phi Kappa Psi Pre-Med Hardy,Pamela Porterville Political Science Harper,Jeffrey Honolulu,Hawaii Speech Harris,Linda San Diego English Harter,C. Merrilee Redwood City Oski Dolls Student Speakers ' Bureau History Gruberg,Deborah El Cerrito Dean ' s List Education Abroad-Padua Italian Hall,Robert Oakland Kappa Delta Rho Political Science Hanley,Eloise Berkeley Political Science Hargrove,June Salt Lake City, Alpha Omicron Pi Pan Hellenic J. Comm. Art History Harrington,Jane San Anselmo Alpha Gamma Delta Social Science Harris,Miriam Berkeley Psychology Hartman,Mary Eureka Kappa Delta Repertory Chorus Humanities Hagmann,Ruta Orinda Delta Gamma AWS Models Design Hamilton,George Lubbock,Texas Delta Chi Cal Prep ASP Physics Hanson,Cynthia Rolling Hills Delta Gamma Fashion Board Sophomore Sweethearts Phidelphians Tutorial Project Social Science Harkness,Stanley Lodi Theta Chi Psychology Harris,David La Mesa Hillel Psychology Harris,Sandra Oakland Zeta Tau Alpha Welcome to Berkeley Comm. Hiking Club Honor Students ' Society Zoology Harvey,Catherine Oakland Delta Gamma History Hailer,Harvey San Jose Alpha Phi Omega Honor Society Biological Sciences Hammond,Andrea Berkeley Gamma Phi Beta Card Stunts Cal Prep Mortar Board Panile Honor Society Biological Sciences Hanson,John Piedmont Zeta Psi Skull and Keys Winged Helmet Economics Harnett,Kathleen Orinda Panile English Harris,Elisabeth Palm Springs Alpha Chi Omega AWS Model Tower and Flame Political Science Hartenfeld,Ellen Fremont Chi Omega Angel Flight Geography Harvey,Stefan Pasadena Delta Delta Delta President Oski Dolls Torch and Shield J. Comm. Hishimoto,Amy San Leandro Psychology Hawkey,Jean Montebello Ida Sproul Hall English Hawkins,Barbara Yakima, Washington Alpha Chi Omega Social Science Hayburn,Marsha Danville Alpha Delta Pi Little Sister of Minerva Social Science Hayes,James Whittier Sigma Nu History Haynes,Peter Sherman Oaks Alpha Chi Rho President SDS Sociology Heald,Robert Berkeley Rifle Team Economics Heald,Sheryl Berkeley Tower and Flame History Heath,Marty Oakland Alpha Phi French Heikkila,Curtis Vallejo Phi Kappa Sigma Politi cal Science Hellam,Marcia Carmel English Heiman,Sandy Antioch WAA Honor Students ' Society Psychology Helisten,Carman Ukiah Zoology Heller,Carol Gardena Anthropology Helzel,Lawrence Oakland History Henderson,Richard Novato Political Science John C. Wagner English Livermore " I ' ve spent the last four years preparing for something perhaps in another four I ' ll find out what it is. " Henderson,Susan Kertfield Chi Omega Aiguillettes Centurions English Hennessy,Marjorie Berkeley Alpha Delta Pi AWS Model Oski Doll Social Science Henry,Carol Sunnyvale Psychology Herbert,Brian San Anselmo Sociology Herbert,Jon Los Angeles Physics Herkus,Jill Los Angeles Alpha Gamma Delta Gamma Delta Epsilon Cowell Hospital Volunteer Anthropology Herr,John San Clemente Blue and Gold Psychology Hilgendorf, Lynn Pleasant Hill Alpha Chi Omega Rally Comm. Hirata,Norman San Diego Cal Prep Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Sociology Ho, Lester San Francisco Putnam Hall Tennis Team Biochemistry Hofeld,Donna Los Angeles Ridge Project Radio KAL Hooper,Catharine Piedmont Kappa Alpha Theta Oski Dolls French Horn,Stacia San Francisco Alpha Delta Pi Cal Prep Tennis Club Centurions Brick Muller Little Sisters of the Golden Guard History Hough,Randall Stockton Young Republicans California College Republicans Chess Club Political Science Hoye,Shirley El Cerrito Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Physiology Hughes,Robert Los Altos Psychology Hulmer,Marilyn Napa Cardinal Newman Club Psychology Hershenow,Peggy Mountain View Gamma Phi Beta Student Resource Volunteer Sociology Hill,Wendy Studio City Kappa Alpha Theta Volleyball Angel Flight History Hirayama,Richard San Francisco Student Resource Volunteers Tower and Flame Honor Society Economics Hodson,Carole San Mateo Beaudelaire Club Student Health Services Comm. Chairman Bacteriology Hoffman, Karen Richmond Kappa Delta Axe Revue Political Science Horacek,Kenton Los Angeles Alpha Tau Omega Honor Students ' Society Social Sciences Horowitz,Linda Portland,Oregon Delta Phi Epsilon Treasurer Speech Howe,Catherine Altadena Aiguillettes Stiles Union City Project Social Science Hoyer,Roy Orinda Education Abroad Program Deutcher Verein UC Tutorial Project Tower and Flame Honor Society History Hui,Paul Alameda Biological Science Hummel,Kathryn Los Angeles Psychology Heumann,Edith Berkeley German Comparative Literature Himoritz,Roger Hanford Political Science Hird,April Atherton Comparative Literature Hoeschler,Parki San Rafael Alpha Chi Omega Brick Muller Rally Comm. Angel Flight Theta Delta Chi Sister Star Centurions Anthropology Honig,Madalyn Los Angeles Bayview Terrace Mission Community Project Pi Gamma Mu Horn,Carolyn San Francisco Barrington Hall English Hoskins,Barbie Piedmont Kappa Alpha Theta ASUC Cabinet AWS President Centennial Student Committee Prytanean Economics Howe,Marilyn Arcadia Delta Gamma Daughters of Diana Psychology Hubenette,Toni San Francisco Kappa Kappa Gamma Mathematics Hull,William Caldwell,l daho Phi Kappa Psi Californians Cal in the Capitol Political Science Hunter,Jerald San Jose Honor Society Economics Hurlimann,Milly Oakland Comparative Literature Hyman,Machael Piedmont Quarterdeck Society 67-68 Sextant Editor Ice,Diana Burlingame Ida Sproul Hall Honor Students ' Society Geography Ingmire,Wanda Albany French Lakeport Alpha Chi Omega Political Science Jacobel,Bob Anaheim Physics Jacobson,Richard Pen ry n Political Science Janes,Clifford Pasadena Psychology Jay,Madeline Hong Kong Geography Johnson,Brann Los Angeles Wrestling Lacrosse Geology Johnson,Cynthia Roseville Social Science Jones, Lawrence Malibu Economics Jones,Thomes Santa Monica Physics and Math Phyllis San Mateo Social Sciences San Dieto Sociology Isaacson,Marvin Pasadena Honor Students ' Society History Jacobsen,Thomas Scottsdale, Arizona Bavarian Illuminati History Honors Program History James,William Burlingame Political Science Janowitz, Maxine New York English Jen, Loretta San Francisco Comparative Literature Johnson,Carolyn Berkeley Sociology Berkeley Honor Students ' Society Social Sciences Jones,Lynn Colma Sherman Hall History Joyce,Peter Palos Verdes Pre-Med Society Dean ' s Honor List Zoology Ross Kappa Alpha History Irving,Sandra Medford, Ore. History Iyama,Penelope Sausalito GDE Art History Jacobson,Diane Roseville Social Science Jamin,Denise Berkeley Biochemistry Jarvis,James Sierra Madre Elections Comm. Golden Guard Geography Kappa Delta Rho Jensen,James Buffalo, N.Y. History Johnson,Claudia Great Falls,Montana Alpha Chi Omega Psychology Johnsan,Judith Vallejo Kappa Delta Design Jones,Robert Berkeley Pre-Med Society Zoology Joye,James Auburn Intramurals Zoology Julien,Karen Hacienda Heights Sociology Jurgens,Barbara Palos Verdes Communications and Public Policy Juster,Richard Wantagh,N.Y. Phi Epsilon Pi Physics Kaiser,Jack San Francisco Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Students ' Society Political Science Kavanagh,Michael Fresno Channing House History Kee,Daniel San Francisco Ski Club Psychology Kellogg,Judith Berkeley Comparative Literature Kelner,Marianne San Luis Obispo English Kibler,April Napa Beaudeaire Zoology Kiyoi,Marlene Modesto Nisei Club Bacteriology Klemtner,Adean Palos Verdes Tenants ' Union Sociology Klugman,Dina Oakland Tutorial GDE Comparative Literature Kohl,Katherine San Jose Stern Hall Social Science Kagan,Cecilia Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon, President Cal Prep History Kalinovsky,Tania Palo Alto Honor Society Bacteriology Kay Alan Lubbock,Texas Tennis Sociology Keith,Joyce La Mesa Alpha Xi Delta Math Kellum,Reginald Berkeley AASU Sociology Kempner,Joyce Santa Monica Political Science Killebrew,Gail Oakland Drama Kizziah,Carol Los Angeles Delta Gammea Italian Kliewer,Kaye Tulare Blue and Gold Editor, Penile, Prytanean, Family Day Chrmn., Theta Sigma Phi, Public Ceremonies Comm., Tutorial, English Knight,Janeen El Cerrito Delta Gamma Brick Muller Daughters of Diana Honor Students ' Societ Political Science Kojaku,Lawrence Los Angeles Phi Eta Sigma Honor Students ' Society Alpha Mu Gamma English Kaggerud,Kay Modesto Living group President,J-Comm. Communications and Public Policy Kanno,Lillian San Mateo Honor Students ' Society Spanish Kay,Vicki Pacific Palisades Alpha Omicron Pi Daughters of Diana Social Welfare Kelley,Antonia Long Beach Tutorial Social Welfare Kelly,Darcy Kentfield Alpha Delta Pi Social Sciences Field Major Kenney,Lawrence San Francisco Californians Political Science Kindt,Dana Oakland Alpha Chi Omega Sigma Nu Little Sisters, Golden Guard Centennial Club Political Science Klein,James Los Angeles Rally and Games Oski Comm. Chrmn. Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Students ' Society Political Science Klingner,Donald Belmont Phi Beta Kappa Political Science Knisely,Melanie Sacramento Cunningham Hall Plymouth House Political Science and German Koons,Barbara Greenbrae Pi Beta Phi, President Little Sisters of the Golden Guard Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Kahn,Robert Dallas,Texas Psychology Karowsky,Jan Greeley,Colo. Public Affairs Comm., UPB Political Science Keachie,Douglas Berkeley Tutorial Peace and Freedom FSM, VDC Kelley,Wanda Albany Centurions Ski Club Pre-Med Society Tower and Flame Zoology Kelly,John San Francisco Kappa Alpha Psychology Kerker, Katherine Torrance Physiology Club Honor Students ' Society Physiology Kirschner,Janis Los Angeles Alpha Xi Delta Social Science Field Major Klement,Timothy Berkeley IFC President Physiology Klisura,Janet San Francisco Kappa Delta Sweethearts of Theta Chi Political Science Knudsen,Barrett Van Nuys Univ. Students Co-op Association Economics Korn,Howard Los Angeles Phi Epsilon Pi Oski Comm. Honor Students ' Society Psychology Kornberg,Steven A. Berkeley Kappa Delta Rho Social Science Kramer,Ann Los Angeles Cal Tutorial Sociology Kucera,Katharine Lake Tahoe English Kutz,Robert Chico Alpha Sigma Phi Rally Comm. Centurions History La Pointe,Richard Concord Men ' s J. Comm. Varsity Soccer Alpha Gamma Sigma Deseret Club LDSSA Regional President Dean ' s Honor Roll Latin American History Lattin,William Richland,Washington Eta Kappa Nu UCSEE Electrical Engineering Lazarus,Stephen Washington DC Zoology Lee,Cynthia Honolulu Hawaii Honor Students ' Society Mathematics Lee,Laurel San Mateo Genetics Lemkau,Robert San Leandro Cal Prep Political Science Leroe,Jane East Orange, New Jersey Cal Prep Honor Society History Kosel,Cathie Berkeley English Kramer,Robert Berkeley Economics Kuda,Aileen Los Angeles Zoology Lacey,Douglas Arcadia Honor Students ' Society Latin, Greek La Rue,Annette Berkeley Kappa Alpha Theta Art History Laub,James Sunnyvale Centurions Physics Leavens,William West Orange, New Jersey Chi Psi Secretary Golden Guard Treasurer Economics Lee,Donna Carmel Delta Gamma Sociology Lee,Phyllis Sacramento Stern Hall CSC Biological Sciences Lemus,Roberto Ocotepeque,Hondura Telluride House CCPA Circolo Italiano Dramatic Art Lester,Carol El Cerrito Tower and Flame Honor Society German Kosel,Janice Berkeley Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Krohn,Lynn Phoenix,Arizona Gamma Phi Beta Cal Prep AWS Social Committee Honor Society Tower and Flame YWCA Volunteer Psychology Kung,Yulanda El Cerrito Tower and Flame CSA Honor Students ' Society Cercle Francais French Lakey,Paula San Bernardino Ida Sproul Hall English Lasagna,Michele Alamo Social Sciences Lawson,Donna Vallejo Dean ' s List English Ledford,George Torrance Griffiths Hall Freshman Cross Country Freshman Track Statistics Lee,Elizabeth San Francisco Zeta Tau Alpha Aiguillettes Political Science Lee,Sylvia Berkeley UCYC CI Psychology Lenox, Linda Troy,Ohio Delta Zeta History Levand,Amalia Los Angeles Art Koser,Susan Albany Ridge Project Pelican Honor Society Centurions Psychology Kronke,Judith Moraga Kappa Delta WAA Collegians Zoology Kutcher,Elaine Woodland Hills Social Welfare Landberg,Rosabel Seattle,Washington Psychology Latta,John Pacific Palisades Westminster House Tutorial Project Pre-Med Society Biochemistry Lawson,Robert Vallejo Daily Cal Intramural Softball History Lee,Cheryl Salem,Oregon Political Science Lee,Lan Hing Hong Kong Cheney Hall Bacteriology Lee,Yvonne Hong Kong CSA Design Lerner,Marsha San Francisco Tower and Flame Social Sciences Levin,Mary San Jose History Levinger,Merri-Jo Sioux Falls, South Dakota Women ' s Rally Comm. Brick Muller Society Phi Chi Theta Economics Levy,Keith Tarzana ASUC Senator Radio KALX UC Yacht Club West Oakland Project Lew,Sandra Campbell School Resource Volunteer History Design Lewis,Dorothy Buffalo,New York History Lewis,Lawrence Seal Beach,California Cal Prep Honor Students ' Society Education Abroad Freshman Track History Li,Jean Berkeley Sociology Liang,Noel Richmond Baptist Student Center Honor Society Chine. Harmonica Band University Chorus University Repertory Chorus Music Lichty,Frederick Monterey Rally Comm. Gavel and Quill Junior Class President P PR Chairman Journa listic Studies Lightner,Diane San Mateo Ida Sproul Hall Vice President History Lindsey,Joyce Whittier Varsity Debate Team Pre-Legal Students Association Student-Faculty Relations Board History Lines,Gregory St. Helena Geology Club Geology Lippert,Raymond New York,New York Glee Club Pre-Med Society History Litton,Nancy Downey English Locher,Roberta Sacramento Wesley Foundation Kappa Phi Humanities Loeb,David Los Angeles Honor Students ' Society Cal in the Capitol Cal Prep Social Science Lopez,Joanne San Francisco Honor Students ' Society History Louie,Lorraine Oakland CSC CSA Blue and Gold Dance Production Women ' s Riflery AWS Model History Luce,Cheryl Ukiah English Lum,Owen Honolulu,Hawaii Dean ' s List Hon or Society Psychology Lunt,Gregory San Jose Pi Kappa Phi History Lurie Jr., Bertrand San Francisco Rally Comm. Blue and Gold Political Science Lurmann,Susan Hillsburough Pi Beta Phi Treasurer Honor Students ' Society National Poli Sci Honorary Political Science Ma,Rose-Marie Monrovia,Liberia Treble Clef Society Physiology Macarthur,Marcia Berkeley Dean ' s List English MacDonald,Lynn Glendale Honor Students ' Society French Mack,Gregory Berkeley SPAC Free Church Psychology MacLean,Ethel Napa Beaudelaire President Honor Society Psychology MacMillan,Harriet San Francisco Elizabeth Barrett Cal Club Prytanean President Art History Madden,Deeanne San Diego Delta Delta Delta Vice President Freshman Class Secretary-treasurer Daughters of Diana Prytanean Cal Club Sociology Maddigan,Richard Berkeley Arnold Air Society Commander Forensics Team, Captain Political Science Mahon,Denise Oakland Sigma Kappa Social Science Malachowski,Michael Los Altos Tau Kappa Epsilon Judo Club Ski Club Physics Mammon,Rebecca Oakland Social Science Manheim,Karen Fresno Gamma Phi Beta Political Science Manning,Susan Menlo Park Kappa Alpha Theta Cal in the Capitol Honor Society Social Science Mansfield,Merrily Los Altos Sociology Mar,Dennis Sunnyvale Daily Cal Mathematics Marcacci,Thomas Napa Phi Epsilon Pi Economics Marcus,Helen Los Angeles Theta Sigma Phi Prytanean DC Ad and Business Manager Pub Board UPB Publicity Chairman International Travel Club French Marks,Carole Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Psychology Marrah,Frederick Sacramento Sigma Phi Epsilon English Marron,Linda Poway Stiles Hall Union City Project Spanish Marshall,Pamela La Jolla Social Welfare Martenyi,Georgia San Francisco Kappa Alpha Theta Physiology Martin,Cheryl Petaluma Delta Delta Delta Sociology Massen,Mark Norwalk Independent Physics Masuoka,Charlotte Arlington,Va. WAA Independent Computer Science Matsui,Dale Piedmont Kappa Alpha Theta AWS Board Sorority Rep. Little Sisters of Phi Kappa Sigma Panhellenic Oski Dolls Prytanean Political Science Matsumoto,Clyde Los Angeles Pi Alpha Phi Cal Band Centurions Chmn. Elections Cou ncil Political Science Maxwell,Mary Hillsborough Pi Beta Phi Ski Club Spanish May,Ann Oakland Kappa Alpha Theta English Mayer,Virginia San Mateo Kappa Alpha Theta Humanities McAdam,James North Hollywood Psi Upsilon Californians Skull Keys Political Science McCarty,Mary Sacramento Delta Delta Delta Panhellenic Political Science McDermott,PauI Canoga Park Independent Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies Latin McHugh,Heidi Palo Alto Kappa Alpha Theta Zoology McKinley,William San Marino Psi Upsilon Skull Keys Economics McMeans,Julia Walnut Creek Independent Political Science Mendelson,Beverley Sacramento Cheney Hall English Meyers,Sue Los Angeles Alpha Omicron Pi Political Science Miller,Christine Santa Ana Alpha Chi Omega UPB Biochemistry Miller,T.Halstead Sunnyvale Theta Chi Economics Minkow,Roger Roslyn,N.Y. Independent Tower Flame Honor Students ' Society Scandinavian McConaughy,Robert Lafayette Delta Tau Delta Californians Skull Keys Pre-Med Society English McFarling,Mary Ukiah Independent History McKay,Maryann San Mateo Freeborn Hall Latin American Studies McKinstry,Molly Riverside Zeta Tau Alpha English Megna,Donald San Jose Independent Varsity Swimming Intramural Boxing Champ History Merchant,Elizabeth Pasadena Kappa Kappa Gamma SWOP Oski Dolls Psychology Michaels,Anne Los Angeles Independent History Miller,Jay Palm Springs Acacia Californians Centurions Gavel Quill Chmn, Rally Comm. President Deutsch Hall Mills,Ronald Los Banos Independent Zoology Minkwitz,Peter San Francisco Independent Varsity Fencing Sailing Club, Fencing Club Pre-Law Society Honor Students ' Society Sociology McCord,Marian Pasadena Kappa Kappa Gamma Oski Dolls Penile Prytanean President Kappa Kappa Gam ma Social Science McGee,Terence Petaluma Independent Physiology McKinley,Mary Fresno Phi Mu English McLaughlin,Corrinne North Hollywood Independent Political Science Melincoe,Alan Walnut Creek Phi Kappa Tau Centurions Cal Prep Counselor Pm-legal Society Political Society Mendelson, Karen Berkeley Independent Kappa Delta Honor Students ' Society Biological Science Micossi,Anita Redwood City Independent Treble Clef Sociology Miller,Judy Sherman Oaks Independent Art History Millsap,Robert Woodland Independent Histor y Mitchell,Michael Sacramento Deutsch Hall Honor Students ' Society Music McDaniel,Marrianne Oakland Sigma Kappa Treble Clef Tower Flame Education Abroad Bordeaux History French McGinty,Ellen San Francisco Independent Oski Dolls UPB Penile American Studies McKinley,Michael Azusa Alpha Sigma Phi Zoology McLean,Joan San Marino Alpha Chi Omega Art Meltesen,Gayle San Francisco Mitchell Hall Mathematics Mermel,Jansuz Lakewood Bowles Hall Economics Mikele ns,Peter Berkeley Independent U.C. Yacht Club Bacteriology Miller,R. Terry Los Altos Delta Tau Delta Winged Helmet Varsity Waterpolo History Minahen,Charles Stockton Independent Student Orientation Service Collegian Singers Honor Roll French Honors Program EAP Bordeaux Miyamura,Ronald Pen ryn Independent History Mock,Renita San Francisco Stern Hall Anthropology Mohr,Sharon Bakersfield Independent English Mohrhardt,Catherine Cazadero Independent SRU UCT Honor Students ' Society Social Science Molmen,William Salinas Alpha Delta Phi Cal Prep Counselor Glee Club Senior Men ' s Octet Honor Students ' Society Economics Monaghan,Susan Vallejo Alpha Chi Omega Bacteriology Monteverdi,John San Francisco Griffiths Hall California College Republicans U.C. Geology Club Newman Club Geology Montegomery,Howard Burlingame Independent N.R.O.T.C. Ski Club Masonic Club Political Science Moon,Carol Fresno Social Science Field Major Moordigian,Nancy Sylmar Independent English Moore,Cissy Berkeley Kappa Kappa Gamma Tennis Team M.R. Gallagher Art History Moore,Stephen Long Beach Sigma Nu Economics Moore,Susan Stockton Sigma Kappa Social Welfare Moorehead,Marian Penngrove Independent P resident S pens-Black Hall Penile French Moran,Sue San Dimas Stern Hall Blue Gold Tower and Flame Italian More,Frances La Canada Independent Psychology Moraland,Diane Santa Clara Independent Orientations Board Chmn. Cal Club Torch Shield Centurions Prytanean Political Science Morganti,Joseph Los Angeles Independent Honor Students ' Society History Morris,Elsa San Pedro Stiles Hall Volunteer International House Education Abroad Program Sociology Morris,Margaret Los Altos Alpha Gamma Delta English Morris,Teri Orinda Zeta Tau Alpha Brick Muller AWS Oski Dolls Panhellenic Penile Spanish Morrison,Melodye Berkeley Independent Social Science Morrow,Carole Walnut Creek Alpha Chi Omega Centurions AIESEC Model U.N. Organizing Comm. Social Science Morthland,Judith San Bernadino Independent Social Science Moshiri,Lili Iran Gamma Phi Beta Economics Moy,Sharon San Francisco Independent Chinese Students ' Club Sociology Mulford,Donna Piedmont Kappa Alpha Theta Social Science Mulholland,Roger Walnut Creek Zeta Psi Golden Guard Speaker ' s Bureau History Munro,J. Randal North Hollywood Zeta Psi History Munoz,Peter Hollister Independent Rally Comm. Cal Prep Order of the Golden Bear Golden Guard History Murphy,Ma rk San Francisco Independent English Murray,James Laguna Beach Frosh Track Phi Sigma Kappa Geology Musser,Wayne Petaluma President Bowles Hall Bowles Hall Zoology Nachbauer,Thomas Vallejo Deutsch Hall Newman Club Health Services Committee Physiology Nakamura,Pearl Woodland Independent Nisei Students ' Club Mathematics Nakasone,Patricia Hilo,Hawaii International House Forum Internationale Mathematics Naktin,Judith Los Angeles Independent Radio Kal Sociology Namsirichai,Mary Bangkok,Thailand Independent Bactriology Napoli,Patricia Anaheim Delta Gamma Tutorial History Naruo,Gail Oakland Independent Mathematics Nathanson,Rozanne Oakland Independent Design Nelson,Darby Monterey Chi Omega Cal Camp Counselor Blue Gold Gamma Delta Epsilon Social Science Nelson,Patricia San Fernando Gamma Phi Beta Phidelphians AWS Model Honor Students ' Society French Nelson,Sally San Rafael Phi Mu Gamma Delta Epsilon French Neri,Kathryn Sunnyvale Zeta Tau Alpha SOS Women ' s Rally Comm. Penile Prytanean Blue Gold Biological Science Nesbitt,Kasee Long Beach Alpha Gamma Delta Political Science Neybauer,Ronald New York City Independent Mathematics Newmark,Warren Los Angeles Tau Kappa Epsilon Skull Keys Political Science Nichols,Susan Arroyo Grande Gamma Phi Beta History Nip,Renton Hilo,Hawaii Independent Senator-at-large Cabinet Delta Phi Epsilon Political Science Neumann,Gail Belmont Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Economics Newton,Patricia Santa Barbara Kappa Kappa Gamma Cal-in-the-Capitol Torch Shield Art Nielsen,Carla Santa Barbara Alpha Gamma Delta Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science History Nishimoto,Judith Los Angeles Independent Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Social Science Newman,Pamela Los Altos Independent Education Abroad Gottingen German Club Tower and Flame German Nicholas,Susan San Francisco Independent Social Welfare Nielsen,Rosemary Bronxville,N.Y. Independent Oski Dolls Art Nissen,Karen Belmont Independent Anthropology Noji,Carol Oakland Alpha Gamma Delta Oski Dolls Brick Muller, AWS Panhellenic President Prytanean Economics Nolen,Antoinette Santa Maria Alpha Xi Delta Blue and Gold Tower and Flame History Noonan,Claire Culver City Kappa Kappa Gamma Humanities Norton,Donna Felton Independent Alpha Delta Pi Sociology Art Norton,Nancy Lafayette Alpha Phi University Chorus Honor Students ' Society Social Welfare Norwood,Dorothy Oakland Independent Vice President Delta Sigma Theta Honor Students ' Society Social Science Novak,Cathryn Los Angeles Independent Mortar Board YWCA Cabinet Tour Guide Communications and Public Policy Nozaki,Kenneth Palo Alto Independent Intermurals Arnold Air Society Air Force ROTC Chemistry Nuccio,Penelope Pleasant Hill Independent Spanish O ' Brien,Anna CamdenSouth Carolina Independent Art Odom,Sallie Redwood City Ida Sproul Hall English Oish Gordon Richmond Independent Psychology Olmos,Mario Kingsburg Deutsch Hall Economics O ' Loughlin,Masefield St. Kitts,West Indies Independent Judo Basketball Cricket International Club People to People Club Social Science Olson,Lyric Des Plaines,III. Independent English O ' Meara,Kathleen San Francisco Independent Mathematics O ' Neil,Jack Palos Verdes Estates Independent Political Science Oppido,Michael Santa Cruz Sigma Phi Epsilon Biochemistry Orzilli,Sheryl Vallejo Alpha Gamma Delta Design Osajima,Glenn Los Angeles Independent Economics O ' Shea,Daniel Richmond Independent Sociology Ossias,Cheryl Los Angeles Independent U.C. Tutorial Amigos ' 67 Social Science Paganini,Marlene San Francisco Independent Sociology Panick,Merle San Jose Delta Phi Epsilon AWS Brick Muller Panhellenic Tower and Flame History Parker,Suzanne Los Angeles Independent History Paulsen,Carol Alameda Delta Zeta Welcome to Berkeley Anthropology Pedersen,Carol Mountain View Cheney Hall Cal Prep Counselor Tennis Sigma Delta Pi Spanish Ostrom,Karen Kingsburg Independent SRV Design Paikow,Anna Los Angeles Independent Political Science Papike,Cheri El Cajon Independent Physical Education Parsons,Jean Culver City Independent Tower and Flame Biological Sciences PearI,Pamela Davis Westminster House Cal Camp Textile Design Pelmas,Nancy Antioch Independent Social Science Pace,Cathlyn Fresno Gamma Phi Beta Powder Puff Football Oski Dolls Social Science Palmer,Jeffrey Pasadena Chi Phi Crew Skull Keys Big C Society Geography Parce,Donald Orinda Sigma Nu Megaphone Society Frosh Golf Team Computer Science Passin,Steven North Hollywood Delta Sigma Phi N.R.O.T.C. Social Sciences Pearson,Neal Moraga Sigma Alpha Epsilon Varsity Golf Big C Society Zoology Penfil,Joyce Los Angeles Independent Honor Students ' Society History Packwood,Timothy Oceanside Peixotto Hall Anthropology Pan,Dawning Hong Kong Physics Parce,Joan Salinas Independent Tower and Flame English Patton, Katherine Menlo Park Alpha Gamma Delta President Sociology Peat,Cynthia Hayward Zeta Tau Alpha Welcome to Berkeley Anthropology Penner,Richard Thousands Oaks Independent Student Director Cal Band Order of the Golden Bear Music Perlis,Judith San Francisco Delta Zeta Aiguilettes Social Science Peterson,Richard Alameda Independent Zoology Phillips,Christine Berkeley Alpha Phi Treble Clef Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Biochemistry Plowman,Karen Lodi Sigma Kappa Women ' s Rally Comm. English Powers,Madelon Davis Independent Philosophy Quezada,Ruth Hayward Beta Sigma Phi Social Sciences Ramos,Dennis Porterville Independent Chemistry Ratliff,Jean San Bernadino Independent Cal Prep Counselor Vice President Spens Black President SRV Speech Rawlins,Gay San Francisco Kappa Kappa Gamma Humanities Reitmeier,Carol Belmont Colonial Hall French Peters,Nancy San Francisco Independent Prytanean History Pettitt,Diane Fresno Chi Omega SWOP History Phillips,Eric San Rafael Bowles Hall Biological Sciences Pomeroy,Pamela Berkeley Independent Blue and Gold Cabaret Comm. Theta Sigma Phi President Prahser,Marie Stockton Alpha Xi Delta Brick Muller SRV Tower and Flame Social Welfare Quiroga,Gustavo Bolivia Mechanical Engineering Rampino,Norma Concord Independent Mathematics Rathbun,Suzanne Riverside Independent Oski Dolls English Reber,Janice El Cerrito Chi Omega Powder Puff Football Brick Muller Little Sister of Golden Guard Political Science Relat,Carol Sacramento Independent Computer Science Peterson,Jennifer Long Beach Chi Omega AWS Model Brick Muller SRV U.C. Chorus Humanities Pettus,David San Francisco Zeta Psi History Pick,Marilyn Kensington Independent SWOP Geography Poon,Laurence San Francisco Norton Hall Zoology Prevost,Jeffrey Oakland Phi Kappa Sigma Cal Band Straw Hat Band IFC Executive Comm. Tower and Flame Political Science Raap,Sherri F remont Delta Gamma Oski Dolls Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sisters Communications and Public Policy Randolph,Jennifer Saratoga Independent Physiology Rau,Mary Fresno Independent Anthropology Reeder,Jeffrey Santa Clara Sigma Alpha Epsilon Waterpolo Swimming Economics Rianda,Bruce San Francisco Kappa Delta Rho Intramurals Anthropology Peterson,John Riverside Sigma Chi Senate Rugby Skull Keys Speech Philipson,David Pasadena History Platzek,Michele Whittier Pi Beta Phi UPB Intramurals French Powell,Robert Stockton Theta Delta Chi Golf Big C Society Political Science Pritchard,John San Rafael Kappa Delta Rho Computer Sciences Rafanelli,Pamela Santa Rosa Independent Alpha Delta Pi Tower and Flame American History Rasmussen,Richard Red Bluff Kappa Alpha Californians Cal Prep IFC Executive Comm. Journalistic Studies Raubitschek,Marita Palo Alto Independent Slavic Languages and Literature Reese,Benjamin Hayward Alpha Kappa Lambda Megaphone Golden Guard Weightlifting Club History Rice,Lois Gilroy Alpha Phi Political Science Rice,Mary San Bernadino Independent Little Sisters of Minerva Humanities Richards,Sharon Orinda Delta Zeta University Chorus English Richards,Susan Berkeley Chi Omega Women ' s Rally Comm. U.C. Yacht Club Anthropology Richardson, Kennedy San Francisco Tau Kappa Epsilon Political Science Riemer,Therese Washington,D.C. Kappa Alpha Theta Art History Reiner,Fred Evanston,III. Independent Chmn., SERRB Cabinet Finance Committee Varsity Forensics California Club English Reiner,Ralph Fresno Independent Biological Sciences Reinsch,James Pacific Palisades Chi Psi Anthropology Rindge,Barbara Teaneck,New Jersey Prytanean Honor Students ' Society Zoology Ripely,Barbara Vista Independent Political Science Robbins,Susan Atherton Alpha Gamma Delta Comparative Literature Roberts,Carter Berkeley Independent University Chorus Geology Club Geology Robertson,Judith Atherton U.C. Yacht Club SRV Anthropology Robinson,Janet San Francisco Independent History Roby,Vicki Porterville Kappa Kappa Gamma Intramural Union City Program Spanish Rodgers,Linda Santa Cruz Independent Latin American Studies Rogers,Evelyn Berkeley Independent Political Science Rodhe,Sandra Petaluma Kappa Delta History Rose,Nancy Carmichael Independent Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Economics Roseberry,James Chico Lambda Chi Alpha Tutorial Project History Rosenberg,Nancy Milwaukee,Wisconsin Independent AWS Model Women ' s Rally Comm. Alpha Epsilon Phi Blue Gold Art History Rosenthal,Daniel Los Angeles Chi Psi IFC Ex. Comm. History Rosenthal,Jon Los Angeles Chi Psi Economics Ross,Barbara Bra nswick,Maine Independent History Ross,Donald Los Altos ASUC Senator Alpha Phi Omega Order of the Golden Bear Political Science Roth,Michaele Chico Alpha Phi SOS Vice President Alpha Phi Oski Dolls Design Rothschild,Melanie Los Angeles Independent SEF R Board Daily Californian Communications and Public Policy Rubenstein,Peter San Bernadino Griffiths Hall Cal Band SAACS Phi Beta Kappa Biochemistry Rubard,Donald San Leandro Ridge Project SRV English Rucker,Michael Porterville Theta Chi IFC House President CAL Engineer Physics Rudiack,Pamela Cardiff-by-the-Sea Alpha Phi Ski Club Algailettes Famacs SWOP Political Science Ruomino-Dusiacki,Alice Santa Monica Independent Spanish Rueschenberg,Kathy Atwater Cunningham Economics Ruiz,Pedro Colon,Republic of Panama Independent Educational Opportunity Sociology Russell,Christina Livingston Independent Biological Sciences Rutherford,Judith Lafayette Delta Delta Delta Social Sciences Sage,Larry Marysville Pi Kappa Phi History Saia,Frances Monterey Beaudelaire Club French Saks,Yonetta Los Angeles Independent Honor Students ' Society Sociology Salisbury,Richard Berkeley Independent History St.Sure,Thomas Greenbrae Sigma Phi Epsilon Political Science Sapiro,Barbara San Francisco Cunningham Hall YWCA Social Science Sasaki,Joan San Francisco Independent Nisei Students ' Club Psychology Saunders,Katherine Berkeley Gamma Phi Beta History Saunders,Cheryl Oakland Architecture Savage,Diane Milpitas Delta Delta Delta Tutorial Anthropology Sborov, Karen Redwood City Alpha Gamma Delta Bacteriology Scatena,Barbara San Rafael Kappa Kappa Gamma Centurions Speech Schaeffer,Anne Encino Independent UPB University Chorus Honor Students ' Society Art History Schei,Barbara Sacramento Chi Omega Cal Club Prytanean California Club Design Schmidt,Carol Pacific Palisades Alpha Delta Pi FAMACS Political Science Schnidt,Claudia Orland Phi Mu Women ' s Rally Comm. Centurions Tower and Flame Gavel and Quill Spanish Schnell,Deborah San Marino Delta Gamma Brick Muller SRV Social Science Schoales,Jean Burlingame Alpha Gamma Delta Psychology Scheuler,Karen Berkeley Independent Art Museum Council Honor Society Painting Schutz,John Kenosha,Wisconsin Communications and Public Policy Schwartz, Lynn Arcadia Independent Anthropology Schwenck,Charles Indio Alpha Sigma Phi Philosophy Sciutto,Susanna Santa Paula Chi Omega Oski Dolls English Scott,Kathy San Rafael Independent Women ' s C Society President WAA Physical Education Scott,Linda San Jose Treble Clef Honor Students ' Society Anthropology Scurich,Mari San Francisco Kappa Alpha Theta Famacs Sociology Sedghi,Hamideh Teheran ,Iran Alpha Delta Chi Political Science Segesvary,Ildiko San Jose Honor Society Communications and Public Policy Seidl,R. Bryce Bellevue,Washington Independent Ecology Shahbaz,Clifford Modesto Alpha Tau Omega Arnold Air Society History Shane,Elizabeth Gamma Phi Beta Honor Society University Chorus Social Sciences Shapiro,Lorre Los Angeles Independent Ski Club History Shapiro,Neil Los Angeles Phi Epsilon Pi Political Science Sharp,Cathy Sacramento Independent Art Shavelson,Ellen Los Angeles Independent Cal Prep Counselor Women ' s Rally Comm. YWCA Political Science Shaw,William Pasadena Sigma Chi Biological Sciences Shean,Garret Berkeley Alpha Delta Phi Varsity Crew Political Science Sheldon,Charles Los Angeles Sociology Sheng,Amy Palo Alto Mitchell Hall Art Sherman,Carolyn San Carlos Alpha Delta Pi Angel Flight Air Force ROTC English Shockley,Imogene Berkeley Independent French Silva,Sharon San Mateo Spens Black Hall Social Sciences Singleton,Carol Kensington Kappa Kappa Gamma Rally and Games Board Card Stunts English Smith,Andrew La Canada Delta Upsilon Zoology Smith,Bruce San Francisco Independent IRB Tower and Flame Psychology Smith,Roma Shafter Independent Psychology Sours,Jean Los Altos Independent Kappa Alpha Theta History Squires,Donald New York,New York Centurions Quarterdeck Society Ski Club Stanley,Donna Hollywood Political Science Stent,James San Francisco Delta Kappa Epsilon History Stevens,Roger Altadena Phi Kappa Tau Varsity Baseball Big C Society Physical Education Sidcrine,Diane Los Gatos Independent History Silverstein,Russell San Francisco Phi Epsilon Pi Biological Sciences Singleton,David Hayward Alpha Phi Omega Social Sciences Smith,Anna Menlo Park Alpha Phi Oski Dolls Art History Smith, Linda Sacramento Chi Omega Social Welfare Smith,Stephanie Kentfield Alpha Chi Omega Art History Southard,John Arlington Va. Swimming Water Polo Zoology Stadelman,Vivian San Jose Chi Omega History Stawisky,Andrea Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Cal Go-go dancer Ski Club Little Sister of the Golden Guard University Theatre Brick Muller Dramatic Art Sern,Lawrence Beverly HIlls Swimming Team Pre-Med Society Zoology Stevens, Vicki Pasadena Cal Club Gavel and Quill Prytanean Mortar Board Dramatic Art Siegal,Rise San Francisco Alpha Epsilon Phi UPB SWOP SRV Pelican Speech Simburg,Melvyn Berkeley Independent Cabinet IRB, Chmn. Californians Gavel and Quill Social Sciences Sjoberg,Ann Santa Monica Independent Painting Smith,Arthur El Cerrito Independent Pre-Med Society Tower and Flame Psychology Smith,Phillip Lafayette Psi Upsilon J.V. Soccer Californians Pre-Med Cultural Anthropology Solomon,Sheba Los Altos Independent Social Science Spaner,Beth Sacramento Psychology Stanfield,Robert Sacramento Kappa Sigma Bacteriology Steel,Douglas Chico Delta Upsilon Crew Ski Club Yacht Club Pre-Med Society Zoology Sterner,Richard El Cajon Intramurals Tower and Flame Biochemistry Stevenson,Craig Sonoma Pi Kappa Phi Golden Guard Society Judo Club Political Science Silge,Aileen Sacramento Independent Art History Simpson,Patrick La Crescenta Independent U.C. Yacht Club Economics Small,Jack Sepulveda Intramural Sports Physics Smith,Bradley National City Psychology Smith,Rodney San Mateo Independent History Soltz,David Ventura Zoology Sigma Phi Sprecher,Lucy Los Angeles Art History Stanley,Bob Mykonds Phi Epsilon Pi LBSC Economics Steinberg,Linda San Francisco Bacteriology Stephens,Roger Los Angeles Business Administration Stevenson,Pinki Sacramento Phi Mu AWS Board Chairman Women ' s Rally Committee Centurions Gavel and Quill Brick Muller Political Science Stewart,Mary Lafayette History Spottlemyer Jr. Paul Cypress Linguistics Strumwasser,Gina Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Little Sister of the Golden Guard Navy Color Queen Court Sociology Sullivan,Donna El Cerrito Social Sciences Swanson,Cynthia Palo Alto Cal Prep Little Sisters of the Golden Guard Military Ball Princess Social Sciences Tanaka,Donald Wailuku,Hawaii Glee Club Music Test,Roger Stockton President, Kappa Sigma Economics Thompson,Susan Los Angeles Education Abroad Program English Tomsky,David San Mateo Political Science Tow,Yuet Placerville Chinese Students ' Association YWCA Social Welfare Tripp,Michael Berkeley Oxford Hall Geography Stoddard,Susan Los Gatos Kappa Phi, President Honor Students ' Society Sociology Stout,Linda Snelling Psychology Stubblefield,Judith Fremont Sociology Sumeri,Aili San Francisco Social Sciences Tabor,Stephen Los Angeles Centurions KALX Radio Political Science Taterian,Marilyn San Francisco Delta Delta Delta Cal Prep Ex Comm. Italian Club Ski Club Anthropology Thayer,Francisco Panama Mathematics Thornquist,Leonard Long Beach Anthropology Tomal,Connie Granada Kappa Alpha Theta Psychology Travaglio,Barbara San Rafael Women ' s Rally Committee English Tryon,Mar y Rio Vista Alpha Chi Omega Geography Stone,Robert Los Angeles Soccer Daily Cal Staffwriter Honor Students ' Society History Strads,Baiba Berkeley Gamma Delta Epsilon U.C. Folk Dancers Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Linguistics Sugihara,Amy Oakland Delta Zeta Intramurals Blue and Gold Women ' s Rally Committee Oriental Languages Sutherland,Carol Berkeley Gamma Phi Beta Centurions Card Stunts Little Sisters of the Golden Guard Psychology Takagi,Lyda Berkeley Political Science Taylor,Stanley Honolulu,Hawaii Crew Team Skull Keys History Thomas,Ann Pasadena Kappa Alpha Theta Famacs Volunteer Research History Tognetti,Gerald San Francisco Chi Psi History Torassa,Glenna San Francisco History Traxel,David Los Angeles History Tsao,Kemay Manhattan Beach Chinese Students ' Club History Stone,Wendy Palo Alto Chi Omega Brick Muller Spring Sing Chairman Ski Club Kappa Alpha Rose King Design Strong,Pamela Santa Cruz Gamma Phi Beta President Women ' s Athletic Association AWS Board Women ' s C Society Physical Education Sullivan,Dennis San Bruno Economics Swain,Carole Modesto Oski Dolls Daughters of Diana Mortar Board Prytanean Psychology Tamaki,Ellen Oakland Project Motivation YWCA SWOP Mortar Board History Taylor,Toni Walnut Creek Oski Dolls Mortar Board Panile Society Spanish Thompson,Michael Palo Alto Kappa Sigma Physics Tomlinson,Cherie Oakland Alpha Delta Pi Aiguillettes Social Sciences Torii,Constance Bakersfield International House German Trayer,Judy Petaluma Oski Dolls University Chorus West Oakland Project Social Sciences Tuck,Gail Hillsborough Alpha Phi Union Program Board Powder Puff Football Cal Club Geography Turner,Jane Modesto Alpha Chi Omega Tower and Flame Spanish Turner,Michael Sunnyvale Sigma Alpha Epsilon Water Polo Economics Turner,Robert Berkeley History Turover,Steven San Francisco Computer Sciences Math Turpin,Linde Oroville Social Sciences Urch,Leslie Los Altos Chi Omega Biology Urwitz,Helene San Francisco Cal Prep Counselor Powder Puff Football Oski Dolls Folk Dancing Comparative Literature Ushiro,Lynne Oakland Tower and Flame Social Sciences Van Beckum,William San Mateo Geography Vandersloot,Diana Orinda Delta Delta Delta Little Sisters of Phi Sigma Kappa Honor Students ' Society History Van Scoy,Schuyler Menlo Park Alpha Delta Phi Water Polo Team Cal Band Physical Education Venton,Ellen Oakland Cowell Hospital Volunteers Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Physiology Vida,Claire San Francisco Zeta Tau Alpha Secretary Union Program Board Social Sciences Viktor,Christine Riverside Alpha Omicron Pi Oski Dolls Rose Court of Pi Kappa Phi Social Sciences Volker,Carol Orinda Radio KAL Yacht Club Tower and Flame English Volkerts,Sharon Stockton Alpha Xi Delta Psychology Vortmann,Tom San Francisco Kappa Delta Rho Political Science Wade,Dira Sacramento University Chorus Anthropology Waits,Helmi El Cerrito Education Abroad Program Union City Project Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Walker,Bruce San Francisco Computer Sciences Math Walt,Kethryn Honolulu,Hawaii Alpha Gamma Delta Economic s Richard Frame Statistics Sonoma " When a person from a small town like mine comes to Cal he is at first overwhelmed, and it has been my that one ' s success or failure in higher education depends a great deal upon the people you meet and the friendships you form. I have been lucky in this respect. " Ward,Thomas China Lake Intramurals S.A.A.C.S. Cowell Volunteer Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Biochemistry Warner,Robert Long Beach Acacia Rally Committee Brick Muller Zoology Warren,Charles Berkeley Radio KALX Hiking Club Political Science Wasserman,Bruce Phoenix,Arizona Pi Lambda Phi Zoology Watterson III,Stuart San Francisco Beta Theta Pi Varsity Basketball Big C Society Skull Keys Political Science Weidler,Willa Napa Alpha Epsilon Phi A.W.S. History Wein,Stuart Palm Springs Phi Epsilon Pi Californians Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Education Abroad Program Political Science Weiner,Denise Sherman Oaks Psychology Weinsoft,Bruce Portland Honor Students ' Society Tower and Flame Political Science Weitz,Michael San Jose Alpha Phi Omega Ski Club Geography Welch,Alison Berkeley Delta Delta Delta Panhellenic J-Comm. Student Resource Volunteer Anthropology Weston,William Walnut Creek Physics Westover,Kyle Concord Political Science White,Karen Redwood City Alpha Gamma Delta Economics White,Lawrence Oakland Pi Sigma Alpha Political Science Whiteside,Nancy San Bernardino Zoology Whitgob,Stephen Oakland Tellefsen Hall Cal Band Straw Hat Band Anthropology Whitman,Betty Sacramento Mathematics Wick,Janis Los Altos YWCA Student Research Volunteer Student West Oakland Project History Wickliffe,Susan Berkeley Alpha Phi History Widmann,Jeffrey Sacramento Psychology Wild,Bruce Fresno Zeta Psi Frosh Class Vice President Sophomore President ASUC Senator President Gavel and Quill Speech Wild,Denise San Francisco Alpha Chi Omega Ski Club Brick Muller Society Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Social Science Wilder,Jo San Diego History Wilding,Elayne Los Angeles History Wilkins,Janet Berkeley Sports Club History Wilkinson,Elizabeth Oakland Alpha Gamma Delta Union Program Board AWS Board Social Sciences Williams,Daniel Orinda Tellefsen Hall Cal Band Music Williams,James Oakland Rally Committee Journalism Williams,Jeffrey Berkeley Delta Upsilon Business Administration Williams,Willie Tarboro, North Carolina Richmond Symphony Chorus University Chorus Omega Psi Phi Music Williamson,David Indio Criminology Wilson,Ann Stockton Chi Omega Economics Wing,George San Francisco Priestley Hall Crew Fencing Chinese Students ' Club Biological Sciences Winn,William Le Canada Elections Council Alpha Phi Omega International House Honor Students ' Society Weightlifting Psycohistory Wisot,Valerie Long Beach Political Science Witkin,Lynne Tarzana Blue and Gold Political Science Wolf,Thomas Berkeley Daily Cal Order of the Golden Bear Communications and Public Policy Wollan,Pernille Springfield,IIIinois History Wong,Anthony San Francisco Barrington Hall Biological Sciences Wong,Deanna Salinas Ida Sproul Hall AWS Model Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Communications and Public Policy Wong,John San Diego Zoology Wong,Raymond San Franci sco Biochemistry Wong,Susan Stockton Psychology Woods,Susan Beverly Hills Pi Beta Phi Student Teaching Social Sciences Wynn,Jeffrey Bakersfield Honor Students ' Society Physics Wyrens,Marilyn Everett,Washington Camp Conestoga Education Abroad Program French Yamauchi,Norman Oakland Pi Alpha Phi NSC CSC Zoology Yeager,Christopher El Centro Political Science Yee,Gloria Oakland Bacteriology Yee Jr.,Willie Orinda ASMC Chinese Students ' Club Biological Sciences Young,Nancy San Francisco Alpha Phi History Zander,Candace Lafayette Delta Phi Epsilon Art History Zimmerman,Edlynn Napa English Ziegler,Martha San Jose Kappa Kappa Gamma History the eyes have it. . . The concern of the College of Optometry is the art and science of vision care. The curriculum in optometry was established at Cal in 1923 with the support of the Optometric Association. At first, the curriculum was administered under the Department of Physics. A separate Department of Optometry was established in the College of Letters and Science in 1940. In 1941, the College of Optometry was established. This new school required four years of academic study for a BS degree. In 1948, the program was expanded to five years for a Master of Optometry degree, and in 1966, it was changed to require six academic years for a Doctor of Optometry degree. The optometry student rapidly gains extensive with patients since there is such a wide demand for the services of the optometry clinic. He is also given the opportunity to participate in occupational and school visual survey programs. The School of Optometry hopes to cultivate in the student a respect for disciplined standards of practice and research, and complete competence for the practice of optometry sufficient to merit the trust of patients and professional colleagues. Fish,Garry Red Bluff UCSOS Optometry Griebrok,Jule Hayward Zeta Tau Alpha Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Centurions Public Relations UCSOS Little Sisters of the Golden Guard Optometry Hattori,Rick Monterey Optometry Ichikawa,Ronald Sacramento UCSOS NSC Optometry Phelps,Roger Visalia Cal Band Honor Students ' Society Optometry Scaief ,Albert Los Angeles UCSOS Optometry Ward,Gregory Pittsburg Phi Sigma Kappa Terence Guy Akins Leslie James Alexander Professor Raymond G. Bressler Professor Edwin V. Brewer Ann Bernstein Brown Professor James M. Cline Judith Carolyn Copeland Professor William V. Cruss Jared Haswell Epstein Jo-Ann Margo Gerhardt Ronald David Handzel Professor Jack A. Holmes Howard M. Kraus Robert Eric Lee Professor Joseph Lohman Moses Marcovitz Richard Alfred Meier Thomas Andrew Mullen Marianne Jenny Reisner James Minoru Saito Stephen Richard Shreve James Robert Simmons, Jr. Leonard Wade Stroud Professor Jacobus TenBroek Charles Lloyd Thorpe Richard James Voris, Jr. Professor Wachlau Lednicki James L. Welsh Phillip Wood Jared Leonard Wright pulling open the lips, it lifts their threads to weave a branch between the outstretched fingers and the leaf. index: the vitality of statistics challenged activities index ADMINISTRATION AND FACULTY Alumni House 490 Associate Dean 479 Chancellor Roger Heyns 477 Dean of Men 478 Dean of Students 478 Dean of Women 478 President Charles Hitch 476 Regents 475 Vice-Chancellors 482 ASUC ORGANIZATIONS Art Studio 356 Associated Women Students 312 Blue and Gold 328 Cal Camp 324 Class Officers 333 Daily Cal 336 Finance Committee 310 Gavel and Quill 345 Information Desk 313 IRB 314 Judicial Committees 311 NSA 310 Pelican 334 Permanent Personnel 335 P PR 313 Radio KALX 341 Senate 309 SUPERB 316 Tutorial 320 COLLEGES AND SENIORS College of Agriculture 492 College of Chemistry 498 College of Engineering 501 College of Environmental Design 506 College of Letters and Sciences 510 School of Business Administration 493 School of Criminology 500 School of Forestry 509 School of Optometry 541 COMMUTER INDEPENDENTS .. 276 CULTURAL ACTIVITIES Art Museum 357 Chamber Band 350 Glee Club 348 Jade Singers 348 Repertory Chorus 351 Senior Men ' s Octet 349 Treble Clef 348 University Theatre 353 DORMITORIES Beaudelaire 260 Bowles 261 Cheney 263 Cunningham 266 Deutsch 269 Freeborn 271 I-House 275 Stern 273 Tel lefsen 274 FRATERNITIES AND SORORITIES Acacia 137 Alpha Chi Omega 140 Alpha Chi Rho 144 Alpha Chi Sigma 145 Alpha Delta Phi 146 Alpha Delta Pi 148 Alpha Epsilon Phi 151 Alpha Gamma Delta 152 Alpha Gamma Omega 154 Alpha Kappa Lambda 155 Alpha Omicron Pi 156 Alpha Phi 159 Alpha Sigma Phi 161 Alpha Tau Omega 163 Alpha Xi Delta 164 Beta Theta Pi 167 Chi Omega 168 Chi Phi 170 Chi Psi 172 Delta Chi 174 Delta Delta Delta 177 Delta Gamma 178 Delta Kappa Epsilon 181 Delta Phi Epsilon 182 Delta Sigma Phi 184 Delta Tau Delta 187 Delta Upsilon 188 Delta Zeta 191 Gamma Phi Beta 192 Kappa Alpha 194 Kappa Alpha Theta 196 Kappa Delta 198 Kappa Delta Rho 200 Kappa Kappa Gamma 203 Kappa Sigma 205 Lambda Chi Alpha 206 Phi Delta Theta 208 Phi Epsilon Pi 210 Phi Kappa Psi 213 Phi Kappa Sigma 214 Phi Kappa Tau 216 Phi Mu 218 Phi Sigma Kappa 221 Pi Alpha Phi 222 Pi Beta Phi 225 Pi Kappa Phi 227 Pi Lambda Phi 229 Psi Upsilon 230 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 232 Sigma Chi 235 Sigma Kappa 237 Sigma Nu 238 Sigma Phi 241 Sigma Phi Epsilon 243 Tau Kappa Epsilon 244 Theta Chi 247 Theta Delta Chi 249 Zeta Beta Tau 252 Zeta Psi 254 Zeta Tau Alpha 257 HONORARIES AND SOCIETIES Alpha Phi Omega 369 Angel Flight 373 Arnold Air Society 372 Cal Club 359 Californians 361 Centurions 368 Gamma Delta Epsilon 369 Golden Guard 374 Honor Students ' Society 365 Mortar Board 364 Navy 377 Order of the Golden Bear 367 Oski Dolls 360 Panile 362 Phi Beta Kappa 371 Prytanean 363 Torch and Shield 366 Tower and Flame 365 SPIRIT GROUPS Brick Muller 455 California Marching Band 464 California Rally Committee 456 Card Stunts 461 Megaphone Society 460 Oski 460 PomPon Girls 459 Straw Hat Band 462 Women ' s Rally Committee 457 Yell Leaders 458 SPORTS Athletic Administration 447 Baseball 430 Basketball 404 Big C Society 446 Boxing 416 Crew 440 Cross Country 403 Football 386 Gymnastics 420 I ntramurals 444 Rugby 424 Soccer 402 Swimming 414 Tennis 422 Track 434 Water Polo 400 Wrestling 418 student index A Aalgard,Vanda 277,510 Aaronian,Jan 264 Abbott,Howard 277,510 Abe,Kay 277,510 Abernathy,Ronda 379 Ablan,Jean 158,510 Ablan,Joanne 277 Abraham,Alexander 460 Abraham,Lawrence 277 Abrahm,Janet 264 Abrams,Lawrence 510 Abramson,Bruce 277 Abright,Robert 166,413 Accampo,Elinor 36 Acheson,Jean 178 Acker,Joseph 399 Acree,Dennis 399 Adams,Duease 168,510 Adams,John 241 Adams,Peter 146,510 Adams,Russell 399 Adier,Andrew 299 Aftergut,M ichael 417,510 Agafuroff,Sandra 277,511 Aghili,Mohammad 277 Agnew,Edward 261 Akins,Ternece 543 Albin,Merle 277,362 Albrecht,Karen 140,362 Alcalde,Maureen 264 Alcorn,Allan 161 Aldrich,David 432 Alegria,Andrew 402 Alesandrini,Carlo 145 Alexander,Gail 148 Alexander,Garrett 371 Alexander,Lesiie 543 Alexander,Nancy 264 Alexander,William 181 Alexanian,George 277,501 Algeria,Daniel 371 Allan,Leslie 277,511 Allardyce,Frederick 277,510 Allen,David 137,511 Allen,Margaret 277,511 AIIey,Michael 449 Allison,Glen 277,506 Allmendinger,Karl 268 Alloo,Robert 423 Alloway,Willard 277,511 Almazol,Cynthia 452 Almazol,Susan 277,511 Alter,Gary 229 Alter,Marlene 277 Altman,Steven 443 Altschuler,Hanan 277,501 Amateau,Susan 371 Ames,Josselyn 158,511 Ames,Patricia 277 Amidon,Diana 449 Amme,Dave 334 Amrofell,Irving 277,501 Andazola,Helga 277,511 Anderson,Guy 241 Anderson,Aino 277 Anderson,David 243,277,511 Anderson,Doug 154,399 Anderson,Edward 367 Anderson,Elin 148 Anderson,Geoffrey 166 Anderson,Gregory 277,419 Anderson,Jeffrey 155 Anderson,Karen 277 Anderson,Katherine 277,360,363,511 Anderson,Mark 249 Anderson,Michael 254 Anderson,Ned 398,425,428,429 Anderson,Robert 277,403,501 Anderson,Rollin 227 Anderson,Susan 260,371 Andree,Sally 368,511 Andrews,Mark 241 Andrews,Robert 205 Angel,Naomi 150 Angell,Richard 277,49 4 Anglea,Carolyn 338,338 Ante,Jesse 277,372,501 Anthony,Bruce 277,456 Appel,Bruce 277,511 Applebaum,Raymond 371 Argyres,Andreas 277,511 Armstrong,Gregory 254,511 Armstrong,Jane 140,511 Armstrong,Judith 140,332,363, 511 Arnold,Ann 277,363,511 Arnold,Charles 277,511 Arnold,Stephen 229 Arnold,Wendy 150 Artis,Susan 371 Asch,Peter 401,415 Aschenbrenner,Richard 367 Asera,Larry 369 Asch,Peter 414 Asime,Veronica 277,506 Ashussen,Joyce 511 Atkinson,Donald 399 Attia,Gilles 174 Augustine,lrby 398 Austin,Bruce 511 Avidon,Fredda 150 Aviel,Shimeon 277 Axelrad,Eve 264 B Baak,Sandra 391 Babcock,Christine 277,511 Bachman,Sally 331 Babson,Anne 277,511 Back,Ellen 277,511 Backus,Kathrine 168 Bacon,Peter 170 Baecher,Gregory 501 Baggett,Luckie 371 Baillie,Reioun 277,511 Baim,Linda 511 Bainbridge,Janet 176,360,379,511 B aker,Bronson 413 Baker,David 254 Baker,Edwin 277,501 Baker,Irving 247,432 Baker,James 274 Baker,John261,501 Baker,Linda 156,511 Baker,Robert 443 Baker,Robert R. 443 Bal,Rachpal 227,494 Balassi,Carol 256 Baldo,Russell 277,511 Baldwin,Marliss 140 BaII,Lawrence 241,402 Ball,Pamela 277 Ballard,James 511 Ballin,Peter 511 Bandettini,Steven 277,494 Banker,Carolyn 178,511 Banker,John 494 Banning,Juliet 371 Banos,Maria 277 Banos,Maria M. 277,511 Barber,Wilfred 227 Bard,Frederick 277,511 Bardin,John 425,429 Bardizian,Kenneth 511 Barker,Carol 178,511 Barker,Karlyn 336 Barkin,Marilyn 278,511 Barley,Dennis 227 Barnes,Bruce 247 Barnes,Edwin 154 Barnes,Glen 320 Barnes,Stephen 205,443 Barnett,Eric 144 Barnett,Helen 274,511 Barnett,James 494 Barnett,Jeffrey 144,501 Barni,Thomas 402 Barr,Nancy 150 Barr,Susan 176,511 Barranco,Minerva 274,511 Barrows,Robert 398 Barry,Lee 372 Bartholomew,Anthony 413 Bartholomew,David 413 Baruh,Melville 418 Basch,Julie 158 Bass,Diane 371 Bass,Richard 278,511 Bassett,Ann 371 Bastien,Dominique 402 Batchelder,Lynn 158,511 Bateman,Peter 249 Bates,Catharine 379 Bates,Katy 379 Bates,Meredith 264 Bates,Owen 341 Batmale,Anne 278,511 Batson,Linda 278,511 Battaglia 241 Battles,William 172 Baum,Howell 371 Baumbach,Thomas 501 Baumhefner,Donaid 399,429 Bautista,Michae! 278,499 Baxter,Constance 278,512 Bazechi,Abbass 278,506 Beadner,Howard 229 Beahrs,Richard 309,367 Beara,Stephen 371 Bearcroft,George 261,500 Beasie,Les 163 Beauchamp,James 137,494 Beauchamp,Jan 512 Beaudoin,David 402 Beavers,Wynellen 278,512 Becker,Bronwen 156 Becker,John 278,512 Becker,Michael 278 Beckum,William 278 Bedford,Charlotte 512 Bedri,Jonathan 417 Beers,Kathleen 278,344,345,362 Beeson,Jane 178,360,512 Beeson,Pamela 178 Beffa,Christine 140 Begley,Dorothy 278,512 Behounek,Paul 278,445 Behrens,Ruth 278,512 Behrman,John 247 Belden,Bonnie 278,372,512 Belden,Gerald 278,369,501 Bell,Andrew 501 Bell,Carolyn 148,512 Bell,Charles 442 Bell,Lauren 150 Belloni,Susan 176 Belove,Marilyn 278,512 Benbassat,Kenneth 512 Benedict,Nancy 512 Benenson,Peter 425,429 Benhassat,Kenneth 278 Bennett,James 372 Bennett,Kathryn 264 Bennett,William 278,310,367,512 Benson,Bonnie 512 Benson,Helen 278 Benson,John 428 Benson,lvan 137 Berdahl,Karen 363,364,512 Bergen,Chris 362 Berger,James 438 Bergfeld,Carol 191,512 Berghuis,Florence 278,512 Bergren,Christine 140,158,360,363 Berk,Kenneth 278,495 Berlandt,Konstantin 337 Bernauer,Pamela 164,512 Bernstein,Barry 506 Bernstein,Morton 278,506 Berrin,Andrea 278,512 Berry,Jeffrey 229 Berry,Joseph 241 Berry,Julianne 278,499 Berry,Ken 501 Berry,Lyn 278,512 Berscheid,Margaret 278,512 Bertolucci,Darryl 371 Besin,Nicole 278,512 Besman,Sharon 264 Bettencourt,Nancymay 278,512 Bialecki,Linda 359 Bierly,Karen 278,512 Biggle,Phoebe 512 Billings,Rosalie 273,512 Bilsky,Deborah 371 Binder,William 512 Bingham,Susan 512 Birdwell,James 361,512 Birenbaum,Beatriz 371 Birnbaum,Peter 274 Birsinger,Barbara 140 Birsinger,Bonnie 512 Biscay,Richard 249 Bishop,Penelope 164 Bishop,Richard 512 Bissell,Story 512 Biswell,Harold 278,495 Bjermeland,Arne-Jan 227,495 Black,Cynthia 164,457 Black,Frederick 261,415 Blackmore,Margaret 158 Blackwell,Waddell 408,413 Blaha,Jerome 512 Blair,Richard 512 Blaka,Jerome 278 Blake,Craig 278,495 Blake,James 137 Blake,Richard 213 Blanchard,Judith 278,512 Blanckenburg,Theodore 254 Blank,Stephen 278,512 Blankstein,Dale 156 Blazzard,Michele 152 Blazzard,Yvette 152 Bleiberg,Deborah 150 Bleier,Geraldine 264 Blevins,Rebecca 158 Bliss,Frank 155 Block,Cathy 264 Bloodworth,Tamera 278,512 Bloom,Miki 278 Blotkey,Randolph 367 BIum,Edward 513 BIum,Joseph 229,495 Blum,Mark 229 Blumberg,Grace 371 Blush,Steven 161 Boatright,Dean 213,513 Bochner,Mary 158 Bock,Jena-Michel 278,495 Boege,Timm 443 Boehm,Thomas 146 Bogdan,Judith 272 Bogue,Gary 433 Boland,Anthony 344 Bowles,Tim 423 Bolin,Ray 137,501 Bollard,Gary 278,513 Bollier,Wendy 513 Bond,Harold 432 Bondarenck,Alexander 402 Bonds,Paul 172,513 Bonerud,Richard 154 Bonner,Barbara 158,513 Bonsall,Evangeline 178,513 Bonura,Angele 513 Bookman,Robert 311 Boone,Richard 172,513 Boone,Robert 172 Boortz,Donald 278,513 Booth,Nancy 140 Booth,William 361,367 Boothe,Janis 279,513 Borelli,Lawrence 279,513 Boreman,Gail 371 Borenstein,Henry 413 Borg,Estelle 279,513 Borgen,Mack 359,361,345 Borgia,Gerald 398,418 Borochoff,Audrey 156 Boskin,Michael 371 Bothman,Lorrie 156 Bottini,Dana 399 Boucher,Teresa 279,363,451 Boudett,Kathleen 513 Boughen,Mary 152 Boverman,Linda 156 Bowen,Robert 174 Bower,Douglas 399 Bowes,Peter 279,368,456,513 Bowman,Susan 158 Boyarsky,Jeffery 279,513 Boyce,Willis 442 Bruce,Edmond 400 Boyd,Peter 227 Boyd,Randall 513 Boyl,William 166 Boyle,Constance 164 Braaten,Kathleen 148,360,362 Bracewell,Lloyd 279 Brackney,Barbara 371 Bradfield,Robert 184 Bradfield,Denise 152 Bradford,Mariana 362 Bradley,Art 213 Brady,James 399,429 Brajevich,Nikki 338 Brandley,James 261 Brandt,Susan 176 Brandt,William 400 Branham,Constance 152 Brannigan,Joan 279,513 Brautigam,Patricia 156,360,363,364,513 Bray,Steven 513 Brazell,Carl 371 Breen,Mia 156 Brehm,Lawrence 506 Bremer,Stanley 227 Brenner,Janet 156 Bresnik,Harold 279,506 Bricker,Bruce 415 Bridgeman,Susan 168 Bridges,Hollon 513 Briggs,Alexander 371 Briggs,Marilyn 272 Briggs,Nancy 272 Brigham,Dulcie 279,513 Brill,Jane 513 Brill,Janice 279 Brimer,Christine 140,506 Brinkley,Barbara 513 Brittan,Barry 279 Brochier,Allan 279 Brodkey,Bruce 279,513 Brody,Penny 371 Bronk,Barry 388,389,392,398 Bronner,Jane 513 Bronner,Reginald 279,513 Bronner,Sally 233 Bronson,John 413 Brorko,Nick 402 Brothers,Donald 506 Brovilette,Ron 432 Brow,Carole 279,513 Brown,Alec 254 Brown,Ann 543 Brown,Christine 176 Brown, J. Craig 279 Brown,David 279,495 Brown,Dorothy 272 Brown,Douglas 513 Brown,Faye 279,513 Brown,James 506 Brown,Lindsay 176,513 Brown,Lyman 279 Brown,Michael 268,513 Brown,Michael E. 279,513 Brown,Randall 279 Brown,Robert 166 Brown,Ronald 399 Brown,Ruth 513 Brownton,Marilyn 264 Brubaker,William 184 Bruce,Anthony 279 Bruce,Richard 241 Bruce,Susan 279,513 Bruce,Thomas 421,513 Brulenski,Joseph 225 Brunetta,Renata 148 Brungo,Andrew 279,513 Bryan,Jane 178,513 Buada,John 398 Bucheister,James 501 Buchenau,Billy 247,501 Buckelew,Paul 279,514 Buckley,Richard 429 Buckley,Timothy 261 Buckner,Claudia 371 Buckovetz,Katherine 279,514 Bugbee,Dennis 398 Buhler,Daniel 213,418 Bulin,Marion 514 Bull,Britta 156 Bullard,Jed 279,456 Bullard,John 184,399 Bulotti,Richard 254 Bundschu,Susan 514 Bunker,Stephen 146 Buranabunpot,Pornpilai 279,514 Buratovich,Ned 402 Burd,Wayne 432 Burge,Pamela 256 Burgess,Pamela 260 Burke,Peter 442 Burlingham,Lucy 264 Burnett,Susan 176,514 Burnside,Mark 261 Burnstein,Daniel 417 Burrows,Bruce 429 Burrows,Lynn 158,363,364,369 Burrows,Nancy 158 Burton,Carol 148 Buskirk,Allen 279,501 Butcher,Charlie 227 Butler,Deborah 152,362 Butler,Rebecca 459,495 Butterfield,David 371 Buttery,Stew 205 Buttimer,Sharon 205,514 Butts,Gayle 168 Byers,Miriam 279,514 Byers,Robert 443 Byers,Ronald 243,403,438 Byers,Steven 243,403,438 Byrd,Laura 279,514 C Cabell,Carol 279,514 Cabrera,Charles 495 Cachola,Shirley 279 Cady,William 279,361,367,458,514 Calkins,James 398 Callahan,Nancy 279 Callahan,Nancy E. 514 Callison,Rick 369 Calvert,Judith 164,514 Calvert,Russell 413 Calvin,Hugh 205 Calzia,Krystal 279,514 Camarena,Robert 372 Camp,Lawrence 137 Camp,Wendy 168 Campagnoli,Joy 514 Campbell,Michael 279,514 Campbell,Thomas 279,514 Campos,Joseph 279,514 Canepa,Daniel 506 Canterbury,Wayne 279,514 Caplan,Walter 229 Capozzo,Robert 279 Carash,Karen 279,514 Carboni,Victor 268,501 Cardinalli,John 433 Carleton,Mary 152,362 Carleton,Warren 429 Carolson,Christy 178 Carolson,Cynthia 279,514 Carlston,Dennia 422 Carlyle,Victoria 514 Carmel,Ben-Zion 279,495 Carnes,Lance 184,402 Carpenter,Bette 140 Carpenter,Malcolm 506 Carr,Claudia 279,514 Carr,Susan 514 Carr,William 514 Carranza,Charles 439 Carroll,Thomas 448 Carson,James 398 Carter,Peter 429 Carter,Richard 367,417 Cartwright,Richard 279,501 Caruso,Marlo 279,514 Casassa,Julie 168,360,363,514 Case,Charlotte 279,514 Case,Kathryn 260 Cassalina,Vince 174 Casserttari,Anne 514 Casteel,Robert 280,514 Castro,Janice 280 Cate,Janice 148,362,457 Cattolica,Barbara 140 Cattolico,Horace 399 Caulfield,Marsha 280 Cavala,Bill 367 Cavallo,Sandra 158,514 Ceccotti,Peter 280,514 Cecil,Suzanne 280,514 Celada,Francisco 261 Cerniglia,Angelika 280,515 Cerri,Patricia 515 Cervantes,Linda 280,515 Chabiel,Christine 280 Challey,Robert 145 Chalmers,Jane 280,515 Chambas,Valerie 272 Chamberlain,Kathy 371 Chamberlain,Richard 280,506 Chamberlain,William 280,515 Chambers,Layton 280,515 Chambers,Merle 158,515 Champagne,Marie 457 Champion,Jerome 388,390,394,398 Chan,Adrienne 515 Chan,Afonso 280,501 Chan,Howard 422 Chan,Lori 280,515 Chan,Suzanne 515 Chan,Yee 280,495 Chandler,Dianne 260 Chang,Ethel 280,360,362 Chao,De Anna 264 Chao,Wing 280,506 Chapman,Merele 243 Chappell,John 205,417 Charles,Peter 181 Charlup,Jerome 247,501 Charney,John 515 Chartz,Jane 280,515 Chase,Charles 371 Chase,Douglas 225 Chase,Michael 172,4 02 Che,Sophie 452 Cheater,Ted 261 Cheever,Edward 274,367,515 Chen,Adrienne 280 Chen,Alex 280 Chen,Eunice 280,515 Chen,Lainee 280,499 Cheng,Angela 280 Cheng,Ming-Ch 515 Cherniack,Saralee 264 Cheung,Albert 338 Childhouse,Holland 164,515 Chilton,Jeanne 168 Chin,Harvey 280,495 Chinn,Evelyn 449 Chinn,Oay 280,515 Chisholm,Bruce 261 Chisholm,Richard 181,515 Chiu,Kung-Hang 280,515 Chiu,Kung-Ming 280,501 Chlarson,Neil 449 Chloupek,Graham 460 Chocholak,Barbara 515 Chong,Darryl 280,501 Choo,Wye 280,501 Chow,Grace 280 Chow,Joanne 506 Chow,Winston 280,499 Choy,Barbara 280 Chrestensen,Robert 155 Christensen,Linda 148 Christian,Walter 433 Christianson,Richard 137,515 Christie,James 243 Christopherson,Jane 280,499 Chu,Glenn 448 Chu,Samuel 402 Chu,Vincent 371 Chun,Christine 264,515 Chun,Estelle 280 Chun,Mary 515 Church,Diane 168,223,457 Churchman,Charles 145 Clapp,Sandra 168,233 Clark,Andora 280,515 Clark,Anne 331 Clark,Freder ick 515 Clark,Kenneth 261 Clark,Marjorie 280,515 Clark,Peter 241,515 Clark,Sherry 372 Clarke,Thomas 371 Clayton,Douglas 174 Clayton,Robert 280,515 Cleak,Geoffrey 402 Clement,Hewitt 417 Clerici,Frederick 161 Clevenger,Patricia 272,379 Cline,Deborah 156 Cline,Thomas 268,515 Closs,Linda 176 Clyman,Michael 205,415 Coane,Casey 280,501 Coates,Robin 371 Cobb,Erma 281,515 Coburn,Gary 515 Cochran,Gary 227 Cochran,June 328,362,363,369,372 Cochran,Kathleen 152,515 Cochrane,Anne 178 Cockerham,William 281 Coffman,Judith 168,515 Cogen,Ann 264 Coghlan,Alan 402 Coghlan,Phyllis 158 Cohen,Henry 281,515 Cohrt,Claudia 264,337,457 Coker,Beverly 281 Colberg,Karen 176,515 Cole,Donald 515 Cole,Patricia 281,516 Coleman,Jimmy 391,398 Colescott,William 367 Colker,Gene 516 Collier,Camille 148 Collins,Craig 516 Collins,Douglas 399,439 Collins,lra 371 Collins,James 3 9 Collins,Thomas 367 Colvin,Susan 281,516 Combs,Philip 429 Compton,Stephen 281 Comstock,Timothy 254,516 Concoff,Roberta 182 Conley,R ichard 174 Conn,Robert 213 Connors,Edward 281,506 Conrad,Cynthia 338 Constantine,Deborah 182,516 Constine,Dana 150 Converse,John 495 Cook,David 281,500 Cook,Derry 213 Coonan,Denise Coonerty,Cornelius 281,516 Coop,Robert 281,345,361,516 Cooper,Kathleen 178 Cooper,Philip 281,516 Coopersmith,Henry 281,516 Coopersmith,Marshall 145,368,369,499 Copeland,Judith 543 Copenhagen 155 Corby,Jane 140,362 Corcoran,James 433 Corcoran,Kenneth 281 Corlett,Cameron 178,516 Cornecl,Steven 495 Cornet,Stephen 367 Cornwell,Catherine 281,516 Corse,Michael 448 Cosey,Jonathan 170,402,516 Cosley,John 399 Cosso,James 516 Costa,Gregory 281,516 Costello,Donald 442 Costello,John 281,516 Costello,Kevin 281 Coughlin,Timothy 247,516 Coulter,Judith 256,516 Coupe,William 402 Courchesne,Eric 421 Couser,Ron 438 Covel,Linda 452 Cowan,Barbara 337 Cowart,James 184,377,516 Cowett,Charles 516 Cox,Carolyn 158,362 Cox,Marlene 516 Cox,Thomas 146 Cox,Troy 398,416,417 Coyl,Roberta 281,516 Crabtree,Marhsa 345,362,363 Cragholm,Ellsworth 254,345,516 Craig,Julie 178 Craig,Ogden 516 Crane,John 495 Crane,Marilyn 363,457,516 Craven,John 460 Crawford,Geoffrey 281,516 Creeling,Bruce 147 Creighton,Richard 516 Crimmins,John 281,516 Crisona,Jane 281,516 Critchfield,Russell 405,407,409,410,411,412,413 Crittenden,Robert 367,398,428,429 Crockett,Harl 361,367,495 Cromwell,Dean 261 Cronin,Anne 178 Crosby,Margaret 311,363,516 Crosby,Patricia 281 Crosby,William 401 Cross,Robert 172,516 Cross,Stanley 281,516 Crow,Robert 403,439 Crowe,Daniel 501 Croyle,Philip 399,429 Crump,Richard 281 Crymes,Stuart 418 Cullison,Roline 281,516 Cummings,Richard 155,516 Cummings,Stephen 281 Cummings,Stephen M. 495 Curvin,Dana 150 Curtight,Stephen 137 Cyr,Agnes 281,517 Cyr,Rodney 281,501 D D ' Acquisto,Rodney 227 Dake,James 145 Dake,Marc 281,517 Dalagan,Maria 281,360 D ' Alessio,John 173 DalPorto,James 517 Dalton,Sheila 281,517 Damron,Bobby 213,495 Dane,Therese 264 Danmeier,Donald 281,507 Daris,Roman 402 Darley,Charles 367,399,422,423 Darnall,Margaretta 281,507 Daube,Edward 261 Davidsen,Joyce 281,461 Davidson,Mary 371 Davis,Aileen 152 Davis,Barbara 168 Davis,Judith 281,517 Davis,Kathleen 148,517 Davis,Letitia 140 Davis,Michele 156 Davis,Nancy 140,363,364,517 Davis,Phillip 403 Davis,Richard 281 Davis,Stephen G. 205,517 Davis,Stephen 0. 517 Davis,Susan A. 176 Davis,Susan M. 176 Davison,Robert 371 Dawson,Peter 205,361,507 Day,Douglas C. 274 Day,Douglas N. 274 Deagan,Carol 366 Deaner,Kathleen 517 DeArmond,Diane 281 Deatsch,Stephanie 164 DeBiase,Sandra 272 DeBoro,William 261,502 DeCausemaker,Ronald 172 Deck,Elleen 281,517 Decker,Judith 256,517 DeCosta,Darrell 429 Dederer,James 281,517 Deehan,Helene 140 Dees,John 418 DeFelon,James 449 Degen,Carol 281,517 DeGroot,Lynne 148,233 Delany,Carole 281,517 DeLano,Erin 281,517 DeLapp,Geoffrey 399 Deligans,Janet 340 Delmarter,Richard 439 Delucchi,Diane 517 DeLugach,Sanford 282,495 Demanes,David 217 DeMartini,Marsha 148 DeMay,Eugene 399 Deming,Shelagh 517 Dempster,Patricia 148 Dempster,Roberta 272 DeMunck,Gail 282,517 Deneff,James 155 Denes,Judith 199 Dennis,Susan 272 Denton,Royal 282,495 DePhillips,Michele 199 Der,Margaret 301 Dere,Craig 213 Derivi,Linda 164,457 Dershewitz,Gail 282,517 Desimone,Steven 166,413 Deutsch,Marcia 182 DeVore,Barbara 178 Dewar,Alexandra 158 Dewey,Cheryl 282 Dewey,Julia 152,517 Dexter,Robert 205 Dhillon,James 282,502 Diamond,Candace 282,517 Diamond,Gary 421 Diamond,Myra 282,517 Diangson,Walt 361,507 Diaz,Eihnard 227 Dichter,Bruce 282,517 Dickel,Jane 168,233,363,364,457,517 Dicmas,Carol 282,517 Diehl,John 438 Dietrick,Kathy 451 DiGiorgio,Alice 178 DiGiovanni,Eleanor 178,360 Dille,Lorraine 272 Dillon,Michael 517 Dinner,Patricia 203 DiPietro,Elaine 282,517 Disman,Mark 418 Dittman,Marian 282,517 Dittmar,Thomas 507 Dittrich,Barbara 282,507 Dixon,Diana 282,517 Dizenfeld,Josie 156,517 Dobkin,Johanna 371 Dodd,Marisue 156 Dodge,Thomas 282,517 Doerflinger,Debra 517 Dole,Stuart 371 Dom,Lance 399 Domergue,Denise 282,517 Donaldson,Kathryn 282,500 Donaldson,Shirley 282,517 Donlon,Everette 282 Donner,Deborah 182 Donovan,Deanna 282,518 Doore,Daniel 282 Dopkins,William 361,495 Dorado,Leopold 413 Dorinson,Steven 254 Doubleday,Catherine 176 Doubrava,Jay 282,499 Dougherty,Brian 227 Doutt,Jeffrey 282 Dove,Michael 282,518 Downing,John 403 Doyle,Kathleen 272 Drake,Andrea 191,362,457 Drange,Stuart 429,518 Drasky,Bretislav 371 Drasky,Kathleen 371 Drennan,Lynda 203 Drew,Eric 137 Drew,John 518 Drewes,Michael 166 Drong,Michael 282,518 Druker,Steven 371 Drury,Edward 227,401,415 Drury,Margaretta 518 Duckhorn,Vicki 152 Ducote,Joseph 367 Duden,lra 274 Duezabou,John 372 Dullum,Kathleen 282,518 Dumars,David 401 Dunbar,Kathryn 518 Dunlap,Mary 282,329,362,363,518 Dunn,Elizabeth 518 Dunning,Stephen 217 Dupree,Kathryn 282,518 Durando,Paul 282,518 Durant,Jane 148 Durkin,Michael 423 Durney,Camille 203,518 Duryea,Terry 243,502 Duscha,Stephen 336 Dusick,Kenneth 403 Duwe,William 413 Dwino,Mark 215 Dwyer,DD 311,342,360,363,366,518 Dye,Deborah 495 Dyer,Cynthia 518 Dyer,Stephen 518 Dysland,Carl 163 E Eager,Poppy 178 Early,John 282,495 Echkardt,Carl 213 Eckard,George 429 Eckdahl,Janice Ann 256 Ecker,Carol 140 Eckland,Victor 282,507 Eckman,Gregory 247 Eckman,Thomas 247 Eclan,Mike 277 Edelheit,Joseph 282,342,368,518 Edelstein,Susan 182 Edgren,Susan 168 Edlefsen,Karen 282,363,518 Edmonson,Edward 227 Edmonston,Richard 282,502 Edson,Marjorie 282,518 Edwards,Bruce 227 Edwards,Charles 310 Edwards,Dennis 399 Edwards,Elizabeth 168 Edwards,Rosemary 148 Edwards,Sally 360 Edwards,Kirk 282 Egan,James 215,502 Eggers,Kenneth 282,495 Ehrlich,Charles 249 Ehrlich,Judith 178 Ehrman,Terry 261 Eiker,Phillip 443 Eisan,Lee 166,399 Eisley,Dave 460 Eisen,Steven 283,518 Eisendorf,Barbara 156 Elias,Betty 203,363,518 Eliaser,Gerald 261,371,518 Elliot,Ernest 221 Elliott,Benjamin 243 Elliott,James 261,443 Elliott,John 170 Elliott,Karin 168,518 Elliott,Linda 140 Elliott,Lois 283 Elliott,H annah 176 Elliott,Stephen 371 Ellis,James 170,343,518 Ellis,William 261 Ellsberg,Robert 361,442 Ellsworth,James 283,518 Emani,Mahin 283,518 Emerson,John 227 Emery,Mary 283,518 Enaka,Yasuhiko 283,507 Endicott,David 215,372,502 Endicott,John 215 Eng,Betty 264 Eng,Marilyn 283,518 Engman,Douglas 283 Engstrom,Carolyn 152 Enkovaara,Leena 191 Enright,Sharon 176,518 Epstein,Elizabety 283,500 Epstein,Jared 543 Erickson,Bob 456,518 Erickson,Eric 433 Ericson,Robert 283 Erigero,Catherine 311 Erlanger,Howard 367 Erlich,Chuck 429 Erlich,Howard 518 Ernst,Kathleen 283,457 Ernst,Ron 401 Erskine,Kent 249,443 Escamilla,William 170,402 Eslinger,Larry 241,518 Espana,Carlos 283,502 Etchison,Johanna 283,518 Ettin,Frank 449 Evans,Edward 311 Evans,Leigh 283,518 Evans,Nancy 176 Evans,Neal 227,371,518 Evans,Robert 166,361,429 Evans,Steven 518 Evart,Candace 203,363,518 Even,Nancy 156 Everett,Charles 458 Evers,Gary 249,417 Everson,Joan 283,518 Ewers,Douglas 502 F Faber,Brian 432 Fabretti,Dianna 140 Fair,David 261,499 Fairman,Mark 371 Falk,John 429 Falk,Lin 518 Fallai,Stephen 166,417 Faller,Raymond 283,502 Faller,Rosemary 272,518 Fanta,Karen 283 Fante,John 339 Farley,Janet 178,366,519 Farley,Patricia 340 Farrar,Charles 283,519 Farrell,Alexander 519 Farrell,John 174 Farrell,Katherine 158 Farthing,Stephen 172 Fattarsi,Anthony 283,519 Faust,Leland 415 Fay,Ann 369,457 Fay,John 398,429 Fayyaz-Sanavi,Mohammed 419 Feinberg,LeeAnn 311 Feintech,Lynn 203,360,362 Feldman,Bernard 371 Feldamn,Gail 150,519 Feldman,Jeffrey 274 Feldman,Jill 150 Felheim,Stephanie 199,519 Felice,Gus 402 Felix,Judith 150 Ferber,Katherine 283,519 Fergeson,Ann 366 Ferguson,Robert 254 Ferman,Gary 283,519 Fernandez,Eddie 283,507 Fernandez,Frank 215 Ferriono,James 371 Ferris,Colleen 264 Ferris,Joan 152 Ferroggiaro,Robert 155 Fessenden,Bruce 146 Fetherston,James 398 Fick,Ja ne 272 Fickle,Marvin 155 Field,Douglas 254 Fields,Enid 283,519 Fine,Warren 174,443 Finn,Bonnie 283,519 Finn,Maureen 283,379,519 Finnegan,William 217,402 Finnie,Ressie 283,519 Finston,Steven 211 Fiorentino,Ann 150 Firth,Robert 519 Fischer,Frances 371 Fish,Garry 283,531 Fisher,Gail 283 Fisher,Harold 227 Fisher,Lawrence 247,519 Fisher,Richard 361,519 Fishlow,Harriet 371 Fishman,Bonnie 283,519 FitzSimmons,Ellen 461 Flagg,Ellen 283 Flaharty,Robert 170 Fleck,Suzanne 148 Fleck,Wilbur 283 Fletcher,Michael 442 Flickinger,Phillip 283 Flien,Michael 367 Flory,Donald 341,448 Flowers,Clyde 399,413 Floyd,Donald 371 Floystrup,Annette 331 Flynn,Dale 283 Fogg,Angela 283,519 Folger,Sandra 283 Fong,Anthony 519 Fong,Burke 261 Fong,Corliss 331 Fong,David 239,283,507 Fong,Howard 283,495 Fong,James 283,332,495,507,519 Fong,Kirby 371 Fong,Maedell 272 Fong,Stewart 283,502 Fong-Torres,Shirley 283,519 Forbes,Brian 429 Forbes,Bruce 425,427,429 Forgie,Cynthia 203 Forney,Robert 284,377,520 Forster,Laura 150 Foster,Michael 274 Foster,Robert 268 Foulke,Elvira 284,495 Foulke,Peter 284,495 Foust,Leland 400,414 Fowler,Gary 391,398 Fox,Angela 284,520 Fox,Barbara 520 Frame,Richard 539 France,Barbara 284,520 Francis,Lynne 176,520 Francis,Michele 284,520 Frank,Jaonne 284,520 Frankel,Ronnie 284,520 Frantz,John 398 Franz 284,507 Franzoila 284,520 Fraser,Steven 399,429 Frater,Jack 284,520 Frederickson,Marlys 184,520 Fredette,Thomas 284,507 Fredlund,Larry 274 Fredrick,Nicholas 145 Free,Robert 367,520 Freeborg,Susan 199,520 Freeborn,Steve 433 Freeman,David 371 Freeman,Deborah 191,284 Freeman,Ellen 182,520 French,Bryant 502 French,James 274 Frere,Henry 402 Freschi,Paula 176,500 Fretter,Ernest 367 Freudenstein,Sidney 420,421 Frey,Kevin 161 Freyler,Francis 398 Frick,Margaret 156 Friedel,Edward 284,502 Friedman,Ednah 284 Friedman,Elise 284 Friedman,Karen 363,520 Fritz,Alan 413 Fritz,Evelyn 264,520 Fritzell,William 239 Frolich,Knut 284,495 Frumkin,Sharon 337 Fry,Alfreda 168,520 Fuchs,Barbara 284,457,520 Fugimura,Sue 451 Fujii,Paul 284,507 Fujimoto,Evelyn 284,520 Fujimoto,William 284,451,502 Fujimura,Kumiko 284 Fujita,Kiaburo 284,507 Fuller,Paulette 284,520 Fuller,Roderick 284,495 Fung,Cecilia 284,520 Fung,Lai-Ying 260 Fung,Leslie 284,499 Furtado,Victoria 284,520 G Gage,John 367 Gage,John 320 Gaines,Trent 410,413 Galanis,Suzanne 184,520 Gale,David 371 Gale,Katherine 168,459 Gallagher,Michael 367 Gallagher,Patricia 156,361 Galletch,Laurel 457,369 Galliano,Gerald 284,507 Galovitch,Dorothy 284,520 Galvin,Harriet 158,363,520 Ganes,Andrew 284,495 Garabedian,Michael 284,509 Garbell,Ruth 284,520 Garbutt,Robert 284,456 Gardener,Cynthia 256,379 Gardener,Susan 520 Garetson,Virginia 265 Gassaway,Scott 284,520 Gates,Ann-Louise 284,520 Gates,Douglas 284 Gates,Olivia 199 Gay,Edward 284 Gazarian,Beverly 284,520 Gearhart,George 398,429 Geisinger,Donn 403 Geissner,Richard 418 Gelfand,Robert 429 Gelsthorpe,Thomas 155 George,Kathleen 284,520 Georgsson,Ingolfur 285,502 Gerber,Carol 371 Gerhardt,Jo-Ann 543 Gershenson,Sue 285,364,520 Gerston,Larry 285,520 Gholson,Janis 152,520 Gibbert, Vincent 398 Gibsen,Neal 243,502 Gibson,Harold 205 Gibson,Jan 152 Giddings,Nan 158,379 Giffen,Steve 254 Gilbert,Vince 429 Giles,Deborah 285,372 Giles,Kim 158,520 Gillanders,Georgine 285,520 Gillanders,William 285,521 Gillfillan,Michael 422 Gillies,John 285,507 Gilligan,Patrick 413 Gilman,Cynthia 285,311,521 Gilmartin,Robert 166 Gilmore,Ann 285 Gilson,Donald 285,502 Gipson,Jack 205 Gittins,Jamie 249,495 Giurlani,Lorraine 285 Glasgon,Linda 285,521 Glass,William 361 Glasser,Margaret 285,521 Glatze,Carl 144,502 Glaze,John 170 Gleitsmann,Richard 502 Glerup,Carla 457 Glover,Laurel 158,521 Glutze,Karl 403 Goble,Adria 285 Godfrey,Nancy 148 Goldberg,Barbara 285,521 Goldberg,Gail 285,521 Goldberg,Judith 182 Golden,Dean 285,502 Golden,Jeffry 261 Golden,King 261,521 Golden,Linda 168 Goldman,Ronald 285,507 Goldstein,Gail 233,285 Goldstein,Sidney 166 Goldstone,Joanne 150 Goldstrom,Bruce 344 Goltzer,Ruth 148 Gomez,Albert 227 Goncalves,Jean 199,521 Gong,May 452 Goodman,Barbara 521 Goodman,Carol 343 Goodman,Carol E. 182 Goodman,John 254 Goodwin,Ronald 285,521 Gordon,Clarissa 521 Gordon,Dennis 349 Gordon,Esther 213 Gordon,Horace 521 Gordon,Janice 492 Gordon,Lami 229 Gordon,Linette 285 Gordon,Stephen 402 Goren,Jerry 367,402 Gosling,James 372 Goslinga,Christiaan 285,495 Goto,Teo Saoao 399 Gott,Victoria 203 199,521 Gottlieb,Menahem 285,495 Gottstein,Lowell 285 Gould,Barbara 285,521 Graetch,Frank 442 Graham,Cynthia 156,372,521 Graham,Debra 285,521 Graham,Donald 166 Graham,Kenneth 285,521 Graham,Marcia 168,521 Graham,Roger 241 Gramatky,Mini 521 Granata,Richard 421 Granger,Ann 199 Grant,Diane 156 Grant,Edward 285,495 Grant,Robert 521 Grau,Dana 285,339,521 Grau,Julia 140 Gray,Jan 285 Gray,Rodger 249,361 Graysen,Beth-Ellen 265 Green,Linda 203,521 Green,William 213 Greenberg,Jeffrey 229 Greenberg,Marti 337 Greene,John 443 Greeneich,James 285,502 Greenfield,George 420 Greenhouse,Phyllis 182 Greenlee,David 249,361,521 Greenlees,John 285,521 Greenwood,Judith 150 Greer,Barbara 256 Gregg,Duncan 365 Gregg,Robert 146 Gregory,Betsy 148,233 Grey,Paul 285,495 Grey,Roger 432 Grib,Norman 285,499 Griebrok,Jule 256,368,531 Griffin,Ann 203,521 Griffith,Owen 145,521 Griffith,Patricia 265 Griffith,Robert 285,521 Ghisanti,Joy 285 Griset,Marilyn 285 Griswold,Stephen 285,415 Grizzle,Carol 285,522 Grogan,Charlene 152 Gross,Carole 182,522 Grossberg,Beth 320 Grossman,Jane 285,522 Grossman,Lynn 179 Grossman,Ronald 215,522 Groth,Donald 215 Grubbs,Mark 495 Gruberg,Deborah 285,521 Gruhler,Kathryn 158 Gradagni,Richard 215 Gudred,Kathy 150 Guerin,Donald 285 Gueron,Michael 495 Guerrero,David 460 Guertin,Rimithy 161 Guest,Leland 371 Guest,Peter 427 Guggenhein,Andra 272 Guibert,Judith 461 Guletz,Robert 285 Gummerson,Linda 285 Gunther,Robert 215 Gurza,Agustin 284 Gutman,Steven 144,507 Guzen,Christina 379 H Haar,Susan 148 Haase,Randy 403 Hackel,Lori 150,495 Hadlock,Kenneth 286,509 Haet,Rhonda 371 Hagen,David 431,432,433 Hagmann,Ruta 177,522 Hahn,Gregory 213 Hahn,Susan 150 Hailer,Harvey 286,363,522 Haley,Mary 158,459 Hall,Bruce 146,456 Hall,Diane 522 Hall,Fred 361,495 Hall,Howard 146 Hall,Michael 345 Hall,Peter 254,361,495 Hall,Robert 522 Hall,Robert M. 268 Hall,Rod 401 Hall,Ross 166 Hallahan,Rimothy 286 Hallinan,Rim 361 Halsted,June 176 Halverson,Lloyd 367 Hamilton,George 174,522 Hamilton,Marsha 157 Hamilton,Robert 261 Hammon,Henry 421 Hammond,Andrea 193,364,522 Hammond,Steven 286,509 Hampton,Gregory 181 Hampton,Steve 522 Handa,Barbara 286 Handley,Richard 254 Handzel,Ronald 543 Hanks,Barry 274 Hanley,Eloise 286,522 Hanlon,Maureen 203 Hansen,Christian 452 Hansen,Heidi 457 Hansen,John 261,399 Hansen,Peter 229 Hansen,Stephen 215 Hanson,Cynthia 179,522 Hanson,John 254,522 Harano,Katherine 286 Harano,Kenneth 502 Hardacre,Barbara 176,233 Harder,John 507 Hardin,Pamela 286 Hardin,Robert 243 Harding,Peggy 286 Hardison,Janet 179 Hardy,Keith 286,522 Hardy,Pamela 286,522 Hardy,Norman 286,499 Hargreaves,Robert 144,435,438 Hargrove,June 157,522 Harkness,Stanley 247 Harley,Kym 360,362 Harness,Karen 522 Harnett,Kathleen 286 Harnett,Laurence 522 Harper,Jeffery 254,522 Harps,Ann 152 Harrington,Jane 152,522 Harris,David 286,522 Harris,Elizabeth 140,522 Harris,George 398 Harris,Jeffrey 448 Harris,Linda 286,522 Harris,Miriam 286,522 Harris,Sandra 256,522 Harris,Terry 443 Harris,William 418,419 Harrison,Greg 341 Harrison,Johnnie 399 Harrison,Marcia 199 Harrison,Priscilla 203 Harrison,Susan 225 Hart,Lawrence 166,495 Hartenfeld,Ellen 168,522 Harter,Merrilee 286,360,522 Hartford,Helen 371 Hartley,Roger 239 Hartman,Mary 199,522 Hartsough,Jeanne 286 Hartstone,Jill 286 Hartung,James 331 Harvey,Catherine 179,522 Harvey,Frank 213 Harvey,Gerald 243 Harvey,Stefan 176,360,366,522 Hashimoto,Amy 286,523 Hashimoto,Jerry 448 Hatter,Ron 221 Hattori,Ricky 286,531 Hauser,Linda 164,372 Hausrath,Leslie 262,320 Haverth,Paul 371 Hankey,Jean 286,523 Hawkey,Joyce 265 Hawkins,Barbara 140,523 Hawkins,Gerald 371 Hawley,John 286 Hayburn,Marsha 148,523 Hayes,George 442 Hayes,James 239,523 Hayes,Marta 140 Haynes,Peter 144,523 Head,Linda 148 Heald,Robert 286,523 Heald,Sheryl 286,523 Healy,Jim 167 Hearn,Michael 367 Heath,Carol 313 Heath,John 163 Heath,Martha 158,523 Heckman,Donald 213 Heckman,John 399 Hedgpeth,Samuel 137,496 Heikkila,Curtis 215,523 Heiman,Sandy 286,523 Heins,Sulamith 371 Heintz,Deborah 337 Helisten,Carmen 286,523 Hellam,Marcia 286,523 Heller,Carol 286,523 Helms,Charles 286,502 Helms,Karen 286,507 Helsen,Stanley 262 Helzel,Lawrence 286,523 Hemery,Judith 286 Henderson,Deborah 452 Henderson,Lenneal 367 Henderson,Richard 286,523 Henderson,Susan 168,379,523 Henderson,Thomas 167,409,410,413 Hendrickson,Laura 203 Henle,Thomas 205,497 Hennessy,Marhorie 286,523 Henny,Geoffrey 155 Henry,Carol 286,523 Henry,Eleanor 272 Henshaw,Paul 221 Hepworth,Randolph 496 Herbert,Brian 286,523 Herbert,Jon 286,523 Herbert,Linda 179 Herbert,William 254 Hergenrather,Jeffrey 438 Hering,Doreen 179 Herkus,Jill 286,523 Hermansson,Gary 425,429 Herr,John 286,328,524 Hershenow,Margaret 193,524 Heryet,Barbara 193 Heter,Mark 418 Heuler,Elizabeth 148,496 Hermann,Edith 287,524 Hewett,Douglas 205,502 Hewlett,William 243,443 Heyman,John 268 Hickcox,Julie 179 Hickey,Ann 272 Hickman,Dean 274 Hickman,Edward 399 Hickman,William 137,496 Hicks,Ben 221,496 Higbee,Jeanne 152 Higginbotham,John 287,502 Higgs,Emma 287,500 Hilgendorf,Lynn 140,524 Hill,Terry 320 Hill,Wendy 524 Hills,Caroline 371 Hillsman,John 413 Himes,Ronald 262 Himovitz,Roger 287,524 Hine,Holly 193 Hippenstiel,Gary 268,422 Hirata,Norman 287,524 Hirayama,Richard 287,524 Hiro,April 287,524 Hironymous,Carol 287 Hirsch,George 314 Hirschmann,John 496 Hislop,Arthur 287 Hitomi,Russell 287,496 Hiyama,Barbara 183,502 Hjelmstad,Wayne 398 Ho,Helen 287 Ho,Lester 287,524 Ho,Titus 287,502 Hobbs,Thomas 239 Hodin,Jay 287 Hodson,Carole 260,524 Hoefer,John 442,443 Hoeschler,Parki 140,524 Hofeld,Donna 287,524 Hoffman,Karen 524 Hoffman,Margaret 287,500 Hoffman,Michael 429 Hoffman,Pamela 451 Hoffman,Tony 213 Hoffner,Susan 158 Hofstetter,Susan 372 Hofstrand,Julie 265 Hogan,Michael 417 Hoisington,Richard 507 Holden,Char les 170 Holl,Jessica 260 Hollinger,Karen 141 Holmes,David 155 Holmes,Hank 155 Holmes,Janet 256 Holmes,Stephen 227 Holmes,William 417 Holsington,Richard 287 Holstein,Kenneth 287 Holt,Douglas 367 Holyrod,Kenneth 371 Honde,Christina 371 Honig,Madalyn 287,524 Hoofmeister,Charles 371 Hooper,Catharine 360,524 Hoops,Larry 403 Hoover,George 287,502 Hoppe,Frances 287,496 Hoppin,Lawrence 167 Horacek,Kenton 524 Horn,Carolyn 287,524 Horn,Stacia 148,524 Hor n,Terry 213 Hornby,Deborah 155 Hornby,Pamela 225 Horning,David 400,405,438 Horowitz,Linda 524 Horton,Aletta 287 Horwitz,Ellen 150 Hoskins,Barbara 311,363,524 Hosmer,Wiiliam 287,429 Hostetter,Shirley 193 Hough,Randall 287,524 Houston,Elizabeth 193 Howard,Fred 287,502 Howard,Stephen 155 Howden,Marily 225 Howe,Catherine 287,379,524 Howe,Marilyn 179,524 Howe,Penny 371 Howell,Lynn 141 Howells,Rosemarie 287,496 Howes,David 227 Howker,Sandra 287 Hoye,Shirley 287,524 Hoyer,Ray 287,524 Hsi,Victor 402 Hsia,Yuchuek 287,507 Hsu,Betty 371 Hsu,David 371 Hsu,Donna 287 Hu,Bambi 371 Hu,Lenore 272 Huang,Benjamin 287 Hubbell,Frederick 413 Hubbs,Diane 141 Hubenette,Antoinette 203,524 Huber,Larry 287,499 Hudson,Ann 176,233 Hudson,Jennifer 287 Huez,Kenneth 287 Huff,Ronald 287,372,507 Hugh,Calvin 205 Hughes,Kent 155 Hughes,Robert 287 Hughes,Rodney 262 Hugo,Gregory 429 Huguley,Charles 249 Hui,Paul 287,524 Hukoveh,Edward 287 Hull,William 213,524 Hulmer,Marilyn 287,524 Hultgren,Mark 398,418 Huly,Jan 215 Hummel,Kathryn 287,524 Humphrey,Gordon 221 Humphreys,Gary 361,496 Humphreys,Randall 215,313,389,398 Hunt,Brian 239 Hunt,Daniel 254,359 Hunter,Jerald 287,524 Hunter,Richard 227 Hurlimann,Milly 287,524 Hutchins,Eric 345 Hutton,William 443 Hyman,Michael 287,524 Hyman,William 262 Hynes,Marc 174 I Iacopi,Daniel 287,365 Ice,Diana 287,525 Ichikawa,Ronald 288,531 Ichinose,Keith 448 Ikutiro,Nonaka 288 Illgen,Richard 211 Imagawa,Robert 448 Imamura,Jon 418 Inadomi 361 Ince,William 181,502 Indindoli,Louis 170 Inerfield,Phyllis 288,525 Ingersoll,Frank 432 Ingham,Timothy 525 288,525 Inoue,Gail 525 Inouye,Stanley 507 Irvine,Rhea 176,362 Irving,Sandra 288,525 Irwin,Nancy 141,525 Isaacson,Marvin 288,525 Ishida,Toru 288,507 Isola,Frank 243,496 Israel,Paul 311 Ivy,Karen 371 lwamasa,Sharyn 288 lyama,Penelope 288,525 J Jack,Susanna 288,497 Jacke,Richard 367 Jackson,Carol 152,457 Jackson,Christopher 429 Jackson,Earnest 274 Jackson,Jay 163 Jackson,John 221,430,432 Jackson,John W. 288,496 Jackson,Lavell 438 Jackson,Susan 193 Jacob,Silas 399 Jacobel,Robert 525 Jacobs,Lloyd 288 Jacobs,Ronald 137 Jacobs,Steven 247 Jacobsen,Cynthia 179 Jacobsen,Lawrence 399 Jacobsen,Thomas 288,525 Jacobson,Diane 288,525 Jacobson,Richard 288,525 Jagoda,Steven 496 James,Bruce 361,508 James,Frederick 500 James,Phillip 399 James,William 288,525 Jamieson,Jacqueline 193 Jamieson,John 371 Jamin,Denise 288,525 Jan,Wesley 371 Janes,Clifford 288,525 Jang,Mark 146 Jang,Michael 367 Janowitz,Maxine 288,525 Jansen,Robert 288 Jarvis,James 525 Jasonides,Jeanne 288 Jay,Madeline 288,525 Jekassons,Elga 371 Jen,Karene 260 Jen,Loretta 288,525 Jennings,Richard 288 Jensen,Cheryl 449 Jensen,James 288,525 Jensen,Marilyn 288,499 Jensen,Warren 288,503 Jeppesen,Alva 272 Jew,Jack 268 Jew,James 268 Jochums,Edward 241,415 Joe,Stanton 371 Johannes,Raphael 288 Johnsen,Jon 499 Johnson,Brann 288,525 Johnson,Bruce 247 Johnson,Carolyn 288,525 Johnson,Charles 413 Johnson,Clarence 408,412,438 Johnson,Claudia 141,525 Johnson,Conrad 288,503 Johnson,Cynthia 288,525 Johnson,David 377 Johnson,Donald 413 Johnson,Douglas 399 Johnson,Elizabeth 288,525 Johnson,Erik 241 Johnson,Gary 213 Johnson,Jaymi 157 Johnson,John 262 Johnson,Judith 199,525 Johnson,Linda 288 Johnson,Michael 443 Johnson,Ralph 372 Johnson,Stephen 399,429 Johnson,Terrence 433 Johnson,Ward 443 Johnson,Willoughby 413 Johnston,Dave 161 Jones,Dennis 213 Jones,Gail 338 Jones,Gerald 154 Jones,Jared 288,503 Jones,Lawrence 288,525 Jones,Lynn 288 Jones,Robert 288,525 Jones,Sally 150 Jones,Thomas 525 Joseph,Peter 311 Josi,Elliott 167,361 J oy,James 288 Joy,Jeffrey 433 Joyce,Peter 249,525 Joye,James 525 Juarez,Daniel 400 Juarez,Richard 137 Jue,Gregory 313 Juff,John 167 Julien,Karen 288,525 Julius,Hope 203,360 Julka,Scott 338 Junge,Kurt 496 Jurgens,Barbara 288,525 Juster,Richard 526 K Kabakov,Marilyn 288 Kaden,Richard 288 Kagan,Cecilia 183,526 Kagawa,Patricia 176 Kaggerud,Kay 288,526 Kahn,Robert 288,526 Kaiser,Jack 288,526 Kalinovsky,Rania 288,526 Kallengerger,Wendell 413 Kaller,Janet 157 Kallo,Gregory 161 Kamansky,Craig 172 Kamena,Mark 249 Kanner,Jaimie 183 Kanno,Lillian 288,526 Kantor,Hal 288 Kaplan,Jane 371 Kaplan,Karen 150 Kaplan,Richard 229 Kariya,Karen 193 Karowsky,Jan 288,526 Karp,Cynthia 157,379 Karp,Jeffrey 399,439 Karp,Stephen 496 Karp,Susan 150 Kasdan,Miriam 183 Kasper,Alexander 172 Kaster,Diana 288 Kastner,Eric 398 Katz,Susan 150 Kaufman,Wendy 150 Kavanagh,Michael 288,526 Kawakami,Ronald 288 Kay,Alan 288,526 Kay,Marguerite 289 Kay,Vick 157,526 Kaye,Maxine 289 Keburg,William 369 Keachie,Douglas 289,526 Keck,Carol 289 Keck,Jeffrey 217 Kee,Daniel 289,526 Keeles,Bernard 398 Keener,Roderick 146 Keep,Robert 429 Keith,Joyce 164,526 Keith,Mark 241 Kekoa,Catherine 333 Keller,Robert 371 Kelley,Antonia 289,526 Kelley,Mary 289,508 Kelley,Pamela 193 Kelley,Sue 197 Kelley,Wanda 289,368,526 Kellogg,Judith 526 Kellogg,William 146,402 Kellum,Reginald 289,526 Kelly,Darcy 289,526 Kelly,John 526 Kelly,Therese 265 Kelner,Marianne 289,526 Kelso,Robert 146 Kemp,Andrea 168 Kempner,Joyce 289,526 Kennedy,James 215 Kenney,Lawrence 239,361,367,526 Kennings,Janine 289 Kent,Robert 289,508 Keret,IIan 289,503 Kerker,Katherine 289,526 Kerner,Arlene 183 Kersten,Michael 337,367 Keyani,Mormozoyar 289,503 Kia,Bahman 289,503 Kibler,April 260,526 Kiefer,James 438 Kiel,Susan 199 Killebrew,Gail 289,526 Kim,Chin 289,508 Kimelman,Julie 183 Kindt,Dana 141,526 Kindt,Therese 141 King,Doris 289 King,Robert 274 Kinter,James 401,415 Kious,Gus 189,500 Kirby,Gale 272 Kirkpatrick,Robert 432 Kirschner,Janis 165,526 Kirtman,Louis 438 Kit,lmelda 365 Kitto,Jeffrey 167 Kiyoi,Marlene 289,526 Kizziah,Carol 179,526 Kleid,Dennis 499 Klein,Dennis 289 Klein,James 289,526 Klein,Judith 371 Klein,Stephen 274 Klement,Timothy 173,526 Klemtner,Adean 289,526 Kliewer,Kaye 328,363,526 Klinger,Les 289,329 Klingner,Donald 289,526 Klingner,Richard 289,503 Klisura,Janet 526 Klugman,Dina 289,526 Klurfeld,Jeffrey 211 Knecht,Martha 158 Knight,Janeen 179,526 Knight,Paul 213,443 Knisely,Melanie 289,526 Knott,Nancy 157 Knox,Richard 289,433 Knox,Ronald 398 Knudsen,Barrett 290,526 Knudsen,Priscilla 290 Knudson,Charles 419 Knutson,Sharon 158,496 Kobzeff,John 398 Koch,Jonathan 241,503 Koch,Raymond 417 Kohl,Katherine 290,496 Kohler,Therese 290,496 Kohn,Elaine 371 Kojaku,Lawrence 290,526 Kilani,Uri 290,496 Komatxu,Kathryn 168 Kinigsberg,Joyce 150 Koo,Nancy 371 Koons,Barbara 526 Kopf,David 274 Kopp,Randall 332 Koppl,Eva 183 Korff,Karen 290 Korn,Howard 211,526 Kornberg,Steven 290,527 Kosel,Cathie 290,527 Kosel,Janice 290,527 Koser,Susan 290,527 Kozberg,Gale 290 Kram,Kathy 193 Kramer,Ann 290,527 Kramer,Bruce 274 Kramer,Patricia 290,369 Kramer,Robert 290,527 Krantz,David 253 Kraus,Howard 543 Kraus,Paul 508 Krawetz,Reultal 449 Kreick,Mary 290 Kreissl,Mary 290 Kremen,James 268,499 Kreps,Daniel 213 Krieger,Carol 272 Kritikos,William 170 Krohn,Carolyn 191,452 Krohn,Lynn 183,527 Kronke,Judith 199,527 Krostek,Walter 145 Krumland,Rand 371 Kubey,Craig 253,439 Kubler,Alice 191 Kubota,Kenneth 290,361,442,503 Kucera,Katharine 290,527 Kuda,Aileen 290,527 Kugler,Henry 213 Kugler,William 205,361,503 Kung,Elizabeth 290,499 Kung,Yulanda 290,527 Kupper,Janice 183 Kutcher,Elzine 290,527 Kutz,Robert 161,368,456,527 Kwee,Liong 290,496 L La Bombard,Catherine 272,337 Lacey,Douglas 290,527 Lahti,John 170 Laine,Eric 262,400 Lakey,Paula 290,527 Lam,Stephen 290,508 Lambert,Leslie 225 Lambert,Marc 274 Lamon,David 262,413 Lamon,Henry 262 Lampl,Lanny 449 Landay,Nanon 371 Landberg,Rosabel 290,527 Landis,George 213 Landy,Joanne 371 Lane,Carol-anne 290 Lane,Richard 163 Langlois,Richard 145,499 Lanzarotti,Kathy 169,360,362,363,457 La Plant,Susan 290 La Pointe,Richard 290,311,527 Larsen,Mary 193 Larson,David 145 La Rue,Annette 527 Lasagna,Michele 290,527 Laston,Robert 401,415 Lathrop,Lawrence 418,419 Latona,Kay 371 Latta,John 290,527 Lattin,William 291,527 Laub,James 291,368,527 Lauer,Michael 229 Laven,Richard 398,427,429 Laveroni,William 398 Lawrence,James 458 Lawrence,Jeffrey 443 Lawrence,Larry 170 Lawrence,Susanne 371 Lawson,Donna 291,527 Lawson,John 137,503 Lawson,Robert 291,371,527 Lay,Jackson 291,508 Lazarus,Stephen 527 Lazarus,Stephen D. 291 Lazzareschik,Carla 362,337,345 Leary,Thomas 167 Leavens,William 173,527 Le Baker,Linda 151 Leberman,Robert 311,367 Lechich,Sally 176 Ledford,George 291,527 Lee,Vethanne 256 Lee,Cheryl 291,527 Lee,Cynthia 291,527 Lee,Donna 179,527 Lee,Douglas 402 Lee,Elizabeth 379,527 Lee,Frieda 452 Lee,Jane 457,291 Lee,John 313 Lee,Karen 291 Lee,Lane 262 Lee,Lan Hing 265,527 Lee,Laurel 291,527 Lee,Mary 219,496 Lee,Patricia 219,459,500 Lee,Phyllis 272,527 Lee,Robert 543 Lee,Roderick 213,439 Lee,Rudy 291 Lee,Simi 191,362,452,457 Lee,Sylvia 219,527 Lee,Virginia 256,503 Lee,Yu-Yang 291 Lee,Yvonne 291,527 Leftin,Jay 432 Lehman,Stephen 371 Lehre,Andre 371 Lehtman,Myron 262,310 Leibsohn,Stuart 291,367,445,496 Leichter,Joseph 291 Lekach,Viacheskav 291,449,503 Kemkau,Robert 291,527 Lemmon,Sandra 141 Lemus,Roberto 291,527 Lenox,Linda 527 Lenson,Margaret 257,379 Lentz,Richard 137 Leonard,Joseph 402 Leonard,Lauren 399 Leonard,Lynette 225 Leonhardt,Michael 268 Lerner,Marsha 291,527 Leroe,Jane 527 Lerud,Kristine 141 Less,Margaret 265 Lester,Carol 291,527 Lester,Lucinda 167 Lester,Stephen 274 Lester,Thomas 399 Leung,Teresa 291,499 Levand,Amalia 291,527 Levant,Dixon 423 Levin,Gary 229 Levin,Mary 291,527 Levin,Michael 211,291,508 Levin,Susan 151 Levinger,Mary Jo 291,528 Levinson,Edward 291,456 Levy,Vianca 183 Levy,Keith 291,528 Levy,Lois 151 Lew,Ronald 340 Lew,Sandra 291,528 Lewis,Barbara 272 Lewis,Christine 225 Lewis,Donald 49 6 Lewis,Dorothy 291,528 Lewis,James 161 Lewis,Kristie 157 Lewis,Lawrence 253,528 Lewis,Terrance 205,438 Lewman,Janet 157,360 Li,Jean 291,528 Li,Paula 291,363 Liang,Edison 371 Liang,Noel 291,528 Licht,James 229 Lichty,Fritz 291,345,456,528 Liebman,Richard 209,361,442 Liepins,Gunar 403,438 Lightfoot, Leighton 291,360 Lightner,Diane 291,528 Lim,Wellman 291,503 Linari,Frederick 146 Lindahl,George 167 Lindberg,Thomas 443 Lindvoe,Robert 291 Linden,Gordon 189,508 Lindsey,Joyce 291,528 Lines,Gregory 291,528 Linholm,Loren 291,503 Link,William 291,496 Linn,David 372 Lippert,Raymond 291,528 Lipsman,Mary 157,233 Lipton,Mark 310,367 Little,David 254,432 Little,Matthew 262 Litton,Nancy 291,528 Liu,Chamond 371 Lloyd,Richard 262,328 Lober,Lynda 148,365 Locher,Roberta 292,528 Lods,Dennis 372 Loeb,David 292,528 Loew,Robert 229,503 Lowensohn,Ronald 371 Loftesness,Scott 341 Logan,James 371 Logan,Larry 334 Long,Alan 371 Loo-Tam,Micolas 268,496 Lopez,Joanne 292,528 Lott,Thomas 215 Loughman,Rosemary 371 Louie,Allen 290,503 Louie,Lorraine 292,528 Lovas,Michael 340 Love,Norma 165 Loveday,Paul 413 Lovell,Marker 292 Lovette,Stephen 367 Lowe,Kathleen 225 Lowry,Wallace 292 Loyd,John 416,417 Lucas,Susan 292 Lucchetti,Leona 292 Luce,Cheryl 292,528 Luck,David 371 Ludwig,Cynthia 148 Luebbert,Geoffrey 371 Lufkin,Paul 402 Luft,Christine 165 Lum,John 503 Lum,John 292 Lum,Owen 292,528 Lumley,Ross 173 Lumsden,Alexis 451 Lund,Janet 169 Lundell,Edwin 371 Lunt,Gregory 528 Lunt,Jay 402 Lurie,Bertrand 292,456,528 Lurie,Marilyn 265 Lurmann,Susan 225,528 Luthy,Linda 179 Luthy,Richard 163,499 Lym,Glenn 371 Lynch,Steve 448 Lynn,Gregory 189 Lyons,Bud 187,399 Lyons,Hampton 213 Lyons,Royal 399 Lyssand,Olav 402 M Ma,Rose-Marie 292,528 Maas,Barbara 141 McAdam,James 361,368,529 McAlone,Thomas 249,432 McAlpine,Susan 180 MacArthur 292,528 McAuley,Alan 215 McBride,Brian 233 McBride,Deidre 148 McBride,Marsha 197 MacBride,Ron 189 McBurney,Meredith 197,363,496 McCabe,Patricia 293,508 McCaffrey,Michael 398,429 McCahan,Louise 293 McCallum,Duncan 138 McCann,Michael 249,438 McCarthy,Mark 249 McCarthy,Teryl 197 McCarty,Maisie 176,363,530 McCave,Ludwig 561 McCertain,Sebastian 562 McCirrus,Johann 563 McChap,Franz 564 McCloskey,Barnard 293,504 McCloud,Thomas 145,499 McClure,Laurel 169 McClure,Ted 361,343 McConaughy,Mick 187,361,530 McCord,Marcia 203 McCord,Marian 203,363,530 McCosh,Elizabeth 293 McCracken,Lorraine 293 McCreight,Craig 504 McCutchan,Ann 314 McDaniel,Joanne 293 McDaniel,Marianne 530 McDermott,Francis 372 McDermott,Paul 293,530 McDiarmid,Bruce 170 MacDonald,Lynn 292,528 MacDonald,Mary 141 MacDonald,Susan 265 McDonnell,Lorraine 362,293 McDonnell,Philip 433 Mace,Marcia 292 Mace,Robert 401 Macey,Ann 169 McEneany,Michael 167,496 McFarland,John 458,460 Macfarlane,Docia 392,293,330 McFarling,Mary 293,530 McGaffie,John 398 McGall,Andrew 334 McGann,Frances 199,496 McGee,Bruce 146 McGee,Michael 205 McGee,Terence 293,530 McGettigan,Molly 203 McGill,Robert 241 McGinty,Ellen 293,530 McGrogan,Stephen 293,504 McGuire,Brian 519 McHugh,Deirdre 197 McHugh,Heidi 197,530 Mclntosh,William 262 Mclntyre,Barbara 452 Mclntyre,William 211,367 Mack,Gregory 292,528 McKay,Maryann 293,530 McKay,Susan 180 McKeane,Margaret 371 McKee,Nancy 158 McKeegan,Marsha 197 McKeighan,Mary 180 McKenzie,Alex 205 McKenzie,John 293 McKinley,Mary 530 McKinley,Michael 161,530 McKinley,William 530 McKinstry,Molly 257,530 McKleroy,William 181 McClana,Colin 163 McLaughlin,Corinne 293,530 McLaughlin,Madeline 225 MacLean,Ethel 260,528 McLean,Joan 141,530 McLennan,Robert 438 McLeod,William 161 McMeans,Julia 293,530 McMeans,Susan 158 MacMillan,Harriet 359,363,528 McMills,Corey 293 MacMullen,James 262,503 McNally,Dale 154 McNally,Paul 154 McNeely,Richard 241 McNeil,Melanie 293 McNeill,Catherine 148 McNeill,Edward 221 Macoosky,Susan 371 McPhee,Dean 255 McPherson,John 217 Macpherson,Thomas 415 McRae,Colin 245,496 McRae,Donald 262 McReynolds,James 293 McTucker,Marliss 293 Mack,Jimmy 398 Mack,Jonathan 371 Madden,Deeanne 176,360,369,363,528 Maedigan,Joseph 292,372,528 Maddux,Richard 371 Mader,Thomas 262 Madsen,Pamela 363 Macguire,Charles 233 Mahan,Gary 438 Mahon,Denise 528 Maina,William 292 Maizels,Nancy 371 Majka,Paul 249 Majtlis,Jack 217 Mak,Linda 292,457 Malachowski,Michael 245,528 Malkani,Harish 221,499 Maller,Audrey 151 Malley,Gregory 189 Malovos,Marian 292 Malsbary,Thomas 292,496 Mammon,Rebecca 292,528 Manders,Scott 371 Mangurian,Robert 371,193,528 Mann,Kenneth 245,367 Manning,Susan 528 Mansfield,Cheryl 176 Mansfield,Merrily 292,528 Manzer,Patricia 183 Mar,Dennis 292,528 Marans,Michael 229 Marble,Lauren 180 Marcacci,Thomas 211,528 Marcovitz,Moses 543 Marcus,Helen 292,363,528 Marcus,Joyce 183 Marengo,Dina 180 Margaritis,Argyrios 292 Margolis,Michelle 151 Mariani,Gary 239 Mariani,Mary 334 Marion,Virginia 151 Markarian,Gary 292,508 Marowitz,Mike 229 Marks,Carole 183,528 Markus,Babette 265 Marrah,Frederick 243,528 Marron,Linda 292,528 Marshall,Joseph 503 Marshall,Louise 371 Marshall,Pamela 292,528 Marston,Stephen 371 Marszalec,Joseph 138 Martenyi,Georgia 528 Martin,Cheryl 176,529 Martin,Janet 199 Martin,Larry 239 Martin,Mary 157 Martin,Thomas J. 508 Martin,Thomas N. 292 Martin,Wiley 377 Martini,Brian 401 Martinian,Omega 292,508 Martyr,Paur 398 Marx,Lynne 152 Mase,Jesse 268 Maslowski,Rodney 398 Massen,Mark 292,372,529 Massey,John 292 Masters,David 213 Masuoka,Charlotte 292,529 Matheson,Ann 158 Mathews,Ann 199 Mathur,Dilip 293,503 Matlow,Geoff 255 Matoi,Jean 265 Matselboba,Richard 262,496 Matsui,Dale 197,363,529 Matsukado,Laurel 293 Matsumoto,Clyde 368,529 Matsuzaki,Yasuhiko 293 Mattingly,Wallace 438 Mattis,Mary 152 Mattson,Pamela 169,362 Matzkin,Carol 345 Maxwell,Lynn 293 Maxwell,Margaret 225 Maxwell,Mary 225,529 Maxwell,Minnie 449 May,Ann 197,529 Mayer,Virginia 197,366,529 Mayfield,Duane 398,429 Maynard,David 245 Mazandarani,Hashem 293,503 Mazaroff,Neal 367 Meacham,Gilbert 414 Meadows,Lee 257 Medford,Thomas 293,504 Meek,Christine 142 Meeker,Ann 193 Meeker,Cameron 241 Meers,Michael 398,429 Megna,Donald 293,530 Mehta,Hardayal 293,504 Meier,Jane 157 Meier,Kathleen 203 Meier,Richard 543 Meifert,Tracey 148,379 Meinhardt,Robert 422 Meinken,Diedrich 187 Mellin,Robert 213 Melnicoe,Alan 217,530 Meltesen,Gayle 293,530 Melton,Richard 418 Mendelson,Alan 229 Mendelson,Beverly 265,530 Mendelson,Karen 530 Mendelson,Michael 247 Menke,Bruce 247 Merchant,Elizabeth 530 Merchant,Bee 360 Meredith,Allen 262 Merenbach,Ronald 293 Meresman,Stanley 293,504 Mermel,Janusz 262,530 Merrill,Marilyn 149 Merrill,Richard 247 Merritt,James 205,401 Merryman,John 496 Meserve,William 371 Messer,Teall 293,508 Metcalf,Gale 169 Metcalf,Stephen 187,438 Metzelaar,Horn 371 Meux,Jennifer 371 Meyer,Hollis 159 Meyer,James 429 Meyer,Sheldon 293,504 Meyer,Wallace 262 Meyers,John 367 Meyers,Susan 530 Miailovich,Raymond 262,432 Michael,Andreas 402 Michaels,Anne 293,530 Michel,Eldon 401,415 Micossi,Anita 293,530 Middleton,lan 154 Mikami,Donald 293 Mikelens,Peter 293,530 Miksch,Robert 262 Miles,Fred 144 Miller,Christine 142,530 Miller,Christopher 173 Miller,David 504,293 Miller,Edward 293 Miller,Henry 367 Miller,Jaxon 293 Miller,Jay 138,368,456,361,530 Miller,Judy 293,530 Miller,Leslie 269,504 Miller,Marc 2 Miller,Mark 293 Miller,Michael 439 Miller,Millie 199 Miller,Robert 530 Miller,Ronald 398 Miller,Shawna 203 Miller,Terry 187 Miller,Theodore 530 Millman,Daniel 420,421 Millman,Paula 183 Mills,Ronald 293,530 Milner,Reese 189,429 Milrad,Arlene 272 Minahen,Charles 293,530 Minai,Nail 293,504 Minasian,Regina 159 Miner,Valerie 336 Mingst,Judith 142 Minis,Mark 255 Minkin,David 293,504 Minkow,Roger 293,530 Minkwitz,Peter 293,530 Minor,Mary 177 Mirman,Gail 151 Mitchell,Michael 293,530 Mitome,Julie 293 Miyamoto,Marilyn 371 Miyamura,Ronald 293,530 Moberg,Cheryl 293,496 Mock,Renita 272,531 Mohler,Michael 399 Mohorovich,Nancy 197 Mohr,Lawrence 371 Mohr,Sharon 293,531 Mohrhardt,Catherine 293,531 Molfino,Daphne 149 Molina,Nina 142 Mollen,Thomas 543 Moller,Anne 225 Molmen,William 146,531 Monaghan,Susan 142,531 Monahan,Gregory 163,504 Monteverdi,John 293,531 Montgomery,Anne 180 Montgomery,Howard 293,377,531 Montgomery,Linn 418 Montgomery,Peter 293 Montoya,George 402 Moock,John 163,496 Moon,Carol 293,531 Moon,Henry 423 Moor,David 269 Moordigian,Nancy 293,531 Moore,Carolyn 149 Moore,Cissy 203,531 Moore,Gregory 209 Moore,John 294 Moore,Kelley 443 Moore,Linda 142 Moore,Michael 294 Moore,Stephen 239,531 Moore,Susan 531 Moorehead,Marilyn 294,531 Moran,Sue 272,531 More,Frances 294,531 Moreland,Diane 294,359,366,531 Moreno,Genie 149,363 Moreno,Ginger 149 Moresco,Frederick 433 Morgan,Dwight 442 Morgan,Dwight W. 443 Morganti,Joseph 294,531 Morjig,Sharon 364 345,460 Morrell,Rivers 209 Morrell,Steven 209 Morris,Barbara 151 Morris,Elsa 294,531 Morris,Kathy 152 Morris,Lyford 262,443 Morris,Margaret 531 Morris,Peter 417 Morris,Sue 531 Morris,Teri 531 Morrish,William 217 Morrison ,Martin 371 Morrison,Melodye 294,531 Morrow,Carole 142,531 Morse,Carol 180,360 Morse,Frederick 170 Morthland,Judith 294 Mosconi,Leigh 187,429 Moseley,Gayle 294 Moser,Lawrence 161 Mosgrove,Sally 180 Mosher,Oren 294,499 Moshiri,Lilli 193,531 Moss,Jason 438 Mostaghel,Naser 504 Motolinksky,Nay 371 Moulton,Katherine 149 Mount,John 189 Moy,Dede 451 Moy,Peter 262 Moy,Sharon 204,531 Mues,Bernard 294 Muhlbach,Rodger 245 Mukri,Carl 442 Mulas,Francesco 402 Mulcahy,Thomas 180 Mulford,Donna 197,531 Mulholland,James 189 Mulholland,Roger 531 Mullally,Susan 294,332 MulIer,Mary 169,233 Mullin,David 402 Munday,Claude 221 Mundstock,David 294,365,456 Munoz,Peter 294,367,456,531 Munoz-Plaza,Denis 262 Munro,John 531 Munro,Robin 197 Munson,Steven 399 Murakami,Michael 367 Murdock,John 371 Murphee,Courtney 272 Murphy,Carolyn 203 Murphy,Lynne 197 Murphy,Mark 531 Murphy,Scott 432 Murphy,Steven 249 Murray,Anthony 432 Murray,James 221,531 Murray,Michael 217,496 Murray,Rainsford 402 Murvin,Margaret 149 Musgrove,James 429 Musser,Eugene 262,367,531 Myers,Dennis 371 Myers,Susan 157 N Nachbaur,Thomas 269,531 Nachbaur,William 269 Nagase,Nancy 294 Naggar,Michelle 183 Nakada,Joyce 294 Nakamura,Pearl 294,531 Nakamura,Robert 367 Nakano,Kenichi 402 Nakasone,Patricia 294,531 Naktin,Judith 294,531 Namsirichai,Mary 294,531 Napoli,Patricia 294,531 Naruo,Gail 294,531 Nase,Laurel 294,500 Nash,James 262 Nathanson,Roxanne 294,531 Nellis,Brady 262,499 Nelson,Cathy 149 Nelson,Graig 209 Nelson,Darby 169,531 Nelson,David 496 Nelson,James 294,504 Nelson,Mark 408 Nelson,Nancy 193 Nelson,Patricia 193,531 Nelson,Richard 294,496 Nelson,Rosanna 204,365 Nelson,Sally 531 Nelson,Thomas 399 Nemir,Philip 417 Neoh,Soon 340 Nepom,Doreen 183 Neri,Jean 329,362 Neri,Kathryn 329,363,457,531 Nesbitt,Donald 215,401,415 Nesbitt,Kathleen 152,531 Neubauer,Ronald 294,532 Neufeld,Gerald 500 Neufeld,Gerald G. 221 Neugard,Gary 167 Neuhaus,Mark 419 Neumann,Gail 191,532 Neves,Kathleen 153 Nevins,William 402 Newcomb,David 402 Newcomb,Stephen 249 Newhans,Sandy 151 Newhart,Denise 151 Newlove,Timothy 189 Newman,Clair 294,456 Newman,Pamela 294,532 Newmark,Warren 245,532 Newnan,Brian 425,428,429 Newton,Nancy 197 Newton,Patricia 203,366,532 Ng,Sai Kok 294,499 Ng,Yiuoto 294,499 Niccolls,Katherine 177 Nichandros,Harry 294,504 Nichelini,Carol 193,372,373 Nicholas,Susan 294,532 Nichols,Susan 193,532 Niedan,Albert 243,429,508 Niello,Roger 255 Nielsen,Carla 153,532 Nielson,Norman 174 Nielsen,Randall 560 Nielsen,Rich 433 Nielsen,Rosemary 294,360,532 Nielsen,Sarah 180 Nielsen,Stanley 247,508 Nilan,Richard 239,499 Niles,John 371 Nilson,Nancy 199 Nip,Renton 294,367,532 Nisbet,Susan 260 Nishimoto,Judith 294,532 Nissen,Karen 294,532 Nixon,James 294,496 Noble,Christie 203 Noble,Scott 213 Noji,Carol 152,363,532 Nolan,Antoinette 532 Nolan,Toni 165 Noonan,Claire 203,532 Normari,Paul 294,496 Norton,Donna 294,532 Norton,James 294,508 Norton,Nancy 159,532 Norwood,Dorothy 294,532 Novak,Cathryn 294,364,532 Noyes,Edward 442 Noyes,Dirk 249,361,417 Nuccio,Penelope 294,532 Nugent,Thomas 371 NuII,Edward 448 Nyberg,Paul 333 O Oakley,John 294,361,429 Obergon,Lisa 157 O ' Brien,Anna 532 O ' Connor,Katherine W. 153 O ' Connor,Kathleen 153 Odenhermen,John 371 Oderda,Gary 243 Odom,Sallie 294,532 O ' Flaherty,Joseph 161,500 O ' Hara,Ann 272 Ohland,Stevens 399,433 Ohliger,Joanne 149,373 Oishi,Gordon 294,532 Oishi-Oishi,Corrine 197 Okada,Alison 294 Okamoto,Alan 295 Okamoto,Toyohiko 295 Okazaki,Robert 262 O ' Keefe,Brian 211 O ' Keefe,Susan 423 Okida,Fumio 295,496 O ' Laughlin,Masefield 295 O ' Leary,James 429 Olgin,Barbara 265 Oliviera,Ronald 295 Oliver,Lynn 255 Oliver,Melinda 180 Olmos,Mario 295,532 O ' Loughlin,Masefield 532 Olsen,Jeffrey 295,508 Olsher,Neil 211 Olson,Arthur 402 Olson,Donald 295,496 Olson,Greg 422 Olson,Helene 371 Olson,Lyric 295,532 O ' Meara,Kathleen 295,532 Omran,Mohamed 145 O ' Neal,Melvin 401,415 O ' Neil,Jack 295,532 Ongerth,Richard 221,429,504 Onken,Valerie 191,457,504 Onstott,Stephanie 203 Oppido,Anthony 243 Oppido,Michael 532 Orbus,Dennis 295 Orecchia,Paul 421 O ' Reilly,Terrance 550 Orly,Elvira 165,449 Ornellas,Mark 340 Orr,William 432 Orrick,Mary-Louise 423 Orrick,Missy 159 Orzilli,Sheryl 153,532 Osajima,Glenn 295,532 Osborn,Eleanor 193,461 Osborn,Robert 295 Osborne,Mark 295 O ' Shea,Daniel 295,532 Osofsky,Lewis 269,441,44 3 Ossias,Cheryl 295,533 Ostling,Diane 153 Ostrom,Karen 295,533 Oswald,Janet 197 Ott,Rodney 417 Owen,Christine 193 Owen,Christine L. 149,496 Owens,Bob 400 Owens,Roger 205 Ozkok,Bora 402,415 P Pace,Carolee 193,360,362 Pace,Cathlyn 193,533 Pace,Nathan 371 Pack,Theodore 295 Packwood,Timpothy 295,533 Padilla,Fred 295,504 Paganini,Marlene 295,533 Page,Gregory 295 Page,Gergory 504 Paikow,Anna 205,533 Palffy-aipar,Julis 449 Paliwoda,Stephan 163,508 Palmer,Charles 310,367 Palmer,Jeffrey 170,533 Palmer,Michael 295 Pan,Dawning 533 Panagiotaros,Thomas 295 Pang,Wing 371 Pangburn,Helen 157 Panick,Merle 183,533 Panieri,John 295,496 Pantell,Susan 330 Papike,Richard 295,430,432,496,510 Papike,Cheri 295,533 Parce,Donald 239,533 Parce,Joan 533 Pardee,John 245 Parker,Gene 189,361 Parker,Larry 295,423 Parker,McKinley 399 Parker,Patricia 149 Parker,Stuart 229 Parker,Suzaanne 295,533 Parry,Thomas 146 Parry,Sandra 449 Parsons,Hilary 153 Parsons,Jean 295,533 Pasco,Gregory 205,504 Pasqualetti,Kathleen 157 Passen,Steven 253 Passin,Steven 533 Patten,Kelsey 169 Patterson,Wendy 295 Patton,Gregory 432 Patton,Kathy 153,533 Patton,Patricia 295 Paul,Pamela 149 Paulsen,Carol 191,533 Paulsen,Marc 295 Paulsen,Richard 209 Paulson,Mary 199,495 Pavitt,Eugene 211 Payne,John H. 371 Payne,John V. 371 Peak,Michael 314 Pearl,Pamela 295,533 Pearson,Karen 295 Pearson,Neal 233,533 Pearson,Edward 213 Peat,Cynthia 533 Peck,Preston 187 Peddy,Hal 263,433 Pedersen,Carol 265,533 Pedersen,Diane 142 Pedersen,Stuart 249,508 Peek,Joseph 371 Peek,Nancy 225 Peisker,George 295,496 Peletz,Nan 139 Pelmas,Nancy 295,533 Peluso,Lora 295 Pena,Joseph 438 Pendleton,Leon 415 Penfil,Joyce 295,533 Penhall,David 399 Penner,Richard 295,367,533 Pennington,Gary 438 Peoples,Robert 442 Pepi,Kenneth 221,496 Perez,Douglas 442 Perlis,Judith 191,368,379,534 Permaul,Nadesan 296 Peros,Nicholas 296,504 Perry,John 290,504 Perry,William 399 Persons,Janice 153 Peters,Louis 371 Peters,Nancy 296 Peters,Susan 159 Petersen,Glen 296 Petersen,Glenn 296,496 Petersmeier,Susan 177 Peterson,David M. 215 Peterson,David N. 215 Peterson,Frederick 225,367 Peterson,Glenn 367 Peterson,James L. 439 Peterso n,James N. 439 Peterson,James W. 439 Peterson,Jennifer 169,534 Peterson,Karin 149 Peterson,Kenneth 274 Peterson,Marcia 149 Peterson,Michael 296,534 Peterson,Richard 296,534 Peterson,Robert 215 Peterson,Robert E. 215 Peterson,Robert R. 215 Peterson,Susan 457 Peterson,Wayne 263,496 Petit,Charies 189 Petropolous,Basil 505 Petrucci,Ronald 296,499 Pettinger,Lawrence 367 Pettitt,Diane 169,534 Pettus,David 255,534 Pettus,Donald 243 Phair,Tom 189 Phair,Thomas S., Jr. 189 Phelps,Doreen 379 Phelps,Roger 296,531 Philbrick,Kay 193 Philipson,Alice 292 Philipson,David 296,534 Phillips,Barbara 296 Phillips,Christine 159,534 Phillips,Eric 263,534 Phillips,Janet 180 Phillips,Randolph 233 Picchi,Adrienne 149 Pick,Marilyn 296,534 Piehl,Albert 296 Pier,Kenneth 138,504 Pierce,Carol 153 Pierce,Steven 249,442 Pierini,Janet 180 Pierron,Michele 197 Pimentel,Thomas 243,496 Pinger,Richard 173 Pinkham,Nancy 379 Pinotti,Mary 336 Piotrkowski,Helen 371 Piper,Charles 371 Pirog,Heidi 225 Pisk,Ronald 399 Pitta,Dennis 189,389,429 Piver,Dixie 191 Pivnick,Stuart 245 Pizzorno,Charleen 371 Platt,Cynthia 151 Platzek,Michele 225,534 Plowman,Karen 457,534 Plumb,Thomas 403 Plummer,Jame 225 Pohlman,Kathleen 197,245 Polivka,Ronald 239 Pollock,Jean 272 Pomeroy,Pamela 296,534 Poom,Laurence 296,534 Poore,Robert 138 Porath,Miriam 296 Porter,Podie 197 Potter,Carol 371 Powell,Corinne 180 Powell,Gilbert 233,399,429 Powell,Robert 249,534 Powell,Therene 159 Powers,Madelon 296,534 Prager,Ellen 371 Prahser,Marie 165,534 Prather,Wendell 296 Prentice,Blair 155 Prescott,Susan 153 Presley,Robert 405,406,409,410,411 Preston,Richard 187,438 Prevost,Jeffrey 215,534 Price,Craig 215 Price,Edward 443 Price,Gail 452 Prinz,Thomas 371 Pritchard,John 534 Proper,George 296,496,497 Pruitt,Sheila 149 Puccinelli,Charles 296,497 Puncsak,Sandra 142,508 Puskarich,Joann 296 Q Quan,Benson 402 Quan,Christopher 504 Quatman,Jack 245 Quatman,Theodora 169 Quezada,Ruth 296 Quillinan,Bill 155 Quinn,Nancy 180 Quintero,Solomon 417 Quirin,Elma Sue 199,508 Quiroga,Gustavo 296,534 R Raap,Linda 157,233,459 Raap,Sheryl 534 Rabe,Deborah 157 Rae,William 269 Rafanelli,Pamela 296,534 Rai,Ravan 296 Ralphs,Linda 197 Ramirez,Anthony 371 Ramos,Dennis 534 Ramos,Verlita 296 Rampino,Norma 296,534 Ramsey,Buzz 534 Ramsey,Michael 417 Randolph,Jennifer 296,534 Rankin,Susan 169 Rapp,Gregory 508 Rasmussen,Dick 361,534 Rasmussen,Erica 149 Rasmussen,Svenn 269 Rasmussen,Tor 402 Rathbun,Suzane 296,360,534 Rather,Elizabeth 371 Rathlesberger,Kathleen 371 Ratliff,Jean 296,494,534 Rau,Mary 534 Raubitschek,Maria 296,534 Raul,Mary 296 Rawlins,Gay 534 Rea,Nancy 159 Ready,James 402 Ream,Marilyn 371 Reber,Janice 169,534 Rebuschatis,Robert 431,432 Redell,David 371 Redman,Rebecca 177 Redstone,Susan 337 Reed,Charles 398 Reed,David 205 Reed,Donald 170 Reed,James 138 Reeder,Jeffrey 233,400,411,534 Reeder,Judith 153 Reeder,Richard 371 Reese,Benjamin 155,534 Reeve,Frank 296 Reeves,Roland 215 Reeves,Roy 296 Reich,Linda 296 Reiman,Joan 296 Reimko,Richard 367 Reiner,Fred 296,359,367 Reiner,John 138 Reines,Alisa 451 Reingold,Stephen 229 Reinhart,Michael 245 Reinke,Alan 170,361 Reinsch,Frederick 173 Reinsch,James 173 Reinsch,Peter 173 Reis,Lawrence 398 Reisner,Marianne 543 Reist,Lloyd 398 Reiterman,Timothy 245 Reitmeier,Carol 296,534 Relat,Carol 296,534 Relat,Robert 263 Relfe,Robyn 225 Relles,Robert 367,429 Renge,Lois 273 Rest,Roger 205 Reynolds,Geoffrey 449 Reynolds,Patrick 296,443 Reynolds,William 399 Rhinhart,Mike 415 Rhode,Sandy 199 Rhodes,Kathryn 163 Rianda,Bruce 534 Rianda,Bryan 504 Rice,Lois 534 Rice,Mary 296,535 Rice,Maryly 225 Rich,Linda 233 Richards,Bob 399 Richards,James 401,415,442 Richards,Joe 187,438 Richards,John 247,504 Richards,Sharon 191,535 Richards,Stephen 146 Richards,Beth 457 Richards,Susan 169,535 Richards,Terese 296 Richardson,Jerry 215,442,497 Richardson,Kennedy 245,535 Richinin,Bruce 367 Ridgle,Jackie 413 Ridley,Alan 296 Riegelman,Nancy 151,379 Riegels,Richard 187 Riemer,Therese 197,535 Rieser,Geoffrey 233,422,423 Riggs,Jan 371 Rinderknecht,Yvonne 169 Rindge,Barbara 296,363,535 Ripley,Barbara 296,535 Ritchie,Donald 253 Ritchie,James 377,448 Ritchie,Martin 267 Ritter,Mark 367 Ritter,Thomas 296 Rizzo,Michael 243,418 Robbins,Barbara 245,177 Robbins,Susan 153,535 Robert,Margaret 457 Roberts,Anne 296,360,362,363 Roberts,Bruce 215,342,368,504 Roberts,Carter 297,535 Roberts,Reid 209 Robertson,Bruce 215,442,500 Robertson,Janice 273 Robertson,Judith 297,535 Robin,Robert 297 Robins,Barbara 360,362 Robinson,Christine 159 Robinson,Janet 297,535 Robinson,Lee 154 Robinson,Scott 402 Robson,George 399 Roby,Vicki 535 Roderick,Jill 245 Roderick,Michael 173 Rodgers,Gerald 215,415 Rodgers,Linda 297,535 Rodgers,Mark 400 Rodnick,Marion 371 Roebuck,Harold 209 Rogaway,Stephen 439 Rogers,Byron 297 Rogers,Evelyn 297,535 Rogers,James 211,443 Rogers,Joanne 151 Rogers,Larry 297,504 Rogers,Linda 151 Rogers,Marc 209 Rogers,Nancy 297 Rogers,Robert 429 Rogozen,Brenton 229 Rohde,Sandra 535 Rohrbaugh,Philip 371 Roman,John 170 Romanini,Linda 153 Romero,Gregory 504 Romero,Richard 263 Romero,Rita 199 Ronzone,Jamey 149 Roos,Marie 461 Rosan,Carole 177 Rose,James 371 Rose,Nancy 297,535 Roseberry,James 535 Rosen,Barbara 371 Rosen,Billie 273 Rosen,Howard 253 Rosenberg,Nancy 297,535 Rosenberg,Steven 215 Rosenblatt,Richard 297,497 Rosenbloom,Richard 253 Rosenblum,Richard 253 Rosenson,Leon 371 Rosenthal,Daniel 173 Rosenthal,Jonathan 173 Rosenthal,Michael 229 Rosenthal,Nadine 297,360 Rosentrater,Robin 371 Ross,Donald 367 Ross,Gordon 297,504 Ross,Heidi 151 Ross,Helgola 371 Ross,Peter 369 Ross,Roberta 297 Ross,Ronald 297 Rossi,Gary 167 Rostron,Geraldine 149 Rostron,Lorraine 149,365 Rotary,Julie 193,360,461 Roth,Carla 245 Roth,Michaele 159 Roth,Ronald 361 Rothbach,Craig 311 Rothberg,Michele 151 Rothenberg,Howard 253 Rothenberg,Philip 253 Rothganger,Frances 193 Rothman,Joseph 229 Rothschild,Melanie 297,338 Rothschild,William 229,361,458 Rouda,Shelly 142 Rowe,Bobie 142 Rowley,Clayton 209 Roy,Ruby 297,497 Roybal,Philip 332 Royster,Stanley 435,436 Rubard,Donald 297,535 Rubenstein,Peter 297,371,535 Rubin,Lillian 371 Rucker,Michael 247,535 Rudiak,Pamela 159,379,535 Rudolph,Samuel 274 Rudomino-Dusiacki,Alice 297,535 Rueben,Gail 151 Ruehle,Jon 443 Reuschenberg,Kathy 297,535 Ruhstaller,Frank 255 Ruiz,Pedro 297,535 Rushakoff,Vicki 457,497 Ruskin, lra 367 Russell,Beverly 371 Russell,Christina 297,535 Russell,James 390,394,398 Russell,Stephen 371 Ruth,James 443 Rutherford,Jane 177,535 Ruzicka,Helene 149 Ryan,Dan 167,394,398 Ryan,Michael 297 Ryan,Theodore 138 Rydman,Ralph 297 S Saarinen,James 371 Sachs,Stuart 253 Sacks,Steven 253,497 Saenger,Eugene 297,367,497 Sage,Larry 535 Sahii,Bob 399 Saia,Frances 260,535 St.Sure,Thomas 243,536 Saito,James 555 Sakamoto,Randall 297,504 Saks,Yonetta 297,535 Salin,Eric 448 Salisbury,John 389,398,418 Salisbury,Richard 297,535 Salsig,Ronald 205 Saltalamanchia,Joyce 199 Salvo,Henry 215 Salwen,Clifford 247,509 Salwen,Monette 183 Sandahl,David 371 Sandberg,Susan 371 Sanders,Patricia 371 Sanders,Ryan 274 Sandkulla,Linda 153 Sanford,Carol 371 Sanford,Charles 334 Sansone,Vincent 243 Santos,Paul 448 Sapiro,Barbara 297,536 Sardo,Judith 159 Sargis,Robert 297,497 Sartz,Jens 297,497 Sasaki,Joan 297,536 Satterford,Robert 367 Sauer,Timothy 367 Sauer,Timothy A. 314 Saunders,Cheryl 536 Saunders,Eva 314 Saunders,Katharine 193,536 Savage,Diane 536 Savage,Karea 177 Sawin,Diane 452 Sawin,Steven 399 Sawyer,Gregory 443 Sborov,Karen 153,536 Scaief,Albert 297,531 Scarlett,Kenneth 167,433 Scatena, 345,368,536 Schachter,Margo 297,497 Schactman,Robert 245 Schade,Christy 502,504 Schaeffer,Anne 536 Schaffer,Anne 297 Schau,Richard 433 Schei,Barbara 297,359,363,536 Schelp,Michael 209 Scheuler,Karen 536 Schevitz,Edita 371 Schick,Larry 145,504 Schiessel,Jane 320 Schiessel,Jonathan 320 Schiffner,Gregg 189 Schimber,Marte 371 Schindler,Anita 371 Schipper,Leon 371 Schlichtmann,Laura 159,360,362 Schlittgen,Geoffrey 241 Schmid,Carl 377 Schmidt,Carol 149,536 Schmidt,Claudia 345,536 Schmidt,Karl 297,448 Schmidt,Vicki 177 Schmierer,Alan 161 Schneider,Barry 233 Schneider,David 365 Schnell,Deborah 180,536 Schnuetgen,Siegfried 367 Schnugg,Stephen 423 Schoales,Jean 153,536 Schochet,Sheryl 183 Schoenfeld,Anne 225 Schrieber,William 460 Schueler,Karen 298 Schulz,Joann 340 Schulz,Stephen 398 Schutz,Dru 339 Schutz,John 298,536 Schwartz,Lynn 298,536 Schwarz,Robert 211 Schwench,E. 161 Schwenck,Charles 536 Schwiers,Patricia 149 Schwiers,Robert 497 Sciutto,Susanna 169,360,536 Scoredos,Eric 499 Scott,Ann 149 Scott,Chris 274 Scott,Douglas 269,415 Scott,Eric 399 Scott,Kathy 298,452,536 Scott,Linda 298,536 Scott,Susan 263 Scott,Susan E. 197 Scurich,Marilena 197,536 Seaman,Michael 377,402 Seaton,Nancy 165,298,372 Sedghi,Hamideh 298,536 Seeley,Brien 432 Seeley,Mark 438 Seely,Stephen 167 Seewald,Mark 229 Segesvary,Ildiko 298,536 Seidl,Bryce 298,536 Seiler,Louis 371 Selby,Elizabeth 149 Selfridge,Susan 159 Selig,Gary 211 Selkirk,Elizabeth 371 Sellier,William 255 Selna,Michael 415 Selway,Catherine 159 Selway,Wendy 159 Semans,Gary 298 Senger,Loraine 149 Sengstack,Paula 149 Senram,Leal-Ann 180,311 Servente,John 243,402 Serventi,Robert 298 Severy,Donald 239,359,361,367 Shabaz,Cliff 372,536 Shaeff,Margie 193 Shaffer,Lyman 367 Shahbaz,Clifford 163 Shahshahani,Mehrdad 371 Shamszad,Ghassem 402 Shane,Elizabeth 193,536 Shane,Susanne 153 Shannon,Patrick 263 Shapiro,Lorre 298,536 Shapiro,Neil 211, 536 Shapiro,Stuart 311 Shapiro,Susan 183 Sharp,Cathy 298,536 Shavelson,Ellen 298,536 Shavelson,Gail 265 Shaw,Jennifer 371 Shaw,William 536 Shawb,Joe 401 Sheaff,Margaret 360,561 Shean,Garret 442,536 Shearer,Susan 169 Sheinkopf,Wendy 151,360 Shelburne,Linda 159 Sheldon,Charles 298,536 Sheld,Mike 442 Shen,Denna 298,497 Sheng,Amy 298,536 Shenk,Lee 161 Sheridan,Michael 398 Sherman,Carolyn 149,536 Sherry,Helen 362 Shestakov,Alexei 215,414,415 Shields,Peter 438 Shigemura,Michael 243 Shinen,William 187,432 Shinoda,Phillip 442 Shipman,Nancy 180 Shirakawa,Pamela 362,372,373 Shockley, lmogene 298,537 Shon,Brian 365 Shore,Brad 371 Shores,Jonathan 233,401,415 Shorrick,Patrick 399 Shower,Steven 187,504 Shreve,Stephen 543 Shuman,Marilyn 199 Siadat,Mohammad 448 Sicherman,Jack 229 Sidcrine,Diane 537 Siderine,Carolyn 265 Siegel,Rise 151,537 Siegle,Ann 151 Sievers,Carole 193 Silge,Aileen 298,537 SiIIs,Andrew 263 Silva,Sharon 298,537 Silverman,Alan 371 Silvern,Steven 371 Silverstein, Russell 211,537 Sim,Jody 211 Simburg,Melvyn 298,314,361,537 Simidian,Karen 142 Simmons,Bob 399 Simmons,James 543 Simpson,Ann 177 Simpson,Lance 340 Simpson,Patrick 298,537 Sims,Barbara 371 Sinclair,Elizabeth 225,345,348,359,360 Sinclair,Deke 187 Singer,Carla 311 Singer,Noel 402 Singer,Steven 269 Singleton,Carol 461,537 Singleton,David 298,537 Sinkankas,Marjorie 265 Sisk,Katherine 225 Sjoberg,Ann 298,537 Skailand,Dawn 298 Skarsten,Virginia 169 Skei,Edward 173 Skinner,Stephen 215 Skipper,Andrew 371 Sklansky,Rochelle 298 Skofis,Harry 263 Slapar,Peter 144,497 Slater,Sandra 273 Sleeper,Anne 225 Slevin,Kenneth 298 Slottlemeyer,Paul 298 Small,Jack 298,537 Smith,Andrew 189 Smith,Andrew T. 537 Smith,Anna 159,537 Smith,Arthur 298,368,537 Smith,Bradley 263,537 Smith,Bruce 298,537 Smith,Cathy 153 Smith,Connie 142 Smith,Cyrus 243 Smith,David 239 Smith,Deborah 153 Smith,Devone 437,438 Smith,Frank A. 497 Smith,Frank L. 221,433,432 Smith,George 213 Smith,Jacqueline 199 Smith,James 174,438 Smith,Janet 149 Smith,Jeff 213 Smith,Julie 191 Smith,Katherine 149 Smith,Kevin 213,399 Smith,Linda 193 Smith,Linda L. 169,537 Smith, Linnea Smith,Nancy 191 Smith,Philip 361,402,537 Smith,Randy 398 Smith,Robert 398 Smith,Robin 298 Smith,Rodney 298,537 Smith,Roma 537 Smith,Sidney 451 Smith,Stephanie 142,537 Smith,Steven 245 Smith,Stuart 429 Smith,Terrell 154 Smrekar,Jchn 399 Smyth,Randall 167 Snow,Alison 157 Snow,Butch 245,415 Snow,Marilyn 298,336 Snow,William 400 Snyder,Christopher 267,504 Snyder,Dana 217 Snyder,Timothy 269 Snyder,William 217 Soares,Linda 298 Sobczyk,James 213 Sokolnikoff,Katherine 159 Solari,Andrea 225,362 Solen,Kenneth 145,504 Solloway,Marilynne 183 Solomon,Herbert 371 Solomon,Kathy 157 Solomon,Margot 151 Solomon,Sheba 298,537 Soltz,David 241,537 Somers,Michael 298 Somerton,Larry 298,508 Sonenlar,Harold 371 Sonntag,Charles 367 SooHoo,Ellen 169,362,363 SooHoo,Stephen 448 Sorensen,Mary 197 Sorensen,Ronald 298 Sose,Michael 371 Sours,Jean 298,537 Southard,Jay 233 Southard,John 537 Spamer,Marianne 199,362 Spamer,Beth 298,537 Spangler,Virginia 199 Spanier,Thomas 371 Spencer,Shelley 459 Sperber,Jacob 367,311 Sperling,Norberto 229,497 Spickard,Richard 263 Spiegelman,Alan 205 Spiegelman,Michael 215 Spiller,Jane 225 Spindel,Barbara 183 Spindel,Judith 183 Spisak,Daniel 138 Spottlemeyer,Paul 538 Sprattling,Garreta 298 Sprecher,Lucy 298,537 Springer,Gary 173 Springer,Karen 265 Sprott,Malcolm 239 Sproul,Curtis 167 Sproul,John 439 Squires,Donald 298,537 Stadelman,Vivian 169,537 Stahl,Kenneth 310,367,369 Staley,Richard 263 Stanfield,Robert 205,537 Stanley,Bud 187 Stanley,Donna 298,537 Stanley,Pierce 247 Stanley,Robert 211,537 Stannard,Walter 298 Stanton,Patrick 442,443 Stark,Shirley 199 Starnes,Bonnie 449 Stassen,Thomas 298,372,500 Stawisky,Andrea 298,537 Steel,Douglas 298,537 Steele,Robert 145 Stefanik,Jan 402 Steffensen,Leon 497 Stegner,Danielle 372,373 Stein,Deborah 197 Stein,Elliot 460 Steinberg,Joan 177 Steinberg,Linda 298,537 Stent,James 181,537 Stephens,Ann 225 Stephens,Roger 298 Stern,Lawrence 298,537 Stern,Peter 298,449,456 Sterner,Richard 298,537 Stevens,Martha 225 Stevens,Roger 217,537 Stevens,Vicki 299,363,364,359,537 Stevenson,Craig 537 Stevenson,Pinki 345,368,457,537 Stewart,David 167 Stewart,Jeffrey 417 Stewart,Mary 193,342,359,363,531,538 Stewart,Roger 170 Stewart,Wayne 398,413 Stillings,John 239 Stimac,Thomas 299,504 Stinehoff,Linda 273 Stockton,Gloria 299 Stoddar,Susan 531 Stoddard,Susan P. 299,538 Stojkovich,Sally 197,360 Stokes,John 181 Stone,Elizabeth 193 Stone,Katherine 153 Stone,Michel 398 Stone,Robert 299,538 Stone,Thomas 247,508 Stone,Wendy 169,363,538 Stoner,Robert 299,504 Stoney,Carl 371 Stonkus,Gigi 457 Sout,Linda 299,538 Strads,Baiba 438 Strangman,Thomas 269,504 Strasser,Kenneth 138 Stratton,Emily 197 Stress,Stanley 398 Stroeve,Peter 371 Strong,Pamela 193,303,452,538 Stroud,Leonard 543 Strumwasser,Gina 183,538 Strumwasser,Marilyn 157 Struve,Gary 145 Stubbert,Earle 299,499 Stubblefield,Judith 299,538 Stucky,Pamela 299,329 Stukenbroeker,Dennis 334 Suarez-Gariner,Ricardo 299,504 Sugihara,Amy 191,457,538 Sugihara,Judy 191 Sugino,Noburu 299 Sullinger,Ronald 263 Sullivan,Dennis 299,538 Sullivan,Donna 538 Sullivan,Elizabeth 371 Sullivan,Margaret 151,265 Sumeri,Aili 299,368,457,538 Sun,lrene 299,499 Sun,VVilliam 299,508 Susnow,Lawrence 299 Susnow,Nancy 265,336 Sutherland,Carol 193 Sutherland,Carol L. 538 Sutter,Lon 247 Svendsen,Barry 401,415 Swain,Carole 193,363,364,538 Swain,Robert 245 Swanburg,Roberta 299,457 Swanson,Cynthia 299,538 Sweet,Larry 442 Swets,Mary 273 Swig,Judith 331 Switz,Wrightson 181 Switzer,Jill 183 Sze,Alexander 221 Szymczak,Rudolph 138 T Tabor,Stephen 538 Tabucchi,Celinda 177 Tachiki,Donald 313 Takagi,Lyda 299,538 Takahashi,Phyllis 299 Takamoto,Sharon 299,360 Takei,Glenn 419 Takei,Russell 442 Takeshita,Toshihide 299,504 Takesuye,Margaret 273,362 Talamantes,Tommy 504 Talbot,Steve 255 Tallon,Gerald 403,438 Tamaki,EHen 299,364,538 Tan,Kong 145 Tanaka,Donald 299,538 Tancer,Forrest 189 Taniguchi,Jill 273 Taniguchi,Nobuyuki 448 Tannen,Beatrice 369 Tanner,Susan 273 Tantau,Carol 314 Tatarian,Marilyn 177,538 Tatum,Travis 398 Taubman,Melissa 197 Taylor,Diane 247 Taylor,Douglas 269 Taylor,James 367 Taylor,Jeffrey 189,400 Taylor,Jerome 299 Taylor,Jerry 432,497 Taylor,John 189 Taylor,June 299 Taylor,Lane 299 Taylor,Michael 215,432 Taylor,Stanley 215,442,538 Taylor,Susan 151,185 Taylor,Toni 159,364,538 Teachout,Ann 299 Tehin,Nick 449 Telford,Wayne 138 Tellis,Gregory 433 Tener,Marvin 371 Tennant,Melody 160,169 Tepp,Joel 421 Terao,Dennis 448 Terry,Donald 274 Terry,Kristen 451 Teshima,Diane 143 Teskey,Julia 193,461 Test,Roger 538 Testa,Robert 245 Texdahl,David 430,432 Thacker,Robert 215 Thal,Cosette 159 Thanawalla,Hussein 299,499 Thayer,Francisco 538 Theile,Michael 213 Theiss,Timothy 504 Thelin,Peter 205 Thiele,Ronald 146,433 Thomas,Ann 197,538 Thomas,Jack 371 Thomas,Linda 143,362 Thomas,Peter 403 Thomas,William 269 Thompson,David 245 Thompson,Eric 247,497 Thompson,James 332 Thompson,James H. 221,332 Thompson,Marilyn 191,452 Thompson,Melvin 413 Thompson,Michael 538 Thompson,Richard 189 Thompson,Susan 299,538 Thompson,Tevis 299,497 Thor,Eric 245,345 Thornquist,Leonard 299,538 Thorpe,Leslie 157 Thorpe,Charles 543 Thunen,Richard 299,504 Thuresson,Kerstin 295 Thurlow,Michael 239,448,497 Ticer,Norman 263 Tietz,Gary 443 Tinthoff,Linda 199 Tjosvold,James 239 Tjosvold,Robert 239 Tobal,Carlos 497 Tobias,Gene 299 Tobias,Glen 299,505 Tobin,Eleanor 225 Todd,Kenneth 187 Todrank,Kathy 299,330,362,363 Toffoli,Thomas 213 Tognetti,Gerald 173,538 Tolentino,Daniel 299 Tomal,Constance 197,538 Toman,Jerry 145,299,505 Tomlins,Frederick 497 Tomlinson,Cheryl 149,379,538 Toms,William 144,401 Tomsky,David 263,538 Tong,Darlene 265 Torassa,Glenna 299,538 Torii,Constance 299,538 Toscano,Elaine 265 Toshiharu,Babu 448 Tosky,Julian 415 Tow,Yuet 299,538 Tower,Marcy 153,340 Townsend,James 255 Toy,Donald 187 Tranberg,Donna 180 Traupe,Robert 371 Travaglio,Barbara 300,457,538 Travers,Susan 143 Traxel,David 300,538 Trayer,Judith 273,360,538 Tribe,Alexander 371 Tripp,Michael 300,538 Trop,Lawrence 300 Trubo,Herbert 336 Trueblood,Elaine 157 Trueblood,Laura 157 Trull,Robert 173 Trulson,Steven 448 Tryon,Mary 143,538 Tryon,Thomas 442 Tsao,Kemay 300,538 Tsu,Huzit 448 Tsuboi,Sonny 497 Tsuchiya,Gordon 300,499 Tsuno,Emi 300 Tuck,Gail 159,359,366,538 Turner,Douglas 310,367 Turner,Edmund 300 Turner,Garrison 189 Turner,Jane 143,539 Turner,Michael 233,415,539 Turner,Nini 273 Turner,Robert 539 Turover,Steven 300,539 Turpin,Linda 300,529 U Ulrich,John 173,263 Underkofler,Harry 300,509 Unkelass,Jay 371 Upton,Blake 217 Urch,Leslie 169,539 Urwitz,Helene 300,360,539 Ushiro,Lynne 300,539 Usis,Felix 161 V Valente,Craig 300,456 Valiyee,Gholam 300,508 VanBeckum,William 539 VanCamp,Gary 274 Vandersloot,Diane 177,514,539 Vandervort,Constance 300,362,457 VanEvery,John 233 VanSciver,LeRoy 146 VanScoy,Schuyler 146,400,539 VanSpancheron,Loren 371 VanWart,Christine 149,457 Vaughan,Larry 442 Vaughn,Robert 300,505 Vavra,Michael 263 Veblen,Thomas 443 Vedovelli,Ruth 300,497 Veeh,Linda 193 Venton,Ellen 300,539 Venturini,Elena 371 Verblen,Tom 442 Vessels,Roy 205 Viani,Louis 243 Victor,Thomas 300 Vida,Claire 539 Vieille,Richard 255 Viesselman,Margaret 371 Vigil,Peter 217 Viktor,Christine 157,360,539 Vila,Juan 300 Vindum,Jorgen 367 Violich,Antonio 300 Vlazakis,Mary 193,461 Vogt,Anna 199 Volheim,Virginia 379 Volker,Carol 300,539 Volkerts,Sharon 165,539 VonSchlegell,Derrick 181 Voris,Richard 543 Vorspan,Rachel 371 Vortmann,Thomas 539 W Wade,Dira 300,539 Wade,Jeanne 180,332 177,233 Wagner,Richard 398 Waite,Kathleen 300 Waite,William 432 Waits,Helmi 300,539 Wakeman,Sherwood 205 Waki,Glen 300 Waldmann,Robert 422,423 Waldon,Robert 403,438 Wales,Jeffrey 241 Walgemann,Clarise 300 Walker,Bruce 269,539 Walker,Kay 159 Wall,Dawn 180 Wallace,Janet 193,379 Wallace,Joyce 143 Wallace,Mike 243 Wallace,Valerie 197 Wallsman,Leslie 371 Walt,Kathryn 153,539 Walters,Katherine 153 Walton,Richard 263 Warchot,Louis 300 Ward,Gregory 221,531 Ward,Richard 300,497 Ward,Robert 239 Ward,Thomas 300,539 Warner,Robert 138,539 Warnock,Kerry 180,363 Warren,Charles 300,539 Warren,Jeffrey 398,429 Warren,Steven 418 Warriner,Marjorie 193 Warshaw,Lorraine 265,344,457 Washburn,Timothy 300,497 Wasserman,Bruce 229,539 Wasserman,Julie 151 Watterson,Stuart 167,409,410,412,539 Watty,Gregory 402 Wawro,Peter 155 Way,Marilyn 362 Weatherford,William 398 Weaver,Brandy 273 Weaver,Joan 153 Weaver,Kathleen 371 Weber,Arlene 300 Weber,Craig 233,497 Weber,Peter 403 Weber,Richard 300,368,377,497 Weddle,Edgar 189 Weddle,Patrick 431 Weeden,Barbara 197 Weeks,Steven 205,377,505 Wei,Tim 300,505 Weidler,Willa 300,539 Weil,Randall 233 Weilerstein,Rima 548 Weiman,Helene 300 Wein,Stuart 211,361,539 Weinberg,Louise 151 Weinbergen,Fay 449 Weinberger,Gay 149 Winer,Denise 165,539 Weinsoft,Bruce 300,539 Weinstein,Steven 253 Weintraub,Frances 157,233 Weir,Wendy 157 Weisberg,Fred 448 Weiss,Sara 191 Weitz,Michael 300,539 Weitzenberg,Charles 233,415,505 Welbrone,John 167,345,356,359 Welch,Alison 540 Welch,Michael 215,443 Welch,Nancy 225 Welch,Stephen 419 Welcome,Nancy 197 Welcome,Terrill 241,497 Wellemeyer,Stephanie 338 Welling,Bonnie 199,379 Welsh,James 543 Welty,John 189,400 Wendell,Richard 274 Werbe,Susan 337 West,Richard 371 Westall,Michael 300,505 Westdahl,Georgia 197 Westfall,Andrew 300,497 Westley,Edward 300,497 Weston,William 300,540 Westover,Kyle 300,540 Wharton,Joseph 209 Wheaton,Bruce 155 Wheeler,Michael 163 159 Whelton,Lindy 153 White,Anne 300,457 White,Bendy 422 White,Edward 398 White,Karen 153,540 White,Lawrence 300,540 White,Patrick 243 White,Robert 413 205 Whiteside,Nancy 265,540 Whitgob,Stephen 274,540 Whitman,Betty 300 Whitman,Betty R. 540 Whitt,Lee 269 Whittell,Christopher 187 Whyte,Jud 367 Wick,Janis 300,540 Wick,Marsha 371 Wickersham,Grover 189,443 Wickliffe,Susan 159,540 Widmann,Jeffrey 300,540 Wiedemann,Kenneth 187,398,432 Wieder,Robert 334 Wieland,Sherilee 457 Wiesenfeld,Ramsay 213,400 Wiggins,Eldon 205 Wilcox,Donald 398,432 Wilcox,Paul 402 Wild,Bruce 540 Wild,Denise 143,540 Wild,M.Bruce 255,357,361,367 Wilder,JoAnn 300,540 Wilding,Elay ne 300,540 Wilding,Michael 144 Wilkins,David 221 Wilkinson,Elizabeth 153,540 Wilkinson,Wayne 187 Willadsen,John 300,508 Willard,Walter 300,415 Williams,Barbara 180 Williams,Barry 300,508 Williams,Beatriz 199 Williams,Daniel 274 Williams,David 540 Williams,Diane 143,345,373,457 Williams,James 300,456,540 Williams,Jeffrey 189,540 Williams,Katrina 143 Williams,Kent 401,415 Williams,Len 425,427 Williams,Malcolm 300,505 Williams,Michael 300,415 Williams,Paul 389,392,393 Williams,Peter 174,505 Williams,Wendy 301,500 Williams,Willie 301,540 Williamson,David 239,442 Williamson,Judith 143 Willis,Stuart 371 Wilson,Ann 169,540 Wilson,James 419 Wilson,Joel 414,415 Wilson,Kenneth 301,361,505 Wilson,Randall 187,425 Wilson,Robert 167 Wilson,Thomas 443 Wilson,Timothy 399,429 Winans,Sharolynn 157 Wineburgh,Donna 191 Wing,George 301,540 Wing,Laraine 273 Winkel,Steven 146 Winn,Wiiliam 301,540 Winship,Julie 371 Winslow,Barbara 159 Winston,Karen 149,365 Winter,Harland 442 Winter,lsabel 169 Winthrop,Loring 371 Wintle,Dian 165 Wisot,Valerie 301,540 Witcosky,Beverly 177,245 Witherspoon,Shari 273 Withuhn,Charles 247 Witkin,Lynne 301,540 Wittenmeier,Gary 233 Witts,Melanie 540 Wolf,Stephen 274 Wolf,Thomas 301,333,338,367,540 Wolfe,Robert 407,413 Wolff,Ward 167 Wollan,Pernille 301,452,540 Wong,Anthony 301,540 Wond,Daniel 301,505 Wong,Deanna 301,540 Wong,Jane 301,457 Wong,John 301,540 Wong,Lilly 301,371 Wong,Maureen 265 Wong,Raymond 301,540 Wong,Robert 508 Wong,Susan 301 Wong,Susan M. 540 Wong,Vincent 263 Wong,Sing 301,497 Woo,Gary 361 Wood,Gary 497 Wood,Pamela 165 Wood,Phillip 543 Wood,Richard 146 Wood,Robert 174,333,338 Wood,Samuel 341 Woodhull,Ann 197 Woods,Gerald 398 Woods,John 367 Woods,Pat 401 Woods,Susan 225,540 Woods,William 255 Woodward,Christopher 167 Woodward,Robert 181 Works,William 187 Worlow,Linda 177 Wren,Steven 170,399 Wright,Diana 159 Wright,Jared 543 Wright,Susan 159 173 Wydler,Diane 452 Wynn,Jeffrey 301,540 Wyrens,Marilyn 301,540 Wythe,Elizabeth 225 Y Yaghmai,Mansour 301,508 Yamada,Michael 301,499 Yamada,Terry 301,499 Yamamoto,Brian 419 Yamamoto,Gordon 418 Yamauchi,Norman 540 Yancey,John 161 Yanev,Peter 301,505 Yankowski,Anthony 239 Yao,Julia 371 Yates,Fred 211 Ybarra,Wayne 367 Yeager,Christopher 233,442 Yee,Gloria 301,540 Yee,Kelly 211 Yee,William 301,540 Yeg,Fulton 448 Yen,Joan 301,505 Yeung,Patrick 145 Yeung,Ronald 301,505 Yim,Patricia 169,457 York,Andrew 269 York,Boyd 336 York,Phyllis 265 Yoshimura,Harold 301,505 Yost,John 269 Yost,Steven 329 Young,Frederick 367 Young,Nancy 159,540 Young,Robert 138,505 Young,Shari 199 Yount,Christine 273 Yujuico,Joselito 443 Z Zablackis,Jon 368,369,456 Zacharin,Alan 243 Zak,Ralph 263 Zaloudek,Charles 371 Zamucen,Janet 153 Zander,Candace 301,540 Zaragoza,Carlos 398 Ziegler,Meredith 379 Zeitlin,Andrea 151 Zeltins,Dagny 379 Ziegler,Barbara 169 Ziegler,Martha 540 Ziegler,Meridey 193,233 Ziegler,Michael 269 Zils,Lela 339 Zimmerman,Diane 151 Zimmerman,Edlynn 301,540 Zinnecker,Mark 365 Zucker,Norman 371 Zukas,Timothy 340 Zwingle,Christopher 241 to the staff. . . The centennial year brought additional but it also brought a group of people together in an effort to meet this challenge. The real backbone of this year ' s book was the photography crew—Judy, James, Steve, Randy, Suzie, Phil, Jim, Gary and Jeanne. The whole group was just great to work with. Daily Cal photographers Dennis and Mike crossed into " enemy territory " and helped us out, too. Tom Tracy wandered in one day with " a few things you might like to look at, " and we had our cover. The editorial staff, what there was of it, did duty, if not more. The real workers: Dick—who kept the photographers and their schedules in hand, and still found time to work on CI ' s, Seniors, and the Centennial sections. Pam—who worked at her Greeks section from all angles, including from behind a camera, and also came through on the all-nighters and Centennial sections. Mary—with her on-the-spot copy for the whole book and her constant " why? " so much towards creating a book with some unexpecteds. Les—who spent about 4 weeks straight in the office working on the " little book, " and who wrote a poem which made it all worth it. Kay and Jean—who had to start from nothing, and at the last minute, yet did it all un- complainingly. Jim—with his superlative, super-superb sports copy. Corliss, Susie, Sally, Annette, Anne, and Judy freshmen who did the " dirty work. " And finally, Steven ... Then there was the small matter of selling what we were producing. A bleak start somehow turned into a sell-out finish under manager John, tyrant that he was. June, who kept all those figures and all that money; Kathy, who painted and postered like crazy; Docia, the best of studio managers—each helped make the year worthwhile by assuring an audience for our " creation. " R. Wallace Pischel, Inc. published the book, and gave us excellence in service and performance. Thank you, Ernie, Bob, and Lee. Don Freeman, our local representative, was service always there, he seemed always to have a solution. Keith Cole Studios took the portraits, and really outdid themselves on the color work. Special thanks to Ann and Henri. The Publications Office, Mr. Fredericks, and Raymonde kept us from bungling up too much. Thank you! It has been a challenging year. Everyone has done his job, but somehow made it seem more than just a job. It wouldn ' t have been possible without that kind of dedication a sticky word, maybe, but it fits. All I can say is ... . . .thank you K.K.

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