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1964 BLUE GOLD Volume 91 University of California Berkeley Copyright, 1964 by the Associated Students of the University of California ROBERTA COTTON....Editor JULIE LAND....Manager BOB NEWMAN.....Athletics Editor MARGARET BORBA...Assitant Manager KATIE WUERTELE....Copy Editor CAROL CROSSMAN...Associate Manager ELLEN NORTON......Pictures Editor EVIE ASHCROFT....Promotion Manager DON WESTERGREN...Photography Editor PRINTING...The Wheelwright Press COVER....The Wheelwright Press BINDING....The Wheelwright Press INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS...Delma Studios QUEEN PORTRAITS...Barry Evans ART WORK.....Wayne Gallup In Memoriam David L. Blumenstock Edward C. Bull Thomas V. Fechtmeir Samuel J. Holmes J. Ward Lockwood Sophia L. McDonald Eugene Neuhaus David E. Snodgrass William T. Dixon, Jr. Tabar Djoudi Peter N. Hagberg Lois E. Hurwitz Stephen. A. Kaplan Jan P. Kirk Taha Sotani The late President John F. Kennedy was the principal speaker at Charter Day Ceremonies in 1962. On that occasion, he made several observations about knowledge and education which have since become classic of his philosophy. President Kennedy said to the Charter Day audience: " We may be proud as a nation of our record in scientific at the same time we must be impressed by an understanding of the interdependence of all knowledge. I am certain that every scholar and scientist present today would agree that his own work has benefited from the work of men and women in other countries . . . cooperation in the pursuit of knowledge can hopefully lead to in the pursuit of peace. " In memoriam John Pitzgerald Kennedy 35th President of The United States of America Mug 29, 1917 November 22, " Ask not what your country can do for you: ask what you can do for your country. " Inaugural Address " ... knowledge, not hate, is the to the future— . . . knowledge transcends national antagonisms— speaks a universal language . . . it is the possession, not of a single class, a single nation, or a single ideology, but of all mankind. " " As we press forward on every front to realize the flexible world order, the role of the university becomes ever more important, both as a reservoir of ideas and as a repository of the long view. ' Knowledge is the great sun of the firmament, ' said Daniel Webster. ' Life and power are scattered with all its beams. ' In its light, we must think and act not only for the moment but for the century. I am reminded of the story of Marshal Lyautey, who once asked his gardener to plant a tree. The gardener objected that the tree was slow-growing and would not reach maturity for a hundred years. The Marshal replied, ' In that case, there is no time to lose. Plant it this afternoon. ' Today a world of knowledge - a world of cooperation - a just and lasting peace - may well be years away. But we have no time to lose. Let us plant our trees this very afternoon. " " In a time of turbulence and change, it is more true than ever that knowledge is power; for only by true understanding are we able to master the challenge of history. If this is so, we must strive to acquire knowledge - and to apply it with wisdom. " 5 Colleges and Classes 42 College of Letters and Science 46 College of Agriculture 76 School of Forestry 80 College of Chemistry 84 College of Engineering 88 College of Environment Design 100 School of Optometry 104 School of Criminology 108 School of Public Health 110 School of Business Administration 114 Activities, Clubs, and Societies 138 Athletics 236 Living Groups 338 Sororities 344 Fraternities 388 Residence Halls 470 Independents 520 Foreign Students 538 Index 540 Table of Contents Through the gate are the events of a day and the experience of four years. The University of California and a college education lie ahead. At first, college is buildings, crowded lecture halls, ideas, examinations. It is people walking through the gate, each with a purpose, a place to go, something to accomplish. Registration, enrollment, book lines all contribute to a hurried atmosphere and the bewilderment of the student. In quiet moments between the confusion of Reg Week and the necessity of settling down to midterms and papers, the University becomes more than details of administration. t -4. • 10 Awesome size confronts the new student as he tries to become with the campus. Yet its inspirational beauty gives a new dimension to university life. The impersonality of the campus and the separateness of individuals fades as routines are established and friendships grow. 1 3 There is a pride about the that is shared by all and expressed through tradition. 1s But the student wants to do more than take in what the University offers or demonstrate his pride in his school. He needs to create individual, to contribute of himself to benefit the campus and, in some small but significant way, the world. 20 Silence envelops the campus the end of each semester and there is a new kind of aloneness. People choose to be by themselves, withdrawn, concentrating all toward a single goal. The scenes that awed the entering student, left behind now by the senior, have familiar and memorable. Now that it is time to leave, the graduating senior looks back on University life from a new perspective. For most seniors have completed the final stage in the long process of formal education that has directed their lives since childhood. Most will be leaving the somewhat environment of the campus, a community in itself, for the uncertainty of the working world. They recall fond memories of the last four years, softened perhaps by the passage of time and the nostalgia of graduation. Yet the senior looks forward to the future with a sense of purpose, in some cases newly formed; for others, more sharply defined. Commencement is a beginning for which the University has prepared him. Charter Day U Thant Charter Day ceremonies began with a formal procession. Last to enter the Greek Theater was the president ' s delegation. President Kerr The University ' s ninety-sixth anniversary was celebrated April 2, with the appearance of U Thant, Secretary General of the United Nations. He and his official party were honored at a dinner party in San Francisco that evening, sponsored by the Berkeley Alumni Association. Charter Day is an important date to University of California undergraduates, graduates, faculty and administration alike. It is the day when the anniversary of the establishment of the is celebrated. Three separate movements in the founding of UC on March 23, 1868 — one originating in state action, one in private initiative, and one in federal legislation. In 1853, a group of Congregationalists and Presbyterians, led by Reverend Henry Durant and Reverend Samuel Hopkins Willey, opened a college school, the Contra Costa Academy, in Oakland. In 1855, they incorporated the College of California, and two years later received the tract of land north of Oakland. The townsite near this tract was given the name " Berkeley. " The Charter Day speakers take their places on the stage. In 1853, Congress gave the state of California 46,000 acres of public lands to be used for a of learning. " Nine years later, the Morrill Act offered a grant of 150,000 acres of land to those states which would establish an and mechanical arts college. So in 1866, the Legislature chartered an Mining, and Mechanical Arts College. " The founders of the College of California offered buildings and lands to this school, on the condition that a complete University be established. This offer was accepted and Governor H. H. Haight, on March 23, 1868, the date celebrated each year as Charter Day, signed the new act into law. The University was open for instruction by September, 1869 at the College of California site in Oakland, while buildings were being constructed at Berkeley. In 1962, the University was honored to have the late President John F. Kennedy as its Charter Day speaker. Last year, Walter Schirra, U. S. Astronaut, spoke to the audience on the importance of the space age. Adlai Stevenson Chancellor Strong The banners of each graduating class are displayed in the Alumni procession. President Kerr Once more Blue and Gold captures and preserves a year rich in student traditions and activities for you who have helped to make it memorable. Nineteen Sixty-four will be remembered as a decisive year for the Berkeley no less than of the current graduating class. In the future, many students who might have elected to study at Berkeley will attend the newer of the University, for Berkeley will have reached its maximum enrollment. Each year will continue to bring new students, but the total number will stand at the present level. You who are members of the Class of 1964 have become alumni of the University of California and in that capacity you are a special group with a special role to perform. You can bring a sense of the community to the University, and at the same time interpret the meaning of the University to the larger public. And the essential meaning of the University is contained in the fundamental values to which all universities are committed: devotion to truth; respect for fact; cultivation of reason. I hope this year ' s Blue and Gold, in keeping alive for you the memories of your student years, will also remind you of those unchanging values. Clark Kerr Governor Brown TO THE STUDENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA: I am very happy to once again extend my greetings to you, your faculty and administrators. As Governor, I am also President of the Regents, so my interest in this school and its accomplishments is more than passing. You are attending one of the truly great universities in world. You are part of a free educational system is unsurpassed anywhere. And you are preparing yourselves for citizenship in a great state and country. you leave the University, I hope that you will a pledge to continue to work for your University, your state and nation in some capacity. Our educational system and our democratic way of life were built and have been maintained by men and women, citizens who have dedicated themselves to the search for truth. I urge you to carry on that search all of your lives. Sincerely, EDMUND G. BROWN, Governor Chancellor Strong " Every pretended good that is not grafted upon a good frame of mind is nothing more than a and glittering misery. " This judgment pronounced by Immanuel Kant is his essay entitled Idea for a History with Cosmopolitan Intent (1784) follows upon his observation that we are highly civilized by art and science, but that much remains to be done before we can consider ourselves ethicized. " Kant held that no task of a state is more important in the use of its resources than the task of shaping the minds of its through education. The University, in preparing its students for chosen careers, seeks to impart and implant a strong sense of moral obligation. We hope that our students will prosper and, seeing others who could be helped by improvement of their educational will make it their concern to provide help needed. E.W.Strong Edmund G. Brown Governor of California Glenn M. Anderson Lieutenant Governor Jesse M. Unruh Speaker of the Assembly Max Rafferty Superintendent of Public Instruction Theodore R. Meyer President of the Mechanics ' Institute Norris Nash President, University of California Alumni Association Clark Kerr President of the University NOT PICTURED: Jesse W. Tapp President, State Board of Agriculture NOT PICTURED: William K. Coblentz Laurence J. Kennedy, Jr. The Regents REGENTS EX OFFICIO Organization and government of the University is entrusted the State Constitution to a corporate body titled The Regents of the University of California. The Board of Regents is composed of 24 members, sixteen appointed by the Governor for 16-year terms, and eight who are members because of the offices they hold. These ex officio members are: the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Speaker of the Assembly, President of the State Board of Agriculture, President of the Mechanics ' Institute, President of the Alumni Association, State Superintendent of Public and the President of the University. The Regents have powers of organization and government, subject only to such Legislative Control as may be necessary to insure compliance with the terms of the endowments of the and the security of its funds. " The President of the University is appointed by the Regents and is directly responsible to them. As the executive head of the University in all its campuses and departments, he directs the of its major policy from headquarters in University Hall on the Berkeley campus. Each campus has a chief administrative officer, the Chancellor, who heads the organization and operation of the campus. The Regents pass on appointments of all such administrators and maintain complete control over all financial matters of the University as well as determine its educational policy. APPOINTED REGENTS Erward W. Carter Chairman Cornelius J. Haggerty Donald H. McLaughlin Mrs. Dorothy B. Chandler Mrs. Randolph A. Hearst Samuel B. Mosher John E. Canaday Philip L. Boyd Norton Simon William E. Forbes Edwin W. Pauley Frederick G. Dutton Mrs. Edward H. Heller William M. Roth Orvin W. Campbell Lincoln Constance The Vice - Chancellors The Vice-Chancellor positions were created at the University in order to relieve the Chancellor of much of his burden of administrative duties. This year, O. W. Campbell has served as Vice-Chancellor in charge of Business and Finance. Working with him was Errol W. MauchIan, the Assistant Chancellor who handles the budget. Long range academic planning and a consistant educational policy are the chief concerns of Vice-Chancellors Raymond G. Bressler, Jr. and Lincoln Constance. Alex C. Sherriffs, the Vice-Chancellor in charge of Student Affairs, devotes his efforts to student affairs, coordinating the activities of student service agencies, and insuring good faculty-administration communication. Serving as a Special Assistant to Chancellor Edward Strong during the year, was Joseph R. Mixer. Working together, these men enable the University with its many concerns to remain an integrated, cohesive institution. Raymond G. Bressler, Jr. Alex C. Sherriffs Katherine A. Towle Dean of Students The Deans of Students Katherine A. Towle is the Dean of Students. Besides counseling individual students with regard to their personal, financial, and campus problems, her office works closely with the ASUC, advising student organizations and improving student-University relations. Appointed in December of 1961, Dean Towle was formerly the Dean of Women. This position is now held by Betty H. Neely. Her job involves helping individual women and women ' s groups resolve their problems. Arleigh T. Williams friendliness and sense of humor have made him a popular Dean of Men, as well as campus figure. He works to promote the best interests of all men students at the University. The need for the services of the Dean ' s Office and its fine job are testified to by the more than 100,000 students who turn to it for help each year. Arleigh T. Williams Dean of Men Betty H. Neely Dean of Women Eric C. Bellquist Helen R. Biermann Elizabeth L. Chilton The Associate and Assistant Deans Any student with a problem, whether it be personal, involve participation in activities, concern general worries, financial, or living group issues, is welcome in room 201, Sproul Hall. There, the Associate and Assistant Deans are on hand to provide a friendly smile, a sympathetic ear, and personal counseling. The work of these men and women is especially important at Cal, because its large enrollment and concerns seem to discourge contact between the student and members of the faculty or Brutus K. Hamilton William A. McCormick George S. Murphy Jill Q. Porter Armin Rappaport Peter S. Van Houten Emily S. Reed Louis C. Rice George A. Yourick Edith M. Zinn Perry Byerly Professor of Seismology Sherburne F. Cook Professor of Physiology Per ry Byerly, Professor of Seismology and Director of Seismological Stations, received his A.B., M.A., and Ph.D. in Physics from the University of California. He began his teaching career here, in the Physics but soon began instructing classes in seismology. He has been a professor in that field since 1941. In addition, he served as Assistant Dean of the College of Letters and Science and Chairman of the Seismology Department. Professor Byerly, who is a member of the National Academy of conducted research on the nature of the earth ' s motion at the source of an earthquake and developed the special methods that must be used in the measurements of them. Retiring Professors Sherburne F. Cook, retiring Professor of Physiology, received his A.B. and Ph.D. degrees in Physiology at Harvard University. He then came to the University of California for post-doctoral work in 1928, and has taught here ever since. For the past six years, Professor Cook has served as Chairman of the Department of Anatomy and physiology besides maintaining his professorial duties. Ralph A. Moyer Professor of Transportation Engineering and Research Engineer Herbert J. Scott Professor of Electrical Engineering Assistant Dean College of Engineering Professor Ralph A. Moyer received his B.S. degree in Civil Engineering at Lafayette College in Pennsylvania, and his Masters degree at Iowa State. He taught at that University until 1948, when he joined the of California faculty as a Professor of Engineering. In 1934, Professor Moyer was awarded a Professional degree in Civil Engineering. He received the honorary degree, Doctor of Science, from Lafayette College in 1941. While at Cal, Professor Moyer has worked closely with the Institute of and Traffic Engineering. He was Chairman of the National Safety Council ' s Committee on Safety, and has also been active on the Highway Research Board of the National Academy of Sciences, serving on both the Board ' s Executive Committee, and as its Chairman. Professor of Mechanical Engineering Carl J. Vogt attended the University of California as an undergraduate. He began teaching here in 1928, specializing in internal combustion engines. Concurrently, Professor Vogt has served as the Co-ordinator of Air Pollution Research at UCLA. He is retiring this year in order to devote all his time to that job. Carl J. Vogt Professor of Mechanical Engineering Protessor Herbert J. Scott spent ten years at sea as a radio operator before beginning his undergraduate studies at the University of Washington. He earned both a BS degree in Electrical and EE degree there. Professor Scott then worked for the Bell Telephone Laboratories as an engineer in the radio research and development group. In 1934, he joined the University of faculty as a Professor of Electrical Engineering. For the past six years, he has also been an Assistant Dean of the College. An internationally recognized authority in his field, Professor Scott has secured five United States and six patents, as well as made numerous contributions to including the Encyclopedia of Electronics. During the war years, 1942-47, then Commander Scott was in charge of the Radar Design Section of the Bureau of Ships. He was honored with a citation from the Chief of the Bureau of Ships, U.S. Navy, in recognition of his performance " of duties. Norris Nash President Alumni Association California Alumni House, a gift of the Alumni, was dedicated to the University. Since its founding, the University has granted well over a quarter of a million degrees. Estimates place the number of alumni still living above 225,000. Many of these include nationally and internationally renowned leaders in all walks of life. The California Alumni Association was founded over ninety years ago for the purpose of advancing the interests of the University, and promoting student and alumni welfare. Its 45,000 members receive the California Monthly during the year. Through this magazine, rated one of the best of its kind in the country, Alumni are aware of current educational, social, and administrative issues facing the University, as well as campus activities. The Alumni Association sponsors scholarship programs, public affairs councils, luncheon clubs, Charter Day banquets, awards to outstand- ing alumni, and publications programs. Placement Center Graduating seniors sign up for interviews with prospective employers. Every year, thousands of students, many of them graduating seniors, register with the Student Alumni Placement Center at Cal. The services for undergraduates provided by this organization include conducting aptitude tests and interviews, and making available to students or summer employment. The Center arranges interviews with employers ' representatives for graduating seniors. 500 business, industrial, and government agencies recruited for permanent positions through this office last year. Students completing their major curriculum in certain fields are referred by the Placement Center to local and national employers who have supplied the organization with lists of specific needs. The services of the Center are available to any alumni of the University. The California Bears met the UCLA Bruins in a night match, that ended with a victory for the Berkeley team. All - U Weekend " We won. " All-U Weekend took place at UCLA this year with students from each of the University of California campuses visiting their sister school in the south. A rooter ' s train, chartered for Berkeley students by the junior class, left Berkeley on Friday afternoon. It gave the students a chance to socialize and build up Cal spirit for the big Cal-UCLA football game on Saturday. At UCLA, a rally and dance were held Friday night along with open houses sponsored by many of the fraternities. On Saturday, Santa Barbara played Davis and that evening Cal met UCLA on the gridiron. Davis won the afternoon game, and to the delight of the Cal rooters, the Cal team beat their UCLA rivals. The rooters train chartered by the Junior class for All U Weekend provided ample space for dancing. Overseas Campuses Nansen-Haus, Gottingen, is the residence for almost all of the Cal students in Germany. Cal students who attended the University of Padua will recognize this view of the Anatomical Theatre. The five foreign univer sities participating in the Abroad Program with the University of California are: The University of Bordeaux, established in 1441 and composed of faculties of letters, law, science, medicine, and pharmacy; the University of Padua, now in its 742nd year, famed for its student, Copernicus, and its teacher, Galileo; Georg August University at Goettingen, which has produced a Who ' s Who of U.S. science, including Fermi, Compton, Teller, and Oppenheimer; the University of Madrid, founded in the 16th century as the University of Alcala de Henares, today an institution of more than 30,000 students; and the International Christian in Japan, founded by Japanese and American after World War II. Administered for the University of California by the Santa Barbara campus, the Education Abroad Program is now entering its third year of operation. Overseas study centers have been successfully established in France, and Italy. Two new centers will be opened in 1964-65, one in Japan and one in Spain. The program evolved from a of the need for a continuing, broad to international understanding and cultural enrichment. It insists upon a academic experience, identifiable as a part of a normal undergraduate program. Moreover, the program aims to make its available to the student at a cost, preferably not exceeding what he would normally spend for a year ' s study on his home campus. University of California participants become actual members of the foreign university community. They live as do the students of the host university, attend the same classes, and share in their social and cultural activities. The academic program of each student includes a preparatory course in the language of the country (not applicable to the center in Japan), a year of credit courses at the foreign university, and an opportunity to audit courses either in the student ' s special field of interest, or in new fields of interest he wishes to explore. The Bordeaux campus consists mainly of city buildings. This one is the Place de la Comedie et le Grand Theatre. University of California at Los Angeles Other Campuses " The dynamics of progress have changed the university from a tiny band of scholars on the periphery of society to a large group of teachers and investigators operating at an intersection crossed by nearly all the paths of human activity.... " Clark Kerr Originally the Los Angeles State Normal School located on a 410-acre site in West Los Angeles, UCLA became a part of the University in 1909. Today this campus, by itself, is rated among the eight or ten most distinguished institutions of higher education in the country. In 1946 a Center was established on the campus. Other special facilities of which UCLA can boast are a Computing Facility equipped with a high speed IBM 7090, a 10-Kilowatt Argonaut training reactor in the department of engineering, and a spiral-ridge cyclotron developed on the campus by members of the physics department, as well as the largest research library in South California. The University ' s 1,200-acre campus at RIVERSIDE comprises a College of Letters and Science, a of Agriculture, and a Citrus Research Center and Agricultural Experiment Station. Established in 1954, the Letters and Science program the advantages of a large state University with those of a small private college. A close student-faculty relationship, both social and affording greater student participation in class discussions is maximized by the curriculum requirements and the attractive University of California at Riverside Site of the Santa Cruz Campus. In 1957 the Regents authorized the organization of two new campuses. Their sites were acquired in 1961. The IRVINE and SANTA CRUZ campuses are scheduled to open in 1965, and will have an ultimate maximum capacity of 27,500 students each. General instruction in the arts and sciences, engineering and business is planned for both campuses. In addition, especially appropriate to each site will be offered. Located on the 1,000-acre Irvine Ranch property in the lowlands near Beach, one campus will provide architecture and urban studies as a supplement to the general program. Overlooking the sea from a mountain setting, the Santa Cruz campus lends itself to specialization in landscape architecture, forestry, recreational planning, and language instruction (in cooperation with the Army ' s language school located nearby). Lick Observatory, at Mt. Hamilton University of California at Santa Barbara. The attractive SANTA BARBARA campus is located on a 408 acre promontory at Goleta Point on the California coast. The Pacific shore forms the western boundary of the Santa Barbara campus for more than a mile. In 1944 Santa Barbara State College a part of the University, but it was not until 1959 that it was authorized as a general campus at its present location. will continue to undergo a great expansion as the goal of 15,000 students is neared. For the fall semester of 1963, 5,938 students were in attendance. The College of Letters and Science, School of Education, School of Engineering and Graduate Division are the main academic components. Joining a high standard of graduate and professional training with the rich offerings of an undergraduate liberal arts program in a setting is the aim of this campus. A close faculty-student relationship providing individual attention in classroom is sought. University of California at Davis. The only campus exclusively dedicated to in the health sciences is the SAN FRANCISCO MEDICAL CENTER. This second oldest unit of the University, opened for in 1873, now includes Schools of Nursing, Dentistry, and Pharmacy, a Graduate Division, and associated Clinical and research facilities. Some of these are the Herbert C. Moffitt and University of California Hospitals, the Medical Sciences laboratory and teaching complex, and the Langley Porter Neuropsychiatric Institute, which is run jointly by the University and the California of Mental Hygiene as a research and training hospital. A major center for graduate training in the medical specialties, the San Francisco Medical Center has produced more than 10,000 physicians, dentists, pharmacists, nurses, basic medical scientists, and other health professionals. Combined with the UCLA Medical Center, this campus provides health services for over 100,000 residents annually. DAVIS, one of the leading agricultural and research centers in the world, is also gaining recognition for its liberal arts The campus is located in the heart of the rich farm land of California ' s Central Valley, 13 miles west of Sacramento. Although an agricultural campus, Davis includes the state ' s School of Veterinary Medicine, a College of Letters and Science, and a rapidly expanding College of Engineering. It is a campus, whose enrollment totaled 4,956 students for the fall, 1963, semester. Of these, about one fourth are graduate Many foreign students also receive on this campus. Davis, which a distinguished faculty and excellent facilities for teaching and research within the surroundings of a close-knit university has been authorized as a general campus since 1959. University of California at San Diego. The Scripps Institution of Oceanography and a School of Science and are presently located on the SAN DIEGO campus. Although currently operations at San Diego are concerned with research and graduate instruction, the site is being developed as a general campus, to open in the fall of 1964, which will eventually accommodate 27,500 undergrad and graduate students. Scripps Institution, which is the largest facility for marine science research operated by a university, includes several vessels docked at the U.S. Navy Electronics Laboratory at Point Loma. Also located on this campus are the Institute of Marine Resources, the of Geophics, and Planetary Physics, and the Thomas Wayland Vaughan Aquarium-Museum, which is one of two such oceanography museums in the world. Colleges and Classes Class traditions foster a sense of belonging to the University and provide much of the spirit facet of the student ' s life at Cal. The freshman who keeps a clandestine rendezvous at the ' ' Big C ' ' — green paint in hand, the who enjoys the antics of Soph Week culminating in the crowning of the Soph Doll, the junior who can now and then be heard to " Give ' em Hell, stay alive, California ' 65! " and the staid and sober senior attending one of those serious class meetings at La Val ' s, all have something in common. They share the pride and traditions of being a member of a University of California graduating class. Senior Class Officers Rowland Stanley President SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE — Row One: Kay Goddard, Julie O ' Donnell, Rowland Stanley, Jill Brady, Clark Burnham. Row Two: Jim Duerr, Betsy Bright, Sue Herney, Benette Kuper, Bonnie Blue, Bob Haas, Jim McNamara, Syd Henshaw, Lynne Peterson. Jill Brady Secretary Treasurer Julie O ' Donnell Vice President Clark Burnham Yell Leader The cannon ' s first blast was at the 1963 Big Game. Senior Class Senior Class interests are always centered on and on serious business meetings at La Val ' s. Despite the fact that the senior class president was unable to attend the first few meetings (he wasn ' t 21), quite a bit was accomplished. The most decision made by the class was to give the University a cannon. The gift made its debut at the Big Game and a new tradition began: the cannon will be fired whenever Cal scores at a football game. Other senior activities include after-rally dances in Pauley Ballroom and a record, " Sounds of Cal " done in cooperation with the Freshman Class. Senior Week Activities include the traditional pilgrimage, Senior Ball and the election of the Sweetheart. Senior Class Council at work. Sproul Awards The Robert Gordon and Ida W. Sproul awards are presented at the Commencement Day Luncheon to one man and one woman student who exhibited leadership and scholastic accomplishments. Andrew Shields Marylee Taylor College of Letters and Science South Hall houses the Economics Department. The bontanical gardens at Cal are visited each semester by Botany 10 students. The Organic Act of 1868, which brought the University of California into existence, also provided for the of a College of Letters. By the fall of 1870, this college was in operation. It was merged with the Colleges of Social Science and Natural Science in 1915, to form the present day College of Letters and Science. Organization of the new Department of Molecular Biology on the Berkeley campus will be completed within the coming year. The latest to the College of Letters and Science, this teaching and research unit will initially consist of faculty members from four existing departments. These will include all members of the present Department of Virology (which will be three from the Department of Bacteriology, and one each from Physics and Chemistry. This new will represent a high level of distinction in faculty honors. Three members, Drs. Melvin Calvin (Chemistry, 1961), Donald Glaser (Physics, 1960), and Wendell Stanley (Chemistry, 1946) are Nobel Prize winners, and five are members of the National Academy of Sciences. These Drs. Michael Doudoroff and Robley C. Williams in to the Nobel Laureates. While the new department will provide a focal point for research and education in molecular biology, similar work in closely related fields will continue in other biology departments on the Berkeley as well as in chemistry and agriculture. A professor gives a Poli Sci lecture in LSB. William B. Fretter Dean Students in Dramatic Arts perform in plays presented to the University community at large. Five faculty members from the College of Letters are participating in the Galapagos Expetition sponsored by the University Extension. They are Drs. George A. Professor of Zoology; J. Wyatt Durham, of Paleontology; Alden H. Miller, Professor of Zoology and Director of the Museum of Vertebrate Zoology; Robert C. Stebbins, Professor of Zoology; and Howel Williams, of Geology. These men are among the more than 50 scientists studying the plant and animal life, geology, weather, and ocean currents of the Galapagos Islands in a concerted effort to learn how evolution is working to new living species. William B. Fretter, Dean of the College of Letters and Science since 1962, began his career at the University of California as a student, he received his A.B. degree in Physics and continuing his studies on this campus, was awarded a Ph.D. in the same field. Dean Fretter has been a member of the University faculty since 1947, serving as an Assistant, Associate, and full of Physics, Assistant Dean of the College of Letters and Assistant to the Chancellor, Acting Vice-Chancellor, and Academic Assistant to the President, as well as Dean of the College of Letters and Science. He has also been a Fellow and a Fulbright Research Scholar in France. Courses in this college afford ample opportunities for creative expression. Life Sciences Building. Abdallah , Karen Stockton English Sherman Hall WDA, AWS Abe, Anna San Bernardino French International House Abel, Susan Sacramento History SSB, Varsity Debate, School Resourse Volunteer Co-ordinator Prytanean Society Abrams, Marc Oakland Abramson, Richard Salinas Sigma Alpha Mu Varsity Tennis Big " C " Society Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame Achtenberg, Jack Inglewood European History Ehrman Hall SNCC, Hall Masonic Club Hillel Young Democrats Ackerman, Richard Lakewood Mathematics Kappa Delta Rho Acton, Sharen Los Angeles Alpha Gamma Delta Adam, Suzanne San Anselmo Political Science UPB Art Committee, Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Students Society College of Letters and Science Seniors Adams, Linda Santa Cruz Science Alpha Gamma Delta, Newman Club, Oski Dolls Panhellenic Alessi, Douglas Berkeley Math, Physics Newman Club Honor Students Society Applegate, Barbara Happy Camp Spanish Cheney Tower and Flame Sigma Delta Pi Newman Hall Archibald, Peggy San Marino WAA. Collegians Angel Flight Women ' s Rally Committee Arifuku, Isami Parlier Psychology Mortar Board Advertising Manager, Daily Californian, DC Business Manager Pi Alpha Sigma Allen, Dennis Spring Lake, Michigan Mathematics Tower and Flame Newman Club Anderson, Joan San Francisco Comparative Literature Epworth Hall Women ' s Rally Committee Class Councils WAA, WDA Gamma Delta Anderson, Melvin San Jose Economics Phi Kappa Sigma Winged Helmet Armstrong, Mike Seattle, Wash. Arndt, Linda Berkeley Alpha Chi Omega Asari, Carolyn Honolulu, Hawaii Mathematics Honor Students Society Austin, Michael Berkeley Political Science UCLA: Phi Sigma Delta Class Councils Homecoming Baarts, John San Mateo Sigma Phi Epsilon Altose, Jane Seattle, Wash. History Cunningham Hall Anderson, Karen Oakland English Alpha Gamma Delta, Pelican University Theater, Junior Class Publicity Anderson, Oakland French Glee Club, Senior Men ' s Octet Slavic Society Armstrong, Susan Oakland Psychology Alpha Delta Pi Arthur, Richard San Mateo Sociology ASUC Cabinet SSB, Cal Camp Cal Prep SCRB, University Affairs, Class Councils, Newman Club, Quarterdeck Cal Club Asaro, Kathleen San Marino Psychology Delta Delta Delta Tower and Flame Honor Society Axtell, Keith Bakersfield Social Science Putnam Hall Tower and Flame Honor Students Society, ASUC Senate Auxiliary Enterprise Board Chancellor ' s Committees on Discrimination Badovinac, David Roseville Political Science Phi Kappa Sigma Tower and Flame Football Anderson, Evlyn Albany Psychology, Social Welfare, Tower and Flame Cal Engineer Masonic Club Stern Hall, CSTA Gamma Delta Teachers Aid Anderson, Mary Los Altos Anthropology Anderson, Michael Berkeley Political Science Delta Upsilon Winged Helmet Arnold, Linda San Diego Mathematics for Teachers Arvesen, James Belmont Mathematics Deutsch Hall Honor Students Society Ashcraft, Jeanne Watsonville History Alpha Chi Omega ASUC Publicity Committee Baack, Lawrence Oakland History Track, Order of the Golden Bear Honor Society Bailey, Janice Oakland Art History Masonic Club Crop and Saddle Andreuccetti, Denise Walnut Grove Social Science Angell, Ron Santa Cruz English Delta Tau Delta Winged Helmet Antoncich, Michael Carmel Valley History Norton Hall Antonio, Linda El Cerrito Social Science Aplin, Susan Palo Alto Decorative Art Freeborn Hall Bainbridge, Susan Oakland Spanish UC Yacht Club Project International Consejo de las Americas Baker, Gary Hillsborough Modern European History Bales, Eileen Richmond English, Hall Barbis, Mary Visalia English Barley, Julia Albany English Barr, Donald Oakland Project Motivation Barta, Kathleen San Diego English Oski Dolls Prytannean YWCA Baskin, Barrett Pacific Grove Political Science Tennis Big " C " Society NCI Champion Bauman, Peggy Riverside Social Science Zeta Tau Alpha Cal Prep Ski Club Yacht Club Baylor, Jim Berkeley Philosophy Peace Corps Committee Bear, Carol Los Angeles Political Science Baker, Ernest Sebastopol History International Week Committee, College Model United Nations Baker, Kathryn Orinda English, Kappa Alpha Theta Bank, Walter Redwood City Anthropology Phi Kappa Psi Young Republicans International House, Golden Guard Society Sailing Club Barkley, Joanne Richvale Social Welfare Epworth Hall WAA, Life Guard Corps President Chamber Band Chorus Baron, Roger Los Angelos Communications Public Policy President, Theater Virginia San Francisco English Barter, Ken Whittier Baum, Farrel Berkeley Political Science UPB Social Committee Tower and Flame Daily Californian Baumgartner, James Derby, Kansas Ehrman Hall Beal, Susan Los Angeles Anthropology Edward San Francisco Economics Ehrman Hall Newman Club Beck, Jeffrey Berkeley Politics Cal Band Debate Team Becker, Barbara Costa Mesa Political Science Alpha Chi Omega GAA Becknell, Barbara San Francisco Journalism Daily Californian School Resource Volunteer Cal Camp Beernink, Douglas Altadena Zoology Sigma Nu Behrman, Mary Oakland Kappa Delta Belser, Stephen Campbell Basketball Bennett, Richard Oakdale Political Science Delta Phi Epsilon Ehrmen Hall Benjamin, Bonnie Winnetka, Illinois History SRV, NAACP Berk, Michael Sherman Oaks Political Science Pi Lambda Phi Berman, Gary Sacramento Mathematics Beck, Michael Laguna Beach Spanish Alpha Chi Rho Beckman, Jerry Culver City Rep-at-Large COB, MEB Student Forum NSA Class Councils, UCYC Gavel and Quill Soph President Speakers C-I Council " The Dsyclosus " Beckstrom, Lynne Oakland Beggs, Jean Alamo Social Science Chi Omega Rally Committee Bell, Colin Berkeley Statistics Tower and Flame Bennett, Fern San Francisco Social Welfare Delta Sigma Theta Benninghoven, Ann Hillsborough Political Science Alpha Chi Omega Angel Flight WAA, YWCA Berger, Mark San Francisco Psychology Radio-TV Theater Honor Students Society Berkey, Victor La Jolla Tower and Flame Pre-Med Society Berman, Mark Goalinga Modern European History, Pi Epsilon Pi Bernard, Lucius Fremont Political Science Bilovsky, Paul Los Angeles History Blake, Barbara Los Angeles Stebbins Hall Blatt, Bunnie Beverly Hills French Phi Sigma Sig ma Alpha Mu Gamma Intramurals Blum, Arlene Oakland Social Science Bonnell, Kathleen Sacramento Biological Sciences, Alpha Phi, FAMACS Lime and Roses Boyd, Barbara Bakersfield Communications Theta Sigma Phi Bracchi, Susan Bakersfield Mathematics Davidson Hall Brady, Jill Daly City Political Science Alpha Omricon Pi Senior Class Officer Gavel and Quill Pelican, Band PR Borglum, Dale Los Altos Math Statistics Deutsch Hall Honor Students Society Bosl, Barbara Sausalito Delta Delta Delta Boyd, Hal San Diego History Pre-Medical Putnam Hall Californians Bradbury, Ed ward Costa Mesa Zoology Psi Upsilon Water Polo Crew Brainerd, Hank Kentfield Physiology Tau Kappa Epsilon Bortz, Arthur Fremont Biological Sciences Boscoe, Jim Berkeley Sigma Phi Boyle, Charles Pasadena History Delta Kappa Epsilon, Honor Students Society Bradley, Mary Pescadero Spanish Cunningham Hall Folk Dancing Fencing Brash, Shirley Sacramento English Stern Hall Tower and Flame Honor Students Society, WDA Rep-at-Large Berner, Nancy Santa Delta French Kappa Delta Electronic Council French Club Bingham, Evelyn Berkeley Geography and Music, Repertory Chorus Blanchard, Ann Berkeley English Davidson Hall Blazzard, Jeannine San Jose History Alpha Xi Delta Bohannon, Virginia Washington, Sociology Delta Delta Delta Bonta, Warren Moorpark Physics Westminster Hall Bowen, Barbara Menlo Park Social Science Wesley Foundation Bowen, Linda Los Altos English Epworth Hall Berry, Janet Fairfax English Collegian Singers University Interfaith Council Bishopric, Frances Berkeley Delta Gamma Blanchard, Elizabeth Salt Lake City Political Science Pi Beta Phi Torch and Shield Little Sister of Minerva Blower, Judith Santa Ana Speech Kappa Delta Angel Flight Boli, Pat Sacramento Political Science Alpha Lambda Delta Booher, Jr., Lawrence Davis Collegian Singers Bowen, George Walnut Creek Zoology Wesley Foundatior Pre-Med Socie ty Church Council Honor Students Society Bowley, Bill Montebello History Pi Kappa Alpha Frosh and Varsity Football Winged Helmet Skull and Keys Beta Beta, Big " C " Bess, Stephen Los Angeles Political Science Theta Chi Glee Club Blaettler, Vicki Gilroy Sociology Alpha Xi Delta Blank, Karen Albany History Sigma Kappa California Club AWS Board, Women ' s Rally Committee, Cal Prep, FSB Blue, Bonnie Piedmont Social Welfare Alpha Epsilon Phi Oski Dolls Orchesis Class Council Axe Revue Big Sisters Bolman, Sylvia San Francisco Decorative Art Gamma Phi Beta Class Councils YWCA, Children ' s Hospital Borba, Margaret El Cerrito Psychology Zeta Tau Alpha Blue and Gold Ass ' t Manager Boyle, Edward San Diego Delta Tau Delta Brady, Barbara Sacramento History Breaum, Sandra Salinas Political Science Stern Hall WAA, Model UN Committee Young Republicans Brehm, Karen Colma Cunningham Hall Briggs, Cathy Lafayette Stern Hall Student Counseling Chancellor ' s Student Faculty Advisory Committee Mortar Board Honor Students Society Broden, Diana Covina English The Cadet Newman Club Officer Broome, La Juana Richmond Brookes, Lawrence San Francisco Anthropology Phi Kappa Psi Brown, Gary Richmond Brennan, Jeanne San Francisco German Bright, Betsy Berkeley Physiology Pi Beta Phi Panile, Prytanean California Club Oski Dolls Little Sisters of Minerva, Big Game Activities Brodovsky, Al Sacramento Pi Lambda Phi Bronzan, Robert Berkeley Political Science SCTA, Honor Students Society Alpha Mu Gamma Pi Sigma Alpha Brooks, Stephen Hanford Zoology Brown, Jean-Suzanne Castro Valley Chemistry Burton, Patricia San Anselmo English Tower and Flame Honor Students Society, Le Circle Francais Byer, Robert Pasadena Cloyne Court Brown, Nancy Palm Springs French Bryer, Judy Los Angeles History Model United Nations Budman, Kenneth Berkeley History Phi Epsilon Pi Weightlifting Club, Daily Californian Advertising Staff Buescher, Susan La Grange, Ill. Alpha Phi Buletti, Claire Gilroy Political Science Delta Zeta Class Councils Burnham, Clark San Diego Economics, Pre-Law Norton Hall Californians, Oski Committee, Gavel and Quill, Senior Class Yell Leader Men ' s Executive Board, Games and Rally Council Burris, Connie Sacramento Alpha Delta Chi Bywater, Virginia Santa Barbara Psychology Brummerstedt, Carol Berkeley Psychology Blue and Gold Budlong, Mary San Francisco English Ritter Hall, Honor Students Society Phi Beta Kappa Budman, Sheila Berkeley Speech Delta Phi Epsilon Tower and Flame Bujak, Marilyn Berkeley Decorative Art Big " C " Circus Hilltop Casino Burke, Sheryl Berkeley English Pi Beta Phi Tower and Flame Treasurer, College Women ' s Club Secretary, Ski Club Card Stunts Committee, Big Game Week Queen Burnham, Peggy Thousand Oaks Sociology Alpha Delta Pi Tour Guides Bush, Harrie-Ellen San Francisco Sociology Stern Hall Cadosi, Annette Healdsburg English Elizabeth Barrett Blue and Gold Crop and Saddle AWS, WDA Buxton, Maryann Oakland Spanish, Delta Delta Delta, AMG Oski Dolls Ski Club Parachute Club Newman Hall Latin American Students Camp, Roderick Berkeley Communications Calderhead, Paula Berkeley History Sigma Kappa Blue and Gold Young Republicans Campos, Vic Monterey History, Alpha Gamma Omega Order of the Golden Bear Californians ASUC Rep-at-Large, Activities Planning Comm. Class Council Carpenter, Chris El Cerrito Political Science Beta Theta Pi Senate, Big " C " Society, Basketball Order of the Golden Bear California Club Skull and Keys Callaghan, Linda Fair Oaks Zoology Chi Omega Carlson, Esther Albany History Treble Clef Madrigals Cal Prep Carpenter, Nancy Hill French Beaudelaire U.C. at Bordeaux, France, Alpha Mu Gamma, Panile Newman Club Le Circle Francais Campbell, Carolyn Berkeley History Delta Gamma Frosh Class Council, Union Program Board Carlson, Glenda Dallas, Texas Art Carr, Terry San Mateo History Campbell, Deborah Laguna Beach Alpha Phi Carmick, Carolyn Los Altos Biology Epworth Hall Carruth, Linda Berkeley English, Alpha Omicron Pi, Panile Senior Class Councli, Angel Flight, Union Program Board Daily Californian Herrick Hospital Aide Carter, Linda Sacramento Honor Students Society, LSA Officer, WUS Caruso, Ronald Tarzana Pre-Medical Deutsch Hall Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Casey, Mike San Francisco History Delta Kappa Epsilon Cavaglia, Sandra San Francisco History Chambers, Donald Arcadia Mathematics Lutheran Students Club Chan, Diane San Francisco Collegians Intervarsity Carter, Peter Carlsbad, N.M. Kappa Sigma Casaday, Kenneth Palo Alto Geophysics Tau Kappa Epsilon Pi Eta Sigma Catelli, Edith San Francisci French, Italian Tower and Flame Honor Students Society, Alpha Mu Gamma Cebull , Nancy Richmond French Alpha Gamma Delta, Pelican Chamberlain, James San Marino Tau Kappa Epsilon Chan, Henry Hong Kong Zoology International House, Intramural Soccer, CSA Pre-Med Society Tower and Flame Chan, Julia San Francisco Communications YWCA Cabinet Panel of Americans Mortar Board Prytanean Chapman, Steve Pasadena Economics Phi Sigma Kappa Crew, Quarterdeck Chen, Allen Oakland Biochemistry Euclid Hall Big " C " Society Chinese Students Wrestling Chester, Helen Glendale Political Science Honor Students Society, Pi Sigma Alpha Slavic Society Ching, Nanette Oakland Biological Science Chow, Ching-Man Hong Kong Chemistry Chan, Teresa Oaklan d Social Welfare Tower and Flame Campus Bureau Chargin, Juliet Stockton Economics Gamma Phi Beta Constitutions Council, Junior Class Counci l Elections Council Santa Claus Contest, Pre-Med and Ski Club Cherry, Rita Los Angeles Art Art Chairman UPB, Honor Students Society Ching, Claudia San Francisco Art Oski Dolls Axe Review, Union Program Board Chong, Byron Salinas Physics, Biology Priestley Hall Pelican, Young Repub., Chinese Students Club Pre-Med Society Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Christensen , John Berkeley Chuchas, George Roseville Political Science Clune, Tim San Lorenzo Sociology Tau Kappa Epsilon Clawson, Jo Ann Glovis Experimental Psychology Cobb, Gerald Los Angeles History Sigma Alpha Mu Clemens, Keith Berkeley Economics Cochran, Patricia Sunnyvale Scandinavian Cunningham Hall Fencing Club Riflery Club Axe Review Clerou, Romaine Bakersfield Speech Zeta Tau Alpha Class Council Synchronized Swim Club Ski Club Cockrill , Margery Berkeley Sigma Kappa Colloff, Lauren San Francisco Biochemistry Priestly Hall Cohen, Alan Berkeley Economics Sigma Alpha Mu Big " C " Society Collins, Michael Pasadena Philosophy Big Game Week Comm., Axe Revue Director Californians Philos. Club Order of the Golden Bear Collinge, Barbara San Marino Biology Kappa Alpha Theta AOC Collins, Robert Los Angeles English, Pre-Med Psi Upsilon Colton, Larry Los Angeles Commun ications Public Policy Pi Kappa Alpha Winged Helmet Big " C " Society Varsity Baseball Combs, Mary Visalia Art Conklin, Mary Boulder Creek Anthropology Cook, George Monterey Political Science Lambda Chi Alpha Junior, Senior Class Council IFC Symposium Cook, Marilyn Orinda Spanish Delta Zeta Alpha Mu Gamma Tower and Flame Blue and Gold Office Mgr. Assist. to Assoc. Manager Cooper, William Albany Political Science Delta Upsilon Air Force ROTC Conrad, Chris Coronado Geophysics, Rally Comm. Chairman Big " C " Circus Chairman Californians, MEB Order of The Golden Bear Rally and Games Council, Collegians Golden Guard Compaan, Judy Richmond Art History Legislative Assistant, Council Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Conterno, Paul Fairfax Geology Norton Hall Navy ROTC Cook, Kathryn Modesto Cooper, Wende Albany French Cotton, Roberta Oakland English Phi Mu, Blue and Gold Editor Copy Editor Publications Board Craddock, Helen Berkeley Spanish Crescione, Lynn Berkeley Psychology Crowhurst, James Yuba City Geography Rugby Crowley, Dennis San Mateo Pre-Med, History Phi Kappa Psi Big " C " Circus Cuckovich, Danica San Francisco Slavic Languages Political Science Kappa Delta Blue and Gold YWCA, Ski Club Cummings, Tom Pacific Palisades History Phi Sigma Kappa Track Crayne, Fay Oakland Psychology Crinklaw, Joyce San Jose English Alpha Chi Omega Crowder, Susan Palo Alto Anthropology Alpha Omicron Pi Junior, Senior Class Council Orchesis Representatives Council Panhellenic Council Crystal, Eric San Francisco International House, Student Forum, Yacht Club International House, Host Committee International Fair Culleton, Mary Sacramento Gamma Phi Beta Cuthbert, Steve Oakland Physical Education Delta Upsilon Winged Helmet Skull and Keys Varsity Swimming Ski Club Deimel, Genie Hillsborough Alpha Xi Delta Cutler, Malcom Corono del Mar Economics Beta Theta Pi Daly, Vickie Stockton Mathematics Stern Hall Womens Judicial Committee Danilovich, Duff Jackson History Lambda Chi Alpha Tennis Marching Band Senior Class Council Davidson, William Wilmette, Ill. Social Science Field Major Deutsch Hall UC Railroad Club Daetz, Gisela Redwood City Social Science Dangberg, Susan Berkeley Art Gamma Phi Beta Darney, Philip San Luis Obispo Sigma Nu Dezan, Alba Blythe Delta Gamma Deboid, Dale Alameda History Kappa Alpha Quarterdeck Society, Inter-faith Council, Young Republicans Dalton, Sue North Hollywood Political Science Phi Sigma Sigma Womens Rally Comm., Big " C " Circus, Class Council Daniel, Mary Walnut Creek Economics Davaran, Ardavan Iran Bacteriology Comparative Literature Amateur Ring President Thirteenth Day of the Year Dean, Larry Berkeley Statistics Water Polo Degeorgey, Agnes San Francisco Political Science Yacht Club Depper, Estelle Oakland Delta Zata Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Honor Student ' s Society, Tower and Flame, Daily Californian, AWS Publicity Derby, Helena Tarzana Anthropology Dernetz, J. Wayne Oakland Economics Der Vartanian, Rita Sacramento Psychology Denend, Ronald Pasadena Bowles Hall Psychology Pre-Medical Society Dolan, Pete San Francisco Economics Beta Theta Pi Winged Helmet Skull and Keys Sr. Basketball Manager Dewar, Susan Escondido Cheney Hall Di Bari, Charles Oakland Communications and Public Policy Phi Sigma Kappa Di Ciuccio, Jeanette San Jose English Ida Sproul Hall Honor Students Society Dikeman, Bessie Berkeley Speech Dill, Susan Menlo Park Humanities Ritter Hall Swimming, Tennis Dixon, Peter Sacramento Political Science Bowles Hall Doherty, Patricia San Jose Art History Delta Delta Oski Dolls FAMACS Edie, Marilyn Ohio Honor Society Edwards, Christine Beverly Hills English Kappa Alpha Theta Osk i Dolls Eisele, Frances Palo Alto Communications Public Policy Alpha Phi Emerson, Victoria Berkeley Political Science Gamma Phi Beta YWCA— Community Service Chairman Operation Understanding Campus Tours Drewes, Bonnie Piedmont Pi Beta Phi Duerr, James Santa Barbara Political Science Kappa Delta Rho Senior Class Council, Student Forum, Senate Cabinate, NSA Co-ordinator Activities Evaluation Duff, George Berkeley History Alpha Delta Phi California Orchestra Eachus, Margo Berkeley Math Delta Delta Delta Tower and Flame Honor Students Society, Newman Club Eber, Martin El Cerrito Political Science Phi Epsilon Pi Daily Californian Night Manager Donoghue, Peggy San Marino Political Science Alpha Phi Edmonds, Duane San Marino History Sigma Chi Edwards, Marilyn Lafayette History Ellis, John Pasadena Kappa Delta Rho Draper, Robert Monterey History, Alpha Gamma Omega Californians, ASUC Rep-at-Large ASUC First Vice President ASUC Senate Cabinet, Cal Club MEB, Finance Committee Druebber, Colette La Mesa Sociology, Honor Students Society Dugan, Lilline Alpha Alpha Kappa Los Angeles Social Welfare Durham, Mary Brentwood Political Science Freeborn Hall Mortar Board Pi Sigma Alpha Honor Students Society, Prytanean Society Eaton, Madelaine Chicago, Illinois Political Science Iota Alpha Pi Edson, Toby Carmel History Phi Sigma Kappa Sons of California Edwards, Ross Visalia Physics Phi Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Omega Track, Ugly Man Chairman Cal Prep Class Council Elsasser, Barbara Princeton, New Jersey Art Drechsler, Lois San Francisco History Treble Clef Madrigal Singers Duca, Jeannie Palo Alto Spanish Collegian Singers Honor Students Society, Sigma Delta Pi Dunn, Mary Santa Maria Alpha Delta Pi FAMACS Dusel, Ann Saratoga English Delta Gamma Eaton, Mary Berkelely Spanish Concert Band Don, Manyy Arizona Speech Pi Alpha Phi Baseball, Varsity Debate Dopkins, Richard Arbuckle Political Science Phi Kappa Sigma Californians Cal Band Dowdall, William San Francisco Economics Dowling, Dave Chehalis, Washington Pi Kappa Alpha Edlund, Betty Orinda History Chi Omega Tower and Flame Emley, Christopher Sacramento Honor Students Society Co-operative Association, Co-op Highlights Editor Engstrom, Leigh La Crescenta Stratford Hall Enright, Rita San Diego Alpha Delta Pi Tower and Flame Blue and Gold Campus Tours Epstein, Edwin Van Nuys Near Eastern Languages, Hillel Foundation Student Zionist Organization Erickson, Karen Long Beach Psychology Delta Delta Delta Students Honor Society Little Sisters of Minerva Campus Tours Fisher, Claudia Whittier History Angel Flight Alpha Omicron Pi Fleming, Judith Belvedere Comparative Literature, Kappa Alpha Theta Intramurals Fong, Norma Fairfax French Stern Hall Education Abroad Program, Bordeaux, France Fox, Michael Chicago, Illinois Chi Phi Frampton, Karilyn Oakland Social Science Psychology Franchini, Carol San Anselmo Social Science Alpha Phi Frank, Justin Los Angeles History Zeta Beta Tau Honor Students Society Intramurals Democratic Club Franke, Diana Berkeley History Womens Rally Committee Student Forum Fleming, Steven Cucamonga Mathematics Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fong, James San Francisco Statistics Pi Alpha Phi CSC, CSA Fox, Joan Acara Social Science Delta Delta Delta Tower and Flame Honor Students Society, Prytanean Motar Board Treble Clef Panhellenic Council Fram, Jerry Sunland Physics Bowles Hall UCYC Frampton, Marilyn Oakland Philosophy Francis, Larry Santa Ana Pre-Medical Delta Tau Delta Frank, Stephen Portland, Oregon Economics Alpha Delta Phi IFC Honorary Franks, Marsha Palm Springs French Phi Sigma Sigma Alpha Mu Gamma Tower and Flame Senior Class Council Chancellors Committee Student Erlanger, Claire San Francisco Political Science Cunningham Hall YWCA Experiment in International Living Eubank, Suzanne Orinda Social Welfare Delta Gamma Intra-murals Panhellenic Fashion Show Evans, Peter La Jolla History Alpha Delta Phi Varsity Wrestling Eymil, Dennis Palo Alto Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon Falk, John Scarsdale, New York Fallon. Michael Menlo Park Physics Phi Epsilon Pi Faulkner. Rodger Palo Alto Psychology Priestley Hall Feller, Karen Stockton History Stern Hall University Symphony Orchestra Fernandez, Maria Concord Anthropology Cunningham Hall Honor Students Society, Kroeber Society, Womens Dormitory Association Scholarship Chairman Finch, Marcia Pasadena Pi Beta Phi Fine, Richard Berverly Hills Biochemistry Daily Californian Yacht Club Phi Beta Kappa Eubank, Allan Missoula, Montana History Alpha Chi Rho Evans, Janice Vacaville Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Peggy Riverside Art History Delta Delta Panile, Prytanean AWS Handbook Chairman Fair, Betty Redding History Kappa Delta FSB, Big Sister Falkinham, Joseph Encino Bacteriology Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Crew Air Force ROTC Fansler, Martha Fillmore Spanish Cunningham Hall Womens Rally Committee Fencing Club Feil, Joanne Palo Alto History Ferguson, Margaret Whittier Political Science Alpha Omicron Pi Rally Committee Senior Week Committee Panhellenic Council Fiehn, Janis Berkeley Socioloey Alpha Delta Pi Honor Students Society, Card Stunts Committee Fine, Arthur Monterey Park Social Science Finizza, Tony Downey Mathematics Barrington Hall Tower and Flame Chancellors Committee Classroom Ethics Garat, Domie Hollister History, Kappa Kappa Gamma Torch and Shield WAA, UPB Art Committee Card Stunts Committee Committee Garrick, Carole Los Angeles History Ghiselli, John Berkeley Zoology Cal Band Gilbert, Margaret Ventura History Alpha Delta Chi YWCA, Student Forum, Legislative Assistant to Bob Draper Panhellenic Giorgi, Jean Gaviota History Sigma Kappa Card Stunts Committee Phi Delta Theta Little Sister Gardenswartz, Darlene Denver, Colorado Psychology Gartshore, Cathy San Francisco History Alpha Phi Tower and Flame Rally Committee Giarratana, Patricia Carmel Political Science Delta Zeta Tower and Flame AWS Publicity Panhellenic Class Council ASUC Activities Board Gill, Mary Sonora Sociology Glassman, Jill Hollywood Journalism Garfinkle, Jay Alameda Biochemistry Phi Epsilon Pi UC Ski Club Pre-Med Society Ghens, Loretta Fort Bragg German Hoyt Hall University YWCA Cabinet Gibson, Elizabeth Oakland History Sigma Kappa Gilman, John San Francisco Political Science Phi Epsilon Pi Honor Students Society, Men ' s Judicial Committee Axe Review Freshmen Crew Pre-Med Society Grisanti, Marilyn Atascadero Journalism Phi Beta Kappa Daily Cal Reporter Assistant City Editor, Theta Sigma Pi Newman Club Fraser, Marlene Stockton Art History Gamma Phi Beta Frey, Jan San Francisco Economics Sigma Nu Alpha Delta Sigma Friedli, Yvette San Leandro Art History WAA Photo Club Sailing Club YWCA School Research Volunteer Frost, Gayle Mt. View Speech Alpha Delta Pi Fulsaas, Esther Oakland Music Masonic Club Gaba Carolyn Oakland English Sigma Kappa Daily Night Manager Cal Engineer Pi Alpha Sigma Garibaldi, Nadine San Francisco Social Science Kappa Kappa Gamma, WAA Gherlone, Ronald Berkeley Economics Bowles Hall Soccer Giertz, Patricia Glendale Bacteriology Epworth Hall Gilster, Gary Rendondo Beach Physics Godfrey, Charles Pacific Grove Biochemistry Frates, Frank Atherton Speech Delta Kappa Epsilon Fried, Marsha North Hollywood French Tower and Flame Friedman, Darrell San Francisco Political Science Phi Epsilon Pi Californians Order of the Golden Bear, IFC Vice-President, Big Game Week University Affairs Frost, Robert Sacramento Wildlife Conservation Sigma Alpha Epsilon Furtney, Virginia Scarsdale, New York Secretary to ASUC President ASUC Senate Union Advisory Board Gagel, Catherine Dayton, Ohio Economics Kappa Alpha Theta Tennis Team Runnerup in National Intercollegiates 1963 Freeland, James San Mateo History Friedberg, Cass Chicago, Illinois Psychology Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Friedman, Mona Belle San Francisco Near Eastern Languages Alpha Epsilon Phi Sophomore Class Council Fujimoto, Lillian Pasadena Political Science P and PR Campus Tours High School Day Committee Fusco, Kathryn Whittier Art Gale, Madelyn Roseville Psychology Treble Clef Cal Prep Tower and Flame Madrigal Singers YWCA Freer, Paticia Patricia Las Vegas, Nevada Political Science Davidson Hall Phi Chi Theta Friedland, Bonnie Escondido Ida Sproul Hall Friedman, Tracy Los Angeles Sociology Norton Hall Committee on Buildings and Campus Development Residence Halls Sub-committee Fujita, Claire Lodi Oriental Davidson Hall Alpha Mu Gamma Fye, Kenneth Fremont Zoology Smyth Hall Honor Students Society Pre-med Society Freshman Tennis Smythman of the Year Gandolfo, Ronald San Mateo Psychology Haber, Joseph Beverly Hills Political Science Sigma Alpha Mo Harrison, Gayle El Centro Anthropology Hazeltine, Florence China Lake Biochemistry Peixotto Hall Tower and Flame Honor Society Hiking, Radio-TV Flying Haswell, Joyce Piedmont Delta Gamma Hearst, Elaine Los Angeles Political Science Heath, Barbara La Mesa Physical Education Freeborn Ballet, Gymnastics Team, Berkeley YMCA Heber, James Mariposa Goedeck, Carol North Hollywood German Non-Residents Club of International House Gold, Valeria San Mateo English Ida Sproul Hall Gold, Michael San Jose Political Science Griffiths Hall Order of the Golden Bear, ASUC Senate Rep-at-Large Haas, Bob San Francisco English, Deutsch Hall, Cal Club Californians Tower and Flame Honor Students ' Society, Pelican Class Councils Cal Camp MEB, AEC, Serf Glee Club, Rally an d Games Harlan, Barry Burbank Economics Phi Epsilon Pi Californians Inter-Fraternity President ' s Council and Judicial Committee Intramural Executive Board Hart, Karen San Francicso Physical Education Freeborn Hall WAA, Women ' s " C " Society Hass, Diane San Diego Political Science Tower and Flame Hawley, Harold Marysville Pi Kappa Alpha Haberkamp, Bruce San Francisco Political Science Priestly Hall Chamber Band Concert Band Hammer, Marcia Los Angeles Social Science Delta Zeta WAA Hansen, Charlotte Sacramento English Harris, Michael San Francicso Hall Psychology Hartman, Gail Walnu t Creek English Alpha Delta Chi Honor Students Society Hassard, Jean Oakland Decorative Arts Alpha Phi Hawkin s, Karen El Cerrito History Delta Delta Delta FAMACS Africa Desk Habeth, Genevieve Walnut Creek Zoology Honor Society WAA Haigh, Lynn San Marino Decorative Art Kappa Alpha Then UPB Tower and Flame Rally and Games Hall, John Sacramento Phi Gamma Delta Triune Hambly, Ross Berkeley Economics Psi Skull and Keys Winged Helmet Hanner, Nancy Sacramento French Epworth Hall Hardin, Norma Visalia Stern Hall Hackbarth, Dorothy Oakland French National Foreign Language Society Alpha Mu Gamma Hale, Sam Pasadena History Zeta Psi Hall, Selden San Jose Putnam Hall Hamilton, Marilyn Oakland Social Science Alpha Omicron Pi Angel Flight American Field Serv. Hannford, Daryl Glendale Bacteriology Hargreaves, Margaret La Mesa Political Science Alpha Chi Omega Senior Class Council Intramurals, Big C Circus, YWCA Community Service Blue Monday Committee Hagopian, Loretta Los Altos Political Science Delta Zeta, AWS Rally Committee Blue and Gold Haley, Peter Santa Rosa Political Science Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Phi Omega Phi Phi Council Young Republicans Hamala, Joan San Jose German Epworth Hall Hamlin, Rachel Monrovia History Hahn, Michael San Francisco Psychology Bowles Hall Tower and Flame Golden Guard Treble Clef Women ' s Daily Cal Managerial Hall, Ellen Oildale English Student California Teachers Hamanaka, Haruko Berkeley Psychology Hamm, Shelley Oakland Sociology Zeta Tau Alpha Hector, Nanette Woodland Hills Daily Californian Editorial Baptist Student Center Heldman, Patricia San Francisco History Pre-Med Yacht Club Hemovich, Michael Oakland Political Science Golden Guard Henning, Marion San Bernardino History Zeta Tau Alpha Angel Flight Collegians Hernandez, Daniel Rocklin History Phi Kappa Tau Varsiety IFC Junior IFC Herrera, Henry San Jose English Delta Sigma Phi Senior Week Hedgecock, Lewis Berkeley Political Science Frosh Track Heller, Sherry Los Angeles Humanities Photo Club Tower and Flame Henke, Richard Chowchilla Physics Prytanean Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Cal Band, Campus Crusade for Christ Vesper Choir Henshaw, Sydney Berkeley Political Science Gamma Phi Beta Gavel and Quill Cal Club, Junior Class president Senior Week Big C Circus, AWS ASUC Cabinet, ASUC Rep-at-Large Herney, Susan Chula Vista Communications Alpha Xi Delta Alpha Gamma Omega Prytanean, Theta Sigma Phi, University Affairs, Panhellenic, Oski Dolls AWS, Angel Flight, Herrick, Carolyn Studio City History Cheney Hall WDA Residence Hall Coordinating Heger, Carol San Diego Decorative Arts Sigma Kappa Helm, Jeanette San Francisco Spanish Alpha Chi Omega Prytanean Oski Dolls Henlin, Margie Downey English Herbert, Norma Berkeley English and Art Herr, Robert Richmond History Norton Hall Phi Beta Kappa Young Republicans Herscher, Uri San Jose Sociology CAL Camp Hessler, James San Carlos Social Science Hickey, Lowell La Jolla Journalism Theta Chi Daily Cal Sports Editor Higgins, Charlotte Sacramento Ida Sproul Hall Anthropology Hewitt, Robert San Pablo Slavic Delta Phi Epsilon Hickman, Patricia Kentfield Speech Pi Beta Phi Rally Committee Higgins, Elaine Long Beach Linguistics Mitchell Hall Alpha Mu Gamma Hill, Dane Lakewood Psychology Deutsch Hall Fencing Hirt, Jean Sacramento English Ritter Hall Intramurals WDA Hoffman, David Belvedere Political Science Zeta Beta Tau Hillyer, N. Jane Santa Ana Psychology Tower and Flame Fencing Class Councils Hochstatter, Jon San Carlos Philosophy Holden, Lee Morgan Hill Political Science Phi Sigma Kappa Delta Phi Epsilon Intramural Weight Lifting Champ Hirsch, Lynda Santa Monica Political Science Hoffman, Carolyn Vallejo Latin Cheney Hall WAA, Archery University Chorus Holland, Tom Oakland Economics Delta Kappa Epsilon Skull and Keys Winged Helmet Crew Hirsch, Richard San Francisco Political Science Hoffman, David Daly City Physics Smyth Hall Fencing Team Captain, Fencing Club President Holsinger, Virginia Berkeley Biological Science Hoover, Kathleen Walnut Creek Political Science Hoover, Susan San Jose English UC Santa Barbara Community Relations Legislative Council Soph Council Horine, Joyce Alameda Social Science Alpha Delta Chi YWCA Intramurals Horne, Margaret Menlo Park Music Treble Clef University Chorus Horne, Myrle Long Beach Psychology Horner, Judith Modesto Speech Delta Delta Delta AWS Fashion Show Commentator Horwitz, David Sherman Oaks Political Science Activity Planning Union Program Board, Model UN Axe Review Houghton, Kitty Reno, Nevada Anthropology Delta Delta Delta Hulsy, William Bakersfield Alpha Tau Omega Hyde, Kristin Alameda Bacteriology Ipson , Steven Walnut Creek Political Science Chi Phi Frosh Track Hulten, Charles Berkeley Sigma Chi Hyman, Michele Claremont Art Phi Sigma Sigma Union Program Board, Hillel Foundation Tower and Flame Imai, Sharon El Cerrito English Upper Division Honors Howland, Judith Berkeley Sociology Delta Gamma Spurs, Pelican Model, ASUC Honey Bears Huff, Gayle Watsonville Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta Hunt, Chip San Francisco Economics Beta Theta Pi Ingham, Lani Lafayette History Alpha Phi Prytanean Women ' s Rally Judicial AWS Board Irvin, Nell Oakland Anthropology Stiles Hall Circle Francais Tower and Flame Mortar Board Art Editor Pelican, ASUC Student Forum Huck, Kathleen Berkeley Zoology Tower and Flame Hughes, John Pacific Palisades Beta Theta Pi Hutcheson, Thomas Arcadia Social Science Inglis, Jerilyn Lodi English Chi Omega Tower and Flame Isaksen, Leonard Los Angeles Zoology Deutsch Hall Iwasaki, Jane West Sacramento Sociology Jacobson, Leonard Daly City Mathematics Phi Epsilon Pi Kappa Nu IFC Honorary Jansen, John Hayward Zoology UC Premedical Pres., Epithelium Editor Jenkins, Cecelia Sherman Oaks Zoology Alpha Omicron Pi, UPB Public Affairs ASUC Speakers Co-ordinating ACU Convention Joe, Siu-Man Oakland Spens-Black Johnson, Louise Whittier Music, CAL CAMP, Treble Clef tour manager Huckins, Vivien Berkeley Geography Hulbert, Michael San Gabriel English Alpha Tau Omega Iwasko, Nadine San Marino Economics Kappa Delta Phi Chi Theta Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Sister of Minerva Newman Club James, Linda Palo Alto English Joaquin Hall World University Service, Wesley Foundation Jedeka, Julianne Glendale Political Science Resource volunteers Jenson, Charles San Jose Chi Phi Johnson, Alan San Carlos Economics Alpha Sigma Phi Johnson, Marjorie Sacramento English Alpha Phi Johnson, Jacquelyn Los Altos Speech Kappa Delta Frosh Class Council Rally Comm. Jones, Bruce Fullerton Economics Varsity wrestling Johnson, Judy Palo Alto Communications Alpha Delta Pi Pom pon girl Jones, Carolyn Lafayette Physics Freeborn Hall Art Bureau Tower and Flame Honor Students Society lwanaga, Janice San Martin Zoology Jacobsen, Marc San Lorenzo History Jankowski, Linda Oakland Sociology YWCA Plymouth House Jelcick, Dianne San Jose Speech Pom pon alternate Prytanean, Panile AWS Officer Isenberg, Barbara Phoenix, Arizona English Alpha Epsilon Phi Honor Student Alpha Lambda Delta Ishaq , James Hong Kong Zoology I. House Ivelich, Tony San Francisco History Phi Gamma Delta lvarson, Nancy Petaluma French Jones, Diane San Francisco Political Science Alpha Gamma Delta Jones, Warren Sacramento Economics Alpha Delta Phi Dixieland Noise Boys Jurgensen, Ronald Los Angeles Zeta Psi Jurjevic, Bart Oakland Spanish Kaiser, Ronn Belmont Legal Political Theory Varsity Crew Varsity Rowing Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Kane, Edward Long Beach Art, Honor Students Society California Scholarship Federation Kaplan, Judith Beverly Hills History Kastan, Stephen Northridge Economics Alpha Delta Phi Katien, Karen Monrovia Political Science Spens-Black Kaufman, Karen Taft Delta Gamma Kaufman, Patrice Beverly Hills English Elizabeth Barrett Hall Alpha Delta Epsilon, Honor Students Society Oski Dolls Jones, Rex Atherton Political Science Phi Gamma Delta Skull and Keys Speakers ' Bureau Winged Helmet IFC Jue, Carolyn San Francisco French Ida Sproul Hall Jurick, Joseph Eureka Barrington Hall Physics Newman Club Kahn, Jay Chicago, Ill. Physical Sciences Alpha Epsilon Pi Judo Club Flying Club Kan, Jimmy Hong Kong Physics Mathematics Kane, Susan Kentfield Ski Club Kashiwahara, Ann Santa Rosa Mathematics YWCA School Resource Volunteers Kaste, V ikki Walnut Creek Biological Sciences Zeta Tau Alpha Panhellenic Katsell, Jerome Palo Alto Slavic Literature Kaufman, Lynn Seattle Sociology Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Kaufman, Stephanie Sacramento Social Welfare Delta Phi Epsilon Keilly, Robert Arizona Political Science Pi Lambda Phi Keller, Vicki Oakland Economics Alpha Delta Pi Phi Beta Kappa Mortar Board Phi Chi Theta Prytanean Panile DC Consultative Chancellor ' s Committee on Classroom Ethics Oski Dolls, Panhellenic Keppel, Marie Berkeley History Alpha Delta Musical Director Axe Revue Presbyterian Mademoiselle College Board Kimball, Peter Lafayette History Tellefsen Hall Cal Band Straw Hat Band Senior Class Council King, Elaine Burlingame English Elizabeth Barrett WAA Council Kinney, Gail Beverly Hills Stern Hall Kish, Kathleen Antioch Spanish Ida Sproul Hall Phi Beta Kappa Sigma Delta Pi Alpha Mu Gamma Honor Students Society, Newman Hall Knapp, Deborah San Francisco History Kappa Kappa Gamma Card Stunts WAA Knecht, Janey Pasadena French Alpha Phi Koenig, Thierry Berkeley Political Science Keith, Martha San Jose Political Science Kappa Delta Kennedy, Karen Tucson, Arizona English Alpha Delta Chi University Interfaith Council Ketchersid, Nancy Santa Monica Kime, Allison Fullerton Elizabeth Barrett History Alpha Delta Epsilon James Berkeley History Cloyne Court Kinnick, Mary Redwood City Political Science Prytanean Mortar Board Union Program Board, ASUC Finance, Cabinet University Affairs Klein, Susan Berkeley Knapp, Judy San Gabriel History Kappa Alpha Theta Knudson, Al Lakewood Political Science Sigma Nu Kohl, James San Bernardino History Larsen, Gretchen Danville Political Science Sigma Kappa Tower and Flame Women ' s Editor Cal Engineer Pelican Staff Speakers ' Bureau International Relations, Union Program Board CSTA Lazarus, Susan Malibu Economics Class Council Art Committee Class Executive Committee La Rue, Linda Pasadena Zoology Leamon, Ronald Mendota English Laykin, Melinda Los Angeles History Lee, Carole Oakland Music Alpha Delta Chi Presbyterian Youth Fellowship Koller, Lois Santa Clara History Kresser, Nancy Albany Psychology Alpha Delta Pi Kropf, Merry Jo Oak Park Social Welfare Phi Mu Yacht Club Kuper, Benette Berkeley Social Science Field Special Program Board, AWS Orientations Publicity, Senior Class, Campus Events, ASUC Cabinet, Pub Board Cal Club, Prytanean Gavel and Quill Laai, June Berkeley Sociology Chinese Students Honor Students Landis, Carolen Piedmont Public Policy Alpha Epsilon Phi Lawton, Louisa Lima, Peru Anthropology Epworth Hall Kroeber Society Lee, Douglas Berkeley Physics Koon, Thomas Redwood City Physical Education Phi Kappa Tau Weight Lifting Club, Parachute Club Kresser, Robert Pasadena History Zeta Psi Skull and Keys Tower and Flame Tribune Society Kubernick, Sylvia Los Angeles Sociology Kuns, Judith Inglewood Psychology Phi Mu Treble Clef Honor Students Ladine, Dyanne Modesto Social Science Pi Beta Phi FAMACS Social Welfare Lanen, Judith Oakland Social Welfare Kragen, Robin Berkeley Communications Alpha Epsilon Phi Junior Class Council, Pelican Sales Staff of Year Delegate Krichman, Kenneth Los Angeles Alpha Epsilon Pi Kuehn, Marsha Woodlake English Masonic Club Baptist Student Intramurals Kurtz, Maxine San Francisco Psychology Delta Phi Epsilon Tower and Flame Honor Students Laird, Sheridan San Francisco Art History Alpha Phi Tower and Fame Lanzetta, Peter Berkeley Zoology Newman Club Lee, Michael Arenal Rally Committee Kramer, Nancy Berkeley Biochemistry Krischer, Jon Hillsborough Phi Kappa Psi Kuesel, Shari San Jose Psychology Union Program Board Public Affairs Kwong, Chui Ngor Hong Kong Biochemistry Land, Julie Berkeley Political Science Pi Alpha Sigma Tower and Flame Blue and Gold Manager, AWS Publications Board Panhellenic Girl of Year delegate Lapachet, Gabrielle Lafayette French Stern Hall Lefko, Myrna San Francisco History Lee, Eleanor Oakland Physical Education WAA, Intramurals Chinese Students Club, President Student Unit California Assoc. for Health, Physical Education and Recreation Leigh, Todd Albany Economics Leonard, Judith Altadena Lerch, Allan San Francisco Communications, Public Policy Sigma Alpha Mu Captain, Debate Order of the Golden Bear Robert Gordon Sproul Award Madialle Joffre Debate Winner Lettieri, Dan Brooklyn, New York Psychology Honor Students Society Levant, Joyce San Francisco Social Welfare Levant, Ronald Los Angeles History Zeta Beta Tau Levin, Barton Los Angeles Economics Phi Kappa Sigma Levin, Bobbi San Francisco English Phi Sigma Sigma Union Program Board Collegians Levin, Carol San Francisco Social Science Levin, Joel Vancouver, British Columbia Psychology Phi Epsilon Pi Intramural Advisory Board Master of Ceremonies, 1963 Spring Sing Levinson, Jan Van Nuys Sociology Libby, Carolyn Berkeley Humanities Mortar Board Associate Senior Manager, Treble Chief Linder, Diane Arcadia Art Alpha Chi Omega Oski Dolls UPB Publicity Chairman Lindman, Alan Pacific Palisades Sigma Phi Epsilon Lindsey, Jane Pebble Beach Sociology Gamma Phi Beta YWCA Deutscher Verein Levin, Marilyn San Francisco Comparative Literature Delta Phi Epsilon Lewis, Samuel Berkeley Phi Epsilon Pi Libien, James Bakersfield Political Science Kappa Nu Varsity Crew Varsity Rowing Club Golden Guard Lindgren, Linda Porterville Anthropology Delta Delta Delta Lindsay, Suzanne Orinda Sociology Alpha Chi Omega WAA, YWCA Linn, George Palo Alto Music Ehrman Hall Concert Band Repertory Chorus Track Order of the Golden Bear Big " C " Society Lufkin, Daniel Alameda Mathematics for Teachers, Order of the Golden Bear Golden Guard Freshman Basketball, Baseball Varsity Basketball, Captain Lyford, Suzanne Richmond Psychology Freeborn Hall Tower and Flame Council, Honor Students Society Class Councils Littig, Judy Oakland English Liu, Henry San Francisco Physics Chinese Students Club, Chinese Students Association Lockwood, Nancy Santa Monica Zoology Cheney Hall Lomnes, Suzanne Lompoc Sociology Freeborn Hall Louk, Linda Arcadia Psychology Freeborn Hall Lowry, Darryl Sacramento Economics Griffiths Hall Honor Students Society Luke, Mei-ling Los Angeles Latin Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Lyon, Louise E. Berkeley Biological Science Epworth Hall Tower and Flame Honor Students Litzenberg, Randy Salinas Mathematics Sigma Alpha Epsilon Lockett, Sue El Centro Political Science Sigma Kappa Loffler, Paula Los Angeles Social Science Oski Dolls Lopin, Gail Economics Music Education Freeborn Hall ASUC Cabinet WDA, SEFR University Affairs Committee, Mortar Board, Prytanean UPB, Chairman Music Committee University Orchestra Lowe, Roberta Palos Verdes Estates Physical Education Davidson Hall AWS Board WAA President Women ' s " C " Society Lucido, Prudence Martinez Anthropology Sherman Hall Lutz, Adelaide Oklahoma City, Oklahoma History Kappa Alpha Theta McCarthy, John Walnut Grove Political Science Lambda Chi Alpha Ly, Iris Papeete, Tahiti Bacteriology McCaughey, Margaret Las Vegas, Nevada Anthropology Kroeber Anthropology Society McCauley, Ginger Fullerton Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta, Prytanean Women ' s Rally AWS Activities Panhellenic McDonald, Kenneth Bakersfield Journalism MacGregor, Carol Boise, Idaho History Ski Club Angel Flight McClure, Margaret El Cerrito Social Welfare Alpha Delta Chi Honor Students McDonald, Nancy Massachusetts Anthropology HSS, Kroeber Society MacGregor, Joan New York Gamma Phi Beta McCure, Lawrence San Francisco Beta Theta Pi MacFarland, Gail Pomona History Delta Gamma Oski Dolls MacIntosh, Elizabeth Oakland Physical Education McDaniel, Meredy San Bernardino Psychology Kappa Delta Pom Pom Committee, Angel Flight, Treble Clef Axe Revue Calettes Synchronized Swimming McGowan, Mary San Diego English Mortar Board Cal Club, Theta Sigma Phi, Editor Daily Californian McKinney, James Downey Mathematics Ehrman Hall Alpha Phi Omega Basketball, UC Bridge, Cal Band Straw Hat Band Symphony Orchestra McKinnis, Ann Sacramento Art History Alpha Phi Blue and Gold Lime and Roses McNally, James San Francisco Operations Research Phi Kappa Tau Basketball Macey, Catherine Hillsborough Sociology Freeborn Hall Big " C " Circus Legislative Assistant Madsen, Karen San Francisco History Phi Mu Class Councils Women ' s Rally Committee Mar, Pat Fresno Political Science University Affairs Editor, Daily Californian Panile Honor Society Marken, William Morgan Hill English McKnight, James Concord, Michigan English McNamara, Jim Oakland Speech Sigma Chi Californians, Gavel and Quill, Cal Clun Tower and Flame Megaphone, Men ' s Executive Board Head Yell Leader ASUC Cabinet Mack, James, Jr. Anaheim Economics Phi Kappa Sigma Mahoney, Eileen San Francisco Spanish Chalet University Honor Society Manski, Gig Lafayette Physical Education Chi Omega WAA, FAMSAC YWCA Markham, Tom Newport Beach Zoology Delta Tau Delta Tribune Winged Helmet Skull and Keys Beta Beta Mauser, Gary Redondo Beach Psychology Sigma Nu Michael Hunt Trophy May, Robert San Francisco Comparative Literature McMichael, Rick Stockton Economics Sigma Alpha Mu Men ' s Judicial Interfraternity Debate Team Men ' s Glee Club Phi Phi Naval ROTC McRae, Marsha Carmichael History Gamma Phi Beta Women ' s Rally Torch and Shield Maclin, Bruce Placerville History Putnam Hall J-Com, Library Putnam Hall Malone, Francis Sparks, Nevada History Sigma Phi Epsilon Orientation Council, Men ' s Executive Board Functional Services Board Marcus, Michael Berkeley Political Science Men ' s Judicial Student Committee for Educational Policy Markarian Linda Fresno Political Science Kappa Delta Assistant Rep-at-large, Calette Axe Revue Mouser, Sally Piedmont History Gamma Phi Beta YWCA Meier, Richard San Francisco Communications and Public Policy Phi Sigma Kappa McNabb, Virginia Flournoy Political Science SRV Ski Club MacPherson, John Burlingame English Radio-TV Axe Revue Maddigan, William Spokane, Washington Physics Sigma Phi Epsilon Orientation Council Polls Council, Men ' s Executive Board Manwell, Ed Marysville Political Science Cal Band Young Republicans Mark, Wanda Berkeley Social Welfare Martin, Carol San Lorenzo Political Science Meierding, William Ventura Drama Alpha Kappa Lambda Week Meyer, Bonnie Oakland Decorative Art Zeta Tau Alpha Michael, Peter San Francisco Economics Delta Kappa Epsilson Martin, Mark Palos Verdes Delta Delta Delta Senior Class Council Collegians Art Bureau Ski Club Masuda, James Gardena Ehrman Hall Rally Committee Class Council Gavel and Quill Mejia, Carole San Francisco Drama Zeta Tau Alpha University Theatre Meyer, Don San Francisco Science Alpha Pi Omega Cal Camp Michaelis, Pamela Rolling Hills Social Science Mason, Janice La Crescenta Bacteriology Matthews, Margaret Menlo Park English Chi Omega Polls Council Women ' s Rally Oski Dolls Melikian, Karen Fresno French Pi Kappa Delta WDA, Sophomore Class Council Meyer, Gary Salinas English Phi Delta Theta Masonic Club Michels, Angelika Santa Clara Political Science Freeborn Hall Mermel, Ronald Hillsborough Psychology Alpha Epsilon Pi Californians Cal Band Meyer, Kent San Leandro Slavic Languages and Literatures Tower and Flame Middleton, Rita Santa Rosa English Cunningham Hall Honor Students Morris, Vincent Salinas Physics Putnam Hall Track Morrison, Margaret Kensington Physiology Sigma Kappa Morrow, Hubert Pasadena Political Science Beta Theta Pi Milldrum, Gordon Berkeley Zoology Mills, Sally Berkeley Decorative Art Alpha Omicron Pi Pelican Mittler, Harvey San Francisco Political Science Beta Sigma Track Team Moir, John Eureka History Delta Chi Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Monroe, Daphine Manhatten Beach Communications and Public Policy Alpha Xi Delta Pelican Moore, Jeannie Playa Del Rey Sociology Alpha Xi Delta Morse, Richard Novato Political Science Glee Club ASUC Services Board Miller, Virginia Oakland Sociology Wesley Foundation Milner, Mike San Jose History Delta Chi Mizelle, Marie Sacramento Elizabeth Barrett WDA Carolyn San Francisco Social Welfare Alpha Delta Pi Oski Dolls Monson, Stephen North Hollywood Math Auxiliary Enterprises Board Alpha Phi Omega Morey, Charles Fresno Economics Oxford Hall AIESEC USCA Morshead, Sheila Lagona Beach English Alpha Phi Tower and Flame IRB Millhauser, Ellen Los Angeles Music Davidson Hall Minor, Joyce Long Beach Speech Alpha Zi Delta Moberley, Darlene Long Beach English Freeborn Hall Treble Clef Moll, Charles Salt Lake City, Utah Moore, Carol San Diego History Honor Students Society Morgan, Dean Moraga Communications and Public Policy Theta Xi Tower and Flame Cal Band Axe Revue Mortenson, Phililp Arcadia Psychology Phi Kappa Psi Tennis Team Mills, Jackie Castro Valley Kappa Delta Axe Revue Panile Vice President Pompon Girl Rally and Games Originator of Calettes Misch, Kathryn Berkeley Humanities Art Committee Union Program Board Moellerich, Gladie San Francisco Communications and Public Policy Alpha Epsilon Phi Molnar, Benjamin Temple City Political Science Delta Phi Epsilon Moore, Karen San Rafael Decorative Art Alpha Pi Decorative Art Club Morris, Collen Whittier Psychology Kappa Delta Tower and Flame Treble Clef Moscrip, Susan Atherton Art Delta Gamma Moyes, Warren Auckland, New Zealand Geography Rugby Team Moyle, Patricia San Francisco Modern European History Kappa Alpha Theta Angel Flight Murdock, Kathleen New Jersey English Literature Naake, Larry Sacramento Muldavin, Peter Agoura Science C.I. Representative ASUC Senate Chancellor ' s Committee on Student Housing University Affairs Order of the Golden Bear Murr, Priscilla La Canada English Project Motivation YWCA Naftel, Nancy Pomona Social Science Davidson Hall AFS Returnee Mullally, Laurie Oakland Philosophy Myers, David Ontario History Sigma Alpha Sigma Basketball Nagatoshi, Asako Oakland Mullen, James Lake Forrest, Illinois Bowles Hall Myers, Willa Bakersfield Art History Alpha Phi Nakamura, Evelyn Berkeley Linguistics Women ' s Rally Cal Prep, Union Program Board Oski Dolls Senior Class Council Prytanean Nixon, Elizabeth Berkeley Science Kappa Delta Blue Gold YWCA Nussbaum, Jerry Los Angeles History Sigma Alpha Mu Nygard , N. Kortner Oakland Psychology Nunan, James San Francisco Economics Theta Delta Chi Newmark, Pam Los Angeles Political Science Delta Delta Delta Prytanean, Panile Gavel and Quill Tower and Flame Blue Gold AWS Board Panhellenic Council Nightingale, Richard Oakland Physics Theta Chi Tower and Flame Track Nakashima, Douglas San Leandro Nelson, Carol Walnut Creek Anthropology Alpha Delta Chi Newcomber, Tora San Marino English Kappa Kappa Gamma Rally Committee Oski Dolls Nazaroff, Nathalie San Francisco Slavic Languages Alpha Mu Gamma Ness, Kenneth San Leandro Newell, Karen Williams Psychology WDA Epworth Hall Nelson, Ann San Marino History Kappa Alpha Theta Card Stunts Orchestra Neuton, Marilyn Los Angeles Psychology Class Council UPB, Oski Dolls Pelican Newman, Donna Long Beach Sociology Newmeyer, John Los Angeles Psychology Lambda Chi Alpha Tau Beta Pi Nielson, Trish Burlingame Physical Educat ion Alpha Gamma Delta, WAA Campus Tours Noel, Kristine Berkeley English Nigh, Audrey Santa Cruz Speech Alpha Phi Lime and Roses Society Nolling, Wilhelm Germany Economics Oaklund, Jim San Leandro Economic s Alpha Kappa Lambda Olsen, Roger San Jose Political Science Basketball, Track Big " C " Oberg, Robert Richmond Mathematics Students Phi Beta Kappa Honor Students Tower and Flame O ' Donnell, Julie Oakland Science Senior Class V.P. Gavel and Quill Legislative Assistant for Rep-at-large O ' Neil, Kathie Santa Paula English Kappa Delta O ' Brien, David Napa Political Science Sigma Nu AFROTC Interpersonal Relations Project O ' Toole, Patricia Walnut Creek History Alpha Chi Omega WAA Women ' s Rally Women ' s Judicial AWS Board Ong, William San Francisco Zoology Pi Alpha Phi Chinese Student Nisei Student Premedical Society O ' Brien, Nancy Richmond English Ogren, Kenneth Los Angeles History Kappa Nu, ASUC Student Forum NROTC Quarterdeck ASUC Speakers ' Bureau Orrell , Roberta Los Angeles History Freeborn Hall NROTC Color Queen Okelberry, Karen San Francisco French History Alpha Chi Omega Mortar Board Panile, Big " C " Circus, " Cal Activities and You " , AWS Board, Bordeaux Center Oldemeyer, Dian Oakland Sociology Alpha Omricron Pi Blue Gold Osborn, Judith San Luis Obispo Sociology American Field Service Odenweller, Vicki Menlo Park Communications Alpha Gamma Delta, AWS Publicity, Radio-TV, Rally Big " C " Circus Junior, Senior Councils Oseran, Barbara Phoenix, Ariz. Economics Delta Phi Epsilon Union Program Board Recreation Chairman Orchesis, Panel of Americans Junior Class Council Olsen, Edwin Atwater Zoology Deutch Hall Osmond, Janna Atherton Political Science Delta Gamma Oski Dolls Olsen, Janice Berkeley Delta Gamma Orth, Maureen Piedmont Kappa Kappa Gamma O ' Connell, Robert San Francisco Astronomy Norton Hall Phi Beta Kappa Pechanec, Hilde Altadena English Gamma Phi Beta ASUC Program Board, Literary and Movie Committees Polichar, Bruce Los Angeles Political Science Zeta Beta Tau Penaflor, Manuel Santa Ana Football Pong, Jean San Francisco Decorative Art Owyang, Walter San Mateo Psychology Paine, Anne Corte Madera Psychology University Church Council, YWCA Penhoet, Madeleine Oakland YWCA Perlman, Lydia Portland, Ore. French Phi Sigma Sigma Panhellenic Women ' s Rally Committee International Relations Board Petersen, Julie Los Altos English, Phi Mu Women ' s Rally Committee, ASUC Publicity and Public Relations Pettler, Peter Pasadena Political Science Phi Kappa Tau Oxman, Sharon Denver, Colo. Political Science DC Consultative Board, Honor Society Pi Sigma Alpha Palmer, Danna Oakland English Women ' s President, Lambda Delta Sigma Papenfuss, Ted Berkeley Zoology Alpha Phi Omega Parlette, Linda Pacific Palisades Communication and Public Policy, Kappa Alpha Theta Speakers ' Bureau WAA Council Patterson, Thomas Pasadena Political Science Zeta Psi Perkins, Julie Fresno Speech Pi Beta Phi FAMACS Limes and Roses Society Perry, David Hayward Bowles Hall Physics Cal Band Straw Hat Band Peterson, Barbara San Francisco Pflueger, Ann San Francisco Political Science Alpha Chi Omega University Chorus Padula, Barbara Bakersfield Elizabeth Barrett Hall Palmer, Pamela Menlo Park Decorative Arts Kappa Kappa Gamma Park, Nancy Bethesda, Maryland Sociology Parsons, Lorene San Rafael Bacteriology Honor Students Society Paul, Douglas Fresno Economics Alpha Kappa Psi Perkins, Richard Salinas Zoology Peters, Allen Los Angeles Psychology Phi Delta Theta Track Pre-Medical Society Peterson, Isabel Hillsborough Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta Blue Gold Gavel and Quill Publicity Chairman Phelps, Dona Berkeley Alpha Kappa Alpha Parks, Margaret Glendale English Honor Students Society Patterson, Douglas Oakland Chemical Engineering Rally Committee AIChE, Kroeber Anthropological Society Masonic Club Tower and Flame Arnold Air Society Pease, Dorothy Fullerton Education Zeta Tau Alpha WAA Treble Clef Class Council Madrigals Parks, Douglas Camarillo Anthropology Linguistics Paschal, Jan Oklahoma City, Oklahoma History Kappa Alpha Theta Paviso, Joyce Northridge Anthropology Young Republicans Honor Students Society Phillips, Daniel Seattle, Wash Economics Zeta Beta Tau Varsity Crew Pilone, Cecilia Carmel Sociology Sigma Kappa Phillips, J. Wendy Berkeley Pi Beta Phi Ski Club Brick Muller Society, Rally and Games Committee Class Council Pirosh, Michael Los Angeles English Ehrman Hall Pre-Med Club Pierson, Frank Palo Alto Kappa Delta Rho Podesta, Judith Oakland Anthropology Delta Zeta Daily Cal Chairman of Greek Week Pike, Janet San Jose History Elizabeth Barrett, Kappa Alpha Theta Sailing Club Pokrass, Judith Burlingame Spanish Hillel-Foundation Stern Hall Poole, Donald Altadena History Deutsch Hall Potter, Carol San Francisco Art History Spens-Black Hall Pratt, Susan San Leandro Humanities Spens-Black Hall Masonic Club Preshaw, Patricia Los Angeles Elizabeth Barrett Prince, Cynthia Berkeley Anthropology Kroeber Anthropology Society, UC Archery Club Powell. Ethel Pebble Beach Mathematics Joaquin Hall Honor Students Society Post Mary Milwaukee, Minnesota Delta Zeta Pratt, Anthony St. Albans, Vermont English Prescott, Connie Los Angeles Anthropology Sigma Kappa Price, Cynthia Berkeley History Proffett, John Bangor Geology Alpha Sigma Phi Purvis, Maryann Carmel Anthropology Cheney Hall Pyle, Gary Fresno Psychology Quick, Cynthia Greenbrae Anthropology Quine, William San Francisco Economics Beta Theta Pi Ramos, Marilyn Salinas Spanish Ransome, Clark Walnut Creek Sigma Phi IFC, Baseball Football, Winged Helmet, Skull and Keys, Big " C " Stephanie Raymor, Hayward Elizabeth Barrett Angel Flight Quan, Anna San Francisco Political Science Quinby, Carolyn Northridge Rains, Robert Temple City Mathematics Priestly Hall Tower and Flame Honor Students California Engineer Rally Committee Randall, Nancy Los Angeles Psychology Zeta Tau Alpha Tower and Flame Prytanean Torch and Shield Oski Dolls Panhellenic Angel Flight Maid of Cotton Rasmussen, John Danville Mathematics Bowles Hall Rally Committee Reed, Pauline Anchorage, Alaska Art Blue Gold Flying and Ski Club Regan, David Bakersfield Physics Rewoldt, Nan Oakland Political Science Alpha Delta Pi Reginelli, Nanci Daly City Political Science Alpha Omicron Pi Oski Dolls Class Councils Reynolds, Linda El Monte English Stern Hall Reid, Kenneth Mississippi Mathematics Ehrman Hall Alpha Phi Omega, University Inter-faith Council Reynolds, Mary Alameda Social Science Reiring, Los Angeles History Alpha Delta Pi Richardson, Dianne Strathmore English Sigma Kappa Richins, Marilyn Susanville Freeborn Hall Rimpau, Patti Arcadia Science Alpha Delta Pi Rodeschek, Ellen Los Angeles Psychology Alpha Chi Omega Pom Pon Girl Richards, Joann San Rafael Communications Alpha Delta Pi Rinehart, James Carmichael Zoology Kappa Delta Rho Rodrigues, John Carpinteria Political Science Kappa Alpha Riepe, Howard Sacramento Mathematics Smyth Hall Roberts, Sue Oakland Anthropology Rodrigues, Nora Monterey Spanish Davidson Hall Riggs, Nancy Carlsbad, N.M. English Rocca, Roy Lafayette Physics Sigma Phi Freshman Tennis Ski Club Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Society Roehr, Thomas Sacramento Pre-law Bowles Hall Class Council Class Executive Committee Salmon, Judy Stockton Sociology Alpha Chi Omega Pelican model ASUC speakers Committee Rubinstein, Jerry Beverly Hills Political Science Deutsch Hall Honor Student Pi Sigma Alpha Tower and Flame Russell, Carol Oakland Humanities Alpha Gamma Delta Ryan, Timothy Oxnard Economics Pi Kappa Alpha Winged Helmet Skull and Keys Sandack, Nancy Utah History Rohrb ough, Mary San Carlos Alpha Chi Omega Honor Society Rosenzweig, San Diego Psysiology Rossi, Cindy Ontario Social Science Delta Delta Delta Ruben, Constance Berkeley Political Science Phi Mu Panhellenic Judicial WAA Rudolph, Helena Los Angeles Sociology Rutherford, Roberta San Francisco History Sigma Kappa Pelican Sachs, Dennis Oakland Economics Functional Service Board Rokaw, Enid Los Angeles Biochemistry Rosett, Richard Van Nuys Political Science Barrington Hall Varsity Rowing Class Council Intramural Tennis Club, Crew Rothman, Fred Burbank Near Eastern Languages Phi Epsilon Pi Rubens, Joan Los Angeles English Alpha Epsilon Phi Honor Society Ushering Staff Rummel, Peter O akland Geography Ryan, Terrence Berkeley Political Science Daily Californian Salamid, Mayann Oakland Art History Gamma Phi Beta Sandkuhla, Patricia Berkeley Decorative Art Rosehill, David Saratoga Political Science Varsity Debate Ski Club Young Republicans Americans for Freedom Ross, Janice Oakland Royce, Trish San Rafael English Kappa Delta Rubens, Judi Los Angeles Political Science Tower and Flame Project Ind-US YWCA Sandoval, Diane Antioch Zoology Alpha Omicron Pi Panile Gavel and Quill ASUC Cabinet Union Program Board, Student Services Board Cal Camp Rosen, Mary Washington, D.C. English Sailing Club Honor Student Ross (Brennan) Sue Riverside Psychology Delta Phi Epsilon Senior Class Social Orchesis Axe Revue Calettes Big " C " Circus Speakers Chairman Orientation Board Rowland, Margaret Oakland Spanish Masonic Club Repertory Chorus Rubin, Arthur Los Angeles Communications Sigma Alpha Mu Class Yell leader Golden Guard Gavel and Quill Sands, Margaret Santa Barbara Journalism Phi Mu Theta Sigma Phi Daily Californian, Night Editor UC Amateur Radio Sawyer, Sherron San Bernardino Journalism Richards-Oldenberg Schoonmaker, Ann Inglewood Spanish Phi Mu Treble Clef Sarjeant , Beverly Berkeley Social Science Scalia, Pete El Cerrito Speech Sigma Chi Schoonover, Mary New York English Delta Delta Delta WDA Rep. Blue Gold Pi Delta Phi Sarvey, Karen Oakland Mathematics Tower and Flame Schmidt, John Los Altos Zoology Phi Delta Theta Sophomore Class Council Schreier, Geri Berkeley Psychology Davidson Hall Honor Students Society Saunders, Sandy Santa Barbara Social Welfare Delta Delta Delta Oski Dolls Children ' s Hospital Big " C " Committee Schoales, Ann Burlingame Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta Schroeder, Jeanne Stockton Communications Alpha Delta Pi Ski Club Schlichtmann, Pamelynn San Francisco Social Science Schmidt, Camilo Oakland Mathematics Hillel Foundation Sciutto, Barbara Oakland Psychology Alpha Delta Pi Pelican Publicity Manager Scott, Robert Oakland Political Science Alpha Tau Omega Scott, Theo Sacramento Economics Delta Delta Delta Pelican Staff Young Republicans Ski Club Scully, Susan San Francisco History Pi Beta Phi Sever, Donna Tiburon History Alpha Gamma Delta Shapiro, Bernard Texas Political Science Hillel Student Council Student Zionist Phi Epsilon Schlotthauer, Karen San Mateo Sociology Schmidt, Carol Los Altos Psychology Alpha Gamma Delta Scott, Edgerton, II La Jolla Physics Zeta Psi Skull and Keys Winged Helmet Zolluerein Big " C " Society Scott, Sharon Long Beach History Delta Gamma OAC Scudder, Susan Piedmont English Seeley, Patricia North Hollywood Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Honor Students Shahshahani, Siavash Teran, Iran Mathematics Shatafian, Joyce Pasadena English Cheney Hall Shambaugh, Signe Huntington, N.Y. Art Phi Mu Shawl, Steve San Francisco Astronomy Bowles Hall Schulz, Thomas Ross Political Science Sigma Phi Sigma Union Advisory Board C-I Rep ASUC Board Structure Comm. Schwartz, Linda Fortuna Art History Pi Beta Phi Rally AWS Model AOC Schwartz, Sandra Beverly Hills Economics AIESEC Honor Students Scharlach, Ed Beverly Hills Sociology Sigma Alpha Mu Axe Revue Schildhauer, June Huntington Bead Zoology Richards-Oldenberg Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Schilling, August Berkeley Zeta Psi Schwartz, Beverly San Rafael Art Phi Sigma Sigma Rally Committee Schwartz, Ruth Los Ange les Schwatka, Susan Berkeley Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta Scheinman, Stephen Beverly Hills History Zeta Beta Tau Schiller, Sally Beverly Hills Sociology RJS Schirmer, Christine Canada Comparative Li terature Alpha Delta Pi Seibert, Richard Martinez Zoology Upper Division Honor Alpha Kappa Lambda Interfraternity Honor Tower and Flame Shapeero, Lorraine San Francisco Zoology Stern Hall Honor Society Class Councils Shenk, John Atherton Political Science Pre-law Beta Theta Pi Rugby Sherwood, Anne San Mateo English Kappa Kappa Gamma Shimamoto, Joanne San Francisco Social Welfare YWCA Shenkin, Phyllis Huntington Beach Biological Science Tower and Flame Sherwood, Arthur Los Angeles Physics Honor Students Frosh Crew, Intramural, Golf League champion Shimasaki, Janet Lindsay Social Science Shepard, Janell Fullerton Delta Zeta Shields, Andrew Oakland Economics Delta Phi Epsilon Tower and Flame Honor Society Big " C " , Golden Bear, Phi Beta Kappa, Senior Track Manager Cross Country Shinoda, Carol Torrance English Panel of Americans Sher, Elizabeth New Mexico Art Honor Society Shields, Patricia Los Angeles History Honor Students Society Shlep, Rita Santa Barbara Political Science Davidson Hall Shliff, Sandra San Gabriel Decorative Arts Davidson Hall Decorative Art Club Shuper, Philip Sacramento History Californians Sills, Sue San Leandro Political Science Simon, Gottlieb Phoenix, Ariz. Social Science Forum Sigma Alpha Mu Honor Students Hillel Sipila, Christine Fort Bragg English Sigma Kappa Skinner, Wayne Auburn Zoology Phi Sigma Kappa Torch and Flame Frosh Football Rugby Medical Club Class Councils Slocum, Marcia Santa Ana Social Science Kappa Delta Angel Flight Women ' s Rally Committee Smedberg, Virginia Berkeley Social Science Chi Omega Smith, Bryan San Lorenzo Art Smith, John Corte Madera Political Science Zeta Psi Smith, Robert El Cerrito Phi Kappa Tau Physical Education Baseball Sloss, Thomas San Francisco History Zeta Beta Tau Cal Prep Smith, Adrienne Oakland Physical Education Chi Omega Smith, David San Mateo History Smith, Laurie Berkeley Art History Kappa Alpha Theta Smith, Sharon Atherton English Chi Omega Oski Dolls Young Republicans AWS Model Shoenberger, Jon Sacramento Political Science Sigma Nu Siders, Barry Moraga Economics Glee Club Historical Collegian Singers Silveira, William, Jr. Tulare History Delta Sigma Phi Simon, Joan Studio City English Union Programs Board Art Committee Sirota, Diane Hollywood Communications Alpha Epsilon Phi Slasor, Valerie Studio City Humanities Kappa Alpha Theta Shuey, Johanna Brooks Art Stern Hall Siever, Norman Los Angeles Mathematics Track Silverman, Bruce San Francisco Political Science Sigma Alpha Mu Senior Class Council, Student Community Relations, Judicial Committee, Student Service Board Singer, Susan Berkeley Political Science Pi Beta Phi Cal Engineer Office Manager Card Stunts Union Program Sketchley, Katherine San Francisco Psychology Davidson Hall Sloan, George San Francisco History Putnam Hall Shuman, Nancy Los Angeles Sociology Cheney Hall Silberman, Marv Los Angeles Political Science Frosh Tennis Team Silverman, Lewis Carmichael Zoology Zeta Beta Tau Cal Camp Union Program Board Singh, Sher Sonoma Marching Band Straw Hat Band Skinner, Jeff Ross History Zeta Psi Sloat, Timothy Carmel Political Science Phi Gamma Delta Smardon, Edith San Mateo Communications and Public Policy Freeborn Hall Smith, Ann Salinas Ida Sproul Hall Smith, Geraldine Los Angeles Anthropology Honor Students Society, Newman Club, Kroeber Anthropological Society Smith. Lu Ann Inglewood Zoology Davidson Hall Smith, Sharon Berkeley Anthropology and Political Science WAA, Associated Women In Foreign Affairs, YWCA Smart, Claire Oakland Bacteriology Phi Mu Pre-Med Society Treasurer Smith, Barbara Santa Monica Psychology Smith, Jerry Long Beach Mathematics Smyth Hall Smith, Patricia Burlingame Political Science Zeta Tau Alpha Mortar Board Prytanean, Panile Honor Students Society Tower and Flame Pi Sigma Alpha Cal Prep Executive Board S mith, Teresa Bakersfield Communications and Public Policy Alpha Xi Delta Solinsky, Thomas Kentfield Economics Zeta Psi Skull and Keys IFC Speakers Bureau Soval , Priscilla San Francisco Spilker, Andrew Los Angeles History Zeta Beta Tau IFC Elections Council Stanley, Norman Piedmont Economics Theta Delta Chi Crew Stein, Martin Los Angeles History Sigma Alpha Mu Steinhardt, Herbert San Mateo Psychology Alpha Epsilon Pi Cal Band Sokolove, Philip Los Angeles Physics Tower and Flame Sophomore Representative Ushering Committee Solon, Paul Oakland History Spencer, Susan Hollywood Alpha Delta Pi Springer, Ronnie Los Angeles Sociology Stanton, Thomas Bakersfield Political Science Beta Theta Pi Steiner, David Burbank Economics Sigma Alpha Mu Golf Letterman Californians Solodyna , Carol Richmond English and French Honor Society Somana , Reon Thailand Zoology Deutsch Hall Thai Association of California Spicer, Carol San Anselmo Bacteriology Elizabeth Barrett Springer, Suzanne San Francisco Comperative Literature, Kappa Alpha Theta Oski Dolls IRB, Collegians Steenstrup, Santa Cruz Psychology Cheney Hall Steiner, Pam Berkeley Sigma Kappa Tower and Flame Honor Students Society, Pelican Collegian Singers Cal Prep Counselor, Campus Tour Guide Solinsky, Elizabeth Kentfield German Alpha Phi Panile IRB Soules, William Sacramento Economics Californians Golden Cannon Chairman Spielman, Eileen Forest Hills Sociology Delta Phi Epsilon Stafford, Shelley Davis Biology Epworth Hall WAA Calvin Club Stein, Lynne Washington, D.0 Psychology Steiner, Paul San Francisco Political Science Phi Epsilon Pi Steinkuller, Constance South Gate Bacteriology Freeborn Hall Stiles, Sandra Walnut Creek English Stoller, Barbara Los Angeles Humanities Stromsness, Chris Corning Anthropology Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Phi Omega Tower and Flame Interfraternity Council, Young Republicans Sudderth, Gerald South Gate Psychology Lambda Chi Alpha Stern, Mimi San Mateo English Phi Sigma Sigma Stitzer, L. Kent Whittier Genetics Barrington Hall Stone, Joanne San Francisco Mathematics Stuehler, Joanne San Francisco Humanities Suess, Steven Riverside Geophysics Delta Sigma Phi Stewart, Robert Pasadena Phi Kappa Sigma Stoddard, Susan Los Banos Art History Alpha Delta Pi Honor Society Stone, Lynda San Rafael Political Science Elizabeth Barrett Angel Flight Stuart, James Oakland Political Science Sigma Phi Sullivan, Donita Pondosa History Stiles, Barbara Massachusetts Spanish Zeta Ta u Alpha Alpha Mu Gamma Treble Clef Angel Flight Spring Sing Stokes, Ann Berkeley Sociology Storey, William San Francisco Political Science Sigma Phi Epsilon Californians Golden Bear Vice-President ASUC, Men ' s Representative Sturman, William Lafayette Zoology Tower and Flame Sunada, Eileen Sacramento History Campus Tours Surko, Surpin, Andrea Sutcliffe, Mots Swain, Susan Berkeley Los Angeles Piedmont Ukiah History, Ida Social Science Psychology Physics, Alpha Sproul Hall Kappa Kappa Stern Hall Chi Rho, Upper Gamma Division Honor IFC Honor Varsity Boxing Sylvester, Rick Tabor, Margaret Taggard, Lawrence Takaki, Frances Beverly Hills El Centro La Jolla Rio Vista Sociology, English, Tower Biologival Sciences Psychology Scandinavian and Flame Honor Beta Theta Pi YWCA Zeta Beta Tau Megaphone Society Golden Bear Californians Big " C " Rally and Games Daily Cal Big Brother Program Wrestling Yell Leader AAWU Champion Tamura, Lily Tana, Chinin Tanaka, Terry Tanner, Dorothy Oregon Palo Alto Acampo Palo Alto Anthropology Speech, Honor Decorative Arts Biological Sciences Freeborn Hall Students Society NROTC Quarterdeck Society Tanner, Nina Tantau, Carol Tarr, Margaret Tauber, Valerie Los Angeles Oakland Berkeley Sociology Unitarian College Speech Delta Gamma Fellowship Alpha Phi Mortar Board Prytanean, Panile Gavel and Quill Women ' s Rally Orientation Council AWS Activities Cal Club Taylor, Benjamin Taylor, Marylee Templeman, Templeton, Pat Pasadena Martinez Dennis Watsonville Physics Psychology, Alpha Sebastopol Zeta Tau Alpha Xi Delta, Cal Club Anthropology Speech YWCA, Cal Prep Kroeber Phi Beta Kappa Anthropology Mortar Board Society, Honor Prytanean, Panile Students Tower and Flame Gavel and Quill Robert and Ida Sproul Award Teneberg, David Telischak, Gail Terrell, Paul Eureka Saratoga San Jose Psychology Zoology Political Science Deutsch Hall Delta Zeta Tower and Flame LeCircle Francaise Pre-Med Club UC Yacht Club Terry, Loene Terry, Nancy Thaten, Pete Thomas, Craig Redding Atherton Oakland New Orleans, Daily Californian Political Science Political Science Louisiana Student Forum Kappa Alpha Delta Chi Zoology YWCA, Panile Theta, Panile Sigma Chi Mortar Board Oski Dolls Speakers ' Bureau Student Judicial FAMACS Torch and Shield Thomas, Elizabeth Thompson, James Thompson, James R. Thompson, Thompson, Thompson, Nancy Thorndike, Patty Fresno Laguna Beach San Diego Kathleen Margaret Salinas Carmel Political Science Physical Science History Berkeley Lafayette German Sociology Delta Gamma Delta Tau Delta French, Alpha English Cunningham Hall Joaquin Hall Winged Helmet Phi, Peace Corps Alpha Chi Omega Skull and Keys Committee Rugby, Frosh International Week Football Tolman, Scott Timboe, Mary Theatt, Susan Thurman, Leslie Tidwell, Billy Tivel, Dennis Tivol, David Tobin, Beverly Albany San Francisco San Francisco Fallbrook Los Angeles San Francisco San Francisco Campbell Social Welfare History History Social Welfare Music Political Science English Delta Chi Alpha Phi NROTC Alpha Phi Epsilon Pi Sigma Alpha Prytanean Blue Gold Panhellenic Board Tollin, Darrin Glendale Math for Teaching Alpha Omicron Pi Torch and Shield Tower and Flame Junior Panhellenic Towne, Robert Sacramento Mathematics Beta Theta Pi Winged Helmet Big " C " , Skull and Keys, Senior manager, Basketball Traverso, Diane Orinda Comparative Literature, Kappa Alpha Theta FAMACS, Little Sisters of Phi Kappa Sigma Trinchero, Donn Los Altos Political Science Kappa Delta Tom, Evelyn San Francisco Social Sciences Toyias, Judy San Marcos English Traylor, Carol Pasadena Political Science True, Bill Carmel History, Cal Camp, Cal Prep Californians Tom, Victor Berkeley Psychology Daily Californian ASUC Publicity and Public Relations Trabert, Linda San Francisco Cheney Hall Trethewey, Marcia San Francisco History, Stern Hall Tuck, Kathleen Hillsborough Alpha Phi Prytanean Oski Dolls Daily Californian Pub Board Tomasino, Linda Burbank Political Science Traum, Robert Berkeley Physical Education Tellefsen Hall, Cal Band, Straw Hat Band, Baseball Track Managers Big " C " Society High School Band Day Chairman Triebel, Sue Oakland Math for Teaching Sigma Kappa Blue and Gold Union Program Board, Class Councils Tully, Carolyn Atherton Math Biology Tully, Richard San Gabriel Physics Hall Honor Students Society, Frosh Basketball Turner, Sharon Danville Spanish International House Tyson, Regina San Francisco Social Welfare Cunningham Hall Vandepoel, Karen Palo Alto Mathematics Turner, Paula Modesto Spanish, Alpha Chi Omega Twelvetree, Barby Palo Alto Communications Chi Omega Tower and Flame Axe Revue Upright, Arlene San Francisco Sociology Van Natta, Fred Castro Valley Tower and Flame Honor Students Van de Water, Eric Long Beach Economics Beta Theta Pi Tower and Flame Golden Bear Honor Students Freshman and Varsity Crew Van Loben Sels, Elizabeth Carmel Science Kappa Alpha Theta Vaupel, James Whittier Zoology Priestley Hall Cal Camp, Glee Club, Premedical Society Vineys, Susan Pittsburg English Zeta Tau Alpha Wafford , William Compton Political Science Smyth Hall Arnold Air Society Veirs, Virginia Oakland Social Science Delta Gamma Voegele, Lothaire Los Angeles Phi Delta Theta Wagstaff, Kenneth Santa Cruz International Relations Barrington Hall International Relations Board, Class Council, Experiment in International Living Verhovec, Linda Glendora Freeborn Hall Von Schlegell, Joan Pasadena Speech Kappa Kappa Gamma Waidhoffer, Elaine Stockton History Stern Hall Vignolo, Pauline Stockton Italian Elizabeth Barrett Voorhees, Burton Monticito Kappa Alpha Wakefield, Martha Coronado Psychology Alpha Gamma Delta, Oski Dolls Walch, Robert Orinda English, Acacia Wall, Camden Los Gatos Speech Varsity Basketball Big " C " Walther, Marlene San Carlos French Davidson Hall Warren, Nancy Berkeley English Chi Omega Weamer, David Berkeley Economics Hiking Club Westin, Carol Los Angeles Social Science Waldeck, Ken Los Angeles Sigma Alpha Mu Wallace, Sydene Walnut Creek Delta Delta Delta Walthew, Nancy Oakland English Cheney Hall Warren, Nick El Cerrito Physics President Honor Students Society Weinreb, Suellynn Hayward Political Science Model UN Wheeler, Susan Walford, Mary Bakersfield English, Zeta Tau Alpha Walsh, Marianne San Anselmo History Ward, Sue San Bernardino French Washburn, Dennis Alhambra Political Science Deutsch Hall Rally, Naval ROTC Class Councils MEB Weinstein, Sandra Los Angeles Political Science Alpha Epsilon Phi Campus Tours Guide, Model UN Whitaker, James Beta Theta Pi Walker, Julie Northridge Mathematics Walter, Diana Sausalito Political Science Warren, Dwight Hollywood Zoology Priestly Hall Smyth Hall Waugh, Jerry Sacramento English Phi Sigma Kappa Westberg, Bonnie Whittier Communications Kappa Alpha Theta Mortar Board Prytanean, Honor Students Society University Theatre P RP Wheeler, Susan Pasadena White, Don El Cerrito English White, Stephanie Whittier Anthropology Wiggen, Constance Oakland White, Stuart Pasadena Physiology Weir, Wendy Beverly Hills Delta Delta Delta Whiting, Keith Berkeley French Track, Golf Concert Band Weisberg, Carolyn Burbank Psychology Honor Students Society Whittell , Polly Los Angeles English Alpha Phi Weiss, Michael Phoenix, Arizona Political Science Union Advisory Board, Publications Board, Chancellor ' s Advisory on Center Varsity Debate Robert Gordon Sproul Award Tower and Flame Wells, William San Diego Physics Oxford Hall College Singers Deutscher Verein Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Wersen, Robert Los Angeles Political Science College Model UN Wilkening, Gary San Francisco Young Democrats Lutheran Club Wentzel, Larry Santa Ana Geophysics Sigma Chi Junior Class Yell Leader Wilander, Christie Berkeley English Chi Omega Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Wilkinson, Kathy San Lorenzo English YWCA, Panel of Americans Prytanean Werba, Judy Los Angeles Social Science Wilder, Susan Ben Lomond Comparative Literature Kappa Alpha Theta, Women ' s Judicial Williams, Anne Miami Beach French Kappa Kappa Gamma, Honor Students Society Wermer, Regi Arcadia Art History Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Wiley, Jeannette Alamo Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Williams, Barry San Francisco Political Science Young Democrats Student Coop Association Wilner, Robert Los Angeles Social Welfare Putnam Hall Daily Californian Wilson, Reggy Napa English Wing, Colin San Francisco Zoology Griffiths Hall Fencing Club Wong, Patrick Hong Kong Zoology Wilson, Charles San Jose Psychology Wilson, Peggy L. Palo Alto Speech, Kappa Alpha Theta Winicki, Sidney San Diego Psychology, Premed Alpha Epsilon Pi Wong, Peter San Francisco Zoology Pi Alpha Phi IFC. CSC and CSIO Officer Wilson, Mary Pasadena English Piedmont Court Ski Club CTA for Students Wineman, Sue Santa Monica Alpha Delta Pi Pom pon Girl Witte, Nancy Redwood City Sociology Stern Hall Woo, Karen San Francisco W illiams, Jane Palo Alto History Alpha Delta Pi Sophomore Class Council Williams, Raymon Costa Mesa History Delta Tau Delta Williams, Robert H. Ontario Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Intramurals Williams, Judith Eureka Political Science Epworth Hall WAA, WDA Constitution Comm. Williams Robert A. San Francisco Biochemistry Phi Kappa Tau Willner, Janet M. Gardenia History Mortar Board Prytanean, Honor Students, Stebbins Hall, WDA Pres. UC Student Coop Association Board ASUC Student Education Faculty Relations Board. Wood, Judy San Anselmo Political Science Alpha Phi Cal Club Wood, Susan Whittier Social Welfare Wootten, Eleanor Berkeley Biological Sciences Woodward, William A. Stockton Social Welfare Lambda Chi Alpha Glee Club Woolley, Billi Auburn Speech Delta Zeta Trebel Clef, Chorus Collegian Singers Worswick, Sabra Palm Desert Art Cal Prep, Chorus Reportory Chorus Pelican, Oski Dolls Wu, Laurene San Francisco Political Science Honor Students Mortar Board Tower and Flame Blue and Gold YWCA, AWS Board, ASUC Civil Rights Commission Yaffee, Judith San Anselmo Comparative Literature Yan, Robert Hong Kong Biochemistry Yoshida, Marjorie Watsonville Social Welfare Nisei, Tower and Flame Zalkind, Steve Sacramento Near Eastern Languages Californians Theta Delta Chi Big Game Week Executive Committee Zoglin, Ronald Kansas Pi Lambda Phi Yank, Ronald Berkeley Kappa Nu Political Science Tower and Flame Student Forum Interfraternity Council, Intramurals Pi Sigma Alpha Yoshikawa, Irene Fresno Psychology Zeller, Karen Stockton Stern Hall Zurbach, Chris Pasadena Political Science Kappa Alpha Theta Yarwood, Bruce Berkeley History Young, Pamela San Francisco Decorative Art Ida Sproul Hall Decorative Art Club Zimmerman, Michael Santa Rosa History Chorus Zusman, Stephan Los Angeles Psychology Sigma Alpha Mu Yee, Norma Oakland Social Science YWCA, CSC Young, Sally Bakersfield Alpha Gamma Delta Social Science Zimmerman, Pete Garden Grove History Sigma Chi Zwerin, Herbert Culver City Political Science College of Agriculture Agriculture Hall The Organic Act of March 23, 1868, which provided for the creation of the University of California, also stipulated that the establish a College of Agriculture. As a result, the College began operating the following year with the appointment of a professor of " Agriculture, Chemistry, and Applied Chemistry, and Horticulture. " The College of Agriculture at Berkeley is a unit of the Statewide College of Agriculture which has local sections on several campuses. Faculty members of the College are members of the Statewide Agricultural Experiment Station as well. All research is carried on under the supervision of this organization. The College of Agriculture is closely linked with the School of Forestry on this campus. Freshmen and Sophomore pre-forestry students follow the undergraduate agricultural curriculum. E. Gorton Linsley Dean Displays of interest to students are posted in Agriculture Hall. Research programs conducted at the College of Agriculture in Berkeley are mainly in the social, biological and science aspects of modern science. These include agricultural economics, biological control, and acarology, cell physiology, pathology, genetics, sciences, parasitology, plant poultry science, soil science and plant nutrition. The emphasis in each area is on the basic sciences, and Station research is closely related to the teaching program in these fields, particularly at the graduate level. facilities include branch research collections, and laboratories located in Morgan Hall, Agriculture Hall, Giannini Hall, Hilgard Hall, and Mulford Hall. These provide for the diversified and research which serves agriculture today. The College also maintains local experimental areas for faculty and stduents in Strawberry Canyon, on the Oxford Tract adjacent to the and on the Gill Tract in Albany. The Giannini Foundation of Agricultural another unit of the Experiment Station, conducts research in such fields as natural resources, farm management and production, land economics and conservation, marketing, agricultural statistics and prices, agricultural policy, and commodity studies. The Entomology Department, which sponsored this exhibit, is included in the College of Agriculture. Asgharian, Behtat Tehran, Iran Agriculture Berk, Michelle Sherman Oaks Food Science and Nutrition, Delta Phi Epsilon, Nutritional Sciences Club Chin, Elaine New York, NY Food Science and Nutrition Nutritional Sciences Club, Chinese Students Club Bradley, Patricia Vallejo Bus. Management Alpha Phi Campus Tours Day, Clint San Francisco Agriculture Sigma Phi Driscoll, Peg San Francisco Bus. Management Alpha Chi Omega College of Agriculture Seniors Helfer, Karen Whittier Food Science Alpha Gamma Delta Jalonen, Carol Fresno Nutrition and Dietetics Sigma Kappa Tower and Flame Honor Students Society, Omicron Nu, Prytanean Pelican Women ' s Director, Nutritional Sciences Club Litsinger, James Berkeley Entomology Sigma Phi Epsilon UPB Literature Committee, FSB Orientations Corn. Entomology Club MacLeod Mac Leod , Malcolm Fresno Bus. Management Sigma Alpha Epsilon Football, Swimming Moore, Gail San Francisco Nutrition Nutrition Sciences Club Nakamura, Marlene Fowler Dietetics Nutritional Sciences Club Nielsen, Asger Burlingame Management Phi Kappa Psi Okutsu, Janice Berkeley Nutrition Nutritional Sciences Club, Nisei Students Club Takefuji, Katherine Berkeley Nutrition Nutritional Sciences Club, Porn Pon Committee Sanda , Michelle Monterey Nutrition Davidson Hall NCS, Nutritional Sciences Club Tuft, Michael Berkeley Agricultural Economics Phi Kappa Psi Shawl, Jon Corcoran Agricultural Economics, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Phi Order of the Golden Bear, Senior Class Council, Cal Prep ASUC Cabinet, FSB Chairman, Finance Comm., University Affairs, NROTC Wong, R. Paulette Oakland Dietetics Alpha Delta Chi Nutritional Sciences Club, President Smothemon, Arvin Dietetics Alpha Delta Chi Sciences Club Wustner, David Berkeley Agriculture Priestly Hall Alpha Phi Omega The Nutritional Sciences Club is open to all interested persons, particularly those in the nutritional sciences and related fields. Club membership of undergraduates, graduates, and faculty. Numerous activities, such as a Welcome Dinner held each semester, interesting and informative field trips, teas and dinners addressed by noted guest speakers, a Christmas project, the presentation of a scholarship to a deserving student, and a Senior Farewell Dinner are sponsored each year by the club. Through these activities, members hope to achieve a closer faculty-student relationship and foster greater academic interest in the field of nutritional science. The Nutritional Sciences Club NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES CLUB — Row One: George Briggs, Janice Okutsu, Michele Sanda, Roberta Wong, President; Sharon Kathy Takefuji, Elaine Chin, Beverly Fitzgerald. Row Two: Geraldine Wakiji, Marie Dufau, Maria Tirona, Susie Takahashi, Deborah Wafer, Susie Snedecor, Wendy Castleman, Barbara Price, Barbara Kennedy, Sheri Cummings, Astrid Sumeri, Dr. Calloway, Mrs. McMasters. Let ' s see, now, " d " equals " C " over pi... School of Forestry 1964 marks the 50th Anniversary of the offering of a Forestry curriculum at the University of California. This curriculum provides students with a professional education that qualifies them to manage forests and related wildlands, insuring the production to full capacity of wood, water, forage, wildlife, recreational benefits, and other goods and services desired by man. In addition, opportunities are provided for intensive study and research in the closely related fields of range management, forest entomology, forest and wood technology. Before students may enter this School, they must have completed the two-year preforestry curriculum offered by the College of Agriculture, and have attended the ten week summer camp held at Meadow Valley in Plumas National Forest. Over the past 50 years, more than 1750 graduates in Forestry have gone from this School into responsible positions in California and throughout the nation. Japanese alumni of the University of California sent the stone lanterns from Japan as a gift to their alma mater. Experimental research in forestry involves an intimate knowledge of botany as we ll as entomology. This display on termites is typical of the frequent exhibits posted in Mulford Hall. Dean Henry J. Vaux received his B.S. degree in Physics at Haverford College in Pennsylvania. He then came to the University of California for graduate work, taking his M.S. in Forestry and Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics here. After spending five years on the teaching staff at the School of Forestry, Oregon State College, and working as a Forest Economist for the U. S. Forest Service and the Louisiana Agricultural Experiment Station, Dean Vaux returned to this campus. He has been a faculty member of the School of Forestry for fifteen years, serving as Dean of the School and Assistant Director of the Experiment Station since 1955. Currently the of the University of California Wildland Research Center as well, Dean Vaux ' s principal research and deal with timber requirements and markets for forest products, economics of forest insect and disease control, costs and returns of timber growing, economics of timber and natural resource use, and public policies for use of forests and wildlands. Dean Vaux is a Fellow of the Society of American Foresters, an honor held by less than 100 men in this field. These fo restry students enjoy a field trip and the practical of their knowledge. Henry J. Vaux Dean College of Forestry Seniors Baker, William San Leandro Forestry Putnam Hall Batchelder, Alan Berkeley Forestry Forestry Club Benson, Andrew Berkeley Forestry Forestry Club Crum, Jack Oakland Forestry Forestry Club Fleming, Jim Lafayette Forestry Cloyne Court Forestry Club Lee, Robert Lakeport Forestry Forestry Club Xi Sigma Pi Oelke, Lee San. Jose Forestry Theta Xi Forestry Club Rust, Richard San Francisco Forestry Sigma Phi Epsilon Ski Club President Forestry Club Forestry majors must spend a lot of time in the laboratory. Lower division students in the pre-forestry curriculum take courses in Botany as preparation for their major. The Forestry Department is located in Mulford Hall. The Forestry Club provided this tree for the Heller Lounge in the Student Union. Forestry Club The Forestry Club, consisting of 95 per cent of the forestry majors on campus, sponsors many social and educational activities throughout the year, which are designed to maintain the excellent student-faculty in the department. The Christmas Tree for the front of the Student Union, as well as trees for the other buildings on campus, are provided by this club. Their social events include hikes and a clam dig. This year, an educational program will be inaugurated in which speakers will be sent to various groups such as the Boy Scouts, to teach them about conservation and to correct any misconceptions that they might have about the field of forestry. FORESTRY CLUB — Row One: Lee Oelke, Jack Crum, Chuck Donaldson, Leonard Felix, Roger Rogers. Row Two: Bill Peppin, Ron Cecchettini, John Ryan, Bill Baker, Ben Alona, Don Perkins, Jerry Ranger. Row Three: John Dalton, Ray Gosden, Joe Ratliff, Mike Sudborough, Bill Berry, Fred Imhoff, Fred Page, Ray Clary, Elliott Graham, Joe Boozer, Dave Boyd. Row Four: Ross Carkeet, Bob Coats, Dennis Brown, John Hodge, Wes Melo, Al Batchelder, Bob Lee, Glen Miller, Dave Blakeman, Bob Keefe, Bill Horn, Andy Benson. Row Five: Ron Monk, Mike Pooley, Tom Pope, Al Bob Kiazy, Ken Johnson, Rick Rust, Jim Fleming, Bill McArthur, Steve Birge, Jim Gray, Steve Holland. Row Six: John Gorman, Bob Fuller, Ray Johnston, Dave McCrory, Ken Dunn, Fred Danner, Glen Savelle, Dennis Tomkins, Berry Ford, Frank Figoni, Tim Lee, Gordon Beech. College of Chemistry The College of Chemistry was established in 1873-74 to provide for the teaching of advanced chemistry at the University of California. It affords a more intensive treatment of the field than the chemistry major offered by the College of Letters and Science, a program which places more stress on the humanities and social sciences. With the completion of Latimer Hall in the spring of 1963, the first unit of the new College of Chemistry " campus " was established. Progress toward this goal continues as Hall is remodeled to house the Department of Chemical Engineering, and another new building is between Gilman and Lewis Halls. The circular Laboratory of Chemical Biodynamics, or as it is known by students, was completed in the fall of 1963 to meet the special needs of a research team probing biological problems such as photosynthesis and chemical evolution, through physical science techniques. A physical sciences lecture hall featuring a revolving stage and television facilities will be ready for fall classes in 1964. This building will serve both the Physics and Chemistry Departments for lectures and research conferences. Chem students get to take physics, too. Students call it the " Merry-go-round, ' Robert E. Connick Dean Professor Robert E. Connick, Dean of the College of Chemistry, received both his B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in chemistry from the University of California at Berkeley. With the exception of the war years, 1943-46, during which he was associated with the Manhattan Project, Dean Connick has served as a member of the faculty since 1942. Appointed Chairman of the Department in 1958, Professor Connick, whose particular field of is inorganic physical chemistry, became Dean of the College two years later. Three members of the of Chemistry are Nobel Laureates: Professor Calvin, Professor Seaborg (on leave as Chairman of the U.S. Atomic Commission), and Professor Emeritus The National Academy of Sciences claims six members from the Department as well, Professors Connick, Giauque, Hildebrand, Perlman, and Adubifa, Akin Lagos, Nigera Chemical Engineering Daily Californian Soccer, Senior Class Council, Stiles Hall Rally and Games Council, Order of the Golden Bear AIChE Akam, Judith Highland Chemistry Chateau de Longpre Anthony, Robert Fallbrook Chemistry Griffiths Hall Argabright, Steven Chico Chemical Engineering Delta Upsilon Barley, Frank Albany Chemistry and Biochemistry Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Barnett, Peter Pasadena Chemical Engineering Bowles Hall Chan, Nancy Hong Kong Chemistry Chatlynne, Charles San Francisco Chemical Engineering Ehrman Hall AIChE College of Chemistry Seniors Chen, John San Francisco Chemistry Chong, Ronald Sacramento Chemical Engineering Euclid Hall AIChE Clodfelter, Richard Ridgecrest Chemistry Putnam SAACS Cornsweet, Tobey Achombra Chemical Engineering Ehrman Hall Water Polo, Crew Boxing, AIChE SAACS, Arnold Air Society Devoto, Dan Santa Rosa Sigma Chi Chemistry Cortez, Douglas Fullerton Chemical Engineering AIChE, Tau Beta Pi Engineers Joint Council, Honor Students Society Edwards, Mike Orinda Chemistry Phi Delta Theta Cummings, Michael Riverside Chemistry Tellefsen Hall SAACS, Band NROTC Davy, Gordon Bakersfield Basic Physical Chemistry, Honor Students Society Glee Club Hoover, Diana Huntington Beach Chemistry Johnson, Stephen El Cerrito Chemistry Elections Council Big " C " Circus Alpha Phi Omega Arnold Air Society Golden, Michael San Pedro Chemistry Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraser, Mike Arcadia Chemical Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Lomnes, Stephen Lompoc Chemical Engineering Band, Straw Hat Band, AIChE McGuire, Rich San Francisco Chemical Engineering Kimura, Gene Alhambra Chemical Engineering AIChE McKinsey, Ronald Sacramento Chemical Engineering Griffiths Hall AIChE, Tau Beta Pi Honor Students Society MacLaren, Gary China Lake Chemistry Alpha Kappa Lambda, NROTC Lamb, Marjorie North Hollywood Chemistry Lau, Silvanus Berkeley Chemical Engineering AIChE Physics courses are a part of the Chemistry major ' s curriculum. Marian, Voughn El Cerrito Chemical Engineering Miller, Ronald Long Beach Chemical Engineering AIChE Netz, Ronald Las Vegas, Nev. Chemical Engineering AIChE, UCYC Perkins, Jim Richmond Chemical Engineering, Band Straw Hat Band Alpha Chi Sigma Reichert, Bill San Francisco Chemistry Sigma Phi Shih, Christopher Hong Kong Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Stark, John Oakland Chemistry Strobel, William Petaluma Chemical Engineering Ridge House AIChE, Honor Students Society Yoshidome, Ryo ji Union City Chemistry Zwakenberg, Donald Pittsburg Chemical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Tower and Flame Class Councils AIChE AIChE The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is a national professional organization, with chapter membership open to chemical majors. The group ' s activities are designed to promote a better student-faculty and to present an educational program relating to the chemical engineering field. They include lectures, field trips, and purely social events. Chemistry majors must spend many hours in the in order to complete their class assignments. AIChE — Row One: Gene Kimura, Juan Lanza, Ron Mckinsey, Doug Patterson, Joe Dunn, John Wilson. Row Two: Charles Chatlynne, Doug Cortez, Ron Chong, Arie Lichtenstein, Ray Amsinger, Sung Pak, Allan Benson, Bill Stroebel, Ken Toy, Jack Super, Row Three: Professor S. Goren, Nick Schott, Professor A. S. Foss, Juan Rebeil, Akinyinka Adubifa, Mike Ross, Professor M. Boudart, Ron Netz, Hector Mathews, Don Zwakenberg, Albert Hurst, Lee Weber. College of Engineering Students observe the operation of the tensil tester in the Engineering Materials Laboratory. Civil Engineering students check out surveying equipment used for class assignments. The College of Engineering at Berkeley, along with all other units on the campus, is growing and changing each year. What was once a strong Bachelor of Science oriented curriculum, now contributes men at all levels of education. This year the College will graduate approximately 1% of the nation ' s Bachelor of Science degree engineers, 3% of the nation ' s master ' s degree men, and 4% of the nation ' s new engineering doctorates. The growth of their graduate program has been most dramatic, with more than one third of their 3,100 students registered as graduate students, including more than 400 working for the doctorate. In support of this expanding graduate research and teaching program, the College obtains external support of nearly $6 million a year. All research programs are intimately tied to the academic programs of the participating departments and are undertaken for the planned faculty-graduate student research activities or for public service to the state. College activities are not restricted to the campus at Berkeley, but include international programs of with many institutions overseas. Professor L. M. of the Engineering faculty is currently Director of the Education Abroad Program in Goettingen, Germany. sixteen faculty members have served overseas on the Kanpur lndo-American Cooperative Education Program, a tripartite program with the Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, and various other international ventures in India, Chile, Egypt, and Thailand. Engineering Library George J. Maslach Dean Hearst Mining Building Instruction in the College of Engineering is a four-year course of study designed to give the student a comprehensive basic knowledge of physics and chemistry, and a facility in in the humanities and social science fields are a small but important part of the curriculum. A cooperative work-study program is in operation, in which students may work and study periods in order to gain industrial while studying for the Bachelor of Science degree. During the work periods, the students are regular employees of holding positions selected to fit their needs as individuals. George J. Maslach, Professor of Aeronautical Engineering and Chairman of the Division of Aeronautical Sciences, was appointed Dean of the College of Engineering January 1, 1964. He had served in the capacity of Acting Dean since July of 1963. Maslach earned his B.S. degree in Mechanical Engineering on the Berkeley campus. The first engineering courses taught on the campus were offered by the College of Civil Engineering, organized in 1872 according to the terms of the Organic Act of 1868. Later a College of Mechanics and a College of Mining were added. As new fields of study arose, they were established within the existing colleges. Engineering became part of the College of Mechanics in 1892. The College of Civil incorporated departments of Sanitary and Irrigation in 1905. By 1915, the offered by the College of Mining had expanded to include the study of Petroleum However, the need for coordination of these related areas began to be felt, so in 1929, plans were made for the consolidation of the Colleges of Civil Engineering and Mechanics under one administrative head. This was two years later. The College of Mining remained separate until 1942, when it too was incorporated into the present College of Engineering Court stairway. College of Engineering Seniors Balde, Mamadou West Africa Engineering Math Statistics Baldwin, Donald Albany Elec. Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda UCSEE Ball, Tracy San Diego Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Honor Students Society Abbot, Tony North Hollywood Elec. Engineering UCSEE Accompo, Paul San Francisco Elec. Engineering Theta Chi UCSEE Andres, Gary Pomona Indus. Engineering Tau Kappa Epsilon AIIE Daily Californian Cal Engineer Arnold, Gerald Van Nuys Civil Engineering Fresh. Tennis Team ESUC ASCE Chi Epsilon Ayres, Michael San Bernardino Civil Engineering ASCE Bacher, Gary Lakewood Mech. Engineering Bowles Hall ASME Baines, Richard Oakland Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon Barneich, John Alameda Civil Engineering Chi Psi Barr, Morris Concord Civil Engineering Smyth Hall ASCE Arnold Air Society Amer. Soc. of Military Engineers Bauer, William Vallejo Mech. Engineering Bennett, Stephen Kentfield Civil Engineering Theta Chi ASCE Brown, Donald Martinez Mech. Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Freshman Crew ASME Caplener, Dwane Vacaville Elec. Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Ski Club Carpenter, William Sacramento Elec. Engineering Chang, Peter Hong Kong Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi CSA CSC CSIO Bascoll, Victor Lafayette Elec. Engineering IEEE Bennett, John Greenbrae Civil Engineering Theta Chi ASCE Benioff, Barry San Francisco Alpha Epsilon Pi Tau Beta Pi Brown, William Lafayette Indus. Engineering Psi Upsilon Football AIIE Carlenzoli, LeRoy Calistoga Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma ASCE Carr, Steve Ventura Elec. Engineering Chi Psi Honor Students Society Tau Beta Pi Era Kappa Nu UCSEE Chapman, John Sacramento Chem. Engineering AICE Ballard, Eugene Burbank Elec. Engineering Bates, John San Francisco Mech. Engineering ASME Bennett, Richard Downey Mech. Engineering Track Cross Country Bettles, A. Oakland Civil Engineering ASCE Calowell, Charles Arizona Elec. Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Tau Beta Pi Carman, Steve San Francisco Mech. Engineering ASME Chan, Kui Hong Kong Elec. Engineering Oxford Hall USCA AIEEE UCSEE Chapman, Robert Marysville Civil Engineering Putnam Hall Chi Epsilon Cal Band Biagi, Delwin Amador City Civil Engineering ASCE Bishop, Richard Sacramento Elec. Engineering Putnam Hall Blei, Lynne Santa Rosa Elec. Engineering Stern Hall Bohorquez, Jaime Pasadena Engineering Bolyard, Ronald Bakersfield Geol. Engineering Boyer, Bruce Sacramento Ceramic Engineering Swimming Water Polo Amer. Ceramic Society Big C Society NROTC Quarterdeck Society Bradley, Steve Carmichael Mech. Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Phi Omega Elections Council ASME Brodie, Melvyn Merced Indus. Engineering Theta Chi Alpha Phi Omega Ball and Chain Varsity Football Manager Chisholm, James Colma Civil Engineering Sigma Phi, ASCE Christiansen, Bob Santa Ana Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Clark, Paul Lafayette Mech. Engineering ASME Collins, Richard New Mexico Elec. Engineering Acacia UCSEE AIEE Cook, David Clarksburg Indus. Engineering AIIE UC Co-op Engineers UC Yacht Club Cornils, Calvin Vallejo Elec. Engineering Christian Fellowship Cowee, David Berkeley Civil Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha Pelican Chairman " Maid of Cotton " Contest Cropper, David San Diego Ceramic Engineering Smyth Hall American Ceramic Society Cunningham, Brian Illinois Engineering Mathematics Alpha Tau Omega American Rocket Society ASME, Rally Committee Oski Committee Megaphone Society Davis, Gerald Bakersfield Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon Chong, Ronald Sacramento Engineering Chen, Alexander Hong Kong Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Cockburn, Robert Fresno Cloyne Court Engineering Conway, Richard Santa Barbara Mech. Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Fresh Crew IFC Greek Week Chairman Cooke, George San Mateo Elec. Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Coulter, Richard Menlo Park Mech. Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Golden Guard Engineers ' Joint Council Pi Tau Sigma Honor Students Society Crawford, John Compton Civil Engineering Epsilon Honor Students Society Cummings, Lowell Santa Ana Civil Engineering Chi Alpha Curtis, Ross Bakersfield Civil Engineering Kappa Epsilon ASCE Davis, Richard El Cerrito Mech. Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Dean, Donald Ontario Civil Engineering Tellefsen Hall ASCE Golden Guard Student Director UC Marching Band Director, Straw Hat Band Diete-Spiff, Gerald Nigeria Engineering Math. Newman Hall Soccer Tennis AIAA Dunnigan, Kelvin San Anselmo Civil Engineering Smyth Hall Honor Students Society Tau Beta Pi Ellis, William San Francisco Elec. Engineering Masonic Club Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Honor Students Society Eskelin, Gary El Cerrito Civil Engineering ASCE Farnsley, Larry Alameda Elec. Engineering Tellefsen, Cal Band Strawhat Band UCSEE Felix, Hans Oakland Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon Figuerola, Raul Mexico Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, Pres. ASCE, UCLASA Treasurer, Judo Fletcher, Oren Elec. Engineering Acacia, Arnold Air Society, UC Yacht Club, UCSEE Delmarter, James Albany Civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi Chi Epsilon ASCE Assoc. Ed., Transit Varsity Water Polo Dillon, Rodney San Diego Engineering Physics Smyth Hall Tau Beta Pi Edgar, Lincoln Albany Civil Engineering Varsity Soccer Engel, Ronald Salinas Mech. Engineering Smyth Hall Everett, Lyle Sebastopol Civil Engineering Ridge House Tau Beta Pi Chi Epsilon Feldstein, Jarin Los Angeles Mech. Engineering Sigma Alpha Mu Fiebiger, James Berkeley Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi Finger, Gene Roseville Civil Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Water Polo Flinn, Gerald Arcadia Mech. Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Flynn, Roger Pasadena Elec. Engineering Fong, Henry San Francisco Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon, ASCE Chinese Students Association, Chinese Students Club Freuler, Jon Orinda Mech. Engineering Class Council ASME Hiking Club Froslie, Roger Buena Park Civil Engineering Putnam Hall, ASCE Gaskill, James Livermore Elec. Engineering Sigma Phi Delta Engineer ' s Joint Council, Honor Students Society Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Golden, Richard Altadena Mech. Engineering Sigma Alpha Mu Varsity Gymnastics Foley, James Albany Elec. Engineering Fowler, Dick Albany Mech. Engineering ASME Friis, Ronald Kingsburg Mech. Engineering Phi Delta Theta Crew Fujita, Ted Oakland Elec. Engineering UCSEE Daily Californian Goeller, Bruce Tujunga Operations Research Engineerin g Putnam Hall, Grad Resident Gray, Kenneth Illinois Engineering Physics Bowles Hall Tau Beta Pi Track Manager Incollegiate Soccer Hall, Donald Berkeley Elec. Engineering Flying Club UCSEE Harband, Joel Hillsborough Engineering Physics Phi Epsilon Pi Tau Beta Pi Weight Lifting Hartje, Richard San Francisco Elec. Engineering Kappa Sigma Hernandez, Lanny Whittier Elec. Engineering Deutsch Hall Californians, Gavel Quill, Rally Games Council FCDB, Yell Leader Megaphone Society Pres., Soph Class Ex-Comm Hiramoto, Tadashi Pasadena Indus. Engineering Euclic Hall, AIIE Holdridge, David Los Angeles Mech. Engineering Hamada, Shinobu Los Angeles Elec. Engineering Norton Hall Hargrove, John Inglewood Elec. Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Varsity Water Polo Havens, Glenn San Diego Engineering, Alpha Chi Rho Hill, Dixon Whittier Civil Engineering Theta Chi, Class Council, Ski Club Hodson, Kenneth Albany Elec. Engineering UCSEE, IEEE Hubbard, George Elec. Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Tau Beta Pi Grayson, David Berkeley Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court Masonic Club Griffith, Paul Salinas Elec. Engineering Putnam Hall Tau Beta Pi, Pres. Eta Kappa Nu Calvin Club, Honor Students Society UCSEE, Radio Club Christian Fellowship President Greeneich, Edwin Santa Rosa Elec. Engineering UCSEE, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu Griggs, Jimmie Northridge Elec. Engineering Gregovich, Michael El Cerrito Mech. Engineering ASME Grisinger, John Long Beach Civil Engineering Greiner, David Sherman Oaks Elec. Engineering Hafleigh, David Arizona Mech. Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Order of the Golden Bear Californians, Pres. Men ' s Executive Board, ASME ASUC Leadership Conference Hwang, John Sacramento Elec. Engineering Januta, Donatas Los Angeles Elec. Engineering Ridge House UCSEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Engineer ' s Joint Council Tau Beta Pi Karonsakis, Panos Greece Engineering Tau Beta Pi Hughes, Jeffrey San Lorenzo Mech. Engineering ASME Johnson, Stephen Berkeley Mech. Engineering Alpha Delta Phi Honor Students ' Society, Order of the Golden Bear Pi Tau Sigma, Varsity Crew, Big " C " Society Kavanagh, Charles Fresno Civil Engineering Delta Upsilon Freshman Golf Ivy, Richard Bakersfield Transportation Smyth Hall, ASCE Newman Hall Kaufman, Leon Berkeley Engineering Physics Delta Chi Tau Beta Pi IFSHS Kessler, Geoffrey Pomona Mech. Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa Californians Rep-at-Large Finance, DC Consultative Board Chairman Speakers Comm. Kochergin, Alexander San Francisco Elec. Engineering Smyth Hall, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu Kramer, Paul Berkeley Civil Engineering American Society of Civil Engineers Kuenne, Richard Whittier Elec. Engineering Ehrman Hall Cal Engineer UCSEE, Amateur Radio Club Axe Review Kuroishi, Irving Gardena Elec. Engineering Euclid Hall Keller, Richard Anaheim Petroleum Eng. Kappa Sigma Klein, Herbert Sepulveda Civil Engineering Alpha Sigma Phi Koerper, Philip Milwaukee, Wis. Mech. Engineering Deutsch Hall Men ' s Glee Club ASME, Pi Tau Sigma Krusic, Thomas San Mateo Engineering Tau Beta Pi Pi Tau Sigma Kunitake, Henry Sacramento Elec. Engineering Lacy, John Oakdale Engineering-Math. Smyth Hall Tower and Flame Tau Beta Pi Lagasse, Bruce North Sacramento Mech. Engineering ASME, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma AIAA Lau, John San Francisco Civil Engineering CSC Leite, Michael San Francisco Civil Engineering Bowles Hall ASCE, President Civil Cal Editor Rally Committee Quarterdeck Newman Litwin, Roger Yuba City Ceramic Engineering Alpha Gamma Omega, Tau Beta Pi Campus Crusade for Christ, Vice Pres. Laliotis, Theodore Greece Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court Lau, Eddy China Civil Engineering Bowles Hall Daily Californian ASCE Lin, Chua Hongkong Mech. Engineering ASME, Chinese Student Club Lobecker, Robert Grass Valley Elec. Engineering UCSEE Lynch, Thomas Rancho Santa Fe Civil Engineering Ridge House, ASCE McElroy, Michael Monterey Civil Engineering Theta Chi, Senior Class Council SCE, IFC J Comm, Sec. Maclean, Lee San Lorenzo Mech. Engineering ASME, Pi Tau Sigma Marshall, James Williams Elec. Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Martin, Edward Fresno Elec. Engineering Putnam Hall Ming, Douglas Bead Elec. Engineering Larsen, Marvin Martinez Elec. Engineering Barrington Hall Lee, William Sacramento Engineering Norton Hall Lin, Paul Berkeley Elec. Engineering Delta Chi, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, Tower and Flame, Fraternity Scholastic Honor Society, Cal Camp Board Cal Camp Counselor Long, Gary Bakersfield Elec. Engineering UCSEE, AIEE Institute of Radio Engineering McCain, William Menlo Park Engineering Math. Tau Beta Pi Radio KAL Founder, Station Manager, Program Director Mackenzie, Donald Petaluma Civil Engineering Bowles Hall Tau Beta Pi Mann, David Bakersfield Elec. Engineering Ehrman Hall UCSEE, Intramural Tennis, Honor Students ' Society Wesley Foundation Martin, Chuck New Mexico Elec. Engineering Senior Class Council, Yacht IEEE, Phi Phi Society Mechkienburg, Arthur Los Angeles Engineering, AIIE Mische, Eric San Diego Civil Engineering Deutsch Hall Mitchell, Charles Cloverdale Civil Engineering ASCE, Tau Beta Pi Morrison, Angus Hillsbourgh Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Morrow, Orville Walnut Creek Mech. Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Nasitka, Stanley Monterey Elec. Engineering Putnam Hall UCSEE, IEEE Lopez, Alfredo Berkeley Petroleum Eng. Tau Beta Pi Loscutoff, Alex Sheriden Mech. Engineering Lowe, Thomas Sacramento Elec. Engineering Euclid Hall UCSEE, CSC, NSC Lowe, Thomas Sacramento Elec. Engineering Euclid Hall UCSEE, CSC, NSC Lund, El Cerrito Engineering, Phi Kappa Sigma Nebel, Paul West Covina Indus. Engineering Bowles Hall, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Pi Mu, Big " C " Society AIIE, VarsitySoccer Ofodile, Eleazar Nigeria Mechanical Designs ASME, Soccer Perkins, Art Berkeley Elec. Engineering Pinzon, Victor Bogate, Colombia Mech. Engineering Big " C " Society ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, Soccer Power, Alan Sacramento Civil Engineering Reed, Robert Inglewood Mech. Engineering Del Rey Romine, Grady Albany Mech. Engineering Varsity Swimming Big " C " Society AIAA Nilmeier, Allan Orinda Civil Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda Ongerth, Jerry Berkeley Mech. Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa Peroomian, Neshan Albany Civil Engineering ASCE Piziali, Robert El Cerrito Bowles Hall Mech. Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Honor Student ' s Society, Tau Beta Pi Pruett, Vernon North Hollywood Elec. Engineering Rice, Stephen Alameda Engineering, Theta Delta Chi, ASME Californians Ross, Robert Richmond Engineering, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society Obert, Ronald Bakersfield Elec. Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Parham, Glenn Berkeley Civil Engineering ASCE, NSPE Phillips, Jerry Ventura Elec. Engineering Honor Students Society Porter, William Napa Aeronautical Eng. Alpha Kappa Lambda Rauschenbach, Hans Berkeley Elec. Engineering Honor Student ' s Society, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi UCSEE Richey, Charles Rosemead Electronics UCSEE, IEEE Ross, Ronald San Marino Mech. Engineering Smyth Hall Honor Students Society, Pi Tau Sigma, ASME O ' Connell, Wayne Morgan Hill Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Californians Peacock, Thomas Crescent City Civil Engineering Alpha Gamma Omega, ASCE Ski, Club Piestrup , Melvin Santa Cruz Elec. Engineering Putnam Hall Tau Beta Pi, Big " C " Society, Frosh Varsity Football J.V. Rugby Potter, David Pasadena Civil Engineering Griffiths Hall Raz, Berkeley Engineering Tau Beta Pi Roalson, Howard Inglewood Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi Ruzek, John North Hollywood Elec. Engineering Cloyne Court UCSEE Sabik, Abdulla Berkeley Elec. Engineering Arab Students Club Schirmer, Howard Oakland Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Epsilon Chi Epsilon, ASCE Ski Club, Engineers Joint Council Severson, William Burney Elec. Engineering Skeehan, William Sacramento Civil Engineering Smyth Hall Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon ASCE Samuelsen, G. Scott Pasadena Mech. Engineering California Club Tau Beta Pi Californians, Crew Order of the Golden Bear Schuyler, Gregory Berkeley Mech. Engineering Sherman, Donald Vista Elec. Engineering UCSEE, Ski Club Alpha Gamma Sigma Smith, Donald Redding Civil Engineering Sapior, Mark North Hollywood Elec. Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Tau Beta Pi, Honor UCSEE Schwartztrauber, Keith Concord Mech. Engineering Gymnastics Shimer, Daniel Chowchilla Elec. Engineering Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Sodurholm, Richard Aptos Engineering Scatena, Gino Los Altos Mech. Engineering Alpha Tau Omega Phi Phi, ASME Intramurals Seto, Bit-Leung Sacramento Elec. Engineering Norton Hall, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu, IEEE, UCSEE Shinaishin, Osman Egypt Mech. Engineering ASME Sprague, William Long Beach Elec. Engineering Smyth Hall Big " C " Society Varsity Football Varsity Track Wilson, Robert Albany Civil Engineering ASCE Wokurka, John Fullerton Elec. Engineering UCSEE Stanley, Rowland La Mesa Mech. Engineering Californians, Cal " C " Society, Gavel and Quill Arnold Air Society, Swimming Class Cocuncils,MEB Cabinet, Senior Class President, COB Steinberg, Jerome Berkeley Civil Engineering ASCE, Masonic Club, Yacht Club Sugarman, Charles San Francisco Mech. Engineering Pi Lambda Phi ASME Thompson, Brian Hollister Indus. Engineering Norton Hall, Tau Beta Pi, Alpha Pi Mu, AIIE Engineers Joint Council Tobin, Lewis El Cajon Civil Engineering Deutsch Hall, Order of the Golden Bear Varsity Crew ASCE, FCDB Varsity Rowing Club, Newman Club Troup, Gerald Napa Mech. Engineering Smyth Hall Golden Guard ASME Turner, Robert Berkeley Mech. Engineering Alpha Chi Rho Intramurals Steinacher, Gustave Sacramento Ceramic Engineering Cloyne Court American Ceramic Society, Newman Club Strang, James Taft Mech. Engineering Delta Upsilon Tashjian, Zaven Zerka, Jordan Elec. Engineering UCSEE, IEEE IVCF, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi Alpha Gamma Sigma Tindle, Edward Wasco Mech. Engineering Bowles Hall, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi ASME Tool, Gerald Albany Elec. Engineering Tso, Richard Hong Kong Civil Engineering Tyree, Vance Ontario Elec. Engineering Bowles Hall Tau Beta Pi Eta Kappa Nu Wong, Grant Hong Kong Mech. Engineering Woodward, John Berkeley Civil Engineering ASCE, Chi Epsilon Yingst, James Crescent City Mining Engineering Griffiths Hall Unmack, James Lakewood Elec. Engineering Norton Hall, Glee Club, UCSE Newman Club IEEE Wagner, Michael Menlo Park Elec. Engineering Rally Committee Ward, Jeff Salt Lake City Elec. Engineering Kappa Delta Rho Weber, Peter Peru Indus. Engineering Delta Upsilon, Big " C " Society Winged Helmet Skull and Keys AIIE, Soccer Weiss, Bruce Alamo Civil Engineering Wherritt, Robert Salinas Mech. Engineering Smyth Hall, UCSEE Whitegon, David Costa Mesa Civil Engineering ASCE, Chi Epsilon Wong, Robert Pacific Grove Mech. Engineering Euclid Hall, ASME Wuertele, James Berkeley Elec. Engineering Yourd, Roland Berkeley Mech. Engineering ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, Band, Straw Hat Band Vatalaro, Ralph Berkeley Engineering Pi Kappa Phi Wallace, Stephen Long Beach Mech. Engineering ASME Webber, John Vallejo Mech. Engineering Putnam Hall Weeshoff, Lawrence Glendale Civil Engineering Phi Kappa Tau Big " C " Society Basketball, Tennis NROTC, ASCE Weiss, Mark Sherman Oaks Elec. Engineering Hillel, Pre-med Club, UCSEE, UCARC, Tower and Flame White, Donald Corona Mech. Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon Pi Tau Sigma Williams John Newbury Park Mech. Engineering Kappa Sigma Tower and Flame Rugby Team Manager, IFC Wong, Roger Berkeley Mech. Engineering Yamamoto, Takshi Berkeley Mech. Engineering Yung, Bell Hong Kong Engineering Tau Beta Pi Wood, Obert Roseville Elec. Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Tau Beta Pi Yeung, Danny Hong Kong Elec. Engineering IEEE, UCSEE CSA, CSC Ziebarth, Martin Pacific Palisades Civil Engineering Frosh Track Frosh Cross Country Varsity Track Eta Kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu is a national electrical engineering honor society, whose membership is invitational and to the upper fourth of the junior class and the top third of the senior class of electrical engineering majors. The organization ' s yearly include both social and functions. ETA KAPPA NU — Row One: I.S. Pepper, Advisor; Paul Griffith, Fred Martin, Tony Abbott, William Ellis, Tracy Ball, Obert Wood, Sik-kee Au, George Hubbard, President. Row Two: Charles Carr, Mark Sapiro, Chuck Caldwell, Robert Ross, David Struthers, Hans Rauschenbach, Edwin Greeneich. Row Three: Dennis Catey, Bit-Leung Seto, Paul Lin, Donatas Jaunuta, John Hargrove, James Gaskill, Alexander Kochergin. Row Four: Robert E. Lee, Daniel Shimer, Bob Piziali, Jerry Phillips. AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS AND ALPHA PI MU — Row One: Milton Loo, John Hyland, John Dodson, Barton Moir. Row Two: Roy Cross, Jim Perry, David Price, David Cook, Chilton Lee, Don Ciucci. AIIE Alpha Pi Mu The American Institute of Industrial is a national organization whose student chapter membership is open to all interested students enrolled in engineering. Through their activities, the group seeks to promote closer between faculty and students. In addition to increasing the members ' theoretical and practical knowledge of industrial engineering, the yearly social functions and field trips stimulate within the profession. Alpha Pi Mu is an industrial engineering honorary society designed to give to those students with outstanding academic interests and abilities in their field. Membership is open to upper students who have at least a 2.5 grade point average. PI TAU SIGMA — Row One: Archie Duncanson, Tom Maguire, Victor Pinzon, Ruvern Kohaya, Dale Schauer. Row Two: Edward Tindle, Burnell Grange, Norman Schneider, Larry Ramsauer, Roland Yourd. Row Three: Bob Green, Rowland Stanley, John Mangney, William Wood. Row Four: Keith Markolf, Harry Rungaldier, Bob Piziali, Ron Ross. Row Five: Lee MacLean, Don Fry, Pat Marriott, Roy Ikegami, Robert Studel. Pi Tau Sigma Pi Tau Sigma, a national mechanical engineering fraternity founded in 1949, is composed of 69 graduate and students majoring in that field. All members are selected from the upper scholastic quarter of their class. They are elected at a meeting held during the beginning of the semester. Additional activities include business a banquet, and a picnic. The purpose of the organization is to create a congenial atmosphere between students and faculty. ASME The purpose of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers is to promote the advancement and dissemination of knowledge concerning the theory and practice of mechanical engineering. include technical meetings, field trips, and the annual picnic. Membership in ASME is open to any student in good standing who is enrolled in mechanical engineering courses. Both graduate and undergraduate students are included in this society. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS — Row One: Gene Zierdt, Clifford Yokomizo, Thomas Hopkins, Michael Levine, Eleazar Ofodile, Bruce Shawver, Archie Duncanson. Row Two: Ruvern Kohaya, Clark Blasdell, Ron Briggs, Victor Pinzon, Robert Sullivan, Norman Schneider, Gerald Flinn, Benjamin Clawson. Row Three: Richard Desautel, Fritz Bien, Ron Tsuchiya, Hain Zaklad, Norm Holling er, Roland Yourd, John Mangney, Ed Tindle, Dick Horonjeff. Row Four: Tony Stroeve, Bob Piziali, Charles Minning, Harry Rungaldier, Stephen Wilce, George Ishiguro, Charles Fowler. Row Five: Roy Ikegami, Keith Markolf, Charles Sugarman, Lee MacLean, Johnson, Bob Howey, Thomas Webster, Bruce Lagasse, Ron Ross, Edward Imboden. ASCE Founded in 1852, the American Society of Civil Engineers established its first chapters at a number of leading colleges in 1920. Since that time, college membership has increased to 132 chapters and over 10,000 The University of California now one of the largest students groups within the Society, was organized in 1921. The purposes of ASCE are to provide early experience in participating in professional groups, to supplement the technical information that is supplied through studies, to offer an opportunity for students to meet the faculty and other practicing engineers in an informal and to aid the student in better acquainted with who have common interests. Activities include a picnic, a banquet graduating seniors, movies, and discussions. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS — Row One: Josept Munoz, Jr., John Leonard, Paul Kramer, Jerome Steinberg, Gary Eskelin, Gerald Davis, Henry Fong, Michael Leite. Row Two: Thomas Barron, Charles Mitchell, Rod Chisholm, Robert Wilson, William Maddaus, Robert Nickell, Lorence Carr, Stanley Haugen. Row Three: Thomas Peacock, Wayne Ybarra, Richard Nilan, Raul Figuerola, Roger Froslie, Jere Giblin. Chi Epsilon Chi Epsilon is a National Civil Engineering Fraternity, whose membership is determined on the basis of scholastic achievement. Dedicated to the purpose of maintaining and promoting the status of Civil Engineering as an ideal profession, the organization hopes to aid students in acquiring those characteristics which lead to a successful career in the field. CHI EPSILON — Row One: Richard Lundberg, William Skeehan, Richard Baines, James Delmarter, John Woodward, Leroy Carlenzoli, Errol Armstrong, Stanley Hougen, James Kohli, Henry Fong, Gerald Davis. Row Two: Colin McGlibery, Robert Odello, Gerald Arnold, Eugene Offerson, Hans Felix, Richard Reynolds, Tingley Lew, Roland Angle, Professor J. K. Mitchell. TAU BETA PI — Row One: Dennis Catey, Richard Engelhard, Steve Carr, Coleman Johnson, Paul Griffith, Archie Duncanson, Burnell Grange, John Lacy, Kelvin Dunnigan, Leroy Colombe, Peter Chang. Row Two: Shih, Bitt-Leung Seto, Vance Tyree, Gerald Davis, Stephen Smith, Ronald McKinsey, Douglas Cortez, Edward Tindle, William Waddel, Charles Caldwell. Row Three: M. Sapiro, Bill Adams, Daniel Shimer, Edwin Greeneich, Dale Luomala, Tony Abbott, Mike Goldstein, Donatas Januta, Hans Rauschenbach, Rodney Dillon, Obert Wood. Row Four: Robert Lee, Juan Lanza, Ben Everett, Jim Delmarter, Phil Merryman, George Hubbard, Pat Gordon, Jim Fiesiger, Jerry Phillips, Alex Kochergin, Tracy Ball. Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi is a national engineering honor society, that was founded in 1885 by Dr. Edward Higginson Williams, Jr. The purpose of the organization is to give recognition for honors work to those technical students not elected to membership in Phi Beta Kappa because of the nature of their studies. Tau Beta Pi has grown rapidly since its inception. Today there are 106 active chapters, including more than 100,000 members. Chartered in 1907 on this campus, California Alpha was the first chapter in the state. Engineer ' s Day and High School Day as well as other activities sponsored by Tau Beta Pi provide a congenial atmosphere for contact with faculty and student groups. ENGINEERS JOINT COUNCIL — Row One: Dean Maslach, Doug Cortez, Bob Bonner, Bob Dunham, Professor Kobayashi, John Sebastian. Row Two: Professor Moffitt, Professor Paulling, Craig Newman, Donatus Januta, Professor Costanza, Pat Hart. Row Three: Bryan Thompson, Professor Fulrath, Professor Welch, Ken Andrews. Engineers ' Joint Council The Engineers ' Joint Council is of representatives of the engineering societies at the of California. The group was organized for the purpose of problems common to all majors, and orienting new in a program sponsored each semester. The opposition of circles and squares delights the eye of layman and architect alike. College of Environmental Design No, I ' m not nearsighted! The College of Environmental Design will move to its new quarters in Wurster Hall in the fall of 1964. The building was named in honor of William Wilson Dean of the College from 1950 until his retirement on July 1, 1963. It was designed by three faculty of the Department of Architecture, Joseph Vernon DeMars, and Donald Olsen. The Dean ' s Office, the Environmental Design Libraries, the of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, City and Regional Planning, Decorative Art, and the sculpture studios of the Art Department will be housed in Hall. In addition, two new research units recently made a part of the College will also be located in the building. They are the Institute of Urban and Regional Development and the Center for Planning and Research. Martin Meyerson Dean A man with a tool creates beauty. Tolman Hall is a good example of the new architectural style on campus. Martin Meyerson succeeded William W. Wurster as Dean of the College of Environmental Design. Dean Meyerson came from Harvard University where he was Williams Professor of City Planning and Urban Research, and Director of the Joint Center for Urban Studies of MIT and He has been a consultant on problems of urban design and city and regional development in many cities throughout the country, as well as for foreign governments in the United Nations. Vice Chairman of the Board of ACTION, the National Council for Good Cities, and a member of the Board of Directors of the American Society of Planning Officials, Dean Meyerson was trained at Columbia and Harvard Universities. In the course of his career he taught at the of Pennsylvania and the University of Chicago. His most recent book is Face of the Metropolis. College of Environmental Design Seniors Movement, lines, and stars all go into creating designs for architecture students. Dahlstrom, Robert San Francisco Architecture, AIA Photo Club, Young Republicans Dickson, Ronald Daly City Architecture Dimick, William Albany Architecture Eritschi, David Tahoe City Crew George Robert Watsonville Architecture Cloyne Court AIA, USCA, Men ' s Co-op Rep Haines, Larry Sacramento Architecture Delta Upsilon Ahl, John Carmel Valley Architecture Sailing Club Becker, Clarence Albany Architecture AIA, Architecture Association Benson, Robert Berkeley Architecture Sigma Alpha Epsilon Bird, Roylance Berkeley Architecture AIA, Architecture Association Bruflat, Iver La Crescents Architecture Theta Delta Ch Chadbourne, Chris Los Altos Architecture Theta Chi, AIA Architecture Association, Tower and Flame Chang, Bruce Berkeley Landscape Architecture Landscape Design Club Chu, Charlie Fremont Architecture Cook Michael Pebble Beach Architecture Phi Kappa Epsilon Kamolnetr, Chaiphorn Thailand Architecture Badminton, Thai Student Associatior Kibre, John Berkeley Architecture A IA Lamm, James Monrovia Architecture Putnam Hall Mc Keown, John La Habra Architecture Delta Tau Delta McKeown Nakamura, Itomi Tokyo, Japan Architecture Palmer, A. David Potsdam, N.Y. Architecture Glee Club Chi Alpha Kappa Poulton, William Oakland Architecture, Tau Kappa Epsilon Schmiedel, John San Francisco Architecture Phi Kappa Sigma Stevenson, John Richmond Landscape Architecture Freshman Track Landscape Design Club Merrion, Lawrence Berkeley Architecture, AIA Newman Club Honor Students Society O ' Hearn, Michael San Francisco Architecture Chi Alpha Kappa AIA, AA Pendleton, Kenneth San Diego Landscape Architecture, Ridge House, Intramurals Landscape Design Club Savant, Bernard Santa Barbara Architecture Alpha Chi Rho Slusky , Joe Beverly Hills Architecture Sigma Alpha Mu Gymnastics, Big " C " Society Stoner, Hal Berkeley Architecture Sigma Chi Lee, Keith Los Angeles Architecture Euclid Hall Lemen, Gary Sacramento Architecture Bowles Hall Leonard, King Landscape Architecture Architecture Association Landscape Design Club Lim, Harry Berkeley Architecture Pi Alpha Phi Loomis, Jerry Potosi, Missouri Landscape Architecture Honor Students Society, Eisner Prize Loverde, Richard Burlingame Architecture Phi Sigma Kappa Thomas, Mike La Jolla Architecture Deutsch Hall FCDB Vaughn, Ronald Los Angeles Architecture Pi Kappa Alpha Varsity Football Track, Big " C " Society Whitington, Trent Glendale Architecture Sigma Chi Young, Philip Berkeley Architecture Cloyne Court Mask and Dagger University Theater Architecture Association Need any help? School of Optometry An optometry student helps a patient select frames while instructors look on. The first Optometry curriculum offered at the University of was established as a part of the Physics Department in 1923. The California Optometric Association supported the in its first year of operation through the contibutions of individual members. Concurrently, they worked on getting a state law passed to secure its future existance and extension. As a result of their efforts, California law now requires a portion of the annual license fees paid by registered optometrists in the State to be given to the University of California for " -. . . the advancement of optometrical research and the maintenance and support of the department at the university in which the science of optometry is taught. " In 1940, Optometry became a within the College of Letters and Scien ce. During the year, it was established as a separate school. Cal students benefit from the services of the optometry school while at the same time, optometry majors get practical experience. Meredith W. Morgan Dean The optometry curriculum requires three years to complete. After attaining Associate of Arts status in the College of Letters and Science, students spend a year studying the basic sciences which form a background for the science of optometry. The second year of the program is devoted to a study of optometry itself, and acquiring the skills necessary for clinical practice. At the end of this year, the student is awarded his Bachelor of Science degree. The final, and graduate year of the curriculum provides for the actual practicing of optometry by students, and a more detailed study of the specialized areas of the field. The Certificate in Optometry and Master of Optometry degree are given upon completion of this Located in its own building, opposite Cowell Memorial Hospital, the School of Optometry includes an extensive optometry clinic with refracting rooms, well equipped laboratories, and offices. The clinic waiting room, dispensary, and opthalmic laboratory were remodeled this year, and the entire clinic has been refurnished. In addition, a new photographic has be en established to photograph the inside of the eye, internal ocular conditions, and eye movements and eye positions. Meredith W. Morgan, Dean of the School of Optometry, received his A.B. degree in Physics-Optometry from the University of California at Berkeley. He continued his studies in Physiology, and was awarded both his Master ' s and his Doctor ' s degrees in that field by the University. A of the University faculty continuously since 1942, Dr. Morgan also served as President of the American Academy of Optometry for two years. He was appointed Dean of the School of Optometry in 1960. Berlant, Sheldon Mountain View Optometry, UCSOS AOA, COA Dudow, Irwin North Hollywood Optometry Deutsch Hall COA, AOA Eng, Weylin Oakland Optometry Band, Straw Hat Band, Chinese Club Chamber Band, UCSOS, Order of the Golden Bear School of Optometry Seniors Harris, Michael San Francisco Optometry Phi Epsilon Pi Honor Students Society, IFC Honorary, COA, AOA Harrison, Bill Fresno Pi Kappa Alpha Big " C " Society UCSOS, Baseball John, Robert Turlock Optometry Concert Band UCSOS Oda, Gary Berkeley Optometry, Niese Students Club, COS AOS, Daily Californian Managerial Student optometrists can magnify the eyes of a patient by moving a dial. Takahashi, Edwin Sacramento Optometry Young, Joseph San Francisco Optometry, UCSOS Measurements are as important for the eye as for the body. School of Optometry Classes JUNIORS—Row One: Gloria Horn, Margaret Fujimoto, Arthur Sachs. Row Two: Ronald Grand, James Griffin. Row Three: Marvin Neill, Walter Rice, Clifton Schor, Wyman Chan, Richard Brannen. Row Four: Gerald Ribordy, Paul Whitesides, Richard Ewing, Warren DeHaan, Charles Coverdale. Row Five: Brian Austin, Les Goldstein, Robert Swanson, Patrick Kane, Howard Wilkins. SENIORS—Row One: Lawrence Harada, Robert Johns, Marylinda Morrison, Gar May, Irwin Dudow, Gary Oda. Row Two: Archie Ackroyd, Robert Bassett, Lynn Elliott, Kenneth Damstra, Joseph Young. Row Three: Weylin Eng, Donald Louie, John Wing, Ira Pollack, Joseph Pompura. Row Four: Charles Wienkers, Sheldon Berlant, Kenneth Polse, Edward Takahashi, Elwin Marg (Instructor), Dennis Michaeloff. GRADUATES—Row One: Adi Lelinwalla, Fereshten Niazi, Kazuko Kikuchi, Richard Edge. Row Two: Darrell Rhinehart, Michael Jaurequi, William Tonsall, Sandra OwYoung, Francis Tomosawa, Eugene Row Three: Leonard Shenkin, Douglas Charters, Burton Cazden, Masakasu Takahashi, Raymond Gottlieb. Row Four: Jeffrey Keller, Jeffrey Braff, Jerry Lombardi, Frederick Finkler, Richard Beck, Marshall Kamena, Donald Sample. Modern-day criminology studies demand a sound chemical background. School of Criminology The serious professional look appears the day a student first eyes a microscopic slide. Haviland Hall is the campus center for crime study As a school, Criminology is one of the youngest additions to the University. However its ancestry dates back to 1916, when a summer session program on Criminology was first offered. Originated by August Vollmer, then Chief of Police at Berkeley, and Alexander M. Kidd, a Professor of Law at Boalt, the program was continued every summer, except 1927, until 1931. At that time, enough funds were available to establish the course as a part of the regular University sessions. Dr. Herman M. Adler, an Illinois State Criminologist, was appointed to the A committee was set up which included Chief Vollmer who dealt with the social aspects of criminology, Professor Kidd who handled the legal aspects, and Dr. Adler and Carl Schmidt who specialized in the technical aspects. By 1933, the curriculum for a group major in Criminology had been approved. In students could obtain their Master of Criminology degree at the University of California. Finally, on July 1, 1950, what had been established in 1939 as a Bureau of Criminology in the Political Science Department, became the present School of Criminology. Joseph Lohman Dean Whether it is a big lab or a small lab, the search for evidence goes on. The School of Criminology is engaged in investigating and teaching the etiology, prevention, discovery, treatment, and control of criminals and crimes. Research is conducted in the repression, and treatment of criminality, as well as in the psychological aspects of public security. The two main purposes of the school are to prepare students to teach in this field, and to give them an opportunity for immediate service. they will fill responsible executive, administrative, and laboratory positions in the local, state, or federal agencies which administer criminal justice and give the public a semblance of safety. Before specializing in either of the two majors, Criminalistics or Criminology, by this school, the student must have a broad background of knowledge in such fields as History, Psychology, Anthropology, and Linguistics. Because of this prerequisite, lower division students are not admitted to Criminology courses. The graduate department offers degrees of Master of Criminology, and Doctor of Criminology. They provide for advanced research and study in the various related fields, law enforcement. If the book gives one conclusion, and the student another, then it ' s back to the lab and the bottles for a restudy. School of Public Health The appointment of Dr. Thomas M. Logan, Secretary of the newly formed State Board of Health, as a professor of sanitary science in 1873, marks the early interest shown by University of California Regents in establishing a program of public health education. It was their wish every graduating class . . . go out properly in the great art of preserving the individual and public health. " However, it wasn ' t until 1943, with the passage of Assembly Bill 515 by the State Legislature, that an appropriation was secured enabling the to establish a School of Public Health. The following year, the Regents founded schools on the Berkeley, San Francisco, and Los Angeles campuses, merging them into a single Department of Hygiene. The School of Public Health soon gained accreditation and was ranked among the outstanding public health schools of the world. In 1960, the statewide school was split into two ones, one located at Los Angeles and the other at Berkeley and San Francisco. Test tubes sometimes become compositions in modern design. Saran wrap and a startled Public Health major add interest to a lab. Public Health offices are never free of bottles or beetles. A typical scene in a P.H. lab is hands, test tubes, note books and bubbling beakers. Charles E. Smith has been a faculty member at the University of California since 1949, serving variously as Professor of Public Health, Chairman of the Department at Berkeley, and Dean of the School of Public Health. Dean Smith ' s long and notable career in the field of Public Health began at Stanford University where he took his A.B. and M.D. degrees, graduating with Distinction. " After receiving a Doctor of Public Health degree at the University of Toronto, he returned to California to work as an interne and House Officer at Highland Hospital in Alameda. Dr. Smith taught at the Stanford School of in the Department of Public Health and Preventative Medicine for seventeen years coming to the University of California. He has been affiliated as a member or consultant with numerous public and professional agencies on a local, state, and federal level. Among them were the Department of Defense, the U.S. Armed Services, the U.S. Public Health Service, and the American Public Health Dean Smith is currently President of the California State Board of Public Health. Against tubing racks, one lone searcher views the flotsam of viruses. Charles E. Smith Dean Bjorklund, Lynn Piedmont Corrections DeForest De Forest, Peter Oak View Criminalistics Honor Students Society Fong-Torres, Barry Oakland Criminology Chinese Students ' Club, Lambda Alpha Epsilon Coddington, Terry Berkeley Criminology Caba, Leigh Napa Criminology Sigma Phi School of Criminology Seniors Harrison, Artis Richmond Corrections, Alpha Kappa Alpha Jue, Warren Marysville Criminology Barrington Hall Arnold Air Society Lambda Alpha Epsilon Riley, Barbara Ontario Criminology Alpha Pi Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Delta Epsilon Little Sister of Minerva, Miss Beauty 1963 Sorenson, Neil San Lorenzo Criminology Cal Band, Rally and Games, Straw Hat Band Student Director, Arnold Air Order of the Golden Bear Sowerwine, Patricia Kalispell, Montana Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Women ' s Rifle Team Washed and filed test tubes come on automatic call. Miller, Pete Agnew Criminalistics Alpha Kappa Lambda Neal, Michael Los Angeles Criminology, Beta Theta Pi, Skull and Keys, Lambda Alpha Epsilon Osterloh, William San Francisco Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Pepi, Patricia Burlingame Criminology, Alpha Pi, Lambda Alpha Epsilon Test curiosity and sound analysis is a fair measure of a ' crime ' student. Swanson, Helen Berkeley Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Wasserman, Dave Sacramento Criminology Theta Delta Chi Weltner, Genie Atherton Criminology Delta Gamma Lambda Alpha Epsilon Whalley, Richard Petaluma Criminalistics Bowles Hall White, James Berkeley Criminalistics Delta Chi, Lambda Alpha Epsilon Honor Students Society Abraham, Gabriele San Francisco Public Health Lab. Cunningham , Kay Los Angeles Sanitation Baird, Linda Hemet Public Health Lab. Chen, Bessie San Francisco Public Health Lab. CSA, Newman Club School of Public Health Seniors Cheng, Polly San Francisco Medical Technology Dole, Susan Riverside Medical Technology Sigma Kappa Axe Review-Asst. Director DuIon, Edna Altadena Medical Technology Gallagher, Nan Berkeley Microbiology Sherman Hall Gee, Victoria Fresno Microbiology, Cheny CSC, CSA Newman Club University Chorus Public Health Ass ' n Gist, Dorothy Berkeley Public Health Ida Sproul Haberman, Nancy Kentfield Public Health Ed. Alpha Omicron Pi Pucci, Linda Sacramento Microbiology SRV Uyeda, Carole Petaluma Hirao, Janice Berkeley Public Health Lab. Tower and Flame Hobart, Marti Santa Rosa Public Lab. World University Service, Operation Understanding Bolivia Ichiyasu, Diane El Cerrito Microbiology Public Health Ass ' n Katz, Long Beach Hospital Administration Sigma Alpha Mu Public Health Society President Lee, Nancy Hong Kong Public Health Lab. Lo, Annette San Francisco Public Health Lab. Quinn, Patricia Orinda Public Health Lab. Gamma Phi Beta Kodakari, Carolyn San Mateo Lab Technology Wong, Philip Hong Kong Sanitary Science Bacteriology Barington Hall Public Health Ass ' n CSA Pre-Med. Soc. International Students Li, Christina Hong Kong Public Health Cheney Lim, Rosalind San Francisco Public Health Lab. Cheney CSC, CSIO Public Health Ass ' n Pucci, Sandra Sacramento Medical Technology Alpha Phi Honors Student Soc. A smiling approach to Business Administration figures always pays dividends to note-taking students en masse. School of Business Administration A good buy on soap turned Ludwig ' s Fountain into a frothy mess. The School of Business Administration had its roots in the College of Commerce, a four year undergraduate program founded at the University in 1898. Funds by Miss Cora Jane Flood " to support some branch of commercial education " were applied to the of this college. Early faculty members were from the Mathematics and Economics as well as recruited from among pioneers in the field of business. In 1942, the Department of Business Administration was organized as a transitional step the College of Commerce and the School of Administration, established the following year. A shift in curriculum accompanied these organizational and administrative changes. Emphasis was switched from the study of domestic and foreign trade using an economic and geographical frame of reference, to executive and management training. The Faculty Glade approach to the old Student Union is still a haunting night scene. The School of Business Administration prepares students for administrative and executive positions in business. Specialized fields of instruction within the school include accounting, advertising, real estate appraisal, and business research and statistics. Students must have attained junior standing at the University before they are admitted to the department. This policy enables them to receive the benefits of a general education, and at the same time insures that they have an adequate background and level of intellectual sophistication for the courses they take as Business Administration majors. Old South Hall now houses the businessmen. A ship-like profile of Barrows Hall comes through at night with its derricks pointing west. John W. Cowee Dean Barrows Hall windows rise eight stories high by day light. Allan Michael San Jose Bus. Administration Water Polo Allcorn, William Walnut Creek Geography Administration Tellefsen Hall Cal Band Straw Hat Band Amborn, Phillip Oakland Bus. Administration Cal Band Drum Major, NROTC Quarterdeck Society Antokal, Melinda Berkeley Accounting Judicial Committee Phi Chi Theta Tower and Flame Aparicio, Charles Menlo Park Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha Applegate, Petar Sacramento Transportation and Public Utilities Beta Theta Pi Varsity Swimming Golden Guard Big " C " Society Arnold, Jack Berkeley Transportation Golden Guard Cal Glee Club Avilla, Gregg Red Bluff Bus. Administration Pi Kappa Alpha Wing and Helmet Skull and Keys Beta Beta Frosh Football School of Business Administration Seniors Bagley, Paul El Cerrito Bus. Administratior Pi Kappa Phi Bailey, Ed Albany Finance, Real Estate Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Students Society Bailey, Philip Arcadia Finance, Marketing Deutsch Hall Baird, James Oakland Bus. Administration Delta Upsilon Baker, W. Thomas Petaluma Real Estate Bowles Hall Banks, John Stewart Lafayette Bus. Administration Campus Tours Guide Golden Guard Barbee, William Long Beach Prod. Management Beta Theta Pi Varsity Track Chairman - Student Judicial Skull and Keys Winged Helmet Big " C " Society Barber, Robert Woodland Administration and Policy Barnard, John San Francisco Insurance Theta Xi Boxing Buck, Byron Los Angeles Managerial Economics Alpha Gamma Omega Manager Glee Club Bedig, Bruce Pasadena Finance Bowles Hall Glee Club European Tour Committee Bidart, Betsy Bakersfield Bus. Administration Chi Omega Tourch and Shield Rally Committee Card Stunt Committee Oski Dolls Bill, Geoffrey Santa Barbara Bus. Administration Zeta Psi Soph Class Council Crew Manager Broyer, Norman San Francisco Administration and Policy Bowles Hall Caswell, Cecile Alameda Marketing and Personnel Management AWS Women ' s Week, AMA Blue and Gold Phi Chi Theta Bruno, Thomas Oakland Bus. Administratior Delta Upsilon Chow, Tommy Sacramento Pi Alpha Phi CSC Cook, Sandy Oakland and Phi Chi Theta Flying Club Clifford, George Orinda Bus. Administratior Intramural Football Bowling Alpha Kappa Psi Arnold Air Society Beta Alpha Psi Curley, Gary San Leandro Accounting Phi Sigma Kappa Craig, Robin Santa Rosa Finance Ida Sproul Hall Beta Gamma Sigma Prytanean, Phi Chi Theta, Gavel and Quill, Freshman Class Vice Pres Darlington, Michael Santa Maria Bus. Administration Phi Kappa Sigma Campbell, John Lafayette Bus. Administration Priestly Hall Alpha Kappa Psi Rifle Club Hiking Club Carney, Dennis San Francisco Accounting Ehrman Hall Booth, Stephen Oakland Bus. Administration Phi Gamma Delta Winge d Helmet Skull and Keys Bowen, Claude Fayetteville Arkansas Administration and Policy Cloyne Court Cat Camp, AIESEC Boyd, Robert San Mateo Bus. Administration Delta Kappa Epsilon Clough, Carol Walnut Creek Marketing Phi Mu AMA, Masonic Club Phi Chi Theta Darrow, Dorie Los Altos Finance Chi Omega Phi Chi Theta DeMarco De Marco, Frank Weed Industrial Relations Alpha Kappa Psi Dolman, Samuel La Canada Bus. Administration Frosh, Varsity Football, President Big " C " Society Skull and Keys Winged Helmet Beta Beta Society Dunlap, David Oakland Bus. Administration Ehrman Hall Rally Committee Golden Guard Tower and Flame Honor Student ' s Society Dutton, George Santa Rosa Finance Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Phi Omega Blue and Gold DeGrosz De Grosz, Frederick San Francisco Accounting Theta Chi DeYoung De Young, Howard Altadena Finance Donaldson Danaldson, Arthur Oakland Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Dunlop, David Pleasant Hill Bus. Administration Economics Griffiths Hall Dutton, Peter Berke ley Bus. Administration Theta Delta Chi Ellman, James Monterey Park Insurance, Real Estate, Investment Acacia Golden Guard Intramurals Fall, Lynda Citrus Heights Personnel Management Tower and Flame Prytanean, 1st Vice President WDA AIESEC, AWS Fenolio, Ronald El Cerrito Accounting Sigma Phi Epsilon Ski Club, FSB Auxiliary Enterprses Board Alpha Kappa Psi Endman, James Los Angeles Accounting Smyth Hall Fat, Mable Sacramento Marketing Marketing Club Phi Chi Theta Fleming, Jay San Gabriel Bus. Administration Sigma Chi Californians, Soph. Council, Intramural Advisory Council Junior Class Steering Gavel and Quill Use index finger on 1 and 2; middle finger on 3 column for this machine. Flynn, James El Cerrito Real Estate and Finance Golden Guard, Ski Club, American Marketing Association Delta Sigma Pi Gidlow, James Los Angeles Bus. Administration Zeta Beta Tau Glooschenko, Sandy Oakland Accounting Alpha Omicron Pi Phi Chi Theta Blue and Gold Promotions Senior Class Council Polls Commission Gunn, Edwin Berkeley Accounting Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Psi Interfraternity Ball Chairman Harbrand , Martin San Francisco Accounting Kappa Nu Californians, Golden Guard, Beta Alpha Psi, Rally and Games Council Varsity Yell Leader Freeman, Gilbert San Francisco Accounting Gill, Sarwan Berkeley Marketing Pres. International Relations Club Men ' s Field Hockey Alpha Delta Sigma Godt, Rusell Sacramento Bus. Administration Pi Kappa Alpha Haber, Stephen Berkeley Accounting Axe Review Kappa Nu Harris, James Los Angeles Accounting Zeta Beta Tau Freymann, Heinz Oakland International Business Phi Sigma Kappa Glazer, Richard Los Angeles Finance Phi Epsilon Pi Grady, Robert Hillsborough Production Management Hallberg, Jo Ann Corona Del Mar Finance Alpha Omicron Pi Secretary Gavel and Quill, Phi Chi Theta Sailing Club Young Republicans Harrison, Herbert Los Angeles Bus. Administration Geno, Richard Daly City Bus. Administration Pi Kappa Phi Gleason, Charles Los Altos Finance Theta Chi Gummerson, Marie Rupert, Idaho Bus. Administration Phi Chi Theta Hanson, Victor Los Angeles Accounting Harrower, F. Robert Livermore Personnel Management Hartman, Dennis Oakland Bus. Administration Hobday, Tom Sacramento Insurance Sigma Phi Epsilon Order of the Golden Bear, Californians Golden Guard President IFC President Ski Club Originator Winter Carnival Hunt, James Berkeley Accounting Alpha Chi Rho Ingebretson, Gary San Lorenzo Accounting Frosh Basketball and Baseball Varsity Baseball Big " C " Society Jacobs, Lester Orland Operations Research Delta Sigma Phi UPB Social Committee Henley, Clay Glendora Administration and Policy, Industrial Relations Alpha Tau Omega IFC Class Councils Hillman, James San Pedro Labor Relations Psi Upsilon Rugby, Boxing Iglehart , Richard Oakland Bus. Administration Beta Theta Pi Rugby, Skull and Keys, Vice President IFC, President CFMA Inglis, Rex Berkeley Bus. Administration Johnson, Dave Lodi Bus. Management Kappa Sigma Kahle, Angelica Berkeley Bus. Administration Vice President, Phi Chi Theta , Robert San Carlos Bus. Administration Alpha Kappa Psi , David Berkeley Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Track Kasten, Thomas San Francisco Marketing Campus Tours Campus Events P and PR Business Administration students bend their heads to concentrate on midterm questions. Kipperman, Steven Van Nuys Accounting Putman Hall Honor Students Society Tower and Flame Beta Gamma Sigma Leo, Charles Van Nuys Industrial Relations MEB, Men ' s Judicial Honor Students Society Tower and Flame Kruttschnitt, Theodore Hillsborough Bus. Administration Phi Kappa Psi Liden, Robert San Jose Bus. Administration Kuykendall, Lance San Francisco Finance Industrial Relations Long, Lewis Fullerton Industrial Relations Chi Phi Varsity Tennis Lake, Harry Garden Grove Bus. Administration Sigma Chi Longshore, Richard Sacramento Finance Lorberbaum, Larry Rockville Centre, New York Bus. Administration President Weightlifting Club McDowell, Robert San Carlos Marketing Advertising Phi Kappa Psi Junior Manager Glee Club, NROTC Maguire, Richard Oakland Marketing Marketing Club Advertising Club Honor Students Society Lyons, Philip San Francisco Accounting Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Kappa Psi McLeod, Robert South Pasadena Production Management Psi Upsilon Rugby, Wrestling Marraccini, Rodney Oakland Bus. Administration Sigma Phi Martin, Gerry Ventura Accounting Theta Chi, Alpha Omega Massey, Gary Bakersfield Operations Research Tellefsen Hall, Cal Band Rep-at-Large Straw Hat Band University Affairs Committee Merriam, Fred Auburn Insurance, Real Estate, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Band Martin, Judith Richmond Marketing, Alpha Gamma Delta Phi Chi Theta AMA, Ski Club Melbye, Hans Oslo, Norway Production Management Mettler, Ron Lodi Bus. Administration Kappa Sigma Meyer, Bruce Los Angeles Marketing Beta Theta Pi Mitchell, William Glendale Operations Research Delta Sigma Phi Frosh Track Nagle, George San Francisco Bus. Administration Bowles Hall Oliver, Steven Oakland Real Estate, Lambda Chi Alpha Miner, Allan Lakewood Bus. Administration Upsilon Parker, Martin Yuba City Bus. Administration Tellefsen Hall Order of the Golden Bear, University Affairs, Senior Manager Band Associate Manager Band, Straw Hat Band, Rally and Misrack, Joan San Francisco Marketing Phi Chi Theta AMA Myer, Richard Orinda International Trade Kappa Delta Rho Phi Phi, AIESEC Golden Guard, Varsity Track Big " C " Society Nettleton, Eugene El Sobrante Bus. Administration Marketing Club Delta Sigma Pi Overall, John Oakland Bus. Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon United Crusade Crew, Californians IFC Nissler, Perry Santa Barbara Bus. Administration Kappa Sigma Parsons, Dennis Albany Accounting and Production Management Pi Lambda Phi Perry, Marshall Sacramento Production Management, Phi Sigma Kappa, Class Councils, FSB Vice Chairman, IFC Junior IFC Sec. Golden Guard Phillips, Steven San Francisco Land Economics Real Estate Pond, Nancy Danville Marketing Chi Omega Phi Chi Theta AMA Power, Rich Berkeley Bus. Administration Rally Committee Bowling, Arnold Air Society Quimby, Christine Modesto Bus. Statistics Phi Chi Theta Reed, Jason Monterey Accounting Delta Sigma Phi Pfann, William Berkeley Accounting Sigma Phi Quarterdeck Society Pomeroy, Robert Berkeley Operations Research Chi Psi Tower and Flame Managing Editor Daily Californian Porter, Elizabeth Orange International Bus. Epworth Hall AIESEC Phi Chi Theta Pummill, Janet Alamo Finance Phi Chi Theta Tower and Flame Rankin, Lynnette Altadena Bus. Administration Rekers, Jerry Los Angeles Bus. Administration Phi Gamma Delta Rief, Beverly Millbrae Bus. Administration Rosecrans, William Downey Marketing Phi Kappa Tau Ski Club Ritchery, Robert Merced Bus. Administration Deutsch Hall Rosenthal, Rennee Los Angeles Personnel Phi Chi Theta Robbins, Craig Santa Rosa Marketing Phi Kappa Tau Rothschild, Mike Los Angeles Industrial Relations Kappa Sigma Class Council Rodgers, William Watsonville Production Management Sigma Alpha Epsilon Golden Guard Samuel, Joseph Sacramento Bus. Administration Political Science Sigma Alpha Mu Californians Sanger, Howard Sherman Oaks Accounting Ehrman Hall Honor Students Society, Beta Alpha Psi, ROTC Schmitz, Dennis Ro lling Hills Marketing Production Phi Kappa Tau Scott, Kent Berkeley Finance, Baseball Saxe, Steven San Francisco Accounting Phi Epsilon Pi Schroeder, Jon Burlingame Bus. Administration Phi Kappa Psi Sherk, James Danville Bus. Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon FSB Polls Council Executive Staff Architects dream of just such a picture; tall structures. The hour is late, but business papers are demanding. Simmonds, Andrew Los Angeles Accounting Marketing Club Simon, Edward Denver, Colorado Accounting Phi Epsilon Pi Stock, William Danville Accounting Putnam Hall Alpha Kappa Psi Tower and Flame Sugden, Arthur Berkeley Marketing Simoens, Claudeen Salinas Bus. Administration Phi Chi Theta Stephenson, Frank Berkeley Accounting Del Rey Sugarman, Myron San Francisco Accounting Pi Lambda Phi Golden Guard, Beta Alpha Phi, Pres. IFC Honorary, Beta Gamma Sigma Honor Students Society Sullivan, Robert Hanford Finance, Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Phi Tower and Flame Co-chairman Big " C " Circus, IFC Panhellenic Retreat Sweeney, Edward Los Angeles Accounting Lambda Chi Alpha Tankersley, Victor ia Albambra Bus. Administration Kappa Delta Thurlow, William Orinda Bus. Administration Alpha Tau Omega Yell Leader, Rally and Games Chairman Election Council, Intramurals Alpha Phi Omega Californians Ullman, Michael Berkeley Bus. Administration Phi Epsilon Pi Valenica, Robert Berkeley Indus. Relations Lambda Alpha Epsilon, Swimming Von Wald, Richard Berkeley Bus. Administration Voss, Steven San Jose Finance Delta Tau Delta Swigard, Philip Tiburon Real Estate, Honor Society Beta Gam ma Sigma Chairman Oski Committee Californians, ROTC Rally and Games Council Thode, Paul Livermore Managerial Economics Delta Chi, Band Trummel, Jane Glendale Bus. Administration Ida Sproul Hall Phi Chi Theta Ulyatt, Karren San Francisco Accounting Cheney Hall Phi Chi Theta Women ' s Rally Committee Van Valkenburgh, Nicholas Monrovia Bus. Administration Smyth Hall Vortmann, Walt San Francisco Marketing Kappa Alpha AMA, Alpha Delta Sigma, Young Republicans Watt, Reginald Chico Bus. Administration Putnam Hall Crew Weld, John San Pedro Real Estate Deutsch Hall Frosh Basketball, Baseball, Varsity Basketball, Big " C " Society, FCDB Honor Students Society Tower and Flame Williams, Hank Beverly Hills Accounting Phi Kappa Psi Wueste, Robert Carlsbad Bus. Administration Varsity Basketball Big " C " Society White, Donald Coronado Accounting Sigma Pi Secr. AMSUCSB Wiseman, Doyle Fairfield Production Management Kappa Delta Rho Yamato, Victor Pasadena Personnel Management Californians Frosh Football Varsity Football Wiesner, Donald Albany Bus. Administration Chi Phi, Crew Varsity Rowing Club, Big " C " Society Woodruff, Barry H. Lafayette Phi Kappa Tau Bus. Administration NROTC Yee, Aileen Honolulu, Hawaii Bus. Admin istration Wilkens, Detleu Palo Alto Accounting Woodruff, Barry R. San Rafael Bus. Administration Xi, IFC Zimring, Jim Berkeley Sigma Alpha Mu ALPHA KAPPA PSI — Row One: Malin Swope, Phil Lyons, Roy Thylin, Bill Winkler, Bob Padden, Hardy Hasenfuss, Jim Nelson, Dave Gadsby. Row Two: Derryl Simoens, Steve Sharp, Al Nawata, Dave Arnando, Richard Lee, George Clifford, Sam Gill, Masao louye, Jim Hunt, Bob Nolan, Alan Burchett, George Dutton. Row Three: Ron Fenolio, Gary Clark, Bill Stock, Jack Campbell, Cary Dolinko, Rich Marshall, Ted Gunn, Doug Paul, Bill Morton, Bob Woodland. Phi Chi Theta PHI CHI THETA, a professional fraternity for women majoring in Business Administration, was organized June 1, 1922, in Chicago, Illinois. Eta Chapter has been active at the University of California since 1924 and the Berkeley Alumnae Chapter since 1928. The purpose of the organization has been to promote the cause of higher business education and training for all women in business careers, and to encourage and cooperation among them. Members of Phi Chi Theta feel that it is through the exchange of ideas and the setting of higher and higher goals — reaching each in turn, that the individual is able to grow in stature. Alpha Kappa Psi ALPHA KAPPA PSI is America ' s oldest business fraternity; it was founded on October 5, 1904. The Alpha Beta Chapter is one of 126 college chapters of the fraternity, which offers its members active participation in professional activities. These activities speakers from the business community, social events, industrial tours, and a school service project, all which tend towards the student for a better position in the business world. PHI CHI THETA — Row One: Angelica Kahle, Luanne McKinney, Petie Way, Mable Fat, Barbara Zupnik, Elaine Scheer. Row Two: Sylvia Spangler, Linda Yap, Claudia Byrum, Sharol Hendricks, Eileen Costales, Row Three: Nadine Schindell, Cecile Caswell, Nancy Burpee, Barbara Schwartz. Row Four: Leslie Kelly, Barbara Lewis. RICHARD CORIOLANIOUS ARTHUR, better known as Rich, entered school activities he discovered that the success of any team is necessarily the triumph of each of its members working together. His activities at Cal include ASUC Cabinet, Cal Camp, Cal Prep, several Class Councils, the Student Worker Corps, Newman Club, The Order of the Golden Bear, Society, and an " over-zealous " participation in Senior Class meetings. Rich is a sociology major and directly after will serve in the Navy for two years. Upon completion of this " enrollment, " he plans to enter the seminary in hopes of doing missionary work later on. Karen Blank Senior Hall of Fame Keith Axtell KEITH AXTELL is a social science field major, who ' s future ambition is to go into international affairs and devote part of his life to the politics and social of the United States. Keith feels he has taken his first step in this direction through participating in, campus incuding Honor Students Society, Tower Flame, ASUC Senate both as Men ' s Residence Hall Representative and as Rep-at-Large, Senate Student Welfare Committee, Academic Affairs Committee, the Executive Board of Operation Understanding, and Chancellor ' s Committee on Student Housing, Classroom Ethics and Discrimination. Keith, a resident of for three years, received the Thomas Milton Putman Award in 1961. His plans for the immediate future are to attend at least two years of graduate school. CLARK BURNHAM is the Senior Class Yell Leader. He entered activities at Cal he had been active in high school groups, and felt that school activities and spirit were an important part of his education. He says that one activity led into another with a " snowballing At the University, Clark as a member of the Oski Committee, later becoming its chairman, of the Games and Rally Council and of the Californians. What time he did not spend on his studies or the projects of these organizations he devoted to his duties as Norton Hall ' s President. Clark is an major, plans to go into either business or business law after attending law school. Clark Burnham Rich Arthur KAREN BLANK, a Sigma Kappa, has been very active in campus affairs her four years at Cal. She was of her sorority, chairman of Rally Committee, Cal Prep Chairman has served on AWS Board, Rally and Council. Cal Club, and as a Cal Prep counselor. A history major, and minor, Karen ' s future plans include teaching elementary school. Betsy Bright BETSY BRIGHT is a Pi Beta Phi whose home town is Berkeley. She has been on the Big Game Executive Committee, Oski Dolls, and California Club. Betsy was also a member of Prytanean, the Evaluating Committee, Senior Class Council, and was President of Panile. She entered into student activities because she felt that a total university experience should involve the people and spirit which contribute to a school ' s greatness as well as the desire for knowledge. A physiology major, Betsy plans to work for her medical technician ' s license after graduation. Vic Campos VIC CAMPOS, ASUC Rep-at Large, is a member of Alpha Gamma Omega. Besides to the Order of the Golden Bear and the Californians, he participated actively in many student groups including the Activities Committee, University Committee, and the Senate Activities Committee during his stay at the University. Vic, who majored in history, plans to enter law school in the fall. His future holds the possibility of going into government and politics. Bob Draper BOB DRAPER, a history major who is planning to go into law, has been very active in student government while at Cal. He participated in activities because of his interest in student government and his desire to be a member of that Bob is currently serving as ASUC First Vice President and hence Chairman of the Finance Committee and Men ' s Executive Board. His many other activities have included sitting on the ASUC Cabinet, being ASUC Chairman of the Union Advisory Board, and a very active member of both the Californian Club and the Crusade for Christ. Bob is a member of the Alpha Gamma Omega fraternity. Darrell Friedman DARRELL FRIEDMAN, a Phi Epsilon Pi, says his major interest is participating in extracurricular activities. This is certainly evident in looking at his contributions to the work of the Council, Judicial Committee, Chancellor ' s Committee on University affairs, and Committee on Fraternity Affairs. Darrell was also a member of the Californians, the Order of the Golden Bear, the 1962 Executive Big Game Week Committee, and was the producer of the 1962 Axe Review. Mary Jo Durham MARY JO DURHAM, who majored in Political Science, was Women ' s Hall representative to the ASUC Se nate, a member of Mortar Board, Prytanean, AWS Board, Honor Society, and Pi Sigma Alpha, a national political science honorary. She has held various offices in the Dormitories including WDA President and Vice President of Freeborn Hall. Mary Jo ' s future plans are focused on attending law school after her Mike Gold T. Hoadly is a name all Daily Cal readers immediately recognize. And who is T. Hoadly? None other than MICHAEL GOLD, whose many around campus have included, being Treasurer and President of Hall, Men ' s Residence Hall Rep on ASUC Senate, and Rep-at-Large, besides writing his column for the campus newspaper. A Political major, Mike is uncertain of his future plans, but is considering both teaching and a career in law. David Hafleigh DAVID HAFLEIGH came to Cal as a after attending Harvey Mudd A member of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity, he is a mechanical major. During his two years at Cal Dave has participated in many Activities such as the 1962 Big Game Week Committee, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, Phi Phi, Men ' s Executive Board, President of and the Executive Spree of the Order of the Golden Bear. After graduation, Dave plans to go on to graduate school for a Master ' s degree in Business Administration and intends to live in Arizona. Sydney Henshaw SYDNEY HENSHAW has had a busy senior year the duties of Rep-at-Large and chairman of Senior Week. A Gamma Phi Beta, she is an active member of Cal Club and Gavel and Quill. Sydney her ASUC activities and participation in class as a sophomore. From there she went on to become both Junior Class Vice Presicent and President. During her junior year, Sydney was also chairman of the Big Circus. Although she majored in Political Science, Sydney hopes to go to New York and find a job in merchandising. Sue Herney SUE HERNEY, a member of Alpha Xi Delta Sorority and Panhellenic President for 1964, feels that her participation in activities stems from her enthusiasm and interest both as a university student and sorority woman, in helping to make things function effectively. Her activities have included being a member of University Affairs Committee, Oski Dolls and AWS Board. A major in Communications and Public Policy, Sue hopes to go into U.S. Government She is best noted for sleeping through morning classes, soapboxing, and being a ' ' comic element in basketball. " Vicki Keller VICKI KELLER is the Panhellenic Woman of the year. A Phi Beta Kappa in her junior year, Vicki served on the Phi Beta Kappa council. Her other academic honors included a Regent ' s Scholarship and the Kraft Award. Vicki, a past president of her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, was a member of Oski Dolls, Panile, Cal Club, Prytanean, Big Game Committee, Little Sisters of Minerva, president of Mortar Board, and the Committee on Undergraduate Ethics. Tom Hobday Interfraternity Council President, TOM began participating in student because as a member of the community he felt a responsibility to do what he could for it. He is president of his fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, of the Ski Club, and the originator of the Winter Carnival. Some of Tom ' s other activities being a member of the Men ' s Board, the Chancellor ' s Advisory on Discrimination, Californians, of the Golden Bear, and Golden Guard. He is in the School of Business specializing in insurance. Mary Kinnick MARY KINNICK came to the University it was a " huge, competitive, impersonal place — just like society at large. ' ' Reach ing out to student government, she became active in several branches of it and through her activities found the university not so ' ' large and impersonal. ' ' Her activities include the ASUC cabinet, the ASUC Union Program Board chairmanship, and the ASUC Finance Committee. She was also a member of the Student Center Advisory Committee, Prytanean Society, Mortar Board and the Chamber and Concert Bands. Her major is Political Science. Last summer, Mary was a student assistant with the Labor Relations Board in D.C. Benette Kuper Being an independent living at home in Berkeley and wanting to become integrated into campus life, BENETTE KUPER became in- terested in student activities. She is both a social science field major and a French major. Her current activities inculde AWS Orienta- tions Chairman, Publicity chairman for the senior class, and vice president of Prytanean. She is also a member of the ASUC Cabinet, the Daily Cal Publisher ' s Board, Cal Club, and Gavel and Quill. In the past, Benette has served as publicity chairman for the Union Program Board and Spring Sing, as a Cal Prep counselor, and as a member of the executive committee for Big Game Week. Mel Levine This year ' s ASUC President, MEL LEVINE, has been active in public affairs for as long as he can remember. Mel has served as Senior Rep, Rep-at-Large, Lower Division Rep, and Freshman class President. He has been very active, while at Cal, in the ASUC Senate, on the University Affairs Committee, the Finance Committee, Cal Club, Californians, Men ' s Executive Board, Honor Students Society, and Gavel and Quill. An honor student for four years, Mel plans to work for a Ph.D in Political Science or in History. His goal is to spend his life inspiring in others a realization and understanding of the importance of free institutions to a democratic society. In order to accomplish this end, Mel would like to teach Science or History on a university campus. Gail Lopin GAIL LOPIN, who is majoring in both economics and music, has served as chairman of the ASUC music and has been a member of Orchestra. Gail was active in the CI-WDA Residence Hall Affiliate program, and she chaired the Student Educational Faculty Relations Board. Mortar Board, Prytanean, ASUC University Affairs Committee, WDA, madrigal singing groups, and violin concerts also helped to keep Gail busy. Jim Mc Namara Sigma Chi JIM MC NAMARA ' S activities are many and diverse, ranging from Head Yell Leader, Megaphone Society, Cal Club and the Californians to President of Gavel and Quill, and Tower and Flame. He also has served on the Cal Prep executive committee, the ASUC Cabinet, Men ' s Executive Board, Class Officers Board, and as chairman of the Rally and Games Committee. Jim, who is a speech major because he wanted to get a wider background than is offered in the sciences, plans to attend the University of California Dental School in San Francisco and obtain his DDS. Mary Mc Gowan MARY MC GOWAN, an English major who has enjoyed being on the Daily Cal staff since her first semester here, was the fall 1963 editor of that illustrious publication. Her other activities included Mortar Board, Theta Sigma Phi, Cal Club, and University Affairs Committee. As for future plans, Mary would like to get a job with one of the Bay Area papers or go into magazine work. Pam Newmark PAM NEWMARK, who was a voting delegate last summer to the 16th Student Association Congress, has demonstrated a great interest in campus activities. During her career, she was elected to Tower and Flame, Panile, Gavel and Quill, and Prytanean. Pam has also served on the AWS Board, ASUC Senate, Board and ASUC Academic Affairs Committee. After graduation Pam intends to join the Peace Corps, get her secondary education and ultimately work in the U. S. Foreign Service. Julie O ' Donnell JULIE O ' DONNELL is a political science major and an English minor whose campus offices included being vice president of her senior class, of Gavel and Quill, and of Class Officers Board. She has been active in AWS Board, CI Council, class council, High School Speakers Bureau, Newman Club, and has served as a legislative assistant for Rep-at-Large. Julie ' s post graduate plans are focused first on doing church missionary work in South America, and then a secondary teaching Marty Parker The heart of the Cal Band this year has been MARTY PARKER. Marty a member in his freshman year and since then has risen to the of Activities Associate Manager, and finally Senior Band Manager. Marty has also played in the Straw Hat Band, and been active in Rally and Games Council, Californians, Affairs Committee, Cal Club, and the Order of the Golden Bear. His Band activities, Marty believes, fit in well with his Business major, and will be invaluable as a base for establishing himself in the business world after graduation. Andrew Shields ANDREW SHIELDS, an Economics major is Senior track manager, a member of Phi Beta Kappa, Delta Phi Epsilon, Big " C " Society, and the Order of the Golden Bear. In his " spare time, " he advises a YWCA youth group and plays the cello in an ensemble which calls itself ' ' The North Oakland Baroque Elephant Andy has applied for a Rhodes scholarship and hopes to Oxford in the near future. Scott Samuelsen SCOTT SAMUELSEN, a mechanical engineering major, plans to return to Cal next fall for graduate, specializing in the aeronautical sciences. Scott says he participates in activities for the various they afford him, and the opportunity to give something back to the University. His activities have included Big Game Week chairman in 1962, chairman of the California Club, Order of the Golden Bear, secretary of Californians, and on University Affairs Committee. Scott is a member of Tau Beta Pi, has been an Alumni Scholar, and was on the Dean ' s list during the last t hree years. Peggy Tarr PEGGY TARR, a January graduate, who is a familiar face around the ASUC Information desk, was a of Mortar Board, Prytanean, Cal Club, Torch and Shield, Panile, and Gavel and Quill. She also participated in the activities planning commission, Women ' s Rally Committee, and was chairman of the orientations council. Those who have heard her sing agree Peggy has a great future in music. She has appeared in two Gilbert and Sullivan summer productions on and was the only to sing in the West Coast production of Handel ' s Semele in 1962. Her current activities include graduate school in Elementary Marylee Taylor Alpha Xi Delta MARYLEE TAYLOR held a great variety of Student prior to her election as ASUC second Vice-President. She was a member of Mortar Board, Panile, and was elected to Phi Beta Kappa in her Junior year. Through her association with the A S U C, Marylee, a psychology major, has become interested in doing graduate work in student personnel and perhaps future work of that type on a campus of this University. Rowland Stanley Senior Class President, ROWLAND STANLEY is a mechanical major. Next year, while his musical activities, which include his rock and roll band, he plans to work towards a M. S. in Aeronautical Sciences. His many activities at the university the Cal swim team, of Air society, " honor society, Californians, Big " C " Society, Order of the Golden Bear, Cal Club, Pi Tau Sigma, and Gavel and Quill. was also chairman of the Class Board and of " Axe Wednesday, " 1962, and has been a member of the ASUC Cabinet. Rowland a 4.0 during his Junior year at the same time he served his class as Yell Leader. William Storey WILLIAM STOREY, a Sigma Phi Epsilon, was a January graduate, who, serving in his capacity as First Vice-President, chaired the ASUC Finance Committee and Men ' s Executive Board. He was also Union Advisory Board chairman, a member of the Order of the Golden Bear, of Cal Club, and of the Californians. Bill ' s major is Political Science. He plans to enter either Boalt or Hastings College of Law in the fall. Kathleen Tuck Alpha Phi, KATHLEEN TUCK has spent an active four year here at Cal. She participated on the Achievement Evaluation Board, was of the Daily Cal Publishing Board, and was a member of Prytanean and Oski Dolls. President of her sorority, Kathy has also been active on Panhellenic Board. Her future plans include getting married soon after she Senior Farewell Senior Week combined sentimental memories of the past four years and anticipation of the future. Thursday afternoon, the class met at Sather Gate in caps and gowns to begin the traditional Senior Pilgrimage, visiting Faculty Glade, the Greek Theater, Founder ' s Rock and Sather Tower. Then came the last Senior Class Meeting, at LaVal ' s, of course. On Friday, Baccalaureate was read in Hertz Hall, followed by the President ' s and Chancellor ' s Reception, and that evening, by the farewell dance. At midnight, the Senior was crowned, as the danced into the morning that later brought the 101st and their farewell to Cal. Commencement Exercises were held in Memorial Stadium this year on the thirteenth of June. Junior Class Officers Lynn Simms Fall Vice President Spring President Sid Isreals Spring Vice President Patiianne Nagle Secretary-Treasurer Paul Dekar Yell Leader Bob Tannonbaum Fall President Junior Class Cal students move into the community lounge at UCLA during All-U-Weekend. Students enjoy the Junior Class Dance Originality was the key word of the Junior Class this year. They organized the Junior Class Steering for those active members who wanted to the spirit of the Class of ' 65, sponsored an Talent Hootenany, and even a Faculty Talent Show. The Freshman Class Pilgrimage, a Rooters Train to UCLA for All-U-Weekend, Big Game Concert the Post-Big-Game Rally Dance, and the Inter-Middy Ball were also organized and presented by this active class. In addition, the Juniors were responsible for the Freshman Class Orientation as well as initial Freshmen Class meetings and elections. The Junior Class sponsored the Rooters Train to UCLA for ALL-U-Weekend. Sophomore Class Officers Dave Dwight President Marily Allen Secretary-Treasurer Pete Greenough Yell Leader Barbara Moor Blood Bank Drive Chairman Rick Horning Soph. Week Chairman Lynne Wisdom Special Activities Chairman Sophomore Class The Sopohomore Class, besides trying to keep the Big gold instead of green, has sponsored a welter of activities this year, including their annual Blood Bank Drive, a til dance, and another dance, the of the Bolds " held after the Cal-Stanford game. Also, of course, they conducted their traditional Soph Week, packed with activities, including a concert by the New Christy Minstrels, a Spring Sports Rally, a football game between the sophomore boys and the Mills College girls, and climaxed by the crowning of the Soph Doll at the Coronation Dance. Diane Reese, a Chi Omega, was chosen Soph Doll for 1963. Diane Reese Soph Doll SOPHOMORE CLASS COUNCIL — Row One: Claudette Velarde, Marily Allen, Judy Coals. Row Two: Rick Horning, Pete Greenough, Dave Dwight, Tom Stimson, Mike Fitzsimmons. Freshman Class Officers Mike Lauder Vice President Art Shartsis President Robert Fisher Vice President Maggie Milsted Secretary-Treasurer Freshman Class The freshmen won the Frosh-Soph Brawl. Freshmen are privileged with the duty of feeding the rally bonfires. The magic formula of the Freshman Class this year was spirit plus action plus plenty of green paint. They sponsored a Kickoff Dance, a cabaret with Walt Brown and freshman a night club dance, " Club 67, " featuring freshman talent, a Frosh dinner dance, and Frosh Night with buses to Park to see the Giant-Dodger baseball game. They also joined with the Senior Class to cut a record, " Sounds of Cal, " and kept the Big green. For the benefit of Cal Camp, the spirited freshmen presented a Johnny Mathis concert, a Big " C " Sirkus dance, and a booth at the Big " C " Sirkus. The greatest contribution of this active class, however, is the precedent it has set for all following Classes, in the formation of the Brick Mueller Society, Cal ' s first freshman spirit organization. Industrious freshmen kept the Big ' ' C ' ' green this year. Proceeds from the Johnny Mathis Concert went to Cal Camp. Class Officers Board CLASS OFFICERS BOARD — Row One: Dave Dwight, Art Shartsis, Jill Brady, Rowland Stanley, Julie O ' Donnell, Bob Tannonbaum. Row Two: Larry Minner, Steve Fossett, Mike Lander, Maggie Milsted, Marily Allen, Clark Burnham, Pattianne Nagel, Paul Dekar, Bill Ellsworth, advisor. CLASS OFFICERS BOARD consists of the president, vice president, secretary-treasurer, and yell leader of each of the four classes. Its job is to coordinate the activities of the classes and to promote interest in student The board also sponsors events such as after-game dances and the annual Santa Claus Contest. COB is also represented on the Activities Planning Coordinating The new student offices building should be ready for use next fall. Mike Epstein Santa Claus Mike Epstein, a criminology major from Fairfax, was chosen Santa Claus this year by the Associated Students of the University. First-baseman on the Cal baseball team, Mike is considering both a career in baseball and law. While he served as Santa, he visited hospitals in the Berkeley area, talking to many of the children. Alpha Epsilon Phi sponsored Mike in the Santa Claus Contest, which was planned by the Class Officers Board to raise money for Cal Camp. Candidates for Santa Claus were nominated by the different women ' s living groups, and voting consisted of a penny per ballot. Activities, Clubs And Societies A colorful and integral part of the student ' s life at the University is participation in organized extracurricular activities. From professional societies to spirit organizations and sports, from committee work to performance in musical and dramatic events, from politically and socially oriented debates to folk dancing classes, there is a club or activity offered to suit the particular interests and needs of every Cal student. Besides providing an opportunity for social contacts and relaxation from the pressures of academic life, the University feels participation in the various activities on c ampus contributes to a well-rounded education. A Few Cal Traditions... Registration Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can shorten the Reg Line. Here freshmen learn about the University of California. And here sophomores, juniors, and seniors wish they hadn ' t forgotten to Register-by-Mail. Oski Oski, the spirit bear of California, was originated in 1941, when Bill Rockwell, a University student, drew a cartoon symbolizing " spirit " for the Daily Californian. A paper mache model was made to resemble the cheerful bear ' s head. Students can see the frisky bear being obnoxious and energetic at the Cal games and rallies. The 1962 Blue and Gold was dedicated to Oski for his twentieth anniversary. Pedro Legend Around the campus during each season of final examinations, when students are studying hard and begin to get tired, you may hear a weird call in the distance, " Peeedrooh. " Soon this cry rings throughout the campus and becomes a mournful wail. There are many explanations for this weird tradition. The most popular of the legends provides one last ray of hope during finals. Pedro, a dog belonging to one of the earlier presidents of the University, was lost in the Berkeley hills. After a fruitless search, the president gave up and promised that there would be no more finals if the dog was found. So every semester the cry echoes across campus as optimistic students wait for the dog to come home. Ludwig ' s Fountain Ludwig von Schwarenberg owns the fountain between the Student Union and Sather Gate. Ludwig splashes daily, whether the fountain be filled with soapsuds, or colored chartreuse, entertaining those students who can find time to pause and watch him. The fountain, which was built in 1961, probably would have been named for a Regent or a famous professor, had Ludwig not adopted it as soon as the water was put in, and guarded it faithfully ever since. A Few Cal Traditions... Registration Neither rain nor sleet nor snow can shorten the Reg Line. Here freshmen learn about the University of California. And here sophomores, juniors, and seniors wish they hadn ' t forgotten to Register-by-Mail. Oski Oski, the spirit bear of California, was originated in 1941, when Bill Rockwell, a University student, drew a cartoon symbolizing " spirit " for the Daily Californian. A paper mache model was made to resemble the cheerful bear ' s head. Students can see the frisky bear being obnoxious and energetic at the Cal games and rallies. The 1962 Blue and Gold was dedicated to Oski for his twentieth anniversary. Pedro Legend Around the campus during each season of final examinations, when students are studying hard and begin to get tired, you may hear a weird call in the distance, " Peeedrooh. " Soon this cry rings throughout the campus and becomes a mournful wail. There are many explanations for this weird tradition. The most popular of the legends provides one last ray of hope during finals. Pedro, a dog belonging to one of the earlier presidents of the University, was lost in the Berkeley hills. After a fruitless search, the president gave up and promised that there would be no more finals if the dog was found. So every semester the cry echoes across campus as optimistic students wait for the dog to come home. Ludwig ' s Fountain Ludwig von Schwarenberg owns the fountain between the Student Union and Sather Gate. Ludwig splashes daily, whether the fountain be filled with soapsuds, or colored chartreuse, entertaining those students who can find time to pause and watch him. The fountain, which was built in 1961, probably would have been named for a Regent or a famous professor, had Ludwig not adopted it as soon as the water was put in, and guarded it faithfully ever since. " Freshmen, more wood! " " Freshmen, bring more wood, " is one of the loudest yells at the Cal football rallies each fall. Traditionally, freshmen are responsible for the rally bonfires and must see that they are burning brightly. The sophomores, juniors, and seniors make the work easier by " encouraging " the freshmen. Andy Smith Legend At every Big Game Rally, with each student holding a lighted candle, an eulogy to Andy Smith is read. Between 1920 and 1923, the Cal football team won 36 games and tied 2. When Andy Smith died in 1926, his funeral was held at the entrance to Memorial Stadium, and following his request, his ashes were scattered over the Stadium. The tribute to the coach of the " Wonder Team " is also a reminder of the spirit of Cal athletics. On the players ' bench in the Stadium is inscribed the following quote from Andy Smith: " We do not want men who will lie down bravely to die, but men who will fight valiantly to live. Winning is not everything and it is far better to play the game squarely and lose than to win at the sacrifice of an ideal. " Golden Cannon An old tradition has caused the start of a new one this year. Traditionally, each Senior Class presents the University with a gift. This year ' s gift is a " Golden Cannon, " to be shot off each time Cal scores a touchdown. Its debut was the Big Game Rally, but the new tradition offically began at the 1963 Big Game. ASUC Organizational Structure ASUC CABINET VOTING MEMBERS ASUC President — Chairman 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President FSB Chairman IRB Chairman AWS Chairman MEB Chairman SSB Chairman UPB Chairman Pub. Bd. Chairman P PR Chairman D. C. Rep. Class Presidents NON VOTING MEMBERS NSA Ex. Dir. ASUC SENATE VOTING MEMBERS ASUC President — Chairman 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President Seven ASUC Representatives-At-Large Sorority Rep. Fraternity Rep. Men ' s Residence Rep. Women ' s Residence Rep. Men ' s Co-op Rep. Women ' s Co-op Rep. Two Commuters Rep. Faculty Rep. Chancellor Rep. Alumni Rep. NON VOTING MEMBERS NSA Rep. D. C. Rep. Ex. Dir. The President Mel Levine President Mel Levine has served as President of the ASUC throughout 1963-1964 and has acted as the official student representative of the University. As presiding officer of the ASUC Cabinet and Senate, he has directed legislation through these two voting bodies and has given students on campus the opportunity to voice their opinions on any aspect of the University, social, cultural, or academic. One of the President ' s responsibilities to the ASUC was to call meetings of the entire association and to act as liaison between the students and the University Administration. The Vice - Presidents Bob Draper First Vice-President Marylee Taylor Second Vice-President Serving as First Vice-President of the ASUC was Bob Draper. In addition to assisting the ASUC President at all student functions, Bob was chairman of Men ' s Executive Board and worked as a voting member of the ASUC Cabinet and Finance Committee. Marylee Taylor was elected Second Vice-President and, in assuming her duties, became chairman of the Associated Women Students Board. She was also in charge of the Activity Evaluation Committee, the Activity Planning-Coordination Committee, and served as a voting member of the ASUC Senate. One of Marylee ' s main jobs this year has been to promote good relations between U.S. students and foreign students on campus. Representatives REPRESENTATIVES-AT-LARGE — Row One: Jerry Beckman, Sydney Henshaw, Pat liyama, Dave Walls. Row Two: Charles Powell, Mike Gold, Keith Axtell. Jerry Goldstein and Dan Griset discuss a proposal to be presented to the Senate. Each week, before the ASUC Senate meeting, the Representativesat-Large a nd the Area Representatives meet on an informal basis to discuss pending legislation and to consider more chronic, or long-run, problems of the Association. Many compromises are reached before the legislation is formally debated on the Senate floor. The efficient and well-run Senate committees on academic affairs, student welfare and activities, and ASUC operations, have made all-night Senate meetings an anachronism. Reps ' meetings are chaired by the Senior Representative-at-Large, who, for the fall semester, was Keith Axtell. Elected as Reps for the spring are Bob George, Jerry Goldstein, and Dan Griset. Cabinet The CABINET, which is the executive branch of the ASUC, is responsible for the coordination of the various activity boards and class councils. The chairmen of Functional Services Board, International Relations Board, Publicity and Public Relations Board, together with the four class presidents and the First and Second Vice-Presidents comprise the voting membership. The N.S.A. Coordinator, the Editor of the Daily Californian, and the Executive Director also sit on this committee, but they are non-voting members. The Cabinet is chaired by the ASUC President. CABINET — Row One: Pattianne Nagel, Steve Marmer, Rowland Stanley, Bennette Kuper. Row Two: Mike Lauder, Susie Lippett, Mel Levine, Chairman, Bob Draper, Marylee Taylor. Row Three: Mary Kinnick, Mike Adams, Dave Dwight, Louis Rohlicek, Don Zinn, Barbara Beard, Marsha Bratten, Jim Duerr. SENATE—Row One: Pat liyama, Pe te Muldaven, Bob Draper, Mel Levine, Marylee Taylor, Dean Towle, Secretary. Row Two: Mr. Tregea, Mike Gold, Syd Henshaw, Charlie Powell, Pam Newmark, Walt Buck, Dick Davis, Mary Jo Durham, Bob George, Dave Wells, Mary McGowen, Jerry Beckman. FINANCE COMMITTEE — Row One: Bennette Kuper, Bob Draper, Nina Dubrow, Bob George. Row Two: Barbara Beard, Garth Blier, Forrest Tregea, Jon Shawl, Dick Erickson, Charlie Powell, Charles Domokos, Mel Levine. Senate The SENATE is the legislative branch of the ASUC. It has two primary functions: to serve as the Board of Directors for the two and one-quarter million dollar ASUC operation and to work on University problems in the interests of students. It is responsible for instituting and maintaining ASUC policies and programs, and for determining the scope and degree of student government activity. Of primary concern this year have been the academic excellence of the University and the situation of the foreign student in the University community. One noteworthy policy established during the fall semester bars ASUC cooperation with any organization that practices discrimination. Finance Committee During the year, the job of the FINANCE COMMITTEE is to consider all expenditures of non-budgeted items. In the last part of each spring semester, the Finance Committee accepts budget requests from those ASUC groups requiring money for the coming year. From this information and the projected revenue of the Association, the committee prepares a budget for the coming year, which is then submitted to the ASUC Senate for confirmation or change. The Finance Committee has met this year under Chairman Bob Draper, ASUC First Vice President. ASUC Permanent Personnel Forrest Tregea Executive Director The administrative head of the ASUC is Forrest Tregea, who holds the title of Executive Director. Prior to accepting this position, Mr. Tregea was the Business Manager of U. C. at Berkeley. The PERMANENT PERSONNEL, who include the Band and Choral Directors, the Publications Manager, and the Activities Advisor, give guidance and advice to the students in their respective and help manage the daily problems that arise. ASUC PERMANENT PERSONNEL — Row One: Constance Gomperts, Barbara Beard, Virginia Furtney. Row Two: James Berdahl, Dr. McKelvy, Forrest Tregea, Stan Elliot, Walter Frederick. The ASUC employs full-time professional personnel to manage the services of the Association. The AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES BOARD is composed of the heads of each of these enterprises as well as the Executive Director and Controller. ASUC businesses include the store, bowling lanes, games room, Cal Lodge, Graphic Arts, and Cap and Gown. The services provided by the Auxiliary Enterprises are the Cashier Service, Building Office, Accounting and Purchasing and Personnel Office. Garth Blier is Controller of the ASUC, and in that capacity is responsible for the financial and business activity of the Association. This includes budgeting, and accounting. Mr. Blier previously worked as a Certified Public Accountant. Garth Blier Controller AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES — Row One: Charles Moos, Ruth DuFrane, Garth Blier. Row Two: Leland Cooper, Andrew Dorsey, Floyd Stone, Ed Kirwan. UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE — Row One: Sue Frieder, Marty Parker, Charlie Powell, Jon Shawl, Mel Levine, Mary McGowan, Pat Mar, Jerry Ribordy, Charles Jones, Dean Towle. Row Two: Dick Erickson, Arleigh Williams, Gene Johnson, Gail Lopin, Professor Bingham, Dan Griset, Jim McNamara, Nick Van Valkenburgh, Peter Muldavin, Pat Axtell, Alex Sherriffs, Mike Gold, Forrest Tregea, Lyman Porter, Mary Kinnick, Betty Neely, Bob Draper. University Affairs The UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS serves as an advisory board to the Chancellor on topics which concern the University as a whole. Meetings are held twice a week under the chairmanship of Mel ASUC President. The committee also includes faculty members, the First and Second Vice-Presidents, and twenty-five students. The Chancellor brings up questions for discussion and uses results by the group in deciding on future plans of action. National Students Association The Berkeley chapter of the NATIONAL STUDENT aids the ASUC in carrying out the national policies and programs of the group. This committee handles communications and provides information on of student administration to the various activities on campus. This year ' s NSA Campus Co-ordinator, Jim Duerr, was appointed by a majority vote of the Senate. Jim Duerr NSA Coordinator Carl Jacobs NSA Coordinator Student Union Advisory Board The STUDENT UNION ADVISORY BOARD is composed of three members of the faculty, and three students. The ASUC First acts as chairman of the board. Making to the Executive Director, the ASUC Senate, and the Chancellor on all matters concerning the operation and future growth of the Student Union is the group ' s main responsibility. Activities Evaluation Committee ACTIVITIES EVALUATION COMMITTEE — Mary Jo Durham, Marylee Taylor, Bob Haas, Jim Duerr, Barbara Beard. The ACTIVITIES EVALUATION COMMITTEE is headed by the ASUC Second Vice-President, Marylee Taylor. She appoints the other ten members of the committee, who are generally upper-division students with experience in campus activities. They report on and discuss all aspects of the ASUC program, structure, and personnel. After evaluation of ASUC sponsored activities, this committee makes suggestions for improvements in the various projects and organizations. Miss Barbara Beard, Activities Advisor for the ASUC, and Mrs. Jill Porter of the Dean ' s Office, serve as advisors for the group. SPEAKER ' S COMMITTEE—Left to Right: Dean Owens, Travis Bogard, Marylee Taylor, Barbara Beard, Bill Miller. Missing: Jackie Cuyler, Dr. Alex Sheriffs, Dr. Thomas Blaisdell, Mr. Richard Hafner. Speakers Committee The SPEAKERS COMMITTEE is chaired by the ASUC Second Vice-President, Marylee Taylor. It includes representatives from the International Relations Board, the UPB Public Affairs and the Speakers ' Assistants from the Second Vice-President ' s Office. The committee ' s work is supervised by faculty advisors, Dr. Blaisdell, Dr. Bogard, who also represents the Arts and Committee, and Dr. Sheriffs from the Office. Meeting every two weeks, this group discusses, evaluates, and suggests for the University campus. Student Judicial Committees The main purpose of the STUDENT JUDICIAL COMMITTEE is to handle cases which arise from violations of the ASUC constitution. The also tries students who have violated the ASUC election rules. The group must determine the of the violation and the punishment of the offender. Serving as a sounding board for legislative proposals in the ASUC Senate, the eight committee members offer opinions on the propositions and make any suggestions for revisions or New members are by the present Student Committee and appointed by the Chancellor. STUDENT JUDICIAL Hoffman, Marilyn Hughes, Bruce Silverman, William Barbee, Eric Van de Water, Nancy Terry, Ronald Yank. WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE is composed of seven upper-division women students, four seniors and three juniors. New Members are appointed by the Chancellor upon the current committee ' s recommendation, and serve until graduation. Women ' s Judicial Committee has over theft cases, matters of cheating, and AWS lockout violations. After disciplinary measures are suggested by the group, the Chancellor decides upon any further action to be carried out for the punishment of the individual. MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE: Dean William McCormack, Chuck Leo, Harvey Sajerstein, Alex Krem, J. Richard Chairman, Michael Marcus, George Caplan, Dean George Murphy. Missing: John Gilman. WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE: Vickie Daly, Patty Chapman, Lani Ingham, Pat O ' Toole, Nancy Wills, Marcia Mac Dougall, Susan Wilder. MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE deals with the disciplinary of men students on campus. The members listen to cases of cheating, mischief, plagiarism, and book theft, and recommend corrective measures to the Chancellor. The students on Men ' s Judicial Committee number four seniors, and three juniors. is approved each spring by the Chancellor. AWS BOARD — Row One: Marsha Bratten, Karen Blank, Julie O ' Donnell, Sue Herney, Mary Jo Durham, Joyce Bailey. Row Two: Irene Hartung, Cheryl Pugh, Mrs. Neely, Advisor, Marylee Taylor, Chairman, Jane Downer, Pattianne Nagle. Row Three: Judy Primm, Diane Jelcick, Janet Primm, Peggy Exter, Judy Coats, Barbara Frost, Lynda Fall, Jan Wilner, Pam Newmark, Lani Ingham. The ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS BOARD represents all women at the and their opinions on matters of campus or community interest. The Board is composed of members from each women ' s organization at Cal as well as a representative of each of the class These girls plan programs for women students and help coordinate the activities of the individual The ASUC Second Vice-President is AWS chairman. The ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS CABINET acts as a nucleus of the AWS Board and plans its activities. It includes the Vice-Chairman, Corresponding Secretary, Recording Publicity Chairman, Handbook Chairman, Orientations Chairman, Chairman, and Social Chairman, of the group. These Chairmanships are filled each spring after interviewing of applicants by the present Board Associated Women Students and Men ' s Executive Board AWS CABINET — Row One: Joyce Bailey, Art Coordinator, Cheryl Pugh, AWS Vice-chairman, Peggy Exter, Handbook chairman. Row Two: Barbara Frost, Secretary, Janet Primm, Social chairman, Diane Jelcick, Activity chairman, Irene Publicity chairman. Missing: Bennette Kuper, Orientations chairman. MEB — Mike Adams, Jan Chilton, Lynn Sims, Dave Hafleigh, Rowland Stanley, Ross Edwards, Lou Bluestein, Bruce Corbet, Richard Venning, Tom Hobday. MEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD consists of representatives from Council, Californians, Rally and Games Committee, University Students Co-op Association, Big " C " Society, Alpha Phi Omega, Men ' s Judicial Committee, YMCA, Intramural Men ' s Rally Committee, and a member from each class government. The purpose of the Board is to plan activities for men on campus and to recommend to the ASUC Senate. The Men ' s Executive Board is directed by the ASUC First Vice-President. A W S Models Models for the AWS Fall Fashion Show were: Lynne Bickerstaff, Patsy Ann Coffee, Maureen Doughty, Diane Fester, Jan Horn, Linda Lee Johnson, Marcia MacDougall, Helen Miller, Leslie Miller, Alice Movius, Janet Primm, Judy Primm, Sue Rau, Mardi Wetherbee, Hank Pat Wong, Diane Greer, Kathy Parker, and Sonja Untiedt. Sixteen University co-eds were selected as AWS models during the fall semester. These girls were judgd on ap- pearance, poise, and modeling potential by a committee of AWS Cabinet and Board members, and representatives from the University administration. The models were featured in the fall AWS fashion show, " Wonderful World of Cal, " and appeared in the Women ' s Week fash- ion program as well. In addition to gaining valuable modeling experience, these girls served as hostesses for University functions, and assisted at the foreign student coffee hours. They welcomed students at the Student Leaders Convention which met at Cal last December. Janet Primm, one of the models, served as chairman of the AWS Social Committee. This group, functioning as part of AWS Cabinet, coordinated the models ' activities and planned Women ' s Week for all women students on campus. Jan Horn models the newest look for home entertainment. The twins, Helen and Leslie Miller, pose for the photographer in their suit ensembles and flare coats. Judy and Janet Primm stand in front of the Pelican publication building in matching wool dresses with colorful scarves. YWCA — Row One (kneeling): Kathleen Barta, Julie Chang, Frances Takaki, Laurene Wu, Mara Larson. Row Two: Madeleine Penhoet, Loretta Ghens, Loene Terry, Jane Lindsey, Linda Larssen. Row Three: Katherine Wilkinson, Margaret Friedmann, Linda Jankowski, Christine Heidbrink, Robin Rylett, K. J. Schenck, Karen Fink. YWCA The UNIVERSITY YWCA has continued its objectives of social action, community service, and international understanding through its group programs in 1963-64. Project Motivation, Leadership Development, and the Citizen Education Project are three such programs designed to the community awareness, background, and intellectual of Berkeley children and adults. Community Service volunteers and School Resource Volunteers, organized by the YWCA, fill an important need in agencies and schools for young people to give patients, and disturbed children special The Student-Faculty group fills a special need in the campus community by providing a means for students to better acquainted with faculty members. The Latin American Seminar, the Sino-Soviet Seminar and Program attempt on both the and personal levels to increase understanding, and to open channels of communication between East and West. YMCA The UNIVERSITY YMCA, located in Stiles Hall, serves as an organization which promotes and spiritual growth in men. One of the main objectives of this group is to show men the benefits which life has to offer, through social, educational, and cultural outlets. Programs in the field of racial equality, international and inter-cultural communication, comparative the arts, and community service are in order to give University students an to develop interests in areas which might be unfamiliar to them. Coffee hours are held with University faculty and important leaders. YMCA members participate in summer work camps, student-faculty programs to help underprivileged children, and other service projects for the community. Student YMCA conferences are held with other YMCA chapters where members are able to form new friendships and pursue similar interests. Participation in any of these YMCA programs is opened to all men on the University campus. YMCA—Row One: Mr. Thannis, Tony Scarr, Walter Crawford, Kit Ratcliff, Warren Robinson, Ross Quan. Row Two: Jerry Thomas, Fred Branstetter, Fran Linsley, Pete Sathrop, Steve Dauaff, John Martin, Bob Lindenberg, Eric Roost, Ed Warren, Ron Broglio, Dave Wasley. Cal Camp The Frosh Class sponsored an appearance by Johnny Mathis this spring, adding the proceeds to the Cal Camp fund. Camp Alpine, in the High Sierras, is the scene of summer camping activities for East Bay underprivileged children. This camp is supervised by students of the University. A board of twenty students acts as the administrative body of the camp, while fifty counselors make up the staff. These students participate in an orientation work shop held during the spring semester. There they learn methods of organizing activities and outdoor games. They are taught how to handle problems which might arise with the children. More than 200 children attend Cal Camp each year, and engage in a program of swimming, crafts, and outdoor sports. Money for this camp is raised through the Ugly Man Contest, Santa Claus Contest, and Big C Circus. CAL CAMP COMMITTEE—Row One: Mike Lauder, John Bianucci, Peggy Jean Sagu, Catherine Reeks, Ellen Schlachter, Brenda Manning, Harvey Row Two: Lindi Bortney, Mary Stusiak, George Phillips, Ann Pittison, Billy True, Carol Shay, Shiela Weller, Peter Rosenwald, Jerri Marchetti. Boys and girls have frequent recreation sessions at Cal Camp. Cal Campers receive cake and ice cream from their counselors. Students at the Operation Understanding Fall weekend retreat at Camp Chabot, in the Oakland hills. OPERATION UNDERSTANDING is in its third year of work on the Berkeley campus. Organized by Stiles Hall and co-sponsored by the ASUC, its is twofold: to inform students of service in the U.S. and abroad, and to facilitate contacts between American and foreign students at Cal. The project office at Stiles Hall is a center for current information on more than fifty agencies, such as Operation Crossroads Africa, Lisle Program, the American Friends Service and Teachers for East Africa. Last year, through Operation Understanding, Cal students joined workcamps, travel seminars, community service projects, and teaching programs overseas and in the U.S. Operation Understanding also to promote better relations between American and foreign students through the of Africa Desk, Ind-Us, and Consejo de las Americas. These groups are comprised of students who are interested in Africa, India, and Latin America. They meet in seminars, coff ee hours, and discussion groups, inviting members of the faculty and foreign students and visitors to the campus to meet with them. Weekend retreats and workcamps ercourage friendships and an exchange of ideas. OVERSEAS INFORMATION Ratcliff, Anne Showstack, Leslie Keller, Linda Tanaka. Operation Understanding Members of an American Friends Service Committee Citizenship Education project in Warrenton, North Carolina — at a church picnic. Members of the Operation Understanding-Lisle summer work project in Bolivia. of the project had just completed work on the construction of a bridge over the Coroico River in cooperation with workers from the nearby village. The OVERSEAS INFORMATION COUNCIL, part of International Relations Board, works closely with Operation Understanding in acquainting University students with the many opportunities for study or travel abroad. The Council distributes information on work in Europe and Asia, as well as in many of the South American countries. this past year have included a coffee hour with Dean William McCormick on the Cal Education Abroad program, participation in the Opportunities Conference with Understanding, and the continuation of the Pen Pal Program and foreign student hours. FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD — Row One: Julie Chargin, Sue Murdock, Sue Bryan. Row Two: Alex Saldamando, Tim Lyons, Perry, Jon Shawl. Functional FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD is of the chairmen of the following councils: Auxiliary Enterprises Board, Constitutions Council, Elections Council, Orientations Council, and Polls Council. Jon Shawl served as the 1963 chairman of FSB and was assisted by a and a secretary. The main of FSB is to supervise the functions of the ASUC and direct the services of the different activity represented on the board. One of the Board ' s projects last year was the establishment of language tables in the Student Union Cafeteria. THE LIBRARY COMMITTEE, created this year as a result of the reorganization of the ASUC structure, is interested in the activ- ities of the University library. It investigates the services offered by the library and reports to the senate any recommendations for increasing them, such as the extension of library study hours. A group of twenty students compose the POLLS COUNCIL. It is their job to conduct polls at the request of the ASUC Senate and other ASUC groups. The members address postcards, gather and tabulate the information polled, and report the results to the Senate. THE CONSTITUTIONS COUNCIL helps newly formed groups on campus prepare a constitution and by-laws which is consistent with the rules established by the Senate. LIBRARY Brock, Shirley Clift, Tim Lyons, Ann Dersheimer, Susie Snedecor, Mike Seibert. Make that spare! Services Board The main concern of the AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES BOARD is to improve services to students by revenue-producing enterprises of the ASUC. The Board, which meets weekly, discusses any current operating problems of ASUC businesses such as the Student Union book store or bowling alley. Occasionally it makes to the Executive Committee on new services desired by the University students. Nine students, a faculty adviser, and the ASUC Controller make up the Board. Students are selected for membership during the fall on the basis of their interest in the ASUC structure and its services to the University. Students exercise their voting privileges in the ASUC elections held each semester. ELECTIONS COUNCIL — Row One: Linda Van Tonningen, Joan Merle. Row Two: Ken Barter, Julie Chargin, The ELECTIONS COUNCIL is in charge of all ASUC Members of this committee approve candidate ' s posters and leaflets, hold an orientation meeting for students seeking ASUC offices, and administer the ASUC Constitution and Rules Test, which all prospective must pass before they are eligible to run. The Council also organizes the poll workers who man the voting booths during elections. The chairman of the Elections Council is in charge of any disciplinary of the candidates. He reports violations of election rules to the Student Judicial Committee, who in turn decides on the type of punishment to be given to the individual. AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES BOARD — Row One: Janet Sedan, Susan Bryan, Linda Baker, Susie McKinsey. Row Two: Charlie Powell, Jane Miller, Curt McMillan, David Maxwell. ORIENTATIONS BOARD — Standing, Left to Right: Don Zinn, Chairman, Cathy Briggs, Student Counseling Service, Sue Ross, Vice-chairman, Cliff Rhodes, Cal- Prep. Seated: Peggy Tarr, Welcome Week, Ada Schorr, Secretary, Sharon Esterley, University Day, and Nancy Stock, High School Speakers Bureau. Missing: Helen Weber, to Cal, " and Carolyn Clement, Publicity and Public Relations Rep. Orientations Board ORIENTATIONS BOARD is a newly-formed organization which coordinates all activities on campus dealing with the introduction of new students to their University surroundings. In the past, the orientations program of the ASUC involved individually guided groups. However, in order to prevent repetition or the Orientations Board was brought into existence. It stimulates efficiency and serves as a forum for the exchange of ideas and new orientation techniques. The Board is thus able to insure the presentation of a complete program which provides for an effective integration of all incoming students at the University. The new STUDENT COUNSELING SERVICE is designed to give incoming students at Cal a sound understanding of the various aspects of life. Qualified students acting as counselors provide a personal source of information and advice covering everything from housing and social activities through academic requirements and the organization of student government. Successfully piloted this spring, the service will its full-scale operation in the fall. The main purpose of the BUREAU is to send panels of students to high schools in the Bay Area and surrounding counties. Members of the bureau attempt to questions and correct misconceptions about college life in general, and life on the Berkeley campus in particular. The UNIVERSITY DAY COMMITTEE acquaints California high school and junior college students with the academic and extra-curricular facilities available at the Berkeley campus. This is done through campus tours and the scheduling of presented by individual academic departments within the colleges of the University. STUDENT COUNSELING Dail, Bonnie Bagley, Joan Coit, Don Zinn, Joan Lou Bluestein. High School Speakers Bureau. UNIVERSITY DAY COMMITTEE — Left to Right: Sharon Chairman, Doris Balabanian. Not pictured: Mike Forte. Counselors of Cal Prep. Cal Prep Oski leads Cal Prepers in one of his lively songs. Give me a " C " ! Cal Prep is an ASUC sponsored orientation program held each year the Fall semester. This year 800 eager freshmen invaded the residence halls for the three-day session. During this time, the " Cal Prepper " had the opportunity to become familiarized with campus life and to meet numerous prominent faculty members and student leaders. Activities were varied, including, among other things, informal discussion groups, an outdoor rally, and a dinner-dance. The CAL PREP EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE is an eight-member group which works the year around planning and improving upon the succeeding year ' s program. The work includes, in addition to making a schedule for the the recruiting of faculty members for a panel and discussion groups, and the interviewing of prospective counselors. Entering students who go through Cal Prep orientation find it quite worthwhile. Here, their first friendships are formed, and the transition from high school to life is made less abrupt by the preview of college life which it affords each participant. ASUC President Mel Levine welcomes Cal Prep students to Cal at an assembly held in front of the Student Union. P AND PR BOARD — Seated: Mike Kent. Standing: Sue Mussallem, Sally Griffin, Robin McConaby, Louis Rohlichek. Student Publicity The PUBLICITY AND PUBLIC RELATIONS was set up to increase direct within the ASUC and between the ASUC and the public. Composed of the Art Bureau, Campus Tours, Speaker ' s Bureau, and the News and Publicity staff, the department co-ordinates the publicity of campus groups and University events through the Daily Cal, metropolitan newspapers, and by handling poster work, and providing P PR speakers. The director of P PR, a voting member of the ASUC Cabinet, supervises the operation of the entire P PR office. Membership is open to any undergraduate who wants to gain experience in public relations. NEWS BUREAU — Vic Torn, Carolyn Clement, Marilee Green, Sharon Mindlin, Anne Marie Ferraris. ART Currier, Sally Griffin, Nicki Povalski, Marsa de Benedictis. The NEWS BUREAU of the Student Publicity and Public Relations Department attempts to provide information about the ASUC for the community, by writing news stories about student activities for the Daily Californian and local newspapers. These newspaper releases are written as a free service for the various student organizations sponsoring ASUC activities. The NEWS BUREAU also sends individual press releases on student leaders to their hometown newspapers. posters and banners for ASUC activities throughout the year is the job of the ART Students on this committee spend many hours each semester painting election posters for candidates and designing pamphlets for campus organizations. Membership is open to anyone who enjoys painting and creative And Public Relations CAMPUS TOURS—Row One: Marilyn Levine. Row Two: Sue Dewar, Judi Gentry, Karen Row Three: John Banks, Peter Pfaetzer, Rocco Seeno. Members of CAMPUS TOURS are given the opportunity to show visitors and interested high school students around the campus. Points of interest included on the tours are a visit to International House, Wheeler Kroeber Museum, the Greek Theater, the Library, the Campanile and the Student Union. The purpose of the SENATE-CABINET SPEAKING COMMITTEE is to campus groups with student leaders who will speak on the various activities of the ASUC and the many of university life. This committee is also in charge of publicizing the University at high schools around the Bay Area. Every good tour of the campus includes a view from the Campanile. Student Forum The STUDENT FORUM debates, discusses, and passes resolutions on political, social, and educational issues. There is no limit to the forum ' s scope: stands are taken on student, domestic and foreign affairs alike. Members are selected to represent different living group areas. The forum was activated in fall 1963 through the efforts of ASUC President, Mel Levine, Mike Gold, and Forum Speaker, Gary Riegg. Highlights of its first semester included guest speakers on civil rights and Vietnam, and resolutions concerning newspaper sensationalism, the farm problem, and Professor Braghoorn ' s arrest. The forum is growing and improving, but its future depends entirely on student interest. STUDENT FORUM — Row One: Don Hackett, Garrett Riegg. Row Two: Diann Franke, Annemarie Timofei, Sue Thompson, Mona Hutchinson. Row Three: Irene Malbin, visitor, Carol Gumprich, Ken Ogren. Row Four: Mike Adams, Alex Krem, Jim Duerr, Leland Cress, visitor. Row Five: Dave Lauer, Betsy Cohen, Susan Hall, Betty Leifer, Martha Shonkwiler. Dr. Fred Stripp DEBATE — Row One: Charles Domokos, Mark Christiansen, Pam Homer, Mel Levine, Tim Flinders, Brian Mac Whinney, Dave Rosehill, Mike Haimowitz, Dr. Fred Stripp, Rick Row Two: Nels Erickson, Bob Draper, Ted Jacquenay, Vic Campos, Alvin Taber. Debate Members of VARSITY DEBATE in various debate tournaments throughout the year, including the Joffre Debate, " and the Debate. " The " Medaille Joffre " involves the verbal meeting of Cal and Stanford students, and has the of being the oldest, uninterrupted collegiate debate in the United States. The " International Debate " is an event in which Cal ' s team meets competitively with a team representing one of the countries of the British Commonwealth of Nations. The students in this debate consider issues which are pertinent to people throughout the world. DEBATE — Row One: Dr. Fred Stripp, Sue Abel, Sandy Stillwater, Dave Stone. Row Two: Fred Ybarra, Jeff Beck, Mike Weiss, Sid lsraels, Rick Nagler, Lynne Fletcher, Mark Rubinson, Pere Garber, Burke Cochran. Row Three: Paul Harris, Gerrit Van der Hoogt, Kate Coleman, Darell Steve Thomspon, Jack Perella. International Relations Board The INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD and promotes various activities of an international nature on campus. Members of the group include the chairmen of Peace Corps Committee, World University Service, an which sponsors book and fund drives to aid education in underdeveloped countries, Student Orientation Council, a committee which helps foreign students feel more at home on campus, and Overseas Information Council, a group which works closely with Operation Understanding at Stiles Hall. In addition, the chairmen of High School and College Model United Nations, and International Week Council are active members of the Board. INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD — Row One: Melisse Walton, Nancy Tyson, Kieu Dung, Margaret Duncan, Peggy Coyne. Row Two: Dee Callis, Roy Frank, Jim Baker, Creighton Churchill, Marsha Bratten. The COLLEGE MODEL UNITED NATIONS is of University students who represent an assigned country at the model United Nations held each spring. Through their activities, these students attempt to acquaint the University with international problems. High school students participate in a similar conference organized by the HIGH SCHOOL MODEL UNITED NATIONS. The FOREIGN STUDENTS ORIENTATION COUNCIL tries to help foreign students feel more relaxed at the University by holding coffee hours where they can become acquainted with U.S. students, and by planning a foreign student dinner guest program in the living groups. This dinner guest program is sponsored in conjunction with AWS and MEB. The Council also conducts polls among foreign students to help determine their desires for future activities. INTERNATIONAL WEEK COMMITTEE — Row One: Peggy Coyne, Mimi Edmunds, Liz Solinsky, Kathy Thompson. Row Two: Jim Baker, Al Silbdwitz, Mariam Shokovh, Patty McGettigan. Peace Corps Director R. Sargent Shriver is met at the airport by the University Peace Corps president, Jim Baylor. The ASUC PEACE CORPS COMMITTEE is essentially an " action-oriented " organization which works to provide information about the Peace Corps on campus. During this past year, the committee sponsored a University Meeting address by Peace Corps Director, R. Sargent Shriver, maintained a personal counselling service, an Oral Language Training Program, and performed a service to the community-at-large through maintaining an active Speakers Bureau. A Peace Corps booth on campus attracts many interested students. WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE—Left to Right: Cecily Green, Marti Hobart, Diana Vriend, Margee Duncan, Chairman; Judy Ames, Joan Tappe, Norma Stearns. Not Pictured: Sharen Baggett, Janet Rogers, Robin Rosenberg, Avis Kuwahara. Peace Corps Committee members and University of- ficials talk with Shriver. The WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE is an international organization dedicated to the improvement of conditions for students around the world. The local council at Cal seeks to make U.S. students more aware of problems of lodging, health, medical supplies, and educational facilities in foreign The group also sponsors work camp projects within foreign countries and holds discussion groups for U.S. and foreign students on campus. Peace Corps Director Shriver stands at the campus Peace Corps booth to answer questions on the possibilities of serving in the Peace Corps. Union Program Board UNION PROGRAM Luddy, Sue Arthur, Barbara Osesan, Rita Cherry, Bill Miller, Bonny Matz, Marry Kinnick, Lee Silverman. The UNION PROGRAM BOARD was developed to help fulfill the social, recreational, cultural, and educational needs of the campus community. In accordance with this aim, it is committed to a continuous presentation of programs for Cal students. The Board sponsors such events as folk-song coffee hours, poetry readings, bridge sessions, and the showing of movies on campus. UPB has attempted to provide these activities as an addition to and extension of educational gained in the classroom or lecture hall. The COMMITTEE is responsible for organizing and maintaining a varied program of sports and games the Student Union facilities. The Bowling Alley offers opportunities for individual play, league play, and The games room is equipped with a billiards table, pool table, table tennis, chess, and cards. Bridge lessons and duplicate play with Master Points are also offered. Showing movies for the enjoyment of the University community is the main job of the UPB MOVIE This group also obtains the use of films which are of educational value as a supplement to classroom work. PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE—Row One: Sheila Linder, Bill Miller, Wendy Castleman, Glen Gabel. Row Two: Diana Baime, Ruth Susan Singer, Herb Bolz, Langdon Winner, Dan Bertozzi, Jr., Jan Chelton. FILMS Davidson, Bob Friedin, Larry Melnick, Daphna Golde, Tom Luddy, Frank Simons. The purpose of the PUBLIC AFFAIRS is to present programs dealing with social and political issues of interest to the general student body. This year, the committee arranged to have Dr. Edward Teller speak as part of a series on the implications of the nuclear test ban treaty. Other programs have included talks about the U.N., an of American conservatism, and lectures on responsible journalism. The SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE offers programs which will be of particular enjoyment to the students. Folk song sessions have been continued this year in to the traditional Student Union party which featured the Glee Club, Treble Clef, and Concert Band. SOCIAL COMMITTEE — Alan Adams, Peggy Smith, Farrel Baum, Lisa Broady, Meredith Ford, Joseph Sarkis. The MUSIC COMMITTEE plans events of a musical nature for the ASUC. Members arrange noon band and choral programs and keep the Student Union supplied with new records and tape recordings. University dances, coffee hours, Cabaret activities, and Student Union receptions are by the UPB SOCIAL COMMITTEE. The PUBLICITY COMMITTEE is in charge of advertising the various Student Union activities. By using posters, leaflets, flyers, and placing articles in the Daily Cal, this group is able to let the University student know when a program of interest to him is being held. As a part of Union Program Board, the LITERATURE COMMITTEE endeavors to bring to the University a greater understanding of the role of in education. Readings of Shakespeare and literature have been used as departure points for group discussions in which an attempt was made to stimulat creativity and original thought. The ART COMMITTEE is responsible for the various art exhibits appearing in the Student Union. Sculptures, travel pictures, works of impressionist artists, and are among the art forms featured. The group hopes to promote a deeper understanding and of art on campus. ART COUNCIL—Row One: Rita Cherry, Chairman; Shelby Fletcher; Pam Ensunsa. Row Two: Betty Seltzer, Kate Misch, Joan Simon. RECREATION COMMITTEE — Marilyn Talken, Suzanne Adams, Barbara Dave Smith. LITERATURE COMMITTEE — Mary Bergan, Elliot Kanter, Susan Arthur. Activities Fair The ACTIVITIES FAIR, under the of Orientations Board, is held in the Student Union Plaza at the of each semester. The purpose of this event is to help reduce apathy among students by informing them of the wide variety of extra-curricular offered on and off campus. More than sixty groups participated in this years ' Fall Fair, ranging from Cal Camp, Alphi Phi Omega, and the UC Yacht Club, whose display was enhanced by a twelve-foot sail boat, to the Young Republicans, Young Democrats, and Women For Peace, which function as off-campus organizations. Throughout the day, students visiting the Fair were entertained by recordings of the UC Band, Glee Club, and Treble Clef. One of the Fair ' s highlights was a by the Straw Hat Band. Indian Summer weather allowed the fall Activities Fair to be held outdoors, ... but rain forced the spring Fair into Pauley Ballroom. Students who wish to participate in activities can learn all the details at the Fair. " Why are you holding your stomach, Oski? " . Last year ' s flower salesgirls were a popular addition to the circus. Big " C " Sirkus This year ' s Big C Sirkus, the largest money-raising on campus, had several " firsts. " Its administration was made the responsibility of Men ' s Rally Committee. The internal organization of the Sirkus was rather unique, because Rally Comm members served merely in an capacity on the various committees. Most of the ideas were developed by interested student volunteers from the campus-at-large. Also this year, Big C Sirkus was given a new spelling. As a Cal Camp fund-raising function, it had been spelled " circus " in previous years. Finally, the Sirkus was a success because of the variety of rides it offered, ranging from a toboggan run to the typical ferris wheel. Various living groups on campus managed booths for the entertainment of Cal students. These novelty stands included dunking for apples, ping-pong balls in fish bowls and winning live goldfish, dart throwing games, and numerous food booths. Under the chairmanship of Chris Conrad, the Big C Sirkus sent more kids to camp than ever before. No circus would be complete without a ferris wheel. International Week was held this year from April 20 to 26, with the theme of " International Co-operation. " The planning committee, under the direction of Peggy Coyne, decided to emphasize speakers and panels more than has been done in the past. The Speaker and Panel Committee, chaired by Carl Bergeron and V. Goel, scheduled a number of fine presentations. Among those speakin g during International Week were Mr. Harold Graves from the International Bank, representatives from the Indian, French, and Japanese and Mr. Donald Stokes who represented the local Great Britain information service. Highlighting the week ' s series of was a univ ersity meeting featuring Dr. Ralph Bunche. The Exhibits Committee, under the direction of Liz Solinsky, worked with a large number of foreign student groups in an effort to expand the scope of the annual exhibits set-up in the Pauley Ballroom. These exhibits were arranged according to geographical proximity, and emphasized traditional and contemporary folk International Fair The Special Events Committee, headed by Norma Hoshide, presented a program of national singing, and sports. Other activities, the international atmosphere were films, a South American dinner sponsored by the YWCA, and an international fashion show. International House again presented its fine Fair program to culminate the week ' s activities. The Fair was characterized by a broad , array of international talent exhibited in the singing, dancing, and skits. Madam daughter helped her mother translate questions from students. Earl Warren spoke in Pauley Ballroom. Visitors and University Meetings In the spring, the new football coach was the speaker at one University Meeting. University meetings this past year have been varied and informative. Early in the fall semester, the University students were addressed by Sargent Shriver, Director of the Peace Corps Commission. He spoke on the importance of the Peace Corps and its effect on promoting world peace. On Tuesday, October 29, after having cancelled her scheduled appearance, Madame Nhu spoke to a large crowd in Harmon gymnasium. She charged that the true picture of her country was not being presented in the American papers; that Communists were behind the Buddhist suicide burnings; and that South Vietnam would soon win the war against the Communists if American aid were not withheld. The controversial Malcolm X also spoke to the students during the fall semester. Malcolm X advocated the formation of a new Negro nation. Governor Nelson Rockefeller campaigned at Cal this fall. Sargent Shriver discussed the influence of the Peace Corps on world peace. Presentation of the Sproul Awards took place at one University Meeting. In the Spring semester, the University ' s new football coach, Ray Willsey, and the Regents ' Lecturer, James Gavin, spoke to the students. General Gavin told of his admiration for Charles DeGaulle and of the importance of American-French He explained some of the action which DeGaulle has taken in the past few years, suggesting that we consider DeGaulle ' s position in the light of France ' s past history. He stressed the fact that many Americans wanted an independent France and an independent Europe. Governor Nelson Rockfeller, a potential candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, spoke to a crowd of several thousand students in Pauley Ballroom on March 12. He said that the " present administration " had been lax in maintaining close relations with our allies, and that they had failed both in foreign affairs and on the " home front. " General Gavin spoke about American-French relations. Walter Fredericks Director of Publications Publications PUBLICATIONS OFFICE — Left to Right: Dorothy Yardley, Ramonde Adams, Sara Smith, Connie Eakle, Helen Lum. Wally Frederick could easily be called man who can help you, if you have a publications His primary job as Director of Publications at Cal is to offer advice and give professional to members on the various publication staffs. He confers with the editors and carefully the progress of each publication, whether it comes out each day like the Daily Cal, or once a year as the Blue and Gold. Mrs. Lyman Eshleman Librarian The Publication Office, located in Eshleman, is a hub of activity during the semester as the five student publications - Daily Cal, Blue and Gold, Occident, Cal Engineer, and Pelican, are planned and created for the reading enjoyment of Cal students. Serving as a business management concern, the Publications Office acts as a liaison between the publications staffs and the publishers. Wally Frederick, Director of Publications, and his staff hold frequent consultations with the various editors. At these meetings problems are aired, and new ideas are exchanged. With a quarter of a million dollars coming in each year as profit, this ASUC office has developed a sound reputation on the Berkeley campus. In addition to handling the direct productions of the publications, the office the Publications Library, the office staff and handles the maintenence of the Pub Building. In 1965, the entire publications operation, including the Office, will be moved to the new building now being constructed next to the Student Union. Mrs. Lum Blue and Gold Advisor DAILY CAL PUBLISHERS BOARD — Left to Right: Roy Grimm, Richard Buxbaum, Josua Eppinger, Jr., Richard Hungerford, Benette Kuper, Peter Van Houten, Isami Arifuku, Allan Metcalf, Pat Mar, Sue Walter Frederick, Sara Smith, Kenneth Stewart, Richard Hafner, Michael Travis. Daily Cal Publishers Board FALL PUBLICATIONS BOARD — Left to Right: Don Frank, Cal Engineer; Tom David, Occident; Julie Land, Blue and Gold Managerial; Roberta Cotton, Blue and Gold Editorial; Dexter Waugh, Pelican; Ted Harris, Pelican; Tom Pittman, Cal Engineer; and Wally Fredericks, Advisor. Publications Board SPRING PUBLICATIONS BOARD — Row One: Julie Land, Jane Friedman, Roberta Cotton. Row Two: Bob Showen, Walter Fredericks, Mitch Chefitz, Wayne Osborn. The DAILY CALIFORNIAN BOARD consists of eleven and three ex-officio members. These include six students, two journalists, three faculty members, and three representatives from the administration. The editor and business manager of the Daily Cal are non-voting members. The Board examines Daily Cal news policy and offers suggestions for new angles on writing, editing, and newspaper distribution. Members of this board also recommend for appointment all editors and reporters of the Daily Cal Editorial Staff. PUBLICATIONS BOARD acts as a committee for four student publications - Blue and Gold, Occident, Pelican, and Cal Engineer. Knowns as " Pub Board, " this group consists of the editors and managers of each of the staffs. Wally Fredericks, Director of Publications, sits on th e Board in an advisory position. Professor Nicosia of the Business Administration Professor Steffens from Journalism, and Richard Hafner as the Chancellor ' s Office representative are also members of this board. The purpose of ' ' Pub Board " is to settle disagreements between publication staffs and private business concerns, as well as to hear suggestions for improving the publications. This group also reviews each issue of the various publications and the one copy of the Blue and Gold as they appear in print. Blue and Gold Editorial Bob Newman Sports Editor Roberta Cotton Editor Katie Wuerteje Copy Editor The academic year ends and records repose in the storage vaults of the joining others that went before. Part of the University life is dryly enshrined, infrequently checked, an anonymous chronicle for posterity. Another, more reminder of the year that was is the record called " Yearbook. " At a school as large as Cal, to represent impartially the multiplicity of activities, a yearbook staff must be constantly alert and efficient. The Editorial staff operates on four levels of organization. Freshmen or beginning staff members are assigned to editorial staffs, such as Sports, Copy, or Living Groups, according to their individual preferences. On the next level of organization are Junior Editors, Clubs and Societies, Men ' s and Women ' s Living Groups, Classes, and Index. The Senior Editors, Sports, Copy, Pictures, and Photo work directly under the Editor who coordinates the entire production. Flo Nightenshade Night Editor Ellen Norton Pictures Editor Irene Hartung Activities Editor Don Westergren Photography Editor Karen Primm Classes Editor Mary Packard Clubs and Societies Editor Janis Anderson Index Editor PHOTOGRAPHERS — Dan Dixon, Don Westergren, Terry McInnes, Doug Wied, Rod Cyr. Judy Fox Women ' s Living Group Editor Sylvia Clay Layout Artist Meg Olsen Men ' s Living Group Editor FRESHMAN STAFF — Doug Wied, Margaret Carlson, Flora Fong, Jean Shirley, Ellen Much. Missing: Donna Ordeman, Sallie Odom, Sandy Lewis. Carol Crossman Associate Manager Evie Ashcroft Promotion Manager Blue and Gold Managerial Julie Land Manager Meg Borba Assistant Manager UPPER Barron, Freshman Staff Coordinator; Carol Wallner, Kenna Howell, Assistants to the Associate Manager; Marilynn Foree, Assistant to the Staff Coordinator. Jim McGrew, Editorial Staff photographer, spends most of his time taking pictures of the girls on Managerial. The Blue and Gold Managerial Staff has a full time job throughout the year of promoting and selling the Cal yearbook. Various booths are set up around campus, where staff members are able to sell the book at a special price. In 110 Eshleman, Managerial Staff keeps a record of all books sold, as well as the names of all buyers of the Blue and Gold. With coffee and a good supply of cookies, they prepare themselves for the flow of students who come at the November and March deadlines to finish paying for their book. Competition as to who can sell the most books runs high on the Managerial Staff, and the top sales persen is announced at the Blue and Gold banquet in the spring. Under the of Julie Land, the Blue and Gold Managerial Staff planned many new promotional angles during the year. In March, before the final deadline, they offered a free ride in an authentic stage coach to anyone who had purchased a Blue and Gold. FRESHMAN STAFF—Row One: Sally Blagborne, George Fedoroff, Ann Dersheimen, Jo Ann Kirby, Rocco Seeno. Row Two: Olga Kaunoff, Joan Chapel, Marilyn Edwards, Jan Ebert, Jan Burness, Sharon Burt. Mary McGowen Fall Editor Daily Cal Editorial Alex Stevens Fall City Editor Spring Managing Editor Pat Mar Fall Assistant Editor Spring Editor Susan Johnson Fall News Editor Spring City Editor The Daily Californian ' s masthead reads " Ninety-Three Years of Continuous and indeed, since the inception as the weekly Echo, the Daily Cal has come a long way. Now the morning newspaper with the largest circulation in the East Bay, the Daily Cal is owned and operated entirely by University students. It is primarily by advertising, and secondarily by undergraduate and student subscription fees. For its staff members the Daily Californian serves two main functions. First, it is an exciting and unusual activity, above and beyond academic routine. Second, the newspaper provides professional experience for students planning to enter the fields of journalism or advertising after graduation. The past year has seen an extensive broadening of campus, local, and statewide coverage on the Daily Cal news pages. Daily Cal have given the Berkeley campus on-the-spot news of nearly everything from civil rights pickets to pushcart As the Daily Californian moves into its offices in the new Eshleman Hall next fall, it will look forward to the same wide news coverage and editorial it has enjoyed since 1871. Mike Fischer Fall Assistant City Editor Spring News Editor Marilyn Grisanti Justin Roberts Spring Assistant City Editors Len Goodwin Spring Assistant Editor Lowell Hickey Fall Sports Editor Spring Sports Editor NIGHT EDITORS — Left to Right: Don Crawford, Rodger March, Peggy Crouse. Missing: Nancy Tolbert, Stan Schmidt, and Dave Allen. The Sports Staff of the Daily Cal gives its members an opportunity to progress from cub reporters to Sports Editor. The staff covers all the Fall and Spring athletic events of the University. Reporting on inter-collegiate competitive sports, attending and describing intramural contests, and listing starting lineups, are included in their routine assignments. The staff also tries to give Cal students an insight into the various teams and their members through articles about players. The Photographers of the Daily Cal have a demanding job which is full of interesting Their assignments keep them hustling night and day, taking pictures of ASUC athletic events, a university performance, catching the surprised look of a newly chosen beauty queen, or getting a shot of the Campanile. Like the reporters for the Daily Cal, photographers have deadlines to meet. Bill Rowen Spring Assistant Sports Editor PHOTOGRAPHERS — Left to Right: George Crow, Chuck Harp, Ron Enfield, Jim Steinhart. DAILY CAL REPORTERS — Left to Right, Row One: Hannah Sheaver, Mary Curtis. Row Two: Roger Birnbaum, Jim Branson, Eric Roost, Steve Phipps, Constantia Berlandt. Sami Arifuku Fall Advertising Manager Spring Bus iness Manager Jenny Wenk Fall Business Manager Alice Wong Fall Production Manager Spring Advertising Manager Dail y Californian Through advertising sales, the Daily Cal MANAGERIAL STAFF sees to it that the Daily Californian is printed each day. Just as a newspaper needs editors and reporters, it also must have solicitors and enthusiastic salesmen to keep it from running in the red. The staff is headed by Isami Arifuku, Business Manager, who must watch the budget and the circulation of the paper. Sami is assisted by Alice Wong, Advertising Manager, who is in charge of Daily Cal accounts. The Production Manager is John He takes care of the day-to-day advertising problems that seem to arise. La Mont Mitchell, Promotion Manager, recruits salesmen, plans parties (for which the Managerial Staff is noted), and works as a personnel supervisor. Jo Roth is Office Manager, and sees to it that each staff member is equipped with all necessary supplies. Ken Budman, Entertainment Manager and his assistant, Jeff Morrison, handle all the entertainment accounts which are an important part of the advertising program. Night include Ken Luk, Paul Neal, Chris Shoreses, Dennis Solomon, and Andy Kaldor. Sophomore staff members are Craig Plassemeyer and Mimi Chan. Freshmen on the staff include Norm Ken Lai, Mary Gills, and George Moury. John Gueldner Fall Promotions Manager Spring Production Manager Managerial MANAGERIAL STAFF — Row One: Tomas Ziever, Andy Kaldor, Ken Budman, Dennis Solomon, Jo Roth. Row Two: Jeff Morrison, Ken Luk, Ken Lai, Mimi Chan, Paul Neal. La Mont Mitchell Spring Promotions Manager Jo Roth Spring Office Manager Dexter Waugh Fall Editor Spring Associate Editor The California Pelican Editorial The PELICAN EDITORIAL STAFF is responsible for all the humorous content in the sixty-year-old UC magazine. The composition of the staff ranges from the various high functionaries whose individual names, titles, and are scattered about the pictures on this page, to self-stated cartooning and writing geniuses, and These people edit, direct, write, draw, and hang on with an ease and skill that has no bearing on objective reality. A magazine of satiric purpose must by definition be a social critic. This the PELICAN has been in its history, often becoming an object of the wrath of proponents of sacred cows. It had its usual quota of complaints and a better-than-average number of squeakers in the past year. The PELICAN is the top college humor magazine in the world, according to its staff, and when authorities wipe their glasses, it will be so Mitch Chefitz Fall Associate Editor Spring Editor Dick Corten Fall and Spring Art Director Jon Carroll Fall Contributing Editor Bob Wieder Fall Contributing Editor Spring Associate Editor PELICAN STAFF—Row One: Ted Harris, John Horgan, Glenn Jones, Sally Mills. Row Two: Sharon McNally, Tom Mourning, Bob Flynn, Dick Corten, Akin Adubifa, Dexter Waugh, Mitch Chefitz, Elihu Greenspan. Row Three: Byron Chong, Steve Dobson, Loralee Campbell, Cindy Jones, Bob Weider. Row Four: Steve Kan, Arthur Moody, John Fenstermacher. Managerial The PELICAN MANAGERIAL STAFF handles the money and financial concerns of the humor magazine. Magazine economics are such that each issue costs more to print than is charged the consumer, that is, two bits. The extra cost must be made up in revenue from The managerial people are in charge of both selling the and soliciting advertising. In co-operation with the editors, they also help publicize and promote the Pelican. By working on this staff, students gain excellent experience for employment in the fields of public relations, sales, and personnel management, just as editorial work provides a good background for creative fields. Both staffs have numerous paid The remuneration involved is token, but is intended as an The magazine is run by an " in-group " of which the only requirements for entry are talent and interests. Loralee Campbell John Fenstermacher John Horgan Fall Distribution Manager Spring Manager Ted Harris Fall Manager Glenn Jones Fall Advertising Manager Sally Mills Fall Promotion Manager Ted Fujita Spring Advertising Manager Miss Nancy Randall Pelican Maid of Cotton The Pelican staff, this year, selected Miss Nancy Randall as the University of California entrant in the Maid of Cotton contest. At the State level contest, this 21 -year-old Senior from Los Angeles, was chosen as first alternate, and was awarded a $250 check. Nancy is a member of Zeta Tau Alpha sorority (she also claims to be a Sigma Phi Epsilon pledge), and is very active in campus affairs. Oski Dolls, Prytanean, Women ' s Rally Committee, and being a participant in the Big Game Queen Contest are among the many activities which keep Nancy busy. After graduation in June, she hopes to apply her degree in Psychology to working with the emotionally disturbed. When not studying or taking part in campus activities, Nancy enjoys water-skiing and other sports. Bob Showen Spring Editor Wayne Osborn Spring Manager California Engineer The California Engineer is a magazine published by and designed for students interested in engineering, science, or other related fields. Published eight times each year, the Engineer contains articles on new engineering developments as well as humor and stories of human interest. Three staffs produce this Editorial Staff is responsible for the articles and make-up of the Engineer; Managerial Staff takes care of and finances; Women ' s Staff does the typing, sells the magazine, and plans social activities for the entire group. UC coeds act as salesgirls for the Engineer. The one who sells the most magazines is featured as the Salesgirl of the Month in the next issue. Members of the staffs learn about magazine production, selling promotion angles, advertising and management, gaining experience which many of them will find valuable in their occupations after graduation. Tom Pittman Fall Editor FALL EDITORIAL Josephinian, Wayne Osborne, Tom Pittman, Bob Showen, John Prince, Ron Hensell, Dick Kuenne. Virginia Josephinian Fall and Spring Associate Manager SPRING STAFF — Kathleen Roe, Art Loya, Ronald Hensell, Virginia Maches, Gar Smith, Marilyn Farber, Naomi Kent, Todd Dods. Don Frank Fall Manager Tom David Fall Editor Jane Friedman Spring Editor Andrew Kalvor Spring Manager Occident is the literary magazine of the Berkeley campus. It was first in 1881, and comes out twice a year now. The magazine is of contributions of poetry, prose, drama, art, and photography turned in by students and faculty members. As was stated on the editorial page of the Fall, 1963, Occident, " . . . Occident does not have an editorial policy, except to glean from manuscripts .. . those which seem to us to be good—that is to say, both disciplined and honest—the goal being to make each issue consist entirely of works of this quality. This of course does not mean that every work in any particular issue is guaranteed to be a good one; . . . But we invariably feel vindicated if in each issue there appear amid the smoke and flame a craft or two which bear, deservedly, a star. " OCCIDENT STAFF — Carolyn Carlot, Jane Friedman, Joyce Muscat, Ted Chase, Jim Wehlage. Victoria Nelson Spring Prose Editor 1963-64 was an active year for Occident. Besides arranging a panel discussion on pornography—moderated by Mark Schorer and featuring, among others, Paul Krassner and Eugene Burdick —the Occident staff sponsored poetry readings, a writers ' coffee hour, and two art exhibits: a one-week show of student artists and photographers in the Student Union during the fall semester, and a second given in the spring in co-ordination with the Arts Festival. Eshleman Hall, which has long been the home of student publications, was sold by the ASUC to the University this year. Its new name will be " Bernard Moses Hall. " Student publications ' offices will move to the new student office building, which becomes " Eshleman Hall. " Ted Chase Spring Poetry Editor ASUC Radio- Broadcasting through stations KRE in Berkeley, KBCB in San Francisco, and KBCA in Hollywood, the ASUC THEATER gives students experience in all types of radio and television productions. Students work with radio engineering, producing, acting, and announcing everything from the weather to a panel discussion on important controversial subjects. They are also given the chance to produce programs and interviews for different radio series throughout the year. Two such programs, " University of California Hour " and " Golden Bear acquaint the public with activities and student leaders at Cal. Membership is open to all students who are interested in radio or television work. TV Theater ASUC THEATER — Row One: Miriam Frankel, Roger Baron. Row Two: Steve Orland, Dick Hustvedt, Bob Kennedy, Edward Carl, Dennis Mumaugh, Doug Abbott. Radio KAL Radio KAL is the University student radio station. From one in the afternoon, until eleven each night the station is on the air with music, news, special interviews, and Golden Bear Sports. The station is strictly non-commercial. KAL was begun in October of 1961, by two residents of Ehrman Hall. Marshall Reed, one of the co-founders and now Station describes the birth of the station in this " One night while I was studying in my room, my roommate suddenly turned around with the comment, ' Let ' s start a radio station. ' Being at the time, I answered, ' Sure, why not? ' , little dreaming that within a year the project would blossom into a full time job that would consume three-quarters of my waking hours. ' ' From this modest beginning, Radio KAL has become a tight knit organization of over 50 members. The station is run entirely by a student volunteer staff. Staff duties are determined on the basis of the interests and past experience of the volunteer. One of the biggest jobs of the organization falls to a group of engineering students under the direction of Chief Engineer Mike Silverstone (EE 1965). The staff must build and test all equipment used by the station. Other students do the announcing, act as disc-jockeys, collect and report the news, and present the play-by-play sportscasts. Presently, the station operates only in the Unit I and Unit II Halls by carrier current arrangement. the station hopes to expand its service to include the entire University community, possibly by the construction of an FM station. RADIO KAL ENGINEERING STAFF — Sam Wood, Dinnis Seguine, Mike Silverstone, Lee Felsenstein. Not Pictured: Executive Staff: Wayne Osborn, Marshall Reed, Mike Silverstone, Sam Wood. THE MERCHANT OF VENICE THE CAST Duke of Venice H. E. Caswell Prince of Morocco James Williams Prince of Arragon Jeffrey Herman Antonio Jules Rothman Bassanio Benjamin Jacopetti Salerio Eric Feldman Salanio Stephen 0. Stewart Salarino Roger C. Price Gratiano Heery Lynn Lorenzo George House Shylock Michael Lerner Tubal Robert Jefferson Launcelot Gobbo Joel Zwick Old Gobbo John Beall Stephano Boris Benado Balthasar Ugo Baldassari Jailer Howard Kerr Portia Karen Grassle Nerissa Marcia Greene Jessica Diane Callum Ladies-in-waiting Nancy Blanc, Karen lngenthron, Gloria Shapiro Musicians Anna Carol Dudley, James Russell, George Warren Urchins Kevin Schafer, Leslie Stevenson, Jeffrey Weissman Passers-by, servants, guards Richard Alleman, Judith Gendel, Stephen North, Joan Moran, William Reis, David Tucker, Vivian Cabell, Robert Sheridan Travis Bogard Chairman Department of Dramatic Art University Theater The UNIVERSITY THEATER began a year-long celebration of the 400th anniversary of the birth of Shakespeare by presenting the play, Antony and Cleopatra. In addition, the Dramatic Art Department offered, throughout the year, The Merchant of Venice, Hamlet, Coriolanus, and The Tempest, in which students and faculty members played the parts. The Committee for Arts and Lectures presented Verdi ' s Falstaff, concerts of Shakespeare ' s songs and Elizabethan music, and outstanding films. The University library featured exhibits of rare Shakespeare scripts and pieces of literature. Other universities throughout the world, as well as professional theaters in the U.S. and abroad, are joining in the of this anniversary. Festivals " in Stratford, Ontario; Stratford, Connecticut; San Diego; New York ' s Central Park; and Askland, Denver are being offered to enthusiastic crowds. The reason for part of this tremendous interest in the Bard is the desire to study the impact of Shakespeare on the modern mind. " There will be ample testimony to his continuing vitality, his infinite variety, and to what one critic has termed his capacity for self-renewal. ' The Tragedy of CORIOLANUS THE CAST Caius Marcius, Roderic Prindle afterward Coriolanus Titus Lartius Philip Larson Cominius Roger Price Menenius Agrippa Ken Post Sicinius Velutus Charles Levy Junius Brutus David Mairowitz Marcius Jonathan Davis Roman Herald Brian Allen Tullus Aufidius Michael Lerner Lieutenant John Polinsky Conspirators Heery Lynn, John Shallcross Volumnia Virginia Meyer Virgilia Joan Moran Valeria Gillian McKercher Gentlewoman Melissa Carlson Roman Senators Ugo Baldassari, Thomas Malcolm Volscian Senators Eric Feldman, Elliot Kanter, William Reis Roman Patricians Bill Kleeman, Mike Knapp Volscian Patricians Greg Cermak, Douglass Reeves Volscian Servingmen Eric Feldman, George House, H. Robert Lanchester Roman Populace Brian Allen, Debbie Braver, Diane Callum, Kate Coleman, Lee Glickman, Richard Hacker, Louise Levi, Michael Lopes, Julie March, Jerry Miller, Andrew Nathan, Paul Ofinowicz, Michael Scholar, David Seltzer, Michael Sheats, Margay Whitlock, Joel Zwick Volscian Citizens Greg Cermak, Marcia Greene, Bill Kleeman, Heery Lynn, Richard Mollin, John Polinsky, Douglass Reeves, William Reis, John Shallcross ANTONY AND CLEOPATRA THE CAST THE COURT OF EGYPT Cleopatra Angela Goldsby Charmian Julie Henderson Iras Dana Shapiro Alexas Arthur Conrad Mardian John Williams Soothsayer J. Herman Blake Messenger from Rome Wayne Young Diomedes Glenn Myles Seleucus George House Countryman Ed Smith Cleopatra ' s Women Eliza Chugg, Alta Bosserman, Linda Neel, Gertrude Robbins Soldiers and Servants Melvin Arnaud, Terrence Baker, John G. Bogard, Michael King, Joseph Roberts, William Scott THE FACTION OF MARK ANTONY Mark Antony Joseph Miksak Philo Kenneth McClellan Enobarbus George Hitchcoc k Ventidius Stephen Fowler Silius Roger Price Eros Joseph Gostanian Canidius Myron Ruderman Scarus Morgan Upton A Veteran Soldier Sidney Roger Another Soldier John Steen Euphronius C. J. Sullivan Dercetas Robert Cowell Soldiers Martin Andrews, Ronald Bogley, Gene G. Davis, Seth Freeman, James Gray, Wolfgang Heinritz, Ivan Lee, Robert Maynard, Ronald Michener, Howard Rodkin, Donald Coleman THE CAST THE FACTION OF OCTAVIUS CAESAR Octavius Caesar Tom Luce Demetrius Robert Cowell Lepidus David Goldbloom Agrippa Jules Rothman Maecenas Edward Markmann Taurus Donald Macintosh Octavia June Lewin Dolabella Donald Cairns Proculeius Stephen Fowler Thydias Jay Hornbacher Gallus William Yankus Sentry Stephen Stewart Soldiers of the Watch Daniel Bosserman, Jim Cowan, Benjamin Draper Attendents on Octavia Carol Hansen, Josephine Jarvis Soldiers Erich Gorgias, Terry Groff, Vincent Lagano, David Mairowitz, Daniels McLean, Ron Morrison, Jan Pusina, Steven Schein, Thos. Slattery, Philip Larson THE FACTION OF POMPEY Pompey Gail Chugg Menas Russell Ernst Menecrates Benjamin Draper Varrius Stephen Stewart Servants Jay Hornbacher Myron Ruderman THE TEMPEST THE CAST Alonso Leroy Julien Sebastian Heery Lynn Prospero John Argue Antonio Jeffrey Herman Ferdinand John Shallcross Gonzalo Marvin J. Greenberg Adrian William J. Westbrooke Francisco David Seneson Caliban George House HAMLET, Prince of Denmark THE CAST Francisco Craig Currier Bernardo William E. Baker Marcellus Richard Hacker Horatio Jay Hornbacher Ghost Ben Jacopetti Claudius Sidney Roger Gertrude Jane Vaughn Polonius H. Robert Lanchester Ophelia Ruth Silveira Laertes John Shallcross Voltimand Peter Lvoff Cornelius Barry Jablon Lords Phillip Forester, Wayne Young, Charles Morgan, Gilliam Ladies McKercher Maria Millman, Margaret Osric Templeton Wine Boy David Mairowitz Lee Glickman Servants Arthur Lesley, Hugh Stevenson Switzer Guards George DeBey, Peter Summers Hamlet John Argue,Roderic Prindle Reynaldo Barry Jablon Rosencrantz Philip Mendershausen Guildenstein Douglas Kann Player King John Argue, Roderic Prindle Player Queen Mike Larrance Player Prologue Richard Hacker Player Clown Arthur Lesley Player Musician Nina Wood Fortinbras Jules Rothman Norwegian Captain William E. Baker Norwegian Soldier Arthur Lesley Sailors Craig Currier, Peter Lvoff Grave Digger Ken Post Grave Digger ' s Assistant John Quick Priest Phillip Forester Acolyte Michael Scholar Messengers Barry Jablon, Wayne Young, Charles Morgan, Brian Allen Merchant of Venice Shakespeare ' s Merchant of Venice was presented by the University Theater actors last fall as part of the 400th Shakespearean anniversary. It is a play which has been severely criticized throughout the years because of its " anti-Semitic bias. " to one Shakespearean critic, " About 1594 public sentiment in England was roused to an outbreak of traditional Jew baiting, and for good or evil, Shakespeare the man was like his fellows. He planned the Merchant of Venice to let the Jew dog have it, and thereby to gratify his own patriotic pride of race. " was a poet playwright, and so this play contains drama as well as poetry. The story is concerned with the friendship of an unselfish Venetian merchant for a young gentleman in love with a beautiful heiress, the noble sacrifice that a friend nearly makes when brought to disaster by a " vile Jew, " the of the lovely lady into a lawyer and logician just in time to save the friend, and her administration to the villian of a dose of his own medicine. The play takes place in Venice which is seen as a world of luxury, ease, idle talk, frivolity, and romance. The city appears filled with grace and culture. Antony and Cleopatra Antony and Cleopatra, the play which combines history, comedy and tragedy in its Mediterranean setting, was presented during September to the University and Berkeley community as part of the 400th anniversary of its genius creator, William Shakespeare. Angela Soldsby portrayed the Queen of Egypt, Cleopatra, while Mark Antony, the military genius under Octavius Caesar ' s rule, was played by Joseph Miksak. Under the direction of Margaret Webster, Regent ' s Lecturer in Dramatic Art, these two characters, Antony and Cleopatra, show how love can overcome a for power and greatness. Antony believes his purpose in life is to remain in the embrace of Cleopatra and he is afraid to lose one instant of this blissful existence. The audience feels the tendency toward freedom which both lovers achieve during their lives, but which they lose to slavery in the end, as if part of a perpetual circle. Shakespeare has shown in Antony and Cleopatra that perhaps life contains something more than the battles and empires which are so important to Octavious Caesar in his conquest for power. Antony, at times a pitiably weak man, conducted himself shamefully at the Battle of Actium, when he was trying to defend his half of the empire. Instead of attempting to defy this weakness, he forgot that he had been sinned against and loving Queen Cleopatra. that ruleth himself is better than he that taketh a city. " And the weaker the man is, Shakespeare seems to add, the greater the victory. Hamlet John Argue and Roderick Prindle, both graduate students in Dramatic Art, the lead in Shakespeare ' s Hamlet, presented during December. Receiving their B.A. ' s in English at the University of California and Amherst respectively, they transferred last year to Dramatic Art and both hold the Eisner Creative Art Prize in that field. These two men believe that there are two styles of acting, the method approach and the formal style. In method acting, an emotional approach to the character he is portraying is by the actor, whereas strictly formal acting requires fine voice quality and athletic prowess. Referring to the Ghost scene in Hamlet, Prindle said " One can be embarrassingly playing on raw emotion, while the other can be embarrassingly false; without being art. " Shakespeare ' s character, Hamlet, is seen as an excited, vicious man. He has the traits of an athlete, a champion fencer, and a person torn apart by his youthful Travis Bogard, chairman of the Department of Dramatic Art, explained that the double lead which is unusual for a Shakespearean production, was used because both actors had equal for the role and differing They were under the direction of William Oliver. Falstaff Verdi ' s Falstaff was presented to Berkeley audiences in October by the San Francisco Opera Association. Sponsored by the Committee on Arts and Lectures, this comic opera, after Shakespeare ' s The Merry Wives of Windsor, was Verdi ' s comedy masterpiece and his last piece of work. Free of trite tunes, and typical opera tenors, Falstaff shows humor into music. Two mature masters, Verdi and Boito, Elizabethan comedy-drama and Italian opera in a marriage. Falstaff is the story of the sly tippler wooing Mrs. Alice Ford. His resulting antics on the stage are characterized by deft humor and true slapstick. Geraint Evans played the obese roue ' and Mary Costra portrayed the much sought-after Mrs. Ford. The simple staging, with curtainless Elizabethan style, the audiences, as did the pater-songs, light-hearted and superb acting throughout, minimizing any Italian-English language barrier which might have existed. Zeta Tau Alpha, with a medley about the four college classes, won the 1962 Singles Division prize. Spring Sing " This is My Country " was the theme of the Spring Sing performance, held April 11 in the Greek Theater. Sponsored by the ASUC and directed by the Californians, an honorary service organization, Spring Sing gives living groups on campus the opportunity to display their singing talents in competitive fun. In 1963, Alpha Phi and Bowles Hall won the Sweepstakes Award, while Deutsch and Cheney Halls won the first place award for Mixed Groups. These two won the Sweepstakes Award at Spring Sing during 1961 and 1962. Winning first place in Singles Division was Phi Mu, with Zeta Tau Alpha placing second. Participating in Spring Sing 1964, were Deutsch and Cheney, Alpha Phi and Bowles Hall, and many other living groups. Non-competitive numbers included the Sandbox Five and the University Straw Hat Band. Deutsch and Cheney captured the Sweepstakes trophy. The right to picket was exercised even at Spring Sing. Selections from West Side Story were sung. COLLEGIUM MUSICUM — Row One: Martin Shapiro, Bruce Haynes. Row Two: Mary Morris, Arthur Adelmann, Kathy Chuakui. Director, Alan Curtis. Mr. Curtis Collegium Musicum The Collegium Musicum is a small group organized for the performance of excellent, but rarely heard music of earlier time. Historical instruments are used in combination with voices. Collegium Musicum, ably directed by Professor Curtis of the Music Department, is a regular class which may be taken with or without credit. Students are enrolled in it on the basis of tryouts held at the beginning of the semester. This semester, the group ' s repertory consists of Elizabethan music. The of Collegium Musicum presented a noon concert for the campus community in May. Repertory Chorus Repertory Chorus is a class sponsored by the Music Department. Lawrence Moe conducts the chorus. Members are selected from the whole community of faculty, and students, on the basis of auditions at the beginning of each semester. The group contributes to the cultural programs on campus by several concerts each year. Glee Club managers. Dr. McKelvy Director The Senior Men ' s Octet. Stephen Marmer Senior Manager The University of California GLEE CLUB, the oldest male college chorus in the West, represents the University with their singing tours each year. This past they traveled through Central and gave performances in such countries as France, Germany, Italy, and Denmark. During Semester forty Glee Club members went on a nine-day tour of Southern California. In addition to making several appearances in the Los Angeles area, they had a chance to see the " Movie Capital of the World " - Hollywood. Next year, they are planning a trip to Canada. On the Cal campus, Glee Club performs at the fall and spring concerts in Hertz Hall, as well as at Charter Day High School Orientation Day, and the first freshman meeting in the fall. Glee Club GLEE CLUB — Row One: Dr. McKelvy, John Lundgren, Jerry Bucy, Kim Current, H. C. Yuen, Ed Eng, Gar Smith, Jon Guy Downing, Dave Simonds, Dennis Dwyer, Dexter Bullard. Row Two: Jerry Brown, John Cranston, Nick Ursin, Toby Spessard, Rob Granberry, Ken Hoop, Bob Fisher, Bob McDowell, Ray Boher, Frank Bahn, Richard Dahlinger, Fred Forsberg, Richard Schneidler. Row Three: Steve Cummings, Dave Mouat, Harold Svinenklar, Jim Unmack, Dan Peterson, Hilton Stenwedel, Rand Harris, Gordon Davy, Bob Bulwa, Dennis Thornton, Bob Service, Jerry Mill, Bob Wing. Row Four: Rich Egusa, Ken Krajawski, Jack Arnold, John Brogdon, Don Read, Ed Rickets, George Wing, Bill Woodward, John Boros, Gary Toops, David Skurnick, John Williams, Les Brinley. Row Five: Rabbe Kilhman, Paul Henault, Dave Palmer, John Roese, Tom Clark, Bruce Loomis, Nick Zwegintzov, Steve Koerper, Tom Peters, Tom Brewster, Bob Schwartz, Doug Raymond, Barry Siders, Jack Whetstone, Bob Reid. TREBLE CLEFF — Row One: Sharry Hutson, Jane Atkinson, Kathy Jennings, Linda Clark, Steffi Gourse, Sherrill Peterson, Bonnie Cancienne, Marian Williams, Jackie Zeller, Melinda Vaprin. Row Two: Susan Beare, Perrin Mc Eachren, Pat Diehl, Evelyn Lora Schlesinger, Betty Johnson, Judy Rinaldo, Nancy Julian, Robiny Rictchey, Judy Kuns. Row Three: Kathy Brown, Linda Hauldren, Ann Gresham, Carol Cayot, Dorothy Pease, Harriet Williams, Myra Pratt, Susan McCorkle, Margaret Arner, Maureen Bocian, Ann Schoomaker. Row Four: Vicci Hodge, Ann Farrier, Karen Ivy, Jo Ann Griffith, Carol Boeck, Liza Prescop, Julie Chandler, Leslie Jones, Candy Smith, Judy Aggeler, Ann Haggard. Row Five: Harriet Shapire, Donna Burger, Ann Wilson, Cheryl Lee, Marcia Glass, Barbara Samuels, Sally Reynolds, Grace Hooker, Peggy O ' Neil, Susan Gordon, Ann Damon, Barbara Bradner. Treble Cleff JUNIOR MANAGERS — Row One: Jackie Zeller, Madelyn Gale, Louise Johnson. Row Two: Irene Wherritt, Sally Reynolds, Joan Whitehead, Diana Freitas, Maureen Bocian. Alma Toroian, Senior Manager; Libby. Associate Senior Manaaer. Jade Ensemble. TREBLE CLEF, the women ' s choral group at Cal, chose 54 new singers at the beginning of the semester; they held their annual fall retreat weekend during October at Camp Kennolyn, in the Santa Cruz Mountains. During December, Men ' s Glee Club joined with Treble Clef to present " An Evening of Song, ' ' which included such selections as " Ave Maria, " Britten ' s " Gloria, " and Under the direction of James McKelvy and Senior Manager Alma Tororian, Treble Clef took a Canadian Tour at Easter. The girls gave a number of as they traveled to Lake Louise, Victoria, Edmonton and other cities in Canada. Youice Johnson, Tour Manager for the group, sent out hundreds of letters as she tried to line up housing transportation, sight-seeing trips for the girls, and singing engagements. Groups sponsoring Treble Clef for this trip included Rotary Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs, the University of Alberta at Edmonton, and the Victoria Symphony Society. Selections for the tour included a group of Irish folk songs; Brevis in D, ' ' by Britten; ' ' Lambs to the Lamb, " by Paul Creston; " Sound the Trumpet, ' ' by Henry Purcell, and other works written for women ' s voices. University Chorus UNIVERSITY CHORUS, under the direction of Iva Dee Hiatt, a guest full of vigor and enthusiasm, is comprised of 180 students. The Chorus is actually a class which students can take for credit while in Bay Area performances at least once a semester. This year the Chorus put on a presentation with the University Symphony Orchestra at Temple Emanu-El in San Francisco. Included in the program were Utrecht Jubilate, Tallis ' Lamentations of Jeremiah and the Prophet, Part I, and Schoenberg ' s Variations for Organ, Opus 40. The Variations reflect Schoenberg ' s uninhibited style of the Forties. They are incredibly complex, building to a magnificently structured end. University Symphony Orchestra Michael C. Senturia Director Hertz Hall The UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, conducted by Michael Senturia, presented such selections as Symphony Number 104 in D, by Haydn, Overture to a Midsummer Night ' s Dream, by Mendelssohn, and Strauss ' Death and Transfiguration, at performances held throughout this year. Among the Orchestra ' s programs was a joint performance with the University Chorus in the Spring. Membership in the Orchestra is determined by auditions which are held during Registration Week. The Orchestra functions as a class whereby students, faculty, and staff can earn two units of credit while experience and increasing their musical ability. Members are required to attend two two-hour rehearsals each week. Mr. James Berdahl Concert Band Members of the CONCERT BAND performed throughout the year at different campus events. These included Spring Sing on April 11, Charter Day ceremonies when Secretary General U Thant spoke to the University community, and the various University meetings. During the spring semester, they presented an outdoor concert in Faculty Glade for the enjoyment of Cal students who found the beautiful Berkeley weather difficult to study with. Mr. James Berdahl and Mr. Douglas Leedy direct the two sections of the band. are held several times each week, and the musicians have the opportunity of improving their musical ability as well as being able to perform for the University community. Collegian Singers The COLLEGIAN SINGERS, under the direction of Jim Fankhauser, is a mixed choir which was established several years ago to supplement Treble Clef and Glee Club. It satisfies the vocal musical needs of the University community by providing those students who enjoy singing, but who cannot afford the time the other groups require, with musical opportunities. Performances this year included concerts for local organizations and living groups, Christmas caroling, and concerts for high schools in the immediate area. Music practiced by the Collegian Singers ranges from Bach chorales to Broadway musicals. The students also sing old Southern spirituals and native folk songs. Jim Frankhauser is the Director of the Collegians. Serving as pianist for the group is Barbara Strunk. Collegians COLLEGIANS MANAGERS — Bonnie Golden, Social Sally Odom, Librarian; Larrine Abbott, Personnel; Larry Booher, Senior Manager; Nancy Davis, Junior Brendn Bell, Collegian Sings Manager. Lenny Glaser draws another crowd. Union Week The Campanile celebrated its 50th birthday during Union Week. The ASUC Senate is considering a " minimum standard of dress and conduct " rule for Heller Lounge. The Student Union opened in 1961. It was the realization of a dream and the product of years of planning. President Clark Kerr, then Chancellor of the initiated the action and guided the building campaign through many long month. This March, the Student Union celebrated its third birthday. A week was set aside for activities and programs commemorating the opening of the Student Union. From Tuesday of Union Week through Saturday, a photo exhibit, of the Union, " was on display. At 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon there was a Folk Song Hour with singer Chris Selsor in Heller Lounge. Vernon DeMars, architect of the Union, spoke at noon Wednesday in East Pauley Ballroom. A birthday reception for the Union was held that evening in the T. V. Lounge. On Thursday, three art films were shown, and on Friday, Week as History " was presented. The Smothers Bros. came, wearing red blazers and " Go to Hell, Stanford " buttons. A skit at the rally featured Oski and a takeoff on the Stanford Indian. Big Game Week The annual Cal-Stanford game concluded a busy Big Game Week, during which Oski performed his usual tricks to arrouse spirit among loyal Cal and the familiar cry was heard again and again, " Get the AXE! " Blue Monday and Kangaroo Court were held at the beginning of the week. Any students caught wearing the hated color red were put on trial and sentenced to be hit in the face with a couple of blue pies. On Tuesday of Big Game Week, Oski visited the different lectures on and even tried to take over the professors ' jobs. Can you see Oski teaching History 4B or Physics 10? The Big Game Concert, held in Harmon Gym this year, featured the Smothers Brothers. Jennifer Peak was selected Big Game Queen, and was presented to the University students at the Axe Review. Professors all enjoy Tuesday. " The traditional " Big Game Rally " was held in the Greek Theater. Coach Marv Levy seeks the solution to his Big Game dilemma in Heaven. Big Game Axe Revue was held November 16, in the Berkeley Community Theater as part of the Big Game Week activities. living groups on campus entered the competition, their skits around the theme, " Oski, the Spirit of Cal. " Sigma Alpha Mu fraternity won the first place award while Parker Apartments received the second place trophy. Kappa Nu which has won the number one award for the past three years, entered this fall as a non-competitive group. Others in the fun were the Californians, the Oski Dolls, and a Dixieland Band. One of the highlights of the show was the of the Calettes, a fourteen-member dance team under the direction of Jackie Mills, UC Pompon girl. These girls a series of jazz routines in striking red costumes which they had designed themselves. The dancers included Nancy Van Norman, Jan Medberry, Rae Wiles, Ginny Gafsga, Patsy Coffee, Patty Camras, Maureen James, Terry Worth, Susie Korts, Noella Luke, Patty Tyre, Linda Lee Johnson, and Carol Childs. AXE REVUE COMMITTEE — Jackie Mills, John Gage, Tom Fogarty, Mike Collins, Darrell Friedman, Ted Russell, Jane Downer, Bill Ellsworth. Miss Jennifer Peak Big Game Queen Miss Jennifer Peak, who is a sophomore from Northridge, California, was crowned Big Game Queen at the Axe Revue this fall. Jennifer, an Alpha Delta Pi, is planning to become a teacher, either on the elementary level, or in junior high. Panile, Daughters of Diana, and the Pompon Committee keep Jennifer busy; she ' ll be even more active next year, as head Ponpon girl. Sailing, tennis and skiing are activities which Jennifer enjoys when she can find any free time. Bob Bitticks Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, with over 300 is the largest national service in the country. Leadership, and service are the three guiding principles of this organization. Each year, Alpha Phi Omega sponsors the Ugly Man and Miss Beauty contests. The money derived from these competitions is given to support World University Service. Membership in the fraternity is on an invitational basis. Selden Hall Bob Lowery Bob Simon Barry Hart Jack Mattis Lynn Sims George Duston Ross Edwards Don Hirabayshi Steve Johnson Walt Buck Alan Carey Jerry Dodson Pete Haley Bob Lester Lou Bluestein Gamma Delta Epsilon Bonnie Bagby, President Margi Ashe Cathy Briggs Elyse Cohen Melissa Eisenberg Irene Fishman Ronnie Fishman Bobbie Griffin Elaine Haritos Patti Kaufman Claudia Lee Betsy Levin Wendy Ragent Marcia Rasumoff Barbara Riley Ricky Weiner Zean Ziegler Jim McKinney Dave Van Atta R. J. O ' Donnell John Young Miss Linda Schacht Miss Beauty Two contestants vie for the Ugly Man title. Beauty ... Miss Beauty, Linda Schacht, is an Alpha Delta Pi from Berkeley. A sophomore majoring in speech, Linda plans to go into elementary education. Her activities on campus include membership in Panile, the sophomore women ' s honor society. Linda enjoys tennis, skiing, and and is a qualified life guard. She hopes to be working at Tahoe this Carol Thurston created this poster, which won the " Ugliest Poster " competition. Ugly! Bowles Hall held Turtle Races to support its Ugly Man contestant. Photo Club sold Hair " to earn votes for its candidate. ...and the Beast Lynn Simms, sponsored by Kappa Delta sorority, was crowned Ugly Man at the Beauty and the Beast Ball. Lynn served as vice president of his junior class in the fall, and as president in the spring. He is a member of Alpha Phi Omega, Californians, and Megaphone Society. Next year Lynn will be kept especially busy as one of the yell leaders. Lynn Simms Ugly Man Scott Samuelson Chairman Larry Stewart Garff Wilson ADVISORS Cal Club Cal Club is the University of California ' s spirit organization. It has a chapter on every campus. Members work to promote unity and harmonious relations among various branches of the college community. Each year, a meeting is held at which all the branches are represented by interested and active students. Discussions of their mutual problems and goals occupy the delegates to this convention. In addition, new policies are considered as attempts at solving problems are made. Through the projects of Cal Club, close inter-campus relations are maintained and strengthened despite the continuous expansion of the University. Betsy Bright Walter Buck Chris Carpenter Jane Downer Richard Arthur Karen Blank Robert Draper Robert Haas Sydney Henshaw Vicki Keller Benette Kuper Mel Levine Mary McGowan Jim McNamara Barbara Nawman Robert O ' Donnell Marty Parker Charlie Powell Rowland Stanley Bill Storey Peggy Tarr Mary Lee Taylor Kathleen Tuck Order of the Golden Bear UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Albert M. Becker Eric C. Bellquist James E. Berdahl Robert H. Blake Ernest H. Burness James Cason, Jr. Milton Chernin Robert A. Cockrell Robert P. Commanday James H. Corley James H. Cullom Charles C. Cushing William H. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Dennes Robert Di Graccia Clifford L. Dochterman William L. Ellsworth Richard E. Erickson W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Walter Frederick William B. Fretter Varden Fuller Warren H. Geidt Phillip P. Griffin Richard P. Hafner Brutus Hamilton James T. Harkness Lawrence A. Haper Jack Hart James D. Hart Rene Herrerias Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Miles R. Hudson Richard K. Kelly Van Dusen Kennedy Thomas J. Kent, Jr. Clark Kerr Frank L. Kidner Elmo J. Koll Adrian A. Kragen John E. Landon G. James Lemmon Donald McLaughlin Gerald E. Marsh Woodrow Middlekauf Ralfe D. Miller William H. Monohan Norris Nash Peter Newell Harold C. Norton Peter H. Odegard George Pettitt William Porter Richard E. Powell Alva W. Ragan Armin Rappaport Warren Robinson William Shepard Alex C. Sherriffs William Somerville Robert G. Sproul Verne Stadtman Wendell Stanley Robert Steiner Larry Stewart Fred E. Stripp Edward W. Strong Jacobus ten Broek Jacobusten Forrest Tregea Ian G. Turner Peter S. Van Houten William Wadman Michael K. White Arleigh Williams Jack Williamson Garff B. Wilson George Wolfman Grank Woodward Henry S. Yee GRADUATE STUDENTS Jerry Berman Larry S. Beyersdorf Martin Blank Morris Bobrow Robert E. Bosso Burton Davies William J. Dickinson Tom Dunlap Dick Dwane Edward A. Germain Jeffrey Horner Robert L. Knight Albert Kramer Don Lauer Charles Lucas Gerald McManigal Kenneth Meade James Naify Pat Newell Peter Olson William Petrocelli William R. Quigley John J. Quinn J. Roger Samuelson Claude Schultz Jerome Siebert Sanford Skaggs Jeffrey Snow Richard Stone Tom Trutner Brian Van Camp Gordon Van Kessel Cameron Wolfe David Yamakawa UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS Akinyinka O. Adubifa Lloyd D. Amborn Rae W. Archibald Richard C. Arthur Lawrence J. Baack William S. Berry Harold S. Boyd Edward T. Bradbury Stephen R. Brandt Byron L Buck Clark J. Burnham Manuel V. Campos Christopher G. Carpenter Jeffrey A. Carmel Rudolph M. Carvejal Geoffrey Chandler Alan Cohen Michael C. Collins Samuel W. Dolman Robert S. Draper George M. Duff Weylin G. Eng Stanley F. Farrar David Favro Darrell D. Friedman Michael E. Gold Randall D. Gold Robert D. Haas David K. Hafleigh John C. Hatton Tom D. Hobday Robert N. Joenhck Gene C. Johnson Stephen C. Johnson Ronn D. Kaiser Geoffrey S. Kessler Henry T. Kyle Allen H. Lerch Meldon E. Levine James R. Libien George W. Linn Richard N. Lohman Daniel F. Lufkin Jack R. McMichael James A. McNamara Stephen S. Marmer Hugh G. Massey Mehrdad Mehrain Roger Morgan Peter Muldavin Martin F. Parker Bruce L. Payne Robert D. Phillips David B. Reister T. Gary Rogers Gary S. Samuelson Bernard H. Schulte Jon Charles Shawl Andrew M. Shields Rowland D. Stanley Alexander M. Stevens William L. Storey Philip K. Swigard Frederick D. Sylvester Chinin Tana Lewis T. Tobin Robert H. Traum William R. True Eric R. Van de Water Cebe B. Wallace David S. Walls Dennis S. Washburn Peter E. Weber Hal Boyd Walt Buck Clark Burnham Vic Campos Mike Collins Chris Conrad Dick Dopkins Bob Draper Stan Farrar Jay Flemming Tom Fogarty Darrell Friedman Dave Goldstein Bob Haas Californians The Californians is a junior and senior men ' s honorary service organization. The fifty members are chosen on a basis of past activities, interest in campus life and a willingness to give of their support to the various events. A few of these traditional events are the Frosh-Soph Brawl, Big Game Week, Awards Assembly, and Spring Sing. A cross-section of this group will find members from almost all living groups and representatives of literally every phase of campus life. Fall were: David Hafleigh, president; Steve secretary; and Phil Shuper, treasurer. In the spring, the officers were Darrell Friedman, Bob O ' Donnell, and Larry Taggart. Dave Hafleigh Barry Harlan Steve Harper Lanny Hernandez Tom Hobday Sid Israels Ron Jurgensen Jeff Kessler Mel Levine Jack Lundgren Jim McNamara Ron Mermel Dan Miller Wayne O ' Connell Bob O ' Donnell Jack Overall Marty Parker Charlie Powell Ted Russell Joe Samuel Scott Samuelsen Buzz Schulte Phil Shuper Lynn Sims Gary Soden Jim Soules Rowland Stanley Dave Steiner Bill Storey Phil Swigard Larry Taggart Willie Thurlow Bill True Don Worden Vic Yamato Steve Zalkind Vicke Backeberg Susan Bassett Betsy Bidart Pam Butler Joanne Corday Anne Costello Margie Coverley Jane Downer Trish Doyle Ellie Elrod Sharon Esterley Barbara Ewing Oski Dolls are the official hostesses of the University of California. Greeting visiting athletic teams, dignitaries, foreign students, and speakers keeps these girls busy throughout the year. Membership consists of forty girls, who must maintain at least a 2.00 grade average. Approximately ten girls from each class, but no more than three from any single living group are selected. Miki Forte Susan Freider Diane Gates Sharon Mock Evie Nakamura Gwaine Nuest Cass Pettifer Cheryl Pugh Nancy Randall Nanci Reginelli Miriam Shokouh Kay Sutton Lesley Tannahill Sheri Vetter Martha Wakefield Hank Wharton Bettye Wilson Vickie Graham Tani Janes Oski Dolls Sharon Greiner Sterling Hilleary Lesley Hosfeld Jean Kalback Anne Kennedy Paula Loffler SKULL AND KEYS SOCIETY — Row One: (Actives) Mike Chase, Spud Cutler, Tim Ryan, Sam Dolman, George Ratham, Bill Staats, Mike Neal, Greg Avilla, Rich Stenton, Pete Dolan, Tom Holland. Row Two: (Initiates) Ned Griffith, Pete DePetra, Bill Clayton, Howard Beeman, Russ Godt, Dave Dowling, Steve Cuthbert, Dick Iglehart, Steve Booth, Rex Jones, Steve Lagerlof, Bob Kresser, Chip Hunt, Jim Thompson. Row Three: (Initiates) Gene Sparburg, Steve Chris Carlson, Bill Bowley, Chris Carpenter, John Shenk, Degi Scott, Jim Baird, Clark Ransome, John Clarke, Steve Harper, Russ Hamblyn, Bob Towne, Cap Peckham, Topper Gooch, Ed Musante, Pete Weber, Rick Gattis. Skull and Keys FALL Mike Neal Bill Stoats President Secretary SPRING Rich Stenton Tom Campbell HONORARY MEMBERS Dick Abreu Stub Allison Bodie Andrews David Barrows Gill Becker Anthony Blanks Dr. Boles N. S. Buchanan Paul Cadman John U. Calkins, Jr. Donald Cameron Andy Carlson R. W. Chaney Zeb Chaney Charles Cahpman Walter Christie Clarence Corey James A. Crutchfield Harry Davis M. M. Davisson Monroe E. Deutsch William G. Donald Newton B. Drury W. H. Durham Ky Ebright Greg Englehard Capt. Neil Edmunds Col. G. C. Ewards James K. Fisk Martin C. Faherty Walter Frederick Stanley B. Freeborn Horace R. Gaither Raymond Gettell Evertt Glass E. C. Goldsworthy Capt. P. C. Godwin George Good Capt. Sandy Goodman Walter Gordon Liett. Harry Greenlaw E. T. Grether John Brover Chaffee Hall, Jr. Brutus Hamilton James Hamilton James Hamilton Jack Happoldt Dr. James T. Harkness Robert Hemphill Norman E. Hinds John Hostater H. S. Howard Miles Hudson James B. Hutchinson Lincoln Hutchinson Bill Ingram Dick Kelly Dr. Frank Kelly Alexander M. Kidd Lawrence Kinnaird Peter B. Kavne W. M. Latimer Karl G. Leebrick Matthew C. Lynch E. Landon Austin MacDonald Walter E. Magee Eggs Manske G. E. Marsh Jack McKinzie Herm Meister Ralph P. Merritt Ralfe Miller Brick Mitchell Brick Mor se Russ Nagler Eugene Neunaus John Farnci Neylan R. L. Olson Edmund O ' Neil F. C. Palm Major G. H. Peabody Robert A. Peterson Ken Priestly Thomas H. Putnam Al Ragan L. Reno Carl Reich F. M. Russell Thomas F. Sanford Major C. R. Sargent Geo. Schroth William A. Setchell James G. Shaeffer Andy Smith Geo. A. Smithson Robert G. Sproul Tom Stow H. E. Stone Edward G. Stricklin Fred Stripp Major J. S. Switzer Nicholas L. Taliaferro Lient. Cdr. H. L. Tallman E. H. Taylor Col. Thomas J. Truex Irv. Uteritz Charles R. Voltz Edwin C. Voorhies Lynn O. Waldorf Benjamin Wallace Benjamin Ide Wheeler Frank Wickhorst Jack Williamson Bob Wilson Garff B. Wilson Jean C. Witter Carl Zamlock Deceased MASONIC CLUB — Row One: Camilla Girard, Phyllis Zack, Gary Riegg, Nadine Schindell, Carol Martin, Janice Bailey, William Eillis, Paul Dauve, Carl Lumry, Roy Cross, Diane Wallace, Cherie Christensen, Sue Pratt. Row Two: Bob Roseberry, Jim Cox, Steve Corbin, Dan Whiting, Russ Breslauer, Ronald Juick, Bert Robinson, Ken Hayes, Mike Celestre, Mike Herring, Terry Nelson, Clint Lowell, Pat Lockwood, Mike Stoberty, Nels Erickson, Chuck Glenn, Fred Back. The Masonic Club, maintained by the Masons of California since 1923, is a coeducational center for Rainbow Girls, DeMolays, Job ' s Daughters, and relatives of Masons enrolled in the University. Facilities in the club building include study rooms, a photography darkroom, and a The group offers a program of organized social activities such as dances, hayrides, and folksings. Masonic Club Torch and Shield Torch and Shield is a senior women ' s social organization which was established in 1906. Its activities are traditionally a secret, so ... TORCH AND SHIELD: E. B. Blanchard, Nancy Terry, Darrin Tollin, Domie Garat, Ginger Veirs, Nancy Randall, Marsha McRae, Betsy Bidart, Jean Hazard. Arifuku, Isami Briggs, Cathy Chang, Julia Durham, Mary-Jo Vicki Keller President Bonnie Westburg Vice President Gail Lopin Secretary Loene Terry Treasurer ADVISORS Mrs. Bernard Donnelly Mrs. Edward Strong Mrs. Adrian Kragen Fox, Joan Simens Keller, Vicki Okelberry, Karen Kinnick, Mary Smith, Patricia Lopin, Gail Westburg, Bonnie Irvin, Nell Tarr, Peggy Mortar Board Mortar Board is a senior women ' s honor society. It was founded at Syracuse, New York, in 1918, and in 1925 Mortar Board was established at the University of California. Membership is to senior women who have made contributions to the University in scholarship, and leadership. The preamble to Mortar Board ' s constitution states its purpose: provide cooperation between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and encourage leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. " Libby, Carolyn McGowan, Mary Taylor, MaryLee Terry, Loene Willner, Janet Wu, Lauri Susan Abel Mary Kathleen Barta Farrel Baum Karen Blank Cathy Briggs Elizabeth Bright Julia Chang Robin Craig Mary Josephine Durham Margaret Exeter Lynda Fall Jeanette Helm Susan Herney Lani Ingham Carol Jalonen Diane Jelcick Vicki Keller Mary Katherine Kinnick Benette Kuper Carolyn Libby Prytanean Prytanean is the oldest women ' s activity and scholarship honor organization in the nation. It was founded at the of California in 1900, for the purpose of encouraging and rewarding the and loyalty of women students. is extended to Junior and Senior women who are outstanding in and campus activities. These strive to serve the University through special philanthropic projects, discussions of important issues, and the maintenance of high standards in scholarship and among women students. Chapters of Prytanean also exist at the UCLA, Davis, and Riverside campuses. Gail Lopin Roberta Lowe Virginia McCauley Evelyn NaKamara Pamela Newmark Karen Okelberry Patricia O ' Toole Jan Paschal Dorothy Pease Lydia Perlman Nancy Ann Randall Joan Siemens Fox Patricia Smith Margaret Tarr Mary Lee Taylor Mary Fran Timboe Kathleen Tuck Bonnie Wesrberg Katherine Wilkinson Janey Willner Laurene Wu Joyce Bailey Teresann Corbelli Jane Downer Rosemary Lucier Cheryl Pugh Panile Panile was founded on the Berkeley campus in 1939. It is a sophomor e women ' s society, whose membership is on the basis of outstanding service to the campus community and at least a 2.4 grade point average. Elaine Heritos Jan Horn Joyce Bailey JoAnne Corday Margaret Coyne Cynthia Jones Jean Kalbach Anne Kennedy Beverly Magovern Sandy Moore Pattianne Nagle Margaret Olsen Jennifer Peak Catherine Porter Judy Primm Kathy Quinn Katherine Sue Rau Sue Frieder Valerie Gamanera Vickie Graham Regina Gray Marcia Green Ayres Hatton President Judy Primm Vice President Marcia Greene Corresponding Secretary Susan Rolap Recording Secretary Candy Smith Treasurer Joyce Bailey Membership Chairman Jan Horn Service Chairman Pattianne Nagle Linda Schacht Candy Smith Diana Solar Susan Rolap Kathy Ryan WINGED HELMET — Row One: Inghi Johnsberg, Husten Winfeth, Harold Cocker, Clinton Day. Row Two: Steve Radich, Bill Caldwell, Judge Staats, Jock O ' Connell, Barret Garrett. Row Three: Leroy Grable, Aston Hertter, Arthur Dolan, Edwin Griffith, Bill Jones. Row Four: Gus Schilling, William Truckson, Hank Wharton, Curt Karter, Edgie Scotch, Samson Dolman, Donald Quickmen. Not Pictured: Jefferson Davis, Cole Theel, Bobby Tow ne. Winged Helmet One of the oldest student organizations at the University of California is Winged Helmet Society. Founded in 1901 by Benjamin Ide Wheeler, Winged Helmet is an honor society for junior men. The primary goal of this is to promote a friendly atmosphere for students on campus. HONOR STUDENTS SOCIETY — Row One: W. Bearg, J. Runkle, M. Chang, R. Caruso, R. Carvajal, M. Neuton, L. Parsons, G. Smith, K. Kish, S. Pucci, L. Salter, J. Compaan. Row Two: J. Caskill, M.Scpiro, O. Sherwood, J. Di Ciuccio, L. Shapeero, M. Dixon, L. Timm, M. Bachus, M. Duncan, P. Seeley, K. Wuertele, C. Soldyna, T. Granucci, N. Warren. Row Three: C. Friedberg, R. Oberg, T. Wallace, H. Chan, B. Woddel, R. Ross, L. Merrion, G. Weathersby, D. Mann, J. Loomis. Row Four: E. Bailey, K. Nomiyama, P. K. Yamamoto. Honor Students Society The Honor Students Society was founded in 1923 as the upper division and graduate honor society of this University. Membership is by election, based upon high scholastic attainment. As a service to undergraduates, the Student Advisory Bureau of the Society provides free individual tutoring in over 70 courses. Members participate in an active and social program, including field trips, snow trips, plays, bay cruises, parties, and, of course, the traditional banquet and theater night. CHINESE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION CABINET — Row One: Tong Yat Ping, correspondent; Flora Fong, membership; Guy Lau, president; Paul Lee, vice president; Anthony Shen, English secretary. Row Two: Max Shen, treasurer; Kenneth Hom, social chairman; Andre Cheung, treasurer, Billy Chan, publicity. CHINESE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION: Oski Wong, Baldwin Chan, John Pek, Raymond Cheng, Einnir Eong, Rodney Wong, Milton Loo. Chinese Students Association The Chinese Students Association was founded at the University to provide social and cultural activities for its members. During the Spring Semester of 1964, membership has exceeded 230. The group ' s goals are to promote international understanding and friendship between members and students from other countries. Therefore, participation in social functions by any University is always welcome. These social functions include coffee hours, welcome dances, and picnics. A sports chairman takes care of such activities as bowling, tennis, skating, and soccer. Publicity chairmen are in charge of the CSA program in the annual Week of the University. Participation in I-Week together with Christmas Caroling are among the traditional activities of the Association. CHINESE STUDENTS CLUB — Front Row: Flora Fong, Valerie Yee, Ann Wong, Janice Keung, Camille Chan, Elizabeth Young, Gloria Lum, Donna Kaye Leu, Barbara Kong, Janice Chong, James Chan. Back Row: Victor Jong, Milton Li, Barry Fong, Paul Lee, Dianna Kong, Alice Wong, Ed Don, Wayne Jower, Alan Fong, Ken Chu, Henry Liu, Pat Tong, Sharon Mock, Shirlaine Kee, Marcia Fong, Peter Wo ng, William Chan, Leonard Chong, Weylin Eng. Chinese Students Club The Chinese Students ' Club is now in its 51st year at the University. It is open to all Cal students and attempts to social, educational, and cultural Raising money for scholarships is one important project, and in addition, sponsoring a conference over Easter break and a Big Brother project for new students at Cal occupy much time. Art exhibits, lectures, and a news bulletin provide interesting information for of the organization. IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION: Ali Noroozi, Iraj Mansoori, Farhad Partovi, Cholamali Moslehi Jenabian, Mehrdad Mehrain, Farideh Asgharian, Mansoor Niazi, Mrs. Fereshteh Niazi, Behjat Asgharian, Mrs. Homa Etemad, Mohamad Etemad, Mohamad-Reza Piroozkar, Fereydoon Tabibzadeh, Khosrow Kalantari, Khosrow Moaveni, Iraj Javandel. Iranian Students Association Established in 1950, the Iranian Students of the University of California has provided friendship for over 160 Iranian students at Berkeley. Partly through good leadership and partly because of the interest and of members, the association is currently one of the most active on campus. It provides orientation programs for new Iranian students, promotes better understanding between Iranian and American students, and, in addition, a variety of social events. Hillel Foundation B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation, located at 2738 Bancroft Way, serves as the center for Jewish students on campus. Its membership is open to all interested students. A program consisting of religious services, lectures, seminars, concerts, art exhibitions, Sunday night suppers, Israeli folk dancing, Hebrew classes, and other events which enable students to express themselves within the framework of the Jewish tradition is provided by the Foundation. B ' NAI B ' RITH HILLEL FOUNDATION STUDENT COUNCIL — Bernard Shapiro, Carl Epstein, David Epstein, President; Jim Widess, Treasurer; Penny Kossoris; Rabbi Joseph Not Pictured: Leila Rosen, Antoinette Blum, Michele Hyman, Vice President; Steve Becker. Rev. Joseph L. Quinn Newman Club Newman club was organized in 1899, to unify the Catholic students on the Berkeley campus. Members of the club participate in trips, pilgrimages, social events, retreats, and seminars dealing with the Catholic Faith. Currently, a new chapel is being constructed to house the various activities associated with the organization. Rev. James F. Fisher Rev. Joseph M. O ' Looney Christian Science Organization The Christian Science Organization at the University, located on Durant is conducted entirely by students. Meetings are held each Tuesday evening at 7:30, during which readings from the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures, by Mary Baker Eddy, are given. Testimonies of the practical demonstration of Christian Science are presented by students. All are welcome. Special projects this year have included: giving 2000 free Christian Science to the campus, holding two lectures in the Student Union, and presenting a program on the 1963 Biennial Meeting of Christian Science College held in Boston. GAVEL AND QUILL — Row One: Julie O ' Donnell, Jim McNamara Row Two: Rowland Stanley, Syd Henshaw, Molly Paul, Lynn Sims, Pattianne Nagle, Lanny Hernandez, Jim Masuda, Manly Allen. Row Three: Joyce Bailey, Lynn Peterson, Pam Newmark, Paul Dekar, Warner Coats, Jim Roberts. Row Four: Bob O ' Donnell, Jay Fleming, Wayne O ' Connell, Jan Horn, Asa Meudell, Paul Keith, Pete Greenough, Dave Dwight. Gavel and Quill Gavel and Quill is a class activities honor society. Eligibility for membership upon one ' s participation in the activities and government of his class. The social gatherings, which are the purpose of Gavel and Quill, provide a welcome relief to counter-balance the work of organizing and coordinating class activities. Commuter-Independent Council The C-I Council, along with the office of - Independent Representative, was two years ago to deal with the problems of students who must commute to campus, or who have no affiliation with an organized living group. One of the major purposes of the Commuter-Independent is to provide social activities, such as dances, dinners and picnics. Also, the council tries to improve services, such as parking, for the commuter. COUNCIL — Row One: Al Frumkin, Melissa Carlson, Terri Corbelli, President; Winkie Campbell; Jan Chitton. Row Two: Robert Holmes; Barbara Wright; Patricia McCutchan; Caroline Kuhl; Jack Perella. Not Pictured: Sue Davis, Betsy Fowler, Joan Chapel, Jerry Beckman, Glen Gabel, Dennis Hazelton, Barbara Britt. SERF Board The Student Educational Faculty Relations Board is a newly formed organization whose purposes are to promote better understanding and friendship between the students, administration, and faculty, and to research areas such as educational and policies and special problems in the classroom. Members are selected by recommendation from the Deans of the colleges, and by interviews with interested applicants. This year, the board sponsored three speakers programs, each followed by a student-faculty panel discussion. SERF BOARD — Row One: Gail Lopin, Dick Oliver, Lynne Meyer, Marilyn Vassallo, Sheila Po Chi Wu, Baaram Moeen-Ziai. Row Two: Jim Duerr, Roy Gesley, Paul Griffith, Charles Powell, Mark Aaronson, John Kurtich, Richard Hooper. The frigate bird was studied by the expedition. Galapagos Expedition Fifty scientists from six nations have completed an unprecedented expedition to the Galapagos islands, developing fresh insights into the archipelago ' s and climate, and studying in new detail the processes of evolution in living species. The expedition spent five weeks in the archipelago, 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador, and its members virtually every one of the volcanic islands, collecting of new species of plants, insects and fish. They made animal behavior studies with the exotic iguanas, lizards, flightless c ormorants, and giant tortoises. Conducted by the University of California Extension, the Galapagos International Scientific Project was supported by the National Science Foundation. Dr. Robert Stebbins and Dr. Jerold Lowenstein measure radioactive iodine uptake in a marine iguana. The popularity of the iguana as a pet has soared since the expedition. These odd cactus trees were found on the island. Hans Giroux was Commander of the Drill Team. An Arnold Air Society - Angel Flight barbeque was held at Captain DeBack ' s pool. DETACHMENT STAFF Colonel William J. Davitt, Professor of Air Science Major G. M. Bennett Major Jon R. Levy Captain Glenwood J. Anderson Captain Norman J. DeBack, Jr. MSGT Robert F. Settle TSGT Billy J. Whisenant SSGT Wendell F. Hanselman Mrs. Ann Cantril Miss Virginia Jackson CADET GROUP STAFF, Fall C Lt. Col. William Cooper, Group Commander C Maj. Rowland Stanley, Executive Officer C Maj. Fred Staedel, Deputy for Standards C Capt. Orren Fletcher, Administrative Officer C Capt. Paul Kough, Personnel Officer C Capt. Ronald Grand, Material Officer C Capt. Robert Reed, Operations Officer C Capt. Clinton Jurgens, Comptroller C Capt. John Cotcher, Inspector C Capt. Richard Davis, Inspector C Capt. Morris Barr, Squadron Commander C Capt. N. Van Valkenburgh, Squadron Cdr. C Capt. Hans Giroux, Sq. Cdr., Drill Team CADET GROUP STAFF, Spring C Lt. Col. James Stehr, Group Commander C Capt. James Tappan, Executive Officer C Capt. George Chumbley, Operations Officer C Capt. Gary Orton, Personnel Officer C Capt. Larry Southwick, Administrative Officer C Capt. Gary Thomsen, Information Officer C Capt. Bruce Flushman, Material Officer C Capt. Clint Jurgens, Comptroller C Capt. Charles Powell, Inspector C Capt. David Gideon, Inspector C Capt. Jay Ruzak, Squadron Commander C Capt. Richard Hubbard, Squadron Cdr. C Capt. Hans Giroux, Squadron Commander AFROTC-Arnold Air Society Chancellor Strong and Colonel David discuss new Air Science facilities in Harmon Gym. A Department of Air Science is a part of about 15 per cent of all degree-granting institutions in the United States. The University of California, along with Institute of Technology, Texas A and M, and the University of Illinois, has the distinction of being one of the four original Air Force (then Air Service) ROTC units, established in 1920. Presently, in addition to the academic curriculum, the Department of Air Science includes two social organizations, Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight. Arnold Air Society is an honorary fraternal organization for Air Science Cadets, and is open to all cadets enrolled in upper division AFROTC. The society is a nation-wide organization with affiliated chapters at many colleges and universities. The chapter here at Berkeley is officially known as the George H. Steel Squadron. It was first organized in 1952, shortly after the of Air Science was established on this campus. The society is instrumental in aiding AFROTC cadets to become better acquainted with Air Force customs and traditions. Together with the invaluable assistance of the Angel Flight, the society organizes informal discussion sessions, as well as carrying out a full social It is hoped that with this experience, cadets will participate more fully in the customs and ceremonies of the United States as commissioned officers. Cadets prepare for jet flight in a " T-Bird. " Lynda Stone Angel Flight Commander Peggy Archibald Cathy Arnold Anne Benninghoven Linda Brown Dottie Bush Rheta Christensen Claudine Fisher Nancy Grant Judy Graziani Sue Herney Karen Hughes Angel Flight Arnold Air Society-Angel Flight initiation was held at the Alameda Officers Club. Leslie Jones Kay Kaufman Carol MacGregor Marilyn Morris Cheryl Pugh Nancy Randall Stephanie Raymore Lynda Rygel Sue Scheble Pat Smith Bobbie Stiles Ann Tollefson Rheta Christensen, the queen candidate for the national conclave, was presented flowers by Jim Stehr, Cadet Group Commander. GOLDEN GUARD — Row One: R. D. Kaiser, T. K. Holland, D. Dunlap, R. G. Bradley, J. C. Conrad, M. G. Sugarman, R. L. Menist. Row Two: Ken Budman, Martin Harband, Clark Burnham, Russ Wisler, Pete J. Dolan, Bill Stoats, Steve Voss, Larry McCune, Leigh Gaba, Clint Day, Jerry Williams, R. Terry De Maria, Walt M. Bank, Larry Taggart, Bert Carner, Jim Libien. Row Three: Thomas G. Pattinson, Barry Siders, Alan Lindman, Ronald J. Ctherlone, Dennis Schmitz, Robert L. Redfield, Ross Hambly, William Allcorn, Greg Tolson, Michael Hemovich, Reg Watt, Paul Accampo, Michael Sudbordueh, Harold L. Yeoman, Tom Hobday. Row Four: Tom Durbin, Bill Calhoun, Tom Hanley, Richard Iglehart, Jim Ehman, Phillip E. Adler, Byron Buck, Byron Smith, Jon Schroeder, Jerry Duncan, Lance Wickman, Steve Rush, Andrew Benson, Douglas S. Hall, Hobart S. Dewey, Eric B. Sinizer. Row Five: Leonard S. Felix, James B. Cobb, Jerry P. Loving, Rostyslav Balah, Stephen G. Lyon, Markham G. Robinson, Roger Peterson, Howard L. Sanger, Thomas J. Sargent, Yoshito Hirabayahi, Eugene R. Wulf, Peter Z. Michael, Brian E. Leonard, James D. Flynn, Michael J. Golden Guard GOLDEN GUARD — Row One: Gary M. Rae, Peter H. Latthrop, Richard G. Brumund, John N. Beck II, Steve Donaldson, John N. Nadherny, Lawrence A. Reeves, Jon B. Woolery, William W. Waddel, Bernard J. Lilly, Clinton E. Rapley, L. S. Young, William A. Sloane, Jr., Donald O. Fareed, William R. Friedrich. Row Two: C. W. Donaldson, Douglas J. Bell, Greg Palamountain, Gerald L. Quigg, Lawrence G. Olson, Dave Peterson, Peter H. Peracca, Chapin P. Hunt, Frederick B. Wilmar, John J. Tuite, Ill, Dennis A. Abreu, Lance Anderson, Steve Tapson, Richard Coulter. Row Three: Gaylord C. Kubota, James D. Prendergast, Lawrence W. Briggs, John E. Kraai, Gordon Kuhlman, Steve Sternberg, Leslie T. Niitani, Stephen R. Wood, E. V. Howes, Kenneth Tietz, E. F. Schramko, Robert G. Harper, Douglas G. Sykes, Stuart Brubaker, Bud William E. Arrucagh. Row Four: Dennis Mulhall, Robert Warren, Walter Peacock, Tom Sturges, Robert O ' Donnell, James Kaye, Richard Hungerford, Craig Morton, Gregory Scott, Stephen Shawl, Gordon O. Williams, Stephen J. Roland, Jean-Francois Romey, Michael J. Cannon, Lawrence J. Gilsdorf. Row Five: William F. Carter, Howard Beeman, Bill Burrows, Len Hicks, James O ' Connell, Steven R. Johnson, William R. Lyman, Thomas L. Tribby, William S. Thomas, Jr., Russell A. Medevic, Ralph D. Roberts, Buzz Schulte, David Archibald, Richard Cartwright, Jack Schraub, Ronald Calegari, John Gillingham, Ernest Gray, William Hosmer. Miss Lynn Haigh Miss Kathy Brady Miss Lynne van Swearingen Military Ball Queen Miss Lynne van Swearingen was crowned Queen at the Military Ball at Oak ' Knoll Officers ' Club this April. Lynne is a sophomore from Pasadena and she is affiliated with Delta Gamma sorority. Majoring in anthropology, Lynne holds the of becoming a legal secretary. Lynne ' s plans for the more immediate future include a trip to Europe next spring. Miss Dianne Hawley Miss Ann Schriber Miss Meredith White NROTC Color Queen Captain Reilly Lt. Cdr. Andersen Quarterdeck Society It has long been claimed that the University of California has the greatest intercollegiate athletic program in the United States. The annually sends 33 teams into competition in 16 different sports. Approximately 900 California athletes in almost 500 contests each year. In an outstanding intramural program is offered in which several thousand students participate in 16 different team sports and seven individual tournaments. To contain the many athletic events, the University boasts of one of the most excellent and modern athletic plants in the world. California Memorial Stadium is the third largest college structure of its kind in the nation. Harmon Gym, built in 1932 holds 7,200 for basketball and other sports. Adjoining Harmon are two outdoor swimming pools. Edwards track and field stadium is considered one of the finest in the world. Oski Committee The care and feeding of Oski, Cal ' s real live bear, is the task of Oski Committee. Members average about five feet six inches tall and must be athletic to be able to per- form all the stunts. Oski can be found chasing Pompon girls and other University coeds. OSKI COMMITTEE — Row One: Bob Arbios, Dave Sharon, Van Faber, Clark Burnham, Mark Lyons, Bert Carner. Row Two: Brian Cunningham, Phil Swigard, Larry Scanlan, Mike Plunkett, Ed Azlant, Ron Fliss, Rpm Stolowitz. Megaphone Society The Megaphone Society is among the most active spirit groups on campus. Composed of varsity yell leaders as well as those aspiring for these positions, the society can always be found leading cheers at the rallies and games. Members gain experience by leading cheering at basketball and football games. MEGAPHONE SOCIETY — Row One: Lynn Sims. Row Two: Don Westergren, Rip Bliss, Rich Anderson, Joe Shields, Jim McGrew. Row Three: Carl Muller, Farrell Sutton, Keith Sours, Jim Atwood. Row Four: Randy Gaines, Jack LeForge, Rich Strangio, Bill Gibson. Row Five: Carl Jacobs, Dan Devoto, Rick Barron, Phil Litts, Dave Engels, Jim Ford. Card Stunts Committee Come to Memorial early on the morning of game days and you ' ll see the forty members of the Cards Stunts Committee tacking cards to the seats and decorating the Many hours are also spent in planning the stunts and making up the instruction sheets. In 1910, the first card stunts ever performed at the half-time of a football game were performed at Cal. Rally and Games Council Chairmen of all the spirit groups on campus compose the Rally and Games Council. The purpose of the council is to plan rallies and activities for all major events. Coordination between the groups represented and plans for future improvements are the major concerns of the council. RALLY AND GAMES COUNCIL — Row One: Barbara Nawman, Jim McNamara, Chairman, Wendy Phillips. Row Two: Dan Devoto, Karen Blank, Jane Downer, Larry Taggart, Vickie Graham, Phil Swigard, Marty Parker, Chris Conrad, Lanny Hernandez, Lynn Sims. Row Three: Peter Van Houten, Advisor, Art Shartsis, Willy Thurlow, Akin Abdubifa, Jamie Sutton, Bob Haas, Bill Ellsworth, Advisor, Mike Manning, Don Dean. As the sun comes over the rim of Memorial stadium... Yell Leaders The burial of the San Jose State Spartans and demolishing of the Trojan rocking horse were some of the stunts witnessed by the rooting section this year. Besides their inventive stunts, the spirited " yellers " were always on the job leading songs and cheers. Head yell leader Jim McNamara even had a yell of his own— a spontaeous tribute from the rooting section. In response, Jim and his assistants went in basketball, beating rival from both Stanford and St. Mary ' s. All in all, their hard work gave Cal what one San Francisco newspaper called greatest rooting section in the world. " YELL LEADERS — Jamie Sutton, Lanny Hernandez, Jim McNamara, Larry Taggart, Willie Thurlow. Hey! a gremlin man. and Pompon Girls This year ' s Pompon girls displayed their smiles and spirit at all the rallies and major sports events throughout the year. In addition, they performed at Cal Prep, alumni functions, and several class reunions. Under the leadership of Barbara Nawman, the five regulars and four alternates, who make up the Pompon introduced many novelties, including and jazz routines. POMPON GIRLS — Row One: Lynn Schwartz, Elaine Haritos, Sue Koetke, Ellen Rodescheck, alternates. Row Two: Jennifer Peak, Emilie Codoner, Barbara Nawman, Jackie Mills, Sue Ann And now, from the North tunnel ... California Marching Band The 1963 football season marked the 40th anniversary of the California Marching Band. From a small group of enthusiastic students who organized it in 1923, the Cal Band has grown to its present stature. The Band is completely by the students as an activity of the ASUC, and operates under a system of student self-government unique among college bands. Cal Bandsmen receive no academic credit for their participation. Their dedication and feeling of active responsibility for band policy have been driving forces propelling the organization to its present position as the " pacesetter of college marching bands. " This year the Cal Band moved once more before a national audience to perform in Salt Lake City, Utah. A morning rehearsal on a snow-covered field and a standing ovation from the Utah audience provided the band with two memorable experiences on that occasion. The trip to Los Angeles was highlighted by the Cal Band ' s first night half-time performance, as the Bears devastated the UCLA Bruins. Venturing once more into new areas, the Band presented a unique interpretation of " Porgy and Bess " before the Cal-Washington football audience. The recorded voices of the Bandsmen were synchronized with the Band ' s live performance under the musical leadership of Director James Berdahl. The traditional Cal Band spirit and and the new challenges the season brought, made the California Marching Band ' s 40th season one of its most memorable and gratifying. Lloyd Amborn Drum Major James Berdahl BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE — Row One: Jack Ghiselli, Rep-at-Large; Lloyd Amborn, Drum Major; James Berdahl, Director; Marty Parker, Senior Manager; Don Dean, Student Director. Row Two: Sher Singh, Secretary; Rich Stanley, Pro ductions Associate Manager; Charlie Powell, High School Band Day Associate Manager; William Dal Porto, Activities Associate Manager; Chuck Schaupp, Photo and Sound Associate Manager. Don Dean Student Director Straw Hat Band The beginning of basketball season every year brings out the most unusual musical organization on campus, the California Straw Hat Band. Composed entirely of volunteers from the Cal Marching Band, the Straw Hatters dedicate themselves to supporting the Golden Bears wherever they may go. The nationally famous Hatters fill Harmon Gymnasium with spirited renditions of Cal fight songs throughout the basketball season. At various other times during the Spring, they may be seen at crew and track meets, other athletic contests, formal and informal meetings, and noon rallies. The busy Straw Hatters followed the Bear basketball players to almost every game this year. Over the three-month season they traveled 6,500 miles by bus, plane, and private car to Seattle, Eugene, Los Angeles, Phoenix, and Tucson, missing only a Christmas series in Hawaii and a Monday night game in Pullman, Washington. At these away games, the Band is a self-contained cheering section, adding a variety of yell and shouts to the spirited music in order to overcome the opposition ' s home court The Straw Hatters received a singular honor at the end of the last home basketball game this year, when the Varsity Basketball team presented them with a plaque the band for their dedicated support over the season. The Straw Hat Band taught incoming students Cal songs at Cal Prep. Pete Newell Director of Athletics Athletic Administration Heading the athletic staff is Director of Athletics and former basketball coach Pete Newell. Now completing his fourth year as Athletic Director, Newell was honored in 1960 by being selected head coach of the victorious U. S. Olympic basketball team. In six years as head coach at Cal, Newell had won 119 games, including 44 of his last 46 and had lost only 44. His teams had won three PCC championships, an AAWU championship, and in 1959, an NCAA championship. In both 1959 and 1960 he won national awards. Assisting Newell with the athletic administration are Scott Sherman and former Cal grid star Jim Cullom. Closing out a 36-year career in California athletics is Business Manager Harry Davis, one of the key forces in the cohesiveness of the Athletic Department. Ticket handling is overseen by Joan Hauser, and Pat Farran acts as the Supervisor of Athletic Facilities. Jim Cullom Assistant Athletic Director Harry Davis Business Manager Football Coaches The Bear football fortunes were directed for the fourth year by young, articulate Mary Levy. Levy came to Cal from New Mexico where his teams had 14 wins in 20 starts. In 1958 Levy was named Skyline conference " Coach of the Year. " At Cal Levy did not fare as well as at New Mexico and at the close of the season Levy resigned " for personal and accepted the head coaching at William and Mary. The newly hired head coach Ray Willsey directed spring practice for the 1964 season. Levy Football Coach FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF — Kneeling: Jack Hart, Mike White, Levy, Wayne Phillips. Standing: Rocco Carzo. Dick Stanfel, John Nikcevich. Miss Lesley Hosfeld Football Festival Hostess Campus beauties from seven southern universities in the 18th Annual Football Festival. Lesley was chosen by the sponsoring Berkeley Chamber of Commerce as the official hostess for the ten day pageant. At the left, she is being presented at the rally before the Iowa State game. Dennis Abreu Junior, Guard Cal 15, Iowa State 8 The season opener saw the Cyclones of Iowa State come west to face a talented, but Bear squad. The game was billed as an offensive battle but except for the one Cal " bomb, " it was largely a game of slow, offense and eager, effective defense. The bomb came midway in the fourth period when Cal quarterback Craig Morton lofted a high arching pass that fell into the arms of flanker Loren Hawley, some 40 yards downfield. Hawley outran two Iowa defenders for the remaining 25 yards and a touchdown. Iowa State had scored first in the game, when a bad Cal center pass went into the endzone for a safety. They quickly scored again as halfback Dale Limerick booted a 45 yard field goal on his first collegiate attempt. Midway through the third quarter, the Bears drove 80 yards in 17 plays for the first touchdown of the year and a 8-5 lead. Limerick then came back with another field goal to knot the score at 8-8 and set the stage for Morton and Hawley. Loren Hawley Junior, Halfback Dave Urrea Junior, Guard Starting guards Dave Urrea and John Garamendi lead the way for elusive halfback Jim Blakeney. Blakeney averaged over four yards a carry against the Cyclones. Roger Foster Soph, Tackle Morton throws .. . Cal O, Illinois 10 Whereas in w inning their first game Cal had looked anything but impressive, their second encounter with the University of Illinois saw the Bears play impressively only to go down to a 10-0 defeat. Defensively, Mary Levy ' s charges stunned fans with a brand of hard-nosed play notably lacking in recent years. The Illini were pre-game favorites by a two touchdown margin, but only a timely Bear fumble kept the game from conceivably ending a scoreless tie. The turning point came late in the third quarter after the Bears had held for downs on their own 5 yard line. On the first play, usually halfback Tom Blanchfield fumbled, and Illinois recovered on the Bear 13. Two plays later, the rejuvenated Illini pushed across the game ' s only touchdown. Mike Cezario Junior, Tackle Jim Norwood Junior, Guard Jim Phillips Junior, Center Schraub catches. Cal 15, Pittsburgh 35 In facing the " strongest team in the east, " the Bears found much more than they could possibly handle. The powerful Panthers rolled through, over, and around Cal in racking up an impressive 35-15 win. Besides losing the game, Cal was stu nned by the loss of both starting ends, Bill Krum and Larry Lowell. The defense, which had performed well in the previous two encounters, could not hold up under the well balanced Pitt attack. Cal ' s only bright spot came with the return to form of quarterback Craig Morton. Morton completed 19 of 38 passes for 206 yards and one touchdown. His ex-Campbell High teammate Jack Schraub made seven receptions to establish himself as the lineman of the game. Jim Blakeney Junior, Halfback Steve Bollinger Junior, End Bill Krum Junior, End Jerry Mosher Soph, Halfback Steve Radich Soph, End Randy Schneider Soph, Tackle Jerry Walter Junior, Quarterback Cal 22, Duke 22 The California offense finally started to click as the Bears rolled to a 22-22 tie with the highly touted Blue Devils of Duke. Jack Schraub grabbed seven of Craig Morton ' s aerials, two for touchdowns. The last reception was a beautiful, one-handed grab made while falling amidst three white shirts. Despite the score, the Bears were outplayed as All-American Jay Wilkinson and company ripped huge holes in the Cal line. An error in the final seconds of the game by Duke coach Bill Murray kept the Devils from going for the short field goal that would have won the game. Explosive Tom Blanchfield was a thorn in Duke ' s side all afternoon. He teamed up with Jim Blakeney, Tom Relles, and Rudy Carvajal to give the Bears their finest rushing attack of the young season. Jack Schraub Junior, End Craig Morton Junior, Quarterback Cal 34, San Jose State 13 In one of the most spectacular displays of ever witnessed in Memorial Stadium, California and Craig Morton passed their way to a 34-13 victory over the Spartans of San Jose State. Morton threw far fewer than his usual number of passes, but of those he did throw, a monster total of five were carried into the end zone to set a new Cal and league record. The defense established another Cal record as they intercepted 5 San Jose passes. Jerry Mo sher, Jack Schraub, Rudy Carvajal, Loren Hawley, and Jim Hunt all figured in it. John Rusev Soph, Tackle Blanchfield roots through his first PAT of the day. The Bear ' s frequent scoring kept Tom and his toe busy. Tom Brown Junior, Tackle Trojan QB Craig Fertig receives a helpful shove from the referee. Fertig and his teammates including Willie Brown (20) and Hal Bedsole (19)— needed little of this kind of help. They made enough of their own breaks to trounce the Bears. Cal 6, USC 36 A great Southern Cal team effort methodically took apart the Bears in the most one-sided contest of the year. Trojan backs Mike Garrett, Willie Brown, Pete Beathard, and Craig Fertig slammed and picked their ways through a Cal line devastated by brusing SC forwards. Coach Marv Levy called the Trojans a " better team than last year " (when they won the national championship), and SC coach John Makay said the Trojans played their finest half of the season in roiling up a 28-0 halftime lead. Halfback Garrett provided most of the hard running for the Trojans, but he impressed Bear fans and coaches just as much with his fine defensive work. Several of Craig Morton ' s " right-on-the -button " passes were broken up by the hard-hitting Garrett. Ron Mazik Junior, End Jeff Palmer Soph, Center Cal 25, UCLA 0 UCLA, favored by a touchdown, couldn ' t match the aggressiveness and determination of the fired-up Bears. Levy said after the game, " This was the greatest team effort at California since I ' ve been here. " Until the fourth quarter the game was largely a defensive battle. The only score had come after a fumble recovery by Bear captain Jim Anderson on the UCLA 27. Rudy Carvajal romped into the end zone almost untouched on the first rushing play. In the fourth quarter, Morton hit end Dick Williams with a 40 yard pass and Williams legged it 30 yards more for the longest scoring play of the season. Tom Blanchfield Junior, Halfback Reserve quarterback Jim Hunt led the Bears on a 50 yard, fourth period scoring drive. Here he hands off to Jim Blakeney as guard John Garamendi pulls out to lead the play. Jim Hunt Soph, Quarterback Tom Lutes Junior Fullback Dick Williams Soph, End Cal 26, Washington 39 Washington proved that once again they have a Rose Bowl caliber team as they mercilessly pounded out the yards against the Bears. Their 39 points were the most scored against Cal this season. Likewise Cal ' s 26 points were the season high scored against the Huskies. Craig Morton made two touchdowns, and passed for two more to make the score respectable. The Bears, however, were never really in the game as the Washington backs, led by a bull of a man named Junior Coffey, made a of the Cal defenses. Ken Moulton Junior, Halfback John Garamendi Soph, Guard Jim Pinson Junior, Tackle The sometimes erratic Washington offensive machine ran like a well-oiled watch against Cal. The Huskies gained a total of 552 yards against the hapless Bears. Cal 35, Utah 22 The Bears found themselves in near weather as they journeyed to Salt Lake City, Utah for an intersectional battle with the Utah Redskins. Cal went into the game favored by three points, but Utah was out for Bear. In the first quarter they romped through the Cal defenses for two quick touchdowns and a host of yards. The Bears eventually come out of though, and Cal ' s game kept getting stronger until a third quarter touchdown run by Tom Blanchfield put the Bears ahea d for good. Blanchfield ' s score came after a high pass from center, on a field goal try, landed in his hands. Tom Relies Junior, Fullback Stan Dzura Soph, Tackle Greg Palamountain Junior, Fullback Jim Anderson Team Captain Senior, Tackle The five seniors acted as game captains for the Bears. The Cal cannon was fired for the first time during the Big Game. It w ill be fired every time Cal scores. Cal 17, Stanford 28 The Golden Bears closed their season on a dismal note, a loss to Stanford in the sixty-sixth annual Big Game. Cal ' s most exciting play came in the third quarter when Tom Blanchfield returned a Stanford punt for 69 yards and a touchdown. From that point on, however, it was all Stanford ' s game. Their heavier line consistently moved the Bear defense and enabled Steve Thurlow and others to gain huge chunks of yardage. This, coupled with Stanford ' s choking of the Cal passing attack with a good rush and excellent coverage, was sufficient to give the Indians the victory. Blakeney turns the corner as teammate Tom Relles prepares to take on two Stanford defenders. Rudy Carvajal Senior, Fullback Sam Dolman Senior, Fullback Larry Lowell Senior, End Bruce MacDonald Senior, Guard Tom Blanchfield booted a 37 yard field goal in the first half but Indian end Braden Beck kicked three to overshadow Tom ' s performance. Quarterback Karl Dawkins sets the frosh line. Jim Cullen Frosh Coach Freshman Football Coach Jim Cullen smiles when he talks about this year ' s frosh team —and he has good reason. The Cubs showed a lot of poise and maturity in romping through their six-game season undefeated. The only mars on the record were ties at the hands of Stanford and San Jose State. The Cubs were bothered all by an inconsistent offense. When the offense clicked, the Cubs rolled over everyone; when it didn ' t, they couldn ' t seem to do anything right. Such was the case of the scoreless tie with San Jose State. The big frosh line will be heavily counted upon to help the varsity next year. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL TEAM — Row One: Karl Dawkins, Tom Garrity, Gale Newman, Jim Fetherston, Bob Lawson, Jim Reikes, Bob Christian, Lloyd Reist, Carey Hubert, Dick Beahrs, John Frantz, Ray Wilkeson, Bomber Genetti, Dan Brown. Row Two: Jim Cullen, Coach; Jack Weisburg, Jerry Bradley, Pete Birnstein, Larry Lathrop, John Beasley, John Bardin, Bill Jerry Barron, Roger Groves, Bob McReynolds, Mike Shafer, Rusty Ertle, John Cantlon, Mike Dillon. Row Three: Wally Gallup, Bob Canty, John Kolar, John Schmidt, Bob Lofthus, Bob Gilleran, Del Henry, Steve Solinsky, Barry Venditti, Ron Schenk, Bob Crittenden, Walt Cunningham, Don Delk- Immagine, Tom Adams. On a reverse play Steve Solinsky follows his blocking around the right side of the San Jose defensive line. Cub reserves watch from the sidelines as their teammates drive deep into San Jose territory. Coach Cullen is talking on the field phones to an assistant in the box. Halfback Lloyd Reist (20) tries to open a hole, but fullback Steve Solinsky (22) is about to be met head on by a charging lineman. Bob DiGrazia Varsity Coach Tom Weisenburger Captain Soccer With a good nucleus of returning squadmen and bright newcomers at the goalie position, Coach Bob DiGrazia had every reason for optimism at the season ' s start. The Bears, however, found the going a little rougher than they had anticipated. Final standings in the Northern California Conference found the Bears finishing third behind Stanford and U.S.F. The Bears ' season record was 3-3-2, with wins over San Francisco State, and U.S.F. Seniors Paul Nebel and Jim Whitmore were honored by being chosen co-holders of the " Most Valuable Player " award. Team captain Tom Weisenburger and Whitmore were chosen all-league. Weisenburger executes a difficult head pass to his teammate coming in from the left. Ed White dribbles past an opposing halfback. Eulogio Tam steals the ball from a Stanford player. Tam was the season high-scorer for the Soccer Bears. SOCCER TEAM — Row One: Joe Toft, Tom Roehr, Phil Neely, Werner Pete Goodwin, Mike Duffey, Terry Coveny, Eulogio Tam, Lothaire Voegele, Ken Gray, Terry Carr, Victor Pinzon, Pete Weber, Peter Varkonyi. Row Two: Prescott Wilt, Randy Thaman, John Hutchinson, Ed White, Mike Hearn, Tom Weisenburger, Jim Whitmore, Daniel Ndefo, Lincoln Edgar, Paul Nebel, Scotty Cauchois, Bill Andriola, Tim Tarpley, Ron Gherlone. A near miss at the Stanford goal. Cal 0, USF 0 Cal 3, San Jose St. 2 Cal 1, Stanford 3 Cal 4, San Francisco St. 0 Cal 1, San Jose St. 2 Cal 0, Stanford 2 Cal 2, San Francisco St. 0 Cal 0, USF 4 Werner Holstein passes to Phil Neely, to put Cal on the offensive. Miss Leslie Griffith Snow Queen Snow-bunny beginner to racing expert, the UC Ski Club handles them all. At semester break, the Ski Clubers sponsor the Winter Carnival, one of the big events of the season. In the spring, they sponsor a picnic and an auto rally. For the beginner, the club has a special " learn-to-ski ' ' program every year, starting with dry-land sessions in November. By Christmas, everyone is skiing. The Ski Club also takes part in ski competition as a member of the Bay Area Council of the Far West Ski Association. Ski Club SKI CLUB Row One: Leslie Griffith, Gordon Isler, Mary Martin, Rick Rust, Tom Loughrin, Merry Wilson, Sakie Williams. Row Two: Mary Molinari, Barbara Wright, Bill Chew, Joan Chappel. Row Three: Werner Hollstein, John Cupples, John Sebastian, Bob Molmstrom, Robert Gripson, Taffy Jones, Fred Voltmer. Big C Society UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS Bud Becker Bob Blake Ed Byrne James Corley Harry Davis Bob Di Grazia Richard Erickson Harold Frey Brutus Hamilton James Harkness Jack Hart Rene Herrerias Miles Hudson Robert Johnson Charles Keeney Clark Kerr Mike Koll Adrian Kragen James Landon James Lemmon Mary Levy Ralfe Miller William Monahan Chet Murphy Edgar Nemir Peter Newell Conway Peterson Bill Phillips Alva Ragan Stan Shawl Robert Sproul Wendell Stanley E. W. Strong James Van Duesen Peter Van Houten Mike White Arleigh Williams Robley Williams Jack Williamson George Wolfman Henry Yee BASEBALL Richard Alton William J. Bowley Walter Buck Lawrence Colton Thomas E. Cooper Alan Diamond David Dowling Jon Epps Benny Evans William Harrison Gary Ingebretson Ingebretson Gerald King Jerry McCarn Alan Mindell David Myers John Sullivan Robert Traum BASKETBALL Bruce Ballmer Christopher Carpenter Arthur Dolan Daniel Lufkin Eddy Rucker Richard Smith Steven Smith Robert Towne John Weld Dan Wolthers Robert Wueste BOXING Thomas Gioseffi Brian Loveman James Moore Paul Rein Steven Ricketts Enrique Suarez Del Solar Clifford Surko David Weiner CREW Brandt Stephen Johnson Thomas Rinn Thomas Rogers August Schilling John Sellers William Stein Donald Wiesner FOOTBALL Dennis Abreu James Anderson Matthew Baggett John Bebelaar James Blakeney Thomas Blanchfield Lauren Bock Tommie Brown Thomas Burke Gary Bystrom Ronald Calegari Rudolph Carvajal Richard Curtis Samuel Dolman Rex Dzura Michael Epstein John W. Erby David Favro Roger Foster John Garamendi Randall Gold Mikel Goodwin James Hunt William Krum Lawrence Lowell Thomas Lutes Jose Penaflor Ronald Mazik Craig Morton Jerry Mosher Kenneth Moulton James Norwood Gregory Palamountain Jeffrey Palmer Melvin Piestrup James Pinson Steven Radich Clark Ransome Robert Relies John Rusev Jack Schraub John Trumbo Gerald Walter Richard Weil Richard Williams GYMNASTICS Robert Brady Crodd Chin Lloyd Davidson Thomas Fashinell Richard Golden Jeffrey Grant Ronald Herman Michael Nelson Paul Newman Joseph Slusky Ross Sutherland Stephen Zahm SOCCER Wadsworth Cauchois Tien-Pie Chen Lincoln Edgar Kenneth Gray William Moring Daniel Ndefo Paul Nebel Moses Ogunlana Victor Pinzon Eulogio Tam-Wu Timothy Tarpley Peter Weber Thomas Weisenburger James Whitmore Peter Varkonyi SWIMMING Peter Applegate Rae Archibald Jim Baird Bruce Boyer Alan Cohen Bruce Cowger Phillip Darney James Ferrell John Gage Phillip R. Goode Victor Jensen Spencer Kagan Philip Knight Jeffrey M. McCreary Allan Miner Juan Rodrigo James Roumasset Rowland Stanley Burton Voorhees TENNIS Richard Abramson Barry Baskin Robert H arper Thomas Jordan Kent Olsen Edgerton Scott Douglas Sykes Lawrence Weeshoff TRACK David Archibald William Barbee Robert Brewer William Carter Alfred Courchesne William Edmonds David Fishback William French Richard Harding John Hatton Arthur Heinemann Howard Holt Richard Meyer Roger Olson George Prime Donald Schmidt Neil Schmidt Andrew Shields William Sprague Dennis Vollom Martin Ziebarth WRESTLING Allen Chen John Harder Gordon Kuhlman Max Levine Frederic Sylvester WOMEN ' S C. SOCIETY — Row One: Dorothy Wendf, Advisor; Margaret Scott; India Bauer; Sis Campion; Joanne Barkley, Eleaner Lee. Row Two: Patricia Smith, Secretary Karen Hart; Roberta Lowe; Pat Diehl, Treasurer; Colleen Poindexter, Vice-President; Joan Parker, President. Women ' s C Society The purpose of Women ' s C Society is to give to outstanding girls in WAA and to further an interest in sports. Girls are elected bi-annually, on the basis of their skill, which is the of a certain level of athletic ability in various sports, their interest in the WAA program and their service to it. Activities of the society include campus speakers, preparing lunches for sports days, organizing alumnae activities, for WAA presentations, and social activities within the group. Brick Muller Society The class of 1967 had the privilege of helping form the first freshman spirit organization on campus. The society is named for California ' s great athlete and first on the West Coast to be named All American, BRICK MULLER. The society ' s program for the year lists: freshmen athle tic events, speakers, dances, receptions, informal parties, and Big C painting. Farnum Alston was chairman of the board, and the members who served as representatives were Pat Manning, Warren Fox, Jeanine Pete Whitmar, George Lukes, and Diane Dougherty. Membership in the society was limited to 200 classmen upon interviews. BRICK MULLER SOCIETY — Row One: John Wardell, Mike Sipos, Diane Dougherty, Barbara Wright, Joan Chapel, Mary Molinani, Olivia Trevino. Row Two: Pete Whitmer, Farnum Alston, Pat Manning, James Sawyer, Rich Venning, John Crimmins. Row Three: Craig Newman, Liz Dalrymple, Marna Kellner, Diana Powers, Karen Rudemacher. Row Four: Jim Van Meter, Mike Gallagher, Scott Muller, Rich Conti, Maggie Milstead, Sidney Gorman. Med school looms in the near for stellar free style swimmer Phil Knight. A Palo Alto product, Knight has held three Cal varsity records and was a member of the relay team that set a fourth. Phil is an honor student in Zoology. Steve Zahm Rudy Carvajal Outstanding Competitors A Summer trip to Hawaii is the plan of footballer Rudy A Physical Education major and member of the honor society, Rudy is pointing toward a high school teaching post and will be attending grad school in the fall. Bruce Ballmer Another athlete destined for grad school, Bruce boasts a fine 3.7 grade point average while in economics. He plans to his studies in the field of City and Regional Planning. Besides being a starting guard in Bruce competes in track and is Brutus Hamilton ' s best triple jumper. Strong - armed Steve Zahm has stolen the show at gymnastics meets for the last three years. A performer on the still rings, Steve has been the AAWU champ for three straight years, and last year placed third in the NCAA. A major and an honor student, Steve will head for Med School in the fall. The current AAU high-jump Gene leads perhaps the best team of high jumpers in the nation. He is a veteran of international competition, having performed for the US against Poland and Russia. Gene, a criminology major, plans on a social worker ' s career after graduate school at Cal. Phil Knight Gene Johnson Eric Van de Water Versatile gridder Jim Anderson has lettered at three positions since coming to Cal: guard, fullback, and tackle. A real leader on the field, he was chosen captain by his Jim hails from Bakersfield and is majoring in Business As one of the five crewmen to the varsity shell, Rick will row sixth in a boatlo ad of men looking toward the Olympic Trials in July. Rick has to keep a brilliant scholastic average in economics and will be attending law school in the fall. A Beta Theta Pi from Long Beach, Rick is the Warden of the Order of the Golden Bear and a member of Student Judicial Committee. A leader both on the basketball court and off, Dan is one of the best examples of the As basketball captain, Dan was a determined and dedicated performer and as a student, Dan did well enough to be a Wheeler Scholar. Dan, whose home town is Alameda, will enter the U.S. Army as an ROTC A fine all-around athlete, Roger has participated in three sports while at Cal. For three years he has been a member of the varsity track and basketball teams, and as a freshman he also played football. This year he has also been of Big " C. ' ' A political science major, Roger plans to go on to grad school. Jim Anderson Dave Meyers Roger Olsen Larry Lowell After two years of playing the tackle Larry switched to end and earned a starting berth for Levy ' s troops. An injury against Pitt put Larry out for the season, but he came back this spring to play forward on the outstanding Cal rugby team. A Political Science major and Berkeley resident, Larry intends to join the Army after graduation. A handy man to have around the Dave has pitched and played both infield and outfield in his three years on the Cal varsity. Last year, Dave was the team ' s most valuable player and this year the team ' s co-captain. his baseball honors, history-major Dave is vice president of his fraternity, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Dan Lufkin Chris Conrad Chairman Ralph Anthenien Don Baker Rick Baker Bill Baxter Bob Cross Tom Edwards Rally Committee Rally Committee, the men ' s spirit organization, was founded over 60 years ago, and is faced with the responsibility of preparing for rallies, guarding the Banner and the Axe, forming rooting sections, and keeping Cal ' s traditions safe. A good beginning towards inspiring Cal spirit was made at the first football rally, when the committee handed out copies of the words to school songs. The succeeding rallies were well planned, also, and effectively carried out. Rally Com can be proud of another successful year. Bob Fisher Ernie Fretter Bob Gillette Brent Greenslade Jim Griffin John Hoehn Tom Hopkins Bob Iding Mike Lee Mike Leite Mike Manetas Jim Masuda Bill Nachbaur John Nicoles Ken Ong Doug Patterson Craig Raymond Jerry Ribordy Bob Saunders Art Shartsis Chuck Sonntagg Mike Wagner Dennis Washburn SENIORS Mary Jo Durham Jean Hassard Lydia Perlman Mary Ware JUNIORS Les Bennett Marion Cutler Judy Dysinger Joanne Harbout Sandy Hoos Lana Kravetsy Womens Rally Committee Coffee and donuts, piles of cards for stunts, and Men ' s Rally Committee await Women ' s Rally Committee at the stadium on Saturday mornings. the leadership of President Karen Blank, Rally Com performed various spirit duties besides setting up card stunts. The members, 40 sophomores, 10 juniors, and five seniors, sell pompons, root toobs, rooters ' hats, and at games. They crew meets, baseball games, and track meets. The year is climaxed by a banquet with Men ' s Rally Committee at which time appointments for the coming year are announced. Karen Blank Chairman Kathy McMurry Sue Miles Linda Yap SOPHOMORES Clara Althin Margie Ashe Linda Baker Ann Bills Mimi Blower Kathy Boyle Linda Jo Brown Daphne Budge Judy Coates Georgeanne Coffey Barbie Cosgriff Marj Fay Janet Feldman Barbara Frost Sharon Hamm Jody Hart Jeanette Johnson Traude Kriz Sally Leahy Arlene Levy Carol Lund Maureen Mann Barbara Moran Meg Olsen Donna Ordemann Beth Prentice Joan Ross Bobbie Sawyer Joan Schminke Marilyn Snow Janet Spencer Nancy Stock Anne Tollefson Wendy Turner Sue Templeton Sonja Untiedt Nancy Van Norman Ricky Weiner Rae Wiles Patty Wilkensen Dea Waters Cross Country Although California ' s 1963 Cross Country Team made times comparable with the best Bear times of the past, the California runners could not match the strides with the great performers at San Jose State, Stanford, UCLA, and USC. San Jose was again the National Collegiate and UCLA, Stanford, and USC would rank in the first ten teams of the nation. Veterans George Linn, and Art Heineman ran better than ever, and vastly improved Eric Jim Noll, Clint Shock, and Dave Olds rounded out a very respectable Varsity team. Robert Price, Milton Koenekamp, Rich Elliott of the frosh, and Peter Witt and Bill Garvin, transfer students showed well, and promise better things for the future. CROSS COUNTRY — Bob Price, George Sakai, Tim Lyon, Martin Koenekamp, Clint Shock, George Linn, Eric Brenner, Andy Shields, Bill Garvin, Steve Smith, Don Kay, Gervey Smith, Peter Witt. Water Polo Water polo coach Pete Cutino ' s first year at Cal did not go well, as the Bears finished with a 4 wins - 2 losses record. Although they started the season with an 8-6 victory over the alumni, the Bears, plagued by a lack of experience, soon fell into losing ways when they battled USC, UCLA and Stanford, the stalwarts of a very tough league. The results of these matches left the Polobears in last place at the close of the season. Coach Cutino a better record next year, however, as the Bears will lose only three seniors, Jim Baird, Bruce Boyer, and Gary Salee. The remaining team members, including Steve Bielock, the leading scorer this year, will form the of next season ' s varsity Polobears and should be greatly helped by incoming members from the frosh team. The freshman water polo team, coached by Riley Quail, an ineligible junior college transfer, finished the season with a 5-7 record. Although these results don ' t appear very impressive, they are remarkable in that the team started the season with only three members who had played water polo before. The remained of the group was made up of eager swimmers who, because of their improvement throughout the season, are expected to be a great help to the varsity next year. The best of the group is Tom Clemo, who this year managed 40 polocub goals. Pete Cutino Water Polo Coach WATER POLO TEAM — Row One: B. A. Boyer, Steven Beilock, Thom Martin, Darrell Sooy, Dave Jim Baird, D. D. Darney, Larry Dean, Jeff Baker Jim Miles. Row Two: Stan Teel, Bob Steinberg, Tom Exter, George Viguie, Jim Pierog, Burt Voorhees, Jim Delmarter, Zolton Szabo, Gary Sallee, Pete Cutino, Coach. Goalie Gary Sallee passes the ball down the tank while playing guard position. Coach Cutino gives some last minute instructions at the end of the first quarter of the USC meet. A Cal shot rebounds off the hands of the SC goalie, with Zolton Szabo (28) and Dave Cucamonga (138) in on the play. Jim Pierog shows the form which made him one of the more valuable players on the team. WAA COUNCIL— Row One: Gaye Smith, Roberta Lowe, Joan Parker, Karen Hart, Mary Lane. Row Two: Mary Campion, Roberta Park, Advisor; Leslie Bennett; Joanne Barkely, Pat Diehl. Women ' s Athletic Association The Women ' s Athletic Association aims at " Fun and Friendship through Sports " in providing sports clubs, intramurals and a co-recreational program. In May every year, a Women ' s Field Day Dessert is held, honoring outstanding At this time, the intramurals winners trophy is presented. The Physical Education awards the " All Cal " honor, on the basis of skill and sportsmanship. WAA SPORTS BOARD — Row One: Miss Wendt, Advisor; Karlene Gunter, Crop and Saddle; Sandra Pieper, Assistant Manager, Riflery; Lana Spraker, Manager, Riflery; Ann Benninghoven, Softball; Chris Auhara, Volleyball; Peggy Pierce, Synchronized Swimming; Sharon Gay Smith, Vice Chairman. Row Two: Joan Danielson, Competitive Swimming; Marsha Lane, Basketball; Carol Bank, Archery; Ann Smith, Sychronized Swimming; Carolyn Hoffman, Archery; Shireen Fareed, Tennis; Mary Lane, Chairman; Joan Parker, Badminton. WAA INTRAMURALS BOARD — Row One: Lynda Brothers, Cindy Petrelli, Pippa Phillips, Ingrid Naef, Myna Hastings, Judy Prichard, Joan Danielson. Row Two: Marsha Lane, Eleanor Lee, Diane Bagnes, Leslie Bennet, Pat Diehl, Roberta Park, JoAnna Larson. Women ' s Rifle Team Weightlifting WEIGHTLIFTING — Row One: Josh Lantz, Larry Lorgerbaum, Pat Going. Row Two: Gerry Simon, Don Schmidt, Jim Grauer, Tom Koon. Rene Herrerias Basketball Coach Basketball The 63-64 California basketball team did not go down in history as one of the greatest shooting teams. This is especially true at the foul line where they barely topped 60%. They were, however, the best defensive team Rene Harrerias has had at California. By forcing opponents into ball control errors, the Bears were able to get off an average of 13 more shots per game than the opposition. The season started with an win over a poor St. Mary ' s club followed by a narrow loss to a fine USF squad. Then, perhaps, came the basketballers finest moment. They played an defensive game to down a nationally rated Oregon State club. They could not maintain the peak, however, as the next night they fell victims to the same team. Cal ' s first league win came in Seattle at the expense of Washington. Again the Bears didn ' t play well the second night and the Huskies managed a split. This was followed by two relatively easy over Washington State, a narrow, victory over USC, and an easier win over the same club. After a break for fall semester finals, the Bears started off a five-game losing streak with two poor efforts against Oregon. It was obvious the period had hurt the team. Mighty UCLA came to town to trounce the Bears on Friday only to be surprised the next night as Cal hung on grimly and upset the heavily favored Bruins. After a split with the Indians of Stanford, the Bears went north to whip each Washington team once. They finished the season on the road with disappointing efforts against SC, UCLA, and Stanford. Third place in the AAWU was the result of the Bears ' 8 and 7 league record. This was the fourth season as head basketball coach for Rene Herrerias and his eighth year at California. His four year record now stands at 50 wins and 52 losses. A disciple of basketball, Herrerias served as Pete Newell ' s asst. coach and chief scout from 1957 to 1960 — a period of time which saw California win four conference. titles and a national championship. Cal 65, St. Mary ' s 50 Cal 60, USF 64 Cal 65, Oregon State 55 Cal 48, Oregon State 61 Cal 58, Arizona 64 Cal 78, Michigan State 68 Cal 66, Arizona State 71 Cal 73, Hawaii Marines 61 Cal 71, Hickum Field 62 Cal 66, Sub Pac 73 Cal 46, Washington 44 Cal 53, Washington 59 Cal 72, Washington State 64 Cal 72, Washington State 56 Cal 65, Southern Cal 64 Cal 65, Southern Cal 47 Cal 63, Oregon 77 Cal 64, Oregon 72 Cal 67, UCLA 87 Cal 56, UCLA 58 Cal 57, Stanford 69 Cal 59, Stanford 52 Cal 57, Washington 51 Cal 72, Washington State 70 Cal 55, Southern Cal 77 Cal 57, UCLA 87 Cal 59, Stanford 61 At the beginning of the season, these players made up the starting five: Dan Lufkin, Chris Camden Wall, Don Wolthers, and Bruce Ballmer. The pompon girls and the straw hat band were immensely popular at games. Captain Dan Lufkin personally thanked both and presented the band with a plaque in appreciation of their efforts. Dan Wolthers rebounds on a follow-up of his own shot. Dan Wolthers Junior, Forward Charles Kennedy Junior, Guard From about 25 feet out, Steve Smith flicks a soft jump shot. A loose ball is picked off by alert Bear Myron Erickson. Chris Carpenter Senior, Forward Robby Olson Soph, Guard Cam Wall pulls down another rebound for Cal. Wall tied Darrall Imhoff ' s single-game record with 21 rebounds against UCLA. Steve Smith Soph, Forward Sheldon Buch Junior, Guard Myron Erickson Soph, Forward Myron Erickson battles for a rebound against SC. Erickson is one of the hopefuls for next season. Mike Henderson Junior, Center Bruce Balimer Senior, Guard Bob Wueste (42) attempts to tip a rebound to teammate Chris Carpenter (45). High-springing Steve Smith puts in a layup over the guard of UCLA ' s Keith Erickson. Dan Lufkin Captain Senior, Guard Bob Wueste Senior, Center Wueste trys to bat the ball from SC ' s captain, Alan Young. Lufkin drives around an SC player. After a steal at mid-court, Dan Lufkin lays the ball up for two quick points. Plays like this kept the Bears in the second game with UCLA and beat nationally ranked Oregon State. John Weld Senior, Forward Steve Belser Senior, Center Charlie Kennedy shoots over the guard of the nation ' s most valuable player, Walt Hazzard of UCLA. John Weld scrambles for a rebound. Weld lacked height but made up for it in determination. Camden Wall Senior, Center Dick Vortmann Soph, Forward Lufkin throws up a shot against the Bruins. 6 ' 10 " Cam Wall lets fly a hook shot over the head of 6 ' 9 " John Block of USC. On tip-toes, Cal ' s Steve Smith one-hands a free throw attempt. Howard Holt Junior, Guard Ed Rucker Senior, Forward Dan Wolthers sets for a short jump shot. Wolthers was the season high scorer for the Bears and also second in rebounding. Blues Basketball Sheldon Buch gets a short jump shot against Monterey Peninsula College. Since not everybody on the varsity can play as much as the coaches would like, the JV team picks up the slack and allows the reserves to gain valuable game This year the team played an eight game schedule and wound up with a 5-3 mark against the JV teams of USF and Stanford, the Cal Med Center, Monterey JC, and the Cal Frosh. The most satisfying win of the season came at the expense of USF. With only 21 seconds left in the game the Blues were behind by 6 points. Rallying, they managed to steal the ball three times and cap the effort with a 3 point play by Robby Olsen just as the final gun sounded. Final score: Cal 58, USF 57. Dick Vortmann jumps high to get off his shot. Frosh Basketball The Cal Frosh were a better basketball team than their 6-9 won-loss record would indicate. Never quite playing up to their potential, the Frosh came closest in the last game of the season, beating the Stanford freshmen 63-50. This was the only time they could beat the Indians. Twice before they had gone into the final minutes only to be embarrassed in defeat as the Stanfords rallied to come from behind. A basic starting five was never found on the team. Ten mainstays shifted in and out of the starting five on a week to week basis. Guard Charlie Perkins had the most minutes of playing time on the team. He was also the team ' s leading scorer and seems a sure bet to make the varsity next season. Also sure to rate a chance of breaking into the varsity are centers Gary Cornelius and John Ward ell. Cornelius and Perkins were to the All-Northern California second team. Bob Blake Freshman Coach FRESHMAN BASKETBALL TEAM — Kneeling: Barney Flanagam, Mike Jacobs, Ron Olson, Charles Perkins, Rick Brown, Jack Boot, Tom Barth. Standing: Bob Blake, Coach, Reggie Kellum, Roy Masonheimer, Gary Cornelius, John Wardell, Eric Unruh, Tony Pazaricky, Ken Scheidegger, Ron Shank, Don Lauer, Assistant Coach. Wrestling The California Wrestling team completed a successful season with an overall mark of 7-5-1. They also finished first in the Northern California Collegiate and third in the AAWU meet held this year in Berkeley. Finishing first in their respective weight classes were Alan Siegel and John Garmendi. Siegel completed at 137 pounds and Garmendi as a As Big Six champs they represented the at the National Collegiate Wrestling in Ithaca, New York. They were the first Cal grapplers to compete in an NCAA championship since 1954. George Uchida Wrestling Coach WRESTLING TEAM — Row One: Haruki Takemoto, Rick Sylvester. Row Two: Mike Wharton, Gary Smoker, Alan Siegel, Phil Walson, Greg Fuller. Row Three: Orlando Michelon, Clyde Jones, John Garamendi, Dave Kuhlman, Bob Fisher, George Uchida, Coach. Cal 27 Mare Island 5 Cal 23 Chico State 11 Cal 25 Humbolt State 8 Cal 23 UC Davis 9 Cal 16 San Diego State 16 Cal 11 UCLA 21 Cal 36 Santa Clara 0 Cal 21 Stanford 13 Cal 16 Cal Poly 18 Cal 11 San Jose State 19 Cal 21 San Francisco State 11 Wrestling practice at Harmon Gym. Action from the AAWU finals held this year in Berkeley. Gymnastics Hal Frey Gymnastics Coach The California Gymnastic team added another ten straight victories and their sixth straight season without a defeat, a record that can ' t even be by any other sport. The run the total skein to 52 straight. The team did so well that Coach Hal Fre y took all ten men to the NCAA in Los Angeles. Frey, since coming to Cal, has racked up a coaching record of 56 victories against only 3 defeats. Most consistent scorers for the Bears were Crodd Chin, long horse and parallel bars, Rick Field, all-around, Mac Sutherland, all-around, and Steve Zahm, still rings. GYMNASTICS TEAM — Rich Golden, Mac Sutherland, Crodd Chin, Ken Schindler, Rock Field, Lew Nelson, Paul Newman, Steve Zahm, and Hal Frey, Coach. Rich Golden, a member of Cal ' s excellent still rings team, placed eighth in the NCAA championships in 1963. Soph Rick Field makes the difficult side horse look easy. A one hand stand on the parallel bars. Cal, 1st place, Holiday Classic Cal 89 SJS 38 Cal 72 Arizona St. 56 Cal 91 Long Beach St. 36 Cal 93 Stanford 35 Cal 84 San Fernando St. 44 Cal 99 Sacramento St. 29 Cal 78 Los Angeles St. 50 Cal 76 USC 50 2 3 Cal 91 UCLA 36 Cal, 2nd place, AAWU Championships Cal, 2nd place, Western Intercollegiates Lew Nelson goes through his tumbling routine before the judges at Harmon Gym. Steve Zahm was the AAWU still rings champ for two straight years. Although the trampoline was the weakest Cal event, the Bear gymnasts still managed several firsts. ... got excellent scores from the judges. A beautiful vault by Mac Sutherland . Riflery The Rifle team completed another successful season when they defended their Northern California Intercollegiate Rifle League title —for the fifteenth straight year. High for the marksmen included veterans Bob Nickerson and Bob Wright. RIFLE TEAM — Row One: Roland Thom, Bob Wright, Lloyd O ' Sullivan, Sgt. John Davis, Coach. Row Two: Vince Howes, Bob Hickerson, Roger Rogers, Jean Romeg. Boxing Ed Nemir Boxing Coach A vastly better Bear boxing team was able to improve on their 1963 record of 3-2-1 by finishing 4-1-1. The loss and tie both came at the hands of the University of Nevada, always a power in boxing. Three Bears went into the California Collegiate Boxing Conference championships at Reno undefeated. Outstanding among these was junior Tom Gioseffi, a 156-pounder who had six straight victories throughout the season. Also undefeated were veterans Jim Moore and Paul Rein both of whom had draws to slightly mar their records. BOXING TEAM — Row One: Kunio Inoue, Dave Weiner, Paul Bell, John Barnard, Bill Corrigan, Don Worden. Row Two: Ed Nemir, Coach, Jerry Knapp; Bob Winter, Dave Newhouse, Paul Rien, Tom Gioseffi, Larry Lusardi, Rod Marraccini, Manager. A California boxer lands a left hook in the murky depths of Harmon Gym. Coach Nemir supervises the fitting of protective equipment on his boxers. Cal 4 Nevada 4 Cal 7 Chico 6 Cal 6 Stanford 3 Cal 5½ Chico State 2½ Cal 5½ Stanford 3½ Cal 3½ Nevada 5½ Rugby Perhaps the most successful team of the year was the rugby team. The ruggers pushed, fought, and clawed their way to 14 victories and the mythical championship of the West Coast. Coach Miles Hudson called his ruggers the best team ever at Cal, and there are few who would argue after seeing the way the Bears pushed around their opponents. Over the season, Cal scored 258 points to only 67 for their opponents. Season high scorer, Tom Blanchfield, more than doubled the opposition total, with 136 points. Only one opponent scored double figures all season, and only two teams even scored ' ' tries. ' ' The only American team to score a try was San Diego State, the " champion " of the Southern California area. Slick-passing British Columbia scored the only other two tries. In compiling their fine record, the Bears succeeded in keeping the World Cup for the third straight year, and in winning the Scrum Axe, the symbol of dominance in rugby, for the first time in its four-year history. Miles Hudson Rugby Coach RUGBY TEAM—Row One: Stan Dzura, Warren Moyes, Jim Anderson, Steve Nesbit, Stan Geel, Randy Thamen, Lloyd Reist, John Rolph. Row Two: Tom Blanchfield, Peter Stent, Bob Hudson, Jim Pinson, Bob Chipponni, John Whyte, Tom Relles, Larry Lowell, Jim Phillips, Loren Hawley, Jim Thompson, Mike Miles Hudson, Coach. A Cal forward jumps high to control the line-out. Tom Blanchfield throws into a " line-out. " The ball must go in straight or the other team, in this case San Diego, will get a scrum. Cal 11 Olym pic Club 0 Cal 19 Oregon State 3 Cal 23 Southern Cal 0 Cal 6 British Columbia 6 Cal 21 British Columbia 8 Cal 11 Stanford 15 Cal 13 Stanford 6 Cal 19 UCLA 3 Cal 19 University Club 6 Cal 41 St. Mary ' s 3 Cal 13 Oregon University 0 Cal 6 British Columbia 3 Cal 21 British Columbia 6 Cal 18 Washington 3 Cal 17 San Diego State 5 Won by Cal, 24-21. Coach Hudson and assistant Jim Cullom watch for any weakness in the opposing team. New Zealander Steve Nesbit played 1st 5 8 for the Bears and showed that little men can star in rugby too. Nesbit ' s " dump " kicks were a big offensive weapon. Fleet halfback Lloyd koist runs around the UBC forwards. Scrum half Stan Geel lifts the ball from a scrum to start a passing rush. Geel learned his rugby in South Africa. Loren Hawley and a friend from Stanford watch the flight of the ball in a line-out. Hawley was fantastic all season in the way he could control these plays. Pete Cutino Swimming Coach Swimmers approach the midpoint of the 200-yard butterfly, one of the most gruelling of swimming races. Swimming Freshman swimmers Jim Gage, Jeff Russell and Larry Gruver are ready to start. Bert Voohree races the 400 medley relay at the UOP meet. The high point of the swimming season came in when the Bear swimmers won a convincing victory in the All-UC championships. Cal led with 188 points to Santa Barbara ' s 116, followed by UCLA with 88, Davis 13, and Riverside 8. Consistently fine performances were turned in by Bear divers Jay Rodrigo and Del Pletcher. Rodrigo was undefeated in competition and the Big Six champ in three-meter diving. Pletcher was the conference champion in one-meter diving. Also outstanding was sprinter Grady Romine, who was Big Six champ in the 50 yard freestyle. Phil Goodie performs in the 200 yard butterfly. All five swimmers seem about even at the start of the 100-yard freestyle event. In dual meets, lanes one and six are unofficial. Sophomore Dell Pletscher dives in the triangular meet with Arden Hills and Bakersfield. Cal swimmers are in lanes two and five against Arden Hills and Bakersfield. Golf It was a dismal year for the Cal linksters, as they were consistently bested by their opponents. The dismal year came after a reasonably good in 1963, when the Bears scored a 9-7 record —the best since 1950. Last year, the Bear golfers were fourth in a field of 29 teams in the Western Intercollegiate Tournament; this year they were 14th with 32 schools participating. Kooman Boycheff Golf Coach GOLF TEAM — Rich Saski, Mike Meyer, Randy Edwards, John Paulson, Jerry Rakers, John Shoenberge, Bob Grossman, Steve Voss. John Paulson hits the freeway. John Einborn contemplates his put. Jim Lemmon Crew Coach Crew With hope of following the great Cal crews of 1928, 1932 and 1948, the Cal crew prepared for the 64 with the Olympic Championship in mind. For the Olympic year all races were cut back from three miles to 2,000 meters including the IRA championship. The California crew boasts five veterans from the boat that took a fourth in the IRA last year. The Bears ' chief competition will come from Washington, in the West, and Navy, Cornell, and Wisconsin, in the East. Early season results showed the Seniors to be the victors in the annual interclass races and the varsity, frosh, and JV ' s to be convincing victors over crews from Long Beach State. VARSITY CREW — Row One: Mark Christiansen, Doug Shirachi, Dan Phillips, Reg Watt, Jim May, George Haigh, Jim Libien. Row Two: Ted Le Munyon, Russ Medevic, Bernard Schulte, Mike Page, John Gosline, Ronn Kaiser, Bob Cross, Gary Craycroft, Hal Eastman, Rich Tietz. Row Three: Walt Brown, John Sellers, Dan Hatch, Malcom Thornley, Cliff Rhodes, Tom Tobin, Scott Gregg, Russ Fisher, Alan Mooers, Jack Reding, Gary Martone, Eric Van de Water. Row Four: Norm Stanley, Steve Paliwoda, Chuck Mohn, Gus Schilling, Don Wiesner, Steve Johnson, Jim van Hoften, Jack Gregory, Ron Sellers, Rich Rosett, John Roy Romey, Ed Bradbury. Steve Johnson Commodore of the Varsity Rowing Club The Rudder assembly on a rowing shell. Senior boat for the Interclass races. CREW Stein, Mike Schutz, Lee Johnson, Senior Tom Rinn, Dennis Seguine. Coach Lemmon confers with the Coast Guard before a race. The Coast Guard attempts to keep the estuary clear of traffic on the race days. The sophs have a narrow lead over the freshmen in the interclass race. The coxswain gets the traditional heave-ho after a Cal victory. Coach Lemmon films many of the practice sessions for later study. Crew fans wait for the racers to come around the bend in the estuary. Most spectators watch the races from the bridge in the background. At a Saturday morning practice session, four varsity boats line up for sprints. Getting in and out of the shell demands teamwork and balance. The four class crews approach the 23rd Street bridge. As they go under the bridge, traffic is stopped so spectators can scamper across the roadway to see the finish of the race. FRESHMAN CREW TEAM — Row One: Bob Arbios, Gary Snyder, Pat Bradley, Roy Wu, Ken Kubota. Row Two: Don Hubbs, Denny Lane, Bob Leger, Bud Wynn, Peter Noyes, Randy Wheaton, Craig Henderson, Niel Oberlin, Rich McLellan, Jeff Palmer. Row Three: Mike Liccardo, Dave Fairweather, Gary Cook, Tom Degenhardt, Steve Spreiter, Doug Thrue, John Lawson, Fred Partridge, Norm Bliss, Dave Haddick, Jerry Murphy. Row Four: Mike Hoagland, Farnum Alston, John Drew, Hardy Jones, Dick Graves, Dave Parrish, Rich Corp, Dave Maxwell, John Hoefer, Tom Lynn Richard, John Hoogendyk, Bob Katz. Tennis With four squadmen gone from last year ' s team, the Bears faced a major rebuilding job. the Bear netters won all nine of their matches. In conference play, the youthful Bears could not stand up to the likes of 1963 National Champion USC, or UCLA. Playing in the starting six for the Bears were two seniors, a junior, and three The latter four will be back next year along with transfer Gary Rose, the national champion. Chet Murphy Tennis Coach TENNIS TEAM — Row One: Kent Olsen, Don Adolphson, Jan Kucera, Dick Abramson. Row Two: Barry Baskin, Doug Sykes, Gene Cantin, Chet Murphy, Coach. Barry Baskin and Don Adolphson warm up before the Utah match. Cal ' s number one player was junior Doug Sykes. 1963 Results UC Tournament — Cal, 2nd Nor Cal Invite — Cal, 1st Cal 7, USF 2 Cal 7, Washington 2 Cal 5, San Jose State 2 Cal 1, UCLA 8 Cal 3, USC 6 Cal 3, Stanford 6 Cal 2, USC 7 Cal 4, Stanford 5 Ojai Tournament — Cal, 3rd AAWU Championships — Cal, 3rd Senior Dick Abramson drives a shot from deep in his court. Abramson leads the match 5 games to 3. Baskin volleys the ball toward a corner of the opponent ' s court. Barry Baskin, Cal ' s number two player. Jan Kucera reacts quickly to a passing shot by his Utah opponent. Jan didn ' t need to hurry, though, as the shot goes into the net below his outstretched racket. Dick Abramson winds up for a deep backhand shot. FRESHMAN TENNIS TEAM — Row One: Corky Meinhardt, Bob Regli, Bob Gibson. Row Two: Jim Martin, Bob Lynn, Chet Murphy, Coach. Track Every four years the stakes are higher. In an Olympic year the quality of performances, and of competition, accelerates tremendously as it does in no other single year. California has four men who have shown they have the potential to be in Tokyo this October representing the United States. These are high jumpers Gene Johnson and Roger Olsen, sprinter Forrest Beaty and quartermiler Dave Archibald. Johnson has jumped and is the NAAU champion. Olsen has cleared 6 ' 11 " and has a fine record in major meets. Beaty, the national high school 100 and 220 record holder, is rounding into shape with several 9.6 ' s in recent weeks. Archibald, as a ran on the victorious American 1600-meter relay team against Russia. Several other Bears have been well and should make this a very bright season for California. Notable among these are sprinters Bob Brinkworth and Jim Blakney, halfmiler Marty Ziebarth, distancemen John Hatton and George Linn, hurdler Ron Gould, tripple jumper Bruce Ballmer, and weightmen Roger Foster and Don Schmidt. Last year California placed eleventh in the NCAA championships. Midway through the current season they have already beaten Occidental, the ninth place finisher, and Washington, who finished tenth. Brutus Hamilton Track Coach TRACK TEAM — Row One: Brutus Hamilton, coach; Sher Singh, Robert Traum, Senior Manager; Jim Knapp. Row Two: Bill Pfeil, Bill Barbee, John Rusev, Bruce Ballmer, Dave Fishback, Bob Archibald, Ron Gould, Al Courchesne, Randy Schneider, Don Schmidt, Bill French, Larry Baack, Forest Beaty. Row Three: Mike Ackley, Greg Palaniountain, Rick Bowles, Roger Olsen, John Hatton, Bill Garvin, Gene Johnson, Bill Jim Blakeney, Jim Holl, Bill Carter, George Linn. Row Four: Andy Shields, Stan Inkelis, Marty Ziebarth, Tim Lyons, Eric Brenner, Jeroy Smith, Jack Schraub, Bob Brinkworth, Steve Adams, Daryl Zapata, Neil Schmidt. The runners break from the blocks in the start of a frosh 100 yard race. A Cal vaulter is silhouetted against the sky above Memorial Stadium Milers break from the starting line in the Big Meet—Cal vs. Stanford. Vaulter Kent Brewer attempts 14 ' 0 " . Sophomore Randy Schneider often pressed teammate Don Schmidt in their speciality, the discus. Forrest Beaty in lane one and Bob Brinkworth in lane three charge out of their starting blocks in the 220. Greg Palamountain leaps into the final jump of the triple jump. Gene Johnson approaches the bar ... ... and sails over. Frosh hurdlers compete against San Jose State. Last year ' s AAWU Champion Matt Baggett hurls the shot against Stanford. Rog Olsen rears back to throw the javelin some 220 feet. Basketballer Howard Holt gets off a fair jump in the broadjump contest. Don Schmidt, who has thrown the discus over 170 feet, is a constant threat to break the school record of 174-6. The half milers are still bunched together with three-fourths of the race to go. Cal sprinters get beaten out in the 100 by San Jose State ' s diminutive Wayne Herman. Time for the race is 9.5. Star quarter miler Dave Archibald finishes well ahead of the field. Against a backdrop of rain clouds Bill French clears 6 ' 4 " in the high jump. Schmidt grimaces as he heaves another long toss. Officials get out their slide rules to calculate the wind velocity. Lefty Mike Bridly stands on tip-toes to fire out the shot. Although there are six runners, all the judges seem to have their eyes on Dave Archibald as he starts in the 440. Al Ragan Freshman Track Coach Freshman Track This year ' s freshman team features good potential in the mid distances and distances, but there is little in the hurdles, high jump, broadjump, and weight events. Top performer for the cubs is pole vaulter Marc the highest high school vaulter of all time at 15 ' 1 2 " . Other standouts for the frosh included Jerry a spinter, Lyman Shaffer, middle distances, and Bob Price, a distance man. Row One: Jerrold Bradley, Mike Boskins, Rick Snow, Robert Muhlbach, Jeff Dunstan, Teddy Holcombe, Donald L. Kay, Bob Sakai, Ronald Thalman, Ivor Samson. Row Two: Mike Pretto, Luigi Favero, Marc Savage, Art Shartsis, Bob Lofthus, Paul Ulrich, Dave Demorest, Ken Cole, Mike Beeman, Tom Talamantes. Row Three: Chuck Glenn, Bruce Scott, John Diehl, Larry Hengl, Martin Koenekamp, Bob Price, Lyman Shaffer, Paul Graham. Two milers bunch up for the start of a frosh race. A frosh hurdler steams home after the last hurdle. The referee instructs the freshmen sprinters before the race on what to expect at the start. A touch football game on Union Field commands the attention of diners on the terrace. Intramurals Phi Kappa Tau won the playoff in the National League over Sigma Chi. The previous high level of intramural activity was during the 1963-64 season. Intramural activity centers largely around the two living group leagues, the American and National. The American league is of all residence halls, boarding houses, and groups that wish to compete; while the National league is made up of the 50 fraternities. In most sports, playoffs between the victors of the two leagues decide the All-U championship. A third league, the U.C. league, provides competition of interest groups in football, soccer, and volleyball. Among the sports in intramural competition are tennis, handball, softball, horseshoes, table tennis, soccer, badminton, basketball, bowling, and football. Open singles and doubles tournaments in individual sports such as track, squash, badminton, swimming, boxing, and golf are also held. A new open competition was held in judo, a sport suddenly becoming popular. Delta Tau Deltas Doug Bell, Steve Voss, Stu White, Ron Angell shared the National League Championship with the Zeta Beta Tau team. Many intramural contests are now held on the new Underhill Field between Units I and II. Underhill is big enough for two simultaneous football games. Bob Kaplan All-U Squash Champion Four simultaneous games of badminton in progress on intramural sports day. The second annual All-U Sports Day was held this year in Berkeley. The men in badminton, bowling, softball, table tennis, tennis, and volleyball while the women participating in badminton, bowling, tennis, volleyball, and Cal ' s girls swept the singles and doubles in badminton and also won the bowling. In a brilliantly contested volleyball game UCLA outclassed UCSB. Normal intramural volleyball takes place on the Bancroft Street courts. Here, two fraternity teams battle it out. Intramural boxers battle it out in the boxing room of Harmon Gym. Baseball The pre-season evaluations by most of the experts anticipated the Bears to be strong in the hitting department with a weak pitching staff. But at the season midpoint, the offense lagged at a low, but respectable .225 batting average, while the hurlers had allowed opponents merely 1.42 earned runs per nine-inning game. This statistic is even more because the staff ace, Dave Dowling, had signed with a major league ball club before the start of the season, and most of this season ' s hopes were pinned on his arm. This year ' s team had the desire and hustle to show that they wanted to make up for last season ' s mediocre 19-21 record before the start of CIBA play, including three impressive victories over a strong Fresno State club. The Bears entered league action and dropped two contests to Santa Clara, ranked as number one in the nation by the pre-season polls. The next weekend, they wallopped the new league entry, UCSB and then were double one-hitted in a twin bill against UCLA. Then they journeyed south to meet the same two teams, and again they defeated UCSB and dropped a pair to the Bruins. Standing 2-6, and fifth in the six-team CIBA, they took on cellar-dwelling Stanford and exchanged places by coming out on the short end in both games of the first series, bringing the over-all season record to 14-10-3. The has been the lack of breaks. Too many of the line drives are into long outs and most of the balls are hit right to the fielders. As soon as they start falling in, as they eventually must, this team will show a lot of people how good they really are. Charles Woltman Baseball Coach BASEBALL—Row One: Craig Morton, Dave Weise, Bill Bowley, Tom Quantamatteo, Mike Epstein, Mike Kritscher, John Shaw. Row Two: Ray Evans, Joe Wierzbowski, Mike Taylor, Al Diamond, Dick Alton, Dave Myers, John Rebelo, coach. Row Three: Jerry McCarn, John Epps, Bill Harrison, Rich Nye, John Lovett, Steve Sternberg, Lou Cosso. Row Four: George Wolfman, coach, Mike Wickersham, Rich Mortola, Tim Tarpley, Gary Ingrebretson, Larry Colton, Steve Smith, Jerry Van Deusen, trainer. Bear outfielder Dave Weiss is held up at third after a hit in the St. Mary ' s game. BASEBALL MANAGERS — Ron Monk, Walt Buck, Senior Manager, Barry Jacobson. Shortstop Steve Smith misses on a bunt attempt. Bear pitcher Larry Colton fields a bunt and fires to first baseman Bill Bowley. Steve Smith takes his lead as the pitcher fires to the plate. Runners Al Dimond and Craig Morton dance off first and third as a UCLA pitcher steps to throw to the plate. Bill Bowley waits patiently for the double-play-completing toss from Jerry McCarn. Dick Alton makes a falling throw to Mike Epstein to just nab the runner. Lefty Mike Epstein winds up to powder a fat one. On a steal attempt the throw is perfect, and the runner hasn ' t got a chance. Bill Bowley gloves the third out. The JV and Frosh teams often play on Haas Field in Strawberry Canyon. Shortstop Jerry McCarn and second baseman Dick Alton practice their double play technique. " Whadd ' ya say, ump? " Frosh second baseman Rich Dash fields a grounder and fires to first to end the inning. Junior Varsity Under the inspirational coaching of Bob the jayvees had a fairly successful season, even though the 8-8 log might not indicate it. Coach troops played an exciting brand of ball, using the hit-and-run and steal very often. The hit- ting was strong as the team was led by second base- man Mike Taylor, who hit the wire at about .395, and in addition, committed only one error all Following Taylor were first baseman Craig DeForest, who batted .350 and hit four home runs, third baseman Bill Archer, and outfielder Brad Bryan, who both finished at around .300. The pitching staff was headed by Tad Gregory, Ron Parsons, Mike Clauslon and Steve Laird, although it was John Lovett, on loan from the Varsity, who pitched in the two big games against the Stanford Braves and won them both, 10-2 and 12-4. In the first game, the jayvees collected 12 hi ts, and in the second, 19 hits, as a going away present for the well-liked Ingebretson, who will be coaching at Mission San Jose high school next year. Bob Ingebretson JV Baseball Coach JV BASEBALL—Row One: Val Lewis, Mike Taylor, Rich Weinstock, Bill Archer. Row Two: Ron Parsons, Dick LaFrenz, Craig DeForest, Brad Bryan, Jim Cardenas. Row Three: Mike Cladon, Steve Drummond, Tod Gregory, Steve Laird, Rich Rolfe, Bob Ingebretson, coach. The California shortstop fires to first in a vain attempt to nab the streaking base runner. One runner is erased on a force play at second base. Frosh This year ' s freshman team, in the words of coach Al Kyte, was " a very strong team. " At printing, they had compiled a record of 20 wins against only three losses and were looking forward to the game against the previously unbeaten Santa Clara frosh. The hurling corps was very strong and had to its credit several low-hit jobs, including two one-hitters by curvebailer Andy Messersmith. The other unbeatens were knuckler Hollen Bridges, Jerry Luzar, and Bill Frost. The team had lots of speed and used it to good advantage on the hit-and-run and steals. Hitting was strong, too, with six batters over the .300 mark: Steve Sherry, .375; Rick Brown, .361; Gale Newman, .355; Tony Fatarsi, 3.25, Rick Dash, .315, and Roger Stevens, .310. The frosh are talented, and for the next three years these boys will be quite an asset to Cal baseball. FROSH BASEBALL — Row One: George Cate, Steve Sherry, Tony Fatarsi, Roger Stevens, Doug Russo, Don Bunch, Gale Newman, Richard Dash. Row Two: Tom Condon, John Ertle, Hirohu Sakamoto, Terry Driscoll, Bill Frost, Al Seeman, Larry Glickfeld, Rick Brown. Row Three: Al Kyte, coach; Steve Tidlen, Hollen Bridges, Tony Hoobler, Nick Thurlow, Andy Messersmith, Bob Smith. Living Groups Part of the learning experience of the student is living in one of the living groups around campus. The student coming to Cal from other regions of the state, country or even world usually choose to live in one of the University operated residence halls, one of the small living groups, the International House, or one of the houses in the Greek The living group does not just provide a place to sleep and study, but also helps to give the student a social life, and a feeling of to the University. The many groups vie for distinctions in the many campus contests such as Ugly Man, Spring Sing, Intramurals, Axe Review, and House Decs during Big Game Week. Fraternities and Sororities Term paper typing can be fun. Counting money is even more fun. Letting the girls hash makes any meal more enjoyable. Decorations for parties tend to be elaborate. Fraternity pledges live trying lives. Studying is emphasized, but daydreaming is more frequently practiced. The Greek system was launched at the University of California, Berkeley, with the establishment of Zeta Psi Fraternity in 1871. Through the years, fraternity and sorority members have played a prominent part in campus affairs, exhibiting enthusiasm, and leadership. Besides participating in social activities sponsored by their own houses, such as formals, exchanges, pledge sneaks, beer parties, the short-sheeting forays, and bull sessions, the enter Spring Sing, Axe Revue, Big " C " Circus, House Decs and Greek Week competitions. Sororities and fraternities, however, provide more than a full social calendar and attractive student residences. In stressing the importance of high scholarship, social responsibility and service to the campus, and to the community at large, the Greek system guides members in the selection of ideals and goals by which to live. The close friendships they develop with one another during the shared of their college years last long after graduation. At a Big and Little Sister party at one house, everyone dressed as matching sets. Greek Week Judy Podesta Dick Conway Pushcart races were won by Deutsch Hall. Delta Sigma Phi won the award for the best float. Each spring the fraternities and sororities jointly sponsor a week long round of festivities to familiarize the campus with Greek life. Some new events were added to the activities by 1963 Greek Week chairmen Dick Conway, AKL, and Judy Podesta, DZ. Greek Week 1963 opened with a display in the Student Union. Posters from each house showed the projects, philanthropies, and social activities in which the fraternities and sororities participated. Spenger ' s was the scene of the President ' s banquet. Here, the fraternity and sorority presidents heard Dean Arleigh Williams speak on the meaning of fratrnity life. the week Panhellenic Association and the sororities sold sno cones in order to earn money for the Dean Towle Scholarship Fund for Undergraduate Women. The sno cones were welcome on the hot afternoons, especially on Friday, the day of the push cart races. The track at Galey Road was crowded with people anxiously awaiting the races sponsored by Theta Xi. Many weeks of practice went into preparation for the races. Deutsch won the speed trials, while Delta Sigma Phi won the award for the best float. Saturday night the IFC Ball at the lovely Thunderbird Hotel in Milbrae capped the activities. Here, Gwaine Nuest of Delta Delta Delta was crowned Princess Athena after a week of fun-filled excitement. Pushcart races drew a large crowd. These couples are headed for the IFC Ball at the Thunderbird Hotel. Greek Week Queen The judges interview one of the contestants. Miss Gwaine Nuest Greek Week Queen Greek Week Queen finalists. Panhellenic Council Vicki Keller Panhellenic Girl of the Year BOARD OFFICERS Susan Herney President Rosemary Lucier Vice-President Lydia Perlman Secretary-Treasurer BOARD CHAIRMEN Linda Adams Activities Chrmn. Mollie Paul Correspondence Chairman Gay Strom Junior Panhellenic Chairman Lorraine Axelson Scholarship Chrmn. Joan Macgregor Judicial Committee Chairman Carol Childs ASUC Representative PRESIDENT Margaret Thompson Vickie Keller Terri Gillman Virginia Mc Gauley Margaret Ferguson Sheila Morshead Vick i Blaettler Christie Wilander Saundra Saunders Janice Olsen Ruthellen Cohn Claire Buletti Melinda Phillips Jan Paschal Linda Markarian Tora Newcomer Julie Peterson Marsha Franks Paula Daly Karen Blank Barbara Stiles Beverly Graham Lilline Dugan Fern Bennett Gerlene Fong SORORITY ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA EPSILON PHI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA PHI ALPHA XI DELTA CHI OMEGA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA DELTA PHI EPSILON DELTA ZETA GAMMA PHI BETA KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA DELTA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA PHI MU PHI SIGMA SIGMA PI BETA PHI SIGMA KAPPA ZETA TAU ALPHA GUEST MEMBERS ALPHA DELTA CHI ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA DELTA SIGMA THETA SIGMA OMICRON PI DELEGATE Diane Linder Gayle Frost Lynne Monkarsh Patricia Nielson Roxanne Mankin Cathy Gartshore Virginia Deimel Stephanie Kaiser Marilyn Hughes Anne Costello Lee Nahman Judy Podesta Beatrice Farrar Nancy Terry Nancy Puckett Cynthia Sutcliffe Valerie Gamenara Beverly Schwartz Susan Scully Christine Sipila Vikki Kaste Lana Mei Yong Lilline Dugan Fern Bennett Flora Fong Alpha Delta Chi 2726 Channing Way FOUNDED AT U.C.LA., 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Connie Burris Margaret Gilbert Beverley Graham Gail Hartman Joyce Horine Karen Kennedy Carole Lee Margaret McClure Carol Nelson Sharon Smothermon Paulette Wong JUNIORS Judy Fox Linda Garnier Gerry Gibbons Christine Heidbrink Genevieve Hoyle Judith Leong June Namimatsu Elizabeth Romanoff Lianne Trudeau SOPHOMORE Lana Yong FRESHMEN Johnson Faith Massmann Margaret Turner Yvonne Wong Alpha Chi Omega 2313 Warring Street FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Jeanne Ashcraft Barbara Becker Ann Benninghoven Joyce Crinklaw Peggy Driscoll Christine Gubbins Margaret Hargreaves Jeanette Helm Sue Jensen Diane Linder Sue Lindsay Karen Okelberry Pat O ' Toole Ann Pflueger Ellen Rodeschek Mary Rohrbough Judy Salmon Margaret Thompson Paula Turner JUNIORS Jeannie Ackerman Carole Bender Karen Boeger Linda Davis Robin Dunn Gayle Everly Jan Grieve Sally Griffin Annalee Hargraves Carol Hempel Gail Kocher Lana Kravetsky Joan Livingston Rosemary Lucier Ann Malmberg Linda van Tonningen Nancy Wells SOPHOMORES Carole Adamowicz Carolyn Goddard Margaret Hardy Karen Hughes Jeanette Johnson Linda Lindsay Mary Malmberg Judy McQuown Barbara Moran Susy Norton Joan Schminke Penny Swain Diana Wells FRESHMEN Jane Beelby Laurel Benedetti Ruth Brennan Janet Cheney Sue Currier Liz Dalrymple Andrea Davidson Cathy Erigero Kathie Forster Valerie Kravetsky Sherry Lawyer Vicki Leonard Susan Muench Judy Nowland Kay Reiersgord Beverly Russell Janet Smith Alpha Delta Pi 2400 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Peggy Burnham Mary Dunn Rita Enright Janis Fiehn Gayle Frost Judy Johnson Vicki Keller Carolyn Molfino Pat Pepi Janelle Reiring Nan Rewoldt JoAnne Richards Barbara Riley Patti Rimpau Jeanne Schroeder Barbara Sciutto Susan Stoddard Jane Williams Sue Wineman JUNIORS Vickie Backeberg Sally Beougher Joan Davis Gerry Donati Patrice Hiehle Judi Mayfield Marsha McPhate Kathleen Ryan Diane Smith Susan Sommer Susan Sprankle Emily Teale SOPHOMORES JoAnn Adams Bishop Mary Bradley Kathy Brady Glennis Campbell Sue Carlsen Cathie Cryer Sheila Detoy Valerie Enright Stephanie Hamlin Dianne Hill Tina Kollias Martha McEwen Linda Michelotti Char Norris Nan Palmer Jennifer Peak Linda Schacht Carol Smith Janet Stevens Dana Sutton Linda Sears Anne Tollefson Dianne Upton FRESHMEN Marianne Bottorf Judith Coy Louise Elliott Carol Grizzle Susan Ham Maureen Janes Gene Melone Judy Muhsfeld Judith Rasmussen Linda Salyers Mary Lou Swift Jamie Thorpe Marguerite Wilford SENIORS Bonnie Blue Barbara Isenberg Gladie Moellerich Joan Rubens JUNIORS Joan Abramson Brenda Brown Marsha Chudacoff Karen Davis Rayna Davis Sue Frieder Terry Gillman Sheila Hirson Alpha Epsilon Phi 2401 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Lynda Kliegman Sue Kollman Robin Kragen Michael Lehman Ina Levin Judy Ludwig Sharon Marks Melinda Mathes Nancy Milch Jane Miley Anne Rosenwald Joanne Rothenberg Carolyn Scherman Ronnie Sue Schnider Marilyn Shain Sheila Smith Gay Strom Bernice Zuckerman SOPHOMORES Barbara Baron Jenelle Bernstein Marti Blumberg Joanne Corday Randie Feldman Sabra Feldstein Elizabeth Freund Dale Frucht Louise Goodman Laurie Jacobs Jackie Key Betsy Levin Wendy Lobel Joan Malter Susan Meyers Lynne Monkarsh Barbara Raisin Sue Reich Nancy Rosenberg Bobbie Rubens Lynnie Schwartz Laurie Simon Marilyn Stein Linda Wittenberg Shirley Zuckerman FRESHMEN Ann Bettelheim Bonnie Blumenfeld Gloria Brown Bobbi Burg Joni Chapman Karen Cohodes Sandi Cooper Nancy Feldstein Janet Goldberg Ellen Grodzinsky Diane Hausman Nancy Hersh Marsha Janger Bette Liberman Janet Litman Laura Plotkin Jill Schlesinger Judy Schwartz Heidi Shiman Linda Stone Patti Tyre Donna Wright SENIORS Sharen Acton Linda Adams Karen Anderson Nancy Cebull Margaret Clancy Joanne Gorin Alpha Gamma Delta 2424 Warring Street FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1904 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 EIGHTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Karen Helfer Gayle Huff Diane Jones Ginger McCauley Trish Nielson Vicki Odenweller Isabel Peterson Carol Russell Ann Schoales Donna Sever Martha Wakefield Sally Young JUNIORS Joyce Bailey Virginia Beane Leslie Bennett Pat Brown Pamela Butler Mary Jane Cooke Lynn Creighton Judy Draper Patricia Ferris JUNIORS Cathy Holmes Nancy Hood Jan Horn Vija Mezulis Meredyth Palik Suzanne Ryan Chris Vetter SOPHOMORES Dorothy Carter Claudia Conner Diane Davidson Kathleen Fisher Carolyn Ferris Jaynee Hammell Narda Kaiser Natalie Knauth Leanne McWaters Gerda Packard Kathy Porter Jeannie Richardson Barbi Roberts Lori Rolnick Gail Wilson FRESHMEN Reggie Janes Beryl Knauth Judith Kolar Maggie Milstead Sherry Swanson Dawn Urbais Alpha Omicron Pi 2311 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SIXTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Jill Brady Linda Carruth Susan Crowder Margaret Ferguson Sandra Glooschenko Lynn Grosser Nancy Haberman Jo Ann Hallberg Cecelia Jenkins Karen Moore Dian Oldemeyer Nanci Reginelli Diane Sandoval Susan Spencer Darrin Tollin JUNIORS Carolyn Blakeslee Linda Blumer Jacquelin Brubaker Elaine Camisa Karen Haugen Marcia McGowan Ann McRoskey Roxanne Mankin Susan Miles Sally Mills Kay Modaff Susan Mondon Wendy Ragent Nancy Stair SOPHOMORES Kathryn Boyl SOPHOMORES Loralee Campbell Bonnie Cancienne Susan Debely Jan Ferguson Susan Frost Patricia Hamilton Elaine Haritos Ayris Hatton Traude Kriz Ann Lamson Pat Lathrop Kitty Mika Lynda Morgan Susan Pezzaglia Barbara Randall Diane Schroder FRESHMEN Penny Almquist Marilyn Dunn Corinne Groper Catherine Hector Susan McShirley Judy Mayers Katherine Minor Kathy Nolan Kathleen Oldemeyer Barbara Peppard Linda Raines Sandra Randall Judy Reginelli Joan Stoner Jo Ann Wilberding Alpha Phi 2830 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Kathleen Barta Kathleen Bonnell Patti Bradley Deborah Campbell Peggy Donoghue Frances Eisele Carol Franchini Cathy Gartshore Kathie Graham Jean Hassard Lani Ingham Marjorie Johnson Janey Knecht Sheridan Laird Sheila Morshead Ann McKinnis Willa Myers Audrey Nigh Sandra Pucci Elizabeth Solinsky Margaret Tarr Mary Timboe Cab Tuck Polly Whittell Judy Wood JUNIORS Kathryn Abbey Louise Campion Millicent Clute Constance Cutter Georgiana Eagen Miki Forte Lucia Lagomarsino Tina Nelson Brooke Skinner Robin Smith JUNIORS Jane Tetley SOPHOMORES Christy Allen Charlotte Ashby Joyce Bartlett Mimi Blower Patricia Charlton Peggy Coyne Lynne Eddy Becky Ford Lynn Haigler Sandra Hall Peggy Hill Heidi Johnson Anne Kennedy Jean McCarthy Joan Ross Amanda Sartain Kathy Scott Buzz ie Selfridge Peggy Smith Hank Wharton FRESHMEN Mickey Bent Linda Brady Karen Carlson Carolyn Clark Pat Donoghue Page Fisher Valerie Francis Barbara Haag Margie Livingston Marcia Manson Pamela Owings Noie Powell Amy Robbins Julie Totten Alpha Xi Delta 2833 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 NINETY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Vicki Blaettler Jeannine Blazzard Sandy Cook Genie Deimel Susan Herney Joyce Minor Daphne Monroe Jeannie Moore Teresa Smith Marylee Taylor JUNIORS Joan Blanchard Jacqueline Cuyler Pamela Glines Leslie Jones Vanna Ketterman Celia Koch Betty Peters Carol Price Cheryl Pugh Emily Stoebe Lovell Welsh Jane Wilson Peggy Young SOPHOMORES Marilyn Blanchard Sharon Cropsey Barbara Ewing Susan Fahs Julie Fischer Susan Frazell Linda Hauldren Sue Jones Sheryl Morgan Toni Rommel Sandra Sarvas Janet Spencer Jane Wiley FRESHMEN Brenda Bell Patrica Glines Heather Johnson Susan Mortensen Sandy Orr Chi Omega 2421 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-TWO SENIORS Jean Beggs Betsy Bidart Dorie Darrow Geraldine Graham Bertie Gundlach Gig Manske Margaret Matthews Virginia Smedberg Adrienne Smith Sharon Smith Christie Wilander JUNIORS Laraine Axelson Rosalie Baca Judy Booth Ann Clapp Trish Doyle Anne Marie Ferraris Jana Hachman Janie Humphreys Paula Palmquist Leah Pedersen Nancy Ross Mary Ann Stone SOPHOMORES Marilyn Ageno Linda Brown Karen Carjola Dorothy Diehl Peggy Donati Janice Ebert Faye Eggerding Alice Frank Carol Hemington Stephanie Kaiser Charisse Kellogg Pamela Kitto Karen Madfes Mary Beth Mulvey Sandra Persson Sue Rau Hazel Schroeter Sue Steel Jan Zealear FRESHMEN Cynthia Baker Juliet Banning Mary Jane Burns Marilyn Edwards Kathryn Gant Lois Graves Suzanne Haas Barbara Hampton Marylynn Henes Lynn Kanerva Janie Lund Patricia Manning Carol More Elizabeth Pierson Diana Powers Sandra Sayre Kathryn Urner Priscilla Wray Delta Delta Delta 2300 Warring Street FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Kathleen Asaro Ginger Bohannon Barbara Bosl MaryAnn Buxton Karen Ericksen Peggy Exter Susan Goodwin Karen Hawkins Kitty Houghton Linda Lindgren Mary Martin Pam Newmark Cindy Rossi Sandy Saunders Sydene Wallace Wendy Weir JUNIORS Jane Casagrande Diane Greer Sue Helyar Marilyn Hughes Sheila Kinnear Gwaine Nuest Allison Oakley Susan Ohlson Sue Porter Pam Preuss Sue Smith Donna Weir Cherri White Sue Wills SOPHOMORES Pat Baird Josselyn Boothby Joan Eggleton Jaci Harden JoEllen Hart Mary Hildreth Martha Hunter Marie Kennedy Heidi Ledford Maureen Mann Shelby Markwart Kris Mundall Diana Rossetti Anne Skillion Caroline Woolworth FRESHMEN Kathy Black Janis Cannon Cynthia Martin Kathy Miller Barbara Murphy Mary Ann Rusk Kathy Ryan Donna Soehrens Lani Thomson Wendy Tyler Delta Gamma 2710 Channing FOUNDED AT LEWIS INSTITUTE FOR YOUNG WOMEN, 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Fran Bishopric Carolyn Campbell Suzanne Eubank Joyce Haswell Karen Kaufman Gail Mac Farland MacFarland Susan Moscrip Olsen Osmond Sharon Scott Valerie Tauber Betty Ann Thomas Veirs Genie Weltner JUNIORS Shirley Abney Bradford Cady Carlson Susan Carlson Jody Cavanaugh Ann Costello Margie Coverley Andrea Dorn Sue Farley Robin Gray Sue Hendricks Judy Luckey Sue Rolapp Candy Smith Bonny Stewart Julie Young SOPHOMORES Irene Agee SOPHOMORES Margie Ashe Peggy Browne Marti Dickson Pat Dolan Jean Kalbach Vicki Lott Patti Patterson Elizabeth Prentice Charlene Preszler Jean Raaf Kathy Rhoda Belinda Shigley Linda Shuck Lynn Van Swearingen Nancy Wheeler Lynne Wisdom FRESHMEN Mary Bevan Karen Colyear April Drew Sue Gary Barb Gerdes Chris Hutchison Karen Iverson Marty Kelso Ellie McAdam Nancy McIsaac Leslie Marble Sally Mills Alice Movius Kathy Parker Anne Paulson Patty Renwick Laurel Shearer Delta Phi Epsilon 2455 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON SQUARE COLLEGE, 1917 DELTA ZETA ESTABLISHED 1947 TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Mickey Berk Stephanie Kaufman Maxine Kurtz Marilyn Levin Eileen Spielman JUNIORS Gail Achtenberg Sue Alpert Diana Baime Ruthellen Cohn Bobbi Crane Dianne Diller Lindsay Drache Sue Frager Louise Gandin Jackie Goldberg Reggie Gray Eileen Jacobs Leslie Levy Kathi Loew LeeAnn Nahman Lorraine Serber Roberta Shuchat Stefanie Weisberg SOPHOMORES Jean Beer Diane Berman Diana Bleiberg Linda Bloch Lindi Bortney Suzy Brudno JoAnn Butom Patti Camras Elyse Cohen Helene Cohen Janet Cowen Ruth Davidson Susan Eisenberg SOPHOMORES Barbara Feinstein Margie Felmus Irene Fishman Ronnie Fishman Susan Friedman Arleen Garfinkle Carole Gerwin Susan Hechtlinger Brooke Hyland Elaine Isaacson Jaspovice Fredi Kalina Julianne Kruger Bev Kushnick Rona Landy Marion Levien, Susan Madfes Claudia Miller Sharon Mindlin Patsy Paley Claire Prezant Joan Rummelsburg Ellen Schlachter Diane Wolf FRESHMEN Linda Abrams Eleanor Arnow Loiuse Biggers Susan Daniel Linda Felsenthal Judy Gilbert Renee Kurman Diana Miller Joyce Schonfeld Margie Smith Shiela Weller Delta Zeta 2728 Durant Ave. FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED FIFTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Claire Buletti Ceci Caswell Marilyn Cook Marlene Depper Loretta Hagopian Marcia Hammer Judith Podesta Mary Post Janell Shepard Gail Telischak Billi Woolley JUNIORS Sue Aumiller Carol Ball Izzy Blagborne Dottie Bryson Carol Crossman Nancy Erickson Leslie Kelly Karen Morrell Jane Nelson Vicki Newton Sandy Nielsen Mary Packard Karen Thole Carol Wallner Toby Werthman Mary Wright SOPHOMORES Barbie Cosgriff Sue De Paoli Kenna Howell Cindy Petrelli Carol Wickwire Jean Ziegler FRESHMEN Sally Blagborne Cheryl Brown Donna Charles Cherie Christensen Alice Covell Gretchen Gilbert Nikki Grant Sarah Hatch Mary Jane Kirk Shelagh Mac Curdy Janis Nafel Sid Pack Barbara Priest Moyra Wilson Mary Ann Winkowski Gamma Phi Beta 2732 Channing Way FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 SEVENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Sylvia Bolman Julie Chargin Mary Culleton Susan Dangberg Vicki Emerson Marlene Fraser Jill Fritschi Sydney Henshaw Jane Lindsey Joan Macgregor Sally Mauser Marsha McRae Mayann Salamid JUNIORS Barbara Beach Cindy Coltrin Sue Cooper Sally Hall Linda Hurst Joan Merle Marilyn Morris Diana Olander Melinda Phillips Vickie Rader Linda Rygel Susanne Sprague Sheri Vetter Dana Wright SOPHOMORES Kathy Barry Lynne Dilloway SOPHOMORES Trixie Farrar Cathy Field Marlene Groezinger Hester Harris Dee Howard Barbara Joy Francie Mecia Heidi Moll Liz Newman Martha Rees Kathy Steedman Patti Wilkinson FRESHMEN Linda Benamati Barbara Bennett Nancy Brock Christine Block Connie Chalberg Sara Eddy Kathy Ferguson Christine Gard Gail Gibson Suzanne Hathaway Kathy Hynes Lynn Larrabee Libby Markwart Barbara Mullen Janet Myers Mary Phillips Mary Ann Saunders Jeannine Yeomans Kappa Alpha Theta 2723 Durant Ave. FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Katy Baker Barbara Collinge Chris Edwards Judy Fleming Kathy Gagel Lynn Haigh Judy Knapp Adie Lutz Ann Nelson Linda Parlette Jan Paschal Sue Schwatka Val Slasor Suzanne Springer Nancy Terry Dee Traverso Liz Van Lobensels Bonnie Westberg JUNIORS Judy Alexander Lynn Bickerstaff Betsy Borden Pamela Clark Mary Cochran Rosanne Hastings Nanette Hayes Linda Hoffland Tanis Janes Karen Justema Susan Lamberson Marcia Mac Dougall Dede Openshaw Lula Veteto SOPHOMORES Clara Althin Linda Baker Carol Boyd Kathy Bryan Pat Burton Val Daum SOPHOMORES Ellie Elrod Marj Fay Margaret Fuller Penny Hearn Sterling Hilleary Janet King Jan Mac Dougall Elaine Mayer Joan McArthur Sue Merritt Betsy Moran Linda Olsen Liz Parrish Jean Scully Whitney Smith Cathy Stephens Joan Van Horn Barbara Walsh FRESHMEN Brenda Cravens Lynn Crawford Diane Del Mar Kathleen Doheny Lauren Edwards Anne Harbordt Sue Hardy Freya Horne Gladys Houston Maria Litfin Cricket Lyttle Sandy Nelson Marcia Pierce Claudia Reay Betsy Sellman Jacquelyn Smith Jackie Stephens Kaki Walker Kappa Delta 2461 Warring St. FOUNDED AT LONGWOOD COLLEGE, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 ONE HUNDRED AND THR EE CHAPTERS SENIORS Mary Behrman Nancy Berner Judith Blower Danica Cuckovich Dale Gorman Nadine Iwasko Jacquelyn Johnson Martha Keith Marie Keppel Linda Markarian Jackie Mills Colleen Morris Sandra Nixon Kathie O ' Neil Trish Royce Susanne Siefert Marcia Slocum Victoria Tankersley Donna Trinchero JUNIORS Marcy Ahnstedt Donna Almquest Julie Anderson Carolyn Beach Mary Caye Brown Wini Camp Terry Duffy Jaye Fletcher Heidi Hickingbotham Irene Keck Barbara Lewis Janis Medbery Jane Millar Parry Poucher Nancy Puckett Kay Springer Dianne Whelan Jane Wilbur Deanne Wilson SOPHOMORES Carole Alvestad Dottie Bush Victoria Erteszek Virginia Gaffga Belinda Gray Marilee Green Christine Gryson Sandra McCandless Helen Miller Lesley Miller Janis Molen Paulette Post Marian Starr Sonja Untiedt Nancy Van Norman Rae Wiles FRESHMEN Shirley Clift Ann Dersheimer Susan Forbes Linda Fritz Vivian Hansen Ann Ivanetich Carol Jones Caroline Jukes Maureen Kavanagh Judith Kennedy Christine MacDougall Ann Morrisroe Mary Nelson Christina Olsen Marjorie Pease Susan Puckett Sally Scales Jill Sorenson Kappa Kappa Gamma 2328 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1870 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1883 NINETY CHAPTERS SENIORS Domie Garat Nadine Garibaldi Debbie Knapp Tora Newcome r Maureen Orth Pam Palmer Anne Sherwood Mots Sutcliffe Joan Von Schlegell Anne Williams JUNIORS Susan Abbott Susan Allen Alison Beach Diane Bouhaben Sis Campion Carolyn Cavalier Toni Clark Lissa Gahagan Marcia Green Sharon Greiner Jo Anne Harbour Dana Henry Ann Howell Karen Kline Mollie Paul Kathy Singleton Cindy Sutcliffe Kay Sutton SOPHOMORES Jean Bateson Vicky Brant Shelley Brush Ann Chickering Kathryn Grant Kathy Hanks Mary Hills Martie Howard Linda Lee Johnson Jean Kirkwood Sally Leahy Kathy Luppen SOPHOMORES Jane McCarthy Soapy McCarthy Bea Nyburg Jane Railton Barbara Reichmuth Sandy Roth Maryly Snow Marilyn Steele Carol Sweeney Lesley Tannahill Connie Wilhelm FRESHMEN Kitty Allan Nora Biancni Chris Brinkman Sharon Carter Chris Dornin George Ann Good Barbara Hansen Lee Lyon Lyn McClure Terry Perrin Peggy Pettus Linda Post Ann Schriber Roxanne Spieker Mary Kay Webber Mardi Weatherbee Meredith White Phi Mu 2425 Prospect St. FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 EIGHTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Carol Clough Mary Ellen Gorman Sandra Hoos Merry Jo Kropf Judy Kuns Karen Madsen Julie Petersen Peggy Sands Signe Shambaugh Claire Smart Roberta Tennant JUNIORS Linda Agnone Carol Arnold Claudia Auitable Beth Bondshu Joan Coit Marge Couch Cynthia Erickson Marilynn Force Adrianne Holmer Bonnie Kramer Bonnie Langford Mary Pat Lett Pamela Matsen Persis McClennan Shelley Nix Alix Ponedel Pat Rager Mary Ratcliff Sally Reynolds Shirley Stange Janet Wheeler Kathie Wilson SOPHOMORES Kathleen Abbott Joan Baldwin Sue Ellen Barry Susan Behrens JoAnn Biasotti Rheta Christensen Kathy Dubbell Valerie Gamenara Irene Hartung Fella Hirschman Arlene Levy Sallie McKesson Vicki Moser Donna Ordeman Chris Rakestraw Carol Ricketts Dea Waters FRESHMEN Larraine Abbott Connie Bandy Lynn Forman Bonnie Golden Barbara Harwood Pam Hawley Kathy Hayes Pam Horner Mary C. Rager Roxana Robinson Wendy Salter Anne Thompson Karen Waters Cheryl Zintgraff Pi Beta Phi 2325 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Elizabeth Blanchard Betsy Bright Bonnie Drewes Marcia Finch Pat Hickman Dyanne Ladine Julie Perkins Wendy Phillips Linda Schwartz Susan Singer JUNIORS Barbara Adams Patty Chapman Claire Cianciarulo Susan Cookson Paula Daly Jane Downer Anne Farnsworth Wendy Finkenbinder Jane Logan Terry Lowe Carolyn Morrow Judith Musto Catherine Pettefer Janet Primm Judy Primm Kathleen Reisenberg Joanne Seefeld SOPHOMORES Natalie Bigelow Jean Blair Daphne Budge Maureen Doughty Maureen Duffy Elizabeth Emery Ann French Sallie Gessler Vickie Graham Sally Hall Katharine Harbaugh Pam Harvey Meg Olsen Barbara Quaintance Nancy Zebroski FRESHMEN Karen Brant Elizabeth Crist Ann Dey Virginia Dolan Lisa French Candy Gillmor Cecile Mandigo Tudy McCook Carolyn Pardee Sue Peck Ann Proctor Melynda Ragan Jennifer Reese Lynn Seawell Susan Spiller Robyn Swafford Susan Van Slambrouck Jennifer Wright Sally Yarbrough Toni Zacher Phi Sigma Sigma 2728 Channing Way FOUNDED AT HUNTER COLLEGE, 1913 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 TWENTY-SEVEN ACTIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Bunnie Blatt Sue Dalton Marsha Franks Irma Gruen Michele Hyman Bobbi Levin Lydia Perlman Beverly Schwartz Mimi Stern JUNIORS Esther Bauman Tina Dwane Bobbie Freeman Marilyn Kading Gail Leiter Andi Savage Mimi Siggson SOPHOMORES Phyllis Berger Louise Denebeim Joan Kuris Betty Pick Dee Solar Nancy Stock FRESHMEN Sandy Auerback Donna Forman Helene Olson Sue Saunders Sigma Omicron Pi FOUNDED AT SAN FRANCISCO STATE COLLEGE, 1930 ONE CHAPTER SENIOR Victoria Wong JUNIORS Flora Fong Gerlene Wong Annie Tom SOPHOMORES Barbara Ann Kong Sylvia Tan FRESHMEN Margaret Bien Sigma Kappa 2409 Warring St. FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED AND ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Karen Blank Paula Calderhead Margery Cockrill Carolyn Gaba Gibson Jean Giorgi Marilynne Grady Nancy Grant Carol Jalonen Gretchen Larsen Sue Lockett Margaret Morrison Cecilia Pilone Connie Prescott Dianne Richardson Roberta Rutherford Christine Sipila Pam Steiner Sue Triebel JUNIORS Pat Alves Evie Ashcroft Marion Cutler Adrienne Dewell Marilyn Fazio Kathy Gray Virginia Harper Ann Hufnagel Penny Humphreys Robin McConahy Ellen McKelvey Pattianne Nagle Roberta Peters Claudia Read Chris Ronay Nancy Roth Sue Scheble Judy Sullivan Sandy Underwood SOPHOMORES Marily Allen Janis Anderson Sharon Bachman Mary Bennion Lisa Broady Andree Bruzzone Judy Coates Diana Delucchi Barbara Frost Lynne Giberson Charlene Hallaian Jill Hannum Lynne Holley Betsy Karrer Bonnie List Nanci Nelson Karen Primm Aime Teder Wendy Turner FRESHMEN Linda Andrews Marcia Boland Lynn Christianson Diana Dorr Diane Drennen Shelby Fletcher Nancy Grady Patti Helsel Gail Johnson Sally Law Barbara Locatelli Sandy Yost Zeta Tau Alpha 2310 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT LONGWOOD COLLEGE, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 NINETY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Peggy Bauman Borba Deanna Callis Shelley Hamm Marion Henning Vikki Kaste Carole Mejia Bonnie Meyer Dorothy Pease Nancy Randall Sue Read Pat Smith Bobbie Stiles Pat Templeton Sue Vineys Mary Walford JUNIORS Nanette Barron Karen Boyd Linda Brown Terry Chaplin Terri Corbelli Eileen Costales Donna Darby Carolyn Earl Anne Haggard Pat Haven Lynne Hongola Ann Hutchinson Leslie Mecum Renee Morton Barbara Nawman Kathy Quinn Carole Ruegg Charlotte Sain Dannelle Smith Susie Snedecor Diane Thomas Pamela Wallace Patricia Wolfe SOPHOMORES Jane Alton Cathy Arnoldy Ann Bills Karen Brundage Carol Childs Diane Fester Harlow Jeanne Holbrook Joyce Kelly Sue Lassen Barbara Miller Sherrill Petersen Cammie Rosson Chris Shores Pat Smallwood FRESHMEN Joan Cognetta Diane Dougherty Carol Gutman Carole Harman Jennifer Meux Michael Seibert Barbara Spencer Meredeth Tillotson Maxine Winters Interfraternity Council Tom Hobday President Dick Iglehart Vice President Herbert Gooch Secretary Buzz Schulte Treasurer FALL PRESIDENTS Wayne Kirk Chris Stromsness Stephen C. Johnson Jay Hurwitz Dennis Byrnes Robert Duarte Billy Tidwell J. Gerald Flinn William Hulsy John Shenk Thomas Herget Stuart Proffitt Robert Reed James White Peter Michael William Silverira James Thompson Michael Chase Steven R. Johnson Richard Myer Richard Keller Duff Danilovich Dieter Voegele Paul Steiner Stephen Booth Robert Sullivan Thomas Mayer Craig Robbins Thomas Fogarty Harry Lim Gregory Avilla Barry Moyer George Caplan Robert Collins Malcolm MacLeod Stephen Zusman Peter Zimmerman Sean Fitzgerald Clark Ransome Alan Lindman D. Ross White Kenneth Casaday Gerald Martin David Wasserman Dixon Hill William Ginsburg Herbert Gooch FRATERNITIES Acacia Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Gamma Omega Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Chi Psi Del Rey Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Rho Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Alpha Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Pi Lambda Phi Psi Upsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Delta Chi Theta Xi Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Psi SPRING PRESIDENTS Wally Ratdke Chris Stromsness Peter Evans Robert Belzer Paul Dekar Allan Nilmeier Billy Tidwell Theodore Finger Clay Henley Arthur Dolan Dale Adams Robert Pomeroy Robert Reed Samuel Alexander Frank Frates Farrell Sutton Michael Hennings Samuel Dolman Steven R. Johnson William Pierson Ronald Mettler Theodore Russell Dieter Voegele Michael Ullman Stephen Booth Philip Mortenson Al Stewart Richard Hardina Marshall Perry Peter Wong Gregory Avilla Charles Coker Steven Sachs Ed Bradbury Bruce Grube Jerry Gaum Gerald Knapp David O ' Brien Leroy Rocca Alan Lindman Martin Larsen Timothy Clune Christopher Chadbourne David Wasserman Mike Gallagher Richard Jacobs Sam Hak Bill Burrows Rush Chairman George Caplan Representative Dick Conway Representative Barry Woodruff Representative Rod Marraccini Representative Pete Pettler Representative Walt Buck ASUC Fraternity Representative Richard Abramson Barry Benioff Richard Coulter Stephen Frank John Gilman Michael Golden Michael Harris Leonard Jay Jacobson Leon Kaufman Walter Kent, Jr. Roger Litwin Allan Miner John Moriarty Roy Rocca David Steiner Myron Sugarman President Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Society Membership in the Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Society is limited to thirty fellows, who are selected in the spring of each year. Since members are chosen late in the year, only last year ' s non-graduating members are presented. In the early spring, applications for are sent to fraternity members who have achieved at least the minimum scholastic of 3.0. Participation in fraternity functions and other campus activities is also The replies are reviewed by the president of the society and by representativs from the Office of the Dean of Men and the Alumni before invitations are extended. Eric Van de Water Ronald Yank Chris Gard Sweetheart of Acacia Chris Gard, a seventeen year old freshmen member of Gamma Phi Beta sorority, was selected Sweetheart of Acacia for 1964. Chosen from a field of twenty she was crowned at the fraternity ' s Annual Black and Gold Ball, held this year at the Round Hills Country Club. Chris is a versatile French major from Lafayette, California who enjoys fencing and sketching in her spare moments. She replaced Linda Shuck of Delta Gamma sorority, outging 1963 Sweetheart. Finalists in the were Donna Soehrens of Delta Delta Delta, Vicky Leonard of Alpha Chi Omega, Diane Smith of Alpha Delta Pi, and Cathy Nolan of Alpha Omicron Phi. Acacia 2340 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 50 CHAPTERS SENIORS Wally Radtke Richard Collins James Ellman Oren Fletcher Ronald Grand Marvin Neill Robert Walch JUNIORS Daniel Allen Richard Centner Michael Collins Wayne Kirk James May Paul Newman Darien Roseen SOPHOMORES Robert Bitticks Thomas Damask Robert Jacobsen Duncan McPherson John Niemand Phillip Ruemmler Raymond Sattler FRESHMEN John Lawson James Olsen Cecil Rhodes Kerry Seifert David Todd Dean Walters Paul Watts Gustaf Alpha Chi Rho 2311 Le Conte Avenue FOUNDED AT TRINITY COLLEGE, 1895 PHI RHO BACHELORDON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 24 CHAPTERS GRADUATE Glenn Lee SENIORS Lance Anderson Michael Beck Perry Dobson George Dutton Allan Eubank Glenn Havens James Hunt Bernard Savant Chris Stromsness Clifford Surko Robert Turner JUNIORS Richard Cook James Heinitz Robert Lamb Edmund Schramko Richard Whitaker SOPHOMORES Stephen Bennett Richard Hunter John Meckel Thomas Mille r Daniel Peletz Michael Smith Thomas Stimson FRESHMEN Jeffrey Barnett John Diehl Skipper Steveley Donald Wood Alpha Chi Sigma 2627 Virginia Street FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS GRADUATES Fred Baskin John Berg Bill Bondinell Jon Bordner Paul Corneil Horace Gray Duane Heyman Jim Huntzicker Bill Kenney Pete Kroopnick Frank Miles Mo Rajan Clinton Snyder William Wipke JUNIORS Tom Fall Nelson Leidel Bernard Lilly Darryl Ting SOPHOMORES Bob Ashley Herb DeFriez Kent Matsumoto Mike Schuyler SENIORS Duff Pete Evans Skip Frank Bob Fuller Steve Johnson Tal Jones Steve Kastan Buzz Schulte Ken Toy JUNIORS Doug Adcock Don Fry Hank Heilbron Lon Metzger Jack Munson Skip Porter Bob Powell Rick Richardson Tom Selfridge Tom Trower SOPHOMORES Earle Atkinson Mike Bradley Pete Goodwin Scott Gregg Trey Hoagland Fred Imhoff Phil Pierpont Steve Sorrick Rick Tietz Dennis Tominaga FRESHMEN John Coleman John Leavitt Alpha Delta Phi 2401 Ridge Road FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Alpha Gamma Omega 2713 Haste Street FOUNDED AT U.C.L.A., 1928 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1939 THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Byron Buck Vic Campos Bob Draper Dick Henke Roger Litwin Jerry Peacock Dick Wulf JUNIORS Fred Burnett Dennis Byrnes Paul Dekar Mike Durkin Elton Nelson SOPHOMORES John Hoehn Dave Klinc Ken Kolberg Ervin Nelson FRESHMEN Dave Brown Jim Cryer Dick Erickson Curtis Henke Darrell Rogan Alpha Epsilon Pi 2465 LeConte FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1913 CHI ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 NINETY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Barry Benioff Mike Golden Bill Gombert Jay Kahn Ken Krichman Ron Mermel Herb Steinhardt Sid Winicki JUNIORS Bob Belzer Jerry Heeger Jay Hurwitz Rich Inlander George Kornbluth Dave Smith SOPHOMORES Stu Baron Steve Baskin Bob Bernstein Dennis Burger Les Cowan Dave Engel Stan Holcenburg Ben Kaster Harvey Kayne Rich Neuman Gene Osofsky Steve Reiner Dave Sucher FRESHMEN Jay Berstein Dave Dolberg Al Fabrick Marc Fairman Steve Gifis Bruce Heller Bart Kaufman Rich Lyon Eric Roberts Marv Tauber SENIORS Bob Duarte Ted Gunn Phillip Lyons Gary MacLaren William Meierding Peter Miller Allen Nilmeier William Porter JUNIORS Walter Cousins James Creager Jim Keshmiri Mark MacLaren Gorden Mitchell Robert Nicholsen Robert Steiner Miles Sturgis Michael Wehr Reggie Winssinger SOPHOMORES Stephen Aker Robert Hickerson Gary Margadant Christopher Nelson David Way FRESHMEN Michael Cooley James Hodgdon Larry Hyde Thomas Knight John Shoras Alpha Kappa Lambda 2701 Hearst Street FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS Originally a club called Los Amigos, formed in 1907, Alpha Kappa Lambda is the only fraternity founded on the west coast. Ide Wheeler, who was President of the University at that time, helped to organize Alpha Kappa Lambda because he wanted to have at least one fraternity founded at the University of California. This year the House ' s social activities included a wine tasting party in Napa Valley, a South Seas Party, and a Church Sunday in honor of their principal founder, Gail Cleland. Alpha Sigma Phi 2739 Channing Way FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Ted Edwards Gene Finger Gerry Flinn Alan Johnson Paul Jones Herb Klein Bob Massey Bill Peregoy John Proffett JUNIORS Dave Brown Peter Paul Keith Dick LaFrenz Don Perkins Steve Rogers Gary Sciutto SOPHOMORES Chuck Bale Gary Bowe Fred Flinn Alan Hill Mike Ogden Rich Riemke Paul Simon Mike Skinner Bob Wieder FRESHMEN Pete Borgos Mike Marrs Mike Nichols Alpha Tau Omega 2465 Le Conte Avenue FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Steve Bradley Brian Cunningham Fox Mike Fraser Haley Clay Henley Mike Hulbert Bill Hulsy Ron Obert Gene O ' Neill Gino Scatena Bob Scott Dick Soderholm JUNIORS Bruce Bennett Paul Carroll Warren Coats Larry Conley Al Crittenden Jerry Dodson John Faull Randolph Gaines Larry Jackson Curt McMillin Steve Paliwoda Mike Plunkett Doug Snyder Steve Tate Ron Young SOPHOMORES Bruce Coston Ted Courson Pete Eklund John Garmus Bob Hulsy Mike Kahan John Matthews Jack Mattis Mike Mayock Joe Meagher Morgan Miller Rich Tobias FRESHMEN Dick Luthy Tony McGuire Beta Theta Pi 2607 Hearst Avenue FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS Members of this fraternity pride themselves on being active in campus affairs. They take part in the Ugly Man Contest, have men on almost all varsity teams, include some officers of the IFC, are represented on the J-Com, and at the same time support a regular fraternity agenda. Future Betas will be moving into a new house to be built soon. The faculty fellow associated with this fraternity is Dow Votow. SENIORS Pete Applegate William Barbee Chris Carpenter Malcolm Cutler Pete Dolan John Hughes Chip Hunt Dick Iglehart Lawrence McCune Bruce Meyer Hubert Morrow II Mike Neal William Quine John Shenk Tom Stanton Bob Towne Eric Van de Water JUNIORS Robert Beim Bill Burrows John Clarke Reed Freyermuth Robert Graham Ned Griffith Michael Henderson Robert Holman Henry Huff Henry Hunte Ross MacKay Pete Peracca Mike Spencer Dick Terry Randy Thaman Robert Theel SOPHOMORES Walter Altorfer David Callow Tim Cameron Scott Cauchois Jeffrey Davis Douglas Hudson George Petersen III Marshall Rose FRESHMEN Bud Applegate J. Richard Brown G. Garner Green Ned Hoppin Bob McReynolds Jon Sammann Eric Swain Eric Unruh SENIORS Mike Fox Tom Herget Steve Ipson Charles Jensen Bill Long Roger Young JUNIORS Dick Austin Ron Batchelder Frank Murnane Larry Sand Bard Wilmar SOPHOMORES Dale Adams Crandall Bay Terry Busch Tim Carr Jack Coplen Gary Craycroft Jim Cummings Gary Davis Tod Gregory John Hutchinson John Matthias Ellison Meier Mike Mellon Jim Meyer Mark Rodebaugh Kim Street Scott Wild FRESHMEN Phil Bosl Tom Clarke Jon Cosby John Cupples Jeff Dunstan Jeff Palmer Jim Roddy John Rothschild Don White Chi Phi 2722 Durant Avenue FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY, 1854 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Chi Psi 2311 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, SCHENECTEDY, NEW YORK, 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-EIGHT ALPHAS SENIORS John Barneich Steve Carr Dave Hudspeth Nero Bob Pomeroy JUNIORS Bill Chew Roger Chretien Rick Dietz John Harper Ken Miller John Walters SOPHOMORES Paul Buist Dale Hukari Jim McCabe Rob Myers John Reinsch Tom Strong Bob Viale Del Rey 1727 Euclid Avenue FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1903 ONE CHAPTER SENIORS Robert Reed Frank Stephenson JUNIORS Phil de la Cruz John Durein Mohammed Etamad Mike Guiffre SOPHOMORES Dick Brush John Coble Walter Coombs Robert Cross FRESHMEN Dick Brannin Jim Dillon Lee Denton Charles Fisher Kenneth Hoop Charlie Ksir Martin Meier Norman Ohren Delta Chi 1756 Le Roy Avenue FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FIFTY CHAPTERS GRADUATE Bob Lea SENIORS Ray Grinsell Leon Kaufman Paul Lin Mike Miner John Moir Peter Thaten Paul Thode Scott Tolman James White JUNIORS Tom Alexander Brian Austin Kit Cleland Richard Fitz David Kriedt Gene Petrocelli Gregory Small Wayne Spruce Reed Volin SOPHOMORES Richard Bloom Daniel Breck Paul Dubois Mike Fitzsimmons Richard Ingle John O ' Connor, Jr. FRESHMEN Paul Deglan Mike Rigdon Stephen Russell Richard Sciaroni James Smith Carl Spencer Delta Kappa Epsilon 2302 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Robert Boyd Charlie Boyle Mike Casey Frank Frates Tom Griffith Tom Holland Peter Michael JUNIORS Howard Beeman Jon Berg Don Noack Mike O ' Neill Bill Roberts Terry Viele SOPHOMORES Jim Cameron Robert Dean-Turner Russel Fisher Steve Hornby Gary Lutes Bill Uren FRESHMEN Mike Beeman Robert Ewing David Gamble Peter Griffith Tom Griffiths Jeff Hobbs John McNamara John Tuthill Delta Sigma Phi 2415 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 ONE HUNDRED CHAPTERS Besides open houses after each home football game, Delta Sigma Phi has informal parties, a Sailor ' s Ball in the spring and the formal Carnation Ball and dinner in December. The big project of the fall is the Dream Girl Contest involving contestants from all the sororities. After the public helps to select the eight in October at an open house, the brothers narrow the list down to three in November. At the Carnation Ball the Dream Girl is chosen. In the spring the main event is the Push Cart Relay during Greek Week. SENIORS Henry Herrera Lester Jacobs Eric Lundstrom William Mitchel Jason Reed William Safarjan William Silveira John Stark JUNIORS Wesley Buehrens Keith Dunker Alfred Hartman Douglas Johnson Dean Owens John Pearson Gary Reinecke James Tredennick Robert Williamson James Willwerth SOPHOMORES Michael Bixler Jeff Dozier Peter Hadreas Charles Haug George Jansen Michael Karsch Miss Vickie Backeberg Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi Miss Vickie Backeberg was crowned Dream Girl of Delta Sigma Phi at the. fraternity ' s Carnation Ball in December. Vickie is a junior, and is a field major in social science. She is the president of her sorority, Alpha Delta Pi, and includes work on the Pelican and in Oski Dolls among her activities. Vickie has worked as a tour guide and hostess in Disneyland, and plans a trip to Europe in the near future. Clifford Luengo Peter McElligott Edward Mendonca Joe Peel Eric Rasmussen James Schelling Keith Sours Farrell Sutton Court VanEvera Richard Vargus Robert Vernon Michael Williamsen FRESHMEN William Costa Joseph Hughes Jeff Lundstrom Philip Rohrbough Robert Runde Thomas Randall Trowbridge Cassie Delta Tau Delta 2425 Hillside Way FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 EIGHTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Ron Angell Gary Kilpatric Steve Lagerlof Tom Markham Jack McKeown Jim Thompson Steve Voss Ray Williams JUNIORS Ed Boyle John Chamberlain Mike Crawford Jerry Eggers Larry Francis Tom Hensley Pete Kegel Jack Lefforge Chris Maier Greg Palamountain Fred Riedel Jamie Sutton John Ueberroth Mike Westling SOPHOMORES Rick Barron Steve Donaldson Gary Bosley Bill Fain Tom Exter Steve Hughes Chip Gillette Marc Lorenzen Tim Lyons Jim Salisbury Dennis Warth Bill Worthington FRESHMEN Doug Bell Scott Brooke John Danilovich Jeff Egeberg Dave Godsey John Hoefer Mike Liedner Steve Morrill Greg Picco John Rice Jim Wheary Delta Upsilon 2425 Warring Street FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 EIGHTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Mike Anderson Steve Argabright Yogi Baird Kent Brewer Tom Bruno Chase Bill Cooper Steve Cuthbert Sam Dolman Don Fendon Larry Haines Charlie Kavanagh Al Miner Don Solem Tom Sturges Pete Weber Bruce Weiss JUNIORS Bruce Brodkin Dave Crawford Dave Heaslett Scott Peacock Cap Peckham Hank Rimmer Jay Rodrigo Jim Strang Ted Temple SOPHOMORES Rick Holland Marty Klitten John Prosser Dave Rosso Bob Schiffner Scotty Scott Steve Shaw Herb Tully FRESHMEN Chip Bailey Bob Knight Rich Levaro Charlie Petit Bruce Scott Mike Sipos Tom Whiteside Kappa Alpha 2425 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 EIGHTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Dale Debold Charles Moll John Rodriguez Burt Voorhees Walt Vortmann JUNIORS Phil Eckert Jim Faulconer Steve Johnson Tom Lagomarsino Jack Scranton Jerry Wallace SOPHOMORES James Brock Bill Calderwood John Calhoun Jim Heinzer Dick McKee Jack Nagan Jordan Neri Mike Nichols Bill O ' Neill John Stoner Wyn Tunnicliff Jeff Wolff FRESHMEN John Drew Dave Humphrey Stuart Kirk Bruce Moorad Lynn Rickard Geoff Russell Bill Sheldon Rick Taylor Ed Tulipano Gordon Wilder Miss Bobbi Sawyer Kappa Alpha Rose Queen Miss Bobbi Sawyer, a member of Kappa Kappa Gamma, was selected Kappa Alpha Rose Queen this year. An English major, Bobbi spent one semester studying in France last year, and she hopes to teach abroad, on the secondary level. Bobbi, who comes from Lafayette, was a of Women ' s Rally Committee during her sophomore year. During her free time, Bobbi enjoys skiing and tennis. Kappa Alpha LI ' L ABNER PARTY October 12, 1963 Kappa Delta Rho 2601 Le Conte Avenue FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS THINGS TO REMEMBER Pledge Dance — never have so many owed so much to so few. Spring Sing with Chi Omega —Greek champions. New additions to 21 - Club Dave on Oski Committee — tradition of " horny Oski. " Ski Dance — Jeff going down the toboggan run on skis and suffering only minor injuries. Jim — the real power behind ASUC government. Spring Overnight — party in room X. Orv making his grades. Sandy comes between the " Bobsey twins. " All the BFP ' s. LAPPY LIVES! THINGS TO FORGET The band at Presents. Rich, redhot Worthy Consul, painting the house. J.V. Bavarian beer. Fine ' s pinning. Public Service Project: slum clearance in T. J. Gus ' s hay fever at Paco ' s pinning party. Rich ' s phantom little brother. Rick ' s motorcycle, before and after. " Big Foot " and the local authorities. Death of the Green Gronk, house mechanical mascot. SENIORS Richard Ackerman George Cooke Richard Davis Jim Duerr John Ellis Orville Morrow Richard Myer Wayne O ' Connell Frank Pierson Jeff Ward Don Zwakenberg JUNIORS Bill DeCarion John Deus Roy Gesley Craig Heacock John Hendricks Ti m Leonard Sam Merrell Asa Meudell Gus Morrison Dennis Mulhall Tom Pallas Ted Pelletier Jim Rinehart Guy Saperstein Jim Sundal KenTruitt Doyle Wiseman SOPHOMORES Ed Chapla William Corbett Hal Eastman Ken Green Rick Horning Les Johnson Charles Larsen Ron Musser Bill Scott David Sharon Jim Wessel FRESHMAN David Youngclaus Kappa Sigma 2400 Warring Street FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUNDRED THIRTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Pete Carter Dave Greene Dick Hartje Dave Johnson Rich Keller Ron Mettler Perry Nissler Mike Rothschild Rory Van Tuyl John Williams Jon Wilson JUNIORS George Bate Steve Blackburn Frank Griswold Dan Kendall Jim Orton Steve Richardson Phil Stevens SOPHOMORES Roger Swanson Steve Brinck Kip Douglas Dave Howekamp Mike Lipelt John Nystrom John Rogers Tom Smelser FRESHMEN Steve Bate Don Bunch Tom Butterworth Bill Chandler Jody D ' Enbeau John McKibben Greg Megowan Pete Thelin One of the festivities held during the contest was a " Day at the Races " where the finalists Pat Ferris, Alpha Gamma Delta; Ann McKinnis, Alpha Phi; Peggy Donati, Chi Omega; Chav Norris, Alpha Delta Pi; Marty Dickson, Delta Gamma; and 1962-1963 Linda Arhart, Delta Delta Delta, were honored guests of the Bay Meadows Turf Club. They are with the winner of the special " Kappa Sigma Fifth. " Miss Marty Dickson Kappa Sigma South Seas Sweetheart Lambda Chi Alpha 1755 Le Roy Avenue FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS GRADUATE John Newmeyer SENIORS Charles Aparicio George Cook Dave Cowee Lowell Cummings Duff Danilovich Bob Duncan Dennis Holt Mike Leary Pat McCarty Dick Meadows Bill Moring Jerry Sweeney Bill Woodward JUNIORS Larry Banducci Bill Callaway Pete Chernik Jim Kuehn Don Lauro Miss Meredyth Palik Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen Reigning this year as Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen is junior Meredyth Palik. Although now making her home in San Francisco, Meredyth grew up in New Jersey and Germany, and has traveled extensively in the East and in Europe. With Sociology as an undergraduate major, she plans to do graduate work for a secondary credential. Queen is an Alpha Gamma Delta and an Oski Doll, and as an official campus guide has shown many newcomers some of the University ' s finest scenery. Lambda Chi Alpha Gary Ledson Bruce Loomis Don Milliken Dave Peterson Glenn Robak Ted Russell Judd Stanley SOPHOMORES Chip Bell Steve Berry Dick Cunningham Dick Dowell Pete Greenough Joel Grey Del Pletcher Will Randolph John Ratts Rich Robertson Erle Winkler FRESHMEN Pete Armson Steve Rappaport Phi Delta Theta 2717 Hearst Avenue FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Mike Byrne Clift Cobb Jim Ernst Ron Friis Hal Gregerson Gary Meyer Tim Mossteller Omar Noles Al Peters John Schmidt Dieter Voegele JUNIORS Pat Bixby Larry Briggs Tim Campbell William Cann Dave Doerflinger Jack Fox Tom King Russ Moore Joe Townsend Here With my beer I sit, While golden moments flit: Alas! They pass Unheeded by: And as they fly, Being dry Sit, Idly sipping here My beer. Bob Travaille Phill Whitehorn SOPHOMORES Hans Albeck Larry Bernheim Greg Cermak Steve Colliau John Cox Jeff Cutler Steve Downing Mike Edwards Ed Flynn Mark Hennesey Fritz Henshaw Munn Hinds Bruce James Larry Lawrence Brian Prinn Tim Ward Kirk Workman FRESHMEN Steve Cunningham Dave Freeman Dave Hilliker Scott Johnson Jim Lindstrom THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN DRINK NO LONGER WATER A moment of relaxation. Jim Petrella Roger Pitto Manny Vlazakis PHIDELPHIANS Marily Allen Talie Bigelow Chris Brinkman Peggy Browne Bonnie Cancienne Carolyn Cavalier Connie Chalberg Reenie Duffy Carol Garrick Jean Giorgi Pam Harvey Penny Hearn Chris Hutchinson Vicki Lott Tudi McCook Mollie Paul Beth Prentice Judie Reginelli Jeanie Richardson Carol Smith Diane Smith Kathy Tracy Phi Gamma Delta 2395 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880 EIGHTY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Ken Ambrose Steve Booth Kirk Hoffner Tony Ivelich Rex Jones Jerry Rekers Tim Sloat JUNIORS John Boudett Mike Durney Jeff Glass John Griesser Tim Kearns Jim Schmuck Paul Summers SOPHOMORES Tom Allred Rick Botsford Craig Clifford Pete Cowan Bill Kadell Paul Macy FRESHMEN Jack Boot Wally Gallup Mike Geldert Jim Rogers Phi Kappa Psi 2625 Hearst Avenue FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Wally Bank Larry Brookes Dennis Crowley Ross Edwards John Krisher Ted Kruttschnitt Phil Mortenson Bob McDowell Asger Nielson John Schroeder Bob Sullivan Mike Tuft Hank Williams JUNIORS Don Broback John Calmer Warren Davis Jules Gilbert Steve Gruner Bill Smartt Doug Whaley George Williamson SOPHOMORES Stan Bachtold Walt Curtner John Gibbs Tom Grant Pete Margolies Ernie Washington FRESHMEN Carl Allderdice Dean Boatright Lars Pederson Phi Kappa Sigma 2320 Warring FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF PENNSYLVANIA, 1850 ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1903 FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Mel Anderson Dave Badovinac Leroy Carlenzoli Mike Cook Mick Darlington Dick Dopkins Bill Dowdall Bart Levin Niilo Lund Jim Mack John Schmiedel Al Stewart JUNIORS Brown Walt Buck Steve Calegari Terry Coveny Bob Giddings John Goeckermann Steve Hansen FAMACS barbara adams katy bonnell mary ann buxton jane casagrande carole crandall mary dunn sandy hall kathy hanks karen hawkins dana henry dianne hill mary hills dyanne ladine heidi ledford marsha mcrae betsy moran tina nelson meg olsen pam palmer julie perkins diane schroder chris sipila maryly snow nancy terry Tim Hogan Steve Howell Ed Musante Bob O ' Donnell Jim Siegfried SOPHOMORES Steve Adams Ken Atterman Gary Brown Doug Konecky Steve Prevost Don Rhodes Frank Rossi Franz Schwarm Dave Van Atta FRESHMEN Roger Edwards Tom Harris Don Hubbs Bob Johnson Mark Splain Phi Kappa Tau 2335 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SEVENTY CHAPTERS GRADUATES Russ Porter SENIORS Coulter Dan Hernandez Richard Kite Tom Koon James McNally Peter Pettler Craig Robbins Bill Rosecrans Dennis Schmitz William Sloane Bob Smith Larry Weeshoff Al Williams Barry Woodruff JUNIORS Dave Berg Victor Chiarolla Dave Fishback Don Harding Bill Johannsen Woody McCann John Moriarty Don Rhett Steve Rudolph Nicholas Sokol John Trouton Russ White SOPHOMORES Les Blankenship Brad Harlan Charlie Huff Larry Muzio Ken Paige FRESHMEN Bill Ballhaus Frank Broadhead Tom Callin Al Colombano Gerry Mackenzie Kevin Maloney Art McNickle Robert Nickerson Jim Ognisty Bruce Quarton Roger Stevens Phi Sigma Kappa 2312 Warring Street FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Steve Chapman Tom Cummings Gary Curley Chuck Di Bari Jerry Duncan Toby Edson Tom Fogarty Heinz Freymann Rich Green Lee Holden Geoff Kessler Rich Loverde Art Mecklenburg Rich Meier Jerry Ongerth Marshall Perry Wayne Skinner Rowland Stanley Jerry Waugh Miss Maureen Doughty Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl Miss Maureen Doughty, a 20 year old sophomore from Portuguese Bend, California, was selected Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl this year. who is a Pi Beta Phi, has served her sorority as its social chairman. She is also a member of Oski Dolls. A Dramatic Art major, Maureen ' s interests include singing and modern dance. the summer, Maureen enjoys working as a waitress at the alumni camp, Lair of the Bear, in northern California. Phi Sigma Kappa JUNIORS Jim Ashcraft John Bryan Larry Cook Roland Iverson Terry Jackson Bob Leduc Dick Little Bob Sneed Mike Walker SOPHOMORES Grant Armstrong Myron Erickson Gary Giusso Don Haderle Russ Hedrick Buck Kingman Buddy Martin Dan Ready Shaun Sullivan Dick Vortmann FRESHMEN Bob Hamblett Leif Jensen George Jukkola Dale McGrew Al Reeves Steve Sherry Paul Ulrich Pi Alpha Phi 2534 Warring Street FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY, 1925 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 ONE CHAPTER The " Almost Friendly " fraternity launched a diversified academic and social year, rebuilding with unpredictable pledges and six actives to the schools of law, medicine and dentistry. with its third straight CSIO Talent Show Sweepstakes Trophy, Pi Alpha Phi, with Manny Don as CSIO ' s new president, co-sponsored the gala spring affair on the Berkeley campus. The social calendar was highlighted by the 14th annual Winter Santa Clause again attended our Christmas party; the social year closed with a splash at the annual beach party. The rest of the year was filled by fielding surprisingly successful Intramural teams, defense of our All-U Bowling Championship, a Christmas charity food drive, cultural exchanges, participation in Cal Band, sponsorship of Miss Pat Ilyama for Soph Doll, surprise parties and a mass renewal of scholarship efforts. SENIORS Tommy Chow Manny Don James S. L. Fong Harry K. F. Lim Peter Paul Wong JUNIORS Micsael Chang Jerry Chong Wendell Chun Clifford Fong Randall Fong Dave Inouye Don Kumata Chuck Leong Rodney Y. K. Wong SOPHOMORES Michael S. T. Chen Raymond Cheng Kenneth C. Chu Byron Fong Lawrence Lau Douglas Lee Kenneth Lem Vic Lim Philip W. Yee FRESHMAN Roland Wong Pi Kappa Alpha 2324 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Gregg Avilla Bill Bowley Larry Colton Dave Dowling Earl Gardner Russ Godt Bill Harrison Loren Hawley Tim Ryan JUNIORS Jim Barker Bill Caldwell Glenn Jelks Joe Kennedy Tom Lutes Ken Moulten Bob Steinberg SOPHOMORES Roy Allenstein Gary Bystrom Skip Carl Don Cobleigh Ralph Dickenson Pete Donoghue Pat Going Steve Radich Tom Relles Jim Van Hoften FRESHMEN Bob Engleman Frank Genetti Craig Green Sindici Mike Ward Pi Kappa Phi 2353 Prospect Street FOUNDED AT COLLEGE OF CHARLESTON, 1904 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 FIFTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Paul Bagley Ralph Vatalaro JUNIORS Charles Coker George Kelley Ted Mitchell Rusty Patrick FRESHMEN Joe Akers Bruce Bagley Skip Grande Phil Richards William Sherry FACULTY FELLOW William Merrill CHAPTER ADVISER Reverend C. Jones Tyler Pi Lambda Phi 2727 Channing Way FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Mike Berk Al Brodovosky Harry Cozen Harry Haimovitch Robert Keilly Sidney Zisook Ronald Zoglin JUNIORS William Berland Arthur Berliner Steven Bisgeier George Caplan Marshall Edleman Bruce Flushman Jerry Goldstein Robert Grossman Doug Herst Robert Kagan Robert Klass Steven Sachs SOPHOMORES Richard Bloom Richard Bistrow Howard Erlanger Larry Kramer Mike Levin Jerome Lipnick Kenneth Lloyd Terry Miller Ivan Meyerson John Swartzberg Roy Ulrich FRESHMEN William Flieshman Hal Gaba David Horowitz Psi Upsilon 1815 Highland Place FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Edward Bradbury William Brown Robert Collins William Cronk James Hillman Robert McLeod Peter West JUNIORS Thomas Blanchfield Barrett Bryan William Clayton Richard Gary Richard Gattis Frank Huffman Stephen Onderdonk Dieter Scholz Gregory Spreen Zebulon Stewart William Thomas Kenneth Tietz SOPHOMORES William Archer Kim Barrett Stuart Benson Barton Butler Robert Campbell Steve Drummond Bob Ingham Steve Laird Robert Lane Lawrence Logan Jerry Mosher Robert Olson Torn Quontamatteo Michael Redman Steve Smith John T eele Kent Tiernan Michael Wiehl FRESHMEN Grant Bushee Robert Crittenden Thomas Degenhardt Peter Doumani James Gage Rodger Groves Charles Kindred John Lewis Terry Myers David Perry Steve Rados Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2722 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Bob Benson Bruce Grube Joe Falkingham Steve Fleming David Hafleigh Randy Litzenburg Mal MacLeod Dave Myers Bill Rodgers Don White Robert Williams JUNIORS Larry Allred Mike Criqui Robert Joseph Davis Perry Haviland Steve Hill Ken Kalvesmaki Tom Kocher Bob Matasavich Rick Moran Mike Morgenroth LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA — Row One: Kathy Singleton, Vicki Backeburge, Carolyn Malfino, Barbara Sciutto, Cindy Coltrin, Barbara Joy, Chris Gard, Nadine Iwasco, Stephanie Kaiser, Gail Ferrie, Peggy Donati. Row Two: Sue Rau, Collette Mindell, Rheta Christianson, Sue Frieder, Ann Schrieber, Rita Wells, Bev Bulla, Dianna Olander, Claudia Owen, Molly O ' Brian, Jean Rodgers, Maggie Hargreaves. Mike Parr Carl Pock Bob Smith Bob Snow Tim Tarpley SOPHOMORES Pierson Forbes David Gray Dave Hodges Bill Robinson Don Ross Doug Thure Gary Wakefield Doug Wenger Warren White FRESHMEN Vic Antola Bob Arbios Cal Knickerbocker Gary Ling Larry Moore Jeff Thornton Ernest Wideman Sigma Alpha Mu 1735 LeRoy Avenue FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1909 SIGMA SIGMA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1929 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Richard Abramson Gerald Cobb Jarin Feldstein Richard Golden Richard McMichael Gerald Nussbaum Arthur Rubin Joseph Samuel Philip Shuper Bruce Silverman Marty Stein David Steiner James Zimring Steven Zusman JUNIORS Arlen Andelson David Bordon Steven Goldfarb David Goldstein Mike Fein Les Haber Walter Kent Mark Nadel Sheldon Winnick SOPHOMORES Daniel Berman William Cathcart Jan Faber Bernie Fischbach Richard Friedlander James Grauer Robert Lander William Landy Ronald Kaldor Barry Kaufman Donald Matlin Steven Robman Gary Rodrigues Arthur Ross Paul Shapiro Brian Sax Richard Sukov Steven Swatt FRESHMEN Jeff Caren Larry Cooper Tom Flashman Al Fleishman Mike Goldstein Allan Seeman Barry Trilling Sigma Chi 2345 College Avenue FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1836 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Dan Devoto Duane Edmonds Jay Fleming Charles Hulten Harry Lake Jim McNamara Pete Scalia Hal Stoner Craig Thomas Larry Wentzel Trent Whitington Pete Zimmerman JUNIORS George Foster Chris Giguiere George Girot Harry Histen Robert Macri William Moores Scott Muller Brian Smith Sydney Smith Jeff Thompson Joel Tomei Don Worden Miss Wendy Tyler Sweetheart of Sigma Chi Spritely Wendy Tyler won the coveted title, " Sweetheart of Sigma Chi " and has served as Alpha Beta ' s Sweetheart for the past year. From Pasadena, California, Wendy is with Delta Delta Delta Sorority. The blonde, blue-eyed freshman is active on the Berkeley campus as an Oski Doll and a member of the Brick Muller Society. Wendy is an English major, enjoys sewing and other domestic chores, but, when she gets back to her native Southern California sand, becomes an enthusiastic sun worshipper and beach girl. She is also an accomplished sportswoman. As Wendy has served the Fraternity in many important capacities. She has been hostess at numerous functions, helped the Brothers welcome rushees, and represented Sigma Chi in campus beauty contests. During " Greek Week " Wendy was one of the five finalists in the intra-Greek Beauty Pageant. Sigma Chi SOPHOMORES Marc Bosschart Dale Chamblin Edward Crane II William Erikson John Garamendi Bart Robertson John Rusev Richard Williams FRESHMEN Tom Clemo John Crane Walt Cunningham Philip Hooker Russell Smith Sigma Nu 2710 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Douglas Beernink Ivars Bitans LaMonte Clarke Jan Frey Jeff Grant Al Knudson Nick Lammerman David Littleford Gary Mauser Dave O ' Brien Dean Rowe Jon Shoenberger JUNIORS Jerry Bernacchi Harold Brown Ken Crandall Philip Darney Bob Dietz John Einhorn Greg Fuller William Hayter Bob Lowes Peter Pike Riley Quayle Pete Van der Naillen SOPHOMORES Steve Wonder Raleigh Griffiths Edward Lebb Norman Olafson Jack Padley John Roberts Don Vickers Jim Warren FRESHMEN Bill Crosby Geoff Hampton IV Larry Pyle Sigma Phi 2307 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABLISHED 1912 ELEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Bill Arrillaga Jim Boscoe Rod Chisholm Clint Day Leigh Gaba Rod Marraccini Bill Pfann Clark Ransome Roy Rocca Jim Stuart JUNIORS Tom Alexander Russ Burbank Mike Cheney Bill Herrmann Mark O ' Brien Gene Sbarbaro Steve Tapson SOPHOMORES Rick Bowles Bill Heal Dick Holland Jay Jacobus Bill Riechert Curt Rocca FRESHMEN Bill Buhles Skip Dyke Dick Ewing Jay Koch George Lukes Rich Young Sig Sigma 1816 Scenic Avenue FOUNDED AT VINCINNES UNIVERSITY, 1897 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 SEVENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Ross White JUNIORS Ralph Athenien Robert Gillette Richard Glasspool Tony Granucci Martin Larsen Richard Maxwell SOPHOMORES Alan Adams Louis Koppel FRESHMEN Mark Albert Robert Gillette Richard Glasspool 453 Sigma Phi Epsilon 2316 Bowditch FOUNDED AT RICHMOND COLLEGE, 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS John Baarts Robert Christiansen Dennis Eymil Ron Fenolio Tom Hobday Al Lindman Jim Litsinger William Maddigan Francis Malone Fred Merriam Rick Rust Howard Schirmer Thomas Schulz Bill Storey Miss Laurel Shearer Golden Heart Queen Sigma Phi Epsilon ' s Golden Heart Queen is Laurel Shearer, a freshman from Glendale, California. Although busy she tries to find time to play volleyball, ski, and read French novels. Before graduation, she plans to spend a year in Italy, studying and roaming around the vineyards. When in Berkeley, Laurel resides at Delta Gamma. Sigma Phi Epsilon JUNIORS Theodore Esquivel James Jurkovich Don Phelps Gary Robinson Bill White SOPHOMORES Steve Chipman James Christiansen Neal Gibsen John Jones John Wenz FRESHMEN Thomas Barth Dennis Lane Thomas Loughran David Marsh Craig Newnan James Sawyer Richard Venning Pete Whitmer Robert Yundt Tau Kappa Epsilon 2725 Channing Way FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Gary Andres Henry Brainerd Kenneth Casaday James Chamberlain Timothy Clune Ross Curtis Jack Overall William Poulton William Rosentreter James Sherk JUNIORS Steve Bollinger Steven Brush James Clardy Frederick Conrad John Gosline George Gracis Gary Hall Vince Howes Phillip Keeffe Kent McBride Raymond Mitchell Ralph Morgan Jon Pollon Robert Quellmalz Howard Reedy Martin Reutinger Scott Rowland Tau Kappa Epsilon SOPHOMORES Russell Buss Michael Doyle Michael Duffey Shane Griffin Terrence Hook Ronald Jones Donald Keldsen John Kindler James Leney Gary Martone Jack Reding Rainer Schelp William Schmohl Alan Shirek Craig Thomas Michael Uhrmann Michael White FRESHMEN Richard Graves Rodney Marble Mark Robbins William Walker Brutus Miss Alice Movius Tau Kappa Epsilon Red Carnation Queen Alice Movius of Delta Gamma is the 1964 Tau Kappa Epsilon Red Carnation Queen. Alice is an eighteen year old freshman who is majoring in English. Her campus activities include participation in the Volunteer Resource Service and for A.W.S. Tau Kappa Epsilon Red Carnation Queen finalists: Kathy Miller, Delta Delta Delta; Gladys Houston, Kappa Alpha Theta; Queen Alice Movius, Delta Gamma; Janet Cheney, Alpha Chi Omega; Karen Carlson, Alpha Phi. Theta Chi 2499 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Paul Accampo John Bennett Steve Bennett Steve Bess Melvyn Brodie Chris Chadbourne Dick Cutler Fred deGrosz Ben Gleason Lowell Hickey Gerry Martin Al Needham Rich Nightingale Don Wehe Theta Chi Sweetheart finalists: Sue Wills, Sue Steele, Sue Sprankle, Janet Smith, Chris Hutchinson, Sue Debely, Rheta Christensen. Miss Rheta Christensen Sweetheart of Theta Chi Reigning as Golden Anniversary Sweetheart at Theta Chi ' s Fiftieth Anniversary Banquet at the Sheraton-Palace was Rheta Christensen. An avid swimmer and baseball fan, Rheta also includes Angel Flight and Oski Dolls among her activities. A Phi Mu, Rheta is a history major and looks forward to teaching at the level upon graduation. Theta Chi Gordon West JUNIORS Robert Bush Ron DuVal Jim Villers Jon Woolery SOPHOMORES Chuck Aalfs Steve Stiefvater John Weeks Bob Wright FRESHMEN Frank Baker II Bob Brand Dave Brodie Roger Bush John Eckman Jim Gilchrist Phil Gleason Chris Johnson Dave Laughlin Mike Lind Jan Mueller Maeller Mike Piazza Mick Pratico Tim Rodgers Bill Smith Bob Troch Sam Theta Xi 1730 La Loma Avenue FOUNDED AT RENNSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 EIGHTY FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS John Barnard Dixon Hill Steve Leask Mike McElroy Dean Morgan Lee Oelke Barry Woodruff JUNIORS Bob Bekes Bill Howatt SOPHOMORES Al Garth Jeff Grace Eric Hooykaas John Kroes David Newhouse Dick Rasmussen Doug Southworth FRESHMAN Norm Rhett Theta Delta Chi 2647 Durant Avenue FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTHERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 THIRTY ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Iver Bruflat Peter Dutton Norman Stanley Dave Wasserman Steve Zalkind JUNIORS David Archibald Doug Brown Mac Carpenter Sam Johnson Larry Kennings Pat Maharg Louis Maire Dan Miller Jim Olson Don Orosco Henry Richmond James Roberts Charles Schad SOPHOMORES Don Anderson Robert Archibald Don Beeson Dave Bonini Bob Brinkworth John Fuller Steve Henrioulle Jim Jorgensen Phil Maddux Dave Miller Phil Neely Dave Warnock FRESHMEN John Goncalves Jeff Marx Dave Tarpley Zeta Beta Tau 1712 Euclid Avenue FOUNDED AT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FORTY SEVEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Justy Frank Jim Gidlow Jules Greenstein Jim Harris Dave Hofmann Bruce Polichar Steve Scheinman Lee Silverman Tom Sloss Andy Spilker Rick Sylvester JUNIORS Roger Cherniss Alan Diamond Ron Egherman Mike Epstein Larry Heller Flyod Hoffman Larry Hornick Rick Jacobs Kieth Liberman Elliott Mercer John Michel Brian Rexon SOPHOMORES Marty Cooper Sol Frydman Mike Greene Sam Guttman Les Harrison Andy Hoffman Bob Jacobs Mike Kossen Bob Levin Ron Rosen Bob Rothman Greg Sarna Joe Schwab Lee Schwartz Jim Waldman Paul Warsaw FRESHMEN Bob Alpert Howard Droker Marty Fishman Jim Isenberg Arnie Jaffe Gary Lapid Sandy Melvin Barry Pearlman Lyle Poncher Rich Resnik Harvey Saferstein Mike Smooke Herb Solomon Zeta Psi 2728 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Geoffrey Bill Herbert Gooch Sam Hale Ross Hambly Ron Jurgensen Robert Kresser Thomas Pattinson August Schilling Edgerton Scott Jeff Skinner John Smith Tom Solinsky JUNIORS Pat Bowen James Bundschu Matt Connelly Tom Gaffney Steve Harper Tom Meyer Geoffrey Michels James Moore Mike Scullion Richard Thompson SOPHOMORES Lemuel Cragholm Martin Denicke Pete Dorinson Paul Foster Steve Green Bill Gunnell Elliot Landon David Romney Pete Snowdon Sam Stevens Bob Tocchini Page Loben Sels George Viguie Joel Witkin Barry Wright FRESHMEN Preston Appleby James Gatterdam William Koons Steve Lovette Patrick McGrath Henry Miller John Moore Robert Parker Philip Romney Steve Solinsky Jeff Speich Brian Sungar Steve Wehr Ralph Young Residence Halls University - owned dormitories, the cooperatives, and many boarding houses solve the problem of a place to live for students who can ' t commute, don ' t want the restrictions of a fraternity or sorority, or won ' t eat their own cooking. With the exception of Bowles Hall, halls have not been on campus as long as and sororities, but they have been far from slow in building new traditions and becoming prominent in campus activities. Ironically, the winner of the annual push-cart competition in the last two Greek Week celebrations has been a residence hall. And in House-Decs and Spring Sing, dorms have won top honors. Women ' s Dormitory Association Board Officers Janet Willner President Lynda Fall First Vice-President Sharon Mock Second Vice-President Mary Chase Freeborn Award, Spring ' 64 Joanalee White Secretary Betty Hobby Treasurer Representatives at large Judy Dysinger Kathy Hicks Gail Lopin Karen Melikian Sandy Moore Board Chairmen Betty Richardson Constitutions Chrmn. Sharon Montijo General Publicity Chrmn. Bauer Special Publicity Maria Fernandez Scholarship Chrmn. Katy Carmichael Service Chrmn. Mary Jo Durham ASUC Representative Mary Chase Freeborn Award, Spring ' 64 FALL PRESIDENTS Carolyn Vogt Betty Hobby Diana Broden Judy Akam Claudia Futter Marilyn Conns Susan Thompson Helen Holt Marie Mizelle Donna Parsons Kathy Hicks Judy Radu Patricia Diehl Linda James Beverly Magovern Lynn Leibensperger Kitty Brandon Susan Dill Karen Abdallah Kathy Sarter Mary Sakovich Cathy Briggs Bay View Terrace Beaudelaire Club The Chalet Chateau de Longpre Cheney Hall Colonial Hall Cunningham Hall Davidson Hall Elizabeth Barrett Epworth Hall Freeborn Hall Hoyt Hall Ida Sproul Hall Joaquin Hall Mitchell Hall Peixotto Hall Richards-Oldenberg Hall Ritter Hall Sherman Hall Spens-Black Hall Stebbins Hall Stern Hall SPRING PRESIDENTS Susanne Tyler Elizabeth Thamann Suzanne Burgess Christine Mattson Sharon Cummings Noella Luke Susan Knopow lantha Adams Margaret Baker Marva Bledsoe Sharon Mock Sandra Ann Lee Sdyne Bernard Judith Kilmartin Betsy Ehm Ellen Giusti Sarah Simmerman Susan Dill Luceen La Torre Carol Carmen Nina Gusev Shirley Brash Residence Halls The new dorms were ready for the 1963 Fall semester — almost. One Epworth Hall girl tells another what she should have written on that midterm. A pinning is announced at Cheney Hall. Coffee and good company are enjoyed at the Hall Open House in November. Cunningham Hall provides entertainment at a Christmas party. Bowles Hall SENIORS Gary Bacher Tom Baker Pete Barnett Bruce Bedig Richard Bennett Norm Broyer Gary Davis Ron Denend Pete Dixon Jerry Fram Ron Gherlone Phillip Gonzales Kenneth Gray Michael Hahn John Hargrove Eddy Lau Michael Leite Gary Lemen Donald MacKenzie James Mullen George Nagle Paul Nebel David Perry Robert Piziali John Rasmussen Thomas Roehr Steve Shawl Edward Tindle Vance Tyree Nick Vrionis Richard Whalley This year the men of Bowles were guided by Bob Piziali, who carefully kept the hall off the rocks of social probation. The activities for the year included eight great dances, of which the outstanding ones were the Fall informal and the Spring Boat Dance. Only by means of the exchanges, the J. P. Erdman Beer Bust, Happy Hours, the Christmas Party for underprivileged and the Luau, were the men of Bowles able to keep their spirits high, and their grade points — well, kind of high. Our house parents were of benefit to us as the picture with the Freshmen and their dates indicates. All in all, this year was one of the best at Bowles, since its beginning in 1928, and carried on the fine tradition of an living group. JUNIORS Wayne Behrend Don Brownlee Tom Bushnell Stan Castle Wyman Chan William Conner Mike Galbraith Ray Geiser Michael Gragg David Lindquist James McLane Mark Mallett Knute Miller Bob Newman Phil Nyman Allan Reed Robert Roundy Jim Salerno Mike Schott Richard Stafford Phil Strauss Tom Weisenburger Richard Weitzenberg Wayne Wilson SOPHOMORES Mike Adams Don Adolphson Tom Barron Bob Bulwa Jerry Cavallero John Cohenour John Fox William Franzwa Armand Gambera David Hale Jan Kucera Bill McCalla Dan MacIntosh Kenneth Mettler James Miles Roger Pelzner John Petrovsky Russ Preshaw James Ressequie Michael Schutz Daniel Sinclair FRESHMEN Russ Abel Larry Ahlswede Alan Barbour Roger Barron Dave Bettencourt Steve Book Vincent Chu Mike Crofoot Dan Dixon Stu Drange Joe Foster George Fruehan Richard Gabie Dennis Gerdes Dudley Green Mike Halpern Edmund Hedemann, Jr. Jack Hennessy Bob Leger Jim Leonard Frank McGill Marc Mager Pete Melnicoe Don Morey Ralph Moskowitz Wayne Satz Darrell Smith Rick Snow Jeff Stewart Bruce Thompson Mike Wharton Euell Winton Bud Wynn The Chalet 2721 Haste Street Left to Right, Row One: Jo Anne Harii, Eileen Mahoney, Arleen Pietz. Row Two: Angela Barcellini, Carolyn Droege, Robin Fowler, Donna Basini. Row Three: Kathy Wolfsohn, Diana Broden, Jo Anne Evans, Carol Irvine, Sue Goldner, Kathy Brigham. Left to Right, Row One: Denise Lee, Linda Kramer, Linda Iwasaki, Judy Jens. Row Two: Kathy Edwards, Elaine Rogers, Marilyn Collier, Donna Armstrong, Mike Sherry. Row Three: Tammy McAulay, Pat Hef, Barbara White, Lynn Mizufuni, Suzanne Burgess, Jeanne Lee, Paula Levanthal, Sandy Romelsbacher. Cheney Hall 2650 Durant Avenue SENIORS Barbara Applegate Fern Bennett Ann Bohlender Susan Dewar Victoria Gee Christina Li Rosalind Lim Nancy Lockwood Mary Ann Purvis Joyce Shatafian Nancy Shuman Marilyn Steenstrup Linda Trabert Karren Ulyatt Nancy Walthew JUNIORS Sharen Baggett Carolyn Barr Margaret Brown Lorraine Busch Claudia Byrum Wendy Castleman Valerie Chan Sharon Cummings Elizabeth Fong Claudia Futter Susan Gindroz Drew Goodwin Sue Haberman Susan Hill Mary Jorgensen Leslie Messer Cheney Hall Sandy Waller SOPHOMORES Margie Alving Sharon Bard Sue Berkowitz Kathy Butler Lynda Cagnacci Nancy Camy Pat Canary Linda Coon Mary Crater Linda Endacott Diana Fenster Susan Fitch Bernice Frankel Helen Gutstein Kathy Hunt Penny Kossoris Judy Lew Julia Lockwood Janet Meier Gerry Nagare Doris Okada Kathy Redo Shirley Sherwood Betty Soley Aline Steinberg Vicki Toy JUNIORS Suzan Murdock Sue Mussallem Kathleen Seaton Kathleen Shelton SOPHOMORES Marsha Weintraub Pat Wong Doris Wootton FRESHMEN Lea Bloch Janice Blunck Kathy Caldwell Carolyn Callan Joan Ehle Jeanne Fordham Helaine Grabowski Allene Hansen Evan Harris Beth Hurlbut Carolyn Jones Judy Kissick Linda Lingsch Andrea Louie Janet Marshall Elizabeth Matlack Sherian Mori Jill Morton Elizabeth Mowrey Nancy Powers Teddi Skipitares Jamie Sloan Sandy Solomon Jan Van Atta Carolyn Warren Patsy Yamada Barbara Yatabe Carolyn Yip Cloyne Court 2600 Ridge Road GRADUATES Joseph E. Pompura SENIORS Chuck Bennett Jaime Bohorquez Claude L. Bowen Bob Byer Todd Cockburn Jim Fleming Bob George Dave Grayson James F. King, Jr. Ted Laliotis Doug Ming Bill Muellenhoff John Rusek Tav Steinacher John W. Swarbrick Phil Young JUNIORS Michael E. McGinley Bill Sakaguchi George Tempel SOPHOMORES Walt Crawford Hugh Fowler Gary Griffith James H. Holl Mike Lane Bob Remley Warren Sabak Terry Smith FRESHMEN Tom Archibald Patrick G. Bailey Clarence Donahoe Raymond R. Faller Allan Kreiss James M. Norton Clinton Taylor Doug Turner Cunningham Hall 2650 Haste Street SENIORS Gabriele Abraham Mary Bradley Karen Brehm Patricia Cochran Claire Erlanger Maria Fernandez Rita Middleton Nancy Thompson Regina Tyson JUNIORS Marilyn Chung Melissa Eisner Grace Howker Charlee Lemmon Karen Melgaard Nancy Pemberton Patricia Rhodes Judy Sheretz Sandy Stevens Susan Thompson Barbara Zupnik SOPHOMORES Celia Goldman Pamela Henry Leslie Howell Julie Kesler Jerri Levin Judy Lieberman Fran Soule Tanya Toler FRESHMEN Martha Abel Christine DeVault Yasuko Ikuta Olga Kaunoff Terri Kline Christine Schuetze Francene Turken Davidson Hall 2650 Haste Street FIRST FLOOR — Row One: Jinni Sokol, Valerie Reisman, Hedy Fried, Vivian Cordier. Row Two: Ilene Lusher, Sue Piper, Marcia Glass, Anne Ritter, Linda Coltrin, Roberta Apau. Row Three: Andrea Stein, Sandy Houston, Sheila Ninomiya, Jenny Smith, N ina Burns, Linda Tanaka, Leslie Keller. SECOND FLOOR — Row One: Judy Hassen, Toby Gould, Gerilyn Betz. Row Two: Claire Fujita, June Omura, Paula Teitelman, Aron Clemens, Milla Isaeff. Row Three: Kay Kincaide, Andy Adams, Lane Retallick, Nancy Shaffer. THIRD FLOOR—Row One: Joan Hardy, Linda Michlin, Susan Jane Berns, Anne Lovelace Row Two: Pat Schoenleber, Judith Peters, Margaret Carlson, Leslie Kawamoto, Carolyn Murphy, Sue Blake. Row Three: Janice Carlson, Nancy Dibble, Pamela Babey, Nancy Binger, Gwendoline Van Den Berghe, Lynn Eisenbach, Susan Wichman. FOURTH FLOOR — Row One: Arlene Okamoto, Barbara Bennett, Jean Shirley, Nancy Bonnell. Row Two: Judy Kumataka, Barbara Zipser, Sylvia Mary Clare Caruthers, Jeanette Applegate, Sandi McCulligan. Row Three: Chrissie Felix, Eileen Keller, Stevie Beitscher, Ann Blanchard, Lynn Dannel Krystyna Grycic, Sally Swank. FIFTH One: Mary Curry, Susan Bracchi, Lewman, Barbara Smith, Denna Jo Brown. Row Two: Ginny Harrell, Pat Delaplane, Emilie Harris, Joan Burnham, Eunice Young, Joyce Daube, Laurel Gonsalves. Row Three: Maurine Rowe, Martha Ward, Marty Shonkwiler, Dinah Shaw, Jeanne Fralic, Linda Yap, Pat Freer, Candace Parker, Betty Leifer. SIXTH FLOOR—Row One: Pat Hashimoto, Kathy Mico, Martha Boycheff, Michele Sanda, Judy Lowy. Row Two: Sue Conner, Joan Winston, Helen Holt, Roberta Lowe, Nancy Naftel, Katherine Kaufman, Diana Andrews, Janet Rindge. Row Three: Margaret Hershey, Marion Gordon, Susan Segal, Lu Ann Smith, Marilyn River, Nora Rodriguez, Nancy Davis, Susie Harris, Linda Jo Ann Ching. SEVENTH FLOOR—Row One: Carolyn May, Debbie Widmer, Annette Freligh. Row Two: Paula Kokores, Elaine Howell, Sherri Raap, Susie Hirsch, Sandi Threatt. Row Three: Tina Pirani, Katherine Sketchley, Lora Getchel, Vickie Hildebrand, Meg Kiuchi. EIGHT FLOOR — Row One: Beverly Olshen, Margery Knapp, Madge Strong. Row Two: Betty Cumming, Elizabeth Cape, Nancy Allison, Judy Allen, Deanna Saks, Barbara Title. Row Three: Barbara Mac Donald, Anne Showstack, Gen Schreier, Libbe Hurvitz, Margie Title. Deutsch Hall 2650 Durant Avenue Richard Tully Dennis Washburn JUNIORS Arthur Flemming Jerome Franklin Sid Israels Ron Mayeda Robert Okamura Jack Pearce Charles Powell Channing Robertson James Roumasset Dean St. Clair Steve Sternberg Willis Webb Robert Wnukowski SOPHOMORES Sidhartha Burman Buzz Boschken David Dwight Randall Evans William Gibson Ronald Gould GRADUATES John Bernard Chet Winton SENIORS James Arvesen Philip Bailey, Jr. Dale Borglum Ronald Caruso William Davidson Irwin Dudow Lanny Hernandez Dane Hill Leonard Isaksen Philip Koerper Eric Mische Edwin Olsen Donald Poole Robert Ritchey Jerry Rubinstein Somana David Tenenberg Tom Tobin There ' s no room for a second to the Big " D " . Spring semester 1963 found Deutsch Hall Greek Week by taking Sweepstakes in the Pushcart Relays. For the fourth straight semester, it topped all University men ' s living groups in academic excellence. Summer parties and the Yosemite reunion carried the hall smoothly into the swing of Fall 1963. Snow fell as Deutsch serenades rang through Piedmont; goal posts fell as Deutschmen swept out of Stanford with their third straight Big Game souvenir, and all fell before the mighty Deutsch as the trophy came home for Big Game House Decorations Sweepstakes. As always. . . . than the average dorm. " Nubar Manoukian Mike McGinnis William Nachbaur Philip Nicholson Garey Slaughter Walt Unger Rich Weinstock Harry Yoshikawa FRESHMEN David Anderson Barry Baran Randy Blotky Edward Champlin Harvey Chin Robert Coop Wayne Cooper David Crane Robert Cross Ronald Duffy Bernard Flanagan Thomas Grant William Maddaus Richard Morris Chuck Nicholson Lloyd Reist Marc Savage Christopher Snyder Roger Sokoloff Edward Stoddard Robert Stoddard Wakefield Taylor Edward Valenzuela Mrs. Ruth File,housemother " D..E..U..T..S..C..H " " " Good night, ladies . . " Epworth Hall 2521 Channing Way SENIORS Joan Anderson Joanne Barkley Linda Bowen Carolyn Carmick Patricia Giertz Joan Hamala Nancy Hanner Louisa Lawton Louise Lyon Elizabeth Porter Shelley Stafford Judy Williams JUNIORS Marva Bledsoe Judy Juelson Marietta Nelson Donna Parsons Fredricka Taubitz Jill Tucker SOPHOMORES Darby Ellis Pam Ensunsa Claudine Fall Meredith Lane Mary Lane Sheila Linder Barbara Moor Diann Smith FRESHMEN Ruth Erickson Marsha Lane Sandy Springs Virginia Thomas Elizabeth Barrett Hall 2438 Warring Street SENIORS Annette Cadosi Patti Kaufman Allison Kime Pat King Marie Mizelle Barbara Padula Janet Pike Pat Preshaw Stephanie Raymor Then Scott Carol Spicer Lynda Stone Pauline Vignolo JUNIORS Margaret Baker Mary Conwell Adrienne Dewell Sandra Frederick Dorothy Hannibal Mary Henley Genie Iverson Linda Platte Nancy Stocker Dona Villarreal SOPHOMORES Susan Frank Suzie Gaskill Ann Haberlin Janice Kawai Joanne Kirby JoAnne Schwartz FRESHMEN Joyce Heinrich Glenda Shaw Linda Shaw Paula Whitson Freeborn Hall 2650 Durant Avenue SENIORS Susan Aplin Susan Gordon Barbara Heath Suzanne Lomnes Gail Lopin Angelika Michels Darlene Moberley Marilyn Richins Edith Smardon Constance Steinkuller Lily Tamura Linda Verhovec JUNIORS Marilyn Bacci Cheska Callow Dysinger Kathy Fitch Diane Gates Kathleen Hicks Sandra Kussow Claudia Larson Andi Lommel Gloria Lum Bonnie McDonald Diana Miller Valerie Nelson Margaret Schneider Margaret Scott SOPHOMORES Evelyn Belcher Bonnie Campbell Suzanne Davis Susan Frazer Linda Goelz Diane Goldberg Marilyn Gould Carol Lund Nancy McDonnel Sharon Mock Pamela Papworth Julie Shaw Jill Solomon Nancy Vivrette Betsy Walkover FRESHMEN Sharon Berry Nancy Carpenter Betsy Cohen Elizabeth Coleman Andrea Cooper Christine Elmendorf Janet Feldman Glenda Flora Lauren Grud Jo Ann Levine Patricia Lewis Eve McDaniel Katie Myers Alexandra Schaeffer Elizabeth Seltzer Eugenie Stanton Wendy Stark Noelle Tamborini Melinda Vaprin Roberta Waitz Phyllis White Euclid Hall 1777 Euclid Avenue GRADUATE Bob Wong SENIORS Allen Chen Ron Chong Tadashi Hiramoto Irving Kuroishi Keith Lee Tom Lowe Ed Takahashi JUNIORS Takeshi Kagawa Michio Yamaguchi SOPHOMORES Mike Ito Ron Kihara Les Niitani Ken Nitta Milton Oda Gerald Uyeda Gerald WYamada FRESHMEN Paul Fujii Tom Saito Hiroshi Sano John Tomita Gary Utsumi Joaquin Hall 2430 Piedmont Avenue SENIORS Sara Bogle Terry DoeII Linda James Patty-Lynn Thorndike JUNIORS Margee Duncan Myrna Gershenson Cecily Green Sharol Hendricks Judy Kilmartin Pat Taylor SOPHOMORES Jane Cox Geraldine Hagie Leslie Kasper Diane Wolf Wylda Vold FRESHMEN Jan Cattolica Kathy Cruise Mary Davidson Amy Neel Carol Tantau Carol Thurston Judy Whiteley Ida Sproul Hall 2400 Durant Avenue SENIORS Robin Craig Jeanette Di Ciuccio Bonnie Friedland Dorothy Gist Valeria Gold Charlotte Higgins Carolyn Jue Kish Ann Smith Andrea Surpin Jane Trummel Victoria Wong Aileen Yee Pamela Young JUNIORS Carol Allen Margaret Bellanca Liz Brady Leslie Coffman Sheila Fields Sue Ladewig Sally Montgomery Nadine Schindell Hannah Schwartz Marianne Silva Patricia Taylor Francine Territo Amy Tsuji Gail Van Winkle Chris White Karen Woodbury SOPHOMORES Carolyn Buriani Kathe Callister Claudia Cate Margaret Essel Ellen Goldman Kathleen Keers Leslie Lafayette Lucretia Lemmo Yolanda Loo Linda Mattson Yarmila Prec Kathleen Roe Marilla Whitney Cindy Wilkinson FRESHMEN Florence Berghuis Barbara Dittrich Jane Elman Marilyn Farber Kathi Fine Juli Freeman Diane Gerry Ann Goodman Anne Howard Susan Hurlich Marsha King Carolyn Lockie Diane Moss Lois Nowinson Barbara Rosen Nadene Ruby Lorre Shapiro Kay Shimizu Susan Wurdeman Andrea Wurzmann Norton Hall 2400 Durant Avenue GRADUATE Ken Berner SENIORS Mike Antoncich Clark Burnham Paul Conterno Frank De Marco Tracy Friedman John Guichard Jim Hamada Bob Herr William Lee Bob O ' Connell Bit-Leung Seto Brian Thompson Jim Unmack Dwight Warren JUNIORS Tom Beck Dave Chapman Brent Greenslade Walt Hillabrand Ken Hope Tom Hopkins Richard Hungerford Steve Korn Larry Lee James O ' Connell John Roese Rocco Seeno Warren Sekiguchi Glen Shirk Dale Van Metre George Weathersby SOPHOMORES Roger Anderman Donald Baker Frederick Baker Stanley Clark Mike Crow Gene Deal Steve Fossett John Hughes-Caley James Inouye Phil Litts Martin Miner Mike Murakami Phil Partain Larry Pettinger Ted Venson FRESHMEN Jeff Carter George Clifford Ronald Davidson Jared Epstein Kirby Fong Raymond Ford Kenneth Hadlock Stuart Horance Stephen Jenkins Gary Joe Kevin McGinty Rod Merl Edwin Olsen Pete Rosenwald Bob Sakai Frank Steward Mrs. Kathryn Trent, housemother Mitchell-Peixotto 2939 Dwight Way SENIORS Florence Haseltine JUNIORS Lynn Leibensperger Susan Owen Janet Rosen Gracie Sturm SOPHOMORES Sue Bardfield Nancy Castile Carolyn Epstein Bonnie Faulconer Bev Magovern Pat Muszynski FRESHMEN Bonnie Britton Sunny Franson Linda Pierce Sharon Price Priestley Hall 2400 Durant Avenue SENIORS John Campbell Byron Chong Lauren Colloff Roger Faulkner Bruce Haber Kamp Robert Rains Charles Richey James Vaupel JUNIORS Dick Armstrong Ross Carkeet John Carlberg Harvey Henderson Bill Morton James Prendergast Robert Saunders Dan Shinedling Gerry Silverfield Kenneth Stenberg SOPHOMORES Bill Dorris Paul Enseki FRESHMEN Johathon Brandler James Butler Bob Coffman David Fairweather Laurence Glickfeld Calvin Hashimoto Roger Kurokawa James Laird Stephen Mueller Michael Salter Bruce Taylor Alexander Tribe Gareth Wells Eric Woods George Zagelow Putnam Hall 2650 Durant Avenue Putnam Hall, although inhabited for less than five years, is already steeped in tradition. As members of the only living group with its own yearbook, our practical jokes are preserved for posterity. Our programs of outside speakers (e.g., George Christopher, Aldous Huxley) and popular films have traditionally been a of our hall ' s activities. Campus participation is centered in House Axe Review, and intramural activities. We are currently defending House Decs, winners, and American league intramural champions. Socially, Putnam residents have enjoyed many a pleasant informal, not to mention a few afternoons of unique orientations week functions. Despite the numerous activities Putniks have maintained a consistently high scholastic GRADUATES Bruce Goeller P. K. Morrill SENIORS William Baker Colin Bell Richard Bishop Hal Boyd Robert Chapman Richard Clodfelter Roger Froslie Selden Hall Paul Griffith Steven Kipperman James Lamm Mel Levine Bruce Maclin Edward Martin Vincent Morris Stanley Nasitka Melvin Piestrup George Sloan William Stock John Webber Robert Wilner JUNIORS James Atwood Charles Besin Robert Boden Daniel Cribbs Jack Gregory Jeffrey Lawton Michael Silverstone David Sweeney James Wurschmidt John Young Eugene Yunt SOPHOMORES Alan Carey Richard Chole Dan Griset Dennis Harrington Collin Leong James Lucke Richard Rolfe Frederick Watt Anthony Wight Langdon Winner FRESHMEN Steve Allen William Allin 501 Putnam Hall Nick Baylies Paul Benya Holton Bridges Howard Coleman Fred Graffeo Roger Gross Steven Hawley Robert Jasper Hardy Jones Rudi Koppl Blake LeBaron Gary Long Thomas McCullough Bill Mecom Robert Nelson Michael Patterson Arpad Radisay Richard Somm ers Carl Stoney Brad Stribling Gordon Tornberg Kenneth Weaver Richards-Oldenberg 2939 Dwight Way SENIORS Eileen Bales JUNIORS Margaret Anderson Linda Goodman Judy Graziani Judy Higo Sherron Sawyer Joanne Kitano Lenna Underwood Suzanne Voelker SOPHOMORES Lynne Hodgson Lynne Larmuseau Carol Morimoto Judy Sherman Nancy Tyson FRESHMEN Alice Abe Kitty Brandon Clothel Burke Janet Gross Vida Haskell Linda McAlister Susan Molloy Gloria Moore Joyce Naftel Jeanne O ' Connor Rosa Raynal Ritter Hall 2422 Prospect Street SENIORS Mary Budlong Susan Dill Jean Hirtz JUNIORS Margaret Ando Sue Aubrey Melanie Brumm Nancy Burpee Lilly Grenz Judy Lockwood Carol Ramstad Carole Takagaki Patti Takei SOPHOMORES Susanne Ethridge Diane Griffiths Myna Hastings Sandy Ina Susan Landman Margaret Pierce Barbara Seavey Dinah Shelton Jane Stringer Elizabeth Young FRESHMEN Margaret Arner Gudrun Henderson Carol Holleuffer Ruth Krusa Ann Mayers Nancy Nichols Carol Olney Kathleen Vance Oxford Hall 2140 Oxford Street Row One: Don Westergren, Martin Hamilton, J. W. Koon, Michael Klein, Steve Fabricant, Robert Hall, Allen Bierce, Jim McGrew. Row Two: Tom Woolley, Allen Benson, Shaw, Gary Taplin, Aaron Gallup, Roger Lee, Tom Smith, Rip Bliss, Ali-Asghar Habibi-Soureh, Wally Hendricks. Row Three: Tatou Takahama, Jim Weldon, Kenneth Cole, Chester Ramey, Tom Surh, Charles Morey, Uriel Schumm, Paul Ofinowicz, Bill Rogers, Jim Colet, Fred Lavine. Spens-Black 2400 Durant Avenue SENIORS Karen Katien Carolyn Quinby JUNIORS Karen Gordon Kathy Harding Ellen Kositchek Paula Mellon Sylvia Newhall Susan Pfotenhauer Rita Preszler Kathy Sarter SOPHOMORE Janet Dalrymple Janet Edwards Sheila McCrary Florence Mitchell Beverly Voges Jane Winter Nadia Yankoff FRESHMEN Sandra Hawkins Maureen Kennedy Susan Knopf Bernadetta Merlo Susan Olivieri Victoria Regan Beverly Sadler Carol Salerno Cathy Shuck Regina Zwerling Stern Hall Campus SENIORS Shirley Brash Sandy Breaum Cathy Briggs Vickie Daly Norma Hardin Gail Kinney Gabrielle Lapachet Nancy Mostin Priscilla Murr Judith Pokrass Linda Reynolds Lorraine Shapeero Johanna Shuey Susan Swain Marcia Trethewey Elaine Waidhofer Nancy Witte Karen Zeller JUNIORS Anne Ackerman Mai-ling Bauer Linell Bisagno Maureen Bocian Louise Buck Joan Chudnoff Stern Hall Carol Cleone Sue Fick Caren Harris Vicki Harrison Kathryn Hill Bonnie Kaplan Joyce Muskat Susan Smith Marilyn Talken Michele Toone SOPHOMORES Linda Beber Kathleen Brown Ruth Epstein Irene Malbin Bunnie Matz Debbie Shields Therisa Taschi Rita Vander Laan FRESHMEN Janet Albietz Irene Blank Susan Bury Jan Cabalzar Esther Carson Linda Clark Maria Demarco Ellen Barnett Carol Donald Penny Gentilly Stephanie Gourse Cathy Hartman Irene Hiyama Barbara Kriz Cheryl Lee Diane Les Perance Karen Mark Janet Mason Linda Milby Linda Nash Pat Porth Claudia Ragent Robiny Ritchey Cydny Rothe Nancy Rubin Andy Takemoto Barbara Vann Nicole Wilson Smyth Hall 2939 Dwight Way The Smyth-Fernwald dining commons housed the Hilltop Casino, as residents of the hill dorms brought Big Time gambling to the University again this year. The evening of gambling parlor festivities included wheel of fortune, roulette, craps, black jack, 21, and every conceivable form of poker. Students were supplied with $10,000 of " Casino money " to spend on the genuine Las Vegas equipment when they paid their admission fee at the door. The Strugglers, a banjo band from the Red Garter night club in San Francisco, provided entertainment. Most of the Strugglers were students here at the University at one time. A round-trip plane ticket to Los Angeles was awarded as the door prize. Proceeds from this year ' s Hilltop Casino were donated to the World University Service, an organization devoted to improved university throughout the world. GRADUATES William Bassett Marshall Kamena SENIORS Morris Barr John F. Boss Lorence Carr Don ald Cropper Rodney Dillon Kelvin Dunnigan James Endman Ronald Engel Kenneth Fye Alex Kochergin John Lacy Ronald Ross William Skeehan Jerry W. Smith William Sprague Gerald Troup Nick Van Valkenburgh William Wafford JUNIORS Brent Atcheson William Baxter Paul Boothe David Hoffman Howard Riepe Jerald Tantillo William Waddel David Wallace Roger Ward SOPHOMORES Dave Carr Robert Chong James Jackson William Lyon FRESHMEN Richard C. Adams Dan Lacy Leonardo Perez y Perez Michael Regan James Schneider Leon Serafim FIRST AND SECOND FLOORS — Row One: David Barrett, John Meyer, Russell Hitomi, Jack Achtenberg, Charles Doggett, Nikolai Chugai, John Winfrey, Jim Steinhart, John Hom. Row Two: Tom Wiley, Dave Bush, Jerry Dorrance, Jerry Walker, Barry Tillmur, Robert Arnberg, Dennis Lance, Yasuo Nakayama, Ronald Akutagawa, Don Akutagawa, Walter Peschke, Jr. Row Three: Howard Sange, Fred Engel, Brand, Henry Weinstein, John Vida, Gregory Paraskou, Bob McKoon, Bob Menist, Craig Raymond, John Willet, Richard Escobedo. THIRD AND FOURTH FLOORS—Row One: John Crimmins, Steve Passin, Paul Luben, Joe Hong, Bill Hertig, unidentified, Bill Dorrance, Sanford Koyama, Earl Salo, Nick Sargen, Gerald Snell, James Almond. Row Two: John Schmidt, Louis Gecenok. Row Three: Roger Roos, Bruce Shephard, Kenneth Brooks, John Dodson, Mark Levin, Neil Hoffman, G. Becker, Mohi Emami, J. William Lavelle, Douglas Kinby, Bill Hornung. Ehrman Hall 2650 Haste Street FIFTH AND SIXTH FLOORS — Row One: Tony Wasserman, Bob Cragun, James K. Agee, Pete Beer. Row Two: David Mann, Randy Bassett, Lowell Orren, Richard Kuenne, Kenneth Heller. SEVENTH AND EIGHTH FLOORS — Row One: Ted Isbelle, Norman Hong, Michael Goldberg, Arthur Hull, Robert Doud, Steve Jacobs, Howard Schindler, James Masuda, Matt Hinton, Daryl Zapata, Ron Cohn. Row Two: Unidentified, unidentified, unidentified, unidentified. Row Three: Richard W. Goldberg, Dale Sayers, Sheldon Schaffer, Gary Geiger, Mike Tesar, Howard Toole, Cary Lu, David Dunlap, William Severson, Steve Woodcock. Griffiths Hall 2650 Haste Street Musical talent is included in the many-faceted personalities of Eugene Emgl, Kim Woodward, Colin Wing, Bob Miller, and Fred Wile. The lights of Griffiths Hall windows reflect studying, lounging, and names of candidates campaigning for campus offices. Griffiths Hall reflects the diverse personalities of its 210 men. Their endeavors range through the scholastic, social, and athletic fields. The fall semester was highlighted by the Boat Dance the waves, beneath the Golden Gate " and a notable Christmas Party for underprivileged children. The spring semester at Griff included a wildly successful orientations week, unique picnics, beach parties, and memorable dances. Mike Margoles acts as Santa Claus as he distributes gifts to underprivileged children at the Griffiths Christmas Party. Tellefsen Hall 2421 Prospect Street The tireless efforts of a devoted group of alumni achieved fruition with the dedication in the fall of 1960 of Tellefsen Hall as a home for University of California Bandsmen. Housing 31 men, it is named in honor of Chris Tellefsen, loyal friend of the band since 1923 when his donation of the first uniforms marked the beginning of the modern Cal Band. A full social program carefully integrated with the busy schedule of the Cal Marching and Straw Bands and the sharing of interests in these organizations combine to make Tellefsen Hall a unique and rewarding living experience. In its fourth year of operation, Tellefsen Hall has strengthened its place in the university community as the first successful living group. SENIORS William Allcorn Michael Cummings Donald Dean Lawrence Farnsley, Jr. Thomas Green Hugh Massey Martin Parker Robert Traum JUNIORS Stanley Carson Richard Case William Dal Porto Charles Schaupp Alden Spafford SOPHOMORES George Crow, Jr. Ceil Howe David Johnson Andy Magid Carl Morse James Scott Michael Spencer Allan Spindt Nicholas Stumbaugh John Upton FRESHMEN Norman Howard Stan Keil Douglas Pile Michael Ricci Howard Towt Daniel Tracy Russ Waldrop Phi Epsilon Pi 2412 Piedmont Avenue FOUNDED AT CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1904 KAPPA NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED, 1922 49 CHAPTERS The men of Phi Ep have enjoyed an active and year. Some of the many and varied activities in which the house members participated were Axe Review, Californians, ASUC Government, Glee Club, Student Forum, University and Intermural athletics, and various cultural exchanges with distinguished citizens of Nevada. A few of the laurels achieved by the house were the Fraternity ' s Activities Award Cup, a visit by several of the Playboy Playmates, and high positions in athletics and academic standings. SENIORS Mark Berman Darre ll Friedman Jay Garfinkle John Gilman Carl Jacobs Joel Levin Kenneth Ogren Fred Rothman Paul Steiner Michael Ullman JUNIORS David Adler Barry Burstein Gary Garfinkle Charles Goldman Peter Goodman William Levin Burton Rein Michael Wener SOPHOMORES Jonathan Bloom Ralph Blunt SOPHOMORES Norman Budman Michael Eisenberg Bryan Gerstel Gary Glaser La Mont Mitchell Leonard Mushkin Peter Pollat Robert Portnoy Ronald Stolowitz FRESHMEN James Goldberg Millard Harris Richard Katz Lawrence Lapidus Milton Levin Jeffrey Moss Mark Moss Wayne Satz Commuters Independents The majority of the University students are Because they are not members of living groups, independents enjoy a great deal of freedom in arranging their personal lives. They need not attend compulsory house and social activities or worry about activity points, lockout regulations, and maintaining the house image. However, the must cope with the irritating problems of parking within walking range of the campus, rush-hour traffic, and car pool worries. Another disadvantage is that his very independence may isolate him from the social aspects of university life. Not being forced to join an activity for credit, the independent may pass up the and friendship he would derive from such participation. To help offset this disadvantage, the Commuter-Independent Council, which, along with the office of C-I Representative, was two years ago, has sponsored a Dormatory Affiliate program for girls. The affiliate participates in the social activities of the dorm including their planning and preparation stages. She eats dinner at the dorm every Monday night, attending the floor and hall meetings. Because of its success at Hall, the program has been extended to Cheney and Richards-Oldenberg this spring. The C-I Council also sponsors many social affairs, dances and folk-sing hours. Foreign Students The University of California has the largest enrollment of foreign students of any school in the nation. Over 90 countries are by the more than 2,000 foreign students on the Berkeley campus. At least half of these are natives of Middle Eastern, Asian, or African nations. The programs and social activities at International House promote cross-cultural contacts among all university students. There are approximately 500 of the house, half of whom are foreign. Moreover, an additional 400 non-resident foreign students participate in the activities it sponsors. Opportunities are provided for foreign students to observe and join in typical American customs and university traditions. There are also campus organizations of fellow students from their own countries to which they may belong. Encouraged to explain and describe their own traditions and to one another, foreign and American students, through such activities as Student Union coffee hours, participate in a lively interchange that not only benefits the individual, but the campus community as a whole. Independents Tony Abbott Marc Abrams Suzanne Adam John Ahl Albrecht Linda Alcorn Douglas Alessi Dennis Allen Jane Altose Evlyn Anderson Mary Anderson Merritt Anderson Denise Andreuccetti Linda Antonino Peggy Archibald Isami Arifuku Mike Armstrong Robert Arnberg Linda Arnold Richard Arthur Carolyn Asari Larry Ashby Michael Oustin Keith Axtell Michael Ayres Lawrence Baack Janice Bailey Susan Bainbridge Richard Baines Ernest Baker Gary Baker Linda Baker Doris Balabanian Donald Baldwin Tracy Ball Eugene Ballard Bev Ballou Mary Barbiz Frank Barley Julia Barley Telegraph Avenue leads directly onto campus. marks the spot beyond the Dwight Way curve. Roger Barou Donald Barr Virginia Barrelier Ken Barter Barrett Baskin Alan Batchelder John Bates William Baver Farrel Baum Jim Baylor Susan Beal Carol Bear Jeffrey Beck Clarence Berker Nicholas Becker Jerry Beckman Barbara Becknell Lynne Beckstrom Stephen Belser Bonnie Benjamin Andrew Benson Sheldon Berlant Mark Berger Victor Berkey Gary Berman Lucius Bernard Janet Berry Linda Billings Paul Bilovsky Evelyn Bingham Nancy Blanc Randolph Bledsoe George Bliss Victor Bascou A. J. Bettles Delwin Biagi Roy Bird Arlene Blum Ronald Bolyard Lawrence Bouher Pat Boli Looking through Sather Gate toward the Union, gives an idea of the campus into the city of Berkeley. Arthur Bortz Barbara Bowen George Bowen Linda Bowen Barbara Boyd Bruce Boyer Barbara Brady Jeanne Brennan Lisa Broady Robert Bronzan Stephen Brooks La Juana Broome Gary Brown Jean-Suzanne Brown Nancy Brown Carol Brummerstedt Susan Bryan Judy Bryer James Buck Marilyn Bujak Sheryl Burke Jeannette Burness Lloydine Burris Patricia Burton Grant Bushee Charles Calowell Roderick Camp Dwane Caplener Carlson Glenda Carlson Steve Carman William Carpenter Terry Carr Linda Carter Edith Catelli Sandra Cavaglia Donald Chambers Diane Chan Nancy Chan Theresa Chan Bruce Chang This top story view of the Student Union also gives a look at the rising new Eshleman Hall, student publications building. Julia Chang John Chapman John Chen Rita Cherry Helen Chester Elaine Chin Claudia Ching Nanette Ching Ronald Chong Carrie Chow Joan Christensen Charlie Chu George Chuchas Paul Clark JoAnne Clawson Keith Clemens Robert Clifton Edgar Collins Michael Collins Mary Combs Judy Compaan Mary Conklin Francis Connor Chris Conrad Colleen Conway David Cook Jan Coolig Wende Cooper Calvin Cornils Roberta Cotton Helen Craddock Mary Cramer John Crawford Fay Crayne Lynne Crescione Pete Crosby James Crowhurst Jack Crum Nick Crump Gisela Daetz Robert Dahlstrom It is noontime at the Student Union plaza. Ludwig and his fountain are off picture to the left. Mary Daniel Gerald Davis Susan Davis Gordon Davy Larry Dean Mella Dees Agnes DeGeorgey James Delmarter Helena Derby J. Wayne Dernetz Danielle De Roo Rita De Vartanian Alba Dezan Ronald Dickson Gerald Diete-Spiff Bessie Dikeman William Dimick Diana Dixon Lois Drechsler Colette Druebber Jeannie Duca Joseph Ducote Ann Dusel Madelaine Eaton Mary Eaton Lincoln Edgar Marilyn Edie Donald Edmonds Marilyn Edwards William Ellis Barbara Elsasser Christopher Emley Weylin Eng Edwim Epstein Gary Eskelin Sharon Esterley Janice Evans John Falk George Fedoroff Joanne Feil Hans Felix James Fiebiger Study hour finds three students boning up for midterms in the Student Union. Arthur Fine Richard Fine Claudia Fisher Robert Fisher Roger Flynn James Foley Flora Fong Gerlene Fong Dick Fowler Elizabeth Fowler Joan Fox Warren Fox Karilyn Frampton Marilyn Frampton Diana Franke Norma Franzia James Freeland Lenore Freschi Ernest Fretter Jon Freuler Marsha Fried Cass Friedberg Yvette Friedle Mona Friedman David Fritschi Laurence Fujii Lillian Fujimoto Ted Fujita Esther Fulsaas Virginia Furtney Theodore Furukawa Kathryn Fusco Mary Gahagan Madelyn Gale Ronald Gandolfo Darlene Gardenswartz Hugh Garol Carol Garrick John Ghiselli Linda Gianella Parking is always a problem for students and professors alike, but wheels like these ease into almost any walkway on campus. Mary Gill Sharon Gillette Gary Gilster Camilla Girard Susan Glassman Charles Godfrey Carol Goedeck Allan Gold Anne Goodbody Edwin Greeneich Michael Gregovich David Greiner Jim Griffin Jimmie Griggs Marilyn Grisanti John Grisinger Bob Haas Dorothy Hackbarth Donald Hall Ellen Hall John Hall Genevieve Habeth Haruko Hamanaka Rachel Hamlin Sharon Hamm Barbara Hammond Daryl Hannford Charlotte Hansen Carole Harmo n Michael Harris Gayle Harrison Diane Haas Kenneth Hayes Elaine Hearst James Hebel Lewis Hedgecock Heldman Sherry Heller Michael Hemovich Barbara Henderson Marylynn Henes Given green lawns and spring sunshine, you will find sleepers, spare shoes and bag lunches. Carl Henly Margie Henlin Norma Herbert Carolyn Herrick Uri Herschek James Hessler George Hicks Elaine Higgins Jane Hillyer Donald Hirabayashi Lynda Hirsch Richard Hirsch Jean Hirtz Betty Hobby Jon Hochstatter Kenneth Hodson Carolyn Hoffman Nancy Hoffman David Holdridge Virginia Hotsinger Richard Holmes Diana Hoover Kathleen Hoover Susan Hoover Margaret Horne Myrle Horne Judith Horner David Horwitz Lesley Hosfeld Ceil Howe Judith Howland Albert Hubbard George Hubbard Kathleen Huck Vivien Huckins William Huey Mary Liz Hufnagel Jeffrey Hughes Thomas Hutcheson John Hwang Kristin Hyde Then the rains came—wet Daily on vacant benches, umbrellas, and lonely walkers are all that is seen between classes. Bob Iding Sharon Imai William Ince Nell Irvin Ted Isbelle James Ishaq Janice Iwanaga Jane Iwasaki Marc Jacobsen Linda Jankowski John Jansen Julianne Jedeka Diane Jelcick Louise Johnson Stephen Johnson Robert Johns Bruce Jones Carolyn Jones Cynthia Jones Warren Jue Bart Jurjevic Ronn Kaiser Jimmy Kan Stephen Kan Edward Kane Susan Kane Judith Kaplan Ann Kashiwahara Jerome Katsell Treuman Katz Kay Kaufman Lynn Kaufman Stan Keil Bob Kellerman Nancy Ketchersid John Kibre Peter Kimball Gene Kimura Lee King Mary Kinnick Susan Klein Thierry Koenig James Kohl Lois Koller John Korte Nancy Kramer Paul Kramer Thomas Krusic Sylvia Kubernick Marsha Kuehn Shari Kuesel Henry Kunitake Karen Kuper June Laai Bruce Lagasse Sharon Lake Marjorie Lamb Julie Land Carolen Landis Raissa Landor Judith Lanen Pete Lanzetta Barbara Larsen Mara Larson Peter Lathrop John Lau Silvanus Lau Melinda Laypin Susan Lazarus Ronald Leamon Douglas Lee Eleanor Lee Michael Lee Nancy Lee Robert Lee Diane Lefevre Myrna Lefko Tod Leigh Judith Leonard Robert Lester Dan Lettieri Almost everybody carries an umbrella during the rainy season. Sather Gate divides the class-bound students from the out-of-class ones. Joyce Levant Carol Levin Jan Levinson Carolyn Libby Sue Linville Judy Littig Henry Liu Robert Lobecker Paula Loffier Stephen Lomnes Alfred Lopez Gary Long Alex Loscutoff Robert Lowery Linda Luce Daniel Lufkin Mei-ling Luke Iris Ly Suzanne Lyford Lee MacLean Virginia McNabb John Macpherson Catherine Macey Mary Jo Maeno Marsha Maier Michael Manetas Richard Mann Pat Mar Michael Marcus Richard Marian Wanda Mark William Marken Carol Martin James Marshall Janice Mason David Maxwell Robert May William McCann Margaret McCaughey David McCrory Kenneth McDonald Two can live as cheaply as one. Nancy McDonald Mary McGowan Rich McGuire Elizabeth MacIntosh Susan McKinsey James McKnight Karen Melikian Barbara Merat Don Meyer Kent Meyer Pamela Michaelis Gordon Milldrum Al Miller Duane Miller Ronald Miller Virginia Miller Douglas Ming Kathryn Misch Charles Mitchell Harvey Mittler Benjamin Molnar Stephen Monson Michael Monto Carol Moore Gail Moore Raymond Morgan Lorna Morgensen Richard Morse Tom Mourning Patricia Moyle Peter Muldavin Lourie Mullally Kathleen Murdock Larry Naake Joanne Nagatani Asako Nagatoshi Evelyn Nakamura Marlene Nakamura Kouglas Nakashima Nathalie Nazaroff Marian Neff Kenneth Ness Ronald Netz Marilyn Neuton Karen Newell Sylvia Newhall Donna Newman John Nicoles Kristine Noel John Nolan James Nunan Korther Nygard Pamela Oakley Jim Oaklund Robert Oberg Nancy O ' Brien Gary Oda Sallie Odom Julie O ' Donnell Janice Okutsu Roger Olsen Esther Omi Kin Ong William Ong Judith Osborne Barbara Oseran Walter Owyang Sharon Oxman Anne Paine Danna Palmer Renee Palmer Ted Papenfuss Glenn Parham Nancy Park William Parker Douglas Parks Margaret Parks Douglas Patterson Douglas Paul Joyce Paviso Hilde Pechanec Emma Pedrotti Paint pots help promote crusades as well as coming events for UC students. The fence is a campus billboard at eye level. Manuel Penaflor Art Perkins Richard Perkins Jean Peters Barbara Peterson Severin Peterson Dona Phelps Jerry Phillips Neshan Peroomian Charleen Piizzorno Jean Pong Nicholas Powell Anthony Pratt Cynthia Price Cynthia Prince Ethel Prowell Alan Power Vernon Pruett Gary Pyle Anna Quan Cynthia Quick Stephen Rados Marilyn Ramos Hans Rauschenbach Stephan Raymond Mathy Raz Pauline Reed David Regan Glennys Reynolds Mary Ann Reynolds Gerald Ribordy Stephen Rice Nancy Riggs Howard Roalson Sue Roberts Grady Romine Enid Rokaw David Rosehill Mary Rosen Daphne Rosenzweig Janice Ross One president speaks to another on the protection fence outside unfinished Barrows Hall. President Benjamin Ide Wheeler converses with President David P. Barrows in this fence art. Robert Ross Sue Ross Margaret Rowland Judi Rubens Helena Rudolph Petter Rummel Terrence Ryan Abdulla Sabik Wazir Sachdev Dennis Sachs Wendy Sall Scott Samuelson Linda Sanchez Nancy Sandack Patricia Sandkhule Mark Sapiro Beverly Sarjeant Karen Sarvey June Schildhauer Sally Schiller Pamelynn Schlichtmann Karen Schlotthauer Camilo Schmidt Dietger Schmidt Anne Schoonmaker Mary Schoonover Geri Schreier Gregory Schuyler Ruth Schwartz Sandra Schwartz Keith Schwartztrauber Susan Scuoder Sue Scully Janet Sedan Patricia Seeley Richard Seibert William Severson Gil Sewall Bernard Shapiro Art Shartsis Aurora Shaw A Campanile view of the campus looking west gives an idea of the mixed architecture. Greek design blends with early American. Jon Schawl Phyllis Shenkin Elizabeth Sher Donald Sherman Arthur Sherwood Andrew Shields Patricia Shields Joanne Shimamoto Janet Shimasaki Carol Shimoda Daniel Shimer Sandra Shliff Catherine Shuck Barry Siders Norman Siever Marv Silberman Sue Sills Gottlieb Simon Lynn Sims Sher Singh Diane Sirota Barbara Smith Bryan Smith David Smith Donald Smith Geraldine Smith Laurie Westdahl Smith Sharon Smith John Sobszyk Richard Sodurholm Phillip Sokolove Carol Solodyna Paul Solon Dennis Solomon William Soules Priscilla Soval Lana Spraker Ronnie Springer Richard Stanley Katherine Steedman Lynne Stein Last call for dinner finds a few studen ts eating and study- ing in the Union cafeteria. Jerome Steinberg Herbert Steinhardt Sandra Stiles Joanne Stuehler Anna Stokes Barbara Stoller Joanne Stone Philip Strauss William Strobel William Sturman Charles Sugarman Myron Sugarman Eileen Sunada Margaret Tabor Frances Takaki Sylvia Tan Katherine Takefuji Chinin Tana Terry Tanaka Dorothy Tanner Nina Tanner Carol Tantau Benjamin Taylor Eileen Taylor Dennis Templeman Sue Templeton Paul Terrell Loene Terry James Thompson Leslie Thurman Dennis Tivel David Tivol Beverly Tobin Evelyn Tom Victor Tom Linda Tomasino Gerald Tool Judy Toyias Daniel Tracy Judy Trahan Carol Traylor Students seeking counselors ' signatures on their study lists wait in Dwinnelle Hall. Marcia Trethewey Olivia Trevino Susan Threatt Carolyn Tully Terry Tusher Arlene Upright Paul Ulrich Fred Van Natta Karel Vandepoel Marilyn Vass alb Claudette Velarde Wanda Vetica Michael Wagner Carolyn Wahlgren Page Walker Julie Walker Camden Wall Stephen Wallace Marianne Walsh Diana Walter Sue Ward Nancy Warren Nick Warren David Weamer Suellynn Weinreb Ricky Weiner Sandra Weinstein Froma Weisberg Bruce Weiss Mark Weiss Michael Weiss Jeffery Wentworth Judy Werba Regi Wermer Robert Wersen Carol Westin Susan Wheeler Robert Wherritt Don White Robert Wilson Stephanie White This is not the result of the atomic bomb, but the ground preparation for another building to house future students. Stuart White David Whitegon Keith Whiting Jeannette Wiley Gary Wilkening Richard Wilkens Kathy Wilkinson Barry Williams Janet Willner Charles Wilson Bettye Wilson Nicole Wilson Peggy Wilson John Wokura Patrick Wong Roger Wong Karen Woo John Woodward Obert Wood Susan Wood John Woods Eleanor Wootten Sabra Worswick Laurene Wu James Wuertele Katie Wuertele Judy Yaffee Takashi Yamamoto Robert Yan Roy Yano Bruce Yarwood Janet Yasuhiro Norma Yee Marjorie Yoshida Irene Yoshikawa Charles Young Roland Yourd Martin Ziebarth Michael Zimmerman Herbert Zwerin Members of the Brick Muller Society look at the pictures and trophies in the Brick Muller Room. Foreign Students Akin Adubifa Nigeria Behtat Asgharian Iran Mamadou Balde Republic of Guinea Helen Bollman Australia Peter Chang Hong Kong Alexander Chen Hong Kong Ching-may Chow Hong Kong Ardavan Davaran Iran Raul Figuerola Mexico Henry Fong North Borneo Chaiphorn Kamolnetr Thailand Panos Karonsakis Greece Chui Kwong Hong Kong Lawton, Louisa Peru Christina Li Hong Kong Chua Lin Hong Kong Warren Mayes New Zealand Hans Melbye Norway Wilhelm Nolling Germany Eleazar Ofodile Nigeria Shuji Ozawa Japan Victor Pinzon Colombia Gamanlal Shah India Siavash Shahshahani Iran Christopher Shih Hong Kong Osman Shinaishin Egypt Marion Shokouh Iran Zaven Tashjian Jordan Richard Tso Hong Kong Kimiko Watanake Japan Philip Wong Hong Kong Grant Wong Hong Kong Danny Yeung Hong Kong Bell Yung Hong Kong Activities Index ASUC ACTIVITIES Activities Fair 168 Activities Planning Committee 149 Art Committee 166 Associated Women Students 151 Auxiliary Enterprises Board 147 AWS Fashion Show 152 Cabinet 146 Cal Prep 159 Californians 216 Cal Camp Board 155 Card Stunts 238 Class Officers Board 136 Commuters — Independant Council 228 Debate 163 Department Heads 147 Elections Council 156 Finance Committee 146 Functional Services Board 156 International Relations Board 164 International Week 170 Literature Committee 166 Megaphone Society 238 Men ' s Executive Board 151 Men ' s Judicial Committee 150 Movies Committee 166 NSA 148 Operation Understanding 154 Organization Chart 142 Orientations Board 158 Oski Dolls 217 Peace Corps 165 Permanent Personnel 147 Polls Council 156 Pom Pon Girls 241 President 144 Publications Board 175 Publicity and Public Relations 150 Rally and Games Committee 238 Rally Committee 270 Recreation Committee 166 Senate 146 Student Forum 162 Student Judicial Committee 150 Union Program Board 166 University Affairs Committee 148 Vice-President 144 Women ' s Athletic Association 276 Women ' s Judicial Committee 150 World University Service 164 Yell Leaders 240 ATHLETICS Athletic Administration 246 Baseball 330 BasketbalI Boxing 296 Crew 306 Cross-Country 272 Football 247 Golf 304 Gymnastics 292 Intramurals 326 Brick Muller Society 267 Outstanding Competitors 268 Rugby 298 Soccer 262 Swimming 302 Tennis 312 Track 316 Water Polo 274 Wrestling 290 CLASSES Freshmen 134 Sophomores 132 Juniors 130 Seniors 128 Senior Hall of Fame 122 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES AIChE 87 AIIE 97 Alpha Kappa Psi 121 Alpha Pi Mu 97 Alpha Phi Omega 211 Angel Flight 231 Arnold Air Society 230 ASCE 98 ASME 98 Big " C " Society 266 Brick Muller Society 267 Chi Epsilon 99 Chinese Students Asociation 225 Chinese Students Club 225 Christian Science Organization 226 Engineers Joint Council 96 Eta Kappa Nu 97 Forestry Club 83 Golden Guard 232 Hillel 227 Honor Students Society 224 Masonic Club 218 Mortar Board 220 Newman Club 227 Nutritional Sciences Students ' Club 79 Order of the Golden Bear 215 Panile 222 Phi Chi Theta 121 Pi Tau Sigma 98 Prytanean 221 Quarterdeck Society 234 Ski Club 265 Skull and Keys 219 Tau Beta Pi 96 Torch and Shield 218 UC Iranian Students Association 226 Weightlifting Club 277 Winged Helmet 223 Women ' s " C " Society 338 YMCA 153 YWCA 153 DORMITORIES AND RESIDENCES Bowles Hall 474 Chalet 478 Cheney Hall 479 Cloyne Court 482 Cunningham Hall 483 Davidson Hall 484 Deutsch Hall 486 Elizabeth Barrett 489 Epworth Hall 488 Erhman Hall 512 Euclid Hall 492 Freeborn Hall 490 Griffiths Hall 514 Joaquin Hall 493 Ida Sproul Hall 494 Norton Hall 496 Peixotto Hall 498 Mitchell Hall 498 Putnam Hall 500 Richards-Oldenberg Hall 503 Ritter Hall 504 Oxford Hall 505 Spens-Black Hall 506 Stern Hall 507 Smyth Hall 510 Tellefson Hall 515 FOREIGN STUDENTS 538 FRATERNITIES Acacia 390 Alpha Chi Rho 392 CALIFORNIA - Index Jane CALIFORNIA - Index Jane Alpha Chi Sigma 393 Alpha Delta Phi 394 Alpha Gamma Omega 395 Alpha Epsilon Pi 396 Alpha Kappa Lambda 398 Alpha Sigma Phi 399 Alpha Tau Omega 400 Beta Theta Pi 402 Chi Phi 404 Chi Psi 405 Del Rey 406 Delta Chi 407 Delta Kappa Epsilon 408 Delta Sigma Phi 409 Delta Tau Delta 412 Delta Upsilon 414 Kappa Alpha 416 Kappa Delta Rho 418 Kappa Sigma 420 Lambda Chi Alpha 422 Phi Epsilon Pi 516 Phi Delta Theta 425 Phi Gamma Delta 428 Phi Kappa Psi 429 Phi Kappa Sigma 430 Phi Kappa Tau 432 Phi Sigma Kappa 434 Pi Alpha Phi 437 Pi Kappa Alpha 438 Pi Alpha Phi 439 Pi Lambda Phi 440 Psi Upsilon 442 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 444 Sigma Alpha Mu 446 Sigma Chi 448 Sigma Nu 451 Sigma Phi 452 Sigma Pi 453 Sigma Phi Epsilon 454 Tau Kappa Epsilon 457 Theta Chi 460 Theta Xi 463 Theta Delta Chi 464 Zeta Beta Tau 466 Zeta Psi 468 INDEPENDENTS MUSIC AND DRAMA ASUC Radio-TV 191 California Marching Band 242 Collegians 205 Collegium Musicum 199 Concert Band 204 Glee Club 200 KAL 191 Repertory Chorus 199 Straw Hat Band 244 Treble Clef 201 University Chorus 202 Univ ersity Symphony Orchestra 203 University Theatre 192 PUBLICATIONS Blue and Gold 176 California Engineer 187 Daily Californian 175 Occident 188 Pelican 184 Publications Office 174 ROYALTY Big Game Queen 210 Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl 410 Football Festival Hostess 248 Greek Week Queen 343 Kappa Alpha Rose Queen 417 Kappa Sigma Queen 421 Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen 427 Maid of Cotton 186 Military Ball Queen 235 Miss Beauty 212 Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl 435 Santa Claus 137 Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Heart Queen 415 Sophomore Doll 133 Sweetheart of Acacia 391 Sweetheart of Theta Chi 462 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 449 Tau Kappa Epsilon Carnation Queen 459 Ugly Man 213 SORORITIES Alpha Chi Omega 346 Alpha Delta Chi 345 Alpha Delta Pi 348 Alpha Epsilon Phi 350 Alpha Gamma Delta 352 Alpha Omicron Pi 354 Alpha Phi 356 Alpha Xi Delta 358 Chi Omega 360 Delta Delta Delta 362 Delta Gamma 364 Delta Phi Epsilon 366 Delta Zeta 368 Gamma Phi Beta 370 Kappa Alpha Theta 372 Kappa Delta 374 Kappa Kappa Gamma 396 Phi Mu 378 Pi Beta Phi 380 Phi Sigma Sigma 382 Sigma Omicron Pi 383 Sigma Kappa 384 Zeta Tau Alpha 386 TRADITIONS All-U Week 206 Andy Smith Legend 141 Axe Revue 209 Big " C " Sirkus 169 Big Game Week 208 Charter Day 26 Commencement 129 Golden Cannon 141 Greek Week 342 Oski 140 Pedro Legend 140 Spring Sing 198 University Meetings 172 UNIVERSITY DIVISION Alumni Association 37 Cal Club 214 Campuses 40 Chancellor Strong 30 College of Agriculture 76 College of Chemistry 84 College of Engineering 88 College of Environmental Design 100 College of Letters and Science 46 Deans of Students 33 Galapagos Expedition 229 Governor Brown 29 Memorial to President Kennedy 4 President Kerr 28 Regents 31 Retiring Professors 36 School of Business Administration 114 School of Criminology 108 School of Forestry 80 School of Optometry 104 School of Public Health 110 Vice-Chancellors 32 Personal Name Index A Aalfs, Charles 460 Aaronson, Mark 229 Abbey, Katheryn 356 Abbot, Susan 376 Abbott, Kathleen 378 Abbott, Larrain 378 Abbott, Tony 88, 520 Abdallah, Karen 48 Abe, Alice 503 Abe, Anna 48 Abel, Martha 483 Abel, Russell 474 Abel, Susan 48, 163, 221 Abney, Shirley 364 Abrahan, Gabriele 110, 483 Abrams, Linda 366 Abrams, Marc 48, 528 Abramson, Joan 350 Abramson, Richard 48, 446 Accampo, Paul 88, 460 Achtenberg, Gail 366 Achtenberg, Jack 48, 512 Ackerman, Jean 346 Ackernam, Richard 48, 418 Ackroyd, Archie 107 Acton, Sharen 48, 352 Adam, Suzanne 48, 520 Adamowicz, Carole 346 Adams, Alan 453 Adam, Barbara 380 Adams, Dale 404 Adams, JoAnn 348 Adams, Linda 48, 352 Adams, Michael 146, 151, 162, 474 Adams, Raymonde 175 Adams, Stephen 430 Adams, Suzanne 167 Adcock, Douglas 394 Adler, David 516 Adubifa, Akin 84, 185, 239, 539 Agee, Irene 364 Ageno, Marilyn Camille 360 Aggeler, Judy 201 Agnone, Linda 378 Ahl, John 520 Ahlswede, Laurence 474 Ahnstedt, Marcy 374 Aita, Kay 110 Akam, Judith 84 Aker, Stephen 398 Akers, Joe 432 Akers, Joe 3Lw Alban, Jack 520 Albeck, 428 Albert, Mark 453 Albrecht, Dorothy 520 Alcorn, Linda 521 Alessi, Douglas 48, 520 Alexander, Judy 372 Alexander, Samuel 407 Alexander, Tom 452 Allan, Kitty 376 Allan, Michael 114 Allcorn, William 114, 515 Allderdice, Carlton 429 Allen, Carol 494 Allen, Christy 356 Allen, Daniel 390 Allen, Dennis 48, 520 Allen, Marily 132, 133, 228, 384 Allen, Susan 376 Allen, Steve 500 Allenstein, Roy 438 Allin, William 500 Allred, Larry 444 Allred, Tom 428 Almquest, Donna 374 Almquist, Penny 354 Alpert, Bob 466 Aplert, Susan 366 Althin, Clara 522 Alton, Jane 386 Altorfer, Walter 402 Altose, Jane 48, 520 Alves, Pat 384 Alvestad, Carole 374 Alving, Maryie 479 Amborn, Lloyd 242, 243 Amborn, Phillip 114 Ambrose, Kenneth 428 Ames, Stephen 451 Anderman, Roger 496 Andelson, Arlen 446 Anderson, David 486 Anderson, Don 464 Anderson, Evlyn 48, 520 Anderson, Janis 384 Anderson, Joan 48, 488 Anderson, Julie 374 Anderson, Karen 48, 352 Anderson, Lance 392 Anderson, Margaret 503 Anderson, Mary 520 Anderson, Melvin 48, 430 Anderson, Merritt 48, 520 Anderson, Michael 48, 414 Ando, Margaret 504 Andres, Gary 88, 457 Andreuccetti, Denise 48, 520 Andrews, Linda 384 Angell, Ron 48, 412 Anthenien, Ralph 453 Anthony, Robert 84, 514 Antokal, Melinda 114 Antola Victor 444 Antoncich, Michael 48 Antonino, Linda 48, 520 Aparicio, Charles 114, 422 Aplin, Susan 48, 490 Applegate, Barbara 48, 479 Applegate, Peter 114, 402 Applegate, William 402 Arbios, Bob 444 Archer, William 442 Archibald, David 464 Archibald, Peggy 48, 231, 520 Archibald, Robert 464 Archibald, Tom 482 Argabright, Steven 84, 414 Arifuku, Isami 48, 520 Armson, C. Peter 422 Armstrong, Dick 499 Armstrong, Grant 434 Armstrong, Mike 48, 520 Armstrong, Susan 48 Arnberg, Robert 520 Arner, Margaret 201, 504 Arnold, Carol 378 Arnold, Jack 114, 200 Arnold, Linda 48, 520 Arnoldy, Cathy 231, 386 Arnot, Linda 48, 346 Arnow, Eleanor 366 Arrillaga, William 452 Arthur, Richard 122, 520 Arvesen, James 486 Asari, Carolyn 520 Asaro, Kathleen 362 Asgharian, Behjat 76, 220, 539 Asgharian, Farideh 220 Ashbrook, Jim 409 Ashby, Charlotte 356 Ashby, Larry 520 Ashcraft, Jeanne 346 Ashcraft, Jim 434 Ashcroft, Evie 354 Ashe, Marjorie 211, 364 Ashley, Bob 393 Asling, Carol 378 Atkinson, Jane 201 Atkinson, Sheridan 394 Atterman, Kenneth 430 Atwood, James 500 Aubrey, Susan 504 Auerback, Sandy 382 Aumiller, Sue 368 Austin, Brian 107, 407 Austin, Dickson 404 Austin, Michael 520 Avilla, Gregg 114, 218, 438 Avitabile, Claudia 378 Awakenberg, Donald 418 Axelson, Laraine 360 Axtell, Keith 147, 520 Axtell, Pat 136, 148 Ayres, Michael 88, 520 B Baack, Lawrence 48, 520 Baarts, John 454 Baca, Rosalie 360 Bacci, Marilyn 490 Bacher, Gary 88 Bachman, Sharon 384 Bachtold, Stan 440 Back, Fred 219 Backeberg, Vickie 348 Badovinac, David 48, 430 Baggett, Sharen 479 Bagley, Bonnie 211 Bagley, Bruce 439 Bagley, Paul 144, 439 Bahlender, Bonnie 48 Bahn, Frank 200 Bailey, Alban 414 Bailey, Ed 114 Bailey, Janice 48 Bailey, Joyce 352 Bailey, Patrick 482 Bailey, Phillip 114, 486 Baily E. 224 Baime, Diana 366 Bainbridge, Susan 49, 520 Baines, Richard 88, 520 Baird, James 114, 218, 414 Baird, Linda 110, 520 Baird, Pat 362 Baker, Donald 496 Baker, Ernst 49, 520 Baker, Frank 460 Baker, Frederic 496 Baker, Gary 49, 520 Baker, Jim 164 Baker, Katherine 49, 372 Baker, Linda Lee 372 Baker, Margaret 489 Baker, William 80, 500 Baker, W. Thomas 114 Balabanian, Doris 524 Balde, Mamadou 88, 539 Baldwin, Beverly 378 Baldwin, Donald 88 Bale, Chuck 399 Bales, Eileen 49 Ball, Carol 368 Ball, Tracy 88 Ballard, Eugene 88 William 432 Ballmer, Bruce 283 Ballou, Bev 524 Banducci, Larry 422 Bandy, Constance 378 Bank, Walter 49, 439 Banks, John 114, 161 Banning, Juliet 360 Barbee, William 114, 150, 402 Barber, Robert 114 Barbis, Mary 49 Barbour, Alan 474 Bardfield, Susan 498 Barker, Jim 438 Barkley, F. Joanne 49, 488 Barley, Frank 84, 520 Barley, Julia 49, 520 Barnard, John 114, 296, 463 Barnecut, Nancy 348 Barneich, John 88, 404 Barnett, Jeffrey 84, 392 Baron, Barbara 350 Baron, Roger 49, 521 Baron, Stu 396 Barr, Donald 49, 521 Barr, Morris 88, 510 Barron, Roger 474 Barrelier, Virginia 49, 521 Barrett, Kim 442 Barr, Carolyn 479 Barron, Nanette 188, 386 Barron, Rick 412 Barry, Kathleen 370 Barry, Sue 378 Barta, Kathleen 49, 153, 356 Barter, Ken 521 Barth, Thomas 289, 454 Barlett, Joyce 356 Bascoll, Victor 88, 521 Baskin, Barrett 49, 521 Baskin, Fred 393 Baskin, Stephen 396 Bassett, Robert 107 Bassett, Susan 364 Batchelder, Alan 80, 521 Batchelder, Ronald 404 Bate, Steve 420 Bates, John 88, 521 Bateson, Joan 376 Bauer, William 88, 521 Baum, Farrel 49, 221, 521 Bauman, Esther 49, 382 Bauman, Peggy 386 Baumgartner, James 49, 512 Bay, Crandall 404 Bayles, H. Nick 500 Baylor, Jim 49, 521 Beach, Alison 376 Beach, Barbara 370 Beach, Carolyn 374 Beal, J. Susan 49, 521 Beandon, Kitty 503 Beane, Virginia 352 Bear, Carol 49, 521 Beard, Barbara 146, 149 Beard, Susan 201 Bearg, W. 224 Beatson, Edward 49, 512 Beck, Jeffrey 49, 163, 521 Beck, Michael 49, 392 Beck, Richard 107 Beck, Thomas 496 Becker, Barbara 49, 346 Becker, Clarence 102, 521 Becker, Nicholas 521 Beckman, Jerry 147, 521 Becknell , Barbara 49, 521 Beckstrom, Lynne 49, 521 Bedart, Betsy 360 Bedig, Bruce 114, 474 Beely, Jane 346 Beeman, Howard 218, 408 Beeman, Mike 408 Beer, Jean 366 Beernick, Douglas 49, 451 Beggs, Jean 49, 360 Behm, Karen 50 Behrend, Wayne 474 Behrens, Susan 378 Behrman, Mary 49, 374 Beim, Robert 402 Bekes, Robert 463 Belcher, Evelyn 490 Bell, Brenda 358 Bell, Colin 49, 500 Bell, Douglas 412 Bell, Paul 296, 422 Bellanca, Margaret 494 Bellquist, Eric 34 Belser, Stephen 49, 285, 521 Belzer, Robert 396 Benamati, Linda 370 Bender, Carole 346 Benedetti, Laurel 346 Benioff, Barry 88, 396 Benjamin, Bonnie 49, 521 Bennett, Bobbie 370 Bennett, Bruce 400 Bennett, Chuck 482 Bennett, Fern 49, 479 Bennett, John 88, 460 Bennett, Leslie 352 Bennett, Richard 49, 88, 474 Bennett, Richard T. 512 Bennett, Stephen 88, 392 Bennett, Stephen L. 460 Benninghoven, Ann 49, 231, 346 Bennion, Mary 384 Benson, Andrew 521 Benson, Robert 102, 444 Benson, Stuart 442 Bent, Mickey 356 Benya, Paul 500 Beougher, Sally 348 Berdahl, James 204, 243 Berg, David 432 Berg, Janice 494 Berg, John 339 Berg, Jonathon 408 Bergen, Mary 167 Berger, Mark 49, 521 Berger, Phyliss 382 Berghuis, Florence 494 Berk, Michael 49, 440 Berk, Michelle 76, 366 Berkey, Victor 49, 521 Berkowitz, Sue 479 Berland, Bill 440 Berlant, Sheldon 106, 107, 521 Berliner, Art 440 Berman, Dan 446 Berman, Diane 366 Berman, Gary 49, 521 Berman, Mark 49, 516 Bernard, John 486 Bernard, Lucius 49, 521 Berner, Kenneth 496 Berner, Nancy 49, 374 Bernheim, Louis 425 Bernstein, Jenelle 350 Bernstein, Robert 396 Berry, Janet 50, 521 Berry, Sharon 490 Berry, Stephen 522 Berson, Andrew 80 Berstein, Jay 396 Bertozzi, Dan 525 Besin, Charles 500 Bess, Stephen 50, 460 Bettencourt, David 474 Bettleheim, Ann 396 Bettles, A. J. 88, 521 Bevan, Mary 364 Biagi, Delwin 88, 521 Bianchi, Nora 376 Biasotti, JoAnn 378 Bickerstaff, Lynn 50, 152, 372 Bidart, Betsy 114, 219 Bierman, Helen 34 Bigelow, Natalie 380 Biggers, Louise 366 Billings, Linda 521 Bills, Mary 386 Bilovsky, Paul 50, 521 Bingham, Evelyn 50, 521 Bingham, Professor 148 Birhbaum, Philip 448 Bird, Roy 102, 521 Bisgeier, Steve 440 Bishop, Elizabeth 348 Bishop, Richard 88, 500 Bishopric, Frances 50, 364 Bistrow, Eric 440 Bitticks, Robert 211, 390 Bixby, Patrick 425 Bixler, Michael 409 Bjorklund, Lynn 112 Black, Kathy 362 Blackburn, Steve 420 Blaettler, Vicki 50 Balgborne, Isabel 368 Blagborne, Sarah 368 Blair, Jean 380 Blake, Bob 289 Blakeslee, Carolyn 354 Blanc, Nancy 122, 239, 521 Blanchard, Ann 50, 484 Blanchard, Elizabeth 50, 219, 380 Blanchard, Joan 358 Blanchfield, Tom 442 Blank, Karen 50, 221, 384 Blankenship, Leslie 432 Blatt, Bunnie 50, 382 Blazzard, Jeannine 50 Bledsoe, Randolph 521 Bleu, Lynne 88 Bleiberg, Diana 366 Blier, Garth 146, 147 Bliss, George 521 Bloch, Lea 479 Bloch, Linda 366 Block, Christine 370 Bloom, Donald 407 Bloom, Jonathan 516 Blotky, Randy 486 Blower, Judith 50, 374 Blower, Mimi 356 Blue, Bonnie 44, 50, 350 Bluestein, Louis 151, 211, 514 Blum, Arlene 50, 521 Blumberg, Marti 350 Blumenfeld, Bonnie 350 Blumer, Linda 354 Blunck, Janice 479 Blunt, Ralph 516 Boatright, Dean 429 Bocian, Maureen 201 Boden, Robert 500 Boeck, Carol 201 Boeger, Karen 346 Bogle, Sara 493 Bohannon, Virginia 50, 362 Boher, Ray 200 Bohlender, Bonnie 479 Bohorquez, Jamie 88, 482 Boland, Marcia 384 Boli, Pat 50, 521 Bollm an, Helen 539 Bolman, Sylvia 50, 370 Bolyard, Ronald 88, 521 Bond, Hal 500 Bondinell, Bill 393 Bondshu, Elizabeth 378 Bonini, Dave 464 Bonnell, Kathleen 356 Bonta, Warren 114, 521 Boohaben, Diane 376 Booher, Laurence 50 Book, Steven 474 Booner, Lawrence 50, 521 Boot, Albert 289, 428 Booth, Judy 360 Booth, Stephen 114, 218, 428 Boothby, Josselyn 362 Borba, Margaret 50, 386 Borden, Betsy 372 Bordon, David 446 Bordner, Jon 393 Borgdon, John 200 Borglum, Dale 50, 486 Boros, John 200 Bortney, Linda 366 Bortz, Arthur 50, 521 Boschken, Buzz 486 Boscoe, Jim 50, 452 Bose, Barbara 50 Bosl, Barbara 362 Bosl, Phillip 404 Bosley, Gary 412 Bosschart, Marc 448 Botsford, Rick 428 Bottorf, Marianne 348 Boudett, John 428 Boucher, Laurence 521 Bowe, Gary 399 Bowen, Barbara 521 Bowen, Claude 114, 482 Bowen, George 521 Bowen, Linda 50, 521 Bowley, Bill 50, 438 Boyd, Barbara 50, 218, 521 Boyd, Carol 372 Boyd, Hal 50, 500 Boyd, Karen 386 Boyd, Robert 114, 408 Boyer, Bruce 521 Boyle, Katheryn 354 Boyle, Charles 50, 408 Boyle, Edward 50, 412 Bracchi, Susan 50, 484 Bracy, Liz 494 Bradbury, Edward 50, 442 Bradford, Susan 364 Bradley, J. Steve 400 Bradley, Mary 50, 348 Bradley, Patricia 76, 356 Bradley, Steve 88 Bradner, Barbara 201 Brady, Barbara 50, 136, 521 Brady, Jill 494 Brady, Kathy 233, 348 Brady, Linda 356 Braff, Jeffrey 107 Brainerd, Hank 50 Brand, Robert 460 Brandler, Jon 499 Brannin, Richard 107, 406 Brant, Karen 380 Brant, Vicky 376 Brash, Shirley 50 Bratten, Marsha 146, 164 Breadley, Mary 483 Breaum, Sandra 50 Breck, Daniel 407 Brehm, Karen 483 Brennan, Jeanne 51, 521 Brennan, Ruth 346 Bressler, Raymond 32 Breslauer, Russ 219 Brewer, R. Kent 414 Brewster, Tom 200 Bridges, Holloix 500 Briggs, Cathy 211, 220, 221 Briggs, Lawrence 425 Bright, Betsy 44, 51, 122, 221, 380 Brinck, Steve 420 Brinkman, Curis 376 Brinkworth, Bob 464 Brinley, Leo 200 Britton, Bonnie 498 Broadhead, Frank 432 Broady, Lisa 521 Broback, Donald 429 Brock, James 416 Brock, Nancy 370 Broden, Diana 51, 478 Brodie, David 460 Brodie, Melvyn 88, 460 Brodkin, Terry 414 Brodovsky, Al 51, 440 Bronzan, Robert 521 Brooke, Thomas Scott 412 Brookes, Lawrence 51, 429 Brooks, Stephen 51, 521 Broome, La Juana 51, 521 Brown, Brenda 350 Brown, Cheryl 368 Brown, David 399 Brown, Donald 88 Brown, Donald S. 422 Brown, Douglass 464 Brown, Gary 51, 521 Brown, Gary M. 430 Brown, Gloria 350 Brown, Harold 451 Brown, J. Richard 402 Brown, Jean-Suzanne 51, 521 Brown, Jerry 200 Brown, Kathy 201 Brown, Linda 231, 386 Brown, Linda 51, 521 Brown, Linda Jo 360 Brown, Margaret 479 Brown, Mary 374 Brown, Nancy 51, 521 Brown, Pat 352 Brown, Peter 430 Brown, Rick 289 Brown, William 88, 442 Browne, Peggy 364 Brownlee, Donald 474 Broyer, Norman 114, 474 Brubaker, Jacquelin 354 Brudno, Suzy 366 Bruflat, lver 102, 464 Brumm, Melaine 504 Brummerstedt, Carol 51, 521 Brummund, Richard 514 Brundage, Karen 386 Bruno, Thomas 114, 414 Brush, Richard 406 Brush, Shelly Bruzzone, Andree 384 Bryan, Barrett 442 Bryan, John 434 Bryan, Kathy 372 Bryan, Susan 521 Bryer, Judy 51, 521 Bryson, Dottie 368 Buck, Byron 114, 395 Buck, James 521 Buck, Sheldon 282, 288 Buck, Walter 146, 211, 430 Bucy, Jerry 200 Budge, Daphne 380 Budlong, Mary 51, 504 Budman, Kenneth 51, 516 Budman, Norm 516 Budman, Sheila 51, 366 Buehrens, Wesley 409 Buescher, Susan 51, 356 Buhles, Bill 452 Buist, Paul 405 Bujak, Marilyn 521 Buletti, Claire 51, 368 Bullard, Dexter 200 Bulwa, Robert 200, 474 Bunch, Don 420 Burbank, Russell 452 Burg, Bobbi 350 Burger, Dennis 200, 396 Burger, Donna 201 Buriami, Carolyn 494 Burke, Clathel 503 Burke, Sheryl 51, 521 Burnham, Clark 44, 51, 122, 136, 496 Burness, Jeannette 521 Burnham, Peggy 51, 348 Burman, Sidhartha 486 Burns, Mary Jane 360 Burns, Terrie 348 Burpee, Nancy 121, 504 Burris, Lloydine 521 Burstein, Barry 516 Burris, Connie 51, 345 Burrows, William 402 Burt, Sharon 368 Burton, Patricia 51, 372, 521 Busch, Lorraine 479 Busch, Niven 404 Bush, Dottie 231 , 374 Bush, Harrie-Ellen 507 Bush, Roger 460 Bushee, Grant 442, 521 Bushnell, Thomas 474 Buss, Russell 457 Butler, Barton 442 Butler, Jim 499 Butler, Kathy 479 Butler, Pamela 352 Butom, JoAnn 366 Butterworth, Tom 420 Buxton, Mary Ann 51, 362 Byer, Robert 51, 482 Byrne, Mike 425 Byrum, Claudia 121, 479 Bystrom, Gary 438 Bywater, Virginia 52, 521 C Cadosi, Annette 51, 489 Cady, Jolelyn 364 Caffman, Bob 499 Cagnacce, Lynda 480 Calderhead, Paula 51, 384 Calderwood, William 416 Caldwell, Bill 438 Caldwell, Kathleen 480 Calegari, Steve 430 Calhoun, John 416 Callaghan, Linda 106, 522 Callan, Carolyn 480 Callaway, William 422 Callin, Thomas 432 Callis, Deanna 386 Callister, Kathe 494 Callow, Cheska 490 Callow, David 402 Calmer, John 429 Calowell, Charles 88, 522 Cameron, Tim 402 Camp, Roderick 51, 522 Camp, Wini 374 Campbell, Bon nie 480 Campbell, Carolyn 51, 364 Campbell, Glennis 348 Cameron, James 408 Campbell, Deborah 51, 356 Campbell, John 114, 499 Campbell, Loralee 185, 354 Campbell, Orvin 32 Campbell, Robert 442 Campbell, Tim 425 Campion, Louise 356 Campion, Sis 376 Campos, Vic 51, 122, 163, 395 Camras, Patti 366 Canary, Patricia 480 Cancienne, Bonnie 201, 354 Cann, William 425 Cannon, Janis 362 Caplener, Dwane 88, 522 Caren, Jeffrey 446 Carey, Alan 500 Cargo, Rucco 247 Carjola, Karen 360 Carkeet, Ross 499 Carl, Skip 438 Carlberg, John 499 Carlenzoli, Leroy 430 Carlot, Carolyn 189 Carlsen, Sue 348 Carlson, Chris 218 Carlson, Esther 51, 522 Carlson, Glenda 51, 522 Carlson, Sharon 364 Carlson, Susan 364 Carman, Steve 88, 522 Carmichael, Kathy Carmick, Carolyn 51, 488 Carney, Dennis 512 Carpenter, Chris 218, 281, 402 Carpenter, Mac 464 Carpenter, Nancy 490 Carpenter, Nancy V. 102, 522 Carpenter, William 88, 522 Carpenter, Virginia 51 Carr, Charles 88, 405 Carr, Peyton 404 Carr, Terry 51, 522 Carroll, Paul 400 Carroll, Jon 523 Carruth, Linda 51, 354 Carson, Stan 515 Carter, Dorothy 352 Carter, Jeffrey 496 Carter, Linda 51, 522 Carter, Peter 52, 420 Carter, Sharon 376 Caruso, Ronald 52, 486 Carvajal, Rudy 224 Casaday, Kenneth 52 Casagrande, Jane 362 Case, Richard 515 Casey, Mike 52, 408 Caskill, J. 224 Castile, Nancy 498 Castle, Stanley 474 Castleman, Wendy 480 Caswell, Cecile 114, 121, 368 Cate, Claudia 494 Catelli, Edith 52, 522 Cathcart, William 446 Cattolica, Jan 493 Cauchois, Wadsworth 402 Cavaglia, Sandra 52, 522 Cavalier, Carolyn 376 Cavallaro, Gerald 474 Cavanaugh, Joanne 364 Cawee, David 422 Cayot, Carol 201 Cazden, Burt 107 Cebull, Nancy 52, 352 Celestre, Mike 219 Centner, Richard 390 Cermak, Greg 425 Chadbourne, Chris 102, 460 Chalberg, Connie 370 Chamberlain, John 412 Chambers, Donald 52, 522 Chamblin, Dale 448 Chamblin, Edward 486 Chan, Baldwin 225 Chan, Billy 225 Chan, Diane 52, 522 Chan, Henry 52, 224 Chan, Julia 52 Chan, Kui Kwong 52, 505 Chan, Teresa 52 Chan, Nancy 84, 522 Chan, Wyman 107, 474 Chandler, Bill 420 Chandler, Julie 201 Chang, Bruce 102, 522 Chang, Julia ... 153, 220, 221, 523 Chang, Michael 224, 437 Chang, Peter 88, 529 Chapla, Edward 418 Chaplin, Terry 386 Chapman, John 88, 523 Chapman, Joni 350 Chapman, Patricia 380, 523 Chapman, Robert 88, 500 Chapman, Steve 52, 434 Chargin, Juliet 52, 370 Charles, Donna 368 Charlton, Patricia 356 Charters, Douglas 107 Chase, Michael 218, 414 Chase, Ted 189 Chatlynne, Charles 84, 512 Cheftiz, Mitch Chen, Alexander 88, 91, 525, 539 Chen, Allen 52, 492 Chen, Bessie 110 Chen, Charlie 102 Chen, John 84, 523 Chen, Michael 437 Cheney, Janet 346 Cheng, Polly 110 Cheng, Raymond 225 Cherniss, Roger 466 Cherry, Rita 52, 166, 523 Chester, Helen 52, 523 Cheung, Andre 225 Chew, William 405 Chiarolla, Victor 432 Chickering, Ann 376 Childs, Carol 386 Chilton, Elizabeth 34 Chilton, Jan 151 Chin, Elaine 523 Chin, Harvey 486 Ching, Claudia 52 Ching, Nanette 52, 523 Ching-may, Chow 539 Chipman, Stephen 454 Chisholm, James 88, 452 Chole, Richard 500 Chong, Byron 52, 499, 523 Chong, Jerry 437 Chong, Ronald 884, 88, 492, 523 Chow, Carrie 523 Chow, Ching-Man 52 Chow, Tommy 114 Chretien, Roger 405 Criqui, Michael 444 Christensen, Cherie 219, 368 Christensen , Rheta 213, 378 Christensen, Joan 52, 523 Christiansen, Bob 454 Christiansen, James 454 Christianson, Lynne 384 Christianson, Mark 163 Christie, Linda 508 Chu, Charles 523 Chu, Kenneth 437 Chu, Vincent 474 Chuchas, George 52, 523 Chudacoff, Marsha 350 Chun, Wendell 437 Chung, Marilyn 483 Churchill, Creighton 164 Cianciarulo, Clare 380 Clancy, Margaret 352 Clank, Pamela 372 Ann 360 Clark, Carolyn 356 Clark, Linda 201 Clark, Paul 88, 523 Clark, Stanley 496 Clark, Thomas 200, 404 Clarke, John 218, 402 Clawson, JoAnn 52, 523 Clayton, William 218, 442 Cleland, Kit 407 Clemens, Keith 52, 523 Clement, Carolyn 160 Clemo, Thomas 448 Clerou, Romaine 52 Clifford, Craig 428 Clifford, George 114 Clifford, George M. 496 Clift, Shirley 374 Clifton, Robert 523 Clodfelter, Richard 84, 500 Clough, Carol 114, 378 Clune, Tim 52, 457 Clute, Millicent 356 Coates, Judy 133, 384 Coates, Warren 228, 400 Cobb, Cliff 425 Cobb, Gerald 52, 446 Coble, John 406 Cobleigh, Don 438 Cochran, Burke 163 Cochran, Mary 372 Cochran, Patricia 52, 483 Cockburn, Robert 88, 482 Cockri II, Margery 52, 384 Coddington, Terry 102, 112 Codoner, Emilie 241 Coffee, Pat 152 Coffey, Georgianne 484 Coffman, Leslie 494 Cognetta, Jean 386 Cohen, Alan 52, 446 Cohen, Betsy 162, 490 Cohen, Helene 366 Cohenour, John 474 Cohen, Elyse 211, 366 Cohn, Ruthellen 366 Cohodes, Karen 350 Coit, Joan 378 Coker, Charles 427 Coleman, Elizabeth 490 Coleman, Howard 500 Coleman, John 394 Colliau, Steven 425 ColIinge, Barbara 52, 372 Collins, Edgar 52, 513 Collins, Michael 52, 523 Collins, Mike 390 Collins, Richard 88, 390 Collins, Robert 52, 442 Colloff, Lauren 52, 499 Colombano, Alan 432 Colton, Larry 52, 438 Coltrin, Cindy 370 Colyear, Karen 364 Combs, Mary 52, 523 Compaan, Judy 52, 224, 523 Conklin, Mary 52, 523 Conley, Larry 400 Conner, Claudia 352 Connor, Francis 523 Conrad, Chris 52, 239, 523 Conterno, Paul 52, 496 Conway, Colleen 523 Conway, Richard 88, 398 Conwell, Mary 489 Cook, Cory 434 Cook, David 523 Cook, George 52, 422 Cook, Kathryn 52 Cook, Marilyn 53, 368 Cook, Michael 102, 114, 430 Cook, Richard 392 Cook, Sandy 114, 358 Cook, Sherburne 30 Cooke, George 88, 418 Cooke, Mary Jane 352 Cookson, Susan 380 Cooley, Michael 398 Coolig, Jane 523 Coombs, Walter 406 Coon, Linda 480 Coop, Robert 486 Cooper, Andrea 490 Cooper, Larry 446 Cooper, Leland 147 Cooper, Marty 466 Cooper, Sandi 350 Cooper, Susan 370 Cooper, Wayne 486 Cooper, Wende 52, 523 Cooper, William 53, 414 Coplen, Jack 404 Corbelli, Terri 221, 386 Corbet, Bruce 151 Corbett, William 418 Corday, Joanne 222 Corneil, Paul 393 Cornelius, Gary 389 Cornils, Calvin 88, 523 Corrigan, Bill 296 Cornsweet, Tobey 84, 512 Corten, Dick 184, 185 Cortez, Douglas 84, 514 Cosby, Jonathan 404 Cosgriff, Barbie 368 Costa, William 409 Costales, Eileen 386 Costello, Anne 364 Colton, Bruce 400 Cotton, Roberta 53, 175, 186, 523 Couch, Margaret 378 Coulter, Richard 88, 432 Courson, Murray 400 Cousins, Walter 398 Coveny, Carleton 430 Coverdale, Ronald 107, 425 Coverley, Marjorie 364 Cowan, Peter 428 Cowee, David 88 Cowen, 366 Covell, Alice 368 Cowan, Les 369 Cox, Jane 493 Cox, Jim 219 Cox, John 425 Coy, Judith 348 Coyne, Peggy 164, 356 Cozen, Harry 440 Craddock, Helen 52, 523 Craig, Robin 221 Cramer, Mary 376, 523 Crandall, Ken 451 Crane, Barbara 366 Crane, Edward 448 Crane, David 486 Crane, John 448 Cranston, John 200 Crater, Mary 479 Crawford, Madeline 372 Crawford, David 414 Crawford, John 88, 523 Crawford, Michael 412 Crawford, Walt 482 Cravens, Martha 372 Craycroft, Gary 404 Crayne, Fay 52, 523 Creager, James 398 Creighton, Lynn 352 Crescione, Lynn 53, 523 Cress, Leland 162 Cribbs, Daniel 500 Crinklaw, Joyce 53, 346 Criqui, Michael 444 Crist, Elizabeth 380 Crittenden, Alan 400 Crittenden, Robert 442 Crofoot, Michael 474 Cronin, Bruce 390 Cronk, William 442 Cropper, Donald Cropsey, Sharon 358 Crosby, Jay 503 Crosby, Pete 523 Crosby, William 451 Cross, Robert 406 Cross, Robert 486 Cross, Roy 219 Crossman, Carol 368 Crow, George 515 Crow, Mike 496 Crowder, Susan 53, 354 Crowhurst, James 523 Crowley, Dennis 53, 429 Cruise, Kathleen 493 Crum, Jack 80, 523 Crump, Nick 523 Cryer, Cathie 348 Cryer, James 395 Crystal, Erick 53 Cuckovich, Danica 53, 374 Culleton, Mary 53, 370 Cullon, Jim 246 Cumming, James 404 Cummings, Lowell 88, 422 Cummings, Michael 84, 515 Cummings, Sheri 479 Cummings, Steve 200 Cummings, Tom 53, 434 Cunningham, Brian 88, 400 Cunningham, Richard 422 Cunningham, Stephen 425 Cunningham, Walt 448 Curley, Gary 114, 434 Current, Ken 200 Currier, Sue 160, 346 Curtis, Ross 88 Curtner, Walt 429 Cuthbert, Steve 53, 218, 414 Cutler, Geoffrey 425 Cutler, Malcolm 53 Cutler, Marion 384 Cutler, Richard 460 Cutler, Spud 218 Cutter, Constance 356 Cutter, Malcolm 402 Cuyler, Jacqueline 358 D Daetz, Gisela 553, 523 Dahlstrom, Robert 102, 523 Dahlinger, Richard 200 Dal Porto, William 515 Dalrymple, Janet 506 Dalrymple, Liz 346 Dalton, Sue 353, 382 Daly, Paula 380 Daly, Vicki 153, 160 Damask, Thamos 390 Damon, Ann 201 Damstra, Kenneth 107 Dangberg, Susan 353, 370 Daniel, Mary 553, 524 Daniel, Susan 366 Danilovich, Duff 453, 422 Danilovich, John 412 Daplan, George 440 Darby, Donna 386 Darlington, Michael 430 Darney, Philip 453, 451 Darrow, Dorie 360 Daum, Valerie 372 Dauve, Paul 219 Davaran, Ardavan 53, 539 David, Tom 188 Davidson, Andrea 346 Davidson, Diane 352 Davidson, Mary 493 Davidson, Ronald 496 Davidson, Russ 166 Davidson, Ruth 366 Davidson, William 53, 486 Davis, Gary 474 Davis, Gerald 88, 524 Davis, Harry 246 Davis, Jeffrey 402 Davis, Joan 348 Davis, Karen 350 Davis, Linda 346 Davis, Rayna 350 Davis, Richard 18, 146, 418 Davis, Robert 444 Davis, Susan 524 Davis, Suzanne 490 Davis, Waren 429 Davy, J. Gordon 84, 200, 525 Daznt, Clint 76 Deal, Leanord 496 Dean, Donald 88, 239, 243, 515 Dean, Larry 53, 524 Dean-Turner, Robert 408 Debely, Susan 354 De Benedictis, Marsa 160 Debold, Dale 53, 416 DeCarion, William 418 DeDiemar, Nancy 362 Dees, Mella 524 DeForest, 112, 224 DeFriez, Herbert 393 Degenhardt, Thomas 442 Degeorgey, Agnes 53, 524 Deglan, Paul 407 DeGrost, Fredrick 460 De Haan, Warren 107 Deimel, Genie 53, 358 DeKar, Paul 130, 136, 228, 395 Dela Cruz, Jafilam 88, 406 Del Mar, Diane 372 Delmarter, James 88, 524 Del Porto, William 243 Delucchi, Dede 384 DeMarco, Frank 496 D ' Enbeall, Joseph 420 Deneveim, Louise 382 Denend, Ronald 53 Denton, Royal 406 DePaoli, Susan 368 DePetra, Pete 218 Depper, Estelle 53, 368 Derby, Helena 53, 524 Dernetz, J. Wayne 53, 524 DeRoo, Danielle 524 Derre, Diane 346 Dersheimer, Ann 374 Der Vartanian, Rita 53, 524 Detoy, Sheila 348 Deus, John 418 DeVault, Christine 483 Devoto, Dan 84, 239, 448 Dewar, Susan 53, 161, 479 Dewell, Adrienne 489 Dey, Ann 380 De Young, Howard 524 Dezan, Alba 53, 524 Diamond, Alan 466 Diamond, Jon 200 Di Bari, Charles 53, 434 DiCiuccio, Jeanette 53, 224, 494 Dickinson, Ralph 438 Dickson, Martha 364, 421 Dickson, Ronald 102, 524 Diehl, Dorothy 360 Diehl, Pat 201 Diehlm, John 392 Diete-Spiff, Gerald 88, 524 Dietz, Richard 405 Dietz, Robert 451 Dikeman, Bessie 53, 524 Dill, Susan 53, 504 Diller, Dianne 366 Dillon, James 406 Dillon, James 406 Dilon, Rodney 88 Dilloway, Lynne 370 Dimick, William 102, 524 Dittrich, Barbara 494 Dixon, Dan 87, 474 Dixon, Diana 524 Dixon, M. 224 Dixon, Peter 53, 474 Dobson, Perry 392 Dobson, Steve 185 Dodson, Jerry 211, 400 Doell, Terry 493 Dierflinger, David 425 Doheny, Kathleet 372 Doherty, Patricia 53, 362 Dolan, Patricia 364 Dolan, Pete 53, 218, 402 Dolan, Virginia 380 Dolberg, Dave 396 Dole, Susan 110, 384 Dolman, Samuel 218, 414 Domokos, Charles 146, 163 Don, Manny 53, 437 Donaldson, Arthur 524 Donaldson, Steven 412 Donatas, Januta 524 Donati, Gerry 348 Donati, Peggy 360 Donnelly, Mrs. Bernard 220 Donoghue, Pat 356 Donoghue, Peggy 53, 356 Donoghue, Peter 438 Donohoe, Clarence 482 Dopkins, Richard 53, 430 Dorinson, Peter 468 Dorn, Andrea 364 Dornin, Chris 376 Dorr, Diana 384 Dorris, Bill 499 Dorsey, Andrew 147 Dougherty, Diane 386 Doughty, Maureen 151, 380 Doumani, Peter 442 Dowdall, William 53, 430 Dowell, Richard 422 Dowling, Dave 53, 218, 438 Downer, James 221, 239, 380 Downing, Guy 200 Downing, Stephen 425 Doyle, Trish 360 Dozier, Jeff 409 Draker, Howard 466 Drange, Stuart 474 Draper, Judy 352 Draper, Robert 53, 123, 144, 148, 163, 395 Drechsler, Lois 53, 524 Drennen, Diane 384 Drew, April 364 Drew, John 416 Drewes, Bonnie 54, 380 Driscoll, Peg 76, 346 Druebber, Colette 54, 524 Drummond, Stephen 442 Duarte, Robert 398 Dubran, Nina 146 Duca, Jeannie 54, 524 DuCote, Joseph 524 Dudow, Irwin 102, 107, 486 Dubbell, Catherine 378 DuBois, Paul 407 Duerr, James 44, 54, 146, 148, 149, 162, 229, 418 Duff, George 348 Duffy, Maureen 380 Duffy, Ronald 486 Duffy, Terry 374 Dufrane, Ruth 147 Dugan, Lilline 54 Dulon, Edna 110 Duncan, Bob 422 Duncan, Margaret 164, 224, 493 Dung, Kieu 164 Dunker, A. Keith 409 Dunlap, David 114, 512 Dunlop, David 114 Dunn, Marilyn 354 Dunn, Mary 348 Dunn, Robin 346 Dunnigan, Kelvin 88 Durein, John 406 Durham, Mary-Jo 123, 149, 221, 490 Durkin, Michael 395 Durney, Michael 428 Dusel, Ann 524 Dutton, George 211, 392 Dutton, Peter 464 DuVal, Ronald 460 Dwane, Tina 482 Dwight, David 123, 133, 136, 146, 228, 486 Dyke, Louis 452 Dysinger, Judith 490 E Eachus, Margo 54, 224, 362 Eagan, Georgiana 356 Earl, Carolyn 386 Eastman, Hal 418 Eaton, Mary Katherine 54, 524 Eber, Martin 54, 516 Ebert, Janice 404 Eckert, Phil 416 Eckman, John 460 Eddy, Lynne 356 Eddy, Sara Jane 370 Edgar, Lincoln 88, 524 Edge, Richard 109 Edie, Marilyn 54, 524 Edlund, Betty 54, 360 Edmonds, Donald 524 Edmonds, Duane 154, 448 Edmunds, Marianna 489 Edson, Toby 54, 434 Edwards, Christine 54, 372 Edwards, Frank 399 Edwards, Janet 506 Edwards, Lauren 372 Edwards, Marilyn 54, 524 Edwards, Mike 84, 151, 425 Edwards, Roger 430 Edwards, Ross 154, 211, 429 Edwards, Thomas 512 Egeberg, Jeff 412 Eggerding, Faye 360 Eggers, Jerry 412 Eggleton, Joan 362 Egherman, Ronald 466 Egusa, Rich 200 Ehle, Joan 479 Einhorn, Joan 451 Eisele, Frances 54, 336 Eisenberg, Melissa 211 Eisenberg, Micheal 516 Eisenberg, Susan 366 Eisner, Melissa 483 Eklund, Peter 400 Elliott, Louise 107, 348 Ellis, Darby 488 Ellis, John 54, 418 Ellis, William 88, 219, 524 Ellman, James 114, 390 Ellsworth, Bill 136 Elman, Jane 494 Elmendorf, Christine 490 Elrod, Eleanor 372 Elsasser, Barbara 54, 524 Emerson, Victoria 54, 370 Emery, Elizabeth 380 Emley, Christopher F. 54, 524 Endacott, Linda 479 Endmon, James 14 Eng, Ed 200 Eng, Weylin 106, 107, 524 Engel, David 396 Engel, Ronald 88 Engelman, Robert 438 Engstrom, Leigh 54 Enright, Rita 348 Enright, Valerie Eleanore 348 Enseki, Paul 499 Ensunsa, Pam 488 Eong, Einner 255 Epstein, Carolyn 498 Epstein, Edwin 54, 524 Epstein, Jared 496 Epstein, Michael 137, 466 Ericksen, Karen 54, 362 Erickson, Cynthia 378 Erickson, Myron 281, 282, 434 Erickson, Nancy 368 Erickson, Nels 163, 219 Erickson, Richard 146, 148, 395 Erickson, Ruth Ann 488 Erickson, William 448 Erickson, William 448 Erigero, Cathy 346 Erlanger, Clare 54, 483 Erlanger, Howard 440 Ernst, Jim 425 Erteszek, Victoria 374 Eskelin, Gary 88, 524 Esquivel, Theodore 454 Essel, Margaret 494 Esterley, Sharon 524 Etrnad, Homa 220 Etemad, Mohamed Ebrahim 220, 406 Ethridge, Susanne 504 Eubank, Allan 392 Eubank, Suzanne 54, 364 Evans, Ed 499 Evans, Janice 154, 524 Evans, Peter 54, 394 Evans, Randall 486 Everett, Lyle 88 Everly, Gayle 346 Ewing, Barbara 358 Ewing, Richard 107, 452 Ewing, Robert 408 Exter, Peggy 54, 221, 362 Exter, Thomas 412 Eymil, Denis 54, 454 F Faber, Jan 446 Fabrick, Allan 396 Fahs, Susan 358 Fain, William 412 Fair, Betty 54, 374 Fairman, Marc 396 Fairweather, David 499 Falk, John 54, 524 Falkingham, Joseph 54, 444 Fall, Claudine 488 Fall, Lynda 114 ,221 Fall, Thomas 393 Faller, Raymond 482 Fallon, Michael 54, 516 Fasler, Martha 54, 483 Farber, Marilyn 494 Farley, Susan 364 Farnsley, Larry 88, 515 Farnsworth, Anne 830 Farrar, Trixie 370 Farrier, Ann 201, 483 Fat, Mable 114, 121 Faulconer, Bonnie 498 Faulconer, James 416 Faulkner, Rodger 54, 499 Faull, John 400 Fay, Mart 372 Faizo Marilyn 384 Fedoroff, George 524 Feil, Joanne 54, 524 Fein, Michael 446 Feinstein, Barbara 366 Feldman, Janet 490 Feldman, Randie 350 Feldstein, Jarin 88, 446 Feldstein, Nancy 350 Feldstein, Sabra 350 Felix, Hans 88, 524 Feller, Karen 54 Felmus, Margie 366 Feln, Michael 446 Felsenthal, Linda 366 Fendon, Don 414 Fenolio, Ronald 114, 454 Fenster, Diana 480 Fenstermacher, John 85 Ferber, Stanley 510 Ferguson, Kathy 370 Ferguson, Kathy 370 Ferguson, Margaret 55, 354 Fernandez, Maria 55, 483 Ferraris, Anne 160, 360 Ferrero, Gloria 490 Ferris, Carolyn 352 Ferris, Patricia 352 Fester, Diane 152, 386 Fiebiger, James 88, 524 Fiehn, Janis 55, 348 Field, Catherine 370 Field, Rich 292 Fields, Sheila 494 Fielland, James 525 Figuerola, Raul 88, 539 File, Mrs. Ruth 486 Finch, Marcia 55, 380 Fine, Arthur 55, 525 Fine, Kathi 494 Fine, Richard 55, 525 Fine, William 418 Finger, Gene 88, 399 Finizza, Tony 55 Fink, Karen 152 Finkenbinder, Wendy 380 Finker, Fred 107 Fischback, Beinie 446 Fishback, David 432 Fisher, Charles 406 Fisher, Claudia 55 Fisher, Claudine 231, 525 Fisher, Page 356 Fisher, Rev. James 227 Fischer, Julie Fisher, Kathleen 352 Fisher, Robert 200, 290, 525 Fisher, Russell 408 Fishman, Irene 211, 366 Fishman, Martin 466 Fishman, Ronnie 211, 366 Fitch, Kathy 490 Fitzsimmons, Michael 133, 407 Flanagan, Bernard 289, 486 Flashman, Tommie 446 Fleischman, Allen 446 Fleischman, William 440 Fleming, Jay 114, 228, 448 Fleming, Jim 80, 482 Fleming, Judith 55, 372 Fleming, Steven 55, 444 Fleming, Arthur 486 Fletcher, Jaye 374 Fletcher, Lynne 103 Fletcher, Oren 88, 390 Fletcher, Shelby 384 Flinders, Tim 103 Flinn, Frederick 399 Flinn, Gerald 88, 399 Flora, Glenda 490 Flushman, Bruce 440 Flynn, Ed 425 Flynn, James 114 Flynn, Roger 88, 525 Fogarty, Tom 434 Foley, James 88, 525 Fong, Byron 437 Fong, Clifford 437 Fong, Elizabeth 480 Fong, Flora 225, 525 Fong, Gerlene 525 Fong, Henry 88, 539 Fong, James 55, 437 Fong, Kirby 496 Fong, Norma 55, 507 Fong, Randall 437 Fong-Torres, Barry 112 Forbes, Pierson 444 Forbes, Susan 344 Ford, Becky 356 Ford, Meredith 488 Ford, Raymond 496 Fordham, Jeanne 480 Foree, Marilyn 378 Forman, Donna 382 Forman, Lynn 378 Forsberg, Fred 200 Forster, Kathie 346 Forte, Miki 356 Fossett, Steve 496 Foster, George 448 Foster, Joe 474 Fowler, Dick 88, 525 Fowler, Elizabeth 525 Fowler, Hugh 482 Fox, David 114, 400 Fox, Jack 425 Fox, Jean 55, 220, 221, 525 Fox, John 474 Fox, Judith 345 Fox, Michael 55, 404 Fox, Warren 525 Frager, Sue 366 Fram, Jerry 55 Frampton, Karilyn L 55 ,525 Frampton, Marilyn A. 55, 525 Franchini, Carol 55, 356 Francis, Larry 55, 412 Francis, Valerie 356 Frank, Alice 360 Frank, Don 187 Frank, Justin 55, 466 Frank, Roy 104 Frank, Stephen 55, 394 Frank, Susan 489 Franke, Diana 44, 162, 525 Frankel, Bernice 480 Franklin, Jerome 486 Franks, Marsha 55, 382 Franson, Sonya 498 Franzia, Norma 525 Franzwa, William 474 Fraser, Marlene 55, 370 Fraser, Mike 84, 400 Frates, Frank 55, 408 Franzell, Susan 358 Frazer, Susan 490 Frederick, Sandra 489 Frederick, Walter 175 Freeland, James 55, 525 Freeman, Bobbie 382 Freeman, David 425 Freeman, Gilbert 114 Freeman, Juli 494 Freer, Patricia 55, 484 Freidman, Mona 55 French, Ann 380 French, Lisa 380 Fresche, Lenore 525 Freter, Ernest 525 Freuler, Jon 88, 525 Freund, Elizabeth 350 Frey, Hal 292 Frey, Jan 55, 451 Freymuth, Reed 402 Freymann, Heinz 434 Fredman, Jane 189 Fried, Marsha 55, 525 Friedberg, Case 55, 224, 525 Friedein, Bob 166 Frieder, Sue 222, 350 Friedey, Sue 248 Frienland, Bonie 55, 494 Friedlander, Richard 446 FriedIi , Yvette 55, 525 Friedman, Darrell 55, 123, 163, 516 Friedman, Jane 188 Friedman, Margaret 153 Friedman, Mona 55, 525 Friedman, Susan 366 Friedman, Tracy 55, 496 Friis, Ronald 88, 425 Fritschi, David 102, 525 Fritschi, David 102, 525 Fritschi, Jill 370 Fritz, Linda 374 Froitas, Diane 201 Froslie, Roger 88, 500 Frost, Barbara 384 Frost, Gayle 55 ,348 Frost, Robert 55 Frucht, Dale 350 Fruehan, George 374 Fry, Don 394 Frydman, Solomon 466 Fujii, Laurence 525 Fujii, Paul 492 Fujimoto, Lillian 55, 525 Fujimoto, Margaret 107 Fujita, Claire 55, 484 Fujita, Ted 88, 185, 525 Fuller, Greg 451 Fuller, John 464 Fuller, Margaret 372 Fuller, Robert 290, 394 Fulsaas, Esther 55, 525 Furtney, Virginia 55, 525 Furukawa, Theodore 525 Fusco, Kathryn 55, 525 Futter, Claudia 480 Fye, Kenneth 55 G Gaba, Carolyn 55, 384 Gaba, Hal 440 Gaba, Leigh 112, 452 Gabie, Richard 474 Gaffga Virginia 374 Gage, James 442 Gagel, Catherine 56, 372 Gahagan, Lissa 376 Gaines, Randolph 400 Galbraith, Michael 474 Gale, Madelyn 56, 201, 525 Gallagher, Nan 110 Gallup, Wally 428 Gambera, Armand 474 Gamble, David 408 Gamenara, Valerie 222,378 Gandin, Louise 366 Gandolfo, Ronald 56, 525 Gant, Kathryn 360 Garamendi, John 290, 448 Garat, Domie 56, 219, 376 Garber, Pere 163 Gard, Christine 370 Gardenswartz, Darlene 56, 525 Gardner, Earl 439 Garfinkle, Arleen 366 Garfinkle, Gary 516 Garfinkle, Jay 56, 516 Garibaldi, Nadine 56, 376 Garmus, John 400 Garnier, Linda 345 Garol, Hugh 525 Garrick, Calole 56, 525 Garth, Alan 463 Gartshore, Caty 56, 356 Gary, Richard 442 Gary, Susan 364 Gaskill, James 88 Gaskill, Suzanne 489 Gates, Diane 490 Gatterdam, James 468 Gattis, Rick 218, 442 Gee, Victoria 110, 480 Geiser, Ray 474 Gelders, Micharl 428 Genette, Frank 439 Geno, Richard 114 Gentry, Judi 161 George, Robert 102, 145, 146, 482 Gerdes, Barbara 364 Gerdes, Dennis 474 Gerner, Alice 490 Gerry, Diane 494 Gershenson, Myrna 493 Gerstel, Bryan 516 Gerwin, Carole 366 Gesley, Roy 229, 418 Gessler, Sallie 380 Ghens, Loretta 56, 153 Gherlone, Ronald 56, 474 Ghiselli, John 56, 243, 525 Gianella, Linda 525 Giarratana, Patricia 56, 368 Gibbons, Gerry 345 Gibbs, Jon 429 Giberson, Lynne 384 Gibson, Elizabeth 56, 384 Gibson, Gail 370 Gibsen, Neal 454 Gibson, William 474 Giddings, Robert 430 Gidlow, James 114, 466 Giertz, Patricia 56, 488 Gifis, Steven 396 Giguire, Christian 448 Gilbert, Gretchen 368 Gilbert, Judith 366 Gilbert, Jules 429 Gilbert, James 460 Gill, Mary 56, 526 Gill, Sarwan 114 Gillette, Benjamin 412 Gillette, Robert 453 Gillette, Sharon 528 Gillman, Terry 350 Gilman, John 56, 516 Gilmor, Candy 380 Gilster, Gary 56, 526 Gindroz, Susan 480 Giorgi, Jean 56, 384 Gioseffi, Tom 296 Girard, Camilla 219, 526 Girot, George 448 Gist, Dorothy 110, 494 Giuffre, Michael 406 Glaser, Gary 516 Glass, Geoffrey 428 Glass, Marcia 201 Glassman, Jill 56 Glassman, Susan 526 Glasspool, Richard 453 Glazer, Richard 114, 516 Gleason, Charles 114, 460 Gleason, Philip 460 Glenn, Chuck 219 Glickfeld, Larry 499 Glines, Pamela 358 Glister, Gary 56, 526 Glooschenko, Sandy 114, 354 Goddard, Carolyn 346 Goddard, Kay 44 Godfrey, Charles 56, 526 Godsey, David 412 Godt, Russell 114, 218, 439 Goeckermann, John 430 Goedeck, Carol 56, 526 Goeller, Bruce 88, 500 Goelz, Linda 490 Going, Patrick 439 Gold, Allan 526 Gold, Michael 56, 123, 146, 148, 514 Gold, Valeria 56, 494 Goldberg, Diane 490 Goldberg, Jackie 366 Goldberg, Janet 350 Goldberg, Jim 516 Golde, Daphne 166 Golden, Bonnie 378 Golden, Michael 84, 396 Golden, Richard 88, 292, 446 Goldgarb, Steven 446 Goldman, Celia 483 Goldman, Ellen 494 Goldmen, Charles 516 Goldsmith, Mary 56, 526 Goldstein, David 446 Goldstein, Jerry 145, 440 Goldstein, Les 107 Goldstein, Michael 446 Gombert, William 396 Goncalves, John 464 Gooch, Topper 218 Good, George 376 Goodale, Carol 56, 526 Goodman, Ann 494 Goodbody, Anne 526 Goodman, Linda 503 Goodman, Louise 350 Goodman, Peter 516 Goodstein, Avra 56, 526 Goodwin, Drew 480 Goodwin, Peter 394 Goodwin, Susan 362 Gorby, Laurie 366 Gordon, Charlene 56, 526 Gordon, Carlyle 56, 526 Gordon, Joan 56, 526 Gordon, Joy 56, 526 Gordon, Karen 506 Gordon, Nancy 56, 539 Gordon, Susan 201, 490 Gorin, Joanne 352 Gorman, Dale 374 Gorman, Mary 378 Gotelli, David 56, 526 Gottleib, Leslie 56, 526 Gottleib, Raymond 107 Gottlieb, Simon 56, 526 Gould, Marilyn 490 Gould, Ronald 486 Gourse, Steffi 201 Grabowski, Helaine 480 Grace, Charles 463 Grady, Marilynne 384 Grady, Nancy 384 Grady, Robert 114 Grady, Romine 56, 526 Graffeo, Fred 56, 526 Gragg, F. Michael 474 Graham, Beverley 345 Graham, Geraldine 360 Graham, Kathie 356 Graham, Robert 402 Graham, Vickie 222, 239, 380 Granberry, Rob 200 Grand, Ronald 107, 390 Grande, Walter 439 Grant, Jeff 451 Grant, John 429 Grant, Kathryn 376 Grant, Nancy 231, 384 Grant, Nikki 368 Grant, Thomas 486 Granucci, Anthony 224, 453 Grauer, Jim 446 Graves, Lois 360 Gray, Belinda 374 Gray, David 444 Gray, Horace 393 Gray, Kathleen 384 Gray, Kenenth 88, 474 Gray, Reggie 222, 366 Gray, Robin 364 Grayson, David 88, 482 Graziani, Judy 231 Green, Cecily 493 Green, Craig 438 Green, Dudley 474 Green, G. Garner 402 Green, Kenneth 418 Green, Marcia 222, 376 Green, Marilee 160, 374 Green, Thomas 56, 526 Green, Thomas 515 Greene, Dave 420 Greene, Michael 466 Greene, Rich 434 Greenebaum, Kathy 483 Greeneich, Edwin 88, 526 Greenfeld, Joan 56, 526 Greenough, Peter 132, 133, 228, 422 Greenslade, Brent 496 Greenstein, Jules 466 Greer, Diane 152, 362 Gregerson, Harold 425 Gregg, Scott 394 Gregory, Diana 380 Gregory, Jack 500 Gregory, Tod 404 Gregovich, Michael 88, 526 Greiner, David 88, 526 Greiner, Sharon 376 Greno, Anthony 56, 526 Grenz, Lilly 504 Grey, Joel 422 Griffith, Paul Griesser, John 428 Grieve, Janis 346 Griffin, Bobbie 211 Griffin, Jim 107, 526 Griffin, Sally 160, 346 Griffith, Ann 201 Griffith, Gary 482 Griffith, Ned 218, 402 Griffith, Paul 88, 229 Griffith, Peter 408 Griffith, Thomas 488 Griffiths, Diane 504 Griffiths, Raleigh 451 Griffiths, Tom 408 Griggs, Jimmie 88, 526 Grimes, Susan 56, 526 Grinsell, Ray 407 Grisanti, Marilyn 56, 526 Griset, Dan 145, 148, 500 Grisinger, John 88, 526 Griswold, Stanley 420 Griswold, Walt 420 Grizzle, Carol 348 Grodzinsky, Ellen 350 Groezinger, Marlene 370 Groper, Croinne 354 Gross, Janet 503 Gross, Rober 500 Grosser, Lynn 354 Grossman, Diane 56, 526 Grossman, Robert 440 Groves, Rodger 442 Grube, Bruce 444 Grud, Lauren 490 Gruen, Irma 382 Gruner, Stephen 429 Gryene, Michael 466 Gryson, Christine 374 Gubbins, Christie 346 Guichard, John 496 Guidici, Irene 56, 526 Guisso, Gary 434 Gummerson, Marie 114 Gumprich, Carol 162, 366 Gundlach, Bertie 360 Gunn, Ted 114, 398 Gurevitch, Russ 514 Gurman, Harvey 56, 526 Gutman, Carol 386 Gutstein, Helen 480 Guttman, Samuel 386 Gutzwiller, Vicki 56, 526 H Haag, Barbara 356 Haas, Bob 44, 56, 149, 239, 526 Haas, Diane 526 Haas, Suzanne 360 Haber, Joseph 56, 446 Haber, Les 446 Haber, Stephen 114 Haberkamp, Bruce 56, 499 Haberlin, Ann 489 Haberman, Nancy 354 Haberman, Susan 480 Habeth, Genevieve 56, 526 Hachman, Jana 360 Hackbarth, Dorothy 56, 526 Hackett, Don 167 Haderle, Donald 434 Hadlock, Kenneth 496 Hadreas, Peter 409 Hafleigh, David 88, 124, 151, 444 Haggard, Ann 201 Haggard, Isabel 527 Hagie, Geraldine 493 Hagopian, Loretta 56, 368 Hahn, Michael 56, 474 Haigh, Lynn 56, 233, 372 Haigl er, Lynn 356 Haile, Jill 494 Haimovitch, Harry 440 Haimowitz, Mike 163 Haines, Larry 102, 414 Hale, David 474 Hale, Doug 400 Hale, Sam 56 Haley, Peter 56, 211, 400 Hall, Donald 88, 526 Hall, Ellen 56, 526 Hall, John 56, 526 Hall, Sally 380 Hall, Sally L. 370 Hall, Sandra 356 Hall, Selden 56, 211, 500 Hall, Susan 162 Hallaian, Charlene 384 Hallberg, Jo Ann 114, 354 Halmer, Adrienne 378 Halpern, Mike 474 Ham, Susan 348 Hamada, Shinobu 88, 496 Hamala, Joan 56, 488 Hamanaka, Haruko 56, 526 Hamblett, Bob 434 Hambly, Ross 56, 218, 468 Hamilton, Brutus 34 Hamilton, Marilyn 56 Hamilton, Patricia 354 Hamlin, Rachel 56, 526 Hamlin, Stephanie 348 Hamm, Sharon 526 Hamm, Shelley 57, 386 Hammell, Jaynee 352 Hammer, Marcia 57, 368 Hammond, Barbara 526 Hampton, Barbara 360 Hampton, Jeffrey 451 Hanks, Kathy 376 Hanner, Nancy 57, 488 Hannford, Daryl 57, 526 Hannibal, Dorothy 489 Hannigan, Barbara 498 Hannum, Jill 384 Hansen, Allene 480 Hansen, Barbara 376 Hansen, Charlotte 57, 526 Hansen, Karen 161 Hansen, Stephen 434 Hansen, Vivian 374 Hanson, Victor 114 Hanton, Elaine 211, 222, 241 Harada, Lawrence 107 Harband, Joel 88, 516 Harband, Martin 114 Harbaugh, Katharine 380 Harbordt, Anne 372 Harbour, JoAnne 376 Harden, Jaci 362 Hardin, Norma 57 Harding, Donald 432 Harding, Kathleen 506 Hardy, Margaret 346 Hardy, Susan 372 Hargreaves, Annalee 346 Hargreaves, Margaret 57, 346 Hargrove, John 88 Harlan, Barry 57, 516 Harlan, Brad 432 Harlow, Peggy 386 Harman, Carole 386, 526 Harmon, Carol 507 Harper, John 405 Harper, Steve 218 Harper, Virginia 384 Harrington, Dennis 500 Harris, Evan 480 Harris, Hester 370 Harris, James 114, 466 Harris, Michael G. 516, 526 Harris, Michael 57, 474 Harris, Millard 516 Harris, Paul 163 Harris, Rand 200 Harris, Scot 516 Harris, Ted 185 Harris, Thomas 430 Harrison, Artis 112 Harrison, Bill 102, 438 Harrison, Gayle 57, 526 Harrison, Herbert 114 Harrison, Les 466 Harrower, Robert 114 Hart, Barry 211 Hart, Jack 247 Hart, Joe Ellen 362 Hart, Karen 57, 490 Hartle, Richard 88, 720 Hartman, Dennis 114 Hartman, Gail 57, 345 Hartman, W. Alfred 409 Hartung, Irene 378 Harves, Vince 295 Harvey, Pamela 380 Harwood, Barbara 378 Hasbell, Vida 503 Haseltine, Florence 498 Hashimoto, Calvin 499 Hass, Diane 57 Hassard, Jean 57, 356 Hastings, Myna 504 Hastings, Rosanne 372 Haswell, Joyce 57, 364 Hatch, Sarah 368 Hathaway, Suzanne 370 Hatton, Ayris 222, 354 Haug, Caries 409 Haugen, Karen 354 Hauldran, Linda 201 Hausman, Diane 350 Haven, Pat 386 Havens, Glenn 88, 392 Haveran, Nancy 110 Haviland, Perry 444 Hawker, Grace 483 Hawkins, Karen 57, 362 Haekins, Sandra 506 Hawley, Dianne 233 Hawley, Harold 57, 438 Hawley, Pamela 378 Hawley, Steven 500 Hayes, Katheleen 378 Hayes, Kenneth 219, 526 Hayes, Nanette 372 Hayter, William 451 Hazard, Jean 219 Hazeltine, Florence 57 Heacock, Craig 418 Heal, Bill 452 Hearn, Penny 372 Hearst, Elaine 57, 526 Heaslett, David 414 Heath, Barbara 57, 490 Hebel, James 57, 526 Hechttinger, Susan 366 Hector, Catherine 354 Hector, Nanette 57 Hedemann, Edmund 474 Hedgecock, Lewis 57, 526 Hedrick, Russell 434 Heeger, Gerald 396 Heger, Carol 57, 384 Heidbrink, Christine 53, 345 Heilbron, Henry 394 Heinitz, James 392 Heinrich, Joyce 489 Heinz, Freymann 114 Heinzer, James 416 Heldman, Patricia 57, 526 Helfer, Karen 76, 352 Heller, Bruce 396 Heller, Larry 466 Heller, Sherry 57, 526 Helm, Jeanette 57, 221, 346 Heldman, Patricia 57, 526 Helsel, Patti 384 Helyar, Sue 362 Hemington, M. Carol 360 Hemovich, Michael 57, 526 Hempel, Carol 546 Henault, Paul 200 Henderson, Barbara 526 Henderson, Harvey 499 Henderson, Gudrun 504 Henderson, Michael 283, 402 Hendricks, John 418 Herdricks, Sharol 121, 493 Hendricks, Susan 364 Henes, Marylynn 360, 526 Henke, Curtis 395 Henke, Richard 57, 395 Henley, Carl 526 Henley, Clay 114, 400 Henley, Mary 489 Henlin, Margie 57, 526 Hennessy, John 474 Hennessy, Mark 425 Henning, Marion 57, 386 Henrioulle, Steve 464 Henry, Dana 376 Henry, Pamela 483 Hensell, Ron 187 Henshaw, Fritz 425 Henshaw, Sydney 44, 57, 146, 147, 205, 228 Hensley, Thomas 412 Herbert, Norma 57, 256 Herget, Thomas 404 Heritos, Elaine 354 Hernandez, Daniel 57, 432 Hernandez, Lanny 88, 228, 239, 240, 486 Herney, Susan 57, 124, 221, 231, 358 Herr, Robert 57, 496 Herrera, Henry 57, 409 Herrick, Carolyn 57, 256 Herring, Mike 219 Herrmann, Bill 452 Herscher, Uri 57, 526 Hersh, Nancy 350 Herst, Douglas 440 Hessler, James 57, 256 Hewitt, Robert 57 Heyman, Duane 393 Hickerson, Robert 295, 398 Hickey, Lowell 57, 460 Hickingbotham, Heidi 374 Hickman, Patricia 57, 380 Hicks, George 526 Hicks, Kathleen 490 Hiehle, Patrice 348 Higgins, Charlotte 57, 494 Higgins, Elaine 58, 526 Higo, Judy 503 Hildreth, Mary 362 Hill, Alan 399 Hill, Dane 58, 486 Hill, Dianne 348 Hill, Dixon 88, 463 Hill, Peggy 356 Hill, Stephen 444 Hill, Susan 420 Hillabrant, Walter 496 Hilleary, Sterling 372 Hilliker, David 425 Hillman, James 114, 442 Hills, Mary 376 Hillyer, N. Jane 58, 526 Hinds, Munn 425 Hirabayashi, Donald 211, 526 Hiramoto, Tadashi 88, 492 Hirao, Janice 110 Hirsch, Lynda 58, 526 Hirsch, Richard 58, 526 Hirshman, Rafaella 378 Hirson, Sheila 350 Hirtz, Jean 58, 504, 526 Histen, Harry 448 Hoagland, Trey 394 Hobart, Marti 110 Hobbs, Jeff 408 Hobby, Betty 526 Hobday, Tim 114, 124, 151, 454 Hochstatter, Jon 58, 526 Hodgdon, James 398 Hodge, Vicci 201 Hodges, David 444 Hodgson, Lynne 503 Hodson, Kenneth 88, 526 Hoefer, John 412 Hoehn, John 395 Hoening, Richard 418 Hoffland, Linda 372 Hoffman, B. Andrew 466 Hoffmann, Carolyn 58, 526 Hoffmann, Dafid 58, 466 Hoffman, Floyd 466 Hoffner, Dorell 428 Hofman, Nancy 58, 526 Hogan, Timothy 430 Holbrook, Jeanne 386 Holcenberg, Stan 396 Holden, Lee 58, 434 Holdridge, David 88, 526 Holl, James 482 Holland, Dick 452 Holland, Richard 414 Holland, Tom 58, 218, 408 Holleuffer, Carol 504 Holley, Lynne 384 Hollister, Frank 390 Holman, Robert 402 Holmes, Cathy 352 Holmes, Richard 526 Holsinger, Virginia 58, 526 Holt, Dennis 422 Holt, Howard 287 Horn, Kenneth 225 Hongola, Betty 386 Hood, Nancy 352 Hooker, Grace 201 Hooker, Philip 448 Hoop, Kenneth 200, 406 Hooper, Richard 229 Hoos, Sandra 378 Hoover, Diana 84, 526 Hoover, Kathleen 58, 526 Hoover, Susan 58, 526 Hooykaas, Eric 463 Hope, Kenneth 496 Hopkins, Thomas 496 Hoppin, Edward 402 Horance, Stuart 496 Horgan, John 185 Horine, Joyce 58, 345 Horn, Gloria 107 Horn, Jan 152, 222, 228, 352 Hornby, Stephen 408 Horne, Freya 312 Horne, Margaret 58 Horne, Myrle 58, 526 Horner, Judith 58, 526 Horner, Pamela 163, 378 Hornick, Lawrence 466 Horning, Rick 132, 133 Horowitz, David 440 Hosfeld, Lesley 248, 526 Hossman, Floyd 150 Houchin, William 390 Houghton, Kitty 58, 362 Houston, Gladys 372 Howard, Anne 494 Howard, Dee 370 Howard, Martie 376 Howard, Norman 515 Howatt, Bill 463 Howe, Ceil 526 Howe, Penny 494 Howekamp, Dave 420 Howell, Elinor 376 Howell, J. Stephen 430 Howell, Kenna 368 Howell, Leslie 483 Howland, Judith 58, 526 Hoyle, Genevieve 345 Hubbard, Albert 526 Hubbard, George 88, 526 Hubbs, Donald 430 Huck, Kathleen 58, 526 Huckins, Vivien 58, 526 Hudson, Douglas 402 Hudspeth, Dave 405 Huey, William 526 Huff, Charles 432 Huff, Gayle 58, 352 Huff, Henry 402 Hufman, D. Frank 442 Hufnagel, Ann 384 Hufnagel, Mary 526 Hughes, Jeffrey 88, 526 Hughes, John 58, 402 Hughes, Joseph 409 Hughes, Karen 231, 346 Hughes, Marilyn 150, 362 Hughes, Steven 412 Hughes-Caley, John 496 Hukari, Dale 405 Hulbert, Michael 58, 400 Hulsy, Robert 400 Hulsy, William 58, 400 Hulten, Charles 58, 448 Humphrey, David 416 Humphreys, Anne 384 Humphreys, Janie 360 Hungerford, Richard 496 Hunt, Chip 58, 218, 402 Hunt, James 114, 392 Hunt, Kathy 480 Hunte, Henry 402 Hunter, Martha 362 Hunter, Richard 392 Huntzicker, James 393 Hurlbut, Beth 480 Hurlich, Susan 494 Hurst, Linda 370 Hurwitz, Jay 396 Hutcheson, Thomas 58, 526 Hutchinson, Ann 386 Hutchinson, Christine 364 Hutchinson, Man 162 Hutson, Sharry 201 Hwang, John 88, 526 Hyde, Kristen 58, 526 Hyde, Laurence 398 Hyland, Brooke 366 Hyman, Michele 58, 382 Hynes, Kathleen 570 Ichiyasu, Diane 110 Iding, Bob 528 lglehart, Richard 402 liyama, Pat 146, 147 Ikuta, Yasuko 483 Imai, Sharon 528 Imhoff, Frederick 394 Ina, Sandy 504 Ince, William 528 Ingebretson, Gary 114 Ingham, Lani 160, 221, 356 Ingham, Robert 442 Ingle, Richard 407 Inglehart, Dick 114, 218 Inglis, Jerilyn 58, 360 Inglis, Rex 114 Inlander, Richard 396 Inoue, Kunio 296 Inouye, David 437 Inouye, James 496 Ipson, Steven 58, 404 Irving, Nell 58, 220, 520 Isaacson, Elaine 366 Isaksen, Leonard 58, 486 Isbelle, Ted 528 Isenb erg, Barbara 58, 350 Isenberg, James 466 Ishaq, James 58, 528 lsnai, Sharon 58 lsraels, Sigmund 130, 163, 486 Ito, Michael 492 Ivanetich, Ann 374 Ivarson, Nancy 58 Ivelich, Tony 58, 428 Iverson, Genie 489 Iverson, Karen 364 Iverson, Roland 434 Ivy, Karen 201 Ivy, Richard 88, 510 Iwanaga, Janice 59, 528 Iwasaki, Jane 59, 528 lwasko, Nadine 59 J Jackson, Larry 400 Jackson, Terry 434 Jacobs, Carl 516 Jacobs, Eileen , 366 Jacobs, Laurie 350 Jacobs, Lester 114, 409 Jacobs, Mike 289 Jacobs, Richard 466 Jacobs, Robert 466 Jacobsen, Marc 59, 528 Jacobsen, Millicent 368 Jacobsen, Robert 390 Jacobson, Leonard 59, 516 Jacquenay, Ted 163 Jaffe, Arnold 466 Jalonen, Carol 76, 221, 384 James, Bruce 425 James, Linda 59, 493 Janes, Maureen 348 Janes, Reggie 352 Janes, Tani 312 Janger, Marsha 350 Jankowski, Linda 59 Jansen, George 409 Jansen, John 59, 528 Januta, Donatas 88 Japson, Stephen 452 Jasper, Robert 500 Jaspovice, Laury 366 Javandel, Iraj 220 Jay, William 452 Jedeka, Julianne 59, 528 Jelcick, Diane 59, 221, 528 Jelks, Glenn 438 Jenaban, Gholamali 220 Jenkins, Cecilia 59, 354 Jenkins, Stephen 496 Jennings, Kathy 201 Jensen, Charles 59, 404 Jensen, Sue 76, 346 Jenssen, Leif 434 Joe, Gary 496 Joe, Siu-Man 59 Johannsen, William 432 Johns, Robert 106, 107, 528 Johnson, Alan 59, 399 Johnson, Betty 201 Johnson, Christopher 460 Johnson, Dave 420 Johnson, David 114, 515 Johnson, Douglas 409 Johnson, Gail 384 Johnson, Gene 148 Johnson, Heidi 356 Johnson, Jacquelyn 59, 374 Johnson, Jeanette 346 Johnson, Judy 59, 348 Johnson, Les 418 Johnson, Linda Lee 152, 376 Johnson, Louise 59, 528 547 Johnson, Marjorie 59, 356 Johnson, Robert 430 Johnson, Sam 464 Johnson, Selly Ruth 345 Johnson, Stephen C. 211, 394, 528 Johnson, Stephen F. 88 Johnson, Steven R., 416 Johnston, Scott 425 Jones, Bruce 59 Jones, Carol Ann 374 Jones, Carolyn 59, 490 Jones, Carolyn E. 480, 528 Jones, Charles 148 Jones, Cynthia 222, 528 Jones, Glenn 185 Jones, Hardy 500 Jones, John 454 Jones, Leslie 201, 231 Jones, Paul 399 Jones, Rex 59, 428 Jones, Sue 358 Jones, Warren 59, 394 Jorgensen, Jim 464 Jorgensen, Mary 480 Josephinian, Virginia 187 Joy, Barbara Anne 370 Jue, Carolyn Ann 59, 494 Jue, Warren 528 Juelson, Judith 488 Jukes, Caroline 374 Jukkola, George 434 Julian, Nancy 201 Jurgensen, Ronald 59, 468 Jurick, Joseph 59 Jurjevic, Bart 59, 528 Jurkovich, William 454 Justema, Karen 372 K Kadell, Bill 428 Kading, Marilyn 382 Kagan, Robert 440 Kagawa, Takeshi 492 Kagel, Peter 412 Kahan, Michael 400 Kahle, Angelica 121 Kahn, Jay 59, 396 Kaiser, Narda 352 Kaiser, Ronn 528 Kaiser, Stephanie 360 Kalantari, Khosro 220 Kalbach, Jean 222, 364 Kaldor, Ronald 446 Kalina, Fredi 366 Kalmanson, Sally 494 Kalvan, Andrew 188 Kalyesmaki, Kenyon 444 Kamena, Marshall 107, 510 Kamolneter, Chaiphorn 102 Kampert, David 114 Kan, Jimmy 59, 528 Kan, Stephen 185, 528 Kane, Edward 59, 528 Kane, Patricia 107 Kane, Susan 59, 528 Kanerva, C. Lynn 360 Kanter, Susan 167 Kaplan, Judith 59, 528 Karonsakis, Panos 88, 539 Karrer, Getsy 384 Karsch, Michael 409 Kashiwahara, Ann 59, 528 Kasper, Leslie 493 Kastan, Stephen 59, 394 Kaste, Vikki 59, 386 Kasten, Thomas 114, 528 Kaster, Benjamin 396 Katien, Karen 59, 506 Katsell, Jerome 59, 528 Kattenburg, Robert 114 Katz, Richard 516 Katz, Treuman 110, 528 Kauffman, Barry 446 Kaufman, Bart 396 Kaufman, Bill 390 Kaufman, Karen 59, 364 Kaufman, Kay 231, 528 Kaufman, Leon 88, 407 Kaufman, Lynn 59, 528 Kaufman, Patrice 59, 211, 489 Kaufman, Stephanie 59, 366 Kaunoff, Olga 483 Kavanagh, Charles 88, 414 Kavanagh, Maureen 374 Kawai, Janice 489 Kayne, Harvey 396 Kearns, Tim 428 Keck, Irene 374 Keefe, Phil 457 Keers, Kathleen 494 Keil, Stan 515, 528 Keilly, Robert 59, 440 Keith, Martha 59, 374 Keith, Paul 228, 399 Keller, Jeffrey 107 Keller, Richard 88, 420 Keller, Vicki 60, 124, 220, 221, 348 Kellerman, Bob 528 Kelley, George 439 Kellogg, Charisse 360 Kellum, Reggie 289 Kelly, Joyce 386 Kelly, Leslie 121, 155, 368 Kelso, Martha 360 Kendall, Dan 420 Kennedy, Anne 356 Kennedy, Charlie 285 Kennedy, Joe 438 Kennedy, Judith 374 Kennedy, Karen 60, 345 Kennedy, Marie 362 Kennedy, Maureen 506 Kenney, William 393 Kennings, Larry 464 Kent, Mike 162 Kent, Walter 446 Keppel, Marie 60, 374 Kerr, Clark 26 Keshmiri, Jim 539 Kesler, Julie 483 Kessler, Geoffrey 88, 434 Ketchersid, Nancy 60, 528 Ketteman, Vanna 358 Key, Jackie 350 Kibre, John 102, 528 Kihara, Ronald 492 Kijs, Douglas 420 Kikuchi, Kazuko 107 Kilhman, Rabbe 200 Kilmartin, Judy 493 Kilpatric, Gary 412 Kim, Yongyop 102 Kimball, Bonnie 370 Kimball, Peter 60, 528 Kime, Allison 60, 489 Kimura, Gene 85, 528 Kindred, Charles 442 King, Elaine 60, 489 King, James 60, 482 King, Janet 372 King, Leonard 528 King, Maesha 494 King, Marsha 494 King, Thomas 425 Kingman, Barry 434 Kinnear, Sheila 362 Kinnick, Mary 60, 125, 148, 166, 220, 221, 528 Kipperman, Steven 114, 500 Kirby, Joanne 489 Kirk, Jan 412 Kirk, Stuart 416 Kirk, Wayne 390 Kirkwood, Jean 376 Kirwin, Ed 147 Kish, Kathleen 60, 224, 494 Kissick, Judy 480 Kitano, Joanne 503 Kite, Richard 432 Kitten, Marty 414 Klass, Robert 440 Klein, Herbert 88, 399 Klein, Susan 60, 528 Kliegman, Linda 350 Kline, Karen 376 Kline, Terry 483 Klint, David 395 Knapp, Deborah 60, 376 Knapp, Gerald 296, 448 Knapp, Judy 372 Knauth, Beryl 527 Knauth, Natalie 352 Knecht, Janey 60, 356 Knickerbocker, Calvin 444 Knight, Robert 414 Knight, Thomas 398 Knopf, Susan 506 Knudson, Al 60, 451 Koch, Jonathan 452 Kocher, Gail 346 Kochergin, Alexander 88 Kock, Celia 358 Kodakari, Carolyn 110 Koenig, Thierry Francois 60, 528 Koerper, Philip 88 Koerper, Steve 200 Koetke, Sue 241 Kohl, James 60, 529 Kolar, Judith 352 Kolberg, Kenneth 395 Koller, Lois 60, 529 Kollias, Tina 348 Kollman, Sue 350 Konecky, Douglas 430 Kong, Barbara 527 Koon, Thomas 60, 432 Koppel, Louis 453 Koppl, Rudi 500 Korn, Steve 496 Kornbluth, George 396 Korte, John 529 Kositchek, Ellen 506 Kossen, Michael 466 Kossoris, Penny 480 Kragen, Mrs. Adrian 220 Kragen, Robin 60, 350 Krajawski, Ken 200 Kramer, Bonnie Jean 378 Kramer, Laurence 440 Kramer, Nancy Cobb 60, 529 Kramer, Paul 88, 529 Kravetsky, Lana 346 Kravetsky, Valerie 346 Kreiss, Allan 482 Krem, Alex 162 Kresser, Nancy Mize 60, 348 Kresser, Robert 60, 218 Krichman, Kenneth 60, 396 Kriedt, David 407 Krischer, Jon 60, 429 Kriz, Traude 354 Kroes, John 463 Krohn, Anita 494 Kroopnick, Peter 393 Krope, Merry 60, 378 Kruger, Julianne 366 Krusa, Ruth 504 Krusic, Thomas 88, 529 Kruttschnitt, Theodore 114, 429 Ksir, Charles 406 Kubernick, Sylvia 60, 529 Kucera, Jan 474 Kuehn, James 422 Kuehn, Marsha 60, 529 Kuenne, Richard 88, 187 Kuesel, Shari 60, 529 Kumata, Don 437 Kunitake, Henry 88, 529 Kuns, Judith 60, 201, 378 Kuper, Benette 44, 60, 125, 146, 221, 529 Kuper, Bonnie 44 Kuris, Joan 382 Kurman, Renee 366 Kuroishi, Irving 88, 492 Kurokawa, Roger 499 Kurtich, John 229 Kurtz, Maxine 60, 366 Kushnick, Beverly 366 Kussow, Sandra 490 Kuykendall, Lance 114 Kwong, Chui Ngor 60, 539 L Laai, June 60, 529 Lacy, John 88 Ladewig, Sue 494 Ladine, Dyanne 60, 380 Lafayette, Leslie 494 La Frenz, Richard 399 Lagasse, Bruce 88, 529 Lagerlof, Steve 218, 412 Lagomarsino, Lucia 356 Lagomarsino, Thomas 416 Laird, Jim 499 Laird, Sheridan 60, 356 Laird, Stephen 442 Lake, Harry 114, 448 Lake, Sharon 529 LaIiotis, Theodore 88, 482 Lamb, Marjorie 85, 529 Lamb, Robert 392 Lamberson, Susan 372 Lamm, James 102, 500 Lammerman, Frank 451 Lamson, Ann 354 Land, Julie 58, 60, 175, 188, 529 Lander, Robert 446 Landis, Carolen 60, 529 Landman, Susan 504 Landor, Raissa 529 Landy, Rona 366 Landy, William 446 Lane, Denison 454 Lane, Marsha 488 Lane, Mary 488 Lane, Mike 482 Lane, Robert 442 Lanen, Judith 60, 529 Langford, Bonnie 378 Lanouette, Ian 392 Lanzetta, Pete 60, 529 Lapachet, Gabrielle 60 Lapid, Gary 466 Lapidus, Lawrence 516 Larmuseau, Lynne 503 Larrabee, Lynn 370 Larsen, Barbara 529 Larsen, Charles 418 Larsen, Gretchen 60, 384 Larsen, Martin 453 Larsen, Marvin 88 Larson, Claudia 490 Larson, Mara 153, 490, 529 La Rue, Linda 60 Larssen, Linda 153 Lassen, Susan 386 Lathrop, Pat 354, 529 Lathrop, Peter 529 Lauer, Don 289 Lau, Eddy 88 Lau, Guy 225 Lau, John 529 Lau, Lawrence 437 Lau, Silvanus 45, 529 Lauer, Mike 125, 146, 148, 162 Laughlin, David 460 Lauru, Don 422 Eddy 474 Law, Sally 384 Lawrence, Larry 425 Lawson, John 390 Lawton, Jeffrey 500 Lawton, Louisa 488 Lawyer, Sherry 346 Laykin, Melinda 529 Lazarus, Susan 60, 529 Lea, Robert 407 Leahy, Sally 376 Leamon, Ronald 60, 529 Leary, Michael 422 Leask, Stephen 463 Leavitt, John 394 Le Baron, Blake 500 Lebb, E dward 451 Lelford, Heidi 362 Ledson, Gary 422 Le Duc, Robert 434 Lee, Carole 60, 345 Lee, Cheryl 201 Lee, Claudia 211 Lee, Douglas 60, 529 Lee, Douglas C. 437 Lee, Eleanor 60, 529 Lee, Glenn 392 Lee, Keith 102, 492 Lee, Larry 496 Lee, Lucinda 346 Lee, Michael 60, 529 Lee, Nancy 529 Lee, Paul 225 Lee, Robert 80, 529 Lee, William 88, 496 Lefevre, Diane 529 Lefforge, Jack 412 Lefko, Myrna 60, 529 Leger, Robert 474 Lehman, Michael 350 Leibensperger, Lynn 498 Leidel, Nelson 393 Leidner, Michael 421 Leifen, Betty 162 Leigh, Todd 61, 529 Leite, Michael 88, 474 Leiter, Gail 382 Lemmo, Lucretia 494 Lemmon, Charlee 483 Leo, Charles 114 Leonard, Judith 61, 529 Leonard, King 102 Leonard, Tim 418 Leonard, Vicki 346 Leong, Chuck 437 Leong, Collin 500 Leong, Judith 345 Lerch, Allan 446 Lester, Robert 529 Lett, Mary Pat 378 Lettieri, Dan 61, 529 Levant, Joyce 61, 529 Levant, Ronald 61 Levaro, Richard 414 Levien, Marion 366 Levin, Ana 350 Levin, Barton 61, 430 Levin, Betsy 211, 350 Levin, Bobbi 61, 382 Levin, Ing 61 Levin, Jerri 483 Levin, Joel 61, 516 Levin, Marilyn 61, 161 Levin, Michael 440 Levin, Milton 516 Levin, William 516 Levine, JoAnn 490 Levine, Meldon 125, 144, 146, 148, 163, 500 LeVine, Michael 531 Levinson, Jan 61, 530 Levy, Arlene 378 Levy, Leslie 366 Levy, Marv 247 Lew, 480 Lewis, Barbara 121, 374 Lewis, John 442 Lewis, Patricia 490 Lewis, Samuel 61, 516 Li, Christina 110, 480 Libby, Carolyn 61, 220, 221, 530 Liberman, Bette 350 Liberman, Keith 466 Libien, James 61, 516 Lichtenstein, Evelyn 201 Liden, Robert 114 Lieberman, Judy 483 Lilly, Bernard 393 Lim, Harry 102, 437 Lim, Rosalind 110, 480 Lim, Victor 437 Lin, Chuw 539 Lin, Paul 88, 407 Lind, Michael 460 Linder, Diane 61, 346 Linder, Shiela 488 Lindgren, Linda 61, 362 Lindman, Alan 61, 454 Lindquist, David 474 Lindsay, Drache 539 Lindsay, Linda 346 Lindsay, Suzanne 61, 346 Lindsey, Jane 61, 153, 370 Lindstrom, James 425 Ling, Gary 444 Lingsch, Linda 480 Linn, George 61 Linville, M. Sue 530 Lipelt, Michael 420 Lipnick, Jerome 440 Lippett, Suzi 146 List, Bonnie 384 Litfin, Maria 372 Litman, Janet 350 Litsinger, James 454 Littig, Judy 61, 530 Little, Dick 434 Littleford, David 451 Litts, Phil 496 Litwin, Roger 88, 395 Litzenbers, Randy 61, 76, 444 Liu, Henry 61, 530 Livingston, Joan 392 Livingston, Margie 356 Litzenberg. Randy 444 Lloyd, Kenneth 440 Lo, Annette 110 Lobecker, Robert 88, 530 Lobel, Wendy 350 Locatelli, Barbara 384 Lochwood, Judy 504 Lockett, Sue 61, 384 Locki, Carolyn 494 Lockwood, 480 Lockwood, Nancy 61, 480 Lockwood, Pat 219 Loeb, Dianna 61 Loene, Terry 61, 530 Loew, Kathi 366 Loffier, Paula 61, 530 Logan, Jane 380 Logan, Larry 442 Lommel, Andi 490 Lommis, John 422 Lomnes, Stephen 85, 530 Lomnes, Suzanne 61, 490 Long, Gary 88, 500, 530 Long, Lewis 114, 404 Longshore, Richard 114 Loo, Milton 225 Loo, Yolanda 494 Loomis, Bruce 200 Loomis, Jerry 224 Lopez, Alfredo 88, 530 Lopin, Gail 61, 125, 148, 220, 221, 229, 490 Lorberbaum, Larry 114 Lorenzen, Marc 412 Loscutoff, Alex 88, 530 Lott, Vicki 364 Loughran, Thomas 454 Louk, Linda 61, 490 Loverdale, Rich 102, 434 Lovette, Stephen 468 Lovie, Andrea 480 Low, Mae 480 Lowe, Roberta 61, 221, 484 Lowe, Terry 380 Lowe, Thomas 88, 492 Lowell, Clint 219 Lowery, Robert 211, 530 Lowes, Bob 451 Lowry, Darryl 61, 514 Luce, Linda 530 Lucido, Prudence 61 Lucier, Rosemary 221, 346 Lucke, James 500 Luckey, Judith 364 Luddy, Tom 166 Ludwig, Judy 350 Luengo, Clifford 399 Lufkin, Daniel 61, 284, 285 Luke, Mei-Ling 62, 530 Lukes, George 452 Lum, Gloria 490 Lum, Helen 174 Lumry, Carl 219 Lund, Carol 490 Lund, Janie 360 Lund, Nillo 88, 430 Lundgren, John 200 Lundstrom, Eric 409 Lundstrom, Jeffrey 409 Luppen, Kathy 376 Lusardi, Dave 296 Lutes, Gary 408 Lutes, Tom 438 Luthy, Richard 400 Lutz, Adelaide 62, 372 Ly, Iris 62, 530 Lyford, Suzanne 62, 530 Lynch, Thomas 88 Lyon, Lee 372 Lyon, Louise 61, 488 Lyon, Rich 398 Lyons, Philip 114, 398 Lyons, Tim 412 Lyttle, Cricket 372 Mc McAdam, Eleanor 364 McAlister, Linda 503 McArthur, Joan 372 McBride, Kent 457 McCabe, James 405 McCain, William 88 McCalla, William 474 McCandless, Sandra 374 McCann, Kathy 489 McCann, Woody 432, 530 McCarthy, Jane 376 McCarthy, Jeanie 356 McCarthy, John 62, 422 McCarthy, Soapy 376 McCaughey, Margaret 62, 530 McCauley, Ginger 62, 221, 352 McClennen, Persis 378 McClure, Lyn 372 McClure, Margaret 62, 345 McCorhle, Susan 201 McConahy, Robin 160, 384 McCormick, William 34 McCrory, David 530 McCrary, Sheila 506 McCook, Ann 380 McCullough, Thomas 500 McCune, Lawrence 62, 402 McDaniel, Eve 490 McDaniel, Meredy 62, 374 McDonald, Bonnie 490 McDonald, Kenneth 62, 530 McDonald, Nancy 62, 531 McDonnel, Nancy 490 McDowell, Robert 85, 200, 429 McEachren, Perrin 201 McElligott, Peter 409 McElroy, Michael 88, 463 McEwen, Martha 348 McGee, Susan 356 McGettigan, Patty 376 McGinley, Michael 482 McGi nnis, Mike 486 McGinty, Kevin 496 McGowan, Mary 125, 146, 148, 220, 531 McGrew, Dale 434 McGuire, Leo 400 McGuire, Rich 85 Mclsaac, Nancy 364 McIntosh, Daniel 474 McKee, Richard 416 McKelvey, Ellen 384 McKenzie, Gerald 432 McKeown, John 102, 412 McKesson, Sallie 378 McKibben, John 420 McKinney, James 63, 211 McKinney, Luanne 121 McKinnis, Ann 63, 356 McKinsey, Ronald 85, 514 McKinsey, Susan 531 McKnight, James 63, 531 McLeod, Robert 114, 442 McMichael, Richard 62, 163, 446 McMillin, Curtis 400 McMurry, Kathy 507 McNabb, Virginia 62, 530 McNally, James 432 McNally, Sharon 185 McNamara, Jim 44, 62, 125, 148, 228, 239 McNamara, John 408 McNickle, Arthur 432 McPhate, Marsha 348 McPherson, Duncan 62, 390 McQueen, Judy 346 McRae, Marsha 62, 219, 370 McReynolds, Robert 402 McShirley, Susan 354 McWalters, Leanne 352 M MacArthur, Sheila 229 MacCurdy, Shelagh 368 Mac Dougall, Christine 374 Macdougall, Jan Ann 372 Mac Dougall, Marcia 152, 160, 372 MacFarland, Gail 62, 364 Mc Gowan, Marcia 62, 354 McGowan, Mary 125, 146, 148 MacGregor, Carol 231 MacGregor, Joan 370 MacIntosh, Elizabeth 63, 531 MacKay, Ross 402 MacKenzie, Donald 88, 474 Mac Laren, Gary 88, 398 MacLaren, Mark 398 MacLean, Lee 88, 530 MacLeod, Malcolm 76, 444 Mack, James 62 Maclin, Bruce 62, 500 Macpherson, John 530 Macri, Robert 448 MacWhinney, Brian 163 Macy, Catherine 62, 530 Macy, Paul 428 Maddaus, William 486 Maddigan, William 454 Maddux, Phil 454 Madfes, Karen 360 Madfes, Susan 366 Madsen, Karen 62, 378 Maeno, Mary 530 Mager, Marc 474 Magid, Andy 515 Magovern, Beverly 222, 498 Maguire, Richard 114 Maharg, Pat 464 Mahoney, Eileen 62, 478 Maier, Chris 412 Maier, Marsha 530 Maire, Louis 464 Malberg, Ann 346 Malmberg, Mary 346 Malbin, Irene 162 Malone, Francis 62, 454 Maloney, Kevin 432 Malter, Joan 350 Mandigo, Cecile 380 Manetas, Michael 530 Man-Fong Yan, Robert 63, 530 Mankin, Roxanne 354 Mann, David 88, 224 Mann, Maureen 362 Mann, Richard 530 Manning, H. Patricia 360 Manny, Don 62 Manoukian, Nubar 486 Manske, Gig 62, 360 Manson, Marcia 356 Mansburi, Sraj 220 Manwell, Ed 62, 514 Mar, Pat 62, 148, 530 Marble, Leslie 364 Marcus, Michael 62, 530 Marg, Elwin 107 Margadant, Gary 398 Margolis, Peter 429 Marian, Voughn 85 Mark, Karen 507 Mark, Wanda 62, 530 Markarian, Linda 62, 374 Marken, William 62, 530 Markham, Tom 62, 412 Marks, Sharon 350 Markwart, Libby 370 Markwart, Shelby 362 Marmer, Steve 146 Marraccini, Rodney 114, 296, 452 Martin, Gerry 114, 460 Marsh, David 454 Marshall, James 88, 530 Marshall, Janey 480 Martin, Buddy 434 Martin, Carol 62, 219, 530 Martin, Chuck 88, 400 Martin, Cynthia 362 Martin, Edward 88, 500 Martin, Judith 114 Martin, Mary 62, 362 Mason, Janice 62, 530 Masonhiemer, Ray 289 Massey, Gary 114, 515 Massey, Robert 399 Massmann, Faith 345 Masuda, James 62, 228 Mathes, Melinda 350 Matiasevich, Robert 444 Matlack, Elizabeth 480 Matlin, Don 446 Matsen, Pamela 378 Matsumoto, Kent 393 Matthews, John 400 Matthews, Margaret 62, 360 Matthias, John 404 Mattis, John 221,400 Mattson, Linda 494 Matz, Bunnie 166 Mauser, Gary 62, 451 Mouser, Sally 62, 370 Maxwell, David 407, 530 Maxwell, Richard 453 May, Gar 107 May, James 390 May, Robert 62, 530 Mayeda, Ron 486 Mayer, Elaine 372 Mayers, Ann 504 Mayers, Judy 354 Mayes, Warren 539 Mayfield, Judi 348 Maycock, W. Michael 400 Maxwell, Richard 453 Meadows, Richard 422 Meagher, Joseph 400 Mecia, Francie 370 Meckel, John 392 Mecklenburg, Arthur 88, 434 Mecom, Bill 500 Mecum, Leslie 386 Medbury, Janis 374 Megowan, Greg 420 Mehrain, Mehrdad 220 Meier, Elliston 404 Meier, Janet 480 Meier, Martin 407 Meier, Ri chard 63, 434 Meierding, William 63, 398 Mejia, Carole 63, 386 Melbye, Hans 114, 539 Melgaard, Karen 483 Melikian, Karen 63, 531 Mellon, Michael 404 Mellon, Paula 506 Melnick, Larry 166 Melnicoe, Peter 474 Melone, Gene 348 Meltzer, Jane 483 Melvin, Sandy 466 Mendonca, Edward 409 Merat, Barbara 531 Mercer, Elliott 466 Merl, Herman 496 Merle, Joan 370 Merlo, Bernadetta 506 Mermel, Ronald 63, 396 Merrell, Samuel 418 Merriam, Fred 114, 454 Merrill, William 437 Merrion, Lawrence 102, 224 Merritt, Susan 372 Messer, Leslie 380 Mettler, Kenneth 474 Mettler, Ron 114, 420 Metzger, Lon 394 Meudell, Asa 228, 418 Meux, Jennifer 386 Meyer, Bonnie 63, 386 Meyer, Bruce 114 Meyer, Don 531 Meyer, Gary 63, 425 Meyer, Kent 63, 531 Meyer, Lynne 229 Meyers, Katie 490 Meyers, Susan 350 Meyerson, Ivan 440 Mezulis, Vija 352 Miale, Carole 348 Michael, Peter 63, 408 Michaelis, Pamela 63, 531 Michaeloff, Dennis 107 Michel, John 466 Michelotti, Linda 348 Michels, Angelika 63, 490 Michels, Geoffrey 468 Middleton, Rita 63, 483 Mika, Kitty 354 Milch, Nancy 350 Miles, Frank 393 Miles, James 474 Miles, Susan 354 Miley, Jane 350 Mill, Jerry 200 Milldrum, Gordon 63, 531 Miller, Al 531 Miller, Barbara 386 Miller, Bill 166 Miller, Claudia 366 Miller, Dan 464 Miller, Dave 464 Miller, Diana 366 Miller, Diana R. 490 Miller, Duane 530 Miller, Helen 152, 374 Miller, Jane 374 Miller, Kathy 362 Miller, Kendrick 405 Miller, Knute 474 Miller, Lesley 152, 374 Miller, Melissa 498 Miller, Michael 514 Miller, Morgan 400 Miller, Pete 112, 398 Miller, Ronald 85, 531 Miller, Terry 440 Miller, Thomas 392 Miller, Virginia 531 Millhouser, Ellen 63, 484 Milliken, Donald 422 Mills, Jackie 63, 241, 374 Mills, Sally 63, 185, 354 Mills, Sally L. 364 Milner, Mike 63, 407 Milstead, Maggie 134, 136, 352 Mindlin, Sharon 160, 366 Miner, Allan 114, 414 Miner, Martin 496 Ming, Douglas 482, 531 Minner, Larry 136 Minor, Joyce 358 Minor, Katherine 354 Misaki, Karen 503 Mische, Eric 88, 486 Misch, Kathryn 63, 531 Misrack, Joan 114 Mitchel, William 114, 409 Mitchell, Charles 88, 531 Mitchell, Florence 506 Mitchell, Gordon 398 Mitchell, LaMont 516 Mitchell, Ted 439 Mittler, Harvey 63, 531 Moor, Barbara 132, 488 Moorad, Bruce 416 Moore, Carol 531 Mizelle, Marie 63, 489 Moaveni, Khosrow 220 Moberley, Darlene 63, 490 Mock, Sharon 490 Modaff, Kay 354 Moeen-Ziai, Bahram 229 Moellerich, Gladie 63, 350 Moir, John 63, 407 Mollen, Manis 374 Molfina, Carolyn 63, 348 Moll, Charles 416 Moll, Heidi 370 Mollison, Walter 448 Molloy, Susan 503 Molnar, Benjamin 63, 531 Mondon, Susan 354 Monius, Alice 152 Monroe, Daphne 358 Monson, Stephen 63, 531 Montgomery, Sally 494 Montijo, Sharon 478 Monto, Michael 531 Moody, Art 185 Moore, Gail 76, 531 Moore, Gloria 503 Moore, James 468 Moore, Jeannie 63, 358 Moore, Karen 354 Moore, Lawrence 444 Moore, Russell 425 Moore, Sandra 222 Moores, William 448 Moorning, Tom 531 Moos, Charles 147 Moran, Barbara 346 Moran, Elizabeth 372 Moran, Richard 444 More, Carol 360 Morey, Charles 63, 505 Morey, Donald 474 Morgan, Dean 63, 463 Morgan, Lynda 354 Morgan, Raymond 531 Morgan, Sheryl 358 Morgenroth, Michael 444 Morgensen, Lorna 531 Mori, Shizuka 480 Moriarity, John 432 Morimoto, Carol 503 Moring, William 422 Morrell, Karen 368 Morrill, P. K. 500 Morrill, Steve 412 Morris, Colleen 63, 374 Morris, Richard 474 Morris, Marilyn 231, 370 Morris, Vincent 63, 500 Morrison, Angus 88, 418 Morrison, Margaret 63, 384 Morrison, Marylinda 107 Morrisroe, Ann 374 Morrow, Carolyn 380 Morrow, Hubert 63, 402 Morrow, Orville 88, 418 Morse, Carl 515 Morse, Richard 64, 531 Morshead, Sheila 64, 356 Mortenson, Philip 64, 429 Morton, Bill 499 Morton, C. Renee 386 Morton, Jill 480 Mortensen, Susan 64, 358 Moscrip, Susan 64, 364 Moser, Vicki 378 Mosher, Jerry 442 Moskowitz, Ralph 474 Moslehi, Gholamali 220 Moss, Diane 494 Moss, Jeffrey 516 Moss, Mark 516 Mossteller, Tim 425 Mouat, Dave 200 Moulton, Ken 438 Mourning, Tom 531 Movius, Alice 364 Mowrey, Elizabeth 480 Moyer, Ralph 36 Moyes, Warren 63 Moyle, Patricia 64, 531 Muellenhoff, William 482 Mueller, Jan 460 Mueller, Stephen 499 Muench, Susan 346 Muhsfeld, Judy 348 Muldavin, Peter 64, 146, 148, 531 Mulhall, Dennis 418 Mullally, Laurie 64, 531 Mullen, Barbara 370 Mullen, James 64, 474 Muller, Scott 448 Mulvey, Mary Beth 360 Mundall, Kris 362 Munson, Jack 394 Murakami, Michael 496 Murdock, Kathleen 64, 531 Murdock, Suzan 480 Murphy, Barbara 362 Murphy, George 34 Murr, Priscilla 64 Musante, Edward 218, 430 Muscat, Joyce 189 Mushkin, Bud 516 Mussallem, Sue 160, 480 Musser, Ronald 418 Musto, Judith 380 Muszynski, Patricia 498 Muzio, Larry 432 Myer, Richard 114, 418 Myers, David 64, 444 Myers, Janet 370 Myers, Robert 405 Myers, Terry 442 Myers, Willa Jane 64, 356 N Naake, Larry 64, 531 Nachbaur, William 474 Nadel, Mark 446 Nafel, Janis 64, 368 Naftel, Joyce 503 Naftel, Nancy 484 Nagam, Jack 416 Nagare, Gerry 480 Nagatani, Joanne 531 Nagatoshii, Asako 64, 531 Nagle, George 114, 474 Nagle, Pattianne 136, 146, 222, 228, 384 Nagler, Rich 163 Nahman, Lee Ann 366 Nakamura, Evelyn 64, 221, 531 Nakamura, Itomi 102 Nakamura, Marlene 77, 531 Nakashima, Douglas 64, 531 Naminatsu, June 345 Nash, Norris 37 Nasitka, Stanley 64, 500 Nawman, Barbara 241, 386 Nazaroff, Nathalie 64, 531 Neal, Michael 64, 112, 218, 402 Nebel, Paul 88 Needham, Al 460 Neel, Amy 493 Neely, Betty 33, 148 Neely, Phil 464 Neff, Marian 531 Neill, Marvin 107, 390 Nelson, Ann 64, 372 Nelson, Carol 64, 345 Nelson, Christopher 398 Nelson, Christine 356 Nelson, Elton 290, 293 ,395 Nelson, Ervin 395 Nelson, Jane 368 Nelson, Marietta 488 Nelson, Mary 374 Nelson, Nancy 384 Nelson, Robert 500 Nelson, Sandy 372 Nelson, Terry 219 Nelson, Valerie 490 Nelson, Victoria 189 Nemir, Ed 296 Neri, Jordon 416 Ness, Kenneth 64, 531 Nettleton, Eugene 64, 114, 532 Netz, Ronald 64, 85, 532 Neuman, Richard 396 Neuton, Marilyn 64, 224, 532 Newcomer, Tora 64, 376 Newell, Karen 64, 532 Newell, Pete 246 Newhall, Sylvia 532 Newhousem, David 296, 463 Newman, Craig 454 Newman, Donna 64, 532 Newman, Elizabeth 370 Newman, Poul 390 Newman, Robert 186, 474 Newmark, Pam 64, 126, 146, 221, 228, 362 Newmeyer, John 64, 422 Newton, Victoria 368 Newton, Victoria H. 368 Ng, George 532 Niazi, Fereshteh 107, 220 Niazi, Mansour 220 Nichols, Michael 399 Nichols, Michael P 416 Nichols, Nancy 504 Nicholson, Chuck 486 Nicholson, Philip 486 Nicholson, Robert 398 Nickerson, Robert 432 Nickevich, John 247 Nicoles, John 532 Nielsen, Sandra 362 Neilson, Asger 77, 429 Nielson, Trish 64, 352 Niemand, John 390 Nigh, Audrey 64, 356 Nightingale, Richard 64, 460 Niitani, Leslie 492 Nilmeier, Allan 88, 398 Nissler, Perry 114, 420 Nitta, Kenneth 492 Nix, Shelley 378 Nixon, Elizabeth 64, 374 Noack, Don 408 Noel, Kristine 64, 532 Nolan, John 532 Nolan, Kathy 354 Noldridge, David 64, 532 Noles, Omar 425 Nolling, Wilhelm 64, 539 Nomiyama, K. 224 Noroozi, Ali 220 Norris, Char 348 Norton, James 482 Norton, Susy 346 Nowinson, Lois 494 Nowland, Judy 346 Nuest, Gwaine 362 Nunan, James 64, 532 Nussbaum, Jerry 64, 446 Nyburg, Bea 372 Nygard, N. Kortner 64, 532 Nystrom, John 420 O Oakley, Allison 362 Oakley, Pamela 342 Oaklund, Jim 64, 532 Oberg, Robert 64, 224, 532 Obert, Ronald 88, 400 O ' Brien, David 64, 451 O ' Brien, Mark 452 O ' Brein, Nancy 64, 532 O ' Connell, James 496 O ' Connell, Robert 64, 496 O ' Connell, Wayne 88, 228, 418 O ' Connor, Jeanne 503 O ' Connor, John 407 Oda, Gary 106, 107, 532 Oda, Milton 492 Odenweller, Vicki 65, 352 Odom, Sallie 532 O ' Donnell, Jul ie 44, 64, 126, 136, 228, 532 O ' Donnell, Robert 211, 228, 430 Oelke, Lee 81, 463 Ofodile, Eleazar 88, 539 Ogden, Michael 399 Ognisty, James 432 Ogren, Kenneth 65, 162, 516 O ' Hearn, Michael 102 Ohren, Norman 406 Ohlson, Susan 362 Ojakian, Marsha 490 Okada, Doris 480 Okamura, Robert 486 Okelberry, Karen 65, 220, 221, 346 Okelberry, Kathleen 346 Okutse, Janice 77, 532 Olafson, Norman 451 Olander, Diana 370 Oldemeyer, Dian 65, 354 Oldemeyer, Kathleen 354 Oliver, Dick 229 Oliver, Steven 114 Olivieri, Susan 506 Olney, Carol 504 O ' Looney, Rev. Joseph 227 Olsen, Christina 374 Olsen, Edwin 496 Olsen, Edwin J. 486 Olsen, Janice 65, 364 Olsen, Jim 390 Olsen, Linda 372 Olsen, Margaret 187, 222, 380 Olsen, Roger 65, 532 Olson, Helene 382 Olson, James 407 Olson, Jim 464 Olson, Robert 281, 442 Olson, Ron 289 Omi, Esther 532 Onderdonk, Stephen 218, 442 O ' Neil, Kathie 65, 374 O ' Neil, Mike 408 O ' Neill, Eugene 400 O ' Neill, Peggy 201 O ' Neill, William 416 Ong, Ken 532 Ong, William 65, 437, 532 Ongerth, Jerry 88, 434 Openshaw, Dede 372 Ordeman, Donna 378 Orr, Sandy 358 Orrell, Roberta 65, 490 Orosco, Don 464 Orth, Maureen 65, 376 Orten, James 420 Osborn, Wayne 187 Osborne, Judith 65, 53 2 Oseran, Barbara 65, 166, 167, 532 Osmond, Janna 65, 368 Osofsky, Gene 396 Osterloh, William 112 O ' Sullivan, Lloyd 295 O ' Toole, Patricia 64, 160, 221, 346 Overall, John 114, 457 Owen, Susan 498 Owens, A. Dean 409 Owings, Pamela 356 Owyang, Walter 65, 532 Oxman, Sharon 65, 532 Ozawa, Shuji 539 P Pack, Sidney 368 Packard, Gereda 352 Packard, Mary 187, 368 Padley, Jack 351 Padula, Barbara 65, 489 Paige, Ken 432 Paine, Anne 65, 532 Palamountain, Greg 412 Paley, Patsy 366 Palik, Meredyth 352 Palla, Thomas 418 Palmer, Danna 65, 532 Palmer, A. David 65, 102, 200 Palmer, Jeffrey 404 Palmer, Nan 348 Palmer, Pamela 65, 376 Palmer, Renee 532 Palmquist, Paula 360 Panzarisky, Tony 289 Panzer, Nicholas 448 Papenfuss, Ted 65, 532 Papworth, Pamela 490 Pardee, Carolyn 380 Parham, Glenn 88, 532 Park, Nancy 65, 532 Parker, Kathleen 152, 364 Parker, Martin 114, 126, 148, 239, 243, 515 Parker, William 532 Parks, Douglas 65, 532 Parks, Margaret 65, 532 Parlette, Linda 65, 372 Parr, Michael 444 Parrish, Elizabeth 472 Parsons, Dennis 114 Parsons, Donna 488 Parsons, Lorens 65, 224 Partain, Philip 496 Partovi, Farhad 220 Paschal, Jan 65, 221, 472 Patrick, Rusty 439 Patterson, Douglass 65, 532 Patterson, Michael 500 Patterson, Patti 364 Pattinson, Thomas 65, 468 Paul, Douglas 65, 532 Paul, Mollie 228, 376 Paulson, Anne 364 Paulson, John 448 Paviso, Joyce 65, 532 Peacock, Thomas 65, 88, 395 Peacock, Walter 414 Peak, Jennifer 210, 222, 241, 348 Pearce, Jack 486 Pearlman, Barry 466 Pearson, John 409 Pease, Dorothy 65, 201, 221, 386 Pease, Marjorie 374 Pechanec, Hilde 65, 532 Peck, Francine 506 Peck, Suzanne 380 Peckham, Charles 218, 414 Pederson, Lars 429 Pedrotti, Emma 532 Peel, Joe 409 Pek, John 225 Peletz, Daniel 392 Pelletier, Ted 418 Pelzner, Roger 474 Pemberton, Nancy 483 Penaflor, Manuel 65, 533 Pendleton, Kenneth 102 Penhoet, Madeleine 65, 153 Pepi, Patricia 65, 112, 348 Peppard, Barbara 354 Peracca, Pete 402 Peregoy, William 399 Perella, Jack 168 Perkins, Art 88, 533 Perkins, Charles 289 Perkins, Jim 85, 393 Perkins, Julie 65, 380 Perkins, Richard 65, 380 Perkins, Richard 65, 533 Perlman, Lydia 65, 221, 382 Perromian, Neshan 88, 533 Perry, David 65, 442 Perry, David 474 Perry, Marshall 114, 434 Persson, Sandra 360 Peters, Allen 65 Peters, Jean 533 Peters, Roberta 354 Peters, Tom 200 Petersen, Julie 65, 378 Petersen, Sherrill 201, 326 Peterson, Barbara 65, 533 Peterson, Dan 200 Peterson, David 422 Peterson, George 402 Peterson, Isabel 65, 352 Peterson, Lynne 44, 228 Peterson, Severin 533 Petit, Charles 414 Petrella, Jim 425 Petrelli, Cathy 368 Petrocelli, Gene 407 Petrovsky, John 474 Perrefer, Catherine 66, 380 Pettinger, Larry 496 Pettler, Peter 432 Pettus, Peggy 376 Pezzaglia, Susan 354 Pfaetzer, Pete 161 Pfann, William 114, 452 Pfotenhauer, Sue 506 Pfueger, Ann 66, 346 Phelps, Dona 66, 533 Phelps, Donald 454 Phillips, Daniel 166, 466 Phillips, Jerry 88, 533 Phillips, Mary 370 Phillips, Melinda 370 Phillips, Steven 114 Phillips, Wayne 247 Phillips, Wendy 66, 239, 380 Piazza, Michael 460 Picco, Gregory 412 Pick, Betty 382 Piestrup, Melvin 88, 500 Pierce, Linda 498 Pierce, Marcia 372 Pierce, Margaret 504 Pieroon, Elizabeth 360 Pierpont, Philip 394 Pierson, Frank 66, 418 Pike, Janet 66, 489 Pike, Peter 451 Pile, Douglas 515 Pilone, Cecilia 66, 384 Ping, Tong 225 Pinzon, Victor 88, 539 Pirosh, Michael 66 Pittman, Tom 187 Pitto, Roger 425 Piziali, Robert 88, 474 Pizzorno, Charleen 533 Platte, Linda 489 Pletcher, Del 422 Plotkin, Laura 350 Plunkett, Michael 400 Pock, Carl 444 Podesta, Judy 66, 368 Pokras, Judith 66 Polichar, Bruce 66, 466 Pollack, Ira 107 Pollar, Peter 516 Polse, Kenneth 107 Pomeroy, Robert 114, 405 Pompura, Joseph 107, 482 Ponalski, Nickie 160 Poncher, Lyle 466 Pond, Nancy 114 Ponedel, Alix 378 Pong, Jean 66, 533 Poole, Donald 66, 486 Porter, Don 394 Porter, Elizabeth 114, 488 Porter, Kathy 222, 352 Porter, Lyman 148 Porter, Russell 432 Porter, Sadlly 348 Porter, Sue 362 Porter, William 88, 398 Portnoy, Robert 516 Post, Linda 376 Post, Mary Eleanor 66, 368 Post, Paulette 374 Potter, Carol 66, 506 Potter, David 88, 514 Poucher, Patty 374 Poulton, William 102 Powell, Charles 146, 148, 229, 243, 486 Powell, Nicholas 533 Powell, Noie 356 Powell, Robert 394 Power, Alan 88, 533 Power, Rich 114 Powers, Diana 360 Powers, Nancy 480 Pratico, Dominic 460 Pratt, Anthony 66, 533 Pratt, Myron 201 Pratt, Susan 66, 219, 506 Prec, Yarmila 494 Prendergast, James 499 Prentice, Elizabeth 364 Prescop, Liza 201 Prescott, Connie 66, 384 Preshaw, Earl 474 Preshaw, Patricia 66, 489 Preszler, Charlene 364 Preszler, Rita 506 Preuss, Pam 362 Prevost, Stephen 430 Preyfuss, Dally 392 Prezant, Claire 366 Price, Carol 358 Price, Cynthia 66, 533 Price, Sharon 498 Priest, Barbara 368 Primm, Janet 152, 380 Primm, Judy 152, 222, 380 Primm, Karen 384 Prince, Cynthia 66, 533 Prince, John 187 Prinn, Brian 425 Proctor, Ann 380 Proffett, John 66, 399 Prosser, John 414 Prowell, Ethel 66, 533 Pruett, Vernon 88, 533 Pucci, Linda 110 Pucci, Sandra 224, 356 Puckett, Nancy 374 Puckett, Susan 374 Pugh, Cheryl 221, 231, 358 Pummill, Janet 114 Purvis, Mary 66, 480 Pyle, Gary 533 Pyle, Laurence 66, 451 Q Quaintance, Barbara 380 Quan, Anna 66, 533 Quarton, Bruce 432 Quayle, Riley 451 Quick, Cynthia 66, 533 Quick, Ronald 219 Quimby, Christine 527 Quinby, Carolyn 66, 114 Quine, William 66, 402 Quinn, Kathleen 222, 386 Quinn, Patricia 110 Quinn, Reverende Joseph 227 Quontamattea, Tom 442 R Raaf, Jean 364 Racker, Ed 257 Rader, Victoria 370 Radich, Steven 438 Radisay, Arpad 500 Rados, Stephen 442, 533 Radtke, Wally 66, 390 Ragan, Melynda 211, 380 Ragent, Wendy 354 Roger, Mary 378 Roger, Patricia 378 Railton, Jane 376 Raines, Linda 354 Rains, Roberts 66, 499 Raisin, Barbara 350 Rajam, S. Mohan 393 Rakestraw, Christine 378 Ramos, Marilyn 66, 533 Ramstad, R. Carol 504 Randall, Barbara 354 Randall, Nancy 66, 221, 231, 386 Randall, Sandra 354 Randolph, Willliam 422 Rankin, Lynnette 114 Ransome, Clark 66, 218, 452 Rappaport, Arnum 34 Rappaport, Steven 422 Rasmussen, Dick 463 Rasmussen, Eric 409 Rasmussen, John 66 Rasmusen, Judith 348 Rasumoff, Marcia 211 Ratcliff, Mary 155, 378 Rothman, George 218 Ratts, John 422 Rau, Sue 152, 222 Rauschenbach, Haus 88, 533 Raymond, Douglas 200 Raymond, Stephan 231, 533 Raymour, Stephanie 66, 489 Raymal, Rosa 503 Raz, Mathy 88, 533 Read, Claudia 384 Read, Roy 200 Read, Suzanne 386 Ready, Dan 434 Reay, Claudia 372 Redman, Mike 442 Redo, A. Katherine 480 Reed, Allan 474 Reed, Emily 34 Reed, Jason 114,409 Reed, Pauline 66, 533 Reed, Robert 88, 046 Rees, Martha 370 Reese, Dianne 133 Reese, Jennifer 380 Reeves, Al 434 Regan, David 66, 533 Reginelli, Judith 66, 354 Reginelli, Nanci 354 Regon, Victoria 506 Reich, Jusi 490 Reich, Sue 350 Reichert, Bill 85, 452 Reichmuth, Barbara 376 Reid, Bob 200 Reid, Kenneth 66 Reiersgord, Kay 346 Reigg, Gary 219 Rein, Burton 516 Reinecke, Gary 409 Reiner, Steven 396 Reinsch, John 405 Reipe, Howard 67 Reiring, Janelle 66, 348 Reisenberg, Kathleen 380 Reist, Lloyd 474 Rekers, Jerry 114, 428 Relies, Tom 438 Remley, Robert 482 Renwick, Patty 364 Resnik, Richard 466 Rewoldt, Nan 66 ,348 Rexon, Brian 466 Reynolds, Glennys 528 Reynolds, Mary Ann 67, 533 Reynolds, Sally 201, 378 Rhett, Donald 432 Rhett, Norman 463 Rhinehart, Darrell 107 Rhoda, Katherine 364 Rhodes, Cecil 390 Rhodes, Donald 430 Rhodes, Patricia 483 Ribordy, Gerald 107, 148, 533 Ricci, Michael 515 Rice, John 412 Rice, Louis 34 Rice, Stephen 88, 533 Rice, Walter 528 Richards, Jo Ann 67, 348 Richards, Phillip 439 Richardson, Betty 488 Richardson, Dianne 67, 384 Richardson, Gordon 394 Richardson, Jeanie 352 Richardson, Steven 420 Richey, Charles 88, 499 Richins, Marilyn 490 Richmond, Henry 464 Rickard, Lynn 416 Rickards, Joanne 67 Rickets, Carol 378 Rickets, Ed 200 Riedel, Fred 412 Rief, Beverley 528 Riegg, Garrett 162 Riemke, Richar d 379 Rigdon, Nichael 407 Riggs, Nancy 67, 533 Riley, Barbara 112, 211, 348 Rimmer, Hank 414 Rimpau, Patti 67, 348 Rinaldo, Judy 201 Rinehart, James 67, 418 Ritchey, Robert 114, 486 Ritto, Pamela 360 Roalston, Howard 88, 533 Robak, Glenn 422 Robbins, Amy 356 Robbins, Craig 114, 432 Roberts, Barbi 352 Roberts, Bill 408 Roberts, Eric 376 Roberts, James 228, 464 Roberts, John 451 Roberts, Ralph 464 Roberts, Susan 67, 533 Robertson, Bart 448 Robertson, Channing 486 Robertson, Rich 422 Robinson, Bert 219 Robinson, Gary 454 Robinson, Roxana 318 Robinson, William 444 Robman, Steven 446 Rocca, Curt 452 Rocca, Roy 67, 452 Roddy, James 404 Rodeschek, Ellen 67, 241, 346 Rodgers, Gilliam 489 Rodgers, Jean 360 Rodgers, Timothy 460 Rodgers, William 114, 444 Rodrigo, Jay 414 Rodriguez, John 67, 416 Rodriguez, Nora 67, 484 Rodrigues, Gary 446 Roe, Kathleen 494 Roehr, Thomas 67, 474 Roese, John 200, 496 Rogan, Darrell 395 Rogers, James 428 Rogers, John 420 Rogers, Roger 295 Rogers, Steve 399 Rohlichek, Lou 146, 160 Rohrbough, Mary 67, 346 Rohrbough, Philip 409 Rodaw, Enid 67, 533 Rolapp, Susan 364 Rolfe, Richard 500 Rolnick, Laura 352 Romanoff, Elizabeth 345 Romez, Jean 295 Romine, Grady 88, 533 Rommel, Toni 358 Ronay, Christine 384 Rose, Marshall 402 Rosecrans, William 114, 432 Roseen, Darien 390 Rosehill, David 67, 163 Rosen, Barbara 494 Rose, Janet 498 Rosen, Mary 67, 533 Rosen, Ronald 466 Rosenberg, Nancy 219, 350 Rosenthal, Renee 114 Rosewald, Anne 350 Rosenwald, Peter 496 Rosenzweig, Daphne 67, 533 Rosett, Richard 67 Rosettik, Diana 362 Ross, Arthur 446 Ross, Donald 224, 444 Ross, Janice Gulden 67, 533 Ross, Joan 356 Ross, Robert 88, 534 Ross, Ronald 88 Ross, Sue 67, 534 Rossi, Cindy 67, 362 Rossi, Frank 430 Rosso, David 414 Rosson, Camela 386 Roth, Nancy 384 Roth, Sandy 376 Rothenberg, Joanne 350 Rothman, Fred 67, 516 Rothman, Robert 466 Rothschild, John 404 Rothschild, Mike 114, 420 Roumasset, James 486 Roundy, Robert 474 Rowland, Margaret 67, 543 Royce, Trish 67 Ruben, Constance 67, 378 Rubens, Bobbie 350 Rubens, Joan 67, 350 Rubens, Judi 67, 534 Rubin, Arthur 67, 446 Rubinstein, Jerry 67, 486 Rubenstein, Mark 163 Ruby, Nadene 494 Rudolph, Helena 67, 534 Rudolph, Stephen 432 Ruegg, Carole 386 Ruemmler, Waldemar 390 Rummel, Peter 67, 534 Rummelsburg, Joan 366 Runde, Robert 409 Runlde, J. 224 Rusev, John 88, 448 Rusk, Mary Ann 362 Russell, Beverly 346 Russell, Carol 67, 352 Russell, G. E. 416 Russell, Stephen 407 Russell, Ted 422 Rust, Richard 85, 454 Rutherford, Roberta 67, 384 Ruzek, John 482 Ryan, Kathleen 348 Ryan, Kathy 222, 362 Ryan, Suzzane 352 Ryan, Terrence 67, 534 Ryan, Timothy 67, 218, 438 Rygel, Linda 231, 370 Rylett, Robin 153 S Sabak, Warren 482 Sabik, Abdulla 88, 543 Sachdev, Wazir 534 Sachs, Arthur 107 Sachs, Dennis 67, 534 Sachs, Steve 440 Sadler, Beverly 506 Safarjan, William 409 Saferstein, Harvey 466 Sain, Charlotte 386 St. Clair, Dean 486 Saito, Thomas 492 Sakaguichi, William 482 Sakai, Bob 496 Salamid, Mayann Theresa 67, 370 Salerno, Carol 506 Salerno, James 474 Salisbury, James 412 Sall, Wendy 534 Salmon, Judy 67, 346 Salter, L. 224 Salter, Michael 499 Salter, Wendy 378 Salyers, Lindo 348 Sammann, Tom 402 Sample, Donald 107 Samuel, Joseph 114, 446 Samuels, Barbara 201 Samuelson, G. Scott 88 126, 534 Sanchez, Linda 534 Sand, Larry 404 Sanda, Michele 77, 484 Sandack, Nancy 67, 534 Sandkuhle, Patricia 67, 534 Sandoval, Diane 67, 354 Sands, Margaret 68, 378 Sanger, Howard 114 Sano, Hiroshi 492 Saperstein, Guy 418 Sapiro, Mark 88, 534 Sarjeant, Beverly 68, 534 Sarna, Greg 466 Sartain, Amanda 356 Sorter, Katherine 506 Sarvas, Sandra 358 Sarvey, Karen 68, 534 Sattler, Raymond 390 Satz, Wayne 474 Saunders, Robert 499 Saunders, Sandy 68, 362 Saunders, Susan 382 Saurder, Mary Ann 370 Savage, Andi 382 Savage, Marc 486 Savant, Bernard 102, 392 Sawyer, Barbara 68, 376 Sawyer, James 454 Sawyer, Sherron 503 Sax, Brian 446 Saxe, Steven 114, 516 Sayre, Sandra 360 Sbarbaro, Gene 452 Scales, Sally 374 Scalia, Pete 68, 448 Scatena, Gino 88, 400 Sceno, Rocco 161 Schacht, Linda 212, 213, 222, 348 Schad, Charles 464 Schaeffer, Alexandra 490 Schaffer, Andrea 490 Scharlach, Ed 68, 446 Schaupp, Charles 243, 515 Schawl, Jon 535 Scheble, Sue 231, 384 Scheer, Elaine 121, 368 Scheidegger, Ken 289 Scheinman, Stephen 68, 466 Schelling, James 409 Scheneck, K. J. 153 Scherman, Carolyn 350 Schiemer, Howard 454 Schiffner, Robert 414 Schildhauer, June 68, 534 Schiller, Sally Ann 68, 534 Schilling, August 68, 468 Schindell, Nadine 121, 219, 494 Schirmer, Christine 68, 348 Schirmer, Howard 88 Schlachter, Ellen 366 Schlesinger, Jill 350 Schlesinger, Lora 350 Schlichtmann, Pamelynn 68, 534 Schlotthauer, Karen 68, 534 Schmidt, Camilo 68, 534 Schmidt, Carol 68 Schmidt, Dietger 534 Schmidt, John 68, 425 Schmiedel, John 102, 430 Schminke, Joan 346 Schmitz, Dennis 114, 432 Schmuck, James 428 Schneider, Margaret 490 Schneidler, Richard 200 Schnider, Ronni 350 Schoales, Ann 68, 352 Scholz, Dieter 442 Schonfeld, Joyce 366 Schoonmaker, Ann 68, 201, 534 Schoonover, Mary Elizabeth 68, 534 Schor, Clifton 107 Schott, Mike 474 Schramko, Edmund 392 Schreier, Geri 68, 534 Schriber, Ann 233, 376 Schroder, Diane 354 Schroeder, Jeanne 68, 348 Schroeder, Jon 114, 429 Schroeter, Hazel 360 Schuetze, Christine 483 Schulte, Bernard 394 Schulz, Thomas 68, 454 Schutz, Michael 474 Schuyler, Gregory 88, 534 Schuyler, Mike 393 Schwab, Joseph 466 Schwarm, Franz 430 Schwartz, Barbara 121 Schwartz, Beverly 68, 382 Schwartz, Bob 200 Schwartz, Hannah 494 Schwartz, JoAnne 489 Schwartz, Judy 350 Schwartz, Lee 466 Schwartz, Linda 68, 380 Schwartz, Lynnie 350 Schwartz, Ruth 68, 534 Schwartz, Sandra 68, 534 Schwartztrauber, Keith 88, 534 Schwatka, Susan 68, 372 Sciaroni, Richard 407 Sciutto, Barbara 68, 348 Sciutto, Garfield 399 Scott, Bruce 414 Scott, Degie 218 Scott, Edgerton 68 Scott, Harris 516 Scott, Herbert 36 Scott, James 515 Scott, Kathy 356 Scott, Kent 114 Scott, Leland 414 Scott, Margaret 490 Scott, Robert 68, 400 Scott, Sharon 68, 364 Scott, Theodore 68, 489 Scott, William 418 Scpiro, M. 224 Scranton, Jack 416 Scudder, Susan 68, 534 Scully, Jean 372 Scully, Sue 380, 534 Scully, Susan 68 Sears, Linda 348 Seaton, Kathleen 480 Seavey, Barbara 504 Seawell, Lynn 380 Sedan, Janet 534 Seefeld, Joanne 380 Seeley, Patricia 68, 224, 534 Seeman, Alan 446 Seeno, Rocco 496 Seibert, Michael 386 Seibert, Richard 68, 534 Seifert, Kerry 390 Sekiguchi, Warren 496 Selfridge, Buzzie 356 Selfridge, Thomas 394 Sellman, Elizabeth 372 Seltzer, Elizabeth 490 Sentworth, Jeffrey 530 Serber, Lorraine 366 Service, Bob 200 Seto, Bit-Leung 88, 496 Sever, Donna 68, 352 Severson, William 88, 534 Sewall, Gil 534 Shah, Gamanlal Pranjivandas 539 Shahshahani, Siavash 539 Shain, Marilyn 350 Shambaugh, Signe 68, 378 Shank, Ron 289 Shapeero, Lorraine 224 Shapiro, Bernard 68, 534 Shapiro, Harriet 201 Shapiro, Lorre 494 Shapiro, Paul 446 Sharon, William 418 Shartsis, Art 134, 136, 239, 534 Shatafian, Joyce 68, 480 Shaw, Aurora 68, 534 Shaw, Glenda 489 Shaw, Julie 490 Shaw, Linda 489 Shaw, Stephen 414 Shawl, Jon 77, 148 Shawl, Stephen 69, 474 Shearer, Laurel 364 Sheldon, William 416 Shelton, Dinah 504 Shelton, Kathleen 480 Shen, Anthony 225 Shen, Max 225 Shenk, John 69, 218, 402 Shenkin, Leonard 107 Shenkin, Phyllis 69, 534 Shepard, Janell 69, 368 Sher, Elizabeth 69, 535 Sheretz, Judy 483 Sheriffs, Alex 85, 148 Sherk, James 114 Sherman, Donald 88, 535 Sherman, Judy 503 Sherry, Steve 434 Sherry, William 439 Sherwood, Anne 69, 376 Sherwood, Arthur 69, 535 Sherwood, 224 Sherwood, Shirley 480 Shields, Andrew 45, 69, 126, 535 Shields, Patricia 69, 535 Shiglev, Belinda 364 Shih, Christopher Chung-Yat 85, 539 Shimamoto, Joanne 69, 535 Shiman, Hedi 350 Shimasaka, Janet 69, 535 Shimer, Daniel 88, 535 Shimizu, Kay Kaoru 494 Shimoda, Carol 535 Shinaishin, Osman 88, 539 Shinedling, Dan 499 Shinoda, Carol 69 Shirk, Glen 496 Shirley, Jean 187, 484 Shlep, Rita 69, 484 Shliff, Sandra 69, 535 Shoenberger, Jon 69, 451 Shokouh, Marian 539 Shonkwiler, Martha 162 Shoras, John 398 Shores, Margaret 386 Showen, Bob 187 Showstack, Anne 155 Shuchat, Roberta 366 Shuch, Catherine 506, 535 Shuck, Linda 364 Shuey, Johanna 69 Shuman, Nancy 69, 480 Shuper, Philip 69, 446 Siders, Barry 69, 200, 535 Siefert, Susanne 77, 374 Siegfried, James 430 Siegle, Alan 290 Siever, Norman 69, 535 Siggson, Mimi 382 Silberman, Marv 69, 535 Sills, Sue 69, 535 Silva, Marianne 494 Silveira, William 69, 409 Silverfield, Gerry 499 Silverman, Bruce 69, 155, 446 Silverman, Lee 166 Silverman, Lewis 69, 466 Silverstone, Michael 500 Simmons, Andrew 114 Simoens, Claudeen 114 Simon, Edward 114, 516 Simon, Gottlieb 69, 535 Simon, Joan 69 Simon, Laurie 350 Simon, Paul 399 Simon, Robert 211 Simonds, Dave 200 Simons, Frank 166 Sims, Lynn Mark 130, 151, 211, 228, 239, 535 Sindici, Gregg 438 Singer, Susan 69, 380 Singh, Shey Godfrey 69, 243, 535 Singleton, Kathy 376 Sipila, Christine 69, 384 Sipos, Michael 414 Sirota, Diane 69, 535 Skeehan, William 88 Skep, Carl 438 Sketchley, Katherine 69, 484 Skillion, Anne 362 Skinner, Brooke 356 Skinner, David 200 Skinner, Jeff 69, 468 Skinner, Michael 399 Skinner, Wayne 69, 434 Skipitares, Teddi 480 Slasor, Valerie 69, 372 Slaughter, Garey 486 Sloan, George 69, 500 Sloan, Jamie 480 Sloane, William 432 Sloat, Timothy 69, 428 Sloeum, Marcia 69, 374 Sloss, Thomas 69, 466 Slusky, Joe 102, 446 Small, Gregory 407 Smallwood, Patricia 386 Smardon, Edith 69, 490 Smart, Claire 69, 378 Smartt, William 429 Smedberg, Virginia 69 Smelsor, Thomas 420 Smith, Adrienne 69, 360 Smith, Ann 69, 494 Smit h, Barbara 70, 535 Smith, Brian 448 Smith, Bryan 70, 535 Smith, Candy 201, 222, 364 Smith, Carol 348 Smith, Dannelle 386 Smith, Darrell 474 Smith, David 396 Smith, David 70, 535 Smith, Diann 488 Smith, Diane Lee 348 Smith, Donald 88, 535 Smith, Donald J. 88 Smith, Gary 200, 224 Smith, Geraldine 70, 535 Smith, Jacquelyn 372 Smith, James M. 407 Smith, Janet 346 Smith, Jerry 70 Smith, John 70 Smith, Laurie 70, 535 Smith, Lu Ann 70, 484 Smith, Marjorie 366 Smith, Michael 392 Smith, Patricia 70, 220, 221, 231, 386 Smith, Peggy 356 Smith, Robert 70, 432 Smith, Robert W. 444 Smith, Robin 356 Smith, Russell 448 Smith, Sharon 70, 360 Smith, Sharon G. 70, 535 Smith, Sheila 350 Smith, Steve 282, 283, 442 Smith, Sue 362 Smith, Sydney 448 Smith, Teresa 70 Smith, Terry 482 Smith, Whitney 372 Smith, William 460 Smoker, Gary 290 Smooke, Michael 466 Smotheman, Sharon 77, 345 Snedecor, Susie 386 Sneed, Robert 434 Snow, Maryly 376 Snow, Richard 474 Snow, Robert 444 Snowden, Peter 468 Snyder, Christopher 486 Snyder, D. Douglas 400 Sobczyk, John 482, 535 Soderholm, Richard 88, 400, 535 Soehrens, Donna 362 Sokol, Nicholas 432 Sokoloff, Roger 486 Solar, Dee 222, 382 Soldyna, C. 70, 224, 535 Solem, Donald 414 Soley, Betty 480 Solinsky, Elizabeth 70, 356 Solisky, Thomas 70, 468 Solodyna, Carol 70, 535 Solomon, Dennis 535 Solomon, Herb 468 Solomon, Jill 490 Solomon, Sandy 480 Solon, Paul 70, 535 Somana, Reon 70, 486 Sommer, Susan 348 Sommers, Richard 500 Sonntag, Charles 535 Sorensen, Neil 112 Sorenson, Jill 374 Sorrick, Steven 394 Soule, Fran 483 Soules, William 70, 535 Sours, Keith 409 Southworth, Doug 463 Soval, Priscilla 70, 535 Sowersine, Patricia 112 Spafford, Alden 515 Spangler, Sylvia 494 Sparburg, Gene 218 Spence, Harry 535 Spencer, Barbara 386 Spencer, Carl 407 Spencer, Janet 358 Spencer, John 462 Spencer, Michael 515 Spencer, Susan 70, 354 Spessard, Toby 200 Speziale, Robert 535 Spicer, Carol 70, 489 Spieker, Roxanne 376 Spielman, Eileen 70, 366 Spilker, Andrew 70, 468 Spiller, Susan 380 Spindt, Allan 515 Splain, Mark 430 Sprague, Susanne 370 Sprague, William 88 Spraker, Lana 535 Sprangler, Sylvia 121 Sprankle, Susan 348 Spreen, Gregory 442 Springer, Kay Ellen 374 Springer, Ronnie 70, 535 Springer, Suzanne 70, 372 Springs, Sandy 488 Spruce, Wayne 407 Staats, Bill 218 Stafford, Shelley 70, 488 Stair, Nancy 354 Stanfel, Dick 247 Stange, Shirley 378 Stanley, Justin 422 Stanley, Norman 70, 464 Stanley, Richard 243, 535 Stanley, Rowland 44, 88, 127, 136, 146, 151, 228 Stanton, Eugenie 490 Stanton, Thomas 70, 402 Stark, John 85, 409 Stark, Susan 360 Stark, Wendy 490 Starr, Marian 374 Steedman, Katherine 370, 535 Steek, Marilyn 376 Steel, Sue 360 Steele, Marilyn 376 Steenstrup, Marilyn 70, 480 Stein, Lynne 70, 535 Stein, Marilyn 350 Stein, Martin 70, 446 Steinacher, Tav 88, 482 Steinberg, Aline 480 Steinberg, Bob 438 Steinberg, Jerome 88, 536 Steiner, David 70, 446 Steiner, Pam 70, 384 Steiner, Paul 70, 516 Steiner, Robert 398 Steinhardt, Herbert 70, 396, 536 Steinkuller, Constance 70, 490 Stenberg, Ken 499 Stenton, Rich 218 Stephens, Cathy 372 Stephens, Jacqueline 372 Stephenson, Frank 114, 406 Stern, Mimi 70 Sternberg, Steve 486 Sternwedel, Hilton 200 Steveley, Skipper 346 Stevens, Janet 348 Stevens, Phil 374 Stevens, Roger 432 Stevens, Sandy 483 Stevenson, Adlai 27 Stevenson, John 102 Steward, Frank 496 Steward, Robert 70, 430 Stewart, Bonny 364 Stewart, James 442 Stiefuater, Stephen 460 Stiles, Barbara 70, 231, 386 Stiles, Sandra 70, 536 Stillwater, Sandy 163 Stimson, Thomas 133, 392 Stitzer, L. Kent 70 Stoberty, Mike 219 Stock, Nancy 382 Stock, William 114, 500 Stocker, Nancy 489 Stoddard, Edward 486 Stoddard, Robert 486 Stoddard, Susan 70, 348 Stoebe, Emily 358 Stokes, Ann 71, 536 Stoller, Barbara 71, 536 Stolowitz, Ronald 516 Stone, Dave 163 Stone, Floyd 147 Stone, Joanne 71, 536 Stone, Linda 231, 350 Stone, Lynda 71, 489 Stone, Mary Ann 360 Stoner, Hal 102, 448 Stoner, Joan 354 Stoner, John 416 Stoney, Carl 500 Storey, William 71, 127, 454 Strand, James 88 Strang, James E. 414 Strauss, Janet 490 Strauss, Philip 536 Street, James 404 Stribling, Brad 500 Stringer, Jane 504 Stripp, Dr. Fred 163 Strom, Gay 350 Stromsness, Chris 71, 392 Strong, Chancellor Edward 27 Strong, Thomas 405 Stuart, James 71, 452 Stuehler, Joanne 71, 536 Stumbaught, Nicholas 515 Sturges, Thomas 414 Sturgis, Miles Harrison 398 Sturm, Grace 498 Sturman, William 71, 536 Sucher, David 396 Sudderth, Gerald 71, 422 Suess, Steven 71, 409 Sugarman, Charles 88, 536 Sugarman, Myron 11 4, 536 Sugden, Arthur 114 Sukov, Richard 446 Sullivan, Judy 384 Sullivan, Robert 114, 429 Sullivan, Shaun 434 Summers, Peter 428 Sunada, Eileen 71, 536 Sundal, James 418 Surko, Clifford 71, 392 Surpin, Andrea 71, 494 Sutcliffe, Cindy 71, 376 Suteliffe, Mots 376 Sutherland, Mac 294 Sutton, Dana 348 Sutton, Farrell 409 Sutton, Jamie 239, 240, 412 Sutton, Kay 376 Svinenklar, Harold 200 Swafford, Robyn 380 Swain, Eric 402 Swain, Penny 346 Swain, Susan 71 Swanson, Helen 112 Sw anson, Robert 107 Swanson, Roger 420 Swanson, Sherry 352 Swarbrick, John 482 Swartzberg, John 440 Swatt, Steve 446 Sweeney, Carol 376 Sweeney, David 500 Sweeney, Edward 114, 422 Swift, Carol 71 , 536 Swift, Mary Lou 348 Swigard, Philip 114, 239 Sylvester, Rick 71, 290, 466 T Taber, Alvin 163 Tabibzadeh, Ferrydoon 220 Tabin, Beverly 529 Tabor, Margaret 71, 536 Taggart, Lawrence 71, 239, 240, 402 Tair, Peggy 356 Takagaki, Carole 504 Takehashi, Edward 107 Takahashi, Edwin 106, 492 Takahashi, Masakasu 107 Takaki, Frances 71, 153, 536 Takefuji, Katherine 77, 536 Takei, Patti 504 Takemoto, Haruki 290 Talkin, Marilyn 167 Tamborini, Noelle 490 Tamura, Lily 71, 490 Tan, Margaret 71 Tan, Sylvia 536 Tana, Chinin 71, 536 Tanaka, Linda 155 Tanaka, Terry 71, 536 Tankersley, Victoria 114 Tannahill, Lesley 376 Tanner, Dorothy 71, 536 Tanner, Nina 71, 536 Tannonbaum, Bob 130, 136 Tantau, Carol 71, 536 Tantau, Carol 493 Tarpley, Dave 464 Tarpley, Timothy 444 Tarr, Peggy 127, 220, 221 Tashjian, Zaven 88, 539 Tate, Stephen 400 Tauber, Marvin 396 Tauber, Valerie 71, 364 Taubitz, Fredricka 488 Taylor, Benjamin 71, 536 Taylor, Bruce 499 Taylor, Clinton 482 Taylor, Eileen 536 Taylor, Marylee 45, 71, 127, 144, 146, 149, 220, 221, 358 Taylor, Pat 493 Taylor, Patricia 494 Taylor, Rick 416 Taylor, Thomas 486 Teale, Emily Ann 348 Teder, Aime 384 Teele, John 442 Tees, James 499 Telischak, Gail 71, 368 Tellefson, Anne 348 Tempel, George 482 Temple, Theodor 414 Templeman, Dennis 71, 536 Templeton, Pat 71, 386 Templeton, Sue 536 Tenenberg, David 486 Tennant, Roberta 71, 378 Terrell, Paul 71, 536 Territo, Francine 494 Terry, Loene 71, 153, 220, 536 Terry, Nancy 71, 150, 219, 372 Terry, Richard 402 Tetley, Jane 356 Thaman, Randy 402 Thant, U. 26 Thaten, Pete 71, 407 Theatt, Susan 72 Theel, Robert 402 Theile, William 500 Thelin, Pete 420 Thimpson, Kathleen 72 Thode, Paul 114, 407 Thole, Karen 368 Thom, Roland 295 Thomas, Anthony 496 Thomas, Craig 71, 448 Thomas, Diane 386 Thomas, Elizabeth 71, 364 Thomas, Michael 102, 486 Thomas, Tom 442 Thomas, Virginia 488 Thompson, Brian 88, 496 Thompson, Bruce 474 Thompson, James 71 Thompson, James Aubrey 71, 218, 412, 536 Thompson, James R. 71 Thompson, Jeff 448 Thompson, Kathleen 56 Thompson, Laurie 364 Thompson, M. Anne 378 Thompson, Margaret 72, 346 Thompson, Nancy 72, 483 Thompson, Richard 468 Thompson, Steve 163 Thompson, Susan 72, 162, 483 Thomson, Lani 362 Thomson, Thomas 409 Thordike, Patty 72, 493 Thorn, Bradley 348 Thornton, Dennis 200 Thornton, Jeffrey 444 Thorpek, Jamie 348 Threatt, Susan 537 Thure, Douglas 444 Thurlow, William 114, 240, 400 Thurman, Leslie 72, 536 Tidwell, Billy 72 Tiernan, Robert 442 Tietz, Kenneth 442 Tietz, Richard 394 Tillotson, Meredeth 386 Tilnofuii, Annemarie 162 Timboe, Mary 221, 356 Timm, L. 224 Tindle, Edward 88 Ting, Darryl 393 Tivel, 72, 536 Tivol, David 72, 536 Tkoch, Robert 460 Tobias, Richard 400 Tobin, Beverly 72, 536 Tobin, Lewis 88, 486 Todd, Dave 390 Toler, Tanya 483 Tollerfson, Anne 231 Tollin, Darrin 72, 219, 354 Tolman, N. Scott 72, 407 Tom, Annie 529 Tom, Evelyn 72, 536 Tom, Victor 72, 536 Tomasevich, George 536 Tomasino, Linda 72, 536 Tomei, Joel 448 Tominaga, Dennis 394 Tomita, John 492 Tomosaiva, Francis 107 Tonsall, William 107 Tool, Gerald 88, 536 Toops, Gary 200 Torn, Vie 160 Tornberg, Gordon 500 Toroian, Alma 201 Totten, Julie 356 Tout, Carol Lynne 536 Towle, Katherine 33, 148 Towne, Robert 72, 218, 402 Townsend, Joseph 425 Towt, Howard 515 Toy, Kenneth 394 Toy, Vicki 480 Toyias, Judy 536 Trabert, Linda 72, 480 Tracy, Daniel 536 Tracy, Kathy 352 Trahan, Judy 536 Traum, Robert 72, 515 Travaille, Robert 425 Traverso, Diane 72, 372 Traylor, Carol 72, 536 Tredennick, James 409 Tregeaj, Forest 146, 148 Trent, Kathryn 496 Tretheway, Marcia 72, 537 Trevino, Olivia 537 Tribe, Al 499 Triebel, Sue 72, 384 Trilling, Barry 446 Trinchero, Donna 72, 374 Troup, Gerald 88 Trouton, John 432 Trowbridge, Randall 409 Trower, Thomas 394 Trudeau, Lianne 345 True, Bill 72 Truitt, Ken 418 Trummel, Jane 114, 494 Tso, Richard 88, 539 Tsuji, Amy 494 Tsujimota, Eugene 107 Tsunehara, Ronald 499 Tuck, Kathleen 72, 127, 221, 356 Tucker, Jill 488 Tuft, Michael 77, 429 Tulipano, Edgar 416 Tully, Carolyn 72, 537 Tully, Herbert 414 Tully, Richard 72, 486 Tunnicliff, Wyn 416 Turken, Francene 483 Turner, Douglas 482 Turner, Margaret 345 Turner, Paula 72, 346 Turner, Robert 88, 392 Turner, Sharon 72 Turner, Wendy 384 Tusher, Terry 537 Tuthill, John 408 Twelvetree, Barby 72 Tyler, Reverend C. Jones 439 Tyler, Wendy 362, 449 Tyre, Patti 350 Tyree, Vance 88, 474 Tyson, Nancy 164, 503 Tyson, Regina 72, 483 U Uchida, George 290 Ueberroth, John 412 Ullman, Michael 114, 516 Ulrich, Paul 434, 537 Ulrich, Roy 440 Ulyatt, Karren 114, 480 Underwood, Lenna 503 Underwood, Sandy 384 Unger, Walt 486 Unmack, Jim 88, 200 Unruh, Eric 402 Untiedt, Sonja 152, 374 Upright, Arlene 72, 537 Upton, Dianne 348 Upton, John 515 Urbais, Dawn 352 Uren, William 408 Urner, Kathryn 360 Ursin, Nick 200 Utsumi, Gary 492 Uyeda, Carol 110 Uyeda, Gerald 392 V Valencia, Robert 114 Valenzuela, Edward 486 Valerie, Chan 480 Van Atta, David 211, 430 Van Atta, Janette 480 Vance, Kathleen 504 Vandepoel, Karel 72, 537 Van der Hoogt, Gerritt 163 VanderNaillen, Peter 451 Van de Water, Eric 72, 150, 402 Van Evera, Court 409 Van Hoften, Jim 438 Van Horn, Joan 372 Van Houten, Peter 35, 239 Van LobenSels, Elizabeth 72, 372 Van Metre, Dale 496 Van Natta, Fred 72, 537 Van Norman, Nancy 374 Van Slambrouck, Susan 380 Van Swearingen, Lynne 233, 364 Van Tonningen, Linda 346 Van Tupl, Rory 420 Van Valkenburgh, Nick 114, 149 Van Winkle, Gail 494 Vaprin, Melinda 201, 490 Vargus, Richard 409 Vassalb, Marilyn 537, 229 Vatalaro, Ralph 88, 439 Vaughn, Ronald 102, 438 Vaupel, James 72, 499 Veirs, Virginia 72, 219, 364 Velarde, Claudette 133, 537 Venning, Richard 151, 454 Verhovec, Linda 72, 490 Vernon, Robert 409 Veteto, Shirley 372 Vetica, Wanda 537 Vetter, Chris 352 Vetter, Sheri 370 Viale, Robert 405 Viele, Terry 408 Vignolo, Pauline 72, 489 Villarreal, Dona 489 Villers, James 460 Vineys, Susan 72, 386 Vinson, Ted 496 Vivrette, Nancy 490 Vlazakis, Emmanuel 425 Voegele, Lothaire 72, 425 Voelker, Suzanne 503 Voges, Renee 506 Vogt, Carl 36 Vold, Wylda 493 Volin, H. 407 VonSchlegell, Joan 73, 376 VonWald, Richard 114 Voorhees, Burton 73, 416 Vortmann, Dick 434 Vortmann, Walt 114, 416 Voss, Steven 114, 412 W Wafford, William 73 Wagner, Michael 88, 537 Wagstaff, Kenneth 73 Wahlgren, Carolyn 538 Waiter, Frederick 174, 175 Waltz, Roberta 490 Wakefield, Gary 73, 444 Wakefield, Martha 352 Walch, Robert 73, 390 Waldeck, Ken 73, 446 Walford, Mary 73, 386 Waldman, James 466 Waldrop, Russ 515 Walker, Jules 73 Walker, Page 537 Walkover, Betsy 490 Wall, Camden 73, 281, 286, 537 Wallace, Diane 219 Wallace, Jerry 416 Wallace, Pamela 386 Wallace, Stephen 88, 537 Wallace, Sydene 73, 362 Waller, Sandra 480 Wallner, Carol 368 Walls, Dave 147 Walsh, Barbara 372 Walsh, Marianne 73, 537 Walter, Diana 73 Walters, Dean 287, 390 Walters, John 405 Walther, Diane 73 Walthew, Nancy 73, 480 Walton, Melisse 164 Wann, Richard 537 Ward, Jeff 88, 418 Ward, Michael 438 Ward, Sue 73, 537 Ward, Timothy 425 Warnock, Dave 464 Warren, Dwight 73, 499 Warren, Elizabeth 480 Warren, James 451 Warren, Nancy 73 Warren, Nick 73, 224 Warshaw, Paul 466 Warth, Dennis 412 Washburn, Dennis 73, 486 Washington, George 429 Wasserman, Dave 112, 464 Watanabe, Kimiko 539 Waters, Dea 378 Waters, Karen 378 Watkin, Joel 468 Watson, Phil 290 Watt, Frederick 114, 500 Watt, Reginald 500 Watts, Paul 390 Waugh, Dexter 184, 185 Waugh, Jerry 73, 434 Way, David 398 Way, Peter 121 Weamer, David 73, 537 Weathersby, George 224, 496 Weaver, Kenneth 500 Webb, Willis 486 Webber, John 88, 500 Webber, Mary 376 Weber, Peter 218, 414 Weeks, John 460 Weeshoff, Lawrence 88, 432 Wehe, Donald 460 Wehlaze, Jim 189 Wehr, H. Michael 398 Weiner, Rebecca 211, 537 Weinreb, Suellyn 73, 537 Weinstein, Sandra 73, 537 Weinstock, Richard 486 Weintraub, Marsha 480 Weir, Donna 362 Weir, Wendy 73, 362 Weisberg, Carolyn 73 Weisberg, Stefanie 366 Weisenburger, Thomas 474 Weiss, Bruce 88, 414, 437 Weiss, Mark 88, 537 Weiss, Michael 73, 163, 537 Weld, John 114, 285, 486 Weller, Sheila 366 Wells, Dave 146 Wells, Diana 346 Wells, Gareth 499 Wells, Nancy 346 Wells, Rita 374 Wells, William 73 Welsh, Lovell 358 Weltner, Genie 364 Wener, Michael 516 Wenger, Douglas 444 Wentworth, Jeffrey 537 Wentzel, Larry 73, 448 Wenz, John 454 Werba, Judy 73, 537 Wermer, Regi 73. 537 Werson, Robert 73, 537 Werthman, Toby 368 Wessel, Jim 418 West, Gordon 460 Westburg, Bonnie 73, 220, 221, 372 Westin, Carol 537 Westling, Michael 412 Werstuer, David 77 Wetherbee, Mardi 376 Weylin, Gay Eng 73, 537 Whaley, Douglas 429 Whalley, Richard 112 Wharton, Hank 152, 356 Wharton, J. Michael 290, 474 Wheary, James 412 Wheeler, Janet 378 Wheeler, Nancy 364 Wheeler, Susan 73, 537 Whelan, Dianne 374 Wherritt, Robert 88, 201, 537 Whetstone, Jack 200 Whik, Meredith 376 Whitaker, James 402 Whitaker, Richard 392 White, Cherri 362 White, Chris 494 White, Donald 73, 88, 114, 453 White, Donald E. 444 White, Donald R. 404 White, James 112, 407 White, Mike 247 White, Phyllis 490 White, Russell 432 White, Stephanie 73 White, Stuart 73, 538 White, Warren 444 White, William 454 Whiteby, Judy 493 Whitegon, David 88, 538 Whitehead, Joan 201 Whitehorn, Phil 425 Whiteside, Thomas 107, 414 Whiting, Dan 73, 219 Whiting, Keith 538 Whitington, Trent 102, 448 Whitmer, Peter 454 Whitney, Marrilla 494 Whitson, Paula 489 Whittell, Polly 73, 356 Wickwire, Carol 368 Wideman, Ernest 444 Wieder, Robert 399 Wiehl, Michael 442 Wienkers, Charles 107 Wiesner, Donald 114, 404 Wiggen, Constance 73 Wight, C. Anthony 500 Wilander, Christie 73, 360 Wilberding, Jo 354 Wilbur, Jane 374 Wild, Prescott 404 Wilder, Bob 184, 185 Wilder, Gordon 416 Wilder, Susan 73, 160, 372 Wiles, Rae 374 Wiley, Jane 358 Wiley, Jeannette 73, 538 Wilford, Marguerite 345 Wilhelm, Connie 376 Wilkening, Gary 74, 538 Wilkens, Detley 114 Wilkins, Howard 107 Wilkins, Richard 538 Wilkinson, Cindy 494 Wilkinson, Kathy 74, 221, 538 Wilkinson, Patrice 370 Williams, Anne 74, 376 Williams, Arleigh 33 Williams, Barry 74, 538 Williams, Hank 114, 429 Williams, Harriet 201 Williams, Jane 74, 348 Williams, John 88, 200, 420 Williams, Judith 74, 488 Williams, Marion 201 Williams, Raymond 412 Williams, Richard 448 Williams, Robert 74, 432 Williams, Robert H. 74, 444 Williamsen, Michael 409 Williamson, George 429 Williamson, Robert 409 Willner, Janet 74, 220, 538 Wills, Sue 160, 362 Willwerth, James 409 Wilmar, Frederick 404 Wilner, Robert 74, 500 Wilson, Ann 201 Wilson, Bettye 538 Wilson, Charles 74, 538 Wilson, Deanne 374 Wilson, Gail 352 Wilson, Jane 358 Wilson, Jon 420 Wilson, Kathleen 378 Wilson, Mary 74 Wilson, Moyra 368 Wilson, Nicole 534 Wilson, Peggy 74, 538 Wilson, Peggy L. 372 Wilson, Robert 88, 537 Wilson, Wayne 474 Wilson, Stephanie 537 Wineman, Sue 74, 241, 348 Wing, Bob 200 Wing, Colin 74, 514 Wing, George 200 Wing, John 107 Winicki, Sidney 396 Winkler, Erle 422 Winkowski, Mariann 368 Winner, Langdon 500 Winnick, Sheldon 74, 446 Winsor, Janice 537 Winssinger, Reginald 398 Winter, Jane 506 Winters, Mahine 386 Winton, Chester 486 Winton, Euell 474 Wipke, W. Todd 393 Wisdom, Lynne 132, 304 Wiseman, Doyle 114, 418 Witte, Nancy 74 Wittenberg, Linda 350 Wiuggen, Constance 538 Wnukowski, Robert 486 Woddell, B. 224 Woffman, Nancy 538 Wokurka, John 88, 538 Wolf, Diane 493 Wolf, Diane E. 360 Wolfe, Patricia 386 Wolff, Jeff 416 Wong, Dhi Keung 74 Wong, Grant 88 Wong, Oski 225 Wong, Pat 152, 480 Wong, Patrick 74, 538 Wong, Paulette 71, 345 Wong, Peter Paul 74, 437 Wong, Philip 110, 539 Wong, Robert 88, 492 Wong, Rodney 225, 437 Wong, Roger 88, 538 Wong, Roland 437 Wong, Victoria 74, 494 Wong, Yvonne 346 Woo, Karen 74, 538 Wood, Donald 392 Wood, Judy 74 Wood, Obert 74, 538 Wood, Susan 74, 538 Woodbury, Karen 494 Woodruff, Barry 114, 432 Woods, Eric 499 Woods, John 88 Woodward John 74 Woodward, William 74, 200, 422 Woolery, Jon 460 Woolley, Billi 74, 368 Woolworth, Caroline 362 Wootten, Elenor 74, 538 Wootton, Doris 74, 480 Worden, Don 448 Workman, Kirk 425 Worswick, Sabra 74, 538 Worthington, William 412 Wray, Priscilla 360 Wright, Barry 468 Wright, Bob 292 Wright, Dana 370 Wright, Donna 350 Wright, E. Robert 460 Wright, Jennifer 380 Wright, Mary 368 Wu, Laurene 74, 220, 221,538 Wu, Po Chi 229 Wuertele, James 538 Wuertele, Katie 224, 538 Wueste, Robert 74, 114, 283, 284 Walker, Kaki 372 Walker, Michael 434 Wulf, Dick 395 Wurdeman, Susan 494 Wurmbach, Nanci 494 Wurschmidt, James 500 Wurzmann, Andrea 494 Wustner, David 499 Y Yaffee, Judith 74, 538 Yamada, Gerald 492 Yamada, Patsy 480 Yamamoto, K. 224 Yamamoto, Taksshi 88, 538 Yamato, Victor 114 Yan, Robert 74, 538 Yank, Ronald 74, 150, 516 Yankoff, Nadia 506 Yano, Roy 538 Yap, Linda 121, 484 Yarbrough, Sally 380 Yarwood, Bruce 74, 538 Yasuhiro, Janey 538 Yatabe, Barbara 480 Ybarra, Fred 163 Yee, Aileen 494 Yee, Norma 74, 114, 538 Yee, Philip 538 Yeomans, Jeannine 370 Yeung, Danny 88, 539 Yingst, James 88, 514 Yip, Carolyn 480 Yong, Lana 345 Yoshida, Marjorie 74, 538 Yoshidome, Ryoji 85 Yoshikawa, Harry 486 Yoshikawa, Irene 74, 538 Yost, Sandy 384 Young, Alan 284 Young, Charles 538 Young, Elizabeth 504 Young, John 211,500 Young, Joseph 106, 107 Young, Julie 364 Young, Pamela 74, 494 Young, Peggy 358 Young, Phillip 102, 482 Young, Rich 452 Young, Roger 404 Young, Ronald 400 Young, Sally 74, 352 Young, Sandra 107 Youngllaus, David 418 Yourd, Roland 88, 538 Yourick, George 35 Yuen, H. C. 200 Yundti, Robert 454 Yung, Bell 88, 539 Yunt, Eugene 500 Z Zacher, Toni 380 Zack, Phyllis 219 Zagelow, George 499 Zahn, Steve 292 Zalkind, Steve 74, 464 Zebroski, Nancy 380 Zeller, Jackie 201 Zeller, Karen 74 Zemansky, Larry 516 Ziebarth, Martin 88, 538 Ziegler, Jean 211, 368 Zimmerman, Michael 74, 538 Zimmerman, Pete 75, 448 Zimring, Jim 114, 446 Zinn, Dan 146 Zinn, Edith 35 Zintgraff, Cheryl 378 Zisook, Sidney 440 Zlyeda, Carole 538 Zoglin, Ronald 75, 440 Zuckerman, Shirley 350 Zupnik, Barbara 121, 483 Zurbach, Chris 75, 372 Zusman, Stephan 75, 446 Zwakenberg, Donald 85, 418 Zwegintzou, Nick 200 Zwerin, Herbert 75, 538 Zwerling, Regina 506 Acknowledgements The Blue and Gold means more than just a yearbook to the Managerial staff. It means lots of hard work: selling yearbooks at the end of reg lines, recruiting, typing, filing, meeting deadlines, and helping the staff. But this year it has also been fun. With a terrific freshman and a hardworking upper staff all our deadlines have been met with ease. I would especially like to thank Evie and Meg who put in so much time above and beyond on our Elephant campaign which, unfortunately, didn ' t work out and so we substituted the Stagecoach instead. I would also like to thank Carol, Kenna, Carol, Marilyn, and Nanette who were always there when needed. And to those freshman staff members — Jan, Linda, Sue, Jaci, Jean, Rocco, George, Kathy, Nancy, and Marilyn — a special thank you for making this year a successful one. And lastly and most importantly, to Don, who always kept me going, a sincere thank you. Sincerely, Julie Land I would like to extend a most sincere thank you to the people who were patient, understanding and helpful throughout the year, and who always could be relied upon when problems seemed overwhelming. I want to give special thanks to the following people: Mr. Lorin Wheelwright, Miss Norma Burnham, Mrs. Helen Lum, Mr. Walter Frederick, Mrs. Raymonde Adams, Miss Barbara Beard and the activities office staff, ASUC Graphic Arts, Paul Bishop Studio, Wayne Gallup, Sylvia Clay, Mrs. Peggy Hawk, Steve Hawk, Mrs. E. L. Scott, Bernice Deal, Pete Muzio, Jim McNamara, and, of course, to the entire Blue and Gold staff, and especially to Wes Cotton. Sincerely, Roberta Cotton

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