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BLULE AND GOLD EDITORIAL 1966 blue and gold volume 93 university of california berkeley Copyright, 1966, by the Associated Students of the University of California table of contents Campus Life 32 Administration 98 Living Groups 112 Organizations 304 Honoraries and Societies 332 Athletics 356 Drama and Music 442 Seniors 462 Index 553 2 3 In the beginning what is there really a cool wind a quickening yearn to fill the void 4 the shadow of a soul. . . . 5 Now and then. . . . 6 a clump of trees a couple of flowers put there just for the effect a solitude 7 8 . . . a little lightning a little divine water multitudes of breathless forms And presto comes a creation 9 10 but there ' s no me anywhere is there and you know why because me Me is a lot of things 11 .. things that haven ' t happened yet me ' s that haven ' t been born yet 12 Like the me with light streaming through the darkness a start toward something unknown 13 achieving in a moment. . . . eyes focused on a distant point yet frustrating and uncertain 14 a cause to know 15 like the me with the sun beating down upon a collar 16 17 18 heads bent forward in quest of an answer achieving, discovering, satisfying an unsettled spirit 19 Like the me. . . . with a dozen eyes and ears and a half dozen minds added taking the same journey 20 to somewhere somehow 21 rebelling. . . . with each moment searching to understand to be aware 22 23 Like the me with a Cause. . pounding on the inside and sixty other causes hammering from the outside 26 begging to be let in Like the me. . . . drowning in thirty thousand voices each with its own little me inside but not quite yet a part of this me 1 But they ' re all the same me really. . . . each word and heart will be me some day when I ' m done being created student life I take an always journey .. . on an always but never seen path to an always but never reached destination A campus with many moods; with changing seasons and changing ideas . . . the drizzling rain beating down ceaselessly against the pavement around the Student Union, and two people finding a moment of warmth underneath the huge black umbrella which engulfs everything . . . the sunlight shimmering upon a pretty blond who pauses on her way to class; an air of hurriedness; yet that lingering second, with time to be aware of others around the vast expanse of the campus. Each one taking life ' s journey . . . with the Univer- sity reflecting life itself. 35 With transparent ears listening to the darkest light... 36 waiting desperately for a word a verbal smile, a drum that beats within me 37 38 Others hear theirs plainly in their souls ' hollow This academic world is a place for thoughtful study; a chance to rest upon the great events of the past, experience the real present, and contemplate the mysteries of the future . . . to think, feel, learn .. . and to live as others have; to form real convictions and take a stand. . . . to let one ' s soul reflect the depth of this newly-found knowledge and be guided toward a greater end. 39 my ears hear them all which tolls for me each one moves me in my dance of life. . . . Discovery, not only in books and test tubes, lectures and classes . . . but the very expectation of living it- self is ever present in the hearts and minds and souls of those who profess to know an answer, to have a cause, to feel a seriousness of purpose. The tables at the fountain, the leaflets and requests for contributions, the heated debates, the expound- ing of inner ideas are all present here . . . one need only look and wonder, question, then accept . . . or reject. . . . 40 42 each one cries to me and stakes its claim It was a year filled with a new discontent, a new cause . . . the Viet Nam question pounded in the hearts of thousands; the crowds gathered in the Student Union plaza, the microphones on the steps of Sproul Hall echoed the cries of protest and support, cameras once again focused on the campus as a political hotspot of con- troversy. . . . The speakers and their conflicting issues, the teach-ins and sit-ins, the marches in protest, the hours of debate and argument, the utter feeling of frustration . . . because life has no easy answer. 1MM 43 and still the music continues . . . the strains of Jack Jones and Ella are heard 44 the laughter, the tears, the excitement moves within me then one more round with Glenn Yarbrough 45 This new day gives promise . . . of pleasure, joy, and expectation 46 I yearn to be a part of something real The hub of activity beckons each . . . the lure of the campus Fair with dry sails blowing in the wind, and hiking club enthusiasts scaling the walls of the Union; rally members with yellow megaphones, and folk dancers show- ing their talent . . . the familiar cry to sign up and join; a chance to participate and be a part of this campus life . . . to give and not just take. The pleasures too are here . . . the strumming banjos and musical washboards for the Fri- day night cabaret crowd; the Bear ' s Lair .. . with its steaming coffee and Oski burgers, the 10:00 group and the mobs at noon, the invit- ing call to cut a class and pull up a chair .. . the blonds and the music and the snowman talk . . . a feeble attempt to study and think. I hear the shout of ten thousand pulse-beats 49 and I strain to live them all struggling to think ten thousand minds, to be an actor, an audience, and a stage all at once 50 I feel a cause, a desire to compete. . . . 51 Shouting to my heart to stop its empty clanging and instead to live . .. the yells and chants, " Give me a frozen gremmies and yellow balloons, card stunts, and the horny Oski bear, go go girls and cannon blasts, yummy cream pies . . . and yell leaders, pretty pompon girls and spirited bandsmen, rooters. . . . touchdowns and extra points, loss yardage and fighting comebacks, heroes and idols, the Alma Mater . . . a season to remember. 52 53 running to follow a beam of light 54 that I heard crash through my brain 55 I witness the fullfillment of a dream; I look to still another tomorrow Then the gathering of famed scientists from all parts of the world . . . bringing new ideas, great . . . a renewed hope in that tomorrow. 56 Eshleman Hall, the new student office building is dedicated . . . the ribbon is cut; Robert Gordon Sproul offers some reminiscent thoughts . . . and Chancellor Heyns is welcomed to his new campus. seeing the discoveries of an age . . . the enemy of ignorance and doubt 57 Peering to catch a glimpse of the noises that echo ' round the world The radiant Princess Margaret the center of attention for a few precious moments. She captures the hearts of her audience and a royal welcome. The year brings others . . . thousands of parents come for Family Day; to see the beauty of the University, to feel its greatness, to listen to the ... perhaps to walk those time worn paths, and to watch their team fight it out against a rough opponent. 58 and marking the path which has been covered time and again 59 Sam Yorty Mayor of Los Angeles IFC Spring Week had its beginning this year . . . it was a feverish effort to present the many facets of campus life; to develop a better understanding of the University ' s role in society; to bring others to the campus to offer their thoughts and receive some in return. . . . And the speakers came . . . hopefuls for the Republican and Democratic gubernatorial nominations in California; they spoke with enthusiasm, each in his own unique campaigning style. George Christopher Former Mayor of San Franc isco I am caught up in this new awareness of life . . . trying to understand 60 to learn by learning to believe by believing The students came too . . . over 600 high school leaders who wanted to see life as it is at the University . . . they wanted to experience it all; they hoped to learn, and understand, and become aware. 61 to build on pillars of past and future 62 to honor those who have dedicated themselves .. . It was a time to remember ... the 98th Charter Day ceremonies . . . the academic procession moving the Greek Theater in its colorful array of robes; distinguished officials; curious on-lookers; signs of protest over Viet Nam . . . the booing and the the pomp and dignity of it all; the of Chancellor Roger Heyns; the conferring of an honorary Doctorate degree on U. N. Ambassador Arthur Goldberg. The University was alive with A special tribute to those faculty members who will retire from the University community this year .. . Marie L. Dufrenoy, Ewald T. Grether, Hans Jenny, Arnold Perstein, Jacques Schnier, Edward A. Wight, and Howel Williams. 63 Richard E. Powell Professor of Chemistry Fred S. Stripp Professor of Speech to teach by teaching . . . Lawrence Moe Professor of Music 64 Jim Lemmon Assistant Director of Intercollegiate Athletics and to become by living Alex C. Sherriffs Professor of Psychology Educators in the fields of science, history, or perhaps psychology . . . each in their own way offering the real essence of living; the student, creating enthusiasm and kindling minds so those who desire can knowledge to the fullest measure . . . these are the dedicated people who help make the University a reflection of life itself. Carl E. Schorske Professor of History 65 Family camp at Tahoe Alumni Center gives a week of relaxed vacation. alumni provide vacation facilities for entire family Lair Lodge is open nightly for lively entertainment. Versatile Lair staff puts on nightly show and family parties. 66 Of the estimated 230,000 living graduates of the University of California, 45,000 are active members of the California Alumni Association. With its headquarters on the Berkeley campus, the association sponsors public interest programs and projects, as well as awarding hundreds of dollars in scholarships each year. Association members receive a subscription to the highly rated California Monthly which covers educational, social and administrative issues facing the campus; tells of events, and reports on alumni activities. The Alumni Association sponsors The-Lair-of-the-Bear family camp near Dodge Ridge, and the Tahoe Alumni Center by Squaw Valley, which offer week vacations for alumni and their families. Ranch style bar-b-que is brought to the mountains. The Lair-of-the-Bear offers outdoor activities to suit everyone. 67 senior hall of fame 68 The University can only offer to the student the opportunity to actively participate. It cannot drag him to a or make him think, or discuss, or act on his ideas. It cannot compel him to join with fellow students, faculty, and advisors in some attempt of self-expression. Those s tudeuts, who through their have earned the respect of fellow students are nominated by their peers to be honored in the Senior Hall of Fame. Leadership in all areas of student life is represented in the listings of the activities of the honored seniors; service, sports, government, publications, interests, and academics. Approximately thirty-four senior men and women are selected by members of the administration and faculty on the basis of their contribution of ideas, service, and time to the University, the ASUC, and their fellow students. It is an honor not to be taken lightly, for it represents four years of ambition, responsibility, and achievement. bryan gerstel Bryan Gerstel, a Business Administration major and President of Californians, was the producer of the Big Game Axe Review and President of the Relations Board. An officer of Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity, Bryan was in the Honor Students Society and a member of Tower and Flame. He was Student Coordinator of the Alumni Orientation Program, was active as a Campus Tour Guide, and became a of the Order of the Golden Bear. Bryan ' s hobbies include golf, softball, swimming and public speaking. carol childs Sorority Representative to the ASUC Senate, Carol Childs was Secretary of Panile, President of in Cal Club, and a member of AWS Board. She served on the Chancellor ' s Committee for Academic Affairs and was on Cal Prep Ex-Comm. Carol danced in Axe Review as a Cal-ette, and was Soph Doll Princess. She enjoys beachcombing, sailing, crystals, and thinks a sense of humor is an asset. Carol will travel to the Middle East this summer, and then attend law school. 69 meg olsen Meg Olsen, Chairman of AWS and member of ASUC was in Panile, Prytanean, and Mortar Board. Meg, a Pi Beta Phi, won the Sproul Award and was on Rally Committee, Blue and Gold staff, and acted as co-chairman of 1964 Family Day. She teaches swimming, enjoys and politics, and will teach junior college after VISTA, and graduate study in Political Science. mike page Commodore of the Varsity Rowing Club, Mike Page was also a member of Varsity Crew for three years and active in the Big C Society. An avid sports fan, he likes " most any type of sport. " Mike enjoys arts and crafts and people at Cal. " He plans to continue his studies at the graduate level and perhaps enter the armed forces. manly allen Marily Allen was of the Sophomore Class and President of California Panhellenic Association. She served on Cal Club, AWS Board, Gavel and Quill, and was a Phidelphian. She was on the Chancellor ' s Committee for Living Accommodations, the Fund Committee, and was a Cal Prep and SOS Counselor. plans to join the airlines to travel before working for her teaching credential. robby olson Varsity Basketball player Robby Olson played frosh basketball, was a member of Cal Club, Senior Class Council, and served as a Senior Honor Guard for Charter Day 1966. He continued his interest in sports with tennis, water skiing, and Robby will study for a degree in Business after working for a year following graduation. 70 rheta christensen Panhellenic Girl of the Year, Rheta Christensen was a member of Panile, Prytanean, Oski Dolls, and Mortar Board. A Phi Mu, she was a Cal Prep Counselor and on Senior Class Council. Rheta was Theta Chi Dream Girl, on the Big Game Queen Court, a member of Angel Flight and a Little Sister of Minerva. She will attend UCLA on a scholarship, working for her credential in History. dan griset As a Junior, Dan Griset was Senior Rep-at-Large on the ASUC Senate. A member of Cal Club, Honor Students Society and the Order of the Golden Bear, he served on several committees and was one of five students to be elected to the Campus Rules Committee. Dan is a history major and hopes to work in the field of international, legal and economic affairs after law school. melinda merritt Melinda Merritt, a Kappa Kappa Gamma, was on the Junior Class Evecutive Board, served as Secretary-Treasurer of the Senior Class, and secretary to the Class Officers Board. She was a member of Prytanean, Honor Students Society, Oski Dolls, Gavel and Quill, AWS Board, and Campus Tour Guides. reigned as 1965-1966 Daffodil Queen and plans to get her real estate license after her September wedding. bob wieder The nation ' s number one humor magazine was in the capable hands of Bob Wieder, whose future plans include writing movie scripts and plots for Marvel Comics. Bob served as chairman of Publications Board, and was a member of the ASUC Cabinet. He has had practice for his future ambitions by writing scripts for " Batman " and is in the process of writing a movie script. 71 caro tanner After spending her freshman year in Tanner came to Cal and joined Treble Clef where she was publicity and a member of Madrigal Singers. She was Senior Week Publicity Chairman, Vice-President of Gamma Delta Epsilon, an SOS counselor, and in Prytanean. She enjoys and playing the organ which she has done for three years in church. rick field All-American gymnast and captain of the Gymnastics Team, Rick Field was a Regent Scholar and winner of the Sproul Award. Rick majored in Engineering and Physics and maintained a 3.94 grade point. He will do graduate work in Physics. Rick hopes to be able to go to the world games for further gymnastics competition. Phil litts Head Yell Leader Phil Litts was a member of ASUC Cal Club, Californians, Order of the Golden Bear and was Chairman of Rally and Games Council. He was active in intramurals and residence halls J-Comm. Phil enjoys swimming, hiking, pool and stamp collecting. graduation he will join the Air Force for four years after which he plans to go to law school. barbara miller Anthropolgy major Barbara Miller has been active on campus in Cal Club, Senior Class Council, ASUC Cabinet, Chairman of Union Program Board, and Torch and Shield. Barbara, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority, spends many hours on the tennis court enjoying her favorite sport. Her plans after graduation are still being formulated. 72 sharon mock Versatile Sharon Mock enjoys " learning by doing, " a goal which she carried out as ASUC First her junior year, AWS President and WDA a member of Oski Dolls, Cal Club and winner of the Mary Chase Freedom Award. " Shari " served on and was chairman of many ASUC during her four years at Cal. She enjoys music, art, the outdoors, " inventing recipes, " and knowing " interesting, honest and sincere people. " john garamendi Wheeler scholarship winner, John Garamendi kept busy with varsity athletics. In football he was elected Outstanding Lineman 1965 and played in the 1965 East-West Shrine Football game and the Hula Bowl in Hawaii. John was AAWU Varsity Wrestling for 1964, is a member of Big C Society and the Order of the Golden Bear. In addition, John, with his wife Patricia, has recently become interested in music and art. He will attend graduate school, obtain a Masters in Business Administration, and enter real estate in the Bay Area. coates Four-year member and Chairman of Women ' s Rally Committee, Judy Coates has been Secretary of on AWS Board, Rally and Games Council, and a Panhellenic delegate. Judy majored in Sciences, and will obtain her secondary teaching credential from Cal State in Hayward. She loves spectator sports, " doing things on the spur of the moment, " and gambling. She will follow her interest this summer . . . being a dealer at Harrah ' s Club in Reno. mike kahan Four years ago Mike Kahan was elected President of the freshman class and went on to be Chairman of Men ' s Judicial Committee, a member of the ASUC Cabinet, Men ' s Executive Board and Order of the Golden Bear. An Alpha Tau Omega, Mike majored in Chemical Engineering. He likes to ski, play tennis and is a fan of the automobile races. After he plans to go to graduate school to work for his PhD in Chemical Engineering. 73 lou bluestein After his freshman year at USC in the Residence Honors Program, Lou Bluestein came to Cal, founded Gamma Delta Epsilon and was co-founder of Student Orientations Service. He served as Orientations Board Representative to the ASUC Men ' s Board. The first semester of his senior year was spent in Jerusalem, Israel with Brandeis University Hiatt Institute. He to serve as ASUC Elections Council Chairman, President of Alpha Phi Omega, was elected to the Order of the Golden Bear and wrote for the Daily Cal. Lou majored in Psychology and now plans to enter law school. pat Chairman of Women ' s Judicial Committee and President of Piexotto Hall, Pat been a member of various honor societies for her four years at Cal. As a Freshman and Sophomore, she was in Tower and Flame, and Honor Students Society. Then Pat was elected a member and subsequently secretary of Mortar Board, the upper division honor society for women, and was also a member of and Alpha Mu Gamma, national foreign language honorary. She enjoys cooking, sewing, and knitting, and hopes to attend Boalt law school after pinki wong Patricia " Pinki " Wong, a Psychology major who an Alumni Scholarship and Honors at was President of Cheney Hall her junior year and directed the Cheney-Deutch Spring Sing for three years. Pinki was a member of Prytanean and served as AWS Model Coordinator. She plans to work and travel for a year before entering graduate school, eventually to go into social work. jean mc evoy Anthropology major Jean McEvoy served as of Treble Clef during her senior year. In to her musical activities, she was a member of Prytanean, AWS Board, and the Kroeber Society. With a minor in English, Jean plans to get a teaching credential following Her hobbies include swimming and reading, and she hopes to combine her knowledge of the Spanish language with archeology, and do research in Mesoamerica. 74 joanne corday Big Game Queen for 1965, Joanne Corday was of Cal Club, and President of Oski Dolls. She was in Panile, Prytanean, Torch and Shield, Rally and Games Council, AWS Board, University Affairs and Little Sisters of Minerva. A member of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority, Joanne majored in United States History. She enjoys all kinds of water sports and is a swimming instructor during the summer. lori jacobs Lori Jacobs, a history major and Vice-President of Alpha Epsilon Phi sorority has been on Panhellenic Judicial Committee, and was a permanent member and publicity chairman of Oski Dolls. She served on the ASUC Student Judicial Committee, the Executive Committee of Prytanean and was a member of Mortar Board. rich riemke Rich Riemke, a four year band member and this year ' s drum major, led the California M arching Band through its 1965-1966 season. A Zoology major and member of Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity, Rich was kept busy with band activities. He was elected to the Order of the Golden Bear, an honorary society for men who give service to the University. He will be at Ca l next fall to continue his studies in Biological Sciences. pat dolan Patricia Dolan was a member of Honor Students Prytanean, and President of Mortar Board. Through Oski Dolls and working at the Visitors Center she was able to pursue her interest in " people to people " Pat enjoys traveling, camping, and wants to build a palm hut in Mexico. She will complete her degree in English and teach in French West Africa as a member of the Peace Corps. 75 forrest beaty Varsity Track sprinter Forrest Beaty continued his high school track record as one of Cal ' s most colorful track stars, and played Varsity Football his last two years. He was President of Big C Society, a member of Californians, Cal Club, and was elected to the Order of the Golden Bear. Forrest loves to travel, and enjoys beach sports including body surfing and volleyball. After graduation he will attend medical school. bob archibald Bob Archibald, Varsity Track runner, was to the ASUC Senate, a member of Californians, ASUC Finance Committee, Orientations Board, and of Theta Delta Chi fraternity. Active in ROTC, he will receive his officers commission following and then go to Branch school, after which he will serve two years in the Adjutant General Corps of the Army. Finally, Bob will return to school to do graduate study in Communications and Public Policy. kenna howell Kenna Howell, 1966 Blue and Gold manager, has served on the staff for four year. She was active on Board, was a member of Theta Sigma Phi honorary, served as fashion coordinator for AWS models, and was President of Delta Zeta sorority. Kenna plans to work toward a secondary teaching credential in her Spanish major, or travel throughout Europe. mike mcginnis Senior Class President and founder of Cal-in-the-Capital, Mike McGinnis was on the University Affairs, Centennial, and Finance Committees, a Cal Prep Counselor, and a member of Californians, Gavel and Quill, and Order of the Golden Bear. In these and his many other activities, Mike was successful in his goal to channel senior activities in a more academic line. Mike graduates as an honor and will attend medical school while concurrently working for his masters in Political Science. 76 barry kingman As Interfraternity Council President, Barry Kingman Spring Week which brought speakers and of current interest to the campus. " Buck, " a Phi Sigma Kappa and Economics major, was a member of Big C Society, Cal Club, Californians and the Order of the Golden Bear. He served in the ROTC Flight Training Program and will receive his commission and enter the service upon graduation. Buck will then return to do graduate work in Economics. janet king History major Janet King has been active on campus in Senior Class Council, American Field Service, SOS, and Card Stunts Committee. She was a member of Prytanean, Oski Dolls, Phildelphians, and served as an AWS Model, Kappa Alpha Theta Panhellenic Delegate, and Greek Week Princess. Janets hobbies include camping, singing, playing the ukalale and sailing. She plans to teach high school history after traveling around the United States this summer. nancy tyson ASUC Second Vice-President Nancy Tyson, was a member of Cal Club, Oski Dolls, Panile and Prytanean. She was three years a Cal Prep Counselor, two years on the Cal Camp Board and was a counselor there also. Nancy served on International Board, Union Program Board and Orientations Board. She sews her own clothes, teaches swimming and enjoys painting, piano playing, and reading. tim lyons Tim ' Cat ' Lyons, ASUC First Vice President and Rep-at-Large, was a member of Cal Club, Freshman and Sophomore Class Councils, Student Advisory Committee on the Centennial Fund, and Order of the Golden Bear. Tim, an Economics major and member of Delta Tau Delta, was on the Frosh and Varsity Track, and Cross Country teams. He enjoys snow skiing, skin diving and " wild parties " . He plans to join the Peace Corps before entering law school. 77 publications pub office hums with excitement Mrs. Helen Lum Blue and Gold Advisor The Publications Office in Eshleman Hall serves as a coordinating center for the student publications: Daily Cal, Blue and Gold, Occident, Cal Engineer, and Pelican. The editors and managers of the various publications with the director and the staff for help in solving the variety of problems that arise. The library serves as a convenient and complete place for research and study. Mrs. Dede Lyman Eshleman Librarian Walter Frederick Director of Publications PUBLICATIONS OFFICE — Left to Right: Raymonde Adams, Publications Budget Coordinator; Alice Wong, Assistant. blue and gold staff works toward top all-american rating Irene and Buzz Boschken 1966 Editors Linda Pierce Associate Manager Ellen Barnett Assistant Editor what are blue and gold ' s made of? Kenna Howell Manager What are Blue and Golds made of? Sugar and spice and everything else nasty . . . like thousands of cigarette butts, and coffee cups, and empty cookie boxes, and worn-out ribbons, and lots of scratch paper, and lost identifications, and ugly people who want pretty and ugly pictures of pretty and last minute phone calls, and where-the-hell-is-a-photographer, and what - the - hell - happened - to - people - who - the picture - was - to - be - of, and - sefr mean . . . least it ' s done ( ha ha ). For a few weeks. 80 Larry Lawrence Sports Editor Donna Ordeman Copy Editor the hardworking section editors Kay Neri Activities Editor Les Klinger Assistant Copy Editor Jim Carragher Assistant Sports Editor 81 MEN ' S LIVING GROUP STAFF — Left to Right: Karla Savage, Gary Humphreys, Jill Varney. a year of surprises Jill Varney Men ' s Living Group Editor An editor and her husband, three senior editors, four junior editors, an outstanding photography staff, and a few hardworking assistants combined the efforts of twelve months work, beginning in April of 1965, to publish a yearbook showing the life of the Berkeley campus. Beginning with an abstract — the theme of the at the University — working through the media of pictures and words, the original idea was shaped and molded to fit 8x11 pages, black and white candids, color slides, print sizes, copy space — and printer ' s deadlines. It was done, with no small amount of time and work, frustration and satisfaction. This then is the Blue and Gold — the record of a year. We offer it with pride. Margo Keller Women ' s Living Group Editor Taking a break to keep the staff looking neat .. . 82 managerial staff entices students to buy more books Rick Bremner Studio Manager To sell, and sell, and sell to 25,000 students who more often than not are unaware that a yearbook is being published. To make a campus want to buy the record of its year. To promote, to paint posters, to send letters and postcards, and reminder postcards and reminder letters. All to sell a great yearbook to a few thousand students. This is the job of the managerial staff. It is a hard, long, sometimes job. But, it is also worthwhile when the results of the year are placed in the hands of the people for whom all the effort was made. Blue and Gold staff members sells books by the Bear ' s Lair. Pam Pomeroy Promotions Manager Alan Miller and Chris Scheutze Freshman Manageral Staff 83 June Cochran Assistant Classes Editor Lora Epstein and Connie Buckley Junior Editorial Staff Judy Maes Clubs and Societies Editor Kaye Kliewer and Doug Tsuchiya keep the office lively with constant clowning. Sandy Wallace Classes Editor 84 photographers capture a year in pictures Don Westergren Photographer Joe Marshall Photographer Kaye Kliewer Photo Coordinator Steve Yost Photographer Rod Cyr Photographer Hormozdyar Keyani Photographer Peggy Krause Fall Editor Barry Fall Assistant Managing Spring City Editor daily cal institutes weekly magazine to cover John Fall City Editor Spring Managing Editor Larry Gartner Fall Assistant City Editor Spring Editorial Editor 86 Alison Schoenfeld Fall Release Editor Spring Assistant Managing Editor Andy McGall Fall Night Editor Spring Assistant City Editor feature stories George Baker Fall Assistant Sports Editor Spring Sports Editor James Branson Fall Managing Editor Spring Editor John Rogers Fall Sports Editor SPORTS STAFF — Left to Right: Glenn Becker, Leslie Lafayette, Dave Bush. Konstantin Berlandt Fall Features Editor Dave Newman Fall Night Editor Spring Copy Editor daily cal publishes largest college paper REPORTERS — Left to Right, Seated: Ruth Epstein. Standing: Ann Metzelaar, Roger Rich Aftergut, Bev Stein, Nancy Turpin, Bruce Saxton, Mike Kersten. Originally on newsstands as the Echo, The Daily Californian has grown into the nation ' s largest college daily since its inception. Owned and operated by students, it is supported by both advertising and ASUC funds. Besides providing a ready source of campus news and opinions for it serves as a source of journalistic training, extra-curricular and wild staff parties. NIGHT EDITORS STAFF — Left to Right: Tom Collins, Christine Cudiamat. Not Pictured: Keith McCormick, Sarada Ludwig, Jai Singh. 88 Ken Luk Fall Advertising Manager Spring Business Manager Dru Schutz Fall Promotion Manager Spring Production Manager managerial handles advertising and distribution of paper Chris Shores Fall Manager Thomas Zierer Fall Production Manager Spring Advertising Manager 89 night staff keeps paper going around the clock NIGHT MANAGERS — Left to Right: Sheila Green, George Bradley, Jeff Jaffee. Tom Wolf Fall Night Manager Spring Promotions Manager Helen Marcus Spring Entertainment Manager 90 PUBLICATIONS BOARD — Left to Right, Seated: Nancy Lawler, Irene Boschken, Kenna Howell. Standing: Wally Frederick, Richard Sullivan, Michael Eliasberg, Bruce Boston. pub boards promote journalistic efforts The Daily Cal Publishers Board consists of six students, two professional journalists, three faculty members and three members of the administration. The board gives recommendations and direction to the newspaper concerning policy and journalistic practices. Issues of the paper are analyzed and for content and style. The Blue and Gold, Cal Engineer, Occident and Pelican are represented on the Publications Board which coordinates the activities and policies of the campus publications. The primary activity of the board this year was discussing the problem of sales of the various publications. Sales and selling techniques, as well as new ideas for promotion were analyzed by the board. In the Publications Board settles any disputes which may arise among the various publication staffs. DAILY CALIFORNIAN PUBLISHERS BOARD — Left to Right, Row One: Kirk Weaver, Wally Frederick, Jim Branson. Row Two: John Rogers, Bill Mecom, Richard Haffner, Robert O ' Neill. 91 california engineer-cal ' s student magazine of technology Carleen Tropper Office Manager Richard Sullivan Editor Bill Moga Feature Editor Doug Gilbert Associate Editor 92 Barry Dickens Manager The California Engineer has changed largely this year in its reader appeal. The magazine is being directed to anyone interested in the effects of technology upon the environment, rather than just to engineers. Half of the articles in this year ' s issues have been based on the effects of technology on the total sphere of human institutions, and half have dealt with the development of research and cal engineer directs self toward wider audience Pat Larsen Circulation Manager Louis Bookbinder Math Editor John Torrey Art Director 93 The California Pelican, buttressed by what has been described as a " damn nigh all-new staff, " reeled off six " perfect " issues this year in rapid succession. " Perfect, " that is, in the sense that all six issues sold out in record time — before 1 p.m. on sales day, to be exact. Other new reached by the nation ' s One College Humor Magazine ( officially) included: an increase in size from thirty-two to forty-eight hilarious pages; much more art and visual copy; and a little-discussed five-cent price increase. Highlighting the year for the Pelican was the magazine ' s first nude Miss Pelly, and the monstrously-successful Peliboy Parody. Bob Wieder Editor pelican honored as top college humor magazine Susan McCorkle Associate Editor Betty Seltzer Promotions Linda Laureano Promotion Manager PELICAN STAFF — Left to Right, Seated: Betty Seltzer, Bud Spindt, Nancy Lawler, Bob Wieder, Phil Strauss, Melissa Skeehan, George Fuller. Standing: Joan Zawaski, Doug Johnson, Jim Stipovich, Bruce Henstell, Dave Kane, Charles Sanford. 94 Phil Strauss Distribution Manager Nancy Lawler Manager Melissa Skeehan Advertising Manager staff works to live up to reputation George Fuller Art Director 95 Marilyn Iatarian 1966 maid of cotton In the annual contest sponsored by the Pelican, Marilyn Tatarian, a junior from San Francisco, was chosen Maid of Cotton for 1966. A member of Delta Delta Delta sorority, Marilyn is majoring in and plans to go into teaching. In her two and one-half years at Cal, she has been active in the Ski Club, School Research Volunteers program, and served as a Cal Prep counselor in September. Marilyn ' s favorite sports include skiing and swimming. In June, she will travel to Italy where she will spend the summer with an Italian family under the Experiment in International Living and will return in the fall to complete her reign as 1966 Maid of Cotton. 96 occident publishes student creativity in prose, poetry, and pictorial essays Martha Masterson Occident Editor Michael Eliasberg Occident Manager RETURN After a long pause to begin again blowing light into the sun like a balloon, unfolding the garden, the same buds and fences, weaving the water again with the stumble of recollection ( Water repeats itself around my hand. ) The swans are bullied, protesting, into becoming swans. There is appropriate music. The sky creaks at length into position and then clamps down. OCCIDENT STAFF — Left to Right, Row One: Gelsomina Alvarez, John Milton, Lewis Dolinsky, Lore Spangler, Jim Wehlage, Don Donahue, Archie Perrin. Row Two: Jill Danzig, Susan Anderson, Robert Christian, Bob May, Charles Bonneau. administration The success of the organization, of the governmental entity, of the team, even of the intricately-programmed computer, depends always upon the individual for renewal. Clark Kerr 98 99 president kerr sees individualism as vital in our growing society Individualism, which is nurtured by the continuous questioning of popularly-held values and beliefs, finds its natural habitat in the university and its richest in contributing to a broader society. Although society may, at times, seem bent on dehumanizing the individual or forcing him into a conformist mold, it would soon cease to be productive without him. The success of the organization, of the governmental of the team, even of the intricately-programmed computer, depends always upon the individual for renewal. For you as students, the process of questioning and of thinking creatively is well begun. If you would contribute to society in a unique way, you will need to perpetuate this process throughout life. Clark Kerr 100 Iudwig welcomes roger heyns as berkeley ' s new chancellor The theme of the Blue and Gold this year could scarcely be more appropriate. The call to give attention to the individual on the serves many purposes. It reminds us all of the University ' s commitment to the growth of the individual, to helping him achieve his level of performance. It emphasizes our common task of resisting the natural of the size that can so easily lead us to ignore individual differences in interests, abilities and values. Finally, it highlights that process which has been the main concern of our community this year, that of achieving th e ordered society which guarantees the proper environment for effective and creative individuality. Roger Heyns President Kerr has a noteworthy conversation with Chief Justice Earl Warren and the late Jesse Steinhart, a former Regent. The Chancellor meets with his favorite friend. 101 Governor Edmund G. Brown governor brown stresses personal participation in university life From the office of the Governor: In recent months we have heard much about the great size and impersonality of the Berkeley campus of the University of California. But as I have walked through the campus and watched the students at work, in debate, and in play, I have been struck by an awareness that the true characteristic of the campus is its intimacy. The campus is no bigger than the table that two students chatting over coffee in the Lair. It is no more impersonal than a professor and a few of his students pursuing some fine point just outside the classroom door. What this campus offers the individual student in social functions, cultural experiences, sheer and lively political debate is indeed very broad. In large measure, this is because of its large size, not in spite of it. And it is too, a measure of personal participation, not of impersonal passivity. What each student receives from this University will depend only on what he is able to reap from the harvest of activity with which the campus is constantly humming. At the end of each day, you will only take away from the campus what you have put into your studies and extra-curricular activities. The campus then, is as big or small as you make it. It is only as impersonal as you are impersonal. It can only be as great as you are great. Each of you is an integral part of this University today. In order for the campus to be alive with discussion, opinion, exchange of ideas, and consolidation of knowledge, you must be alive. These things you owe to yourselves, as you are the foundation of a better world tomorrow. Governor and Mrs. Brown 102 regents direct the government and organization of the university REGENTS - Left to Right, Seated: Jesse W. Tapp, Theodore R. Meyer, Philip L. Boyd, Edwin W. Pauley, Mrs. Dorothy B. Chandler, Clark Kerr, Edward W. Carter, Chairman; Mrs. Edward H. Heller, William E. Forbes, Glenn M. Anderson, Donald H. McLaughlin, William M. Roth, Max Rafferty, Mrs. Randolph A. Hearst. Standing: Norton Simon, Laurence J. Kennedy, Jr., Frederick G. Dutton, John R. Mage, John E. Canaday, William K. Coblentz, Robert Haldeman. a body of top administrators... The Regents of the University of California are composed of sixteen members appointed by the Governor and eight ex-:officio This body is responsible for the and organization of the University. According to the State Constitution, the have " full powers of organization and government, subject only to such Legislative Control as may be necessary to insure with the terms of the endowments of the University and the security of its funds. " The Regents control all financial matters and educational policies of the University. This chief administrative body also approves the appointments of all administrators including the President of the University and the Chancellor of each campus. After a very study of qualified candidates the country, the Regents approved Roger Heyns as Berkeley ' s new Chancellor this year. 103 O. W. Campbell Earl F. Cheit vice-chancellors ' role is to strengthen administration through diversification Alan W. Searcy Robert E. Connick 104 what are off-campus organizations?— dean williams ' biggest problem Betty H. Neely Dean of Women Arleigh T. Williams Acting Dean of Students Dean of Men dean neely probes question of new regulations for women ' s housing 105 Peter S. Van Houten and George S. Murphy Associate Deans of Students Elizabeth L. Chilton and Ann E. Hawley Assistant Deans of Students W. Sheridan Warrick, Foreign Student Adviser and Donna M. Dickinson, Assistant Foreign Student Adviser deans Leone H. Weaver, Administrative Assistant; and Louise A. Skain, Assistant to the Dean Marvin J. Baron and Eugene H. Smith Assistant Foreign Student Advisers 106 Winifred Ryan and Barbara Boga Administrative Assistants Helen R. Biermann, Assistant Dean of Students; Emily R. Reed, Associate Dean of Students; and Edith M. Zinn, Assistant Dean of Students actively support student projects Louis C. Rice and Armin Rappaport Assistant Deans of Students Eric C. Bellquist and Donald R. Hopkins Assistant Deans of Students William A. McCormack Associate Dean of Students 107 Nestled in the Santa Ynez mountains, the new Speech and Drama building was dedicated in Santa Barbara last spring. The courtyard of the Natural Science Building on the Santa Cruz campus stood only briefly in this unused state. 108 The Aberdeen-Inverness residence halls on the Riverside campus provide a striking contrast to the high-rise dorms of Cal. the uc campuses— each with its own personality Rural atmosphere of Davis campus is conducive to casual walks and bike riding. Irvine won their first intercollegiate athletic event - water polo vs. Cal Poly, 22-6. 109 Royce Hall ' s towers are as much a trademark of the UCLA campus as the Campanile is of Cal. ucla and san diego campus scenes... This breezeway connects the physics-chemistry building with Bonner Hall in Revelle College complex at San Diego. 110 " Dormies ' " rooms in the Nansen Haus at Goettingen, Germany are a far cry from Berkeley ' s. This cathedral sets the mood of the Bordeaux campus. study abroad: compulsory in 1980? Students relax in the " Bears ' Lair " of the International Christian University in Japan. 111 living groups In climes of mine imagining, apart From mine own home, with beings that have been Of mi ne own thought- What more could I have seen? T ' was once-and only once-and the wild hour From my remembrance shall not pass-some pow ' r Or spell had bound me. . . . Edgar Allan Poe 112 113 sororities PANHELLENIC EXECUTIVE BOARD — Left to Right, Row One: Mary Beth Mulvey, Ann French, Marily Allen, Karen Brant. Row Two: Carol Wickwire, Diane Dougherty, Caroline Jukes, Margo Wilford, Marj Fey, Margie Ashe. new rush procedures add to the success of the sororities at cal Sororities at Cal initiated a formal, but more flexible rush during Registration Week of Spring Semester. Evening functions, suitable for campus, dressy sport, and dressy date clothes included house tours, informal entertainment by the houses, and dessert receptions. The week ended with ribbon pledging and Presents, during which time the new pledges were presented to the campus community. This new Spring rush, together with the policy that pledges may live in the dorms, were welcomed innovations by pledges, and sorority actives. This year ' s Panhellenic Girl of the Year was Rheta Christensen, a member of Phi Mu Sorority. A history major, from South Gate, Rheta has been active in many campus including Panile, Prytanean, Mortar Board, Cal Prep, and Angel Flight. This active senior plans to study for her teaching credential following graduation. Rheta Christensen Panhellenic Girl of the Year SENIORS Carole Adamowicz Diane Derre Sally Fr y Annalee Hargreaves Karen Hughes Jeanette Johnson Linda Lindsay Barbara Moran Susy Norton Susan Quimby Joan Schminke Holly Sims Val St. John Diana Wells JUNIORS Janet Cheney Ann Darlington Andrea Davidson Cathy Erigero Cathy Fleming Ann Goodman Valerie Kravetsky alpha chi omega, with a spirit Friendship, unity, and loyalty were the key words characteristic of Alpha Chi Omega this year. The girls enjoyed the pledge dance and winter formal, as well as exchanges, and late snack gatherings. The alumni dessert and the faculty dinner gave the members an to become better acquainted with alumni, community leaders, and members of the University faculty. At Christmas time the girls went caroling at Herrick Memorial Hospital, spreading the Christmas spirit to both young and old. A spirit of friendship prevails in Alpha Chi Omega. late gatherings.. a few words here and there 2313 Warring Street of friendship and unity Carolyn Lockie Jane Mazzoni Nancy Miller Nancy Milne Beverly Russell Pam Schubert Janet Smith Sigrid Toreson SOPHOMORES Jane Armstrong Judy Armstrong Kris Clark Nancy Davis Laureen Finn Louise Geist Elizabeth Harris Parki Hoeschler Nancy Irwin Ronnie Krasnow Gabriella Leonhard Patt Mastick Chris Miller Carole Morrow Stephanie Smith Jane Turner Dee Wild FRESHMEN Julia Grau Denise Grieve Diane Williams Sherry Lawyer 117 After participating in a vigorous fall rush, Alpha Delta Pi initiated 23 pledges. Their enthusiasm in a joint project with Lambda Chi: a Christmas party given for the benefit of a local senior citizens ' home. The new year was heralded in by the Pledge Dance on January 7. The girls even gave powder puff football a try. The house was well represented in such as Oski Dolls, Rally Committee, and many queen contests. Fall pledging with 23 new girls. SENIORS Sue Carlsen Stephanie Hamlin Diann Hill Tina Kollias alpha delta successful Linda Michelotti Linda Schacht Carol Smith Kathy Walker JUNIORS Sherri Boles Margie Dill Carol Foudy Maureen Janes Barbara Klein Genie Melone Judy Mushfeld Judy Rasmussen Linda Salyers Sherry Sheffield Donna Stepp 118 pi has rush year 2400 Piedmont Avenue Mary Lou Swift Annamaire Talunas Margo Wilford SOPHOMORES Wendy Bollier Lilla Buck Sharon Cabaniss Kathi Davis Marsha Hayburn Bette Heuler Darcy Kelly Janet Kepford Karen Klein Joan McGiff Mary Rice Sue Salmon Cathy Sharp Carole Schmidt Barbara Travaglio Pam Wells Paula Zacher Chris Zakarian FRESHMEN Janice Cate Camille Collier Rosemary Edwards Laurie Grunwald Kathy Ham Sue Huss Ellen Meifert Sheila Pruitt Tina Roeder Gerrie Rostron Vickie Tiernan 119 santa trades sleigh for red mustang SENIORS JoJo Donsky Liz Freund Helen Goodman Louise Goodman Lori Jacobs Sharon Jagoda Jackie Key Betsy Levin Joan Matter Marilyn Stein Linda Wittenberg JUNIORS Ann Bettleheim Alpha Epsilon Phi and Pi Lambda Phi gave. a Christmas party on December 11 for underprivileged children in the and Berkeley area. They played and danced with the children before a big turkey dinner. Around two o ' clock, Santa Claus and his helper arrived in a red Mustang convertible with tons of packages. The children were thrilled by the gifts. The two houses gave the childrens ' school a croquet set and a giant toy car. It was a most successful day! alpha epsilon phi throws party for underprivileged children ... Gloria Brown Joni Chapman Sandi Cooper Ellen Winston SOPHOMORES Barbara Adashek Lynn Bailess Marilyn Belove Karen Carash Gale Feldman Toni Feldmar Nancy Feldstein Marilee Fountain Jill Schlesinger Sharon Simms Janet Goldberg Eileen Kollman Bette Liberman Janet Litmen Pam Maubry Rennie Michael Carla Stone Patti Tyre 120 Patti Ruvkun Andi Seligman Hinda Silberstein Sandy Turk Lynn Zalkind FRESHMEN Barbara Blatteis Linda Cahn Carol Degen Marcy Elkind Sue Gershenson Bobbie Glick Gail Goldstein Jane Lewis Karen Lloyd Pam Naiman 2401 Piedmont Avenue Joann Novack Linda Reich Laurie Rosenman Sandy Flitterman Karen Friedman Jane Grossman Ellie Levy Lynn Freschl Cindy Gilman Lori Hackel Nancy Rosenberg Karen Siegel Cindy Sobel Lois Tuckerman Marcy Weiss Gale Weisberg 121 alpha gives Alpha Gamma Delta spirit shown at fall pledging. SENIORS Barbara Byrn Kathleen Cairns Sylvia Clay Janet Dahlberg Diane Davidson Carolyn Ferris Jane Hammell Joan Hubbard Mary Hufnagel Leanne McWaters Pamela Michel Gerda Packard Suzanne Portello Barbara Roberts Thomasina Rosenberg Julie Shaw Darlene Stevens Anita Von Flue Gail Wilson JUNIORS Edith Chamberlain Sue Conner Kathleen Finn Anita Hall Sharon Holmes Marna Kellner Judith Kerr Margaret Milstead Adrienne Morales Janice Ritzhau Dorothy Russell 122 gamma delta achievement dinner Alpha Gamma Delta started off the school year with a traditional ribbon pledging ceremony, followed by a week later. The year was by many exciting events exchanges, Christmas parties, pinnings, engagements, and an May morning breakfast. The of the year, however, was an Achievement Dinner at which Dr. Raymond Miles, professor o f Business Administration, Alpha Gamma Delta ' s Faculty Fellow was present. The evening as well as the entire school year was an extremely beneficial one. 2424 Warring Street Sherry Swanson Roxanne Tess Dawn Urbais SOPHOMORES Sylvia Brown Dorthy Callow Kathleen Cochran Pamela Deats Carolyn Dowd Leigh Evans Mary Leigh Ferrell Karen Gustavson Virginia Long Kristen Luker Linda Lundgren Kathleen Nesbitt Carol Noji Patrice Robbins Karen Sborov Jean Schoales Kathleen Steel Katherine Stone Cynthia Swanson Jean Thompson Kathryn Walt Karen White FRESHMEN Carola Ashford Joan Ferris Carol Quellmalz Christine Reding Margo Scharing Deborah Smith 123 a year of fun ... Alpha Omicron Pi, the house on the hill, took great pride in its scholarship, as well as campus activities. The girls were active in organizations like Oski Dolls, Panile, Treble Clef, and the Honor Society. Social activities included the Initiation Dance, exchanges, and the winter and spring formals. The girls will remember the nights spent in pompon construction, studying for midterms, and writing long term papers. Yet interlaced through these will be the memory of the spontaneous fun which was so much a part of Alpha Omicron Pi this year. SENIORS Kathy Boyl Loralee Campbell 2311 Prospect Street Bonnie Cancienne Mary Lynn Dick Pat Hamilton Elaine Haritos Ayris Hatton Traude Kriz Pat Lathrop Kitty Mika Sue Pezzaglia Barb Randall Anne Ruud Diane Schroder JUNIORS Penny Almquist Sheri Farnell Jan Ferguson Penny Gentilly Corinne Groper Evan Harris Cathy Hector Vicki Kay 124 alpha omicron pi members are active on campus Jodie Siebe Cathy Watson JoAnn Wilberding SOPHOMORES Pat Brautigam Becky Butler Jeanne Butler Cindy Graham Gail Hamilton June Hargrove Connie King Pamela Price Bev Schor Valerie Wickland FRESHMEN Chris Viktor Shari Webb Carol Kimball Susan McShirley Barb Peppard Nancy Selber a year filled with memories... 125 SENIORS Christine Allen Joyce Bartlett Marilyn Blower Sandy Hall Anne Kennedy Jan McCarthy Karen Parshall Jean Saxe Kathy Scott JUNIORS Mickey Bent Nancy Binger Kasi Carlson Carolyn Clark Page Fisher Barbara Haag Jeanne O ' Conner Pam Owings Jennifer Shaw Margaret Sisson Ellen Salassi Julie Totten Deborah Widmer SOPHOMORES Jean Ablan Josselyn Ames Julie Basch year of accomplishment for alpha phi 1965 was a busy year for the girls of Alpha Phi. A Father-Daughter fall dinner was held and also a Mother-Daughter spring luncheon. The girls gave a Christmas Party for underprivileged children and also adopted the National Heart Association as their Philanthropic program. Always athletically active, Alpha Phi won the Women ' s Intramural Tennis Championship as well as participating in the Powder Puff League. The spring season was highlighted by the Spring Formal, initiation, sneaks and the Senior Quake. 2830 Bancroft Steps 126 127 Enthusiasm prevails? Nancy Balderman Barbara Bonner Kathy Boudett Lynn Burrows Merle Chambers Denise Domerque Marti Heath Marti Knecht Cindy Martin Nancy Norton Chris Phillips Lois Rice Laurie Spaulding Paige Whittell Nancy Young Gail Tuck FRESHMEN Chris Bergren Annella Coenen Leslie Grant Terry Hill Terry Powell Carla Roth Cathy Selway Barbara Winslow Susan Ziegler SENIORS Linda Beber Marilyn Blanchard Barbara Ewing Susan Fahs Susan Frazell Sue Jones Leslie Lafayette Nancy Lenn Pat MacDonald Toni Rommel Cindy Wilkinson JUNIORS Chris Auburn Brenda Bell Nancy Gherlone Kerry Harper Ginny Harrell Susan Mortensen SOPHOMORES Bonnie Belden Faye Brown Judi Calvert Sue Cannata Anita Hanna Cathy Johnston Antoinette Nolan Marie Prahser Judi Shane Denise Weiner Susan West Phyllis York FRESHMEN Karen Huntsberger Mary Kreick alpha xi delta emphasizes scholastic excellence The Alpha Xi Delta ' s showed an enthusiastic ap- proach to rush and gained eleven pledges last fall. The pledge sneak was a great success, leaving the actives outraged. Firesides and the annual Faculty Banquet at Thanksgiving headed house activities. On campus, the Alpha Xi ' s participated in. Gamma Delta Epsilon, the Daily Cal, and other activities. The house sponsored Stan Dzura ' s victory for Santa Claus. The highlight of the social season was the winter formal and the spring Rose Formal. By discontinu- ing study table the previous year, the Alpha Xi ' s moved to second place in sorority scholarship, and maintaining this was of prime concern to the house this year. Alpha Xi Delta supports Cal Camp. 128 Nancy Ganoway, right, from Alpha Xi Delta receives Panhellenic scholarship. sorority girls combine good scholar ship, enthusiasm in sports, and wholesome group living Thetas show the latest in fashions during an evening of fun. One more yard 129 2421 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Chris Darrow Stephanie Kaiser Karen Madfes Marilyn Ageno Jan Ebert Pat Kelly Mary Beth Mulvey Linda Booth Faye Eggerding Pam Kitto Lindsay Parker Linda Jo Brown Alice Frank Dee Hawk Cheri Peterson Karen Carjola chi omega inspires individual and group enrichment Every group should exist for the enrich- ment of its members. Chi Omega helps members develop their individual capa- cities and encourages them to share these abilities with others. Chi Omega helps its members perfect the art of living and working with people; it offers experi- ences worth cherishing; it affords inspir- ations for guidance throughout life. A Chi Omega is a young woman of supe- rior intelligence, clothed in poise and culture, with a balance of wisdom, seren- ity, strength, and sweetness, and with a happy release of energy toward worth- while goals. ,„„.. 111M11110.4Smaa awsatrsayr I 1141 130 Sue Rau Claire Recsei Carolyn Rickard Nancy Ross Linda Davis Marilyn Edwards Stevie Ellis Jeanne Fralic Kathryn Gant Judy Gerritsen Lora Getchel Sue Haas Paula Kokores Pat Manning Cheryl May Corky Miller Carol More Liz Pierson Diana Powers Sandy Sayre Susan Stark Cathy Theobald Kathryn Urner Barbie Wright Sue Wolff SOPHOMORES Julie Casassa Judy Coffman Jane Dickel Karin Elliot Alfreda Fry Marcia Graham Susanna Jack Julienne Lemoine Julie McMeans Cathy Mulvey Jan Reber Susanna Sciutto Wendy Stone Leslie Urch Linda Wood FRESHMEN Nancy Danielson Patti Hutch Barbara Hymes Chris Presti Hazel Schroeter Jan Zealer JUNIORS Mary Jane Burns Chris Carrier 131 the girls send xmas privileged SENIORS Besty Douds Joan Eggleton Gail Francis Mary Hildreth Martha Hunter Jill Jenkinson Shelby Markwart Jane York JUNIORS Janice Anderson Paula Andre Kathy Black Pam Chappell Kande Devendorf Danielle DeRoo Martha Frank Lenore Freschi Kaaren Iverson Cammy Leggett Cindy Martin Mary McDonagh Mary Michael 132 elta delta delta cheer to under- children The girls of Delta Delta Delta are very in- terested in serviceto their community. In the past, donuts have been sold, car washes sponsored, and collections made for vari- ous worthy causes. The girls have always been well represented at the YWCA as Girl Scout leaders, tutors, and hospital volun- teers. But this year the Tri Delts consider their Christmas party, given with one of the fraternities, to be the most enjoyable and rewarding activities of the season. Underprivileged children from the East Bay area were entertained around a fire- side with songs, cookies, cider, and games. The high point of the party was the arrival of Old Saint Nick himself. Everyone left overflowing with Christmas cheer. One wonders who had more fun — the Tri Delts or the children. Suzy Mounts Barbara Murphy Mary Ann Rusk Kathy Ryan Stephanie Schnabel Donna Soehrens Lani Thomson Wendy Tyler Jill Varney Donna Weir SOPHOMORES Janet Bainbridge Sue Barr Lindsey Brown Sue Burnett Alison Clark Karen Colberg Paula Freschi Stefan Harvey Deeanne Madden Jan Martin Maisie McCarty Jane Rutherford Karla Savage Sharon Shyer Wendy Strobel Marilyn Tatarian Diana Vandersloot FRESHMEN Chris Brown Cathy Bull Carolyn Corker Laurel Crosbie Kathy Niccolls Becky Redman Vicki Schmidt Sharon Vannucci Carolyn Vallerga 133 Jan Culver Pat Dolan Jean Kalbach Midge Lindsay Patti Patterson Charlene Preszler Jean Rag Kathy Rhoda Irene Sarocka Kathy Snow Lynne Van Swearingen Nancy Wheeler Lynne Wisdom JUNIORS Mary Bevan Karen Colyear Linda Cyrog Mimsy Dexter April Drew Chris Felix Susan Gary Joan Gurvich Chris Hutchison Marty Kelso Joan Leathers SENIORS Irene Agee Margi Ashe Teppie Brown Ellie McAdam Nancy Mclsaac Leslie Marble Sydney Pamphilon Anne Paulson Patty Renwick Laurel Shearer SOPHOMORES Carol Barker Jane Beeson Lin Bonsall Bette Borden Jane Bryan Cam Corlett Janet Farley Ruta Hagmann Ann Haney Cathy Harvey Marilyn Howe Carol Kizziah Tisha Baldwin Carolyn Banker 134 delta gamma traditional enthusiasm for house and campus activities Delta Gamma is a place for friendships and growth through house and campus activities. House functions such as firesides and singing, sneaks and serenades, and exchanges with other living groups provide hours of enjoyment for the girls. Faculty, scholarship dinners, and tradi- tional Monday night meetings allow Delta Gam- mas to share with others and to widen their own interests. This year the house participated in intramurals and in the Powder Puff football tournament. Girls were represented in Oski Dolls, Panile, Prytanean, Mortar Board, Rally Comm, Brick Muller, and other ASUC activities. On many Sundays as well, girls worked with children at the Berkeley School for the Blind, in conjunc- tion with their national project. 2710 Channing Way Cathie Kosel Sherri Raap Cindy Smith Suzanne Browne Poppy Eager Mary Jacoby Nancy Shipman Erin Lyon Robin Reynolds Carol Stephens Carolyn Cochrane Patty Jackson Carol Morse Carol Simpson Janet Mauel Debbie Schnell Chris Curie Gretchen Jacobsen Leal-Ann Senram Kerry Warnock FRESHMEN Millie Alexander 135 delta phi epsilon sponsors spaghetti feed for cystic fibrosis fund SENIORS Linda Block Patti Camras Elyse Cohen Barbie Feinstein Margie Felmus Irene Fishman Ronnie Fishman Carole Gerwin Linda Harris Brooke Hyland Laury Jasporice Ina Karish Julie Kruger Bev Kushnick Rona Landy Marion Levien Claudia Miller Sharon Miller Kandy Riave Ellen Schlachter Nancy Schultz JUNIORS Linda Abrams Marilyn Aiches Bobbi Barnes Linda Felsenthal Barbara Freeman Emilie Harris Diana Miller Donna Packer Wendy Stark SOPHOMORES Helen Barnett Bonnie Blum Karen DeGroot Michelle Dubrow Ellen Freeman Barbara Goldberg Carole Greenberg Linda Hayden Lori Horwitz Joan Jampel Cecilia Kagan Beverlee Katz 136 Reflections of warm, friendly times .. firesides characterized by gay voices, guitars, and popcorn . . . a Halloween Party .. . . a Little-Angel Christmas Party . . . a Pledge Dance . . . a Spring Formal. Reminiscences of planning and work- ing together . . . Philanthropic pro- jects including a Spaghetti Feed to raise money for the Cystic Fibrosis Fund . . . entrance in the Ugly Man Contest. Remembrances of spirited and ener- getic times . . . participation in Pow- der Puff Football. . . . many recollections of times at Delta Phi Epsilon all contributing to the excitement and value of another college year. Hilda Krug Leslie Libbey Ronna Locks Donne Mills Pam Potash Ellen Shavelson Bobbie Spindel Judi Spindel Andy Stawisky Linda Steinberg Gina Strumwasser Helen Urwitz Carol Wolf Candy Zander FRESHMEN Marlene Alter Robbi Concoff Sue Edelstein Rhoda Greenfield Cindi Kass Janis Levine 2455 Prospect Street 137 SENIORS Lilia Cesar Alix Davis Kenna Howell Cindy Petrelli Page Walker Carol Wickwire JUNIORS Sally Blagborne D. Campana-pinto Meg Coffelt Kathy Fredericks Sarah Hatch Gail Johnson Babs Nash Kathy Oelman Bridget Smith Audrey Tittle Trudy Turner Laurel Welz SOPHOMORES Sue Alves Carol Bergfeld Pat McNulty Barbara Mainprice Sharon Richards Peggy Tisdel FRESHMEN Annie Mowrey Chris Sullenger Kathy Wade delta zeta celebrates 50th anniversary 1965 was a golden year for Mu chap- ter of Delta Zeta as the members cele- brated its 50th anniversary on the Ber- keley campus. The school year started with formal rush and a multitude of activities. These included exchanges, a pledge dance, the winter formal at the Mark Hopkins, and the agony of finals. Members were selected for Pry- tanean, Treble Clef, Women ' s Rally Comm, Panile, and Phi Chi Theta. 138 Pi Phi ' s enjoy Parisian fling. Initiates of Delta Zeta show off pledge paddles. sorority life ... pledge sneaks and skits ... parties with gay friends ...a lending hand from someone near a lifetime of memories 139 SENIORS Trixie Farrar Catherine Field Marlene Groezinger Judy Hamilton Karen Kessler Barbara Joy Carole Lumsden Francie Mecia Heidi Moll Marte Rees Cheri Slikker Kathie Steedman Patricia Wilkinson Donna Yando JUNIORS Bobbie Bennett Chris Block Kathie Bloom Nancy Brock Sara Eddy Kathy Ferguson Chris Gard Gail Gibson Pris Hecht Jean McCallum Babs Mullen Janet Myers Mary Phillips Judy Sherwood 140 2732 Channing Way gamma phi beta shows a fighting spirit! Passing by the various athletic fields during Big Game week, many boys were shocked to see teams of girls adorned in bright football jerseys, running, kicking, and throwing footballs. Amazons? No — only various living groups preparing for Big Game Week ' s Powder Puff Football Tournament. The success of the tournament last year assured its occurrence this year and probably for quite a while in the future. Bearing just as many black and blue bruises as anyone were the Gamma Phi Betas. Fighting to a victory over the A 0 Pi ' s, the Gamma Phi ' s combined thrilling run- ning and passing with a great rooting section led by their coaches, the Sigma Chi ' s. Being up with current campus political activities, the Gamma Phis staged a sit-in on the field during half-time. Gamma Phi ' s show this type of fighting spirit in all activities, even those that don ' t require black and blue bruises. Jeannie Yeomans SOPHOMORES Sue Bingham Patti Braner Joy Campagnoli FRESHMEN Judy Guibert Christy Hunt Jacquie Jamieson Barbara McFarland Marlene Cox Bev Davis Andy Hammond Karen Manheim Kathy Saunders Liz Shane Diane Smith Mary Stewart Carol McCann Pat Nelson Niki Nichols Cathy Pace 141 kappa alpha theta wins powder puff derby for second straight year Thetas are proud of their winning spirit — a combination of enthusiasm, hard work, and group efforts. This spirit brings success in sports, school activities, academics, and social life. Enthusiastic Kappa Alpha Theta cheered their team to victory in the First Annual Powder Puff Derby to open Big Game activi- ities. But a team is only as strong as its mem- bers, and individuals starred also in Axe Re- vue, Cal ' s annual talent show. Thetas are ac- tive in Oski Dolls, Prytanean, Panile, and B rick Muller Society. Goals were furthered with hard work in AWS, YWCA, Blue and Gold staff, Panhellenic Board, and intramur- als. 2723 Durant Val Daum Anne Davis Marj Fay Lisa Gianotti Penny Hearn Sterling Hilleary Mary Ellen Kern Janet King Jan MacDougall Elaine Mayer Betsy Moran Linda Olsen Liz Parrish Jean Scully Whitney Smith Sally Stuart JUNIORS Dianne Cairns Brandy Cravens Lynn Crawford Alex Frick Anne Harbordt Sue Hardy Dianne Hawley Joan Hofmann SENIORS Linda Baker Betsy Blossom Joyce Boring Pat Burton Shiela Clare 142 Gladys Houston Marcia Pierce Betsy Sellman Jackie Smith Jackie Stephens Molla Stojkovich Kaki Walker SOPHOMORES Posy Anderson Jane Brown Candy Cravens Jean Danilovich Debbie Doerflinger Zani Gage Mimi Gramatky Rikki Hakala Wendy Hill Barbie Hoskins Annette La Rue Diana Lott Sue Manning D ale Matsui Ginny Mayer Meredith McBurney Janet Nelson Mari Scurich Ann Thomas Marilyn Westberg FRESHMEN Joan Anthony Mary Sue Coyne Kat Davis Lori Ky le Mario Musto Linda Ralphs Sue Scott Polly Walker Peggy Walsh 143 kappa delta helps support handicapped children ' s center SENIORS Vickie Ertezek Ginger Fritts Ginny Gaffga Belinda Gray Marilee Green Brenda Manning Sonja Untiedt Nancy Van Norman Rae Wiles JUNIORS Pat Brugman Donna Burger Pam Burnett Shirley Clift Ann Dersheimer Susan Forbes Linda Fritz Vivian Hansen Cindy Howe Ann Ivanetich Caroline Jukes Judy Kennedy 2461 Warring 144 The girls of Kappa Delta have devoted a great deal of time this year to the We-care Center, a school for handicapped children. In addition to community service, the sorority sponsored a student from Thai- land, and participated actively in campus functions, including the Powder Puff Football Derby. The girls also enter women ' s intramurals in swimming, basket- ball, and bowling. Joyce McClain Ada Montessoro Mary Nelson Tina Olsen Mari Pease Sally Scales Gail Scott Ilene Wagner SOPHOMORES Laura Alfred Barbara Barry Tish Beedy Barbara Brinkley Ruth Brown Sheri Euttimer Julia Clifford Pam Edwards Stephanie Felheim Sue Freeborg Jean Goncalves Marykay Hartman Karen Hoffman Janet Klisura Cathy Koenig Judy Kronke Merri Jo Levinger Karen Mendelson Pam Newman Mary Paulson Ann Postag Phyllis Wilson FRESHMEN Michele Anton Sherri Brainard Noe11 Cline Susan Jones Joyce Saltalamachia Marianne Spamer Ginny Spangler Nancy Taylor Ruth Vogt Sandy Walsh 145 Mary Cramer Kathy Grant Kathy Hanks Mary Hills Linda Lee Johnson Jean Kirkwood Sally Leahy Kathy Luppen Jane McCarthy Soapy McCarthy Melinda Merritt Paula Neitz Sandy Neubarth Jackie Norwood Bea Nyburg Jane Railton Barbara Reichmuth Bobbi Sawyer NIaryly Snow Marilyn Steele Carol Sweeney Connie Wilhelm JUNIORS K illy Allan Chris Brinkman Tory Campion Jill Dickson George Ann Good Brennie Grant Lyn McClure Terry Perrin Margaret Pettus Nancy Rolander SENIORS Vicky Brant Shelley Brush Cindy Copple kappa kappa good times member Dinners at the Kappa House are an interest- ing occasion with Professor Andrew Imbrie of the music department as a frequent guest. As their faculty fellow, Professor Imbrie has spent many hours with the Kappas becoming a well-liked friend and also sharing his wide- spread knowledge of music. Looking back, the year was spent partici- pating in a variety of activities. The Kappas broke fingers and pulled muscles in the Pow- der Puff football tournament, discussed aca- demic reform in Prytanean and took a critical look at themselves during an evening of panel discussions on sorority living. In competitive activities, the girls added two more cups to their trophy case — a second place in Axe Revue and a fourth place in Powder Puff football. However, the most meaningful accomplishment this year for Kappa Kappa Gamma has been their im- proved scholarship record as they jumped from sixteenth to ninth place in the sorority academic standing. 146 relaxing during Presents .. . 2328 Piedmont Avenue Ann Schriber Mary Shirley Roxanne Spieker Mary Kay Webber Mardi Wetherbee Meredith White SOPHOMORES Sue Barton Meg Crosby Kim Durney Candy Evart Linda Green Ann Griffin Polly Hills Nancy Jones Marion McCord Cissy Moore Patty Newton Gay Rawlins Chris Schulte Carol Singleton FRESHMEN Diane Atterbury Ann Baker Sara Brandt Anne Campion Hope Julius Delanie Secor Susie Weigel gamma shares with faculty during 1965-66 147 phi mu stages roaring 20 ' s " dance V! Rheta Christensen Pam Everson Marilynn Foree Val Gamenara Bertha McKinley Donna Ordeman Kathie Wilson JUNIORS Larraine Abbott Connie Bandy Bonnie Golden Kathleen Hayes Pam Homer Nancy Julian Linda Kaufman Wendy Salter Anne Thompson SENIORS Kathleen Abbott Sue Barry Sandra Casper After careful scheming, the Phi Mu pledges threw a party that would have rivaled any of the " roaring twenties " blasts — one that Al Capone himself would have felt honored to attend. Amongst the flapping fringe, swinging beads and dashing spats were such noted persons of the underworld as Gasoline Al. Sicilian Rose, Marauder Mark, Baby Face Bart. The evening was highlighted by a vice raid, staged by two " loaded " criminology majors — Batman and Robin couldn ' t have done a better job. Also lurking about in the murky mist of min- gled memories is the " all-house " pilow fight, the winter formal held at the Jack London Inn, and the initiation banquet at the Clare- mont Hotel. Judy Wolff SOPHOMORES Kathy Anderson Margo Keller Lainie Kruger Pamela Madsen Christine Moynihan Rosy Nielsen April Rhyne Cheryl Saunders Claudia Schmidt Pinki Stevenson FRESHMEN Ginny Cooper Carole Himes Nancy Pinkham Barb Thieme 148 chase away those blues " with bathtub booze " Twenty-three skiddoo and how about you? 2425 Prospect Street Go for that touchdown! " roughing it up " with powder puff football 149 SENIORS Talie Bigelow Jean Blair Maureen Doughty Maureen Duffy Betsy Emery Ann French pi beta phi - The Pi Phi ' s started the year off right as they pledged twenty girls to their sorority. On campus, one senior won the position of Associated Women Students Chairman, several were in Oski Dolls, on AWS and active in Women ' s J-Comm. Susan was chosen as Snow Queen of the Cal Ski Club in October. 2325 Piedmont Avenue Sallie Gessler Sally Hall Pam Harvey Meg Olsen Bobbie Quaintaince Valerie Smith Pam Stillman Janet Wilson JUNIORS Karen Brant starting the year off right... Liz Crist Ann Dey Ginny Dolan Candy Gillmor Ann McLain Carolyn Pardee Sue Peck Jenny Reese Lynn Seawell Shaw Susan Spiller Robyn Swafford 150 pride in varied achievements Several girls were chosen as little of campus fraternities. November brought with it Powder Puff football, for which the girls prepared weeks in advance. In December, one of the girls served as a representative to the ASUC Constitutional Convention. The Pi Phi ' s can look back to this year with pride in their varied achievements. Sue Van Slambrouck Sally Yarbrough Toni Zacher SOPHOMORES Barbara Berry Marion Bulin Cathy Cole Connie Collins K.C. Cookson Kathy Cory " DD " Dwyer Barbara Koons Lexie Sifford Margie Stavrum Jane Stebbins Vicki Stevens Dagmar Thompson Suzy Ulrich FRESHMEN Libby Ames Joanne Bonner Ruth Brown Joan Cahill Barbara Cook Francie de Brettville Nancy Fisher Nancy Peck Heidi Pirog Robyn Ralph Libby Sinclair Martha Stevens Gay Terry Yvonne Thornburgh Eleanor Tobin 151 sigma kappa - 2409 Warring Street SENIORS Martha Abel Marily Allen Ann Avery Sharon Bachman Kathy Brown Andree Bruzzone Judy Coates DeDe Delucchi Alice Eastland Barbara Frost Lynne Giberson Charlene Hallaian Peggy Hawkins Karen Henderson Taffy Jones Jackie Latham, Bonnie List Sue Templeton Wendy Turner Nancy Zook JUNIORS Linda Andrews 152 " old memories and young hopes " " We must always have old memories and young hopes. " — Arsene Houssaye We remember . . . a great fall pledge class of 26 . . . open house after the football games . . . famous pairs at the Big-Little Sister Breakfast . . . caroling at Ashby . . . picnics and the merry-go-round in Tilden . . . the Father-Daughter Banquet . . . volley ball . . . initiation . . . firesides and folksinging . . . nights trying to solve the problems of the U. and the world . . . the Formal . . . Rosie ' s twentieth year with us . . . and the fall of the Kappa Sig house. Angele Bonura Marilyn Crane Liz Dunn Debi Dye Janet Frost M. McDaniel Candy Meacham Sue Moore Sharon Morjig Betsy Roberts Chris Schuetze Sue Watts FRESHMEN Marsha Crabtree Kathy Halloran Marilyn Morgan Linda Nelson Pat Pauli Joanne Scarsi Rhea Seddon Leslie Seebach Jane Sheffield Barbara Locatelli R. Loughman Jean McIntosh Marilyn Ramge Susan Rodgers Joan Self Terry Stambler Pat Williams Sandy Yost SOPHOMORES Emily Allen Sally An dree Bonnie Birsinger Sally Barr Bari Bradner Diana Davies Marlene De Sellem Diana Dorr Diane Drennen Shelby Fletcher Carol Gibson Margi Heiser Patti Helsel Morgan Hogan Marcia Huebner Sharon Jarvis Gail Johnson Naomi Kent 153 SENIORS Carol Anderson Ann Bills Marie Bird Claudia Cate Diane D ' Aoust Diane Desper Diane Fester Betsy Fowler Carol G rady Peggy Harlow Terry Harman Sue Lassen Barbara Miller Carolyn Owens Sheri Petersen Diane Philips 2310 Prospect Street zeta tau alpha golden at The 1965 Spring Sing Sweepstakes trophy was won by ZTA. 154 an active year ... During 1965-1966, Zeta Tau Alpha celebrated its Golden Anniversary at Berkeley. The year was highlighted by active participation in many student organizations and campus including Senate and Cabinet, Tower Flame, Panile, Prytanean, and Mortar Board. The members of ZTA have fond memories of Axe Revue and Spring Sing, the Christmas party for handicapped children, dances, firesides, and serenades — all of which played an important role in the house ' s education. The girls are proud that their Golden Anniversary proved to be as rewarding as it was challenging. New members take a moment to relax at the fall pledge dance. Patty Smallwood JUNIORS Janet Borba celebrates its anniversary cal Kathy Brajkovich Joan Cognetta Diane Dougherty Carol Gutman Gudrun Henderson Sharon McHugh Linda Mattson Jennifer Meux Meredith Tillotson SOPHOMORES Jane Accampo Sandy Harris Barbara LaForce Mary McFarling Kay Neri Trudy Procter Sandy Smith FRESHMEN Donna Krafft Pat Milano Linda Radar 155 fraternities 156 IFC EXECUTIVE COUNCIL — Standing, Left to Right: Matthew Connelly, Mike McEneany, Ned Spieker, Ray Gundlach, Charlie Petit, John Hanson, Bill Young. Sitting: Bill Heal, Steve Sachs, Buck Kingman, Page van Loben Sels, James Wessel. This year, the fraternity system operated to significantly contribute to an already viable University community. The Big Brother Program, which benefits underprivileged boys of the East Bay, the IFC-Panhellenic High School Symposium, which hosted 600 outstanding high school students to Berkeley, and the Faculty Speakers program were reorganized and expanded. Augmenting these programs, the IFC undertook a Blood Drive which collected 835 pints for soldiers wounded in Vitetnam and helped the highly successful " Navy Nights " by hosting naval personnel for Friday night meals. To elicit progress from a rapidly-changing University environment, new programs were initiated to replace antiquated ones. Spring Week was to show both the students and the outside community what this campus can and does accomplish daily. The fraternities also sponsored, in late spring, a week of addresses by three candidates for the Office of Governor of California. It is hoped that this year ' s fraternity involvement will further direction and impetus for both the university and fraternity men who will follow. interfraternity council adopts big brother program Chancellor Roger Heyns addresses fraternity group. 157 Margie Ashe princess athena Climaxing the 1965 Greek Week was the Ball held at the Claremont Hotel in the Berkeley Hills. The crown of the Greek Week Queen, known as Princess Athena, was awarded to lovely Margie Ashe, a senior in Delta Gamma. A Social Science Field major from Santa Monica, Margie has been active in Oski Dolls, Prytanean, Tower and Flame, and was Panhellenic Scholarship Chairman. After graduation, Margie plans to travel in Europe. 158 SENIORS Joe Coho Dick Cook Jim Heinitz Dick Hunter Bob Lamb Thomas Miller Dan Peletz Mike Smith Dick Whittaker JUNIORS Norm Clayton John Diehl Chuch Glenn Steve Gutman Tony Hoobler Peter Slapar SOPHOMORES Mike Callaway Craig Courtright Pete Foulke Dave France Pete Hanes John McCollum Though you could sit it out, huh? Skip Stevely alpha chi rho starts year with big splash Rushing started the year off right with Walt Brown ' s blues lasting the night Of beer and bids, nerves and smiles, House Manager ' s hopes and emotional trials. The War of the Roaches, the quest for a pup, the termites and ivy holding us up, Telluride ' s opera at two in the morn, — " We need a new flag, the old one is worn! " Benn ' s birthday, the Pledge Dance, a pinning or two, Batman, the Overnight, " Studying!!—YOU!? " Exchanges, sports, Glenn for Yell Leader, " Pledge, do what you can to keep the room neater! " Speakers, LaVal ' s, and many things To think this was only one year in four! 159 GRADUATES John Baker Donald Bergstrom Jon Bordner James Chang Gordon Davy Richard Goodman Horace Gray Dave St. Clair Joel Tellingshuisen John Thomas Baylor Triplett SENIORS Robert Ashley Rick Bertram Dave Davenport At Alpha Chi Sigma, a house of chemists, the front yard insignia is occasionally, in hard times, subject to unexplained alterations, seeming to that there are those in the community audacious enough to attribute some of the seamier aspects o f college life to even this bastion of ferment! front yard insignia Herbert Defreiz Bruce Henschel Sus Ikuta inspires men of alpha chi sigma Walter Krostek Bernard Lilly Kent Matsumoto Michael Schuyler Darryl Ting Lawrence Wolfson JUNIORS Roger Birnbaum Paul Dietrich Charles Doggett Wilfrid Tan Jack Thomas SOPHOMORES Marshall Coopersmith Larry Schick Edward Sharman 160 alpha delta phi has distinguished university faculty among its alumni One of the oldest Greek letter fraternities in the nation, Alpha Delta Phi, has had since 1908, a distinguished record at the of California. Among alumni associated with Cal and Alpha Delt are Daniel Coit Gilman and Benjamin Ide Wheeler, of the University; Jim Lemmon, Crew Coach; Truc k Collum, Freshman Coach; Lyman Porter, Professor of Psychology; and Steve Johnson, 1964 All " U " Athlete. The chapter house, located on Ridge Road with a commanding view of Berkeley and S.F. Bay, was completed in 1925, and still exhibits the traditional ivy-covered style of most Eastern fraternities. 2401 Ridge Road SENIORS Richard Alleman Sheridan Atkinson Don Fry Lon Metzger Jack Munson Phil Pierpont Robert Powell Schmitt Thomas Selfridge Richard Tietz Dennis Tominaga Tom Trower Wharton JUNIORS William Cook Scott Gregg John Leavitt Michael Marsh Mealiffe SOPHOMORES Jeffrey Frank Salin Schuyler Van Scoy FRESHMEN Larry Field Robert Gregg Phillip Omi Norbert Ralph 161 SENIORS Ervin Nelson Wayne Bannister Ken Kolberg Richard Watkins JUNIORS David Brown David Grisham Russell Hanscom Curtis Henke Tom Hinke John Logan Barry Masuda Michael Miller Kenneth Shaw Gerald Snell SOPHOMORES David Brodahl Jerry McCallum Dale McNally Earl Nelson FRESHMEN Paul McNally alpha gamma omega seeks an answer for individualism " For yourself, concentrate on winning God ' s approval, on being a workman with nothing to be ashamed of, and who knows how to use the word of truth to the best advantage. (2 Tim. 2:15) What is man? . . . . Does Life have any meaning or purpose? Who am I? AGO seeks to find these answers through Bible study, informal discussions, and social activities. LITTLE SISTERS OF MARANATHA Kathy Anderson Connie Bandy Carol Childs Diane Drennen Ruth Erickson Kathy Gant Gerry Gibbons Sheri Peterson Anne La Riviere Sally Scales Connie Tomal 162 alpha kappa lambda hosts jungle party The men of Alpha Kappa Lambda enjoyed another exciting and socially rewarding year. The pledges started things rolling with bright red smoke bombs announcing their sneak. A jungle nightmare provided the theme for this year ' s big fall party. The chapter house was transformed into the wilds of Africa with bamboo, palm leaves and tropical vines adding to the mood of the affair. SENIORS Steve Aker Charles Cauldwell Bob Hickerson Mark MacLaren Gary Margadant Chris Nelson Chet Wanvig Kirk Warnock Dave Way Mike Wehr JUNIORS Tom Jim Hodgdon John Shoras Evan Wilson SOPHOMORES Rich Cummings Dana Grau Wayne Lee Ben Reese Mark Rhoda John Westerberg Glen Wurts Ben Brown Mike Gaboury Hank Holmes Blyth Nelson Pete Sloan 163 SENIORS Steven Baskin Robert Bernstein Donald Britt Dennis Burger David Engel Holcenberg Peter Klein George Kornbluth Gene Osofsky Steven Reiner David Sucher JUNIORS Allen Fabrick Marc Fairman Mark Greenberg Bart Kaufman Lyon Eric Roberts SOPHOMORES Robert Adelman Jeffery Boyarshy Bruce Brodkey alpha epsilon pi participates actively in campus intramurals 164 a keen pursuit of competition ... a desire for success and pleasure... the brothers stage a strong attack Subduing early dominance of brought on by IFC acclaim for architectural design, the brothers of Pi house re-embraced hedonism as a dominant social philosophy. Once again transcending the mundane in the pursuit of the highest empyreal pleasures, the perspicacious turned to athletic prowess, demolition, and the by products of agricultural fermentation, thus insuring the fall semester ' s 2709 Channing Way Alan Brown Marc Dake Stanley Delugach Phillip Gould Roger Minkow Edward Olinger Bruce Smith Andrew Wiseman FRESHMEN Henry Cohen Jeffery Miller John Reiner Stanley Shernock 165 hawaiian party leads traditions at alpha sigma phi Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity has many traditional activities. Among some of these functions are a Black and White formal held in December, a Roaring Twenties dance held in the spring, a Spring Overnight, and a Hawaiian Dance which is the most important. One week of hard work prepares for the Hawaiian Dance. The house is decorated in the traditional Hawaiian style with over eight-hundred palm fronds, a papier mache volcano, a waterfall, and a flooded front porch which enables dates to be rowed to the front door - a romantic beginning to an exciting evening. GRADUATES Don Menees SENIORS Dan Bailiff Chuck Bale Gary Bowe Al Hill John Lenser Rich Riemke Stephen Rogers Paul Simon Mike Skinner Steve Walker JUNIORS Dave Bush Tom Fulton Jay Lensch Gary Ranson Gary Riegg Chuck Schwenck Bill Wasley SOPHOMORES Steve Akers Ed Ives Paul McDermott Mike Newman Geoffrey Pope FRESHMEN Rick Edwards Bill McLeod Larry Moser Felix Usis III Peter Dawg 166 2327 Warring alpha tau omega enjoys new chapter house SENIORS Bob Berlin Larry Conley Thomas Copley Pete Eklund Dave Fox Bob Hulsy Mike Kahan Nick Knueppel Jack Mattis Joe Meagher Dave Meister Morgan Miller John Moock Steve Paliwoda Mike Plunkett Andy Wacaser JUNIORS Fred Clark Larry Hengl Bill Snyder SOPHOMORES John Ensminger Maurie Holman Ken Horacek Jim Malone Mike Meagher Brent Neel FRESHMEN Steve McGehee Larry Thomas 167 SENIORS Walt Altorfer William Applegate Dave Callow Tim Cameron Jeffrey Davis Bob Goldsmith Keith Howard Doug Hudson Henry Huff Ross MacKay on Niggeman George Peterson Marshall Rose Ned Spieker Rich Taylor JUNIORS Pete Albert Eric Albronda Richard Brown Gary Cornelius George Crist Bill Frost Ned Hoppin Roger Hurt Neils Larsen Marty Nielson beta theta pi welcomes new structure 2621 Ridge Road beta theta pi enjoys new chapter house Beta Theta Pi has one of the strongest fraternities in the nation. With over one hundred chapters, it is still growing. At Cal this growth is very evident with the completion of the Beta ' s new chapter house. It has plenty of room for the men living in, and gives them ample space for parties and house functions. The Beta alumni take an active interest in the house, and it was their continuous support that made the new house possible. Jon Sammann Gary Shreyer Paul Stephens Bob Sternfels Eric Unruh John Walsh SOPHOMORES Rick Borden Larry Hart Mike McEneany Andy Neumann Tom Simpson Steve Thaman FRESHMEN Geoff Anderson Mike Drewes Blair Evans Steve Fallai Charles Frost John Huff Elliott Josi Jeff Taylor 169 SENIORS Crandall Bay Tim Carr Jack Coplen Gary Craycroft Jim Cumming Gary Davis Tod Gregory Tom Herget John Hutchinson Michael Mellon Meyer Mark Rodebaugh James Street Scott Wild JUNIORS Paul Aebersold Tom Clarke John Cosby Jeffrey Dunstan Jeffrey Palmer Lance Widman One more plank on t he deck of the " sinking " fraternity ship? No goldfish-swallowers, we . . . . Gregory the giant and Mirman the midget, lovable Hutch and terrifying Mellon, Dibble the sportsman and Geffeney the artist, the enthused and the skeptical, the " sensible " and the sensual, the lover and the loner: lead to the mingling of beer cans and well-used books, Vespas and Mustangs, ribald bull sessions and high-level dialogues, crowded, loud parties and lonely, quiet excursions, 3.8 ' s and 1.5 ' s . . . . all under the watchful eye of the little old lady next door. chi phi teams for big game their reward One more round ... 170 The Axe Review picket line ... up with kappas axe review skit is second place SOPHOMORES Michael Boss David Brown William DeWert Ian Dibblee Stephen Dyer Jim Ellis Michael Ipson FRESHMEN Jamie Bennett William Kritikos Larry Miller Geoffrey Mirman Richard Nevins 171 GRADUATES Ken Miller SENIORS Dale Hukari Tom Jones chi psi emphasizes good scholarship Jim McCabe Bob Viale JUNIORS Bob Arnberg Bob Cross Rob Myers Jeff Parrish Dan Peterson Jon Rosenthal Steve Sheaff SOPHOMORES Richard Boone Rick Eiger Norm Howe Tim Klement Bill Leavens Jim Reinsch Mike Skei Pete Tamuleuich Jerry Tognetti FRESHMEN Rich Pinger Fred Reinsch and an active social life Founded on the Berkeley campus on November 1, 1895 and nationally on May 20, 1841 at Union College, Chi Psi now consists of twenty-six chapters. The men of the Berkeley chapter, Alpha Delta Delta, participate in intramural sports. Scholastically the members have been constantly improving, winning the IFC Scholarship Award in the Fall of ' 63 while participating in Big Game, House Dec ' s and Big " C " Sirkus. At present the men of Chi Psi are working toward a new Lodge to be built during the summer of 1966. 2311 Piedmont Avenue delta chi condemned chapter house After the enormous success of last semester ' s social season in which Delta Chi refinished the dining room, the Abracadabra chapter forged into 1965-1966 looking forward to even greater things, like replacing the ruined woodwork in the rooms. One of the biggest events of the fall semester was the tiling of the house manager ' s shower by the house officers after he reversed his decision to condemn the third floor. Notable events of the spring included the three week labor " party " in which half of the front yard was reclaimed from North Strawberry Creek. 1756 LeRoy GRADUATES Chris Cleland Leon Kaufman Paul Lin SENIORS Dave Bragg Dan Breck Paul Dubois Les Ellis Gene Petrocelli JUNIORS Steve Bilyeu George Dicochea Mark Hynes James McWalters James Smith SOPHOMORES Bruce Chaney George Hamilton John Hewitt FRESHMEN Eric Anderson MASCOT Winston 173 delta kappa epsilon combines academics and good fun Delta Kappa Epsilon, one of the national fraternities, founded its Theta Zeta chapter on the University of California campus in 1876, making it one of Cal ' s first fraternities. At the beginning of every fall semester, the Dekes open their parking lot to students, faculty, and alumni for a reunion before the beginning of classes. 2302 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Tony DeMaria Russ Fisher Steve Robinson Barry Starke Bill Uren Mike Whitman JUNIORS Barry Baron Mike Beeman Creighton Churchill Peter Griffith Bill Ince Jim Stent Torlen Wade SOPHOMORES Rich Chisholm Charles McCormick FRESHMEN Bill Alexander Bob Holden 174 SENIORS Michael Bixler Ronald Covey Al Hartman Caesar Michael Karsch Phil Litts Edward Mendonca Dean Owens Eric Rasmussen James Schelling John Spencer Farrell Sutton Richard Vargus JUNIORS Thomas Dittmar Richard Gleitsmann Joseph Hughes Stanley Inouye Jeffrey Lundstrom James Molineux Steve Passin Joe Peel Robert Runde Donald Schlotz delta sigma phi fraternity celebrates 50th anniversary on berkeley campus 2415 Prospect Street This is the golden year for Hilgard chapter of Delta Sigma Phi. The chapter was estab- lished at Berkeley in 1915. Hilgard honors the famous professor of agriculture who taught at Cal. Many traditions have evolved since our beginning. One thing in particular that Hilgard encourages is participation on the campus and in the student community, as well as within the Delta Sigma Phi national fraternity. In keeping with these ideas, the dream girl contest is opened to the university community, whose votes decide the semi-finalists for the contest. The culmi- nation of the contest is the choosing of the Dream Girl at the Carnation Ball, our fall formal. The major spring fling is the Sailor ' s Ball, an informal party of equally tremen- dous quality. 175 delta sign ' are active in campus affairs and with their national fraternity Arthur White FRESHMEN William Brubaker Gary Pottenger Jack Rozance Victor Yool Ilif David Sears Mark Grubbs Randall Trowbridge Randolph Hepworth Michael Williamsen James Kissinger Ronald Winkler Wiley Martin Gregory Rapp SOPHOMORES Mark Schoepfle Richard Bass James Cowart 176 dream girl of delta sigma phi Miss Penny Almquist, this year ' s Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi, hails from, Millbrae where she was president of her high school class, a yell-leader, and participated in the All-Peninsula Conference. Penny is a Social Science Field major and a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority. A junior, she has been active in Calettes, Brick Muller, and as a Panhelle- nic Model. Penny is also an alternate pompon girl. 177 delta tau delta highlights fall social season with elegant soiree Perhaps the highlight of the Fall Social Sea- son was an elegant champagne soiree. Many of the young smart set enjoyed dancing to the music of Jimmy Ballard and his orches- tra. Some of the young fashionables admired the newly redecorated powder room. Among them was attractive Sherry Bowles, chic in a dress designed for her by F. W. Woolworth and trimmed with regurgitation. Lovely Maisie McCarty, stunning in an emetic dress, was chatting with Susie Brown, stylish in her frock covered with birded highlights. The food, music, and especially the young ladies were most delightful indeed. SENIORS Gary Bosley Wayne Condict Larry Francis Chip Gillette Tom Hensley Gary Holmes Gary Kilpatric Bob Koehler Marc Lorenzen Tim Lyons Jack McKeown Steve Quick Jamie Sutton Tom Tracy Dennis Warth Ray Williams Bill Worthington JUNIORS James Ballard Doug Bell T. Scott Brooke John Danilovich Stu Drange Jeff Egeberg Bill Fain Jack Hennessy John Hoefer Pete Kegel Mike Leidner 178 Rob Grant Bob Jacobel Jim McCleary Steve Shower Ken Todd Randy Wise Ken High Nick McCaunaghy Tim Melchior FRESHMEN Tim Tynan Harry Elliot Ric Fisher Randy Wilson Frank Sproul a commanding view from the hill ... 2425 Hillside Jan Reeves John Rice Bill Shattuck Bruce Steckel John Stryker James Wheary SOPHOMORES John Alexander 179 delta upsilon stages fashion show for mothers SENIORS Douglas Allen David Campbell David Crockett Walter Diangson Michael Flo William Graham Campus and social events fill the ma- jority of the year, but the members of Delta Upsilon make time for many extra curricular activities. In addition to the swinging week-end parties and dances, the DU ' s staged a fashion show with the help of their active Mother ' s Club and several cheerful and willing coeds who modelled. With a strong determination to make a little money, every man put forth his strength to make the show a success for all. It is this drive and spirit during the year which keeps Delta Upsilon a close fraternity. David Heaslett Martin Klitten Henry Rimmer 180 Robert Schiffner Stephen Shaw Eugene Trotter JUNIORS Chip Bailey Richard Creighton Walter Dwelle Kit Harnett Gus Kious Richard Levaro Gordon Linden Ralph Lombardi Steve Long 2425 Warring Street Clarke Cole Charles Denton Robert Dillon Andrew Smith Douglas Steel Thomas Van Meter Edgar Weddle Jeff Williams FRESHMEN Gary Knecht Alex Kassatkin Michael Mahoney Greg Malley Gene Parker Thomas Phair Gregg Schiffner Steve Scott Jeff Taylor John Welty Charles Petit Charles Scurich Michael Sipos SOPHOMORES Andrew Bell James Birdwell 181 2425 Piedmont Avenue kappa alpha celebrates centennial with active year Kappa Alpha Order celebrates the 100th Anniversary of its founding and we, the men of Alpha Xi Chapter celebrate our 70th year on the California campus. Kappa Alpha is proud of its Southern heritage as the ry and high ideals of our founding fathers continue to be examples for our lives. Strong ties of brotherhood bind our lives and ence our actions. Our Southern traditions encompass what was honorable and pure in the life of such an outstanding gentleman and American, Robert E. Lee. SENIORS John Calhoun Jim Heinzer Steve Honett Jack Nagan Jordan Neri Mike Nichols Bill O ' Neill Wyn Tunnicliff Lee Van Brederode Jerry Wallace Jeff Wolff JUNIORS David Humphrey Bruce Moorad Lynn Rickard Rick Taylor SOPHOMORES Greg Baecher Randy Boyd Bill Dopkins Jack Fraser Tim Ingham Bill Lanzer Jim Lawrence Dave Nelson Bryce Robinson Lee Steffensen Rich Vogel FRESHMEN Jon Boot John Canova Fred Fielding 182 1966 rose queen The 1966 Kappa Alpha Rose Queen is Miss Carolyn Banker, a 19-year-old sophomore transfer, who spent her freshman year at Pitzer College in Southern California. Carolyn, who hails from Piedmont, is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and a Political Science major. In her spare time she likes to ski. She was selected out of a field of 20 contestants, and presided over the 70th annual KA Dixie Ball this spring, where she was officially crowned. 183 jungle party swamps kappa delta rho Things to remember . . . A Wild Jungle Party, Hal ' s other date, The Blue Blemish, The Pierce Machine, The C.A., The Ski Dance — Hal and Bill going down on skis, Dave and Bob on Oski Comm, Dave in Californians, The Badminton Jocks, Guy ' s and Rick ' s law exams, Big Happenings in Dave ' s room .. . Paul Luyendyk Scott Eliott Rex Hjelm Brann Johnson Bryan Rianda Dave Shelburne Tom French Bill Hull John Pritchard Pete Sherry Bill Hiddleson Jim Jarvis Bruce Rianda Tom Vortman SOPHOMORES Zoli de Hayden Bill Young FRESHMEN Don Vilbrandt SENIORS Don Brinkmann Ed Chapla William Corbett Hal Eastman Richard Horning Chuck Larsen Lenard Lepera Dennis Mulhall Guy Saperstein Bill Scott Dave Sharon Ken Truitt Jim Wessel Andy Woods JUNIORS Jack Campbell Bob Hall 184 fraternities survive rain and storm mud and music ground breaking ceremony at site of new kappa sigma house Rich Stafford Vic Young JUNIORS Don Bunch Tom Butterworth t44 14944 ‘5kr-tat. cfrrntr SENIORS Rick Cohan Tom Curry Kip Douglas John Gilchrist Dave Howekamp Frank Griswold Ken Mullen Barry Hamilton Tom Smelser 186 Bill Cook Jim Curlett Steve Davis Bob Leyman John McKibben Pete Thelin SOPHOMORES John Coreris Ned Heasty Bill Kugler John Lounsbery Roger Owens Bob Stanfield Bob Vaughn Steve Weeks FRESHMEN Bob Andres Chris Fitzhugh Rich Haas Tom Henle meanwhile ... SENIORS George Baker Chip Bell Bill Callaway Mike Crow Dick Cunningham Dick Dowell Vic Gonsalves Joel Grey Ray Gundlach Nick Lymberis Will Randolph Judd Stanley Rich Strangio Ted Tobby Earl Winkler JUNIORS Joe Amundsen Bob Cattolica John Korte Kevin McGinty Pat McMurray Duane Miller lambda chi alpha finds 1965-66 season one of most productive in over fifty years 1755 LeRoy Avenue 188 Tim Theiss Larry Vaughn FRESHMEN Larry Berry Ed Edson Richard Martyr Jay Westphalan Lambda Chi Alpha has been a " Northside Fraternity " since 1913. Founded as the 13th of 158 international chapters, it has occupied its present site since 1925. Ruling over a large section of Strawberry Creek, our envied yard has been the scene of many exchanges, par- ties, and alumni gatherings. The 1965-66 season was one of our most productive; as always, we were leading competitors in intra- mural sports and scholastic ratings. At this writing, plans are in readiness for the 1966 Daffodil Festival, our 21st! Bob Murray Marc Petas Gordon Tornberg Randy Wheaton SOPHOMORES Dan Crowe Vince Gibbert Freeman Harris Robert Koch Craig McCreight Larry Norris John Oakley John Robertson 189 daffodil queen Each spring at Berkeley is ushered in by the annual Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Festival. The daffodils, over 100,000, are sold on and off campus for a week by Lambda Chi ' s and California coeds, and the pro- ceeds are donated to charity — in the past years to the World University Service. The week of the fes- tival is culminated by the selection of a Daffodil Queen and court from blonde contestants represent- ing the women ' s living groups at Cal. Reigning this year as Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen is blue-eyed, blonde Melinda Merritt, a Kap- pa Kappa Gamma from La Jolla. Melinda has always squeezed numerous campus activities between her social science studies: Oki Dolls, Prytanean, Gavel and Quill Honor Society and AWS Board. Melinda, the Senior Class secretary-treasurer, is now serving as Lambda Chi ' s hostess. 190 2395 Piedmont Avenue phi gamma delta throws fiji island ball each spring One of the outstanding social events of the year for Phi Gamma Delta is the Fiji Island Ball, held each spring. The cou- ples enjoy the exotic surroundings of a tropical paradise, and dress festively f or the occasion. In addition to fun, the Fiji ' s participate actively in intramurals and campus activities. AEI Aft Mitt ups veil Amino 0„, SENIORS John Anderson Greg Bertagnolli Craig Clifford Pete Cowan Pete Downey Jim Elder Don Guest Dave Hennessey Bill Kadell Ray Kropp JUNIORS Mike Anderson Tom Anderson Pete Crosby Ron Duckhorn Wally Gallup Mike Geldert Lutz Kramer Jim Lindstrom Jeff Lockwood Mike Moore John Pollick Wade Reese George Reinhardt SOPHOMORES Don Carman Bob Grantham Ted Gruehl Russ Hall Rich Hill Jeff Marcus 191 SENIORS Rick Bentley Steve Colliau Ron Coverdale John Cox Bob Cross Jeff Cutler Dave Doerflinger Mike Edwards Arlen Feldman Munn Hinds Bob Howard Larry Lawrence Omar Noles Tim Ward JUNIORS Johannes Albeck Steve Cling Steve Cunningham Daryl Dorcy Steve Downing Warren Fox phi delta theta combines social calendar with high grade point 2717 Hearst Avenue Dave Freeman Bruce James John Lovewell Brian Prinn Dave Sylstra Manny Vlazakis SOPHOMORES Carter Bagg Rick Buckley Don Lewis Crane McClennen George Paul Bob Potts Torn Spanier Frank Winters FRESHMEN Joe Coelho Dennis Cox Greg Moore Marty Moran Rivers Morrell Jim Richards Dave Swink In 1965, Phi Delta Theta began another successful year of studying, planning parties, rushing, serving the community, and patronizing the Rat. In the fall, the brothers spent a memorable evening cheering on Warren Fox as he emceed the Axe Review. On cam- pus, Fox was also a member of the Californians, while politicians Rick Buckley and Brian Prinn campaigned in the Constitutional Convention election. In publi- cations, Larry Lawrence once again served as Sports Editor of the Blue and Gold. Athletically, the Phi Dell ' s were represented in crew, rugby, frosh foot- ball, frosh basketball, and in boxing. Racey Rick Bent- ley captured the intramural championship in the 149 lb. division of boxing. The most satisfying event, how- ever, was a cinch list printed on one page, and a re- sulting house grade point among the best on campus. 193 SENIORS Jon Bloom Barry Burstein Peter Goodman Rowan Klein Leonard Muckin Ronald Stolowitz JUNIORS Dave Bibel Mike Eisenberg Larry Glickfield Joseph Goglio Jim Goldberg Richard Katz Keith Long Marshall Margolis Jeff Moss Don Trost Larry Zemansky SOPHOMORES Greg Aftergood historic pillow fight and jack jones highlight year for phi epsilon pi 2412 Piedmont Avenue 194 Peter Ballin Bill Carr Howard Erlich Steve Evans Morrie Fred William Getz Michal Immerman Jim Klein Howard Korn Richard Lenat Rob Lazear Tom Marcacci Alan Miller Bruce Novack Gene Pavitt Neil Shapiro Russ Silverstein Robert Stanley Stu W ein FRESHMEN Mike Levin MASCOT Wolfgang One hundred feather-stuffed pillows and fifty couples were the ingredients in Phi Ep ' s annual " Bedtime Ca- pers " held in October. With ear soothing melodies by the Black-eyed Peas as a background, the most excit- ing pillow fight in history was executed. As the last of the feathers fell a great time had been had by all. Again this year, Phi Ep placed high in intramurals and scholarship. A unique evening was enjoyed as Phi Epsilon Pi sponsored Jack Jones in concert. This has been the first time a fraternity has sponsored such an event with the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society. 195 GRADUATE ADVISOR John Quinn SENIORS Kenneth Atterman Walter Buck Michael Cook James Felton Dennis Hanggi Stephen Hansen Tim Hogan Dick Munday Dennis O ' Shea Steve Prevost Donald Rhodes Frank Rossi Franz Schwarm David Shapiro James Simmen Wesley Strawn David VanAtta JUNIORS Roger Edwards Jim Egan Dean Ellison Bob Johnson Craig Price scope founding seen at phi kappa sigma All in all, this has been a great year for the Phi Kaps. The year started right when we took fifteen pledges, second largest class in a slim rush. The House was the birthplace of a new political organization, Scope, whose meetings were attended by Chancellor Heyns and Pro- fessor Searle. Two brothers, Dennis O ' Shea and Frank Rossi, landed seats on the Consti- tutional Convention. In sports, the Skulls dom- inated play in nearly all their leagues, going to the playoffs and ending high on the point ladder. We ended a long social year with a great overnight at Monterey. The only thing marring an otherwise fantastic year was the Great Gremmie Plague, which devastated half the House. It was a minor irritation in a great year. famacs Kitty Allen Ann Avery Jean Blair Mary Jane Burns Sue Carlsen Candy Gillmor George Good Sally Hall Diane Hill Mary Hills Lindee Hoffland Caroline Jukes Patti Kelley Joan McGiff Betsy Moran Mary Beth Mulvey Bea Nyberg Meg Olsen Barbara Peppard Sally Porter Jana Prestenback Bobbie Quaintance Carol Schmidt Mari Seurich Betsy Sellman Donna Siegle Val Smith Maryly Snow Roxanne Spieker Deezie Stebbins Sonja Untiedt 196 Jerry Whitfield SOPHOMORES Richard Abbey Richard Bartlett Gary Coburn David Crockett Jim Dal Porto William Fell Ronald Grossman John Merryman Jeff Prevost Richard Quint Jerry Richardson Bruce Roberts Bruce Robertson Stan Taylor FRESHMEN Howard Appell Carl Behrens Dick Carter Richard Harms Stephen Skinner Barry Weston SENIORS Charlie Huff Reeve Newton Ken Paige Don Rhett John Trouton JUNIORS Bill Bauhaus Hollon Bridges Steve Brothers Tom Callin Al Colombano Ray Ford Jack Gregory Art McNickle Rob Nickerson Kevin Maloney Lon Owens Bruce Quarton Bob Regli Roger Stevens Ned Weiberg SOPHOMORES Dan Bickley scholarship vies with fun-filled parties at phi kappa tau 2335 Piedmont Avenue %%IL s m+ ' IN lit It 198 Here stand I, ach, Philosophy Behind me and Law and Medicine too, And, unfortunately, Theology All these I have sweated through and through And now you see me a poor fool, As wise as when I entered school. Of course I am cleverer than the quacks, Than master and doctor, than prof or priest I suffer no scruple or doubt in the least, Ten years now I have dragged through college Through up and down and round and round And this is all that I have found The impossibility of knowledge! Goethe ' s Faust Frank Devine Alan Melnicoe Chris Newton Steve O ' Brien Rod Panos Rey Phillips FRESHMEN Reed Anderson Larry Delucchi Bill Carey Robert Cusimano Al Delwiche 4 199 2312 Warring Street phi sigma kappa initiates little sister organization That a fraternity is no better or no worse than the individuals who comprise it is an unsaid motto of Phi Sigma Kappa. Because of the in- dependence of the individuals in the chapter, the house itself is best described as a near perfect reflection of its own membership. Phi Sig ' s expect little more than an easy-going atmosphere of friendship and understanding but are usually rewarded with much more. As a house, there is participation in faculty din- ners, intramurals, and an annual Christmas party for retarded children. The brothers have recently welcomed a little sister group. The charter members are Tish Beddy, Jan Cate, Maureen Doughty, Nancy Feldstein, Toni Meir, Sherri Raap, Cathy Sharp, Betsy Sell- man, Sherry Swanson, and Patti Tyre. SENIORS Grant Armstrong Jim Ashcraft Richard Bouton Chuck Cabrera Gary Giusso Terry Jackson Barry Kingman Wallace Martin Dan Ready Shaun Sullivan Dick Vortmann Dennis Watson Cliff Webb JUNIORS George Cate Larry Dully Rich Francoz Bob Gardner Haines Gridley Russ Gurevitch Bob Hamblet 200 Rick Houle Leif Jenssen Mark Kanai Dick Kassis Jim LeDuc Bob Lof thus Scott Matthews Dale McGrew Bob Moulds Al Reeves Paul Ulrich Scott Walker John Wardell Dick Weinbrandt SOPHOMORES Rick Cortese Paul Freudenthal Jim Murray Rich Ongerth Frank Smith FRESHMEN Donald Graham Bob Schiebelhut 201 big game week turn blue contest won by pi alpha phi Into the intricate lattice of intellectual and social threads, which is Pi Alpha Phi, fell con- taminated rain — a new pledge class. Blos- soming into aggressive, mature fraternity men, we competed in campus activities spiritedly, capturing the Turn Blue championship during Big Game week. In response to overwhelming demands by a breathlessly impatient world, we made our debut into society, but an ava- lanche of scholastic responsibilities interrupt- ed our ascendence to social immortality. Re- grouping with Spartan determination, the Bonzai Boys mounted a massive effort to re- capture the academic glories of former years by lifting the house grade point — resulting in massive hernia. SENIORS Michael Chang Raymond Cheng Ivan Chew Wendell Chun Randall Fong Douglas Lee James Leong Victor Lim Anthony Shen Wayne Takagishi Rodney Wong Philip Yee JUNIORS Stan Chu Richard Lee Robert Wong SOPHOMORES Anthony Fong Christopher Quan Wayne Wong Willie Yee FRESHMEN Robin Wong 2534 Warring Street Skip Carl Donald Cobleigh Roger Dahl Ralph Dickinson Pete Donoghue Steve Hoxmeier SENIORS Jim Barker Gary Bystrom pi kappa alpha top contenders in intramurals Jim Van Hoften JUNIORS John Bardin Chuck Brace Mike Callahan Bob Engleman Bob Gilleran Greg Green Gary Parker Chuck Ross Lee Schussman Greg Sindici Wayne Thomas Nick Thurlow SOPHOMORES Pete Conners E. L. Crow Steve Cummings Evan Morgan Chris Train FRESHMEN Barry Bronk Skip Stress Tom Tomeoni Steve Lay Gordy Lutes Gary Moss Rich Nye Steve Radich Jerry Steinke 2324 Peidmont Avenue 203 Susan Barr, a member of Delta Delta Delta, was chosen as the 1965 Rose of Pi Kappa Phi. She received the Red Rose Crown from Dis- trict President C. J. Tyler at the fraternity ' s Blue Hawaii Luau Dance in Strawberry Can- yon. Later, Susan represented the Chapter in the National Rose Contest held at Davidson College in North Carolina. She also won a tal- ent audition and singing engagement on the " Strip " in Las Vegas. 2434 Warring Street pi kappa phi chooses new rose GRADUATE Rusty Patrick FOREIGN STUDENTS Arne Bjermeland (Norway) Manfred Brusten (Germany) SENIORS Art Francis Bill Sherry JUNIORS Bruce Bagley Richard Bartel Kitt Karns Ron Kortkamp Dave Odom SOPHOMORES Neal Evans Greg Lunt Craig Stevenson FRESHMEN Jim Beall Ellison Berg Joe Brulenski Bruce Carney Phil Childress Scott Goetz Dave Hawes Steve Keil Bob Marsh Gerry Mosher Bob Peoples Wendell Prather Ken Quandt Wade Ritchie Dave Rogers Steve Walker Greg Wuesthoff MASCOT Promethius 204 rose of pi kappa phi rose court Laura Alfred Diana Dorr Gudrun Henderson Joan Hubbard Maggie Milstead Pam Price 205 pi lambda phi provides santa claus for underprivileged children SENIORS Jerry Goldstein John Swartzberg Neal Weiner Iry Amerfell Jon Brandler Mason Brown Jon Engel William Fleischman Richard Goodman James Gottesman Steve Hubert Charles Kaplan Ken Lloyd Richard Mandel 206 Noberto Sperling Mike Sugarman Jeff Trop SOPHOMORES Joseph Blum Greg Dobbs Joe Edelheit Gary Evangelista Tom Galassi Gary Greener Stuart Leibsohn Bob Loew Jeff Paul Peter Schey Bruce Wasserman FRESHMEN Ron Cook Jeff Fine Rick Kaplan Bill Rothchild After all going to the Big Game on buses and having a great time coming back, with singing and refreshments, the Pi Lamb ' s had their 1965 Big Game Formal at the Mark Hopkins Hotel in San Fran- cisco. This annual affair is one of the high points of the year only to be sur- passed by the holiday party given for needy children. This year the children were provided with Santa Claus, com- plete with toys, while they left the Pi Lamb ' s with a true feeling of the holiday season. 2727 Channing Way 207 striving for academic excellence... high ideals and traditions held by psi upsilon The Epsilon chapter of Psi Upsilon, founded on the Berkeley campus in 1902, has sought this year, as in past years, to instill in its mem- bers the high ideals and traditions of the fra- ternity. In addition, the men of Psi Upsilon have attempted to strengthen the Greek sys- tem at Cal through an outstanding academic achievement and participation in traditional campus organizations and athletics. David Perry Steven Besio Robert Ingalls Michael McKinley FRESHMEN Richard von Bauer John Cuniberti Duane Mayfield Phillip Smith Thomas Bradford SOPHOMORES Rick Granata James McAdam Andrew Watson Mike Kellner William Spreen John Benson SENIORS William Archer Kim Barrett Terry Holburton Robert Ingham Lawrence Logan Jerry Mosher Robert Olson Michael Redman Steven Smith John Teele JUNIORS James Bartlett Dick Beahrs Steven Boysol Grant Bushee Robert Crittenden Tom Degenhardt Peter Doumani Rusty Ertle Rodger Groves Richard Laven John Lewis 208 SENIORS Stan Bachtold John Calmer Bob Clirehugh Walt Curtner Jon Gibbs Torn Grant George Guess Dave Myers Pete Parnell Linn Roth Pete Smoot Ernie Washington Doug Whaley JUNIORS Larry Ashby Dean Boatright Gary Erickson John Kinnear Torn McCullough Jim Morris Harold Ohs Bill Parks phi kappa psi sponsors christmas party for milpitas children And what do you want for Christmas? Lars Pederson Jim Solczyk Carl Stoney Gene Thompson Doug Wilson SOPHOMORES Bob Conn Steve Curtiss Carl Eckhardt Don Heckman Colin McRea Jack Stehr Tom Toffoli 209 south seas paradise Unity through diversity seems to be the most apt way to describe the tie which binds the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. This unity is best displayed every Spring when the brothers combine their talents and energies to present the campus renowned South Seas party. The preceding month of painstaking preparation is richly rewarded when the SAE house becomes transformed into a South Seas paradise, complete with a shaded lagoon, sandy beaches, and roast pig. Only when you see it in person can you appreciate the hours of hard work which the brothers willingly devote to the sentation of the best function on campus. SAE is made stronger through the efforts of its members. Our sentation of South Seas as a group effort can possibly only be superceded by our effort in intramurals — last year capturing the intramural title. created by sigma alpha epsilon Ship ahoy .. . SENIORS Larry Allred Stephen Ames Victor Antola Bob Clevenger Jack Coons Michael Criqui Rierson Forbes Dave Gibson Steven Hall Mike Morgenroth Michael Parr Jim Pierog Cap Pinkham Bill Robinson Donald Ross Brian Schaefer Scott Scott Bob Smith Richard Stamper Tim Tarpley Doug Thure Doug Wender Don Wrighton JUNIORS Bob Arbios Stephen Burich Brian Craig Bob Elsner John Harder Jim Kilmurry Calvin Knickerbocker Gary Ling Bob Martin Larry Moore Neal Pearson John Ross Lyman Shaffer Lysle Shaffer Stephen Spreiter Terry Stewart Jeff Thornton Ken Weaver Ernest Wideman Rich Wollert I SOPHOMORES 1 Fred Hall -I John Hirschman Stephen Karp Terry Moran Eric Phillips Jay Southard Jim Staley Craig Weber Barry Weitzenberg FRESHMEN Bob Elsberg John Ernster Dale Huff Bill Swift little sisters of minerva Posey Anderson Nancy Barnecut Rheta Christensen Joanne Corday Jane Dickel Stevie Ellis Zaney Gage Chris Gard Marsha Hayburn Jeannette Johnson Barbara Joy Stephanie Kaiser Val Kravetsky Corky Miller Cathie Mulvey Janet Nelson Nan Palmer Judy Rasmussen Sue Rau Ann Schrieber Mary Lou Swift Donna Weir Jan Zealear " there is nothing 1735 Le Roy Avenue sigma alpha mu marches into axe revue sweepst akes " There is nothing like Dwinelle, noth- ing in the world. There is no one who can tell, how to get the hell out of Dwinelle. " In spite of lyrics like these, Sigma Alpha Mu won the Sweepstakes award at Axe Revue. This past year Sigma Alpha Mu again led the campus in grade average and was second in intramural ratings. The fantastic Tom Jones Party was filmed by CBS for its special on Berkeley. Even Schlitz, the famous SAM mas- cot brought credit to the Chapter along with the cheerleaders, athletes, Californians, and other members who contribute to the University. SENIORS Ronald Kaldor Gary Rodrigues William Barsky David Fishman Ron Herman Robert Eichberg Robert Lander Arthur Ross Andy Clare Al Fleischman Ed Jellen Bernie Fishback Daniel Lewis Steve Swatt Stuart Cutler Chip Green Ron Kaplan Jeff Gault Alan Greenwald Rich Pearl JUNIORS Raymond Edelman Gregg Harrison Robert Levine Les Alexander 212 like dwinelle " Reginald Louie Jon Markel Mark Mills Michael Milken Josh Robison Richard Sandomire Jeff Unickel Jeff Wilson Howard Yank SOPHOMORES Neil Altman Barry Eisenberg Joe Eisenberg Richard Ellis Joel Gallay Lloyd Garver Andy Goldfarb Jerry Goren Richard Juster Jan Karowsky Robin Meadow Dave Moody Kent Richland Jeff Saltzman Larry Siegel Gary Spero Michael Spivak Jud Whyte FRESHMEN Leon Feinstein Robert Lerner Bruce Levin Robert S watt MASCOT Schlitz 213 SENIORS Marc Bosschart Ty Ebright John Garamendi George Girot Nicx Panzer John Rusev Brian Smith Steve Sternberg Jeff Thompson Joel Tomei Rich Weinstock Trent Whitington sigma chi gives blind children a real christmas 2345 College Avenue , Since its founding in 1855, the growth and progress of Sigma Chi have made every member of the brotherhood proud of the in- ternational founding. No small part of this growth has been the Alpha Beta Chapter, which was founded at Berkeley in 1886. The Sigs are especially proud of their parti- cipation in intercollegiate athletics with many brothers on the varsity football, base- ball, boxing, and weightlifting teams. Infra- murals has also been an important part of the brothers ' activities. Perhaps one of the most satisfying events of the year was the Christmas Party given with Delta Gamma sorority for children of th e California School for the Blind. The singing of the blind children made one feel especial- ly close to the spirit of Christmas. Socially, football parties were the dominant feature in the fall followed by the Pledge Dance with a theme of " Hells Angels. " The annual Sweetheart Ball was climaxed with the crowning of the Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. ...4AVLair sweetheart of sigma chi Dick Williams Don Worden JUNIORS Bob Bixby Pete Abbot This year Alpha Beta Chapter of Sigma Chi was again faced with the pleasant task of choosing a sweetheart from among thirty-five coeds. Vivacious Gerrie Rostron won the coveted title and was crowned at the annual Sweetheart Ball. From Arcadia, Gerrie is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. A freshman studying Sociology, Gerrie aspires to become a teacher. The blond, blue-eyed beauty is an enthusiastic water skier and beach girl. As sweetheart, Gerrie is hostess at numerous functions, helps the brothers welcome rushees and other guests, and represents Sigma Chi in campus beauty contests. Dale Chamblin Rich Conti Ed Crane Walt Cunningham 215 Bill Erickson John Frantz Pete Galindo Duane Hutchins Paul Kraus Bill Powers Ron Schenk John Schmidt Barry Smith Tim White Ed Zaik SOPHOMORES Jim Anderson Tom Clemo Jack Crane Chuck Farrar Bob Foes Fred Hite Gary Humphreys Harlan Hunt Doug McElroy " No place like home " a sigma chi ' s world ... The woman ' s place FRESHMEN Larry Thompson Rudy Nolen John Peterson Bob Rebuschatis Bill Shaw For words, girls are at a loss to men wearing the white cross. For times, they are the boss which turn and toss like a boa in moss. —Anonymous 216 self endeavor: foundation for men of sigma phi Sigma Phi, one of the oldest national fraternities, was founded at Cal in 1912 by Chief Justice Earl Warren. The Society was established with the assumption that the ideal fraternal organization would consist of a small number of men, bound together in a close-knit brotherhood. Participa- tion in campus activities has always been on an individual basis and the men of Sigma Phi engage in all phases of campus life, including the ASUC Senate, class offices, and various athletic groups. SENIORS Rick Bowles Russ Burbank Mike Cheney Stan Ferber Bill Heal Dick Holland Keith Jacobsen Jay Jacobus Mark O ' Brien JUNIORS Harvey Boysen Bill Buhles 2307 Piedmont Avenue Mike Gallagher Larry Gruver Jay Koch Don Soegaard Dave Todd Terry Welcome SOPHOMORES Doug Bartman Joe Berry Pete Clark Larry Eslinger Dave Soltz FRESHMEN Jim Elliott Cam Meeker MASCOT Sig 217 SENIORS Jerald Bernacchi Gary Fredricks Raleigh Griffiths Roger Harker Lee Kellum Ed Lebb Bob Lowes Mike Olbrantz Alex Popov John Roberts Bob Tjosvold Pete Vander Naillen Don Vickers Jim Warren JUNIORS Phil Baldwin Mike Donohue big game house decorations trophy captured by sigma nu This past summer the alumni added a new wing to the chapter house on Bancroft Way thus increasing capacity and allowing more comfortable living. Socially the year was highlighted by participation in Big Game Week House Decorations with Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority. Our entry placed second in the non-mechanized division. The annual family night proved to be a memorable affair and our Napa Valley wine tasting party rounded out the year ' s social calendar. The house won the all-university basketball cham- pionship by narrowly edging Ehrman Hall in over- time. Our participation in student activities and government was outstanding with members in Cali- fornians, ASUC Senate, Student Judicial Committee and The Daily Californian. Things go better with Coke! 218 2710 Bancroft Way sigma nu ' s take all university basketball championship in overtime game Larry Kenney Craig London Rich Nilan Larry Pyle Ron Reddick SOPHOMORES John Banker Bill Bethmann Pete Bogle John Dillard Pete Durney Doug Ewers Jeff Jaffe George Mednick Steve Moore Don Parce John Pettis Mike Thurlow Dave Williamson ; FRESHMEN Barret Clack 219 - sigma phi epsilon celebrates 55th anniversary at cal The California Alpha Chapter of Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity was founded at Berkeley in 1910. This year those men who had the foresight to found our chapter at California celebrated its fifty-fifth anni- versary. Often Sigma Phi Epsilon is referred to as the " fraternity with a heart. " This is so because our fraternity emblem is a gold and pearl heart. In con- junction with it we annually support the Heart Fund Drive and make Easter visits to the childrens ' wards of the local hospitals. Within the chapter the brothers pursue their quest for higher learning, satisfy their social ego, and strive together to promote the in- tangible of brotherhood, a term which cannot be defined, but must be experienced. SENIORS Michael Anikeeff Stephen Chipman James Christiansen Randy Edwards Daniel Ford John Wenz JUNIORS Thomas Barth Andrew Eschen George Fedoroff Denny Lane Tom Loughran William Martin Michael Oppido Gene Rose James Sawyer Richard Venning Peter Whitmer SOPHOMORES David Archibald Richard Bentley Terry Duryea Frank Isola Fred Marrah Thomas Pimentel Robert Stewart Norman Shea Thomas St. Sure Dave Vandeveer FRESHMEN ,„„ Norman Hodgson Gordon Masson MASCOT Pierre 220 6h4yr golden heart queen of sigma phi epsilon Erin Lyon, a sophomore from Atherton, is Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s Golden Heart Queen for 1966. Erin is a member of Delta Gamma sorority and one of her many interests is sports cars. This year Erin ' s radiant company has graced many a Sig Ep function. As Gold- en Heart Queens before her, she was chosen in our annual Queen Contest which culmi- nates in the Golden Heart Ball. Both these activities, occurring in the Spring semester are undoubtedly the most charming ways in which to compliment the vibrance of the beautiful young ladies who are chosen to be our queen and her court. 221 SENIORS Allen Adams Ralph Anthenian Zaid Astarabadi Robert Gillette Louis Kappel David Mennucci Raymond Stupin JUNIORS Walter Hayhoe John Sparks Edward Westley Dennis Wootan SOPHOMORES Bruce Appel Richard Cermak Galen Collins Drew Gaffney Richard Gould Martin van Hershberger Mike Howard Douglas Lacey Joseph O ' Flaherty FRESHMEN Richard Coleman William Fike William Geary Leonard Peterson Morton Vodian MASCOT Toya sigma pi boasts eight pups and thirteen pledges from omaha to bagdad Would you please repeat that! 8 pups and 13 pledges from Omaha to Bagdad. . . . 3 babes in the woods found more than elves in the Black Forest of Fillmore. . . . A slide to Ara- bia and a sneak to Santa Cruz. . . . J. C. and the Pineapples scoffed with Bat-wop on the drums. . . . And Santa Claus wore brogans. . . . We improv- ed the Daily Cal. . . . The 1st Annual Glarpf Hunt. . . . Lucy the Latin- Lover goes to Rome. 999 GRADUATE Byron Critides SENIORS Jerry Boddum Bruce Cowger Michael Doyle Michael Duffey Jon Giacomelli John Gosline Shane Griffin Lee Hugdal Ron Jones Dave Kerr Gary Martone Ray Mitchell Ralph Morgan Jon Pollon Bob Quellmalz Jack Reding Wil Rochin Rain Schelp Bill Schmohl Alan Shirek Mike White JUNIORS Dave Allen Nick B oke tau kappa epsilon: primary supporters of big brother program " I was just thinking that .. . 223 a toast... A canoe trip to the Russian River and a Mon- key Inn party were among the many activi- ties enjoyed by Tau Kappa Epsilon members this past year. Social events did not predomi- nate the calendar as the Teke National awarded Nu chapter for the most improved scholarship on a large campus. On campus, Ron Jones served on the ASUC Senate while Jack Reding served as " Big Game Week " chairman. Teke was also represented in Skull and Keys, Californians, and Letterman ' s Club. In the community, one third of the students serving in the Berkeley City Police Depart- ment ' s " Big Brother Program " were Tekes. say SEX tau kappa epsilon receives national ' s scholarship award Mike Dillon Peter Duffy Dick Graves Steve Homer Don Keldsen Steve Lamont Mike Malachowski Bill McCalla Robert Muhlbach Waren Newmark Mark Robbins Terry Smerling SOPHOMORES Rick Aftergut Bill Binder Larry Brehm Doug Brown Jim Bucheister Larry Church Robert Free Greg Johnson Steve Smith Murray Weiss FRESHMAN Ken Mann MASCOT Brutus Epsilon III 224 A surprised foursome gets in the limelight. Penny Almquist Margie Ashe Carol Barker tke ' s daughters of diana Cheney Karen Colyear Cam Corlett Cathy Cryer Janet Goldberg Corinne Groper Pat Hamilton Vicky Kay Babs Mullen Carolyn Pardee Claire Recsei Jody Siebe Margie Stavrum Anna Marie Talunus Sue Van Slambrouck Nancy Zebroski Three is a crowd. . . " ' " 25 Ctl ' 12 ea4 1966 dream girl Meg Crosby Pam Deats sweethearts of theta chi Linda Endacott Chris Hutchison Janet Klisura Sharon McHugh Patsy Paley Sally Scales Jill Varney 226 Time out. . . sewers invaded as theta chi holds " danse des apaches " Theta Chi is probably as diversified a house as one could find on this cam- pus. With two strong pledge classes to complement a full house, it appears to have a bright future in store. This year ' s functions were only mod- erately, indescribably fantastic. Be- sides spontaneous fun in the form of parties and hootenannies, there were many carefully planned social events. Again Theta Chi descended to the Berkeley storm sewers for its 36th an- nual " Danse des Apaches " and later returned to the chapter house, a nor- mally staid and sturdy structure, which had been transformed into a swinging duct of rapture. The Big Game Smoker held each year by the chapter ' s alumni was high- lighted this year by an alluring young lady in the form of a stripper. Other interests have drawn members of Theta Chi to the field of motoring, resulting in the formation of a sports car rally team which, with its scream- ing blue Morgan, is feared at rallies up and down the coast. As a service to the community, the brothers, together with a devoted and distractingly beautiful troop of girls known as the Theta Chi Sweethearts, treated underprivileged boys from El Cerrito to a day of fun. SENIORS Camden Hubbard Bruce Lindsay Graham Seibert JUNIORS Jim Butler George Clifford John Eckman Mike Lind Dennis McDaniel Mike Piazza Tim Rodgers Jan Roggeveen Mike Rucker Jeff Thomsen Dave Williams SOPHOMORES John Bouldry Stan Cross Larry Fisher Fritz Lichty T. Halstead Miller Stan Nielsen Rick Thompson Mike Williams FRESHMEN Lee Bardellini Greg Eckman Steve Jardin Dave Walters 227 :2 ' )8 SENIORS Bob Archibald Don Bloodworth Dave Bonini Bob Brinkworth Ivar Bruflat Ed Duncan Steve Henrioulle Jim Holl Jim Jorgenson Ralph Kirwan Phil Maddux Dave Miller Tons Perkins Dave Warnock Shel Wellins JUNIORS Bob Canty Ed Cornell Dick Elliot Torn Garrity John Goncalves Bill Gore Hardy Jones Jeff Marx Dave Minning unexplored horizons touched by members of theta delta chi Inside the walls of the stately Charge House and upon its porch which looms menacingly over the cor- ner of College and Durant, heretofore unexplored horizons were touched upon by the Brothers and Pledges of Theta Delta Chi. A new endurance rec- ord of eighteen straight hours of TV watching was sparked by the arrival of a new color television set. The ever popular game of spin-the-policeman met with naked success and the little ol ' lady, who week- end after weekend complained to the policemen about our noise, finally gave up. The athletes distinguished themselves both in inter- collegiate competition where they represented Theta Delta Chi on virtually every team, and also in the sphere of intramural competition where champion- ships in football, soccer, and track were won. Invigo- rated by such successes as these, coupled with an- other exhilarating social semester, our people again arduously ground the wheels of knowledge with enough gusto to produce very gratifying results. • -- ' .. " ' weel°1:: 2647 Durant Avenue Russ Moe Bob Motta Bob Nelson Jock Patton Torn Rasmussen Tom Topp SOPHOMORES John Bellquist Chip Cunningham Bob Firth Ken Lloyd " Let ' s go get ' em this time! " Bob Powell Bobby Smith Fred Tomlins FRESHMEN Dave Aldrich Carl Ennenga Sam Davis Torn Gillman William Glass Richard Halpern SENIORS Marty Cooper Les Harrison Andrew Hoffman Michael Kossen Robert Levin Ron Rosen Gregory Sarna Joseph Schwab James Waldman JUNIORS Peter Birnstein Marty Fishman Arnie Jaffe Miki Lane Gary Lapid Robert Leberman Barry Pearlman Lyle Poncher Herbert Solomon SOPHOMORES Robert Bookman Edward Blum John Charney presence of zeta beta tau felt on all levels of campus activity 230 Alpha Eta Chapter of Zeta Beta Tau was established at the University of California in 1921, the second chapter of a fraternity that now numbers sixty-two chapters throughout the country. A highly diversified house, the presence of ZBT at Cal is felt on all levels of campus activity. ZBT ' s high tic achievement is shown with eighteen members in Tower and Flame, and numerous graduates chosen to Phi Beta Kappa membership. In recent years, ZBT ' s have not failed to earn eted positions on the All-University intramural teams in virtually every major sport. On the intercollegiate level, ZBT is represented on the Varsity Gymnastics Team, Track Team, and Freshman Football Team. In campus activities, ZBT ' s are among the leaders at Cal. Members are on the Student Judicial tee, Intramural Athletic Committee, and the Order of the Golden Bear. Also, three of the twelve Cal men selected as Big Brothers to work with privileged boys in Berkeley are ZBT ' s. ZBT at Cal, although on campus over forty years, is still growing, ever improving, and the Chapter ' s plans for the mediate future now include a new Chapter nity house. highly diversified chapter shown scholastically, socially, and athletically 1712 Euclid Avenue Steven Jagoda Larry Lloyd James Okun James Ramo Richard Ruja David Schneider Richard Schram Steven Shepard Barry Shulman Michael Smith John Tremblatt Edward Woods FRESHMEN Jeffry Berg Charles Dorfman Gary Goodman 231 SENIORS Jim Bundschu Warren Chick Matt Connelly Lem Cragholm Paul Foster Bill Gunnell Mike Herbert John Kerr Jim Moore first fraternity at cal Founded in 1870, the University of California chapter of Zeta Psi has never had a pledge sneak. There are no songs, no Greek letters on the front door, no sorority exchanges, and not even a sorority serenade. But the Zete ' s like their house. It ' s neat. zeta psi fraternity ninety-fifth year on berkeley Kip Solinsky San Stevens Rich Thompson Bob Tocchini Dave Romney Mike Smith Pete Snowden 232 2728 Bancroft Way completes successful campus Page van Loben Sels , George Vigue Barry Wright JUNIORS Jack Hanson Bill Koons Steve Lovette Pat McGrath Henry Miller Bob Parker Fred Partridge John Sertich Gil Sewall Jeff Speich Brian Sungar Steve Wehr SOPHOMORES Tim Comstock Ellsworth Cragholm Pete Hall Jeff Harper Rich Lesch Roger Mulholland Randy Munro Dave Pettus Mark Silliphant Kevin Snow Tom Tyron Bruce Wild FRESHMEN Steve Dorinson Gregg Elberg David Marshall Dean McPhee Fred Peterson 233 women ' s dorms WOMEN ' S DORMITORY ASSOCIATION COUNCIL — Left to Right, Row One: Elsie Furiya, Candy Ferkovich, Alceste Pappas, Cindy Papermaster. Row Two: Dixie Watson, Har- riet MacMillan, Sue Adams, Eugenie Stanton, Noelle Tamborini. Missing: Raymona Amsbury, Kathy Yuasa. dormitory association promotes co-operation among women in approved housing The Big Game Rally is illuminated by WDA candles. Women ' s Dormito ry Association was established in 1915 expressly to promote co-operation among the women living in approved housing. Although women ' s housing at Cal has changed considerably since that time, WDA today still strives to promote this co-operation between the members of residence halls, co-ops, and small approved women ' s residences. WDA rec- ognizes high scholarship, offers orientations and continued assistance to house officers, and re- lates WDA members to Panhellenic members through several joint activities. WDA annually awards to an undergraduate woman, the Ruth N. Donnelly Scholarship, which is largely financed by the sale of candles, lighted during the Big Game Rally as part of the tribute to Coach Andy Smith. beaudelaire club ranks high in women ' s scholastic ratings SENIORS Paula Clerici Nancy Gitlin Irene Sadayasu Nancy Brown JUNIORS Julian ne Babbitt Cathleen Donahoe Carole Hodson Harriet MacMillan Gail Inouye FRESHMEN Lanaii Torkelson Beaudelaire is a house club which accommodates twenty women stu- dents. It is approved by the Univer- sity of California under standards es- tablished for student residences, and is the descendent of the first women ' s house club established at the Univer- sity in Berkeley in 1900 with the help of Mrs. Phoebe Apperson Hearst and Dr. Mary Bennett Ritter. The brown shingle house provides an attractive setting for the friendly, active group. Scholarship standards are high and Beaudelaire has consistently ranked in the upper third of all women ' s resi- dences at the University. Members come from every part of the United States and occasionally from other countries, adding interest and variety to the group. descendent of first cal house club 2347 Prospect Street COLONIAL HALL — Left to Right, Row One: Linda Blumenthal, Lili Moshiri. Row Two: Cindy DeSomery, Beth Blumenstock, Linda Edwards, Robin Cauldron, Anne McCarthy, Melinda Leiser. colonial hall girls hear talk on viet nam by peace corps rep Colonial Hall had an international flavor this year with one of the girls hailing from Iran and another from Taiwan. During the fall semester, to create a understanding of American involvement in world affairs, the girls invited a peace corps volun- teer to speak about the Vietnam situation and other areas of conflict. One of the social highlights of Colonial Hall ' s year was the Halloween Costume Party at which prizes were awarded for best and funniest outfits. Guests, girls, and friends all enjoyed the annual Xmas Din- ner this year. Professor Blaisdell, his wife, and Dean Edith Zinn were special guests. Spring activities included an outdoor dinner with past residents as guests, some interesting speakers, and the installa- tion of a much-awaited Pepsi machine. A class assignment, perhaps. . . . 237 cheney hall girls hold slave auction SENIORS Kathleen Cortese Kendra Juchter Lois Kawauchi Linda Lones Nancy Mizokami Carol Morimoto Doris Okada bp, Cathy Redo Betsy Robertson Linda Sanchez Susanne Schwartz Betty Stewart Vicki Toy Louann Uhler Joy Utsunomiya JUNIORS Keiko Ashara Jean Brady Lucretia Chan Terry Crystal Mary Devitt Margaret Harding Anne Hargreaves Sandra Kirschen what am i bid for... Rosemary Loughman Barbara Reed " I just can ' t believe it! " Ginger Fukushima Kathy Hunn Margie Clark Angela Fox Elaine Rogers SOPHOMORES Connie Buckley 238 to raise money for Santa claus contest Cheney Hall entered into the full swing of things this fall as they did their part to raise money for Cal Camp through the annual Santa Claus contest. The girls even held a real live " girl " auction. Other proj- ects included entries in Powder Puff football, the Ugly Man contest, and Spring Sing. The girls were kept busy with a full social program including open doors, parties, movies, weekly coffee hours, pinnings and engagements. Lorrain Louie Alexandra Nicholau Nancy Norris 2650 Haste Street Marilyn Olson Susanne Reid Cherie Tomlinson Deanna Wong FRESHMEN Linda Bialecki Diana Curtis Susan Due11 Barbar a Eisendorf Edi Eldridge Patricia Gallagher Nancy Gilbert Linda Googe Kristie Lewis Kathy Lorbeer Eleanor Lyon Sue MacDonald Pat Yim Joan Zawaski Liz Johnson Sandy Lew 239 SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Ann Reid, Carole Doi, Kathy Rueschenberg, Joan Brannigan, Dana Stitt, Juanita La Bagh. Row Two: Karen Al- brecht, Tobie Daniel, Lani Smith, Elizabeth Chesterman, Sharon Takamoto, Patricia Coffey, Sue Page, Vivian Toy, Becky Probert. FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Karen Nissen, Carol Cabell, FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Suzanne Brandley, Linda Weber, Marilyn Snow, Diana Lobush, Karla Mary Ellen Connelly, Carolyn Noe, Carol Shen. Row Two: Leslie Howell, Julie Warner, Molly Whalen, Linda Leong, Candy Blazer. Reganold, Noell Cline. Row Two: Camille King, Evelyn Westen, Jackie Rosenberg, Mary Wong, Ellice Greenberg, Maria Fernandez, Donna Wineburgh. 240 2650 Haste Street cunningham hall honors mrs. roger heyns with a tea Cunningham Hall began the 1965-66 year with a welcome tea for Mrs. Roger Heyns, wife of Berkeley ' s new Chancellor. Many of the girls had an opportunity to talk with Mrs. Heyns, and she was able to see the many facets of group living at Cal. During Reg Week, the girls of Cunning- ham had an exchange party with Bowles Hall and the new semester was launched with a big social whirl. Several Unit danc- es during the semester, including Cun- ningham ' s big formal highlighted the ac- tivities calendar. Christmas came, and the girls of Cunningham were caught up in the carolling, laughter, and holiday spirit around the campus. To the girls of Cun- ningham, this year was great. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Marilyn Graves, Maggie May, Donna Krafft, Kathy Dunkerton, Lesley Quast, Dixie Puntigam, Ardelle Schwarz. Row Two: Victoria Czaja, Stephanie Kegan, Maggi Billington, Barbara Sapiro, Marilyn Goodman, Niki Bloom, Teri Boucher. 241 FIRST AND SEVENTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Betsy Brody, Nan Motolinsky, Hilary Hurst, Wendy Hinrichs. Row Two: Kristin Carnohan, Vicki Gott, Gayle Pollet, Sandie DePhillips, Janice Leong, Judy Taylor. Row Three: Nita Micossi, Christine Morioka, Susan Stoddard, Jane Wong, Nina Giganti, Laura Gabriel. davidson hall has active year! SECOND FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Kay Kincaide, Alis Whitehead, Linda Covel. Row Two: Sherry Mayfield, Fayth Yoshimura, Jennifer Lewman, Sandra Payne, Karin Shin- berg, Jennifer Carlton. Row Three: Karin Karchmer, Anne Wythe, Eunice Young, Janie Murray, Evelyn Chelnik. 242 FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Jean Christensen, Flaury Reifman, Kim Gottlieb, Laurel Galletch, Carolyn Chun. Row Two: Susan Gunther, Chalsa Loo, Janice Kawai, Shirley Cloninger, Panula Dee, Virginia Howe. Davidson Hall had a year of fun and active participation in campus activities. The girls performed in Axe Review, spon- sored an orphan for their service project, and worked on the Ugly Man Contest. In addition, they entered Spring Sing, and had a full social calendar with coffee hours, exchanges, an IBM card dance, and a Unit formal. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Barbara Strouth, Nancy Walsh, Marianne Rino, Mary Tyron, Leslie Harris, Min Fong. Row Two: Andora Clark, Beverly Wong, Julie Carhart, Roberta Steiner, Sheryl Stoecker, Charlotte Bruner, Pam Williams, Bea Tannen, June Cochran, Helen Lane. Row Three: Priscilla Harrison, Stephanie Herzstam, Diane Rynes, Karen Erickson, Valerie Simmons, Mary Her- mann, Barbara Bender, Kathy Jacobs, Terry Randall, Sherry Gershon, Donette Arnold, Roseanne Stevens, Ellen Prager, Carla King, Kathy Solo- mon, Carol Landson. the birthday dinner-one o- earliest traditions at freeborn hall SENIORS Rowena Carlson Susan Halpern Charlene Tropper 2650 Durant Avenue JUNIORS Kathy Kathy Alderman Elizabeth Coleman Lucy Grant Wylda Hannon Jean Hocking Kathy Keane Patty Keane Brooke Patterson Virginia Scott Karen Simontacchi Eugenia Stanton Noelle Tamborini Roberta Waitz SOPHOMORES Cristi Brimer Lizz Epstein Diane Hall Doris King Kathy Kohl Lynn Krohn Anne La Riviere Judy Maes Lona McWilliam Elizabeth Mehren Diane Moreland 244 a wish for each candle ... Pearl Nakamura Joan Padget Susan Parsell Carol Sachs One of Freeborn Hall ' s oldest traditions is the birthday dinner. Once a month, the girls who have celebrated birthdays during that month are given a dinner in their honor. The birthday girls receive cake and ice cream, and a carnation for the occasion. This year the first birthday dinner was planned around Halloween, and the tables were decorated with jack-o-lanterns and other Halloween goodies. A new addition to Freeborn Hall this year was the Mary Chase Freeborn family crest, which is on display in the girls ' lounge. The crest was a Christmas present from two grad- uate residents and the head resident, Mrs. Nellie Patton. Kathy Scott Carol Volker FRESHMEN Joanne Altman Toni Bava Bonnie Benson Lynette Crapuchettes Maria Daifotis Laura Davidson Kathy Davis Robyn Dondero Leslie Goodman Cathy Hannum Jeanne Jasonides Kathy Lanzarotti Tecia Lewis Jill Lynn Millie Miller Laura Siegel Carol Simpson Linda Wainright Katrina Williams 245 Janice Jones Arlene Parsekian Marilyn River Kathleen Roe Mary-Lu Stenbit Evelyne Tam Anne Enid Williams JUNIORS Patricia Cole Kathi Fine Elsie Furiya Barbara Hannigan Marilynne Holland SENIORS Barbara Bean Mary Curtis Karen Endow Cheryl Gordon mrs. ida sproul presents lovely silver tea service to her namesake dorm One of Ida Sproul Hall ' s outstanding accomplishments this year was a tea held in honor of Mrs. Ida Sproul. The tea was given to express the Hall ' s gratitude to Mrs. Sproul for the ex- quisite silver tea service and the beautiful color portrait that she so unselfishly presented to the Hall. The portrait, at one time, was kept in Uni- versity Hall, but it can now be seen in the Ida Sproul lounge. Over 175 girls were present to express their gratitude and to meet Mrs. Sproul. Other honored guests includ- ed Mrs. Clark Kerr, Mrs. Roger Heyns, Mrs. Martin Meyerson, Mrs. Edward Strong, members of the Dean ' s Office, and close friends of Mrs. Sproul. 246 2400 Durant Avenue a sincere " thank you " : girls give her a tea Susan Knopf Betty Lamperti Alceste Pappas Barbara Rosen SOPHOMORES Diana Ice Ellen McGinty Marilyn Pick Trudy Sanders Connie Tomal FRESHMEN Katherine Gale Linda Geary Genie Moreno Sally Morgan Judith Parsons Laurie Sharron 247 SENIORS Susan Baggarly Joanne Kirby Linnell Lack Shirley Packard Dinah Rabwin Belinda Shigley Nancy Tyson JUNIORS JoAnn Adams Sue Files Mimzy Hansen 2438 Warring Street elizabeth barrett enjoys fireside holiday... The Elizabeth Barrett began its year with laughter; the old residents entertained the new girls with skits about Elizabeth Barrett life at the fireside. Other activities during the semester included a grub party to work off school steam, and a Hallo- ween party where the new girls captured the old ones. In December, the girls enjoyed the semi-annual theater party with the Fantasticks in Ghiradelli Square. Highlighting the social scene, were the Christmas party in Marin, the annual Deans ' dinner, and a fireside at which the hashers staged " Din- ner Scenes We ' d Like to See. " Maja Hanson Lynne Harris Vida Haskell Susan Ker Sue Linville Donna Lively Sheila McCusker Barbara Nimmo Gillian Rodgers Laurie Smith Paula Whitson SOPHOMORES Diane Batchelder Jennifer Cook Pam Hill FRESHMEN Martha Geiger Katherine Howes 248 ritter hall promotes close faculty ties SENIORS Katherine Dang Mary Ann Keverline Susan Korts Carol Suzuki Caro Tanner 2422 Prospect Street Ritter Hall is a private co-op, spon- sored and run by Prytanean, the jun- ior and senior women ' s honorary. To promote academic interest, the girls encourage an active Faculty Fellows program. Faculty members are invit- ed to dinner and to speak informally with the girls on various subjects. It is rewarding for both the girls and the faculty participants. On the social side, the girls of Ritter hold " pop-ins " each fall as well as a big open house for friends and rela- tives. Jane Yoshida JUNIORS Ann Mayers Carol Olney Margaret Wade SOPHOMORES Cindy Papermaster FRESHMEN Patricia Ford Jessica Holl Melinda Moffett 249 FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Jacque- lyn Rhine, Joy Pelton, Wilaine Wong, Laureen Yuen, Jeanne Chiang, Sandra Wade, Eileen Martin, Gladys Wong, Janet Weinstein. Row Two: Carolyn Bell, Jean Ackerman, Jean Ratliff, Kathy Pierson, Margie Lawhon, Geri Simmons, Karen Brown, Judy Goldberg, Arlene Kerner, Vicki Thomas. Row Three: Lorraine Tanaka, Caryl Nakamura, Barbara Bardwell, Lauren Aaronson, Aileen Kuda, Lorraine Wong, Lucy Shep- pard. spens-black adopts " senior key " Despite its newness, Spens-Black has already gained a reputation for aca- demic excellence and has taken over the leadership toward changing ob- solete rules. At present, Spens-Black is the only dorm operating under the " Senior Key " lockout system. All sen- iors and those over twenty-one have been issued keys which enable them to enter or leave the dorm at any time after lockout and before 7:30 in the morning. This system is being en- larged to include all upper division students, and since it is such a suc- cess, it is expected to be adopted by other women ' s dorms. Spens-Black sponsored many activi- ties throughout the year including two tours of the Rad Lab which were arranged by one of the dorm ' s faculty fellows. The Fall dance and the an- nual Christmas party were great suc- cesses as were all the activities this year. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Nikki Nahmens, Maureen Murphy, Janet Sturgeon, Laura Tow, Sue Halpern, Esther Chui, Carolynn Kim, Sue Saperstein, Car- ole Gross, Betsey Heung. Row Two: Robin Benjamin, Pat Brumbaugh, Danine Cozzens, Harriet Manders, Kathryn Quili- ci, Salina Minai, Carolyn Inouye, Diane Borad, Cheryl Griei- der, Maddie Powers. Row Three: Yolanda Redfud, Felicia Zea- land, Connie Vandervort, Chris Hanan, Janice Kurata, Carole Marks, Pam Greenamyer, Cynthia Newman, Nancy Weiss. FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Janet Barbara Gross, Josie Dizenfeld, Sue Meyers, Shirley Cachola, Kath- Spiller, Siu Wong, Roz Sato, Anne Walker, Margaret Der, Georgia leen Cate, Luanne Foster, Susan Wong, Amy Hashimoto. Row Kelley , Chrystal Cass, Mary Hama, Miriam Byers, Brenda Kann. Three: Ellen Carlson, Diane Church, Roberta Fountain, Victoria Row Two: Chalda Maloff, Carol Zigelhofer, Debbie Schachter, Regan, Bevan McEachern, Carin Weiss, Kimberly Davis, Linda Edwards, Nancy Browne, Caryn Fingarette. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Vickie Furtado, Barbara Handa, Judy Johns, Pam St. Johnson, Josephine Lee, Roberta Heintz, Cynthia Lee. Row Two: Ann Arnold, Sandy Wallace, Carol Dicmas, Sharon Wein, Cherie Wells, Karen Devendorf, Mary Bradley, Phyllis Lee, Gayle King, Roberta Bass. Row Three: Shirley Stark, Gail Scott, Laurel Nase, Marietta Poerio, Susan Lonie, Linda Lau- reano, Carole Battaglia, Sandy Heiman, Karen Edlefsen, Lu- ann Dodini. SENIORS Helene Bakewell Gloria Borra Pam Hutchcraft Margaret Inouye Dianne Lahti Irene Malbin Dana McCauley Sally Sheppard Terry Toschi Rene Voges JUNIORS Ellen Barnett Joan Eberhard Lynn McCullough Nora Nishimura Carol Ryon Nickie Wilson SOPHOMORES Marilyn Briggs Ruth Garbell Tania Kalinovsky Judy Martin Carol Miller Sue Moran Donna Norton Carol Relat Cathy Hartman Irene Hiyama Barbara Kriz Janet Mason stern hall and sinners " Stern Hall 252 Janie Teas Serra Anne Sokolow Rossana Wang FRESHMEN Dorothy Brown Kristin Brown With the encouragement of Mrs. Susan Kearny, the new housemother, Stern began a successful year with a busy reg week and Open Houses after each game. A tremendous informal was held, with the upstairs transformed into Heaven and a 30 foot slide leading down the stairway to a red glow of Hell. Christmas brought Champagne and Gold, the hall formal held at the Mark Hopkins; a Christmas party complete with a real Santa; a beautifully decorated stairway done by the great Freshman Class, and the traditional Christmas spiriting. In the Spring the hall continued their active Faculty Fellow program, held several suc- cessful date dinners and celebrated Valentine ' s Day with a lovely Date Brunch. Rayven Hockett Lian Hurst Barbara Kolsky Catherine LaBombard Marguerite McGowan Joan Merrill Christina Moser Nancy Mulcahy Lois Renge Susan Shearer Leah Stern Marcia Uzane Wendy Camp Emily Caouette Jill Greenspahn Linda Hauser gives " saints informal 253 men ' s dorms GRADUATE Lee McElhaney SENIORS Don Adolphson Bob Balsl ey Tom Barron Fred Best Tom Beyersdorf Brian Boas John Cohenour John Fox Bill Franzwa Armand Gambera Eric Gehrke Ken Halcrow Bill Hoffman Jan Kucera Dave Linguist Ron McElhaney bowies hall enjoys 38th year at cal Dan McIntosh Jim McLane Ken Mettler Jim Miles Steve Murphy John O ' Brien Clyde Oden Roger Pelzner John Petrovsky Bob Portnoy Bob Roundy Mike Schutz Jerry Wilson Obie Wright JUNIORS Larry Ahlswede Dave Bettencourt Norn Bliss Steve Book Russ Breslauer John Burk Vincent Chu Richard Corp Dennis Fife Dud Green Bernard Greening Mike Harper Ed Hedemann Ernie Kazato Frank McGill Steve Mueller Don Morey Rick Snow Dave Sonnikson Suchman Douglas Weid Dave Westerman SOPHOMORES John Baker Wayne Cooper Dan Dawson Jerry Eliaser Dave Holt Steve Johnson Tom MacMullen men of bowles encourage social action One of the famous Bowles Hall dances .. . This leads to where? Gary Markarian Rich Matselboba Phil Miller Mike Morris Jim Nixon Wayne Peterson Joe Pinkel Martin Sanborn Rod Smith Paul Stottlemeyer John Woods FRESHMEN Sam Barrett Mark Blum Merle Chapman Jim Christie Doug Clark Lonny England Dave Epstein Dennis Gesin Bernard Greening Bob Hardin Bob Jaffe Pete Liepman Doug Lipton Rich Marliave Paul Morrisroe Chris Murray Dave Neville Vic Niemeyer Sam Ragent Lloyd Smith Gene Tobias Lou Viani Joe Wharton Courtney Williams 257 HEAD RESIDENT Mrs. Joe File SENIORS Louis Bookbinder Chuck Carniglia Dale Frithjof Dale Freeman G. L. Heath Kaoru Kittaka Gene Knoefler Steven Lindfeldt John McReynolds Lawrence Mock William Nachbaur John Pearce James Per Lee Dietger Schmidt Sal Selin Shinryu Shirakawa Harvey Singleton Carey Slaughter Steve Woodcock JUNIORS Pat Bradley deutsch hall catches tradition and spirit for an unforgettable experience On the surface, Deutsch is just like any other men ' s residence hall. Deutsch has its parties, beer busts, RF ' s, coffee hours, and exchanges. But there the resemblance ends. Even the oldest resident couldn ' t tell you why Deutsch has always had the most spirit; that ' s just the way it is. It can manifest itself in scholarship awards, the support of Korean orphans, or the theft of Stanford goal posts from under the nose of other halls ' rival par- ties. Every new freshman catches the tradition and the spirit, and it is a part of him throughout his college years. Deutsch is more than the name of a hall — it is an unforgettable experience. A souvenir from Bowles Hall 258 Ken Cole Dennis Haberkamp Tom Taylor Harold Yoshimura SOPHOMORES Leonard Coates Tom Crawford Carlos Espana William Greenough Jay Miller Thomas Nachbaur Dave Olsen Bruce Walker Tim Washburn FRESHMEN George Cierny Robert Dyer Richard Fain Wilbur Fleck Eric Kastner John Martin Michael Miller Craig Olson Douglas Samuelson Bill Waite FIRST, SECOND AND THIRD FLOORS — Left to Right, Standing: Arnold Leong, Dennis Yarnell, Gary Wald, Barry Bernstein, Frank Vacula. Sitting: Fairon Michel, Howard Weinman, Noel Ameele, Jeff Drezner. ehrman hall introduces campus speaker program Ehrman Hall provides academic, athletic, and social programs to meet the diverse interests of its 210 students. Traditionally, the main focus of hall gov- ernment has been upon intramural sports and social activities with women ' s halls. A new feature this year, the Ehrman Speaker Program, was introduced to bring outstanding campus personalities to the hall for informal group discussions after dinners. The Ehrman Faculty Fellows, professors affiliated with the hall, are invited to participate in all pro- grams and to eat meals at the hall when possible. Looking to the future, Ehrman is in the process of rewriting its Constitution to meet the needs of the quarter system. FOURTH AND FIFTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Standing: Roger Roos, Dennis Gilliam, Keith Dillingham, Ross Swing, Stephen Burk, Mitsuru Ikuta, Richard Goldberg, Joseph Tung. Sitting: Charles South, Steven Teigen, Craig Mayfield, Robert Claster, Gary Evans, Fred Bruggeman. 260 SIXTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Standing: John Clesk, Bill Brunsten, Dave Loeb, Mike Bautista, Raymond Poon, Robert May. Sitting: Bill Nielsen, Tom Strangman, Sam Zibicki, J. M. Dorrance, Paul Chitlik. main focus on intramural sports ... SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Tim Sauer, Jim Molzahn, Rich Sterner, Larry Abrams. Row Two: Ronald Golden, Bob Bernard, Howard Toole, David Lang, John Barta, Gerald Kataoka. Row Three: Mike Soso, Jerry Mill, William Toscano, Bob Young, Steve Jacobs, Les Kishler, Dazed Freshman, Bruce Shepard. 261 1777 Euclid Avenue euclid hall provides social and academic atmosphere for members Gregory Munakata SENIORS Robert Fukushima Michael Gima Fred Hirai Satoshi S akamoto Arthur Tsuchiya JUNIORS Allen Fujita Paul Fujii Sano Hiroshi Gary Utsumi Gregory Yamaguchi FRESHMEN Kenneth Lew George Mayeda Euclid is a privately owned and student operated rooming and boarding house, functioning similar to the University Co-Ops. It provides an opportunity for the newly-entering student to meet new friends and get adjusted to the new social atmosphere and academic rigors of university life. The close proxim- ity to the campus provides the student with the advantage of being able to utilize the University library and recreational facilities which are all with- in easy walking distance from the house. The social functions of Euclid include the open house, parties, and outings organized by the Euclid Hall Club. The house also engages in intramural sports, and individual members of the house are active in other campus activities and organizations. The function of the house is not only to provide liv- ing quarters, but to provide for the individual mem- bers, the environment through which he can partake in the many new experiences at Cal. FIRST FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Leslie Young, Byron Ziman, Bryce Anderson, Dan Rasmussen, William Lambert, Paul Ryon, Jim Quist, John Blausten. Row Two: Milarm Arnold, Gerald Chang, Stephen Jones, Bob Foster, Eric Dibner, Richard Hersh, George Liu. SECOND FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Lawrence Zacharias, Michael Dove, Gary Austin, Douglas Moisenco, Carlos Zaragoza, P. Singel. Row Two: Michael Ascensio, Jeffrey Forster, Larry McDonald, Edward McClure, Jim Stipovich, Don Weinhouse, Dave Banducci, Carlton Doi. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Dan Bertozzi, Kikuo Kishore, Chris Meyer, Dennis Tong, Stuart Shapiro, Jerry Wisnia, Brian Bates, Terry Martin. Row Two: Dennis Jones, Dan Buhler, Jack Sargent, Neal Millard, Gregory Humpal, John Corn, Peter Rubenstein, Victor Chong. griffiths hall features discotheque The Fall semester was initiated by an amazingly successful Open Doors, highlighted by a discotheque held in the 4th Floor-A-Go-Go. Following this social season kickoff was the Unit II formal dance at the St. Francis Hotel. As the Spring semester commenced, Griffiths looked forward to an exciting boat dance as well as the continued showing of the highly popular Road Runner epics. FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Ernest Hudson, Joel Collister, Richard Kenton. Row Two: Steven Sodman, Richard Zeman, Lee Elson, James Cooper. 263 FIRST FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Charles Carter, John Kowamoto, Greg Peak, Mel Osborne. Row Two: Dave Kaufman, the Deacon, Walt, Michael Dorwat, James Irion, Mike Berman. Row Three: Phil Erigero, Fred Hall, Hawowi Kussamach, Stan Oligaraw, Matthew Epstein, Robert Scott, Stephen Soifer, Barry Morgan, Stephen Adler. Mitchell-Peixotto Hall is truly the meeting place of the world. To this scene of pastoral seclusion come many of the world ' s well known figures. They seek here a brief vacation from the churning, tortured world below them and find beatitude among the quaint buildings and lush vegetation which form so much a part of the Hall ' s attraction. mitchell peixotto hall - meeting place of the world 2939 Dwight Way SECOND FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Victor Gong, Symon Kimball, Bill Rukeyser, Bahram Salzegar, Torag Amid, Johnathan Chin. Row Two: Ken Krichman, Tom Keller, John Taylor, Larry Osofsky, John Vestal, Robert Booker, Andrew Pearlman, Dan Hitchcock, Mike Storm, Bob Burnett. THIRD FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Ernest Sartario, Kin Ching, Jake Niedrigform, Edwin Kakesako, Peter Yorke. Row Two: Don McGee, Michael Langum, Bendrew Jong, Stephen Klebs, Rexford Owusu, Jim Swinehart, Douglas King, Half Nelson, William Hasson. FOURTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Svens Karnasdjag, Don McKay, Sam Sebree, Shahin Shaisy, Phillip Marquez, Ke-lun Wong. Row Two: Jim Alexander, Mike Chinrock, Bob May, Randolph Quon, Dan Giovanni, James Miller, Thomas Crawford, James Swinehart, Robert Gallien, Chris Nenstrup, Dave Cohen, Bill Davis, Arthur Powell. SENIORS Roger Anderman John Bauer Donald Fulton James Moorehouse Michael Murakami Lance Rose Warren Sekiguchi Kazu Takaki Michael Vallens Ted Vinson .JUNIORS Donald Brown Robert Doud Richard Flier Kirby Fong Stephen Jenkins Robert Leonardi Terry Lillie Paul Skrip SOPHOMORES J. Aazam-Zanganok Peter Bowes norton hall pursues intellectual goals 1965-66 marks the passage of another annum within the portals of Norton Hall — a year characterized by studious pursuit of intellectual goals, both in re- lation to scholastic and to extracurricu- lar development. For example, judicious Faculty Fellows Slottman and Oppen- heim proved to be worthy foils against which to test one ' s mettle. To wit, the Norton Hall motto " Joist Onward, For- ward, Everywhere! " The ladies of Ida Sproul were found to be no less challenging to the cunning and mental agility of the Norton men. All in all, this illustrious year shall be engraved in everyone ' s mind as the most rewarding and distinguished in the his- tory of this magnificent erudite hall. Norton Hall — the pad of gentlemen. As Fall President Lance Rose would say, " Y ' all come and see us sometime, Ya hear? " 2400 Durant Avenue Willard Chow Harvey Hailer Frank Stubblefield FRESHMEN John Bollins Don Grutzmacher Ronald Janes David Kane Martin Robbins Carlos Robles Stephen Smith Leonard Stroud Michael Thompson FIRST FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Skip Lacey, Arnold Hayer, Harry Wells, Ron Quick, Zaher Meghji, Row Two: David Lang, Jim Mize, Caroline Opocenski, Ruth Kamarow- ski, Jule Griebrok, Viv Knight, Marilyn Collier, Tom Moulia. Row Three: Bryce Seidl, Vern Glenn, Art Levit, Ellie Workman, Bob Cluggage, Ray Actkinson, Joel Adler, Sue Bailey, Carol Kenington, Mike Hogan. Perhaps the most famous event of " The Hill " and of Richards- Oldenberg Halls, is Casino. Instead of entering campus contests to raise money for World University Service, " The Hill " trans- forms its cafeteria into a dance and lottery hall, and the gambling proceeds go to WUS. Gambling equipment is rented and guests may chance their luck at games using play money purchased at the entrance. During the course of the evening, several shows are put on by members of the various participating dorms. There is a can-can line with lovely ladies and one with not so lovely men. Cigarette girls sell cigarettes, cigars, and garters. Some unexpected events are al- ways bound to happen in the form of holdups and kidnaps. S ECOND FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Bumper Christianson, Peter Hagen, Steve Drake, Bruce Gray, Gary Woo, Rick McFarland, Ted Yoshimira, Pilar Jurado. Row Two: Linda Christan, Irene Kiebert, Janet Crothers, Mary Hartman, Elaine Punger. Row Three: Bruce Kendall, Mike Green, Ed Young, Bob Craig, Bill Trabucco, Drew McCrocklin, Pete Esherick, Dan Waters, Mike Maggi, Jim Webber, Dave Keil, Charlie Davis, Ted Sarbin. richards oldenberg halls participate in all-hill fund raising activity FIRST FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Norm Hirata, Skip Saunders, Tom Barwick, Alex Chen, John Sgheiza, Joe Rosenthal, Ken Embrey, Rodger Muhlbach. Row Two: Bruce Fessen- den, Bill Keehn, James Lucke, Mike Clark, Dick Evans, Larry Johnson, Ron Nunnally. putnam hall an integral part of the university housing complex Putnam Hall, one of the four resident halls of Unit I, has long been an integral part of the University undergraduate housing sys- tem. Housing over two hundred young men, the hall provides more than on- campus housing, with varied activities ranging from academics to athletics. The residents govern themselves through hall government wh ich provides the majority of hall activities and is complemented by both floor and class functions. Highlights of the year are spring and fall formals, and the hall ' s yearbook, Myopia. This year ' s Presidents were Louie Seiler, Fall, and Ronny Olson, Spring. SECOND FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Michael Lee, Richard Juarez, Dallas Cottam, Bob DeGoff, Jim McReynolds, Gilbert Monjo, Jan Gray, Glenn Cunningham. Row Two: Rick Warfield, Jim Farrar, Brian McCauley, Larry Sozzi, Tom Moffett. 267 putnam hall partici pates actively in campus athletics THIRD FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Herb Arden, Bob Speth, Dick Riegels, Barry Lotz. Row Two: Jim Fong, George Eckard, Norman Levitt, Jake Beaty. FOURTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Fred Hirshburg, Alan Carey, Allan Gold, Max Garelick, Richard Webber, Richard Roth. Row Two: Terry White, Peter Joseph, Carvel Es Bass, Arne Bjermeland, Murray Mahoney. Row Three: Mike Thompson, John Weber, Steven Hawley, Philip Combs. FIFTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Bruce Carney, Jeff Waldron, James McKelvey. Row Two: Richard Citron, Webb Loyd, Bob Heald, Ted Friedel, Thomas Allan, Gurdev Singh. Row Three: Jon Frank, Paul Sakai, Jerry Lundblad, Joe Richards, Ed Carillo. myopia yearbook put out by putnam men 268 SIXTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: John Greenlees, Jerry Moynier, Tom McAlyne, Dick Leavitt, Wayne Tsuji, Dave Mead, Wayne Ybarra. Row Two: Roger Friedland, Wayne Macktinger, Rodger Gray, Ron Stinnett. SEVENTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Robert Middleton, Richard Blankenhorn, Jeff Newmeyer, David Bunker, Stephen Chung. Row Two: Lister Chang, Mark Statsman, Ken Benbassat, Bill Weston, Louie Seiler, J. Hunter. Row Three: William Russell, Dave Logan, Bob Curtis, William Cole. EIGHTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Barry Dickens, John Morthland, Richard Hay- ashi, Michael Shinoda, Wellman Lim, Lance Knowles. Row Two: Robert Baker, Hobart Bos- worth, Bill Lomen, Steve Elliott, Brian Wachner, Lee Plummer, Doug Hughes, Paul Holiday. Row Three: Jeffrey DePuy, Jerry Hawkins, James Maximus, Robert Bainbridge, Alan Solomon. 269 ridge house makes life well worth living with good scholarship and swinging times Perched atop Theology Hill, overlook- ing La Val ' s Beer and Pizza Parlor, and providing scenic views of the Univer- sity as well as San Francisco, Ridge House is permeated by the best of many worlds: spirit-uality, Hedonism, intel- lectuality and creativity. From its lowly, embarrassing beginnings as a " summer house " for William Ran- dolph Hearst ' s children, Ridge House has advanced to the forefront of Uni- versity living groups. As such, it has naturally launched many attacks upon that which its creator represents, even while approaching a 2.9 grade point average. At the same time, however, Ridge men, with La Val ' s aid, have faithfully pre- served those traditions established by their fathers: swinging parties, boister- ous activity, considerable card-playing, and many bull-sessions. All in all, it makes for a way of life well worth living. 2420 Ridge Road SENIORS John Ahrendes Robert Calcagno Ben Everett Fred Hammack Charles Julien Dennis Mires James Stewart Randy York JUNIORS David DeZerega David Fredlund Mike Helmich Yuchuek Hsia Richard Lira Charles Pullen Larry Tokar SOPHOMORES Pete Karikas Albert McKee FRESHMEN John Jacobs 2,70 2421 Prospect Street tellefsen hall strengthens its position as first activity- oriented living group The tireless efforts of a dedicated group of Cal Band Alumni were culminated in the opening of Tellefsen Hall, a home exclusively for the University of Cali- fornia Bandsmen, in the fall semester of 1960. It was named in honor of Chris Tellefsen, a loyal friend of the Band since 1923. In that year he obtained for the Band its first non-military uniforms, thereby marking the beginning of the modern Cal Band. Tellefsen Hall has a full and varied social program, open to every Bandsmen and coordinated with the activities of the California Band. The men of Tellef- sen Hall, combining their academic and social in- terests with their interests in the Band, find living in Tellefsen Hall to be a unique and highly reward- ing experience. SENIORS Philip Bach David Johnson Andy Magid Herb Rose Alden Spafford John Upton JUNIORS Douglas Abbott Richard George Stan Keil Doug Kirby Paul Meyers Don Milmore Douglas Pile SOPHOMORES Willard Alloway Paul Durando David Evans Michael Irving Marty Mulhern Daniel Richards Dan Williams FRESHMEN Steve Clauson Jeffrey Feldman Dean Hickman Marc Lambert Robert Sachs Ryan Sanders Robert Spencer James Thompson 271 FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Left to Right, Row One: Richard Johnston, Triston Rosen- berger, Harry De Victoria. Row Two: Gordon Fell, Mark Massen, Harry Metaxas, Tony Al- perin, Chamond Liu. Row Three: Alden Pedersen, Lawrence Dietz, Doug Croucher, John Grilli, Terry Yamada. Row Four: Daniel Carlson, James Bunnel. A program of exchanges, dances, and " fun night " at the ASUC have been planned this semester which, because of the lack of " hill " women, will include more than in the past year, the women of the lower units. Smyth started off the semester, traditionally, with a dinner-dance at Stern. Being a member of the " hill " , Smyth social activities are somewhat integrated with those of the " hill. " Toward the latter part of the semester, a swim- bar-b-que dance is going to be held at the Strawberry facilities. Also planned are several men ' s Smokers with the regular allotment of racy films ( oh, the " Iron Maiden " of the first semester ). For the warmer weather, Smyth will hold for all the jocks and " tea " drinkers, an athletic day at Tilden. Throughout the semester, various open doors will take place to increase boy-girl understanding and to afford a relaxed atmosphere in which to study. SIXTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Ronald Keenan, Don Jacobson, Mitchall Meszaros, Royce Kelley, Walt Schmidt. Row Two: Dale Radcliff, Charlie Bird, Art Lingo, Wayne Per- lich, Peter Dusenberg. Row Three: Tom Whitaker, Arlie Walter, Stan Taylor, Edward McNeill, Greg Streeter, John Lee, Vic Bedoian. Row Four: Robert Lathon, Jim Liu, Gil Hart, Wes Wooten, Mike Thompson, Syd Bowcott, Barry Brittan, Wayne Stahnke. Row Five: Calvert Ellis, Zali swonga Mini Bau. smyth hall survives year without " hi! " women 272 FOURTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: Jon Herbert, Ed Maloney, Jerry Boone, Bill Andrewsen, Brendon Bond. Row Two: Mike Lahey, John Heyman, Ken Everett, Vic Stern, Alan Dashen, Fob Padilla. Row Three: Tom Moeller, Ted Hewitt, Dave Allen, Dave Freeman, Joe Morganti. Row Four: Chester Lee, Bob Goedhart, Jerry Yowell, Ron Mei, Gary Kelson, Rich Verbanec. Row Five: Ken Bynum, Roger Farmer, John Wallace, Gary Stacy. THIRD FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: James Schneider, Stan Solomonson, Ron Wing. Row Two: Peete Baer, Victor Antillon, Mike Campbell, Ken Wade. Row Three: Bud Schaefer, Richard Francis, Christopher Kasparek-Obst, Carl Nelson, Bill Thomas, Finn Berner, Bruce Cooper, Ron Fujii, Harold Crawford. FIFTH FLOOR — Left to Right, Row One: James Steiner, Frank Rivinus, Kenneth Bovard, Alexander Waronow, Robert Dardis, Rand°lf Russell. Row Two: Robert Docken, Marco Alpert, Robert Tashjian, Rodney Lilyquist, Robert Puccetti, Stephen Burseth, Norman Hodgson. 273 commuter independents CI Association member mans a table in the Activities Fair. c i s take an active part in campus life... Students express their views through voting. between classes .. . participation .. Michael Ackley Nancy Ackley Alan Adams Mike Adams Suzanne Adams Dorothy Adashko David Adler K. Aghazadeh Lawrence Agran Krikor Aivazian Carla Albertus William Alexander Janet Allen Marian Alquist David Armstrong Eileen Arnstein Steve Aronoff Chris Aronson Catherine Arreguy Georgia Atton John Auen Barbara Bachman Bonnie Baker Donald Baker Frederic Baker Doris Balabanian Robert Baldwin Cathy Balistreri Ronald Banducci Joan Barbour Robert Bareuther Peter Barnard David Barnhart James Barron Ian Barry-Smith Randall Bassett Ronald Batchelder Marel Bates Mei-Ling Bauer Esther Bauman Ury Beary Forrest Beaty Daniel Altman Chris Anderson Donald Anderson Jeff Anderson Michael Anzis June Aono Wayne Argus 276 a chance for self-expression Robert Beaudry Willa Belcher Donald Bergstrom Richard Berta Eric Bistrow Edward Beckwith Barbara Bell Susan Berkowitz Gail Bertetta James Blackman Jeanie Bedford Barbara Bennett Susan Berlin Joel Beyersdorf Roger Blanchard Howard Beeman Andrea Beno Claire Berman Mireille Bigorie Pedro Blandon Martha Beeman Bruce Benzler Diane Berman Mark Billing Richard Blank Peter Beer Karen Berdahl Frances Bernt David Bimar Clark Blasdell Stevie Beitscher Michele Berger Karen Berry Terry Bird Robert Blomberg 277 Bonnie Bunker Donna Burger Tom Burger David Burks Neil Burmester Gary Burnham Jack Brown Michael Brown Richard Brown Hilary Bryan Gail Buchanan Bruce Buckelew Robin Bromberg Robert Brooks Denna Brown Kathy Burns Peggy Burns William Busacca Orland Buckius Mike Buckley Norman Budman Patricia Browning Susan Prudno Richard Brumund Randy Blotky Lou Bluestein B. Blumenfield Sheryl Blumenthal Brian Bochner Maureen Bocian Joanne Bodin Irene Boschken Vicki Boyer Burton Bogardus Donald Bourassa S. Bozinovich Buzz Boschken Suzanne Boxer Gerald Bradley Sara Brandt Joan Brannigan Patricia Brehany Rick Bremner Harold Bresnik Peter Brennan Hugh Brereton Germaine Briggs James Bright the terrace-scene of individuals 278 Ronald Chiodo Kenneth Chu Ramsey Chun Wendell Chun Gerhard Clausing Anie Chung Harvey Clewans Nell Clark Betsy Cohen Ron Coles Linda Coltrin Marjorie Colwell Dorothy Bush Leonard Campbell William Cann Sandy Car11 Lynda Cagnacci Patricia Canary Eugene Canton Carl Carlson Jackie Campbell Lynn Canerva Edward Carl Keith Cams James Carragher Albert Carter Paul Carter Trudy Carter William Carter Linda Casale Carolyn Chagi Camille Chan Esther Chan Helen Chan Michael Chan Suit-MM Chan Wallace Chan Wyman Chan Chester Chang Shirley Chao Jim Cherry Carol Cheu Sherwin Chew Carol Childs Linda Ching and their talents 279 Frank Concepcion Michael Conklin Michaele Cooley Jeanne Coombs Walter Coombs Lee Cooper Shirley Cooper Thomas Cooper M. Coopersmith Frank Cope Joanne Corday Carl Couture Janet Cowen Chris Cowley Catherine Craig Joseph Craig Mary Crater Henry Crowle David Crozier Cathie Cryer David Culver fancy footwork Lucinda Cur11 James Davis Ann Dell Jens Dimmick Greg Cykman Nancy Davis Marie DelNero Martha Dixon David Czarnecky Leonard Deal Henry Delp Edward Doge Virginia DaLuz Robert D2Brecht Phillip Denney Carole Doi Thomas Damask Melia Dees Roger DePauw Patricia Dolan Joan Danielson Naomi Deguchi Dion Dillon Edward Don Dale Dashiell Kenneth DeGusta Charles Dimke Terry Doran 280 Bill Dorris Marg Duncanson Robert Dutton Thomas Edwards Thormon Ellison Buel Dover Roy Dunlop Matilda Dzani Joel Effron Robert Emberton Judy Dowd Timothy Dunn Susan Eckersley Ronald Egherman James Emerson Brian Doyle Jois Dunton Maria Eckstein Lynn Eisenbach Linda Endacott Dinah Du ffy Mary Durkin Linda Edlund Melissa Eisenberg David Endicott Iris Dugow Robert Durkin Lois Edlund Vernon Elarth Douglas Engmann Mark Duino Peter Durney Perry Edwards Hiram Elliott Jane Epstein draws a second look the start of a new semester with it comes book buying and browsing Lora Epstein Ruth Epstein Margaret Erickson Nels Erickson Ruth Erickson Kimberly Erie Jack Exley Jan Faber David Fahle Randy Feldman Gary Feller Terry Fenberg Alan Fenech Donald Fidler Sharon Fidler Helyse Field Diann Figone Lois Fineman Mary Finnegan Andrea Fish Lawrence Fisher Susan Fitch Sharon Fitzgerald Howard Flemming Ronald Fliss Barry Flynn Gloria Flynn Susan Foncell James Fonda Barry Fong Byron Fong Constance Fong John Foster Patricia Franklin Susan Frazer Joseph Frees Ernest Fretter Gretchen Fretter Phyllis Friedman Thomas Fugate Fern Fujii Nancy Fukautome Aaron Gallup Charles Garwin Susan Gass Lee Gassaway Alice Gerner Myrna Gersenson Bryan Gerstel Linda Gianella Gerry Gibbons Sharon Gillette Christine Gilroy Carol Ginsburg Robert Girard Dale Glaser Gary Glaser Gail Glasner Catherine Godfrey James Godley Patrick Going Dean Goishi Richard Goldberg Nancy Goldinger Ellen Goldman Ronald Goldman Susan Goldner Marc Goldyne Yolanda Gomez Dennis Goodman Michael Gordon Harvey Gould Ronald Gould Kathryn Grant Aileen Gray Gary Green Joan Greenbaum Charlotte Greenberg Kathy Greenebaum Carl Gregory Michael Grenko Diane Griffiths Terry Grubman Thomas Haas Ralph Haight Anthony Hare Rand Harris Josh Haskett Sady Hayashida Richard Grihalva Christine Gryson Douglas Haavik Leonard Hail Anna Hargreaves Susan Harris Myna Hastings S. Hayashigatani Dan Griset Roger Guichard Joseph Hacker Betty Hale Yoichi Harita Patricia Harvey Jerome Hatfield Kenneth Hayes Carol Grizzle Helen Gutstein Peter Hadreas Virginia Hammond Glee Harrah Barbara Harwood Charles Haug Susan Hechtlinger Kenneth Groh Diana Haas Karen Hagopian Sally Hansen Denny Harris Randall Hartmann James Hauge Jerry Hedstrom then hurrah for california, and for Donna Heibel Anna Heil William Heichel Judith Heiser Harvey Helfand Eliz. Hennessy Marylynn Henes Edward Herny Silver Heung Pam Himsworth Nori Hirasuna Gilah Hirsch Stewart Hobson Mary Holcomb Lynn Hodgson Mike Holcombe 284 Glenna Ito Janis Iwahashi Michael Ito Roy Jackson Gary Jacobs Max Jedda P. Hollingsworth Bonnie Honore Debby Humphrey John Iding George Holmes Luke Howe Vicky Hunt Lyndon Ikeda Janet Holmes Steven Hubert Richard Hunter Yasuko Ikuta Kenneth Horn Patricia Huen Susan Huxtable Janet Imagawa Norman Hong Ronald Huff Bob Iding Calvin Imai the blue and gold Sandra Ina Roger Injayan 285 Eileen Jenkins- Chuck Jenner Richard Jennings John Jensen Douglas Jinnett Rich Johanson Christina Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Jean Johnson Lance Johnson Mac Johnson Roger Johnson Marsha Johnston Suzanne Johnston Jennifer Jones Judie Jones Judy Jones Russellyn Jones Ellie Jordan Barbara Jow Wayne Jower Charles Jursch Takeshi Kagawa Louise Kai Andrew Kaldor David Kalstrom Naomi Kameda Junko Kanaya Myron Kanemori Henry Kao Socrates Karageorge Becky Karns Dorothy Kathan Arlene Katz Marcia Katz David Kaufman Kathie Kaufman Bob Keagy Charles Keaty Frederick Keep Bob Kellerman Robert Kennedy 286 Norman Kondy John Kroes Sidney Kurn Mary Lane Barbara Kong Narda Krum Shirley Kurz John Langeberg Cathy Kora William Krum Lok Kwan Sharon Langerak Ronni Kordell Ruth Krusa Parriz Labib Lawrence Lapidus Hans Korve Martha Kubochi Julie Lai Yamil Lara Nancy Krentz Susan Kung Paul Lam Clifford Lau David Kresch Lynda Kungel Nancy Lamont Donald Lauro card stunts a tradition of excellence to be upheld Stewart Kennedy Mary Keverline Chris Kibbe Meiko Kikuchi Nobuyuki Kimura Margaret King Sylvia King Donald Kinunen Douglas Kirby John Klein Kaye Kliewer Margery Knapp Natalie Knauth Patricia Kocher Agnes Kodama 287 Nancy Lawler Lawrence Lawlor Clarice Lawlor Lauro Lazo Becky Lee Allan Lee Grace Lee Hannah Lee Kelvin Lee Kwang Lee Lincoln Lee Linda Lee Patricia Lee Miriam Lehman Sing-Hoi Lee Melinda Leiser Nick Lekatis David Lennette Kwai-Pui Leung Jacqueline Levine Linda Leland Jerome Lerch Michael Levin Jo Ann Levine Lawrence Levy Marcia Levy Judy Lew Tingley Lew Alicia Lewis Barbara Lewis Alan Levitt Arlene Levy 288 activities fair a chance to look, learn, and perhaps find Gary Masada Eva Mateus Terry Maul Mieko Masai Kent Matsumoto Lynda Maxon Edward Li Douglas Liang Eva Lichtenstein Jules Lichtenstein Jane Liebman Jerome Lipnick Bernard Lilly Kwok Lo Karen Lim Barbara Lofthouse Shmuel Limone Sue Lohman Ronald Lomax Carolyn Long Mary Loo Blake Lorenz Judith Lowy Michael Loy Donald Luhmann Neville Luhmann Kenneth Luk William Lyon Harriet MacMillan William Maddaus Susan Madfes Beverly Magovern Susan Mahoney William Mahoney Marsha Maier Steve Mainieri John Malork Bruce Manion Hosea Mapondgra John Marchese Helen Marcus Sheldon Margulies Huston Marlowe Judith Marsh James Marston Samuel Marti 289 Arm May Linda McAulay Sandra McCandless Anne McCarthy Bruce McClelland John McConnell Nancy McCrocklin M. McCutcheon Nancy McDonnel Leland McElhaney Jean McEvoy Robert McGilvray Mike McGinnis William McIntosh Alan McKean Robert McLeod Carolyn McNeill Michael McQuary John McQuillan William Mecom Janet Meier John Meindl Karen Mekjavich Peter Melczer Marcia Menkin Parviz Meraj Susan Merritt Gerald Metter Judith Meyer Kenneth Meyer Judith Mielke Ernest Mieske Sally Miller Diana Mills Karen Misaki COMMUTER-INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION — Left to Right, Seated: Joe Mesenbrink, Donna Tappan, Candy Ferkovich. Standing: Larry Pritchard, John Shields, Bill Ellsworth, Kathy Cifra. 290 La Mont Mitchell Regina Mitchell Sharon Mock Patricia Molen Barbara Moor Charles Moore Lurlie Moore Ayako Mori Clyde Morita Carl Mortensen Jill Morton Dorothy Moyer Orval Mueller Dennis Mumaugh Peter Munoz Marshall Munt Sanford Murata Joyce Murray Patricia Muszynski Michael Nagatani Satoko Nagatoshi Donna Najima Andrea Nakagawa Mikiye Nakanishi Iwao Nakatani Lois Navid James Neal Kristen Nelson Robert Nelson Shirley Newhall William Newland Craig Newnan Magdalene Ng Warren Ng Philip Nicholson John Nicoles John Niemand Leslie Niitani Roger Nikkel Michael Nitefor Parviz Nourafchan Jim Noyes Peter Noyes commuters conduct housing survey on campus 291 Fathi Nuh Michael O ' Brien William O ' Brien Milton Oda Stanley Okasaki Beverly Olshen Carolyn O ' Neill Philip Ong Kent Opheim James Orland Joseph Orsini Carolyn Ortel Eduardo Ospina Jane Otamura Dorinne Ouye Kathleen Ozawa John Padley Mike Page Robert Paine Shirley Paintner Patsy Paley Michael Papo Theoni Pappas Pamela Parenti Merrily Parker Bonnie Parrell Cecile Pascoe Katherine Pattison spectators keep their distance from muddy frosh-soph brawl Carlos Pazmino Lee Peisker Thomas Perazella Linda Persson Susan Peterson Larry Pettinger Linda Pierce Margaret Pierce Susan Pierose Stephen Pinkham Jan Pinney Charleen Pizzorno Pamela Pomeroy George Poplin Penelope Porter Suchet Potewiratananond Nicholas Powell Jon Prescott Lynda Preston Rita Price Karen Primm Stephanie Probst George Proper Nora Quesada Evelyn Rahn Christine Rakestraw Lyle Rasmussen Thomas Rath Joe Ratliff Michael Raudenbush Peter Reali Barbara Reed Linda Reed Nancy Reed Robert Reed Margaret Reeder Dennis Regan Robert Renouf James Resseguie Donna Rhodes Ricardo Ribeiro Terry Richard Susan Richier Larry Rickertsen Carolyn Riding Therese Riemer Janet Rindge William Rist Richard Roach DeLane Roberts Jorge Rodrigues Judith Rodriguez Randolph Roeder Edmund Rogers Sharron Rokeach Gene Rolt Dianne Roman Elizabeth Romanoff Jon Rosenbaum David Rosenthal Marcia Ross Mary Ross Peter Rostler 293 Belina Rothman Robert Rothman Ana Rubiales Mary Sakurai Susan Salzenstein Robert Sanders Tamara Sawyer Brian Sax Parvin Sazesh Barry Scherer William Schmidt Herbert Schott Larry Schrock Jon Schueler Whitney Schulz Yvonne Schuster Michael Schuyler Jo Anne Schwartz Sandy Scott Julia Selfman Elizabeth Seltzer Mary Sevall Rodney Sharp Art Shartsis Marilyn Sherman Shirley Sherwood Kent Shew Michael Shigemura artistic hands to create a of art Fumiko Shimizu Daniel Shimomura Brian Shiroyama Dudley Shoemaker Anne Showstack Vali Saidat Alan Siegel John Simmons Lee Simon Michael Simondi Joy Simpson Melissa Skeehan Catherine Skinner Richard Slater Cheryl Smale James Smith Sandra Smith Gregory Snyder 294 1 strive work Beverly Sodomka Dee Solar Barbara Solberg Elizabeth Soley Arthur Solomon Dennis Solomon Jill Solomon Sandy Solomon Mary Sommerville Charles Sonntag Priscilla Soos Darell Sooy Rachid Souami Larry Southwick Bradford Southworth Angelo Spandrio John Spangenberg Mary Spencer Marie Spengler Janie Spere Susan Spiegel Marcia Squeri Darrol Stanley Marilyn Stein Aline Steinberg John Steinhart Cathy Stephens Sandra Stephenson Sharon Stern Sonia Sternberg Michael Stine Katherine Stockes Fred Strathdee Kamalee Sukosol Suzanne Sutin 295 oski bear hugs the girls and make s them laugh Richard Sutter Douglas Swager Skip Swany Charlene Swierkowski Anna Symeonoff Alice Takahashi Agnes Takata Haruki Takemoto James Tamulski Gary Taplin Elaine Tarone Bruce Taylor Fred Taylor Kristen Taylor Karen Terao Roberta Thaler Laura Thomas R. Thomasson Janetta Thompson Suzan Thompson LaVonne Tiegs Ellengale Toki Annie Tom Jo Anna Tong Yat-Ping Tong Barbara Tozi Ronald Trainer Randolph Tremper Olivia Trevino Dan Trotter Jill Tucker Michael Tung 296 Ann Uchishiba Janet Ulfelder Gerald Uyeda Andrew Uzoigwe Dianne Vabri Nick Vaca Robert Van Dyck Philippe Van Lathem Mark Van Loucks Melvyn Varrelman Georgia Vasilevich Donald Veirs Claudette VeLarde Harold Velasquez Judith Velasquez Silvija Vikmanis John Villegas de Ville Charles Vinson Nancy Vivrette Michael Vogan Paul von Beroldingen William Waddel Terrill Wade Deborah Wafer Amy Waki Robert Walker Diane Wallace Mary Wallenius Mary Walton Marty Ward Tony Wasserman Robert Watson Kirk Weaver Peter Weber John Weeks Henry Weinstein Marsha Weintraub Doug Wenger John Wickland Anthony Wight Judith Wight Marilyn Wilcox Tim Wilcox Arie Wilgenburg Chip Willey Janie Willey Paul Williams Weldon Williams Ann Wilson Anne Wilson Harold Winckle Phillip Winslow Lynne Witkin Carol Wolfe Perthlle Wollan Robert Wolters 297 Linda Zerlang Jean Ziegler Nancy Zia Elliot Nancy Zebroski Barbara Zipser Betty Wong Bewla Wong Cheryl Wong Daniel Wong Kelly Wong Patricia Wong Roland Wong Shirley Wong Carol Woolworth Doris Wootton Margaret Wright Leine Wulffson Roselyn Gerald Patsy Michio Yamaguchi Robert Harry Dick Dianne Janet Richard Sue Rachel Yeung Robert Nancy Janet D. Eileen Youell King Ytha Kathryn Yuasa I think this is the way she did it but, somehow it isn ' t turning out the same. 298 WE GIVE GREEN TAMPS N ALL SES Chrysanthemums do taste better than green stamps. berkeley ' s apartment dwellers ... 3rd floor? Who says it can ' t be done? 299 Pouring over those tax forms! " My boyfriend does not have animalistic tendencies!! " time for pleasurable distraction amidst the rigors of study Marx has an answer for everything. 300 shes and green stamps part of the joy of apartment living Once a week is too often. I-house students discuss problems affecting their own countries. 258 302 international house offers rich program of cultural and social activities for foreign students Informality builds more goodwill than any foreign aid bill. foreign students attend cal campus International students lend variety to the University. 303 asuc organizations If Americans insist that society exists to serve the individual, not the individual to serve society, then we must show more imagination with the organization of our organizations in order to bring them at least within hailing distance of our professed ideals. John W. Ward 304 1 305 SENATE — Left to Right, Row One: Mary Myers, Gary Feller, Diane Dougherty, Tim Lyons, Jerry Goldstein, Nancy Tyson, Karen Mekja- vich, Peggy Krause, Bruce Henstell. Row Two: Bryan Turner, Dean Arleigh Williams, Forrest Tregea, Samuel Markowitz, Andrea Snow, Dan McIntosh, John Simmons, Bob Archibald, Ron Jones, Page Van Loben Sels, Steve Cornet, Bob Nakamura, John Roberts. asuc senate airs political issues cabinet works towards unity asuc activities CABINET — Left to Right, Row One: Mike McGinnis, Barbara Miller, Julie Sperr, Jerry Goldstein, Dave Engel, Claire Berman, Donna Tappan. Row Two: Don Lively, Richard Sullivan, Gary Ferman, Roosevelt Willia ms, Bruce Wild. Missing: Leigh Mueller. 306 jerry goldstein heads asuc government This year the ASUC Executive Officers work- ed to lead the association through a year of change. First a constitutional convention was initiated to restructure the ASUC such that it reflected the needs, goals, and programs of the entire student body. Second the projects for progress were instituted, and new pro- grams for campus welfare including a Depart- ment of Religious Studies, Seminar in Euro- pean Travels, Cal SAC, Northside Student Center, Cal Internship program and commu- ter discounts. Finally, great effort was placed in the area of campus unity, recognizing the diverse interests and motivations of students, faculty and administration, yet working to meld them into a unified community of simi- lar problems and common solutions. vice-presidents serve during year of change Nancy Tyson and Tim Lyons, ASUC Vice-Presidents finance Comm reviews asuc budget Finance Committee serves to advise the ASUC Senate on all budgetary matters. A major duty is reviewing the appropriation requests of ASUC groups in planning the annual bud- get. This year the committee did extensive research on the possibil- ity of a discount store. FINANCE COMM — Left to Right, Row One: Dean Arleigh Williams, Mike McGinnis, Dan McIntosh, Peggy Scott, Secretary; John Roberts, Bob Nakamura, Jerry Goldstein. Row Two: Ned Averbuck, Samuel Markowitz, Garth Blier, Lawrence Channing, Bob Archibald, Forrest Tregea, Tim Lyons, Chairman. asuc judicial committees function as a vital part of campus STUDENT J-COMM — Left to Right, Row One: Jill Varney, Ed Lebb, Chairman; Anne Feder, Lori Jacobs. Row Two: Ron Rosen, Charles Domokos, Ray Applebaum, David Burks. 308 WOMEN ' S J-COMM — Left to Right, Row One: Linda Stone, Janet Che- ney, Robyn Swafford, Juniors. Row Two: Jean Blair, Joan Schminke, Pat Muszynski, Chairman; Jan Jones, Seniors. Missing: Lynn Monkarsh. The Student J-Comm is the interpreter of the ASUC Constitution. It meets to consider violations of the Constitution, election rules, and rules of procedure of the ASUC Senate. Upon request, J-Comm offers advisory opinions on matters of importance to the ASUC President. This year ' s committee has worked to revise the Judicial Procedure for hearings and has organized a system for precedent decisions and opinions. The major duties of Women ' s J-Comm include the enforcement and yearly revision of the AWS Rules, and the handling of other disciplinary matters. This year the committee dealt with the " no lock- out " plans submitted by womens ' living groups. Men ' s J-Comm has jurisdiction over the discipli- nary problems of men students. Violations are re- ferred to the committee by the Dean of Students Office. MEN ' S J-COMM — Left to Right: Roy Gesley, Michael Kahan, Chairman; Jim Cherry, Steven Sachs, Arnold Jaffe. 309 John Chancellor holds an informal discussion with students in addition to his p repared speech. Dan McIntosh NSA Coordinator variety of speakers presented to university students The Speakers ' Advisory Board plans and of- fers a varied program of speakers with em- phasis on issues ranging from the University community to world affairs. The ASUC takes pride in providing such a worthwhile pro- gram, which attempts to reach the interests of everyone on campus. SPEAKERS ADVISORY BOARD — Left to Right, Row One: Ellen Mc- Ginty, Bob Traupe. Row Two: Brad Bank, Chairman; Charles Levy. nsa staff works closely with asuc The NSA Campus Committee works as the li- aison between the National Student Associa- tion and the ASUC. It supplies the ASUC with information about national and interna- tional student activity and makes available the NSA International Student Identity Card at a discount price. This year it worked on the preparation of a liberal arts reading list for students ' extra curricular reading. Garth Blier Controller 4- BUSINESS AND SERVICES STAFF — Left to Right, Sitting: Mrs. Teresa Skillan, Mr. Clive Skillan, Cal Lodge; Mrs. Carolyn Ince, Purchasing. Standing: Mr. Garth Blier, Mr. Floyd Stone, Games Room; Mr. Douglas Wiltse, Cashier. permanent personnel give guidance and advice to the asuc Forrest Tregea Executive Director EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ' S STAFF — Left to Right, Sitting: Mrs. Clara May Martin, Activities; Mr. Walter Frederick, Publications Director; Mrs. Helen Lum, Blue and Gold Advisor. Standing: Mr. Stan Elliot, Mr. Forrest Tregea, Mr. Garth Blier. 311 AWS BOARD — Left to Right, Sitting; Row One: Alceste Pappas, Marily Allen, Vicki Stevens, Page Walker. Row Two: Jean McEvoy, Meg Olsen, DeDe Delucchi, Myna Hastings. Standings: Mrs. Joehnck, Pat Muszynski, Pam Routh, Kathy Brajkovich, Betsy Sellman, Peggy Tisdel, Suzanne Adams, Diane Dougherty, Karen Brant, Mary Myers, Carol Childs, Melinda Merritt. Not pictured: Judy Coates, Julie Totten, Joan Chapel, Donna Tap- pan, Nancy Tyson, Judy Lew, Andrea Snow. aws sponsors orientation program for out-of-state women students Cognizant of the need for a broadened orientation program, AWS initiated an out-of-state program for freshmen and transfer women students. During the summer months, continuing Cal women from states other than California wrote to fellow out-of-staters who would enter Cal in September. Correspondence included a survey of Califor- nia climate and the San Francisco Bay Area and helpful hints con- cerning furnishings and clothing. The summer correspondence was culminated by a tea given in honor of all out-of-state women on September 17. Through programs such as this, AWS hopes to better equip the entering woman student for her role in the University. AWS CABINET — Left to Right: DeDe Delucchi, Kathy Brajkovich, Vicki Stevens, Carol More, Page Walker, Alceste Pappas, Meg Olsen. Missing: Karen Brant, Joan Chapel. Meg Olsen AWS Chairman An AWS model displays new fashions at the Fall Fashion Show. Chancellor Heyns discusses the role of women on campus with the AWS Board. aws models lead in fashion news AWS MODELS — Left to Right: Teddi Skipitares, Janet King, Sterling Hilleary, Erin Lyon, Margie Stavrum, Nancy Rosenberg, Maureen Doughty, Lane Retallik, Linda Bialecki, Ruta Hagmann, Pat Wong, Margie Dill, Linda Endicott. Missing: Carla Bundrick, Maria Reymenyi. STUDENT ORIENTATION SERVICES — Left to Right, Row One: Ellengale Toki, Jud Whyte, Lou Blue- stein, DeDe Delucchi. Row Two: Diane Moreland, Mae Low, Bob Doud, Kathi Fine, Barbara Rosen, Lance George, Sandy Kirschen, Chairman. orientation groups introduce new students to life at cal CAL PREP EXECUTIVE BOARD — Left to Right, Row One: Jay Jacobus, Karen Berdahl, Gary Lilienthal, Ellengale Toki. Row Two: Betsy Sellman, DeDe Delucchi. Row Three: Jud Whyte, Bob Stone, Bob Doud. Julie Sperr heads Orientations Board. ORIENTATIONS BOARD — Left to Right, Row One: Sandy Kirschen, Julie Sperr, Chairman; Kathy Brown. Row Two: Gary Lilienthal, Dave Maxwell, Jay Jacobus, Bob Archibald. functional services board copes with election problems The Functional Services Board serves to fa- cilitate the governmental functions of the ASUC and thus is a vital coordinating body. It includes Elections Council, Polls Council, Constitutions Council, and Auxiliary Enter- prises Board. This year it faced special prob- lems in preparing for the Constitutional Con- vention. AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES BOARD — Left to Right: Dave Maxwell, Garth Blier, Karen Clark, Sheila McCusker, Richard Hokenson. FSB BOARD — Left to Right: Rich Venning, Maja Hanson, Dave Engel, Chairman; Nancy Brock, Dave Maxwell. CONSTITUTIONS COUNCIL — Left to Right, Row One: Maja Hanson, Joanne Kirby, Bob Hall. Row Two: Len Lepera, Julia Grau, Natalie Knauth. INFORMATION DESK STAFF — Left to Right, Row One: Sandy Kirschen, Sandy Moore, Pam Ensunsa, Darlene Chan, Lisa Mathias, Myrna Gershenson, Steven Hughes. Row Two: Bob Gunn, Ron Rosen, John Groper, Steve Pinkham, John Spangenberg, John King. The Strugglers appear at Bear ' s Lair Cabaret. union program board sponsors bear ' s lair cabaret each friday night Prog-amming events such as Friday night Caba- rets in the Bear ' s Lair, afternoon poetry readings in Heller Lounge, art exhibits in the Union lobby, speakers such as Sargent Shriver or Hans Morgen- thau in the Lower Plaza, the Modern Jazz Quar- tet in Pauley Ballroom, is the concern of the ASUC Union Program Board. Seven committees of students work throughout the year in different program areas to give the students of this campus the fullest enjoyment of the facilities of the Cali- fornia Student Union Building. UNION PROGRAM BOARD — Left to Right, Row One: Roger Edwards, Brad Bank, Dennis Neeley, Bob Traupe. Row Two: Barbara Baer, Ellen McGinty, Chris Riddle, Kathy Fredericks. CABARET COMMISSION — Left to Right, Row One: Pam Pomeroy, Roger Edwards, Chairman; Ann Bills. Row Two: Jon Ratner, John Mathias, Mrs. Carole Burns, Dick Carter. PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE — Left to Right, Row One: Judy Armstrong, Andrea Davidson, Joan Schminke, Beverly Russell. Row Two: Howard Coleman, Bob Traupe, Jess Wells. Missing: Dave Lowndes, Tory Campion, Roger Edwards. LITERATURE COMMITTEE — Left to Right: Sally Blagborne, Barbara Baer, Barbara Miller, Bob Traupe. EXrfiESSIOW? 01 SOCIAL COMMITTEE — From Top: Tony Wasserman, Ellen McGinty, Chairman; Ellen Flagg, Barbara Quevedo, Janice Anderson, Rise Siegel. Missing: Raquel Scherr, Joanne Gevertz. for art ' s gallery of interests with a touch of the imagination Barbara Miller UPB Chairman ART COMMITTEE — Left to Right: Chris Riddle, Chairman; Sue Hughes, Ken Geiser, Sandy Payne, Paul Geijer. P PR discusses new approaches for campus publicity. Ellen Winston runs off memo releases. publicity and public relations for more effective campus wide Sharon Jarvis serves as P PR Chairman. Rick Lenat heads News Bureau. board strives communication Publicity and Public Relations Board is designed to further communications between the ASUC and all students, and to inform the outside community of student activities and accom- plishments. News Bureau sends releases to both the Daily Californian and Bay Area newspapers to publicize campus events. Radio and Television Bureau has contact with Bay Area radio and television stations and handles press confer- ences for speakers on campus. Publications Bureau, a new group this year, compiles and publishes ASUC publications. Art Bureau is responsible for about 40% of the posters on campus. Gail Buchanan, Art Bureau Chairman, works on campus publicity poster. ART BUREAU — Left to Right: Mary Ann Rusk, Gail Buchanan, Donna Lively, Camille Chan. NEWS BUREAU — Left to Right, Row One: Joann Novack, Rich Nelson, Pete Sloan, Doug Samuelson, Sally Blagborne. Row Two: Cindy Gilman, Holly Childhouse, Ellen Winston, Sharon Jarvis. Row Three: Rick Lenat, Lorraine McDonnell, Fritz Lichty. Row Four: Mark Daino, Gail Feldman, John Meindl. Missing: Sally Andree, Anne White. international relations board hosts peace corps week at cal IRB — Left to Right, Row One: Jan Ebert, Flaury Reifman, Annie Harbordt, Hazel Schroeter, Gladys Houston. Row Two: Mike Karsch, Gary Ferman, Mrs. Carole Burns, Advisor; Marsa de Benedictis, Chairman. The International Relations Board serves to coordinate and initiate cam- pus activities concerned with inter- national issues and interests. The Foreign Student Orientation Council holds weekly coffee hours for foreign and American students. The Over- seas Information Council provides in- formation on employment, study, and travel abroad. The traditional In- ternational Week held each spring is made possible through the work of the International Week Committee. The AS UC Peace Corps Committee provides year-round information on Peace Corps tests and application procedures, also working with the Peace Corps recruiters each semester during Peace Corps Week. IRB also handles the World University Service, Operation Understanding, and the American Field Service Committee. I-WEEK COMMITTEE, Left to Right: Jean Brady, Shirley Spiva, Candy Meacham, Mike Karsch. Missing: Al Hartman, Chris McNabb. Peace Corps representatives recruit Cal students. . :1:11:41:;101L4741:1:7M: " 5:.7 ' DRAW, Nat164 2 TIMC5 ' 4 4 V m Non‘rto ' FIN OW 47:0000 41 0 - 45 sh. 7: gliN iljEll l ' iNcmg 1141:44 ' ' ' : i.9 ' 41 " " 541 " WV. N ' ' 56‘1 " kr ' iv ' 4 440 412 Arm vu; winw ; 7:0, 41 0 41 12.0o Hard work and enthusiasm characterized visiting delegates. 14th model un votes for neutralization of vietnam and control of outer space The fourteenth annual Model United Nations, sponsored by the ASUC and the Political Sci- enc e Department, met here in February. Amid dramatic debate, eleven hundred Northern California high school students passed a reso- lution calling for the neutralization of Viet- nam by reconvening the 1954 Geneva Con- ference. A resolution calling for the regula- tion of outer space was also passed. Through this convention, students are able to learn about the work of the UN and the prob- lems encountered in international organiza- tions. Jeffrey Williams served as committee chairman and Secretary General for the ses- sion. Northern California high school students discuss world politics on their visit to the Berkeley campus. 321 SEFR — Left to Right, Row One: Karen Edlefson, Risa Brody, Leigh Mueller, Chairman; Mrs. Joehnck, Roger Barron. Row Two: Vicki Pitkanen, Vicki Thomas, Laurie Thomas, Jim Smith, Pat Brumbaugh. students artici pate in academic reform and community volunteer work The goals of SEFR are to find means of bringing students and faculty together to work on problems of common interest and concern, to represent and further student interests with the faculty and ad- ministration, an d to be of service to students and student organizations. To carry out these goals, the Board sponsored research committees, speak- ers programs, and a series of student-faculty re- treats. The major project of the Student Community Re- lations Board is working to develop a coordinating body that will make available to students, infor- mation on volunteer service in the community. The Board also works toward the possibility of arranging academic credit for volunteer work. SCRB — Left to Right, Row One: Marla Ketlehut, Binnie Bromberg, Roosevelt Williams, Chairman; Ma ' lis Walton. Row Two: Lawrence Weiss, Richard Eiger, Brenda Manning, Sharon Jones, Gary Ledson, Ernest Allen. 322 The Placement Center arranges aptitude tests and interviews for students. placement center and housing services offer invaluable aid The Student Alumni Placement Center works closely each year with career representatives in presenting Career Days and scheduling interviews for graduating seniors. The Center helps students find part-time and summer jobs in addition to conducting surveys on stu- dent interests and abilities. This year, Housing Services worked to meet a growing demand for information about off- campus housing. Mrs. Ruth N. Donnelly, Supervisor of Housing Services and her staff are in charge of the University Residence Halls, married student housing, and the list- ings of apartments and rooms. HOUSING SERVICES STAFF — Left to Right: Mrs. Margaret Dewell, Mrs. Ruth Donnelly, Supervisor; Mrs. Ann More. class activities CLASS OFFICERS BOARD — Left to Right, Row One: Mike Gallagher, Melinda Merritt, Joan Chapel, Rhea Seddon, Dave Shelburne, Bruce Wild. Row Two: John Welborne, Bill Dopkins, Don Lively, Bruce Joffe, Dennis O ' Shea, Gary Lilienthal, Mike McGinnis, Chairman. class officers coordinate activities during the year GAVEL AND QUILL — Left to Right, Row One: Kathy Fredericks, Mike McGinnis, Melinda Merritt, Dennis O ' Shea, Roosevelt Williams, Sandy Wallace. Row Two: Gary Lilienthal, Bruce Wild, Bob Portnoy, Dave Engel, Fritz Lichty, Deanne Madden, Joan Chapel, Mike Gallagher. The major goal of Class Officers Board is to promote class cooperation by having the classes help each other in their areas of experience and to im- plement new policies. This year, edu- cational and useful functions were emphasized as well as social activities. The board functions as a forum for dis- cussion and advice for class activities. Gavel and Quill is an honor society for those active in class activities. Membership is invitational, based on nominations by the class presidents. Several social gatherings are held each semester. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS — Left to Right: Don Lively, Vice-President; Rhea Seddon, Secretary-Treasurer; Steve McGehee, President. Missing: John Welborne, Yell Leader. freshman class offers new The Brick Muller Society, Freshman Spirit Group, works to unify the class through activities and services. Blue and gold beanies with ' 69 printed on them were the symbol of the Freshman class. The class of ' 69 was active in the traditional Frosh activities — paint- ing the Big C green, Brick Muller, Frosh-Soph Brawl. In the way of service the Freshmen worked for Cal Camp by sponsoring a candidate in the Santa Claus contest. There were also many successful social func- tions and dances to round out the year. Oops — oh well, what ' s a little mud for frosh supremacy! Race to the Big " C " — will it be green or gold? yell VT 9 6 9-so fine! " " On your mark, get set — " 327 328 Danielle De Roo, a Tri-Delt from El Cerrito, reigned as Soph Doll of 1965. She is a History major and plans to get her teaching credential. Swim- ming and dancing are among Daniel- le ' s favorites. She was previously Miss Contra Costa County and served as an alternate Pompon girl. 1965 soph doll SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS — Standing, Left to Right: Bill Dopkins, Vice- President; Peggy Tisdel, Secretary-Treasurer; Bruce Wild, President. Sitting: Pete Shey, Yell Leader. " Come on, only 3 feet to go! " " Hold on! We ' ve almost got ' em now. " The highlights of the Soph Class calendar included class meetings, athletic tournaments, dances, the Frosh-Soph Brawl, and Soph Week. The Soph news- letter, " The Centurion, " kept members of the Class of ' 68 informed about Soph activities. There was a bowling tournament in the fall and a golf tourna- ment at Tilden in the spring. Soph Week included a dance, fun and surprises for all, and the crowning of the Soph Doll. 329 junior class sponsors santa claus contest for cal camp charities The major project of the Junior Class is work- ing for Cal Camp through the annual Santa Claus Contest. Cal Camp gives underprivi- leged East Bay children a chance to experience summer camp activities under the guidance of University student counselors. Another tra- ditional Junior Class activity is sponsoring the Rooters ' Train to L.A. for All-U Weekend. A variety of social gatherings were enjoyed this year by members of the Class of ' 67. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS — Left to Right: Dave Shelburne, Yell Leader, Mike Gal- lagher, Vice-President; Joan Chapel, Secretary-Treasurer; Gary Lilienthal, President. Cal Campers form close friendships with University counselors. stan clzura mr. santa claus Stan Dzura was chosen by the ASUC to be Santa Claus at the annual Cal Camp Christmas party. He was sponsored by Alpha Xi Delta. Stan is a Speech major and enjoys all forms of athletics — in- cluding surfing, weight-lifting, skiing, and football. His favorite sport is rugby. Stan feels that, although rugby is one of the least publicized sports, it has the po- tential to become a real favorite. 331 honoraries and societies When the spent sun throws up its rays on cloud And goes down burning into the gulf below, No voice in nature is heard to cry aloud At what has happened. . . . Now let the night be dark for all of me. Let the night be too dark for me to see Into the future. Let what will be, be. Acceptance Robert Frost 332 the california club serves as board for university wide in academic reform and campus Marily Allen Forrest Beaty Walt Buck Mary Jane Burns Michael McGinnis Barbara Miller Sharon Mock Robert Olson Betsy Sellman Arthur Shartsis Steven Smith Nancy Tyson The student Union lobby attracts students and visitors alike with its relaxed atmosphere. 334 Carol Childs Joanne Corday Maureen Doughty Jerry Goldstein Dan Griset Anne Kennedy Barry Kingman Phillip Litts Tim Lyons Sheila McCusker 910111111141: 1,1 The stairway to Pauley Ballroom . . . an impressive sight. a sounding problems growth Many conventions are held in the Stu- dent Union during the year, including the 1966 All-university Cal Club week- end which drew student delegates from each of the campuses throughout the University system. The students were able to hear discussions by some of the Regents, and had the opportunity to meet in small discussion groups to talk about academic reform and the future plans of the growing University. The primary purpose of Cal Club is to develop effective communications among the campuses, and between students and administration. The Student Union Dining Commons provides excellent food facilities for the University. oski dolls act as official hostesses to campus programs Marilyn Belove Robin Bromberg Jane Bryan Mary Jane Burns OSKI DOLLS serve as official campus host- esses of the University of California. Their activities include greeting speakers, foreign visitors to Cal, dignitaries, and athletic teams. The fifty girls chosen for Oski Dolls have varied interests and backgrounds but they are all enthusiastic about Cal. Lynn Burrows Pat Burton Chris Carrier Claudia Cate Joan McGiff Ellen McGinty Melinda Merritt Camille Chan Marjorie Dill Patricia Dolan Maureen Duffy Lynne Monkarsh Mary Beth Mulvey Barbara Murphy Maria Eckstein Candy Evart Sheri Farnell Kathy Gant Carolyn Nogi Barbara Sawyer Betsy Sellman Sharon Gillette Corinne Groper Terry Grubman Pat Hamilton Laurel Shearer Belinda Shigley Sharon Shyer Chris Hutchison Yasko Ikuta Lori Jacobs Karen Kessler Jackie Smith Susan Spiller Sherry Swanson Cindy Martin Dale Matsui Mary McCarty Marian McCord Janetta Thompson Mary Kay Webber Linda Wittenberg 336 The Californians is a junior and senior men ' s honor- ary service and spirit organi- zation. Members, who serve as the Chancellor ' s Hosts, are chosen on the basis of past activities, interest in campus life, and a willingness to give of their time to make traditional activities — such as Frosh-Soph Brawl, Big Game Week, Bas- ketball Awards Assembly, and Spring Sing — successes. The group is chosen from and is representative of nearly all living groups, and literally every phase of campus life. Officers of Californians organize Big Game Week. Jay Jacobus Ralph Lombardi Jack Padley Ron Rosen Rick Taylor Buck Kingman Mike McGinnis Steve Pinkhani Frank Rossi Doug Thure Gary Lapid Bill Mecom Mike Redman Dave Shelburne Dave Van Atta Bob Leberman Mike Murakarni John Roberts Ned Spieker Don Worden Phil Litts Pete Noyes John Rogers Ron Stolowitz Art Shartsis californians service to the university Pete Albert Bob Arbios Bob Archibald George Baker Forrest Beaty Doug Bell Randy Blotky Bob Brinkworth Walt Buck Mike Conklin Matt Connelly Gary Davis Torn Edwards Ron Fliss Warren Fox Don Fry Bryan Gerstel Jerry Goldstein Dan Griset Dennis Hanggi Rick Horning 337 PANILE, the sophomore women ' s honorary society, was founded in 1938. Scholarship, activities, school spirit, and the adherence to traditions of loyalty and service to the University of California are important parts of Panile ' s program. Each Fall, Panile sponsors University Family Day. On this day, as many as four thousand parents and relatives of university students visit the campus. A series of lectures is scheduled for the day and there is usually a football game for the visitors to see, as well. The society plans and participates in other community projects through- out the year. Tours during Panile-sponsored Family Day are held. panile- dedicated to the achievement of individual and social excellence Larraine Abbott Marilyn Belove Karen Berdahl Pat Brautigan Lynn Burrows Carolyn Dowd DD Dwyer Sheila Feinstein Sue Gershenson Andy Hammond Wylda Hannon Margo Keller Kaye Kliewer Ellen McGinty Jennifer Meux Maggie Milstead Pearl Nakamura Kay Neri Pam Owings Diane Smith Eugene Stanton Vickie Stevens Peggy Tisdel Patti Tyre Suzanne Adams Margie Ashe Jean Blair Kathleen Brown Linda Jo Brown Mary Jane Burns Carol Childs Rheta Christensen Judy Coates Joanne Corday Pat Dolan Trixie Farrar Nancy Feldstein Katherine Fredricks Valerie Gamenara Alice Gerner Pat Hamilton Anne Harbordt prytanean ' s purpose seen in serving the university by philanthropies Myna Hastings Lori Jacobs Jean Kalbach Anne Kennedy Janet King Ronni Kordell Susan Lassen Betsy Levin Judith Lew Sheila Jean McEvoy Brenda Manning Melinda Merritt Mary Beth Mulvey Barbara Murphy Pat Muszynski Meg Olsen Alceste Pappas Kathy Rau Mandy Snow Nancy Stock Caro Tanner Julie Totten Patti Tyre Mary Walton Carol Wickwire Lynne Wisdom Patricia Wong 339 mortar board - committed to scholarship, service, leadership Lori Jacobs Anne Kennedy Susan Lassen Judith Lew Mary Beth Mulvey Pat Muszynski Meg Olsen Sherrill Petersen Pamela Routh Sandy Scott Anne Showstack Nancy Stock Mary Walton Lynne Wisdom Kathryn Yuasa Rheta Christensen Pat Dolan Trixie Farrar On February 15, 1918, MORTAR BOARD Val Gamenara began its career as an outstanding factor in American collegiate life. From four char- ter societies, Mortar Board has expanded to 109 chapters. The University of California chapter was founded in 1925. Its members are committed to continue serving the organ- ization ' s three ideals of discriminating serv- ice, responsible leadership, and the applica- tion of scholarly principles to personal and general problems, not only through the senior year, but after graduation from college. 340 TOWER AND FLAME, the lower division honor society, is composed of over seven hundred members se- lected because of their extended scholastic effort. They have achieved honors at entrance or a " B " average at the University. This honor society membership is well deserved by the students, who conduct a tutoring service besides maintaining high grades. The HONOR STUDENTS SOCIETY is an upper division counterpart of Tower and Flame. Membership is by election, and is based on high scholas- tic achievement. Members participate in an active intellectual and social program, including lectures, field trips, and the traditional semi-annual banquet and theater night. TOWER AND FLAME — Left to Right, Row One: Dennis Gile, Phil Omi, V. S. Lekach, Tamila Jensen, Lulu Young, Emily Caouette, Mary McFarling. Row Two: DD Dwyer, Mary Kreick, Judi Paul, Pearl Nakamura, Jo-Ann Gerhardt. tower and flame and honor students cater to high scholastic effort at cal HONOR STUDENTS SOCIETY — Left to Right, Row One: William Erickson, Paul Dubois, Sue Linville, Mary Loo, Donald Mangold, Ken Matsumoto, James Gottesman, Peter Reis, Peter Haustein, Sharon Ja- goda, Mary Heaton, Kathleen Roe, David Overstreet, David Fahle. Row Two: Cathy Erigero, Richard Webster, Brian Wachner, Rand Krumland, Ken Cole, Allan Gold, James McCabe, Sue Lohman, Marilynn Foree, Kate Tadbury, Allan Treiss, Paul von Beroldingen, Mark Gibson, Tom Barwick. Row Three: Camille Swany, Sandra Payne, Lynne McCul- lough, William Roker, Susan Pfarrer, Thomas McCullough, Keith Dil- lingham, Michael Dean, Nathan Pace, Tom Taylor, Jeffrey Grant, An- drew Zeff, Warren Sekiguchi. Row Four: Gilah Hirsch, Jessica Persoff, Karen Wetherell, Gretchen Hagemann, Larry Fisher, Sharon Jordan, Roger Mohr, Alan Fenech, Irene Malbin, Jacquelynne Parsons, Jeff Logan, Jim Miles, John Upton, Steve Wiesenfeld, Stanley Keil, Eugene Cantin, Ramsey Chun. Row Five: Bob Iding, Chalda Maloff, Michael Cerruti, Pam Routh, Bunny Bacon, Melinda Merritt, David Gates, Donald Fidler, Ronald Chiodo, Patricia Harvey, Stephen Long, James Lucke, Parke Lee, Carol Sanders. Row Six: Walter Krostek, Shizuka Mori, Janet Yasuhiro, David Maxwell, Steve Pinkham, Steve Leonard, Susan Huxtable, Georgia Atton, Arthur Hull, David Lang, Ana Maria Rubiales, Hans Korve, Kirby Fong, Marc Hynes. winged helmet - founded in 1901 by benjamin ide wheeler and now one of the university ' s oldest campus or anizations The WINGED HELMET SOCI- ETY was founded in 1901, to be a mark of distinction for junior and senior men who have achieved suc- cess in various branches of college activity, and to establish between its members a closer union of friendship and mutual assistance. Prominent among its members down through the years have been such distinguished men as Benja- min Ide Wheeler, Armin Leusch- ner, John Eshleman, and Robert Gordon Sproul. WINGED HELMET SOCIETY — Left to Right, Row One: Jim Simmen, Roger Groves, Mike Whitman, Jeff Davis, Ken Atterman, Walt Altorfer, Dick Holland, Sam Stevens, Rick Bowles, Marshall Rose, Chris Cutler, Paul Foster. Row Two: Harvey Boysen, Pete Snowden, Jim Bunshoe, Pat McGrath, Doug Bell, Jon Sammann, Steve Wehr, Charles V. Little, Lem Cragholm. 342 surreptitious, clandestine ...loyal skull keys PRESIDENT Robert Holman Actives SECRETARY Skip Carl Steve Adams Steve Drummond Jerry Mosher Tom Relies Walt Altorfer Mike Duffey Ken Moulton Marshall Rose Bill Archer Russ Fisher Ed Musante Jack Sehman Jim Barker Rick Gattis Jerry Olsen Dan Sinclair Howard Beeman Mike Gridley Greg Palamountain Peter Snowden Greg Bertagnolli Dennis Hanggi Jeff Palmer Bob Tocchini Stuart Brubaker Terry Holberton Cap Peckham Tom Tracy Jim Bunchu Ray Kropp Peter Peracca Randy Thaman Tim Cameron Tom Lutes Tom Quantamatto - Mike Wiel Don Cobleigh Ross MacKay Steve Radich Robert Wright Bruce Cowger Jack McKeown Mike Redman Initiates Ken Atterman Mike Anderson Dick Beahrs John Beasley Mike Beeman Doug Bell Rick Brown Tom Brown Brad Bryan Wayne Condict Bob Crittenden Chris Culter Jeff Egeberg Jim Fetherston Ed Flynn Paul Foster John Frantz Bob Gilleran Roger Groves Dave Hennessey Jack Hennessey Tom Hennessey John Hoefer Dick Holland Gary Holmes Ron Jones Bill Kadell Jack Lay Steve Lovette Gordy Lutes Pat McGrath John Rice Steve Robinson Jon Samman `Kip Seefeld Jim Simmon Gregg Sindici Steve Smith Steve Solinsky Bob Steinberg Jerry Stenke Sam Stevens Nick Thurlow Bill Uren Dave Urrea Bob Weight Mike Westling Mike Whitman Dick Williams 343 order of the golden bear UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Arthur M. Arlett James D. Hart William Porter Nathan Averbuck Rene Herrerias Richard E. Powell Albert M. Becker Roger W. Heyns Alva W. Ragan Eric C. Bellquist Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Armin Rappaport Miles R. Hudson James E. Berdahl Carl E. Schorske Ernest H. Burness Sam Kagel William Shepard James Cason, Jr. Van Dusen Kennedy Alex C. Sherriffs Milton Chernin Thomas J. Kent, Jr. William Somerville Paul G. Christopulos Clark Kerr Raymond J. Sontag Robert A. Cockrell James R. Kidder Robert G. Sproul Robert L. Connick Frank L. Kidner Verne Stadtman James H. Cullom Elmo J. Koll Wendell Stanley Charles Cushing Adrian A. Kragen Robert Steiner William Davis John E. Landon Larry Stewart Malcolm M. Davisson G. James Lemmon Fred E. Stripp William R. Dennes Donald McLaughlin Edward W. Strong Robert DiGrazia Gerald Marsh Jacobus ten Broek Clifford L. Dochterman Wallace Matson Forrest Tregea Stan Elliott Martin Meyerson Ian G. Turner William L. Ellsworth Woodrow Middlekauff Peter S. Van Houten Richard E. Erickson Ralph D. Miller William Wadman W. W. Ferrier, Jr. William H. Monahan W. Sheridan Warrick Walter Frederick Peter Newell Arleigh Williams William B. Fretter Harold C. Norton Jack Williamson Varden Fuller Peter H. Odegard Raymond L. Willsey Warren H. Giedt George Pettitt Garff B. Wilson Richard P. Hafner George Wolfman Lawrence A. Harper Frank Woodward GRADUATE STUDENTS David S. Averbuck J. Herman Blake Martin Blank Paul Nicholson Boothe Robert E. Bosso Burton Davies William J. Dickinson Michael S. Flier Edward A. Germain Stephen Johnson William Peter Krum Don Lauer Charles Lucas Brian MacWhinnery Hugh Massey Gerald McManigal Phiroze Nagarvala Robert O ' Donnell Robert Phillips Robert Piziali Clifton Rhodes Jerome Siebert Richard Stone Randolph Thaman Malcolm Thornley, Jr. George Weatherby UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Gideon Alfred Anders Kenneth S. Atterman Forrest 0. Beaty Paul Benzler Louis A. Bluestein Robert A. Brinkworth Mike Clifford Buckley William Burrows Ronald Caligari Michael Cohen Robert R. Cross Richard Best Cunningham William Dalporto Attila C. Domokos Rex A. Dzura Thomas M. Edwards, Jr. Raul A. Fernandez Ronald Keith Fliss John Gage John Garamendi Bryan Gerstel Roy Lesley Jerry Goldstein Dennis O ' Shea, Jr. Duncan Scott Gregg Douglas Patterson Quintard Gregory Michael Plunkett Daniel Griset Charles Powell Michael Gridley John Reding, Jr. Dennis Hanggi R. Thomas Relles Michael Hearn Richard Riemke Richard Heinrich John Roberts Allan Hernandez John C. Rogers Jay Jacobus Ronald Rosen David Johnson Steven Sachs Ronald Jones John Simmons Michael Kahan Lee T. Surh Barry Kingman Jamie Sutton Edward Lebb Douglas Thure Phillip Litts Andrew Truskier Timothy Lyons David Van Atta William Mecom Page Van LobenSels James Moore Kirk Weaver Michael Murakami Peter Weber James Michael McGinnis Robert Nakamura torch and shield senior women ' s social organization TORCH AND SHIELD, a senior women ' s social ganization, was established in 1906. Its activities are traditionally a secret, so .. . MEMBERS: First Row: Barbara Miller Mary Hildreth Second Row: Anne Kennedy Sally Leahy Sally Hall Joanne Corday Patti Patterson Pat Hamilton Anne Davis Ashes, ashes; All fall down. delta chi ' s dynamic duo wins 1966 ugly man contest Oh, if only I had a million pennies. Delta Chi fraternity, sponsors of the Dy- namic Duo, outlasted several ugly con- tenders to win the 1966 Ugly Man Contest, the proceeds of which go to Cal Camp for underprivileged children. Alpha Epsilon Phi ' s Larry Blake, Cheney ' s Granny Goose, and Bowles and Gamma Phi Beta ' s Batman took second, third, and fourth place trophies respectively. Other contestants were Jean-Pierre Ben Benjy, Lucy, Gollum, Brutus, Carol Doda, Ron Quick, Jolly Green Giant, and Schultz. The results of the contest were announced at the Faculty Variety Show which also raised money for Cal Camp. 346 ZOOWIE! Leapin ' Lizards! We won the Ugly Man Contest! Brutus charges money for this show! Carol Doda and the Dynamic Duo! Aw com ' on, have another. ALPHA PHI OMEGA, with over three hundred chapters, is the only national service fraternity. Sharing characteristics of other kinds of fraternities, Alpha Phi Omega unit- es the binding energy of fellowship of the social fraternity with the honorary fraternity ' s attraction and the selection of individuals of po- tential, and the professional frater- nity ' s attitude about being effect- ive. These elements form a mean- ingful matrix for social action. This year Alpha Phi Omega spon- sored the Ugly Man Contest to raise money for Cal Camp and also sold Christmas trees for the Berke- ley " Y " group. Though the chapter ' s membership composition and capacity to serve will vary in future years, the ability and interest in investigating and initiating worthwhile programs of value to the community will still be present. REEkie TO CAMP T. y ' s ME ALPHA PHI OMEGA — Left to Right, Row One: Jerry Galliano, Dan Tam, Bob Sakai, Rich Nielson, Harvey Hailer, John Dixon. Row Two: Jim Jorgenson, Jim Galvan, Ery Nelson, Steve Kitts, Wayne Ybarra, David Marsh, Rick Ribeiro, John Ino, Bob Speth. Row Three: Rich Carmel, Bill Franzwa, Lou Bluestein, Mack Borgen, Roy Dunlop, Pete Ross. alpha phi omega forms meaningful matrix ALPHA PHI OMEGA — Left to Right, Row One: Richard Bartel, Mike Meltzer, Rich Cannel, Rick Ribeiro, Steve Kitts, John Dixon, Roger Lamm. Row Two: Bill Maddaus, Lou Bluestein, Ery Nelson, David Keil, Pete Ross, Harvey Hailer. Row Three: Ken Spice, Dave Engel, Bob Bit- ticks, Pete Reali, Dave Marsh, Jon Zablackis, Mack Borgen. 348 GAMMA DELTA EPSILON — Left to Right, Row One: Candy Ferkovich, Pat Lee, Terri Wilson, Ruth Suzuki, Janet Allen. Row Two: Kathie Fredericks, Jeanne Coombs, Sandy Wal- lace, Baiba Strads, Ilene Wagner, Pam Routh, Diane Rynes. GAMMA DELTA EPSILON is a service sorority founded by Alpha Phi Omega in the Spring of 1963. This past year GDE worked with the Heart Association, did volun- teer work in a Berkeley hospital, and conducted tours on campus for a group of mentally-retarded children. GDE, also, presented The First Annual Faculty Variety Show, the proceeds of which were donat- ed to Cal Camp. gamma delta epsilon stages faculty variety show chinese students ' club commemorates 52nd year at cal CHINESE STUDENTS ' CLUB — Left to Right, Row One: Joanna Tong, Neill Lee, Sharon Moy, Deborah Lim, Siu Wong, Camille The CHINESE STUDENTS ' CLUB engages in the study of its past, present, and future cultural heritage, links itself to the campus through its activities, and provides social relaxa- tion for its members. Art exhibits and lectures provide inter- esting information for members of the organization. All in- terested University students are encouraged to join the club or participate in its activities. Chan. Row Two: Lester Chan, Ronald Lee, Bruce Quan, Calvin Fong, Barry Fong. Row Three: Ken Chu, Randall Fong, Frank Jower, Malcolm Wong, Stephen Chung. 349 ang flight functions as " little sister " group to cadets ANGEL FLIGHT is the national women ' s counterpart of Arnold Air Society, and functions as a " little sister " group to the cadets in AFROTC. Their purpose is to promote interest in the United States Air Force. Be- sides their semi-annual service project with She Oak- land Boys Club, the Angels visited the SAC Alert at Travis AFB and the national conclave at Dallas, Texas over Easter vacation. Dotti Bush Rheta Christensen Sheila Clare Diane D ' Aoust Martha Frank Fritzie Fry Val Gamenara Executive Officer Carol Gibson Terry Harman Parki Hoeschler Commander Joanne Kirby Paula Kokores Arlene Levy Donna Lively Sheila McCusker Barbara Moor Not Pictured: Cathy Arnoldy Liz Davidson Diana Door Kathy McGann Chris Shores Tonya Whelan Larraine Abbott Ann Bills Pam Burnett Rosy Nielson Diana Powers Sue Templeton Col. Wanderer and Mrs. (Hap) Arnold at adoption ceremonies. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY C Maj. (AAS) John W. Miller, Fall Commander C Maj. (AAS) Nicholas B. Powell, Spring Commander DETACHMENT STAFF LtCol. G. M. Bennett Professor of Aerospace Studies Maj. William A. Eveland Capt. G. J. Anderson MSGT Billy J. Whisenant TSGT Richard M. Omoto SSGT Wendell F. Hanselman Mrs. Ann Cantril Mrs. Peggy Nagase CADET GROUP STAFF, Fall C Col. Bruce T. Cowee, Group Commander C Maj. Michael P. Karsch, Squadron I Commander C Maj. John V. Matthews, Squadron II Commander C Maj. Vernon A. Elarth, Executive Officer C Maj. William E. O ' Brien, Operations Officer C Maj. Ernest F. Fretter, Information Officer C Capt. William T. Hoffman, Personnel Officer C Capt. Louis J. Bookbinder, Administrative Officer C Capt. James C. Johnstone, Material Officer C Capt. William D. Robinson, Inspector C Capt. Gary D. Yee, Inspector CADET GROUP STAFF, Spring C LtCol. John W. Miller, Group Commander C Maj. Vernon A. Elarth, Squadron I Commander C Maj. Nicholas B. Powell, Squadron II Commander C Maj. Michael P. Karsch, Executive Officer C Maj. John V. Matthews, Operations Officer C Maj. Ernest F. Fretter, Information Officer C Capt. John A. Reding Jr., Administrative Officer C Capt. Orval J. Davis, Personnel Officer C Capt. Malcolm P. Wong, Material, Accounting Finance Officer C Capt. James C. Johnstone, Inspector C Capt. Terry J. Smith, Inspector ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY — Left to Right, Row One: Edward Marzola, Lawrason Springwell, Ernest Fretter, Tom Dority, Jon Benoist, John Miller. Row Two: James Butler, Bill O ' Brien, Nicholas Powell, Jerome ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY STAFF C Maj. (AAS) Nicholas B. Powell, Commander C Capt. (AAS) Jon Benoist, Executive Officer C Ist Lt. (AAS) Edward Marzola, Operations Officer C 1st Lt. (AAS) Lawrason Springwell, Administrative Officer C lst Lt. (AAS) Thomas Dority, Comptroller C lst Lt. (AAS) Ernest Fretter, Information Officer Angel Flight girls visit Hamilton Air Force Base. Hatfield, Kenneth Nozaki. Row Three: James Willis, Norman Abram- son, Dave Davis, Mark Hennessy, Patrick Bailey. Row Four: Jon Zab- lackis, Mike Callaway, Norm Cheever, Kenton McHenry, Conrad Muel- ler. Row Five: Tom Stassen. arnold air society accomplishes three fold purpose The purpose of ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY here at Cal is three fold. It is first a service organ- ization. This year, for example, AAS and Angel Flight took a group of forty boys from the Oakland Boys Club to Knowland Park. Second, AAS is a social group. While as future officers in the United States Air Force, cadets will be participating in social activities, AAS provides a means to become at ease in a variety of functions, from TGIF ' s to a formal military ball. Third, AAS is an honorary society for upper- division AFROTC cadets, acknowledging out- standing cadet leaders with membership in the society. This year the Steel Squadron of the Arnold Air Society has accomplished these goals and can add another successful year to its lists of accomplishments. 351 The Queen and her Court. . and to the United States Naval Forces. " — 1966 Fall Formal. The QUARTERDECK SOCIETY annually selects a Color Queen to reign throughout the school year as a representative of the NROTC Unit. In this capacity she presides over the annual Fall Formal and the spring Ring Dance. Each May, the Battalion holds a special parade and an impressive ceremony in her honor, when the entire battalion passes in review. Queen and court also act as host- esses for the Navy Open House held every March in Callaghan Hall, home of the University of California Midshipmen Battalion. The Queen and her court, includ- ing Diane Bass, Alpha Gamma Del- ta; Halene Wachs, Delta Phi Epsi- lon; Kathy Ryan, Delta Delta Del- ta, 1966 Color Queen; Sandra Spiegel, Richards Hall, and Linda Powers, Kappa Kappa Gamma, were selected from representatives of twenty-two campus living groups and then assembled in the Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Room for their first official portrait. 1966 nrotc color queen 352 n rotc battalion trains potential military officers " Company A ready for inspection, Sir! " The mission of the midshipman battalion at the Uni- versity of California is to train potential officers for the United States Navy and United States Marine Corps. In addition to the requirements for his academic major, the midshipman completes twenty-four units of Uni- versity work in naval science classes qualifying him for his commission. Preparation cannot be completed in the classroom alone; midshipmen devote three college summers to practical exercises including sea duty, avia- tion, and amphibious assault training. The battalion, totaling over 120 members, assembles once weekly on Edwards Field for infantry drill, where midshipmen gain experience in leadership and develop the military bearing prerequisite to future command. A midshipman ' s life at the University includes more than academics; the Quarterdeck Society, battalion social organization, plans for a full calendar of social activities enjoyed by midshipmen and members of the Aiguillettes, women ' s auxiliary to the battalion. Social functions include formal dances, ski trips, picnics, and informal gatherings. The Training Unit prepares novice midshipmen for eventual assimilation into the battalion. " Company B — Present arms! " The Drill Team steps out in a precision maneuver. Battalion Commander Raudenbush assembles his staff in the Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Room. GOLDEN GUARD SOCIETY — Left to Right, Row One: William Wor- thington, Robert Lane, Ray Faller, Lawrence Press, Robert Gardner, Bill Hosmer, Dave Engel, Pete Trusko. Row Two: Tod Gregory, Mike Whitman, Ken Atterman, Joe Amundsen, Lee Surh, Ty Ebright, Ron Chen, Bob Archibald, Mark Rodebaugh. Row Three: John Thomas, Jr., James Owen, John Larson, William Hall, Lawrence Kellogg, Don Wil- son, James Hoobler, Peter Slapar, David Bibel, Mike Simondi. Row Four: Lem Cragholm, George Crist, Jack Rogers, Tom Loughran, Leif Jenssen, Rich Brumund, John Kindler, David Anderson, Dudley Shoe- golden guard plans diversified calendar Maj. Gen. William F. Dean, Ret., gives cadet Jack Rogers who is now cadet Col., best MSIII student award. maker. Row Five: Bruce Quarton, Gerald Chang, Donald Rhett, Rudy Williams, Tom Beyersdorf, Bob Clirehugh, John Owen, Rod Frohman, Gary Zellweger. Row Six: Bob Iding, Charles Sonntag, Terry Kvam, Robert Harper, Phil Pierpont, Roy King, George Alexanian, Steve Col- liau, Don Morey. Row Seven: Steve Wood, Paul Brizzolara, Eric Janes, Peter Benjaminson, Dan Reagan, Frank Eichler, Bob Keagy, Dennis Mulhall, Michael Shaffer. Row Eight: Vitaly Troyan, Steve Paliwoda, Marty Klitten, Jim Cumming, Bill Carter, Dan Brizzolara, Wes Melo, Tony Hare, Dave Brown. The GOLDEN GUARD SOCIETY is composed of stu- dent cadets in the Army ROTC program at Cal. Primarily social in nature it sponsors several parties during the year culminating in the formal Military Ball at San Francisco Presidio Officers Club. Intramural athletic teams, trips to various military estab- lishments and a lively speakers program must also be included in the Golden Guard ' s calendar. Members of this society meet monthly, sponsor recruiting programs at Bay Area junior colleges, and prepare juniors for a six week summer camp at Fort Lewis, Washington. Through the Golden Guard Society, cadets learn more about the Army. Platoon leaders pass in review before Sally Stuart, 1965 Military Queen. 1966 military ball queen 6(1 7 126 Miss Emily Caouette, a nineteen-year-old freshman from Ukiah, was crowned the 1966 Military Ball Queen at the San Francisco Presidio Officers Club. Emily, a Stern Hall resident, enjoys water skiing, golf, and paint- ing as her hobbies. Majoring in History, Emily plans to teach at the primary level of education after graduation. military ball queen crowned by golden guard 355 athletics " We do not want men who will lie down bravely to die, but men who will fight valiantly to live. " Andrew Latham Smith 356 Pete Newell Director of Athletics Pete newell in sixth year as athletic director Jim Lemmon Assistant Director of Athletics Pat Farran Athletics Business Manager DEPT. OF INTERCOLLEGIATE ATHLETICS STAFF — Left to Right: Scott Sherman, Assistant to the Athletic Director; Art Artlett, Public Address An- nouncer; Joan Hauser, Ticket Manager; Bob Steiner, Sports Information Di- rector. Cal ' s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics began the 1965-66 school year by moving into brand new offices in the ASUC ' s recently completed Student Office Building. Moving with the Department was Cal ' s former head basketball coach and present Athletic Di- rector Pete Newell. Though best known for his tremendous hoop successes of the late 1950 ' s, Mr. Newell has spent the last six years as the competent guiding hand behind the diversified program of intercollegiate athle- tics at Cal. He is ably assisted by Assistant Director of Athletics Jim Lemmon and Athle- tics Business Manager Pat Farran. 1965: a season of humiliation, courage, and final frustration 1965 Record Cal 6 Notre Dame 48 Cal 7 Michigan 10 Cal 17 Kansas 0 Cal 24 Air Force 7 Cal 16 Washington 12 Cal 3 UCLA 56 Cal 21 Penn State 17 Cal 0 USC 35 Cal 24 Oregon 0 Cal 7 Stanford 5 wins 5 losses AAWU Standings UCLA 4 - 0 USC 3 - 1 Wash. State 2 - 1 Washington 3 - 3 California 2 - 3 Stanford 2 - 3 Oregon State 1 - 2 Oregon 0 - 3 The 1965 Golden Bear football team was characterized by a strong, slow defense, and a spotty, sometimes paralytic offense. The season on the whole, turned out better than most pre-season obeservers had predicted. Playing one of the toughest schedules in existence ( three teams in the nation ' s top ten), Coach Ray Willsey ' s charges ran up a respectable 5 and 5 season record — Cal ' s first non-losing season since 1958. The quality of future California football is anybody ' s guess. The Bears lost 20 seniors from the 1965 squad, including several key defensemen and this year ' s starting quarter- back. Nineteen sixty-six could well depend on the development of Cal ' s promising fresh- men prospects. Cal ' s forward wall sets to meet the Washington charge. After some early difficulties, the Bears stopped the Husky running attack cold. 361 fans groan as irish trample bears NOTRE DAME — Bear rooters girded themselves for what looked to be a long season as the fighting Irish of Notre Dame steamrolled to an impressive 48-6 victory over an un- inspired Golden Bear eleven. The Bears were never in the contest as a fierce Notre Dame defense limited them to under 40 offensive plays while the Irish rolled up 490 yards in total offense. Bright spots were hard to find in Cal ' s televised humiliation. The game was marked by the Bear ' s ball-control errors which led to two quick scores by the Irish on an intercep- tion and a fumble, both deep in Bear territory. MICHIGAN — Showing surprising toughness after the pounding administered by Notre Dame, Cal battled Michi- gan down to the final two minut es before succumbing to last year ' s Rose Bowl Champions, 10-7. Though outplayed in the first half and trailing 10-0, the Bears came back after intermission to hold the Wolverines scoreless while drawing within three points, on a TD pass from Dan Berry to Jerry Bradley. Late in the final period, Berry moved the Bears to the Michigan 12, only to fumble with less than 2 minutes left. The Wolverines ran out the clock and the Bears were 0 and 2. Cal ' s defense was outstanding in the second half, as the Bears smothered the Wolverine attack on every series. Line- backer Steve Radich shared honors as Northern California lineman of the week after his performance at Ann Arbor. KANSAS — The Bears returned to Berkeley on their third outing of the season to do battle with the injury-ridden Kansas University Jayhawks. Both teams put on a convinc- ing demonstration that neither would be going anywhere during the 1965 season. The only really good football was played by the Cal defense, as the Bears limited KU to 97 net yards while contributing to Cal ' s first victory, 17-0. What scoring the Bears did manage was a result of a press- ing defense that recovered five fumbles and led to 10 of the Bear ' s 17 points. John Cantlon was voted the game ' s outstanding lineman while All-Coast wingback Ken Moulton turned in a solid performance on defense. Jim Hunt, Cal ' s starting quarterback, turns the corner against Washington. Hunt and Dan Berry led the Bears to a hard-fought 16-12 victory. 362 two defeats ... then bears rebound to trim jayhawks Bear tacklers gang up on US C ' s Toby Page (15). The Bears, known all sea- son for their jarring gang tackles, re- covered 22 opposition fumbles. Cars defensive unit looks on as the Bears try to move the ball. The Bear attack accounted for 2152 yards on . the season. The defense gave up 3445. Left-end John Beasley surges forward to open a hole in the Kansas line. The Bear running attack ran up 203 yards against the Jayhawkers. 363 Coach Ray Willsey roams the sidelines during Notre Dame fiasco. bears pasted by bruins, AIR FORCE — The Bears made it two in a row after traveling Colorado Springs and stifling a game Air Force Academy eleven, 24-7. The Cal defensive secondary played a major part in the victory, inter- cepting five passes and contributing to two fumble recoveries. It was not all defense however, as Cal ' s previously impotent attack accounted for 320 yards in total offense. Jim Hunt put the Bears out of reach late in the first half with a 35-yard aerial to Jerry Bradley. Bradley lateraled off to Lloyd Reist, who went the rest of the way for Cal ' s third touchdown. The defense was sparked by the outstanding play of safetyman Jerry Mosher, as California ' s defender accounted for two of the five interceptions, as well as three fumble recoveries. Middle-linebacker Jim Phillips sepa- rates Trojan Rod Sherman from the ball. The Trojans had it often enough, however, to hand Cal a 35-0 defeat. 364 Northern California back of the year Tom Relies follows Frank Playboy (magazine) All-American Stan Dzura sat out Lynch (32) and John Garamendi (65) through the Kansas line. the season with a fractured leg. Here he is shown before the Penn State game. then bounce back over penn state WASHINGTON — For the first time since 1958, a Califor- nia football team won as many as three games in a row. They did it with a 16-12 victory over a mistake-prone Wash- ington Husky team. The game was a typical Cal victory, with the Bear defense, after some early mistakes, playing a major role in the Huskies ' downfall. The improved offense, sparked by Northern California ' s Back of the Week Dan Berry, scored in both the second and third periods, and controlled the ball for the rest of the game to squelch Wash- ington ' s comeback attempt. The win left Cal 3-2 for the season, and with high hopes of gaining their second conference victory over lightly-regarded UCLA the following Saturday. UCLA — To hopeful Cal fans who journeyed south t o watch the Bears battle little brother Bruin, the weekend was like a nightmare come-true. At no time was Cal in the contest, as the speedy Gary Beban-led Bruins completely devastated the heretofore-respected Cal defense for a 56-3 clobbering. The Bruins, unlike some of Cal ' s larger opponents, wasted no time trying to run over the heavier Bears. Instead, UCLA combined Mel Farr ' s power running with Gary Beban ' s rollout options to run up 563 yards in total offense, and leave Cal wondering where all the roses had gone. At the same time, Cal ' s sporadic offense was held to a total of 75 yards and three points. 365 a little bit o ' luck, then another convincing defeat Washington fullback Jeff Jordan tries to stop the Bear blitz. Linebacker Paul Hoeber (57) leads the charge as John Cantlon (75) and Dan Sinclair (74) follow. Iron Mike in action. The USC Heisman Trophy winner was supposed to be used as a decoy against Cal. He scored two touchdowns. Offensive end Dick Williams takes a breather. 366 Dan Berry sets the Bears ' wing-T against Kansas. five wins, four losses, and big game week... PENN STATE — " If you stick around long enough, good things begin to happen; " the words of Head Coach Ray Willsey, whose California Bears had just been given an in- credible 21-17 victory over the Penn State Nittany Lions. A few minutes earlier, split-end Jerry Bradley had gathered in Jim Hunt ' s 46-yard pass off the fingertips of three Penn State defenders for the winning touchdown, a touchdown scored with no time remaining on the clock. The game itself was an unspectacular defensive battle, highlighted only by Larry Lathrop ' s fumble recovery in the Penn State end zone to give the Bears their first tally. Though few witnesses would have termed the Cal victory well-deserved, the Bears once again turned in a courageous performance after being routed the previous week. USC — Johnny McKay ' s USC Trojans continued their march toward a Rose Bowl-bid showdown with UCLA, by pound- ing out an easy 35-0 victory over the outclassed Bears. Mag- nificent Mike Garrett broke Cars back with punt returns of 74 and 87 yards, and two quick touchdowns. To complement Garrett ' s running bombs, the Trojans put together a slashing ground attack that netted 245 yards and three more TD ' s. At the same time, the big, fast Trojan defense kept the Bears in their own territory most of the afternoon. OREGON — For the third time in the season, the rubber- ball Bears came back with a strong performance after a humiliating defeat. At a minor league baseball pasture in Portland, Cal got a healthy assist from the weatherman in squashing the Oregon Ducks, 24-0. The Bears, never praised for outstanding mobility anyway, used the slimy footing to their own advantage in containing the quacky AAWU cellar dwellers. After the game, Wingback Tom Relies and Guard John Garamendi received the well-deserved honors of North- ern California Back and Lineman of the year respectively. 367 big game week: five-day build-up for the big one Cal ' s traditional week of pre-Big Game spirit activities went on undampened this year, in spite of threatening weather and the conflict- ing activities of certain campus political groups. Besides the usual spirit day festivities on Blue Monday, Oski Tuesday, and Axe Wednesday, this year ' s Big Game Week also included a meeting between the Cal and Stanford de- bating teams, and the second annual Powder Puff Football Tournament. Last year ' s cham- pion Kappa Alpha Theta used a rock-hard defense and a diversified " attack " to annex their second championship with an 8-0 vic- tory over Delta Gamma. Blue Monday included a friendly noontime pie-fight between Head Yell Leader Phil Litts and the Dirty Bear. 4 •• 4 • • Oa • •• 0 • . ' • ,:e • t ' 4 A 40 • • 0 •A 0.0 A . • • ill • 44 0 • 44 till 0 . •• •... ' , ..• • • •AI 4, • j• 4 • .. . ,,,, , , 4 s I , , , 4 • • ' I, . , •• " . s • . • 6. .. " t • olli A • • . 0 . . • t ... , " . . 4 vo t 4 4 . 4 ' 4 • 1. • . - 00 ' ' ' ' ' .. I!. " I. ' • t I • 4 4 . • 4 ' 44 • ♦ • I. • .. • • • •• ♦ • ., , • . 0 e .1 • sIt•• t 50 •♦ . . si, • • ♦ • • • • • t. . ♦ 0 •• • . .• • • ' Oi• . • 41, op 4. ...... . ... `.. , • , W , • 4 4 • 4 ‘‘... . I 4 11. • 44•1111 • 4 •, o p • i • , . . . ; 4 . :,...,, 4 : ;v .. 4: 446 I, e %I. 44 3 4 • • i 44;4 • .., • s . A • 410,. ' 4! 4 • .c . • 1•4 . ' . • • • • t • 45, . • • • • . . Jr • The bonfire burns low as Garf Wil- son reads the Andy Smith Eulogy during the Big Game Rally. 368 Acacia and Zeta Tau Alpha went Broadway in their take-off on " Damn Yankees. " Of the six skits presented, SAM took first place, while Chi Phi and Kappa Kappa Gamma were second. stanford satirized in 1965 axe revue: where the axe ion is " The dancing of Cal ' s a-go-go girls added cuteness and color to the ' 65 Revue. Highlighted by the lively antics of the Cal " A-go-go Danc- ers, " the 1965 Axe Revue turned out to be one of the best- attended and most polished productions in several years. The first place award in the skit competition went to Sigma Alpha Mu for their clever parody entitled " The Tragedy of MacDonald. " Some of the funniest moments of the evening were supplied by two members of the Bear ' s Lair staff dur- ing their hilarious " Putting on a Short Ballet. " The off-color humor of emcee Warren Fox, and the presentation of Big Game Queen Joanne Corday rounded out a truly memorable evening. The Bear ' s Lair was well-represented, as two members of the staff staged a side-splitting " short ballet. " y 1965 big game queen Joanne Corday is a dark-eyed, 21-year-old senior from the lovely little city of Beverly Hills. Like a true southern Californian, Joanne enjoys sports such as swimming, wa- ter skiing, and tennis. The cute history major ' s campus activities include Prytanean, Panile, and University Affairs Committee. She has also served as president of Oski Dolls and chairman of Cal Club. Joanne was sponsored by Beta Theta Pi and, after graduation, hopes to enter the Diplo- matic Corps as a protocol adviser. 370 the 68th big game: bears lose again Two minutes left. Unhappy Bears pace the side-lines while Willsey chain-smokes. Stanford defenders Bill Ostrander (80) and Al Wilburn (84) bring down an unidentified Cal ball carrier. The Bears ran up 119 yards to Stanford ' s 228. STANFORD — Bear rooters, remembering Cal ' s hard-fought victory over Oregon in a stadium filled with grassy mud, prayed for rain on Big Game day. It dawned clear and cold, however, and the Indians staged a fourth-quarter comeback to hand the Bears their fifth straight Big Game defeat, 9-7. Af- ter three quarters of almost even football, Stanford ' s more-balanced attack finally made the difference. With the Indians on the Bear 11 yard-line, Ray Handley took the handoff and blasted off tackle for six points, and the ball game. The Bears had earlier gone ahead on Tommy Relies ' third-quarter scoring plunge from four yards out. It wasn ' t enough, however, and the Old Blues were sent home with another weary " Wait ' till next year. " 371 the 1965 golden bear varsity ... GOLDEN BEAR VARSITY — Left to Right, Row One: Steve Radich, Lloyd Reist, Tom Relies, Tom Brown, Roger Foster, Jim Phillips, Bob Smith, Jim Anderson, Frank Lynch, Don Anderson, Dan Sinclair. Row Two: John Garamendi, Dick Williams, Jim Hunt, Jerry Mosher, Ken Moulton, Greg Palamountain, Bill Krum, John Beasley, John Frantz, Jim Fetherston. Row Three: Jeff Thayer, Forrest Beaty, Ron Minamide, Gary Bystrom, John Rusev, Bob Weigt, Ron Schenk, John Salisbury, Jerry Bradley, Mike Gridley, Dan Berry. Row Four: Sam Hard, Don Guest, Ted Parks, Ken Lloyd, Jeff Palmer, John Schmidt, John Cantlon, Mike Brown, Dan Goich, Bob Crittenden, Larry Lathrop. Row Five: Duane Mayfield, Dick Henken, Jamie Gittins, Mike Anderson, Vince Gibbert, Randy Wilson, Ed Hubbard, Mike McCaffrey, Ron Dell ' Imma- gine, Steve Lewis. Row Six: Coaches Ray Willsey, Howard White, Bill Dutton, Bob Ghilotti, Bud Van Deren, Myrel Moore, Rocco Carzo. After Cal ' s first game trouncing by Notre Dame, Coach Ray Will- sey remarked: " I have no excuse for this fiasco, and this is not the kind of football you or I want. Every effort will be made to give you the kind of football team the University of California deserves. " True to his word, Coach Willsey took a lowly-regarded team with an incredibly tough schedule, and achieved respe ct- ability, a thing missing from the Cal grid scene for six years. The young Head Coach came to Cal in 1964, after serving under Jim Owens at Washington and Darrel Royal at Texas. Like his mentors, Willsey has established a tradition of rough, hard-hit- ting football, the type needed to put Cal back in the ranks of Pacific Coast football powers. COACHING STAFF — Left to Right, Seat- ed: Rocco Carzo. Standing: Bud Van Deren, Myrel Moore, Ray Willsey, Bob Ghilotti, Howard White, Bill Dutton. 372 Quarterback Rick Telegan gets ready to hand-off as the Cub line opens a hole. Cal blasted the Troybabes, 27-6. frosh gridders grind out 3-2 record Although the 1965 Cal frosh were the first cub team to be defeated in four years, the Bear yearlings showed more in- dividual promise than any freshman squad since 1961. With an abundance of fast running backs, and big, tough line- men, the Cubs could inject some much-needed talent into next year ' s varsity squad. After an easy 28-0 victory over hapless SF State, the Cubs received frustrating setbacks at the hands of UCLA and Stanford. They finally clicked, however, and came back with satisfying victories over San Jose State and Southern Cal. Halfback John Fay was the leading ground-gainer with 336 net yards, while Warren Michaelis and Rodger Gray were voted the team ' s " most intense competitors. " Joe Richards takes Telegan ' s handoff and looks for daylight. Richards was third in rushing behind John Fay and Rick Aschenbrenner. Jim Cullom Frosh Coach FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM — Left to Right, Row One: Karl Schmidt, John Fay, Warren Mi- chaelis, Bill Bimat, Joe Prior, Dave Wargo, Mark Woods, Jerry Woods, John Watters, Rick Aschen- brenner, Brock Arner, Mike Meers, Jim Musgrove. Row Two: Stan Stress, Barry Bronk, Bob Sparks, Rodger Gray, Greg Hugo, Dennis Beatty, Rick Telegan, Wayne Stewart, Jim Carson, Carlos Zara- goza, Ed White, Fred Woodside, Mark Seeley. Row Three: Eric Kastner, Dan Ryan, Ned Ander- son, Terry Miller, Loren Shunmer, Dick Simpson, Jim Konzen, Jim Schroepfer, Larry Reis, Mike Spedick, Gordon Nadel, Eric French, Joe Rich- ards, Tim Tynan. Row Four: Rudy Carvajal, Jim Pinson, Jerry Walter, Coaches; Alan Morris, Jim Champion, Steve Dorinson, Dennis Berryhill, George Eckard, Ed Maloney, Walt Dickhoff, Rivers Morrell, John Petrovich; Coaches Dick James, Dennis Abreu, Bruce MacDonald; Head Coach Jim Cullom. Y. 373 POMPON GIRLS — Left to Right, Row One: Lynne Giberson, Patti Tyre, Cathie Cryer. Row Two: Sheri Farnell, Penny Almquist (alternate), Danielle DeRoo (alternate), Regina Zwerling. glamour and enthusiasm at the games - cal ' s pompon girls Patti Tyre Head Pompon Girl w YELL LEADERS — Henry Miller, Gary Lilienthal, Phil Litts, Reg Louie, Gene Pavitt. through victories and defeats, the hakka tradition continues Phil Litts Head Yell Leader the california marching band pride of california " en ds national tour with tv performance James Berdahl Director VT High-stepping Cal Bandsmen emerge from Memorial Stadium ' s north tunnel. Widely regarded as the best in the west, the Cal Band added class and color to football halftimes. P4 Drum Major Rich Riemke leads the Cal Band onto the field at halftime. The California Marching Band, long a source of pride at home, spent the summer of 1965 spreading their color and versatility throughout the United States on a 10,000-mile thirty-state na- tional tour. The Cal Band confirmed its position as the " Pacesetter of college marching bands " by presenting an entirely new con- cept in marching band performance: " Total Band Entertain- ment. " Concert, jazz, vaudeville, and of course lively marching, characterized the " total band " that drew 27 standing ovations in 34 performances. Returning home to Berkeley, the Band imme- diately began work on this, one of the most successful years for the group since it grew from the University Cadet Band in 1923. A nationally-televised appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, a presentation of " Mary Poppins " on the Memorial Stadium Grid- iron, and a hardy performance during the rainsoaked victory over Oregon at Portland, combined to make 1965 another outstanding year in the history of the California Marching Band. BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE — Right to Left, Row One: Doug Lee, Mike Anzis, David Johnson, Rich Riemke. Row Two: Don Milmore, Bob Brand, Ron Covey, Rich Georg e. 377 A MEGAPHONE SOCIETY — Left to Right, Row One: Dave Maxwell, Don Parce, Richard Lesch, Pat Cady, Bill Rothschild. Row Two: Dan Kruger, Jeff Sokol, Farrell Sutton, Sam Hedgpeth, Stan Inouye. who the hell is oski? Oski is always one of thirteen mem- bers of the Oski Committee. All mem- bers must be about 5 ' 6 " tall and phy- sically able to perform all Oski ' s stunts, i.e. chasing pompon girls and other young university coeds. It ' s a safe bet that no matter which Oski Comm man is Oski, Oski is always the same friendly ( and horny?) bear. megaphone society shows true cal spirit The Megaphone Society is an all male spirit organization designed to train future varsity yell leaders. The members ' duties include giv- ing assistance to the yell leaders at rallies and sports events. They are also very active during Cal spirit days such as Big Game Week and All-U-Weekend. 378 Oski shows the crowd another one of his many talents. CARD STUNTS COMMITTEE — Left to Right, Row One: Donna Yando, Liz Pierson, Cathie Bloom, Judy Hamilto n, Chris Brinkman, George Good. Row Two: Lyn McClure, Pat Manning, Polly Hills, Chris Schulte, Tory Campion, Barbie Reichmuth. RALLY AND GAMES COUNCIL — Left to Right, Row One: John Rod- gers, Peter S. VanHouten, Scott Sherman, Bryan Gerstel, Betsy Sellman, Patti Tyre, Judy Coates, Lyn McClure. Row Two: Tom Edwards, William Ellsworth, Phil Litts, Chairman; Mary Myers, David Johnson, Ron Fliss. those with the yellow balloons .. 379 CHAIRMAN Judy Coates SENIORS Brenda Manning Marily Snow Nancy Stock JUNIORS Martha Abel Kathy Fine Kathy Gant Barbara Locatelli Barbara Nash Barbara Rosen SOPHOMORES Emily Allen Barbara Barry Karen Berdahl Bonnie Birsinger Pat Brautigam Marilyn Crane Jane Dickel Dinah Duffy Sue Freeborg Sue Gershenson women ' s and enthusiasm Linda Green Parki Hoeschler Cathy Koenig Merri-Jo Levinger Harriet Macmillan Cathy Mulvey Kay Neri Nancy Rosenberg Laurie Rosenman Vicki Rushakoff Claudia Schmidt Sandra Lee Smith Jean Stevenson Alli Sumeri Peggy Tisdell Cheryl Tomlinson Barbara Travaglio 380 Michael Skei Tony Wasserman Darrol Stanley Douglas Wied Ralph Anthenien Peter Bowes Tom Edwards Jerry Hedstrom Fritz Lichty Pete Munoz Dave Bomar Ed Carl George Federoff Ed Herny Bernard Lilly John Nicholes Richard Boone Paul Dubois Ernest Fretter Bob Iding Jay Miller George Proper rally committees spark for bears ' athletic contests Hoping for a touchdown .. . .4411 .4411 VARSITY WATER POLO — Left to Right, Row One: Sky VanScoy, Jim Mitchell, Ed Evans, Jim Miles, Pete Thelin. Row Two: Bob Clevenger, Ken High, Jim Pierog, Barry Weitzenberg, Jim McCleery, Tom Jenkins, Bob Owens, Ned Spieker. Row Three: Tom Clemo, Jon Schiesel, Leland Faust, Terry Miller, Eric Phillips, Bob Sternfels, Jay Southard, Bill Binder, Marty Neilson. victory over foothill highlights water polo season The California water polo team, coached by Pete Cutino, finished the 1965 season with a fine 14-8 record. However, in league play, the Bears finished with a disappointing 0-6 mark. Sophomores formed most of the starting team with Barry Weitzenberg, Ken High, Terry Miller, Bob Owens, Leland Faust, and Sky Van Scoy playing first string. The goalie position was shared by Jim Pierog and Bob Clevinger. Coach Cutino believes Weitzen- berg and High are potential All-Americans. Two of the most exciting games of the season were against Foothill, last year ' s " unofficial " national wa- ter polo champions, and San Jose State. In each of these games, the Bears scored the winning goal in the last 20 seconds. coach pleased with frosh progress FROSH WATER POLO — Left to Right, Row One: Mike Kersten, Mike Reinhart, Eric Laine, Bob Willson, John Welty, Glenn Schaffer, Norm Thomson, Csaba Mclnar. Row Two: Jim Dickey, Tim Frost, Pat McCarty, Jeff Taylor, Leonard Stroud, Craig Meacham, Tony Grutman, Dave Brownell, Zoltan Szabo. ON POOL DECK 383 VARSITY SOCCER — Left to Right, Row One: Gil Lonzarich, Pete Duffey, Bashir Qureshi, Don Bloodworth, Tor Rasmussen, Scott Cau- chois, Mike Duffey, Dominique Bastien, Tim Carr, Tom Rasmussen, Ralph Kirwan, Dave Brown, Roy Wu. Row Two: Richard Black, Ken Hadlock, Faronk Hussain, John Lewis, Phil Neely, Eric Sawyer, Bob DiGrazia. Row Three: George Roussarhis, Dennis Neufeld, Harry Frere, Pete Whitmer, Jeff Frank, Stu Benson, Jamie Sutton, Mike Evenson, Charles Kindred, Ernie Wideman, Ken Cole, J. Hutchinson, B. Ozkok, B. Stone. a successful season for soccer bears With All-American goalie Tim Tarpley and several other veterans returning to the Cal soccer team, Coach Bob Di- Grazia expected a fine year. He was not disappointed as the Bears posted a 6-4-2 record, including a 6-3-1 mark in the Northern California Soccer League. A succession of injuries to key players prevented the Bears from achieving an even better record. The Bears closed with a rush, winning their last four games of the year. The final win was an impressive 4-2 win over Stanford. Coach DiGrazia called the 2-1 victory over San Jose State, " the best game we have played so far this sea- son. " Goalie Tarpley and Scott Cauchois were co-captains of the team. Tarpley was first team All-League and Cauchois and Tor Rasmussen were selected to the second team. FROSH SOCCER — Left to Right, Row One: Randy Russell, Jud Whyte, Ken Nakano, Jeff Mirman, Alan Coghlan, Bill Finnegan. Row Two: Jim Whitmore, Coach; Benson Quan, Charles Grant, Finn Bernier, Mike Torigan, Greg Kamm, Phil Smith, John Pardee. VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY — Left to Right: Tony Palacios, Jim Bruce, Bob Price, Jim Hall, Gunar Liepens, Rich Elliott, and Martin Koenekamp. cross country shows improvement in coach bell ' s first year at cal Sam Bell Cross Country Coach This year ' s cross country team made the improvement that new coach Sam Bell wanted to see. Perhaps the most satisfy- ing meet of the year was the victory ( 27-30) over Stanford. At the season ' s end, Coach Bell felt " a start " had been made toward the outstanding team he wants to build at Berkeley. Bob Price consistently led the Bears, breaking his Strawberry Canyon course record during the season. Rich Elliott was the number-two runner on the team. Gunar Liepens, Jim Hall, Marty Koenekamp, Jim Bruce, and Tony Palacios completed Cal ' s top seven. Six of these men return next year, giving Bell the nucleus of a strong team. The freshmen also completed their season with an impressive win over Stanford. The frosh, especially John Henry and Car- los Robles, are being counted on to help the varsity next year. FROSH CROSS COUNTRY — Left to Right: Ron Kow, Carlos Robles, Don Wilgus, Don Severy, John Henry, Mike McCann, Peter Shields. basketball disastrous hoop season ... bears lack size, strength Although the 1965-66 Golden Bear basketball team showed more skill and promise than in past years, the combination of inexperience, lack of height, and an improved conference, kept the Bears solidly entrenched in the AAWU cellar. Though pre-season forecasts predicted Cal to have greater depth, speed, and rebounding ability than last year ' s quintet, injuries and scholastic attrition cut deeply into all these departments; leaving the Bears with their worst season record since Coach Rene Herrerias took over the helm in 1960. With another proverbial rebuilding year behind them, Cal has almost nowhere to go but up. Though it ' s traditional to close summaries of los- ing seasons on an optimistic note, a consideration of the new, well-balanced toughness of the AAWU presents Cal ' s road back to Pacific Coast hoop respectability as a long and hard one. Guard Steve Smith shields the ball from two Nebraska opponents. Smith ' s return to Cal, after a year in Italy, added hustle and punch to the Bears ' attack. Cal ' s Bob Wolfe battles vainly for the rebound against Washington. Sophs Wolfe and Rusty Critchfield, starters all year for the Bears, showed outstanding promise for future seasons. 387 bears hot and cold in preseason tilts The Bears started off the season on a low note by losing to nationally ranked USF, 78-62. The game was closer the score indicated, however, and Cal was well in contention until the Dons ' Joe Ellis put USF out of range with a tremendous display of ball handling and shooting skills. After Cars traditional and unimpressive victory over St. Mary ' s, the Bears played their best game of the season against a talented University of Nebraska quin- tet. In the first of a two game set, the Bear five shot a phenomenal 69 percent from the floor, out rebound- ed the taller Cornhuskers, 39-33, and chiseled out an easy 87-71 victory. The next evening, however, Neb- raska let loose with some fireworks of their own to hand the Bears a heartbreaking 70-68 defeat. Both games were highlighted by the red-hot shooting of sophomores Rusty Critchfield and Bob Wolfe, and the fine all-around play of center Bruce Steckel. Reserve center John Wardell joins hands with a St. Mary ' s player, as the ball spurts away. Cal eked out a sloppy 55-52 win over the scrambling Gaels. 388 aawu action sees cal nose dive After finishing third in the Kentucky Classic at Louisville, the over- worked Bears stumbled through three convincing defeats before bouncing back with an 82-77 win over Texas during the holidays. The gloomy shape of things to come forecast by Cal ' s preseason contests was confirmed after the opening of AAWU play. Although the Bears began with an encouraging 71-70 edging of Washington State, they were quickly throttled with three straight defeats at the hands of Washington, UCLA, and USC. After taking time out for a breather victory over uninspiring San Jose State, the Blue and Gold suffered five more consecutive losses to the northwestern squads from Oregon, Oregon State, and Washington State. The Bears finally got back in the win column with a close 50-48 victory over an icy-cold Washington team. Rusty Critchfield was outstanding in defeat in the first two games against Oregon and Oregon State, scoring 21 points both nights. The weekend split wih Washington and Washington State saw guards Steve Smith and Charlie Perkins lead the Bear attack with their hot shooting and alert floor play. One thing the Bears seldom lacked was team support. Here, pompon girls, straw hatters, and Bear rooters shake Harmon with the ending to the " Haka. " Bear Steve Smith gapes up at a pass from Oregon State ' s Rick Whelan. Smith was a solid performer all year at both the guard and forward slots. 389 inexperience, late cold spells keep bears in cellar Eric Unruh (43) turned in a workman-like job at the center position after starting pivot Bruce Steckel transferred out of school. Here, he is about to " cover " Washington ' s Doug Westlake. Steve Smith, Myron Erickson, and the Huskies ' Dave Hovde breathe deeply as the shot goes up. Cal ' s John Wardell fights for the ball with an identified St. Mary ' s player. Wardell won the jump. 390 season ends as bears clash with pac-8 leaders At printing, the Bears were 7-14 on the season and 2-8 in AAWU play. Cal was scheduled to journey south to do battle with contending USC and UCLA before the traditional home series with the Stanford Indians. With only four games left against three very tough opponents, Cal ' s chances of improving upon its last place position in league standings seemed very small indeed. Although California may not have had the most powerful team in the AAWU to begin with, the loss of senior guard Robby Olson and center Bruce Steckel midway through the season made the Bears look weaker than they really were. Cal ' s consequent loss of bench strength resulted in a chronic tendency of blowing substantial leads in the late going. With more depth and greater physical strength, Cal might easily have attained a more respectable position in the final conference standings. Captain Jim Ashcraft moves in to cover his Oregon State opponent. The front running Beavers beat Cal handily in both meetings. The Cal bench, already shallow due to the lack of var- sity experience, was further weakened by a key injury to third guard Robby Olson (foreground) midway through the season. 391 few victories, but spirit prevails Victories may have been well spread out for Cal during the season, but Bear fans took advantage of every opportunity to whoop it up. Steve Smith goes up for two against Oregon State. This was one of the few garbage shots Cal got all evening as the defense-minded Beavers coasted to a 77-62 victory. 392 Steve Smith throttles an unidentified Washington player while Eric Unruh (43) controls the ball. Bob Wolfe tips the rebound away from three leaping Gaels. Wolfe scored the winning basket against St. Mary ' s with only nine seconds left. soph stars offer hope.. next year 393 frosh, blues wind up winning season Forward Geoff Anderson gets his shot off over the guard of a Fresno City College defender. The Cubs belted the Rams 82-74. This year ' s Cal Frosh basketball team compiled the most successful record of any Cub team in recent years. Led by the tremendous rebounding of workhorse center Wayne Stewart, and the outstanding shooting of guard-forward Don Johnson, the freshmen had run-up a fine 8-2 record after 10 games. With guards Eric Davidson and Gary Heath also averaging in double figures, the Cubs displayed the balance necessary to supply offensive versatility to future varsity squads. The California Blues, made up of reserves from the Cal varsity, were paced this year by the shooting of forward Bob Nichols and the consistent all-around play of guards Dan Ready and Jerry Mosher. Though Mosher and Nichols are graduating seniors, Ready, along with sophomore Gary Cornelius, could give added depth to next year ' s varsity. The Cubs ' Don Johnson fights for the rebound against a future surgeon from the Med Center. The freshmen lost their third game of the season to the doctors, 59-51. CALIFORNIA VARSITY — Left to Right, Row One: Dan Ready, Morry Langer, Captain Jim Ashcraft, Russ Critchfield, Robby Olson, Steve Smith, Jerry Mosher. Row Two: Head Coach Rene Herrerias, Charlie Perkins, Bob Nichols, Myron Erickson, Eric Unruh, Gary Cornelius, John Wardell, Bruce Steckel, Russ Moe, Bob Wolfe, Don Lawson, Assistant Coach Jim Padgett. rene herrerias ends frustrating sixth year as head coach After six seasons as Cal ' s head basketball coach, Rene Herrerias ' teams have compiled a record of 65 victories and 81 defeats. Herrerias came to Cal after playing under Pete Newell at USF, and spending six years as coach at St. Ignatius High School in San Francisco. Before assuming head coaching duties at Cal in 1960, Herrerias served as varsity assistant and chief scout for former Head Coach Newell. Rene Herrerias Jim Padgett Head Coach Frosh Coach CALIFORNIA FROSH — Left to Right, Row One: Dayle Carlson, Bob Schiebelhut, Eric Davidson, Bruce Watanabe, Hank Holmberg, Bob Fancher, Chris DeConde. Row Two: Doug Hoxmeier, Mark Larson, Gary Heath, Karl Schmidt, Wayne Stewart, Geoff Anderson, Don Johnson, Coach Jim Padgett. straw hatters follow the bears, About the only time the Straw Hatters aren ' t yelling is when they ' re playing. A straw hat and a bow tie have become syn- onymous with enthusiastic drive and uncom- promising spirit in support of California athletics. This year, this spirit has shown it- self not only during basketball season, when the Straw Hatters followed the team to Cor- vallis, Eugene, and Los Angeles, but also at such unusual home events as track meets, a science symposium, rugby matches, and a pancake eating contest. These 35 leather- lunged Cal supporters never fail to add zest and excitement to athletic events wherever they go. The Straw Hat Band consists of members of the California Marching Band who alternate appearances at every other home game. supply spirit for a long season The Straw Hatters erupt after a victory in Harmon. Even in defeat, the band was never silent. Student Director Mike Anzis leads the band during a timeout. music an noisy enthusiasm - a stock-in-trade The straw hats themselves are seldom left undecorated. Here, some of the cleaner ornamentation is visible. cal boxers score impressive victories VARSITY BOXING — Left to Right, Row One: Dale Chamblin, Mike Jay, Bob Sakai, Pete Cowan, Freeman Harris, Paul Bell, Tim Rodgers, Dick Weinbrandt. Row Two: Coach Ed Nemir, John Harder, Ray Kropp, Pruce Tichinin, Dave Newhouse, Walt Cunningham, Greg Monahan, Steve Spreiter, Ass ' t. Coach Bill Harrison. bears trounce stanford 9-2 Coach Nemir gives advice between rounds. The California boxing team, one of only four intercollegiate boxing teams in the United States, began the 1966 year with fine prospects, and the hope of duplicating last year ' s unde- feated record. Under the tutelage of Coach Nemir, the boxers quickly es- tablished themselves as the team to beat by routing Stanford twice, and decisioning Chico State 73-4. Pete Cowan and Walt Cunningham each went through their first three matches undefeated. Still facing the Bears are tough road matches against Chico State and Nevada, and a home battle with Nevada. Action in the corner: A short left to the body. Punishment for a Chico State boxer.. .. cal boxers bid for undefeated season under the direction of coach ed nemir A pressbox view of the ring is seen. 399 wrestlers fight through rough 1965-66 schedule Against Cal Poly, this unidentified Cal wrestler struggles to avoid a pin, while the referee prays for a successful escape. 400 As two wrestlers battle determinedly, the referee watches each move. Just after the starting whistle, a Bear wrestler tries to escape. dual meet record of 3-11 siegel goes to ncaa championships VARSITY WRESTLING — Left to Right, Row One: Barry Masuda, Alan Siegel, Stuart Crymes, Dave Sears. Row Two: Bernie Vancil, Don Schlotz, Linn Montgomery, Larry Lathrop. " This is not the way to put an end to war. . The California wrestling team closed out a rather dismal season by losing their final match to Stanford 20-6. Despite the losing record, the team had some very good mo- ments. On a trip to the Northwest, the Bears scored impressive victories over Lewis and Clark and Washington. In the San Francisco Invitational Tourna- ment, Barry Masuda and Alan Siegel took first place in their weight divisions, while Stu Crymes took a second at 123 and Larry Lath- rop placed second in the Heavyweight di- vision. Finally, Alan Siegal won the 137- pound AAWU championship, giving him the right to compete in the NCAA championships at Ames, Iowa. Two wrestlers battle as their match nears its end. ........ ..... • X... . ......... .... ....... • — • ............. tir•• •■■•••••••••• •■••• ...... V.! • ••••• X • • • 2 • • — X — ..... ...... 11,••••• ..... ••••••••• .... , .. •• ors. ....... .• . • ....... - • . ....... ...... i•• •••■•■•••• ............ ow •• —•4•••••••••••••••••• ... woo ..... ■•■ ..... ■••••• • • • •• GYMNASTICS TEAM — Left to Right: Tom Williams, Scott Swanton, Capt. Rick Field, Herb Solomon, William Fujimoto, Joel Tepp, Cliff Castle, Tom Bruce, Sid Freudenstein, Gary Dia- mond, Dan Millman, Paul Benya, Chuck Jenner, Art Lloyd, Lonnie Kapp, Pat Bailey. Kneel- ing: Coaches Hal Frey and Paul Newman. bear gymnasts capture aawu title Weakness in horizontal bar competition plagued the Bears this year. IMF cal unbeaten in dual meets in spite of uneven team performance Sid Freudenstein took second place on the parallel bars in the AAWU meet. Trampoline performance of Dan Millman consistently scored points for the Bears. California ' s undefeated gymnastics team capped its season with an impressive performance to capture the AAWU title for the first time in four years. Dan Mill- man, Sid Freudenstein, and Josh Robison led the Bears to their victory. Millman captured titles in the free exercise and trampoline competition. Freudenstein won the long horse event, and Robison successfully defended his still rings title. Another outstanding California perform- er, Rick Field, placed third in the all- around competition despite a sore elbow and a touch of flu. Coach Frey was de- lighted with the performance of his team. This attitude was in contrast to his disappointment at his team ' s mediocre performance in several earlier dual meets. Junior Josh Robison won his second title on the rings. VARSITY SWIMMING — Left to Right, Row One: Jay Southard, Del Pletcher, Bruce Megna, Ken High, Carl Mortensen. Row Two: Mike Piazza, Leland Faust, Ron Quick, Ed Duncan, George Viguie, Eric Phillips, Barry Weitzenberg. Row Three: Larry Gruver, Bora Ozkok, Carl Maes, Ed Evans, Harry DeVictori, Bill Binder, Coach Pete Cutino. varsity swimmers split ten meets against rugged competition Coach Cutino does not seem entirely pleased with what he sees. Grace in motion: diver Del Pletcher. 404 pletcher wins aawu diving crown The varsity swim team completed a 5-5 season by losing to Stanford 78-37. The Bears defeated Oregon State, Washington State, Washing- ton, UOP, and San Francisco State, while losing to Oregon, UCLA, USC, Denver and Stanford. At the season ' s close, thirteen swimmers traveled to Los Angeles for the AAWU meet where Del Pletcher won the diving championship. The start of the 50-yard freestyle in the San Francisco State meet. Two backstrokers race toward the finish in the UOP meet. coach cav caplan develops frosh potential FRESHMAN SWIM TEAM — Left to Right, Row One: Tim Frost, Bill Brechtel, Leonard Stroud, Mike Reinhart, Csaba Molnar, John Wecty. Row Two: Bob Baizer, Alex Shestakov, Craig Meacham, Eric Laine, Bob Willson, Nick Catipovic, Dan Waters, Coach Cav Caplan. tennis team opens season with two wins A grin for the cameraman as sophomore flash Chuck Darley returns a backhand. Coach Chet Murphy ' s tennis team opened its season by sweeping to easy victories over San Francisco State and UCSB. In other early season action, Chuck Darley won the North- ern California Intercollegiate by capping a series of upset victories in defeating team- mate Gene Cantin for the championship. Darley ' s play delighted Coach Murphy and, with the continued fine play of the rest of the team, the Bears expect one of their most successful seasons in recent years. Senior Gene Cantin plays number two singles for Cal. Then come Ron Batchelder, George Fareed, Jan Kucera, and Corky Meinhardt. VARSITY TENNIS — Left to Right, Row One: Chuck Darley, Don Adolphson, Corky Mein- hardt, Jan Kucera. Row Two: Dan Lindheim, Roger Owens, Bob McGuire, Ron Batchelder, Gene Cantin, George Fareed, Coach Chet Murphy. Corky Meinhardt shows the form that enabled him to win his first two matches. Senior Jan Kucera opened the season playing number five singles. Barley nabs northern cal collegiate title in dazzling upset FROSH TENNIS — Left to Right, Row One: Craig Olsen, Dave Grimer, Doug Lipton, Gary Nakagari. Row Two: Joe Chaikin, Dave Miller, Bruce French, Nate Betnum, Steve Gonzalez, Coach Chet Murphy. The Bears and Indians tangle during a lineout in the Scrum Axe series. Cal swept both games to win the ' Axe ' by a combined score of 30-9. rugger bears dominate coast, smash noire dame California ' s 1966 rugby team, though not as strong as the undefeated 1965 squad, was good enough to turn in a very decent season record. The Bear ruggers once again captured the Scrum Axe by taking both games from the Stanford Indians, and went on to win the World Cup Trophy by racking up the highest total score during the hard-fought four-game series with British Columbia. The highlight of the season came when the Bears, still the best team on the West Coast, came up against a powerful Notre Dame team that had lost only one game in more than two seasons. After an exhibition of some of the best rugby seen in Memorial Stadium in years, the Bears came out on the long end of a 37-3 decision. The Bear backfield, probably the best in Cal rugby history, was anchored by ex-footballers Tom Relies and Jerry Walter, while new- comer Jim Boyce from Australia starred at the 2nd 5 8 position. The forward wall, though weakened by the loss of some outstanding veterans from last year ' s squad, was bolstered by the return of lock Tom Brown and veteran backrow man Loren Hawley. 409 Scrum half Bruce Forbes puts the ball into play against UCLA. The loss of standout forwards such as Stan Dzura and Bob Chi- appone from last year ' s squad resulted in less ball control out of the scrum. cal rugby: a game or a refereed street fight? Sometimes the ball is forgotten. Here Loren Hawley makes breathing difficult for a Stanford forward during the Bears easy 13-0 victory. Hooker John Benson passes off just in time to Tom Relies as the Indian defenders close in. golden guanos continue winning ways The Cal Guanos or J. V. rugby team once again imitated the successes of the Bear varsity, by running up an impressive 11-0 record against Bay Area rugby teams. Though lacking some of the finesse of their varsity counterparts, Coach " Truck " Cullom ' s charges upheld the tradition of winning rugby at Cal by knocking off such highly regarded aggrega- tions as the Olympic Club B team, the University Club, and the Stanford Junior Varsity. Highlights of the season were the Guanos ' hard-fought win over the potent and previous- ly undefeated Oregon varsity, and opening day twin victories over the University Club A and B teams. About the only thing more raucous than a Cal football crowd is a Cal rugby crowd. Bear rugby fans traditionally make up in hoarse shout- ing and empty beer cans what they lack in numbers. When a loose rugby ball falls to the ground, anybody who forgets himself and tries to fall on it promptly gets kicked in the head. A " loose ruck " (which looks like a grape stomping contest) then forms around the fallen player and the ball, as both teams attempt to con- trol the ball by healing it back to their scrum halfs. in j uns fall again, bears take scrum axe Even though Stanford occasionally controlled a lineout, they were limited to a total of only nine points in two games with the Bears. • VARSITY RUGGERS — Left to Right, Row One: Tom Brown, Bruce Forbes, Tom Relies, Lloyd Reist, Jerry Bradley, Randy Thaman. Row Two: John Beasley, Jerry Walter, John Frantz, Mike Hoffman, Gerry Lundblad, Steve Radich, Mike Gridley, Randy Wilson, Dan Sinclair, John Benson, Don Guest, Dan Berry, Jim Boyce. miles hudson leads bears through another successful season Dr. Miles Hudson, probably the most successful rug- by coach in the nation, coached the 1966 Bear rug- gers to a highly successful 8-2-1 season record. In the last three years, Coach Hudson ' s teams have run up a record of 25 wins, 3 losses, and 1 tie. In addition, his 1965 Cal ruggers chalked up a 5-2-2 record against the best rugby teams in Australia in last year ' s sum- mer tour down under. Jim Cullom JV Coach Dr. Miles Hudson Varsity Coach GUANOS — Left to Right, Row One: Jeff Lockwood, Dick Noble, Ed Maloney, Joe Ratcliff, Rich Ungerth, Ken Wilson, Steve Besio. Row Two: Mills Weinstein, Heath Massey, John Colletts, Jim Meyer, Bill Wharton, John Rodgers, Norman Jack, Ed Flynn, Jim Fetherston. Row Three: Tony Platt, George Gearhart, Bill Callaway, Craig Newnan, Jeff Marcus, John Oakley, John Bardin, Don Guest, Bob Crittenden, John Peterson, Rich Weill. baseball cal gets slow start in ciba acti on Coach George Wolfman ' s Bear baseballers began the 1966 season by running up an impressive 7 win, 1 loss record in pre-season play. The high flying Bears were brought rudely to earth, however, when they came up against their first league opponents in a three-game set with UCLA and USC. The Bruins and Trojans poured cold water all over Cal ' s 1966 pennant hopes by saddling the Bears with three con- secutive defeats in their ' 66 CIBA debut down south. USC extended its mastery of the Bears the next weekend by downing Cal 4-2, and running its league record to a fantas- tic 8 wins and 0 losses. Cal kept the spark alive the following day, however, by pulverizing a punchless, pitchless Santa Barbara squad twice, 11-1 and 5-1. Though the Bears kept their ' 66 flag hopes alive with their twin victories over Santa Barbara, steamrolling USC and second-place UCLA seemed the teams to beat for the CIBA crown. An unidentified Bear relaxes as he awaits his turn at the plate against USC. Santa Barbara got its only run of the day on this play, as a sharp ground ball scoots past third baseman Jerry Ryburn, and through the hole to score the runner from second. Cal went on to win, 11-1. bears big in pre season tilts; fall to league foes 416 Relations with some teams are not always the friendliest. When USC comes to town, both teams line the dugout rails to shout `amiable ' insults at the other. cubs roll over bay area frosh nines Coach Al Kyte ' s freshman baseballers started the 1966 season in impressive style, running up a highly respectable 8-1 mid-season rec- ord against Bay Area high schools and frosh squads. The only team to beat the Cubs in early season play was USF, who revenged an earlier 12-6 defeat with a 2-0 whitewash of the Cal yearlings. The single defeat didn ' t faze the Cubs, however, as they went on to ring up such one-sided victories as a 20-2 dismantling of the SF State frosh, and a 10-0 clobbering of San Jose. Third baseman Tom Cooper circles under a pop-up near the plate. Cooper, Captain of the ' 66 squad, provided some much-needed power at the plate for the anemic Bear offense. Second baseman Haruo Sakamoto pulls up sharply after advancing to second on a base hit. The scoreboard tells the story during the 11-1 laugher over Santa Barbara. season wears on... cal plays catch up to ucla, use Cal ' s All-America mound ace Andy Mes- sersmith waits for the sign as the South- ern Cal base-runner edges off first. After some early season shakiness, Messersmith settled down to another fine season for Cal. USC ' s Armando De Castro steps into a Messersmith fastball. The Trojans handed Cal its fourth CIBA setback with a 4-2 defeat. The Clint Evans Diamond, seen here from the top of Edwards Track Stadium, was re-dedi- cated last year in honor of Cal ' s well-known and very successful retired coach. wolfman continues success story through twelfth year as bear mentor George Wolfman Varsity Coach VARSITY BASEBALL — Left to Right, Row One: Jerry Ryburn, Bob Rebuschatis, Frank Smith, Hollon Bridges, Roger Stevens, Gail Newman, Bill Archer, Rick Brown, Dave Woo, Manager. Row Two: Assistant Coach Tom Giacomini, Bill Mathews, Jerry Luzar, Andy Messersmith, Captain Tom Cooper, George Cate, Gary Coburn, Sandy Beck, Assistant Coach Jerry McCarn. Row Three: Coach George Wolfman, Steve Tha- man, Bill Frost, Bob Leatherwood, Tony Fattarsi, Don Bunch, Mike Wickersham, Harold Bond, Bob Martin, Steve Lewis. Tom Cooper tries to leg one out as Southern Cal ' s Buddy Gordon awaits the throw. Al Kyte Frosh Coach FROSH BASEBALL — Left to Right, Row One: Gordon Nadel, Bob Lathon, bill Roth- schild, Dennis Woods, Dennis Dalton, Steve Sodman. Row Two: Dave Aldrich, John Towata, Bill Waite, Tom McAlone, Bob Beran, Rodger Gray. Row Three: Coach Al Kyte, Bob Fancher, Dale Huff, Hank Holm- es, Merele Chapman, Doug Engman, Larry Miller. Varsity rowers strain at their oars during a Saturday morning practice sesion. As in previous years, Cal held most of its home meets here in the Oakland Estuary. crewmen strive for fourth straight undefeated season 1965 RECORD Race and Distance Place Finish Time 4-way sprint Marine Stadium, 1. California 6:52 2,000 meters Long Beach 2. San Diego 7:09 3. Long Beach 7:15 4. USC 7:16 Dual sprint Oakland Estuary 1. California 6:10 2,000 meters 2. Stanford 6:18 Dual Lake Washington 1. California 14:10 2% miles 2. Washington 14:16 Dual sprint Mare Island 1. California 5:29 2,000 meters Channel 2. UCLA 5:32 Western Sprints Lake Washington 1. Washington 6:34 2,000 meters 2. UBC 6:35 3. California 6:37 4. Stanford 6:46 5. UCLA 6:52 6. OSU 7:01 IRA Regatta 3 miles Lake Onondoga, New York California 7th place 17:18 Cal ' s varsity crew, undefeated in dual meet competition for the last three seasons, hoped to extend their string to four this year, as they set to face such consistently tough crews as Washington, Stanford and much-improved UCLA. Expected to anchor the 1966 crew were such outstanding veterans as seniors Bob Cross, Mike Page, Romey, and junior lettermen Danny Lane and Norm Bliss. Cal ' s 1965 season was highlighted by a first-ever three-way sweep of the Washington crew at Seattle. The varsity race featured an almost un- believable mile sprint as both crews tried to break the other by means of an exhausting stroke rate. Discipline and experience paid off, however, as the Huskies ' rhythm disintegrated thirty strokes from the finish. Cal went on to a length and a half victory, and the sweep was complete. Though the Bears continued on to an unde- feated dual meet season, they fared less well in the regatta meets. In the Western Sprints, Washington gained sweet revenge for their earli- er defeat by winning the Championship by 3 seconds over the third-place Bears. Cal ended the season with a disappointing seventh-place finish in the International Rowing Association Regatta in New York. 421 The Cal crews work out six days a week, rain or shine, practically all year round. Here, a varsity boat strokes out toward the Bay. practice, conditioning, and pride: ingredients for success The light, fragile shells require considerable care in handling, both Cal ' s Ky Ebright boathouse is among the best equipped in the nation. in the water and out. The crew ' s coxswain is responsible for nating the shell ' s launching. Inside, one Bear crew prepares to hoist its shell. 422 VARSITY CREW — Left to Right, Row One: Ken Kubota, Bob Arbios, Seth Alpert, Doug Shirachi, Russ Takei, Pat Bradley. Row Two: Dave Parrish, Jack Reding, Mike Page, Dave Williamson, Doug Thure, Rich Corp, Norm Bliss. Row Three: Bruce Robertson, Hal Eastman, Gene Pavitt, Tom Tryon, Terry Duryea, Gary Martone, Roy Romey, Pat Stanton, Bob Cross, Larry Witalis. Row Four: Jay Jacobus, Jeff Palmer, Larry Vaughn, John Hoefer, Dave Crock- ett, Denny Lane, Rich Mclellan, Bruce Brodie, Hardy Jones, John Rochios, Stan Taylor. Not Pictured: Dick Graves, Pete Noyes, Jerry Richardson, Rich Tietz. coach lemmon keeps bears on top Jim Lemmon Varsity Coach Varsity crew coach Jim Lemmon is the possessor of one of the most outstanding records of success of any coach in the nation. In seven years at Cal, Coach Lemmon ' s crews have captured such pres- tigious events as the Western Sprint Champion- ship, the IRA Regatta, and several Pacific Coast Dual Racing Championships. Using a combination of hard work, discipline, and team pride, Coach Lemmon has carried on the winning tradition of Gals ' famed retired coach, Ky Ebright. FROSH CREW — Left to Right, Row One: David Hawes, Mike Shinoda, Norm Besman. Row Two: Clarence Johnson, Chris Yeager, Bob Peoples, Larry Sweet, Colin McRae, Greg Brush, Bob Ellsberg, Norbert Ralph, Bob Gregg. Row Three: Coach Rich Costello, Ray Brown, John Curlett, Stuart Dalton, Randy Phillips, Frederick Borden, Steve Pierce, Rich Riegels, Tom Veblen, Jim Richards, Assistant Coach John McConnell. Row Four: Roy Warden, Alex Kasper, Gus Kious, Ed McClure, Bob Mellin, Greg Lee, Gary Stacey, Jay Nave, Jem Bonelle, Dave Lafferty, John Estill. Not Pictured: Scott Goldsmith, Terry Mayo, Joel Crohn, Frank Louda, Rich Nivens. 423 trackmen whip occidental, nevada... then fall to sari jose California ' s varsity track team started off the 1966 campaign with a narrow 74-71 victory over a surprisingly tough Occidental team. As expected, Cal showed its greatest strength in the sprints and middle distances, but was woefully lacking in the field events. Stand- outs in the Oxy meet were Forrest Beaty, who grabbed victories in the 220 and 440, and Lou Kirtman, who swept to a 14.7 first in the high hurdles. The next weekend Cal played host to San Jose State and the University of Nevada. While the Wildcats never figured prominent- ly in the scoring, San Jose, behind the one- man gang performance of Tommy Smith, ran away with the scoring to hand the Bears a disappointing 85-60 defeat. In future meets Cal was scheduled to face some of the most potent track powers in the West. Included in the teams expected to give the Bears the most trouble were aggregations from Brigham Young, UCLA, and the always powerful USC Trojans. Long jumper Mike Gallie strains for distance in the Nevada-San Jose State meet. Cal ' s Frank Lynch, whose best effort in the shot put during early season meets was 50-11 4, exhales hard as he releases the shot. The pole bows as Mike Robinson starts his take-off in the pole vault. Mike had a best vault of 14-6 in the Bears ' first two meets. VARSITY TRACK — Left to Right, Row One: Jim Kennedy, Carlos Ba- ron, Steve Adams, Joe Anderson, Randy Haase, Mike Robinson, Devone Smith, Stan Inkelis, Gary Mahon. Row Two: Bob Wolfe, Mike Shafer, Forrest Beaty, Randy Schneider, Frank Lynch, Mark Rhoda, Bob Price, Rich Bowles, Ken Cole, Cunar Liepins. Row Three: Bob Nikkel, Paddy McCrary, Rich Elliott, Marty Koenekamp, Chuck Glenn, Larry Hengl, Bob Brinkworth, John Rusev, Lou Kirtman. Row Four: Coach Ragan, Dave Allen, John Diehl, Mike Gallie, Don Severy, Pete Slapar, Bob Firth, Mike Ipson, Chris Newton, Coach Sam Bell. Soph Lou Kirtman leads the field over the first bank in the high hurdles. Lou came within a tenth of a second of breaking Tom Moore ' s California record of 14.2 set in 1935. cal deep in hurdles, sprints, weak in field events FROSH TRACK — Left to Right, Row One: Don Wilgus, Bob Craig, Mike Green, Dennis Beatty, Lloyd Bartlett, Carlos Robles, John Henry. Row Two: Ted Ackley, Jim Sheridan, Webb Lloyd, Jerry Woods, Mike Kellner, Ron Byers. Row Three: Coach Tony Sucec, Gary Pennington, Mark Seeley, Colin Glenn, Ed White, Larry Houps. Sam Bell Varsity Coach new coach sam bell bolsters cal track hopes Cal ' s new track coach, Sam Bell, follows in the footsteps of California ' s famous former US Olympic Coaches Walter Christie and Brutus Hamilton. Bell, only the third coach in Cal track history, was named head coach upon the retirement of Hamilton after the 1965 season. Coach Bell came to Cal after gaining prominence as head coach at Oregon State, and immediately set to work develop- ing depth and balance in a California squad best known for individual brilliance rather than for team strength. The success of the new coach can only be judged by Cal ' s per- formance in the years to come. Al Ragan Frosh Coach 427 golfers win three of first five matches VARSITY GOLF TEAM — Left to Right: Bob Powell, Randy Edwards, Hans Janzen, Jim Mealiffe, Neil Pearson, Greg Seminoff. Hans Janzen tees off on 9th hole at Orinda. Rapidly improving sophomores gave Coach Rene Herrerias hopes for a very successful golf season despite stiff opposition from San Jose State, Stanford, UCLA, and USC. Two-handicapper Han Jan- zen led the six-man team, with Randy Edwards and sophomore Greg Seminoff close behind him. A 19-8 loss to San Jose State soured the early season, but three impres- sive victories raised the golfers ' hopes for a good showing in the AAWU championships. 428 MEN ' S RIFLE TEAM — Left to Right: John Velotta, Mike Thurlow, Bob Hickerson, John Taylor, Mike Zemetra, Jim Ritchie, Ab Yonck. Front: Sgt: Martin. rifle teams continue winning tradition at cal WOMEN ' S RIFLE TEAM — Left to Right: Judy Finch, Kathy Colvin, Linda Blumenthal, Marsha Todd, Beth Hurlbut, Irene Erickson, Eunice Young, Jean Danilovich, Laurie Peterson. Front: Sgt. Martin. The rifle teams, both men ' s and women ' s, continued their domin- ance of rifle teams in Northern Cal- ifornia riflery. Sgt. T. E. Martin made his debut this year as coach of the marksmen. Matches and practice sessions are held in the Hearst Rifle Range where the sharp crack of rifles can be heard during much of the late morning and early afternoon each wekday. Captain Bob Hickerson again led the Bears in marksman- ship. 429 big c society 1•1111gE,,,=--=====.81■1•P BASEBALL Richard Alton William Archer Walt Buck John Brown A. Brad Bryan Tom Cooper Craig De Forest Rich Dash Bill Frost Art Kobayashi Andy Messersmith Rich Nye John Shaw Mike Wickersham Dave Weise Don Bunch BASKETBALL Steve Smith Jim Ashcraft Myron Erickson Ed Hoppin Robby Olson Eric Unruh John Wardell Dick Vortmann BOXING Paul Bell UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Ned Averbuck Richard Erickson Mike Koll Edgar Nemir Bud Van Deren Bud Becker Harold Frey Adrian Kragen Peter Newell Peter Van Houten Bob Blake Brutus Hamilton James Landon Henry B. Peters Arleigh Williams Ed Byrne James Harkness James Lemmon Conway Peterson Robley Williams James Corley Rene Herrerias Ernie Madison Alva Ragan Jack Williamson Jim Cullom Miles Hudson Jerry McCarn Robert Sproul Ray Willsey Bob Di Grazia Robert Johnson Ralfe Miller Wendell Stanley George Wolfman Tom Dunlap Charles Keeney William Monohan E. W. Strong Bob Wueste Bill Dutton Clark Kerr Chet Murphy Ian Turner UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Pete Cowan Jerry Bradley GOLF Charles Kindred TRACK Walt Cunningham Gary Bystrom Tony Ojigbo Terry Hol berton John Cantlon Randy Edwards Phil Neely Steve Adams Ray Kropp Jim Moore Bob Crittenden John Frantz Ray Meyer Rich Sasaki Bora Ozkok Tor Rasmussen Mike Andreasen Dave Archibald Dave Newhouse Roger Foster Randy Thaman Forrest Beaty Jerry Olson Leroy Phillips Jim Fetherston John Garamendi GYMNASTICS Ernie Wideman Bob Brinkworth Rich Bowles CREW Bob Arbios Norm Bliss Bob Cross D. Scott Gregg Dan Hatch John King Charles Julien Hardin Jones Denny Lane Rich Mclellan John McConnell Myron Page Roy Romey Clifton Rhodes Dennis Seguine Norm Stanley Malcolm Thornley Francis Hammes Don Guest Mike Gridley Sam Hard Jim Hunt Bill Krum Barry Kingman Tom Lutes Larry Lathrop Frank Lynch Jerry Mosher Ken Moulton Greg Palamountain Ted Parks Steve Radich Tom Relies Lloyd Reist John Salisbury John Rusev John Schmidt Pat Bailey Crodd Chin Gary De Bell Rick Field Chuck Jenner Lonny Kapp Jim Lindstrom Dan Millman Paul Benya Josh Robison Joe Slusky Herb Solomon Charles Worsham SOCCER Fadejimi Bademosi Don Bastien Don Bloodworth SWIMMING Ed Duncan John Gage Jeff McCreary Carl Maes Carl Mortensen Ron Olson Jim Pierog Mike Piazza Jeff Russell Bob Steinberg George Viguie Gary Venter TENNIS Don Adolphson Rich Case Bill Carter Ken Cole Jim Clardy Dave Demorest Chuck Glenn Ron Gould Stan Inkelis Jim Lathrop Bill Pfeil Bob Price Don Schmidt John Rusev Lyman Shaffer Mike Shafer Randy Schneider WRESTLING FOOTBALL Bob Smith Dan Sinclair Scott Cauchois Mike Evenson Ron Batchelder Gene Cantin George Fuller John Harder John Beasley Jerry Walter Harry Frere George Fareed Alan Siegel Tom Blanchfield Dick Williams John Hutchinson Jan Kucera Haruki Takemoto 430 four honored as outstanding cornpetitors Bob Brinkworth Tom Belles, Cal ' s 185-pound work- horse halfback from Sacramento, will be sorely missed from the Cal gridiron next year. In three years on the Bear varsity, Tom ran up a to- tal of 1302 yards rushing, making him the seventh leading rusher in Cal history, and earning him the title of All Northern California Back of the Year. In addition to his football achievements, Belles has been one of the leading scorers on the highly successful Cal rugby team. The fastest short-distance man on the Cal track squad this year was sprinter Bob Brinkworth. Bob, whose lifetime best in the 100 is a highly respectable 9.5, turned in some outstanding performances in 1966 running against such speedy dashmen as San Jose ' s Wayne Her- man, and Oregon State ' s Butch Lumby. Besides being Cal ' s first man in the 100, Bob gave the Bears some much-needed depth in the 220, backing up teammate Forrest Beaty. Bob is an L S major from the city of Burbank. Alan Siegal One bright spot in Cal ' s rather dis- mal wrestling record over the past three years has been the perform- ance of AAWU 137-pound cham- pion Alan Siegal. Siegal, who has never lost a dual-meet match in the 137-pound class, won first place finishes in the AAWU Wrestling Tournament in both 1964 and 1966, in addition to being voted the out- standing wrestler of the 1966 tour- nament. Alan, an economics major from San Lorenzo, has a 3.3 grade point average, and plans to enter law school after graduation. Rick Field Rick Field, an Engineering-Physics major who sports a 3.94 grade point average, is one of the finest all-around gymnasts Cal has had in quite some time. In 1964 as a a sophomore, Rick ended the season as high point man for the Bears and was chosen as Cal ' s most improved gymnast. Last year, he continued his winning ways by tak- ing first place in the All-Around in the Western Intercollegiate meet, and narrowly missing a first in the same event during the AAWU meet. After graduation, Rick plans to attend Physics graduate school right here at Cal. kappa alpha thetas capture powder puff championship Tennis is played year round by many Cal students. A dazed player, obviously crushed by a bone-breaking block, tries to recover her senses. intramural program completes another eventful year An exciting, though sometimes erratic, pass- ing attack was seen in most of the Powder Puff games. 432 spring brings softball and volleyball onto the intramural scene This short pop-up should result in an easy out; but in women ' s softball one can never be sure. The victory of Kappa Alpha Theta in the Powder Puff football tournament was the highlight of the fall women ' s intramural pro- gram. The Theta ' s, with their aggressive of- fense and rock-ribbed defense, easily out- classed their three opponents on the march to the championship. Besides the Powder Puff tournament, women may compete individu- ally or with their living groups in many sports, including basketball, tennis, and bowling. Volleyball continues to be one of the most popular, and competitive, sports in the intramural program. intramural board controls women ' s sports program at cal The governing body of the women ' s sports program is the Intramural Board which is composed of a chair- man, vice-chairman, an independent coordinator, and the managers and assistants of the sports offered each semester. Intramural competition is offered in volleyball, basketball, ten- nis, badminton, table tennis, bowling, swimming and softball. INTRAMURAL BOARD — Left to Right, Row One: Polly Parkin, Eva Beck, Cissy Moore, Diane Wydler, Evan Harris, Bonnie Graves. Row Two: Mary DePass, Judy Finch, Lynda Brothers, Gail Naruo, Kathy Scott, Miss D. Wendt, Advisor. sports club members compete in all types of women ' s athletics SPORTS CLUB BOARD — Left to Right: Miss Doris White, Advisor; Sally Shideler , Polly Parkin, Susan Forbes, Diane Wydler, Grace Lee. The Sports Club Board, composed of a chairman, vice-chairman, club managers and assistants, plans and coordinates the various activities of the sports clubs. These clubs offer instruction and competition in a wide variety of activities, and allow their members to meet with and compete against women students from many colleges and universities. 434 sports skill and service to waa is basis for membership in women ' s " c " society Membership in Women ' s " C " Soci- ety is invitational and is based on service to WAA, skill in sports and participation in intramurals and sport clubs. The " C " Society mem- ber may be recognized by her navy blue blazer, " C " emblem, and gold " C " pin. Once elected to this organ- ization, members continue to give service to WAA. WOMEN ' S " C " SOCIETY — Left to Right, Row One: Sally Leahy, Claudia Larson, Pippa Phillips, Peggy Scott. Row Two: Mary Lane, ,Eva Beck, Myna Hastings, Marsha Pratten. Row Three: Miss Dorothy Wendt, Advisor; Peggy Pierce, Merrily Parker, Joan Danielson, Lynda Brothers. waa council governs intramural participation WAA COUNCIL — Left to Right, Row One: Lynne Giberson, Myna Hastings, Gail Naruo, Claudia Larson. Row Two: Miss Park, Advisor; Sally Shideler, Peggy Pierce, Kathy Scott, Lynda Brothers, Susan Forbes. The WAA Council is composed of a president, vice-president, secre- tary, treasurer, the chairman and vice-chairman of the Sport Club and Intramural Boards, the Wom- en ' s " C " Society President, and an advisor from the Women ' s Physical Education Department. This body is responsible for the direction, de- velopment, and coordination of the policies and over-all plans which govern from 600 to 800 participants each semester. amateur jocks let off steam through intramural safety valve Cal ' s intramural sports program, probably the most extensive in the nation, continued to grow this year, as Dr. Kooman Boycheff ' s staff administered sports ranging from football and softball to billiards and horseshoes. At press time, Sigma Alpha Epsilon en- joyed a comfortable 1110-925 lead over second place Sigma Alpha Mu in the National League point stand- ings, while the Commuters led the American League by 70 points. Winners of the University championships in the major sports included Theta Delta Chi, which was awarded a forfeit victory in the touch football play- offs over the American League ' s Boalt Hall. A hotly- contested volleyball playoff saw the same Boalt Hall team overcome tenacious Pi Kappa Alpha in the final match to cop the title. In the sudden-death slow pitch softball tournament, defending champion Tau Kappa Epsilon was ex- pected to battle it out with powerful challengers from Phi Delta Theta, Bowles Hall, and the Rejects. Winner of the tournament became the Berkeley rep- resentative in the all-university tournament in April. Union Field, the scene of many a bone-jarring touch football game, was torn up this year to make way for the ASUC ' s new theater. Red dogging, shifting, and men in motion are all familiar to Cal ' s " scientihc " intramural football. 436 Intramural teams seldom indulge in " control basketball. " Scores, however, usually don ' t exceed 40 points a game. a sanctioned substitute Intramural boxers make up in enthusiasm what they lack in finesse. Boxing coach Ed Nemir supervises the annual tournament in Harmon Gym. for panty raids ... INTRAMURAL OFFICE — Left to Right: Jim Peterson, Head Official; Mrs. H. Blue, Secretary; Ernie Wideman, soccer; Charles Grimm, volleyball; Kooman Boycheff, Supervisor. liANDBALL 1164 DAIMMINTON BASK A-BM. 1,66 46 NG 514 5 56 I CNN 5 4.666 4t`IJ INT LI 437 weekend co recreation gives students welcome relief from studies Basketball is a popular participation sport all year long. The co-recreation program held in Hearst gym on Friday nights, and Harmon gym on Sunday after- noons, gives students a chance to participate in a variety of sports including basketball, badminton, and gymnastics. The Strawberry Canyon recreation area is also available, and a warm day will bring flocks of students to the pool for an afternoon of study-free relaxation. Bouncing all afternoon on a trampoline is an excellent method of getting rid of frustrations. A coed shows some fine badminton form. 438 SKI CLUB EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE — Left to Right, Row One: Bob Green, Barbara Wright, Louise Geist, Pete Whitmer, Cindy Graham, Bill Paraguay. ski club sponsors another successful carnival The U.C. Ski Club is the impetus be- hind much of the campus skiing activ- ity. The club ' s big event each year is° the Winter Carnival held in Squaw Valley with Davis and Santa Barbara. Dancing, races, a concert ( this past year the Lovin ' Spoonful appeared), and broom hockey complement the skiing activity. The club ends each year with the steak feed where mem- bers reminisce about the winter ' s ski- ing. 1966 ski queen The Ski Club Queen for 1965-66 is Miss Susan Spiller. Susan, a junior English major, is completing her third year at Cal. The pert Pi Phi calls Ma- rin her hometown. She has been skiing since the age of seven. Her activities at Cal include past membership in the Oski Dolls. judo club plans summer tour of japan JUDO CLUB — Left to Right, Row One: Ron Mayeda, Pat Going, Dean Chikami, Jim Christie, Doug Uyeki, James Lallas. Row Two: Bill Rist, George Ogawa, Gary Koyama, Glenn Chu, Clark Edson, Creighton Churchill, Haruki Takemoto, Pete Trusko. Row Three: Walter Muraoka, Todd Dods, Jerry Wilson, Richard Hodges, Craig Stevenson, Thomas Clarke, Milton Loo, David Thomas, Eric Salin. Over the shoulder and down to the mat .. This year ' s judo club had one of Cars largest and strong- est teams. Besides the club ' s active promotion of the spirit and proficiency of judo by participation in col- legiate and open judo tournaments, plans were made for a summer tour of Japan. Thanks to the expert coach- ing of George Uchida and the e nthusiasm for this com- batant sport, the Cal judo team compiled a near perfect record. Intercollegiate competition included matches against judo teams from San Jose State, Stanford, San Francisco State, and the University of San Francisco. Judo requires timing, agility, and speed. fencers compete throughout state FENCING CLUB — Left to Right, Row One: Susanna Reid, Julia Scheidig, Joan McKenna, Flo Mitchell, Diana Amidon, Betsy Roberts, Katherine Flegal. Row Two: Joe O ' Flaherty, Ronald Tanaka, Weldon The fencing team, coached by Jules Alpar, aims to train its members for competition in the NCAA tournament and for matches against other collegi- ate fencing teams. For those not interested in in- tercollegiate competition, the club provides a n op- portunity for practice with other students who en- joy fencing primarily as a recreation. Williamson, Raymond Weinstein, Neil Hudner, David Geneson, John Luk, George Wing, Baldwin Chan. Row Three: Martin Kuhn, Bill Eric- son, Michel Small, Allen Firestone, Julius Alpar, Don Morey, Don Klein, Lanny Lampl, Ken Hayes, Dan Rose. weightlifters host western collegiate championships WEIGHTLIFTING TEAM — Left to Right, Row One: Pete Carleton, Marc Goldyne, Pat Going. Row Two: George Cierny, John Calh oun. cal continues weightlifting excellence Hurt by the graduation of several out- standing collegiate lifters, this year ' s weightlifting team had to work hard to maintain its usual team strength. Perennial champ Pete Carleton and NCAA titleholder Pat Going, plus reg- ulars John Calhoun and Dale Carter provided the nucleus that saw Cal repeat as one of the top collegiate weightlifting teams in the country. drama and music All that is good in art is the expres- sion of one soul talking to another, and is precious according to the great- ness of the soul that utters it. Ruskin 442 443 phaedra opens drama season Racine ' s Phaedra opened the Univer- sity Theater ' s Repertory Season. This famous play was introduced by the Department of Dramatic Art to give students a more accurate idea of what life in the theater is like and also to give them a chance to develop in their roles. Kathleen Adams undertook the title role. Phaedra in the words of Racine " is engaged by her destiny and by the anger of the gods in an illegitimate passion of which she is the first to have horror. " 444 corneille ' s horatius makes LI s. and campus debute The presentation of Corneille ' s Ho- ratius was the second segment of the repertory season. Its campus debut was also the U.S. debut. The play is set against a background of early Roman conflict with Alba. Its theme explores the question of dominant loyalties. Horatius, the ill-starred hero, places duty to coun- try above devotion to his family. The highly emotional, tragic hero Horatius was played by Michael Liebert. 446 1 repertory season - a first for cal drama students with the misanthrope by moliere The Misanthrope is a comedy with a rather sad conclusion, but the merit of the play rests on its depic- tion of the manners of 17th Cen- tury France as can be seen by the way Moliere exposes to the public eye the frivolity and inconsistency of his contemporaries. Martin Le- pisto played the hero Alceste, who wins sympathy from the audience for his honesty and idealism. Model of the Student Union Complex shows University Theater of the future. 2000 seat university theater to be part of student union complex Theater construction progresses toward completion in 1968. Ground breaking ceremonies for the new University Theater, the final segment of the Student Union complex, were held at a University Meeting on December 1, 1965. French film director Jean Renoir termed this ceremony " the realization of a dream " for the Uni- versity Community. The new theater, scheduled for completion in 1968, will cost $6,800,000. It will house a 2,000-seat theater suitable for all types of performances and a smaller multiform theater with great flexibility in staging and seat- ing for experimentation in the field of dramatic arts. WNW A IMOS e ss !MUM MI aii11.11 somas Atli lir • • • _111. 1 d 4•I! • ' •• 41 " k " 448 Different forms of body movement are shown by dancers in their warm-up practice. thought becomes movement in dance An idea, a thought, a feeling .. . Through hard work and a love for dance, intricate movements can be mastered. The TV theatre tapes a series of educational lectures. university tv theatre offers educational pursuits radio music, to A lecture on Fortran programming is televised by Cal ' s TV theatre. kal broadcasts news, speeches, and sports campus living groups The staff prepares to go on the air. Radio Kal broadcasts the news. Hits from Broadway shows highlight an evening with Radio Kal. Radio KAL is a non-commercial, car- rier current radio station that broad- casts at 850 kilocycles to organized living groups near campus. KAL has expanded its listening audience from 200 to over 3000 in four years. The great expansion continues with a new carrier current transmitter being in- stalled every month. KAL recently obtained an FM broadcast license from the FCC and the Regents. RADIO KAL STAFF — Left to Right, Row One: Bob Kennedy, Mary Rechsteiner, Pam Madsen, Carol Volker, Glenn Cunningham. Row Two: John Grilli, Wayne Pier- son, Sam Wood, Harvey Zane Helfand, Mike Silverstone. Sproul Contest Winners — Jim Watson, first; Jim Butler, third; Rick Raznikov, second. Mike Buckley won Extemp Championship at NCFA Tourney. debaters win recognition for uc forensics team Honors in Oratory and Interpretation were at- tained by Joe Edelheit . . . Charles Salaquarda, right, excelled in Debate. 452 The UC Debate Team and individual speakers represented Cal at tourneys all over the West Coast, upholding superior tradition in forensics. Awards were won by the team in Debate, Oratory, and Interp. Bud Zeuschner and Mike Buckley won silver trophies at the USC-Loyola and Cal Tech meet in Debate and are eligible for the District Qualifying Meet in San Fran- cisco, which could send them to Nationals, a first for Cal! Jim Watson led Cal to a " sweep " over UCLA at the Kennedy Memorial Debate here in Berkeley. TREBLE CLEF MANAGERS — Left to Right, Row One: Nancy Lamont, Caro Tanner, Claire Berman, Jean McEvoy, Anne Pearce, Cheryl Lee, Maureen Bocian. Row Two: Ruth Krusa, Lora Schlesinger, Lynn Batchelder, Ann Rubiales, Anne Wythe. student management a unique tradition for asuc choral groups Mr. James Fankhauser Director GLEE CLUB MANAGERS — Left to Right: John French, Dave Rubardt, Stu Hobson, Don Grimes, Jeff Thomson. In Front: Don Russell. GLEE CLUB — Left to Right, Railing: Tim Coughlin, Mike Ayer, Donald Russel, William Straw, Robert Bareuther, Hugh Gorman, Michael Epstein, James Fankhauser, Conductor; James Noyes, Frank Rivinius, Robert Anderson, Peter Hadreas, Jon Stanford, Larry Godfrey, William Levine, Paul Henault, Robert Gatov, Sheldon Newhouse. Above, Sitting: Terry Martin, Paul Lingen- felder, William Smith, Mike Wharton, Wing Pang ' , Karl Ennenga, Frank Loo, Robert Milne, John McIntire, Lawrence Howard, Howard Flemming, Robin Larson, Jeffrey Thomsen, John French, Gerald Brown, Edward Miller, Mike Macpherson, Walt Smith. Standing: David Rubardt, Steve Barker, John Johnson, Juni-ichi Toriyama, Ray Lippert, Phil Pierpont, Dana Chase, Robert Dyer, Duane Cornell, Donald Grimes, Tim Wilcox, Carl Sciple, David Doane, Doug Samuelson, David Lehman, Stewart Hobson, Robert Scherr, Nathan Pace. men ' s glee club offers the finest in musical showmanship ... Glee Club and Treble Clef perform on Sproul Hall steps. treble clef sings wide range of classical and popular music Treble Clef Society and Men ' s Glee Club, the principal choral representatives of the Univer- sity of California, provide an opportunity to sing music ranging from classical, sacred works to folk songs and popular music. This year the two groups put on a successful Winter Concert and also made a television appearance in De- cember. In addition to traditional activities, the groups sing benefit community concerts, and serenade in hospitals in San Francisco during the Christmas Holidays. Glee Club and Treble Clef complement their exceptional music pro- grams with varied social activities, such as coffee hours after mixed rehearsals, Big Game parties, production parties, and an annual Appoint- ments Banquet. JADE ENSEMBLE — Left to Right: Jill Soloman, Jennifer Jones, Maureen Bocian, Diana Freitas, Susan Beare, Claire Berman, Kathy Gale, Ann Wythe, Ronni Kordell. first women ' s choral group in the west TREBLE CLEF — Front Row, going up stairs: Sharon Williams, Judy Cramer, Beverly Grazarian, Nita Micossi, Ruth Brown, Ann Wythe, Ruth Krusa, Rita Cizon, Ronni Kordell, Mary Fankhauser, Kitty Le- land, Ruth Epstein, Jane Wiley, Colleen Ferris, Miriam Kasdan, Tecia Lewis. Second Row: Carol Young, Kathy Brown, Kathleen Abbott, Ev Lichtenstein, Terry Boucher, Carol Gibson, Lora Schlesinger, Bonnie Golden, Nancy Julian, Anna Rubiales, Leine Wulffson, Janet Hall, Karen Ivy, Juanda Byrd, Nancy Lamont, Margaret Vazanian. Third Row: Jean McEvoy, Kevan Kidd, Sarah Simmerman, Roxanna Stam- me, Pat Williams, Diana Freitas, Mary Muller, Claire Berman, Mau- reen Bocian, Barbara Scherbakov, Karen Illman, Alice Whitehead. Along Rail, Left to Right: Caro Tanner, Tracy Jenkins, Julie Banning, Jill Soloman, Anne Wilson, Beth Bauman, Susan Beare, Jennifer Jones, Carol Ohashi, Donna Crabtree, Maridee Broadfoot, Kristin Brown, Kathy Gale. 455 Members of Collegians enjoy singing informally together. collegian singers perform during university day Collegian Singers, a mixed choral group, is an activity for those students who want to sing for fun in a relaxed atmosphere. Activi- ties during the year included sponsoring the all-campus Collegian Sings, with guest con- ductors, and a performance at University Day on December 11. The Collegians caroled with the Glee Club and Treble Clef at Christ- mas, and presented a program of songs at the State Convention of the PTA in San Francisco in early May. The Executive Council plans performances and social gatherings. Chorus members sing for experience and enjoyment. university chorus entertains campus and bay area The University Chorus rehearses each week in Hertz Hall. Miss Elizabeth Davidson Director The University Chorus, under the direc- tion of Miss Elizabeth Davidson, puts on both campus and Bay Area performances. It is sponsored by the Music Department for both academic credit, experience and enjoyment. This year in its various appear- ances, the Chorus presented selections in Latin, German, French, and English. The University Chorus often works to- gether with the University Symphony Or- chestra under the direction of Mr. Michael Senturia. The two groups gave a combined concert in December. The Orchestra per- formed works of Bach, Haydn, Bartok, Mozart, and Schumann. 457 Repertory Chorus has auditions for new members each semester. repertory chorus performs for campus audience The Repertory Chorus is made up of students, facul- ty, and administrators. Mr. Edward Lawton is its director. This year the Chorus combined efforts with the Collegium Musicum and the Department of Ital- ian to present a special Dante Program. This program included 16th Century Madrigals and Laude. Mr. Edward Lawton Director Chamber Band rehearsals are rewarding workouts. The Music Ensemble is a branch of the Chamber Band. james berdahl conducts chamber band and music ensemble Members of the University Chamber Band per- formed for campus enjoyment in a December concert and at the annual University Christmas Meeting. Mr. James Berdahl and his assistant, Jonathan Kramer conduct rehearsals each week to prepare for per- formances and to give individual musicians the op- portunity to improve their performance technique in a concert situation. Chamber Band members work together in intricate harmonies. The group works together to perfect timing and expression. students in piano ensemble work toward excellence Mrs. Petray Director Skill develops with practice and expert guidance. 11N,N its . Organ concerts in Hertz Hall are a favorite with Cal students. Collegium Musicum retains a part of our musical inheritance. Mr. Daniel Heartz Director collegium musicum combines ancient instruments and excellent voices The Collegium Musicum makes use of historical instruments in conjunction with voices to perform rarely heard music. Mr. Daniel Heartz is its di- rector. The Collegium Musicum took part in the Dante Program along with the Repertory Chorus. For this concert it performed Italian Madrigals of the 14th and 15th Centuries. 461 seniors Education is not learning; it is the exercise and development of the pow- ers of the mind; and the two great methods by which this end may be accomplished are in the halls of learn- ing, or in the conflicts of life. —Princeton Review 462 463 mike mcginnis incorporates new educational program with traditional reliefs from rigorous academic life SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS — Left to Right: Dennis O ' Shea, Vice-President; Melinda Merritt, Secretary-Treasurer; Bruce Joffe, Yell Leader; Mike McGinnis, President. The innovations of the Class of 1966 brought new programs of interest for the diversified Senior Class. Cal-in-the-Capitol selected students to serve as interns to Congressmen and agencies in Washington, D. C. Graduate Fellowship and Grant Information was compiled and mailed to all Senior Honor Students, and made available to other interested students. A Faculty- Senior Luncheon Club was established to enable Seniors to talk with ex- perienced faculty members in their fields of interest. These educational programs, combined with T.G.I.F. parties every other week at Kip ' s Attic, and exciting Senior Week activities under the direction of Bob Portnoy, provided a memorable closing to our undergraduate years. 464 NO MINORS ALLOWED A Friday get-together of the older crowd .. . t.g.i.f. parties bring senior to a new high... I bet I can ! !!spirits " F 465 Soil studies are an important part of Agricultural Sciences. agriculture joins space research in food experimentation Student examines soil samples from the Red Desert. This year the College of Agriculture began an exciting new curriculum. The entire undergraduate program was carefully evaluated, streamlined, and up-dated. This resulted in only one principal major, that of Agri- cultural Sciences, with sub-majors in Agricultural Economics, Agricultural Science, Dietetics, Entomol- ogy, Food Science, Human Nutrition, and Soils and Plant Nutrition. One project the college undertook was to participate in a NASA nutrition experiment. Volun- teers spent a period of time in the Tolman Hall pent- house, while undergoing tests showing the effects of certain foods on the human body in particular situa- tions. The results of this project will be of help in the NASA space program. Student in Nutritional Science learns how to prepare quantity cuisine. 466 E. Gorton Linsley Dean of College of Agriculture The weigh-in. Has NASA discovered a new way to reduce? Student volunteer trudges along treadmill for NASA nutritional experiment. 467 agriculture students study the marketing, processing and nutrition of man ' s most important resource ANDERSON, DON Richmond Independent Agricultural Economics BENO, ANDREA Covina Independent Dietetics Nutritional Sciences Club, Newman Club BRAGG, DAVID Salinas Delta Chi Entomology and Parasitology BUNDSCHU, JAMES Vineburg Zeta Psi Agricultural Business Management Skull Keys, Winged Helmet NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES CLUB — Left to Right, Row One: Deborah Wafer, Diane Phillips, Sally Hansen, Judy Quinn, Naomi Deguchi. Row Two: Carol Hum, Vicki Cipelli, Audrey Tittle, Pamela Madsen, Priscilla Heminger, Kathy Saito. Row Three: Sandy Carll, Margaret Fugimoto, Sharon Morjig, Andrea Beno, Cathy Brown- lee, Sue Snedecor, Barbara Wood. CARLL, SANDY Cardiff-by-the-Sea Independent Dietetics Nutritional Sciences Club, Corresponding Secretary DEGUCHI, NAOMI San Francisco Independent Dietetics Nutritional Sciences Club HUGDAL, LEE Berkeley Tau Kappa Epsilon Agricultural Economics DAHL, ROGER San Francisco Pi Kappa Alpha Agricultural Business Management Wrestling GOLDSTEIN, JERRY Van Nuys Pi Lambda Phi Food Chemistry ASUC President, Californians, University Affairs Comm., Alumni Council, Cal Prep, Order of the Golden Bear, Cal Club JASPOVICE, LAURY Oakland Phi Epsilon Food Science and Nutrition DEAN-TURNER, BOB Berkeley Delta Kappa Epsilon Agricultural Economics Fantastic Four GREEN, GARY Dinuba Independent Nutrition Honor Students Society KAWAUCHI, LOIS Menlo Park Cheney Hall Agriculture 468 a perfect pie crust everyti me! KIBBE, CHRIS Oakland Independent Agricultural Economics MORGENROTH, MIKE Berry Creek Sigma Alpha Epsilon Agricultural Business Management Alpha Kappa Psi OKASAKI, STANLEY Lodi Independent Agricultural Economics PHILLIPS, DIANE Berkeley Zeta Tau Alpha Nutrition and Dietetics Nutritional Sciences Club Officer, Newman Club PIERPONT, PHILIP Altadena Alpha Delta Phi Agricultural Economics Glee Club, Golden Guard SHARP, RODNEY Santa Cruz Independent Entomology and Parasitology WAFER, DEBORAH Richmond Independent Dietetics Student Tutorial Aid Group, Nutritional Sciences Club Home of many agriculture studies — Mulford Hall 469 school of business administration strives for close student faculty ties Faculty-student relationships were es- pecially stressed as the undergraduate School of Business Administration re- ceived a new home in Barrows Hall. The hall is equipped with new equip- ment for aiding study, such as the scien- tific managerial laboratories where stu- dents study the psychology of group be- havior as it applies to business. In addi- tion, the 632 students, of which 90 are women, find an opportunity to discuss academic problems infolinally in the new Lippman room. The School has informal ties with the New Chinese University in Hong Kong, and next year three professors will go there to teach and do research. John W. Cowee Dean of School of Business Administration The Business Administration office informs students of changes in graduation requirements. it ► Students in Business Administration learn to key punch their Fortran programs. Students work stat problems on a computer to save time and errors. Bus Ad TA ' s take time to go over term papers with students. 471 AKER, STEPHEN Hillsborough Alpha Kappa Lambda Accounting ANDERSON, JOCK San Bernardino Phi Gamma Delta Business Administration ARONOFF, STEVE Los Angeles Independent Marketing ALBECK, JOHANNES New York Phi Delta Theta Business Administration Alpha Phi Omega, Senior Class Council, Alpha Kappa Psi Pres., Jr. IFC Vice-pres., Phi Delta Theta Pres., Tau Nu Epsilon ANTHENIEN, RALPH Berkeley Sigma Pi Business Administration California Rally Committee, Big C Circus ATKINSON, SHERIDAN Berkeley Alpha Delta Phi Business Administration Band, Tower and Flame ALTORFER, WALTER Orinda Beta Theta Pi Business Administration Frosh Basketball, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet President APPLEGATE, WILLIAM Berkeley Beta Theta Pi Business Administration BACHTOLD, STAN Sacramento Independent Business Administration CARL, SKIP ' Berkeley Pi Kappa Alpha Business Administration CARLSON, CARL Hayward Independent Marketing CARR, PEYTON San Marino Chi Phi Quantitative Business Administration Soccer phi chi theta orients women to world of business through speakers and job placement BAKER, DONALD Mill Valley Sigma Alpha Mu Business Administration Frosh Tennis BALSLEY, ROBERT San Carlos Bowles Hall Business Administration BECKWITH, EDWARD Gardena Independent Personnel Management Varsity Baseball BIXLER, MICHAEL Seal Beach Delta Sigma Phi Finance NROTC BOSCHKEN, BUZZ Los Gatos Deutsch Hall Business Administration Pelican Photographer, 1966 Blue and Gold Editor, Phi Kappa Tau BOWLES, RICHARD Orinda Sigma Phi Business Administration Varsity Track, Big C Society, Winged Helmet CAIRNS, KATHIE Mountain View Alpha Gamma Delta Business Administration CANN, WILLIAM Pacific Palisades Independent Finance RFTS, BWS BENTLEY, RODERICK Berkeley Phi Delta Theta Marketing Water Polo BOAS, BRIAN San Francisco Bowles Hall Accounting Beta Alpha Psi BOSCHKEN, IRENE Chula Vista Phi Mu Personnel Administration 1966 Blue and Gold Editor, AWS Cabinet, Publicity Chairman, Theta Sigma Phi BROWN, MICHAEL Los Angeles Independent Real Estate CALCAGNO, ROBERT French Camp Ridge House Business Administration Secretary of Ridge House CAREY, ALAN Decatur, Illinois Putnam Hall Business Administration BAREUTHER, ROBERT Hanford Independent Business Administration Men ' s Glee Club BILLS, ANN Novato Zeta Tau Alpha Business Administration Soph. and Jr. Class Council, Rally Commit- tee, Cabaret Committee, Angel Flight, Phi Chi Theta, Zeta Tau Alpha President BODDUM, JERRY Surfside Tau Kappa Epsilop Business Administration IFC Council BOSSCHART, MARC Hillsborough Sigma Chi Operations Research CABRERA, CHUCK Piedmont Phi Sigma Kappa Business Administration EAP Program— University of California—Madrid CAMPBELL, LEONARD Oakland Independent Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, Industrial Relations Club CARJOLA, KAREN Santa Barbara Chi Omega Business Administration CARTER, PAUL Whittier Independent Finance CARTER, WILLIAM San Francisco Independent Business Administration Track, Basketball, Big C Society, ROTC CHAN, ESTHER Hong Kong Independent Finance, Industrial Relations and Personnel Management Phi Chi Theta, Chinese Student Club, Chinese Student Association 472 CHAN, MICHAEL Hong Kong Independent International Business Chinese Students Association CHICK, WARREN Berkeley Zeta Psi Business Administration CHUNG, ANNIE San Francisco Independent Business Administration Phi Chi Theta, Chinese Students Club CONDICT, WAYNE Fuller ton Delta Tau Delta Business Administration Varsity Swimming, Skull and Keys COPE, FRANK Oakland Independent Business Administration CRAGHOLM, LEM Orinda Zeta Psi Business Administration Winged Helmet, Golden Guard CHERRY, JIM Van Nuys Independent Finance and Real Estate Men ' s Judicial Committee, Phi Epsilon Pi President CHIODO, RONALD Cottonwood Independent Managerial Economics Alumni Scholarship, Grotefend Scholarship, Honor Students Society CLIFFORD, CRAIG Los Angeles Phi Gamma Delta Business Administration CONKLIN, MICHAEL Santa Ana Independent Business Administration Californians COPLEY, THOMAS Berkeley Alpha Tau Omega Business Administration Vice-Chairman, Elections Council; Frosh Golf, Tower and Flame CRANE, ED Rolling Hills Sigma Chi Business Administration CROCKETT, DAVID Burbank Delta Upsilon Business Administration Ski Team, Ski Club CUNNINGHAM, DICK El Cerrito Lambda Chi Alpha Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha President CZARNECKY, DAVID San Diego Independent Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, Beta Gamma Sigma DANG, KATHERINE Daly City Ritter Hall Finance Chinese Students Club DAVIS, NANCY Los Angeles Independent Accounting Elections Council, Phi Chi Theta Treasurer, Davidson Hall Assn., " Friends " of Alpha Phi Omega, Churchill Award DePAUW, ROGER San Francisco Independent Business Administration DOWNEY, PETE Burlingame Phi Gamma Delta Business Administration CUMMING, JIM Piedmont Chi Phi Business Administration Judo Club, Golden Guard, Winged Helmet CURTNER, WALT San Francisco Phi Kappa Psi Business Administration DALE, FRITHJOF San Rafael Independent Accounting DAVIS, JEFFREY San Francisco Beta Theta Pi Business Administration Winged Helmet, Interfraternity Council, Big Brothers DEAL, LEONARD Mendota Norton Hall Business Administration Student Chapter of American Marketing Association DICK, MARY Stockton Alpha Omicron Pi Insurance Blue and Gold, Phi Chi Theta DUISENBERG, PETE Los Altos Hills Smyth Hall Business Administration Ski Club, Blue and Gold CLING, GARY COLLIAU, STEVE Santa Paula Flintridge Phi Delta Theta Phi Delta Theta Business Administration Business Administration CRAYCROFT, GARY CRIST, GEORGE Fresno Berkeley Chi Phi Beta Theta Pi Business Administration Business Administration Varsity Crew, Naval ROTC PHI CHI THETA — Left to Right, Row One: Esther Chan, Susan Harris, Geraldine Hagie, Marlene Groezinger, Nancy Davis, Carol Wickwire, Cindy Wilkinson, Jan Stambaugh, Connie Bandy. Row Two: Donna Ordeman, Janice Leong, Margaret Plain, Dianne Vabri, Diana Dorr, Pat Harvey, Toni Rommel, Betts Klimek, Les- lie Lichens, Joy Utsunomiya, Kathie Krelle, Marie Spengler, Mary- lynn Henes. EBRIGHT, TY San Carlos Sigma Chi Business Administration EDWARDS, RANDALL Visalia Sigma Phi Epsilon Business Administration Varsity Golf Team, Frosh Football, Big C Society ELARTH, VERNON Baldwin Park Independent Business Administration AFROTC ELDER, JAMES Berkeley Phi Gamma Delta Business Administration ENDACOTT, LINDA Whittier Independent Business Administration University Model Theta Chi Sweet- heart, Phi Chi Theta EWING, BARBARA San Francisco Alpha Xi Delta Accounting Oski Dolls, Big Game Week Executive Committee, Junior Class Council, Phi Chi Theta President, Optime ERICKSON, WILLIAM Pleasant Hill Sigma Chi Business Administration FELDMAN, ARLEN Berkeley Phi Delta Theta Business Administration FORBES, PIERSON San Mateo Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Administration FOSTER, PAUL Kentfield Zeta Psi 473 Business Administration Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys Student sorts IBM Fortran programs. business of the future: the computer FOX, DAVE Berkeley Alpha Tau Omega Business Administration Phi Phi FOX, JOHN Redwood City Bowles Hall Business Administration GARAMENDI, JOHN Mokdowne Hill Sigma Chi Business Administration Varsity Football, Big C Society, Wheeler Scholarship, Northern California Lineman of the Year GERSTEL, BRYAN North Hollywood Independent Business Administration Californians President, Order of the Golden Bear, Optime, Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame, Industrial Society GOISHI, DEAN Reedley Independent Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi, Golden Guard GOLDSMITH, ROBERT San Francisco Beta Theta Pi Business Administration GOULD, RONALD Glendale Independent Business Statistics Varsity Track Big C Society GOLDBERG, PETER Los Angeles Ehrman Hall Business Administration GOODMAN, DENNIS Los Angeles Independent Business Administration Basketball Manager, Beta Alpha Psi GRANT, TOM San Marino Phi Kappa Psi Business Administration , GRISWOLD, FRANK GUNNELL, WILLIAM Balboa San Marino Kappa Sigma Zeta Psi Business Administration Business Administration Cal Prep, Crew Manager, Tour Guide HAIL LEONARD Kentfield Independent Accounting HANGGI, DENNIS El Cajon Phi Kappa Sigma Marketing Californians, Senior Class Council, Frosh Baseball, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet, Phi Phi, Beta Beta HARVEY, PATRICIA San Diego Independent Accounting Phi Chi Theta, Honor Students Society HAYES, KENNETH Lafayette Independent Transportation Business Administration Masonic Club HOLMES, GEORGE Danville Independent Business Administration HAMILTON, PAT Patterson Alpha Omicron Pi Business Administration Oski Dolls,Daughters of Diana, Honor Students Society, Gavel and Quill HARRIS, SUSAN Los Angeles Independent Marketing Phi Chi Theta HATFIELD, JEROME San Leandro Independent Business Administration Frosh Track, Frosh Cross Country, Arnold Air Society, RFTS, BWS HOLCOMBE, MIKE Berkeley Independent Marketing Radio KAL, Alpha Delta Sigma, Daily Cal HUFF, HENRY Hillsborough Beta Theta Pi Business Administration HULSY, ROBERT IWAHASHI, JANIS Bakersfield Oakland Alpha Tau Omega Independent Business Administration Marketing JACOBSEN, KEITH Orinda Sigma Phi Business Administration Interfraternity Council, Wrestling, Ski Club, Golden Guard JENSEN, JOHN Vallejo Independent Administration and Policy Intramurals, RFTS, BWS JURSCH, CHARLES Albany Independent Production Management Industrial Relations Society, Beta Gamma Sigma, Honor Students Society KAISER, STEPHANIE San Carlos Chi Omega Business Administration Little Sisters of Minerva, SAE JENNER, CHUCK Berkeley Independent Business Administration Gymnastics Team, Big C Society JUKICH, DAN Sacramento Independent Business Administration ASUC Executive Council, Intramurals, Greek Week, Honor Students Society KAI, LOUISE Clarksburg Independent Accounting Nisei Students Club, Phi Chi Theta KERR, JOHN Vancouver, B.C., Canada Independent Business Administration KIMURA, NOBUYUKI KLITTEN, MARTY San Francisco Pacific Palisades Independent Delta Upsilon International Business Business Administration Winged Helmet KORNBLUTH, GEORGE San Francisco Alpha Pi Business Administration Radio KAL LEPERA, LEONARD Morgan Hill Kappa Delta Rho Business Administration Constitutions Council a new look ... 11111111ww- LINDFELDT, STEVEN Sacramento Deutsch Hall Business Administration LYMBERIS, NICK San Jose Lambda Chi Alpha Business Administration MAPONDERA, HOSEA Gwelo, Rhodesia Independent Administration and Policy RASMUSSEN, ERIC Orange Delta Sigma Phi Marketing MARTIN, WALLACE Los Angeles Phi Sigma Kappa Business Administration MOCK, SHARON Sacramento Independent Business Administration ASUC 2nd Vice-Pres., Cal Prep, Freeborn Pres., Oski Dolls, Activities Eval. Comm., Speakers Advisory Board, Cal Club MYERS, DAVE Chico Phi Kappa Psi Business Administration MEI, RON Los Angeles Smyth Hall Finance and Marketing MOOCK, JOHN Visalia Alpha Tau Omega Business Administration NAKATANI, IWAO Osaka, Japan Independent Business Administration Karate Club MERAJ, PARVIZ Teheran, Iran Independent Business Administration Honor Students Society MULHALL, DENNIS Berkeley Kappa Delta Rho Marketing Golden Guard NG, MAGDALENE San Francisco Independent Accounting Phi Chi Theta Chinese Students Association RICHARD, TERRY Berkeley Independent Business Administration Honor Students Society, Beta Alpha Psi Secretary ROACH, RICHARD Vallejo Independent Accounting Beta Alpha Psi, John E. Forbes Grant-in-Aid ROBBINS, MART Woodland Hills Tau Kappa Epsilon Business Administration seniors look forward to working in the world of business ...and money 476 NICHOLSON, PHILIP Carmel Independent Business Administration Intramural Soccer, Wesley Foundation, Deutsch Hall Assn., Railroad Club, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society O ' BRIEN, MARK Taft Sigma Phi Business Administration OWENS, DEAN Richmond Delta Sigma Phi Business Administration ASUC Spkrs Comm., Activ. Plan. Comm., 1963 Leadership Conf., Rally Comm., State and Alumni Scholar, House Manager PINKHAM, CHARLES Albany Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Administration NIEMAND, JOHN Oakland Acacia Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi OLSON, ROBERT Sacramento Psi Upsilon Business Administration Basketball Cal Club PANZER, NICK Oakland Sigma Chi Business Administration POWELL, NICHOLAS Philippines Independent International Business AFROTC, BWS, RFTS, Arnold Air Society NITEFOR, MICHAEL Arlington, Virginia Independent Business Administration ORDEMAN, DONNA Oakland Phi Mu Business Administration AWS Board, AWS Cabinet, Rally Comm. Phi Chi Theta, Blue and Gold Copy Editor, Theta Sigma Phi PERKINS, TOM Berkeley Theta Delta Chi Business Administration RADICH, STEVEN Sacramento Pi Kappa Alpha Business Administration Football, Rugby, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet, Beta Beta ROBINSON, BILL Whittier Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Administration ROBINSON, STEPHEN Atherton Delta Kappa Epsilon Business Administration Skull and Keys ROMMEL, TONI San Francisco Alpha Xi Delta Business Administration Phi Chi Theta, Gamma Delta Epsilon ROSE, MARSHALL Santa Barbara Beta Theta Pi Business Administration Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys SIMONDI, MICHAEL SMELSER, TOM El Cerrito Berkeley Independent Kappa Sigma Business Administration Business Administration Alpha Beta Psi UTSUNOMIYA, JOY VALLENS, MICHAEL Monterey Park Los Angeles Cheney Hall Norton Hall Business Administration Business Administration ROSENBAUM, JON San Diego Independent Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi SCHMOHL, BILL San Pablo Tau Kappa Epsilon Business Administration SHEW, KENT Larkspur Independent Accounting SANDERS, ROBERT Lafayette Independent Business Administration Intercollegiate Baseball SHARON, WILLIAM Lafayette Kappa Delta Rho Operations Research Oski Committee, Frosh Wrestling, Tower and Flame SIMMEN, JAMES Danville Phi Kappa Sigma Finance Winged Helmet, Big Brothers Program, Skull and Keys TAYLOR, RICHARD San Carlos Beta Theta Pi Business Administration TOCCHINI, ROBERT San Francisco Zeta Psi Business Administration Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet TEELE, JOHN North Hollywood Psi Upsilon Business Administration Varsity Swimming TOOLE, HOWARD San Diego Ehrman Hall Accounting Radio KAL, Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi, Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame TROTTER, GENE TRUITT, KENNETH Bakersfield Anchorage, Alaska Delta Upsilon Kappa Delta Rho Business Administration Business Administration SMOOT, PETER Los Angeles Phi Kapa Psi Accounting SOOY, DARREM... Piedmont Independent Industrial Relations Water Polo, Industrial Relations Society VAN LOBEN SELS, PAGE Carmel Zeta Psi Business Administra Fraternity Rep. to ASUC Senate, IFC Judicial Committee Chairman, Zeta Psi President, IFC Executive Committee VIALE, ROBERT Orinda Chi Psi Business Administration on Golden Guard SPENGLER, MARIE Berkeley Independent Business Administration Phi Chi Theta, Industrial Relations Society STANLEY, DARROL Piedmont Independent Business Administration California Rally Committee STILLMAN, PAM Santa Barbara Pi Beta Phi Business Administration AWS Social Committee, Intramural Tennis, Pi Beta Phi Assistant Social Chairman SWATT, STEVE Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Mu Business Administration TAYLOR, FRED Berkeley Independent Accounting Phi Kappa Psi PETERSON, JIM Berkeley Sigma Alpha Epsilon Business Administration SPIEKER, NED Atherton Beta Theta Pi Business Administration Varsity Water Polo, Californians, Interfraternity Council STERNBERG, STEVE Pacific Palisades Sigma Chi Marketing Baseball Big C Society STOLOWITZ, RON San Francisco Phi Epsilon Pi Business Administration Californians, Oski Committee TAKEMOTO, HARUKI Los Gatos Independent Accounting Boxing, Wrestling Team, Co-captain DOUGLAS, KIP Seattle Kappa Sigma Business Administration VORTMANN, DICK San Francisco Phi Sigma Kappa Business Administration Varsity Basketball, Big C Society, Beta Gamma Sigma, Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame, Beta Alpha Psi WAY, DAVID Berkeley Alpha Kappa Lambda Business Administration Soccer WICKLAND, JOHN Orland Independent Retailing WILGENBURG, ARIE San Marcos Independent Business Administration WACASER, ANDERSON Berkeley Alpha Tau Omega Business Administration WESSEL, JIM El Cerrito Kappa Delta Rho Business Administration Interfraternity Council WICKWIRE, CAROL Inglewood Delta Zeta Business Administration WAA - Volleyball, Basketball, Panhellenic Activities Chairman, Tower and Flame, Phi Chi Theta Prytanean WILKINSON, CINDY Rio Vista Alpha Xi Delta Business Administration American Field Service, Phi Chi Theta SWAGER, DOUGLAS SWANY, SKIP El Cerrito Berkeley Independent Independent Business Administration Accounting and Finance Alpha Tau Omega WANVIG, CHET WATSON, ROBERT Milwaukee, Wisconsin Oroville Alpha Kappa Lambda Independent Business Administration Business Finance Alpha Kappa Lambda President, Megaphone Society WINKLER, ERLE WINSLOW, PHILLIP San Andreas San Francisco Lambda Chi Alpha Independent Business Administration Accounting WISNIA, JERRY WRIGHTON, DON Sunnyvale Whittier Griffiths Hall Sigma Alpha Epsilon 477 Business Administration Business Administration Chemistry students apply principles learned in the classroom, in their labs. scho•of chemistry ranks among finest The Craig Apparatus is used for the separation of molecules and compounds. The College of Chemistry is one of the two largest schools for graduate instruction in chemistry in the world. It is the largest undergraduate chemistry department in the nation (in relation to number of undergraduates ). At the present time there are more than 200 different projects being studied by both professors and students with the aid of 14 private grants, 24 federal and state grants, and three contracts with the Atomic Energy Commission. Many devices, such as the laser run by chemical energy, are unique to Berkeley. The laser beam, a condensation of light, can burn through solid metal. This rapid scan infra-red spectrometer is used in space exploration. R. E. Powell Acting Dean of College of Chemistry ANDREWSEN, WILLIAM San Rafael Smyth Hall Chemical Engineering AIChE, President of Smyth Hall BURBANK, RUSSELL Antioch Sigma Phi Chemical Engineering Rugby, Sky Diving Club, Debating Team, Tower and Flame DOWD, JUDY Burlingame Independent Chemistry ASTARABADI, ZAID Iraq Sigma Pi Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Intercollegiate Soccer CHU, KENNETH Oakland Independent Organic Chemistry Chinese Students Club, Rep-at-Large, Honor Students Society BACH, PHILLIP Watsonville Tellefsen Hall Chemistry Cal Band BROLINE, LOUIS Kingsburg Ehrman Hall Chemical Engineering AIChE CULVER, DAVID Salinas Independent Chemical Engineering DeFRIEZ, HERBERT Oso, Washington Alpha Chi Sigma Chemical Engineering AIChE BANDUCCI, RONALD BERTRAM, RICK Richmond National City Independent Alpha Chi Sigma Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering AIChE, Treasurer; Honor Students Society DAVENPORT, DAVID DAVIS, JAMES Glendale Richmond Alpha Chi Sigma Independent Chemistry Chemistry Cal Prep Counsellor EMBERTON, ROBERT FINEMAN, LOIS Berkeley San Leandro Independent Independent Chemistry Chemistry MN NM Nam AM IMO INNIIIIIIIIIM111111111111111 AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS — Left to Right, Row One: Jim McCabe, Tom Jones, Ashish Mehta, Metin Karali, Selcuk Ataman, Abraham Lev, Ronald Banducci, Raymond Yu, Moises Mondlak, Homi Patel. Rwo Two: M. Iverson, R. Bloom, Nelson Leidel, Herbert DeFriez, E. Ospina, R. Homsy, N. Breitner, Walter Krostek. 480 HARTMAN, AL HENSCHEL, BRUCE San Jose Alameda Delta Sigma Phi Alpha Ch i Sigma Chemical Engineering Chemical Engineering International Week Committee, AIChE HUBBARD, CAMDEN IKUTA, SUSUMU Berkeley San Jose Theta Chi Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry Chemistry Honor Students Society AIChE JOHNSON, ROGER Berkeley Independent Chemistry JONES, TOM Whittier Chi Psi Chemical Engineering AIChE KAGAWA, TAKESHI Fresno Independent Chemistry KAHAN, MICHAEL Piedmont Alpha Tau Omega Chemical Engineering Optime, Gavel Quill, AIChE, Order of the Golden Bear, COB Board, ASUC Cabinet, Men ' s Exec. Board, Men ' s Judicial Comm. chemistry GLASER, GARY Sierra Madre Independent Civil Engineering Student Intramural Advisory Board, ASCE Vice-President HOWELL, LESLIE Visalia Cunningham Hall Chemistry JOHNSON, MAC Berkeley Independent Organic Chemistry Photo Club, Hiking Club, SAACS KALDOR, ANDREW Berkeley Independent Chemistry Night Manager of Daily Californian, Manager of Occident KAO, HENRY Hong Kong Independent Chemistry President, Chinese Students Association, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society KING, MARGARET Hong Kong Independent Chemistry Iota Sigma Pi KROPP, RAYMOND Oak Park, Illinois Phi Gamma Delta Chemistry Boxing KROSTEK, WALTER Vallejo Alpha Chi Sigma Chemical Engineering AIChE, Honor Students Society LABIB, PARVIZ Tehran, Iran Independent Chemistry LAI, JULIE Hong Kong Independent Chemistry Chinese Students Association, Tower and Flame LAM, PAUL Hong Kong Independent Chemistry LANGEBERG, JOHN Oakland Independent Chemistry LEE, PATRICIA Beltsville, Maryland Hoyt Hall Chemistry USCA MacLAREN, MARK China Lake Alpha Kappa Lambda Chemical Engineering LEUNG, KWAI-PUI Hong Kong Independent Chemistry Chinese. Students Association MASADA, GARY Petaluma Student ' s Hall Chemistry LILLY, BERNARD Oakdale Alpha Chi Sigma Chemical Engineering California Rally Committee, Golden Guard MASUDA, BARRY Turlock Alpha Gamma Omega Chemistry TRIPLETT, BAYLOR New Mexico Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry WATSON, DENNIS Martinez Phi Sigma Kappa Chemical Engineering AIChE students receive technical background MATSUMOTO, KENT Berkeley Independent Chemistry SAACS, Honor Students Society, Alpha Chi Sigma McELHANEY, RONALD San Leandro Bowles Hall Chemistry German Club, NROTC NOE, CAROLYN Sunnyvale Cunningham Hall Chemistry President of Cunningham Hall ROSE, LANCE San Mateo Norton Hall Chemistry President, Norton Hall; Honor Students Society SCHUELER, JON Sacramento Independent Chemical Engineering McCABE, JIM San Diego Chi Psi Chemical Engineering Frosh Track, AIChE, Honor Students Society McGILVRAY, ROBERT Yurba Linda Independent Chemical Engineering AIChE OSPINA, EDUARDO Colombia Independent Chemical Engineering SADAYASU, IRENE Hawaii Beaudelaire Club Chemistry SCHUYLER, MICHAEL Eureka Alpha Chi Sigma Chemistry USI, CCPA McCLELLAND, BRUCE Fremont Independent Chemistry MORRIS, WILLIAM Cupertino Alpha Chi Sigma Organic Chemistry PAINE, ROBERT Novato Independent Chemistry Honor Students Society SCHOH, HERBERT South San Francisco Independent Chemistry SAACS TING, DARRYL Hawaii Alpha Chi Sigma Chemical Engineering Judo Club, AIChE WONG, BETTY Hong Kong Independent Chemistry Chinese Students Association, Chinese Students Club WONG, DANIEL Oakland Independent Chemistry SAACS, Treasurer ZIA, NANCY Hong Kong Independent Chemistry STUDENT AFFILIATES OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY, Left to Right, Row One: Judy Dowd, Professor Herbert Strauss, Advisor; Herbert Schott, Hersch Rabbitz, Daniel Wong. Criminology students participate in psychotherapy classes as a basis for learning how to aid others. Many hours go into the production of Criminology ' s graduate journal. school of a new look at crime... More extended basic research is the goal of the School of Criminology. It works closely with such groups as the President ' s Committee on Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Crime, the California Adult Authority and Youth Authority, and the President ' s Commission on Law Enforcement. The school sub- mits studies, projects, and training material. It also works with various correctional institutions, federal committees, and probation and police departments across the nation. The school emphasizes the broadening of fellowship programs as well as widening the students ' outlooks beyond the realm of criminology. An effort is made to bring the outside world into the classroom by bring- ing s uch people as shoplifters and prostitutes to speak, and by taking students out into the communi- ty in field studies, such as to courts and police de- partments. Joseph D. Lohman Dean of School of Criminology criminology broadens students ' outlooks Criminology student examines a minute particle to see if it is relevant to his investigation. 483 criminologists study methods and theory behind crime BUNKER, BONNIE Berkeley Independent Criminology CLARK, NELL Altadena Independent Criminology Alpha Kappa Alpha, Lambda Alpha Epsilon CRYER, CATHIE Alamo Independent Criminology PomPon Girl, Daughters of Diana, TKE; Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Phi Epsilon Pi Dream Girl DAVIS, ANNE Stockton Kappa Alpha Theta Criminology Torch and Shield DUFFY, MAUREEN Stanford Pi Beta Phi Criminology Big Game Week, Assistant Chairman; Oski Dolls, Phidelphians, Tennis Team HAGOPIAN, KAREN Sacramento Independent Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon HARTMAN, CAROL Downey Cunningham Hall Criminalistics LINDSAY, LINDA Orinda Alpha Chi Omega Criminology PERAZELLA, THOMAS Culver City Independent Criminalistics BYSTROM, GARY Modesto Pi Kappa Alpha Criminology Big C Society, Football CRAIG, CATHERINE Piedmont Independent Criminology Corrections Intramural Tennis, Canterbury Group, Masonic Club CULVER, JAN Berkeley Delta Gamma Criminology Little Sisters of Minerva, SAE; Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Treasurer DUFFEY, MICHAEL Berkeley Tau Kappa Epsilon Criminology Varsity Soccer, Big C Society, Lacrosse Club, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet GILROY, CHRISTINE Belmont Independent Criminology Law Enforcement, Lambda Alpha Epsilon HANSEN, STEPHEN Lodi Phi Kappa Sigma Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon, President KODAMA, AGNES San Francisco Independent Criminology PARRELL, BONNIE Los Angeles Independent Criminology Corrections Cheney Hall Social Chairman, Spring Sing Chairman PETROCELLI, EUGENE Los Banos Delta Chi Criminology Delta Chi, President; Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Vice-President 484 KUSHNICK, BEVERLY LENSER, JOHN San Francisco Inglewood Delta Phi Epsilon Alpha Sigma Phi Criminology Criminology POPLIN, GEORGE Walnut Creek Independent Criminology ROHT, GENE Oakland Independent Criminology SHIROYAMA, BRIAN San Jose Independent Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon WELLINS, SHELDON Pomona Theta Delta Chi Criminology RAKESTRAW, CHRISTINE Palo Alto Phi Mu Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon RUSEV, JOHN San Jose Sigma Chi Law Enforcement Varsity Football Varsity Track REDING, JOHN Colorado Springs, Colorado Tau Kappa Epsilon Criminology Vars. Crew Rowing Club, Californians, IFC, Sr. Class Council, Ord. of the Gold. Bear, Arnold Air Society SAKURAI, MARY Menlo Park Epworth Hall Criminology TOMINAGA, DENNIS WAKEFIELD, SUSAN Berkeley Sacramento Alpha Delta Phi Independent Criminology Little Sisters of Minerva, SAE; Angel Flight chemistry plays an important part in crime investigation 485 Oscilloscopes are routine equipment for engineering students. The Bodega Bay area is currently the scene of studies of sand movement. II 486 Effects of earthquake forces on buildings are being studied with specially-designed mechanical vibration generators. The College of Engineering has grown and developed in both the areas of curriculum and research. Course changes include fewer units per course and fewer required units. A new undergraduate bio-medical department has been added. In research, the main devel- opments concern the computer field. Com- puters are used to show students all possible combinations of times they could take de- sired courses, and they are also used on the operating table and in medical diagnosis. In the field of hydrology, one professor studied problems arising from bringing water into a valley for industrial purposes. college of engineering concentrates on research through computer programming George J. Maslach Dean of College of Engineering 487 ADAMS, ALAN Downey Sigma Pi Mechanical Engineering Union Program Board, Social Committee, Frosh Soccer ASHCRAFT, JIM Carmichael Phi Sigma Kappa Civil Engineering Varsity Basketball BALDWIN, ROBERT Berkeley Independent Civil Engineering Free Student Union BANDUCCI, DAVID Oakdale Griffiths Hall Mechanical Engineering ASME, Pi Tau Sigma BARRON, THOMAS San Francisco Bowles Hall Civil Engineering Radio KAL, Rifle Team, ASCE, Golden Guard BEEMAN, HOWARD Berkeley Delta Kappa Epsilon Mechanical Engineering Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys BERNACCHI, JERALD Modesto Sigma Nu Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu BLANDON, PEDRO Leon, Nicaragua Independent Industrial Engineering AIIE, UDEIA AGHAZADEH, KIOUMARS Tehran, Iran Independent Civil Engineering ASCE AUSTIN, GARY San Rafael Griffiths Hall Civil Engineering ASCE, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Honor Students Society BALE, CHUCK San Francisco Alpha Sigma Phi Civil Engineering BARNHART, DAVID Riverside Barrington Hall Civil Engineering ASCE BAUER, JOHN Lafayette Norton Hall Electrical Engineering BENNETT, CHARLES North Hollywood Cloyne Court Civil Engineering ASCE, President of Cloyne Court BEYERSDORF, JOEL Israel Independent Electrical Engineering BLASDELL, CLARK Gilroy Independent Mechanical Engineering ASME, AIAA, Engineers Joint Council, Alpha Phi Omega, Pi Tau Sigma ENGINEER ' S JOINT COUNCIL — Left to Right, Row One: Barry Dickens, Thomas Krusic, Clark Blasdell, Tom Barwick. Row Two: Pro- fessor Robert Donaldson, Milton Loo, David Haddick, Stephen Wright, Richard Wolff. CHI EPSILON — Left to Right, Row One: Henry Fong, Denny Parker, Nino Cerruti, Ellis King, Brian Doyle, Steve Wright, Dave Lang, Tony Ridley, George Wilson. Row Two: E. Lofting, Raul Sanchez, Robert Odello, Clyde Morita, William Thurston, Robert Zumwalt, Bob Murray, Kurt Hess, Hans Skarheim. TAU BETA PI — Left to Right, Row One: S. Fong, Louis Koppel, Clifford Lau, Mark Gibson, Richard Wolff, Charles Carniglia. Row Two: Ytha Yu, Tom Barwick, Warren Sekiguchi, Philip Strauss, Ted Vinson, Thomas Kornei, Mike Silverstone, David Marsh, Herb Howe. Row Three: W. Schmidt, Tommy Tong, Ed Farrell, Hans Korve, Rodney Cyr, Gary Kelson, Gary Swanson, Arthur Hull, Gene Knoefler, Brad Southworth, Joe Morelli. Row Four: Kirby Fong, Bill McCalla, Donald Fidler, Bruce Wooley, Kurt Hess, Mike Levin, Patrick Bailey, James Holcombe, Jim Morehouse, Robert Odello. Row Five: Yat-Ping Tong, Al Schmidt, Bob Grant, Jim Lallas, Randolph Tremper, Gary Pryor, William Mahoney, Robert DeBrecht, Gary Austin, Randall Kirschman. Row Six: Michael Ming-Tak Loy, Yu King, Larry Rickertsen, James Lucke, Gerry Matsumoto, Garry Tidrick, David Lang. BOCHNER, BRIAN Phoenix, Arizona Independent Civil Engineering Intramurals, ASCE BRICKLEY, ROBERT Oxnard Independent Electrical Engineering Honor Students Society BUCKELEW, BRUCE La Mesa Independent Industrial Engineering BUETTNER, MICHAEL Downey Ehtman Hall Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi CALMER, JOHN Pasadena Phi Kappa Psi Civil Engineering CERRUTI, NINO San Francisco Priestley Hall Civil Engineering ASCE, Chi Epsilon CHAPLA, EDWARD Sacramento Kappa Delta Rho Electrical Engineering CHUN, WENDELL Berkeley Pi Alpha Phi Electrical Engineering BOURASSA, DONALD Oxnard Independent Electrical Engineering BROOKS, ROBERT Albany Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE, Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi BUCKIUS, ORLAND Stockton Independent Civil Engineering ASCE BURNHAM, GARY Watsonville Independent Civil Engineering Theta Tau CARNIGLIA, CHARLES Fairfax Deutsch Hall Engineering Math Christian Science Oragnization, Tau Beta Pi CHAN, WALLACE Bangkok, Thailand Independent Electrical Engineering IEEE CHUN, RAMSEY San Francisco Independent Civil Engineering Honor Students Society, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi COPLEN, JACK Sunnyvale Chi Phi Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE engineers with common interests and abilities unify in professional fraternities AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGI- NEERS — Left to Right, Row One: Tom Barwick, Toni Sasaki, Dave Kresch, Raymond Cheng, Thormon Ellison, Henry Delp, A. Laird. Row Two: Clark Blasdell, Warren Sekiguchi, Don Morris, Thomas Fugate, Bill Keehn, Robert Wolters. CORBETT, WILLIAM COX, JOHN Orinda Berkeley Kappa Delta Rho Phi Delta Theta Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering ASME, Sailing Club, NROTC CROZIER, DAVID Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Engineering IEEE, UCSEE CUNNINGHAM, GLENN Glendale Putnam Hall Electrical Engineering Varsity Swimming, Men ' s Rally Com- mittee, Radio KAL DAMASK, THOMAS Palo Alto Acacia Mechanical Engineering UC Ski Club, Pi Tau Sigma DAVIS, WARREN San Rafael Phi Kappa Psi Mechanical Engineering DeBRECHT, ROBERT Nova to Independent Engineering Physics Honor Students Society, Tau Beta Pi, Regents Scholar DELP, HENRY Woodland Independent Mechanical Engineering ASME, AIAA, California Alumni Scholar, Tower and Flame DICKINSON, JOHN San Jose Ehrman Hall Electrical Engineering DOYLE, BRIAN Sacramento Independent Civil Engineering ASCE, Chi Epsilon EDWARDS, MARTIN Sunnyvale Independent Mechanical Engineering Rally Committee Chair- man, ASME, Engineers Joint Council, Editor of California Engineer, Order of the Golden Bear, Californians ELLISON, THORMON Los Angeles Independent Mechanical Engineering ASME, Pi Tau Sigma FISHER, PHILIP Rialto Priestley Civil Engineering ASCE FONDA, JAMES Oakdale Independent Industrial Engineering Cal Band, AIIE, Alpha Pi Mu, Masonic Club, Wesley Foundation FRETTER, ERNEST Garden Grove Independent Mechanical Engineering Men ' s Rally Committee, Honor Students Society, Arnold Air Society GAMBERA, ARMAND San Mateo Bowles Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE GIROT, GEORGE San Rafael Sigma Chi Mechanical Engineering HAMMACK, FRED Healdsburg Electrical Engineering I n tercoopera rive Council HEDSTROM, JERRY Central Valley Independent Electrical Engineering Men ' s Rally Committee, UCSEE ROLL, DIMITRY San Francisco Cloyne Court Electrical Engineering UCSEE DILLON, DION San Francisco Barrington Hall Electrical Engineering DUTTON, ROBERT Los Angeles Independent Electrical Engineering EFFRON, JOEL Menlo Park Independent Industrial Engineering AIIE EVERETT, BEN Sabastopol Ridge House Structural Engineering FISHER, RUSS Berkeley Delta Kappa Epsilon Mechanical Engineering Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet FOSTER, JOHN Los Altos Independent Engineering Tau Beta Pi FRY, DON Arcadia Alpha Delta Phi Mechanical Engineering, Californians, Cal Band, Strawhat Band, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Honor Students Society GEHRKE, WOLFGANG Hayward Bowles Hall Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu GOLDBERG, RICHARD San Bernardino Ehrman Hall Electrical Engineering Engineers Joint Council, Era Kappa Nu HARKER, ROGER Minden, Nevada Sigma Nu Electrical Engineering UCSEE, Rolla Dane Fuller Memorial Scholarship HEICHEL, WILLIAM Hollywood Independent Electrical Engineering HOLL, JAMES Palo Alto Theta Delta Chi Electrical Engineering Varsity Track and Cross Country DODGE, EDWARD Alameda Barrington Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE EASTMAN, HAL Berkeley Kappa Delta Rho Engineering Physics Crew ELLIS, LESLIE Yuba City Delta Chi Industrial Engineering AIIE Treasurer, Delta Chi Vice- President FIDLER, DONALD Berkeley Independent Electrical Engine ering UCSEE, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Honor Students Society FLEMMING, HOWARD San Mateo Independent Electrical Engineering Glee Club, Eta Kappa Nu FRANZWA, WILLIAM Van Nuys Bowles Hall Industrial Engineering Student Orientations Service, Frosh Track, Intramural Track, Football, Alpha Phi Omega, Towar and Flame, Alpha Pi Mu FUGATE, THOMAS Berkeley Independent Mechanical Engineering Men ' s Rally Com- mittee, ASME GIBSON, DAVID Barstow Sigma Alpha Epsilon Electrical Engineering IEEE, UCSEE GREGORY, CARL Santa Cruz Independent Engineering HAUG, CHARLES San Carlos Independent Electrical Engineering Tower and Flame HILL, ALAN Orinda Alpha Sigma Phi Electrical Engineering ASEE HOLLINGSWORTH, PETER Fullerton Independent Electrical Engineering Intramural Track and Handball, Putnam Hall Secretary DOWELL, RICHARD Concord Lambda Chi Alpha Electrical Engineering EDWARDS, PERRY Loomis Independent Industrial Engineering AIIE, Engineers Joint Council FLYNN, BARRY Berkeley Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE FREEMAN, DALE Pasadena Deutsch Hall Engineering Math Tau Beta Pi, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society FULTON, DONALD Saratoga Norton Hall Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Honor Students Society GIMA, MICHAEL Honolulu, Hawaii Euclid Hall Mechanical Engineering HAAVIK, DOUGLAS El Cerrito Independent Civil Engineering ASCE HAUGE, JAMES Reedley Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi HOLCENBERG, STAN San Francisco Alpha Epsilon Pi Industrial Engineering AIIE HOWEKAMP, DAVID Terra Bella Kappa Sigma Mechanical Engineering honorary engineers HUFF, CHARLES Alamo Phi Kappa Tau Industrial Engineering ASCE IDING, BOB Garden Grove Independent Civil Engnieering Men ' s Rally Committee, Golden Guard, Daily Cal, Honor Students Society, Chi Epsilon KARAGEORGE, SOCRATES Rhodes, Greece Independent Electrical Engineering KLEIMAN, RICHARD Los Angeles Richards-Oldenberg Hall Electrical Engineering Men ' s Rally Committee, Alpha Phi Omega KORVE, HANS Los Angeles Independent Civil Engineering ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Honor Students Society, Tau Beta Pi KWAN, LOK C. Hong Kong Independent Civil Engineering LANG, DAVID Larkspur Ehrman Hall Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Phi, Honor Students Society LAU, CLIFFORD Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE Tau Beta Pi LEONG, JAMES Honolulu, Hawaii Pi Alpha Phi Electrical Engineering HULL, ARTHUR Livermore Ehrman Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE, Radio KAL, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Tau Beta Pi ISBELLE, TED Downey Independent Engineering Physics Arnold Air Society KENNEDY, ROBERT Berkeley Independent Industrial Engineering Radio KAL, Quarterdeck Society, AIIE KOLBERG, KENNETH Berkeley Independent Mechanical Engineering KRESCH, DAVID Placentia Independent Mechanical Engineering Theta Tau LAMB, ROBERT Charlotte, N.C. Alpha Chi Rho Engineering Physics LARSEN, CHARLES Berkeley Kappa Delta Rho Mechanical Engineering ASME, Tower and Flame LAZO, LAURO Guayaquil, Ecuador Independent Mechanical Engineting UDEIA LEVIN, MICHAEL San Francisco Independent Metallurgical Eng. Tau Beta Pi, Honor Students Society LEE, KWANG TSONG LEONARD, JIM San Francisco Stockton Independent Putnam Hall Mechanical Engineering Engineering Physics Chinese Students Association, ASME HUTCHCRAFT, PAM Camarillo Stern Hall Electrical Engineering JEDDA, MAX Richmond Independent Electrical Engineering Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, UCSEE JONES, RON Fresno Tau Kappa Epsilon Metallurgical Engineering KNOEFLER, GENE Riverside Deutsch Hall Mechanical Engineering Intramural Volleyball, ASME, Tau Beta Pi KRUM, WILLIAM Selma Independent Electrical Engineering Frosh Football, Varsity Football, Big C Society, Order of the Golden Bear, Tau Beta Pi, Honor Students Society HUTCHINSON, JOHN Pasadena Chi Phi Industrial Engineering Soccer, Rugby, Lacross, Big C Society JINNETT, DOUGLAS Berkeley Independent Mechanical Engineering JULIEN, CHARLES La Puente Ridge House Electrical Engineering Crew Manager KOPPEL, LOUIS Belmont Sigma Pi Engineering Physics KUCERA, JAN San Francisco Bowles Hall Electrical Engineering Varsity Tennis, Big C Society societies unite with common futures ETA KAPPA NU — Left to Right, Row One: Bill Stull, Dick Goldberg. Row Two: Phil Strauss, Bill Nielsen, Gary Kelson, Bob Brooks, Bob Brickley. Row Three: George Millard, Bill McCalla, Eric Gehrke, Don Fidler, James Hauge. KALSTROM, DAVID KANEMORI, MYRON Fresno Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Independent Electrical Engineering Engineering KENNEDY, STEWART KERR, DAVE El Cerrito Gualala Independent Tau Kappa Epsilon Electrical Engineering Civil Engineering MAHONEY, WILLIAM Belmont Independent Engineering Physics Tau Beta Pi MATTIS, JACK San Diego Alpha Tau Omega Electrical Engineering McLANE, JAMES Redwood City Bowles Hall Electrical Engineering IEEE, UCSEE MOORE, CHARLES Berkeley Independent Electrical Engineering California Engineer NIITANI, LESLIE Sunnyvale Independent Electrical Engineering Nisei Students Club, UCSEE OLBRANTZ, MICHAEL Berkeley Sigma Nu Mechanical Engineering PRESCOTT, JON San Rafael Independent Engineering Math REGAN, DENNIS Redwood City Independent Electrical Engineering IEEE, UCSEE Amateur Radio Club MATSUMOTO, GERRY Stockton Putnam Hall Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Honor Students Society McCALLA, BILL Tustin Tau Kappa Epsilon Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu MEISER, DAVID San Pablo Priestley Hall Civil Engineering MOREHOUSE, JAMES San Rafael Norton Hall Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma NOURAFCHAN, PARVIZ Milan, Italy Independent Civil Engineering ASCE, Chi Epsilon ORLAND, JAMES Orange Independent Civil Engineering ASCE, American Concrete Institute RASMUSSEN, LYLE Rupert, Idaho Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE RENOUF, ROBERT Berkeley Independent Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta McCONNELL, JOHN Anaheim Independent Electrical Engineering Varsity Crew, Varsity Rowing Club, Big C Society, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Honor Students Society MELLON, MICHAEL San Francisco Chi Phi Electrical Engineering MORITA, CLYDE Kaneohe, Hawaii Independent Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, Honor Students Society HUH, FATHI Tripoli, Libya Independent Engineering Physics Arab Students Assoc., Honor Students Society ORSINI, JOSEPH Berkeley Independent Electrical Engineering REALI, PETER San Francisco Independent Electrical Engineering Alpha Phi Omega UCSEE McKEAN, ALAN San Francisco Independent Civil Engineering Intramurals, ASCE MOLZAHN, JAMES Sacramento Ehrman Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IEEE, Eta Kappa Nu MUMAUGH, DENNIS Denver, Colorado Barrington Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE, California Engineer, Pelican, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society NYE, RICH Martinez Pi Kappa Alpha Civil Engineering Varsity Baseball, Intramurals, ASCE, Chi Epsilon POWELL, ROBERT San Anselmo Alpha Delta Phi Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma REED, ROBERT Martinez Independent Mechanical Engineering AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS — Left to Right, Row One: Nanboi Mohinder, Prabhy Agarwal, Dinker Shah, Kofi Ben, Joel Effron, Pete Crosby. Row Two: R. Asaravala, A. Ravindran, Ken Spice, Leslie Ellis, Pedro Blandon, Bihani Pravin. Row Three: Agnani Lax- man, Sassan Moaveni, Jim Fonda, Richard Case. Row Four: V. Kumar, Charles Huff, B. S. Bhatia, A. K. Mehta, Gary Andres, Stan Holcenberg, Milton Lou, V. Baban. RICKERTSEN, LARRY RIST, WILLIAM Albany Red Bluff Independent Independent Engineering Physics Electrical Engineering Cal Prep Counselor, Judo Club, IEEE, Intercollegiate Track, Tower and Flame Tau Beta Pi LEW, TINGLEY San Francisco Independent Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon LINDGREN, GARY North Hollywood Putnam Hall Electrical Engineering LIANG, DOUGLAS Hong Kong Independent Electrical Engineering IEEE, UCSEE LORENZEN, MARC Los Altos Delta Tau Delta Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon LOWES, BOB LOY, MICHAEL Long Beach Hong Kong Sigma Nu Independent Mechanical Engineering Engineering Physics Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu LUHMANN, NEVILLE LUTES, GORDON Berkeley Berkeley Independent Pi Kappa Alpha Engineering Physics Geological Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Honor Students Society RODRIGUEZ, JORGE ROGERS, EDMUND Santiago, Chile San Francisco Independent Independent Mechanical Engineering Industrial Engineering SAKAMOTO, SATO SCHELP, RAIN San Francisco Scottsdale, Arizona Euclid Hall Tau Kappa Epsilon Civil Engineering Mechanical Engineering ROGERS, STEPHEN Palo Alto Alpha Sigma Phi Civil Engineering SCHMIDT, WILLIAM San Diego Independent Mechanical Engineering Engineers Joint Council, Tau Beta Pi ROSTLER, PETER Berkeley Independent Engineering Physics SCHROCK, LARRY West Branch, Iowa Independent Electrical Engineering machinery motivates mechanical engineers TRAINER, RONALD Oakland Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE TONG, YAT-PING Hong Kong Independent Mechanical Engineering AIAA, ASME, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Honor Students Society, Chinese Students Association SHIGEMURA, MICHAEL Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Mechanical Engineering Honor Students Society SINGLETON, HARV Livermore Deutsch Hall Mechanical Engineering ASME Presid ent SOUTHWORTH, BRADFORD San Leandro Independent Engineering Physics Christian Science Org., Honor Students Society, Tau Beta Pi TIETZ, RICHARD Los Angeles Alpha Delta Phi Electrical Engineering Crew, Tau Beta Pi TREMPER, RANDY Berkeley Independent Ceramic Engineering Tau Beta Pi Student Chapter Amer- ican Ceramic Society, Secretary SHIMOMURA, DAN Hanapape, Kaui, Hawaii Independent Mechanical Engineering SLATER, RICHARD Oakland Independent Electrical Engineering SPANDRIO, ANGELO Port Hueneme Independent Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma TOM, ANNIE San Francisco Sigma Omicron Pi Electrical Engineering Chinese Students Club, Chinese Students Association TUNG, JOSEPH S. Hong Kong Ehrman Hall Electrical Engineering Photo Club SEKIGUCHI, WARREN Honolulu, Hawaii Norton Hall Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Honor Students Society SIADAT, VALI Tehran, Iran Independent Electrical Engineering SOUAMI, RACHID Djidjelli, Algeria Independent Electrical Engineering SPENCER, JOHN Huntington Beach Delta Sigma Phi Electrical Engineering Fencing, Wesley Foundation SELIM, SOL San Francisco Deutsch Hall Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi 6ILVERSTONE, MICHAEL Glendale Putnam Hall Electrical Engineering Radio KAL, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu SOUTHWICK, LARRY Oroville Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE, Arnold Air Society STRAUSS, PHILIP San Rafael Griffiths Hall Electrical Engineering UCSEE, Tau Beta Pi, Honor Students Society, Eta Kappa Nu TUNG, MICHAEL Hong Kong Independent Electrical Engineering Chinese Students Association, IEEE VINSON, CHARLES Covina Independent Mechanical Engineering ASME VOGAN, MICHAEL Winters Independent Civil Engineering WARNOCK, KIRK Kentfield Alpha Kappa Lambda Civil Engineering VANHOFTEN, JIM Burlingame Pi Kappa Alpha Civil Engineering Crew, ASCE VINSON, TED Castro Valley Norton Hall Civil Engineering Cal Prep, AIESEC, Honor Students Society, Tau Beta Pi WADDEL, WILLIAM Granada Hills Independent Engineering Physics Army ROTC Corps Commander, Tau Beta Pi, Honor Students Society, Regents Scholar WARTH, DENNIS Berkeley Delta Tau Delta Civil Engineering PI TAU SIGMA — Left to Right, Row One: Raymond Chong, Yat-Ping Tong, Warren Sekiguchi, Tom Barwick, Don Fulton, Mark Jones. Row Two: Jim Morehouse, Doug Dooley, Gerry Matsumoto, Don Morris, Leigh Townsend, Jim Lucke, Clark Blasdell. WEBB, CLIFFORD WEINBRANDT, DICK Marysville Sepulveda Phi Sigma Kappa Phi Sigma Kappa Mechanical Engineering Petroleum Engineering Intramurals Boxing WONG, KELLY WONG, ROLAND Berkeley Berkeley Independent Independent Civil Engineering Electrical Engineering YAU, DICK YEAZELL, DIXON Rio de Janeiro, Brazil San Francisco Independent Independent Civil Engineering Civil Engineering ASCE YU, KING YU, YTHA YAU-YAM Hong Kong Hong Kong Independent Independent Engineering Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Chinese Student Association, Regents Scholarship WOLTERS, ROBERT Concord Independent Mechanical Engineering ASME, IEEE, UCSEE YAMANAGA, BOB Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Electrical Engineering YOKOI, ROBERT Morgan Hill Independent Electrical Engineering UCSEE Treasurer ZAIS, ELLIOT San Francisco Independent Petroleum Engineering Judo Club, AIME AICHE, Hillel ZAPF, ROSALIND Pasadena Cunningham Hall Civil Engineering problem sets, slide rules, and hours of thinking... 494 engineers apply theory to practical problems 495 Architectural students spend many hours drawing plans for assignments. college of environmental design initiates Stick structures help students learn how engineering affects their designs. Martin Meyerson Dean of College of Environmental Design mellon fellowships Students confer on the design of a building project. The institution of a new curriculum for the College of Environmental Design is perhaps symbolic of the year ' s efforts to broaden the base of the school. The new curriculum, pro- viding for the attainment of simultaneous twin architectural degrees in a six-year pro- gram, is but a part of a multi-faceted pro- gram to provide a more valuable and com- prehensive education. Newly-established Mellon Fellowships, designed to attract pro- fessors from other campuses, and strengthen ties with related departments of the Univer- sity, emphasize the scope of this serious at- tempt to further the growth of architects, in addition to the growth of architecture. 497 AHRENDES, JOHN Lakewood Ridge House Architecture Student Chapter AIA AIVAZIAN, KRIKOR Los Angeles Independent Architecture Armenian Students Society Chairman, Honor Student, School of Architecture ALEXANDER, WILLIAM San Pablo Independent Architecture DASHIELL, DALE Oakland Independent Architecture young designers look toward rising future ALTMAN, DANIEL Haifa, Israel Independent Architecture Architecture Student Honorary Board BANNISTER, WAYNE Van Nuys Alpha Gamma Omega Landscape Architecture Honor Society BAUER, MEI-LING Berkeley Independent Architecture Women ' s Dorm Association Executive Committee, Design Association DIANGSON, WALT Stockton Delta Upsilon Architecture Daily Californian BELL, PAUL San Bernardino Lambda Chi Alpha Architecture Junior Class Yell Leader, Varsity Boxing BRINKMANN, DONALD Riverside Kappa Delta Rho Architecture Collegian Singers, Canterbury Club CARPENTER, MAC Glendale Theta Delta Chi Architecture COOK, MICHAEL Pebble Beach Phi Kappa Sigma Architecture Frosh Swimming, Phi Phi BILLING, MARK San Jose Independent Architecture Architecture Student Honorary Board BRUFLAT, IVER La Crescents Theta Delta Chi Architecture CHANG, CHESTER Berkeley Independent Architecture COUTURE, CARL New Hampshire Independent Architecture Cal Band, Chi Alpha Kappa, Student Chapter AIA BRESNIK, HAROLD Pacific Palisades Independent Architecture Student Chapter AIA, CCPA, Honor Students Society CALLAWAY, WILLIAM Courtland Lambda Chi Alpha Landscape Architecture Rugby CHEW, IVAN San Francisco Pi Alpha Phi Architecture CROW, MICHAEL Palos Verdes Lambda Chi Alpha Architecture EGHERMAN, RONALD San Pablo Independent Architecture GAULT, JEFF Beverly Hills Sigma Alpha Mu Architecture GREGG, SCOTT Berkeley Alpha Delta Phi Architecture Varsity Crew, Big C Society, Order of the Golden Bear, Winged Helmet GUNDLACH, RAY Los Altos Lambda Chi Alpha Architecture 498 HARTMANN, RANDALL Beverly Hills Independent Architecture Phi Eta Sigma, Architecture Association HAYASHIDA, SADY Berkeley Independent Architecture HELFAND, HARVEY Los Angeles Independent Architecture Radio Kal Sports Announcer, Intra- mural Athletics, Collegian Singers IMAI, CALVIN Los Angeles Independent Architecture JAMES, BRUCE KEATY, CHARLES Tacoma, Washington Coronado Phi Delta Theta Environmental Science Architecture University Students Cooperative Association HOLMES, GARY Atherton Delta Tau Delta Architecture HOM, KENNETH Oakland Independent Architecture YMCA, International House, Chinese Students Association, Chinese Students Club HONG, NORMAN Stockton Independent Architecture Student Chapter AIA, Honor Students Society, Design Assn., Young Demo- crats, Architecture Student Hon. Board HOXMEIER, STEVE Napa Pi Kappa Alpha Architecture KIKUCHI, MIEKO Tokyo, Japan Independent Architecture Design Asosciation, Student Honorary Board LEE, LINCOLN Hong Kong Independent Architecture MARGADANT, GARY Northridge Alpha Kappa Lambda Architecture McLEOD, ROBERT Orinda Independent Landscape Architecture Landscape Design Club and Architecture Asso- ciation, Landmark Magazine MUNDAY, MARTIN Azusa Independent Architecture O ' BRIEN, MICHAEL Los Angeles Independent Architecture Design Association PLUNKETT, MICHAEL Manhattan Beach Alpha Tau Omega Architecture Order of the Golden Bear ROSS, JOHN San Marino Sigma Alpha Epsilon Architecture STARKE, BARRY Berkeley Delta Kappa Epsilon Landscape Architecture TOMEI, JOEL Sebastopol Sigma Chi Architecture WADE, TERRILL Berkeley Independent Architecture KLEIN, JOHN San Francisco Independent Architecture LICHTENSTEIN, JULES Anaheim Independent Architecture MIRES, DENNIS Arcadia Ridge House Architecture MURAKAMI, MICHAEL Walnut Grove Norton Hall Architecture Cal Band, Straw Hat Band, Megaphone Society, Californians ONG, PHILIP Daly City Independent Architecture PORTNOY, BOB San Francisco Phi Epsilon Pi Architecture Gavel and Quill Presi- dent, Senior Class Council, Junior Class Executive Board, Senior Week Chairman SMITH, BRIAN Sacramento Sigma Chi Architecture STRATHDEE, FRED Daly City Independent Architecture Design Association, Student Chapter AIA TROUTON, JOHN El Cerrito Phi Kappa Tau Architecture WHITINGTON, TRENT South Laguna Sigma Chi Architecture KONDY, NORMAN San Francisco Independent Architecture Armenian Stud. Soc. Treas., Architecture Student Hon. Board, Charles Peter Weeks Scholarship, Class of 1902 Scholarship LONDON, BETTY Novato Independent Architecture MOCK, LAWRENCE Reedley Deutsch Hall Architecture Student Chapter AIA, Honor Students Society, Senior Class Council, Art Board, Chinese Students Club NG, WARREN Alameda Independent Architecture Architecture Student Honorary Board, Honor Students Society PALIWODA, STEPHAN Beach Alpha Tau Omega Architecture Junior Class Council, Crew, ROTC Drill Team and Band, Daily Californian, Golden Guard QUICK, STEVE Los Angeles Delta Tau Delta Architecture SPANGENBERG, JOHN Canoga Park Independent Architecture Chairman 1963 Arts Festival, ASUC Night Manager, Design Association TAPLIN, GARY Los Angeles Oxford Hall Architecture VICKERS, DONALD Wilmington Sigma Nu Architecture Student Chapter AIA YAMAGUCHI, MICHIO San Francisco Independent Architecture Design Association MARLOWE, HUSTON McKEOWN, JACK Alameda La Habra Independent Delta Tau Delta Architecture Architecture 499 Researcher " brews " wood pulp at the Forest Products lab in Richmond. Controlled environment chambers allow students and researchers to study the effects of environment on trees. 500 John A. Zivnuska Dean of School of Forestry school of forestry combats " human erosion " by utilizing nature to the fullest The School of Forestry works through research and education to reduce the greatest current threat to the realm of nature: what John Muir called " human ero- sion. " The school seeks ways to utilize nature to the fullest, from forest products to recreational facilities; and in so doing seeks to manipulate nature, so that man and nature can co-exist without destroying each other. The school ' s program includes a ten-week field prac- tice course the summer before students enter the pro- fessional school as juniors. Although there is a great emphasis on research with approximately one-third of the school ' s activities involved in teaching and two- thirds in research, the close student-teacher relation- ship established during the summer program is con- tinued throughout the following years. The outdoor Agricultural Labs at Oxford and Haste provide an opportunity to conduct large-scale experiments. foresters study the great outdoors through field trips and summer camps FORESTRY CLUB — Left to Right, Row One: Dan Trotter, C. H. Torn, Ken Meyer, Dennis Orrick, Joe Ratliff, John Nicoles. Row Two: R. L. Angle, Kurt Rein, Bob Jones. Row Three: Bob Schultz, Jim Owen, Gay Briggs, David Depta, Arthur Peterson, Jim Cooney, Dan Gant, Peewee. Row Four: Dennis Brown, Klaus Barber, Larry Pettinger, Alan Long, Bob Rogers. Row Five: John Hall, Wes Melo, Chris Black, Mike Grenko, Bob Hart, Budgett Haurey, Marshall Munt. Row Six: John Erikson, Terrell Smith. ace earth . BRECK, DANIEL Los Banos Delta Chi Forestry GRENKO, MICHAEL Dunsmuir Independent Forestry MUNT, MARSHALL Los Angeles Independent Forestry RATCIFF, JOE Dominguez Independent Forestry Rugby, Forestry Club, Concert Band SMITH, JAMES Whittier Independent Forestry TROTTER, DAN Albany Independent Forestry Forestry Club BRIGGS, GAYLORD Lattabra Independent Forestry Forestry Club, Honor Students Society MEYER, KENNETH San Mateo Independent Forest Protection Forestry Club, Society of American Foresters, Sierra Club NICOLES, JOHN Berkeley Independent Forestry Rally Committee, For- estry Club SCHULTZ, ROBERT San Anselmo Griffiths Hall Forestry Forestry Club, Honor Students Society, Xi Sigma Pi TRACY, TOM Escondido Delta Tau Delta Forestry WORDEN, DON Covina Sigma Chi Forestry Varsity Boxing, Arnold Air Society, Californi- ans, Big C Society Go, then, and plant a tree, lovely in sun and shadow, Gracious in every kind — maple and oak and pine. Peace of the forest glade, wealth of the fruitful meadow, Blessings of dew and shade, here- after shall be thine. The Planting of a Tree Stanza 4 Marion Couthouy Smith The Physics Department carries on many important research projects. college of Dean William B. Fretter ' s main concern as head of the College of Letters and Science was to supervise the revamping of all the curricula for the switch-over to the quarter system, which will go into effect next fall. The college took advantage of the chance to improve, drop, and add to courses. One innovation is the Experimental College, run by five faculty members under the direction of Professor Joseph Tussman. One hundred and fifty students study related courses totaling twelve units, with ancient Greece as the general theme the first semester, and the Puritan revolution for the second sem- ester. II 504 Aspiring actors and actresses gain experience in student productions. letters and science begins tussman plan The art of papier-mache takes creativity and a lot of hard work. William B. Fretter Dean of College of Letters and Science 505 ACKLEY, MICHAEL Oakland Independent Journalism ADAMS, MIKE North Hollywood Independent Economics Young Democrats ADLER, DAVID Inglewood Independent Biochemistry AGENO, MARILYN Lafayette Chi Omega Social Welfare ALLEN, CHRISTY Glendale Alpha Phi Physical Education ALLEN, MARILY Eureka Sigma Kappa Italian Gavel and Quill, Op- time, Phidelphians, Class Officers Board, AWS Board, President of Panhellenic, Cal Club, S.O.S. Counselor ALQUIST, MARIAN Northridge Richards-Oldenberg Hall Political Science ANDERSON, JEFF Visalia Independent History ARCHER, WILLIAM Santa Rosa Psi Upsilon Speech Varsity Baseball, Skull and Keys, Beta Beta, Big C Society AMDUR, JUDITH North Hollywood Independent History ANIKEEFF, MICHAEL La Jolla Sigma Phi Epsilon Social Science Ski Club, Sailing Club, Daily Californian, Delta Phi Epsilon, Phi Beta Kappa ARCHIBALD, BOB El Sobrante Theta Delta Chi History Rep-at-Large, Track, Californians, Senate, Finance Committee ANDERMAN, ROGER Fresno Norton Hall Political Science President of Norton Hall, Social Policy Board, Tower and Flame, Resi- dence Halls Student Government Study Group ANZIS, MICHAEL Los Angeles Independent Political Science Cal Band, Director of Straw Hat Band ARMSTRONG, DAVID Hillsborough Independent Bacteriology and Immunology ARMSTRONG, GRANT Santa Clara Phi Sigma Kappa History ARNSTEIN, EILEEN New York Independent Social Welfare Project Motivation ARONSON, CHRISTOPHER Oakland Independent Philosophy Honor Students Society ARREGUY, CATHERINE Santa Maria Independent Design Theta Sigma Phi ASHE, MARGIE Santa Monica Delta Gamma Social Science Oski Dolls, Women ' s Rally Committee, Cal Prep Counselor, Pry- tanean, Tower and Flame, Panhellenic, Daughters of Diana . ATTERMAN, KENNETH Los Angeles Phi Kappa Sigma Political Science Golden Guard, Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys ATTON, GEORGIA Cupertino Independent Psychology Honor Students Society, Pre-Medical Society AUEN, JOHN Oakland Independent English AVERY, ANN San Mari no Sigma Kappa English Little Sister of Kappa Sigma AVRECH, GLORIA San Jose Independent Social Science BACHMAN, BARBARA San Francisco Independent Anthropology BACHMAN, SHARON Oakland Sigma Kappa Biological Sciences our too-short, too-long years of frantic scrambling ABBOTT, KATHLEEN ABBOTT, PETE Castro Valley El Cerrito Phi Mu Sigma Chi Political Science Biological Sciences Treble Clef ABEL, MARTHA Hanford Sigma Kappa Paleontology Women ' s Rally Com- mittee, Gavel and Quill, Tower and Flame ACKLEY, NANCY San Jose Independent Journalism Theta Sigma Phi ADAMOWICZ, CAROLE Mountain View Alpha Chi Omega Political Science ADAMS, SUZANNE ADASHKO, Colorado DOROTHY Epworth Hall New York Speech Independent UPB Recreation Com- Social mittee, WAA, President of WDA, Masonic Club ADOLPHSON, DON AGEE, IRENE Sacramento Oakland Bowles Hall Delta Gamma Mathematics Russian Varsity Tennis, Big C Cal Prep, YWCA Society, President of Bowles Hall AGRAN, LAWRENCE ALLEMAN, RICHARD Studio City Berkeley Independent Alpha Delta Phi Economics, History Dramatic Art Honor Students Society ALLEN, DOUGLAS San Mateo Delta Upsilon History Intramurals ALLEN, JANET Albany Independent Psychology Auxiliary Enterprises Board, Elections Coun- cil, Gamma Delta Ep- silon, Collegian Singers, FSU ALLENSTEIN, LINDA ALLRED, LARRY Beverly Hills Fresno Independent Sigma Alpha Epsilon History Psychology BAER, MARVIS Palo Alto Kappa Kappa Gamma Geography BAKER, BONNIE San Bruno Independent Psychology Honor Students Society BAGGARLY, SUSAN Napa Elizabeth Barrett Biostatistics BAKER, DONALD Palo Alto Independent Geography BAILIFF, DANIEL Riverside Alpha Sigma Phi Psychology BAKER, FREDERIC San Mateo Independent Economics Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame BELCHER, WILLA Hayward Independent Social Science Tower and Flame BELL, BARBARA San Francisco Independent Italian scrambling, falling, beginning again ... BENDER, BARBARA Palos Verdes Davidson Hall History Big C Sirkus Entertain- ment Committee BENNETT, BARBARA Modesto Independent Social Welfare BENSON, STUART Whittier Psi Upsilon Political Science Soccer, Winged Helmet BENZLER, BRUCE Fresno Ehrman Hall History Cal Band, Straw Hat Band, Order of the Golden Bear, Honor Students Society BERGER, MICHELE Los Angeles Independent Sociology Honor Students Society, American Field Service Secretary and Vice- President BERKOWITZ, SUSAN North Hollywood Independent Political Science BERLIN, ROBERT Los Gatos Alpha Tau Omega Political Science Water Polo, Swimming, Young Republicans, ASUC Publicity and Public Relations, Cal Conservatives for Political Action BERLIN, SUSAN San Rafael Independent Anthropology BERMAN, CLAIRE Rialto Independent Zoology Treble Clef Associate Senior Manager, ASUC Choral Group Repre- sentative on ASUC Cabinet BAKER, GEORGE Washington D.C. Lambda Chi Alpha Journalism Californians, Assistant Sports Editor of the Daily Californian, Quill and Scroll, Junior Class Council, Senior Class Council BALABANIAN, DORIS Cashmere, Washington Independent Biological Sciences Ski Club, Pre-Medical Society, Tower and Flame, Axe Revue BARNARD, PETER San Francisco Independent Biological Sciences Honor Students Society Alumni Scholar BAKER, LINDA San Marino Kappa Alpha Theta History AWS Publicity Com- mittee, Women ' s Rally Committee, Panhellenic Secretary-Treasurer BARRON, JAMES Massachusetts Independent Political Science Delta Phi Epsilon, Honor Students Society, Alpha Phi Omega, Pelican, Commuter-Independent Council, Elections Council, SNCC, CCR BATES, MAREL Santa Cruz Independent Mathematics Student Intramural Ad- visory Board, Commu- ter-Independent Associa- tion, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society BATES, BRIAN San Carlos Griffiths Hall Psychology BAKEWELL, HELENE San Francisco Stern Hall Psychology BARRY, SUE San Mateo Phi Mu Political Science President of Phi Mu, Young Republicans BAUMAN, ESTHER Riverside Independent Sociology BARBOUR, JOAN Pasadena Independent Sociology Honor Students Society BARKER, JIM Sunnyvale Pi Kapa Alpha Zoology Varsity Wrestling, Triune, Winged Hel- met, Skull and Keys, Beta Beta, Big C Society BARRY-SMITH, IAN San Mateo Independent Zoology Ski Club BARTLETT, JOYCE Berkeley Alpha Phi Bacteriology Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society BASKIN, STEPHEN Castro Valley Alpha Epsilon Pi Zoology Honor Students Society BASSETT, RANDALL BATCHELDER, Los Angeles RONALD Independent Watsonville History Independent Tower and Flame, Economics Honor Students Society Varsity Tennis BASS, ROBERTA Pasadena Spens-Black Hall Mathematics Honor Students Society BAXTER, NANCY Carmel Independent Sociology BEAN, BARBARA BEARY, URY San Francisco Israel Ida Sproul Hall Independent Biological Sciences Economics Honor Students Society BEATY, FORREST Glendale Independent Speech Football, Track, Track Captain, President of Big C Society, Cal Club, Californians, Order of the Golden Bear BEAUDRY, ROBERT Walnut Creek Independent Anthropology, Oriental Languages BEBER, LINDA San Mateo Alpha Xi Delta Psychology BEEMAN, MARTHA Berkeley Kappa Kappa Gamma History BEER, PETER Glendale Ehrman Hall Mathematics Ehrman Hall President, Treasurer BEITSCHER, STEVIE San Diego Independent Zoology BERMAN, DIANE Los Angeles Independent Sociology Ski Club, Honor Stu- dents Society, Sociology Honors BERNSTEIN, JENELLE St. Paul, Minnesota Independent Sociology BLOOM, JONATHAN San Francisco Phi Epsilon Pi Zoology BLOWER, MARILYN Santa Ana Alpha Phi History BLOSSOM, ELIZABETH Orinda Kappa Alpha Theta English YWCA, Student Resource Volunteer BLUESTEIN, LOU Denver, Colorado Independent Psychology Student Orientations Service, Elections Council, Alpha Phi Omega President, Commuter-Independent Association BERNSTEIN, ROBERT BERNT, FRANCES Woodland Hills Guasti Alpha Epsilon Pi Independent Geography History Intramural Sports and at last the maze stands conquered, the runner exhausted BERRY, KAREN Oakland Independent Psychology BERTAGNOLLI, GREG Walnut Creek Phi Gamma Delta Political Science I BEST, FRED Morgan Hill Bowles Hall History-Economics Student Education and Faculty Relations Board, Varsity Wrest- ling, Alpha Phi Omega BIGELOW, TALIE Santa Barbara Pi Beta Phi Political Science Phidelphians BIRD, TERRY Mariposa Independent English BJORK, BARBARA El Cerrito Sherman Hall History Ski Club, Commuter- Independent Association BLAIR, JEAN Piedmont Pi Beta Phi Speech Oski Dolls, FAMACS, Women ' s Judicial Committee BLANCK, IRENE San Francisco Cunningham Hall History BLOCH, LINDA San Francisco Delta Phi Epsilon Communication and Public Policy Public Relations Board, Intramural volleyball BERTA, RICHARD Los Gatos Independent Biological Sciences Wrestling BERTOZZI, DAN Madera Griffiths Hall Economics-Political Science Honor Students Society UPB, Men ' s Residence Halls Judicial Commit- tee, Public Affairs Committee BEYERSDORF, TOM San Diego Bowles Hall Economics Honor Students Society BILLINGTON, MARGARET Modesto Cunningham Hall Zoology Collegian Singers BISTROW, ERIC Phoenix, Arizona Independent History SERF Board Pi Lambda Phi BLACKMAN, JAMES Palo Alto Independent English BLANCHARD, MARILYN San Francisco Alpha Xi Delta Design Ski Club, WAA, YWCA, Gamma Delta Epsilon, Ugly Man Committee BLANK, RICHARD Richmond Independent Political Science BLOMBERG, ROBERT Sacramento Independent Psychology BLUMENTHAL, SHERYL San Mateo Independent Psychology Campus Tour Guide, UC Tutorial Project BODIN, JOANNE Burbank Independent Social Science Synanon Games member, YWCA, Student Resource Volunteer BONINI, DAVID Concord Theta Delta Chi Psychology Soph Week, Junior Class Council, Big Brothers BOOTH, LINDA Kensington Chi Omega French BOSLEY, GARY Castro Valley Delta Tau Delta Economics BOWE, GARY Mountain View Alpha Sigma Phi Economics BOYER, VICKI Martinez Independent Psychology BRADLEY, GERALD Richmond Independent Chemistry BRENNAN, PETER Palo Alto Independent History BOCIAN, MAUREEN Fresno Independent Functional Biology Treble Clef manager, Jade Singers Coach BOGARDUS, BURTON Berkeley Independent Biological Sciences BOOKBINDER, LOUIS Millbrae Deutsch Hall Mathematics Cal Engineer, Arnold Air Society BORRA, GLORIA Lodi Stern Hall Spanish Honor Students Society, Alpha Mu Gamma BOUTON, RICHARD Palo Alto Phi Sigma Kappa Economics BOXER, SUZANNE Denver, Colorado Independent English School Resource Volunteer BOYL, KATHRYN La Jolla Alpha Omicron Pi English Women ' s Rally Committee, Junior Class Committees, Tower and Flame BRANT, VICKY Los Angeles Kappa Kappa Gamma Art History BRERETON, HUGH Piedmont Independent History BRIGGS, GERMAINE Mill Valley Independent English Symphony Forum BRINKWORTH, ROBERT Burbank Theta Delta Chi History Californians, Order of the Golden Bear, Varsity Track BROWN, DENNA Louisville, Kentucky Independent Psychology BROWN, KATHLEEN Sierra Madre Sigma Kappa French Treble Clef, Orientations Board, Cal Prep, Jade Singers, Prytanean BROWN, RICHARD San Francisco Independent Physics BROWNING, PATRICIA Mill Valley Independent French BRUMUND, RICHARD Yuba City Independent Mathematics Golden Guard BRIGHT, JAMES Oildale Oxford Hall Mathematics BRITT, DON Castro Valley Alpha Epsilon Pi Political Science BROWN, JACK Los Angeles Independent Economics BROWN, LINDA JO Petaluma Chi Omega European History Chi Omega President, Panhellenic, Prytanean BROWN, TEPPIE Menlo Park Delta Gamma Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science Honor Society BRUDNO, SUSAN La Mesa Independent Political Science Delta Phi Epsilon, Pi Sigma Alpha, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society BRUSH, SHELLY San Francisco Kappa Kappa Gamma English BRUZZONE, ANDREE Alamo Sigma Kappa Spanish Election Polls, Tower and Flame, Blue and Gold Staff BUCK, WALT Alamo Phi Kappa Sigma Economics Big C Society, Order of the Golden Bear, Ball and Chain, Gavel and Quill, Phi Phi, Cal Club, IRC, Alpha Phi Omeg a BUDMAN, NORM Oakland Phi Epsilon Pi Economics Daily Californian Managerial BURLESON, BRENDA Anaheim Independent Social Science- Political Science BURNS, KATHY South San Francisco Independent English BURNS, PEGGY Piedmont Kappa Alpha Theta History BUCHANAN, GAIL Palo Alto Independent Bacteriology ASUC Art Bureau BUCKLEY, MIKE San Francisco Independent Political Science Order of the Golden Bear, Varsity Debate Team BURGER, TOM Porterville Independent Mathematics BURMESTER, NEIL Los Angeles Independent Paleontology BURNS, MARY JANE Danville Chi Omega Political Science Oski Dolls, Brick Mul- ler, FAMACS, Ski Club, Cal Club, Tower and Flame,Panile, Prytanean, Union Prog. Board Social Chairman BURSTEIN, BARRY San Francisco Phi Epsilon Pi Zoology BROCK, LESLIE BROOKS, MARIEL Fair Oaks Oakland Independent Independent Biochemistry English Honor Students Society Honor Students Soicety BURIANI, CAROLYN BURKS, DAVID San Francisco La Mesa Independent Independent History Political Science Student Judicial Committee, Honor S tudents Society BURTON, PAT BUSACCA, Walnut Creek WILLIAM Kappa Alpha Theta Sacramento Political Science Card Stunts, Oski Dolls Biochemistry .._.11110■A BUSH, DOROTHY Newport Beach Kappa Delta Design Angel Flight, Pan- hellenic, Class Councils CAMERON, TIM Long Beach Beta Theta Pi Economics Beta Beta, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet CAMPBELL, JACQUELINE Lafayette Independent French CANARY, PATRICIA Monterey Independent History President of Cheney Hall CARLSEN, SUSAN San Francisco Alpha Delta Pi English Oski Dolls, President of Alpha Delta Pi CARTER, ALBERT Milpitas Kidd Hall Nuclear Physics. Swimming Team BUTLER, JAMES Saratoga Theta Chi Political Science Arnold Air Society, Honor Students Society, Varsity Debate, Debate Council, Air Bear CAMPBELL, DAVID Berkeley Delta Upsilon Psychology CAMPBELL, LORALEE San Francisco Alpha Omicron Pi Journalism Theta Sigma Phi, Pelican Assistant Advertising Manager CANCIENNE, BONNIE New Orleans, La. Alpha Omicron Pi Economics Treble Clef, Phidelphians, Panile CARLSON, ROWENA San Francisco Freeborn Hall Anthropology President of Freeborn Hall, Representative- at-large for Women ' s Dormitory Association CARTER, TRUDY Woodland Independent Anthropology CALLOW, DAVE Cucamonga Beta Theta Pi Economics Water Polo CAMPBELL, GLENNIS San Rafael Alpha Delta Pi Social Science CAMRAS, PATTI Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Sociology President of Delta Phi Epsilon, Calett es CANTIN, EUGENE Berkeley Independent Anthropology Varsity Tennis, Big C Society, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society CARNS, KEITH Fresno Independent Civil Engineering CASALE, LINDA Cucamonga Independent Latin Badminton Sports Club CASEY, SHARYN Sherman Oaks Cunningham Hall Social Science CASPER, SANDRA Omaha, Nebraska Phi Mu Zoology CATE, CLAUDIA Fullerton Zeta Tau Alpha Social Science WAA, Oski Dolls, Collegian Singers, Activities Evaluation Committee, Pres. of Ida Sproul Hall CAULD WELL, CHARLES San Anselmo Alpha Kappa Lambda Physics CESAR, LILIA Berkeley Delta Zeta Physical Education YWCA, CAPHER, YCS, Filipino Club, Amigos Anonymous CHAGI, CAROLYN Los Angeles Independent English-French CHAN, HELEN Hong Kong Independent Psychology Tower and Flame, Chinese Students Association Honor Students Society CHAN, SHARON Hong Kong Hoyt Hall Biological Sciences USCA, University Chorus CHANDLER, JULIE Nevada City Independent French CHANG, MICHAEL Pacific Palisades Pi Alpha Phi Biochemistry Freshman Crew, Honor and Tutoring Society, Phi Beta Kappa CHANG, ROSALINE Hong Kong Independent Zoology Chinese Students Association CHAO, SHIRLEY Berkeley Independent Biological Sciences Chinese Students Association, Gamma Delta Epsilon CAGNACCI, LYNDA CALHOUN, JOHN Thermal San Diego Independent Kappa Alpha Psychology Physics BYRN, BARBARA Sacramento Alpha Gamma Delta Social Science the beer and bubbles lose their magic spe CHEW, SHERWIN Oakland Independent Psychology CHING, LINDA Honolulu, Hawaii Independent English CHRISTENSEN, RHETA Huntington Park Phi Mu History Little Sisters of Min- erva, Angel Flight, Prytanean, Mortar Board, Panhellenic, Honor Students Society CHUNG, MARILYN British Columbia International House Mathematics and Statistics CLARE, SHEILA Novato Kappa Alpha Theta Sociology Angel Flight CLAUSING, GERHARD San Mateo Independent Psychology-German CLELAND, CHRISTOPHER Ukiah Delta Chi History CLERICI, PAULA Crockett Beaudelaire Club Bacteriology CHILDS, CAROL Solana Beach Zeta Tau Alpha Political Science Cal Prep, AWS, Little Sisters of Maranatha, Panile, °prime, Pry- tanean, Cal Club, ASUC Sorority Representative CHIPMAN, STEPHEN Altadena Sigma Phi Epsilon Biochemistry CHRISTIANSEN, JAMES Sausalito Sigma Phi Epsilon Political Science CHURCHILL, CREIGHTON Piedmont Delta Kappa Epsilon Economics Inter. Rel. Bd., Judo Club, Daily Californian Honor Students Society, American Field Service, Stiles Hall CLARK, KAREN Carmichael Independent Biochemistry Auxiliary Enterprises Board, Honor Students Society CLAY, SYLVIA Los Angeles Alpha Gamma Delta Journalism Junior Class Spirit Committee, Blue and Gold Assistant Editor, Theta Sigma Phi CLEMENT, CAROLYN Los Altos Kappa Delta French CLEVENGER, BOB Whittier Sigma Alpha Epsilon Political Science Water Polo COFFEY, GEORGIANNE Sacramento Independent Psychology COHAN, RICK Palo Alto Kappa Sigma Bacteriology Varsity Track COHENOUR, JOHN San Mateo Bowles Hall History COLES, RON Santa Rosa Alpha Chi Rho Mathematics Honor Students Society COLWELL, MARJORIE Orinda Independent -Social Welfare AWS Judicial Com- mittee, Hiking Club, Education-Scholarship Committee CONLEY, LARRY Bakersfield Alpha Tau Omega Zoology COOK, RICHARD Stockton Alpha Chi Rho History COOMBS, WALTER New York Independent Paleontology COOPER, SHIRLEY San Francisco Independent Communications and Public Policy Ski Club, Women ' s Rally Committee COGHLAN, JILL Chester, Pennsylvania Independent History Collegian Singers COHEN, Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Political Science Panhellenic Council, Panile, Gamma Delta Epsilon, Tower and Flame, Family Day Committee, AWS Hospitality Comm. COHO, Tiburon Alpha Chi Rho Physics Honor Students Society, Edward Frank Kraft Scholarship COLTRIN, LINDA Taft Independent English CONCEPCION, FRANK Isleton Independent Biological Sciences Honor Students Society CONNELLY, MATTHEW Walnut Creek Zeta Psi Economics Californians, Inter- fratemity Council, Representative-at- Large, Winged Helmet, Quarterdeck Society COOLEY, MICHAELE San Francisco Independent Social Welfare Masonic Club, Alpha Mu Gamma COOPER, LEE Diamond Bar Independent Psychology COOPER, THOMAS Berkeley Independent English Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Industrial Relations Board CHENAULT, DONNA CHEU, Glendale, Arizona San Francisco Cunningham Hall Independent Biological Sciences Social Welfare the wine, women, song, and money not so vital anymore, but more real. CLEWANS, HARVEY San Francisco Independent Zoology COATES, JUDY Hillsborough Sigma Kappa Biological Sciences Chairman Women ' s Rally Committee, AWS Board, Rally and Games Council, Prytanean CLIREHUGH, ROBERT Berkeley Phi Kappa Psi Political Science Golden Guard COBLEIGH, DONALD Sacramento Pi Kappa Alpha Economics Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys, Beta Beta COPPLE, CYNTHIA San Jose Kappa Kappa Gamma English Cal Prep Counselor CORTESE, KATHLEEN Oakland Cheney Hall History Tower and Flame CORDAY, JOANNE Beverly Hills Alpha Epsilon Phi History Cal Club Chairman, Oski Doll President, Torch and Shield, Prytanean, Panile, Little Sisters of Minerva 511 COVEY, RONALD Lakeport Delta Sigma Phi Economics University Band, Straw Hat Band CURTIS, MARY Santa Monica Ida Sproul Hall Political Science Pelican DAHLBERG, JANET Sacramento Alpha Gamma Delta Political Science DALE, ELLEN San Francisco Independent Psychology COWAN, PETER San Francisco Phi Gamma Delta Zoology Boxing COWEN, JANET Long Beach Delta Phi E psilon Psychology CRAIG, JOSEPH Albany Independent Anthropology CRAMER, MARY Los Angeles Kappa Kappa Gamma Political Science International Week, Tennis Club CRATER, MARY Los Angeles Independent Mathematics CRIQUI, MICHAEL Mountain View Sigma Alpha Epsilon Psychology Fraternity Represen- tive, Intramural Sports, Daily Californian, Tower and Flame CRITIDES, BYRON Bergen, New Jersey Tau Kappa Epsilon History CROW, E. L. San Francisco Pi Kappa Alpha Economics CROWLE, HENRY Sacramento Independent Political Science CURLL, LUCINDA Covina Independent Political Science Honor Students Society, Pi Sigma Alpha CURRY, THOMAS Kappa Sigma Political Science DaLUZ, VIRGINIA Oakland Independent Slavic Languages and Literature Russian Club DARROW, CHRISTINE San Jose Chi Omega Italian DAVIDSON, DIANE Orinda Alpha Gamma Delta Sociology Daily Californian, Pelican DEES, M ELLA Santa Ana Independent Design DEL NERO, MARIE Patterson Independent Italian Foreign Students ' Organization Com- mittee, Italian Club, Honors at Entrance DePHILLIPS, SANDRA El Cerrito Davidson Hall Humanities and French Campus Tour Guides, University Church Council, Alpha Mu Gamma DIMKE, CHARLES Sacramento Independent History DOI, CAROLE Gardena Cunningham Hall Asian History Nisei Students Club DONOGHUE, PETER Sacramento Pi Kappa Alpha Political Science DORRIS, BILL Martinez Independent Psychology Honor Students Society DOVER, BUEL Berkeley Independent Sociology James W. Coffroth Scholarship DANIELSON, JOAN San Jose Independent Biological Sciences- Ecology Swimming, Women ' s C Society, Tower and Flame DAUM, VALARIE Los Angeles Kappa Alpha Theta History YWCA, Pelican Salesgirl DAVIS, ALIX Piedmont Delta Zeta History DEGUSTA, KENNETH Sacramento Independent Drama University Theatre Productions DELUCCHI, DE DE Stockton Sigma Kappa Speech AWS Board and Cabinet, Cal Prep Executive Committee, S.O.S. Executive Committee, Senior Week Committee DERRE, DIANE San Francisco Alpha Chi Omega Political Science DIMMICK, JENS Ojai Independent Biochemistry DOLAN, PATRICIA La Canada Delta Gamma English Oski Dolls, Honor Students Society, Prytanean, Mortar Board President DONSKY, JOANNE Houston, Texas Alpha Epsilon Phi Political Science Junior Class Council, Young Democrats, Honor Students Society DOUDS, BETSY Bakersfield Delta Delta Delta Sociology Ski Club DOYLE, JOHN Santa Monica Tau Kappa Epsilon Economics D ' AOUST, DIANE San Bruno Zeta Tau Alpha English Intramural Bowling, Angel Flight DAVID, SUSAN Sacramento Independent Near Eastern Languages Hillel Student Zionist Organization, FSU, Alpha Mu Gamma DAVIS, GARY Fresno Chi Phi Political Science Californians, Axe Revue Producer DELL, ANN Long Beach Independent Humanities DE MARIA, ANTHONY Woodland Delta Kappa Epsilon History DICKINSON, RALPH Los Angeles Pi Kappa Alpha Economics Rugby, Winged Helmet, Triune DIXON, MARTHA El Cerrito Independent Physiology DON, EDWARD Porterville Independent Biochemistry DORAN, TERRY Berkeley Independent History DOUGHTY, MAUREEN La Selva Beach Pi Beta Phi Dramatic Art AWS Model, Oski Dolls, Card Stunts, Cal Club, Phi Sigma Kappa Moon- light Girl DUBOIS, PAUL Oakland Delta Chi Mathematics Men ' s Rally Commit- tee, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society 512 DUGOW, IRIS Beverly Hills Independent Political Science Girls Tennis Team, Ski Club, Women ' s Rally Committee, Cowell Hospital Volunteer DUNCAN, EDWIN Oakland Theta Delta Chi Economics Swimming Team: Varsity Captain ENGEL, DAVID Elkins Park, Penn. Alpha Epsilon Pi Economics Functional Services Board Chairman, ASUC Cabinet, Megaphone Society, Elections Council, VAC, Alpha Phi Omega, Delta Sigma Pi EPSTEIN, JANE Hollywood Independent History the line is drawn, the curse cast DUNCANSON, MARGARET Rolling Hills Sherman Hall Political Science American Field Service Returnee Committee, Junior Year Abroad France DURKIN, MARY Berkeley Independent Art History DOUGLAS, KIP Oakland Kappa Sigma Economics EBERT, JAN Alameda Chi Omega Social Science Internationl Relations Board, WAA, Blue and Gold Staff, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, School Resource Volunteer EGGERDING, FAYE San Francisco Chi Omega Zoology EISENBERG, MELISSA Los Angeles Independent Social Welfare Elections Council, Gamma Delta Epsilon President ELLIOTT, HIRAM Richmond Independent Psychology EMERY, BETSY Pasadena Pi Beta Phi Psychology DUNLOP, ROY Pleasant Hill Independent Political Science Yacht Club, Ski Club, Alpha Phi Omega DURKIN, ROBERT Berkeley Independent History EASTLAND, ALICE Essex, Connecticut Sigma Kappa English ECKERSLEY, SUSAN El Segundo Independent Political Science Honor Students Society EGGLETON, JOAN Santa Barbara Delta Delta Delta Political Science EKLUND, PETER Pacific Palisades Alpha Tau Omega Physics EMERSON, JAMES Diablo Independent Zoology ENDOW, KAREN Downey Ida Sproul Hall History EPSTEIN, RUTH San Francisco Independent Journalism Treble Clef, Daily Cal, Theta Sigma Phi ERICKSON, NELS Berkeley Independent History ERTESZEK, VICTORIA Los Angeles Kappa Delta Economics Intramural Bowling, YWCA Representative EXLEY, JACK Visalia Ridge House Chemistry Student Affiliate American Chemical Society, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society FAHLE, DAVID San Diego Independnet Psychology President, Honor Students Society FARRAR, TRIXIE Santa Cruz Gamma Phi Beta Sociology Union Program Board, President, Gamma Phi Beta; Panhellenic Jud. Comm., Mortar Bd, Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame FEINSTEIN, BARBARA Mendocino Delta Phi Epsilon History FELLER, GARY North Hollywood Barrington Hall History Men ' s Co-op and Small Approved Housing Representative FELTON, JAMES San Francisco Phi Kappa Sigma Zoology FENECH, ALAN Sacramento Independent History Honor Students Society ERICKSON, MARGARET Berkeley Independent History ERLE, KIMBERLY Santa Barbara Independent Comparative Literature EVERSON, PAM Fresno Phi Mu Zoology Hiking Club FABER, JAN El Cerrito Sigma Alpha Mu Economics Daily Californian, Student Resource Volunteer, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society FAHS, SUSAN San Francisco Alpha Xi Delta French Elections Council, Gamma Delta Epsilon, Cercle Francais, Alpha Mu Gamma FAY, MARJ San Francisco Kappa Alpha Theta Anthropology Life Guard Corps, Women ' s Rally Committee, Panhellenic Board FELDMAN, RANDIE Berkeley Alpha Epsilon Phi History Sophomore Repre- sentative, Angel Flight, Institute of Euorpean Studies FELMUS, MARJORIE Beverly Hills Delta Phi Epsilon History Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society FENBERG, TERRY Beverly Hills Independent History FERBER, STANLEY San Francisco Sigma Phi Physiology Treasurer of Golden Guard Society DUNN, TIMOTHY DUNTON, JOIS San Francisco Acampo Independent Independent Biological Sciences Psychology Honor Students Society Polls Council EICHBERG, ROBERT EISENBACH, LYNN Los Angeles Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Mu Independent Psychology History 513 FONG, CONSTANCE Sacramento Independent Social Welfare Chinese Students Club FORD, DANIEL Los Angeles Sigma Phi Epsilon History Ski Club, Phi Beta Kappa FOWLER, ELIZABETH Piedmont Zeta Tau Alpha Political Science Student Orientations Service, Commuter Independent Associ- ation, AWS Board FONG, RANDALL Oakland Pi Alpha Phi Mathematics Junior Interfraternity Council FOREE, MARILYNN Piedmont Phi Mu Spanish Honor Students Society, YWCA, Blue and Gold Managerial Staff, Sigma Delta Pi, Alpha Mu Gamma FRANCIS, ART East Keansburg, New Jersey Pi Kappa Phi Sociology FERRIS, CAROLYN Sacramento Alpha Gamma Delta History FESTER, DIANE FIDLER, SHARON Arcadia Sacramento Zeta Tau Alpha Independent Political Science French AWS Model Co- ordinator, AWS Social Committee FIELD, CATHERINE FIELD, HELYSE Los Altos San Francisco Gamma Phi Beta Independent History History Gamma Delta Epsilon FRANCIS, GAIL Los Altos Delta Delta Delta Sociology FRANK, ALICE Berkeley Chi Omega History FIGONE, DIANN FINNEGAN, MARY San Jose South San Francisco Kappa Kappa Gamma Hoyt Hall History History FISH, ANDREA San Rafael Independent French FUSS, RONALD Whittier Independent Zoology Rally and Games Council, Oski Comm., Ski Club, Megaphone Soc., Californians, Young Republicans, Order of Golden Bear FLYNN, GLORIA Oakland Independent History Honor Students Society FONG, BARRY Sacramento Independent Biological Sciences Chinese Students Club, Tower and Flame FISHER, LAWRENCE Berkeley Independent Biological Sciences KAL Radio, Honor Students Society FLO, MYRON Sacramento Delta Upsilon Political Science FONCELL, SUSAN Santa Clara Independent English Tower and Flame FONG, BYRON Oakland Independent Botany Secretary of UC Amateur Radio Club FRANKLIN, PATRICIA Berkeley Independent Psychology FRAZER, SUSAN Whittier Independent Spanish Tower and Flame FREES, JOSEPH Jersey City, New Jersey Independent Anthropology Kroeber Anthropo- logical Society FRETTER, GRETCHEN Berkeley Independent French FRIEDMAN, PHYLLIS Los Angeles Independent Zoology FROST, BARBARA Willows Sigma Kappa History AWS Recording Secretary, Women ' s Rally Committee FRY, SALLY San Mateo Alpha Chi Omega Design FUKUSHIMA, ROBERT Berkeley Euclid Hall Economics FRAZELL, SUSAN Lafayette Alpha Xi Delta Design FREEMAN, JUDITH Long Beach Independent Biological Sciences Daughters of Diana FRENCH, ANN Kentfield Pi Beta Phi Political Science Optime, Panhellenic Judicial Chairman FREUND, ELIZABETH Beverly Hills Alpha Epsilon Phi Sociology FRITTS, GINGER Hillsborough Kappa Delta Political Science Intramurals, Elections Council, Cal Camp Committee FRUCHT, DALE Hillsborough Alpha Epsilon Phi Sociology FUJII, FERN Santa Barbara Independent Oriental Languages Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Phi Theta GAFFGA, GINNY Long Beach Kappa Delta Economics ASUC Executive Committee, Intramural Swimming, YWCA, Wesley Foundation, Calettes the old road rapidly aging FISHMAN, IRENE FISHMAN, RONNIE Los Angeles Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Phi Epsilon Psychology Social Welfare FITCH, SUSAN New York, New York SHARON Independent Orinda Economics Independent Phi Chi Theta History GALLUP, AARON Wilton Oxford Hall Geography GAMENARA, VAL San Lorenzo Phi Mu Spanish Angel Flight, Panile, International Relations Board, Prytanean, Mortar Board GASS, SUSAN Detroit, Michigan Independent Italian GASSAWAY, LEE Los Angeles Independent Physics GERSHENSON, MYRNA Beverly Hills Independent Journalism Women ' s Co-op and Small Living Groups Rep., AWS Board, Women ' s Dorm. Asso., Pres. of Joaquin Hall GERWIN, CAROLE Beverly Hills Delta Phi Epsilon History Union Program Board, Campus Women for Peace GESLEY, ROY Newport Beach Kappa Delta Rho Social Science Varsity Tennis, ASUC Cabinet, Pelican, NSA, Cal Engineer, Men ' s J-Comm, Order of the Golden Bear, SEER Board GESSLER, SALLIE Piedmont Pi Beta Phi English GIACOMELLI, JON Berkeley Tau Kappa Epsilon Political Science GIANELLA, LINDA Piedmont Independent Sociology Commuter-Independent Council, AWS Big Sister, Cal Prep Coun- selor, University Day Hostess, SOS, Union Program Board GIANOTTI, ELIZABETH San Francisco Kappa Alpha Theta French GIBBS, JON San Francisco Phi Kappa Psi Zoology GIBERSON, LYNNE Berkeley Sigma Kappa Sociology Pompon Girl, WAA Treasurer, Life Guard Corps GILLETTE, SHARON San Francisco Independent Anthropology Oski Dolls, Modern Dance, Union Program Board, Hiking Club, Honor Students Society, SOS, Ushering Club GIUSSO, GARRY Alameda Phi Sigma Kappa Political Science and Economics GODFREY, CATHERINE Palo Alto Independent Anthropology Tower and Flame Education Abroad Germany GOING, PATRICK Pebble Beach Independent Economics Judo Club, Weight- lifting C lub GOLDMAN, ELLEN Los Angeles Independent Social Science GOLDYNE, MARC San Francisco Independent Art History UC Weightlifting Club, Honor Students Society GOODMAN, HELEN Portland, Oregon Alpha Epsilon Phi Social Science GORDON, CHERYL Merced Ida Sproul Hall Physiology GILCHRIST, JOHN Long Beach Kappa Sigma Political Science Union Program Board, International Relations Board, Ski Club GINSBURG, CAROL Mountain View Independent History Collegian Singers, Hillel, Student Resource Volunteer GLASER, DALE San Anselmo Independent Psychology GODLEY, JAMES Anderson Independent English GOLD, JUDITH Sacramento Independent French AWS Social Corn., Freshman Class Council, Cercle Francais, Alpha Mu Gamma, Honor Students Society, Phi Beta Kappa GOLDMAN, RONALD Los Angeles Independent Psychology Football GOMEZ, YOLANDA Whittier Independent Bacteriology GOODMAN, LOUISE Berkeley Alpha Epsilon Phi Spanish Cal Camp, WAA, Panhellenic Modeling, Pelican Staff GILLETTE, CHIP Santa Ana Delta Tau Delta Geology Track GITLIN, NANCY Not thridge Beaudelaire Club Music Swimming, Tennis, Skiing, Dramatic Arts, Repertory Chorus GLASNER, GAIL Piedmont Independent History GOELZ, LINDA Sacramento Independent Social Science Axe Review GOL DINGER, NANCY Fairfield Independent English Ski Club GOLDNER, SUSAN Aptos Independent History Collegian Singers GONSALVES, VICTOR Turlock Lambda Chi Alpha Economics Cal Prep GOODMAN, PETER Berkeley Phi Epsilon Pi Biological Sciences Junior and Senior Class Councils, Intramurals A vital source of information for Cal students — the Sather Gate signs! GORDON, MICHAEL GOSLINE, JOHN Woodside Oakland Independent Tau Kappa Epsilon Physiology Zoology Intramurals Crew 515 AC AMY! COMSMATIO TACTICS DIPAi GOULD, HARVEY H ighland Park, Illinois Independent Political Science Honor Students Society GRAHAM, BILL Palos Verdes Delta Upsilon Geography GRAY, AILEEN San Jose Independent Bacteriology GREEN, MARILEE Sacramento Kappa Delta English Publicity and Public Relations Board, Newman Hall, Presi- dent of Kappa Delta GREENBAUM, KATHY Pacific Palisades Independent English GRIFFITHS, DIANE San Carlos Independent Biological Sciences Honors at Entrance GRIFFIN, SHANE Kenai, Alaska Tau Kappa Epsilon Anthropology Judo GRISET, DAN Santa Ana Independent History Californians, Cal Club, Honor Students Society, ASUC Rep-at-Large GRADY, CAROL Hillsborough Zeta Tau Alpha Bacteriology Collegian Singers, Blue and Gold Staff GRANT, KATHRYN Oakland Kappa Kappa Gamma Biological Sciences GRAY, BELINDA Altadena Kappa Delta History GREENBAUM, JOAN Tucson, Arizona Independent Psychology GREGORY, JOHN Pasadena Phi Kappa Tau Psychology Cal Prep GRIFFITHS, RALEIGH Long Beach Sigma Nu Genetics NROTC, University Orchestra GRIHALVA, RICHARD San Diego Independent Biology GROEZINGER, MARLENE Berkeley Gamma Phi Beta Economics Phi Chi Theta, YWCA GRYSON, CHRISTINE Birmingham, Michigan Kappa Delta Sociology GUEST, DON Corona Del Mar Phi Gamma Delta Genetics Varsity Football, Rugby, Pre-Med Society GUTSTEIN, HELEN Beverly Hills Independent History HACKER, JOSEPH Sherman Oaks Barrington Hall History Men ' s Co-op and Small Approved Housing Representative 1964 HAIGHT, RALPH Botheil, Washington Independent Political Science International Relations Board, UC Yacht Club, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Pi Sigma Alpha HALL, SALLY Los Angeles Pi Beta Phi Political Science Phi Kappa Sigma Little Sisters, Torch and Shield HALL, STEVEN Los Altos Sigma Alpha Epsilon Physics GUESS, GEORGE Coral Gables, Florida Phi Kappa Psi Political Science GUICHARD, ROGER Walnut Creek Independent English Intercollegiate Basket- ball, Baseball, Honor Students Society HAAS, THOMAS Elk Grove Independent Political Science Alumni Scholarship Club, Residence Halls Judicial Committee, Honor Students Society, Pi Sigma Alpha HADREAS, PETER Mountain View Independent Music Men ' s Glee Club Accompanist, Honor Students Society HALCROW, KEN Redwood City Bowles Hall Zoology HALL, SANDRA San Francisco Alpha Phi Art History HALLAIAN, CHARLENE San Bruno Sigma Kappa Sociology President of Sigma Kappa and the sounds that once seized the ear .. GREGORY, TOD GREY, JOEL Santa Cruz San Clemente Chi Phi Lambda Chi Alpha History Psychology Baseball, President of Chi Phi and Golden Guard Society, Order of the Golden Bear GROH, KENNETH GRUBMAN, TERRY San Francisco North Hollywood Independent Independent History Political Science Oski Dolls 516 The Bear ' s Lair Sturgglers 517 HENDERSON, KAREN Fremont Sigma Kappa Psychology HAWKINS, PEGGY Orange Sigma Kappa History Intramural Tennis, Young Republicans HAYASHIGATANI, SHOTARO Osaka City, Japan Independent Political Science HEASLETT, DAVID East Concord Delta Upsilon Physiology HALPERN, SUSAN Alhambra Freeborn Hall Sociology HAMLIN, STEPHANIE Palo Alto Alpha Delta Pi English HANKS, KATHERINE Ely, Nevada Kappa Kappa Gamma English HARGREAVES, ANNALEE La Mesa Alpha Chi Omega French HARRAH, GLEE Dinuba Independent Journalism Theta Sigma Phi HARRISON, LES Beverly Hills Zeta Beta Tau Political Science Delta Phi Epsilon, Alpha Phi Omega HASTINGS, MYNA Long Beach Independent Psychology President of WAA, Women ' s C Society HAMMELL, JAYNEE Glendale Alpha Gamma Delta Spanish HANSEN, SALLY Redondo Beach Sherman Hall Dietetics President of Sherman Hall, President of Nutritional Sciences Club HARITOS, ELAINE San Mateo Alpha Omicron Pi Mathematics Alternate Pompon Girl, Penile HARRIS, LINDA Tarzana Delta Phi Epsilon Journal ism Radio KAL HARVEY, PAM Berkeley Pi Beta Phi Design Cal Prep, Card Stunts, Phidelphians HATTON, AYRIS Los Angeles Alpha Omicron Pi History Oski Dolls, Gavel and Quill, Union Program Board, Penile HAMMOND, VIRGINIA North Hollywood Independent Sociology HARE, ANTHONY Alameda Independent Psychology HARLOW, MARGARET Berkeley Zeta Tau Alpha Journalism Theta Sigma Phi HARRIS, RAND Berkeley Independent History Men ' s Glee Club, Unit I Social Chairman HASKETT, JOSH Long Beach Independent Philosophy and Psychology HEATH, G. L. Oroville Deutsch Hall Sociology UC Alumni Scholar, Honor Students Society, Phi Eta Sigma, International Scholarship HECHTLINGER, SUSAN Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Sociology HEIBEL, DONNA Pleasant Hill Independent Political Science Honor Students Society, Political Science Honor Society HEIL, ANNA Ventura Alpha Delta Chi Journalism Theta Sigma Phi HEINZER, JIM Sa n Francisco Kappa Alpha History HEISER, JUDITH Los Angeles Independent Bacteriology Student Health Serv- ices Committee, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Phi Beta Kappa HAMILTON, BARRY HAMILTON, JUDY Santa Monica San Marino Kappa Sigma Gamma Phi Beta Political Science History Card Stunts Committee, Honor Students Society HEAL, WILLIAM Oakland Sigma Phi Political Science Legislative Assistant, President of Sigma Phi, Secretary of Interfrater- nity Council, Editor of Cal Greek, Winged Helmet, Optime HEARN, PENNY Berkeley Kappa Alpha Theta Italian Phidelphians HENNESSY, DAVE Orinda Phi Gamma Delta Economics HENRIOULLE, STEVE Carmichael Theta Delta Chi Political Science HENNESSY, ELIZABETH Oakland Independent Psychology Photo Club, Spring Sing HERGET, TOM Berkeley Chi Phi Chemistry HOLCOMB, MARY Oakland Independent Geography HOLT, MARY ANN Sacramento Independent French HOLLAND, RICHARD Oakland Sigma Phi Communications and Public Policy Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys HONETT, STEVE Concord Kappa Alpha Zoology shimmer softly in the sunset ' s HEUNG, SILVER Kowloon, Hong Kong Independent Biochemistry HILL, DIANNE San Bernardino Alpha Delta Pi Social Science Junior Panhellenic, Famacs HILLDRETH, MARY San Jose Delta Delta Delta Physical Education Torch and Shield HILLS, MARY Atherton Kappa Kappa Gamma English Card Stunts, International Week, Famacs HINDS, MUNN Walnut Creek Phi Delta Theta History HIRASUNA, NORI Fresno Independent Psychology HOBSON, STEWART Wasco Independent Astronomy Men ' s Glee Club, Glee Club Officer, Honors at Entrance HOFFMAN, ANDREW Kansas City, Missouri Zeta Beta Tau History Ski Club, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society HOGAN, MARTHA Pasadena Alpha Gamma Delta Design Women ' s Crew HICKERSON, ROBERT LaGrange Park, Illinois Alpha Kappa Lambda Physiology Varsity Rifle Team, NROTC Quarterdeck Society HILL, RICH Burlingame Phi Gamma Delta Speech HILLEARY, STERLING Menlo Park Kappa Alpha Theta English AWS Model, Oski Dolls, Blue and Gold, Panhellenic, Kappa Alpha Rose, Soph Doll, NROTC Color Queen HIMSWORTH, PAMELA Palo Alto Independent Psychology HIRAI, FRED San Francisco Euclid Hall Zoology HIRSCH, GILAH Montreal, Canada Independent Art Honor Students Society HODGSON, LYNN Hayward Independent Spanish Angel Flight HOFFMAN, WILLIAM Richmond Bowles Hall Political Science Honor Students Society HOLBERTON, TERRY Santa Monica Psi Upsilon Economics Boxing Letterman, Big C Society, Skull and Keys HONORE, BONNIE Oakland Independent Anthropology HOWARD, KEITH Walnut Creek Beta Theta Pi Political Science HOWELL, KENNA Sheridan, Wyoming Delta Zeta Spanish Publications Board, Manager and Associate Manager of Blue and Gold, Theta Sigma Phi HUDSON, D OUGLAS Lafayette Beta Theta Pi Geography Tower and Flame, Tennis, Basketball, Honor Students Society HUFNAGEL, MARY La Canada Alpha Gamma Delta Physical Therapy HUKARI, DALE Santa Clara Chi Psi Psychology President of Chi Psi HUNT, VICKY Van Nuys Independent German HUNTER, RICHARD Berkeley Alpha Chi Rho Biochemistry HYDE, BARBARA San Leandro Independent Bacteriology Ski Club, WAA, Spring Sing HORNING, RICHARD Orinda Kappa Delta Rho Political Science Soph. Class Officer, Frosh Crew, Californi- ans, IFC, Gavel and Quill, Axe Review Producer, Soph Week Chairman HOWE, LUKE Whittier Independent Slavic Languages HUBBARD, JOAN Glendale Alpha Gamma Delta English HUEN, PATRICIA Oakland Independent Zoology Tower and Flame HUGHES, KAREN Palo Alto Alpha Chi Omega English Angel Flight HUMPHREY, DEBORAH Berkeley Independent German Secretary of Commuter Independent Associ- ation, Tower and Flame HUNTER, MARTHA El Cerrito Delta Delta Delta Political Science HUXTABLE, SUSAN Modesto Independent History Honor Students Society HYLAND, BROOKE Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon Communications and Public Policy Women ' s Activities Committee, Panhellenic 518 JACOBS, LORI San Francisco Alpha Epsilon Phi History Oski Dolls, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Women ' s Judicial Committee JAMES, PER LEE Mountain View Deutsch Hall Economics JENKINSON, JILL Millbrae Delta Delta Delta Art History JOHNSON, CHRISTINA Berkeley Independent History JOHNSON, ELIZABETH Reedley Independent History JOHNSON, LINDA Alameda Kappa Kappa Gamma English AWS Model, Panhellenic Delegate, Daily Cal, Tau Kappa Epsilon Carnation Queen, Big Game Qu. Ct., Calettes JOHNSTON, MARSHA Livermore Independent English JONES, JENNIFER San Francisco Independent History Treble Clef JACOBUS, JAY Orinda Communications and Public Policy Sigma Phi Chairman, Cal-Prep; Californians, Orienta- tions Board, Crew, Winged Helmet, Optime JAMES, STEWART Pasadena Ridge House Political Science JOHNSON, DAVID Berkeley Tellefsen Half Physics Order of the Golden Bear, Senior and Associate Manager, Cal Band; Rally and Games Council, Tower and Flame JOHNSON, JEANETTE Sacramento Alpha Chi Omega Economics JOHNSON, MERNE La Mesa Barrington Hall Civil Engineering ASCE, House Council, Barrington Hall JOHNSTON, SUZANNE Pasadena Independent English JONES, JUDY Chambersburg, Pennsylvania Independent Anthropology and Psychology JAGODA, SHARON Prairie Village, Kansas Alpha Epsilon Phi English Honor Students Society JENKINS, EILEEN Milwaukee, Wisconsin Independent French Terble Clef, National Student Association JOHNSON, DIANE Altadena Spens Black Hall Psychology JOHNSON, LANCE San Mateo Independent Economics Cal Camp, Crew, Tau Kappa Epsilon JOHNSON, SUE Escondido Westminster House Social Welfare JONES, JANICE Los Altos Ida Sproul Hall Political Science President, Ida Sproul; Women ' s Judicial Committee JONES, RUSSELLYN La Habra Independent History and Economics Honor Students Society JENSEN, DOROTHY JOHANSON, RICH Lafayette Oakland Independent Independent Speech Zoology A toast to the last four years. IKEDA, LYNDON San Mateo Independent Psychology Crew, Honor Students Society IMAGAWA, JANET Seaside Independent Biological Sciences INA, SANDRA San Francisco Independent Social Welfare INGHAM, ROBERT Lafayette Psi Upsilon Economics Winged Helmet INJAYAN, ROGER Palo Alto Independent Political Science INOUYE, MARGARET Redwood City Stern Hall Social Science ISAACSON, ELAINE Pasadena Independent Political Science ITO, GLENNA Alhambra Independent Design ITO, MICHAEL San Francisco Independent Political Science Senior Week, Nisei Students ' Club, CCR, Euclid Hall JACKSON, ROY Sacramento Independent Zoology Stag JACKSON, TERRY Campbell Phi Sigma Kappa History dawning JONES, SUSAN Berkeley Alpha Xi Delta Social Welfare JORGENSEN, JAMES Oakland Theta Delta Chi Chemistry Hiking Club, Alpha Phi Omega JONES, TAFFY Alamo Sigma Kappa Religion Secretary, Ski Club; Young Republicans, Honor Students Society JOW, BARBARA Brawley Independent Social Science JORDAN, ELLIE Sacramento Independent Anthropology JOWER, WAYNE Belmont Oxford Hall Zoology Cal Band, Chinese Students ' Club, Pi Alpha Phi Masonic Club KING, SYLVIA Sunnyvale International House Social Welfare KINGMAN, BARRY Palo Alto Phi Sigma Kappa Economics Order of the Golden Bear, Golden Guard, Cal Club, Californians, President, Inter- Fraternity Council; Senior Football Mgr. the years become both means JOY, BARBARA Los Altos Gamma Phi Beta Sociology Junior Class Council, Little Sisters of Min- erva, YWCA, Ski Club, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society KAGEL, PETER Berkeley Delta Tau Delta Social Science KAMEDA, NAOMI San Francisco Independent Chemistry KARISH, INA Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon English Honor Students Society KAWAI, JANICE Pasadena Davidson Hall History Nisei Students Club KELLY, PATTY Orinda Chi Omega English Junior Class Council, Famacs, Alpha Mu Gamma, Honor Students Society KESSLER, KAREN Bakersfield Gamma Phi Beta Social Science Oski Dolls, YWCA Representative KINCAIDE, KAY Fairfax Davidson Hall Design U. C. Photo Club 520 KALBACH, JEAN Altadena Delta Gamma History AWS Board, Tower and Flame, Oski Dolls, ()prime, Prytanean, Pres., Panile; Sigma Chi Sweetheart, Public Cerem. Comm. KANAYA, JUNK() Monterey Independent English Cal Camp Counselor KARNS, BECKY Santa Monica Independent History YWCA KAWAUCHI, LOIS Menlo Park Cheney Hall Dietetics Nisei Students Club KENNEDY, ANNE Redding Alpha Phi French Cal Club, Mortar Board, Torch and Shield KEY, JACKIE San Francisco Alpha Epsilon Phi History Little Sisters of Min- erva, SAE; Mortar Board KALDOR, RONALD San Rafael Sigma Alpha Mu Economics Drama, President of Sigma Alpha Mu KAPLAN, CHARLES Piedmont Pi Lambda Phi Social Science KARSCH, MICHAEL Columbia, Missouri Delta Sigma Phi Political Science Chairman, International Week; German Club, Air Force ROTC, Young Republicans, Experiment in International Living KEAGY, BOB Oakland Independent International Relations Golden Guard, Young Republicans, Delta Phi Epsilon, California College Representative, ASUC Constitutional Convention KENNEDY, MARIE Bakersfield Independent Social Science KIERULFF, SANDRA Piedmont Alpha Phi French KINUNEN, DONALD Richmond Independent Zoology KIRBY, DOUGLAS La Mesa Independent Sociology FSM, FSU KIRBY, JOANNE Hamilton AFB Elizabeth Barrett English Sophomore Class Representative, Executive Officer, Angel Flight; Blue and Gold Staff KIRKWOOD, JEANIE San Francisco Kapa Kappa Gamma Social Science Intramurals KIRWAN, RALPH Alameda Theta Delta Chi Economics Golden Guard, German Club, Soccer, Class Council, Class Officers ' Board, V.P., Freshman Class; V. P., Junior IFC KITTAKA, KAORU Hiroshima, Japan Independent Political Science KITTO, PAMELA Stockton Chi Omega Social Welfare KLEIN, PETER Los Angeles Alpha Epsilon Pi Social Science IFC Greek Week, Red Cross Hospital Volunteer and ends JUCHTER, KENDRA Orinda Cheney Hall Art Agathon, Inter-hall Council KADELL, BILL Oakland Phi Gamma Delta Art KATHAN, DOROTHY KATZ, ARLENE Pembroke, Seattle, Washington New Hampshire Independent Independent History Political Science KATZ, MARCIA Hermosa Beach Independent History KING, GAYLE Panorama City Spens Black Hall Mathematics Honor Students Society KING, JANET Pasadena Kappa Alpha Theta History Panhellenic, AWS Model, Prytanean KLEIN, ROWAN Sherman Oaks Phi Epsilon Pi History KNAPP, MELISSA Pasadena Independent Mathematics KNUEPPEL, NICHOLAS Davenport, Iowa Alpha Tau Omega Math KOLLIAS, TINA San Francisco Alpha Delta Pi Political Science KORA, CATHY Oakland Independent Design KORTS, SUSAN Oakland Ritter Hall Social Science Calettes, Axe Review; YWCA Community Service Chairman, YWCA Representa- tive, AIESEC KNAPP, MARGERY Carmichael Independent Classics KNAUTH, NATALIE Belvedere Independent English Constitutional Council, Ski Club KOCHER, PATRICIA Orinda Independent Social Welfare Women ' s Tennis Team, YWCA KONG, BARBARA Castro Valley Sherman Hall Oriental Languages Axe Review KORDELL, RONNI Modesto Independent English Senior Manager, Treble Clef; AWS Board, Judicial Committee Chairman, Freeborn Hall; Prytanean KOSSEN, MICHAEL San Francisco Zeta Beta Tau Economics KURZ, SHIRLEY Van Nuys Independent Anthropology Kroeber Society, Honor Students Society LACK, LINNELL San Mateo Elizabeth Barrett Sociology Treble Clef, Ski Club LAHTI, DIANNE San Leandro Stern Hall Sociology President, Stern Hall LANDER, ROBERT Encino Sigma Alpha Mu History John F. Kennedy Memorial Debate, Joffre Debate, Alpha Kappa Psi, Cabinet, Fr. Class President Chancellor ' s Comm., Squash, Sailing, Tennis LANE, MARY Santa Clara Independent Zoology WAA, Lifeguard Corps, Women ' s C Society KWOK, SEUNG LO Macau, China Independent Electrical Engineering LAFAYETTE, LESLIE Sherman Oaks Alpha Xi Delta Political Science President, Junior Panhellenic; Daily Cal LAMONT, NANCY Oakland Independent Political Science Treble Clef, Canterbury Steering Committee LANDY, RONA Lakewood Delta Phi Epsilon Communications and Public Policy Senior Class Council, Student Orientation Service Counselor LANGERAK, SHARON Monterey Independent History KUNGEL, LYNDA KURN, SIDNEY Van Nuys Tucson, Arizona Independent Independent Psychology Math, Physics Honor Students Society Hillel A familiar sight on Bancroft Way.. .. LECTURE NOTES SPRINTING SERVICE KRENTZ, NANCY El Cerrito Independent Social Welfare UC Hiking Club, YWCA, Le Cercle Francais, Comm. Sett ' . Chairman, Co-op Workshop Mgr., V. P., Sherman Hall KUBOCHI, MARTHA Sacramento Independent Psychology KROES, JOHN Belmont Independent Physiology KUNG, SUSAN Hong Kong, China Independent Mathematics Honor Students Society LARA, YAMIL Fremont Independent Political Science, Economics Pi Sigma Alpha, Baseball, Consejo de Las Americas, Estudiantes Ibero Americanes, Honor Students Society LATHAM, JACQUELYN Oakland Sigma Kappa History LAURO, DONALD San Francisco Independent History Junior Class Council, Freshman Track, Peace Corps Committee LASSEN, SUSAN Tempe, Arizona Zeta Tau Alpha English YWCA, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Mortar Board, Prytanean LATHROP, PAT Menlo Park Alpha Omicron H Sociology Union Program Board, Theta Delta Chi Sister Stars LAWLER, NANCY Oakland Independent Anhropology Manager, Promotions Manager, Sales Day Manager, Pelican; Publications Board KRUGER, JULIANNE KRUM, NARDA Wichita Falls, Tex. Belmont Delta Phi Epsilon Independent Social Welfare Social Science 521 LAWLOR, CLARICE Berkeley Independent English Honor Students Society LAWRENCE, LARRY Costa Mesa Phi Delta Theta Psychology Yacht Club, Blue and Gold Sports Editor LEDSON, GARY San Rafael Lambda Chi Alpha Psychology Student Community Relations Board LEE, BECKY Oakland Independent Social Science LEE, HANNAH Hong Kong, China Independent Mathematics Chinese Students Association LEE, LINDA Oakland Independent Art Education LEHMAN, MIRIAM Lordsburg, New Mex. Independent Biological Sciences LEKATIS, NICK Oakland Independent Spanish, Psychology Epsilon Phi Sigma, Foreign Students Committee LENN, NANCY San Francisco Alpha Xi Delta Philosophy 522 LAWLOR, LAWRENCE Berkeley Independent Biology and Physics LEAHY, SALLY San Francisco Kappa Kappa Gamma Social Science Women ' s Rally Com- mittee, Secretary, Women ' s Athletic Association; Torch and Shield, Women ' s C Society LEE, ALLEN Oakland Independent Social Welfare LEE, DOUGLAS Piedmont Pi Alpha Phi Political Science Cal Band LEE, KELVIN San Francisco Independent Biophysics Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society LEE, PAMELA Palo Alto Davidson Hall Social Science American Field Service, Chinese Christian Youth Organization, Alpha Gamma Sigma LEISER, MELINDA Knights Landing Colonial Hall Political Science Women ' s Rally Com- mittee, Oski Dolls LELAND, LINDA Millbrae Independent Political Science LENNETTE, DAVID Oakland Independent Physics Radio Kal, Photo Club, Chairman, Under- graduate Physics Seminar LERCH, JEROME San Francisco Independent Political Science LEVIN, BETSY Hammond, Indiana Alpha Epsilon Phi English Co-Director, Axe Revue; Gamma Delta Epsilon, Panhellenic, President of Alpha Phi, Prytanean LEVINE, JACQUELINE San Francisco Independent German LEVY, ARLENE Burlingame Independent English Women ' s Rally Committee, SOS, Angel Flight, Tower and Flame LEVY, MARCIA San Francisco Independent Communications and Public Policy School Resource Volunteer LEWIS, ALICIA San Francisco Independent English LEWIS, BARBARA Upland Independent Social Science LEVIEN, MARION Seattle,W ashington Delta Phi Epsilon Sociology LEVIN, ROBERT Los Angeles Zeta Beta Tau Zoology Intramural Tennis, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society LEVITT, ALAN North Hollywood Independent Communications and Public Policy High School Orientations LEVY, LAWRENCE North Hollywood Independent Sociology Intramural Basketball, Pre-Medical Society, Norton Hall LEW, JUDY Campbell Independent Biological Sciences Mortar Board LEWIS, ARGUS Oxnard Independent Zoology Honor Students Society LEWIS, DANIEL Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Mu Journalistic Studies LEBB, EDWARD LEDFORD, HEIDI San Francisco Honolulu, Hawaii Sigma Nu Delta Delta Delta Political Science Speech Chairman, Student Judicial Committee; Junior Class Honor Society a pinnacle reached, a word LI, EDWARD Santa Maria Co-op Biochemistry LIEBMAN, JANE San Francisco Independent Political Science LIM, VIC El Cerrito Pi Alpha Phi Mathematics LINDSAY, BRUCE Redding Theta Chi Mathematics LIPNICK, JEROME Galveston, Texas Independent Economics Honor Students Society LITTS, PHILLIP Lodi Delta Sigma Phi Anthropology Head Yell Leader, Cabinet, Rally and Games Council, Californians, Cal Club, University Affairs Committee LOGAN, LARRY Lafayette Psi Upsilon History Winged Helmet LICHTENSTEIN, EVELYN San Francisco Independent French Treble Clef, Alpha Mu Gamma, Honor Students Society LIM, KAREN Oakland Independent Zoology Student Orientation Service, Chinese Students ' Club, Hon°, Students Society LIMONE, SHMUEL Ramat-Gan, Israel Independent Political Science LINDSAY, MIDGE Oakland Delta Gamma History LIST, BONNIE Carson City, Nev. Sigma Kappa Scandinavian Languages LOFTHOUSE, BARBARA North Hollywood Independent Social Science LOHMAN, SUE Bakersfield Cunningham Hall English Life Guard Corps, Wesley Foundation, Christian Students for Social Action, Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame LOMAX, RONALD Oakland Independent Political Science LONG, CAROLYN Martinez Independent Political Science SCTA, Plymouth House LORENZ, BLAKE Riverside Independent Physics Glee Club, Daily Cal LUMSDEN, ANN Pebble Beach Gamma Phi Beta Social Science Treasurer, Panhellenic; Phidelphians LYONS, TIM Davis Delta Tau Delta Economics Cabinet, Senate, Finance Committee, Cal Club, Track MacDONALD, PAT Atwater Alpha Xi Delta Art Daily Californian Managerial MacGREGOR, BARBARA New York, New York Independent Social Science Chairman of WAA Sports Clubs, Honor Students Society MacKAY, ROSS Kentfield Beta Theta Pi Political Science Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet MADFES, KAREN Stateline Chi Omega History MAGID, ANDY Chickasha, Okla. Tellefsen Hall Mathematics Cal Band, Honor Students Society LONES, LINDA Santa Rosa Cheney Hall Bacteriology LOO, MARY San Francisco Independent French Newman Club, School Resource Volunteers, Joaquin Hall, Epworth Hall, Honor Students Society LOWY, JUDITH Pasadena Independent Psychology LYON, WILLIAM San Francisco Independent Zoology MAAS, FRANK Berkeley Pi Lambda Phi Political Science Council, President of Pi Lambda Phi MacDOUGALL, JAN Berkeley Kappa Alpha Theta Design MacINTOSH, PEGGY Alameda Independent Linguistics Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society MADDUX, PHILLIP Santa Rosa Theta Delta Chi English MADFES, SUSAN San Francisco Delta Phi Epsilon Social Science MAGOVERN, BEVERLY El Cerrito Independent Politcal Science Forensics Team Sec., Tower and Flame, Panile, Honor Students Society, Second Place in Sproul Speech Contest LUHMANN, DONALD LUK, KENNETH San Leandro Hong Kong, China Independent Independent Economics Chinese Students Association, Chinese Students ' Club, Daily Cal, Regents Scholar Pajama fashions intrigue Oski! MAHONEY, SUSAN Palo Alto Hoyt Hall Sociology UC Tutorial MAINIERI, STEVE Oakland Independent Italian MAIER, MARSHA Lafayette Independent Italian MALBIN, IRENE Monterey Stern Hall Political Science Student Forum, Tower and Flame, Pi Sigma Alpha, Honor Students Society McAULAY, LINDA Toronto, Canada Independent Design McCARTHY, ANNE San Luis Obispo Colonial Hall Political Science ivicCANDLESS, SANDRA Los Altos Hills Kappa Delta Political Science McCARTHY, JANE Piedmont Kappa Kappa Gamma Social Welfare and for everything the season turns: MALORK, JOHN Vallejo Independent Psychology MANION, BRUCE Denver, Colorado Independent Astronomy MANNING, BRENDA Redlands Kappa Delta Social Science Cal Camp, Gavel and Quill, Prytanean MARGULIES, SHELDON Highland Park, Ill. Independent Psychology President of UC Photo Club, Pre-Med Society, Tower and Flame MARSH, JUDITH Berkeley Independent Social Science MARTI, SAMUEL La Pu ente Independent Spanish MASAI, MIEKO Stockton Baptist Student Center Social Science MAY, ANN Modesto Independent French Junior Year Abroad, Honors at Entrance MALTER, JOAN Newport Beach Alpha Epsilon Phi Humanities MANN, JANET Redwood Valley Independent Communications and Public Policy MARCHESE, JOHN Fresno Independent Political Science Honor Students Society MARKWART, SHELBY Menlo Park Delta Delta Delta Anthropology Executive Board, Panhellenic; Education Abroad Program, Tokyo MARSTON, JAMES Berkeley Independent Political Science University Chorus MARTONE, GARY Modesto Tau Kappa Epsilon Physiology Crew, Cal Prep MATEUS, EVA Long Island, N. Y. Independent Economics Assistant Manager of Blue and Gold, Senior Class Council MAYER, ELAINE San Mateo Kappa Alpha Theta Communications and Public Policy McCAULEY, DANA Los Angeles Stern Hall Sociology McCROCKLIN, NANCY San Jose Independent French McDONNEL, NANCY Los Angeles Independent Social Welfare McGINNIS, MIKE San Mateo Independent Political Science Senior Class President, Order of the Golden Bear, Cal Club, Californians, Univer- sity Affairs Comm., ASUC Cabinet, Honor Students Society McINTOSH, DAN Wellesley, Mass. Bowles Hall History NSA Coordinator, ASUC Rep. at Large, ASUC Finance Com- mittee, Chancellor ' s Committee for Alumni Affairs McKINLEY, BERTHA Pacific Grove Phi Mu English McQUARY, MICHAEL Berkeley Independent History McREYNOLDS, JOHN Modesto Deutsch Hall Political Science Intramural Softball, Amigos Anonymous, Treasurer of Deutsch Hall McCONNELL, ANDREA Sierra Madre Independent Psychology McCUTCHEON, MELISSA Alameda Independent Political Science McEVOY, JEAN Palo Alto Independent Anthropology AWS Board, Senior Manager of Treble Clef, Kroeber Anthropological Society, Prytanean McGRATH, MICHELE Liverpool, England Independent European History UC Yacht Club McINTOSH, WILLIAM Pomona Independent Political Science McPHERSON, KATHRYN San Mateo Richards Hall French Peace Corps Com- mittee, Alpha Mu Gamma, School Resource Volunteers McQUILLAN, JOHN Pleasant Hill Independent Zoology Phi Beta Kappa McWATERS, LEANNE Fullerton Alpha Gamma Delta Social Science McCARTHY, JEANIE McCARTHY, SOAPY San Rafael Los Angeles Alpha Phi Kappa Kappa Gamma Anthropology Social Science 524 MATHIS, MAYBELLE MAXON, LYNDA Sebastopol El Cerrito Independent Independent Anthropology Speech METTLER, KENNETH Shaf ter Bowles Hall Economics MEYER, JUDITH Oakland Independent Psychology MIELKE, JUDITH Atherton Independent Journalism MILES, JAMES Redwood City Bowles Hall Political Science Water Polo, Honor Students Society MILLER, DAVID Carmichael Theta Delta Chi Speech METZGER, LON Walnut Creek Alpha Delta Phi Economics Ski Club, Young Republicans MICHEL, PAM Sacramento Alpha Gamma Delta History MIESKE, ERNEST Redding Independent Political Science MILLER, BARBARA Rio Vista Zeta Tau Alpha Anthropology Chairman of Union Program Board, ASUC Cabinet, Cal Club, Torch and Shield, Honors at Entrance, Tower and Flame MILLER, MORGAN Ross Alpha Tau Omega History MEYER, JAMES Healdsburg Chi Phi History MICHELOTTI, LINDA San Rafael Alpha Delta Pi Sociology MIKA, KITTY Orinda Alpha Omicron Pi Psychology MILLER, CLAUDIA Hilsborough Delta Psi Epsilon S ociology MILLER, SALLY Walnut Creek Independent French Ludwig ' s fountain — a popular meeting place on campus. MITCHELL, RAYMOND San Mateo Tau Kappa Epsilon Economics Cal Camp, Crew Manager MOLL, HEIDI Guatemala Gamma Phi Beta German MOORE, LURLIE El Cajon Kappa Alpha Th eta History MIZOKAMI, NANCY Watsonville Cheney Hall History MONKARSH, LYNNE Los Angeles Alpha Epsilon Phi Political Science Women ' s Judicial Committee, Oski Dolls MORAN, BARBARA Berkeley Alpha Chi Omega English MITCHELL, LAMONT San Diego Independent Social Welfare Promotions Manager of Daily Californian MOLEN, PATRICIA Walnut Creek Independent History Volunteer at California School for the Blind MOOR, BARBARA Barrington, Illinois Delta Gamma History Angel Flight, Gavel and Quill MORAN, ELIZABETH San Francisco Kappa Alpha Theta History AWS Art Committee and Social Committee MILLER, THOMAS MILLS, DIANA Ann Arbor, Michigan Los Angeles Independent Independent Mathematics Social Welfare 525 MEAGHER, JOE Whittier Alpha Tau Omega History Class Councils, Phi Phi MECIA, FRANCIE Los Altos Gamma Pih Beta English MECOM, WILLIAM La Mirada Independent History Californians, Daily Californian Publisher ' s Board MEIER, JANET Yuba City Independent Psychology Tower and Flame MEINDL, JOHN South Laguna Independent Economics Senior Class Council, Ski Club, Yacht Club, Publicity and Public Relations Board, National Lawn Tennis Association MEISTER, DAVE Los Angeles Alpha Tau Omega Economics MELCZER, PETER Los Angeles Independent Sociology Tutorial Project MENDONCA, EDWARD Tulare Delta Sigma Phi Physical Education MENKIN, MARCIA Skokie, Illinois Delta Phi Epsilon English MERRITT, MELINDA La Jolla Kappa Kappa Gamma Social Science Sec ' y-Treas. of Senior Class, Oski Dolls, AWS Board, Gavel and Quill, Class Officers Board, Honor Students Soc., Daffodil Queen MERRITT, SUSAN Rolling Hills Kappa Alpha Theta Social Science ME ' 1 I ER, GERALD Los Angeles Independent Statistics MORGAN, RALPH Berkeley Tau Kappa Epsilon Sociology MORTENSEN, CARL Oakland Independent Geophysics Swimming Team, Big C Society, NROTC MUELLER, ORVAL Redwood City Independent Economics Chairman of Student Education and Faculty Relations Board, Honor Students Society MUNSON, JACK Inglewood Alpha Delta Phi History MUSHKIN, LEONARD San Mateo Phi Epsilon Pi History NAGAN, JACK Rochester, N. Y. Kappa Alpha Political Science Ski Club NAJIMA, DONNA Cupertino Independent Biological Sciences NAVID, LOIS Park Forest, Illinois Independent Spanish Polls Council, Honor Students Society MORI, AYAKO Otaru, Japan Bay View Terrace Sociology MOSS, GARY Los Altos Pi Kappa Alpha Zoology MULLEN, KEN Lodi Kappa Sigma Biochemistry MURATA, SANFORD Honolulu, Hawaii Independent Economics MUSZYNSKI, PATRICIA Mill Valley Independent French Chmn of Women ' s Jud. Comm., Pres. of Peixotto Hall, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Mortar Board NAGATANI, MICHAEL Hanford Independent Pre Med Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society NAKAGAWA, ANDREA Modesto Independent History NEAL, JAMES San Rafael Independent Political Science MORIMOTO, CAROL Los Angeles Cheney Hall Art MOYER, DOROTHY Montebello Independent Social Science Junior Manager of Treble Clef, Vice- President of YWCA, Prytanean MULVEY, MARY BETH Arcadia Chi Omega Political Science Oski Dolls, Union Program Board, Pan- hellenic Social Chair- man, Mortar Board, FAMACS MURRAY, JOYCE Tuscon, Arizona Independent English NACHBAUR, WILLIAM Vallejo Deutsch Hall Political Science Men ' s Rally Comm., Pres. of Deutsch Hall, Amigos Anonymous, Newman Club, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society NAGATOSHI, SATOKO Oakland Independent Psychology Nisei Students Club NAKANISHI, MIKIYE San Francisco Independent Biochemistry NELSON, CHRIS Quebec, Canada Alpha Kappa Lambda Political Science NORWOOD, JACLYN Altadena Kappa Kappa Gamma History NOYES, JIM Berkeley Independent Political Science Men ' s Glee Club NYBURG, BEA San Francisco Kappa Kappa Gamma Journalism Daily Californian O ' BRIEN, JOHN Oxnard Bowles Hall Sociology Freshman Water Polo, Daily Californian Film Reviews O ' BRIEN, WILLIAM Walnut Creek Independent Political Science Permanent Sr. Council, Intramural Football, AFROTC, Young Re- publicans, Arnold Air Society, Campus Crusade for Christ ODA, MILTON Lodi Independent Political Science OKADA, DORIS Dinuba Cheney Hall Psychology Nisei Student Club, Cheney Hall Officer, Honor Students Society OLSEN, LINDA Atherton Kappa Alpha Theta History and Political Science Union Program Board, Card Stunts, AWS Publicity, Honor Students Society NELSON, ERVIN Walnut Creek Alpha Gamma Omega Philosophy Esperanto Club, International Rela- tions Board, Tower and Flame NERI, JORDAN San Bruno Kappa Alpha Biological Sciences NEWLAND, WILLIAM Santa Barbara Independent Sociology NIGGEMAN, JON Kentfield Beta Theta Pi Economics NELSON, KRISTEN San Francisco Independent Political Science Honor Society NEWHALL, SHIRLEY San Rafael Delta Gamma Social Science NEWTON, REEVE San Bruno Phi Kappa Tau Psychology NIKKEL, ROGER San Leandro Independent Political Science NELSON, ROBERT Monrovia Independent Slavic Languages NEWHOUSE, DAVID Laguna Beach Theta Xi Physics Boxing, Big C Society NICHOLS, MIKE New Rochelle, N. Y. Kappa Alpha Anthropology NORTON, SUSY Lafayette Alpha Chi Omega French Treble Clef, Madrigals 526 Senior Class Council ONEILL, BILL Albuquerque, New Mexico Kappa Alpha Zoology a time to laugh, O ' NEILL, CAROLYN Berkeley Independent French Honor Students Society ONG, WILLIAM San Francisco Pi Alpha Phi Psychology Chinese Students Club, Pre Med Society, Nisei Students Club, J. Gold- schmidt Scholarship OPHEIM, KENT Anaheim Independent Chemistry ORTEL, CAROLYN Lompoc Independent Sociology O ' SHEA, DENNIS Pleasantville, N.Y. Phi Kappa Sigma Social Science Junior Class Council, Senior Class Vice-Pres., Union Program Board, Crew, Gavel and Quill, Californians, Order of the Golden Bear PACKARD, SHIRLEY PADLEY, JOHN PAIGE, KEN Palo Alto Berkeley San Bruno Elizabeth Barrett Independent Phi Kappa Tau Sociology Political Science Humanities Honor Students Society Californians Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame PAINTNER, SHIRLEY PALEY, PATSY PAPO, MICHAEL San Francisco Beverly Hills Sacramento Independent Delta Phi Epsilon Independent History Art History Social Science Deutscher Verein, Sweetheart of Theta Hillel Honor Students Wesley Foundation, Chi, Tower and Flame Society YWCA PAPPAS, THEONI PARENTI, PAMELA PARKER, LINDSAY Palo Alto Pebble Beach Los Altos Independent Independent Chi Omega Mathematics French Political Science Tower and Flame Honor Students Society, Language Honor Society PARKER, MERRILY PARNELL, PETER PARRISH, Menlo Park Sacramento ELIZABETH Independent Phi Kappa Psi Berkeley Anthropology Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta Women ' s C Society, History Intramural Tennis AWS, Tennis Manager PARSEKIAN, PARSHALL, KAREN PASCOE, CECILE ARLENE Sacramento San Gabriel San Francisco Alpha Phi Sherman Hall Ida Sproul Hall History History Mathematics President of Junior President of Sherman Panhellenic Hall PATTERSON, PATTI PATTISON, PEARCE, JOHN Atherton KATHERINE Wilmington, Delta Gamma Winnetka, Illinois Delaware History Independent Deutsch Hall Torch and Shield Political Science Political Science Honor Students Society Gavel and Quill PEARL, RICHARD PELETZ, DAN PELZNER, ROGER Millbrae Santa Rosa San Mateo Sigma Alpha Mu Alpha Chi Rho Bowles Hall Economics Economics Physiology California College Republicans PERSSON, LINDA PETERSEN, GEORGE PETERSEN, SHERRILL Palo Alto San Francisco Santa Cruz Bayview Terrace Beta Theta Pi Zeta Tau Alpha Biological Sciences History French Squash, Vice-President Oski Dolls, AWS of Beta Theta Pi Chairman, Treble Clef, Junior Panhellenic, Honor Students Society, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Tower and Flame and a time to weep ti OWENS, CAROLYN Los Angeles Zeta Tau Alpha Political Science Elections Council, Junior Class Secretary, American Field Service, Gavel and Quill OZAWA, KATHLEEN PACKARD, GERDA Mountain View Whittier International House Alpha Gamma Delta Social Welfare Sociology OLSEN, MEG Walnut Creek Pi Beta Phi Science AWS President, ASUC Cabinet, Women ' s Rally Blue and Gold, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Panile, Sproul Award, Famacs OLSHEN, BEVERLY Burlingame Independent Zoology School Resource Volunteers, Honor Students Society OSOFSKY, GENE OTAMURA, JANE OUYE, DORINNE Hayward Cotati Oakland Alpha Epsilon Pi Hoyt Hall Independent Economics Social Science Biochemistry Hillel Vice-President Nisei Students Club Nisei Students Club PETERSON, CHERI Lafayette Chi Omega Design PETRELLI, CINDY Los Angeles Delta Zeta Political Science Junior Class Spirit Committee and Pub- licity Committee, WAA Intramural Bowling Manager, Blue and Gold Staff PEZZAGLIA, SUSAN El Cerrito Alpha Omicron Pi Italian PIEROG, JAMES San Carlos Economics Varsity Water Polo and Swimming, Big C Society, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society PINNEY, JAN Berkeley Independent Anthropology POPOV, ALEX El Cerrito Sigma Nu Political Science PORTER, PENELOPE Paramount Independent Psychology PRATT, DIANE Sunnyvale Zeta Tau Alpha French WAA Intramurals, ASUC Bowling League, Cahpers PETERSON, SUSAN Palo Alto Independent Social Science AWS Activities Com- mittee, Le Cercle Francais, Ski Club PETROVSKY, JOHN San Francisco Bowles Hall Spanish Alpha Mu Gamma PIERCE, MARGARET Inglewood Independent Linguistics WAA Synchronized Swimming, WAA Vice-President, Women ' s C Society PIEROSE, SUSAN Pasadena Kappa Kappa Gamma Social Science POLLON, JONATHAN Studio City Tau Kappa Epsilon Political Science PORTELLO, SUZANNE Lafayette Alpha Gamma Delta History POTEWIRATANA- NOND, SUCHET Bankok, Thailand Independent Physics PREC, YARMILA Downers Grove, Illinois Independent Art PRESTON, LYNDA Montebello Independent English PREVOST, STEVE Oakland Phi Kappa Sigma Zoology Election Council, Freshman Track, Men ' s Rally Committee PRIMM, KAREN Carmichael Independent English QUAINTANCE, BOBBIE Honolulu, Hawaii Pi Beta Phi Psychology Card Stunts, Little Sisters of Phi Kappa Sigma, Cal Sea Gulls QUELLMALZ, ROBERT San Leandro Tau Kappa Epsilon Political Science QUIMBY, SUSAN Modesto Alpha Chi Omega Biological Sciences RABWIN, DINAH Beverly Hills Elizabeth Ba rrett English Intramural Football, President of Elizabeth Barrett RAHN, EVELYN Denver, Colorado Independent Anthropology UC Ski Club Secretary and Vice-President, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society PRESZLER, CHARLENE Lodi Delta Gamma Political Science PRICE, RITA Oakland Independent Psychology Delta Sigma Theta Student Tutorial Aid Group PROBST, STEPHANIE Van Nuys Independent Political Science Young Democrats, Russian Club, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society QUAN, ANNA San Francisco Independent Oriental Languages Pi Theta QUESADA, NORA Philippines Independent Industrial Relations and Personnel Management RAAF, JEAN Portland, Oregon Delta Gamma Comparative Literature Menlo Park Independent Mathematics International House, Hillel Foundation RAILTON, JANE Berkeley Kappa Kappa Gamma French Registration Day at Cal .. . REICHMUTH, REINER, STEVEN BARBARA Chicago, Illinois San Anselmo Alpha Epsilon Pi Kappa Kappa Gamma Science English Radio KAL Junior and Senior Class Councils, Card Stunts, Honor Students Society, Optime, Gavel and Quill RHETT, DON Danville Phi Kappa Tau History RANDALL, BARBARA El Cerrito Alpha Omicron Pi French RANDALL, TERRY Fullerton Davidson Hall Physical Education President of Physical Education Majors Club, Nu Sigma Psi, Honor Students Society REES, MARTE Hillsborough Gamma Phi Beta Sociology AWS, YMCA REISMAN, VALERIE Los Angeles Independent History Oski Dolls RESSEGUIE, JAMES Lockport, New York Independent Biological Sciences Pre-Med Society, Cal Christian Fellowship grow old and turn and are born again RANDOLPH, WILLIAM Orovillc Lambda Chi Alpha Political Science Pelican Staff RATH, THOMAS Berkeley Independent Political Science RAU, SUE Watsonville Chi Omega Political Science Sisters of Vlinerva RAUDENBUSH, MICHAEL Camarillo Independent History and German NROTC Battalion Commander, Hiking Club, Honor Students Society, Phi Beta Kappa, Regents ' Scholar READY, DANIEL El Cerrito Phi Sigma Kappa History Basketball RECSEI, CLAIRE Santa Barbara Chi Omega French Daughters of Diana REDMAN, MIKE Eureka Psi Upsilon History Freshman Football, Californians, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet REDO, KATHERINE Hayward Cheney Hall Mathematics Secretary-Treasurer of Cheney Hall, Spring Sing, Tower and Flame, Education Abroad Program REED, NANCY Sacramento Independent Psychology Student Orientation Service Counselor, Cal Camp Corresponding Secretary and Coun- selor, Collegian Singers, Project Amigos RHODA, KATHY Orinda Delta Gamma Humanities Campus Crusade for Christ RIBEIRO, RICARDO Berkeley Independent Political Science Intramurals, Football, Basketball, Alpha Phi Omega, Honor Students Society RICKETTS, CAROL Torrance Independent Psychology RIMMER, HANK Vallejo Delta Upsilon Political Science ROBERTS, BARBARA Oakland Alpha Gamma Delta Social Science ROBERTSON, ELIZABETH Walnut Creek Cheney Hall Design Collegian Singers, School Resource Volunteers ROGERS, JOHN Walnut Creek Kappa Sigma Political Science Californians ROMAN, DIANNE San Rafael Independent Communications and Public Policy RHODES, DONNA Alliance, Ohio International House Social Science and Sociology President of Beaudelaire Club, Judicial Com- mittee Chairman, YWCA, Honor Students Society RICHIER, SUSAN Auburn Independent Biology RIDING, CAROLYN San Rafael Independent French Cercle Francais, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Education Abroad Program RINDGE, JANET Teaneck, New Jersey Independent Biological Sciences Chamber Band, Concert Band, Calvin Club, Intervarsity Christian Fellowship ROBERTS, DELANE Concord Independent Political Science ROCHIN, REFUGIO Carlsbad Tau Kappa Epsilon Economics Overseas Information Service Committee ROGERS, SYLVIA Sacramento Independent Political Science College Department of First Presbyterian Church ROMANOFF, ELIZABETH Walnut Creek Independent History RIAVE, KANDY Camarillo Delta Phi Epsilon History Senior Class Council, Gavel and Quill RICKARD, CAROLYN Oakland Chi Omega Political Science Social Committee, Cal Prep Counselor, Tower and Flame RIEMKE, RICHARD Rodeo Alpha Sigma Phi Zoology Cal Band, Order of the Golden Bear RIVER, MARILYN Atherton Ida Sproul Hall Mathematics Tower and Flame ROBERTS, JOHN La Mesa Sigma Nu Economics Rep. at Large, Pres. of Californians, Big Game Week Chairman, Inter- fraternity Council Executive Committee RODEBAUGH, MARK San Jose Chi Phi History ROEDER, RANDOLPH El Cerrito Independent Political Science ROKEACH, SHARRON Lakewood Independent Mathematics Junior Class Council, Honor Students Society ROMNEY, DAVE Santa Paula Zeta Psi History Chairman, High School Symposium RODRIGUEZ, JUDITH ROE, MARY San Fernando Rodeo Epworth Hall Ida Sproul Hall Political Science English Cal Engineer, YWCA, Honor Students Society 529 with a new heart and soul and mind, ROTH, LINN Burlingame Phi Kappa Psi English ROUNDY, ROBERT Huntington Park Bowles Hall Geography SACHS, STEVEN San Francisco Pi Lambda Phi Political Science Men ' s Judicial Com- mittee, President of Pi Lambda Phi, Inter- fraternity Council Vice-President SANCHEZ, LINDA Richmond Cheney Hall Mathematics SAROCKA, IRENE San Rafael Delta Gamma Psychology YWCA, Treble Clef SAX, BRIAN Albany Independent History Sigma Alpha Mu SCHACHT, LINDA Berkeley Alpha Delta Pi Social Science Miss Beauty 1964, Panile SCHERER, BARRY Anaheim Independent Political Science UC Debate Team ROTHMAN, BELINA Berkeley Independent Physiology Ski Club, Hillel ROUTH, PAMELA Los Angeles Phi Sigma Sigma Social Science Gamma Delta Epsilon, Mortar Board, Honor Students Society SAGEHORN, MARILYN Willits Cunningham Hall Zoology Vice-President of Cunningham Hall, Honor Students Society SAPERSTEIN, GUY Burbank Kappa Delta Rho Political Science SAWYER, BARBARA Orinda Kappa Kappa Gamma English Oski Dolls SAXE, JOAN San Francisco Alpha Phi Political Science SCHAEFER, CHARLES Marysville Smyth-Fernwald Hall Mathematics SCHIFFNER, ROBERT Nevada City, Colorado Delta Upsilon Zoology Intramurals UC Yacht Club ROTHMAN, ROBERT Los Angeles Independent History RUBIALES, ANA Concord Independent Spanish Treble Clef, Honor Students Society SALZENSTEIN, SUSAN Glencoe, Illinois Independent Sociology Polls council, Honor Students Society SARNA, GREGORY Sherman Oaks Zeta Beta Tau Zoology Phi Beta Kappa SAWYER, TAMARA San Jose Independent Zoology Lambda Delta Sigma SAZESH, PARVIN Isfahan, Iran Independent Economics SCHELLING, JAMES Exeter Delta Sigma Phi Psychology Cal Band, Straw Hat Band, Concert Band, Pre-Med Society SCHLACHTER, ELLEN Oakland Delta Phi Epsilon Psychology Jr. Class Publicity Chairman, Elections Council, Campus Tour Guide, Pres. of Gamma Delta Epsilon, Treas. of Delta Phi Epsilon SCHRODER, DIANE Los Altos Alpha Omicron Pi Sociology SCHROETER, HAZEL Oakland Chi Omega English International Relations Board, Overseas Infor- mation Council Chairman ROOS, ROGER Orinda Ehrman Hall History Judo Team ROSENBERG, TOMMIE Oakland Alpha Gamma Delta Entomology ROSS, MARY Castro Valley Independent Psychology ROSE, HERB San Diego Tellefsen Hall Zoology ROSENTHAL, DAVID Stockton Independent Mathematics Cal Band, Honor Students Society ROSS, NANCY Oakland Chi Omega History ROSEN, RONALD Beverly Hills Zeta Beta Tau History Student Judicial Comm., Dir. of Axe Review 1964, Chan- cellor ' s Comm. on Student Affairs, Order of the Golden Bear, Californians ROSS, MARCIA Lafayette Independent Zoology Honor Students Society ROSSI, FRANK Alhambra Phi Kappa Sigma Political Science Representative at Large, Californians SCHMIDT, DIETGER Kirkland, Washington Deutsch Hall Physical Sciences SCHMIDT, KATHERINE Redwood City Beaudelaire Club Biology SCHMINKE, MARY La Jolla Alpha Chi Omega Political Science Women ' s Judicial Comm., Union Pro- gram Board Public Affairs Comm., Jr. Class Council, Sr. Class Council SCHULTZ, NANCY Los Angeles Delta Phi Epsilon French School Resource Volunteers, French Club SCHWARM, FRANZ Ukiah Phi Kappa Sigma Economics SCHWARTZ, SUSANNE San Diego Cheney Hall English Alpha Epsilon Phi SCOTT, SANDY Berkeley Independent Art History Rally and Games Council, Intramurals, Extramurals, Chairman of Card Stunts Comm., Jr. Panhellenic, Mortar Bd., Panile, Prytanean SCOTT, WILLIAM Whittier Kappa Delta Rho Physics Cal Band SCHUSTER, YVONNE Berkeley Independent History of Art SCHWARTZ, JOANNE Fort Lee, New Jersey Independent Speech Women ' s Judicial Committee SCOTT, KATHRYN Ross Alpha Phi Linguistics SCOTT, SCOTT J. Beverly Hills Sigma Alpha Epsilon Economics SCULLY, JEAN San Francisco Kappa Alpha Theta History Special Events Committee, WAA Representative SELFRIDGE, TOM Ross Alpha Delta Phi Economics Junior Class Representative SEVALL, MARY San Gabriel Independent Bacteriology SHAW, JULIE San Luis Obispo Alpha Gamma Delta Art School Resource Volunteers, Women ' s Crew, ASUC Art Exhibit SHEN, ANTHONY Hong Kong Pi Alpha Phi Zoology Chinese Students Association, Chinese Students Club, Honor Students Society SHEPPARD, SALLY Alameda Stern Hall Political Science Honor Students Society SELZNICK, TONI Concord Independent English SHAPIRO, DAVID Pasadena Phi Kappa Sigma Political Science West Oakland Community Project SHAW, STEPHEN Berkeley Delta Upsilon Political Science SHEPHARD, BRUCE Alameda Ehrman Hall History Tower and Flame, Faculty Fellows and Scholarship Chairman of Ehrman Hall SHERMAN, MARILYN San Francisco Independent Communications and Public Policy Women ' s Rally Com- mittee, Tower and Flame SEIBERT, GRAHAM SELFMAN, JULIA Berkeley Santa Monica Chi Independent Mathematics History Honor Society SCHUTZ, MICHAEL SCHWAB, JOSEPH San Francisco Beverly Hills Bowles Hall Zeta Beta Tau Sociology Peace Corps Committee Outside studying is popular at Cal on warm days. SHERRY, WILLIAM Berkeley Pi Kappa Phi Biochemistry SHERWOOD, SHIRLEY Yuba City Independent Social Science SIMPSON, JOY SIMS, HOLLY SKINNER, Fairfax Lafayette CATHERINE Independent Alpha Chi Omega Troy, Pennsylvania French Bacteriolog y Independent English SLIKKER, CHERI SMALLWOOD, SMITH, BOB Bakersfield PATRICIA Berkeley Gamma Phi Beta Orinda Sigma Alpha Epsilon History Zeta Tau Alpha Psychology Spanish Secretary of Union Program Board ready to meet the world on even terms, SHIRAKAWA, SHINRYU Sacramento Deutsch Hall Chemistry SHIREK, ALAN S an Francisco Tau Kappa Epsilon Economics 532 SMITH, CAROL SMITH, JOAN SMITH, MICHAEL J. San Anselmo San Francisco Madera Alpha Delta Pi Independent Zeta Psi Social Science Political Science Political Science SMITH, MICHAEL N. Santa Rosa Alpha Chi Rho Political Science SMITH, STEVE Santa Cruz Psi Upsilon Italian Varsity Basketball, Cal Club SMITH, VALERIE Pacific Palisades Pi Beta Phi Political Science SMITH, WHITNEY SNOW, KATHRYN SNOW, MARYLY Whittier Sierra Madre Piedmont Kappa Alpha Theta Delta Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma Communications and Social Science Social Welfare Public Policy Women ' s Rally Powder Puff Derby, mittee, Little Sisters Card Stunts of Phi Kappa Sigma, Prytanean SNOWDEN, PETE SNYDER, GREGORY SODOMKA, San Marino Lafayette BEVERLY Zeta Psi Independent La Mesa Political Science History Piedmont Court Winged Helmet, Skull Biological Sciences and Keys SOLAR, DEE SOLBERG, BARBARA SOLEY, ELIZABETH Lakewood Burlingame San Jose Independent Independent Independent Psychology Biological Sciences Chemistry Cal Prep Counselor, Honor Students Society Panile, Junior Panhellenic, Honor Students Society SOLINSKY, KIP SOLOMON, ARTHUR SOLOMON, DENNIS Kentfield San Bruno Redondo Beach Zeta Psi Independent Independent Political Science Psychology Zoology Legislative Assistant, Night Manager of Daily Californian SOLOMON, JILL SOMMERVILLE, SOOS, PRISCILLA Los Angeles MARY San Bernardino Independent San Francisco Epworth Hall Music Independent History Treble Clef, Jade Journalism WDA, President of Singers Circolo Epworth Hall SPAFFORD, ALDEN SPENCER, MARY SQUEAL MARCIA Stockton Watsonville San Francisco Tellefsen Hall Independent Independent Linguistics Anthropology History Cal Band, Straw Hat Kroeber Band cal Society, Hiking Club SRERE, JANIE STAFFORD, STANLEY, JUSTIN Beverly Hills RICHARD Berkeley Independent Buena Park Lambda Chi Alpha English Kappa Sigma Political Science School Resource Political Science Volunteers Sailing Club Alumni Scholar SHIGLEY, BELINDA Alradena Elizabeth Barrett Spanish Oski Dolls SHIMIZU, FUMIKO Los Altos Independent French SHOEMAKER, DUDLEY Berkeley Independent Psychology Golden Guard, Golden Rifles Drill Team, Distinguished Military Student Award SHOWSTACK, ANNE Newport Beach Independent Political Science International Relations Board, American Field Service Ret urnees, Daily Californian, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Mortar Board SIEGEL, ALAN San Lorenzo Independent Economics Varsity Wrestling, Cal Band SIMMONS, JOHN Studio City Independent History Commuter Independent Representative, ASUC Senate, Megaphone Society, Freshman Class Council, Radio KAL, Gamma Sigma, SOS SIMON, PAUL Berkeley Alpha Sigma Phi Economics STEEDMAN, KATHIE Berkeley Gamma Phi Beta Anthropology STEELE, MARILYN Berkeley Kappa Kappa Gamma Political Science Intramurals, Napa Volunteers STEIN, MARILYN San Francisco Alpha Epsilon Phi Social Science Student Tour Guide STEINBERG, ALINE Palo Alto Independent Communications and Public Policy STEINHART, JOHN Berkeley Independent Psychology International Relations Board, School Resource Volunteers, Napa Volunteers STEINKE, JEROME La Crescenta Pi Kappa Alpha Political Science Skull and Keys STENBIT, MARY-LU Palo Alto Ida Sproul Hall Spanish Honor Students Society, Alpha Mu Gamma STEPHENS, CATHY San Diego Kappa Alpha Theta English STEPHENSON, SANDRA Belmont Independent Philosophy STERN, SHARON Los Angeles Independent Sociology Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society STERNBERG, SONIA Omaha, Nebraska Independent History Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame STEVENS, MARJORIE Palos Verdes Estates Alpha Gamma Delta Art STEVENS, SAM Piedmont Zeta Psi Economics Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys SULLIVAN, SHAUN Sacramento Phi Sigma Kappa Political Science STEWART, ELIZABETH Orangevale Cheney Hall Political Science SUKOSOL, KAMALEE Bangkok, Thailand International House Anthropology STINE, MICHAEL Ceres Independent Political Science ST. JOHN, VALERIE Berkeley Alpha Chi Omega Psychology SUTTER, RICHARD Goleta Independent Sociology SUTTON, FARRELL Antioch Delta Sigma Phi English Megaphone Society STOCK, NANCY San Francisco Phi Sigma Sigma History Orientations Board, Women ' s Rally Com- mittee, Panhellenic, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Panile, Speaker ' s Bureau Chairman STOCKER, NANCY Fremont Independent Sociology SUZUKI, CAROL Sacramento Ritter Hall Psychology SWANY, CAMILLE Berkeley Independent Anthropology Honor Students Society STRANGIO, RICH Hughson Lambda Chi Alpha Economics Varsity Wrestling SWEENEY, CAROL Pasadena Kappa Kappa Gamma Political Science STRAWN, WESLEY Sacramento Phi Kappa Sigma Political Science Rugby, Chess Club Young Democrats SWARTSBERG, JOHN Oakland Pi Lambda Phi Political Science Administrative Assis- tant to ASUC President, Rugby, Cal Prep, Honor Students Society STREET, JAMES Santa Cruz Chi Phi History STUART, SALLY Sacramento Kappa Alpha Theta Spanish SWIERKOWSKI, CHARLENE Berkeley Independent English TAKAHASHI, ALICE Alameda Independent Spanish STUPIN, RAYMOND Monterey Park Sigma Pi Sociology SUCHER, DAVID Hayward Alpha Epsilon Pi Anthropology TAKAKI, KAZU Sacramento Norton Hall Psychology TAKATA, AGNES Berkeley Independent Psychology Honor Students Society 533 TAM, EVELYNE Monterey Independent Physics TEGROEN, CAROLYN Palo Alto Independent Geography Pi Beta Phi TANNER, CARO Hamilton AFB Ritter Hall Political Science SOS Counselor, Life Guard Corps, Treble Clef, Jr. Man.; Daily Cal, Finance Comm., YWCA; Y-Reps Comm., Gamma Delta Epsilon TEITELMAN, PAULA Miami, Florida Davidson Hall History TARONE, ELAINE Modesto Independent English First Presbyterian College Department, SRV, Honor Students Society TEMPLETON, SUE San Mateo Sigma Kappa Political Science Angel Flight UNTIEDT, SONJA Los Altos Kappa Delta History UPTON, JOHN Tahoe Valley Tellefsen Hall Economics Cal Band, Honor Students Society to seek the light, unafraid of its dimness TERAO, KAREN Alameda Independent Anthropology Nisei Students Club, Tower and Flame THOMASSON, RAMONA Pacific Grove International House Art THOMPSON, SUZAN Whinier Independent Psychology TJIAN, JANE Rio de Janiero, Brazil Independent Mathematics Honor Students Society TOY, VICKI Bakersfield Cheney Hall Spanish Tower and Flame TROWER, TOM Napa Alpha Delta Phi Political Science Manager, Crew; Vice President of Alpha Delta Phi TULLIUS, ALICE Cupertino Davidson English TURPIN, NANCY Hayward Sherman Hall Journalism Photo Club, Newman Club, Daily Cal, Theta Sigma Phi, President UHLER, LOUANN Bakersfield Cheney Hall Anthropology THALER, ROBERTA Encino Independent History Tower and Flame THOMPSON, JANETTA Atherton Independent English Oski Dolls THURE, DOUGLAS Whittier Sigma Alpha Epsilon Psychology Californians, Varsity Crew TOBBY, TED Daly City Lambda Chi Alpha Political Science Pi Sigma Alpha TOZI, BARBARA Stockton Independent English TSUCHIYA, SEIGO Pasadena Euclid Hall Biochemistry TUNNICLIFF, WYN Glendale Kappa Alpha Speech TYSON, NANCY Laverne Elizabeth Barrett Sociology Second Vice President, ASUC; California Club, Prytanean ULDRICKS, TED Detroit, Michigan Cloyne Court History THOMAS, LAURA Woodside Independent Comparative Literature SEFR Board, Tower and Flame THOMPSON, RICHARD San Francisco Zeta Psi Zoology TIEGS, LAVONNE Nampa, Idaho Independent French Armenian Student Soci- ety, Student Opera Theater, Female Lead " The Trial, " Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Sigma Iota, Ivfadrigals TONG, JOANNA Fresno Independent Anthropology Chinese Students Club TROPPER, CARLENE Fair Oaks Freeborn Hall English SCTA, Honor Students Society TUCKER, JILL Salinas Independent Psyc hology Treble Clef TURNER, WENDY Berkeley Sigma Kappa History UCHISHIBA, ANN Berkeley Independent Spanish ULFELDER, JANET Antioch Independent History UREN, WILLIAM Berkeley Delta Kappa Epsilon History Rugby, NROTC, Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys UYEDA, GERALD Vernalis Independent Spanish NSC, Euclid Hall VACA, NICK Stockton Independent Sociology VAN ATTA, DAVID Kensington Phi Kappa Sigma Political Science Optime, Order of the Golden Bear, Californi- ans, IFC Executive Comm., Alpha Phi Omega, Finance Comm., Senate Fraternity Representative VAN BREDERODE, LEE San Leandro Kappa Alpha Zoology Intramurals VANDER NAILLEN, PETER Sausalito Sigma Nu Economics and Social Science Junior Class Steering Committee, Freshman Crew, NROTC Quarter- deck Society VAN DYCK, ROBERT Palermo Independent Mathematics Tower and Flame VAN LOUCKS, MARK Oakland Independent Communications and Public Policy VAN NORMAN, NANCY San Diego Kappa Delta Political Science VAN SWEARINGEN, LYNNE Laguna Delta Gamma Social Science Military Ball Queen VARRELMAN, MELVYN Sal inas Independent Physical Science VEIRS, DONALD Berkeley Independent Entomology VELASQUEZ, HAROLD Pasadena Independent Communications and Public Policy VIGUIE, GEORGE San Francisco Zeta Psi Psychology Swimming, Water Polo VOGES, RENEE Saratoga Stern Hall Design (-) VON FLUE, ANITA Kerman Alpha Gamma Delta Sociology WALDMAN, JAMES Pittsburg, Pennsylvania Zeta Beta Tau Zoology Junior Class Council WALKER, PAGE Santa Ana Delta Zeta Political Science AWS Activities Chairman WALLACE, DIANE Oakland Independent Social Welfare Masonic Club VARGUS, RICHARD Los Angeles Delta Sigma Phi Statistics VASILEVICH, GEORGIA San Jose Independent English Gamma Delta Epsilon Honor Students Society VELARDE, CLAUDETTE Oakland Independent Spanish VELASQUEZ, JUDITH Santa Rosa Independent History VIVRETTE, NANCY Fullerton Independent Political Science VON BEROLDINGEN, PAUL San Francisco Independent Speech Elections Council, Radio KAL, Alpha Phi Omega, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Speech Assoc., Commu- ter-Independents Assoc. WAKI, AMY El Cerrito Independent History WALKER, KATHEY Palo Alto Alpha Delta Pi Design WALKER, ROBERT Alameda Independent Music Masonic Club WALLACE, JERRY Clayton Kappa Alpha History WALLACE, SANDY Laguna Beach Spens-Black Hall Political Science ASUC Arrangements Committee, Junior and Senior Class Council, Gamma Delta Epsilon, Class Editor, Blue and Gold; Gavel and Quill WALSH, NANCY Los Altos Davidson Hall English Women ' s Dormitory Association WARREN, JAMES St. Helena Sigma Nu Political Science WALLENIUS, MARY Walnut Creek Independent Art History Foreign Students Council, YWCA Project International, Honor Students Society WALTON, MARY El Cerrito Stebbins Hall Anthropology IRB, WDA, Amigos Anonymous, Newman Hall, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Panile WASHINGTON, GEORGE Chico Phi Kapa Psi Political Science WARD, MARTY WARNOCK, DAVID El Segundo Lahove, Pakistan Political Science Theta Delta Chi Independent Psychology Davidson Hall President Honor Students Society The sun reflects on International House at dusk. and to devour 4e WEAVER, KIRK Berkeley Telluride House Political Science Publications Board, Student Opera Theater, Order of the Golden Bear, Honor Students Society, Pi Sigma Alpha WEEKS, JOHN Berkeley Independent Sociology Theta Chi WEINSTEIN, HENRY North Hollywood Independent History Student Forum, Student Orientations Service, Track Manager, Radio KAL Sports Staff, Senior Class Council, Senior Week Committee WEINTRAUB, MARSHA Los Angeles Independent History WERNER, KAREN Whittier Independent English WHALEY, DOUG Oakland Phi Kappa Psi Communications and Public Policy WHEELER, NANCY Palo Alto Delta Gamma Art History UC Tutorial Project WHITE, MICHAEL Santa Ana Tau Kappa Epsilon Political Science WHITMAN, MICHAEL San Francisco Delta Kappa Epsilon History Golden Guard ,Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet WIGHT, ANTHONY Sonora Independent German WILCOX, MARILYN Los Altos Independent Biological Sciences WASSERMAN, TONY Millbrae Indepe ndent Mathematics and Physics California Rally Committee, Student Educational Faculty Relations Board WATKINS, RICHARD Livermore Alpha Gamma Omega Biochemistry President of Alpha Gamma Omega, Inter- fraternity Council, Tower and Flame, Cam- pus Crusade for Christ, Honor Students Society WEEKS, DEANNA Berkeley Independent English Sweethearts of Theta Chi WEHR, MICHAEL St. Helena Alpha Kappa Lambda Food Science WEINSTOCK, RICH El Cajon Sigma Chi Speech Baseball, Berkeley Big Brother Project, Debate, WELLS, DIANA Oakland Alpha Chi Omega Design WETHERELL, KAREN El Cerrito Independent Anthropology Kroeber Anthropologi- cal Society, Occident, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society WHARTON, WILLIAM Berkeley Alphe Delta Phi Economics Honor Students Society WHITAKER, RICHARD Lodi Alpha Chi Rho Economics WHITESIDES, GAY Oakland Independent Psychology WIENER, NEAL Beverly Hills Pi Lambda Phi Speech Big C Sirkus, Intramural Tennis WIGHT, JUDITH Berkeley Independent Biological Sciences WILD, SCOTT Winchester, Mass. Chi Phi Anthropology Soccer, Lacrosse WILHELM, CONNIE Santa Barbara Kappa Kappa Gamma Social Welfare WILLEY, JANIE Santa Ana Independent English WILLIAMS, PAUL Phoenix, Arizona Independent Zoology Polls Council Chair- man, Administrative Assistant to First Vice- President of ASUC, Track, UC Yacht Club WILLIAMSON, WELDON Laguna Beach Independent Physics Fencing Club WILSON, ANN San Francisco Independent French Treble Clef WILSON, JANET Santa Paula Pi Bet a Phi Social Science Panhellenic, American Field Service, Pi Delta Phi WILSON, KATHIE Westminster Phi Mu History Campus Crusade For Christ, Christian Intervarsity, Pelican Staff WISDOM, LYNNE Stockston Delta Gamma History Sophomore Class Board, Panhellenic Public Relations Board, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Gavel and Quill WOLFE, CAROL San Jose Bay View Terrace English President of Bay View Terrace, Honor Students Society WONG, BEWLA Hong Kong Independent Design WILCOX, TIM Carmichael Independent Psychology Glee Club WILES, RAE Lafayette Kappa Delta Dietetics Bowling Manager, Campus Crusade For Christ WILKINSON, PAT Watsonville Gamma Phi Beta Music Women ' s Rally Com- mittee, YWCA School Resource Volunteer WILLIAMS, ENID Hialeah, Florida Ida Sproul Hall Economics Extramural Tennis, Consejo de las Americas, Alpha Mu Gamma WILLIAMS, MICHAEL Camarillo Delta Sigma Phi English WILSON, ANNE Sacramento Independent Social Science WILSON, GAIL Palo Alto Alpha Gamma Delta Independent Communications and Public Policy WILSON, JERRY San Pedro Bowles Hall Astronomy Judo WILSON, MARGARET Monrovia Independent Social Welfare Treble Clef WITTENBERG, LINDA Beverly Hills Alpha Epsilon Phi Art History Oski Dolls WOLFSON, LAWRENCE Monroeville, Pennsylvania Alpha Chi Sigma Biochemistry WONG, CHERYL Sacramento Independent Art History WONG, PATRICIA Sacramento Independent AWS Model Co- ordinator, Rally and Games Committee, Oski Dolls, Cheney Hall President, Spring Sing Director, Prytanean WONG, RODNEY San Francisco Pi Alpha Phi Biological Sciences Chinese Students Club, Chinese Students Association WONG, SHIRLEY Berkeley Independent Psychology WOODCOCK, STEVE Los Altos Deutsch Hall Geophysics with the gusto of living. WOODS, ANDY Berkeley Kappa Delta Rho Physics WOOLWORTH, CAROLINE El Cerrito Independent) Political Science WOOTTON, DORIS Fremont Independent English Tower and Flame WORTHINGTON, WILLIAM Valley Center Delta Tau Delta History Rugby WRIGHT, BARRY La Jolla Zeta Psi German WRIGHT, OBIE Vallejo Bowles Hall Politcal Science WULFFSON, MADELEINE Palos Verdes Estates Independent German Treble Clef, German Club, Honor Students Society YAMADA, GERALD YANDO, DONNA YANELLAS, HARRY Lodi Los Altos Oakland Independent Gamma Phi Beta Independent Political Science Politcal Science Psychology Card Stunts, YWCA, Honor Students Society, Alpha Lambda Delta, Pi Sigma Alpha YASAKI, DIANNE YEE, PHILIP YEE, SUE Oakland Fresno San Francisco Independent Pi Alpha Phi Independent Psychology Physics Sociology Chinese Students Club, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society YEUNG, RACHEL YOKOYAMA, YONEMOTO, JANET Hong Kong NANCY Palo Alto Independent Sacramento Independent Bacteriology Independent Biological Sciences Psychology Art Board YORK, JANE YORK, RANDY YOSHIDA, JANE St. Helena Los Alamos Hilo, Hawaii Delta Delta Delta Ridge House Ritter Hall Political Science Mathematics Mathematics Honor Students Society YOSHIKAWA, YOUELL, EILEEN YOUNG, EUNICE DOROTHY North Hollywood San Francisco Fresno Independent Davidson Hall Independent History Design Biological Sciences Photo Club YUASA, KATHRYN ZEALEAR, JAN ZEBROSKI, NANCY Berkeley Fresno Los Altos Sherman Hall Chi Omega Independent and French Social Welfare Design Intramurals, Little Daughters of Diana WDA Executive Com- Sisters of Minerva mittee, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society, Mortar Board ZERLANG, LINDA ZIEGLER, JEAN ZOOK, NANCY Fortuna Burbank Fremont Westminster House Independent Sigma Kappa Psychology Social Science German Gamma Delta Epsilon 537 medicare Future optometrists gain extensive practical experience in testing students. The School maintains facilities for the prescription of corrective lens. 538 Rabbits play an important role in research being done on contact lenses. program curriculum changes in school of optometry Meredith W. Morgan Dean of School of Optometry The advent of Medicare has precipitated major changes in the School of Optometry. In order to broaden the professional curri- culum and to straighten out the course sequence, a sixth year will be required of all degree candidates beginning next fall. To aid graduates in dealing with the change from individual to group health care, the revised program will include courses in social welfare, social psychology, and sociology. Of special interest is the work now being done with contact lenses. Using student volunteers and animals, researchers are investigating the possible physical effects of contacts on the eye as well as experi- menting to find out what combination of variables produces a lens that fits most comfortably while giving optimum vision. Student exhibits use of optometric gadgets. optometry seniors look to future after three years of studying lens, prisms, and refraction KEVERLINE, MARY Hanford Ritter Hall Optometry UC Optometric Society, Catholic Youth Organization MENNUCCI, DAVID NEITZ, PAULA ODEN, CLYDE Berkeley Phoenix, Arizona San Diego Sigma Pi Independent Bowles Hall Optometry Student Orientation Optometry Service Student Orientation Service, Kappa Alpha Psi, Daily Californian Reporter PAGE, MIKE RHODES, DONALD YOUNG, VIC Sheridan, Illinois Berkeley Porrerville Independent Phi Kappa Sigma Kappa Sigma Optometry Optometry Optometry Varsity Crew, Big C Basketball Society, Honor Students Society, Rowing Club 540 VIKMANIS, SILVIJA Los Gatos Independent Medical Technology TOSCHI, THERESA San Francisco Stern Hall Public Health LINDQUIST, DAVID Sacramento Bowles Hall Public Health Microbiology public health searches for reasons behind gremmie scare Hey, gremmlin man!! AONO, JUNE CROTHERS, JUDITH DZANI, MATILDA Honolulu, Hawaii Stockton Accra, Ghana Epworth Hall Richards Hall Independent Biostatistics Biostatistics Public Health Education FUKUTOME, IIALE, BETTY KEATY, CHARLES NANCY Ojai Coronado Sacramento Independent Independent Independent Public Health Public Health Medical Technology Nisei Student Club, Tower and Flame 541 A Public Health principles were put to work with the gremmie scare, as students filled Cowell Hospital. Warren Hall acts as a center for many conferences and statewide meetings in Public Health. Public Health students discuss the Asian flu epidemic. algae highlight public health year Charles E. Smith Dean of School of Public Health Among the projects continuing to be empha- sized this year by the graduate School of Public Health were investigations into the economic possibilities of algae. Large scale experiments with the conversion of algae into animal feed have utilized the diverse talents of engineers, marine biologists and physicists as well as Public Health officers. Unplanned, first hand experience,-in the field of epidemiology was provided for Public Health students by the slight epidemic dur- ing the football season of what was tag ged by the students as " gremmyitis " — an experience appreciated by all not personally stricken. 543 graduate schools Education majors learn how to mix chemicals in preparation for teaching. education develops experimental programs Theodore L. Reller Dean of School of Education The chief aim of the School of Education is to develop experimental programs to better prepare students for future employment. The two main programs are preparation for " typi- cal " teaching situations with children from average middle-class homes, and preparation for teaching in schools in culturally deprived areas. This latter program, only a few years old, is still too new to have proven itself; all indications, however, point to the experiment as both highly successful and valuable for in- creased understanding of the field ' s unique problems. 545 After some years of planning, the Institute of Library Research is becoming a reality. Ber- keley ' s School of Librarianship has joined with UCLA ' s School of Library Science to develop methods of advancing education. The libraries of all the U. C. campuses will serve as a laboratory for the new research project, a plan working to improve and mod- ernize our library methods. Ultimately, the entire University of California library system will benefit from the findings gathered by this worthwhile project. Raymond C. Swank Dean of School of Librarianship school of librarianship plans modernization of library methods Students learn techniques of running a library. social welfare students shop around " for field of specialization Milton Chernin Dean of School of Social Welfare Social Welfare student interviews the mother of one of the problem kids. Workers hold a unit meeting at the Contra Costa Probation Department. Dean Chernin stated that the School of Social Welfare can be compared to a " com- plete department store; " that is, it offers much more than the basic necessities. A student may elect to do his field work, for example, in a hospital or a school; to deal with children or alcoholics. He is able to select a speciality in case, group or com- munity work. The policy of starting field work as soon as the student enters the School of Social Welfare gives him the op- portunity to work in varied surroundings and then to choose a field in which to specialize. Students present cases before moot court board. school of law features mcbaine moot court Frank C. Newman Dean of School of Law One of the most significant features of the School of Law is the McBaine Moot Court. All students in the three-year program at Boalt Hall gain appellate experience in this court. The court, hearing cases either based upon actual cases or created by the depart- ment, is held every night and is open to the public. Each year in May, the McBaine Moot Court Competition for the Boalt Hall Alumni is held between the two best law students. Judges for this include such prominent people as Stanley Mosk. The Law School is constantly growing larger and at the present time has an enrollment of 833. 548 med center continues to grow in size and stature The twin towers which comprise the Health Sciences Instruction and Research Building are nearing completion at the San Francisco Medical Center. They will house research laboratories, teaching laboratories, classrooms and offices for the School of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing and Pharma- cy, as well as additional space for research units and the Medical Center Library. With increased student enrollment and new developments in research, the need for this and further growth has become critical. Lack of space has been the most important single factor limiting develop- ment of the research programs at the Med- ical Center. Students receive close supervision in the use of electronic equipment for testing. Direct participation in surgery provides students with first-hand knowledge of medicine. in memoriam Robert Victor Brand Randolph Gee Frank Martin Hailand Michael Stephen Huddleson Spencer Paul Miller, Jr. James Bruce Morehead, Jr. James Sanders Neal Marsha Louise Negus Thomas Waterman Jenkins Rolf Hasso Lutz Robert Dennis Phillips Robert Wilson Reynolds Jean Poyntz Steager Judith Williamson index activities index ASUC ORGANIZATIONS Associated Women Students AWS Models Auxiliary Enterprises Board Cabinet Cal Prep Elections Council Finance Committee Functional Services Board Information Desk International Relations Board Men ' s Judicial Committee NSA Orientations Board Permanent Personnel Publicity and Public Relations Board SEFR Senate Speakers Advisory Board Student Community Relations Board Student Judicial Committee Student Orientations Service Union Program Board Women ' s Judicial Committee ATHLETICS Athletic Administration Baseball Basketball Boxing Crew Cross Country Fencing Football Golf Gymnastics Intramurals, Men ' s Intramurals, Women ' s Judo Outstanding Competitors Rifle Team Rugby Soccer Swimming Tennis Track Water Polo Weightlifting Wrestling CAMPUS TRADITIONS Activities Fair Axe Review Bear ' s Lair Cabaret Big Game Week Cal Camp Charter Day Eshleman Hall Dedication Family Day Model UN Santa Claus Contest Spring Week Ugly Man Contest CLASSES Freshmen Sophomores Juniors Seniors Senior Hall of Fame COMMUTER INDEPENDENTS Apartment Living Commuter Independents International House DRAMA AND MUSIC ASUC Theater California Marching Band Chamber Band 459 Chamber Music Ensemble 459 Collegian Singers 456 Collegium Musicum 461 Debate 453 Glee Club 454 Modern Dance 449 Piano Ensemble 460 Radio Kal 451 Repertory Chorus 458 Straw Hat Band 396 Treble Clef 455 University Chorus 457 University Theater Productions 444 University TV 450 FRATERNITIES Interfraternity Council 157 Alpha Chi Rho 159 Alpha Chi Sigma 160 Alpha Delta Phi 161 Alpha Epsilon Pi 164 Alpha Gamma Omega 162 Alpha Kappa Lambda 163 Alpha Sigma Phi 166 Alpha Tau Omega 167 Beta Theta Pi 168 Chi Phi 170 Chi Psi 172 Delta Chi 173 Delta Kappa Epsilon 174 Delta Sigma Phi 175 Delta Tau Delta 178 Delta Upsilon 180 Kappa Alpha 182 Kappa Delta Rho 184 Kappa Sigma 186 Lambda Chi Alpha 188 Phi Delta Theta 192 Phi Epsilon Pi 194 Phi Gamma Delta 191 Phi Kappa Psi 209 Phi Kappa Sigma 196 Phi Kappa Tau 198 Phi Sigma Kappa 200 Pi Alpha Phi 202 Pi Kappa Alpha 203 Pi Kappa Phi 204 Pi Lambda Phi 206 Psi Upsilon 208 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 210 Sigma Alpha Mu 212 Sigma Chi 214 Sigma Nu 218 Sigma Phi 217 Sigma Phi Epsilon 220 Sigma Pi 222 Tau Kappa Epsilon 223 Theta Chi 226 Theta Delta Chi 228 Zeta Beta Tau 230 Zeta Psi 232 HONORARIES AND SOCIETIES AIChE 480 AIIE 492 Alpha Phi Omega 348 Angel Filght 350 Arnold Air Society 351 AS ME 489 Big C Society 430 Brick Muller Society 326 Cal Club 334 Californians 337 Chi Epsilon 488 Chinese Students ' Club 349 Class Officers Board 325 Engineers Joint Council 488 Eta Kappa Nu 491 Forestry Club 502 Gamma Delta Epsilon 348 Gavel and Quill 325 Golden Guard 354 Honor Students Society 341 Mortar Board 340 NROTC Quarterdeck Society 353 Nutritional Science Club 468 Order of the Golden Bear 344 Oski Dolls 336 Panile 338 Phi Chi Theta 472 Pi Tau Sigma 493 Prytanean 339 SAACS 481 Ski Club 439 Skull and Keys 343 Tau Beta Pi 488 Torch and Shield 345 Tower and Flame 341 Winged Helmet 3 42 Women ' s Athletic Association 435 Women ' s C Society 435 Women ' s Intramural Board 434 Women ' s Sports Club Board 434 MEN ' S DORMS Bowles Hall 256 Deutsch Hall 258 Ehrman Hall 260 Euclid Hall 262 Griffiths Hall 263 Mitchell Piexotto 264 Norton Hall 265 Putnam Hall 267 Richards Oldenberg 266 Ridge House 270 Tellefsen Hall 271 Smyth Hall 272 PUBLICATIONS Blue and Gold 80 Cal Engineer 92 Daily Californian 86 Daily Cal Publishers Board 91 Occident 97 Pelican 96 Publications Office 79 Publications Board 91 ROYALTY Big Game Queen 370 Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl 177 Greek Week Queen 158 Kappa Alpha Rose Queen 183 Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen ....188 Military Ball Queen 355 NROTC Color Queen 352 Pelican Maid of Cotton 96 Sigma Phi Epsilon Queen 221 Soph Doll 328 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 215 Theta Chi Dream Girl 226 SORORITIES Panhellenic Board 115 Alpha Chi Omega 116 Alpha Delta Pi 118 Alpha Epsilon Phi 120 Alpha Gamma Delta 122 Alpha Omicron Pi 124 Alpha Phi 126 Alpha Xi Delta 128 Chi Omega 130 Delta Delta Delta 132 Delta Gamma 134 Delta Phi Epsilon 136 Delta Zeta 138 Gamma Phi Beta 140 Kappa Alpha Theta 142 Kappa Delta 144 Kappa Kappa Gamma 146 Phi Mu 148 Pi Beta Phi 150 Sigma Kappa 152 Zeta Tau Alpha 154 SPIRIT GROUPS California Rally Committee 381 Card Stunts Committee 379 552 School of Social Welfare 547 University Campuses 108 Vice-Chancellors 104 Megaphone Society Oski Committee Pompon Girls Rally and Games Council Women ' s Rally Committee Yell Leaders 378 Dean of Men 105 378 Dean of Women 105 374 Foreign Campuses 110 379 Governor Edmund G. Brown 102 380 Housing Services 323 375 Placement Center 323 WOMEN ' S DORMS President Clark Kerr 100 Regents 103 Beaudelaire Club Retiring Professors 63 Cheney Hall School of Business Administration 470 Colonial Hall 66 School of Criminology 482 Cunningham Hall 106 School of Education 545 Davidson Hall 101 School of Forestry 500 Elizabeth Barrett 466 School of Law 548 Freeborn Hall 478 School of Librarianship 546 Ida Sproul Hall 486 School of Medicine 549 Ritter Hall 496 School of Optometry 538 Spens Black Hall 504 School of Public Health 542 Stern Hall UNIVERSITY DIVISION 236 238 237 240 242 248 244 246 249 250 252 Alumni Association Associate and Assistant Deans Chancellor Roger Heyns College of Agriculture College of Chemistry College of Engineering College of Environmental Design College of Letters and Science student index A Aaronson, Lauren 250 Aazam-Zanganok, Jamshid 265 Abbey, Richard 197 Abbott, Douglas 271 Abbott, Kathleen 148, 455, 506 Abbott, Lorraine 148, 338, 350 Abbott, Pete 215, 506 Abel, Martha 152, 506 Ablan, Jean 126 Abrams, Larry 261 Abrams, Linda 136 Abramson, Norman 351 Abreu, Dennis 373 Accampo, Jane 155 Ackerman, Jean 250 Ackley, Michael 276, 427, 506 Ackley, Nancy Actkinson, Ray 276, 506 966 Adamowicz, Carole 115, 506 Adams, Allen 222, 276, 488 Adams, JoAnn 248 Adams, Kathleen 444 Adams, Mike 276, 506 Adams, Steve 343, 426, 430 Adams, Suzanne 235, 276, 312, 339, 506 Adashek, Barbara 120 Adashko, Dorothy 276, 506 Adelman, Robert 164 276, 506 Adler, David Adler, Joel 266 Adler, Stephen 264 Adolphson, Don 255, 406,430, 506 170 Aebersold, Paul Aftergood, Greg 194 Aftergut, Michael 224 Aftergut, Rich 88 Agarwall, Prabhu 492 134, 506 Agee, Ir ene 130, 506 Ageno, Marilyn Aghazadeh, Kioumars 276, 488 276, 506 Agran, Lawrence 255 Ahlswede, Larry Ahrendes, John 270, 498 Aiches, Marilynn 136 151 Aimes, Libby Aivaziann, Krikor 276, 161, 472 Aker, Stephen Akers, Stephen 166 192, 472 Albeck, Johannes 168, 337 Albert, Peter 276 Albertus, Carla Albrecht, Karen 240 168 Albronda, Eric Alderman, Kathleen 244 Aldrich, David 229, 264 Alexander, Jim 179 Alexander, John Alexander, Les 212 135 Alexander, Millie 498 Alexander, William B Alexander, William M .174, 276 354 Alexanian, George 145, 205 Alfred, Laura 146, 196 Allan, Catherine 268 Allan, Thomas Alleman, Richard 161, 506 126, 506 Allen, Christy Allen, David 223, 273, 426 180, 506 Allen, Douglas 153 Allen, Emily Allen, Ernest 322 Allen, Janet 276, 349, 506 Allen, Marily 70, 115, 152, 312, 334, 506 Allenstein, Linda 506 Alloway, Willard 271 Allred, Larry 210, 506 Almquist, Penny 124, 177, 374 Alperin, Tony 272 Alpert, Marco 273, 423 Alquist, Marian 276, 506 Alter, Marlene 137 Altman, JoAnne 245 Altman, Neil 213 Altmann, Daniel 276, 498 Alton, Richard 430 Altorfer, Walter 168, 342, 343, 472 Alves, Sue 138 Amdur, Judith 506 Ameele, Noel 260 Ames, Josselyn 126 Ames, Stephen 210 Amid, Torag 264 Amidon, Diana 441 Amrofell, Iry 206 Amsbury, Raymona 235 Amundsen, Joe 188, 354 Anderm an, Roger 265, 506 Anders, Gideon 344 Anderson, Bryce 263 Anderson, Carol 154 Anderson, Christina 276 Anderson, David 354 Anderson, Donald ....276, 372, 468 Anderson, Eric 173 Anderson, Geoff 169, 394, 395 Anderson, Janice 132, 317 Anderson, Jeff 276, 506 Anderson, Jim 216, 372 Anderson, Jock 191, 472 Anderson, Joe 426 Anderson, Kathy 162, 148 Anderson, Michael .191, 343, 372 Anderson, Ned 373 Anderson, Posy 143, 211 Anderson, Reed 199 Anderson, Robert 454 Anderson, Tom 191 Andre, Paula 132 Andreasen, Dave 430 Andree, Sally 153 Andres, Gary 492 Andrews, Linda 152 Andrews, Robert 187 Andrewsen, William 273, 480 Angle, R. L. 502 Anikeeff, Michael 220, 506 Anthenien, Ralph 222, 472 Anthony, Toan 143 Antillon, Victor 273 Antola, Victor 910 Anton, Sh-lly 145 Anzis, Michael 276, 377, 397, 506 Aono, June 276, 541 Appel, P ruce 222 Appel ' , Howard 197 Applebaum, Ray 308 William ..........168, 472 Arbios, Pob 211, 337, 423, 430 Archer, William 208, 343, 418, 430, 506 Archibald, Bob ..........76, 228, 306, 308, 314, 337, 354, 506 Archibald, Dave 220, 430 Arden, Herb 268 Argus, Wayne 276 Arlett, Art 359 Armstrong, David 276, 506 Armstrong, Grant 200, 506 Armstrong, Judy 115, 316 Arnberg, Robert 172 Arner, Brock 373 Arnold, Ann 251 Arnold, Danette 243 Arnold, Milarm Arnstein, Eileen 276, 506 Aronoff, Steve 276, 492 Aronson, Christopher 276, 506 Arreguy, Catherine 276, 506 Asahara, Keiko 238 Asaravala, Ramakant 492 Ascensio, Michael 263 Aschenbrenner, Rick 373 Ashby, Larry 209 Ashcraft, Jim 20, 391, 395, 430, 488 Ashe, Margie 115, 134, 158, 225, 339, 506 Ashford, Carola 123 Ashley, Robert 160 Astarabadi, Zaid 222, 480 Atkinson, Sheridan 161, 472 Atterbury, Kenneth 196, 342, 343, 344, 354, 506 Atton, Georgia 276, 341, 506 Auburn, Christine 128 Auen, John 276, 506 Austin, Gary 263, 488 Avery, Ann 152, 196, 506 Avrech, Gloria 506 Ayer, Mike 454 B Baban, V. Babbitt, Julianne Bach, Phillip Bachman, Barbara Bachman, Sharon Bachtold, Stan Bacon, Bunny Bademosi, Fadejimi Baecher, Greg Baer, Barbara Baer, Marvis Baer, Peete Bagg, Carter Baggarly, Susan Bagley, James Bailes, Lynn Bailey, Chip Bailey, Patrick ... ..... 351, 402, 430, Bailey, Sue 266 166, 507 Bailiff, Daniel 133 Bainbridge, Janet 269 Bainbridge, Robert 405 Baizer, Bob 147 Baker, Ann 276, 507 Baker, Bonnie 276 Baker, Donald G. 472, 507 Baker Donald W. Baker, Frederic 276, 507 Baker, George . 81, 188, 337, 507 Baker, John 256 Baker, John J. 160 Baker, Linda 142, 507 Baker, Robert 269 Bakewell, Helene 252, 507 Balabanian, Doris 276, 507 Baldwin, Phil 217 Baldwin, Robert 276, 488 Baldwin, Tisha 134 Bale, Chuck 168, 488 Balistreri, Catherine 276 Ballard, James 178 Ballhaus, Bill 198 Ballin, Pete 195 Balsley, Robert 255, 472 Banducci, David 263, 488 Banducci, Ronald 276, 480 Bandy, Connie 148, 162, 473 Bank, Brad 310, 316 Banker, Carolyn 134, 183 Banker, John 219 Banning, Julie 455 Bannster, Wayne 162, 498 Barber, Klaus 502 Barbour, Joan 276, 507 Bardellini, Lee 227 Bardin, John 203, 413 Bardwell, Barbara 250 Bareuther, Robert ...276, 454, 472 Barker, Carol 134, 225 Barker, Jim 203, 343, 507 Barker, Steve 454 Barnard, Peter 276, 507 Barnecut, Nancy 211 Barnes, Bobbi 136 Barnett, Ellen 80, 252 Barnett, Helen 136 Barnhart, David 276, 488 Baron, Barry 174 Baron, Carlos 426 Barr, Sally 153 Barr, Sue 133, 204 Barrett, Kim 208 Barrett, Samuel 257, 507 Barron, James 276, 507 Barron, Roger 322 Barron, Thomas 255, 488 Barry, Barbara 145 Barry, Sue 148, 507 Barry-Smith, Ian 276, 507 Barsky, Bill 212 Barta, John 261 Bartel, Richard 204, 348 Barth, Tom 220 Bartlett, James 208 Bartlett, Joyce 126, 507 Bartlett, Llvod 427 Bartlett, Richard 197 Bartman, Douglas 217 Barton. Sue 147 Barwick, Tom 267, 341, 488, 489, 493 Basch, Julie 126 Baskin, Stephen 164, 507 Bass, Richard 176 Bass, Roberta 251. 507 Bassett, Randall 276, 507 Bastien, Dominique 384 Bastien. Don 430 Batchelder, Lynn 248, 406, 453 Batchelder, Ronald 276, 430. 507 Bates, Prian 263, 507 Bates, Marcel 276, 507 Battaglia, Carole 251 Bauer, John 265, 488 492 236 271,480 276,506 152,506 209,472 341 430 182 316,317 507 273 193 248,507 204 120 180 553 Bromberg, Robin 279, 322, 336 Bronk, harry 202, 373 Brooke, T. Scott 178 Brooks, Mariel 509 Brooks, Robert 278, 489, 491 Brothers, Lynda 434, 435 Brothers, Stephen 198 Brown, Alan 165 Brown, Ben 163 Brown, Chris 133 Brown, David 171, 354 Brown, David K. 162, 384 Brown, Denna Jo 279, 509 Brown, Dennis 502 Brown, Donald 265 Brown, Dorothy 253 Brown, Doug 224 Brown, Faye 128 Brown, Gerald 454 Brown, Gloria 120 Brown, Jack 278, 509 Brown, Jane 143 Brown, John 430 Brown, Karen 250 Brown, Kathleen .._.152, 314, 339, 455, 509 253, 455 130, 339, 509 133 206 278, 372, 472 236 423 278, 509 168, 343, 418 145 151, 455 123 134, 509 Bauer, Mei-Ling 276, 498 Bauman, Esther 275, 507 Bauman, Jill 455 Bautista, Mike 261 Baxter, Nancy 507 Bay, Crandall 170 Baya, Toni 245 Beahrs, Richard 208, 343 Beall, James Bean, Barbara 246, 507 Beare, Susan 455 Beary, Ury 276, 507 Bealey, John 343, 363, 372, 413, 430 Beaty, Forrest ...16, 276, 334, 337, 344, 372, 426, 430, 507 Beatty, Dennis 373, 427 Beatty, Jake 268 Beaudry, Robert 277, 507 Beber, Linda 128, 507 Beboian, Vic 272 Beck, Eva 434, 435 Beck, Sandy 418 Becker, Glen 88 Beckwith, Edward 277, 472 Bedford, Jeanie 277 Beedy, Tish 145, 200 Beeman, Howard ....277, 343, 488 Beeman, Martha 277, 507 Beeman, Michael 174, 343 Beer, Peter 277, 507 Beeson, Jane 134 Behrens, Carl 196 Beitscher, Stevie 277, 507 Belcher, Willa 277, 507 Belden, Bonnie 128 Bell, Andrew 181 Bell, Barbara 277, 507 Bell, Brenda 128 Bell, Carolyn 250 Bell, Doug 178, 337, 342, 343 Bell, Paul 188, 398, 498 Bellquist, John 229 Belove, Marilyn 120, 336, 338 Benbassat, Ken 269 Bender, Barbara 243, 507 Benjamin, Robin 251 Benjaminson, Peter 354 Bennett, Barbara 277, 507 Bennett, Bobbie 140 Bennett, Charles 488 Bennett, James 171 Beno, Andrea 277, 468 Benoist, Jon 351 Benson, Bonnie 245 Benson, John 208, 410, 413 Benson, Stuart 384, 507 Bent, Mickey 126 Bentley, Rich 220 Bentley, Roderick 192, 472 Benya, Paul 430 Benzler, Bruce 277, 344, 507 Beran, Bob 419 Berdahl, Karen 277, 314, 338 Berg, Ellison 204 Berg, Jeffrey 231 Berger, Michele 277, 507 Bergfeld, Carol 138 Bergren, Christine 127 Bergstrom, Donald 160, 277 Berkowitz, Susan 277, 507 Berlandt, Konstantin 88 Berlin, Robert 167, 507 Berlin, Susan 277, 507 Berman, Claire 277, 306, 453, 455, 507 Berman, Diane 277, 508 Berman, Mike 264 Bernacchi, Jerry 218, 488 Bernard, Bob 261 Bernard, Lilly 481 Berner, Finn 273, 384 Bernstein, Barry 260 Bernstein, Jenelle 508 Bernstein, Robert 164, 508 Bernt, Frances 277, 508 Berry, Barbara 151 Berry, Dan 362, 267, 372, 413 Berry, Joseph 217 Berry, Karen 277, 508 Berry, Lawrence 189 Berryhill, Dennis 373 Berta, Richard 277, 508 Bertagnolli, Greg ......191, 343, 508 Bertetta, Gail 277 Bertozzi, Dan 263, 508 Berstram, Rick 160, 480 Besio, Steve 208, 413 Besman, Norm 423 Best, Fred 255, 508 Bethmann, Bill 219 Betnum, Nate 407 Bettelheim, Ann 120 Bettencourt, Dave 256 Bevan, Mary 134 Beyersdorf, Joel 277, 488 Beyersdorf, Tom 255, 354, 508 Bhatia, B. S. 492 Bialecki, Linda 239, 313 Bibel, Dave 194, 354 Bickley, Dan 198 Bigelow, Talie 150, 508 Bignorie, Mireille 277 Billing, Mark 277, 498 Billington, Margaret 241, 508 Bills, Ann 154, 316, 350, 472 Bilyeu, Steve 173 Bimar, David 277 Bimat, Bill 373 Binder, Bill 224, 382, 404 Binger, Nancy 126 Bingham, Sue 141 Bird, Charlie 272 Bird, Marie 152 Bird, Terry 277, 508 Birdwell, Jim 181 Birnbaum, Roger 160 Birnstein, Peter 230 Birsinger, Bonnie 153 Birshen, Barry 86 Bistrow, Eric 277, 508 Bitticks, Bob 348 Bixby, Robert 215 Bixler, Mike 175, 472 Bjermeland, Arne 204, 268 Bjork, Barbara 508 Black, Chris 502 Black, Kathy 132 Black, Richard 384 Blackman, James 277, 508 Blagborne, Sarah ..138, 317, 319 Blair, Jean 150, 196, 309, 339, 508 Blanchard, Marilyn 128, 508 Blanchard, Roger 277 Blanchfield, Tom 430 Blanck, Irene 508 Blandon, Pedro 277, 488, 492 Blank, Richard 277, 508 Blankenhorn, Richard 269 Blasdell, Clark 277, 488, 489, 493 Blasdell, Jim 493 Blatteis, Louise 121 Blausten, John 263 Blazer, Candy 240 Bliss, Norman 256, 423, 430 Block, Chris 140 Block, Linda 136, 508 Blomberg, Robert 277, 508 Bloodworth, Donald 228, 384, 430 Blo om, Jonathan 194, 508 Bloom, Kathie 140, 379 Bloom, Mike 241 Bloom, Richard 480 Blossom, Elizabeth 142, 508 Blotky, Randy 278, 337 Blower, Marilyn 126, 508 Bluestein, Lou 74, 278, 344, 348, 508 Blum, Bonnie 136 Blum, Edward 230 Blum, Joseph 207 Blum, Mark 257 Blumenfeld, Bonnie 278 Blumenstock, Beth 237 Blumenthal, Linda 237, 429 Blumenthal, Sheryl 278, 508 Boas, Prian 255, 472 Boatright, Dean 209 Bochner, Brian 278, 489 Bocian, Maureen 278, 453, 455, 508 Boddum, Jerry 223, 472 Bodin, Joanne 278, 508 Bogardus, Burton 278, 508 Bogel, Pete 219 Boke, Nick 223 Boldeman, Nancy 127 Boles, Sherri 118 Bollier, Wendy 119 Bollin, John 265 Bond, Brendon 273 Bond, Harold 418 Bonelle, Jean 423 Bonini, David 228, 508 Bonner, Barbara 127 Bonner, Toanne 151, 355 Bonsall, Lin 134 Bonura, Angele 153 Book, Steve 256 Bookbinder, Louis 93, 258, 508 Booker, Robert 264 Bookman, Robert 230 Boone, Jerry 273 Boone, Richard 172 Boot, Jon 182 Booth, Linda 130, 508 Borad, Diane 251 Borba, Janet 155 Borden, Bette 134 Borden, Rick 169, 423 Bordner, Jon 160 Borgen, Mack 348 Boring, Joyce 142 Borra, Gloria 252, 508 Boschken, Buzz 80, 278, 472 Boschken, Irene 80, 91, 278, 472 Bosley, Gary 178, 508 Boss, Michael 171 Bosschart, Marc 214, 472 Boston, Eruce 91 Bosworth, Hobart 269 Boucher, Teri 241, 455 Boudett, Kathleen 127 Bouldry, John 225 Bourassa, Donald 278, 489 Bouton, Richard 200, 508 Bovard, Kenneth 273 Bowcott, Syd 272 Bowe, Gary 166, 508 Bowes, Peter 265 Bowles, Richard 217, 342, 426, 430, 472 Boxer, Suzanne 278, 508 Boyarsky, Jeffery 164 Bo yce, Jim 413 Boyd, Randy 182 Boyer, Vicki 278, 508 Boyl, Kathryn 124, 508 Boysen, Harvey 217, 342 Boysol, Steve 208 Bosinovich, Slobodanka 278 Brace, Chuck 203 Bradford, Tom 208 Bradley, Gerald 90, 278, 508 Bradley, Jerry 362, 364, 367, 372, 413, 430 Bradley, Mary 251 Bradley, Pat 258, 423 Bradner, Bari 153 Brady, Jean 238, 320 Bragg, David 173, 468 Brainard, Sherri 145 Brajkovich, Kathy 155, 312, 313 Brand, Robert 377 Brandler, Jon 206 Brandley, Suzanne 240 Brandt, Sara 147, 278 Braner, Patti 141 Brannigan, Joan 240, 278 Branson, James 87, 91 Brant, Karen 150, 312 Brant, Kathy 115 Brant, Vicky 146, 508 Bratten, Marsha 435 Brautigam, Pat 125, 338 Brechtel, Bill 405 Breck, Daniel 173, 503 Brehany, Patricia 278 Brehm, Larry 224 Breitner, Norman 480 Bremner, Rick 83, 278 Brennan, Peter 278, 508 Brereton, Hugh 278, 508 Breslayer, Russell 256 Bresnik, Harold 278, 498 Brickley, Robert 489, 491 Bridges, Hollon 198, 418 Briggs, Gaylord 502, 503 Briggs, Germaine 278, 509 Briggs, Marilyn 252 Bright, James 278, 509 Brimer, Cristi 244 Brinkley, Barbara 145 Brinkman, Chris 146, 379 Bringmann, Donald 184, 498 Brinkworth, Robert 228, 337, 344, 426, 430, 431, 509 Britt, Don 164, 509 Brittan, Barry 272 Brizzolara, Paul 354 Broadfoot, Meridee 455 Brock, Leslie 509 Brock, Nancy 140, 315 Brodahl, David 162 Brodie, Bruce 423 Brodkey, Bruce 164 Brody, Betsy 242 Brody, Risa 322 Broline, Louis 480 Brown, Kristin Brown, Linda Jo Brown, Lindsay Brown, Mason Brown, Michael Brown, Nancy Brown, Ray Brown, Richard Brown, Rick Brown, Ruth Brown, Ruth Brown, Sylvia Brown, Teppie Brown, Tom 343, 372, 413 Browne, Nancy 251 Browne, Suzanne 135 Brownell 383 Browning, Patricia 278, 509 Brubaker, William 176 Bruce, Jim 385 Bruce, Tom 430 Brudno, Susan 278, 509 Bruflat, Ivar 228, 498 Bruggeman, Fred 260 Brugman, Pat 144 Brulenski, Joe 204 Brumbaugh, Pat 251, 322 Brumund, Richard ....278, 354, 509 Bruner, Charlotte 243 Brunsten, Bill 261 Brush, Greg 423 Brush, Shelly 146, 509 Brusten, Manfred 204 Bruzzone, Andrea 152, 509 Bryan, Brad 430 Byran, Hilary 278 Bryan, Jane 134, 336 Buchanan, Gail 278, 319, 509 Bucheister, James 224 Buck, Lilla 119 Buck, Walt 196, 334, 337, 430, 509 Buckelew, Bruce 278, 489 Buckius, Orland 278, 489 Buckley, Connie 84, 238 Buckley, Mike 278, 344, 452, 509 Buckley, Rick 193 Budman, Norm 278, 509 Buettner, Michael 489 Buhler, Dan 263 Buhles, Bill 217 Bulin, Marion 151 Bull, Cathy 133 Bunch, Don 186, 418, 430 Bundschu, James 232, 342, 343, 468 Bunker, Bonnie 278, 484 Bunker, David 269 Bunnel, James 272 Burbank, Russell 217, 480 Burger, Dennis 164 Burger, Donna 144, 278 Burger, Tom 278, 509 Buriani, Carolyn 509 Burich, Stephen 211 Burk, John 256 Burk, Stephen 260 Burks, David 278, 308, 509 Burleson, Drenda 509 Burmester, Neil 278, 509 Burnett, Bob 264 Burnett, Pamela 144, 350 Burnett, Sue 133 Burnham, Gary 278, 489 554 Burns, Kathy 278, 509 Burns, Mary Jane _130, 196, 334, 336, 339, 509 Burns, Peggy 278, 509 Burrows, Lynn 127, 336, 338 Burrows, Bill 344 Burseth, Stephen 273 Burstein, Barry 194, 509 Burton, Pat 142, 336, 509 Busacca, William 278, 509, 510 Bush, Dorothy 88, 166 Bush, Dorothy 279, 350, 510 Bushee, Grant 208 Butler, Becky 125 Butler, James 227, 351, 452, 510 Butler, Jeanne 125 Butterworth, Tom 186 Buttimer, Sheri 145 Byers, Miriam 251 Byers, Ron 427 Bynum, Ken 973 Byrd, Juanda 455 Byrn, Barbara 122, 510 Bystrom, Gary 202, 372, 430, 484 C Cabaniss, Sharon 119 Cabell, Carol " 40 Cabrera, Chuck 20( -72 Cady, Pat 378 Caesar 175 Cagnacci, Lynda 279, 510 Cahill, Joan 151 Cahn, Linda 121 Cairns, Dianne 122, 142 Cairns, Kathie 472 Calcagno, Robert 270, 472 Calhoun, John 182, 441, 510 Caligari, Ronald 344 Callaghan, Mike 203 Callaway, Mike 159, 351 Callaway, William B. 188, 413, 498 Callin, Toni 198 Callow, Dave 168, 510 Callow, Dottie 123 Calmer, John 209, 489 Calvert, Judi 128 Cameron, Tim 168, 343, 510 Camp, Wendy 253 Campagna-Pinto, Diana 138 Campagnoli, Joy 141 Campbell, David 180, 510 Campbell, Glennis 510 Campbell, Jack 184 Campbell, Jacqueline 279, 510 Campbell, Loralee 124, 510 Campbell, Leonard James 279, 472 Campbell, Mike 273 Campion, Anne 147 Campion, Tory 146, 379 Camras, Patti 136, 510 Canary, Patricia Ann 279, 510 Cancienne, Bonnie Kay __124, 510 Canerva, Lynn 279 Cann Jr., William H. 279, 472 Cannata, Sue 128 Canova, John 182 Cantin, Eugene T. ..279, 341, 406, 510 Cantlon, John 362, 372, 430 Canty, Robert 228 Caouette, Emily 253, 341, 355 Carey, Alan L. 268, 472 Carey, Bill 199 Carhart, Julie 243 Carjola, Karen 130, 472 Carl, Edward D. 279 Carl, Skip 203, 343, 472 Carleton, Pete 441 Carll, Sandy 279, 468 Carlsen, Susan 118, 196, 510 Carlson, Carl R. 279, 472 Carlson, Daniel 272 Carlson, Dayle 395 Carlson, Ellen 251 Carlson, Kasi 126 Carlson, Rowena 244, 510 Carlton, Jennifer 242 Carman, Donald 191 Carmel, Rich 348 Carney, Bruce William ....204, 268 Carniglia, Charles ....258, 488, 489 Carnohan, Kristin 942 Cams, Keith E. 279, 510 Carpenter, Malcom 498 Carr, Bill 195 Carr, IV, Peyton T. 170, 472 Carr, Tim 384 Carragher, James 81, 279 Carrier, Chris 130, 336 Carrillo, Ed 268 Carson, Jim 373 Carter, Albert 279, 510 Carter, Charles 264 Carter, Dick 197, 316 Carter, Paul George 279, 472 Carter, Trudy 279, 510 Carter Jr., William ..279, 354, 430, 472 Carvajal, Rudy 373 Carzo, Rocco 372 Casale, Linda June ..........279, 510 Casassa, Julie 131 Case, Richard 430, 492 Casey, Sharyn Michelle 510 Casper, Sandra 148, 510 Cass, Chrystal 951 Castle, Cliff 430 Cate, Claudia 154, 336, 510 Cate, George F. 200, 418 Cate, Janice 119, 200 Cate, Kathleen 251 Catipovic, Nick 405 Cauchois, Scott 384, 430 Cauldron, Robin 237 Cauldwell, Charles B. 163, 510 Cermak, Richard J. 222 Cerruti, Michael 341 Cerruti, Nina A. 488, 489 Cesar, Lilia Y. 138, 510 Chagi, Carolyn Joyce 279, 510 Chaikin, Joe 407 Chamberlain, Edith 122 Chambers, Merle C. 127 Chamblin, Dale 212, 39 Champion, Jim 373 Chan, Camille ..279, 319, 336, 349 Chan, Darlene 315 Chan, Esther 279, 472, 473 Chan, Helen 279, 510 Chan, Lester 349 Chan, Lucretia 238 Chan, Michael 279, 473 Chan, Sharon 279, 510 Chan, Wallace 279, 489 Chan, Wyman 279 Chandler, Julie 510 Chaney, Bruce 173 Chang, Chester 279, 498 Chang, Gerald 963, 354 Chang, James J. 160 Chang, Lister 269 Chang, Michael 202, 510 Chang, Rosaline 510 Channing, Lawrence 308 Chao, Shirley 279, 510 Chapel, Joan 325, 330 Chapla, Edward 184, 489 Chapman, Joni 120 Chapman, Merle D. 257, 419 Chappell, Pam 132 Charney, John 230 Chase, Dana 454 Cheever, Norm 351 Chelnik, Evelyn 242 Chen, Alex 267 Chen, Ron 354 Chenault, Donna S. 511 Cheney, Mik 217 Cheng, Raymond 202, 489 Cherry, Jim 279, 309, 473 Chesterman, Elizabeth 240 Cheu, Carol Dea 279, 511 Chew, Iwan 202, 498 Chew, Sherwin A. 279, 511 Chiang, Jeanne 250 Chick, Warren 232, 473 Chikami, Dean 440 Childhouse, Holly 319 Childress, Phillip 204 Childs, Carol .69, 162, 279, 334, 339, 511 Chin, Crodd 430 Chin, Johnathan 264 Ching, Kin 964 Ching, Linda 279, 511 Chinrock, Mike Chiodo, Ronald A. ..279, 341, 473 Chipman, Stephen 220, 511 Chisholm, Richard 174 Chitlik, Paul 961 Chong, Raymond 493 Chong, Victor 263 Chow, Willard 265 Christ, George 354 Christensen, Jean 243 Christensen, Rhzta 11, 115, 148, 211, 339, 340, 350, 511 Christian, Linda 966 Christiansen, James 220, 511 Christianson, Bumper 266 Christie, Jim 257, 440 Chu, Glenn 440 Chu, Kenneth 279, 349, 480 Chu, Stan 202 Chu, Vincent 256 Chui, Esther 951 Chun, Carolyn 243 Chun, Ramsey 279, 341, 489 Chun, Wendell 202, 279, 389 Chung, Annie 279, 473 Chung, Marilyn 511 Chung, Stephen 269, 349 Church, Diane 251 Church, Larry 224 Churchill, Creighton 174, 440, 511 Cierny III, George 259, 441 Cifra, Kathy 290 Citron, Richard Cizon, Rita 455 Clack, Barret 219 Claire, Andy 212 Clardy, Jim 430 Clare, Sheila 142, 350, 511 Clark, Alison 133 Clark, Carolyn 126 Clark, Doug 257 Clark, Frederick 167 Clark, Kris 115 Clark, Karen 315, 511 Clark, Margie 938 Clark, Michael 267 Clark, Nell 279, 484 Clark, Pete 217 Clarke, Tom 170, 440 Claster, Robert 260 Clausing, Gerhard 279, 511 Clauson, Steve 271 Clay, Sylvia 122, 511 Clayton, Norman 159 Cleland, Christopher 173, 511 Clement, Carolyn 511 Clemo, Tom 216, 382 Clerici, Paula 236, 511 Clesk, John 261 Clevenger, Bob 210, 382, 511 Clewans, Harvey 279, 511 Cliff, Shirley 144 Clifford, Craig 191, 473 Clifford, George 227 Clifford, Julie 145 Cline, Noell 145, 240 Cling, Gary 192, 473 Clirehugh Jr., Robert 209, 354, 511 Cloninger, Shirley 243 Coates, Judy 73, 152, 339, 379, 511 Coates, Leonard Cobleigh, Donald J. 203, 343, 511 Coburn, Gary 197, 418 Cochran, June 84, 243 Cochran, Kathie 123 Cochrane, Carolyn 135 Coelho, Evo J. 193 Coenen, Annelle 127 Coffelt, Meg 138 Coffey, Georgianne 511 Coffey, Patricia 240 Coffman, Judy 131 Coghlan, Alan 384 Coghlan, Jill 511 Cognetta, Joan 155 Cohan, Rick 186, 510 Cohen, Betsy 279 Cohen, Elyse 136, 511 Cohen, Henry 165 Cohen, Michael 344 Cohen, Robert 964 Cohenour, John 255, 511 Coho, Joe 159 Coho, Paul 511 Colberg, Karen 133 Cole, Cathy 151 Cole, Clark 181 Cole, Ken ..259, 341, 384, 426, 430 Cole, Patricia Ann 246 Cole, William 269 Coleman, Elizabeth 244 Coleman, Howard 31 Coleman, Richard 222 Coles, Ron 279, 511 Colletts, John 413 Colliau, Steve 192, 354, 473 Collier, Camille 119 Collier, Marilyn 266 Collins, Connie 151 Collins, Galen R. 222 Collins, Toni 88 Collister, Joel 263 Colombano, Alan 198 Coltrin, Linda 279, 511 Colvin, Kathy 429 Colwell, Marjorie 279, 511 Colyear, Karen 134, 222 Combs, Philip 268 Comstock, Timothy 233 Concepcion, Frank 280, 511 Concoff, Robbi 137 Condict, Wayne A. ..178, 343, 473 Conklin, Michael ....280, 337, 473 Conley, Larry 167, 511 Conn Jr., Robert 209 Connelly, Mary Ellen 240 Conelly, Matthew J. 157, 232, 337, 342, 511 Conner, Peter 203 Conner, Susie 122 Conti, Rich 215 Cook, Barbara 151 Cook, Bill 187 Cook, Dick 159 Cook, Jennifer 248 Cook, Michael 498 Cook, Michael A. 196 Cook, Richard 511 Cook, Ron 207 Cook, William 161 Cookson, K. C. 151 Cooley, Michaele 280, 511 Coombs, Jeanne 280, 349 Coombs Jr., Walter P. - 0, 511 Cooney, Jim 502 Coons, Jack 210 Cooper, Bruce 273 Cooper, Ginny 148 Cooper, James 263 Cooper, Lee 280, 511 Cooper, Martin 230, 511 Cooper, Sandi 120 Cooper, Shirley 280, 511 Cooper, Thomas ....280, 416, 418, 419, 430, 511 Cooper, Wayne 256 Coopersmith, Marshall ....160, 280 Cope, Frank R. 280, 473 Coplen, Jack 170,489 Copley, Thomas P. 167, 473 Copple, Cynthia 146, 511 Corbett Jr., William 184, 489 Corday, Joanne ..75, 211, 280, 334 339, 340, 345, 369, 370, 511 Coreris, John 187 Corker, Carolyn 133 Corlett, Cam 134, 225 Cornelius, Gary 168, 395 Cornell, Duane 454 Cornell, Edward 228 Cornet, Steve 306 Corp, Richard 256, 423 Cortese, Kathleen 238, 511 Cortese, Richard 201 Cory, Kathy 151 Cosby, Jonathan 170 Cottam, Dallas 267 Coughlin, Tim 454 Courtright, Craig V. 159 Couture, Carl 280, 498 Covel, Linda 242 Coverdale, Ron 192 Covey, Ronald 175, 377, 512 Cowan, Peter ... 191, 398, 430, 512 Cowart, Jim 176 Cowen, Janet 280, 512 Cowger, Bruce 223, 343 Cowley, Chris 280 Cox, Dennis 193 Cox, John 192, 489 Cox, Marlene 141 Coyne, Mary Sue 143 Cozzens, Danine 251 Crabtree, Marsha 153, 455 Cragholm, Ellsworth 233 Cragholm, Lem 232, 342, 354, 473 Craig, Bob 266, 427 Craig, Brian 211 Craig, Catherine 280, 484 Craig, Joseph 280, 512 Cramer, Mary 146, 512 Crane, Ed 215, 473 Crane, Jack 216 Crane, Marilyn 153 Crapuchettes, Lynette 245 Crater, Mary Katherine ..280, 512 Cravens, Brandy 142 Cravens, Candy 143 Crawford, Harold 273 Crawford, Lynn 142 Crawford, Lynn 142 Crawford, Tom 259, 2 64 Craycroft, Gary 170, 473 555 Creighton, Richard 180 Criqui, Michael 210, 512 Grist Jr., George 168, 473 Grist, Liz 150 Critchfield, Rusty 387, 395 Crrtides, Byron A. 223, 512 Crittenden, Robert A. 208, 343, 372, 413, 430 Crockett David L. 180, 473 Crockett, H. David 197, 423 Crohn, Joel 423 Crosbie, Laurel 133 Crosby, Meg 147, 226 Crosby, Peter 191, 492 Cross, Bob 192 Cross, Robert ....172, 344, 423, 430 Cross, Stan 227 Crothus, Janet 266 Crothers, Judith 541 Croucher, Doug 972 Crow, E. L. 203, 512 Crow, Michael 188, 498 Crowe, Dan 189 Crowle, Henry 980, 512 Crozier, David 0. 280, 489 Cryer, Cathie ....225, 280, 374, 484 Crymes, Stu 401 Crystal, Terry 238 Cudiamat, Christine 88 Culver, David 280, 480 Culver, Jan 134, 484 Cumming, Jim 170, 354, 473 Cummings, Richard 163 Cummings, Stephen 203 Cunniberti, John 208 Cunningham, Dick 188, 473 Cunningham, Glenn E. 267, 451, 489 Cunningham, Richard 344 Cunningham, Steve 192 Cunningham, Walt ..212, 398, 430 Curle, Chris 135 Curlett, Jim 187, 423 Curll, Lucinda 280, 512 Curry, Thomas 186, 512 Curtis, Bob 269 Curtis, Diane 239 Cu rtis, Mary 246, 512 Curtiss, W. Steve 209 Curtner, Walt 209, 473 Cusimano, Robert S. 199 Cutler, Chris 342, 343 Cutler, Stuart 212 Cykman, Greg 280 Cyr, Rodney 85, 488 Cyrog, Linda 134 Czaja, Victoria 241 Czarnecky, David J. 280, 473 D Dahl, Rodger 203 Dahlberg, Janet 122, 512 Daifotis, Maria 245 Daino, Mark 319 Dake, Marc 165 Dale, Ellen 512 Dale, Frithjof 473 Dal Porto, Jim 197 Dal Porto, William 344 Dalton, Dennis 419 Dalton, Stuart 423 Da Luz, Virginia 280, 512 Damask, Thomas 280, 489 Dang, Katherine 249, 473 Daniel, Tobie 240 Danielson, Joan 280, 435, 512 Danielson, Nancy 131 Danilovich, Jean 143, 429 Danilovich, John 178 D ' Aoust, Diane 154, 350, 512 Dardis, Robert 273 Darley, Chuck 406 Darlington, Ann 115 Darrow, Christine 130, 512 Dash, Rich 430 Dashen, Alan 273 Dashiell, Dale 280, 498 Daum, Valerie 142, 512 Davenport, David 160, 480 David, Bill 264 David, Susan 512 Davidson, Andrea 115, 316 Davidson, Diane 122, 512 Davidson, Eric 395 Davidson, Laura 945 Davies, Diana 153 Davis, Alix 138, 512 Davis, Anne 142, 345, 484 Davis, Bev 142 Davis, Charles 266 Davis, Dave 351 Davis, Gary 170, 337, 512 Davis, James 280, 480 Davis, Jeffrey 168, 342, 473 Davis, Katherine 143 Davis, Kathi 119, 245 Davis, Kimberly 251 Davis, Linda 131 Davis, Nancy 117 Davis, Nancy Kay 280, 473 Davis, Sam 230 Davis, Steve 187 Davis, Warren 489 Davy, J. Gordon 160 Dawg, Peter 166 Dawson, Dan 256 Deal, Leonard 280, 473 Dean, Michael 341 Deats, Pam 123, 226 De Bell, Gary 430 De Benedictis, Marsa 320 De Brecht, Robert 280, 488, 489 De Brettville, Francie 151 De Conde, Chris 395 Dee, Panula 243 Dees, Mella 280, 512 De Forest, Craig 430 De Friez, Herbert 160, 480 Degan, Carol 121 Degenhardt, Thomas 208 De Goff, Bob 267 De Groot, Karen 136 Deguchi, Naomi 280 Degusta, Kenneth 280, 512 De Haydu, Zoli 184 Deifotis, Maria Dell, Ann 280, 512 Dell ' Imagine, Ron 372 Del Nero, Marie 280, 512 Delp, Henry 280, 489 Delucchi, Dede 152, 312, 313, 314, 512 Delucchi, Larry 199 De Lugach, Sanford 165 Delwiche, Alan 199 De Maria, Anthony 174, 512 Demorest, Dave 430 Denney, Phillip 280 Denton, Charles 181 De Pas, Mary 434 De Pauw, Roger 280, 473 De Phillips, Sandra 242, 512 Depta, David 502 De Puy, Jeffrey 269 Der , Margaret De Roo, Danielle .132, 328, 374 Derre, Diane 115, 512 Dersheimer, Ann 144 De Sellem, Marlene 153 De Somery, Cindy 237 Desper, Diane 154 Deyendorf, Kande 132, 251 De Victoria, Harry 272, 404 Devine, Frank 199 Devitt, Mary 238 De Wert, William 171 Dexter, Miriam 134 Dey, Ann 150 De Zerega, David 270 Diamond, Gary 402 Diangson, Walt 180, 498 Dibblee, Ian 171 Dibner, Eric 263 Dick, Mary 124, 473 Dickel, Jane 131, 211 Dickens, Barry 93, 269, 488 Dickey, Jim 383 Dickhoff, Walt 373 Dickinson, John 490 Dickinson, Ralph 203, 512 Dickson, Jill 146 Dicmas, Carol 251 Dicochea, George 173 Diehl, John 159, 426 Dietrich, Paul 160 Dietz, Lawrence 272 Dill, Marjorie 118, 313, 336 Dillard, John 219 Dililngham, Keith 341 Dillon, Dion 280, 490 Dillon, Mike 224 Dillon, Robert 181 Dimke, Charles 280, 512 Dimmick, Jens 280, 512 Dittmar, Tom 175 Dixon, John 348 Dixon, Martha 280, 512 Dizenfield, Josie 951 Doane, David 454 Dobbs, Gregory 207 Docken, Robert 273 Dodge, Edward 490 Dodini, Luann 251 Dods, Todd 440 Doerflinger, Dave 192 Doerflinger, Debby 143 Doge, Edward 280 Doggett, Charles 160 Doi, Carlton, 263 Doi, Carole 240, 280, 512 Dolan, Ginny 150 Dolan, Patricia 75, 134, 280, 336, 512 Delp, Henry Domergue, Denis 127 Domokos, Charles 308, 344 Don, Edward 280, 512 Donahoe, Cathleen 236 Dondero, Robyn 245 Donoghue, Peter 203, 512 Donohue, Mike 218 Donsky, Joanne 120, 512 Dooley, Doug 493 Dopkins, Bill 182, 325, 329 Doran, Terry 280, 512 Dorcy, Daryl 192 Dorfman, Charles 231 Dorison, Steven 233, 37 Dorison, Steven 233, 373 Dority, Tom 351 Dorn, John 263 Dorr, Diana 153, 204, 473 Dorrance, J. M. 261 Dorris, Bill 281, 512 Dorwat, Michael 264 Doud, Robert 265, 314 Douds, Betsy 132, Dougherty, Diane 115, 155, 306, 312 Doughty, Maureen 150, 200, 313, 334, 512 Douglas, Kip 186, 513 Doumani, Peter 208 Dove, Michael 263 Doyer, Puel 281, 512 Dowd, Carolyn 123, 338 Dowd, Judy 281, 480, 481 Dowell, Richard 188, 490 Downey, Pete 191, 473 Downing, Stephen 192 Doyle, Brian 281, 488, 490 Doyle, Michael 223, 512 Drake, Steve 266 Drange, Stuart 178 Drennen, Diane 153, 162 Drew, April 134 Drewes, Michael 169 Drezner, Jeff 260 Dubois, Paul 173, 341, 512 Dubrow, Michelle 136 Duckhorn, Ronald 191 Duell, Susan 239 Duffey, Michael 223, 343, 384, 484 Duffey, Peter 224, 384 Duffy, Dinah 281 Duffy, Maureen 150, 336, 484 Dugow, Iris 281, 513 Duino, Mark 281 Duisenberg, Pete 473 Dully, Larry 200 Duncan, Edwin 228, 404, 450, 513 Duncanson, Margaret 281, 513 Dunkerton, Kathy 241 Dunlop, Roy 281, 348, 513 Dunn, Liz 153 Dunn, Timothy 281, 513 Dunstan, Jeff 170 Dunton, Jois 281, 513 Durando, Paul 271 Durkin, Mary 281, 513 Durkin, Robert 281, 513 Durney, Kim 147 Durney, Peter 219, 281 Duryea, Richard 220, 423 Dusenberg, Peter 272 Dutton, Robert 281, 490 Dwelle, Walter 180 Dwyer, Diane 151, 338, 341 Dye, Debi 153 Dyer, Robert 259, 454 Dyer, Steve 171 Dzani, Matilda 281, 541 Dzura, Stan 331, 344, 365 E Eager, Poppy 135 Eastland, Alice 152, 513 Eastman, Hal 184, 423, 490 Eaton, Brian Ebehard, Joan 252 Ebert, Jan 130, 320,513 Ebright, Ty 214, 354, 473 Eckard, George 268, 373 Eckersley, Susan 281, 513 Eckhardt, Carl 209 Eckman, Greg 227 Eckman, John 227 Eckstein, Maria 281, 336 Eddy, Sara 140 Edelheit, Joseph 207, 452 Edelman, Raymond 212 Edelstein, Sue 137 Edlefson, Karen 251, 322 Edlund, Linda 281 Edlund, Lois 281 Edson, Clark 440 Edson, Edward 184 Edwards, Linda 237, 251 Edwards, Marilyn 131 Edwards, Martin 490 Edwards, Mike 192 Edwards, Pamela 145 Edwards, Perry 281, 490 Edwards, Randall ....220, 428, 430, 473 Edwards, Richard 166 Edwards, Roger 196, 316 Edwards, Rosemary 119 Edwards, Thomas ..281, 337, 344, 379 Effnon, Joel 281, 442, 490 Egan, Jim 196 Egeberg, Jeff 178, 343 Eggerding, Faye 130, 513 Eggleton, Joan 132, 513 Egherman, Ronald 281, 498 Eichberg, Robert 212, 513 Eichler, Frank 354 Eiger, Rick 172, 322 Eisenbach, Lynn 281, 513 Eisenberg, Barry 213 Eisenberg, Joe 213 Eisenberg, Melissa 281, 513 Eisenberg, Michael 194 Eisendorf, Barb 239 Eklund, Peter 167, 513 Elarth, Vernon 281, 473 Elberg, Gregg 233 Elder, James 191, 473 Eldridge, Edith 239 Eliasberg, Michael 91 Eliaser, Jerry 256 Elkind, Marcy 121 Elliot, Dick 228 Elliott, Harry 179 Elliott, Hiram 281, 513 Elliott, James 217 Elliott, Karin 131 Elliott, Rich 385, 426 Elliott, Scott 184 Elliott, Steve 269 Ellis, Calvert 272 Ellis, Jim 171 Ellis, Leslie 173, 490, 492 Ellis, Richard 213 Ellis, Stevie 131, 211 Ellison, Dean 196 Ellison, Thormon ....281, 489, 490 Ellsberg, Robert 211, 423 Elsner, Bob 211 Elson, Lee 263 Emberton, Robert 281, 480 Embrey, Ken 267 Emerson, James 281, 513 Emery, Betsy 150, 513 Endacott, Linda 226, 281, 313, 473 Endicott, David 281 Endow, Karen 246, 513 Engel, David 164, 306, 315, 348, 354, 513 Engel, Jon 206 Engelman, Robert 203 England, Lonny 257 Engmann, Douglas 281, 419 Ennenga, Carl 229, 454 Ensminger, John 167 Ensunsa, Pam 315 Epstein, David 257 Epstein, Jane 281, 513 Epstein, Lizz 244 Epstein, Lora 84, 282 Epstein, Matthew 264 Epstein, Michael 454 Epstein, Ruth 88, 282, 455, 513 Erickson, Gary 209 Erickson, Irene 429 Erickson, Karen 243 Erickson, Margaret 282, 513 Erickson, Myron 390, 395, 430 Erickson, Nels 282, 513 Erickson, Ruth 162, 282 Erickson, William ...216, 341, 473 Ericson, Bill 441 Erigero, Cathy 115, 341 Erigero, Phil 264 Erikson, John 502 Erle, Kimberly 282, 513 Erlich, Howard 195 Ernster, John 211 Erteszek, Victoria 144, 513 Ertle, Rutsy 208 Es Bass, Carvel 268 Eschen, Andrew 220 Esherich, Pete 266 Eslinger, Larry 217 Espana, Carlos 259 Estill, John 423 Evangelista, Gary 207 Evans, Blair 169 Evans, David 271 Evans, Ed 382, 404 Evans, Gary 260 Evans, Leigh 123 Evans, Neal 204 Evans, Richard 267 Evans, Steve 195 Evart, Candace 147, 336 Evenson, Mike 384, 430 Everett, Ben 270, 490 Everett, Ken 273 Everson, Pam 148, 513 Ewers, Doug 219 Ewing, Barabar 128, 473 Exley, Jack 282, 513 F Faber, Jan 282, 513 Fabrick, Allan 164 Fable, David 282, 513 Fahs, Susan 128, 513 Fain, Bill 178 Fain, Richard 259 Fairman, Marc 164 Fallai, Steve 169 Faller, Ray 354 Fancher, Ray 354 Fancher, Bob 395, 419 Fankhauser, Mary 455 Fareed, George 406, 430 Farley, Jan 134 Farmer, Roger 273 Farnell, Sheri 124, 336, 374 Farrar, Chuck 216 Farrar, Jim 267 Farrar, Trixie 140, 339, 340, 513 Farrell, Ed 488 Fattarsi, Tony 418 Faust, Leland 382, 404 Fay, John 373 Fay, Marj 115, 142, 513 Feder, Anne 308 Fedoroff, George 220, 381 Feinstein, Barbara 136, 513 Feinstein, Leon 213 Feinstein Sheila 338 Feldman, Arlen 192, 473 Feldman, Gail 120, 319 Feldman, Jeffrey 271 Feldman, Randy 282, 513 Feldmar, Toni 120 Feldstein, Nancy 120, 200, 339 Felheim, Stephanie 145 Felix, Chris 134 Fell, Gordon 272 Fell, William 197 Feller, Gary 282, 306, 513 Felmus, Marjorie 136, 513 Felsenthal, Linda 136 Felton, James 196, 513 Fenberg, Terry 282, 513 Fenech, Alan 282, 341, 513 Ferber, Stanley 217, 513 Ferguson, Jan 124 Ferguson, Kathy 140 Ferkovich, Candy ...235, 290, 349 Ferman, Gary 306, 320 Fernandez, Maria 240 Fernandez, Raul 344 Ferrell, Mary 123 Ferris, Carolyn 122, 514 Ferris, Colleen 455 Ferris, Joan 123 Fessenden, Bruce 267 Fester, Diane 154, 514 Fetherston, Jim 372, 413, 430 Fidler, Donald 282, 341, 488, 490, 491 Fidler, Sharon 282, 514 Field, Catherine 140, 514 Field, Helyse 282, 514 Field, Larry 161 Field, Rick 72, 402, 403, 430, 431 Fielding, Fred 182 Fife, Dennis 256 Figone, Diann 282, 514 Fike, William 222 Files, Sue 248 Finch, Judy 429, 434 Fine, Jeffrey 207 Fine, Kathi 246, 314 Fineman, Lois 282, 480 Fingarette, Caryn 251 Finn, Kathie 122 Finn, Maureen 115 Finnegan, Mary 282, 514 Firestone, Allen 441 Firth, Bob 229, 282, 426, 514 Fischbach, Bernie 212 Fish, Andrea 282, 514 Fisher, Lawrence A. 282, 341 Fisher, Lawrence 227, 514 Fisher, Nancy 151 Fisher, Page 126 Fisher, Philip 490 Fisher, Richard 179 Fisher, Russ 174, 343, 490 Fishman, David 212, 231 Fishman, Irene 136, 514 Fishman, Ronnie 136, 514 Fitch, Susan 282, 514 Fitzgerald, Sharon 282, 514 Fitzhugh, Chris 187 Flagg, Ellen 317 Fleck, Wilbur 259 Fleishman, Al 212 Fleischman, William 206 Fleming, Cathy 115 Flemming, Howard .282, 454, 490 Fletcher, Shelby . 153 Flier, Richard 265 Fliss, Ronald 282, 337, 344, 379, 514 Flitterman, Sandy 121 Flo, Myron 180, 514 Flynn, Barry 282, 490 Flynn, Ed 413 Flynn, Gloria 282, 514 Foss, Robert 216 Foncell, Susan 282, 514 Fonda, James 282, 490, 492 Fong, Barry 282, 349, 514 Fong, Byron 282, 514 Fong, Calvin 349 Fong, Constance 282, 514 Fong, Henry 488 Fong, Jim 268 Fong, Kirby 265, 341, 488 Fong, Min 243 Fong, Randall 202, 349, 514 Fong, S. 488 Fong, Tony 202 Forbes, Bruce 410, 413 Forbes, Pierson 210 Forbes, Susan 114, 434, 435 Ford, Daniel 220, 514 Ford, Patricia 249 Ford, Ray 198 Foree, Marilynn 148, 341, 514 Forester, Jeffrey 263 Foster, Bob 263 Foster, John 282, 490 Foster, Luane 251 Foster, Paul 232, 342, 343, 473 Foster, Roger 372, 430 Foudy, Carole 118 Foulke, Pete 159 Fountain, Merilee 120 Fountain, Roberta 251 Fowler, Elizabeth 154, 514 Fox, Angela 258 Fox, Dave 167, 474 Fox, John 255, 474 Fox, Warren 192, 337, 369 Fralic, Jeanne 131 France, David 159 Frances, Rich 200 Francis, Art 204, 514 Francis, Gail 132, 514 Francis, Larry 178 Francis, Richard 273 Frank, Alice 130, 514 Frank, Jeffrey 161, 384 Frank, Jon 268 Frank, Martha 132, 350 Franklin, Patricia 282, 514 Frantz, John 216, 343, 372, 413, 430 Franzwa, William 255, 348, 490 Fraser, Jack 182 Frazell, Susan 128, 514 Frazer, Susan 282, 514 Fred, Morris 195 Fredericks, Kathie 138, 316, 325, 349 Fredlund, David 270 Fredricks, Gary 219, 339 Free, Robert 224 Freeborg, Sue 145 Freeman, Barbara 136 Freeman, Dale 258, 490 Freeman, Dave 273 Freeman, Dave 193 Freeman, Ellen 136 Freeman, Judith 514 Frees, Joseph 282, 514 Freitas, Diana 455 French, Ann 115, 150, 514 French, Bruce 407 French, Bryant 184 French, Eric 373 French, John 453, 454 Frere, Harry 384, 430 Freschi, Lenore 132 Freschi, Paula 133 Freschi, Lynn 121 Freshman, Daze 961 Fretter, Ernest 282, 351, 490 Fretter, Gretchen 282, 514 Freudenstein, Sid 402, 403 Freudenthal, Paul 201 Freund, Elizabeth 120, 514 Frick, Alex 142 Friedel, Ted 268 Friedland, Roger 88, 269 Friedman, Karen 121 Friedman, Phyllis 282, 514 Frithjof, Dale 258 Fritts, Ginger 144, 514 Fritz, Linda 144 Frohman, Rod 354 Frost, Barbara 152, 514 Frost, Bill 168, 418, 430 Frost, Charles 169 Frost, Janet 153 Frost, Tim 383 Frucht, Dale 514 Fry, Alfreda 131, 350 Fry, Don 161, 337, 490 Fry, Sally 115, 514 Fugate, Thomas 282, 489, 490 Fujii, Fern 282, 514 Fujii, Paul 262 Fujii, Ron 273 Fujimoto, William 402 Fujita, Allan 262 Fukushima, Ginger 238 Fukushima, Robert 262, 514 Fukutome, Nancy 282, 541 Fuller, George 92, 95, 430 Fulton, Donald 265, 490, 493 Fulton, Tom 166 Furiya, Elsie 235, 246 Furtado, Vicki 251 Gaboury, Michael 163 Gabriel, Laura 242 Gaffga, Ginny 144, 514 Gaffney. Drew 222 Gage, Zaney 143,211 Gage, John 344, 430 Galasi, Ron 207 Gale, 247, 455 Galindo, Pete 216 Gallagher, Mike 217, 325, 330 Gallagher, Patricia 239 Gallay, Jody 213 Gallatch, Laurel 243 Galliano, Terry 345 Gallie, Mike 425, 426 Gallien, Robert 964 Gallup, Aaron 282, 515 Gallup, Wally 191 Galvan, Jim 348 Gambera, Armand 255, 490 Gamenara, Val 148, 339, 340, 350, 515 Ganowav, Nancy 129 Gant, Dan 502 Gant, Kathy 131, 336 Garamendi, Tohn 73. 214. 3d4, 365, 367, 372, 430, 474 Garball. Ruth 952 Gard. Chris 1 0.211 Gardner, 200, 354 Gar-lick. Max 268 Garrity, Thomas 928 Gartner, Larry 86 Garver, Lloyd 213 Garwin, Charles Gary, Susan 134 Gass, Susan 282, 515 Gassaway, Lee 282, 515 Gatesk, David 341 Gaton, Robert 454 Gault, Jeff 212, 498 Gay, Terry 151 George, Gearhart 413 Geary, Linda 247 Geary, William 222 Gehrke, Ric 255, 490, 491 Geiger, Martha 248 Geijer, Paul 317 Geis er, Ken 317 Giest, Louise 115, 439 Geldert, Michael 191 Geneson, David 441 Gentilly, Penny 124 George, Lance 314 George, Richard 271, 377 Gerhardt, Jo-Ann 341 Lerner, Alice 283, 339 Gerritsen, Judy 131 Gersenson, Myrna ....283, 315, 515 Gershenson, Sue 121, 338 Gershon, Sherry 243 Gerstel, Bryan 69, 283, 337, 344, 379, 474 Gerwin, Carole 136, 515 Gesin, Dennis 257 Gesley, Roy 309, 344, 515 Gessler, Sallie 150, 515 Getchel, Lora 131 Getz, William 194 Gherlone, Nancy 128 Giacomelli, Jon 923 Gianella, Linda 283, 515 Gianotti, Lisa 142, 515 Gibbert, Vince 189, 372 Gibbons, Gerry 162, 283 Gibbs, Jon 209, 515 Giberson, Lynne 152, 374, 435, 515 Gibson, Carol 153, 350, 455 Gibson, David 210, 490 Gibson, Gail 140, 490 Gibson, Mark 341, 488 Giganti, Nina 242 Gilbert, Doug 92 Gilbert, Nancy 239 Gilchrist, John 186, 515 Gile, Dennis 342 Gilleran, Bob 178, 515 Gillette, Chip 178, 515 Goldberg, Janet 120, 225 Gillette, Robert 222 Gillette, Sharon 283, 336, 515 Gilliam, Dennis 960 Gillman, Tom 230 Gillmor, Cancy 150, 196 Gilman, Cindy 121, 319 Gilroy, Christina 283, 484 Giwa, Michael 262, 490 Ginsburg, Carol 283, 515 Giovanni, Dan 264 Girard, Robert 283 Girot, George 214, 490 Gitlin, Nancy 236, 515 Gittins, Jamie 372 Giusso, Garry 200, 515 Glaser, Dale 283, 515 Glaser, Gary 283, 480 Glasner, Gail 283, 515 Glass, William 930 Gleitsmann, Rich 175 Glenn, Charles 159, 426, 430 Glen, Colin 427 Glenn, Vera 266 Glick, Bobbie 121 Glickfeld, Larry 194 Godfrey, Catherine 283, 515 Godfrey, Larry 454 Godley, James 283, 515 Goedhart, Bob 273 Goelz, Linda 515 Goetz, Scott 204 Goglio, Joseph 194 Goich, Dan 372 Going, Patrick ..283, 440, 441, 515 Goishi Dean 283, 474 Gold, Allen 268, 341 Gold, Judith 515 Goldberg, Barbara 136 Goldberg, Janet 120, 225 Godlberg, Jim 194 Goldberg, Judy 250 Goldberg, Peter 474 Goldberg, Richard 260, 283, 490, 491 557 Golden, Bonnie 148, 455 Golden, Ronald 261 Goldfarb, Andy 213 Goldfinger, Nancy 283, 515 Goldman, Ellen 283, 515 Goldman, Ronald 283, 515 Goldner, Susan 983, 515 Goldsmith, Bob 168, 474 Goldsmith, Scott 423 Goldstein, Gail Goldstein, Jerry 206, 306, 307, 308, 334, 337, 344, 468 Goldyne, Marc 983, 441, 515 Goldyne, Marc 983, 441, 515 Gomez, Yolanda 283, 515 Goncalves, Jean 145 Goncalves, John 288 Gong, Victor 964 Gonzalez, Steve 407 Good, George Ann ....146, 196, 379 Goodman, Ann 115 Goodman, Dennis 283, 474 Goodman, Gary 231 Goodman, Helen 120, 515 Goodman, Leslie 245 Goodman, Louise 120, 515 Goodman, Marilyn 241 Goodman, Peter 194, 515 Goodman, Richard 206 Goodman, Richard M. 160 Googe, Linda 239 Gordon, Cheryl 246, 515 Gordon, Michael 983, 515 Gore, William 998 Goren, Jerry 213 Gorman, Hugh 454 Gosline, John 223, 515 Gott, Vicki 942 Gottesman, James 206, 341 Gottlieb, Kim 243 Gould, Harvey 283, 516 Gould, Philip 165 Gould, Richard 222 Gould, Ronald 283, 430, 474 Grady, Carol 154, 516 Graham, Cindy 125, 439 Graham, Donald 201 Graham, Marcia 131 Graham, Bill 180, 516 Gramatky, Mimi 143 Granata, Richard 208 Grant, Berenice 146 Grant, Charles 384 Grant, Jeffrey 241 Grant, Kathryn 146, 283, 516 Grant, Leslie 127 Grant, Lucy 244 Grant, Robert 179, 488 Grant, Tom 909, 474 Grantham, Bob 191 Grau, Dana 163 Grau, Julia 115, 315 Graves, Bonnie 434 Graves, Marilyn 241 Graves, Richard 224, 423 Gray, Aileen 983, 516 Gray, Belinda 144, 516 Gray, Bruce 266 Gray, Horace 160 Gray, Jan 267 Gray, Rodger 269, 373, 419 Grazarian, Beverly 455 Green, Bob 439 Green, Chip 912 Green, Dud 956 Green, Gary 283, 468 Green, Greg 203 Green, Linda 147 Green, Marilee 144, 516 Green, Sheila 90 Greenamyer, Pam 251 Greenbaum, Joan 283, 516 Greenberg, Carole 136 Greenberg, Charlotte 283 Greenberg, Ellie 240 Greenberg, Mark 164 Greenbaum, Kathy 983, 516 Greener, Gary 907 Greenfield, Rhoda 137 Greening, Bernard 137, 256 Greenlees, John 269 Greenough, William 259 Greenspahn, Jill 253 Greenwald, Alan 212 Gregg, Robert 161, 423 Gregg, Scott 161, 344, 430, 498 Gregory, Carl 983, 490 Gregory, John 198, 516 Gregory, Quintard 344 Gregory, Tod 170, 354, 516 Grenko, Mike 283, 502, 503 Grey, Joel 188, 516 Gridley, Haines 200 Gridley, Mike 344, 372, 413, 430 Griebrok, Jule 966 Grieider, Cheryl 951 Grieve, Denise 115 Griffin, Ann 147 Griffin, Shane 993, 516 Griffith, Peter 174 Griffiths, Diane 284, 516 Griffiths, Raleigh 218, 516 Grihalva, Richard 284, 516 Grilli, John 272, 451 Grimer, Dave 407 Grimes, Don 453, 454 Griset, Dan 71, 284, 334, 337, 344, 516 Grisham, John 162 Griswold, Frank 186, 474 Grizzle, Carol 284 Groeszinger, Marlene 140, 473, 516 Groh, Kenneth 284, 51 Groh, Kenneth 284, 516 Groper, Corinne 124, 225, 336 Groper, John 315 Gross, Barbara 951 Gross, Carole 951 Grossman, Jane 121 Grossman, Lynn 355 Grossman, Ronald 197 Groves, Rodger 908, 343, 343 Grubbs, Mark 176 Grubman, Terry 284, 336, 516 Gruehl, Ted 191 Grunewald, Laurie 119 Grutman, Tony 383 Grutzmacher, Don 965 Gruver, Larry 217, 404 Gryson, Christine 284, 516 Guess, George 209, 516 Guest, Don 191, 372, 413, 430, 516 Guibert, Judy 141 Guichard, Roger 984, 516 Gundlach, Ray 157, 188, 498 Gunn, Bob 315 Gunnell, William 232, 474 Gunther, Susan 943 Gurevitch, Russ 200 Gurvich, Joan 134 Gustayson, Karen 123 Gut man, Carol 155 Gutman, Steven 159 Gutstein, Helen 284, 516 H Haag, Barbara 126 Haas, Diana 984 Haas, Rich 187 Haas, Susanne 131 Haas, Thomas 984, 516 Haase, Randy 426 Haavik, Douglas 284, 490 Haberkamp, Dennis 959 Hackel, Lori 121 Hacker, Joseph 284, 516 Haddick, David 488 Hadlock, Ken 384 Hadreas, Peter 284, 457, 516 Hagemann, Gretchen 341 Hagmann, Ruta 134, 313 Hagopian, Karen 284, 484 Haight, Ralph 284, 516 Hail, Leonard 284, 474 Hailer, Harvey 265, 345 Hakala, Rickele 143 Halcrow, Ken 255, 516 Hale, Betty 284, 541 Hall, Anita 122 Hall, Bob 184, 315 Hall, Diane 244 Hall, Fred 211, 264 Hall, Jim 385 Hall, John 502 Hall, Pete 233 Hall, Russ 191 Hall, Sally 148, 196, 345, 516 Hall, Sandra 126, 516 Hall, Steven 210, 516 Hall, William 354 Hallaian, Charlene 152, 516 Halloran, Kathy 153 Halpern, Richard 230 Halpern, Sue 251 Halpern, Susan 244, 517 Ham, Kathy 119 Hama, Mary 251 Hamblet, Fob 200 Hamilton, Barry 186, 517 Hamilton, Gail 125 Hamilton, George 173 Hamilton, Judy 140, 379, 517 Hamilton, Pat 124, 225, 336, 339, 345, 474 Hamlin, Stephanie 118, 517 Hammack, Fred 210, 490 Hansmell, Jaynee 122, 517 Hanan, Chris 951 Hammes, Francis 430 Hammond, Andy 141, 338 Hammond, Virginia 284, 517 Handa, Barbara 251 Handley, Ray 370 Hanes, Peter 159 Haney, Ann 134 Hanggi, Dennis 196, 337, 343, 344, 475 Hanks, Katherine 146, 517 Hanna, Anita 128 Hannigan, Barbara 946 Hannon, Wylde 244, 338 Hannum, Cathy 245 Hanscom, Russel 162 Hansen, Mimzy 248 Hansen, Sally 284, 517 Hansen, Stephan 196, 484 Hansen, Vivian 144 Hanson, Jack 157, 233 Hanson, Maja 248, 315 Harbordt, Anne 142, 320, 339 Hard, Sam 372 Harder, John 211, 398, 430 Hardin, Robert 257 Harding, Margaret 238 Hardy, Sue 142 Hare, Anthony 984, 354, 517 Hargreaves, Annalee 284, 517 Hargreaves, Anne 115, 238 Hargrove, June 125 Harita, Yoichi 984 Haritos, Elaine 124 ,517 Harker, Roger 218, 490 Harlow, Peggy 154, 517 Harman, Terry 154, 344 Harms, Richard 197 Harnet, Kit 180 Harper, Jeffrey 233 Harper, Kerry 128 Harper, Michael 256 Harper, Robert 354 Harrah, Glee 284, 517 Harrell, Ginny 128 Harris, Denny 284 Harris, Elisabeth 115 Harris, Emilie 136 Harris, Evan 124, 434 Harris, Freeman 189, 398 Harris, Leslie 943 Harris, Linda 136, 517 Harris, Lynne 248 Harris, Rand 948, 517 Harris, Sandy 155 Harris, Susan 284, 473, 475 Harrison, Gregg 212 Harrison, Les 230, 517 Harrison, Priscilla 943 Hart, Bob 502 Hart, Gil 272 Hart, Larry 169 Hartman, Al 175, 480 Hartman, Carol 484 Hartman, Cathleen 252 Hartman, Mary 145, 266 Hartmann, Randall 284, 499 Harvey, Cathy 134 Harvey, Pans 150, 317 Harvey, Patricia 284, 341, 473, 475 Harvey, Stefan 133 Harwood, Barbara 284 Hashimoto, Amy 251 Haskell, Vida 248 Haskett, Josh 284, 517 Hasson, William 964 Hastings, Myna 284, 312, 339, 435, 517 Hatch, Dan 430 Hatch, Sarah 138 Hartfield, Jerry 284, 351, 475 Hatton, Ayris 124, 517 Haug, Charles 284, 490 Hauge, James 284, 490, 491 Haurey, Budgelt 502 Hauser, Joan 359 Hauser, Linda 253 Haustein, Peter 341 Hawes, David 204, 423 Hawk, Dee 130 Hawkins, Jerry 969 Hawkins, Peggy 152, 517 Hawley, Dianne 142 Hawley, Loren 410 Hawley, Steven 268 Hayashi, Richard 269 Hayashida, Sady 284, 499 Hayashigatani, Shotarfi 284, 517 Hayburn, Marsha 119, 211 Hayden, Linda 136 Hayer, Arnold 266 Hayes, Kathleen 148, 284 Hayes, Kenneth 441, 475 Hayhoe, Walter 222 Haynes, Peter Hayen, Peter 266 Heal, Bill 157, 217, 517 Heald, Bob 268 Hearn, Michal 344 Hearn, Penny 142, 517 Heaslett, David 180, 517 Heasty, Ned 187 Heath, G. L. 258, 517 Heath, Gary 395 Heath, Marti 127 Heaton, Mary 341 Hecht, Pris 140 Hechtlinger, Susan 284, 517 Heckman, Donald 209 Hector, Cathy 124 Hedemann, Ed 256 Hedgpeth, Sam 378 Hedstrom, Jerry 284, 490 Heibel, Donna 284, 517 Heichel, William 284, 490 Heil, Anna 284, 517 Heilbron, Katrinka Heiman, Sandy 251 Heinitz, Jim 159 Heinrich, Richard 344 Heinrichs, Wendy 242 Heintz, Roberta 251 Heinzer, Jim 182, 517 Heiser, Judith 284, 517 Heiser, Margi 153 Helfand, Harvey 284, 451, 499 Helmich, Michal 270 Helsel, Patti 153 Henault, Pauld 454 Henderson, Gudrun 155, 205 Henderson, Karen 152, 517 Henes, Marylynn 284, 473 Hengl, Larry 167, 426 Henke, Curtis 162 Henken, Dick 372 Henle, Tom 187 Hennessy, Dave 343, 518 Hennessy, Elisabeth 284, 518 Hennessy, Jack 178, 343 Hennessy, Mark 351 Henrioulle, Steve 228, 518 Henry, John 427 Henschel, Bruce 160, 480 Hensley, Tom 178 Henstell, Bruce 94, 306 Hepworth, Randolph 176 Herbert, Jon 273 Herbert, Mike 232 Herget, Tons 170, 518 Herman, Ronald 212 Hermann, Mary 243 Hernandez, Allan 344 Henry, Edward 284 Hersh, Richard 264 Hershberger, Martin 222 Herzstam, Stephanie 243 Hess, Kurt 488 Heuler, Bette 119 Heung, Betsy 251 Heung, Silver 284, 518 Hewitt, Ted 173, 273 Heyman, John 273 Hickerson, Robert 163, 429, 518 Hickman, Dean 270 Hiddleson, Bill 184 High, Ken 179, 382, 401 Hill, Alan 166, 490 Hill, Dianne 118, 196, 518 Hill, Pam 248 Hill, Pans 248 Hill, Rich 191, 518 Hill, Teresa 127 Hill, Wendy 143 Hilldreth, Mary 132, 345, 518 Hilleary, Sterling 142, 313, 518 Hills, Mary 146, 196, 518 Hills, Polly 147, 379 Himes, Carole 148 Himsworth, Pamela 284, 518 Hinds, Munn 192, 518 Hinke, Tom 162 Hirai, Fred 262, 518 Hirasuna, Nori 284, 518 558 Hirata, Norm 267 Hiroshi, Sane 262 Hirsch, Gilah 284, 341, 518 Hirschman, Jack 211 Hirshburg, Fred 268 Hitchcock, Dan 264 Hitchcock, John 163 Hite, Fred 216 Hiyama, Irene 252 Hjelm, Rex 184 Hobson, Stewart W. 284, 453, 454, 518 Hockett, Rayven 253 Hocking, Jean K. 244 Hodgdon, James 163 Hodges, Richard 440 Hodgson, Lynn 284, 518 Hodgson, Norman 220, 273 Hodson, Carole Ann 236 Hoefer, John 178, 343, 423 Hoschler, Parki 115, 344 Hoffland, Lindee 196 Hoffman, B. Andrew 230, 518 Hoffman, Karen 145 Hoffman, Mike 413 Hoffman, William 255, 518 Hofmann, Joan 142 Hogan, Martha Jean 518 Hogan, Mike 266 Hogan, Morgan 153 Hogan, Tim 196 Hokenson, Richard 315 Holberton, Terry III ..208, 343, 430 Holcenberg, Stan 164, 490, 492 Holcomb, Mary 284, 518 Holcombe, James 488 Holcombe, Mike 284, 475 Holden, Robert F. III 174 Holiday, Paul 269 Ho11, Dimitry 490 Ho11, James 228, 490 Holl, Jessica 249 Holland, Marilynne 246 Holland, Richard H. 217, 342, 343, 518 Hollingsworth, Peter 285, 490 Holman, Maurie 167 Holman, Robert 343 Holmberg, Hank 395 Holmes, Gary 178, 343, 499 Holmes, George 285, 475 Holmes, Henry H. 163, 419 Holmes, Janet 285 Holmes, Sharon 122 Holt, Dave 256 Holt, Mary Ann 518 Horn, Kenneth F. 285, 499 Homer, Stephen C. 224 Homsy, Robert 480 Honett, Steve 182, 518 Hong, Norman 285, 499 Honore, Bonnie F. 285, 518 Hoobler, James 159, 354 Hoppin, Ned 168, 430 Horacek, Ken 167 Homer, Pam 148 Horning, Richard 184, 337, 518 Horwit, Lori 136 Hoskins, Barbie 143 Hosmer, Bill 354 Houle, Richard M. 201 Houps, Larry 427 Houston, Gladys 143, 320 Howard, Keith 168, 518 Howard, Lawrence 454 Howard, Mike G. 222 Howard, Robert W. 192 Howe, Cynthia 144 Howe, Herb 488 Howe, Luke T. 285, 518 Howe, Marilyn 134 Howe, Norman, Jr. 172 Howe, Virginia 243 Howekamp, David 186 ,490 Howell, Kenna 76, 80, 91, 138, 518 Howell, Leslie 940, 480 Howes, Katherine 248 Hoxmeier, Doug 395 Hoxmeier, Steve 203, 499 Hsia, Yuchuek 270 Hubbard, Ed 372 Hubbard, Camden 227, 480 Hubbard, Joan 122, 204, 518 Hubert, Steven 206, 285 Hudner, Neil 441 Hudson, Douglas J. 168, 518 Hudson, Ernest 263 Huebner, Marcia 153 Huen , Patricia J. 285, 517 Huff, Charles 198, 491, 492 Huff, Dale Huff, Henry Huff, John Huff, Ronald C. Hufnagel, Mary Hugdal, Lee Hughes, Doug Hughes, Joe Hughes, Karen Hughes, Steve Hughes, Sue Hugo, Greg Hukari, Dale Hull, Arthur Hull, William Hulsy, Robert Hum, Carol Humpal, Gregory Humphrey, David V Humphrey, Deborah Humphreys, Gary Hunn, Kathy Hunt, Christy Hunt, Harlan Hunt, Jim Hunt, Vicky Hunter, Jerry Hunter, Martha Hunter, Richard B Huntsberger, Karen Hurlbut, Beth Hurst, Hilary Hurst, Lian Hurt, Roger Huss, Susan Hussain, Faronk Hutch, Patti Hutchcraft, Pam Hutchins, Duane Hutchinson, John M. Hutchison, Chris Huxtable, Susan Hyde, Barbara Hyland, Brooke Hymes, Barbara Nell Hynes, Marc I Ice, Diana 247 Iding, Bob 285, 341, 354, 491 Iding, John 285 Ikeda, Lyndon 285, 519 Ikuta, Mitsuru 260 Ikuta, Susumu 160, 480 Ikuta, Yasuko 285, 336 Illman, Karen 951 Imagawa, Janet 285, 519 Imai, Calvin 285, 499 Immerman, Michael 195 Ina, Sandra 285, 519 Ince, Bill 174 Ingalls, Robert 208 Ingham, Robert 208, 519 Ingham, Tim 182 Injayan, Roger 285, 519 Inkelis, Stan 426, 430 Ino, John 348 Inouye, Carolyn 251 Inouye, Gail 236 Inouye, Margaret 252, 519 Inouye, Stan 175, 378 Inson, Michael 171, 426 Irion, James 264 Irving, Michael 271 Irwin, Nancy 115 Isaacson, Elaine 519 Isbelle, Ted 491 Isola, Frank 220 Ito, Glenna 285, 519 Ito, Michael 285, 519 Ivanetich, Ann 144 Iverson, Kaaren 132 Iverson, Wilson 480 Ives, Ed 166 Ivy, Karen 455 Iwahashi, Janis 285, 475 J Jack, Norman 413 Jack, Susanna 131 Jackson, Patty 135 Jackson, Roy 285, 519 Jackson, Terry 200, 519 Jacobel, Bob 179 Jacobs, Gary 285 Jacobs, John 270 Jacobs, Kathy 243 Jacobs, Lori 75, 120, 308, 336, 339, 340, 519 Jacobs, Steve 261 Jacobsen, Gretchen 135 Jacobsen, Keith 917, 475 Jacobson, Don 272 Jacobus, Jay 217, 314, 337, 344, 423, 519 Jacoby, Mary 135 Jaffe, Arnie 230, 309 Jaffe, Jeff 90, 219 Jaffe, Robert Jagoda, Sharon 120, 341, 519 Jagoda, Steven 231 James, Bruce 193, 499 James, Stewart 519 Jamieson, Jacquie 141 Tampel, Joanie 136 Janes, Eric 354 Janes, Maureen 118 Janes, Ronald 265 Janzen, Hans 428 Jardin, Steve 227 Jarvis, James 153, 184 Jarvis, Sharoh 318, 319 Jasonides, Jeanne 945 Jaspovice, Laury 136 Jay, Mike 398 Jedda, Max 285, 491 Jellen, Ed 212 Jenkins, Eileen 286, 455, 519 Jenkins, Stephen 265 Jenkins, Tom 382 Jenkinson, Jill 132, 519 Jenner, Chuck ..286, 402, 430,475 Jennings, Richard 286 Jensen, Dorothy 286, Jensen, John Jensen, Tamila 341 Jensen, Leif 201, 354 Jinnett, Douglas 286, 491 Joffe, Bruce 325, 464 Johanson, Rich 286, 519 Johns, Judy 251 Johnson, Bob 196 Johnson, Brann 184 Johnson, Christina 286, 519 Johnson, Clarence 423 Johnson, David 219, 271, 344, 377, 379 Johnson, Diane 519 Johnson, Don 394, 395 Johnson, Doug 94 Johnson, Elizabeth 286 Johnson, Elizabeth G. 519 Johnson, Gail 153 Johnson, Gayle 138 Johnson, Greg 224 Johnson, Jean 286 Johnson, Jeanette 115, 211, 519 Johnson, John 454 Johnson, Lance 286, 519 Johnson, Larry 267 Johnson, Linda Lee 146, 519 Johnson, Liz 239 Johnson, Mac 286, 480 Johnson, Merne 519 Johnson, Roger 286, 480 Johnson, Steve 256 Johnson, Sue 519 Johnston, Catherine 128 Johnston, Marsha 286, 519 Johnston, Richard 272 Johnston, Suzanne 286, 519 Jones, Eob 502 Jones, Dennis 263 Hardy ar H , ones 228, 423, Jones, 246, 309, 519 Jones, Janice Jones, Jennifer 286, 455, 519 Jones, Judie 286 Jones, Judy 286, 519 Jones, Mark 493 Jones, Nancy 147 Ron , ones 223, 306, Jones, 344, 491 Jones, Russellyn 286, 519 Jones, Stephen 263 Jones, Susan 128, 520 Jones, Susie 145 Jones, Taffy 152, 520 Jones, Tom 172, 480 Jong, Bendrew 264 Jordan, Ellie 286, 520 Jordan, Sharon 341 Jorgensen, James 228, 348, 520 Joseph, Peter 268 Josi, Elliott 169 Jow, Barbara 286, 520 Dower, Frank 349 Dower, G. Wayne 286, 520 b Bar 140, 211, 520 Joy, Barbara Juarez, Richard 267 Juchter, Kendra 238, 520 Jukes, Caroline 115, 144, 196 Jukich, Dan 475 Julian, Nancy 148, 455 Julien, Charles 270, 430, 491 Julius, Hope 147 Jurado, Pilar 266 Jursch, Charles 286, 475 Juster, Richard 213 K Kadell, Bill 191, 343, 520 Kagan, Cecilia 136 Kagawa, Takeshi 286, 480 Kagel, Pete 178, 520 Kahan, Michael 73, 167, 309, 344, 480 Kai, Louise 286, 475 Kaiser, Stephanie _130, 211, 475 Kakesako, Edwin 964 Kalbach, Jean 134, 399, 520 Kaldor, Andrew 480 Kaldor, Ronald 212, 520 Kalinorsky, Tania 252 Kalstrom, David 286, 491 Kamarowski, Ruth 966 Kameda, Naomi 286, 520 Kamm, Greg 384 Kanai, Mark Kanaya, Junko 286, 520 Kane, David 94, 265 Kanemori, Myron 286, 491 Kann, Brenda 951 Kao, Henry 286, 480 Kaylan, Charles 206, 520 Kaplan, Richard 207 Kaplan, Ron 212 Kapp, Lonnie 402, 430 Karageorge, Socrates .....286, 491 Karali, Metin 480 Karchmer, Karin 242 Karikas, Peter 270 Karish, Ina 136, 520 Karnasdjag, Svens 264 Karns, Becky 286, 520 Karowsky, Jan 213 Karp, Stephen 211 Karsch, Michael 175, 320, 520 Kasdan, Miriam 455 Kasparek-Obst, Christopher 273 Kasper, Alex 423 Kass, Cindi 137 Kassatkin, Alexei 181 Kassis, Dick 201 Kastner, Eric 373 Kataoka, Gerald 261 Kathan, Dorothy 286, 520 Katz, Arlene 286, 520 Katz, Beverlee 136 Katz, Rick 194 Kaufman, Bart 164 Kaufman, David 264, 286 Kaufman, Kathie 286 Kaufman, Linda 148 Kawai, Janice 243, 520 Kawauchi, Lois 238, 468, 520 Kay, Vicki 124, 225 Kazato, Ernest 256 Keagy, Bob 286, 354, 520 Keane, Kathy 944 Keane, Patricia 944 Keaty, Charles 286, 499, 541 Keehn, Bill 967, 489 Keenan, Ronald 272 Keep, Frederick 286 Kegan, Stephanie 241 Keil, Dave 266, 348 Keil, Stanley 271, 341 Keil, Stephen 204 Keldsen, Don 224 Keller, Margo 81, 148, 338 Keller, Tom 264 Kellerman, Bob 286 Kelley, Georgia 251 Kelley, Royce 272 Kellner, Mama 122 Kellner, Michael 208, 427 Kellogg, Clarence 354 Kellum, Lee 218 Kelly, Darcy 119 Kelly, Patti 130, 196, 520 Kelso, Marty 134 Kelson, Gary 273, 488, 491 Kendall, Bruce 266 Kenington, Carol 266 Kennedy, Anne 126, 334, 339, 340, 345, 426 Kennedy, Judith 144 Kennedy, Maria 520 211,419 168,475 169 285 122,518 223,468 269 175 115,518 315 317 373 172,518 341,488,491 184 167,475 468 263 182 285,518 81,216 238 141 216 362,364,367, 372,430 285,518 269 132,518 159,518 128 429 242 253 168 119 384 131 252,491 216 170,384, 430,491 134,226,336 285,341,518 518 1136,518 131 173,341 559 V Kennedy, Robert 286, 451, 491 Kennedy, Stewart 287, 491 Kenney, Larry 219 Keny, Naomi 153 Kenton, Richard 263 Kepford, Janet 119 Ker, Susan 948 Kern, Mary 142 Kerner, Arlene 250 Kerr, Dave 223, 491 Kerr, John 232, 475 Kerr, Judy 122 Kersten, Mike 88, 383 Kessler, Karen 140, 336, 520 Ketelhut, Marla 322 Keverline, Mary 249, 287, 540 Key, Jackie 120, 520 Keyani, Hormozdyar 85 Kibbie, Chris 287, 469 Kiebert, Irene 266 Kierulff, Sandra 520 Kikochi, Meiko 287, 499 Killingham, Keith 260 Kilmurray, Jim 211 Kilpatric, Gary 178 Kim, Carolyn 251 Kimball, Carol 125 Kimball, Symon 264 Kimura, Nobuyuki 287, 475 Kincaide, Kay 242, 520 Kindler, John 354 Kindred, Charles 384, 430 King, Camille 940 King, Carla 243 King, Connie 125 King, Doris 244 King, Douglas 264 King, Ellis 488 King, Gayle 251, 520 King, Janet 77, 142, 313, 339, 520 King, John 315, 430 King, Margaret 287, 480 King, Roy 354 King, Sylvia 287, 520 King, Yu 488 Kingman, Barry 77, 157, 200, 334, 337, 344, 430, 520 Kinnear, John Kinunen, Donald 287, 520 Kious, Gus 180, 423 Kirby, Douglas 287, 520 Kirby, Douglas R. 971 Kirby, Joanne 248, 315, 344, 520 Kirkwood, Jeanie 146, 520 Kirschen, Sandy 238, 314, 315 Kirschman, Randall 488 Kirtman, Lou 426 Kirwan, Ralph 228, 384, 520 Kishler, Les 261 Kishore, Kikuo 263 Kissinger, Jim 176 Kittaka, Kaoru 958, 520 Kitto, Pamela 930, 520 Kitts, Steve 348 Kizziah, Carol 134 Klebs, Steph en 264 Kleiman, Richard 491 Klein, Barbara 118 Klein, Don 441 Klein, James 195 Klein, John 287, 499 Klein, Karin 119 Klein, Peter 164, 520 Klein, Rowan 194, 520 Klement, Timothy 172 Kliewer, Kaye 84, 85, 287, 338 Klinger, Les 81 Klisura, Janet 145, 226 Klitten, Marty 180, 354, 475 Knapp, Margery 287, 520 Knapp, Melissa 520 Knauth, Natalie 287, 315, 520 Knecht, Marty 127 Knickerbocker, Calvin 911 Knight, Viv 226 Knoefler, Gene 258, 488, 491 Knopt, Susan 247 Knowles, Phillip 969 Knueppel, Nicholas 167, 520 Kobayashi, Art 430 Koch, Bob 189 Koch, Jay 217 Kocher, Patricia 987, 520 Kodams, Agnes 287, 484 Koehler, Bob 178 Koene, Marty 426 Koenekamp, Martin 385 Koenig, Cathy 145 Koff, Ben 492 Kohl, Katherine 244 Kokores, Paula 131, 344 Kolberg, Kenneth 162, 491 Kollias, Tina 118, 520 Kollman, Eileen 120 Kolsky, Barbara 253 Kondy, Norman 287, 499 Kong, Barbara 520 Konzen, Jim 373 Koons, Barbara 151 Koons, William 233 Koppel, Louis 222, 488, 491 Kora, Cathy 287, 520 Kordell, Ronnie 287, 339, 455, 521 Korn, Howard 195 Kornbluth, George 164, 475 Korn ei, Thomas 488 Korth, John 188 Kortkamp, Ronald 204 Korts, Susan 249, 521 Korve, Hans 287, 341, 488, 491 Kossen, Michael 230, 521 Kow, Ron 385 Kowamoto, John 264 Koyama, Bill 440 Krafft, Donna 155, 241 Kramer, L utz 171 Krasnow, Ronnie-Beth 115 Kraus, Paul 216 Krause, Peggy 86, 306 Kravetsky, Valerie 115, 211 Kreick, Mary 128, 341 Krentz, Nancy 287, 521 Kresch, David 287, 489, 491 Krichman, Ken 264 Kritikos, Bill 171 Kriz, Barbara 252 Kriz, Traude 124 Kroes, John 28. 7, 251 Krohn, Lynn 244 Kronke, Judith 145 Kropp, Raymond 191, 343, 420, 480 Krostek, Walter 160, 341, 480 Krugf, Hilda 137 Kruger, Judienne 136, 521 Kruger, Lanie 148 Krum, William 287, 372, 430, 491 Krumland, Rand 341 Krusa, Ruth 987, 453, 455 Krusic, Thomas 488 Kubochi, Martha 987, 521 Kubota, Ken 23, 423 Kucera, Jan 255, 406, 407, 430, 491 Kuda, Aileen 250 Kugler, Bill 187 Kuhn, Martin 441 Kumar, Virenda 492 Kung, Susan 287, 521 Kungel, Lynda 287, 521 Kurata, Janice 251 Kurn, Sidney 287, 521 Kurz, Shirley 287, 521 Kushnick, Beverly 136, 484 Kussamuch, Hawowi 264 Kvam, Terry 356 Kman, Terry 354 Kkan, Lok 287-491 Kwok, Seung-Lo 521 Kyle, Lori 142 L LaBagh, Jaunita 240 Labib, Parviz 287, 480 LaBombard, Catherine 253 Lacey, Douglas 222 Lacey, Skip 266 Lack, Linnell 248, 521 Lafayette, Leslie 88, 128, 521 Lafferty, Dave 423 LaForce, Barbara 155 Lahey, Mike 273 Lahti, Dianne 252, 521 Lai, Julie 287, 480 Laine, Eric 383, 405 Laird, A. 489 Lallas, Jim 440, 488 Lam, Paul 287, 480 Lamb, Robert 159, 491 Lambert, William 963, 271 Lamm, Roger 348 Lamont, Nancy 287, 453, 455, 521 Lamont, Steve 224 Lamperti, Betty 247 Lampl, Lanny 441 Lander, Robert 212, 521 Landson, Carol 243 Landy , Rona 136, 521 Lane, Denison 220, 423, 430 Lane, Helen 943 Lane, Mary 287, 435, 521 Lane, Miki 230 Lane, Robert 354 Lang, David 261, 488, 491 Lang, David 266, 341 Langeberg, John 287, 480 Langer, Maury 395 Langerak, Sharon 287, 521 Languor, Michael 264 Lanzarotti, Kathy 245 Lanzer, William 182 Lapid, Gary 230, 337 Lapidus, Lawrence 287 Lara, Yamil 287, 521 LaRiviere, Anne 162, 244 Larsen, Charles 184, 491 Larsen, Niels 168 Larsen, Pat 93 Larson, Claudia 435 Larson, John 354 Larson, Mark 395 Larson, Robin 454 La Rue, Annette 143 Lassen, Susan ....154, 339, 340, 521 Latham, Jacquelyn 151, 521 Lathon, Robert 272, 419 Lathrop, Jim 430 Lathrop, Larry 367, 372, 401, 430 Lathrop, Pat 24, 401, 521 Lau, Clifford 287, 488, 491 Laureano, Linda 94, 251 Lauro, Donald 287, 521 Laven, Richard 208 Ladhon, Margie 250 Lawler, Nancy .91, 94, 288, 521 Lawlor, Clarice 288, 522 Lawlor, Lawrence 288, 522 Lawrence, James 182 Lawrence, Larry 81, 192, 522 Lawson, Don 395 Lawyer, Sher ry 115 Laxman, Agnani 494 Lay, Jackson 203, 343 Lazear, Robert 195 Lazo, Sally 1 46, 344, 435, 522 Leathers, Joan 134 Leatherwood, Bob 418 Leavens, William 172 Leavitt, Dick 269 Leavitt, John 161 Lebb, Edward .218, 308, 344, 522 Leberman, Bob 230, 337 Ledford, Heidi 522 Ledson, Gary 322, 522 LeDuc, Jim 201 Lee, Allen 288, 522 Lee, Becky 288, 522 Lee, Cheryl 453 Lee, Chester 273 Lee, Cynthia 251 Lee, Douglas 202, 377, 522 Lee, Garce 288, 434 Lee, Hannah 288, 522 Lee, John 272 Lee, Josephine 251 Lee, Kelvin 288, 522 Lee, Kwang 288, 491 Lee, Lincoln 288, 499 Lee, Linda 288, 522 Lee, Michael 267 Lee, Nelli 349 Lee, Pam 522 Lee, Parke 341 Lee, Patricia 288, 349, 481 Lee, Phyllis 251 Lee, Richard 202 Lee, Ron 349 Lee, Sing-Hoi 288 Lee, H. Wayne 163 Leggett, Cammy 132 Lehman, David 454 Lehman, Miriam 288, 522 Leibsohn, Stu 207 Leidel, Nelson 480 Leidner, Mik e 178 Leiser, Melinda 237, 288, 522 Lekach, V. S. 341 Lekatis, Nick 288, 522 Leland, Kitty 455 Leland, Linda 288, 522 Lamoine, Julie 131 Lenat, Rick 195, 318, 319 Lenn, Nancy 128, 522 Lennette, David 988, 522 Lensch, Jay 166 Lenser, John 166, 484 Leonard, Jim 491 Leonard, Steve 341 Leonard, Ruben 265 Leong, Arnold 260 Leong, James 202, 491 Leong, Janice 242 Leong, Linda 240 Leonhard, Gabriella 115 Lepara, Leonard 184, 315, 475 Lepisto, Martin 447 Lerch, Jerome 288, 522 Lerner, Robert 213 Leung, Kkai-Pui 288, 481 Lev,Lev, Abraham 480 Levaro, Rich 180 Levien, Marica 522 Levin, Betsy 120, 339, 522 Levin, Bruce 213 Levin, Michael ..288, 488, 491, 492 Levin, Michael S. 195 Levin, Robert 230, 522 Levine, Jacqueline 288, 522 Levine, Janis 137 Levine, Jo Ann 288 Levine, Robert 212 Levine, William 454 Levinger, Merri Jo 145 Levit, Art 266 Levitt, Alan 288, 522 Levitt, Norman 268 Levy, Arlene 288, 350, 522 Levy, Charles 310 Levy, Ellie 121 Levy, Lawrence 288, 522 Levy, Marcia 288, 522 Lew, Judy 288, 339, 340, 522 Lew, Kanneth 262 Lew, Sandy 239 Lew, Tingley 288, 492 Lewis, Alicia 288, 522 Lewis, Barbara 288, 522 Lewis, Danny 212, 522 Lewis, Don 193 Lewis, Jane 121 Lewis, John 208, 384 Lewis, Kristie 239 Lewis, Steve 372, 418 Lewis, Tecia 245, 455 Lewman, Jennifer 242 Leyman, Bob 187 Li, Edward 289, 522 Liang, Douglas 289, 492 Libbey, Leslie 137 Liberman, Bette 120 Lichtenstein, Evelyn 289, 455, 522 Lichtenstein, Jules 289, 499 Lichty, Michael 446 Liebman, Jane 289, 522 Liepens, Gunar 385, 426 Liepman, Peter 257 Lilienthal, Gary 314, 325, 330, 375 Lillie, Terry 265 Lilly, Bernard 160, 289 Lilyquist, Ridney 273 Lim, Deborah 349 Lim, Katen 289, 522 Lim, Victor 202, 523 Lim, Wellman 269 Limone, Samuel 289, 523 Lin, Paul 173 Lind, Michael 227 Linden, Gordon 180 Lindfeldt, Steven 258, 476 Lindgren, Gary 492 Lindheim, Dan 406 Lindsay, Bruce 227, 523 Lindsay, Linda 115, 484 Lindsay, Midge 134, 523 Lindstrom, Jim 191, 430 Ling, Gary 211 Lingo, Art 272 Lingenfelder, Paul 454 Linguist, David 255, 541 Linville, Sue 248, 341 Lipnick, Jerome 289, 523 Lippert, Ray 454 Lipton, Doug 407 Lipton, Richard 257 Lira, Richard 270 List, Bonnie 152, 523 Litman, Janet 120 Litts, Phil 72, 175, 334, 337, 344, 368, 375, 379, 523 Liu, Chamond 272 Liu, George 263 Liu, Jim 272 Lively, Don 306, 325, 326 Lively, Donna 248, 319, 350 Lloyd, Art 402 Lloyd, Karen 121 560 Lloyd, Ken 229 Lloyd, Kenneth 206, 372 Lloyd, Lawrence 231 Lloyd, Webb 427 Lo, Kwok 289 Lobush, Diana 240 Locatelli, Barbara 153 Lockie, Carolyn 115 Locks, Ronna 137 Lockwood, Jeff 191, 413 Loeb, Dave 261 Loew, Bob 207 Lofthouse, Barbara 289, 523 Lofthus, Robert 201 Lofting, E. 488 Logan, David 269 Logan, John 162 Logan, Jeff 341 Logan, Larry 208, 523 Lohman, Sue 289, 341, 523 Lomax, Ronald 289, 523 Lombardi, Ralph 180, 337 Lomen, Bill 269 London, Betty 499 London, Craig 219 Lones, Linda 238, 523 Long, Alan 502 Long, Carolyn 289, 523 Long, Keith 194 Long, Stephen 180, 341 Long, Virginia 123 Lonie, Susan 251 Lonzarich, G. 384 Loo, Chalsa 243 Loo, Frank 454 Loo, Mary 289, 341, 523 Loo, Milton 440, 488, 492 Lorbeer, Kathleen 239 Lorenz, Blake 289, 523 Lorenzen, Marc 178, 492 Lott, Diana 143 Lotz, Barry 268 Louda, Frank 423 Loughman, Rosemary 153, 23 8 Loughran, Ron 220, 354 Louie, Lorraine 239 Louie, Reginald 213, 375 Lounsberry, Jon 187 Lovette, Steve 233, 343 Lovewell, John 193 Low, Mae 314 Lowes, Bob 218, 494 Lowy, Judith 289, 523 Loy, Michael 289, 488, 492 Loyd, Webb 268 Lucke, James ....267, 341, 488, 493 Luhmann, Donald 289, 523 Luhmann, Neville 289, 492 Luk, Kenneth 89, 289, 441, 523 Luker, Krista 123 Lumsden, Ann 140, 523 Lund, Carol Lundblad, Jerry 268, 413 Lundgren, Linda 123 Lundstrom, Jeff 175 Lunt, Greg 204 Luppen, Kathy 146, 523 Lutes, Gordy 203, 343, 492 Lutes, Tom 430 Luyendyk, Paul 184 Luzar, Jerry 418 Lymberis, Nick 188, 476 Lynch, Frank ....365, 372, 426, 430 Lynn, Jill 246 Lyon, Eleanor 239 Lyon, Erin 135, 221, 313 Lyon, Richard 164 Lyon, William 289, 523 Lyons, Tim .. 77, 178, 306, 307, 308, 334, 344, 523 - M Maas, Frank 523 Mac Donald, Pat 128 Mac Dougall, Jan 142, 239, 523 Mac Gregor, Barbara 523 Mac Intosh, Peggy 523 Mac Kay, Ross 168, 343, 523 Mac Klinger, Wayne 269 Mac Laren, Mark 163, 481 Mac Millian, Harriet 235, 236, 289 Mac Mullen, Tom 256 Mac Pherson, Mike 454 Maddaus, William 289, 348 Madden, Deeanne 113, 325 Maddux, Phillip J. 228, 523 Madfes, Karen 130, 523 Madfes, Susan 289, 523 Madsen, Pamela 148, 451, 468 Maes, Carl 404, 430 Maes, Judy 84, 244 Maggi, Mike 266 Magid, Andy 271, 523 Magovern, Beverly 289, 523 Mahon, Gary 426 Mahoney, Mike 181 Mahoney, Murray 268 Mahoney, Susan 289, 524 Mahoney, William A. 289, 488, 492 Maier, Marsha 289, 524 Mainieri, Steve 289, 524 Mainprice, Barbara 138 Malachowski, Michael J. 224 Malbin, Irene 252, 341, 524 Malley, Gregory M. 181 Maloff, Chalda 251, 341 Malone, James M. 167 Maloney, Ed 273, 373, 413 Maloney, Kevin 198 Malork , John E. 289, 524 Malter, Joan 524 Mandel, Richard 206 Manders, Harriet 251 Mangold, Donald 341 Manheim, Karen 141 Manion, Bruce L. 289, 524 Mann, Janet 524 Mann, Ken 224 Manning, Brenda 144, 322, 339, 524 Manning, Pat 131, 379 Manning, Sue 143 Mapondera, Hoea 289, 476 Marble, Leslie 134 Marcacci, Tom 195 Marchese, John F. 289, 524 Marcus, Helen M. 90, 289 Marcus, Jeffrey 191, 413 Margadant, Gary 163, 499 Margolis, Marshall 194 Marguliea, Sheldon 289, 524 Markell, Jon 213 Markarian, Gary 257 Marks, Carol 251 Markwart, Shelby 132, 524 Marliave, Rick 257 Marlowe, t,3D72 Marliave, Rick 257 Marlowe, Ruston 499, 289 Marquez, Phillip 264 Marrah, Fred 220 Marsh, David 248, 488 Marsh, Judith 289, 524 Marsh, Michael 161 Marsh, Robert 204 Marshall, David R. 233 Marshall, Joe 85 Marston, James 289, 524 Marti, Samuel, Jr. 289, 524 Martin, Bob 418 Martin, Cindy A. 132, 336 Martin, Cindy H. 127 Martin, Eileen 250 Martin, Jan 133 Martin, John 259 Martin, Judy 252 Martin, Robert 211 Martin, Terry 263 Martin, Wallace 208, 476 Martin, Wiley 176 Martin, William R. 220 Martone, Gary 223, 423, 524 Martyr, Richard 189 Martyr, Richard 189 Marx, Jeff 228 Marzola, Edward 351 Masada, Gary M. 289, 481 Masai, Mieko 289, 524 Mason, Janet 252 Massen, Mark 272 Massey, Heath 413 Masson, Gordon 220 Mastick, Patt 115 Masuda, Barry 162, 401, 481 Mateus, Eva 289, 524 Mathews, Bill 418 Mathias, John 316 Mathias, Lisa 315 Mathis, Maybelle 524 Matselboha, Richard 257 Matsui, Dale 143, 336 Matsumoto, Gerry ....488, 492, 493 Matsumoto, Kent E. 160, 289, 341, 481 Matthews, Scott 201 Matter, Joan 120 Mattis, Jack 167, 492 Mattson, Linda 155 Maubry, Pamela 120 Mauel, Janet 135 Maul, Terry 289 Maxon, Lynda 289, 524 Maximus, James 269 Maxwell, Dave 314, 315, 341, 378 May, Ann 524, 290 May, Cheryl 131 May, Maggie 241 May, Robert 261, 264 Mayeda, George 262, 440 Mayer, Elaine 142, 524 Mayer, Virginia 143 Mayers, Ann 249 Mayfield, Craig 260 Mayfield, Duane 208, 372 Mayfield, Sherry 242 Mayo, Terry 423 Mazzoni, Jane 115 McAdam, Eleanor 134 McAdam, James K. 208 McAlone, Tom 419 McAlyne, Tom 269 McAulay, Linda 290, 524 McEurney, Meredith 143 McCabe, Jim 172, 341, 480, 481 McCaffrey, Mike 372 McCalla, Bill ..224, 488, 491, 492 McCallum, Jean 140 McCallum, Jerry 162 McCandless, Sandra S. ..290, 524 McCann, Carol 141 McCann, Mike 385 McCarn, Jerry 418 McCarthy, Jane 140, 524 McCarthy, Jeanie 126, 524 McCarthy, Soapy 146, 524 McCarty, Maisie 133 McCarty, Mary 336 McCarty, Par 383 McCauley, Brian 267 McCauley, Dana 252, 524 McClain„ Joyce 145 McClane, James 492 McCleery, Jim 179, 382 McClelland, Bruce 290, 481 McClennen, Crane 193 McCollum, John 159 McClure, Lyn 146, 379 McClure, Edward 263, 423 McConaughy, Nick 179 McConnell, Andrea P. 524 McConell, John W. 290, 423, 430, 492 McCord, Marian 147, 336 McCorkle, Susan 94 McCormick, Charles 174 McCowen, Mrguerite 253 McCrary, Paddy 426 McCreary, Jeff 430 McCreight, Craig 189 McCrocklin, Drew 260 McCrocklin, Nancy M. .290, 524 McCullough, Lynne 252, 341 McCullough, Thomas 209, 341 McCusker, Sheila 248, 315, 334, 339, 350 McCutcheon, Melissa 290, 524 McDaniel, Dennis 227 McDaniel, Marianne 153 McDermott, Paul M. 166 McDonald, Larry 263 McDonaugh, Mary 132 McDonnel, Nancy 290, 524 McDonnell, Lorraine 319 McEachern, Bevan 251 McElhaney, Leland 255, 290 McElhaney, Ronald 255, 481 McElroy, Doug 216 McEneany, Mike 157, 168 McEvoy, Jean 312, 339 McFarland, Barbara 141 McFarland, Rich 266 McFarling, Mary 155, 341 McCall, Andy 87 McGee, Don 264 McGehee, Steve 167, 326 McGiff, Joan 119, 196, 336 McGill, Frank 256 McGilvray, Robert 290, 481 McGinnis, Mike 76, 290, 306, 308, 325, 334, 337, 344, 464, 524 McGinty, Ellen 247, 310, 316, 317, 336, 338 McGinty, Kevin 188 McGrath, Michelle 524 McGrath, J. P. 233, 342, 343 McGrew, Dale 201 McGuire, Bob 406 McHenry, Kenton 351 McHugh, Sharon 155, 226 McIntire, John 454 McIntosh, Dan 255, 290, 306, 308, 310, 524 McIntosh, Jean 153 McIntosh, William A. 524 Mclssac, Nancy 134 McKay, Don 264 McKean, Edward 290, 492 McKee, Albert L., Jr. 270 McKelvey, James 268 McKennafi Joan 44 McKeown, Jack 178, 343, 499 McKibben, John 187 McKinley, Bertha 148, 524 McKinley, Michael 208 McLane, Jim 255 McLain, Ann 150 McLellan, Rich 423, 430 McLeod, Robert 290, 499 McLeod, Bill 166 McMeans, Julia 131 McMurray, Patrick 188 McNally, Dale W. 162 McNally, Paul 162 McNeill, Carolyn 290 McNeill, Edward 272 McNickle, Art 198 McNulty, Patrick 138 McPhee, Dean 283 McPherson, Kathryn 524 McPlee, Dean 138 McQuary, Michael 290, 524 McQuillan, John 290, 524 McRae Jr., Colin 209, 423 McReynolds, Jim 267 McReynolds, John 228, 524 McShirley, Susan 125 McWalters, James 173 McWaters, Leanne 122, 524 McWilliam, Lona 244 Mead, Dave 269 Meacham, Candy 153, 320 Meacham, Craig 383, 405 Meadow, Robin G. 213 Meagher, Joe 167, 525 Meagher, Mike 167 Mealiffe, James 161, 528 Mecia, Francis 140, 525 Mecom, William 91, 290, 337, 344, 525 Mednick, George 219 Meeker, Cameron 217 Meers, Mike 373 Megna, Bruce 404 Megnji, Zaher 266 Mehren, Elizabeth 244 Mehta, A. K. 492 Mei, Ron 273, 476 Meier, Janet 290, 525 Meifert, Ellen 119 Meindl, John M. 290, 319, 525 Meinhardt, Corky 406, 407 Meir, Toni 200 Meiser, David L. 492 Meister, Dave 167, 525 Mekjavich, Karen 290, 306 Melchoir, Tim 179 Meltzer, Peter Kass 290, 525 Mellin, Robert A. 423 Mellon, Michael 170, 492 Melo, Wes 354, 502 Melnicoe, Alan 199 Melone, Genie 118 Meltzer, Mike 348 Mendelson, Karen 145 Mendonca, Edward 172, 525 Menees, Don 166 Menkin, Marcia 290, 525 Mennucci, III, David 222, 540 Meraj, Parvis 290, 476 Merrill, Joan 253 Merritt, Melinda 71, 146, 190, 312, 325, 336, 339, 341, 446, 526 Merrit, Susan 290, 525 Merryman, John 197 Messinbrink, Joe 990 Messersmith, Andy 418, 430 Meszaros, Michall 272 Metaxas, Harry 272 Matter, Gerald E. 290, 525 Mettler, Kenneth A. 255, 525 Metzelar, Ann 88 Metzger, Lon 161, 525 Meux, Jennifer 155, 338 Meyer, Chris 263 Meyer, James 170, 413, 525 Meyer, Judith 290, 525 Meyer, Kenneth 290, 502, 503 Meyer, Ray 430 Meyers, Paul 271 Meyers, Sue 251 561 1 Michael, Mary 132 Michael, Reenie 120 Michel, Fair 260 Michel, Pamela 122, 525 Michelotti, Linda 118, 525 Michaelis, Warren 373 Micossi, Nita 242, 455 Middleton, Robert 269 Mielke, Judith 290, 525 Mieske, Ernest 290, 525 Mika, Kitty 124, 525 Milano, Patricia 155 Miles, James M. 255, 341, 382, 525 Milken, Michael 213 Miller, Alan 83, 195 Mill, Jerry 261 Millard, Neal 263 Millard, George 491 Miller, Alan 83 Miller, Barbara 72, 154, 306, 317, 334, 344, 525 Miller, Carol 252 Miller, Chris 115 Miller, Claudia 136, 525 Miller, Corky 131, 211 Miller, David 228, 407, 525 Miller, Diana 136 Miller, Duane L. 188 Miller, Edward 454 Miller, James 264 Miller, Jay 259 Miller, Jeff 165 Miller, John 351 Miller, Kendrick 172 Miller, Larry 171, 419 Miller, Michael J. 162 Miller, Michael L. 259 Miller, Millie 245 Miller, Morgan 167, 525 Miller, Nancy 115 Miller, Phil 257 Miller, Sally 290, 525 Miller, Sharon 136, 525 Miller, T. Halstead ..227, 373, 382 Miller, Thomas C. 159, 525 Millman, Dan 402, 403, 430 Mills, Diana 290, 525 Mills, Donne 137 Mills, Mark 213 Milmore, Don 271, 377 Milne, Nancy 115 Milne, Robert 454 Milstead, Maggie ....122, 204, 338 Minai, Salina 251 Minamide, Ron 372 Minkow, Roger 165 Minning, David L. 228 Mires, Dennis 270, 499 Mirma n, Geoffrey 171, 384 Misaki, Karen M. 290 Mitchell, Flo 441 Mitchell, Jim 382 Mitchell, LaMont 291, 525 Mitchell, Raymond 223, 525 Mitchell, Regina 291 Mize, Jim 266 Mizokami, Nancy M. 230, 525 Moavendi, Sassan 492 Mock, Lawrence 258, 499 Mock, Sharon J...73, 291, 334, 476 Moe, Russ 229, 395 Moeller, Tom 273 Moffet, Melinda 249 Moga, Bill 92 Mohinder, Nanboi 492 Mohri, Roger 341 Moisenco, Douglas 263 Molen, Patricia 291, 525 Molieux, James L. 175 Moll, Heidi 525, 740 Molnar, Csaba 383, 405 Molzahn, Leroy 261, 492 Monahan, Greg 398 Mondlak, Moises 480 Monjo, Gilbert 267 Monkarsh, Lynne 336, 525 Montessoro, Ada 145 Montgomery, Linn 401 Moock, John 167, 476 Moody, Dave 213 Moor, Barbara 291, 350, 525 Moorad, Bruce 182 Moore, Charles 291, 492 Moore, Cissy 147, 434 Moore, Greg 193 Moore, James 232, 430 Moore, Larry 911 Moore, Lurlie 291, 525 Moore, Michael 191 Moore, Sanky 315 Moore, Stephen 919 Moore, Susan 153 Morales, Adrienne 122 Moran, Barbara 115, 525 Moran, Elizabeth ....142, 196, 525 Moran, Martin Moran, Sue Moran, Terrence More, Carol Morehouse, James Moreland, Diane Morelli, Joe Moreno, Genie Morey, Don Morgan, Barry Morgan, Evan Morgan, Marilyn Morgan, Ralph Morgan, Sally Morganti, Joe Morganroth, Mike Mori, Ayake Mori, Shizuka Morimoto, Carol Moioko, Chrisitine Morita, Clyda B. Morjig, S haron Morrell III, Rivers Morris, Alan Morris, Don Morris, James H. Morris, William J. Morris, Mike Morrisroe, Paul Morrow, Carole Morse, Carol Mortensen, Carl Mortensen, Susan Morten, Jill Moser, Christina Moser, Lawrence Mosher, Gerald D Mosher, Jerry Moshiri, Lili Moss, Gary Moss, Jeffrey Motolinsky, Nan Motta, Bob Moulds, Bob Moulia, Tom 266 Moulton, Ken ....343, 362, 372, 430 Mounts, Suzy 133 Mowry, Ann 138 Moy, Sharon 349 Moyer, Dorothy 291, 526 Moynier, Jerry 269 Moynihan, Christine 148 Muckin, Leonard 194 Mueller, Conrad 351 Mueller, Orval 291, 322, 526 Mueller, Stephen A. 256 Muhlback, Rodger 267 Muhlbach, Robert A. 224 Muhsfeld, Judy 118 Mulcahy, Nancy 253 Mulhall, Dennis ......184, 354, 476 Mulhern, Marty 271 Mulholland, Roger 233 Mullen, Babs 140, 222 Mullen, Ken 186, 526 Muller, Nancy 455 Mulvey, Cathy 131, 211 Mulvey, Mary Beth 115, 130, 196, 336, 339, 340, 526 Mumaugh, Dennis L. 291, 492 Munakata, Gregory E. 262 Munday, Dick 196 Munday, Martin 499 Munoz, Peter 291 Munro, J. Randal 233 Munson, Jack S. 161, 526 Munt, Marshall L. 291, 502, 50 Munt, Marshall L. 291, 502, Murakami, Michael T. .265, 337, 344, 499 Muraoko, Walter 440 Murata, Sanford K. 291, 526 Murphy, Barbara 133, 255, 336, 339 Murphy, Maureen 251 Murray, Christopher 257, 291 Murray, Janie 242 Murray, Jim 201 Murray, Joyce 526 Murray, Robert 189, 488 Musgrove, Jim 373 Mushkin, Leonard 526 Musto, Marlo 143 Muszynski, Patricia ..73, 291, 309, 312, 339, 340, 526 N Nachbaur, Thomas 258 Nachbaur, William 526 Nadel, Gordon 373, 419 Nagan, Jack 182, 526 Nagatoshi, Satoko 291, 526 Nahmens, Nikki 251 Naiman, Pam 121 Najima, Donna 291, 526 Nakagari, Gary 407 Nakagawa, Andrea 291, 526 Nakamura, Bob 306, 308, 344 Nakamura, Caryl 250 Nakamura, Pearl 245, 338, 341 Nakanishi, Mikiye 291, 526 Nakano, Ken 384 Nakatani, Iwao 291, 476 Naruo, Gail 434, 435 Nase, Laurel 251 Nash, Babs 138 Nave, Jay 423 Navid, Lois 291, 526 Neal, James 291, 526 Neel, Brent 167 Neeley, Dennis 316 Neely, Phil 384, 430 Neilson, Marty 382 Neitz, Paula 146, 240 Nelson, Blyth 163 Nelson, Bob 229 Nelson, Carl 273 Nelson, Chris 163, 526 Nelson, David 182 Nelson, Earl 162 Nelson, Ervin 162, 348, 526 Nelson, Janet 142, 211 Nelson, Kristen 291, 526 Nelson, Linda 153 Nelson, Mary 145 Nelson, Rich 319 Nelson, Robert 291, 526 Nenstrup, Chris 264 Neri, Jordan 182, 526 Neri, Kay 81, 155, 338 Nesbit, Kathey 123 Neubarth, Sandra 146 Neufeld, Dennis 384 Neumann, Andrew 169 Neville, David 257 Nevins Tr., Richard 171 Newhall, Shirley 291, 526 Newhouse, David ....398, 430, 526 Newhouse, Sheldon 454 Newland, William 291, 526 Newman, Cynthia 251 Newman, Dav e 88 Newman, Gale 418 NNewman, Mike 166 Newman, Pamela 145 Newmark, Warren 145, 224 Newnan, Craig 291, 413 Newton, Chris 199, 426 Newton, Patty 147 Newton, Reve 198, 526 Ng, Magdalene 291, 476 Ng, Warren 291, 499 Niccolls, Kathy 133 Nicholau, Adexandra 239 Nichols, Bob 395 Nichols, Michael 182, 526 Nichols, Niki 141 Nicholson, Phillip 291, 476 Nickerson, Bob 198 Nicoles, John 291, 502, 503 Niedrigform, Jake 264 Nielsen, Bill 261, 491 Nielson, Marty 168 Nielson, Rich 348 Nielson, Rosy 148, 350 Nielsen, Stan 227 Niemand, John 291, 476 Niemeyer, Vic 257 Niggerman, Joe 168, 526 Niitani, Leslie 291, 492 Nikkel, Roger 291, 426, 526 Nilan, Richard 219 Nimmo, Barbara 248 Nishmura, Nora 252 Nissen, Karen 240 Nitefor, Michal 291, 476 Nivens, Rich 423 Nixon, James 257 Noble, Dick 413 Noe, Carolyn 240, 481 Noji, Carol 1233, 336 Nolan, Antoinette 128 Nolen, Rudy 216 Noles, Omar 192 Norris, Larry 189 Norris, Nancy 239 Northland, John 269 Norton, Donna 252 Norton, Nancy 127 Norton, Susy 115, 526 Norwood, Jacelyn 146, 526 Nourafchan, Parviz 291, 492 Novack, Bruce 195 Novack, Joann 120, 319 Noyes, Jim 291, 454, 526 Nozaki, Kenneth 351 Nuh, Fathi 492 Nunnally, Ron 267 Nyburg, Bea 146, 196, 526 Nye, Richard 203, 430, 494 0 Oakley, John 189, 413 O ' Brien Jr., John 255, 526 O ' Brien, Mark 217, 476 O ' Brien, Michael L. 292, 499 O ' Brien, Steve 1999 O ' Brein, William E...292, 351, 526 O ' Conner, Jeanne 126 Oda, Milton Y. 292, 526 Odello, Robert 488 Oden, Clyde 255, 540 Odom, David Eugene 204 Oelmon, Kathy 138 O ' Flaherty, Joseph W. 138, 222, 441 Ogawa, George 440 Ohashi, Carol 455 Ohs, Harold 209 Ojigbo, Tony 430 Okada, Doris 238, 526 Okasaki, Stanley S. 292, 469 Okun, James 231 Olbrantz, Michael 218, 492 Oligaraw, Stan 264 Olinger, Edward J. 165 Olney, Carol Susan 249 Olsen, Dave 259 Olsen, Linda 142, 526 Olsen, Meg 70, 150, 196, 312, 313, 339, 340, 527 Olshen, Beverly 292, 527 Olson, Christina 145 Olson, Craig L. 229, 407 Olson, Jerry 430 Olson, Marilyn 239 Olson, Robert ....70, 208, 334, 391, 395, 430, 476 Olson, Ron 430 Omi, Phil 161, 341 O ' Neill, Bill 182, 527 O ' Neill, Carolyn 292, 527 Ong, Philip J. 292, 499 Ong, William 527 Ongerth, Rich 201 Opheim, Kent E. 292, 527 Opocenski, Caroline 266 Oppedahl, John 86 Oppido, Michael 220 Ordeman, Donna 81, 148, 473, 476 Orland, James 292, 492 Orrick, Dennis 502 Orsini, Jr., Joseph A. 292, 527 Ortel, Carolyn 292, 527 Osborne, Mel 264 O ' Shea, Dennis J. ....196, 325, 344, 464, 527 Osofsky, Gene 164, 527 Osofsky, Larry 264 Ospina, Eduardo 292, 480, 481 Otamura, Jane 292, 527 Ouye, Dorinne 292, 527 Overstreet, David 341 Owen, Jim 354, 502 Owen, John 354 Owen, Lon ' 198 Owens, Bob 382 Owens, Carolyn 154, 527 Owens, Dean 175, 476 Owens, Roger 187, 406 Owings, Pamela 126, 338 Owusu, Rexford 264 Ozawa, Kathleen 292, 527 Ozkoki, Bora 384, 404, 430 P Pace, Cathy 141 Pace, Nathan 341, 454 Packard, Gerda 122, 527 Packard, Shirley 248, 527 Packer, Donna 136 193 252 211 131,313 265,488, 492,493 244,314 488 247 256,354,441 264 203 153 223,526 247 273 210,469 291,526 341 238,526 242 291,488,492 153,468 193,373 373 489,493 209 481 257 257 115 135 291,404, 430,526 128 291 253 166 204,364 208,343,372, 395,430 237 203,526 194 242 229 901 562 Padget, Joan 245 Padilla, Bob 273 Padley, John 292, 337, 527 Page, Mike ..70, 292, 423, 430, 540 Page, Sue 240 Paige, Ken 198, 527 Paine, Robert T., Jr. 292, 481 Painter, Shirley Ann 292, 527 Palacios, Tony 385 Palamountain, Grrg 372, 430 Paley, Patsy 226, 292, 527 Paliwoda, Stephan 167, 354, 499 Palmer, Jeffrey P. 170, 372, 423 Palmer, Nan 211 Pamphilon, Sydney 134 Pang, Wing 454 Panos, Rod 199 Panzer, Nick 214, 476 Papermaster, Sindy 235, 249 Papo, Michael 292, 527 Pappas, Alceste 235, 247, 312, 313, 339 Pappas, Theoni 292, 527 Paraguay, Bill 439 Parce, Donald 219, 378 Pardee, Carolyn 150, 225 Pardee, John 384 Parenti, Pamela 292, 527 Parker, Denny 488 Parker, Gary 203 Parker, Gene 181 Parker, Linsay 130, 527 Parker, Merrily 292, 435, 527 Parker, Robert 233 Parkin, Polly 434 Parks, Ted 372, 430 Parks, William 209 Parnell, Peter 209, 527 Parr, Michael 210 Parrell, Bonnie 292, 484 Parrish, Dave 423 Parish, Elizabeth 142, 527 Parrish, Jeff 172 Parsekian, Arlene 246, 527 Parsell, Susan 245 Parshall, Karen 126, 527 Parsons, Jacquelynne 341 Parsons, Judith 247 Partridge, Fred 233 Pascoe, Cecile M. 292, 527 Passin, Steven M. 172 Patel, Homi 480 Patrick, Rusty 204 Patterson, Brooke 244 Patterson, Patti 134, 344, 527 Pattison, Katherine ..........292, 527 Patton, Jock 229 Paul, George 193 Paul, Jeff 207 Paul, Judi 341 Pauli, Patricia 153 Paulson, Anne 134 Pauson, Mary 145 Pavitt, Gene 195, 375, 423 Payne, Sandy 242, 317, 341 Pazmino, Carlos 292 Peak, Greg 264 Pearce, Anne 453 Pearce, John 258, 527 Pearl, Rich 212, 527 Pearlman, Andrew 264 Pearlman, Barry 230 Pearson, Neal 211, 428 Pease, Mari 145 Peck, Nancy 151 Peck, Sue 150 Pederson, Alden 272 Pederson, Lars 209 Peel, Joe 175 Peisker, G. Lee 292 Peletz, Dan 159, 527 Pelton, Joy 250 Pelzner, Roger 255, 527 Peppard, Barbara 125, 196 Peoples, Robert W. 204, 423 Perazella, Thomas M. 292, 484 Perkins, Charlie 395 Perkins, Tom 228, 476 PerLee, James 258 Perlich, Wayne 272 Perrin, Terry 146 Perry, David 208 PersofF, Jessica 341 Persson, Linda 292, 527 Petas, Marc 189 Peterson, George 168, 527 Petersen, Sherrill ....154, 162, 527 Peterso n, Arthur 502 Peterson, Cheri 136, 340, 528 Peterson, Dan 172 Peterson, Fred 233 Peterson, John 216, 413 Peterson, Laurie 429 Peterson, Leonard 222 Peterson, Susan 292, 528 Peterson, Wayne 257 Petit, Charlie 157, 181 Petrelli, Cindy 138, 528 Petrocelli, Eugene D. 173, 484 Petrovich, John 373 Petrovsky, John 255, 527 Pettinger, Larry 292, 502 Pettis, John 219 Petus, Dave 233 Petus, Margaret 146 Pezzaglia, Susan 124, 527 Pfarrer, Susan 341 Pfeil, Bill 430 Phair, Thomas 181 Phillips, Chris 127 Phillips, Diane 154 Phillips, Eric 211, 482, 404 Phillips, Jim 364, 372 Phillips, Leroy 430 Phillips, Mary 140 Phillips, Pippa 435 Phillips, Randy 423 Phillips, Rey 199 Piazza, Michael 227, 404, 430 Pick, Marilyn 247 Pierce, Linda L. 80, 292 Pierce, Marcia 143 Pierce, Margaret Ann 292, 435, 528 Pierce, Steve 423 Pierog, James ...210, 382, 430, 528 Pierose, Susan 293, 528 Pierpont, Phil 161, 354, 454 Pierson, Kathy 250 Pierson, Liz 131, 379 Pierson, Wayne 451 Pile, Douglas 271 Pimentel, Thomas M 220 Pinger, Richard 172 Pinkel, Joe 257 Pinkham, Charles 210, 476 Pinkham, Nancy 148 Pinkham, Stephen W. 293, 337, 341 Pinney, Jan 293, 528 Pinson, Jim 373 Pirog, Heidi 151 Pitkanen, Vicki 372 Pizzorno, Charleen 293 Platt, Tony 413 Plummer, Lee 269 Pletcher, Del 404, 405 Plunkett, Michael E. 167, 499 Poerio, Marietta 251 Pollet, Gayle 242 Pollock, John 191 Pollom, Jonathan 223, 528 Pomeroy, Pamela 83, 293, 316 Poncher, Lyle 230 Poon, Raymond 261 Pope, Geoffrey 166 Poplin, George B. 293, 485 Popov, Alex 218, 528 Portello, Suzanne 122, 528 Porter, Penelope 293, 528 Porter, Sally 196 Portnoy, Bob 255, 325, 499 Postag, Ann 145 Potash, Pamela 137 Potewiratananond, Suchet 293, 528 Pottenger, Gary 176 Potts, Bob 193 Powell, Arthur 264 Powell, Bob 428 Powell, Nicholas ...293, 351, 576 Powell, Robert 0. 229 Powell, Robert B. 161, 492 Powell, Therese 127 Powers, Diana 131, 350 Powers, Maddie 251 Powers, William 216 Prager, Ellen 243 Prahsen, Marie 128 Prather, Wendell E. 204 Pratt, Diane D. 528 Pravin, Bihani 492 Prec, Yarmila 528 Prescott, Jon 293, 498 Press, Lawrence 354 Prestenback, Jana 196 Presti, Christina 131 Preston, Lynda 293, 528 Preszler, Charlene 134, 528 Prevost, Jeff 197 Prvost, Steve 196, 528 Price, Bob 385, 426, 430 Price, Craig 196 Price, Pamela 125, 204 Price, Rita 293, 528 Primm, Karen 293, 528 Prinn, Brian 193 Prior, Joe 373 Pritchard, John 184 Pritchard, John 184 Pritchard, Larry 290 Probert, Becky 240 Probst, Stephanie 293, 528 Procter, Trudy 155 Proper, George 0. 293 Pruitt, Sheila 119 Pryor, Gary 488 Plccetti, Robert 273 Pullen, Charles 270 Punger, Elaine 266 Puntigam, Dixie 241 Pyle, Lawrence 219 Q Quaintance, Bobbie 150, 196, 528 Quan, Anna 528 Quan, Benson 384 Quan, Bruce 349 Quan, Chris 202 Quandt, Kenneth 204 Quarton, Bernice 198, 354 Quast, Lesley 241 Quellmalz, Carol 123 Quellmalz, Robert 223, 528 Quesada, Nora 293, 528 Quevedo, Barbara 317 Quick, Ron 266, 404 Quick, Steve 178, 499 Quilici, Kathryn 251 Quimby, Susan 115, 528 Quinn, John 196 Quint, Richard 197 Quist, Jim 263 Quon, Randolph 264 Qureshi, B aglii 384 R Raaf, Jean Raap, Sherri Lee Rabbitz, Hersch Rabwin, Dinah Racich, Paul Radcliff, Dale Rader, Linda Radich, Steven Ragent, Sam Rahn, Evelyn Railton, Jane Rakestraw, Christine Ralph, Norbert B. Ralph, Robyn Ralphs, Linda Ramey, Roy Ramge, Roy Ramge, Marilyn Ramo, Jim Randall, Barbara Randall, Sandy Randall, Terry Randolph, William H. .188, 529 Rasmussen, Dan 263 Rasmussen, Eric 175, 476 Rasmussen, Judith 118, 121 Rasmussen, Lyle E. 293, 492 Rasmussen, Torn 229, 384, 430 Rath, Thomas J. 293, 529 Ratliff, Jean 250 Ratliff, Joe 293, 413, 502, 503 Ratner, Jon 316 Rau, Kathy 339 Rau, Sue 130, 211, 529 Raudenbush, Michael 293, 529 Ravindraw, A. 492 Rawlins, Gay 147 Raznikov, Rich 452 Ready, Daniel J., Jr. 200, 395, 529 Reagan, Dan 354 Reali, Peter 293, 348, 492 Rebuschatis, Bob 216, 418 Rechsteiner, Mary 451 Recsei, Claire 130, 225, 529 Reddick, Ron 219 Redfund, Yolanda 251 Reding, John, Jr. 223, 344, 423, 485 Redman, Mike 208, 337, 343, 529 Redman, Rebecca 133 Redo, Katherine A. 938, 529 Reed, Barbara 238, 293 Reed, Linda R. 293 Reed, Nancy Rae 293 Reed, Robert E. 293, 492 Reeder, Margaret 293 Rees, Marie 140, 529 Reese, Benjamin III 163 Reese, Jenny 150 Reese, Wade H. 191 Reeves, Al 201 Reeves, Jan 179 Regan, Dennis R. 293, 492 Regan, Victoria 251 Reganold, Karla 240 Regli, Bob 198 Reich, Linda 121 Reichmuth, Barbara 146, 379, 529 Reid, Ann 240 Reid, Susanna 239, 441 Reifman, Flaury 243, 320 Rein, Kurt 502 Reiner, John J. 165 Reiner, Steven M. 164, 529 Reinhardt, George 191 Reinhart, Mike 383, 405 Reinsch, Fred 172 Reinsch, James 172 Reis, Larry 373 Reis, Peter 341 Reisman, Valerie 529 Reist, Lloyd 364, 372, 413, 430 Relat, Carol 252 Belles, Tom 343, 344, 365, 367, 370, 372, 410, 413, 430, 431 Renge, Lois 253 Renouf, Robert 293, 492 Renwick, Patricia 134 Resseguie, James L. 293, 529 Retallick, Lane 313 Reynolds, Robin 135 Rhett, Don 198, 354, 529 Rhine, Jacqueline 250 Rhoda, Kathy 134, 529 Rhoda, Mark 163, 426 Rhodes, Cliff 430 Rhodes, Donald 196, 540 Rhodes, Donna L. 293, 529 Rhyne, April 148 Rianda, Bruce 184 Rianda, bryan 184 Riave, Kandy 136, 529 Ribeiro, Ricardo A. ....293, 348, 529 Rice, John 179, 343 Rice, Lois 127 Rice, Mary C. 119 Richard, Terry 293, 476 Richards, Dan 271 Richards, Joe 268, 373 Richards, James E. 193, 423 Richards, Sharon 138 Richardson, Jerry M. 197, 423 Richier, Susan 293, 529 Richland, Kent 213 Rickard, Carolyn 130, 529 Rickard, Lynn 182 Rickertsen, Larry Dean 293, 488, 492 Ricketts, Carol 529 Riddle, Chris 316, 317 Riding, Carolyn 293, 529 Ridley, Tony 488 Riegels, Dick 268, 423 Riemer, Therese 293 Riemke, Richard ........75, 166, 344, 377, 529 Rimmer, Hank 180, 529 Rindge, Janet 293, 529 Rino, Marianne 243 Rist, William 293, 440, 492 Ritchie, Jim 429 Ritchie, Wade 204 Ritzau, Janice 122 River, Marilyn C. 246, 529 Rivinus, Frank 273, 454 Roach, Richard 293, 476 Robbins, Mart 224, 476 Robbins, Martin J. 205 Robbins, Patsy 123 Roberts, Barbi 122, 529 Roberts, Betsy 153, 441 Roberts, Bruce 197 Roberts, DeLane 293, 529 Roberts, Eric 164 Roberts, John 218, 306, 308, 337, 344, 529 Robertson, Betsy 238 Robertson, Bruce 197, 423 Robertson, Elizabeth 529 Robertson, John 189 Robinson, Bill 210, 476 134,528 135,200 481 248,528 293,528 272 155 203,343,372, 413,430,476 257 293,528 146,525 293,485 161,423 151 143 423 423 153 231 124,529 125 243,529 563 Robinson, Bruce 182 Robinson, Mike 426 Robinson, Stephen ....174, 343, 476 Robison, Josh 913, 403, 430 Robles, Carol 266, 385, 427 Rochin, Refugio I. 223, 529 Rochios, John 423 Rodebaugh, Mark H. 170, 354, 529 Rodgers, Gillian 248 Rodgers, John 379, 413 Rodgers, Susan 153 Rodgers, Timothy 227, 398 Rodrigues, Gary 212 Rodrigues, Jorge A. 293, 493 Rodriguez, Judith 293, 529 Roe, Kathleen 246, 341 Roeder, Randolph C. 293, 529 Roeder, Tina 119 Rogers, Bob 502 Rogers, David L. 204 Rogers, Elaine 238 Rogers, Edmund L. 293, 493 Rogers, John 87, 91, 337, 344, 354, 529 Rogers, Stephen H. 166, 493 Rogers, Sylvia 529 Roggeveen, Jan 227 Roh, Gene Austin 293, 485 Roheach, Sharron 229, 293 Roker, Wililam 341 Rolander, Nancy 146 Roman, Dianne 293, 529 Romanoff, Elizabeth M. 293, 529 Romey, Roy 430 Rommel, Toni 128, 473, 476 Romney, Dave 232, 529 Roos, Roger Gordon 260, 530 Rose, Dan 441 Rose, Gene K. 220 Rose, Herb 271, 530 Rose, Lance 265, 481 Rose, Marshall ..168, 342, 343, 476 Rosen, Barbara 247, 314 Rosen, Ron 230, 308, 315, 337, 344, 530 Rosenbaum, Jon 293, 477 Rosenberg, Jackie 240 Rosenberg, Nancy 121, 313 Rosenberg, Tommie 122, 530 Rosenberger, Triston 272 Rosenman, Laurie 121 Rosenthal, David 293, 530 Rosenthal, Joe 267 Rosenthal, Jon 172 Ross, Arthur 212 Ross, Chuck 203 Ross, Donald 210 Ross, John 211, 499 Ross, Marcia 293, 530 Ross, Mary 293, 530 Ross, Nancy 130, 530 Ross, Pete 348 Rossi, Frank 196, 337, 530 Rostler, Peter S. 293, 493 Rostron, Gerrie 119, 215 Roth, Carla 127 Roth, Linn 209, 530 Roth, Richard 268 Rothchild, Bill 207, 378, 419 Rothman, Belina 294, 530 Rothman, Robert 294, 530 Roussarhis, George 384 Routh, Pamela ..........312, 340, 341, 349, 530 Rozance, Jack 176 Rubardt, Dave 453, 454 Rubenstein, Peter 263 Rubliales, Ana Maria 294, 341, 453, 455, 530 Rucker, Michael 227 Rueschenberg, Kathy 240 Ruja, Rick 231 Rukeyser, Bill 264 Runde, Robert 175 Rusev, John 214, 372, 426, 430, 485 Rusk, Mary Ann 133, 319 Russell, Beverly 115, 316 Russell, Don 453, 454 Russell, Dorothy 122 Russell, Jeff 430 Russell, William 269 Rutherford, Jane 133 Ruud, Anne 124 Ruvkun, Patti 121 Ryan, Dan 373 Ryan, Kathy 133, 352 Ryburn, Jerry 415, 418 Rynes, Diane 243, 349 Ryon, Carolyn 252 Ryon, Paul S Sachs, Carol 245 Sachs, Robert Lewis 271 Sachs, Steve 157, 309, 344, 530 Sadayasu, R. Irene 236, 481 Sagehorn, Marilyn 530 Saint Clair, David 160 St. John, Valerie 115, 533 St. Johnson, Pam 251 St. Sure, Toni 220 Sakai, Paul 268, 344, 398 Sakamoto, Satoshi 262, 483 Sakiguchi, Warren 965 Sakurai, Mary Jean 294, 485 Salagnarda, Charles 452 Salassi, Ellen 126 Salin, Eric 161, 440 Salisburg, John 372, 430 Salmon, Susan 119 Saltalamachia, Joyce 145 Salter, Wendy 148 Saltzman, Jeff 213 Salyers, Linda 118 Salzegar, Bahram 264 Salzenstein, Susan 994,530 Sarnmann, Jon 169, 342, 343 Samuelson, Douglas A. 259, 319, 454 Sanborn, Martin 257 Sanchez, Linda 238, 530 Sanchez, Raul 488 Sanders, Carol 341 Sanders, Robert 294, 477 Sanders, Ryan W. 271 Sanders, Trudy 247 Sandomire, Richard 213 Sanford, Jon 454 Saperstein, Sue 251 Saperstein, Guy 184, 530 Sapiro, Barbara 241 Sarbin, Ted 266 Sargent, Jack 963 Sarna, Gregory 230, 530 Sarocka, Irene 134, 530 Sartario, Ernest 264 Sasaki, Rich 430 Susaki, Torn 489 Sato, Roz 251 Sauer, Tin 961 Saunders, Cheryl 148 Saunders, Kathy 141 Saunders, Skip 267 Savage, Karla 81, 133 Sawyer, Barbara .. 146, 336, 530 Sawyer, Eric 384 Sawyer, Jim 220 Sawyer, Tamara 194, 530 Sax, Brian M. 294, 530 Saxe, Joan 126, 530 Saxton, Brice 88 Sayre, Sandra 131 Sazesh, Parvin 294, 530 Sboro v, Karen 123 Seales, Sally 145, 162, 226 Scarsi, Joanne 153 Schacht, Linda 118, 530 Schachter, Debbie 251 Schaefer, Brian 210 Schaefer, Bud 273 Schaefer, Charles 530 Schaffner, Glenn 383 Scharing, Margo 123 Scheidig, Julia 441 Schelling, James 175, 530 Schelp, Rain 223, 493 Schenk, Ron 216, 372 Scherer, Barry 294, 530 Scherr, Robert 454 Scheutze, Chris 83 Schey, Peter A. 207, 329 Schick, Larry 160 Schiebelhut, Bob 201, 395 Schiesel, Jon 382 Schiffner, Gregg 181 Schiffner, Robert 180, 530 Schlachter, Ellen 136, 530 Schlesinger, Jill 120 Schlesinger, Lora 453, 455 Schlitz 913 Schlotz, D. Earl 175, 401 Schmidt, Carol 119, 196 Schmidt, Claudia 148 Schmidt, Dietger R. 258, 530 Schmidt, Don 430 Schmidt, John 216, 372, 430 Schmidt, Karl 373, 395 Schmidt, Katherine A. 530 Schmidt, Vicki 133 Schmidt, Walt 272 Schmidt, William L. ..294, 488, 493 Schminke, Mary Jean 115, 309, 316, 530 Schmitt, Herb 161 Schmohl, Bill 223, 477 Schnabel, Steph 133 Schneider, David M. 931 Schneider, James 273 Schneider, Randy 426, 430 Schnell, Debbie 135 Schoales, Jean 123 Schoenfeld, Allison 87 Schoepile, Mark 176 Schor, Beverly 125 Schott, Herbert 294, 481 Schram, Richard P. 231 Schriber, Ann 147, 211 Schrock, Larry D. 294, 493 Schroder, Diane 124, 530 Schroepfer, Jim 373 Schroeter, Hazel 130, 320, 530 Schubert, Pam 115 Schueler, Jon P. 294, 481 Schulte, Chris 147, 379 Schultz, Nancy 136, 531 Schultz, Robert 502, 503 Schulz, Whitney 294 Schussman, Lee 203 Schuster, Yvonne 294, 531 Schutz, Dru 89 Schutz, Michael 255, 531 Schuyler, Michael W. 160, 294, 481 Schwab, Joseph 531 Schwarm, Franz 196, 531 Schwartz, Jo Anne 294, 531 Schwartz, Susanne 238, 531 Schwarz, Ardelle 241 Schewnck, Charles 166 Sciple, Carl 454 Sciutto, Susanna 131 Scott, Gail 0. 145, 251 Scott, Kathyn 126, 251 Scott, Kathryn 245, 434, 435 Scott, Peggy 435 Scott, Robert 264 Scott, Sandy 294, 340, 531 Scott, Scott J. 210, 531 Scott, Steve 181 Scott, Susan 143 Scott, Virginia 244 Scott, William 184, 531 Scully, Jean 142, 531 Scurich, Chuck 181 Scurich, Mari 143, 196 Sears, David, Jr. 176, 401 Seawell, Lynn 150 Sebree, Sam 264 Secor, Delanie 147 Seddon, Rhea 153, 325, 326 Seebach, Leslie 153 Seefeld, Kip 343 Seeley, Mark 373, 427 Seguine, Dennis 430 Seibert, Graham 227, 531 Seidl, Bryce 266 Seiler, Louie 269 Sekiguchi, Warren T. 341, 488, 489, 493 Selber, Nancy 125 Self, Joan 153 Selman, Julia 294, 531 Selfridge, Tom 161, 531 Seligman, Andi 121 Selim, Sol 258, 493 Sellman, Betsy 143, 196, 312, 314, 334, 336, 379 Seltzer, Elizabeth 94, 294 Selway, Cathy 127 Selznick, Toni 531 Seminoff, Greg 428 Senram, Leal-Ann 135 Serr, Jean 253 Sertich, John L. 233 Sevall, Mary L. 294, 531 Severy, Don 385, 426 Sewell, Gilbert II 233 Sgheiza, John 967 Shafer, Mike 426 Shaffer, Lyman 211, 430 Shaffer, Lysle 211 Shaffer, Michael 354, 430 Shaisy, Shahin 264 Shane, Judi 128 Shane, Liz 141 Shapiro, David W. 196, 531 Shapiro, Neil 195 Shapiro, Stuart 263 Sharman, Edward 160 Sharon, William 184, 477 Sharp, Cathy 119, 200 Sharp, Rodney D. 294, 469 Sharron, Laurie 247 Shartsis, Art 294, 3 34, 337 Shattuck, Bill 179 Shavelson, Ellen 137 Shaw, Bill 216 Shaw, Dinker 492 Shaw, Jennifer 126 Shaw, John 430 Shaw, Julie 122, 531 Shaw, Kenneth 162 Shaw, Sally 150 Shaw, Stephen 180, 531 Shcherbakov, Barbara 455 Shea, Norm 220 Sheaff, Stephen C. 172 Shearer, Laurel 134, 336 Shearer, Susan 253 Shaffield, Jane 153 Sheffield, Sherry 118 Shelburne, Dave 184, 325, 330, 337 Shen, Anthony C. P. 531 Shen, Carol 240 Shephard, Bruce 261, 531 Shepard, Steven A. 231 Sheppard, Lucy 250 Sheppard, Sally 252, 531 Sheridan, Jim 427 Sherman, Marilyn 294, 531 Sherman, Scott 359 Shernock, Stanley 165 Sherry, Peter 184 Sherry, William 204, 532 Sherwood, Judy 140 Sherwood, Shirley 294, 532 Shestakov, Alex 405 S hew, Kent 294, 477 Shideler, Sally 434, 435 Shields, John 290 Shields, Peter 385 Shigernura, Michael S. 294, 493 Shigley, Belinda 248, 336, 532 Shimizu, Fumiko 294, 532 Shimomura, Daniel 294, 493 Shinberg, Karin 242 Sthinoda, Michael 269, 423 Shipman, Nancy 135 Shirachi, Doug 423 Shirakawa, Shinryu 258, 532 Shirek, Alan Fulton 223, 532 Shirley, Mary 147 Shiroyama, Brian Y. 294, 485 Shoemaker, Dudley C. 294, 354, 532 Shoras, John 163 Shores, Chris 89 Shower, Steve 179 Showstack, Anne 294, 340, 532 Shreyer, Gary 169 Shulman, Barry 231 Shunmer, Loren 373 Shyer, Sharon 133, 336 Siadat, Vali 294, 493 Siebe, JoAnn 125, 222 Siegel, Alan 294, 401, 430, 431, 532 Siegel, Karen 121 Siegel, Larry 213 Siegel, Laura 245 Siegel, Rise 317 Siegle, Donna 196 Sifford, Loxie 151 Sig 217 Silberstein, Hinda A. 121 Silliphant, Makwood 233 Silverstein, Russ 195 Silverstone, Michael 451, 488, 493 Simmen, James 296, 342, 477 Simmerman, Sarah 455 Sirnmon, Jim 343 Simmons, Geri 250 Simmons, John ..294, 344, 344, 532 Simmons, Valerie 243 Simms, Sharon 120 Simon, Lee 294 Simon, Paul 166, 532 Simondi, Michael 294, 354, 477 Simontacchi, Karen 244 Simpson, Carol 135, 245 Simpson, Dick 373 Simpson, joy 294, 532 Simpson, Toni 169 Sims, Holly 115, 532 Sinclair, Dean 372, 413, 430 Sinclair, Libby 151 Sindici, Gregg 203, 243 Singel, P. 263 564 Singh, Gurdev 268 Singleton, Carol 147 Singleton, Harvey R. 258, 493 Sipos, Mike 181 Sisson, Margaret 126 Skarheim, Hans 488 Skeehan, Melissa 94, 95, 294 Skei, Mike 172 Skinner Catherine 2 94, 532 Skinner, Michael J. 166 Skinner, Stephen 197 Skipitares, Teddi 313 Skrip, Paul 265 Slaper 159, 354, 426 Slater, Richard C. E. 294, 493 Slaughter, Carey 258 Slikker, Cheri 140, 532 Sloan, Peter K. 163, 319 Slusky, Joe 430 Smale, Cheryl 294 Small, Michel 441 Smallwood, Patricia 155, 532 Smelser, Torn 186, 477 Smerling, Terry 224 Smith, Andy 181 Smith, Barry 216 Smith, Bob 210, 372, 430, 532 Smith, Bobby 229 Smith, Brian W. 214, 499 Smith, Bridget 138 Smith, Bruce 165 Smith, Carol 118, 532 Smith, Cindy 135 Smith, Deborah 123 Smith, Devone 426 Smith, Diane 141, 338 Smith, Frank 201, 418 Smith, Jackie 143, 336 Smith, James H. 294, 322, 503 Smith, James M. 173 Smith, Janet 115 Smith, Joan 532 Smith, Lani 240 Smith, Laurie 248 Smith, Lloyd N. 257 Smith, Michael J. 232, 532 Smith, Michael N. 159, 532 Smith, Michael P. 231 Smith, Phil 208, 384 Smith, Rod 257 Smith, Sandra S. 294 Smith, Sandy 155 Smith, Stephanie 115 Smith, Steve 208, 334, 343, 370, 392, 393, 395, 532 Smith, Stephen Y. 224 Smith, Stephen R. 265 Smith, Terrell 502 Smith, Valerie 150, 196, 532 Smith, Walt 454 Smith, Whitney 142, 532 Smith, William 454 Smoot, Peter 209, 477 Snell, Jerry 162 Snow, Andrea 306 Snow, Kathryn 134, 532 Snow, Kevin Condit 233 Snow, Maryly ....146, 196, 240, 339 Snow, Rick 256 Snowden, Pete 232, 342, 343, 532 Snyder, C. William 167 Sobel, Cindy 121 Sodman, Steve 263, 419 Sodomka, Beverly Ann 295, 532 Soegaard, Don 217 Soehrens, Donna 133 Soifer, Stephen 264 Sokol, Jeff 278 Sokolow, Anne 253 Solar, Dee 295, 532 Solberg, Barbara 295, 432 Solczyk, Jim 209 Soley, Elizabeth 295, 532 Selinsky, Skip 232, 532 Solinsky, Steve 343 Solomon, Arthur J. 295, 523 Solomon, Alan 269 Solomon, Dennis 295, 532 Solomon, Herb 230, 402, 430 Solomon, Jill 295, 455, 532 Solomon, Kathy 243 Solomon, Sandy 295 Solomonson, Stan 273 Soltz, David L. 217 Sommerville, Mary 295, 532 Sonnikson, David 256 Sonntag, Charles 295, 354 Soos, Priscilla 295, 532 Sooy, Carleton 295, 477 Soso, Mike 961 Sowami, Rachid 295, 493 South, Charles 260 Southard, Jay 211, 382, 404 Southwick, Larry 365, 493 Southworth, tradford W. .295, 488 Sozzi, Larry 267 Spafford, Alden 271, 532 Spamer, Marianne 145 Spandrio, Angelo M., Jr. _295, 493 Spangenberg, John C. 295, 315, 499 Spangler, Virginia 145 Spanier, Tom 193 Sparks, John W. 222 Sparks, Bob 373 Spaulding, Laurie 127 Spedick, Mike 373 Speich, Jeff 233 Spencer, John R. 175, 493 Spencer, Mary K. 295, 532 Spencer, Robert 271 Spengler, Marie 295, 473, 477 Spere, Janie 995 Sperling, Noberto 207 Spero, Gary 213 Sperr, Julie 306, 314 Speth, Bob 268, 348 Spice, Ken 348, 492 Spiegel, Susan 295 Spieker, Ned 157, 168, 337, 382, 477 Spieker, Roxanne 147, 196 Spiller, Janet 251 Spiller, Susan 150, 336, 439 Spindel, Bobbie 137 Spindt, Bud 94 Spiva, Shirley 320 Spivak, Michael A. 213 Spreen, Bill 208 Spreiter, Stephen 211, 398 Spirngwell, Lawrason 351 Sproul, Frank 179 Squeri, Marcia 295, 532 Srere, Janie 532 Stacey, Gary 273, 423 Stafford, Richard 186, 532 Stahnke, Wayne 272 Staley, Jim 211 Stambler, Terry 153 Stamme, Roxanne 455 Stamper, Richard 210 Stanfiield, Bob 187 Stanley, Bob 195 Stanley, Darrol 295, 477 Stanley, Darrol 295, 477 Stanley, Justin 188, 532 Stanley, Norm 430 Stanton, Eugenie 235, 244, 338 Stanton, Pat 423 Stark, Shirley 251 Stark, Susan 131 Stark, Wendy 136 Starke, Barry W. 174, 499 Stassen, Tom 351 Statsman, Mark 269 Stavrum, Margie 151, 225, 313 Stawisky, Andrea 137 Stebbins, Jane 151, 196 Steckel, Bruce 179, 390, 391, 395 Steedman, Kathie 140, 533 Steel, Douglas 181 Steel, Kathy 123 Steele, Marilyn 146, 533 Steffensen, Leon 182 Stehr, Jack 209 Stein, Bev 88 Stein, Marilyn 120, 295, 533 Steinberg, Aline 295, 533 Steinberg, Bob 343, 430 Steinberg, Linda 137 Steiner, Bob 359 Steiner, James 273 Steiner, Roberta 243 Steinhart, John 295, 532 Steinke, Jerry 203, 532 Stenbit, Mary-Lu 246, 533 Stenke, Jerry 343 Stent, James 174 Stephens, Carol 135 Stephens, Cathy 295, 532 Stephens, Jacqueline 143 Stephens, Paul H. 169 Stephenson, Sandra 295, 533 Stepp, Donna 118 Stern, Leah 253 Stern, Sharon 295, 533 Stern, Vic 973 Sternberg, Sonia 295, 533 Sternberg, Steve 214, 477 Sterner, Rich 261 Sternfels, Robert B. 169, 382 Steveley, Skip 159 Stevens, Marjorie 122, 533 Stevens, Martha 151 Stevens, Roger 198, 418 Stevens, Roseanne 243 Stevens, Sam 232, 342, 343, 532 Stevens, Vicki 151, 312, 313, 338 Stevenson, Craig L. 204, 440 Stevenson, Pinki 148 Stewart, Betty 238 Stewart, Bob 220 Stewart, Elizabeth 533 Stewart, James 270 Stewart, Mary 141 Stewart, Terry 211 Stewart, Wayne 373, 395 Stillman, Pam 150, 477 Stine, Michael 295, 533 Stinnett, Ron 269 Stipovich, Jim 94, 263 Stitt, Dana 940 Stock, Nancy 339, 340, 533 Stocker, Nancy 533 Stockes, Katherine 295 Stoddard, Susan 242 Stoecker, Sheryl 243 Stejkovich, Molla 143 Stolowitz, Ronald 194, 337, 477 Stone, Bob 314 Stone, Carla 120 Stone, Kathy 123 Stone, Linda 309 Stone, Wendy 131 Stoney, Carl 209 Storm, Mike 264 Stottlemyer, Paul 357 Strads, Baiba 349 Strangio, Rich 188, 533 Strangman, Tom 261 Strathdee, Fred 295, 499 Strauss, Phil R. 94, 95, 488, 491, 493 Straw, William 454 Strawn, Wesley H., Jr. 196, 533 Street, James 170, 533 Streeter, Greg 272 Stress, Skip 203, 373 Strobel, Wendy 133 Stroud, Leonard 265, 383, 405 Strouth, Barbara 243 Strurnwasser, Gina 137 Stryker, John 179 Stuart, Sally 142, 533 Stubblefield, Frank, Jr. 265 Stull, Bill 491 Stupin, Raymond 222, 533 Sturgeon, Janet 251 Sucher, David 164, 533 Suchman, Mary 256 Sugarman, Michael 907 Sukosol, Kamalee 295, 533 Sullenger, Chris 138 Sullivan, Richard 91, 92, 306 Sullivan, Shaun 200, 533 Sungar, Brian J. 233 Surh, Lee 344, 354 Sutin, Suzanne 295 Sutter, Richard 295, 533 Sutton, Farrell H. 175, 378, 533 Sutton, Jamie 178, 344, 384 Suzuki, Carol L. 249, 533 Suzuki, Ruth 249 Swafford, Robyn 150, 309 Swager, Douglas 296, 477 Swanson, Cindy 123, 355 Swanson, Gary 488 Swanson, Sherry 123, 200, 336 Swanton, Scott 402 Swany, Camille 341, 533 Swany, Skip 296, 477 Swartsberg, John 206, 533 Swatt, Bob 213 Swatt, Steve 212, 477 Sweeney, Carol 146, 533 Sweet, Larry 423 Swierkowski, Charlene 296, 533 Swift, Mary Lou 119, 211 Swift, William 211 Swinehart, Jim 264 Swing, Ross 260 Swink, Dave 193 Sylstra, David 193 Symeonoff, Anna 296 Szabo, Zoltau 383 T Tadbury, Kate 341 Takagishi, Wayne 202 Takahashi, Alice 294, 533 Takaki, Kazu 265, 533 Takamoto, Sharon 240 Takata, Agnes 296, 533 Takei, Russ 423 Takemoto, Haruki 296, 430, 440, 477 Talunas, Annamarie 119, 225 Tam, Dan 348 Tarn, Evelyne 246, 534 Tamborini, Noelle 235, 244 Tamulevich, Peter 172 Tan, K. Wilfrid 160 Tanaka, Ronald 441 Tannen, Bev 243 Tanner, Caro 249, 339, 453, 455, 534 Tanulski, James J. 296 Taplin, Gary A. 296, 499 Tappan, Donna 290, 306 Tarone, Elaine E. 296, 534 Tarpley, Tim 210 Tashjian, Robert 273 Tatarian, Marilyn 96, 133 Taylor, Bruce F. 296 Taylor, Fred 296, 477 Taylor, Jeff 169, 383 Taylor, Jeff 181 Taylor, John A. 264, 429 Taylor, Judy 242 Taylor, Kristen P. 296 Taylor, Nancy 145 Taylor, Richard 168, 477 Taylor, Rick 182, 337 Taylor, Stanley 197, 272, 423 Taylor, Tom 259, 341 Teas, Janie 253 Teele, John 208, 477 TeGroen, Carolyn 534 Teigen, Steven 260 Teitelman, Paula 534 Telegan, Rich 373 Tellinghuisen, Joel 160 Templeton, Sue 152, 350, 534 Tepp, Joel 402 Terao, Karen N. 296, 534 Tess, Roxie 123 Thaler, Roberta 296, 534 Thaman, Randy 343, 413, 430 Thaman, Steve 169, 418 Thayer, Jeff 372 Thelin, Peter 187, 382 Th eiss, Tim 189 Theobald, Cathleen 131 Thieme, Barbara 148 Thomas, Ann C. 143 Thomas, Bill 273 Thomas, David 440 Thomas, Jack F. 160, 354 Thomas, John 160 Thomas, Larry 167 Thomas, Laura Lee ..294, 322, 534 Thomas, Vicki 250, 322 Thomas, Wayne 203 Thornasson, Romona 296, 534 Thompson, Anne 148 Thompson, Dagmar 151 Thompson, Eric Thompson, Eugene D. 209 Thompson, Janetta ....296, 336, 534 Thompson, Jean 123 Thompson, Jeff 214 Thompson, Larry 216 Thompson, Michael ..265, 268, 272 Thompson, Richard ..227, 232, 534 Thompson, Susan 296, 534 Thomsen, Jeff 227, 453,454 Thomson, James H. 271 Thomson, Lani 133 Thomson, Norm 383 Thornburgh, Yvonne 151 Thornley, Malcolm 430 Thornton, Jeff 211 Thure, Doug 210, 337, 344, 423, 534 Thurlow, Mike 219, 429 Thurlow, Nick 203, 343 Thurston, William 488 Tichinin, Bruce 398 Tidrick, Garry 488 Tiegs, LaVonne 296, 534 Tiernan, Victoria 119 Tietz, Richard E. 161, 423 Tillotson, Meredeth 155 Ting, Darryl 160, 481 Tisdel, Peggy ....138, 312, 329, 338 Tittle, Audrey 138 Tjian, Jane 534 Tjosvold, Robert 218 Tobby, Ted 188, 534 Tobias, Gene S. 257 Tobin, Eleanor 151 Tocchini, Robert 932, 343, 477 565 Todd, Dave 217 Todd, Kenneth 179 Todd, Marsha 429 Tofioli, Tom 209 Tognetti, Gerald 172 Toicar, Lawrence E., Jr. 270 Toki, Ellengale 296, 314 Torn, Annie 296, 493 Torn, C. H. 502 Tomal, Connie 162, 247 Tomei, Joel Alan 214, 499 Tomeom, Tom 203 Tominaga, Dennis 161, 485 Tomhns, Fred 229 Tomlinson, Cherie 239 Tong, Dennis 263 Tong, JoAnna 296, 349, 534 Tong, Tommy 488 Tong, Yat-Ping 296, 488, 493 Toole, Howard 261, 477 Topp, Torn 229 Toreson, Sigrid 115 Torigan, Mike 384 Toriyama, Juni-ichi 454 Torkelson, Lanaii 236 Tornberg, Gordon 189 Torrey, John 93 Toscano, William 261 Toschi, Theresa 252, 541 Totten, Julie 126, 339 Tow, Laura 251 Towata, John 419 Townsend, Leigh 493 Toy, Vicki 238, 534 Toy, Vivian 240 Toya, Wootan 222 Tozi, Barbara 296, 534 Traburro, Bill 266 Tracy, Tom 178, 343, 503 Train, Chris 203 Trainer, Ronald J. 296, 493 Traupe, Bob 310, 316, 317 Travaglio, Barbara 119 Treiss, Allan 341 Tremblatt, John 231 Tremper, Randolph T. 296, 488, 493 Trevino, Olivia 296 Triplett, Baylor B. 160 Trop, Jeffrey 207 Tropper, Carlene 92, 244, 534 Trost, Donald G 194 Trotter, Dan 296, 502 503 Trotter, Gene 180, 477 Trouton, John 198, 499 Trowbridge, Randall C. 176 Trower, Tons 161, 534 Troyan, Vitaly 354 Truitt, Kenneth 184, 477 Truskier, Andrew 344 Trusko, Pete 354 Tryon, Mary 243 Tryon, Tom 233, 423 Tsuji, Wayne 269 Tsuchiya, Doug 85 Tsuchiya, Arthur 262, 534 Tuck, Gail Ann 127 Tucker, Jill 296, 534 Tuckerman, Lois 121 Tullius, Alice 534 Tung, Joseph 260, 493 Tung, Michael 294, 493 Tunnicliff, Wyn 182, 534 Turk, Sandra 121 Turner, Brian 306 Turner, Jane 115 Turner, Trudy 138 Turner, Wendy 152, 534 Turpin, Nancy 88, 534 Tyler, Wendy 133 Tynan, Tins 179, 373 Tyre, Patti 120, 200, 338, 339, 374, 379 Tyson, Nancy ......77, 248, 306, 307, 334, 534 U Uchishiba, Ann Hiromi 297, 534 Uhler, Louann 238, 534 Uldricks, Ted 534 Ulfelder, Janet 297, 534 Ungerth, Rich 413 Ulrich, Suzy 151 Ulrich, Paul 201 Unickel, Jeff 213 Unruh, Eric 169, 390, 395, 430 Untiedt, Sonja 143, 196, 534 Upton, John 971, 341, 534 Urbais, Dawn 123 Urch, Leslie 131 Uren, William 174, 343, 534 Urner, Kathryn 131 Urwitz, Helene 137 Usis, Felix 166 Utsumi, Gary 262 Utsunomiya, Joy 238, 473, 477 Uyeda, Gerald K. 297, 534 Uzane, Maria 253 Uyeki, Doug 440 Uzoigwe, Andrew C. 297, 493 V Vabri, Dianne 997, 473 Vaca, Nick 297, 534 Vacula, Frank 960 Vallens, Michael 265, 477 Vallerga, Carolyn 133 Van Alta, David 196, 337, 344, 534 Van Brederode, Lee 182, 534 Vancil, Bernie 401 Vander Naillen, Peter 218, 534 Vandersloot, Diana 133 Vandervort, Connie 251 Vandeveer, Dave 220 Van Dyck, Robert 297, 534 Van H often Jim 203, 493 Van Lathem, Philippe .............297 Van Loben Sels, Page 157, 233, 306, 344, 477 Van Loucks, Mark 297, 534 Van Meter, Tom 181 Van Norman, Nancy 143, 534 Vannucci, Sharon 133 Van Scoy, Schuyler 161, 382 Van Slambrouck, Sue 151, 225 Van Swearingen, Lynne 134, 535 Vargus, Richard 175, 535 Varney, Jill 81, 133, 226, 308 Varrelm an, Melvyn 297, 535 Vasilevich, Georgia 297, 535 Vaughan, Larry 189, 423 Vaughn, Robert 187 Vaznaian, Margaret 455 Veblen, Tons 423 Veirs, Donald 297, 535 VeLarde, Claudette 297, 535 Velasquez, Harold 297, 535 Velasquez, Judith 297, 535 Velotta, John 429 Venning, Richard 220, 315 Venter, Gary 430 Verbanec, Rich 273 Vestal, John 264 Viale, Robert 172, 477 Viani, Louis 257 Vickers, Donald 218, 499 Viguir, George .233, 404, 430, 535 Vikmanis, Silvija 297, 541 Viktor, Chris 125 Vilbrandt, Donald 184 Villegas de Ville, John 997 Vinson, Charles 297, 493 Vinson, Ted 265, 488, 493 Vivrette, Nancy 297, 535 Vlazakis, Manny 193 Vodian, Morton 222 Vogan, Michael 297, 493 Vogel, Richard 182 Voges, Renee 252, 535 Vogt, Ruth 145 Volker, Carol 245, 451 Von Bauer, Richard 208 Von Beroldingen, Paul 297, 341, 535 Von Flue, Anita 122, 535 Vortmann, Dick 200, 430, 477 Vortmann, Tom 184 Wacaser, Anderson 167, 477 Wachner, Brian 269, 341 Waddel, William 297, 493 Wade, Kathy 138 Wade, Ken 273 Wade, Margaret 949 Wade, Sandra 950 Wade, Terrill 297, 499 Wade, Torlen 174 Wafer, Deborah 297, 468, 469 Wagner, Ilene 145, 349 Wainright, Linda 245 Waite, Bill 259, 419 Waitz, Roberta 244 Wakefield, Susan 485 Waki, Amy 297, 535 Waldman, James 230, 535 Waldron, Jeff 268 Walker, Ann 251 Walker, Bruce 259 Walker, Kaki 143 Walker, Kathey 118, 535 Walker, Page 138, 312, 313, 535 Walker, Polly 143 Walker, Robert 297, 535 Walker, Scott 201 Walker, Stephen 204 Walker, Steve 166 Wallace, Diane 297, 535 Wallace, Jerry 182, 535 Wallace, John 273 Wallace, Sandra 84, 251, 325, 349, 535 Wallenius, Mary 297, 535 Walsh, John 169 Walsh, Nancy 243, 535 Walsh, Peggy 143 Walsh, Sandy 145 Walt, Kathi 123 Walter, Arlie 272 Walter, Jerry 373, 413, 430 Walter, Dave 227 Walton, Ma lis 322 Walton, Mary . .297, 339, 340, 535 Wang, Rossana 253 Wanvig, Chet 163, 477 Ward, Gary 260 Ward, Marty 297, 535 Ward, Tina 192 Wardell, John 201, 345, 388, 390, 430 Warden, Roy 423 Warfield, Rick 267 Wargo, Dave 373 Warner, Julie 240 Warnock, David 228, 535 Warnock, Kerry 135 Warnock, Kirk 163, 493 Warnow, Alexander 273 Warren, James 218, 535 Warth, Dennis 178, 493 Warton, Mike 454 Washburn, Tins 259 Washington, Ernest 209, 535 Wasley, William 166 Wasserman, Bruce 207 Wasserman, Tony 297, 317, 536 Watanabe, Bruce 395 Waters, Don 266, 405 Watkins, Richard 162, 536 Watson, Andrew 208 Watson, Cathi 125 Watson, Dennis 200, 481 Watson, Dixie 235 Watson, Jim 452 Watson, Robert 297, 477 Watters, John 373 Watts, Susan 153 Way, David 163, 477 Wea ver, Kenneth 211 Weaver, Kirk 91, 297, 344, 536 Webb, Clifford 200, 494 Webb, Shari 125 Webber, Jim 266 Webber, Mary Kay 147, 336 Webber, Richard 268 Weber, Craig 211 Weber, John 268 Weber, Linda 240 Weber, Peter 297, 344 Webster, Richard 341 Wecty, John 405 Weddle, Edgar 181 Weeks, Deanna 536 Weeks, John 297, 536 Weeks, Steve 187 Wehr, Michael 163, 536 Wehr, Stephen 233, 342 Weiberg, Ned 198 Weid, Douglas 256 Weigel, Susie 147 Weight, Bob 343, 372 Weill, Rich 413 Wein, Sharon 251 Wein, Stu 195 Weinbrandt, Dick 201, 398, 494 Weiner, Denise 128 Weiner, Neae 206 Weinhouse, Don 263 Weinman, Howard 260 Weinstein, Henry 297, 536 Weinstein, Janet 250 Weinstein, Mills 413 Weinstein, Raymond 441 Weinstock, Rich 214, 536 Weintraub, Marsha 297, 536 Weir, Donna 133, 211 Weisberg, Gale 121 Weise, Dave 430 Weiss, Carin 251 Weiss, Lawrence 322 Weiss, Marcy 121 Weiss, Murray 224 Weiss, Nancy 251 Weitzenberg, Barry ..211, 382, 404 Welborne, John 325 Welcome, Terrill 217 Wellins, Shel 228, 485 Wells, Cherie 251 Wells, Diana 115, 536 Wells, Harry 268 Wells, Jess 316 Wells, Pamela 119 Welty, John 181, 383 Welz, Laurel 138 Wenegrat, Berry 252 Wenger, Doug 211, 297 Wenz, John 220 Werner, Karen 536 Wessel, Jim 157, 184, 477 West, Susan 128 Westberg, Marilyn 143 Westen, Evelyn 240 Westerberg, John 163 Westergren, Don 85 Westerman, David 256 Westley, Edward 222 Westling, Mike 343 Weston, Bill 269 Weston, Douglas 197 Westphalen, Jay 189 Wetherbee, Mandi 147 Wetherell, Karen 341, 536 Whalen, Molly 240 Whaley, Doug 209, 536 Wharton, Joseph 257 Wharton, William 161, 413, 536 Wheary, Jim 179 Wheaton, Randell 189 Wheeler, Nancy 134, 536 Whitaker, Richard 189, 536 Whitaker, Tom 272 White, Art 176 White, Ed 373, 427 White, Karen 123 White, Meredith 147 White, Michael 223, 536 White, Terry 268 White, Tim 216 Whitehead, Alice 242 Whitesides, Gay 536 Whitfield, Jerry 197 Whitington, Trent 214, 499 Whitman, Michael 174, 342, 343, 354, 536 Whitener, Peter 220, 384, 439 Whitson, Paula 248 Whittell, Paige 127 Whyte, Jud 213, 314, 384 Wickersham, Mike 418,430 Wickland, John 297, 477 Wickland, Valerie 125 Wickwire, Carol 115, 138, 339, 477 Wideman, Ernie 211, 384, 430 Widm an, Lance 170 Widmer, Debbie 126 Wied, Douglas 256 Wieder, Bob 71, 94 Wiel, Mike 343 Wiener, Neal 536 Wiesenfeld, Steve 341 Wight, C. Anthony 297, 536 Wight, Judith 297, 536 Wilberding, Joanne 125 Wilcox, Marilyn 297, 536 Wilcox, Tim 297, 454, 536 Wild, Bruce 233, 306, 325, 329 Wild, Dee 115 Wild, Scott 170, 536 Wiles, Rae 144, 536 Wiley, Jane 455 Wilford, Margo 115, 118 Wilgenburg, Arie 297, 477 Wilgus, Don 385, 427 Wilhelm, Connie 146, 536 Wilkinson, Cindy 128, 473, 477 Wilkinson, Pat 140, 536 Willey, Chip 297 Willey, Janie 297, 536 Williams, Courtney 257 Williams, Dan 271 Williams, Dave 227 Williams, Diane 115 Williams, Dick 215, 343, 373, 430 Williams, Enid 246, 536 Williams, Jeff 181 Williams, Katrina 245 Williams, Mike 227 Williams, Pam 243 566 Williams, Patricia 153, 455 Williams, Paul 297, 536 Williams, Ray 178 Williams, Roosevelt ..306, 322, 325 Williams, Rudy 354 Williams, Sharon 455 Williams, Tom 402 Williamsen, Michael 176, 536 Williamson, David 219, 423 Williamson, Weldon .297, 441, 536 Willis, James 351 Willson, Bob 383, 405 Wilson, Ann 297, 536 Wilson, Anne 297, 455, 536 Wilson, Don 354 Wilson, Doug 209 Wilson, Evan 163 Wilson, Gail 122, 536 Wilson, George 488 Wilson, Janet 150, 536 Wilson, Jeff 213 Wilson, Jerry 255, 440, 536 Wilson, Kathie 148, 536 Wilson, Ken 413 Wilson, Margaret 536 Wilson, Nicki 252 Wilson, Phyllis 145 Wilson, Randy 179, 372, 413 Wilson, Terri 349 Winckler, Harold 297 Wineberg, Donna 240 Wing, George 441 Wing, Ron 973 Winkler, Erie 188, 477 Winkler, Ronald 176 Winslow, Barbara 127 Winslow, Phillip 297, 477 Winston, Ellen ..........120, 318, 319 Winter, Frank 193 Wisdom, Lynne 134, 339, 340, 536 Wise, Randy 179 Wiseman, Andrew 165 Wisnia, Jerry 263, 477 Witalis, Larry 423 Witkin, Lynne 297 Wittenberg, Linda ....210, 336, 536 Wolf, Tons 90 Wolfe, Bob 387, 393, 395, 426 Wolff, Jeff 182 Wolff, Judy 148 Wolff, Richard 488 Wolff, Sue 131 Wolfgang 195 Wolfson, Lawrence ....160, 532, 536 Wollan, Pernille Wollert, Rich Wolters, Robert Wong, Betty Wong, Beverly Wong, Bewla Wong, Cheryl Wong, Daniel Wong, Deanna Wong, Gladys Wong, Jane Wong, Kelly Wong, Ke-Lun Wong, Lorraine Wong, Malcolm Wong, Mary Wong, Patricia Wong, Robert Wong, Robin Wong, Rodney Wong, Roland Wong, Shirley Wong, Siu Wong, Susan Wong, Wayne Wong, Wilaine Woo, Dave Woo, Gary Wood, Linda Wood, Sam Wood, Steve Woodcock, Steve Woods, Andy Woods, Dennis Woods, Edward Woods, Jerry Woods, John Woods, Mark Woodside, Fred Wooley, Bruce Woolworth, Caroline Wootan, Dennis Wooten, Wes Wooton, Doris Worden, Don Workman, Ellie Worsham, Charles Worthington, William Wright, Barbara Wright, Parry Wright, Margaret Wright, Obie 255, 537 Wright, Robert 343 Wright, Stephen 488 Wrightson, Don 911, 477 Wu, Roy 384 Wuesthoff, Greg 904 Wulffson, Leine 298, 455, 537 Wurts, Glen 163 Wydler, Diane 434 Wythe, Anne 242, 453, 455 Y Yagi, Roselyn 298 Yamada, Gerald 298, 537 Yama, Patsy 298 Yamada, Terry 272 Yamaguchi, Gregory 262, 298 Yamaguchi, Michio 499 Yarnanaga, Robert 298, 494 Yando, Donna 140, 379, 537 Yanellas, Harry 298, 537 Yank, Howard 213 Yao, Dick 298, 494 Yarbrough, Sally 150 Yarnell, Dennis 260 Yasaki, Dianne 298, 537 Yasuhiro, Janet 298, 541 Ybarra, Wayne 269, 348 Yeager, Chris 423 Yeazell, Dixon 298, 494 Yee, Philip 202, 537 Yee, Sue 298, 537 Yee, Willie 202 Yeomens, Jeannine 141 Yeung, Rachel 298, 537 Yim, Patricia 239 Yokoi, Robert 298, 494 Yokoyama, Nancy 298, 537 Yonck, Ab 429 Yonemoto, Janet 298, 537 Yool, Victor 176 York, Jane 132, 537 York, Phyllis 128 York, Randy 270, 537 Yorke, Peter 264 Yoshida, Jane 264 Yoshikawa, Dorothy 298, 537 Yoshimira, Ted 266 Yoshimura, Fayth 242 Yoshimura, Fayth 242 Yoshimura, Harold 259 Yost, Sandy 153 Yost, Steve 85 Youell, Eileen 298, 537 Young, Bill 157, 184 Young, Bob 261 Young, Carol 455 Young, Ed 266 Young, Eunice 242, 429, 537 Young, Leslie 263 Young, Lulu 341 Young, Nancy 127 Young, Vic 186, 298, 540 Yowell, Jerry 973 Yu, King 298, 494 Yu, Raymond 480 Yu, Ytha 488, 494 Yuasa, Kathryn 235, 298, 340, 537 Yuen, Linda 250 Z Zablackis, Jon 348, 351 Zacharias, Lawrence 263 Zacher, Paula 119 Zacher, Toni 130 Zaik, Ed 216 Zais, Elliot 298, 494 Zakarian, Christine 119 Zalkind, Lynn 121 Zander, Candace 137 Zapf, Rosalind 494 Zaragoza, Carlos 263, 373 Zawaski, Joan 94, 239 Zealand, Felicia 251 Zealear, Jan 130, 211, 537 Zebroski, Nancy 225, 298, 537 Zeff, Andrew 341 Zellweger 354 Zeman, Richard 263 Zemansky, Larry 194 Zementra, Mike 429 Zerlang, Linda 298, 537 Zia, Nancy 298, 481 Zibicki, Sans 261 Ziegler, Jean 298, 537 Ziegler, Susan 127 Zierer, Thomas 87 Zigelhofer, Carol 251 Ziman, Byron 263 Zipser, Barbara 298 Zook, Nancy 152, 537 Zumwalt, Robert 488 Zwerling, Regina 374 211 297,489,494 298,481 243 298,536 298,537 298,481 239 250 242 298,494 264 250 349 240 74,298,313, 339,537 202 202 202,537 298,494 298,537 251,349 251 202 250 418 266 131 451 354 258,537 184,537 419 231 373,427 257 373 373 488 298,537 222 272 298,537 215,337,503 266 430 178, 354,537 131,439 233,537 298 567 thank you ... I es, it will be a year to remember . . . not only the rainy days and frantic deadlines, but the wonderful moments shared by the staff as each page was care- fully planned and carried out. Those moments come racing back . . . remember the Saturday morning pretzels and deadline apples; the exposed 100 feet of plus x film and that darling paper clip editor; the nylons in the darkroom, the thousands of pictures, and the photographers ' embarrassed Girl Friday. We remember also the two-bit Blue and Gold barber shop and the cable car promotion stunt; the choco- late chip cookies hidden away in the Sports Editor ' s desk, and most of all, those big manila envelopes which safely carried each deadline to the publisher in Salt Lake City. We didn ' t just write and create, and draw layouts, and talk on the phone, and get mad when people didn ' t show up for pictures, and worry over lost pictures, and wonder what the whole darn thing would finally look like . . . we participated in the stream of campus life from the 5th floor office. We watched the University theater begin to take shape, and saw Carol Doda with her five body guards. We heard the VDC teach-ins, watched the crowds, and caught their many expressions with our cameras. We took midterms and finals, wrote papers and worried over cinch notices; we survived the gremmie epi- demic and that flu bug . . . all the time hoping and wondering if the ' 66 Blue and Gold would ever be- come a reality. After a solid year, it has become. Each section editor, managerial editor, and staff member deserves a sincere thank-you for doing such a terrific job, because without you this book would never be. Special thanks to: Kaye, who received more of an education than just with yearbooks. Ellen, who kept telling the alumni office she was on her way over with the pictures. Larry, who will be pitching for Koufax in the future if the Dodger star decides not to sign. Donna, who has the most expensive set of UC Med Center pictures in the State, and who also has the most extravagent assistant. Jill, who deserves a Bell telephone award for all the hours she spent on the phone with her male associates. Linda, who can ' t look another George Washing- ton in the eye. Rick, who went wild over the studio and the banquet. Pam, who covered the Cable Car affair, and did such a great job with posters, paint, and publicity ideas. Thanks also to the rest of the staff: Margo, Ginny, Les, Kay, Jim, June, Sandy, Judy, Gary, Connie, Joan, Pam, Judy, Carla, Alan, Kaarin, Dena, Jan, Dianne, Betsy, Eve, and little Steve . .. and to the photog- raphers Joe, Tom, Don, Steve, Doug and Rod. Thank you, Mrs. Lum, and the publications office for all your advice and wonderful encouragement. Wheelwright Lithographing Company of Salt Lake City, Utah published the ' 66 Blue and Gold. We en- joyed working with Lorin, Peggy, Norma, and Goff, and will always remember our visit with them. Individual portraits were done by Keith Cole Studio, Redwood City. A sincere thank you to Keith, Ann, Mario, Bill, Chuck, Jack, Steve, Heni and the rest of the group for a great job. How you ever kept those thousands of pictures straight, Ann, we ' ll never know! Photography Acknowledgments: Barry Evans, Queen portraits; Don Kechley, Alumni and Cal Camp; Steve Woodall, musical groups; Henri Wandelen, color shots of campus; Morgan Upton, drama pic- tures; Ed Kirwin, sports major division; Bill Downs, Science Conference; Bob Hollingsworth, Student Union Complex. Beyond the experiences we ' ve shared with the staff this year, we ' ll also remember the exciting yearbook contract trips . . . especially that hectic one where we were put off the plane in Yakima, and had to drive a fast 180 miles in a couple of hours to catch the California bound plane out of Portland — we actually made it. Thanks again to everyone who made the 1966 Blue and Gold possible. �� �:-

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