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Frederick S. D. Bernstein D. I. Myron F. Erasmo Edmund Edward Philip F. David P. W. M. Hart S. J. Holmes Tsi-An Hsia A. S. S. L. Howard Paul R. W. Leon J. David H. F. M. Lysle E. Shaffer C. J. Sullivan, Paul W. Catherine B. Wilfred M. Richard Aaron Ronald Phillip Gleb Blinoff Lynn Francesca Marvin Otto Docili, Molly Karen Rae Tse-Wei Liu Donald Roberdeau Michael John Elizabeth Andrea Judith Robert Silas Gerald Lee Julian Towster John Gordon Clifford David Young In Memoriam No man is an Island, entire of itself any man ' s death diminishes me, because I am involved in Mankind; and never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee. They shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift up sword against nation. Neither shall they learn war any more. volume 92 of california berkeIey copyright, 1965 by the associated students of the university of california We dedicate this And yet, perhaps, how sage a counsel to give the troubled world to see it through the strange, unhappy circumstances devised by its quarrelsome sons, as they fail to find in hatred the salvation that they might, had they but the courage, find in love. book to our nobel laureates who have devoted themselves to world peace through understanding... Dr. John H. Northrop, Professor of Bacteriology Dr. Wendell M. Stanley, Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Dr. William F. Giauque, Professor of Chemistry Dr. Edwin M. McMillan, Director of Lawrence Radiation Laboratory Dr. Glen T. Seaborg, Professor of Chemistry, Chairman of Atomic Energy Commission Dr. Emilo G. Segrè, Professor of Physics Dr. Owen Chamberlain, Professor of Physics Dr. Donald A. Glaser, Professor of Physics Dr. Melvin Calvin, Professor of Chemistry, Director of Laboratory of Chemical Biodynamics table of contents " Nation shall not lift up sword against nation " 8 " This Was The Year That Was " 24 Adminis tration, Academics 33 Classes 77 Activities 153 Clubs and Societies 220 Athletics 253 Living Groups 345 Index 553 blue and gold staff Katie Wuertele Editor Evie Ashcroft Manager Sylvia Clay Assistant Editor Irene Hartung Copy Editor Don Westergren Photography Editor Larry Lawrence Sports Editor Kenna Howell Associate Manager Carol Crossman Assistant Manager Linda Pierce Promotion Manager Printing The Wheelwright Press Cover The Wheelwright Press Binding The Wheelwright Press Individual Portraits Keith Cole Studios Residence Pictures Don Haselton and for these ends.... to practice tolerance and live together.... in peace with one another This twentieth anniversary of the birth of the United Nations in San Francisco reaffirms a determination in the hearts of all people for a peaceful world, free from oppression, en violence, and fear of total The United Nations Charter, created to safeguard this hope for peace, sets forth these goals: " to practice tolerance and live together in peace one another, and to unite our strength to maintain international peace and security. " We at the. University of California have the to promote this international goodwill through close contact the many foreign who have come to the University for their education. Let us extend our hand to all races and offer our love and friendship. Only through individual effort can the total aims of the United Nations he achieved. Nation shall not lift up sword We the of the United determined to save succeeding from the scourge of war, to reaffirm faith in human rights, in the and worth of the human person Have resolved combine our efforts accomplish these aims. — UN Charter against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom. Spirit by the Bay extends her heart to the peoples of the world And now I see with eye The very pulse of the A Being breathing thoughtful A traveler between life and The reason firm, the temperate Endurance, foresight, strength, and A perfect Woman, nobly to warm, to comfort, and And yet a spirit still, and With something of angelic light. I saw her upon nearer view, A Spirit, yet a Woman too! — Wordsworth in pensive mood In such a jocund company: I gazed-and gazed-but little thought What wealth the show to me had brought Ten thousand saw I at a glance With many recognitions dim and faint, And somewhat of a sad perplexity, The picture of the mind revives again: While here I stand, not only with the sense Of present pleasure, but with pleasing thoughts That in this moment there is life and food For future years, And so I dare to hope. — Wordsworth The faces of the world in our midst a feeling and a love While with an eye made quiet by the power Of harmony, and the deep power of joy, We see into the life of things. In hours of weariness, sensations sweet, Felt in the blood, and felt along the heart; Of unremembered pleasures such, perhaps, As have no slight or trivial influence On that best portion of a good man ' s life, His little nameless, unremembered acts Of kindness and of love. Nor less, I trust, To them I may have owed another gift, Of aspect more sublime; that blessed mood, In which the heavy and the weary weight Of all this unintelligible world Is lightened: — Wordsworth Thy memory be as a dwelling place for all sweet sounds and harmonies My dear, dear Friend; and in thy voice I catch The language of my former heart, and read My former pleasures in the shooting lights Of thy wild eyes The mind that is within us, so impress With quietness and beauty, and so feed With lofty thoughts, that neither evil tongues, Nor greetings where no kindness is, nor all The dreary intercourse of daily life, Shall e ' re prevail against us, or disturb Our cherished faith that all which we behold Is full of blessings. — Wordsworth And the weary Day Swiftly walk o ' er the western Spirit of Night! Out of the misty eastern cave, Where all the long and lone daylight, Thou wovest dreams of joy and fear, Which make thee terrible and dear, Swift by thy flight! Wrap thy form in a mantle gray. Star-inwrought! —Shelley turned to his rest, lingering like an unloved guest, I sighed for thee Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne? I have been laughing, I have been carousing, Drinking late, sitting late, with my bosom cronies; All, all are gone, the old familiar faces. I have had playmates, I have had companions, In my days of childhood, in my joyous school days; All, all are gone, the old familiar faces. Oh take a cup of kindness yet For auld lang syne — Charles Lamb Let us love one another It is all we have left How does mankind stand, in this awful hour? Where does it find, in all its pomp and power, the answer to its fateful Where on this globe, where in this universe, is there any help for us? Who will come to our aid, who have failed so badly in our trusteeship of the bounteous and lovely earth? Who will save us, if we do not save ourselves? I say to you, no one will. No one will. We are wedded to one another, it may be to our death, it may be to our living. We cannot escape one another, however hard we try. Though we fly to the moon and far beyond, we shall slaughter one another where ' er we meet, as surely on some outward star as here on earth. This is the human condition — that we flee from one another. For good, for ill, we await ourselves behind every door, down every street, at the end of every passageway. We try to remain apart: we fail. We try to hide: we are exposed. Behind every issue here, behind the myriad quarrels that make up the angry world, we await, always and forever, our own discovery. And nothing makes us better than we are. I beg of you, let us love one another! From A SHADE OF DIFFERENCE by Allen Drury. Copyright 1962 by Allen Drury. Reprinted by permission of Doubleday Company, Inc. THIS WAS THE YEAR THAT WAS Bob Cosby Glen Yarborough one more round Peter, Paul and Mary a season of discontent On e thing only has been lent to youth and age in common discontent — Matthew Arnold " Our problems at Berkeley are many. They may not differ in gravity from those which have great universities in the past. They do, differ in kind. For ours is the task to the eternal traditions of a community of scholars with the needs of a modern democracy in swift evolution. It is a task we must solve, not only for the University but for the people of California. With generosity toward each other we may in bringing into harmony quality with quantity, responsibility with freedom, teaching with research which feeds teaching, intellectual experimentation with service to the state and nation, serious accomplishment with humor, and - even - age with youth. " — Martin Meyerson students protest a mediator ' s dilemma and strikes for free speech To sum up student life within the multiversity, President Kerr says that it " is a confusing place for the student. He has problems of establishing his identity and sense of security within it. But it offers him a vast range of choices, enough literally to stagger the mind. In this range of choices he encounters the opportunities and the dilemmas of freedom. The casualty rate is high. The walking wounded are many. The president in the multiversity is leader, creator, initiator, wielder of power, pump; he is also officeholder, caretaker, inheritor, consensus-seeker, persuader, bottleneck. But he is mostly a mediator. " — Clark Kerr " Behold I do not give lectures or a little charity — when I give, I give myself . " — Walt Whitman A revolution within the hearts of many Cal students is going on right now as they become involved with community serv ice programs. They are devoting time and energy to serving others in mental schools for the handicapped, housing centers, and summer camps for underprivileged children. SRV, the Student Resource Volunteer program, four years ago, uses Cal students to work with teachers in the Berkeley schools. The volunteers lead storytelling groups, prepare materials for classwork, correct papers, and help with recreation. The also proctor homework study halls, set up at various youth centers for those children who receive no encouragement from their families. " Students want to be involved with the human race. It ' s clear that the generation is not content to sit and watch the world go by. They want to do something and around here at least, they certainly are doing it. " for the student and the child there are moments of discovery and spontaneous demonstrations of joy ADMINISTRATION ACADEMICS Education cannot mean merely the development of our intellect or of all our potentialities, for there are for evil in us as well as for good. Nor can it mean mere for life, but rather to make the world a better place to live in. Our educators should realize as clearly as possible what kind of potentialities they are to develop in their students; what kind of life they are to educate young people for. The ideals and which constitute the essential of culture must first be clearly understood and appreciated. —Secretary-General U Thant in our Changing Times " u thant, stevenson speak at charter day 1964 The University of California celebrated its 1964 Charter Day, with the presence of U Thant, Secretary-General of the United Nations, and Adlai Stevenson, U.S. Delegate to the U.N. In his address to the Berkeley campus, U Thant spoke of the success of the United Nations during its first nineteen years as a peace-making body: " Here the Governments of the world, associated in the United Nations, must realize the ideals which were already accepted in 1919 in the Covenant of the League and were reaffirmed in 1945 in the Charter of the United Nations. Chancellor Strong awards an honorary degree to U Thant. President Kerr greets Adlai Stevenson at the Greek Theater. We can thus see how far the world has actually come since 1919 in making the ideas and ideals of the League of Nations into acceptable reality. If we are to make the next step toward world authority and then onward to a world government, it will be by the growth in authority and prestige of the institutions and agencies of the United Nations, and by the development of the provisions of the Charter and the Statute of the Court. If we make those documents accepted as binding law, as every Government in the United Nations is pledged to accept, then we are on the right path to world authority. " from the desk of president clark kerr: I am happy to join the 1965 BLUE AND GOLD in saluting the twentieth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations. For students at Berkeley, this anniversary carries special interest, since the UN had its inception in the San Francisco Bay Area, and its founding was commemorated by a convocation in the Greek Theater here at Berkeley. Likewise, the tenth anniversary of its founding was observed by a similar convocation, and our Charter Day observances in 1964 honored this great alliance of and some of its leaders. I am happy, too, to have this opportunity to greet the members of the Class of 1965 — a class that has seen much history made at Berkeley, and has itself helped to make some of that history. You have seen the Berkeley campus reach its " steady state " enrollment of 27,500, and have heard discussions about redirecting students to newer and less crowded campuses of the University. From now on, Berkeley will not grow in total size, but within that total enrollment there will be more graduate more upper division students, a lower proportion of lower division students than there were during your undergraduate yea rs. When you come back to visit the campus in future years — and I hope you will come you will see these and other changes, for change is but you will find, too, that Berkeley remains the same exciting and sometimes confusing campus that you knew as undergraduates. president kerr joins in u.n. salute State of California GOVERNOR ' S OFFICE SACRAMENTO Governor and Mrs. Edmund G. Brown TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA: Californians will always be proud that San Francisco was the birthplace of the United Nations after the most devastating war mankind has known. It was appropriate that men of goodwill and of many nations joined here on the shore of the Pacific to strive anew for peace and brotherhood. This great sea washes so many of the world ' s developing lands and it is on its borders where so much of the future lies. I know that the citizens of the future, that are being prepared for their life ' s work at the University of California are united in their support of the world peace fostered by the United Nations. I commend The Blue and Gold and its staff for their twentieth tribute to the organization of nations that was born here in 1945. governor brown lauds " blue and gold " u.n. tribute Edmund G. Brown Glenn M. Anderson Jesse M. Unruh Governor of California Lieutenant Governor Speaker of the Assembly The Regents of The University of California are responsible for the government and organization of the University. Sixteen members of this body are appointed by the Governor, while eight are ex-officio members because of their official jobs. According to the State Constitution, the Regents have " full powers of organization and subject only to such Legislative Control as may be necessary to insure compliance with the terms of the endowments of the University and the security of its funds. ' ' The Regents pass on appointments of all including the President of the and the Chancellor of each campus. This chief administrative body also controls all matters and educational policies of the This year the Regents approved the plans and site for the Moffitt Undergraduate Library, to be located northeast of the Life Sciences Building. Max Rafferty Theodore R. Meyer Clark Kerr Superintendent of President of the President of the University Public Instruction Mechanics ' Institute regents ex-officio the regents: chief administrative body of the university appointed regents Jesse W. Tapp President, State Board of Agriculture Edward W. Carter Chairman William K. Coblentz William M. Roth William E. Forbes Laurence J. Kennedy Edwin W. Pauley Cornelius J. Haggerty Donald H. McLaughlin Mrs. Dorothy B. Chandler Mrs. Randolph A. Hearst Samuel B. Mosher John E. Canaday Philip L. Boyd Norton Simon Frederick G. Dutton Mrs. Edward H. Heller Chancellor and Mrs. Strong at a University reception. " An enduring world peace is a real possibility if the peoples of all nations, particularly youth, uphold and defend that peace. " This was the lead sentence in a story in the Daily Californian of May 7, 1945, reporting the convocation held in the Hearst Greek Theatre the previous Friday in celebration of the founding of the United Nations in San Francisco. Statesmen from six member nations received honorary degrees: Tse V. Soong, acting prime minister and foreign minister of China; George Bidault, minister of foreign affairs of the provisional government of France; Padilla, foreign minister of Mexico; Field Marshall Jan Smuts, prime minister of the Union of South Africa; Anthony Eden, British foreign secretary; Edward R. Stettinius, U.S. Secretary of State. In their addresses, each of these distinguished officials stressed the need to work together for world peace and looked to youth to participate vigorously in this noble task. In the ensuing twenty years, the Berkeley campus has responded well. In 1955, when a second convocation was held in the Greek Theatre to celebrate the tenth birthday of the United Nations, 1,000 foreign students were enrolled from 85 countries. Today, the number has grown to over 2,600 from 95 countries. The Peace Corps has recruited more volunteers from this campus than from any other educational institution in the country. More than 200 former Berkeley students are now serving in 40 countries in Latin America, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. In this issue of the BLUE AND GOLD, the Class of 1965 expresses its dedication to the principles that led to the founding of the United Nations twenty years ago. My congratulations and best wishes for the future go with each graduate. the chancellorship changes hands Martin Meyerson Acting Chancellor vice-chancellors lighten administrative burdens of chief campus officer The Vice-Chancellors work closely with the Chancellor in coordinating the duties of the University. O. W. serves as Vice-Chancellor in charge of Business and Finance. He is ably assisted by Errol W. Mauchler, Assistant Chancellor for the Budget. Vice-Chancellors Alan Searcy and Lincoln Constance are concerned with the educational pursuits of the University while Alex C. Sheriffs is in charge of Student Affairs. He is very interested in promoting good faculty-administration communication. Alan W. Searcy O. W. Campbell Lincoln Constance Alex C. Sheriffs Katherine A. Towle Dean of Students the deans of students The office of the Deans of Students, headed by Betty H. Neely, Dean of Women, Arleigh T. Williams, Dean of Men, and Katherine A. Towle, Dean of Students, has been the subject of much of the controversy and debate which forms a vital part of this university. From the bitter and fierce struggles of the Free Speech Movement to the proposals of academic-year housing contracts, from the questions about activity scheduling and fund-raising to the problems of students who feel lost in this sprawling —all these fall within the pale of the Office of the Dean of Students. Constantly questioned on its effectiveness, often for unpopular measures, the office nevertheless remains a vital part of the living organism that is this university, and provides a ready source of counsel for the individual student. Betty H. Neely Dean of Women Arleigh T. Williams Dean of Men Thomas G. Barnes Eric C. Bellquist Helen R. Biermann Elizabeth L. Chilton Brutus K. Hamilton Ann E. Hawley associate and assistant deans Andrew Billingslay William A. McCormick The associate and assistant deans have the rewarding task of working with Cal students on their academic pursuits and their social development at Cal. These deans, located in 201 Sproul Hall, aid in producing intelligent and mature young men and women who are able to face the challenges of modern society. George S. Murphy Emily S. Reed Louis C. Rice Edith M. Zinn Mrs. Ruth N. Donnelly, Supervisor of Housing Services helps thousands of students find housing from her office in the tumbledown old mansion at 2620 Bancroft Way. Residence halls, married student housing, approved living groups, housing inspections, and innumerable listings are her concerns. This office is often the first stop for new students arriving in Berkeley, who even though armed with maps, rental advice, housing lists, and mother ' s last admonitions find its services invaluable. A part of the Office of the Dean of Students, Housing Services has aided students since 1947. Students Judy Maes, Michael Taylor, and Kris Pfaffinger confer with Housing Services Supervisor, Mrs. Ruth Donnelly about new contract changes for the residence halls. housing service first stop for new students serf gives students voice in educational policy STUDENT EDUCATIONAL FACULTY RELATIONS BOARD — Row One: Beverly Olshen, Roy Gesley, Chairman; Judy Aggeler. Row Two: Larry Barnes, Clint Shock, Tony Wasserman, Richard Hooper. Two years ago, the STUDENT AND FACULTY RELATIONS BOARD was formed to research problem areas of higher education. This last year was directed toward action. It is the of the board that the student is the central focus of the educational process. As such, he has a logical obligation to be significantly involved in formulating and continuing to influence educational policy. SEFR Board is represented in the Academic Senate Committee on Year Round Operation. The board works closely with the faculty to develop and maintain a responsible course evaluation system. Members visit living groups to discuss the ideals of education and to acquaint students with the changes to be made by the incorporation of the quarter system. To be engaged in reform at a high level, members of SEFR Board are expected to make a serious intellectual committment to promoting better for Cal students. Members are by recommendation from the Deans of the colleges, and by interviews with interested applicants. UCLA band members discover what Cal girls are really like. all-u weekend brings californians together UC students listen, enthralled, to the singing of Glenn Yarbrough, Berkeley weather changed from rain to shine just in time for All-U October 30 to November 1. Early, late, and even later on Friday, from other UC campuses began arriving at the dorms, co-ops, and sorority and fraternity houses. All-U Weekend officially began with the " Mad Hatter " rally Friday night. The Greek Theater rang with roars of " Hello, Westwood High, " and a few scattered retorts of " UCLA is the greatest. " Later, students could attend the Hobgoblin street dance or the sophomore welcome dance on campus. The next day, visitors and alike turned out to see the Bears and the Bruins battle in a contest finally won by UCLA. The Bill Cosby-Glenn Yarbrough concert on Halloween night closed the weekend with a wonderful balance of humor and song. Bruin visitors were welcomed at the sophomore dance in the student union. university grows with three new campuses Construction progresses on the Irvine campus. Expansion is the byword of the University of California. The three youngest campuses of the University — Santa Cruz, Irvine, and San Diego — are an expansion of the university both physically and intellectually. Each of the new campuses will hold 27,500 students by 1990. San Diego has already accepted In addition, Santa Cruz, Irvine, and San Diego represent an expansion of the concept of a " university " because they attempt to solve the problem confronting all university systems, " How do we treat the individual student as a unique human being in the mass student body? " Architect ' s model of the planned Santa Cruz campus. The new physics building on the San Diego campus. san francisco campus celebrates its 100th anniversary San Francisco Medical Center. The School of Medicine in San Francisco celebrated its centennial anniversary on November 20, 1964. It was founded in 1864 as the Toland Medical College. The theme of the Centennial Conference was and Human Values. " Faculty panel discussions developed this theme through a survey of " Case Histories of a Medical School in the Next Century. " Concluding the afternoon program was a discussion of Medical School and Community Health in the next Century. " Chancellor John B. deC. M. Saunders spoke at the evening session. His speech, entitled " Prospect and Retrospect, " dealt with the role of humanities in education, and the profession of the physician. Dr. Seymor M. Farber directed the conference planning committee which arranged the entire program. Dr. William O. Dean of the School of Medicine, welcomed the guests. Proposed long range development for the Medical Center. students see of life at ca l ' s A typical form of advertisement in France. Most Cal students at the University of Goettingen live in the International Student House. " Tomorrow we wake up in a reg line at Cal. We ' ll cram a sandwich down in 15 minutes, and run to get another class card. But we ' re not in Berkeley. We ' re in Padua, Italy, our heads filled with first impressions, and is the big word. We didn ' t face any reg lines for our six-week extensive language course. We study Italian 9 to 12 and 3 to 6 every day but Wednesday, when we have the afternoon off. Our classes are held in the same 450-year-old building where Galileo taught and was a student. Why the long break in the middle of the day? Because Italians take three hours for dinner at that time. The stores are closed; everything is quiet; and we try to catch up on our studying. Learning Italian isn ' t our only concern, however. Customs are another matter. Nice Italian girls don ' t wear capris or sandals on the street, for instance. Nylons and heels are standard for students. Padua is a city of 200,000 and is only 45 minutes by " autostrada " from Venice, but it is a provincial and religious place, greatly interested in our group Communication is the big challenge But everyone is carrying on fairly fluent conversations after a very short time. After a couple of glasses of wine, the Italian really flows. And the amiable Italians are so What an achievement when a storekeeper finally understands what a clipboard is. After 10 minutes of our slaughter of the Italian language, he ' ll say, " Ah, si! " and compliment us on how well we speak. Yes, our heads are filled with first impressions and We ' re still outsiders looking at Italian society from the outside. Our impressions now are superficial ones. In a year ' s time we ' ll probably have a new image of both Italy and the United States. " Anne Showstack — Padua, Italy The " Crunch-Munchy Man " is a familiar sight to Cal students in France. other ways overseas campuses The Education Abroad Program of the University of California is now entering its fourth year. Two new centers, one in Tokyo and the other in Madrid, were added to the already highly successful program this past year. Other campuses are located in Padua, Italy, Bordeaux, France, and Goettingen, Germany. Students fulfilling the necessary requirements are eligible to take advantage of the many opportunities offered by the program. Participants become active members of the foreign university campus by living as the other students do, attending the same classes, and sharing their social and cultural activities. The " Goose Girl Fountain " in Goettingen, Germany, is a popular meeting place for University students. La Cathedrale de Bordeaux — a familiar sight to students at the University. E. Gorton Linsley Dean agriculture students study basic sciences then get specialized training Agriculture Hall. The College of Agriculture, Berkeley, is a unit of Statewide College of Agriculture which has local sections on several campuses. The faculty members of the College are also members of the Statewide Agricultural Experiment Station under which all research is carried on. programs conducted at Berkeley are mainly in the social, biological, and physical science aspects of modern agricultural science. The emphasis in these programs is on the basic sciences, and Experiment Station research is intimately related to the teaching program in these fields, particularly at the graduate level. On-campus facilities include branch libraries, research collections, and specialized located in Morgan Hall, Agriculture Hall, Giannini Hall, Hilgard Hall, and Mulford Hall. They house the diverse and sophisticated serving agriculture today. The College also has local experimental areas for faculty and advanced students in Strawberry Canyon, on the Oxford Tract adjacent to the campus, and on the Gill Tract in Albany. Experimental research in soil composition is being conducted by students and faculty at the Gill tract in Albany. This entomology student classifies and mounts insects as part of his course work. college of chemistry widens curricula range In 1964-65 the College of Chemistry 492 undergraduate students in chemistry or chemical Nearly all of these students are seeking an education which will prepare them for careers in these fields. The are designed to give a firm in the principles of the subjects, with the expectation that the student will be able to apply these principles to the problems he wi ll encounter in his work. Chemistry and chemical engineering are rapidly evolving areas of knowledge. During the last ten years ten new courses have been added at the undergraduate level and 13 at the level. Indicative of the wide interests in the College of Chemistry are the following research programs presently underway: the desalination of sea water, the mechanism whereby light energy is converted to chemical energy in photosynthesis, chemical lasers, the of morphine, the angular of particles emitted from radioactive nuclei, selective syntheses of compounds through the burning of solid rocket the determination of the of atoms in compounds by x-rays, and the controlled growth of The " merry-go-round " houses research in biological probing and chemical evolution. Robert E. Connick Dean Lab work gives students a firm background in the principles of chemistry. college of gineering humanizes... shifts to civilian studies Graduate students help make adjustments on cockpit and lighting pattern prior to simulated landing in fog chamber. Architect ' s drawing of the planned structural engineering building. The College of Engineering, one of the largest on campus, extends itself around the world: ten faculty members per year are on foreign ranging from the Kampur Engineering School in India — a consortium of nine — to the University of Chile and the of Assud in Egypt. Thus, the College of Engineering is a on a smaller scale. Yet the College as a whole has moved in one direction, a decidedly new direction. Since 1940, engineering has been largely the tool of the military. Government spending and projects employed the vast majority of engineers including nearly 80% to 85% of the college graduates in this field. Now, with the recent reduction in government spending, projects have become more and more civilian. employment of the College ' s graduates rose 200% in the last year — an accurate of the remarkable change in the direction of study and research. The new focus of engineering is on society and its problems. Two major and respresentative studies have evolved in these fields. The of sea water is the one most directly connected with California, a state rapidly a shortage of fresh water. With the dwindling resources of the country, nuclear power plants seem to be the only solution to the search for cheaper and more efficient ways of producing power. Yet both these plants remain in the experimental stage. Thus, the " new direction ' ' of engineering and of the College of Engineering at Cal is really an old one—one in which the answers to the universal problems of humanity may be found. Mice in a controlled environment provide clues to bio-engineering problems. George J. Maslach Dean Experiments are currently being conducted on the demineralization of sea water. Here an inclined-tray solar still with copper-foil water basin is being used. environmental design students enjoy new building Architecture students learn to apply the principles of design through the of models like this. Environmental design students compare notes on a class project. Wurster Hall. Martin Meyerson Dean This year marked a new beginning for the College of Environmental Design with the fall opening of its new quarters in Wurster Hall. The new building now houses the Dean ' s Office; the Environmental Design libraries; the Departments of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Decorative Art; and the sculpture studios of the Art The building named in honor of William Wilson Wurster, Dean of the College from 1950 to 1963, was designed by three faculty members, Joseph Esherick, Vernon De Mars, and Donald Olsen. letters and science students branch out into new fields Students exhibit their creations in Kroeber Hall. The Organic Act of 1868, which brought the University of California into also provided for the establishment of a College of Letters. By the Fall of 1870, this college was in operation. It was merged with the Colleges of Social Science and Natural Science in 1915, to form the present day College of Letters and Science. The latest addition to the College of Letters and Science is the Department of Molecular Biology. This teaching and research unit consists of faculty members drawn from four previous departments: virology, chemistry, physics, and It will represent a high level of distinction in faculty honors. Three Drs. Melvin Calvin (Chemistry, 1961), Donald Glaser (Physics, 1960), and Wendell Stanley (Chemistry, 1946), are Nobel Prize winners, and five are of the National Academy of Sciences. These include Drs. Michael Doudoroff and Robley C. Williams in addition to the Nobel Laureates. While the new will provide a focal point for and education in molecular similar work in closely related fields will continue in other biology on the Berkeley campus. Students in the Dramatic Arts Department recreate a tense scene from the play, Passage to India. of study L and S students are the biggest consumers of blue books. William B. Fretter Dean school of business administration gains new home — new tools Barrows Hall. The School of Business Administration centers in many ways around its new home in Barrows Hall. The new hall characterizes the varied aspects of the School with the unique combination of business and science in its design. which is becoming more and more a mathematical science concerned with given socio-political environments and predicting trends, has recognized science and the scientific approach as powerful tools in its realm. The hall ' s facilities employ such innovations as sophisticated business computers and laboratories in management sciences. Yet business be divorced from its basic concern with man; and so Barrows Hall is much more than a building containing mere machines and laboratories. Barrows Hall is, above all, a place to study people, whether in its comfortable and efficient classrooms, or in its many lounges. The School of Business Administration spreads its influence far beyond the Cal campus. International in scope, it is involved in a faculty-student with the University of Indonesia. Thus while the sciences are providing to faster, more accurate, and more efficient business, the basic study must remain one tied intimately to people and their environment. John W. Cowee Dean Business Administration students learn computer programming techniques. A typical scene in the accounting rooms of Barrows Hall. The run-out from an IBM machine. A student confers with his criminology professor on a crime research project. crime poses a problem in family organizations Dean Lohman discusses curriculum and administrative problems with a faculty member. criminology methods and Crime — where does it begin and end, and what factors set it in motion? What factors control its spread? According to the statistics, a serious offense is every fifteen seconds. Crime is increasing four times as fast as our growing population. The crime rate today (1960: crimes per 100,000 is 66 per cent higher than in 1940. No improvement is in sight So often in the pursuit of the truth of the matter, alarm over the statistics of crime freezes any attempt to push past the evidence into the realm of cause and effect. in the U.C. School of Criminology are learning how to push beyond, and thus find the basic solutions to these problems. They are learning that the ultimate answer is to see crime, not only as a problem in law enforcement but as a problem in education, family employment opportunity, and housing. Joseph Lohman Dean Students of the School of Criminology are learning to find the basic solutions to crime problems in the U.S. students study psychology of crime The criminalistics curriculum requires facility in chemical analysis. school of forestry: in one from field to lab curriculum Name, age, and serial number A forestry student uses an aerial map in surveying the forest reserve. Vacationers enjoy the beauty and recreational pleasure of Tuolumne County parks and forests. Henry Vaux Dean Lab research is an integral part of forestry studies. The primary concern of the School of Forestry — the problem of relating man to the forest — has many aspects. of opposite ends of the are two current projects being carried out by the School of Forestry. The Forest Products Laboratory at the Richmond Field Station is concerned mainly with finding more efficient ways to use wood and its products. This may involve better chemical processes for wood pulping, or minimizing the costs and problems of water pollution. The focus is on how man can best use the forest to his ends, with the least damage to and the least work expended. On the other hand, studies such as those presently being made at Whittaker Forest are concerned with the exactly opposite aesthetic and recreational nature of the forest. The current study is intended to find better methods of reducing fire hazards, improving the forest ' s uses as a recreational facility, and at the same time maintaining the original beauty of the forest. Forestry today, then, looks at the forest and sees not only the trees, but what lies beyond — man. school of optometry: Eyes are examined for contact lenses. Researchers in the Optometry Department of the University of California estimate that out of the eighty million people in the United States who have visual five to six million wear contact lenses. This is approximately one out of every thirteen. Findings also indicate an increasing demand for contacts tinted light grey. This slight coloration makes the lenses easier to find, whether they are lost in the eye or on the floor, but does not reduce glare significantly in ordinary vision. Most people wear for cosmetic reasons. However, when vision is impaired due to cornea irregularities, contacts often improve and even correct eyesight, whereas glasses are not effective. According to the School of Optometry, bifocal contacts are still in the experimental stage. The wearer must direct his vision through one part of the lens for reading and another area for distant sight. This is a very difficult skill to learn. Research is also being on new materials from which can be made. The eventual hope is to fabricate a plastic lens that " breaths, " and thus allows a free exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide between the eye tissue and the outside atmosphere. Dean Meredith Morgan of the Optometry School undergoes one of the many research experiments. experimental research in optometry directed toward " breathing " contact lenses Optometry students are given extensive practical experience in diagnosis and research, since the school maintains facilities for the prescription of corrective lenses. A contact lens is polished with expert skill. public health promotes school health and mental aid programs Charles E. Smith, Dean of the School of Public Health (far right) confers with an associate on a recent project. Warren Hall, the modern complex which houses the School of Public Health is located at the northwest end of the campus. The Public Health graduate program offers students The School of Public Health prepares nurses, health educators, experience in laboratory and clinical research. and physicians for state and school service programs. The Maternal and Child Health Division of the School of Public Health has revised and expanded its graduate school for the coming year. This division trains physicians and other health for responsible positions in the rapidly growing public health fields to the health care of mothers and their children. The new training are concerned with School Health and Mental Retardation. The School Health Training Program, for physicians, health educators, and nurses, prepares the student for positions in state and local school health programs. The Retardation Program is designed to prepare pediatricians for positions as directors of community health services for mentally retarded children. Studies in disease prevention is one major phase of the Public Health Graduate program. The School of Education requires an audio-visual methods course to be taken by all prospective teachers. Theodore L. ReIler Dean school of education conducts research in foreign languag e training The main newsmaking feature of the Graduate School of Education is the use of video-tapes as teaching aids, foreign language students to view a native speaker while they hear his voice. The school encourages teachers to use all the tools at their command to help children communicate. The curriculum of the School of Education, besides college students for educational in elementary and secondary schools, is designed for graduates fitting for supervisory or administrative positions in public schools, for teaching in state colleges or universities, and for research in education. Research work at the present includes teaching Negro children in the Berkeley area English as a foreign language and employing Teacher Educational Psychology, which stresses principles of children ' s learning by promoting special between learning and the learner. school of law: legal center " internationalizes " law Chief Justice Earl Warren and F. C. Newman, Dean of Law, confer at Law School ceremonies. This architect ' s drawing shows the new Earl Warren Legal Center. " That there is a just ground for the that the law is medieval is due to the very fact that too many of our lawyers and judges do not know the history and development of our legal principles; do not know when an old principle is dead and when a new principle is born. " So spoke William Carey Jones, father of the School of Law, at the founding of Boalt Memorial Hall of Law in 1911; and with these words, he set down the guiding principles which the School of Law today. The School is important as an international for law is important as a universal subject, and serves as a legal training ground for much of the world. The Earl Warren Legal Center, soon to be built, will be unique on the West Coast in this role of an international legal center. Thus the school introduces the student first to the world of law, and secondly to the law of the world — equal goals if the law is to remain vital and not " medieval. " Librarianship students prepare zerox copies for RBR reading. school of librarianship has international approach The School of Librarianship, located on the fourth floor of the Main Library, has an international outlook. Dean Raynard Coe Swank, Ph.D., Professor of has worked with library schools abroad in Taiwong, Hong Kong, and Southeast Asia for the Ford Foundation as a member of the American Library Association. The school also has informal ties with library schools throughout the nation and receives librarians from as far as the Soviet Union, Argentina, Ethiopia, Israel, Jamaica, and Japan for tours of the school. Raymond C. Swank, Dean of the School of Librarianship has carried out research with libraries abroad. The School of Librarianship, founded in 1926, offers a twenty-eight unit program leading to a Master of Library Science Degree, and a organized to grant Doctors of Library Science or Philosophy. Students in the School of Social Welfare have year-long projects emphasizing family problems and child development. social welfare workers train with more than seventy local agencies The School of Social Welfare is a graduate, school for social workers. The two-year Master of Social Welfare curriculum is divided classes and professional practice (called field work). Over seventy social agencies in the Bay Area provide field work opportunities for the 270 students in the MSW curriculum. Such broad problems as poverty and its effects on family relationships and mental and physical are the concern of social workers. Students in this School learn how to help individuals, groups, and communities deal with these problems. They also conduct long-term research projects to study social problems and methods of coping with them. Milton Chernin, Dean of the Social Welfare School assists an Indian student. retiring professors Clarence W. Brown Psychology James M. Cline English Ruth Cooper Social Welfare William R. Dennes Philosophy Howard Ellis Economics William Hassid Biochemistry Lea Miller Decorative Art Rudolph Minkowski Astronomy Jose Montesinos Spanish Portuguese Raymond J. Sontag History Anna G. Spier Decorative Art Gleb Struve Slavic Languages Arturo Torres-Rioseco Spanish Portuguese Winfield Wellington Decorative Art Jean K. Winters Senior Library Assistant Brutus Hamilton Track, Cross Country Coach Alumni House. John R. Mage President of Cal Alumni members of cal alumni association total over 45,000 The California Alumni Association was founded over ninety years ago to the interests of the University and promote student and alumni welfare. Each of its 45,000 members receive the the CALIFORNIA MONTHLY, a magazine rated as one of the best of its kind in the country. Through it, the alumni become aware of current educational, social, and administrative issues facing the and are informed about campus activities. The Association sponsors affairs councils, a Charter Day scholarship programs, luncheon clubs, awards to outstanding alumni, and publication programs. placement center offers interesting jobs to cal students The Student Alumni Placement Center at Cal aids students and alumni each year in finding part-time, full-time, and employment. For the the center conducts aptitude tests and interviews to study the interests and abilities. Graduating seniors obtain interviews with company representatives. Approximately 500 agencies recruited seniors for positions last year. Lists of seniors completing their major studies in fields are sent to local and national employers who have expressed specific needs. Undergraduates seeking summer employment sign up for interviews with Placement Center Personnel. A student discusses the results of his aptitude tests with an interviewer. CLASSES Work-work-work, In the dull December light, And work-work-work, When the weather is warm and bright Till the brain begins to swim; Till the eyes are heavy and dim! Till the stars shine through the roof Work-work-work. — Thomas Hood students elect Santa claus Jerry Goldstein, an agriculture major from Van Nuys, California, was chosen to be Santa Claus this year by the Associated Students of the University of California. This popular campus leader is also currently serving as First Vice-President of the student body, and a voting member of the Cabinet and Finance Committees. In the role of Santa, Jerry visited hospitals in the Berkeley area, talking to many of the children. The Santa Claus contest is planned each year by the Class Officers Board to raise money for Cal Camp. Candidates are by the different women ' s living groups, and voting consists of a penny per ballot. The winner of the Santa Claus contest is announced each year at the annual Christmas Dance. CLASS OFFICERS BOARD—Row One: Carolyn Owens, Randy Gaines, Sidney lsraels, Julie Sperr, Bob Scott. Row Two: Chip Bell, Mike Gallagher, Linda Jo Brown, Betsy Cohen, Bruce Roberts, Deeanne Madden, Bruce Wild, Gary Lilienthal, Ed Moffatt. CLASS OFFICERS BOARD is made up of the presidents, secretary-treasurers, and yell leaders of the four undergraduate classes. Its members try to promote increased interest in student through co-ordinating class activities, discussing issues raised by the ASUC Executive Board or students, and sponsoring such activities as the Santa Claus contest and after-game dances. The Board holds a non-voting seat on the Activities Planning Committee. c.o.b. co-ordinates class activities gavel and quill honors class actives GAVEL AND QUILL is a class activities honor society. Eligibility for membership depends upon one ' s participation in the activities and government of his class. The social gatherings which are the purpose of Gavel and Quill provide a welcome relief to counter- balance the work of organizing and co-ordinating class projects. GAVEL AND QUILL — Row One: Joyce Bailey, Vice President; Asa Mendell, President; Maggie Milstead, Secretary; Rob Fisher, Treasurer. Row Two: Jack Pearce, Claudia Byrum, Kevin Maloney, Kim Brubaker, Mollie Paul, Wylda Hannon, Julie Toby Werthman, Wayne O ' Connell, Barb Moor, Linda Jo Brown, Pete Greenough. Row Three: Stephen C. Becker, John Gage, Sid Israels, Gary Lilienthal, Randy Gaines. Row Four: Paul Dekar, Bruce Taylor, Marily Allen, Lynne Wisdom, Kathi Loew, Lynn Sims, Susan Forbes, Martha Abel, Sue Farley, Donald Brown. Sid Israels President seniors solve parking problems, go to harrah ' s club Active, dynamic, imaginative, spirited — these adjectives immediately call to mind those illustrious and never to be forgotten seniors, the Class of ' 65. In the fall, they held decorous and productive class meetings at LaVal ' s, operated at campus concerts to raise funds, and consistently out-yelled all other classes at football rallies. During the semester break in February, the seniors took a weekend trip to Harrah ' s Club in Reno, Nevada. There they were treated to a Night at Harrah ' s " with free drinks and Jill St. John entertaining. Back at the Big U for the spring semester, the Class of ' 65 established their own parking lot, study hall, and lounge. A fitting climax to the year were the traditional (and a few newly inspired) activities of Senior Week. Lynn Sims Vice-President Julie Sperr Secretary-Treasurer Randy Gaines Yell Leader SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE—Row One: Pat Cummings, Sue Mussallem, Claudia Byrum, Sheri Cummings. Row Two: Larry Jackson, Bob Scott, Chairman; Mike Lee. Marsha Bratten and Charlie Powell were recipients of the ROBERT GORDON and IDA W. SPROUL AWARDS, presented this year at a University meeting. The $150 prize is awarded annually in recognition of the one man and one woman student who have exhibited leadership and scholarship. Marsha was elected to Phi Beta Kappa in her junior year. A Geography major, she has been chairman of Relations Board and High School Model U.N. She also served on the University Affairs Committee and the Chancellor ' s on Discrimination. ASUC President, Charlie Powell served as University Affairs Committee Chairman, Rep-At-Large, and Soph Class President while he pursued his Spanish major and maintained a B+ gradepoint average. He also participated in the Straw Hat Band, and enjoyed a term as Associate Manager of the Cal Band. Weighty campus issues were discussed at the Senior class meetings. Marsha Bratten Charlie Powell Evie Ashcroft Evie Ashcroft, a Sigma Kappa, was this year ' s manager of the famous " Blue and Gold " and has enjoyed being on that illustrious publication since her freshman year. She has also been a member of the Publications Board, and was initiated into Prytanean, an upper division women ' s honorary. in French, with a minor in History, Evie ' s future plans include becoming a " plain ole high school French teacher. " Joyce Bailey, a Social Science field major, has been interested in many Cal activities. President of her sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, Joyce has also held offices in Prytanean, Panile, Gavel and Quill and was Co-Chairman of Class Publicity in her sophomore year. Her activities incl ude " Blue and Gold, " Publicity and Public Relations, Women ' s Rally Committee, and AWS Cabinet and Board. Active in student affairs, Joyce is also a member of Mortar Board and Honor Students Society. She plans to return to Berkeley next fall for her Elementary Teaching Credential. Karen Beckstead, has been very active in campus affairs during her four years at Cal. She has been a member of " Blue and Gold, " Treble Clef, Tower and Flame, and has been a representative to AWS and WDA. Along with her many activities, Karen has also been made a member of Mortar Board, Prytanean, and the Honor Students Society . Majoring in Humanities and minoring in History, Karen plans to become an Elementary School Teacher. Chairman of Cal Club, Walt Buck ' s activities have been many and diverse, ranging from President of his fraternity, Phi Kappa Sigma, to Soph Week Chairman, Alpha Phi Omega, Elections Council, Activities Evaluation Committee, Big C Society, Californians, and President of Phi Phi. Elected ASUC Fraternity Representative, Walt has served on the Senate and also as Vice-Chairman of Men ' s Executive Board. Member of Gavel and Quill and Order of the Golden Bear, Walt, an Economics major, plans to go to graduate school in Business Administration or into the Navy. Bill Burrows, a Civil Engineering major, plans to spend the next two years with the Army Corps of Engineers, then to take his masters in construction engineering at Stanford. Beta Theta Pi President, Bill originated the IFC Speaker ' s Bureau. He wa s President of the Golden Guard as well as a member of Californians, Winged Helmet, and Order of the Golden Bear. Awarded the Distinguished Military Student award, Bill is commissioned with the same privileges as a West Point graduate. senior hall of fame This Hall of Fame is dedicated to honoring those seniors who have given their time and effort to the University Community. Nominated by the Administration and the Body, they are chosen for their leadership and outstanding to campus activities. Seniors excelling in athletics are chosen by the coaches for the Sports Hall of Fame which appears in the Sports section. Bill Burrows Joyce Bailey Walt Buck Karen Beckstead Dick Cortén Leslie Bennett, an Alpha Gamma Delta, is a Physical Education major with a French minor. She has been Women ' s Athletic Association President, a member of Women ' s Rally Committee, and Chairman of High School Sports Day. Leslie ' s future plans are focused around her marriage this summer, after which she plans to get her Secondary Credential and teach in the Bay Area. Kathy Blackman ' s future plans include traveling in Latin America, and later returning to Cal for a Teacher ' s Credential. Kathy, a Sigma Kappa, is a member of Cal Club and Oski Dolls. She has been Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer; AWS Publicity Chairman, Student Services Board Secretary, and a member of Big C Sirkus Executive Committee, University Affairs Committee, Panile, and Cal Prep. Her major is History with a minor in English. Marsha Bratten, Phi Beta Kappa in Geography, received this year ' s Sproul award. Interested in many activities, Marsha has been a member of the Chancellor ' s Advisory Committee on Discrimination; University Affairs Committee, High School Model U.N.; WAA Council; Women ' s C Society; and was of International Relations Board. Marsha, active in both Prytanean and Mortar Board, plans to attend Cal graduate school for college teaching. Dick is best known as editor of the " Pelican, " a position which he has held for two years. Dick, a Communications and Public Policy major, has been on that bizarre publication since his Freshman year and has also been a cartoonist for the " Daily Cal. " President of the journalism society Sigma Delta Chi and Chairman of Publications Board, he received the 1964 Sibley award, won the in design for the ASUC trademark, and drew the cover design for the 1964 Student Directory. Dick ' s future plans are to continue magazine work. Paul Dekar has held many student offices. Elected Rep-at-Large to the ASUC Senate, and Senior Class Yell Leader, Paul has also been Chairman of Operations Committee, and a member of Class Officers Board, Gavel and Quill, and Order of the Golden Bear. An Honors at entrance student with three years of University Scholarships, Paul was President of his fraternity, Alpha Gamma Omega. His future plans include using his Political Science major and History-French minor in both seminary studies and local politics. Al Frumkin, a Political Science major, has been both President and Vice-President of the Commuter-Independent Association, and a member of the ASUC Cabinet. Al has been interested in many including Cal Prep, Student Orientations Service, and Order of the Golden Bear. His future plans are to attend law school, then go into law practice and politics. Kathy Blackman Leslie Bennett Paul Dekar Marsha Bratten Al Frumkin Kim Brubaker Jerry Goldstein John Gage Randy Gaines Patti Chapman Terri Corbelli Kim Brubaker, an Anthropology major, has been in many Cal activities. President of her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, Kim has sung in Treble Clef for three years and was in the opera " Three Against She has also been an officer in Panile, Prytanean and a member of Mortar Board, Honor Students Society, Gavel and Quill, Tower and Flame, Union Program Board, and Synchronized Swim Club. Kim will be going to Medical School next fall and hopes to get an MD. Patti Chapman, an English major, was this year ' s Panhellenic Girl of the Year. Patti has been interested in many areas of Cal activities. She was Chairman of Women ' s Judicial Committee and Vice-President of her house, Pi Beta Phi. Patti has also been a member of Oski Dolls, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Relations Board, Speakers Bureau, High School Model UN and Tower and Flame. Prytanean President Terri has been very active on campus. She was President of as well as ASUC Rep-at-Large. Her other interests were AWS Board, Union Program Board, Cal Prep, Student Orientations Service, and Big C Sirkus. Terri is an English major with a minor in History. She plans to get her Secondary Credential and to teach. John Gage, a History major and an Economics minor, has been active in student affairs as well as being an All-American in swimming for two years. He is a member of Cal Club and was Treasurer of Californians, Vice-President of the Big C Society, and a member of the Council of the Order of the Golden Bear, and of Student Judicial Committee. John plans either to return to Cal or to attend L ' Institut des Sciences Politiques in Paris, then to enter the Foreign Service. Randy Gaines, a History major, has been a member of most Cal spirit organizations. He was President of Megaphone Society and both Senior and a Varsity Yell Leader. His other activities include Big Game Week Committee, Class Officers Board, Rally and Games Council, and Gavel and Quill. Randy plans to go to either Hastings or Boalt next fall. The First Vice-President of the ASUC Jerry Goldstein, has had a very busy senior year. Chairman of both the Finance Committee and the Union Advisory Board, Jerry has also been a member of ASUC Cabinet and Senate as well as the Auxiliary Enterprises Board and University Affairs Committee. Belonging to Cal Club and Californians, Jerry has welcomed many to Cal through Cal Prep, Student Orientations Service, and by being Rep-at-Large. Adrienne Dewell, a Sigma Kappa, has welcomed many new students to the Cal campus. A transfer from Davis where she was a Campus Hostess, Adrienne has been Chairman of University Day and on the Student Orientations Executive Committee. Classes Editor of the 1964 " Blue and Gold, ' ' Cal ' s yearbook, Adrienne has also been a member of Prytanean, Cal Prep, Orientations Board, Student Forum, University Chorus and Collegians. An English major with a Music minor, Adrienne plans to return to Berkeley next fall for a Teacher ' s Credential. Pat Diehl, a Physical Education major, has enjoyed many activities at Cal. Associate Manager of the singing group Treble Clef, Pat was also a member of Jade. Mortar Board, Prytanean, Nu Sigma Psi, and University Chorus are some of her interests, and she has also been President of Ida Sproul Hall. Pat plans to go on and get her Masters in Physical Education before teaching. Jane Downer, the President of Oski Dolls, has had a busy senior year. Active in Rally and Games AWS Board, and Tower and Flame, she has been a member of Panile, Prytanean, and Honor Students Society as well. Jane, a Cal Club member, was Assistant Director and Set Designer for the 1963 Axe Revue. Majoring in Painting, with a minor in History, she plans a June wedding, then graduate school in Education or Librarianship. Lanny Hernandez has " majored in activities and minored in Electrical Engineering. " As Megaphone Society President and Advisor to Brick Muller, he has been interested in supporting Cal spirit. Lanny has been an officer in Californians, and a yell leader. Rally and Games Council, Cal Prep, and Order of the Golden Bear are his other activities. A member of the mysterious FCDB-DSAC, Lanny plans to attend graduate school in Business Administration. Senior Class President Sid Israels is a History major. Active in many campus organizations, Sid has been a member of Californians, ASUC Finance Committee, University Affairs Committee, and the Varsity Debate Squad. He has also been Chairman of Class Officers Board and was Spring Vice-President of the Junior Class. From " Coach " of Deutsch Hall ' s famous softball team, Sid plans to go on to a legal career. Carl Jacobs, one of the most active people on campus, majored in Personnel and Industrial Relations, and Industrial Psychology. Serving first as a legislative assistant to an ASUC Senator, Carl was later on both the Senate and Cabinet for two years. Though a Phi Epsilon Pi fraternity member, he helped organize Commuter-Independent Council. His Other activities include NSA Co-ordinator, Auxiliary Board, Megaphone Society, Operations Committee, Junior Class Steering Committee, Manager of Glee Club, and two Class Councils. Carl plans to get a Masters degree in Psychology and perhaps a Teaching Credential. Adrienne Dewell Carl Jacobs Jane Downer Pat Diehl Sid Israels Lanny Hernandez Rod Marraccini Sharon Esterley Margaret Duncan Margaret Duncan ' s future plans include graduate school on the African studies program, then work with the U.N. or U.S. Department of State; her Cal activities show her interests in these fields. Margaret has been Assistant Secretary-General of High School Model U.N., Chairman of World University Service and of International Relations Board; she has worked on Project International, African Desk, Advisory Committee on Foreign Students, University Affairs Committee, Speakers Advisory Board, and ASUC Cabinet. She is also a member of Prytanean and Honor Students Society, and has majored in History. Mortar Board President Judy Dysinger has always been interested in campus activities. Besides being Chairman of Women ' s Rally Committee, she was a member of Honor Students society, Prytanean, Rally and Games Council, AWS Board, and Tower and Flame. Elected WDA Rep-at-Large, Judy has enjoyed working with people and her future plans are to get her Teacher ' s Credential. Sharon Esterley, a Social Science major, has taken part in many activities. She was Assistant Director of Publicity and Public Relations, Chairman of University Day and has been a member of Oski Dolls, ASUC Cabinet, Orientations Board and Senior Class Council. Sharon has been in the ASUC Folk Music Festival and was Production Assistant for the Axe Revue. Traveling in Europe and Asia are her future hopes. Paul Keith, an Alpha Sigma Phi, was this year ' s Greek Week Chairman. Paul has worked with many groups including Soph Week, and Blood Drive Committees, and was elected IFC Area Representative. He has also been Assistant Sports Editor of the renowned " Blue and Gold " and belongs to Gavel and Quill. With a Psychology major, Paul plans on attending Medical school. Sigma Phi Rod Marraccini is a Business Administration major. Active on campus, Rod was also P resident of lnterfraternity Council and Editor of the Cal Greek. He was a member of Senior Council, University Affairs Committee, Order of the Golden Bear, Varsity Boxing, and was elected IFC Area Representative. Rod plans to attend law school at Hastings this fall. Robert O ' Donnell, known as R.J., has taken part in all fields of campus life. As well as being President of Californians and a member of Cal Club, he was Elections Council Chairman and Yell Leader. He was also a member of University Affairs Committee, Alpha Phi Omega, Rally and Games Council, Functional Services Board, Gavel and Quill, Tower and Flame, Student Orientations Service, Phi Phi, and Order of the Golden Bear. Phi Kappa Sigma R.J. is a Business Administration major. R. J. O ' Donnell Paul Keith Judy Dysinger Kathy Hicks, a Spanish major who is minoring in Latin, was this year ' s WDA President. Among her many interests have been the Presidency of Freeborn Hall and being Secretary to Mortar Board. Elected WDA Rep-at-Large, she was also a member of AWS Board and Prytanean. Kathy plans to use her major to get a Teacher ' s Credential and to work in Latin America. Sue Johnson ' s life at Cal revolves around involving a typewriter and the command ' Go! ' This Fall ' s ' ' Daily Cal ' ' Editor, Sue has also been Night Editor and Assistant City Editor on that publication. Her other campus activities included University Affairs Committ ee, Panile, and ASUC Senate. Sue plans to go on with newspaper work, especialy feature writing. Sue Mussallem, a Political Science major, plans to travel in Europe before returning to work in Public Relations. Sue was Chairman of Publicity and Public Relations this year and was also active in the ASUC Cabinet, University Affairs Committee, Speakers Advisory Board, " Daily Cal " Publishers Board and University Committee on Public Affairs. She was a member of the ASUC Financial Committee and was this year ' s Annual Report Editor. Doug Patterson, a Chemical Engineering major, has spent his years at Cal in many activities. President of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers, Doug has chaired Rally Committee, Rally and Games Council, Alumni Relations for Senior Week, and was Assistant Chairman for Big C Sirkus. Among his other interests are Californians, Senior Class Council, Arnold Air Society, University Affairs ASUC Cabinet, Order of the Golden Bear and American Chemical Society. Given the Distinguished Military Service Award, Doug plans to enter the Air Force as a commissioned officer working on rocket and engine fuels. Jack Perella, a Speech major, led the Cal Debate Team this year. Jack was the unanimous winner in 1964 of the Medialle Joffre, a contest between Cal and Stanford which is the oldest uninterrupted collegiate debate in the United States. He has also been awarded the Kennedy Medal and won the Sproul Speech Contest. Jack was Vice-President of the Commuter-Independent Association. ASUC President Charlie Powell has been an outstanding figure at Cal. An Alumni Scholar with Honors at Entrance, Charlie has been Chairman of both the Senate and the Cabinet, and also of University Affairs Committee. Elected President of his class as a Sophomore, he has also been Rep-at-Large. He was a member of the Straw Hat Band and Associate Manager of the Cal Band. A Cal Club member, Charlie received the Sproul Award this year. He plans to use his Spanish major in Latin America, either in the Peace Corps or the Foreign Service. Charlie Powell Doug Patterson Sue Mussallem Kathy Hicks Sue Johnson Jack Perella Janet Primm Buzz Schulte Pattianne Nagle Clif Rhodes Pattianne Nagle is a Political Science and Economics Major. Her Cal activities cover a wide area, from Women ' s Rally Committee, Junior Class Secretary, Class Officers Board, Senior Class Council, Oski Doll Alternate, and Big C Sirkus to such honorary groups as Prytanean, Panile, Honor Students Society, Gavel and Quill, and Tower and Flame. A Sigma Kappa, Pattianne ' s future plans are marriage and the Peace Corps. Mollie Paul, a Kappa Kappa Gamma, is majoring in History. Having helped publish " ABC ' s of the in her sophomore year, Mollie went on to become a member of the ASUC Cabinet, University Affairs Committee, Union Advisory Board, Gavel and Quill, and Card Stunts. She has been Chairman of Union Program Board and of High School Symposium. Janet Primm, an English major, with a minor in Art, has been a leader in almost all of her activities. Vice-President of Mortar Board and Penile, Vice-Chairman of Speakers Advisory Board; AWS Secretary and Social Chairman, Janet was also a Big Game Princess. Her other interests include Prytanean, Senior Class Council, Card Stunts, Tower and Flame, and Honor Students Society. A Pi Beta Phi, Janet plans to get a Secondary Teacher ' s Credential. Clif Rhodes, a Political Science major, has spent four years welcoming new students. Cal Prep Chairman in 1964, Clif was a counselor in the program from its beginning. This year he was Chairman of Orientations Board, and a member of the ASUC Cabinet. Varsity Crew, Californians, and Order of the Golden Bear are some of his other activities. Clif, a member of Cal Club and an Alumni Scholar, plans to attend Law School. Buzz Schulte, an Alpha Delta Phi, has been in many activities at Cal. On crew for four years, both in Varsity and as Assistant Frosh Coach, Buzz has also been a member of Californians, Student Judicial Committee, Cal Prep, Big C Society, Golden Guard, the Intercollegiate Advisory Board, and Warden of the Order of the Golden Bear. Buzz ' s future plans are to attend Law School. Bob Scott is a Political Science major in International Relations and is a member of Alpha Tau Omega fraternity. An active Greek on campus he is the Chairman of Senior Week and has, for the last two years been the Assistant Director of ASUC Publicity and Public Relations. Hailing from Oakland, he plans to settle down here in the Bay Area as a corporation lawyer. Bob Scott Mollie Paul Katie Wuertele Cheryl Pugh Cheryl Pugh, a Communications and Public Policy Major, has enjoyed being in Cal activities. She was AWS Vice-Chairman and Chairman of AWS Cabinet, as well as being Sophomore Class Vice-President and Chairman of Family Day. A n oski doll for two years, Cheryl has been a member of Prytanean, Panile, ASUC Cabinet, University Affairs Committee, Class Officers Board, Gavel and Quill, and Angel Flight. A Cal Club member from Alpha Xi Delta, Cheryl plans to enter the government service. Julie Sperr, a Speech major, has held many activity offices. Chairman of Activity Fair, Vice-Chairman of Orientations Board, Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer, and Secretary to Class Officers Board are some of these. Julie has also been a member of the Cal Prep Executive Committee, Gavel and Quill, and has shown Cal to others through University Day, Campus Tours, and Publicity and Public Relations. Julie plans to work in the ASUC Activities Office or in San Francisco. Katie Wuertele was this year ' s editor of the " Blue and Gold, " Cal ' s peerless and inimitable yearbook. A member of Publications Board and journalism ' s Theta Sigma Phi, she worked on the yearbook staff for four years and has been both Copy and Activity Editors. Katie, an Honors at Entrance student, is a member of Mortar Board, Frytanean, and the Honor Students Society. Her other activities include Tower and Flame and Commuter - Independent Executive Board. With a Social Science major and a Music History minor, Katie plans to teach fifth grade after getting her credential at Cal. Lynn Sims, a Political Science major, plans to enter the field of law and work for the establishment of racial equality. Lynn ' s activities at Cal have been various, Senior Class Vice-President, Junior Class Spring President, President of Megaphone Society; and Varsity Yell Leader. He has also been a member of ASUC Cabinet, Gavel and Quill, Class Officers Board, Alpha Phi Omega, Rally and Games Council, Californians, Elections Council, and Men ' s Executive Board. Jamie Sutton has been Cal ' s most spirited yell leader. A Political Science major and a Psychology minor, Jamie has also been Rally and Games Council Chairman, Axe Review Master of Ceremonies, and a member of Cal Club, ASUC Cabinet, Californians, Megaphone Society, and Order of the Golden Bear. He promoted spirit through membership in four years of Class Councils and has worked on the committee for Special Ceremonies, International Week and Africa Desk. A Delta Tau Delta, Jamie is also active in sports. He plans to enter the Peace Corps after graduation, " yell leading in East Africa. " Don Westergren, a Mechanical Engineering major, has spent four years on the staff of the " Blue and Gold, " that not to be sneezed at yearbook, taking photos, snapshots, films, pictures, and portraits. Index Editor in his Sophomore year, Don has held the position of Photography Editor for two years. His other campus activities include Megaphone Society, Photography Club, and Quarterdeck Society. Don plans to spend two years in the Navy after graduation, then to go on to an engineering career and possibly missionary work. Julie Sperr Lynn Sims Don Westergren Jamie Sutton sather gate, a century ROW ONE — Kathryn Abbey: Napa; History; Alpha Phi. Howard Abelson: Los Angeles; Political Science; Barrington Hall; U. C. Railroad Club. Shir ley Abney: Los Altos; History; Delta Gamma. Jaye Abrahamson: Woodside; Anthropology. ROW TWO — Joan Abramson: Salinas; Social Welfare; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Special Events Committee; Alternate Pompon Girl; Tower and Flame. Lenore Abramson: San Francisco; Economics; Stern Hall. Dennis Abreu: Vallejo; Business Administration; Golden Guard; Big C Society; Varsity Football. Paul Accampo: San Francisco; Electrical Engineering; Golden Guard; Society of Electrical Engineers. ROW THREE—Anne Ackerman: Glendora; Decorative Art; Stern Hall. Jean Ackerman: Watsonville; Alpha Chi Omega. Edgardo Acosta: Santa Rosa; Mechanical Engineering; Society of Mechanical Engineers. Dale Adams: Concord; Political Science; Chi Phi. ROW FOUR — M. David Adams: Whittier; Business Administration. Douglas Adcock: Miramar; Business Administration; Alpha Delta Phi; Functional Services Board; " Blue and Alpha Kappa Psi. David S. Adler: Inglewood; Biochemistry; Phi Epsilon Pi. Linda Agnone: Millbrae; History; Phi Mu; ASUC Bulletin Board Committee; Orchesis. ROW FIVE — Marcia Ahnstedt: San Mateo; Psychology; Kappa Delta; Sophomore, Junior Councils; Functional Services Board; Cal Camp. David Alexander: Studio City; Political Science. Judith Alexander: North Hollywood; English; Kappa Alpha Theta. Samuel Alexander: Santa Monica; Mathematics; Delta Chi; Tower and Flame. ROW SIX Tom Alexander: Fresno; Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Phi. Daniel Allen: Los Molinos; English; Ski Club; Lambda Alpha Epsilon; Publicity and Public Relations. Mary Ann Allen: Arcadia; Psychology; Zeta Tau Alpha, President. Larry Allred: Fresno; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ROW SEVEN — Donna Almquest: Orinda; Genetics; Kappa D elta; Elections Council; University Chorus. Susan Alpert: El Cerrito; Sociology; Campus Tours. Pat Alves: Sociology; Sigma Kappa; WDA Publicity Chairman. Mohammed Alyassini: Berkeley; Electrical Engineering. ROW EIGHT —Judith Amdur: North Hollywood; History; Richards-Oldenberg Hall. Jacquelyn Ames: San Carlos; Dramatic Art; Alphi Phi; Angel Flight. Judy Ames: Altadena; Social Welfare. Arlen Andleson: Berkeley; Political Science; Sigma Alpha Mu. ROW NINE — Julie Anderson: San Francisco; Social Welfare; Oski Dolls; Kappa Delta; Model. Margaret Anderson: Ontario; Philosophy; Elections Council. Marie Oakland; Spanish; Treble Clef. Judy Andresen: Oakland; Anthropology. ROW ONE — Bud Applegate: Sacramento; Transportation; Beta Theta Pi; Golden Guard. Aldo Araya: San Juan, Argentina; Architecture; American Institute of Architecture; Circulo Argentino. Bob Arevalo: San Francisco; Zoology; Sigma Chi; Boxing Team; Big C Society. Richard Armstrong: Hawthorne; Business Administration; Delta Sigma Phi; Speaker ' s Bureau; Collegians; Megaphone Society. ROW TWO — Carol Arnold: San Francisco; History; Phi Mu. James Ashbrook: Whittier; Business Administration; Naval ROTC. Jim Ashcraft: Carmichael; Civil Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa; Varsity Basketball. Evie Ashcroft: Oakland; French; Sigma Kappa; Prytanean; " Blue and Gold, " Manager, Promotion Manager; Publications Board. ROW THREE — Rosemary Atkins: San Rafael; Scandanavian; Honor Students Society. Jim Atwood: Riverside; History; Putnam Hall; Tower and Flame; Peace Corps Committee; Megaphone Society. Sik-kee Au: Hong Kong, China; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Chinese Student Association; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers; UC Society of Electrical Engineers. Sue Aumiller: Menlo Park; Business Administration; Delta Zeta; AWS, Social Chairman; Sweethearts of Theta Chi, President. ROW FOUR—Brian Austin: Grass Valley; Optometry; Delta Chi; High School Symposium; Student Orientations Service. Claudia Avitabile: Burlingame; History; Phi Mu; and Gold. " Lei Anne Awaya: Honolulu, Hawaii; English. Laraine Axelson: Orinda; Psychology; Chi Omega; Campus Tour Guide; Panhellenic Scholarship Chairman. ROW FIVE — Vickie Backeberg: Fullerton; Social Science; Alpha Delta Pi, President; University Affairs Committee; Greek Week Queen; Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl; Little Sisters of Minerva; " Pelican " Model; Oski Dolls; Big Game Queen. Sharon Baggett: Glendale; Spanish; Cheney Hall; Campus Tour Guide; World University Service; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Paul Bagley: El Cerrito; Business Administration; Pi Kappa Phi. Diane Bagnes: San Leandro; History; WAA. ROW SIX — Marilyn Bagwell: Garden Grove; Psychology; Spens-Black Hall. Joyce Bailey: Orinda; Social Science; Alpha Gamma Delta; Panile, Treasurer; Gavel and Quill; Mortar Board, Vice-President; Prytanean, Secretary; Honor Students Society; " Blue and Gold, " Managerial; Publicity and Public Relations; Women ' s Rally Panhellenic Council; Sophomore Class Publicity Chairman; AWS Art Chairman. Alan Baker: Hillsborough; Criminology; Lambda Chi Epsilon; Honor Students Society. Dennis Baker: Berkeley; Civil Engineering. ROW SEVEN — Linda Baker: Monterey Park; History. Margaret Baker: San Francisco; English; Elizabeth Barrett, President. William Baker: San Leandro; Forestry; Xi Sigma Pi; UC Forestry Club. Virginia Baldwin: Del Mar; English; Delta Gamma. ROW EIGHT — Marianne Balint: Albany; Slavic Languages. Carol Ball: La Jolla; Political Science; Delta Zeta; WAA, Vice-President. Robert Ballard: San Francisco; Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi; Delta Sigma Pi. Beverly Ballou: Berkeley; Public Health; Elections Council. ROW NINE — Larry Banducci: Richmond; Spanish; Lambda Chi Alpha. Jalal Banki: Modesto; Civil Engineering; Ridge House. Susan Banks: Lahore, West Pakistan; Anthropology. Jean Barish: San Francisco; Biological Sciences; Honor Students Society. of footsteps passing . . thinking is the with itself ROW ONE—Jim Barker: Sunnyvale; Letters and Science; Pi Kappa Alpha. Karen Barker: Berkeley; Art. Judy Barnett: St. Paul, Minnesota; Criminology; Stern Hall; Honor Students Society; Treble Clef; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Carolyn Barr: Puerto Rico; Journalism; Cheney Hall; Senior Class Council. ROW TWO — Nanette Barron: Fair Oaks; History; Zeta Tau Alpha; WAA; Crop and Saddle; Ski Club; and Gold. " Marel Bates: Santa Cruz; Mathematics; Association, Executive Board; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Student Intramural Advisory Board. Penny Baum: Burlingame; History; Delta Gamma. Erma Baumbach: Escalon; History. ROW. THREE—James Baumgartner, Jr.: Chula Vista; Business Administration; Football. Jean Baxter: Arcadia; Political Science; Women ' s Rally Committee; California Teacher ' s Association. Marsha Baxter: San Diego; Speech; Radio KAL William Baxter: Pismo Beach; Anthropology; Rally Committee. ROW FOUR — Barbara Beach: Berkeley; Art; Gamma Phi Beta. Carolyn Beach: El Macera; Bacteriology; Kappa Delta; Tower and Flame; Calettes. Virginia Beane: Bakersfield; English Literature. Joshua Bear: Los Angeles; English; ASUC Publicity and Public Relations, Campus Tour Guides; Commuter Independent Association; Cercle Francais. ROW FIVE — Christine Beattie: Oakland; English. George Beauchamp: Evanston, Illinois; Physiology; Californians. Micheal Beck: Reseda; Letters and Science; Alpha Chi Rho. Nancy Beck: Berkeley; German; Junior Year Abroad at UC Campus at Göttingen, Germany. ROW SIX — Stephen Becker: San Francisco; H istory; Deutsch Hall; Tower and Flame; Gavel and Quill; Junior Class Council; Senior Class Council. Karen Beckstead: San Rafael; Humanities Field Major; Honor Students Society; Prytanean, Mortar Board; Treble Clef Society. Edmund Bedecarrax: Mill Valley; Zoology; Smyth Hall; President, Symth Hall. Wayne Behrend: Madera; Business Administration; Bowles Hall; President, Bowles Hall. ROW SEVEN — Steve Beilock: Fullerton; Psychology; Delta Tau Delta; Varsity and Water Polo; President, Delta Tau Delta. Robert Beim: San Francisco; Biological Sciences; Beta Theta Pi. James Bell: San Pablo; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; UC Flying Club. Robert Belzer: Oakland; Economics; Alpha Epsilon Pi; President ' s Reception, Host; Axe Review. ROW EIGHT — Carole Bender: Oakland; English; Alpha Chi Omega; Panhellenic Judicial Committee; Rally Committee. Jacqueline Benesch: San Francisco; Psychology; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Rina Benmayor: Torrance; Political Science; Pi Sigma Alpha, Political Science Honorary. Bruce Bennett: Orchard Park, New York; History; Alpha Tau Omega; Alpha Phi Omega; Crew. ROW NINE — Leslie Bennett: Pebble Beach; Physical Education; Alpha Gamma Delta; AWS Board; Women ' s Rally Committee; UC Fencing Team; Women ' s Athletic President. Rick Bentley: Portola Valley; Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta; Water Polo. Stella Bentley: Seattle, Washington; English; Freeborn Hall; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Gamma Delta Epsilon. Sally Beougher: Fullerton; Social Science; Alpha Delta Pi. talking of the soul — Plato ROW ONE—David Berg: San Jose; Mechanical Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; Crew. Jonathan Berg: Atherton; Business Administration; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sidney Berger: Los Angeles; English; ' ' Daily Californian ' ' Sports Night Editor, Senior Staff Reporter. James Bergquam: Albany; Mechanical Engineering. ROW TWO — Bill Berland: Idaho Falls, Idaho; History; Californians, Cal Band. Art Berlinder: San Francisco; Finance; Pi Lambda Phi. Daniel Berman: Sacramento; History; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Glee Club; La Crosse. Lee Berman: San Francisco; English; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; ASUC Films Board. ROW THREE — Jerald Bernacchi: Modesto; Electrical Engineering; Sigma Nu; Eta Kappa Nu; University of California Society of Electrical Engineers. Charles Besin: Venezuela: Mechanical Engineering; Putnam Hall; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Anne Bethel: Oroville; Anthropology; Freeborn Hall; Collegians. Joseph Bayer: Lafayette; Political Science; Naval ROTC. ROW FOUR — Anne Beytin: Culver City; History; Honor Student. Lynn Bickerstaff: Orinda; English; Kappa Alpha Theta; AWS Model; Campus Tour Guide; Card Stunts. Betsy Bidart: Bakersfield; Business Administration; Chi Omega; Oski Dolls; Rally Committee; Card Stunts; Torch and Shield. Genielle Bidwell: Long Beach; German; Honor Students Society; Folk Dancing; Deutsher Verein; Cercle Francais. ROW FIVE—Bob Binn: Burlingame; Psychology. Sandra Bird: Anaheim; Political Science. Philip Birnbaum: Los Angeles; Psychology; Sigma Chi. Patrick Bixby: Glendale; Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta; Soccer; Quarter Deck Society; Sextant. ROW SIX — Micheal Bixler: Santa Ana; Business Administration; Delta Sigma Phi. Gloria Black: Berkeley; Sociology; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Stephen Blackburn: Oakland; Political Science; Kappa Sigma; Intramurals. Kathleen Blackman: Campbell; History; Sigma Kappa; Panile; Cal Club; University Affairs Committee; Oski Dolls; Freshman Class Secretary; AWS Publicity Chairman; Big C Sirkus Executive Committee. ROW SEVEN — Gustavo Blacut: San Francisco; Paleontology; Judo Club. Philip Blakeney: Oakland; Business Administration; Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques Commerciales; Real Estate Club. Nancy Blanc: Los Angeles; Drama. Joan Blanchard: San Francisco; Decorative Art; Alpha Xi Delta; Women ' s Week Publicity Chairman; Art Bureau; YWCA. ROW EIGHT — Barbara Bland: Redding; English. Herbert Blanks: Carmel; English; Phi Kappa Sigma. Marva Bledsoe: Ontario; Criminology; WDA; WAA; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. George Bliss: Berkeley; Civil Engineering; Tower and Flame; American Society of Civil Engineers; Wesley Foundation; Stiles Hall. ROW NINE — Ronald Block: San Francisco; Electrical Engineering. Samuel Block, Jr.: Compton; Psychology. Jordan Bloom: Sacramento; Economics; Griffiths Hall; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Cal Band; Straw Hat Band. Micheal Blum: San Francisco; Political Science. ROW ONE—Lawrence Blumberg: Los Alamitos; Biochemistry; Priestley Hall; Tower and Flame; Flying Club; Pre-Medical Club. Maureen Bocian: Fresno; Biological Sciences; Stern Hall; Treble Clef. Karen Boeger: Gridley; Psychology; Alpha Chi Omega. Burton Bogardus: Pasadena; Biological Sciences. Sara Bogle: Santa Barbara; Political Science; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Beth Bondshu: Mariposa; Political Science; Phi Mu; Student Orientations Service; German Club; American Field Service. Pamela Bookman: Berkeley; Political Science; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Political Science Honor Society. Judy Booth: Berkeley; History; Chi Omega; Student Services Board; Functional Services Board; Executive Assistant, Second Vice-President; Activities Planning and Program Committee, Secretary. Robert Booth: San Jose; Bacteriology. ROW TWO — Paul Boothe: Sacramento; Zoology; Smyth Hall; Honor Students Society. Elizabeth Borowski: Northampton, Massachusetts; History. Elizabeth Borden: Cupertino; History; Kappa Alpha Theta. Ellen Borden: Pacific Palisades; Bacteriology; Cheney Hall. David Bordon: Beverly Hills; Political Science; Sigma Alpha Mu; Student Judical Committee. Bruce Borgman: San Francisco; Zoology; Pre-Med Society. Kathleen Borla: Sausalito; History and Social Studies; Delta Zeta; and Gold " ; Sophomore Class Council. Jim Boscoe: Stockton; Political Science; Sigma Phi. Bruce Boston: Monrovia; Economics. ROW THREE—John Boudett: San Mateo; Political Science; Phi Gamma Delta; Frosh Crew; Winged Helmet. Diane Bouhaben: Pebble Beach; History; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Victor Bowman: Lewiston, Idaho; German; Deutscher Verein; Lambda Delta Epsilon. Bob Boyd: San Mateo; Business Administration; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Californians; Phi Phi. Karen Boyd: Sepulveda; Political Science; Zeta Tau Alpha; Campus Tours. Ed Boyle: San Diego; Political Science; Delta Tau Delta. Lawrence Braden: Bakersfield; Mathematics; Priestley Hall; Honor Students Society. Richard Braden: Cotati; Civil Engineering; American Institute Civil Engineers. Sue Bradford: Minneapolis, Minnesota; Humanities; Delta Gamma. ROW FOUR—Liz Brady: Howell, Michigan; Biological Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta; Auxiliary Services Board. Brian Braff: Arcadia; Economics; Norton Hall. Louise Brandt: Sherman Oaks; Communication and Public Policy; Honor Students Society; Student Resource Volunteer; Honors Program in Major. Marsha Bratten: Lafayette; Geography; Prytan ean; Mortar Board; Phi Beta Kappa; Sproul Award; Women ' s C Society; Relations Board; High School Model United Nations, Chairman; ASUC Speaker ' s Bureau; Chancellor ' s Advisory Committee on Discrimination; University Affairs Committee; WAA; ASUC Cabinet. Alan Bredesen: Palos Verdes Estates; History; Beta Theta Pi. Darlene Brewer: La Habra; Physical Science Field Major; Lambda Delta Sigma; Senate Committee. Kent Brewer: Danville; Political Science; Delta Upsilon; Varsity Track. Mary Brewer: Berkeley; English; Honor Students Society. Germaine Briggs: Mill Valley; English; Stern Hall. ROW FIVE—Larry Briggs: Santa Maria; Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta; Californians; Cal Prep, C-Chairman; Big C Sirkus; Golden Guard. Cliff Brightman: Long Beach; Business Administration; Stratford Hall; Track. DonaId Broback: Burlingame Civil Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. Steve Broderick: Selma; M echanical Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Quarter Deck Society. the steady ringing of the cash register, ROW ONE — Karolyn Bron: Berkeley; Biostatistics; Honor Students Society; Public Health Association. Brenda Brown: Houston, Texas; Business Administration; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Byron Brown: Pleasant Hill, Engineering Physics; Putnam Hall; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Students Society. ROW TWO — David Brown: Oakland; Business Administration; Alpha Sigma Phi; Speaker ' s Bureau, Chairman; Golden Guard. Deborah Brown: Burlingame; Bacteriology. Harold Brown: Calexico; Landscape Architecture; Sigma Nu. ROW THREE — Linda Brown: Los Altos; Mathematics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Angel Flight. Margaret Brown: San Leandro; Psychology; Honor Students Society. Mary Brown: La Canada; Social Science Field Major; Kappa Delta; " Blue and Gold. " ROW FOUR — Robert Brown: Inglewood; Physics; Griffiths Hall. Susan Brown: Dietetics. Donald Brownlee: Lafayette; Electrical Engineering; Bowles Hall; Photo Club; Swimming Team; American Institute of Areonautics and Astronautics; Computer Club; UC Society of Electrical Engineers. ROW FIVE—Kim Brubaker: Amarillo, Texas; Anthropology; Alpha Omicron Pi; Panile; Prytanean; Mortar Board; Gavel and Quill; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Treble Clef; House President; Union Program Board; Synchronized Swim Club. Richard Brumund: Yuba City; Mathematics; Golden Guard. Barry Bryan: Atherton; Zoology; Psi Upsilon; Tower and Flame. ROW SIX — John Bryan: Whittier; Industrial Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa; Golden Guard. Dottie Bryson: Ventura; Political Science; Delta Zeta; Union Program Board; " Blue and Gold " ; Women ' s Rally Committee. Linda Buchanan: San Diego; Psychology. ROW SEVEN — Elizabeth Buck: Cleveland, Ohio; Mathematics; Davidson Hall; Photo Club; Honor Students Society. James Buck: Albany; Political Science; Honor Students So ciety; Pi Sigma Alpha. Walt Buck: Berkeley; Economics; Phi Sigma Kappa; Ball and Chain; Gavel and Quill; Order of the Golden Bear; Cal Club; Big C Society; Californians; Phi Phi; Alpha Phi Omega; Senior Manager, Baseball. ROW EIGHT — Sandra Bullivant: Oakland; Journalism. Alan Burchett: Orland; Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Students Society. Jerry Burchfield: Yuba City; Civil Engineering; Chi Epsilon; Sophomore Class Council; American Society of Civil Engineers; Yacht Club. ROW NINE — Fred Burnett: Escalon; Chemistry; Alpha Gamma Omega. Sheila Burns: Santa Ana; Psychology; Spens-Black Hall. Nancy Burpee: Watsonville; Business Stern Hall; Chairman, Auxiliary Student Orientations Service; Phi Chi Theta; Tower and Flame. ROW TEN — Bill Burrows: Hillsborough; Civil Engineering; Beta Theta Pi, President; Golden Guard, President; Californians; Winged Helmet; Order of the Golden Bear; Distinguished Military Student. Lorraine Busch: Sebastopol; History; Senior Class Cornelia Butler: China Lake; Sociology; Honor Students Society; Student Redirection Committee. ROW ELEVEN — Mike Byrne: Ontario; Architecture; Phi Delta Theta. Claudia Byrum: Glendale; Business Administration; Cheney Hall; Radio Policy Board; Senior Week, Secretary; Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Council; Senior Pilgrimage, Chairman; Phi Chi Theta; Gavel and Quill. Jocelyn Cady: San Marino; Comparative Literature; Delta Gamma. bright lights and many voices ROW ONE — Candy Caldwell: Berkeley; English; Treble Clef; Delta Gamma; Mortar Board; Panile. William Caldwell: Orinda; History; Pi Kappa Alpha; Varsity Track; Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys. Stephen Calegari: San Francisco; Agricultural Economics; Phi Kappa Sigma. Hester Callahan: Orinda; Spanish; Gamma Phi Beta. ROW TWO — Bill Callaway: Courtland; Landscape Architecture; Lambda Chi Alpha. Deanna San Carlos; French; Zeta Tau Alpha; International Relations Board, Understanding. Barbara Caliner: Campbell; Communications and Public Policy; Radio-TV Theater. Cheska Callow: Riverside; Psychology; Freeborn Hall; Kappa Phi; Tower and Flame; Frosh and Soph Councils; Elections Council. ROW THREE—John Calmer: Pasadena; Civil Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi; James Calonico: San Francisco; Sociology; Sigma Nu. Elaine Camisa: San Francisco; Speech; Alpha Omicron Pi; Oski Dolls; Ski Club; Speaker ' s Committee. Sis Campion: San Francisco; Humanities; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Women ' s Society; Prytanean; Torch and Shield. ROW FOUR — Geoffrey Cantrell: Northridge; English. George Caplan: Shaker Heights, Ohio; Political Science; Pi Lambda Phi; Honor Students Society; Order of the Golden Bear; Californians; Interfraternity Council. Nancy Caplener: Berkeley; History; Women ' s Rally Committee. James C ardenas: Sacramento; Electrical Engineering; Stratford Hall Annex; Baseball. ROW FIVE — Ross Carkeet, Jr.: Sonora; Forestry; Forestry Club. Leroy Carlenzoli: Calistoga; Civil Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; Ch i Epsilon; American Society of Civil Engineers. Margaret Carlson: Santa Cruz; Political Science; Alpha Xi Delta; Agathon; Junior Class Council; " Blue and Gold. " Sharon Carlson: Piedmont; Political Science; Delta Gamma. ROW SIX—Susan Carlson: Piedmont; History; Delta Gamma. Dennis Carnes: Taft; Zoology; Norton Hall; Pre-Medical Society; Interfaith Council. Lorence Carr, Jr.: Gardena; Civil Engineering; Smyth Hall; Tower and Flame; American Society of Civil Engineers. Paul Carroll: Los Gatos; Sociology; Alpha Tau Omega. ROW SEVEN — Stan Carson: Stockton; Zoology; Tellefsen Hall; Cal Band; Straw Hat Band. Mary-Clare Caruthers: San Francisco; History. Charlene Case: Torrence; History. Joan Catelli: San Francisco; French; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; YWCA. ROW EIGHT — Richard Cavagnaro: Stockton; Civil Engineering; International House; Society of Civil Engineers. Carolyn Cavalier: San Francisco; Zoology; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Jody Cavanaugh: Oak Park, Illinois; Criminology; Delta Gamma; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Christine Cecil: Stockton; History; Ida Sproul Hall. ROW NINE — Christer Cederroth: Sweden; Business Administration. John Chamberlain: San Francisco; History; Delta Tau Delta. Baldwin Chan: Hong Kong; Mechanical Honor Students Society; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; UC Fencing Team. Daniel Chan: Hong Kong; Electrical Engineering; University of California Society of Electrical Engineers. home of the greatest marching band ROW ONE—Elsie Chan: San Diego; Communications and Public Policy. Helen Chan: South Vietnam; French; Chinese Student Association; Cercle Francais. Mimi Chan: Hong Kong; Psychology and History; Ritter Hall; YWCA; Chinese Students Association; Chinese Students Club; Orchesis; Wyman Chan: Stockton; Optometry; Bowles Hall; UC Student Orientations; UC Optometric Association; and Gold. " ROW TWO — Norman Chang: Palo Alto; Biochemistry; Norton Hall; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Chinese Students Association. Shirley Chang: emistry. Terry Chaplin: Albany; History; Zeta Tau Alpha. Candace History. David Chapman: Marysville; History; Norton Hall. Patricia Chapman: Phi; Prytanean; Mortar Board; Chairman, Women ' s Judicial Speaker ' s Bureau. Micheal Chase: San Francisco; Chemical Engineering; and Keys; Winged Helmet; Football; Rugby. Ron Chase: North Holly Phi Delta Theta. ROW FOUR — Charles Chayne: Oakland; Electrical Engineering; UC Amateur Radio Club; University of California Society of Electrical Engineers; Photographer. Erwin Chen: Oakland; Business Administration. Pratin Chen: Thailand; Electrical Thai Student Association of California; University of California Society of Electrical Engineers; Badminton. Yvonne C hen: Thailand; Public Health. ROW FIVE—Merrick Cheney: Williams; Agricultural Business Management. Mike Cheney: Lafayette; Civil Engineering; Sigma Phi; Ski Club. Pete Chernik: San Francisco; Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha. Roger Cherniss: Berkeley; History; Zeta Beta Tau; Vice President, Zeta Beta Tau. ROW SIX—John Chessel: Balboa; Criminology. Andrew Cheung: Hong Kong; Chemistry; Chinese Student Association; Chinese Student Club; Premedical Society. Kendaline Chew: Sacramento; Psychology. William Chew: Orinda; Biological Sciences; Chi Psi Lodge; Vice President, Ski Club. ROW SEVEN — Victor Chiarolla: Los Angeles; Zoology; Phi Kappa Tau. Cala Chilton: Atwater; Economics; Stern Hall; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Patricia Chin: San Francisco; Political Science. Betsy Chinn: Oakland; Social Science Field. ROW EIGHT — Margaret Chisholm: San Francisco; Spanish. Gerald Chmielewski: North Syracuse, New York; English. Hou Chough: Seoul, Korea; Business Administration; Honor Students Society. Gregory Chow: Hong Kong; Chemistry; Honor Students Society. ROW NINE — Benson Choy: San Francisco; Business Administration; Beta Gamma Sigma. Roger Chretien: Berkeley; Letters and Science; Chi Psi Lodge. Linda Christie: Bakersfield; Public Health; Stern Hall. Marsha Chudacoff: San Bernadino; Communications and Public Policy; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Tower and Flame; Card Stunts Committee. ROW ONE — Trudy Chudner: Burbank; Sociology. Joan Chudnoff: Culver City; Spanish; Stern Hall. George Chumbley: Richmond; Political Science; Ridge House; Arnold Air Society. Ronald Chun: Honolulu, Hawaii; Electrical Engineering; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; University of California Society of Electrical Engineers. Po Tong Chung: Hong Kong; Accounting; Ida Sproul Hall. Claire Cianciarulo: Orinda; Political Science; Pi Beta Phi; Intramurals. Patricia Clancy: Sunnyvale; History; History Honors Program for Juniors; University Chorus. Ann Clapp: Lodi; English; Chi Omega; AWS Representative. James Clardy: Downey; Architecture; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Varsity Track and Field. ROW TWO — James Clark, Jr.: Redlands; Landscape Architecture; Photo Club; Landscape Design Club. Pamela Clark: Fullerton; French; Kappa Alpha Theta; " Blue and Gold " ; Oski Dolls; Card Stunts. Thomas Clark, Jr.: Kentfield; Bowles Hall. Donald Clarke: Lafayette; Economics. Robert Clarke: Oakland; Economics; Honor Students Society. William Clayton: Piedmont; Business Administration; Psi Upsilon; Skull and Keys; Winged Helmet. Patricia Claywell: San Francisco; History. Carol Cleone: Napa; Journalism; Stern Hall; Theta Sigma Phi; Treble Clef. Diane Clevenger: Salinas; History; Alpha Delta Pi; Education Abroad Program. ROW THREE — William Clewell: Fontana; Biochemistry; Honor Students Society. Robert Clifton: Berkeley; Political Science. Millie Clute: Palo Alto; Decorative Art; Alpha Phi; Torch and Shield. Warren Coats, Jr.: Bakersfield; Economics; Alpha Tau Omega; Vice President, Junior Class; Senior Sweetheart Contest Chairman; Senior Blowout Chairman; Gavel and Quill. Don Cobleigh: Berkeley; Economics; Pi Kappa Alpha. Emilie Codoner: Mountain View; History; Alpha Omicron Pi; Pompon Girl; Panile; Torch and Shield. Granville Coffin: Pleasant Hill; Latin American History. Leslie Coffman: Red Bluff; Political Science; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Pi Sigma Alpha. Michael Cohen: Napa; Political Science; Deutsch Hall; Advisor, Brick Muller. ROW FOUR — Susan Cohen: Los Angeles; History. Ronald Cohn: Sacramento; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Electrical Engineers; Axe Revue, Stage Manager. Joan Coit: Oakland; Social Science; Student Orientations Service Chairman; Cal Prep; Synchronized Swim Club. Charles Coker, Jr.: Berkeley; Electrical Engineering; Pi Kappa Phi; Tau Beta Pi. Lynn Colberg: Stockton; Administration; Elizabeth Barrett. Jimmy Colet: Berkeley; Psychology; Oxford Hall. Catherine Coltrin: Menlo Park; French; Gamma Phi Beta. Cindy Coltrin: Menlo Park; History; Gamma Phi Beta. Larry Colton: Los Angeles; Speech; Pi Kappa Alpha; Big C Society; Varsity Baseball. ROW ONE — Larry Conley: Bakersfield; Zoology; Alpha Tau Omega. Francis Connor: Concord; Chemical Engineering. Mary Conwell: Alturas; Spanish. Joan Cook: Palo Alto; English; International House; Honor Students Society. ROW TWO — Margaret Cook: Healdsburg; Bacteriology. Richard Cook: Stockton; Alpha Chi Rho. Mary Cooke: Berkeley; History; Alpha Gamma Delta; Honor Students Society. John Coons: Palo Alto ; Art; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Honor Society. ROW THREE—Larry Cooper: North Hollywood; Accounting; Putnam Hall; Alpha Kappa Psi, Secretary. Steve Cooper: Sacramento; Business Administration; Hall. Sue Cooper: San Francisco; History; Gamma Phi Beta; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Terri Corbelli: Oakland; English; Zeta Tau Alpha; Commuter-Independent President; Union Program Board; ASUC Senate; Prytanean, President; Cal Prep; Student Counciling Service; Big C Sirkus. ROW FOUR — Arnold Corbett: Los Gatos; Social Science Field; Phi Sigma Kappa; " Daily Cal " ; Quarterdeck; Student Intramural Advisory Board. William Corbett, Jr.: Orinda; Mechanical Engineering; Kappa Delta Rho. Joyce Cordi: Napa; History. Dick Cortén: Berkeley; Communications and Public Policy; " Pelican " Editor; Chairman, Publications Board; Sigma Delta Chi President; ASUC Cabinet; " Pelican " Manager, Art Director. ROW FIVE — Larry Casper: San Francisco; Zoology. Eileen Costales: Business Administration; Zeta Tau Alpha; Phi Chi Theta. Anne Costello: Santa Barbara; Humanities Field; Delta Gamma; Oski Doll; Alpha Mu Gamma; Big C Axe Contest Chairman. Gayle Costello: Lafayette; History; Phi Mu. ROW SIX—Marge Couch: Menlo Park; English; Phi Mu; Ski Club; Yacht Club; Theatrical Productions. Alfred Courchesne: El Cerrito; Anthropology; Phi Sigma Kappa; Senior Class Council; Track; Big C Society. Robert Cousins: Oakland; Accounting. ROW SEVEN — Carleton Coveny: Palm Springs; History; Phi Kappa Sigma. Charles Coverdale: Spencer, Iowa; Optometry; Phi Delta Theta; Cal Band; Straw Hat Band; Honor Students Society; SERF Board. Marjorie Coverley: North English; Delta Gamma. ROW EIGHT—David Cowee: Berkeley; Civil Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Cal Prep. Bruce Cowger: Ventura; Political Science; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Varsity Waterpolo; Swimming; Rugby; House President; Big C Society; Skull and Keys. Barbara Crane: Los Angeles; History. ROW NINE—Mike Crawford: Redwood City; Communications and Public Policy; Delta Tau Delta; Honor Students Society; Tower and Flame. James Creager: Riverside; Sociology; Priestley Hall. Michael Criqui: Berkeley; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Tower and Flame. dedication to an idea is vital ROW ONE—Jane Crocker: Berkeley; French; Alpha Chi Omega. William Cronk: Oakland; Business Administration; Psi Upsilon; Water Polo. Carol Crossman: Encino; Bacteriology; Delta Zeta; Theta Sigma Phi, President; and Gold, ' ' Assistant Manager. Patricia Cummings: Oakland; Anthropology; Cal Prep; Senior Class Campus Tour Guide; Chairman of Baccalaureate; Activities Fair. ROW TWO — Sheri Cummings: Ojai; Dietetics; Cheney Hall, President; ASUC Senate, Women ' s Dormitory Rep; Prytanean. Ann Curran: Pasadena; Art; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Donald Curry: Berkeley; Spanish. Lawrence Curtice: Bryan, Ohio; Business Administration. ROW THREE—Susan Curtis: Glencoe, Illinios; English; Honor Students Society. Steve Cuthbert: Oakland; Physical Education; Delta Upsilon; Skull and Keys; Swimming Team; Winged Helmet. Marion Cutler: Carmichael; Political Science; Sigma Kappa; Rally Committee. Richard Cutler: Whittier; Business Administration; Theta Chi. ROW FOUR — Constance Cutter: Pasadena; Political Science; Alpha Phi. Jacqueline Cuyler: Burlingame; Communications and Public Policy; Alpha Xi Delta; Speaker ' s Board; International Relations Board, Secretary. William Dal Porto: Piedmont; Physics; Tellefson Hall; Cal Band; University Affairs; Honor Students Society; Order of the Golden Bear. Paula Daly: Kentfield; Art; Pi Beta Phi; Speakers Bureau. ROW FIVE—Alfred Danner: Altadena; Forestry; Frosh Crew; Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi. Donna Darby: Rancho Cordova; Journalism and Anthropology; Zeta Tau Alpha; " Cal Engineer " ; " Daily Cal " ; " Pelican " ; Dream Girl. Joyce Dauber San Francisco; Letters and Science. Stephen Dautoff: Palo Alto; Sociology; Hiking Club; Order of the Golden Bear. ROW SIX — Diane Davidson: Millbrae; History; Cal Camp; Honor Students Society. Karen Davis: Hillsborough; Social Welfare; Alpha Epsilon Phi, President. Nancy Davis: St. Paul, Minnesota; Psychology; Stern Hall; Treble Clef; Honor Students Society. Rayna Davis: Amarillo, Texas; Sociology; Alpha Epsilon Phi. ROW SEVEN — Richard Davis: El Cerrito; Mechanical Engineering; Kappa Delta Rho. Gail Dawson: Berkeley; History. Donald Dean: Ontario; Civil Engineering; Tellefsen Hall; Straw Hat Band; California Marching Band; Senior Manager Track; Golden Guard; Big C Society; American Society of Civil Engineers. Robert Dearstyne: Chemistry; Alpha Chi Epsilon. ROW EIGHT — Thomas Deetz: Saratoga; Biochemistry; Yacht Club. Craig De Forest: Redding; Industrial Engineering; Varsity Baseball. Phyllis Deguchi San Francisco Chemistry; Tower and Flame; Nisei Students Club. Warren D Optometry; Honor Students Society. ROW NINE — George De Haas: Artesia; Accounting; Delta Sigma Sigma. Paul Dekar: Walnut Creek; Political Science; Alpha Gam dent; Honors at Entrance; University Scholarship; Gavel and Yell Leader; Junior Class Council; Order of the Golden Bear; Jeffrey Demetrescu: Daly City; Political Science. Doreen Der: San Sciences; Sherman Hall; Campus Tour Guide; House President. ROW TEN — John Deus: Sacramento; Mechanical Engineering; Kappa Delta Rho; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma. Dan Devoto: Santa Rosa; Chemical Engineering; Sigma Chi; Megaphone Society; SERF Board; Rally and Games Council; Yell Leader; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Adrienne Dewell: Oakland; English; Sigma Kappa; Prytanean; University Day, Chairman; Orientations Board; Cal Prep; Campus Hostess; Student Orientations Service Executive Committee; Collegians; Yacht Club; University Chorus; ' ' Blue and Gold, " Classes Editor. Di Dexter: Menlo Park; History; Delta Gamma; AOC. a moment in time. cheering, hoping ROW ONE— Narendra Dhand: Delhi, India; Mechanical Engineering; International House. Patricia Diehl: Modesto; Physical Education; Treble Clef, Senior Manager; Jade; Prytanean; Mortar Board; Women ' s C Society; Nu Sigma Psi; Ida Sproul President. Jim Dielschneider: The Dalles, Oregon; Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Honor Students Society; American Society of Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; Secretary Engineers Joint Council. Richard Dietz: Lafayette; Business Administration; Chi Psi; Marketing Club. Marlene DiGrazia: Berkeley; Journalism. Robert Gilroy; Electrical Engineering; Society of Electrical Engineering; Yacht Club; Photo Club; Ski Club. Dianne Diller: Ross; Social Science; Senior Class Council; Honor Students Society. Jill Dilley: Tujunga; Sociology. William Dilley: Tujunga; Zoology. ROW TWO — Matthew Dillingham: Mill Valley; Landscape Architecture. Daniel Dinaburg: Berkeley; Psychology; Honors Program; Honor Students Society. Jim Disbrow: Vallejo; Chemistry: Cal Camp. Martha Dixon: El Cerrito; Physiology; Pre-Med Society; Honor Students Society. Perry Dobson: Newport Beach; Economics; Alpha Chi Rho; Varsity Swimming; Ski Club; Waterpolo; Big C Society; Yacht Club; Tower and Flame. Stephanie Dobson: Alameda; Physical Science; Stebbins Hall. Paul Dodge: Berkeley; Electronic Engineering; Kidd Hall. Terry Doell: San Mateo; Geography; Joaquin Hall. David Doerflinger: Atherton; Political Science; Phi Delta Theta. ROW THREE — Samuel Dolman: La Canada; Insurance; Delta Upsilon; Football Letterman; Rugby; Big C Society; Skull and Keys; Winged Helmet. Gerald Domoto: Fresno; Mechanical Engineering; Honor Society. Don Edward: Porterville; Biochemistry. Steve Donaldson: El Cerrito; Political Science; Delta Tau Delta; Delta Sigma Pi; Golden Guard; Alternate Californian. Alex Dong: San Francisco; Chemistry. Pamela Doolan: Berkeley; Sociology. Jane Dorgeloh: Piedmont; Criminology; Delta Delta Delta. Andi Dorn: Pasadena; History; Delta Gamma. Jane Downer: Pasadena; Art-Painting; Rally and Games Oski Dolls President; Axe Revue, Assistant Director; AWS Board; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Cal Club; Panile; Prytanean. and the quiet ROW ONE — Trish Doyle: Old Greenwich, Connecticut; English; Chi Omega; Panile; Prytanean; Mortar Board; Honor Students Society; Tower and Flame; Oski Dolls. Joan Drake: Alameda; Public Health; Baptist Student Center; International Student Committee. Darian Dreyfuss: Hillsborough; Letters and Science. William Drummond: Oakland; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Friend Richardson Award in Journalism. ROW TWO — Robert Duarte: Martinez; Business Administration. Marie Dufau: San Francisco; Dietetics, Food Science; Sherman Hall; Honor Students Society; Nutritional Sciences Club, President and Vice President; ' ' Blue and Gold. ' ' Terry Duffy: Orange; Social Science; Kappa Delta; Student Union Program Board. Dick Duncan: Richmond; Philosophy; Hiking Club; Ski Club. ROW THREE — Margaret Duncan: Brisbane; History; International Relations Board, ASUC Cabinet; Speakers Advisory Board; University Affairs Committee; Chancellor ' s Committee on Foreign Students; World University Service; High School Model UN Africa Desk; Project International. Keith Dunker: Modesto; Chemistry; Delta Sigma Phi. John Dunlap: Redding; Economics. Lloyd Dunlap: Freedom; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ROW FOUR —Joseph Dunn: La Canada; Chemical Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Hiking Club. Robin Dunn: Merced; English; Alpha Chi Omega; Cal Prep; Treble Clef; University YWCA; School Resource Volunteers. Robert du Pont; Palo Alto; Political Science; Theta Chi. Sylvia Duran: Manhattan Beach; History. ROW FIVE — Margaret Durbrow: San Francisco; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma. John Durein: Carmel; Mechanical Engineers; Quarterdeck Society. Glen Duren: Merced; Cal Band, Publicity and Public Relations; Straw-Hat Band. Michael Durney; Political Science; Phi Gamma Delta. ROW SIX — Robert Dussault: Berkeley; Economics; Honor Students Society. Ronald DuVal: Pacific Grove; Mechanical Engineering; Theta Chi. Robert Dykes; Portland, Oregon; Physiology; Honor Students Society. Judy Dysinger Arcadia; German; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Honor Students Society; Women ' s Rally Committee Chairman; AWS Board; Rally and Games Council. ROW SEVEN — Joanne Eagan: Berkeley; Social Science; YWCA. Georgiana Eagen: Physical Education; Alpha Phi; Oski Dolls. Jonathan Earhart: San Francisco; Engineering; Bowles Hall. Carolyn Earl: Richmond; Physical Education; Zeta Tau Alpha. ROW EIGHT Robert Earle: Encino; Philosophy; Phi Delta Theta. Joan Easterbrooks: Berkeley; Sociology; Hoyt Hall. Miriam Easton: Anaheim; Landscape Architecture; House; Tennis. Alan Ebert: Berkeley; Astronomy; Fencing Club. ROW NINE — Philip Eckert: San Gabriel; Business Administration. Diane Eddington: Bakersfield; English; Honor Students Society. Pete Edelen: Menlo Park; Business Administration; Phi Gamma Delta; Winged Helmet; Real Estate Club. Marshall Edelman; Los Angeles; History; Pi Lambda Phi; Track. ROW ONE — Duane Edmonds: San Marino; History; Sigma Chi. Mimi Edmonds: Maryland; Humanities; Alpha Phi; Honor Students Society; Student Union Program Board; International Week; Hiking Club. Kathryn Edwards: Long Beach; English; Peixotto Hall, Vice-President. Ted Edwards: Berkeley; Letters and Science. ROW TWO—Thomas Edwards, Jr.: Sunnyvale; Mechanical Engineering; Rally Committee. Jerry Eggers: Orange; Art History; Delta Tau Delta; Winged Helmet. William Eggert: Berkeley; Busines Administration; Flying Club. John Einhorn: Los Angeles; History; Sigma Nu; Tower and Flame; Varsity Golf. ROW THREE — Eisen: Bakersfield; Political Science; Campus Tours; Radio KAL; Alpha Phi Omega. Abby Eisenshtat: Los Angeles; English; Honor Students Society. Richard Eisner: Los Angeles; Architecture; Putnam Hall, President. Melissa Eisnes: Los Angeles; History; Stern Hall. ROW FOUR — Everal Elke: Lafayette; History; German Club; Ski Club. Richard Elkins: Lafayette; South Asian Languages. Pamela Elliott: North Hollywood; Political Science. Paula Elshire: Benicia; Anthropology; Freeborn Hall. ROW FIVE—Elaine Elzarian: Kingsburg; Psychology. Eugene Emge: Hayward; Business Administration. Irene Endo: Berkeley; Public Health. Fred Engle: Pomona; History-Political Science. ROW SIX — Melene Erickson: Richmond; Political Science. Ron Ernst: San Lorenzo; Engineering; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Alpha Phi Mu. Vihang Errunza: Berkeley; Chemical Engnieering. Ted Esquivel: Visalia; Political Science; Sigma Phi Epsilon; " Daily Californian. " ROW SEVEN — Sharon Esterly: Claremont; Social Science; Oski Dolls; Publicity and Public Relations, Assistant Director; Orientations Board; University Day Chairman; ASUC Cabinet; Axe Revue Production Assistant; Student Counciling Service. Antony Evans: Bakersfield; Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega. Joanne Evans: Long Beach; Spanish. Ray Evans: Reno, Nevada; Business Administration; Baseball; Big C Society. ROW EIGHT — Arthur Falconer: Porterville; Mechanical Engineering. Thomas Fall: Buffalo, New York; Chemistry. Jeffrey Falt: San Carlos; History. Donald Fareed: Los Angeles; Psychology; Honor Students Society; Golden Guard; Student Health Services Advisory Distinguished Military Student. ROW NINE—Sue Farley: Piedmont; History; Delta Gamma. Anne Farnsworth: Scottsdale, Arizona; Physiology; Pi Beta Phi. Janice Farrell: Modesto; French; Treble Clef. Jim Faulconer: San Leandro; Political Science; Kappa Alpha. after the day... ROW ONE — Marilyn Fazio: Oakland; English; Sigma Kappa. Ruby Fegley: Palo Alto; Psychology. Ben Feiles: Los Angeles; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Mu. Michael Fein: Beverly Hills; Economics; Sigma Alpha Mu; Phi Phi; Californians. ROW TWO — Carol Ferguson: Anaheim; Psychology. Anne Ferraris: San Francisco; Chi Omega; Theta Sigma Phi; Publicity and Public Relations. Patricia Ferris: Sacramento; History; Alpha Gamma Delta. Sue Fick: Martinez; Social Welfare; Stern Hall; Personnel Council. ROW THREE — Bonnie Field: Glendale; Zoology; Ida Sproul Hall; Honor Students Society. Margorie Fine: Albany; Chemistry. Theodore Finger: Roseyville; Civil Engineering; Alpha Sigma Phi. Karen Fink: Northridge; Social Sciences; Westminster House; Treble Clef; Mortar Board; Prytanean; YWCA President. ROW FOUR — Wendy Finkenbinder: Pasadena; Social Welfare; Pi Beta Phi. Barbara Mountain View; Sociology; Mitchell-Peixotto Hall. Dave Fishback: Belmont; Business Administration; Varsity Track. Dorothy Fisher: Redwood City; German; Campus Tours; Deutscher Verein. ROW FIVE — Robert Fisher: Lynwood; Economics; Griffiths Hall; Cross-Country; Track; House President. Robert Alan Fisher: Atherton; Physics; Wrestling; Soccer; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Susan Fisher: Glencoe; English. Kathleen Fitch: Ukiah; Freeborn Hall; School Resource Volunteers; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. ROW SIX — Elaine Fitzgerald: Azusa; Psychology. Arthur Fleming: Eugene, Oregon; Political Science; Phi Beta Kappa; Tower and Flame. Jay Fleming: San Gabriel; Business Administration; Sigma Chi. Bruce Flushman: Beverly Hills; History. ROW SEVEN — John Flynn: Los Angeles; Economics; Kappa Alpha. Clifford Fong: Alameda; Finance; Pi Alpha Phi. Gene Fong: Oakland; History. Gerlene Fong: Oakland; Psychology; Chinese Students Club; Sigma Omicron Pi. ROW EIGHT—Irene Fong: Hong Kong, China; Chemistry; Stebbins Hall. John Fong: Berkeley; Business Administration. Joyce Fong: Hayward; Political Science; Peixotto Hall. Mabel Fong: Hong Kong, China; Biostatistics; Baptist Student Center; Chinese Students Association, Secretary. ROW NINE — James Forakis: Modesto; Mathematics; Griffiths Hall. Janet Forney: Boise, Idaho; Zoology. Carol Fortino: Pueblo, Colorado; Humanities. Elaine Fossati: Lafayette; Linguistics; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Alpha Gamma Mu; C-I Council. tradition and a cold swim ROW ONE— George Foster: Sacramento; Business Administration; Sigma Chi. Russell Foster: Oakland; Physics; Varsity Wrestling, Marida Fowle: Oakland; Food Science; Concert Band. David Fox: Los Angeles; Business Administration; Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Phi. ROW TWO — Frederick Fox: New York City, New York; Political Science; Glee Club; Chorus; Senior Class ' Deviate Day ' Committee. Jack Fox, Jr.: Berkeley; Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta; Cal Prep ExCom; Association Internationales Etudients en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales, Vice President. Judith Fox: Lafayette; Psychology; Alpha Delta Chi; Senior Class Council; " Blue and Gold, " Men ' s Living group Editor, Index Editor. Larr y Francis: Santa Ana; Communications and Public Policy; Delta Tau Delta. ROW THREE — Robert Frank: North Hollywood; Music; Honor Students Society. Bruce Franklin: San Bruno; Economics. Jerome Franklin: Los Angeles; Economics; Deutsch Hall. Frederick Franzen: La Mesa; History; Priestley Hall; Cal Prep ExCom; Honor Students Society. ROW FOUR—Grace Fraser: San Francisco; Latin; " Cal Engineer, " Women ' s Director; Honor Students Society. Lynnae Fraumeni: Lafayette; Business Administration. Scott Freber: Oakland; Mathematics; Ski Club; Honor Students Society. Bobbie Freeman: Burbank; Sociology; Phi Sigma Sigma; Public Relations Board. ROW FIVE—Gail Fregulia: Berkeley; Psychology. Sallie Freilich: Hillsborough; Sociology; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Bill French; Long Beach; Physics; Varsity Track; Big C. Society; Arnold Air Society. Reed Freyermuth: San Francisco; Business Administration; Beta Theta Pi; Rugby; Squash Club; High School Symposium; " Daily Cal " Film Critic. ROW SIX — Lawrence Friedlander: Sacramento; Zoology; Pre Med Society. Robert Friend: San Francisco; Business Administration. Annette Frost: Mountain View; French; Alpha Delta Pi. Mary Frost: San Mateo; Social Welfare; Phi Mu; " Blue and Gold " Pictures Editor. ROW SEVEN—Allan Frumkin: Alameda; Political Science; Order of the Golden Bear; President and Vice-President Commuter-Independent Association; ASUC Cabinet; Cal Prep. Don Fry: Arcadia; Mechanical Engineering; Alpha Delta Phi; Cal Band; Straw Hat Band; Chamber Band; Concert Band; Tower and Flame; Pi Tau Sigma; High School Symposium. William Fuller: Glendale; Chemistry; Norton Hall; American Chemical Society. Shun Fung: Hong Kong, China; Chemical Engineering; High School Symposium; Tau Beta Pi. ROW EIGHT — Shunkwei Fung: Hong Kong, China; Chemical Engineering; Chinese Association; Honor Students Society; Tau Beta Pi. Theodore Furakawa: Whittier; Anthropology; Student Health Service Committee, Chairman; PreMed Society President. Otto Furata: Sacramento; Chemistry. Claudia Futter: Millbrae; Bacteriology; Cheney Hall, President. ROW NINE — Carolyn Gaba: Oakland; English; Sigma Kappa. Leigh Gaba: Napa; Sigma Phi, President; Golden Guard, Secretary; Lambda Alpha Epsilon; Winged Helmet, President. Lillian Gadsby: Lafayette; Social Science. Kathleen Gaffney: Daly City; Business Administration; Alpha Xi Delta; Angel Flight. ROW ONE — Thomas Gaffney: Mill Valley; Civil Engineering; Zeta Psi; American Society of Civil Engineers. John Gage: Newport Beach; History; Order of the Golden Bear; Big C Society; California Club; Gavel Quill; Californians; Student Judicial Committee; twice All-America. Lissa Gahagan: San Francisco; Art History. Mary Gahagan: San Francisco; Art History; Oski Dolls. Randy Gaines: San Mateo; History; Gavel Quill; Californians; Megaphone Society, President; Rally and Games Council; Senior Class Yell Leader; Class Officers Board. Lewis Gale: Sacramento; History. Rick Gallien: Oakland; History; Theta Delta Chi. Brent Galloway: San Leandro; Linguistics. Michael Gannon: Alameda, History. ROW TWO — Joel Garbarino: Sacramento; Mechanical Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Honor Students Society. George Grads: Berkeley; Business Administration; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Yachting Club. Gayle Gardner: Pasadena; Letters and Science. Greta Gardner: San Mateo; Zoology. Gary Garfinkle: Alameda; Mathematics; Phi Epsilon Pi; Honor Students Society. Linda Gamier: El Cerrito; Public Health; Alpha Delta Chi; Chi Alpha. Robert Garrow: Stockton; Electrical Engineering. William Garvin: Pomona; Sigma Delta Chi; Cross Country. Richard Gary: San Marino; Economics; Psi Upsilon; Honor Students Society; Winged Helmet, Freshman Class President. ROW THREE — John Gaston: Glendale; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers-Secretary. Diane Gates: Redwood City; History; Honor Students Society. Rick Gattis: North Hollywood; Engineering; Psi Upsilon; Skull and Keys; Winged Helmet. Carla Gatto: Lafayette; Social Welfare. Sally Gearhart: Oakland; Spanish; Tower and Flame. Gary Geiger: Hacienda Heights; Business Administration; Ehrman Hall; Radio KAL, Intramural Badminton. Raymond Geiser: San Jacinto; Electrical Engineering; Bowles Hall; ' ' Cal Robert George: Watsonville; Architecture; Rep-at-Large, Men ' s Co-op Rep ASUC Senate; American Institute of Architects. Katherine Gerlits: Kings Beach; English. ROW FOUR — L. Taylor Gerry: Altadena; Civil Engineering. Roy Gesley: Newport Beach; Electrical Engineering; Kappa Delta Rho. Lesley Getz: Berkeley; History. John Ghramm: Sacramento; Psychology. James Giacomazzi: Greenfield; Political Science; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Gerry Gibbons: Lompoc; Social Welfare; Alpha Delta Chi; Mortar Board; Little Sisters of Maranatha of Alpha Gamma Omega. David Gibson: Barstow; Engineering; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. John Gibson: San Andreas; French; Phi Beta Kappa. Bob Giddings: Danville; Ceramic Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma. ROW FIVE — Christian Giguiere: Esparto; Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Chi. Dennis Gilbert: Sacramento; History. Judith Gilbert: Northfield, Illinois; Social Welfare. Jules Gilbert: Sacramento; Political Science; Phi Kappa Psi; IFC Representative. the student is surrounded by a world of books ROW ONE — Donald Gillaspy: Montrose; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Robert Gillette: Palm Desert; Mining Geology; Sigma Pi; Rally Terry Gillman: La Mesa; Communications and Public Policy. ROW TWO — Shirley Gin: Salinas; Psychology; Honor Students ' Society. Thomas Gioseffi: San Francisco; Metallurgy; Boxing. Rosette Girolami: San Francisco; Biological Science. ROW THREE — George Girot: San Rafael; Mechanical Engineering; Sigma Chi. Jerome Gitt: St. Louis; Business Administration. Jill Glassman: Los Angeles; Journalism; Radio KAL; Theta Sigma Phi; Photo Club; " Cal Engineer. " ROW FOUR—Diane Gleason: Albany; Music. Richard Gleicher: Los Angeles; History; Phi Beta Kappa. Barry Glick: Los Angeles; Political Science; Karate Club. ROW FIVE — Pamela Glines: Santa Maria; Criminology; Alpha Xi Delta; Women ' s Athletic Association; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Russell Godt: Berkeley; Business Administration; Pi Kappa Alpha; Skull and Keys; Winged Helmet; ASUC Speaker ' s Bureau. Mohamed Gokal: Karachi, Pakistan; Business Administration; Pakistan Student Association, Secretary. ROW SIX Carole Goldberg: Sherman Oaks; Anthropology. Steven Goldfarb: Woodland Hills; Business Administration; Sigma Alpha Mu; Tower and Flame; Honor Students ' Society. Brocc Goldstein: Omaha, Nebraska; History. ROW SEVEN — David Goldstein: Sacramento; History; Sigma Alpha Mu; Californians. Jerry Goldstein: Van Nuys; Nutrition; Pi Lamda Phi; Cal Club; Californians; University Committee; Rep-at-Large; First Vice-President ASUC; Finance Committee Chairman; Union Advisory Board, Chairman; ASUC Cabinet; ASUC Senate; Cal Prep; Student Services Counselor; Auxiliary Enterprises Board. Michael Goldstein: North Hollywood; Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Engineers ' Joint Council. ROW EIGHT — Laurel Gonsalves: La Jolla; Zoology. Joseph Gonyeau: Berkeley; Chemistry. Pat Gordon: Paramount; Electrical Engineering; Rayonaire Scholar; Honor Students ' Society; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. ROW NINE — John Gorman: Oakland; Forestry; Forestry Club. John Gosline: Oakland; Zoology; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Crew. Myra Gould: Beverly Hills; Social Science. ROW TEN—Toby Gould: Los Angeles; History; Cal Camp Counselor. Michael Gragg: Riverside; Chemical Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Ski Club. Robert Graham: San Diego; Physics; Beta Theta Pi. ROW ELEVEN — Ron Grand: Millbrae; Optometry; Arnold Air Society. Colette Granlund: Fort Bragg; Spanish; Honor Students Society. Anthony Granucci: Richmond; Political Science; Sigma Pi. long lazy hours ROW ONE — Edward Groper: Arcadia; Mechanical Engineering; Smyth Hall; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Giovanni Grasso: San Francisco; Economics; Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques Commerciales. Bill Graulin: Communications and Public Policy; Theta Chi. John Graves: Walnut Creek; Honor Students Society. ROW TWO — David Gray: Long Beach; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Frosh Glen Gray: Oakland; Electrical Engineering. Kathleen Gray: Sacramento; Decorative Art. Robin Gray: La Canada; History; Delta Gamma. ROW THREE — Daniel Grayson: Berkeley; Optometry. Judy Graziani: Orinda; Social Science; Alpha Phi; Panhellenic Social Chairman, Angel Flight. Cecily Green: Montreal, Canada; English and French; Joaquin Hall; WUS; International Week. Dan Green: Berkeley; Genetics; Phi Sigma Kappa. ROW FOUR — Janice Green: Oakland; Anthropology. Marcia Green: Los Angeles; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Panile, Prytanean; Panhellenic Council, Intramurals. Thomas Green: Fresno; Psychology. Regina Greene: Oakland; Biological Sciences; Penile; Honor Students Society; Tower and Flame; Delta Phi Epsilon; Panhellenic Secretary-Treasurer. ROW FIVE — George Greenleaf: Redding; Political Science; Cal Band. Charles Greenlief: Berkeley; Chemistry. Anne Greenwood: Sacramento; History; Stern Hall. Patricia Greteman: Berkeley; Decorative Art. ROW SIX—John Griesser: Newport Beach; History; Phi Gamma Delta. Jan Grieve: La Habra; History; Alpha Chi Omega; Angel Flight. Barbara Griffin: Piedmont; Decorative Art; Delta Zeta; Elections Council; Ski Club; WAA; Gamma Delta Epsilon-president. Gerald Griffin: Berkeley; German and Zoology; Alpha Phi Omega; Amateur Radio Club; Sigma Epsilon Chi. ROW SEVEN — James Griffin: Fair Oaks; Optometry; Honor Students Society; Rally UC Squares; UC Student Optometric Society Secretary. Sally Griffin: Sierra Madre; Decorative Art; Alpha Chi Omega; Art Bureau Chairman. Ned Griffith: Ross; Political Science; Beta Theta Pi; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Senior Basketball Manager. Thomas Griffith: San Francisco; History; Delta Kappa Epsilon; President DKE. ROW EIGHT — Diane Griggs: Del Mar; German; Edward Frank Kraft Scholarship Prize; Education Abroad Program; Deutscher Verein. S. Frank Griswold: Balboa; Business Kappa Sigma. Mary Grodin: Berkeley; Mathematics for Teachers; Phi Sigma Sigma; Chairman Auxiliary Enterprises Board. Bob Grossman: San Francisco; Business Administration; Pi Lambda Phi; Golf. ROW NINE—John Gueldner: Lafayette; Communication and Public Policy. Lois Gumz: Altadena; German; Stern Hall; Alpha Mu Gamma; Education Abroad Program; Deutscher Verein. Harold Gunn: Moraga; History. Ted Gunn: Berkeley; Business Administration; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Alpha Kappa Psi. in the sun ...until midterms ROW ONE — Josephine Gunther: San Francisco; Biological Sciences; Cunningham Hall; Honor Students Soceity; WAA Rifle Team. John Gustafson: Walnut Creek; Psychology; Alpha Gamma Omega. Susan Haberman: Sepulveda; Public Health, Microbiology; Student Health Services Committee, Cowell Hospital Volunteers. Jana Hachman: Stockton; History; Chi Omega; High School Symposium; Panhellenic Council, and Gold. " ROW TWO — Isabel Haggard: Alexandria, Virginia; Biostatistics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Treble Clef Society. Marcia Hail: Kentfield; Anthropology; UPB-Social Activities; Class Councils. Harry Haimovitch: San Francisco; Architecture; Pi Lambda Phi. Christopher Hair: North Hollywood; German. ROW THREE—Gary Hall: Sacramento; Business Administration. Sally Hall: San Diego; Sociology; Gamma Phi Beta; Panhellenic, Sorority President; WAA. Jo Ann Hallberg: Corona Del Mar; Business Administration; Alpha Omicron Pi; Gavel Quill; Kappa Alpha Rose Queen (1961); Yacht Club, Intercollegiate Racing Team; Phi Chi Theta. Lois Hallen: Berkeley; Math for Teachers. ROW FOUR — Jane Hamilton: Santa Rosa; Anthropology; Zeta Tau Alpha. Cameron Glen Ellen; Sociology. Dorothy Hannibal: Fair Oaks; Astronomy. Jane Hannigan: San Francisco; Political Science; Ida Sproul Hall. ROW FIVE — Arlene Hansen: Elk Grove; English. Karen Hansen: San Francisco; Campus Tour Guide. Linda Gail Hansen: Ventura; English; Ida Sproul Hall. Steve Hansen: Lodi; Criminology; Phi Kappa Sigma; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. ROW SIX—Jane Hanson: Auburn; Anthropology; Ritter Hall; Honor Society. Warren Harada: Sacramento; Business Administ ration; Nisei Students Club; Sophomore Class Council. Jo Ann Harbour: San Marino; Economics; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Carla Harden: Rio Vista; Spanish; Stern Hall; Alpha Mu Gamma; Tower and Flame. ROW SEVEN — Barry Harder: Oakland; Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Sailing Club; Ski Club. Annalee Hargreaves: La Mesa; French; Alpha Chi Omega. Carol Harmon: Orinda; Spanish; Stern Hall. Ginny Harper: Orinda; Sociology; Sigma Kappa. ROW EIGHT — Stephen Harper: Lafayette; History; Zeta Psi; Skull and Keys; Winged Helmet; Californians; Speakers Bureau. Tom Harper: Salinas; Engineering Mathematics; Honor Students Society; Tower and Flame; Tau Beta Pi; Cal Band; American Nuclear Society; IEEE. Charles Harpham: Oakland; History. Chris Harrington: Woodside; English; Chi Phi. ROW NINE—Alan Harris: Los Angeles; Letters and Science. Caren Harris: Danville; Stern Hall; Tower and Flame; Ski Club. Larry Harris: Richmond; Zoology. Marilyn Harris. Richmond; English. ROW ONE—Rod Harris: Richmond; Political Science. Allan Harrower: Livermore; Electrical Engineering; Collegians. Catherine Hart: Berkeley; English. Richard Hartje: San Francisco; Electrical Engineering. William Hartmann: San Mateo; Business Administration; Priestley Hall, President. Patricia Hartwig: Walnut Creek; Sociology; Cunningham Hall. Hideo San Francisco; Psychology. Patricia Hashimoto: San Jose; Political Science. Rosanne Hastings: Whittier; Comparative Literature; Kappa Alpha Theta; Card Stunts. ROW TWO — Patricia Haven: Canoga Park; Anthropology; Zeta Tau Alpha; Africa Desk. Kenneth Hayes, Jr.: Lafayette; Business UC Railroad Club. Lori Hayes: Berkeley; Italian. Nanette Hayes: Berkeley; Art History; Kappa Alpha Theta. Nikki Hayes: Spanish; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Karen Haugen: Berkeley; Journalism; Alpha Omicron Pi; Theta Sigma Phi; " Pelican. " Frank Hayman: Berkeley; Political Science; Beta Theta Pi. Dennis Hazelton: Orinda; Political Science; Campus Tour Guide; Ski Club; Commuter-Independent Executive Board. Craig Heacock: West Covina; Mathematics; Kappa Delta Rho; Intramurals. ROW THREE — Bonnie Hearsh: Los Angeles; Sociology; Delta Phi Epsilon. David Heaslett: Berkeley; Physiology; Delta Upsilon. Barbara Heath: La Mesa; Physical Education; WAA Competitive Gymnastic Team, Swimming and Diving Team; Ski Club, Secretary. Judith Hechler: Berkeley; Theta Sigma Phi; " Daily Californian. " Gerald Heeger: Omaha, Nebraska; Political Science; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Honor Students Society. Howard Hegstad: Albany; Biochemistry; Honor Students Society. John Heibel: Montebello; Chemical Engineering; American Institute of Engineers; American Chemical Society. Christine Heidbrink: Los Angeles; History; Legislative Assistant, ASUC; YWCA, Secretary; Alpha Delta Chi. Hank Heilbron: Mill Valley; Civil Engineering; Alpha Delta Phi. ROW FOUR—Jim Heinitz: Lodi; Chemistry; Alpha Chi Rho. Carol Hempel: Menlo Park; History; Alpha Chi Omega. Barbara Henderson: New York, New York; Philosophy. Carol Henderson: El Sobrante; Social Science. Harvey Henderson: Hawaii; Political Science. Mike Henderson: East Lansing, Michigan; Biological Sciences; Beta Theta Pi; Basketball. Anne Hendricks: Carlsbad; Anthropology. John Hendricks: Santa Rosa; Anthropolgy; Kappa Delta Rho; Intramurals; Pre-medical Society; Council; Class Councils. Sharol Hendricks: Westminster; Joaquin Hall. ROW ONE — Susan Hendricks: Seattle; History; Delta Gamma. Dana Henry: French; Kappa Gamma. Tom Hensley: Stockton; Political Science; Delta Tau Delta. Harold Heringhi: San Francisco; Zoology; Cal Band; ASUC Cabinet; Community Relations Board, Chairman; University Affairs Committee. ROW TWO — Daniel Hernandez: Rocklin; History; Phi Kappa Tau; Varsity Golf. Lanny Hernandez: Whittier; Electrical Engineering; Deutsch Hall; Brick Muller, Advisor; Cal Club; Order of the Golden Bear; Californians; Gavel and Quill. Linda Herndon: Los Angeles; Decorative Art. Bill Herrmann: Sacramento; Political Science; Sigma Phi; Legislative Assistant; Rep-at-Large; Judicial Committee. ROW THREE — Eugene Herson: Los Angeles; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; Chi Epsilon, President. Douglas Herst: Ross; Finance; Pi Lambda Phi; Axe Revue; Rally Committee; Elections Board; Senior Class Council; Business Administration Scholarship; Ski Club; President " Brush and Easel " ; Little Theatre. John Hewson: Los Altos Hills; Criminology; Priestley Hall; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. George Hicks: Anacortes, Washington; Physics; Cal Band. ROW FOUR — Kathleen Hicks: Lodi; Spanish; WDA President; Prytanean; Mortar Board, Corresponding Secretary; AWS Board. Patricia Hiehle: Culver City; Letters and Science. Ruth Higbee: Oakland; Chemistry; Chi Alpha. Julie Hightower: Redding; International Relations. ROW FIVE—Judy Higo: Los Angeles; English. Dixon Hill: Whittier; Civil Theta Xi; Class Councils; American Society of Civil Engineers; Ski Club. Mary Hill: Burlingame; History; Chateau de Longpre, President. Walter Hill: Oakland; Mathematics. ROW SIX — Walter Hillabrant IV: Garden Grove; Psychology; Phi Beta Kappa; Chairman Academic Senate. Lawrence Hinman: Pomona; Mathematics; Tellefsen Hall; Cal Band; Honor Students Society. Joanne Hjelstrom: Carmichael; English; Davidson Hall. Hoon-Yin Ho: Honk Kong, China; Electrical Engineering; Honor Students Society. ROW SEVEN — Gretchen Hoagland: Redding; English. Linda Hoffland: Forestdale; Physical Education; Kappa Alpha Theta; Intramurals; CAHPER. Floyd Hoffman: Wilinette, Illinois; History; Zeta Beta Tau; Student Judical Committee, Chairman; Student Orientations Service. George Hoffman: Corte Madera; Letters and Science. ROW EIGHT — Richard Hoffman: Los Angeles; History; Pi Sigma Alpha; Honor Students Society. William Hogan: Diablo; Biological Science; Honor Students Society. Patrick Hoggard: Bellflower; Chemistry; Alpha Chi Sigma. Jack Holland: Zoology; Kidd Hall. ROW NINE — Lou Holland: Los Angeles; Political Science; Alpha Kappa Alpha. Marie Holliday: Albuquerque, New Mexico; Geography. Frank Hollister: Long Beach; Ceramic Engineering; American Ceramic Society; Acacia. Werner Hollstein: Los Altos; German; Ski Club; Soccer; German Club. rainy nights softly reflect campus lights ROW ONE — Robert Holman: Oakland; Economics; Beta Theta Pi; Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys, Class Council; Varsity Rugby, Soccer, Intramurals. Lawrence Holmboe: Mill Valley; Business Administration; Barrington Hall. Adrianne Holmer: Burlingame; History; Phi Mu; Women ' s Rally Committee, " Pelican. " Catherine Holmes: Fresno; Economics; Alpha Gamma Delta. ROW TWO — Helen Holt: Sacramento; Economics; Davidson Hall; WDA First Residence Hall President. Marilyn Hooper: San Lorenzo; Biological Sciences; Ida Sproul Hall. Sandy Hoos: Bakersfield; Anthropology; Phi Mu; Women ' s Rally Committee. Kenneth Hope: Sonora; Chemistry; Norton Hall. ROW THREE—Frank Hopkins: Oakland; History. Thomas Hopkins: La Canada; Mechanical Engineering; Rally Committee, Arnold Air Society; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Leslie Horenstein: Woodland Hills; History. Masahi Horiuchi: Tokyo, Japan; Business Administration; Barrington Hall; Ski Club, Alpha Kappa Psi. ROW FOUR — Gloria Horn: Fontana; Optometry. Jan Horn: Santa Rosa; Sociology; Alpha Gamma Delta; Panile; AWS Model, Soph Class Publicity Co-Chairman; Pelican Model; Gavel Quill; P PR; " Blue and Gold. " Laurence Hornick: Encino; History; Zeta Beta Tau. Sandra Houston: Santa Monica; English; Davidson Hall; Oski Dolls. ROW FIVE — Paula Howard: Modesto; German; Treble Clef Society; Swim Club Chairman. William Howatt: Fort Leavenworth, Kansas; Political Science; Theta Xi. Ann Howell: Piedmont; Decorative Art; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Oski Dolls; " Blue and Gold " ; Big Game Queen Attendant. Bernard Howell: Los Angeles; Political Science; Golden Guard, Delta Phi Epsilon, Skull and Keys; Crew. ROW SIX—Betty Howell: Healdsburg; History-Sociology; Cal Camp. John Howell: San Francisco; Economics; Phi Kappa Sigma. Robert Howey: Montebello; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Crew. Grace Howker: Madera; Social Science Field; Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society; Treble Clef Society. ROW SEVEN — Genevieve Hoyle: Sacramento; French; Alpha Delta Chi. William Huang: Berkeley; Mathematics. Richard Hubbard: El Centro; Business Administration; Arnold Air Society, Real Estate Club. Garry Hubert: Albany; Criminology; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. ROW EIGHT — Jack Hudson: San Leandro; History of Art. David Hudspeth: Art; Chi Psi; Frosh Crew; Cal Greek Editor. Henry Huff: Hillsborough; Business Administration; Beta Theta Pi. Ann Hufnagel: La Canada; Biostatistics; Sigma Kappa; Honor Student Society. ROW NINE — Marilyn Hughes: Oakland; History; Delta Delta Delta; Student Committee. Michael Hulbert: San Gabriel; English; Alpha Tau Omega. Janie Humphreys: Santa Barbara; History. Penny Humphreys: Orinda; Economics; Senior Council. ROW TEN — Carol Hungerford: Berkeley; Business Administration; Residence Hall Treasurer, Richard Hungerford: Berkeley; Statistics; Alpha Phi Omega, President; Golden Guard; Men ' s Residence Hall Council Chairman; Chairman of " Daily Californian " Publishers Board. Chip Hunt: San Francisco; Economics; Beta Theta Pi; Skull and Keys; Speakers Bureau. James Hunt: Santa Rosa; Finance Accounting; Alpha Chi Rho; Alpha Kappa Psi. we come to learn ROW ONE — Morris Hurley: Piedmont; Philosophy; Deutsch Hall; Men ' s Glee Club. Libbe Hurvitz: Los Angeles; Psychology. Jay Hurwitz: Seattle, Washington; Political Science; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Council. Ann Hutchinson: Santa Rosa; Anthropology; Zeta Tau Alpha. George Ikeda: Clovis; Industrial Psychology; Nisei Students ' Club. Roy Ikeda: San Francisco; Electrical Engineering; Society of Electrical Engineers; Nisei Students Club. Sergio Ilovaisky: Oakland; Astronomy. Dianne Impelman: Laguna Honda; Physiology; Premed Society. Fred Inaba: Fresno; Economics; Honor Students Society. ROW TWO — Gail Inglander: Inglewood; Sociology; Delta Phi Epsilon. Richard Inlander: Flossmoor, Illinois; Economics; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Honor Students Society. David Inouye: Berkeley; Landscape Architecture; Pi Alpha Phi. George Irving: La Canada; Criminology; Norton Hall; Lambda Alpha Epsilon; Arnold Air Societ y. Lynne Irwin: Berkeley; Civil Engineering; Sigma Epsilon Xi; Cal Band; American Society of Civil Engineers. Edward Isaacs: Burbank; Mathematics; Honor Students Society. Jack Isaacs: Fresno; Zoology; Yacht Club; Armenian Club, President. Ted Isbelle: Downey; Physics; Arnold Air Society. Eileen Iscoff: San Mateo; English. ROW THREE — Sidney Israels: Modesto; History; Deutsch Hall; Californians; Gavel and Quill; Debate Squad; Senior Class President; Chairman Class Officers Board. Carolyn lusi: San Francisco; Psychology; Alpha Chi Omega. Ken Iwata: Pacoima; Architecture; Euclid Hall. Michael Jack: Los Angeles; Physics; Putnam Hall; Honor Students Society. James Jackson: Modesto; Mathematics; Griffiths Hall. Terry Jackson: San Jose; History; Phi Sigma Kappa. Carl Jacobs: Northridge; Personnel Relations; Phi Epsilon Pi; National Student Association Co-ordinator; ASUC Senate; ASUC Cabinet; Glee Club; Megaphone Society; Senior Class Council. Eileen Jacobs: Ojai; Physical Education; Delta Phi Epsilon; Nu Sigma Psi; Association of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. Robert Jacobs: Rockville Centre, New York; Zoology; Zeta Beta Tau. ROW ONE —Jane Jacobson: Berkeley; German. Ronald Jan: Sacramento; Laboratory Technician; Chinese Students Club; UC Judo Club; Pre-Medical Society. Tani Janes: Brea; History; Kappa Alpha Theta; Oski Dolls; Torch and Shield. Aija Jekbsons: Joliet, Illinois; Sociology. ROW TWO — Glen Jelks: Montebello; Physiology; Pi Kappa Alpha; Baseball; Winged Helmet; Pre-Medical Society. Katherine Jenney: Los Angeles; French; Treble Clef. Victor Jensen: Oakland; Psychology; Varsity Swimming Team; H onor Society; Big C Society; Arlene Jew: San Francisco; Biological Science. ROW THREE — Richard Jewell: Glendale; Chemistry; American Chemical Society. Virendra Jhaveri: Bombay, India; Mechanical Engineering; Honor Students Society. William Johannsen: Berkeley; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Tau. Daniel Johnnie, Jr.: Anaheim; Chemical Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. ROW FOUR—Dave Johnson: Lodi; Agricultural Business Management; Kappa Sigma. Douglas Johnson: Fortuno; Delta Sigma Phi; UC Folk Dance Club; Delta Sigma Pi. Gary Johnson: Berkeley; Political Science; Phi Kappa Psi. Leon Johnson: Berkeley; Speech-English. ROW FIVE—Roger Johnson: San Bruno; Business Administration; Bowles Hall; Alpha Delta Epsilon. Samuel Johnson: Berkeley; Psychology; Theta Delta Chi; Skull and Keys. Stephen Johnson: Berkeley; Engineering; Alpha Delta Phi; Crew; All University Athlete; Big C Society; Order of the Golden Bear; Varsity Rowing Club; Honor Students Society; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma. Steven Johnson: Millbrae; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha. ROW SIX—Gay Johnston: Del Mar; Journalism; Howard Hall; ASUC Cabinet; AWS Theta Sigma Phi; ASUC Annual Report; AWS Handbook. Chris Jones: Business Administration; Phi Kappa Psi. Leannah Jones: Malibu; Political Science; Campus Tours. Leslie Jones: Wasco; Art History; Alpha Xi Delta; Treble Clef; Angel Flight. ROW SEVEN — Norita Jones: Orinda; Anthropology. Paul Jones: Alamo; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. Robert Jue: Sacramento; Letters and Science. Judith Juelson: Pasadena; History; California Alumni Scholar; Honor Students Society. ROW EIGHT — Joseph Jurick: Eureka; Physics; Glee Club. Karen Justema: San Francisco; Communications and Public Policy; Kappa Alpha Theta. Marilyn Kading: El Monte; Psychology; Phi Sigma Sigma. Takeshi Kakawa: Fresno; Chemistry; Euclid Hall. ROW NINE—Jay Kahn: Chicago, Illinois; Physical Education; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Arnold Air Society; Judo Club; Flying Club; Ski Club. Merline Kajiyama: San Francisco; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Ichiro Kanagawa: Kobe, Japan; Architecture. Robert Concord; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. strawhatters boost spirits ROW ONE—Carol Kates: Berkeley; Philosophy. Roger Kauffman: Redwood City; Business Administration; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Senior Hall of Fame; Executive Committee. Katherine Kaufman: Palo Alto; English; International House. Richard Kaufman: Sherman Oaks; Tennis; Tower and Flame. ROW TWO — Donald Kaye: San Diego; Electrical Engineering; Putnam Hall. Michael Kay: Berkeley; Chemistry; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Shirlaine Kee: Berkeley; Decorative Art; Chinese Students Club. William Keehn: Montery Park; Mechanical Engineering; Putnam Hall; Track; Football; Bowling; Baseball. ROW THREE—Paul Keith: Chicago, Illinois; Psychology; Alpha Sigma Phi; Sophomore, Junior, Senior Class Council; Sophomore Week Council; Greek Week Chairman; " Blue and Assistant Sports Editor; Gavel and Quill. Gordon Keller: West Covina; Engineering. Susanne Keller: Berkeley; Dietetics; Nutritional Science Club. George Kelley: Berkeley; Architecture; Dutsch Hall. ROW FOUR — Karl Kellogg: Boulder, Colorado; Physics; Honors at Entrance. Leslie Kelly: San Francisco; Business Administration; Phi Chi Theta, Vice-President. Daniel Kendall: Oakland; Anthropology; Kappa Sigma; Bowling Team. Joseph Kennedy: Berkeley; Political Science; Pi Kappa Alpha; Track. ROW FIVE — Robert Kennedy: Berkeley; Industrial Engineering; Radio Station KAL; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Quarterdeck Society; Radio-TV Theatre. Javad Keshmiri: Shiraz, Iran; Electrical Engineering; International House; Iranian Students Association. Vanna Ketterman: Woodland; Journalism; Alpha Xi Delta; Sophomore, Senior Class Councils; Theta Sigma Phi; Recording Secretary; Daily Cal. Janic Keung: Oakland; Sociology; Sherman Hall; Pre-Medical Society; Chinese Students Club. ROW SIX — Judith Kilmartin: Palo Alto; History; Joaquin Hall; Rules Revision Committee; Axe Review; Legislative Assistant to Representative-at-Large. Gary Kilpatric: Sacramento; Social Science; Delta Tau Delta; Californians. Chung Kim: Seoul, Korea; Chemistry. Mary King: Vallejo; Public Health; Honor Students Society. ROW SEVEN — Michael King: Albany; Electrical Engineering; Honor Students Society; Tau Beta Pi. Sheila Kinnear: Salt Lake City, Utah; Criminology; Delta Delta Delta. Ralph Kirwan: Alameda; Economics; Theta Delta Chi; Freshman Class Vice-President; Class Officers Board; Senior Class Council; German Club; Golden Guard Soceity. Joanne Kitano: Fresno; Linguistics. ROW EIGHT Richard Kite: Palm Springs; Civil Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; American Society of Civil Engineers. Meg Kiuchi: Fresno; Social Welfare. Heli Kiviniemi: Oulu, German. Dale Klahn: Vallejo; Mechanical Engineering; Honor Students Society; Ta u Beta Pi. ROW NINE—Don Klapperich: Novato; History; Varsity Track. Bob Klass: Oakland; Pi Lambda Phi; Student Orientations Service. Milada Klatil: Berkeley; Sociology; Honor Students Society. Henry Klein: San Francisco; Humanities. and some sleep... ROW ONE — Dagny Kleiven: Oakland; Political Science, Scandanavian; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Alumni Scholar; National Political Science Honorary; National Student Association, Coordinator; ASUC Senate; ASUC Cabinet; Deutscher Verein. Karen Kline: Wellesley, Massachusetts; Art; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Jerry Knapp: Tucson, Arizona; Business Administration; Sigma Chi; Boxing; Big C Society. Dennis Kneff: Burbank; Physics; Bowles Hall; Honor Students Society. ROW TWO — Helene Knox: Dallas, Texas; English; Honor Students Society; Alpha Lambda Delta; Sigma Tau Delta. Jeffrey Kuck: Montague; Political Science. Gail Kocher: Orinda; Social Welfare; Alpha Chi Omega. Robert Koehler: Monterey; Communications and Public Policy; Delta Tau Delta. ROW THREE — Frederic Koekn: Burlingame; Industrial Engineering; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. Katherine Kofford: Van Nuys; Mathematics; Freeborn Hall; Honor Students Society. Susan Kollman: San Francisco; Communications and Public Policy; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Deanna Kong: Oakland; Social Welfare; Chinese Students Club; YWCA. ROW FOUR — Steve Korn: Los Angeles; Finance; Beta Gamma Sigma; Honor Students Society; University Symphony; Alpha Kappa Psi; Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economics et Commerciales; Alpha Kappa Psi; ASUC Bowling League. George Kornbluth: San Francisco; Business Administration; Alpha Epsilon Pi. Eugene Koury: Optometry; Cal Band, Drum Major; Straw Hat Band. Roy Kozen: San Mateo; Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Honor Students Society; Society of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. ROW FIVE—Robin Kragen: Berkeley; Communications and Public Policy; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Junior Class Council; Sales. Bonnie Kramer: Sacramento; Geography; Phi Mu; UC Yacht Club; Hiking Club; One Act Play. Jerry Kramer: Beverly Hills; Chemistry; Honor Students Society. Georgia Kraus: Carmichael; Speech; Pi Beta Phi. ROW SIX—Erika Krause: Vallejo; French and German. Lana Kravetsky: Davis; Psychology; Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Rally Committee; " Blue and Gold " ; University Publications Board, Publicity Committee. Alexander Krem: Albany; Psychology; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Phi Beta Kappa; Men ' s Judicial Committee; Wrestling; Student Forum; Varsity Debate; Public Speaking. Stephen Kroft: Millbrae; Economics; Deutsch Hall. ROW SEVEN — Gaylord Kubota: Hawaii; History; Golden Guard. Jim Kuehn: San Rafael; Psychology; Lambda Chi Alpha. Don Kumata: Hawaii; Zoology; Pi Alpha Phi; Chinese Students Club. Vivian Kundell: Van Nuys; Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi. ROW EIGHT—Sandy Kussow: Ukiah; Sociology; Tower and Flame; Cal Prep Executive Committee; Card Stunts. Rochelle Kutcher: Minneapolis, Minnesota; Political Science; Honor Students Society. Ann Kwan: Hong Kong; Business Administration. Etta Lyn Kwan: San Francisco; Biological Science; Sherman Hall; Honor Students Society; Women ' s Dormitory Association, Treasurer; Judicial Committee Chairman; WAA Volleyball. ROW NINE — Siang-Ping Kwok: Brazil; Electrical Engineering. Pete Kwong: Hong Kong; Chemistry. Wayne Label: San Francisco; Accounting and Finance; Barrington Hall. Mark Lachtman: San Francisco; Mathemati cs; Pi Lambda Phi; Rally Committee; Senior Week; Axe Revue; Senior Class Council. ROW ONE — Carol Ladewig: Glendora; Decorative Art. Lucia Lagomarsino: Sacramento; Italian; Alpha Phi; Spring Sing. Thomas Lagomarsino: Carmichael; Political Science; Kappa Alpha; Student Intramural Athletic Board; Football Manager, Varsity; Californians. Eunice Lam: Hong Kong; Genetics. ROW TWO — Bob Lamb: Charlotte, North Carolina; Engineering; Alpha Chi Rho. Susan Lamberson: Berkeley; Social Science Field Major; Kappa Alpha Theta. James Lamm: Architecture; Dean ' s List. Nick Lammerman: Napa; History; Sigma Nu. ROW THREE — Edward Lamperti: San Rafael; Mathematics; Norton Hall. Paula Landers: La Habra; History; Honor Students Society; Sophomore Class Council. Bonnie Langford: Winter Park, Florida; History; Phi Mu. Richard Langsdorf: San Mateo; Psychology. ROW FOUR — Arthur Larsen: San Francisco; Architecture. Martin Larsen: Del Rey; Economics; Sigma Pi. Claudia Larson: Auburn; Political Science; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Pi Sigma Alpha; WAA, Sports Clubs; WAA Council; Lifeguard Corps. Dana Larson: Van Nuys; Sociology. ROW FIVE — Peter Lathrop: Piedmont; Psychology; Golden Guard; Gymnastics. Luceen LaTorre: Oakland; Anthropology; Women ' s Dormitory Association. Milton Latta: Fresno; Physics; Chamber Ensemble; Men ' s Glee Club. Anthony Lau: Honk Kong; Mathematics; Honor Students Society; Chinese Students Association. ROW SIX — Chantal Lau: South Viet-Nam; Physiology. Guy Lau: New York, New York; Business Administration; Chinese Students Association; Chinese Students Club. David Lauer: Santa Barbara; Political Science; Chairman, Model United Nations. Nicole Lavie: France; English; Alpha Chi Omega. ROW SEVEN — Alan Lawrence: Downey; Zoology. Charles Lawrence: Fontana; Psychology. Joseph Lawson: Amarillo, Texas; Architecture; Architecture Association. Louisa Lawton: Peru; Anthropology and Geography; Epworth Hall; Kroeber Anthropological Society; Women ' s Dormitory Association, Secretary; WAA. ROW EIGHT — Stephen Leask: Napa; Accounting; Theta Xi. Otto Ledford: Berkeley; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Robert LeDuc: Mechanical Engineering; Phi Sigma Kappa. Lee Benson: San Francisco; Finance. ROW NINE — George Lee: Thailand; History. Herbert Lee: San Leandro; Business Finance. James Lee: San Francisco; Public Health; Griffiths Hall. Loren Lee: Beverly Hills; Honor Students Society; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. ROW ONE — Robert Lee: Berkeley; Electrical Engineering; Society of Electrical Engineers; Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers; Eta Kappa Nu, President; Tau Beta Pi; Student Shop Chairman. Sandra Lee: El Sobrante; Geography; Chinese Students Club. Sung Lee: Seoul, Korea; Decorative Art. Jack Lefforge: Woodland Hills; Zoology; Delta Tau Delta. Michael Lehman: Hillsborough; Speech; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Speech. Michael Leidner: Altadena; Engineering. Michael Leite: San Francisco; Civil Engineering; Bowles Hall; Rally Committee; Cannoneer; American Society of Civil Engineers, President; Society. Gail Leiter: Garden Grove; Speech; Phi Sigma Sigma; Speakers Bureau; House President. John Lemley: Fullerton; Civil Engineering. ROW TWO — Charlotte Lemmon: Vallejo; Social Science; Cunningham Hall. James Leonard: Stockton; Engineering. John Leonard: Walnut Creek; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. Tim Leonard: Berkeley; English. Judith Leong: San Francisco; Zoology; Tower and Flame; Pre-Medical Society; Honor Students Society, Secretary. Linda Leong: San Francisco; Psychology; Honor Students Society; Student California Teachers Association, President. Mary Lett: Berkeley; Bacteriology; Phi Mu. Ina Levin: San Francisco; Political Science; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Women ' s Judicial Committee; Panhellenic Model; Cowell Hospital Volunteer; Campus Tour Guide. William Levin: San Francisco; Business Administration. ROW THREE — Michael LeVine: Pacific Grove; Mechanical Engineering; Barrington Hall; Radio KAL News; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Engineers Joint Council; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; Honor Students Society. Joan Levy: Scarsdale, New York; Psychology; Honor Students Society. Mark Levy: Haifa, Israel; Economics; Israeli Student Organization; International House. Donna Lew: Fresno; Art. Barbara Lewis: El Cerrito; Business Administration; Phi Chi Theta; Kappa Delta; " Blue and Gold. " Meredith Lewis: La Crescenta; History; UC Square Dance Club. Val Lewis: Albany; Civil Engineering; Baseball. Keith Liberman: Omaha, Nebraska; Pre-Medical; Zeta Beta Tau. James Lieb: Santa Rosa; Zoology; Putnam Hall. ROW FOUR — Rae Liebelson: Spring Valley, New York; Chemistry; Photography. Lynn Leibenspreger: Strasburg, Pennsylvania; German; Ida Sproul Hall; President Peixotto Hall. Nelson Leidal: Sonora; Chemical Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma; Honor Students Society; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Sharon Lim: El Cerrito; International Relations; Chinese Students Club. Gary Lindberg: Santa Maria; History. Orley Lindgren: Berkeley; Communications and Public Policy. Kay Linenbach: Clovis; English. Francis Ling: Hong Kong, China; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Mike Lipelt: Lodi; Public Health; Kappa Sigma. ROW FIVE — Jay Lippman: Silver Springs, Maryland; Nutrition. Dick Little: Carmichael; Political Science; Phi Sigma Kappa. David Littleford: Chemical Engineering; Sigma Nu. Donald Litvak: San Francisco; Chemistry; Deutsch Hall; Men ' s Executive Board; Society; American Chemical Society; Tower and Flame. meet you at ludwig ' s fountain ROW ONE — Joan Livingston: Castro Valley; History; Alpha Chi Omega; Cal Prep; Sophomore, Senior Class Council; Angel Flight; Blood Bank Drive Publicity; Axe Revue; Tower and Flame. Judith Lockwood: Pasadena; Letters and Sciences. Patricia Berkeley; Social Welfare. ROW TWO — Kathi Loew: Stockton; Sociology; Senior Class Council, Publicity Chairman; Gavel and Quill. Anthony Lo Forte: Berkeley, Phi Kappa Tau; Boxing; Ski Club; Wrestling; Drama Club; Dramatic Arts Work Shop. Thomas Logan: Monterey; History. ROW THREE — Philip LoGuidice: Modesto; Zoology; Pre-Medical Society; Honor Students Society. Diane Lohman: Bakersfield; Spanish; Honor Students Society. Linda Lohr: Malibu; French. ROW FOUR—Roger Lok: Oakland; Chemistry. Andriette Lommel: Walnut Creek; English; Freeborn Hall. David Long; Arcadia; Economics; Track; Swimming; Football; Waterpolo; Soccer; Portuguese Club; AFROTC Drill Team; Judge for Military Ball Queen. ROW FIVE — James Longwell: San Gabriel; Ceramic Engineering; Sigma Phi Delta; Student Branc of American Ceramic Society. Milton too, Jr.: Berkeley; Industrial Engineering; UC Judo Club; American Institute; of Industrial Engineers; Chinese Student Association; Chinese Students Club. Bruce Loomis: Whittier; Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha; Glee Club; Axe Review. ROW SIX — Marilyn Loungway: Berkeley; History; Student California Teachers Association; University Chorus. Maxine Low: San Francisco; Social Science. Terry Lowe: Newport Beach; English; Pi Beta Phi; Torch and Shield. ROW SEVEN — Edward Luce: Hemingford, Nebraska; Criminology; Phi Beta Kappa. Rosemary Lucier: San Francisco; English; University Affairs Committee; AWS Board; Prytanean. Judy Luckey: Stockton; Sociology; Delta Gamma. ROW EIGHT—Judy Lurwig: Berkeley; Communications and Public Policy; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Noella Luke: Honolulu; Physical Education. Gloria Lum: El Cerrito; Political Science; Freeborn Hall; Campus Tours; Chinese Students Club; Cal " Managerial. ROW NINE — Niilo Lund: El Cerrito; Mechanical Engineering; Phi Kappa Sigma; Arnold Air Society. Dean Lundell: Riverside; Economics. Dale Luomala: Concord; Civil Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; Honor Students Society. ROW TEN — Lawrence Lusard: San Francisco; Criminology; Boxing; Judo; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Jay Luther: San Francisco; Political Science; Honor Students Society. Joe Luthey: Berkeley; Physics. ROW ELEVEN — Roland Lynn: Felton; History; Priestley Hall. Joan Lyon: Los Angeles; Letters and Science. James Lyons: Laguna Beach; Architecture; Architecture Association. white paper, time, and ROW ONE — Robert Lyons: Oakland; History; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Varsity Debate Team. Williams Lyons: Stockton; Architecture; American Institute of Architects. Richard McAdams: San Mateo; Letters and Science. Kent McBride: Sunnyvale; Business Administration; Tau Kappa Epsilon. ROW TWO — David McCarley: Walnut Creek; German; Deutscher Verein. Jerry McCarn: Hopland; Physical Education; Honor Students Society; Varsity Baseball. Bettykay McClard: Quincy; Statistics. Diane McCloskey: Carlsbad, New Mexico; Art; Phi Mu; Women ' s Rally Committee. ROW THREE Robin McConahy: Albany; English; Sigma Kappa; Prytanean; ASUC Publicity and Public Relations; Director of News Bureau. David McCrory: Berkeley; Forestry; Golden Guard; Forestry Club. Patricia McCutchan: Oakland; Decorative Art; Big C Sirkus, General Organization Chairman; Commuter-Independent Association, Treasurer. Howard McDaniel: Santa Clara; Engineering Physics; Alumni Scholarship; Tower and Flame; Science Club; Yacht Club; Ski Club. ROW FOUR Bonnie McDonald: Redding; Spanish; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Marilyn McDonald: Los Angeles; Letters and Science. Marcia McGowan: Palo Alto; French; Alpha Omicron Pi. John McGreal: Belvedere; History. ROW FIVE—Terrence McInnes: Upland; Journalism; Sigma Delta Chi; " Daily Californian " ; " Blue and Gold. " Katherine McKechnie: Berkeley; Anthropology. Ellen McKelvey: Carmel; Business Administration; Sigma Kappa. Jack McKeown: La Habra; Architecture; Delta Tau Delta; Skull and Keys; Varsity Track. ROW SIX — Edward McKinley: Livermore; History; Ehrman Hall; Honor Students Society. Christopher McLain: San Luis Obispo; Accounting; Beta Alpha Psi. Richard McLain: San Leandro; English. Robert McLeod: Pasadena; Business Administration; Psi Upsilon; Rugby; Wrestling. ROW SEVEN — Sandra McMicheal: Shafter; English; International House; Ski Club; House Program. Kathy McMurry: Watsonville; Letters and Science. Kathryn M cOmie: Highland; Psychology; Ski Club. Marsha McPhate: Santa Barbara; Political Science; Alpha Delta Pi. ROW EIGHT — Dominic Ma: Hong Kong; Civil Engineering; Chinese Students Association. Carol MacDonald: Huntington Beach; Psychology. Catherine MacDonald: Berkeley; Social Science Field Major. Heather MacDougall: North Hollywood; Humanities Field Major; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. ROW NINE — Marcia MacDougall: Sacramento; Communications and Public Policy; Kappa Alpha Theta; Women ' s Judicial Committee. Ross MacKay: Kentfield; Economics; Phi Kappa Sigma. Haakon Magnussen: Alpine; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Society of Electrical Engineers, Program Chairman; Amateur Radio Club. impressions of life ROW ONE—Mary Magoffin: Pleasanton; Spanish. Don Mahr: Lafayette; Political Science; Priestley Hall; Handball; Tennis; Ann Malmberg: Minneapolis, Minnesota; Biological Science; Alpha Chi Omega. Clark Maloney: San Mateo; History; Priestley Hall; Honor Students Society; Alpha Phi Omega. ROW TWO — Gerald Maloney: Sacramento; Accounting; Alpha Sigma Phi; Tennis; Glee Club. Michael Manetas: San Francisco; Ecology; Rally Committee. Jerald Manifold: Garden Grove; Architecture. Roxanne Mankin: Berkeley; Humanities Field Major; Alpha Omicron Pi; Speakers Bureau. ROW THREE — Vivian Manns: Fontana; Zoology. Peter Manos: Los Angeles; Chemistry. Lee Maples: San Anselmo; Civil Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha. Michael Margoles: San Jose; Biochemistry; Norton Hall; Pre-medical Club. ROW FOUR — Clifford Marks: Los Angeles; Political Science; Honor Students Society. Sharon Marks: Denver, Colorado; Humanities Field Major; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Honor Society; Tower and Flame; Vanity Fair Editor. Rodney Marraccini: Real Estate; Sigma Phi; Order of the Golden Bear; Phi Phi; University Affairs Senior Class Council; Varsity Boxing; lnterfraternity Council, President, and Area Representative. Patrick Merriott: Temple City; Mechanical Engineering; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Honor Students Society; ' ' Cal American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ROW FIVE—Andrea Martin: Oakland; History; Gamma Phi Beta; Big C Sirkus; YWCA. Phillip Martin: Modesto; Architecture. William Martin: McFarland; History. Alpha Iran; Civil Engineering. ROW SIX — Maureen Masada: Los Angeles; History. Luciana Massimiani: San Francisco; Business Administration. Ellsworth Masten: Sacramento; Psychology. Jacob Mates: Los Angeles; Political Science; Honor Students Society , Treasurer and Council Member. ROW SEVEN — Virginia Mathews: Berkeley; Business Administration. Bob Matiasevich: Watsonville; Anthropology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Baseball. Pam Matsen: Ventura; History; Phi Mu; Overseas Council; YWCA; WAA interamurals. Sharon Matson: Eureka; Psychology. ROW EIGHT—Nancy Matthews: Tahoe Valley; Sociology; Cheney Hall; Honor Students Society. LaVella Matyr: Sepulveda; Letters and Science. Richard Maxwell: Richmond; Zoology; Sigma Pi. James May: Ventura; Psychology; Crew; Varsity Rowing Club. ROW NINE — Maurine Mazor: Berkeley; Speech. Richard Meadows: San Bernardino; Mechanical Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha. Carolyn Means: Los Altos Hills; Speech; Gamma Phi Beta. Leslie Mecum Schirmer: Alameda; Social Science Field Major; Zeta Tau Alpha; Tower and Flame. ROW Medbery: San Francisco; Genetics; Kappa Delta; Calettes; and Gold " ; Honors at Entrance; Tower and Flame. Russell Medevic: San Pedro; History; Phi Kappa Tau; Crew; Californians; Golden Guard. Karen Melgaard: La Canada, Calgery; Treble Clef; Prytanean. Carol Melnik: Los Angeles; Psychology; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Colette Mendell: Palo Alto; Political Science. Barbara Merat: San Francisco; Public Health. Joan Merle: San Francisco; French; Gamma Phi Beta; Senior Week; Council. Richard Merriman: Santa Monica; Architecture; Ridge House; California Band; Straw Hat Band; Chi Alpha Kappa. Diane Monterey; Spanish; Ida Sproul Hall; Treble Clef. ROW TWO — Michel Mestre: Monrovia; Industrial Engineering. Ronald Mettler: Lodi; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma. Carol Metz: Sebastopol; Social Welfare. Lon Metzger: Walnut Creek; Economics; Alpha Delta Phi; Ski Club. Asa Meudell: Phoenix, Arizona; Electrical Californians; Gavel and Quill. Carolyn Meyer: Burlingame; Sociology. Gary Meyer: Salinas; English; Phi Delta Theta. Patrick Meyes: Manhattan Beach; English; Cloyne Court. Vija Mezulis: Napa; Biological Sciences; Alpha Gamma Delta. ROW THREE — Carole Miale: Fresh Meadows, New York; Mathematics; Alpha Delta Pi; Honor Students Society. Sue Miles: Piedmont; History; Alpha Omicron Pi; Women ' s Rally Committee. Jane Millar: Altadena; Sociology; Kappa Delta; Angel Flight; Auxiliary Board; Honor Students Society. Daniel Miller: Las Lunas; Business Administration; Theta Delta Chi; California Band; Californians. John Miller: Lafayette; Electrical Engineering; UC Society of Electrical Engineers. Ken Miller: Vallejo; Business Administration; Chi Psi; Honor Students Society. Michael Miller: Oceanside; Chemistry. Peter Miller: San Jose; Criminalistics; Alpha Kappa Lambda. Roger Miller: Van Nuys; Economics; Honor Students Society; Yacht Club; Regents Scholar. ROW FOUR—Don Milliken: Sunnyvale; Political Science; Lambda Chi Alpha; Baseball; Sigma Delta Chi. Eric Mische: San Diego; Civil Engineering; Deutsch Hall; American Society of Civil Engineers. Ray Mitchell: San Mateo; Economics; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Cal Camp Committee Chairman. Julie Mittino: Saint Helena; Psychology. Patricia Miyamoto: Sacramento; Psychology; Freeborn Hall. Elko Mizuguchi: Osaka, Japan; English Tom Mock: Berkeley; Electrical Engineering; International Relations Board; Boxing Team, Manager; Fencing Team. Kay Modaff: Orinda; Psychology; Alpha Omicron Pi. John Mogel: Rio Vista; Zoology; Baseball; Honor Students Society. ROW ONE — Ahmad: Moghaddas Tehran, Iran; Civil Engineering. Charles Mohn: San Francisco; Zoology; Crew. Walter Mollison: San Francisco; Business Sigma Chi. Susan Mondon: Whittier; French; Alpha Omicron Pi; Tower and Flame. ROW TWO — Ronald Monk: Santa Ana; Forestry; Student Intermural Advisory Board; Forestry Club. Linda Montanelli: Oakland; Criminology. Eduardo Montenegro: Caracas, Venezuela; Mechanical Engineering; Norton Hall; Varsity Soccer. Sally Montgomery: Shell Beach; Sociology; Alpha Phi. ROW THREE—James Moore: San Francisco; Business Administration; Zeta Psi; Boxing. Russell Moore: San Mateo; Psychology; Phi Delta Theta; Californians; Rally Committee. Sandra Moore: Salinas; History; Special Programs Board; Cal Prep; Prytanean. Kent Morgan: Lafayette; Architecture. ROW FOUR — Mike Morgenroth: Berry Creek; Agriculture; Sigma Apha Epsilon. Bill Moring: Berkeley; Mechanical Engineering; Lambda Chi Alpha; Varsity Soccer; Big C Society. Karen Morrell: Madera; Biological Science. David Morris: San Leandro; Political Science; Glee Club; Senior Manager; Senior Men ' s Octet. ROW FIVE — Marilyn Morris: Vallejo; Communications and Public Policy; Gamma Phi Beta; Cal Council; Big C Circus; Angel Flight. Mary Morris: Pleasant Hill; Music; Stebbins Hall; Collegium Musicum; Repertory; Chorus; Tower and Flame. Angus Morrison: Hillsborough; Engineering Physics; Kappa Delta Rho; Honor Students Society. Carolyn Morrow: Pasadena; English; Pi Beta Phi. ROW SIX Joan Morrow: San Francisco; Social Welfare; Cunningham Hall. Orville Morrow: Walnut Creek; Mechanical Engineering; Kappa Delta Rho. Bill Morton: Kern City; Business Administration; Priestley Hall; Alpha Kappa Psi. Carol Morton: El Cerrito; French; Zeta Tau Alpha. ROW SEVEN — Nyes Morton: Berkeley; Music. Tim Mossteller: Huntington Beach; Mechanical Engineering; Phi Delta Theta; Cal Prep. Ken Moulton: Hayward; History; Pi Kappa Alpha; Football. Warren Moyes: Auckland, New Zealand; Geography; Rugby. ROW EIGHT — George Mross: Chula Vista; Zoology. Dennis Mulhall: Berkeley; Business Administration; Kappa Delta Rho. Linda Mull: Lincoln; Psychology; Baptist Student Center. James Mullen: Salinas; Economics. ROW NINE — Scott Muller: Berkeley; Landscape Architecture; Sigma Chi; Varsity Track. Martin Munday: Azusa; Architecture; Phi Kappa Sigma. Joseph Munoz, Jr.: Hollister; Civil Engineering; Cal Band; Straw Hat Band; American Society of Civil Engineers. Susan Mussallem: North Hollywood; Political Science; Publicity and Public Relations, Chairman; ASUC Cabinet; University Affairs Committee; Speakers Board; Publishers Board; ASUC Finance Committee; Annual Report Editor; University Committee on Public Affairs. time to stop and talk together...leisure hours given meaning ROW ONE—Judith Musto: Hillsborough; Art; Pi Beta Phi. Barry Myers: Escondido; Business Administration; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Delta Sigma Pi. Mark Nadel: Los Angeles; Political Science; Sigma Alpha Mu; Honor Students Society. Nishikawa Nagamiki: Japan; Political Science. ROW TWO — Phiroze Nagaruala: India; Engineering. George Nagle: San Francisco; Business Administration; Varsity Debate Team. Pattianne Nagle: La Puente; Political Science; Sigma Kappa; Tower and Flame; Panile; Prytanean; Honor Students Society; Gavel and Quill; Rally Committee; Oski Dolls; AWS Board; Class Officers Board; Junior Class Secretary-Treasurer; Activities Program Committee; Senior Class Council; Big C Sirkus. Lee Ann Nahman: San Francisco; Communications and Public Policy. ROW Naiman: Inglewood; Business Administration; Cunningham Hall. Martin Nakahara: Berkeley; Political Science. Ronald Nakano: Alameda; Sociology. Harumi Nakao: San Francisco; Chemistry. ROW Nakayama: Oakland; Anthropology; Nisei Students Club. June Namimatsu: Los Angeles; Biological Sciences; Alpha Delta Chi; Tower and Flame; YWCA; Niesei Students Club. Wendy Naruo: Oakland; Art. Barbara Nawman: El Cerrito; Sociology; Zeta Tau Alpha; Cal Club; Torch and Shield; Cal Prep; Girl; Brick Muller S ociety; Rally and Games Council. ROW Needham: Anaheim; Civil Engineering; Theta Chi. Marvin Neill: Compton; Optometry; University of California Student Optometric Society; NROTC. Charles Nelson: Orangeville; Mechanical Engineering; Putnam Hall. Elizabeth Nelson: Concord; Bacteriology; Spens Black Hall; Honor Students Society. ROW SIX — Elton Nelson: Patterson; Mathematics; Alpha Gamma Omega. Helen Nelson: San Francisco; Chemistry. Jane Nelson: Altadena; Biological Sciences; Ski Club. Marietta Nelson: Sonoma; English Literature; Tower and Flame. ROW SEVEN — Micheal Nelson: Berkeley; Industrial Psychology. Valerie Nelson: San Carlos; Physical Education; WAA, Manager. Richard Neville: Walnut Creek; Finance; Alpha Kappa Psi. Arthur Newberry: Woodburn, Oregon; Mathematics; Alpha Chi Sigma. ROW EIGHT — Robert Newman: Vallejo; Production Management; Bowles Hall; Alpha Kappa Psi; and Gold. " Eric Newsom: Albany; History; Honor Student Society. Victoria Newton: Malibu; Anthropology; WAA. Pierina Ng: Macao; ROW NINE — Karen Nichols: Glendale; French. Robert Nicholson: St. Helena; Zoology; Honor Students Society; Union Program Board; Intramural Badminton. Sandra Nielsen: Livermore; Decorative Art; Delta Zeta; Senior Class Council; WAA; Intramurals Board; University Women ' s Bowling Team. Leslie Niitani: Sunnyvale; Electrical Engineering; Euclid Hall; Golden Guard; Nisei Students Club. ROW Niemeier: Ventura; Civil Engineering; Alpha Kappa Lambda; American Society of Civil Engineers. David Nisenson: Los Angeles; Economics; Zeta Beta Tau. Naomi Nishioka: Berkeley; Psychology. Shelly Nix: Fowler; Physical Education; Phi Mu; WAA, Sports Council. the hourly exodus ROW ONE — Karen Norburg: Sacramento; English; Chateau de Longpre. Richard Norgaard: Berkeley; Economics. James Norton: Albany; Mathematics for Teachers; Honor Students Society. Gwaine Nuest: Garden Grove; History; Delta Delta Deta; AWS Model; Oski Dolls; Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl; Greek Week Princess Athena. Donald Nurisso: San Francisco; Mechanical Engineering; Smyth Hall; Society of Mechanical Engineers. Linda Nurnberg: Los Angeles; Business Administration; University Symphony Orchestra. Allison Oakley: Tulare; English; Delta Delta Delta; University Chorus. James O ' Connell: San Francisco; Anthropology; Norton Hall; Golden Guard; Honor Students Society. Wayne O ' Connell: Morgan Hill; Mechanical Engineering; Kappa Delta Rho; Tower and Flame; Gavel and Quill; Californians; Americans Society of Mechanical Engineers; American Institute Aeronautics and Astronautics. ROW TWO Caroline Oda: Berkeley; Biological Sciences. Robert J. O ' Donnell: Northboro, Business Administration; Phi Kappa Sigma; Order of the Golden Bear; California Club; Phi Phi; Tower and Flame; Gavel and Quill; Elections Council, Chairman; Rally and Games Council; Functional Services Board; Student Orientation Service; Californians, President; University Affairs Committee; Council, Ex ecutive Committee; Alpha Phi Omega. Lee Oelke: Berkeley; Forestry. Thomas Ogawa: San Francisco; Mechanical Engineering; Judo Club; Ski Club; Nisei Students Club; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Ken Ogawa: San Francisco; Architecture; Judo Club; Yacht Club; Ski Club; Student Architecture Association. Nisei Students Club. Joan Ogbu: Nigeria; Anthropology; Nigerian Students Association of Northern California, Treasurer. Shoichiro Ohkagawa: Japan; Business Sue Ohlson: Oroville; History; Delta Delta Delta; Torch and Shield. Hajime Ohno: Japan; Marketing. ROW THREE—Karen Okamoto: Portland, Oregon; Mathematics. Robert Okamura: Lodi; Civil Omar Noles: Portland, Oregon; Optometry; Phi Delta Theta. Joanne Nolan: San Carlos; Social Science; Chi Omega; Honor Students Society; ' ' Blue and Gold. ' ' Diane Olander: San Francisco; Sociology; Gamma Phi Beta; Little Sisters of Minerva. Michael Olden: Oakland; Political Science. Edwin Oliveira: Newman; Political Science. Richard Oliver: San Diego; Architecture; Ridge House; Honor Students Society. Robert Oller: Berkeley; Biological Sciences; Honor Students Society. ROW ONE — Russell Olmo: Redwood City; Business Administration; UC Real Estate Club. David Olsen: Walnut Creek; Chemistry; Honor Students Society. Kent Olsen: Pebble Beach; Zoology; Varsity Tennis; Lettermans Club; PreMedical Society. Harold Olson: West Covina; Zoology; Ridge House; PreMedical Society; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. ROW TWO — Janet Olson: Fullerton; Biological Science; Freeborn Hall. Jim Olson: Business Administration; Theta Delta Chi. Karen Olson: Westport, Connecticut; English. Stephen Onderdonk: Pasadena; History; Psi Upsilon; Skull and Keys. ROW THREE — Eugene O ' Neill: Oildale; Electrical Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. Dale Openshaw: Oroville; Business Administration; Kappa Alpha Theta. Don Orosco: El Economics; Theta Delta Chi. Lloyd O ' Sullivan: Berkeley; Mechanical Engineering; Rifle Team. ROW FOUR — Aiko Ota: Santa Clara; Physiology; Epworth Hall. David Overstreet: Los Palos; Psychology; Stratford Hall; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; PreMedical Society; Student Health Services Committee; Phi Beta Kappa; High School Symposium. Susan Owen: San Bernardino; Medical Technology. John Ozanich: San Pablo; Business Administration; Griffiths Hall; Cal Band; StrawHat Band. ROW FIVE — Juris Ozols: Lincoln, Nebraska; Electrical Engineering; Deutsch Hall. Mary Packard: Burlingame; Decorative Art-Anthropology; Delta Zeta; " Blue and Kroeber Anthropological Society. Frederick Page: Albany; Forestry; Frosh Crew; Golden Guard; Forestry Club; Xi Sigma Pi. Meredyth Palik: San Francisco; Sociology; Oski Dolls; Campus Tour Guide. ROW SIX—Thomas Pallas: San Francisco; Political Science; Kappa Delta Rho; Class Council; Honor Students Society. Renee Palmer: Los Angeles; Political Science. Suzzan Palmer: Berkeley; Psychology; Cal Camp; Honor Students Society; Psychology Honors Program. Tony Pang: Hong Kong, China; Physiology. ROW SEVEN — Paul Pantelides: San Francisco; Architecture. Richard Park: Albany; Denny Pariver: Lafayette; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; Honor Students Society; Tau Beta Pi. Marianne Parker: Etna; Psychology. ROW EIGHT — Michael Parr: Fresno; Agricultural Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Ski Club. John Parry: Albany; Electrical Engineering; UC Society of Electrical Engineers, Engineers Joint Council; Honor Students Society. Betty Parsons: Berkeley; French. Donna Parsons: Dunsmuir; Social Science. ROW NINE — John Parsons: Azusa; Physics. Ronald Parsons: Ontario; Zoology; Baseball. Alan Patera: Berkeley; Geography; Gamma Theta Upsilon. Leis Patrick: Sacramento; Psychology. ROW TEN — Rusty Patrick: Las Vegas, Nevada; Physics; Pi Kappa Phi; German Club, Secretary; Honor Students Society; Sigma Xi. Douglas Patterson: Oakland; Chemical Californians; Rally Committee; Chairman; Order of the Golden Bear; Rally and Games Board; University Affairs Committee; American Institute of Chemical Engineers, President; Kroeber Anthropological Society; Senior Class Council; Arnold Air Society; Tower and Flame. Mollie Paul: Pasadena; History; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Cabinet Union Program Board, Chairman; University Affairs; Committee; Senior Class Gavel and Quill. Rita Pavulins: Auburn; English; Epworth Hall. ROW ONE—Frank Payne: Arcata; Psychology. Scott Peacock: Dinuba; Agricultural Business Management; Delta Upsilon. Jack Pearce: Wilmington, Delaware; Political Science; Deutsch Hall. Kitty Pearlstein: Hillsborough; Psychology. ROW TWO — Alysa Pearson: Albany; Social Welfare; UC Yacht Club. John Pearson: Visto; Mechanical Engineering; Delta Sigma Phi; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Richard Pearson: Arcadia; Business Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi. Francine Peck: North Highlands; Clinical Psychology. ROW THREE—Cap Peckham: Whittier; History; Delta Upsilon; Yell Leader; Rally and Games; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys. Marilyn Pecsar: San Bernardino; Sociology. Leah Pedersen: Santa Barbara; Decorative Art; Chi Omega; Ski Club; International Relations Board. Emma Pedrotti: San Francisco; Social Welfare; Deuscher Verein. ROW FOUR — Robert Pellinen: Ontario; Political Science. Herbert Perasso: San Electrical Engineering. Peter Peracca: San Francisco; Economics; Beta Theta Pi. Jack Perella: Lafayette; Speech; Captain of Debate Team; Winner, Medaille Joffre; Commuter-Independent Association Vice-President. ROW FIVE — Anne Perkins: Laguna Beach; Dramatic Art. Don Perkins: Sacramento; Forestry; Alpha Sigma Phi; Forestry Club; Ski Club. Jaye Perry: San Francisco; Social Science; Kappa Delta. Jean Peters: San Jose; Anthropology. ROW SIX — Lorin Peters: Lafayette; Physics. Mary Peters: San Rafael; Letters and Science. Roberta Peters: Lafayette; History; Senior Class Council; Soph Week, Secretary; Ski Club; Honor Students Society. Barbara Peterson: Oakland; French. ROW SEVEN — Dave Peterson: San Jose; Business Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha; Senior Class Council; Golden Guard; Delta Sigma Pi; Californians. Sherleen Peterson: Corte Madera; History. Steve Peterson: San Bernardino; Zoology. Wilma Peterson: Atoyac, Mexico; Alpha Xi Delta; Oski Dolls; Association Internationale des Etudients en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales. ROW EIGHT—George Pezet: San Francisco; Business Administration; Ehrman Hall. Don Phelps: Berkeley; Physics-Biology; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Union Program Board; Ski Club; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Doris Philipps: Coquille, Oregon; Criminology; Women ' s Riflery Team; Lambda Alpha Epsilon; Honor Students Society. Melinda Phillips: Stockton; Public Health. ROW NINE — Robert Phillips: Los Angeles; History; Phi Epsilon Pi; Student Forum; Commuter-Independent Representative, ASUC Senate; Order of the Golden Bear; Affairs Committee. Kathleen Piccinini: Los Banos; History. Barbara Pierce: Long Beach; Psychology; Campus Tours; Model United Nations; Association Internationale des Etudients en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales. Peter Pike: Ross; Political Science; International House. ROW TEN — Vivien Pinks: Turlock; Sociology; Alpha Delta Chi; Treble Clef; University Chorus. Diane Piskulic: Santa Barbara; English; Delta Delta Delta. Linda Platte: Whittier; Anthropology; Elizabeth Barrett Hall. Michael Plunkett: Manhattan Beach; Architecture; Alpha Tau Omega; Oski Committee Chairman; Rally and Games Council; Cal Prep; Order of the Golden Bear. early morning on campus ... the sun catches the ROW ONE—Carl Pock: Ontario; Economics; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. William Pohle: Stockton; History. Alix Ponedel: Berkeley; Sociology; Phi Mu; Honor Students Society. Judith Polansky: Arcadia; English; Epworth Hall; Honor Students Society. ROW TWO — Dennis Pollet: El Monte; Mechanical Engineering; Kappa Delta Rho; 1962 Producer Spring Sing; Californians. Bob Pomeroy: Berkeley; Operations Reseach; Chi Psi Lodge; Californian, " Managing Editor; Tower and Flame. John Pope: Montrose; Industrial Engineering and Business Administration. Doris Porch: Redlands; Art; Kappa Delta; Panhellenic Council. ROW THREE—Jose Porras: El Salvador; Architecture. Sue Porter: Newport Beach; Social Science Field Major; Delta Delta Delta. Anne Postlewaite: Menlo Park; Decorative Art; Delta Zeta. William Poulton: Oakland; Architecture; Tau Kappa Epsilon. ROW FOUR — Barbara Powell: Oakland; Political Science; Alpha Kappa Alpha; Theater; Crown Zellerbach Scholarship. Robert Powell: San Anselmo; Mechanical Engineering; Alpha Delta Pi Tau Sigma. Sharon Powers: Vallejo; Anthropology; and Gold " Managerial Staff. Hale Prather: Berkeley; Anthropology; Men ' s Glee Club. ROW FIVE —James Prendergast: Alameda; History; Priestley Hall; Delta Phi Sigma; Golden Guard; Honor Students Society. Rita Preszler: Concord; English; Spens-Black Hall; State President, Student California Teachers Association; Honor Students Society. Pamela Mae Preuss: Santa Barbara; Decorative Art; Delta Delta Delta; Big C Sirkus Planning Committee; University Chorus; Rally Committee. Barbara Price: Berkeley; Nutrition; Student Health Service Committee; Student Counseling Service; University Orchestra; Nutritional Sciences Club. ROW SIX—Janet Primm: Pasadena; English; Pi Beta Phi; Speakers Advisory Board, Vice Chairman; Associated Women Students Social Chairman, Secretary; Card Stunts; Panile Vice President, Corresponding Secretary; Mortar Board Vice President; Pyrtanean; Honor Students Society; Tower and Flame. Judy Primm: Pasadena; Literature; Pi Beta Phi; ASUC Arrangements Committee Chairman; Speakers Advisory Board; Senior Council; Panile President 1963. William Principe: Berkeley; Economics. Harlan Proctor: Sacramento; Sanitary Science. ROW SEVEN — Walter Prouty: Pacifica; Chemistry. Gregory Ptitsin: Los Angeles; Speech; Ridge House; Fencing Team. Cheryl Pugh: Burlingame; Communications and Public Policy; Alpha Xi Delta; ASUC Cabinet; Vice-Chairman of Associated Women Students; Oski Dolls; Sophomore Class Vice-President; Chairman of Family Day 1963; Angel Flight; University Affairs Committee; Cal Club; Prytanean; Panile; Gavel and Quill. Richard Pullen: Costa Mesa; Architecture; Ridge House; Campus Tour Guide; Photo Club; Yacht Club; Chi Alpha Kappa; Public Relations Chairman. ROW EIGHT — Anthony Qamar: Berkeley; Physics; Hiking Club. Betty Quan: Berkeley; Biological Sciences; Music Program Board. Ross Quan: Sacramento; History; Hiking Club; Sailing Club; World University Service; Chinese Students Club; Stiles Hall. Bob San Leandro; Political Science; Tau Kappa Epsilon. ROW NINE — Maureen Quilligan: Woodland Hills; English. Kathleen Quinn: Santa Rosa; Decorative Art; Zeta Tau Alpha; Intramurals; Angel Flight; Panile; Tower and Flame. Louise Quist: San Mateo; Anthropology. Tiana Rabetsimba : Madagascar; Statistics and Economics. leaves of wheeler oak ROW ONE—Dinah Rabwin: Beverly Hills; English; Elizabeth Barrett. Joan Radonich: Orinda; History; Pi Beta Phi. Wendy Ragent: Los Gatos; History-Political Science. Pat Rager: Fontana; Communications and Public Policy; Phi Mu. ROW TWO — Bruce Ragsdale: Paso Robles; Geology; Bowles Hall. Lynne Raider: Mobile, Alabama; History. Larry Ramsauer: Pasadena; Mechanical Engineering Design; Sigma Phi Delta; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Tower and Flame. Carol Ramstad: Eureka; Physical Education; Union Program Board, Recreation Board; WAA; High School Sports Day Chairman; Treble Clef; CAPHER; Jade; University Chorus; Mortar Board; Women ' s C Society; Prytanean. ROW THREE — Mary Ratcliff: Richmond; Political Science; Phi Mu; Overseas Council Chairman; Honor Students Society. Mary Rath: Pasadena; Sociology; Spens-Black Hall. Claudia Read: Berkeley; Biological Sciences; Sigma Kappa. Suzanne Read: Burbank; Spanish; Zeta Tau Alpha; Alpha Mu Gamma, Honor Students Society. ROW FOUR—Juan Rebeil: Nogales, Mexico; Chemical Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. David Rebelo: San Diego; Business Administration; Putnam Hall. Patricia Reed: Oceanside; Business Administration; Alpha Delta Chi; Concert Band; Phi Chi Theta; Tower and Flame. Howard Reedy: Ventura; Social Science; Tau Kappa Epsilon. ROW FIVE—Bill Reichert: San Francisco; Chemistry; Sigma Phi. Fred Reidel: Berkeley; Zoology; Delta Tau Delta; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys. Burton Rein: St. Paul, Minnesota; Business Administration; Phi Epsilon Pi; National Student Association Gary Reinecke: Redwood City; Engineering Physics; Delta Sigma Phi. ROW SIX — Guido Reinhard: Monterey; German; Cloyne Court. Dalphine Renner: Berkeley; Social Welfare. Michael Reuter: Auburn; Basic Chemistry; Norton Hall; Student Affiliate of the American Chemical Society. Mark Reutlinger: Berkeley; Speech; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Students Society. ROW SEVEN — Richard Reynolds: Berkeley; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon. Sally Reynolds: San Gabriel; Political Science; Phi Mu; Treble Clef; Cal Prep. Don Rhett: Danville; History; Phi Kappa Tau. Clifton Rhodes: Palos Verdes; Political Science; Priestley Hall; Orientations Board Chairman; ASUC Cabinet; Cal Prep, chairman; Varsity Crew; Californians; Cal Club; Order of the Golden Bear; Tower and Flame; Alumni Scholar. ROW EIGHT — Lynn Rhodes: Anderson; Political Science; Epworth Hall. Patricia Rhodes: Carmel; History; Honor Students Society. Terry Richard: Berkeley; Accounting; Honor Students Society. Carolyn Richardson: Santa Paula; Business Administration; Stern Hall; Phi Chi Theta; Real Estate Club, Secretary. ROW NINE — Steven Richardson: Long Beach; Geography; Kappa Sigma. Henry Berkeley; European History; Theta Delta Chi. Howard Riepe: Sacramento; Smyth Hall. Charles Rino: Watsonville; Electrical Engineering. ROW TEN — Wiliam Rist: Red Bluff; Electrical Engineering. Walter Ritchie: Berkeley; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. Anne Ritter: Speech; Davidson Hall; Model United Nations. Glenn Robak: Richmond; Psychology; Lambda Chi Alpha. cards pass the time the big c ROW ONE — Howard Robbins: Covina; Political Science; Peace Corps Committee; Africa Desk. Bill Roberts: Stockton; History; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Channing Glendale; Chemical Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engineers; Honor Students Society; Tau Beta Pi. Ronald Robertson: Portola Valley; Zoology; Griffiths Hall. Steve Robertson: San Francisco; Political Science; Phi Gamma Delta. Gary Robinson: San Francisco; Physics; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Honor Students Society; Union Program Board; University of California Ski Club. Markham Robinson: Vacaville; Mathematics; Golden Guard; Legislative Assistant; Varsity Debate; Honor Students Society. Kevin Rockwood: Vallejo; Zoology; Smyth Hall. Peter Pasadena; History; Straw Hat Band; Consejo de las Americas; University of California Band. ROW TWO — Jeanie Roeder: Carmel; Philosophy. Bill Rogers: Honolulu, Hawaii; Physics. Louis Roblicek: Pacific Grove; Political Science; Director, Publicity and Public Relations; Californians. Gayle Rohwedder: Ventura; Psychology; Honor Society. Susan Rolapp: San Marino; French; Delta Gamma; Treble Clef, Junior Manager; Tower and Flame; Panile. Jean-Franςois Romey: Millbrae; French; Varsity Rifle Team. Christine Ronay: Oakland; History; Sigma Kappa; Union Program Board, Music Committee; University Chorus. Penny Roosa: Atascadero; Political Science; Ida Sproul Hall. Janis Rosenbaum: San Francisco; Santa Claus Chairman; Junior Class Council. ROW THREE — Diane Rosentreter: Lafayette; Anthropology. William Rosentreter: Lafayette; Industrial Engineering. Anne Rosenwald: Beverly Hills; Art; Alpha Epsilon Phi; WAA Swim Team; Ski Club; Art Bureau. Sue Ross: Hillsborough; Math Teaching. Howard Rosten: Los Angeles; Business Administration; Phi Epsilon Pi, President. Nancy Roth: San Anselmo; English; Sigma Kappa; Student Orientations Service. Mark Rothbart: Berkeley; Criminology; Zeta Beta Tau; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Joanne Rothenberg: Los Angeles; Humanities; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Jacqueline Rothstein: San Bruno; Anthropology. ROW FOUR — Phillip Rowe: Carmel; Economics; Sigma Nu. Stephen Rudolph: Oakland; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Tau. Ellen Rue: Stockton; and Public Policy. Carole Ruegg: Selma; Decorative Art; Zeta Tau Alpha. Judith Russell: San Mateo; Political Science; School Resource Volunteers. Jay Ruzak: Santa Cruz; Economics; Ridge House; Arnold Air Society. Suzanne Ryan: San Francisco; Sociology; Alpha Gamma De lta. Holly Sackett: Oakland; Nutrition; Tower and Flame; Nutritional Sciences Club; UC Symphony Orchestra; Honor Students Society. Harvey Saferstein: Kansas City, Missouri; English; Zeta Beta Tau; Men ' s Judicial Committee; Chairman; Faculty Committee on Student Conduct; Student Coordinating Committee; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. ROW FIVE—Peggy Saferstein: Kansas City, Missouri; History. Peggy Sager: Santa Monica; English; Cal Camp; Honor Students Society. Charlotte Sain: Woodland Hills; Economics; Zeta Tau Alpha; Union Program Board, Public Affairs Committee; Phi Chi Theta. Joyce Sakai: Stockton; Biostatistics; Colonial Hall. 1 32 ROW ONE — Gerald Sakamoto: Berkeley; Criminology. James Salerno: Riverside; Zoology; Bowles Hall. Wendy Sall: Los Angeles; Political Science. ROW TWO — Martha Sam: Sacramento; Communications and Public Policy; Oski Dolls; PreMed Society. Harvey Samuels: San Francisco; Business Administration; Priestley Hall; Rally Committee; Hiking Club. Sherrie Samuels: Berkeley; Geography. ROW THREE — Lawrence Sand: San Diego; Political Science; Chi Phi. Gary Sanford: Sebastopol; Botany. J. Richard Sanford: Rolling Hills; Geography; Delta Tau Delta; Director, Speakers Bureau; Varsity Swimming. ROW FOUR—Guy Saperstein: North Hollywood; Political Science; Kappa Delta Rho. Michael Saphier: Beverly Hills; Economics; Honor Students Society. Guy Sarna: Sherman Oaks; Zoology; Zeta Beta Tau. ROW FIVE — Katherine Sarter: Colorado Springs, Colorado; Bacteriology. Richard Sasaki: Berkeley; Biochemistry; Tower and Flame; Nisei Students Club. Robert Saunders: Sacramento; Economics; Rally Committee. ROW SIX — Andrea Savage: Claremont; Political Science; Phi Sigma Sigma; Speakers Bureau; Assistant; Rally Committee. Joseph Sawyer: Ventura; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Sherron Sawyer: San Bernardino; Journalism; Richards-Oldenberg Hall; Theta Sigma Phi. ROW SEVEN — Charles Schad: Pasadena; Political Science; Theta Delta Chi; Soccer. Victoria Schaeffer: Los Angeles; Anthropology. Sheldon Schaffer: Scottsdale, Arizona; Chemistry; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. David Schak: Berkeley; Oriental Languages; Chi nese Students Club. Carol Schalla: Goleta; Psychology; Cheney Hall; Crop ' n Saddle. Susan Scharf: Cupertino; Journalism; " Daily Cal. " Charles Schaupp: Inglewood; Civil Engineering; Marching Band; Straw Hat Band. ROW EIGHT—Sue Scheble: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Journalism; Sigma Ka ppa; Angel Flight, Commander; Theta Sigma Phi. Elaine Scheer: Santa Rosa; Accounting and Finance; Delta Zeta; Phi Chi Theta. Carolyn Schenone: Stockton; Mathematics; Freeborn Hall. Carolyn Scherman: Piedmont; and Public Policy; Alpha Epsilon Phi. Judith Scherr: San Rafael; English; Honor Students Society. Barry Schieber: St. Louis, Missouri; Communications and Public Policy. Barry Schiller: San Francisco; Sociology. ROW NINE—Nadine Schindell: Pacific House; Business Administration; Ida Sproul Hall; Phi Chi Theta. Paul Schlegel: Lakewood; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Irene Schmerl: Oakland; Sociology; Kappa Delta. Donald Schmidt: Whittier; Optometry; Student Orientations Service. Richard Schmorleitz: Sherman Oaks; Political Science; Commuter-Independent Area Representative; Tower and Flame. Barbara Schnal: San Francisco; Communications and Public Policy. Margaret Schneider: Daly City; Geography. ROW TEN — Ronni Schnider: Santa Monica; Sociology; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Big C Sirkus Planning Committee; Junior Class Steering Committee. Patricia Schoenleber: Laguna Beach; Sociology. Dieter Scholz: Los Angeles; Business Administration; Psi Upsilon. Clifton Schor: Denver, Colorado; Optometry; Phi Epsilon Pi; Honor Students Society. Nick Schott: San Francisco; Chemical Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Edmund Schramko: San Bruno; Mathematics; Alpha Chi Rho. Jack Schraub: Campbell; Criminology; Football; Track. as we guard from the stanford red cal ' s tribal rites ... ROW ONE — David Schrimp: Stockton; Criminology; Phi Kappa Sigma; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. Charles Schubert: Bloomfield, Connecticut; Political Science; Dwight Warring House; Ski Club. Bernard Schulte: Berkeley; Speech; Alpha Delta Phi; Student Judicial Committee; Cal Prep; ASUC Union Manager; Big C Society; Californians; Order of the Golden Bear; Crew; Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Board. Carol Schultz: Torrington, Connecticut; History; University Chorus; Yac ht Club. ROW TWO — Whitney Schulz: Los Gatos; Sociology; University Chorus and Orchestra; Repertory Chorus. Barbara Schwartz: Hillsborough; Personnel and Industrial Psychology; Stern Hall; Phi Chi Theta, Treasurer. Hannah Schwartz: San Diego; Political Science; Ida Sproul Hall; Tower and Flame. Schwartz: San Francisco; German. ROW THREE— Robert Schwartz: Castro Valley; Business Administration; Priestley Hall; Campus Tour Guide. Simeon Schwartz: Petaluma; Zoology. Michael Scimeca: San Jose; Mathematics. Garfield Sciutto: Santa Paula; Political Science; Alpha Sigma Phi; Campus Peace Corps Committee. ROW FOUR — Frank Scivetti: Los Angeles; Psychology; Yacht Club. Bob Scott: Oakland; Political Science; Alpha Tau Omega; Assistant Director Publicity and Public Relations; Chairman Senior Week; Senior Class Council. Edgerton Scott: La Jolla; Economics; Zeta Psi; Tennis Team; Big C Society; Skull and Keys; Winged Helmet. Margaret Scott: San Rafael; History; Freeborn Hall, President; Womens C Society; WAA Treasurer. ROW FIVE—Ruth Scott: North Hollywood; French; Campus Tour Guide; Italian Club; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Education Abroad Program, Padua. Kathleen Seaton: Pleasant Hill; German; German Club. Catherine Seban: Oakland; History. Janet Sedan: Montebello; Sociology. ROW SIX—Rocco Seeno: Pittsburg; Geography; Campus Tour Guide; " Blue and Gold, " Studio Manager; Tower and Flame. Eileen Segal: Salt Lake City, Utah; English; Womens Rally Committee; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Thomas Selfridge: Ross; Business Administration; Alpha Delta Phi. Shyla Sellards: Pacific Grove; English. ROW SEVEN — Suzanne Selser: San Carlos; Food Science. Shirley Serena: Berkeley; Spanish. Nancy Shaffer: Pasadena; Anthropology. Dipak Shah: Bombay, India; Chemical Engineering. ROW EIGHT — Moaveni Shahrokh: Los Angeles; Electrical Engineering; Honor Students Society. Marilyn Shain: El Paso, Texas; Communication and Public Policy; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Pelican Model; " Blue and Gold. " Charles Shank: Concord; Electrical Engineering Honor Students Society; Tau Beta Pi. Florence Shao: Taipei, Taiwan; Political Science. ROW NINE — Dana Shapiro: Oakland; Political Science; Boalt Hall Law Wives. Larry Shaw: Bakersfield; History; Lambda Chi Alpha; Honor Students Society. Stephen Shawl: San Francisco; Astronomy; Golden Guard. Bruce Shawver: Anaheim; Mechanical American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma, President. ROW TEN — Rosemary Shelton: Pasadena; History; Gamma Phi Beta. Max Shen: Ivory Coast, Africa; Chemistry; Alpha Phi Omega; Chinese Students Club; Tower and Flame. Judy Sheritz: Palo Alto; Decorative Art; Cunningham Hall. Donald Sherman: Costa Mesa; Business Administration; Priestley Hall; Beta Alpha Psi; Alumni Sc holar, Honors 1964. freshmen more wood! ROW ONE — Ellen Shiffrin: Berkeley; Political Science; Consejo de las Americas. Lawrence Shikuma: Watsonville; Business Administration. Ward Shine: Lafayette; Soil Science. Joanne Shipman: Santa Maria; Zoology. ROW TWO — Glen Shirk: Modesto; Zoology; Norton Hall; Honor Students Society. Jean Shirley: San Francisco; Art; " Blue and Gold. " Linda Shlep: Santa Barbara; Robert Showen: Sunnyvale; Electrical Engineering; American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics; UC Society of Electrical Engineers; Editor " California Engineer. " ROW THREE — Roberta Shachat: Palo Alto; Journalism; Delta Phi Epsilon. Diana Shuey: Brooks; Latin American Studies; Stern Hall; Hiking Club. Roger Shulman: San Francisco ; Political Science; Sigma Alpha Mu. Robert Shultz: Glendale; Mechanical Engineering; Deutsch Hall; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. ROW FOUR — Jim Sider: Stockton; History. James Siegfried: Atherton; Political Science; Phi Kappa Sigma. Elizabeth Siekhaus: Berkeley; German. William Siembieda: Los Angeles; Economics; Photo Club; Consejo de las Americas; " Cal Engineer " Manager; " Pelican, " Manager. ROW FIVE — Mimi Siggson: San Mateo; Anthropology; Phi Sigma Sigma. Marianne Silva: San Mateo; Latin American History; Ida Sproul Hall; Student California Teachers Association. Gerald Silverfield: San Rafael; Mechanical Engineering. Michael Glendale; Electrical Engineering; Putnam Hall; Radio KAL; Chief Engineer; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. ROW SIX — Edward Simon: Denver; Colorado; Finance; Phi Epsilon Pi. Theodora Grass Valley; Anthropology; Honor Students Society; Regents Scholar. Lynn Sims: Berkeley; Political Science; Senior Class Vice President; Yell Leader; Californians; Rally and Games; Class Officers Board; Elections Council; Alpha Phi Omega; Gavel and Quill. Ronni Sims: Pomona; Journalism; " Cal Engineer, " Women ' s Director; Tower and Flame, Secretary-Treasurer; Honor Students Society. ROW SEVEN — Sandra Sims: Tokyo, Japan; Sociology. Kathleen Singleton: Berkeley; English; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Brooke Skinner: Kentfield; Speech; Alpha Phi; High School Symposium; Rally Committee; International Students Council; International Week; Ski Club. Robert Skinner: El Cajon; Political Science. ROW EIGHT — Wayne Skinner: Auburn; History; Phi Sigma Kappa; Rugby. Richard Skolnick: San Jose; Economics. Joel Slagg: Boise, Idaho; Astronomy; Honor Students Society; Regents Scholar. William Sloane: Eureka; Civil Engineering; Phi Kappa Tau; American Society of Civil Engineers; Golden Guard; Engineers Joint Council. ROW NINE — William Smartt: San Rafael; Accounting; Phi Kappa Psi. Brian Smith: Berkeley; Architecture; Sigma Chi. Dale Smith: San Bernardino; Political Science; Californians. Dannelle Smith: Novato; Social Sciences; Zeta Tau Alpha; Cal Prep. ROW TEN — David Smith: Los Angeles; Industrial Engineering. Diane Smith: Santa Rosa; Psychology; Alpha Delta Pi. Jeanie Smith: Indianapolis, Indiana; French; Phi Mu. Joan Smith: San Francisco; Political Science; Spens-Black Hall. learning is ROW ONE — Richard Smith: Palos Verdes; Mechanical Engineering; Putnam Hall. Robert Smith: Bellevue; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Robin Smith: San Marino; History; Alphi Phi. Sharon Smith: Windsor; English; Spens-Black Hall. ROW TWO — Sheila Smith: Beverly Hills; Political Science; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Speakers Committee. Susan Smith: Yuba City; Bacteriology. Suzanne Smith: Berkeley; History; Delta Delta Delta; Student Opinion Polls. Valentine Smith: Studio City; English; Cal Prep; Treble Clef. ROW THREE — Helene Smookler: Lakewood; Political Science; Women ' s Judicial Committee; Tower and Flame; Regents Scholar. Clinton Snyder: LaPorte, Texas; Chemistry. D. Douglas Snyder: Denver; Electrical Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. Phillip Snyder: Anaheim; Chemical Engineering; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. ROW FOUR — Steven Solter: San Francisco; History. Myung Son: Daly City; Mathematics; Ritter Hall; Honor Students Society. Berenice Sooy: Piedmont; Janet Sorlien: Sudbury, Massachusetts; English. ROW FIVE — Conde Souarera: Gaonal, Republic of Guinea; West Africa; Sandra Southwell: Dixon; French. Alden Spafford: Stockton; Linguistics; Tellefsen Hall; Cal Band; Straw Hat Band. Julie Sperr: Huntsville, Alabama; Speech Senior Class Secretary-Treasurer; Orientations Board Vice-Chairman; Cal Prep Executive Committee; University Day; Publicity and Public Relations; Activities Fair Chairman; Gavel and Quill. ROW SIX — Andrew Spilker: Los Angeles; History; Zeta Beta Tau. Howard Spitzer: Los Angeles; Physics; Ehrman Hall. Susan Sprague: Whittier; Decorative Art; Gamma Phi Beta. Lana Spraker: Camarillo; Criminology; Cal Prep; Women ' s Rifle Team Captain. ROW SEVEN — Gregory Spreen: San Marino; Business Administration; Psi Upsilon. Kay Springer: San Francisco; Journalism; Kappa Delta; Model; Panhellenic Model; Ski Club. Wayne Spruce: Los Banos; Zoology; Delta Chi. Richard Stafford: Burbank; Physics; Bowles Hall. ROW EIGHT — Nancy Stair: Whittier; History; Alpha Omicron Pi; Oski Dolls; " Blue and Gold. " Shirley Stange: Sebastopol; Psychology; Phi Mu; Overseas Information Council; " Blue and Gold. " Alan Stangenberger: Mill Valley; Forestry; Bowles Hall; Forestry Club; Society of American Foresters; Xi Sigma Pi; Honor Students Society. Joan Stanley: Guatemala; Spanish. ROW NINE — Judd Stanley: San Marino; Business Administration; Lambda Chi Alpha. Rich Stanley: El Sobrante; Mathematics-Statistics; Honor Students Society; Cal Band. Dean St. Clair: Pacific Palisades; Architecture; Deutsch Hall; FCDB, DSAC. Dan Stearns: Sunnyvale; Electrical Engineering; Deutsch Hall; Intramurals, FCDB, DSAC. ROW TEN — Cecelia Stephens: Berkeley; Zoology; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sharmen Sterling: Glendale; Spanish. Steve Sternberg: Pacific Palisades; Accounting; Sigma Chi; Varsity Basketball. Janet Stevens: San Francisco; History; Alpha Delta Pi. ROW ONE — Phil Stevens: Lafayette; Operations Research; Kappa Sigma. Sandra Stevens: Canoga Park; Spanish; Association Internationale des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales. Susan Steward: Oakland; Social Welfare. Allen Stewart: Pasadena; Economics; Phi Kappa Sigma; Crew; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Beta Beta. ROW TWO — Bonny Stewart: Edina, Minnesota; Communications and Public Policy; Delta Gamma; Life Guard Corps; Theta Sigma Phi. Dennis Stewart: Whittier; Political Science. Zeb Stewart: San Francisco; Anthropology; Psi Upsilon. Judith Stine: Sierra Madre; Psychology. ROW THREE — Larry Stock: Altadena; Civil Engineering. Emily Stoebe: San Sociology; Alpha Xi Delta. Mary Ann Stone: Delano; Sociology; Chi Omega. Frances Stout: Berkeley; Comparative Literature. understanding ROW ONE — Robert Strand: Oakland; Electrical Engineering; UC Society of Electrical Engineers. James Strang: Taft; Mechanical Engineering; Delta Upsilon; Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Honor Students Society. Thomas Stratton, Jr.: San Pablo; Civil Engineering; Deutsch Hall; Theta Tau. Lorita Stringari: Watsonville; English; Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Rally Committee. ROW TWO — Bob Stricklin: Berkeley; International Business; Theta Delta Chi. Sandra Striebel: Oakland; French. Gina Max Stritzler: San Francisco; Journalism. William Strobel: Petaluma; Chemical Engineering; Ridge House; Honor Students Society. ROW THREE — Gay Strom: Piedmont; Political Science; Prytanean, Panhellenic Board, Alpha Epsilon Phi, SERF Board. Antonie Stroeve: Berkeley, Mechanical Engineering; Flying Club, Judo Club, American Society of Mechanical Engineers. James Stuart: Oakland; Political Science; Sigma Phi. Phyllis Studebaker: Lafayette; English. ROW FOUR — Thomas Sturges: Berkeley; Business Administration; Delta Upsilon; Winged Helmet. Miles Sturgis: San Francisco; Economics; Alpha Kappa Lambda. Grace Sturm: North Hollywood; English; Ida Sproul Hall; Collegians; Theta Sigma Phi. Enrique Suarez del Solar: Albany; Mechanical Engineering; Honor Students Society; Soccer. ROW FIVE — Steven Suchard: North Hollywood; Chemistry; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. Susan Sucher: Castro Valley; Food Science; Cal Council; Delta Phi Epsilon; Nutritional Sciences Club. Donald Sudnikoff: San Francisco; Electrical Priestley Hall; Electrical Engineers Society. John Sullivan: Los Altos; Civil Ridge House; American Society of Civil Engineers. ROW SIX — Robert Sullivan: Marina; Mechanical Engineering; Deutsch Hall; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. James Sundal: Gardena; Business Administration; Kappa Delta Rho. Jack Super: South Africa; Chemical Engineering. Thomas Sutak: Berkeley; Criminology; Barrington Hall; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. ROW SEVEN — Cynthia Sutcliffe: San Francisco; History; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Card Stunts; International Relations Board. Jamie Sutton: Piedmont; Political Science; Delta Tau Delta; Cal Club; Californians; Order of the Golden Bear; Head Yell Leader; Rally and Games Council; Megaphone Society; ASUC Cabinet; International Week; Freshman Executive Committee; Sophomore Class Council; Junior Class Council; Junior Class Steering Committee; Senior Class Council; President ' s Committee on Special Ski Club; Africa Desk; University Affairs; Master of Ceremonies, Axe Revue; Tennis; Soccer; Rugby. Kay Sutton: Los Angeles; Dramatic Art; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Roger Swanson: Stoneybrook, New York; Business Administration; Kappa Sigma. ROW EIGHT — Roger Swanson: Sacramento; Business Administration; Theta Delta Chi. David Sweeney: Santa Rosa; Business Administration; Putnam Hall. Stefan Swierkowski: Sacramento; Electrical Engineering; Putnam Hall; Tau Beta Pi. John Swing: San Mechanical Engineering; Tau Kappa Epsilon. ROW NINE — Cary Swoveland: Montrose; Agricultural Economics; Theta Delta Chi. Douglas Sykes: Los Angeles; Accounting; Tennis. Carolyn Syphers: Arcadia; Spanish; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; International Week; Spring Sing; Lambda Delta Sigma. Heather Taapken: Oakland; Sociology; University Chorus; " Pelican " ; Bowling. ROW TEN — Kenneth Tachiki: Chula Vista; Plant Nutrition and Soil Science; Judo; Football. Fanny Tai: Hong Kong; English; Ritter Hall; Chinese Students Association. Tatou Takahama: Japan; Journalism; Oxford Hall; Chinese Students Club. Yoshie Takahashi: Oakland; Diatetics; Nutritional Sciences Club, Nisei Students Club. laughter ... as ludwig peers ROW ONE — Joanne Takeda: Alameda; Political Science. Patty Takei: Stockton; Anthropology; Ritter Hall. Marilyn Talken: Martinez; French; Stern Hall; Recreation Newman Club. Lynne Talman: Prairie Village, Kansas; French. ROW TWO — Sarah Chui-Din Tam: Hong Kong; Social Welfare. William Tango: Richmond; Chemistry; Honor Students Society; Student Affiliates American Chemical Society. Alan Tanisawa: San Lorenzo; Physiology; Pre-Med Society; Cal Judo Club. Jerald Tantillo: San Francisco; Zoology; Norton Hall; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Pre-Med Society. ROW THREE — James Tappan: Berkeley; Psychology; Arnold Air Society; Pre-Med Society; Swimming. Stephen Tapson: Berkeley; History; Sigma Phi; Golden Guard; Inter-Fraternity Council, Judo Club; Debating Club; Ski Club; Tennis; Wrestling. Timothy Tarpley: Venice; Psychology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Soccer; Baseball. Taubitz: Pasadena; Business Administration-Accounting. ROW FOUR — Patricia Taylor: Chico; Business Administration; Ida Spro ul Hall. Patricia Ann Taylor: Fresno; Landscape Architecture; Landscape Design Club. Emily Teale: Palo Alto; Anthropology; Alpha Delta Pi. Francine Territo: Yuba City; Ida Sproul Hall. ROW FIVE — Mary Elizabeth Terry: Walnut Creek; History; Chi Omega. Richard Terry: San Francisco; Zoology; Beta Theta Pi; Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys. Jane Tetley: Carmel; English; Alpha Phi. Randy Thaman: Orinda; Geography-Pre-Medical; Beta Theta Pi; Winged Helmet, Rugby, Soccer. ROW SIX — Nancy Thatcher: Beverly Hills; Sociology; Delta Gamma; Project Robert Theel: Rochester, Minnesota; Architecture; Beta Theta Pi; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Berkeley Big Brother Project. Karen Thole: Oakdale; Political Science; Delta Zeta. Anthony Thomas: Santa Cruz; History; Phi Beta Kappa; Honor Students Society; Hiking Club. ROW SEVEN — Diane Thomas: Los Angeles; Physical Education; Zeta Tau Alpha; CAPHER; Collegians; Riflery. Tom Thomas: Pasadena; Business Administration; Psi Upsilon; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; Basketball. Richard Thompson: San Francisco; Zoology; Zeta Psi. Susan Thompson: Berkeley; Psychology; Cunningham Hall; Residence Halls Coordinating Board; Collegians. ROW EIGHT — Malcom Thornley, Jr.: Seattle, Washington; History; Order of the Golden Bear; Senior Class Council; Crew; Stiles Hall, YMCA. Kenneth Tietz: Menlo Park; Political Science; Psi Upsilon; Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet; Golden Guard. Darryl Ting: Maui, Hawaii; Chemical Engineering; Alpha Chi Sigma; American Institute of Chemical Engineering; Judo Club. Joe Toft: Oakland; Criminology; Soccer; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. ROW NINE — Greg Tolson: San Francisco; Communications and Public Policy; Pi Lambda Phi. Brenda Tom: Honolulu, Hawaii; Comparative Literature; Honor Students Society. Chris Tomine: Alameda; Engineering Physics. Patricia Tong: Newark; ROW TE N — Noelle Toombs: Berkeley; Psychology. Carol Toriumi: San Francisco; Anthropology. Don Mei Tow: Placerville; Physics. Joe Townsend: Piedmont; Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta. from his bubble bath ...studies and late nights... the spirit of joining in ... all these belong to cal ROW ONE—Leigh Townsend: Carmichael; Mechanical Engineering; Deutsch Hall; American Society of Mechanical Engineering; Ski Club. Ronald Townsend: Daly City; Chemistry; Honor Students Society. Bob Travaille: Berkeley; Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta. Joe Trevors: Ventura; Zoology; Norton Hall. Eugene Trotter: Bakersfield; Business Administration; Delta Upsilon. John Trouton: Berkeley; Architecture; Phi Kappa Tau; Honor Students Society. Barbara Trowbridge: Oakland; Geography. Trudy Trudeau: Pomona; Political Science; Alpha Delta Chi; Honor Students Society; Forestry Club. Shun Kai Tse: Hong Kong; Architecture; Chinese Students Association, " Daily Californian. " ROW TWO — Yuk Sing Tse: Hong Kong; Chemical Engineering. Amy Nobuko Tsuji: San Diego; History; Ida Sproul Hall. Ronald Tsunehara: Seattle, Washington; Chemical Engineering; Tower and Flame; American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Thomas Turner: Berkeley; Political Science; Tau Kappa Epsilon; Varsity Yell Leader. Robert Tusquellas: Beverly Hills; Business Administration; Deutsch Hall. Sue Tyler: Los Angeles; Music; Bay View Terrace. John Ueberroth: Sunnyvale; Business Adm inistration; Delta Tau Delta; Quarterdeck Society; Water Polo. Sandra Underwood: Lafayette; Painting; Sigma Kappa; Union Program Board Art Committee. Joltn Upshur: San Francisco; Business Administration; Phi Delta Theta. ROW THREE—David Urrea: San Francisco; Physical Education; Phi Gamma Delta; Football. Darlene Ushiro: Oakland; Social Science. Stephen Vance: Lafayette; Political Science. Peter Van der Naillen: Sausalito; Economics; Sigma Nu. Gail Van Groos: Woodland Hills; French; Zeta Tau Alpha. Linda Van Tonningen: Bakersfield; Communications and Public Policy; Alpha Chi Omega; Constitutions Council; Polls Council. Nicholas Van Valkenburgh: Monrovia; Business Administration; Arnold Air Society; and Public Relations; University Affairs Committee. Gail Van Winkle; San Mateo; History; Alpha Xi Delta; Tower and Flame, " Blue and Gamma Delta Epsilon, Campus Tours. Parviz Varjavand: Iran; Architecture. hours on end ROW ONE — Ralph Vatalaro: Chateancoux, France; Engineering. Lula Veteto: Oceanside; Kappa Alpha Theta. Mary Vetter: Coronado; History; Alpha Gamma Delta. Donald Vickers: Wilmington; Architecture; Sigma Nu. ROW TWO — Terry Viele: Berkeley; History; Delta Kappa Epsilon. Dona Villarreal: Los Gatos; Psychology. Suzanne Vivrette: Fullerton; Political Science. Carolyn Vogt: Birmingham, Michigan; Zoology; Bay View Terrace; Honor Students Society. ROW THREE—David Von Terstegge: Oakland; Spanish. Sandy Von Wald: Berkeley; English. Nick Vrionis: San Francisco; Electrical Engineering; Bowles Hall. Geraldine Wakiji: Pasadena; Dietetics; Nutritional Sciences Club; Nisei Students Club. ROW FOUR—Jerry Wallace: Clayton; History; Kappa Alpha. Pamela Wallace: Corte Madera; Art; Zeta Tau Alpha. Sandra Waller: San Francisco; Anthropology; Publicity and Public Relations; Senior Class Council; Crop ' n Saddle Club. Robert Walley: San Francisco; Zoology; PreMed Society; International Relations Project. ROW FIVE — Carol Wallner: Sanger; Psychology; Delta Zeta; " Blue and Gold " ; Theta Sigma Phi, treasurer. Philip Walson: Norwalk; Chemistry; Wrestling Team, Co-Captain; Honor Students Society. Victoria Walter: Santa Barbara; Business Administration. Jack Walters: San Francisco; Architecture; Chi Alpha Kappa. ROW SIX — Kerry Walton: Redwood City; Physiology. Catherine Ward: Oakland; Letters and Science. Coburn Ward: Berkeley; Mathematics. Eileen Ward: San Francisco; Political Science; " Blue and Gold. " ROW SEVEN — Roger Ware: Santa Cruz; Mathematics. Berna Warner: Northridge; English. Robert Warren: Monmouth, New Jersey; Psychology; Cal Band; Straw Hat Band; Honor Students Society. A. Adele Warwick: Santa Barbara; English. ROW EIGHT — Kathleen Wasson: Geyserville; Psychology. Jeffrey Watanabe: Hawaii; Political Science. Kimiko Watanabe: Tokyo, Japan; Decorative Art; Honor Students Society. Letitia Weager: Redwood City; Sociology; Indonesian-American Society; Honor Students Society. ROW NINE — George Weathersby: Concord; Engineering Physics; Norton Hall; Californians; Order of the Golden Bear; Rally Committee; Honor Students Society; Tower and Flame; Regents Scholar; Tau Beta Pi. Willis Webb: Santa Monica; History; Deutsch Hall; Volleyball. Fred Webster: San Francisco; Business Administration; Honor Students Society. James Weeks: Glendale; Industrial Engineering; Administrative Assistant to the ASUC President; American Institute of Industrial Engineers; Californians. ROW TEN — Donald Wehe: Kentfield; Mechanical Engineering; Theta Chi; Alchemy Club. Michael Wehr: St. Helena; Food Science; Alpha Kappa Lambda. Donn Weipert: San Luis Obispo; Industrial Engineering; Student Orientations Service; American Institute of Industrial Engineers. William Wier: Mill Valley; Business Administration. ROW ONE — Tom Weisenburger: San Francisco; Psychology; Bowles Hall; Varsity Soccer, Captain; Regents Scholar. Thomas Weisman: San Francisco; Sociology; Norton Hall. Bruce Weiss: Los Alamos; Civil Engineering; Delta Upsilon; Winged Helmet; Skull and Keys; House President. Cary W eiss: Los Angeles; Zoology. ROW TWO—Jo Kathleen Weiss: Los Angeles; Political Science; Alpha Epsilon Phi; Big C Sirkus, Chairman. Ronald Weiss: Claremont; Economics; Deutsch Hall; Financial Advisor, Senior Class. Gail Weissman: Berkeley; Communications and Public Policy. Richard Weitzenberg: Sacramento; Civil Engineering; Bowles Hall; American Society of Civil Engineering. ROW THREE — Kenneth Weller: Berkeley; Electrical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Honor Students Society. Nancy Wells: Martinez; Decorative Art; Alpha Chi Omega; Women ' s Judicial Committee. Leslie Welsh: San Francisco; Business Alpha Xi Delta; Sports Club; Gamma Delta Epsilon; Phi Chi Theta. Albert Welti: Del Mar; Mathematics; Theta Delta Chi. in the library ROW ONE — Toby Werthman: Walnut Creek; Political Science; Delta Zeta; Junior, Senior, Class Councils; Gavel and Quill; Honor Students Society. Ronald Wesley: Park; Biochemistry; Ridge House. Robert Wetherell: Berkeley; Mathematics. Douglas Whaley: Oakland; Communications and Public Policy; Phi Kappa Psi. ROW TWO — Janet Wheeler: Altadena; History; Phi Mu. Marvin Whetstone: Oakland; Paleontology; Glee Club. Richard Whitaker: Berkeley; Economics; Alpha Chi Rho. Barbara White: Pasadena; History. ROW THREE — Bill White: San Bernardino; Genetics; Sigma Phi Epsilon; Orientations Council, Chairman; Ski Club.Cherri White: Sausalito; History; Delta Delta Delta; Treble Clef; Collegians; Ski Club; Yacht Club; Crop ' n Saddle; Axe Review; Senior Class Council. Christine White: Monterery; English; Davidson Hall. Edward White: Yuba City; Biochemistry; Varsity Soccer. ROW FOUR Grace White: Pleasant Hill; Political Science; Honor Students Society. Richard White: San Diego; Chemistry; Ehrman Hall. Ronald White: Berkeley; Electrical Engineering; UC Society of Electrical Engineers. Russell White: Los Angeles; Veterinary Medicine; Phi Kappa Tau. ROW FIVE — Joan Whitehead: Lafayette; Physical Education; Treble Clef, Manager; Jade; Student Orientations Service; WAA. Phil Whitehorn: Lafayette; Real Estate; Phi Delta Theta. John Whiteway: Berkeley; Psychology; Alpha Chi Rho. Barbara Whiting: Lafayette; Political Science; Sigma Kappa. ROW SIX — Trent Whitington: South Laguna; Agricultural Economics; Sigma Chi. Candis Whittemore: Newport Beach; Speech; Delta Gamma. Sharon Wickliffe: Escondido; Decorative Art. Barbara Wieder: San Francisco; Social Welfare. ROW SEVEN — Michael Wiehl: Long Beach; Political Science; Psi Upsilon. Joe Sacramento; Chemistry; Bowles Hall; Varsity Baseball; California Alumni Scholarship. Timothy Wilcox: Carmichael; Psychology. Thomas Wilcox: San Francisco; Engineering Physics; Yacht Club; Judo Club; Tau Beta Pi; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. ROW EIGHT — Bert Williams: Santa Clara; Political Science. Henry Williams: Beverly Hills; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Psi. Marian Williams: Los Angeles; English; Treble Clef. Ray Williams: Costa Mesa; Business Administration; Delta Tau Delta. ROW NINE — Susan Williams: Dover, Massachusetts; Art History; Union Program Board; Art Committee; Tennis Team; Ski Club; French Club. William Williams: San Francisco; Business Administration. George Williamson: Burlingame; Civil Engineering; Phi Kappa Psi. Sue Wills: Bankok, Thailand; Social Science; Delta Delta Delta. ROW TEN — James Willwerth: Novato; Political Science; Delta Sigma Phi; " Daily Californian, " Assistant Editor; Sigma Delta Chi, President. Frederick Wilmar: Moraga; Business Administration; Chi Phi; Golden Guard. Stephen Wilmoth: Berkeley; Sculpture. Ann Wilson: Los Altos; History; Pi Beta Phi. in the sunset... ROW ONE — Bettye Wilson: Oakland; Genetics; Oski Dolls; President, Delta Sigma Theta. Deanne Wilson: Belmont; History; Kappa Delta; Hospitality Program; Bowling. Donald Wilson: Rialto; Economics. Jane Wilson: Hayward; Criminology; Alpha Xi Delta; Lambda Alpha Epsilon. ROW TWO — Jon Wilson: San Fernando; Zoology; Kappa Sigma. Wayne Wilson, Jr.: Thousand Oaks; Physics; Bowles Hall; Honor Students Society. David Wineland: Physics; Norton Hall; Honor Students Society; Phi Kappa Phi; S ki Club. Gail Winger: Oakdale; Psychology; Davidson Hall. ROW THREE — Richard Winger: Antioch; Political Science; Priestley Hall. Sheldon Winnick: Woodland Hills; Zoology; Sigma Alpha Mu; Baseball. Janice Winsor: Palo Alto; Humanities. Reginald Winssinger: Brussels, Belgium; Geography; Alpha Kappa Lambda; Soccer. ROW FOUR — Doyle Wiseman: Fairfield; Business Administration; Kappa Delta Rho. Robert Wnukowski: San Francisco; Criminology; Lambda Alpha Epsilon; Crew. James Wolfe: Santa Clara; Physics; Priestley Hall. Alice Wong: Oakland; Communications and Public Policy; Chinese Students Club; Californian " Manager. ROW FIVE — Ginger Wong: Sacramento; Psychology. Isis Wong: Stockton; French. Wong: Madera; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers. Victoria Wong: Sacramento; Public Health; Sigma Omicron Pi; Chinese Students Club. ROW SIX — Winnie Wong: Oakland; Oriental Languages; Chinese Students Association; Chinese Students Club. Karen Woo: San Francisco; Communications and Public Policy — English; Tower and Flame; University Chorus; Collegian Singers; Chinese Students Club; Chinese Students Association. Karen Woodbury: Davis; Art History; Peace Corps Le Cercle Francais; Africa Desk. Robert Woodland: Kearny, New York; Business Administration; Alpha Kappa Psi. ROW SEVEN — Barry Woodruff: Lafayette; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Tau. Andrew Woods: Burlingame; History; Griffiths Hall; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society. John Woods: Long Beach; Economics; Rally Committee. Don Worden: Covina; Forestry; Sigma Chi; Californians; Arnold Air Society; Boxing. ROW EIGHT — Dale Workman: Alameda; Business Administration; Phi Kappa Sigma. Dana Wright: Pasadena; Art History; Gamma Phi Bet a; Card Stunts Committee; Ski Club; Speakers Program; Riding Club. Mary Wright: Placerville; Spanish; Association Internationale Des Etudiants en Sciences Economiques et Commerciales. Katherine Wuertele: Berkeley; Social Science; Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board; Prytanean; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Commuter-Independent Executive Board; " Blue and Gold, " Editor; Copy Editor, Activities Editor; Publications Board; Theta Sigma Phi. ROW NINE — James Wurschmidt: Chico; Business Administration; Putnam Hall. Darryl Yago: Sacramento; Physical Education; Priestley Hall; Student Orientations Service. Wai Hung Yam: Hong Kong; Electrical Engineering; Eta Kappa Nu. Michio Yamaguchi: San Francisco; Architecture; Euclid Hall. ROW TEN — George Yano: Los Altos; Business Administration; Smyth Hall; Nisei Club, Vice-President. Hok Yap: Albany; Architecture. Linda Yap: Business Phi Chi Theta; Women ' s Rally Committee. Stephen Yarnell: Pasadena; Tower and Flame; Honor Students Society; Delta Phi Lambda; Pi Sigma Alpha. solitude... remembering our days here... dreaming of the future as we, the seniors go forth to a new beginning ROW ONE — Fred Ybarra: Riverside; Mathematics-Statistics; Alpha Phi Omega; Elections Council Chairman. Rendow Yee: Sacramento; Civil Tower and Flame; American Society of Civil Engineers. Clifford Yokomizo: Oakland; Mechanical Engineering; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Pi Tau Sigma. Barbara Yost: Richmond; ROW TWO — Kun Youn: Berkeley; Chemical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi. Geraldine Young: Oakland; Biological Sciences. Julie Young: Los Angeles; Spanish; Delta Gamma; Women ' s Rally Committee; Torch and Shield. Mike Young: San Francisco; German; Alpha Epsilon Pi; Tower and Flame. ROW THREE — Peggy Young: San Gabriel; Spanish. Ronald Young: San Francisco; Finance; Pi Alpha Phi. Ronald Young: Glendale; Mechanical Engineering; Alpha Tau Omega. Hing-Cheng Yuen: Hong Kong; Civil Engineering; American Society of Civil Engineers; Glee Club; Chinese Students Association. ROW FOUR — Kaye Yuen: Los Angeles; Mechanical Engineering; Bowles Hall; American Society of Mechanical Engineers; Photo Club; Chinese Students Club. Wei-Ling Yuen: San Jose; Biological Sciences. Adachi Yukiko: Berkeley; Criminology. Rosemarie Yule: Japan; Communications and Public Policy; Spens-Black Hall; Oski Dolls; Le Cercle Francais. ROW FIVE — William Yunt: Lindsay; Economics; Cal Band; Straw Hat Band; Putnam Hal! Association. Haim Zaklad: Israel; Mechanical Engineering; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Tau Sigma. Walter Zech; Santa Ana; Zoology; Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President. Tina Zee: San Diego; Bacteriology; Ida Sproul Hall; Honor Students Society. ROW SIX — Ronald Zeiger: Los Angeles; Electrical Engineering; Society of Electrical Engineers. Pam Zekman: Chicago, Illinois; English; Alpha Epsilon Phi. ROW SEVEN — Jacqueline Zeller: Los Angeles; Sociology; Treble Clef. John Zerolis: Berkeley; Political Science; " Daily Californian. " ROW EIGHT — Isabel Zlot: Vallejo; Decorative Art. Bernice Zuckerman: Walnut Creek; Nutritional Sciences; Alpha Epsilon Phi. ROW NINE — Nancy Zuckerman: Santa Monica; Political Science. Joan Zukin: Sherman Oaks; Political Science; Stern Hall; AWS Activities Senior Week Committee. ROW TEN — Barbara Zupnik: Burbank; Business Administration; Hall; Phi Chi Theta. Madeline Zysman: Los Angeles; Social Welfare. The Pilgrimage was for many Seniors the last time that they would see the Berkeley campus. The crowning touch to the week of festivities was the Banquet and Ball in San Francisco. At midnight, the Senior Sweetheart was crowned, as the seniors danced into the morning that brought their commencement and farewell to Cal. The Baccalaureate at Hertz Hall reminded the seniors that their carefree days were over, and that more serious concerns would now arise to challenge their four years of preparation. class of ' 65 The President ' s and Chancellor ' s Reception at House gave many seniors a chance to renew their acquaintance with the men who had contributed so much to making Cal a great university. Besides holding the traditional Senior Farewell at LaVal ' s, replete with wine, women and song, the Gin Fizz Breakfast (what better way to begin their last day as seniors?), and the Alumni Luncheon, to which both the seniors and their parents were invited, the Class of ' 65 re-established the as an event of Senior Week. The seniors ventured by land and sea to the fores ts primeval on Angel Island, to enjoy a from Berkeley with steaks and punch ' 65. The year has been one of turmoil and trial for the University as well as for each one of us. The four years here at Berkeley, and especially this senior year, have equipped us more fully to deal with the challenges of the outside world. We have questioned, we have listened, we have learned, we have indulged, we have tolerated. At the University we have had time to experiment; let us hope that we have used this time well in our insulated circumstances, for after today, what we do will have concrete consequences. revive senior week activities of bygone years Commencement exercises, June 1965. Pete Greenough President Linda Jo Brown Vice-President Members of the Class of ' 66 again demonstrated their spirit and originality with the slate of activities they sponsored this year. Besides the rooter ' s train for the USC game and conducting the Santa Claus Contest to support Cal Camp, both traditionally junior projects, the Class of ' 66 sponsored the Hop " at Christmas, an auction, and a special dinner at LaVal ' s later in the year. To raise money for their of activities, and to increase the fervor of Big Game Week, juniors sold red " lick Stanford " suckers. However, the most important event for the junior class this year, was the founding of Optime, a class activities honorary society, roughly comparable to the Brick Muller Society for Freshmen. The purpose of initiating this organization was to infuse spirit into and promote union among the members of the junior class. Chip Bell Yell Leader junior class sponsors founds optime Carolyn Owens Secretary-Treasurer santa, JUNIOR CLASS COUNCIL — Row One: Ann Killebrew, Brenda Manning, Melinda Merritt, Barbara Row Two: Bob Portnoy, JoJo Donsky, Sharon Rokeach, Meredith Sabini, Pam Routh, Ellen Schlachter, George Baker. Row Three: Linda Jo Brown, Pete Greenough, Lurlie Moore, Joan Schminke, Kandy Riave, Carolyn Owens, Sandy Wallace, Jim Warren. Junior class members sponsored a rooter ' s train to the Cal-USC game, in the fall. sophs sell balloons sponsor kennedy library revive vigilatettes Gary Lilienthal Vice-President Ed Moffatt President Betsy Cohen Secretary-Treasurer The Sophomore class began their activities this year with the traditional Frosh-Soph Brawl and a highly successful All-U-Weekend Dance held in the Pauley Ballroom on Halloween Eve. In November, members of the Class of ' 67 sold 3000 helium filled yellow balloons which said Stanford. " These were released from the California rooting section during the pre-game spirit activities. Sponsoring the Kennedy Library Fund on campus, a folk music concert, a Cultural Night in San Francisco specifically for class members, and reviving the Soph Vigilatettes, a group which maintained high class spirits by keeping the Big C gold, were also projects of the busy sophomores. They climaxed the year with Soph Week and the election of the Soph Doll. Mike Gallagher Yell Leader Each spring, the sophomore class selects a girl to reign as Soph Doll for the year. Sterling Hilleary, a Kappa Alpha Theta from Sacramento, was chosen Soph Doll for 1964, and crowned at the coronation dance climaxing Soph Week. Sterling is an English major who loves to read and enjoys writing poetry. She has served as the Theta rush and has been an Oski Doll. This year, Sterling is active on campus as an AWS model. Sterling Hilleary Soph Doll SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL—Row One: Joni Jackson, Martha Abel, Joan Chapel, Barry Perlman, Gary Lapid. Row Two: Wilda Hannon, Dave John Kinnear, Betsy Cohen, Kathy Fredricks, Ed Moffat. class of ' 68 stages rally held in 27 Bruce Roberts President Bruce Wild Vice-President Deeanne Madden Secretary-Treasurer Jim O ' Connor Yell Leader first frosh years The tug-of-war between classes is a traditional event at the Frosh-Soph Brawl. The Freshman Class, taking great pride in being the Centennial Class of Cal, sponsored many fun-filled and activities, with an emphasis on spirit and service. They held a Freshman Class Rally, the first one in 27 years, a spaghetti dinner, and a bowling In addition, the Class of ' 68 took part in the Santa Claus Contest, the Ugly Man Contest, and the Big Sirkus, all activities supporting Cal Camp. Upholding tradition, the Freshmen came through with successful class efforts in the Frosh-Soph Brawl, a Frosh Big Game RF on Stanford, and in the Brick Muller Society, a spirit group. They also kept the rally bonfires burning and the Big painted green! The spirit and enthusiasm of the Class of ' 68 has set a high for the next century of Freshman classes at Cal. The Bear may have in recent years, but the Frosh class has revived him with this year ' s activities. frosh, soph battle at tug-of-war, painting big " c " The final activity at the Brawl was a race to the Big " C " on the hill behind the Memorial Stadium, where Frosh and Sophs battled to paint the " C. " optime founded for juniors This year ' s Junior Class, in of the need for an honor formed Optime. This new is made up of the outstanding Juniors of the University. Like Brick Muller, Optime ' s main purpose is to build spirit and union within the Junior Class. OPTIME — Row One: Daphne Budge, Nancy Tyson, Jean Kalbach, Carol Childs, Meg Olson, Barbara Ewing, Linda Jo Brown. Row Two: Chip Bell, Pete Greenough, Del Pletcher, Ed Lebb, Lynnie Schwartz, Jennifer Peak, Bryan Gerstel, Ann French, Maryly Snow, Maureen Duffy. Row Three: Bill Heel, Mike Kahan, Dave Van Atta, Buck Kingman, John Garamendi, Barbara Reichmuth, Ron Rosen. Not Pictured: Marily Allen, Judy Coates, Joanne Corday, Dave Dwight, Stan Dzura, Dan Griset, Jim Hunt, Jay Jacobus, Wayne Jower, Sharon Mock, Jerry Mosher, John Roberts, Frank Rossi, Sandy Roth. brick muller society completes 2nd year June marks the completion of the second year of activities for the Brick Muller Society. Named for Cal ' s first All-American football player, the group is composed of 100 Freshman who are actively engaged in spirit at Freshman football and basketball games and in class activities. Working with the Freshman Class and its officers, the members of the society sponsor rooters buses to Frosh games, have rallies for Frosh teams, and actively man the Frosh Rooting Section. A campus group for only two years, Brick Muller is one of the leading spirit societies at the University. BRICK MULLER— Row One: Greg Dobbs, Bruce Wasserman, Bruce Wild, Karen Berdahl, Nancy Platt, Jud Whyte, Larry Yasmer, Row Two: George Lukes, Maureen Duffy, Mike Cohen, Lanny Hernandez. Row Three: Roosevelt Williams, Andi Berrin, Kathy Leonard, Sharon Shyer, Cathy Mulvy, Jane Dickel, Sue Gershenson, Joy Weinstein. Row Four: Gene Pavitt, Bob Colt, Alexis Sifford, Claire Noonan, John Merryman, Brian Herbert, Alfreda Fry, Penny Scholnick. Row Five: Sharon Lane, Pat Brautigan, Janeen Knight, Holly Childhouse, Rosy Nielson, Bette Heuler, Karin Klein, Bill Young. Row Six: David Bard, Kathy Koenig, Carol Schmidt, Deborah Schnell, Leslie Urch, Wendy Stone, Trudi Sanders, Starr Scott, Marie Prasher, Charles Palmer, Tom French. Row Seven: Andy Smith, Pamela Reiser, Bill Dopkins, Cammie Thomson, Merle Panick, Dan Gerber, Marian McCord, Al Graf, Jo Edelheit, Fritz Lichty, Bruce Roberts, Jenny Peterson, Tom Griffith. ACTIVITIES To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to weep, and time to laugh; A time to mourn, and a time to dance; A time to get, and a time to lose, A time to keep, and a time to cast away; A time to rend, and a time to sew, A time to keep silence, and a time to speak; A time to love, and a time to hate; A time of war, and a time of peace. — asuc organizational structure ASUC CABINET VOTING MEMBERS ASUC President — 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President FSB Chairman IRB Chairman AWS Chairman MEB Chairman SSB Chairman UPB Chairman Pub. Bd. Chairman P PR Chairman D. C. Rep. Class Presidents NON VOTING MEMBERS NSA Ex. Dir. ASUC SENATE VOTING MEMBERS ASUC President — 1st Vice-President 2nd Seven ASUC Representatives-At-Large Sorority Fraternity Men ' s Women ' s Men ' s Women ' s Rep. Rep. Residence Residence Co-op Co-op Rep. Rep. Rep. Rep. Two Faculty Chancellor Alumni Commuters Rep. Rep. Rep. Rep. NON VOTING MEMBERS NSA Rep. D. C. Rep. Ex. Dir. Charlie Powell President charlie powell heads asuc This was a year in which much had to be done in order for the ASUC to emerge with positive direction and The campaign platforms of last year, advocating a " voluntary ASUC " or " Abolish the ASUC " had been decisively voted down by the association members, but there were many who looked to the ASUC for a more meaningful program. Realizing that this was the case, the three executive officers, during the summer, worked on the framework of a plan which would begin to correct some of our greatest problems as well as provide more meaningful and worthwhile programs. The following are the improvements planned for our problem areas: 1. In the region of communication, an FM Radio Station, of broadcasting throughout the Bay Area and reaching commuters and independents, is planned. Also an Association Report to go out to each member and better inform him of structure, finances, and of the Association, and an ASUC Polls Council, which uses quoto-control methods in order to render opinion polls valid within a few days on the basis of 400 samples, are proposed. 2. In the field of effiency, an ASUC Training and Information Course providing basic ASUC information to better prepare representatives and Board Chairman for their jobs is scheduled. A Leadership Course, which is intended to give House and Club assistance, is also proposed. The following new programs and projects have been planned: 1. A Tutorial Program, which is intended to meet educational problems of many East Bay children as well as provide a real living experience for University students. 2. A Public Internship Program, which will provide summer work in Washington, D.C. for University students in public affairs. As I write this address to the Student Body, some of the aforementioned for progress ' ' have gone into effect; others are soon to be realized, and still more will be added. This year the ASUC stepped out to provide new challenges to its student body. Charles Powell president ' s right hand Jerry Goldstein First Vice-President Sharon Mock Second Vice-President Cal ' s Jerry Goldstein and Sharon Mock the students as FIRST and SECOND respectively. As the Vice-Presidents, they were members of both the ASUC Senate and Cabinet. In the position of FIRST VICE-PRESIDENT, Jerry acted as the executive assistant to the President, making certain that the legislation passed by the Senate was enacted. Also, he served as chairman of the Finance Committee and the Union Advisory Board. With the construction of the new student office building, Jerry had the responsibility of allocating its office space. The office of SECOND VICE-PRESIDENT, held by Sharon Mock, exists as a strengthening factor in student-faculty relations. In carrying out her duties, Sharon served as Chairman of AWS and as a voting member of the ASUC Senate. She was Chairman of the Activities Evaluation Committee and the Speaker ' s Advisory Board in addition to being Cal ' s official hostess. REPRESENTATIVES — Row One: Joe Hacker, Paul Dekar, Sharon Cummings, Dan Griset, Carol Childs, Art Shartsis, Terri Corbelli. Row Two: David Maxwell, Mike Adams, Frank Rossi, Randy Pauley. A representative types up a motion he wishes to introduce at the next Senate meeting. Each year fifteen REPRESENTATIVES: seven and eight Area Representatives, are elected by the ASUC. The Area Representatives are chosen on the basis of their residence — Dormitory, Greek, or and are supposed to seek their particular constituency ' s sentiment on matters before the Senate. The Reps-at-Large debate matters in view of the total student population. As the voting members of the Senate, they determine the ASUC program and carry out its policies. This year, Dan Griset, Senior Rep-at-Large, was responsible for co-ordinating and directing the work done by the various representatives. voice of the students Cabinet member Al Frumkin discusses ASUC with a student. The Chairmen of the Functional Services Board, International Relations Board, Publicity and Public Relations Board, with the four class presidents, and the First and Second Vice-Presidents, comprise the voting membership of the CABINET. Non-voting members include the Editor of the Daily Californian, the NSA Coordinator, and the Executive Director. The CABINET is headed by the ASUC President and it performs the functions of the ASUC, the activities of the various boards and councils. CABINET — Row One: Adele Yamashiro, Margaret Duncan, Suzan Murdock. Row Two: Gay Johnston, Sue Mussallem, Julie Sperr, Charlie Powell, Clif Rhodes, Harold Heringhi, Sidney lsraels, Carl Jacobs. The ASUC FINANCE COMMITTEE is responsible for recommending to the Senate all expenditures for items and to review the annual ASUC budget prior to sending it to the Senate. At the close of each spring semester, those ASUC groups money for the coming year budget requests. From these expenditures and the projected revenue of the Association, the budget for the corning year is prepared and submitted to the ASUC Senate for approval. The FINIANCE COMMITTEE met this year under Chairman Jerry Goldstein, ASUC First Vice-President. leading bodies in the asuc FINANCE COMMITTEE—Row One: Jerry Goldstein, Garth Blier, Sue Mussallem, Carol Childs, Charlie Powell. Row Two: Mr. Canning, Dan Griset, Sid lsraels, Art Shartsis. Every undergraduate at Cal belongs to a student association, the Associated Students of the of California. This association is governed by the ASUC SENATE, a body which renders all legislative and final administrative authority. The SENATE is composed of twenty-one including the President and two seven Reps-at-Large, eight Area Reps, one Alumni Rep, one Chancellor ' s Rep, and one Faculty Rep. ASUC President Charlie Powell over the body. This year the SENATE a legislature calendar to make sure that the important interests of the students would be considered. Dan Griset, Senior Rep-at-Large, was instrumental in creating and maintaining this calendar. Items of importance this year included the parking shortage and on-campus political involvement. SENATE —Joe Hacker, Art Shartsis, Sharon Cummings, Terri Corbelli, David Maxwell, Mike Adams, Paul Dekar, Carol Childs, Charlie Powell, Sharon Mock, Virginia Furtney, Forrest Tregea, Dean Van Houten, Dr. Porter, Frank Rossi, Dan Griset, Randy Pauley. The STUDENT JUDICIAL COMMITTEE hears cases involving violations and proposes measures for the offender to the Serving as a sounding board for proposals arising in the ASUC Senate, the seven committee members offer opinions on the propositions and make suggestions for revisions or modifications. Last semester, the group conducted investigations into the honor code and other non-partisan issues involving student conduct. New members are nominated in the spring by the present group. STUDENT JUDICIAL COMMITTEE — Buzz Schulte, John Gage, Lori Jacobs, Floyd Hoffman, Marilyn Hughes, David Bordon, Edward Lebb. Not Pictured: Aileen Kennedy. guardians of the asuc constitution MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE is the complement of its female counterpart, and has jurisdiction over the disciplinary problems of men students. Violations cheating, theft, and plagiarism are referred by the Dean ' s Office to the committee for review. After trying a case, the group sends its decision to the Chancellor for further action. New members are selected by a series of interviews in the spring and are appointed by the Chancellor. MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE four seniors and three juniors. MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE — William McCormack, Dean of Students; Harvey Saferstein, Chairman; Roy Michael Kahan; Alex Krem; Jim Cherry; Joel Brewer. WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE has jurisdiction over disciplinary problems of women students on campus. It hears cases involving theft, cheating, and violations of AWS lockout regulations. After trying a case, the committee refers a decision for corrective measures to the Chancellor for further action. The group also a sub-committee to investigate annual revision of the AWS regulations. WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL is composed of four seniors and three juniors. New members are appointed by the Chancellor upon the current committee ' s recommendation and serve until graduation. WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE—Row One: Lynne Pat Musynski. Row Two: Sue Knopow, Marcia Patty Chapman, Hank Wharton, Nancy Wells. Although the ASUC is a student operated organization, it is necessary to employ a full time staff to run the businesses and to allow for long-range planning. The AUXILIARY ENTERPRISE MANAGERS are the heads of these businesses. among these enterprises are the ASUC Store, Bowling Lanes, Cal Lodge, Cap and Gown, and Games Room. are also provide d by the Accounting Office, Box Office, Check Cashing Service, Purchasing and Personnel Office. Garth Blier is the Controller of the ASUC and in that capacity is responsible for the financial and business activity of the Association. This includes accounting, budgeting, personnel, and purchasing. Mr. Blier previously worked as a Certified Public Accountant. ASUC PERMANENT PERSONNEL—Row One: Helen Lum, Mrs. Martin, Virginia Furtney. Row Two: Tregea, Stan Elliot, Garth Blier, James Berdahl, Charles Moos. overseers of the association Forrest Tregea Executive Director As administrative head of the ASUC, Tregea is responsible for the smooth functioning of the many integral parts of the organization. He has held this post since 1960; as the Executive Officer, he oversees the work of the ACTIVITIES STAFF, which includes the Activities the Director of Musical Activities, and the Publications Manager. These men give guidance and advice to the students in their respective organizations and help manage the daily problems that arise. Garth Blier Controller AUXILIARY ENTERPRISE MANAGERS — Row One: Garth Blier, Ruth DuFrane, Ed Kirwan. Row Two: Andrew Dorsey, Floyd Stone, Charles Moos. SPEAKERS ADVISORY BOARD—Row One: Mrs. Weaver, Margaret Duncan, Mrs. Dickinson. Row Two: Janet Primm, Sharon Mock, Barbara Miller, Roy Gesley. co-ordinating bodies in the asuc This year ' s campus co-ordinator for the NATIONAL STUDENT ASSOCIATION is Carl Jacobs. His duty is to keep the body informed about the NSA and its programs. Through the co-ordinator, the ASUC is able to utilize the NSA and information on methods of student administration. The co-ordinator can also assist the student government or other campus groups in educational and active programs on issues with which the national student congress has concerned itself. The SPEAKERS ADVISORY BOARD is headed by the ASUC Second Vice-President, Sharon Mock. It is composed of representatives from the Relations Board, the UPB Public Affairs Committee, and the Speaker ' s Assistants from the Second Vice-President ' s Office. The group meets every two weeks to discuss, evaluate, and speakers for the University campus. Carl Jacobs NSA Coordinator One of the new committees established within the ASUC this year is the ASUC ARRANGEMENTS COMMITTEE. This body is a sub-committee of the ASUC Speakers Advisory Committee and as such works in conjunction with the University on Public Ceremonies. The purpose of this committee is to advise all ASUC groups and any non-ASUC groups request ing advice on appropriate for speakers ' programs. The members of this committee are appointed by the ASUC 2nd Vice-President. The committee is personalizing the speaker program by the use of student interest questionnaires. NATIONAL STUDENTS ASSOCIATION — Jackie Palmer, Burt Rein, Carl Jacobs, Betsy Cohen, Paul Dekar. ASUC ARRANGEMENTS COMMITTEE — Row One: Barbara Frost, Pattiane Nagle, Jane Dickee, Sharon Mock, Judy Primm, Barbara Schei. Row Two: Carol More, Julie McMeans, Wendy Stone, Sandy Wallace, Donna Gotshock, Pamela Nye, Connie Collins. aws leads the women AWS BOARD—Row One: Alceste Pappas, Carol Childs, JoAnn Corday, Linda Jo Brown, Sharon Mock, Marcia MacDougall, Meg Olsen, Gay Johnston. Row Two: Mrs. Reed, Kathy Hicks, Ronni Kordell, Sharon Cummings, Julie Sperr, Mrs. Martin, Sue Aumiller, Diane Dougherty, Judy Dysinger, Donna Ordeman, Daphne Budge, Miss Hawley. Sharon Mock and Gay Johnston lead the AWS Board meetings. AWS CABINET—Row One: Diane Dougherty, Donna Ordeman, Irene Hartung, Daphne Budge. Row Two: Sue Aumiller, Gay Johnston, Meg Olsen, Alceste Pappas. The AWS BOARD is composed of all women leaders, elected and appointed on campus. Members meet weekly to campus problems, especially those related to women, and to determine leadership ideals which the AWS group representatives should strive toward in their individual organizations. If any programming action is suggested, the AWS CABINET works to initiate such a program along with the traditional activities sponsored throughout the year. The AWS Vice-Chairman and the Publicity, Orientations, Social, Art and Activities Chairmen, and AWS Secretary are appointed in the spring to serve on the CABINET and act as non-voting members of the AWS BOARD. Through its activities, AWS tries to reach every woman on campus. aws models on parade AWS MODELS — Carla Bundrick, Teddi Skipitares, Gwaine Nuest, Deena Goldstone, Sterling Hilleary, Erin Lyon, Margie Dill, Kenna Howell, Maxine Bohigan, Maria Remenyi, Ruta Hagmann, Teri Hume, Nancy Rosenberg, Diane Dougherty, Pat Wong. Not Pictured: Diane Fester, Diane Newcomer, Cindy Smith. An AWS model displays the latest in collegiate fashions as women students look on. The sixteen AWS models were selected in the fall semester. They were judged on appearance, poise, and modeling ability by a committee of AWS Cabinet and Board members and from the University administration. Besides gaining valuable modeling experience, these girls served as hostesses for University functions and assisted at foreign student coffee hours. They were featured in the fall AWS fashion show, Leaves, " and appeared in the Women ' s Week fashion program as well. The models also participated in the Blue and Gold fashion show Big Game Week. Sue Aumiller served as Chairman of AWS Social Committee. This group, which functions as part of AWS Cabinet, coordinated the models ' activities and planned Women ' s Week for all women students on campus. Gwaine Nuest models a skirt and sweater at the AWS fashion show. ORIENTATIONS BOARD, which is more and more important at such a large University as Cal, coordinates campus programs and pertaining to the introduction of new students to Cal. Among its headed by OB Chairman Clif Rhodes, are the Chairmen of High School Speakers Board, University Day, Cal Prep, and Student Service. The purpose of OB is to acquaint new students with Cal through these various activities, in which approximately 5000 new take part each year. ORIENTATIONS BOARD — Marty Cohen, Joan Coit, Dave Shelburne, Clif Rhodes, Kathy Brown, Adrienne Dewell, Rob Fisher, Julie Sperr. introducing cal to students UNIVERSITY DAY COMMITTEE— Kathy Brown, Joan Coit, Adrienne Dewell, Sidney Bernard. The Frosh Pilgrimage was a highlight of Orientation Week. STUDENT ORIENTATION SERVICE — Dave Shelburne, Joan Coit, Rob Fisher, Adrienne Dewell, Marty Cohen, Sidney Bernard. The UNIVERSITY DAY COMMITTEE arranges Campus tours and helps to schedule programs presented by the individual academic departments on University Day. Held each spring, the day features a welcome by the ASUC President, an Oski-Spirit rally, and an afternoon football game. The HIGH SCHOOL SPEAKER ' S BUREAU has been formed to attempt to answer questions and correct misconceptions about college life in general, and life on the Berkeley campus in particular. The Bureau sends panels of students to high schools in the Bay Area and neighboring counties. The STUDENT ORIENTATIONS SERVICE, under the direction of Joan Coit has been working this year to give incoming students at Cal a sound understanding of the various aspects of University life. Qualified students act as counselors and provide a personal source of information and advice concerning everything from housing and social activities to academic requirements and the organization of student government. CAL PREP — Row One: Sue Clark, Dianne Vabri, Reenie Duffy, Adrienne Dewell, Ann Harbordt, Mike Plunkett. Row Two: Rob Fisher, Clif Rhodes, Julie Sperr, Rich Conti. Row Three: George Lukes, Warren Fox. Row Four: Gary Lilienthal, Larry Briggs, Wynn Matsumura, John Young, Jay Jacobus. CAL PREP is an ASUC sponsored orientation for new students. It is held before the beginning of the fall semester and is usually by close to 1000 students. The activities include informal discussion groups, an outdoor rally, and a dinner-dance. Cal Prep provides a wonderful opportunity for new students to meet prominent faculty members and student leaders and to become familiar with campus life. The CAL PREP EX-COM is a nine member group which works throughout the year to plan and improve the next fall ' s program. The committee interviews prospective counselors, recruits faculty members for panels and discussion groups, and plans the schedule of activities. CAL PREP EXECUTIVE BOARD — Row One: Gary Lilienthal, Clif Rhodes, Larry Row Two: Jay Jacobus, Sandy Moore, Mike McGinnis, Carol Ch ilds, Sue Clark, Rob Fisher. Jamie Sutton leads Cal Preppers in a cheer. Exhibits were maintained throughout the day in the lower Student Union plaza. semi-annual fair publicizes campus activities The ACTIVITIES FAIR, under the direction of Orientations Board, is held in the Student Union Plaza at the beginning of each semester. The Fair is an effective and enjoyable way of new students to campus organizations and allowing the organizations to recruit new members. The groups ranged from the UC Yacht Club with a display of a twelve-foot sailboat, to the Young Democrats, Young Republicans, and Women for Peace, which function as off-campus organizations. Students visiting the Fair were entertained by recordings of the UC Band, Glee Club, and Treble Clef. Prospective staff and club members are signed up at all booths. The Forestry Club ' s display called for audience participation. COMMUTER INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION — Row One: Elizabeth Sullivan, Donna Tappan, Al Frumkin, Candy Anderson, Reiden Bailie. Row Two: Terri Corbelli, Marge Goldberg, Peter Laurence, Brenda Martin, Sharon Fitzgerald, Marcie Baxter, Ron Goldman, Barbara Bjork, Marilyn Clark, Jan Schuyler, Jack Perella, Steve Lipson. Not Pictured: Bud Bates, Marc Mager, Katie Wuertele. cia gains cabinet seat The COMMUTER-INDEPENDENT ASSOCIATION serves hundreds of C-I ' s as a programming group meeting the unique needs of commuting students. Last spring the ASUC Senate voted to establish the as a full Board with an ASUC Cabinet seat. The major projects of the Association this year included the Residence Hall Affiliation the co-chairmanship of the AWS Big and Little Sister program, entering Ugly Man contest, organizing car pools, and an intramurals program. Voting membership enables the C-I to vote at general and in the spring election of officers. Commuting is a definite problem for independents. COMMUTER-INDEPENDENT EXECUTIVE BOARD — Row One: Bud Bates, Don Elmer. Row Two: Debbie Humphrey, Jan Schuyler, Alice Gerner, A! Frumkin, Liz Sullivan, Eliot Zais. The FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD ' S duties are to facilitate various functions of the ASUC, and to supervise the activities of the groups represented on the Board. The Board ' s work is vital for a smooth-running government. Susan Murdock served as the 1964-65 chairman of FSB, and was assisted by Tom Taylor, The Chairmen of the following committees compose the membership of the Board: Constitutions Council., Council, Library Council, Polls Council, and Auxiliary Enterprises Board. EXECUTIVE BOARD — Tom Taylor, Suzan Murdock, Paul Williams, Sally Scales, Fred Ybarra. vital link in the asuc ELECTIONS COUNCIL is responsible for organizing all ASUC elections. This includes holding an orientations meeting for prospective candidates, administering ASUC elections regulations, counting and validating ballots, and presenting the results to the ASUC Senate. The LIBRARY COMMITTEE, which is in its second year of operation, was designed to investigate the services by the library and to submit to the ASUC Senate recommendations concerning the expansion of these facilities, such as the extension of library study hours. Policies for the operation of the bowling allies and other revenue-producing projects of the ASUC are recommended and evaluated by the Auxiliary Board members. ELECTIONS COUNCIL—Row One: Marty Thornburg, Sandy Cunningham, Belinda Gray, Karen Berdahl, Kathy Leonard, Barbara Barry; Ginger Fritts, Carole Henders, Donna Almquest. Row Two: Rich Nilan, Ann Postell, Sara Galbraith, Rich Venning, Fred Ybarra, Mark Kibbey, Mary Paulson, Caroline Jukes, Wayne Ybarra. POLLS COUNCIL—Row One: Janet Markovitz, Sandi Blair, Susan Salzenstein, Lois Navio, Paul Williams. Row Two: Chris Sullenger, Rick McKirahan, Fern Shipley, Mike Smedberg, Wesley Sirawn, Lynn Weber, Fred Marrah. The AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES BOARD is composed of nine students, a faculty adviser, and the ASUC Controller. The Board ' s main concern is to improve the services rendered to students by the revenue-producing enterprises of the ASUC. At its weekly meetings, the Board discusses any current operating problems of ASUC businesses, such as the Student Union Book Store or bowling alley. Polls Council members are interested in the results of issues polled during ASUC elections. AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES BOARD — Dave Maxwell, Karen Clark, Jean Hacking, Jane Millar, Elizabeth Brady, Nancy Burpee, Garth Blier. The POLLS COUNCIL is comprised of twenty under the direction of Paul Williams. It is their job to conduct polls at the request of the ASUC Senate and other ASUC groups. The address postcards, gather and tabulate polled, and report the results to the Senate. The CONSTITUTIONS COUNCIL is to aid the various councils, committees, and boards which comprise the ASUC government in drawing up their by-laws in accordance with the ASUC Constitution. Any member of the ASUC may apply for membership on this council which is composed of nine members. The SOCIAL COMMITTEE has one main function, and that is to coordinate the speakers and other programs of the various UPB committees by setting up coffee hours and receptions for artists, and performers who are presented by UPB. The COMMITTEE provides all the recreational facilities and tournaments in the Student Union. The facilities include billiards, bowling, chess, and ping pong. The PUBLIC AFFAIRS was responsible for presenting programs dealing with current political and cultural issues of interest to the entire student body. This fall it presented many political candidates, such as Hubert Humphrey, in conjunction with the Chancellor ' s office. The MUSIC COMMITTEE is responsible for presenting varied music programs. This spring it scheduled two jazz concerts in Harmon Gym. The LITERATURE COMMITTEE presents poetry and other literature readings. This spring, they also conducted a poetry contest. ART COMMITTEE—Row One: Sandy Underwood, Susan Williams, Dee LaForce. Row Two: Ken Geiser, Dennis Neeley, Tom Sharp, Chris Riddle. union program board seeks to broaden student ' s cultural education The UNION PROGRAM BOARD was created for developing and fulfilling the social, cultural, educational, and recreational needs of the campus In accordance with these aims, the BOARD plans and sets up a wide variety of Student Union activities such as Friday night cabarets, art exhibits, Sunday night movies, bridge lessons, and speakers on current events of to Cal students. UNION BOARD has attempted to these programs as a supplement to and an extension of educational experiences gained in the classroom or lecture hall. There are nine UNION PROGRAM BOARD committees, each being responsible for a different of campus interest. UNION PROGRAM BOARD — Row One: Mimi Edmunds, Mollie Paul, Barbara Miller. Row Two: Linda Williams, Brad Bank, Ken G eiser, Phil Brown. SOCIAL COMMITTEE — Row One: Karen Manheim, Mary Jane Burns, Mary Beth Mulvey Row Two: John Gilchrist, John Wenz, Linda Benamonti, Marilyn Edwards, Linda Gianula, Don Phelps. SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE — Row One: Sunny Sternberg, Kathy Greenebaum, Jean Scully, Joyce Kilmer. Row Two: Bob Kute, Marti Kaplan. The SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE was set up this year to deal specifically with the opening of the new student office building. The building opened in April, and at that time the special EVENTS presented a week long program of open houses, coffee hours, and exhibits in Eshleman. The PUBLICITY COMMITTEE is responsible for getting out all publicity needed for the programs which UPB presents. They have done an excellent job in preparing publicity for the Cabarets. The MOVIES COMMITTEE presents the Sunday night movies which are shown in Pauley Ballroom each week. The films shown vary widely in content. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE — Row One: Pamela Levine. Row Two: Scott Wild, Philip Gould, Sheri Gillette. FILMS COMMITTEE — Suzy Reid-Adam, Lee Berman, Frances Gladstone, Tom Luddy, Nancy Maren, Bob Freidin. The CABARET COMMITTEE was a new committee on UPB this year. It was set up specifically to organize the Friday night cabarets and the Saturday night Hootenanys. The ART COMMITTEE presents a varied art exhibit program throughout the year on the second floor of the Student Union. These exhibits paintings, etchings, charcoal sketches, and photography works. The Student Union opened in 1961. It was the of a dream and the product of years of planning. President Clark Kerr, then Chancellor of the Berkeley campus, initiated the action and guided the building campaign through many long months. The Student Union celebrated its fourth birthday this March with a week of activities and programs commemorating the opening of the Union. Photo exhibits, special speakers, and film showings were among the activities of the week, which culminated in a birthday reception for the union. " union week " commemorates student union ' s The INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD is a student organization which presents programs and sponsors activities pertaining to relations. The board offers information on working, traveling, or studying abroad to any interested person. This year, the board held a book drive to send textbooks to Asia and Africa, had an orientation program for foreign students, and organized various speaking councils for students. Although the board functions as a whole, it is divided into several committees, which act independently to promote international relations through their own work and ideas. These various groups are: Foreign Student Council, Operation Understanding, World University Service, Overseas Information Council, College Model United Nations, High School Model United Nations, ASUC Peace Corps Committee, and the committee for Week. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD — Row One: Sheila McCusker, Nancy Tyson, Mary Ratcliff. Row Two: Margaret Duncan, Mary Cramer, Diana Vrieno, Barbara Lewis. they widen our horizons OVERSEAS INFORMATION COUNCIL - Ann Ruud, Flaury Reifman, Hazel Schroeter, Mary Ratcliff, Ann Thompson, Pam Matsen. The FOREIGN STUDENT COUNCIL was especially active this past year. It helps the foreign to feel more at home while studying at the University. Aside from holding a weekly coffee hour, usually attended by equal numbers of foreign and American students, the council organized an orientations program in which American students offered their services to the foreign students to help them get settled both at Cal and in the surrounding cities. The friendly, informal atmosphere fostered by the activities of the Foreign Student Orientations Council is further strengthened by the programs of OPERATION Students of all gather in Stiles Hall to in seminars given by Africa Desk and Consejo de los Americos. The OVERSEAS INFORMATION COUNCIL helps arrange trips for working, and traveling abroad. Another internationally oriented organization is the WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE whose members strive to acquaint the student with Asia, Africa, and Latin America. This year WUS sponsored book drives, meetings with speakers from Asia, Africa, and Latin America, summer work camps, and it also worked with other student groups. The ASUC PEACE CORPS COMMITTEE gives out arranges tests, and helps as many people as possible with their interests in the Peace Corps. Many of these activities are out each semester during Peace Corps week. During the Fall semester, Frank Williams, to the United Nations, spoke to those in joining the Peace Corps. For the twentieth year Lambda Chi Alpha sponsored the Daffodil Festival whose proceeds support World University Service. SPEAKERS COUNCIL — Gillian Rodgers, Donna Lively, Sheila McCusker. Not Pictured: Val Gamenara. Each semester, the Peace Corps Committee invites speakers to campus and administers the Peace Corps test. This spring, Sargent Shriver spoke to Cal students interested in applying. The SPEAKERS COUNCIL members arrange for to come to the University. These visitors are usually of particular interest to foreign students. Among the activities coordinated by the International Relations Board is INTERNATIONAL FAIR. The fair is part of INTERNATIONAL WEEK, during which the House and different foreign groups on campus join together to sponsor cultural exhibits and programs about their various homelands. This year, Federico came from the United Nations to speak on key issues, of current interest. The HIGH SCHOOL MODEL UNITED NATIONS is planned and run by Cal students in an effort to acquaint high schools with the United This year the thirteenth annual council was held. Dan Solter presided over the Security Council and helped in the directing of the Debating teams from 114 high schools in Northern California, chosen in competition, comprised the delegations that attended the Model United Nations. Oceana High School of Pacificia, representing Red China, was seated in the United Nations and chosen as one of the ten most outstanding delegations. They won their Red China seat by a vote of 56 yes, 49 no, and 16 abstentions. The United States, represented by Terra Linda High School, voted no on every resolution affecting Red China. This mock world conference increased the understanding of the practical workings of international relations. A record of the Model General Assembly meetings is to the United Nations in New York. A delegate from Brazil applauds a point well made. The General Assembly met in Pauley Ballroom. red china admitted to u.n. in high school session High school students found the conference an intensely and stimulating experience. A delegate from Ethiopia prepares her country ' s presentation. Students listen to arguments for the Red China delegation. The COLLEGE MODEL UNITED NATIONS is composed of University students who meet annually at different campuses to represent an assigned country at the model United Nation ' s session held each spring. Through activities, these students attempt to acquaint the University with international problems. This year Cal represented Ghana and the People ' s Republic of China. " pub " office coordinates five student publications Walter Frederick Director of Publications The Publications Office, located in Moses Hall, sees much activity during the semester, for it serves as a center for the planning and creation of the five student publications: Daily Cal, Blue and Gold, Occident, Cal Engineer, and Pelican. Serving as a business management concern, the Publications Office acts as a liaison between the publications staffs and the publishers. In frequent consultations between the Director of Publications and the various editors, problems are aired and ideas exchanged. In addition, the office supervises the Publications library, the office staff, and handles the maintenance of the Publications Building. Mrs. Helen Lum Blue and Gold Advisor Acting Director of Publications PUBLICATIONS OFFICE — Alice Wong, Sue Johnson, Connie Eakle, Ramonde Adams. Mrs. Lyman Eshleman Librarian DAILY CAL PUBLISHERS Carman, Allan Metcalf, John Gueldner, Justin Roberts, Stewart, Chairman Richard Hungerford, Sue Mussallem, Peter Van Houten, Mrs. Helen Lum, Robert Cockrell, Josh Eppinger, Marshall Segal. Not Pictured: Severin Peterson, Richard Buxbaum, Roy Grimm, Charlie Powell. The DAILY CALIFORNIAN PUBLISHERS BOARD consists of eleven and three ex-officio members. These include six st udents, two journalists, three faculty members, and three representatives from the administration. The editor and business manager of the Daily Cal are non-voting members. The Board examines Daily Cal news policy and offers suggestions for new angles on writing, editing, and newspaper distribution. Members of this Board also recommend for all editors and reporters of the Daily Cal editorial staff. FALL PUBLICATIONS BOARD — Row One: Evie Ashcroft, Katie Wuertele, Chairman Dick Cortén. Row Two: Mrs. Helen Lum, Tom Mourning, David Parks, Bill Siembieda, Bob Showen. pub boards review editorial policy, link student publications PUBLICATIONS BOARD acts as a coordinating committee for four student the Blue and Gold, Cal Occident, and Pelican. The group consists of the editors and managers of each of the staffs. Mrs. Helen Lum, Director of Publications sits on the oard in an advisory position. Professor Nicosia of the Business Administration Department, Professor Steffens of and Chancellor ' s Office Richard Hafner are also of the Board. The purpose of Pub Board is to settle disagreements publication staffs and private business concerns, as well as to hear suggestions for improving the sales, and publicity. The Board also serves to unite the publications as an effective voice on campus. SPRING PUBLICATIONS BOARD — Katie Wuertele, Mrs. Helen Lum, Susan Johnson, Bill Siembieda, Evie Ashcroft, Barry Tom Edwards, Laura Dunlap, Dick Cortén. Evie Ashcroft Manager Katie Wuertele Editor blue and gold moves into new office on fifth floor of eshleman hall Sylvia Clay Assistant Editor Kenna Howell Associate Manager George Fedoroff Assistant Associate Manager Spring Studio Manager Irene Hartung Copy Editor Linda Pierce Promotion Manager Don Westergren Photography Editor Larry Lawrence Sports Editor The years will pass by, but the of 1965 are captured forever in this year ' s Blue and Gold. One of the most dedicated and capable editorial staffs in the annual ' s history literally worked day and night to present a complete record of life at Cal to the campus community. Planning for the ' 65 book began in May, 1964, and continued through the summer months. By September, the page content of the Blue and Gold had been thoroughly organized and sample layouts were being completed. Within a two-month period, 5000 students were for Senior or living groups sections. These sections which make up almost half of the yearbook were shipped to the printer by February, after the Classes and Living Groups staffs spent countless hours compiling them. Meanwhile, copy was written on the basis of interviews with organization sponsors or officers to provide the student with an account of campus activities and events. Pictures had been taken to get special effects and capture typical campus moods. With a final burst of effort and enthusiasm, the last pages were completed and mailed before spring vacation, a feat never before accomplished. Rocco Seeno Fall Studio Manager Bob Newman Assistant Sports Editor ACTIVITIES STAFF — Jane Beeson, Larraine Abbott, Steve Reiner, Donna Ordeman, Editor; Ann Thompson, Gene Osofsky, Shirley Stange. CLUBS AND SOCIETIES STAFF — Edie Rich, Kaye Kliewer, Jim Carragher. Not Pictured: Norma Brown, Tony Nolan. CLASSES S TAFF — Adrienne Dewell, Editor; Margie Carlson, Wyman Chan. editorial composes Cal has a history of almost two-thirds of a century of top-notch yearbooks. The Managerial Staff insures the quantity sold, and informs university students on issues concerning page space, individual pictures, general sales, and the current sales and new innovations of the book. Blue and Gold selling means booths in reg lines and at the Bear ' s Lair for the November and March deadlines—to meet those quotas that publishers demand throughout the Selling also means publicity — posters, signs, displays for in the student union, writing ads and news releases, and selling from a bright blue Model A Ford in front of Wheeler Oak. We offer the Blue and Gold to the students as a worthwhile and truthful record of Cal. On the threat of being conventionally trite, we promote it as one of the last of the good buys. COPY STAFF — Under typewriter: Les Klinger. Standing: Buzz Boschken, Vivian Takacs, Sue Moran. Not Pictured: Nancy Rosenberg. Marilyn Foree Office Manager Frosh Staff Coordinator JUNIOR MANAGERS — Carol Crossman, Assistant Manager; Nan Barron, Assistant to the Associate Manager. ...and managerial disposes editors make 10 out of 10 printing MEN ' S LIVING GROUPS STAFF — Sharon McCune, Ellen Barnett, Editor; Kay Neri, Assistant Editor. This year, for the first time in the history of the Blue and Gold, the editorial staff made all of the printing deadlines. Much of the credit belongs to the various who directed the efforts of the Freshmen staff working with them to create a yearbook superior to any yet produced at Cal. These editors include Copy, Sports, Photography, and Assistant Editor on the senior level, and Activities, Clubs and Societies, Classes, and Men ' s and Women ' s Living Groups on the junior level. The Editor supervises, and coordinates the whole Each year, an award is given to the member of the Freshman staff, based on the number of hours he put in and the quality of his work. The 1965 recipient was Kay Neri, who served as Assistant Men ' s Living Groups Editor, and was appointed 1966 Activities Editor. WOMEN ' S LIVING GROUPS STAFF — Judy Maes, Janet Yashurio, Sandy Wallace, Editor. SPORTS STAFF — Doug Adcock, Larry Lawrence, Editor; Mary Packard. Not Pictured: Rick Buckley, Mary Frost, Tony Macauley. frosh managerial At the annual Appointments Banquet, an award is made to the Managerial freshman staff who sells the most Blue and Golds. Pam Pomeroy ' s name was inscribed on the plaque as 1965 winner. Having sold more than 200 by April, Pam was appointed to the of Promotion Manager for 1965 -66. deadlines, set record PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF — Row One: Joe Tung, Don Westergren, Editor. Row Two: Bob Newman, Terry McInnes. Not Pictured: Rod Cyr, Jim Ford, Jeff Lee, Tom Pittman. MANAGERIAL FRESHMAN STAFF — Row One: Rick Bremner, George Keppler, Mike Ricks, Steve McGinnis, Brian Herbert, Walter Jordan. Row Two: Cathi Steffens, Julie Totten, Becky Butler, Anne Farrar, Peggy Saunderson, Susan Burris, Pam Pomeroy, Joan Rothstein, Ginny MacMahon, Kris Pfaffinger. staff compete for top salesman award Susan Johnson Fall Editor Peggy Krause Fall City Editor Spring Managing Editor Jim Branson Spring City Editor Justin Roberts Fall Managing Editor Spring Editor The Daily Californian was in the middle of one of the biggest news stories in the country this year the FSM crisis. While newsmen from all over the United States rushed to the scene of the upheaval, the Daily Cal reported the crisis as it happened on its home-front. the Fall semester, when the immediate future of the Berkeley campus varied from day to day, the Daily Cal covered the frustration of emergency committees, the hopes of stu dents and administration, the tenuous outcomes of major on all sides. Circulation rose by almost 5,000 to a total of nearly 30,000. The staff whipped out the first Daily Cal extra in 25 years to inform students and personnel from a long Christmas The 1965 Daily Cal truly experienced journalism at its best. Candy Hughes Spring News E ditor Stanley Schmidt Fall News Editor daily cal has hands full with fsm reporting Jim Willwerth Fall Assistant Editor Pete Benjaminson Hannah Shearer Assistant City Editors NIGHT EDITORS AND REPORTERS — Row One: Tom Knox. Row Two: Linda Lee Johnson, Glen Becker, Jane McClure. Row Three: Barry Bishin, Ruth Epstein, George Baker, Dave Newman, Jan Faber, Paul Slater, Konstantin Berlandt, Bruno Brandli, Andy McGall, Jeff Caren, Larry Gartner. Not Pictured: Patti Aslenian, Sid Berger, Tom Collins, Lisa Heil, Keith McCormick, Ben Nyburg, John Rodgers. John Rodgers Fall and Spring Assistant Sports Editor staff works part-time Bill Rowen Fall and Spring Sports Editor PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF — Joe Tung, Jeff Lee, Ron Enfield, Joe Marshall, George Crow. As long as anyone can remember, the Daily Cal has worked with a very odd and old tradition: with the exception of the Sports Editor and Assistant Sports Editor, no one on the sports staff is a full-time newspaperman. Whereas the staff requests its members to come in and work at least four or five days a week, the norm for SPORTS STAFF is one or two days. The reporters " and sports night mainly cover the sports events and write feature stories about star athletes, while the Sports Editor and his assistant attempt to keep on top of " hot news " — injuries, lineup changes. The Daily Cal runs one of the most extensive and lively sports pages in the country. The big-time sports are covered fully, but an attempt is made to write about every conceivable sporting activity at Cal. The PHOTOGRAPHERS have a demanding job which keeps them hustling day and night. Their assignments include taking pictures of ASUC athletic events, covering a university performance, or getting a shot of the Campanile. They too, have deadlines to meet. Alice Wong Fall Business Manager The Daily Californian MANAGERIAL STAFF sells advertising space and handles the paper ' s financial management. It works closely with editorial staff to bring out the of the college dailies. " Aside from the advertising experience which a new staff member gains on managerial, he meets eccentrics. John Gueldner, Business whose business acumen is matched only by his overpowering charm, leads the money-mad advertising red-hots. Chris Shores, Advertising familiarly known as the Queen, assigns accounts, drinks cokes, and lounges around the office. Inscrutable Ken Luk, Production Manager, coordinates the paper ' s daily production, enlivens parties, and plays intuition bridge. Paul Neal, the reticent Promotions Manager, traps and trains prospective staff members. Mary Gill, is the Entertainment Manager. Her assistants are boisterous Pat MacDonald and alcoholic Dru Schutz. Night Managers, each responsible for a day ' s production of the Daily Cal, are Norm Tim Hedemark, Lynne Midkiff, Tomas Zierer, and Dennis Solomon. Other Staff members include Mimi Chan, Mike Anikeef, Linda Baker, Sue Denton, Shiela Green, Kathy Harnett, Richard Kaufman, and Hannah Sasson. John Gueldner Fall Advertising Manager Spring Business Manager Chris Shores Fall Productions Manager Spring Advertising Manager FRESHMAN STAFF—Row One: Kathy Harnett, Pat McDonald, Lynne Midkiff, Sue Denton. Row Two: Wilfred Young, Richard Kaufmann, Dru Schutz. daily cal managerial staff boasts " eccentric characters " Ken Luk Fall Promotions Manager Spring Productions Manager NIGHT MANAGERS — Ken Lai, Dennis Solomon, Tomas Zierer, Paul Neal, Steve Paliwoda. the california PELICAN creates laughter that makes you think Dick Corten Editor Bob Wieder George Fuller Jon Carroll Spring Associate Editor Art Director Humorist Bob Flynn Susy McCorkle Dick Garner Fall Associate Editor Spring Contributing Editor Fall Contributing Editor Nancy Lawler Melissa Miller Spring Promotion Manager Advertising Manager Tom Mourning Fall Manager In 1903, on a bet, one-time Blue and Gold editor Earle C. Anthony founded The California Pelican, the University ' s bastion of humor and satire. In 1957, after he had become rich and famous, he erected the magnificent neo-grecian edifice which now houses the magazine. The Pelican serves as the prime source of humorous amusement and satirical social criticism for the entire and in the last few years, it has become the first-ranked college humor magazine in the nation. The other magazines steal shamelessly from its pages, while the Pelican steals only jokes, which are authorless, and merely folklore. The Pelican offers unparalleled experience in the practical side of creativity. In addition to a nearly superfluous wealth of available technical knowledge, it is possible for Pelican workers to gain facility in the difficult literary and artistic sides of making good satire. It is also possible to make money, on the editorial side, but highly lucrative for ad salesmen on the managerial staff. As the sole campus outlet for good cartoons and parody, the Pelican helped launch the careers of Rube Goldberg and Ted Key (creator of " Hazel " ), and countless lesser-known artists and writers. So fame, too, may come to Bird-people. What more can a human being ask? Steve Van Coops Fall Promotion Manager Spring Distribution Manager John Fenstermacher Fall Distribution Manager Loralee Campbell Fall Assistant Advertising Manager Linda Laureano Salesday Manager Bruce Henstell Assistant Distribution Manager Bill Siembieda Spring Manager Pelican salesdays always attract crowds. Pelican Maid of Cotton Kathey Walker As a public relations function, the Pelican each fall sponsors the University of California contestant to the statewide part of the national Maid of Cotton beauty contest. The Managerial staff runs the entire competition on this campus. In the Fall semester, judges Lou Gottlieb, Glenn Yarborough, Dave Niles, Bob MacKenzie, and Monique Benoit selected Kathey Walker as the UC candidate. She went to the judging in Fresno and was chosen first runnerup in the statewide contest. Kathey is a transfer from Oregon State, and is a member of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. The Pelican took advantage of its position as her sponsor and made her Miss Pelly for November. Joel Beck John Dvorak Jim Steinhart J.B. Social consciousness is a necessity for satire. Occident, on campus since 1881 (long time), is the much criticized campus literary magazine. We prose and poetry, plays, short stories, graphics, and photography. Staff discussion of work is gentle, often swayed by an appeal to the emotions. The office is quiet, warm, a good place to study. The staff is friendly, even congenial; parties happen. Possibilities fo r are almost unlimited. Occident publishes twice yearly, fall and spring. Activities in the fall included a poetry reading and a coffee hour. Among the spring were another reading and a jazz concert in the Pauley FALL OCCIDENT STAFF — Row One: Shelley Pattison, Martha Masterson, Victoria Nelson, Judy Watson. Row Two: Fred Frick, George Phil lips, Jeanne Sykes, Sally Worth, Jane Friedman, Kathy Hughes, Victor Hugo. Row Three: Margaret Mitchell, David Parks, A. C. Doyle, Frank Galbraith. occident sponsors jazz concert Laura Dunlap Editor Mike Eliasberg Manager SPRING OCCIDENT STAFF — Row One: Mike Eliasberg, Laura Dunlap, Dale Kult, Kay Kennedy, John Williams. Row Two: Lore Spangler, Susan Gallick, Denise Henderson, Martha Masterson. cal engineer publishes faculty survey Bob Showen Fall Editor The California Engineer is the student engineering and scientific magazine for the entire University. The main editorial and managerial offices are located in Berkeley, while a southern office exists at UCLA. The magazine and staff showed a great improvement in size and quality, reflected by the largest sales in over a decade. The California Engineer publishes technical and non-technical articles, news, regular features, and with prominent visitors and campus per sonalities. The magazine enables students to gain experience in journalism and provides a media of exchange for technical and campus news. Circulation encompasses over thirty states and five foreign nations. A faculty survey was published in February describing what the engineering students thought of faculty members. The faculty passed out questionnaires to their students and sent the results to the California Engineer for processing. Roy Gesley Fall Associate Editor Tom Edwards Spring Editor Rich Sullivan Spring Associate Editor Betsy Fraser Fall and Spring Women ' s Director Staff members work on a layout for one of the forthcoming issues. Bill Siembieda Fall Managing Editor Pam Greenamayer Spring Advertising Manager Barry Dickens Spring Managing Editor With the reorganization of the California Engineer staff, the managerial side underwent major changes. The position of Manager was split in two, Managing Editor and Advertising Manager. The Managing Editor handles the financial aspects of the magazine, while the Advertising Manager is responsible for procuring the local ads and keeping track of the insertion orders and engravings for the national ads. The newly created position of News and Promotion Director entails publicizing the magazine, and and editing the news articles to be published in the magazine each month. The biggest improvments were in the distribution of the magazine. Four newsstands were purchased and set up at strategic points on to sell the Cal Engineer. A new method of addressing the magazines to be mailed was developed and implemented. Instead of a file of plates there is now a file of IBM cards. These cards are fed into an IBM 407 Accounting Machine each month. This machine is set up to print on gummed address labels. On distribution day the labels are merely stuck on the magazines with the efficiency befitting an magazine. publicity and public relations coms improve intra-campus communication PUBLICITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS EXECUTIVE BOARD — Row One: Sue Mussallem, Bob Scott. Row Two: Sally Griffin, Robin McConahy, Ellen Winston. To improve communications within the ASUC and between the ASUC and the public is the job of the PUBLICITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS BOARD. The department as a whole sends news releases to the Daily Californian, metropolitan, and hometown papers, and provides speakers and posters for all campus activities, whether connected with individuals or publicizing events. The Art Bureau, News Bureau, Speakers Bureau, Publicity Advisory Committee, and Campus Tours are the individual groups represented on and by the PUBLICITY AND RELATIONS BOARD. They to tie the University and its public together. The NEWS BUREAU handles news releases on activities connected with the University and the ASUC, reaching the public through local newspapers. NEWS BUREAU — Row One: Joan Mokray, Robin McConahy. Row Two: Sharon Jarvis, Paul Koenig, Margaret Heiser, Sandy Waller. ART BUREAU — Sally Griffin, Chairman; Gail Buchanan, Donna Lively. Publicity and Public Relations staff members provide posters for student activities on campus. CAMPUS TOURS — Row One: Susie Yamaguchi, Karen Hansen, Irene Malbin, Laurie Simon. Row Two: Ellen Schlacter, Gail Van Winkle, Nancy Selber, Bryan Gerstel, Dorothy Fisher, Carol Ferguson. The ART BUREAU is composed of students who enjoy various types of art work and painting and who are willing to many hours of work to publicizing activities. The bureau prepares and posters, advises on exhibit and aids in pamphlet design for many election candidates and ASUC events. The SPEAKERS BUREAU is headed by a chairman who organizes student groups which speak to various and civic organizations. CAMPUS TOURS includes an organized group of students who are selected and trained to show visitors and interested high school students around the campus. The ADVISORY COMMITTEE is a group formed to advise ASUC clubs on publicity procedures and techniques. It works with the leaders of campus organizations, faculty, and administrative members, and it also keeps up a correspondence with other universities and colleges concerning their solutions to problems of and public relations. radio kal broadcasts six hours a day A student announcer broadcasts from studio A. Radio KAL is a non-commercial, carrier current radio station that broadcasts to Units I and II of the residence halls. The station was founded in 1961 and for three years occupied studios in the central building of Unit II. In September, 1964, KAL merged with the ASUC Radio-Television Theater, and the studios were moved to Dwinelle. The station has an active membership of about 70 students, and broadcasts news, music, speeches, sports, and special features, six hours per day. During 1964-1965, Drew Mendelson and Jay Eisen served as Program Director, Howard Toole and Bob Kennedy as Station Manager, Linda Harris and Randy Levine as News Director, and Mike Silverstone as Chief Engineer. The main console is operated by a member of Radio KAL during a broadcast. Radio KAL needs members who are skilled in electronics to help with the maintenance of the studio ' s equipment. cal team wins first kennedy memorial debate Dr. Fred Stripp Advisor DEBATE TEAM — Row One: Gloria Brown, Jack Perella, Bev Magovern, Bob Lander, Sandy Cunningham, Ted Siminoski. Row Two: Rich Weinstock, Len Goldman, Rick Nagler, Dan Drew Mendelsohn, Jim Butler. Row Three: Bob Goldsmith, John Shearer, George Nagle, Mike Buckley. Row Four: Fred Ybarra, Jan Schuyler, Vijay Pandit. In the past year, Varsity Debate attended tournaments at St. Mary ' s, Sacramento State, U.O.P., University of Idaho, and Fresno State. The team of Mike Buckley and Jim Butler took second place at St. Mary ' s. At Sacramento State, Jack Perella placed second and Bev Magovern third. In the Fresno State Tournament, Bev Magovern was third in Oratory, Drew Mendelson third in Extemporaneous Speaking and Jack Perella first in Oral Interpretation. The Medaille Joffre, oldest and most respected of all Cal speech events, is the annual debate with Stanford. This years team consisted of Jim Watson, Brian MacWhinney, and Bob Lander, with Vijay Pandit as alternate. Held for the first time this year was the Kennedy Memorial Debate with U.C.L.A. This event was patterned after the Joffre with Cal men placing first and second, Jack Perella and Mike Buckley respectively. considering the pros and cons Jerry Falk Team Coach university theater A UNIVERSITY THEATER PRODUCTION The Department of Dramatic Art and the Committee for Arts and Lectures present 3 Men on a Horse The Durham Studio Theater, Dwinelle February 4-13, 1965, except Sunday 8:15 p.m. University of California Berkeley Campus for our pleasure... The UNIVERSITY THEATER is the production of the Department of Dramatic Art, a laboratory wherein the theories of dramatic literature and of dramatic technique can be brought to the test of living theater. Major productions are under the direction of members of the department faculty and are considered to be part of the regular curriculum in Dramatic Art. Participation in these productions is open to all students interested in acting, stagecraft or design. Included in the celebration of Christopher 400th anniversary was the presentation of Dr. Faustus. Marlowe was England ' s first great dramatist. Some say that he is the real author of Shakespeare ' s plays. The Committee for Arts and Lectures presented Next Time I ' ll Sing to You by James Saunders and Three Men on a Horse by John Cecil Holm and George Abbott. Also offered during the year was E. M. A Passage to India, adapted by Santha Rama Rau. A PASSAGE TO INDIA THREE MEN ON A HORSE THE CAST Audrey Tailor Erwin Clarence Delivery Boy Harry Charlie Frankie Patsy Mabel Gloria Al Maid Mr. Carver Joanna Gewertz Michael D. Williams George House Steve Bevitt Gary Ferman Christopher Muncky Robert Hirschfeld David Mairowitz Michael Lerner Gloria Shapiro Gloria Avner Anthony Lo Forte Nancy Rich Ken De Gusta Ranjit David Stein Dr. Aziz David D. Ehrlich Mr. Fielding Rob Lanchester Mrs. Moore Maria Millman Miss Adela Quested Gillian McKercher Professor Godbole Meghnad Desai Ronny Heaslop Robert Hirschfeld Guide Jeffrey Herman Servants Ira Chaleff, Peter Lvoff, Arthur Lesley Mr. McBryde Ken De Gusta Guards Michael Rothberg, Richard Alleman, Tony Macauley Mrs. Turton Sharon Yosiph Mrs. McBryde Mary Hughes Mrs. Leslie Dorrie Gilden Mrs. Callendar Flora Kirschner Mrs. Burton Kate Coleman Mrs. Collins Beverle Bava Major Callendar Christopher Muncke Lieutenant Bradley Wethern Club Servant Larry Knop Mr. Fletcher John Argue Mr. Burton Ugo Balda ssari Mr. Turton Louis Everstine Punkah Operator Peter Lvoff Mr. Hamidullah K. R. Balachandran Mr. Amritrao Michael Lerner Mr. Das Wazir Sachdev Onlookers Mohammed Gokal, Ira Chaleff, Robert Glasser, Arthur Lesley, Larry Morse, David Moody, David Stein Travis Bogard Chairman Department of Dramatic Art THE CAST DR. FAUSTUS THE CAST Chorus John Argue Faustus Juris Svendsen Wagner Ronn Mullen Good Angel Dorothy Jones Evil Angel Evelyn Ernst Valdes Michael Lerner Cornelius Sidney Roger Scholar I James Ekberg Scholar II David Mairowitz Lucifer Michael Lerner Robert Bione, Thomas DeLong, Joanna Gewertz, Devils Jeffrey Knott, Joseph McCormack, Joseph Sarkis, David Thomas Mephistophilis Philip Angeloff Robin Stephen Bevitt Beelzebub Thomas DeLong Ralph R. Owen Cardinal I Sidney Roger Cardinal II David Mairowitz Archbishop George McKittrick Pope Russell Ernst Raymond Ronn Mullen Bruno Michael Lerner Vintner Fred Watkins Martino Ronn Mullen Frederick David Mairowitz Benvolio Jeffrey Herman Emperor Sidney Roger Duke of Saxony Russell Ernst Lady-in-Waiting Barbara Lampe Alexander James Ekberg SPIRITS Darius John Argue Paramour Ann Stearns Horse Courser Robert Bione Hostess Barbara Whipperman Duke of Vanholt George McKittrick Duchess of Vanholt Gillian McKercher Servant Joseph McCormack Scholar III Fred Watkins Helen Joanna Gewertz Old Man Russell Ernst Attendant John Armstrong John Armstrong, Robert Bione, Isabel Blagborne, Friars John Copp, Jeffrey Herman, Michael Lerner, Harry Demas, Fred Watkin NEXT TIME I ' LL SING TO YOU THE CAST Meff Christopher Brooks Dust George House Lizzie Tern Reed Rudge Howard Kerr Hermit Eric Feldman CHARISTOPHER MARLOWE 1964 A UNIVERSITY THEATER PRODUCTION THE DEPARTMENT OF DRAMATIC ART and THE COMMITTEE FOR ARTS AND LECTURES present DR. FAVSTVS by CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE September 17,18,19,20,1964 at 8:00 p.m. The William Randolph Hearst Greek Theater UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA BERKELEY CAMPUS next time i ' ll sing to you Next Time I ' ll Sing to You was a University Theater Production. It is a British avant-garde hit play that probes the life of a hermit. The play was written by James Saunders in 1961, and is based on the best-selling biography of a hermit in England. Much of it is a play within a play. It depicts a playwright trying to stage his drama about a hermit, although his actors rebel and assert their own interpretations of a hermit ' s life. In trying to discover the truth about the hermit, the players and the audience find a reason for their own existence. doctor faustus doctor faustus Dr. Faustus is based on the life of an historical figure, Johannes Faustus, of Wittenburg, Germany, who was a professional sorcerer in 16th century Europe. The legend was that he sold his soul to the devil for worldly power and this is the central theme of Marlowe ' s play. Faustus ' contract is the elaboration of a mind which thinks in terms and finds in the unconditional will of God threats to identity and vitality. These threats are only by intensifications of themselves. Exposed again and again to the realities of wrath and love, Faustus has no answer but a stream of conditions and curses. To save his soul means to hide it. Director Kerans said ' ' this story, which has become so significant in the intellectual history of the western world, is not just one of a man ' s becoming trapped by over-reaching himself; it also depicts a man willfully defying God, almost like a son ' s defiance of his father. " passage to india Santha Rama Rau ' s dramatic adaptation of E. M. Forster ' s A Passage to India was presented by the University Theater last November under the direction of Mr. William Oliver. It was dramatically adapted from a novel very skillfully by a difficult and sophisticated technique. Adaptation of this story presents distinct problems in the respect that the source novel is very rich, and yet the play is more than merely a novel vivified. Six powerful scenes compose the novel, four of which constitute the heart of the play. Forster ' s original dialogue, characters, and central meanings are preserved exactly. Some of the sociological have been modified to meet the needs of staging, but the general of the plot is followed with care. three men on a horse Three Men on a Horse was to Berkeley audiences by the Department of Dramatic Art and the Committee for Arts and Lectures. This is a modern American farce. The hero of the story is a greeting card poet who discovers he has psychic ability to pick winning horses at the race track. In a bar he falls into the hands of professional bookies, and from that point the real plot of the play develops. Under the direction of Mitchell Lifton, Three Men on a Horse was full of vitality and comedy sketches for all to enjoy. This play was part of a of cultural programs to production and performance outlets for University artists, both student and faculty, and to bring new programs of special interest to the entire University community. " give my regards to berkeley " is theme for ' 65 spring sing " Give My Regards to Berkeley " was the theme of the Spring Sing performance, held April 2 in Harmon Gymnasium. Sponsored by the ASUC and directed by the Californians, an honorary service organization, Spring Sing gives living groups on campus the opportunity to display their singing talents in fun. In 1964, the Sweepstakes Award w as won by Zeta Tau Alpha, which placed second in singles the year before. First place in singles went to Delta Delta Delta with Deutsch and Cheney Halls placing first in mixed groups. Second prizes for singles and mixed groups went to Sigma Kappa and Kappa Delta Omega respectively. Lou Gottlieb of the Limelighters emceed the show. For the second year in a row, Zeta Tau Alpha walked off with the Sweepstakes trophy. The Kingston Trio entertained for the first hour of Spring Sing, and emceed the rest of the show. Pat Wong conducts the girls from Cheney in the Deutsch-Cheney rendition of to Remember. " singing for enjoyment COLLEGIAN SINGERS, a mixed choral group, provides an opportunity for all students of the University to participate in a musical activity. Under the direction of Roger Wilhelm, the group several programs during the year including a performance of Christmas carols, and a noon concert in the Student Union Plaza during the spring semester. Each spring COLLEGIANS also sponsors a series of informal sessions called the " Collegian Sings, " featuring outstanding conductors who are invited to lead students, faculty, and Bay Area residents in the reading of major choral works. COLLEGIANS Wilhelm, Director; Judy Kronke, Peter Hall, Margaret Allen, Manager; William Eschenback, Kathi Fine. Roger Wilhelm conducts a practice session. oldest male college chorus in the west James Fankhauser Director GLEE CLUB Fankhauser, Director; Dennis Dufalla, Pianist, Assistant General Manager; Dave Morris, Music Associate Manager; John Diamond, Personnel Associate Manager; Ed Rickets, Concert Associate Manager; Gerald Brown, Business Manager; Stewart Hobson, Publicity Associate Manager. The California Men ' s GLEE CLUB was founded as a male octet in 1875, and through the years has gradually expanded its size and activities. Under Clinton R. Morse, the group achieved world fame as the first American choral group to tour Europe. Each year semester recess, GLEE CLUB tours California or surrounding areas. This year, the members decided to visit some of the areas of Northern California. The group performs often for the campus community as well as presenting major choral works with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra. TREBLE CLEF, the women ' s choral group, is under the direction of Miss Elizabeth Davidson. All of the of the eighty-member choir are entirely student planned. In past years the group has travelled to Hawaii and Canada delighting audiences with its splendid quality. This year a trip is planned to the Southwest. In the fall, a retreat week-end was held in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Concerts are held in Hertz Hall in the fall and spring and this year Treble Clef, with Glee Club, performed in the opera Three Against Christmas by Andrew Imbrie. Christmastime finds Treble Clef carolling in San Francisco at many of the downtown department stores. Although Treble Clef was eighty years ago as mainly a musical group, it also finds time for social events and is a very worthwhile and entertaining extra-curricular for women at Cal. there ' s music in the air SENIOR MANAGERS — Pat Diehl, Associate Senior Manager; Ronnie Kordell, Senior Manager. JUNIOR MANAGERS — Carol Beock, Sue Beare, Ann Gresham, Lora Schlesinger, Jean McEvoy, Anne Wythe. JADE SINGERS — Row One: Maureen Bocian. Row Two: Grace Howker, Joan Whithead, Cheryl Lee, Diana Freitas, Susan Beare, Ann Gresham, Pat Diehl, Kathy Brown, Ronni Kordell. master musicians at work The COLLEGIUM MUSICUM is a regular class which may be taken with or without unit credit. Under the able direction of Mr. Curtis, the group uses historical instruments in conjunction with voices to perform excellent but rarely heard music of earlier times. Enrollment is determined through try-outs held at the beginning of the semester. At a concert with Repertory Chorus, Collegium Musicum presented selections including Peter Philip ' s " The Nightingale " and Luca Marenzio ' s " lo Piango. " Mr. Curtis Director Mr. Lawton Conductor Repertory chorus members sing at a practice session. REPERTORY CHORUS, a class by the Music Department, is conducted by Mr. Lawton. Members are selected on the basis of auditions at the beginning of each semester. They are chosen from the entire community of students, faculty, and administrators. The Chorus gives several concerts a year, contributing to the cultural programs on campus. The Repertory Chorus presented a at the dedication of the O ' Neill Memorial Organ. Included in the were Hassler ' s " Ricercar, " " Dixit Dominus, " and " O Domine Jesu Christe. " providing entertainment for all Under the direction of Dr. James McKelvy, UNIVERSITY CHORUS presented various programs for the University and the public in general. The Chorus is a class which students can take for credit and is composed of approximately 200 students. The members of the Chorus participate in at least one Bay Area performance during the semester. The Chorus combined with the University Symphony to put on a Christmas program which included Stravinsky ' s Another presentation by the Chorus included Hassler ' s " Psalm 66, " Schubert ' s in G, " Britten ' s " Festival Te Deum, " and Pinkham ' s " Requiem. " The chorus also performed with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra during the spring semester. University Chorus members practice for their performance with the San Francisco Symphony. James McKelvy Director striving for perfection The UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, conducted by Mr. Michael Senturia, put on a Christmas with the University Chorus. Included in the program were Mozart ' s " Symphony in E-Flat " and " Concerto for Piano and Orchestra " and Stravinsky ' s " Babel. " Their November Concert, which was an overwhelming success, included " Piano Concerto No. 1 in d, Op. 15 " by Brahms, among other selections. The Piano Concerto was extremely well done and enjoyed by all. The Orchestra functions as a class in which students, faculty, and staff can earn two units of credit while getting an opportunity to improve their musical ability. Members are chosen on the basis of auditions held during Registration Week and must attend two two-hour rehearsals each week. Mr. Michael Senturia Conductor adding the finishing touch Under the direction of Mr. James Berdahl, the members of BAND performed at various campus events during the year. Included in their December third presentation were Handel ' s and Allegro in F Minor, " Hindemith ' s " Symphony in B-Flat, " and Piston ' s " Tunbridge Fair. " The members participated in Spring Sing on April 2, various University meetings, and Charter Day During the Spring semester, they presented an outdoor in Faculty Glade for the enjoyment of Cal students who were distracted from their studies by the beautiful weather. Rehearsals are held several times a week to give the musicians an opportunity to improve their performance techniques. Mr. James Berdahl Conductor Living groups compete for prizes while helping to send underprivileged children to Cal Camp. it ' s carnival time! A toboggan ride highlighted the 1964 Big C Sirkus. BIG " C " SIRKUS, the largest money-raising function on is organized under the direction of Men ' s Rally Committee. Most of the ideas, however, are developed by interested volunteers with Rally Com members serving mainly in an advisory capacity. Big " C " Sirkus is always a success in raising money to help finance Cal Camp, and also in providing Cal students with a wonderful weekend of fun. Various living groups on campus manage booths varying from dart throwing games to toboggan runs. Food booths are a necessity at any circus. helping the underprivileged The audience enjoyed the non-competitive number, " Commercials, " put on by six girls from Pi Beta Phi. CAL CAMP is the scene of summer camping for East Bay underprivileged children. The camp is under the direction of a board of twenty University students with the aid of fifty These students participate in an orientation work shop held during the spring semester. There they learn effective methods of organizing activities and outdoor games. They are taught how to handle problems which might arise with the children. Cal Camp is attended by more than 200 children each summer. Money for this camp is raised by the Ugly Man Contest, Santa Claus Contest, Big " C " Sirkus, and Spring Sing. The Kingston Trio entertained at Spring Sing ' 65. Deutsch and Cheney Halls won second place in the 1965 Spring Sing. The money from this fund-raising activity is donated to Cal Camp. ALPHA PHI OMEGA ALPHA PHI OMEGA ' S niche on over three hundred campuses in the nation is unique. As the only national service fraternity, it shares certain characteristics with the other types of fraternities. It unites the binding energy of fellowship of the social fraternity with the honorary fraternity ' s attraction and selection of of potential, and the professional fraternity ' s attitude about being It is the combined effect of these elements together with this fraternity ' s special orientation toward service on all levels and in many areas, which gives Alpha Phi Omega ' s programs life. The above elements form a meaningful matrix for social action. If any generalization were to be made about this chapter, it could only be that the members offer service through leadership fused with Though the chapter ' s membership composition and capacity to serve will vary in future years, the ability and interest in investigating and initiating worthwhile programs of value to the community will still be present. ALPHA PHI One: Bill Maddaus, Byron Ziman, Jon Zablackis, Sheldon Hall, Dick Wayne Ybarra, Roger Lamm, John Young. Row Two: Fred Ybarra, Clark Maloney, Dave Johnson, Terry Maas, Ken Spice, George Goffman, Mike Meltzer, Max Shen, Severin Peterson, Lou Bluestein. alph phi omega -service through leadership Diane Lee Smith Miss Beauty Diane Lee Smith, of Alpha Delta Pi, was crowned Miss Beauty at the Beauty and the Beast Ball which was the final event of Ugly Man Week. Diane was sponsored by Phi Delta Theta and is a member of Phidelphians, the little sister group of the Phi Delts. Diane was selected by a jury consisting of artist Walter Keane, columnist Bob McKenzie, KSFO announcer Dave Niles, and Athletic Director Pete Newell. Red, the gorilla sponsored by Unit III of the residence halls, was the candidate who inspired the greatest total contributions. becoming a campus tradition The candidates of the 17th annual Ugly Man contest were diverse. The campus conception of ugly ran the scale from clever and thought provoking to the gross. Undoubtedly, the two bigggest winners of the contest were World University Service and Cal Camp. They split the contest proceeds, which for the third consecutive year topped $7,000. The groups who raised these funds were Alpha Epsilon Pi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Delta Zeta, Alpha Epsilon Phi, Unit III of the Residence Halls, Alpha Gamma Delta, Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight, Barrington Hall, Cunningham Hall, Davidson and Ehrman Halls, Masonic Club, Sherman Hall, and Sigma Phi Epsilon. Alpha Epsilon Pi sponsored the contest winner. Unit III ' s candidate the most money. Indicative of the spirit which enables Ugly Man to function were the two recipients of Alpha Phi Omega ' s Churchill Award, Ken Spice and Nancy Davis. Next year the Ugly Man contest will enter its 18th year, with a total of $65,000 raised. Marily Allen Walt Buck Kathleen Blackman Carol Childs Joanne Corday Maureen Doughty John Gage Jerry Goldstein Dan Griset Not Pictured: Martin Parker Jim Pinson Justin Roberts Bob Tannenbaum Linda Williams Garff Wilson Advisor CAL CLUB is the University of California ' s inter-campus spirit It has a chapter on every campus of the University. Members work to promote unity and harmonious relations among the various branches of the University. Each year, a conference is held at which all the chapters are represented, and the mutual problems and goals of the club are discussed. In addition, new policies are considered as attempts at solving problems are made. Through Cal Club, close inter-campus relations are maintained and strengthened in spite of the continuous growth of the University. Lanny Hernandez Barbara Nawman Phil Litts Clifton Rhodes Tim Lyons R. J. O ' Donnell Charles Powell Jamie Sutton Sharon Mock Rob Olson Cheryl Pugh Nancy Tyson works to cal club promote unity and harmonious relations among branches of the university order of the golden bear Albert M. Becker Eric C. Bellquist James E. Berdahl Robert H. Blake Ernest H. Burness James Cason, Jr. Milton Chernin Robert A. Cockrell Robert P. Commanday James H. Corley James H. Cullom Charles C. Cushing William H. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William H. Dennes Robert DiGraccia Clifford L. Dochterman William L. Ellsworth Richard E. Erickson W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Walter Frederick William B. Fretter Varden Fuller Warren H. Geidt Phillip P. Griffin Richard P. Hafner Brutus Hamilton Jerry Berman Larry S. Beyersdorf Martin Blank Morris Bobrow Robert E. Bosso Burton Davies William J. Dickinson Tom Dunlap Dick Dwane Edward A. Germain Jeffrey Horner Robert L. Knight Lawrence Akey Lloyd Amborn Matthew Baggett, Jr. William Baxter, Jr. Steven Becker Paul Benzler Walter Buck William Burrows Ronald Calegari George Caplan Michael Cohen Richard Cortén William Dalporto Stephen Dautoff Paul Dekar Daniel Devoto Samuel Dolman George Duff UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES James T. Harkness Lawrence A. Haper Jack Hart James D. Hart Rene Herrerias Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Miles R. Hudson Richard K. Kelly Van Dusen Kennedy Thomas J. Kent, Jr. Clark Kerr Frank L. Kidner Elmo J. Koll Adrian A. Kragen John E. Landon G. James Lemmon Donald McLaughlin Gerald E. Marsh Woodrow Middlekauf Ralfe D. Miller William H. Monohan Norris Nash Peter Newell Harold C. Norton Peter H. Odegard George Pettit William Porter GRADUATE STUDENTS Albert Kramer Don Lauer Charles Lucas Gerald McManigal Kenneth Meade James Naify Pat Newell Peter Olson William Petrocelli William R. Quigley John J. Quinn UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS John Gage Michael Gridley Michael Hearn Allan Hernandez Stephen Johnson Gary Kilpatric Thoma s Lagomarsino Brian MacWhinnery Rodney Marraccini Hugh Massey Phiroze Nagarvala Robert O ' Donnell Richard Palmer Martin Parker Douglas Patterson Jack Perella Robert Phillips James Pinson Richard E. Powell Alva W. Ragan Armin Rappaport Warren Robinson William Shepard Alex C. Sherriffs William Somerville Robert G. Sproul Verne Stadtman Wendell Stanley Robert Steiner Larry Stewart Fred E. Stripp Edward W. Strong Jacobus ten Broek Forrest Tregea Ian G. Turner Peter S. Van Houten William Wadman Michael K. White Arleigh Williams Jack Williamson Garff B. Wilson George Wolfman Frank Woodward Henry S. Yee J. Roger Samuelson Claude Schultz Jerome Siebert Sanford Skaggs Jeffrey Snow Richard Stone Tom Trutner Brian Van Camp Gordon Van Kessel Cameron Wolfe David Yamakawa Robert Piziali Michael Plunkett Charles Powell Clifton Rhodes Louis Rohlicek Theodore Russell Gary Salzman August Schilling II Bernard Schulte Jan Schuyler Jamie Sutton Frederic Sylvester Randolph Thaman Malcolm Thornley, Jr. George Weathersby Peter Weber Thomas Weisenburger Stephen Yarnell Dennis Hayes Gary Kilpatric William Mecom Russell Moore Dave Peterson Lanny Hernandez Buck Kingman Russell Medevic Wayne O ' Connell Charles Powell Sid lsraels Thomas Lagomarsino Asa Meudell R. J. O ' Donnell Jack Reding Jay Jacobus Mike McGinnis Daniel Miller Doug Patterson Clifton Rhodes Larry Briggs Bill Burrows Gary Davis George Foster Bryan Gerstel Bob Brinkworth George Caplan Michael Fein John Gage Dave Goldstein Walt Buck Matthew Connelly Jay Fleming Randy Gaines Steve Harper Californians dedicated to serving the university THE CALIFORNIANS is a junior and senior men ' s honorary service organization. Members, who serve as the Chancellor ' s Hosts, are chosen on the basis of past activities, interest in campus life and to give their support to the various Californian sponsored events. A few of these traditional events are the Frosh-Soph Brawl, Big Game Week, Awards Assembly, and Spring Sing. A cross section of this group will find members from almost all living groups and literally every phase of life. John Roberts Lynn Sims Jim Weeks Louis Rohlicek Dale Smith John Wenz Ron Rosen Jamie Sutton Don Worden Buzz Schulte George Weathersby Not Pictured: Bill Berland Bob Boyd Tom Fogarty Rick Hornung Jeff Kessler Marty Parker Frank Rossi Ted Russell Steve Zalkind Joanne Corday Betsy Bidart Barbara Ewing Mary Gahagen Vickie Graham Tani Janes Sharon Mock Anne Perkins Judy Allen Marjorie Ashe Jean Blair Christine Brinkman Mary Jane Burns Sue Carlsen Connie Chalberg Patricia Dolan Maureen Doughty Georgiana Eagen Pat Hamilton Anne Harbordt Terry Harman Peggy Heller Sandy Houston Yasuko Ikuta Lori Jacobs Janet King Joan Lyon Lee Lyon OSKI DOLLS are the official hostesses of the University of California. During the last year their activities have included greeting visiting athletic teams, dignitaries, foreign students and speakers. They also planned the All-University of California Brunch for student leaders and assisted with the planning of Big Game Week. Membership consists of fifty girls from various living groups, who must maintain at least a 2.00 grade average. Approximately ten girls from each class, but no more than three from any single living group, are selected. Christine Mattson Kathy Miller Alice Movius Mary Beth Mulvey Barbara Murphy Barbara Nawman Pam Owings Meredyth Palik Nan Palmer Sheri Petersen Wilma Peterson Melynda Ragan Val Reisman Martha Sam Betsy Sellman Sandy Smith Nancy Stair Sue Steel Wendy Tyler Nancy Tyson Debbie Widmer Joyce Bailey Karen Beckstead Marsha Bratten Kim Brubaker Candy Caldwel Patti Chapman Pat Diehl mortar board analyzes communication problems of the " multiversity " Trish Doyle Judy Dysinger Karen Fink Forty-six years ago on February fifteenth and sixteenth, BOARD began its career as an outstanding factor in collegiate life. On those two days in 1918, four local societies long established on the campuses of Cornell, University of Swarthmore, and Ohio State University joined to form the first and only national organization of senior women. Today, Mortar Board has chapters on 109 campuses. The University of California chapter was founded in 1925. Mortar Board members are committed to continue serving the organization ' s three ideals of discriminating service, responsible leadership, and the of scholarly principles to personal and general problems, not only through the senior year, but after graduation from This semester, as a result of the disturbances that rocked the campus, Mortar Board has analyzed some of the problems of student-faculty communication at Cal, and has submitted a series of recommendations for changes in the present administrative system to the Chancellor. Gerry Gibbons Carol Ramstad Katie Wuertele Not Pictured: Sue Frieder Kathy Hicks Jan Primm cal ' s prytanean strives to initiate annual conference Evie Ashcroft Joyce Bailey Karen Beckstead Kim Brubaker Marsha Bratten Sis Campion Patricia Chapman Terri Corbelli Sheri Cummings Patricia Diehl Jane Downer Patricia Doyle Judy Dysinger Karen Fink Marcia Green Kathleen Hicks Ronni Kordell Rosemary Lucier Robin McConahy Karen Melgaard Sandra Moore Pattianne Nagle Cheryl Pugh Gay Strom Carol Ramstad Anne Costello Adrienne Dewell Margaret Duncan JoAnne Harbour Helen Holt Gay Johnston Marcia MacDougall Janet Primm Judy Primm Margaret Scott Katie Wuertele Lisa Broady Daphne Budge Carol Childs Joanne Corday Lisa Easton Jean Kalbach Susan Lassen Margaret Olsen Barbara Roth Maryly Snow Nancy Stock Nancy Tyson Pat Wong panile dedicated to the achievement of individual and social excellence PANILE, the sophomore women ' s honorary was founded in 1938. Scholarship, school spirit, and the adherence to traditions of loyalty and service to the University of are important parts of Panile ' s program. Each Fall, Panile sponsors University Family Day. On this day, as many as four thousand parents and relatives of university students visit the campus. A series of lectures is scheduled for the day and there is usually a football game for the visitors to see, as well. The society plans and participates in other community projects throughout the year. Linda Michelotti Melynda Ragan Terry Taylor Melissa Miller Sandy Roth Julie Totten Barbara Moor Nancy Stock Nancy Tyson Alice Movius Elizabeth Sullivan Dawn Urbais Daphne Budge Betsy Cohen Anne Harbordt Mary Jane Burns Andrea Davidson Pam Hawley Bonnie Cancienne Diane Dougherty Karen Iverson Dorothy Carter Betsy Ehm Reggina Janes Joan Chapel Nancy Feldstein Marjorie Livingston Carol Childs Kathy Fredericks Lee Lyon Rheta Christensen Chris Gard Sheila McCusker HONOR STUDENTS SOCIETY — Row One: Bill Wharton, Carol Miyamoto, Judy Barnett, Rits Preszler, Tak Suzuki, Bill Dorris, Phil Strauss, Bob Warren, Abby Eisenshtat. Row Two: Dennis Kneff, Nancy Matthews, Bonnie Field, Jan Faber, Stella Bentley, Bill Nachbaur, George Weathersby, Michael Eaton, Jacob W. Mates. Row Three: Gregory Chow, Randall Kirschman, Norman Chang, Gerry Matsumoto, Jordan Bloom, Larry Pettinger, James R. Norton, Robert Rains, David Overstreet. Row Four: John Parry, Richard Tietz, Dan Griset, James Lucke, Glen W. Shirk, Jerald Tantillo, Paul Rein, Henry Saar. The HONOR STUDENTS SOCIETY is an upper counterpart of Tower and Flame. is by election, and is based on high achievement. By offering its members such activities as bay cruises, snow and field trips, lectures and the opportunity to participate in a tutoring service, the society provides a social and intellectual program. honor students ' society and tower and flame provide tutoring services TOWER AND FLAME, the lower division honor society, is composed of over five hundred members selected because of their extended scholastic effort. They have achieved honors at entrance or a " B " at the University. This honor society membership is well deserved by the who conduct a tutoring service maintaining high grades. Tower and Flame members meet to hold discussions and hear lecturers, as well as for the registration of the five hundred in the club. WINGED HELMET SOCIETY — Row One: Bill Heal, Dick Holland, Ensign O ' Little, Steve Harper, Dick Terry, Walt Altorfe. Row Two: Paul Foster, Larry Logan, Mike O ' Neil, Robert Theel, Russ Fisher, Regis Bloatstone. Row Three: Herbert Tully, Bob Durkin, Howard Beeman, Bill Uren, Row Four: Sam Stevens, Jim Punchu, Letch Scotch, Steve Cuthbutt, Fred Riddenmuch, Sugma Tietz. Not Pictured: Ross Mackay. The WINGED HELMET SOCIETY was founded in 1901, to be a mark of distinction for Leigh Gaba junior and senior men who have achieved Greg Palamountain President success in various branches of college and to establish between its members a Treasurer Steve Harper closer union of friendship and mutual Prominent among its members Arleigh Williams Secretary down through the years have been such distinguished men as Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Armin Leuschner, John Eshleman, and Gordon Sproul. winged 64th year Advisor SIGMA DELTA CHI is the honorary journalism society for men. Cal ' s chapter of this national honor society affiliates and sometimes meets with the Northern California Professional Chapter at the San Francisco Press Club. This year, the society the showing of two films on Red China. Ability in journalism and a commitment to entering journalism as a career are attributes of each member in the society. THETA SIGMA PHI is the national fraternity for women in journalism. It was founded in 1909, by seven women students at the University of Washington. They resolved to work for a free and responsible press, to unite women engaged in fields of communication, to recognize the achievements of women journalists, to maintain high professional and to encourage members to greater individual effort. The now has 63 collegiate Cal ' s, with the aid of advisors Kerr, assists with High School Journalism Day, and similar programs. SIGMA DELTA CHI — Row One: Fred Wolkenhauer, Terrence McInnes, Dick Corten, Jim Willwerth. Row Two: Joe Clark, Pete Steffens, Charles Goldman, Barry Bishin, Jim Branson, Dave Ogden. Not Pictured: Glenn Becker, Pete Benjamison, William Garvin, Mike Montbriand, Mike Bradley. Mrs. Ruth Donnelly and Mrs. Clark sigma delta. chi and theta sigma phi, journalism societies, survive even after major disappears THETA SIGMA PHI — Row One: Carol Crossman, President; Sherron Sawyer, V. President; Carol Treasurer; Grace Sturm, Secretary. Row Two: Judy Hechler, Katie Wuertele, Carolyn Barr, Cathy Arreguy, Jill Glassman, Sherry Heller, Gay Johnston. Row Three: Sandra Zirpoli, Kenna Howell, Sylvia Clay, Carol Cleone, Vanna Ketterman, Nancy Petersen, Nancy Turpin. SKULL AND KEYS — Row One: Steve Onerdonk, Steve Harper, Bill Clayton, Ed Musante, Chris Carlson, Rick Gattis, Russ Godt, Jim Baird, Steve Cuthbert, Jim Harrington, Bob Towne, Chip Hunt, Cap Peckham, Howard Beeman (actives). Row Two: Terry Holberton, Mike Wiehl, Mike Chase, Stu Brubaker, Loran Solan, Al Stewart, Bob Theel, Bob Holman, Steve Radich, Bob Campbell, Tim Cameron, Tom Quontamatteo (initiates). Row Three: Ned Reynolds, Bruce Weiss, Bruce Cowger, Ken Tietz, Fred Riedel, Jack McKeown, Mel Anderson, Ron Calegari, Pete Peracca, Dick Terry (initiates). Row Four: Jerry Mosher, Mike Gridley, Tom Thomas, Ken Moulten, Bill Caldwell, Don Cobleigh, Bill Hunter, Russ Fisher, Jim Barker, Jim Bundschu, Bob Tocchini, Greg Palamountain (initiates). secret, seldom silent skull and keys commence... FALL SPRING Russ Godt President Jim Harrington Ed Musante Secretary Don Cobleigh HONORARY MEMBERS Dick Abreu Stub Allison Bodie Andrews David Barrows Gill Becker Anthony Blanks Dr. Boles N. S. Buchanan Paul Cadman John U. Calkins, Jr. Donald Cameron Andy Carlson R. W. Chaney Zeb Chaney Charles Cahpman Walter Christie Clarence Corey James A. Crutchfield Harry Davis M. M. Davisson Monroe E. Deutsch William G. Donald Newton B. Drury W. H. Durham Ky Ebright Greg Englehard Capt. Neil Edmunds Col. G. C. Ewards James K. Fisk Martin C. Faherty Walter Frederick Stanley B. Freeborn Horace R. Gaither Raymond Gettell Evertt Glass E. C. Goldsworthy Capt. P. C. Godwin George Good Capt. Sandy Goodman Walter Gordon Lieut. Harry Greenlaw E. T. Grether John Brover Chaffee Hall, Jr. Brutus Hamilton James Hamilton Jack Happoldt Dr. James T. Harkness Robert Hemphill Norman E. Hinds John Hostater H. S. Howard Miles Hudson James B. Hutchinson Lincoln Hutchinson Bill Ingram Dick Kelly Dr. Frank Kelly Alexander M. Kidd Lawrence Kinnaird Peter B. Kavne W. M. Latimer Karl G. Leebrick Matthew C. Lynch E. Landon Austin MacDonald Walter E. Magee Eggs Manske G. E. Marsh Jack McKinzie Herm Meister Ralph P. Merritt Ralfe Miller Brick Mitchell Brick Morse Russ Nagler Eugene Neunaus John Farnci Neylan R. L. Olson Edmund O ' Neil F. C. Palm Major G. H. Peabody Robert A. Peterson Ken Priestly Thomas H. Putnam Al Ragan L. Reno Carl Reich F. M. Russell Thomas F. Sanford Major C. R. Sargent Geo. Schroth William A. Setchell James G. Shaeffer Andy Smith Geo. A. Smithson Robert G. Sproul Tom Stow H. E. Stone Edward G. Stricklin Fred Stripp Major J. S. Switzer Nicholas L. Taliaferro Lient. Cdr. H. L. Tallman E. H. Taylor Col. Thomas J. Truex Irv. Uteritz Charles R. Voltz Edwin C. Voorhies Lynn O. Waldorf Benjamin Wallace Benjamin Ide Wheeler Frank Wickhorst Jack Williamson Bob Wilson Garff B. Wilson Jean C. Witter Carl Zamlock Deceased torch and shield senior women ' s social organization founded in 1906 TORCH AND SHIELD: Barbara Nawman Tani Janes Millie Clute Sis Campion Julie Young Sue Ohlson Terry Lowe Emilie Codoner TORCH AND SHIELD, a senior women ' s social organization, was established in 1906. Its activities are traditionally a so... TAU BETA PI — Row One: Wayne Onaka, Tom Barwick, Virendra Jhaveri, Robert Weitzmann, Peter Bray, Michael Eaton, Thomas Kornei, Shun Chong Fung, Robert Dutton, Joel Garbarino, Richard Jones, Michael King. Row Two: Tom Harper, Gerry Matsumoto, Adelbert Owyoung, Darrell Tornow, Ronald Mussat. Row Three: Dale Luomala, Richard Lundberg, James Dielschneider, Curt Staley, Steven Magyary, Phil Strauss, Neil Yarnell, William Krum, Pat Marriott, Larry Ramsauer, Row Four: Haakon James Kucke, James Strong, Tom Maguire, Robert Piziali, Bill Moring, Jacob Jacobs, Robert Lee, Tom Wilcox, Sol Selim, Vance Tyree, Richard Wolff, Jim Zellers, Haim Zaklad. Row Five: Ejike Nsefo, Bruce Wooley, M. Goldstein, M. Silverstone. tau beta pi, engineering ' s own phi beta kappa, and engineer ' s joint council — each provides representation TAU BETA PI, a national honor society founded in 1885, was formed to recognize student engineers not elected to Phi Beta Kappa because of the nature of their studies. The has grown rapidly and now has over 100,000 members. The Berkeley chapter was chartered in 1907. Tau Beta Pi sponsors Day and, throughout the year, establishes a close and cordial relationship between students and faculty. ENGINEER ' S JOINT COUNCIL has members from all twelve societies at the University. The group discusses problems common to engineers in all fields. The sponsors an orientation program for new students each semester, and helps to coordinate the of the various engineering societies. ENGINEER ' S JOINT COUNCIL — Row One: John Nadherny, Treasurer; Don Cropper; Michael Goldstein, President; Bob Odello; Russ Shaver, Secretary. Row Two: Robert Showen, William Sloane; John R. Parry; Russell Briggs. ETA KAPPA NU — Row One: Wai-Hung Yam, Yas Yamazaki, Sik-Kee Au, Joe Moaveni, Roy Kozen. Row Two: Philip Strauss, Wes Buerhrens, Sal Spinella, Mike Goldstine, Peter Tsou. Row Three: John Connell, William Frederic Martin, Neil Yarnell, Robert E. Lee. eta kappa nu honors " double e ' s " ETA KAPPA NU is the national electrical engineering honor society. Mu Chapter was installed on the Berkeley campus of the University of California in 1915, and was the first west coast chapter to be established. Today there are over one hundred active chapters throughout the United States. Like all honor societies, memberships is by invitation only. who have shown marked ability, as evidenced by scholarship and other qualities which indicate that the student will be a success in his profession, are elected to Eta Kappa Nu. The purpose of Eta Kappa Nu is to assist its members throughout their lives in becoming better men in their chosen profession of engineering, and better citizens. industrial engineers share interests in aiie and alpha pi mu The AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERS has a student chapter at Cal which is open to all industrial students. Group meetings the members ' theoretical and practical knowledge of industrial The club ' s varied program also features dinners, field trips, and other social activities. ALPHA PI MU honors industrial students with excellent academic records and high ability in the industrial engineering field. Seniors, juniors, and graduates are eligible if a 2.5 grade point average has been maintained. and meetings with guest speakers are held throughout the year. AIIE-ALPHA PI MU — Row One: Gary Andres, Perry Edwards, Bob Cliff, John Bryan, Jim Perry, Joel, Effron, Ron Ernst, Bill Rosentreter. Row Two: Professor R. C. Grassi, Michael Mestre, Fred Koehn, John Hutchinson, Bill Franzwa, Stan Holcenberg, Ken Spice, Jim Fonda. Row Three: Milton Loo, David Gruwall, Tom Trautwein, James Weeks, Bill Van Camp, Michael Weber, Les Ellis. ASME — Row One: Professor Costanza; Harvey Singleton, Newsletter Editor; Baldwin Chan; Mike Levine, EJC Representative; Thomas Maguire, Chairman; Larry Ramsauer; Hans Mehn, Treasurer; Bruce Shawver; Row Two: Dick Horonjett, V. Chairman; John Durein; Antonie Stroeve, Publicity Chairman; Tom Ogawa; Alan Chancellor; Yorgi Kaminari; Burnell Grange. Row Three: Chuck Minning; Clark Blasdell, Lloyd Dunlap; Kaye Yuen; George Clifford, Charles Sawyer. asme provides practice in mechanical engineering The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF ENGINEERS seeks to promote the advancement of knowledge in the engineering field. Nearly every major American college has a chapter of this active society. Any student graduate or undergraduate, enrolled in mechanical engineering may join ASME if he is in good academic standing. An annual picnic highlights the year, and technical meetings and field trips are also planned. pi tau sigma selects top quarter PI TAU SIGMA is a national engineering honorary whose members are selected from the upper quarter of their class. It is open to any graduate or undergraduate majoring in engineering. Mechanical work in the machinery designing engines, tools, and steel equipment. New members are elected at the of each semester. PI TAU SIGMA — Row One: Peter Bray, Clark Blasdell, Larry Ramsauer, Bruce Robert Weitzmaan, Tom Barwick. Row Two: Donald Cooper, Tom Maguire, Joel Carbarino, Ejike Ndefo. Row Three: Jim Lucke, Garry Matsumoto, Pat Marriott, Haim Zaklad. Row Four: Richard Smith, Jiames Strang, Burnie Grange, Robert Piziali, Don Fry, Bill Moring. ASCE — Row One: Gary Austin, Gary Glasser, Rich T. Reynolds, Robert Okamura, Hans Korve, Raul Sanchez. Row Two: Charles Huff, Craig Hewnan, Dave Barnhardt, Philip Vollmer, Gene Riddle, Ronald Tsugita, Eugene Herson, Robert Zumwalt, Elmer Guillermo. Row Three: M. P. O ' Dwyer, Yuan Jen, Tom MacDonald, Robert Youngs, John Lemley. Row Four: D. Baker, Richard Nye, William Sloane, Alex Beattie, Brian Doyle, Jogeshwen Preet Singe. Row Five: Richard Landberg, William Thurston, Albert Wright, John A. Sullivan, Steve Wright, Brook Kraeger, Jim Orland, Tom Stratton, H. Heilbron. Row Six: Ben Everett, Al Morris, Bill Kanenberg, Walt Ritchie, James Woodin, Ron Hawkins, Harry Schueller, Denny Parker. civil engineers participate in asce and chi epsilon The AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS student chapter at the University of California serves its members in varied ways. The goals of the society are centered around the entrance of the graduating engineer into professional life. Activities include technical meetings oriented toward civil engineering, interviews, and technical conferences and seminars on research in engineering techniques. The society also serves to develop a closer relationship between the students and the faculty in civil engineering by contact in social functions. CHI EPSILON ' s members are civil selected for outstanding ability. It is a national fraternity with chapters at many major colleges and universities in the country. Chi orients students in the civil field, in hopes of guiding them to a successful career. CHI EPSILON — Row One: Robert Green, Tenny Lam, John Dracup, Ron Hawkins, Brian Doyle, Brook Kraeger, Raul Sanchez, Denny Parker, Kurt Hess, Henry Fong, Professor J. Mitchell, Advisor. Row Two: Harvey Collins, Pedro Castaner, Nino Cerruti, Rich Lundberg, William Thurston, Donald Woodford, Reynolds, Robert Odello, Clyde Morita, James Okita. SAACS OFFICERS — Row One: Ernie Romine; Richard P. White, Jr.; Row Two: Dr. H. L. Strauss, Faculty Advisor; Sheldon Schaffer, Herbert Schott. student affiliates of the american chemical society pursue interests in research The STUDENT AFFILIATES OF THE AMERICAN SOCIETY were established in 1937 by the Chemical Society. The chapter at the University of California was among the first to be founded. The purpose of the club is to stimulate an interest in chemistry, in both the professional and research fields. The club holds monthly meetings, and often features faculty members involved in chemical research. Each Spring, a convention is held, and senior students have an opportunity to deliver research papers. The club is open to all chemistry students. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS Row One: Professor Merrill, Francis Connor, Ken Fujii, Dan Devoto, Wanda Clearwater, Marshall Iverson. Row Two: Kun C. Youn, Nelson Leidel, Bill Strobel, Mike Chase, R. Watson. Chemical engineering majors seeking an outlet for their talents should the AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF CHEMICAL ENGINEERS, a national professional organization. As chemical engineers design buildings in which chemical work is done, a thorough knowledge of chemistry is necessary. To add to this knowledge, AiChE ' s program provides a series of speakers and several field trips. Members of NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES CLUB aim at gaining or expanding their knowledge through contact with people in areas related to nutritional science. This is made possible through field trips to such places as S and W Foods and the Dietary Department at the UC Medical Center. As well as pursuing a special interest, members undertake service projects such as baking cookies for the Red Cross and offering a one hundred dollar scholarship. aiche strives to design buildings which facilitate chemical experiments nu tritional sciences club takes field trip to united airlines flight kitchen NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES CLUB — Row One: Barbara Bell, Priscilla Heminger, Geraldine Wakiji, Winifred Jebian. Row Two: Sheri Rae Wiles, Marie Dufau, Susie Takahashi, Susan Keller, Holly Sackett. Row Three: Sally Hansen, Sandy CarlI, Judy Quinn, Cathy Diane Phillips, Sue Briggs. Mark Hennessy was the Commander of the Drill Team. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY C Lt. Col. James G. Tappan, Commander 1964 C lst Lt. Jerome Hatfield, Commander 1965 CADET GROUP STAFF, FALL C Lt. Col. James A. Stehr, Group Commander C Major Jay D. Ruzak, Executive Officer C lst Lt. Ted Isbelle, Administrative Officer C Capt. William J. Popendorf, Personnel Officer C Capt. John P. Caudle, Material Officer C Capt. R. T. Cockburn, Operations Officer C lst Lt. Tom C. Dority, Comptroller C Capt. Thomas E. Hopkins, Information Officer C Capt. Bruce S. Flushman, Inspector C lst Lt. William O ' Brien, Inspector C Capt. Harold A. Gunn, Squadron Commander C Capt. Rodney Sharp, Squadron Commander C Capt. Michael S. Scimeca, Athletic Officer CADET GROUP STAFF, SPRING C Lt. Col. Jay D. Ruzak, Group Commander C Major Michael J. Grenko, Executive Officer C Capt. James K. Schmitt, Administrative Officer C Major George W. Chumbley, Personnel Officer C Capt. James W. Richardson, Material Officer C Major Michael S. Scimeca, Operations Officer C Major Thomas E. Hopkins, Information Officer C 1st Lt. James A. Willis, Comptroller C Capt. Richard B. Hubbard, Inspector C Capt. Oak. H. Deberg, Inspector C Lt. Col. James G. Tappan, Squadron Commander C Lt. Col. William J. Popendorf, Squadron Commander DETACHMENT STAFF Colonel William J. Davitt, Professor of Air Science Major G. M. Bennett Major William A. Eveland Capt. Glenwood J. Anderson MSGT Billy J. Whisenant TSGT Omoto SSGT Wendell F. Hanselman Mrs. Ann Cantril Mrs. Peggy Nagase Recipients of the Distinguished Cadet Award were H. A. Gunn, M. S. Scimeca, J. A. Stehr, J. C. Tappan, W. S. Popendorf, and M. J. Grenko (not pictured). Gary B. Thompsen was the first Cal cadet to solo in the new flight instruction program. AFROTC is another " first " for the University of California which, along with MIT, Illinois, and Texas A M, introduced the original Air Service ROTC Program in 1920. Today, one hundred and eighty six Universities and Colleges offer military in their Departments of Aerospace Studies and graduate over five thousand new Air Force annually. ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY AND ANGEL FLIGHT are nationally affiliated honorary organizations with members selected from upper division AFROTC cadets and coeds on campus. They participate in service projects and sponsor social functions for the AFROTC Cadet Corps. This years ' activities included the ' ' Air Force Ball, " trips to the Boeing Aircraft Plant in Seattle and Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas. Sue Scheble Commander Cathy Arnoldy Executive Officer Dotti Bush Linda Brown Rheta Christensen Randie Feldman Judy Graziane Karen Hughes Jackie Ames New Junior Cadets were welcomed at a formal dining in. The Arnold Air Society. afrotc, arnold air society and angel flight air science organizations Ann Bills Terry Harman Arlene Levy Jane Millar Kathy Gaffney Lynn Harris Joan Livingston Kathy Ryan Val Gamenara Jennette Johnson Sheila McCusker Chris Shores Jan Grieve Joanne Kirby Sue McShirley Sue Templeton GOLDEN GUARD SOCIETY — Row One: Greg Palamountain, Steve Don Fareed, Greg Tolson, Chuck Donaldson, Capin Hunt, John Hodge, Dennis Abreu, Leonard S. Felix, Robert L. Redfield, Dean Goishi, Fred Page, Russ Medevic. Row Two: M. J. Gannon, R. M. Moran, W. R. Friedrich, B. H. Schulte, J. B. Henderson, Mark Rodebaugh, S. R. Wood, Chuck Jenner, Peter Peracca, James Danow, William Sloane, Leslie Niitani. Row Three: Douglas JoBell, Robert Clirehugh, P. Y. Fox, G. P. Scott, T. F. Sturges, W. M. Iverson, L. W. Anderson, W. W. Waddel, K. Jacobsen, S. Ferber, J. O ' Conneli, M. Klitten. Row Four: David Canoles, David W. McCrory, Phillip G. Martin, Richard Coulter, Paul Brizzolara, Robert Viale, William Androlia, Thomas Beyersdorf, John Larson, Pete Andersen, J. E. Owen. Row Five: Bill Burrows, Bob Warren, G. Clausing, Dave Brown, Andy Efstratis, Robert O ' Dowell, Buck Kingman, Ed Schramko, Norm Budman, Dennis Mulnall. Row Six: J. R. Hillingham, William Carter, David Archibald, Gerald Quigg, James Kaye, James Prendergast, Gordon Williams, David Anderson, Jack Rogers, Bob Wright, Stephan Paliwoda. Row Seven: Tom Barron, Anthony Haire, Tod Gregory, Richard Cartwright, L. Stephen Young, J. F. Romey, Ken Tietz, Stu Brubaker, Ron Calegari, Bernard Howell, Fred Ybarra, William Worthington. Primarily social in nature, the GOLDEN GUARD SOCIETY sponsors several parties during the year, including the formal Military Ball. In addition, the organization intramural athletic teams, and in inter-service the Army Cadets have soundly trounced the Air Force Cadets. The Society stimulates interest in the by sponsoring recruiting programs. golden guard society brings together students participating in army reserve officer ' s training program Robin Gray Karen Kessler Joan Abramson Sally Stuart Military Ball Queen Robin Gray Karen Kessler Miss Sally Stuart was crowned Queen at the Military Ball held at Oak Knoll Officers ' Club this April. Sally is a junior from Sacramento and is affiliated with Kappa Alpha Theta sorority. She lists swimming and skiing as her favorite Majoring in Spanish, Sally plans to take a fifth year and get her secondary teacher ' s or to go to the Latin American Institute for training in becoming a bi-lingual secretary. golden guard crowns military ball queens nrotc hosts open house, ring dance Using a sextant properly is an art. An NROTC member practices on the 5 in. 38 caliber gun mount. The 1965 Color Queen Finalists were Casey Carlson, Maureen Doughty, Sterling Hilleary, Color Queen; Carol Kimble, Dixie Watson. The QUARTERDECK SOCIETY is made up of midshipmen in the Navel ROTC unit at Cal. It not only offers a social program, but also enables students and officers to get acquainted in an atmosphere less formal than that which exists in the classroom. sponsors a wide range of which include monthly informal dances, dinners, and a date cruise. The two largest functions this year were the Open House hosted at Callaghan Hall in March, and the annual Ring Dance held later in the spring. Members of Quarterdeck the Ring Dance annually in honor of the junior class. Sterling Hilleary NROTC Color Queen sigma phi delta aims at fulfilling mottopro bono professionis " gamma delta epsilon -their second year of service GAMMA DELTA EPSILON OFFICERS — Jean Ziegler, President; Janet Allen, First Vice-President (Service Projects); Melissa Eisenberg, Second Vice-President (Pledging and Social Functions); Ellen Schlachter, Corresponding Secretary; Sara Stevens, Historian; Lisa Easton, Alumni Secretary; Louise Weisman, Chairman. Not Pictured: Ruth Davidson, Treasurer; Betsy Walkover, Recording Secretary. GAMMA DELTA EPSILON is a sorority founded by Alpha Phi Omega in the spring of 1963. this short time, GDE has assisted Alpha Phi Omega with the Ugly Man Contest, Book Exchange and numerous other service projects. They have also assisted Elections Council and sponsored their own booth in Big " C " Sirkus. SIGMA PHI DELTA is an International Social Professional Fraternity of It has as its object: the of the advancement of the Profession; the fostering of the advancement of Engineering the instilling of a greater spirit of cooperation among Engineering students and organizations; the in its members of the highest ideals of Christian manhood; good citizenship, obedience to law, and brotherhood; and the encouragement of scholarship. Its motto, Bono Professionis, " which translated from the Latin means, " For the Good of the Profession " furthers this object. SIGMA PHI DELTA — Row One: Steve Magiera, Tom Condom, Jack Tuite, Larry Ramsauer, Richard Schulman. Row Two: Chuck Crayne, Roger Muat, John Nadherney, Bruce Preville, Bernd Nitoff. Row Three: Dave Hadick, Jim Longwell, Gary Lance, Tom Peryam. LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON — Row One: George Irving, Treasurer; Doris Phillips, Corresponding Secretary; Garry Hubert, Publicity and Program Chairman; Tom Sutak, President; A. LaMont Smith, Advisor; Jody Cavanaugh, Recording Secretary; Dave Schrimp, Vice-President; Ty Sturgeon. Row Two: Bob Wnukowski, John Dumbauld, Sheila Kinnear, Merline Kajiyama, Jane Adachi, Judy Barnett, Jan Culver. Row Three: John Hewson, Gary Rothbart, Linda Hederman, Janie Dee, Karen Hagopian. Row Four: Brian Shiroyama, Joe Toft, Warren Grinnell, Irving Smith, Steve Hansen, Larry Lusardi. lambda alpha epsilon meets need for professionalization in law enforcement LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON is a national professional law fraternity. Epsilon, the Berkeley chapter, has a degree of pride with its membership in this fraternity. It was the first chapter allowed to organize and join the professional chapters, whose membership is composed of professionals working and teaching in the field. Epsilon is organized along the lines of the School of Criminology into enforcement, criminalistics, and corrections. The members take field trips to places of interest, have guest speakers, present fire arms programs, and have general associations with the professional chapters in the area. The main purpose of Epsilon is to increase communication among the various fields of criminology, and to help the student become aware of all the opportunities available within the discipline. PHI CHI THETA Row One: Charlotte Sain, lantha Adams, Ann Bills. Row Two: Magdalene Ng, Carolyn Richardson, Barbara Schwartz, Annie Chung, Linda Endacott, Nancy Davis, Barbara Ewing. Row Three: Sue Fitch, Marlene Groezinger, Barbara Lewis, Lynn Colbers, Nadine Schindell, Nancy Burpee, Toni Rommel, Vivian Kundell. phi chi theta promotes higher business education for women PHI CHI THETA, a professional fraternity for women majoring in Business Administration has as its purpose the promotion of the cause of higher business education and training for all women in business careers. The Eta Chapter has been active on the Berkeley campus since 1924 and seeks to encourage fraternity and cooperation among its members. Phi Chi Theta members feel that it is through the exchange of ideas and the setting of higher and higher goals — reaching each in turn, that the is able to grow in stature. iranian students association and chinese students club link foreign students to campus community CHINESE STUDENTS ' CLUB — Row One: Wayne Jower, Shirlaine Kee, Sandra Lee, Darlene Chan, Rodney Wong. Row Two: Ron Jan, Judy Mammon, Diana Wing, Fred Tsang. Row Three: Joanna Tong, Karene Woo. Row Four: Robert Jue, Jeanna Kong, Alice Wong, Corrine Lee, Don Kumata. Row Five: Roger Mah, Max Shen, David Schack, Chuck Leong. UC IRANIAN STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION — Row One: Bahram Ziai, Fereshteh Mehran, Mr. M. Emai, M. E. Elemad, Sassam Emami, V. Siadat. Row Two: Saced Ghothi, Farhad Partovi, M. Mohtashemi, D. Parham, Mr. Amin, Jamshid Zangeneh, Mr. Scadat, Samad Habib Agahi. THE IRANIAN STUDENTS ' ASSOCIATION is established to represent Iranian people and their culture to the American people. Its goal is bringing about and social relationships between Iranian and American students. THE CHINESE STUDENTS ' CLUB engages in the study of its past, present and future cultural heritage, links itself to the campus through its activities, and provides social relaxation for its members. The club strives to accomplish its goals through art exhibits, speakers, dances, and parties. All interested students of the are invited to join the club or participate in its activities. UCSOS — Juniors, Row One: Art Kobayashi, Ken Krichman, Bill Baron, Bill Stacy, Paula Neitz, Mary Keverline, Clyde W. Oden. Row Two: Victor Young, Don Schwartz, Charles Hardin, Ronald Hanson, Gene Koury, Randy Jose, Darold Dilley. Row Three: Jim Forte, Ed Rosser, Cary Pepper, Robert Kulas, Robert Hunt, Barry Braff, Steven Wissing. Row Four: Kuniaki Naito, Donald Ron Enrich, Mike Page, Jack Fennel, Dennis Ratinoff. The University of California Student Optometric Society strives to foster a greater dialogue between optometrists and optometry UCSOS is the only organized service group in the School of Among its social events are the Christmas Party, the Howdy-Doody, and the Spring Picnic. This year, the society undertook the project of and redecorating the Student Lounge. Throughout the year, contributions were received from alumni and suppliers, and the club will begin redecoration soon. optometric society reorganizes and redecorates student lounge UCSOS — Graduates, Row One: W. Eng, B. Johns, M. Harris, G. Oda, I. Dudow. Row Two: I. E. Pollack, C. C. Wienkers, K. Polse, E. Elliott, J. Young. UC STUDENT OPTOMETRIC SOCIETY Seniors, Row One: Bob Kano, Richard Brannen, Ron Grand, Jim Griffiths, Wolfgang Renken, Gloria Horn, Don Schmidt, Wyman Chan. Row Two: Paul Whitesides, Gerald Wing, Lee Milton Blackman, Clifton Schor, Walter Rice, Sheila Bartlett, Gar C. May. Row Three: David Grayson, Robert Swanson, Ronald Coverdale, Brian Austin, Warren DeHaan, William Kaiser. forestry club teaches boy scouts about conservation The FORESTRY CLUB, consisting of 95 percent of the forestry majors on campus, sponsors many social and educational activities the year, which are designed to maintain the excellent relationship in the department. The Christmas tree for the front of the Student Union, as well as trees for the other buildings on campus, are provided by this club. Social events of the club hikes, picnics and a clam dig. The members have inaugurated an educational program in which speakers are sent to various groups such as the Boy Scouts to teach them about conservation and to correct any misconceptions that they might have about the field of forestry. FORESTRY CLUB—Row One: Keith Crummer, Al Stangenberger, Ray Johnston, Dave McCrory, Steve Beck, Bill Baker, Ron Monk. Row Two: Ed Roberts, Tom Pope, Dennie Brown, John Gorman, John Nicoles, Creighton Tom. Row Three: Joe Boozer, John Larson, Mike Grenko, Dave Boyd, Chuck Pullen, Ross Carkeet, Kurt Tein. Row Four: Bill Sager, Bill McKillop, Norm Johnson, Gary Arnese, Harvey Budgett, Dave Blackman, Dan Trotter. Row Five: Fred Page, Jim Fleming, Mike Sudborough, Bill Horn, Bob Schultz. ATHLETICS What is strength without a double share of wisdom? Vast, unwieldly, burthensome, proudly secure, yet liable to fall by weakest subleties; strength ' s not made to rule, but to subserve, where wisdom bears command. — Milton cal hakka tahi rua toro fah ka mate ka mate ka ora ka ora ka mate ka mate ka ora ka ora teni ti tangata phu huru huru teni ti tangata phu huru huru ah hopani ah kopani hopani kopani whaka we to tay ra Pete Newell, now in his fifth year as Director of Athletics, is the guiding hand behind Cal ' s intercollegiate athletic program. The former Cal basketball coach is ably assisted by Assistant Director Jim Lemmon, Manager Pat Farran, and the staff of the Sports Information office headed by Bob Steiner. This group has the demanding task of administrating one of the most extensive collegiate sports programs of any university in the world. Their duties include public work, ticket sales, purchase of and the overall coordination of the multitude of sports activities at California. Pete Newell Director of Athletics pete newell heads athletic department SPORTS INFORMATION Steiner, Director; Joan Hauser, Ticket Manager; Blaine Newham, Assistant Director; Scott Sherman, Assistant to the Athletic Director. Jim Lemmon Assistant Director of Athletics Pat Farran Business Manager outstanding competitors: sports standouts Jerry Walter The Cal Soccerbears were blessed this year with three outstanding All-Americans: Ed White, Tom and Tim Tarpley. Cal ' s 6 foot 3, 220 pound goalie was only the first player in Cal history to make first string Tim, who hails from California, was the Bears asset on defense, as he squashed many an opposition threat with his 60-yard tosses from the goal area. Although a senior, Tim has only played soccer for two years and has another year of eligibility. Tom Gioseffi One of Cal ' s most consistent both in rugby and football was Business Administration major Jerry Walter. The six-foot, 190 pounder from Goleta won one frosh and three varsity football letters, as he the rugged task of the Bear defensive unit on the gridiron. Jerry was also Cal ' s punting specialist, averaging nearly 37 yards a kick. In rugby he played the similar position of fullback, and his long kicks and scrappy defensive play were major contributions to Cal ' s undefeated season. Tim Tarpley Described by coach Ed Nemir as one of the four best amateur boxers in the nation, Tom Gioseffi closed out his final season at Cal with an excellent three-year record of 16 victories, 1 defeat, and 1 draw; as he led the Bear boxers to an outstanding 6-0 record in the four-team California Collegiate Boxing The 156 lb. blaster ' s only loss came at the hands of Neveda ' s Skip Houk, a fighter Gioseffi later routed when he took the first of three division championships. Tom is a Engineering major from San Francisco. He hopes to compete in the Golden Gloves and possibly the ' 68 Olympics after Dan Wolthers Dan Wolthers, one of the most valuable players in the history of Cal basketball, graduated this year, leaving a big gap at the forward position. Dan ended his third year on the Bear varsity in sixth place on the all-time scoring list with 952 points to his credit. The slender, 6-4 captain of the 1964-65 cagers was also the leading rebounder this year with 176, in spite of his short stature. Dan is a Administration major and makes his home in Redlands, After graduation he plans to abandon the hardwood for a career in teaching. honored by a grateful university Cal ' s mile relay team consisting of Forrest Beaty, Al Courchesne, Dave Fishback, and Dave is the most recent in a line of fine relay quartets at Cal. Developed under the expert guidance of Cal ' s retiring track coach Brutus Hamilton, the team capped a fine season last June, when they ran away from the best in the nation in capturing first place in the NCAA Finals at Eugene, Oregon. Prior to the NCAA meet, the Bear foursome had blazed their way to victories in the Fresno Relays, the Coliseum Relays, the Compton Invitational, and the AAWU Championships. Their best time of 3:07.4 is both a UC and an AAWU record. They ' re not finished yet however, as all four of them are back this year to defend their AAWU and NCAA titles. CALIFORNIA MILE RELAY TEAM — Forrest Beaty, Al Courchesne, Coach Brutus Hamilton, Dave Archibald, Dave Fishback. Paul Newman, the only sen ior on this year ' s outstanding gymnastics team is a veteran of three years of stellar performances for Coach Hal Frey ' s highly successful gym squads. Paul, whose specialties are the high bar and the parallels, is a physical education major from North Hollywood who hopes to go on for a masters degree after As a fitting climax to a fine collegiate career, he recently walked off with first place honors in both the high bar and the in the AAWU Finals at San Jose. Paul Newman Anchoring this year ' s varsity tennis team was steady first man Doug Sykes. Doug, in his second year as number one, has been for the Cal varsity since his sophomore year. This year, after two seasons of varsity experience, Doug began to realize his as he took the measure of Stanford ' s Don Beste in the Northern California Intercollegiate Tournament and went on to upset UCLA ' s ranked Doug Sanderlin in the Tourney. Doug is a Business major and makes his home in Los Angeles. Doug Sykes John Sellers Veteran oarsman, John Sellers, now in his fourth year of rowing for Coach Jim Lemmon, is a 6 foot 2, 185 pound physics major from Oakland. John is completing his third year as number three man in the varsity shell after serving on Cal ' s Intercollegiate Associa tion championship crew last year. In the future, John intends to continue his study of physics at the graduate level. big c society UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Ned Averbuck Bud Becker Bob Blake Ed Byrne James Corley Jim Cullom Bob Di Grazia Tom Dunlap Bill Dutton Richard Erickson Harold Frey Brutus Hamilton James Harkness Rene Herrerias Miles Hudson Robert Johnson Charles Keeney Clark Kerr Mike Koll Adrian Kragen James Landon James Lemmon Ernie Madison Jerry McCarn Ralfe Miller William Monohan Chet Murphy Edgar Nemir Peter Newell Henry B. Peters Conway Peterson Alva Ragan Robert Sproul Wendell Stanley E. W. Strong Ian Turner Bud Van Deren Peter Van Houten Arleigh Williams Robley Williams Jack Williamson Ray Willsey George Wolfman Bob Wueste BASEBALL Richard Alton Walter Buck Thomas Cooper Alan Diamond Benny Evans Arthur Kobayashi John Lovett Richard Nye Thomas Quontamatteo John Shaw Stephen Sternberg David Weise Michael Wickersham BASKETBALL Myron Erickson Edwin Griffith, Jr. Howard Holt Robert Olson, Jr. Daniel Wolthers BOXING Robert Arevalo Thomas Gioseffi Gerald Knapp Brian Loveman James Moore Clifford Surko CREW D. Scott Gregg Stephen Johnson Myron Page August Schilling John Sellers Bernard Schulte William Stein Malcolm Thornley, Jr. D. Scott Gregg FOOTBALL Dennis Abreu John Beasley James Blakeney Thomas Blanchfield Gerald Bradley Melvyn Brodie Thomas Burke Gary Bystrom Ronald Calegari John Cantlon Richard Curtis Rex Dzura Roger Foster John Garamendi Francis Hammes Samuel Hard James Hunt Lawrence Lathrop William Krum Thomas Lutes Craig Morton Jerry Mosher Kenneth Moulton James Norwood Gregory Palamountain John Palmer James Pinson Steven Radich Robert Relles John Rusev John Schmidt Jack Schraub Gerald Walter GOLF Randall Edwards Robert Grossman Raymond Meyer Richard Sasaki GYMNASTICS Crodd Chin Richard Field, Jr. Joseph Slusky Ross Sutherland, Jr. Charles Worsham Stehpen Zahm SOCCER Fadejimi Bademosi Michael Duffey Ronald Gherlone Anthony Ojigbo Timothy Tarpley Randolph Thaman Thomas Weisenburger Edward Wh ite Reginald Winssinger SWIMMING Jim Baird Lloyd Davidson Edwin Duncan James Ferrell Spencer Kagan Victor Jensen Jeffrey McCreary James Roumasset John Teele TENNIS Donald Adolphson Eugene Cantin Robert Harper Jan Kucera Kent Olsen Edgerton Scott Douglas Sykes TRACK Stephen Adams David Archibald Forrest Beaty Robert Brinkworth William Carter, Jr. Alfred Courchesne Donald Dean David Fishback William French Ronald Gould Donald Schmidt C. Randall Schneider WRESTLING Thomas Aoki James Barker George Fuller Alan Siegel Frederic Sylvester UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS and pompon girls yell leaders... " Ka Mate, ka mate, Ka Oro, ka oro. . . " Last Fall these strange sounds echoed through Memorial Stadium signifying the tremendous spirit of the Cal rooting section. Head Yell Leader Jamie Sutton, with assistants Cap Peckham, Rich Dan Devoto, and Lynn Sims cajoled the rooting section into the highest pitches of " hate " against the opposition. The section ' s most yell, " The Haka, " was used to instill fear into the hearts of the invaders. Although it was difficult, the Yell leaders always had that never-say-die spirit. Their colorful rallies, rooting sections, and hoarse voices are to student spirit at Cal. YELL LEADERS — Rich McClellan, Cap Peckham, Head Yell Leader Jamie Sutton, Dan DeVoto, Lynn Sims. As the Bandsmen strike up ' ' Fight for California, " the Bear rooting section is inspired by the routines of the Cal Pompon girls. Headed this year by Jennifer Peak, the Pompon girls added new zest to the traditional routines. The process of becoming a Pompon Girl is a long and hard one. Each Spring approximately a hundred girls undergo a rigorous week of tortured muscles as they try out for the chance of becoming one of the five regulars or three alternates. The eight girls selected perform the following year at and bas ketball games, as well as at rallies and other spirit events. The Pompon Girls the spirit of California — exciting and colorful. POMPON GIRLS — Seated: Lynn Giberson, Maureen James, alternates. Standing: Patty Tyer, Lynn Schwartz, Head Pompon Girl Jennifer Peak, Linda Sears, Cathy Cryer. oski committee maintains symbol of cal spirit The care and feeding of Oski, the hungry Bear, requires the expert technical skill of many well-trained, physically alert young men. Small in size but large in number, this fierce crew tends to the many wants of the famous ' Dirty Bear. ' It is through the efforts of this fearless group of men, that OSKI maintains his hard-won reputation, The Dirty Bear MEGAPHONE SOCIETY— Row One: Randy Gaines, chairman. Row Two: Gary Lilienthal, Farrell Sutton, Jim Atwood, Phil Litts. Keith Sours, Jim McGrew. Row Three: Carl Jacobs, Johnny Markel, Chuck Sonntag, Dave Ludwig, Dave Engel. Row Four: Jim Ford, Don Al Bierce, Rich Armstrong. spirit promoted by megaphone society The Megaphone Society is an all male spirit organization designed to train future varsity yell leaders. The members ' duties include giving assistance to the Yell Leaders at rallies and sports events. They are also very active during Cal spirit days such as Big Game Week and All-U-weekend. rally and games council The Rally and Games Council acts as the coordinating committee for all student activities. It is made up of the chairmen of all the various spirit organizations on campus, and is presided over by the Head Yell Leader. Its main purpose is to improve cooperation among the spirit groups, and to promote Cal spirit and traditions. RALLY AND GAMES COUNCIL — Row One: Joann Corday, Judy Dysinger, Sandy Roth, Pam Routh. Row Two: George Lukes, Jamie Sutton, chairman; Randy Gaines, Roosevelt Cap Peckham, John Roberts, Dan Devoto, Bill Dal Porto, Bill Ellsworth. Little do those who watch the Cal Card Section perform each Saturday realize the hard work of the unsu ng group responsible for its perfection. The Card Stunts Committee is of individuals capable of the extensive planning and the volume of work necessary for a successful card section. Since Cal orginated card stunts at the Big Game of 1910, it has had one of the best college card sections in the The unusual Balloon Stunt has become so popular that it has become a trademark of Cal. Next year the committee ' s duties will be changed somewhat due to the initiation of an IBM system for stunt programming, but the enthusiasm that the committee shows can never be replaced by a computer. Compliments of Card Stunts Committee. card stunts committee survives threat of automation CARDS STUNTS COMMITTEE — Whitney Smith, Maureen Duffy, Talie Bigelow, Pat Manning, Liz Pierson, Mary Cramer. Row Two: George Good, Elaine Mayer, .Lyn McClure, Jean McCallum, Kathy Bloom, Carol Sweeney, Ann French. Row Three: Ginny Mayer, Sue Manning, Pat Burton, Sandy Roth, Bobbie Quaintance. Lisa French, Eddie Valenzuela. The California Rally Committee, originated in 1901, is the guardian of California spirit and traditions. It plans and produces all rallies at the Greek Theater, in addition to the noon rallies at the Student Union. This year the Committee has revived the Men ' s Smoker Rally, held in Harmon Gymnasium. In the Fall, the Rally Committee organizes the California rooting section at both home and away football games. It oversees the execution of card and balloon stunts, and is charged with collecting, and protecting the cards. The Committee is the guardian of the Stanford Axe, the Califor nia Victory Cannon, and the Big " C. " During Big Game Week, it sponsors the ' Turn Blue ' contest, as well as maintaining a twenty-four hour watch on the campus and on the Big which is outlined with lights. The Committee also greets Cal athletic teams when they return from away games. This year the Committee went one step further when, on the day before the Cal-Navy game, they greeted the Fleet as it sailed through the Golden Gate. In the ' off season, ' the Rally Committee ushers for the basketball games, attends all c rew meets in the Oakland Estuary, and act as judges at the annual Bay Area High School Tournament of Champions. Bob Gillette Tom Hinke Tom Hopkins cal rally com meets fleet, revives men ' s smoker rally Randy Kopp Mike Leite Bill Baxter Don Blish Fred Bock Tom Edwards George Fedoroff Dave Foote Ernie Fretter Mike Gallagher Jim Griffin Doug Patterson Chairman Dave Shelburne Chuck Sonntag Vic Troyan Tony Wasserman Doug Wied John Woods Dennis Wootan Bernard Lilly George Lukes Pete Munoz Bill Nachbaur John Nicoles Rich Schulman Art Shartsis JUNIORS Mimi Blower Judy Coates Barbara Cosgriff Janet Feldman Brenda Manning Meg Olsen Judy Dysinger Chairman SENIORS Les Bennett Marion Cutler Sandy Hoos Kathy McMurry Sue Miles Linda Yap The female counterpart to the California Rally Committee is the Women ' s Rally Committee. These enthusiastic girls are a welcome source of assistance to such as Card Stunts Committee and the California Rally Committee. They are responsible for helping to prepare card stunts before football games, as well as filling empty spaces within the card section. Other activities of the include the sale of rooters ' caps, giving Cal teams a spirited send-off to away games, and generally promoting campus spirit at Cal. Headed this year by Judy Dysinger, the committee is composed of five senior ten juniors, and thirty-five The girls are chosen on the basis of interest, participation, and enthusiasm for Cal traditions. Maryly Snow Nancy Stock Dea Waters SOPHOMORES Martha Abel Robin Bromberg Joan Chapel Andrea Davidson Christine DeVault Diane Dougher ty Diane Drennen April Drew Betsy Ehm Kathy Gant rally com adds feminine zest to cal spirit activities Penny Gentilly Pam Hawley Lynn Hilgendorf Margie Livingston Barbara Locatelli Shelagh MacCurdy Christine MacDougall Sue McShirley Barbara Nash Karen Rademacher Carol Sachs Sandra Sayre Roxanne Spieker Cheryl Splan Julie Totten Karen Waters Mary Kay Webber Mardi Wetherbee Joann Wilberding Barbara Wright Sandy Yost Not Pictured: Kathi Fine Nancy Platt Barbara Rosen The Pride of California performs at halftime. the california marching band Drum Major Gene Koury James Berdahl Director It was in 1923, the era of the California " Wonder Teams, ' ' that a group of enthusiastic students interested in the promotion of school spirit and the support of Cal ' s athletic teams through music and marching performances, formed the University of California Marching Band. During the Band ' s first decade, government was established, and the band became an activity of the Associated Students. Because it is a student activity and Bandsmen receive no academic credit for their participation in the organization, Cal Band is unique among college bands. The Band is proud of its student tradition and feels that student government and individual responsibility BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—Row One: Bill DalPorto, Senior Manager; James Berdahl, Director; Bruce Berzler, Rep-at-Large. Row Two: Gene Koury, Drum Major; Bob Houston, Student Director; John Upton, Secretary; Dave Johnson, Photo and Sound Associate Manager. Row Three: Bi ll Scott, Activities Associate Manager; Dick George, Productions Associate Manager. have been the driving forces that propelled the Cal Band to its present position as the pacesetter of college bands. This year the Cal Band, faced with its roughest season yet, played at nine football games. Innovations in halftime entertainment were highlighted by the Band ' s performance of " Officer Krupke " at the USC game. The recorded voices of the were synchronized with the Band ' s live performance under the musical leadership of Director James Berdahl. This was the first time a recorded stunt had been performed at the Coliseum. The spirit and enthusiasm that typify the Cal Band were the keynotes that have made this season a great one. A Straw Hatter tips his sousaphone as he ducks through a doorway. Director Bob Houston leads the Straw Hat Band during the Cal-Alumni game. straw hatters add informal class to basketball games and rallies Each year at the beginning of basketball season, the Cal Bandsmen shed the limedust of Memorial Stadium and don their straw hats. This unique organization known as the Straw Hat Band, is an ardent supporter of California The Straw Hatters appear at all home basketball games, as well as journeying to Los Angeles, Pullman, Seattle, Corvallis, and Eugene. In more familiar surroundings, the Straw Hatters play for noon rallies to stimulate spirit before football games. When the Cal basketball team plays at away games, the Straw Hat band becomes a self-contained rooting section. Former basketball coach and present Athletic Director, Pete Newell, has said that the leather-lunged Straw Hatters are worth eleven points at away games. With their spirited renditions of Cal songs and their enthusiastic cheering, the Straw Hat Bandsmen thrill audiences at Cal sporting events. The Straw Hatters wend their way through the narrow confines of the Dining Commons. ray willsey ends first year as head coach Upon the departure of Marv Levy last year, California looked for and found an able in the person of Ray Willsey. Willsey came to Cal after nine years of coaching experience at the Universities of Washington and Texas and with the pro football Washington Redskins. The new coach is himself a graduate of California where he played defensive halfback for Pappy Waldorf on the 1951 and 52 Bear elevens. His first year as head coach was filled with After some promising early season victories, the Bears were dumped five times in a row. Willsey ' s team compiled a disappointing 3-7 record, the new coach managed to gain the respect and support of both the team and the students. In the words of one of his players: " If Willsey cdn ' t bring winning football to California, no one can. " Ray Willsey Head Coach FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF—Row One: Jim Cullom, Frank Van Deren, Rocco Carzo, Ray Willsey. Row Two: Howard White, Bob Ghilotti, Myrel Moore, Bill Dutton. Four Bears surround a Tiger. On opening day, the Missouri Tigers, co-favorites for the Big Eight championship, rolled into Stadium as a three point favorite over a previously weak Golden Bear eleven. When Cal and Mizzou met in the 1962 opener, the Tigers ' flashy sophomore, Jonny Roland, ripped through the Cal defense for 208 yards, as Missouri gained an easy 21-10 victory. This year, however, the Bears had a new coach, new uniforms, and a new spirit. With Craig Morton doing the passing, and with Tom ReIles and Tom Blanchfield fine running, the Bears blitzed Missouri for 190 yards and 21 points in a tremendous first half scoring binge. Roland was just the opposite of the 85 degree heat, gaining a grand total of zero net yards. The rest of the Tigers were not much better until just before halftime, when they cashed in on a defensive mixup in the Cal scoring on an 80 yard pass play. They scored again in the third quarter and were twice on the move in the fourth, until two interceptions by Jim Hunt and clutch defensive play by Bear linemen such as Stan Dzura, buried any hope of a Tiger victory. The clock ran out with Missouri on its own 20 yard line, and with the Bears in possession of a 21-14 upset. Loren Hawley runs over a blocker to make the tackle. bears claw surprised tigers Tom Relies takes the handoff and smashes off tackle. illini frustrate determined bears The fighting Illini, ranked third in the nation, were the first of two Big Ten opponents to face Cal this year. They came West with impressive credentials, including a 17-7 conquest of in the Rose Bowl. After a scoreless first quarter, the visitors ' offense began to click. Jim Grabowski capped a 73 yard drive with a bull-like rush over center for 18 yards and a touchdown. The Illini scored twice more after the half, appearing to have things wrapped up with a 20-6 lead in the fourth quarter. The Bears were not ready to quit however, and with two minutes remaining Craig Morton hit Jerry Bradley with a 9 yard touchdown pass to make it 20-14. With only 83 seconds left, Jim Hunt executed a perfect on-side kickoff that gave Cal possession on the Illinois 40. Two plays later Morton back and threw 32 yards to Jerry Bradley for what looked like the winning touch-down. The pass was ruled incomplete however, and the gun sounded with Pete Elliot and Illinois for a narrow 20-14 victory. The swing pattern works again as Morton hits Tom Blanchfield for a big gain. Portrait of a coach — his expression mirrors the story on the scoreboard. A Minnesota ball carrier narrowly averts a fumble as unidentified Bears drag him down. bears mauled by golden gophers, 26-20 In the third game of the season Cal rooters saw a disappointing Golden Bear eleven thoroughly whipped by the underrated Minnesota Gophers. Oddsmakers installed California as a point favorite, but the Gophers must have forgotten to read the newspapers. As soon as they got the ball, they ran over, under, around and through the Bear defense. With quarterback John engineering the Gopher attack, the ran up an impressive 12-0 lead at The Bear defense, a la 1963, seemed to stop them. It took the Bear ' s masterful Craig Morton to keep Cal within striking distance. Although receiving ineffective protection, the Bear quarterback hummed a 35-yard pass to receiver Jack Schraub on the 5-yard line. Tom carried it in two plays later to make the score 12-7. Both teams scored twice more in the second half to set the stage for the second circus finish in as many weeks. After marching 76 yards for their third touchdown, the Bears were trailing 20-26. After the conversion, Cal once again lined up and executed a successful on-side kickoff. It was all in vain however, as Morton ' s two bombs were overthrown out of the endzone. Minnesota quarterback John Hankinson rolls out as Bears John Garamendi, Roger Foster, and Stan Dzura close in to stop him. Tom Blanchfield kicks the winning field goal from the hold of Jerry Walter. cal stifles hurricanes in miami steambath The Bears packed their bags and headed east to meet their fourth intersectional opponent, the Hurricanes of Miami University. The Hurricanes seemed anything but a breather, as they made the first quarter look like the disappointment of the previous Saturday. After their first drive stalled on the Bear seven, the Hurricanes came back to score on a 25 yard run by fullback Fred Cassidy. The conversion was good, making the score 7-0 at the end of the quarter. That was all for Miami, though, as the Bear defense solved the option play and held the Hurricane to just 50 yards in the second half. While the Cal defense was muffling the Miami attack, the offense finally managed to mount an effective scoring drive. After a 90 yard march, Craig Morton fired a strike to Jerry Mosher for the Tom Blanchfield missed the PAT and the score stood 7-6 late in the second quarter. However, the Bear halfback made up for it in the third quarter by booting a 21 yard field goal to send Cal home with a hard-fought 9-7 victory. Morton gives the ball to Tom Relles as John Garamendi pulls o ut to lead the play. bears stop staubach, scuttle middies Morton throws for six. On October 17, the Midshipmen of Annapolis traveled West to do battle with the rebounding Bears of California, Clad in glowing gold, the Middies sailed proudly into Berkeley, only to be bombed from the air by the deadly Bear passing attack. In the first quarter, Navy used a field goal and a safety to forge a 5-0 lead. The Bears roared right back, however, and scored in the second quarter after an 85 yard drive. After the half, with the score 6-5, Craig Morton broke things wide open with two touchdown passes. The first was taken by Jerry Mosher with a leaping catch in the endzone. Jim Hunt the final torpedo with a 40 yard scoring pass to Jerry Bradley to make it 27-5. The came back late in the fourth quarter to score on a brilliant 43 yard run by Kip Paskewich. It made little difference, however, as the Bear defense completed the Pearl Harbor by Navy during the last five minutes. such as Jim Hunt, Jim Blakeney, and Roger Foster gave Roger Staubach and company fits as they intercepted five Navy passes. When the gun sounded, the Bears had nailed down a 27-13 victory. The Jolly Roger is hauled down. Tom Blanchfield skirts end behind John Garamendi. troy ruins cal in final minute It was with high hopes that California south to do battle with the Trojans of Southern California. The smell of roses faded and all but disappeared, however, as Troy stunned the Bears with a discouraging 26-21 defeat. Craig Fertig, SC ' s unheralded field general made a shambles of the Cal as he passed for 371 yards and 4 The last one came in the final minute of play, when Fertig wobbled a 22-yard pass to Rod Sherman in the endzone to overcome a 21-20 deficit and give SC the ball game. It was not all Fertig, however, as Craig Morton completed 18 out of 28 and hit Jerry Mosher and Jerry Bradley with scoring passes. The Bear QB put Cal ahead 21-14 in the fourth quarter with a five-yard scoring run, only to have Fertig and USC come back and steal the victory. Other Bear standouts were linemen Stan Dzura, Jim Pinson, John Garamendi, and fullback Tom ReIles. The lone bright spot was that for the first time in years, a Cal football team was physically a match for their red-clad nemesis from the South. With the coliseum peristyle in the background, Morton sets the team. Blanchfield ' s first field goal attempt is blocked by onrushing Trojan linemen. Halfback Tom Blanchfield is stopped after a short gain. John Beasley blocks, as Jim Blakeney trys to break free. Big Craig rolls out. Cal ' s All American completed 24 passes in 43 attempts against the Bruins. With seventy seconds to go, Cal pulled it out — almost. For the second straight week, the tarnished Golden Bears could not hang on long enough to gain their first PAC victory. This week it was Larry Zeno who jerked the rug out from under the favored California eleven. The versatile Uclan quarterback ran for 54 yards, while he passed for 162 and two big touchdowns. The last one was an 18-yard aerial to Kurt Altenberg which put the Bruins in front 25-21 with only 80 seconds remaining in the game. The Bruin touchdown set the stage for a last minute Bear drive that went all the way to the UCLA 7 yard line before time ran out. It looked as if the Bears might pull it out after all, when Craig Morton hit Jerry Bradley on the 7 with only seven seconds to go. Cal ' s hopes were cruelly smashed however, when after one incompletion, Morton was smothered by three Bruins for a five-yard loss. The gun sounded and the Bears trudged off the field with a 25-21 defeat. California ' s only consolation was the performance of linebacker Steve Radich, who was voted the lineman of the game. bears fall again, bruins ramble huskies mush, bears hibernate The Bears get set as Morton calls the signals. The Cal ground game was limited to 16 net yards, though they gained 200 through the air. Morose Cal reserves watch from the sidelines. In their third PAC game of the season, the Bears went north to meet the Purple and Gold of the University of Washington. The weather in Seattle was an icy-cold 40 degrees, and the Bears were not much warmer. Huskie fullback Jeff Jordan started things off in the first quarter by taking the option pitchout from Tod Hullin and galloping 40 yards to the Cal 6. Two plays later, quarterback Hullin kept the ball and carried it over to make the score 7-0. The Huskies scored once more before the half, and then put the game on ice in the third quarter. Reserve fullback Charlie Browning took the same option pitchout and crashed in from the 22 yard line. In the fourth quarter, with the score 21-0, the sleeping Bear managed to awaken. Cal drove 63 yards in 11 plays, scoring on a 10-yard pass from Craig Morton to Jerry Mosher. The Bears made things respectable when Stan Dzura pounced on a Huskie fumble on the 11 yard line with one minute to go. They scored four plays later when Morton hit Tom Blanchfield alone in the endzone. Cal couldn ' t get the ball back, however, and 30 seconds later slumped off the field on the short end of a 21-16 defeat. Jack Schraub, the dancing Bear, gathers in another Craig Morton pass. The Redskins of Utah winged into Berkeley hoping to avenge the 35-21 pasting they received at the claws of the Golden Bears last year in Salt Lake City. The Bears, who may have been looking ahead to the Big Game, came out on the field and played their worst game of the season. Time and again they would get the ball inside the Ute 20 yard line, and then fail to score. The Utes looked even more inept for the first two and a half quarters of the game. They finally scored, however, after receiving a poor punt from Jerry Walter on the Bear 37 yard line. Ron Coleman ran it in from the seven to make the score 6-0. The Bears took the kickoff and drove 45 yards to the Ute nineteen, where they were stopped again. Utah sewed things up with one minute to go by cashing in on an interception of a Craig Morton pass on the Bear ' s eighteen yard line. Four plays later, Coleman again crashed over to make it 14-0. Morton, who had completed 20 passes for 165 yards, had his touchdown passing streak broken at 15 games. Fullback Tom Relles managed to keep some spark in the Cal attack by for several impressive gains. It wasn ' t enough however, as the Bears ran their losing streak to four games with a 14-0 defeat. utah whitewashes sputtering bears Tom Relles plows through a gaping hole in the Utah line. big game week: a colorful display of cal spirit at its hectic best Judge Jamie Sutton metes out justice during Blue Monday. Before a backdrop of gathering dusk, the Big C gets its traditional coat of gold. Big Game Week ' 64 was the most enthusiastic Big Game warmup in recent years. Among the spirit activities held during the week were Axe Revue, Blue Monday, the Big Game Queen Contest, Oski Tuesday, Axe Wednesday, and the Big Game Rally. On Blue Monday, Head Yell Leader Jamie Sutton presided over a kangaroo court in which anyone caught red was painted blue and dumped into Ludwig ' s Fountain. Oski Tuesday was a day of tribute to Cal ' s mascot, " that dirty bear. " Oski spent most of the day invading staid and lecture rooms with the Megaphone society and the Straw Hat Band. The story of the Axe and its capture by brave California students was the main theme of Axe Finally, on Friday, the Big Game Rally, highlighted by the Andy Smith eulogy, was held in the Greek Theater. The organization resonsible for the week ' s activities, Big Game Week Committee, can be proud of staging the most successful Big Game Week celebrated at Cal in quite a while. The choreography was interesting... The KKG-KA take-off on the Addams Family won a second place tie with Chi Omega. Give ' em the axe? the axe revue stanford gets needle from cal living groups This year as always, Cal living groups used the Axe Revue to plunge many a pointed barb into the posterior of the hapless Stanford Indian. The annual program of skits and satire is a traditional warmup for Big Game Week. This year ' s theme " The Bear Faxe, " was carried out by Phi Epsilon Pi, Chi Omega, Stern-Cloyne, and Kappa Kappa Gamma-Kappa Alpha. The evening ' s non-competitive entertainment featured the return of the Calettes, an enticing all-female dance team. The first place award went to Phi Epsilon Pi, while Chi Omega and Kappa Kappa Gamma-Kappa Alpha tied for second. The 1964 House Decs saw the Stanford Indian suffer the outrage of many a familiarly nauseating " commercial. " bowles, tri delts take house dec sweepstakes award The 1964 House Decs, featuring a theme of " Oski Hits Madison Avenue, " was a clever and colorful display of California spirit. The days before this year ' s Big Game were scenes of hectic activity, as several Cal living groups worked night and day to get the huge chicken wire and crepe paper frameworks finished in time. This year Bowles Hall and Delta Delta Delta were announced at the Big Game Rally as the winners of the award for the best display. Pi Beta Phi and Phi Kappa Sigma took first in the division while Theta Delta Chi and Gamma Phi Beta were the winners of the unmechanized competition. The Bowles-Tri Delt entry took the coveted sweepstakes award. Miss Vickie Backeberg Big Game Queen big game queen chosen The 1964 Big Game Queen is an intriguing raven-haired beauty by the name of Vickie Backeberg. Vickie ' s tastes run from black coffee, skiing and Carl Sandburg, to swimming and tall men. Miss Backeberg hails from the charming southern California city of Fullerton, and is a member of Oski Dolls and the University Affairs Committee. The brown-eyed, 21 year-old senior is also the president of Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Braden Beck, whose three field goals wrecked Cal in last year ' s Big Game, was wide to the right on this attempt. the 67th big game: bears lose fourth straight For the fourth straight year the Indians from Leland Stanford Jr. University ended their season successfully by humiliating Cal in the Big Game. For the Bears, it was the same old story of playing their best football when it mattered the least. In the first half Cal ' s offense literally ran over the red men and several times was within scoring range. They couldn ' t push it over however, and were it not for Tom Blanchfield ' s 22-yard field goal, the Bears would have been scoreless at the half. While the offense was managing its three points, Cal ' s defense stood like a stone wall in front of the sputtering Stanford attack. The Indians never threatened at any time in the first half, and managed to get into Cal territory only once. After intermission it took the Indians just five minutes to change the complexion of the game. Quarterback Dave Lewis led his team 60 yards in just 6 plays to put Stanford in front 7-3. In the fourth quarter while the Bear offense its impotency, the Stanfordites put the game on ice. Lewis like UCLA ' s Larry Zeno, ruined the Bears by balancing his air attack with some fine running. He engineered the two last period scoring drives that gave the Indians a convincing 21-3 victory. The upshot of Cal ' s defeat was that the Bears ' ten seniors, most of whom were starters, will never experience a Big Game victory. Although these men never had a winning season at Cal, Bear supporters are hoping that their example of hardnosed football will supply the momentum needed to put Cal back on the road to grid success. Halfback Jim Blakeney was outstanding in his final appearance for California. Indian quarterback Dave Lewis kept Cal off-balance with his fine running ability. Head Yell Leader Jamie Sutton led his final cheer at the Big Game. Craig Morton On to Dallas... craig morton named all-america The best quarterback in California history ended his last season amid an avalanche of All-America honors and shattered UC and AAWU records. Craig Morton came to California in 1961, where he promptly led the Bear frosh to a perfect 6-0 season. Cal fans can easily recall the sunny Fall day in 1962, when he made his varsity debut against the ponderous Nittany Lions of Penn State. Then Bear coach Levy, sent the young sophomore into the lineup as a replacement for injured quarterback Randy Gold. The Cal students (who had taken to having or frozen orange juice fights as a substitute for watching the debacle known as Cal football), looked on in euphoric amazement as Morton displayed his brilliant passing ability. Before the day was over, he had gained a total of 285 yards and removed all traces of apathy from the Cal rooters. This was only the start, however, as Morton in only two and a half seasons, went on to set 18 UC and 7 AAWU records. The crowning glory to Craig ' s college career came at the end of the 1964 season when he was named to a total of eight All-America teams, including six first team selections. Shortly thereafter it was announced that he had signed a three-year contract with the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League. Craig Morton left Cal this year, but he will always be remembered as the guy who helped put spark and excitement back into California football. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM — Row One: Hal Teel, Art Golden, Hank Maguire, John Salisbury (co-captain), Jim Anderson (co-captain), Rich Keatinge, Charlie Currie, Jack Fraser. Row Two: Bob Wallace, Rick Granata, Greg Houghton, Steve Stott, Mike Meager, Doug McElroy, John Peterson, Vince Gibbert. Row Three: Larry Adams, Bob Schwiers, Scott Reid, Dave Rusev, Jerry Tognetti, Steve Besio, Lee Baumgardner, John Benson, Bill Weatherford, Bob Lang. Row Four: Mike Anderson, Bob Smith, Chris Train, Steve Lewis, Larry Auser, Dave Marshall, Chuck Espana, Tom Tryon, John Vinyard, John Oakley. Row Five: Jamie Gittins, Rich Hill, Greg Kammann, Lou Farrar, Carl Kuchera, Ken Lloyd, Ted Parks, Troy Cox, Paddy McCray, Mike McCaffrey, Ed Hubbard. frosh go undefeated for third straight season Jim Cullom Frosh Coach For the third year in a row Cal ' s Freshman football team enjoyed an undefeated season. The Cubs started the year with an 28-0 romp over the San Francisco State JV ' s. After bat tling to a 7-7 tie with USC, the frosh came back with a 20-7 victory over Stanford in the Little Big Game. The season ended with a 13-7 win over San Jose, and a second tie, this time with the Brubabes of UCLA. In two years at Cal, frosh coach Jim " Truck " Cullom has logged an excellent 7-0-4 record. This year he will give the varsity such promising freshmen as Ken Lloyd, Ted Parks, Jim Anderson, and Charlie Currie. If coach Cullom can continue to supply Ray Willsey with similar groups of frosh hopefuls, Cal will be well on its way back to winning football. SE ASON SUMMARY 3 Wins 0 Losses 2 Ties Cal 28 SF State 0 Cal 7 USC 7 Cal 20 Stanford 7 Cal 13 San Jose State 7 Cal 15 UCLA 15 Cub quarterback Jim Anderson cocks his arm as a Brubabe lineman closes in. Anderson gets beautiful protection as he looks for a receiver. GOLDEN BEAR VARSITY — Row One: Sam Hard, Jim Hunt, John Cantlon, Loren Hawley, Stan Dzura, Jerry Walter, Dennis Abreu, Tom Relles, Joe Ducote, Don Anderson. Row Two: Steve Radich, Jerry Bradley, Tom Jerry Mosher, John Garamendi, Jack Schraub, Mike Gridley, Tom Lutes, Craig Morton, Ron Calegari, John Rusev. Row Three: Tyrone Price, Paul Hoeber, Jim Blakeney, Don Guest, Bob Weigt, Gary Bystrom, Jeff Palmer, Don Sinclair, Bob Hammes, John Schmidt, Ken Moulton, Dick Williams. Row Four: Jim Pinson, Jim Norwood, Alan Nelson, Larry Lathrop, Dick LaBarthe, Roger Foster, Russ Wisner, Jim Reikes, Jim Featherston, Ron Frantz, John Beasley, Chuck Ross, Greg Palamountain. Row Five: Ray Willsey, Howard White, Bob Ghilotti, Myrel Moore, Frank Van Deren, Rocco Carzo, Bill Dutton, Coaches; Pete Molendyk, Tom Lagomarsino, Mel Brodie, Managers. Ron Calegari and Craig Morton Co-captains TEAM TRAINERS— Row One: Bob Orr, Jerry Ballard. Row Two: Ed Byrne, Jack Williamson (Head Trainer). The 1964 football season will be remembered as one of the most bitterly disappointing in California gridiron history. In their first five games the Bears came up with promising victories over Missouri, Miami and Navy. Cal seemed to be on the way to a winning season until the Bears came up against their first AAWU foe, the Trojans of USC. After the disasterous last-minute loss to Troy, the Bears went through a steady process of culminating in their almost laughable defeat at the hands of the Indians. While four of Cal ' s losses could just as easily have been victories, the mark of a good football team is the ability to win the close ones. It is this quality that Ray Willsey will be trying to instill into the 1965 Golden Bears. SEASON SUMMARY California 21 Missouri 14 California 14 Illinois 20 California 20 Minnesota 26 California 9 Miami 7 California 27 Navy 14 California 21 USC 26 California 21 UCLA 25 California 16 Washington 21 California 0 Utah 14 California 3 Stanford 21 3 Wins 7 Losses discouraged bears wait til next year cal harriers stagger through tough schedule Cross country terrain sometimes becomes rough. Brutus Hamilton Cross Country Coach With a final exhausted gasp, a Cal runner crosses the finish line. The season record of Cal ' s 1964 cross country team reflects the fact that they ran against three of the best teams in the nation: UCLA, Stanford, and San Jose State. Although the Bears did not come close to beating any of these they did manage a respectable showing in the Sacramento State meet, as well as a narrow victory over the UCSB harriers. The 1965 team will be bolstered by the return of standout Bob Price, and a crop of promising freshman runners such as Jim Bruce, Dave Ledford, and Devon Smith. VARSITY SOCCER TEAM — Row One: John Hutchinson, Ed Montenegro, Mike Duffy, Ed White, Toni Ojigbo. Row Two: Rod Gherlone, Reggie Winssinger, Dan Alegria, Pete Weber, Scott Cauchois. Row Three: Tim Tarpley, Joe Toft, Jamie Sutton, Tom Weisenburger, Captain; Randy Thaman; Coach Bob DiGrazia. All-NCISC goalie Tim Tarpley grabs off an alumni scoring attempt. Tarpley was an outstanding asset to the Bear defense all year. SEASON SUMMARY Cal 2 Alumni 2 Cal 4 S.F. State 1 Cal 3 A.F. Academy 4 Cal 0 USF 7 Cal 2 Stanford 1 Cal 0 San Jose St. 2 Cal 2 Stanford 1 Cal 2 Chico State 0 Cal 2 San Jose St. 4 Cal 1 USF 3 Cal 2 S.F. State 0 Cal 5 Univ. of Pacific 1 Cal 2 Univ. of Br. Col. 4 6 Wins 6 Losses 1 Tie bear booters kick stanford out of ncisc title race frosh team sputters, The 1964 soccer season was a year of for Cal, as only four lettermen returned from the 1963 squad. Captain Tom Weisenburger was again chosen to the All-Conference Northern California Intercollegiate Team. He was also a leading candidate for All-American honors and stood out as the most valuable player on the Varsity. Goalie Tim Tarpley was another soccerbear chosen for the 1964 Team; four players: Scott Ed White, Dennis Lenar, and Winssinger made second team The Bear Varsity finished the season with a record of 6 wins, 6 losses and 1 tie. Early season action saw the Bears lose a 4-3 thriller to the Air Force Academy, and then get clobbered 7-0 by the powerful USF Dons. Later in the season, however, the Bears came back to hang identical 2-1 defeats on the hated Indians. Season high scorer for the Bears was Reggie Winssinger, with 10 goals to his credit. Cal ' s Reggie Winssinger rams one through against UOP. Reggie was the Bear ' s leading scorer with 10 goals. The Freshmen Soccerbears, after a slow start finished the season with three victories in their last four outings. After overcoming problems of disunity and lack of organization, the Frosh team developed into a well-integrated, fast-moving unit. The coaching of former All-American Bill Berretta, and the stellar play of Harry Frere were important factors in the success of the Frosh team. This year ' s team is a major source of optimism for the future of Cal Soccer for several years to come. then jells FRESHMAN - JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER TEAMS — Row One: Mark Pringle, Jay Allen, Blair Tremoureux, Faik Al-Bieuhany, Pedro Don Bloodworth, Roy Wu. Row Two: Bob Stone, Jeff Frank, Tony Sinclair, Tim Smith, Jeff Blau, Charles Schad, Pete Goodwin. Row Three: Coach Bill Barreda, Crane McClennon, Dave Brown, Bill Terry Myers, Tim Carr, Ken Cole, Eric Sawyerr. Row Four: Harry Frere, Ludwig Benko, Gregory Kamm, Richard Buckley, George Clifford, Dennis Neufeld, John Lewis, Ernie Wideman, Dave Way. VARSITY WATER POLO TEAM — Row One: Assistant Coach Jim Baird, Jim Gage, Jeff Baker, Bill Bill Gove, Gary Venter, Jeff McCreary. Row Two: Assistant Coach Larry Dean, Ned Spieker, Bob Clevenger, Rick Cronk, Jim Pierog, Pat Pattison, Zoltan Szabo, Coach Pete Cutino. Row Three: Ed Evans, Joe Amudson, Jim Mitchell, Rick Bentley, Pete Thelin, Thom Martin. cal polobears start fast, then fade Jeff McCreary attempts to pass off over the guard of a Long Beach City College defender. Gary Ventner (27), looks on. The Cal water polo team started the season with encouraging wins over the alumni and the University of Pacific. As a result, optimism ran high that the team would improve upon last season ' s record of just four victories. However, early October saw the Bears lose to San Jose State and El Camino College, and then get drowned by Foothill 23-3. The Bears their losing streak through October, as they were soundly defeated by the Olympic Club, USC, and UCLA. The Bruins went on to win the All-University championship by Cal, 4-2. Near the end of the season, the Bears returned to the win column by once again whipping doormat UOP, 12-2. The polobears ended the season by losing their last two games to a superior Stanford Indian team. While the record of this year ' s varsity was not outstanding, the freshman team ran up an 12-2 mark. After losing their first match to Await High School, they came back to frosh teams from San Jose, 17-14, and Foothill College, 13-2. Later they splashed to impressive victories over such teams as San Jose City, Cabrillo, and Stanford. Needless to say, Coach Pete Cutino will be glad to this year ' s crop of freshmen to next year ' s varsity squad. An LBCC player aims an over-the-shoulder shot at the Cal goal. Bob Clevenger who was selected as goalee on the All-University team, gets set to stop it. Other Cal players are Gary Ventner (27), Jeff McCreary (26), and Jim Pierog. Pierog and Zoltan Szabo were also chosen to the All-U team. freshmen show outstanding potential FRESHMAN WATER POLO TEAM—Row One: Bob Owens, Gary Aylor, Jim McCleery, Bill Binder, Leland Foust, Jim Crawford, Rod Stiefueter. Row Two: Boris Oskok, Bill Wagner, Terry Miller, Barry Weitzenburg, Jeff Reeder, Ken High, Sky Van Scoy. rene herrerias winds up fifth year as head basketball coach Head coach Rene Herrerias came to Cal nine years ago to act as Pete Newell ' s varsity assistant. Previously he had been head coach of his high school alma mater, St. Ignatius of San Francisco. While there, his teams compiled a 132-34 won-lost record. After Newell ' s appointment to the post of Director of Athletics in 1960, Herrerias moved up to fill the void. Since that time his Bear teams have won 50 games while losing 52. Like his predecesor, Herrerias ' teams are known for their controlled, offensive play, as well as their hard-pressing defense. Rene Herrerias Basketball Coach The fans go wild as the referee calls Oregon State ' s Jim Jarvis for fouling Howie Holt. 1965, a rebuilding year VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM — Row One: Howie Holt, Jim Ashcraft, Charlie Kennedy, Robbie Olson, Jerry Mosher. Row Two: Coach Rene Herrerias, Charles Perkins, Dan Ready, Bob Nichols, Tom Thomas, Captain Dan Wolthers, Doug Hudson. Row Three: Myron Erickson, Dick Vortmann, John Wardell, Gary Cornelius, Mike Henderson. Robbie Olson drives for two. SEASON SUMMARY Cal 57 Arizona 55 Cal 62 St. Mary ' s 44 Cal 55 USF 65 Cal 74 Utah 99 Cal 80 Nebraska 87 Cal 59 Nebraska 63 Cal 74 Wyoming 75 Cal 86 Tulane 59 Cal 46 Washington 55 Cal 63 Wash. St. 46 Cal 54 UCLA 76 Cal 55 USC 75 Cal 80 Santa Clara 60 Cal 57 Oregon St. 74 Cal 71 Oregon 83 Cal 72 Oregon 52 Cal 55 Oregon St. 53 Cal 53 Wash. St. 60 Cal 66 Washington 64 Cal 67 USC 68 Cal 68 UCLA 83 Cal 79 Stanford 86 Cal 59 Stanford 72 8 Wins 15 Losses The 1965 Golden Bear basketball team spent most of the season battling the Oregon Ducks for the AAWU cellar. As usual the Bear cagers started off the season by smacking perennial patsy St. Mary ' s, 62-44. The game was closer than it looked however, as the Gaels played the Bears for basket until the fine play of Danny Wolthers put the Bears ahead to stay. The Bears captured their second victory the next weekend as they survived two periods of icy ineptness to the disappointing Arizona 57-55. Their luck ran out the following evening, however, as they came up against the powerful USF Dons, rated by most as the second best team on the coast. After hitting twelve of their first fifteen attempts, Cal was once again claimed by a streak of cold shooting. This was all Ollie and company needed as they scored 18 straight points and went on to nail down a 65-55 victory. ...for cal basketball, saw a bear five Center Mike Henderson and forward Dick Vortmann fight for the rebound against Arizona. While Christ mas vacation was most University activities, the Cal basketballers packed their bags and set out on a three-game against Nebraska and Utah. Their first stop was Utah, where they were promptly trampled by the fast breaking Redskins. The Bears simply could not stand up to the speed and torrid shooting of the rampaging Utes. After slinking out of Salt Lake City, the Bears came up against much the same problem in their twin losses to The Cornhuskers sped past Cal both nights as they chalked up 87-80 and 63-59 victories over the hapless wanderers. The Bears returned to Harmon December 26 to host a pair of less talented teams in the Cowboys of Wyoming and the gurgling Green Wave of Tulane. Although the displayed less ability than Utah or Nebraska, they were good enough to pin an agonizing 75-74 defeat on the backsliding Californians. The Green Wave, not to be confused with the Crimson Tide, was the team destined to break the Cal losing streak. The game ended with the Bears gaining their only win of the Christmas series as they took an 86-59 laugher from the Waves. Cal rooters came back from vacation to watch the Bears play hosts to the two Washington representatives to the AAWU. Captain Dan Wolthers hits with a jumper. For the second straight season Dan was the Bears ' leading scorer, averaging 20 points a game. lacking in height and experience Their old nemesis, inconsistency, returned to haunt the Bears the first night, as the Washington Huskies took advantage of a Cal cold streak to score 17 straight points and put a 55-46 victory on ice. Cal ' s shooting percentage from the floor was an arctic 29.5. Washington State was a different story however, as the Bears gave the mediocre Cougars a a 63-46 whipping. While the Washington State victory brought Cal ' s record to four and six, the next weekend ' s journey to Southern California resulted in two more games for the loss column. Against the classy UCLA Bruins, the Bears played one of their best first halves of the season and managed to stay within six points of the Uclans. They couldn ' t keep it up however, as the best team in the nation pulled away in the second half to a no-sweat 76-54 victory. While the Bruins used finesse, the less-subtle USC Trojans used sheer raw-boned power to clamp a run-away 75-55 defeat on the weary Bears. Dan Wolthers and second-team center John Wardell attempt to block an alumnus ' hook shot. As usual the varsity took the measure of their out-of-shape elders. After a non-conference 80-60 breather victory over the Santa Clara Broncos, the Bears returned to the AAWU arena against Oregon and Oregon State. They might just as well have stayed home, however, as they retained firm possession of last place with artless 83-71 and 74-57 defeats. The Friday night the ruffled Bear returned to Harmon for a rematch against these same two teams. like a completely different team, the Bears came up with their best game of the season against Oregon. The game was much tougher, much better, and much harder fought than the 75-52 score would indicate. High scorers in the Cal victory were Mike Henderson with 22 points and Dan Wolthers with 18. If the Oregon win was the Bears best game of the season, the next victory over Oregon State was the most exciting and the most The scrappy Bears led throughout most of the first half, until just before the buzzer, when the Beavers hit two in a row to take a 29-27 lead. OSU retained a three to five-point during most of the second half until Dan Wolthers canned a pair of As always the Cal pompon girls spiced up the intermissions with their delightfully routines. Mike Henderson (44) of Cal and USF ' s Erwin Mueller (51) lunge for the rebound. Henderson and his mates out-rebounded the taller Dons 41-34. Senior guard Howie Holt fights to keep possession of the ball. Howie was one of only three returning on the Bear varsity. free throws to put Cal ahead 53-51 with only ten seconds remaining. It wasn ' t over yet however, as Olson fouled the Beaver ' s ace guard Jim Jarvis. Jarvis sank both foul shots to tie it up at 53 all. With nine seconds left Olson brought the ball down court and attempted a hook shot that bounced off the rim. Wolthers leaped high into the air, controlled the ball with his right hand, and banked it in beautifully to give Cal the victory. With six games remaining, a California team was set to meet the class of the conference, as such potent quintets as UCLA, USC, and Stanford were scheduled to invade the Bear field house. Though plagued all season by a lack of depth, height and experience, and the resulting ball control errors and rebounding the Bears compensated with quickness and a gritty desire. The season record of the 1965 Bears was something less than outstanding. Even so, California supporters were treated to a season of exciting though not always artful basketball. The process has begun, and such promising sophomores as Charlie and John Wardell could go a long way toward filling the gap left by senior standouts Howie Holt, Mike Henderson, and star forward Dan Wolthers. outclassed by it s larger aawu opponents Though a relatively short 6 foot 2, sophomore Charlie Perkins (shown here grappling with USFs Ollie Johnson) has tremendous jumping ability. In 1965 he gained valuable experience as sixth man at both the forward and guard positions. Jim Jarvis looks on helplessly as Dan Wolthers pulls one down against Oregon State. Though Jarvis scored 22 points against the Bears, it wasn ' t quite enough, as Wolthers ' tip-in gave Cal a 55-53 win over the frustrated Beavers. Jim " Battery " Ashcraft stands ready as Howie Holt takes his second foul shot. Henderson stretches to control the rebound against Oregon. Freshman Fred Hite goes high in an attempt to block the shot of Blues ' Doug Hudson. varsity reserves gain much needed experience on cal blues Gary Cornelius cans a garbage shot against the Cubs. Cornelius and another soph, Reggie Kellum, were redshirts from the varsity this year. The Cal Blues or JV basketball team, is made up of those players who do not normaly get much playing time on the varsity. This year the Blues compiled a 5 win, 3 loss record, with three of the victories coming from intra-school matches with the Cal Frosh. Among the Blues ' defeats were a pair of discouraging losses to the Stanford Braves, and a 64-58 setback at the hands of City College of San Francisco. The two most consistent performers on coach Bob Wueste ' s squad were sophomore Eric Unruh and junior Bob Nichols. Both players provided much needed scoring punch as well as outstanding board work at both ends of the court. Another soph, 7-foot John Wardell, gained experience working at the post position for the Blues. Bob Blake Freshman Coach FROSH BASKETBALL TEAM—Row One: Morry Langer, Mike McKinley, Steve Cummings, Carl Adams, Bill Mathews, Russ Critchfield, Fred Hite. Row Two: Coach Bob Blake, Steve Thaman, Bob Wolfe, Dave Endicott, Doug Bartman, Don Lawson, Assistant Coach Herb Graw. Though suffering from a considerable lack of height and an inept defense, the California Freshmen managed to put together a moderately successful season. The Cubs fared well enough when they came up against less-dangerous offensive teams, but hotter-shooting opponents such as the USF and Santa Clara Freshmen had little trouble in the maladroit Cal defense. While the Frosh usually found it easy to hit offensively, they were hampered all season by inconsistency and ball-control errors. An example of the Cub ' s inability to put together a solid defense was their second loss to the USF Freshmen. The first half was a close, hard-fought battle that ended with the Cubs enjoying a narrow 29-28 advantage. The second half was all USF however, as the baby Dons outscored the Cubs 43-21, turning the game into a 72-50 rout. Outstanding performers on coach Bob Blake ' s team were forwards Bob Wolfe and Don Lawson, while backcourt speedsters Russ Critchfield and Carl Adams gave Blake strength at the guard positions. Though handicapped by his relatively short 6 foot 2 inch stature, Steve Tha man turned in a creditable performance at the center spot. Dave Endicott (45) and Don Lawson (42), climb all over Cal State ' s Bill Noard in an attempt to control the rebound. lack of height limits frosh success frey ' s gymnasts bounce back Hal Frey Gymnastics Coach The 1965 Cal gymnastics team, though one of the best squads in a series of great ones, had their consecutive dual meet win streak snapped this year, when they dropped their first meet in 60 starts to the Washington Huskies by a score of 63-57. Although the defeat was the result of a controversial decision by the local Washington judges, the Bears were ruled out of further NCAA team competition and will have to wait until next year in their quest of a national Prior to the Washington defeat the Bears had won seven consecutive dual meets, each by astronomical margins. Afterwards the Bears entered as individuals in the NCAA championships at San Jose, profoundly embarrassed the Gymnastics Games Committee by walking off with seven of eight possible firsts, and compiling more points than Washington and San Fernando Valley State (the other contender) combined. The Bears can afford to wait a year however, as the only team member graduating is parallel specialist Paul Newman. Newman was outstanding this year on both the parallel bars and the high bar, two events in which he took first place at San Jose. Other top competitors for Cal were Lonnie Kapp (whose disabling arm proved to be costly in the Washington meet), still rings specialist Josh Robison, sophomore trampolinist Dan Millman, and the Bears ' top scorer Rick Field. As a bonus, the Bears next year will welcome two men reported to be potentially as outstanding as the present Bear gymnasts. One is JC transfer Sid Freudenstein, who was ruled ineligible this year; the other is stellar frosh gymnast Tom Bruce, who has looked excellent in freshman competition. SEASON SUMMARY Cal 92 San Jose State 28 Cal 97 San Francisco State 18 Cal 77 Long Beach State 41 Cal 95 Stanford 25 Cal 92 USC 28 Cal 75½ Sacramento State 42½ Cal 77½ UCLA 42½ Cal 57 Washington 63 7 Wins 1 Loss An unidentifiable Bear gymnast displays near-perfect form as he executes a vault on the long horse. GYMNASTICS to Right: Pat Bailey, Rick Field, Paul Benya, Herb Solomon, Paul Newman, Josh Robison, Sid Freudenstein, Dan Millman, Chuck Jenner, Jim Lindstrom, Lonnie Kapp, Scott Swanton. Kneeling: Captain John Ford, Coach Hal Frey. after discouraging washington setback Paul Newman, the team ' s only senior, performed as first man on the parallel bars. Sophomore Josh Robison ' s specialty was the still rings. Here he is shown competing against Stanford. Jim Anderson cleverly keeps his arm out of sight of the referee as he and his teammates busily work over a Fullerton ballcarrier. cal ruggers carve up opposition, The 1965 version of the Bear rugby team was probably the strongest in a long line of outstanding Cal rugby squads. Playing a grinding schedule of 14 games, Coach Miles ruggers dismantled every opponent that had the courage to step onto the same field. Among these, were outmatched aggregations from USC, San Diego State, Oregon, and even usually potent University of British Colombia: a team the Bear ' s trampled in four straight games by a combined total of 75 points. The scrum axe, a symbol donated by the Oakland Tribune to be given to the winner of the two-game Cal-Stanford rugby series, was once again captured by the Bears as they plastered the farm with 8-0 and 12-9 defeats. After Cal swamped the Olympic Club in the final game of the season, the statisticians added up combined points and found that the Bears had scored points to a total of for their a record that can be termed nothing less than This year ' s team boasted such star forwards as Bob Chiappone, Stan Dzura, Loren Hawley, and Warren Moyes players who were instrumental in Cal ' s dominance of the scrums and line-outs. The backs were equally outstanding, as football running backs Tom Relies and Pete Stent teamed with New Zealander John Whyte to lead a speedy and explosive rushing attack. Fullback Jerry Walter was the Bears ' biggest asset on defense as his long, high kicks constantly kept the RUGBY TEAM — Row One: Tom Relles, Tom Blanchfield, Jerry Walter, Stan Dzura, Bob Hudson, Captain. Row Two: John Whyte, Tommie Brown, Randy Thaman, Jim Thompson, Lloyd Reist, Warren Moyes, Jerry Bradley, Dr. Miles Hudson, Coach. Row Three: John Benson, Dan Sinclair, Bob Chiappone, Loren Hawley, Jim Pinson, Steve Radich, Pete Stent. ball deep in enemy territory. As a fitting climax to this, the most successful season in California rugby history, the varsity ruggers have been invited to take part in an summer exhibition tour against some of the best teams in Australia. Many feel that California has the best rugby team in the Western Hemisphere. If so the Australian trip will give the Bears a chance to show the world how Western rugby stacks up against that of the East. Backing up the tremendous varsi ty team, was the equally outstanding " guano " or JV squad. The JV ' s, who usually played after the finish of the varsity contest, would take the measure of not one, but two different JV opponents. Like the varsity, Truck Cullom ' s charges ran up an excellent season record, as they romped through their schedule suffering only two defeats. Things occasionally get out of hand. Here Loren Hawley gets set to belt a Fullerton player, as two other Fullerto n ruggers pick themselves up off the turf. Miles Hudson Rugby Coach RUGBY JV TEAM — Row One: George Mollett, Gary Wakefield, Lloyd Reist, Jim Sterling, Charlie Donaldson, Ralph Dickinson, Noel Vietmeyer, Rick Barron, Randy Thaman, Rick Buckley, John Cantlon, Ron Gherlone, Peter Wilson. Row Coach Jim Cullom. Row Three: Dick Hodges, Larry Auser, Vic Mann, Rog Hurt, Two: Mills Weinstein, Wes Strawn, Gerry Lundblad, John Oakley, Rich Ongerth, Bruce Forbes, Don Guest, Craig Newman, Mel Anderson, Tom Lutes, Joe Ducote, Roger Groves, Tony Platt, Jamie Sutton, Jerry Bradley. embark on australian campaign Breakaway Bob Chiappone gets off a shovel pass near the USC goal as a sweating Trojan tries desperately to hold him back. The scrum, which resembles a tarantula, is analagous to the face-off in ice hockey. Randy Thaman, who turned in some valuable performances at the scrum half position this year, gets off a running dump kick against Stanford. The Bears belted the Indians to win the scrum axe for the second straight year. SEASON SUMMARY 14 Wins 0 Losses Cal 36 Fullerton Rugby Club 31 Cal 17 UCLA 11 Cal 28 San Diego State 0 Cal 18 UBC 3 Cal 14 UBC 3 Cal 8 Stanford 0 Cal 12 Stanford 9 Cal 30 USC 0 Cal 18 UBC 3 Cal 37 UBC 3 Cal 35 Oregon 0 Cal 30 Oregon 0 Cal 35 San Diego State 14 Cal 35 Olympic Club 14 MEN ' S RIFLE TEAM — Row One: John Verlota, Steve Trulson, Mike Thurlow, Bob Wright. Row Two: Wes Young, Roland Thom, Bob Hickerson, Lee Tom Suhir. riflemen barrel way to undefeated season The Cal rifle team, under the expert direction of Sergeant Forrest Smith, blazed its way through another excellent season to its usual number one position in the Northern California Riflery League. With a string of successes matched only by the Bear rugby team, the riflemen riddled six straight opponents as they captured their 17th straight league championship, as well as a subsequent first place in the University of Nevada Tournament. This year ' s scoring leader was Bob Nickerson, who averaged nearly 290 out of a possible 300 points per match. WOMEN ' S RIFLE TEAM—Row One: Sandy Piper, Doris Phillips, Josie Gunther, Judy Finch. Row Two: Cathy Brownlee, Marilyn Sagehorn, Ann Dennett, Lana Spraker. A female sharpshooter sights down the barrel at the Hearst Rifle Range. The 1965 Bear swimming team was probably the best in Cal history in of varsity and meet records broken. Nevertheless when it came to dual the Bear ' s couldn ' t stand up against traditional maritime such as USC, UCLA, Foothill, and Stanford. The Cal tankmen started off the season with a narrow 50-45 loss to a strong Washington Huskie team. They bounced back in their second AAWU meet to come within 11 points of off powerful Stanford, as the Bears battled the Redmen down to the final event before dropping a close 53-42 decision. The competition kept getting tougher, however, as both USC and UCLA downed the gasping Bears 71-24 and 66-29. The Bears finished off the dual meet season on a higher note, when they swam to impressive victories over San Jose State and twice over outclassed Merrit College. This year ' s team was led by versatile, all-around performer Ed Duncan, who usually competed in the 200 yard medley, the grueling 500 yard freestyle, and the 200 yard butterfly. In the shorter freestyle events JC transfer Terry McNally gave the Bears several firsts, while Del Pletcher was consistently outstanding in one and three meter diving. cal swimmers slosh through rough season Pete Cutino Swimming Coach The gun sounds and the swimmers enter the water in flat racing dives. VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM — Row One: Larry Gruver, Joe Amundsen, Jeff Baker, Jeff McCreary, Mike Piazza, John Said. Row Two: Steve Hoxmeier, Earl Mortensen, Edward Evans, Carl Maes, Jim Roumasset, Ed Duncan, Geoff Russell. Row Three: Peter Rosenwald, Gary Venter, Ron Obon, Terry McNally, Jim Pierog, George Viguie, Bob Steinberg. The Cal divers consistently outclassed their on both the one and the three meter boards. Del Pletcher was last year ' s AAWU champion on the low board. Spray from the start of a varsity race obscures the swimmers. Two backstrokers lunge into the water as their teammates start the timers. frosh team: showcase for next year ' s varsity standouts Like the varsity, this year ' s freshman swimming team was the strongest in many years. The ' 65 frosh were blessed with an impressive array of high school and CIF champions, National Interscholastic Jeff Reeder and Barry Weitzenberg, and CIF 50 and 100 yard freestyle champion Terry Heller. The frosh paddlers also boasted Turkish national swimming Bora Ozkok. The team itself was overshadowed in northern competition by the Stanford frosh (considered one of the best freshman teams in the nation), but made several impressive showings against are a high school and junior college teams. Injection of this year ' s frosh talent into next year ' s varsity squad should accelerate Cal ' s climb to the ranks of respected west coast swimming powers. FROSH SWIM TEAM — Row One: Craig Plumlee, Bill Bigder, Bora Ozkok, Jan Wesley, Steve Buchanan, Barry Weitzenberg. Row Two: Terry Miller, Bob Owens, Leland Faust, Jim McCleery, Eric Phillips, Ken High, Tony Grutman, Terry Heller. The late afternoon sun glints on Harmon pool as a freshman swimmer leaves the blocks. bear grapplers struggle to Cal ' s Dave Kuhlman tries to slip underneath his opponent ' s defense during the Chico State meet. Jim Porter ' s opponent seams to be screaming in pain as the big heavyweight pours it on. Porter won the match. Coach Bill Martell ' s Bear wrestlers ended the 1965 season with a record of 6 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie. Their unimpressive record was due in part to injuries to last year ' s AAWU champion John Garamendi and team co-captain Haruki in the 147 pound class. It was also due to a lack of depth in the medium weight divisions, as the Bear strength existed principally in 125 and 137 pound Phil Walson and Alan Seigel, and in heavyweight Jim Porter who proved to be an able for Garamendi. The Bears chalked up most of their six dual meet victories over weaker teams such as Santa Clara and San Francisco State, while perennially strong Oregon State and Fresno State pinned Cal with 25-7 and 19-9 defeats. Bill Martell Wrestling Coach WRESTLING TEAM — Row One: Phil Walson, Alan Tabor, George Fuller, Alan Siegel, Dave Sears. Row Two: Haruki Takemoto, Dave Kuhlman, Don Schlotz, Bob Fisher, Jim Porter. mediocre season record Bottoms up. Kahlman seems to have things well under control, as the Chico State man struggles to get out of the ring. BOXING TEAM—Row One: Jerry Olson, Tim Rodgers, Pete Cowan, Paul Bell, Phil Walson, John Sobczyk, Lee Phillips. Row Two: Coach Ed Nemir, Tom Gioseffi, Paul Rein, Walt Cunningham, Jerry Knapp, Dave Newhouse, Con Worden, Terry Holberton, Ray Kropp, Assistant Coach Gordon Van Kessel. wolves, injuns, wildcats mauled by bear boxers Lee Phillips connects with a hard right to the mouth. Ed Nemir Head Coach Cal ' s Jerry Knapp connects with a low blow against his Nevada opponent. He gets a fist in the face in return. Two boxers flail away at each other during the Nevada contest. Cal won the match 7 ½ . To say that the 1965 season was a one for the Cal boxing team would have to be an understatement. Competing in the four-team California Collegiate Conference, the only collegiate league left in the nation, the Bears blasted each of the three other teams in two different season encounters. The result was a perfect 6-0 season for the Bears, as well as an impressive first place finish in the CCBC championship tournament at Berkeley. Probably the most important factors in this year ' s success were the performances of Tom Gioseffi, Jerry Knapp, and Paul Rein, who ended the season without a defeat. In regular season competition, 156 lb. Gioseffi and 165 lb. Rein compiled perfect 6-0 records, while Knapp who fought in the 178 lb. class, was 5-0-1. Other top men on this year ' s team were sophomore Walt Cummingham, and Pete who lost only one match all year in the 139 lb. class. Although coach Ed Nemir will lose five standouts from this year ' s squad, next year ' s team will be bolstered by the return of two-year letterman Jim Moore as well as the fine sophomores and juniors from this year ' s team. Chet Murphy Tennis Coach VARSITY TENNIS—Row One: Kent Olsen, Don Adolphson, Jan Kucera. Row Two: George Fareed, Doug Sykes, Tom Kiss, Ron Batchelder, Gene Cantin, Chet Murphy, Coach. netmen battle it out in best tennis league in the nation: the aawu Cal ' s number one player Doug Sykes slams an overhand at his Santa Barbara opponent. Cal ' s 1965 tennis team, after placing second behind UCLA in the tournament, came back strongly to capture first place in the Northern Intercollegiate Tournament with a 25-21 victory over second place In succeeding weeks, the Bears came up with consecutive victories over such less-talented squads as UCSB, State, USF, and the San Diego Marines. Leading the Bears to their early season showings was first man Doug Sykes who in the All-U had upset UCLA ' s nationally ranked Doug Sanderlin, as well as his old Stanford nemesis John Beste in the Norcal tourney. Other on Coach Chet Murphy ' s squad were veteran second man Gene Cantin, and Columbia transfer George Fareed who played in the number three position. Among the frosh hopefuls, three men: Dave George, Garth O ' Malley, and Chuck Darley were nationally ranked in high school, and are expected to see a lot of action on next year ' s varsity. The Bear ' s second man Gene Cantin gets set to serve. Gene ' s powerful service was one of the strong points of his game. FRESHMAN TENNIS TEAM — Row One: Chuck Darley, Dave George, Lester Ho, Bandy White, Allan Kay. Row Two: Joe Walsh, Frosh Coach; Dave Rosenman; Kent Horacek; Garth O ' Malley; Roger Owens; Dan Lindheim; Chet Murphy, Varsity Coach. Not Pictured: Rob Delantoni, Ian Dibblee, Bob Kempenich. Cal ' s Jan Kucera darts to his left to backhand a return to his Marine opponent. bear baseballers strong on mound, lack power and depth Cal backstop Al Diamond lines a single to left against Cal State. The Bears whitewashed the Hayward nine, 3-0. George Wolfman Baseball Coach This year ' s varsity baseball team was probably one of Cal ' s strongest on and in pitching depth, but serious deficiencies in the hitting department. Although hampered by the loss of mound ace Dave Dowling, Coach George Wolfman was blessed with the return of such solid twirlers as Rich Nye and Steve Sternhberg, righthander Ray Evans, and stingy Joe Wierzbowski. With three sophomores: Andy Messersmith, Bill Frost and Hollon Bridges coming up from the frosh, this year ' s mound corps promised to be the deepest in many years. At the other end of the battery, receivers Al Diamond and Tom made catcher Wolfman ' s most experienced position. The infield and outfield however, could boast only two lettermen from last year ' s squad, as shortstop Mike Wickersham and right fielder Tim Tarpley were the only among a multitude of sophomores and former jayvees. In the warmup preliminary to the CIBA season, Cal VARSITY — Row One: Joe Weirzbowski, Ray Evans, Mike Taylor, Tom Cooper, Bill Archer, Art Kobayashi. Row Two: Craig DeForest, Tim Tarpley, Al Diamond, Co-Captain; Mike Wickersham, Co-Captain; Brad Bryan, Rich Dash, Gale Newman, Jerry McCarn, Assistant Coach. Row Three: Hollon Bridges, Bruce Zelis, Ed Beckwith, Don Bunch, George Cate, Rich Brown, Bill Frost, Steve Sternberg, George Wolfman, Head Coach. An unidentified Bear baserunner advances to third as the Davis shortstop waits on a ground ball. A Cal batter is forced to hunker as the Aggie pitcher attempts to put the ball in his ear. was as strong as expected on the mound, as well as surprisingly adept defensively. The big problem was hitting, as the loss of Dave Myers, and now Baltimore Oriole Mike Epstein hurt the bears in the power department. In early-season the gap was partially filled by catcher Al Diamond, the only consistent long-ball hitter on the squad, and baseman Mike Taylor, who was along at a brisk .380 clip. At printing, the Bears had compiled a respectable 8-4 record, as they lost their first CIBA encounter to Stanford and then bounced back to smash powerful Santa Clara, 5-1. Although very much a contender the Bears are going to have to find some consistent hitting, especially of the long-ball variety, if they expect to challenge perennial USC and UCLA, the preseason favorites. Bear first baseman John Shaw almost becomes a spectator, as he ranges out to latch onto a pop-foul. The runner edges off first as a cub pitcher leans in to get the sign. The USF baserunner ' s face reflects the strain as he tries to beat out a nubber to the Cal second baseman. Bear left fielder Rich Dash blasts toward second as the San Jose second baseman awaits the throw. Ray Evans lets go of a high hard one against Sac State. Evans, Bill Frost and Joe Wierzbowski combined to clip the Hornets 6-5. First baseman Al Shaw gets the throw just in time to nip the runner. JV BASEBALL—Row One: Rich Weinstock, Larry Glickfield, George Cate, Rich Dash. Row Two: Mike Herbert, Haruo Sakamoto, Don Bunch, Edward Crane, Bruce Zellis; Coach Jerry McCarn. cinnamon bears tackle ciba jv squads A Stanford baserunner is forced to dive back, as Cal ' s Bill Frost just misses on a pick-off attempt. The Cinnamon Bears outlasted the farmers 3-2. Led by the able coaching of former varsity letterman Jerry McCarn, the Cinnamon Bears or junior varsity looked forward to a tough season against the JV ' s from other CIBA schools. McCarn ' s team looked in their first outing, as they powered their way to a resounding 12-7 victory over a lackluster Santa Rosa JC team. Their second saw the Bear JV ' s continue their winning ways with a 3-2 victory over the Stanford Braves, as Don Bunch banged out a game-winning single in the bottom of the ninth to give sophomore Bill Frost the victory. Besides Bunch and Frost, the JV ' s were bolstered by the play of soph hopefuls George Cate and Brad Bryan, along with the solid performances of senior veteran Bob Raingruber. Al Kyte Freshman Coach A cub baserunner rounds first and digs for second as the USF first baseman looks on. Cal blasted the Don yearlings 9-3. The 1965 Freshman Baseball team got their season off to a flying start with a resounding 20-2 victory over a weak Mission High of San Francisco team. Heroes of the laugher were starting pitcher Bruce Roberts who got the victory, and Ted Parks and Steve Karp who banged out three hits a piece. Catcher Frank Smith and left fielder Fred Hill both hit home runs to contribute to the debacle. Two weeks later, however, when the Cubs came up against their first really strong foe, the Stanford frosh, they were belted 8-0 and 6-1 in quick succession. In future encounters, they were set to meet even tougher as they looked forward to games with such potent freshman nines as the Santa Clara and USC frosh. With the season still in its early stages the have shown considerable potential, as evidenced by their victories over and the USF frosh. Like all freshman teams however, they have also shown inconsistency, and need to find the right combination before they begin to click. FROSH BASEBALL—Row One: Steve Lewis, Bob Martin, Bruce Roberts, Mike Marowitz, Ron Thomas, Steve Karp, Neal Pearson, Steve Thomas, Harold " 007 " Bond, Assistant Coach Rich Mortola. Row Two: Coach Al Kyte, Rick Cortese, Frank Smith, Bob Rebuslhatis, Bill Mathews, Rich Gladstone, Tom Holman, Rich Hill, Sandy Beck, Gary Coburn, Bob Leatherwood, Ted Parks. cubs start season against northern cal frosh nines VARSITY TRACK TEAM Row One: Steve Adams, William Caldwell, Forrest Beaty, Richard Cohan, Albert Welti, David Archiba ld, Dave Fishback, James Clardy, William Carter, William French, Alfred Corchesne. Row Two: Randy Schneider, John Rusev, Ronald Gould, Richard Bowles, Larry Hengl, Charles Glenn, Peter Slapar, Clinton Shock, James Lathrop, Timothy Lyons. Row Three: Don Dean, Joseph Anderson, Robert Brinkworth, Robert Mulbach, Robert Price, James Holl, Paul Williams, James Holcombe, Daryl Zapata, Ben Gillette, Larry Rickertsen. Row Four: Coach Brutus Hamilton, Stan Inkelis, Kenneth Cole Mike Shafer, John McKibben, Robert Hom, Paul Ulrich, David Demorest, Thomas Wayne, David Stone, Joe Anderson. trackmen strong in sprints, shallow in field events, as hamilton begins final year The California track team started off the season by flashing past a dazed team for a well earned 80-65 The Bear victory, won on Oxy home grounds, gave plenty of hope for a year for the Bear cinder forces. The Cal win was marked by outstanding performances from sprinters Forrest Beaty and Dave Archibald in the 220 and 440, and from dashman Bob Brinkworth, who sped to a 9.7 clocking in the century. The 440 relay team, as well as the national champion mile foursome sped to easy victories over their outclassed Tiger In the field events, Mike Gridley and Don Schmidt looked impressive in taking respective first places in the shot put and the discus. Although the Bear spikers looked good in defeating a weak Occidental team, lack of depth in the field events and the hurdles, as well as inexperience in the distances will put the Bears at a serious disadvantage when they come up against such rugged track squads as Oregon, USC, and San Jose. Brutus Hamilton Track Coach Brutus Hamilton, head track coach at Cal since 1933, retired this year after serving for 29 seasons as coach of the Bear Track and teams. Coach Hamilton won a silver medal in the decathlon during the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belguim. After coaching the American decathlon entrants for the 1932 Olympic Games, Hamilton succeeded retiring coach Walter Christie, the only other man ever to serve as a Cal track coach (1900 to 1933). In 1952 Coach Hamilton received the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an American track coach, as he was chosen head coach for the U.S. team in the Olympic Games at Helsinki, Thus it is with both regret and with grateful affection that the University bids goodby to a man who for 29 years was to many a young Cal athlete, " The Coach. " A freshman vaulter clings to the bowing fiberglass pole as he strains to get over the bar. Senior high jumper Bill Carter checks his approach before attempting to clear 6-6. Cal ' s outstanding national championship mile relay team returned intact after last year ' s triumph at the NCAA meet in Eugene, Oregon. From left: Beaty, Al Courchesne, Dave Fishback and Dave Archibald. Junior Forrest Beaty usually competed in the 220 and 100 yard dashes. Frosh standout Devone Smith set a Freshman record of 149.7 in the 880. Dave Archibald was one of the most sprinters ever to compete at Cal. He holds a University record of 46.5 in the 440. Archibald powers home well ahead of his Stanford opponent in the Big Meet. An exhausted Cal distance man shows the effects of his effort as he coasts to a stop after the race. Two freshmen jog through a late afternoon workout in Edwards Stadium. A freshman spiker pours it on during a warm-up lap. freshmen spikers question mark in preseason warmups The 1965 Freshman track team, though blessed with an abundance of talent in the sprints and the distance events was like the varsity, plagued by a lack of depth in the field events. Versatile Patty McCrary led the Cubs in the IM hurdles, 440, and the triple jump, while middle distance man Devone Smith was in the half-mile. Other frosh hopefuls were Jim Bruce in the distances, Lou Kirtman in the hurdles, pole vaulter Mike Robinson, and dashman Gary Mahan. In the Cub ' s first outing this season, these men all came through with victories as the freshmen were defeated by the spikers from San Francisco City College. Al Ragan Freshman Coach FRESHMAN TRACK—Row One: Gunar Liepins, Bob Wolfe, Carl Adams, Michael Anderson, Richard Henken, Devone Smith, Jim Bruce, Louis Kirtman, Michael Ipson. Row Two: Coach Al Ragan, Chris John McCrary, Mike Robinson, Russ Bradley, Patrick Train, Evan Morgan, David Meeks, Joe Jackson, Don Severy. Row Three: William Mattila, Tom Hunt, Joe O ' Flaherty, Mark Rhoda, Arthur Murray, Larry Lewis, George Ledford, Gary Mahan, Gary Higgens. Row Four: Henry Weinstein, Don Dean, Senior Manager, Paul Durando. varsity crew: ira champions face rebuilding job as four seniors depart Jim Lemmon Crew Coach The 1964 Bear crew team was the seventh Cal crew to have the distinction of competing in the American Olympic Trials, a series of races set up to select the crew to represent the United States in the Olympic Games. Although Cal lost out in its Olympic bid, the Bear crew ' s 1964 season was hardly one to be ashamed of. During the regular season the Bear crew had swept past a total of 25 teams in nine different races without a defeat, until the Vesper Boat Club edged them in the Trials. Among Cal ' s victims were mighty Washington (a team the Bears defeated four times in a row), as well as such other perennial rowing powers as Navy, Yale, and Cornell. The Bear ' s eastern campaign was highlighted by a thrilling two-length victory over Washington in the Intercollegiate Association Finals at Lake New York. This year, although the Bears have lost four men from last year ' s championship crew, the remaining four along with some outstanding returning JV ' s give promise of a strong Cal team. These John Sellers, Mike Page, Malcolm Thornley, and Scott Gregg from last year ' s varsity boat as well as last year ' s junior varsity stroke Bob Cross. 1964 ' s varsity second boat stroke Russ Medevic is expected to battle Cross for this year ' s first boat position. With the return of seasoned lettermen and former JV and frosh rowers, the Bears could once again be the West Coast team to beat. Starboard rower Dan hatch strains at his oar in a practice race on the Estuary. Varsity Cox Doug Shirachi gives the orders to his crew as they work to get their shell into the water. VARSITY CREW — Row One: Bob Arbios, Gary Snyder, Reg Watt, Doug Shirachi, Ken Kubota. Row Two: Malcom Thornley, Russ Medevic, Rich Corp, Doug Thure, John Gosline, Craig Henderson, Ron Sellers, Dan Hatch. Row Three: Coach Jim Lemmon, Denny Lane, Tony Mcquire, Gary Craycroft, Bob Cross, Fred Partridge, Dave Parrish, Pete Noyes, Norm Bliss, Rich Tietz, John King, Cliff Rhodes, Jay Jacobs, Jerry Murphy. Row Four: Norm Stanley, Lance Johnson, Hardy Jones, Steve Spreiter, Dick Graves, Chuck Mohn, Roy Romey, Rich McClellan, John Gary Martone, Mike Page, Jack Reding, John Sellers, Frank Brown, Scott Gregg. A freighter docked in the Oakland Estuary serves as a backdrop as three varsity boats fight for position. A frosh crew rows out toward the bay in an early morning practice session. FRESHMAN CREW — Row One: George Wing, Russ Takei, Seth Alpert, Richard Dobson, John Hewitt. Row Two: Larry Witalis, Tom Tryon, Larry Vaughan, Bob Conn, Bill Beckett, Tom Dunlap, Coach. Row Buzz Schulte, Assistant Coach; Tom Van Meter, Patrick Stanton, Bob Loew, Jerry Richardson, Gyula Szabo, Terry Adamski, Dwight Morgan, Dave Crockett, Bruce Robertson. Row Four: Gene Pavitt, Stan Thomas, Terry Duryea, Jack Walton, Bruce Brodie, George Gibs, Dave O ' Shea, Stan Taylor. Winning Date Event Place Distance Finish Time Distance April 11 Oakland Estuary 1. California 6:18.6 5 lengths dual 2000 meters 2. Long Beach St. 6:38.0 April 18 Ballona Creek (L.A.) 1. California 5:52.0 3½ lengths triangular 2000 meters 2. UCLA 6:06.0 3.Southern Cal 6:22.0 April 25 Redwood City Harbor 1. California 6:12.0 2½ lengths dual 2000 meters 2. Stanford 6:22.2 May 9 Oakland Estuary 1. California 6:12.0 2 lengths dual 2000 meters 2. Washington 6:20.6 May 16 Mare Island Chan. 1. California 5:44.2 3¼ lengths dual 2000 meters 2. Southern Cal 5:57.6 May 23 Mission Bay 1. California 6:11.7 ½ length Western Sprints San Diego 2. Washington 6:12.0 Finals 2000 meters 3. Long Beach St. 6:15.5 4.British Col. 6:29.8 1.UCLA 6:31.5 June 21 Lake Onondoga 1. California 6:31.1 2 lengths IRA 2000 meters 2. Washington 6:37.8 Finals 3. Cornell 6:40.3 4.Princeton 6:45.9 5.MIT 6:47.1 6.Navy 6:51.5 July 8-11 Orchard Beach 1. Vespers BC Olympic Trials New York City 2. Harvard 2000 meters 3. California 1964 RECORD Matt Franich, Cal ' s capable boatman and rigger has been with the Bear crew for many years. Kooman Boycheff Golf Coach Cal ' s 1965 golf team, though starting off the season with encouraging victories over Cal State and the UC Aggies, came up against a major roadblock in the form of San Jose State, as the Spartans the Bears twice, 20½-6½ and 24 ½ -2 ½ . Except for a 19 ½ -7 ½ loss to Fresno State the Cal linksmen had won every other early season encounter, as they took easy victories from Sacramento State and USF. Leading the Bear attack with consistent sub-80 rounds were Rich Sasaki, Bob Grossman, Mike Meyer, and Randy Edwards. Two Hans Janzen and John Lovett, rounded out coach Kooman Boycheff ' s starting six. bear linksmen battle northern california " duffers " A Cal golfer tees off at the Orinda Country Club Course. GOLF TEAM — Row One: Rich Sasaki, Bob Grossman, Mike Meyer, John Lovett. Row Two: Art McNickle, Randy Edwards, Hans Janzen, Tom Flashman. The women ' s intramural program provides an opportunity for female living groups to participate in athletics. Any interested group may participate in one or more sports each semester, while commuters and independents who wish to, may join one of the teams. Some of the Fall sports are tennis and bowling, while volleyball and softball are in the Spring. Weekly is held, with the winning teams meeting in a playoff round at the end of the season. Trophies are awarded to the most team in each sport based on their season record. Also, an overall award is given to the group with the greatest record in all the sports combined. The girls get together in a friendly game of soccer (?) on Kleeburger Field. The Hearst Gymnasium pool is the scene of action in the swimming competition. intramural program provides organized competition for distaff athletes The Women ' s Athletic Association is by the WAA Board, the Sports Club Board, and the Intramural Board. The Boards are responsible for planning the various athletic programs for campus women. Sports Club activities are for individuals interested in sports, while the Intramurals emphasizes living group The All-U Tournaments, High School Sports Day, and the biannual Field Week Dessert are some of the included in the year ' s schedule. At the Dessert, outstanding team and efforts, are rewarded. Among the individual awards are invitations to join the All-Cal and the Women ' s Society memberships. Team awards are made for excellence in each sport and a plaque is presented to the group with the greatest participation combined with the most successful season. SPORTS CLUB BOARD — Seated: Peggy Pierce, Claudia Larson, Merrily Gross, Regina Weil, Judy Finch. Standing Janet Myers. athletic association performs management chores for female athletic programs WAA COUNCIL— Row One: Myna Hastings, Leslie Bennett, Peggy Scott, Colleen Poindexter, Diane Bagnes. Row Two: Claudia Larson, Peggy Pierce, Miss Park, Advisor, Sally Leaky, Carol Ball. INTRAMURAL BOARD — Row One: D. White, Myna Hastings, Diane Bagnes, Terry Randall. Row Two: Susan Forbes, Sue Brower, Sarah Shideler, Barb Sirvis, Barbara Brinkley. women ' s c society honors outstanding girl at hletes Invitations to membership in Women ' s " C " Society are presented biannually at the WAA Field Week Dessert, and rank as the highest honor awarded to participants in women ' s athletics at Cal. Members are elected on the basis of their athletic ability, good sportsmanship, achievement, participation in WAA programs, and service to WAA. The Society works closely with WAA on the organization and presentation of many activities, sports days and the Field Week Dessert. In to programs with WAA, members of the Society work to further interest in women ' s athletics through speaker programs and other activities. While the Society is primarily to recognize and encourage service in developing programs for women ' s athletics, informal activities are also planned for the enjoyment of the members. WOMEN ' S " C " SOCIETY — Row One: Claudia Larson, Colleen Poindexter, Shelly Nix, Marsha Bratten, Peggy Scott. Row Two: Dorothy Wendt, Advisor; Joan Danielson, India Bauer, Pat Diehl, Sis Campion, Roberta Lowe, Phillips. This year ' s men ' s intramural program was marked by its usual diversity of activities, as Director Kooman Boycheff and his staff of officials and intramural advisors were once again kept busy administering a multitude of sports from horseshoes to football. In National League action, traditional powerhouses Sigma Chi and Sigma Alpha Epsilon overcame the early season lead of Lambda Chi Alpha to lock horns in a red-hot battle for League Championship honors. At the same time, Boalt Law School ' s No. 1 team enjoyed a 150-point advantage over the Commuters in American League competition. The fall IM football season was by a thrilling 36-34 victory by NROTC over Pi Kappa Alpha in the football championship game. Spring competition saw such teams as Pi Kappa Alpha, Sigma Nu, Newman Club, and Ehrman Hall fight it out for league basketball honors, while Tau Kappa Epsilon, Zeta Beta Tau, Phi Sigma Kappa, and Deutsch Hall battled for the right to represent the campus in the softball tournament at Los Angeles. A pair of intramural basketball centers leap high to control the jump. Two Boalt No. 1 defenders close in on an Oxford Hall ball carrier. extensive intramural program furnishes athletic outlet for excess energies Navy ROTC All-U Football Champs weightlifting — physical conditioning through competition Handball was one of the many minor sports administered by the Intramural Board. The Weightlifting Club is an of students interested in both physical conditioning through weight training, and actual competition with other teams. This year ' s activities included the fourth annual UC Invitational Championship, an event that some of the best collegiate weightlifters in the state. WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB — Row One: Pat Going, Tim White, Roger Miller. Row Two: Dale Carter , Alan Lindman, John Calhoun. fencers slice up competition FENCING CLUB — Row One: Elizabeth Becker, Roberta Gregory, Sue Knopow, Eva H. Douthit, Diana Amidon, Jeri Marchetti, Flo Mitchell, Betsy Roberts, Diana Unis. Row Two: Joachim J. Wolf, Donald R. Klein, Baldwin K. Chan, Wilfried Schmid, Maestro Julius J. Alpar, Coach; Norman A. Bookstein, Dan Salamon. Row Three: Helmut Resch, Michel Small, John Spencer, Charles Miller, Louis Saylor Jr., Paul J. Wolfangel. judo club represents cal in ancient sport Coach Jules Alpar ' s 1965 fencing team represented Cal this year in the NCAA Fencing Tournament at the University of Detroit. The Cal delegation to the consisted of Joachim Wolf in foil, Michael Small in epee, and Don Klein in the saber competition. Though the Bear fencers were not expected to seriously challenge the more experienced Eastern teams, Wolf came through with an excellent fifth place finish to give him automatic claim to a place on the NCAA team. The team as a whole finished a strong eleventh in a field of thirty. Next year, the team will lose Wolf through graduation, but both Klein and Smith along with injured Bill Lundo will return to compete for the Bears. The activities of the club itself are built around training for competition such as the NCAA meet, and giving practice to members who enjoy for recreation. Two club members sharpen their technique at a practice session. The UC Judo Club, under the able direction of Cal Judo Coach George Uchida, is a group of interested students organized to develop skills in the art of self-defense and to represent the University in with other Northern California judo teams. This year ' s activities included entry into the San Jose Brown Belt Invitational Tournament, and a halftime exhibition at the USF basketball game. JUDO CLUB — Tadashi Oya, Bob Kono, Ron Mayeda, Pat Going, John Sullivan, Homer Dawson, Ron Jan. SKI CLUB — Row One: Bill Chew. Row Two: Richard Bentley, Harvey Cogen, Bob Green, Taffy Jones, Pete Whitmer, Louise Geist, Gordon Isler, Marshall Jacoby, Fred Voltmer, Werner Hollstein, Chris Klein, Barbara Wright, Hal Felker. Row Three: Tom Loughran, Gene Finger, Cindy Graham, Eric Burr. ski club instructs bunnies, sponsors popular squaw winter carnival One of the biggest attractions of the semester break for Cal students is the annual Ski Club-sponsored Winter Carnival. This year, the Carnival featured entertainment by Bud and Travis, as well as a broom hockey and various skiing events. Along with the Winter Carnival, the club sponsors such activities as a program in the fall, and a picnic and auto rally in the spring. This year, the club chose lovely D. D. Dwyer as their 1964-65 Snow Queen. D. D. Dwyer 1964-65 Snow Queen Club President Tom Loughran stands above the crowd. Werner Hollstein displays his form as he navigates the giant slalom. The Hearst Gymnasium pool is open on weekends to both men and women. weekend co-rec program gives tired students much-needed relaxation The present co-recreation program was started in the Fall of 1962 and since then has grown such that over 10,000 people use the facilities every year. Some of the activities available to students are badminton, volleyball, basketball, trampoline, table tennis, and folk dancing. Dr. Thomas Yukic, director of the program, the activities of Hearst Women ' s which is open from 7 to 12 a.m. on Friday nights, and of Harmon Gymnasium which is used on Sunday afternoons. Supplementing the activities at Hearst and Gyms are the facilities at the Strawberry Canyon Recreational Area. The area, consisting of swimming pool, tennis courts, and clubhouse, was generously donated by Mr. and Mrs. Walter A. Haas and Mrs. Luci Stern. Open every from 12 to 6 p.m., the Strawberry Canyon facilities are limited to students, University and their families. Table tennis is always a popular co-rec activity. LIVING GROUPS At the last tenderly, From the walls of the powerful fortressed house From the clasp of the knitted locks From the keep of the well-closed doors, Let me be wafted. Let me glide noiselessly forth, With the key of softness unlock the locks. — Walt Whitman where we love is home, home that our feet may leave, but In spite of difference of soil and climate, of language and manners, of laws and customs, in spite of things silently gone out of mind, and things violently destroyed, the University binds together in the pursuit of knowledge the vast empire of human society, as it is spread over the whole earth, and over all time. not our hearts —Oliver Wendell Holmes For seven years, the University of California has led other universities in the United States with the largest number of foreign students in attendance. Foreign students on all UC campuses total 3,927. The University of California also has the greatest number of faculty members on teaching in Europe and Asia. More than 250 foreign students representing nearly sixty countries, share accommodations at the House with an equal number of International House offers a rich program of cultural, intellectual, and social activities for the foreign student. One program, Understanding through Hospitality, arranges for the foreign to visit Bay Area homes during the holidays, and to see places of interest in San Francisco. International House program offers group meetings, on topics of current interest. An International House Council is elected by the residents to plan many of the activities. The oldest tradition of the House is the Sunday Supper, held several times each semester. These are all-house gatherings in the Auditorium, for a special dinner, featuring dishes from different countries. international house...a residence for students of all countries I-House students keep abreast of the latest political developments in their own countries at the United Nations. " sunday supper " tradition of friendship and understanding It ' s not so far. uc leads nation in foreign student enrollment, berkeley campus hosts 1800 David Greggains, England International House Richard Cavagnaro International House Narendra Dhand, India International House Miriam Easton International House Johannes Kurz, Austria International House Emam Mahin, Iran International House Christine Mattson International House Carolyn Meyer International House Aldo Araya, Argentina Sik-kee Au, Hong Kong Kumar Bahl, India Charles Besin, Venezuela Christer Cederroth, Sweden Baldwin Chan, Hong Kong Daniel Chan, Hong Kong Helene Chan, South Vietnam Yvonne Chen, Thailand Dong Chough, Korea Gregory Chow, Hong Kong Souareba Conde, Guinea Irene Fong, Hong Kong Mohamed Baker Gokal, Pakistan Vijay Kapoor, India Sharad Pathak, India International House Luis Lizondo, Argentina Ahmad Moghaddas, Iran Warren Moyes, New Zealand Peter Pike International House John Ogbu, Nigeria Shoichiro Ohkagawa, Japan Hajime Ohno, Japan Florence Shao, Taiwan International House Tony Pang, Hong Kong Jose Porras, El Salvador Tiana Rabetsimba, Madagascar Juan Rebeil, Mexico Sandra Sims, Japan D. S. Shah, India Joan Stanley, Guatemala Frank Stubenitsky, Netherlands Jack Super, South Africa Sarah Tam, Hong Kong Shun Kai Tse, Hong Kong Parviz Varjavand, Iran M. S. Venkatesan, India Kimiko Watanabe, Japan Wai Hung Yam, Hong Kong Hing-Cheng Yuen, Hong Kong Haim Zaklad, Israel Commuter-Independents tend to rally around more concrete symbols than the California bear. The Student Union is a " home away from home " for Commuter-Independent students. commuter independents battle traffic, parking, apathy There ' s never an empty parking space between 7:45 a.m. and 10:15 p.m. Martha Abel Howard Abelson Jaye Abrahamson Dennis Abreu Edgardo Acosta M. David Adams Marcia Ahnstedt David Alexander Daniel Allen Mohammad Nabil Alyassini Judy Ames Joel Amromin Margaret Anderson Marie Anderson Judy Andresen James Ashbrook Rosemary Atkins Jim Atwood Lei Anne Awaya Diane Bagnes Alan Baker Dennis Baker Linda Baker Margaret Baker William Baker Doris Balabanian Robert Ballard Beverly Ballou Susan Banks Jean Barish Karen Barker Morel Bates Erma Baumbach James Baumgartner Jean Baxter Marsha Baxter William Baxter Joshua Bear Christine Beattie George Beauchamp Nancy Beck Karen Beckstead James Bell Rina Benmayor David Berg Sidney Berger James Bergquam Bill Berland Daniel Berman Lee Berman Joseph Beyer Anne Beytin Genielle Bidwell Linda Billings Bob Binn Sandra Bird Bruce Boston Victor Bowman David Boyle Slobodanka Bozinovich Richard Braden Louise Brandt ....early morning fog that will burn off by noon. Rick Bremner Harold Bresnik Gloria Black Gustavo Blacut Philip Blakeney Nancy Blanc Barbara Bland Marua Bledsoe Donald Blish George Bliss Samuel Block, Jr. Michael Blum Burton Bogardus Sara Bogle Pamela Bookman Robert Booth Bruce Borgman Darlene Brewer Mary Louise Brewer Karolyn Bron Deborah Brown Margaret Brown Susan Brown Susan Brudno Richard Brumund Linda Buchanan Steve Buchanan James Buck Marion Bulin Sandra Bullivant Alan Burchett Jerry Burchfield William Busacca Lorraine Busch Cornelia Butler Claudia Byrum Candy Caldwel Geoffrey Cantrell Nancy Caplener Ross Carkeet Jeff Carter the student ' s conception of class Mary-Clare Caruthers Charleen Case Richard Case Joan Catelli Richard Cavagnaro Christer Cederroth Baldwin Chan Daniel Chan Darlene Chan Elsie Chan Shirley Chang Erwin Chen Pratin Chen Merrick Cheney John Chessell Andrew Cheung Kendaline Chew Betsy Chinn Margaret Chisholm Gerald Ch mielewski Trudy Chudner Ronald Chun Patricia Clancy James Clark, Jr. Donald Clarke Robert Clarke William Clewell Robert Clifton Granville Coffin Leslie Coffman Susan Cohen Ronald Cohn Joan Coit Francis Connor Mary Conwell Margaret Cook Joyce Cordi Dick Cortén Larry Cosper Terrence Coulter Robert Cousins Barbara Crane David Culver Patricia Cummings Glenn Cunningham Donald Curry Lawrence Curtice Susan Curtis Lorene Dammen Alfred Danner Richard Dash Joyce Daube Stephen Dautoff Diane Davidson Thomas Deetz Craig Deforest the teacher ' s Phyllis Deguchi Warren Dettaan George deHaas Francis Delort Jeffrey Demetrescu Sharon Diamond Patricia Diehl Jim Dielschneider Robert Dillehay Dianne Diller William Dilley Matthew Dillingham Daniel Dinaburg Jim Disbrow Cheryl Dixon Martha Dixon Gordon Dodge Gerald Domoto Edward Don Alex Dong Pamela Doolan Jane Downer Joan Drake Mary Drew William Drummond Robert Duarte Dick Duncan Margaret Duncan John Dunlap Lloyd Dunlap Alice Dunn Joseph Dunn Sylvia Duran Glen Duren Robert Dussault John Dvorak Robert Dykes Judy Dysinger Joanne Eagan Robert Earte Alan Ebert Diane Eddington Pete Edelen Thomas Edwards G. William Eggert Jay-Allen Eisen Abby Eisenshtat Everal Elke Richard Elkins Pamela Elliott Elaine Elzarian Eugene Emge Irene Endo Fred Engel Virginia Engquist Melene Erickson Ron Ernst Vihang Errunza Sharon Esterley Joanne Evans Ray Evans Arthur Falconer Thomas Fall Jeffrey Falt Donald Fareed Janice Farrell Susan Fatjo Ruby Fegley Susan Felter Carol Ferguson Anne Ferraris Marjorie Fine Karen Fink Dave Fishback Dorothy Fisher Susan Fisher hours of research lengthened by the weary trip home Robert Fisher Elaine Fitzgerald Arthur Flemming Bruce Flushman John Flynn Gene Fong Gerlene Fong John Fong Carol Fortina Elaine Fossati Russell Foster Marida Fowle Frederick Fox Judy Fox Robert Frank Bruce Franklin Lynnae Fraumeni Scott Freber Susan Freeborg Bill French Ernest Fretter Gail Freyolia Lawrence Friedlander Robert Friend Allan Frumkin Grace Fraser Theodore Furukowa Claudia Futter Carolyn Gaba Lillian Gadsby Thomas Gaffney John Gage we two form a Mary Gahagan Brent Galloway Michael Gannon Joel Garbarina George Garcis Gayle Gardner Greta Gardner Alfonso Garduno Robert Garrow John Gaston Diane Gates Carla Gatto Sally Gearhart Robert George Katherine Gerlits L. Taylor Gerny Lesley Getaz John Ghramm James Giacomazzi Linda Gianella Gerry Gibbons John Gibson Jerome Gift Dennis Gilbert Donald Gillaspy Shirley Gin Thomas Gioseffi Jill Glassman David Goldstein Michael Goldstein Joseph Gonyeau Cad Glatze Diane Gleason Richard Gleicher Barry Glick Pat Gordon John Gorman Myra Gould Russell Godt Carole Goldberg Peter Goldberg Bruce Goldstein Toby Ron Colette Granlund multitude — Ovid Giovanni Grasso John Graves Lois Graves Glen Gray Kathleen Gray Daniel Grayson Janice Green Thomas Green Regina Greene George Greenleaf Charles Greenlief Patricia Greteman Gerald Griffin James Griffin Richard Grihalva Pat Griswold Mary Grodin John Gueldner Harold Gunn Susan Haberman Mary Hagenbuch It ' s not raining! George Hague Leonard Hail Marcia Hail Harry Haimovitch Jeffrey Harper Tom Harper Howard Harpham Alan Harris Larry Harris Rod Harris Allan Harrower Christopher Hair David Hale Gary Hall Lois Hallen Cameron Hanford Dorothy Hannibal Arlene Hansen Karen Hansen Warren Harada Barry Harden Richard Hartje S. Arora Hari Catherine Hart Hideo Hashimoto Patricia Hashimoto Rosanne Hastings Thomas Hatfield Sylvia Hattori Karen Haugen Kenneth Hayes Lori Hayes Nikki Hayes Frank Hayman Dennis Hazelton Howard Hegstad John Heibel Peggy Heller Barbara Henderson Carol Henderson Harvey Henderson Ann Hendricks Brian Herbert Harold Heringhi Linda Herndon Eugene Herson George Hicks Kathleen Hicks Patricia Hiehle Ruth Higee Julie Hightower Judy Higo Walter Hill Walter Hillabrant Ho Hoon-Yin Gretchen Hoagland George Hoffman Richard Hoffman William Hogan Jack Holland Lou Holland Marie Holliday Frank Hollister Werner Hollstein Frank Hopkins Thomas Hopkins Gloria Horn Leslie Hozenstein Pamela Horner Laurence Hornick Richard Horning Harry Horowtiz Paula Howard Bernard Howell Betty Howell Martin Howell Linda Howey Robert Howey Grace Howker Genevieve Hoyle William Huang Richard Hubbard Garry Hubert Jack Hudson Terri Hume Penny Humphreys Carol Hungerford Richard Hungerford Kathy Hunt Libbe Hurvitz George Ikeda Roy Ikeda Sergio Ilovaisky Dianne Impelman Fred Inaba Gail Inlander Richard Inlander Lynn Irwin Edward Isaacs Jack Isaacs Ted Isbelle Eileen lscoff Jane Jacobson Ronald Jan Aija Jekabsons Katharine Jenney Victor Jensen Arlene Jew Richard Jewell Daniel Johnnie Gary Johnson John Johnson Leon Johnson Leannah Jones Norita Jones Paul Jones Judith Juelson Joseph Jurick Kathe Kagan Stephen Kan Vijay Kapoor Kiyoshi Katsumoto Alan Kay Joan Kemp Ronnie Kordell Etta Kwan James Lamm Arther Larsen Luceen Latorre David Lauer Joseph Lawson Janice Lescoe Vivian Kundell Wayne LaBel Rosabel Landberg Claudia Larson Milton Latta Kathy Laughlin Ronald Lawson Gloria Light Sandy Kussow Carol Ladewig Paula Landers Dana Larson Graciela Lau Alan Lawrence Douglas Lee Dennis Lowe Rochelle Kutcher Byron Lais Richard Langsdorf Peter Lathrop Guy Lau Charles Lawrence Richard Leifer George Lukes Dean Lundell Dale Luomala Lawerence Lusardi Jay Luther Joe Luthey Coleen Lynch Kathy Lynch James Lyons William Lyons Carol MacDonald Catherine MacDonald Heather MacDougan Betty McClard Margaret McClure Mary McFarling John McGreal Edward McKinley Rich McLellan Dominic Ma Richard Maddigan Marsha Maier Michael Manetas Linda Mattson William Mecom James Meldrum Michel Mestre Linda Miller Regina Mitchell Keith Moore Peter Munoz John Nicoles Michael Nitefor John Oakley Gregory Orr Pamela Parenti Susan Peterson Charleen Pizzorno William Pohle Pamela Pomeroy John Pope Jose Porras Barbara Powell Nicholas Powell Sharon Powers Hale Prather Randall Pratt Barbara Price William Principe Harlan Proctor Walter Prouty John Przybylinski Anthony Quamar Betty Quan Ross Quan Maureen Quilligan Louise Quist Tiana Rabetsimba Karen Rademacher Wendy Ragent Evelyn Rahn Lynne Raider Larry Ramsauer Carol Ramstad Juan Rebeil David Redell Linda Reed when the training days are done, and the big game ' s just begun, when there ' s music in the air — Stanford Jonah Dalphine Renner Mark Reutlinger Richard Reynolds Patricia Rhodes Peggy Sager Gerald Sakamoto Wendy Sall Barbara Saltman Martha Sam Sherrie Samuels Gary Sanford Michael Saphier Terry Richard Daniel Richards Charles William Rist Walter Ritchie Howard Robbins Diane Roberts Channing Robertson Gary Robertson Markham Robinson Neal Robinson Peter Jeanie Roeder Bill Rogers Louis Gayle Rohwedder Jean-Francois Romey Janis Rosenbaum Diane Rosentreter William Rosentreter Donna Ross Sue Jacqueline Rothstein Ellen Judith Russell Meredith Sabini Holly Sackett Peggy Saferstein Katherine Sarter Richard Sasaki Robert Saunders J. Charles Sawyer David Schak Charles Schawpp Susan Scharf Sue Schauppner Judith Scherr Barry J. Schieber Barry Schiller Paul Schlegel Irene Donald Schmidt Richard Schmorleitz Barbara Schnal Margaret Schneider Nick Schott Jack Schraub Charles Schubert, Jr. Richard Schulman Carol Schultz Whitney Schulz Hans-Jürgen Schwartz Simeon Schwartz William Schwarzel Michael Scimeca Frank Scivetti Ruth Barbara Scozzafava Kathleen Seaton Catherine Seban Janet Sedan Rocco Seeno Eileen Segal Julia Selfman sometimes dreaming, counting the pages in her starry shade, of dim and i learn the language of Shyla Sellards Nancy Shaffer Charles Shank Donald Sheehan William Sherry Joanne Shipman Jim Sider James Simmons Suzanne Selser Sheldon Shaffer Dana Shapiro Max Shen Ellen Shiffrin Jean Shirley Elisabeth Siekhaus Theodora Simpson Shirley Serena D. S. Shan Stephen Shawl Sze-Lee Shen Lawrence Shikuma Linda Shlep William Siembieda Lynn Sims Victoria Shaeffer Moaveni Shahrokh Bruce Shawver Judy Sheretz Ward Shine Robert Showen Gerald Silverfield Ronni Sims Sandra Sims Marcia Skolnick Joel Slagg David Smith Susan Smith Helene Smookler Charles Sonntag Conde Souareba Robert Skinner Richard Skolnick Dale Smith Elvia Smith Valentine Smith Steven Solter Janet Sorlien Marie Spengler Julie Sperr Sharmen Sterling Dennis Stewart Lana Spraker Sara Stevens Judith Stine Rich Stanley Sandra Stevens Larry Stock Leon Steffensen Susan Steward Frances Stout solitary loveliness, another world — Byron Robert Strand Sandra Striebel Gay Strom Robert Stratmore Gina Stritzler Frank Stubenitsky Phyllis Studebaker Enrique Suarez Del Solar Steven Suchard Jack Super Douglas Sykes Carolyn Syphers Heather Taapken Kenneth Tachiki Yoshie Takahashi Joanne Takeda Lynne Talman William Tango Alan Tanisawa James Tappan Fredricka Taubitz Patricia Taylor Robert Theel Anthony Thomas Malcom Thornley Joe Toft Brenda Tom Chris Tomine Patricia Tong Noelle Toombs Carol Toriumi Don Tow Ronald Townsend Judy Trahan Olivia Trevino Barbara Trowbridge Vitaly Troyan Shun Tse Yuk-Sing Tse Ronald Tsunehara Darlene Ushiro Dianne Vabri Nicholas Van Valkenburgh Pamela Valois Stephen Vance Parviz Varjavand Ralph Vatalaro Rex Vaubel Larry Vaughn Nancy Vivrette David Von Terstegge Sandy Von Wald Geraldine Wakiji Diana Wallace Sandra Waller Robert Walley Philip Walson Jack Walters Kerry Walton Catherine Ward Coburn Ward Roger Ware Robert Warren Adele Warwick Kathleen Wasson Jeffrey Watanabe Kimiko Watanabe Letitia Weager how pure a thing is joy this is mortality, this is eternity — Marianne Moore Fred Webster James Weeks Donn Weipert William Weir Cary Weiss Gail Weissman Kenneth Weller Robert Wetherell Marvin Whetstone Barbara White Edward White Grace White Ronald White Joan Whitehead Sharon Wickliffe Benjamin Wilcox Thomas Wilcox Timothy Wilcox Bert Williams Marian Williams Susan Williams William Williams Stephen Wilmoth Bettye Wilson Donald Wilson Janice Winsor Robert Wnukowski Alice Wong Ginger Wong Raymond Wong Winnie Wong Karen Woo Karen Woodbury Robert Woodland John Woods Mary Wright Katherine Wuertele Wai Yan Hok Yap Linda Yap Stephen Yarnell Janet Yasuhiro Fred Ybarra Rendow Yee Clifford Yokomizo Barbara Yost Kun Youn Geraldine Young Peggy Young Wei-Ling Yuen Jane Yuriko Ronald Zeiger Jacqueline Zeller Isabel Zlot Nancy Zuckerman William Yunt Haim Zaklad Pam Zekman John Zerolis Bernice Zuckerman Madeline Zysman Hing-Cheng Yuen Girls from Cunningham Hall joined a men ' s dorm for a hootenanny, held during orientations this fall. Deutsch Hall plays Santa Claus to Berkeley children. residence halls play a more active role on campus this year A typical scene on a rainy day. Cunningham and Ehrman Halls combined efforts on an entry in the House Decs Contest during Big Game Week. Kathleen Hicks President Helen Holt First Vice-President women ' s association FALL PRESIDENTS SPRING PRESIDENTS Board Officers Carol Llynn Wolfe Donna Rhodes Janetta Thompson Mary Hill Patricia Wong Leslie Solace Judy Millard Betsy Ehm Martha Ward First Vice-President Marsa deBenedictis Priscilla Soos Margaret Scott Myra Levitan Carol Arthur Claudia Cate Sharol Hendricks Mary Myers Louisa Lawton Patricia Muszynski Secretary Sarah Simmerman Patricia Takei Sally Hansen Pamela Engel Meredith Means Cala Chilton Etta Kwan Treasurer NOT PICTURED Margaret Inouye Constitutional C hairman Representatives-at-Large Rowena Carlson Audrey Tittle Jill Rogers Deanna Knopp Bayview Terrace Beaudelaire Club The Chalet Chateau de Longpre Cheney Hall Colonial Hall Cunningham Hall Davidson Hall Elizabeth Barrett Epworth Hall Freeborn Hall Howard Hall Hoyt Hall Ida Sproul Hall Joaquin Hall Mitchell Hall Peixotto Hall Richards-Oldenberg Hall Ritter Hall Sherman Hall Spens-Black Hall Stebbins Hall Stern Hall Ayako Mori Joyce Ward Kathy Keaton Carolyn de Hart Pat Canary Candy Ferkovich Judy Millard Maurine Rowe Lynn Hodgson Sue Adams Rowena Carlson Barbara Silver Joanne Mailman Janice Jones Sherry Hull Marilee Westberg Kathy Edwards Joyce Naftel Patricia Takei Monica Roth Martha Bardwell Melisse Walton Judy Stucka Board Chairmen Melissa Miller Scholarship Chairman Sarah Simmerman General Publicity Mei-Ling Bauer Special Publicity BEAUDALAIRE CLUB — Row One: Nancy Carpenter, Janene Pond, Lita Carino, R osemary Wong, Judy Coulter, Irene Sadayasu. Row Two: Joyce Ward, Jean Stewart, Olga Pshevloszky, Judi Decker, Donna Rhodes, Daleen Sly, Harriet McMillan, Carole Hodson. beaudalaire club 2347 Prospect Street CHALET — Row One: Barbara Bailey, Pamela Routh, Janet Hubble, Eyda the chalet Perez, Janetta Thompson. Row Two: Sue Long, Jeanne McCormack, Phyllis Lehr, Valerie Hogue, Cheryl Bauer, Cheryl Ossias, Ann Kramer, Marsha 2721 Haste Street Wener, Jeannie Baker, Bunny Bacon. SENIORS Wayne Behrend Donald Brownlee Wyman Chan Tom Clark Ray Geiser Michael Gragg Mike Hoffman Roger Johnson Dennis Kneff Michael Leite Jim McLane Bob Newman Denny Parker Bruce Ragsdale Robert Roundy Jim Salerno Richard Stafford Al Stangenberger Phil Strauss Nick Vironis Tom Weisenburger Dick Weitzenberg Joe Wierzbowski Wayne Wilson Kaye Yuen JUNIORS Mike Adams Don Adolphson Rick Barron Tom Barron bowies hall Campus Tom Beyersdorf Tom Donnelly John Fox Jan Kucera Clyde Oden Allen Potter John Cohenour Mike Duffy Armand Gambera Ken Mettler Roger Pelzner Mike Schutz Charles Cooke Lionel Engelman Bill Hoffman Steven Murphy John Petrovsky Marlin Wallach Jerry Wilson Obie Wright SOPHOMORES Russ Abel Gary Blank Jeff Blau Steve Book Jim Branson Art Chung Richard Corp Dan Given Ed Hedemann Richard Johnson Ernie Kazata Bob Leberman Bob Leger Jim Leonard Frank McGill Don Morey Steve Mueller Dave Newman Marty Nielson Darrell Smith Rick Snow Gary Snyder David Sonnikson Bruce Thompson David Westerman Doug Wied Euell Winton FRESHMEN John Baker Bill Bennett Joe Blum Bob Bookman Doug Brown Jim Cooperman Irl Cramer Dan Dawson Pete Del Tredici Jerry Eliaser Ken High Steve Johnson Larry Jones Richard Jow Bruce McAllaster Tom MacMullen Phil Miller Jim O ' Connor Charlie Palmer bowles hall Bill Pearson Martin Sanborn Jerry Stringer Wayne Peterson John Seevers Clif White Eric Phillips Roy Sinclair Randy Wilson SENIORS Karen Norberg JUNIORS Barbara Bachman Pamela Crookston Beatrice Gruss Charlene Nelson Sandy Wallace chateau de Iongpre 2545 Hillegass Avenue SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Lois Wilcox Virginia Engquist Judy Oringer Diana Amidon Marline Eggertsen Jean Raulin Rachel Yeung Linda Howard Penny Wollan Priscilla Coons Carolyn McNeill Alice Rudomino-Dusiacki Carol Morimoto Suzan Murdock Doris Okada Belina Rothman Linda Sanchez Pat Wong Dorie Wootton SOPHOMORES Donna Allen Diane Bennett Robin Bromberg cheney hall 2650 Durant Avenue SENIORS Carolyn Barr Claudia Byrum Sheri Cummings Nancy Matthews Carol Schalla JUNIORS Susan Berlin Kathy Butler Lynda Cagnacci Pat Canary Linda Ching Adrienne Duncan Lisa Easton Linda Endacott Donna Goldstein Lois Kawauchi Janice Carlson Carolyn Davis Vida Haskell Beth Hurlbut Betsey Ehm Alice Gerner Jeanette Inouye Elaine Joines Carolyn Jones Sandy Kirschen Beverly Kohashi Andrea Louie Mae Low Susan Macovsky Mary Jo Maeno Jill Morton Ann Mowrey Sandra Prince Elaine Reed Sandy Solomon Mary Stimmann Chris Sullinger Vivian Takacs Jan Van Atta Elena Venturini Patsy Yamada Carolyn Yip FRESHMEN Christine Armer Andi Berrin Barbara Blais Suzanne Campbell Karen Carash Dianna Chase Lynn Dalton Jo Ann Dreyfuss Mimi Drury Angela Fox Ginger Fukushima Carol Gordon Karen Gustayson Liz Johnson Marsha Kertz Alexandra Nicholau Judy Pallack Carolyn Kimura Claire Noonan Susan Pearce Pat McNulty Marilyn Olson Mickie Platzek Fran Meyerowitz Dorothy Osborn Susanna Reid cheney hall Nancy Rose Liz Shane Vivian Stadelman Theresa Ward Deanna Wong Phyllis York CLOYNE COURT — Row One: Ray Meister, Ken Yamada, Dan Yue, Harv Canter, Don Burnham, Tak Suzuki, Jerry Belden, Jerry Fong, Greg Frank Kurtz, Mike McGinley. Row Two: Mike Hunter, Marshall Ma, Warren Tausch, Ed Louie, Dana Louie, Craig Scruton, Bill Burdock, Jay Roggeveen, Bob Candy, Dennis Smith, Bill Sakaguchi. cloyne court 2600 Ridge Road CLOYNE COURT—Row One: Al Pletz, Marty Rex, Wayne Loomis, Dimitry Holl, Dave Lawsky, Ed Robey, Rick Spector. Row Two: Andy Smith, John Stewart, Jim Reis, Dennis McBride, Jim King, Guido Reinhard, Roy Ladd. Row Three: Jim Sease, Mike Crose, Stan Dendinger, Sean Donahoe, Steve Thomas, Jim Hester, Walt Crawford. cunningham hall 2650 Haste Street FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Row One: Barbara Zapiro, Sue Knopow, Cheryl Tomlinson, Karen Tanaka, Mary Wong, Joanna Tong, Olga Kahnoff. Row Two: Georgia Martenyi, Cathleen Doran, Heath Massey, Jonelle Anderson, Jackie Rosenberg, Roberta Bowman, Sue Gershenson, Jackie Swartz, Sherry McHenry, Dixie Puntigam. Row Three: Maggi Billington, Carolyn Long, Elena Bock, Judy Finch, Nancy Walsh, Tobie Daniel, Rosalind Zapf. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Row One: Brenda Tisner, Terri Kline, Myra Emanuel, Bobbi Thalen, Janice Gully, Jenny Modell, Janet Forney, Judy Green. Row Two: Susan Powers, Brenda Scott, Sharon Glenn, Karin Elliott, Lynn Bailess, Chris Mullen, Catheryn Long, Jeanne Ma, Marilyn Goodman. Row Three: Anne Mathis, Sonja Firing, Sunni Millett, Yasuko Ikuta, Jo Ann Kesselman, Marie Prahser. FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Row One: Paula Zacher, Judy Millard, Judy Morthland, Leslie Howell, Leta Bakke, Celia Goldman, Jean Thompson, Zupnik, Chris DeVault. Row Two: Patricia Browning, Margaret Adams, Heidi Naiman, Paula Hillier, Arlene Stern, Barbi Seidler, Beth Little, Susan Toby, Sharon Flitterman, Margaret Inouye. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Row One: Lynn Freschl, Beverly Phoebe Biggle, Mary Martin, Ingrid Naef, Pat Park er, Ann Butler, Karen Clark, Leslie Brock. Row Two: Josy Gunther, Trish Cosgrove, Marilyn Crock, Donna Chenault, Jean Reid, Marilyn Jensen, Susan Thomson, Susan Hinkle, Sandra Stephenson. Row Three: Sue Lohman, Carol Bava, Kathy Alice Wantanabe, Carole Ann Doi, Sue Carney, Doreen Sandi Smith, Marlin Van Every, Gail Neuman, Mimi Harris, Marilyn Sagehorn. davidson hall 2650 Haste Street FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS—Row One: Margaret Wilson, Jo Lowther, Joanne Chow, Brabara Bender, Kay Kincaide, Eunice Young, Sherry Mayfield, Sandy Levinson, Fumiko Shimizu, Sue Hansen. Row Two: Patricia Aslanian, Marce Garcia, Valerie Hughes, Nancy Shaffer, Annette Moskovitz, Phyllis Barnes, Kristin Kraemer, Adene Lightner, Pamela Lee, Janice Kawai, Stephanie Tyau, Lois Alterman, Nancy Maizels. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Row One: Marianne Rino, Leslie Kawamoto, Anne Lovelace, Valerie Simmons, Cleo Myers. Row Two: Janet Markovitz, Nancy Mizokami, Keiko Asahara, Sharon Welch, Barbara Boyer, Nikki Nahmens, Judy Cherin, Jane Arata, Dianna Lucas, Jane Rutherford. Row Three: Lynn Jones, Judy Taylor, Connie Johnson, Diana Dolan, Ellen Proger, Carol Pedersen, Stephanie Felheim, Sandy Gutterman, Shirley Painter, Mary Wallonius, Pam Williams, Sheryl Stoecker, Rita Polo, Susannah Thompson. FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS—Row One: Farryl Suplin, Janet Robinsen, Jenny Smith, Karen Mekjavich, Susie Adelman, Andi Stawisky. Row Two: Marty Ward, Diane Bass, Maurine Rowe, Jenni Lewman, Carol Hartman, Sue Conner, Nancy Davis, Marilyn River, Rose Miramon, Kemay Tsao, Kathy Clapp. Row Three: Adrienne Morales, Jo Matthews, Carol Henry, Susie Harris, Judy Lowey, Jeanette Applegate, Erica Heisler, Coral Citron, Kim Gottlieb, Arlene Okamoto, Linda Steinberg. Row Four: Sandy Turk, Andora Clark, Ruth Marchick, Frizbee, Carla Nielsen, Helen Holt, Toni Vavrus, Janet Rindge, Sue Piper, Emilie Harris, Gina Strumwasser. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS—Row One: Denna Shen, Anne Michaels, Janet Dones, Elaine Kwecher, Wanita Magnelli, Betsy Buck, Wendy Hinric hs. Row Two: Suzanne Jones, Sharon Jagoda, Sharon Flynn, Susan Quimby, Katherine Leonard, Helene Urwitz, Lea Brown, Nita Micossi, Judy Gold, Marilyn Leask. Row Three: Janet Syphers, Veneta Furman, Rosette Girolami, Karen Kepple, Sylvia Rogers, Sue Sherman, Elaine Howell, Nicole Besin, Gail Winger, Barbara Bennett, Ellen Winston, Kristin Carnohan, Sandra Houston, Molly Webster, Betty Cumming, Barbara Minneti, Barbara MacDonald. 2650 Durant Avenue GRADUATES Craig Berkman Burke Townsend SENIORS Steve Becker Jerry Franklin deutsch hall Morris Hurley Sid Israels Robert Kelley Stephen Kroft Donald Litvak Kent Olsen Juris Ozols Jack Pearce Charles Powell Robert Shultz Thomas Stratton Jr. Robert Sullivan Leigh Townsend Robert Tusquellas Willis Webb Ronald Weiss JUNIORS Chuck Carniglia Dave Dwight John East William Foster Ron Gould Gene Knoefler Mike McGinnis Bill Nachbaur Dietger Schmidt Douglas Stafford Jr. Rhodes Trussell Harry Yoshikawa SOPHOMORES Pat Bradley Douglas Brown Kenneth Cole Tuck Coop Robert Cross Paul Dalmas Barney Flanagan Bob Homsy William Maddaus Christopher Snyde Wakefield Taylor Bruce Tichinin John Weinman FRESHMEN Harvey Barr III Leonard Coates Robert Coit Carlos Espana Wilbur Fleck Art Golden Dennis Haberkamp Peter Haynes William Hays Jim Laub Tom Nachbaur Stephen Sander Joe Towers Stephen White HEAD RESIDENT Mrs. File Thomas Crawford ehrman hall 2650 Haste Street FIRST AND SECOND FLOOR—Row One: Evan Lipstein, Bill Martin Steve Aronoff, Ross Beirne, John Cleek, Stan Yoshida. Row Two: Ray Lim, Dick Stewart, Mike Bautista, Jim Kissinger, Tim Washburn, John Barta, Gerold von Pahlen-Fed oroff, Thomas Strangman, Dave Ferguson, Peter Greenstein, Bill Carey, Howard Spitzer. Row Three: Jerry Daniels, Jim Molzahn, Bob McKoon, Michael Barnes, Charles Doggett, Gerald Kataoka, Vern Sorenson, Richard Norton, Gene Patterson, Tom Jones, Jim Steinhart, Lee Garson, Robert Arnberg, Jerry Mill, John Winfrey. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Row One: Tom Mirise, Donald Dave Loeb, Barry Bernstein, Devone Smith, Kevin Snow, Ross Millie. Row Two: George Sanders, Lawrence Poon, Steven Weeks, Cweg Morton, Rich Cufforth, Michael Buettner, Robert Cusimano. FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Row One: Ron Bled, Donald Estreich, Robert May, Jerry Dorrance, Ed Beckwith, Richard Escobedo, Rick Stoddard, Ross Swing. Row Two: Ron Tribbett, Randall Heap, Richard Hertz, Roger Shafer, Richard Dunning, Bob Reuter, John Thomas, Jim Lissner. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Row One: Mark Matthews, Ted Isbelle, Jeff Custer, Richard Goldberg, Robert Doud, Paul McDermott, Art Hull, Steve Jacobs, Gary Geiger, Sanford Ernest Nagata. Row Two: Cliff Meneken, Tom Hodder, Les Kishler, Dave Lang, Jerry Louis Broline, John Dickinson. Row Three: Bob Dahl, Carl Sherrill, Bruce Hiddleson, Roger Steiner, Yasuo Nakayama, Rich Sterner, Tim Sauer, Robert Bernard, George Pezet. elizabeth Barrett 2438 Warring Street SENIORS Ann Beritzhoff Linnell Lack Belinda Shigley Lynn Colberg Barbara DiGiorgio Shirley Packard Nancy Stocker L inda Platte Lynn Hodgson Judith Richter Nancy Tyson Dinah Rabwin Joanne Kirby Judy Sherman Deborah Vogt JUNIORS Susan Baggerly SOPHOMORES Jennifer Cook Carol Grizzle Lynne Harris Sue Linville Donna Lively Sheila McCusker Jill Rodgers Emily Sommer FRESHMEN Lynn Batchelder Marcia Graham Nancy Norris Muffy Taylor Gloria Heidrick Tomoko Inadomi Melissa Knapp Rebecca Lange Mary Loo SENIORS Louisa Lawton Lucy Massimiani Aiko Ota Ruta Pavulina Judith Polansky Lynn Rhodes Diane Wallace JUNIORS Suzanne Adams Joan Danielson Pamela Eversole Aileen Gray Barbara Harrow Jo Ann Overton Lynnae Richter SOPHOMORES Ruth Erickson Barbara Hammond Mary Sasich FRESHMEN Karen Friedman Kathy Leonard Linda Marron Susan Phelan Elena Rodriguez Livia Sakamoto Barbara Sirvis epworth hall 2521 Channing Way SENIORS Stella Bentley Anne Bethel Cheska Callow Paula Elshire Kathleen Fitch Katherine Kofford Andriette Lommel Gloria Lum La Vella Matye Patricia Miyamoto Janet Olson Carolyn Schenone Margaret Scott JUNIORS Bonnie Campbell Lynnda Carlsen Diane D ' Aoust Janet Feldman Nancy McDonnel Sharon Mock Susan Schireson Carlene Tropper Gigi Vasilevich SOPHOMORES Karen Campbell Susan Davis freeborn hall 2650 Haste Street Andrea Des Lauriers Lauren Grud Ruth Hannon Jo Ann Levine Eve McDaniel Brooke Patterson Sandra Schaeffer Eugenie Stanton Wendy Stark Elaine Tu Roberta Waitz FRESHMEN Pat Brautigam Elizabeth Epstein Merri-Jo Levinger Dianne Petrich SENIORS Otto Furuta Ken Iwata Takeshi Kagawa Leslie Niitani Michio Yamaguchi JUNIORS Robert Fukushima Fred Hirai Michael Ito John Tomita Arthur Tsuchiya Gerald Uyeda Gerald Yamada euclid hall 1777 Euclid Avenue SOPHOMORES Paul Allan Fujita Ronald Kihara Kenneth Kubota Hideki Oka Thomas Saito Gary Utsumi Gregory Yamaguchi FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Row One: James McCabe, Michael Dove, Ronald Oliveria, Leslie Young, Wesley Young, James Forakis, Keith Cams, Lawrence Fisher, Bruce Weinsoft, Paul Singer. Row Two: Ronald Robertson, Wesley Kenneth Wagy, Gary Peasley, William Lambert, Alan Goggins, Joel Collister, Karl Lang, James Jackson, Alan Routhier. Row Three: Roland Thom, Bryce Anderson, Gary Austin, Stephen Thewlis, Jeffrey Forister, Michael Oppido, Larry Ramsey, Robert Schor, Byron Ziman, Jack Rowlins. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS — Row One: Kikuo Kishore, Terry Martin, George Valentine, Mark Duino, Peter Rubenstein, Stuart Wein, Don Bertuzzi, Pete Beren. Row Two: James Rose, Thomas Thompson, Norman Abramson, Richard Gutman, Richard Van Dorn, Robert Stanley. Row Three: Michael Johnson, Dennis Seguine, Robert Fisher, Robert Schultz, Robert Keminawa, Steven Drucker, Edward Miller. FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Row One: Jonathan Udell, Gerald deSegur, Dwight Freund, James Lee, James Fonda, Vali Siadat, Craig Messenger, Edward Row Two: George Sutorik, Gary Meneghin, Dennis Ewell, Donald Wood, William Andriolia, James Corenman, William Berrington, James Jarvis, Lester Briney, Richard Horonjeff. Row Three: Larry Norris, Joe Richards, Freman Harris, Robert Shiurba, Houshang Rafinia. hall 2650 Haste Street SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Row One: Bruce Richter, Craig Currier, Warren Westrup, David Rubardt, Harry Sagara, Michael Thompson, Jack Small. Row Two: Robert Brown, Richard Michael Posehn, Smang-Teh Shih, Harlan Durgin. Row Three: Stephen Lazarus, Douglas Southworth, John Ozanich, Jordan Bloom, Terence Goodbody, Don Boortz. ida sproul hall 2400 Durant Avenue GRADUATE RESIDENT Harriet Johnson SENIORS Christine Cecil Po-Tong Chung Bonnie Field Linda Hansen Marilyn Hooper Lynn Leibensperger Diane Messinger Penny Roosa Nadine Schindell Hannah Schwartz Marianne Silva Grace Sturm Patricia Taylor Fran Territo Amy Tsuji Tina Zee JUNIORS Catherine Arreguy Nancy Baxter Susan Jamart Carol McKinney Yarmila Prec Kathleen Roe Beverly Taylor Milly Whitney SOPHOMORES Janice Berg Florence Berghuis Sally Borys Lynda Brothers Lilla Buck Carole Ferrell Jill Haile Mary Heaton Penny Howe Penny lyama Karen Kruse Rosa Lucas Sallie Odom Judith Prichard Kathy Wade Judy Zimring FRESHMEN Rae Albert Judy Coffman Mary Hess Kenna Soulis Aili Sumeri SENIORS Gay Johnston JUNIORS Gail Francis Myra Levitan SOPHOMORES Veronica Asime Lynne McCullough Janet Rossi Elizabeth Seltzer Barbara Silver Linda Stone Barbara Zipser FRESHMEN Ellen Back Terry Batt Lynn Blumenthal Susan Byrne howard hall 2330 Warring Street Elaine Hawkins Helen Henriane Barbara Kreger Linda Orwitz Marie Rossi Row One: Lisa Gerrard, Sharol Hendricks, Judith Hull, Judy Kilmartin, Katie Hawley, Yvonne Mathiew, Jane Cox. Row Two: Judy Fitzpatrick, Robin Altree, Cami Rosati, Sherry Hull, Judy Whitely, Ellen Riese. Row Three: Joan Linderfelt, Pam Jensen, Gretchen Zane, Nancy Switzer, Chris Chase, Zette Carol Tantau, Nancy David, Kathy Dentis. Row Four: Ruth Welles, Cecily Green. joaquin hall 2430 Piedmont Avenue HEAD RESIDENT Mrs. Daniel Trent SENIORS Brian Braff Dennis Carnes Norman Chang David Chapman Steven Cooper William Fuller Pat Healy Ken Hope George Irving Edward Lamperti Michael Margoles James O ' Connell Jerald TantiIlo David Wineland Don Fulton Tom Lewis George Mowry Edward Montenegro Michael Reuter George Weathersby JUNIORS Saeed Ghotbi Philip Litts Michael Murakami Nagamiki Nishikawa Glen Shirk Tom Weisman Roger Anderman Steven Gotanda Wayne Miller Larry Pettinger Gene Deal Rodney Robinson Michael Vallens Kirby Fong Roger Lee Robert Sakai FRESHMEN Steve Crenshaw Jan Karowsky Robert Sanders John Wickland Lawrence Fong Robert Leonardi John Saunders Howard Abbott Harvey Edmonds Martin Mulhern Jervy Smith Stuart Horance Stephen Long Art Shartsis Seth Alpert David Endicott Thomas Pimentel Dennis Solomon Steve Jenkins Rod Merl Paul Skrzypczynski Peter Bogle Robert Helms Mike Robinson Daniel Tam Edward Carl Randell Kopp John Reznor Clif Taylor Bob Camarena Frank Isola Jeffrey Saltzman Peter Conner SOPHOMORES Charles Conlin Richard Flier norton hall 2400 Durant Avenue SENIORS Kathryn Edwards Barbara Finley Joyce Fong JUNIORS Susan Brown Mary Curtis Judith Hersh Joan Jamison Patricia Muzzynski Linda Phillips Evelyne Tam Betsy Wilson SOPHOMORES Diane Borad Barbara Hannigan Linda Leland Rosemary Loughman Melissa Miller Mary Myers Linda Pierce Nancy Roberts Kristen Wick FRESHMEN Risa Brody Cheryl Carle Nicki Cash Sharon Clifford Karen Edlefsen Diana Ice Janet Scharf Laurel Beisner mitchell - peixotto halls 2939 Dwight Way SENIORS Byron Brown Lawrence Cooper Richard Eisner Michael Jack Donald Kaye William Keehn James Leonard James Lieb Charles Nelson David Rebelo Michael Silvertone Richard Smith David Sweeney S tefen Swierkowski James Wurschmidt JUNIORS Herbert Arden Jr. Alan Carey Peter Goodman Dan Griset Roger Gross putnam hall Steven Harrison James Lucke Gerry Matsumoto Gerald Moynier Kenneth Mullen SOPHOMORES Allan Gold Roderick Hayslett Fred Hirshburg Stuart Leibsohn Harry Nichandros Richard Roth FRESHMEN Donald Parce Michael Thurlow Louis Lim Wellman 2650 Durant Avenue SENIORS Larry Blumberg Lawrence Braden James Creager Frederick Franzen William Hartmann John Hewson Roland Lynn Don Mahr Clark Maloney William Morton James Prendergast Clifton Rhodes Harvey Samuels Robert Schwartz Concepcion William Dorris Paul Enseki Parviz Meraj Leroy Phillips Peter Reali Raymond Sattler Randolph Tremper priestley hall 2400 Durant Avenue Donald Sherman Donald Sudnikoff Richard Trevors Richard Winger James Wolfe Darryl Yagi JUNIORS Jeffrey Baechler Donald Tretheway SOPHOMORES Harry Ako Norman Bauer Robert Chan Larrry Cornelius John DeBell Robert Peterson David Ross Jeffrey Sacks Jim Swedlow Bruce Taylor James Tess Sonny Tsuboi Tommy Umeda Eric Woods FRESHMEN James Carragher Stuart Crymes Joe Edelheit Alexander Engleman Les Klinger Fritz Lichty Anders Maxwell Alan Miller Roger Owens Gregory Page Donald Squires Rod Steifvater Robert Vaughn Thomas Vortmann Richard Weber richards-oldenberg hall 2939 Dwight Way Anne Harding Joyce Naftel Lore Spangler Jane Watson FRESHMEN Jean Erbland Diane Friedman Frances Getek Gail Inouye Katherine Kohl Kathleen Lafuze Martha Masterson Caroline Opocensky SENIORS Judith Amdur JUNIORS Sarah Simmerman SOPHOMORES Janice Beals Eileen Benko Anita Hall ridge house GRADUATES SENIORS Ron Wesley Ben Everett Jalal Banki Richard Oliver Greg Ptitson Jay Ruzak JUNIORS Eric Ebert Dennis Mires Price Stiffler George Chumbley Harold Olson A. Richard Pullen John Sullivan Paul Abdallah Charles Julien Philip Mueller 2420 Ridge Road Robert Reynolds Randy York Robert Murray Richard Strangio SOPHOMORES Earl Rodner Lawrence Tokar Richard Francoz FRESHMEN Philip Warde Richard Lira Kenneth Haliburton James Mellein Craig Johnston SENIORS Mimi Yat Ming Chan Jane Hanson Judy Lockwood Myung He Son Fanny Tai Patty Takei JUNIORS Katherine Dang Diane Griffiths Mary Keverline Margaret Pierce Carol Suzuki Janet Tobin Jane Yoshida SOPHOMORES Susanna Brower Gudrun Henderson FRESHMEN Ruth Krusa Judy Allyn Ann Mayers Susan Bruce Nancy Nichols Patricia Horikoshi Carol Olney Colette Mercier Sally Shideler ritter hall 2422 Prospect Street SENIORS Marilyn Bagwell Betty Nelson Mary Rath Joan Smith Sharon Smith Rosemarie Yule JUNIORS Karen Hagopian Marcia Katz spens-black hall 2400 Durant Avenue SOPHOMORES Gail Boreman Linda Chasteen Laurie Constantine Lora Epstein Bernadette Merlo Donna Packer R. Ileana Raynal Yolanda Redfud Victoria Regan Bev Sadler Carol Weed Marlene Weinstein FRESHMEN Barbara Brooks Barbara Corlett Sue Edwards Cheryl Greider Judy Harris Ellen McGinty Danna Rhodes Diane Robanske Trudi Sanders FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Row One: Mascot, Judy Axelrod, John Boss. Row Two: Brent Neel, Al Graf, Gerald Burke, Triston Rosenberger, Terry Yainada, Ron Inouye. THIRD FLOOR — Row One: Ronald Jerry Boone. Row Two: George Rich Nilan, Larry Kenney, Gregory Smith, Jose Silveira. Row Three: Tom Alan French, Ken Colstad, Bill Len Rosenberg, Robert Fisher. FOURTH FLOOR — Row One: Jon Herbert, Alan Dashen, Ken Everett, Gary Jacobs. Row Two: Jeff Shaw, Ted Hewitt, Tom Lutz. smyth hall 2939 Dwight Way FIFTH FLOOR — Row One: Eric Maa, Kent Opheim, Kevin Rockwood. Row Two: Gary Kelson, Tim Packwood, Ron Mei. SIXTH FLOOR — Row One: F. Queeq, Charlie B. Kegg, Ralph Kiner. Row Two: Eric Salin, Steve Rowland, Howard Riepe, J. Bradford Davis, Richard A. Raznikov, Timothy Ingham, David C. Foote. Row Three: Terry Hoffman, Ted Tanalski, Paul Boothe, Jerry Toman, Ken Ritchie, Ron Fujii, Jim Schneider. SENIORS Lenore Abramson Judy Barnett Germaine Briggs Cala Chilton Joan Chudnoff Nancy Davis Sue Fick Anne Ackerman Maureen Bocian Nancy Burpee Linda Christie Carol Cleone Melissa Eisner Ann Greenwood stern hall Campus Lois Gumz Carla Harden Carol Harmon Caren Harris Barbara Schwartz Marilyn Talken Joan Zukin JUNIORS Mei-Ling Bauer Gloria Borra Judith Dowd Patricia Easley Ruth Epstein Judith Hamermesh Patricia Harvey Pat McCabe Catherine Skinner Carol Weber SOPHOMORES Sandra Blumberg Susan Bury Mary Davidson Maria DeMarco Irene Hiyama Barbara Kriz Marian Lones Janet Mason Elizabeth Murphy Robiny Ritchey Carol Salerno Suzanne Urwitz Nichole Wilson FRESHMEN Lynne Badgley Eugena Blythe Marilyn Briggs Lindsay Brown Gloria Carlson Jan Dougherty Ruth Garbell Jane Grossman Ellie Levy Marsha Loechler Kathy McGinley Carol Miller Susan Moran Margaret Nelson Anne Pearce Denise Pryal stern hall Carol Relat Fran Saude Carol Wright SENIORS Stan Carson William Dal Porto Donald Dean Lawrence Hinman Alden Spafford JUNIORS David Johnson Andy Magid Carl Pippen John Upton SOPHOMORES Douglas Abbott Richard George Norman Howard Stanley Keil Don Milmore Douglas Pile Michael Ricci Martin Sobelman FRESHMEN Paul Durando tellefsen hall 2421 Prospect Street Richard Estes Kurt Junge Frank Kotlier Richard Salzman Robert Satterford James Smith Paul Sommers Dan Williams Each year sororities compete with other living groups at the Spring Sing. Zeta Tau Alpha won the Sweepstakes trophy in 1964, Life is never dull in a sorority at Cal. What better way to wake up than with a pie in the face? During Rush this fall, Panhellenic Council kindly made the rounds, singing the rushees to sleep—at 3:00 a.m. in the morning! sorority members combine an active campus and social life with community service Children from the California School for the Deaf are entertained at the Alpha Gamma Delta sorority house. Girls from this house volunteer their services at the School and work with the children at least once a week. greek week features push–cart races Vickie Backeberg, a senior in Alpha Delta Pi, reigned as Greek Week Queen of 1964. She was crowned at the Interfraternity Ball held in San Francisco as the final event of Greek Week. This activity is sponsored each year by IFC and Panhellenic, and runs for one week during the spring semester. The greatest attraction to campus students is the pushcart races, entered by fraternities for the singles, and jointly with sororities for the doubles. The students participating work for weeks building their fast moving autos, and then spend many hours finding the best driving combination of speed and light weight. This year ' s winner was Delta Sigma Phi fraternity who also sponsored Vickie in the Greek Week Queen contest. Other activities during Greek Week include displays in the Student Union and open houses to acquaint the campus with the Greek system. Vickie Backeberg Week Queen The crowd cheers as two push-carts streak in for a photo finish. A popular event during Greek Week is the parade of floats. Shown with their masterpiece are members of Gamma Phi Beta and Alpha Sigma Phi. Claudia Miller Junior Panhellenic Advisor panhellenic strengthens bonds Cathy Arnoldy Activities Chairman between sororities BOARD OFFICERS Nancy Stair Scholarship Chairman Rosemary Lucier Manly Allen Linda Baker Panhellenic President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Joanne Harbour Judicial Chairman Carol Childs ASUC Sorority Representative SORORITY PRESIDENT DELEGATE Alpha Chi Omega Jean Ackerman Lana Kravetsky Alpha Delta Pi Vickie Backeberg Sally Porter Alpha Epsilon Phi Karen Davis Betsy Levin Alpha Gamma Delta Joyce Bailey Janice Horn Alpha Omicron Pi Kim Brubaker Sue Miles Alpha Phi Brooke Skinner Millie Clute Alpha Xi Delta Vanna Ketterman Jackie Cuyler Chi Omega Patricia Doyle Jana Hachman Delta Delta Delta Marilyn Hughs Susan Heyler Delta Gamma Andrea Dorn Bonny Stewart Delta Phi Epsilon Linda Bloch Brooke Hyland Delta Zeta Mary Packard Dottie Bryson Gamma Phi Beta Sally Hall Trixie Farrar Kappa Alpha Theta Roseanne Hastings Lula Veteto Kappa Delta Mary Caye Brown Doris Porch Kappa Kappa Gamma Ann Curran Marcia Green Phi Mu Claudia Avitabile Rheta Christensen Phi Sigma Sigma Gail Leiter Marilyn Kading Pi Beta Phi Paula Daly Ann French Sigma Kappa Susan Scheble Robin McConahy Zeta Tau Alpha Mary Ann Allen Eileen Costales BOARD CHAIRMEN PANHELLENIC GIRL OF THE YEAR Patti Chapman Carolyn Iusi Gail Kocher Lana Kravetsky Sally Griffin Annalee Hargreaves Carol Hempel 2313 Warring Street FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Jean Ackerman Carole Bender Karen Boeger Jane Crocker Robin Dunn Jan Grieve chi omega Nicole Lavie Joan Livingston Rosemary Lucier Ann Malmberg Lorita Stringari Linda Van Tonningen Nancy Wells JUNIORS Carole Adamowicz Diane Derré Sally Fry Margaret Hardy Karen Hughes Jeanette Johnson Linda Lindsay Barbara Moran Bev Schaupp Joan Schminke Holly Sims Val St. John Diana Wells SOPHOMORES Ruth Brennen Janet Cheney Liz Dalrymple Andrea Davidson Cathy Erigero Kathie Forster Ann Goodman Lynn Hilgendo rf Val Kravetsky Sherry Lawyer Carolyn Lockie Nancy Milne Kay Reiersgord Beverly Russell Tonya Whelan FRESHMAN Nancy Davis Elisabeth Jane Harris Parki Hoeschler Gabi Leonhard Pat Mastick A X Ω Chris Miller Jerri Morris Carole Morrow Stephanie Smith Jane Turner Denise Wild A Δ π Dana Sutton Dianne Upton Cathy Walker SOPHOMORES Mimsie Bottorf Sandra Brooks Judy Coy FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS alpha delta pi 2400 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Vicki Backeberg Sally Beougher Annette Frost Marsha McPhate Carole Miale Diane Smith Janet Stevens Emily Teale JUNIORS Nancy Barnecut Liz Bishop Glennis Campbell Sue Carlsen Sheila Ann Detoy Stephanie Hamlin Diane Hill Tina Kollias Martha Gail McEwen Flip McNab Linda Michelotti Nan Palmer Sally Porter Linda Schacht Linda Sears Carol Smith A Δ π Marjorie Dill Louise Elliot Carol Foudy Susan Ham Maureen James Genie Melone Judy Judy Donna Mary Lou Swift Annamarie Talunas Sharon Waggoner Marguerite Wilford FRESHMAN Sharon Boles Suzanne Brubaker Susan Hagen Bette Heuler Darcy Kelly Janet Joan Carol Linda Louise Small A E Φ alpha epsilon phi 2401 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Jacqueline Benesch Brenda Brown Marsha Chudacoff Joan Abramson Karen Davis Rayna Davis Terry Gillman Lynda Kliegman Susan Kollman Robin Kragen Michael Lehman Ina Levin Judy Ludwig Sharon Marks Anne Rosenwald Joanne Rothenberg Carolyn Scherman Ronni Schnider Marilyn Shain Sheila Smith Jo Weiss JUNIORS Jenny Bernstein Marti Blumberg Sandi Cooper Joanne Corday Randie Feldman Liz Freund Wendie Glassman Helen Goodman Louise Goodman Lori Jacobs Jacquelyn Key Miriam Lehman Betsy Levin Joyce Liberman Joan Molter Susan Meyers Lynne Monkarsh Valerie Reisman Lynne Schwartz Laurie Simon Marilyn Stein Peggi Sturm Linda Wittenberg SOPHOMORES Judy Allen Bobbi Berg Ann Bettelheim Elinor Blake Bonnie Blumenfeld Gloria Brown Joan Chapman Carol Feinfeld Toni Feldmar Nancy Feldstein Anya Gendler Ellen Grodzinsky Nancy Hersh Marsha Janger Bette Liberman Jan Litman Pepper Salter Jill Schlesinger Judith Schwartz Hedi Shiman Jinni Sokol Carla Stone Linda Stone Jill Sugarman Patti Tyre Donna Wright Nancy Yerman Dutch Zuckerman Regina Zwerling A Г alpha gamma delta SENIORS Joyce Bailey Leslie Bennett 2424 Warring Street FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1904 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 NINETY-THREE CHAPTERS Liz Brady Mary Cooke Pat Ferris Marty Hogan Cathy Holmes Jan Horn Vila Mezulis Suzanne Ryan Chris Vetter JUNIORS Linda Brigham Barbara Byrn Kathy Cairns Dorothy Carter Sylvia Clay Janet Dahlberg Diane Davidson Carolyn Ferris Jaynee Hammell Joan Hubbard Mary Liz Hufnagel Leanne McWaters Pam Michel Gerda Packard Sue Portello Barbi Roberts Darlene Stevens Lori Rolnick Claudette Velarde Tommie Rosenberg Anita Von Flue A Г Δ JUNIORS Gail Wilson SOPHOMORES Edith Chamberlain Katrinka Heilbron Reggie Janes Marna Kellner Maggie Milstead Kit Mitchell Diane Ridolfi Dotti Russell Dawn Urbais Dottie Callow Pam Deats Mary Ferrell Kasee Nesbitt Jean Schoales Cindy Swanson Sherry Swanson Bonnie Wallace Mary Chesbro Carolyn Dowd Sharon Lane Carol Noji Kathy Steel Lois Von Flue Carole Tait FRESHMEN Kathy Cochran Leigh Evans Linda Lundgren Patsy Robbins Kathy Stone Karen White Sylvia Brown A O π alpha omicron pi 2311 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SEVENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Kim Brubaker Elaine Camisa Emilie Codoner Susan Crowder Sue Debely JoAnn Hallberg Karen Haugen Marcy McGowan Roxanne Mankin Sue Miles Kay Modaff Sue Mondon Nancy Stair JUNIORS Kathy Boyl Loralee Campbell Bonnie Cancienne Mary Lynn Dick Pat Hamilton Elaine Haritos Ayris Hatton JUNIORS Traude Kriz Lynda Kungel Pat Lathrop Kitty Mika Sue Pezzaglia Barbara Randall Ann Ruud Diane Schroder SOPHOMORES Penny Almquist Sheri Fame Penny Gentilly Corinne Groper Evan Harris Susan McShirley Lynn Minor Gloria Moore Kathy Nolan Barbara Peppard Judie Reginelli Nancy Selber Jodie Siebe Teddi Skipitares Cathy Watson Jo Ann Wilberding FRESHMEN Becky Butler Jeanne Butler Ann Ferguson Cindy Graham Gail Hamilton June Hargrove Mary Ann McLean alpha phi 2830 Bancroft Steps FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Jacquie Ames Millie Clute Constance Cutter Georgiana Eagen Mimi Edmonds Judy Graziani Sandy Kierulff Lucia Lagomarsino Joan Saxe Brooke Skinner Robin Smith Jane Tetley SENIORS Kathy Abbey JUNIORS Christy Allen Joyce Bartlett Mimi Blower Patti Charlton Sandy Hall Heidi Johnson Ann Kennedy Jean McCarthy Karen Parshall Heidi Schmitz Kathy Scott Hank Wharton SOPHOMORES Mickey Bent Nancy Binger Linda Brady Casey Carlson Carolyn Clark Mary Cooper Patsy Donoghue Page Fisher Val Francis Barbara Haag Margie Livingston Marcia Manson Jeannie O ' Connor Pam Owings Noie Powell Jen Shaw Margaret Sisson Julie Totten Debbie Widmer FRESHMEN Josselyn Ames Julie Basch Nancy Boldemann Barbara Bonner Kathy Boudett Lynn Burrows Frankie Chamberlain Denise Domergue Marty Heath Marty Knecht Cindy Martin Sally Mitchell Reenie Mugler Nancy Norton Chris Phillips Lisel Schwarzenbach Ann Simonson Anna B. Smith Laurie Spaulding Gail Tuck Paige Whittell alpha xi delta 2833 Bancroft Steps FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Joan Blanchard Margaret Carlson Jacqueline Cuyler Pam Glines Leslie Jones Vanna Ketterman Wilma Peterson Cheryl Pugh JUNIORS Kathy Axhelm Linda Beber Marilyn Blanchard Sharon Cropsey Barbara Ewing Susan Fahs Emily Stoebe Gail Van Winkle Lovell Welsh Jane Wilson A Ξ Δ JUNIORS Sue Jones Toni Rommel Barbara Tozi Cindy Wilkenson SOPHOMORES Chris Auburn Patricia Brother Betsy Cohen Pat Cross Nancy Gherlone Trish Glines Ginny Harrell Sue Mortensen Sandy Sarvas Sandy Springs Sharon Ward FRESHMEN Bonnie Beldon Faye Brown Susan Cannata Anita Hanna Judy Maes Toni Nolan Kris Pfaffinger Judy Shane Susan West chi omega 2421 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS Judy Booth Ann Clapp Trish Doyle Jana Hachman Jane Humphreys Jeanne Nolan Leah Pedersen Nancy Ross Mary Ann Stone Mary Elizabeth Terry JUNIORS Marilyn Ageno Linda Booth Linda Jo Brown Karen Carjola Chris Darrow SENIORS Laraine Axelson Betsy Bidart JUNIORS Peggy Donati Jan Ebert Alice Frank Charisse Kellogg Pat Kelly Pam Kitto Mary Beth Mulvey Lindsay Parker Cheri Peterson Claire Recsei Carolyn Richard Jean Rodgers Hazel Schroeter Sue Steel Jan Zealear SOPHOMORES Mary Jane Burns Joan Chapel Linda Davis Marilyn Edwards Stevie Ellis Jeanne Fralic Kathy Gant Lora Getchel Lois Graves Sue Haas Lyn Kanerva Paula Kokores Lynne Lloyd Cheryl May Corliss Miller Carol More Liz Pierson Diana Powers Sandy Sayre Sue Stark Cathy Theobald Kathy Urner Susan Wolff Barbara Wright FRESHMEN Jane Dickel Alfreda Fry Cathy Howe Susanna Jack Julia McMeans Cathy Mulvey Claudia Sadler Barbara Schei Susanna Sciutto Wendy Stone Leslie Urch delta delta delta 2300 Warring Street FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Jane Dorgeloh Judy Freeman Marilyn Hughes Sheila Kinnear Gwaine Nuest Allison Oakley Sue Ohlson Diane Piskulic Sue Porter Pam Preuss Sue Smith Cherri White Sue Wills JUNIORS Josselyn Boothby Gail Buchanan Betty Douds Joan Eggleton Jaci Harden Jody Hart Mary Hildreth Martha Hunter Jill Jenkinson Heidi Ledford Maureen Mann Kris Mundall Diana Rossetti Mercedes Urrea Carolyn Woolworth Jane York SOPHOMORES Paula Andre Wendy Barnes Kathy Black Janis Cannon Danielle De Roo Cindy Martin Mary Michael Kathy Miller Barbara Mary Ann Rusy Kathy Ryan Donna Soehrens Cherie Splan Lani Thomson Wendy Tyler Jill Varney Weir FRESHMEN Sue Barr Alison Clark Paula Freschi Stefan Harvey Deeanne Madden Jan Martin Maisie McCarty Carolyn Muellerschoen Wendy Strobel delta gamma 2710 Channing Way FOUNDED AT LEWIS INSTITUTE, 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1907 NINETY CHAPTERS Ginny Baldwin Sue Bradford Jocelyn Cady Sharon Carlson Susan Carlson Jody Cavanaugh Anne Costello Margie Coverley Di Dexter Andi Dorn Sue Farley Robin Gray Sue Hendricks Sue Rolapp Bonnie Stewart Julie Young JUNIORS Irene Agee Margi Ashe Teppie Brown Jan Culver Pat Dolan SENIORS Shirley Abney Jean Kalbach Peg Koerner Midge Lindsay Barb Moor Patti Patterson Beth Prentice Charlene Preszler Jean Raaf Linda Shuck Kathy Snow Nancy Wheeler Lynne Wisdom SOPHOMORES Mary Bevan Karen Colyear Linda Cyrog April Drew Chris Felix Lani Fowler Susan Gary Chris Hutchison Karen Iverson Marty Kelso Joan Leathers Ellie McAdam Leslie Marble Sally Mills Alice Movius Sydney Pamphilon Kathy Parker Patty Renwick FRESHMEN Tisha Baldwin Carol Barker Jane Beeson Lin Bonsall Bette Borden Cam Corlett Janet Farley Ruta Hagmann Ann Haney Marilyn Howe Carol Kizziah Erin Lyon Janet Mauel Diane Olbright Robin Reynolds Heidi Schmidt Debbie Schnell Cindy Smith delta phi epsilon 2455 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON SQUARE COLLEGE, 1917 DELTA ZETA ESTABLISHED 1947 TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Bonnie Gearsh Eileen Jacobs Roberta Shuchat JUNIORS Patti Camras Janet Cowen Barbara Feinstein Margie Felmus Irene Fishman Ronnie Fishman Carol Geller Diane Goldberg Brooke Hyland Laury Jaspovice Julianne Kruger Beverly Kushnick Rona Landy Susan Madfes Marcia Menkin Claudia Miller Sharon Miller Patricia Paley Kandy Riave Ellen Schlachter Diane Wolf Sharon Wulfstat SOPHOMORES Linda Abrams Renee Ackerman Marilynn Aiches Roberta Barnes Susan Daniel Linda Felsenthal Janet Gross Judith Hassen Diana Miller Linda Nash FRESHMEN Bonnie Blum Ellen Freeman Carole Greenberg Cherrie Kaseff Hilda Krug Carol Sachs Gail Treiger Sandra Wishan Michelle Dubrow Barbara Goldberg Linda Hayden Beverlee Katz Donne Mills Penny Scholnick Joy Weinstein Candace Zander zeta 2728 Durant Avenue FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1912 ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Sue Aumiller Carol Ball Kathleen Borla Dottie Bryson Carol Crossman Bobbi Griffin Sandy Nielsen Mary Packard Anne Postlewaite Elaine Scheer Karen Thole Carol Wallner Toby Werthman JUNIORS Lilia Cesar Barbie Cosgriff Alix Davis Sue DePaoli Kenna Howell Cindy Petrelli Page Walker Carol Wickwire SOPHOMORES Sue Blackard Cheryl Brown Alice Covell Kathy Fredericks Sarah Hatch Mary Jane Kirk Shelagh MacCurdy Babs Nash Mariann Winkowski FRESHMEN Darcie Pike Peggy Tisdel gamma phi beta 2732 Channing Way FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Barbara Beach Cathy Coltrin Cindy Coltrin Sue Cooper Sally Hall Andrea Martin Carolyn Means Joan Merle Marilyn Morris Diana Olander Rosie Shelton Dana Wright JUNIORS Lynne Dilloway Trixie Farrar Cathie Field Marlene Groezinger Judy Hamilton Sue Hathaway Dee Howard Barbara Joy Karen Kessler Francie Mecia Heidi Moll Marte Rees Cheri Slikker Katherine Steedman Patti Wilkinson Donna Yando SOPHOMORES Linda Benamati Bobbie Bennett Kathie Bloom Nancy Brock Connie Chalberg Sara Eddy Chris Gard Gail Gibson Pris Hecht Kathleen Hynes Lynn Larrabee Nancy Latting Jean McCallum Elisabeth Markwart Babs Mullen Janet Myers Mary Phillips Jeannine Yeomans FRESHMEN Sue Bingham Joy Campagnoli Marlene Cox Hallie Englund Kathy Ferguson Marti Gillis Karen Manheim Carol McCann Torie Mecia Niki Nichols Cathy Pace Kathy Saunders Diane Smith Mary Stewart SENIORS Judy Alexander kappa alpha theta 2723 Durant Avenue FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 Lynn Bickerstaff EIGHTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Betsy Borden Pam Clark Dally Dreyfuss Roseanne Hastings Nanette Hayes Lindee Hoffland Tani Janes Karen Justema Susan Lamberson Marcia MacDougall Dede Openshaw Jean Scully Lula Veteto JUNIORS Linda Baker Brig Boyd Pat Burton Val Daum Anne Davis Marj Fay Peggy Fuller Lisa Gianotti Penny Hearn Sterling Hilleary Janet King Jan MacDougall Elaine Mayer Sue Merritt Betsey Moran Linda Olsen Liz Parrish Joanne Person Whitney Smith Cathy Stephens Sally Stuart Barbara Walsh SOPHOMORES Maria Boone Brandy Cravens Lynn Crawford Alex Frick Ann Harbordt Sue Hardy Jenny Holiman Freya Horne Gladys Houston Mimi Litfin Marcia Pierce Betsy Sellman Jackie Smith FRESHMEN Posy Anderson Lea Austen Barbara Coates Candy Cravens Jean Danilovich Debbie Doerflinger Michelle Franklin Mimi Gramatky Wendy Hill Thea Jensen Annette LaRue Diana Lott Sue Manning Ginny Mayer Janet Nelson Jane Reed Mari Scurich Ann Thomas kappa delta 2461 Warring Street FOUNDED AT LONGWOOD COLLEGE, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 ONE HUNDRED AND THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Donna Almquest Carolyn Beach Mary Brown Marilee Green Christine Gryson Brenda Manning Terry Duffy Janis Medbery Jane Millar Doris Porch Kathryn Springer Deanne Wilson JUNIORS Carol Boeck Dorothy Bush Victoria Erteszek Sandra McCandless Helen Miller Lesley Miller Virginia Fritts Virginia Gaffga Belinda Gray Marian Starr Sonja Untiedt Nancy Van Norman Raelee Wiles SOPHOMORES Donna Pamela Shirley Clift Ann Susan Linda Vivian Hansen Ann Carol Caroline Judith Kennedy Christine MacDougall Ada Montessoro Ann Morrisroe Christina Olsen Marjorie Pease Sally Scales FRESHMEN Laura Alfred Barbara Barry Sandra Cunningham Sue Freeborg Sara Galbraith Jean Goncalves Carole Henders Karen Hoffman Cathy Koenig Judy Kronke Mary Paulson Ann Postag Trish Barbara Ruth Sharon Buttimer kappa kappa gamma 2328 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1870 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1883 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Diane Bouhaben Mary Campion Carolyn Cavalier Ann Curran Margaret Durbrow Lissa Gahagan Martha Green Jo Ann Harbour Dana Henry Kathy Hanks Mary Hills Martha Howard Ann Howell Karen Kline Mollie Paul Sally Leahy Kathy Luppen Pat McGettigan Kathy Singleton Cynthia Sutcliffe Kay Sutton Jane McCarthy Sandra McCarthy Melinda Merritt JUNIORS Shelly Brush Ann Chickering Kathy Grant Paula Neitz Jaclyn Norwood Bea Nyburg Jane Railton Barbara Reichmuth Sandy Roth Bobbi Sawyer Ann Schriber Maryly Snow Connie Wilhelm SOPHOMORES Chris Brinkman Chris Dornin Barbara Hansen Lee Lyon Lyn McClure Terry Perrin Margaret Pettus Roxanne Spieker Jennifer Walter Mary Webber Mardi Wetherbee Meredith White FRESHMEN Sue Barton Janet Bertagnolli Nancy Bouhaben Nancy Brush Meg Crosby Linda Green Polly Hills Kim Durney Marian McCord Cissy Moore Patricia Newton Gay Rawlins Chris Schulte Auban Slay phi mu 2425 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 EIGHTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Linda Agnone Carol Arnold Claudia Avitabile Beth Bondshu Marge Couch Marilyn Foree Mary Frost Adrianne Holmer Sandy Hoos Bonnie Kramer Bonnie Langford Diane McCloskey Pam Matsen Shelly Nix Alix Ponedel Pat Rager Mary Ratcliff Sally Reynolds Jeanie Smith Shirley Stange Janet Wheeler JUNIORS Sue Barry Joanne Biosotti Carol Chapman Rheta Christensen Sharon Clary Val Gamenara Irene Hartung Arlene Levy Bertha McKinley Vicki Moser Donna Ordeman Chris Rakestraw Carol Ricketts Dea Waters Kathie Wilson SOPHOMORES Kathleen Abbott Larraine Abbott Carol Asling Connie Bandy Bonnie Golden Barbara Harwood Pam Hawley Kathy Hayes Pam Horner Nancy Julian Wendy Salter Anne Thompson Kae Waters FRESHMEN Margo Keller Elaine Kruger Pam Madsen Christy Moynihan Cheryl Saunders Jean Stevenson pi beta phi 2325 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Patricia Claire Paula Daly Anne Wendy Georgia Kraus Terry Carolyn Judy Musto Janet Judy Joan Radonich Ann Wilson JUNIORS Jean Blair Daphne Budge Maureen Doughty Maureen Duffy Elizabeth Emery Anne French Vicki Graham Sally Hall Pamela Harvy Pam Nye Meg Olsen Valerie Smith Pamela Stillman Terry West SOPHOMORES Karen Brandt Liz Crist Ann Dey Virginia Dolan Lisa French Candy Gillmor Dona Gottschalk Ann McLain Carolyn Pardee Suzanne Peck Melynda Ragan Jennifer Reese Lynn Seawell SOPHOMORES Susan Spiller Robyn Swafford Susan Van Slambrouck Jennifer Wright Sally Yarbrough Toni Zacher FRESHMEN Barbara Berry Penny Caldwell Cathy Cole Connie Collins Katherine Cookson Diane Dwyer Mary Malcom Alexis Sifford Margie Stavrum Jane Stebbins Vicki Stevens Cameron Thompson Dagmar Thompson Susan Ulrich phi sigma sigma 2728 Channing Way FOUNDED AT HUNTER COLLEGE, 1913 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Bobbie Freeman Marilyn Kading Gail Leiter Andrea Savage Mimi Siggson JUNIORS Betty Brogan Davida Lotzkar Betty Pick Arden Rose Nancy Stock SOPHOMORES Sandy Auerback Pamela Fagin Helene Olson Shary Steiner Karen Weir FRESHMEN Virginia McMahon Ashley Mayer Beryl Wenegrat sigma omicron pi FOUNDED AT SAN FRANCISCO STATE COLLEGE, 1930 ONE CHAPTER GRADUATES Carol Liu SENIORS Gerlene Fong Annie Tom Victoria Wong SOPHOMORES Elaine Tu Josephine Van sigma kappa 2409 Warring Street Peggy O ' Neill Chris Ronay Nancy Roth FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED AND ONE CHAPTERS Sue Scheble Sandy Underwood Barbara Whiting SENIORS Pat Alves Marion Cutler Carolyn Gaba Robin McConahy Evie Ashcroft Adrienne Dewell Ginny Harper Ellen McKelvey Kathie Blackman Marilyn Fazio Ann Hufnagel Pattianne Nagle JUNIORS Marily Allen Marcia Boland Lisa Broady Kathleen Brown Andree Bruzzone Judy Coates Dede Delucchi Barbara Frost Lynne Giberson Charlene Hallaian Peggy Hawkins Gail Johnson Taffy Jones Betsy Karrer Jacquelyn Latham Karen Primm Aime Teder Sue Templeton Wendy Turner Nancy Zook SOPHOMORES Linda Andrews Bari Bradner Marlene De Sellem Diana Dorr Marilyn Downey Diane Drennen Shelby Fletcher Carol Gibson Nancy Grady Margaret Heiser SOPHOMORES Patti Karen Sharon Jarvis Pamela Sally Barbara Locatelli Marilyn Ramge Chris Schuetze Winne St. John Sandy Yost FRESHMEN Emily Allen Sally Andree Bonnie Angele Janet Cox Marilyn Crane Deborah Dye Janet Frost Randi Marianne Sue Moore zeta tau alpha 2310 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT LONGWOOD COLLEGE, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 NINETY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Nanette Barron Deanna Callis Eileen Costales Mary Ann Allen Karen Boyd Terry Chaplin Donna Darby Linda Brown Terri Corbelli Carolyn Earl Anne Haggard Jane Hamilton Pat Haven Ann Hutchinson Leslie Mecum Carol Morton Barb Nawman Kathleen Quinn Suzanne Read Carole Ruegg Charlotte Sain Dannelle Smith Cece Stephens Diane Thomas Gail Van Groos SENIORS Pamela Wallace JUNIORS Jane Alton Carol Anderson Cathy Arnoldy Ann Bills Carol Childs Elizabeth Fowler Carol Grady Peggy Harlow Jeanne Holbrook Sue Lassen Carolyn Ann Owens Sheri Peterson Chris Shores Patricia Smallwood Susie Snedecor SOPHOMORES Marie Bird Nina Burns Joan Cognetta Diane Dougherty Karen Doyle Carol Gutman Terry Harman Jennifer Meux Joanna Miller Meredith Tillotson Maxine Winters FRESHMEN Jane Accampo Sandy Harris Elizabeth Haven Barbara La Force Sharon McCune Teri Morris Katherine Neri Sandy Smith A full moon shines on the little lake nestled in the jungle of a fraternity house dance. Speak-Easy 1965. " Stop I ' m supposed to pick her up at eight. " A Hard Day ' s Night. fraternity men combine study and service with an active social life Rod Marraccini President interfraternity council FALL PRESIDENT James Hunt Thomas Fall Donald Fry K. Leslie Cowan Elton Nelson Miles Sturgis, Jr. Gene Finger, Jr. Anderson Wacaser William Burrows Dickson Austin Kendrick Miller, Jr. John Durein Brian Austin Thomas Griffith Farrell Sutton Steven Bellock Bruce Weiss William O ' Neill, Jr. Wayne O ' Connell Michael Lipelt Theadore Russell Russell Moore, Jr. Howard Rosten Michael Gridley William Smartt Walter Buck Richard Kite Wayne Skinner James Leong Donald Cobleigh J. Paul Bagley Steven Sachs William Clayton Walter Zech Steven Goldfarb Jay Fleming John Einhorn Leigh Gaba Donald Phelps Anthony Granucci M. Bruce Cowger Richard Cutler Samuel Johnson William Mac Reynolds Richard Jacobs Stephen Harper FRATERNITY Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Gamma Omega Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Chi Psi Del Rey Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Rho Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Alpha Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Pi Lambda Phi Psi Upsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Delta Chi Theta Xi Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Psi SPRING PRESIDENT Michael Smith Patrick Hoggard Douglas Adcock Steven Baskin Richard Watkins Christopher Nelson David Brown Warren Coats Richard Terry Frank Murname Kendrick Miller, Jr. John Durein Eugene Petrocelli Russell Fisher Mike Bixler Jack McKeown Charles Peckham Richard Taylor Asa Meudell David Howekamp Richard Cunningham Hans Albeck James Cherry Michael Gridley George Williamson Steven Calegari John Trouton Berry Kingman Donald Kumata Kenneth Moulton J. Paul Bagley Steven Sachs Christopher Carlson John Sullivan Paul Shapiro Donald Worden James Clonico Rodney Marraccini John Wenz Robert Gillette James Clardy William Gravlin Samuel Johnson William Mac Reynolds Joseph Schwab Mathew Connelley George Caplan First Vice-President Matt Connelly Second Vice-President Page Van Loben Sels Secretary John Wenz Treasurer Dave Van Atta ASUC Fraternity Representative Pete Greenough Bill Heal Paul Keith Dave Peterson John Roberts Steve Sachs Jeff Davis Barry Kingman Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Representative Rush Chairman Rick Gattis Gary Lapid Don Phelps Jack Reding Mike Spencer Robert Theel Rich Weinstock John Whiteway NOT PICTURED: Dave Bonini Dick LaFrenz Jack Litewka Norman Randolph R. J. O ' Donnell Student Chairman The Berkeley Big Brother Project employs University men students who spend from 15 to 30 hours a month with an assigned pre-delinquent youngster. The hope is that through the understanding, and friendship of the " Big Brothers, ' ' the " Little Brothers " will a more positive direction in their lives and will become more useful The project is supervised by the Juvenile Bureau of the Berkeley Police Department and programmed through Stiles Hall under the auspices and of the Inter-Fraternity Council. university men " big brothers " to predelinquent youngsters Typical of the competitive spirit and of Greek Week is the IFC and sponsored tug-o-war on Kleeberger Field. At an Interfraternity Council Leadership Conference each IFC President heard speakers and participated in discussion groups with representatives from across the country. alpha chi rho 2311 Le Conte Avenue FOUNDED AT TRINITY COLLEGE, 1895 PHI RHO BACHELORDON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS GRADUATES Glenn Lee Robert Turner SENIORS Michael Beck Richard Cook Perry Dobson Jim Heinitz James Hunt Bob Lamb Edward Schramko Richard Whitaker John Whiteway JUNIORS Stephen Bennett Steve Gutman John Meckel Dan Peletz Michael Smith SOPHOMORES Pete Slapeir Richard Hunter Tom Miller Kent Rasmussen Thomas Stimson Norman Clayton FRESHMEN John Diehl Michael Callaway Craig Courtright GRADUATES Fred Baskin Douglas Black William Bondinell Jon Bordner Horace Gray, Jr. Duane Heyman alpha chi sigma 2627 Virginia Street FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS William Kenney Ernest McGoran S. M. Rajan Clinton Snyder James Vahl SENIORS Robert Dearstyne Thomas Fall Patrick Hoggard Darryl Ting JUNIORS Robert Ashley Herbert DeFriez Bruce Henschel Susumu Ikuta Walter Krostek Bernard Lilly William Morris Michael Schuyler SOPHOMORES Roger Birnbaum Paul Dietrich Ben Spade FRESHMEN Larry Shick SENIORS Robert Powell Scott Gregg Douglas Adcock Buzz Schulte Jack Munson Don Fry Thomas Trower Don Porter Hank Heilbron JUNIORS Herb Schmitt Lon Metzger Richard Alleman Richard Tietz Phiroze Nagaruala Pete Goodwin alpha delta phi 2401 Ridge Road FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Dennis Tominaga Bill Wharton SOPHOMORES John Leavitt Geoff Russell FRESHMEN Phil Bliss Don Durant Jeff Frank Jefferson Fuller Tony Macauley Blair Tremoureux Sky Van Scoy SENIORS Fred Burnett Paul Dekar John Gustafson Elton Nelson JUNIORS Wayne Bannister Norman Goss Ken Kolberg Erwin Nelson Richard Watkins SOPHOMORES Dave Brown Russ Hanscom Curtis Henke Tom Hinke Vic Mann Michael Miller Alan Nishio John Parkman Ken Shaw Gerald Snell FRESHMEN Dave Brodahl David Humpal C. Wayne McNally Dale McNally Earl Nelson alpha gamma omega 2713 Haste Street FOUNDED AT U.C.L.A., 1928 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1939 FOUR CHAPTERS Marsha Studebaker Shelley Nix Gerry Gibbons Phyllis Studebaker Carol Childs Sherrill Petersen Terry Taylor Diane Drennen Ruth Erickson Sherry Lawyer little sisters of maranatha alpha epsilon pi 2709 Charming Way FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1913 CHI ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 NINETY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Robert Belzer Gerry Heeger Jay Hurwitz Jay Kahn George Kornbluth Robert Lyons Michael Young JUNIORS Stuart Baron JUNIORS Steve Baskin Robert Bernstein Bob Block Dennis Burger Les Cowan David Engel Sanford Fox Steve Holcenberg Peter Klein Gene Osofsky Steven Reiner David Sucher SOPHOMORES Jay Bernstein Richard Berwick Max David Alan Fabrick Marc Fairman Bart Kaufman Henry Lutzky Richard Lyon Eric Roberts Marvin Tauber FRESHMEN Dave Birenbaum Bruce Brodkey Marc Dake Darron Feldstein Jeffrey Gallup Mark Greenberg Philip Gould Roger Minkow Ron Olgin Leon Passy Schwartz Bruce Smith Andrew Wiseman alpha kappa lambda 2701 Hearst Street FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS Allan Nilmeier Miles Sturgis Michael Wehr Reg gie Winssinger JUNIORS Stephen Aker Bill Avery Charles Cauldwell Robert Hickerson SENIORS Ted Gunn Peter Miller Robert Nic holson Colin Johnson Gary Margadant Richard Michelon Chris Nelson Chet Wanvig Kirk Warnock David Way SOPHOMORES James Hodgdon Larry Hyde Tom Knight Bill McDonald John Shoras John Wheeler Evan Wilson FRESHMEN Richard Cummings Dana Grau Ben Reese Mark Rhoda Anthony Sinclair John Westerberg Glen Wurts alpha sigma phi 2739 Channing Way FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY-SIX CHAPTERS Geofrey Pope David Williamson Peter Dawg Dave Brown Don Perkins Robert Newkirk Mike Nichols Ted Edwards Garfield Sciutto Jim Orland Charles Schwenck Theodore Finger JUNIORS Richard A. Riemke FRESHMEN Frederick Flinn Daniel Bailiff Paul Simon Stephen Akers Paul Keith Chuck Bale SOPHOMORES Bernie Biedak Dick La Frenz Gary Bowe Tom Fulton David Brifman Gerald Maloney Alan Hill Tom Horton Ed Ives John Lenser Jay Lensch Michael McKinley alpha tau omega 2327 Warring Street FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Bruce Bennett Paul Carroll Antony Evans David Fox Michael Hulbert Larry Jackson Eugene O ' Neill Stephan Paliwoda Michael Plunkett Bob Scott D. Douglas Snyder Ronald Young JUNIORS Robert Berlin Robert Hulsy Nick Knueppal Jack Mattis Joe Meagher David Meister Morgan Miller John Moock Skip Swany SOPHOMORES Larry Henge Richard Luthy Tony McGuire Greg Monahan Steven Schneir FRESHMEN Maurie Holman Ken Horacek Mark Kroninger James Malone Mike Meagher Norman Ober beta theta pi 2607 Hearst Avenue FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS William Burrows Reed Freyermuth Robert Graham Ned Griffith Frank Hayman Michael Henderson SENIORS William Applegate Robert Beim Robert Holman, Jr. Henry Huff Chapin Hunt Richard McAdams Ross Mackay Peter Peracca Richard Terry Randy Thaman Robert Theel JUNIORS Walt Altorfer Tim Cameron Butch ConIan Eric Unruh FRESHMEN Bruce Forbes Larry Hart Michael McEneany Andy Neumann Tom Simpson Steve Thaman Robert Wolfe John Walsh SOPHOMORES Richard Brown Gary Cornelius Bill Frost Ned Hoppin George Crist Jeffrey Davis Robert Goldsmith Keith Howard Douglas Hudson Jon Niggeman George Petersen Marshall Rose Mike Spencer Ned Spieker chi phi 2722 Durant Avenue FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY, 1854 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Lawrence Sand Frederick Wilmar SENIORS Dale Adams Chris Harrington Frank Johnston JUNIORS Niven Busch Peyton Carr Jack Coplen Gary Craycroft Jim Cumming Gary Davis Tod Gregory John Hutchinson John Matthias Mike Mellon James Meyer Frank Murnane Terry Ryder Scott Wild SOPHOMORES Tom Clarke Jeff Dunstan Tom Harriman FRESHMEN Michael Boss David Brown Ian Dibblee Steve Dyer William Geffeney Michael lpson Mark Pringle Michael Rucks Bruce Wakeham JUNIORS Paul Buist John Harper Dale Hukari SENIORS Bill Chew Roger Chretien chi psi Rick Dietz chi psi 2311 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, NEW YORK, 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA ESTABLISHED 1895 Dave Hudspeth TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS Ken Miller Bob Pomeroy SOPHOMORES Jim Eads Dan Peterson Hank Johnson Tom Jones Jim McCabe Jeff Parrish John Reinsch Bob Viale Jon Rosenthal FRESHMEN Richard Boone Mike Hastings Bill Leavens Jim Reinsch Jerry Tognetti del rey 1727 Euclid Avenue FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1903 ONE CHAPTER JUNIORS Richard Brannin John Coble Walter Coombs SOPHOMORES Charles Fisher Ken Hoop Martin Meier Mike Scheutz FRESHMEN Royal Denton John Hutchison James Nelson SENIORS John Durein delta chi JUNIORS David Bragg Daniel Breck Christopher Cleland George Dicochea Leslie Ellis Michael Fitzsimmons Richard Harvey Richard Ingle David Kriedt Ronald Mills Robert Reynolds SOPHOMORES Derry Cook Marc Hynes John Noonan Michael Rigdon James Smith R. Talmage Spath Carl Spencer FRESHMEN Edwin Freedland Peter Gumpert Ted Hewitt 1756 LeRoy Avenue FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY CHAPTERS GRADUATES Leon Kaufman Paul Lin SENIORS Tom Alexander Brian Austin Eugene Petrocelli Wayne Spruce delta tau delta 2425 Hillside Way FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Steve Beilock Larry Francis Ed Boyle Tom Hensley John Chamberlain Gary Kilpatric Mike Crawford Robert Koehler Steve Donaldson Jack Lefforge Jerry Eggers Jack McKeown Fred Reidel Richard Sanford Jamie Sutton John Ueberroth Ray Williams JUNIORS Gary Bosley Wayne Condict Bill Fain Chip Gillette Marc Lorenzen Timothy Lyons Steve Quick Tom Tracy Dennis Warth Bill Worthington SOPHOMORES Doug Bell Scott Brooke John Danilovich Jeff Egeberg Jack Hennessy John Hoefer Mike Leidner Jan Reeves John Rice William Shattuck Jim Wheary FRESHMEN Harry Elliott Rich Fisher Rob Grant Greg Harris Bob Jacobel Tim Melchior Frank Sproul Randy Wise SENIORS Thomas Griffith Bill Roberts Terry Viele delta kappa epsilon 2302 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FOURTY-FOUR CHAPTERS JUNIORS Robert Dean-Turner Tony De Maria Douglas Dibble Bob Durkin Russell Fisher Gary Lutes Mike O ' Neil Barry Starke Bill Uren SOPHOMORES Barry Baron Michael Beeman Peter Griffith Tom Griffiths Bill Ince Jim Stent John Tuthill FRESHMEN Bob Abbott Rick Chisholm Chapin Holman Christopher Knight Charles McCormick Michael Whitman Bob Wright delta sigma phi O 2415 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 ONE HUNDRED AND FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Richard Armstrong Keith Dunker A. Dean Owens Michael Bixler Douglas Johnson John Pearson Gary Reinecke James Willwerth JUNIORS Ronald Covey Randy Fleming Al Hartman Michael Karsch Edward Mendonca Peel James Schelling Keith Sours John Spencer Farrell Sutton Richard Vargus SOPHOMORES Steven Fletcher William Costa Joseph Hughes Stanley Inouye James Molineux Steven Passin Robert Runde Donald Schlotz Frank Steward Radall Trowbridge Ronald Winkler Mark Grubbs Arthur Paradis Gregory Rapp FRESHMEN Gregory Cykman Nancy Van Norman Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi Miss Nancy Van Norman, this year ' s Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi, hails from San Diego where she was president of her high school class, a pom pon girl, and an outstanding senior. Nancy is a junior with a political science field major, and is a member of Kappa Delta sorority. She has been active in Cal ' s rally committee, and for the last few summers, has taught art and dancing in San Diego. This summer, Nancy plans to work as a social director at a hotel in Hawaii. The Dream Girl contest began with an open house after the Cal-Navy football game and culminated with Nancy ' s crowning at the fraternity ' s annual Carnation Ball in San Francisco ' s Jack Tar Hotel. Nancy was one of three finalists chosen from a field of twenty-one representatives of Cal sororities. delta u psi Ion 2425 Warring Street FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Kent Brewer Steve Cuthbert Scott Peacock Michael Chase Samuel Dolman Charles Peckham David Crockett David Heaslett Henry Rimmer Thomas Strang Thomas Sturges Eugene Trotter Bruce Weiss JUNIORS Douglas Allen David Campbell Walter Diangson Marty Klitten Tim McGrath John Prosser Robert Schiffner Steven Shaw Parker Smith Herbert Tully SOPHOMORES Chip Bailey Michael Break Walter Dwelle Myron Flo Paul Graham Richard Levaro Ralph Lombardi Charles Petit Bruce Scott Charles Scurich FRESHMEN Mike Sipos Charles Denton Robert Dillon Andrew Smith Douglas Steel James Tuttle Tom Van Meter Jeff Williams SENIORS John Calhoun Bill O ' Neill Philip Eckert James Heinzer John Stoner Jim Faulconer Steve Honett Wyn Tunnicliff John Flynn Richard McKee Lee Van Brederode Steven Johnson Jack Nagan Jeff Wolff Thomas Lagomarsino Jordon Neri SOPHOMORES Jerry Wallace Michael Nichols John Drew JUNIORS David Humphrey William Calderwood kappa alpha 2425 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 EIGHTY-FIVE CHAPTERS K A Wendy Stone Kappa Alpha Rose Queen The Kappa Alpha Rose Queen for 1965 is Miss Wendy Stone who was selected from a field of nineteen in the fraternity ' s annual competition. Wendy is a freshman member of Chi Omega from Palo Alto, California, and is considering an art major. Active in campus affairs, she is a member of the Brick Muller Society and the Ski Club. After being installed in her office at the Kappa Alpha " Old South Ball, " Wendy will act as the official hostess of the fraternity and be entered in the National Kappa Alpha Rose Competition. Stuart Kirk Bruce Moorad Lynn Richard William Sheldon Rick Taylor FRESHMEN Randy Boyd Michael Brians William Dopkins Jack Fraser Dannis Hurst William Lanzer Joseph Timmons Thomas Verkozen Rich Vogel SENIORS Richard Davis John Deus, Jr. kappa delta rho Roy Gesley 2601 Le Conte Avenue FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 NINETEEN CHAPTERS Craig John Hendricks Samuel Merrell Asa Meudell Angus Morrison Orville Morrow Dennis Wayne Thomas Pallas Dennis Pollet Guy Saperstein James Sundal Doyle Wiseman JUNIORS Robin Bollinger Ed Chapla William Corbett Richard Derr Kenneth Green Richard Horning Charles Larsen Mike Mouto Ronald Musser William Scott William Sharon Ken Truitt Jim Wessel SOPHOMORES Donald Brinkmann Jack Campbell David Shelburne FRESHMEN James Hayes Rex Hjelm Brann Johnson Steve Kornberg John Pritchard Bill Young SENIORS John Boudett Joseph Ducote Michael Durney Pete Edelen John Griesser Steve Robertson David Urrea JUNIORS Jock Anderson Gregory Bertagnolli Craig Clifford Peter Cowan Pete Downey phi gamma delta 2395 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS James Elder, Jr. Don Guest David Hennessy Ray Kropp Michael Moore SOPHOMORES Tom Anderson John Albert III Peter Wallace Gallup Lutz Kramer Jeff Lockwood Gerald Murphy James Peschel Steve Tidland FRESHMEN Robert Brakesman Don Carman Gary Curtis Gordon Lavengood kappa sigma 2400 Warring Street FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Stephen Blackburn Frank Griswold Richard Hartje Dave Johnson Daniel Kendall Ronald Mettler James Orton Phil Stevens Victor Young SOPHOMORES Donald Bunch Thomas Butterworth Jim Curlett John McKibben Peter Thelin Jay Allen Ned Heasty Thomas Henle William Rigney Jon Wilson JUNIORS Steve Brinck Tom Curry John Gilchrist Barry Hamilton David Howekamp Michael Lipelt William Morgans John Nystrom John Rogers Thomas Smelser Richard Stafford Dianne Upton Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Kappa Sigma ' s Sweetheart is Chris Dianne Upton, a junior in Alpha Delta Pi sorority. Dianne ' s home is in Oakland, and she is on a major in Business Administration. Each spring, Kappa Sigma holds their queen contest to select the fraternity Sweetheart for the following year. Social activities of the contest include " Kappa Sigma " day with races, cocktail parties, and concluding with the crowning of the Sweetheart at the South Seas dance. SENIORS Larry Banducci Bill Gallaway lambda chi alpha 1755 Leroy Avenue FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 Pete Chernik Dave Cowee ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FIVE CHAPTERS James Kuehn Don Lauro Gary Ledson Bruce Loomis Lee Maples Richard Meadows Don Milliken Bill Moring David Peterson Glenn Robak Larry Shaw JUNIORS Paul Bell Bruce Cowee JUNIORS Dick Cunningham Richard Dowell Vic Gonsalves Pete Greenough Joel Grey Ray Gundlach Tim Kelso Nick Lymberis Terry McNally Del Pletcher William Randolph John Ratts Rich Robertson Erle Wingler FRESHMEN Joe Amundsen John Korte Greg Mayer Duane Miller Randy Pauley Marc Petas Ronald Rose Gordon Tornberg John Frank John Robertson " Phil " Each spring, Lambda Chi Alpha sponsors the Annual Daffodil Festival, and the Cal campus is spotted with yellow as every purse and lapel sports a daffodil. The proceeds from the sale go to World University Service, a group which aids needy around the world. Culminating the Festival ' s activities, a queen, always a blond, is chosen from candidates representing women ' s living groups. Reigning as 1964-65 Daffodil Queen was hazel-eyed Gloria Moore. The twenty-year old sophomore was born in Idaho, and now lives in Daly City, California. Gloria is a member of Alpha Omicron Pi, sings with Treble Clef, is in Tower and Flame, and spends winter vacations snow skiing. Gloria and her court were crowned at the Lambda Chi Alpha house the Saturday afternoon of Festival Week: a week that has been a Cal tradition for twenty years. Lambda Chi Alpha Gloria Moore Daffodil Queen phi delta theta 2717 Hearst Avenue FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Rick Bentley Patrick Bixby Larry Briggs Steve Brodrick Mike Byrne Ron Chase Ron Coverdale David Doerflinger Jack Fox James Godfrey Gary Meyer Russell Moore Omar Noles Joe Townsend Bob Travaille John Upshur Phil Whitehorn Frederick Yeager JUNIORS Johannes Albeck Steven Colliau John Cox PHIDELPHIANS Marily Allen Bonnie Cancienne Katherine Cookson Sharon Farnell Ann Haney Kathy Bowdett Connie Chalberg Maureen Duffy Kathy Ferguson Pam Harvey Robert Heins Mark Hennessy Munn Hinds Bruce James Larry Lawrence Brian Prinn Bob Robertson Timothy Ward SOPHOMORES Jerry Barron Stephen Cunningham Warren Fox David Freeman Dave Hilliker Scott Johnston John Lovewell Manny Vlazakis Ed Wilder FRESHMEN Carter Bagg William Beckett, Jr. Rick Buckley Russ Hall Crane McClennen Alex Newton George Paul Alan Reinke Dave Rowlett Ky Smith Andy Watson Bob Cross Geoffrey Cutler Daryl Dorcy Stephen Downing Mike Edwards Charles Grant Penny Hearn Janet King Judy Muhsfeld Beth Prentice Debbie Schnell Diane Smith Christine Hutchison Mimi Litein Diane Albright Judie Reginelli Carol Smith Pamela Wells NOT SHOWN Talie Bigelow Ann Lumsden Jeanie Richardson Kathy Tracy SENIORS David Adler Gary Garfinkle phi epsilon pi 2412 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1904 KAPPA NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS Carl Jacobs Burton Rein Clifton Schor Barry Burstein Gary Glaser Peter Pollat Mike Evenson Richard Katz Seth Samuels Edward Simon, Jr. Jim Cherry Mike Golden Robert Portnoy Larry Glickfeld Milton Levin Wayne Satz JUNIORS Roy Dunlap Pete Goodman Ron Stalowitz Jim Goldberg Marshall Margolis Don Trost David Bibel Michael Eisenburg Rowan Klein SOPHOMORES Keith Hansen Jeff Moss Larry Zemansky Jon Bloom Bryan Gerstel Lamont Mitchell Ronald Davidson Rich Juster Pete Rosenwald FRESHMEN Ralph Blunt Dennis Dwyer Greg Aftergood Howard Korn Rob Lazear Art Schulz Neil Shapiro Russ Silverstein Bill Carr Steven Evans Harold Goldberg Jim Klein SENIORS Don Broback John Calmer phi kappa psi 2908 Channing Way FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 SIXTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Jules Gilbert Gary Johnson Chris Jones Bill Smartt Doug Whaley Henry Williams George Williamson JUNIORS Stan Bachtold Bob Clirehugh Tom Grant Pete Smoot Larry Ashby Doug Green Harold Ohs Cristy Schade Scott Noble Walt Curtner Pete Parnell Mike Taylor Dean Boatright Jim Kimble Bill Parks Carl Stoney Jack Stehr Jon Gibbs Linn Roth SOPHOMORES Gary Ericson John Kinnear Lars Pedersen FRESHMEN Tom Toffoli Carlton Alderdice Bob Conn SENIORS JUNIOR S Clifford Fong Raymond Cheng Don Kumata Ivan Chew Philip Yee Kenneth Chu pi alpha phi 2534 Warring Street FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY, 1925 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 ONE CHAPTER Wendell Chun Randall Fong Wayne Jower Larry Lau Douglas Lee Chuck Leong Lloyd Young Tony Fong Vic Lim Rodney Wong Roland Wong Dennis Low SOPHOMORES Wayne Wong Wayne Takagishi Stan Chu Willie Yee FRESHMEN Richard Lee SENIORS Vic Chiarolla Don Hernandez Bill Johnson phi kappa tau 2335 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SEVENTY CHAPTERS Russ Medevic Don Rhett Steve Rudolph Bill Sloane John Trouton Russ White Barre Woodruff JUNIORS Les Blankenship Buzz Boschken William Bricker Charlie Huff George Lindsay Larry Muzio Ken Paige John Steinhart SOPHOMORES Bill Balhaus Chuck Bellows Beverly Olaughlin Dream Girl of Phi Kappa Tau Beverly Olaughlin, a brown-eyed was chosen Dream Girl for 1965 by members of Phi Kappa Tau in their first annual contest. Bev was born in D.C., but now lives in Van Nuys, California. She is majoring in Sociology and is an avid skier. Gerry MacKenzie Art McNickle Rob Nickerson Phil Nyborg Jim Ognisty Bruce Quarton Pat Radisay Bob Regli Ned Weiburg FRESHMEN Dave Donley Al Delwiche Frank Devine SOPHOMORES Hallon Bridges Tom Callin Al Colombano Kevin Maloney phi kappa sigma 2320 Warring Street FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Bert Blanks Walt Buck Steve Calegari Leroy Carlenzoli Terry Coveny Bob Giddings Steve Hansen Steve Howell Niilo Lund Ted MacKay Dick Munday Bob O ' Donnell Dave Schrimp Jim Siegfried Al Stewart Dale Workman JUNIORS Steve Adams Ken Atterman Dennis Hanggi Tim Hogan Ken McKeon Steve Prevost Don Rhodes Franz Schwarm Dave Shapiro JUNIORS SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Jim Simmen Roger Edwards Bob Johnson Dick Abbey Jim Dal Porto Bob Murray Bruce Roberts John Vineyard Dave VanAtta Jim Egan Doug Konecky Rich Bartlett Bob Illingworth Jeff Prevost Bruce Robertson Mike Warmer phi sigma kappa 2312 Warring Street FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Robert LeDuc Gary Giusso Jim Ashcraft Dick Little Russ Hedrick John Bryan III Wayne Skinner Barry Kingman Arnold Corbett JUNIORS Wallace Martin Alfred Courchesne Grant Armstrong Daniel Ready, Jr. Dan Green Richard Bouton Shaun Sullivan Terry Jackson Myron Erickson SOPHOMORES Dick Vortmann Denny Watson Clifford Webb, Jr. George Cate Larry Dully Russ Gurevitch Bob Hamblet Leif Jenssen FRESHMEN George Jukkola James LeDuc Bob Moulds Mel Simburg William Allen Tom Mallard Richard Ong erth Mark Kanai Robert Lofthus Al Reeves Paul Ulrich James Campbell Jim Murray John Wahlin Dick Kassis Dale McGrew Steven Sherry John Wardell Douglas Goodell Dan Neiswender Don Wallace pi kappa alpha 2324 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Jim Barker William Caldwell Don Cobleigh Larry Colton Russ Godt William Harrison Joseph Kennedy Glenn Jelks Tom Lutes Ken Moulton JUNIORS Gary Bystrom SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Skip Carl Peter Donoghue Jackson Lay Richard Nye John Bardin Craig Green Gregg Sindici Stephen Cummings Roger Dahl Patrick Going Gordon Lutes Robert Steinberg Chuck Brace James Reikes Nicolas Thurlow John McCrary Ralph Dickinson Steve Hoxmeier Gary Moss James van Hoften Bob Gilleran Lee Schussman Michael Ward Patrick Train SENIORS Paul Bagley Charles Coker Rusty Patrick Ralph Vatalaro JUNIORS Arthur Francis pi kappa phi 2353 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 SIXTY CHAPTERS Gerry Kurth Skip Grande Bill Sherry Phillip Richards George Van Gordon FRESHMEN SOPHOMORES Terry Coulter Robert Adams Robert DeVault Joseph Akers Russell Erb Randolph Hack Roderick Ivanhoe John Jackson Ronald Lugone Sherrill Petersen 1964 Rose of Pi Kappa Phi Rose Bonnie Cancienne Judy Fox Colleen Lynch Kathy Lynch Paula Pardini Sherrill Petersen Margie Ashe Sheri Petersen, a member of Zeta Tau Alpha, was chosen as the 1964 Rose of Pi Kappa Phi. She received the Red Rose Crown from National Historian Mel Metcalfe at the fraternity ' s Blue Hawaii Luau in Strawberry Canyon. Later, Sheri represented the Chapter in the National Rose Contest held in Mobile, Alabama. She also won a talent audition and singing engagement on the in Las Vegas. SENIORS Art Berliner George Caplan Marshall Edelman pi lambda phi 2727 Channing Way FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 FORTY CHAPTERS Jerry Robert Crossman Robert Klass Jay Lippman Greg Tolson JUNIORS Eric Bistrow Jim Gottesman JUNIORS Richard Bloom Dennis Jaffe Bruce Joffe Mike Levin Jerome Lipnick Frank Maas Ivan Meyerson Terry Miller Steve Sachs John Swartzberg Roy Ulrich Neal Wiener SOPHOMORES William Fleischman Jon Brandler Hal Gaba Jon Engel Richard Goodman Howard Erlanger Steven Hubert Michael Sugarman Robert Loew Gary Lilienthal Larry Ziman Richard Silver Kenneth Lloyd FRESHMEN Bruce Wasserman Richard Mandel Jo Richard Bialosky Todd Endelman SENIORS Barry Bryan William Cronk Rick Gattis Steven Onderdonk William Clayton Richard Gary Robert McCleod Dieter Scholz psi upsilon 1815 Highland Place FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS Gregory Spreen Zeb Stewart Tom Thomas Ken Tietz Michael Wiehl JUNIORS Berne Evans Larry Logan John Teele Robert Crittenden John Lewis William Archer Terry Holberton Jerry Mosher SOPHOMORES Thomas Degenhardt Terry Myers Kim Barrett Robert Ingham Rob Olson James Bartlett Russ Ertle David Perry Bart Butler Steve Lairo Tom Quontamatteo Ri chard Beahrs Rodger Groves FRESHMEN Robert Campbell Bob Lane Mike Redman Grant Bushee Charles Kindred John Benson Stephen Drummond John Cantlon Steve Besio FRESHMEN Duane Mayfield James McAdam Michael McKinley Phillip Smith sigma alpha epsilon 2722 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Larry Allred Michael Crique David Gibson Jack Coons James Giacomazzi Bob Matiasevich Richard Moran JUNIORS Michael Parr Timothy Tarpley Steve Ames Joseph Davis Jeffrey Lewis Bill Robinson John Ross Richard Schubert Robert Smith Walter Zech Robert Ballow Pierson Forbes James Pierog Don Ross Brian Schaefer Scott Scott Richard Stamper Doug Thure Doug Wenger Donald Wrighton SOPHOMORES Vic Antola Richard Cullen Robert Elsner Jim Kilmurray Cal Knickerbocker Gary Ling Larry Moore Lyman Shaffer Steve Spreiter Terry Stewart Jeffrey Thornton Kenneth Weaver Ernie Wideman Richard Wollert FRESHMEN Brian Craig Fred Hall Jack Hirschmann Terrance Moran Neal Pearson Craig Weber sigma alpha mu 1735 LeRoy Avenue FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS Ben Feiles Michael Fein Stevin Goldfarb David Goldstein Alan Harris Sheldon Winnick JUNIORS Jan Faber Alan Greenwald Ronald Kaldor Don Matlin Gary Rodrigues Paul Shapiro Steve Swatt Stephen Waldman SOPHOMORES Les Alexander Bill Barsky Jeffrey Caren Stuart Cutler Robert Eichberg Daniel Fein Tommie Flashman Allen Fleishman Jeffrey Gault Mike Goldstein Warren Green Harry Horowitz Robert Levine Rich Lipner Arthur Ross Barry Trilling SENIORS Howard Arlen David Bordon Jeff Unickel Howard Yank FRESHMEN Neil Altman Steve Mandell Lawrence Siegel Schlitz sigma chi 2345 College Avenue FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1836 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1855 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Chris Giguiere George Girot Jerry Knapp Duane Edmonds Jay Fleming George Foster Walter Mollison Scott Muller Brian Smith SENIORS Bob Arevalo Rocky Phil Birnbaum Dan Devoto Margie Stavrum Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Every year the Alpha Beta Chapter of Sigma Chi is faced with the pleasant task of choosing its Sweetheart. This year more than thirty-five coeds took part in the contest and our winner is truly the " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi. " Beautiful Margie Stavrum won the coveted title and was crowned at the annual Sweetheart Ball. From San Gabriel, California, Margie is a member of Pi Beta Phi Sorority. A freshman studying cultural anthropology, she has been active on the freshman staff of the Blue and Gold. The blond, blue-eyed beauty enjoys sewing and knitting as well as riding and all outdoor sports. As Sweetheart, Margie has served the Fraternity in many important capacities. She has been hostess at numerous functions, helped the Brothers welcome rushees, and represented Sigma Chi in campus beauty contests. SENIORS JUNIORS Steve Sternberg Don Worden Trent Whitington Marc Bosschart Ted Combrink Ty Ebright Bill Erickson JUNIORS John Garamendi Jim Henderson Bob Macri Dennis McElroy Nick Panzer John Rusev Jeff Thompson Rich Weinstock Dick Williams SOPHOMORES Bob Bixby Kim Christianson Jack Crane Rich Conti Walt Cunningham John Frantz Ron Schenk Pete Galindo John Schmidt Jim Graff Russell Smith Duane Hutchins Lance Widman Rick Kamman Ed Zaik FRESHMEN Jim Anderson Chuck Farrar Fred Hite Gary Humphreys Rudy Nolen Jay Jacobus Bill Buhles Jay Koch Pete Clark Mark O ' Brien Mike Gallagher Don Soegaard Larry Eslinger Larry Gruver John Wright SOPHOMORES FRESHMEN Harvey Boysen Joe Berry sigma phi 2307 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 ELEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Tom Alexander Mike Cheney Jim Boscoe Leigh Gaba Rod Marraccini JUNIORS Bill Heal Bill Reichert Rick Bowles Dick Holland Jim Stuart Russ Burbank Keith Jacobsen Stan Ferber sigma nu 2710 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Jerry Bernacchi Jim Calonico Nick Lammerman Harold Brown John Einhorn Dave Littleford Deen Rowe Roger Harker Mike Olbrantz John Teel SOPHOMORES Gary Venter Pete Van der Naillen Francis Jones Jack Padley Gary Vestermak Bill Crosby FRESHMEN Don Vicker Bob Laverty Alex Popov Jim Warren Craig London John Banker JUNIORS Edward Lebb John Roberts Tom Weersing Larry Pyle Paul de Martini Tom Gaiser Steve Singer Doug Ewers sigma phi epsilon 2316 Bowditch Street FOUNDED AT RICHMOND COLLEGE, 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Pierre Ted Esquivel Roger Kauffman Don Phelps Gary Robinson William White JUNIORS Mike Anikeeff Stephen Chipman James Christiansen Ken DeGusta Randy Edwards Dan Ford Neal Gibsen Dan Jukich John Wenz SOPHOMORES Tom Barth Mike Cross George Fedoroff Tom Loughran Craig Newnan Jim Sawyer SOPHOMORES Robert Yundt Terry Duryea Fred Marrah Norm Shea Rich Venning FRESHMEN Andrew Eschen Mark Seeley Bob Stewart Peter Whitmer Rich Bentley Jill Varney 1965 Sweerheart of Theta Chi theta chi 2499 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Paul Accampo Richard Cutler Robert du Pont Ronald Du Val Bill Gravlin Al Needham Donald Wehe JUNIORS Camdon Hubbard Bruce Lindsay Steve Stiefuater John Weeks SOPHOMORES Bob Brand George Clifford John Eckman Cristopher Johnson Michael Lind Jeff McClain Francis O ' Connor Michael Piazza Mick Pratico Timothy Rodgers FRESHMEN Bob Tkoch John Bouldry Theodore Miller William Smith David Williams Stanley Cross Stanley Nielsen Eric Thompson sigma pi 1816 Scenic Avenue FOUNDED AT VINCINNES UNIVERSITY, 1897 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 EIGHTY CHAPTERS Toya Wootan SENIORS Alan Adams Ralph Athenian Robert Gillette Anthony Granucci Martin Larsen Richard Maxwell JUNIORS Steven Hayes Louis Koppel Lance Mennucci Raymond Stupin SOPHOMORES Dennis Wootan FRESHMEN Francis Gaffney G. Mike Howard Douglas Lacey theta xi 1730 La Loma Avenue FOUNDED AT RENNSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS John Barnard William Howatt, Jr. Dixon Hill Stephen Leask Kent Lenhard Lee Oelke JUNIORS Tryal Edmundson Al Garth John Kroes Bill MacReynolds Dave Newhouse Dick Rasmussen FRESHMEN Ken Freitas Alan Herman Mike Mentas Richard Nelson Paul Quinn theta delta chi 2647 Durant Avenue FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTHERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED- 1900 THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Rick Gallien William Garvin, Jr. Samuel Johnson James Kirwan Ralph Kirwan Daniel Miller, Jr. Jim Olson Don Orosco Henry Richmond Charlie Schad Bob Stricklin Roger Swanson Cary Swoveland JUNIORS Donald Beeson Donald Bloodworth Bob Brinkworth Terrence Byrd Dan Canepa Steve Henrioulle James Jorgensen SOPHOMORES Roger Blanchard Jerry Brown Thomas Garrity William Gore, Jr. Jeff Marx Dave Minning Robert Motta Bob Nelson Jock Patton Thomas Rasmussen David Tarpley Terry Tusher FRESHMEN John Bellquist Larry Gardner Ken Lloyd JUNIORS Phil Maddux Louis Maire David Warnock Shel Wellins Robert Powell Fred Tomlins Thomas Topp, Jr. zeta beta tau 1712 Euclid Avenue FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Keith Liberman Michael Ron Roger Cherniss Mark Rothbart Les Harrison Robert Rothman Lewis Gale Harvey Saferstein B. Andrew Hoffman Joseph Schwab Floyd Hoffman Greg Sarna Michael Kossen James Waldman Laurence Hornick JUNIORS Robert Levin SOPHOMORES Robert Jacobs Marty Cooper Peter Birnstein David Brown David Cutner Howard Droher Martin Fishman Thomas Grossman James Isenberg Arnie Jaffe Ron Koslow Miki Lane Gary Lapid Barry Pearlman Lyle Poncher Cary Rudman Sheldon Sarfan Herbert Soloman Melvin Stanford Jim Steinberg John Tremblatt Jack Weisberg FRESHMEN John Charney Sam Davis Tom Gillman William Glass Gary Grenley Steve Vagoda Bill Licker James Okun Jim Ramo David Schneider Richard Schram Bruce Shapiro Barry Shulman Edward Woods zeta psi 2728 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY-SIX CHAPTERS Matthew Connelly Thomas Gaffney SENIORS James Bundschu Steven Harper Thomas Meyer James Moore Edgerton Scott, II Richard Thompson, Jr. JUNIORS Warren Chick Lemuel Cragholm, Jr. Paul Foster William Gunnell Dave Romney Peter Snowden Christian Solinsky JUNIORS Sam Stevens Robert Tocchini Wilfred Van Loben Sels George Viguie SOPHOMORES Huntley Castner John Hanson Stephen Lovette John McGrath Henry Miller John Moore Robert Parker George Partridge, Jr. Gil Sewall II Steven Solinsky Jeff Speich J. Brian Sunger Stephen Wehr Ralph Young FRESHMEN Tim Comstock Ellsworth Cragholm Chuck Ford Peter Hall Roger Mulholland Randy Monroe David Pettus Mark Silliphant Thomas Tryon Bruce Wild SENIORS James Clardy John Gosline Gary Code Bruce Cowger George Gracis tau kappa epsilon T K E 2725 Channing Way FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 TWO HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS T K E SENIORS Ray Mitchell Howard Reedy Tom Turner Russell Buss Michael Duffy Gary Hall Bob Quellmalz John Swing JUNIORS Michael Doyle Jon Giacomelli Kent McBride Jerry Boddum Lee Hugdal Mark Johnson Ron Jones Don Keldsen Dave Kerr John Kindler Steve Lamont Jim Leney Gary Martone Will Rochin Rain Schelp Jack Reding Bill Schmohl Alan Shirek Michael Urmann Mike White SOPHOMORES Ken Bardizian Nick Boke Mike Dillon Pete Duffey Dick Graves Steve Homer Robert Muhlbach Warren Newmark Mark Robbins Terry Smerling Bill Walker FRESHMEN Michael Aftergut Jack Estill Brutus T K E DAUGHTERS OF DIANE Shirley Abney Margie Ashe Janet Cheney Karen Colyear Judy Freeman Corinne Groper Pat Hamilton Gladys Houston Libby Markwart Alice Movius Bobs Mullen Carolyn Pardee Clair Rescei Nancy Stair Bonny Stewart Susan Van S. Brock Nancy Zebroski Dutch Zuckerman student index 554 activities index 566 student index A Abbey, Kathryn 438 Abbey, Richard 517 Abbott, Douglas 423 Abbott, Howard 409 Abbott, Kathleen 461 Abbott, Lorraine 461 Abbott, Robert 492 Abdallah, Paul 418 Abel, Martha 81, 149, 356 Abel, Russell 383 Abelson, Howard 356 Abney, Shirley 446, 552 Abrahamson, Jaye 356 Abrams, Linda Karen 448 Abramson, Joan 245, 432 Abramson, Lenore 420 Abramson, Norman 403 Abreu, Dennis 244, 260, 288, 356 Accampo, Jane 469 Accampo, Paul 541 Ackerman, Anne 420 Ackerman, Jean 428 Ackerman, Renee 448 Acosta, Edgardo 356 Adachi, Jane 249 Adamowicz, Carole 428 Adams, Alan 542 Adams, Carl 303, 330 Adams, Dale 486 Adams, Larry 286 Adams, Margaret 391 Adams, M. David 356 Adams, Mike 159, 160, 383 Adams, Robert T. 522 Adams, Stephen 516 Adams, Suzanne 380 Adamski, Terry 335 Adcock, Douglas 186,476 Adelman, Susie 393 Adler, David 510 Adolphson, Don 318,383 Aftergood, Greg 510 Aftergut, Michael 551 Agahi, Samad Habib 250 Agee, Irene 446 Ageno, Marilyn 443 Aggeler, Judy 44 Agnone, Linda 460 Ahnstedt, Marcia 356 Aiches, Marilyn 448 Ajaelo, Reggie 475 Aker, Stephen 480 Akers, Joseph 522 Akers, Stephen 481 Akey, Lawrence 225 Ako, Harry 412 Albeck, Johannes 507 Albert, John III 501 Albert, Rae 405 Alexander, David 356 Alexander, Judith 454 Alexander, Les 530 Alexander, Samuel 489 Alexander, Tom 535 Alfred, Laura 457 Allderdice, Carlton 512 Alleman, Richard 476 Allen, Christy 438 Allen, Daniel L. 356 Allen, Donna 386 Allen, Douglas 496 Allen, Emily 467 Allen, Janet 248 Allen, Jay 291, 502 Allen, Judy 227, 433 Allen, Margaret 210 Allen, Marilyn 81, 152, 224, 466 Allen, Mary Ann 468 Allen, William 520 Allred, Larry 528 Allyn, Judy 449 Almquest, Donna 170, 456 Almquist, Penny 437 Alpert, Seth 335 Alpert, Susan 357 Alterman, Lois 392 Altman, Neil 531 Alton, Jane 469 Alton, Richard 260 Altorfer, Walt 232, 484 Altree, Robyn 407 Alves, Pat 466 Alyassini, Mohammad 356 Amborn, Lloyd 225 Amdur, Judith 357 Ames, Jacquelyn 143, 438 Ames, Josselyn 439 Ames, Judy 356 Ames, Steve 528 Amidon, Diana 342, 385 Amromin, Joel 356 Amundsen, Joe 292, 311, 505 Anderson, Arlen 357 Anderman, Roger 408 Anderson, Bryce 403 Anderson, Candy 169 Anderson, Carol 469 Anderson, David 244 Anderson, Don 288 Anderson, Jim 286, 287, 306, 534 Anderson, Jock 501 Anderson, Jonelle 390 Anderson, Julie 356 Anderson, L. W. 244 Anderson, Margaret 356 Anderson, Marie 356 Anderson, Mel 234, 307 Anderson, Mike 286, 330 Anderson, Pete 244 Anderson, Posey 455 Anderson, Tom 501 Andre, Paula 445 Andree, Sally 467 Andres, Gary 237 Andresen, Judy 357 Andrews, Linda 466 Androlia, William 244, 291, 403 Anikeef, Michael 190, 538 Anthenien, Ralph 357, 542 Antola, Vic 529 Aoki, Thomas 260 Applegate, Bud 93, 481 Applegate, Jeanette 393 Arata, Jane 392 Araya, Aldo 93, 350 Arbios, Bob 333 Archer, William 320, 526 Archibald, Dave 244, 259, 327, 328, 329 Arden, Herbert 411 Arevalo, Bob 93, 260 Arley, Howard 530 Armer, Chris 587 Armstrong, Grant 518 Armstrong, Richard 93, 262, 493 Arnberg, Robert 396 Arnese, Gary 252 Arnold, Carol 93, 460 Arnoldy, Cathy 143, 469 Aronoff, Steve 396 Arora, Hari 357 Arreguy, Catherine 233, 404 Asahara, Keiko 392 Ashbrook, James 93, 356 Ashby, Larry 512 Ashcraft, Jim 93, 295, 300, 518 Ashcroft, Evie 84, 93, 181, 182, 229, 466 Ashe, Margi 227, 446, 523, 552 Ashley, Robert 475 Asime, Veronica 406 Aslanian, Patricia 392 Asling, Carol 461 Atkins, Rosemary 93, 356 Atterman, Kenneth 516 Atwood, Jim 93, 262, 356 Au, Sik-Kee 93, 237, 350 Auburn, Christine 440 Auerback, Sandy 464 Aumiller, Sue 93, 164, 450 Auser, Larry 286, 307 Austen, Lea 455 Austin, Brian 93, 251, 489 Austin, Gary 239, 403 Avery, Ann 466 Avery, William 480 Avitabile, Claudia 93, 460 Awaya, Lei Anne 356 Axelrod, Judy 418 Axelson, Laraine 93, 443 Axhelm, Kathi 441 Aylor, Gary 293 B Bachman, Barbara 385 Back, Ellen 406 Backeberg, Vickie 93, 283 Badgley, Lynne 422 Baechler, Jeffrey 412 Bagg, Carter 508 Baggerly, Susan 398 Baggett, Matthew 225 Baggett, Sharon 93 Bagley, Paul 93, 522 Bagnes, Diane 93, 338, 339, 356 Bagwell, Marilyn 93, 417 Bahl, Sunil 350 Bail, Carol 450 Bailess, Lynn 390 Bailey, Chip 496 Bailey, Joyce 81, 84, 93, 228, 229, 434 Bailiff, Daniel 481 Baird, Jim 234 Baker, Alan 93, 356 Baker, Blair 475 Baker, Dennis 93, 239, 356 Baker, George 147, 189 Baker, Jeff 292 Baker, John 384 Baker, Linda 93, 356 Baker, Linda 454 Baker, Margaret 93, 356 Baker, William 93, 252, 356 Bakke, Leta 391 Balabanian, Doris 356 Baldwin, Patricia 447 Baldwin, Virginia 93, 446 Bale, Chuck 481 Balint, Marianne 93 Ball, Carol 93, 338 Ballard, Robert 93, 356 Ballhaus, William 514 Ballie, Reiden 169 Ballou, Beverly 93, 356 Ballow, Robert 528 Banducci, Larry 93, 503 Bandy, Connie 461 Bank, Brad 172 Banker, John 537 Banki, Jalal 93, 415 Banks, Susan 93, 356 Bannister, Roy 477 Bard, David 152 Bardin, John 521 Bardizian, Ken 551 Bardwell 380 Barish, Jean 93, 356 Barker, Carol 447 Barker, Jim 234, 260, 521 Barker, Karen 356 Barnard, John 543 Barnecut, Nancy 430 Barnes, Bobbie 448 Barnes, Larry 44 Barnes, Michael 396 Barnes, Phyllis 392 Barnes, Wendy 445 Barnett, Ellen 186 Barnett, Judy 231, 249 Barnhart, Dave 239 Baron, Barry 492 Baron, Bill 251 Baron, Stuart 478 Barr, Carolyn 233, 386 Barr, Harvey 411 Barr, Sue 446 Barrett, Kim 526 Barron, Jerry 508 Barron, Nanette 185, 468 Barron, Richard 307 Barron, Thomas 244 Barry, Barbara 170, 457 Barry, Sue 461 Barsky, Bill 530 Barta, John 396 Barth, Thomas 538 Bartlett, James 526 Bartlett, Joyce 438 Bartlett, Richard 517 Bartlett, Sheila 251 Barton, Sue 459 Barwick, Tom 236, 238 Basch, Julie 439 Baskin, Fred 475 Baskin, Steve 478 Bass, Diane 393 Batchelder, Lynn 398 Batchelder, Ron 318 Bates, Marel 169, 356 Batt, Terry 406 Bauer, India 338 Bauer, Mei-Ling 380 Bauer, Norman 412 Baum, Penny 356 Baumbach, Erma 356 Baumgardner, Lee 286 Baumgartner, James 356 Bautista, Mike 396 Bava, Carol 391 Baxter, Jean 356 Baxter, Marsha 169, 356 Baxter, Nancy 405 Baxter, William 225, 264, 356 Beach, Barbara 452 Beach, Carolyn 456 Beahrs, Richard 526 Beals, Janice 414 Bear, Joshua 356 Beare, Susan 213 Beare, Virginia 359 Beasley, John 260, 277, 288 Beattie, Alex 239 Beattie, Christine 356 Beaty, Forrest 259, 327, 328 Beauchamp, George 356 Beaumont, Jinky 417 Beber, Linda 441 Beck, Joel 194 Beck, Michael 474 Beck, Nancy 356 Beck, Sandy 325 Beck, Steve 252 Becker, Albert 225 Becker, Elizabeth 342 Becker, Glen 189, 233 Becker, Stephen 81, 394 Beckett, William 335, 508 Beckstead, Karen 84, 228, 229, 356 Beckwith, Ed 320, 397 Bedecarrax, Edmund 418 Beedy, Tish 457 Beeman, Howard 232, 234 Beeman, Michael 492 Beeson, Donald 544 Beeson, Jane 447 Behrend, Wayne 382 Beilock, Steve 491 Beim, Robert 481 Beirne, Ross 396 Beisner, Laurel 410 Belden, Bonnie 440 Bell, Barbara 241 Bell, Chip 81, 146, 152, 316, 503 Bell, Doug 491 Bell, James 244, 356 Bellinger, Robin 358 Bellows, Charles 514 Bellquist, John 225, 545 Belzer, Robert 478 Benamati, Linda 172, 453 Bender, Barbara 392 Bender, Carole 428 Benesch, Jacqueline 432 Benjaminson, Pete 189, 233 Benko, Eileen 414 Benko, Ludwig 291 Benmayor, Rina 356 Bennett, Barbara 393 Bennett, Bobbie 453 Bennett, Bruce 482 Bennett, Diane 386 Bennett, Leslie 85, 338 Bennett, Stephen 474 Bennett, William 384 Benson, John 286, 306, 526 Bent, Mickey 438 Bentley, Richard 343 Bentley, Rick 292, 507, 539 Bentley, Stella 231, 400 Benya, Paul 305 Benzler, Bruce 267 Beougher, Sally 430 Berdahl, Karen 152, 170 Beren, Pete 403 Berg, David 356 Berg, Janice 405 Berg, Jonathan 405 Berger, Sidney 356 Berger, Teddi 432 Berghuis, Florence 405 Bergquam, James 356 Beritzhoff, Ann 398 Berkman, Craig 394 Berland, Bill 226, 356 Berlandt, Konstantin 189 Berlin, Robert 482 Berlin, Susan 386 Berliner, Art 524 Berman, Daniel 356 Berman, Jerry 225 Berman, Lee 173, 356 Bernacchi, Jerald 536 Bernard, Robert 397 Bernard, Sidney 166 Bernhardt, Christian 359 Bernheim, Larry 167 Bernstein, Barry 397 Bernstein, Jay 359 Bernstein, Jenny 432 Bernstein, Robert 478 Berrin, Andrea 152, 387 Berrington, William 403 Berry, Barbara 463 Berry, Joe 535 Bertagnolli, Gregory 501 Bertagnolli, Janet 459 Bertuzzi, Don 403 Berwick, Richard 478 Besin, Charles 350 Besin, Nicole 393 Besio, Steve 286,526 Bethel, Anne 400 Bettelheim, Ann 433 Bevan, Mary 447 Beyer, Joseph 356, 433 Beyersdorf, Tom 244 Beytin, Anne 356 Bialosky, Richard 525 Biave, Kandy 448 Bibel, David 510 Bickerstaff, Lynn 454 Bidart, Betsy 227, 443 Bidwell, Genielle 356 Biedak, Bernard 487 Bierce, Al 262 Bigelow, Talie 263, 509 Biggle, Phoebe 391 Billings, Linda 356 Billington, Maggi 390 Bills, Mary 143, 469 Binder, Bill 293, 313 Binger, Nancy 439 Bingham, Sue 453 Binn, Robert 356 Biosotti, Jo Ann 461 Bird, Marie 469 Bird, Sandra 356 Birenbaum, Dave 478 Birnbaum, Philip 357 Birnbaum, Roger 475 Birnstein, Peter 546 Birsinger, Bonnie 467 Bishin, Barry 189, 233 Bishop, Elizabeth 430 Bistrow, Eric 524 Bixby, Bob 534 Bixby, Patrick 507 Bixler, Michael 493 Bjork, Barbara 169 Black, Douglas 475 Black, Gloria 357 Black, Kathy 445 Blackard, Susan 451 Blackburn, Stephen 502 Blackman, Dave 252 Blackman, Kathleen 85, 224 Blackman, Milton 251 Blacut, Gustavo 357 Blai, Ron 397 Blair, Jean 227, 462 Blais, Barbara 387 Blake, Elinor 433 Blake, Robert 225 Blakeney, James 260, 277, 284,288 Blakeney, Philip 357 Blanc, Nancy 357 Blanchard, Joan 441 Blanchard, Marilyn 441 Blanchard, Roger 545 Blanchfield, Thomas 260, 288, 306 Bland, Barbara 357 Blandon, Pedro 291 Blank, Gary 382 Blank, Martin 225 Blankenship, Les 514 Blanks, Herbert 516 Blasdell, Clark 238 Blau, Jeff 291 Bledsoe, Marua 357 Blish, Donald 264, 357 Bliss, George 357 Bliss, Norm 333 Bliss, Phil 476 Bloatstone, Regis 232 Block, Bob 478 Block, Ronald 357 Block, Samuel 357 Bloodworth, Donald 291, 544 Bloom, Jon 510 Bloom, Jordan 231,403 Bloom, Kathie 263, 453 Bloom, Richard 525 Blower, Mimi 438 Bluestein, Lou 221 Blum, Bonnie 449 Blum, Joseph 382 Blum, Michael 357 Blumberg, Lawrence 412 Blumberg, Marti 432 Blumberg, Sandy 420 Blumenfeld, Bonnie 437 Blumenthal, Lynn 406 Blunt, Ralph 510 Blythe, Eugena 420 Boatright, Dean 512 Bobrow, Morris 225 Bocian, Maureen 213 Bock, Elena 390 Bock, Fr ed 264, 418 Boddum, Jerry 551 Boeck, Carol 456 Boeger, Karen 428 Bogardus, Burton 357 Bogle, Peter 408 Bogle, Sara 357 Bohigan, Maxine 165 Boke, Nick 551 Boland, Marcia 466 Boldemann, Nancy 438 Boles, Sharon 430 Bollinger, Robin 500 Bond, Harold 325 Bondinell, William 475 Bondshu, Beth 460 Bonner, Barbara 438 Bonsall, Lin 447 Bonura, Angele 467 Book, Steve 383 Bookman, Pamela 357 Bookman, Robert 384 Bookstein, Norman 342 Boone, Jerry 418 Boone, Maria 452 Boone, Richard 487 Boortz, Don 403 Boot, Albert 501 Booth, Judy 443 Booth, Linda 443 Booth, Robert 357 Boothby, Josselyn 445 Boothe, Paul 419 Boozer, Joe 252 Borad, Diane 410 Borowski, Elizabeth 357 Borden, Bette 447 Borden, Elizabeth 454 Borden, Ellen 386 Bordner, Jon 475 Borden, David 161,530 Boreman, Gail 417 Borgman, Bruce 357 Borla, Kathleen 450 Borra, Gloria 420 Borys, Sally 405 Boschken, Buzz 514 Boscoe, Jim 535 Bosley, Gary 491 Boss, John 415 Boss, Michael 486 Bosschart, Marc 533 Bosso, Robert 225 Boston, Bruce 357 Bottorf, Mimsie 430 Boudett, John 501 Boudett, Kathleen 438 Bouhaben, Diane 458 Bouhaben, Nancy 459 Bouldry, John 541 Bouton, Richard 518 Bowe, Gary 481 Bowles, Rich 535 Bowman, Roberta 390 Bowman, Victor 357 Boyd, Bob 226 Boyd, Brig 459 Boyd, Dave 252 Boyd, Karen 468 Boyd, Randy 499 Boyer, Barbara 392 Boyl, Kathryn 436 Boyle, David 357 Boyle, Ed 491 Boysen, Harvey 555 Bozinovich, Slobadankia 357 Brace, Chuck 521 Braden, Lawrence 413 Braden, Richard 357 Bradford, Sue 446 Bradley, Jerrold 260, 288, 306, 307 Bradley, Mike 233 Bradley, Pat 394 Bradley, Russ 330 Bradner, Bari 466 Brady, Linda 439 Brady, Liz 434 Braff, Brian 251 Bragg, David 489 Brakesman, Robert 501 Brand, Bob 541 Brandler, Jon 525 Brandli, Bruno 189 Brandt, Karen 462 Brandt, Louise 357 Brannin, Richard 251, 488 Branson, James 188, 233 Brant, Karen 463 Bratten, Marsha 83, 85, 228, 229, 338, 357 Brautigam, Pat 152, 401 Bray, Peter, 236, 238 Break, Michael 496 Breck, Daniel 489 Bredsen, Alan 357 Bremner, Rick 357 Brennam, Ruth 428 Bresnik, Harold 357 Brewer, Darlene 357 Brewer, Joel 161 Brewer, Mary 357 Brewer, R. Kent 496 Brians, Michael 499 Bricker, William 514 Bridges, Hollon 320, 515 Brifman, David 481 Briggs, Germaine 420 Briggs, Larry 167, 226, 507 Briggs, Marilyn 241, 420 Briggs, Russell 236 Brigham, Linda 434 Brightman, Cliff 357 Brinck, Steve 502 Briney, Lester 403 Brinkley, Barbara 339, 457 Brinkman, Chris 227, 459 Brinkmann, Donald 500 Brinkworth, Bob 226, 544 Brizzo, Paul 244 Broadhead, Frank 516 Broadkey, Bruce 478 Broady, Lisa 229, 466 Broback, Donald 512 Brock, Nancy 453 Brodahl, David 477 Brodie, Bruce 335 Brodie, Melvyn 260, 288 Brodrick, Steve 507 Brody, Risa 410 Brogan, Betty 464 Broline, Louis 397 Bromberg, Robin 386 Bron, Karolyn 357 Brooke, Scott 492 Brooks, Barbara 417 Brooks, Sandra 430 Brother, Patricia 440 Brothers, Lynda 405 Brower, Susanna 339 Brown, Brenda 432 Brown, Byron 411 Brown, Cheryl 451 Brown, David 244 Brown, David H. 486 Brown, David J. 481, 546 Brown, David K. 291, 477 Brown, Deborah 357 Brown, Dennis 252 Brown, Donald 81 Brown, Douglas 394 Brown, Douglas B. 384 Brown, Faye 440 Brown, Frank 333 Brown, Gerald 212 Brown, Gloria 202, 433 Brown, Harold 536 Brown, Jerry 545 Brown, Kathleen 166, 213, 466 Brown, Lea 393 Brown, Linda 81, 143, 146, 147, 152, 164, 443 Brown, Linda L. 468 Brown, Lindsay 420 Brown, Margaret 357 Brown, Mary 456 Brown, Phil 172 Brown, Richard 320 Brown, Robert 403 Brown, Ruth 457 Brown, Susan 357, 410 Brown, Susan L. 410 Brown, Sylvia 434 Brown, Teppie 446 Brown, Tommie 306 Browning, Patricia 391 Brownlee, Cathy 241, 310, 391 Brownlee, Donald 382 Brubaker, Kim 81, 86, 228, 229, 436 Brubaker, Stu 234, 244 Brubaker, Suzanne 431 Bruce, Jim 330 Bruce, Susan 416 Brudno, Susan 358 Brumund, Richard 358 Brush, Nancy 359 Brush, Shelly 458 Brutus Epsilon III 551 Bruzzone, Andree 466 Bryan, Barry 526 Bryan, Brad 320 Bryan, John 237, 518 Bryson, Dottie 450 Buchanan, Gail 199, 445 Buchanan, Linda 358 Buchanan, Steve 313, 358 Buck, Elizabeth 393 Buck, James 358 Buck, Lilla 405 Buck, Walt 84, 224, 226, 260, 516 Bucken, Louise 358 Buckley, Mike 202 Buckley, Rich 291, 307, 508 Budge, Daphne 152, 164, 229, 230, 462 Budgett, Harvey 252 Budman, Norm 190, 244 Buehrens, Wesley 237, 403 Buettner, Michael 397 Buhles, Bill 535 Buist, Paul 474, 487 Bulin, Marion 358 Bullivant, Sandra 358 Bunch, Donald 320, 324, 502 Bundrick, Carla 165 Bundschu, James 234, 548 Burbank, Russel 535 Burchett, Alan 358 Burchfield, Jerry 358 Burg, Bobbi 433 Burger, Dennis 478 Burger, Donna 457 Burke, Gerald 418 Burke, Thomas 260 Burness, Earnest 225 Burnett, Fred 477 Burnett, Pamela 457 Burns, Mary Jane 17, 227, 230, 442 Burns, Nina 469 Burns, Sheila 404 Burnstein, Barry 510 Burpee, Nancy 420 Burr, Eric 343 Burrows, Bill 84, 226, 244 Burrows, Lynn 438 Burton, Pat 263, 454 Bury, Susan 420 Busacca, William 358 Busch, Lorraine 358 Busch, Niven 486 Bush, Dottie 143, 456 Bushee, Grant 526 Buss, Russell 551 Butler, Bart 391, 526 Butler, Becky 437 Butler, Cornelia 358 Butler, Jeanne 437 Butler, Jim 202 Butler, Kathy 386 Butterworth, Thomas 502 Buttimer, Sheri 457 Byrd, Terence 544 Byrn, Barbara 434 Byrne, Mike 507 Byrne, Susan 402 Byrum, Claudia 81, 83, 358, 386 Bystrom, Gary 260, 288, 521 C Cady, Jocelyn 358 Cagnacci, Linda 386 Cairns, Kathleen 434 Calderwood, William 499 Caldwel, Candy 358 Caldwell, Penny 402 Caldwell, William 234, 521 Calegari, Ronald 234, 244, 260, 288 Calegari, Stephen 516 Calhoun, John 341, 499 Callahan, Hester 357 Callaway, Bill 503 Callaway, Michael 474 Collin, Tom 515 Collis, Deanna 468 Callner, Barbara 357 Callow, Cheska 400 Callow, Dorothy 434 Calmer, John 512 Calonico, James 536 Camarena, Bob 408 Cameron, Tim 234 Camisa, Elaine 436 Campagnoli, Joy 453 Campbell, Bob 234 Campbell, Bonnie 400 Campbell, David 496 Campbell, Glennis 430 Campbell, Jack 500 Campbell, James 520 Campbell, Karen 400 Campbell, Loralee 193, 436 Campbell, Robert 526 Campbell, Suzanne 387 Campion, Sis 229, 235, 338, 458 Camras, Patti 448 Canary, Pat 380, 386 Cancienne, Bonnie 230, 436, 523 Canepa, Dan 544 Cannata, Susan 440 Cannon, Janis 445 Canoles, David 244 Cantin, Chuck 318 Cantlon, John 260, 288, 307, 526 Cantrell, Geoffrey 358 Caplan, George 226, 472, 524 Caplener, Nancy 358 Carash, Karen 387 Cardenas, James 357 Caren, Jeffrey 189, 530 Carey, Alan 411 Carey, Bill 396 Carino, Lita 381 Carison, Janice 386 Carjola, Karen 443 Carkeet, Ross 252, 358 Carl, Edward 408 Carl, Skip 521 Carle, Cheryl 410 Carlenzoli, Leroy 516 Carll, Sandy 241 Carlsen, Lynnda 400 Carlsen, Susan 227, 430 Carlson, Chris 234 Carlson, Gloria 420 Carlson, Janice 387 Carlson, Karen 246, 439 Carlson, Margaret 184, 441 Carlson, Rowena 380 Carlson, Sharon 446 Carlson, Susan 446 Carman, Don 501 Carman, James 181 Carnes, Dennis 408 Carniglia, Charles 414 Carnohan, Kristin 313 Carns, Keith 403 Carpenter, Nancy 381 Carr, Niles 418 Carr, Peyton 486 Carr, Tim 291,486 Carr, William 511 Carragher, James 184 Carroll, Jon 357 Carroll, Paul 97 Carson, Stan 423 Carter, Dale 341 Carter, Dorothy 230, 434 Carter, Jeff 358 Carter, William 244 Cartwright, Richard 244 Caruthers, Mary Clare 358 Case, Charleen 358 Case, Richard 358 Cash, Nicki 410 Cason, James 226 Castaner, Pedro 239 Castner, Huntly 549 Cate, George 320, 324, 519 Catelli, John 358 Cauldwell, Charles 480 Cavagnaro, Richard 350, 358 Cavalier, Carolyn 97, 458 Cavanaugh, Jody 97, 249, 446 Cecil, Christine 97, 404 Cederroth, Christer 97, 350, 358 Cerruti 239 Cesar, Lilia 450 Chalberg, Connie 227, 453 Chamberlain, Edith 434 Chamberlain, Frankie 438 Chamberlain, John 97, 491 Chan, Baldwin 238, 342, 350, 358 Chan, Daniel 97, 350, 358 Chan, Darlene 250, 358 Chan, Elsie 99, 358 Chan, Helene 99, 350 Chan, Mimi 99, 190 Chan, Robert 473 Chan, Wyman 99, 189 Chancellor, Allan 238 Chang, Norman 99, 231 Chang, Shirley 99, 358 Chapel, Joan 149, 230, 357, 442 Chapla, Ed 500 Chaplin, Terry 99, 468 Chapman, Candace 99 Chapman, Carol 461 Chapman, David 99 Chapman, Joan 433 Chapman, Patricia 86, 99, 228, 229, 462 Charlton, Patricia 438 Charney, Joan 547 Chase, Christine 407 Chase, Diana 387 Chase, Michael 99, 358 Chase, Ron 99, 507 Chasteen, Linda 417 Chayne, Charles 99, 359 Chen, Erwin 99, 358 Chen, Pratin 99, 358 Chen, Yvonne 99, 350 Chenault, Donna 391 Cheney, Janet 436,552 Cheney, Merrick 99, 358 Cheney, Mike 99, 535 Cheng, Raymond 513 Cherin, Judy 392 Chernik, Pete 99, 503 Cherniss, Roger 99, 546 Cherry, Jim 161, 510 Chesbro, Mary 434 Chessell, John 99, 359 Cheung, Andrew 99, 359 Chew, Ivan 513 Chew, Kendaline 99, 359 Chew, William 99, 343, 487 Chiappone, Bob 306, 308 Chiarolla, Victor 99, 514 Chick, Warren 548 Chickering, Ann 458 Childhouse, Holly 152 Childs, Carol 152, 159, 160, 164, 167, 224, 229, 230, 469, 477 Chilton, Cala 99, 420 Chin, Crodd 260 Chin, Patricia 99 Ching, Linda 386 Chinn, Betsy 99, 359 Chipman, Stephen 538 Chisholm, Margaret 99, 359 Chisholm, Rick 492 Chmielewski, Gerald 359 Chough, Dong 99,350 Chow, Gregory 99, 231, 350 Chow, Joanne 392 Choy, Benson 99 Chretien, Roger 99, 487 Christensen, Rheta 143, 230, 461 Christiansen, James 538 Christiansen, Kim 534 Christie, Linda 99, 420 Chu, Kenneth 513 Chu, Stan 513 Chudacoff, Marsha 99, 432 Chudanoff, Joan 100, 420 Chudner, Trudy 100, 359 Chumbley, George 100, 415 Chun, Ronald 100, 359 Chun, Wendall 513 Chung, Art 382 Chung, Po-Tong 100,404 Cianciarulo, Claire 100, 462 Citron, Coral 393 Clancy, Patricia 100, 359 Clapp, Ann 100, 444 Clapp, Kathy 393 Clardy, James 100, 550 Clare, Shiela 359 Clark, Alison 446 Clark, Andora 393 Clark, Carolyn 439 Clark, James 100, 359 Clark, Joe 233 Clark, Karen 391 Clark, Marilyn 169 Clark, Pamela 100, 454 Clark, Pete 535 Clark, Sue 167 Clark, Thomas 100, 382 Clarke, Donald 100, 359 Clarke, Robert 100, 359 Clarke, Tom 486 Clary, Sharon 461 Clausing, George 244 Clay, Bill 234 Clay, Sylvia 182, 233, 434 Clayton, Norman 474 Clayton, William 100, 526 Claywell, Patricia 100 Cleek, John 396 Cleland, Christopher 489 Cleone, Carol 100, 233 Clevenger, Bob 292, 293 Clevenger, Diane 100, 430 Clewell, William 100, 359 Cliff, Bob 237 Clifford, Craig 501 Clifford, George 238, 291, 541 Clifford, Sharon 410 Clift, Shirley 457 Clifton, Robert 100, 359 Clirehugh, Robert 244, 512 Clute, Millie 100, 235 Coates, Barbara 455 Coates, Judith 152, 466 Coates, Leonard 394 Coats, Warren 100 Coble, John 488 Cobleigh, Don 100, 234, 521 Cochran, Kathie 434 Cockrell, Robert 181, 225 Code, Gary 550 Codoner, Emilie 100, 235 Coffin, Granville 100, 359 Coffman, Judith 405 Coffman, Leslie 100, 359 Cogen, Harvey 343 Cognetta, Joan 469 Cohen, Betsy 81, 148, 149, 163, 230, 440 Cohen, Marty 166 Cohen, Michael 100, 152 Cohen, Susan 100,359 Cohenour, John 382 Cohn, Ronald 100, 359 Coit, Joan 100, 359 Coit, Robert 152 Coker, Jr., Charles 100, 522 Colberg, Lynn 100 Cole, Cathy 462 Cole, Kenneth 291 Colet, Jimmy 100 Colliau, Steven 507 Collins, Constance 163 Collins, Harvey 239 Collister, Joel 403 Colombano, Alan 515 Colstad, Ken 418 Colton, Larry 100, 521 Coltrin, Catherine 100, 452 Coltrin, Cindy 100, 452 Colyear, Karen 447, 552 Combrick, Ted 553 Comstock, Tim 101, 549 Concepcion, Frank 412 Conde, Souareba 136, 350, 372 Condict, Wayne 491 Conlan, Butch 484 Conley, Larry 101 Conlin, Charles 408 Conn, Bob 335,512 Connell, John 237 Connelly, Matthew 226, 472, 548 Conner, Pete 408 Conner, Sue 393 Connor, Francis 101, 359 Constantine, Laurie 417 Conti, Rich 167, 534 Conwell, Mary 101, 359 Cook, Derry 489 Cook, Jennifer 398 Cook, Joan 101 Cook, Margaret 101,359 Cook, Richard 101, 474 Cooke, Charles 382 Cooke, Mary Jane 101,434 Cookson, Katherine 462 Coombs, Walter 488 Coon, Cynthia 407 Coons, John Coons, Priscilla 385 Coop, Robert 394 Cooper, Donald 238 Cooper, Larry 101 Cooper, Marky 439 Cooper, Marty 546 Cooper, Sandi 433 Cooper, Steve 101 Cooper, Sue 101,452 Cooper, Thomas 260, 320 Cooperman, Jim 382 Coplen, Jack 486 Corbelli, Terri 86, 101, 159, 160, 169, 229, 468 Corbett, Arnold 101, 518 Corbett, Jr., William 101, 500 Corday, Joanne 152, 164, 224, 227, 229, 263, 433 Cordi, Joyce 101, 359 Cordom, Tom 248 Corenman, James 403 Corlett, Barbara 417 Corlett, Cam 447 Corley, James 225 Cornelius, Gary 295, 302 Cornelius, Larry 412 Corp, Richard 333, 382 Cortén, Dick 85, 101, 181, 192, 233, 359 Cortese, Rick 357 Cosgriff, Barbara 450 Cosgrove, Trish 391 Cosper, Larry 101, 359 Costa, William 494 Costales, Eileen 101,468 Costello, Anne 229, 446 Costello, Gayle 101, 357 Couch, Marge 460 Coulter, Judy 381 Coulter, Richard 244 Coulter, Terrence 359, 522 Courchesne, Alfred 101, 259 327, 518 Courtright, Craig 474 Cousins, Robert 101, 359 Covell, Alice 451 Coveny, Carleton 101,516 Coverdale, Charles 101, 507 Coverley, Marjorie 101,446 Covey, Ronald 493 Cowan, Les 478 Cowan, Peter 316, 501 Cowee, Bruce 503 Cowee, David 101, 503 Cowen, Janet 448 Cawger, Bruce 101, 234, 550 Cox, Jane 407 Cox, Janet 467 Cox, John 507 Cox, Marlene 453 Cox, Troy 286 Coy, Judith 430 Cragholm, Ellsworth 548 Cragholm, Lemuel 548 Craig, Brian 529 Cramer, Irl 382 Cramer, Mary 176, 263 Crane, Barbara 101,359 Crane, Edward 324 Crane, Jack 534 Crane, Marilyn 467 Crane, McClennen 509 Cravens, Brandy 455 Cravens, Carol 455 Crawford, Jim 293 Crawford, Lynn 455 Crawford, Mike 101,491 Crawford, Thomas 394 Craycroft, Gary 33, 486 Crayne, Chuck 248 Creager, James 101 Crenshaw, Steve 408 Criqui, Michael 101 Crist, Gerorge 484 Crist, Liz 462 Crittenden, Robert 526 Crock, Marilyn 341 Crocker, Jane 102 Crockett, David 335, 496 Cronk, Rick 292 Cronk, William 102, 526 Crookston, Pamela 385 Cropper, Don 236 Cropsey, Sharon 441 Crosby, Bill 436 Crosby, Meg 459 Crosby, Peter 501 Cross, Bob 333, 508 Cross, Mike 538 Cross, Patricia 440 Cross, Robert 394 Cross, Stanley 541 Crossman, Carol 102, 185, 233, 450 Crow, George 189 Crowder, Susan 436 Crummer, Keith 252 Cryer, Cathy 261,552 Crymes, Stuart 412 Cufforth, Rich 397 Cullen, Richard 529 Cullom, James 225, 307 Culver, David 359 Culver, Jan 249, 446 Cumming, Betty 393 Cumming, Jim 486 Cummings, Patricia 83, 102, 359 Cummings, Richard 480 Cummings, Sheri 83, 102, 159, 160, 164, 229, 241, 386 Cummings, Stephen 303 Cunningham, Dick 505 Cunningham, Glenn 359 Cunningham, Sandy 170, 202, 457 Cunningham, Stephen 508 Cunningham, Walt 316, 534 Curlett, Jim 502 Curney, Suzanne 391 Curran, Ann 102, 458 Currie, Charlie 286 Currier, Craig 403 Curry, Donald 102, 359 Curry, Tom 502 Curtice, Lawrence 102, 359 Curtis, Gary 501 Curtis, Mary 410 Curtis, Richard 260 Curtis, Susan 461 Curtner, Walt 512 Cushing, Charles 225 Cusiamano, Ribert 397 Custer, Jeff 397 Cuthbert, Steve 102, 496 Cuthbutt, Steve 232 Cutler, Geoffrey 508 Cutler, Marion 102, 466 Cutler, Richard H. 102, 541 Cutler, Stuart 530 Cutner, David A. 546 Cutter, Constance 102, 438 Cuyler, Jacqueline L. 102, 440 Cykman, Gregory P. 494 Cyr, Rod 187 Cyrog, Linda 447 D Dahl , Bob 397 Dahl, Roger B. 521 Dahlbey, Janet 434 Dake, Marc 479 Dalmas, Paul 394 Dal Porto, James P. 517 Dal Porto, William F. 263, 423 Dalrymple, Liz 429 Dalton, Lynn 387 Daly, Paula T. 102, 426 Damman, Lorene M. 359 Dang, Katherine J. 416 Daniel, Susan M. 448 Daniel, Tobie 390 Daniels, Jerry 396 Danielsan, Joan 338 Danilovich, Jean 455, 491 Danilovich, John 490 Danley, David L. 515 Danner, Alfred E. 102, 359 Danow, James 244 D ' aoust, Diane 400 Darby, Donna 102, 468 Darley, Chuck 319 Darron, Feldstein 357 Darrow, Christine 443 Dash, Richard 320, 324, 359 Dashen, Alan 419 Daube, Joyce 102,359 Daum, Valerie 454 Dautoff, Stephen 102, 359 David, Max 479 David, Nancy 407 Davidson, Andrea 230 Davidson, Diane 434 Davidson, Diane Carol 102 ,359 Davidson, Mary 420 Davidson, Ronald 510 Davidson, Ruth S. 448 Davies, Burton 225 Davis, Alix 451 Davis, Anne 454 Davis, Bradford 419 Davis, Carolyn Anne 387 Davis, Gary 226, 486 Davis, J. D. 472 Davis, Karen 102, 432 Davis, Linda 442 Davis, Nancy 393 Davis, Nancy 102, 223 Davis, Nancy 429 Davis, R. Joseph, III 486 Davis, Rayna 102, 432 Davis, Richard G. 102, 500 Davis, Sam 546 Davis, Susan 400 Davis, William 225 Davisson, Malcolm 225 Dawg , Peter 102, 481 Dawson, Dan 382 Dawson, Gail E. 102, 357 Dawson, Homer 342 Deal, Leonard 408 Dean, Donald L. 102, 330, 423 Dean-Turner, Robert 492 Dearstyne, Robert 102, 475 Deats, Pam 434 DeBell, John 412 Debely, Susan 436 Decker, Judi 381 Dee, Janie 249 Deetz, Thomas Richard 102, 359 DeForest, Craig, G. 102, 320, 359 DeFriez, Gerbert H. 475 Degenhardt, Thomas C. 526 Deguchi, Phyllis 102, 360 DeGusta, Ken 538 De Haan, Warren 102, 251, 360 De Haas, George J. 102, 360 de Hart, Carolyn 380 Dekar, Paul Richard 85, 102, 159, 160, 163, 447 Delort, Francis 360 Delucchi, De De 466 Del Tredici, Peter 382 Delwiche, Alan 515 De Marco, Maria 420 De Maria, Tony 492 De Martini, Paul 537 Demetrescu, Jeffrey 102, 360 Dennes, William 225 Dennett, Ann 310 Dentis, Kathleen 407 Denton, Charles 496 Denton, Linda S. 190, 191 Denton, Royal L. 488 De Paoli, Susan 451 Der, Doreen 102, 357 De Roo, Danielle 357, 445 Derr, Richard 500 Derre, Diane 428 Derry, Cook 62, 489 Dersheimer, Ann 457 De Segur, Gerald 403 De Sellem, Marlene 466 Des Lauriers, Andrea 401 Detoy, Sheila A. 430 Deus, Jr. John E. 102, 500 DeVault, Christine 391 DeVault, Robert 522 Devine, Frank 515 Devoto, Dan 102, 261, 263 Dewell, Adrienne 87, 102, 166, 167, 184, 229, 466 Dexter, Di 102, 446 Dey, Ann B. 462 Dhand, Narendra R. 350 Diamond, Alan 260, 320 Diamond, Josh 212 Diamond, Mike 525 Diamond, Sharon 360 Diangson, Walter 496 Dibble, Ian F. 486 Dichter, Bruce 403 Dick, Mary L. 436 Dickel, Jane 152, 163, 442 Dickens, Barry 181, 197 Dickin son, John 397 Dickinson, Ralph 307, 521 Dickinson, Mrs. 163 Dickinson, William 225 Dicochea, George W. 489 Diehl, John 474 Diehl, Patricia 86, 103, 213, 228, 229, 338, 360 Diefschneider, Jim 103, 236, 360 Dietrich, Paul 475 Dietz, Richard 487 Di Giorgio, Barbara 398 Di Graccia, Robert 225 Di Grazia, Marlene C. 103, 357 Dill, Marjorie 165 Dillehay, D. R. 103, 360 Diller, Dianne 103, 360 Dilley, Jill A. 103, 357 Dilley, William G. 251, 360 Dillingham, Matthew R. 103, 360 Dillon, Mike 551 Dilloway, Lynne 452 Dillon, Robert 497 Dinaburg, Daniel 103, 360 Disbrow, James A. 103, 360 Dixon, Cheryl 360 Dixon, Martha L. 103, 360 Dobbs, Greg. 152 Dobson, Perry 103, 474 Dobson, Richard 357 Dobson, Stephanie B. 103, 357 Dodge, Gordon P. 103, 360 Dodge, Steven L. 418 Doell, Terry 103 Doerflinger, David A. 103, 507 Doerflinger, Debbie 455 Doggett, Charles 396 Doi, Carole A. 391 Dolan, Diana 392 Dolan, Patricia D. 227, 446 Dolan, Virginia 462 Dolman, Samuel W. 103, 496 Domergue, Denise 438 Domoto, Gerald A. 103, 360 Don, Edward 103, 360 Donaldson, Charlie 244, 307 Donaldson, Steve 103, 244, 491 Donati, Margaret 442 Dones, Janet 393 Dong, Alex E. 103, 360 Donnelly, Thomas J. 382 Donoghue, Patsy 439 Donoghue, Peter 521 Donsky, JoJo 147 Doolan, Pamela M. 103, 360 Dopkins, William E. 152, 499 Doran, Cathleen 390 Dorcy, Daryl 508 Dorgeloh, Jane 103, 445 Dorn, Andi 103, 446 Dornin, Chris 459 Dorr, Diana 466 Dorranca, Jerry 397 Dorris, James W. 231 Dorsey, Andrew 162 Doud, Robert 397 Douds, Betty 445 Dougherty, Diane 164, 165, 230, 469 Dougherty, Jan 420 Doughty, Maureen 224, 227, 246, 462 Douthit, Eva 342 Dove, Michael 403 Dowd, Carolyn 434 Dowd, Judy 420 Dowell, Richard 505 Downer, Jane 87, 103, 229 Downey, Marilyn 466 Downey, Pete 501 Downing, Stephen 508 Doyle, Brian 239 Doyle, Karen 469 Doyle, Michael 551 Doyle, Patricia 104, 228, 229 Dracup, John 239 Drake, Joan 104, 360 Drange, Stu 491 Drennen, Diane 466, 477 Drew, April 447 Drew, John Gordon 499 Drew, Mary M. 360 Dreyfuss, Darian 454 Dreyfuss, Jo Ann 387 Droker, Howard 546 Drucker, Steven 403 Drummond, Stephen 526 Drummond, William J. 104, 360 Drury, Mimi 387 Duarte, Robert J. 104, 360 Dubrow, Michelle 449 Ducote, Joseph M. 288, 307, 501 Dudlow, I. 251 Dufalla, Dennis 212 Dufau, Marie Annette 104, 241 Duffey, Michael 551 Duffey, Pete 551 Duffy, Maureen 152, 167, 263, 462, 509 Duffy, T. M. 382 Duffy, Terry 104, 456 DuFrane, Ruth 162 Duino, Mark 403 Dully, Larry 519 Dumbauld, John 249 Duncan, Adrienne 386 Duncan, Dick 104, 360 Duncan, Ed 311 Duncan, Margaret Ines 88, 104, 160, 163, 176, 360 Dunker, Keith 104, 493 Dunlap, John P. 104, 360 Dunlap, Laura 181, 195 Dunlap, Lloyd Allen 104, 238, 360 Dunlap, Roy William 510 Dunlap, Tom 225 Dunn, Alice 360 Dunn, Joseph S. 104, 360 Dunn, Robin H. 104, 429 Dunning, Richard 397 Dunstan, Jeff 486 duPont, Robert W. 104, 541 Duran, Sylvia A. 104, 360 Durando, Paul 330, 423 Durant, Don 476 Durb row, Margaret 104, 458 Durein, John Paul 104, 238, 488 Duren, Glen 104, 360 Durgin, Harlan 403 Durkin, Bob 232, 492 Durney, Kim 459 Durney, Michael C. 104, 501 Duryea, Richard 335, 539 Dussault, Robert F. 360 Dutton, Robert 236 Du Val, Ronald W. 104, 541 Dvorak, John C. 194, 360 Dwight, David G. 152 Dwane, Dick 225 Dwelle, Walter 496 Dwyer, D. D. 343 Dwyer, Dennis 510 Dye, Deborah 467 Dyer, Steve 486 Dykes, Robert William 104, 360 Dysinger, Judy 88, 104, 164, 228, 229, 263, 360 Dzura, Stan 152, 260, 288, 306 Eads, James B. 487 Eagan, Joanne L. 104, 360 Eagen, Georgiana 104, 227, 438 Earhart, Jonathan 104 Earl, Carolyn 104, 468 Earle, Robert 104, 360 Easley, Pat 420 East, John 394 Easterbrooks, Joan 104, 357 Easton, Lisa 229, 248, 386 Easton, Miriam 104, 350 Eaton, Michael 231, 236 Ebert, Alan 104, 361 Ebert, Eric 418 Ebert, Jan 442 Ebright, Ty 553 Eckert, Philip 104, 499 Eckman, John 541 Eddington, Diane 104, 361 Eddy, Sara 453 Edelen, Pete 105, 361, 501 Edelman, Jon 479 Edelman, Marshall 104, 524 Edlefsen, Karen Ann 410 Edleheit, Joe 152 Edmonds, Duane 105, 532 Edmonds, Harvey 408 Edmunds, Mimi 172, 438 Edmundson, Tryal 543 Edwards, Kathryn Anne 105, 380, 410 Edwards, Marilyn 172, 410, 442 Edwards, Mike 508 Edwards, Perry 237 Edwards, Randall 260, 538 Edwards, Roger 517 Edwards, Susan 417 Edwards, Ted 481 Edwards, Jr. Thomas 181, 196, 264, 361 Effron, Joel 237 Efstratis, Andy 244 Egan, Jim 517 Egeberg, Jeff 492 Eggers, Jerry Arthur 105, 491 Eggert, G. William 105, 361 Eggertsen, Marline 385 Eggleton, Joan 445 Ehm, Betsey 230, 380, 387 Eichberg, Robert 530 Einhorn, John 105, 536 Eisen, Jay-Allen 105, 361 Eisenberg, Melissa 248 Eisenberg, Michael 510 Eisenshtat, Abby Tessa 105, 231, 361 Eisner, Melissa 105, 420 Eisner, Richard 105, 411 Elder, Jr., James R. 501 Elemad, M. 250 Eliasberg, Mike 195 Eliaser, Jerry 382 Elke, Everal 105, 361 Elkins, Richard D. 105, 361 Elliot, Karin 390 Elliot, Louise 430 Elliott, E. 251 Elliott, Harry 492 Elliott, Pamela Ann 105, 361 Elliott, Stan 163 Ellis, Leslie Merle 237, 489 Ellis, Stevie 442 Elm, Betsy 386 Elmer, Don 169 Elshire, Paula 400 Elsner, Robert 529 Elzarian, Elaine Karen 105, 361 Emami, Mahin 250 Emanuel, Myra 390 Emery, Elizabeth 462 Emge, Eugene 105,361 Emmons, Zette 407 Emrich, Ron 251 Endacott, Linda 386 Endelman, Todd 525 Endicott, Jr., David 303 Endo, Irene 361 Enfield, Ron 189 Eng, W. 251 Engle, David S. 262, 478 Engel, Fred 105, 361 Engel, Jon 525 EngeIman, Lionel 482 Engelman, Alex 412 Englund, Hallie 453 Engquist, Virginia 361, 385 Enseki, Paul 412 Epstein, Arnold 546 Epstein, Elisabeth 401 Epstein, Lora 417 Epstein, Ruth 189 Erb, Russell 552 Erbland, Jean 414 Erickson, Melene 105, 357, 361 Erickson, Bill 533 Erickson, Myron 260, 295, 518 Erickson, Ruth 477 Ericson, Gary 512 Erigero, Cathy 429 Erlanger, Howard 525 Ernest, Ron 105, 237, 361 Errunza, Vihang 105, 361 Erteszek, Victoria 456 Ertle, Russ 526 Eschen, Andrew 539 Eschenback, Willian 210 Escobedo, Richard 397 Eslinger, Larry 535 Espana, Carlos 286 Esterley, Sharon 88, 105, 361 Estes, Richard 423 Esquivel, Ted 105, 538 Estill, John 550 Estreich, Donald 397 Evans, Antony 105, 482 Evans, Berne 526 Evans, Ed 292, 311 Evans, Joanne 105, 361 Evans, Leigh 434 Evans, Ray 105, 260, 320, 323, 361 Evans, Steven 511 Evenson, Michael 510 Everett, Ben 239, 415, 419 Eversole, Pamela 239 Ewell, Dennis 403 Ewers, Douglas 537 Ewing, Barbara 152, 227, 441 Faber, Jan 189, 231, 530 Fabrick, Allan 479 Fagin, Pamela 464 Fahs, Susan 441 Fain, Bill 491 Fairman, Marc 479 Falconer, Arthur 105, 361 Falk, Jerry 202 Fall, Thomas 105, 361, 475 Falt, Jeffrey 105, 361 Ferrell, Carole 227, 404 Ferrell, Mary Leigh 434 Ferrell, James 260 Ferris, Carolyn 434 Ferris, Patricia Ann 106, 434 Fick, Sue 106, 420 Field, Bonnie J. 106, 231, 404 Field, Cathie 452 Field, Richard 260, 305 File, Ruth 394 Finch, Judy 310, 338, 390 Fine, Kathi 210 Fine, Marjorie 106, 361 Finger, Theodore 343, 481 Fink, Karen 106, 228, 229, 361 Finkenbinder, Wendy 106, 462 Finley, Barbara 106, 410 Firing, Sonja 390 Fishback, Dave 260, 327, 361 Fisher, Charles 488 Fisher, Dorothy 106, 199, 361 Fisher, Lawrence 403 Fisher, Page 439 Fisher, Rich 492 Fisher, Robert 106, 403 Fisher, Robert 81, 106, 166, 167, 362 Fisher, Robert L. 165, 315, 418 Fisher, Russell 232, 234, 492 Fisher, Susan 106, 361 Fishman, Irene 448 Fishman, Martin 546 Fishman, Ronnie 448 F itch, Kathleen 400 Fitzgerald, Elaine 106, 362 Fitzgerald, Sharon 169 Fitzpatrick, Patricia 407 Fitzpatrick, Virginia 407 Fitzsimmons, Michael 489 Flanagan, Barney 394 Flashman, Tommie 336, 530 Fleck, Wilbur 394 Fleischman, William 525 Fleishman, Allen 530 Fleming, Jay 106, 226 Fleming, Randy 493 Flemming, Arthur 106, 362 Fletcher, Shelby 466 Fletcher, Steven 494 Flier, Richard 408 Flinn, Frederick 481 Flitterman, Sharon 391 Flo, Myron 496 Flushman, Bruce 106, 362 Flynn, Bob 192 Flynn, John A. 362, 499 Flynn, Sharon 393 Fogarty, Tom 226 Fonda, James 237, 403 Fong, Clifford 513 Fong, Gene 106, 362 Fong, Gerlene 106, 362 Fong, Henry 239 Fong, Irene 106, 351 Fong, John 106, 362 Fong, Joyce 106, 410 Fong, Kirby 408 Fong, Lawrence 408 Fong, Mabel 106 Fong, Randall 513 Fong, Tony 513 Foote, David 419 Forakis, James 106, 403 Forbes, Bruce 307 Forbes, John 305 Forbes, Pierson 528 Forbes, Susan 81, 339, 457 Ford, Chuck 262, 549 Ford, Daniel 538 Foree, Marilynn 185, 460 Forister, Jeffrey 403 Forman, George 418 Forney, Janet 106, 390, 391 Forster, Kathie 429 Forte, Jim 251 Fortino, Carol 106, 362 Fossati, Elaine 106, 362 Foster, George 107, 226 Foster, Paul 232, 548 Foster, Roger 260, 288 Foster, Russell 1 07, 362 Foster, William G. 394 Foudy, Carole 430 Fowle, Marida 107, 362 Fowler, Elizabeth 469 Fowler, Lani 447 Fox, Angela 387 Fox, David 107, 482 Fox, Frederick 107, 362 Fox, Jack 107, 362, 507 Fox, John 382 Fox, Judith 107, 523 Fox, Sanford 478 Fox, Warren 167, 508 Fralic, Jeannene 442 Francis, Arthur 522 Francis, Gail 227 Francis, Larry 107, 491 Francis, Val 439 Francoz, Richard 415 Frank, Alice 442 Frank, Alice M. 442 Frank, Jeff 291, 476 Frank, John 505 Frank, Robert E. 107, 362 Franklin, Bruce 107, 362 Franklin, Jerome L. 107, 394 Franklin, Michelle 455 Frantz, John 534 Frantz, Ron 288 Franzen, Frederick R. 107, 412 Franzwa, Bill 237, 489 Fraser, Betsy 197 Fraser, Grace 107, 357 Fraser, Jack 286, 499 Fraumeni, Lynne 107, 362 Freber, Scott M. 107, 362 Fredericks, Katharine R 149, 230, 451 Freeborg, Susan J. 362 Freeburg, Susan 457 Freedland, Edwin 489 Freeman, Bobbie 107, 464 Freeman, David 508 Freeman, Ellen 449 Freeman, Judi 445, 552 Freguila, Gail 107, 357 Freidin, Bob 173 Freilich, Sallie 107, 432 Freitas, Diana 213 Freitas, Ken 543 French, Alan 418 French, Ann 152, 263, 462 French, Bill 107, 260, 327, 362 French, Lisa 263, 462 French, Torn 152 Frere, Harry 291 Freschi, Paula 446 Fretter, Ernest 264, 362 Freschl, Lynn 391 Freudenstein, Sid 305 Freund, Dwight 403 Freud, Liz 433 Freyermuth, Reed 107, 484 Freyolia, Gail 362 Frick, Alex 455 Friedlander, Lawrence M. 107, 362 Friedman, Diane 414 Friedman, Karen 399 Friend, Diana 176 Friedrich, W. R. 244 Friend, Robert 107, 362 Fritts, Ginger 170, 456 Fritz, Linda 170, 457 Frost, Annette 107, 430 Frost, Barbara 163, 466 Frost, Bill 320 Frost, Janet 467 Frost, Mary 107, 460 Frumkin, Allan R . 107, 169, 85, 362 Fruser, Grace 362 Fry, Alfreda 152, 442 Fry, Don 107, 238, 476 Fry, Sally 429 Fuji, Paul S. 362 Fujii, Ron 419 Fujita, Allan S. 402 Fukushima, Ginger 387 Fukushima, Robert 402 Fuller, George 192, 260, 315 Fuller, Jefferson H. 476 Fuller, Margaret 454 Fuller, William G. 107, 408 Fulton, Donald J. 408 Fulton, Tom 481 Fung, Shun C. 107,236 Fung, Shunkwei 107, 357 Furman, Veneta 393 Furtney Virginia 160, 163 Furuta, Otto 107, 402 Furukawa, Theodore P. 107, 362 Futter, Claudia 107, 362 G Gaba, Carolyn 107, 362, 466, 538 Gaba, Leigh 107, 535 Gadsby, Lillian C. 107, 362 Gaffga, Virginia 456 Gaffney, Francis A. 542 Gaffney, Kathleen 107, 143 Gaffney, Thomas E. 108, 362, 548 Gage, Jim 357 Gage, John B. 81, 86, 108, 161, 224, 226, 362 Gahagan, Lissa 108, 458 Gahagan, Mary K. 108, 227, 362 Gaines, Randy 81, 82, 86, 108, 226, 262, 263 Gaiser, Thomas 536 Galbraith, Sara 457 Gale, Lewis 108, 546 Galindo, Pete 534 Gallagher, Mike 81, 148, 264, 535 Gallick, Susan Gallien, Rick 108, 544 Galloway, Brent 108, 362 Gallun, Jeffrey M. 479 Gallup, Wallace H. 501 Gambera, Armand 382 Gamenara, Valerie 143, 177, 461 Gannon, Michael 108, 244, 362 Gant, Kathryn E. 442 Garbarino, Joel 108, 236, 238, 362 Garbell, Ruth 420 Garcis, George 108, 362 Garcia, Marce 392 Gard, Chris 230, 453 Gardner, Gayle 108, 362 Gardner, Grea 108, 362 Gardner, Larry J. 545 Garduno, Alfonso M. 362 Garfinkle, Gary 108, 510 Garner, Dick 192 Cornier, Linda 108 Garrity, Thomas 545 Garrow, Robert A. 108, 362 Carson, Lee 396 Garth, Al 543 Garvin, Jr. William L. 108, 233, 544 Gary, Richard N. 108, 526 Gary, Susan 447 Gaston, John M. 108, 362 Gates, Diane 108, 362 Gottis, Rich 108, 234, 526 Gatto, Carla M 108, 362 Gault, Jeffrey 530 Gearhart, Sally C. 108, 362 Gearsh, Bonnie 448 Geffeney, William 486 Geiger, Gary D. 108, 397 Geiser, Ken 172, 178 Geiser, Raymond 108 Geist, Loui se 343 Geller, Carol 448 Gelfond, Ronald 418 Gendler, Anya 433 Gentilly, Penny 437 Geoff, Russell 357 George, Richard 267,423 George, Robert S. 108, 319, 362 Gerber, Dan 152 Gerlits, Katherine 108, 362 Gerner, Alice 169, 387 Gerrard, Lisa 407 Gerritz, Bill 418 Gerry, L. T. 362 Gershenson, Sue 152, 390 Gerstel, Bryan 152, 199, 226, 510 Gesley, Roy 44, 108, 161, 163, 196, 500 Getchel, Lora 442 Getek, Frances 357 Getz, Lesley 108, 362 Gherlone, Nancy 440 Gherlone, Ron 260, 307 Ghotbi, Saeed 250 Ghramm, John 108, 362 Giacomazzi, James 108, 362 Giacomelli, Jon 551 Gianella, Linda 172, 362 Gianotti, Lisa 454 Gibbons, Gerry L. 108, 228, 477 Gibbert, Vince 286 Gibbs, George 335 Gibbs, Jon 512 Giberson, Lynne 466 Gibsen, Neal 538 Gibson, Carol 466 Gibson, David L. 108 Gibson, Gail 453 Gibson, Jerry 397 Gibson, John 108, 362 Giddings, Bob 108, 516 Giguere, Christian 108 Gilbert, Dennis 108, 362 Gilbert, Judith L. 108, 362 Gilbert, John 172, 502 Gillaspy, Donald M. 109, 362 Gilleran, Bob 521 Gillette, Chip 491 Gillette, Robert 109, 264, 542 Gillette, Sharon 173 Gillis, Marti 453 Gillman, Terry 109, 432 Gillman, Tom 109 Gillmor, Candy 462 Gin, Shirley 109, 363 Gioseffi, Thomas 109, 258, 260, 316, 363 Girolami, Rosette 109, 393 Girot, George 109 Gitt, Jerome A. 109, 363 Gittins, Jamie 286 Giusso, Gary 518 Given, Dan 382 Gladstone, Francis 173 Gladstone, Rich 173 Glaser, Gary 239,510 Glass, William 546 Glassman, Bill 109, 233, 363 Glassman, Wendie 433 Glatze, Carl 363 Gleason, Diane 109, 363 Gleason, Julie 363 Gleicher, Richard 109, 363 Glenn, Sharon 390 Glick, Barry 109, 363 GIickfield, Larry 324, 510 Glines, Pamela 109, 440 Glines, Patricia 440 Godfrey, James 507 Godt, Russell 109 234, 363, 521 Goffman, George 221 Goggins, Alan 403 Going, Patrick 341, 342, 521 Goishi, Dean 244 Gokal, Mohamed 109, 351 Gold, Allan 411 Goldberg, Barbara 449 Goldberg, Carole 109, 363 Goldberg, Diane 448 Goldberg, Harold 511 Goldberg, Jim 510 Goldberg, Marge 169 Goldberg, Peter 363 Goldberg, Richard 397 Golden, Art 286, 394 Golden, Bonnie 461 Golden, Mike 510 Goldfarb, Steven 109, 530 Goldman, Celia 391 Goldman, Charles 233 Goldman, Len 202 Goldman, Ron 169 Goldsmith, Bob 202, 481 Goldstein, Bruce 109, 363 Goldstein, David 109, 226, 251,350, 363 Goldstein, Donna 386 Goldstein, Jerry 86, 109, 158, 160, 224, 524 Goldstein, Michael 109, 236, 363, 530 Goldstone, Deena 165 Goldstone, Mike 237, 530 Goncalves, Jean 457 Gonsalves, Laurel 109, 363 Gonsalves, Vic 505 Gonyeau, Joseph 109,363 Good, George 263 Goodbody, Terence 403 Goodell, Douglas 520 Goodman, Ann 429 Goodman, Helen 433 Goodman, Louise 433 Goodman, Marilyn 390 Goodman, Peter 510 Goodman, Richard 525 Goodwin, Pete 291, 476 Gordon, Carol 387 Gordon, Pat 109, 363 Gore, William 545 Gorman, John 109, 252, 363 Gosline, John 109, 333, 550 Goss, Norman 477 Gotanda, Steven 408 Gotshock, Donna 163 Gottesman, Jim 524 Gottlieb, Kim 393 Gottschalk, Dona 462 Gould, Myra 109, 363 Gould, Philip 173, 479 Gould, Ronald 260 Gould, Toby 109, 363 Grocis, George 550 Grady, Carol 469 Grady, Nancy 466 Graf, Al 152 Graff, James 534 Gragg, Michael 109, 382 Graham, Cynthia 343, 437 Graham, Marcia 398 Graham, Paul 496 Graham, Robert 109.481 Graham, Vickie 227, 462 Gramatky, Mimi 455 Granata, Rick 286 Grand, Ron 109, 251, 363 Grande, Skip 522 Grange, Burnell 238 Granlund, Colette 109, 363 Grant, Charles 508 Grant, Kathy 458 Grant, Rob 491 Grant, Tom 512 Granucci, Anthony 109, 542 Graper, Edward 110 Grasso, Giovanni 110, 364 Grau, Dana 480 Graulin, Bill 110, 541 Graves, John 110, 364 Graves, Lois 364, 442 Graves, Richard 333, 551 Gray, Aileen 399 Gray, Belinda 170, 456 Gray, David E. 110, 528 Gray, Glen 110, 364 Gray, Horace B. 475 Gray, Kathleen 110, 364 Gray, Mary 456 Gray, Robin 110, 245, 446 Grayson, Daniel 110, 364 Grayson, David 251 Graziani, Judy 110, 143, 438 Green, Bob 343 Green, Cecily 110, 407 Green, Craig 521 Green, Dan R. 110, 518 Green, Douglas 512 Green, Edward 521 Green, Janice 110, 364 Green, Judy 390 Green, Kenneth 500 Green, Linda 458 Green, Marcia 110, 229, 458 Green, Marilee 456 Green, Michael 546 Green, Robert 239 Green, Thomas 110, 364 Green, Warren 530 Greenamayer, Pam 197 Greenbaum, Kathy 173 Greenberg, Carole 449 Greenberg, Mark 478 Greene, Michael 546 Greene, Regina 110, 364 Greenleaf, George 110, 364 Greenlief, Charles M. 110, 364 Greenough, Pete 81, 146, 147, 152, 472, 505 Greenstein, Peter 396 Greenwald, Alan F 530 Greenwood, Ann 110, 420 Gregg, Scott 260, 333, 476 Greggains, David J K. 350 Gregory, Anthony 244 Gregory, Roberta 342 Gregory, Tod 486 Greider, Cheryl 417 Grenley, Gary 546 Gresham, Ann 213 Greteman, Patricia 110, 364 Grey, Joel 505 Gridley, Mike 234, 288 Griesser, John 110, 501 Grieve, Jan 110, 143 Griffin, Barbara 110, 450 Griffin, Gerald 110, 364 Griffin, James 110, 264, 364 Griffin, Sally 110, 198, 199 Griffith, Edwin 260 Griffith, Ned 110, 481 Griffith, Peter 492 Griffith, Tom 110, 152, 492 Griffiths, Diane 416 Griffiths, Jim 251 Griffiths, Tom C. 492 Griggs, Diane 110, 364 Grihalva, Richard 364 Grimm, Roy 181 Grinnell, Warren 249 Griset, Dan 152, 160;159, 224, 231 Griswold, Pat 364 Griswold, S. Frank 110, 502 Grizzle, Carol 398 Grodin, Mary 110, 364 Grodzinsky, Ellen 433 Groezinger, Marlene 452 Groper, Corinne 437, 552 Gross, Janet 498 Gross, Merrily 338 Gross, Roger S. 411 Grossman, Bob 110, 260, 336, 574 Grossman, Dorene 390 Grossman, Jane 420 Grossman, Thomas Sleeve 546 Groves, Rodger 307, 526 Grubbs, Mark J. 494 Gruhn, Thomas A. 475 Grup, Lauren 401 Gruss, Beatrice 385 Grutman, Ken 313 Gruver, Larry 311, 535 Gruwall, David 237 Gryson, Chris 456 Gueldner, John 110, 181, 188, 191, 364 Guest, Don 288, 307, 501 Guillermo, Elmer 239 Gulley, Janice 390 Gumpert, Peter 489 Gumz, Lois 110, 420 Gundlach, Ray 505 Gunn, Harold 110, 242, 364 Gunn, Ted 110, 480 Gunnell, William H. 548 Gunther, Josephine 310 Gurevitch, Russ 519 Gustafson, John 111, 477 Karen 387 Gutman, Carol Gay 469 Gutman, Richard 403 Gutman, Steve 474 Gutterman, Sandy 392 Gwathmey, C. Owen 541 H Haag, Barbara 439 Haas, Suzanne 442 Haberkamp, Dennis 394 Haberman, Susan 111,364 Hachman, Jana 111, 443 Hack, Randolph 522 Hacker, Joe 159, 160 Hadick, Dave 248 Hagen, Susan 430 Hagenbuch, Mary Ann 364 Haggard, Isabel 111, 488 Hagie, Geraldine Jane 407 Hagmann, Ruta 165,447 Hagopian, Karen 249, 417 Hague, George 364 Hail, Leonard 364 Hail, Marcia 111, 364 Haile, Jill 227, 404 Haimovitch, Harry 111, 364 Hair, Christopher 111, 364 Haire, Anthony 244 Hale, David 364 Haliburton, Kenneth 415 Hall, Anita 414 Hall, Jr., C. Fred 529 Hall, Gary 111 364, 551 Hall, Peter 210, 549 Hall, Russ 508 Hall, Sally 111, 452 Hall, Sally 462 Hall, Sandra 439 Hall, Sheldon 221 Hallaian, Charlene 466 Hallberg, Jo Ann 111, 436 Hallen, Lois 111, 364 Hamblet, Bob 519 Hamermesh, Judith 420 Hamilton, Barry L. 502 Hamilton, Glenda 437 Hamilton, Jane 468 Hamilton, Judy 452 Hamilton, Pat 227, 436, 552 Hamlin, Stephanie 430 Hammell, Jaynee 434 Hammes, Bob 288 Hammes, Francis 260 Hammond, Barbara Ann 399 Han, Susan 430 Haney, Ann 447 Hanford, Cameron 111, 364 Hanggi, Dennis 516 Hanks, Kathy 458 Hanna, Anita 440 Hannibal, Dorothy 111, 364 Hannigan, Barbara 410 Hannigan, Jane 111, 386 Hannon, Wylda 81, 149, 400 Hanscom, Jr., Russell 477 Hansen, Arlene 111, 364 Hansen, Barbara 458 Hansen, Karen 111, 199, 364 Hansen, Keith 510 Hansen, Linda Gail 111, 404 Hansen, Sally 241 Hansen, Steve 111,249,516 Hansen, Sue 392 Hansen, Vivian 457 Hanson, Jane 111 Hanson, John E. 549 Hanson, Ronald 251 Harada, Warren 111, 364 Harbordt, Anne 167, 227, 230, 455 Harbur, Jo Anne 111, 229, 458 Hard, Samuel 260, 288 Harden, Carla 111, 420 Harden, Charles 251 Harden, Jaci 445 Harder, Barryl 111 Harding, Anne 418 Hardy, Margaret 428 Hardy, Susan 455 Hargreaves, Annalee 111,428 Hargrove, June 437 Harker, Roger 536 Haritos, Elaine 436 Harl, S. Arora 346 Harlow, Peggy 469 Harman, Terry 143, 227, 469 Harmon, Carol Jane 111, 420 Harnett, Kathy 191 Harper, Ginny 111, 466 Harper, Jeffrey 364 Harper, John 487 Harper, Stephen 111, 226, 234, 548 Harper, Tom 111, 236, 364 Harphan, Howard-Charles 111, 364 Harrell, Ginny 440 Harriman, Tom 486 Harrington, Chris 111, 486, 491 Harrington, Jim 234, 491 Harris, Alan 111,364, 530 Harris, Caren 111,420 Harris, Emilie 393 Harris, Evan 437 Harris, Freman 403 Harris, Greg 492 Harris, Jane 428 Harris, Judith 417 Harris, Larry 111, 364 Harris, Lynne 143, 398 Harris, Marilyn 111, 251 Harris, Rod 112, 364 Harris, Sandy 469 Harris, Susie 393 Harrison, Les 546 Harrison, Steve 411 Harrison, William 521 Harrower, Allan Ross 112, 364 Hart, Catherine 112, 364 Hart, Jody 445 Hart, Larry 481 Hartje, Richard 112, 365, 502 Hartman, Al 493 Hartman, Carol 392 Hartman William 112, 412 Hartung, Irene 164, 167, 183, 461 Hartwig, Patricia Ann . 112, 390 Harvey, Pamela 462 Harvey, Patricia 421 Harvey, Richard 489 Harvey, Stefan 446 Harwood, Barbara 461 Hashimoto, Hideo 112, 365 Hashimoto, Patricia 112, 365 Haskell, Vida 387 Hassen, Judy 448 Hastings, Michael 487 Hastings, Myna 338, 339 Hastings, Rosanne 112, 365, 454 Hatch, Dan 332, 333 Hatch, Sarah 451 Hatfield, Thomas 365 Hathaway, Sue 452 Hatton, Ayris 436 Hattori, Sylvia 365 Haugen, Karen 112, 365, 436 Hauston, Sandra 393 Haven, Elizabeth Sue 469 Haven, Patricia 112, 468 Hawkins, Elaine 227 Hawkins, Peggy 466 Hawkins, Ron 239 Hawley, Loren 288, 306, 307 Hawley, Nate 407 Hawley, Pam 230, 461 Hayden, Linda 449, 461 Hayes, Dennis 226 Hayes, James 500 Hayes, Kathleen 461 Hayes, Kenneth V. 112, 365 Hayes, Lori Ellen 112, 365 Hayes, Nanette 112, 454 Hayes, Nikki Badger 112, 365 Hayes, Steven 542 Hayman, Frank 112, 365 Haynes, Peter D. 394 Hays, William 394 Hayslett, Rod 411 Hazelton, Dennis 112, 365 Heasock, Craig 112, 500 Heal, Bill 232, 472, 535 Healy, Pat 112, 408 Heap, Randall 397 Hearn, Penelope 454, 509 Hearsh, Bonnie 112, 448 Heaslett, David 112, 496 Heasty, Ned 502 Heath, Barbara Joy 112,366 Heath, Marti 438 Heaton, Mary I. 227 Hechler, Judy 112, 233 Hecht, Pris 453 Heckman, Donald 397 Hedemann, Edmund 382 Hederman, Linda 249 Hedrick, Russ 518 Heeger, Gerald 112,478 Heel, Bill 152 Hegstad, Howard 112, 365 Heibel, John 112, 365 Heidbrink, Christine 112, 365 Heidrick, Gloria 399 Heilbron, Hank 112, 239 Heilbron, Katrinka 434 Heinitz, Jim 112, 474 Heins, Robert 508 Heinzer, James 499 Heiser, Margaret 198, 466 Heisler, Erica 393 Helen, Henriane 227 Heller, Peggy 227, 365 Heller, Sherry 233 Heller, Terry 313 Helms, C. Robert 408 Helsel, Patti 466 Heminger, Priscilla 241 Hempel, Carol 112, 428 Henders, Carole 170, 453 Henderson, Barbara 112, 365 Henderson, Carol 112, 365 Henderson, Denise 195 Henderson, Gudrun 416 Henderson, Harvey 112, 365 Henderson, Jim 244, 534 Henderson, Karen 467 Henderson, Michael 112, 295, 296, 298, 299, 300 Hendricks, Anne 112, 365 Hendricks, John 112, 500 Hendricks, Sharol 112, 407 Hendricks, Susan 112, 446 Hengl, Larry 482 Henke, Curtis 477 Henken, Richard 330 Henle, Thomas 502 Hennessy, David 501 Hennessy, Jack 491 Hennessy, Mark 242,508 Henrioulle, Steve 544 Henry, Carol 393 Henry, Dana 112,458 Henschel, Bruce 475 Hensley, Tom 112, 491 Henstell, Bruce 193 Herbert, Brian 152, 365 Herbert, Jon 419 Herbert, Mike 324 Heringhi, Harold 112, 160, 365 Herman, Alan 543 Hernandez, Daniel 112, 514 Hernandez, Lanny 52, 87, 112, 224, 226 Herndon, Linda 112, 365 Hernung, Rick 226 Herrmann, Bill 112, 365 Hersh, Judith 410 Hersh, Nancy 433 Herson, Eugene 112, 239, 365 Herst, Douglas 112 Hertz, Richard 397 Hess, Kurt 239 Hess, Mary Constance 405 Heuler, Bette 152 Hewitt, Ted 335, 419, 489 Hewnan, Craig 239 Hewson, John 112, 249 Heyman, Duane 475 Nickerson, Robert 305, 310, 480 Hicks, George 112, 365 Hicks, Kathleen 89, 112, 164, 365, 380 Hiddleson, Bruce 396 Hiehle, Patricia 112, 365 Higbee, Ruth 112,365 Higgens, Gary 330 High, Kenneth 293, 313 Hightower, Julie 112, 365 Higo, Judy 112, 365 Hildreth, Mary 443 Hilgendorf, Lynn 428 Hill, Alan 481 Hill, Dianne 430 Hill, Dixon 112, 543 Hill, Mary 112, 458 Hill, Rich 286, 325 Hill, Walter 112, 365 Hill, Wendy 455 Hillabrant, Walter 112, 365 Hilleary, Sterling 149, 165, 246, 454 Hilliev, Paula 391 Hilliker, David 508 Hillingham, J. R. 244 Hills, Mary 458 Hills, Polly 458 Hinds, Munr 508 Hinke, Thomas 264, 477 Hinkle, Susan 391 Hinman, Lawrence 112, 423 Hinrichs, Wendy 393 Hirai, Fred 402 Hirschmann, Jack 529 Hirshburg, Fred 411, 520 Hite, Fred 302, 303, 534 Hiyama, Irene 420 Hjelm, Rex 500 Hjelstrom, Joanne C. 112, 392 Ho, Hoon-Yin 112, 365 Ho, Lester 319 Hoagland, Gretchen 112, 365 Hobson, Stewart 212 Hoddar, Tom 397 Hodgdon, James 480 Hodge, John 244 Hodges, Dick 307 Hodgson, Lynn 380 Hodson, Carole 381 Hoeber, Paul 288 Hoefer, John 491 Hoeschler, Parki 428 Hoffland, Linda 112, 454 Hoffman, B. Andrew 546 Hoffman, Floyd 112, 161, 546 Hoffman, George 112, 365 Hoffman, Karen 457 Hoffman, Richard 112, 365 Hoffman, Terry 419 Hoffman, William 382 Hogan, Marty 434 Hogan, Tim 516 Hogan, William 112, 365 Hoggard, Patrick 112, 475 Holberton, Terry 234, 316, 526 Holbrook, Jeanne 469 Holcenberg, Stan 237, 478 Holiman, Jennifer 455 Holland, Dick 232, 535 Holland, Jack 112, 365 Holland, Lou 112, 365 Holliday, Marie 112, 365 Hollister, Frank 112, 365. Hollstein, Werner 112, 343, 365 Holman, Chapin 492 Holman, Maurie 482 Holman, Robert 114, 481 Holman, Tom 325 Holmboe, Lawrence 114 Holmer, Adrianne 112, 480 Holmes, Catherine 114, 434 Holt, Helen 112, 229, 380, 393 Holt, Howie 260, 299, 295, 300 Homer, Stephen 551 Homsy, Bob 394 Honett, Steve 499 Hoop, Ken 488 Hooper, Marilyn 114, 404 Hooper, Richard 44 Hoos, Sandy 114,480 Hope, Kenneth 114,408 Hopkins, Frank 114, 365, 480 Hopkins, Thomas 114, 264, 365, 480 Hoppin, Ned 481 Horacek, Ken 264, 319, 482 Horance, Stuart 408 Horenstein, Leslie Jean 114, 365 Horikoshi, Patricia 416 Horiuchi, Masashi 114 Horn, Bill 252 Horn, Gloria 114, 251, 365 Horn, Jan 114, 251, 434 Home, Freya 455 Horner, Pamela 366, 461 Hornick, Laurence 114, 366, 546 Horning, Richard 366, 500 Horonjeff, Richard 238, 403 Horowitz, Harry Russell 366, 530 Horrow, Barbara 399 Horton, T. J. 481 Houghton, Greg 286 Houston, Bob 267 Houston, Gladys 455, 552 Houston, Sandra Judy 114, 227, 392 Howard, Dee 452 Howard, George 542 Howard, Keith 481 Howard, Linda 385 Howard, Martha 458 Howard, Norman 423 Howard, Paula Kay 114, 366 Howatt, William 114, 543 Howe, Catherine 442 Howe, Marilyn 447 Howe, Penny 227, 404 Howekamp, David 502 Howell, Ann 114, 458 Howell, Bernard G. 114, 366 Howell, Betty 114, 366 Howell, Elaine 393 Howell, John S. 516 Howell, Kenna 165, 182, 233, 451 Howell, Leslie 391 Howell, Martin W. 366 Howey, Linda A. 366 Howey, Robert 114, 366 Howker, Grace 114, 213, 366 Hoxmeier, Steve 311, 521 Hoyle, Genevieve 114, 366 Huang, William 366 Hubbard, Camden 366, 541 Hubbard, Ed 286 Hubbard, Joan 434 Hubbard, Richard 114, 366 Hubort, Garry 114, 249, 366 Hubert, Steven 525 Hudson, Bob 306 Hudson, Douglas 295, 302, 481 Hudson, Jack Paul 114, 366 Hudspeth, David 487 Huenagel, Mary 434 Huff, Charles 239, 514 Huff, Henry 114, 481 Hufnagel, Ann 114, 466 Hugel, Lee 551 Hughes, Candy 188 Hughes, Joseph 494 Hughes, Karen 143,428 Hughes, Marilyn Jean 114, 161 Hughes, Steve 491 Hughes, Valerie 392 Hukari, Dale Ormand 487 Hulbert, Michael 114, 482 Hull, Art 397 Hull, Judy 407 Hull, Sherry 380, 407 Hulsy, Robert 482 Hume, Terri Lynne 165, 366 Humpal, David 477 Humphrey, David 499 Humphrey, Debbie 169 Humphreys, Gary 534 Humphreys, Janie 114, 443 Humphreys, Penny 114, 366 Hungerford, Carol 114, 366 Hungerford, Richard 114, 181, 366 Hunt, Chip 114, 244, 481 Hunt, James 114, 152, 260, 288, 474 Hunt, Kathy 366 Hunt, Robert 251 Hunt, Tom 330 Hunter, Martha 445 Hunter, Richard B. 474 Hunter, William 234 Hurlbut, Beth 387 Hurley, Morris 115 Hurst, Dannia Ray 500 Hurvitz, Libbe 366 Hurwitz, Jay 115, 478 Huser, Jane 385 Hutchins, Duane 534 Hutchinson, Ann 115, 468 Hutchinson, John 237, 486 Hutchison, Chris 447,509 Hutchison, John 488 Hyde, Laurence 480 Hyland, Brooke 448 Hynes, Kathleen 453 Hynes, Marc 489 Ice, Diana 410 Ikeda, George 115, 366,410 Ikeda, Roy 115, 366, 410 Ikuta, Susumu 475 Ikuta, Yasuko 390 IIlingworth, Robert 517 Ilovaisky, Sergio 115, 366 Impelman, Dianne 115, 366 Inaba, Fred 115, 366 Inadomi, Tomoko 366 Ince, Bill 492 Ingham, Robert 526 Ingham, Timothy 419 Ingle, Richard 489, 526 Inlander, Gail 115, 366 Inlander, Richard 115, 366 Inouye, David 115, 366 Inouye, Gail 414 Inouye, Jeanette 387 Inouye, Margaret 380, 391 Inouye, Ron 418 Inouye, Stanley 494 Ipson, Michael 330, 486 Irving, George 115, 249 Irwin, Lynne 115, 366 Isaacs, Edward 115, 366 Isaacs, Jack 115, 366 Isabelle, Ted 115, 366, 397 Iscoff, Eileen 115, 366 Isenberg, James 115, 546 Isler, Gordon 343 Isola, Frank 409 Israels, Sidney 81, 82, 87, 115 160, 226 Ito, Mike 402 Iusi, Carolyn 115, 428 Ivanetich, Ann 457 Ivanhoe, Roderick 522 Iverson, Karen 230, 447 Iverson, W. 244 Ives, Ed 481, 522 Iwata, Ken 115, 402 Iyama, Penelope 227, 405 J Jack, Michael 115, 411 Jack, Susanna 442 Jackson, James 115, 403 Jackson, John 522 Jackson, Joni 149 Jackson, Larry 83, 482 Jackson, Terry 83, 115, 518 Jacobel, Bob 492 Jacobs, Carl 87, 115, 160, 163, 262, 510 Jacobs, Eileen 115, 448 Jacobs, Gary 419 Jacobs, Jacob 236 Jacobs, Lori 161, 227, 433 Jacobs, Robert 115, 546 Jacobs, Steve 397 Jacobsen, Keith 244, 535 Jacobson, Jane 116 Jacoby, Marshall 343 Jaffe, Arnie 546 Jaffe, Dennis 525 Jagoda, Sharon 393 Jagoda, Steve 546 Jamart, Susan 227, 405 James, Bruce 508 Jamison, Joan 418 Jan, Ronald Guy 116, 250, 342 Janes, Maureen 431 Janes, Reggie 230 Janes, Tani 116, 227, 235, 454 Janger, Marsha Ann 433 Janzen, Hans 336 Jarvis, Sharon 198, 467 Jaspovice, Laury 448 Jekabsons, Aija 116 Jelks, Glenn 116, 521 Jen, Yuan 239 Jenkins, Steve 409 Jenkinson, Jill 445 Jenner, Chuck 244,305 Jenney, Katharine S. 116 Jensen, Marilyn 391 Jensen, Pamela 407 Jensen, Thea 455 Jensen, Victor 69, 116 Jenssen, Leif 519 Jew, Arlene 69, 116 Jewell, Richard 116 Jhaveri, Virendra 116 Joe, Martin 525 Joffe, Bruce 525 Johannsen, William 116 Johnie, Daniel 116 Johns, B. 251 Johnsen, Harriet 404 Johnson, Bill 514 Johnson, Brann 500 Johnson, Colin 480 Johnson, Cristopher 541 Johnson, Dave 116, 267, 502 Johnson, David 221, 423, 541 Johnson, Douglas 116, 493, 541 Johnson, Elizabeth 387 Johnson, Gail 466 Johnson, Gary 116, 512 Johnson, Hank 487 Johnson, Heidi 439 Johnson, Jeanette 143, 428 Johnson, John 366 Johnson, Lance 333 Johnson, Leon 116 Johnson, Linda 551 Johnson, Mark 551 Johnson, Michael 403 Johnson, Norm 252 Johnson, Richard 383 Johnson, Robert 517 Johnson, Roger 116, 382 Johnson, Samuel 116, 544 Johnson, Stephen 116, 260 Johnson, Stephen 116, 384 Johnson, Steven 499 Johnson, Sue 89, 180, 181, 188 Johnston, Craig 415 Johnston, Frank 486 Johnston, Gay 69, 116, 160, 164, 227, 229, 233 Johnston, Ray 252 Johnston, Scott 508 Joines, Elaine 387 Jones, Carol Ann 457 Jones, Carolyn 387 Jones, Chris Robert 116, 512 Jones, Francis 536 Jones, Hardy 333 Jones, Janice 380 Jones, Lawrence 384 Jones, Leannah 116 Jones, Leslie 116, 441 Jones, Lynn 392 Jones, Norita 116 Jones, Paul Folsom 366 Jones, Richard 236 Jones, Ronald 551 Jones, Susan 440 Jones, Suzanne 393 Jones, Taffy 343, 466 Jones, Thomas 396, 487 Jorgensen, James Paul 544 Jose, Randy 251 Jow, Richard 384 Jower, Wayne 152, 250, 513 Joy, Barbara 452 Jue, Robert 116, 250 Juelson, Judith 116 Jukes, Caroline 170, 459 Jukick, Dan 538 Jukkola, George 520 Julian, Nancy 461 Julien, Charles B. 415 Junge, Kurt 423 Jurick, Joseph 116 Juster, Richard David 510 K Kading, Marilyn 116, 464 Kagan, Kathie 366 Kagan, Spencer 260 Kagawa, Takeshi 366 Kahan, Michael 152, 161 Kahlman, Dave 314, 315 Kahn, Jay 116, 478 Kahnoff, Olga 390 Kaiser, William 251 Kajiyama, Mervine Keike 116, 249 Kalbach, Jean 152, 229, 447 Kaldor, Ronald 530 Kaminari, Yorgi 238 Kamm, Gregory 219 Kamman, Rick 534 Kammann, Greg 286 Kan, Stephen Douglas 388 Kanagawa, Ichiro 116 Kanai, Mark 520 Kanerva, Lynn 442 Kannenberg, Bill 239 Kano, Bob 251 Kaplan, Marti 173 Kapoor, Vijay 351, 366 Kapp, Lonnie 305 Kappesser, Robert 116 Karowsky, Jan 409 Karp, Steve 325 Karrer, Betsy 466 Karsch, Michael 493 Kaseff, Cherrie 449 Kasper, Leslie 407 Kassis, Dick 520 Kataoka, Gerald 396 Kates, Carol 117 Katz, Beverlee 449 Katz, Marcia 117, 417 Katz, Richard 510 Kauffman, Roger 117, 538 Kaufman, Bart 478 Kaufman, Katherine 117, 352 Kaufman, Leon 489 Kaufman, Richard 117, 190, 191 Kawai, Janice 392 Kawamoto, Leslie 392 Kawauchi, Lois 386 Kay, Alan 319,366 Kay, Donald Ellis 117,411 Kay, Michael 117,366 Kaye, Jim 244 Kazato, Ernest 382 Keating, Rich 286 Keaton, Kathy 380 Kee, Shirlaine Keefer, Pamela 467 Keechan, William C 117 Kegg, Charles 419 Keil, Stanley 423 Keith, Paul R. 117,472,481 Keldsen, Don 551 Keller, Gordon 117 Keller, Margo 165,461 Keller, Susanne 117, 241 Kelley, George Robert 117, 394 Kellner, Marna 434 Kellogg, Charisse 442 Kellogg, Karl 117, 366 Kellum, Reggie 302 Kelly, Darcy 430 Kelly, Frank 494 Kelly, Leslie Joanne 117, 366 Kelly, Pat 442 Kelso, Martha J. 446 Kelso, Tim 447, 505 Kelson, Gary 419 Keminaka, Robert 403 Kemp, Joan 366 Kempenich, Bob 319 Kendall, Daniel M. 502 Kendrick, Tom 418 Kennedy, Aileen 161 Kennedy, Ann 439 Kennedy, Charlie 295 Kennedy, Joseph P. 117,521 Kennedy, Judy 457 Kennedy, Kay 195 Kennedy, Robert W. 117, 366 Kenney, Larry 418 Kenny, William Clar 475 Kenton, Richard 403 Kepford, Janet 430 Kepple, Karen 393 Kerr, Dave 551 Kertz, Marsha 388 Keshmiri, Javad 117 Kesselman, Jo Ann 390 Kessler, Jeff 226 Kessler, Karen 245, 457 Ketterman, Vanna 117, 233, 441 Keung, Janice Audrey 117, 366 Keverline, Mary Ann 251, 416 Key, Jacquelyn Marsha 433 Kibbey, Mark 170 Kierulff, Sandi 438 Kihara, Ronald 402 Killebrew, Ann 147 Kilmartin, Judith Ann 117, 407 Kilmurray, Jim 529 Kilpatric, Gary 117, 226, 491 Kim, Chung Ja 117, 353 Kimble, Carol 246 Kimble, James 512 Kimura, Carolyn 388 Kincaide, Kay 392 Kindler, John 551 Kindred, Charles 526 Kiner, Ralph 419 King, Janet 227, 454, 509 King, John 333 King, Mary S. 117, 367 King, Michael 117, 236 Kingman, Barry 152, 226, 244, 472, 518 Kinnear John E. 149, 512 Kinnear, Sheila 117, 249 Kirby, Joanne Marie 143 Kirk, Mary Jane 451 Kirk, Stuart A. 499 Kirschen, Sandy 387 Kirschman, Randall 231 Kirtman, Louis 330 Kirwan, James Patrick 544 Kirwan, Ralph D. 117, 544 Kirwen, Ed 162 Kishlar, Les 397 Kishore, Kikuo 403 Kiss, Tom 318 Kissinger, Jim 396 Kitano, Joanne 117 Kite, Richard 117, 516 Kitto, Pamela Ann 442 Kiuchi, Meg 117, 366 Kiviniemi, Heli 117, 366 Kiyoshi, Katsumoto 366, 475 Kizziah, Carol 447 Klahn, Dale 117, 366 Klapperich, Don 117, 366 Klass, Bob 117, 524 Klatil, Milada 366 Kleigman, Lynda 117, 432 Kleiman, Richard 117, 221, 418 Klein, Chris 343 Klein, Don 342 Klein, Gene 479 Klein, Henry O. 117 Klein, James 511 Klein, Pete 478 Klein, Rowan 510 Kleiven, Dagny 118 Klene, Terri 390 Kliegman, Lynda 432 Kliewer, Kaye 184 Kline, Karen 118, 152, 458 Klinger, Les 185, 413 Klitgaard, Randi 467 Klitten, Marty 244, 496 Knapp, Jerry 118, 260, 316, 317 Knapp, Melissa Anne Jr. 399 Knecht, Marty 438 Kneff, Dennis W. 118, 231, 382 Knickerbocker, Cal 529 Knight, Chris 492 Knight, Janeen 152 Knight, Tom 480 Knoefler, Gene N. 394 Knopow, Sue 342, 390 Knopp, Deanna 380 Knox, Helene M. 118, 367 Knox, Torn 189 Knueppel, Nick 482 Kobayashi, Art 251, 260, 320 Koch, Jay 535 Kocher, Gail 118, 428 Koehler, Robert L 118, 491 Koehn, Frederic O. 118, 237 Koenig, Cathy 152, 457 Koenis, Paul 198 Koerner, Peg 447 Kofford, Katherine Anne 118, 400 Kohashi, Beverly 387 Kohl, Katherine E. 414 Kokores, Paula 442 Kolberg, Kenneth 477 Kollias, Tina 430 Kollman, Susan 118, 432 Konecky, Douglas A. 517 Kong, Deanne M. 118, 250 Kano, Bob 342 Kopp, Randall 264, 408 Koppel, Louis Norman 542 Kordell, Ronni J. 164, 213, 299, 366 Korn, Howard 511 Korn, Steve 118, 367 Kornberg, Steve 500 Kornbluth, George 118, 428 Kornei, Thomas 236 Korte, John 505 Koslow, Ron 546 Kossen, Michael 546 Kotlier, Frank 423 Koury, Eugene 251, 266, 267 Kovue, Hans 239 Koyama, Sanford 397 Kozen, Roy Ken 118, 237 Kraeger, Brook 239 Kraemer, Kristin 392 Kragen, Robin Susan 118,432 Kramer, Bonnie 118, 461 Kramer, Jerry 118 Kramer, Lutz 501 Krause, Erika Reinsch 69, 118, 367 Krause, Peggy 188 Kravetsky, Lana 118, 428 Kravetsky, Valerie 428 Kreger, Barbara 227, 406 Krem, Alexander J. 118, 161 Krichman, Ken 251, 478 Kriedt, David 489 Kriz, Barbara 420 Kriz, Traude 436 Kroes, John 543 Kroft, Stephen A. 118, 394 Kroninger, Mark 482 Kronke, Judith C. 210, 457 Kropp, Ray 316, 501 Krostek, Walter Dale 475 Krug, Hilda 449 Kruger, Elaine 461 Kruger, Julianne 448 Krum, William 236 Krusa, Ruth 416 Kruse, Karen 227, 404 Kubota, Gaylord 118 Kubota, Kenneth 333, 402 Kucera, Jan 260, 318, 382 Kuchera, Carl 286 Kuck, Jeffrey Bruce 118, 366 Kuehn, Jim 118, 503 Kulas, Robert 251 Kult, Dale 195 Kumata, Don 118, 250, 513 Kundell, Vivian Ellen 118, 366 Kungel, Lynda 437 Kurth, Gerry P. 522 Kurz, Johannes W. 350 Kushnick, Beverly Jean 448 Kussow, Sandy 118, 366 Kutcher, Rochelle 118, 36b Kute, Bob 173 Kwan, Ann Mary 118 Kwan, Etta Lyn 118, 366, 380 Kwecher, Elaine 393 Kwok, Siang-Ping 118 Kwong, Peter 118 La Barthe, Dick 288 Label, Wayne 118, 119, 366 Lacey, Douglas 542 Lachtman, Mark Edward 118, 119 Lack, Linnell 398 Ladewig, Carol 119, 366 LaForce, Barbara Dee 172, 469 LaFrenz, Dick 481 LaFuze, Kathleen 410 Lagomarsino, Lucia 119, 438 Lagomarsino, Thomas 119, 288, 499 Lai, Ken 191 Laird, Steve 526 Lais, Byron 366 Lam, Eunice 119, 366 Lam, Tenny 239 Lamb, Robert Goodman 119, 474 Lamberson, Susan 119, 454 Lambert, William 292, 403 Lamm, James 119, 221 Lammerman, Nick 119, 536 Lamont, Steve 551 Lamperti, Edward 119, 408 Lamsden, Ann 509 Lance, Gary 248 Landberg, Richard 239 Landberg, Rosabel 366 Lander, Robert 202 Landers, Paula 119 Landy, Rona 448 Lane, Bob 526 Lane, Denny 333 Lane, Miki 546 Lane, Sharon 152, 434 Lang, Dave 286 Lang, Karl 403 Lange, Rebecca 399 Langer, Morry 303 Langford, Bonnie 119, 461 Langsdorf, Richard 119 Lanzer, William 499 Lapid, Gary 149, 546 Larrabee, Lynn 453 Larsen, Arthur 119 Larsen, Charles 500 Larsen, Martin 119, 542 Larson, Claudia Kay 119, 338 Larson, Dana Louise 119 Larson, John 244, 252 LaRue, Annette 455 Lassen, Susan 229, 469 Latham, Jacquelyn 466 Lathrop, Lawrence 260, 288 Lathrop, Patricia 437 Lathrop, Peter 119 La Torre, Luceen 119 Latta, Milton 119 Latting, Nancy 453 Lap, Anthony 119 Lau, Chantel 119, 420 Lou, Graciela 367 Lau, Guy 119 Lau, Larry 513 Laub, Jim 394 Lauer, David 119 Laughlin, Kathy 367 Laureano, Linda 193 Laura, Don 503 Lavengood, Gordon 501 Laverty Jr. Robert 536 Lavie, Nicole 119, 428 Law, Sally 467 Lawler, Nancy 193 Lawrence, Alan 119 Lawrence, Charles E. 119 Lawrence, Larry 183, 186, 508 Lawrence, Peter 169 Lawson, Don 303 Lawson, Joseph 119 Lawson, Ronald G. 367 Lawton, Louise 119, 380 Lawyer, Sherry 477 Lay, Jackson Carr 521 Lazarus, Stephen 403 Lazear, Robert 511 Leahy, Sally 338, 458 Leask, Marilyn 393 Leask, Stephen 119, 543 Leathers, Joan Gail 447 Leatherwood, Bob 325 Leavens, Bill 487 Leavitt, John 476 Lebb, Edward 152, 161, 536 Leberman, Bob 382 Ledson, Gary 503 Ledford, George 330 Ledford, Heidi 445 Ledford, Otto C. 119 Ledson, Cary 489 LeDuc, James 520 LeDuc, Robert W. 119, 518 Lee, Benson C. 119 Lee, Cheryl 213 Lee, Corinne 250 Lee, Douglas C. 513 Lee, George 119 Lee, Jr. Glenn 474 Lee, Jr. Herbert 119 Lee, James 119, 403 Lee, Jeff 187, 189 Lee, Loren 119 Lee, Mike 83 Lee, Pamela 392 Lee, Richard 513 Lee, Robert 120, 236, 237 Lee, Roger Chan 408 Lee, Sandra Ann 120, 250 Lee, Sung 120 Lefforge, Jack 120, 491 Leger, Robert 382 Lehman, Michael 120, 432 Lehman, Miriam 433 Leibensperger, Lynn 120, 404 Leibsohn, Stuart 411 Leidel, Nelson 120 Leidner, Mike 120, 492 Leiter, Gail 120, 464 Leite, Michael J. 69, 120, 264, 382 Leland, Linda 410 Lemley, John 120, 239 Lemmon, Charlotte 120, 390 Lemser, John 481 Leney, James 551 Lenhard, Kent 543 Lensch, Jay 481 Lenser, John 481 Leonard, James Elmer 120, 411 Leonard, Jim 382 Leonard, John 120 Leonard, Kathy 152, 170, 393 Leonard, Tim 120 Rob ert 408 Leong, Chuck 250, 513 Leong, Judith Ann 120 Leong, Linda 120 Leonhard, Gabriella 428 Lerner, Michael 204 Lescoe, Janice 367 Lesley, Arthur 204 Lett, Mary Pat 120, 460 Levaro, Richard 496 Levin, Betsy 433 Levin, Ina Stephannie 120, 432 Levin, Mike 525 Levin, Milton 510 Levin, Robert 546 Levin, William 120 Levine, Jo Ann 400 LeVine, Michael N 120, 238 Levine, Pamela 173 Levine, Robert 173, 530 Levinger, Merri-Jo 401 Levinson, Sandy 392 Levitan, Myra 227 Levy, Arlene 143, 461 Levy, Ellie 420 Levy, Joan 120 Levy, Mark 120, 352 Lew, Donna Kaye 120,367 Lewis, Barbara J 120, 367 Lewis, Jeffrey Gil 528 Lewis, John 291, 526 Lewis, Larry 330 Lewis, Meredith 120, 367 Lewis, Steve 286, 325 Lewis, Tom 408 Lewis, Val 120 Lewman, Jenni 393 Liberman, Bette 433 Liberman, Joyce 433 Liberman, Keith 120, 546 Lichty, Fritz 152, 412 Licker, Bill 546 Lieb, James 120, 411 Liebelson, Rai 120 Liepins, Gunar 330 Light, Gloria 367 Lightner, Adene 392 Lilienthal, Gary 81, 148, 167, 262, 525 Lilly, Bernard 264, 475 Lim, Ray 396 Lim, Sharon 120 Lim, Vic 513 Lim, Wellman 411 Lin, Paul 489 Lind, Michael 541 Lindberg, Gary 120 Linderfelt, Joan 407 Lindgren, Orley 120 Lindheim, Dan 319 Lindman, Alan 341 Lindsay, Bruce 541 Lindsay, Linda 428 Lindsay, Midge 447 Lindsey, George 514 Lindstrom, Jim 305 Linenbach, Kay 120 Ling, Gary 528 Linville, Mamie-Sue 398 Lipelt, Mike 120, 502 Lipner, Rich 530 Lipnick, Jerome 525 Lippman, Jay 524 Lipson, Steve 169 Lipstein, Evan 396 Lira, Richard 415 Litfin, Mimi 455, 509 Little, Beth 391 Little, Dick 120 Littleford, D. H. 120 Littman, Jan 433 Litts, Phillip 224, 262, 408 Litvak, Donald 120, 394 Lively, Donna 177, 199, 398 Livingston, Joan 121, 143, 428 Livingston, Margie 230, 439 Lizondo, Luis 351 Lloyd, Ken 525 Lloyd, Ken 286, 382 Lloyd, Lynne 442 Locatelli, Barbara 467 Lockie, Carolyn 428 Lockwood, Jeff 501 Lockwood, Judith 121,416 Lockwood, Patricia 121 Loeb, Dave 397 Loechler, Marcia 420 Loew, Kathi 81, 121 Loew, Robert 335, 525 LoForte, Anthony 121 Lofthus, Robert 520 Logan, Larry 232, 526 Logan, Thomas 121 Logindice, Philip 121 Lohman, Diane 121 Lohman, Sue 391 Lohr, Linda 121 Lok, Roger 121 Lombardi, Ralph 496 Lommel, Andriette 121, 400 London, Craig 536 Long, Carolyn 391 Long, Cathryn 391 Long, David 121 Long, Stephen 408 Longwell, James 121, 248 Lones, Marian 420 Loo, Mary 399 Loo, Jr. Milton 121, 237 Loomis, Bruce 121, 503 Loralee, Campbell 436 Lorensen, Marc 491 Lott, Diana 455 Lotzkar, Davida 464 Loughman, Rosemary 410 Loughran, Tom 343, 538 Louie, Andrea 387 Loungway, Marilyn 121 Lovelace, Anne 392 Loveman, Brian 260 Lovett, John 260, 336 Stephen 549 Lovewell, John 508 Low, Dennis 513 Low, Mae 387 Low, Maxine 121 Lowe, Dennis 367 Lowe, Roberta 338 Lowe, Terry 121, 235, 462 Lowther, Jo 392 Lowy, Judy 392 Lucas, Dianna 392 Lucas, Rosa 227, 404 Luce, Edward 121, 368 Lucier, Rosemary 121, 229, 428 Lucke, James 231, 236, 238 Luckey, Judy 121, 446 Luddy, Torn 173 Ludwig, Dave 262 Ludwig, Judy 121,432 Lugone, Ronald 522 Luk, Ken 191 Luke, Noella 121 Lukes, George 152, 167, 263, 264 Lum, Gloria Hoi Hoon 121, 400 Lumngren, Linda 434 Lund, Niilo 121, 516 Lundberg, Richard 236, 239 Lundblad, Gerry 307 Lundell, Dean 121, 368 Luomala, Dale 121, 236, 368 Luppen, Kathy 458 Lusardi, Lawrence 121, 249, 368 Lutes, Gary 492 Lutes, Gordon 521 Lutes, Tom 260, 288, 307, 521 Luther, Jay 121, 368 Luthey, Joe 121, 368 Luthy, Richard 482 Lutz, Tom 419 Lutzky, Henry 478 Lvoff, Peter 204 Lyemberis, Nick 505 Lynch, Colleen 368, 524 Lynch, Kathy 368, 523 Lynch, Roland 121, 412 Lyon, Bill 418 Lyon, Erin 165, 447 Lyon, Joan 121, 227, 368 Lyon, Lee 227, 230, 459 Lyon, Richard 479 Lyons, James 121, 368 Lyons, Robert 122, 478 Lyons, Timothy 224, 491 Lyons, William 122, 368 Mc McAdam, Ellie 447 McAdam, James 527 McAdams, Richard 122, 368 McAettigon, Pat 458 McAllaster, Bruce 382 McBride, Kent 122, 551 McBurney, Meredith 391 McCabe, Jim 403, 487 McCabe, Pat 420 McCaffrey, Mike 286 McCallum, Jean 263,453 McCandless, Sandy 456 McCann, Carol 453 McCarley, David 122, 368 McCarn, Jerry 122, 320, 324 McCarthy, Anne 368 McCarthy, Jane 458 McCarthy, Jean 439 McCarthy, Sandra 458 McCarty, Maisie 446 McClaim, Jeff 541 McClard, Bettykay 122, 368 McCleery, Jim 293, 313 McClellan, Rich 261 McClennon, Crane 291, 508 McCloskey, Diane 122, 461 McClure, Jane 189 McClure, Lyn 263, 459 McClure, Margaret 368 McConahy, Robin 122, 198, 229, 466 McConnell, John 333 McCord, Marian 152, 459 McCorkle, Susy 192 McCormack, William 161 McCormick, Charlie 492 McCormick, Keith 189 McCrary, John 286, 330, 521 McCreary, Jeff 260, 292, 293, 311 McCrory, David 122, 244, 252 McCullough, Lynne 227, 406 McCune, Sharon 186,469 McCusker, Sheila 143, 176, 177, 230, 398 McCutchan, Patricia 122, 369 McDaniel, Eve 401 McDaniel, Howard 122, 368 McDaniel, Marianne 467 McDermott, Paul 397 McDonald, Bill 480 McDonald, Bonnie 122 McDonald, Marilyn 122 McDonnel, Nancy 400 McElroy, Dennis 534 McElroy, Doug 286 McEneany, Michael 368 McEwen, Martha 430 McFarling, Mary 368 McGall, Andy 189 McGann, Frances 391 McGettigan, Patricia 458 McGiff, Joan 430 McGill, Frank 382 McGinley, Kathy 420 McGinnis, Mike 167, 226, 394 McGinty, Ellen 417 McGoran, Ernest 475 McGowan, Marcia 122, 436 McGrath, John 549 McGrath, Tim 496 McGreal, John 122, 368 McGrew, Dale 520 McGrew, Jim 262 McGuire, Tony 333, 482 McHenry, Sherry 391 McInnes, Terrence 122, 187, 233 McKechnie, Katherine 122 McKee, Richard 499 McKelvey, Ellen 122, 215 McKeon, Ken 516 McKeown, Jack 122, 234, 491 McKibben, John 502 McKillop, Bill 252 McKinley, Bertha 461 McKinley, Edward 122, 368 McKinley, Michael 303, 481 , 527 McKinney, Carol 227, 404 McKirahan, Rick 170 McKoon, Bob 396 McLain, Ann 462 McLain, Christopher 122 McLain, Richard 122 McLane, James 382 McLean, Mary Ann 427 McLellan, Rich 333, 368 McLeod, Robert 122, 526 McMahon, Virginia 464 McMeans, Julia 163, 442 McMichael, Sandra 122, 352 McMillan, Harriet 381 McMurry, Kathy Marie 122 McNab, Flip 430 McNally, C. Wayne 477 McNally, Dale Wayne 477 McNally, Terry 311, 489 McNeill, Carolyn 385 McNickle, Arthur 336, 515 McNulty, Patricia 388 McOmie, Kathryn Alice 122 McPhate, Marsha 122, 430 McShirley, Susan 143, 437 McWaters, Leanne 434 M Ma, Dominic 122, 368 Ma, Jeanne 391 Maa, Eric 419 Maas, Frank 525 Maas, Terry 221 Macauley, Tony 186, 476 MacCurdy, Shelagh 451 MacDonald, Barbara 393 MacDonald, Bill 480 MacDonald, Carol 122, 368 MacDonald, Catherine 122, 368 MacDonald, Pat 191 MacDonald, Torn 357 MacDougall, Christine 457 MacDougall, Heather 122, 368 MacDougall, Jan 454 MacDougall, Marcia 122, 164, 229, 454 MacKay, Ross 122, 232 MacKay, Ted 122, 516 MacKenzie, Gerry 515 MacMullen, J. Thomas 382 Macoxsky, Susan 387 MacReynolds, Bill 543 Macri, Bob 534 Maddaus, William 221 Madden, Deanne 81, 150, 446 Maddigan, Richard 368 Mallux, Phil 544 Madfes, Susan 448 Madsen, Pamela 461 Maeno, Mary Jo 387 Maes, Carl 311 Maes, Judy 186, 440 Mager, Mare 169 Magid, Andy 423 Magiera, Steve 248 Magnelli, Wanita 393 Magnussen, Jr. Haakon 122, 236 Magoffin, Mary 123 Maguire, Hank 286 Maguire, Tom 236, 238 Magyary, Steven 236 Mah, Roger 250 Mahan, Gary 330 Mahin, Steven 350 Mahr, Don 123 Maier, Chris 491 Maier, Marsha 368 Mailman, Joanne 380 Maire, Louis 357, 544 Malbin, Irene 199, 420 Malcolm, Mary 462 Mall, Heidi 452 Mallard, Tom 520 Malmberg, Ann 123 Malone, James 482 Maloney, Clark 123, 221 Maloney, Gerald 481 Maloney, Kevin 81, 515 Joan 433 Malzels, Nancy 392 Mammon, Judy 250 Mandel, Richard 525 Mandell, Steve 531 Manetas, Michael 123, 368 Manheim, Karen 172,453 Maniford, Jerald 123, 410 Mankin, Roxanne 123, 436 Mann, Maureen 445 Mann, Vic 307, 477 Manning, Brenda 147, 456 Manning, Pat 263 Manning, Susan 263, 455 Manns, Vivian 123, 357 Manos, Peter 123 Manson, Marcia 439 Maples, Lee 123, 503 Marble, Leslie 447 Marchetti, Jeri 342 Marchick, Ruth 393 Maren, Nancy 173 Margadant, Gary 480 Margoles, Michael 123 Margolis, Marshall 510 Markarian, Gary 528 Markel, Johnny 262 Markovitz, Janet 392 Marks, Clifford 123 Marks, Sharon 123, 432 Markwart, Elisabeth 453 Markwart, Libby 552 Marowitz, Mike 325 Marraccini, Rodney 88, 123, 472, 535 Marrah, Frederick 539 Marriott, Patrick 123, 236, 238 Marron, Linda 399 Marshall, Dave 418 Marshall, Joe 189 Marteneji, Georgia 391 Martin, Andrea 123, 452 Martin, Bob 325 Martin, Brenda 169 Martin, Cindy 438, 445 Martin, Jan 446 Martin, Mary 391 Martin, Phillip 123, 244 Martin, Terry 403 Martin, Thomas 292 Martin, Wallace 518 Martin, William 123, 237, 396 Martinian, Alpha 123 Martone, Gary 333, 551 Marx, Jeff 545 Masada, Maureen 123 Mason, Janet 42C Massey, Heath 391 Massimiana, Luciana 123 Masten, Ellsworth 123 Masterton, Martha 195 Mastick, Pat 429 Mates, Jacob 123, 231 Mathews, Bill 303, 325 Mathews, Virginia 123 Mathieu, Yvonne 407 Mathis, Anne 391 Matiasevich, Bob 123 Matlin, Don 530 Matsen, Pam 123, 176, 461 Matson, Sharon 123 Matsumoto, Gerry 231, 236, 238 Matsumura, Wynn 167 Matter, Joan 432 Matthews, Jo 393 Matthews, Mark 397 Matthews, Nancy 123, 231, 386 Matthias, John 486 Mattila, William 330 Mattis, Jack 482 Mattson, Christine 227, 350 Mattison, Linda 368 Matye, Lavella 123, 400 Mauel, Janet 447 Maxwell, Anders 412 Maxwell, David 159, 160 Maxwell, Richard 123, 542 May, Cherl 442 May, Gar 251 May, James 123 May, Robert 397 Mayeda, Ron 342 Mayer, Ashley 464 Mayer, Elaine 263, 454 Mayer, Greg 505 Mayer, Loren 494 Mayer, Virginia 263, 455 Mayers, Ann 416 Mayfield, Duane 527 Mayfield, Sherry 392 Mazor, Maurine 123 Mazzoni, Jane 391 Meadows, Richard 123, 503 Meagher, Joe 482 Meagher, Mike 286 Means, Carolyn 123, 452 Mecia, Francie 452 Mecia, Torie 453 Meckel, John 474 Mecom, William 226, 368 Mecum, Leslie 123, 468 Medbery, Janis 124, 456 Medevic, Russell 124, 226, 244, 333, 514 Meeks, David 330 Mehn, Hans 238 Mehran, Fereshteh 250, 368 Mei, Ron 419 Meier, Martin 488 Meister, David 462 Mekjavich, Karen 393 Melchior, Tim 491 Meldrum, James 368 Melgaard, Karen 124, 229 Mellein, James 415 Mellon, Michael 486 Melnik, Carol 124 Melone, Genie 430 Meltzer, Mike 221 Melvin, Stanford 546 Mendell, Colette 124 Mendelsohn, Drew 202 Mendonca, Edward 493 Meneghin, Gary 403 Menkin, Marcia 448 Mennucci, Lance 542 Mentas, Mike 543 Meraj, Parvez 413 Merat, Barbara 124, 357 Mercier, Colette 416 Merl, H. Rod 408 Merle, Joan 124, 452 Merlo, Bernadette 417 Merrell, Samuel 500 Merriman, Richard 124, 357 Merritt, Melinda 147, 458 Merritt, Susan 454 Merryman, John 152 Messenger, Gary 403 Messinger, Diane 124, 404 Mestre, Michel 124, 237, 369 Metcalf, Allan 181 Mettler, Kenneth 382 Mettler, Ronald 124, 502 Metz, Carol 124, 357 Metzger, Lon 124, 476 Meudell, Asa 81, 124, 500 Meux, Jennifer 469 Meyer, Carolyn 124, 350 Meyer, Cary 124, 507 Meyer, James 486 Meyer, Mike 336 Meyer, Raymond 260 Meyer, Thomas 548 Meyerowitz, Fran 388 Meyers, Patrick 124, 389 Meyers, Susie 433 Meyerson, Ivan 525 Mezulia, Vila 124 Miale, Carole 124 Michael, Mary 445 Michaels, Anne 393 Michel, Pamela 434 Michelson, Richard 480 Michelotti, Linda 230 Micossi, Nita 393 Midkiff, Lynne 191 Mika, Kitty 437 Miles, Sue 124, 436 Mill, Jerry 396 Millar, Jane 124, 143, 458 Millard, Judy 380, 391 Miller, Alan 412 Miller, Barbara 163, 173 Miller, Carol 420 Miller, Charles 342 Miller, Chris 429 Miller, Claudia 448 Miller, Corky 442 Miller, Daniel 124, 226, 544 Miller, Diana 448 Miller, Duane 505 Miller, Edward 403 Miller, Helen 456 Miller, Henry 549 Miller, Joanna 469 Miller, John 124 Miller, Kathy 227, 445 Miller, Ken 124, 487 Miller, Lesley 456 Miller, Linda 172, 369 Miller, Michael 477 Miller, Michael 124, 357 Miller, Melissa 193, 230, 380 Miller, Morgan 482 Miller, Peter 124, 480 Miller, Phil 382 Miller, Roger 124, 341 Miller, Sharon 448 Miller, Terry 293, 313, 525 Miller, Theodore 541 Miller, Tom 474 Miller, Wayne 408 Millett, Sunni 391 Millie, Ross 397 Milliken, Don 124, 503 Millman, Dan 305 Millman, Michael 546 Mills, Donna 449 Mills, Ronald 489 Mills, Sally 447 Milmore, Don 423 Milne, Nancy 434 Milstead, Maggie 81,434 Minkow, Roger 429 Minneti, Barbara 393 Minning, Chuck 238 Minning, Dave 545 Minor, Lynn 437 Miramon, Rose 393 Mires, Dennis 415 Mirise, Tom 397 Mische, Eric 124 Mitchell, Flo 357 Mitchell, Jim 292 Mitchell, Kit 434 Mitchell, LaMont 570 Mitchell, Ray 124, 551 Mitchell, Regina 369 Mitchell, Sally 438 Mittino, Julie 124, 357 Miyamoto, Carol 231 Miyamoto, Patricia 124, 400 Mizokami, Nancy 392 Mizuguchi, Eiko 124 Moaveni, Joe 237 Mock, Sharon 152, 158, 160, 163, 164, 224, 227, 400 Mock, Tom 124 Modaff, Kay 124, 436 Modell, Jenny 391 Moffat, Ed 81, 148, 149 Mogel, John 124 Moghaddas, Ahmad 125, 351 Mohn, Charles 125, 333 Mohta, Shemi 250 Mokray, Joan 198 Molendyk, Pete 288 Molineux, James 494 Moll, Heidi 452 Mollett, George 307 Mollison, Walter 125 Molzahn, Jim 396 Monahan, Greg 482 Mondon, Susan Jean 125, 436 Monk, Ronald 125,252 Monkarsh, Lynne 433 Monroe, Randy 549 Montanelli, Linda 125 Montbriand, Mike 369 Montenegro, Edward 125 Montessoro, Ada 457 Montgomery, Sally 125 Monto, Mike 500 Moock, John 482 Moody, David 204 Moor, Barbara 81, 230, 447 Moorad, Bruce 499 Moore, Cissy 459 Moore, Gloria 457 Moore, James 125, 260, 548 Moore, John 549 Moore, Keith 369 Moore, Larry 529 Moore, Lurlie 147 Moore, Michael 501 Moore, Russell 125, 507 Moore, Sandra 125, 167, 229 Moore, Sue 467 Moos, Charles 162, 163 Morales, Adrienne 393 Moran, Barbara 429 Moran, Elizabeth 454 Moran, R. M. 244 Moran, Sue 185, 428 Moran, Terrence 529 More, Carol 163, 442 Morey, Don 382 Morgan, Dwight 355 Morgan, Evan 330 Morgan, Kent 125 Morgenroth, Mike 125 Morgens, William 502 Mori, Ayako 380 Morimoto, Carol 386 Moring, Bill 125, 236, 238, 503 Morita, Clyde 339 Morrell, Karen 125 Morris, Al 239 Morris, David 125, 212 Morris, Jerrie 429 Morris, Marilyn 125, 452 Morris, Mary 125 Morris, Teri 469 Morris, William 475 Morrison, Angus 125, 500 Morrisroe, Ann 457 Morrow, Carole 429 Morrow, Carolyn 125, 462 Morrow, Joan 125 Morrow, Orville 125, 500 Morse, Larry 204 Mortensen, Earl 311 Mortensen, Susan 440 Morthland, Judy 391 Morton, Bill 125 Morton, Carol 125, 468 Morton, Craig 260, 275, 285, 288 Morton, Cweg 397 Morton, Jill 387 Morton, Nye 125 Moser, Vicki 461 Mosher, Jerry 152, 234, 260, 288, 295, 526 Moskovitz, Annette 392 Moss, Bill 491 Moss, Gary 521 Moss, Jeffery 510 Mossteller, Tim 125 Motto, Robert 545 Moulds, Bob 520 Moulton, Ken 125, 234, 260, 288, 521 Moure, Russell 226 Mourning, Tom 181, 193 Mouto, Mike 500 Movius, Alice 227, 230, 447, 552 Mowrey, Ann 387 Mowry, Goerge 408 Mayes, Warren 125, 306, 351 Moynier, Gerald 413 Moynihan, Christy 461 Mross, George 125 Muat, Roger 248 Mueller, Philip 415 Mueller, Stephen 382 Muellerschoen, Carolyn 446 Mugler, Reenie 438 Muhlbach, Robert 551 Muhsfeld, Judy 509 Mulhall, Dennis 125, 244, 500 Mulhern, Martin 408 Mulholland, Roger 548 Mull, Linda 125 Mullen, Babs 453, 552 Mullen, James 125 Mullen, Kenneth 411 Muller, Chris 391 Muller, Scott 125 Mulvey, Catherine 152, 442 Mulvey, Mary Beth 172, 227, 442 Mundall, Kris 445 Munday, Dick 516 Munday, Martin 125 Munoz, Joseph 125 Munoz, Peter 264, 369 Munro, Randy 548 Munson, Jack 476 Murdock, Suzan 160, 170, 386 Murikame Michael 408 Murnane, Frank 486 Murphy, Barbara 227, 446 Murphy, Chet 319 Murphy, Elizabeth 420 Murphy, Gerald 501 Murphy, Jerry 333 Murphy, Stephen 382 Murray, Arthur 330 Murray, Jim 520 Murray, Robert 415 Murray, Robert W. 415, 517 Musante, Ed 234 Mussallem, Susan 83, 89, 125, 160, 181, 198 Mussat, Ronald 236 Musser, Ronald 500 Musto, Judith 126, 460 Muszynski, Patricia 410 Muzio, Lawrence 514 Myers, Barry 126 Myers, Cleo 392 Myers, Janet 338, 453 Myers, Mary 410 Myers, Terry 291, 526 N Nachbaur, Bill 69, 231, 264 Nachbaur, Thomas 394 Nadel, Mark 126 Nadherney, John 236, 248 Naef, Ingrid 391 Naftel, Joyce M. 380 Nagamiki, Nishikawa 126 Nagan, Jack 499 Nagarvala, Phiroze J. 126, 476 Nagata. Ernest 397 Nagle, George 126, 202 Nagle, Pattianne 90, 126, 163, 229, 466 Nagler, Rick 202 Nahman, Lee Ann 126 Nahmens, Nikki 392 Naiman, Heidi 126, 391 Naito, Kuniaki 251 Nakahara, Martin 126 Nakano, Ronald 126 Nakao, Harumi 126 Nakayama, Gail Katsumi 126 Nakayama, Yasmo 397 Namimatsu, June 126 Narou, Wendy 126 Nash, Barbara 451 Nash, Linda 448 Nawman, Barbara 126, 224, 227, 235, 468 Ndefo, Ejike 238 Neal, Paul 191 Needham, Al 126, 541 Neel, Brent 418 Neely, Dennis 172 Neill, Marvin 126 Neiswender, Dan 520 Neitz, Paula 251, 458 Nelson, Alan 288 Nelson, Bob 545 Nelson, C. D. W. 480 Nelson, Charlene 385 Nelson, Charles 126 Nelson, Earl 477 Nelson, Elizabeth 126 Nelson, Elton 126, 477 Nelson, Ervin 477 Nelson, Helen 126 Nelson, Jane 126 Nelson, Janet 455 Nelson, Jim 488 Nelson, Margaret 420 Nelson, Marietta 126 Nelson, Michael 126 Nelson, Pat 357 Nelson, Richard 543 Nelson, Valerie 126 Neri, Jordan 499 Neri, Kathryn 186, 469 Nesbitt, Kasee 186, 434 Neufeld, Dennis 291 Neuman, Andy 481 Neuman, Gail 391 Neville, Richard 126 Newberry, Arthur 126 Newhouse, Dave 316, 543 Newkirk, Robert 481 Newman, David 382 Newman, Gale 320, 491 Newman, Paul 259, 305 Newman, Robert 126, 184, 187 Newmark, Warren 551 Newnan, Craig 307, 538 Newsom, Eric 126 Newton, Alex 508 Newton, Chris 330 Newton, Patricia 458 Newton, Victoria 126 Ng, Pierina 126 Nichandros, Harry 411 Nicholau, Alexandra 388 Nichols, Bob 295 Nichols, Karen 126 Nichols, Michael 481, 499 Nichols, Mike 481 Nichols, Nancy 416 Nichols, Niki 453 Nicholau, Alexandra 388 Nickerson, Robert 515 Nicoles, John 252, 264,369 Nielsen, Carla 393 Nielsen, Marty 382 Nielson, Rosemary 152 Nielson, Sandra 126, 450 Nielson, Stanley 541 Niggeman, John William 481 Niitani, Leslie 126, 244 Nilan, Rich 1, 170, 418 Nilmeier, Allan 126, 480 Nisenson, David 546 Nishio, Alan 477 Nishioka, Naomi 126 Nitefor, Michael 369 Nitoff, Bernard 248 Nix, Shelley 126, 338, 461, 477 Noard, Bill 303 Noble, Scott 512 Noji, Carol 434 Nolan, Antoinette 184, 440 Nolan, Jeanne 127, 443 Nolan, Kathy 437 Nolen, Rudy 534 Noles, Omar 127, 507 Noonan, Claire 152, 388 Noonan, John 489 Norberg, Karen 127, 355 Norgaard, Richard 127 Norris, Larry 403 Norris, Nancy 398 Norton, James 127, 231 Norton, Nancy 438 Norton, Richard 396 Norwood, Jaclyn 458 Norwood, James 260, 288 Noyes, Pete 333 Nsefo, Ejike 236 Nuest, Gwaine 127, 165, 445 Nurisso, Donald 127, 418 Nurnberg, Lina 127, 369 Nyborg, Philip 515 Nyburg, Bea 458 Nye, Pamela 163, 462 Nye, Richard 239, 260, 521 Nystrom, John 502 O Oakley, Allison 127, 445 Oakley, John 286, 307, 369 Ober, Norman 482 Obon, Ron 311 O ' Brien, Mark 535 O ' Connell, James 127, 244, 408 O ' Connell, Wayne 81, 127, 226, 500 O ' Connor, Francis 541 O ' Connor, Jim 150, 382 Oda, Caroline 127 Oda, G. 251 Odello, Robert 236, 239 Oden, Clyde 251, 382 Odom, Sallie 405 O ' Donnell, Robert 88, 127, 224, 226, 516 O ' Dwyer, M. 239 Oelke, Lee 127, 543 O ' Flaherty, Joe 330 Ogawa, Ken 127 Ogawa, Thomas 127, 238 Ogbu, John 127, 351 Ogden, Dave 233 Ognisty, James 515 Ohkagawa, Shoichiro 127, 351 Ohlson, Sue 127, 235, 445 Ohno, Hajime 127, 351 Ohs, Harold 512 Oka, Hideki 402 Okada, Doris 386 Okamoto, Arlene 393 Okamoto, Karen 127 Okamura, Robert 127, 239 Okita, James 239 Okun, James 546 Olander, Diana 127, 452 O ' Laughlin, Beverly 515 Olbrantz, Michael 536 Olbright, Diane 447, 509 Olden, Michael 127 Olgon, Ron 479 O ' Little, Ensign 232 Oliveira, Edwin 127 Oliver, Richard 127, 415 Oliveria, Ronald 403 Oller, Robert 127 Olmo, Russell 128 Olney, Carol 128,416 Olsen, Christina 457 Olsen, David 128 Olsen, Kent 128, 318 Olsen, Linda 454 Olsen, Meg 152, 164, 229, 462 Olson, Harold 128, 415 Olson, Helene 128, 464 Olson, Janet 128, 400 Olson, Jerry 316 Olson, Jim 128, 544 Olson, Karen 128 Olson, Marilyn 388 Olson, Rob 224, 260, 295, 526 O ' Malley, Garth 319 Onaka, Wayne 236 Onderdonk, Stephen 128, 234, 526 O ' Neil, Mike 232, 292 O ' Neil, Peggy 466 O ' Neill, Bill 499 O ' Neill, Eugene 128, 482 Ongerth, Richard 307, 520 Openshaw, Dale 128 Openshaw, Diane 454 Opheim, Kent 418 Opocensky, Caroline 414 Oppido, Michael 403 Ordeman, Donna 164, 184, 461 Oringer, Judy 385 Orland, Jim 239, 481 Orosco, Don 128, 544 Orr, Gregory 369 Orton, James 502 Orwitz, Linda 406 Osborn, Dorothy 388 O ' Shea, Dave 335 Osofsky, Gene 478 O ' Sullivan, Lloyd 128 Ota, Aiko 128 Overstreet, David 231 Overton, Jo Ann 399 Owen, J. E. 244 Owen, Susan 128 Owens, A. 493 Owens, Carolyn 81, 146, 147, 469 Owens, Robert 293, 313 Owens, Roger 205, 319 Owings, Pam 227, 439 Owyoung, Adelbert 236 Oya, Tadashi 342 Ozanich, John 128, 403 Ozkok, Bora 293, 313 Ozols, Juris 128 Pace, Cathy 453 Packard, Gerda 434 Packard, Mary 128, 186, 450 Packard, Shirley 398 Packer, Donna 417 Packwood, Tim 418 Padley, Jack 536 Page, Frederick 128, 244, 252 Page, Gregory 412 Page, Mike 251, 333 Page, Myron 260 Paige, Ken 514 Painter, Shirley 392 Palamountain, Greg 232, 234, 244, 260, 288, 491 Paley, Patsy 448 Palik, Meredyth 128, 227 Paliwoda, Stephan 191, 244, 482 Pallack, Judy 388 Pallas, Thomas 128, 500 Palmer, Charles 152, 382, 500 Palmer, Jacki 163 Palmer, Jeff 288 Palmer, John 260 Palmer, Nan 227, 430 Palmer, Renee 128 Palmer, Suzzan 128 Pamphilon, Sydney 447 Pandit, Vijay 202 Pang, Tony 128, 351 Panick, Merle 152 Pantelides, Paul 128 Panzer, Nick 534 Pappas, Alceste 164 Paradis, Arthur 494 Parce, Don 411 Pardee, Carolyn 462, 552 Pardini, Paula 523 Parenti, Pamela 369 Parham, D. 250 Park, Richard 128 Parker, Denny 239, 382 Parker, Kathleen 447 Parker, Lindsay 442 Parker, Marianne 128 Parker, Marty 224, 226 Parker, Pat 391 Parker, Robert 549 Parkman, Johnny 477 Parks, Bill 512 Parks, David 181 Parks, Ted 286, 325 Parnell, Peter 512 Parr, Michael 128 Parrish, Dave 333 Parrish, Jeff 487 Parrish, Liz 454 Parry, John 128, 231, 236 Parshall, Karen 438 Parsons, Betty 128 Parsons, Donna 128 Parsons, John 128 Parsons, Ronald 128 Partovi, Farhad 250 Partridge, Fred 333 Partridge, George 549 Passin, Steven 494 Passy, Leon 479 Patera, Alan 128 Pathak, Sharad 351 Patrick, Lois 128 Patrick, Rusty 128, 522 Patterson, Brooke 401 Patterson, Douglas 89, 128, 226, 264 Patterson, Gene 396 Patterson, Patti 447 Pattison, Pat 292 Patton, Jack 545 Paul George 508 Paul, Mollie 81, 90, 128, 172, 173, 458 Pauley, Randy 159, 160, 505 Paulson, Mary 170, 457 Pavitt, Gene 152, 335 Pavulins, Ruta 128, 399 Payne, Frank 129 Peacock, Scott 129, 496 Peak, Jennifer 152, 261, 552 Pearce, Anne 420 Pearce, Jack 81, 129 Pearce, Susan 386 Pearlman, Barry 149, 546 Pearlstein, Kitty 129 Pearson, Alysa 129 Pearson, Bill 382 Pearson, John 129, 493 Pearson, Neal 325, 529 Pearson, Richard 129 Pease, Marjorie 457 Peasley, Gary 403 Peck, Suzanne 462 Peckham, Cap 129, 234, 261, 263, 496 Pecsar, Marilynn 129 Pederson, Carol 392 Pederson, Lars 512 Pederson, Leah 129, 443 Pedrotti, Emma 129 Peel, Joe 493 Peletz, Dan 474 Pellinen, Robert 129 Pelzner, Robert 368 Peppard, Barbara 437 Pepper, Gary 251 Peracca, Peter 129, 234, 481 Perasso, Herbert 129, 368 Perella, Jack 89, 129, 169, 202, 368 Perkins, Anne 129, 227, 368 Perkins, Charlie 295, 299 Perkins, Don 129, 481 Perrin, Terry 459 Perry, David 526 Perry, Jaye 129, 369 Perry, Jim 237 Person, Joanne 454 Peryam, Tom 369 Peschel, James 501 Petas, Marc 505 Peters, Jean 129 Peters, Lorin 129 Peters, Mary 129 Peters, Roberta Petersen, George 481 Petersen, Sherrill 227, 523 Peterson, Barb ara 129 Peterson, Cheri 442 Peterson, Dan 487 Peterson, Dave 129, 226, 472 503 Peterson, Jenny 152, 391 Peterson, Nancy 233 Peterson, Robert 412 Peterson, Severin 181, 221 Peterson, Sherleen 129, 469, 477 Peterson, Steve 129 Peterson, Susan 369 Peterson, Wayne 382 Peterson, Wilma 129, 227, 441 Petit, Charles 496 Petrelli, Cindy 451 Petrich, Dianne 401 Petrocelli, Eugene 489 Petrovsky, John 382 Pettinger, Larry 231, 408 Pettus, David 549 Pettus, Margaret 459 Pezet, George 129, 399 Pezzaglis, Susan 437 Pfaffinger, Kristen 187, 440 Phelan, Susan 399 Phelps, Don 129, 172, 538 Philips, Doris 129, 249, 310 Phillips, Christine 438 Phillips, Diane 241 Phillips, Eric 313, 382 Phillips, Leroy 316, 412 Phillips, Linda 410 Phillips, Mary 453 Phillips, Melinda 129 Phillips, Pippa 338 Phillips, Robert 129 Piazza, Michael 311, 541 Piccinini, Kathleen 129 Pick, Betty 464 Pickle, Moby 391 Pierce, Barbara 129 Pierce, Linda 183,410 Pierce, Marcia 455 Pierce, Margaret 338 Pierce, Susan 388 Pierog, Jim 292, 293, 311 Pierson, Liz 263, 442 Pike, Darcia 451 Pike, Peter 129, 351 Pile, Douglas 423 Pimentel, Thomas 408 Pinks, Vivian 129 Pinson, Jim 224, 260, 288, 306 Piper, Sandy 310 Piper, Sue 393 Pippen, Carl 423 Piskulic, Diane 129, 445 Pittman, Tom 187 Piziali, Robert 238 Pizzorno, Charleen 369 Platt, Tony 307 Platte, Linda 129, 152 Platzek, Mickie 388 Pletcher, Del 152, 312, 505 Plumlee, Craig 313 Plunkett, Michael 129, 167, 482 Pock, Carl 130 Pohle, William 130, 369 Poindexter, Colleen 338 Polansky, Judith 130, 399 Pollack, I. 251 PoIlat, Peter 510 Pollet, Dennis 130, 500 Polo, Rita 392 Polse, K. 251 Pomeroy, Bob 130, 481 Pomeroy, Pamela 187, 369 Poncher, Lyle 546 Pond, Janine 381 Ponedel, Alix 130, 461 Poon, Lawrence 397 Pope, G eoffrey 481 Pope, John 130, 369 Pope, Tom 252 Popendorf, W. S. 242 Popov, Alex 536 Porch, Doris 130, 456 Porras, Jose 130, 351, 369 Portello, Suzanne 434 Porter, Don 476 Porter, James 315 Porter, Sally 430 Porter, Sue 130, 445 Portney, Robert 147, 510 Posehn, Michael 403 Postag, Ann 457 Postell, Ann 170 Postelwaite, Anne 130, 450 Potter, Allen 382 Poulton, William 130 Powell, Barbara 130, 369 Powell, Charles 83, 89, 157, 160, 181, 224, 226, 394 Powell, Nicholas 369 Powell, Noie 439 Powell, Robert 130, 476 Powell, Robert 545 Powers, Diana 442 Powers, Sharon 130, 369 Powers, Susan 391 Prasher, Marcia 152 Prather, Hale 130, 369 Pratico, Mick 541 Pratt, Randell 369 Prec, Yarmila 405 Prendergast, James 130, 244, 412 Prentice, Beth 447, 509 Preszler, Charlene 447 Preszler, Rita 130, 231,417 Preuss, Pamela 130, 445 Preville, Bruce 248 Prevost, Jeffrey 517 Prevost, Steve 516 Price, Barbara 130, 369 Price, Tyrone 288 Prichard, Judith 405 Primm, Janet 90, 130, 163, 228, 229, 462 Primm, Judy ..130, 163, 229, 462 Primm, Karen 466 Prince, Sandra 387 Principe, William 130, 369 Pringle, Mark 291, 486 Prinn, Brian 508 Pritchard, John 500 Proctor, Harlan 130, 369 Proger, Ellen 392 Prosser, John 496 Prouty, Walter 130, 369 Provost, Steve 516 Pryal, Denise 420 Przybylinski, John 369, 475 Pshevlozky, Olga 381 Ptitsin, Gegory 130, 415 Pugh, Cheryl 21, 130, 224, 229, 441 Pullen, A. 130, 415 Pullen, Chuck 252 Punchu, Jim 232 Puntigam, Dixie 391 Pyle, Laurence 537 Q Qamar, Anthony 130, 369 Quaintance, Bobbie 263 Quan, Betty 130, 369 Quan, Ross 130, 369 Quarton, Bruce 515 Queeq, F. 419 Quellmalz, Bob 130, 551 Quick, Steve 492 Quigg, Gerald 244 Quilligan, Maureen 130, 369 Quimby, Susan 393 Quinn, Kathleen 130, 4o8 Quinn, Paul 543 Quist, Louise 130, 369 Quontamatteo, Tom 234, 260, 526 Raaf, Jean 447 Rabetsimba, Tiana 130, 351, 369 Rabwin, Dinah 131, 398 Rademacher, Karen 369 Radich, Steve 234, 260, 288, 306 Radisay, Pat 515 Radonich, Joan 131, 462 Rafinia, Houshang 403 Ragan, Melinda .227, 229, 462 Ragent, Wendy 130, 369 Rager, Pat 131, 461 Ragsdale, Bruce 131, 382 Rahn, Evelyn 369 Raider, Lynne 131, 369 Railton, Jane 459 Rains, Robert 231 Rajan, S. 475 Rakestraw, Chris 461 Ramage, Marilyn 467 Ramo, Jim 546 Ramsauer, Larry 131, 236, 238, 248, 369 Ramsey, Larry 403 Ramstad, R. Carol .130, 213, 228 229, 369 Randall, Barbara 437 Randall, Terry 339 Randolph, William 505 Rapp, Gregory 494 Rasmussen, Dick 543 Rasmussen, Judy 430 Rasmussen, Kent 474 Rasmussen, Thomas 545 Ratcliff, Mary 131, 176, 461 Rath, Mary 131,417 Ratinoff, Dennis 251 Ratts, John 505 Raulin, Jean 385 Rawlins, Gay 459 Rawlins, Jack 403 Ray, Roger 549 Raynal, R. 417 Raznikov, Richard 419 Read, Claudia 131, 466 Read, Suzanne 131, 468 Ready, Daniel 295, 518 Reali, Peter 408 Rebeil, Juan 131, 351, 369 Rebelo, David 131 Rebuschatis, Bob 316 Recsei, Claire 442 Redell, David 369 Redfield, Robert 244 Redfud, Yolanda 417 Reding, Jack 226, 333, 551 Redman, Mike 526 Reed, Elaine 387 Reed, Jane 455 Reed, Linda 369 Reed, Patricia 131 Reed, Terri 205 Reeder, Jeff 293 Reedy, Howard 131, 551 Rees, Marte 452 Reese, Ben 480 Reese, Jennifer 462 Reeves, Al 520 Reeves, Dan 492 Regan, Victoria 417 Reginelli, Judie 437, 509 Regli, Bob 515 Reichert, Bill 131, 535 Reichmuth, Barbara 147, 152, 459 Reid, Jan 391 Reid, Scott 286 Reid, Susanna 173, 388 Reiersgord, Kay 428 Reifman, Flaury 176 Reikes, James 288, 521 Rein, Burton 131, 163, 510 Rein, Paul 231, 316 Reinecke, Gary 131, 493 Reiner, Steven 478 Reinhard, Guido 131, 389 Reinke, Alan 508 Reinsch, Jim 487 Reinsch, John 487 Reiser, Pamela 152 Reisman, Valerie 227, 432, 433 Reist, Lloyd 307 Relat, Carol 420 Relles, Tom 288, 289, 306 Remenyi, Maria 165 Renken, Wolfgang 251 Renner, Dalphine 131, 369 Renwick, Patty 447 Rescei, Claire 442, 552 Resch, Helmut 342 Reuter, Michael 131, 408 Reutlinger, Mark 131, 369 Reynolds, Ned 234, 492 Reynolds, Richard 131, 239, 263, 369 Reynolds, Robert 415 Reynolds, Robert W. 489 Reynolds, Robin 447 Reynolds, Sally 131, 461 Reznor, John 408 Rhett, Don 131, 514 Rhoda, Mark 330, 480 Rhodes, Clifton 90, 131, 160, 165, 166, 167, 224, 226, 333, 412 Rhodes, Donna 417 Rhodes, Donald 516 Rhodes, Donna 380, 381 Rhodes, Lynn 131, 399 Rhodes, Patricia 131, 369 Riave, Kandy 147, 448 Ricci, Michael 423 Rice, John 491 Rice, Walter 251 Rich, Nancy 204 Richard, Terry 131, 370 Richards, Daniel 370, 423 Richards, Joe 403 Richards, Phillip 522 Richardson, Carolyn 131, 420 Richardson, Jeanie 509 Richardson, Jerry 335 Richardson, Steven 131, 502 Richmond, Henry 131, 544 Richter, Judith 398 Richter, Lynnae 399 Rickard, Carolyn 442 Rickard, Lynn 499 Rickets, Ed 212 Ricketts, Carol 461 Riddenmuch, Fred 232 Riddle, Chris 172 Riddle, Gene 239 Ridolfi, Diane 434 Riedel, Fred 131, 234, 491 Riemke, Richard 481 Riepe, Howard 131, 419 Riese, Ellen 407 Rigby, Judy 407 Rigdon, Michael 489 Rigney, William 502 Rimmer, Hank 496 Rindge, Janet 393 Rino, Charles 131, 370 Rino, Mariane 393 Rist, William 131, 370 Ritchey, Robiny 420 Ritchie, Ken 419 Ritchie, Walter 131, 239, 370 Ritter, Anne 131, 392 River, Marilyn 393 Robak, Glenn 131, 503 Robanske, Diane 417 Robbins, Howard 132, 370 Robbins, Mark 551 Robbins, Patrice 434 Roberts, Barbi 434 Roberts, Betsy 342 Roberts, Bill 132, 492 Roberts, Bruce 81, 150, 152, 316, 517 Roberts, Diane 370 Roberts, Ed 252 Roberts, Eric 478 Roberts, John 152, 226, 263, 472, 536 Roberts, Justin 181, 188, 224 Roberts, Nancy 410 Robertson, Bob 508 Robertson, Bruce 335, 517 Robertson, Channing 131, 370 Robertson, Gary 370 Robertson, John 505 Robertson, Rich 505 Robertson, Ronald 132, 403 Robertson, Steve 132, 501 Robinson, Janet 393 Robinson, Bill 132, 528 Robinson, Gary 132, 538 Robinson, Markham 132, 370 Robinson, Michael 330, 408 Robinson, Neal 370, 475 Robinson, Rodney 408 Robison, Josh 305 Rochin, Refugio 551 Rockwood, Kevin 132, 418 Rodebaugh, Mark 244 Rodgers, Gillian 177, 398 Rodgers, Jean 442 Rodgers, John 189 Rodgers, Timothy 189, 316 Rodner, Earl 415 Rodrigues, Gary 530 Rodriguez, Elena 399 Rodriguez, Peter 132, 370 Roe, Kathleen 405 Roeder, Jeanie 132, 370 Roger, Sidney 205 Rogers, Bill 132, 370 Rogers, Elizabeth 442 Rogers, Jack 244 Rogers, John 502 Rogers, Sylvia 393 Rohlnick, Louis 132, 226, 370 Rohwedder, Gayle 131, 370 Rokeach, Sharon 147 Rolapp, Susan 132, 446 Rolnick, Lori 434 Romey, Jean 132, 244, 370 Romey, Roy 333 Rominey, Ernie 240 Rommel, Toni 440 Romney, Dave 548 Ronay, Christine 132, 466 Roosa, Penny 132, 404 Rosati, Camille 407 Rose, Arden 464 Rose, James 403 Rose, Marshall 481 Rose, Nancy 388 Rose, Ronald 505 Rosen, Ron 152, 226, 546 Rosenbaum, Janis 132, 370 Rosenberg, Jackie 391 Rosenberg, Nancy 165 Rosenberg, Tommie 434 Rosenberger, Triston 418 Rosenman, Dave 319 Rosenthal, Jon 487 Rosentreter, Diane 132, 370 Rosentreter, William 132, 237, 370 Rosenwald, Anne 132, 432 Rosenwald, Peter 311, 510 Ross, Arthur 530 Ross, Chuck 288 Ross, David 413 Ross, Don 528 Ross, Donna 370 Ross, John 528 Ross, Nancy 443 Ross, Sue 132, 370 Rosser, Ed 250 Rossetti, Diana 445 Rossi, Frank 152, 159, 160, 226 Rossi, Janet 406 Rossi, Marie 406 Rosten, Howard 132, 510 Roth, Barbara 229 Roth, Linn 512 Roth, Monica 380 Roth, Nancy 132, 466 Roth, Richard 411 Roth, Sandy 152, 230, 263, 459 Rothbart, Mark 132, 249, 546 Rothberg, Michael 204 Rothenberg, Joanne 132,432 Rothman, Belinda 386 Rothman, Robert 546 Rothstein, Jacqueline 132, 370 Roumcesset, Jim 311 Roundy, Robert 382 Routh, Pam 147, 263 Routhier, Alan 403 Rowe, Maurine 380, 393 Rowe, Phillip 132, 536 Rowen, Bill 189 Rowland, Steve 419 Rowlett, Dave 508 Rubardt, David 403 Rubenstein, Peter 403 Rubin, Nancy 420 Rucks, Michael 486 Rudman, Cary 546 Rudolph, Stephen 132, 514 Rudomino-Dusiacki, Alice 385 Rue, Ellen 132, 370 Ruegg, Carole 132,468 Rueschenberg, Kathy 392 Runde, Robert 494 Rusev, Dave 286, 288 Rusev, John 260, 534 Rusk, Mary Ann 446 Russell, Bunny 428 Russell, Dorothy 434 Russell, Geoff 311, 476 Russell, Judith 132, 370 Russell, Ted 504 Rutherford, Jane 392 Ruud, Anne 176,437 Ruzak, Jay 132, 415 Ryan, Kathy 143, 446 Ryan, Suzanne 132 Ryder, Terry 486 S Saar, Henry 231 Sabini, Meredith 147, 370 Sabour, Mohammad 250 Sachdev, Waziz 204 Sacher, David 478 Sachs, Carol 449 Sachs, Steven 472, 525 Sackett, Holly 132, 241, 370 Sacks, Jeffrey 412 Sadayasu, Irene 381 Sadler, Beverly 417 Sadler, Claudia 442 Saferstein, Harvey 132, 161, 546 Saferstein, Peggy 132, 370 Sagara, Harry 403 Sagehorn, Marilyn 310, 391 Sager, Bill 252 Sager, Peggy 132, 370 Sain, Charlotte 132, 468 Saito, Tom 402 Sakai, Joyce 132, 370 Sakai, Robert 408 Sakamoto, Gerald 133, 370 Sakamoto, Haruo 324 Sakamoto, Livia 399 Salamon, Dan 342 Salerno, Carol 420 Salerno, James 133, 382 Salin, Eric 419 Salisbury, John 286 Sall, Wendy 133, 370 Salter, Pepper 433 Salter, Wendy 461 Saltman, Barbara 133, 370 Saltzman, Jeff 408 Salzman, Richard 423 Sam, Martha 133, 227, 370 Samuels, Harvey 133, 413 Samuels, Seth 510 Samuels, Sherrie 133, 370 Sanborn, J. 382 Sanchez, Linda 386 Sanchez, Raul 239 Sand, Lawrence 133, 486 Sandar, George 397 Sander, Stephen 394 Sanders, Robert 408 Sanders, Trudi 152, 417 Sanford, Gary 133, 370 Sanford, J. 133, 491 Saperstein, Guy 133, 500 Saphier, Michael 133, 370 Sarfan, Sheldon 546 Sarkis, Joseph 205 Sarna, Greg 133,546 Sarter, Katherine 133, 371 Servas, Sandra 440 Sasaki, Richard 133, 260, 336, 371 Sasich, Mary Jo 399 Satterford, Robert 423 Sattler, Raymond 412 Satz, Wayne 510 Saude, Fernanda 420 Sauer, Jim 397 Saunders, Cheryl 461 Saunders, John 408 Saunders, Kathy 453 Saunders, Robert 133, 371 Savage, Andrea 133, 4 64 Sawyer, Bobbi 459 Sawyer, Jim 538 Sawyer, Joseph 133, 238, 371 Sawyer, Sherron 133, 233 Sawyerr, Eric 291 Saxe, Joan 438 Saylor, Louis 342 Sayre, Sandy 442 Scadat, M. 250 Scales, Sally 170, 457 Schaal, Barbara 133 Schacht, Linda 430 Schack, David 250 Schad, Charles 133, 291, 544 Schade, Cristy 512 Schaefer, Brian 528 Schaeffer, Victoria 133, 372 Schaeffer, Xandra 401 Schaffer, Sheldon 133, 240, 372 Schak, David 133, 371 Schalla, Carol 133, 386 Scharf, Janet 410 Scharf, Susan 133, 371 Schaupp, Beverly 428 Schaupp, Charles 133, 371 Schauppner, Sue 371 Scheble, Sue 133, 466 Scheer, Elaine 133, 450 Sched, Barbara 163, 442 Schelling, James 493 Schelp, Rain 551 Schenk, Ronald 534 Schenone, Carolyn 133,400 Scherman, Carolyn 133, 432 Scherr, Judith 133, 371 Schick, Larry 475 Schieber, Barry 133, 371 Schiffner, Robert 496 Schiller, Barry 133, 371 Schilling, August 260 Schindell, Nadine 133, 404 Schireson, Susan 400 Schlachter, Ellen 147, 199, 248, 448 Schlegel, Paul 133, 371 Schlesinger, Jill 433 Schlitz 530 Schlotz, Donald 315, 494 Schmerl, Irene 133, 371 Schmid, Wilfreid 342 Schmidt, Carol 152, 430 Schmidt, Dietger 394 Schmidt, Donald 133, 251, 371 Schmidt, Heidi 447 Schmidt, John 260, 288, 534 Schminke, Joan 147, 428 Schmitt, Herb 476 Schmitz, Heidi 438 Schmohl, Bill 551 Schmorleitz, Richard 133, 371 School, Barbara 133, 371 Schneider, James 419 Schneider, David 546 Schneider, Margaret 133, 371 Schnell, Debbie 152, 447, 509 Schnider, Ronni 133, 432 Schnier, Steven 482 Schoales, Jean 434 Schoenleber, Pat 133 Scholnick, Penny 152, 449 Scholz, Dieter 133, 526 Schor, Clifton 133, 251, 510 Schor, Robert 403 Schott, Herbert 357 Schott, Nick 133, 371 Schram, Richard 546 Schramko, Edmund 133, 244, 474 Schraub, Jack 133, 260, 288, 289, 328, 371 Schriber, Ann Marie 459 Schrimp, David 134, 249, 516 Schroder, Diane 437 Schroeter, Hazel 176, 442 Schubert, Charles 134, 371 Schubert, Richard 428 Schuchat, Roberta 448 Schueller, Harry 239 Scheutz, Mike 488 Scheutze, Chris 467 Sch ulman, Richard 248, 371 Schulte, Buzz 90, 134, 161, 226, 244, 260, 335, 476 Schulte, Chris 459 Schultz, Art 511 Schultz, Carol 134, 371 Schultz, Robert 252, 403 Schulz, Whitney 134, 371 Schussman, Lee 521 Schutz, Dru 191 Schutz, Michael 382 Schuyler, Jan 169, 202 Schuyler, Michael 475 Schwab, Joseph 546 Schwarm, Franz 516 Schwartz, Barbara 134, 420 Schwartz, Don 251 Schwartz, Hannah Jo 134, 404 Schwartz, Hans-Jurgen 134, 371 Schwartz, Jim 479 Schwartz, Judith 433 Schwartz, Lynne 152, 261, 433 Schwartz, Jr., Robert 134, 412 Schwartz, Simeon 134, 371 Schwarzel, William 371, 475 Schwarzenbach, Lisel 438 Schwenek, Charles 481 Schwieis, Bob 286 Scimeca, Michael 134, 242, 371 Sciutto, Garfield 134, 481 Sciutto, Susanna 442 Scivetti, Frank 134, 371 Scott, Bob 81, 83, 134, 198, 482 Scott, Brenda 391 Scott, Bruce 496 Scott II, Edgerton 134, 232, 548 Scott, Gregg 244 Scott, Kathy 438 Scott, Margaret 134, 229, 338, 400 Scott, Ruth 134, 371 Scott, Scott 528 Scott, Steve 286 Scott, William 267, 500 Scozzafava, Barbara 371 Scully, Jean 173, 454 Scurich, Charles 496 Scurich, Mari 455 Sears, Dave 315 Sears, Linda 430 Seaton, Kathleen 134, 371 Seawell, Lynn 462 Seban, Catherine 134, 371 Sebane, Donald 251 Sedan, Janet 134, 371 Seeley, Mark 539 Seeno, Rocco 134, 183, 371 Seevers, John 382 Segal, Eileen 134, 371 Seguine, Dennis 403 Seidler, Barbi 391 Selber, Nancy 199, 437 Selfman, Julia 371 Selfridge, Thomas 134 Selim, Sol 236 Sellards, Shyla 134, 372 Sellers, John 259, 260, 333 Sellers, Ron 333 Sellman, Betsy 227, 455 Selser, Suzanne 134, 372 Seltzer, Elizabeth 406 Serena, Shirley 134, 372 Severy, Don 330 Sewall, Gilbert 549 Shafer, Roger 397 Shaffer, Lyman 529 Shaffer, Nancy 134, 372, 392 Shah, D. S. 134, 351, 372 Shahrokh, Moaveni 134, 372 Shain, Marilyn 432 Shane, Judi 440 Shane, Liz 388 Shank, Charles 134, 372 Shao, Florence 134, 351 Shapiro, Bruce 546 Shapiro, Dana 134, 372 Shapiro, David 516 Shapiro, Gloria 204 Shapiro, Neil 511 Shapiro, Paul 530 Sharon, William 500 Sharp, Tom 172, 394 Shartsis, Art 159, 160, 264 Shattuck, William 492 Shaver, Russ 236 Shaw, Al 323 Shaw, Earl 418 Shaw, Jen 439 Shaw, John 260 Shaw, Kenneth 477 Shaw, Larry 134, 504 Shaw, Steven 496 Shawl, Stephen 134, 372 Shawver, Bruce 134, 238, 372 Shea, Norman 539 Shearer, Hannah 189 Shearer, John 202 Sheehan, Don 372 Shelburne, David 149, 165, 264, 500 Sheldon, William 499 Shelton, Rosemary 134, 452 Shen, Denna 393 Shen, Max 134, 221, 372 Shen, Sze-Lee 372 Sheretz, Judy 134, 372 Sherman, Donald 134,412 Sherman, Judy 398 Sherman, Sue 393 Sherrill, Carl 397 Sherry, Steven 520 Shideler, Sally 339 Shiffrin, Ellen 135, 372 Shigley, Belinda 372 Shih, Smang-Teh 403 Shikuma, Lawrence 135, 372 Shiman, Hedi 433 Shimizu, Fumiko 372 Shine, Ward 135, 372 Shipman, Joanne 135, 372 Shirachi, Doug 333 Shirek, Alan 551 Shirk, Glen 135, 231, 408 Shirley, Jean 135, 372 Shiroyama, Brian 249 Shiurba, Robert 403 Shlep, Linda 135, 372 Shock, Clint 44 Shoras, John 480 Shores, Christina 143, 190, Showen, Robert 135, 181, 196, 236, 372 Shuchat, Roberta 135, 448 Shuck, Linda 447 Shuey, Diana 420 Shulman, Barry 546 Shulman, Roger 135 Shultz, Robert 135, 394 Shyer, Sharon 152, 391 Siadat, V. 205, 403 Sider, Jim 135, 372 Siebe, JoAnn 437 Siegal, Marshall 181 Siegel, Alan 260, 315 Siegel, Lawrence 531 Seigfried, James 135, 516 Siekhaus, Elisabeth 135, 372 Siembieda, William 135, 193, 197, 372 Sifford, Alexis 152 Siggson, Mimi 135, 464 Silliphant, Mark 549 Silva, Marianne 135, 404 Silveira, Jose 418 Silver, Barbara 380, 406 Silver, Richard 525 Silverfield, Gerald 135, 372 Silverstein, Russell 511 Silverstone, Michael 135, 236 Simburg, Mel 520 Siminoski, Dan 202 Siminoski, Ted 202 Simmen, James 517 Simmerman, Sarah 380 Simmons, James 372 Simmons, John 372 Simmons, Valerie 392 Simon, Edward 135, 510 Simon, Laurie 199, 433 Simon, Paul 481 Simonson, Anne 438 Simpson, Theodora 135, 372 Simpson, Tom 481 Sims, Holly 428 Sims, Lynn 81, 82, 91, 135, 226, 261, 372 Sims, Ronni 135, 372 Sims, Sandra 135, 351, 372 Sinclair, Anthony 291, 480 Sinclair, Dan 306 Sinclair, Don 288 Sinclair, Ray 384 Sindici, Gregg 521 Singe, Jogeshwen 239 Singer, Paul 403 Singer, Steven 537 Singleton, Harvey 238 Singleton, Kathleen 135, 458 Sipos, Mike 496 Sirvis, Barbara 339 Sisson, Margaret 439 Skinner, Brooke 135, 438 Skinner, Catherine 422 Skinner, Robert 135, 372 Skinner, Wayne 135, 518 Skipitares, Teddi 165, 437 Skolnick, Marcia 37 2 Skolnick, Richard 135, 372 Skrzypczynski, Paul 408 Slagg, Joel 135, 372 Slapar, Pete 474 Slater, Paul 189 Slavin, Jane 407 Slay, Auban 459 Slikker, Cheri 453 Sloane, Jr., William 135, 236, 239, 244, 514 Slusky, Joseph 260 Sly, Daleen 381 Small, Jack 403 Small, Linda 431 Small, Michael 342 Smallwood, Patricia 469 Smartt, William 135, 512 Smelser, Thomas 502 Smerling, Terry 551 Smith, Andrew 152, 497 Smith, Anna 438 Smith, Brian 135 Smith, Bruce 371 Smith, Carol 509 Smith, Cindy 228, 447 Smith, Dale 135, 226, 372 Smith, Dannelle 135, 468 Smith, Darrell 382 Smith, David 135, 372 Smith, Devone 330, 397 Smith, Diane 135, 222, 509 Smith, Diane L. 453 Smith, Elvia 372 Smith, Frank 325 Smith, Gregory 418 Smith, Irving 249 Smith, Jackie 357 Smith, James 489 Smith, James L. 423 Smith, Jeanie 135, 461 Smith, Jenny 393 Smith, Jervy 408 Smith, Joan 135 Smith, Joan P. 135 Smith, Ky 508 Smith, Michael 474 Smith, Parker 496 Smith, Philip 527 Smith, Richard 136, 238 Smith, Robert 136, 286, 479 Smith, Robin 136, 438 Smith, Russell 534 Smith, Sandra 391 Smith, Sandy 227, 469 Smith, Sharon 136 Smith, Sheila 136, 432 Smith, Stephanie 429 Smith, Susan Kathleen 136, 372 Smith, Susan 136, 372 Smith, Suzanne 136, 445 Smith, Tim 291 Smith, Valentine 136, 372 Smith, Valerie 462 Smith, Whitney 263, 454 Smith, William 541 Smookler, Helene 136, 372 Smoot, Peter 512 Snedecor, Susie 241, 469 Snell, Gerald 477 Snow, Kathy 447 Snow, Kevin 397 Snow, Maryly 152, 229, 459 Snow, Richard 383 Snowden, Peter 548 Snyder, Christopher 386 Snyder, Clint 136, 482 Snyder, Douglas , 136, 482 Snyder, Gary 333, 382 Snyder, Phillip 136 Sobczyk, John 316 Sobelman, Martin 423 Sodomka, Beverly 391 Soegard, Don 535 Soehrens, Donna 446 Sokol, Jinni 433 Solace, Leslie 380 Solan, Loran 234 Solinsky, Christian 548 Solinsky, Steven 549 Solomon, Dennis 191 Solomon, Herbert 305 Solomon, Sandy 387 Solter, Steven 136, 372 Sommer, Emily 398 Sommers, Paul 423 Son, Myung 136 Sonnikson, David 382 Sonntag, Charles 262, 264, 372 Sooy, Bernice 136 Sorenson, Vern 396 Sorlien, Janet 136, 372 Soulis, Kenna 405 Sours, Keith 262, 493 Southwell, Sandra 136 Southworth, Douglas 403 Spade, Ben 475 Spafford, Alden 136, 423 Spangler, Lore 195 Spath, Talmage 489 Spaulding, Laurie 438 Speich, Jeff 549 Spencer, Carl 489 Spencer, John 342, 493 Spencer, Mike 481 Spengler, Marie 372 Sperr, Julie 81, 91, 136, 160, 164, 165, 167, 182, 373 Spice, Ken 221, 223, 237 Spieker, Ned 292 Spieker, Roxanne 459 Spilker, Andrew 136 Spiller, Susan 462 Spinella, Sal 237 Spitzer, Howard 136, 396 Splan, Cherie 446 Sprague, Sue 136 Spraker, Lana 136, 310, 373 Spreen, Gregory 136, 526 Spreiter, Steve 333, 529 Springer, Kay 136, 456 Springs, Sandra 440 Sproul, Frank 492 Spruce, Wayne 136, 489 Squires, Donald 412 Stacy, Bill 251 Stadelman, Vivian 388 Stafford, Douglas 136 Stafford, Richard 136, 502 Stafford, Richard G. 382 Stair, Nancy 136, 227, 436, 552 Staley, Curt 236 Stalowitz, Ron 510 Stamper, Richard 529 Stange, Shirley 136,461 Stangenberger, Alan 136, 252 Stanley, Joan 136, 351 Stanley, Judd 136 Stanley, Norm 333 Stanley, Rich 136, 373 Stanley, Robert 403 Stanton, Eugenie 401 Stanton, Patrick 335 Stark, Susan 442 Stark, Wendy 401 Starke, Barry 492 Starr, Marian 456 Stavram, Marge 462 Stawisky, Andi 393 St. Clair, Dean 136 Stearns, Dan 136 Stebbins, Jane 462 Steedman, Katherine 453 Steel, Douglas 497 Steel, Kathy 434 Steel, Sue 227, 442 Steffens, Leon 373 Stehr, Jack 242, 512 Stein, David 204 Stein, Marilyn 433 Stein, William 260 Steinberg, Jim 546 Steinberg, Linda 393 Steinberg, Robert 311, 521 Steiner, Roger 397 Steiner, Shary 464 Steinhart, John 514 Steinhart, Tim 194, 396 Stent, Jim 492 Stephens, Cathy 545 Stephens, Cecelia 136, 468 Stephenson, Sandy 391 Stepp, Donna 430 Sterling, Jim 307 Sterling, Sharmen 136, 373 Sterm, Arlene 391 Sternberg, Steve . 136, 173, 320, 533 Sterner, Rich 397 Stevens, Ann 205 Stevens, Janet 136 Stevens, Marjorie 434 Stevens, Phil 136, 502 Stevens, Sam 232 Stevens, Sandra 136, 373 Stevens, Sara 248, 373 Stevens, Vicki 462 Stevenson, Jean 461 Steward, Frank 494 Steward, Susan 136, 373 Stewart, Allen 136, 234, 516 Stewart, Bob 539 Stewart, Bonny 136, 446, 552 Stewart, Dennis 136, 373 Stewart, Dick 396 Stewart, Jean 381 Stewart, John 357 Stewart, Ken 181 Stewart, Mary 453 Stewart, Terry 529 Stewart, Zeb 136, 526 Stiefauter, Rod 293 Stiefauter, Stephen 541 Stiffler, Price 415 Stillman, Pamela 462 Stimmann, Mary 237 Stimsin, Thomas 474 Stine, Judith 136, 373 St. John, Valerie 370 St. John, Winnie 357, 370 Stock, Larry 136, 373 Stock, Nancy 229, 230, 464 Stocker, Nancy 398 Stoddard, Rich 396 Stoebe, Emily 136, 441 Stoecker, Sheryl 392 Stolowit, Donald 510 Stone, Bob 291 Stone, Carla 433 Stone, Floyd 162 Stone, Katherine 434 Stone, Linda 433 Stone, Linda 466 Stone, Mary Ann 136, 443 Stone, Wendy 152, 163, 442, 499 Stoneham, Edward 403 Stoner, John 499 Stoney, Carl 512 Stout, Frances 136, 373 Strand, Robert 137, 373 Strang, James 137, 238, 496 Strangio, Richard 415 Strongman, Thomas 396 Stratmore, Robert 373 Stratton, Thomas 137, 239 Strauss, Philip 236, 237, 382 Strawn, Wes 307 Stricklin, Bob 137, 544 Striebel, Sandra 137, 373 Stringari, Lorita 137 Stringer, Jerome 382 Stritzler, Gina 373 Strobel, Wendy 446 Strobel, William 137 Stroeve, Antonie 137, 238 Strom, Gay 137, 299, 373 Strong, James 236 Strumwasser, Gina 393 Stuart, James 137, 535 Stuart, Sally 245, 454 Stubenitsky, Frank 351 Stucka, Judy 380 Studebaker, Marsha 477 Studebaker, Phyllis 137, 374, 477 Stupin, Raymond 542 Sturgeon, Ty 249 Sturges, Thomas 137, 244, 496 Sturgis, Miles 137, 480 Sturm, Grace 137, 233, 404 Sturm, Peggi 433 Saurez Del Solar, Enrique 137, 374 Suchard, Steven 137, 374 Sucher, David 478 Sucher, Susan 137 Sudborough, Mike 252 Sudnikoff, Donald 137 Sugarman, Michael 525 Sugerman, Jill 433 Suhir, Lee 310 Sullenger, Chris 387 Sullivan, Elizabeth 169, 230 Sullivan, John 137, 239, 342, 415 Sullivan, Rich 196 Sullivan, Robert 137 Sullivan Shaun 518 Sumeri, Aili 405 Sundal, Jim 137, 500 Sungar, Brian 549 Super, Jack 137, 351, 374 Suplin, Farryl 393 Surko, Clifford 260 Sutak, Thomas 137, 249 Sutcliffe, Cynthia 137, 458 Sutherland, Ross 260 Sutorik, George 403 Sutton, Dana 430 Sutton, Farrell 262, 493 Sutton, Jamie 91, 137, 224, 226, 261, 263, 280, 285, 307, 491 Sutton, Kay 137, 458 Suzuki, Carol 416 Suzuki, Tak 231 Swendsen, Juris 205 Swafford, Robin 462 Swanson, Cindy 434 Swanson, Robert 251 Swanson, Roger 137, 544 Swanson, Sherry 434 Swanton, Scott 305 Swany, Skip 482 Swartz, Jackie 391 Swartzberg, John 525 Swatt, Steve 530 Swedlow, Jim 413 Sweeney, Carol 263 Sweeney, David 137, 394 Swierkowski, Stefen 137, 412 Swift, Mary Lou 430 Swing, John 137,551 Swing, Ross 397 Switzer, Nancy 407 Swoveland, Cary 137, 544 Sykes, Douglas 137, 259, 318, 374 Sylvester, Frederic 260 Syphers, Carolyn 137, 374 Syphers, Janet 393 Szabo, Gyula 335 Szabo, Zoltan 292 Taapken, Heather 137, 374 Tabor, Alan 315 Tachiki, Kenneth 137, 374 Tai, Fanny 137 Tait, Carole 434 Takacs, Vivienne 185, 387 Takaha ma, Tatou 137 Takahashi, Yoshie 137, 241, 374 Takeda, Joanne 138, 374 Takei, Patty 138, 380 Takei, Russ 335 Takemoto, Haruki 315 Talken, Marilyn 138, 420 Talman, Lynne 138, 374 Talunas, Annamarie 430 Tam, Daniel 413 Tam, Evelyne 410 Tam, Sarah, 138, 351 Tanaka, Karen 391 Tanalski, Ted 419 Tango, William 138, 374 Tanisawa, Alan 138, 374 Tannenbaum, Bob 224 Tantau, Carol 407 Tantillo, Jerald 138, 231 Tappan, Donna 169 Tappan, James 138, 169, 242, 374 Tapson, Stephen 138 Tarpley, David 545 Tarpley, Timothy 138, 258, 290, 320 Tauber, Marvin 479 Taubitz, Fredericka 138, 374 Taylor, Beverly 405 Taylor, Bruce 81 Taylor, Clif 417 Taylor, Judy 392 Taylor, Michael 320, 322, 323, 512 Taylor, Muffy 398 Taylor, Patricia 138, 574 Taylor, Patricia Ann 138, 404 Taylor, Rick 499 Taylor, Stan 335 Taylor, Terry 230, 477 Taylor, Wakefield 170 Teale, Emily 138 Teder, Aime 466 Teel, John 536 Teele, Hal 286 Teele, John 526 Tein, Kurt 252 Templeton, Susan 143, 466 Territe, Francine 138, 404 Terry, Mary 138, 443 Terry, Richard 138, 232, 234 Tess, James 417 Tetley, Jane 138, 438 Thaman, Randy 138, 260, 306, 307 Thaman, Nancy 138 Theel, Robert 138, 232, 234, 374 Thelin, Peter 292, 502 Theobald, Cathleen 442 Thewlis, Stephen 403 Thole, Karen 138,450 Thom, Roland 310,403 Thomas, Ann 455 Thomas, Anthony 138, 374 Thomas, Diane 138, 468 Thomas, John 397 Thomas, Ron 325 Thomas, Stan 335 Thomas, Steve 325 Thomas, Tom 138, 234, 295, 526 Thompsen, Gary 242 Thompson, Anne 176, 461 Thompson, Bruce 382 Thompson, Cameron 152 Thompson, Dagmar 462 Thompson, Eric 541 Thompson, Janetta 380 Thompson, Jean 391 Thompson, Jeff 534 Thompson, Jim 306, 491 Thompson, Mike 403 Thompson, Richard 138, 548 Thompson, Rosemary 448 Thompson, Susan 138, 391 Thompson, Susannah 392 Thompson, Thomas 403 Thomson, Lani 446 Thornburg, Marty 170 Thornley, Malcolm 138, 260, 333, 374 Thornton, Jeffery 529 Thorpe, Jamie 430 Thure, Doug 333, 529 Thurlow, Mike 310 Thurlow, Nicholas 521 Thurston, William 239 Tichinih, Bruce 394 Steve 501 Tietz, Kenneth 138, 234, 244, 526 Tietz, Richard 231, 333, 476 Tietz, Sugma 232 Tillotson, Meredeth 469 Timmons, Joseph 499 Ting, Darryl 138, 475 Tisdel, Peggy 451 Tisner, Brenda 391 Tittle, Audrey 380 Tkoch, Bob 541 Tobin, Janet 416 Toby, Susan 391 Tocchini, Robert 234, 549 Todd, A. Ruric 492 Toffoli, Thomas 512 Toft, Joe 138, 249, 374 Tognetti, Jerry 286, 487 Tokar, Lawrence 415 Tolson, Greg 138, 244, 524 Tom, Brenda 138, 374 Tom, Creighton 252 Toman, Jerry 419 Tominaga, Denis 476 Tomine, Chris 138, 375 Tomita, John 357 Tomlins, Fred 545 Tomlinson, Cheryl 391 Tong, Joanna 250, 391 Tong, Patricia 138, 375 Toombs, Noelle 138, 375 Topp, Jr. Thomas 545 Toriumi, Carol 138, 375 Tornberg, Gordon 505 Tornow, Darrell 236 Totten, Julie 230, 439 Tow, Don 138, 375 Towers, Joe 394 Towne, Bob 239 Townsend, Burke 394 Townsend, Joe 507 Townsend, Leigh 139, 394 Townsend, Ronald 139, 375 Toya 542 Tozi, Barbara 440 Tracy, Tom 492 Trahan, Judy 375 Patrick 286, 330, 521 Trantwien, Tom 237 Travaille, Bob 447 Treiger, Gail 449 Tremblatt, John 546 Tremoureux, Blair 291, 476 Tremper, Randolph 412 Trent, Mrs. Daniel 408 Tretheway, Donald 408 Trevino, Olivia 375 Trevors, Joe 139 Tribett, Ron 397 Trilling, Barry 530 Tropper, Carlene 400 Trost, Donald 510 Trotter, Dan 252 Trotter, Eugene 139, 496 Trouton, John 139, 514 Trowbridge, Barbara 139, 375 Trowbridge, Randall 494 Trower, Thomas 476 Troyan, Vitaly 264, 375 Trudeau, Trudy 139 Truitt, Ken 500 Trulson, Steve 310 Trussell, Rhodes 394 Tryon, Thomas 286, 335, 549 Tsang, Fred 250 Tsao, Kemay 393 Tse, Shun 139, 351, 375 Tse, Yuk 139, 375 Tsow, Peter 237 Tsuboi, Sonny 412 Tsuchiya, Arthur 357 Tsugita, Ronald 239 Tsuji, Amy 139, 404 Tsunehara, Ronald 139, 375 Tu, Elaine 401 Tuck, Gail 438 Tuite, Herbert 232, 496 Tung, Joe 187, 189 Tunnicliff, Wyn 499 Turk, Sandy 393 Turner, Jane 429 Turner, Robert 492 Turner, Robert H. 474 Turner, Thomas 139, 551 Turner, Wendy 466 Turpin, Nancy 233 Tusher, Terry 545 Tusquellas, Robert 139 Tuthill, John 492 Tuttle, James 497 Tyau, Stephanie 392 Tyler, Sue 139 Tyler, Wendy 227, 446 Tyre, Patti 261,433 Tyree, Vance 236 Tyson, Nancy 152, 176, 224, 227, 229, 230 U Udell, Jonathon 403 Ueberroth, John 139, 491 Ulrich, Paul 520 Ulrich, Roy 525 Ulrich, Susan 462 Umeda, Tom 412 Underwood, Sandra 139, 172, 466 Unickel, Jeff 531 Unis, Diana 342 Unruh, Eric 481 Untiedt, Sonja, 456 Upshur, John 139, 507 Upton, Dianne 503 Upton, John 267, 423 Urbais, Dawn 230 Urch, Leslie 152, 442 Uren, Bill 232, 492 Urmann, Michael 551 Urner, Kathryn 442 Urrea, David 139, 501 Urrea, Mercedes, 445 Urwitz, Helene 393 Urwitz, Suzanne 420 Ushiro, Darlene 139, 375 Utsumi, Gary 357 Uyeda, Gerald 357 V Vabri, Dianne 167, 375 Vahl, James 475 Valentine, George 403 Valenzuela, Eddie 263 Vallens, Michael 408 Valois, Pamela 375 Van, Ya-Yue 357 Van Atta, David 152, 472, 517 Van Atta, Jan 387 Van Brederode, Lee 499 Van Camp, Bill 237 Vance, Stephen 139, 375 Van Coops, Steve 193 Van Der Naillen, Peter 139, 536 Van Dorn, Richard 403 Van Every, Marlin 391 Van Gorden, George 522 Van Groos, Gail 468 Van Hoften, James 521 Van Houten, Peter 260 Van Loben Sels, Wilfred 472, 549 Van Meter, Tom 335, 497 Van Norman, Nancy 456, 495 Van Scoy, Sky 293, 476 Van Slambrouck, Susan 552 Van Tonningen, Linda 139 Van Valkenburgh, Nicholas 139, 375 Van Winkle, Gail 139, 199, 440 Vargus, Richard 493 Varjavand, Parvis 139, 351, 375 Varney, Jill 446 Varrus, Toni 393 Vasilevich, Gigi 400 Vatalaro, Ralph 140, 375, 522 Vaubel, Rex 375 Vaughan, Larry 335, 375 Vaughn, Robert 412 Velarde, Claudette 434 Venkatesan, M. S. 351 Venning, Richard 170, 539 Venter, Gary 292, 293, 311, 537 Venturini, Elena 387 Verkozen, Thomas 499 Verlota, John 310 Vestermark, Gary 536 Veteto, Lula 140, 454 Vetter, Christine 140 Viale, Bob 244, 487 Vickers, Donald 140, 536 Viele, Terry 140, 492 Vietmeyer, Noel 307 Viguie, George 311, 549 Villarreal, Dona 140 Vineyard, John 286, 517 Vivrette, Nancy 375 Vivrette, Suzanne 140 Vlazakis, Manny 508 Vogel, Rich 499 Vogt, Carolyn 140 Vogt, Deborah 398 Vollmer, Philip 239 Voltmer, Fred 343 Von Flue Anita 434 Von Flue, Loi s 434 Von Pahlen-Fedoroff, Gerald 396 Von Terstegge, David 140, 375 Von Wald, Sandy 140, 375 Vortmann, Dick 295, 519 Vortmann, Thomas 412 Vrionis, Nick 140, 382 W Waddel, W. 244 Wade, Kathy 405 Waggoner, Sharron 430 Wagner, Bill 293 Wagy, Kenneth 403 Wahlin, John 520 Waitz, Roberta 401 Wakefield, Gary 307 Wakeham, Bruce 486 Wakiji, Geraldine 140, 241, 375 Waldman, James 546 Waldman, Stephen 530 Walker, Bill 551 Walker, Kathey 194 Walker, Page 451 Wallace, Bob 286 Wallace, Bonnie 434 Wallace, Diana 375 Walace, Don 520 Wallace, Jerry 140, 499 Wallace, Pamela 140 Wallace, Sandy 147, 163, 186, 385 Wallach, Marlin 382 Waller, Sandra 140, 198, 375 Walley, Robert 140, 375 Wallner, Carol 140, 233 Wallonius, Mary 392 Walsh, Barbara 454 Walsh, Joe 319 Walsh, John 481 Walson, Philip 140, 315, 316, 375 Walter, Gerald 258, 260, 277, 288, 306 Walter, Jennifer 459 Walter, Victoria 140 Walters, Jack 140, 375 Walton, Jack 335 Walton, Kerry 140, 375 Walton, Mallis 380 Wantanabe, Kathy 391 Wanvig, Chet 480 Ward, Catherine 140, 375 Ward, Coburn 140, 375 Ward, Eil een 140 Ward, Joyce 380, 381 Ward, Marty 393 Ward, Michael 380, 3 521 Ward, Sharon 440 Ward, Theresa 388 Ward, Timothy 508 Warde, Philip 415 Wardell, John 295, 520 Ware, Roger 140, 375 Warmer, Michael 517 Warner, Berna 140 Warnock, David 545 Warnock, Kirk 480 Warren, Jim 147, 536 Warren, Robert 140, 231, 244, 375 Warth, Dennis 492 Warwick, Adele 140, 375 Washburn, Tim 396 Wasserman, Anthony 264 Wasserman, Bruce 152, 525 Wasson, Kathleen 140, 375 Watanabe, Jeffrey 140, 375 Watanabe, Kimiko 140, 351, 375 Waters, Dea 461 Waters, Kae 461 Watkins, Fred 205 Watkins, Richard 477 Watson, Andy 508 Watson, Cathi 437 Watson, Denny 519 Watson, Dixie 246 Watson, Jane 414 Watt, Reg 333 Way, David 291, 480 Weager, Letitia 140, 375 Weatherbee, Mardi 458 Weatherford, Bill 286 Weathersby, George 140, 226, 231 Weaver, Kenneth 529 Webb, Clifford 519 Webb, Willis 140 Webber, Mary 459 Weber, Craig 529 Weber, Jodie 420 Weber, Michael 237 Weber, Richard 413 Webster, Edward 357 Webster, Fred 140, 376 Webster, Molly 393 Weed, Carol 417 Weeks, James 140, 226, 237, 376 Weeks, John 541 Weeks, Stephen 397 Weersing, Thomas 536 Wehe, Donald 140, 541 Wehr, Michael 140, 480 Wehr, Stephen 540 Weiberg, Ned 515 Weid, Doug 264 Weigt, Bob 288 Weil, Regina 338 Wein, Stuart 403 Weinman, John 394 Weinsoft, Bruce 403 Weinstein, Henry 330 Weinstein, Joy 152, 449 Weinstein, Marlene 417 Weinstein, Mills 307 Weinstock, Rich 202, 324, 534 Weipert, Don 140, 376 Weir, Donna 446 Weir, Karen 464 Weir, William 140, 376 Weirzbowski, Joe 320 Weisberg, Jack 546 Weise, David 260 Weisenburger, Tom 140, 258, 260 Weisman, Louise 248 Weisman, Thomas 140 Weiss, Bruce 140, 234, 496 Weiss, Cary 140, 376 Weiss, Jo 140, 432 Weiss, Ronald 140, 394 Weissman, Andrew 479 Weissman, Gail 140, 376 Weitzenberg, Richard 140, 293, 382 Weitzman, Robert 236, 238 Welch, Sharon 392 Weller, Kenneth 140, 376 Weller, Sheila 448 Welles, Ruth 407 Wellins, Shel 545 Wells, Dana 429 Wells, Nancy 140, 429 Wels, Pamela 509 Welsh, Lovell 140, 441 Welti, Albert 140 Wenegrat, Berry 464 Wenger, Doug 529 Wenz, John 172, 226, 472, 538 Werthman, Toby 81, 141, 450, Wertzenberg, Barry 313 Wesley, Jan 313 Wesley, Ronald 141, 415 Wessel, Jim 500 West, Susan 440 West, Terry 462 Westberg, Marilee 380 Westerberg, John 480 Westergren, Don 91, 183, 187, 262 Westerman, David 382 Westling, Mike 492 Westrey, Warren 403 Wetherbee, Mardi 459 Wetherell, Robert 141, 376 Wethern, Bradley 204 Whaley, Douglas 141, 512 Wharton, Bill 231, 476 Wharton, Mary 438 Wheary, Jim 492 Wheeler, Janet 141, 461 Wheeler, John 480 Wheeler, Nancy 447 Whelan, Tonya 429 Whetstone, Marvin 141, 376 Whipperman, Barbara 205 Whitaker, Richard 141,474 White, Bandy 319 White, Barbara 141, 376 White, Bill 141, 538 White, Cherri 141, 445 White, Clifton 382 White, Christine 141, 392 White, Edward 141, 258, 376 White, Grace 141, 376 White, Karen 434 White, Meredith 459 White, Mike 551 White, Richard 141, 240 White, Ronald 141, 376 White, Russell 141, 514 White, Stephen 394 White, Tim 341 White, William 538 Whitehead, Joan 141, 213, 376 Whitehorn, Phil 141, 307 Whiteley, Judith 407 Whitesides, Paul 251 Whiteway, John 141, 474 Whiting, Barbara 141, 466 Whitington, Trent 141,533 Whitman, Michael 492 Whitmer, Peter 343, 539 Whitney, Marilla 405 Whittell, Paige 438 Whittemore, Candace 141, 376 Whyte, John 306 Whyte, Jud 152 Wick, Kristen 410 Wickersham, Michael 260, 323 Wickland, John 408 Wickcliffe, Sharon 141, 376 Wickwire, Carol 451 Wideman, Renie 291, 529 Widman, Lance 534 Widmer, Debbie 227, 429 Wied, Douglas 382 Wieder, Barbara 141, 376 Wieder, Bob 192 Wiehl, Michael 141, 234, 526 Wiener, Neal 525 Wienkers, C. C. 251 Wierzbowski, Joe 141, 323, 382 Wilberding, Jo 437 Wilcox, Benjamin 376 Wilcox, Lois 385 Wilcox, Thomas 141, 236, 376 Wilcox, Timothy 141, 376 Wild, Bruce 81, 150, 152, 549 Wild, Denise 429 Wild, Scott 173, 486 Wilder, Ed 508 Wiles, Rae 241, 457 Wilford, Marguerite 430 Wilhelm, Connie 459 Wilhelm, Roger 210 Wilkinson, Cindy 440 Wilkinson, Patti 453 Williams, Bert 141, 376 Williams, Dan 423 Williams, David 481, 541 Williams, Dick 288, 534 Williams, Gordon 357 Williams, Henry 141, 512 Williams, Jeff 497 Williams, John 195 Williams, Linda 172, 173, 224 Williams, Marian 141, 376 Williams, Michael 204 Williams, Pam 392 Williams, Paul 170 Williams, Ray 141, 491 Williams, Robley 260 Williams, Roosevelt 152, 263 Williams, Susan 141, 172, 376 Williams, William 141, 376 Williamson, David 481 Williamson, George 141, 512 Wills, Sue 141, 445 Willwerth, James 141, 188, 233, 493 Wilmar, Frederick 141, 486 Wilmoth, Stephen 141, 376 Wilson, Anne 141,462 Wilson, Betsy 410 Wilson, Bettye 142, 376 Wilson, Deanne 142, 456 Wilson, Donald 142, 376 Wilson, Evan 480 Wilson, Gail 434 Wilson, Janell 142, 441 Wilson, Jerry 382 Wilson, Jon 142, 502 Wilson, Kathy 461 Wilson, Margaret 392 Wilson, Nicki 420 Wilson, Peter 307 Wilson, Randall 382 Wilson, Wayne 142, 382 Wineland, David 142, 408 Winfrey, John 396 Wing, Diana 250 Wing, George 251, 335 Winger, Gail 142, 393 Winger, Richard 142, 413 Winkler, Erle 505 Winkler, Ronald 494 Winkowski, Mariann 451 Winnick, Sheldon 142, 530 Winso r, Janice 142, 376 Winssinger, Reginald 142, 291,480 Winston, Ellen 198, 393 Winters, Maxine 469 Winton, Euell 382 Wisdom, Lynne 81,447 Wise, Randy 492 Wiseman, Doyle 142, 500 Wishan, Sandy 449 Wisner, Russ 288 Wissing, Steven 251 Witalis, Larry 335 Wittenberg, Linda 433 Wnukowski, Robert 142, 249, 376 Woddin, James 239 Wolf, Diane 448 Wolf, Joachim 342 Wolfangel 342 Wolfe, Carol 380 Wolfe, James 142, 412 Wolfe, Robert 303, 330 Wolff, Jeff 499 Wolff, Richard 236 Wolff, Susan 442 Wolfman, George 260 Wolfson, Larry 475 Wolkenhauer, Fred 233 Wollan, Pernille 385 Wollert, Richard 529 Wolthers, Dan 158, 260, 295, 300 Wong, Alice 180, 190, 250, 376 Wong, Deanna 388 Wong, Ginger 376 Wong, Isis 142 Wong, Mary 391 Wong, Pat 165, 229, 380, 386 Wong, Raymond 142, 376 Wong, Rodney 250, 513 Wong, Roland 513 Wong, Rosemary 381 Wong, Victoria 142, 357 Wong, Wayne 513 Wong, Winnie 142, 376 Woo, Karen 250, 376 Wood, Donald 403 Wood, S. R. 244 Woodbury, Karen 142, 376 Woodford, Donald 239 Woodland, Robert 142, 376 Woodruff, Barry 142, 514 Woods, Andrew 142, 403 Woods, Edward 546 Woods, Eric 413 Woods, John 142, 264, 376 Wooley, Bruce 236 Woolworth, Caroline 445 Wootan, Dennis 264, 542 Wootton, Dorie 386 Worden, Don 226, 316, 533 Workman, Dale 142, 516 Worsham, Charles 260 Worthington, Bill 244, 492 Wright, Albert 239 Wright, Barbara 343, 442 Wright, Bob 244, 310, 492 Wright, Carol 420 Wright, Dana 142, 452 Wright, Donna 433 Wright, Jennifer 462 Wright, John 535 Wright, Mary 142, 376 Wright, Obie 382 Wright, Steve 239 Wrighton, Donald 529 Wu, Roy 291 Wuertele, Katherine 91, 142, 169, 181, 182, 228, 229, 233, 376 Wulfstat, Sharon 448 Wurschmidt, James 142, 412 Wurts, Glen 480 Y Yagi, Darryl 142, 413 Yainada, Terry 418 Yasmer, Larry 152 Yam, Wai 142, 237, 351, 376 Yamada, Gerald 402 Yamada, Patsy 387 Yamaguchi, Gregory 357 Yamaguchi, Michio 142, 357 Yamaguchi, Susie 199 Yamazaki, Yas 237 Yando, Donna 453 Yank, Howard 531 Yano, George 142 Yap, Hok 376 Yap, Linda 142, 376 Yarbrough, Sally 462 Yarneld, Stephen 376 Yarnell, Neil 236, 237 Yarnell, Stephen 142, 357 Yasuhiro, Janet 186, 376 Yatabe, Joyce 391 Ybarra, Fred 140, 143, 170, 202, 221, 244, 376 Ybarra, Wayne 170, 221 Yeager, Frederick 507 Yee, Philip 513 Yee, Rendow 143, 376 Yee, Willie 513 Yeomans, Jeannine 453 Yerman, Nancy 433 Yeung, Rachel 385 Yip, Carolyn 387 Yokomizo, Clifford 143, 376 York, Jane 445 York, Phyllis 388 York, Randy 415 Yoshida, Jane 416 Yoshida, Stan 396 Yoshikawa, Harry 394 Yosiph, Sharon 204 Yost, Barbara 143, 376 Yost, Sandy 467 Youn, Kun 143, 376 Young, Bill 152, 500 Young, Eunice 392 Young Geraldine 143, 377 Young, John 167, 221, 251 Young, Julie 142, 235, 446 Young, Leslie 403 Young, Lloyd 513 Young, L. Steven 244 Young, Mary 357 Young, Mike 143,478 Young, Peggy 140, 143, 377 Young, Ralph 549 Young, Robert 143 Young, Ronald 143, 482 Young, Victor 251, 502 Young, Wesley 310, 403 Young, Wilfred 191 Youngs, Robert 239 Yuen, Hing 143, 351, 377 Yuen, Kaye 143, 238 Yuen, Wei-Ling 143, 377 Yukiko, Adachi 143, 377 Yule, Rosemarie 143, 417 Yundt, Robert 539 Yunt, William 143, 377 Z Zablackis, Jon 221 Zacher, Paula 391 Zacher, Toni 462 Zahm, Stephen 260 Zaik, Ed 534 Zais, Eliot 169 Zaklad, Haim 143, 236, 238, 351, 377 Zalkind, Steve 226 Zander, Candace 449 Zane, Gretchen 407 Zapf, Rosalind 391 Zapiro, Barbara 391 Zealear, Jan 442 Zebroski, Nancy 552 Zech, Walter 143, 528 Zee, Tina 143, 404 Zeiger, Ronald 143, 377 Zekman, Pam 143, 377 Zeller, Jacqueline 143, 377 Zellers, Jim 236 Zellis, Bruce 320, 324 Zemansky, Larry 510 Zerolis, John 143, 377 Ziai, Bahram 250 Ziegler, Jean 248 Zierer, Tomas 191 Ziman, Byron 221, 403 Ziman, Larry 525 Zimring, Judy 405 Zipser, Barbara 406 Zirpoli, Sandra 233 Zlot, Isabel 143, 377 Zook, Nancy 466 Zuckerman, Bernice 143, 377 Zuckerman, Dutch 433, 512 Zuckerman, Nancy 143, 377 Zukin, Joan 143, 420 Zumwalt, Robert 239 Zupnik, Barbara 143, 391 Zwerling, Regina 433 Zysman, Madeline 143, 377 activities index ASUC ACTIVITIES Activities Fair 168 Activities Evaluation Committee 162 Associated Women Students 164 Auxiliary Enterprises Board 163 AWS Models, Women ' s Week 165 Cabinet 160 Cal Prep 167 Californians 226 Cal Camp 219 Card Stunts Committee 263 Class Officers Board 81 Commuter-Independents Council 169 Debate 201 Finance Committee 160 Functional Services Board 170 International Fair 119 International Relations Board 176 Megaphone Society 262 NSA 162 Orientations Board 166 Oski Dolls 227 Permanent Personnel 163 Pom Pon Girls 261 Publications Board 181 Publicity and Public Relations Board 198 Rally and Games Committee 263 Rally Committee 264 Senate 160 Speakers Committee 266 Student Forum 200 Student Judicial Committee 161 Union Advisory Board 162 Union Program Board 172 Union Week 174 University Affairs Committee 44 Women ' s Athletic Association 338 Yell Leaders 261 ATHLETICS Athletic Administration 257 Baseball 322 BasketbaII 294 Boxing 316 Crew 332 Cross-Country 289 Fencing 342 Football 270 Golf 336 Gymnastics 304 Intramurals 340 Rugby 308 Soccer 290 Swimming 311 Tennis 318 Track 326 Water Polo 292 Wrestling 314 CLASSES Freshmen 150 Sophomores 148 Juniors 146 Seniors 82 Senior Hall of Fame 84 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES AIChE 241 AIIE 237 Alpha Phi Omega 221 Angel Flight 243 Arnold Air Society 242 ASCE 239 ASME 238 Big " C " Society 260 Brick Muller Society 152 Chi Epsilon 239 Chinese Students Club 250 Engineers Joint Council 236 Eta Kappa Nu 237 Forestry Club 252 Gamma Delta Epsilon 248 Gavel and Quill 81 Golden Guard 244 Honor Students Society 231 Lambda Alpha Epsilon 249 Mortar Board 228 Nutritional Sciences Students ' Club 241 Optime 152 Order of the Golden Bear 225 Panile 230 Phi Chi Theta 249 Pi Tau Sigma 258 Prytanean 229 Quarterdeck Society 246 Ski Club 342 Skull and Keys 234 Tau Beta Pi 236 Theta Sigma Phi 233 Torch and Shield 235 Tower and Flame 231 UC Iranian Students Association 250 Weightlifting Club 343 Winged Helmet 232 Women ' s " C " Society 339 FOREIGN STUDENTS 350 FRATERNITIES Alpha Chi Rho 474 Alpha Chi Sigma 475 Alpha Delta Phi 476 Alpha Epsilon Pi 478 Alpha Gamma Omega 477 Alpha Kappa Lambda 480 Alpha Sigma Phi 481 Alpha Tau Omega 482 Beta Theta Pi 484 Chi Phi 486 Chi Psi 487 Del Rey 488 Delta Chi 489 Delta Kappa Epsilon 492 Delta Sigma Phi 493 Delta Tau Delta 490 Delta Upsilon 496 Kappa Alpha 498 Kappa Delta Rho 500 Kappa Sigma 502 Lambda Chi Alpha 504 Phi Delta Theta 507 Phi Epsilon Pi 510 Phi Gamma Delta 501 Phi Kappa Psi 512 Phi Kappa Sigma 516 Phi Kappa Tau 514 Phi Sigma Kappa 518 Pi Alpha Phi 513 Pi Kappa Alpha 521 Pi Kappa Phi 522 Pi Lambda Phi 524 Psi Upsilon 526 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 528 Sigma Alpha Mu 530 Sigma Chi 532 Sigma Nu 536 Sigma Phi 535 Sigma Phi Epsilon 538 Sigma Pi 542 Tau Kappa Epsilon 550 Theta Chi 541 Theta Delta Chi 544 Theta Xi 543 Zeta Beta Tau 546 Zeta Psi 548 INDEPENDENTS 354 MUSIC AND DRAMA California Marching Band 266 Collegians 211 Collegium Musicum 214 Concert Band 217 Glee Club 212 Radio KAL 202 Repertory Chorus 214 Straw Hat Band 268 Treble Clef 213 University Chorus 215 University Symphony Orchestra 216 University Theatre 204 RESIDENCE HALLS Beaudalaire 381 Bowles Hall 382 Chalet 381 Chateau de Longpre 385 Cheney Hall 386 Cloyne Court 389 Cunningham Hall 390 Davidson Hall 392 Deutsch Hall 394 Elizabeth Barrett 398 Epworth Hall 399 Ehrman Hall 396 Euclid Hall 402 Freeborn Hall 400 Griffiths Hall 403 Joaquin Hall 407 Ida Sproul Hall 404 Norton Hall 408 Peixotto Hall 410 Mitchell Hall 410 Putnam Hall 411 Richards-Oldenberg Hall 414 Ritter Hall 416 Spens-Black Hall 417 Stern Hall 420 Smyth Hall 418 Tellefsen Hall 423 ROYALTY Big Game Queen 283 Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl 495 Greek Week Queen 426 Kappa Alpha Rose Queen 499 Kappa Sigma Queen 503 Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen 506 Maid of Cotton 194 Military Ball Queen 245 Miss Beauty 222 Phi Kappa Sigma Queen 517 Phi Kappa Tau Queen 515 Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl 519 Santa Claus 80 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 533 Sweetheart of Theta Chi 540 Ugly Man 223 SORORITIES Alpha Chi Omega 428 Alpha Delta Pi 430 Alpha Epsilon Phi 432 Alpha Gamma Delta 434 Alpha Omicron Pi 436 Alpha Phi 438 Alpha Xi Delta 440 Chi Omega 442 Delta Delta Delta 444 Delta Gamma 446 Delta Phi Epsilon 448 Delta Zeta 450 Gamma Phi Beta 452 Kappa Alpha Theta 454 Kappa Delta 456 Kappa Kappa Gamma 458 Phi Mu 460 Pi Beta Phi 462 Phi Sigma Sigma 464 Sigma Omicron Pi 465 Sigma Kappa 466 Zeta Tau Alpha 468 TRADITIONS All-U Weekend 45 Axe Revue 281 Big ' ' C ' ' Sirkus 218 Big Game Week 280 Charter Day 36 Commencement 145 Greek Week 426 Spring Sing 210 UNIVERSITY DIVISION Alumni Association 75 Cal Club 224 Campuses 46 Chancellors Strong and Meyerson 40 College of Agriculture 50 College of Chemistry 52 College of Engineering 54 College of Environmental Design 56 College of Letters and Science 58 Deans of Students 42 Governor Brown 38 Placement Center 76 President Kerr 37 Regents 39 Retiring Professors 74 School of Business Administration 60 School of Criminology 62 School of Education 70 School of Forestry 64 School of Law 71 School of Librarianship 72 School of Optometry 66 School of Public Health 68 School of Social Welfare 73 Vice-Chancellors 41 It would be impossible to express in a few short paragraphs the good times, excitement, confusion, frustration, humor (sometimes verging on hysteria) and sheer hard work that goes into creating and selling a yearbook this size. It is equally impossible to adequately thank the 1965 staff, but we would like to try. From beginning to end, the Blue and Gold has been a staff production. Editorial staff will recognize their work on every page. Managerial staff and carried out a great sales campaign. Their cooperation and sense of responsibility have made the book not only a reality but a success, and insured its wide Their enthusiasm, interest and imagination have made its compilation and sale a lot of fun. We simply say, " Thank you staff! You have given us a year to remember. Special thanks go to Kathy Abbott, Sue Barry, Sharon Clary, Mary Frost, Jaynee Hammell, Katrinka Heilbron, Nancy Julien, Pam Madsen, Christy Moynihan, Alix Ponedel, Pat Rager, Wendy Salter, Louise Tullius, and Karen White who helped type the index, enabling us to make our final and maintain a perfect record. thank you PHOTOGRAPHY ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS: Athletic Department — pp. 254, 255; Dramatic Arts Department — pp. 154, 155; Barry Evans — queen portraits; Jim Ford — pp. 78, 79; Diane Howell — p. 23; Don Kecheley — pp. 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32; Randy Kopp — Stanford banner, p. 21; Jeff Lee — rooting section, pp. 20, 21; Dan Riss — Campanile, p. 15; Charles Rubalcava — pp. 11, 18, 19; Joseph Tung — Chinatown, p. 10, couple under tree, p. 12; United Nations — pp. 8, 9; Henri Van Wandelen — Coit Tower, p. 10, boy on bridge, Terrace, pp. 12, 13, 14; Don — boy and girl, pp. 15, 16, girl, pp. 17, 22, 34, 35, 346, 347; Roger Woody — bridge, p. 17.

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