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1967 BLUE AND GOLD UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY VOLUME 94 EDITOR ELLEN BARNETT MANAGER LINDA PIERCE ADMINISTRATION 129 SENIORS 145 ORGANIZATIONS 225 ATHLETICS 289 LIVING GROUPS 353 COPYRIGHT 1967 ASSOCIATED STUDENTS UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA A MAN SAID TO THE UNIVERSE: " SIR, I EXIST! " " HOWEVER, " REPLIED THE UNIVERSE, " THAT FACT HAS NOT CREATED IN ME A SENSE OF OBLIGATION " Stephen Crane DO NOT ASK THEM FOR AS MUCH AS EACH WOULD TRY NONE CAN SINGLY ANSWER YOU, JUST BE A PART, EYES AND MIND WIDE OPEN, AND TRY TO UNDERSTAND THE SUM - TOTAL OF THEIR DEVOTIONS AND DREAMS ASK AS THEY ASK, IN UNISON AS YOU SEARCH. WHAT IS THE UNIVERSITY? Mary Dunlap Blue and Gold Staff IF I WERE FOUNDING A UNIVERSITY, I WOULD FOUND FIRST A SMOKING ROOM. . . THEN A DORMITORY. . .THEN A DECENT READING ROOM AND A LIBRARY. AFTER THAT, IF I STILL HAD MORE MONEY THAT I COULDN ' T USE, I WOULD HIRE A PROFESSOR AND GET SOME BOOKS Stephen Leacock OUR SCHOOLS, IF THEY DO THEIR WORK, STRENGTHEN OUR DELIBERATE AND DELIBERATIVE SELVES. BETWEEN THE IMPRESSION AND THE CONVICTION, BETWEEN THE IMPULSE AND THE ACTION WE LEARN TO PAUSE AND CONSIDER Joseph Tussman HER ESSENCE IS ALL THINGS MEN MAY YEARN TO KNOW AND HAVE YET TO LEARN Vern Stadtmen KNOWLEDGE IS HAPPINESS, BECAUSE TO HAVE KNOWLEDGE BROAD DEEP KNOWLEDGE IS TO KNOW TRUE ENDS FROM FALSE AND LOFTY THINGS FROM LOW. TO KNOW THE THOUGHTS AND DEEDS THAT HAVE MARKED MEN ' S PROGRESS IS TO FEEL THE GREAT HEART-THROBS OF HUMANITY THROUGH THE CENTURIES; AND IF ONE DOES NOT FEEL IN THESE PULSATIONS A HEAVENWARD STRIVING, ONE MUST INDEED BE DEAF TO THE HARMONIES OF LIFE Helen Keller THE LARGER THE ISLAND OF KNOWLEDGE THE LONGER THE SHORELINE OF WONDER Ralph Sockman I FIND THE GREAT THING IN THIS WORLD IS NOT SO MUCH WHERE WE STAND AS IN WHAT DIRECTION WE ARE MOVING Oliver Wendell Holmes NOTHING IN EDUCATION IS SO ASTONISHING AS THE AMOUNT OF IGNORANCE IT ACCUMULATES IN THE FORM OF INERT FACTS Henry Adams BE NOT ANGRY THAT YOU CANNOT MAKE OTHERS AS YOU WISH THEM TO BE, SINCE YOU CANNOT MAKE YOURSELF AS YOU WISH TO BE Thomas A. Kempis MANY SHALL RUN TO AND FRO AND KNOWLEDGE SHALL BE INCREASED Daniel 12:4 DELIBERATING AND BARGAINING ARE NOT THE SAME, NEITHER IN PROCESS NOR IN RESULT. EDUCATION TURNS ON THIS DIFFERENCE Joseph Tussman YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY TO TAKE YOUR PLACE AMONG THE TINY MINORITY OF THE WORLD ' S EDUCATED MEN. HISTORY WILL JUDGE YOU, AND, AS THE YEARS PASS YOU WILL ULTIMATELY JUDGE YOURSELF, ON THE EXTENT TO WHICH YOU HAVE USED YOUR GIFTS TO LIGHTEN AND ENRICH THE LIVES OF YOUR FELLOW MEN Robert F. Kennedy ACTIVITIES FAIR STOP I WANT HIM TO KNOW THE SUBTLE, SNEAKY IMPORTANT REASONS HE WAS BORN A HUMAN BEING AND NOT A CHAIR Herb Gardner In 1000 Clowns AT THE UNIVERSITY EVERY GREAT TREATISE IS POSTPONED UNTIL ITS AUTHOR ATTAINS IMPARTIAL JUDGEMENT AND PERFECT KNOWLEDGE. IF A HORSE COULD WAIT AS LONG FOR ITS SHOES AND WOULD PAY FOR THEM IN ADVANCE, OUR BLACKSMITHS WOULD ALL BE COLLEGE DONS. George Bernard Shaw I ONLY HOPE THAT WHEN I AM FREE AS THEY ARE FREE TO GO IN QUEST OF THE KNOWLEDGE BEYOND THE BOUNDS OF LIFE IT MAY NOT SEEM BETTER TO ME TO REST Robert Frost WHILE EDUCATION USUALLY REVOLVES STEADILY AROUND PRECISION, REPETITION, AND CAUTIOUS CONTROL OF THE MAGNITUDE AND DIRECTION OF IDEAS, IT SPINS JUST OFTEN ENOUGH AROUND CHALLENGE TO KEEP IT MOVING FORWARD. IN THIS MATTER AND ALSO IN THE MATTER OF ITS BEAUTY, EDUCATION IS LIKE THE EARTH ITSELF Author Unknown HE HAS THE RIGHT TO CRITICIZE, WHO HAS THE HEART TO HELP Abraham Lincoln DO I CONTRADICT MYSELF? VERY WELL, THEN, I CONTRADICT MYSELF, (I AM LARGE. I CONTAIN MULTITUDES) Walt Whitman I FIND LETTERS FROM GOD DROPPED IN THE STREET, AND EVERY ONE IS SIGNED BY GOD ' S NAME, AND I LEAVE THEM WHERE THEY ARE, FOR I KNOW THAT WHERESOE ' ER I GO, OTHERS WILL PUNCTUALLY COME FOR EVER AND EVER Walt Whitman WINNING IS NOT EVERYTHING. AND IT IS FAR BETTER TO PLAY THE GAME SQUARELY AND LOSE THAN TO WIN AT THE SACRIFICE OF AN IDEAL Andrew Latham Smith CAL IS AN ATTITUDE AN ATTITUDE SO STRONG AND SO PERMEATING THAT IT IS PRACTICALLY TANGIBLE IT BECOMES A PART OF YOU BY THE ATTITUDE LESLIE LAFAYETTE ' 66 DON ' T PART WITH YOUR ILLUSIONS, WHEN THEY ARE GONE YOU MAY STILL EXIST BUT YOU HAVE CEASED TO LIVE Mark Twain FROM THE INSENSIBLE DIRECTION THE STREAM RECEIVES AT ITS SOURCE, IT TAKES DIFFERENT DIRECTIONS AND AT LAST ARRIVES AT PLACES FAR DIFFERENT FROM EACH OTHER John Locke FOR WITHOUT WORDS, IN FRIENDSHIP, ALL THOUGHTS, ALL DESIRES, ALL EXPECTATIONS ARE BORN AND SHARED, WITH JOY THAT IS UNACCLAIMED The Prophet AND LET YOUR BEST BE FOR YOUR FRIEND. IF HE MUST KNOW THE EBB OF YOUR TIDE LET HIM KNOW ITS FLOOD ALSO FOR WHAT IS YOUR FRIEND THAT YOU SHOULD SEEK HIM WITH HOURS TO KILL? SEEK HIM ALWAYS WITH HOURS TO LIVE The Prophet SHE IS NONE SO FAIR AS SHE IN MY HEART Stephen Crane " THINK AS I THINK, " SAID A MAN, " OR YOU ARE ABOMINABLY WICKED, YOU ARE A TOAD. " ... . . .AND AFTER I HAD THOUGHT OF IT, I SAID, " I WILL, THEN, BE A TOAD " Stephen Crane - _ IN THE DEEP, TACIT WAY IN WHICH FEELING BECOMES STRONGER THAN THOUGHT, I HAD ALWAYS FELT THAT THE SCHOOL CAME INTO EXISTENCE THE DAY I ENTERED IT, WAS VIBRANTLY REAL WHILE I WAS A STUDENT THERE, AND THEN BLINKED OUT LIKE A CANDLE THE DAY I LEFT John Knowles in A Separate Peace EXPERIENCE IS THE CHILD OF T HOUGHT, AND THOUGHT IS THE CHILD OF ACTION. WE CAN NOT LEARN MEN FROM BOOKS Unknown THE ONLY THING OF INTEREST TO ME IN THE UNIVERSITY IS MEN AND WOMEN Robert Gordon Sproul Riverside San Diego THE UNIVERSITY WITH ITS NINE CAMPUSES, ENJOYS A FOREMOST POSITION AMONG STATE UNIVERSITIES, OFFERING ADVANCEMENT OF KNOWLEDGE IN VIRTUALLY EVERY FIELD OF HUMAN ENDEAVOR The General Catalogue Riverside Irvine Santa Barbara Los Angeles Santa Cruz Davis Davis CAL PREP 1966 WAS NOT A TRANSITION FROM HIGH SCHOOL TO COLLEGE, BUT RATHER THE COMMENCEMENT OF INVOLVEMENT IN THE DYNAMIC PROCESS OF LEARNING, FOR THE FIRST TIME CAL PREP WAS MORE THAN JUST A FACT FILLED ORIENTATION. IT WAS OUR DESIRE THAT THIS PROGRAM WOULD AFFORD A BETTER BASIS FOR UNDERSTANDING THE EDUCATIONAL, SOCIAL AND POLITICAL ASPECTS OF THE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY. WITH THE PRESENTATION OF THESE IDEAS THE CLASS OF 1970 WAS GIVEN SOME INSIGHT INTO THE IMPORTANCE OF THEIR FOUR YEAR EXPERIENCE HERE AT CAL Gary Lilienthal Chairman Cal Prep 1966 Dan President THE CLASS OF ' 70 WORKED TO PROMOTE SPIRIT WITHIN THE UNIVERSITY. " SCREW STANFORD BLUE " TEE SHIRT SALE, DANCE CONCERTS, PUBLICITY FOR PROJECT CONCERN RAISED FUNDS FOR CAL CAMP AND THE CLASS GIFT IN 1970. THE FRESHMAN POLICY COMMITTEE PLANNED COFFEE HOURS TO CREATE A LIAISON BETWEEN INDIVIDUAL ADVISORS AND STUDENTS. THESE VARIEGATED ROLES PLAYED BY THE FRESHMAN CLASS GOVERNMENT EXEMPLIFY ITS BROAD BASE Dan Woo Freshman President Steve Lapkin — Freshman Yell Leader Melody Marx— Freshman Secretary David Wurtzel — Freshman Vice President Mack Borgen — Sophomore President THE ACTIVITIES OF THE CLASS ARE NOT DEFINED BY THE CONSTITUTION NOR NECESSARILY DICTATED BY PRECEDENT; HOWEVER, THEY ARE GREATLY LIMITED BY THE HELP AND SUPPORT WHICH THE CLASS ORGANIZATION RECEIVES. THIS YEAR THE CLASS HAS SPONSORED MANY ACTIVITIES RANGING FROM SOCIAL EVENTS TO SPIRIT RALLIES, BUT I HOPE THAT WITH YOUR SUPPORT, NEXT YEAR THE ORGANIZATION CAN BE A STILL MORE REPRESENTATIVE BODY OF THE CLASS AND CAN TAKE A MORE ACTIVE ROLE IN THE UNIVERSITY COMMUNITY Mack Bergen Sophomore President Ted McClure — Sophomore Yell Leader Ann Griffen —Soph Doll Eric Thor — Sophomore Vice President Marsha Crabtree — Sophomore Secretary Fritz Lichty Junior Class President THE JUNIOR CLASS BEGAN THE YEAR BY EXPANDING THE TRADITIONAL FRESHMAN PILGRIMAGE INTO A NEW STUDENT PILGRIMAGE FOR ALL NEW UNDERGRADUATES. FOLLOWING THIS SUCCESSFUL PROGRAM, THE JUNIORS HANDLED THE CONCESSIONS AT HIGH SCHOOL BAND DAY, SELLING MILK AND DOUGHNUTS TO THE HIGH SCHOOL BANDSMEN DURING THEIR EARLY MORNING PRACTICE SESSION. ON OCTOBER 8 THE CLASS SPONSORED A DANCE AND CONCERT IN PAULEY BALLROOM WHICH DREW A LARGE AND APPRECIATIVE AUDIENCE. SPRING ACTIVITIES INCLUDED . . .A STUDENT-FACULTY RETREAT FOR JUNIORS Rich Nelson Junior Class Yell Leader Pat Cady Junior Class Vice President Diane Moreland Junior Class Secretary Mike Gallagher Senior Class President Kathryn Gant Senior Class Secretary THE UNIVERSITY - THE ESTABLISHMENT FOR THE UNION OF EDUCATION AND EXPERIENCE; THE BLENDING OF TRUTHS AND THE ISOLATION OF FALLACIES; A FORUM ON LIFE AND ITS COMMITMENTS, A PROCESS FOR THE REALIZATION OF SELF AND FOR THE CULTIVATION OF TOLERATION. Mike Gallagher Senior Class President Kathie Fredericks Senior Class Vice President Dave Shelbourne Senior Class Yell Leader Alcazar, Spain Tokyo, Japan Tokyo, Japan Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, France Bordeaux, France Scotland Madrid, Spain THE EXPANDING UNIVERSITY GOES TO BOGOTA, BORDEAUX, GOETTINGEN, HONG KONG, MADRID, TOKYO, PADUA, UNITED KINGDOM, LUND IN SWEDEN, AND DELPHI. EACH HAS DIFFERENT PROGRAMS AND AREAS OF INTEREST, SOME TIED TO DEPARTMENTS AT BERKELEY. AS STUDY ABROAD BECOMES MORE SIGNIFICANT NEW CAMPUSES WILL BE ADDED AND MORE STUDENTS WILL HAVE THE FOREIGN STUDY EXPERIENCE. Tahoe Alumni Center. Bill Sommerville speaks at an Alumni " University Night. " Lake Tahoe. WHAT IS A UNIVERSITY? WHAT ARE THE ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS OF AN ACADEMIC COMMUNITY? HOW OFTEN THESE QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN DISCUSSED THESE PAST COUPLE OF YEARS. MORE OFTEN THAN NOT THESE DISCUSSIONS END WITH CONCLUSIONS ABOUT WHAT A UNIVERSITY IS NOT. . . .NEVER BEFORE HAS IT BEEN SO CLEAR THAT OUR COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES ARE PRECIOUS NATIONAL RESOURCES. IN ORDER TO PRESERVE AND INDEED ENHANCE THEIR VALUE TO SOCIETY, THEIR PECULIAR ROLE MUST BE UNDERSTOOD. Dick Erickson, ' 49 Ski Hut at Tahoe. Dick Erickson, Executive Director, California Alumni Association; Mike Koll, Director of Alumni Activities. CAL-IN-THE-CAPITOL WILL SEND FORTY SENIORS AND GRAD STUDENTS TO WASHINGTON, D.C., IN 1967, WORKING IN CONGRESSIONAL AND FEDERAL AGENCY OFFICES. SPRING QUARTER SEMINARS WITH PROFESSORS EXPERT IN VARIOUS BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT, SUMMER SEMINARS WITH SUCH NOTABLES AS SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE JOHN MC CORMACK AND MAJORITY LEADER CARL ALBERT ENRICH THE STUDENT RUN PROGRAM. THE ALUMNI ASSOCIATION, THE CHANCELLOR ' S OFFICE AND THE DEAN OF GRADUATE DIVISION MAKE THIS EXPERIENCE POSSIBLE. Art Shartsis, Chairman Cal-in-the-Capitol FAMILY DAY 1966 GAVE PARENTS OF CAL STUDENTS AN OPPORTUNITY TO BECOME ACQUAINTED WITH THE CAL CAMPUS. PARENTS, STUDENTS, THE CHANCELLOR AND FACULTY MEMBERS JOINED TOGETHER FOR AN INFORMAL COFFEE HOUR FOLLOWED BY AN EXHIBITION OF STUDENT ART, GUIDED TOURS, AND LECTURES - WHICH INCLUDED PROFESSOR SCHORSKE ' S " HISTORY AND THE TERROR OF TIME " AND PROFESSOR RENOIR ' S " COLLEGE, CULTURE, AND INDIVIDUAL IDENTITY. " WITHIN A LARGE UNIVERSITY SUCH AS CAL, THERE IS A NEED FOR SMALLER, MORE INFORMAL GATHERINGS WHERE INTERACTION IS POSSIBLE - GATHERINGS WHERE DIALOGUE RATHER THAN SPEECH-MAKING ASSUMES MAJOR IMPORTANCE. FAMILY DAY ' 66 WAS COSPONSORED BY THE OFFICE OF THE CHANCELLOR AND PANILE, SOPHOMORE WOMEN ' S HONOR SOCIETY, IN HOPES OF MEETING THIS NEED. Kaye Kliewer, Chairman Family Day ' 66 AFTER LAST DECEMBER ' S STRIKE, THE PUBLIC SENTIMENT AMONG THE STUDENTS AND TEACHING ASSISTANTS WHO HAD PARTICIPATED IN IT WAS THAT THE STRIKE HAD BEEN A " VICTORY " AND NOT A " DEFEAT. " . . .THESE WERE OUR PUBLIC SENTIMENTS. WHAT WE SAID TO PEOPLE WE DID NOT KNOW VERY WELL, ESPECIALLY PEOPLE WHO WERE ON THE OTHER SIDE. TO OURSELVES AND TO OUR FRIENDS, SOME OF US SPOKE DIFFERENTLY. THE STRIKE HAD BEEN A FAILURE. John B. Judis WHEN OUR TRAINING DAYS ARE DONE AND THE BIG GAME ' S JUST BEGUN AND THERE ' S MUSIC IN THE AIR. . .THE GOLDEN BEAR HAS LEFT HIS LAIR. Professor Reif Professor Frederick Reif teaches Physics in one of the most amazing classrooms on campus, the Physical Sciences Lecture Hall. Yet the professor far outshines the spectacle of TV cameras and revolving stages; he is far more marvelous than any amazing demonstration. Why? Because he is candid, frank and open, because he is human and knows what students feel, he is a teacher. Professor Scalapino Ever read a newspaper and seen the phrase " informed sources report . . . " ? Professor Robert Scalapino is an informed source. One of the country ' s leading authorities on Red China, he, nevertheless, is first and foremost a teacher. Despite his often being called away to Washington as an advisor to the State Department, he makes every attempt to communicate personally with students. Probably one of the most professors on campus, he is looked to as a faculty member with a conscience one who can and will lead a campus community. Professor Segel I have always been struck by what a British historian once said about universities: " In universities as among religious bodies the closest parallel—we are aware of and cannot forgive the difference between ought and is. What they might be is so tremendous. What they are is so inevitably humdrum, so tantalizingly a substitute for the Good Life. " Perhaps at Berkeley we have too great a dose of what religious bodies have had in the past—an almost neurotic frustration because we fall short of perfection, and an anathema reflex that leads us to damn whoever claims a way of salvation different from our own. With all our proper concern for educational reform, perhaps we are too utopian; and in our own ideals for the University, we are too intolerant and too concerned to claim exclusive virtue. Like the Churches in the past, we have let our dogmas and our hierarchies and even our academic get in our way; we ought to take these things less seriously, and each other more seriously. Edward B. Segel Dr. Stripp Dr. Fred Stripp is often the first contact with the University an incoming freshman has. For obvious reasons, Dr. Stripp has been chosen to represent the University numerous times on speaking tours of high schools. Yet he is no mere public relations man; he is the mentor of a long string of award winning forensics teams. " Coach " Stripp brings home the bacon more and more frequently; yet he has not lost sight of his teaching. One of the most popular professors in the Speech Department, Dr. Stripp encourages debate not only in the tournament but in his classroom. Teaching, to him, as is clear, must be a two-way street; the student cannot receive unless he gives. Dr. Calvin " The need to know and understand is a fundamental quality of the human mind. Just as each man asks the question ' who am I, ' so also does science ask the same question, but in a more concrete and specific way. " These are the words of Dr. Melvin Calvin, Nobel Laureate, Professor of chemistry and molecular biology, and director of the Laboratory of Chemical as well as a member of the Board of Directors of the Dow Chemical Company. Yet these are also the words of a teaching member of the Cal faculty, a man who loves teaching. This is a man who still has time to write letters of recommendation; he is a teacher who can ask " who am I " not only of his subjects or himself, but of his students as well, and one who will help in the search to find out. Dr. Washburn Professor Sherwood Washburn, according to some, is the Anthropology Department. This year Dr. Washburn was honored by the Royal Anthropological Institute of Great Britain and Ireland with the Huxley Medal; he is only the third Cal to be so honored, his predecessors being Dr. Alfred Kroeber and Dr. Robert Lowie. Yet each year Dr. Washburn is also honored by the students of the University, who fight viciously to enroll in his Anthro 1 course. Ask Dr. Washburn which honor he prizes more—the medal or the laughter and zeal which his cinematic baboons promote. Professor tenBroek Jacobus tenBroek is a professor in the Political Science Department. He has earned four degrees at Cal and has taught here since 1942. His work on numerous welfare projects has been recognized by numerous awards. He currently serves as a member of the Freedom Committee of the Academic Senate and as an advisor to the Smithsonian Institute. More than this, however, Professor tenBroek is a creative and generous instructor, one who can open minds. He conducts his classes in the Socratic manner, asking for students ' opinions, them as the opinions of an equal, though not letting them go unchallenged. Although a professor, he is a fair one, and the questioning and requestioning, so much a part of his courses, make them learning experiences rather than lectures. Dr. Richard Eakin is one of the few professors on campus who has attained the power to dictate study lists. Students plan their entire curricula around his Zoology 10 course, and they are rarely disappointed. His lecture titles are deceptively simple—like " Take a deep breath and hold it! " because they conceal discussions of the basics of zoology which are by no means simple. Dr. Eakin ' s zeal is refreshing for the weary senior and startling to the bewildered freshman; here is a professor who loves his subject and wants his students to love it too. Yet Dr. Eakin is no mere survey instructor; his Embryology class is just as eagerly planned for. All this, and he directs the Miller Institute for Basic Research in Science, too. Dr. Eakin MY RELIEF AT THE DISMISSAL OF A MAN WITH WHOM I DISAGREED, AND WHO I FELT WAS NOT THE BEST OF ALL POSSIBLE PRESIDENTS, IS FAR OVERWHELMED BY THE KNOWLEDGE THAT OUR NEXT PRESIDENT WILL UNDOUBTEDLY BE WORSE. HE WAS THE GREAT MAN OF THE MIDDLE. IT HAPPENED SO FAST - NOBODY KNEW WHY IT WAS DONE. IT WAS A RASH MOVE BUT I ' M SURE THE REGENTS HAD THEIR REASONS. IT WAS TOO BAD. HE HAD THE WRONG POLITICAL STANCE ON EDUCATION AND HE WAS IN THE WAY. WE MAY WELL FEAR THE NEXT PRESIDENT, BUT WE CANNOT SINCERELY SAY THAT WE LOST A GREAT PRESIDENT. I THINK MR. KERR HAS DONE MORE FOR THE BERKELEY CAMPUS THAN EVEN THE ILLUSTRIOUS F.S.M. SOMEONE TOLD ME TONIGHT THERE WERE FOUR WEEKS LEFT IN THE QUARTER AND IT REALLY PICKED ME UP BY THE NECK. IT ' S TOO SHORT. IT ' S JUST NOT WORTH IT. YOU HAVE TO STUDY MORE DURING THE QUARTER AND THE BREAKS ARE TOO LONG, I LIKE IT, BUT IT ' S POORLY PLANNED. . , EVERY TIME YOU TURN AROUND, YO U ' RE REGISTERING! IT RUSHES THINGS TOO MUCH. PEOPLE JUST DON ' T GET A CHANCE TO HASH OVER THE THINGS THEY LEARN. BOOKS WERE HARD ENOUGH TO GET OUT OF THE LIBE BEFORE; NOW IT ' S IMPOSSIBLE. IT EATS IT. The University Theatre, operating under the direction of the Department of Art, moved on to THE DARK SIDE OF THE HUMAN SCENE for three productions: the first, Gorky ' s The Lower Depths, directed by Robert Goldsby, followed by Jean-Bernard Bucky ' s production of Harold Pinter ' s The Care- taker. The major season was climaxed by a production of King Lear, also directed by Goldsby, which was elaborately staged in Wheeler Auditorium. The second year of the new Ph.D. program in Dramatic Art saw a rise in the number of student-directed productions. The year also brought back to campus a number of students who had been abroad in the first year of the University ' s Study Center for Classical Drama at Delphi, Greece. The Drama Department reached as far as Santiago, Chile, where Professor William Oliver was invited to direct the Chilean premiere of Peter Weiss ' play, The Persecution and Assassination of Jean-Paul Marat As Performed by the Inmates of the Asylum of Charenton Under the Direction of the Marquis de Sade. The production ' s success was evidenced by the fact that it won the Chilean Critics ' Award for the best production of the year by a unanimous vote. This year, too, the Department, looking to the advent of the new Auditorium Theatre, announced the formation of a professional on this campus whose members will be drawn both from alumni now working in the professional theatre and advanced graduate students. CAL CAMP FIGHTS THE WAR ON POVERTY WITH A SMILE FROM INSIDE, AN EAGER HAND OUTSTRETCHED AND AN OVERFLOWING HEART. AND THEY DON ' T NEED TO DRAFT CAMPERS. EVER. THE BRICK MULLER SOCIETY CREPT FORWARD FROM THE DAWN OF ITS EXISTENCE AND INTO THE LIFE OF THE UNIVERSITY IN MANY VARIED ASPECTS IN ' 66- ' 67. LOYAL ' BRICKS ' WERE SEEN COLLECTING CARDS AT FOOTBALL GAMES, LIGHTING BONFIRE RALLIES, WORKING AS POLL WORKERS IN ASUC ELECTIONS, SPONSORING ROOTERS PLANES TO THE SC GAME, AND MAKING THE QUEEN ' S FLOAT IN THE BIG GAME PARADE. ENTHUSIASM, LEADERSHIP CREATIVE INGENUITY, A BENEFICIAL FORCE AT CAL - THIS IS BRICK MULLER SOCIETY. Lou Goldman President - Brick Muller Society UNION PROGRAM BOARD HELPS TO SATISFY THE CULTURAL, EDUCATIONAL, RECREATIONAL AND SOCIAL NEEDS OF THE CAL STUDENT. TO THE UNIVERSITY, UPB BRINGS - JAll ' 67, SPRING ART FESTIVAL, SUNDAY NIGHT MOVIES, SPEAKERS PROGRAMS. IT TAKES TIME AND EFFORT. IT WILL TAKE MORE TIME AND EFFORT TO EXPAND THE PROGRAM, BUT IT IS WORTH IT Roger Edwards Chairman - Union Program Board JAll ' 67UPBJAll ' 67UPBJAll ' 67UPBMILESDAVISBIGMAMA THORNTONJAll ' 67JAll ' 67THEMODERNJAllQUARTET JAll ' 67BILLEVANSTRIOJAll ' 67HORACESILVERQUINTET JAll ' 67JOHNHANDYCONCERTENSEMBLEJAll ' 67JAll ' 67 SERF BOARD SPONSORED THE RETREAT. STUDENTS, FACULTY AND ADMINISTRATORS SHARED A WEEKEND OF FINDING OUT WHAT THE FUNCTION OF THE BIG U REALLY IS. THERE WILL BE MORE RETREATS - THERE SHOULD BE MORE RETREATS - THEY WORK. SONGS FOR SPRING SPRING HAS SPRUNG THE GRASS HAS RIZ. I WONDER WHERE THE FRISBEE IS ROW, ROW, ROW YOUR SHELL GENTLY DOWN THE STREAM. STROKE, STROKE, STROKE, STROKE, HERE COMES THE STANFORD TEAM THE FORENSIC TEAM BROUGHT HOME HONORS FROM THE STANFORD TOURNAMENT - BRUCE MILLER, LEE STIMMEL WON MEN ' S DEBATE AND JUDI WOLFF, JOYCE LINDSAY WON WOMEN ' S DEBATE. WESTERN STATES TOURNAMENT AT SEATTLE MEANT THE SWEEPSTAKES TROPHY. AT U.O.P. JIM JOHNSON WON CHAMPIONSHIP IN ORATORY, AND SAN FERNANDO VALLEY TOURNAMENT SAW CAL WIN FIRST PLACE TROPHY WHAT IS THE UNIVERSITY? IT CAN BE A VERY OVERPOWERING PLACE, CLASSES CAN BE TOO DIFFICULT, THE LANGUAGE CAN BE TOO NEW, THE TEACHER CAN BE TOO HARD. AND SO THERE ARE TUTORS WHO SPEND COUNTLESS HOURS HELPING THOSE WHO FIND THE BIG U A LITTLE TOO OVERPOWERING HE WHO HAS A LEARNED, CRITICAL AND CONCERNED MIND, WITH PARTICULAR GIFTS IN RELATING IDEAS OF SOCIAL SCIENCE TO CONTEMPORARY HUMAN AND SOCIAL ISSUES. . .HE HAS MUCH TO CONTRIBUTE AT A TIME WHEN SCHOLARS AND EDUCATORS MUST REEXAMINE THE BASIC PREMISES OF THEIR THOUGHT H. Franz Schurmann Professor of Sociology and History IT IS NOT OFTEN A PROFESSOR IS ABLE TO TRANSCEND THE CUSTOMARY ALOOFNESS OF CLASS ROOM EDUCATION AND EMERGE AS SOMEONE CAPABLE OF INSPIRING STUDENTS WITH A LOVE FOR AND AN ENTHUSIASTIC RESPONSE TO LEARNING. DR. ERNEST BECKER, LECTURER IN ANTHROPOLOGY, IS SUCH A MAN. Daily Cal Editorial THE HIGHER THE QUALITY OF THE UNIVERSITY, THE MORE THE TOLERANCE OF THE COMMUNITY IS STRAINED, BECAUSE THE HIGHER THE QUALITY THE MORE ENERGETIC IS THE INNOVATION Carl Schorske THERE IS NOT SO MUCH WRONG WITH THE UNIVERSITY AS SOME OF US LIKE TO THINK. . .I DON ' T THINK THE FACULTY SHOULD BE PARTICULARLY BASHFUL ABOUT DEFENDING SCHOLARSHIP AND RESEARCH Martin Malia THE EFFECT OF A UNIVERSITY EDUCATION IS DISASTROUS. STUDENTS DO COME INTO CONTACT WITH MEN AND IDEAS, BUT THE CONTACT IS SUCH THEY USUALLY END UP HATING THEM BOTH Frank Bardacke TRADITIONALLY CHARTER DAY IS HELD IN THE GREEK THEATER. IN THE 99th CHARTER DAY CEREMONIES HOWEVER, BARNABY B. KEENEY, DUE TO BAD WEATHER, SPOKE IN HARMON GYMNASIUM AFTER REFUSING TO ACCEPT AN HONORARY DEGREE FROM THE UNIVERSITY IN ORDER TO HAVE NO COMMITTMENTS AS CHAIRMAN OF THE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT FOR THE HUMANITIES FUND. FURTHER ADMINISTRATIVE CEREMONIES WERE HELD ON APRIL 28 WHEN CHIEF JUSTICE EARL WARREN, JOHN K GALBRAITH AND RICHARD HOFFSTADER SPOKE IN THE GREEK THEATER AT WHAT MANY WILL REMEMBER AS CHARTER DAY 1967. NEAR THE CREEK BY SATHER GATE IS THE NEW SENIOR MEN ' S BENCH, DONATED BY THE CLASS OF ' 65 AND DEDICATED TO PROFESSOR RAYMOND SONTAG. CHIEFLY THE PRODUCT OF THE EFFORTS OF BOB SCOTT, T HE BENCH AWAITS THE LOST STUDENT, IN SEARCH OF MORE THAN A MERE EDUCATION AND WHAT IS SENIOR WEEK WITHOUT THE SENIOR BALL? WHAT IS THE UNIVERSITY? TO THE SENIOR, IT IS AMONG OTHER THINGS, PLACES: WHEELER AUD, SATHER GATE, THE CAMPANILE, THE LABYRINTH OF DWINELLE, THE POSH COMFORT OF PSL OR THE FAR-OFF HAVEN OF TOLMAN. TO THE SENIOR A PILGRIMAGE AROUND THE CAMPUS IS A FOUR YEAR JOURNEY OF " PEOPLE AND THINGS THAT WENT BEFORE " THE COLORFUL RITUAL OF COMMENCEMENT IS A REMINDER OF THE NOBLE PAST AND ENDURING NATURE OF A UNIVERSITY. GARBED IN THE DRESS OF MEDIEVAL CHURCHMEN, YOUNG MEN AND WOMEN, WHO HAVE MASTERED AN ACADEMIC DISCIPLINE, STAND IN SOLEMN RANKS TO HEAR PRONOUNCED THE WORDS WHICH ADMIT THEM TO THE ANCIENT COMPANY OF SCHOLARS. AS HE PARTICIPATES IN THE RITUAL, EACH GRADUATE SHOULD FEEL A SENSE OF HISTORY, A KINSHIP WITH GREAT MINDS FROM ERASMUS TO EINSTEIN, AND A THRILL OF PRIDE BECAUSE HE CAN NOW BE COUNTED A NEOPHYTE MEMBER OF THIS GREAT COMPANY Garff B. Wilson Professor of Speech A MAN SAID TO THE UNIVERSE " SIR, I EXIST! " " HOWEVER, " REPLIED T HE UNIVERSE " THAT FACT HAS NOT CREATED IN ME A SENSE OF OBLIGATION. " Stephen Crane PHOTO CREDITS: Page number-position of picture on the page) photographer ' s initials. Photographers: Judy Armstrong, Steve Barnett, Mort Bernstein, Story Bissell, Roger Burke, Chris Coulon, Glasheen Graphics, Bill Grant, John Herr, Tom Keyani, Randy Kopp, Joe Marshall (head photographer), Henry Meyers, Susan Mullally, Jim Bob Scott, Stiles Hall, Will Tenney, Oakland Tribune, UC Alumni, UC Drama, UC Photo, Henri Wandelen of Keith Cole Studios, Tom Walters, Don Westergren, Steve Yost. Position: Top (T), Left (L), Bottom (B) , Middle (M), Right (R), Center (C). 1-CC. 2-JM. 4-BG. 5-T) SM; B) SY. 6-T) SM; B) HW. 7-T) BG; B) JM. 8-BG. 9-CC. 10-CC. 11-TL, BL) JA; R) BG. 12-DW. 13-HW. 14-T) HW; B) BG. 15-T) BG; BR) JM. 16-JM. 17-JM. 18-TL, BL) HW; R) SM. 19-JM. 20-TL) JH; TR) JP; B) SM. 21-SM. 22-L) SBa; TR, BR) HW. 24-SY. 25-T) JP; BL, BC, BR) JM. 27-T) WT; B) JM. 28-JA. 29-JA. 30-MB. RK; B, CC. 33-JM. 34-35-SH. 36-T) HW; BR) CC. 37-HW. 38-HV. 39-T) HW; BR) JP. 40-T) SY; B) JP. 41-TL) JP; BL) SY; R) HW. 42-T, BL) SM. 43-BL) HW; R) SM. 44-T) JM; B) SY. 45-T) JM; B) HW. 46-47-SM. 48-HW. 49-T) SH: BL) JA; BR) BS. 50-T) SY; B) JM. 51-JM. 52-L) HW. 53-TL) SM; ML) JP; R) HW. 54-JM and SM. 55-JM and SM. 56-57-JM. 58-T) SM; B) JP. 59-JP. 60-HM. 61-BL) SM; TC) JP; C, TR) HW. 62-T)SBi; BL) SM. 63-JP. 64-IL) JM; BL) JP; BR) JM. 66-T) JP; BR) BG. 67-TL, BC) BG; TR) WT. 68-TL)BG. 69-TL) HW; BL, R) BG. 70-T) BG; B) JA. 71-TL) SY; TR) JP; BR) BG. 72-IL) GG; ML) TW; TR, BR) UCP. 73-BL) TW; TL, ML, TR, BR) UCP. 74-UCP. 75-BL) JM; R) UCP. 76-TL) JM; MR) RK; ML, BC, BR) SM. 77-TL, MC, BR: JM; BC, MR) SM. 78-IL, TR) JM; BC) SM. 79-TL, TC, MR) SM; BL) JP; BC) JM. 80-TL) SM; TR, BL) JP; BR) JH: 81-TL, BL, TR) RK; BR) JA. 82-TL, BL) JA; ML, TR) TK. 83-HW. 84-85-UCP. 86-87-UCA. 90-SM. 91-BR) SM. 92-BG. 93-TL, ML) BG; TR) JH; BR) RK. 94-TL) BG; TR) JP; B) SY. 95-SY. 96-SM. 97-SM. 98-JA. 99-JM. 102-RK. 103-JP. 104-01. 105-SM. 107-IL, TR, B) SM; MR) BG. 108-111-UCD. 113-SY. 116-117-SY. 118-RK. 119-JH. 120-RK. 121-JP. 122-125-TK. 126-TL, BR) TK; TR, BL) BG; MR) SM. 127-SM. 128-T) RB; B) TK. IN APPRECIATION-To R. W. Pischel, Inc. of Pasco, Washington, our publisher, for their patience and co-operation; to Henri Wandelen of Keith Cole Studios for many of the color campus pictures; to Mrs. Helen Lum, our advisor, for her encouragement and support; to Joe Marshall for the cover; to Connie, Jan, Mary and Tod for the kind of help that counts the most; to the photographers for ' coming through ' at the right times; and most of all to the whole staff for believing in the ' little book ' -the University ' 67. the Editor. WHAT IS A UNIVERSITY? IS LIFE ITSELF THE DYNAMICS OF PROGRESS HAVE CHANGED THE UNIVERSITY FROM A TINY BAND OF SCHOLARS SITUATED ON THE PERIPHERY OF SOCIETY TO A LARGE GROUP OF TEACHERS AND INVESTIGATORS OPERATING AT AN INTERSECTION CROSSED BY NEARLY ALL THE PATHS OF HUMAN ACTIVITIES Clark Kerr Administration Governor Ronald Reagan Leads Board of Regents to Evaluate Berkeley Campus Governor Ronald Reagan THE REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA— Seated at the table (beginning at the lower left-hand corner: William U. Hudson (Regent-designate), DeWitt A. Higgs, Laurence J. Kennedy, Jr., John E. Canaday, Edwin W. Pauley, Mrs. Dorothy B. Chandler, Philip L. Boyd, Glenn M. Anderson (former Regent, succeeded by Lt. Governor Robert H. Finch). At the head of the table: Theodore R. Meyer, Chairman of the Board of Regents (on the left); and Clark Kerr, President of the University, September-January. Also shown (beginning at the upper right-hand corner of the table: Max Rafferty, William M. Roth, Mrs. Edward H. Heller, William E. Forbes, Frederick G. Dutton, Mrs. Randolph A. Hearst, Edward W. Carter, H. R. Haldeman. Not pictured: Governor Ronald Reagan, Lt. Governor Robert H. Finch, Jesse M. Unruh, Allan Grant, William K. Coblentz, Einar O. Mohn, Samuel B. Mosher, and Norton Simon. The responsible use, by the faculty and students, of the independence to deal with our problems in ways appropriate to an community, will insure the progress that was President Kerr ' s parting wish for us. Roger Heyns Upon President Kerr ' s Dismissal Clark Kerr A great university is now a prime source of the changes that are the modern world. We are not a cloister removed from the world ' s problems. We stand now at the very crossroads of society — preserving and interpreting the past, serving the present, discovering and helping to shape the future. Clark Kerr President of the University, September - January Nature of the University The university is above all else a center of learning ... where students and faculty are partners in the pursuit of their education ... and where ideas and sentiments gain free expression and filter continuously through the net of reasoned discourse. Roger W. Heyns Roger W Heyns Chancellor of the Berkeley Campus Dean of Students Office The University is a challenge. Its greatness is measured by those respond. Its demands are the needs of its community are many. It means as much or as little as desired by those who share in it. Fortunately, most find in it a total experience which molds their lives. It is never perfect; it is ever changing because it is human. This is the University. Jim Lemmon Dean of Men It is a center of opportunity for critical inquiry and with ideas and actions to learn of the past and to apply to today and tomorrow. Betty H. Nealy Dean of Women Jim Lemmon Dean of Men Associate Dean of Students Betty H. Neely Dean of Women Associate Dean of Students Arleigh Williams Dean of Students a Link Ruth N. Donnelly Supervisor, Housing Services W. Sheridan Warrick Foreign Student Advisor William A. McCormack Associate Dean of Students Peter S. Van Houten Associate Dean of Students John I. Danielson Supervisor Special Services Emily R. Reed Associate Dean of Students to the Administration Chancellor ' s Office Gives Direction to Diverse Student Interests on Campus Errol W. MauchIan Assistant Chancellor Budget O. W. Campbell Vice Chancellor of Business and Finance Robert E. Connick Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs William B. Boyd Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Neil J. Smelser Assistant Chancellor Education Development Alan W. Searcy Vice Chancellor of Research Earl F. Cheit Executive Vice Chancellor Dan McIntosh ASUC President Associated Sheila McCusker ASUC 2nd Vice President Fred Best ASUC 1st Vice President Students ' Officers CLASS OFFICERS ' BOARD — Seated: Kathie Fredericks, Fritz Lic hty, Diane Moreland, Rich Nelson, David Wurtzel, Kathryn Gant, Bill Ellsworth, Mike Gallagher, Don Kruger, Mack Borgen, Dan Woo, Ted McClure, Steve Lapkin. Senate Campus Legislators SENATE—Row One: Karen Mekjavick, Dan McIntosh, Sheila McCusker. Row Two: John Dillard, Don Severy, Rick Taylor, Joe Wharton, Bari Bradner, Mark Estes, Jane Margolis, Jill Morton, Ken Stahl. Row Three: Peter VanHouten, Tregea, Craig Newnan, Rich Wollert, Bruce Wild, Don Lively, John Pete Benjaminson, Dr. Samuel Markowitz. Cabinet Program Coordinators CABINET — Row One: Mike Gallagher, Dick George, Dave Maxwell, Dan McIntosh, George Lukes. Row Two: Anne Westung, Alces te Pappas, Peggy Scott, Ellengale Toki, Ellen Winston. Row Three: Phil Strauss, Don Kruger, Ernie Fretter, Joe Wharton, Fritz Lichty, Mike Stubblefield, Fred Reiner. STUDENT JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—Row One: Starr Scott, Ann Feder, Ray Applebaum, Stefan Harvey. Row Two: Rob Fisher, Jacob Sperber, Jill Varney, Bruce Henstell. Multiple Concerns Vicki Pitkanen and Professor Tubach Educational Reform Committee Joe Wharton NSA Coordinator Education, Discipline and Budgets ASUC FINANCE COMMITTEE—Row One: Peggy Scott, Fred Best, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Lawrence Canning, Mr. Terry Cole. Row Two: Steve Blier, John Dillard, John Brigham, Ken Stahl, Fred Reiner, Dr. S. Markowitz, Mr. Garth Blier. ASUC Executive Personnel ASUC EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS—Row One: Mr. David Bohn, Mr. Garth Blier, Mrs. Clara Martin, Mr. Walter Frederick. Row Two: Mr. James Berdahl, Mr. Stan Elliot, Mr. Forrest Tregea. Garth Blier Controller ASUC BUSINESS AND SERVICES STAFF—Row One: Mr. Garth Blier, Mr. Andrew Dorsey, Mr. Floyd Stone, Mrs. Carolyn Ince. Row Two: Mr. Robert Kennedy, Mr. Douglas Wiltse. Forrest Tregea ASUC Executive Director By its student initiated program for out-of-class activities, its support of performing student musical organizations, publication of the daily campus news- paper, and its responsible management and opera- tion of the Student Union facilities and services, the ASUC plays a significant role in the University com- munity — sharing with Faculty and Administration the University ' s educational objectives, and sharing also the institution ' s desire for continuing excel- lence in all facets of campus life. Forrest Tregea . . .AND THE SCIENCES WHICH THEY LEARNED WITHOUT ANY ORDER IN THEIR EARLY EDUCATION WILL NOW BE BROUGHT TOGETHER, AND THEY WILL BE ABLE TO SEE THE NATURAL RELATIONSHIP OF THEM TO ONE ANOTHER AND TO TRUE BEING Plato in The Republic Seniors EDUCATION IS THE INSTRUCTION OF THE INTELLECT IN THE LAWS OF NATURE, UNDER WHICH NAME I INCLUDE NOT MERELY THINGS AND THEIR FORCES, BUT MEN AND THEIR WAYS Aldoff Huxley Senior Hall of Fame Camille Chan Betsy Sellman devoted much of her free time away from her studies in the field of history to hostessing and orientations. She served both as a member and President of Oski Dolls, as a Cal Prep Counselor and member of the Welcoming Committee. Her other activities included Cal Club and AWS Board. Betsy was also President of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. Camille Chan received the high honor of being elected President of Mortar Board, the Senior Women ' s honorary society recognizing scholarship, activities, and leadership. Camille, a Business Administration major, contributed much energy and enthusiasm to Oski Dolls, Art Bureau, the Chinese Students ' Club, and Prytanean. Four-year football letterman, John Schmidt excelled both on the football field and in academic endeavors. In 1967 he received honorable mention on the all-coast team and in addition was granted an NCAA Scholarship for an outstanding combination of academic and athletic prowess and the Andrew Smith Memorial Scholarship. John, a Sigma Chi, will attend UC Medical School in the fall of 1967. Art Shartsis contributed much to Cal ' s orientation program by coordinating a new Cal Prep this year and by editing a pamphlet, " Berkeley: A Challenge to Understanding, " which helped to explain to incoming students the atmosphere and excitement of the Berkeley campus. In addition to this major contribution, Art served as Freshman Class President, Rep-at-Large on the Senate, Chairman for Cal-in-the-Capitol and was a member of Cal Club and Order of the Golden Bear. He also was the first student member of the administrative staff of the Dean of the College of Letters and Science. Art ' s future plans include either law school or graduate work in Political Science at Oxford. Art Shartsis Betsy Sellman John Schmidt Mike Murakami Bari Bradner Ellen Winston Dick Beahrs In conjunction with her position as Chairman of the Publicity and Public Relations Board, Ellen Winston served as Editor of the 1967 ASUC annual report, a member of the ASUC Cabinet, and was a member of the KNBC-TV News staff covering the Cal Campus. Ellen, a member of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, also belonged to Prytanean and Theta Sigma Phi, and is Co-Chairman for the Senior Week Publicity Committee. Her plans after graduation aim toward a career in broadcast journalism. 1966 Big Game Week Chairman, Mike Murakami was an active member of Californians for two years, and served as 1966 Secretary. He was also active in the Cal Marching Band and Straw Hat Band. Mike enjoys skiing of all kinds, painting and other art work. He hopes to pursue a career in architecture. ASUC government was a major interest of Sigma Kappa Bari Bradner. Bari served as both Sorority Representative and Rep-at-Large to the ASUC Senate. Her other interests included Community service work, Cal orientation programs, and singing—she was a member of both University Chorus and Treble Clef. During his term as IFC President, Dick Beahrs worked to show to the campus community that fraternity members share in a vital concern for the problems and issues facing our generation. A major contribution which IFC made to the campus was sponsoring the series of speakers on Civil Rights. Dick, a member of Psi Upsilon fraternity, also belonged to Californians, Skull and Keys, Order of the Golden Bear, and Beta Beta. He hopes to combine his interest in economics and history in further studies at graduate school. Page Van Loben Sels Henry Miller Susan Forbes Jeanne Coombs Page Van Loben Sels was an active member of the Inter-Fraternity Council, serving as its Secretary and Fraternity Representative to the ASUC Senate. Page was also President of his fraternity, Zeta Psi, and Treasurer of the Order of the Golden Bear. As a hobby he enjoys yachting and to the UC Yacht Club. Susan Forbes enjoys participating in a wide variety of activities. She was President of her sorority, Kappa Delta, and of the Women ' s Athletic Association. She was also an active member of class council and was selected to Gavel and Quill; and yet she still found the time to take part in community service and volunteer projects. She plans to be married after graduation and will seek a Masters Degree in Social Welfare so that she can reform the world! Pie in the face was a familiar occurrence in the life of Henry Miller during his year as Head Yell Leader. He had the difficult task of trying to make tangible that something known as Cal spirit and in addition being Oski ' s favorite target for all sorts of pranks. Henry also served as Chairman of Rally and Games Board and was a member of Californians, Order of the Golden Bear, and Cal Club. Jeanne Coombs, a psychology major and Vice President of Gamma Delta Epsilon, women ' s service sorority, was producer of the 1966 Faculty Talent Show. She was a representative on the ASUC Student Health Services and served as Co-Chairman of the 1965 Mental Health Drive and Chairman of the 1967 Campus Polio Clinic Drive. Jeanne traveled in Europe in the summer of 1966 and hopes to work in Africa in the summer of 1967 through the International Association of Students of Science, Economics, and Commerce. She plans to attend graduate school in Public Health in the fall. Mike Gallagher Culminating three years of enthusiasm and hard work for the Class of ' 67, Mike Gallagher served as Senior Class President. In addition to this position, Mike was chairman of Class Officers Board and a member of Californians, Gavel and Quill, and the Order of the Golden Bear. Graduate school and a masters in business administration are post-graduation plans for Mike who was a member and vice president of Sigma Phi fraternity. Studies in Education Reform were of major interest to both Jill Morton and Vicki Pitkanen. Jill was a member of the SEFR Board, the Interim Education Council, and the Student Faculty Commission to study higher education on the Berkeley campus. In her interest to improve the level of teaching here, Jill also served as editor of the Slate Supplement. She plans to continue her studies at Berkeley in the fall to prepare herself for more study in the field of education. Vicki also was a member of SEFR Board and Interim Education Council. In addition she was the representative to the Academic Senate Student Affairs Committee. Vicki eventually would like to attend graduate school, but hopes to work in Berkeley for the Center for the study of Higher Education. Martha Bardwell was very active on AWS Board, ASUC Arrangements Committee, SEFR Board, and WDA Board. She was a member of Tower and Flame, Cal Prep counselor and arranged campus tours Family Day while she was in Panile Honorary society. This year Martha served as president of both her dormitory, Spens-Black Holly and Prytanean. Always smiling and enthusiastic, ZTA Diane Dougherty was active on Panhellenic as president of her sorority and sorority representative to ASUC Senate. She was also AWS Activities Chairman, a Brick Muller Ex-Comm. member and served on Women ' s Rally Committee. She loves people and travel and has lived in Japan as part of the Experiment In International Living. She saw the U.S. last summer as an AFS chaperone, and plans this summer to visit all the AFS friends she made on the tour. Donna Weir has a wide spectrum of interests and activities. She took part in the Welcome to Berkeley program for foreign students, served as an SRV tutor and did hospital volunteer work. Donna was a member of Prytanean, Mortar Board, Oski Dolls, and Little Sisters of Minerva. She served as house president of her sorority, Delta Delta Delta. In his capacity as Union Program Chairman, Roger Edwards had the demanding responsibility of coordinating all types of activities housed in the Student Union Building. He had under him many committees, each dealing with a different phase of student interest—cabaret, art, music, literature, and movies. Roger, a political science major, was a member of Phi Kappa Sigma fraternity. Jill Morton Vicki Pitkanen Martha Bardwell Diane Dougherty Donna Weir Managing Editor of the " Pelican, " campus humor magazine, Phil Strauss also contributed much to Cal publications in general in his position as Chairman of the Publications Board which coordinates the activities of all campus groups. Phil, a history major, was a member of Tower and Flame and Honor Students ' Society and participated in Axe Review. Fred Best, ASUC 1st Vice President, had a busy year carrying out the many duties of his office and pursuing his interest in improving the ASUC. Fred chaired the Finance Committee and worked on the Constitution Revision Committee. He took part in the Cal Prep progra m, was a member of both Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity and SEFR Board. Fred Best Roger Edwards Phil Strauss Pat Brumbaugh Gary Lilienthal Bob Cross Dave Maxwell Alceste Pappas Faculty-student relations was a major concern for Pat Brumbaugh. She was an active member of SEFR Board and in addition was chairman for the highly successful Student-Faculty Retreat program. Pat, a social science field major, also enjoyed Cal Prep counseling and devoted much time this year to the establishment of the Prominent People Program. Bob Cross contributed much to the campus community in the field of Intercollegiate Athletics. Bob was a member of both the frosh and varsity crew teams and also served as a member of the Chancellor ' s Intercollegiate Athletics Advisory Board and President of the Big " C " Society. Bob ' s plans for the future include marriage and further graduate studies in International Relations. Class activities and Orientations were major outlets for Gary Lilienthal ' s energy and spirit. He served as sophomore vice president and junior class president and was a member of Gavel and Quill. He was also on Orientations Board and this year was chairman of the extended Cal Prep program. In addition to those two major areas of service, Gary was an assistant yell leader for two years, a member of Californians and Order of the Golden Bear, and also was on the Chancellor ' s Centennial Year Fund Raising Committee. Economics major, Dave Maxwell, devoted much of his time and interest to the more practical, administrative side of the ASUC. He chaired both Auxiliary Enterprises Board and Functional Services Board and was a member of the ASUC Cabinet. In addition, Dave managed to find time for Brick Muller Society, Megaphone Society, and freshman crew. Dave ' s immediate goal after graduation is to obtain his masters in business administration and eventually he hopes to work in a stock brokerage firm. Alceste Pappas was recipient of the Robert Gordon and Ida W. Sproul Award presented to the most outstanding woman of her class for the categories of leadership, scholarship, and service. She was dormitory president of Ida Sproul Hall in addition to being a member and officer of Mortar Board, Cal Club, Prytanean, Panile, and WDA. Alceste has been accepted to Stanford University Graduate School for the Fall 1967 where she will be working toward her MA in College Student Personnel Administration. Dave Shelborne Jennifer Meux Dave Shelborne was an active member of Californians for two years and played a particularly important role in the 1966 Spring Sing program. He also participated in class activities, serving as Junior and Senior Class Yell Leader, and in work as a member of Cal Prep Executive Committee. Dave, a political science major, has no definite plans for after graduation. Orientations Board Chairman Ellengale Toki had quite a job on her hands to see that the Cal Prep, SOS, and University Day programs were al l running smoothly and yet she still found time for taking part in Mortar Board, Prytanean Society, Cal Club, Oski Dolls, Gavel and Quill, IRB, and the Little Sister Group of Phi Sigma Kappa. Ellengale, a Kappa Alpha Theta, was a math major and hopes to complete her masters in education. The 1967 Panhellenic Girl of the Year was Zeta Tau Alpha member Jennifer Meux. Not only did Jenny compile an outstanding scholastic record in her major field of zoology, but she also made extensive community service contributions through her work in the University YWCA, and served as its president. Jenny was also a member of Panile, Prytanean, and Mortar Board. Her plans for after graduation include graduate work here in Wildlife Biology and further service in the YWCA. John Rodgers ' great interest in and support for Cal athletics was exemplified by the fine job that he did as a former sports editor for the Daily Californian and the active participation he took in the Megaphone Society. In addition, John, a journalism major, was a member of the Daily Cal Publishers ' Board, Alpha Phi Omega service fraternity, Californians, and was president of Barrington Hall. Ellengale Toki John Rodgers Barbara Rosen Chris Hutchison John Oppedahl Maggie Milstead Rick Lenat Warren Fox " Go Bears " was Barbara Rosen ' s favorite saying, and she worked for four years on Women ' s Rally Committee to do her part for the Bears. Serving as chairman of the committee, Barb was primarily responsible for preparing the card stunts for each of the home football games. She also was a member of the Rally and Games Board. She was active in SOS and Cal Prep and was a member of Panile, Prytanean, and Mortar Board. A psychology major, Barb plans to attend UCLA Medical School in the fall of 1967. John Oppedahl worked with the Daily Californian since he transferred to Berkeley from junior college and served in various editorial positions and in the fall of 1966 held the position of editor. John, a political science major, and his editorial board have used the editorial as a tool both to inform the faculty, and public about campus attitudes and opinions and about needed changes in various phases of the campus community, and to influence the students concerning a variety of issues. Delta Gamma Chris Hutchison served as pre sident of the Oski Dolls and had much to do in coordinating the regular hostessing activities of the Oski Dolls and the work they do in conjunction with the Californians in organizing activities such as Big Game Week. Chris, a history major, was vice president of her sorority and chairman of the United Fund campaign. Publicity and public relations dominated the activities of Phi Epsilon Pi Rick Lenat. He served as news director and assistant chairman of Publicity and Public Relations and he was also news writer and broadcaster for Radio KAL. Rich, a history and journalism major, plans to use his extensive in the field of advertising. Maggie Milstead played an active role both in class activities and in her sorority Alpha Gamma Delta. She served as secretary of the freshman class, secretary of Gavel and Quill, and as vice president and president for her sorority. In she worked on the Blue and Gold managerial staff, Student Orientation Service and was a member of the Brick Muller Society, President of Panile, and corresponding secretary of Prytanean. A history major, Maggie was also selected to the Rose Court of Pi Kappa Psi fraternity. Californian Warren Fox served as master of ceremonies at Axe Review last year where he managed to fall off the stage in some way between every skit. He also emceed the 1966 Spring Sing program. Warren was an active participant on Class Council, various Cal orientation programs, and IFC. He was also a Charter member of Brick Muller Society and served on its executive committee. Warren, a political science major, was president of his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta. This year ' s Senior Week Chairman was Sigma Phi Epsilon George Federoff. George was very active on the Blue and Gold managerial staff, California Rally Committee, and Gavel and Quill. In addition he worked as a part of the ASUC Information Desk Staff and was an officer of his fraternity. George was a Russian History major with an emphasis in International Relations, and he hopes either to go into law or university administration. This year ' s Treble Clef manager was Sarah Simmermann. Treble Clef is a group sponsored by the ASUC for girls who have an interest in and ability for choral singing. Much time goes into the planning and arranging of music for concerts. As manager, Sarah was a major contributor to the great success of Treble Clef. In addition Sarah, a physical education major, served as the choral group ' s representative to the ASUC Cabinet. Sarah Simmerman George Fedoroff John Lovewell Dick George Kathi Fine Ellen Barnett Linda Pierce Orientations was one of Kathi Fine ' s major interests and she served as student orientation service chairman and as Cal Prep advisor and counselor. She also worked on Women ' s Rally Committee for four years and belonged to Panile, Prytanean, and Mortar Board. Kathi, a social science field major, enjoys singing and was a member and officer of the Collegian Singers. Putting together and distributing a yearbook the size of the Blue and Gold was quite a job as Ellen Barnett ' s and Linda Pierce ' s ulcers testify. Ellen, 1967 editor, was on the staff for four years, working her way up from freshman staff member to assume the position of Men ' s Living Group Editor in her sophomore year and served as assistant editor last year. 1967 Manager Linda also worked on the managerial staff for four years. This year the two of them have combined efforts to present to the campus a new idea in yearbooks—University ' 67. Both of them were also of Theta Sigma Phi, women ' s journalism honorary society, and served on publications board. John Lovewell devoted much time tc Californians, serving as its president this year. He was chairman of the Big Game Week Parade, the first such event since 1956. A member of Phi Delta Theta fraternity, John also belonged to the Order of the Golden Bear and was a Cal Prep Counselor. His major was business administration. During the last four years Dick George was very involved with the California Marching Band and Straw Hat Band. He held two assistant offices and served as Senior Manager of the Band. Dick was also active in Rally and Games Board and the ASUC Cabinet. He was also a member of the Order of the Golden Bear and Speakers Bureau. A zoology major, Dick plans to attend graduate school. Cal Camp was one of Betsy Ehm ' s favorite projects and she served this year as Cal Camp Chairman. While she was a member of Panile, she served as Family Day Chairman and was also WDA Social Chairman and a member of Women ' s Rally Committee and Prytanean Society. Betsy, a design major, hopes to use her talent following graduation. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bob Arbios was a four-year letterman in crew and Quartermaster of the Varsity Rowing Club. He was also Chairman of Oski Committee and the University Day Committee this past year. In addition Bob was a member of Cal Club, Californians, and Order of the Golden Bear and was active in the Campus Crusade for Christ. A political science major, Bob hopes to attend law school. Service to the ASUC in a variety of areas was characteristic of Sheila McCusker during the past four years. She served this year as ASUC 2nd Vice President and was a member of IRB, Orientations Board, and Auxiliary Enterprises Board. In addition, Sheila, a history major, belonged to Panile, Prytanean, Angel Flight, and Cal Club. Dan McIntosh, ASUC President, attempted during his term to make ASUC a more experience for Cal students by extending community service programs, encouraging student participation in educational reform, introducing the Prominent People Program, and revising the ASUC Constitution. His past service included Rep-at-Large and a member of the Finance Committee and the Chancellor ' s Committee for Alumni Affairs. Dan, a history major, also served as Berkeley ' s representative to the National Students ' Association. Steve Pinkham contributed greatly to Californians, and served as President of the organization and Director of the 1965 Axe Review Show. Steve, an honor student in economics, was a member of Cal Prep executive Speakers ' Board, ASUC Information Desk Staff and Order of the Golden Bear. Pi Beta Phi Maureen Duffy was very active in Oski Dolls. She was Big Game Week Assistant Chairman and of the 1965 Axe Review. She was also a Cal Prep counselor and member of Brick Muller Society and Card Stunts Committee. Maureen, a criminology major, belonged to the Philadelphians. Betsy Ehm Bob Arbios Steve Pinkham Maureen Duffy Dan McIntosh E. Gorton Linsley Dean of Agriculture College of Agriculture The College of Agriculture has changed its name to the College of Agricultural Sciences and has reorganized its curricula under a single major, that of Agricultural Sciences. The college provides research and instruction in the fields of Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Science, Dietetics, Entomology, Food Science, Genetics, Nutrition, and Soils and Plant Nutrition. There is a strong emphasis on a close relationship between teachers and students because of the small size of the college. Dean Linsley stated that the objective of the college is " to provide the best possible Educational experience for citizens of the state of California, " for the college serves as a research arm for the state. Plant diseases are studies in the field as well as in the lab. ANDERSON, JOCK San Bernardino Phi Gamma Delta Agricultural Economics ANDERSON, JOSEPH Cupertino Independent Agricultural Economics Track and Field League Basketball BEEMAN, MICHAEL Woodland Delta Kappa Epsilon Agricultural Economics BROTHERS, LYNDA Palo Alto Alpha Phi Dietetics CAUCHOIS, WADSWORTH Berkeley Independent Agricultural Economics Varsity Soccer CLAYTON, NORMAN Redwood City Alpha Chi Rho Agricultural Economics ELIASON, CHARLES Alameda Independent Nutrition GELDERT, MICHAEL Laguna Beach Phi Gamma Delta Agricultural Economics GILLERAN, LEO Glendale Pi Kappa Alpha Agricultural Economics Skull and Keys Beta Beta HAMA, MARY Altadena Spens-Black Hall Agricultural Economics JONES, STEPHEN Woodland Griffiths Hall Agricultural Economics LEE, SHERYL Oakland Independent Dietetics C-I Association Chinese Students Club Nutritional Sciences Club MURPHY, GERALD San Francisco Phi Gamma Delta Agricultural Economics OMI, ESTHER Berkeley International House Entomology SNEDECOR, SUSAN Playa del Ray Zeta Tau Alpha Dietetics and Nutrition Gamma Delta Epsilon Daily Cal Managerial Staff Nutritional Sciences Club VENNING, RICHARD Sacramento Sigma Phi Epsilon Agricultural Economics Brick Muller Elections Council HARCHAOUI, MOHAMMED Tizi-Orzon, Algeria Independent Agricultural Economics LANE, HELEN Bakersfield Sigma Kappa Nutrition Nutrition Club Wesley Foundation MOORE, MICHAEL San Francisco Phi Gamma Delta Agricultural Economics MYERS, ROBERT Hillsborough Chi Psi Agricultural Economics Cal Camp Soph Class Council Golden Guard PIERPONT, PHILIP Altadena Agricultural Economics Men ' s Glee Club SPARKS, JOHN Glendale Sigma Phi Agricultural Economics YUMAE, RAE Oakland Independent Dietetics C-I Association Nutritional Sciences Club Nisei Students Club Nutritional Sciences Club Officers School of Business Administrtion Dow Votaw Acting Dean of School of Business Administration The School of Business Administration provides a broad program. A student cannot specialize in any field until graduate school. The school is helping to meet the need for trained personnel in the use of mathematical and quantitative methods in many areas of business and government. An alternate undergraduate curriculum has been designed around mathematical and statistical procedures and training. Students with a substantial quantity of math in their background are permitted to take special sections. The function of the college is to enable students who have a background in modern analytical technique and some of the major areas to become executives in business firms. ABRAMS, LINDA Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Business Administration AHLSWEDE, LARRY Napa Independent Finance Alpha Phi Omega ASHBY, LARRY Kentfield Phi Kappa Psi Accounting Californians BANDY, CONSTANCE Saratoga Phi Mu Business Administration BELL, DOUGLAS Orinda Delta Tau Delta Finance Californians Winged Helmet Skull and Keys Tower and Flame BLANCHARD, ROGER Santa Cruz Independent Business Administration BRADLEY, MARY Salinas Independent Accounting BUNCH, DONALD West Covina Kappa Sigma Operations Research Varsity Baseball Big " C " Society CAIRNS, KATHLEEN Los Altos Independent Marketing CAMPBELL, LEONARD Oakland Independent Business Administration Yacht Club Delta Sigma Pi AGEE, ROBERT Arcadia Deutsch Hall Accounting Honor Students ' Society ALEXANDER, BRUCE Piedmont Independent Finance BAILEY, ALBAN Napa Delta Upsilon Business Administration BELL, BRENDA San Francisco Alpha Xi Delta Business Administration International AIESEC Phi Chi Theta BITTICKS, ROBERT Hollywood Independent Business Administration Alpha Phi Omega Elections Council BRACE, CHARLES San Jose Pi Kappa Alpha Business Administration BROWN, SUSAN Walnut Creek Richards-Oldenberg Accounting Phi Chi Theta Honor Students ' Society Education Abroad Padua Center BURICH, STEPHEN Palo Alto Sigma Alpha Epsilon Managerial Economics CALLAGHAN, MICHAEL Sacramento Pi Kappa Alpha Business Administration CARBONI, RONALD Oakland Independent Accounting CATE, GEORGE Sacramento Phi Sigma Kappa Marketing Varsity Baseball Golden Guard CHAMBLIN, DALE Oakland Sigma Chi Finance Varsity Boxing Skull and Keys Big " C " Society CHAN, CAMILLE Oakland Independent Accounting Oski Dolls Prytanean AWS Board Mortar Board President Art Bureau Chairman CHRISTIANSEN, HAROLD Sacramento Independent Finance Golf CITRON, RICHARD Los Angeles Putnam Hall Quantitative Analysis President — Unit 1 CLUGAGE, FRANK Newport Beach Independent Business Administration CONLAN, BUTCH San Carlos Beta Theta Pi Operations Research Skull and Keys CONTI, RICHARD Berkeley Sigma Chi Managerial Economics COOK, DERRY Eureka Phi Kappa Psi Business Administration Honor Students ' Society COSDEN, WILLIAM Piedmont Tau Kappa Epsilon Marketing Boxing CRANE, EDWARD Rolling Hills Sigma Chi Finance CRIST, GEORGE Berkeley Beta Theta Pi Business Administration Big Brother Golden Guard CYROG, LINDA Whittier Delta Gamma Marketing AIESEC DAMRON, RAY Santa Barbara Phi Kappa Psi Accounting DEAN, ROBERT Sacramento Business Administration DENNY, PETER Atherton Ridge Project Marketing Delta Sigma Pi Newman Club Young Republicans DERSHEIMER, ANN San Rafael Kappa Delta Business Administration Blue and Gold DORR, DIANA Malibu Sigma Kappa Finance DWELLE, WALTER Visalia Delta Upsilon Business Administration EBRIGHT, TY San Carlos Sigma Chi Marketing Cal Prep Counselor Marketing Club EISENBERG, MIKE Butte, Montana Phi Epsilon Pi Operations Research Golden Guard Honor Students ' Society ELDER, JAMES Encino Phi Gamma Delta Finance ENGEL, JON Los Angeles Pi Lambda Phi Marketing ERICKSON, WILLIAM Pleasant Hill Sigma Chi Operations Research EWING, ROBERT Yosemite Nat ' l. Park Delta Kappa Epsilon Business Administration FOES, ROBERT Corona Del Mar Sigma Chi Business Administration FONG, GIFFORD El Cerrito Independent Finance CSC FRANTZ, JOHN Nevada City Sigma Chi Business Administration PHI CHI THETA— Row One: Margaret Plain, Dianne Davis, Marylynn Henes, Connie Bandy, Linda Kaufman. Row Two: Elizabeth Winslow, Jan Cattolica, Janice Leong, Phyllis York, Merri-Jo Levinger, Emi Tsuno. GABA, HAL Los Angeles Pi Lambda Phi Finance Cal Prep Counselor SOS President Pi Lambda Phi GALLAGHER, MICHAEL Richmond Sigma Phi Business Administration Senior Class President ASUC Cabinet Californians Gavel and Quill Chairman of Class Officers Board GOGLIO, JOSEPH San Jose Phi Epsilon Pi Business Administration GOLDBERG, JAMES Sacramento Phi Epsilon Pi Industrial Relations GRAVES, RICHARD Palo Alto Tau Kappa Epsilon Production Management Crew Skull and Keys GUNSTON, ALBERT Alameda Independent Business Administration Tower and Flame HAVER, ARNOLD Rio Linda Mitchell-Peixotto Business Administration AIESEC HENES, MARYLYNN Piedmont Independent Marketing AIESEC President Phi Chi Theta HERBERT, THOMAS Oakland Independent Production Management Yacht Club HOGAN, MORGAN Martinez Sigma Kappa Business Administration Aiguillettes Phi Chi Theta HYATT, TRENT Bakersfield Independent Finance-Accounting Campus Crusade JENKINS, STEPHEN Port Angeles, Wash. Norton Hall Accounting GROVES, RODGER Altadena Psi Upsilon Business Administration Football, Rugby Skull and Keys Winged Helmet HALL, WILLIAM San Francisco Ridge House Business Administration HEATER, RICHARD Chatham, New Jersey Independent Accounting HENRY, DEL Merced Delta Tau Delta Business Administration Skull and Keys HICKAM, SARDIS San Leandro Independent Marketing HOMER, STEPHEN San Mateo Tau Kappa Epsilon Business Administration Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Students ' Society JACOB BERGER, RICHARD Berkeley Independent Transportation Varsity Swimming Big " C " Society JOHNSON, GAIL Los Angeles Sigma Kappa Marketing Phi Chi Theta JOWER, BRUCE Foster City Barrington Hall Personnel Management CSC KERN, MARY Clayton, Missouri Independent Marketing KINGSBURY, MICHAEL Walnut Creek Independent Accounting President Beta Alpha Psi KOLLMAN, EILEEN San Francisco Alpha Epsilon Phi Marketing LAIRD, JAMES Martinez Independent Accounting Alpha Phi Omega Delta Sigma Pi Masonic Club Campus Crusade Legislative Assistant LESTER, ROBERT Orinda Independent Accounting and Finance Intramurals Alpha Phi Omega AIESEC LOVELAND, JAMES Berwick, Pa. Independent Economics KAUFMAN, LINDA Lafayette Phi Mu Marketing Rifle Team Phi Chi Theta Cowell Volunteer KINDRED, CHARLES Kenilworth, Illinois Psi Upsilon Business Administration Soccer Big " C " Society Skull and Keys Winged Helmet President Psi Upsilon KLITTEN, MARTY Pacific Palisades Delta Upsilon Business Administration President Delta Upsilon Winged Helmet Golden Guard KRELLE, KATHIE San Anselmo Independent Accounting Phi Chi Theta Hiking Club LARSON, NIELS San Francisco Beta Theta Pi Production Management Skull and Keys LEYMAN, ROBERT Long Beach Kappa Sigma Finance LOVEWELL, JOHN Woodside Phi Delta Theta Business Administration Californians Alpha Kappa Psi Tower and Flame LUTZKY, HENRY Los Angeles Independent Accounting Beta Alpha Psi MARGOLIS, MARSHALL Long Beach Phi Epsilon Pi Finance MATTHEWS, JAMES Santa Paula Phi Sigma Kappa Finance MacPHERSON, CRAIG Long Beach Norton Hall Business Administration MATHEWS, EVERETT Woodside Griffiths Hall Finance Crew Manager Big " C " Society Rowing Club MATSUURA, CAROLYN San Francisco Independent Accounting Beta Alpha Psi MOHAN, DANA Long Beach Independent Business Administration Tower and Flame MOTTA, ROBERT Oakland Theta Delta Chi Business Administration O ' BRIEN, MARK Taft Sigma Phi Business Administration Class Council Legislative Assistant Ski Club IFC Cal Camp PETAS, MARC Encino Lambda Chi Alpha Business Administration PLAIN, MARGARET Ridgecrest Richards Hall Industrial Relations Phi Chi Theta PROWD, LAWRENCE Berkeley Deutsch Hall Business Administration Golf Team RYAN, KATHLEEN Los Altos Delta Delta Delta Real Estate Aiguillettes NROTC Color Queen MOOCK, JOHN Visalia Alpha Tau Omega Finance AMF NICOL, RICHARD Coalinga Independent Finance Californians O ' CONNOR, KEVIN Chicago, Illinois Independent Finance Delta Sigma Pi PIAZZA, MICHAEL Los Gatos Theta Chi Finance Varsity Swimming Big " C " Society PRICE, CRAIG Sherman Oaks Phi Kappa Sigma Business Administration ROBERTS, ERIC Roslyn Heights, N.Y. Independent Accounting Beta Alpha Psi SEBREE, SAM Upland Chi Phi Business Administration and Policy SERTICH, JOHN Sacramento Zeta Psi Business Administration McCLAIN, JOHN Oxnard Theta Chi Business Administration McCULLOUGH, THOMAS San Francisco Phi Kappa Psi Business Administration Mathematics Freshman Crew Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society McLEAD, ROBERT El Cerrito Independent Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi MEALIFFE, JAMES Berkeley Independent Industrial Relations Varsity Golf MOERING, JEFFREY Buellton Independent Accounting Cal Band SHARON, WILLIAM Lafayette Kappa Delta Rho Operations Research Oski Committee Wrestling President Kappa Delta Rho Tower and Flame SLAPAR, PETER Pittsburg Alpha Chi Rho Operations Research Track Californians Golden Guard SMITH, DARRELL Stockton Bowles Hall Production Management Radio KAL Intramurals Tower and Flame SOOHOO, LELAND San Francisco Independent Accounting Masonic Club STEPHENS, PAUL Atherton Beta Theta Pi Marketing Varsity Football Skull and Keys STEWARD, FRANK Fresno Delta Sigma Phi Management STIEFVATER, STEPHEN Chico Theta Chi Business Administration TAYLOR, RICH San Carlos Beta Theta Pi Accounting SIEV, TIEN Cambodia, Africa Independent International Business AIESEC I House Club SMELSER, THOMAS Alameda Kappa Sigma Industrial Relations SNOW, RICK San Diego Bowles Hall Managerial Economics Track President—Bowles Hall SPIEKER, NED Atherton Beta Theta Pi Industrial Relations Varsity Water Polo Californians STERNFELS, ROBERT Burbank Beta Theta Pi Business Administration Water Polo Skull and Keys Winged Helmet STEWART, TERRY Skyforest Sigma Alpha Epsilon Skiing Boxing Alpha Kappa Psi STONEY, CARL Glendale Phi Kappa Psi Accounting IFC, IAB Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma THOMPSON, EUGENE Modesto Phi Kappa Psi Business Administration THORNTON, JEFFREY Delano Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi THRULOW, NICHOLAS Escondido Pi Kappa Alpha Industrial Relations Baseball Skull and Keys TJOSVOLD, ROBERT Castro Valley Sigma Nu Business Administration TULLY, HERBERT San Francisco Delta Upsilon Finance Winged Helmet UNRUH, ERIC Orinda Beta Theta Pi Business Administration Varsity Basketball Winged Helmet VABRI, DIANNE San Pablo Independent Marketing Cal Prep Counselor Phi Chi Theta VIDANAGE, SUSAN Millbrae Independent Accounting WALKER, WILLIAM Long Beach Tau Kappa Epsilon Accounting Basketball Golf WANVIG, CHESTER Milwaukee, Wisconsin Alpha Kappa Lambda Business Administration RFTS WATTS, PAUL Glendale Independent Business Administration Alpha Phi Omega SCAREB Delta Sigma Pi WESTLEY, EDWARD Corning Sigma Pi Accounting Delta Sigma Pi WHEARY, JIM San Francisco Delta Tau Delta Accounting WHITE, GROVER Modesto Independent Accounting Beta Alpha Psi WINGREN, MARTIN San Carlos Acacia Corporate Finance IFC President of Acacia CFMA—President WINKLER, RONALD Orinda Delta Sigma Phi Business Administration Cal Band Straw Hat Band WINTON, EUELL Auburn Independent Business Administration WOLFF, GEORGE Elgin, Illinois Alpha Tau Omega Finance WOLLERT, RICHARD Oakland Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Administration ASUC Rep.-at-Large Alpha Kappa Psi President Sigma Alpha Epsilon Honor Students ' Society YAMAMOTO, ALAN Hayward Independent Accounting SOS Delta Sigma Pi YANK, HOWARD San Franci sco Sigma Alpha Mu Labor Relations YOKOYAMA, TED Berkeley Independent Accounting-Finance Delta Sigma Pi YOSHIMOTO, RON Fowler Independent Accounting NSC YOST, ROBERT Orinda Deutsch Hall Operations Research Delta Sigma Pi ZIMMERMAN, ALAN San Francisco Independent Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi College of Chemistry With the opening of Hildebrand Hall, the construction of the Chemistry complex has been completed. This is the which even the casual observer can witness. More important is what the College is doing for both the and the students within it. With its small army of Nobel Prize winners and its continual advances in research, it is serving notice to the nation that it is indeed one of the best. For the students, especially in the lower division, an attempt has been made to bring about more contact with professors, not only in lectures, but in the section meetings as well. It is in the latter as well as success in the graduate division that the College of Chemistry has proven its excellence. Harold S. Joh nston Dean of College of Chemistry AIChE — Row One: Richard Bloom, Raymond Yu, Homi Patel, Gary Smolker, Peter Stroebe, Randy Hatch. Row Two: Timothy Devitt, R. P. Anderson, Alberto Chenillo, Shrenik Mehta. Row Three: Luis Ramos, Norman Grib, Kong-Heong Tan, Yasin Saya, Moises Mondlak. BALALA, NICOLETTE San Francisco Spens-Black Hall Chemistry Honor Students ' Society SAACS BARRIOS, EDWARD Compton Independent Chemistry Intramurals BERG, JOHN San Jose Independent Chemistry BIRNBAUM, ROGER New Hyde Park, N.Y. Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry SAACS BULL, THOMAS Boulder, Colorado Independent Physical Chemistry Tower and Flame Honor Studetns ' Society BUTTERWORTH, THOMAS South Laguna Kappa Sigma Chemical Engineering Soccer AIChE CHIANG, SHELLY Hong Kong Independent Chemistry CORN, JOHN Modesto Griffiths Hall Chemistry Griffiths Hall—President American Chemical Society, Student Chapter CURTIS, ROBERT Cucamonga Putnam Hall Chemical Engineering AIChE GRADY, BILLY Rancho Cordova Kidd Hall Chemical Engineering HOOBLER, JAMES Drytown Alpha Chi Rho Chemistry Frosh Baseball Boxing LEVY, ALAN San Francisco Deutsch Hall Chemistry MANDEL ESKENAZI, BENJAMIN Mexico City, Mexico Independent Organic Chemistry ACS—Student Chapter I House Ibero-American Students ' Association MERBAUM, JAIME San Francisco Independent Chemistry OPHEIM, KENT Anaheim Independent Chemistry RIESENFELDT, PETER Berkeley Independent Chemistry Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Judo Club TAN, KONG-HEONG Hong Kong Alpha Chi Sigma Chemical Engineering Honor Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi Chinese Students Association WEBSTER, JOHN Berkeley Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry DIETRICH, PAUL Kensington Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry HARRELL, VIRGINIA San Francisco Alpha Xi Delta Chemistry Aiguillettes Tower and Flame School Resource Volunteer HSU, DAVID Johnson City, Tenn. Norton Hall Chemistry Honor Students ' Society Regents ' Scholar LUNG, JEFFREY Sacramento Independent Basic Chemistry MASUDA, BARRY Turlock Independent Chemistry Varsity Wrestling Big " C " Society Alpha Gamma Omega Tower and Flame MONDLAK, MOISES Mexico City, Mexico Independent Chemical Engineering Honor Students ' Society AIChE PATEL, HOMI Bombay, India International House Chemical Engineering Pershing Rifles AIChE SIPOS, MICHAEL El Cerrito Delta Upsilon Chemical Engineering Californians Oski Committee Yell Leader Brick Muller Advisor Tower and Flame AIChE, Rugby Cal Prep THOMAS, JACK San Lorenzo Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society WILLIAMSEN, MICHAEL Camarillo Delta Sigma Phi Chemical Engineering DOWLING, DAVID Chehalis, Wash. Pi Kappa Alpha Chemistry Baseball Big " C " Society Skull and Keys HATCH, RANDOLPH Dallas, Texas Independent Chemical Engineering Cal Band AIChE KLAASEN, LAWRENCE Laguna Beach Independent Chemistry LUTHY, RICHARD Los Altos Hills Alpha Tau Omega Chemical Engineering California Club Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society AIChE Soph Class Council McCABE, JAMES San Diego Chi Psi Chemical Engineering Honor Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi Chi Psi President Frosh Track MORRIS, HAROLD Oakland Independent Chemistry PAUL, DAVID Berkeley Independent Chemical Engineering STUTSMAN, MARK Vallejo Putnam Hall Chemical Engineering VALENZUELA, EDDIE Lindsay Independent Physical Chemistry Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Yacht Club SCAL, SEFR Card Stunts Comm. YU, RAYMOND Hong Kong Independent Chemical Engineering AIChE Joseph D. Lohman Dean of School of Criminology School of Criminology The School of Criminology has been in the process of change for several years now, and along with the new quarter system the school introduced a completely reorganized pro- gram of study this year. The school has also expanded its area of study considerably under two new programs. The School of Criminology works closely with the Schools of Law, Education, and Psychology in many of its projects. Often studies are conducted for branches of the Federal, state, and local governments by the school. One such study was recently conducted by the Criminology School for the President ' s Committee on Local Law Enforcement. Dean Lohman stated that the school will continue to work in the future for the development of a higher educational complex to study crime and criminal justice. This study will continue under one roof, but new seminars will be added continually. BARTEL, MARK San Rafael Independent Criminology BLACK, KATHLEENE San Marino Delta Delta Delta Corrections President Delta Delta Delta BOUTWELL, BARBARA Santa Barbara Independent Corrections DUFFY, BARBARA Hillsborough Kappa Alpha Theta Criminology DUFFY, DRESCILLA Stanford Independent Law Enforcement Card Stunts Comm. Brick Muller Oski Dolls Phidelphian Optime Pi Beta Phi Tennis ASUC Info Desk FELSENTHAL, LINDA Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Corrections HAMILTON, BETTY Oakland Independent Corrections Delta Sigma Theta HAUSE, ADRIENNE San Francisco Independent Law Enforcement Lambda Alpha Epsilon HAYES, KATHLEEN DeKalb, Illinois Howard Hall Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon House President HAYTIN, DANIEL Los Angeles Independent Etiology of Crime KELIHER, MARY Los Angeles Cheney Hall Criminalistics Alpha Gamma Delta KNITTEL, PATRICIA Northridge Stern Hall Criminalistics Lambda Alpha Epsilon LE DUC, JAMES Walnut Creek Phi Sigma Kappa Criminology LINDSTEDT, STEVEN El Cerrito Independent Law Enforcement Daily Cal Managerial McGRATH, JOHN San Francisco Zeta Psi Criminology Winged Helmet Skull and Keys MONTBRIAND, MICHAEL Richmond Independent Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Sigma Delta Chi Intramural Bowling RUSEV, JOHN San Jose Sigma Chi Law Enforcement Varsity Football Varsity Track SEENO, KATHRYN Pittsburg Stern Hall Corrections DWBS TOMINE, EUGENE Alameda Independent Criminalistics Nisei Students Club AOAC JAMES, FRED San Jacinto Sigma Alpha Epsilon Criminology KIOUS, A. GUS San Leandro Delta Upsilon Criminology Crew KRAVETSKY, VALERIE Davis Alpha Chi Omega Criminology Little Sisters of Minerva LEE, PATRICIA Oakland Independent Criminology Chinese Students Club Gamma Delta Epsilon Alternate Pom Pon Girl LOSS, KATHLEEN Pasadena Independent Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon MITOSINKA, GERALD Antioch Independent Criminalistics Honor Students ' Society MURDOCK, JOHN Berkeley Independent Criminalistics SAWYER, JAMES Sacramento Sigma Phi Epsilon Corrections TOMINAGA, DENNIS Albany Alpha Delta Phi Criminology UTSUMI, GARY San Mateo Euclid Hall Corrections WASLEY, WILLIAM West Sacramento Alpha Sigma Phi Law Enforcement For the first time in its history, the graduate of the College of Engineering has received its just recognition as one of the finest in the nation. According to Dean George Maslack, its constant state of improvement will make it the very best within half a decade. This event crowned a year which was successful in the many other areas which the College entails. The courses on computer science were expanded and improved and the curriculum was adjusted to give a broader to the entire field of sciences. The College is successful in that it deals with real problems, both through the assimilation of knowledge and the production of trained personnel. The University is beginning to recognize just what kind of College of Engineering it has. George J. Maslack Dean of College of Engineering College of Engineering BARRETT, JEFFREY Los Angeles Independent Civil Engineering BERNARD, ROBERT Santa Rosa Independent Civil Engineering BOONE, JERRY Fresno Smyth Hall Electrical Engineering CASSERLY, BRUCE San Pablo Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE CHAPLA, EDWARD Sacramento Kappa Delta Rho Electrical Engineering IAB Class Council CHOU, ANDREW Oakland Independent Civil Engineering CSA CHU, JOHN Hong Kong Independent Electrical Engineering CLIFFORD, GEORGE Carmel Valley Theta Chi Mechanical Engineering Yacht Club Sailing Team ASME CROSBY, PETER Ventura Phi Gamma Delta Industrial Engineering Intramurals Tower and Flame BLOTKY, RANDOLPH Beverly Hills Independent Engineering Physics Californians PNPR, Tau Beta Pi Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society BOUTELL, PETER Albany Civil Engineering ASCE CATTOLICA, ROBERT Orinda Lambda Chi Alpha Mechanical Engineering ASME, Pi Tau Sigma Tower and Flame Tau Beta Pi Honor Students ' Society CHENG, RAYMOND Hong Kong Pi Alpha Phi President—Pi Alpha Phi President ASME, CSA, CSC CHOW, KAI FAT Hong Kong I House Engineering Physics CSA Tau Beta Pi CHU, VINCENT Hong Kong Independent Engineering Physics Honor Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi Regents ' Scholar COLE, KENNETH Walnut Creek Deutsch Hall Electrical Engineering Soccer, Track Big " C " Society Honor Students ' Society CROW, GEORGE Piedmont Independent Electrical Engineering Cal Band Daily Cal BOCK, FREDERICK Saratoga Smyth Hall Electrical Engineering Rally Committee Masonic Club UCSEE BUSHEE, GRANT Los Angeles Psi Upsilon Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE CHAN, LAWRENCE Hong Kong Chinese Students ' Association Civil Engineering CHIN, HARRY San Francisco Independent Civil Engineering CHU, DENNIS Stockton Independent Electrical Engineering CLAY, CHARLES Etna Barrington Hall Electrical Engineering Square Dance Club Tower and Flame CORNELIUS, GARY Whittier Beta Theta Pi Mech anical Engineering Basketball Water Polo DANILOVICH, JOHN Jackson Delta Tau Delta Mechanical Engineering DASHEN, ALAN Redding Sigma Nu Civil Engineering Election Council Intramurals ASCE Tower and Flame ABBOTT, DOUGLAS San J ose Independent Electrical Engineering Cal Band Radio KAL ABOUDARA, JOHN Aptos Bowles Hall Mechanical Engineering ABRAHAM, JOHN Santa Monica Priestley Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE BAECHLER, JEFFREY San Francisco Independent Electrical Engineering FONG, KIRBY Martinez Norton Hall Mathematics Tau Beta Pi Honor Students ' Society Regents ' Scholar Concert Band Chamber Band FOSTER, GEORGE Garden Grove Independent Electrical Engineering FREDRICKS, GARY Long Beach Sigma Nu Civil Engineering FRETTER, ERNEST Garden Grove Independent Mechanical Engineering Californians ASUC Cabinet Order of Golden Bear HSS Chairman—Rally Comm. FUJII, ROGER Sacramento Independent Mathematics GHOTBI, SAEED Tehran, Iran Independent Electrical Engineering DAWSON, ANDREW Berkeley Independent Soil Mechanics ASCE DEOVLET, BENJAMIN San Francisco Norton Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE Eta Kappa Nu Radio Club Collegians DICKENS, BARRY Los Angeles Putnam Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE Cal Engineer DOUDIET, JAMES San Francisco Bowles Hall Mechanical Engineering ASME Honor Students ' Society DUFFY, DONALD Turlock Independent Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma EGAN, JAMES Piedmont Phi Kappa Sigma Mechanical Engineering EMBREY, KENNETH Bakersfield Independent Metallurgy FIFE, DENNIS Reedley Bowles Hall Mechanical Engineering DEAN, MICHAEL Shatter Independent Aeronautics ASME Pi Tau Sigma Honor Students ' Society Regents ' Scholar DERRINGTON, WILLIAM Albuquerque, N.M. Independent Operations Research DILWORTH, VINCENT Daly City Independent Mechanical Engineering Masonic Club DUELL, PRENTICE Beaumont University Village Electrical Engineering EDWARDS, CHRISTOPHER Loomis Independent Civil Engineering ASCE EGEBERG, JEFFREY Sacramento Delta Tau Delta Civil Engineering FABRICK, ALLAN Los Angeles Independent Physics Honor Students ' Society Yacht Club FONG, FRED Los Angeles Independent Civil Engineering ASCE Photographic Club ASME and PI TAU SIGMA—Row One: A. Laird, J. Vindum, L. Farbar, Juan Kohn, Setsuo Masuda, Tommy Hayashi. Row Two: R. Nelson, P. Skrip, E. Johnson, Joseph Goss, Michael Dean. Row Three: Carl Maes, Craig McCreight, Don Duffy, Bill Ballhaus, Gary Ling. GIBSEN, NEAL San Diego Sigma Phi Epsilon Electronics Engineering Eta Kappa Nu GOSS, JOSEPH Oakland I House Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma GRUVER, LAURENCE Lafayette Sigma Phi Civil Engineering Swim Team Water Polo HAMAMOTO, GLENN Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Electrical Engineering Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society HILL, ALAN Orinda Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE Alpha Sigma Phi Golden Guard GIBSON, MARK Fullerton Independent Electrical Engineering Honor Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu GRANDY, ARTHUR Redlands Independent Civil Engineering HADDICK, DAVID San Francisco Independent Electrical Engineering Freshman Crew Sigma Phi Delta HENGL, LARRY Fremont Alpha Tau Omega Mechanical Engineering Varsity Track HINKE, THOMAS Garden Grove Alpha Gamma Omega Electrical Engineering Rally Committee President Alpha Gamma Omega IEEE, UCSEE GILLETTE, BENJAMIN Santa Ana Delta Tau Delta Geological Engineering GREEN, ALBERT North Highlands Deutsch Hall Mechanical Engineering HALL, ALAN Berkeley Independent Mechanical Engineering Glee Club Sigma Alpha Epsilon HESS, RICHARD San Pablo Independent Electrical Engineering Honor Students ' Society HITCHCOCK, JOHN Bakersfield Alpha Kappa Lambda Mechanical Engineering HOWEKAMP, DAVID Terra Bella Sigma Engineering HUFF, CHARLES Alamo Independent Industrial Engineering EJC HUGHES, JOSEPH West Covina Delta Sigma Phi Mechanical Engineering HUTCHINSON, JOHN Pasadena Chi Phi Industrial Engineering Soccer, Rugby Lacrosse Big " C " Society AIIE IDING, ROBERT Garden Grove Iota Phi Sigma Civil Engineering Rally Committee Honor Students ' Society Golden Guard INCE, WILLIAM Twenty-Nin e Palms Delta Kappa Epsilon Industrial Engineering INGERSOLL, ROBERT Freedom Independent Industrial Engineering AIIE JACOBS, STEVEN Millbrae Ehrman Hall Electrical Engineering Cal Camp Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Honor Students ' Society JACOBSEN, ROBERT Oakland Acacia Electrical Engineering Cal Band JEWETT, WILLIAM Sacramento Independent Civil Engineering ASCE Chi Epsilon JOHNSON, CHARLES Reed ley Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE ACM JOHNSON, CHRISTOPHER San Carlos Independent Engineering JOHNSON, RICHARD Manhattan Beach Bowles Hall Civil Engineering ASCE Chi Epislon JOHNSON, ROBERT Eureka Pi Kappa Sigma Civil Engineering JONES, RONALD Fresno Tau Kappa Epsilon Metallurgy ASUC Rep.-at-Large Order of Golden Bear Skull and Keys KERR, DAVID Gualala Tau Kappa Epsilon Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon Skull and Keys KOCH, JONATHAN Piedmont Sigma Phi Electrical Engineering ASME IFC Brick Muller Cal Camp Golden Guard KOHN, JUAN Quito, Ecuador Independent Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma Tau Beta Pi Honor Students ' Society Frosh Soccer KOLBERG, KENNETH Winton Alpha Gamma Omega Mechanical Engineering ASME KREISS, ALLAN Santa Maria I House Electronics Eta Kappa Nu Chi Sigma Radio Club Campus Crusade KRUMLAND, RAND Concord Deutsch Hall Physics Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi Soccer LARSEN, CHARLES Whittier Kappa Delta Rho Mechanical Engineering Tower and Flame LAWSON, JOHN Fresno Acacia Ceramic Engineering Crew LEE, HARRY San Francisco Alpha Gamma Omega Electrical Engineering LEE, PARKE San Francisco Independent Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Honor Students ' Society LEE, ROGER San Francisco Norton Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE CSC RUSSELL, DAVID Inglewood Priestley Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE IEEE SHIRACHI, DOUGLAS Salinas Independent Mechanical Engineering Crew Big " C " Society SWANSON, GARY North Hollywood Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE Eta Kappa Nu Tau Beta Pi TASHJIAN, ROBERT Los Altos Smyth Hall Electrical Engineering Radio KAL VERONA, GEORGE San Francisco Independent Mechanical Engineering ETA KAPPA NU — Row One: Gubir Gujral, Behrouz Peikari, Larry Russo, Allen Kreiss (Vice President), Dean Miller (Corresponding Secretary). Row Two: Mike Berge, Jerry Daniels, Patricia Delvac, Ben Deovelet, Johnny Chu, Gary Swanson (President). Row Three: Parke Lee (Recording Secretary), Mike Clark, Gerald Moynier, Steve Jacobs. MILLER, DUANE Montague Lambda Chi Alpha Civil Engineering ASCE MIZUE, HIRO Los Angeles Hall Civil Engineering MOFFATT, EDWARD Oakland Mechanical Engineering Tower and Flame and Quill Class Pres., MONAHAN, GREG Burbank Alpha Tau Omega Mechanical Engineering Boxing MUELLER, PHILIP Lynwood Lambda Chi Alpha Electrical Engineering MUHLBACH, ROBERT Santa Monica Tau Kappa Epsilon Mechanical Engineering MURRAY, ROBERT San Francisco Lambda Chi Alpha Civil Engineering NAGATA, ERNEST Fresno Independent Industrial Engineering AllE, Tau Beta Pi Alpha Pi Mu Honor Students ' Society NELSON, ROBERT Orangevale Deutsch Hall Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Pi Tau Sigma Honor Students ' Society NEWMEYER, JEFFREY San Pedro Delta Sigma Phi Engineering Physics NICOLAYEFF, VLADIMIR Walnut Creek Independent Civil Engineering ASCE LEWIS, JOHN Bakersfield Psi Upsilon Mechanical Engineering LIU, GEORGE Hong Kong Putnam Hall Mechanical Engineering Honor Students ' Society Chinese Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi LOUIE, YUK San Francisco Independent Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon MAHONEY, MURRAY Riverside Putnam Hall Metallurgy Bowling Team MARQUEZ, PHILIP Oildale Deutsch Hall Mechanical Engineering MASUDA, SETSUO Sacramento Independent Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma Tau Beta Pi Honor Students ' Society ASME LI, JACK Oakland Independent Engineering Physics Honor Students ' Society UC Scholarship 1965 LOBREE, DAVID San Lorenzo Independent Mechanical Engineering MADDAUS, WILLIAM Palo Alto Independent Civil Engineering ASCE MAJTELES, MICHAEL Holon, Israel Independent ISO, C-I Association MARSH, DAVID Cupertino Independent Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Alpha Phi Omega UCSEE McCALLA, BILL Tustin Tau Kappa Epsilon Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu LING, GARY Santa Rosa Sigma Alpha Epsilon Mechanical Engineering Oski Committee Chi Epsilon LOUIE, JOHN San Francisco Independent Electrical Engineering MAES, CARL Oakland Independent Mechanical Engineering Honor Students ' Society Big " C " Society Tau Beta Pi Pi Tau Sigma Varsity Swim Team MALMGREN, RICHARD Stockton Independent Civil Engineering Cross Coutry, Track, ASCE MARUTANI, MAX Berkeley Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE MILLER, DEAN San Francisco Independent Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Honor Students ' Society UCSEE CHI EPSILON — Robert Odello, Gary Ling, E. Olu Sawyer, George Wilson, Gerald Miller, Joseph Udoh, William Oswald. NISHIDA, MICHAEL French Camp Cloyne Court Electrical Engineering Nisei Students ' Club OGAWA, GEORGE San Francisco Independent Electrical Engineering Nisei Students ' Club Judo Team UCSEE OWYOUNG, ADELBERT Los Angeles Independent Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu Honor Students ' Society Cal Christian Fellowship UCSEE PARINEH, POOROUSHASH Iran Independent Mechanical Engineering PEEL, HAROLD Van Nuys Delta Sigma Phi Civil Engineering PENKOFF, JOHN San Jose Independent Mechanical Engineering PETERSEN, RICHARD Oakland Independent Mechanical Engineering NYE, RICHARD Martinez Pi Kappa Alpha Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi Honor Students ' Society Intercollegiate Baseball Intramurals OHS, HAROLD San Carlos Phi Kappa Psi Civil Engineering POWELL, ARTHUR Northridge Deutsch Hall Mechanical Engineering RATEKIN, GARY Bakersfield Alpha Kappa Lambda Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi RICHARDS, JOHN Berkeley Independent Civil Engineering Golf Team, Ski Club Newman Club ROGERS, EDMUND San Francisco Independent Industrial Engineering ROSS, DAVID Ventura Independent Civil Engineering Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society ASCE SAGARA, HARRY Stockton Griffiths Hall Electrical Engineering PYLE, LAWRENCE Long Beach Sigma Nu Electrical Engineering RHODES, CHARLES Thousand Oaks Independent Petroleum Engineering RODRIGUES, GARY Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Mu Mechanical Engineering Californians Pi Tau Sigma Tau Beta Pi Tower and Flame ROGGEVBEN, JAN Berkeley Theta Chi Civil Engineering Manager - California Engineer, Tau Beta Pi Chi Epsilon Honor Students ' Society SACAL, CHARLES Mexico Deutsch Hall Industrial Engineering SAKAI, ROBERT Hayward Norton Hall Electrical Engineering Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi Alpha Phi Omega Boxing, Track Collegian Alan Oklaird, faculty advisor, makes presentation to Raymond Cheng, President of the student branch of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers. SCHLOTZ, DONALD Sacramento Delta Sigma Phi Civil Engineering Varsity Wrestling Big " C " Society Tower and Flame, ASCE Honors at Entrance SCURICH, CHARLES San Francisco Delta Upsilon Civil Engineering ASCE SHEAFF, STEPHEN Oakland Chi Psi Mechanical Engineering SKRIP, PAUL Chicago, Illinois Independent Mechanical Engineering Honor Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi Pi Tau Sigma, ASME SCHMIDT, ALFRED Hillsborough Bowles Hall Mechanical Engineering Honor Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi EJC SEGUINE, DENNIS Long Beach Independent Electrical Engineering Crew, Big " C " Society SHERMAN, HOWARD Oakland Griffiths Hall Mechanical Engineering ASME, AIAA Sigma Phi Delta SOBCZYK, JOHN Whittier Phi Kappa Psi Mechanical Engineering THORNBERG, GORDON San Francisco Lambda Chi Alpha Civil Engineering Honor Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi Chi Epsilon UNGER, ROBERT Lancaster Independent Civil Engineering Zeta Beta Tau VLAZAKIS, EMMANUEL Piedmont Phi Delta Theta Chemical Engineering Ski Team AICE WEBB, CLIFFORD Marysville Phi Sigma Kappa Mechanical Engineering TRIBBETT, RONALD Riverside Independent Civil Engineering Theta Tau VIDANAGE, SARATH Colombo, Ceylon Independent Electrical Engineering WATT, FREDERICK Chico Independent Electrical Engineering Swimming Team UCSEE, IEEE WEINBRANDT, RICHARD Sepulveda Phi Sigma Kappa Petroleum Engineering Varsity Boxing TAU BETA PI — Row One: Al Schmidt, Paul Skrip, Vice President; Patricia Delvac, Woman ' s Badge; David March, President; Joe Marshall. Row Two: J. J. Roggevan, James T. Holcombe, Mike Bargen, Recording Secretary; Larry Dorety, Dean Miller, Mark Gibson. Row Three: Jeff Newmezer, Setsuo Masuda, Bob Sakai, Kirby Fong, Parke Lee, Bob Nelson. Row Four: Rand Krumland, Thomas Kornei, Steve Jacobs, Juan Kohn, Robert Bachman. Row Five: Tomas Zierer, Patrick Baidey, Wimpee Randal, Gary Swanson. SOEGAARD, DON Castro Valley Sigma Phi Industrial Engineering Golden Guard SPICE, KENNETH Fullerton Independent Industrial Engineering Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Pi Mu, AIIE STIMAC, THOMAS Martinez Independent Civil Engineering Alpha Phi Omega Fencing Club Sailing Club TESS, JAMES Palos Verdes Independent Electrical Engineering Quarter Deck Society SONNTAG, CHARLES Vista Iota Phi Sigma Electrical Engineering Rally Comm. STEWART, JEFFREY Salinas Bowles Hall Mechanical Engineering Cal Camp, Boxing TAKAGISHI, WAYNE Loomis Pi Alpha Phi Mechanical Engineering ASME TIETZ, RICHARD New Orleans, La. Alpha Delta Phi Electrical Engineering Varsity Crew Big " C " Society Tau Beta Pi WENGER, DOUG Omaha, Nebraska Sigma Alpha Epsilon Industrial Engineering Phi Eta Sigma Alpha Pi Mu, AIIE Student Intramural Advisory Board WILSON, JOHN Santa Maria Independent Civil Engineering ASCE YAO, PETER Claremont Cloyne Court Electrical Engineering YOUNG, ROBERT Forestville Acacia Civil Engineering WESTERMAN, DAVID Jefferson City, Missouri Bowles Hall Electrical Engineering WOOTEN, WESLEY Sun Valley, Idaho Independent Engineering Physics Handball Club Sailing Club YBARRA, WAYNE Tracy Independent Civil Engineering Order of the Golden Bear A lpha Phi Omega Radio KAL Elections Council C-I Association, ASCE ZIA, CHARLES Shanghai, China Putnam Hall Engineering Physics Honor Students ' Society Tau Beta Pi Karate Club Photo Club Chinese Students ' Assoc. School of Environmental Design Adds Four Year AB Graduation Plan John A. Burchard Dean, School of Environmental Design The quarter system itself had not posed any basic problems for the school as it comes at a time when the Department of Architecture has introduced a completely new curriculum. The Department of Architecture, the largest department in the school with over 900 undergraduates, is changing over to the AB Degree system from its former five-year professional program. Students now in the can opt for either type of program. In order to integrate the faculty and students, both graduate and undergraduate, the School of Design has begun a Student-Faculty composed of hand-picked students and faculty members. This committee will draft a to make elections possible for student members of the committee in the future, and is designed to put the department heads in direct contact with student opinions and criticism. AL-SALEM, BADER Kuwait Independent Architecture Punaise BAKER, GARRY Galt Independent Architecture BALDWIN, PHILIP Sacramento Sigma Nu Architecture BRENT, PAUL Long Beach Deutsch Hall Architecture Honor Students ' Society BRINKMANN, DONALD Riverside Kappa Delta Rho Architecture BRODIE, CHRISTIANA San Bernardino Independent Architecture American Institute of Architects BURK, JOHN Los Altos Bowles Hall Architecture Blue and Gold - Assoc. Manager, Photo Club American Institute of Architects, Student Chapter CANEPA, DANIEL Sherman Oaks Theta Delta Chi Architecture CHAO, LOTUS Stern Hall Architecture U.C. Architecture Association U.C. Design Association Tower and Flame Panile, Prytanean I-Week Exhibition Chairman, China Dolls CLARDY, JAMES Whittier Tau Kappa Epsilon Architecture Californians Big " C " Society Varsity Track DIANGSON, WALT Stockton Delta Upsilon Architecture Daily Cal DULLY, LAWRENCE San Francisco Phi Sigma Kappa Architecture Golden Guard EIKEBERG, JAN Bergen, Norway Independent Architecture Punaise, ANSA ENSEKI, PAUL Los Angeles Independent Architecture FILLER, AUTRY Lodi Independent Architecture GLASSFORD, PELHAM Berkeley Independent Architecture GUNDLACH, RAYMOND Los Altos Lambda Chi Alpha Architecture, IFC BURK, WILLIAM Albuquerque, N.M. Independent Architecture Lambda Chi Alpha AIA, Student Chapte President CHAN, YVONNE Hong Kong, China Baptist Students Center Architecture CHEW, IVAN San Francisco Pi Alpha Phi Architecture DAX, JAMES Walnut Creek Independent Architecture Design Association DITTMAR, THOMAS Arcadia Delta Sigma Phi Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture Design Club ECKLES, CHARLES Granada Hills Independent Architecture Honor Students ' Society ELMS, LORINDA Long Beach Sigma Kappa Architecture FAIN, WILLIAM Palos Verdes Delta Tau Delta Architecture FONG, JIM Sacramento Putnam Hall Architecture Honor Students ' Society Design Association GREGG, DUNCAN Berkeley Alpha Delta Phi Architecture Varsity Crew Big " C " Society Order of the Golden Bear Winged Helmet Lacrosse HALE, DAVID Mexico City, Mexico Independent Architecture HO, CHI-WING Hong Kong Independent Architecture HOULE, RICHARD Sherman Oaks Phi Sigma Kappa Architecture Golden Guard INGERSOLL, SANDY Hillsborough Beta Theta Pi Architecture Baseball JONES, BART Sacramento Independent Architecture KRAUS, PAUL Berkeley Sigma Chi Architecture LEE, SAMUEL Hong Kong Independent Architecture Glee Club Chinese Student Assoc. LINDEN, GORDON Oakland Delta Upsilon Architecture MARSH, MICHAEL Whittier Alpha Delta Phi Architecture MEHRAN, MITRA Teheran, Iran Independent Architecture MIKAMI, KAZUTO Morgan Hill Independent Architecture Cal Band MURAKAMI, MICHAEL Walnut Grove Independent Architecture Californians Big Game Week Chairman Cal Band, Straw Hat Band Pelican Order of the Golden Bear HOXMEIER, STEVE Napa Pi Kappa Alpha Architecture JOHANNES, RAPHAEL Teheran, Iran Independent Architecture KIM, IKPOONG Berkeley Independent Architecture LAKY, MAT Carmel Independent Architecture Punaise LEIGH, ERIC Pocatello, Idaho Stratford Hall Architecture Honor Students ' Society Treasurer MARKARIAN, GARY Fresno Bowles Hall Architecture McNEILL, CAROL Sacramento Independent Architec ture MIHAILOVSKI, PEYO Los Angeles Independent Architecture Yacht Club Design Association Chi Alpha Kappa Honor Students ' Society MOCK, LAWRENCE Reed ley Independent Architecture CSC MUSSER, RONALD Burbank Independent Architecture NAKAMURA, JOE Anaheim Independent Architecture NAKAO, AKI Thornton Independent Architecture NEELEY, DENNIS Whittier Independent Architecture UPB NELSON, ROBERT Walnut Creek Theta Delta Chi Architecture Ski Team NIELSEN, JOHN San Francisco Independent Architecture Phi Kappa Psi Punaise NORTON, JAMES Daly City Independent Architecture Les Punaises IT IS NO COINCIDENCE THAT BLUEPRINTS ARE THE COLOR OF THE SKY Mary Dunlap OBA, MARK Selma Independent Architecture PALIWODA, STEPHAN Manhattan Beach Alpha Tau Omega Architecture Crew, Daily Cal Golden Guard PAPADEMETROPOULOS, NIKOS Kalavryta, Greece Independent Architecture RACHWERGER, THOMAS San Mateo Independent Landscape Architecture Landscape Architecture Club, Hillel REESE, WADE Caldwell, N.J. Phi Gamma Delta Architecture RIDDLE, CHRISTOPHER Riverside Independent Architecture Union Program Board ROGERS, JEFFREY Oakland Independent Architecture SAKAUYE, JUNE Penryn Independent Architecture Men ' s Glee Club SCHMITT, HERBERT Arcadia Alpha Delta Phi Architecture SOLINSKY, STEPHEN Kentfield Zeta Psi Architecture TAI, VINCENT Hong Kong Independent Architecture Chinese Students Association WHITINGTON, TRENT South Laguna Sigma Chi Architecture Skull and Keys WOOL, BOAS Berkeley Independent Architecture ROBINSON, CABELL Silver Spring, Maryland Independent Landscape Architecture ROSS, JOHN San Marino Sigma Alpha Epsilon Architecture Architecture Association SANAIE, FARD Iran Independent Architecture Iranian Students Association SMITH, BYRON Santa Maria Independent Architecture Student AIA Sigma Chi Campus Crusade for Christ Chi Alpha Kappa STEINBERG, ROBERT Santa Maria Pi Kappa Alpha Architecture Skull and Keys Winged Helmet Big " C " Society TOKUNO, GERALD Aiea Independent Architecture WONG, ROBERT Oakland Pi Alpha Phi Architecture Chinese Students Club ZAIMA, GEORGE Los Angeles Independent Architecture In the extremely urban civilization of today, the School of Forestry serves as a link between the highly populated cities and the mainland area of the state. The scope of the School can only be appreciated when we consider the vast tracts of land trees and the increasing technology necessary for the proper use and of these resources. A new five-year program leading to an AB and a BS is evidence of the opportunities for the students who, along with research, are of primary importance to a professional school of this type. The School will continue to develop one of man ' s oldest and most useful with the most modern techniques. John A. Zivnuska Dean, School of Forestry School of Forestry Blodgett Forest Field Day PETTINGER, LARRY Walnut Creek Independent Forest Management Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Xi Sigma Pi Forestry Club Varsity Golf Big " C " Society PULLEN, CHARLES Costa Mesa Independent Forest Management Forestry Club SLAGHTER, GAREY Whittier Deutsch Hall Forestry William B. Fretter Dean, College of Letters and Science College of Letters and Science The College of Letters and Science, headed by Dean William B. Fretter, faced the of helping its students to adjust to the quarter system. In order to facilitate the changeover and to keep confusion to a minimum, it instituted the status sheet to be updated each quarter and inform the student concerning requirements and courses completed. In addition, the College found itself to new quarters — its offices are now located in Moses Hall. ABBOTT, KATHLEEN Castro Valley Phi Mu Political Science Treble Clef Elections Council ABIKO, MICHIKO San Francisco Independent Social Science SRV Nisei Student Club ADELMAN, CHARLOTTE Sacramento Independent English AKERS, CHERYL Delano Independent Bacteriology ALBIETZ, JANET Sacramento Independent Social Science Blue and Gold ALLAN, CATHERINE San Francisco Kappa Kappa Gamma English Daily Cal ALLEN, DOUGLAS Oakland Delta Upsilon History Senior Class Council ANDERSON, CAROL Sunnyvale Zeta Tau Alpha Zoology ANDERSON, SUSAN San Mateo Independent History Angel Flight Newman Club ANTOLA, VICTOR Sherman Oaks Sigma Alpha Epsilon Psychology APLIN, JEAN Palo Alto Independent Art ABBOTT, LORRAINE Walnut Creek Howard Hall English Cal Prep, Angel Flight Prytanean ABRAMSON, NORMAN Sacramento Independent Mathematics and Computer Science Tower and Flame Arnold Air Society AEBERSOLD, PAUL Chevy Chase, Maryland Chi Phi Physics AKO, HARRY Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Biochemistry Weight Lifting Team ALDERMAN, KATHLEEN San Mateo Colonial Hall Art ALLEN, DAVID Buena Park Tau Kappa Epsilon Zoology Track Honor Students ' Society ALMQUIST, PENNY Millbrae Independent Social Science Pom-Pon Girl SRV Volunteer Daughters of Diana ANDERSON, JANICE Palo Alto Delta Delta Delta Anthropology AWS Social Comm. UPB, Cal Prep Aiguillettes Intramurals ANDRE, PAULA Atherton Delta Delta Delta Design Aiguillettes Yacht Club APLIN, ALICE Palo Alto Independent Art ARAMAYO, MURLEANN Redding Independent English ARATA, JANE Brentwood Ida Sproul Hall Biological Science ARDEN, HERBERT Visalia Putnam Hall History Square Dance Club ARNBERG, ROBERT Alameda Chi Psi Mathematics Golden Guard Society Particle ASTIN, GLORIA Seaside Sherman Hall Psychology AUERBACK, SANDRA San Francisco Independent Social Welfare BABBITT, JULIANNE Berkeley Zeta Tau Alpha Humanities YWCA, WAA, SRV BALDWIN, BRUCE Orinda Independent Biological Science BANTA, MICHAEL Pasadena Independent Art BARDWELL, MARTHA Sherman Oaks Spens-Black Political Science SEFR Board Pres. Prytanean Pres. Spens-Black Penile, AWS Board Tower and Flame BARNETT, FRANK Berkeley Independent Anthropology BARRETT, MARY Palo Alto Independent Zoology Honor Students ' Society ARBIOS, BOB Moraga Sigma Alpha Epsilon Political Science Californians Cal Club, Crew Order of the Golden Bear Big " C " Society ARMBRUST, FREDERICK Omaha, Nebraska Independent Genetics Honor Students ' Society ASAHARA, KEIKO Stockton Independent Geography NSC ATKINS, NAOMI Pacific Palisades Independent English Treble Clef BABB, CHRISTINE Oakland Independent History BAILEY, SUSAN San Leandro Independent Sociology Alpha Xi Delta BALMAN, MARY San Francisco Independent Linguistics BARDIZIAN, KENNETH San Francisco Tau Kappa Epsilon Political Science BARNETT, ELLEN Pasadena Independent Social Sciences Blue and Gold Editor DWBS Theta Sigma Phi BARON, BARRY San Francisco Delta Kappa Epsilon History BARRON, MARSHA Van Nuys Stern Hall Anthropology BARRON, ROGER Los Angeles Independent Psychology Brick Muller Society SEFR Board Sailing Club Sexual Freedom League BASS, DIANE Los Angeles Alpha Gamma Delta Sociology Tower and Flame Aiguillettes BARRY, NOVELLE Long Beach Zeta Tau Alpha History Angel Flight Ski Club Honor Students ' Society BEAHRS, RICHARD Palo Alto Psi Upsilon History Big " C " Society Senior Football Manager Skull and Keys Winged Helmet IFC President BEALS, JANICE Placerville Independent Geography BEARE, SUSAN San Rafael Freeborn Hall Science Mortar Board Jade Ensemble Singers Treble Clef Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society BENAMATI, LINDA San Francisco Gamma Phi Beta sculpture BENT, MICKEY San Francisco Alpha Phi Social Science Panhellenic Board BERMAN, LINDA Castro Valley Delta Phi Epsilon Design BESERRA, RICHARD Woodland Hills Independent Science BEVAN, MARY Berkeley Delta Gamma Psychology Life Guard Corps BEANE, CAROL Richmond Annex Independent Spanish YMCA Union City Project Honor Students ' Society BELZER, STEVEN Oakland Independent Political Science BENNETT, BOBBIE Carmichael Gamma Phi Beta Oski Dolls, Tour Guide AWS Social Committee Blue and Gold, YWCA SRV Project Understanding WAA Dean ' s Honor List BENYA, PAUL Van Nuys Independent Biochemistry Gymnastics BERTOLUCCI, DARRYL Santa Rosa Ehrman Hall Statistics and Mathematics Honor Students ' Society Intramurals BETTELHEIM, ANN Berkeley Alpha Epsilon Phi History BIBEL, DAVID San Francisco Phi Epsilon Pi Bacteriology Golden Guard BLAGBORNE, SALLY Oakland Delta Zeta Political Science P PR, AWS IRB, AWS, Hiking Club Sailing Club YWCA Adventure Tours Daily Cal Gavel and Quill BLANK, GARY Los Angeles Bowles Hall History BLOCK, MICHAEL Los Angeles Independent Psychology BLUMENFELD, BONNIE Jamaica, N.Y. Independent Psychology BLUNCK, JANICE Oakland Independent Sociology BODLE, PATSY Berkeley Psychology BONHAM, KATHLEEN Lodi Cheney Hall Art Honor Students ' Society BLAIR, SANDRA San Francisco Independent Social Science Honor Students ' Society Educational Council Constitutional Convention BLOCK, CHRISTINE Orinda Gamma Phi Beta History SOS, Cal Prep Blue and Gold Card Stunts Committee BLOOM, KATHERINE Mill Valley Gamma Phi Beta Geography Chairman - Card Stunts Committee, Ski Club Women ' s Tennis Team Rally and Games Council Secretary BLUMENFELD, JUDITH Woodland Hills Independent Art History Mortar Board Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society BOATRIGHT, DEAN Inglewood Phi Kappa Psi Political Science BOLL AERT, CONNIE Oakland Freeborn Hall Anthropology Women ' s Bowling BONHAM, VIRGINIA Lodi Cheney Hall Art History Honor Students ' Society BONILLA-SOSA, VICTOR Havana, Cuba Independent International Relations IRB Newman Club President Ibero-American Union BOREMAN, GAIL San Francisco Independent Anthropology Honor Students ' Society Kroeber Society Cercle Francais BOWMAN, PAMELA Sausalito Independent Social Welfare BOYSEN, HARVEY Millbrae Sigma Phi Economics Winged Helmet Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society BOZINOVICH, SLOBODANKA Berkeley Independent Slavic Languages BRADNER, BARBARA La Jolla Sigma Kappa Economics Prytanean Senate Panhellenic Board AWS Board Treble Clef SCRB BRADY, JEAN Palo Alto Independent History Al ESEC Honor Students ' Society BRANDSTAD, CAROL Stockton Independent Political Science BOOK, STEVEN Ukiah Bowles Hall Biological Science BORING, JOYCE Vero Beach, Florida Independent Psychology Treble Clef Manager Kappa Alpha Theta BOWMAN, SHARON Beverly Hills Independent Social Science BOYSOL, STEPHEN Palo Alto Psi Upsilon History BRACKNEY, BARBARA San Jose Independent Psychology Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society BRADY, CLAIRE Oakland Hoyt Hall Social Welfare Square Dance Club BRANDLER, JON Los Angeles Pi Lambda Phi Economics BRANSTETTER, HANNAH Los Angeles Independent History Daily Cal BROOKE, THOMAS Novato Delta Tau Delta English Political Science Ski Team BROWN, CHERYL Northridge Delta Zeta Biological Science BROWN, JOHN San Carlos Beta Theta Pi Geography Baseball Winged Helmet Skull and Keys Beta Beta BRUBAKER, LAWRENCE Orange Independent Mathematics BRUMBAUGH, DIANA Honolulu, Hawaii Ida Sproul Hall History BRYANT, KENNETH El Centro Independent Near Eastern Languages Regents Scholar BULWA, LYNN Harbor City Independent Design BURKE, CLATHEL Eureka Independent French BROOKS, VALERIE San Mateo Independent Social Sciences BROWN, EVA Englewood Independent Sociology Psychology Honor Students ' Society BROWN, MASON Los Angeles Independent History BRUGMAN, PATRICIA San Francisco Kappa Delta Sociology YWCA BRUSH, SPENCER Piedmont Beta Theta Pi History BRYDEN, JAMES Napa Independent Political Science BURGER, DONNA Red Bank, New Jersey Kappa Delta English Panhellenic Board Treble Clef BURNETT, MARGARET Menlo Park Freeborn Hall Biological Science Honor Students ' Society IF I COULD WISH A SINGLE FACTOR OF MUTUALITY BRETHERICK, DONA Burlingame Bayview Terrace Political Science IRB SRV Pi Sigma Alpha BROCK, NANCY Stockton Gamma Phi Beta Zoology Panhellenic Board BRINKMAN, CHRIS La Canada Kappa Kappa Gamma Social Welfare Oski Dolls Torch and Shield BRODIE, MICHAEL San Francisco Independent Mathematics Honor Students ' Society BURNETT, PAMELA Oakland Kappa Delta Art Angel Flight BUSH, DAVID Hayward Alpha Sigma Phi Journalism Sigma Delta Chi Daily Cal BURNS, NINA Riverside Zeta Tau Alpha History BUSHER, ELLEN Hillsborough Elizabeth Barrett Psychology AWS Board President - Women ' s Social Council CADY, MARILYN Carmichael Gamma Phi Beta Sociology Honor Students ' Society Cal Prep CALDWELL, NINA Woodland Cheney Hall Psychology CALLAN, CAROLYN Palos Verdes Independent Social Welfa re Life Guard Corps YWCA CAMPBELL, DAVID Berkeley Delta Upsilon Psychology CAREN, JEFFREY Beverly Hills Independent Philosophy Sports Editor Daily Cal CARTER, BERNESTINE Oakland Delta Sigma Theta Political Science Delta Sigma Theta President, STAG CATTOLICA, JANICE Orinda Independent Economics Tower and Flame Phi Chi Theta AIESEC CHAMBERLAIN, EDITH Watsonville Alpha Gamma Delta Zoology CAIRNS, DIANNE Glendora Kappa Alpha Theta Dietetics AWS Social Chairman AWS Model Cal Prep Counselor Brick Muller Pre-Medical Society Axe Review CALHOUN, MICHAEL Orinda Independent Economics CALLIN, THOMAS Berkeley Independent German Cal Prep, SOS CAMPBELL, JOHN Los Gatos Kappa Delta Rho Social Science Intramural Badminton CARLSON, WILLIAM Fremont Independent History CASE, ROBINY Berkeley Independent Design CENTNER, RICHARD Coronado Acacia History ASUC Student Forum Cal Conservatives CHAN, BARBARA San Francisco Independent History CALAVAN, CHARLES Orinda Independent Political Science CALKINS, CAROL Burlingame Independent Political Science CAMPAGNA-PINTO, DIANA Hingham, Mass Delta Zeta History CAMPION, VICTORIA San Francisco Kappa Kappa Gamma Art Card Stunts Comm. Cal Prep Counselor Public Affairs Comm. Torch and Shield Intramural Tennis CARRIER, CHRISTINE San Francisco Chi Omega History Oski Dolls Cal Prep CASPINO, JULIA Oakland Independent Mathematics Blue and Gold Newman Club CHALBERG, CONSTANCE Upland Gamma Phi Beta History Mortar Board Honor Students ' Society CHAN, D ARLENE El Sobrante Independent Speech UPB Music Chairman ASUC Information Desk Jazz Festival Chairman Senior Week Committee AWS Big Sisters CHAPPELL, PAMELA Lafayette Delta Delta Delta English Aiguillettes CHASE, MARK El Cerrito Independent Comparative Literature and French CHASTEEN, LINDA La Canada Independent Mathematics ON ALL THE GRADUATING SENIORS GOING DIFFERENT WAYS CHAN LUCRETIA San Mateo Ida Sproul Hall English CHAO, BETTY Hong Kong Independent Mathematics Tower and Flame Chinese Students Association CHANG EUGENE Hong Kong Independent Biochemistry Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Students Assoc. Fencing CHAPEL, JOAN Berkeley Chi Omega German Penile Blue and Gold Women ' s Rally Comm. Ski Club AWS Board Brick Muller Class Officer CHANG, GERALD Honolulu, Hawaii Hall History Chinese Students Club Guard Society CHAPMAN, JOAN Chicago, Illinois Alpha Epsilon Phi Art History Honor Students ' Society CHELNEK, EVELYN Tarzana Independent Social Welfare Cal Camp CHEN, JAMES Hong Kong Independent Zoology Chinese Students Association CHENEY, JANET Stockton Alpha Chi Omega History Women ' s Judicial Committee Daughters of Diana CHERN, MAY El Cerrito Independent Physics CHILES, ROBERT San Francisco Independent Political Science Honor Students ' Society CHINN, ROBERTA Oakland Independent Social Science CHENG, KATHERINE Hong Kong Independent Physics CHESTERMAN, MARY Berkeley Cunningham Hall Design Vice President Cunning ham CHING, PATRICIA Honolulu, Hawaii Independent History Honor Students ' Society Phi Theta CHU, FRANK Hong Kong Barrington Hall Physics Honor Students ' Society Chinese Students Assoc. Photo Club CHUNG, WILLIAM San Francisco Norton Hall Biological Sciences Honor Students ' Society CLARK, CAROLYN Sacramento Alpha Phi Political Science CLARKE, THOMAS Lafayette Chi Phi Social Science Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Phi Beta Kappa Men ' s Glee Club CCR - Pres., Judo, Karate, KAL COFFELT, MARGARET Richmond Delta Zeta History Aiguillettes Ski Club AFS COHEN, BETSY Northbrook, Illinois Independent Honor Students ' Society Penile Soph Class Sec.-Treas. COLEMAN, HOWARD San Bernardino Independent Political Science Public Affairs Committee Delta Phi Epsilon COLLINS, VAUGHN Berkeley International House Linguistics Cal Christian Fellowship COLYEAR, KAREN San Francisco Delta Gamma Biological Science Daughters of Diana CONNER, SUSAN Walnut Creek Alpha Gamma Delta Sociology Intramurals CONRAD, NANCY Palo Alto Independent Statistics COOK, WILLIAM Santa Rosa Kappa Sigma Anthropology CLARE, ANDREW Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Mu History CLARK, FREDERICK San Mateo Alpha Tau Omega Chemistry CLIFT, SHIRLEY Sunnyvale Independent Humanities Cal Camp Daily Cal Intramurals - Basketball COGNETTA, JOAN Millbrae Zeta Tau Alpha Design Angel Flight COLEMAN, ELIZABETH Bellflower Freeborn Hall English Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society COLLIER, MARILYN Glendale Westminster House Social Welfare Handball COLOMBANO, ALAN Santa Rosa Phi Kappa Tau Zoology Student Orientation Service CONLIN, CHARLES Oakland Independent Mathematics West Oakland Project Tutor Peace Corps - Trainee Kenya CONNICH, ANTONIA San Francisco Elizabeth Barrett Social Welfare COOK, GARY Orinda Independent Chemistry Freshman Crew COOMBS, JEANNE Walnut Creek Independent Psychology Prytanean Gamma Delta Epsilon Student Health Service Rep. Faculty Talent Show Producer CHUN, CAROLYN Honolulu, Hawaii Davidson Hall Linguistics COOPER, SANDRA San Francisco Alpha Epsilon Phi Social Science President-Alpha Epsilon Phi CORP, RICHARD Mountain View Independent Bacteriology Crew COUCH, CHARLES Rancho Santa Fe Kappa Alpha Biological Science COVEY, RONALD Lakeport Delta Sigma Phi Economics Cal Marching Band Straw Hat Band Air Force ROTC Order of the Golden Bear CRABBE, PHILIP Marysville, Ohio Independent History CRAVENS, BRANDY San Francisco Kappa Alpha Theta English CREIGHTON, RICHARD Mill Valley Delta Upsilon Psychology CRITTENDEN, ROBERT San Diego Psi Upsilon Communications and Public Policy FootbaII, Rugby, Cal Club Skull and Keys Winged Helmet Tower and Flame CORNELL, EDWARD Stockton Theta Delta Chi Psychology Alumni Scholar COSTA, WILLIAM Sacramento Delta Sigma Phi Social Science Honors at Entrance COURCHESNE, RICHARD El Cerrito Independent Social Welfare Track COVITT, CAROL Palo Alto Cheney Hall Mathematics Honor Students ' Society University Symphony Orchestra CRANDALL, NORMAN Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Mu Economics CRAWFORD, LYNN Los Angeles Kappa Alpha Theta Communications and Public Policy AWS Board and Cabinet Blue and Gold YWCA CRIST, ELIZABETH Berkeley Pi Beta Phi English Card Stunts, YWCA, Brick Muller CROSS, ROBERT R. Berkeley Phi Delta Theta Political Science Tower and Flame Order of the Golden Bear Big " C " Society - Pres. Frosh and Varsity Crew CROSBY, WILLIAM South Pasadena Sigma Nu Political Science Tower and Flame Daily Cal Staff Honor Students ' Society CUDIAMAT, CHRISTINE Oakland Independent Journalistic Studies CUNNINGHAM, WALTER Burbank Sigma Chi Communications and Public Policy Skull and Keys Big " C " Society Varsity Boxing IFC 2nd Vice President CUSSINS, SUE Santa Rosa Elizabeth Barrett Political Science Yacht Club, AIESEC CUTLER, SIDNEY La Mesa Independent Economics Intramurals, NROTC DALRYMPLE, ELIZABETH Berkeley Alpha Chi Omega Spanish DANIEL, CAMILLA Berkeley Independent Bacteriology DARLINGTON, ANN Santa Maria Alpha Chi Omega English FAMACS DAVIES, DIANA Corte Madera Sigma Kappa Psychology Treble Clef Aiguillettes DAVIS, LINDA Atherton Chi Omega History CROSS, ROBERT W. Selma Chi Psi Chemistry Brick Muller Frosh Tennis Intramural Advisory Board CRYSTAL, THERESA Van Nuys Cheney Hall Genetics Yacht Club Senior Class Council Pre-Medical Society CUNNINGHAM, STEPHEN Palos Verdes Phi Delta Theta Physics Honor Students ' Society CURTOLA, CORINNE Diablo Howard Hall French Delta Delta Delta CUTLER, CHRISTOPHER Corona Del Mar Beta Theta Pi Economics DAHL, SUSAN Oakdale Independent History DAMMAN, LORENE Highland Independent English DANIS, STASYS Monterey Deutsch Hall Social Science Oxford Club DAVIDSON, ANDREA Bakersfield Alpha Chi Omega English Public Affairs Comm. Women ' s Rally Comm. Penile, Prytanean, Mortar Board Tennis Team Young Life Leader DAVIS, DAVE Oakland Psi Upsilon Social Science DAWKINS, CHRISTOPHER San Marino Independent Social Science DEAN, MARGARET Fullerton Independent Political Science DEKELAITA, RHONDA Berkeley Independent French DEES, MARY Tustin Independent Design DENNY, CHERYL Whittier Independent French Education Abroad Program — Bordeaux DEGENHARDT, TOM San Rafael Psi Upsilon History, Pre-Med. DEPAOLI, SUSAN San Francisco Independent Mathematics Tutorial Service Delta Zeta, Ushering DUFFEY, PETER Pacific Palisades Tau Kappa Epsilon Business Administration Soccer DUFFY, DINAH Newh all Sherman Hall Social Science Women ' s Rally Comm. USCA Member Relations Director I WOULD WISH THAT ALL OF THOSE STUDENTS WHO ARE READY, DUFRE SNE, CAROLYN Pasadena Independent Art History Honor Students ' Society DURHAM, GAIL Los Angeles Colonial Hall Sociology Oski Doll YWCA Executive Board Alpha Kappa Alpha Newhouse Grant DURNEY, PETER Alameda Sigma Nu Political Science EBERT, JAN Sebastopol Independent English ECKMAN, JOHN Gonzales Theta Chi Zoology President—Theta Chi EDDY, SARA Pasadena Gamma Phi Beta French EDSON, CLARK Berkeley Independent Biochemistry Judo Club EDWARDS, MARILYN San Francisco Chi Omega Political Science Union Program Board Oski Dolls Blue and Gold Staff DETOY, SHEILA San Francisco Independent Social Welfare DEXTER, MIRIAM Atherton Delta Gamma Social Science DICKINSON, SUSAN Oakland Independent Design Alpha Xi Delta Collegian Singers Ski Club DIEDEN, ELIZABETH Oakland Independent History DIXON, GERALD San Rafael Independent Zoology DORCY, DARYL Lafayette Phi Delta Theta Political Science DOUSE, PATRICIA Oakland Independent English DRENNEN, DIANE Whittier Sigma Kappa Psychology Women ' s Rally Comm. Little Sisters of Maranatha DEVENDORF, KAREN Los Angeles Delta Delta Delta French Cal Prep Counselor Intramurals, SRV Tutor, President Spens Black Hall DEY, ANN San Francisco Pi Beta Phi Dramatic Art WAA DICKSON, JILL San Francisco Kappa Kappa Gamma English DIENSTEIN, DIANNE San Rafael Zeta Tau Alpha Political Science AWS—Art Chairman Public Relations Chairman, Cal Prep Counselor, SOS Counselor, Pi Sigma Alpha DOBRUSKY, KAREN San Mateo Cheney Hall Music Psychology Union Program Board, Senior Class Council, Gamma Delta Epsilon, SOS DORNIN, MARIE Long Beach Kappa Kappa Gamma Art History DOWGIALO, JIM So. Weymouth, Mass. Delta Kappa Epsilon Sociology Radio KAL DREW, APRIL La Jolla Delta Gamma Art Women ' s Rally Comm. Univ. Young Republicans Intramurals DEVICTORIA, HARRY Seaside Smyth Hall Political Science Water Polo Swimming Big " C " Society DIBBLE, DOUGLAS San Francisco Delta Kappa Epsilon Political Science Fencing, Bay Guardian DICOCHEA, GEORGE Los Banos Economics Pelican DILLINGHAM, KEITH Petaluma Ehrman Hall Mathematics Intramurals Cal Christian Fellowship Campus Crusade Honor Students ' Society DOLAN, VIRGINIA San Francisco Pi Beta Phi Art History Panhellenic Card Stunts DOUGHERTY, DIANE San Carlos Zeta Tau Alpha Sociology Sorority Representative A SUC Senate, Oski Dolls Cal Club, Panile Prytanean, Brick Muller AWS DOWNEY, MARILYN Los Altos Sigma Kappa French DUCKHORN, RONALD Mountain View Phi Gamma Delta Economics EDWARDS, ROGER Manchester Phi Kappa Sigma Political Science Chairman Union Program Board Cal Prep Counselor Public Affairs Comm. Cabaret Comm. Gavel and Quill ELLIS, HUGH Hollywood Acacia Zoology ENDERS, STEPHEN Oakland Independent History Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society ERICSON, GARY Hillsborough Phi Kappa Psi Physical Science ERTLE, RUSTY Sacramento Psi Upsilon History Freshman Football Baseball FEDOROFF, GEORGE Tiburon Sigma Phi Epsilon History California Rally Comm. IFC, UPB Senior Week Chairman Gavel and Quill Blue and Gold, CFMA EFSTRATIS, ANDREW Marysville Independent History and Political Science, Football, Rugby Golden Guard Tower and Flame ELLIS, STEPHANIE Redwood City Chi Omega Physical Education Little Sisters of Minerva ENGELMAN, ROBERT San Bernardino Pi Kappa Alpha Political Science ERICSON, NANCY Kingsburg Freeborn Hall Psychology FAIRMAN, MARC Los Angeles Independent Political Science Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Pi Sigma Alpha, Radio KAL Cal-in-the-Capitol FEINBERG, LEE Sacramento Spens-Black Hall Sociology EHM, ELAINE San Gabriel Independent Psychology ELROD, ELEANOR San Jose Stern Hall English EPSTEIN, LORA Los Angeles Independent Biological Science Campus Tour Guides Cal Camp Comm. Blue and Gold Asst. Copy Editor ERIGERO, CATHERINE Stockton Alpha Chi Omega Mathematics Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Blue and Gold Staff Pres. —Alpha Chi Omega FARA, LYNDA El Cerrito Independent Social Science C-I Association FEIST, DAYNA Newport Beach Independent Psychology FELDMAR, TONI Los Angeles Alpha Epsilon Phi Sociology FELL, WILLIAM Pacheco Phi Kappa Sigma History FERGUSON, KATHLEEN Whittier Gamma Phi Beta English Philadelphians Junior Panhellenic Advisor FELDSTEIN, NANCY San Mateo Independent Political Science Project Amigos Experiment in International Living WAA Tennis Panile, Prytanean FELTON, JAMES San Francisco Phi Kappa Sigma Zoology FILES, SUSAN Claremont Independent History FELIX, CHRISTINE San Diego Delta Gamma Economics FERBER, STANLEY San Francisco Sigma Phi Physiology IFC Golden Guard — Treas. Sigma Phi Manager FINE, KATHLEEN San Jose Independent Social Science Women ' s Rally Comm. Orientations Board Mortar Board Prytanean FINN, KATHLEEN Pinole Alpha Gamma Delta Anthropology Tutorial Program FIREMAN, JOAN San Francisco Independent Psychology FIRING, SONJA Heidelberg, Germany Independent Geography FISH, RONALD Providence, R.I. Independent Economics FISCHBACH, BERNARD Oakland Sigma Alpha Mu Political Science FISCHER, FREDERICK Mountain View Deutsch Hall Physics FISHER, CHARLES El Cajon Independent Physics FISHER, ELIZABETH Woodside Alpha Phi Art History Brick Muller Society Ski Club FISHMAN, DAVID Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Mu Psychology Honor Students ' Society FLEISCHM AN, WILLIAM Alhambra Pi Lambda Phi Speech Honor Students ' Society Men ' s J-Comm. FLEMING, CATHARINE Stockton Alpha Chi Omega German Deutscher Verein International Relations Board ALL WHO HAVE PLAYED IN THE UNIVERSITY ' S GARDEN, FLIER, RICHARD Fresno Independent Political Science California Marching Band Drum Major Order of the Golden Bear FONG, LAWRENCE Fairfax Norton Hall Zoology UC Rifle Team Norton Hall J-Comm. FONG, SHERYL Palo Alto Delta Delta Delta English CSC FORBES, SUSAN Piedmont Kappa Delta Social Welfare P PR, AWS Board Cal Camp, WAA — Pres. Rifle Team Pelican Ad Staff Gavel and Quill Panhellenic FORSTER, JEFFREY San Jose Independent Political Science Intramural Athletic Board Golf FOUNTAIN, MERILEE Piedmont Independent Speech Alpha Epsilon Phi FOX, WARREN Lafayette Phi Delta Theta Political Science Collegian Singers Cal Prep Counselor IFC, Senior Class Council Calif ornians Brick Muller Frosh Track FRANCES, JEAN Monterey Spens-Black Hall French FODHIL, HOCINE Michelet, Algeria Independent Art FONG, MIN Sacramento Independent Social Welfare Gamma Delta Epsilon FOOTE, LAWRENCE Oakland Independent Anthropology Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society FORCADA, JUDITH San Anselmo Independent Mathematics Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society FOUDY, CAROLE San Leandro Alpha Delta Pi Psychology Tower and Flame FOWLER, STANLEY Whittier Independent History Cal Christian Fellowship Council of Campus Organizations FRALIC, JEANNE Van Nuys Chi Omega Social Welfare FRANK, MARTHA Sacramento Delta Delta Delta Sociology Angel Flight, YWCA FRENCH, JOHN San Francisco Deutsch Hall German Deutscher Verein Glee Club FRITZ, LINDA Dallas, Texas Independent Anthropology Kappa Delta Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society FRUEHAN, GEORGE San Bernardino Bowles Hall Biological Science Alpha Phi Omega Officer FULLER, JOHN Hillsborough Independent Economics Honor Students ' Society GALLUP, WALLACE Burbank Phi Gamma Delta Economics Skull and Keys GAMMERSON, BARBARA Cloverdale Independent Mathematics GARDNER, ROBERT Berkeley Phi Sigma Kappa Political Science GARY, SUSAN San Marino Delta Gamma Economics FRESCHI, LENORE Piedmont Delta Delta Delta French FROST, BILL Fair Oaks Beta Theta Pi Speech Baseball All-American — ' 66 Big " C " Skull and Keys FUJITA, ALLAN Kensington Independent Physiology Nisei Student Club Intramerals FURIYA, ELSIE Mountain View Independent English Nisei Students Club Oski Dolls, WDA Ida Sproul Exec. Comm. Big Game Week Publicity GAMBONI, MARIANNE Piedmont Independent History GANT, KATHRYN Atherton Chi Omega Political Science Senior Class Sec.-Treas. Oski Dolls Cal Prep Counselor Prytanean, Gavel and Quill GARRITY, THOMAS Oakland Theta Delta Chi History Brick Muller Tower and Flame Intramural Boxing Football University Theater GAVEY, PAUL Lafayette Independent Zoology CLIMBED TREES, TOUCHED FLOWERS, EVEN SWUM IN THE CREEK, FRANKEL, JUDITH Sacramento Independent Anthropology FREDERICKS, KATHERINE Berkeley Delta Zeta Music Tower and Flame Prytanean, Penile Univ. Symphony, GDE Aiguillettes — Pres. VP — Senior Class UPB, Soph Sec.-Treas. FRANZ, LINDA Berkeley Independent Social Welfare FREEMAN, JULIE Beverly Hills Independent Art History GEBALLE, THOMAS Seattle, Wash. Cloyne Court Physics McDonald Scholarship GEORGE, RICHARD Berkeley Tellefsen Hall Zoology Cal Band, ASUC Cabinet Order of the Golden Bear GENTILLY, PENNY San Francisco Alpha Omicron Pi Political Science GERNER, ALICE Berkeley Independent Music Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Prytanean, Univ. Orchestra Univ. Chorus, AWS C-I Association GOCK, CAROLYN Berkeley Independent Bacteriology Chinese Students Club AWS GOLD, ALLAN San Francisco Putnam Hall Mathematics Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Phi Beta Kappa ALL OF THOSE WHO HAVE PLAYED LONG ENOUGH AND HARD ENOUGH HERE IN THE GARDEN GOLDEN, BONNIE Menlo Park Independent Social Science Treble Clef, Angel Flight GOLDSTEIN, MICHAEL Sacramento Sigma Alpha Mu History GOLDSMITH, JOAN Los Angeles Independent Sociology GOOD, GEORGE ANN Middlebury, Conn. Kappa Kappa Gamma English Intramurals, YWCA Card Stunts, Axe Review Panhellenic J-Comm. GOODBODY, TERENCE Coronado Griffiths Hall Political Science GOODKIN, CAROL Los Angeles Independent Journalistic Studies Honor Students ' Society P PR GREENBERG, CHARLOTTE Encino Independent History UC Tutorial Beta Tau, Radio KAL Slate GERRITSEN, JUDY San Francisco Chi Omega Social Welfare Ski Club GHERLONE, NANCY El Cerrito Alpha Xi Delta Speech GIBSON, CAROL Los Gatos Sigma Kappa History Oski Dolls, Angel Flight Pi Kappa Phi Rose Court GILBERT, NEIL San Mateo Independent Geology GILLIAM, DENNIS Modesto Independent History CAL Opera, SOS GINSBURG, JANE Los Altos Independent Social Science GISH, JUDY North Hollywood Independent English GETCHEL, LORA Alameda Chi Omega English Brick Muller Soph Doll Finalist GIANCOLI, THOMAS Berkeley Ridge House History Education Abroad Program — Italy Tower and Flame USCA, Newman Hall GIBSON, GAIL Piedmont Gamma Phi Beta Anthropology GILES, LAWRENCE Palo Alto Priestley Hall Botany GILLMOR, CANDACE Atherton Pi Beta Phi History Blue and Gold Staff FAMACS GIOVANNONI, LUIGI Citrus Heights Independent Political Science GLENN, CHARLES Garden Grove Alpha Chi Rho History Varsity Track GOODMAN, ANN Lafayette Alpha Chi Omega Psychology Tower and Flame GOODMAN, RICHARD Tustin Pi Lambda Phi History Elections Council SERF Board GORMAN, SIDNEY Danville Zeta Tau Alpha French GREEN, EDWARD Sacramento Pi Kappa Alpha Biological Science Skull and Keys Beta Beta Pres. — Pi Kappa Alpha GREEN, SHEILA Van Nuys Independent Social Welfare Managerial Staff Daily Californian GREENER, GARY Los Angeles Pi Lambda Phi English GOODMAN, MARILYN Beverly Hills Independent Psychology GORDON, KAREN Richmond Spens-Black Hall Social Science GREEN, DUDLEY Arcadia Bowles Hall Social Science GREEN, PATRICIA Oakland Cheney Hall Design GREEN, WARREN Studio City Sigma Alpha Mu History GREENE, CAROL Lodi Kappa Delta History Student Resource Volunteer Brick Muller Society GREENSTADT, LAURIE Los Angeles Independent History School Resource Volunteers Honor Students ' Society GROSS, ROGER Los Angeles Independent Sociology HABERER, BARBARA Berkeley Independent Social Science Gamma Delta Epsilon HALLINAN, JILL San Francisco Independent History HANEN, SHERRY Los Angeles Independent Bacteriology Peixotto Hall Treasurer HANNON, WYLDA Piedmont Freeborn Hall Speech Square Dance Club Amigos Anonymous California College Republicans HANSEN, VIVIAN Oakland Kappa Delta English Cal Camp Treble Clef HANSON, MARLENE Hayward Hoyt Hall Sociology HARDY, SUSAN Kentfield Kappa Alpha Theta Anthropology Brick Muller Blue and Gold HARRIS, EMILIE Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon History Tower and Flame HAMILTON, LOUISE San Francisco Independent Art HANNIGAN, BARBARA • Wilmington, Delaware Ida Sproul Hall Mathematics HANSEN, MIMZY Burlingame Independent English Treble Clef Manager Honor Students ' Society HANSON, JOHN Piedmont Zeta Psi Economics HARDING, MARGARET Redwood City Cheney Hall Physiology Women ' s Residence Halls Representative ASUC Senate President — Cheney AWS Cabinet Gavel and Quill HARGREAVES, ANNE San Gabriel Independent Zoology HARRIS, GREGORY San Diego Delta Tau Delta Economics HARNETT, CHRISTOPHER HARPER, KERRY Orinda San Francisco Delta Upsilon Alpha Xi Delta English English Treble Clef Daily Californian GROSSMAN, DORENE Los Angeles Independent Art Art Board, Tutorial, SRV Brush and Easel — Pres. GREENWALD, ALAN Beverly Hills Sigma Alpha Mu Political Science Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society GROBL, JEANNE San Leandro Kappa Alpha Theta Social Science GREGORY, JOHN Pasadena Phi Kappa Tau Psychology Cal Prep, Crew GROPER, CORINNE San Francisco Independent Sociology Daughters of Diana GUREVITCH, RUSS Santa Rosa Phi Sigma Kappa Zoo logy GURVICH, JOAN Alameda Delta Gamma Physical Education HAAS, SUZANNE Fresno Chi Omega Political Science HAGGAR, THOMAS Watertown, S. Dak. Independent Physiology Californians Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Lacrosse HALL, ANITA Taft Alpha Gamma Delta Spanish Operation Understanding Junior Panhellenic Secretary-Treasurer Pi Kappa Phi Rose Princess HALL, ROBERT Oakland Kappa Delta Rho Political Science HALLIN, KAREN San Rafael Independent English GUTMAN, CAROL Ross Zeta Tau Alpha English Tower and Flame HAAG, BARBARA Sacramento Alpha Phi Italian HARRIS, LYNNE Bloomfield Hills, Mich. International House History Angel Flight HARRISON, GREGG Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Mu Speech Honor Students ' Society HARWOOD, BARBARA Ponca City, Oklahoma Independent Physical Science Phi Mu Honors at Entrance HASHIMOTO, JEANNE San Francisco Independent Social Welfare Nisei Students Club HASKELL, VIDA Los Angeles Independent Business Administration Little Sisters of Minerva HATCH, SARAH Lenox, Massachusetts Delta Zeta Anthropology HATCH, SUSAN Berkeley Independent Bacteriology HECHT, PRICILLA Wilmette, Illinois Gamma Phi Beta Humanities HEISER, MARGARET Fort Jones Sigma Kappa English Publicity and Public Relations Board HENDERSON, JUDITH Richmond Cheney Hall Bacteriology Honor Students ' Society HENNESSY, JOHN San Mateo Delta Tau Delta Political Science Skull and Keys HERMAN, RONALD Los Angeles Independent Speech HACHIYA, VICTOR San Francisco Independent Economics HECTOR, CATHERINE Westley Alpha Omicron Pi Psychology Brick Muller HELSEL, PATRICIA Orinda Sigma Kappa Spanish AWS Cabinet Mortar Board, Prytanean HENDERSON, PEGI Los Angeles Independent Political Science Theta Sigma Phi Daily Californian HENSTELL, BRUCE Los Angeles Independent Chinese History ASUC Senate Slate, Student J-Comm. Pelican, Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society HERSH, NANCY San Francisco Independent Anthropology Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society HIGH, ROBERT Berkeley Independent Mathematics Phi Beta Kappa Honor Students ' Society HEATON, MARY Ventura Alpha Phi English Tower and Flame Campus Crusade Honor Students ' Society Blue and Gold HEILBORN, KATRINKA Mill Valley Alpha Gamma Delta Interior Design HENDERSON, GUDRUN Concord Zeta Tau Alpha Political Science and German Radio KAL, Fencing Team German Club, Sailing HENKE, CURTIS Chowchilla Alpha Gamma Omega Mathematics Brick Muller President of Alpha Gamma Omega Hiking Club Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society HERBERT, MICHAEL Piedmont Zeta Psi History HESTER, JAMES Chula Vista Cloyne Court History USCA HILL, ANTHONY Los Gatos Phi Kappa Psi Zoology HAWLEY, STEVEN HAYASHI, MICHI Geyserville San Mateo Putnam Hall Independent History Social Welfare SEFR Board SOS Counselor Advisor to the Faculty Committee on Academic Senate I WOULD WISH THAT THEY HAVE FALLEN OFTEN HIRANO, RONALD Los Angeles Independent Economics HIYAMA, IRENE Fowler Stern Hall Biological Science HIRSHBURG, FREDERICK Vallejo Putnam Hall Zoology Honor Students ' Society Pre-Med Society HOFFMAN, SUSAN Culver City Independent History HODGINS, JUDY Long Beach Independent English HODGDON, JAMES Napa Alpha Kappa Lambda Physiology HOFMANN, JOAN Granada Hills Kappa Alpha Theta French HOGLE, JOHN Orinda Independent Political Science HOGAN, MICHAEL San Diego Independent History Honor Students ' Society HATHERLEY, JOHN San Jose Independent History HAWKINS, SANDRA Livermore Independent Bacteriology HAWLEY, DIANNE Panama Kappa Alpha Theta Political Science Military Ball Princess 198 HOLIMAN, JENNIFER Palo Alto Kappa Alpha Theta Political Science HONETT, STEVEN Concord Kappa Alpha Zoology Kappa Alpha President HOPPIN, NED Woodland Beta Theta Pi Zoology Big " C " Society Honor Students ' Society Basketball Manager HORN, JEROLD Los Angeles Independent Chemistry Student Zionist Organization, Hillel HORNER, PAMELA Berkeley Independent Political Science California College Republicans Pi Sigma Alpha Tower and Flame HOWE, CYNTHIA Altadena Kappa Delta Geography FAMACS HOWELL, DAVID San Leandro Independent English HU, MEI-CHENG China Independent Mathematics HOLMES, SHARON Oakland Alpha Gamma Delta Physiology HOOK, FAY Danville Independent Spanish HORANCE, STUART Pasadena Independent Psychology Honor Students ' Society HORNE, FREYA San Francisco Kappa Alpha Theta Anthropology HOWATT, ELIZABETH Oakland International House Anthropology HOWE, PENNY Stratford Independent History HOLLINGSWORTH, SYDNEY Pullman, Washington Independent Psychology HUBBS, DONALD Pacific Palisades Phi Kappa Sgima Political Science HURT, ROGER San Marino Beta Theta Pi Economics Skull and Keys Rugby HYNES, MARC San Carlos Delta Chi Psychology Photography Club Masonic Club Honor Students ' Society IMMEKEPPEL, MARIE Richmond Independent German Regents Scholar IWENS, JOANNE Hollywood, Florida Independent Biological Science IVERSON, KAAREN San Anselmo Delta Delta Delta History JACOBS, LLOYD Santa Monica Independent English JAMIESON, LINDA Los Angeles Independent Comparative Literature JARVIS, SHARON Vallejo Sigma Kappa Journalism Chairman — P PR ASUC Cabinet UPB Speaker Committee President of Sigma Kappa University Day HUTCHISON, CHRISTINE Covina Delta Gamma History Oski Dolls — President AWS Exec. Board Rally Comm. Theta Chi Sweetheart IKUTA, YASUKO San Jose Independent Biological Science Oski Dolls Nisei Student Club INKELIS, STANLEY Los Angeles Independent Zoology SOS Counselor Varsity Track Freshman Football Big " C " Society IVANETICH, ANN Orinda Kappa Delta Social Science IWASAKI, LYNDA Palo Alto Independent Communication and Public Policy Nisei Students Club JAFFE, ARNOLD Bellevue, Washington Zeta Beta Tau History Radio KAL Chairman Men ' s J-Comm. Honor Students ' Society Social Policy Advisory Board JANES, MAUREEN Menlo Park Independent Social Science Pompon Girl Alpha Delta Pi JAY, MICHAEL San Francisco Pi Alpha Phi Physiology Varsity Boxing CSC ENOUGH AND HARD ENOUGH HUBERT, STEVEN San Jose Pi Lambda Phi Social Science Big " C " Circus HUMPHRIES, DREW Walnut Creek Independent Sociology HUMPHREY, DAVID Santa Barbara Kappa Alpha Political Science Californians Kappa Alpha Rush Chairman HURST, HILARY Palo Alto Independent English JESSEN, MARNA Los Angeles Independent Sociology JOE, STANTON Los Angeles Independent Zoology Honor Students ' Society CSC JOE, ALVIN Berkeley Independent Geology Intramurals Geology Club, CSC JOHNS, JUDITH Whittier Independent Psychology Delta Delta Delta SOS Counselor Blue and Gold Honor Students ' Society JONES, CAROLYN Irvine Independent Geography Cal Conservative Club JONES, JUDIE Studio City Independent Social Science Daily Californian JOWER, FRANCIS Belmont Delta Sigma Phi Zoology JONES, HARDIN Berkeley Theta Delta Chi Zoology Crew, Big " C " Varsity Rowing Club Honor Students ' Society JORDAN, SHARON Bishop Independent Sociology JUKES, CAROLINE Berkeley Kappa Delta Design FAMACS KANAI, MARK San Pedro Phi Sigma Kappa Political Science Men ' s Glee Club KANNEGAARD, KAREN Sunnyvale Davidson Hall Latin Tower and Flame KASSIS, RICHARD Auburn Phi Sigma Kappa Political Science KATZ, RICHARD Daly City Phi Epsilon Pi Political Science KAUNOFF, OLGA San Francisco Independent Psychology Collegian Singers Young Democrats, WAA KANAYA, SADAYO Monterey Ridge Project Philosophy Honor Students ' Society Pre-Med Society KASHIWA, WENDY Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Design KASTER, BENJAMIN Brooklyn, New York Independent Psychology KATZ, ROGER Pasadena Independent Psychology Honor Students ' Society KAZATO, ERNEST Fresno International House Biophysics JOHNSON, GAIL JOHNSON, KATHLEEN Walnut Creek Reedley Delta Zeta Independent Social Science English JOHNSON, LINDA JOHNSON, PAMELA San Francisco Larkspur Independent Independent Bacteriology Sociology JULIAN, NANCY Sacramento Phi Mu Music Treble Clef Mortar Board KAHL, ERNEST Orinda Beta Theta Pi Zoology KAMMANN, HENRY Salinas Sigma Chi Computer Science Tower and Flame Education Abroad Program — Gottingen JUSTESON, MARY Yuba City Independent English KAKUTANI, KUMIKO San Leandro International House Oriental Language Honor Students ' Society Honors at Entrance KAN, STEPHEN San Francisco Independent History Ski Club, Pelican, University Young Democrats KEANE, KATHLEEN Concord Independent Social Science Honor Students ' Society KEIL, DAVID Forest Hills, New York Independent Communications Alpha Phi Omega Radio KAL Honor Students ' Society Phi Eta Sigma KELLNER, MARNA Danville Alpha Gamma Delta Social Science Class Council Gavel and Quill KEANE, PATRICIA Concord Independent Social Science KEIL, STANLEY Reno, Nevada Independent Mathematics Cal Band, Cal Camp Radio KAL Honor Students ' Society Kraft Scholarship KELSO, MATHA San Mateo Delta Gamma Political Science KEMP, JEAN Oakland Independent History Gamma Delta Epsilon KENNEDY, JUDITH Sacramento Independent Economics Kappa Delta KING, ROY KITTS, STEPHEN San Leandro Bakersfield Independent Independent Political Science Biological Science Army Brigade Officer Alpha Phi Omega Golden Guard, DeMolay LDS Youth President KLINGER, LESLIE KNIGHT, MARILYN Van Nuys Oakland Acacia Independent English Sociology Blue Gold — Copy Editor Angel Flight Honor Students ' Society Cal Camp, Axe Review KLEIN, BARBARA Santa Cruz Independent History Alpha Delta Pi KNOPF, SUSAN San Rafael Independent Psychology UC Tutorial Brick Muller TO HAVE GREAT AMOUNTS OF THE INTELLECTUAL MUD FROM BERKELEY ' S GREAT PARK ON THEM. KENT, NAOMI Santa Rosa Sigma Kappa German KESSELMAN, KAREN Encino Independent History Oski Dolls KETO, SUSAN Sharpsville, Pa. Delta Zeta Social Science Aiguillettes KIDD, KEVAN El Sobrante Ida Sproul Hall German Treble Clef KIELY, SUZANNE Santa Barbara Independent Humanities KILIAN, ERICA Fullerton Independent History KILMURRAY, JAMES Alta Loma Sigma Alpha Epsilon Political Science KIMBALL, CAROL Palo Alto Alpha Omicron Pi Sociology Philadelphians Treble Clef KNOPP, DEANNA Napa Independent Music KOKORES, PAULA Fremont Chi Omega English Tour Guide, Ski Club Angel Flight, FAMACS KOOY, ALOYSIA Orinda Independent German KORTKAMP, RONALD Pasadena Pi Kappa Phi History KRAMER, LINDY Panorama City Independent Dramatic Art Cal Camp Counselor KRITCHMAN, SHEILA Bayside, New York Independent Psychology Honor Students ' Society UC Hiking Club KUBERNICK, ALICE Los Angeles Independent History KYME, KAROL Oakland Independent Social Science KNUDSEN, JANES Calexico Independent Social Science Honor Students ' Society Baha ' i College Club KORCHIN, ELLEN Berkeley Independent Political Science and English KOSTYRA, IRENE El Cerrito Independent English KRAMER, LUTZ Ontario Phi Gamma Delta Political Science KRIZ, BARBARA Santa Cruz Stern Hall Bacteriology KUJAWA, JANICE San Francisco Independent Psychology . UC Tutorial LABAGH, JUANITA San Francisco Independent Economics KNUEPPEL, NICHOLAS Davenport, Iowa Alpha Tau Omega Mathematics KORTE, JOHN Santa Clara Lambda Chi Alpha Psychology Honor Students ' Society KRASA, PETER Pebble Beach Ridge House Speech KREIDLER, JOHN Redwood City Alpha Kappa Lambda Political Science UC Yacht Club Active Conservation Tactics KRUSA, RUTH Fort Bragg Independent Spanish Treble Clef Society KUROIWA, KENNETH Richmond Independent Linguistics and German Alpha Mu Gamma LAMM, MICHAEL Napa Independent Anthropology KONECKY, DOUGLAS KOO, NANCY Studio City Hong Kong Phi Kappa Sigma Independent Political Science Biological Science Stiles Hall LAMPERTI, BETTY LANE, DENISON San Rafael Ross Ida Sproul Hall Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Science Psychology Honor Students ' Society Varsity Crew LANE, MARY LANGE, SALLY Richmond Yreka Independent Independent Social Science French Dean ' s List LANGE, SUSAN LAPID, GARY Yreka Long Beach Independent Zeta Beta Tau French Sociology German Club Californians Dean ' s List Honor Students ' Society LARRABEE, LYNN LARSEN, PATRICIA Corcoran San Francisco Gamma Phi Beta Independent Social Science Mathematics Cal Engineer Honor Students ' Society Gymnastics Club Regents Scholar LAVEN, RICHARD LAWRENCE, PATRICIA Walnut Creek Northridge Psi Upsilon Independent Political Science Sociology Football, Rugby Skull and Keys Winged Helmet LAWRENZ, SUZANNE LAWYER, SHERRY Pacifica Lafayette Joaquin Hall Alpha Chi Omega Zoology Economics Honor Students ' Society Little Sisters of Maranatha University Young Republicans Young Life Leadership LEATHERS, JOAN LEAVITT, JOHN Woodland Playa del Rey Delta Gamma Alpha Delta Phi Humanities English LEE, BENSON LEE, CORRINE San Francisco Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Spens-Black Hall Sociology Political Science LEE, DOUGLAS LEE, GERIMAE Piedmont San Jose Pi Alpha Phi Independent Political Science Sociology Chinese Students Club Cal Band Straw Hat Band ASUC Rep.-at-Large LEE, JOANDA LEE, NELLI San Francisco San Francisco Independent Independent History Biological Science Chinese Students Club LEGGETT, CAMERON LEIDNER, MICHAEL Alamo Altadena Delta Delta Delta Delta Tau Delta History Zoology LEIFER, BEATRICE LENAT, RICHARD Los Altos Los Angeles Independent Phi Epsilon Pi Biological Science History Publicity and Public Relations LENSER, MARCIA LEONARD, HANNAH Santa Ana Los Angeles Independent Journalism History Daily Californian Honor Students ' Society Sigma Kappa UC Tutorial LEONARD, JAMES LEONARD, STEPHEN Inglewood San Francisco Independent Independent History History Daily Californian Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Student Orientation Service LEONARDI, ROBERT LEONG, JANICE Stockton San Francisco Norton Hall Davidson Hall Political Science Economics Chinese Students Club Phi Chi Theta AWS, WDA LEUNG, ANTHONY LEVADO, RICHARD Hong Kong San Rafael Independent Delta Upsilon Mathematics Mathematics Photography Club Karate Club Chinese Students Club LARSON, MARY Berkeley Independent Social Science Gamma Delta Epsilon THAT NO AMOUNT OF THE BATHINGS OF NARROWNESS AND BIGOTRY, LEVIN, MILTON Denver, Colorado Independent History LEWMAN, JENNIFER Ukiah Independent Social Science AWS, WDA President, Davidson Hall LIEBMAN, CAROL Marysville Independent Psychology LINVILLE, MAMIE Menlo Park Independent Social Science and Geography Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society LOBAY, ANTHONY Sacramento Independent Political Science LOCKS, RONNA Beverly Hills Delta Phi Epsilon Social Sience AWS Fashion Board Folk Dance Tutorial LEVINE, JOSEPH Los Angeles Independent History Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society LI, MAY Oakland Independent Mathematics LIL IENTHAL, GARY Newton, Mass. Independent History Order of the Golden Bear Gavel and Quill Asst. Yell Leader Cal Prep Chairman Junior Class President LIVINGSTON, MARJORIE Sacramento Alpha Phi Political Science LOCATELLI, BARBARA Redwood City Sigma Kappa Biological Science Women ' s Rally Comm. LOCKWOOD, JEFFREY Sherman Oaks Phi Gamma Delta Economics President, Phi Gamma Delta, Rugby LEVINE, ROBERT Brooklyn, New York Sigma Alpha Mu Psychology LIDGATE, SUSAN Palo Alto Independent Comparative Literature Rhymers Club Daily Californian University Theater LIND, MICHAEL Los Altos Theta Chi Physics LLOYD, KENNETH San Francisco Pi Lambda Phi Political Science Californians Cal Prep Counselor Men ' s J-Comm. LOCKIE, CAROLYN Beverly Hills Alpha Chi Omega Political Science LOGAN, GUENEVERE Berkeley Independent English LONDON, CRAIG Piedmont Sigma Nu Zoology LOUIE, REG San Francisco Sigma Alpha Mug Zoology Cal Prep Counselor Student Orientation Service Asst. Yell Leader Rally and Games Council LUEBBERR, GEOFFREY Oakland Independent Political Science Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Pi Sigma Alpha LUNDBLAD, GERALD San Bruno Independent Economics Varsity Rugby LUZAR, JERALD Richmond Independent History Varsity Baseball LYNCH, FRANK Woodland Hills Psi Upsilon Physical Education Football, Track Skull arid Keys LOMBARDI, RALPH Lafayette Delta Upsilon Political Science Californians Honor Students ' Society Winged Helmet LOOMER, PATRICIA Salt Lake City, Utah Independent Humanities LOW, MAE Gilroy Independent Mathematics Tower and Flame Student Orientation Service University Day Comm. MacARTHUR, JOHN Menlo Park Tau Kappa Epsilon History Cowell Volunteer Delta Phi Epsilon MacDOUGALL, CHRISTINE Ukiah Kappa Delta Sociology MADDEN, CARY Menlo Park Kappa Delta Rho Archaeology LOUGHMAN, ROSEMARY LOVELACE, ANNE San Francisco Redwood City Sigma Kappa Independent Honor Students ' Society Social Science Pelican LOWE, WILLIAM LOWITT, RITA Los Angeles Riverdale, New York Independent Independent History Fine Arts LONES, MARIAN Santa Rosa Stern Hall Physical Education Nu Sigma Psi LONGHRAN, TOM Oakland Sigma Phi Epsilon Economics Ski Club President MADLAND, DAVID Inglewood Deutsch Hall History MAENO, MARY Los Angeles Independent Philosophy MAH, ROGER Madera Norton Hall Biological Science MALOFF, CHALDA Stateline Sigma Kappa Art History Honor Students ' Society MANARY, CAROL Sacramento Phi Mu Psychology Blue and Gold Staff, Stiles Hall MANGOLD, DONALD Berkeley Independent Statistics Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Stiles Hall Masonic Club Wesley Foundation MARIDON, BRIAN Santa Cruz Deutsch Hall Biological Science MARSH, WILLIAM Mountain View Deutsch Hall Astronomy MARTIN, LESLIE Chula Vista Independent French MASON, JANET Bremerton, Washington Elizabeth Barrett Mathematics Tower and Flame Student Resource Volunteer, Cal Camp AWS Handbook SCTA MATTSON, LINDA San Leandro Zeta Tau Alpha Social Sience MAXWELL, DAVID Palos Verdes Griffiths Hall Economics ASUC Senate - Rep. at Large, Cabinet, FSB - Chairman Brick Muller Honor Students ' Society Delta Sigma Pi MARKS, ELLIOT Malibu Ind ependent Philosophy Honor Students ' Society Campus Tour Guide West Oakland Project Calif. Comm. to Legalize Abortion MARSHALL, JANET Burbank Independent Psychology Honor Students ' Society YWCA MARTIN, TERRY San Mateo Bowles Hall Astronomy Cal Glee Club Intramural Soccer MATTESON, PETER Oakland Independent Social Science MAUL, TERRY San Carlos International House Psychology Ski Club MAYERS, ANN San Rafael Ida Sproul Hall Bacteriology MARRS, MICHAEL Fresno Alpha Sigma Phi Physiology MARTIN, CYNTHIA Napa Delta Delta Delta History Oski Dolls Big Game Week Information Desk MARX, FRANK Elmsford, New York Theta Delta Chi Physical Science Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Californians MATTHEWS, MARGARET Tarbert, Scotland Independent Sociology MAURIER, MICHAEL Palo Alto Independent Political Science Delta Phi Epsilon Honor Students ' Society Pi Sigma Alpha MAllONI, JANE Hayward Alpha Chi Omega English Tower and Flame THE SPLASHINGS AND SPILLINGS OF BITTERNESS ' WATERFALL AND PESSIMISM ' S WHIRLPOOL, McCALLUM, JEAN Cucamonga Gamma Phi Beta Social Science President - Gamma Phi Beta McCARTER, BETTY Fresno Sherman Hall French Mortar Board Honor Students ' Society McCORMACK, JOSEPH McCULLOUGH, LYNNE New York, New York Los Gatos Delta Kappa Epsilon Stern Hall English French Honor Students ' Society Honor Students ' Society UPB Literature Comm. Chairman Gamut Theater McDANIEL, DENNIS Oxnard Theta Chi Political Science McDANIEL, EVE Willows Independent Comparative Literature Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Radio KAL MANSON, MA RCIA Los Gatos Alpha Phi English Ski Club, Swim Team Daily Cal Photography Club MARBLE, LESLIE Delta Gamma Art Angel Flight MARCHICK, RUTH San Jose Anthropology Independent Tower and Flame YWCA Tutorial Program McADAM, ELEANOR No. Hollywood Delta Gamma Bacteriology McCARTHY, DOREEN Diamond Bar Independent Social Science McCUSKER, SHEILA San Francisco Elizabeth Barrett History ASUC 2nd Vice President Cal Club, Prytanean Panile, Oski Dolls AWS Board Tower and Flame, IRB McDONAGH, MARY San Francisco Delta Delta Delta Social Welfare Intramurals, YWCA Blue and Gold Powder Puff Football McGINTY, KEVIN San Francisco Lambda Chi Alpha Arnold Air Society McINTOSH, DAN Palo Alto Independent History ASUC President NSA Representative McINTOSH, WILLIAM Pomona Independent Political Science McKEON, GILBERT Covina Phi Kappa Sigma Political Science Rhymers Club McLELLAN, RICH Los Angeles Independent Zoology MEALIFFE, WILLIAM Berkeley Independent Music MELONE, GENE Los Angeles Alpha Delta Pi English Alpha Delta Pi President MERLO, JANIS Fullerton Independent Biological Science Gamma Delta Epsilon MESENBRINK, JOSEPH Bonners Ferry, Idaho Independent Geology Vice President C-I Assn. McGILL, FRANK San Rafael Bowles Hall Psychology McHUGH, SHARON Los Altos Zeta Tau Alpha Speech Sweetheart of Theta Chi McINTOSH, JEAN Oakland Sigma Kappa Economics McISAAC, NANCY Santa Monica Delta Gamma History, Brick Muller McKIBBEN, J OHN Whittier Kappa Sigma Political Science Freshman Track McSHIRLEY, SUSAN Glendale Alpha Omicron Pi History, Brick Muller Angel Flight Women ' s Rally Comm. MECCHI, KATHLEEN San Francisco Alpha Chi Omega Political Science AWS Social Comm. Newman Club MERCER, CYNTHIA Ukiah Independent Sociology Cowell Volunteer Canterbury Group MERRILL, DON Palo Alto Independent Mathematics METZGER, JILL San Rafael Spens-Black Hall Political Science MEYERS, ELWIN Oakland Independent Philosophy Chess Club MILL, JERRY Hollywood Acacia Physics Men ' s Glee Club MILLER, JOANNA San Jose Zeta Tau Alpha French MILLER, NANCY Sacramento Alpha Chi Omega Zoology Young Republicans Honors at Entrance MILLER, RONALD El Cajon Alpha Kappa Lambda Computer S cience MILLS, RHONDA Granada Independent Bacteriology MILMORE, MARIE Kensington Zeta Tau Alpha Physical Therapy Student Opera Theater UC Symphony UC Chamber Band Mortar Board MINNING, DAVID San Marino Theta Delta Chi History Varsity Soccer MISAKI, KAREN Omaha, Nebraska Independent Biological Science NSC MITCHELL, REGINA Oakland Independent Physics MICHAEL, MARY San Francisco Delta Delta Delta History MILLER, CORLISS Vallejo Chi Omega Social Science Little Sisters of Minerva MILLER, MICHAEL Pleasanton Independent Political Science Alpha Gamma Omega MILLER, RALPH Gustine Theta Chi Psychology Grad Resident — Oldengerg Hall Ski Club, Blue Key MILLS, ALAN Moraga Priestley Hall Political Science Basketball Mgr. MILMORE, DONALD Kensington Tellefsen Hall History Cal Band Chamber Ensemble Students for Cal Honor Students ' Society MILSTEAD, MARGARET Carlsbad Alpha Gamma Delta History Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer AWS Board, Penile Brick Muller, Prytanean Gavel and Quill MIRAN, MICHAEL Long Beach Independent Psychology MITCHELL, KATHRYN San Mateo Alpha Gamma Delta History MOBLEY, SUSAN Beverly Hills Mitchell Hall English Ski Club, Occident MEUX, JENNIFER Fresno Zeta Tau Alpha Zoology AWS Cabinet Mortar Board, YWCA Prytenean Honor Students ' Society Panhellenic Girl of the Year MONTESSORO, ADA MOON, CHRISTINE Palo Alto Lafayette Kappa Delta Independent Political Science French, Tower and Flame Cal Camp Panile, Blue and Gold Cal Engineer Gamma Phi Beta Acacia Sweetheart MOON, NANCY MOORAD, BRUCE San Mateo Kensington, Conn. Ida Sproul Hall Kappa Alpha Physiology History MYERS, DESAIX MYERS, JANET Pasadena Fullerton Psi Upsilon Gamma Phi Beta History Art Tower and Flame WAA IFC Crop and Saddle Brick Muller NAFTEL, JOYCE NAGATO, SHARON Pomona Kahului, Maui, Hawaii Independent Davidson Hall Social Welfare Psychology THE RAINSTORMS OF NOISY IGNORANCE MOORE, LAWRENCE MORE, CAROL Long Beach Pasadena Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chi Omega Zoology Economics Californians Honor Students ' Society MORI, SHIZUKA MORIMOTO, RONALD Acampo Richmond Independent Alpha Epsilon Pi Biological Science History Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Nisei Students ' Club MORRISON, MARTIN MORRISROE, ANN Oakland San Marino Independent Independent Classics English Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Chess Club MORSE, CARL MOUNTS, SUZANNE Novato Granada Hills Independent Delta Delta Delta Economics Sociology Cal Band, Honor Students ' Society Sigma Mu Delta MOVIUS, ALICE MOWREY, ANN La Jolla Tacoma, Wash. Delta Gamma Delta Zeta Humanities German Oski Dolls, Penile Junior Class Council Campus Crusade for Christ Polls Council TKE Red Carnation Queen Elections Council Honors at Entrance MUELLER, STEPHEN MUHSFELD, JUDY Arcadia San Marino Bowles Hall Alpha Delta Pi Economics Social Science UC Yacht Club AIESEC Student Government Study Comm. MURDOCK, PATRICIA MURPHY, BARBARA Buena Park San Marino Independent Delta Delta Delta Political Science Sociology Prytanean NAHMENS, NIKKI NAKAMURA, CARYL Albany Sacramento Spens-Black Hall Independent History Social Welfare Nisei Students Club NAKANO, PATRICIA NASH, BARBARA Yuba City Belmont Independent Delta Zeta Geography History Women ' s Rally Comm. Panhellenic Model Greek Week Comm. NEHRBASS, KATHRYN NEIS, CHARLES Sacramento Petaluma Independent Independent Sociology History Yacht Club NEWMARK, WARREN NIMMO, BARBARA Los Angeles Lafayette Tau Kappa Epsilon Elizabeth Barrett Political Science Mathematics NINOMIYA, SHEILA NISHIMOTO, CARY San Francisco Altadena Baptist Student Center Independent Social Science Political Science MURPHY, CAROLYN MURPHY, ELIZABETH NISHIO, ALAN NISHIOKA, AILEEN Greendale, Wisconsin Los Altos Culver City Berkeley Independent Independent Alpha Gamma Omega Independent Social Science History Political Science Anthropology Nisei Students Club NELSON, CHRISTOPHER NEMEC, SHARON Montreal, Canada Los Altos Alpha Kappa Lambda Cheney Hall Political Science Cal-in-the-Capitol Program President — Alpha Kappa Lambda, UC Lacrosse Club IFC NERI, JORDAN NEWLIN, CAROL San Bruno Berkeley Kappa Alpha Independent Biological Science Philosophy 206 NODA, MARILYN NORTON, PAMELA NOYES, PETER San Francisco Fullerton Tiburon Ridge Project Independent Independent Physical Science Social Science Biological Science Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Californians Honor Students ' Society Order of Golden Bear SRV Pre-Medical Society, Crew Tower and Flame Honor Student NURRE, WILLIAM ODA, ROSEMARIES OEDING, CHARLOTTE Oakland North Hollywood Oakland Sigma Alpha Epsilon Independent Independent Political Science English History OELMAN, KATHRYN OISHI, JAYNIE OKAMOTO, ARLENE Dayton, Ohio Honolulu, Hawaii Watsonville Delta Zeta Independent Independent Social Science Speech Political Public Affairs Comm. President — Epworth Hall OLSON, HELENE OLSON, RONALD OPAS, LAWRENCE Millbrae Monte Sereno Los Angeles Independent Gamma Delta Iota Independent Physiology Zoology Psychology Honor Students ' Society Varsity Swimming Honor Students ' Society Big " C " Society Californians OPPIDO, MICHAEL O ' RAND, MICHAEL ORLY, ILONA Santa Cruz San Francisco Berkeley Sigma Phi Epsilon Independent Independent Biochemistry Zoology Physiology International Relations Board, I-Week Chairman Comm n Magyar OSPINA, JUAN OTANI, ICHIRO OVERTON, JOANN Cali, Colombia Izumozaki, Japan San Jose Independent Independent Independent Economics Economics Social Science Honor Students ' Society Young Democrats OWEN, ELAINE OWINGS, PAMELA PAMPHILON, SYDNEY Berkeley South Pasadena El Cerrito Independent Alpha Phi Delta Gamma Botany English Economics PEASE, MARJORIE PECK, SUZANNE San Francisco Los Angeles Kappa Delta Pi Beta Phi Design History PEPPARD, BARBARA PERRY, DAVID Chico Lafayette Alpha Omicron Pi Psi Upsilon History Economics Aiguillettes Winged Helmet Famacs — President PERRY, SHARON PERRY, WILLIAM Oakland San Anselmo Independent Independent Social Science Geography Gamma Delta Epsilon Pelican, Young Democrats International Relations Pi Gamma Mu PERSOFF, JESSICA PETERSON, LURAE Pittsburgh, Pa. San Mateo Independent Freeborn Hall Sociology English Honor Students ' Society Honor Students ' Society PETERSON, ROBERT PETIT, CHARLES San Marino San Marino Independent Delta Upsilon Social Science Astronomy Daily Californian IFC, Winged Helmet Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society PAPPAS, ALCESTE PARDEE, CAROLYN Huntington, New York Santa Monica Ida Sproul Hall Independent History Social Science AWS Pres., ASUC Cabinet Daughters of Diana Sproul Award, Cal Club Torch and Shield Penile, Prytanean Mortar Board Tower and Flame WDA, IAWS Rep. Dorm President PARK, JEONG•YEOP PARKER, GARY Seoul, Korea Sacramento Independent Pi Kappa Alpha Economics Psychology PARKER, KATHLEEN PARKS, WILLIAM Pasadena La Mesa Delta Gamma Phi Kappa Psi Psychology Political Science Tower and Flame PARRISH, DAVID PARRISH, JEFFERY Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Gilroy Independent Chi Psi Mathematics Biological Science Crew PARSELL, SUSAN PASQUALETTI, MARTIN Fullerton San Francisco Independent Independent Mathematics Geography Tower and Flame Masonic Club Honor Students ' Society PAWLICK, ROBERT PAYNE, SANDRA Fresno Titusville, Florida Bowles Hall Independent Mathematics Art UPB Art Committee PARK, MAE Korea Independent Music PETTIJOHN, CHRISTIE North Hollywood Independent History POWER, DALE Richmond Independent Social Science Psychology Sophomore Vigilantees POWERS, DIANA San Rafael Chi Omega Political Science AWS, AFS Brick Muller Society Angel Flight Student Health Volunteer THAT NO QUANTITY OF ALL THE DESTRUCTIVE FLOODING OF INHUMAN HUMANITY PETTUS, MARGARET San Francisco Kappa Kappa Gamma Art History PHILLIPS, MARY Stockton Gamma Phi Beta Psychology Blue and Gold PIKE, MARTHA Lompoc Independent Anthropology PILE, DOUGLAS Santa Rosa Tellefsen Hall Anthropology Cal Band Honor Students ' Society President- Tellefsen Hall PIZZORNO, CHARLEEN El Cerrito Independent Spanish-French Honor Students ' Society PLAYSTED, FAY Oakland Independent Slavic Languages Russian Club President of Sigma Delta Pi POLLOCK, JOHN Ontario Phi Gamma Delta Psychology POON, JUDY Hong Kong Independent Chemistry CSA Honor Students ' Society PFARRER, SUSAN Carmel Independent Sociology SCTA Alpha Lambda Delta Delta Phi Upsilon Honor Students ' Society PIERCE, LINDA Arlington, Virginia Independent Political Science Blue and Gold Manager Theta Sigma Phi Intramurals PILCHARD, LYNNE Fullerton Independent History Collegium Unitas PINKHAM, STEPHEN Redondo Beach Independent Economics Californians—President Order of Golden Bear Honor Students ' Society Cal Prep Speakers Bureau Chairman PLATT, NANCY Los Angeles Alpha Epsilon Phi Art History Panhellenic Board POERIO, MARIETTA Los Gatos Independent Speech Honor Students ' Society POON, DEREK San Francisco Independent Zoology PORTER, DON Monrovia Alpha Delta Phi Psychology POWERS, WILLIAM Los Angeles Sigma Chi Chemistry Honor Students ' Society PRAGER, ELLEN San Francisco Davidson Hall Biochemistry Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Hillel PRINCE, CAROL San Francisco Independent Political Science PRINN, BRIAN Grosse Point Shores, Michigan Phi Delta Theta Economics NROTC QUEVEDO, BARBARA Burbank Independent French-Spanish RAGENT, CLAUDIA Los Gatos Independent Anthropology Tower and Flame Faculty Fellows Program RAMIREZ, ANTHONY San Carlos Independent Chemistry Honor Students ' Society Intramural Softball RASMUSSEN, RICHARD Red Bluff Kappa Alpha Journalism Californians IFC Axe Review Big Game Comm. PRESHAW, EARL ' Los Angeles Independent Marketing PRINCE, SANDRA Los Alamos, N.M. Independent Sociology QUARTON, BRUCE Manteca Independent Political Science Californians President Golden Guard Society RADEMACHER, KAREN Berkeley Independent Anthropology Women ' s Rally Comm. Honor Students ' Society Kroeber Anthropological Society RAMGE, MARILYN Napa Sigma Kappa Political Science SOS RASMUSSEN, JUDITH Mountain View Alpha Delta Pi Sociology Brick Muller Society Li ttle Sisters of Minerva RASMUSSEN, THOMAS Arcadia Theta Delta Chi Social Science Soccer Honor Students ' Society REED, JOSEPH Pasadena Independent Zoology REESE, JENNIFER Sacramento Pi Beta Phi Spanish SRV Brick Muller Society Women ' s J-Comm. REEVES, JAN Westminister Delta Tau Delta History REEDER, MARGARET Pasadena Independent Art Little Sisters of Minerva AWS Big Sister REEVES, CLARENCE Auburn Phi Sigma Kappa Zoology ROGERS, LYNNDA Saratoga Independent English ROLANDER, NANCY La Jolla Kappa Kappa Gamma History Oski Dolls Cal Prep AWS Model YWCA ROJAS, SUSAN Sunnyvale Independent Spanish ROSEN, BARBARA San Jose Independent Psychology Mortar Board Honor Students ' Society Prytanean, Panile Women ' s Rally Comm.— Chairman Cal Prep SOS AWS Board WILL EVER WASH THE MUD RENGE, LAWSON Fowler Independent Political Science Daily Cal REUTER, ROBERT Napa Ehrman Hall Psychology Arnold Air Society REZNOR, JOHN Kentfield Independent Political Science UPB Speakers ' Comm. Delta Phi Epsilon Honor Stu dents ' Society Pi Sigma Alpha RICH, YVONNE Los Angeles Sherman Hall English Hillel Honor Students ' Society RIEGG, GARRETT Palm Springs Alpha Sigma Phi Political Science French Honor Students ' Society Delta Phi Epsilon Pi Sigma Alpha UC Abroad—Bourdeaux RITZAU, JANICE Millbrae Alpha Gamma Delta Political Science RODGERS, GILLIAN Redding Elizabeth Barrett Anthropology Oski Dolls Brick Muller Society Tower and Flame IRB Ski Club UC Tutorial RODGERS, SUSAN Porterville Sigma Kappa Political Science RENWICK, PATRICIA Whittier Delta Gamma Psychology Little Sisters of Minerva Theta Delta Chi Honor Students ' Society REYNOLDS, ANNE Woodland Cheney Hall Bacteriology YWCA RICE, JOHN Palos Verdes Delta Tau Delta Political Science IFC Exec. Comm. RICKARD, LYNN Bakersfield Kappa Alpha Geography RIEMKE, RICHARD Rodeo Independent Physiology Cal Band Alpha Sigma Phi ROBERTSON, CAROL Boise, Idaho Independent Bacteriology Gamma Delta Epsilon RODGERS, JOHNATHAN Fremont Independent Journalism Californians Daily Cal Megaphone Society Alpha Phi Omega RODGERS, TIMOTHY San Francisco Theta Chi Bio-Medical Sciences Brick Muller Society Boxing Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society ROSENTHAL, JON San Francisco Chi Psi Economics Air Force ROTC RUBIN, NANCY Los Angeles Independent Sociology Ski Club RUSK, MARY Pasadena Delta Delta Delta Economics Brick Muller Art Bureau Panhellenic Council High School Symposium Comm. RUSSELL, DOROTHY Glendale Alpha Gamma Delta History RYNES, DIANE Bakersfield Independent Social Science Gamma Delta Epsilon UC Yacht Club Senior Class Council SAIA, FRANCES Monterey Spens-Black Hall French SAKANO, WENDY Richmond Independent Zoology ROTWEIN, LISA San Francisco Independent French Gamma Delta Epsilon RUNDE, ROBERT Sacramento Delta Sigma Phi Sociology Radio KAL Daily Cal President Sigma Delta Chi RUSSELL, BEVERLY San Carlos Independent Political Science and Psychology RUUD, ANNE Auburn Indep endent History SABSAY, SHARON Los Angeles Independent Linguistics Honor Students ' Society UC Folk Dance Student Resource Volunteer SAILES, SYLVESTER Birmingham, Alabama Independent Biochemistry Cal Band SALERNO, CAROL Riverside Independent Social Science SALTER, WENDY SAMMANN, JON Pacific Palisades Lafayette Phi Mu Beta Theta Pi History Geography Phi Mu—President Skull and Keys Ski Club Winged Helmet Bowling Tower and Flame SAMUELS, VALERIE San Francisco Independent Social Science SASICH, MARY Cupertino Independent Psychology Yacht Club Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society SCHNABEL, STEPHANIE Eureka Delta Delta Delta History Cal Prep Counselor SCHRIBER, ANN Richmond Kappa Kappa Gamma Design Little Sisters of Minerva SCHNUETGEN, SIEGFRIED Munich, Germany Independent Political Science APO SCHUETZ, MICHAEL Bakersfield Independent Math for Teachers President—Amateur Radio Club Honor Students ' Society SCHREYER, GARY Tarzana Beta Theta Pi Economics Californians SCHUETZE, CHRISTINE Bakersfield Sigma Kappa English Aiguillettes SAVAGE, FREDERICK San Anselmo Griffiths Hall Political Science SAUNDERS, JOHN Sacramento Independent Economics Cal Band SAYRE, SANDRA Atherton Chi Omega Art History Blue and Gold Women ' s Rally Comm. SCALES, SALLY Pasadena Kappa Delta Anthropology SEFR, FSB Ski Team Sweetheart of Theta Chi Little Sisters of Marantha SCHAEFER, STEVEN Beverly Hills Independent Speech Yacht Club Chairman of Project Concern Honor Students ' Society Intramural Swimming SCHEIDEGGER, KENNETH Morgan Hill Independent Geology SCHUSSMAN, LEE San Jose Pi Kappa Alpha Psychology SCOTT, GAIL Bakersfield Kappa Delta History SEDLAK, ALICE Riverside Independent Psychology SELF, JOAN San Diego Sigma Kappa Anthropology SEWALL, GILBERT Pasadena Zeta Psi Economics SHANE, MARSHA Huntington Beach Independent Social Science Cal Prep Counselor SOS Counselor Gamma Delta Epsilon SCHWARTZ, BETTY Long Beach Independent English SCOTT, VIRGINIA Larkspur Delta Zeta Biological Science SEEDS, SUSAN Los Angeles Independent Anthropology SELLMAN, BETSY Atherton Kappa Alpha Theta History Cal Club Cal Prep SHAFER, LINDA San Leandro Independent English Univ. Young Republicans CCR Alpha Delta Chi Campus Crusade for Christ SHARTSIS, ARTHUR North Hollywood Independent Political Science Cal Club Order of Golden Bear Californians Rep.-at-Large, Cal In the Capitol Chrmn. Honor Students ' Society SCHWARTZ, SYBIL San Francisco Cheney Hall Geography SEAWELL, LYNN Sacramento Pi Beta Phi Psychology Brick Muller Society SELBER, NANCY Sherman Oaks Independent Sociology SENEFELD, SARAH Fullerton Independent Art History SHAFER, ROGER Compton Independent Political Science SHAW, JENNIFER San Francisco Alpha Phi Sociology Tower and Flame Sociology Honor Student OF THIS PLACE CALLED CAL SCHLESINGER, JILL Sherman Oaks Alpha Epsilon Phi Social Science Panhellenic Board SCHMIDT, JOHN Orland Sigma Chi Zoology Varsity Football Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society SHAW, KENNETH Houston, Texas Alpha Gamma Omega History Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Chi Alpha SHELBURNE, DAVID La Habra Kappa Delta Rho Political Science SOS Chairman Class Yell Leader Californians Rally Comm. Gavel and Quill Cal Prep Counselor SHAW, SALLY San Francisco Independent Biochemistry Pi Beta Phi Honor Students ' Society SHEPHARD, DEANE Berkeley Independent Political Science SHEARER, SUSAN Kensington Kappa Delta History Treble Clef SHERWOOD, JUDY Palo Alto Gamma Phi Beta Art Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Cowell Volunteer SINDICI, GREGG Burlingame Pi Kappa Alpha Psychology Skull and Keys Beta Beta SIMS, BARBARA Pacifica Independent Psychology Honor Students ' Society THIS BERKELEY ' S SISSON, MARGARET Oakland Alpha Phi Biochemistry Women ' s Tennis SMALE, CHERYL San Bernardino Independent Bacteriology SMITH, BARRY Santa Maria Sigma Chi Biological Sciences Big Brother Program SMITH, BRIDGET Glendale Delta Zeta Psychology Angel Flight, YWCA SMITH, JACKIE Sacramento Kappa Alpha Theta Political Science Oski Dolls SMITH, Pelham, N.Y. Independent Political Science Collegian Singers Big Game Week SOLOMON, DENNIS Redondo Beach Independent Zoology Daily Cal Legislative Assistant SKEEHAN, MELISSA Berkeley Independent Slavic Languages and Literature Tower and Flame Panile, Pelican WDA SMERLING, TERRY Los Angeles Tau Kappa Epsilon History SMITH, BETTY Burlingame Independent English SMITH, HARRISON Kelowna, B.C. International House History SMITH, JANET Los Angeles Alpha Chi Omega Bacteriology SMITH, STEVE Santa Cruz Independent Italian Basketball Baseball Big " C " Society Skull and Keys Psi Upsilon Big Brother Program SONNIKSON, DAVID Santa Rosa Bowles Hall Physical Science SODS, JUDY San Bernardino Independent Zoology Campus Crusade for Christ SPAN ER, SUSAN Sacramento Independent Social Welfare SPAUGH, PATRICIA Berkeley Beaudelaire Club History SPERRY, DEBORAH Los Angeles Independent History University Chorus SPILLER, SUSAN Kentfield Pi Beta Phi English STAMBLER, TERRY Whittier Sigma Kappa Political Science Union Program Board SOULE, FRANCES La Jolla Independent Anthropology SPARKS, THOMAS Redding Phi Sigma Kappa History SPEICH, JEFFERY Sacramento Zeta Psi Mathematics Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society SPIEKER, ROXANNE Atherton Kappa Kappa Gamma French Women ' s Rally Comm. FAMACS SPREITER, STEPHEN Oakland Sigma Alpha Epsilon Speech Honor Students ' Society Crew, Boxing STANTON, EUGENIE Bellflower Independent Spanish Prytanean, Penile WDA, AEC SOURS, KEITH SOUTHARD, JAY Newport Beach Arlington, Virginia Delta Sigma Phi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Political Science Zoology Tower and Flame Water Polo Honor Students ' Society Swimming Cal Abroad—Padua Megaphone Society Yell Leader SHIMIZU, KAY Los Altos Independent Spanish Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society SIMMERMAN, SARAH Philadelphia, Pa Independent Physical Education Treble Clef Sports Club WAA Intramurals Women ' s " C " Nu Sigma Psi PE Majors Club SIMON, NOEL Oakland Independent Political Science Masonic Club California College Republicans SHIRLEY, MARY Los Angeles Davidson Hall Design Cal Camp SIMMONS, JOHN North Hollywood Independent History Senate, Fi-Comm. Order of the Golden Bear KAL Slate SIMON, RADELL Beverly Hills Freeborn Hall Communications and Public Policy Daily Cal Theta Sigma Phi SHERRY, WILLIAM Berkeley Pi Kappa Phi Biochemistry and Zoology Honor Students ' Society SULLENGER, CHRIS Martinez Delta Zeta French President—Delta Zeta SULLIVAN, MARGARET San Rafael Cheney Hall History SRV Angel Flight SULLIVAN, NELDA Reno, Nevada Independent Bacteriology Honor Students ' Society STARK, SUSAN Oakland Chi Omega Social Welfare Brick Muller Society Tower and Flame President—Chi Omega STEFANI, MARY Modesto Independent Political Science Honor Students ' Society STEPHANI, CARL El Cajon Independent Social Science STEPP, DONNA San Bernardino Alpha Beta Pi Psychology STEVENS, ROGER Altadena Phi Kappa Tau Physical Education Varsity Baseball Big " C " Society President Phi Kappa Tau STIMMANN, MARY San Leandro Independent Social Welfare STONE, CARLA Piedmont Independent Speech Alpha Epsilon Phi STARK, WENDY Los Angeles Independent History Delta Phi Epsilon Honor Students ' Society STEIN, CHERYL Walnut Creek Freeborn Hall Political Science SOS President—Freeborn Hall STEPHANS, JACK San Carlos Independent Political Science STERN, ARLENE San Francisco Stern Hall History STEWART, GAYLE San Carlos Hoyt Hall Political Science Daily Cal STOJKOVICH, MOLLA Diablo Kappa Alpha Theta Social Science Cal Prep Counselor STONE, LINDA San Rafael Cheney Hall Sociology SUTIN, SUZANNE Omaha, Nebraska Independent French Blue and Gold SWAFFORD, ROBYN Palos Verdes Pi Beta Phi History Brick Muller Society Chairman Women ' s J-Comm. AWS Board Rally Committee SWIFT, MARY Rolling Hills Alpha Delta Pi Psychology AWS Board President—College Panhellenic Association Little Sisters of Minerva TABATA, SYLVIA Palo Alto Independent Social Science TAKAHASHI, JUDY Alameda Independent Psychology TALUNAS, ANNAMARIE Santa Monica Alpha Delta Pi History Daughters of Diana TAYLOR, BRUCE Houston, Texas Independent Biochemistry Pre-Med Society Gavel and Quill SUNSHINE, SANDRA Long Beach Independent Psychology SUZUKI, DAVID Oakland Independent Biochemistry Cal Band SWANSON, SHERRY Payette, Idaho Alpha Gamma Delta Psychology SYPHERS, JANET Arcadia Davidson Hall Humanities TAKAHASHI, CAROL San Mateo Independent Biological Science TAKEMOTO, ANDREA Los Angeles Alpha Epsilon Phi History TAMBORINI, NOELLE Ukiah Independent Journalism TAYLOR, CARLETON Oakland Independent Mathematics SULLIVAN, SUSAN Berkeley Independent Social Science GARDEN STURM, ELIZABETH Sacramento Chi Omega History YWCA Newman Club SULLIVAN, ELIZABETH Berkeley Independent Art History AWS Mortar Board SULLIVAN, MICHAEL Berkeley Independent Political Science Intramurals Ski Club Young Democrats STRYKER, JOHN Berkeley Delta Tau Delta Political Science Soccer Rugby Big " C " Society I FC TAYLOR, DOROTHY TAYLOR, JAMES Oakland Palo Alto Independent Norton Hall Political Science Political Science Delta Sigma Theta Men ' s Residence Halls Representative—ASUC Senate Norton Hall—Pres. Daily Cal TAYLOR, JERYLL TAYLOR, RICHARD Berkeley Sacramento Independent Kappa Alpha English Anthropology Fraternity Rep.- ASUC Senate I FC Californians TAYLOR, WAKEFIELD TESS, ROXANNE Martinez Orinda Deutsch Hall Alpha Gamma Delta Anthropology Psychology Deutsch Hall—President UC Tutorial THAM, PEARLIE THEOBALD, CATHLEEN Hong Kong Encino Independent Chi Omega Mathematics French THEWLIS, MARYNEL THOMAS, LYNNE Berkeley Berkeley Independent Independent Anthropology Psychology Blue and Gold Cal Camp THOMAS, WAYNE THOMPSON, ANNE Sacramento Danville Pi Kappa Alpha Phi Mu Communications and Political Science Public Policy Tower and Flame Skull and Keys Honor Students ' Society Blue and Gold Pi Sigma Alpha Cowell Volunteer Collegians FROM THEIR PLAYFUL THOMSEN, JEFFREY THOMSON, LANI Concord Scarsdale, N.Y. Theta Chi Delta Delta Delta Physics Humanities Honor Students ' Society Brick Muller Men ' s Glee Club Blue and Gold YWCA THURLOW, TERRY Berkeley Zeta Tau Alpha Sociology Oski Dolls Angel Flight UPB Public Affairs Comm. TOKI, ELLEN GALE El Cerrito Kappa Alpha Theta Mathematics Cal Club Mortar Board Prytanean Orientations Board Chairman Cal Prep Oski Dolls ASUC Cabinet TOTTEN, JULIE TRAHAN, JUDY San Marino San Lorenzo Alpha Phi Stebbins Hall Design Mathematics Women ' s Rally Comm. Collegian Singers Panile, Prytanean TREMBLATT, JOHN TREVINO, OLIVIA Beverly Hills El Cerrito Zeta Beta Tau Independent Political Science Spanish TROP, JEFFREY San Diego Pi Lambda Phi Political Science Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Pi Alpha Phi Pre-Medical Society Cal Prep THORPE, JAMIE Pasadena Independent Humanities THYSELL, ANN Santa Ana Independent Sociology AWS Model Ski Club Newman Club TILLOTSON, MEREDETH Fresno Zeta Tau Alpha French Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society WAA Intramurals TORESON, SIGRID San Francisco Alpha Chi Omega Social Science TROST, DONALD Sacramento Phi Epsilon Pi Political Science TSUJI, TAKEHIKO Kyoto, Japan Independent Political Science TSUCHIYA, DOUGLAS Monterey Independent Psychology TROWBRIDGE, RANDALL San Francisco Delta Sigma Phi Biochemistry PI SIGMA ALPHA— Row One: Lance Widman, Donna Bretherick, Marc Fairman. TURKEN, FRANCENE TURNER, SHIRLEY Phoenix, Arizona Oakland Independent Independent Sociology Social Science Hillel Student Council Student Orientation Service TURNER, TINA TURNER, TRUDY Bayside, N.Y. El Sobrante Davidson Hall Delta Zeta Sociology History Sailing Club Treble Clef Equestrian Society Daily Cal TYAU, STEPHANIE TYLER, WENDY Honolulu, Hawaii Pasadena Stebbins Hall Delta Delta Delta Geography Sociology TYRE, PATRICIA UNG, BARBARA Beverly Hills Hayward Independent Freeborn Hall Social Science Biological Science Penile, Prytanean Head Porn Pon Girl Little Sister of Phi Sigma Kappa URBAIS, DAWN URMANN, BARBARA Greenbrae Glendale Alpha Gamma Delta Independent Political Science History Brick Muller Penile Student Orientation Service URNER, KATHRYN VALENTINE, DEBORAH Martinez China Lake Chi Omega Independent French Sociology Tower and Flame Podium Honor Students ' Society VAN BREDERODE, VANCE, KATHLEEN HENRY Berkeley San Leandro Independent Kappa Alpha Bacteriology Zoology VANEK, JOHN VAN SLAMBROUCK, Berkeley SUSAN Independent Sacramento Economics Pi Beta Phi Daily Cal Social Science Amigos Anonymous Brick Muller Daughters of Diana VARNEY, JILL VAUGHNS, KATHERINE North Hollywood Berkeley Delta Delta Delta Alpha Kappa Alpha Anthropology Political Science Student J-Comm— Afro-American Chairman Students Union Comm. on Student Conduct Blue and Gold Theta Sigma Phi Theta Chi Dream Girl AFS VAZIRI, NADER VELTE, BILL Tehran, Iran Fairfax Independent Independent Design Philosophy VIDA, CLAIRE VOLK, ALEXANDRIA San Francisco Sherman Oaks Zeta Tau Alpha Independent Social Science Zoology Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society Pre-Medical Society OPEN, CURIOUS MINDS. A Berkeley Student VON BAUER, RICHARD VON BERCKEFELDT, Arcadia JANE Psi Upsilon Alameda Economics Elizabeth Barrett Political Science WADE, KATHY WADE, SANDRA Santa Maria Seaside Delta Zeta Spens-Black Hall Political Science Sociology AWS Activities Chairman WAGNER, ILENE WAITZ, ROBERTA Oakland San Francisco Independent Independent English History Gamma Delta Epsilon Kappa Delta C-I Board Cal Women ' s Crew President Elections Council Collegians WALLACE, BONNIE WALTHER, CONNIE Richmond Fremont Independent Independent German Sociology Blue and Gold DWBS WATTRON, MARGARET WEAVER, JOHN Oakland Redlands Chi Omega Independent English History Campus Crusade WEAVER, KENNETH WEBBER, MARY KAY San Francisco Berkeley Independent Kappa Kappa Gamma History Economics Sigma Alpha Epsilon Women ' s J-Comm. Oski Dolls Women ' s Rally Comm. Honor Students ' Society WEED, CAROL WEHR, STEPHEN Fremont Sacramento Stern Hall Zeta Psi Psychology Economics Golden Guard Winged Helmet Yell Leader 215 WEIBERG, NED San Jose Phi Kappa Tau History WEIL, LARRIE New Orleans, La. Independent History WEIL, REGINA San Francisco Independent Physical Education WAA WEINSTEIN, MARLENE Forest Hill, N.Y. Independent English WEIR, DONNA Beverly Hills Delta Delta Delta Oski Dolls Prytanean SOS Counselor WELLS, HORACE Garden Grove Richards-Oldenberg Hall Political Science WESTLING, ANNE La Canada Independent English IRB Chairman Mortar Board Prytanean WESTREE, BARBARA Carlsbad Independent Zoology WHITE, MEREDITH Albuquerque, N.M. Kappa Kappa Gamma English WHITMER, PETER Manhattan Beach Sigma Phi Epsilon Psychology Soccer WIDEMAN, ERNEST San Diego Sigma Alpha Epsilon Political Science Varsity Soccer Big " C " Society WIED, DOUGLAS San Diego Bowles Hall History Rally Comm. Blue and Gold WILDE, BARBARA Santa Ana Independent Art Sailing Club WILLIAMS, DAVID Berkeley Theta Chi Zoology WINFREY, JOHN Rialto Ehrman Hall Physics WINSTON, ELLEN Los Angeles Alpha Epsilon Phi Journalistic Studies ASUC Cabinet Chairman P and PR WHITFIELD, JERRY Encino Phi Kappa Sigma Sociology Oski Committee WHITSON, PAULA Cascade, Idaho Elizabeth Barrett Geography IRB Swim Club UC Tutorial Life Guard Corps WIDMAN, LANCE Fresno Independent Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha WILBERDING, JOANN Ontario Alpha Omicron Pi Political Science Peace Corps Comm. Panhellenic Board Iberoamerican Club Social Policy Board WILDMAN, MARSHA Atwater Independent Psychology WILLIAMS, PATRICIA Rockford, Illinois Sigma Kappa Political Science Treble Clef WINKLER, HELENE North Hollywood Independent Social Welfare WINTERS, MAXINE Alameda Zeta Tau Alpha Social Science WHITLOCK, DANIEL Redlands Independent Political Science Delta Phi Epsilon WICK, KRISTEN Los Altos Independent English YWCA WIDMER, DEBORAH Deerfield, Illinois Alpha Phi Political Science Oski Dolls Peace Corps Comm. WILCOX, MARGARET Danville Independent Psychology Tower and Flame YWCA Honor Students ' Society WILLIAMS, CLARINE Berkeley Independent Computer Science WILLIS, LORNA Vallejo Independent History Honor Students ' Society WINSHIP, JULIE San Francisco Independent History WINTERS, VIRGINIA Berkeley Independent History WETHERBEE, MARTHA San Marino Kappa Kappa Gamma Humanities WHELAN, TONYA Fremont Alpha Chi Omega Spanish Angel Flight Tower and Flame Education Abroad— Madrid lberoamericans WHITE, CLIFTON Pleasant Hill Independent Zoology WILSON, JOHN San Bernardino Independent English Daily Cal Californians WONG, WILAINE Honolulu, Hawaii Spens-Black Hall Mathematics Honor Students ' Society Chinese Students ' Club WOOD, KATHRYN La Habra Independent Psychology Life Guard Corps WILSON, TERRI-ANN Oakland Independent Communications and Public Policy Gamma Delta Epsilon— President WONG, YVONNE Oakland Alpha Delta Chi Social Science Chinese Students ' Club WAA WOOD, LINDA-JANE Van Nuys Chi Omega English Angel Flight Little Sisters of Minerva School Resource Volunteer WALKENHAUER, FRED Richmond Independent Journalistic Studies Honor Students ' Society Sigma Delta Chi University Young Republicans WOOD, JUDITH Wildwood, N.J. Independent Social Science WOODS, NANCY Oakland Independent Sociology WORKMAN, ELEANOR WORONOW, ALEXANDER Villa Park Long Beach Richards-Oidenberg Hall Smyth Hall Biological Science Astronomy Cal Engineer Sales WRIGHT, BARBARA WRIGHT, BARRY Oakland La Jolla Chi Omega Zeta Psi Sociology German Women ' s Rally Comm. Lacrosse Brick Muller, UC Ski Club Cowell Hospital Volunteer SOS WRIGHT, MARGARET YALLALEE, ANNE Oakland Sacramento Independent Independent Political Science Sociology Honor Students ' Society YAFFEE, SUSAN YAMADA, PATSY San Anselmo Lodi Independent Independent Sociology Art Nisei Students ' Club YASUHIRO, JANET YEN, HELEN Richmond Hong Kong Independent International House Psychology English Nisei Students ' Club Blue and Gold AWS Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society YEOMANS, JEANNINE YIP, CAROLYN Lafayette Firebaugh Gamma Phi Beta Independent Journalistic Studies French Brick Muller Education Abroad Daily Cal Bordeaux ZWERLING, REGINA BARR, SALLY Santa Cruz Modesto Independent Sigma Kappa Anthropology Social Welfare Head Pom Pon Girl Rally and Games Board BINGER, NANCY COATES, CASSANDRA San Jose Orinda Independent Alpha Delta Pi English GUMMERSON, BARBARA FRICK, ALEX Cloverdale Kappa Alpha Theta Independent Mathematics HACHIYA, VICTOR LANE, MIKI San Francisco Rochester, N.Y. Independent Zeta Beta Tau Economics Paleontology Class Council Cal Prep Counselor Intramurals Ski Club Pre-Med Society BARDIN, JOHN FOULADI, BAJIN Arcadia Albany Pi Kappa Alpha Independent Architecture Architecture Rugby HO, HENRY INGERSOLL, FRANK Hong Kong Hillsborough Independent Beta Theta Pi Architecture Achitecture YOSHIMURA, FAYTH YOSHIMURA, HAROLD Honolulu, Hawaii Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Deutsch Hall Biochemistry Biochemistry YOSHIMURA, NADINE YOUNG, CAROL Honolulu, Hawaii Coalinga Independent Ida Sproul Hall Psychology— Social Science Psychometrics Women ' s Tennis Tower and Flame Treble Clef PLASIL, IVAN Praha, Czechoslovakia Independent Architecture Punaise Honor Students ' Society QUICK, STEPHEN Los Angeles Delta Tau Delta Architecture RAJKI, LOUIS SALLOUTI, GEORGES Budapest Sao Paulo, Brazil Independent Independent Architecture Architecture Punaise Yacht Club Chi Alpha Kappa SHINSAKO, GLENN SOFER, URI Acampo Tel-Aviv, Israel Independent Independent Architecture Architecture YUDELSON, NANCY Van Nuys Alpha Omicron Pi Political Science Tower and Flame Brick Muller Blue and Gold Rep. YUEN, LAUREEN Honolulu, Hawaii Spens-Black Hall Mathematics Honor Students ' Society Chinese Students ' Club TAYLOR, ROBERT WITTAUSCH, WILLIAM Van Nuys Pasadena Independent Independent Architecture Architecture Judo Club NROTC Crew Punaise ZAIK, EDWARD ZIMRING, JUDY Glendale Los Angeles Sigma Chi Independent Economics Dramatic Arts and Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Daily Cal ZAMANSKY, LARRY ZOLOTO, FLORENCE San Francisco New York, N.Y. Phi Epsilon Pi Independent Zoology Biological Science Cal Camp Daily Cal WOO, LING•WAI YOUNG, CHARLES Hong Kong Cottonwood Barrington Hall Independent Architecture Architecture Varsity Baseball Architecture Association Big " C " Society Ski Club CSA, AA Honor Students ' Society EDUCATION IS. .THE EXERCISE POWERS OF THE MIND; AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE THE TWO GREAT METHODS BY WHICH THIS END MAY BE ACCOMPLISHED ARE IN Graduate Schools THE HALLS OF LEARNING OR IN THE CONFLICTS OF LIFE. Princeton Review School of Charles E. Smith Dean of School of Public Health Public One of the major changes that has taken place in the School of Public Health is the discontinuance of an undergraduate program of study. Dean Smith attributes this change in policy to " limits of time, space, and facilities. " In addition the school ' s curricula has undergone complete reorganiza- tion in order to meet national standards in the study of Public Health. Dean Smith notes that under the new pro- gram " philosophies that were easy enough to talk about are now translated into actions and courses and hours. " Dean Smith proudly calls attention to the school ' s Graduate Students Council which has been consulted often in the past for advice on course changes and new course material. The Public Health School has a tremendous role not only in teaching and research but in helping the community at large with its health needs. A new core course has been added to orient students towards the public and its reaction to public health functions outside the University community. School of Librarianship The School of Librarianship is very enthusiastic over the Institute of Library Research which is a University-wide program to conduct research into library and information problems and to develop methods for the improvement of library services. The project pro- vides the opportunity for graduate students and faculty members to participate in its organized research. The program was started on the Berkeley campus and has since joined the UCLA campus in order to benefit the entire University. Other progress taking place on the Berkeley campus is the expansion of the traditional librarian- ship school curricula to include the mechanization of library and information centers. Raynard C. Swank Dean of School of Librarianship Theodore L. Reller Dean of School of Education School of Education With the growing importance of education in our society, the programs in the School of Education are now more diversified. It continues to have pro- grams designed to prepare teachers for service " in culturally deprived areas, " but there is a greater interest in the study of education itself. Under a federal grant which provides funds for an educa- tional research laboratory, twenty students have been involved in a doctoral program for research in this area. Although the School of Education is a separate graduate school, students in Education are able to continue their studies in specific fields of interest, thus enabling them to relate their undergraduate years to their future careers. All this is done in an attempt to relate all the students ' experiences in the university so that they in turn can work together with other students to advance knowledge and pre- pare for roles of leadership in society. School of Social Welfare There is perhaps no other school in the University which is so idealistic in its goals and yet so realistic in the attainment of those goals as the School of Social Welfare. The effect of this position is obvious when it is observed that one-half of the student ' s work is in the field at local government agencies and the is in the classroom. In the words of Acting Dean Kermit Wiltse, " Social welfare is attempting to develop with the revolutionary ferment of the times. " This is accomplished by a greater flexibility in an improved teacher advisory system and perhaps most important, the human contact in the field. Kermit Wiltse Acting Dean of School of Social Welfare School of Law One of the new programs of the School of Law is the Walter Perry Johnson Institute on Politics. This student-run forum invites twenty-five experts in the field of public affairs to speak and hold panel for an entire weekend. The program was begun in the spring of last year and will become an annual event. The Law School is also eagerly the completion this year of the new law The project will include the Earl Warren Legal Center which will provide a conference and research center and an auditorium, Manville Hall, a for law students, and the addition of and offices. The center will be the first of its kind in the western United States. Edward C. Halbach Dean of School of Law Dr. Cullen Dean of School of Medicine School of Medicine The traditional education of medical doctors is being and changed at the UC Medical Center in San Francisco. New ways of approaching pre-medical education are being considered. The need to better integrate education to the medical school curriculum is by the fact that eighteen of the freshman medical students were excused from the basic course in and instead, are doing independent research. The Division of Ambulatory and Community Medicine is a program designed to give the medical students a better appreciation and closer contact with out-patients and their home situations. By also establishing smaller clinics in the city, the medical student can gain further practical Medical education itself is beginning to recognize the different interests and capabilities of its students. By taking a more individualistic approach, the School of Medicine can better prepare its graduates for positions—in addition to the customary specialties—in research, teaching, and Aerial view of the San Francisco Medical Center. OPTOMETRY GRADUATES — Row One: Toshika Tanaka, MaryAnn Keverline, Dennis Ratinoff, Charles Hardin, Kenneth Krickman, William Stacy, David Hoffman, Carole Sachs. Row Two: Darold Dilley, Victor Young, Don Schwartz, William Baron, Clyde Oden, Robert Hunt, Robert Kulas, Ronald Hanson, Thomas Wiley. Row Three: John Sibley, Gary Pepper, Don Sebanc, Barry Braff, James Forte, Oman Noles, Eugene Koury, Art Sachs. Row Four: Paul Whitesides, Stan Weitzman, Bill Dorrance. Row Five: Steve Wissing, Ed Rosser, Jack Fennel, Ronald Emrich. School of Optometry The School of Optometry has begun a new era. The school has changed from three years to a new four-year program and, to Dean Morgan, is " going through the process of phasing out the old program and implementing the new one. " OPTOMETRY SENIORS — Row One: Arnold Caplan, Robert Gostanian, Bruce Wilke, Dennis Burger, David Davidson, Betty Quan, Karen Walker, Michael Lee, Ernest Takahashi, Howard Nakamitsu, Sanford Koyama, Ron Mayeda. Row Two: Leif Moline, Phil Mill, James Earnest, Kuniaki Naito, Ronald Harris, Pete Weber, Joe Peek, Kin Ching, Leslie Chan, Bruce Mebine. Row Three: Mauro Revelli, William Harris, Stephen Elliott, Burton Worrell, Les Walls, David Meninucci, David Grisham, Al Kiyomoto, Charles Daily. Row Four: Gerald Hawkins, Chris Hour, Jim Ronan, Bob Davison, Bob Kleinstein, J. Janks, Tom McGee, John Nelson, Leonard King, Jerry Smith. OPTOMETRY JUNIORS — Row One: Barnard Wilson, Rodney Wong, Siu Wong, Rebecca Ng, Jule Griebrok, Eleanor Wong, Hala Araj, John Fong. Row Two: Fred Stellhorn, Ken Armstrong, Roger Phelps, Rick Hattori, Sandy Koppe, Don Harvey, Herbert Wakamatsu. Row Three: Melton Delaney, Mike Carney, James Carter, Lee Scales. - TO SPEND TOO MUCH TIME IN STUDIES IS SLOTH. TO USE THEM TOO MUCH FOR ORNAMENT, IS AFFECTATION; TO MAKE JUDGEMENT WHOLLY BY THEIR RULES, IS THE HUMOUR OF A SCHOLAR Francis Bacon Organizations BIG SHOTS ARE ONLY LITTLE SHOTS THAT KEPT SHOOTING Unknown Honorary Organizations Chairman Forrest Beaty Marily Allen Robert Arbios Fred Best Lynn Burrows Carol Childs California Club California Club has chapters on each of the University of California campuses. These chapters serve as a means of communication between campuses, and between the and President Kerr. The California Club chapters topics relevant to the University at their meetings throughout the year, reporting their opinions and findings to President Kerr, and comparing their observations with those of students from other campuses at the annual The twenty-five students in the Berkeley California Club are selected in their junior or senior year, and are chosen for their proven loyalty to the University of California, achievement in their field or sphere of influence, and their ability and willingness to work co-operatively with from other campuses of the University. Bob Crittenden Diane Dougherty Barry Kingman Sheila McCusker Michael McEneany Dan McIntosh Harriet MacMillan Robert Olson Alceste Pappas Betsy Sellman Arthur Shartsis Vicki Stevens Ellen Toki Gail Tuck Bruce Wild Bob Arbios Larry Ashby Dick Beahrs Forrest Beaty Jim Birdwell Randy Blotky Jim Boyd Dave Brown Tim Comstock Davey Crockett Chris Crook Rich Fisher Warren Fox Ernie Fretter Mike Gallagher Californians Serving as the Chancellor ' s Hosts, the are called upon to represent the best cross-section of male undergraduates at the University, and to promote and many spirit and fund-raising events. Big Game Week activities such as the Axe Revue, the Concert, the Dance, the Parade, and the Queen Contest, and also Spring Sing help not only to further school spirit and pride in the old traditions of the but also to send underprivileged children to Cal Camp through proceeds from these activities. Members of this and Senior men ' s honorary spirit and service organization are chosen on the basis of past activities, interest in campus life, and a willingness to give of their time to insure the preservation of all the ideals of their University. Tom Haggar Tom Henle Dave Humphrey Larry Kenny Gary Lapid Bob Leberman Gary Lilienthal Ken Lloyd Ralph Lombardi John Lovewell Jeff Marx Mike McEneany Dan McIntosh Larry Moore Mike Murakami Pete Noyes Ron Olson Steve Pinkham Bruce Quarton Monk Rasmussen John Rodgers Gary Rodrigues Gary Schreyer Art Shartsis Dave Shelburne Mike Sipos Pete Slaper Phil Smith Rick Taylor Jud Whyte John Wilson Ken Wilson Katherine Anderson Linda Baker Sue Barton Marilyn Belove Christine Bergren Wendy BolIier Bettee Borden Pat Brautigam Julie Casassa Chris Carrier Camille Chan Diane Dougherty Marilyn Edwards Elsie Furiya Kathy Gant Sue Gershenson Carol Gidson Ann Haney Chris Hutchison Yasko lkuda Karen Kesselman Suzanne Leimbrock Kristie Lewis Deeane Madden Cindy Martin Dale Matsui Meredith McBurney Carol McCann Teri Morris Margaret Nigel Carol Noji Cathlyn Pace The official function of the Oski Dolls is to serve as the University ' s hostesses at all University sponsored events. In this capacity they are called upon to lead campus tours, serve at all concerts given at the Hertz Hall of Music, and help with the Union Planning Board for the ASUC. The spirit oriented portion of the group meets all visiting athletic groups as well as sending off Cal athletes to games away. In the spring they serve as hostesses to all future Cal ath- letes too. They assist the Californians with University Day for high school students; are co-sponsors with the Cali- fornians for all of the Big Game Week activities; and aid Panile with Family Day. Oski Dolls Some of their special events each year include: planning a Christmas party for underprivileged children with the Big C Society; sponsoring a tea honoring new faculty at the University and giving a brunch for All Cal Weekend for student leaders when Berkeley is the host. This year the Oski Dolls and the Californians are in charge of the United Crusade fund on the Berkeley Campus. Linda Powers Sherri Raap Marcia Rockwood Gillian Rodgers Nancy Rolander Gerri Rostron Michaele Roth Lois Rubens Betsy Selman Carol Shen Lexie Sifford Carole Swain Ellengale Toki Donna Weir Sue Almazol Kathy Anderson Marilyn Belove Karen Berdahl Pat Brautigam Lindsay Brown Lynn Burrows Jane Dickel Carolyn Dowd Deedee Dwyer Candy Evart Sheila Feinstein Karen Friedman Sue Gershenson Andy Hammond Ann Haney Barbie Hoskins Kaye Kliewer Harriet MacMillan Marian McCord Marilyn Moorehead Pearl Nakamura Kay Neri Barbie Schei Diane Smith Vicki Stevens Sandra Turk Panile - Energetic Founded in 1938, Panile was created for the honor of women who have served the university not only through various activities, but also through the development of good scholarship. As a group, Panile promotes student body activities, and adheres to the traditions of the University. Each fall, Panile sponsors University Family Day. This year Family Day was held All Cal Weekend. Thousands of parents and alum visit the campus and hear lectures given by various faculty speakers. There is usually an informal coffee hour and campus tours. The society also plans and in philanthropic activities. Parents take a break Prytanean Honors Junior and Senior Women Prytanean, the University ' s oldest women ' s honor society, was founded in September 1900. Its members are women from the junior and senior classes who have demonstrated outstanding " faith, service, and loyalty to the University of California. " Since 1900, Prytaneans have sought to serve the University community and their efforts helped to bring about the establishment of a student health service, the Decorative Art Department, and the Women ' s Physical Education Department. Each year the Society provides funds for the Prytanean Scholarship which is awarded annually to some de serv- ing student. Larraine Abbott Martha Bardwell Barbara Bradner Camille Chan Andrea Davidson Jeanne Coombs Diane Dougherty Betsy Ehm Nancy Feldstein Kathleen Fine Katherine Fredericks Katherine Gant Alice Gerner Patricia Helsel Sheila McCusker Jennifer Meux Margaret Milstead Barbara Murphy Alceste Pappas Barbara Rosen Eugenie Stanton Ellengale Toki Julie Totten Patricia Tyre Donna Weir Anne Westling Chancellor Heyns captivates his audience. Mortar Board - Leadership, Scholarship, Responsibility and Service Mortar Board is a National Union of Senior Honor Societies for women bound together to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women, promote and maintain a high standard of to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. The University of California Chapter, one of ten such chapters, was founded in 1925. Each year the members determine how they can best serve the university in fulfilling the organization ' s three ideals of service, responsible leadership, and the of scholarly principles to personal and general problems. Susan Beare Judy Blumenfeld Connie Chalberg Camille Chan Andrea Davidson Kathi Fine Patty Helsel Nancy Julian Betty McCarter Jennifer Meux Marie Milmore Alceste Pappas Barbara Rosen Elizabeth Sullivan Ellengale Toki Donna Weir Anne Westling TOWER AND FLAME—Row One: Art Levit, Vice President; Loh, President; Carol McClain, Jean Pollock. Row Two: Diane Pico, Debbie Adler, Raquel Scherr, Lynda Drennan. Row Three: Ann Curl, Hanlon, Vickie Young, Celia Domfort, Allan Bill Beaver. Row Four: Jeff Leong, Shelley Phil Noguchi, Susie Early, Kathryn Crabtree, Tom McGuire. Row Five: Will Tenney, Ken Sum, Karl Johansson, Elyse Eng, Marilyn Low, Catherine Fong, Nancy Dable. Row Six: Doug Lutgen, Vince Sineon, Ken Macdonald, Maedell Fong, Rosanne Nelson. Row Seven: Ben Kawamura, Margaret Fluvog, Nola Veganes, John Gunnarson. Row Eight: David Koch, William Davis, Eugene Bruder, Don Mikami, Nick Brixius. Tower and Flame Tower and Flame is the lower division undergraduate honor society at the University of California at Berkeley. The object of the Society is to unite lower division students who have demonstrated high scholastic ability for the of supplementing their intellectual, social, and understanding, as well as providing an opportunity for closer student-professor relationships through regularly scheduled Tower and Flame-Faculty Banquets. Regularly registered students with less than ninety quarter units and an overall G.P.A. of 3.00 or better in courses taken at the University are eligible for membership. Incoming who are granted Honors at Entrance or who are CSF Sealbearers are also eligible. HONOR STUDENTS ' SOCIETY—Row One: Elaine Heller, Ted Holcombe, Margaret Viesselman, Harriet Zais, Eric Craig Leigh. Row Two: Ichiro Otani, Darryl Bentolucci, William Fleischman, Nelda Sullivan, Judith Henderson, Pat Ching, Diana Ice, Kay Shimizu, Elizabeth Coleman, Lee Ann Feinberg, Sun-ru B. Hsu. Row Three: Allan Gold, Gerald Mitosinka, Larry Pettinger, Pat Rich, Sue Manning, Eve McDaniel, Susan Parsell, Rosemary Loughman, Karen Row Four: Sai Kok Ng, Lister Chang, Nick Kolesnikoff, Tom Spanier, Jenny Meux, Stephen Elliott, Richard Schram, Peter Munoz, Bob Iding. Row Five: Bob Sakai, John Korte, Gordon Tornberg, Don Milmore, Geoffrey Luebbert, Pete Riesenfeldt, Donald Heckman, Gerald Hawkins. Row Six: Jerry Eliaser, Larry Opas, Robert Peterson, Martin Morrison, Paul Skrip, Lawrence Foote, Stephen Enders. Honor Students ' Society The Honor Students ' Society is an upper division counterpart of Tower and Flame. Members in an active intellectual and social program, including field trips, and the semi-annual banquet and theater night. Gavel and Quill Throws a Party a Year GAVEL AND members of the honor society giving recognition to participation in class activities gives one party a year to pat each other on the back! Row One: Ells Cragholm, Diane Moreland, Mike Gallagher, Ellengale Toki, Bruce Wild, President; Gary Lilienthal, Bruce Roberts, Deeanne Madden. Row Two: Sue Forbes, Joan Chapel, Kathy Gant, George Federoff, Fritz Lichty, Karen Berdahl, Rhea Seddon, Marsha Crabtree, Don Lively, Don Kruger. GAMMA DELTA EPSILON — Row One: Pat Lee, Min Fong. Row Two: Carol Cabell, Marsha Shane, Ruth Suzuki, Jeanne Coombs. Row Three: Lisa Rotwein, Bea Tannen, Carol Robertson, Barbara Haberer. Row Four: Candy Rose, Baiba Strads, Ilene Wagner, Terri Wilson, President; Sandy Solomon, Mimi Larson, Diane Rynes, Edi Eldridge. Gamma Delta Epsilon Alpha Phi Omega, with over three hundred chapters, is the only national service fraternity. Sharing characteristics of other kinds of fraternities, Alpha Phi Omega unites the binding energy of fellowship of the social fraternity with the honorary fraternity ' s attraction and the selection of individuals of potential, and the professional fraternity ' s attitude about being effective. These elements form a meaningful matrix for social action. Gamma Delta Epsilon is a national service sorority for all women who are interested in doing service for the University of California Campus, the and the nation. Our largest project is the Annual Faculty Variety Show in the winter quarter each year. The actives and pledges have also worked on campus elections, sold sno cones, worked at the California School for the Blind, and collected food for Thanksgiving baskets. We work with Alpha Phi Omega on the Ugly Man Contest and Book Exchange each year. Gamma Delta Epsilon stresses both friendship and leadership as service is done on the campus and throughout the community. Alpha Phi Omega ALPHA PHI OMEGA—Row One: Steve Kitts, Wayne Ybarra, Bob Sakai, Jim Laird, George Fovehan, John Dixon. Row Two: Dave Singleton. Row Three: Pete Cecrott, Gene Musser, Harvey Hailer, Paul Watts, George Barnett, Spencer Kaitz, Ed Winn. Winged Helmet Honoring the Outstanding Achievements of Junior and Senior Men The Winged Helmet Society was founded in 1901 by Benjamin Ide Wheeler to be a mark of distinction for junior and senior men who have achieved success in various branches of college activity, and to between its members a closer union of friendship and mutual assistance. among its members down through the years have been such distinguished men as Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Armin Leuschner, John Eshleman, and Robert Gorden Sproul. WINGED HELMET SOCIETY—Row One: Mike McEneany, Rick Brown, Pat McGrath, Foggo, Jeff Harper, Dick Abbey, Dave Crockett. Row Two: Christopher Cutler, Tim Comstock, Bart Moore, Steve Wehr, Charles Kindred, Dick Beahrs, Pete Clar, Jack Hanson, Ralph Lombard. Row Three: Terry Welcome, Joe Berry, Ian Dibble, Larry Hart, Eric Unruh, Jon Sammonn, Jerry Ric Lardzor. Not pictured: David Perry. Skull and Keys - Drinking and Daring ACTIVES President Skip Carl Secretary Chris Cutler Steve Adams Bill Archer John Beasley Howard Beeman Mike Beeman Dick Beahrs Doug Bell Rick Brown Dale Chamblin Bob Crittenden Walt Cunningham Mike Doyle Steve Drummond Pete Duffy Stan Dzura Bill Erickson Jim Featherston Ed Flynn Paul Foster John Franz Bill Frost Bob Gilleran Craig Green Roger Groves Jack Hanson Jack Hennessey John Hoeffer Roger Hurt Ron Jones Dave Kerr Lutes Kramer Rick Laven Jack Lay Steve Lovette Gary Lutes Gordy Lutes Frank Lynch Pat McGrath Bart Moore Jerry Mosher Jeff Palmer Mike Redman Jim Reikes Lloyd Reist Tom Relles John Rice Louis B. Rose Jonn Samman Kip Seefeld Gregg Sindici Dan Sinclair Steve Smith Bob Steinberg Jerry Steinke Bob Sternfels Paul Stephens Tom Tracy Terry Welcome Trent Wittington INITIATES Bob Bailey Steve Boysell Troy Cox John Danilovich Ron Delimmgine Rusty Ertle Bruce Forbes Jack Frazer Wally Gallup Dick Graves Rick Granata Del Henry Sandy Ingersol John Johnston Charles Kindred Neils Larsen Jeff Lockwood Duane Mayfield Mike McCaffery Mike McEneany Mike McKinely Dick Mihkin Evan Morgan Guy Newmark Bob Parker John Peterson Jan Reeves John Schmidt Lee Schussman John Sertich Tom Tryon Andy Watson Randy Wilson Ed Zaik Order of the Golden Bear UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Arthur M. Arlett Albert M. Becker Eric C. Bellquist Lee C. Benson James Berdahl Ernest H. Burness Rudolph M. Carvajal James Cason, Jr. Ralph W. Chaney Milton Chernin Paul G. Christopulos William K. Coblentz Robert A. Cockrell John B. Condliffe Robert E. Connick James H. Cullom Charles C. Cushing John I. Danielson Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Dennes Clifford L. Dochterman Stan Elliott William Ellsworth Richard E. Erickson Anthony E. Farnham William W. Ferrier Gary E. Foster Walter Frederick William B. Fretter Varden Fuller Richard P. Hafner, Jr. Lawrence A. Harper James D. Hart Rene Herrerias Roger W. Heyns John D. Hicks Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Miles R. Hudson Sam Kagel Van Dusen Kennedy Thomas J. Kent, Jr. Clark Kerr James R. Kidder Frank Kidner Michael J. Koll Adrian A. Kragen John E. Landon Jim Lemmon Donald H. McLaughlin Martin B. McNair Samuel S. Markowitz Gerald E. Marsh Wallace I. Matson Woodrow W. Middlekauff Ralfe D. Miller Joseph R. Mixer William W. Monahan Peter F. Newell Blaine R. Newnham Peter H. Odegard Robert M. O ' Neil George A. Pettitt Richard E. Powell Alva W. Ragan Armin Rappaport Lester E. Reukema Carl E. Schorske John R. Searle William F. Shepard Alex C. Sherriffs Bill Somerville Raymond J. Sontag Robert G. Sproul Verne A. Stadtman Wendell M. Stanley Robert A. Steiner Fred S. Stripp Edward W. Strong Jacobus Tenbroek Forrest E. Tregea Ian G. Turner Robert M. Underhill Peter S. Van Houten William W. Wadman W. Sheridan Warrick Arleigh Williams John P. Williamson Raymond L. Willsey Garff B. Wilson George W. Wolfman Frank E. Woodward GRAUDATE STUDENTS Rae W. Archibald David S. Averbuck Jerry J. Berman Paul N. Boothe Mike C. Buckley Christopher G. Carpenter Kun C. Choo Robert S. Draper Thomas M. Edwards, Jr. Stanley F. Farrar David L. Fitz Robert J. Fleck Darrell D. Friedman John C. Hatton Stephen C. Johnson Michael J. Kahan Ronn D. Kaiser Amar S. Krishen Jit William P. Krum Donald T. Lauer Edward R. Lebb Jack R. McMichael Brian J. MacWhinney Steven B. Magyary William H. Mecom Mehrdad Mehrain Phiroze J. Nagarvala Jack O. Perella Robert L. Piziali John A. Reding, Jr. David B. Reister Clifton A. Rhodes John C. Rogers Ronald D. Rosen Steven B. Sachs Jerome F. Siebert Randolph R. Thaman Malcolm Thornley, Jr. Andrew J. Truskier George B. Weathersby Henry E. Weinstein UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Gideon A. Anders Robert A. Arbios Robert D. Archibald Matthew A. Baggett, Jr. Forrest O. Beaty Fred J. Best Barry M. Bishin Robert J. Buechler Bill L. Cavala Ronald R. Covey Robert R. Cross Rex A. Dzura Richard S. Flier Ernest F. Fretter John B. Gage Lawrence J. Gartner Richard W. George Roy H. Gesley Jerry J. Goldstein Duncan S. Gregg Michael M. Hearn Ronald E. Jones Barry D. Kingman Gary P. Lilienthal Daniel G. McIntosh Richard G. McLellan Henry S. Miller, Jr. Michael T. Murakami Robert T. Nakamura Peter F. Noyes Robert T. Relles Richard A. Riemke Arthur J. Shartsis John S. Simmons W. Page van Loben Sels Edwin J. Wilson Wayne A. Ybarra Torch and Shield Torch and Shield, a senior women ' s social organization, was established in 1906. Traditionally its are kept secret, So... TORCH AND SHIELD — Pictured above: Mrs. Roger Heyns, Carolyn Pardee, Corinne Groper, Treya Horne, Tory Campion, Chris Brinkman, Barbara Murphy, Dutch Zudkerman. Not pictured: Jeanne O ' Conner. ENTHUSIASM IS NOTHING MORE OR LESS THAN FAITH IN ACTION Henry Chester Spirit Organizations Oski kills the Stanford Indian. Oski Committee Oski is Cal ' s tradition and spirit. He may appear anywhere, He may be seen chasing a pom pom girl, attacking your girl friend, or greeting little kids. The care and feeding of him is left in the hands of a group of short and highly capable young men. Through the qualified efforts of this peerless group, Oski strives to maintain, as well as better, his reputation — The Dirty Bear. Megaphone Society Megaphone Society is an for young men interested in yell leading activities at Cal. They practice the cheers and in all the spirit activities of the university. The theme for 1966-67 was Members led cheers for the special sections at Kid ' s Day, Family Day and Band Day. In addition they helped to lead cheers at rallies and mixed with coeds on Truck Rallies. Oski and his Cal Camp friends. MEGAPHONE SOCIETY— Row One: Bill Rothchild, Pat Cady, John MacFarland, Steve Barnett. Row Two: Ben Reese, Don Lively, Eric Thor, Larry Sweet. POM POM GIRLS—Top Row: Lynn Freschl, Penny Almquist, Regina Zwerling (Head), Emily Allen, Linda Raap. Bottom Row (Alternates): Pat Lee, Becky Butler, Marcy Weiss. School Spirit - a Restive Animal to Encourage and Restrain Regina Zwerling, Head Pom Pom Girl Porn Porn girls travel to San Francisco during Big Game Week. Henry Miller, Head Cheerleader The dangers of a California rally. CHEERLEADERS — Bill Dopkins, Reg Louie, Henry Miller, Gary Lilienthal, Mike Sipos. Cheerleaders Keep Cal ' s Spirit Loud! Cheerleaders ride in the Big Game Parade—ready for anything including the Indians from the farm. Rick Flier— Drum Major Cal Band at the football games. The band entertained while the Greek Theater waited for Robert F. Kennedy to arrive. Cal Band A Tradition of Spirit The California marching band is spirit personified. Since 1923 the members of the marching band have highlighted the Bears ' spirit at football games, bonfires, rallies, and, of course, all during Big Game Week. It is Cal Band who calls for " Coach, Coach Ray, Coach Ray Wilsey " in front of the stadium after every home game. It is Cal Band that waits by Bowles after each game to catch the unsuspecting ladies in red sweaters. It is Cal Band that has toured the U.S. and Europe on good will tours for the University. It is Cal Band that is Cal Spirit. James Berdahl — Director BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—Row One: Rick Flier, Drum Major; Richard W. George, Senior Manager; Rick Penner, Student Director; Doug Pile, Public Relations Director. Row Two: Sherwood Dudley, Assistant Director; Mr. James Berdahl, Director; Paul Durando, Secretary. The Women ' s Rally Committee Adds New Traditions to Old SENIORS Chairman Barbara Rosen Kathi Fine Barbara LocatelIi Barbara Nash JUNIORS Marilyn Crane Jane Dickel Cathy Koenig Kay Neri Pinki Stevenson Barbara Travaglio SOPHOMORES Dorothy Brown Wendy Camp Kathy Ernst Carole Goodman Kathy Lanzarotti Marilyn Morgan Marianne Spamer Roberta Swanburg Connie Vandervort Diane Williams Pat Yim For the first time in its history, Women ' s Rally Committee held an initiation, and with the start of this new tradition came many more new activities. Along with the traditional functions— preparing card stunts for football games, hats and pom pours, etc.— they also began greeting the visiting teams, sending off the Bears, and helping recruit for the football team. A traditional banquet with California Rally Committee, at which the new appointments were made, brought the year to an end. CARD STUNT COMMITTEE — Row One: Carol Sutherland, Cathy Chimiklis, Pris Harrison, Torie Campion, Pooh Campion, Andy Hammond. Row Two: Vicki Gott, Elise Garrat, Kathie Bloom, Chow, Mary Stewart, Chris Block, Christy Hunt, Carol Singleton. RALLY AND GAMES COMMITTEE—Row One: Ernie Fretter, Rick Penner, Pat Cady, Regina Zwerling, Steve Pinkham. Row Two: Chris Hutchinson, Lou Goldman, Barbara Rosen, Kathie Bloom, Jim Kline, Bob Arbios. Row Three: Henry Miller, Doug Weiss, William ' Fossil ' Ellsworth, Dick George, Peter Van Houten. Guarding the cannon. Collecting the cards. California Rally Committee Rally Committee, a men ' s spirit organization, was founded 65 years ago, and was and still is the official guardian of Cal ' s banner, the victory cannon, and the Axe. Its primary responsibility centers on the great Cal bonfire rallies, spirit in the rooting section and keeping Cal traditions safe. During the football season, Rally Com works with Women ' s Rally Com and Card Stunts on football days tacking up stunt cards prior to the game. A new blue and gold card trailer was a welcome addition to the football field this year. the winter and spring sports season, Rally Com provides a nucleus of spirit to cheer for her alma mater ' s teams. Chairman Ernie Fretter Fred Bock Arun Dongre George Fedoroff Jerry Hedstrom Bob Iding John Iding Rick Juarez Fritz Lichty Jay Miller Pete Munoz Ken Pepi George Proper Chuck Sonntag Bob Warner John Welborne Doug Wied Jon Zablackis Straw at Band Takes Trip to the City Rick Penner — Student Director BIG GAME COURT—Linda Powers, Val Wickland, Penny Fritz Winnick, Candy Evart. Big Game Queen Miss Linda Powers Her full name is Linda April Powers. She is nineteen years old. She was born in New York, but has lived in San Francisco for most of her life and considers herself a " San Her major interests outside of school are sailing, riding, and ballet. Her major is English and she would like to go on and get her teaching credential in it; perhaps to teach in a Junior College. Her school activities have included Oski Dolls, All-Cal Weekend Brunch Chairman, Day Committee, Big Game Week Committee, Hostess for the American Track Team, and ROTC Color Queen Court. She is in the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority for which she serves as Activities Chairman. Last semester she was on the Social Committee. For the Big Game Queen Contest, she was sponsored b y Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity. Also, for Big Game Week, her sorority and the Phi Psi ' s worked together on a float which won an award for the " most humorous float. " Big Game Week Big Game Week, 1966 proved to be a full week of action. Besides the special days leading up to Big Game Day—Blue Monday, Oski Tuesday, Axe Wednesday, and B.S. Friday — many other activities filled the fast-moving schedule. Harry Belafonte ' s " in the round " on Wednesday was a tremendous success, supplemented by the rapid-fire comedian, Nipsey Russell, and the beautiful voice of Nana Mouskouri, a Greek vocalist. With a burst of a cannon, the first Big Game Parade since 1956 got off to a smashing start on Friday. The theme, " Oski in the time machine, " showed Oski capturing the Axe from Stanford at certain times in history. Later the same day, the Big Game Rally got underway when an ignited fire cracker set the teepee in the pit aflame, to the amazement of the audience. This is one of the most beautiful and pleasurable events that takes place on the campus throughout the academic year. With the reading of the Andy Smith Eulogy and the lit candles, everyone felt the full impact of the spirit of Big Game Week. Big Game Concert— Harry Belafonte Big Game Rally Big Game Parade " Sing the joyful chorus, Sound it far and near... " Music Organizations Treble Clef and Glee Club Have Another Successful Year at Cal TREBLE CLEF MANAGERS — First Row: Lynn Batchelder, Teri Boucher, Bonnie Golden, Maridee Broadfoot, Joyce Boring. Second Row: Mimzy Hansen, Sarah Summerman, Cheryl Lee, Kevan Kidd, Kristin Brown, Margaret Arner. Donald Aird — Director GLEE CLUB MANAGERS — First Row: Walt Smith, Lingenteider, Don Grimes. Second Row: Steve Barker, Jeff Thomsen, Mike Macpherson. GLEE CLUB — Row One Horizontally: Mike Epstein, Jim Simmons, Newhouse, Dennis Dufalla, Frank Rivinus, Gerry Roach, Jim Noyes, John Johnson, Robert Scherr, George Pubanz, Menno Scholten, Don Kozono, Walt Smith, Mike MacPherson, Pete Wawro. Row Two Horizontally: Jon Johnsen, Chris Oakleaf, Roy Brown, Robin Larson, Roger Mohr, Hon-Fei Lai, Frank Stickel, Stuart Farber, Mike Johnson. Row One Vertically Top to Bottom: Jeff Thomsen, Jon Sanford, Bill Paul Hon, Ray Costa, George Osner, Paul Lingenfelder, Bob Stew Hobson, Terry Martin, Ron Andrade, Don Grimes, Jerry Row Two Vertically Top to Bottom: Don Russel, Jim Frazee, Dave Scott, Steve Barker, Steve Memering, Jim Rosolanka, June Sakauye, Doug Strickler, George Preston, Wing Pong, Mark Kanai, Vern Sholund. Director: Donald Aird. Glee Club - the Oldest and Best Choral Group in the West SENIOR MEN ' S OCTET— Don Grimes, Walt Smith, Jim Noyes, Don Russell , Stu Hobson, Doug Strickler. Glee Club and Treble Clef Throughout its ninety-year history, the University of California Me n ' s Glee Club has welcomed as members University men from every field and They are brought together by a common love for music. Plans are now in progress that will send the Glee Club on a tour of Southeast Asia and Australia du ring the summer of 1967. Small groups exist within both the Glee Club and Treble Clef Society for the performance of works. No Glee Club concert has been complete without the fast-paced Senior Men ' s Octet. Their showmanship and high entertainment value have created a constant demand for their services in solo engagements. They round out the Glee Club with their own style of tasteful comedy and precision harmonies. The Glee Club and the Treble Clef Society carry on an active social program throughout the year. Impromptu get-togethers after rehearsals, parties, Fall retreat, Christmas caroling in San Francisco, singing for the Alumni during Big Game Week, and Spring Appointments Banquet are just some of the activities that are part of the Glee Club experience. JADE SINGERS—Row One: Susie Shearer, Susan Beare. Row Two: Kristin Brown, Katherine Gale, Cherie Harris, Cary Nicholas. Melodic Treble Clef All TREBLE CLEF—First Row: Lynn Batchelder, Susan Dohrman, Jane Lee, Sally McKay, Carol Ohashi, Susan Shearer, Jackie Mintz, Shelley McIntyre, Bonnie Golden, Pat Sakai, Ruth Krusa. Second Row: Ann Curl, Susan Beare, Tecia Lewis, Terri Boucher, Joyce Boring, Ellen Margaret Vazenian, Jo Tiffany, Jean Reynolds, Cary Nicholas, Broadfoot, Margaret Arner, Nancy Julian, Katherine Gale. Third Row: Cheree Harris, Caro Tanner, Mimzy Hansen, Cheryl Lee, Sarah Simmerman, Elizabeth Axelson, Sue Langston, Linda Scott, Kevan Kidd, Sallie Odom, Roxana Stamme, Kristin Brown, Verna Davidson. Conductor: Mr. Aird. Treble Cleffers enjoy informal singing too! MADRIGAL SINGERS—Row One: Cary Nicholas, Doug Strickler, Carol Young, Caro Tanner. Row Two: Don Grimes, Kevan Kidd, Elizabeth Axelson, Bill Levine, Jim Noyes Mika Verna Davidson. Madrigal Singers Repertory Chorus University of California Orchestra The University Symphony conducted by Mr. Michael Senturia, functions as a class in which students, faculty, and staff can earn two units of credit while getting an opportunity to improve their musical ability. Members ar e chosen on the basis of held during Registration Week. Two two-hour rehearsals each week are required. Mr. Michael Senturia Conductor Chamber Band Collegium Musicum Ancient Instruments and Excellent Voices Combine to Make an Interesting Program Possible Students in Piano Ensemble Work Toward Excellence Pamela Madsen Manager It ' s not ALL hard work ... just most of it. Radio KAL Broadcasting from the Bear ' s Lair. Radio KAL engineer at work. Jim Dowgiale, Program Director; Howard King, Special Events Director; Pamela Madsen, Manager; Sam Wood, Assistant Manager; Charley Hildebrand, Execuive Secretary. Not Pictured: Steve Millinaux, News Director and John Grilli, Chief Engineer. Radio KAL Staff Special Events Larraine Abbott, Spring Commander Novelle Barry Bonnie Belden Pamela Burnett June Cochran Joan Cognetta Sue Cussins Nancy Davis Martha Frank, Fall Commander Fritzie Fry Carol Gibson Bonnie Golden Cindy Graham Ellen Hartenfeld Paula Kokores Leslie Marble Bridget Smith Vickie Tiernan Gale Weisberg Tonya Whelan Diane Williams Air Force ROTC Spring Ball. Angel Flight Angel Flight is the national auxiliary organization of the Arnold Air Society. " Angels " act as hostesses at teas attended by visiting military and civilian and conduct tours around the campus for interested military visitors. They also help Arnold Air Society rush for their new serve refreshments at drill practice, and join in many Arnold Air Society events. They help the annual Air Force Military Ball. Service projects included picnics for such groups as the Oakland Boys ' Club and the retarded children and volunteer work at Oka Knoll Hospital. Military Ball Queen Court Miss Bette Carpenter Miss Diane Williams Miss Margaret Sullivan Miss Linda Hauser Miss Vickie Tiernan Cadet off for T-33 orientation flight. Air Force Reserve Officers ' Training Corps The University of California along with Illinois, MIT, and Texas A M introduced the original Air Service ROTC program in 1920. Today ' s AFROTC program is designed to develop college men into Air Force officers who will be assets to their community and country. The Arnold Air Society is an honorary service and social organization composed of members of the AFROTC, whose activities include service projects benefiting the AFROTC and community. Cadets and Angels entertain mentally retarded children. AFROTC Student Union Display. " Lest we forget " Veterans ' Day 1966. Department of Aerospace Studies Maj. W. A. Eveland, Professor Maj. K. W. Edwards, Associate Professor Capt. J. S. Austing, Jr., Associate Professor M Sgt. B. J. Whisenant T Sgt. R. M. Omoto S Sgt. W. F. Hanselman Mrs. Ann Cantril Mrs. Peggy Nagase A New Tradition for the Army Little Sisters LITTLE SISTERS — Row One: Cindy Swanson, Stacia Horn, Jule Griebrok, Helene Deehan, Barbara Maas, Christy Carlson, Dana Kindt, Karen Albrecht, Andrea Stawisky. Row Two: Mailyn Strumwasser, Mary Grace Soares, Carol Sutherland, Lauren Zetterquist, Arlene Papel, Dianna Lynn, Rebecca Blevins, Julie Ashby. Row Three: Gina Strumwasser, Faye Rothganger, Joyce Asmussen, Mary Haley, Josselyn Ames, Jan Reber, Chris Priday, Carol Burton, Wendy Camp, Genie Moreno, Carla Singer. The Golden Gu ard Society is composed of student cadets in the Army ROTC program at the University of California. Primarily social in nature, it sponsors several parties throughout the year, culminating with the formal Military Ball held at the San Presidio Officers Club. Intramural athletic teams, trips to various military establishments and a lively speakers program must also be included in the Golden Guard ' s program. Members of the society meet monthly, sponsor recruiting programs at Bay Area junior colleges, and prepare juniors for a summer training camp at Fort Lewis, Through the Golden Guard Society, cadets learn more about the Army. Golden Guard Society 1967 Color Queen Miss Nancy Velarde Miss Anne Baker Miss Karin Petersen Rhea Irvine Gina Steumwasser The Aiguillettes assemble in the Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Room. Naval Reserve Officer ' s Training Corps The Battalion Staff, commanded by Midn. Robert J. Buechler, oversees the operation of the Battalion. Campus ROTC units commemorated Veteran ' s Day with a Sproul Hall ceremony. Aiguillettes The Aiguillettes was first organized in the Spring of 1966, when members of the Cal ROTC Battalion decided to add a new dimension to Callaghan Hall. These girls, the official hostesses for the Unit, actively towards community service and are the Little Sister Organization for the Quarterdeck Society. Notable activities of the Charter Group included hostessing at the Chester W. Nimitz Room Dedication Ceremony, sponsoring Sunday night spaghetti feeds, and a gin fizz breakfast for midshipmen. The group expanded with Fall rush, and activities added to their roster. This year the girls have sponsored a slave auction, trips to Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, a visit to the USS and hostessing at the Contract Ceremony, Navy Women ' s League Reception, and the Color Queen Contest. The mission of the midshipman battalion at the University of California is to train potential officers for the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. In addition to the requirements for his academic the midshipman completes thirty-six units of University work in naval science classes qualifying him for his commission. Preparation cannot be completed in the classroom alone; midshipmen devote three college summers to practical exercises, sea duty, aviation, and amphibious assault training. To meet the increasing needs of the Naval Service, a newly initiated program allows students not previously affiliated with the Navy to join the program at the beginning of their junior year and be integrated as upperclassmen into the battalion. Having completed a program of accelerated study during the summer after their sophomore year, they return to Berkeley to continue their work towards a commission along with midshipmen pursuing the four-year program. The battalion, totalling over 150 members, assembles once weekly on Edwards Field for infantry drill, where gain experience in leadership and develop the military bearing prerequisite to future command. Aiguillettes serve as official hostesses at Navy functions. BUT WHAT THEN SHALL WE DO? WE COME TOGETHER AND MUST DECIDE AND ACT; BUT WE DISAGREE. Joseph Tussman Cabinet Committees STUDENT EDUCATION AND FACULTY RELATIONS BOARD Row One: Melanie Rothchild, Risa Brody, Lucy Sells, Nancy Weil, Toni Feldmar, Vicki Pitkanen. Row Two: Ann Roberts, Sandi Blair, John Friedl, IFC Chairman; Rick Brown, John Gleason, Prominent People Chairman; Dave Kamen, Fred Reiner, SEFR Chairman; Jay Newman, Ann Siuolmak, Pat Brumbaugh, Retreat Chairman. Student Education and Faculty Relations Board The Student Education and Faculty Relations Board is primarily concerned with educational matters, serving as a student voice in educational improvement and innovation, and coordinating programs aimed at bettering student-faculty relations. SEFR also functions as a liaison among the many different groups active in these areas. The Board maintains contacts with many of the faculty and administration and tries to direct an inquiry to the appropriate person or office. They also work closely with the ASUC executive officers and other boards in areas of mutual concern—advising, orientations, and course innovations. The Board is also developing the innovation of seminars on topics of importance—Viet Nam, racial tension, and modern poetry—for majors and non-majors, and open to who are not in special programs. Student Community Relations Board The Student Community Relations Board encourages University students to participate in social, cultural, and political programs both on and off campus and tries to provide as much help as to community groups needing Cal students in their work. Included in this Board are the Student Health Services Committee and the Student Aid Group. International Relations Board The International Relations Board coordinates which focus on the University ' s composition and concerns. Included in this board are the American Field Service Council, Overseas Information Council, World University Service, Experiment in International Living Council, and the Campus Peace Corps Committee. International Week, February 13 through 18, offered a more oriented program this year, featuring noted lecturers and panel discussions on the topic " Progress through Education. " Elections ' Council ELECTIONS COUNCIL—Row One: Connie McDougall, Dave Maxwell, Sue Hansen. Row Two: Myron Lehtman. Hard Working Cal Prep Counselors Introduce Freshmen to Cal Executive Committee Gary Lilienthal, chairman Karen Berdahl Jay Miller Steve Pinkham Betsy Sellman Bob Stone Ellengale Toki Jud Whyte Cal Prep Counselors Lorraine Abbott Debbie Adler Nonie Adler Marily Allen Janice Anderson Katherine Anderson Linda Baker Martha Bardwell Carol Barker Jan Beauchamp Linda Bialecki Sandi Blair Chris Block Joyce Boring Kris Brown Lindsay Brown Pat Brumbaugh Jane Bryan Lynn Burrows Marilyn Cady Dianne Cairns Tory Campion Chris Carrier Jeannie Chang Holly Childhouse Karen Coldberg Marsha Crabtree Marilyn Crane Laura Demeter Kande Devendorf Dianne Dunstein Marcy Elkind Candy Evart Martha Frank Kathy Gant Sue Gershenson Bonnie Golden Denise Grieve Eve Haberfield Diane Hall Andy Hammond Cathy Hannum Margaret Harding Pris Harrison Stefin Harvey Chris Hutchinson Celia Kagan Kevan Kidd Lynn Krohn Jean Larson Nancy Lipper Meredith McBurney Masie McCarty Sheila McCusker Harriet MacMillan Dee Anne Madden Helen Marcus Dale Matsui Karen Mendelson Cissy Moore Diane Moreland Janet Morimoto Carol Morse Margaret Morris Mary Myers Rosy Nielson Carol Noji Cathy Novak Irene Oertel Vicki Pitkanen Sharon Roades Nancy Rolander Barbara Rosen Wendy Sarvasy Barbara Scatena Stephanie Schnabel Marsha Shane Ellen Shavelson Sharon Shyer Ellen Soo Hoo Jean Stevenson Wendy Stone Marilyn Tatatian Leslie Urch Helen Urwitz Dianne Vabri Linda Veeh Paula Walker Garin Weiss Pat Williams Rick Aftergut John Alexander Reed Anderson Wonga Barn Richard Bartel Tom Baumbach Doug Brown Jim Bullock Tom Callin Evo Coelho Larry Delucchi Bill Dophins Dave Duer Ty Ebright Joe Edelheit Roger Edwards Merle Ellis Howard Erlanger Greg Filice George Forman Warren Fox Mike Gallagher Lance George Bill Glass Jack Gregory Bob Hamilton George Hamilton Norm Hirata Mark Hynes Richard Keatinger Bob Klass Miki Lane Gary Lapid Steve Lazarus Fritz Lichty Mark Lipton Alan Liss Bob Loew Reg Louie John Lovewell George Lukes Ted McClure Dan McIntosh Richard McLellan Dave Madland Ken Mann Mike Marowitz Alan Melnicoe Ed Moffatt Mike Murakami Richard Nelson Bob Nickerson Gene Pavitt Fred Peterson John Powk Dick Rasmussen Barry Robbins John Rodgers Larry Rosencrantz Doug Schultz Dave Shelborne Steve Shower Mel Simburg Mike Sipos Dennis Solomon John Stansburg Dick Stone Rick Taylor Jeff Trop Bob Warner Dick Weber John Welborne Bruce Wild Wayne Ybarra Victor Yool FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD — Myron Lehtman, Dave Maxwell, Ed Colloff. Functional Services Board The Functional Services Board is a vital coordinating body which is concerned with the internal of the ASUC and serves the student community through its subsidiary boards. It includes the Auxiliary Enterprises Board, the Elections Council, the Polls the Constitution Council, and the Library Council. Orientations Board The Orientations Board initiates, coordinates, and conducts orientations programs for the University community. In the 1966-67 school year the board continued to and expand its program, with over 15,000 students attending activities sponsored by OB. ORIENTATIONS BOARD — Row One: Kathi Fine, Diane Moreland, Betsy Sellman, Ellengale Toki. Row Two: Steve Pinkham, Gary Lilienthal, John Welborne, Rich McLellen. Not Pictured: Jud Whyte and Bob Arbios. ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS BOARD—Row One: Lynn Crawford, Barbie Hoskins, Alceste Pappas, Mrs. Emily Reed, Mary Louise Swift, Carol More, Kathryn Grant. Row Two: Barbie Rosen, Martha Bardwell, Diana Powers, Nancy Fisher, Patti Helsel, Jenny Meux, Susan Forbes, Barbie Schei, Marsha Crabtree, Dianne Dienstein, Ellen Busher. Row Three: Dianne Cairns, Margaret Harding, Diane Moreland, Kathy Wade, Robyn Swafford, Kevan Kidd, Elizabeth Sullivan, Melody Marks. Associated Women Students All undergraduate women at Cal are automatically members of the Associated Women Students. AWS sponsors scholarship drives, Women ' s Week, and fashion shows to encourage women of different living groups, areas of studies, and varied interests to become acquainted with one another. This year AWS will expand existing programs and initiate new ones. The AWS Constitution will be revised to include even more women students in its active role on campus. AWS will also hostess the annual Scholarship Dessert and the tea given in honor of housemothers who are new to the Berkeley campus. Publicity and Public Relations Board Publicity and Public Relations is to further communications between the ASUC, the University community, and the general public. This year particular emphasis was placed on in-depth coverage of major ASUC programs, such as educational reforms and community service which are of interest to the state-wide public as well as the University community. PUBLICITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS Levin, Rich Nelson, Ellen Winston, Cliff Salwen, and Fritz Lichty. UNION PROGRAM BOARD — Row One: Helen Marcus, John Merryman, Carol Anderson, George Luks. Row Two: Bob Troupe, Roger Edwards, Joe McCormods, Meredith McBurney, Charlie Golson. Union Program Board The Union Program Board tries to satisfy the educational and social needs of the campus. It consists of the Art Committee, the Literature Committee, the Music Committee, the Cabaret Committee, the Movie Committee, the Public Affairs Committee, the Social Committee, and the Special Events Committee. Auxiliary Enterprises Board The Auxiliary Enterprises Board makes policy decisions for the revenue producing enterprises of the ASUC: the Student Store, the Bowling Alley, the Games Room, Cal Ski Lodge, and Cap and Gown distribution. This year ' s projects included working on a northside student store, improving the bowling alley revenue through advertising and merchandising, placing coffee and doughnut kiosks on campus, and organizing merchandising in the ASUC store. AUXILIARY ENTERPRISE BOARD—Mr. Blier, Dave Maxwell, Sue Hansen, Jan Abrahm, Ed Calloff, Ed Daube. Publications IF I SEEM TO YOU AN ICONOCLAST, I PRAY YOU TO REMEMBER THAT THE VICTORY OF PURE REASON OVER SUPERSTITION WILL NOT BE ACHIEVED WITHOUT A TREMENDOUS STRUGGLE. Ernest Haelkel Ellen Barnett DAILY CAL PUBLISHERS BOARD John Oppedahl Thomas Zierer Walter Frederick Kirk Weaver David Kamen Dan McIntosh Richard Hafner Peter Van Houten Robert Cockrell Kenneth Stewart James Carman Robbert O ' Neil Josh Eppinger Ronald Fimrite William Moga Philip Strauss PUBLICATIONS BOARD Philip Strauss — Pelican Manager Elizabeth Seltzer — Pelican Editor Ellen Barnett — Blue and Gold Editor Linda Pierce — Blue and Gold Manager William Moga — Cal Engineer Editor Jan Roggeveen—Cal Engineer Manager Lewis Dolinsky — Occident Editor Prof. Francesco Nicosia Mr. Walter Frederick Prof. Peter Steffens Jan Roggeveen Mr. Walter Frederick Linda Pierce Lewis Dolinsky Elizabeth Seltzer Publications ' Board Publications Board acts as a coordinating committee for four student publications, the Blue and Gold, Cal Engineer, Occident, and Pelican. The group consists of the editors and managers of each of the staffs. Mrs. Helen Lum, Acting Director of Publications, sits on the Board in an advisory position. The purpose of Pub Board is to settle between publication staffs and private business concerns, as well as to hear suggestions for improving sales, and publicity. The Board also serves to unite the publications as an effective voice on campus. This year the group worked on getting unit credit for the staffs of the various publications and increasing salaries. Daily Californian Publishers ' Board The Daily Californian Publishers Board consists of eleven members and three ex-officio members. These include six students, two professional journalists, three faculty and three members from the administration. The and business manager of the Daily Cal are non-voting members. The Board examines Daily Cal news policy and offers suggestions for new angles on writing, editing, and newspaper distribution. Members of this Board also for appointment all editors and reporters of the Daily Cal editorial staff. OCCIDENT— Row One: Helen Herre, Anita Messimer, Johanna Reece, Elizabeth Mathes, Grace Katagiri. Row Two: Robert Pope, Nicola Berlandt, Mark Grether, Lewis Dolinsky, Jack Litewka. Occident Creativity Occident, the literary magazine of the University of California at Berkeley, publishes the creativity of students and non-students alike. In addition to short stories, poetry, essays, and plays, Occident also publishes drawings, photography, cartoons, and other art. Lewis Dolinsky Editor Barry Mark Bishin Spring Editor Fall Managing Editor Daily Cal Editorial Staff John Oppedahl Fall Editor Larry Gartner Fall City Editor David M. Newman Spring Editorial Page Editor Fall Managing Editor Bev Stein Fall Assistant Managing Editor Mike Kersten Spring City Editor Fall Assistant City Editor Sue Werbe Spring Copy Editor Daily Cal Pegi Henderson Spring Assistant City Editor Jack Wilson Spring Assistant Managing Editor Fall Copy Editor Editorial Staff Karlyn Barker Spring Editorial Page Editor Helen Marcus Fall Advertising Manager Spring Business Manager Thomas Zierer Fall Business Manager Daily Cal Managers Advertising and Distribution Dana Grau Fall Promotions Manager Spring Advertising Manager Thomas Wolf Fall and Spring Production Manager Tim Hedemark Night Manager Shiela Greene Night Manager Night Managers Late Late L ate Late Hours Dennis Soloman Night Manager Dru Schutz Fall Editing Manager Spring Night Manager Radell Simon Spring Entertainment Manager Monica Lash Spring Night Manager Managerial Staff: Carol Anglea, Lela Zils, JoAnn Schulz, Jai Singh, Mary Mariani, Judie Jones. John Orr, Associate Editor William Mago, Editor Jan Roggeveen Manager California Engineer Nelson Chia Circulation Manager The California Engineer is the engineering and scientific magazine for the entire University. It publishes technical and articles, news, regular features, and interviews with prominent visitors and campus personalities. The magazine students to gain experience in journalism and provides a media of exchange for technical and campus news. Circulation over thirty states and five foreign nations. Pat Koontz Advertising Manager Elizabeth Ann Seltzer Editor The Pelican: Over 60 Years Old 2 Copies Each and Every Quarter Colorful Hilarious Philip Strauss Manager Jim Stipovich Associate Editor Charles B. Sanford Advertising Manager Bruce Henstell Contributing Editor Susan Koser, Assistant Distribution Manager Robert Grow, Distribution Manager Pete RoeII Promotions Perky Peli Pranks PELICAN STAFF— Row One: Philip L. Strauss, Robert Flynn, Ellen Flagg. Row Two: Joann Schulz, Vicki Gott, Jim Stipovich. Row Three: Robert Grow, Susan Koser, Elizabeth Ann Seltzer. Row Four: Bud Spindt, Layton Olson. Bud Spindt, Artist and Layton Olson, Contributing Editor. Pelican ' s 1967 Maid of Cotton: Mis s Carole Ann Foudy Reigning over the Pelican ' s Maid of Cotton Contest was Miss Carole Ann Foudy, a green-eyed beauty hailing from San Leandro. Carole is a senior in psychology and plans to be a probation The 5 ' 5 " beauty is twenty-one years old, and enjoys skiing, swimming, and tennis. By winning the local contest at Cal, Carole was entitled to compete at the finals at Fresno last November. Sponsored by the Cotton Wives Auxiliary, Carole was treated to a fun-packed weekend filled with and activity. Highlighting her trip was the interview of all the contestants on a local TV luncheon, impromptu talks, the bathing suit competition, and the finale, the Cotillion Formal. The Pelican judges truly did a fine job in selecting Carole to represent our university at the contest. - I HAVE ENTERED ON A PERFORMANCE WHICH IS WITHOUT PRECEDENT AND WILL HAVE NO IMITATOR. I PROPOSE TO SHOW MY FELLOW MORTALS A MAN IN ALL THE INTEGRITY OF NATURE: AND THIS MAN SHALL BE MYSELF Jean J Rousseau Athletics Pete Newell Director of Athletics Ray Willsey Assistant Director of Athletics Pat Farran Athletic Business Manager Pete Newell Continues as Athletic Director DEPARTMENT OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS to Right: Bob Steiner, Sports Information Director; Joan Hauser, Ticket Manager; Hae Cowan, Assistant Sports Information Director. Director of Athletics Pete Newell is well qualified to head Cal ' s Intercollegiate Program. He has directed Athletics here since 1960 when he retired as one of the most respected basketball coaches in the world. Coaching Cal ' s team for six years, he led the Bears to 119 wins against 44 defeats, including 44 of these victories in his last 46 games. Mr. Newell is ably assisted by Assistant Director of Athletics Ray Willsey and Athletic Business Manager Pat Farran. COURAGE IN THE FACE OF DESPAIR A Rooter Football 1966 - A Tough Schedule, A Rugged Team, and a Respectable Outcome 1966 Record Cal 21WSU 6 Cal 7 Michigan 17 Cal 30 Pitt 15 Cal 0 San Jose 24 Cal 24 Washington 20 Cal 15 UCLA 28 Cal 15 Penn State 33 Cal 9 USC 35 Cal 3 Army 6 Cal 7 Stanford 13 3 wins 7 losses The California Golden Bears were faced with a tough schedule this year but through hard work and determination, the Bears won 3 out of 10 ... 2 more than was predicted. The 1966 season was characterized by a better defense than offens e. Defensive back, Wayne Stewart, was the only Bear to make all-conference, but special mention should also be made of John Beasley, John Schmidt, and Bob Crittenden who also contributed to a well-respected Cal defense. The Golden Bear offense, however, made a marked improvement over last year ' s The superb Barry Bronk — Jerry Bradley duo set several pass receive and punt return records. AAWU Standings USC 5 - 1 UCLA 4 - 1 Oregon State 3 - 2 Washington 4 - 3 California 2 - 3 Washington State 1 - 3 Oregon 1 - 3 Stanford 1 - 4 Cal Wins Opener Future Looks Rosy Jerry Bradley holds onto the ball while being driven out of bounds by a Pittsburgh man as Cal coaches and players look on. WASHINGTON STATE—California ' s Golden Bears began their season with a bang by winning with an encouraging score of 21-6. The game was highlighted by Don Guest ' s 108-yard run-back of a missed Cougar field goal which established a long-play scoring record. California trailed Washington State 3-0 early in the game. But Bear Wayne Stewart intercepted a pass and ran 71 yards for one touchdown, and Jerry Bradley returned a punt 73 yards for another touchdown. It was, indeed, a day of spectacular antics for the Golden Bears. MICHIGAN UNIVERSITY—The improving Bears played a good game against a strong Michigan offense. But the Michigan Wolverines, sparked by Dick Vidmer - Jack Clancy passes and Dave Fisher ' s running ability, managed to defeat the Bears 17-7. Michigan was leading 17-0 in the final quarter, until the Golden Bears scored on an 11-yard pitch by Barry Bronk to split-end Jerry Bradley. Bradley, with that catch, set a Cal Career record for touchdown passes caught—eight. Coach Willsey singled out end Mike McCaffrey and line-backer Jim Fetherston as having played very well against the Wolverines on defense, and quarterback Dan Berry, on offense. The Cal bench watches as the Bears line up for an important play against the Panthers. Bradley chalks up another six points for the Bears in this punt return against Pittsburgh. Barry Bronk finds a receiver and tosses from deep in Panther territory. A good Cal block by Frank Lynch gives Bear Barry Bronk enough time to get off at least one pass during the San Jose State fiasco. Two League Victories With No Defeats Conference Hopes High thing that impressed me most about our players was that they never had any doubt at any time during the game that they were going to win; " the words of Head Coach Ray Willsey, whose Golden Bears ran, passed, and bulldozed their way to a startling 30-15 victory over the scrambling Pittsburgh Panthers. Never behind on the scoreboard, the Bears nevertheless had a fight on their hands in the third quarter, with a precarious one-point lead, 16-15. But Jerry Bradley took in Al Zortea ' s punt on his own 34 and blasted up the middle for the score that broke the Panthers ' back. California Golden Bears stunned the University of Washington Huskies in a fighting 24-20 victory. The game showed a vast improvement over the San Jose defeat and it was our first victory over the Huskies since 1958. Washington ' s Huskies were leading a grim 4-0 when Cal ' s Bob Crittenden pounced on a Husky fumble at the 18-yard line which led to a Cal score. And later with seven minutes to play in the game, the Cal offense, guarding a slim 4-point lead, maintained control of the ball long enough to lead the Bears to their third victory of the season. Hopes Dwindle The Spartans Destroy Cal SAN JOSE the first time in their history, the San Jose Spartans the California Bears in an astounding 24-0 victory. The Bears, thwarted by their own mistakes, penalties, and fumbles, were completely outplayed by the highly inspired and imaginative offense, a fired-up defense and Danny Holman ' s accurate and deadly arm. The slight Spartan junior picked the young California defense apart by firing accurate strikes over, under, around and through the blue-shirted defenders, who were always a second too late in arriving. PENN STATE —The California Golden Bears were overpowered and subdued, 30-15, by a strong and fast 22 from Pennsylvania State University. Lion quarterback Tom Sherman earned his share of the headlines with a four-touchdown production which properly highlighted his strong performance against Cal ' s respected defense. showed a genuine display of offensive brilliance, which culminated in a Barry Bronk -Jerry Bradley touchdown pass and put the Bears ahead 7-6 with 5:36 remaining in the first half. But then the Nittany Lions roared back with an 80-yard march in the next series of downs. This typified the rest of the game which saw Penn State dominate 325 to 38 in yards rushing, 88-54 in offensive plays run, and 29-10 in total first downs. blitzkrieg Bruins piled up a four-touchdown lead, then held on to post their sixth straight win, 28-15, over a California eleven that wasn ' t supposed to have a chance. With little more than half the fourth quarter left, the Bears marched 74 yards in seven plays and scored when Barry Bronk rolled right and hit Jerry Bradley in the end zone from the 15. The Bronk-to-Bradley combo had earlier accounted for 34 yards in the drive on a sideline pass. This was no repeat performance of the 56-3 defeat of the year before and the Golden Bears managed to repair a tarnished honor. Golden Bears still hung tough and hit hard in their 35-9 defeat against the powerful USC Trojans. The Trojans wrapped up the game the first two times they had the ball, going 57 and 62 yards for touchdowns. From there throughout most of the rest of the game, however, the Bears played USC even. Having faced one of the toughest and strongest teams in the nation the Golden Bears emerged complimented by USC Coach John McKay who said that the Bears were tough and well coached defensively. Dan Berry hands off to fullback Rick Bennett. Cal ' s Dan Berry ditches one would-be tackler and darts toward the Spartan goal line. Unfortunately, he is stopped by several SJS defenders along the way. 69th Big Game - Rain, Mud, A Cal TD. . . Bear Don Guest gets way ahead of his Stanford opponents and scores Cal ' s only touchdown against the Indians. The muddy Bear defense takes a breather and makes plans for the next play. Barry Bronk takes the ball from center John Franz who blocks as Bronk prepares to hand-off. cold, wet and dismal day was just another indication of disappointment as the California Bears were axed by the 13-7 in what was their sixth straight Big-Game loss. All of the scoring was confined to the first half but this was of little since football for the afternoon a mud-slinging, guessing game of who had the ball. The Indian line and backs proved too for the Bears as Stanford punched over both scores between tackles. The half ended 13-7; the game ended 13-7. The ball spent the rest of the afternoon splashing back and forth until the final gun sounded and the Axe to Stanford. Cal fans cheer as the Bears score against Stanford. But the rest of the muddy game was plagued with errors and disappointments as Stanford retained control of the axe. Defeat rolled over the California Bears in a disheartening 6-3 victory. A lack of artillery plus the inability to contain the cadets ' not-so-secret weapon, quarterback Steve Lindell, led to Cal ' s sixth defeat of the season. The outcome of the game was decided late in the first quarter when Army pushed across their only score. Cadet Lindell led an 80-yard drive that took 11 plays, consummated by a six-yard end run by Black Knight Chuck Jarvis for the score. Cal ' s score came with a 44-yard field goal—the longest in Bear since 1922. Another record breaker when Jerry Bradley snared a pass from Barry Bronk, which broke Jack Schraub ' s all time Cal record of 1100 yards with receptions for a career. Bradley ' s three-year total is 1147 yards. A good block by fullback Lloyd Reist allows Barry Bronk to get off this long pass against the strong Army defense. Cal ' s 1966 Golden Bear Varsity. . . Ray Willsey Head Coach Cal coaches disapprove of a referee ' s penalty — but the penalty is enforced. COACHING STAFF — Kneeling: Ray Willsey. Standing: Myrel Moore, Howard White, Bob Ghilotti, Jim Cullom, Joe Marvin, Bill Dunton, Dick Corrick. 1966 CALIFORNIA GOLDEN One: Fred Woodside, Carloz Zaragoza, Rick Aschenbrenner, Barry Bronk, Ron Miller, Jim Sheridan, Mike Meers, Dan Berry, Lloyd Reist, George Gearhart, Bill Lerch, Dave Wargo. Row Two: Jim Fetherston, John Beasley, John Frantz, Stanley Nakahara, Brock Arner, Jerry Bradley, Paul Stephens, Jerry Woods, Rick Bennett, John Fay, John Salisbury, Frank Lynch, Steve Schulz , Ned Anderson. Row Three: Ed White, Don Anderson, Eric Kastner, Steve Lewis, Larry Reis, Dan Ryan, Mark Nelson, Dan Sinclair, John Schmidt, Vince Gibbert, Jim Carson, John Johnston, Greg Hatfield, Troy Cox, Cliff Simmons. Row Four: Bill Weatherford, Jerome Champion, Mike Chuck Reed, Mike Stone, Don Guest, Bobby Smith, Rodger Gray, Mel Vanderbilt, Rick Laven, Bob Crittenden, Dan Goich, Duane Mike Brown, Larry Lathrop, Skip Stress. Standing: Head Coach Ray Willsey, Assistant Coaches Joe Marvin, Bob Ghilotti, Myrel Moore, Dick Corrick, Howard White, Bill Dutton. Frosh Gridders Undefeated End Season with 63-12 Win The Bear-Cubs u nder Coach Jim " Truck " Cullom, by virtue of their 5-0 mark, recorded their first unbeaten and untied season since 1961. The season was climaxed by the Cubs ' pulverizing the Spartababes of San Jose State, 63-12. the season the California Cubs showed their ability to launch sustained touchdown drives while the superb defense of the Bear-Cubs also added to the avalanche of points accumulated throughout the season. Jim Cullom Frosh Coach FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM — Row One: Tom Demler, John Jamison, Mal Sprott, Gary Wittenmeier, Mike Theile, Jim Crisp, Mark Hultgren, Pete Stock, Tom Hobbs, John Kobzeff, Brian Seeley, Mike Masini. Row Two: Vic Pettric, Val Pizzini, Jeff Thompson, Barry Hjelmstad, Dick Wagner, Stu Smith, Gerry Borgia, Dan Koon, Bob Hink, Bill Laveroni, Brian Shipman, Ken Weidemann, Buz Hamblin, Russ Baruh, Dan Kreps. Row Three: John Gianaras, Mike Freyler, Dave Seppi, Travis Tatum, Dick Voris, Steve Metcalf, Jeff Early, Jim Smith, Vaughn Kesirian, Jeff Warren, Stan Kolodziej, Don Wilcox, Tom Christensen, Gary Fowler, Vince Fenequito, Manager Ray Shine. Row Four: Bill Boyl, Norm Bowen, Gus Lopez, Bill Marquis, Rod Maslowski, Paul Martyr, Randy Humphries, Jack Jack Harrah, Mark Carpenter, Mark Bob Flaherty, Joe Ryan, Wayne Hjelmstad, Hunt Fales. Coaches: Jim Cullom, Bob Hammes, Jim Phillips, Tom Relles, Ray DiGuilio, Bruce MacDonald, Dick James. VARSITY WATER POLO — Row One: Mike Turner, Ken High, Barry Weitzenberg, Jeff Reeder, Terry Miller, Jon Shores. Row Two: Ed Evan, Leland Faust, Sky Van Scoy, Nick Catipov, John Welty, Jay Southard, Coach Pete Cutino. Row Three: Joe Helmer, Harry DeVictoria, Tim Frost, Len Stroud, Gary Cornelius, Jeff Taylor, Bill Binder, Csaba Molnar, Tom Pharr. Polo Bears Have Best Season Since 1960 Average Ten Goals, Hold Opponents to Seven The California Polo Bears finished with the best season they ' ve had since 1960. The highli ghts of the season according to Coach Pete Cutino were the 10-9 win over Stanford, a thrilling 7-6 overtime triumph against San Jose State, and an 8-5 of the Olympic Club. Nevertheless, both the Coach and the team feel that they can do better and that they won ' t be satisfied until there is a zero in the Golden Bear loss column. This is despite the fact that the Bears averaged 10 goals a game, three better than their opponents, and were paced by Jon Shores ' 44 goals for the season. Ken High out-swims his opponents and grabs the ball for the Bears. After an unsuccessful Indian score attempt Bear John Welty seizes the ball and Cal ' s deadly offense is once again in control. A Stanford Indian tries in vain to block Barry Weitzenberg ' s pass to another Polo Bear. During a time-out Coach Pete Cutino gives the Polo Bears a few quick pointers. Such helpful hints led Cal ' s team to an extremely high game average of 10 goals to its opponents ' 7. In this case his advice aids Cal in edging the Indians 10-9. Polo Cubs Second in Nor Cal Tourney: Win Fourteen Games, Lose Just Three A Nick Catipovic pass prepares Cal for another score attempt. FROSH WATER POLO—Row One: Gerald Rogers, Dave Horning, Jack Gipson, Alan Doscher, Mark Rogers, Bill Brandt. Row Two: Jael Wildon, Bill Schaffer, John Morris, Bruce Boyd, David Cohen, Julian Tosky, Bill Ferguson. Row Three: Coach Cal Caplan, Mike Selna, John Norris, Alex Peter Asch, Russ Fisher, Rob Lay. VARSITY SOCCER—Left to Right, Row One: Tor Rasmussen, Eulogio Tam, Franco Mulas, Dan Morales, Dominique Bastien, Faronk Hussain, Bashir Qureshi, Arto Nurmikko. Row Two: Charlie Kindred, Bora Ozkok, Dave Brown, Ernie Wideman, Ken Cole, Chalimers Hardenbach, Harry Frere. Best Team Ever for Soccer Bears Score Sixty-three Goals in One Season! The Soccer Bears had an exceptional team this year, scoring 63 goals—more than they have scored in the past two years combined. The team displayed an unrelenting determination throughout the season. Nowhere was this more evident than in the game against UOP when the Bears found themselves 1-3 in the third quarter and yet came back to win 5-3. The team emerged in their last game against USF to be the toughest defense in the West Coast Conference. It ' s easy to see why Coach DiGrazia called the Bears " the best team I ' ve ever had. " COACHES — Left to Right: Scot Cauchois, Frosh; Bob DiGrazia, Varsity; George Roussakis, Junior Varsity. JUNIOR VARSITY AND FROSH SOCCER—Left to Right, Row One: Anton Kerkoc, Dan Hitchcock, Larry Ball, John Hutchinson, Gil Lonzarich, Tim Smith, Robert Massey, Page Roos, Tom Row Two: Randy Marks, Dan Stofle, Jeff Frank, Alan Coghlan, Ken Nakano, Pete Duffey, Jeff Mirman, Jim Hoffman, Jan Stefanik, Bob Stonk. Row Three: Dave Vanderveer, Rick Bentley, Pete Whitmer, Jay Lunt, Scott Robinson, Andy Kerr, Jon Cosby, Dave Minning, Phil Smith, Steve Enochian, Jeff Rogers, Jim Elliot. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY—Sam Bell (coach), Don Sevry, Phil Davis, Mike Toner, Larry Hoops, Ron Byers, Rick Elliot, Bob Price, Lymen Schaffer, Randy Haase, Tore Hottskog. Cross Country Runners Beat Stanford Twice, Lose to San Jose Sam Bell — Varsity Cross Country Coach. The California Cross Country Team had a fairly successful this year. Led by Captain Bob Price the Bears entered seven men and won the Pacific AAU Cross Country 10,000-Meter Run at Golden Gate Park. The other Cal entries at the AAU meet were Ron Byers, Mike Turner, Rich Elliot, Randy Haase, Tore Hottskog, and Phil Davis. Bob Price ' s winning time for the 10,000 meters was 31:24.8. In dual competition the Bears beat Stanford twice and lost to San Jose. In triangular meets with USC and UCLA the Bears beat the Trojans and lost to the Bruins by one point in the first meet and lost to both USC and UCLA in the second meet despite a strong second place finish by Bob Price. FRESHMAN CROSS COUNTRY—Row One: Bob Waldon, Bruce Dennis Barley, John Downing, Greg Pagan, Pete Woods, Jay Moss. Row Two: Doug Sternman (manager), Rick Preston, Wally Mattingly, Steve Byers, Bob Anderson, Jerry Tallon, Tony Sucec (coach). Basketball High-Scoring, Record Breaking Season Bears Win Seventeen, Lose Only Ten Games 1966-67 Record Cal 74 St. Mary ' s 55 Cal 108 Oklahoma 81 Cal 59 USF 51 Cal 75 Utah 73 Cal 62 Iowa 72 Cal 87 Illinois 97 Cal 69 Notre Dame 63 Cal 83 Hawaii 69 Cal 60 SubPac 45 Cal 42 Oregon State 45 Cal 62 Oregon 61 Cal 78 UCLA 96 Cal 99 USC 95 Cal 78 Japanese Team 59 Cal 80 Santa Clara 77 Cal 59 Air Force 55 Cal 63 Denver 58 Cal 80 Washington 85 Cal 67 Washington St. 75 Cal 81 Washington St. 85 Cal 88 Washington 73 Cal 62 Oregon 61 Cal 57 Oregon St. 59 Cal 77 USC 75 Cal 66 UCLA 103 Cal 67 Stanford 83 Cal 83 Stanford 17 wins 10 losses The California Golden Bears basketball team wrapped up the 66-67 season with a highly respectable record of 17-10, showing a marked improvement over the previous Cal team ' s record, 9-16. Although only 6-8 in league play, with Critchfield and Perkins leading the way, Cal broke all season scoring records and shot better than any Cal team in history. The Golden Bears have finally picked up the winning momentum and have brought back respectability to the too-long downtrodden basketball Bears. 1967 Season Four Straight Wins For Cal Bears, Then Two Close Defeats. . . Critchfield shoots a field goal against Oregon State. He hit 225 field goals this season, a new Cal record. Bear Bob Wolfe shoots for two points. Critch hands the ball to Bob Wolfe and runs to the net to set up a play against State. Stu Watterson jumps high above his USF opponents to hit the basket for two Cal points. Cal ' s star guards C ritchfield and Perkins take the ball out after a USC score. First Place in Rainbow Classic, a Loss to UCLA. . .a USC Victory Stu Watterson helps smash the Denver team 63-58. The Bear cagers opened the season with four straight wins against St. Mary ' s, USF, Utah, and Oklahoma. After these four victories, Bear fans once again opened their eyes to the prospects of a good season only to be temporarily by two close losses in the Midwest. During the quarter break, Bear fans were extremely proud to learn of Cal ' s triumph in the Rainbow Tourney in Hawaii. But on home, the Golden Bears were handed a 42-45 heart-breaking loss to Oregon State. Then they rebounded to defeat Oregon 74-61. Next came UCLA—we lost. Then traveling across town to the Sports Arena, the Bears battled a tough USC five into double overtime, emerging with a 99-95 victory. Cal ' s Bruce Steckel jumps with his Washington State in the opening tip-off. This Critchfield lay-up was his 492nd point of the season and set a new Cal scoring record. Critchfield went on to hit the 545 mark by the season end. He also set several other Cal records: the most conference points in a season, 308; the best season per game average, 21.0 points; the most field goals in a season, 225; the most field goals in conference games in a season, 129; the most field goal attempts in a season, 493; the most field goal attempts in conference games in a season, 225. Critchfield Stars Sets Cal Records, Bears Pounce USC... Cal ' s Stu Watterson is free to shoot in the UCLA game but not until after Alcindor had left. Coach Rene Herrerias talks strategy with Critchfield during the USC game. Four Cal men try to steal the ball from UCLA ' s Alcindor. Cal ' s Bruce Steckel scores while fans cheer. Later, with two seconds left in the game, he shot the winning basket which gave the Bears a 77-75 victory over the USC Trojans. Then Fall to Bruins. . . Upon their return to Berkeley, our Golden Bears ran into tough competition from a good Santa Clara team and a talented quintet from Air Force. The Bears downed both and added a five-point over Denver to their record. A series of defeats marred Cal ' s record as the Bears lost three rough ones to Washington and State. Cal came back to trounce Washington and Oregon only to suffer defeat in overtime to Oregon State. In another cliff-hanger, the Bears met SC for what was probably the most welcome win of the season. With the score tied 75-75, Bruce Steckel bagged a jumper with no time left on the clock to lead the Bear victory. The next day in an overpacked Harmon Gym, Cal once again fought Lew CLA. Despite valiant efforts by the Bear five, the Bruins ' full court press and their giant at the net were too much for the Bears as the Bruins captured their twenty-fourth win in a row. Cal guard Charlie Perkins crosses half-court and heads towards the net while closely guarded by his Bruin opponent. Perkins broke several Cal records this year, including the season field goal percentage record—his was 50.9% for the season. Six-foot, five-inch Myron Erickson and 6 ' 7 " Bruce Steckel had a hard time guarding UCLA ' s 7 ' 2 " Lew Alcindor. Bears Lose to Stanford in Harmon. . . Then Destroy Indians With seconds left in the game Cal guards Russ Critchfield and Milky Johnson try to steal the ball from a Stanford guard. Cal ' s basketball season was rounded out by two games against Stanford. Adding another question mark to the mystery of the Bears ' home losses to Stanford—the Injuns thumped the Bear five for the seventh consecutive time. Completing the mystery, the Cal quintet traveled to the Farm to trounce the Injuns 83-58. Led by senior Charlie Perkins, who scored 21 points, the Bears knocked the Injuns out of a possible tie for second place in the PAC-8 and closed the season with a display of what is in store for Bear basketballers in the future. Stanford had several Cal men on the floor in the Home meeting, but the Bears rebounded the next day to destroy the Indians 83-58. Bear Bob Wolfe reaches above his " Stanford opponents for an easy two-point tip-in. FRESHMEN BASKETBALL — Row One: Steve Desimone, Greg Hill, Blackwell, Don Hazzard, Rick Hubbell. Row Two: Steve Seely, Daryl Feil, Erik Johnson, John McGee, Gary Applegarth. Row Three: Tom Hobbs, Tom Henderson, Ken Bradley, Bob Albright, Wendell Kallenberger, Johnson, Chris Carpenter (Assistant Coach). VARSITY BASKETBALL—Row One: Myron Erickson, Stu Watterson, Bruce Steckel, Russ Moe, Eric Unruh, Bob Wolfe, Gary Heath, Dan Ready. Row Two: Jim Padgett (coach), Don Johnson, Carl Adams, Milky Johnson, Charlie Perkins, Eric Davidson, Russ Critchfield, Rene Herrerias (coach). Bear coaches Rene Herrerias and Jim Padgett watch as the Cal Hoopsters set up the play. Frosh Hoopsters Win Twelve Games, Lose Only Five Guarded by Steve Desimone and Tom Henderson, Freshman Waddell Blackwell shoots in a Frosh intersquad game. VARSITY One: Dirk Noyes, Tim Rodgers, Jim Hoobler, Bob Sakai, Dick Carter, Bill Neyland, Dick Weinbrandt, John Cowart, Phil Nemir, Dale Chamblin. Row Two: Ed Nemir, Ron Dell ' Immagine, John Chappell, Greg Monahan, Bruce Tichinin, Bob Hink, Terry Stewart, Troy Cox, Webb Loyd, Steve Spreiter, Walt Cunningham (assistant coach). Boxers Win Dual Meet Championship Boxing coach Ed Nemir watches anxiously as his son Phil Nemir takes on his Nevada opponent. Ed Nemir ' s Boxing Bears ended another outstanding season this year by capturing the Dual Meet Championship. The Bears finished with five wins, one loss and a tie in dual competition. They also took second place in the California Collegiate Boxing Championship Tournament, ending only below Chico State who had three wins and three second places in the tourney. The Bears took two firsts—Jim Hoobler and Troy Cox—and four seconds—Dale Chamblin, Bob Sakai, Phil Nemir, and Greg Monahan. Senior and team captain Greg Monahan, accumulating the highest point total as far as wins go of any Cal boxer, was undefeated in dual meets and won six matches this season while tying one. Next season the Bear Boxers will have to regroup and start afresh as they are losing seven lettermen while only five are returning. One hundred and thirty-nine-pound sophomore Phil Nemir jabs his Nevada opponent Dennis Humphreys with a right. Nemir won the decision 9-7. A left hook by senior and heavyweight Ron helps him win a draw with Smithwick of Nevada. Bantomweight Dale Chamblin fights to a draw with his Nevada opponent Larry Williamson. Bear Stuart Crymes attempts a switch. Bear Wrestlers Last in League Kim Oller has a cross body ride on his Washington State opponent. Coach Bill Martel and the team watch and yell directions to a Cal wrestler. Lathrop Takes Second in AAWU WRESTLING — Row One: Richard Melton, Dave Waiters, Barry Masuda, Stuart Crymes, Kim Oiler. Row Two: Rich Martyr, Mike James, Larry Lathrop, Mark Nelson, Linn Mark Hetch, Don Scholtz. It was another dull year for the Cal wrestling team who ended the season with only five wins and nine losses. The best that the Bear grapplers could do in the AAWU championship was to finish last in the league. California to show some strength in the Bear trio of Barry Masuda, Don Scholtz, and Larry Lathrop. Heavyweight Lathrop went on to continue his pattern of winning by placing second in the AAWU championships. Oiler tries a wristlock roll on his opponent. Wrestler Kim Oiler (top) counters a Standup. VARSITY GYMNASTICS — Kneeling: Rick Field, Assistant Coach; Hal Frey, Coach; Pat Bailey, Bill Fujimoto, Herb Solomon, Sid Freudenstein, Josh Robison, Tom Bruce, Cliff Castle, Gary Diamond, Jim Lindstrom, Joel Tepp, Paul Benya. Sid Freudenstein starts his scissors on the sidehorse as the scoreboard shows Cal ahead 27-26. Gymnasts Regional Champs. . . The California Gymnastics team was too hot to handle this season after piling up eight wins against two losses. The Bears placed second in the conference, but went on to emerge victoriously in the Western Regional championships. By April, the best team effort of the year was the home match in which the Cal varsity gymnasts whipped the UCLA Bruins 186.85-185.55. T he Bears won five first places, earned over nine point averages in four events, and turned in 8.98 average performances in two others. Coach Hal Frey stands and applauds after a fine by Josh Robison on the rings against UCLA. Paul Benya holds a difficult position on the parallel bars. Cliff Castle has his turn at the horizontal bars as the Cal team watches in the background. Josh Robison Top Gymnast on Rings Leads Cal Team VARSITY One: Larry Giruver, LeLand Faust, Barry Weitzenberg, Ed Evans, Harry DeVictoria. Row Two: Jay Southard, Nick Catipovic, Jon Shores, Jeff Reeder, Craig Meacham. Row Three: Robert Willson, Mike Piazza, Alex Shestakov, Jeff Taylor, Ron Olson, Don Waters, Bill Van Dyke, Tim Frost. Bear Mermen Splash Through Ten Wins Eight Losses Barry Weitzenberg swims the 500-meter free style. Preparing for a backstroke race with Stanford are Cal ' s Jay Southard, Jeff Taylor and Mike Piazza in the far lanes. Bears Southard, Taylor, and Piazza race against the clock and their Stanford opponents in the 200-meter backstroke. Hopes High For AAWU Frosh record holders Mike Selne (100-yard back: 57.8, 200-yard back: 2:05.8, 200-yard breast: 2:25.2) and Joel Wilson (1650 free style: 17:48.6, 1000 free style: 10:42.3, 500 free style: 5:01.6) practice for their next meet. The California Swim team enjoyed a fairly successful year against extremely tough competition. The dual meet season ended with ten wins and eight losses—three of those losses were by four points or less. Cal ' s non-conference record was a sparkling eight-two. Outstanding Cal Mermen this year included the 800-yard free style relay quartet of Craig Meacham, Jon Shores, Barry Weitzenburg, and Alex Shestakov. After one of their finest wins of the season, an upset over San Jose State, Bear Coach Pete Cutino seemed hopeful of improving over last year ' s sixth place finish as the Bear team faced the AAWU meet in March. Coaches and timers check their watches during a close race. FRESHMAN SWIM One: David Baker, Marc Rogers, Tom Southard, Bill Schaffer, Julian Tosky, Joel Wilson. Row Two: Peter Asch, Mike Clyman, David Horning, Jim Mulholland, Gerald Rogers, Mike Selne. Bear Netters Score Three out of Four More Wins Predicted Junior Chuck Darley shows the service which helped him to win singles titles in the All-U tournament and in several invitationals this season. Frosh star Mike Gillfillan returns a service with a forehand. Gary Hippenstiel returns a backhand volley from the net. Darley Stars in All-U Tournament VARSITY TENNIS—Row One: Corky Meinhardt, Dan Lindheim, Dennis Carlston, Earl Bushman. Row Two: Chuck Darley, Bendy White, Craig Olsen, Gary Hippenstiel, Coach Chet Murphy. Coach Chet Murphy ' s appraisal of the 1967 Bear tennis as being one for rebuilding was touched off by a three wins in four starts over UC Irvine, State, and San Jose State. Although Junior Chuck Darley is the big gun, having won singles titles in the All-U tournament, the Northern California Invitational and the Modesto Invitational, Bear Coach Chet Murphy is also on Bears Corky Meinhardt and Craig Olsen. The season looked promising as all three netters stood undefeated in their singles matches in April. The rest of Cal line-up found Berkeley ' s Dan Lindheim, Fresno ' s Gary Hippenstiel, Santa Barbara ' s Bendy White, and El Cerrito ' s Dennis Carlston vying for the next three singles positions. Hard work and high hopes characterized the spring quarter as the Bears were up against tough competition. FROSH TENNIS —Ward Wolff, Geoff Rieser, Cliff Brown, Coach Chet Murphy. Not Pictured: Mike Gilfiillan, Bob Waldman, Larry Tout, Dan Feshbach, Jeff Jaques. Freshman Goeff Rieser shows the backhand ability which led him to several singles victories. Rugby Rugger BearsCapture Sixth Straight World Cup Scrum Half Randy Thaman kicks to touch. 1967 Record Cal 38 Athens Club 11 Cal 17 San Diego State 8 Cal 0 Auckland Univ. 30 Cal 30 UCLA 8 Cal 11 UBC 6 Cal 5 UBC 8 Cal 10 USC 11 Cal 29 Sacramento State 0 Cal 14 Stanford 22 Cal 28 Stanford 6 Cal 20 East Bay Stars 3 7 wins 4 losses The 1967 California rugby team, although plagued with and muddy turfs, turned in a 7-4 record this season. The Bear ruggers retained the Big Scrum Axe championship for the fourth consecutive season with a 42-28 total score and then went on to win the World Cup in the two-game meeting with British Columbia. California coach Dr. Miles Hudson has fielded a team of a different complexion than exhibited in recent years. past teams were dominated by strong forwards, this year ' s squad had one of the best and most experienced groups of backs around. The Bears ' stock as the leading collegiate rugby team in the nation has employed two players from " down under. " Jim Boyce, Cal import from Australia, has been one of the scorers along with Pete Carter of New Zealand. Cal and Sacramento State Scrums lock horns. Mike McCaffrey controls this line-out. Bears Lose One to Stanford Then Win in Rematch Retain Scrum Axe The Bear Ruggers ' loss to Stanford in the first Scrum Axe Contest contributed to a rather disinterested and ragged team. But their sparkle came back when they bounced back to win the Scrum Axe by the Indians in the second game, 28-6. The Bears ' form has certainly been erratic this season, but even so the fine playing against Stanford gave the Rugger Bears their fourth straight victory over the Indians. In this Cal Scrum the Bears get the push from breakaway Rick Laven (19). Scrum halfback Randy Thaman (13) awaits the ball. Rough Rugger Bears Trounce All-Stars A mad scramble for the ball is the result of this Cal-USC line-out. The Rugger Bears take a short breather during halftime. Mike McCaffrey and Tom Brown fight for the ball in this line-out. VARSITY RUGGERS—Row One: George Gearhart, Randy Thaman, Jerry Bradley, Ed Maloney, Randy Wilson, Brian Forbes, Peter Carter, Jim Meyer, Jerry Lundblad, John Peterson. Row Two: John Bardin, Lloyd Reist, Mike Hoffman, Dan Goich, Mike Meers, Mike McCaffrey, Rick Laven, Capt. Tom Brown, Bill Keep. Dr. Miles Hudson and Jim Cullom Varsity and JV Coaches Guano Rugger Jim Sheridan passes to Chris White. GUANOS — Row One: John Fay, John Frantz. Row Two: Rick Bennet, Marc Dake, Pete Crosby, Bill Keep, Blair Evans, Phil Combs. Row Three: Stu Smith, Rick Weill, Dennis Tomanaga, Rich Teitz, Rusty Ertle, George Eckhard, Larry Albert. Row Four: Jim Musgrove, Ed Maloney, Ernie Wideman, Mike Meers, Rich Strangio, Bill Wharton, Jeff Warren, Al Niedan, Chris White. Bears Erratic in Pre-Season Games Win Some, Lose Some George Cate takes a safe lead off first as Tony Fattarsi judges the pitch. Dennis Dalton and Steve Smith try for the double play against San Jose State. Harry Morse ... a 5 ' 10 " junior, shows the pitching form which made him an outstanding prospect for the number one starting spot. Steve Smith snatches a grounder as a San Jose runner leaps to first. Coach George Wolfman ' s unpredictable Bears have played everything from very good to very bad ball so far this season. Cal had won three out of five games at the Santa Barbara Invitational, with one hard-fought defeat in 13 innings—only to be trampled the next week by Santa Clara, 21-3. Sandy Ingersoll ' s batting prowess has earned him a .405 average, tops on the squad. Cal ' s hottest bat, however, belongs to Jim Magnuson. The sophomore leftfielder has paced the Bears in hits, doubles, triples, total bases, and RBI ' s. To date, there has been no pitching comparable to Bill Frost ' s fantastic no-hit, 18-strikeout performance last year. Hal Bond hurls a curve ball to Tony Fattarsi as Rick Brown looks on in center field. Steve Smith eagerly awaits the throw from outfield as a San Jose man approaches first. Invitational Bat Bears Hit Hard. . . Veteran basketball player Steve Smith grabs a bouncer from right field. VARSITY BASEBALL—Row One: Richard Papike, Jim Magnuson, Haruo Sakamoto, Gary Coburn, Gale Newman, Tom McAlone, Dave Aldrich, Dennis Dalton. Row Two: Harold Bond, Jerry Luzar, Bob Leatherwood, George Cate, Rick Brown, Don Bunch, Sandy Ingersoll, Jerry Diamond, manager; Ass ' t. Coach Doug Weiss, Harry Morse, Bruce Roberts, Steve Smith, Frank Smith, Tony Fattarsi, Hollon Bridges, Bob Orr, Coach George Wolfman. George Wolfman Head Coach Wolfman Honored Coach Wolfman, California ' s head baseball coach since 1954, was honored earlier this year by being named chairman of America ' s Olympic Games Baseball Committee. Wolfman, who was a catcher on the Bear nine as an will be following illustrious footsteps which have led several previous Cal coaches from Berkeley to Olympic competition in many parts of the world. He will be the fifth California coach to have been named to a key post in one of the international sports classics. FROSH BASEBALL—Row One: Jack Arago, Biff Faber, Rucky Shone, Iry Baker, Roger Hartley, Dave Thompson, Larry Hoppin. Row Two: Don Wilcox, Tony Murray, Ray Minilovich, Al Mike Taylor, Mike Engmann, Gus Lopez. Row Three: Coach Jerry McCarn, Ass ' t. Coach Tom Cooper, Malcolm Sprott, Rick Weaver, Jim Cantanesi, Gregg Patton, Jay Leftin, Mike Baldwin, Wendell Kallenberger. McClellan ' s crew grimaces to set the oars in for a strong stroke. Crewmen Strive for Traditional Cal Victories The victorious Senior boat approaches the finish line of the interclass race on alumni day. Cal ' s varsity crew team has high hopes for a winning season despite last year ' s disaster and the loss of Jim Lemmon as coach. In 1966, after three years of undefeated dual meet competition, the crewmen suffered an unprecedented swamping by Stanford, a three-race sweep by and an eighth-place finish in the IRA championships. To add to the misery, Coach Lemmon, who had been one of the most successful coaches in the country, retired last year. As head mentor of Cal ' s varsity and JV crews, his teams won 54 dual triangular races while losing only ten. Replacing Jim Lemmon this year as Head Coach is Marty McNair who is assisted by Big John McConnell. Together they must put together practically entirely new teams as Cal has only five returning varsity veterans. Coach McNair Shapes Team Marty McNair Varsity Coach The beginning of a workout . .. The start of the interclass race. VARSITY CREW — Row One: Bob Arbios, Mike Shinoda, Norm Besman, Seth Alpert, Pat Bradly, Russ Takei, Ken Kubota. Row Two: Rich Chris Yeager, Tom Tryon, Gary Shean, Jeff Palmer, Larry Sweet, Jim Richards. Row Three: Tony McGuire, Randy Phillips, Gene Pavitt, Robert Ellsberg, Norm Bliss, Steve Pierce, Dwight Morgan, John Hoefer, Stan Taylor, Gus Kious, Denny Lane. Row Four: Hardy Jones, Richard Liebman, Fred Bordeu, Jim Gage, Duncan Gregg, Dave Williamson, Dave Parrish, Ray Brown, Dave Crockett, Tom Veblen, Bruce Robertson, Pat Stanton, Jerry Richardson. The finish of the interclass race Freshmen third, sophomores fourth. Varsity crewmen carry their shell to the estuary for a workout. A varsity shell prepares to shove off. Alumni Day Race Seniors Win The varsity crew team merrily rows out to the Bay Bridge, an eight-mile journey each way. FROSH CREW — Row One: Barney Lu, Hank Delevati, Alan Hugh Lewis. Row Two: Jim Flint, Inman Rouce, Craig Nelson, Pete Wawro, Don Meyer, Mike Schelp, Doug Perez, Harland Winter. Row Three: Blair Prentiss, Bob Gunther, Harry Willis, Harold Bobrow, John Hawley, Bill Morrish, Don Costello, Frank Graetch. Row Four: Larry Baker, Gary Newgard, Walt Briggs, Mike Fletcher, Bill Brackenridge, Leigh Boyce, Bob Benson, Jim Darcy. Track Bear Cindermen Bow to BYU. . . But Set New Marks In one of their best performances so far, California ' s 1967 track team was narrowly defeated by the powerful Brigham Young contingent at Edwards Track Stadium on April 1. Bear trackman Mike Robinson highlighted the meet by setting a school mark of 15 ' 3 " in the pole vault event. Then, teammate Paddy McCrary turned in a blistering 47.2 anchor leg on the winning Cal mile relay team. Cal, so far this season, has been plagued by but this did not stop the Bears from scaring the Cougars. Lou Kirtman ran a strong 14.3 in the 120 hurdles only to finish behind BYU ' s Tom Bonin. California record holder, Gary Pennington was upset in the javelin by Jerry Darr. Cal ' s Ken Cole took a third in this event to give Cal its only sweep of the afternoon. Mark Seeley hurls the discus against Oregon State for his best mark. Willy Nutt leaps over the bar at 6 ' 6 " . VARSITY TRACK—Row One: Phil Davis, Mike Gallie, Bob Price, John Diehl, Mike Robinson, Pat Weddle, Randy Haase, Greg Miguel. Row Two: Jim Kennedy, Ken Cole, Chuck Glenn, Dave Allen, Carlos Baron, Gary Mahan, Lloyd Bartlett, Ron Byers. Row Three: Mike Shafer, Larry Houps, Rich Elliot, Jim Kiefer, Ted Ackley, Larry Hengl, Paddy McCrary, Lou Kirtman. Row Four: Tore Hottskog, Mike Toner, Mark Seeley, Gary Pennington, Joe Richards, Ed White, Mike McCann, Colin Glenn. Row Five: Coach Al Ragan, Devone Smith, Beatty, Alan French, Pete Shields, Don Severy, Ted Holcombe, Jim Steiner, manager; Coach Sam Bell. Exhibiting good form and pole control, Greg Miguel soars to a height of 15 ' 3 " . Head Coach Sam Bell is making an all-out effort to build the " best track team in the country. " In his second year as head cinderman, the former OSU mentor came to Cal after a fantastic 32-15 record. While at OSU, Bell touted 13 All-Americans, established a world record in the two-mile relay, and broke every varsity and frosh school record. A former spiker at Doane College in Nebraska, Coach Bell has brought us a winning program which is sure to put Cal on top. Cal ' s distance men, Ron Byers, Larry Houps, and Bob Price, are clocked by Coach Sam Bell. Bell Optimistic About Future Meets Jim Kennedy lands in the sand at 23 ' 8 " —his best mark ever. Sophomore Gary Pennington thrusts the javelin on its way to a 236 ' 11 " mark and a new Cal record. FROSH TRACK—Row One: Walt Weir, Frank Zisman, Bob McLennan, Jerry TalIon, John Downing, Steve Simon. Row Two: Steve Metcalf, Jim Smith, Greg Pagan, Randy Weilm, John Mayfield, Jim Berger. Row Three: Rick Preston, Jay Moss, Jody Ellsworth, Jeff Demanes, Bob Waldon, Gary Wittenmeier. Row Four: Bill Zachary, Steve Byers, Clarence Wally Mattingly, Bob Kurtz, Coach Anthony Sucec. Fencing Club - Steel Clash Ends in Honors The fencing team, coached by Jules Alpar, aims to train its members for competition in the NCAA tournament and for matches against other collegiate fencing teams. This season Cal ' s amazing Diana Amidon once again won first honors in the Northern California Intercollegiate Individual Fencing championship. The men ' s championship, however, was lost to San Francisco State. FENCING CLUB—Row One: Kathy Wood, Liz Maxwell, Cam Purcell, Flo Mitchell, Joan McKenna, Antoinette Roubichou. Row Two: Tom Stimac, Richard Edelman, Larry Blackshere, Coach Julius Alpar, George Huffman, Stanley LeKach, Mark Coon. Fencing is an effective way to let off steam and ease tensions. But you always have to be on guard. Brown Belt Byron Asakawa throws Jim Christie. Judo Team Strong - Five Black Belts This year ' s Judo Club, coached by George Uchida, is one of the strongest in Cal ' s history. With four first degree black belts, Ron Mayeda, Pat Going, Fred Weissberg, and Jack Sakazaki, and one second degree black belt (the next belt up), Gary Mayeda, the Cal team expects to do very well in the National Collegiate finals at San Jose State. In the Brown Belt Tournament, the team did not do too well as a whole, but several Cal men placed well. Howard Chan placed second in the 135-pound division at the tournament. JUDO CLUB—Row One: Keith Ching, Howard Chan, Glenn Chu, Jim Christie, Mohammad Siadat, Peter Trusko, David Rodriguez. Row Two: Byron Asakawa, Rand Krumland, Dennis Snyder, Randy Sakamoto, Sonny Tsuboi. Row Three: Gary Koyama, Ron Mayeda, Pat Going, Fred Weissberg, Milton Loo, Jack Sakazaki, Yasuo Nakayama, Gary Mayeda, Coach George Uchida. Marksmen Shoot Bullseyes - Win for Cal RIFLE TEAM — Row One: Libby Sinclair, Larry Fong, Jon Hammond, Steve Trulson, Lorraine Louie. Row Two: GYSGT. W. T. Wright, Jim Ritchie, Karl Schmidt, Mike Thurlow, John Taylor. A gun-sight is pointed towards its target. This year ' s rifle teams, both men ' s and women ' s, continued their sharpshooting and once again did well in Northern California riflery competition as new gunnery sergeant W. T. Wright successfully completed his first year as coach. Rifle matches and practice sessions are held in the Hearst Rifle Range from which the sharp sound of bullets hitting their targets echoes nearly every day. Jim Ritchie, team captain, led the Bears in marksmanship this year. Markswoman Libby Sinclair aims as John Taylor watches. The start of a Cal race at the Strawberry Canyon Course. The course was only half a mile long but the trail, which consisted of a thin dirt road and foot trails, was very muddy, making the course one of the hardest ever. Come rain or shine the women ' s crew must work-out to keep in shape. Bear Dave Brink, national champion and twelfth in the world in the 4000-meter race and state champion in the 100-mile road race, easily won this event. In fact, he lapped all of his oppponents at least once in the race. Cal Bicyclists Race - Dave Brink Wins Again Women ' s Crew Com petes for Cal The crew team is preparing the shell for a dip into victory. WAA Council Governs Intramurals The Women ' s Athletic Association is for the direction, development, and coordination of the policies and plans which have governed over 1400 participants this year. The purpose of the WAA is to encourage an interest in sports; to provide an opportunity for all women to participate actively in some form of recreation; to develop motor skills and to engage in friendly competition; to promote good sportsmanship and a spirit of cooperation and fellowship. WAA One: Sophie Che, Sue Forbes, Pam Strong, Pres. Row Two: Carolyn Krohn, Diane Wydler, Miss R. Park, Advisor; Marilyn Thompson, Miss Parker, Advisor. Women ' s " C " Society Membership in the Women ' s " C " Society is invitational and is based on service to WAA, skill in sports, and participation in and sports clubs. Membership in the society is the highest award and honor that can be attained by a member of the Athletic Association. The Society is also the official hostess of the WAA and serves the association by assisting with its activities such as Sports days and competitions. WOMEN ' S " C " SOCIETY—Lynda Brothers, Diane Wydler, Marsha Bratten, Sarah Simmerman, Regina Weil, Pam Strong, Miss Doris White, Advisor. Absent: Gail Navuo, Joanna Carson, Pippa Phillips, Peggy Pierce, Kathy Scott. Sports Club Members Compete in all Sports The Cal women ' s Intramural Board controls the women ' s recreational sports program while the Sports Club Board regulates instruction and of sports activities which offer an to meet and compete against women students from many colleges and universities. These clubs provide competition in volleyball, basketball, field hockey, tennis, swimming, softball, badminton, riflery, bowling, table tennis, and gymnastics. SPORTS CLUB BOARD INTRAMURAL One: Carolyn Krohn, Pam Strong, Simi Lee. Row Two: Linda Covely, Birgie Black, Diane Wydler, Barbara Hannigan. Women Rally to Intramurals Alpha Phi gridder Phyllis Coghlin runs for a gain. Star Alpha Phi quarterback, Linda Brothers, shows her passing ability. One of the highlights of this year ' s Women ' s Intramurals program was the Powder Puff football victory by the aggressive, novice Alpha Phi gridders. However, the ever-enthusiastic Gamma Phi Betas rallied to capture not only the women ' s Volleyball title but also the Basketball championship. The Women ' s Intramural program also offers such activities as bowling, badminton, and swimming. Many Cal women also compete in tennis matches. Intramurals hoopster, Jane Armstrong, shoots for two points. SAE, Boalt Lead Intramurals ' Races INTRAMURAL OFFICE— Kooman Boycheff, Supervisor; Mrs. Harriet Blue, Secretary; Roy McGuire, Assistant Supervisor; Harry Frere, Head Soccer Official; Bill Manning, Head Official. When spring comes, amateur jocks organize their baseball teams. Entering the final quarter of competition, eighty-one American and National League teams are vying for top honors. The point standings at spring semester quarter were: NATIONAL LEAGUE 1. Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2. Sigma Alpha Mu 3. Sigma Phi Epsilon 4. Zeta Beta Tau 5. Sigma Chi AMERICAN LEAGUE 1. Boalt No. 2. Barrington 3. Commuters 4. 5. I-House Associate Deutschman, Jay Astor, dribbles down court as his Putnam Hall foe follows closely. Weekend Co-Rec - A Chance to Let off Steam Neither rain, nor sleet, nor snow can keep Cal jocks from engaging in the sport of their choice. Co-Rec allows many coeds to have their turn on the trampoline. Forrest Beaty Four Seniors Forrest Beaty Honored as All-U Athlete Cal ' s Forrest Beaty, a Speech major from Glendale, was honored last fall with the title of All-U Athlete. Well-deserving of this honor, Forrest was on the varsity track team for three years and on the varsity football team for two. He has set all-time Cal records in the 220 (21.0), and in the 440 (46.3). Another high performance ranked Forrest ninth in Cal history in the 100-yard dash. His time was 9.6 seconds. Also starring in Cal relay teams, Forrest led the 1964 mile team and the 1965 440 team to record times of 3:07.4 and 40.3, respectively. Even aside from his athletic talents Forrest is a well-rounded student. He was president of the Big " C " Society as well as a member of the Cal Club, the Californians, and the Order of the Golden Bear. Bob Price Senior Bob Price came to Cal as a 4:38 miler from a high school that had no organized track team. Since then, he has set numerous Cal track records. As a freshman, he set the Cal frosh 2-mile record at 9:27.5 (but this record was broken last year). He ran 4:11.7 in the mile and 9.07.4 in the 2-mile in his sophomore year. Last year he set Cal ' s 3-mile, 6-mile, and 3000-meter steeplechase records, clocking 8:54.1, 14:09.8, 29:26.7, and 8:53.9, in addition to a 4:04.0 mile, making him the second fastest miler in Bear history. He placed fourth in the National AAU steeplechase. Bob has earned four cross country letters and three track awards. Honored as Outstanding Competitors Jerry Bradley Jerry Bradley, a 151-pound, 5 ' 11 " Business Administration major, has set several Cal football records. Starring on the Cal team as a for three years, Jerry holds four Bear career records and one season record. His career records are: most yards pass receiving; most touchdowns via pass receiving; most yards via punt returns; most punt returns. His season record is also most yards via punt returns. Perhaps Jerry ' s most memorable play will be the last second winning touchdown pass he snatched from his Penn State opponents last year. Besides excelling in football, Jerry did well on the frosh track team and on the varsity rugby team. Senior and star gymnast Josh Robison ended his fourth year as Cal ' s top ringman in a blaze of glory as he captured the NCAA Still Rings Crown with an outstanding 9.6 routine in the National Collegiate Championships at Carbondale, Illinois. The graceful history senior from North Hollywood has dominated the rings competition on the coast for several years, winning the AAWU still rings championship three years in a row. Josh is also very talented on floor exercise, the long horse, and high bar. Josh Robison Charlie Perkins, the 6 ' 21 2 " senior in Agriculture, finished the year as the best percentage shooter in Cal hoopster history. Leading the Pac-8 in free-throw shooting, Charlie went on to set four Cal records. He broke the old season field goal record by hitting 188 (Critchfield also broke this record). He also set the season free-throw percentage record at 84.6% by hitting an amazing 110 shots out of 130 attempts; his field goal percentage was an outsta nding 50.9%. Few Bear fans will forget the startling record-breaking year has had. Charlie Perkins Big " C " Society UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Ned Averbuck Bud Becker Bob Blake Ed Byrne James Corly Jim Cullom Bob Di Grazia Tom Dunlap Bill Dutton Richard Erickson Harold Frey Brutus Hamilton James Harkness Rene Herrerias Miles Hudson Robert Johnson Charles Keeney Clark Kerr Mike Koll Adrian Kragen James Landon James Lemmon Ernie Madison Jerry McCarn Ralfe Miller William Monohan Chet Murphy Edgar Nemir Peter Newell Henry Peters Conway Peterson Alva Ragan Robert Sproul Wendell Stanley E. W. Strong Ian Turner Bud Van Deren Peter Van Houten Arleigh Williams Robley Williams Jack Williamson Ray Willsey George Wolf man Bob Wueste UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS BASEBALL William Archer A. Brad Bryan Don Bunch George Cate Gary Coburn Tom Cooper Tony Fattarsi Bill Frost Bob Leatherwood Bill Mathews Rich Nye Robert Rebuschatis John Shaw Frank Smith Roger Stevens Mike Taylor Dave Woo BASKETBALL Russ Critchfield Myron Erickson Larry Hart Ed Hoppin Andy Newman Robby Olson Eric Unruh John Wardell Bob Wolfe BOXING Paul Bell Dale Chamblin Pete Cowan Walt Cunningham Leroy Phillips Richard Weinbrandt CREW Norm Bliss Bob Cross D. Scott Greg Dan Hatch Hardin Jones John King Denny Lane Everett Mathews Rich McLellan Myron Page John Reding Roy Romey Dennis Seguine Doug Shirachi Norm Stanley Doud Thure Richard Tietz FOOTBALL Brock Arner Richard Aschenbrenner John Beasley Richard Bennett Dan Berry Jerry Bradley Barry Bronk Gary Bystrom Bob Crittenden Roger Foster Jim Fetherston George Gearhart Dan Goich Don Guest Francis Hammes Greg Hatfield Larry Lathrop Richard Laven Frank Lynch Duane Mayfield Mike McCaffrey Ron Miller Jerry Mosher Ted Parks Larry Reis Lloyd Reist John Schmidt Jim Sheridan Bob Smith Dan Sinclair Paul Stevens Wayne Stewart Mike Stone Ed White Gerald Woods GOLF Randy Edwards Hans Janzen GYMNASTICS Pat Bailey Paul Benya Tom Bruce Clodd Chin Sid Freudenstein William Fujimoto Jim Lindstrom Josh Robison Herb Solomon SOCCER Don Bastien Dave Brown Mario Copello Bill Finnegan Harry Frere Farouk Hussain Charles Kindred Dan Morales Francesco Mulas Arto Nurmikko Tony Ojigbo Bora Ozkok Tor Rasmussen Ernie Wideman SWIMMING Bill Bender Harry DeVictoria Ed Evans Leland Faust John Gage Larry Gruver Richard Jacobberger Carl Maes Don Megna Carl Mortensen Eric Phillips Mike Piazza Ronald Quick John Southard Bob Steinberg Charles Weitzenberg TENNIS Charles Darley Bob Meinhardt TRACK Dave Allen Mike Andreasen Bill Carter Ken Cole Dave Demorest Chuck Glen Larry Hengl Stan Inkelis Jim Kennedy Lou Kirtman Martin Koenekemp Gary Mahan John McCrary Bob Price Mike Robinson Lyman Shaffer Mike Shafer Devone Smith Jim Steiner WATER POLO Nikola Catipovic Ken High Bob Miller Jeffrey Reeder Jon Shores Mike Turner Schuyler Van Scoy John Welty WRESTLING Stuart Crymes John Harder Barry Masuda Wilson Montgomery Dave Oller Jim Porter Dave Sears Bernard Vancil LIFE IS NEITHER A BANQUET NOR A DREARY PILGRIMAGE; NOR A LOTUS-EATER ' S PARADISE; IT IS A SCHOOL OF MANKIND - Burnett H Streeter Living Groups SO LONG AS WE LOVE, WE SERVE, SO LONG AS WE ARE LOVED BY OTHERS I WOULD ALMOST SAY WE ARE INDISPENSABLE. AND NO MAN IS USELESS WHILE HE HAS A FRIEND Robert Louis Stevenson Sororities Panhellenic Girl of the Year Jennifer Meux, 1966 Panhellenic Girl of the Year, has led an active four years at Cal. Chosen Outstanding Pledge of Zeta Tau Alpha, she continued to participate in house functions by serving as house manager and special events chairman. On campus, she was a member of Brick Muller, Tower and Flame, and Honor Students ' Society. She was also elected into Panile, Prytanean and Mortar Board. Her remaining time and energy was devoted in large to the YWCA, of which she was first Treasurer and then President. Her interest in water-color painting also led to participation in the AWS Art As for the future, Jennifer plans to enter Medical School upon graduation. Panhellenic Board PANHELLENIC BOARD—Toni Nolan, Barry Camille Durney, Pam Madsen, Margaret Bent, Mary Lou Swift, President; Donna Burger, Nancy Platt, Carolyn Dowd. SENIORS Janet Cheney Liz Dalrymple Ann Darlington Andrea Davidson Cathy Erigero Cathy Fleming Ann Goodman Lynn Hilgendorf Valerie Kravetsky Sherry Lawyer Carolyn Lockie Jane Mazzoni Kathy Mecchi Nancy Miller Kathy Rathlesberger Janet Smith Sigrid Ann Toreson Tonya Whelan JUNIORS Jane Armstrong Judy Armstrong Nan Booth Cristi Brimer Kris Clark Nancy Davis Maureen Finn Eve Haberfield Elisabeth Jane Harris Elaine Hawkins Nancy Irwin Claudia Johnson Dana Kindt Ronnie-Beth Krasnow Chris Miller Susan Monaghan Carole Morrow Sandy Puncsak A Chi O ' s - All Star Powder Puff Players with a Winning Spirit A bird ' s-eye view A X A house, Is a house, Is a house ... Stephanie Smith Mary Tryon Jane Turner Dee Wild SOPHOMORES Karen Albrecht Chris Bergren Harlene Brock Linda Elliott Julie Grau Denise Grieve Lynn Marie Howell Terry Kindt Nancy Lewis Therese Lorenz Mary MacDonald Diane Williams Katrina Williams FRESHMEN Julie Ashby Jane Corby Helene Deehan Doreen Hamilton Barbara Maas Pledges Rule at A D Pi SENIORS Sandy Coates Carol Foudy Genie Melone Donna Stepp Mary Lou Swift Annamarie Talunas JUNIORS Sheri Boles Wendy Bollier Jane Connolly Sue Culver Kathi Davis Marcia Hayburn Bette Heuler Stacia Horn Georgeanne Huff Darcy Kelly Donna Norton Mary Rice Carol Schmidt Carolyn Sherman Mary Soares Mary Tisch Sherie Tomlinson Barbara Travaglio Chris Zakarian SOPHOMORES Gail Alexander Carolyn Bell Carol Burton Jan Cate Camille Collier Rosie Edwards Laurie Grunewald Kathy Ham Ellen Meifert Genie Moreno Sheila Pruitt Happiness is twenty-six pledges. Alpha Ribbon Fall Delta Plediging 1966 Pi A Alpha Delta Pi Takes Part in Big Game Activities Alpha Delta Pi started off another and rewarding year with Fall Rush and the pledging of 26 girls. ADPi ' s participated as usual in Oski Dolls, various little sister groups, Brick Muller, several honor societies, in campus contests, and made a spirited, if futile, attempt at Powder Puff football. Social highlights of the year were Presents, the Pledge Dance, Winter Formal, Spring Formal, and pinnings and engagements. The ADPi ' s helped build a Big Game float and gave their traditional Christmas party for senior citizens, rounding out activities with the impromptu fun of exchanges, firesides and gnoxyls. Gerri Rostron Helene Ruzicka Paula Sengstack Linnea Smith Roseanne Stevens Vicki Tiernan Lauren Zetterquist FRESHMEN Gail Alexander Elin Anderson Kim Bond Kathy Braaten Renata Brunetta Lynne de Groot Jane Durant Sandi Eames Pat Fleming Daphne Molfino Joanne Ohliger Karin Peterson Patti Schwiers Sheri Steffens Scholarship, Service This year the girls of Alpha Epsilon Phi were busily engaged in extracurricular activities. As the fall quarter began, AEPhi ' s could be found as members of Oski Dolls, Angel Flight, AWS models, Brick Muller, Cal Camp, Publicity and Public Relations, intramural sports for W.S.A., volunteers in tutorial programs, Sisters of Minerva, the newspaper and yearbook staffs, and Panhellenic. We are also fortunate in having members in Panile, Prytanean, and Mortar Board. Two pom-pom girls, one member of the ASUC Cabinet, and the freshman class also are members of our house. SENIORS Ann Bettelheim Bobbie Burg Sandi Cooper Toni Feldmar Eileen Kollman Jill Schlessinger Andy Takemoto Ellen Winston JUNIORS Barbara Adashek Karen Carash Rosalind Falk Gail Feldman Lynn Freschl Karen Friedman Sue Gershenson Cindy Gilman Lori Hackel Nina Janowsky Elaine Kutcher Reenie Michael Ronna Paper Nancy Platt Laurie Rosenman Rise Siegel Lois Tuckerman Sandy Turk Willa Weidler SOPHOMORES Patti Adelson Susie Basch Louise Blatteis Linda Cahn Marcy Elkind Bobbie Glick Gail Goldstein Carol Goodman A Phichedelic R.F. Meanwhile ... Back at scholarship dinner. and Sisterhood The AEPhi ' s were active in campus activities. With our neighbors, the Kappa Sigs, we made a float for the Big Game parade. That " Big Game, " however, could not have been more amazing than our first powder puff football game we played with Pi Beta Phi. While recuperating from their injuries, the girls found time to study. Last year we received the Panhellenic Scholarship Award for having the highest cumulative grade point average for two semesters. Two girls were elected to Phi Beta Kappa. As the largest sorority on campus, the girls of Alpha Epsilon Phi continue to excel in scholarship and devote much time to serving others. A E Jill Greenspahn Jerrilyn Harris Linda Hersh Barbara Hom Joyce Konigsberg Karen Lloyd Janne Novack Cindy Platt Gayle Pollet Linda Reich Margaret Reiss Lois Rubens Patti Ruvkun Karin Schwartz Cindy Sobel Gail Weisberg Mary Weiss Liz Weller FRESHMEN Lori Abrams Fredda Avidon Sally Baer Jill Feldman Judy Felix Marian Gilden Paula Goldstone Susan Levin Lois Levy Melody Marks Anne Raphael Lorie Shapiro Ann Siegle Wendy Sheinkopf Francine Wasserman Julie Wasserman Marjory Winkelman Andy Zeitlin Never a Dull Moment at AGD SENIORS Diane Bass Nancy Brown Edith Chamberlain Sue Connor Alpha Gamma with Smiles, Kathie Finn Anita Hall Katrinka Heilbron Sharon Holmes Mama Kellner Maggie Milstead Adrienne Morales Jan Ritzau Dotti Russell Sherry Swanson Roxanne Tess Dawn Urbais JUNIORS Kathie Cochran Linda Coombes Pam Deats Julie Dewey Carolyn Dowd Leigh Evans Jan Gholson Karen Gustavson Jane Harrington Jill Herkus Terry Kohler Kathy Morris Kasee Nesbitt Carla Nielsen Carol Noji Sherry OrziIli Sue Robbins Karen Sborov Kathy Steel Katherine Stone Kathi Walt Karen White SOPHOMORES Joan Ferris Carol Jackson What will those pledges think of next? " For what is your friend that you should seek him with hours to kill? Seek him always with hours to live ... " When you walk by the AGD house you ' ll be sure to hear laughter and should you chance to pass through its door you ' ll sense the sincerity of our smiles. It is understood that each girl is allowed to be herself and that she save the best for her friends. A Delta - A House Spirit and Sincerity Gayle Mosely Diane Neves Carol Pierce Sue Prescott Carol Quellmalz Chris Reding Helen Rodriquez Margo Scharing Debbie Smith FRESHMEN Yvette Blazzard Mary Ruth Carleton Aileen Davis Lynne Marx Mary Mattis Hilary Parsons Jan Persons Cathy Smith A pyramid of happiness and relief after rush. Alpha Gamma Delta Ribbon Pledging Spring ' 66 SENIORS Gathy Hector Vicky Kaye Carol Kimball Susan McShirley Barb Peppard Nancy Yudelson JUNIORS Linda Baker Pat Brautigam Becky Butler Bonnie Cathcart Kathy Cunningham Josie Dizenfeld Cindy Graham Barbara Gross Gail Hamilton June Hargrove Judy Heins Mimi Lee Sue Sue Dameron Stoddard New Pledges Give Alpha Omicron Pi Something Special - Spirit and Fun! 2311 Prospect A O Val Wickland SOPHOMORES Nancy Barret Alpha Omicron Pi started the year off right with a pledge class of twenty-three. The pledges enhanced the spirit of the house and added many new activities to those we already had. We were proud to have girls studying abroad, as well as girls in Tower and Flame and Panile. We also had pom pom girls, Oski Doll, and girls participating in intramurals, little sister groups, and Armed Forces hostess organizations. Audrey Borochoff Michelle Davis Barbara Eisendorf Pat Gallagher Linda Googe Diane Grant Suzanne Leimbrock Kristie Lewis Jill Lynn Linda Raap Kathy Solomon Marilyn Strumwasser Chris Viktor FRESHMEN Lynn Brown Britta Bull Mareth Ellsworth Marcia Hamilton Suzanne Holiday Cindy Houghton Carol Ziebell The Winners! The year 1966-67 was filled with activity for the Alpha Phis. Upon arrival at Cal this fall, we learned that the East Bay Panhellenic Association had awarded the house $150 for the most improved scholarship during the past year. Then came Fall Rush, and the addition of 25 new pledges to Alpha Phi. Even with girls in Europe, at other campuses in the States, and living at home, the house at 2830 Bancroft Steps was filled to capacity. Big Game Week was memorable for everyone, including Alpha Phi. The highlight for us was winning the Powder Puff Football Championship (many thanks to coaches, Theta Delta Chi). We also participated in the float contest, working into the wee hours with Sigma Nu, and in other Big-Game activities. Individually, Alpha Phis were involved in the Tussman Program, Cal Club, Student Orientation Service, Cal Prep counseling, Model UN, Cowell volunteers, tutoring, Aiguillettes, Angel Flight, Brick Muller, and various and sundry queen contests. With majors from Art to Zoology, as well as broad extracurricular interests, it was a good year for Alpha Phi. SENIORS Mickey Bent Nancy Binger Lynda Brothers Carolyn Clark Page Fisher Barbara Haag Mary Heaton Marjorie Livingston Marcia Manson Pamela Owings Jennifer Shaw Margaret Sisson Julie Totten Deborah Widmer JUNIORS Josselyn Ames Linda Baim Lynn Batchelder Story Bissell Barbara Bonner Lynn Burrows Merle Chambers Laurel Glover Sharon Knutson Cindy Martin Nancy Norton Lois Rice Michaele Roth Pamela Rudiak Lois Tripp Gail Ann Tuck Sue Wickliffe SOPHOMORES Chris Bergren Becky Blevins Leslie Grant Sue McMeans Carla Roth Alpha Phi Places Great Importance on Cultural Development On the Bancroft Steps, in Berkeley town, Live seventy girls of fame and renown; Their fraternity colors are grey and bordeaux, Their ivy-leaf symbol is one we all know. Powder-Puff football, a scholarship dinner, A tutoring project, a formal in winter; For culture, a box at S.F. Symphony, And Cardiac Aid for philanthropy. Penny-sealed doors at the crack of dawn Meant twenty-five pledges had " snuck " and gone; " Inspiration Week " was the activities ' fun, But initiation day made them all one. Study hall, parties, tennis and skis, The sweethearts of Cal are the great ALPHA PHIS. Gail Treadwell Barbara Winslow FRESHMEN Sue Bertolli Mariana Bradford Phyllis Coghlan Carolyn Cox Alexander Dewar Kathy Farrell Mary Haley Maureen Hanrahan Ayn Mattei Lyn Mattei Kay Walker Dian Wright Susan Wright 2830 Bancroft Steps The Powder Puff Battle. . . Alpha Phi Victorious Alpha Xi Delta - For Those Who Think Young! A " Oh, We ' re the girls from Alpha Xi, Hurrah, hurrah " ... And there in a nutshell is what we ' re all about. We like activities — Treble Clef, Blue and Gold, Tower and Flame, etc.; we like sports — intramural; we like our annual Rose Formal in the spring; we like Santa Claus. Guess what— we also like Cal! We ' re a lively group—would you believe hyperthyroid? That ' s why none of us collapses on the way up to our home on the Bancroft Steps— right next to the Memorial Stadium —that ' s why we go to all the football games—we never run out of breath; that ' s also why our pledges stay up all night to take a sneak at 5:00 in the morning. Oh yes ... " We ' re a rowdy crew in everything we do. " SENIORS Brenda Bell Nancy Gherlone Karry Harper Virginia Harrell JUNIORS Bonnie Belden Pamela Bernauer Judi Calvert Sue Cannata Holly Childhouse Georgia Kelley Janis Kirschner Marie Prahser Denise Weiner SOPHOMORES Linda Hauser Laura London Teddy McCally FRESHMEN Laura Bickoff Cindy Black Kathryn Crabtree Sally Wass Dian Wintle 2833 Bancroft Steps SENIORS Mary Carrier Joan Chapel Linda Davis Marilyn Edwards Stephanie Ellis Jeanne Fralic Kathryn Gant Judith Gerritsen Lora Getchel Suzanne Haas Paula Kokores Corliss Miller Carol Moore Diana Powers Sandra Sayre Susan Stark Elizabeth Sturm Cathleen Theobald Kathryn Urner Margaret Wattron Barbara Wright JUNIORS Duease Adams Julie Casassa Jane Dickel Karin Elliott Alfreda Fry Ellen Hartenfeld Susan Henderson Susanna Jack Louise Kleinsorge Julia McMeans Nancy Nebeker Darby Nelson Jennifer Peterson Diane Pettitt Susan Rathbun Janice Reber Barbara Schei Susanna Sciutto Wendy Stone Singleness of purpose brings and binds us together, while harmony is achieved through the difference and individuality of each member. They simply are, these four years in Chi Omega. We never will them, we sometimes notice them, we appreciate them enough, and we spend the rest of our lives reliving them ... 2421 Piedmont Leslie Urch Ann Wilson Linda Wood SOPHOMORES Tonilyn Bowman Ann Bremer Wendy Camp Diane Church Nancy Danielson Leslie Ellis Karen English Roberta Fountain Katherine Gale Diana Haas Signe Hanson Catherine Howe Katherine Lanzarotti Christina Presti Synn Renalde Susan Shearer Kathleen Welch Patricia Yim FRESHMEN Virginia Anderson Susan Edgren Elizabeth Edwards Kathryn Fralic Linda Golden Pamel Mattson Mary Ann Muller Kelsey Patton Theodora Quatman Virginia Skarsten Prudence Tillotson Barbara Ziegler SENIORS Janice Anderson Paula Andre Kathy Black Pam Chappell Kande Devendorf Martha Frank Lenore Freschi Kaaren Iverson Cammy Leggett Cindy Martin Mary McDonagh Mary Michael Suzy Mounts Barbara Murphy Mary Ann Rusk Kathy Ryan Stephanie Schnabel Marilyn Tatarian Lani Thomson Wendy Tyler Jill Varney Donna Weir JUNIORS Janet Bainbridge Lindsey Brown Karen Colberg The end of rush week brings tears of joy. Besides the traditional pledge dance, exchanges, Powder Puff football, and other social activities, the Tri-Delts took an active part in Community Service. Volunteer work for the Fred Finch Home for delinquent teenage boys was a major activity for many of the girls, while other girls devoted time to the YMCA projects in the Berkeley area. Benefiting from participation in the Faculty program available to living groups, our advisor, Professor Wayne Shumaker and his wife were a pleasant, as well as informative addition to our House. Speakers from the Peace Corps and the Reverend Charles Brown were among the many interesting dinner guests at the Tri-Delt house. 2300 Warring Fraternity Education Broadens Horizons of Sorority Life Sharon Enright Lynn Francis Stefan Harvey Deeanne Madden Maisie McCarty Jane Rutherford Diana Vandersloot SOPHOMORES Chris Brown Cathy Bull Carolyn Corker Laurel Crosbie Lori Keene Sherry Martin Kathy NiccolIs Becky Redman Tri Delts Give Year of Service to the Community Vicki Schmidt Celinda Tabucchi Sharon Vannucci Linda Worlow FRESHMEN Chris Benson Suzi Blackburn Barbara Hardacre Cathy Hewitt Rhea Irvine Barbara Robins Julie Wagner Despite Bruises, Mud and Coaches, Children from the Blind School were entertained at our house in with DG ' s national charity of working for sight conservation. Blind children were helped in a more personal way by girls in the house. Some of Delta Gamma ' s campus activities Oski Dolls, AWS models, members in Angel Flight and Brick Muller. DG ' s were also active in Campus Crusade and AISEC. SENIORS Mary Bevan Karen Colyear Linda Cyrog Mimsy Dexter April Drew Chris Felix Susan Gary Joan Gurvich Chris Hutchinson Mary Kelso Joan Leathers Leslie Marble Ellie McAdam Nancy Mclssac Alice Movius Sydney Pamphilon Kathy Parker Patty Renwick JUNIORS Tisha Baldwin Carolyn Banker Caroll Barker Jane Beeson Lin Bonsall Bette Bordan Jane Bryan Cam Corlett Jan Farley Ruta Hagmann Ann Haney Cathy Harvey Marilyn Howe Janeen Knight Donna Lee Janet Mauel Pat Napoli 1966-1967 Was a Year of Accomplishment for the DG ' s Diane Olbright Sherri Raap Debbie Schneil Cindy Smith Laurie Spitz Diane Wehe SOPHOMORES Millie Alexander Carolyn Cochrane Ellie deGiovanni Poppy Eager Lynn Grossman Gretchen Jacobsen Mary Jacoby Terry Jenkins Lauren Marble Carol Morse Leal-ann Senram Nancy Shipman Carol Simpson Donna Transbeg Dawn Wall Kerry Warnock FRESHMEN Christy Carlson Cathy Cleave Anne Cronin Alice diGiogio Susan McKay Bonnie Nance Sally Neilsen Corinne Powell Chris Priday Nancy Rolapp Terri Sandison Through increased emphasis on high scholastic and participation in campus activities, we at Delta Gamma hope to do our part in strengthening the Greek System. At several faculty dinners, we enjoyed the company of and conversation with professors and teaching assistants. Mrs. Behman, of the Economics Department was our honored guest, in her position as our faculty sponsor. Despite bruises, mud and the Thetas, powder puff was one of the highlights of our fall quarter. The superb coaching assistance and cheering section by members of Tau Kappa Epsilon was greatly appreciated by all the Delta Gammas. Pre-Big Game activities also included our participation in the Turn Blue Contest. Fun, Friends, Love and Faith Are DPhiE ' s Goals for the Year SENIORS Linda Abrams Linda Berman Linda Felsenthal Emilie Harris Ronna Locks JUNIORS Karen DeGroot Sue Edelstein Ellen Freeman Carole Gross Barbara Hiyama Joanne Jampel Cecilia Kagan Beverlee Katz Carole Marks Merle Panick Sue Samuel Andi Stawisky Linda Steinberg Gina Strumwasser Candy Zander SOPHOMORES Karen Abramovitz Gwen Agid Roberta Concoff Elise Friedman 2455 Prospect St. Delta Phi Epsilon is Number One in Sorority Scholarship The little (but spirited) girls of Delta Phi Epsilon played powder puff football once again this year ... well, we try harder ... Remember the day the Super Seven pledges went to Napa? ... Napa won ' t forget either . . . Remedy for the rainy season: Noah ' s Ark . . . The Spaghetti Feed for Cystic Fibrosis .. . And Banana Week just for the fun of it ... Hard (?) studying in order to remain Number One . . . Our Motto: Have fun, have friends, have love, have faith ... That ' s what DPhiE is all about ... E Judy Goldberg Carol Goodman Phyllis Greenhouse Cindy Kass Arlene Kerner Lorrie Konkoff Janis Levine Paula Millman Joan Reiman Marilyn Solloway FRESHMEN Carol Greenberg Doreen Nepom Monette Salwen Rosanne Salomon A Z A Year of Fellowship, Fun and Fulfillment for the Delta Zetas Delta Zeta enjoyed a fun-filled year of firesides, exchanges with a pledge dance and a winter formal at the Saint Francis Hotel in San Francisco. They were motivated by their faculty fellow, Dr. Carmen of the School of Business Administration, to seek high scholastic standing and better student-faculty relations. Delta Zeta ' s participated in such campus activities as: Angel Flight, Aiguillettes, Prytanean, AWS, Women ' s Rally Comm. and Class Government. SENIORS Sally Blagborne Cheryl Brown Diana Campagna-Pinto Margaret Coffelt Kathie Fredericks Sarah Hatch Gayle Johnson Sue Keto Ann Mowrey Babs Nash Kathy Oelman Virginia Scott Bridget Smith Chris Sullenger Trudy Turner Kathy Jo Wade JUNIORS Carol Bergfeld Sandy Heiman Carol Paulson Judy Perlis Sharon Richards Marilyn Thompson Laurel Welz SOPHOMORES Sonia Grunblatt Barbara Kolsky Simi Lee Valerie Onken Amy Sudgihara Joan Wheeler Donna Wineburgh FRESHMEN Karen Heims Maureen Kamen Nancy Smith Sorority Life... The AChiO line-up. Whee... Gamma Phi Betas End Year of Gamma Phis Claim " I like you too much not to say it. You ' ve got everything, except one thing; Madness. A man needs a little madness, or else He dares not cut the rope and be free. " SENIORS Bobbie Bennett Chris Block Kathy Bloom Nancy Brock Marilyn Cady Connie Chalberg Sara Eddy Kathy Ferguson Gail Gibson Pris Hecht Lynn Larabee Jean McCallum Janet Myers Mary Phillips Judy Sherwood Jeannine Yeomans JUNIORS Karen Berdahl Patty Braner Joy Campagnoli Joanne Chow Marlene Cox Bev Davis Diane Hall Andy Hammond Peg Hershenow Lynn Krohn Carol McCann Lona McWilliam B Madness, Work, Spirit and Fun a Unique House Lili Moshiri Pat Nelson Niki Nichols Cathy Pace Kathy Saunders Liz Shane Diane Smith Mary Stewart Pam Strong Carol Sutherland Carole Swain SOPHOMORES Sue Allcorn Betsy Denison Lynn Erickson Beth Galindo Judy Guibert Kris Hallsten Christy Hunt Jacquie Jamieson Barb McFarland Ginny Milton Faye Rothganger Linda Veeh FRESHMEN Karen Aulwurm Cathy Chimiklis Carolee Pace Julie Rotary Margie Shaeff Mary Vlazakis Winning Spirit Prevails at Kappa Alpha Theta SENIORS Dianne Cairns Brandy Cravens Lynn Crawford Barbara Duffy Alex Frick Joanne Grobl Sue Hardy Dianne Hawley Joan Hofmann Jenny Holiman Freya Horne Betsy Sellman Jackie Smith Molla Stojkovitch Ellengale Toki JUNIORS Posy Anderson Jan Beauchamp Phoebe Biggle Jane Bronner Jane Brown Stephanie Crane Jean Danilovich Kathy Deamer Chris DeRenne Debby Doerflinger Mimi Drury Mimi Gramatky Rikki Hakala Wendy Hill Kathy Hooper Barbie Hoskins Annette La Rue Sue Manning Georgia Martenyi Dale Matsui Ann May Ginny Mayer Meredith McBurney 2723 Durant Thetas Participate in Big Game Week Activities Thetas are proud of their winning spirit — a combination of hard work, and group effort. This spirit, as well as the diversity among Theta members, brings success in sports, school activities, academics, and social life. Last year, enthusiastic Theta ' s cheered their team to victory for the second consecutive time in the Powder Puff Derby to open Big Game activities. But a team is only as strong as its members, and Theta ' s were active in Oski Dolls, Prytanean, Panile, Brick Muller Society, Treble Clef, Cal Club, Cal Prep, and Mortar Board. Goals were furthered with hard work in AWS, YWCA, Blue and Gold staff, intramurals, and the ASUC Senate. K A Janet Nelson Connie Powell Therese Riemer Mari Scurich Ann Thomas Connie Tomal Jeanie Ward Marion Warren Marilyn Westberg SOPHOMORES Jean Ackerman Joan Anthony Kris Brown Hilary Bryan Mary Sue Coyne Kat Davis Sally Edwards Sue Gleckler Chris Johnston Michele Pierron Linda Ralphs Sue Scott Polly Walker Peggy Walsh FRESHMEN Ellie Boone Sally Bronner Karen de Bakker Nancy Hall Deirdre McHugh Nancy Newton Chickie Pohlman Mary Sorensen Debby Stein Sally Stojkovich Melissa Taubman Katharine Wallace Georgia Westdahl SENIORS Pat Brugman Donna Burger Ann Dersheimer Susan Forbes Linda Fritz Vivian Hansen Cindy Howe Caroline Jukes Judy Kennedy Christine MacDougall Ada Montessoro Marj Pease Sally Scales Gail Scott Susan Shearer Ilene Wagner JUNIORS Barbara Barry Barbara Brinkley Ruth Brown Sheri Buttimer Vicky Carlyle Ann Cassattari Stephanie Felheim Susan Freeborg Jean Goncalves Marry Gottlieb Karen Hoffman Judy Johnson Cathy Koenig 2461 Warring Street Judy Kronke Merri-jo Levinger Fran McGann Karen Mendelson Mary Paulson Sue Quirin Sandy Rohde Shirley Stark SOPHOMORES Shelley Anton Donette Arnold Toni Bava Sherri Brainard Noell Cline Michele De Phillips Sue Kelley Sue Kiel Milli Miller Joyce Saltalamachia Jackie Smith Marianne Spamer Ginny Spangler Nancy Taylor Ruth Vogt FRESHMEN Elinor Accampo Carol Axline Dina DeBattista Mary Kayser Kitty La Force Ann Martin Ann Matthews Jackie Moss What is a Kappa Delta? The letters KD could well stand for Katharsis Deluxe or Kismet Dark, but they don ' t. Instead KD means sixty-five young women, attempting to coexist, while achieving great academic ends and becoming second string players for the Green Bay Packers. KD means falling out of a bunk bed and claiming it was a skiing accident or singing LSD at the top of your lungs. It means a slight interest in Hedonism, a interest in lockout, and a great interest in Cal. None of us are alike yet we ' re all females. You figure it out. SENIORS Kitty Allan Chris Brinkman Tory Campion Jane Chalmers Jill Dickson Chris Dornin B. J. Elias George Good Peggy Pettus Nancy Rolander Ann Schriber Roxanne Spieker Mary Kay Webber Mardi Wetherbee Meredith White JUNIORS Sue Barton Connie Barkan Jean Bedford Nancy Bouhaben Meg Crosby Candy Evart Linda Green Ann Griffin Polly Hills Nancy Jones Marian McCord Bee Merchant Cissy Moore Felicity Munday Patty Newton Claire Noonan Linda Powers Gay Rawlins Kappa Kappa Gammas Ham It Up and Have a Swingin ' Year K K Judy Rigby Vicky Roby Barbara Scatena Carol Singleton SOPHOMORES Diane Atterbury Ann Baker Sara Brandt Anne Campion Vicki Gott Pris Harrison Laurie Hendrickson Hope Julius Nancy Kuechler Kathy Meier Mimi Mott-Smith Carol Shen FRESHMEN Kacy Cook Patty Dinner Cindy Forgie Alyce Garat Peg Gessler Kit Peck Chris Railsback Therese Roos Marcia Smith Shelley Spencer Cheryl Struble SENIORS Kathleen Abbott Constance Bandy Nancy Julian Linda Kaufman Carol Manray Donna Ordeman Wendy Salter Anne Thompson JUNIORS Judy Howard Lanie Kruger Pam Madson April Rhyne Cheryl Saunders Claudia Schmidt Pinki Stevenson Ellen Venton SOPHOMORES June Cochran Ginny Cooper M Phi Mu - Fifty Years at Cal Maria Daifolis Tecia Lewis Nancy Pinkham FRESHMEN Ann Fay Dorothy Stephens Carol Stone Christine Thompson Sherilee Wieland This year marked a milestone for the Phi Mus as they celebrated their 50th year on the Berkeley Campus. With traditional pledge class spirit, the Phi Mu pledges threw a grand shebang — " Granny Relives the 1890 ' s. " The Seniors to o had their share of fun by taking a sneak on Blue Monday and leaving the chapter a blue dinner to celebrate the occasion. Also to be cherished are memories of the winter formal at the Mark Hopkins and beautiful candlelit pinnings. To round out their educational experience, the girls have enjoyed frequent guest speakers from both the campus and the community, which provide opportunities for informal discussion on topics of concern to the University Woman. Powder Puff players display team effort. Individualism and Team Effort the Keys to Sorority Living Sorority girls serve Cal as Pom Pom girls. 2325 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Liz Crist Ann Dey Virginia Dolan Candy Gillmor Sue Peck Jennifer Reese Lynn Seawell Sue Spiller Robyn Swafford Sue Van Slambrouck JUNIORS Barbara Berry Susan Bundschu Connie Collins D. D. Dwyer Suzy Gardner Barbie Koons Susan Lurman Christy Maxwell Vicki Stevens Dagmar Thompsen SOPHOMORES Libby Ames Joanne Bonner Buzz Cook Nancy Fisher Heidi Pirog Nancy Peck Robyn Relfe Libby Sinclair Carolyn Smith Martha Stevens Elenor Tobin Yvonne Thornborgh FRESHMEN Martha Baskett Liza Christianson Cindy Coveny Renee Guiral Kym Harley Ann Harris Sue Harrison Regs Howden Chris Lewis Kathy Lowe Marily Rice Joan Riley Chris Schoenfeld Donna Schwabacher Andrea Solari Jane Spiller Ann Stephens Betty Wythe Pi Beta Phi 18 Great Pledges and a Great Year SENIORS Sally Barr Bari Bradner Diana Davies Marlene DeSellem Diana Dorr Marilyn Downey Diane Drennen Lori Elms Carol Gibson Margie Heiser Patti Helset Morgan Hogan Sharon Jarvis Gail Johnson Naomi Kent Helen Lane Barbara Locatelli Rosemary Loughman Chalda Maloff Jena McIntosh Sigma Kappa Goes Round in Circles Marilyn Ramge Susan Rodgers Chris Schuetze Joan Self Terry Stanbler Pat Williams JUNIORS Emily Allen Sally Andree Bonnie Birsenger Angele Bonura Pat Cerri Marilyn Crane Liz Dunn Debi Dye Denise Mahon Susan Moore Sharon Morjig SOPHOMORES Christie Artus Marsha Crabtree Kathy Halloran " The lovely, white, English style mansion overlooking San Francisco Bay, " is still overlooking the Bay. The pledges are still taking sneaks; Rosie still presides over cookie-hour; routine life goes around in circles. But we managed to throw a few kinks in the gears. For instance: the 21 Club ' s weekly jaunts to the Rat ... hearty serenades intended and not ... fast, fast relief at T.G.I.F. ' S ...the Time-Tunnel pledge dance . . . the Axe Review skit that wasn ' t . . . and the speedy fall quarter that was. Marilyn Morgan Ruthann Morris Pat Pauli JoAnne Scarsi Rhea Seddon Leslie Seebach Jane Sheffield Karen Wagner FRESHMEN Kathy Anderson Loraine Culver Elinor Griffith Cathy Hill Kathy Kenfield Kelly Long Susan Lundberg JoAnne McDaniel Patty Radez Margee Robert JoAnn Rokoszewski Kitty Tartt Trina Waters K Zeta Tau Alpha ' s of Oski Dolls, Mortar Board, Rally Comm., Angel Flight, Panile, Prytanean, and AWS and YWCA still found time for their many great house activities: an pledge dance — " The Happening, " powder puff football, faculty dinners, a Halloween Party for deaf children, the Winter wine tasting, and Mrs. Heyns as dinner guests — It was a fantastic year! SENIORS Carol Anderson Julie Babbitt Novelle Barry Nina Burns Joan Cognetta Dianne Dienstein Diane Dougherty Sidney Gorman Carol Gutman Gudrun Henderson Linda Mattson Sharon McHugh Jennifer Meux Joanna Miller Susie Snedecor Meredith Tillotson Maxine Winters JUNIORS Linda Bogard Julie Griebrok Sandy Harris Bethanne Lee Ginny Lee Teri Morris Kay Neri Caroline Opocensky Cyndi Peat Trudy Procter Claire Vida Barbara Wareham Anne Wythe SOPHOMORES Donna Krafft Marcia Mace Lorraine McDonnell Sally McKay Pat Milano Linda Rader Helen Sherry FRESHMEN Winnie Gravendaal Gail Gutman Peg Lenson Jean Neri Jeannie Ogilvie Doreen Phelps Valerie Van Way Z T A A Fantastic Year! " . . .AND WHEN THE GAME IS OVER WE WILL BUY A KEG OF BOOZE AND WE ' LL DRINK TO CALIFORNIA TILL WE WOBBLE IN OUR SHOES! SO DRINK. . . . " Fraternities Area Representatives Not Pictured Terry Myers Jeff Provost Pat McMurray lnterfraternity Council Sponsors Civil Rights Speaker Series Dick Beahrs President Ray Gundlach First Vice President Walt Cunningham Second Vice President Carl Stoney Secretary Marty Wingren Treasurer Tim Klement Rush Chairman Andy Watson Area Representative John Rice Area Representative Greg Eckman Area Representative The Interfraternity Council at Berkeley was voted the second most in the United States by the IFC this year. This honor was due to the Interfraternity Council ' s on progressive activities like the Civil Rights Speakers Program. Through this program Robert Kennedy and Martin Luther King were able to speak on campus this year. The IFC also sponsored the Notre Dame-Cal rugby game and a major concert Spring Week. Other activities efforts to maintain the year ' s record of the highest grade point average in the history of campus fraternities and to continue increasing the number of rushees. A X P Alpha Chi Rho " Rushing Started the Year. . . " Rushing started the year off right with Walt Brown ' s blues lasting the night Of beer and bids, nerves and smiles, House Manager ' s hopes and emotional trials. The War of the Roaches, Sally and her pups, the termites and ivy holding us up, Telluride ' s opera at two in the morn, — " We need a new flag, the old one is worn! " Greg ' s birthday, the Pledge Dances, a pinning or two, Trucking, the Overnight, " Studying!! — YOU!? " Exchanges, sports, a game in the rain, Quarters are going to drive us insane. Speakers, LaVal ' s, and many things more To think this was only one year in four! SENIORS Norman Clayton Charles Glenn Steven Gutman James Hoobler Sally Peter Slapar JUNIORS Michael Callaway John Diehl Alan French Peter Haynes John Ozsvath Sidney Steveley SOPHOMORES David Berry Gabriel Farkas Colin Glenn Douglas MacGregor Greg McCarthy FRESHMEN Eric Barnett Kenneth Dachman 2311 LeConte Avenue GRADUATES John Baker Don Bergstrom Jim Chang Nirmal Chatterjee Richard Goodman Harace Gray Walter Krostek Dave Parrish Frank Rinehart Mel Rueppel Dave St. Clair Joel Tellinghuisen Baylor Triplett John Webster Artie Werner SENIORS Roger Birnbaum Paul Dietrich Wilfred Tan Jack Thomas JUNIORS Marshall Coopersmith Owen Griffith Larry Schick Ken Solen 2627 Virginia A X A Chi Sigma Fortified with Chemists A C A C I A Rush ' Round To the men of Acacia, the words of the proverb " To whom much is given, of him shall much be required " are no mere empty phrases. Whether on a swampy football field or in a classroom, in a tense house meeting or for a party, much is demanded and much is freely given. The term when applied to- an Acacian means activity in all fields. Whether it ' s IFC, Axe Review or just a regular weekend function, there ' s bound to be Acacians active. Half the Acacia story then, is activity. The other half is also activity, but of a different sort: To Acacians, education at Cal is both booking and boozing, studying and swinging. Without one, the other is worthless; too much of either means you ' re wasting your university days. Acacia tries to hit the medium—the well-educated man who enjoys life. SENIORS Hugh Ellis Bob Jacobsen Les Klinger John Lawson Jerry Mill Marty Wingren Bob Young JUNIORS Jim Beauchamp Mike Bolton Rick Christensen Steve Druker Gus Faure Acacia Sweetheart Miss Pat Gallagher A C A C I A Acacia men turn out to watch the Big Game parade. Bob Warner SOPHOMORES Dave Allen Richard Juarez Mike Morgan John Reiner Ken Strasser Larry Susnow FRESHMEN Harry Dellet Eric Drew John Brandon Dick Ken Rudy Szymczak Sam Hedgpeth Bill Hickman Joe Marshall Jay Miller Jim Olsen Ken Pier 2401 Ridge Road A Distinguished Alumni and Fourth New House Characterize Alpha Delta Phi Guy Racuya SENIORS Scott Gregg John Leavitt Jr. Mike Marsh Phil Pierpont Don Porter Jr. Herb Schmitt Jr. Rich Tietz Dennis Tominaga JUNIORS Peter Adams Bill Molmen Gary Shean Sky VanScoy SOPHOMORES Larry Field Rob Gregg FRESHMEN Tom Boehm Bruce Hall Bruce McGee Tom Parry One of the oldest Greek letter in the nation, Alpha Delta Phi was founded in 1832. Among alumni associated with the University of are presidents Daniel Coit and Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Dean of Men Jim Lemmon and frosh football coach Truck Collum. The new house, occupied in the fall of 1966, is the fourth house owned by the fraternity since its establishment at California in 1908 and offers many enjoyable over the former chapter house. Alpha Epsilon Pi, an Active House SENIORS Ron Morimoto JUNIORS Jeff Boyarsky Marc Dake Stan Delugach Sherwood Martin Ron Olgin Bruce Smith Charles Wax SOPHOMORES Al Bernstein Nate Betnun Henry Cohen Doug Samuelson FRESHMEN Jay Hodin Bob Schaffer Rick Schiller MASCOT Alphie 2709 Channing A E SOPHOMORES Ed Barnes Jerry Jones Paul McNally SENIORS Dave Grisham Curt Henke Tom Hinke Ken Kolberg Harry Lee Al Nishio JUNIORS Bruce Guthrie Jerry McCallum A Objectives of Alpha Gamma Omega To win others to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, To promote Christian fellowship, To present Christian ideals in word and deed, To search reverently for the truth, To uphold the traditions and ideals of the School, To deepen the spiritual lives of the members. 2713 Haste A K Christopher Nelson Gary Ratekin John Kreidler Chester Wanvig J UNIORS Benjamin Reese Robert Thurston Glen Wurts SOPHOMORES Max Copenhagen Henry Holmes FRESHMEN Frank Bliss Robert Chrestensen Kent Hughes Stephen Howard Blair Prentice New Chapter House Awaited by Western Founded AKL ' s A " wild " AKL party. Founded at the University of California over 50 years ago, Alpha Kappa Lambda remains today the only fraternity with its origin west of the Mississippi. Here at Alpha chapter emphasis is placed on an integrated program of athletics, a well-rounded social life and scholarship. In line with the unparalleled grow th of its National all over the country, the brothers of Alpha chapter anticipate the construction of a new chapter house in the near future. SENIORS James Hodgdon John Hitchcock Ronald Miller 2739 Channing Mike McKinley Geoffrey Pope SOPHOMORES Al Alcorn Bob Bonovich Mike Grisham Bill McLeod Larry Moser Felix Usis Rowdy Alpha Sigma Phis Carry on Noble " Greek " Traditions Located on the corner of Piedmont and Channing, the Alpha Sig house is at the seams. We ' re not crowded, but it seems that ever since Ronald Reagan became governor everything has been falling apart. Our goal this year (as it has been ever since that " Beta " on Sproul Hall steps back in ' 32) will be to live up to our hard-earned as " Greeks " . The men are forward to another year of raping, looting, pillaging, plundering and being of general assistance to the community. SENIORS Dave Bush Mike Marrs Bill Wasley JUNIORS Steve Akers Tom Horton Ed Ives Bob Kutz (not pictured) Jay Lensch Maurie Holman Ken Horacek Jim Malone Bob Owens Tom Paganelli Dave Rector SAM Cliff Shahbaz Jeff Widmann SOPHOMORES John Heath FRESHMEN Jim Flint Ron Janes Colin MacLane Dave McCall Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1865 Gamma Iota Chapter established 1900 One Hundred and Thirty Chapters " To bind men together in a based upon eternal and principles ... to teach, not politics, but morals; to foster, not partisanship, but the recognition of true merit wherever found . . . " Otis A. Glazebrook, 1880 founder ATO Founded at Virginia Military Institute in 1865 SENIORS Fred Clark Larry Hengl Nick Knueppe Dick Luthy Greg Monahan John Moock Steve Paliwoda JUNIORS Jon d ' Alessio SENIORS Paul Aebersold Thomas Clarke John Hutchinson Sam Sebree JUNIORS David Brown Jonathan Cosbe Stephen Dyer James Ellis Jeffrey Gallup Jeffrey Palmer SOPHOMORES John Elliott David Gremer Even Dignified Chi Phis Turn on Occasionally The wonderfulness of Chi with food! " we entreat at meals and beam in haughty pride at our early California decor, or is it early Either way it would make a Roman hang up his toga and go artsy. The faithful exodus to the innards of the house each TGIF day, where we stay till OSIS day. That nauseating yet irresistible scent of mildewy sawdust, how those Panhellenic Patsies love it! Cheers to the bar and may Miss join us, and why not the belle of the Thetas? Then there ' s ol d Sir Haw Kin lurking at our windows, disrupting our normal study habits. Poor Sir Kin; it ' s curtains for you and back to for us. Go ahead, drink, make merry, play the role! But beware, Chi Phis, or is it Hi Fis? You ' ll get the spins if you don ' t turn it off. Stately Chi Phis Wm. Theodore Kritikos Bruce McDiarmid Alan Reinke FRESHMEN Thomas Dibblee Sidney Lawrence John Romans Roger Stewart Robert Flaharty Antiquated Betas Puzzle Their Minds Over the Mysteries of Life SENIORS Rick Brown Spencer Brush Gary Cornilius George Crist Chris Cutler Ned Hoppin Rodger Hurt Niels Larson Sandy Ingersoll The third oldest fraternity at the Beta Theta Pi, was as usual, involved in all phases of campus life with its traditional interest in of paramount importance. A incident in the fall term was the visit, during one particularly active week at the chapter house, by a guest after-dinner speaker whose talk, " Rocks an ' Roots, " proved most and was a topic of discussion for many days. Heated Friday night discussion group. Ernest Kahl Jon Sammann Gary Schreyer Ned Spieker Paul Stephens Bob Sternfels Rich Taylor BETA PSI U PAJAMA PARTY SPRING ' 66 Saturday night is another thing again. Eric Unruh JUNIORS Rick Borden Larry Dickey Pa t Gilligan Larry Hart Mike McEneany Stu Watterson SOPHOMORES Geoff Anderson Ned Anderson Rich Aschenbrenner Bruce Barnard Mike Drewes Blair Evans Chuck Everett Steve Fallai Tim Frost Sidney Goldstein John Huff Elliot Josi Eric Kastner Jeff Taylor Roy Webster John Welborne FRESHMEN Bill Boyl Larry Hoppin Mac Grahm Jeff Kitto Gary Newgard Frank Sorba Bob Wilson Ward Wolff 2311 Piedmont SENIORS Robert Arnberg Robert Cross James Eads James McCabe Stephen Sheaff JUNIORS Alexander Farrell Timothy Klement William Leavens Ross Lumley James Reinsch Daniel Rosenthal Edward Skel SOPHOMORES Gregory Brush Alexander Kasper Richard Pinger Fredrick Reinsch FRESHMEN Stephen Farthing Jamschied Rabii Robert Trull Robert Myers Jeffery Parrish Jonathan Rosenthal Founded on the Berkeley campus on November 1, 1895, and the National on May 20, 1841, at Union College, Chi Psi now consists of twenty-six chapters. The men of the Berkeley chapter, Alpha Delta Delta, participate actively in intramural sports. Scholastically the members have been constantly winning the IFC scholarship award in fall of 1963 while in Big Game house decs. At present the men of Chi Psi are in temporary housing at 2467 and will be moving into the new lodge in the fall of 1967. The old lodge is being remodeled at the present time and will be completed by the fall of 1967. Chi Psis Await Completion of Their New Lodge Life Is Magical, Or So They Say at the Abode of the Fun-Loving Delta Chis 1756 LeRoy GRADUATES Les Ellis Leon Kaufman Harold Sweet SENIORS Vince Cassalaina Marc Hynes Jim Smith JUNIORS Tony Condon George Hamilton IV Mike Thorn Pete Williams FRESHMEN Gilles Attia John Farrell Norm Nielsen Larry Payne It is a lot of fun to live with so many friends, and this feeling reaches from our president to the lowliest pledge. To parody a popular car commercial, when there is a better place to s pend your school years, it will still be Abracadabra—Delta Chi. Just the boys, having fun. K E Delta Kappa Epsilon Modernizes Its Chapter House, Finally 2302 Piedmont SENIORS Barry C. Baron James J. Dowgialo Robert A. Ewing William A. Ince Joseph A. McCormick JUNIORS W. Chisholm James V. Zeno FRESHMEN Nickolas J. Dibert Allen O. Dragge H. McKleroy Lindley C. Morton Page Roos John R. Stokes Christopher E. Uren Timothy N. Washburn Sexy sunning Sigmas. HILGARD CHAPTER, enjoying its 51st year at Cal, is looking toward the future with some major remodeling jobs or under way. The men in the house are proud of the they have achieved during this year and are confident that it will be our best. Sharon Knutsen, our dream girl, is an example of the high quality Delta Sigma Phi is setting out to achieve. Ron Winkler SENIORS Bill Costa Ron Covey Tom Ditmar Len Dougherty Joe Hughes Jim Molineux Jeff Newmeyer Bob Runde Don Schlotz Dave Sears Kieth Sours Randy Trowbridge After the Work Is Done Tired Delta Sigs Take Time Out to Relax in the Sun An industrious Delta Sig. JUNIORS Rich Bass Jim Cowart Mark Grubbs Randy Hepworth Stan Inouye Steve Passin Jeff Shaw Fran k Steward SOPHOMORES Bill Brubaker Roger Farmer Ray Giles Mike Green Gary Pottenger John Ting FRESHMEN Richard Filloy Bill McCamy Doug Perez John Runde Dream Girl Miss Sharon Knutson Delta Sigma Phi has chosen Miss Sharon Knutson as their Dream Girl, in their annual contest. Sharon is a and is pursuing an interest in Economics. She hails from Bakersfield and is very active in her sorority, Alpha Phi. SENIORS Doug Bell John Danilovich Jeff Egeberg Bill Fain Chip Gillette Greg Harris Jack Hennessy Del Henry Mike Leidner Steve Quick Jan Reeves John Rice John Stryker Jim Wheary JUNIORS John Alexander Tom Baumbach Rich Fisher Rob Grant Ken High Bob Jacobel Nick McConaughy Dick Meinkin Tim Melchior Terry Miller John Murphy Steve Shawer Frank Sproul Delta Tau Delta ' s Rumble and Crunch Deep within the hulking brick mansion that perches gracefully on the side of a hill, the brotherhood of Delta Tau Delta reveled in the passing of another year of erudition and merriment. inclined members engaged themselves in disciplines ranging from omphaloskepsis to transcendental into the clandestine taking place behind closed doors by a segment of the membership committed to the attainment of an even higher level of consciousness. Peripherally located to this nexus of house mental activity was the crunching physical activity of the house ' s intramural community, which seemed to be committed to the maintenance of superiority in the that results from the rather than the actual of victory in the contest itself. And even amid such diverse and fan- tasian varieties of participation to choose from, members found time to pursue the more sensitive and indulgences as captured in this picture of one of the brothers on his date ' s friend ' s date at a party this spring. Ken Todd Randy Wilson Randy Wise SOPHOMORES Dennis Berryhill Ken Brownell George Eokard Webb Lloyd Joe Richards Dick Riegels Don Toy FRESHMEN Craig Berris Dave Herning Rick Levy Rich Preston Deke Sinclair Bud Stanley Chris Whitteli SENIORS Doug Chip David Richard Walter Walter Dwelle Christopher Gus Martin Richard Gordon Ralph Lombardi Charles Gregg Charles Mike Herbert Tully JUNIORS Andrew Bell James Birdwell Clark Cole Andrew Smith Douglas Steele Thomas Van Meter Edgar Weddle Jeffrey Williams SOPHOMORES William Booth Richard Bishop Michael Mahoney Gregory Malley Gene Parker David Sayles Jeffrey Taylor Garrison Turner John Welty Victor Yool FRESHMEN Michael Peck 2425 Warring Street Beer Buffets and Illegal Floats Characterize the Delta U ' s In addition to being one of the oldest fraternities in the nation and at Cal, Delta Upsilon takes a traditional pride in its excellent scholastic, intramural and social achievements. Although hampered by rain on the stormy day of the Stanford Football game, they succeeded in serving an excellent lunch with beer to nearly five hundred people. With the aid of the women of Alpha Delta Pi these men created the most novel float in the whole Big Game Parade. Although the float was disqualified by the official judges, it added tremendously to the traditional spirit of the Big Game weekend. Traditions, Athletics and Academics Life in the KA Resort The year-round Kappa Alpha Resort the solid traditions of the Sunny South with the unbearable living conditions of Berkeley. The structure itself is a crumbling ruin held together by the bonds, and commanding an view of the Lutheran Student Center. Nominal rates include three meals a day, two of which may be returned for refunds, and the unlimited use of such recreational facilities as our third deck malarial swamp. Athletic events range from the 200-Meter Rage to the 16-Ounce Bird Put for Ladies. The social calendar is highlighted in the Spring by our elegant Mazola Party. Best of all, we are cheaper than the Carlton. SENIORS Charlie Couch Steve Honett Dave Humphrey Bruce Moorad Jordon Neri Dick Rasmussen Lynn Rickard Rick Taylor Lee Van Brederode JUNIORS Greg Baecher Greg Bloomfield Randy Boyd Bill Dopkins John Drew Jack Fraser Tim Ingham John Kelly Tim Lawrence Jerry Mattheis Dave Nelson Bryce Robinson Leon Steffensen SOPHOMORES Jon Boot Tom Bouck FRESHMEN Shane Bennett Keith Goody Steve Herron Harley Knight Andy Mixer Rose Queen Miss Maureen Hanrahan K A The Rose of KA this year is a true southern belle from Southern After two months of activities including barbeques, dinners, and the brothers of Kappa Alpha crowned lovely Maureen Hanrahan, an 18-year-old freshman from Los Angeles. Maureen, a member of Alpha Phi sorority, was chosen from a field of contestants at a reception following the Big Game. Her duties include over the Old South Ball in the Spring and delighting the KAs with her southern charm. Doug Holt Jim Jarvis Brann Johnson John Morris Gary Peasley John Pritchard Bruce Rianda Bryan Rianda Pete Sherry Tom Vortmann SOPHOMORES Dan Asera Bob Willson FRESHMEN Gary Chapla MASCOT Larceny K P KDR Remembers Larceny Forgets Life Things to Remember: Ski Dance - KDR campout at Ludlow ' s — C.A. pitch softball team—Jack and Roy take championship once more—accruing collection of signs—that all-important yard—Blue Blemish gets scrapped—Larsen ' s belches-25 kegs of beer — Larceny. Things to forget: Housebills — Mills — Rich, Dave, and Rino go off the deep end — ignominious cookie snatcher—driving to Sunnyvale — the bloody sheet— the head after a hard Saturday operator—the bill for 25 kegs of beer—Life in general. SENIORS Donald Brinkmann Jack Campbell Ed Chapla Bob Hall Chuck Larsen Gary Madden Dave Sharon Dave Shelburne JUNIORS Pat Bufkin Scott Elliott Tom French Rex Hjelm Bill Hiddleson Fraternities - Guys Living, Laughing, Learning 2400 Warring SENIORS DonId Bunch Thomas Butterworth William Cook David Howekamp Robert Leyman John McKibben Thomas Smelser JUNIORS John Chappell John Coreris Stephen Davis Peter Dawson Thomas Henle Bill Kugler Robert Ritter Robert Stanfield Roger Test Michael Thompson Steven Weeks SOPHOMORES Robert Andrews Stuart Buttery Hugh Calvin Christopher Fitzhugh Richard Haas Dave Reed Sherwood Wakeman Harold Weise FRESHMEN Harry Gipson Jack Gibson Albert Lasker William White K Kappa Sigma ' s Sweat it Out Not Only During Finals But at Parties, Too The men of Kappa Sigma have long awaited the completion of their new chapter house, and are now enjoying its comfortable facilities and casual atmosphere, especially for parties and other house functions. The high points of the fall quarter included another strong pledge class, high scholastic achievement, and an active social calendar accented by the Big Game Party and a " let ' s go sweat " party in our sauna bath. Lambda Chi Sponsors Annual Daffodil Festival - Sends Proceeds to World University Service SENIORS Bob Cattolica Ray Gundlach John Kevin McGinty Phil Mueller Bob Murray Mark Gordon Torn berg JUNIORS Ken Berry Dan Crowe Vince Gibbert Freeman Harris 1755 Le Roy Daffodil Queen Miss Valerie Wickland X A In the Spring of 1946 Lambda Chi Alpha began the Daffodil Festival and it has been presented every year since. For a week, Lambda Chi ' s and California coeds sell daffodils, the proceeds being donated in recent years to the World University Service. The week is climaxed by the selection of the Daffodil Queen and her court from blond contestants women ' s living groups at Cal. Reigning this year as Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen is Valarie Wickland of Alpha Omicron Pi. A Junior majoring in Social Science, Val ' s hometown is We were not the only group to recognize her beauty and charm as Val was also selected first runner-up in the Big Game Queen Contest. Lambda Chi Adjusts to the Quarter System X A Bob Koch Craig McCreight Larry Norris John Robertson Jim Roseberry Tim Theiss SOPHOMORES Jeremy BoneIle Gary Boss Ed Edson Bob Fancher Don Kruger David Lafferty Richard Martyr Dick Maynard Paul Meyer Mike Sorenson Larry Sweet Jay Westphalen Alan Williams FRESHMEN Craig Collins Alan Kirkpatrick Paul Martyr Adjustment to the quarter system was the overriding factor in the lives of Lambda Chi ' s during 1966-67. The Christmas Party for senior citizens had to be moved up to December 1, but was as satisfying and successful as it has been in years past. Daffodils were sold during the 22nd Annual Daffodil Contest in the Spring Quarter; this charitable project was again both hec- tic and enjoyable. Parties, intramurals, a high scholastic rating, as well as " Harvey ' s runs " were part of the way we dealt with the university experience. John Langlois SENIORS Peter Crosby Ronald Duckhorn James Elder Wallace Gallup Lutz Kramer Jeffery Lockwood Mike Moore Gerald Murphy John Pollock Wade Reese JUNIORS Robert Brakesman Donald Carmen Ted Gruehl George Reinhardt Christopher White SOPHOMORES John Fay Gerald Hugo Ronald Miller James Musgrove Charles Reed Richard Telegan FRESHMEN Lawrence Albert Gary Baker John Jameson Figi ' s. . . a Little Madness Aware of recent university and pressures and further inspired by a rising draft call, the Figis by improving their image. Academics became a prime concern, side-stepping reality was reserved for weekends, and emphasis as always was on brotherhood. But sometimes " a man needs a little madness " and this feeling was in different ways—various decorative contributions to the community, an children ' s Christmas party, and the Skirt. However, in spite of our changing image, the time-honored Figi traditions have remained; begging the question " In the final analysis, does anybody really . . . ? " SENIORS Steve Cling Robert Cross Steve Cunningham Warren Fox John Lovewell Brian Prinn David Sylstra JUNIORS Carter Bagg Evo Coelho Don Lewis Manuel Vlazakis SOPHOMORES Dennis Cox Daryl Dorcy Ted McClure Greg Moore Rivers Morrell Jim Richards FRESHMEN Willis Boyce Roman Davis Bill Ferguson Rich Potts Marc Rogers Phi Delts Enjoy a Variety of Parties Eat, drink, and be merry is the dominant theme of a Phi Delt pajama party. A Phi Delt and his friend scrutinize a war relic as a party activity (???). Phi Delts Combine Scholarship, Athletic Prowess and Leadership for Campus, Community Influence Phi Delta Theta in its bid for top campus position initiated an intensive summer rush program that has yielded excellent results. A pledge class that combines superb scholarship with athletic prowess and leadership has been the outstanding outcome. Active members of Phi Delta Theta are contributing great amounts of time and effort to various campus activities. Men such as Bob Cross, vars ity crew stroke and Tower and Flame member, and John Lovewell, Californian and chairman of the very successful Big Game Parade, are examples of Phi Delta Theta ' s wide interest in the campus community. Outside of men such as Rivers J. Morrell Ill and Greg Moore have taken part in an anti-poverty program in West Oakland. By combining campus and community action such as these Phi Delta Theta hopes to remain the foremost in the campus community. SENIORS David Bibel James Goldberg Mike Eisenberg Joseph Goglio 2412 Piedmont Flying Feathers, Richard Lenat Marshall Margolis Donald Trost Philip Zemansky JUNIORS Peter Ballin Bill Carr Sam Doolittle Howard Erlich Steve Evans James Klein Howard Korn Tom Marcacci Alan Miller Gene Pavitt Donald Sarver Neil Shapiro Russel Silverstein Robert Stanley Seasick Souls, Cavorting Canoes and Busy Brains - the Versatile Phi Eps The 1966-67 Phi Ep year was very rewarding to all the men in the fraternity. The social season was enlivened by the traditional Big Game Boat Dance, the Pajama Game Party, and the canoe trip along the Russian River. Phi Pi is the only fraternity to ever retire the All-University Intramural trophy. Placing second out of forty-six in 1966, the men of Phi Ep went on to place in the top five in 1967. Study tables, enforced quiet hours, and a high regard for academics are all standard around the house. The Phi Ep 1966 GPA was 2.86, tops on campus. As in 1965 with Chi Omega, Phi Pi entered the 1966 Spring Sing with Delta Gamma, winning first place. Marshall and Neil were seasick at their pinnings . . . champagne flowed pink at Schlong ' s engagement party ... Jimmy paid his first Delta Gamma housebill...Rick an d Alan took their respective trips . . . and the pledges were initiated. Amen SOPHOMORES Kenneth Asher Norman Besman Larry Faber Michael Levin Alan Liss Robert Schwartz FRESHMEN Richard Aronoff Fred Baron Morris Budak Bryan Faber James Rogers Mark Rosenberg Frolicking Phi Eps were set for a football game on a field of feathers. Having been swept out of the house by " feather-headed " pledges, the feathers were the aftermath of a notorious pillow fight organized and instigated by the brothers as one of the highlights of a pajama party. Phi Kaps Half Lit In keeping with the University motto, " Let there be light, " the Phi Kaps went through another year—half lit. The year got off with a boot, as the alumni did just that at their first glimpse of the 20-man fall pledge class. This year the men of Phi Kappa Sigma did well in intramurals, capturing the titles in marbles, quoits, and finishing second in lawn bowling. On campus Phi Kaps are well represented in Skull and Keys, Bucket and Trowel, Winged Helmet and Brown Helmet, the Big " C " Society and the Little C.S. Society. Socially, they had their best quarter ever, beginning the year with a recess exchange with the ninth grade of Junior High School and their Fall formal held in the grand ballroom of the Center Hotel in Yountville. The Spring was highlighted by their to Milpitas which was even more of a success since three of the brothers had dates. " We ' ll do even better next year. " Don Hubbs Bob Johnson Craig Price Don Rhodes Jerry Whitfield JUNIORS Dick Abbey Gary Coburn Dave Crockett Jim Dal Porto Dave Endicott Ron Grossman Curt Heikkila GRADUATES Dean Ellison Steve Hansen SENIORS Roger Edwards Jim Egan Bill Fell Jim Felton K 2320 Warring John Merryman Jeff Prevost Rich Quint Jerry Richardson Bruce Roberts Bruce Robertson Stan Taylor SOPHOMORES Carl Behrens Dick Carter Don Lively Steve Mizel Bill Peterson Alex Shestakov Steve Skinner FRESHMEN Chuck Baird Mark Duino Terry Dwyre Don Groth Bobby Gomez Randy Humphries Jim Kennedy John Kobzeff Steve Rosenberg Hank Salvo Bill Woodruff K T Phi Kappa Tau Sends Longest Telegram in World to Cal Football Team at USC Game SENIORS Hollon Bridges Steve Brothers Alan Colombano Roger Stevens Ned Weiberg JUNIORS Don Cress Alan Melnicoe Mike Murray Lance Schumacher Joel Wissmar SOPHOMORES Reed Anderson Larry Delucchi Bill Finnegan FRESHMEN Bill Danneman Roman Davis John Meyerott SENIORS Ray Cheng Ivan Chew Stan Chu Mike Jay Dunking, Dancing, Football Enjoyed by the Pi Alpha Phis With the exuberant spirits of a house on the go, the brothers of Pi Alpha Phi launched another fondly-remembered year. A fresh new outlook, coupled with the traditional keen desire for in scholastic, athletic, and social pursuits drew a large, pledge class to the house. and pinnings brought regular forays of dunking parties to Ludwig ' s fountain. Desire and courage a tough football season. An open house, pledge party, theater party to the Fantastiks, Big Game jam participation in Turn Blue, Winter Informal and exchanges with Big Game RF ' s, and intramurals highlighted a year of close and soaring spirits. 2534 Warring Doug Lee Wayne Takagishi Bob Wong JUNIORS Clyde Matsumoto Chris Quan Wayne Wong Willie Yee SOPHOMORES Greg Jue Chet Lee Mike Lee Neal Matsunaga Neal Ouye Norm Yamauchi FRESHMEN Bob Low Ron Fong Dave Woo John Lee Gordon Owyang Bill Yee Phi Psis Sponsor Big Game Queen Phi Kappa Psi, founded in 1852, is one of the oldest and strongest fraternities in the country. Since its inception in 1899, the California Gamma chapter has sought to instill in its members a high regard for both the strong and high ideals of Phi Kappa Psi. This past year has been a brilliant and exciting one in the history of the Despite our continual striving for academic excellence, the Phi Psi ' s have not neglected other important areas of campus life. The social year, highlighted by the annual spring at Aptos, was an outstanding success. Our intramural teams to make strong showings and we had several men active in athletics. In addition to sponsoring Linda Powers for Big Game Queen and entering a float with the Kappas, our activities included a speaker program and in the IFC Big Brother Program. Firm believers that the Greek system is and should be an integral part of the university community, Phi Psi ' s are active in all phases of campus life. SENIORS Larry Ashby Dean Boatright Derry Cook Ray Damron Gary Ericson Tony Hill Tom McCullough Harold Ohs Bill Parks Ed Pearson Carl Stoney Gene Thompson JUNIORS Art Bradley Carl Eckhardt Steve Hampton ΦKΨ Mike Stelzer David Stephens Mike Theile Donald Heckman Bill Hull Scott Noble Ron Oliveira Jim Sobczyk Jack Stehr Tom Toffoli SOPHOMORES Larry Berry Dan Buhler Denny Jones Bob Mellin FRESHMEN Brad Boland Randy Cook Don Garrick Ed Haberer Dan Kreps Brothers of Phi Sigma Kappa Reflect Quality of House That a fraternity is no better or no worse than the individuals who it is an unsaid motto of Phi Sigma Kappa. Because of the independence of the Brothers, the house is a reflection of its members. The Phi Sigs are well represented in most of the facets of the University with active participation in athletics, campus and intramurals, in which they are one of the top contenders. The social calendar has also been kept filled with many memorable events ranging from a " Hell ' s Angels " party to the Winter Formal. The Fall Quarter was capped off with the Phi Sigs and the LSPSK celebrating the Christmas season with their annual Yule Party, which featured the decorating of the tree and a considerable amount of " hooking. " SENIORS George Cate Larry Dully Bob Gardner Russ Gurevitch Rick Houle Mark Kanai James Le Duc Scott Matthews Al Reeves Dan Sparks Greg Ward Dick Weinbrandt JUNIORS Bruce Austin Hal Bond Tom Bruce Paul Freudenthal Ben Hicks Jim Murray Rich Ongerth Frank Smith SOPHOMORES Steve Barnett Bob Schiebelhut FRESHMEN Pete Beall Craig Bryan Jim Elliot Chat Forbes Dan Feshback Gordon Humphrey Ted McNeill Gordie Nelson Jim Thompson John Wellman Sally Karen Berdahl Jan Cate Nancy Feldstein Adriane Morales Sherry Lee Rapp Betsy Selman Sherry Swanson Diane Vandersloot LSPSK ΦΣK Rose Court Rose of Pi Kappa Phi Miss Cathy Howe The 1966 Rose of Pi Kappa Phi is Miss Cathy Howe, a junior from Altadena, who is a member of Chi Omega sorority. She received the Red Rose Crown from Faculty Advisor Lieutenant-Colonel Donald S. Fletcher during the annual Rose Ball held at the United States Army Officers ' Club in Oakland. Cathy represented Gamma Chapter of Pi Kappa Phi in the National Rose Contest and was also given a weekend on the " strip " in Las Vegas. Miss Carol Gibson Miss Anita Hall Miss Linda Ralphs Miss Chris Viktor Not pictured: Miss Sharon Shyer Pi Kapp ' s Year of Achievement The Pi Kapp year started off with a bang with the initiation of the largest pledge class on the Cal campus this year. The Theron Hauser award, given to the chapter showing outstanding achievement and improvement was presented to the Gamma Chapter in a surprise October 19 ceremony. More serious moments, listening to guest speakers, contrasted with the release of intramural sports and an exciting social life. The Roaring Twenties Speakeasy, the Blue Hawaii Luau Dance, with everyone ending up in the pool, and the beautiful Rose Ball highlighted another successful year for Pi Kappa Phi. ΠKΦ SENIORS Ron Kortkamp Bill Sherry JUNIORS Rich Bartel Arne Bjermeland Greg Lunt Bob Marsh Tony McClimans Dave Odom Larry Sage Randy Wilson SOPHOMORES Jim Beall Joe Brulenski Neal Evans Dave Hawes Steve Keil Gerry Mosher Bob Peoples Ken Quandt Wade Ritchie Dave Rogers Craig Stevenson Greg Wuesthoff FRESHMEN Pete Boyd Gary Cochran Eihnard Diaz Pat Gillespie Pete Kardas Bob Layman Doug Lutgen Al Lombardo Bill Moyers Dave Potts Tom Sliter Steve Stephenson Rich Swift Kent Wells ΠKA Mike Callaghan Steve Cummings Bob Engleman Bob Gilleran Craig Green Steve Hoxmeier Gary Parker Lee Schussman Gregg Sindici Wayne Thomas Nick Thurlow JUNIORS Fred Allardyce Bob Bailey John Johnston Mark Nelson Rich Papike SOPHOMORES Ted Ackley Barry Bronk Jim Craig Bill Franchini Eric French Tom Moffett Scott Murphy Tom Tomeoni Snike SENIORS John Bardin Chuck Brace 2324 Piedmont Avenue Purple Passion for Pi K A Pi Kappa Alpha is one of the strongest national fraternities with over 130 chapters. The Alpha Sigma chapter at Cal has become well known for its balance of athletics, social events, and scholarship. This year PiKA was in varsity football, baseball, track, wrestling, and rugby. Its social events included the annual Purple Party, a formal following the Big Game, and a spring overnight. SENIORS Richard Beahrs Steven Boysol Grant Bushee Robert Crittenden Dave Davis Thomas Degenhardt Johnnie Ertle Roger Groves Charles Kindred Richard Laven John Lewis Frank Lynch Desaix Myers David Perry Richard Von Bauer JUNIORS Steven Besio Dick Blair Rick Granata Bill Lerch James McAdam Mike McKinley ψU Duane Mayfield Robert Schwiers Cliff Simons Phillip Smith Andrew Watson Larry Wright SOPHOMORES Thomas Bradford Norm Thomson FRESHMEN Greg Bean Terry Farnsworth Brian Forbes Robert Gattis James Lomax Gifford Myers Jeff Warren Psi U Achieves The Epsilon chapter of Psi U, founded on the Berkeley campus in 1902, has sought to instill in its members the high ideals and traditions of the The men of Psi Upsilon have also attempted to strengthen the Greek system at Cal through outstanding achievement and participation in campus organizations and athletics. Pi Lams Kick-off Going Year Pi Lambda Phi can best be described as a house perpetually on the go. The year ' s social activities began with a wild Mills exchange that made the Phi Delt function at Stanford seem like an exercise in The next function was the Luau, featuring women in various states of doing the hula beneath a twenty-foot waterfall of red-mountain wine. Other social activities included numerous pajama parties, and other assorted orgies. Pi Lams are known for their ability; however, they ' d just as soon crack heads on the football field. Bob Loew Mike Marowitz Noberto Sperling Bruce Wasserman SOPHOMORES Howard Beadner Mark Blum Rick Kaplan Jim Licht SENIORS Jon Brandler Jon Engle Hal Gaba Gary Greener Steve Hubert Jeff Trop JUNIORS Rick Bialosky Joe Edelheit Pi Lams help " roll-up " Henry Miller. 2727 Channing Way ΠΛΦ Mike Moron Mel Richtel Bill Rothchild Joe Rothman Robert Shiurba FRESHMEN Jeff Berry Al Mendleson William Sorin Steve Karp Jeff Reeder Dan Southard Mike Turner John Van Every Craig Wever Berry Weitzenburg SOPHOMORES George Cierny Dallas Cottam Bill Cunningham Bob Ellsberg John Ernster SENIORS Vick Antola Bob Arbios Steve Burich John Harder Fred James Gary Ling Ken Manz Larry Moore Neil Pearson John Ross Jay Southard Steve Spreiter Terry Stewart Jeff Thornton Doug Wenger Ernie Wideman Rich Wollert JUNIORS Brian Craig Steve Enochian Fred Hall Jack Hirschmann Proud members of Sigma Alpha Epsilon exhibit some of their hard-earned prizes in front of their house at 2722 Bancroft Way. LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA — Row One: Mary Lou Swift, Posie Anderson, Jane Dickel, Val Kravetzki, Suzanne Leimbrock, Risa Siegel, Marsha Heyburn. Row Two: Sandy Ames, Patty Adelson, Betsy Olsen, Linda Googe, Vida Haskel, Kathy Bratten, Linda Wood. Row Three: Corky Miller, Sally Bronner, Chris Railsback, Julie Wagner, Stevie Ellis, Gail Goldstein, Jane Rutherford. ΣAE Jim Farrar Neil Fishman Dale Huff Jeff Key Frank Louda Randy Peterson Randy Phillips FRESHMEN John Genarius Geoff Rieser Tom Southard SAE ' s Boast Academic, Athletic and Social Prowess Rather than seek unity through traditions which tend to the Greek system and stereotype its members as pragmatic parasites of the university, the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon are genuinely bonded by an overwhelming feeling of pride and respect for the accomplishments and potential of their fraternity. They can be justifiably proud of their academic standing as well as of their athletic prestige and social reputation. For in each of the previous three categories they commanded the respect of the campus as they not only won the overall intramural championship for the second year in a row, but also maintained a 2.83 GPA. SENIORS Bernard Fischback Al Fleishman Mike Goldstein Chip Green Alan Greenwald James Kilmurray Bob Levine Reg Louie Gary Rodrignes JUNIORS Andy Clare Joe Eisenberg Rich Ellis Dave Fishman Bruce Gorlick Neil Nalibof Josh Robinson SOPHOMORES Fred Bear Cliff Castel Jeff Drezner Joel Fishman Andy Goldfarb Rich Hamermesh Jerry Hiura John Jacobs Martin Jaspovice Bob Lerner Bruce Levin Steve Matusow Jeff Miller Sammies Torpedo into the Year with a Yellow Submarine Combining a diversity of talent among its members with an ability to function as a unified group, Sammies qualify as an " all around house " on campus. Maintaining a 3.1 GPA, they started the ' 66- ' 67 school year as number one house in academics. Social highlights of the year included a " Yellow Party " complete with Davy Crockett movies and special lighting effects, and a pledge dance slated to surpass all others, featuring a mods and rockers theme. The brothers ' many campus activities included intramural sports, various ASUC organizations and participation in service groups. All in all it was a very successful year. Sammies display their axe review trophy. ΣAM Al Praw Art Quasha Mat Qunit Ron Roth Scott Snyder Bob Swatt FRESHMEN Carl Berkenwald Larry Greenwood Barry Levine Stan Marin Irving Schelub Pete Sloan Sweetheart Sigma Chi Miss Kacy Cook The Sweetheart of the Alpha Beta chapter for 1966 is Kacy Cook, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma A freshman studying biology, Kacy enjoys both water and snow skiing, as well as sailing. The blonde-haired beauty is from Lafayette, California. As Sweetheart, Kacy is our hostess, and helps the brothers welcome rushees and other guests. She also represents Sigma Chi in campus beauty contests. ΣX SENIORS Dale Chamblain Rich Conti Ed Crane Walt Cunningham Ty Ebright Bill Erickson John Frantz Rick Kammen Paul Kraus Bill Powers John Rusev John Schmidt Barry Smith Trent Whittington Ed Zaik JUNIORS Dennis Bugbee Rick Dickson Bob Foes Fred Hite Gary Humphrys Provocative Parties Light the Lives of Sigma Chi ' s The Alpha Beta chapter of Sigma Chi, founded at Cal in 1886, is justly proud of its social, athletic, and academic accomplishments. Many Sigs can be found on the varsity football, baseball, and boxing teams. Intramurals have also been important as Sigma Chi has been at or near the top in past years. The social calendar includes many post-football game parties, exchanges, and, of course, the traditional Sweetheart Ball. ΣX Steve Modesitt John Peterson Bill SOPHOMORES Brock Arner Jim Champion Terry Gerba Bob Hink Phil Nemir Wayne Stewart Larry Thompson Ed White FRESHMEN Jerry Berglund Harlan Hunt 2345 College Avenue Sigma Phi brothers socialize with a friend on a quiet afternoon. ΣФ SENIORS Harvey Boysen Stan Ferber Mike Gallagher Larry Gruver Jay Koch Mark O ' Brien Don Soegaard Terry Welcome JUNIORS Doug Bartman Joe Berry Peter Clark Larry Eslinger Dick Lawson Dave Soltz SOPHOMORES Larry Ball Jim Elliott Cam Meeker John Adams Tom Anderson Tony Battaglia Erik Johnson Tom Moran Jim Newhall Self-endeavor for Men of Sigma Phi Sigma Phi, one of the oldest national fraternities, was founded at Cal in 1912 by Chief Justice Earl Warren. The society was established with the that the ideal fraternal would consist of a small number of men, bound together in a close-knit brotherhood. Participation in campus activities has always been on an individ ual basis and the men of Sigma Phi engage in all phases of campus life, including the ASUC class offices, and various athletic groups. 2710 Bancroft SENIORS Phil Baldwin Bill Crosby Al Dashen Larry Kenney Craig London Larry Pyle Robert Tjosvold JUNIORS John Banker Bill Bethmann Pete Bogle Mason Brutschy Steve Cornecl John Dillard Pete Durney Jim Hayes George Mednick Teall Messer Steve Moore Don Parce John Pettis Ron Polivka Mike Thurlow Dave Williamson SOPHOMORES Jack Afari Barrett Clack Chris Gronbeck Don Severy Chuck Sheldon Tony Yankowski FRESHMEN Larry Aro Tim Clack Mike Fletcher Roger Hartley Brian Hunt John Stillings Scott Wilmot Sigma Nu Tastes Napa Wine Sigma Nu is one of the strongest and largest fraternities in the nation. With over 140 chapters it is still growing. The men of Sigma Nu have attempted to strengthen the Greek system at Cal through participation in traditional campus activities as well as through outstanding academic achievement. The well-rounded social calendar was highlighted by the traditional overnight to the Russian River, the annual Napa Valley wine-tasting party, and the initiation party at the Jack Tar Hotel. In keeping with their usual spirit, the men of Sigma Nu entered a float in the Big Game Parade. Queen of Hearts Miss Toni Zacher This year California Alpha ' s annual Golden Heart Banquet was the occasion for crowning Toni Zacher as Queen of Hearts for 1966. Toni, a senior in psychology from Oakland, has added a bit of effervescence to many Sig Ep functions and has more than amply counterbalanced the torpidity of lovable but languorous Pierre, our St. Bernard mascot. As her lovely picture bears witness, Toni loves the great outdoors and all that goes with it, a love that nature has generously reciprocated. SENIORS George Fedoroff Neal Gibson Denison Lane Thomas Loughran James Sawyer Richard Venning Peter Whitmer JUNIORS Richard Bentley Andrew Eschen Frank Isola Fred Marrah Michael Oppido Thomas Pimentel Thomas St. Sure ΣΦE David Vandeveer SOPHOMORES Stephen Barker Ronald Byers Merele Chapman Robert Hardin Gordon Masson Albert Niedan John Serventes Michael Shields Michael Thompson Al Zacharin Pierre " Frat with a Heart " California Alpha is the thirty-fifth of Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s one some chapters throughout the United States. In over a half century of existence at CALIFORNIA the have contributed much to the to the community, and to their own education. The means of contribution were and are the sharing of the brotherhood, and experience of the heart. Appropriately we are the with a heart " as is shown by our recognition pin. The joys and shared by living together are the essence of our fraternal life, and we highly recommend the experience to all capable of its achievement. Some of the less camera shy Sig Ep brothers. ΣΠ The men of Sigma Pi. SENIORS Mike Lee Arnold Mew John Sparks Edward Westley JUNIORS Bruce Appel Keith Brooks John Cermak Richard Gould Douglas Lacey Igor Vasiliev Donald Wallis SOPHOMORES Christopher Neddersen FRESHMEN Karel Von Haeften Sigma Pi Continues in the Tradition of a Unique Fraternity Traditional TKE Activities Continued in 1966-67 Once again active supporters of and Berkeley Big Brother TKE ' s started the year in fifth place scholastically on campus. for the year included a canoe trip and winter and spring overnights. JUNIORS Bill Binder Steve Bray Doug Brown Jim Bucheister Bob Free Greg Johnson Ken Mann Steve Smith SENIORS Dave Allen Ken Bardezian Mike Dillon Pete Duffy Steve Homer Ron Jones Dave Kerr Bill McCalla Warren Newmark Terry Smerling Bill Walker Murray SOPHOMORES Bill Kirk Bauer Mack Borgen Bill Brunsten Mike Cowett Gary Diamond Chuck Halaby David Maynard Rod Muhlbach John Pardee Mike Reinhart Tim Reiterman Steve Russel Walt Scott Bob Shachtman Jim Stipovich FRESHMEN Colin McRae Steve Seely Dave Stewart Brutis Epsilon Ill Sue Scott Carol Shen Carole Swain Kathi Welch Valerie Wickland Carol Barker JoAnne Bonner Lindsay Brown Hilary Bryan Janet Cheney Karen Colyear Cam Corlett Mary Sue Coyne D. D. Dwyer Marilyn Howe Vicki Kay Ginnene Knight DeeAnne Madden Carla Roth TKE Tau Kappa Epsilon Daughters of Diana Theta Chi bash. SENIORS George Clifford John Eckman Cris Johnson Mike Lind Jeff McClain Dennis McDaniel Mike Piazza Tim Rodgers Jan Roggeveen Mike Rucker Jeff Thomsen Dave Williams JUNIORS Bill Buchenau Jerry Charlup Stan Cross Larry Fisher Stan Harkness Fritz Lichty T. Halstead Miller Area ' s Underprivileged Boys Treated to Seals Hockey Game by Theta Chi The University of California chapter of Theta Chi fraternity is a model of enriching individual diversification united under the intangible of true brotherhood. As such it is a vehicle not only of fascinating varied social life, but of worthwhile community The former is epitomized in the house ' s annual " Danse des Apaches, " this year being its 37th. Service is seen in the opportunity provided this year by the brothers for thirty of the area ' s underprivileged boys to attend a Seals hockey game. These are but two aspects of the wide spectrum of activities enjoyed by Theta Chis. And not at the sacrifice of scholastics. Consistently the fraternity trods the coveted ground above the average. Theta Chi Sweethearts ΘX Stan Nielsen Cliff Salwen Dave Steiner Steve Stiefvater Tom Stone Rick Thompson SOPHOMORES Lee Bardellini John Behrman Greg Eckman Dave Walters FRESHMEN Nelson Chia Steve Jacobs Ed Winskill Pam Deats Joan Ferris Terry Kohler Jill Varney Elinor Accampo Sally Scales Meg Crosby Linda Kaufman Sharon McHugh Linda Rader 2499 Piedmont SENIORS Ed Cornell Tom Garrity Hardy Jones Dave Minning Bob Motta Bob Nelson Tom Rasmussen JUNIORS Bob Firth Jamie Gittens David Greenlee 2647 Durant ΘΔX Gregory C. Houghton Russ Moe Stuart Pederson Bob Powell Fred Tomlins Gary N. Wood SOPHOMORES Dave Aldrich Dennis Beatty John Colletto Chip Cunningham Alexander Kerr Thomas McAlone Mike McCann Robert Dirk Noyes Steven R. Pierce Don C. Wilgus FRESHMEN Mark Eric Anderson Baker Paul A. Majka Todd Perego Paul S. Wilcox Theta Delts Really Rock at an Out-of-Sight Cave Party 1712 Euclid A Blown Boiler Wreaks Havoc and Creates Mass Confusion in the Zeta Beta Tau House ZBT SENIORS Miki M. Lane Gary G. Lapid John Y. Tremblatt JUNIORS Edward L. Blum Sam Davis Thomas Gillman William Glass Steven D. Jagoda Robert L. Leberman James Okun David M. Schneider Richard P. Schram Arnold E. Sklar Michael P. Smith Daniel E. Titelbaum SOPHOMORES Jeffrey S. Berg David J. Epstein Leonard Goldsteing Randolph E. Laub Howard Z. Rosen FRESHMEN Martin Berg Sam Birenbaum Eric R. Gahm Michael L. Glazer Louis B. Goldman Steven H. Herman Gary Klapman Laurence D. Korn David S. Levine Steven M. Passen Mark Rosenberg Philip L. Rothenberg Stuart V. Sachs Steven D. Weinstein Donald Ritchie T. H. E. 2728 Bancroft SENIORS Jack Hanson Pat McGrath John Sertich Gil Sewell Steve Solinsky Jeff Speich Steve Wehr Barry Wright JUNIORS Greg Armstrong Tim Comstock Ellsworth Cragholm Jeff Harper Tom Martin Randy Munro Mark Silliphant Tom Tryon Bruce Wild SOPHOMORES Steve Dorinson Greg Elberg Bob Ferguson Bill Herbert Dave Marshall Dean McPhee Christopher Partridge Fred Peterson FRESHMEN John Bates Ted Blankenburg Russ Fisher Jack Goodman Rich Handley Roger Niello Al Otto Rich Vieille ZΨ Big Game Party, UCLA Exchange, Pledge Class. of Thirteen, " Boxer Rebellion " Highlight Zeta Psi Year YOU MUST KNOW THAT WOMEN HAVE DOMINION OVER YOU: DO YOU NOT LABOR AND TOIL, AND GIVE AND BRING ALL TO THE WOMAN? The Apocrypha Women ' s Dormitories Models Fly to Squaw Valley for Fashion Show - " Snowdrift and Starlight " Continuing to serve the women of Cal, the AWS models had an active year of fashion shows and photography sessions. For their first program, Snowdrift and Starlight, the girls flew to Squaw Valley to model and to ski. Later in the year they went far out with the Jefferson Airplane for a show at the Fillmore Auditorium in San Francisco. Community concern sent all proceeds from their third show to charity. Never forgotten by the Cal campus, several models on the pages of the Pelican. An expanding program, there are now twenty-six models and five alternates. Models from previous years comprise a six-member board. Row One, left to right: Carolyn Peters, Rickele Hakala, Dianne Hawley, Linda Laureano, Raquel Scherr, Britta Bull, Bennett Manning. Row Two: Dorothy Goldeen, Linda Bialecki, Bobbie Ru ta Hagmann. Row Three: Dianne Cairns, Mi Mi Sherman, Janet Nelson, Jean Ackerman, Mary Ruth Carlton. Row Four: Bonnie Nance, Joan Merrill, Dianne Bass, Jennifer Peterson, Barbara Robbins. Row Five: Elizabeth Harris, Lorraine Louie, Karen Morkeberg, Pat Nelson, Mary Ann Muller, Linda Lee. SENIORS Ethel MacLean Patty Spaugh JUNIORS Judy Coulter Judy Decker Carol Hodson Gail Inouye SOPHOMORES Melodie Mallory FRESHMEN Judy Christensen Karene Jen Margaret Lee Karen Pearson Beaudelaire Club Bayview Terrace The girls of the Elizabeth Barrett feel very fortunate to be a part of this great university we know as " Cal. " We have lived through another crisis and are proud of the interest we have taken in campus life. We have girls serving as members of Cal Club, the ASUC Senate, ASUC Program Board, and other clubs and organizations. We can feel ourselves growing with the university and shall look back on our years here with sincere thoughts of a full college life. SENIORS Ellen Busher Toni Connich Sue Cussins Sheila McCusker Janet Mason Barbara Nimmo Gillian Rodgers lane Von Berckefeldt Paula Whitson JUNIORS Christine Chase Mary Helen Dillon Anne Garrison Joyce Lindsey Hester Lyons Harriet MacMillan Karen Matthews Glenna Torassa Valerie Wisot SOPHOMORES Martha Geiger Katherine Howes FRESHMEN Beth Bonora Margaret Buss Nancy Dable Joyce Davidsen Nancy Nelson Joan Portello Laurena Ricci Cunningham Hall A part of the Unit II Residence Halls, Hall was named for Dr. Ruby Lacey Cunningham, a University alumna and former Student Health Service The residents have widely varied and are involved in activities from Students for a Democratic Society to intramural sports and classical music. Row One, left to right: Margaret Fluvog, Anna Low, Kiko Matsuo, Anita Wong, Karla Reganold, Grace Lee, Linda Mak, Marilyn Snow, Lorraine Thiebaud. Row One, left to right: Margo Marquess, Margaret Hartzell, Gloria Pulido, Judy Guthartz, Frances Mor, Liz Chesterman. Row Two: Vicky Smith, Tina Giannini, Sharon Takomoto, Leslie Yee. Left to right: Docia MacFarlane, Merille Huth, Ann Given, April Childs, Darlene Tong, Margie Omi, Linda Leong. FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Row One: Sue Colvin, Sue MacDonald, Kathy Lorbeer, Erma Matsamoto, Carcy Pottle. Row Two: Fran Wasserman, Aria Cameron, Sharie Miller, Charlene Grogen, Peggy Debell, Carol Cutler, Liz Stone. Row Three: Stacie Cherniack, Bev Witcosky, Jan Abraham, Gail Neumann, Maria Viggiano, Barb Chandler, Berbie Mori, Lorraine Louie. Cheney Hall FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Row One: Ellen Soo Hoo, Fritzi Winnick, Kathy Gildred, Mary Lou Keliner, Terry Crystal, Donna Sullivan, Martha Runner, Eileen Bleeker. Row Two: Linda Wagner, Pat Wong, Ellen Drury, Karen Dobrusky, Carol Hudson, Margaret Sullivan, Jean Parsons, Judy Frederick, Marilyn Olson, Margi Harding. Row Three: Joyce Kubose, Ann McCown, Barbara Cowan, Connie Tom, Carol Riddell, Phyllis Takahashi, Judy Henderson, Sharon Iwanasa, Pat Kogawa. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Row One: Bonnie Hershenson, Pat Allen, Dorothy McDonald, Sandy Neuhaus, Linda Thomas, Barbara Cattolica, Jean Matoi, Pat LaPorte. Row Two: Cathy Mohrhardt, Kathy Caldwell, Audrey Mailer, Margie Winkelman, Kathy Miller, Nancy Rosenburg, Marilyn Low, Cathy Fong. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Row One: Sylvia Selim, Joanne Hacker, Carolyn Peters, Kathy Bonhan, Phyllis York, Evelyn Fritz, Nancy Whiteside, Linda Stone, Barbara Doern, Kathy Raymond, Gail Alexander. Row Two: Linda Bialecki, Diane Curtus, Jan Lowen, Carol Lynn Covitt, Jill Taft, Jo Freedman, Eva Koppi, Mrs. Dunsford, Linda Derivi, Suzanne Angioli, Myra Reiner, Pam Anikeeff, Roberta Schwartz, Susie Graff. Row Three: Edie Chute, Chris Curie, Deborah Nancy Walsh, Carol Cabell, Karen Truex, Colleen Ferris, Khym Bond, Marla Bringhurst, Nancy Alexander, Bonham, Pam Tuttle. FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Row One: Janice Malatt, Melody Marks, Shelly Weintraub, Martha Pollock, Susan Duncan, Marcia Teitelbaum, Evelyn Fujimoto, Margie Ball. Row Two: Jane Wong, Jennifer Scharetg, Susan Mobley, Marilyn Shatzen, Jean Beck, Cathy Girvin, Vicki Young, Denise Oyama. Davidson Hall THIRD, FOURTH, FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Row One: Joy Browne, JoAnne Lausmann, Ruth Baker, Eva Ng, Chris Jong. Row Two: Carolyn Cabral, Katherine Dang, Cindy Nutt, Ellen Prager, Ines Szilard. Row Three: Kathie Beers, Arlen Brownstein, Carol Matzkin, Caroline Haas, Annette Remmel. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Row One: Sandee Joe, Jeannie Marsden, Ann-Louise Gates, Laura Miner, Jan Cohen. Row Two: Martha Ryugo, Janice Leong, Karen Kannegaard, Christine Cavas, Grace Katagiri, Beverly Gazarian, Susan Chu, Sharon Nagato, Shahshahani. Row Three: Karen Wagner, Susan Stoddard, Nicole Besin, Mary Shirley, Elayne Wilding, Celia Nearhood, Sharon Walters, Aril Bader, Gerda Janet Syphers. ΔΣΘ DELTA SIGMA THETA—Row One: Madeline Webb, Bernestine Carter, president; Betty Row Two: Brenda Usher, Dorothy Taylor, vice president; Dorothy Norwood, Brenda treasurer. A ctives, not pictured: Pat McCutcheon, Mary Sue Thomas, adviser. Delta Sigma Theta sorority is a national Greek-letter society having over 35 members. Founded in January, 1913, and established at the University of in February, 1921, Delta Theta is a public service sorority dedicated to a of sharing membership skills and organizational services in the public interest. DELTA SIGMA THETA — Row One: Sharon Harrison, Jacquelyn Harris, Alene Brumfield. Row Two: Joellen Pryce, Ruth Mason, Patsy Isaac, Jacqueline Terry. Pledges, not pictured: Edward Jean Kunuckles, Jacqueline Loville, Joyce McAdoo. Freeborn Hall SENIORS Susan Beare Connie Bollaert Margaret Burnett Elizabeth Coleman Nancy Ericson Wylda Hannon Lurae Peterson Radell Simon Cheryl Stein Barbara Ung JUNIORS Veeta Aalto Ruth Crowell Lizz Epstein Gloria Knox Helen Marcus Diane Moreland Cheryl Moberg Pearl Nakamura Pamela Reiser Kathryn Scott We, the girls of Freeborn, or the Freeborn Fangs as we have been so named due to our football prowess, have made this year an exceptional one. As well as participating in the intramural volleyball games, Freeborn took on a new sport this year, powder puff football. We are proud of our Fangs who placed among the top eight teams in the tournament. Our spirit has been but never equalled. We have had many dances. Many girls have participated in the West Oakland tutoring project. But on the lighter side, Freeborn girls love a joke, a number of which are commonly called " R.F. ' s " . These include any number of little pranks used toward the discomfort of some poor souls. There was the morning the elevator was found stuffed with newspapers; or the hall covered with tissue paper. Yes, Freeborn has spirit. SOPHOMORES Kathie Ernst Jeanne Jasonides Julie Mitome Anne Roberts Kathleen Velayo Faye Wade FRESHMEN Jane Bateman Lucille Biesbroeck Delores Christman Kathleen Elliott Judy Ichikawa Rozanne Lew Rochelle Sklansky Karen Sokoloff Pamela Stucky FIRST FLOOR—Row One: Annette Takashiba, Joan Fine, Jean Ratliff, Janice Rasmussen, Kathy Pierson, Christine Chabiel, Ronnie Frankel. Row Two: Allison Smith, Aileen Kyda, Linda Saxon, Karen Gordon, Lucy Sheppard, Gerie Simmons, Estelle Chun. SIXTH FLOOR — Row One: Sally Deitz, Jeanne McEnnerney, Susan Maxwell, Helen Barnett, Ruth Tetelbaum. Row Two: Mary Kayser, Jean Imai, Phyllis Inerfield, Eleanor Wong, Marian Gilden, Lee Ann Feinberg. SECOND FLOOR — Row One: Ellice Greenberg, Gwenne Bates, Lauren Friedman, Judi Bloom. Row Two: Sue Kalmanson, Birgit Black, Dahlia Armon. Spens-Black THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Row One: Martha Strizich, Dorothea Standish, Gayle Peabody, Sue Halpern, Yvonne Banvet, Lynda Rosin, Pila Estess, Toby Tollefson, Cathy Quilici. Row Two: Lynda Drennan, Barbara Hiyama, Linda Head, Sharon Nakashima, Connie Vandervort, Lea Peterson, Darlene Gall, Nikki Nahmens. FIFTH FLOOR — Row One: Karen Pedersen, Carol Candy Reuben, Marcie Harrison, Ann Meeker, Janet Lewman, Chrystal Cass. Row Two: Margaret Der, Sharon Silva, Peggy Roback, Teri Chapman, Chris Merlo, Linda Lancet, Ann Simpson, Nancy Thomas, Amy Hashimoto. SEVENTH FLOOR — Row One: Susan Wong, Kathy Cate, Miriam Kasdan, Linda Lovenberg, Cynthia Lee. Row Two: Mary Hama, Gay Weinberger, Shirley Cachola, Lesley Swanson, Carol Dicmas, Leslie Kwass. EIGHTH FLOOR — Row One: Jane Boggess, Victoria Thomas. Row Two: Rosanna Nelson, Ellen Meltzer, Donna Fong, Cheryl Parker, Peggy May, Vickie Furtado, Laurel Nase, Carolyn Horn. Row Three: Laurie Wishard, Laureen Yuen, Cynthia Beltini, Barbara Handa, Linda Turpin, Jill Metzger, Claire Tyrrill, Debbie Butler, Wong, Wilaine Wong. SENIORS Marsha Barron Susan Bury Lotus Chao Ellie Elrod Irene Hiyama Pat Knittel Barbara Kriz Marian Lanes Kathy Seeno Arlene Stern Carol Weed JUNIORS Rosie Faller Kathy Kohl Karin Morkeberg Susan Tanner Judy Trayer June Santon SOPHOMORES Dorothy Brown Emily Caouette Kathy Doyle Mary Dunlap Stern Hall Enthusiasm Rides High Friendship and Learning There are two flowers which look to be upon a single stem but that is only if you look at them on a rainy day when they intertwine to protect and shelter but when the comes on they stand as two smiling golden and white in a beam of light and it is onl y possible to know their secret how such a transition can be if you learn to see through the dark, heavy soil to where their roots touch. Cathy LaBombard Linda Lachmund Marguerite McCowen Carolyn Robbins Marcia Rockwood Kathy Todrank Nini Turner FRESHMEN Ginger Bell Debbie Bleiberg Patti Burt Kathleen Childers Roberta Dempster Carol Diehl Maedell Fong Andra Guggenheim Lynne Hildebrant Sharon Kaufman Leila Loban Arlene Milrad Jean Pollock Pam Shirakawa Margaret Takesuye Jill Taniguchi MEN ' S J-COMM — William Fleischman, Roy Gesley, Robert Bookman, Arnie Jaffe (Chairman). Not pictured: Ken Lloyd. TO MAKE ALL MEN GOOD AND WISE SEEMS BEYOND HOPE. Joseph Tussman Men ' s Dormitories Bowles Hall SENIORS John L. Aboudara Gary F. Blank Steven A. Book John Burk James T. Doudiet George J. Fruehan III Richard M. Johnson Jeffrey Linton Terry Z. Martin Frank McGill Robert Pawl ick Gilbert J. Salka Alfred C. Schmidt Jr. Richard G. Snow Jr. David C. Sonnikson Jeffrey T. Stewart David Westerman Douglas Wied JUNIORS John A. Baker, Jr. Edward Bussa Daniel A. Dawson Jer ald E. Eliaser David F. Fair King O. Golden Harold Hsieh Lawrence Jones James T. MacMullen Richard W. Matselboba Freshmen Dedicate Bowles Game Room to Past President The Freshmen of Bowles Hall a major project this year when they redecorated the game room with wood paneling and dedicated it as the J. P. Erdman Memorial Room, a past president of the hall. New furniture was also added to other parts of the " castle. " David F. Tomsky Richard E. Wise John A. Woods SOPHOMORES David W. Anderson James Christie Douglas Clark Michael Clark John Curlett Craig Fischer Dennis R. Gesin Jeffrey Golden David M. Hellman Ronald S. Himes Robert H. Jaffe Jon A. Johnson Roger E. Laine Peter C. Liepman Richard Lloyd Terence James W. Keith O ' Dell Wayne T. Roger H. James M. Sanborn Gary J. Kenichi David A. Neville Alfred A. Nickel Samuel Ragent William Schein Richard Scott Lloyd Smith Gene S. Tobias FRESHMEN Michael J. Philip Melville R. Baruh Michael H. Bissell David John C. Cotchett Michael Dorward Douglas G. Dunston Robert Guthertz Mark Hancock John F. Hawley Paul C. Hudson William Hymen Jeffrey S. Kaspick Steven A. Lapkin Jay L. Leftin Allan H. Lind, Jr. Harry Macy Thomas W. Mader Mark McCarthy Donald C. McRae Raymond J. Miailovich Claude Munday Robert G. Nakamura Bill Nestell Timothy Pinkham Michael H. Rosove Dennis W. Rowe Michael B. Vavra Gary Wittenmeier Deutsch ' s Fabulous Filching Finks Rat on Stanford. . . Again While the quarter system finds many of us down, Deutsch is traditionally doing things in a big way. What is the vital force that pulls freshman and senior together, sets high standards, and meets them at every turn? Is it a real force? It is as real as: the Stanford Goal posts, captured every year; first place entry in the Big Game parade; award in the 1966 Spring Sing; the Intramural championship in tutoring underprivileged children; and consistent high academic achievement. What then is this real spirit which traditionally is a part of Deutsch, and yet leaves and is a part of every outgoing Deutschman? The spirit of excellence. SENIORS Bob Agee Ken Cole Stasys Danis Fred Fischer John French Allen Green Anthony Hill Rand Krumland Alan Levy David Madland Brian Maridon Philip Marquez Bill Marsh Bob Nelson Arthur Powell Larry Prowd Charlie Sacal Garey Slaughter Tom Taylor Harold Yoshimura Robert Yost JUNIORS Paul Brent Vic Carboni Steve Chung Len Coates Tom Crawford Carlos Espana Sleepy Deutschmen worked night and day to complete their sweepstakes-winning Big Game float, a project undertaken with the aid of their sister-dorm, Cheney. Warren Bud Peter Nick Ronald Lew Nick Loo-Tam Leslie Miller Tom Nachbaur Mario Olmos Bruce Walker Ron SOPHOMORES Russ Bob Bill Gary Hippenstiel Ron Keenan Ken Kwong John Martin David Moor Carl Nelson Jim Gary Karl Pat Andy FRESHMEN Karl Bruce Vaugn Babcock Deutsch ' s spirit makes the hall notorious in Intramurals, especially football. The Deutsch-Cheney sweepstakes-winning 1966 Big Game entry. Michael Becker Jim Blodget Roy Conley Bob Hall Spencer Hall Jack Jew Randy Larsen Doug Lee Mike Leonhardt Hugh Lewis Denis Liu Danny Mar Steve Medberry Bob Musicant Robin Parker Alan Randle Svenn Rasmussen John Roumasset Larry Steve ns Doug Taylor Bob Waldon Norm Weiss HOUSEFELLOWS Dan Hansen Solk Deutsch Hall FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Row One: Bob Wester, Jim Quist, Butch Cardiasmenos, Ray Hoff, Bryce Anderson, Paul Ryon, Dave Ledford, Bob Yoneda, John Geiger. Row Two: Tom Inouye, Gerald Chang, Steve Jones, Leslie Young, Ray Valpey, Carlos Zaragoza, Stan Nishioka. Griffiths Hall THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Row One: John Flanders, Gerry Lefever, Elliot Seideman, John Arvizu, Dave Hagan, Bob Bezemek. Row Two: Barry Brittan, Bob Cornelius, Joe Rynearson, Greg Humpal, Alan McFarland, Malcolm Yuill-Thornton, Randy Sakamoto, Lee Look, Keith Ichinose, Rich Roberts. Row Three: Ken Hall, John Corn, Jeff Dake, Paul Sako, Bruce Barnes, Barry Kluger, Gary Mayeda, Ron Yee. FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Row One: Don Woods, Everett Mathew, Al Lin, Dave Mann, Dave Miller. Row Two: Bruce Gollino, Chris Hu, Mike Levintow, Hunter Wallof, Doug Steinman, Tony Saliditch, Don Mochizuki, Mark Huron, Jay Nelson, Howard Sherman, Wendell Wally Kaplan, Norm Ronneberg. Row Three: Harry Willis, Ron Yamada, Pete Wood, Ted DeCastro, Terry Oelschlaeger, Lee Elson. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Row One: Terry Goodbody, Harry Sagara, Ed Colloff, Brian Shou, Lee-Ken Choo. Row Two: Dave Maxwell, Ted Masuda, Don Dean, Greg Patton, Joe Bartl, Karl Tuschka, John Monteverdi, John Pierachini, John Stoneham. Row Three: Charles Puccinelli, Mike Takaichi, Bob Patterson, Lyle Cox, Frank Achille, Al Hikoyeda, Bill Derrington. MITCHELL-PEIXOTTO — Row One: Diane Shizuru, Vanda Aalgaard, April Hird, Sai Ng, Michael Chui, Donald Diltz. Row Two: Don Linda Anderson, Carole Kennington, Bob Burnett, Edward Bizub, Fred Wong, George Wong, Dan Berry. Mitchell-Peixotto Hall MITCHELL-PEIXOTTO — Row One: Syd Matheson, Cheryl Matheson, Chris Clark, Jean Itakuru, Linda Carlson, Renee Knock. Row Two: Dan Berry, Amicus Sydis, Arnold Hayer, Toni Kelley, Mark Jacobs, Ann Parks, Dave Johnson. FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Row One: Howard Fine, Chris Oakleaf, Jim Low, Joel " Hairy " Tepp, Howard Resnick, Marc Kahn, Jeff Goldstone. Row Two: Richard Pagano, Jerry Taylor UCMB, Doug Kaye, John Becker, Mike Bautista, Mike Taylor, John Endicott, Arno John Taylor, Greg Hill. Row Three: Don Costello, Hal Berger, Gary Roberts, Allen Louie, Jack Sicherman, Jerry Wolf, Jeff Bihr, Ron Janes, John Pletta. Norton Fellows Follow Fascinating Fall Follies SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Row One: Larry Fong, Gordon Nishida, Jorgen Vindum, Bill Chung, Ivan Fong, Harvey Chin. Row Two: Howard Nagatani, Kirby Fong, Bob Herr, Grad Resident; Don Mikami, Social Chairman; Perren Krowne, Harold Jaffe, Gary Alter, Dennis Yarnell, Bill Stark, Craig MacPherson, David Hsu, Bob Bill Chamberlain, Steve Camber. Row Three: Dave Dolfi, Jim Bullock, Roger Lee, Bob Lenahan, Harvey Hailer, Mike Narvid, Don Alden, Harry Yip, David Reid, Roger Mah. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — (above) Row One: Carlton Doi, Richard Links, Peter Lee, Gary Levin, Norton Shield, Jim VanAnda. Row Two: Will Mazingo, Peter Hwang, Gary Morris, Bruce Dennison, Mike Linder, Jim Darcey, B. O. Lerch, Uncle Bing, Leonard Stroud, Howard Ludwig, Athletic Chairman; William Davis, Bob Claster. Row Three: Gary Higgins, Gary Viale, Garland Winter, Ed " Turk " Murphy, Sam The Sham, Mitch Nusbaum, Paul Stud Ebaker, Brian Brash, Joe Rogozen. FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Row One: Richard Merrill, Lloyd Halverson, Vice Pres.; Bob Sakai, Phil Ritter. Row Two: Greg Takagi, George Wilkes, Arnold Fong, Paul Ritter, Frank Yee, Steve Jenkins, John Early, Rob Row Three: Dick Jacke, Treasurer; Ken Malnick, Clair Penner, Clif Taylor, President; Jim Swinehart, Tony Chung, John Whitaker, Coleman Owen, Bill Beaver, Lee Come. Row Four: Jerry Winges, Seth Rose, Peter Riesenfeldt, Dong-won Sohn, Larry Poon, Rich Rosenblatt, Howard Larry Mock, Ed Hee, Roy Kaku, Ian Bonner. FOURTH FLOOR — Row One: Fred Hirshburg, Allan Gold, Wayne Macktinger, Burt Lurie, Rod Hayslett, Rich Roth, Rich Webber, Jeff Olson, David Tokeshi. Row Two: Don Dwiggens, Steve Klocksien, George Hartley, Steve Hawley, Wendy Berber, Rick Citron, Murray Mahoney, David George, Mark Alpers. FIRST FLOOR — Row One: David Fukutome, Doug Chase Ron Huff, Tom Hayashi, Harold Crawford, Larry Johnson, Ken Korman, Bill Kadi. Row Two: Joseph Rosenthal, Ror Boris, John McPherson, Alex Chen, Herb Arden, Lester Chang. FIFTH AND SIXTH FL OORS — Row One: Web Johnson, Chuck Zabudel, Gary Herb Trubo, Steve Yang, Marc Gra. Row Two: Al Shiba, Myer Jue, Hossein Majidy, Mike Milwee, Bert George Liu. Row Three: Eli Herscher, Doug Ortendahl, Dave Weisser, Wayne Allan Kaufam, Andy Fortier, George Diamantopolous, Mike Weitz. Row Four: John Ishii, Dennis Ryan, Steve Hill, Marty Miller, Bob Kurtz, Dale Nishida, Kendal Mau, Ron Yost, David Hem, J. C. Rock, Keven Costello, Tom Malsbary, Bahman Kia. SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS — Row One: Phil Litchenstein, John McFarland, Jed Bullard, Nailminai, Gene Sakanari, Chris Siegert, Mike Brown, Barry Lotz, Clinton Jew, Peter Lee, Ron Muri. Row Two: Mike Peters, Gil Monjo, Chet Lee, Randy Thomas, Ron Roberts, Fernando Dizen, Mark Hoff, Glen Petersen, Larry Huber, Jim Fong, Craig Rothbach. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Row One: Steve Goldberg, Jim Saito, Mike Cavallaro, Rich Foster, Bob Noshner, Henry Ruthand, Steve Midlam, Jerry Hunter, Dennis Kleid. Row Two: Stan Katz, Jay Sanders, John Chiara, Allan Armitan, Bob Curtis, Cliff Coolidge, Doug Taylor, Ray Bolin. Row Three: Steve Jacobs, Gary Stocks, Steve Elliot, Keith Regli, Brian Wachner, Jacques Toney, Alan De Fevor, Lance Knowles, Dick Stensen, Jim Denett, Bob Bainbridge, Pete Loewenstein, Bob Narron, Fred Howard, Jim Sostek. Putnam Hails Culture, Individuality as Creative Dormie Traits FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Row One: T. Umeda, R. Multeen, P. Davis, F. Padilla, A. Mills, S. Gillespie. Row Two: John Panieri, Jay Lunt, Harvey Dong, Alan Baltuth, George Paxinos. THIRD FLOOR — Row One: Frank Noll, Wilson Frost, Steven Bergeron, Steve West, Loren WA6QFM. Row Two: Larry Rogers, Bob Ainsworth, Ehor Mazurok, Steve Wallace, Steve Gonzalez. EIGHTH FLOOR — Row One: Michael Daniel lacopi, Maxwell, Terry Cox. Row Two: Dennis Rodney Ott, Spencer Kaitz, Steve Miles. Priestley Orients Freshmen FOURTH AND FIFTH FLOORS — Row One: Gary Nakagiri, Ron Wake, Arnold Zane, Kent Baldwin. Row Two: Richard Ley, Jack Lam, Joe Stewart. SEVENTH FLOOR — Row One: Karl Johansson, Jeff Limerick, Alfred Chu, Kenneth Sum. Row Two: Jud Hammond, John Lum Jr., Andrew Kung, Kevin Tom. SIXTH FLOOR — Row One: Bruce Gordon, Larry Asera, Dan Woo, Jeff Edelstein, Gary Kendall, Mark Osborne. Row Two: Bob Chan, David Rowney, James Fong, Fred Wile, Jim Watson, John Abraham, Iraq Afari. SENIORS Richard George Douglas Pile JUNIORS Willard AI loway Edward Cheever Paul Durando Kurt Junge Bob Satterford Steve Whitgob SOPHOMORES Bob Berman Lance Carnes Bob Docken Jeff Feldman Jim French Dean Hickman Marc Lambert John Lyon Allen Matsumoto Leslie Pease Mike Peet Bob Sachs Tellefsen: Hurrah! The tireless efforts of a devoted group of alumni culminated in success with the in the fall of 1960 of Tellefsen Hall as a home for University of California The hall is named in honor of Chris Tellefsen, a loyal friend of the Band since 1923 when his donation of the first uniforms marked the beginning of the modern Cal Band. A full social program, carefully coordinated with the busy schedule of the Cal Marching Band and the Straw Hat Band, plus shared interests in these organizations, combine to make Tellefsen Hall a unique and rewarding living experience. Ryan Sanders Bob Spencer FRESHMEN Bill Carroll Davison Doug Day Larry Fredlund Paul Haavik Bob King David Posner Gary Van Camp Steve Wolf Chris Tellefsen and a friend. 2421 Prospect Tellefsen Straw-Hatters Honor Founder Bill " Fossil " Ellsworth The Tellefsen Straw-Hatters don ' t forget easily that a large part in their coming into being was played by Bill Ellsworth. In fact, he ' s still a part of the group; if observant, you can find him playing the saxophone with them at Cal basketball games. To honor their principal founder this year, Straw-Hatters planned a surprise birthday celebration for Bill, or " Fossil " as they call him. The celebration included the Hatters ' rendition of a special song which starts out something like: Hip, hip, hurray For Mr. Ellsworth. As one member put it, " The Fossil is really something. " Men of Tellefsen celebrate a birthday. Straw-hatting and Tellefsen go together. Richards-Oldenberg; Up on the Hill RICHARDS-OLDENBERG — Row One: Amy Sheng, Lucretia Watkins, Maggie Plain, Debbie Heintz, Barry Lame, Linda Snoddy, Diane Geller. Row Two: Sue Cohn, Kevin Lee, Sam Hiatt, Pete Hansen, Franco Guerri, Joe Carlisle. Row Three: Lawrason Springwell, Allen Jaffe, Mike Levine, Walt Bogart, Steve Lewis. Row Four: Ron Fender, (unidentified), Dick Rawson, Tate Jennings, John Adjutant. Row One: Ron Quick, Ty Graber, (unidentified), Horace Melville, Wells Wiz, Kathy Ingalls, Danny Li. Row Two: (unidentified), Adrienne Jang, Pam Goodman, Hol Ellis, Stevie Wonder, Bruce Kendall, Dino Wilkie. Row Three: Don Shurtz, Arnie Hayer, Leslie Thallon. Row Four: (unidentified), David Kolsky. Clubs as Well as Dorms Engender Group Activity NISEI CLUB OFFICERS — Row One: Pearl Nakamura, Mike Nishida, Julie Mitome, John Towata, Pau l Fujii, Takei. FORESTRY CLUB — Row One: G. Briggs, D. Depta, Larry S., Steve Bear, John Thomas, Bob Schultz, Bob Jones. Row Two: Jim Smith, Dan Martin, Al Hess, Art. Peterson, Larry Pettinger, Forrest Sullivan. Row Three: R. Golden, Al Long, Don Hansen, Jon Wagy, Roy London, Ken Hadlock. Row Four: Lyle Ang, Jim Mosch, Don Huston, Bob Rogers. Row Five: John Griffen, Don Kaufman. A UNIVERSITY SHOULD BE A PLACE OF LIGHT, OF LIBERTY, AND OF LEARNING. Disraeli Commuter-Independents Student Union Gives Commuters a Place to Relax, Have Lunch, or Enjoy a Favorite Pastime. . . . . . a Place for Commuters to Join Fellow Students in Campus Activities, a Place to be the Home Away from Home ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A STUDENT AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA Douglas Abbott Larraine Abbott Michiko Abiko Norman Abramson Susan Adcock Charlotte Adelman Laurence Ahlswede Cheryl Akers Harry Ako Janet Albietz Kathleen Alderman Bruce Alexander Susan Almazol Penny Almquist Bader Al-Salem Lamya Al-Yawder Joseph Anderson Kathy Anderson Sheryl Anderson Susan Anderson Alice Aplin Jean Aplin Murleann Aramayo Frederick Ambrust Keiko Asahara Gloria Astin Naomi Atkins Sandra Auerback Fred Aumbrust Christine Babb Susan Bailey Garry Baker Bruce Baldwin Mary Balman Michael Banta Ellen Barnett Frank Barnett Jeffrey Barrett Mary Barrett Roger Barron Mark Bartel Janice Beals Carol Beane Marilyn Belove Steven Belzer Linda Benamati Paul Benya John Berg Martin Berg Florende Berghuis Robert Bernard Janet Berry Richard Beserra Robert Bitticks Sandra Blair Roger Blanchard Michael Block Randolph Blotky Bonnie Blumenfeld Judith Blumenfeld Janice Blunck Patsy Bodle Victor Boniaal-Sosa Robert Bookman Peter Botell Gail Boreman Joyce Boring Peter Boutell Barbara Boutwell Pamela Bowman Sharon Bowman James Boyd Stephen Boysol Slobodanka Bozinovich HE REALIZED ONE DAY HE WAS NOT AT ALL AWARE OF WHAT THE UNIVERSITY OFFERED Barbara Brackney Mary Bradley Claire Brady Jean Brady Carol Brandstad Barton Branstetter Hannah Branstetter Dona Bretherick Christiana Brodie Michael Brodie Valerie Brooks Eva Brown Mason Brown Lawrence Brubaker Kenneth Bryant James Bryden Thomas Bull Lynn Bulwa William Burk Clathel Burke James Butler William Cain Charles Calavan Michael Calhoun Carol Calkins Carolyn Callan Thomas Callin Leonard Campbell AND THIS BROUGHT HIM TO WONDER, " WHAT IS A UNIVERSITY? " Ronald Carboni Jeff Caren William Carlson Bruce Carney Bernestine Carter Robiny Case Julia Caspino Bruce Casserly Janice Cattolica Wadsworth Cauchois Kathy Cairns Barbara Chan Camille Chan Darlene Chan Lawrence Chan Yvonne Chan Eugene Chang Betty Chao Lotus Chao Charles Chase Linda Chasteen Evelyn Chelnek James Chen Katherine Cheng May Chern Robert Chiles Harry Chin Tom Chin Patricia Ching Roberta Chinn Andrew Chou Kai Chow Harold Christiansen Dennis Chu Frank Chu John Chu Vincent Chu William Chung Ralph Clark Sherry Clark Charles Clay George Clifford Frank Clugage Betsy Cohen Howard Coleman Marilyn Collier Vaughn Collins Charles Conlin Nancy Conrad Gary Cook Jeanne Coombes Richard Corp Richard Courchesne Chris Cowley Philip Crabbe Merton Crockett Christopher Crook George Crow Christine Cudiamat Beverly Cunningham Corinne Curtola Sidney Cutler Susan Dahl Lorene Damman Camilla Daniel Robert Dasteel Christopher Dawkins Andrew Dawson James Dax Margaret Dean Michael Dean Robert Dean OBVIOUSLY IT IS MASSES, THOUSANDS OF LEARNERS IN HUNDREDS OF PLACES, Mary Dees Rhonda de Kelita Cheryl Denny Peter Denny Royal Denton Susan DePaoli William Derrington Ann Dersheimer Sheila Detoy Susan Dickingson George Dicochea Elizabeth Dieden Vince Dilworth Gerald Dixon Lynn Donald Arun Dongre Patricia Douse Prentice Duell Dinah Duffy Donald Duffy Prescilla Duffy Carolyn Dufresne Stephen Dunning Gail Durham Jan Ebert Charles Eckles Christopher Edwards Douglas Edwards EACH DISCOVERING WHAT EDUCATION IS, Andrew Efstratis Elaine Ehm Jan Eikeberg Edith Eldridge Charles Eliason Kenneth Embrey Stephen Enders Douglas Engmann Michael Engmann Paul Enseki Lora Epstein Allan Fabrick Marc Fairman Lynda Fara Dayna Feist Nancy Feldstein Susan Files Autry Filler Kathleen Fine Joan Firemen Sonja Firing Ronald Fish Charles Fisher Ellen Flagg Gerald Flahiff Richard Flier Hocine Fodhil Fred Fong Gifford Fong Min Fong Lawrence Foote Judith Forcada Jeffrey Forster Anita Foster George Foster Bijan Fouladi Merilee Fountain Stanley Fowler Judith Frankel Linda Franz Martin Fraser Marlys Fredrickson Julie Freeman Ernest Fretter Roger Fujii Allan Fujita John Fuller Elsie Furiya Marianne Gamboni Peter Gannon Paul Gavey Thomas Geballe Penny Gentilly Alice Gerner Rita Ghotbi Saeed Ghotbi Thomas Giancoli Mark Gibson Neil Gilbert Dennis Gilliam Jane Ginsburg Luigi Giovannoni Judy Gish AND TOO, IT IS CLASSES AND FRIENDS AND WALKING THROUGH UNKNOWN PLACES, Pelham Glassford Carla Glerup Carolyn Gock Bonnie Golden Joan Goldsmith Marilyn Goodman Joseph Goss Billy Grady Arthur Grandy Dana Grau Jan Gray Carol Green Sheila Green Charlotte Greenberg Laurie Greenstadt Michael Grisham Corrinne Groper Roger Gross Dorene Grossman Barbara Gummersor Albert Gunston Barbara Haberer Victor Hachiya Thomas Haggar David Hale Alan Hall William Hall Karen Hallin Jill Hallinan Glenn Hamamoto Betty Hamilton Louise Hamilton Serry Hanen Mimzy Hansen Susan Hansen Marlene Hanson Mohammed Harchaoui Anne Hargreaves Lynne Harris Barbara Harwood Jeanne Hashimoto Vida Haskell Randolph Hatch Susan Hatch John Hatherly Adrienne House Sandra Hawkins Michi Hayashi Kathleen Hayes Daniel Haytin Richard Heater Pegi Henderson Marylynn Henes Bruce Henstell Brian Herbert Thomas Herbert Ronald Herman Nancy Hersh Barbara Herwood Richard Hess James Hester Sardis Hickam Robin Hicks Robert High Russell Hightower Alan Hill Ronald Hirano Barry Hjelmstad Wayne Hjelmstad Henry Ho Chi-Wing Ray Ho Judy Hodgins Susan Hoffman Michael Hogan John Hogie Nils Hogset Sydney Hollingsworth AND BRINGING CAL TO KNOWN PLACES. Judy Holloway Fay Hook Stuart Horance Jerold Horn Pamela Homer Randall Hough Adrienne House Elizabeth Howatt Penney Howe David Howell Mei-Cheng Hu Charles Huff Drew Humphries Hilary Hurst Cheryl Hutchings Trent Hyatt John Iding Robert Iding Kim Ikpoong Yasuko Ikuta Marie Immekeppel Robert Ingersoll Stanley Inkelis Lynda Iwasaki Joanne lwens Jacobberger Lloyd Jacobs Maureen James Linda Jamieson Maureen Janes Mama Jessen William Jewett Alvin Joe Raphael Johannes Judith Johns Charles Johnson Hunter Johnson Kathleen Johnson Linda Johnson Pamela Johnson Bart Jones Carolyn Jones Judie Jones Sharon Jordan Bruce Jower Mary Justeson Peter Kaasa Kumiko Kakutani Stephen Kan Sadayo Kanaya Wendy Kashiwa Benjamin Kaster Roger Katz Olga Kaunoff Ernest Kazato Kathleen Keane Patricia Keane David Keil Stanley Keil Joan Kemp Judith Kennedy Mary Kern Karen Kesselman Suzanne Kiely Erica Kilian Roy King Michael Kingsbury Stephen Kitts Alan Kiyomoto Lawrence Klaasen THE UNIVERSITY IS STUDENTS, ACTIVITIES, Barbara Klein Robert Kleinstein Kaye Kliewer Marilyn Knight Susan Knopf Deanna Knopp James Knudsen Juan Kohn Nancy Koo AIoysia Kooy Ellen Korchin Irene Kostyrea Sanford Koyama Lindy Kramer Allan Kreiss Kathie Krelle Sheila Kritchman Rand Krumland Ruth Krusa Alica Kubernick Janice Kujawa Kenneth Kuroiwa Karol Kyme Juanita Lagagh LIVING GROUPS, CLASSES, PROFESSORS, GRADES. James Laird Mat Laky Michael Lamm Mary Lane Sally Lange Susan Lange Patricia Larsen Mary Larson Mimi Larson Linda Laureano Patricia Lawrence Suzanne Lawrenz Benson Lee Gerimae Lee Joanda Lee Nelli Lee Parke Lee Patricia Lee Samuel Lee Sheryl Lee Beatrice Leifer Eric Leigh Marcia Lenser Hannah Leonard James Leonard Stephen Leonard Robert Lester Anthony Leung Milton Levin David Levine Mary Kreick Jo Anne Levine Joseph Levine Keith Levy Jennifer Lewman Jack Li May Li Susan Lidgate Carol Liebman Gary Lilienthal Wellman Lim Steven Lindstedt Sheryl Linette Mamie Linville Richard Lloyd Anthony Lobay David Lobree Guenever Logan Patricia Loomer Adolph Lopez Kathleen Loss John Louie Yuk Louie Anne Lovelace James Loveland Mae Low William Lowe Rita Lowitt Geoffrey Luebbert Gerald Lundblad Jeffrey Lung Henry Lutzky Jerald Luzar Lynn Macdonald Craig MacPherson William Maddans Richard Maddigan Mary Maeno Carl Maes Michael Majeles Richard Malmgren Benjamin Mandel-Eskenazi Donald Mangold Ruth Marchick Elliot Marks Linda Marron David Marsh Janet Marshall Leslie Martin Max Marutani Barry Masuda Setsuo Masuda Carolyn Matsuura Peter Matteson IT IS BUILDINGS AND PLANS, BOOKS, PAPERS, AND RESEARCH. IT IS ALL THIS, HE THOUGHT. BUT THE STUDENT KNEW IT IS MUCH MORE - Terry Maul Michael Maurier Marcia McArthur Betty McCarter Doreen McCarthy Joseph McCormack Eve McDaniel William McIntosh Rich McLellan Robert McLeod Carol McNeill James Mealiffe William Mealiffe Mitra Mehran Karen Mekjavich Jaime Merbaum Michael Miran Karen Misaki Regina Mitchell Gerald Mitosinka Lawrence Mock Jeffrey Moering Edward Moffatt Dana Mohan Moises Mondlak Michael Montbriand Christine Moon John Moore Shizuka Mori Ronald Morimoto Harold Morris Martin Morrison Ann Morrisroe Carl Morse Susan Mullally Peter Munoz Michael Murakam John Murdock Patricia Murdock Carolyn Murphy Elizabeth Murphy Steven Murphy Ronald Musser Joyce Naftel Cindy Mercer Janis Merlo Don Merrill Joseph Mesenbrink Elwin Meyers Peyo Mihailovski Kazuto Mikami Dean Miller Michael Miller Rhonda Mills Donald Milmore Linda Miramontes Ernest Nagata Caryl Nakamura Joe Nakamura Patricia Nakano Aki Nakao Dennis Neeley Kathryn Nehrbass Charles Neis Carol Newlin Richard Nicol Vladimir Nicolayeff John Neilsen Rosemary Neilsen Margaret Nigel Sheila Ninomiya Michael Nishida Cary Nish imoto Aileen Nishioka Marilyn Noda Bradley Noel James Norton Pamela Norton Peter Noyes William Nurre Mark Oba Kevin O ' Connor Rosemarie Oda Charlotte Oeding George Ogawa Jaynie Oishi Alan Okamoto Arlene Okamoto Helene Olsen Ronald Olsen Esther Omi Lawrence Opas Kent Opheim Michael O ' Rand Abdulazaz Orayer Ilona Orly Juan Ospina Ichiro Otani JoAnn Overton Elaine Owen Adelbert Owyoung Joan Padget Nikos Papademetropoulos Carolyn Pardee Pooroushash Parineh Jeong-yeop Park MaeHyun Park David Parrish Susan Parsell Martin Pasqualetti Homi Patel David Paul Sandra Payne Lee Peisker John Penkoff Sharon Perry William Perry Jessica Persoff Richard Petersen Robert Peterson Christie Pettijohn Larry Pettinger Susan Pfarrer Linda Pierce HE KNEW BECAUSE HE HAD WALKED THROUGH CAMPUS AND HAD SEEN FACES AND PLACES HE ' D NEVER SEEN BEFORE, OF WHOSE EXISTENCE HE HAD NEVER DREAMED, Martha Pike Lynne Pilchard Stephen Pinkham Charleen Pizzorno Ivan Plasil Michele Platzek Fay Playstead Marietta Poerio Pamela Pomeroy Derek Poon Judy Poon Dale Power Louise Pratt Earl Preshaw Carol Prince Sandra Prince Charles Pullen Bruce Quarton Barbara Quevedo Karen Rademacher Claudia Ragent Louis Rajki Anthony Ramirez Judy Rasmussen Thomas Rauchwerger Joseph Reed Margaret Reeder Erik Rekdal Lawson Renge John Reznor Richard Papike Joan Reiman Wendy Shetnkope Charles Rhodes Yvonne Rich John Richards Terese Richards Bertina Richter Christopher Riddle Richard Riemke Peter Riesenfeldt Eric Roberts Carol Robertson Cabell Robinson Johnathan Rodgers Edmund Rogers Jeffrey Rogers Lynnda Rogers Susan Rojas Carol Romey Nancy Rose AND BECAUSE HE ' D READ NAMES THAT SOUNDED SO NEW, SO STRANGE, YET SOMEHOW AKIN TO HIS OWN Barbara Rosen David Ross Lisa Rotwein Nancy Rubin Janet Rudd Beverly Russell Richard Ruston Anne Ruud Diane Rynes Sharon Sabsay Sylvester Sailes Wendy Sakano June Sakauye Carole Salerno Michael Salkin Georges Sallouti Valerie Samuels Fard Sanaie Mary Jo Sasich John Saunders Ilan Savion Kenneth Schneidegger Siegfried Schnuetgen Michael Schuetz Betty Schwartz Donald Schwartz Alice Sedlak Susan Seeds Denis Seguine Nancy Selber Sarah Senefeld Linda Shaefer Steven Shaefer Roger Shafer Marsha Shane Arthur Shartsis Sally Shaw Deane Shephard Kay Shimizu Glenn Shinsako Douglas Shirachi Diane Siderine Tien Siev Lexies Sifford Sarah Simmerman John Simmons Noel Simon Barbara Sims Melissa Skeehan Paul Skrip Cheryl Smale Betty Smith Byron Smith Harrison Smith Jennifer Smith Steve Smith Liri Soffer Dennis Solomon Charles Sonntag Leland Soohoo Judy Soos Frances Soule Susan Spaner Ulrich Spannagel Deborah Sperry Kenneth Spice Eugenie Stanton Joe Stanton Wendy Stark Mary Stefani Stephen Steifuater James Steiner Carl Stephani Jack Stephens Gayle Stewart Thomas Stimac AND BECAUSE HE HAD FELT PAINT BECOME UNDENIABLY ALIVE WHEN IT GOT BEHIND HIS EYES TO THE BRAIN. Mary Stimmann Patricia Stohr Carla Stone Mike Stubblefield Elizabeth Sullivan Michael Sullivan Nelda Sullivan Susan Sullivan Sandra Sunshine Suzanne Sutin David Suzuki Roberta Swanburg Cynthia Swanson Gary Swanson Sylvia Tabata Vincent Tai Carol Takahashi Judy Takahashi Noelle Tamborini James Tamulski Bruce Taylor Carleton Taylor Dorothy Taylor Jeryll Taylor Robert Taylor James Tess Pearlie Tham Marynel Thewlis Lynne Thomas Donald Thompson Jamie Thorpe Terry Thurlow Ann Thyself Gerlad Tokuno Eugene Tomine Judy Trahan Olivia Trevino Ronald Tribbett Douglas Tsuchiya Takehiko Tsuji Francene Turken Tina Turna Shirley Turner Stephanie Tyau Larry Sheridan Norberto Sperling Debby Stein Kenneth Strasser Larry Sweet Annamarie Talunas John Thomas Cherie Tomlinson Barbara Travaglio Wendy Tyler Dian Wintle Richard Von Bauer AND BECAUSE HE HAD SEEN HIS PLANS CHANGE AND HAD SEEN TO MORE CHANGES ALONE. Patricia Tyre Robert Unger Barbara Urmann Gary Utsumi Dianne Vabri Deborah Valentine Eddie Valenzuela Kathleen Vance John Vanek Katherine Vaughns Nader Vaziri Margaret Vaznaian Bill Velte George Verona Sarath Vidanage Susan Vidanage Alexandra Volk Ilene Wagner Roberta Waitz Bonnie Wallace Connie Walther Howard Watkins Frederick Watt Paul Watts John Weaver Larrie Weil Regina Weil Marlene Weinstein Anne Westling Steven Weston Barbara Westree Clifton White Grover White Daniel Whitlock Kristen Wick Lance Widmen Margaret Wilcox Barbara Wilde Marsha Wildman Kenneth William Clarine Williams Willie Williams Lorna Willis John Wilson John Wilson Ken Wilson Terri-Ann Wilson Helene Winkler Julie Winship Virginia Winters Ewell Winton Steven Wissing Lynne Witkin William Wittausch Fred Wolkenhauer Pernille Wollan Yvonne Wong King-Wai Woo Judith Wood Kathryn Wood Nancy Woods Boas Wool Wesley Wooten AND BECAUSE HE HAD WANDERED THROUGH HIS MIND AND HAD FOUND A THOUGHT HE ' D NEVER THOUGHT BEFORE. Eleanor Workman Margaret Wright Susan Yaffee Anne Yallalee Patsy Yamada Alan Yamamoto Peter Yao Janet Yasuhiro Wayne Ybarra Helen Yen Carolyn Yip Ted Yokoyhama Victor Yool Ron Yoshimoto Fayth Yoshimura Nadine Yoshimura BUT MOST OF ALL, HE KNEW BECAUSE SOMEHOW, IN TRYING TO ANSWER HIS OWN QUESTION, HE HAD FOUND HIMSELF. Ed Burrios Shelly Chiang Clark Edson Vern Haddick Lum Lee Dan McIntosh Charles Young Raymond Yu Rae Yumae Jon Zablackis George Zaima Bahman Zarnegar Alan Zimmerman Judy Zimring Florence Zoloto Regina Zwerling Linda Baim Barbara Barry Carolyn Bell Christine Benson Fred Best Laura Bickoff Russ Bohne Sharon Boles Barbara Bonner Cheryl Brown Thomas Bruce Pam Chappell Christine Cavins Barbara Cook Dinah Duffy Dennis Fife Sheryl Fong Lynn Frickson Pat Gallagher Judy Gerritson Nancy Gherlone Judy Goldberg Leslie Grant Diane Hall Gudron Henderson Lawrence Kenney Robert Loew Pam Madson Karen Mendelson Kit Mitchell Susan Monaghan Ada Montessoro Stephen Mueller April Rhyne Sandra Sayre Leal-Ann Sanram Darreil Smith Roxanne Spieker Pinki Stevenson Mary Kay Webber Sherilee Weiland WE WANTED TO REFLECT THE UNIVERSITY IN THE PAGES OF OUR BOOK AND NOBODY EVER SAID IT WOULD BE EASY Ellen Barnett Editor, 1967 Blue and Gold Blue and Gold 1967 Beginning a New Kind of Yearbook Ellen Barnett Editor The Memories The trips to the publishing plants, many lunches at Larry Blakes ' , and the decision — The nights stuffing Daily Cals — Trying to find Six, Row in the index — A broken arm and the telephone bill to Truckee Hospital — The Mexican dinner at Linda ' s after a work day — The Skull and Key ' s picture — Joe and Susie taking the " couples page " pictures — Roger ' s magic $100 — The non-existent houselists — The quotes for the sports division pages — The morning of the final sports deadline —A Sunday breakfast at the Pancake House — the clean windows—The broken — Choosing the cover — John ' s insistence that Polaroid really was the only way to fly — The sales chart—The burglary — and a year of hard work, long hours, and the strong friendships that form when you all work for the same goal — a yearbook for Berkeley. Linda Pierce Manager Mrs. Helen Lum Advisor Kaye Kliewer Assistant Editor Roger Burke Associate Manager June Cochran Organizations Editor Lora Epstein Assistant Copy Editor Les Klinger Copy Editor Kay Neri Seniors Editor The Staff - 1967 Mary Dunlap Promotions Manager Pam Pomeroy Studio Manager Will Tenney Art Editor Dianne Hawley Assistant Sports Editor Steve Yost Sports Editor Putting out the nation ' s largest college yearbook is no small task. It begins in June with the appointment of the chief editors, and the summer is hardly a vacation at all. Before anyone returns in the fall, long before professors contemplate their courses, the yearbook is planned and replanned. When September arrives, the work—the physical task of assembling over 700 photographs, 4000 individual portraits, and nearly 100 solid pages of copy—begins. For each used, at least 5 are taken. For each line of copy, at least one re-write is made. The task is staggering, for turning out 570 pages of quality is no easy matter. The editor of the yearbook puts in nearly a 30-hour week. But with the rest of the staff, assembling the yearbook takes over 10,000 man hours of work ... and more work. The result of this labor is — at a campus of 50,000 students, faculty and administrators — the sale of 3000 yearbooks. But, through gritted teeth we protest that we love it. THE PHOTOGRAPHERS — John Herr who will not call Cal " Berkeley " and who, after all, did take the Winged Helmet picture; Judy Armstrong who starred on the A Chi O Powder Puff team and thought it was really fun to take the group shots; Susie Mullaly who " Hi Troops " ed us all year and kept us smiling; Randy Kopp who took the pictures no one else would take; Joe Marshall our " Technical Photo which means in reality chief photographer. FRESHMAN STAFF — Seated: Dick Lloyd, Karen English. Standing: Carol Greenberg, Jean Neri, Docia McFarlane. The Workers - Who Put in the 10,000 Hours for a Yearbook Alan Miller Office Manager Pam Stucky-Delores Christman Men ' s Living Group Editors Carla Brundage Women ' s Living Group Editor In Memoriam DIE WHEN I MAY, I WANT IT SAID OF ME BY THOSE WHO KNEW ME BEST THAT I ALWAYS PLUCKED A THISTLE AND PLANTED A FLOWER WHERE I THOUGHT A FLOWER WOULD GROW Abraham Lincoln Students Susan Katherine Susan Raymond Allan Peter Edward Richard Gregory Robert Fletcher Holden Eric Peter Albin Wendell Daniel Douglas Lee Toshihiro Sima S. John Robert Townsend Gerald Charles Wolpin Faculty James T. Eugene I. Lyon Mrs. A. Evelon Jacob Bernard Thomas H. Frank W. Walter Charles M. James A. Edward B. Lawton Gordon McKenzie Alden H. Miller Peter H. Odagard Lars H. Peterson John A. Putnam Arthur W. Samson Paul B. Schaffer William T. Smith George C. Soulis Rubin A. Stirton Herford E. Stone John J. VanNostrand THERE IS NO SHORT-CUT NO PATENT TRAM-ROAD TO WISDOM George Eliot Index Organizations Index Administration 129 Assistant Chancellors 136 Assistant Deans 134 Board of Regents 131 Chancellor Heyns 133 Clark Kerr 132 Governor Reagan 130 Schools and Colleges — Deans Agriculture 158 Business Administration 160 Chemistry 166 Criminology 170 Education 220 Engineering 172 Environmental Design 180 Forestry 184 Law 222 Letters and Science 186 Librarianship 220 Medicine 223 Optometry 224 Social Welfare 221 ASUC Personnel and Officers 138 Executive Director 144 Cabinet 141 Comptroller 144 Finance Committee 141 Judicial Committee 142 Permanent Personnel 144 President 138 Senate 140 Vice President 139 Class Officers Freshmen 76 Juniors 80 Seniors 82 Sophomores 78 Class Officers Board 141 Boards and Committees AEB 275 AWS 274 AWS Models 475 FSB 273 IRB 271 Men ' s J-Comm 490 Orientations 273 P PR 274 SCRB 271 SEFR 271 UPB 275 Honoraries 226 Alpha Phi Omega 235 Cal Club 227 Californians 228 Gamma Delta Epsilon 234 Gavel and Quill 234 Honor Students ' Society 232 Mortar Board 232 Order of the Golden Bear 238 Oski Dolls 229 Panile 230 Prytanean 231 Senior Hall of Fame 146 Skull and Keys 237 Torch and Shield 239 Tower and Flame 233 Winged Helmet 227 Living Groups 353 Fraternities 396 Inter-Fraternity Council 397 Alpha Chi Rho 398 Alpha Chi Sigma 399 Acacia 400 Alpha Delta Phi 403 Alpha Epsilon Pi 404 Alpha Gamma Omega 405 Alpha Kappa Lambda 406 Alpha Sigma Phi 407 Alpha Tau Omega 408 Beta Theta Pi 410 Chi Phi 409 Chi Psi 412 Delta Chi 413 Delta Kappa Epsilon 414 Delta Sigma Phi 415 Delta Tau Delta 418 Delta Upsilon 420 Kappa Alpha 422 Kappa Delta Rho 424 Kappa Sigma 426 Lambda Chi Alpha 428 Phi Delta Theta 432 Phi Epsilon Pi 435 Phi Gamma Delta 431 Phi Kappa Psi 442 Phi Kappa Sigma 436 Phi Kappa Tau 439 Phi Sigma Kappa 440 Pi Alpha Phi 443 Pi Kappa Alpha 444 Pi Kappa Phi 445 Pi Lambda Phi 448 Psi Upsilon 446 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 450 Sigma Alpha Mu 452 Sigma Chi 454 Sigma Nu 458 Sigma Phi 457 Sigma Phi Epsilon 460 Sigma Pi 462 Tau Kappa Epsilon 463 Theta Chi 466 Theta Delta Chi 468 Zeta Beta Tau 470 Zeta Psi 472 Sororities 354 Alpha Chi Omega 356 Alpha Delta Pi 358 Alpha Epsilon Phi 360 Alpha Gamma Delta 362 Alpha Omicron Pi 364 Alpha Phi 366 Alpha Xi Delta 369 Chi Omega 370 Delta Delta Delta 372 Delta Gamma 374 Delta Phi Epsilon 376 Delta Sigma Theta 483 Delta Zeta 378 Gamma Phi Beta 380 Kappa Alpha Theta 382 Kappa Delta 384 Kappa Kappa Gamma 386 Phi Mu 388 Pi Beta Phi 390 Sigma Kappa 392 Zeta Tau Alpha 394 Men ' s Dormitories 490 Bowles Hall 491 Deutch Hall 494 Griffiths Hall 498 Mitchell-Peixotto Hall 499 Norto Hall 500 Priestly Hall 504 Putnam 503 Tellefsen Hall 506 Richards-Oldenberg 508 Women ' s Dormitories 474 Beaudelaire 476 Bayview Terrace 476 Cheney Hall 480 Cunningham Hall 478 Davidson Hall 482 Elizabeth Barrett 477 Freeborn Hall 484 Spens-Black 486 Stern Hall 488 Commuter-Independent 510 In Memoriam 550 Military Organizations 264 Angel Flight 267 Arnold Air Society 266 Golden Guard 264 Golden Guard Little Sisters 265 Navy Aiquelettes 269 Naval ROTC 268 Music Organizations 252 Chamber Band 259 Collegium Musicum 260 Glee Club 254 Glee Club Managers 253 KAL 262 Madrigal Singers 256 Repertory Chorus 257 Treble Clef 255 Treble Clef Managers 253 University Orchestra 258 Publications 276 Blue and Gold 544 California Engineer 284 Daily Californian 279 Daily Cal Pub Board 277 Occident 278 Pelican 285 Publications Board 277 Royalty Acacia Sweetheart 401 Big Game Queen 250 Daffodil Queen of Lambda Chi Alpha 429 Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi 417 Kappa Alpha Rose 423 Maid of Cotton 288 NROTC Color Queen 269 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 455 Sigma Phi Epsilon Queen 461 Soph Doll 78 Seniors 145 College of Agriculture 159 School of Business Administration 161 College of Chemistry 167 School of Criminology 171 College of Engineering 173 College of Environmental Design 181 School of Forestry 185 College of Letters and Science 187 Spirit Organizations 240 Cal Band 244 California Rally Committee 246 Card Stunts Committee 246 Cheerleaders 243 Pom Pon Girls 242 Rally and Games Council 246 Straw Hat Band 248 Women ' s Rally Committee 246 Sports 289 Baseball 330 Basketball 306 Bicycling 345 Boxing 314 Co-Rec 349 Crew 334 Cross Country 304 Fencing 342 Football 292 Gymnastics 318 Judo 343 Men ' s Intramurals 348 Rifle Club 344 Rugby 324 Soccer 304 Swimming 320 Tennis 322 Track 338 Water Polo 302 Weightlifting 343 Women ' s Intramurals 346 Women ' s Crew 346 Wrestling 316 All-University Athlete 350 Big C Society 352 Director of Athletics 291 Outstanding Competitors 351 Societies and Clubs AIChE 168 ASME 178 Chi Epsilon 178 Eta Kappa Nu 177 Forestry Club 511 Nisei Students Club 511 Nutritional Sciences Club 159 Phi Chi Theta 162 Pi Tau Sigma 223 Les Punaises 183 Tau Beta Pi 179 University ' 67 2 Alumni Big Game Week Brick Muller Society 113 Cal Camp 112 Cal-in-the-Capitol 88 Cal Prep 74 Charter Day 124 Concerts 114 Debate 118 Drama 108 Family Day 90 Foreign Campii 84 Graduation 124 Jass 67 — Union Program Board 114 Other Campii 72 President Kerr ' s Dismissal 104 Professors Honored 96 Professor Becker 120 Quarter System 106 Student-Faculty Retreat 115 Strike 92 Tutorial Project 119 University Forum 121 Student Index A Aalgaard, Vanda 499 Aalto, Veeta 484 Abbey, Richard 236, 436 Abbot, Douglas 173, 513 Abbot, Kathleen 187, 388 Abbott, Lorraine 187, 231, 267, 272, 513 Abiko, Michiko 187, 513 Aboudara, John 173, 491 Abraham, Jan 275, 480 Abraham, John W. 173, 507 Abramobitz, Katen 376 Abrams, Linda 161, 376 Abrams, Lori 361 Abramson, Norman 187, 513 Accampo, Elinor 384 Achille, Frank 498 Ackerman, Jean 383, 475 Ackley, Edward 446 Ackley, Peter Jr. 169 Ackley, Ted 340 Adams, Carl 313 Adams, Duease D. 370 Adams, James 463 Adams, John H. 457 Adams, Peter H. 403 Adams, Steve 237 Adashek, Barbara Anne 360 Adcock, Susan L. 513 Adelman, Charlotte 187, 513 Adelson, Patti 360, 451 Adler, Debbie 233, 272 Adler, Nonie 272 Aebersold, Paul M. 187, 409 Afari, Iraj 458, 507 Aftergut, Michael F. 272 Agee, Robert W. 161, 495 Agid, Gwen Susan 376 Ahlswede, Laurence 161, 513 Ainsworth, Bob 506 Akers, Cheryl Ann 187, 513 Akers, Stephen 407 Ako, Harry 187, 513 Albert, Lawrence 329, 431 Albietz, Janet C. 187, 513 Albrecht, Karen 266, 357 Alcorn, Allan E. 407 Alden, Don 500 Alderman, Kathleen 187, 513 Aldrich, David 333, 469 Alexander, Bruce 161, 513 Alexander, Gail 358, 359, 481 Alexander, John 272, 418 Alexander, Millicent 375 Alexander, Nancy 481 Allan, Catherine 187, 387 Allardyce, Fredrick 446 Allcorn, Sue Ann 381 Allen, David 187, 340 Allen, David W. 352, 402, 463 Allen, Douglas 187, 420 Allen, Emily 242, 392 Allen, Marily 227, 272 Allen, Pat 481 Allmendinger, Karl 496 Alloway, Willard 509 Almazol, Susan 230, 513 Almquist, Penny 187, 242, 250, 513 Alpers, Mark 502 Alpert, Seth 336 Alphie 404 Al-Salem, Bader Salem 181, 513 Alter, Gary 500 Alter, Marlene 376 Alton, William 464 Al-Yawer, Lamya 513 Ames, Elizabeth 391 Ames, Joselyn 266, 366 Ames, Sandy 451 Anders, Gideon 238 Anderson, Bob 305 Anderson, Bruce 498 Anderson, D. Carol 187, 275, 394 Anderson, David 492 Anderson, Don 301 Anderson, Elin 359 Anderson, Geoff 411 Anderson, Guy 457 Anderson, Janice 187, 272, 372 Anderson, Jock 159 Anderson, Joseph 159, 513 Anderson, Kathryn 393 Anderson, Kathy 229, 230, 272, 393, 513 Anderson, Linda 499 Anderson, Mark 469 Anderson, Ned 301, 411 Anderson, Posy 382, 451 Anderson, R. P. 168 Anderson, Reed 272, 438 Anderson, Sheryl 513 Anderson, Susan 187, 513 Anderson, Tom 457 Anderson, Virginia 371 Andrade, Ron 254 Andreasen, Mike 352 Andre, Paula 187, 372 Andres, Sally 392 Ang, Lyle 509 Anglea, Carol 283 Anikeff, Pam 481 Anthony, Bruce 496 Anthony, Joan 383 Antola, Victor 187, 450 Anton, Michele 384 Aplin, Alice 187, 513 Aplin, Jean 187, 513 Appel, Bruce 462 Applebaum, Ray 142 Arago, Jack 333 Aramyao, Murlean 187, 513 Araj, Hala 224 Arata, Jane 187 Arbios, Robert 157, 187, 227, 228, 238, 246, 273, 336, 450 Archer, Bill 237, 352 Archibald, Bob 238 Arden, Herbert 187, 502 Armbrust, Frederick 187, 513 Armitan, Allan 503 Armon, Dahlia 486 Armstrong, Gregory 472 Armstrong, Jane 347, 356 Armstrong, Judy 356 Armstrong, Ken 229 Arnberg, Robert 187, 412 Arner, Brock 301, 352, 456 Arner, Margaret 253, 255 Arnold, Susan 384 Aro, Larry 459 Aronoff, Richard 435 Artus, Christie 392 Arvizu, John 498 Asahara, Keiko 187, 513 Asakawa, Byron 343 Asch, Peter 303, 321 Aschenbrenner, Rick 301, 352, 411 Asera, Daniel 424 Asera, Larry 507 Ashby, Julie 266, 357 Ashby, Larry 161, 228, 440 Asher, Kenneth 435 Asmussen, Joyce 266 Astin, Gloria 187, 514 Astor, Jay 348 Atkins, Brian 413 Atkins, Naomi 187, 255, 514 Atterbury, Diane 387 Attia, Giles 413 Auerback, David 238 Auerback, Sandra 187, 514 Aulwurm, Karen 381 Aumbrust, Fred 514 Austin, Bruce 442 Avidon, Fredda 361 Axelson, Elizabeth 255, 256 Axline, Carolee 384 B Babb, Christine 187, 514 Babbitt, Julianne 187, 394 Babcock, Vaughn 494 Bachman, Robert 179 Boder, April .482 Baecher, Gregory 422 Baechler, Jeffrey 173 Baer, Sally 361 Bagg, Carter 432 Baggett, Matthew 238 Baidy, Patrick 179 Bailey, Alban 161, 420 Bailey, Bob 237 Bailey, Joslyn Robert 446 Bailey, Pat 318, 352 Bailey, Susan Joan 187, 514 Baim, Linda Ann 366, 541 Bainbridge, Bob 503 Bainbridge, Janet Anne 372 Baird, Charles S. 437 Baker, Ann 268, 387 Baker, David 321 Baker, Gary Thurman 431 Baker, Garry Lee 181, 514 Baker, Irv Clark 333, 469 Baker, John Albert 491 Baker, John James 399 Baker, Larry 337 Baker, Linda Fran 229, 272, 364 Baker, Ruth 482 Balala, Nicolette 169 Baldwin, Bruce 187, 514 Baldwin, Michael J. 333, 493 Baldwin, Phillip F. 181, 458 Baldwin, Tisha 374 Ball, Larry T. 304, 457 Ball, Margie 482 Ballhaus, Bill 175 Ballin, Peter J. 434 Balman, Mary Joan 187, 514 Baltuth, Alan 506 Barn, Wonga 272 Bandy, Constance 161, 162, 388 Bank, Philip Anthony 493 Banker, Carolyn 374 Banker John Slade 458 Bankhead, Gary 502 Banta, Michael Anne 187, 514 Banvet, Yvonne 486 Bardellini, Lee 467 Bardezian, Ken 463 Bardin, John R. 217, 329, 446 Bardizian, Kenneth 187 Bardwell, Martha 150, 187, 231, 272, 274 Bargen, Mike 179 Barken, Constance Joan 386 Barker, Carol Anne 272, 374, 465 Barker, Karlyn 280 Barker, Stephen 253, 254, 461 Barley, Dennis 305 Barnard, Bruce 411 Barnes, Bruce 498 Barnes, Edwin Charles 405 Barnett, Ellen 156, 187, 277, 514, 545 Barnett, Eric Jon 398 Barnett, Frank G. 187 Barnett, George 235 Barnett, Helen 486 Barnett, Steven T. 235, 442 Baron, Carlos 340 Baron, Barry Camp 187, 414 Baron, Fred Michael 435 Barr, Sally 217, 392 Barrett, Jeffrey L. 173, 514 Barrett, Mary 187, 514 Barrett, Nancy Ann 365 Barrios, Edward B. 169 Barron, Marsha Anne 187, 488 Barron, Roger 188, 514 Barry, Barbara 384, 541 Barry, Novelle D. 188, 267, 394 Bartel, Richard Cobb 272, 445 Bartel, Mark 171, 514 Bartl, Joe 498 Bartlett, Lloyd 340 Bartman, Douglas K. 451 Barton, Sue 229, 386 Baruh, Melville R. 301, 493 Basch, Susan 360 Baskett, Marth 391 Bass, Diane 188, 362, 475 Bass, Richard Alien 416 Bastien, Dominique 303, 352 Batchelder, Lynn 253, 255, 366 Bateman, Jane 485 Bates, Gwenne 486 Bates, John Burnham 473 Battaglia, Anthony 457 Bauer, Kirk Marston 464 Baumbach, Thomas 272, 418 Baumhefner, Robert W. 400 Bautista, Mike 500 Bava, Toni Joanne 384 Beadnew, Howard 448 Beahrs, Richard 148, 188, 228. 236, 237, 397, 447 Beall, James Milton 445 Beall, Peter C. .........442, 445 Beals, Janice Lynn 188, 514 Bean, Gregory M. 447 Beane, Carol Anne 188, 514 Bear, Frederick 452 Bear, Steve 509 Beare, Susan 188, 232, 255, 255 Beasley, John 237, 301, 352 Beaty, Forrest 227, 228, 238, 350 Beatty, Dennis Alan 340, 469 Beauchamp, Jan 272, 382 Beauchamp, James S. 400 Beaver, Bill T. 501 Beck, Jean 482 Beckerr, John 500 Becker, Michael Cole 497 Bedford, Jean 386 Beeman, Howard 237 Beeman, Michael Bruce 159, 237 Beers, Kathie 482 Beeson, Jane 374 Behrens, Carl 436 Behrman, John 467 Belden, Bonnie 267, 369 Bell, Andrew 420 Bell, Carolyn 358, 541 Bell, Douglas 161, 237, 418 Bell, Lorraine 489 Bell, Brenda 161, 369 Bell, Paul 352 Belove, Marilyn 229, 230, 514 Beltini, Cynthia 487 Belzer, Steven 188, 514 Benamati, Linda 188, 514 Benjaminson, Pete 140 Bennett, Bobbie 188, 380, 475 Bennett, Cary 422 Bennett, Rick 296, 301, 329, 352 Benson, Bob 337 Benson, Christine 373, 541 Bent, Margaret 355 Bent, Mickey 188, 366 Bentley, Rich 304, 461 Bentolucci, Darryl 233 Benya, Paul 188, 318, 319, 352, 514 Berber, Wendy 502 Berdahl, Karen 230, 234, 272, 380, 443 Bergren, Chris 366 Berdan, Bette 374 Baskett, Kirtley 390 Berg, Jeffrey 471 Berg, John 169, 514 Berge, Mike 177 Berger, Hal 500 Bergeron, Steven 506 Bergfeld, Carol 378 Berghuis, Florence 514 Berglund, Jerry 456 Bergren, Chris 357, 366 Bergren, Christine 229 Bergstrom, Donald 399 Berkerwald, Carl 453 Berlandt, Nicola 278 Berman, Jerry 238 Berman, Linda 188, 376 Berman, Robert 509 Bernard, Robert 173, 514 Bernauer, Pam 173, 369 Bernstein, Alan 404 Bernstein, Carol 487 Berris, Craig 419 Berry, Barbara 390 Berry, Dan 296, 297, 301, 352, 499 Berry, David 398 Berry, Janet 514 Berry, Jeffrey 449 Berry, Joseph 236, 457 Berry, Lawrence 441 Berry, Ken 428 Berryhill, Dennis 419 Bertoli, Susan 367 Bertolucci, Darryl 188 Beserra, Richard 188, 514 B esin, Nicole 482 Besio, Steven 447 Besman, Norman 336, 435 Best, Fred 139, 143, 151, 227, 238, 541 Bethmann, William 458 Betnun, Nate 404 Bettelheim, Ann 188, 360 Bevan, Mary 188, 374 Bezemek, Boh 498 Bialecki, Linda 272, 475, 481 Bialosky, Richard 448 Bibel, David 188, 434 Bickoff, Laura 369, 541 Biesbroeck, Lucille 485 Biggle, Phoebe 382 Bihr, Jeff 500 Binder, William 302, 352, 463 Binger, Nancy 217, 366 Birdwell, Jim 228, 420 Birenbaum, Sam 471 Birnbaum, Roger 169, 399 Birsinger, Bonnie 392 Bishin, Barry 238, 278 Bishop, Richard 421 Biscel, Story 366 Bissell, Michael 493 Bitticks, Robert 161, 515 Bizub, Edward 499 Bjermeland, Arne 445 Black, Birgie 346 Black, Cynthia 369 Black, Kathleene 171, 372 Blackburn, Suzanne 373 Blackwell, Waddell 313 Blackshere, Larry 342 Blagborne, Sally 188, 378 Blair, Richard 447 Blair, Sandra 188, 271, 272, 515 Blake, Craig 460 Blanchard, Roger 161, 515 Blanckenburg, Theodore 472 Blank, Gary 188, 491 Blankenburg, Ted 473 Blatteis, Yvette 363 Bleeker, Eileen 480 Bleiberg, Deborah 489 Blevins, Rebecca 266, 366 Blier, Steve 143 Bliss, Frank 336, 406 Bliss, Norm 352 Block, Christine 188, 246, 272, 380 Block, Michael 188, 515 Blodget, James 497 Bloom, Katharine 188, 246, 380 Bloom, Judi 486 Bloom, Niki 478 Bloom, Richard 168 Bloomfield, Gregory 422 Blotky, Randolph 173, 228, 515 Blum, Edward 473 Blum, Mark 448 Blumenfeld, Bonnie 188, Blumenfeld, Judith 188, 232, 515 Blumenfeld, Michael 506 Blunck, Janice 188, 515 Boatright, Dean 188, 440 Bobrow, Harold 337 Bock, Frederick 173, 247 Bodle, Patsy 188, 515 Boehm, Thomas 403 Bogard, Linda 394 Boggess, Jane 487 Bogle, Peter 458 Bohne, Russell 496, 541 Boland, Brad 441 Boles, Sharon 358, 541 Bolin, Ray 503 Boll, Carolyn 358 Bollaert, Connie 188, 484 Bollier, Wendy 229 Bolton, Michael 400 Bond, Hal 331, 333, 442 Bond, Khym 359, 481 Bonelle, Jeremy 430 Bonham, Kathleen 188, 481 Bonham, Virginia 188, 481 Bonilla-Sosa, Victor 189, 515 Bonner, Barbar 366, 541 Bonner, Joanne 391, 465 Bonora, Beth 477 Bonovich, Robert 407 Bonsall, Evangeline 374 Bonurs, Angele 392 Book, Steven 189, 491 Bookman, Robert 490, 515 Boone, Ellie 383 Boone, Theron 173 Boot, Jon 422 Booth, Nancy 356 Booth, William 421 Boothe, Paul 238 Borden, Bette 229 Borden, Fred 336 Borden, Rick 411 Boreman, Gail 189, 515 Borgen, Mack 78, 139, 464 Borgia, Gerry 301 Boring, Joyce 189, 253, 255, 272, 515 Boris, Ron 502 Borochoff, Audrey 365 Boss, Gerry 430 Boston, Bruce 277 Botell, 515 Boucher, Terri 253, 255 Bouck, Thomas 422 Bouhaben, Nancy 386 Boutell, Peter 173, 515 Boutwell, Barbara 171, 515 Bowen, Norm 301 Bowman, Pamela 189, 515 Bowman, Sharon 189, 515 Bowman, Toni 371 Boyarsky, Jeffery 404 Boyce, Leigh 337 Boyce, Willis 432 Boyd, Bruce 303 Boyd, James 228, 515 Boyd, Peter 445 Boyd, Randy 422 Boyl, William 301, 411 Boysell, Steve 237 Boysen, Harvey 189, 457 Boysol, Stephen 189, 447, 515 Bozinovich, Slobodanka 189, 515 Braaten, Kathleen 359 Brace, Charles 161, 446 Brackenridge, Bill 337 Brackney, Barbara 189, 515 Bradford, Mariana 367 Bradford, Thomas 447 Bradfield, Robert 415 Bradkey, Bruce 404 Bradley, Arthur 440 Bradley, Jerry 294, 295, 301, 329, 351, 352 Bradley, Mary 161, 515 Bradly, Pat 336 Bradner, Barbara 189, 231 Bradner, Bari 140, 148, 355, 392 Brady, Claire 189, 515 Brady, Jean 189, 515 Brainard, Sherri 384 Brakesman, Robert 431 Brandler, Jon 189, 448 Brandstad, Carol 189, 515 Brandt, Bill 303 Brandt, Sara 387 Braner, Patti 380 Branstetter, Barton 515 Branstetter, Hannah 189, 515 Brash, Brion 501 Bratten, Kathy 451 Bratten, Marsha 346 Brautigam, Patricia 229, 230, 364 Bray, Steven 463 Bremer, Ann 371 Brent, Paul 181, 495 Bretherick, Dona 189, 215, 515 Bridges, Hollon 333, 438 Briggs, George 509 Briggs, Walt 337 Brigham, John 140, 143 Brimer, Cristi 356 Bringhurst, Marla 481 Brink, Dave 345 Brinkley, Barbara 384 Brinkman, Chris 189, 239, 386 Brinkman, Donald 181, 424 Brittan, Barry 498 Brixius, Nick 233 Broadfoot, Maridee 253, 255 Brock, Harlene 357 Brock, Nancy 189, 380 Brodie, Christiana 181, 515 Brodie, Michael 189, 515 Brody, Risa 271 Bronk, Barry 295, 298, 299, 301, 352, 446 Bronner, Jane 382 Bronner, Sally 383, 451 Brooke, Thomas 189 Brooks, Valerie 189, 515 Brooks, W. Keith 462 Brothers, Lynda 159, 346, 347, 366 Brothers, Steve 438 Brown, Cheryl 189, 378, 541 Brown, Chris 253, 255, 373 Brown, Cliff 323 Brown, David Charles 493 Brown, David H. 228, 304, 352, 409 Brown, Dorothy 246, 488 Brown, Doug 272, 463 Brown, Eva 189, 515 Brown, Jane 382 Brown, John 189, 331, 333 Brown, Joy 482 Brown, Kristin 272, 383 Brown, Lindsay 230, 272, 372, 465 Brown, Lynn 365 Brown, Mason 189, 515 Brown, Mike 301, 503 Brown, Nancy 362 Brown, Raymond 336 Brown, Rick 236, 237, 271, 410 Brown, Roy 254 Brown, Ruth 384 Brown, Ruth 384 Brown, Susan 161 Brown, Tom 328, 329 Brownell, Kenneth 419 Brownstein, Arlen 482 Brubaker, Lawrence 189, 515 Brubaker, William 416 Bruce, Thomas 318, 352, 442, 541 Bruder, Eugene 233 Brugman, Patricia 189, 384 Brulenski, Joseph 445 Brumbaugh, Diana 189 Brumbaugh, Pat 152, 271, 272 Brumfield, Alene 483 Brundage, Carla 549 Brunetta, Renata 359 Brunsten, Bill 463, 464 Brush, Gref 412 Brush, Spencer 189, 410 Brutschy, Mason 458 Brutus (dog) 464 Bryan, A. Brad 352 Bryan, Craig 442 Bryan, Hilary 383, 465 Bryan, Jane 272, 374 Bryant, Kenneth 189, 515 Bryden, James 189, 515 Bucheister, James 463 Buchenan, Billy 466 Budak, Morris 435 Buckley, Mike 238 Buechler, Robert 238 Bufkin, Pat 424 Bugbee, Dennis 455 Buhler, Daniel 441 Bull, Britta 365, 475 Bull, Kathleen 373 Bull, Thomas 169, 515 Bullard, Jed 503 Bullock, Jim 272, 500 Bulwa, Lynn 189, 515 Bunch, Donald 161, 333, 352, 426 Bundschu, Susan 390 Burg, Bobbie Burger, Dennis 224 Burger, Donna 189, 355, 384 Burich, Stephen 161, 450 Burk, John 181, 491, 546 Burk, William 181, 515 Burke, Clathel 189, 515 Burnett, Bob 499 Burnett, Pamela 189, 267 Burnett, Peggy 189, 484 Burns, Nina 189, 394 Burrows, Lynn 227, 230, 272, 366 Burt, Patricia 489 Burton, Carol 266, 358 Bury, Susan 488 Bush, David 189, 407 Bushee, Grant 173, 447 Busher, Ellem 189, 274, 477 Bushman, Earl 323 Buss, Margaret 477 Bussa, Edward 491 Butler, Becky 242, 364 Butler, Debbie 487 Butler, James 515 Butterworth, Thomas 169, 426 Buttery, Stuart 427 Buttimer, Sharon 384 Byers, Ronald 305, 340, 461 Byers, Steve 305, 341 Bystrom, Gary 352 C Cabell, Carol 235, 481 Cabral, Carolyn 482 Cachola, Shirley 487 Cady, Marilyn 190, 272, 380 Cady, Pat 81, 246 Cahill, Joan 33 Cahn, Linda 360 Cain, William 515 Cairns, Dianne 190, 272, 274, 382, 475 Cairns, Kathleen 161, 516 Calavan, Charles 190, 515 Caldwell, Nina 190, 481 Calhoun, Michael 190, 515 Calkins, Carol 190, 515 Calkins, Russell 496 Callaghan, Michael 161, 446 Callan, Carolyn 190, 515 Callaway, Michael 398 Callin, Thomas 190, 272, 515 Calvert, Judith 369 Calvin, Hugh 427 Camber, Steve 500 Camp, Wendy 246, 266, 371 Campagna-Pinto, Diana 190, 378 Campagnoli, Joy Marie 380 Campbell, David 190, 420 Campbell, John 190, 424 Campbell, Leonard 161, 515 Campion, Anne 161, 190, 387 Campion, Poah 246 Campion, Victoria 161, 239, 246, 272, 386 Canepa, Daniel 181 Canlan, Butch 410 Cannata, Susan 369 Cantanesi, Jim 333 Canty, Robert 468 Caouette, Emily 488 Caplan, Arnold 224 Carash, Karen 360 Carboni, Ronald 161, 516 Carboni, Victor 495 Cardias, Butch 498 Caren, Jeff 190, 516 Carleton, Mary 362 Carlisle, Joe 508 Carlson, Elise 266, 375 Carlson, Linda 499 Carlson, William 190, 516 Carleton, Dennis 323 Carlton, Mary 363, 475 Carlyle, Victoria 384 Carman, Donald 431 Carnes, Lance 509 Carney, Bruce 516 Carney, Mike 224 Carpenter, Bette 264 Carpenter, Christopher 238 Carr, William 434 Carrier, Chris 272 Carrier, Mary 190, 229, 370 Carroll, William 509 Carson, Joanna 346 Carson, Jim 301 Carter, Bernestine 109, 483, 516 Carter, Bill 352 Carter, James 224 Carter, Richard 314 Carter, Peter 329 Casalaina, Vince 413 Casassa, Julie 229, 370 Case, Robin 190, 516 Caspino, Julia 190, 516 Cass, Chrystal 487 Casserly, Bruce 173, 516 Cassettari, Anne 384 Castle, Clifford 318, 319, 452 Cate, George 161, 330, 333, 352, 442 Cate, Janice 358, 443 Cate, Kathy 487 Catheart, Bonnie 364, 443 Catipovic, Nick 302, 303, 320, 352 Cattolica, Barbara 162, 481 Cattolica, Janice 516 Cattolica, Robert 173, 190 Cauchois, Wadsworth 159, 304, 516 Cavala, Bill 238 Cavallare, Mike 503 Cavas, Christine 482 Cavins, Christina 451 Cecrott, Pete 235 Centner, Jon 400 Centner, Richard 190 Cermak, Richard 462 Cerri, Patricia 392 Chabiel, Christine 486 Chalberg, Constance 190, 323, 380 Chalmers, Jane 386 Chamberlain, Bill 500 Chamberlain, Edith 190, 362 Chambers, Merla 366 Chamblin, Dale 161, 237, 314, 315, 352, 455 Champion, James 456 Champion, Jerome 301 Chan, Barbara 190, 516 Chan, Bob 507 Chan, Camille 147, 161, 229, 231, 232, 516 Chan, Darlene 190, 516 Chan, Howard 343 Chan, Lawrence 173, 516 Chan, Leslie 224 Chan, Lucretia 190 Chan, Yvonne 181, 516 Chandler, Barb 480 Chang, Eugene 190, 516 Chang, Gerald 190, 498 Chang, James 399 Chang, Jeannie 272 Chang, Lister 233, 502 Chao, Betty 190, 516 Chao, Lotus 181, 488, 516 Chapel, Joan 190, 234, 370 Chapla, Edward 173, 424 Chapla, Gary 424 Chapman, Joan 190 Chapman, Merele 461 Chapman, Teri 487 Chappell, John 314, 426 Chappell, Pamela 190, 372, 541 Charlup, Jerome 466 Chase, Charles 190, 516 Chase, Christine477 Chase, Doug 502 Chasteen, Linda 190, 516 Chatterjee, Mirmal 399 Che, Sophie 346 Cheever, Edward 509 Chelnek, Evelyn 190, 516 Chen, Alex 502 Cheney, Janet 191, 356, 465 Cheng, Katherine 191, 516 Cheng, Raymond 173, 178, 439 Chenillo, Alberto 168 Chern, May 191, 516 Cherniack, Stacie 480 Chesterman, Mary 191, 479 Chew, Ivan 181, 439 Chia, Nelson 284 Chiang, Shelley 169 Childers, Kathleen 489 Childhouse, Holly 272, 369 Childs, April 479 Childs, Carol 227 Chiles, Robert 191, 516 Chimiklis, Cathy 246, 381 Chin, Clodd 352 Chin, Harry 173, 516 Chin, Harvey 500 Ching, Keith 343 Ching, Kin 224 Ching, Patricia 191, 233, 516 Chinn, Roberta 191, 516 Chisholm, Richard 414 Choo, Lee-Ken 498 Chou, Andrew 173, 516 Chow, Joanne 246, 380 Chow, Kai Fat 173, 516 Chiaia, John 513 Chrestensen, Robert 173, 406 Christensen, Judith 476 Christensen, Tom 301 Christiansen, Harold 161, 516 Christianson, Lisa 391 Christie, Jim 343, 492 Christman, Delores 485, 549 Chu, Alfred 507 Chu, Dennis 173, 516 Chu, Frank 191, 516 Chu, Glenn 343 Chu, John 173, 177, 517 Chu, Stan 439 Chu, Susan 482 Chu, Vincent 173, 517 Chui, Michael 499 Chun, Carolyn 191 Chun, Estelle 486 Chung, Stephen 495 Chung, Tony 501 Chung, William 191, 500, 517 Church, Diane 371 Church, Larry 426 Chute, Edie 481 Cierny, George 450 Citron, Richard 161 Clack, Barret 459 Clack, Timothy 459 Clardy, James 181 Clare, Andrew 191, 452 Clark, Carolyn 191, 366 Clark, Frederick 191, 408 Clark, Khris 499 Clark, Kirstin 356 Clark, Michael 177, 492 Clark, Peter 236, 457 Clark, Ralph 517 Clark, Sherry 517 Clarke, Thomas 191, 409 Claster, Bob 501 Clay, Charles 173, 517 Clayton, Norman 159, 398 Cleave, Catherine 375 Clifford, George 173, 517 Clift, Shirley 191 Cline, Noell 384 Cling, Steve 432 Clugage, Frank 161, 517 Clyman, Mike 321 Coates, Cassandra 217, 358 Coates, Leonard 495 Coburn, Gary 333, 352, 436 Cochran, Gary 445 Cochran, June 267, 388, 549 Cochran, Kat hleen 362 Cochrane, Carolyn 375 Cockrell, Robert 277 Coelho, Evo 272, 432 Coffelt, Margaret 191, 378 Coghlan, Alan 304 Coghlan, Phyllis 347, 367 Cognetta, Joan 191, 267, 394 Cohen, Betsy 191, 517 Cohen, David 303 Cohen, Henry 404 Cohen, Jan 482 Cohn, Sue 508 Colberg, Karen 272, 372 Cole, Clarke 420 Cole, Kenneth 173, 304, 340, 352, 495 Coleman, Elizabeth 191, 233, 484 Coleman, Howard 191, 517 Colletto, John 469 Collier, Camille 358 Collier, Marilyn 191, 517 Collins, Constance 390 Collins, Craig 430 Collins, Vaughn 191, 517 Colloff, Ed 273, 275, 498 Columbano, Alan 191, 438 Colvin, Sue 480 Colyear, Karen 191, 374, 465 Combs, Phil 329 Come, Lee 501 Comstock, Tim 228, 236, 473 Concoff, Roberta 376 Condon, Thomas 413 Conlan, Butch 161 Conley, Roy 497 Conlin, Charles 191, 517 Conner, Susan 191, 362 Connich, Antonia 191, 477 Connolly, Jane 358 Conrad, Nancy 191, 517 Conti, Richard 162, 455 Cook, Barbara 541 Cook, Buzz 391 Cook, Derry 162, 440 Cook, Gary 191, 517 Cook, Kathryn 387, 454 Cook, Randall 441 Cook, William 191, 426 Coolidge, Cliff 503 Coombes, Jeanne 148, 149, 191, 231, 235, 517 Coombes, Linda 362 Coon, Mark 342 Cooper, Sandra 192, 360 Cooper, Tom 352 Cooper, Virginia 388 Coopersmith, Marshall 399 Copello, Mario 352 Copenhagen, Max 406 Corby, Jane 357 Coreris, John 426 Corker, Carolyn 373 Corlett, Cam 374, 465 Corlett, Mary 374 Corn, John 169, 498 Corneci, Steve 458 Cornelius, Bob 498 Cornelius, Gary 173, 302, 410 Cornell, Edward 192, 468 Corp, Richard 192, 517 Corrick, Dick 301 Cosby, Jonathan 304, 409 Cosden, William 162 Costa, Roy 254 Costa, William 192, 415 Costello, Don 337, 500 Costello, Keven 502 Cotchett, John 493 Cottam, Dallas 450 Couch, Charles 192, 422 Coulter, Judith 476 Courchesne, Richard 192, 517 Coveley, Linda 346 Coveley, Lucinda 391 Covey, Ronald 192, 238, 415 Covitt, Carol 192, 481 Cowan, Barbara 480 Cowan, Pete 352 Cowart, James 416 Cowart, John 314 Cowett, Charles 464 Cowley, Christopher 517 Cox, Carolyn 367 Cox, Dennis 432 Cox, Lyle 498 Cox, Marlene 380 Cox, Terry 506 Cox, Troy 237, 301, 314 Coyne, Mary 383, 465 Cra bbe, Philip 192, 517 Crabtree, Kathryn 233, 369 Crabtree, Marsha 79, 234, 272, 274, 392 Cragholm, Ellsworth 234, 473 Craig, Brian 450 Craig, James 446 Crandall, Norman 192 Crane, Edward 162 Crane, Marilyn 246, 272, 392 Crane, Stephanie 382 Crave, Marilyn 246, 272, 392 Cravens, Brandy 192, 382 Crawford, Lynn 192, 274, 382 Crawford, Thomas 495 Creighton, Richard 192, 420 Cress, Don 438 Crisp, Jim 301 Crist, Elizabeth 192, 390 Crist, George 162, 410 Critchfield, Russ 309, 310, 312, 313, 352 Crittenden, Robert 192, 227, 237, 301, 352, 447 Crockett, David 228, 236, 426, 436 Crockett, Merton 517 Cronin, Anne 375 Crook, Christopher 228, 517 Crosbie, Laurel 373 Crosby, Meg 386 Crosby, Peter 173, 329, 431 Crosby, William 192, 458 Cross, Robert 192, 432 Cross, Robert W. 152, 192, 352, 412, 412 Cross, Ronald 238 Cross,Stanley 466 Crow, George 173, 517 Crowe, Daniel 428 Crowell, Ruth 484 Crymes, Stuart 316, 317, 352 Crystal, Theresa 192, 480 Cudiamat, Christine 192, 517 Culver, Lorraine 393 Culver, Susan 358 Cummings, Richard 407 Cummings, Steve 446, 449 Cunningham, Beverly 517 Cunningham, Will 450 Cunningham, Charles 468, 469 Cunningham, Kathleen 364 Cunningham, Stephen 192, 432 Cunningham, Walter 192, 352, 397, 455 Curie, Chris 481 Curl, Ann 233, 255 Curlett, John 492 Curtis, Robert 169, 509 Curtola, Corinne 192, 517 Curtis, Diane 481 Cussins, Sue 192, 267, 477 Cuther, Carol 480 Cutler, Christopher 192, 236, 410 Cutler, Sidney 192, 517 Cyrog, Linda 162, 374 D Dable, Nancy 233, 477 Dachman, Kenneth 398 Dahl, Susan 192, 517 Daifotis, Maria 388 Daily, Charles 224 Daird, Jim 235 Dake, Jeff 498 Dake, Marc 329, 404 D ' Alessio, Jon 408 DalPorto, James 436 Dalrymple, Elizabeth 192, 356 Dalton, Dennis 330, 333 Damman, Lorene 192, 517 Damron, Ray 162, 440 Dang, Katherine 482 Daniel, Camille 192, 517 Daniels, Jerry 177 Danielson, Nancy 371 Danilovich, Jean 382 Danilovich, John 173, 237, 418 Danis, Stasys 192, 495 Danneman, William 438 Darcy, Jim 337, 501 Dardis, Bob 496 Darley, Charles 322, 323, 352 Darlington, Ann 192, 356 Dashen, Alan 173, 458 Dasteel, Robert 517 Daube, Ed 275 Davidson, Andrea 192, 231, 356 Davidson, David 229, 232 Davidson, Eric 313 Davidson, Joyce 477 Davidson, Verna 255, 256 Davies, Diane 192, 392 Davis, Aileen 363 Davis, Beverly 380 Davis, Cathleen 358 Davis, Dave 192, 447 Davis, Dianne 162 Davis, Kathleen 358, 383 Davis, Linda 192, 370 Davis, Michele 365 Davis, Nancy 267, 356 Davis, Phil 305, 340, 506 Davis, Roman 432, 438 Davis, Sam 471 Davis, Stephen 426 Davis, William 233, 501 Davison, Robert 224 Davison, Travis 509 Dawkins, Christopher 192, 517 Dawson, Andrew 174, 517 Dawson, Dan 491 Dawson, Peter 426 Dax, James 181, 517 Day, Douglas 509 Deamer, Kathy 282 Dean, Don 498 Dean, Margaret 193, 517 Dean, Michael 174, 517 Dean, Robert 162, 517 Deats, Pam 362 De Bakker, K aren 383 De Battista, Dina 384 Deball, Peggy 480 De Bretteville, Frances 390 De Castro, Ted 498 Decker, Judith 476 Deehan, Helene 266, 357 Dees, Mary 193, 518 De Fevor, Alan 503 Degenhard, Tom 193, 447 De Giovanni, Eleanor 375 De Groot, Karen 376 De Groot, Lynne 359 Deitz, Sally 486 De Kelaita, Rhonda 193, 518 Delaney, Melton 229 Delevati, Hank 337 Dellett, Harry 402 Delucchi, Larry 272, 438 Delugach, Sanford 404 Delvac, Patricia 177, 179 Demeter, Laura 272 Demler, Tom 301 Demorest, Dave 352 Dempster, Roberta 489 Denett, Jim 503 Denison, Betsey 381 Dennison, Bruce 501 Denny, Cheryl 193, 518 Denny, Peter 162, 518 Denton, Peter 518 Dent on, Royal 518 Deovlet, Benjamin 174, 177 De Paoli, Susan 193, 518 De Phillips, Michele 384 Depta, D. 519 Der, Margaret 487 De Renne, Christine 382 Derivi, Linda 481 Derrington, William 174, 498, 518 Dersheimer, Ann 162, 384, 518 De Sellem, Marlene 392 Desimone, Steve 313 Detoy, Sheila 193, 518 Devendorf, Karen 193, 272, 372 De Victoria, Harry 193, 302, 320, 352 Devitt, Timothy 168 Dewar, Alexandra 367 Dewey, Julia 362 Dexter, Miriam 193, 374 Dey, Ann 193, 390 Diamantopplous, George 502 Diamond, Gary 318, 464 Diamond, Jerry 333 Diangson, Walt 181, 420 Diaz, Eihnard 445 DiBattista, Dina 384 Dibble, Douglas 193 Dibble, Ian 236 Dibblee, Thomas 409 Dibert, Nickolas 414 Dickel, Jane 230, 246, 370, 451 Dickens, Barry 174 Dickey, Larry 411 Dickinson, Susan 193, 518 Dickson, Jill 193, 386 Dickson, Rick 455 Dicmas, Carol 487 Dicochea, George 193, 518 Dieden, Elizabeth 193, 518 Diehl, Carol 489 Diehl, John 340, 398 Dienstein, Dianne 193, 274, 394 Dietrich, Paul 169, 399 DiGiorgio, Alice 375 DiGrazia, Bob 304 Dillard, John 140, 143, 458 Dillingham, Keith 193 Dillon, Mary 477 Dillon, Michael 463 Diltz, Donald 499 Dilworth, Vince 174, 518 Dinner, Patricia 174, 387 Dittmar, Thomas 181, 415 Dixon, Gerald 193, 518 Dixon, John 235 Dizenfeld, Josie 364 Dobrusky, Karen 193, 480 Docken, Robert 509 Doerflinger, Debra 382 Doern, Barbara 481 Dohrman, Sue 255 Doi, Carlton 501 Dolan, Virginia 193, 390 Dolfi, Darwe 500 Dolinsky, Lewis 277, 278 Domfort, Celia 233 Donald, Lyman 518 Dongre, Arvn 247, 518 Doolittle, Samuel 434 Dopkins, William 243, 272, 422 Dorcy, Daryl 193, 432 Dorety, Larry 179 Dorinson, Steven 473 Dornin, Marie 193, 386 Dorr, Diana 162, 392 Dorward, Michael 493 Doscher, Alan 303 Doudiet, James 174, 491 Dougherty, Diane 151, 193, 227, 229, 231, 394 Dougherty, Leonard 415 Douse, Patricia 193, 518 Dowd, Carolyn 230, 355, 362 Dowgialo, Jim 193, 414 Dowling, David 169 Downey, Marilyn 193, 392 Doyle, Kathleen 488 Doyle, Mike 237 Dragge, Alan 414 Draper, Robert 238 Drennan, Lynda 233, 486 Drennen, Diane 193, 392 Drew, April 193, 374 Drew, Eric 402 Drew, John 422 Drewes, Mike 411 Drezner, Jeff 452 Druker, Steven 400 Drummond, Steve 237 Drury, Ellen 480 Drury, Mimi 382 Duckhorn, Ronald 193, 431 Dudley, Sherwood 245 Duell, Prentice 174, 518 Duer, Dave 272 Dufalla, Dennis 254 Duffy, Barbara 171, 382 Duffy, Dinah 193, 518, 541 Duffy, Donald 174, 175, 518 Duffy, Drescilla 157, 171, 518 Duffey, Peter 193, 237, 303, 463 Dufresne, Carolyn 193, 518 Duino, Mark 437 Dully, Lawrence 181, 442 Duncan, Susan 482 Downing, John 305 Dunlap, Mary 488, 547 Dunn, Elizabeth 392 Dunning, Stephen 518 Dunstein, Dianne 272 Dunston, Douglas 493 Durando, Paul 245, 509 Durant, Jane 359 Durham, Gail 193, 518 Durney, Camille 355 Durney, Peter 193, 458 Dutton, Bill 301 Dwelle, Walter 162, 420 Dwissens, Don 502 Dwyer, Diane 230, 390, 465 Dwyre, Terrence 437 Dye, Debi 392 Dyer, Stephen 409 Dzura, Stan 237, 238 E Eads, James 412 Eager, Lovel 375 Eames, Sandra 359 Early, Jeff 301 Early, John 501 Earnest, James 224 Ebaker, Paul 501 Ebert, Jan 193, 518 Ebright, Ty 162, 272, 455 Eckard, George 329 Eckhardt, Carl 440 Eckles, Charles 181, 518 Eckman, Greg 397 Eckman, John 193 Eddy, Sara 193, 380 Edelheit, Joseph 272, 448 Edelman, Richard 342 Edelstein, Jeff 507 Edelstein, Susan 376 Edgren, Susan 371 Edson, Clark 193 Edson, Edward 430 Edwards, Bruce 305 Edwards, Christopher 174, 518 Edwards, Douglas 518 Edwards, Elizabeth 371 Edwards, Marilyn 193, 229, 370 Edwards, Randy 352 Edwards, Roger 151, 194, 272, 275, 436 Edwards, Rosemary 358 Edwards, Sally 383 Edwards, Thomas 238 Efstratis, Andrew 194, 519 Egan, James 174, 436 Egeberg, Jeffrey 174, 418 Ehm, Elaine 157, 194, 231, 519 Eikeberg, Jan 181, 519 Eisenberg, Joseph 452 Eisenberg, Mike 162, 434 Eisendorf, Barbara 365 Elberg, Gregg 473 Elder, James 162, 431 Eldridge, Edith 235, 519 Elias, Betty 386 Eliaser, Jerry 233, 491 Eliason, Charles 159, 519 Elkind, Marcy 272, 360 Elkind, Michael 452 Elliot, James 440 Elliot, John 409 Elliott, James 304, 442, 457 Elliott, Karin 370 Elliott, Kathleen 485 Elliot, Linda 367 Elliot, Rick 305, 340 Elliott, Scott 424 Elliott, Stephen 224, 233, 503 Ellis, Hol 508 Ellis, Hugh 194 Ellis, James 409 Ellis, Leslie J. 371 Ellis, Leslie M. 272 Ellis, Richard 452 Ellis, Stephanie 194, 370, 451 Ellison, Dean 436 Ellsberg, Robert 336 Ellsworth, Mareth 364 Elms, Lorinda 181, 392 Elrod, Eleanor 194, 488 Elson, Lee 498 Embrey, Kenneth 174, 519 Enders, Stephen 194, 233, 519 Eng, Elyse 233 Endicott, David 436 Endicott, John 500 Engel, Jon 162, 448 Engelman, Robert 194, 446 English, Karen 371, 549 Engmann, Douglas 519 Engmann, Michael 333 Enochian, Steven 304 , 450 Enright, Sharon 373, 450 Enseki, Paul 181, 519 Eokard, George 419 Eppinger, Josh 277 Epstein, David 471 Epstein, Lizz 484 Epstein, Lora 194, 519, 546 Epstein, Mike 254 Erickson, Dick 87 Erickson, Lynn 381 Erickson, Myron 311, 313, 352 Erickson, William 162, 455 Ericson, Gary 194, 440 Ericson, Nancy 194, 484 Erigero, Catherine 194, 356 Erlanger, Howard 272 Erlich, Howard 434 Ernst, Kathie 246, 485 Ernster, John 450 Ertle, Johnnie 447 Ertle, Rusty 194, 237, 329 Eschen, Andrew 461 Eslinger, Larry 457 Espana, Carlos 495 Estes, Mark 140 Estess, Pila 140, 486 Evans, Blair 329, 411 Evans, Ed 302, 320, 352 Evans, Leigh 362 Evans, Neal 445 Evans, Steven 434, 445 Evart, Candace 230, 250, 272, 386, 445 Everett, Chuch 411 Ewing, Robert 162, 414 F Faber, Brian 333, 435 Faver, Lawrence 435 Fabrick, Allan 174, 519 Fain, William 181, 418 Fair, David 491 Fairman, Marc 194, 215, 519 Fales, Hunt 301 Falk, Rosalind 360 Fallai, Steve 411 Faller, Rosemary 488 Fancher, Robert 430 Fara, Linda 194, 519 Farbar, L. 175 Farber, St uart 254 Farkas, Gabriel 398 Farley, Jan 374 Farmer, Roger 416 Farnsworth, Terry 447 Farrar, Jim 451 Farrar, Stanley 238 Farrell, Alexander 412 Farrell, John 413 Farrell, Katherine 367 Farthing 412 Fattarsi, Tony 330, 331, 333, 352 Faure, Gustave 400 Faust, Leland 302, 320, 352 Fay, Ann 388 Fay, John 301, 329 Fearless, Fagin 415 Featherston, Jim 237, 301, 352 Feder, Ann 142 Fedoroff, George 155, 194, 234, 247, 461 Feinberg, Lee 194, 233, 486 Feinstein, Sheila 230 Feist, Dayna 194, 519 Feldman, Gail 360 Feldman, Jeffrey 509 Feldman, Jill 361 Feldmar, Toni 194, 271, 360 Feldstein, Nancy 194 , 231, 443, 519 Felheim, Stephanie 384 Felix, Christine 194, 374 Felix, Judith 361 Fell, William 194, 436 Felsenthal, Linda 171, 376 Felton, James 194, 436 Fender, Ron 508 Fenequito, Vince 301 Ferber, Stanley 194, 457 Ferguson, Kathleen 194, 380 Ferguson, Robert 473 Ferguson, William 303, 432 Ferris, Colleen 481 Ferris, Joan 362, 467 Feshbach, Dan 323, 443 Field, Lawrence 403, 443 Field, Rick 318 Fife, Dennis 174, 541 Files, Susan 194, 519 Filler, Autry 181, 519 Filice, Greg 272 Filloy, Richard 416 Fimrite, Ronald 277 Fine, Howard 500 Fine, Joan 486 Fine, Kathleen 156, 194, 231, 232, 246, 273, 519 Finn, Kathleen 194, 362 Finn, Maureen 356, 362 Finnegan, William 352, 438 Fireman, Joan 194, 519 Firing, Sonja 194, 519 Firth, Robert 468 Fischbach, Bernard 194, 452 Fischer, Craig 492 Fischer, Frederick 194, 495 Fish, Ronald 194, 519 Fisher, Charles 194, 519 Fisher, Elizabeth 194, 366 Fisher, Lawrence 466 Fisher, Nancy 274 Fisher, Richard 228, 418 Fisher, Rob 142 Fisher, Russell 303, 473 Fishman, David 194, 452 Fishman, Joel 452 Fishman, Neill 451 Fitz, David 238 Fitzhugh, Christopher 427 Flagg, Ellen 287, 519 Flahiff, Gerald 519 Flanders, John 498 Flaherty, Robert 301 Flash 442 Flech, Robert 238 Fleischman, Al 452 Fleischman, William 233 Fleming, Catherine 194, 356 Fleming, Patricia 358 Fletcher, Michael 337, 459 Flier, Richard 195, 238, 245, 519 Flint, James 337, 408 Fluvog, Margaret 233, 478 Flynn, Ed 237 Flynn, Robert 287 Fodhil, Hocine 195, 519 Foes, Robert 162, 455 Foggo 236 Fong, Arnold 501 Fong, Cathy 481 Fong, Donna 487 Fong, Fred 174, 519 Fon, H. Gifford 162, 519 Fong, Ivan 500 Fong, Jim 181, 503, 507 Fong, John 224 Fong, Kirby 174, 179, 500 Fong, Lawrence 195, 344, 500 Fong, Maedell 489 Fong, Min 195, 235, 519 Fong, Ronald 439 Fong, Sheryl 195, 541 Foote, Lawrence 195, 519 Forbes, Brian 329, 447 Forbes, Bruce 237 Forbes, Chatham 442 Forbes, Susan 148, 149, 195, 234, 274, 346, 384 Forcada, Judith 195, 519 Forgie, Cynthia 387 Forman, George 272 Forstar, Jeffrey 195, 519 Fortier, Andy 502 Foster, Anita 519 Foster, George 174, 519 Foster, Paul 237 Foster, Rich 503 Foster, Roger 352 Foudy, Carole 195, 288, 358 Fouladi, Bijan 217, 519 Fountain, Merilee 195, 519 Fountain, Roberta 371 Fovehan, George 235 Fowler, Stanley 195, 519 Fowley, Gary 301 Fox, Warren 155, 195, 228, 272, 432 Fralic, Jeanne 195, 370 Fralic, Kathie 371 Frances, Jean 195 Franchini, William 446 Francis, Lynne 373 Frank, Jeff 304 Frank, Martha 195, 267, 272, 372 Frankel, Judith 195, 519 Frankel, Ronnie 486 Frantz, John 162, 237, 298, 301, 329, 455 Franz, Linda 162, 195, 519 Frazer, Jack 237 Frazer, Jim 254 Fraser, John 422 Fraser, Martin 519 Fredlund, Larry 509 Frederick, Judy 480 Frederick, Walter 277 Fredericks, Katharine 83, 139, 195, 231, 318 Fredricks, Gary 174 Fredrickson, Marlys 519 Free, Robert 463 Freeborg, Susan 384 Freedman, David 508 Freedman, Jo 481 Freeman, Ellen 376 Freeman, Julie 195, 519 French, Alan 340, 398 French, Bryant 424 French, Eric 446 French, James 509 French, John 195, 495 Frere, Harry 304, 352 Freschi, Lenore 195, 372 Freschl, Lynn 242, 360 Fretter, Ernest 141, 174, 228, 238, 246, 247, 519 Freudenstein, Sid 318, 352 Freudenthal, Paul 442 Frey, Kevin 508 Freyler, Mike 301 Frick, Alexandra 217, 382 Frickson, Lynn 541 Friedl, John 271 Friedman, Darrell 238 Friedman, Karen 230, 366 Friedman, Lauren 486 Fiedman, Elise 376 Fritz, Evelyn 481 Fritz, Linda 195, 384 Frost, Tim 232, 302, 320, 411 Frost, William 195, 352 Frost, Wilson 506 Fruehan, George 195, 491 Fry, Alreda 267, 370 Fujii, Paul 509 Fujii, Roger 177, 519 Fujimoto, Bill 318, 352 Fujimoto, Evelyn 482 Fukita, Allan 195, 519 Fukutome, David 502 Fuller, John 195, 519 Furguson, Ann 364 Furiya, Elsie 195, 229, 519 Furtado, Ann 364 G Gaba, Hal 163, 448 Gage, Jim 336, 352 Gage, John 238 Gahm, Eric 471 Gale, Catherine 255, 371 Galindo, Beth 381 Gall, Darlene 486 Gallagher, Michael 82, 139, 141, 150, 163, 228, 234, 272, 457 Gallagher, Patricia 365, 541 Gallie, Mike 340 Gallup, Jeffrey 409 Gallup, Wallace 195, 237, 431 Galvin, Harriet 366 Gamboni, Marianne 195, 519 Gammerson, Barbara 195 Gannon, Peter 520 Gant, Kathryn 82, 139, 195, 229, 234, 272, 370 Garat, Alyce 246, 387 Gardner, Robert 195, 442 Gardner, Susan 391 Garrick, Donald 441 Garrison, Anne 477 Garrity, Thomas 195, 468 Gartner, Lawrence 238, 279 Gary, Susan 195, 374 Gates, Anne-Louise 482 Gattis, Bob 447 Gave, Paul 195, 520 Gazarian, Beverly 482 Gearhart, George .301, 329, 352 Geballe, Thomas 195, 520 Geiger, Martha 477 Geiger, John 498 Geldert, Michael 159 Geller, Diane 508 Geharius, John 451 Gentilly, Penny 195, 520 George, David 502 George, Lance 272 George, Richard 141, 156, 195, 238, 245, 246, 509 Gerba, Terrance 456 Geringer, Jon 402 Gerner, Alice 195, 231, 520 Gerritson, Judy 196, 370, 541 Gershenson, Sue Anne 229, 230, 272, 360 Gesin, Dennis 492 Gesley, Roy 238, 490 Gessler, Margaret 387 Getchel, Lora 196, 370 Gherlone, Nancy 196, 369, 541 Ghilotti, Bob 301 Gholson, Janis 362 Ghotbi, Saeed 174, 520 Gianaras, John 301 Giancoli, Thomas 196, 520 Giannini, Tina 479 Gibbert, Vincent 301 Gibson, Neal 175, 461 Gibson, Carol 196, 267, 392, 444 Gibson, Gail 196, 380 Gibson, Harry 427 Gibson, Mark 175, 179, 520 Gidson, Carol 229 Gilbert, Neil 196, 520 Gilden, Marian 486 Gildred, Kathy 480 Giles, Lawrence 186 Giles, Raymond 416 Gilleran, Leo 159, 237, 446 Gillespie, Patrick 445 Gillespie, S. 506 Gillette, Benjamin 175, 418 Gillfillan, Mike 322, 323 Gilliam, Dennis 196, 520 Gilligan, Pat 411 Gillman, Thomas 471 Gillmor, Candace 196, 390 Gilman, Cindy 360 Ginsburg, Jane 196, 520 Giovannoni, Luigi 196, 520 Gipson, Jack 303, 472 Giruver, Larry 320 Girvin, Cathy 482 Gish, Judy 196, 520 Gittins, Jamie 468 Given, Ann 479 Glass, William 272, 471 Glassford, Pelham 181, 520 Glazer, Michael 471 Gleason, John 271 Gleckler, Sue 383 Glenn, Charles 196, 340, 352, 398 Glenn, Colin 340, 398 Glerup, Carla 520 Glick, Roberta 361 Globbler, Gary 448 Glover, Laurel 366 Gock, Carolyn 196, 520 Goedhart, Robert 496 Goglio, Joseph 163, 434 Goich, Dan 301, 329, 352 Gold, Allan 196, 233, 502 Goldberg, James 163, 434 Goldberg, Judith 163, 377, 541 Goldberg, Steve 503 Goldeen, Dorothy 475 Golden, Bon nie 196, 253, 255, 267, 272, 520 Golden, Jeffry 492 Golden, King 491 Golden, Linda 371 Golden, R. 509 Goldfarb, Andy 452 Goldman, Louis 246, 471 Goldsmith, Joan 196, 520 Goldstein, Gail 451, 360 Goldstein, Jerry 238 Goldstein, Len 471 Goldstein, Michael 196, 452 Goldstein, Sidney 411 Goldstone, Jeff 500 Goldstone, Polly 361 Gollino, Bruce 498 Golson, Charles 275 Gomez, Robert 427 Goncalves, Jean 384 Gonzales, Steve 506 Good, George 196, 386 Goodbody, Terence 196, 498 Goodkin, Carol 196 Goodman, Ann 196, 356 Goodman, Carol 246, 360 Goodman, Carol Eve 377 Goodman, Jack 473 Goodman, Marilyn 196, 520 Goodman, Paul 508 Goodman, Richard 448 Goodman, Richard 196, 399 Goody, William 422 Googe, Linda 365, 451 Gordon, Alan 470 Gordon, Bruce 507 Gordon, Karen 196, 486 Goring, Pat 343 Gorlick, Bruce 452 Gorman, Sidney 196, 394 Goss, Joseph 175, 520 Gostanian, Robert 224 Gott, Vicki 246, 287, 387 Gottlieb, Mary 384 Gould, Richard 462 Gra, Marc 502 Graber, Howard 508 Grady, Billy 169, 520 Graetch, Frank 337 Graff, Susie 481 Graham, Cindy 267, 364 Graham, Donald 410 Grahm, Marc 411 Gramatky, Mimi 382 Granata, Richard 237, 447 Grandy, Arthur 175, 520 Grant, Diane 365 Grant, Leslie .366, 541 Grant, Kathryn 274 Grant, Robert 418 Grau, Dana 281, 520 Grau, Julie 357 Gravendael, Winnifred 395 Graves, Richard 163, 237 Gray, Horace 399 Gray, Jan 520 Gray, Rodger 301 Green, Albert 175, 495 Green, Carol 520 Green, Chip 452 Green, Craig 237, 446 Green, Dudley 196 Green, Edward 196 Green, Linda 386 Green, Michael 416 Green, Patricia 196 Green, Sheila 196, 520 Green, Warren 196 Greenberg, Carol 377, 549 Greenberg, Charlotte 196, 520 Greenberg, Ellice 486 Greene, Carol 196 Greene, Shiela 282 Greener, Gary 196, 448 Greenhouse, Phyllis 377 Greenleaf, Arno 500 Greenlee, David 468 Greenspahn, Jill 361 Greenstadt, Laurie 196, 520 Greenwald, Alan 197, 452 Greenwood, Larry 453 Gregg, Brandon 402 Gregg, Duncan 181, 238, 336, 352, 403 Gregg, Robert 403 Gregory, John 197, 272 Gremer, David 409 Grether, Mark 278 Griebrok, Jule 224, 266, 394 Grieve, Denise 272, 357 Griffen, John 509 Griffin, Ann 78, 386 Griffith, Elionor 393 Griffith, Owen 398 Grimes, Don 253, 254, 256 Grisham, John 405 Grisham, Michael 407, 520 Grobl, Jeanne 197, 382 Grobl, Joanne 382 Grogen, Charlene 480 Gronbeck, Christian 459 Groper, Corinne 197, 239, 520 Gross, Barbara 364 Gross, Carole 376 Gross, Roger 197, 520 Grossman, Dorene 197, 520 Grossman, Lynn 374 Grossman, Ronald 426 Groth, Donald 437 Groves, Rodger 163, 237, 447 Grow, Robert 287 Grubbs, Mark 416 GruehI, Ted 431 Grunblatt, Sonia 378 Grunewald, Laurie 358 Gruver, Laurence 175, 352, 457 Guerri, Franco 508 Guest, Dan 197, 298, 301, 352 Guggenheim, Andra 489 Guibert, Judith 381 Guiral, Renee 391 Gujral, Gubir 177 Gummerson, Barbara 217, 520 Gundlach, Raymond 181, 397 Gunnarson, John 233 Gunston, Albert 162, 520 Gunther, Bob 337 Gurevitch, Russ 442 Gurvich, Joan 197, 374 Karen 362 Guthartz, Judy 479 Guthertz, Robert 493 Gutherie, Bruce 405 Gutman, Carol 197, 394 Gutman, Gail 394 Gutman, Steven 395, 398 H Haag, Barbara 197, 366 Haas, Caroline 482 Haas, Diana 371 Haas, Richard 427 Haas, Suzanne 197, 370 Haase, Randy 340 Haasten, Kris 381 Haavik, Paul 509 Haberer, Barbara 196, 235, 520 Haberer, Edward 441 Haberfield, Eve 272, 356 Hachiya, Victor 198, 277, 520 Hackel, Lori 360 Hacker, Joanne 481 Haddick, David 175 Hadlock, Ken 509 Hagan, Dave 498 Nagger, Thomas 197, 228, 520 Hagmann, Ruta 374, 525 Hahn, Gregory 442 Hailer, Harvey 235,500 Hakala, Rikki 382,475 Halaby, Chuck 464 Hale, David 181,521 Haley, Mary 266,367 Hall, Alan 175,197,521 Hall, Anita 197,362,444 Hall, Bruce 403 Hall, C. Fred 450 Hall, Diane 272,380,541 Hall, Ken 498 Hall, Nancy 382 Hall, Robert 197,424 Hall, Robert M. 498 Hall, Spencer 497 Hall, William 163,521 Hallin, Karen 197,521 Hallinan, Jill 197,521 Halloran, Kathleen 392 Hallsten, Kristine 380 Halpern, Sue 486 Halverson, Lloyd 501 Ham, Kathy 358 Hama, Mary 159,487 Hamamoto, Glenn 175, 521 Hamblin, Buz 301 Hamermesh, Richard 452 Hamilton, Betty 171,365, 483, 521 Hamilton, Doreen 357 Hamilton, George 272,413 Hamilton, Glenda 364 Hamilton, Louise 197,521 Hamilton, Marcia 364 Hamilton, Robert 272 Hammes, Frances 352 Hammond, Andrea 230, 246, 272, 381 Hammond, Jon 344 Hammond, Jud 507 Hampton, Steve 440 Hancock, Mark 493 Handa, Barbara 487 Handley, Richard 473 Hanen, Sherry 197,521 Haney, Ann 229,230,374 Hankon, Maureen 233 Hannigan, Barbara 197,346 Hannon, Wylda 197,484 Hannum, Cathy 272 Hanarahan, Mauran 367,423 Hansen, Dan 497 Hansen, Dan 494, 509 Hansen,Mimzy 197, 253, 255, 521 Hansen, Pete 508 Hansen, Stephen 436 Hansen, Susan 27, 275, 521 Hansen, Vivian 197, 384 Hanson, Jack 197, 236, 237 Hanson, Marlene 197, 521 Hanson, Signe 371 Harchaoui, Mohammed 159, 521 Hardacre, Barbara 373 Hardenbach, Chalimers 304 Harder, John 352, 450 Hardin, Robert 461 Harding, Margaret 197, 272, 274, 480 Hardy, Susan 197, 382 Hargreaves, Anne 197, 521 Hargrove, June 364 Harkness, Stanley 466 Harley, Kym 391 Harms, Richard 440 Harnett, Christopher 197, 420 Harper, Jeffrey 236, 473 Harper, Kerry 197, 369 Harrah, Jack 301 Harrell, Virginia 169, 369 Harrington, Jane 362 Harris, Ann 391 Harris, Cheree 255 Harris, Elizabeth 356, 475 Harris, Emily 197, 376 Harris, Freeman 428 Harris, Gregory 197, 418 Harris, Jacquelyn 483 Harris, Jerrilyn 361 Harris, J. Lynne 198, 521 Harris, Ronald 224 Harris, Sandra 394 Harris, William 224 Harrison, Gregg 198 Harrison, Marcie 487 Harrison, Priscilla 246, 272, 387 Harrison, Sharon 483 Harrison, Susan 391 Hart, Lawrence 236, 352, 411 Hartley, George 502 Hartenfeld, Ellen 267, 370 Hartley, Roger 333, 459 Hartzell, Margaret 479 Harvey, Catherine 374 Harvey, Don 224 Harvey, Stefan 142, 272, 373 Harwood, Barbara 198, 521 Hashimoto, Amy 487 Hashimoto, Jeanne 198, 521 Haskell, Vida 198, 451, 521 Hasse, Randy 305 Hatch, Dan 352 Hatch, Randolph .168, 169, 521 Hatch, Sarah 198, 378 Hatch, Susan 198, 521 Hatfield, Greg 301, 352 Hatherley, John 198, 521 Hatton, John 238 Hattori, Rick 224 Hause, Adrienne 171 Hauser, Linda 264, 369 Hawes, David 445 Hawkins, Elaine 356 Hawkins, Gerald 224, 233 Hawkins, Sandra 198, 521 Hawley, Dianne 198, 382, 475, 547 Hawley, John 337, 493 Hawley, Steven 198, 502 Hayashi, Michi 198, 521 Hayashi, Tommy 175, 502 Hayburn, Marsha 358, 451 Hayer, Arnold 163, 499, 508 Hayes, James 458 Hayes, Kathleen 171, 521 Haynes, Peter 398 Hayslett, Rod 502 Haytin, Daniel 171, 522 Head, Linda 486 Hearn, Michael 238 Heater, Richard 163, 522 Heath, Gary 313 Heath, John 408 Heaton, Mary 198, 366 Hecht, Priscilla 198, 380 Heckman, Donald 233, 441 Hector, Catherine 198, 364 Hedemark, Tim 282 Hedgepeth, Samuel 402 Hedstrom, Jerry 247 Hee, Ed 501 Heikkila, Curtis 436 Heilbron, Katrinka 198, 362 Heiler, Bette 358 Heiman, Sandy 378 Heims, Karen 378 Heins, Judy 364 Heintz, Debbie 508 Heiser, Margaret 198, 392 Heller, Elaine 233 Hellman, David 492 Helmer, Joe 302 Helms, Karen Helsel, Patricia 198, 231, 232, 274, 392 Hem, David 502 Henderson, Gudrun 198, 394, 541 Henderson, Judith 198,233, 480 Henderson, Pegi 198, 280, 522 Henderson, Susan 370 Henderson, William 496 Hendrickson, Laura 397 Henes, Marylynn 162, 163, 522 Hengl, Larry 175, 340, 352, 408 Henke, Curtis 198, 405 Henle, Thomas 228, 426 Hennessy, John 198, 237, 418 Henry, Del 163, 237, 418 Henstell, Bruce 142, 198, 286, 522 Heong-Tan, Kong 168 Hepworth, Randy 416 Herbert, Brian 522 Herbert, Michael 198 Herbert, Thomas 163, 522 Herbert, William 473 Herkus, Jill 362 Herman, Ronald 198, 522 Herman, Steve 471 Herning, Dave 419 Herr, Bob 500 Herre, Helen 278 Herron, Steven 422 Hersh, Nancy 198, 522 Hershenow, Peggy 380 Herscher, Eli 502 Hersh, Linda 361 Hershenson, Bonnie 481 Herwood, Barbara 522 Hess, Al 509 Hess, Richard 175, 522 Hester, James 198, 522 Hetch, Mark 3 17 Heuler, Bette 358 Hewett, Catherine 373 Hiatt, Sam 508 Hickam, Sardis 522 Hickman, Dean 509 Hickman, William 402 Hicks, Ben 442 Hicks, Robin 522 Hiddleson, William 424 High, Kenneth 418, 302, 352 High, Robert 522, 198 Hightower, Russell 522 Hickham, Sardis 163 Hikoyeda, Al 498 Higgins, Gary 501 Hildebrant, Lynne 489 Hilgendorf, Lynn 356 Hill, Alan 175, 522 Hill, Anthony 198, 440, 495 Hill, Cathy 393 Hill, Greg 500 Hill, Richard Hill, Steve 502 Hill, Wendy 382 Hills, Polly 386 Himes, Ronald 491 Hink, Bob 301, 314, 456 Hinke, Thomas 175, 405 Hippenstiel, Gary 322, 496 Hirano, Ronald 522 Hirata, Norm 272 Hird, April 499 Hirschmann, Jack 450 Hirshburg, Frederick 198, 502 Hitchcock, Dan 304 Hitchcock, John 175, 406 Hite, Fred 455 Hiura, Jerold 452 Hiyama, Barbara 376, 486 Hiyama, Irene 198, 488 Hjelm, Rex 424 Hjelmstad, Barry 301, 522 Hjelmstad, Wayne 301, 522 Ho, Raymond 522 Hobbs, Tom 301 Hobson, Stew 254 Ho Chi-Wing, Henry 182, 217, 522 Hodson, Carol 476 Hodgdon, James 198, 406 Hodgins, Judy 198, 522 Hodin, Jay 404 Hodsen, Carole 476 Hoefer, John 237, 336 Hoffman, Jim 304 Hoff, Mark 503 Hoff,Ray 498 Hoffman, Mike 329 Hoffman, Karen 384 Hoffman, Susan 198, 522 Hofmann, Joan 198, 382 Hogan, Carol 392 Hogan, Michael 198, 522 Hogan, Morgan 163, 392 Hogie, John 522 Hogset, Nils 522 Holcombe, Ted 340 Holiman, Jennifer 199, 382 Holliday, Suzanne 365 Hollingsworth, Sydney 199, 522 Holloway, Judith 523 Holman, Maurie 408 Holmes, Henry 406 Holmes, Sharon 199, 362 Holstein, Kenneth 431 Holt, Douglas 424 Hottskog, Lou 340 Hom, Barbara 361 Homer, Stephen 163, 463 Homett, Steven Hon, Paul 254 Honett, Steve 199, 422 Hoobler, James 169, 314, 398 Hook, Fay 199, 523 Hooper, Catharine 382 Hoops, Larry 305 Hoppin, Larry 333, 411 Hoppin, Ned 199, 352, 410 Horacek, Kenton 408 Horance, Stuart 199, 523 Horn, Carolyn 487 Horn, Jerold 199, 523 Horn, Stacia 266 Horne, Freya 199, 239, 382 Horner, Pamela 199, 523 Horning, David 301, 321 Harsh, Linda 360 Horton, Thomas 407 Hoskins, Barbie 230, 274, 382 Hottskog, Tarre 305 Hough, Randall 523 Houghton, Cindy 365 Houghton, Gregory 469 Houle, Richard 182, 442 Houps, Carry 340 House, Adrienne 521, 523 Howard, Fred 503 Howard, Judy 388 Howard, Stephen 406 Howatt, Elizabeth 523 Howden, Marily 391 Howe, Catherine 371, 444 Howe, Cynthia 199, 384 Howe, Marilyn 374, 465 Howe, Penny 523 Howekamp, David 175, 426 Howell, David 199, 523 Howell, Lynn 357 Howes, Katherine 477 Hoxmeier, Steve 182, 446 Hsieh, Harold 481 Hsu, David 169, 233, 500 Hu, Chris 498 Hu, Mei-Chang 199, 523 Hubbs, Donald 199, 436 Huber, Larry 503 Hubert, Steven 199, 448 Hudson, Paul 493 Huff, Charles 175, 523 Huff, Charles 451 Huff, Georgeann 358 Huff, John 411 Huff, Ron 502 Huffman, George 342 Hughes, Joseph 175, 415 Hughes, Kent 175, 406 Hugo, Greg 432 Hull, William 441 Hultgren, Mark 301 Hummel, Gerta 482 Humpal, Greg 498 Humphrey, David 199, 228, 422 Humphrey, Gordon 443 Humpreys, Gary 455 Humphries, Drew 499, 523 Humphries, Randall 301, 437 Hunt, Brian 459 Hunt, Christy 246,381 Hunt, Harlan 456 Hunter, Jerry 503 Huron, Mark 498 Hurst, Hilary 199,523 Hurt, Roger 199 237,410 Hussain, Farouk 304,352 Huston, Don 509 Hutchings, Cheryl 523 Hutchinson, Christine 154, 199, 299, 246, 272, 374 Hutchinson, John 175, 304, 409 Huth, Merille 479 Hwang, Peter 501 Hyatt, D. Trent 163, 523 Hyman, William 493 Hynes, Marc 199, 272, 413 I Iacopi, Daniel 506 Ice, Diana 233 Ichikawa, Judith 485 Ichinose, Keith 498 Iding, John 247, 523 Iding, Robert 175, 233, 523 Ikpong, Kim 523 Ikuta, Yasuko 182, 229, 523 Imai, Jean 486 Immekeppel, Marie 199, 523 Ince, William 175, 414 Inerfield, Phyllis 486 Ingalls, Kathy 508 Ingersoll, Frank 217 Ingersoll, Robert 175, 523 Ingersoll, Sandy 182, 237, 333, 410 Ingham, Timothy 422 Inkelis, Stanley 199, 352, 523 Inouye, Stanley 416 Inouye, Tom 498 Irvine, Rhea 268, 373 Irwin, Nancy 356 Isaac, Patsy 483 Ishii, John 502 Isola, Frank 461 Itakuru, Jean 499 Ivanetich, Ann 199 Iverson, Kaaren 199,372 Ives, Ed 407 Iwanasa, Sharon 480 Iwasaka, Lynda 199, 523 Iwens, Joanne 199, 323 J Jack, Susanna 370 Jacke, Dick 501 Jackson, Carol 362 Jacobberger, Richard 163, 352, 523 Jacobel,Bob 418 Jacobs, Lloyd 199, 523 Jacobs, John 452 Jacobs, Mark 499 Jacobs, Steven 175, 177, 452, 467 Jacobs, Steven 452, 503 Jacobsen, Gretchen 375 Jacobsen, Robert 175 Jacoby, Mary 375 Jaffee, Allan 233 Jaffee, Arnold 199, 490, 508 Jaffee, Robert 492, 500 Jagoda, Steve 470 James, Fred 171, 450 James, Maureen 450, 523 James, Mike 317 Jameson, Charles 431, 450 Jamieson, Jacquie 381, 450 Jamieson, Linda 199, 523 Jamison, John 301 Janes, Maureen 199, 523 Janes, Ronald 408, 500 Jang, Adrienne 508 Janks, J. 224 Janowsky, Nina 360 Janzen, Hans 352 Jaques, Jeff 323 Jarvis, James 424 Jarvis, Sharon 199, 392 Jasonides, Jeanne 485 Jaspovice, Martin 452 Jay, Michael 199, 439 Jen, Karene 476 Jenkins, Stephen 163, 501 Jenkins, Terry 375 Jennings, Tate 508 Jensen, Warren 496 Jessen, Marna 199, 523 Jew, Clinton 503 Jew, Jack 497 Jewett, William 175, 523 Joe, Alvin 199, 523 Joe, Sandra 482 Joe, Stanton 199 Johann es, Raphael 182, 523 Johansson, Karl 507 Johns, Judith 199, 523 Johnsen, Jon 254, 492 Johnson, Al 333 Johnson, Charles 175, 523 Johnson, Brann 424 Johnson, Clarence 341 Johnson, Claudia 356 Johnson, Conrad 496 Johnson, Cristopher 176, 466 Johnson, Dave 499 Johnson, Erik 175, 457 Johnson, Gail 200 Johnson, Gail 163, 378, 392 Johnson, Gregory 463 Johnson, Hunter 523 Johnson, Judith 384 Johnson, Kathleen 200, 523 Johnson, Linda 200, 523 Johnson, Larry 502 Johnson, Mike 254 Johnson, Milky 312, 313 Johnson, Pamela 200 Johnson, Stephen 238 Johnson, Richard 176, 491 Johnson, Robert 176, 436 Johnson, Webb 502 Johnston, Chris 383 Johnston, Edward 444 Johnston, John 237, 301 Jones, Bart 182, 200, 523 Jones, Carolyn 200, 523 Jones, Dennis 441 Jones, Gerald 405 Jones, Hardin 200, 336, 352, 468 Jones, Judie 200, 283, 523 Jones, Lawrence 491 Jones, Nancy 386 Jones, Ronald 176, 237, 238, 463 Jones, Stephen 159, 498 Jones, Thomas 415 Jong, Chris 482 Jordan, Sharon 200 Josi, Byron 411 Jower, Bruce 164, 523 Jower, Francis 200 Joyce, Peter 496 Juarez, Richard 247, 402 Jue, Gregory 439 Jue, Myer 502 Jukes, Caroline 200, 384 Julian, Nancy 200, 232, 255, 388 Julius, Hope 387 Junge, Kurt 509 Justeson, MaryAnn 200, 523 K Kaasa, Peter 523 Kadi, Bill 502 Kagan, Cecilia 272, 376 Kagel, Sam 238 Kahan, Michael 238 Kahl, Ernie 200,410 Kahn, Marc 500 Kaiser, Ronn 238 Kaitz, Spencer 235, 506 Kaku, Roy 501 Kakutani, Kumiko 200, 523 Kallenberger, Mark 301, 333 Kallenberger, Wendell 498 Kalmanson, Sue 486 Kamen, Dave 271, 277 Kamen, Maureen 378 Kamman, Henry 200 Kammen, Rick 455 Kan, Stephen 200, 523 Kanai, Mark 200, 254, 442 Kanaya, Sadayo 200, 524 Kannegaard, Karen 200, 482 Katz, Stan 503 Kaplan, Richard 448 Kaplan, Wally 498 Kardas, Peter 445 Karley, Kym 391 Karp, Stephen 450 Kasden, Miriam 487 Kashiwa, Wendy 200, 524 Kasper, Alexander 412 Kaspick, Jeffrey 493 Kass, Cindi 377 Kassis, Richard 200 Kasyer, Benjamin 200, 524 Kastner, Eric 301, 411 Katagiri, Grace 278, 482 Katz, Beverlee 376 Katz, Richard 200 Katz, Roger 200, 524 Kaufman, Allan 502 Kaufman, Don 509 Kaufman, Leon 413 Kaufman, Linda 162, 164, 388, 467 Kaufman, Sharon 489 Kaunoff, Olga 200, 524 Kautman, Deborah 481 Kawamura, Ben 233 Kaye, Doug 500 Kaye, Vicki 200, 364 Mary 384, 486 Kazato, Ernest 200, 524 Keane, Kathleen 200, 524 Keane, Patricia 200, 524 Keatinger, Richard 272 Keenan, Ronald 496 Keene, Lorinda 373 Keep, Bill 329 Keeton, Brenda 483 Keil, David 200, 524 Keil, Stanley 200, 524 Keil, Stephen 445 Keliher, Mary 171, 480 Kelley, Carolyn 384 Kelley, Darcy 358 Kelley, Georgia 369 Kelley, John 422 Kelley, Toni 499 Kellner, Marna 200 Kelso, Martha 200, 374 Kemp, Joan 201, 524 Kendall, Bruce 508 Kendall, Gary 507 Kennedy, James 340, 341, 352, 437 Kennedy, Judith 201, 384, 524 Kennedy, VanDusen 238 Kenney, Larry 201, 238, 458, 541 Kennington, Carol 499 Kent, Naomi 201, 392 Kent, Thomas 238 Kentfield, Kathleen 393 Kerkoe, Anton 304 Kern, Mary 167, 524 Kerner, Arlene 377 Kerr, Alexander 469 Kerr, David 176, 237, 463 Kersten, Mike 280 Kerr, Sandy 304 Kesirian, Vaugn 301 Kesselman, Karen 201, 229, 524 Keto, Sue 201, 378 Key, Jeffrey 451 Kia, Bahman 502 Kidd, Kevan 201, 253, 255, 256, 272, 274 Kidder, James 238 Kidner, Frank 238 Kiefer, Jim 340 Kiel, Suzie 384 Kiely, Suzanne 201, 524 Kilian, Erica 201, 524 Kilmurray, James 201, 452 Kim, lkpoong 182 Carol 201, 364 Kindred, Charles 167, 236, 237, 304, 352, 447 Kindt, Dana 266, 356 Kindt, Terry 357 King, John 352 King, Leonard 224 King, Robert 509 King, Roy 201, 524 Kingman, Barry 238 Kingsbury, Michael 164, 524 Kious, A. 171, 336, 420 Kirkpatrick, Alan 337, 430 Kirschner, Janis 369 Kirtman, Lou 340, 352 Kitto, Jeff 411 Kitts, Stephan 201, 235, 524 Kiyomoto, Alan 224, 524 Klaasen, Lawrence 169, 524 Klapman, Gary 471 Klass, Robert 272 Kleid, Dennis 503 Klein, Barbara 201, 524 Klein, James 434 Kleinsorge, Lulu 370 Kleinstein, Robert 224, 524 Klement, Timothy 397, 412 Kliewer, Kaye 230, 524,546 Kline, Jim 246 Klinger, Leslie 201, 546 Klitten, Marty 164, 420 Klocksien, Steve 502 Kluger, Barry 498 Knight, A. Harley 422 Knight, Janeen 374 Knight, Marilyn 201, 524 Knittel, Patricia 171, 488 Knock, Renee 499 Knopf, Susan 201, 524 Knopp, Deanna 201, 524 Knowles, Lance 503 Knox, Gloria Knudsen, James 201, 524 Knueppel, Nicholas 201, 408 Knutson, Sharon 366, 417 Kobzeff, John 301, 437 Koch, David 233 Koch, Jay 176, 201, 457 Koch, Robert 430 Koenekemp, Martin 352 Koenig, Cathy 246, 384 Kohl, Katherine 488 Kohler, Theresa 362, 467 Kohn, Juan 175, 176, 179, 524 Kokores, Paula 201, 267, 370 Kolberg, Kenneth 176, 405 Kolesnikoff, Nicholai 233, 496 Koll, Mike 87, 238 Kollman, Eileen 164, 360 Kolodziej, Stan 301 Kolsky, Barbara 378 Kolsky, David 508 Konecky, Douglas 201 Konigsberg, Joyce 361 Konkoff, Lorraine 377 Koo, 201, 524 Koon, Dan 301 Koons, Barbara 391 Koontz, Pat 284 Kooy, Aloysia 201, 524 Koppe, Sandy 224 Koppi, Eva 481 Korchin, Ellen 201, 524 Korman, Ken 502 Korn, Howard 434 Korn, Larry 471 Korner, Thomas 179 Korte, John 201 Kortkamp, Ronald 201, 445 Koser, Susan 286, 287 Kostyrea, Irene 201, 524 Kowaga, Pat 480 Koyama, Sanford 224, 343, 524 Kozono, Don 254 Krafft, Donna 395 Kragen, Adrian 238 Kramer, Lindy 201, 524 Kramer,Lutz 201, 237, 431 Krasa, Peter 201 Krasnow, Ronnie 356 Kraus, Paul 182, 455 Kravetsky, Valerie 171, 356, 451 Kreick, Mary 369 Kreidler, John 201, 406 Kreiss, Allan 176, 177, 201, 524 Krelle, Kathie 164, 524 Kreps, Daniel 301, 441 Krischen Jit, Amar 238 Kritchman, Sheila 201, 524 Kritikos, Wm. 409 Kriz, Barbara 201, 488 Krohn, Carolyn 346, 396 Krohn, Lynn 272, 380 Kronke, Judith 384 Krostek, Walter 399 Krowne, Perren 500 Kruger, Donald 139, 141, 234, 430 Kruger, Elaine 388 Krusa, Ruth 255 Krum, William 238 Krumland, Rand 176, 179, 343, 495, 524 Krusa, Ruth 201, 524 Kubernick, Alice 201, 524 Kubose, Joyce 480 Kubota, Ken 336 Kuechler, Nancy 387 Kugler, William 426 Kujawa, Janice 201, 524 Kung, Andrew 507 Kunuckles, Jean 483 Kuroiwa, Kenneth 201, 524 Kurtz, Bob 502 Kutcher, Elaine 360 Kutz, Bob 341, 407 Kwass, Leslie 487 Kwong, Kenneth 496 Kyda, Aileen 486 Kyme, Karol 201, 524 L LaBombard, Catherine 489 Lacey, Douglas 462 Lachmund, Linda 489 Lafferty, David 430 LaForce, Kathryn 384 Lagagh, Juanita Lai, Hon-Fei 254 Laine, Roger 492 Laird, A. 175 Laird, James 164, 525 Laky, Mat 182, 525 Lam, Jack 507 Lambert, Marc 509 Lame, Barry 508 Lamm, Michael 201, 525 Lamperti, Betty Lancet, Linda 487 Lane, Denison 336, 352, 461 Lane, Helen 159, 342 Lane, Mary 525 Lane, Miki 217, 272, 471 Lanes, Marian 488 Lange, Sally 202, 525 Lange, Susan 525 Langlois, John 431 Langston, Sue 255 Lanzarotti, Demia 246, 371 Lapid, Gary 228, 272, 471 Lapkin, Steven 77, 139, 493 Laporte, Pat 481 Larabee, Lynn 380 Larceny (dog) 424 Lardzor, Jerry 236 Larsen, Niels 237 Larsen, Patricia 525 Larsen, Randy 497 Larson, Charles 176, 424 Larson, Jean 272 Larson, Mary 525 Larson, Mimi 235, 525 Larson, Niels 164, 410 Larson, Robin 254 Larrabee, Lynn LaRue, Annette Lash, Monica 283 Lasker, Albert 427 Lathrop, Larry 301, 317, 352 Laub, Randolph 471 Lauer, Donald 238 Laureano, Linda 475, 525 Lausmann, Joanne 482 Layen, Richard 237, 301, 327, 329, 352, 447 Laveroni, Bill 301 Lawrence, James 422 Lawrence, Patricia 525 Lawrence, Sidney 409 Lawrenz, Susanne 525 Lawson, John 176 Lawson, Richard 457 Lawyer, Sherry 356 Lay, Jack 237 Lay, Rob 303 Layman, Robert 445 Lazarus, Steve 272 Leathers, Joan 374 Leatherwood, Bob 333, 352 Leavens, William 412 Leavitt, John 403 Lebb, Edward 238 Leberman, Bob 228, 471 LeDuc, James 171, 442 Ledford, Dave 498 Lee, Benson 525 Lee, Bethane 394 Lee, Cheryl 233, 255 Lee, Chester 439, 503 Lee, Corrine 486 Lee, Cynthia 487 Lee, Donna 374 Lee, Douglas 439, 497 Lee, Douglas 494 Lee, Elizabeth 394 Lee, Grace 478 Lee, Gerimae 395, 525 Lee, Harry 176, 405 Lee, Joanda 525 Lee, John 439 Lee, Kevin 508 Lee, Linda 475 Lee, Margaret 476 Lee, Michael 224, 462 Lee, Michael 439 Lee, Mimi 364 Lee, Nelli 525 Lee, Parke 176, 177, 179, 525 Lee, Patricia 171, 235, 242, 525 Lee, Peter 501, 503 Lee, Roger 176, 500 Lee, Samuel 182, 525 Lee, Sheryl 159, 525 Lee, Simi 346, 378 Lee, Virginia 394 Lefever, Gerry 498 Leftin, Jay 333, 493 Leggett, Cameron 372 Lehtman, Myron 27, 273 Leidner, Mike 418 Leifer, Beatrice 525 Leigh, Eric 182, 233, 525 Leimbrock, Suzanne 229, 365, 451 LeKach, Stanley 342 Lenahan, Bob 500 Lenat, Richard 154, 434 Lensch, Jay 407 Lenser, Marcia 525 Lenson, Margaret 394 Lenson, Peg 395 Lentz, Richard 402 Leonard, Hannah 525 Leonard, James 206, 525 Leonard, Stephen 202, 525 Leonardi, Robert 202, 500 Leong, Janice 162, 202, 482 Leong, Jeff 233 Leong, Linda 479 Leonhardt, Michael 497 Lerch, William 301, 447, 501 Lerner, Robert 452 Lester, Robert 164, 452, 525 Leung, Anthony 202, 525 Levaro, Richard 202,420 Levin, Bruce 452 Levin, Gary 501 Levin, Michael 435 Levin, Milton 203, 525 Levin, Susan 274, 361, 452 Levine, Barry 453 Levine, Bill 254 Levine, David 471, 525 Levine, Janis 377 Levine, JoAnn 526 Levine, Joseph 203, 526 L evine, Mike 508 Levine, Robert 203, 452 Levinger, Merri-jo 162, 384 Levintow, Mike 498 Levit, Art 233 Levy, Alan 169, 495 Levy, Keith 526 Levy, Lois 361 Levy, Richard 419 Lew, Ronald 496 Lew, Rozanne 485 Lewis, Christine 390 Lewis, Don 432 Lewis, Hugh 337, 497 Lewis, John 177, 447 Lewis, Kristie 229, 365 Lewis,Nancy 357 Lewis, Steve 301, 508 Lewis, Tecia 388 Lewmann, Janet 487 Lewman, Jennifer 203, 526 Ley, Richard 507 Leyman, Robert 164, 426 Li, Jack 177, 526 Li, May 203, 526 Licht, James 448 Lichty, Fritz 81, 139, 141, 234, 247, 272, 274, 466 Lidgate, Susan 526 Liebman, Carol 203, 526 Liebman, Richard 336 Lidwin, Bob 254 Liebman, Peter 492 Lilienthal, Gary 152, 203, 234, 238, 243, 272, 273, 526 Lim, Victor 443 Lim, Wellman 526 Limerick, Jeff 507 Lin, Al 498 Lind, Allan 493 Lind, Michael 203 Linden, Allen Linden, Gordon 182, 418 Linder, Mike 501 Lindheim, Dan 323 Lindsey, Joyce 477 Lindstedt, Steven 171, 526 Lindstram, Jim 318, 352 Lenette, Sheryl 526 Ling, Gary 175, 177, 178, 450 Lingenfelder, 253, 254 Links,Richard 501 Linton, Jeff 491 Linville, Maimie 203, 526 Lipper, Nancy 272 Lipton, Mark 272 Liss, Alan 272,435 Litchenstein, Phil Litewka, Jack 278 Little, Kenneth 402 Liu, Dennis 497 Liu, George 177, 502 Lively, Donald 140, 234 Livingston, Marjorie 203, 366 Lloyd, Karen 361 Lloyd, Kenneth 203, 228, 490 Lloyd, Richard P 492, 526, 549 Lloyd, Webb 419 Loban, Lelia 489 Lobay, Anthony 203, 526 Lobree, David 177, 526 Locatelli, Barbara 203, 246, 392 Lockie, Carolyn 203, 356 Locks, Ronna 203, 376 Lockwood, Jeffrey 203, 237, 431 Lodger, Susan 364 Loew, Robert 272, 448, 541 Loewenstein, Pete 503 Logan, Guenevere 203, 526 Loh, Irving 233 Lomax, James 447 Lombardi, Ralph 203, 228, 236, 420 Lombardo, Alfred 445 London, Craig 203, 458 London, Laura 369 London, Roy 509 Lones, Marian 203 Long, Al 509 Long, Kathleen 392 Long, Kelly 393 Longhran, Tom 203 Lonzatich, Gil 304 Loo, Milton 343 Look, Lee 498 Loomer, Patricia 203, 526 Loo-Tam, Nicholas 496 Lopez, Adolph 526 Lopez, Gus 301,333 Lorbeer, Kathy 480 Lorenz, Therese 357 Loss, Kathleen 171, 526 Lotz, Barry 503 Louda, Frank 451 Loughman, Rosemary 203, 233, 392 Loughran, Thomas 461 Louie, Allen 500 Louie, John 177, 526 Louie, Lorraine 344, 475, 480 Louie, Reg 203, 243, 272, 452 Louie, Yuk 177, 526 Lounsberry, Jon 426 Lovedale, Anne 203, 526 Loveland, James 164, 526 Lovenberg, Linda 487 Lovette, Steve 237 Lovewell, John 156, 164, 228, 272, 482 Loville, Jacqueline 483 Low, Anna 478 Low, Jim 500 Low, Mae 203, 526 Low, Marilyn 233, 481 Low, Robert 439 Lowe, Kathlenn 391 Lowe, William 303, 526 Lowen, Jan 481 Lowitt, Rita 203, 526 Loyd, Webb 314 Lu, Barney 337 Lucky, Pierre 460 Luebbert, Geoffrey 203, 233, 526 Lukes, George 141, 272, 275 Lum, John 507 Lumley, Ross 412 Lundblad, Gerald 203, 329, 526 Lundberg, Barbara 392 Lundberg, Susan 393 Lung, Jeffrey 167, 526 Lunt, Gregory 445 Lunt, Jay 304, 506 Lurie, Burt 502 Lur mann, Susan 391 Lutes, Gary 237 Lutes, Gordon 237 Lutgen, Douglas 233 Luthy, Richard 169, 408 Lutzky, Henty 167, 526 Luzer, Jerald 203, 333, 526 Lynch, Frank 203, 237, 295, 301, 352, 447 Lynn,Diana 266 Lynn Jill 365 Lyon, John 509 Lyons, Hester 477 M Mass, Barbara 266, 357 MacArthur, John 203 MacDonald, Ken 233 MacDonald, Lynn 527 MacDonald, Mary 357 MacDonald, Sue 480 MacDougall, Chris 203, 384 Mace, Marcia 395 MacFarland, Docia 479, 547 MacGregor, Douglas 398 Macktinger, Wayne 502 MacLane, Colin 408 MacLean, Ethel 476 MacMillan, Harriet 227, 230, 272, 477 MacMullen, James 491 MacPherson, Craig 164, 500, 527 MacPherson, Mike 253, 254, 256 MacWhinney, Brian 238 Macy, Harry 493 Maddans, Williams 527 Maddaus, William 177 Madden, Cary 203 424 Madden, Deeanne 229, 234, 272, 373, 465 Maddigan, Richard 527 Maddox, Bruce 508 Mader, Thomas 493 Madland, David 204, 272, 495 Madsen, Pamela 262, 263, 355, 388, 541 Maeno, Mary Jo 204, 527 Maes, Carl 175, 177, 352, 527 Maes, Judy 484 Magnuson, Jim 333 Maguary, Steven 238 Mah, Roger 204 Mahan, Gary 340, 352 Mahon, Denise 392 Mahoney, Mike 421 Mahoney, Murray 177, 502 Majidy, Hossein 502 Majka, Paul 469 Majteles, Michael 177, 527 Mak, Linda 478 Malatt, Janice 482 Maller, Audrey 481 Malley, Gregory 421 Mallory, Melodie 476 Malmgren, Richard 177, 527 Malnick, Ken 501 Maloff, Chalda 204, 392 Malone, James 408 Maloney, Ed 329 Malsbury, Tom 502 Manary, Carol 204, 388 Mandel-eskenazi, Benjamin..169, 527 Mangold, Donald 204, 527 Mann, Dave 498 Mann, Kenneth 272, 463 Manning, Bennett 475 Manning, Sue 233, 382 Manson, Marcia 204, 366 Manz, Kenneth 450 Mar, Danny 497 Marble, Lauren 375 Marble, Leslie 204, 267, 374 Marcacci, Thomas 434 March, David 179 Marchick, Ruth 204, 527 Marcus, Helen 272, 275, 281, 484 Margolis, Jane 140 Margolis, Marshall 164, 434 Mariani, Mary 283 Maridon, Brian 204, 495 Marin, Stan 453 Markarian, Gary 182, 493 Marks, Carole 376 Marks, Elliot 204, 527 Marks, Melody 274, 361, 482 Marks, Randy 304 Maron, Stan 452 Marowitz, Michael 272, 448 Marquess, Margo 479 Marquez, Philip 177, 495 Marquis, Bill 301 Marrah, Frederick 461 Marron, Linda 527 Marrs, Michael 204, 407 Marsden, Jeannie 482 Marsh, David 177, 527 Marsh, Michael 182, 403 Marsh, Robert 445 Marsh, William 204, 495 Marshall, Dave 472 Marshall, Joseph 179, 402 Marshall, L. Janet 204, 527 Martenyi, Georgia 382 Martin, Cynthia 366 Martin, Cynthia A., 204, 229, 366, 372, 384 Martin, Dan 509 Martin, Janet 384 Martin, John 496 Martin, Leslie 204, 527 Martin, Sherry 373 Martin, Sherwood 404 Martin, Terry Z. 204, 254, 491 Martin, Thomas 473 Martyr, Paul 301, 430 Martyr, Richard 317, 430 Marutani, Max 177, 527 Marx, Frank 204 Marx, Jeff 228 Marx, Lynne 363 Marx, Melody 77 Masini, Mike 301 Maslowski, Rod 301 Mason, Janet 204, 477 Mason, Ruth 483 Massey, Robert 304 Masson, Gordon 461 Masuda, Barry 169, 317, 352, 527 Masuda, Setsuo 175, 177, 179, 527 Masuda, Ted 498 Matheson, Cheryl 499 Matheson, Syd 499 Mathews, Evrett 164, 352,498 Matsamoto, Erma 480 Matselboba, Richard 491 Matsui, Dale 229, 272,382 Matsumoto, Allen 509 Matsumoto, Clyde 439 Matsunga, Neal 439 Matsuo, Kiko 478 Matsuura, Carolyn 164, 527 Mattei, Lyn 367 Mattei, M. Ayn 367 Matteson, Peter 204, 527 Mattheis, William 422 Matthews, Ann 384 Matthews, Bill 352 Matthews, James 164, 442 Matthews, Karen 477 Matthews,Margaret 204 Mattingly, Wally 305, 341 Mattis, Mary 363 Mattson, Linda 204, 394 Mattson, Pamela 371 Matusow, Steven 452 Matzkin, Carol 482 Mau, Kendal 502 Mauel, Janet 374 Maul, Terry 204, 527 Maurier, Michael 204, 527 Maxwell, Anders 506 Maxwell, David 27, 141, 204, 275, 498 Maxwell,Liz 342 Maxwell, Mary 391 Maxwell, Susan 152, 486 May, Ann 382 May, Peggy 487 Mayeder, Gary 343, 498 Mayeda, Ron 224, 343 Mayer, Virginia 382 Mayers, Ann 204 Mayfield, Duane 237, 301, 352, 447 Mayfield, John 341 Maynard, David 464 Maynard, Richard 430 Mazingo, Will 501 Mazonni, Jane 204, 356 Mazurok, Ehor 506 McAdam, Eleanor 204, 374 McAdam, James 447 McAdoo, Joyce 483 McAlone, Thomas 333, 469 McArthur, Marcia 527 McBurney, Meredith 229, 272, 275, 382 McCabe, James 169, 412 McCaffrey, Mike 237, 301, 326, 328, 329, 352 McCalin, Carol 233 McCall, David 408 McCalla, Bill 177, 463 McCalley, Teddy 369 McCallum, Jean 204, 380 McCallum, Jerry 405 McCamy, William 416 McCann, Carol 229, 380 McCann, Michael 340, 469 McCarter, Betty 204, 232 McCarthy, Doreen 204, 527 McCarthy, Gregory 398 McCarthy, Mark 493 McCarthy,Maisie 272, 373 McClain, John 165, 466 McClimmans, Anthony 445 McClure, Ted 78, 272, 432 McConaughy, Nick 418 McCord, Marian 230, 386 McCormick, Joseph 204, 414, 527 McCormons, Joe 275 McGowan, Marguerite 489 McCown, Ann 480 McCrary, Paddy 340, 352 McCreight, Craig 175, 430 McCullough, Lynn 204 McCullough, Thomas 165, 440 McCusker, Sheila 139, 140, 155, 204, 227, 231, 272, 477 McCutcheon, Pat 483 McDaniel, Dennis 204, 436 McDaniel, Eve 204, 233, 527 McDaniel, Joanne 393 McDiarmid, Bruce 409 McDonagh, Mary 205, 372 McDonald, Dorothy 481 McDonnell, Lorraine 395 McDougall, Connie McEneany, Mike 227, 228, 236, 237 McEnnerney, Jeanne 486 McFarland, Alan 498 McFarland, Barbara 381 McFarland, John 503 McGann, Francis 384 McGee, John 403 McGee, Terence 491 McGee, Tom 224 McGiff, Joan 358 McGill, Frank 205, 491 McGinty, Kevin 205 McGrath, John 171, 236, 237, 472 McGree, Terence 492 McGuire, Tom 336 McHugh, Deidre 378 McHugh, Sharon 205, 394, 467 McIntosh, Dan 138, 140, 141, 157, 205, 227, 228, 238, 272, 540 McIntosh, Jean 205, 277, 392 McIntosh, William 527 McIntyre, Shelley 255 Mclsaac, Nancy 205, 374 McKay, Sally 255, 395 McKay,Susan 375 McKenna, Joan 342 McKeon, Gilbert 205 McKibben, John 205, 426 McKinley, 237, 407, 447 McKleroy, Harry 414 McLaughlin, Don 499 McLead, Robert 165 McLellan, Rich 205, 238, 272, 273,336, 352, 527 McLennan, Bob 341 McLeod, Bill 407 McLeod, Robert 527 McMeans, Julia 370 McMeans, Susan 366 McMichael, Jack 238 McMurray, Pat 397 McNally, Paul Morris 405 McNeill, Carol 182, 527 McNeill, Edward 443 McPhee, Dean 473 McPherson, John 542 McRae, Colin 464 McRae, Donald 493 McShirley, Susan 205, 364 McWilliam, Lona 380 Meacham, Craig 320 Mealiffe, James 164, 527 Mealiffe, William 205, 527 Mebine, Bruce 224 Mecchi, Kathleen 205, 356 Mecom, William 238 Medbery, Steven 497 Mednick, George 458 Meeker, Ann 487 Meeker, Cameron 457 Meers, Mike 301, 329 Megna, Don 352 Mehran, Mitra 182, 527 Mehrain, Mehrdad 238 Mehta, Shrenik 168 Meier, Kathy 387 Meifert, Ellen 358 Meinhardt, Bob 352 Meinhardt, Corky 323 Meinken, Diedrich 418 Mekjavich, Karen 140, 527 Melchior, Tim 418 Mellin, Robert 441 Melnicoe, Alan 272, 438 Melone, Gena 205 Melton, Richard 317 Meltzer, Ellen 487 Memering, Steve 254 Mendelson, Alan 449 Mendelson, Karen 272, 384, 541 Meninucci, David 224 Merbaum, Jaime 169, 527 Mercer, Cindy 205, 528 Merchant, Elizabeth 386, 390 Merlo, Chris 487 Merlo, Janis 205, 528 Merrill, Don 205, 528 Merrill, Joan 475 Merrill, Richard 501 Merryman, John 275, 437 Mesenbrink, Joseph 205, 528 Messer, Teall 458 Messimer, Anita 278 Messineo, Warren 415 Metcalf, Steve 301, 341 Metzger, Jill 205, 487 Meux, Jennifer 153, 205, 231, 232, 233, 274, 355, 394 Mew, Arnold 462 Meyer, Don 337 Meyer, Paul 430 Meyerot, John 438 Meyers, Elwin 205, 528 Meyers, Susan 364 Miailovich, Raymond 493 Michael, Mary 205, 372 Michael, Reenie 360 Miguel, Greg 340 Mihkin, Dick 237 Mihailovski, Peyo 182, 528 Mikami, Don 233, 500 Mikami, Kazuto 182, 528 Milano, Patricia 395 Miles, Steve 506 Mill, Jerry 205 Mill, Phil 224 Miller, Alan 434, 549 Miller, Carol 370 Miller, Chris 356 Miller, Corky 451 Miller, Corliss 205, 370 Miller, Dave 498 Miller, Dean 177, 179, 528 Miller, Duane 177 Miller, Gerald 178 Miller, Henry 149, 238, 243, 246 Miller, Jay 247, 272, 402 Miller, Jeffrey 452 Miller, Joanna 205, 394 Miller, Kathy 481 Miller, Leslie 496 Miller, Mary 502 Miller, Michael 205, 528 Miller, Millie 384 Miller, Nancy 205, 356 Miller, Ralph 205 Miller, Robert 302, 352 Miller, Ronald 205, 406 Miller, Ronald E. 301, 352, 431 Miller, Theodore 466 Millineaux, Steve 263 Millman, Paula 377 Mills, Alan 205, 506 Mills, Rhonda 205, 528 Milmore, Donald 205, 233, 528 Milmore, Marie 205, 232 Milrad, Arlene 489 Milstead, Margaret 154, 205, 231, 362 Milton, Virginia 381 Milwwe, Mike 502 Miner, Laura 482 Minilovich, Ray 333 Minning, David 205, 304, 468 Miramontes, Linda 528 Miran, Michael 205, 528 Mirman, Jeff 304 Misaki, Karen 205, 528 Mitchell, Flo 342 Mitchell, Kathryn 205, 541 Mitchell, Regina 205, 528 Mitome, Julie 485, 509 Mitosinka, Gerald 171, 233, 528 Mixer, Andy 422 Mizel, Steve 437 Mizue, Hiro 177 Moberg, Cheri 484 Mobley, Susan 205, 482 Mock, Lawrence 182, 501, 528 Modesitt, Steven 456 Moe, Russell 313, 469 Moering, Jeffrey 165, 528 Moffatt, Edward 177, 272, 528 Moffett, H. Thomas 446 Moga, William 277, 284 Mohan, Dana 165, 528 Mohr, Roger 254 Mohr, Sharon 358 Mohrhardt, Cathy 481 Molfina, Daphne 359 Moline, Leif 224 Molineux, James 414 Molmen, William 403 Molnar, Csaba 302 Monaghan, Susan 356, 541 Monahan, Greg 177, 314, 408 Mondlak, Moises 168, 169, 528 Monjo, Gil 503 Montbriand, Michael 171, 528 Montessoro, Ada 206, 384, 541 Montgomery, Howard 501 Montgomery, Linn 317 Montgomery, Wilson 352 Moock, John 165, 408 Moon, Christine 206, 528 Moon, Nancy 206 Moor, David 496 Moorad, Bruce 206, 422 Moore, Bart 236, 237 Moore, Carol 370 Moore, Cissy 272, 386 Moore, Greg 432 Moore, John 528 Moore, Lawrence 206, 228, 450 Moore, Michael 159, 431 Moore, Myrel 301 Moore, Stephen 458 Moore, Susan 392 Moorehead, Marilyn 230 Mor, Frances 479 Morales, Adrianne 362, 443 Morales, Dan 304, 352 Moran, Thomas 457 More, Carol 206, 274 Moreland, Diane 81, 234, 272, 273, 274, 484 Moreno, Genie 266, 358 Morgan, Dwight 336 Morgan, Evan 237 Morgan, C. Michael 402 Morgan, Marilyn 246, 393 Morgan, Sally 246 Mori, Berbie 480 Mori, Shizuka 206, 528 Morimoto, Janet 272 Morimoto, Ronald 206, 404, 528 Morjig, Sharon 392 Morkeberg, Karen 475, 488 Moron, Mike 449 Morrell, Rivers 432 Morrell, Steven 432 Morriss, Gary 501 Morris, Harold 169, 528 Morris, John 303, 424 Morris, Margaret 272, 362 Morris, Ruthann 393 Morris, Teri 229, 395 Morrish, Bill 337 Morrison, Martin 206, 233, 528 Morrisroe, Ann 206, 528 Morrow, Carole 356 Morse, Carl 206, 528 Morse, Carol 272, 375 Morse, Harry 330 Mortensen, Carl 352 Morton, Jill 140, 150, 337 Morton, Lindley 414 Masch, Jim 509 Mosely, Gayle 362 Moser, Lawrence 407 Mosher, Gerald 237, 352, 445 Moshiri, Lili 381 Moss, Jacqueline 384 Moss, Jay 305, 341 Motta, Robert 165, 468 Mott-Smith, Miriam 387 Mounts, Suzanne 206, 372 Movius, Alice 206, 374 Mowrey, Ann 206, 378 Moyers, William 445 Moynier, Gerald 177 Mueller, Philip 177 Mueller, Stephen 206, 541 Muhlbach, Robert 177 Muhlbach, Rodger 464 Muhsfeld, Judy 206 Mulas, Franco 304, 352 Mulholland, Jim 321 Mullally, Susan 528 Muller, Mary 371, 475 Multeen, R. 506 Munday, Claude 493 Munday, Felicity 386 Munoz, Peter 233, 247, 528 Munro, J. Randel 472 Murakami, Michael 148, 182, 228, 238, 272, 528 Murdock, John 171, 528 Murdock, Patricia 206, 528 Muri, Ron 503 Murphy, Barbara 206, 231, 239, 372 Murphy, Carolyn 206, 528 Murphy, Ed 501 Murphy, Elizabeth 206, 528 Murphy, Gerald 159, 431 Murphy, John 418 Murphy, Scott 446 Murphy, Steven 528 Murray, James 442 Murray, Mike 438 Murray, Robert 177 Murray, Tony 333 Musgrove, James 431 Musicant, Bob 497 Musicant, Mark 494 Musser, Gene 235 Musser, Ronald 182, 528 Myers, Desaix 206, 447 Myers, Gifford 447 Myers, Janet 206, 380 Myers, Mary 272 Myers, Robert 159, 412 Myers, Terry 397 N Nachbur, Thomas 496 Naftel, Joyce 206, 528 Nagarvala, Phiroze 238 Nagata, Ernest 177, 529 Nagatani, Howard 500 Nagato, Sharon 206 Nahmens, Nikki 206, 486 Naito, Kuniaki 224 Nakagiri, Gary 507 Nakahara, Stanley 301 Nakamit, Howard 224 Nakamura, Caryl 206, 529 Nakamura, Joe 182, 529 Nakamura, Pearl 230, 484, 509 Nakamura, Robert 238, 493 Nakano, Kenichi 304, 493 Nakano, Patricia 206, 529 Nakao, Aki 182, 529 Nakasnima, Sharon 486 Nakayama, Yasuo 343 Naliboff, Neil 452 Nance, Bonnie 375, 475 Napoli, Patricia 374 Narron, Bob 503 Narvid, Mike 500 Nase, Laurel 487 Nash, Barbara 206, 246, 378 Navuo, Gail 346 Nearhood, Celia 482 Nebeker, Nancy 370 Nedderson, Christopher 462 Neeley, Dennis 182, 529 Negato, Sharon 482 Nehrbass, Kathryn 206, 529 Neikirk, Shelley 233 Neilsen, Sarah 375 Neis, Charles 206, 529 Nelson, Blyth 406 Nelson, Carl 496 Nelson, Christopher 206, 406 Nelson, Craig 337 Nelson, Darby 370 Nelson, David 422 Nelson, Gordon 443 Nelson, Janet 383, 475 Nelson, Jay 498 Nelson, John 224 Nelson, Mark 301, 317, 446 Nelson, Nancy 477 Nelson, Patricia 381, 475 Nelson, Rich 81, 175, 272, 274 Nelson, Robert 182, 468 Nelson, Robert D. 177, 179, 495 Nelson, Rosanna 233, 487 Nemec, Sharon 206 Nemir, Phil 314, 315, 456 Nepom, Doreen 377 Neri, Jean 395, 549 Neri, Jordan 296, 422 Neri, Kathryn 230, 246, 395, 546 Nesbitt, Kasee 362 Nestel, William 493 Neuhaus, Pat 481 Neumann, Gail 480 Neves, Dianne 363 Neville, David 493 Newgard, Gary 337, 411 Newhall, James 457 Newhouse, Sheldon 254 Newlin, Carol 206, 529 Newman, Andy 352 Newman, David 279 Newman, Gale 333 Newman, Jay 271 Newman, Paul 448 Newmark, Guy 237 Newmark, Warren 206, 463 Newmeyer, Jeffrey 177, 179, 414 Newnan, Craig 146 Newton, Nancy 382 Newton, Patty 386 Neyaland, Bill 314 Ng, Eva 482 Ng, Rebecca 224 Ng, Sai Kok 232, 499 Niccolls, Kathy 373 Nicholas, Cary 255, 256 Nichols, Susan 381 Nickel, Alfred 493 Nickerson, Bob 272 Nicol, Richard 165, 529 Nicolayeff, Vladimir 177, 529 Niedan, Albert 329, 461 Niello, Roger 473 Nielsen, Carla 362 Nielsen, John 182, 529 Nielsen, Norman 413 Nielsen, Rosemary 272, 529 Nielsen, Stanley 413, 467 Nigel, Margaret 229, 529 Nimmo, Barbara 206, 477 Ninomiya, Sheila 206, 529 Nishida, Dale 502 Nishida, Gordon 500 Nishida, Michael 178, 509, 529 Nishimoto, Cary 206, 529 Nishio, Alan 206, 405 Nishioka, Aileen 206, 529 Nishioka, Stan 498 Nixon, James 492 Noble, Scott 441 Noda, Marilyn 207, 529 Noel, Bradley 529 Noguchi, Phil 233 Noji, Carol 229, 272, 362 Nolan, Toni 355 Noll, Frank 506 Noonan, Claire 386 Norris, John 303 Norris, Larry 430 Norton, Donna 358 Norton, James 182, 529 Norton, Nancy 366 Norton, Pamela 207, 529 Norwood, Dorothy 483 Noshner, Bob 503 Novak, Cathy 272 Novack, JoAnn 361 Noyes, Dirk 314 Noyes, Jim 254, 256 Noyes, Peter 207, 238, 529 Noyes, Robert 469 Nurmikko, Arto 304 Nurre, William 207, 529 Nusbaum, Mitch 501 Nutt, Cindy 482 Nutt, Willie 339 Nye, Richard 178, 352 O Oakleaf, Chris 254, 500 Oba, Mark 183, 529 O ' Brien, Mark 165, 457 O ' Conner, Jeanne 239 O ' Connor, Kevin 165, 529 Oda, Rosemarie 207, 529 O ' Dell, Keith 492 Odello, Robert 178 Odom, David 445 Odom, Sallie 255 Oeding, Charlotte 207, 378, 529 Oelman, Kathryn 207 Oelschlaeger, Terry 498 Oertel, Irene 272 Ogawa, George 178, 530 Ogilvie, Jeanne 395 Ohashi, Carol 255 Ohliger, Jeanne 359 Ohs, Harold 178, 440 Oishi, Jaynie 207, 530 Ojigbo, Tony 352 Okamoto, Alan 530 Okamoto, Arlene 207, 530 Okun, James 471 Oibright, Dianne 375 Olgin, Ronald 404 Oliveira, Ronald 441 Oller, Dave 352 Oller, Kim 316, 317 Olmos, Marro 496 Olsen, Betsy 451 Olsen, Craig 323 Olsen, Jim 402 Olsen, Ronald 207, 228, 530 Olson, Helene 207, 530 Olson, Jeff 502 Olson, Layton 287 Olson, Marilyn 480 Olson, Robert 352 Olson, Ron 320 Omi, Esther 159, 530 Omi, Margaret 479 O ' Neil, Robert 277 Ongerth, Richard 442 Onken, Valerie 378 Opas, Lawrence 207, 233, 530 Opheim, Kent 169, 530 Opocensky, Caroline 395 Oppedahl, John 154, 277, 279 Oppido, Michael 207, 461 O ' Rand, Michael 207, 530 Orayer, Abdulaziz 530 Ordeman, Donna 388 Orly, Ilona 207, 530 Orr, Bob 333 Orr, John 284 Ortendahl, Doug 502 Orzilli, Sheryl 362 Osborne, Mark 507 Osher, George 254 Ospina, Juan 207, 530 Oswald, William 178 Otani, lchiro 207, 233, 530 Ott, Rodney 506 Otto, Alfred 473 Ouye, Neal 439 Overton, JoAnn 207, 530 Owen, Elaine 207, 530 Owens, Bob 408 Owings, Pamela 207, 366 Owyang, Gordon 439 Owyoung, Adelbert 178, 530 Oyama, Denise 482 Ozkok, Bord 304, 352 Ozsvath, John 398 P Pace, Carolee 381 Pace, Cathlyn 229, 381 Padget, Joan 530 Padgett, Jim 313 Padilla, F. 506 Pagan, Greg 305 Paganelli, Thomas 408 Pagano, Richard 500 Page, Myron 352 Paliwoda, Stephen 183, 408 Palmer, Jeffrey 237, 409 Pamphilon, Sydney 207, 374 Panick, Merle 376 Panuri, John 506 Papademetropoulos, Nikos 183, 207, 530 Papel, Arlene 266 Paper, Ronna 360 Papike, Richard 333, 446, 532 Pappas, Alceste 152, 231, 232, 279 Parce, Donald 458 Pardee, Carolyn 208, 239, 530 Pardee, John 464 Parineh, Pooroushash 178, 530 Park, Jeong-yeop 208, 530 Park, Mae Hyun 209, 530 Parker, Bob 237 Parker, Cheryl 487 Parker, Gary 208, 446 Parker, Gene 421 Parker, Kathleen 208, 374 Parker, Robin 492 Parks, Ann 499 Parks, Ted 352 Parks, William 208, 440 Parrish, David 399 Parrish, David 208, 336, 530 Parish, Jeffrey 208, 412 Parry, Brian 403 Parsell, Susan 208, 233, 530 Parsons, Hilary 363, 480 Partridge, Cree 473 Pasqualetti, Martin 208, 530 Passen, Steven 471 Passin, Steven 416 Patel, Homi 168, 169, 530 Patterson, Bob 498 Patton, Greg 333, 498 Patton, Kelsey 371 Paul, David 169, 530 Pauli, Patricia 393 Paulson, Carol 378 Paulson, Mary 384 Pavitt, Eugene 272, 336, 434 Pawlick, Robert 208, 491 Paxinos, George 506 Payne, Lawrence 413 Payne, Sandra 208, 530 Peamer, Kathy 382 Peabody, Gayle Pearson, Edwin 440 Pearson, Karen 476 Pe arson, Neal 450 Pease, Leslie 509 Pease, Marjorie 208, 384 Peasley, Gary 424 Peat, Cynthia 395 Peck, Kathleen 387 Peck, Mike 421 Peck, Nancy 391 Peck, Suzanne 208, 390 Peek, Joe 224 Pedersen, Karen 487 Pedersen, Stuart 469 Peel, Harold 178 Peet, Michael 509 Peikari, Behrouz 177 Peisker, G. Lee 530 Penkoff, John 178,530 Penn, James 496 Penner, Clair 501 Penner, Rick 246 Pennington, Gary 340, 341, 496 Peoples, Robert 445 Perm, Kenneth 247 Peppard, Barbara 208, 364 Perego, Todd 469 Perella, Jack 238 Perez, Douglas 337, 416 Perkins, Charlie 309, 311, 313, 351 Perlis, Judith 378 Perry, David 208, 447 Perry, Sharon 208, 530 Perry, William 208, 530 Persoff, Jessica 208, 530 Persons, Janice 363 Petas, Marc 165 Peters, Carolyn 475, 481 Peters, Mike 503 Petersen, Glen 503 Petersen, Richard 178, 530 Peterson, Art 509 Peterson, Fredrick 272, 473 Peterson, Jennifer 370, 475 Peterson, John 237, 456 Peterson, Karin 272, 359 Peterson, Lea 486 Peterson, Lurae 208, 484 Peterson, Randy 451 Peterson, Robert 208, 233, 530 Peterson, Wayne 492 Peterson, William 437 Petit. Charles 208, 420 Pettijohn, Christie 209, 530 Pettinger, Larry 185, 233, 509, 530 Pettis, John 458 Pettit, Diane 370 Pettric, Vic 301 Pettus, Margaret 209, 386 Pfarrer, Susan 209, 530 Phelps, Doreen 395 Phelps, Roger 224, 492 Phillios, Eric 352 Phillips, Terry 352 Phillips, Mary 209, 346, 380 Phillips, Randolph 336, 451 Piazza, Michael 165, 320, 352, 466 Pico, Diane 233 Pierachini, John 498 Pierce, Carol 363 Pierce, Linda 206, 209, 277, 530 Pierce, Peggy 346 Pierce, Steven 336, 469 Pierpont, Phillip 159, 403 Pierre 461 Pierson, Kathy 486 Pike, Martha 209, 531 Pilchard, Lynne 209, 531 Pile, Douglas 209, 245, 509 Pimentel, Thomas 461 Pinger, Richard 412 Pinkham Nancy 388 Pinkham, Stephen 157, 209, 228, 246, 272, 273, 531 Pinkham, Timothy 496 Pirog, Heidi 391 Pitkanen, Vicki 150, 271, 272 Piziali, Robert 238 Pizzini, Val 301 Pizzorno, Charleen 209, 531 Plain, Margaret 162, 165, 508 Plasil, Ivan 217, 531 Platt, Cindy 361 Platt, Nancy 209, 355, 360 Platzek, Michele 531 Playsted, Fay 209, 531 Pletta, John 500 Poerio, Manetta 209, 531 Pohlman, Kathleen 383 Polivka, Ronald 458 Pollet, Gayle 361 Pollick, Martha 482 Pollock, Jean 233, 489 Pollock, John 209, 431 Pomeroy, Pamela 531, 547 Pong, Wing 254 Poon, Derek 209, 531 Poon, Judy 209, 531 Pope, Geoffrey 407 Pope, Robert 278 Poor, Larry 501 Portello, Joan 477 Porter, Don 209, 403 Porter, Jim 352 Posner, David 464 Pottenger, Gary 416 Pottle, Carcy 480 Potts, David 445 Potts, Richard 432 Powell, Arthur 178, 495 Powell, Connie 383 Powell, Corinne 375 Powell, Robert 469 Power, Dale 209, 531 Powers, Diana 209, 274, 375 Powers, Linda 229, 250, 386 Powers, William 209, 455 Powk, John 272 Powk, Roseanne 209 Prager, Ellen 209, 482 Prahsher, Marie 369 Pratt, Louise 531 Praw, Albert 453 Prentice, Blair 406 Prentiss, Blair 337 Prescott, Susan 363 Preshaw, Earl 209, 531 Presti, Christina 371 Preston, George 254 Preston, Richard 305, 341, 419 Prevost, Jeffrey 437 Price, Bob 305, 430, 352 Price, Craig 165, 350, 436 Priday, Christine 266, 375 Prince, Carol 209, 531 Prince, Sandra 209, 531 Prinn, Brian 209, 432 Pritchard, John 424 Procter, Trudy 395 Proper, George 247 Provost, Jeff 397 Prowd, Lawrence 165, 495 Pruitt, Sheila 358 Pryce, Joellen 483 Pubantz, George 254 Pucinelli, Charles 498 Pulidom, Gloria 479 Pullen, Charles 185, 531 Puncsak, Sandy 356 Purcell, Cam 342 Pyle, Lawrence 178, 458 Q Quan, Betty 224 Quan, Christopher 439 Quandt, Kenneth 445 Quarton, Bruce 209, 228, 531 Quasha, Arthur 453 Quast, Lesley 171 Quatman, Tedi 371 Quellmalz, Carol 363 Quevedo, Barbara 209, 531 Quick, Ron 352, 508 Quick, Stephen 217, 418 Quilici, Cathy 486 Quint, Matthew 453 Quint, Richard 437 Quirin, Susie 384 Quist, Jim 498 Qureshi, Bashir 304 R Raap, Linda 242, 365 Raap, Sherri 229, 375, 443 Rabii, Jamshid 412 Rachwerger, Thomas 182 Racuya, Guy 403 Rademacher, Karen 209, 233, 531 Rader, Linda 395, 467 Radez, Patricia 393 Ragent, Claudia 209, 531 Ragent, Sam 493 Railsback, Christine .387, 451 Rajki, Louis 217, 532 Ralphs, Linda 444 Ramge, Marilyn 209, 392 Ramirez, Anthony 209, 532 Ramos, Luis 168 Randle, Alam 497 Raphael, Anne 361 Rasmussen, Janice 486 Rasmussen, Judith 209, 532 Rasmussen, Monk 228 Rasmussen, Richard 209, 272, 422 Rasmussen, Svenn 497 Rasmussen, Thomas 209, 304, 468 Rasmussen, Tor 304, 352 Ratekin, Gary 178, 406 Rathbun, Sue 370 Rathlesberger, Kathy 356 Ratliff, Jean 486 Rauchwerger, Thomas 532 Rawlins, Gay 386 Rawson, Dick 508 Raymond, Kathy 481 Ready, Dan 313 Rebel 402 Reber, Janice 266, 370 Rebuschatis, Robert 352 Rector, David 408 Reding, Chrisitine 363 Reding, John 238, 352 Redman, Rebecca 237, 343 Reece, Johanna 278 Reed, Charles 301, 431 Reed, David 427 Reed, Joseph 532 Reeder, Jeffrey 352, 450 Reeder, Margaret 210, 532 Reese, Benjamin 406 Reese, Jennifer 210, 390 Reese, Wade 183, 431 Reeves, Clarence 210, 442 Reeves, Jan 237, 418 Reganold, Karla 478 Regli, Keith 503 Reich, Linda 361 Reikes, Jim 231 Reiman, Joan 377, 532 Reiner, Fred 141, 143, 271 Reiner, John 402 Reiner, Myrna 481 Reinhardt, George 431 Reinhart, Michael 464 Reinke, Alan 409 Reinsch, Fredrick 412 Reinsch,James 412 Reis, Larry 301 Reiner, Pamela 484 Reiss, Margaret 36 Reist, Lloyd 237, 329, 352 Reister, David 238 Reiterman, Tim 464 Rekdal, Erik 532 Relfe, Robyn 391 Relies, Robert 237, 238 Remmel, Annette 482 Renalde, Lynne 371 Renge, Lawson 210, 532 Renwick, Patricia 210, 374 Resmick, Howard 500 Reuben, Candy 487 Reuter, Robert 210 Revelli, William 224 Reynolds, Anne 210 Reynolds, Jean 255 Reznor, John 210, 532 Rhodes, Charles 78, 532 Rhodes, Clifton 238 Rhodes, Donald 436 Rhodes, Sharon 272 Rhyne, April .388, 541 Rianda, Bruce 424 Rianda, Bryan 424 Ricci, Laurena 477 Rice, John 210, 237, 397, 418 Rice, Lois 366 Rice, Mary 358 Rice, Maryly 391 Rich, Pat 233 Rich, Yvonne 210, 532 Richards, Jim 336, 432 Richards, Joe 340, 419 Richards, John 178, 532 Richards, Sharon 378 Richards, Terese 532 Richardson, Jerry 336, 437 Richtel, Melvin 449 Richter, Bertina 532 Rickard, Lynn 210, 422 Riddell, Carol 480 Riddle, Christopher 183, 532 Riegels, Richard 419 Riegg, Garrett 210 Riemke, Richard 210, 238, 532 Riesenfeldt, Peter 169, 233, 501, 532 Rieser, Geoffrey 231, 323, 451 Rigby, Judith 387 Riley, Joan 391 Rinehart, Frank 399 Ritchie, Donald 471 Ritchie, Jim 344 Ritchie, Martin 445 Ritter, Paul 501 Ritter, Phil 501 Ritter, Robert 426 Ritzau, Janice 210, 362 Rivinus, Frank 254 Roach, Gerry 254 Roback, Peggy 487 Robbins, Barbara 475 Robbins, Barry 272 Robbins, Carolyn 489 Robbins, Susan 362 Robert, Margaret 393 Roberts, Anne 271, 485 Roberts, Bruce 234, 437 Roberts, Eric 165, 498, 532 Roberts, Gary 500 Roberts, Ron 503 Robertson, Bruce 336, 437 Robertson, Carol 210, 235, 532 Robertson, John 430 Robins, Barbara 373 Robinson, Bryce 422 Robinson, Cabell 183, 532 Robinson, Josh 318, 351, 352, 452 Robinson, Mike 340, 352 Robinson, Scott 304 Roby, Vicki 387 Rock, J. C. 502 Rockwood, Marcia 229, 489 Rodgers, David 445 Rodgers, Gillian 210, 229, 477 Rodgers, Johnathan 153, 210, 228, 272, 532 Rodgers, Susan 210, 372 Rodgers, Timothy 210, 446 Rodriguez, David 343 Rodriguez, Gary 178, 228, 452 Rodriguez, Helen 363 Roell, Pete 286 Rogers, Bob 509 Rogers, Edmund 178, 532 Rogers, Gerald 303, 321 Rogers, James 435 Rogers, Jeffrey 183, 304, 532 Rogers, John 238 Rogers, Larry 506 Rogers, Lynda 210, 532 Rogers, Marc 303, 321, 432 Roggeveen, Jan 178, 277, 284, 466 Rogozen, Joe 501 Rohde, Sandra 384 Rojas Susan 210, 532 Rokoszewski, Joann 393 Rolander, Nancy 210, 229, 272, 386 Rolapp, Nancy 375 Romans, John 409 Romey, Carol 352, 532 Ronan, Jim 224 Roos, Page 304, 414 Roos, Therese 387 Rose, Beth 501 Rose, Candy 235 Rose, Louis 237 Rose, Nancy 532 Roseberry, James 430 Rosen, Barbara 154, 210, 231, 232, 246, 272, 274, 533 Rosen, Howard 471 Rosen, Ronald 238 Rosenberg, Mark 435, 471 Rosenberg, Steven 437 Rosenblatt, Jerry 254 Rosenblatt, Rich 501 Rosenburg, Nancy 481 Rosencrantz, Larry 272 Rosenman, Laurie 360 Rosenthal, Daniel 412 Rosenthal, Jon 210, 412 Rosin, Lynda 486 Rosolanka, Jim 254 Rosove, Michael 493 Ross, David 178, 533 Ross, John 183, 450 Rostron, Gerrie 229, 359 Rotary, Julie 381 Roth, Carla 366, 465 Roth, Michaele 229, 366 Roth, Ronald 453 Rothbach, Craig 503 Rothchild, Melanie 271 Rothenberg, Phil 471 Rothganger, Faye 266, 381 Rothman, Joseph 449 Rothschild, William 449 Rotwein, Lisa 210, 235, 533 Roubichou, Antoinette 342 Roumasset, John 497 Rouse, Inman 337 Roussakis, George 304 Rowe, Dennus 493 Rowney, David 507 Rubens, Lois 229, 361 Rubin, Nancy 210, 533 Rucker, Michael 466 Rudd, Janet 533 Rudiak, Pamela 366 Rueppel, Melvin 399 Runde, John 416 Runde, Robert 210, 414 Runner, Martha 480 Rusev, John 171, 455 Rusk, Mary Ann 210, 372 Russell, Beverley 210, 533 Russell, David 176 Russell, Don 254 Russell, Dorothy 176, 210, 362 Russell, Steven 464 Russo, Larry 177 Ruston, Richard 533 Rutherford, Jane 373, 451 Ruthland, Henry 503 Ruud, Anne 210, 533 Ruzika, Helene 359 Ryan, Dan 301 Ryan, Dennis 502 Ryan, Kathleen 165, 372 Rynearson, Joe 498 Rynes, Diane 210, 235, 533 Ryon, Paul 498 Ryugo, Martha 482 S Sabsay, Sharon 210, 533 Sacal, Charles 178 Sachs, Robert 509 Sachs, Steven 238 Sachs, Stuart 471 Sagara, Harry 178, 498 Sage, Larry 445 Saia, Frances 210 Sailes, Sylvester 210, 533 Sakai, Pat 255 Sakai, Robert 178, 179, 233, 235, 501 Sakamoto, Haruo 333 Sakamoto, Randy 343, 498 Sakanari, Gene 503 Sakano, Wen dy 210, 533 Sakauye, June 183, 254, 533 Sakazaki, Jack 301, 343 Sako, Paul 498 Salerno, Carol 210, 533 Saliditch, Tony 498 Salisbury, John 301 Salka, Gilbert 491 Salkin, Michael 533 Sallouti, George 217, 533 Sally 441 Salomon, Roseanne 377, 443 Saltamachia, Joyce 384 Salter, Wendy 210, 388 Salvo, Henry 437 Salwen , Cliff 274, 467 Salwen, Monette 377 Sam 408 Sammann, Jon 210, 236, 237, 410 Samuel, Susan 376 Samuels, Valerie 533 Samuelson, Douglas 404 Sanaie, Fard 183, 533 Sanders, Jay 503 Sanders, Ryan 509 Sandison, Teri 375 Sanford, Charles 286 Sanford, James 254, 492 Sanrum, Leal-Ann 541 Santon, June 488 Sarvasy, Wendy 272 Sarver, Donald 434 Sasich, Mary Jo 211, 533 Satterford, Robert 509 Saudners, Cheryl 388 Saunders, Katherine 381 Saunders, John 211, 533 Savage, Frederick 211 Savion, Ilan 533 Sawyer, E. Oln 178 Sawyer, James 171, 461 Saxon, Linda 486 Saya, Yasin 168 Sayles, David 421 Sayre, Sandra 211, 370, 541 Sborow, Karen 362 Scales, Lee 224 Scales, Sally 211, 384, 467 Scarsi, Joanne 393 Scatena, Barbara 272, 387 Schaefer, Steven 533 Schaffer, Bill 303, 321 Schaffer, Lymen 305 Schaffer, Robert 404 Scharetg, Jennifer 482 Scharing, Margo 363 Schei, Barbara 230, 274, 370 Scheidegger, Kenneth 211, 533 Schein, William 493 Schelef, G. 178 Schelp, Mike 337 Schelub, Irving 453 Scherr, Rachel 233, 475 Scherr, Robert 254 Schick, Larry 399 Schiffner, Gregg 420 Schiller, Richard 404 Schlesinger, Jill 211, 306 Schlotz, Donald 179, 317, 414 Schmidt, Alfred 179, 491 Schmidt, Carol 358 Schmidt, Claudia 388 Schmidt, John 147, 211, 237, 301, 352, 455 Schmidt, Karl 344, 496 Schmidt, Vicky 373 Schmitt, Herbert 183, 403 Schnabel, Stephanie 211, 272, 372 Schneidegger, Kenneth 533 Schneider, David 471 Schnell, Deborah 375 Schnuetgen, Siegfried 211, 533 Schoenfeld, Anne 391 Scholten, Menno 254 Schram, Richard 233, 471 Schreyer, Gary 211, 228, 410 Schriber, Ann 211, 386 Schuetz, Michael 211, 533 Schuetze, Christine 211, 392 Schultz, Bob 509 Schultz, Doug 272 Schulz, Joann 283, 287 Schulz, Steve 301 Schumacher, Lance 438 Schussman, Lee 211, 237, 446 Schutz, Dru 282 Schwabacher, Donna 391 Schwartz, Betty 211, 533 Schwartz, Donald 533 Schwartz, Karen 361 Schwartz, Robert 435 Schwartz, Roberta 481 Schwartz, Sybil 211 Schwiers, Patricia 359 Schwiers, Ronert 447 Sciutto, Suzanna 370 Scott, Dave 254 Scott, Gail 211, 384 Scott, Kathy 346, 484 Scott, Richard 493 Scott, Starr 142 Scott, Susan 383, 465 Scott, Virginia 211, 378 Scott, Walter 464 Scurich, Charles 179 Scurich, Marilens 420 Sears, David 352, 414 Seawell, Lynn 211, 390 Sebree, Sam 165, 409 Seddon, Margaret 234, 393 Sedlak, Alice 211, 533 Seebach, Leslie 393 Seeds, Susan 211, 533 Seefeld, Kip 237 Seeley, Brian 301 Seeley, Mark 339, 340 Seely, Steve 464 Seeno, Kathryn 171, 488 Seguine, Dennis 179, 352, 533 Seideman, Elliot 498 Selber, Nancy 211, 533 Self, Joan 211, 392 Selim, Sylvia 481 Sellman, Betsy 147, 211, 227,229,272,382,443 Sells, Lucy 271 Selna, Mike 303, 321 Seltzer, Elizabeth .277, 285, 287 Senefeld, Sarah 211, 533 Sengstack, Paula 359 Senram, Leal-Ann 375 Seppi, Dave 301 Sertich, John 165, 237, 472 Servente, John 461 Severy, Donald 140, 305, 340, 459 Sewall, Gilbert 211, 472 Shachtman, Robert 464 Shaeff, Margie 381 Shafer, Linda 211, 533 Shafer, Mike 340, 352 Shafer, Roger 211, 533 Shaffer, Lyman 352 Shahbaz, Clifford 408 Shahshahani, Soheila 482 Shane, Elizabeth 381 Shane, Marsha 211, 235, 272, 534 Shapiro, Lorie 361 Shapiro, Neil 434 Sharon 166, 424 Shartsis, Arthur 147, 211, 227, 228, 238, 534 Shatzen, Marilyn 482 Shavelson, Ellen 272 Shaw, Bill 456 Shaw, Jeffrey 416 Shaw, Jennifer 211, 366 Shaw, John 352 Shaw, Kenneth 211 Shaw, Sally 211, 534 Shawel, Steve 418 Sheaff, Constance 381 Sheaff, Stephen 179 Shean, Garret 336, 403 Shearer, Susan 211, 255, 371, 384 Shearer, Susan 370 Sheffield, Jane 393 Sheilds, Michael 491 Sheinkopf, Wendy 361 Shelborne, David 83, 153, 211, 228, 272, 424 Sheldon, Chuck 459 Shelub, Irwin 452 Shen, Carol 229, 387, 465 Sheng, Amy 508 Shephard, Deane 211, 534 Sheppard, Lucy 496 Sheridan, Jim 301, 329, 352 Sheridan, Larry 536 Sherman, Carolyn 358 Sherman, Howard 179, 498 Sherman, Mimi 475 Sherry, Helen 395 Sherry, Peter 424 Sherry, William 212, 445 Sherwood, Judy 211, 380 Shestakov, Alex 303, 320, 437 Shetnkope, Wendy 532 Shiba, Al 502 Shiela, Norton 501 Shields, Michael 461 Shields, Pete 340 Shimizu, Kay 212, 233, 534 Shinoda, Mike 336 Shinsako, Glenn 217, 534 Shipman, Brian 301 Shipman, Nancy 375 Shirachi, Douglas 176, 352, 534 Shirakawa, Pamela 489 Shirley, Mary 212, 482 Shiurba, Robert 449 Shizuru, Diane 499 Sholund, Vern 254 Shone, Rucky 333 Shores, Jon 302, 320, 352 Shou, Brian 498 Shower, Steven 272 Shurtz, Don 508 Shyer, Sharon 272 Siadat, Mohammad 343 Sicherman, Jack 500 Siderine, Diane 534 Siebert, Jerome 238 Siegle, Ann 361 Siegel, Rise 360, 451 Sieger; Chris 503 Siev, Tien 166, 534 Sifford, Lexie 229, 534 Silliphant, Mark 473 Silva, Sharon 487 Silverstine, Russell 434 Simburg, Mel 272 Simmerman, Sarah 155, 212, 255, 346, 534 Simmons, Clifton 301, 447 Simmons, Gerie 486 Simmons, Ginger 465 Simmons, John 212, 238, 534 Simon, Noel 212, 534 Simon, Radell 212, 283, 484 Simon, Steve 341 Simpson, Ann 487 Simpson, Carol 375 Simpson, Richard 397 Sims, Barbara 212, 534 Sinclair, Dan 237, 301, 352 Sinclair, Deke 419 Sinclair, Elizabeth 344, 391 Sindici, Gregg 212, 237, 446 Sineon, Vince 233 Singer, Carla 266 Singh, Jai 283 Singleton, Carol 246, 387 Singleton, Dave 235 Sioulmak, Ann 271 Sipos, Michael 169, 228, 243, 272, 420 Sisson, Margaret 212, 366 Six, Row 223 Sharsten, Ginny 371 Skeehan, Melissa 212, 534 Skel, Edward 412 Skinner, Stephen 437 Sklansky, Rochelle 485 Sklar, Arnold 471 Skrip, Paul 175, 179, 233, 534 Slaper, Peter 166, 228, 398 Slaughter, Garey 185, 495 Sliter, John 445 Sloan, Peter 453 Sloman, Peter 426 Smale, Cheryl 212, 539 Smelser, Thomas 166, 426 Smerling, Terry 212, 463 Smith, Allison .486 Smith, Andrew 420 Smith, Barry 212, 455 Smith, Betty 212, 534 Smith, Bobby 301, 352 Smith, Bridget 212, 267, 378 Smith, Bruce 404 Smith, Byron 183, 535 Smith, Carolyn 391 Smith, Cathy 363 Smith, Cindy 375 Smith, Darrell 166, 541 Smith, Deborah 363 Smith, Devone 340, 352 Smith, Diane 230, 381 Smith, Frank 333, 352, 442 Smith, H. R. 212, 235 Smith, Jackie 212, 384 Smith, Jacqueline 382 Smith, James 341, 413, 509 Smith, Janet 212, 356 Smith, Jennifer 212, 535 Smith, Jerry 224 Smith, Jim 301 Smith, Linnea 359 Smith, Lloyd 493 Smith, Marcia 387 Smith, Michael 471 Smith, Nancy 378 Smith, Phillip 228, 304, 447 Smith, Sheila 541 Smith, Stephanie 357 Smith, Steve 212, 237, 330, 331, 332, 333, 535 Smith, Steve 463 Smith, Stu 301, 329 Smith, Tim 304 Smith, Vicky 479 Smith, Walt 253, 254 Smolker, Gary 168 Snedecor, Susan 159, 394 Snow, Marilyn 478 Snow, Rick 166, 491 Snyder, Dennis 343 Snyder, Scott 453 Soares, Mary 266, 358 Sobczyk, John 179, 441 Sobol, Cindy 361 Soegard, Dan 179, 457 Soffer, Liri 535 Soffer, Uki 217 Sohn, Dong-won 501 Sokoloff, Karen 485 Solari, Andrea 391 Solen, Kenneth 399 Solinsky, Steve 183, 472 Solk, Gerald 497 Solloway, Marilynne 377 Solomon, Dennis 212 , 272, 282, 535, 565 Solomon, Herb 318, 352 Solomon, Kathy 364 Solomon, Sandy 235 Soltz, David 457 Sonndy, Linda 508 Sonnikson, David 212, 491 Sontag, Charles 178, 247, 535 Soo Hoo, Ellen 272, 480 Soo Hoo, Leland 166, 535 Soos, Judy 212, 535 Sorba, Frank 411 Sorensen, Mary 393 Sorenson, Michael 430 Sorin, William 449 Sostek, Jim 503 Soula, Frances 212, 535 Sours, Keith 212, 414 Southard, Dan 450 Southard, Jay 212, 302, 320, 450 Southard, John 352 Southard, Thomas 302, 321, 451 Spamer, Marianne 246, 384 Spaner, Susan 212, 535 Spangler, Virginia 384 Spanier, Tom 233 Spannagel, Ulrich 535 Sparks, John 159, 462 Sparks, Thomas 212, 442 Spaugh, Patricia 212, 476 Speich, Jeffrey 212, 472 Spencer, Robert 509 Spencer, Shelly 387 Sperber, Jacob 142 Sperling, Norberto 448, 536 Sperry, Deborah 212, 535 Spice, Kenneth 179, 535 Spieker, Ned 166, 410 Spieker, Roxanne 212, 386, 541 Spike (monkey) 446 Spiller, Jane 391 Spiller, Susan 212, 390 Spindt, Bud 287 Spitz, Laura 375 Spreiter, Stephen 212, 314, 450 Springwell, Lawrason 508 Sprott, Mal 301, 333 Sproul, Frank 418 Stahl, Ken 140, 143 Stambler, Terry 450 Stamme, Roxana 255 Stambler, Terry 212, 392 Standish, Dorothea 486 Stanfield, Robert 426 Stanley, Bob 434 Stanley, Bud 419 Stanley, Norm 352 Stansburg, John 272 Stanton, Eugenie 212, 231, 535 Stanton, Joe 535 Stanton, Pat 336 Stark, Bill 500 Stark, Shirley 384 Stark, Susan 213, 370 Stark, Wendy 213, 535 Stawisky, Andrea 266, 376 St. Clair, David 399 Steckel, Bruce 309, 311, 313 Steel, Douglas 420 Steele, Katharine 362 Stefani, Mary 213, 535 Stefanik, Jan 304 Steffens, Sheri 359 Steffensen, Leon 422 Stehr, Jack 441 Steifuater, Stephen 535 Stein, Bev 279 Stein, Cheryl 213, 484 Stein, Debby 383, 536 Steinberg, Linda 376 Steinberg, Robert 183, 237, 352 Steiner, David 467 Steiner, James 340, 352, 535 Steinke, Jerry 237 Steinman, Doug 498 Stellhorn, Fred 224 Stelzer, Michael 441 Stensen, Dick 503 Stephani, Carl 213, 535 Stephens, Ann 391 Stephens, David 441 Stephens, Dorothy 388 Stephens, Jack 213, 535 Stephens, Paul 166, 237, 301, 410 Stephenson, Stephen 445 Stepp, Donna 213, 358 Stern, Arlene 213, 488 Sternfels, Robert 166, 236, 410 Sternman, Doug 305 Stubbert, Wayne 502 Steveley, Skip 398 Stevens, Gail 390 Stevens, Lawrence 497 Stevens, Martha 391 Stevens, Paul 352 Stevens, Roger 213, 352, 438 Stevens, Roseanne 359 Stevens, Vicki 227, 230, 391 Stevenson, Craig 445 Stevenson, Jean 272 Stevenson, Pinki 246, 388, 541 Steward, Frank 166, 416 Stewart, David 464 Stewart, Gayle 212, 535 Stewart, Jeffrey 179, 491 Stewart, Joe 501 Stewart, Kenneth 277 Stewart, Mary 246, 381 Stewart, Robert 413 Stewart, Roger 409 Stewart, Terry 166, 314, 450 Stewart, Wayne 352, 456 Stickel, Frank 254 Stiefuater, Stephen 166, 467 Stillings, John 459 Stimac, Thomas 179, 342, 535 Stimmann, Mary 213, 535 Stipovich, James 285, 287, 464 Stock, Pete 301 Stocks, Gary 503 Stoddard, Dameron 364 Stoddard, Susan 482 Stofle, Dan 304 Stohr, Patricia 535 Stojkovich, Molla 213, 382 Stojkovich, Sally 383 Stokes, John 414 Stone, Bob 271 Stone, Carla 213, 535 Stone, Carol 388 Stone, Dick 272 Stone, Kathy 362 Stone, Linda 213, 481 Stone, Liz 480 Stone, Mike 301, 352 Stone, Thomas 467 Stone, Wendy 272, 370 Stoneham, John 498 Stoney, Carl 166, 397, 440 Stonk, Bob 304 Strangiv, Rich 329 Straps, Baiba 235 Strasser, Kenneth 402, 536 Strauss, Philip 141, 151, 277, 285, 287 Stress, Skip 301 Strickle, Doug 254 Strizich, Martha 486 Stroebe, Peter 168 Strong, Pamela 346, 381 Stroud, Leonard 302, 501 Struble, Cheryl 387 Strumwasser, Gina 266, 272, 376 Strunwasser, Marilyn 266, 365 Stryker, John 213, 418 St. Sure, Thomas 461 Stubblefield, Mike 141, 535 Stucky, Pam 485 Sturm, Elizabeth 213, 370 Stutsman, Mark 169 Sudgihara, Amy 378 Sullenger, Chris 213, 378 Sullivan, Donna 480 Sullivan, Elizabeth 213, 232, 274, 535 Sullivan, Forrest 509 Sullivan, Margaret 213, 264, 480 Sullivan, Michael 213, 535 Sullivan, Nelda 213, 233, 535 Sullivan, Susan 213, 535 Sum, Kenneth 233, 507 Summerman, Sarah 253 Sunshine, Sandra 213, 535 Susnow, Lawrence 402 Sutherland, Carol 246, 266, 387 Sutin, Suzanne 213, 535 Suzuki, David 213, 536 Suzuki, Ruth 235 Swafford, Robyn 213, 274, 390 Swain, Carole 229, 381, 465 Swenburg, Roberta 245, 536 Swanson, Cynthia 266, 536 Swanson, Gary 176, 177, 179, 536 Swanson, Lesley 487 Swanson, Sherry 213, 362, 443 Swatt, Robert 453 Sweet, Harold 413 Sweet, Larry 336, 430, 536 Swift, Mary 213, 274, 355, 358, 451 Swift, Richard 445 Swinehart, Jim 501 Sydis, Amicus 499 Sylstra, David 432 Syphers, Janet 213, 482 Szilard, Ines 482 Szymczak, Rudolph 402 T Tabata, Sylvia 213, 536 Tabucchi, Celinda 373 Taft, Jill 481 Tai, Vincent 183, 536 Takagi, Greg 501 Takagishi, Wayne 179, 439 Takahashi, Carol 213, 536 Takahashi, Judy 213, 536 Takahashi, Ernest 224 Takahashi, Phyllis 536 Takamoto, Sharon 479 Takashiba, Annette 486 Takei, Russ 336, 509 Takemoto, Andrea 213, 360 Takesuye, Margaret 489 Tallon, Jerry 305, 341 Talunas, Annamarie 213, 358, 536 Tam, Eulogio 304 Tamborini, Noelle 213, 536 Tamulski, James 536 Tan, Kong-Heong 168, 169, 399 Taniguchi, Jill 484 Tannen, Bea 235 Tanner, Caro 255, 256 Tanner, Susan 488 Tappa, Sonna 230 Tartt, Kitty 393 Tashjian, Robert 176 Tatarian, Marilyn 272, 372 Tatum, Travis 301 Taubman, Melissa 383 Taylor, Bruce 213, 536 Taylor, Carleton 536 Taylor, Dorothy 214, 483, 536 Taylor, Doug 492, 503 Taylor, James 214, 501 Taylor, Jeff 320, 411, 421 Taylor, Jeffrey M 302 Taylor, Jeryll 214, 500, 536 Taylor, John 344, 500 Taylor, Mike 333, 352, 500 Taylor, Nancy 384 Taylor, Rich 366, 410 Taylor, Richard 140, 214, 228, 272, 422 Taylor, Robert 217, 536 Taylor, Southard 321 Taylor, Stanley 437 Taylor, Wakefield 214, 495 Teitelbaum, Marcia 482 Teitz, Rich 329 Telegan, Richard 431 Tellinghuisen, Joel 399 Tenney, Will 233, 547 Tepp, Jowe 318, 500 Terry, Jacqueline 483 Tess, James 179, 536 Tess, Roxanne 214, 362 Test, Roger 427 Thallon, Leslie 508 Tham, Pearlie 214, Thaman, Randy 238, 325, 327, 329 T.H.E. Cat 471 Theile, Richard 301, 441 Theiss, Tim 430 Theobold, Cathleen 214, 370 Thewlis, Marynel 214, 536 Thiebaud, Lorraine 478 Thomas, Ann 383 Thomas, Jack 169, 399 Thomas, John 509, 536 Thomas, Linda 481 Thomas, Lynne 214, 536 Thomas, Nancy 487 Thomas, Randy 503 Thomas, Wayne 214, 446 Thomas, Victoria 487 Thompson, Anne 214, 388 Thompson, Christine 388 Thompson, Dave 333 Thompson, Donald 536 Thompson, Dagmar 390 Thompson, Eric 318 Thompson, Eugene 166, 440 Thompson, H. James 443 Thompson, Jeff 301 Thompson, Lawrence 456 Thompson, Marilyn 346, 387 Thompson, Michael 427, 461 Thompson, Michael 426 Thomsen, Jeff 214, 253, 254, 466 Thomson, Lani 214, 372 Thomson, Norman 447 Thorn, Michael 413 Thornberg, Gordon 179 Thornburgh, Genevieve 341 Thornley, Malcolm 238 Thornton, Jeffrey 166, 450 Thorpe, Jami e 214, 536 Thorton, Malcolm 498 Thure, David 352 Thurlow, Michael 344, 458 Thurlow, Nicholas 166, 446 Thurlow, Terry 214, 536 Thurston, Robert 406 Thysell, Ann 214, 536 Tichinin, Bruce 314 Tiernan, Victoria 264, 267, 359 Tietz, Richard 179, 352, 403 Tiffany, Jo 255 Tilletson, Prudence 371 Tillotson, Meredeth 214, 384 Ting, John 416 Tisch, Mary Ellen 358 Titelbaum, Daniel 471 Tjosvold, Robert 166, 458 Tobias, Gene 493 Tobin, Eleanor 391 Todd, Ken 419 Todrank, Kathy 489 Toffoli, Thomas 441 Tokeshi, David 502 Toki, Ellengale 141, 153, 214, 227, 229, 232, 234, 272, 273, 382 Tokuno, Gerald 183, 536 Tollefsen, Toby 486 Tom, Connie 480 Tom, Kevin 507 Tomal, Connie 383 Tomanaga, Dennis 327 Tomeoni, Thomas 446 Tominaga, Dennis 171, 403 Tomine, Eugene 171, 536 Tomlins, Fred 469 Tomlinson, Sherrie 358, 536 Tomsky, David 492 Toner, Mike 305, 340 Toney, Jacques 503 Tong, Darlene 479 Torassa, Glenna 477 Toreson, Sigrid 214, 356 Tornberg, Gordon 233 Tosky, Julian 303, 321 Totten, Julie 214, 231, 366 Tout, Larry 323 Towata, John 509 Toy, Don 419 Tracy, Tom 237 Trahan, Judy 214, 536 Tranberg, Donna 375 Travaglio, Barbara 246, 358, 536 Trayer, Judith 488 Treadwell, Eulilia 366 Tremblatt, John 214, 471 Tretheway, Dennis 506 Trevino, Olivia 214, 536 Tribbett, Ronald 179, 536 Tripp, Lois 366 Triplett, Baylor 399 Trop, Jeffrey 214, 272, 448 Trost, Donald 214, 434 Troupe, Bob 275 Trowbridge, Randall 214, 414 Trubo, Herb 502 Truex, Karen 481 Trull, Bob 412 Trusker, Andrew 238 Trusko, Peter 343 Trulson, Steve 344 Tryon, Mary 356 Tryon, Thomas 237, 336, 473 Tsuboi, Sonny 343 Tsuchiya, Douglas 214, 536 Tsuji, Takehiko 214, 536 Tsuno, Emi 162 Tuck, Gail 227, 366 Tuckerman, Lois 360 Tully, Herbert 420 Turk, Sandra 230, 360 Turken, Francene 215 Turna, Tina 215, 536 Turner, Antonia 489 Turner, Jane 357 Turner, Garrison 421 Turner, Michael 302, 352, 450 Turner, Shirley 215, 536 Turner, Trudy 215, 378 Turpin, Linda 487 Tuschka, Karl 498 Tuttle, Pam 481 Tyau, Staphanie 215, 536 Tyler, Wendy 215, 372, 536 Tyre, Patricia 215, 231, 537 Tyrrill, Claire U Udoh, Joseph 178 Umeda, T. 506 Ung, Barbara 215, 484 Unger, Robert 179, 551 Unruh, Eric 167, 236, 252, 313, 411 Urbais, Dawn 215, 362 Urch, Leslie 272, 371 Uren, Kit 414 Urmann, Barbara 215, 537 Urner, Kathryn 215, 370 Urwitz, Helen 272 Usher, Brenda 483 Usis, Felix 407 Utsumi, Gary 171, 537 V Vabri, Dianne 167, 272, 537 Valentine, Deborah 215, 537 Valenzuela, Eddie 169, 537 Valpey, Ray 498 VanAnda, Jim 501 VanBrederoe, Lee 215, 422 VanCamp, Gary 509 Vance, Kathleen 215, 537 Vancil, Bernard 352 Vandenberg, Bert 502 Vanderbilt, Mel 201 Vandersloot, Diana 373, 443 Vanderwarker, Peter 406 Vanserveer, David 304, 461 Vandervort, Connie 246 VanDyke, Bill 320 Vanek, John 215, 537 VanEvery, John 450 VanHouten, Peter 246, 277 VanLobenSels, Page 149, 238 VanMeter, Thomas 421 VanScoy, Schuyler 302, 352, 403 VanSlambrouck, Susan 215, 390 Vanucci, Sharon 373 VanWay, Valerie 395 Varney, Jill 142, 215, 372. 467 Vasiliev, Igor 462 Vaughens, Katherine 215, 537 Vavra, Michael 493 Vazenian, Margaret 255, 537 Vaziri, Nader 215, 537 Veblen, Tom 336 Veeh, Linda 272, 381 Veganes, Nola 233 Velarde, Nancy 268 Velayo, Kathleen 485 Velte, Bill 215, 537 Richard 159, 461 Venton, Ellen 388 Verona, George 176, 537 Viale, Gary 501 Vida, Claire 215, 395 Vidanage, Sarath 179, 537 Vidanage, Susan 167, 537 Veille, Richard 473 Viesselman, Margaret 233 Viggian, Marie 480 Viktor, Christine 365, 444 Vindum, Jorgen 175, 500 Vlazakis, Emmanuel 179, 432 Vlazakis, Mary 381 Vogel, Rich 423 Vogt, Ruth 384 Volk, Alexandra 215, 537 Richard 215, 447, 537 Von Berckfeldt, Jane 215, 477 VonHaeffen, Karel 462 Voris, Dick 301 Vortman, Thomas 424 W Wacher, Brian 503 Wade, Faye 485 Wade, Kathy 215, 274, 378 Wade, Sandra 215 Wagner, Dick 301 Wagner, Ilene 215, 537 Wagner, Julie 373, 451 Wagner, Karen 393, 482 Wagner, Linda 480 Wagy, Jon 509 Waitz, Roberta 215, 537 Wakamatsu, Herbert 224 Wake, Ron 507 Wakeman, Sherwood 427 Waldman, Bob 323 Waldon, Robert 305, 497 Walkenhauser, Fred 116 Walker, Bill 463 Walker, Bruce 496 Walker, Karen 224 Walker, Kay 367 Walker, Paula 272, 383 Walker, William 167 Wall, Dawn 375 Wallace, Bonnis 215, 537 Wallace, Katherine 393 Wallace, Rob 501 Wallace, Steve 506 Wallert, Richard 450 Wallis, Donald 462 Wallog, Hunter 498 Walls, Les 224 Walsh, Nancy 481 Walsh, Peggy 383 Walt, Kathryn 362 Walters, David 317, 467 Walters, Sharon 482 Walther. Connie 215, 537 Wang, Robert 44 3 Wanvig, Chester 167, 406 Ward, Gregory 442 Ward, Jean 383 Wardell, John 352 Wareham, Barbara 395 Wargo, Dave 301 Warner, Robert 247, 272, 402 Warnock, Kerry 375 Warren, Jeffrey 301, 329, 447 Warren, Marion 383 Washburn, Timothy 414 Wasley, William 171, 407 Wass, Sally 369 Wasserman, Bruce 448 Wasserman, Francine 361, 480 Wasserman, Julie 361 Waters, Dan 320 Waters, Trina 393 Watkins, Howard 538 Watkins, Lucretia 508 Watson, Andrew 237, 397, 447 Watson, Jim 507 Watt, Frederick 179, 538 Watterson, Stuart 309, 310, 313, 411 Wattron, Margaret 215, 370 Watts, Paul 167, 235, 538 Wawro, Pete 254, 337 Wax, Charles 404 Weathersby, George 238 Weatherford, Bill 301 Weaver, John 215, 538 Weaver, Kenneth 215 Weaver, Kirk 277 Weaver, Rick 333 Webb, Clifford 179 Webb, Madelaine 483 Webber, Mary 215, 386, 541 Webber, Rich 502 Weber, Craig 272 Weber, Pete 224 Webster, John 169, 399 Webster, Bob 498 Webster, Roy 411 Weddle, Edgar 421 Weddle, Pat 340 Weed, Carol 215, 488 Weeks, Steven 427 Wehe, Diane 375 Wehr, Steve 215, 236, 472 Weiberg, Ned 216, 438 Weideman, Ken 201 Weidler, Willa 360 Weil, Larrie 216, 538 Weil, Nancy 271 Weil, Regina 216, 346, 538 Weill, Rich 329 Weiland, Sherilee 541 WeiIm, Randy 341 Weinbrandt, Richard 179, 314, 352, 442 Weiner, Denise 369 Weinstein, Henry 238 Weinstein, Marlene 216, 538 Weinstein, Steven 471 Weintraub, Shelly 482 Weir, Donna 151, 216, 229, 231, 232, 372 Weir, Walt 341 Weisberg, Gale 267, 361, 487 Weise, Harold 427 Weiss, Corrin 272 Weiss, Doug 246 Weiss, Marcy 242, 361 Weiss, Milton 464 Weiss, Norm 497 Weisberg, Fred 343 Weisser, Dave 502 Weitz, Mike 502 Weitzenberg, Barry 302, 303, 320, 450 Weitzenberg, Charles 352 Welborne, John 247, 272, 273, 411 Welch, Kathleen 371, 465 Welcome, Terrill 237, 239, 457 Weller, Elizabeth 361 Wellman, Jon 443 Wells, Horace 216, 508 Wells, Kent 445 Welty, John 302, 352, 421 Welz, Laurel 378 Wenger, Douglas 179, 450 Werbe, Sue 280 Werner, Arthur 399 West, Steve 506 Westberg, Marilyn 383 Westdahl, Georgia 383 Westerman, David 179, 491 Westley, Edward 167, 462 Westling, Anne 141, 216, 231, 232, 538 Weston, Steven 538 Westphalen, Jay 430 Westree, Barbara 216, 538 Wetherbee, Mardi 216, 386 Craig 450 Wharton, Bill 329 Wharton, Joe 140, 141 Wheary, Jim 167, 418 Wheeler, Joan 378 Whelan, Tonya 216, 267, 356 Whitaker, John 501 White, Bendy 323 White, Christopher 327, 329, 431 White, Clifton 216, 538 White, Ed 301, 340, 352, 456 White, Grover 167, 538 White, Karen 362 White, Meredith 216, 386 White, Patrick 496 Whiteside, Nancy 481 Whitfield, Jerry 216, 436 Whitgob, Stephen 509 Whitington, Trent 183, 455 Whitlock, Daneal 216, 538 Whitmer, Peter 216, 304, 461 Whitson, Paula 216, 477 Whitteli, Chris 419 Whyte, Jud 228, 272, 273 Wick, Kristen 216, 538 Wickland, Valerie 250, 365, 465 Wickliffe, Susan 366 Wideman, Ernest 216, 304, 329, 352, 450 Widmann, Jeffrey 408 Widmen, Lance 215, 216, 538 Widmer, Deborah 216, 366 Wied, Douglas 216, 247 491 Wieland, Sherilee 388 Wilberding, JoAnn 216 Wilcox, Don 301, 333 Wilcox, Margaret 216, 538 Wilcox, Paul 469 Wild, Bruce 140, 227, 234, 272, 473 Wild, Dee 357 Wilde, Barbara 216, 538 Wilding, Elayne 482 Wildman, Marsha 216, 538 Wildon, Joel 303 Wile, Fred 507 Wilgus, Donald 469 Wilk, Bruce 224 Wilkes, George 501 Wilkie, Dino 508 William, Kenneth 538 Williams, Alan 430 Williams, Clarine 216, 538 Williams, David 216, 466 Williams, Diana 246, 264, 267, 357 Williams, Jeff 421 Williams, Katrina 357 Williams, Patricia .216, 272, 392 Williams, Peter 413 Williams, Willie 538 Williamsen, Michael 169 Williamson, David 336, 458 Willis, Harry 337, 498 Willis, Lorna 216, 538 Willson, Robert 320, 424 Wilmot, Scott 459 Wilson, Ann 371 Wilson, Barnard 224 Wilson, Bob 411 Wilson, Edwin 238 Wilson, George 178 Wilson, Jack 280 Wilson, Joel 321 Wilson, John 216, 538 Wilson, John 179, 228, 538 Wilson, Ken 228, 539 Wilson, Randall 237, 329, 419 Wilson, Terri 216, 235, 539 Wilson, Wesley 445 Winbeburgh, Donna 378 Winfrey, John 216 Winges, Jerry 501 Wingren, Martin 167, 397 Winkelman, Majory 361, 481 Winkler, Helene 216, 539 Winkler, Ronald 167, 414 Winn, Ed 235 Winnick, Fritzi 250, 480 Winship, Julie 213, 539 Winskill, Edward 467 Winslow, Barbara 367 Winslow, Elizabeth 162 Winston 367 Winston, Ellen 141, 148, 216, 274, 360 Winter, Harland 337, 501 Winters, Maxine 216, 394 Winters, Virginia 215, 539 Wintle, Dian 369, 536 Winton, Euwll 167, 539 Wise, Randy 419 Wise, Richard 492 Wishan, Sandy 376 Wiahared, Laurie 487 Wiscot, Valerie 477 Wissing, Steven 539 Wissmar, Joel 438 Witcosky, Bev 480 Witkin, Lynne 539 Wittausch, William 217, 539 Wittenmeier, Gary 301, 341, 493 Wittington, Trent 237 Wolf, Bob 308, 312 Wolf, Jerry 500 Wolf, Stephen 509 Wolf, Thomas 281 Wolfe, Bob 313, 352 Wolff, George 167 Wolff, Ward 323, 411 Wolkenhauer, Fred 539 Wollen, Pernille 539 Wollert, Rich 167, 140, 450 Wonder, Stevie 508 Wong, Anita 478 Wong, Bob 183, 439 Wong, Eleanor 224, 486 Wong, Fred 499 Wong, George 499 Wong, Jane 482 Wong, Lorraine 487 Wong, Pat 480 Wong, Rodney 224 Wong, Siu 224 Wong, Susan 487 Wong, William 487 Wong, Wayne 439 Wong, Wilaine 116 Wong, Yvonne 166, 539 Woo, Daniel 76, 139, 507 Woo, David 352, 439 Woo, Ling-Wai 217, 539 Wood, Gary 469 Wood, Judith 116, 217, 539 Wood, Kathryn 116, 342, 539 Wood, Linda 116, 371, 451 Wood, Pete 305, 498 Wood, Sam 263 Woodruff 437 Woods, Don 498 Woods, Jerry 301, 352 Woods, John 492 Woods, Nancy 116, 539 Woodside, Fred 301 Wool, Boas 183, 539 Wooten, Wesley 179, 539 Workman, Eleanor 217, 539 Worlow, Linda 373 Woronow, Alexander 217 Worrell, Burton 224 Wright, Barbara 217, 370 Wright, Barry 217, 472 Wright, Diana 367 Wright, Larry 447 Wright, Margaret 217, 539 Wight, Susan 367 Wuesthoff, Torrey 445 Wukkuansebm, Nucgaek 415 Wurts, Glen 406 Wurtzel, David 77, 139 Wydler, Diane 346 Wythe, Anne 395 Wythe, Elizabeth 391 Y Yaffee, Susan 217, 539 Yallalee, Anne 217, 539 Yamada, Patsy 217, 539 Yamada, Ron 498 Yamamoto, Alan 167, 539 Yamauchi, Norman 439 Yang, Steve 502 Yank, Howard 167 Yankowski, Anthony 459 Yao, Peter 539 Yarnell, Dennis 500 Yarwood, Keith 472 Yasuhiro, Janet 217, 539 Ybarra, Wayne 179, 235, 238, 272, 539 Yeager, Chris 336 Yee, Frank 501 Yee, Leslie 479 Yee, Ron 498 Yee, William 439 Yee, Willie 439 Yen, Helen 217, 539 Yeomans, Jeannine 217, 340 Yeung, Ronald 490 Yim, Patricia 246, 371 Yip, Carolyn 217, 539 Yip, Harry 500 Yokoyhama, Ted 167, 539 Yoneda, Bob 498 Yool, Victor 272, 421, 539 York, Andrew 496 York, Phyllis 162, 481 Yoshimoto, Ron 167, 539 Yoshumura, Fayth 217, 539 Yoshimura, Harold 217, 495 Yoshimura, Nadine 217, 539 Yost, Robert 167, 495, 502 Yost, Steve 547 Young, Carol 217, 256 Young, Charles 217, 540 Young, Leslie 498 Young, Robert 179 Young, Vicki 233, 482 Yu, Raymond 168, 169, 540 Yudelson, Nancy 217, 364 Yuen, Laureen 217, 487 Yuill-Thornton, Malcolm 495 Yumae, Rae 159, 540 Z Zablackis, Jon 247, 540 Zabudel, Chuck 502 Zacharin, Alan 461 Zachary, Bill 341 Zacher, Toni 460 Zaik, Edward 217, 237, 455 Zaima, George 183, 540 Zais, Harriet 233 Zakarian, Chris 358 Zamansky, Larry 217 Zander, Candace 376 Zane, Arnold 507 Zaragoza, Carlos 301, 498 Zarnegar, Bahman 540 Zeitlin, Andrea .360, 361 Zemansky, Philip 434 Zeno, Jim 414 Zetterquist, Lauren 266, 359 Zia, Charles 179 Ziebell, Carol 365 Ziegler, Barbara 371 Zierer, Thomas 179, 277, 281 Zils, Lela 283 Zimmerman, Alan 167, 540 Zimring, Judy 217, 540 Zisman, Frank 341 Zoloto, Florence 217, 540 Zudkerman, Dutch 239 Zwerling, Regina 217, 242, 246, 540 WAS THERE EVER A CAUSE TOO LOST, EVER A CAUSE THAT WAS LOST TOO LONG, OR THAT SHOWED WITH THE LAPSE OF TIME TOO VAIN FOR THE GENEROUS TEARS OF YOUTH AND SONG? Robert Frost MAN MASTERS NATURE NOT BY FORCE BUT BY UNDERSTANDING Unknown DEMAGOGUES AND AGITATORS ARE VERY UNPLEASANT, AND LEAGUES AND REGISTERS MAY BE VERY UNPLEASANT, BUT THEY ARE INCIDENTS TO A FREE AND CONSTITUTIONAL COUNTRY, AND YOU MUST PUT UP WITH THESE INCONVENIENCES OR DO WITHOUT MANY IMPORTANT ADVANTAGES Benjamin Disraeli What is a University? We didn ' t answer the question—we didn ' t intend to. When we started we hoped, at best, to dissect the question and find what Berkeley was saying about what a university should be, could be, will be. If we, in our interrogation of Cal, were successful it can only be measured in the minds of the readers—in your response to our questions. If you think—really think—about what the function of a university is, then we will have been successful. And for making our attempt possible we humbly and sincerely thank— an editorial staff of about 12 who worked with the impossible deadline schedule of the quarter system; and who ' came through ' when a broken arm kept the editor at Tahoe the week of the largest deadline. a managerial staff of 5 who, like the editorial staff, really believed in the book, the ' 67, and a yearbook being more than a " tradition. " a photographers staff who took, retook, printed, and reprinted the pictures for the book; who did it well, and did it smiling. and all the others—R. W. Pischel our printer; Don Freeman our representative; Keith Cole Studios our portrait photographers; Ann Herman and her staff who kept 400 mug shots straight; Raymond in the Pub Office; Mr. Frederick, and always our advisor Mrs. Lum. And there are special thanks from the manager — to Rog and Pam—who both put up with muddled systems, mass confusions and incredibly came up smiling and in the black! to Mary—for creativity beyond the call . . . to Dick and Karen and Alan—for long shivering hours manning tables. to Ellen—who forever was there with ideas, motivation and support (doesn ' t she ever sleep?) and to the whole staff who could see through authoritarian tendencies to a larger always came through. It was a long, good year. and there are special thanks from the editor — to Mar y and Tod—for hours of work, 3 a.m. brainstorms, taking the initiative, asking to help, and for being there, always, with encouragement and confidence. to Kaye—for coming through in the pinches, especially the one in February. to John—for the moral support we so often needed. to Dianne and Steve—for making the Sports section possible. to Linda—who always understood. to my roommates—who put up with a year of Blue and Gold. and finally to the whole staff—who, even through the index, was one staff. Thank you all.

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