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1963 University of California Berkeley DON FRANK KAREN GROVE Manager Editor Copyright 1963 b the Associated Students of the University,of California at Berkeley Associate Editor BETSY ROGERS LEROY SHIRAISHI Sports Editor ROBERTA HAWK Copy Editor MARY FROST Pictures Editor JULIE LAND Associate Manager ALISON ARMSTRONG Assistant Manager SANDY GLOOSCHENKO____Promotion Manager PRINTING The Wheelwright Press COVER The Wheelwright Press BINDING The Wheelwright Press INDIVIDUAL PORTRAITS ____Keith Cole Studios QUEEN PORTRAITS Barry Evans In Memoriam Lloyd D. Bernard Granville S. Borden Edith M. Coulter Arild E. Hansen Mae M. Lent James J. Lynch Marjorie M. Nelson Charles A. Noble George A. Rice Frank M. Russell Jack Underwood Gordon L. Walls Peter Wilmarth Kenneth Yamauchi of Agriculture 54 of Letters Science 58 Athletic Administration 234 Spirit Groups 239 Fall Spo 249 Winter 5 Spring Intramurals of Chemistry 222 School of Forestry School of Optometry School of Public School of Criminology Sororities 33 Fraternities Residence Halls 440 506 524 Groups 530 Index 534 5 Dedication In announcing the appointment of Dr. Strong as third chancellor of the Berkeley campus, President Kerr declared, " Edward W. Strong is a distinguished scholar who is widely admired and respected by students for his clarity of thought, his high moral principles and his warmth of spirit. Few men have been so devoted to teaching, so prolific in research or so energetic in the general service of the University. " From 1958 until 1962, Dr. Strong was Vice-Chancellor in charge of Academic Affairs. A philosopher and a faculty leader, he has been a proponent of academic freedom. Prominent in his field, Dr. Strong has served as consultant to the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare. Chancellor Strong has demonstrated a continuing interest in student affairs. He holds frequent office hours, welcoming student discussions of individual problems and matters important to the student body as a whole. He was instrumental in establishing the Hyde Park area where opinions on any subject may be expressed. In recognition of your concern for student interests and your contributions to the University community, the 1963 Blue and Gold staff would like to dedicate this book to you, Chancellor Strong. 6 Commencement exercises in June, 1963, mark a significant anniversary in the history of the University of California. At the ceremonies in Memorial Stadium diplomas were awarded to the one hundredth graduating class. This is a curious fact, in that the University will not celebrate its centennnial until 1968. To explain, a look at the origin of the University is Three separate movements resulted in the of the. University — one originating in state action, one in private initiative, and one in federal legislation. At the state Constitutional Convention of 1849, recognition of the need and provision for a state university was into the Constitution. Private action began in 1853 when a group of Congregationalists and Presbyterians, led by the Reverend Henry Durant and the Reverend Samuel Hopkins Willey, opened a college preparatory school, the Contra Costa Academy, in Oakland. In 1855 they incorporated the College of California and two years later began negotiations for land north of Oakland. The townsite near this tract was later given the name " Berkeley. " In 1853 Congress bestowed upon the State 46,000 acres of public lands, proceeds of this sale of which were to be used for a " seminary of learning. " And, in 1862, the Act offered a grant of 150,000 acres of public lands to each of those states which would establish a college agriculture and the mechanic arts. Taking advantage of these grants, the California Legislature in March 1866 established an " Agriculture, Mining and Mechanic Arts College. " The College of California, direct ancestor of the University, was located in downtown Oakland. One of its buildings, Brayton Hall, is shown below. The earliest obtainable photograph of the Berkeley campus of the Taken from Charter Hill in 1874, it shows South Hall on the left and North Hall, which was later razed, on the right. The class of 1873, known affectionately to alumni as " The Twelve was the first class to begin instruction on the present Berkeley campus. The new college had funds, but no campus. The founders of the College of California, viewing the problem, with their college in a vice versa situation, offered buildings and lands to the State. But, because they felt the State was making a grievous error in establishing a college of such limited scope, their offer was made with the provision that a " complete university " be established which would teach humanities as well as agriculture and mechanics. The offer was accepted, the act of March 1866 was repealed and a new act passed which created the University of This act was signed by Governor H. H. Haight on March 23, 1868, a date celebr ated each year as Charter Day. The University opened its doors in September, 1869, at the College of California site in Oakland, while buildings were being erected in Berkeley. Previously, the College of California, which had enrolled its first freshman class of eight men in 1860, had held commencement exercises, with the first being for four graduating seniors in 1864. The Board of Regents of the newly established University of California ruled that the graduates of the College of California were to be considered in all respects graduates of the University; thus the 1864 exercises of the College of California became the first Commencement of the University. 8 Like every class before it, the one hundredth graduating class has watched the growth of this campus. As constant, though subtle compared to the construction of buildings, is the enrichment of the individual and the university community. The exchange between student and campus begins with the formal of education. Required courses add to the student ' s general while specialized and advanced studies can be the impetus to a long pursuit. Attending classes and studying form a routine that is both a challenge and a duty. Daily routines, like rules, will be broken. Studying is forgotten for the moment, replaced by the luxury of thought unrelated to mid-terms, problem sets, or papers. The student can escape with his thoughts to any one of the numerous quiet corners of the campus or, as some do, find solace amongst the throngs. Then too, sports events, dramatic performances, publications, and provide enjoyment in group The traditions handed down through the classes convey a sense of and continuity. These ideas welcomed the one hundredth graduating class and helped the individual find his place in the University. The traditions upheld and enriched by each class are the foundation upon which the has expanded. President ' s Reception Five hours with four thousand incoming students? This is the honor President Kerr and Chancellor Strong had at this year ' s President ' s Reception. The annual fall affair for the new students encompassed the whole student union from the bowling alley to the ballroom. The procedure followed was for the freshmen to line up (of course!). After being presented to the reception line, the student met a member of the senior class who in turn introduced the student to a member of his own class. The students were then on their own to dance to Ray Hackett ' s music or to use any of the facilities in the union for free. All in all it was a fine to the campus life for new students. The music of Ray Hackett entertained those who attended the Chancellor Strong and President Kerr head the reception line. 25 Freshmen Women are introduced to their escorts. All-U Weekend The Cal rooting section symbolized the spirit of All-U Weekend with its card stunts. This year Berkeley was the site for All-U Weekend, the traditional gathering for students from all University campuses. Formal celebration started at a University meeting, with President Clark Kerr making the principal address. Preceeding the formal meeting, fun began with a coffee hour in the Student Union. The Straw Hat Band added to the noise and confusion. The senior class held its traditional All- U meeting at La Vals. Friday night Berkeley students rallied in the Greek theater, and later were entertained by the Red Garter Band in the Bears Lair and the music of " Wild Willie " Moore in Pauley Ballroom. Highlight of the weekend was Saturday ' s game. Despite the Bruins ' win, the Cal football team and the rooting section refused to give up. Open houses after the game wound up All-University Weekend festivities. Keen rivalry always exists between Cal and UCLA. President Kerr delivered the principal address 26 House Decs are a traditional part of Big Game Week. Big Game Week Blue Monday and Kangaroo Court set the pace for Big Game Week activities. Tuesday featured Oski ' s antics as well as Big Game Concert, with the Trio. The traditional Axe Review and House Dec competitions added to the color of the festivities. All through the week Cal-Stanford rivalry was made manifest, in such forms as a Cal banner flying over Stanford ' s Quad, Blue and Gold mice in a Stanford residence hall, an unsuccessful Stanford on the Big C, and flares spelling " CAL " blazing at Stanford ' s Friday night rally. On the day of the Big Game, Roger Morgan led the rooting section in an outstanding performance. Though the game victory went to the Indians, Cal card stunts and the marching band won unending praise. The Big Game Rally. Oski Cones were sold during the week. Blue Monday activities range far and wide. 27 Axe Revue I ' d hate to be on that operating table. Doc, you ' ve just got to help me. The football team they ' re . . A traditional part of Big Game Week, Axe Revue, was held the weekend before Big Game. The theme " Victory at C " served as a foundation to the general " beat Stanford " purpose of the show. This theme was expanded by Kappa Nu in " Pseudo Psychosis ' ; Sigma Alpha Mu-Delta Gamma in " The Anatomy of a ' Gremlin " ; Stern Hall-Cloyne Court in " A Naval Operation " ; Smyth-Fernwald Halls in " Fowell Hospital " ; and Delta Phi Epsilon-Alpha Epsilon Pi in " The Football Man. " The trophy was captured for the fourth time by Kappa Nu; Sigma Alpha Mu-Delta Gamma took second place honors. Further non-competitive, were made by the Cal-ettes, a dance group, and by the Californians-Oski Dolls. Hal Goldstein and Morrie Bobrow emceed Axe Revue. Funs, gags, and skits all to the feeling and hope that we would " beat Stanford " in the Big Game. He ' s the President of the Big Society. 28 Union Week This spring the Student Union celebrated its second birthday. A complete week of activities was scheduled with the usual programs designed to draw together all segments of the campus community. Charter Day which featured a space exhibit climaxed the calendar of events. The Student Union which opened in 1961 was a dream after 13 years of planning. Clark Kerr, as Chancellor, made student welfare his number one concern. He initiated action, stimulated planning and guided the building campaign over the years. 10-9-8-7-6 . . . The Student Union, a magnificent architectural structure, was financed entirely by contributions and student fees. Joan Baez Events were scheduled throughout the week. On Tuesday, Dr. Fred Stripp, a mayorial candidate spoke in Pauley Ballroom. On Wednesday William C. Foster, the U.S. disarmament representative spoke on arms control and disarmament. As Director of the New Agency, Mr. Foster is principal advisor to the President and Secretary of State; he has prime responsibility within the Government for arms control and disarmament activities. On Thursday John W. Cowee, Dean of the School of Business Administration, spoke. Serving as legal consultant and economic advisor to legislative in several states, his special areas of academic interest include the Economics of Risk and Insurance, and Insurance Law. Then Friday Joan Baez was scheduled to appear at the Greek Theatre. But due to our usual Berkeley weather, her performance took place in Harmon Gym, instead. However, her songs, mainly ancient English ballads which tend to be slow and sad, left the audience feeling quite satisfied. To climax the week of activities the Yale Russian Chorus, an internationally acclaimed student choral group, performed in Wheeler Auditorium. K nown not only for its excellent musical performance, but for its unique contribution as a program of cultural exchanges, it has toured Russia four times, and on the last visit, gave concerts throughout Europe. 29 THE ASUC PROUDLY PRESENTS THE BIG " C " CIRCUS HARMON GYM AND UNION FIELD UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY CAMPUS FRI., APRIL 26 7 PM-12 MIDNIGHT SAT. ,APRIL 27 11 AM-5 PM 7 PM-12 MIDNIGHT ENTRANCE - $1.00 PER SESSION RIDES • GAMES • ENTERTAINMENT PROCEEDS GO TO CAL CAMP BIG C CIRCUS COMMITTEE — Row One: Bob Sullivan, Entertainment Chairman; Syd Henshaw, Big C Circus Chairman; Steve Johnson, Sale s Chairman. Row Two: Benette Kuper, Publicity Chairman; Cathy Macey, Booth Coordination Chairman; Mots Sutcliffe, Secretary. Row Three: Nel Brodie, Clowns Chairman; Dennis Crowley; Carolyn Decorations Chairman. The circus came to town! The most magnanimous Big " C " Circus ever to hit Cal. The activity in Harmon Gym, which was highlighted by a twenty foot clown in the center, was enough to make Barnum and Bailey green with envy. People were throwing darts and pies, smashing cars, dunking friends and enemies in huge tanks of water, poloroid pictures, eating cotton candy, spilling soda pop, and dancing to the music of Sylvester Grisley and the Candymen. Though it sounds chaotic, the circus was all organized fun with the proceeds going to Cal Camp. Gee, almostl 30 The action of Big C at night, viewed from the Student Union with a time exposure. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE — Randie Feldman, Vicki Odenweller, Peggy Mongam, Beth Fain, Claudia Lee, Benette Kuper, Chairman; Jackie Key, Carolyn Goddard, Al Frumkin, Stephani Lesch, Ada Schorr. Wouldn ' t YOU like to plaster a Tri-Delt? 31 Spring Sing Spring Sing, despite the cold rain the night of dress rehearsal, and the threat of rain the night of the show, was a singing success. The theme of this year ' s production was " Californians around the World. " Each of the ten groups competing had their own theme which fit the general overall theme. The themes ranged from a tour of Africa to a tour of San Francisco. The final production was the culmination of over a month ' s work by the participating living groups, selection and planning by the directing Californians, and much anxiety by all during the last hectic week. The groups w ere judged on many points including costumes, voice quality, adherance to theme, overall appearance, and overall quality of performance. The five final winners were: Bowles Hall ' s — Alpha Phi Sweepstakes; Cheney and Deutsch Halls, 1st in mixed, and Kappa Delta Rho — Chi Omega second; and Phi Mu first in singles, and Zeta Tau Alpha second. Deutsch and Cheney Halls, sweepstakes winners for two years, were forced to settle for first in mixed. Alpha Phi and Bowles Hall captured the sweepstakes trophy. Phi Mu took first in singles. 32 CAREER PLACEMENT GRADUATING SENIORS ALUMNI I wonder if they can find a job for me. Interviews are an important part of the work of the center. Closed from eleven to one. Placement Center Along with thoughts of commencement, students begin to think of employment. Every year several thousand register with the Student and Alumni Placement Center. For many students, the Placement Center an organization which arranges with employer representatives. Around 500 business, industrial, and government agencies 1963 graduates. For students with certain majors, campus interviews are less productive. These students are referred to local and national employers who contact the Placement Center to list specific needs. Many 1963 graduates will recall having terms at the Placement Center during their early years at Cal for help in finding part-time employment or a summer job. As the Placement Center serves alumni of the University of California, it represents a service always available to members of the Class of 1963. The Long wait 33 Graduate: Here I am, world, I ' ve got my AB. World: Well, sit down a minute and I ' ll teach you the rest of the alphabet. The one-hundredth Commencement was held this year. For a century a group of students has come forward each year to receive their diplomas, the paper that marks the end of their four undergraduate years. As each class passes by in their caps and gowns they fondly remember their years at Cal: their Freshman year when they were continually lost in Dwinelle Hall, their Sophomore year when they couldn ' t believe how dumb the new were — forgetting that they had been freshmen only the year before, their Junior year when the 10 o ' clock cup of coffee was all- important, and then their Senior year when they realized that they were going to graduate in a few months and they began to think, " What next? " Each graduate will go his own way, yet each will carry with him the realization that his education is not finished, but has only just begun with his four years at the University. Graduation President Kerr addresses the graduates. Commencement exercises are held in Memorial Stadium. 34 California Alumni Association Since its founding 90 years ago the California Alumni has dedicated itself to the advancement of the interests of the University and the promotion of student and alumni welfare. Some 45,000 members are kept of campus happenings through the California Monthly, one of the best alumni magazines in the country. Each year about 200 entering students are given Alumni Scholarships. The association offers its members the use of a family summer camp, a hotel at Yosemite, and a modern ski lodge at Squaw Valley, The Alumni Association from the California Aumni House on the Berkeley campus provides an effective contact between alumni and students. California Alumni House, a gift of the Alumni, was dedicated to the University. Norris Nash President Dick Erickson Executive Director A unique part of the Alumni House is its distinctive fireplace. 35 Inside the Alumni House. University Professor Tillich, a visiting professor of religious institutions at Santa Barbara, spoke to the University on Wednesday, February 20, 1963. His speech dealt with the great problem of the past — the relation of theologic and scientific statements. He went on to say that " every religious statement is misunderstood and distorted if taken literally. One can say that the languages of science and religion belong to two different dimensions. " He said that most of the conflict between theologians and scientists has resulted from a too `literalistic ' interpretation of religious works. He said further that we must not accept " the idolatry of science. " The interest in his speech shown by the students may accelerate the plans for a future department of religion at the University. Contemplation Early in the semester, Chancellor Strong spoke to the students on Proposition lA and its effects upon the state of the campus. Strong read a statement issued by President Clark Kerr on the proposition, urging University support of the bill because it would provide funds needed for construction and maintenance of University facilities. In his speech on the state of the campus, Strong stated the goals of long-range development. He said that leadership in instruction and research is " very important. " New fields such as biophysics, space sciences, and radio astronomy are especially valuable. He concluded with some remarks on the honor system urging students to assume the responsibility of making it work. More contemplation 36 Meetings Former Secretary of State Dean Acheson spoke to the University students on Wednesday, March 13, 1963. This speech was concerned with the events of January 14- 28, the French veto of British entry into the Common Market, and the Adenauer de Gaulle agreements or the so-called Paris- Bonn Axis; also it was concerned with France ' s reaffirmation of its aim for an independent nuclear striking force. He also said that the United States would not support de Gaulle ' s conception of a Europe " from the Atlantic to the Urals. " He criticized the U.S. ' s policy of " flirtation with Moscow " and its effects on our relations with West Germany. He said this flirtation " had no serious purpose " and has only succeeded in embittering more legitimate relationships. " Most of the University students found his speech to be informative as well as enlightening. I ' ve had enough. " Dean Acheson addresses the students. 37 Charter Day Edward W. Strong Charter Week, celebrating the University ' s ninety-fifth anniversary was highlighted by various features of the space age. At one ceremony during the week, astronaut Walter Schirra dedicated the Space Sciences Building. The Student Union in conjunction with the charter celebration sponsored a group of activities which included a space sciences exhibit. Among the items on display, were a full scale model of a Mercury space capsule, models of satellites, and photos and data from the observation of Mars by a balloon borne telescope. Several displays featured experimental animals, such as rats which were used in a study of the effects of confinement on behavior. The exhibit illustrated the activity of the University in several areas of space research, and showed the importance of this expanding field of science. Other events of the week included the Faculty Research given by Alfred Tarski, Profssor of mathematics, and the presentation of the Yale Russian Chorus. Kenneth Pitzer America ' s latest achievements in space exploration were exhibited by NASA. 38 The traditional Charter Day procession enters Harmon Gym. California ' s liquid sunshine did its best to discourage a Charter Day audience, but a hardy 4,500 dodged between the drops to the " Space Age " program presented by Walter Schirra and the main speaker, Kenneth Pitzer. In response to a magazine article which charged that our moon exploration program is being too rapidly, ultimately endangering the lives of the first astronauts who reach the moon, Schirra replied, " I think we have a winning team and I ' m proud to be part of it. " Those who honorary degrees were the President of Rice University, Kenneth Pitzer; U.S. Ambassador to Italy, George Reinhardt; Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of California, Phil S. Gibson; authority, Jerz Neyman; and Darius Milhaud, acclaimed France ' s greatest composer. Clark Kerr Walter Schirra Students stand awed in front of the Mercury capsule on display. University of California Campuses Berkeley ' s landmark, the Campanile, stands tall and erect behind Wheeler Hall. In 1873 the Berkeley campus came into being as the successor to the College of California and the first general campus of the University. From the first class, numbering twelve men, enrollment has risen until presently over 25,000 and graduate students are enrolled. Ever present will allow this figure to reach 27,500 where it will remain constant. This is scheduled to occur in 1970. The Riverside campus is nestled in the foothills of the San Bernardino mountains. In 1954 the University at Riverside was created as an " educational experiment " by Gordon S. Watkins. This small, state-supported college had a high faculty to student ratio which has now been lowered due to the increasing number of students. The transition from a liberal arts college to a general University has not changed Riverside ' s distinction of being the smallest general campus of the University. The Santa Barbara Campus founded in 1944 as a State College, became a general campus in 1958. The land it is built upon was bought only a few years ago, but the University already has grown rapidly. new buildings are scheduled to rise within the next five years. The eventual investment in the University is estimated at somewhere near $125 million. Thus Santa Barbara will soon be able to attain its enrollment. The Music Building is typical of the architectural design used on the Santa Barbara campus. In addition to present campuses at Los Angeles, Davis, Riverside, Santa Barbara, San Francisco, and La Jolla, the University has acquired land at Santa Cruz and at Irvine in Orange County. These new campuses will be ready in 1965. The University also plans to the Scripps Institute of into a general campus. The state- wide institution also includes four major research stations, nine agricultural field stations, fifty-three agricultural extension offices, and a number of other located throughout the state. The Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory at Los Alamos, New Mexico, and the White Mountain Research Station in Nevada are also administered by the University. An overseas campus at Bordeaux, France and several more planned in the near future complete the Universities ' facilities. 40 The Library-Administration Building is an integral part of the Davis campus. Dating back more than half a century ago to 1905, Davis has become the University ' s center of agricultural research and training. Even though agriculture will continue to be a major emphasis at Davis, the development of Davis into a general campus has resulted in agriculture undergraduates being out numbered by more than two to one. The addition of new this year is part of the master plan to accomodate 15,000 students by 1970. The La Jolla branch of the University, founded in 1903, is Scripps Institute of Oceanography. There, about 100 students are studying in geology, geophysics, chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology, and botany. Research in applied and theoretical oceanography is an important function of the faculty and students at Scripps. The future San Diego campus of the will be located near Scripps. The outstanding feature of the Scripp ' s Institute is the oceanographic pier. The twin towers of the Joshia Royce Hall have become known as UCLA ' s ' ' trademark. " Located on the Main Quad, Royce Hall contains liberal arts classrooms and faculty offices. The University of California at Los Angeles, established in 1927, is keeping pace with the rapid growth of the University campuses by a constant addition of new buildings. Two new residence halls, the Social Sciences building, the North Campus Library, and several to existing buildings are going up. The remodeling of the Kerckhoff Hall, the previous Student Union, has increased the facilities of the Student Center which is the focal point for cultural, recreational and social activities of the student body. Lick Observatory, on Mount Hamilton near San Jose, is one of the University ' s many research laboratories. The 120-inch reflecting telescope in this observatory is the second largest in the world. Graduate Students in astronomy conduct advanced systematic research under the guidance of the staff. Even though Lick Observatory is located on Mt. Hamilton, it is still considered part of the Berkeley campus Governor Brown In a time when education, or the lack of it, is determining the future course of young nations all around the globe, we in California can be explicitly grateful for the system of public education which has made our state unique among the United States. The great University of California, the keystone of our higher educational played a large and vital part in the development of California and its society. On this occasion of the centennial of commencement exercises of the University of California, I should like to extend my congratulations and to the students of the of California and to their teachers. Edmund G. 42 Edmund G. Brown Governor of California Glenn M. Anderson Lieutenant-Governor of California Jesse M. Unruh Speaker of the Assembly Max Rafferty State Superintendent of Public Instruction John S. Watson President of the State Board of Agriculture Theodore R. Meyer President of the Mechanics ' Institute REGENTS EX OFFICIO The Regents The Regents of the University of California, under the leadership of President Clark Kerr, are vested with the administration of the University and established as a corporated body under the State Constitution. They have " full powers of organization and government, only to such Legislative control as may be to insure compliance with the terms of the of the University and the security of its funds. " The Regents are appointed for terms of 16 years each. There are 24 of them of which eight are members ex- officio. The Regents are responsible for selecting the President of the University, ' who in turn is responsible to them for the administration of the several campuses. Meeting alternately at the various branches of the the Regents set the policy under which the state-wide University operates. They pass on of all chief administrators and have complete financial control of University matters. Meeting agendas always include controversial issues and major decisions in the areas of finance, construction, real estate, new campus developments, government contracts, and and faculty affairs. The Regents ' decisions are into action by the President and his subordinates. Robert E. Alshuler Clark Kerr President of the President of the University Alumni Association APPOINTED REGENTS Edwin W. Pauley Cornelius J. Haggerty Chairman Donald H. McLaughlin Gerald H. Hagar Edward W. Carter Mrs. Dorothy B. Chandler Mrs. Randolph A. Hearst Samuel B. Mosher John E. Canaday Philip L. Boyd Jerd F. Sullivan, Jr. Norton Simon William E. Forbes William M. Roth Mrs. Edward H. Heller Frederick G. Dutton 43 President Kerr As the 1963 Blue and Gold takes its place on the shelves beside those that have gone before, it speaks eloquently of the physical and spiritual growth and of the part the Berkeley campus has played in that progress. The activities, interests and achievements recorded here portray a student body of the University ' s heritage and ready to meet the challenge of growth. Traditionally yesterday ' s students turn to their yearbooks to revive rich memories; today ' s students seek out familiar names and places and are stimulated to further effort; tomorrow ' s can find here high expectation and inspiration. The University remains true to these hopes and memories in its renewed commitment to the full life of learning, to which the pages of the Blue and Gold testify. Clark Kerr 44 I extend warm congratulations to members of the Class of 1963 whose graduation exercises this year will mark an important event in the history of their Alma Mater. Every Commencement has its personal significance, but that of 1963 marks a special milestone. It is the 100th such ceremony since the University of California graduated its first senior class. The world you enter presents problems unimagined a century ago. These problems of human making can be mastered, given the will and intelligence to work for solutions. Every individual counts in the making of history, whether by action or failure to act, in situations calling for moral courage and thoughtful decisions. The University has sought to prepare you well for that will be yours to bear. Your careers henceforth will provide proof of the worth to you and to the world of this preparation. May that proof be clear and strong in credit to you and your University. E. W. Strong Chancellor Strong 45 The Vice-Chancellors The University of California is proud to have such capable and distinguished men serving as vice-chancellors. The position was created to relieve the burden of administrative duties from the Chancellor. Lincoln Constance and Raymond G. Bressler are currently serving as vice-chancellors in charge of academic affairs. This year, while Lincoln Constance is on a sabbatical leave, Adrian A. Kragen has been serving as a vice-chancellor. These men are concerned primarily with general matters of the educational policy of the University and its long range academic planning. A third person, Alex C. Sherriffs, acts as vice-chancellor of student affairs. He is particularly concerned with student relations and communications between the faculty and administration. These three men, with their fine administrative experience and growing academic achievements, help make this University a cohesive and prosperous institution. Raymond G. Bressler Vice-Chancel (o Lincoln Constance Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Adrian A. Kragen Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs Alex C. Sherriffs 46 Vice-Chancellor for Student Affairs Betty H. Neely Dean of Women The Deans of Students Dean Katherine A. Towle offers consultation on personal, campus, and financial matters to the student groups of the University. Her office administers University-student relations and works with the A.S.U.C. Miss Towle has added dignity and personal warmth to the office since she was appointed Dean of Students in 1961. Her chief concern is to work for the best interest of the many students on the Berkeley campus of the University. Betty H. Neely succeeded Miss Towle as Dean of Women in January, 1962. She has the responsibility of working with many of the women students and groups. The Dean of Men ' s office is under the able leadership of Arleigh T. Williams who has successfully served the interests of the men students on campus. Arleigh T. Williams Dean of Men Katherine A. Towle Dean of Students 47 The Assistant Deans When a student finds himself confused, bewildered, or just plain lost in the mazes of construction or among the masses of students, these residents of 201 Sproul Hall are ready to help him find himself. Whether it be counseling for personal or academic problems, giving loans or financial information or solving living group or campus issues, the Deans and their assistants are always ready with a friendly smile and a helpful suggestion. These counselors are so necessary in the ever-expanding University. Eric C. Bellquist Helen R. Biermann Elizabeth L. Chilton Brutus K. Hamilton George J. Lemmon Edith L. McClusky 48 William A. McCormick Stuart S. Myers Jill Q. Porter Armin Rappaport Emily S. Reed Louis C. Rice George A. Yourick, Jr. Peter S. Van Houten 49 Men ' s Faculty Club Retiring Professors As living examples of excellence in teaching, publications, and personal relations, these eleven professors who will retire from the Berkeley campus of the University of California will always be remembered. Even though these faculty members may retire from the active teaching staff, their high standards, aspirations, and service remain as memories and an incentive to both the students and who remain. Many years of devoted service, thousands of hours of personal instruction are represented by these soon-to-be Professors Emeritus. Miss Frederica Bernhard obtained her BA from Sweet Briar College in 1924, her MA from Teachers College at University in 1941. She joined the UC faculty in 1939, after receiving her Physical Education Certificate from Central School of Health and Physical Education in New York in 1926. The Amateur Fencers League of America established a trophy in her name, " in great appreciation for her contribution to women ' s fencing while associated with the University of California, " to be given to the most outstanding woman athlete. Frederica Bernhard Supervisor of Physical Educaiton A former Assistant Secretary of Professor Thomas Blaisdell made use of his government as the Director of the Institute of International Studies. Dr. Blaisdell arrived in 1951 and since then he ' has been instrumental in bringing many top governmental and international leaders to the campus to meet with students. He is presently a director of I-House and advisor to Delta Phi Epsilon, Service Fraternity. Thomas Blaisdell Professor of Political and BIR Director An expert in the field of labor economics, Professor Charles Gulick will close a long and distinguished career as professor of economics. Dr. Gulick has been teaching at Cal since 1926. He graduated from the University of Texas and received his doctorate from Columbia. Charles Gulick Professor of Economics Joseph Harris Professor of Political Science Professor Harris obtained his BA in Political Science in 1917 from the University of Kansas. He then went on for his PhD at the University of Chicago in 1923, and joined the faculty here in 1939. He was also an Assistant Professor at the University of Wisconsin, a professor at the of Washington, and a at American University. From 1940-41, he was at Northwestern, and in 1942-44 he was at the School of Military Government, West Virginia. An acknowledged expert in the field of insects and insecticides is Professor of Entomology William Hoskins. He has served as a to the National Institute of Health, the US Public Health Service, and the World Health Service. He is also the editor of the Journal of Economic Entomology, one of the world ' s leading entomology William Hoskins Professor of Entomology A long-time member of the UCLA faculty, Dr. Edgar L. Lazier retires after a short term at Berkeley as Director of Admissions. At UCLA he served as professor of zoology and assistant Dean of the College of Letters and Science. Professor Lazier is the current president of the Pacific Coast Association of Registrars. George Troxell Professor of Civil Engineering Glen Wessels Professor of Art An artist with a fine reputation is Professor of Art Glen Wessles. He received degrees from California College of Arts and Crafts and UC and studied in Munich and Paris. He has been teaching at Cal since 1946 and is currently a member of the executive committee of the San Francisco Art Institute. Professor Wessles will continue at Cal after his retirement. Edgar Lazier Director Administrations and Professor of Zoology Professor Troxell who joined the UC faculty in 1920 obtained his BS in in 1918. He was Chairman of the Subcommittee of Campus Committee on Engineering Material and also Chairman of Building Committee of Structural Research. An active member of the Building Committee for Etcheverry Hall, the College of Engineering Building Committee, and the Hearst Mining Hall Building Committee, Professor Troxell is also the co-author of the texts, Properties and Composition of Concrete, and and Inspection of Engineering Gertrude Wilson Professor of Social Welfare Head of Social Welfare Extension Professor of Social Welfare Gertrude has been a faculty member since 1952. Previously she had taught at Western Reserve University and at the University of Pittsburg where she also served as Dean of the School of Social Work. Miss Wilson is a former vice-president of the American Association of Social and the current head of the Social Welfare Extension. Professor Shane joined the UC faculty in 1920, after obtaining his AB in 1915, and his PhD at Lick Observatory in 1920. He was Assistant Director of Rad Lab fr om 1942-1944 and also Assistant Director in charge of personnel at Los Alamos from 1944-45. Director of Lick Observatory from 1945-1957, he has been an since. President of the Association for Research in Astronomy in 1958, he was also a member of the National Academy of Science. During his undergraduate days at Cal, he was a member of Phi Beta Kappa. C. Donald Shane Astronomer After having served as Dean of the of Architecture since 1950, Professor William Wurster was appointed as Dean of the College of Environmental Design when the college was organized three years ago. One of Dean Wurster ' s contributions to the campus is Stern Hall which he designed in 1939. His current desire is to see every temporary building on campus torn down by 1968. William Wurster Dean of the College of Environmental Design 1860’s HENRY DURANT was co-founder of the College of California with Samuel Wiley. He was on its faculty and in 1870 was first President of the University. These men were instrumental in the eventual of the University ' s charter. On April 16, 1860 the officials of the College of California met on Founder ' s Rock to dedicate the land to be used as the University of California. COLLEGE OF CALIFORNIA, the direct ancestor of the University of California. AGRICULTURE HALL was designed in 1912 in Italian Renaissance styles. The Patio outside of Alice Fay Morgan Hall The ceiling of Giannini Hall To discuss the origin of the College of Agriculture is to look at the beginning of the University itself. The Organic Act, passed by the legislature on March 23, 1868, established the University. It also made the creation of the College of the first duty of the Board of The election of a " Professor of Agriculture, Chemistry, and Applied Chemistry, and Horticulture, " in 1869 began the organization of agricultural Recently, with stress in the Berkeley program of agriculture placed on teaching and research in the basic physical, and social sciences, all courses relating to production agriculture have been elsewhere. The present Berkeley curricula have strong scientific orientation. The view from the College E. Gorton Linsley Dean Giannini Hall, where students devote their time to the study of Economics. College of Agriculture The College of Agriculture is closely tied with the School of Forestry, because the freshman and sophomore years of preforestry are administered by this College. Within itself, the College also has many fields, with requirements which must be met from the individual department or group In turn these fields of study may be further divided into majors. For example, the Department of Agricultural Economics offers two majors, one in Agricultural Business Management, the other in Agricultural Economics. A quite different type of study is offered by the Department of Entomology and Parasitology. Genetics, Nutritional Sciences, and Range Management are examples of other fields offered by the College of Agriculture. College of Agriculture Seniors AMANO, DIANE Berkeley Nutrition Nut. Sci. Stud. Club BURNS, RUTH Riverside Dietetics Honor Society Nut. Sci. Stud. Club Cheney Hall CIMINO, SHERI Concord Nutrition Cheney Hall ELIASON, JUDITH Alameda Dietetics Lambda Delta Sigma BURKE, GLORIA Mill Valley Dietetics Alpha Mu Gamma Honor Society Omicron Nu I House CHENG, ADELINE Hong Kong Dietetics Cheney Hall CRAIG, SUSAN Oakland Dietetics Nut. Sci. Stud. Club Omicron Nu, Honor Society Cheney Hall FRANKIE, GORDON Berkeley Entomology Honor Society Entomology Club A frequent subject for amateur photographers is the stairway in Giannini Hall. FUJII, JACK San Leandro Entomology Weightlifting Club Griffiths Hall HENDERSON, GAIL Alamo Clothing Design Nut. Sci. Stud. Club KAWAMURA, BERNICE San Jose Nutrition NSC, Nut. Sci. Stud. Club Cheney Hall MURDOFF, MARILYN Napa Home Economics SAKIMOTO, JUDI Long Beach Nutrition NSC, Nut. Sci. Stud. Club, Tower and Flame, Honor Society Freeborn Hall GILLMEISTER, VICKI Cupertino Nutrition Nut. Sci. Stud. Club Honor Society HUNG, DORA Hong, Kong Nut. Sci. Stud. Club I House MINER, SHARON Oakland Dietetics UPB, Music Com. Nut. Sci. Stud. Club Alpha Chi Omega REMPEL, CORNELIA Palo Alto Nutrition Alpha Chi Omega TANITA, JOANNE Glendale, Arizona Dietetics Nut. Sci. Stud. Club A display on Termites in Agriculture Hall. NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES STUDENTS ' CLUB — Roberta Wong, Marlene Nakamura, Sharon Smotherman, Kathy Takefuji, Carol Jalonen, Michele Sanda, Susan Craig, Erlin Ortiz, Vicky Good, Bernice Sanda, Ilene Edelman, Vicki Gillmeister. Nutritional Sciences Students ' Club The Nutritional Sciences Students ' Club is open to all Dietetics, Nutrition, and Food Technology majors and to other students interested in these fields. Its members participate in programs of the American Home Association and the California Home Economics Association. Lectures on current research in nutritional fields and films and panel discussions on job opportunities are presented by the club. A coffee hour is held for students and faculty daily from 9:15 to 10:15 in the Birch Room of Morgan Hall. A Tea is held to recognize honor students in nutritional fields. The club ' s goals are to promote a friendly association between faculty and to help people become aware of all phases of nutritional science, and to help students meet each other and also prominent people in nutritional fields. A side view of Agriculture Hall. These picturesque steps lead up to Giannini Hall. The College of Letters and Science is the largest single unit in the University. Yet in the establishment of the College, the order of which was defined by law in the Organic Act of March 23, 1868, a of Letters was to follow in priority, behind the Colleges of Agriculture, Arts, Mines and Civil The Act reminded the Board of to superintend with especial care the College of Agriculture and the of Mechanic Arts. However, a of Letters was one of the six colleges operating when the University opened its doors in the fall of 1870. At the time when it began the College of Letters, a non-professional college, was in with undergraduate professional study. This competition was in a society not far removed from the frontier, a tradition of liberal education, but with a ready understanding of training. The College survived the competition, and in 1915-16, the Colleges of Letters, Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences merged to form the College of Letters and Science. The new Earth Sciences building Strike up the band! Between classes The library provides a quiet, well-lit(?) place for study William B. Fretter Dean The College of Letters and Science seeks to combine a broad education with a detailed knowledge in a specific discipline. To accomplish this goal the New Plan was established with the Class of 1962, the first to have spent four years under the program. First of the two phases of the plan are the breadth requirements which demand that the student sample the Natural Sciences, Humanities, and Social Sciences as well as fulfilling the English and Foreign Language requirements. The second is the major requirement which causes the student to obtain proficiency and detailed knowledge in a fairly specific field. For many the College of Letters and Science provides a two year for upper division work in one of the other Schools or Colleges. College of Letters and Science An area famil iar to all L S students is Campanile Way. Students learn the principle of the gyroscope in Physics 4A. College of Letters and Science Seniors HUMANITIES ABEY, MIYOKO Mountain View Decorative Art AMICK, JANET Sacramento English YWCA Tower and Flame ANTOLA, NANCY Sherman Oaks History AOC ARMSTRONG, ALISON Oakland English Blue and Gold Asst. Mgr. Class Councils Prytanean Gamma Phi Beta ALLBIN, W. BRUCE San Francisco Letters and Science Delta Upsilon ANDERSON, EDNA Willits Scandinavian Phi Mu ARCHER, CARINE Santa Rosa English Alpha Gamma Delta ARMSTRONG, LOIS Oakland Journalism Alpha Chi Omega ASARI, JANE Huntington Beach Decorative Art Decorative Art Club BAILEY, I’LEE Palm Springs Art History YWCA, Parachute Club Arts Committee of UPB Kappa Kappa Gamma BARNETT, DAVID Berkeley History Triune Sigma Nu BEAVERS, FRANCES Berkeley History Honor Students Society BELHUMEUR, BONNIE Amiens, France History Alpha Delta Pi BAGLEY, PATRICIA Bakersfield English Theta Sigma Phi BARNES, SUZY Oakland History Symphony Forum Delta Delta Delta BARRETT, CHARLEEN Las Vegas, Nevada French Bay View Terrace BECK, MICHAEL Laguna Beach Spanish Collegians Alpha Chi Rho BELL, VIRGINIA Arcadia Decorative Art Alpha Chi Omega Closed circuit television for large lecture classes is being used ever more commonly. BENNETT, H. ROBERT Berkeley Journalism Sigma Delta Chi Daily Cal Alpha Sigma Phi BICAN, WILLIAM Sacramento Physical Education BENSON, CAROL Stockton Latin Stebbins Hall BIDWELL, CLINTON Greenbrae Letters and Science Delta Sigma Phi BERGMAN, GEORGE Brooklyn, New York Mathematics Hiking Club, Particle Honor Society BINNS, BARBARA Redding English Freeborn Hall BERMAN, CATHERINE Richmond French BISCHOFF, LAURIE Piedmont Art History Oski Dolls Pi Beta Phi BLAIR, JEAN Piedmont History Pi Beta Phi BLEY, STEPHEN San Francisco History Varsity Football Panel Americans Zeta Beta Tau BOLES, SANDY San Carlos Humanities Women ' s Judicial Committee Cal Prep, Prytanean Angel Flight Sigma Kappa BLAK, BETTY Kentfield English BOHN, CLAIRE Oakland French Honor Students Society BORER, HOWARD Los Angeles Mathemat ics IFC Alpha Epsilon Pi BOWIN, CORINNE Los Angeles Mathematics Tower and Flame University Chorus BRADFORD, LINDA Bakersfield History Young Republicans Kappa Kappa Gamma BREGER, JANET San Francisco French Fencing Club BRIDGMAN, LINDA San Mateo French Alpha Mu Gamma Elizabeth Barrett BROWN, WALTER Oakland Speech Glee Club Night Manager ASUC Student Union Theta Delta Chi BRUHNS, SALLY Berkeley Physical Education BURTON, SUEELLEN Berkeley Speech University Theatre Honor Society Zeta Tau Alpha BYER, SHELLEY Santa Cruz Physical Education Blue and Gold Alpha Gamma Delta BOYD, ANNE Sacramento English Chi Omega BRADY, ROBERT Rialto English Men ' s Exec. Board Intramural Advisory Board Varsity Gymnastics Big " C " Society Quarterdeck Society Bowles Hall BRETT, JOAN Tujunga English Delta Phi Epsilon Cunningham Hall BROWN, SANDRA Berkeley English Treble Clef Society BROWNE, JEANNE Berkeley History Freeborn BURNE, CAROLYN Sacramento History Alpha Gamma Delta BUSH, LYNN Napa Scandinavian Pi Beta Phi CAMPBELL, JOANNE San Francisco Art History International Club NSA WAA Pelican Staff Tower and Flame Sigma Kappa CAMPBELL, SUSAN Berkeley History Women ' s Rally Com Student Council Alpha Omicron Pi CARMEL, JEFF Los Angeles English Mens Exec. Bd. Alpha Phi Omega Pre-Med Society Californians Tower and Flame CAROLLO, PHYLLIS Dumont, New Jersey History Stern Hall CARPENTER, JAN Berkeley English Literature Sophomore Student Representative Ski Club French Club Honor Students ' Society Mortar Board CARLSON, FRANCES San Francisco Scandinavian Language and Literature CTA Lutheran Student Assoc. Alpha Mu Gamma Honor Students CARMICHAEL, MARGARET Oakland History Kappa Alpha Theta CARPENTER, MARY ALYCE Palo Alto History Alpha Chi Omega CHAMBERLAIN, CAROL Berkeley English CHATFIELD, CARL Glendale English Epworth CIANCIARULO, LOUISE Berkeley History Pi Beta Phi CORBETT, ELIZABETH Alameda Physical Education CHIAPELLA, LYNN Berkeley History Davidson CLAPHAM, JUDY Castro Valley Speech YWCA Blue and Gold Kappa Delta COTHRAN, DAN Selma History CHONG, RAE San Francisco Mathematics Davidson CLARK, TONI Ventura English Tower and Flame Honor Society CRESAP, BOB Oakland Speech Winged Helmet Phi Gamma Delta CHRISTENSEN, EDWARD Berkeley History Delta Phi Epsilon CLEMENT, GAIL Atherton Comparative Literature CUNNINGHAM, ROSANNE San Bruno Italian Cal Prep Exec. Comm. WAA, WDA University Chorus Newman Club Tower and Flame Panile, Prytanean Alpha Mu Gamma Beaudelaire Club CYTRON, JERI Berkeley History Mask and Dagger Axe Review Alpha Epsilon Phi DAVIS, CAROL Berkeley History Angel Flight Sigma Kappa DE LA GUARDIA, KAY Pleasant Hill History Newman Club Angel Flight Cal Club Pi Beta Phi DENISON, DOLORES Ripon Mathematics DIRKSEN, SUE Sausalito Letters and Science EDMONDS, BILL San Marino History Rally Committee Varsity Track Big " C " Society Sigma Chi EVANS, HELEN Pasadena English Neman Club Alpha Mu Gamma Zeta Tau Alpha DAILY, CATHLEEN Berkeley History DAVIS, JEWEL Berkeley English Davidson Hall DE KAT, DENISE Berkeley Decorative Art WAA Alpha Chi Omega DE ROOS, JULIE Berkeley Art Art Bureau Campus Tours Alpha Phi DOAN, MIKE El Sobrante Journalism Daily Californian Sigma Delta Chi Sigma Pi EKLUND, KARIN Orinda Scandinavian Pompon girl Tower and Flame Delta Gamma FAILING, BILL Los Gatos History DAMON, MARILYN Burbank History DEGENKOLB, GINGER San Francisco Mathematics Cal Prep Phi Mu DE LEON, LINDA Oakland English Alpha Delta Pi DESROSIER, BARBARA Sunnyvale Art J. Com. Daily Cal Davidson Hall DORNSON, DAVID Oakland Speech P and PR, Speaker ' s Bureau, Functional Services Board, Frosh Crew, Alpha Phi Omega, Tower and Flame, Honor Society Ehrman Hall ELGART, LONNIE Burbank English FALK, DIANE Piedmont Mathematics Christian Science Org. Honor Society DARBY, DONALD Berkeley History RWF, VIC, BSM Cal Band Putnam Hall DE JONG, LINDA Castro Valley History Cheney Hall DEMLER, RAE Berkeley History Delta Gamma DINSMORE, SUSAN Los Altos English Stern Hall DOYLE, KAREN El Cerrito Spanish AWS Zeta Tau Alpha ELLIS, NANCY San Francisco English Treble Clef Society Stern Hall FAORO, LAURETTE Santa Rosa Mathematics Honor Society Cheney Halt Empty Wheeler Hall forms an intricate pattern of curves. FARLEY ELOISE Daly City History WDA WAA Epworth Hall FAVELUKE, MARIANNE Berkeley English FENWICK, KAY Covina Decorative Art FISCHER, ANNE Oakland History Delta Delta Delta FARR, PATRICIA Berkeley History Second Vice-president Pompon girl Rally and Games Univ. Affairs California Club Panile, Prytanean Mortar Board Honor Society FAY, PATTI San Francisco French AWS Senior Class Council Women ' s Rally Comm. Kappa Alpha Theta FEVEREIRO, NANCY Ryde Spanish Sigma Kappa FISHER, MARCIA Fresno Humanities Honor Student ' s Society FLEMING, LAURIE Sacramento Art Campus Tours Union Program Art Committee Sigma Kappa FONG, ALLENA Oakland Mathematics Collegians CSC, Null Set FRANKLIN, CATHERINE J. Berkeley Humanities Collegians Lambda Delta Sigma GALLIS, PATRICIA San Francisco Scandinavian Sister of Minerva Alpha Chi Omega FLETCHER, MARVIN San Francisco History Ehrman Hall FOOTE, VERA Ventura English Calif. Teacher ' s Assoc. Sherman Hall FRANKLIN, ROGER Los Angeles Journalism Alpha Epsilon Pi GARDNER, BARBARA Oakland Philosophy FLOOD, JUDY Woodside French Kappa Kappa Gamma FOSTER, MARY Orinda Decorative Art Kappa Kappa Gamma FRISOU, SUZANNE Oakland French Newman Club Deutscher Verein Cercle Francais Gamma Phi Beta GARTSHORE, PAMELA San Francisco English Oski Dolls Panile, Prytanean Mortar Board Alpha Phi FLOOD, NANCY Oakland History FOWLER, KAREN Placerville German Deutscher Verein Mortar Board Honor Society GALIPEAUX, YVONNE Aptos Philosophy Bay View Terrace GENTNER, LYNN Courtland History AWS, IAWS, APCC Women ' s Rally Corn. IRB Mortar Board Prytanean, Panile Sigma Kappa GEOFFEY, MARGRIT Santa Monica Art History Pelican GILLMORE, JANE Sonora Mathematics Treble Clef GINOUX, MARILYN Costa Mesa Art Pi Beta Phi GIBERTI, MARIANNE Martinez English AWS Alpha Xi Delta GILMOUR, RICHARD Placerville History NROTC Alpha Delta Phi GOLDFARB, NEIL San Diego English Axe Review Drama Bowles Hall The two Japanese lanterns were given to the University by the Japanese government. GOLDMAN, KAREN Milwaukee Decorative Art Pelican Phi Sigma Sigma GRAHAM, ZARA Los Altos English GRIBBLE, DIANE Bakersfield Mathematics Class Council Wesley Foundation Kappa Delta GOODRICH, ELIZABETH Santa Rosa English Freeborn Hall GREENHILL, HOPE Brooklyn History HAIM, RENEE San Francisco Speech Stern Hall GOLDEN, JOYCE Fresno English Chi Omega GREGERSON, HAROLD Berkeley History Crew, Golden Guard Phi Delta Theta HALL, MARTHA Orinda Art Blue and Gold Chi Omega GRAHAM, CAROL Burbank English Elizabeth Barrett GREGORY, MARALYN Altadena English Delta Zeta HALLEN, KATHRYN Hayward English Freeborn Hall Sun rays gleam in Wheeler Hall lobby HANS, LESSEL Palo Alto Art Bay View Terrace HARRISON, LINDA Martinez Art Oski Dolls Chi Omega HAYES, SHARON San Mateo English Delta Zeta HEINECKE, LOUANN Piedmont Art History SSB. Cal Council Frosh Class Council YR, Univ. Chorus Elizabeth Barrett HIXSON, JUDITH San Anselmo Decorative Art Alpha Gamma Delta HOLLAND, PENNY Oakland Physical Education SSC, WAA Hiking Club Tower and Flame Alpha Phi HORAN, KATHLEEN Pittsburg Art Cal Prep, WDA Tower and Flame Beaudelaire Club HANSEN, ADELE Santa Cruz Mathematics Women ' s J. Comm. HARTGOGIAN, CAROL San Francisco English High School Model U.N. Alpha Mu Gamma Cunningham Hall HAYHURST, NANCY Fresno History WAA, AOC Pi Beta Phi HENDREN, JULIE Sacramento History Alpha Mu Gamma Delta Gamma HOFFMAN, WENDY Buffalo, New York History Women ' s Pub. Comm. AWS, Honor Society Alpha Epsilon Phi HOLLICK, ANN Berkeley English Rally Comm., IRB German Club, AWFA Pelican Tower and Flame Panile, Honor Society Alpha Mu Gamma Kappa Kappa Gamma HOSE, JUNE Albany History SCTA HANSEN, EUNICE Hollister English Gamma Phi Beta HARTMANN, LINDA Compton Journalism Theta Sigma Phi HAYWARD, LINDA Fairfield Physical Education HIEBERT, LYNETTE Albany English HOHENGARTEN, JOHN III Downey History UC Yacht Club Gamma Delta Tower and Flame Griffiths Hall HOLLOWAY, JEAN Hoover History YWCA HOYER, JOAN Orinda Mathematics Phi Mu HAPLEIGH, DAVID Phoenix, Arizona Letters and Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon HATCH, TONI Keyes Decorative Art Card Stunts Senior Class Council Blue and Gold Prytanean Alpha Omicron Pi HECTOR, JULIANN Van Nuys Journalism Student Forum, WDA Baptist Student Center HILZER, RALPH Orland Mathematics Theta Xi HOLCOMBE, KATY Piedmont English FSB, COB, APC Senior Class Veep Angel Flight Gavel and Quill Gamma Phi Beta HOM, PAUL San Diego History Deutsch Hall HUI, SHEILA Hong Kong Mathematics Cunningham Hall HUNT, CAROLE Merced Art Union Program Board WAA Alpha Delta Chi JENKS, PHOEBE Menlo Park History Delta Delta Delta KACIFF, ANDREA North Hollywood Speech Soph Class Council WAA Axe Review Freeborn Hall KARLSBERGS, INARA Pasadena Slavic Languages Davidson Hall KENNEDY, GRACIE Albany Spanish KING, DIANE Vallejo English Class Councils Tower and Flame Honor Society Gamma Phi Beta KONIG, NAN Carmel Physical Education Rally Comm., Elections Torch and Shield Phi Mu HUSKEY, CAROLYN Berkeley Art History WDA Kappa Phi Tower and Flame Honor Society Cunningham Hall JELAVICH, SUSAN Alameda History Delta Gamma KANKKONEN, BETTE Berkeley English Treble Clef Women ' s Rally Com. Big Game Comm. Panile Alpha Xi Delta KEACH, STACY Sherman Oaks English Director Axe Review Mask and Dagger University Theatre Psi Upsilon KIM, DOUG Stockton Journalism Sigma Delta Chi Pelican Editor KOBAYASHI, NANCY San Diego History Blue and Gold NSC KORUTZ, GRETCHEN Cementon, Pa. History Phi Alpha Theta HUTSON, SHARRON Berkeley Linguistics Treble Clef Madrigal Singers Ski Club JOHNSON, JACKIE Piedmont French Delta Delta Delta KAPPMEYER, ROBERT Fairfield English Delta Sigma Phi KELLER, DAN Long Beach History KIMURA, JOYCE Phoenix Mathematics KOBLIK, STEVEN Sacramento History APC Kappa Nu KRANTZ, LISA La Mesa Journalism Theta Sigma Phi Spurs, Cetza Epworth Hall JACKSON, BETTY Alamo History Alpha Omicron Pi JOHNSON, JOHN Berkeley Mathematics Calif. Engineer Tower and Flame KARAU, KATHERINE Los Angeles Physical Education KENNEDY, MARY ANNE Pasadena English Honor Students Alpha Mu Gamma KINDIG, JUDY Lakewood History Chi Omega KOLLMANN, JUDY La Cresenta English I House LANGSAM, MARV San Francisco History Cal Prep Californians Griffiths Hall LAVELLE, ROSEANN Sacramento English Davidson Hall LEE, HELEN Sacramento Mathematics Cheney Hall LEE, MILLICENT Brooklyn History Oski Dolls WAA, YR Stern Hall LEMON, SUSAN Long Beach Speech LEE, DORIS Suison English LEE, MARY LOUISE Berkeley English LEHMAN, LOIS Pasadena Mathematics Freeborn Hall LEONARD, NANCY San Jose English Cheney Hall LESTRADE, NANCY San Francisco French WDA, Le Cercle Francais Alpha Mu Gamma Cunningham Hall LEWIS, CAROL Whittier Art History Collegians Alpha Mu Gamma Cheney Hall LICHTERMAN, SUSAN Beverly Hills English Big " C " Circus Spurs LIVCHITZ, DIANE San Francisco Art Delta Phi Epsilon LOFGREN, HELEN Berkeley Mathematics Cal Camp Stern Hall LORIMER, SALLY Oakland Speech Kappa Kappa Gamma LEVINE, ROBERT North Hollywood History Megaphone Society LEWIS, KARIN Berkeley History LINDBERGH, SHERRY Danville Spanish Collegians Alpha Mu Gamma Honor Society Zeta Tau Alpha LIVESAY, WENDY North Hollywood Speech Women ' s Rally Comm. Card Stunts Comm. Treble Clef Society Delta Zeta LOPEZ, JOANN Vallejo English LUNDGREN, JACK Menlo Park English P and PR Californians University Day Delta Sigma Phi LUTEN, BRENDA Berkeley English Yacht Club Pres. Alpha Mu Gamma McCLAY, KATHLEEN Van Nuys English Davidson Hall LYNN, DEANNA King City History AWS, COB Soph. Class veep Women ' s Rally Comm. Torch and Shield Alpha Omicron Pi McCLINTOCK, MARILYN San Jose History Oski Dolls WAA, Daily Cal Phi Mu McCARTY, WILLIAM Piedmont History Ski Club, Froth Crew Winged Helmet Phi Gamma Delta McCRACKEN, MARCY Lafayette Art History Senior Class Council Daily Cal Ski Club Delta Delta Delta McCAUGHAN, BONNIE Gridley English WAA, AWS, Cal Prep Senior Week, Prytanean Women ' s Rally Comm. Sigma Kappa McKEEGAN, MICHELE Lafayette English Folk Song Club Hiking Club Honor Society McKINLEY, JAMES Santa Clara History YD Barrington Hall MACINTOSH, CAROLYN San Gabriel History Sect. Treas. Soph. Class Gavel and Quill COB, CSTA Tower and Flame Sigma Kappa MAJESKY, BARBARA San Anselmo Art History Card Stunts Panhellenic Prytanean Kappa Alpha Theta McMANUS, JAMES Berkeley Art Big C Tennis BTC MACKENZIE, KAREN Oakland English MAK, REGINALD Hong Kong Mathematics Honor Society McMILLAN, JEAN Port Washington, New York Spanish Bowling Team College Women ' s Club Pelican Cheney Hall MACLEAN, JUDY Pasadena History Blue and Gold, Pelican Frosh Class Council Alpha Lambda Delta Alpha Delta Pi MALONE, CAROLE Arcadia History Alpha Delta Pi MacDONALD, FRED Hawthorne History High School Comm. Delta Phi Epsilon Tower and Flame Honor Society MADFES, JUDITH Al Tahoe History Ski Club Blue and Gold Chi Omega MAN, RICHARD Maryville Letters and Science Deutsch Hall MANEKI, JANICE Glendale Mathematics MANSON, LEILA Oakland Speech U.C. Panel of Americans Delta Phi Epsilon MARACINI, JULIE Los Banos English Italian Club, Newman Elizabeth Barrett MARLIARE, CAROL Walnut Creek Letters and Science Alpha Gamma Delta MARTIN, DANA San Francisco Speech Phi Sigma Sigma MAYNARD, BARBARA Kensington French Pelican Honor Society Sigma Kappa MEIER, BRUCE San ta Maria History Frosh Basketball MEJIA, CAROLE San Francisco Dramatic Art Crop and Saddle Zeta Tau Alpha MENZIES, MELINDA San Francisco French Woman ' s Day, YWCA Panile Pi Beta Phi MEZEK, DENISE Orinda Physical Education WAA Delta Zeta MANNING, JUDITH Sacramento French Pelican Sigma Kappa MANUELLI, VIC Los Angeles History Zeta Psi MARCUS, SUSANNE Berkeley German Cuchulain Honor Society MARKSITY, REENA Santa Ana Decorative Art MARSTELLER, ELIZABETH New York, New York History WAA, Symphony Hall Pi Beta Phi MAXWELL, RONALD Sacramento Mathematics Men ' s Exec. Board USCA Tower and Flame Honor Society Barrington Hall MEIERDING, WILLIAM Ventura Dramatic Art Alpha Kappa Lambda MENDELSOHN, JAN Palm Springs History Tower and Flame Alpha Epsilon Phi MEYER, HELEN Sacramento English Cheney Hall MILLER, BERNICE Berkeley History Alpha Xi Delta MILLER, LESLIE Pacific Palisades Comparative Literature MORGAN, DALE Loomis Mathematics Kappa Sigma MORRIS, BILL Marysville History Cal AFS Returnees Honor Society Putnam Hall MOTT, BILL Santa Ana Letters and Science Delta Tau Delta NAKAMURA, JULIA Berkeley Latin Honor Society MILLICH, STEPHEN Sunnyvale History MEB, UPB Class Councils Californians Sigma Phi Epsilon MORGAN, ROGER Sacramento Art Head Yell Leader Rally and Games Council Californians MEB, Megaphone Society Cal Club,Order of the Golden Bear Deutsch Hall MOSELEY, MARIE Santa Monica English AOC Kappa Alpha Theta MIJATOVICH, FRANK San Francisco English NAKANO, PATRICIA Alameda Art Painting Nisei Club NATALI, DENNIS Castro Valley Speech Kappa Nu NICOLAUS, NANCY Sacramento History Pi Beta Phi OAS, STEPHEN Oakland History O ' NEILL, MOLLIE Oakland English Swim Club, Yacht Club Kappa Delta ORTEGREN, CAROLYN Albany Scandinavian Rally Comm. Pelican OTTO SUSAN San Francisco Art History Pi Beta Phi NEWNHAM, BLAINE Alameda Journalism Sigma Delta Chi Daily Cal Sports Editor NOBLE, ELLEN Santa Barbara English Oski Dolls Pelican Alpha Phi ODO, CAROL Honolulu Journalism Stebbins Hall O ' REILLY, PATRICIA San Francisco Art Tower and Flame Honor Society OTT, JUDY Berkeley Music Education Honor Society Freeborn Hall OWENS, KATHLEEN Berkeley History OZANICK, TERESE Cupertino English PARKER, JOAN Corona Del Mar Physical Education Blue and Gold, Pelican WAA Little Sisters of Minerva Alpha Delta Pi PARTLAND, JUDY Lafayette English WAA, Blue and Gold Alpha Chi Omega PAULSEN, LOWELL Ceres French Cercle Francais Honor Society PAYNE, JOAN Piedmont Dramatic Art Kappa Kappa Gamma PADAMS, MICHELLE Los Angeles History WDA Mortar Board Tower and Flame Honor Society PARROTT, KATHY Woodland Spanish PATTISON, RUTH ANN Redondo Beach History Cal Camp Mortar Board PAULSON, JOAN Palo Alto English PEARSON, PAUL Cloverdale History Varsity Debate PECORARO, CAROLYN San Jose Italian WUS Alpha Mu Gamma PIERCE, LESLIE Ventura French Swimming Chi Omega PETERSON, WENDY Los Angeles Art Rally Comm. Election Council Pelican Alpha Chi Omega POINDEXTER, COLLEEN Buena Park Letters and Science PETERSON, PAMELA Newport Beach Journalism AWS Kappa Alpha Theta POPOVICH, MILO Sutter Creek History Bowles Hall PHILLIPS, LINDA San Francisco History Kappa Phi University Chorus, Tower and Flame Honor Society Freeborn Hall POYNTER, MARGARET San Francisco English AFS, Prytanean Oski Dolls PRICE, CAROLYN Long Beach English Oski Dolls Senior Week Comm. Kappa Alpha Theta PUGH, SHARON Woodland Mathematics RAMIREZ, EVANGELINE Oakland Spanish Alpha Mu Gamma PRITCHARD, MICHAEL San Diego English Alpha Kappa Lambda QUARTAROLA, BOB Oakland History RANK, STEPHANIE Beverly Hills History Card Stunts, P and PR Delta Delta Delta Dwinelle Hall corridors house displays of Oriental jade. RANSOME, CLARK Walnut Creek Physical Education Big " C " Sigma Phi RAINS, JUDY Berkeley Slavic Languages REDDALL, MEREDITH Palos Verdes Estates Slavic Languages Tour Guide, P and PR Freeborn Hall REIMERS, DIANNE Stockton Slavic Languages Tower and Flame Honor Society Davidson Hall REYNOLDS, JERRY Torrance History USCA Pres. Cloyne Court ROEHR, MARTHA Sacramento Music Education WDA, Univ. Chorus Rep. Chorus Beaudelaire Club ROLAND, CAROL Oakland History Angel Flight Alpha Delta Pi ROSS, ELLEN Lodi Slavic Languages Deutscher Verein RABIN, RONALD Hollywood Speech Alpha Epsilon Pi RECKLER, JOANNE Denver, Colorado English Alpha Epsilon Phi REES, CLAUDIA Orinda History Sigma Kappa RENOUF, MARIE Berkeley French RHODES, BARBARA Salinas Decorative Art WAA Phi Mu ROELOF, JAY Kansas City, Mo. Mathematics Golden Guard ROLLAS, JENNIFER Pleasanton English Publicity Comm. Chi Omega ROUMASSET, CATHY San Carlos History RUDGE, KAREN San Gabriel English Collegians Oski Dolls Honor Society Tower and Flame Chi Omega RUFER, MARGARET Castro Valley Decorative Art Newman Club Davidson Hall SAMN, SHERWOOD San Francisco Physics Putnam Hall SCHMIDT, RICHARD Oakland Physical Education Frosh Gymnastics Varsity Gymnastics Big " C " Society Sigma Chi RUSK, DELCIA Berkeley Italian SANBORN, MADELYN Los Angeles English Women ' s J. Comm. Oski Dolls Panile, Mortar Board Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society Kappa Alpha Theta SCHOWENGERDT, MARILYN San Diego History Class Council Kappa Delta RUSH, STEPHEN San Francisco German Alpha Chi Rho SANFORD, CHRISTINE Fresno Art Alpha Delta Pi SCHWARTZ, CAROLE Cincinnati, Ohio History Alpha Epsilon Phi SAM, PAULA Castro Valley Italian Tower and Flame SCHLESINGER, JOANNE Arcadia English Alpha Epsilon Phi SCHWARTZ, JOAN Salt Lake City, Utah Decorative Art Davidson Hall SEARS, MADELYN Orinda Spanish Pelican College Women ' s Club SIMMONS, JUDY San Francisco Letters and Science Alpha Xi Delta SKARSTEN, CAROLIN Oakland Art Alpha Chi Omega SNELL, CAROL Berkeley English Honor Students Society STAPEL, ANDREA Pasadena English Delta Gamma STEINER, MARY Walnut Grove Speech WAA, IRB Soph Class Council AWS Social Comm. Intramurals Kappa Kappa Gamma STOFFEL, KIT Santa Monica English Gamma Phi Beta SEYMOUR, SUSAN Berkeley English Bay View Terrace SIMPSON, MARGARET Auburn English Stern Hall SMITH, DORMAN San Anselmo Music Delta Chi SOMMARSTROM, KAREN Val Halla, New York American History Rally Comm. Axe Review, Spring Sing Delta Gamma ST. CLAIR, NANCY San Marino Speech Gamma Phi Beta STENLUND, KENNETH Santa Rosa Journalism Soph Class Council Sigma Delta Chi DC Consultative Board Big Game Queen Comm. Chi Phi STUELAND, HELLE Oslo, Norway Comparative Literature Oski Dolls, AWS Cal Prep, Cal Club Rally and Games Mortar Board, Prytanean Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Panhellenic Girl of the Year Pi Beta Phi SHADI, RAMONA El Cerrito Music IAWS, Treble Clef Prytanean, Panile Tower and Flame Mortar Board Beaudelaire Club SINGLETON, JOAN Kensington English Christian Science Org. Cunningham Hall SMITH, LOUISE Berkeley History Card Stunts Kappa Alpha Theta SPENCER, WENDY Piedmont Decorative Art Decorative Art Club Axe Review, Spring Sing Delta Gamma STEHLI, ALFRED Patterson Speech STENSON, BETTY Oakland Mathematics Honor Students Society Lutheran Students Assoc. Alpha Delta Chi STULL, ROGER Brookdale Speech Varsity Football, Rugby Kappa Sigma SHERMAN, DIANA Atherton French IRB Kappa Alpha Theta SISMONDO, CHARLES Alhambra Mathematics Alpha Phi Omega CFYA, Masonic Club SNAIDER, MARILYN San Francisco Mathematics Freeborn Hall SPETH, KATHY San Jose History AEB, Elections Council Alpha Gamma Delta STEINBERG, ELLIOT San Francisco Journalism Cal Club, OGB Univ. Affairs ASUC Senate ASUC Cabinet Pub Board, DC Editor Sigma Alpha Mu STEPHENS, MARIJEAN San Francisco Speech Honor Students Society Kappa Delta SWANSON, LINDA Turlock English TABER, PATRICIA Bakersfield Speech YWCA Future Teachers Assoc. Tower and Flame Piedmont Court TEPPER, ROCHELLE Caracas, Venezuela Spanish Alpha Mu Gamma TIETZE, FRITZ San Francisco English Frosh Track and Cross Country Deutsch Hall TONG, GABRIELLE Fresno History Chinese Students ' Club TACKETT, LAURA Los Angeles Mathematics Legislative Assistant THIESSON, JACQUELINE Benecia English Stern Hall TOLCHIN, ANN San Mateo History Varsity Debate Team TREADWAY, DENNIS Concord Mathematics Boxing, Big C Society Ehrman Hall TANENBAUM, ILENE Berkeley Art History THOMPSON, WILLIAM San Diego English Quarterdeck Society TOLLES, DANA Lafayette French Intramurals Young Republican Blue and Gold Kappa Kappa Gamma TSUKAMOTO, SANDRA Pinole Art TATE, PATRICIA Modesto History IAWS, YWCA Yacht Club Sigma Kappa THORMANN, HELEN Fresno Art Art Bureau Tower and Flame Delta Delta Delta TOM, ELLA San Francisco History WAA Freeborn Hall TUCK, LORETTA Hillsborough Physical Education WAA, Ski Club Newman Club Alpha Phi UPSHAW, SUSAN Santa Monica Physical Education P.E. Majors ' Club Stern Hall VERNER, ANNETTE Burbank Mathematics Ski Club Honor Student ' s Society Freeborn Hall WALTHER, JUDY Oakland Speech Class Councils Chi Omega VAN HOOREBEKE DAVID Los Angeles Physical Education Football, Baseball Winged Helmet Sigma Nu WADE, SALLY Atherton History AWS, Rally and Games Women ' s Rally Comm. Prytanean Torch and Shield Kappa Alpha Theta WARNER, NANCY Riverside Mathematics Cheney Hall WATKINS, JOANNE Livermore Mathematics WAA, Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Cheney Hall WEISIGER, MARY Menlo Park Mathematics Ski Club Honor Students ' Society WHITEHEAD, GORDON Berkeley Physical Education Cross Country, Track Basketball Cloyne Court WILLIS, WANDA Dos Palos Decorative Art Alpha Delta Pi WAYTE, PENNY Fresno Speech WAA, Intramural Rep. Alpha Mu Gamma Torch and Shield Gamma Phi Beta WELLS, KATHLEEN Millbrae English YWCA WHYTE, LILA San Francisco Spanish WITTNEBERT, LARRY Monrovia History WEATHERHEAD, MARGARET Sacramento History Cal Club, Univ. Affairs DC Managerial Prytanean, Panile Panhellenic Mortar Board Torch and Shield Sigma Kappa WESTERGARD, RAY San Francis co Mathematics Tennis, SRV Honor Society Tutor Deutsch Hall WILDE, CHARLES Berkeley Journalism Men ' s J. Comm. University Affairs Comm Winged Helmet Beta Theta Pi WOLDEN, DONNA Oakland Art Travel Council, YWCA Alpha Chi Omega WEAVER, VALERIE La Jolla Letters and Science Delta Gamma WHITE, ROSS Coronado Letters and Science Sigma Pi WILEY, SUSAN Altadena History Rally Comm. ASUC Activities Board Delta Gamma WOLF, MIKE Berkeley History Zeta Beta Tau The Campanile looms through the rough glass of Hertz Hall. WONG, ART Berkeley History Rally Comm. Big Game Week Chrmn Cal Prep, Californians Chinese Students Honor Students Society Pi Alpha Phi YATABE, LINDA San Francisco Physical Education Ritter Hall WONG, WINIFRED San Francisco English YOST, PAUL Los Angeles Mathematics Skull and Keys Delta Kappa Epsilon WOODARD, NANCY San Anselmo Journalism Card Stunts, AOC Kappa Alpha Theta YUMIKO, JANE Delano Music Cal Symphony WU, VERONICA Hong Kong Letters and Science ZAZZI, BARBARA Sacramento French Newman Club Cheney Hall ZIDELL, EDEN Los Angeles Decorative Art Panhellenic Council Honor Students Society Student Forum Dec. Art Club Phi Sigma Sigma ZIMMER, KAY San Jose English UPB Alpha Omicron Pi SOCIAL SCIENCES ABEGHIAN, ALICE Montebello Sociology ANDERSON, PATRICIA Napa Sociology ANTONIO, LINDA El Cerrito Sociology ABRAM, PETE Burlingame Psychology Alpha Epsilon Pi ANDERSON, SUSAN Castro Valley Anthropology ARCHIBALD, HERB Berkeley Political Science Phi Phi Phi Kappa Psi ALPERT, ELEANOR El Cerrito Sociology Cal Camp Jr. Panhellenic Honor Students Society ANDRE, BABETTE San Francisco Political Science Cheney Hall ARTHOFER, DAN Newport Beach Political Science AMES, KAROL Berkeley Political Science YR, AWFA UC Yacht Club UC Ski Club, I. House ANIXTER, KATHERINE Kentfield Political Science YMCA Tower and Flame Alpha Epsilon Phi BALSHAM, ARLENE North Hollywood Psychology BENSON, ROSS San Francisco Political Science BENEDICT, KENT Placerville Economics Cal Band Bowles Hall BLACKBURNE, ARDIS North Hollywood Sociology Chi Omega BLYTHE, JUDITH Berkeley Anthropology BRAUNEWELL, MARJORIE San Francisco Anthropology Ritter Hall BRODOVSKY, AL Sacramento Economics Pi Lambda Phi CAIRNS, RICHARD N. Lemoncove Political Science Inter. Rel. Board, High School Model U.N.; Alpha Mu Gamma, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society Chi Psi BARBEE, BRUCE Oakland Economics Glee Club BERGH JR., ROBERT Altadena Economics Tau Kappa Epsilon BLAKISTON, JANICE Oakland Social Welfare B. and G., Angel Flight, Y.W.C.A. Collegian Singers Alpha Omicron Pi BOTWIN, KIMBERLY San Pedro Sociology Drama BRESSLER, SHEILA C. San Mateo Psychology BROOKES, LARRY Orinda Anthropology Phi Kappa Psi CAMPBELL, CAROL D. Lafayette Social Welfare Alpha Chi Omega BEGGS, JEAN Alamo Soc. Sci. Field Major Rally Comm. Chi Omega HERMAN, JULIANN San Francisco Sociology BLANK, MARTIN Los Angeles Economics Zeta Beta Tau BOWEN III, EDWARD Los Angeles Economics Crew, Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet, Triune Zeta Psi BRILL, BARBARA San Leandro Political Science BRYANT, MADELEINE Walnut Creek Soc. Sci. Field Major Big Game Week Comm. Cal Prep Counselor, Sen. Class Council, Publicity and Public Relations CAMPBELL, PETER El Cerrito Economics Delta Sigma Phi BELL, MARGARET Sacramento Soc. Sci. Field Major Delta Gamma BINSACCA, JUDY San Mateo Political Science Rally Comm., Pub. Bd., Pelican, Mortar Board, Prytanean, Theta Sigma Phi BLEY, CAROL San Francisco Psychology Stebbins Hall BOWEN, WILLIAM Fairfield Geography Putnam Hall BRODERICK, JOHN T. Newtonville, Mass. Economics Freshman Swimming, J. V. Soccer Bowles Hall BUCKHOLTZ, BARBARA Menlo Park Soc. Sci. Field Major Intramurals, Sailing Club Honor Society Delta Zeta CAMPBELL, THOMAS King City Economics Skull and Keys, Winged Helmet Psi Upsilon CAPESTRO, ANDREW Alhambra Social Sci. Field Major Sen. Class Yell Leader Rally Comm. Megaphone Society Bowles Hall CHALBER, NAN Upland Sociology Angel Flight Chi Omega Piedmont Court CHRISTOPHER, LAURA A. El Paso, Tex. Soc. Sci. Field Major Cunningham Hall CONNER, ANN Reedley Social Welfare Angel Flight Little Sisters of Minerva Zeta Tau Alpha CARON, ROGER Richmond Anthropology Kroeber Anthr. Soc. Phi Kappa Tau CHAMPLIN, DOUGLAS Enid, Oklahoma Political Science YR Phi Delta Theta CLARK, JOSEPH A. Los Gatos Political Science Union Program board Social Comm. Recreation Comm. Arnold Air Society Phi Sigma Kappa CONSER, PAULA Winnetka, Illinois Psychology Oski Dolls, Rally Comm. College Panhellenic Assn. Gamma Phi Beta CARVER, BLYTHE Berkeley Economics Alpha Phi, Honor Students Society, Phi Chi Theta CHANG, JULIA San Francisco Comm. Public Safety W.D.A. Rep. at Large, University Affairs Com., Steering Comm. YWCA Prytanean Ritter Hall COHEN, BEVERLEY North Hollywood Social Science CRANDELL, BEVERLY Riverside Sociology Int. Relations Board Int. Week Chrmn, Campus Peace Corps CHAFFEY, GEORGE E. Vallejo Political Science Cal Marching Band Straw Hat Band Putnam Hall CHERRY, BARBARA North Hollywood Social Welfare ASUC Senate, University Affairs Comm. Davidson Hall CONLIN, CATHY Alamo Sociology Alpha Omicron Pi CRAWFORD, William. E. Berkeley Political Science Alpha Delta Phi CROCKER, SUSAN Atherton Sociology Elizabeth Barrett CRUIKSHANKS, RANDAL San Luis Obispo Poltical Science Phi Kappa Sigma DAHLLOF, JACQUELINE Berkeley Political Science DALZIEL, ELIZABETH Palo Alto Political Science Epworth Hall DANIELS, MARILYN Los Angeles Sociology Cal Prep, Speakers Bur. Panhellenic, Axe Rev. Blue and Gold Alpha Epsilon Phi DAVIS, SAMUEL Carpinteria Political Science Chi Phi CROSKEY, JOY Walnut Creek Soc. Sci. Field Major Cunningham Hall CUMMINGS, MARTHA Los Angeles Political Science AWS, UPB, WAA intramurals Tower and Flame Kappa Kappa Gamma DALE, BOB Santa Rosa Economics Judo Club Theta Chi DANG, DOUGLAS Marysville Psychology Intramurals Honor Students Soc. Phi Alpha Phi DANIELS,MARJORIE San Francisco Social Science Cunningham Hall DELAND, BETH El Segundo Sociology YWCA, Class Coun., Blue and Gold Alpha Omicron Pi " Underwater archeology " at Lowie Museum featured a show window. DENATALE, NANCE Berkeley Political Science College Model UN High School Model UN DWANE, DIANA Menlo Park Sociology Tower and Flame Honor Students Soc. Phi Sigma Sigma DIBARI, CHARLES Oakland Comm. Public Policy Soph Class Council Sigma Delta Chi Pre med Club Phi Sigma Kappa DWELLE, SANDRA Fresno Social Welfare DUNCAN, VENORA Oakland Sociology YWCA ENDO, YVONNE Oakland Anthropology DUNN, PHILIP San Francisco Economics ERHART, LINDA Sacramento Psychology Delta Delta Delta EYMIL, DENIS Palo Alto Economics Sigma Phi Epsilon FISCHER, RICHARD Oakland Economics Zeta Beta Tau FOSTER, ROBERT Chico Soc. Sci. Field Major Glee Club Senior Mens Octette Wesley Fellowships Kappa Delta Rho FADEM, JOEL Los Angeles Economics-English Delta Tau Delta FLINT, DONNA Chula Vista Political Science University Chorus Stebbins Hall FRANK, JIM Glendale Political Science Sigma Alpha Epsilon FAUST, SUNNY Tahoe City Social Psychology Alpha Omicron Pi FOOTMAN, FAREL San Francisco Political Science SSB; Tennis Alpha Delta Chi FREEMAN, LINSEY San Francisco Comm. Public Safety IFC, Megaphone Society Rally and Games Comm Out Club Pi Lambda Phi FIELDS, SANDRA San Bernardino Psychology UPB-Social Comm. Crop Saddle UC Yacht Club FORRESTER, ALICE Los Altos Psychology SCTA Cunningham Hall GALE, KAREN San Jose Social Welfare Elections Council GAA, YWCA Phi Mu GARWOOD, NANCY San Rafael Comm. Public Policy Public Affairs Committee Angel Flight Alpha Delta Pi GEIOGUE, HAROLD South San Francisco Political Science Tower and Flame Honor Students Society Sigma Nu GEORGE, SALLY Berkeley Psychology Axe Review, Spring Sing Delta Gamma GLAU, THOMAS San Ardo Economics Bowles Hall GODDARD, KAY Glendale Political Science WAA, Pub. Affairs Comm., WAA UPB, Speakers Bureau, AWS Alpha Chi Omega GOLDSTEIN, DON Los Angeles Political Science Bowles Hall GOODMAN, MICHAEL Berkeley Anthropology-History GOYAK, NICK El Sobrante Economics Delta Tau Delta GRIFFITHS, JUDITH Berkeley Psychology HAKMAN, DAVID Los Angeles Political Sociology Californians Ex Comm. Chanc. Com. on Student Affairs Student Health Serv. Board, Union Adv. Bd. Phi Delta Theta GAUTIER, KARYN Berkeley Anthropology Kappa Alpha Theta GENTER, STEPHANIE Los Angeles Comm. Public Policy Senior Week Senior Council P PR, Angel Flight Pi Alpha Sigma Alpha Xi Delta GERMAIN, EDWARD Los Angeles Political Science ASUC President Representative Californians Cal Club Sigma Alpha Mu GLOECKNER, SANDRA Bloomfield, New Jersey Social Welfare Alpha Delta Chi GOERL, RICK Orinda Political Science YR Chi Psi GOMES, LOWELL Hanford Economics GORDON, ROBERT Kansas City, Mo. Political Science Men ' s J. Comm. Rally Comm., YD., Varsity Debate Honor Students Society Tower and Flame Pi Sigma Alpha Kappa Delta Pi Zeta Beta Tau GRIFFIN, JOYCE Oakland Social Welfare Cunningham Hall GUIDICI, LUZANNE Oakland Social Science AWS Commuters-Ind. Coun. Univ. Affairs Comm. HALLOCK, JANE Los Angeles Social Welfare Club SCTA, Axe Review Freeborn Hall HALPERN, STEVE Van Nuys Psychology Bowles Hall HARDIN, FRANCES Mountain View Political Science Davidson Hall HAMPTON, DONALD Palo Alto Anthropology Bowles Hall HARRIS, ZOANNE Tiburon Anthropology I House, Kroeber Anthropol. Soc. Tower and Flame Stern Hall HEGE, MARTY San Marino Social Sciences Jr. Class Sec. Treas. Women ' s Rally Comm Councils, P PR and Quill, Prep, IAWS HAMSTAD, ARLENE Oakland Psychology HALL, NANCY Berkeley Political Science Treble Clef Society Prytanean HARRIS, CECELIA Oakland Psychology HEAD, KRISTIN Los Altos Social Science HEICHEL, SUSAN North Hollywood Political Science WDA Council Sherman Hall HEIST NANCI Rolling Hills Social Science Alpha Delta Pi HESTER, MARILYN Arcadia Political Science Speakers Bureau, Oski Dolls, Honor Students Society, Panile Mortar Board Alpha Delta Pi HIRAMATSU, ANN Los Angeles Social Welfare HOBIN, BARBARA Stockton Social Welfare Panhellenic Council Delta Gamma HOROWITZ, DAVID Van Nuys Economics Golf team, ADA, Men’s Table Sigma Alpha Mu HOWARD, KIT Hillsborough Political Science-English Oski Dolls Delta Gamma HENDERSON, CYNTHIA Atherton Political Science APC, Oski Dolls, Panhellenic, Panile Kappa Alpha Theta HESTER, MARILYN S. Corona del Mar Communications and Public Policy, Women ' s J. Comm, AWS,University Affairs Comm, Panhellenic, Blue and Gold, Prytanean, Tower and Flame Alpha Delta Pi HIRSCH, CLAIRE Hillsborough Political Science Women ' s Rally Comm, Sr. Class Council, Blue and Gold Phi Sigma Sigma HORIKOSHI, NANCY Sacramento Social Welfare Treble Clef Society Mortar Board HOWARD, JOSEPH Los Angeles Psychology Africa Desk, Project Motivation, Operations Crossroads-Africa Alpha Phi Alpha HU, HENRIETTA Honolulu, Hawaii Psychology HUFF, GAYLE Watsonville Sociology Alpha Gamma Delta IWASAKI, ROBERT Los Angeles Communications and Public Policy JACOBS, LYNN Honolulu, Hawaii Social Welfare Davidson Hall JAMISON, BRUCE San Jose Economics Deutsch Hall JOHNSON, HUGH Studio City Economics Rep-at-Large, Californians, OGB Delta Tau Delta HUNT, SHARON Long Beach Psychology Class Council, WAA Gamma Phi Beta IZANT, CLYDE Soquel Economics Student J. Comm, Faculty Comm on Student Conduct, OGB, Honor Students Society Kappa Delta Rho JACOBSON, SANDRA San Francisco Social Welfare Alpha Epsilon Phi JOEHNCK, ROBERT Hermosa Beach Economics JONES, LINDA Oakland Social Welfare Campus Crusade for Christ Epworth Hall JOSSIS, KAREN Orinda Social Welfare University YWCA Alpha Delta Pi KATZ, ILENE Hermosa Beach Social Science Field Major P PR, YWCA, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society JUDD, PAUAHI Honolulu, Hawaii Social Welfare Freeborn Hall KELLER, CHARLES Oakland Anthropology KASHIMA, TETSUDEN San Diego Psychology NSC, Golden Guard Euclid Hall KELLY, JILL Piedmont Anthropology Kappa Kappa Gamma KATZ, ADELE North Hollywood Political Science Student Health Services Comm, Tower and Flame Cunningham Hall KENNEY, GALE Los Angeles Child Development Delta Phi Epsilon KIMBALL, PAM Berkeley Economics Card Stunts, Rally and Games, AWS, FAMACS Pi Beta Phi KNOCK, MARILYN Hayward Psychology Lutheran Student Association KROLL, CAROLYN Oakland Sociology IRB Host and Orientations Council, Activities Personal Council, WAA, Crop and Saddle, Ski Club, Honor Students Society Alpha Delta Pi KOMER, JOHN Los Angeles Economics Kappa Alpha KORN, BARRY Sherman Oaks Political Science Cloyne Court LAMB, ANNE Alameda Political Science Oski Dolls, Polls Comm., WAA, Speaker ' s Bureau Kappa Kappa Gamma LANGE, ANNA Palo Alto Sociology LAPID, SHARON Long Beach Sociology Honor Student ' s Society Alpha Epsilon Phi LAUBE, LOLLY Berkeley Social Welfare ASUC Bridge Club Delta Gamma LEFSON, BERNARD Sacramento Economics Intramurals Ehrman Hall LEVIN, LORRI San Francisco Political Science Alpha Epsilon Phi LEVY, BOB Studio City Sociology Alpha Epsilon Pi LI ESER, WILLIAM Roseville Political Science Delta Phi Epsilon LINXWILER, MARY Menlo Park Political Science Alpha Chi Omega LA MONTE, BARBARA Ventura Psychology Cheney LARSON, LINDA Lafayette Sociology Alpha Delta Chi LEE, SHARON Stockton Psychology LEISER, MALCOLM Knights Landing Economics IFC, J. Comm., Winged Helmet Phi Gamma Delta LESLIE, SUSAN Atherton Public Policy Alpha Delta Pi LEWIS, SAMUEL Berkeley Economics Phi Epsilon Pi LINDENBERG, ARTHUR Pacific Palisades Anthropology LONG, VALERIE Berkeley Social Welfare Big C Circus, Social Welfare Club Baptist Student Center LOUARGAND, NANCY Sacramento Political Science Rally Comm., Card Stunts Delta Zeta McADAM, WILLIAM North Hollywood Economics Psi Upsilon McDONALD, SANDRA Stockton Sociology Card Stunts Chi Omega LYON, STEPHEN Burlingame Political Science Intramurals Phi Gamma Delta McCAULEY, M. Whittier Psychology Cunningham Hall McELHANEY, LELAND San Leandro Political Science Freshman Tennis Team Bowles Hall McFADDEN, SUE Whittier Social Welfare Alpha Chi Omega McMANICAL, GERRY San Francisco Psychology Sigma Chi MARKOVICH, PAT Concord Economics Pelican, Publications Board McGOUGH, BARRY Fairfield Political Science APC, Men ' s Judicial Committee MACRAY, ROGER Lawndale Political Science Activities Personnel Council, Senior Council, University High School Day, Auxiliary Board, Gavel Quill, Golden Guard Tau Kappa Epsilon MARLIAVE, CAROL Walnut Creek Political Science Class Councils, WAA, Young Republicans, Pelly Models, Spanish Club, Tower Flame, Honor Students Society, Phi Sigma Alpha Alpha Gamma Delta McLAUGHLIN, ARLENE Richmond Political Science Activities Planning Comm., Greek Week, Panhellenic, Class Councils, Tower Flame, Honor Students Society, Mortar Board Alpha Gamma Delta MALERSTEIN, SHARON Los Angeles Political Science Model United Nations, Pelican MARSHALL, C. Weaverville Comm Public Policy Treble Clef, Honor Students Society Alpha Delta Pi McLEAN, NORMAN Yreka Political Science Football, Big C, Golden Guard Sigma Chi MARGOLIN, CYNTHIA Venice Psychology MARTIN, JOHN Grass Valley Economics Jr. IFC, Ski Club, Sigma Phi MARTIN, MARCIA Altadena Psychology Delta Sigma Theta MATTEK, DAVID C. Whittier Political Science Kappa Delta Rho MILLINICH, CAROL Albany Sociology Little Sisters of Minerva Chi Omega MOFFITT, CORALIE Castro Valley Psychology I.S.U., Home Economics Society, Young Rep. Delta Zeta MORRIS, JOSEPH Los Angeles Counseling Psychology Newman Club, Cal Camp, Student Resource Volunteers, Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame Deutsch Hall NASH, GINNY San Leandro Comm and Public Policy Rally Comm., Daily Cal, Advertising staff, Pi Alpha Sigma, Varsity Debate Delta Delta Delta NIERENBERG, JUDY Pacific Palisades Political Science WSA, Axe Review, Panhellenic, Prytanean Delta Phi Epsilon MARX, PETE Los Angeles Psychology Producer of Axe Review Californians, Daily Cal, Consultative Bd MATTINGLY, CHARLAYNE San Jose Political Science Stern Hall MILLS, TERRIE Sacramento Political Science Rally Comm, Prytanean Pi Beta Phi MONROE, ELIZABETH Berkeley Child Development MOSES, SHARON Bakersfield Political Science WDA, AWFA, YWCA, AIESEC, Panile, Prytanean, University Affairs Comm. NEAL, MARCIA San Rafael Psychology O ' BRIEN, TERRENCE Lakewood Social Science Ehrman Hall MATHESON, PAUL A. Albany Economics and Political Science Kappa Delta Rho MENDELSOHN, BARRY Berkeley Political Science Glee Club, Pre Med Society Pi Sigma Alpha MIRANDA, BARBARA Oakland Child Development Sigma Kappa MONTEIRO, MARGIE Menlo Park Political Science Treble Clef, Cygnettes Delta Gamma MOTOYOSHI, MIYUKI Fresno Psychology NELLIS, NOEL W. Pittsburg Economics FSB, Big Game Week Chairman, IFC, Californians, Order of the Golden Bear, Uni. Affairs comm., Gavel and Quill Kappa Delta Rho OLNEY, E LEANOR Piedmont Anthropology MATSUI, ROBERT J. Sacramento Political Science Euclid Hall MERRITT, JACK Fresno Political Science Lower Division Rep, Rep-at-large, Cal Club, Californians, Theta Chi MOELLER, HELGA B. Stockton Social Science Field Maj. Honor Students Society, Young Republicans, Daily Cal, WSA Publicity and Handbook comm Phi Mu MORDOCK, TRACY Berkeley Psychology Housing and Labor Board Pre-Med society, Delta Sigma Phi MUSTAIN, SUSAN K. Aptos Social Welfare World University Service NICOLAISEN, CAROL Alamo Social Science Union Program, YWCA Blue and Gold Alpha Delta Pi OLSEN, CAROLYN A. Oakland Social Science Honor Students Society OZAN, HINDA Long Beach Sociology YWCA, Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society P ARKS, JOHN San Pedro Political Science Intramural Boxing Ehrman Hall PEARSON, HAROLD Beverly Hills Psychology Speakers Bureau, Californians, Sigma Delta Chi Pi Lambda Phi PILGER, JUDITH Long Beach Social Welfare Delta Phi Epsilon PALMER, THOMAS Los Angeles Political Science Rowing Club, Varsity Crew, Honor Students Society Psi Upsilon PARSONS, CAROL Berkeley Political Science Class Council, AWS, YWCA, Prytanean, Mortar Board Gamma Phi Beta PENDERGAST, PATRICIA Sacramento Social Science Field Maj. SCTA Alpha Gamma Delta PILLSBURY, PRISCILLA Louisville, Kentucky Political Science Kappa Kappa Gamma PARKER, WILLIAM San Francisco Psychology Griffiths Hall PARTINGTON, EARLE Whittier Political Science-History YR, Delta Phi Epsilon PHIPPS JR., HAROLD Napa Economics Ehrman Hall PLATE, SANDRA San Mateo Sociology Stern Hall PARKS, AUDREY Berkeley Political Science PASTORINO, KAREN San Francisco Social Science Panel of Americans, Women ' s " C " Society, Prytanean, Mortar Board Ritter Hall PIERSON, JOAN San Francisco Psychology POLICH, VERONICA Chatsworth Political Science Freeborn Hall POPPER, ROGER Pacific Palisades Psychology Pi Kappa Alpha POSIN, DAN Chicago, Illinois Psychology Varsity Debate Phi Beta Kappa PRESTON, CYNTHIA Glendale Psychology Alpha Omicron Pi PORTER, RUSSELL Grass Valley Political Science Basketball, Crew Phi Kappa Tau POY, JEAN Kelvington, Canada Sociology PRUDHOMME, LARRY Berkeley Political Science Student Forum, ADA, Delta Phi Epsilon Delta Tau Delta QUASCHNICK, ELLAINE Cucamonga Sociology Sr. Class Council, Oski Dolls, Women ' s J. Comm Freeborn Hall RAHM, LESLEY Garden Grove Sociology Student Resource Volunteer REBSCHER, WENDY Walnut Creek Sociology Cal Engineer Beaudelaire Club RICKETTS, STEVE Oakland Comm. and Public Policy Yell Leader; COB, Gavel and Quill, Megaphone Society, Boxing, Tower and Flame Sigma Chi QUINN, MARJIE Santa Rosa Political Science Zeta Tau Alpha RAINS, OMER Berkeley Political Science REDFORD, MILTON Oakland Economics Skull and Key, Winged Helmet Psi Upsilon RIDKER, CAROL Oakland Social Welfare SCTA Delta Phi Epsilon RAE, BONNIE San Francisco Political Science Alpha Delta Pi RASMUSSEN, BETTY Walnut Creek Psychology Alpha Delta Chi REGAR, BARRY San Leandro Political Science Alpha Epsilon Pi RIESE, DIANA Berkeley Economics Little Sisters of Minerva Phi Chi Theta P PR Delta Gamma RAE, IRIS Berkeley Social Science RAY, BARBARA Albany Speech RICHARDS, JANIS Oakland Political Science Treble Clef RIGGS, GERALD Richmond Economics Winged Helmet Delta Tau Delta RIPLEY, CAROL ANNE San Francisco Psychology Class councils, Angel Flight, Kappa Delta ROBSON, JUDY El Cerrito Political Science WAA, Honor Students Society, Pi Sigma Alpha, Alpha Mu Gamma, Alpha Delta Chi ROSENBERG, BARR El Cerrito Economics Debate Club, College Bowl Team, Phi Beta Kappa RUSH JR., RICHARD Novato Political Science Oski Committee, Honor Students Society SALTZMAN, GLORIA Tracy Political Science Class Council, Uni. Day, AWFA SAYWARD, DOROTHY Atherton Sociology Kappa Alpha Theta SCHOLAR, MICHAEL El Cerrito Anthropology, Pre-Med Drama Alpha Epsilon Pi ROBERTS, DEXTER A. Balboa Island Economics Union Program Board, Public Affairs, Deutche Verein, Young Repub. Committee for Arts and Lectures Putnam Hall ROCKFORD, JANE Beverly Hills Political Science Alpha Delta Pi ROWE, RICHARD San Rafael Social Welfare Canterbury Club Theta Xi RUSKIN, MARCIA San Diego Psychology Honor Students Society Delta Phi Epsilon SAMWAYS, PATRICIA San Gabriel Sociology Delta Gamma SCHMIDT, JUDITH Oakland Geography Class Council, Blue and Gold, Oski Dolls, Alpha Chi Omega SCHROEDER, PAT Oakland Psychology ROBINSON, MONICA Woodlake Sociology Delta Gamma RODRIGUEZ, JOHN A. Carpenteria Political Science IFC Rep., Young Repub. Kappa Alpha ROWINS, CHARLES Ventura Political Science Baseball, Big C Society Phi Kappa Tau RUSSELL, DIANA Berkeley Psychology SATO, FLORA Berkeley Child Development SCHNABEL, JAMES Piedmont Political Science Speaker ' s Bureau Delta Tau Delta SCHULLER, SUSAN Sherman Oaks Political Science ROBINSON, ROD Merced Psychology Campus Crusade for Christ, First Presbyterian Church Vesper Choir, Alpha Gamma Omega ROSEN, JUDY H. Los Angeles Political Science Model UN Alpha Epsilon Phi RUDDY, SUSAN Sacramento Sociology RUTHERFORD, ANN Napa Economics Freeborn Hall SAXTON, SHARON San Bernardino Political Science Davidson Hall SCHNEIDERMAN, E. Berkeley Sociology SCHULZ, CLIFF San Carlos Political Science Kappa Alpha SELSOR, PATRICIA Berkeley Social Welfare Soc. Wel. Club SHANNON, JUDITH Deghet, Noon, India Psychology Zeta Tau Alpha SILVERMAN, MINA Los Angeles Sociology SMITH, LELAND Watsonville Psychology Theta Zi SOLINSKY, THOMAS Kentfield Economics Speaker ' s Bur. Chr., IFC, Rep-at-Large Zeta Psi SPILLNER, WANDA Oahu, Hawaii Psychology STEELE, DIANE Berkeley Political Science Class Coun., B G, Delta Sig Dream Girl, Greek Wk. Princess, Big Game Prin. Gamma Phi Beta SEVERANCE, NICOLA Atherton Economics Oski Dolls, IHA, Daily Cal, Cal Club Pi Beta Phi SHEPARD, SALLY Watsonville Sociology Angel Flight Alpha Omicron Pi SLATTEBO, WENDY Los Angeles Psychology Sec. Cal Camp Bd, Chr. Campus Tours SMITH, RAYELYN Etna Economics SONSINI, LARRY Van Nuys Political Science Circle C, Californians, Skull and Key Phi Kappa Sigma SPREITER, SONJA Oakland Political Science YR, Panhellenic Zeta Tau Alpha STEFANI, RONALD Hillsborough Political Science Alpha Phi Omega Golden Guard, Tower and Flame, Pi Sigma Alpha, Honor Students Soc. Ehrman Hall SHADINGER, SUSAN Kensington Political Science Sr. Class Sec, Chr., 1962, Parents Day Chr, B and G, Panile, Prytanean, Cal Club,Gavel and Quill Alpha Omicron Pi SIEMER, VIRGINIA Richmond Political Science WAA, High Sch Model UN SMITH, JAUNITA Oakland Psychology Davidson Hall SNOW, RICHARD Sacramento Psychology Hiking Club SPEAKE, BILL Fresno Political Science Delta Sigma Phi STALKER, CRAIG Sacramento Communication and Public Policy Speakers Bureau Delta Tau Delta STENTON, RICHARD Hollywood Economics IFC, Skull and Key Zeta Psi SHAIN, KAREN El Paso, Texas Comm. and Public Policy Axe. Rev., Speaker ' s Bur, Orchesis, Sec-Treas of Panhellenic, Band G, Cal Club, Panile, Pryt, Gavel and Quill Alpha Epsilon Phi SIEMERS, JANET Kentfield Social Welfare Films Comm. Chr. Alpha Omicron Pi SMITH, JEFFREY Middlebury, Conn. Political Science Sigma Phi Epsilon SOKOL, SUZANNE Santa Monica Economics Univ. Affairs, IRB Legis. Asst, Card Stunts, Jr Pan Kappa Alpha Theta SPERRY, EILEEN Long Beach Psychology Cal Camp, Ski Club STARK, HARRIET Portola Valley Child Development Oski Dolls, WAA Pi Beta Phi STEPHENS, RICHARD Burlingame Political Science Big C Circus, Pi Sigma Alpha, Honor Students ' Society Putnam Hall STEWART, HARRY Grass Valley Political Science Phi Sigma Kappa STORM, LEXY Napa Anthropology WAA, Mask and Dagger, Thalian Society, Hammer and Dimmer Stern Hall SUSNOW, MARK San Francisco Communications Phi Epsilon Pi TANG, ROSETTA Hong Kong Social Science Cheney Hall STEWART, LYNN Glendale Sociology Treble Clef, Rally Comm, YWCA, WAA, Tower and Flame Delta Zeta STOVALL, SYLVIA Oakland Psychology Delta Sigma Theta SUSON, KATHRYNE Denver, Colorado Social Welfare Collegians, Torch and Shield, Honor Students ' Society Delta Phi Epsilon TANNER, BRIAN Sacramento Political Science Elections Council Delta Tau Delta STEWART, MICHAEL Whittier Economics Frosh Swimming, Quarterdeck Society STRANGE, KATHY Berkeley Psychology Alpha Xi Delta TABATA, KYOJI Kyoto, Japan Political Science Sigma Alpha Mu TESAURO, TULLIA Redwood City Economics YR, Newman Club, Collegians, Phi Chi Theta Cheney Hall STITES, MARTHA Los Altos Sociology Piedmont Court STURCH, SUZANNE Fair Oaks Political Science TAGGART, JIM Piedmont Political Science Rugby Psi Upsilon TEST, ALLEN Stockton Political Science Ski Club, Speakers Bureau, Pelican, Golden Guard Zeta Psi THOMSON, BARBARA Piedmont Psychology Prytanean, Ski Club, Panile, Blue and Gold, Oski Dolls, Pelican, Alpha Delta Pi TONEO, ANTHONY Los Angeles Political Science Euclid Hall TUSHER, THOMAS Orinda Political Science Chancellor ' s Uni. Affairs Comm, Special Events Comm, Public Affairs Comm, Californians, IFC, Tower and Flame Theta Delta Chi UTTERBACK, BONNIE Long Beach Political Science AWS, Big Game, WAA, UC Yacht Club, YWCA, YR, Tower and Flame Alpha Xi Delta VOGEL, JON San Francisco Communication and Public Policy, Student Guide, IFC Sigma, Alpha Mu WAKEFIELD, JOE Hemet Psychology Glee Club, Crew, Phi Beta Kappa, Honor Students Society, Tower and Flame TOM, EVELYN San Francisco Social Sciences Field Maj. Sherman Hall TRAGER, CAROL San Carlos Anthropology Epworth Hall UMAWATARI, EMIKO Berkeley Child Development VATZ, ARTHUR Los Angeles Psychology Sigma Alpha Mu VONPINNON, SONDRA San Mateo Psychology WALLACE, LINDA Altadena Economics Lawyer ' s Wives Gamma Phi Beta WALLIS, JUDITH Sacramento Political Science Sigma Kappa WATANABE, PEGGY Yuba City Anthropology WEBER, DIANE Fullerton Psychology WEBER, PA TRICIA Alameda Social Welfare Class Council, Ski Club, YWCA, Social Welfare Club WELDEN, MARK Oceanside Economics WALTON, GARY Sacramento Economics Cross Country Track, Varsity Track, Honor Student ' s Society Lambda Chi Alpha WEATHERS, JAMES Buena Park Psychology Smyth Hall WEBER, HELEN Castro Valley Psychology Union Social Committee, Prytanean WEIZER, DIANE Watsonville Sociology Newman Club, Ski Club Stern Hall WELSH, FRANK Palo Alto Communications and Public Policy Frosh Football, Varsity Boxing, Newman Club Sigma Chi WESSING, JUDY Sacramento Sociology Class Council, Blue and Gold Kappa Delta WHITE, KATHLEEN Orinda Anthropology CSTA WEST, CAROL Northridge Social Welfare Card Stunts Committe e, Life Guard Corps Phi Mu WHITTEMORE, RIDGEWAY La Jolla Economics Men ' s Judicial Varsity Tennis, Golden Guard Beta Theta Pi WHEELER, ROBERT San Diego Political Science Delta Phi Epsilon Phi Sigma Kappa WILLIAMS, HARVEY Oakland Political Science ASUC Cabinet, IRB, International Week, Chancellor ' s Advisory Comm. on Foreign Students, WUS, Opera. Understanding, ACCION Lambda Chi Alpha WHIPPLE, BRANDT Washington Anthropology Smyth Hall WILSON, LINDA San Francisco Social Welfare Newman Club WINSBY, SANDRA Alameda Child Development UCYC, Ski Club, Senior Class Council Kappa Delta YAMAMOTO, CONSTANCE Pasadena Social Science ZEIGERSON, RITA Los Angeles Political Science College Model UN., Spring Sing, Axe Review, Public Affairs Comm. of Union Program Bd., Pi Sigma Alpha, Honor Student ' s Society WITHUHN, BILL Modesto Psychology Arts Comm. of Union Program Bd., Rep ' s Council, Arnold Air Society, Railroad Club, Tower and Flame Theta Chi YANG, LUCY Hong Kong Sociology ZEROLIS, JOANNE Berkeley Sociology Collegians, Newman Club, Tower and Flame WONG, HENRIANNE San Francisco Social Sciences Davidson Hall ZACHEZ, GERY Oakland Economics Delta Kappa Epsilon ZWINGLE, CARVEL Hillsborough Economics Campus Tours Alpha Tau Omega WOOD, JAMES Oakland Social Science ZARETSKY, IRVING San Francisco Political Science Men ' s Judicial Univ.Affairs Council, Men ' s Executive Bd., Delta Phi Epsilon, Honor Student ' s Society, Political Science Honor Fraternity SNYDER, LORRAINE Boston, Mass. Anthropology Yacht Club LIFE SCIENCES ANTIPA, GREG San Francisco Zoology Kappa Alpha BARRY, JONATHAN San Francisco Zoology Track and Field, Hillel Foundation, Honor Students Society BREWER, ANN Los Angeles Physiology Class Council, Blue and Gold Kappa Delta BUDERER, MELVIN Roseville Physiology Alpha Chi Rho COBDEN, RICHARD Carmichael Physiology Union Program Board, Orientation Council, IFC, Pre-Med Society, Ski Club, Pelican, Tower and Flame Alpha Sigma Phi CONNELL, JAMES Napa Biophysics Quarterdeck Society, Honor Students Society Deutsch Hall de CARION, DAVID Redondo Beach Physiology Kappa Delta Rho DeWANINCOR, DARLENE Albany Zoology Rally Com., Oski Dolls, Union Program Board, Pelican, Pre-Med Society, Torch Flame Alpha Chi Omega DEMPSEY, WILLIAM Beale Air Force Base Zoology Crew, Swimming, Society Phi Delta Theta DETLING, JAMES Orinda Biology Alpha Delta Phi ARNOFF, WARREN Illinois Zoology Pre-Med Society Alpha Epsilon Pi BOYCE, SYDNEY Cloverdale Bacteriology BUBAR, RICHARD Illinois Biophysics Club, Delta Phi Epsilon Deutsch Hall CHIN, WAYNE San Francisco Bacteriology Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Society COLWELL, JANE Fresno Paleontology Honor Student ' s Soc. D ' ARC, LINDA Auburn Biochemistry Stern Hal l DeDORA, NOEL Santa Cruz Zoology Cal Band Bowles Hall DEMING, MARGARET Santa Clara Bacteriology Delta Zeta DERIEUX, DEBBY San Diego Bacteriology Cheney DiGRAZIA, JAMES San Leandro Physiology Boxing, Spring Sing DOIDGE, MARGARET Sacramento Zoology Newman Club Cheney Hall ERICKSON, DIANE Burlingame Bacteriology Pre-Med Society, Panhellenic Phi Mu FOSTER, MERCEDES Piedmont Zoology Tower and Flame Kappa Kappa Gamma FURTADO, JOHN San Jose Radiation Biology GEE, JOSEPH Berkeley Biological Sciences Pi Alpha Phi EHRLICH, PAUL Napa Physiology Theta Delta Chi FORRAR, ROBERT Los Altos Zoology Lambda Chi FUNK, GLENN New Jersey Bacteriology Deutsch Hall GANDIN, SHERRIE Oxnard Zoology GENTRY, MARK Orinda Zoology Fencing Team, Golden Guard, DMS of ROTC Deutsch Hall GOLDBERG, JANET San Francisco Biochemistry Phi Beta Kappa GREEN, DAN Long Beach Zoology Phi Sigma Kappa HIDDLESON, DON Woodland Biological Sciences Baseball, Weightlifting Club, German Club, Pre-Med Society Kappa Delta Rho HUTCHINSON, R. Santa Rosa Zoology Pre-Med Society Phi Kappa Tau KAHAN, LINDA Los Angeles Zoology Alpha Mu Gamma, Honor Students ' Society KLEIN, THOMAS Stockton Zoology Phi Sigma Kappa LEPPERT, KAY Altadena Anatomy WAA, Newman Club, Tower and Flame Phi Mu GRACE, PAUL San Bernardino Physiology Theta Chi HALPIN, JOSEPH Santa Rosa Biochemistry HIMATHONGKHAM, THEP Bangkok, Thailand Zoology Boxing, Badminton, Honor Students ' Society, Thai Assoc. in Calif. HYINK, SHIRLEY Fullerton Zoology AOC, Rally Comm. Alpha Phi KAUFMAN, JUDY Santa Monica Biological Science Ski Club, Collegians, Oski Dolls Alpha Gamma Delta KROHN, DIANE San Jose Bacteriology Cal Prep, Torch and Shield, Prytanean, Stern Hall LINCOLN, LINDA Berkeley Physiology Treble Clef, Tower and Flame, Honor Students ' Society, Mortar Board GRAHAM, JOHN Newport Beach Zoology Pre-Med Society, YR Phi Delta Theta HAMMER, ROBERT San Francisco Zoology Pre-Med Society, German Club, Tower and Flame, Honor Students ' Society Sigma Alpha Epsilon HUI, CYRUS Hong Kong Biology-Physics Chinese Students ' Club JACKSON, MARIAN Sacramento Bacteriology Pre-Med Society Stern Hall KAM, DOMINIC Hong Kong Biochemistry Soccer, Newman Club, Pre-Med Society, Honor Students ' Society KRUBINER, JANE Berkeley Zoology LITSINGER, JIM Berkeley Entomology UPB Literature Comm. and Orientations Comm., Entomology Club Sigma Phi Epsilon GRANT, BARBARA San Mateo Zoology HART, PATRICIA Berkeley Biological Science Honor Students ' Society Beaudelaire Club HUNG, JENNY Hong Kong Bacteriology JESFJELD, CAROL San Pablo Biological Sciences KAY, STEVEN Piedmont Zoology Rally Comm., Public Health Service Comm. Zeta Beta Tau La TORRE, PETER Oakland Zoology LUM, DARREL Bakersfield Biological Science Bowles Hall MAC PHERSON, MARGARET Garden Grove Bacteriology Freeborn Hall MURPHY, JUDITH Bakersfield Biological Science Kappa Alpha Theta Nakawatase, Kimi NEUBAUER, SUE Redwood City Biochemistry Ritter Hall PRYOR, JACQUELINE San Francisco Bacteriology Ushering Comm., P.H. Under-Grad MIU, KIT MAN San Francisco Physiology Soccer, Chinese Students ' Assoc., Newman Club NAKAWATASE, KIMI Stockton Bacteriology Davidson Hall NISHIKAWA, JANE Yuba City Biochemistry RAMUS, JOSEPH Pleasant Hill Botany Theta Chi McLEAN, NORMAN Berkeley Zoology Sigma Chi NEILSON, BARBARA San Carlos Bacteriology Kappa Delta NISHIMOTO, AUDREY Mountain View Biological Science ROGERS, BETSY Ventura Zoology IAWS, Intramurals, SAACS, Axe Review, Spring Sing, Panile, Blue and Gold, Prytanean, Honor Students ' Society Stern Hall AN AFRICAN WOOD SCULPTURE ROMASCAN, EDWARD Lafayette Biochemistry Alpha Chi Rho SCHNEIDER, B. Menlo Park Zoology Honor Students Society Stern Hall SMITH, JAMES Santa Cruz Biochemistry Varsity Basketball, Big C Society Beta Theta Pi TALBOTT, LOIS Berkeley Botany UPB Music Committee, Intramurals, YWCA, Tower Flame, Honor Students Society Alpha Chi Omega ROSENBERG, STEVEN Piedmont Bacteriology Yacht Club, Radio TV Theater, Tower and Flame SCHRUMPF, LYNNE San Anselmo Biological Sciences YWCA Stern Hall SMITH, RONALD San Diego Zoology Hillel, Honor Students Society TANIGUCHI, AIMY Fowler Zoology Honor Students Society, Nisei Club RUSSELL, ALICE Long Beach Biological Sciences Delta Zeta SHIROMIZU, HELEN French Camp Microbiology Cheney Hall STUCKA, DANIEL Arcadia Biochemistry Frosh Football, Intramurals, AFROTC Drill Team Sigma Chi URREA, ROBERT San Francisco Zoology Rugby Phi Gamma Delta RUSH, LYMAN San Diego Physiology Varsity Rugby, Triune Kappa Sigma SMALL, STEPHEN Palo Alto Physiology Delta Upsilon CHURCHILL, SWIFT Benecia Zoology Hiking Club WELLS, SUSAN Santa Rosa Bacteriology Hoyt Hall WEST, JOHN Pacifica Zoology Pre-Med Society, Big Brother Project, Honor Students Society, Deutsch Hall WONG, WARDON Sacramento Zoology Rally Comm., Chinese Student Club Deutsch Hall YAMAMOTO, EMIKO Stockton Bacteriology NSC, Tower Flame WONG, FAY Sacramento Biological Science CSC WRIGHT, JOSEPHINE San Dimas Zoology Davidson Hall YANDELL, SHARON Fremont Zoology Tower and Flame Cheney Hall ZELLER, LAURA Stockton Genetics Stern Hall ZEY, JOHN Taft Zoology PHYSICAL SCIENCES ALLEN, AARON Bakersfield Physics BARISH, DAVID San Francisco Physics Cloyne Court CHENG, DAVID Berkele y Physics BYONG, AHN Korea Physics Barrington Hall BARNETT, EDWARD Fresno Physics Delta Sigma Phi DICKSON, EDWARD San Diego Physics Honor Students Society ANDERSON, GARY Crescent City Physics Honor Students Society Griffiths Hall BARNARD, FRED La Puente Geology Frosh Track, Honor Society Putnam Hall DUNCAN, PAUL Alaska Physics Ski Club, Varsity Ski Team, Barrington, Tower and Flame Barrington Hall BALLARD, RICHARD Long Beach Physics Honor Students Society Bowles Hall BRIDGEWATER, A. Berkeley Physics SRV, Stiles Hall FALLON, MICHAEL Menlo Park Physics Phi Epsilon Pi GASH, PHILIP Vista Physics Cal Band HANSEN, PAMELA Ventura Physics Tower and Flame, Honor Students Society Freeborn Hall HIEBERT, LARRY Long Beach Physics KNACKE, ROGER Los Angeles Physics Acacia MAC LACHLAN, DOUGLAS Costa Mesa Physics IFC, Sailing Club, Ski Club, Tower and Flame Kappa Delta Rho GOORVITCH, DAVID San Pedro Physics Putnam Hall HENKE, PAUL Chowchilla Physics Cal Band, Campus Crusade for Christ, Vesper Choir Alpha Gamma Omega JONES, CHARLES Walnut Creek Geology Union Program Board, Elections Council Delta Sigma Phi KOSKINEN, JOHN San Diego Physics Rally Committee Griffiths Hall MANCILL, CLANTON Alabama Physics Deutsch Hall MILLMAN, FRANK La Mesa Physical Science Varsity Wrestling, Big C Society Zeta Beta Tau PILUSO, CARL Mill Valley Physics SCHLACHTER, FRED Oakland Physics Pi Lambda Phi MORGAN, NEAL Van Nuys Physics Deutsch, AFROTC Deutsch Hall PROFFETT, JOHN Bankor Physics Alpha Epsilon Pi SMITH, GREGORY Pasadena Astronomy Griffiths Hall MORRIS, ALLAN Inglewood Physical Science Ehrman Hall SHERS, PERRY Oakland Physics Phi Beta Kappa STOUT, JAMES Lafayette Geology Ski Club, Tower Flame PEARSON, GEORGE Hollister Physics Bowles Hall SAMN, SHERWOOD San Francisco Physics, Math Intramurals, CSA, Tower Flame Putnam Hall SURKO, CLIFFORD Berkeley Physics, Math Varsity Boxing Honor Students Soc. Interfraternity Honor Society Alpha Chi Rho TAN, CHUNG-I China Physics, Math Cloyne Court TOUSEY, ROBERT Mill Valley Physics Masonic Club Golden Guard Griffiths Hall TSURUTANI, BRUCE Santa Monica Physics Deutsch Hall DEBATE COUNCIL — Jeff Horner, Assistant Coach; Sue Stavert, Co-Captain; Allan Lerch, Co-Captain; Dr. Stripp, Coach. Debate Varsity Debate, by virtue of its academic orientation, has the singular distinction of being both an study at the University and an ASUC activity. Admission is on a try-out basis. Debate has had a distinguished history at Cal. The traveling teams have represented Cal in most of the major tournaments on the West Coast, earning the of being a superior debating organization. The highlights of the debate season are the " International Debate " and the " Medaille Joffre Debate. " The Debate " is an annual event in which a team from Cal meets a team representing one of the countries of the British Commonwealth. They debate such grave issues as: " Resolved, this house regrets the influence of Ireland upon it, " or, " Resolved, that Scotland should become the fifty-first state. " The verbal gymnastics continue to delight The other special event is the oldest, collegiate debate in the United States, the " Medaille Joffre. " This debate between Cal and Stanford and sponsored by the Alliance Francasise of San Francisco, originated in 1895. Spring Co-Captains, Allan Lerch and Dan Posin, discuss the subject of a future debate. DEBATE — Row One: Dick Solomon, Andrea Gordon, Ann Tolchin, Sue Stavert, Co-Captain; Bob Draper, Dr. Stripp, Coach; Jeff Horner, Assistant Coach; Allan Lerch, Co-Captain. Row Two: Ray Sweet, Dave Mandel, Dan Posin, Co-Captain; Tony Scarr, Manager; Larry Bernheim, Ron Taylor. DEBATE — Row One: Eva Rieber, Mike Spencer, Mike Weiss, Jeff Horner, forensics didector; Michelle Padams, Fall captain; Doctor Stripp; Frank Anshen, Barry Row Two: Manny Don, Stan Zaks, Lynn Kovner, Barbara Ray, Darrell Friedman, Mark Robinson, Dave Rosehill, Steve Lim, Howard Stevens. A gathering place for students of music is the court between Hertz and Morrison Halls. Edward Lawton University Chorus Director Under the direction of E. B. Lawton, Chorus (Music 44) is one of the unusual courses offered here at the University. The students, though taking the course for credit, participate before the Bay Area public at least once a semester, gaining experience and enjoyment. Last Fall, the chorus had the opportunity to sing in the Opera House. University Chorus members work closely with the University Orchestra. Students in singing may take University Chorus for two semesters (two units each If they wish, they may continue their studies with the Chorus, by taking the corresponding upper division course for two semesters. University Chorus Musicum Alan Curtis Director University Symphony Orchestra The UNIVERSITY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, conducted by Michael Senturia, is actually a class open to all students, faculty, and staff. Members, who are selected on the basis of auditions during Registration Week, are expected to attend the two evening rehearsals held each week. This year, the Orchestra performed selections from Handel ' s " Messiah " and Bach ' s " Christmas Oratorio " at a special University meeting. Rossini ' s " Overature to La Gazza Ladra, " " Symphony, Opus 21 " by Webern, and Mahler ' s " Symphony Number 10 " were played at another appearance. Michael Senturia University Orchestra Conductor Concert Band The CONCERT BAND, under the direction of Mr. James Berdahl, performs for various campus events during the year. These have included Charter Day, Spring Sing, and the University meetings. In the Spring semester, they presented an outdoor concert for the public in Faculty Glade. Because there has been an increased interest in playing in the band over the years, two sections have been created. Mr. Douglas Leedy directs one of them, while Mr. Berdahl supervises the other. Selections the band has played this year have included: " The Folk Song Suite, " " Divertimento for Band, " " Trauer-Marsch, " and Creme de la Creme. " James Berdahl Concert Band Director Lawrence Moe Conductor Repertory Chorus REPERTORY CHORUS, conducted by Lawrence Moe, is a class sponsored by Cal ' s Music Department. Members are selected from the whole University community of faculty, administrators, and students, on the basis of auditions held at the beginning of each semester. Selections sung by the chorus in their latest concert included motets by Orlandus Lassus, " Komm Jesu Komm, " a motet by J. S. Bach, and Bach ' s Cantata 78. Soloists and the Chamber Orchestra also performed in the program. Earlier this year, Repertory Chorus presented a program of Spanish music. University Theater THE ROSE TATTOO by Tennessee Williams THE CAST Assunta Rosa Delle Rose Serafina Delle Rose Estelle Hohengarten The Strega Giuseppina Peppina Violetta Mariella Teresa Father De Leo A Doctor Miss Yorke Flora Bessie Jack Hunter The Salesman Alvaro Mangiacavallo Children Monique Eucher Kimberly Botwin Kay Hutchinson Buckner Karen Grassle Riley Park Lucy Halpern Carol Lovern Dana Harvey Louise Levy Claudia Zeiler Saul Lockhart Heery Lynn Rae Irwine Janice Moore Margay Whitlock Jay Hornbacher Bertram Schwarzchild Hank Olguin Sara Bogard, Lisa Brenneis, Peter Doyle, Mark Sungar AN ANGEL COMES TO BABYLON by Friederich Duerrenmatt THE CAST The Angel Kurrubi Nebuchadnezzar Prime Minister Chief Theologian General Hangman Akki First Workman Second Workman Tabtum Tabtum ' s Maid Morgani First Bearer Second Bearer Nimrod Yussuf Omar First Poet Second Poet Third Poet Fourth Poet Nebo Gebe First Wife Second Wife Crown Prince Theologian ' s Page John Argue Julie Henderson, Barbara Goldberg Steve Fowler Franklin Caillot Edgar Schell Jack Hillmer John Bogard, Harry Ritchie George Hithcock John Polinsky Terrence Johnson Deborah Schell Judith Wald Ed Smith Alan Butler Victor Fazio Lorin Castleman Richard Wiborg Christian Wiborg Michael Cohen Jonathan Kerman Dennis Allison Michael Larrance Herbert Griffin Daniel Breslauer Riley Park Terri Reed Alan Butler Peter Kerman DON JUAN by Moliere THE CAST Sganarelle Gusman La Violette Ragotin Don Juan Dona Elvira Charlotte Pierrot Mathurine La Ramee Francisco Don Carlos Don Alonso Statue of the Commander Monsieur Dimanche Don Louis Stacy Keach Ugo Baldassari Paul Weisser George House E. Kerrigan Prescott Mary Ann Hvizdock Ruth E. Silveira Richard Rollins Barbara Rackow Jack Whetstone Rick Prindle Stephen Stewart Heery Jynn Fred Gordon Jay Hornbacher Benjamin Jacopetti Travis Bogard Chairman Department of Dramatic Art BARTHOLOMEW FAIR by Ben Jonson THE CAST Stage Keeper Bookholder John Littlewit Win-the-Fight Littlewit Winwife Tom Quarlous Humphrey Wasp Bartholomew Cokes Grace Wellborn Dame Alice Overdo Dame Purecraft Zeal-of the Land Busy Solomon Adam Overdo Lantern Leatherhead Joan Trash Mooncalf Costardmonger Nightingale Ursula Knockhum Ezekiel Edgeworth Corncutter Captain Whit Haggis Bristle Troubleall Pocher Norden Puppy Val Cutting Punk Alice Filcher Sharkwell Leander Hero Cole Jonas-Cupid Damon Pythias Dionysius Jules Rothman Marshall Yaeger Daniel Breslauer Margaret Williams Victor Fascio Benjamin Jacopetti John Argue Thomas Hanley Joan Payne Bonnie Westberg Roberta Hollowell Bertram Schwarzschild Stephen Stewart Stacy Keach William Shephard Barbara Goldberg Richard Rollins Howard Kerr John Thomas Maria Millman Brad Wright Gustaf Elander Harold Dubin Stephen Fowler Dan Jacobson Philip Larson Roderic Prindle Robert Bione Hal Dubin Jules Rothman Hank Olguin Ruth Silveira Ed Baker Stephen Stewart Stephen Stewart Barbara Goldberg Ed Baker Ed Baker Robert Boone Ed Baker Barbara Goldberg The angel instructs Kurrubi. In Friederich Duerrenmatt ' s " An Angel Comes to Babylon " man ' s tragic plight is set in a frame of comedy. One of Duerrenmatt ' s major themes, that of man ' s presumptuous quest for justice, freedom, and happiness, is in this story of an angel who brings God ' s grace to the poorest beggar in Babylon in the form of a beautiful, young girl. The beggar Akki, happy in his freedom, becomes a symbol of independent man ' s struggle to survive the powerful forces which try to make him conform. The young girl Kurrubi who is sent to console Akki in his poverty discovers that he is happy, where the other subjects with their fleeting, transcending, yearnings are not. Kurrubi is confused by this incongruity of Akki ' s happiness in the face of misery she sees in others, but joins Akki in frustrating king pl an to abolish beggars and set up a perfect welfare state. Duerrenmatt suggests that if the Akkis disappear from the earth, there will be no more happiness, no beauty, and no refuge, for divine grace, only an iron sense of duty, pittiless and consistent. The University Theater production of " An Angel Comes to Babylon, " written in 1955 in German was its first presentation in the English language. An Angel Comes to Babylon Do you want to be hung? King Nebuchadnezzar pleads with Kurrubi Rose Tattoo You ' re not taking my daughter anywhere. Tennessee Williams ' play " The Rose is based on the Proverbs passage, " Hope deferred maketh the heart sick, but when the desire cometh, it is a tree of life. " " The Rose Tattoo " contains one of Williams ' typical theories: it portrays the desperate loneliness of the protagonists and their timid gropings for love. The play is about a Sicilian woman, Serafina Della Rose, who believes her marriage is perfect, and her anguish when she learns of her husband ' s infidelity. She becomes reconciled to life and a love that is less than perfect only when Alvaro, a truck driver who resembles Serefina ' s dead forces his way into her life. The treatment of this romance of middle age alternately provides the play with its most uproarious and most touching moments. In " The Rose Tattoo " Williams tells the story of a woman who learns about love and the general give and take of life. " The Rose Tattoo " represents a side of Williams that one does not often see, and reveals a considerable flair for creating spirited action and vivid, sympathetic characters. So my grandfather was an idiot. Does that make me one? Do you pray to the Blessed Virgin? You ' re all a bunch of hypocrites. A play filled with one of Ben Jonson ' s dramatic devices, that of letting the jabber at each other, each in his own jargon and to everyone else ' s (except Jonson ' s), is Bartholomew Fair. Directed by William Oliver, the play is an Elizabethan slap-stick comedy which takes place in a particular well-known corner of London at the annual Fair. At the Fair Jonson depicts a kaleidoscope of human nature and social class. In the Puritan Preacher and the reforming justice (Bertram Schwarzschild and Stacy Keach) Jonson portrays the people who are not themselves and are trying to stifle their impulses. The sellers of the fair are shown as the foolish world, sort of the in-group. He also shows the thieves, hucksters, and the foolish people who are taken in by the former. Jonson uses language, colored differently for different characters, as his main means of expressing what he wants to show. The picture presented by Jonson is not too inviting, but it is enjoyable for spectators. Do you have the document yet, lad? Bartholomew Fair Dame Purecraft laments the arrest of Zeal-of-the Land Busy. Don Juan Charlotte, do you love me? " Oh, the shame of it all.” This play, the first of a series by the University Theater is a of the famous legend by Moliere. The legend has at least 100 versions to its name, with such writers as Byron, Balzac, Pushkin, Jose-Zorilla, Chekov, Shaw, and Mozart. By presenting three different versions of the legend, the University Theater hopes to and present the meaning which the legend has attained in its 300 year history since the first version, El Burlador de Sevilla, was written by Tirso de Molina, a Spanish monk. Some say that Don Juan embodies that side of nature which is uncontrolled and is vital with the sort of vitality that has always been a strong in human powers of survival. The series ' first production, Moliere ' s Don Juan, was first staged in 1665 (with Moliere playing Sganarelle). The second production of the series was Shaw ' s Man and Superman, a comedy version. The third production was a performance of a contemporary treatment by William Oliver, The Antifarce of John Leporello, which was directed by the author. I asked you to come to dinner with me, Don Juan. Alpha Mu Gamma The Omicron chapter of Alpha Mu Gamma, the National Collegiate Foreign Language Honor Society, offers to outstanding students for their achievements in the study of foreign Qualifications for membership two A ' s and one B in unrepeated courses in the same language. Honorary membership is open to faculty members and to civic leaders recognized for their language ability, or for their interest in the study and use of foreign languages. The aims of the society are: To recognize linguistic achievement, stimulate a interest in foreign civilizations, and encourage international friendship. Utilizing the rich resource of foreign languages, activities are planned to foster the appreciation and understanding of other peoples and their cultures. THETA SIGMA PHI is a national fraternity for women in journalism, having student chapters at 63 universities and many professional chapters. Activities this year have included assisting with lectures in the Department of Journalism, programs with speakers on the profession, and assisting with a high school career day on SIGMA DELTA CHI, a professional fraternity, sponsored speakers, banquets, and meetings with newsmen. Membership is open to upper division men majoring in journalism. ALPHA MU GAMMA—Row One: Marilyn Cook, Carolyn Pecoraro, Arthur Gordon, Brenne Luten, Paul Roller, Lois Gumz. Row Two: Jesus Casas, Linda Bridgman, Carla Harden, Jane Elzey, Lita Carino, Mary Anne Kennedy. Row Three: Kathleen Kish, Mary Ann Buxton, Elaine Higgins, Suzanne Read, Helen Evans. Row Four: Joan Catelli, Bob Bronzan, Linda Swanson, Mervin Rhamm, Roger Frost. Not Pictured: Eleanor Olney. Theta Sigma Phi Sigma Delta Chi Row One: Theta Sigma Phi - Linda Hartmann, Peggy Sands, Katie Pease, Mary McGowan, Marybeth Hockel, Marlene Depper, Trish Bagby. Row Two: Sigma Delta Chi - Doug Kim, Norm Hallquist, John Perron, Bob Bennett, Mike Doan, Len Goodwin, Dick Corten, Jim Howk, Mike Wilson. Dwinelle Plaza in the rain. The Lobby of Wheeler Hall Pi Lambda Theta Pi Lambda Theta is a national honorary and professional for women in education. There are eighty-five chapters throughout the country. Omega chapter was founded at Cal in the 1920 ' s and presently has over 200 members both on and off campus. Among its purposes are: To recognize women of superior scholastic achievement and high potential for professional to contribute to the solution of educational, social, and problems of national and international concern, and to promote professional fellowship and cooperation as a means to action. As a means of fulfilling these purposes, this year ' s activities centered around the theme, " Creative teachers for a new era. " Pi Lambda Theta accomplishes its activities by sponsoring lectures by prominent speakers in the field of education. PI LAMBDA THETA — Flor Pulido, Membership Chairman; Geraldine Joncich, Sponsor; Elsie Gipson, Treasurer; Pina Barbieri, Vice-President; Muriel Rose, President; Gladys Foster, Corresponding Secretary; Marjorie Joseph, Chairman Nominating Committee. 1870’s JOHN LE CONTE President 1876 - 1881 DANIEL COIT GILMAN President 1872 - 1875 Daniel Coit Gilman had achieved worldwide distinction for the Yale University Sheffield Scientific School before becoming President of the University of California. Following his tenure he became President of John Hopkins. John Le Conte and his brother, Joseph, were among the University ' s first faculty members having come from the University of South Carolina in 1869. HENRY DURANT President 1870 - 1872 When the University opened there were only two buildings on campus, South Hall which still stands and North Hall, which was on the site of the Library Annex. They looked over the treeless hills to the East and Westward past a few houses to scan the uninterrupted view of the East Bay shores and beyond the Bay to San Francisco. A student in the communications laboratory in Cory Hall compares radio propagation data against calculations. The bulletin board, located in the court outside of the Engineering Building, informs the students of current events. The laboratory instrument shop in Cory Hall stores many pieces of electronic apparatus for engineering research. The origins of instruction in engineering at the University were in 1872, when the College of Civil Engineering was at Berkeley. For many years programs were conducted in three colleges on the Berkeley campus—the College of Civil Engineering, the College of Mechanics, and the College of Mining. New fields of studies that developed were placed under one or another of these colleges. In 1892, electrical engineering was added to the College of Mechanics; in 1905, sanitary engineering and became a part of the College of Civil Engineering; and in 1915, petroleum was placed under the College of Mining. A need for greater coordination among the various branches of engineering and in 1929 provision was made for the consolidation of Civil Engineering and Mechanics into the College of under one administration head, effective January 1, 1931. Mining separate until 1942. Through these portals pass the world ' s finest engineers. John R. Whinnery Dean A view of the Engineering Materials laboratory office from atop the third level crossway. The undergraduate engineering office is a familiar sight to all engineers. College of Engineering Instruction in the College of Engineering is a four-year curriculum. Studies are based upon a comprehensive basic instruction in physics and chemistry, with emphasis placed upon faculty in Humanities and social sciences are a small but important part of the curricula. Here at Berkeley stress is placed on the individual branches of engineering practice. A cooperative work-study program is in operation, in which may alternate work and study periods in order to gain industrial experience while studying for the Bachelor of Science degree. These programs usually require four and one-half to five years for completion. During the work periods the students are regular employees of companies, holding positions selected to fit the needs of the individual students. Engineering students are encouraged to pursue graduate work upon completion of the undergraduate studies. To this end many engage in research projects under the guidance of the faculty. The intention is to give the engineer a thorough knowledge of engineering theory so that when he enters industry he will be able to keep abreast of this constantly changing profession. The engineering library contains a multitude of books of various engineering fields. Civil Engineering The planning design, construction, and economics of systems and physical facilities related to public and private works are the concerns of Civil Engineering. Structures such as buildings, bridges, and dams, and systems for transportation and water supply are examples of such works. Within the field are major areas of specialization such as construction, foundation, hydraulics, transportation, and water resources engineering. Structural engineering, for example, is the design of office dams, bridges, aircraft, missile and space vehicles, and radio telescopes. Facilities such as highways, railways and airports are the business of transportation engineering. Another example from the many activities of civil engineering is water resources engineering. This requires a sound understanding of planning, economics, and public administration as well as of hydraulic engineering. Why not? The model demonstrator located in the Hydraulics laboratory is used to study flow characteristics of water under various conditions. Howard D. Eberhart Chairman The Tensile Tester located in the Engineering Materials Laboratory will soon be dismantled and moved to its new home at the Richmond Field Station. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS — Row One: Mort Hilliard, C F. Scheffey, G. T. Orlob, Lyle F. Gabrielson, Mike Leite, Bob Sadler. Row Two: Colin R. McGlibery, Wayne Westfall, Vance W. Abersold, Robert Dunham, Paul Row Three: Kenneth Goo, George Jardim, John W. Poore, Tenny Lam. Row Four: David L. Tucker, Steve Bennet, John Bennet, Sydney R. Robertson, Michael King. Row Five: Ed Stabb, Chris Orman. A S .C .E The student chapter of ASCE is the link between civil students at the University and the American Society of Civil Engineers, the professional organization. As designed, the student ASCE chapter provides better contact between and students so that there may be a free exchange of ideas. The chapter ' s activities include speakers, a banquet, smokers, and technical movies. Membership is open to all civil engineering students enrolled at the University. Chi Epsilon CHI EPSILON — Row One: Tenny Lam, Robert Dunham, Robert Chapman, George Jardin. Row Two: Robert Williams, Sydney Robertson, Edward Stabb, Robert Sadler. Chi Epsilon is a national civil engineering honor fraternity with membership based on scholastic achievement. The goal of this fraternity is to help the student develop the fundamental for a successful career in the engineering field. Robert M. Saunders Chairman Electrical Engineering Major divisions among the varying fields of electrical engineering include communications, illumination, electrical control, computers, information theory and power or energy conversion. Within each division is a wide range of activities. For example, the field of power is concerned with the design and manufacture of electrical apparatus, the design and of systems which generate and distribute electric energy, and the theory of manual or automatic control of electric appartus and systems. Also there are specialized activities such as the design of digital computers or of systems for the control of aircraft or guided missles. The electrical engineering curriculum provides the foundation for these activities by working toward a thorough understanding of electric circuits, electronic devices, electric machinery, and electric fields and waves. Fundamental principles such as the theories of energy conversion, of information, and of control systems are also studied. The program includes illustrations and applications from electrical engineering practice and is supported by material from other fields of engineering and science. The workhorse of the EE department, the Bendix G-15 digital computer, undergoes periodic servicing. A radar installation stands tall and silent atop Cory Hall. The most popular room in Cory is the Coffee Shop. ETA KAPPA NU — Row One: Gary Giddings, Paul Griffith, Jafilam de la Cruz, J. R. Whinnery, G. L. Turin, Faculty Advisor; James Gaskill, Jr. Jack Frost, Charles Thompson. Row Two: George Hubbard, John Owens, James Taylor, Theodore Kamins, Richard Rumelt, Paul Lin, Edwin Greeneich, James Doub. Row Three: John Maxwell, John Hargrove, Robert Piziali, Robert Ross, Shahrokh Moaveni, Donatas Januta, Alexander Kochergin, Robert Van Tuyl Row Four: James Marshall, Lloyd Morinaga, Richard Stockton, Raymond Davis, Stanley Davis, Peter Lai, Alexander Chen, Allen Foster, Dennis Wong, Earl Switzer. Eta kappa Nu Eta Kappa Nu is an electrical engineering honor society. Its activities include the induction of eligible candidates, a banquet, social functions and technical talks. Membership is limited to upper division electrical engineering students with outstanding scholastic A relatively new development, the Klystron, is used in scientific work for atom bunching. Even the faculty has its problems. Richard W. Shepard Chairman Industrial Engineering The field of Industrial Engineering is devoted to the design, control and improvement of the integrated systems of men, machines, and materials. Emphasis is shifted from individua l to the formation and operating control of large engineering systems. Operations Research, a main branch of industrial is directed toward the scientific basis on which these problems may be analyzed. The curriculum draws upon specialized knowledge and skill in the mathematical, physical, and social sciences and this with methods of engineering analysis and design to predict and evaluate the results of proposed systems. Human factors are also studied by industrial engineers. Under the general heading of ergonomics, all the interactions of men and machines are analyzed. A third branch of industrial engineering, metal processing is with establishing the flow and conditions of the forming processes . AIIE Please knock before entering. Does it bite? I. I. E. Alpha Pi Mu The purpose of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers is the of knowledge in theory and of industrial engineering. in the AIIE gives the student an opportunity to become more closely acquainted with faculty members as well as promoting a professional and fellowship. The purpose of Alpha Pi Mu is to confer recognition upon students of industrial engineering who have shown exceptional academic interests and in their field. Juniors in the upper one-fifth and seniors in the upper one-third of their class are for membership providing that a 2.5 grade point average has been maintained. ALPHA PI MU and AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERS — Row One: Prof. E. Paul De Garmo, Steve Pinney, John Bianucci, Dale Garrett, Robert Cawer, Prof. E. C. Keachie. Row Two: Chilton Lee, John Hyland, Clermont Sherman, Bernard Berman, Jagdish Bhobe. Row Three: Brian Thompson, F. L. Steinke, C. S. Vaidyanathan. Industrial engineering problems of greatest magnitude: How do you insert the drill bit into the chuck? If they don ' t sell the piece anymore, we ' ll make it ourselves. The late afternoon sun gleams through a Mechanics building window. Samuel A. Schaaf Chairman The mechanical engineering student must prepare himself for the broad field defined as the art and science of generating power and putting it to use. The mechanical engineer is concerned with the design, operation, and maintainence of all types of machines, the designing of power plants, and the selection and installation of their equipment, and the development of systems of operations. Often the mechanical engineer works in the field of sales, specifying, recommending, and selling the proper type of machinery for a specific purpose. Examples of work in the field of mechanical engineering includes designing, developing, and manufacturing steam turbines and engines, hydraulic turbines, and internal combustion engines. Also, increasingly, the mechanical engineer is concerned with and utilization of nuclear energy. He deals with equipment for the transmission of power from the prime movers to the power-using machines; with power using devices, such as pumps, propellers, airplanes, missiles, automobiles, and household mechanical appliances; and with indicating instruments, regulators, and equipment for guidance and automatic and manual control. The course of study in mechanical engineering includes basic subjects common to all engineering training, subjects fundamental to mechanical engineers, and specialization in certain fields. The mechanical engineer must acquire a thorough knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, manufacturing processes, properties of materials, dynamics, fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, heat transfer, mass transfer, and economics. Because of the wide range of technical and economic problems facing the mechanical engineer, the program for undergraduates is limited to basic work, with some specialization in the senior year. Faculty members and board notices are often helpful in advising engineers of in research and industry. Mechanical Engineering After an exhausting lab period, says one engineer to another, " Now all we have to do is write it up. " Pi Tau Sigma Pi Tau Sigma is the National Engineering Honor Society. Membership is limited to mechanical engineering seniors who are in the highest 33 per cent and juniors who are in the highest 25 per cent of their class in respect to scholarship. To create a congenial atmosphere between the faculty and the students is the of this group. “But this report can ' t be complete; it ' s only 10 pages long. " The purpose of American Society of Mechanical Engineers is to promote the advancement and dissemination of of the theory and practice of engineering. Activities include technical meetings, field trips and the annual picnic. Membership in this society is open to any student in good standing and enrolled in any branch of Both graduate and undergraduate students are included in this society. PI TAU SIGMA—Row One: Pictiaw Chen, Fred Jessen, Mel Kazarian, Dick Hibbard, Roy Ikegami, Wayne Fingerman, Richard Chogyoji. Row Two: John Liebenberg, Lawrence Gibson, Larry Krumland, Dennis Sasaki, Alan Chan, Dewey Ravenscroft. Row Three: Philip Condit, Louis Hamilton, J. Allan Carlson, Thomas H. Mack, W. Michael Ploeger, Gary E. Dix. Row Four: R. Steidel, Faculty Advisor; H. Iversen, Faculty Advisor. AMERICAN SOCIETY OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS — Row One: Louis Hamilton, Eleazar Ajodile, Wayne Fingerson, Roy Ikegami, Pictiaw Chen, F. S. Sherman, Advisor. Row Two: Dale Schauer, Dick Hibbard, John Liebenberg, Joseph Ker, Alan Chan. Row Three: Roy Tyson, Laurence Gibson, Larry Krumland, Gary W. Mull, James L. Shaffner. Row Four: Lloyd Smith, John Bates, Bruce Shawner, Mehdi Hoodei, Phil Wondra, Steve Carman. Row Five: James Dielschneider, Mel Kazarian, W. Michael Ploeger, Dewey Ravenscroft, J. Allan Carlson. Tau Beta Pi TAU BETA PI — Row One: Charles C. Thompson, James R. Taylor, John Owens, Theodore I. Kamins, Robert E. Nickell, John R. Bayless, James R. Gaskill, Richard Lohman, Stephen Vaatveit, Jonathan Chan, Robert Rolf Hermanrud, Dewey Ravenscroft. Row Two: Jafilam dela Cruz, Paul Griffith, Harry Schroeter, Peter Lai, George W. Hubbard, Paul Lin, Paul G. Nebel, Dennis L. Wong, William C. McCain, Laurence Gibson, Leon Michael F. King, Donatas Januta, Ronald Ross, Wayne Fingerson, Greeveich, Lee M. Chase, Philip Condit, Fred Jessen, Melvin Piestrup. Row Three: Thomas H. Mack, J. Allan Carlson, Gary Giddings, Yuris Nora, Robert Falstrom, Steve Pinney, Richard Bass, James E. Nassir, Robert Reed Van Tuyl, Pictiaw Chen, Ron Mayo, Robert Sadler, Frank Tsien, Mel Kakarian. Row Four: Louis Hamilton, Raymond Davis, James Radford, Brian Thompson, Alfredo Lopez, Donald Ross, Thomas Wilcox, Alan Chan, John Liebenberg, Joseph Ku, Frank Pan. Row Five: Terry O. Carroll, Lloyd R. Hile, David B. Reister, Gary R Hicks, Gary E. Dix, Jack L. Frost, Alexander Kochergin. FALL SPRING John Bayless President James Gaskill Glenn Secor Vice-President Robert Dunham Ted Kamins Recording Secretary John Bayless James Gaskill Corresponding Secretary Roderick Jones Robert Nickell Treasurer Richard Lohman Leroy Colombe Cataloguer David Reister Richard Lohman E.J.C. Representative Robert Nickell Tau Beta Pi, a national engineering honor society, was founded in 1885 by Dr. Edward Higginson Williams, Jr. His aim was to create an organization which would give recognition for the honors work completed by technical students who were excluded by the nature of their studies from membership in Phi Beta Kappa. Since its foundation Tau Beta Pi has and flourished. Today it can boast of 109 active throughout the country and also has over 100,000 members on this campus, was chartered in 1907 as the first chapter. California Alpha, which is the Tau Beta Pi chapter in the state of California. Among the many activities are included Engineer ' s Day and High School Day. This year a free tutoring service to lower division students in engineering was inaugurated. To the prospective entrant not only does Tau Beta Pi offer recognition for outstanding work but also the opportunity to meet and get together with engineering students from all the various types of curricular to be found in the College of Engineering along with the chemical students of the College of Chemistry. In addition Tau Beta Pi has four faculty advisers: Henry Bourne, William Oswald, James Meriam and Alan Foss. Engineers ' Joint Council Engineers ' Joint Council is composed of representatives from the twelve engineering societies at Cal. The council is primarily a coordinating body which meets to discuss problems affecting engineering students. An orientation program for new students is sponsored by the council each ENGINEERS ' JOINT COUNCIL — Row One: Charles Coker, James Z. Gaskill, Jr., Robert T. Langland, Richard Rumelt, Ronald Brunken. Row Two: Cary Fox, James Doub, Howard Schirmer, Steve Pinney, John G. Sebastian. Row Three: Richard Lohman, James Dielschneider, J. Allan Carlson, Professor David K. Todd. College of Engineering Seniors AL-ASFOOR, KHALID Kuwait Civil Engineering Arab Student Association ANDREWS, FRANK JR. Sacramento Mechanical Engineering Putnam Hall BAYLESS, JOHN La Mesa Engineering Physics Crew, ARS, Tau Beta Pi, Honor Students Society Deutsch Hall BIANUCCI, JOHN Stockton Industrial Engineering Cal Prep, Cal Camp AIIE, IFC Del Rey ANDERSON, JERRY Antioch Mechanical Engineering California Band, Straw Hat Band, Californians, Golden Guard Griffiths Hall ARAMAYO, DENI Redding Engineering BENJAMIN, JONATHAN Pacific Grove Industrial Engineering AIIE Bowles Hall BOSLER, DENNIS Oakland Civil Engineering Sigma Phi Delta ANDERSON, RON La Canada Engineering Griffiths Hall BARNEY, DAN Concord Mechanical Engineering Ehrman Hall BENNETT, JOHN San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE Theta Chi BRAILEY, WILLIAM Porterville Mining Engineering Griffiths Hall ANDREWS, ANTHONY Chico Electrical Engineering Zeta Psi BASS, RICHARD Berkeley Engineering Freshman Crew, Tau Beta PI BENNETT, STEPHEN San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE Theta Chi BRANDT, STEPHEN Pasadena Industrial Engineering Intercollegiate Athletic Advisory Board, Varsity Crew, Big C Society, Alpha Pi Mu BRUSH, JOEL Ukiah Mechanical Engineering Delta Chi BURNS, ARTHUR III Riverside Mechanical Enginnering Chi Phi CAPLENER, DWANE Vacaville Electrical Engineering Intramurals, Ski Club Alpha Kappa Lambda CARNER, BERT Modesto Electrical Engineering Oski Committee, Bowles Hall CHAN, ALAN Hong Kong Mechanical Engineering ASME, CSA, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Honor Students Society Deutsch Hall CHEN, PICTIAW Thailand Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Bowles Hall BUNYAN, LEN San Francisco Electrical Engineering IRE Smyth Hall CANTRELL, ZELL JR. Woodland Electrical Engineering UCSEE, AIEE Alpha Sigma Phi CARLSON, LAWRENCE Roseville Engineering Smyth Hall CARVER, ROBERT Berkeley Industrial Engineering Class Council, Men ' s Rally Comm., Intramurals, AIIE, Tower Flame Sigma Chi CHAPMAN, BOB Marysville Civil E ngineering Putnam Hall CHEUNG, RAYMOND San Francisco Electrical Engineering American Mathematical Association, IRE, UCSEE CHOGYOJI, RICHARD Los Angeles Mechanical Engineering Pi Tau Sigma Barrington Hall COLE, WALTER San Diego Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi Griffiths Hall COOKE, GEORGE San Mateo Electrical Engineering Kappa Delta Rho DEZZANI, PETER Placerville Mechanical Engineering Sigma Alpha Epsilon DUNHAM, ROBERT Berkeley Civil Engineering Student Committee on Educational Policy, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Honor Student Society CHOW, TSI-PI NG China Aeronautical Sciences CONDIT, PHILIP Lafayette Mechanical Engineering Honor Students Society, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma Alpha Delta Phi DELACRUZ, JAFILAM Albany Civil Engineering Golden Guard, Tau Beta Pi, Honor Student Society Del Rey DIETZMAN, JOHN San Pablo Chemical Engineering AIChE Honor Student Society EGBERT, JOHN San Mateo Civil Engineering Smyth Hall CHUCK, LESTER Hawaii Electrical Engineering CONWAY, RICHARD Las Vegas, Nevada Mechanical Engineering Frosh Crew, Golden Guard, ASME Alpha Kappa Lambda DENNISON, ROBERT Ventura Electrical Engineering UCSEE Delta Sigma Phi DUNLAP, THOMAS Ardmore, Oklahoma Industrial Engineering Men ' s Executive Board, University Affairs Committee, Crew, Order of the Golden Bear, IFC, AIIE, Big C Society, Intercollegiate Athletic Advisor ' s Board Alpha Delta Phi ELLIOTT, TERRANCE Ventura Mechanical Engineering Acacia COFFER, ROBERT Fullerton Electrical Engineering IRE, UCSEE Arch Place CORNWELL, DAVID Ontario Civil Engineering DESJARDIN, WILLIAM Redding Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta DUBOIS, DAVID Riverside Mechanical Engineering ESCOLA, DENNIS Santa Rosa Electrical Engineering Alpha Kappa Lambda ESKANDARI, YAHYA Iran Civil Engineering Iranian Student Association of UC, ASCE FOK, ANDREW Hong Kong Civil Engineering FRY, PAUL Arcadia Mechanical Engineering University Chamber Band, University Concert Band Alpha Delta Phi GALLAWAY, WILLIAM Fullerton Electrical Engineering Cal Band Griffiths Hall GREGORY, WOODY Fresno Mechanical Engineering ASME Theta Chi HARSHBERGER, BOB Mill Valley Electrical Engineering Lacrosse, Debate Sigma Phi JARDIM, GEORGE Oakland Engineering ASCE, EJC, Chi Epsilon Kappa Sigma ELDMAN, ARLEN La Canada Civil Engineering ASCE Phi Delta Theta FONG, PHILIP San Francisco Engineering Deutsch Hall FUCHS, JAMES Fresno Electrical Engineering UCSEE GIDDINGS, GARY Danville Electrical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu Deutsch Hall GREINER, DAVID Sherman Oaks Electrical Engineering Delta Sigma Phi HOODEI, MEHDI Iran Mechanical Engineering ASME JESSIE, LARRY Oakland Engineering Phi Kappa Tau FINGERSON, WAYNE Sacramento Mechanical Engineering ASME Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Phi Phi, Sigma Chi FRANK, DONALD Orland Electrical Engineering UCSEE, Newman Club, IEEE, Blue Gold Editor, Publication Board, Oxford Hall FULLER, GLEN Menlo Park Engineering GOLDSMITH, WILLIAM San Francisco Civil Engineering Crew Deutsch Hall HAMSTAD, MARVIN Oakland Mechanical Engineering IKEGAMI, ROY San Jose Mechanical Engineering ASME, Pi Tau Sigma Putnam Hall JURGENS, ANDREIS Berkeley Electrical Engineering UCSEE Simga Chi FLACHSENHAR, J. JR. San Diego Engineering Delta Chi FRENCH, JOHN Albany Electrical Engineering UCSEE, Honor Students Society University Village GABRIELSON, LYLE San Diego Civil Engineering ASCE, Arnold Air Society GRAVLEE, GEORGE JR. Sacramento Civil Engineering Cal Band, ASCE HARDY, RUSSELL Sacramento Engineering ISHIGURO, GEORGE Hawaii Mechanical Engineering Basketball Mgr. Oxford Hall KAMINS, THEODORE San Francisco Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, Deutsch Hall KESSLER, GEOFFREY Pomona Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa KORN, DARRYL Sacramento Electrical Engineering Intramurals, UCSEE Deutsch Hall LAI, PETER Honolulu Electrical Engineering MERLYN, LAUSTEN Hayward Mechanical Engineering Theta Delta Chi KING, MICHAEL Berkeley Civil Engineering ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi KRUSE, LAWRENCE Hawaii Industrial Engineering AIIE, Winged Helmet Phi Gamma Delta LAM, TENNY Hong Kong Civil Engineering ASCE, CSC, CSA, Chi Epsilon Putnam Hall LAYCOOK, THOMAS Oildale Electrical Engineering UCSEE, IRE KIRCHNER, RICHARD Montebello Electrical Engineering Cal Band, Straw Hat Band, Golden Guard, UCSEE, IRE Griffiths Hall KU, JOSEPH Hong Kong Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, Chinese Student Club Putnam Hall LAMPO, EDWARD Albany Electrical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta LEE, DANIEL Oakland Mechanical Engineering ASME Bowles Hall KNIGHT, ROBERT Coalinga Civil Engineering Californians, Golden Bear, Men ' s Executive Board, Big Game Week Committee, Class Council, ASCE, Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi Lambda Chi Alpha KWAN, WINGLOW San Francisco Engineering LASCURETTES, WILLIAM Oakland Electrical Engineering Varsity Wrestling, IRE-AIEE, UCSEE, Tower Flame, Big C Society LEW, LOUISE San Francisco Civil Engineering ASCE, SWE, Honor Students Society Chi Epsilon, Tau Beta Pi LEWIS, GEORGE Eureka Civil Engineering Campus Crusade Alpha Gamma Omega LHUKER, ERIC Porterville Engineering Putnam Hall LOHMAN, RICHARD Bakersfield Electrical Engineering EJC, UCSEE, Wesley Foundation Tau Beta Pi Ehrman Hall LUCAS, GERALD Hayward Electrical Engineering Glee Club, Quarterdeck Society MacQUIDDY, CHARLES Orinda Mechani cal Engineering Kappa Alpha MARRACCI, LOU Lafayette Engineering LEWIS, WILLIAM Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Sigma Phi Delta LIEBENBERG, JOHN San Jose Mechanical Engineering ASME, Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi Putnam Hall LOWDER, J. E. Los Gatos Mechanical Engineering Griffiths LYON, RONALD Albany Electrical Engineering UCSEE MAKER, EDWARD San Francisco Engineering MARTIN, CHUCK Berkeley Electrical Engineering Soph Class Council, UCSEE, IRE, Yacht Club Alpha Tau Omega MATSUI, PAUL Maui, Hawaii Electrical Engineering MAXWEL, JOHN Fresno Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu MINGST, ARTHUR San Francisco Metallurgy AIME Sigma Alpha Epsilon MORIARTY, DICK Albany Mechanical Engineering Cal Band, ASME, Tower and Flame, Arnold Air Society Alpha Kappa Lambda MORRISON, ANGUS Hillsborough Engineering Kappa Delta Rho MAU, RICHARD Marysville Electrical Engineering Lutheran Student Association, UCSEE Deutsch Hall MEHRAIN, MEHRDAD Tehran, Iran Civil Engineering Iranian Club, Iranian Student Association MOHAGHEGH, MIKE San Jose Engineering Cloyne Court MORINAGA, LLOYD Hilo, Hawaii Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu Griffiths Hall MORROW, GERALD Oakland Industrial Engineering Triune Delta Kappa Epsilon NASSIRI, MANUCHER Berkeley Electrical Engineering NISHIKAWA, PHILIP Yuba City Mechanical Engineering ASME Euclid Hall NEREM, ARNE Albany Electrical Engineering UCSEE OLDEN, ROBERT Novato Electrical Engineering NIBARGER, PAUL Mirbrisa Engineering Smyth Hall ORMAN, J. C. Inglewood Civil Engineering UCAFS, IFC, Daily Cal, ASCE, Theta Delta Chi NIDECKER, JOHN Middletown Engineering Smyth Hall OWENS, JOHN Newport Beach Electrical Engineering Water Polo, Swimming, UCEE, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi Alpha Gamma Sigma Griffiths Hall OWENS, RAYMOND San Francisco Mechanical Engineering ASME, Ski Club, IASS Sigma Chi PHELAN, JOHN Grass Valley Electrical Engineering Rugby, Boxing Sigma Phi PRICE, ANTHONY Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Big C Society, Varsity Tennis, Theta Tau, Triune, ASME, Order of the Golden Bear Alpha Delta Phi PARSONS, JOHN La Jolla Mining Engineering Phi Delta Theta PINNEY, STEVE Castro Valley Industrial Engineering AIIE, Alpha Pi Mu, Tau Beta Pi RADFORD, JAMES Ojai Engineering Physics Yacht Club, Tau Beta Pi PEACOCK, JERROLD Crescent City Civil Engineering ASCE, Campus Crusade for Christ Alpha Gamma Omega POORE, JOHN San Andreas Civil Engineering ASCE Theta Chi RASSA, BOB Towson, Maryland Engineering ASUC Senate Speaking Committee Alpha Phi Omega Deutsch Hall RATHMAN, GEORGE North Hollywood Electrical Engineering Psi Upsilon ROGERS, THOMAS San Rafael Mechanical Engineering Varsity Crew, Order of the Golden Bear, Varsity Rowing Club, Big C Society, Skull Keys, ASME Psi Upsilon SALLEE, GARY Newport Engineering Griffiths Hall SCHAUER, DALE Bakersfield Mechanical Engineering ASME, Pi Tau Sigma SECOR, GLENN Sacramento Engineering Tau Beta Pi SERRANO, RONALD Monterey Park Civil Engineering SLAUGHTER, DENNIS Whittier Electrical Engineering Crew Manager, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu Bowles Hall SODEN, GARY Santa Ana Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha RHYNER, EMERSON Sacramento Electrical Engineering Deutsch Hall RUMELT, RICHARD Los Angeles Electrical Engineering UCSEE, EJC, Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi Ehrman Hall SCATENA, GINO Los Altos Engineering SCHROETER, HARRY Oakland Mechanical Engineering Campus Tours Tau Beta Pi Theta Chi SELSER, MICHAEL Norwalk Electrical Engineering Judo Club Smyth Hall SIMOES, NORMAN Pittsburg Industrial Engineering Ehrman Hall SMITH, LLOYD El Cerrito Mechanical Engineering ASME, Pi Tau Sigma SNYDER, DAVID Santa Barbara Engineering Physics Glee Club STABB, EDWARD Palo Alto Civil Engineering ASCE, Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon Bowles Hall TANA, YASUTO Palo Alto Electrical Engineering Frosh Football, UCYC Quarterdeck, USCEE Gamma Delta Iota Bowles Hall TERZICH, LOREN Novato Civil Engineering ASCE TAKABAYSHI, S. Yuba City Mechanical Engineering ASME Euclid Hall TAYLOR, JAMES Ontario Electrical Engineering UCSEE, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu THOMPSON, CHARLES Albany Electrical Engineering UCSEE, Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu THRASH, JIM San Gabriel Civil Engineering Californias, Order of the Golden Bear Deutsch Hall WEINBERGER, C. Fresno Engineering Acacia WONDRA, PHILLIP Victorville Mechanical Engineering ASME TRUJILLO, EDWARD San Bernardino Electrical Engineering UCSEE Cloyne Court WHITE, WADE San Diego Engineering WONG, DENNIS Fresno Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi, UCSEE, Chinese Students Club Pi Alpha Phi TURNER, BOB Berkeley Mechanical Engineering Alpha Chi Rho WHITLEY, ROBERT Los Angeles Civil Engineering ASCE Chi Psi WONG, WINIFRED San Francisco Electrical Engineering TYSON, RAY San Francisco Mechanical Engineering Varsity Football WILLARD, KIRK Red Bluff Engineering I House YOUNG, RICHARD Sacramento Electrical Engineering Pi Alpha Phi 1880’s WILLIAM THOMAS REID President 1881 - 1885 Prior to his presidency, William Thomas Ried graduated from Harvard and was principal of Boy ' s High in San Francisco. Edward Singleton Holden resigned the presidency in 1888 to become director at Lick Observatory and so continue his interests. He was succeeded by Horace Davis a lawyer and former California congressman. EDWARD SINGLETON HOLDEN President 1885 - 1888 BACON HALL, the elegant showcase of the University, was built in 1881 as a library and art gallery. It served as the Department and Museum of Geology it was torn down last year. HORACE DAVIS President 1888 - 1890 Early in the year an orientation meeting for architecture students was held, at which noted architects discussed their profession. Unorthodox designs intrigue prospective architects. The College of Environmental Design had its beginning in three distinct The earliest development was the informal architectural education offered in 1896 by architect Bernard R. Maybeck, a teacher of drawing in Engineering. In 1903 a four-year undergraduate program of architecture was established with John Galen Howard, a New York architect, in charge. The second component of the College began in 1940 in the form of general city planning courses in the Departments of Political Science and In 1948 the Department of City and Regional Planning was started to offer a two-year graduate course dealing with social, economic, technological, and aesthetic factors of the This task was undertaken by T. J. Kent, Jr., the first chairman of the The Department of Landscape Architecture began in the College of Agriculture in 1913, under John Gregg from New England. This four-year undergraduate and graduate program offered instruction in development of the open space of our country into areas for human use and enjoyment, such as parks and private gardens. As urban development progressed there was keen awareness of the necessity of a more careful of the design responsibilities of landscape architects, and city Three years ago the University moved to meet this need by establishing the College of Environmental Design. Long nights cause eyestrain. College of Environmental Design Accuracy makes architects. William W. Wurster Dean Painstaking attention to details marks the successful William W. Wurster has been with the in the capacity of Dean since 1950. Formerly Dean of Architecture here at Berkeley, he recently became Dean of the College of Environmental Design at its conception three years ago. A of U.C. at Berkeley, he studied during the years John Galen Howard was in charge of Dean Wurster has received Professional Awards and Certificates of Honor in work through his own private practice. His to Cal was the designing of Stern Hall in 1939, a residence hall for women. Dean current desire for the University is to see every temporary building torn down by 1968. The greatest event during Dean Wurster ' s years here at Cal has been the merging of the Departments of Architecture, City and Regional Planning, and Landscape Architecture into one College, the of Environmental Design. The effort to practical needs with science, and technology, and art in the design of the physical environment around us has been rewarded in the of this College, and will surely remain a source of great satisfaction to Dean Wurster as he retires this year. College of Environmental Design Seniors Now here ' s our plan . . . AGGAM, HASSAN Hillah, Iraq Architecture AIA BENDER, GERALD Shafter Architecture AIA COOMBS, ROSE ANN Rialto Architecture AA, AIA, LAA DJEU, EUGENE Buenos Aires, Arg. Architecture Chinese Students ' Assoc. Blue and Gold Daily Cal BAUE R, WILLIAM Sacramento Architecture AIA Lambda Chi Alpha BRAUN, ARLO Reedley Architecture Big Game Week Pub. Com. Housing Council AIA, IFC Sch. H.S. Honor Society Delta Sigma Phi CRUZ, ADOLFO Los Angeles Architecture AA, Daily Cal, Pelican FONG, BUCKY Sacramento Architecture You can ' t tell me that those are trees! FONG, LINCOLN San Francisco Environment Design Camera Club, CSA FURTADO, JOHN San Jose Landscape Architecture Land, Des. Club HARRIS, IAN ISAO Petaluma Architecture YBA Buddhist Men ' s Dormitory LINGAWI, SAUD Berkeley Architecture FOULADI, BINJAM Berkeley Architecture Tau Kappa Epsilon GEORGE, ROBERT Watsonville Architecture Cloyne Court KONG, ROBERTO Guatemala City, Guatemala Architecture LOVERDE, RICHARD Burlingame Architecture Phi Sigma Kappa McCOY, ROBERT Berkeley Architecture Xi Delta Kappa Phi Delta Chi McCULLEY, BYRON Hollister Landscape Architecture Land.,Des. Club Wesley Foundation McKEOWN, JOHN La Habra Architecture Delta Tau Delta MALINOWSKI, ALEX El Cerrito Architecture AIA MARTINELLI, ADOLPH Madera Architecture Phi Delta Theta MILLSAP, JOHN Hialeah, Florida Architecture AA, Axe Review Spring Sing MORALES, JORGE Berkeley Architecture LASA Phi Delta Chi PALMER, RICHARD Berkeley Architecture AA Cloyne Court Architecture students work on their projects in T-10. Is there an optometrist in the house? PINONO, EDWARD San Diego Architecture AIA, AA “il circolo italiano " RAHIMI, ABDUI Sacramento Architecture SAVANT, BERNARD Santa Barbara Architecture Alpha Chi Rho SCHMIEDEL, JOHN San Francisco Architecture Phi Kappa Sigma TRUMBO, JACK Crestline Architecture Pi Kappa Alpha VAUGHN, RON Los Angeles Architecture Varsity Football Pi Kappa Alpha YORSTON, DAVID Carmichael Architecture Griffiths Hall YUN, ARTHUR San Francisco Architecture 1890’s MARTIN KELLOGG President 1893-1899 Martin Kellogg was one of the first professors at the College of California and at the He was acting president from 1890 to 1893. HEARST HALL was built by Phoebe Apperson Hearst as an adjunct to her home and was later moved to the campus to serve as a gymnasium for women and a student center. It was destroyed by fire on June 22, 1922. HEARST MEMORIAL MINING BUILDING was given in 1907 by Phoebe Apperson Hearst in memory of her husband, Senator George Hearst, who made his fortune in mining California ' s gold field. Welder at work on Barrows Hall Come now, it can ' t be that bad! Simple fun!! In 1898, the College of Commerce, with a four year undergraduate program, was established at the University of California, the second school of its type in the United States. Funds presented by Miss Cora Jane Flood, under terms that the gift be used " to support some branch of commercial education " made its foundation possible. The early faculty of the College of Commerce included men who were pioneers in the business fields. For example, Henry Rand Hatfield, Professor of Accounting, was one of the first leaders in the accounting field. Since he was Vice-President of the with President Barrows, there will be a " Hatfield Room " in the new Barrows Hall. The College of Commerce borrowed its faculty from other departments, such as mathematics and, especially, economics. It was not until 1942 that the Department of Business with its own faculty, was established. This step was in preparation for the change from the College of Commerce to the School of Business Administration, which occurred in 1943. Ewald T. Grether, Flood Professor of Economics, was the last Dean for the College of Commerce and the first Dean for the School of Business Administration. Besides the change in the title and organization of the school, there was a gradual shift in the emphasis of the from a concern with trade, both domestic and foreign, with a background in economics and geography, to an interest in executive and management training. John W. Cowee Dean School of Business Administration The School of Business Administration provides training for administrative and executive positions in business. There is also instruction in specialized fields such as accounting, business research and advertising and real estate However, the School believes that the special training, the students should receive the benefits of a general education. Students receive their first two years of education outside of the and are not admitted to the School of Business Administration until they have attained junior standing. is allowed only after the student has received a broad education outside of and a basic foundation in the field. PHI CHI THETA — Row One: Leilani Ketlinski, Lee Lampo, Susanne Niem, Connie Hiraoka. Row Two: Patti Young, Irene Simon, Robin Craig, Karen J. Young. Row Three: Anita Jennings, Linda Mathison, Paula Eisner. Phi Chi Theta The purpose of Phi Chi Theta is It is to promote the cause of higher business education and training for all women, to foster high ideals for women, to encourage fraternity and cooperation among women preparing for such careers, and to stimulate the spirit of sacrifice and unselfish devotion to the attainment of such ends. Members of Phi Chi Theta are chosen by invitation from women in the School of Business Administration and the Department of Economics who have a minimum gradepoint average of 2.3. Activities include both professional and social functions, with the on the professional meetings. ALPHA KAPPA PSI — Row One: William Winkler, James Nelson, Roy Thylin, President; Lee Mitchell, Kinton Fowler. Row Two: Derryl Simeons, Kenneth Briggs, Steven Sharp, Thomas Alexander, Malin Swope, Fred Prydz, Treasurer; Vern Humphreys, Robert Padden, Vice-President. Row Three: Sonny Low, William Morton, Bruce Hass, Philip Lyons, William Stock. Not Pictured: Ronald Cassano, Gary Delson, Richard Ebert, Robert Petersen. Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Phi is America ' s oldest professional business fraternity, having been founded on October 5, 1904. Beta chapter is just one of 126 college chapters. Alpha Kappa Psi its members a training which is supplemental to that of the classroom. It provides a means of cooperative between students, faculty and Opportunity is offered for an individual to develop his character, abilities and personality through active participation in professional activities sponsored by the Alpha Beta chapter. The activities include authoritative and interesting speakers from the community, social events, a school service project and industrial tours. ABRAMSON, JOHN Mill Valley Accounting BAGNALL, LARRY Millbrae Business Administration Smyth Hall BECKSTEAD, CRAIG San Rafael Busines s Administration Lambda Chi Alpha APPLEGATE, PETER W. Sacramento Transportation Big " C " Society Golden Guard Beta Theta Pi BAKER, EDWARD San Anselmo Business Administration Phi Epsilon Pi BERTENTHAL, HOWARD West Covina Real Estate Phi Epsilon Pi AUSTIN, JOHN Piedmont Business Administration Rugby Psi Upsilon BALLENTINE, JAMES M. JR. Altadena Business Administration Arnold Air Society BIZONY, NICHOLAS Oakland Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta AZEN, JEANNE North Hollywood Business Administration WAA Cheney Hall BEAL, PAUL, C. Rodeo Business Administration Alpha Sigma Phi BODIE, FRANK Vallejo Accounting Theta Delta Chi BONNEY, JIM Sacramento Business Administration Zeta Psi BRIGGS, KENNETH San Francisco Business Administration YR, Alpha Kappa Psi CAMPBELL, LAWRENCE Los Angeles Business Administration Kappa Alpha CASSANO, RONALD Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi Alpha Kappa Lambda CHAMBERS, DAVID Accounting Alpha Chi Rho COWAN, BARBARA Alamo Business Administration BORG, EILEEN Berkeley Business Administration AFS, Phi Chi Theta BUTLER, JOEL Vallejo Accoun ting IFC, NROTC Sigma Alpha Epsilon CARLSON, TIMOTHY Berkeley Accounting and Finance Beta Alpha Psi CASTLEMAN, NOEL Mountain View Marketing Jr. Class Pres. Alpha Delta Sigma Arnold Air Society Lambda Chi Alpha CODE, GARY West Covina Business Administration Tau Kappa Epsilon COWING, ERIC Woodland Finance Skull and Keys Beta Beta Triune, Winged Helmet Delta Kappa Epsilon COX, ALLEN Santa Barbara Finance Cal Prep Counselor YR Phi Delta Theta DEKIRBY, DIANE San Diego Business Administration Blue and Gold Phi Chi Theta Kappa Delta DOBSON, STEVE Alameda Business Administration DOWELL, DAVID Concord Business Administration Lambda Chi Alpha DROBNY, JOHN Sacramento Business Administration Soph Class Council IFC, YR Phi Sigma Kappa EDELSTEIN, JUDY Los Angeles Accounting Delta Phi Epsilon DAILLAK, MICHAEL Bakersfield Accounting DELSON, GARY Santa Rosa Accounting Beta Alpha Psi Deutsch Hall DODD, WILLIAM Escondido Business Administration Crew Phi Delta Theta DREWEK, THOMAS Los Altos Foreign Trade AAC, SS, SWB Delta Sigma Pi AMA Honor Society EDELSTEIN, JERRY Salinas Public Administration Smyth ELSNER, PAULA Atherton Accounting Phi Chi Theta Chi Omega ESCAJEDA, LEE Richmond Real Estate Golden Guard Sigma Pi EVANS, WILLIAM Sherman Oaks Rugby Business Administration AMA Sigma Phi GEARHART, RICHARD Turlock Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi Ehrman Hall GREIG, WILLIAM Vallejo Business Administration Sigma Alpha Epsilon HARRISON, WILLIAM Vallejo Accounting Sigma Alpha Epsilon HASS, BRUCE Pacific Palisades Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi, YR Alpha Gamma Sigma Deutsch Hall FRASER, PETER Alamo Busin ess Administration Chi Phi GORDON, ROSS San Francisco Actuarial Science Bowling Team Kappa Nu HAMMER, DAVID Three Rivers Finance Weight Lifting Sigma Phi Epsilon HARSHBARGER, JIM Santa Maria Business Administration Blue and Gold Phi Sigma Kappa KIRAOKA, CONNIE Long Beach Personnel Management Phi Chi Theta GARDINER, JEFFREY Palo Alto Business Administration GRAY, MAX Sacramento Accounting Delta Tau Delta HARPS, THOMAS Taft Business Administration HASENFUSS, HARDY Walnut Creek Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi HOLLISTER, JAMES Oakland Finance Class Councils Californians Sigma Chi HUNT, JERRY Santa Cruz Business Administration Lambda Chi JOHNSON, DONALD L. Murphys Business Administration Smyth KALABACH, GARY Belmont Business Administration Class Councils Phi Sigma Kappa KETLINSKI, LEILANI El Cerrito Bus. Ad. Marketing American Marketing Association AIESEC, Pi Chi Theta LAKE, HARRY Garden Grove Business Administration Sigma Chi LEE, FAY Oakland Accounting JOHNSON, DENNY Mill Valley Business Administration Intramural Sports Skull and Keys Winged Helmet Arnold Air Society Delta Upsilon JOHNSON, KENNETH Oakland Business Administration KAWASKI, SEISO San Diego Accounting Euclid Hall KIMES, WALTER L. Santa Rosa Business Administration LAUFENBERG, ED Stockton Business Administration Chi Phi LOOMIS, WILLIAM R. Oakland Business Administration Alpha Delta Phi LOW, SUNNY Suisun Transportation Alpha Kappa Psi Putnam Hall McDOUGLASS, ROBERT Walnut Creek Business Administration Chi Psi MARPET, STEPHEN Vannuy Industrial Relations Sigma Alpha Mu MATHISON, LINDA LOU Oakland Business Administration AIESEC American Marketing Association Phi Chi Theta Alpha Delta Chi METZGER, ROBERT M. Santa Ana Marketing Sigma Nu McCOWN, HARVEY K. Bakersfield Accounting Beta Alpha Psi National Accounting Honor Fraternity Deutsch Hall McNALLY III, WILLIAM RAY Richmond Business Administration Alpha Sigma Phi MARTIN, GERRY Ventura Accounting Alpha Phi Omega Theta Chi MERRITT, PENELOPE ANN La Jolla Finance Oski Dolls, WAA AIESEC Prytanean Kappa Kappa Gamma MEYER, BRUCE Los Angeles Business Administration Beta Theta Pi NISSLER, PERRY Santa Barbara Finance Kappa Sigma NORWOOD, STEVE Altadena Business Administration Winged Helmet Chi Phi OKAMOTO, STEVE San Francisco Business Administration Nisei Students Club Deutsch Hall PEPPIN, ROBERT Berkeley Business Administration Beta Alpha Psi Sigma Chi OGBURN, CHARLES Yuba City Business Administration Soph Class Council Phi Kappa Tau PENN, ROBERT San Francisco Business Administration Winged Helmet Triune Sigma Phi PRATT, RICHARD Sacramento Business Administration Glee Club MILLER, LARRY San Francisco Finance and Accounting Freshman Yell Leader Sophomore President MEB, COB University Affairs Gavel and Quill Tower and Flame IFC, Megaphone Society Golden Guard Sigma Alpha Mu MUSTO, HENRY Woodside Business Administration Beta Theta Pi MILLS, JAMES B. Bakersfield Bus. Ad. Marketing Infra Mural Sports Sigma Alpha Epsilon NEARHOOD, DOLORES San Carolos Business Administration Phi Chi Theta Cheney Hall MITCHELL, LEE H. Chicago, Illinois Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi Beta Alpha Psi Deutsch NIEDERHAUS, KENNETH San Mateo Business Administration Men ' s J C Sigma Alpha Epsilon MOREN, ROBERT Sacramento Finance Alpha Chi Rho NIEM, SUSANNA San Francisco Business Administration Phi Chi Theta Freeborn Hall PHILLIPS, DAVID Los Altos Finance Triune, Tower and Flame Delta Tau Delta PRYDZ, FRED Santa Rosa Business Administration Deutsch Hall REDNER, RICHARD Beverly Hills Business Administration RICHARDS, PHIL Sacramento Accounting Sigma Alpha Epsilon SCHLIEMAN, ROBERT Piedmont Business Administration Phi Gamma Delta SHELTON, TOM Hanford Business Administration Senior Class President ASUC Cabinet, COB Tower and Flame Californians Order of the Golden Bear Bowles Hall SHIRLEY, STEPHEN Fresno Business Administration Delta Kappa Epsilon SMITH, DENNY Altadena Business Administration Californians, IFC Exec. Comm. Rep Phi Delta Theta PROFFITT, STUART Oakland Industrial Relations Quarter Deck Society Chi Psi PUCKETT, ALLEN La Canada Business Administration Gavel Quill, IFC Phi Phi Theta Xi RICHARDS, JAMES Ridgewood, N.J. Business Administration Smyth Hall SAKAI, DAVID Hayward Business Administration Stiles Hall Cloyne Court SHAFFER, JOHN Turlock Business Administration Ehrman Hall SHIELDS, BECKY Yakima, Wn. Business Administration Kappa Alpha Theta SIMON, IRENE Burbank Accounting Phi Chi Theta SMITH, PAUL La Canada Business Administration Californians Alpha Phi Omega FSB, Elections Council Alpha Tau Omega SOLT, WAREN Granada Hills Finance STRAX, RITA Great Neck, N.Y. Marketing SWIFT, JANICE Santa Ana Accounting WAA, Beta Alpha Psi Alpha Delta Chi TAKATA, GEORGE Berkeley Accounting SRICHOMKUAN, KIET Phichit, Thailand Business Administration Thai Assoc. SWEARINGEN, RALPH Los Angeles Business Administration Phi Delta Theta SWOPE, MALIN Burlingame Business Administration Daily Cal Alpha Kappa Psi Ehrman Hall TAVERNETTI, DENNIS Salinas Business Administration Ex. Com, Californians President ' s Cab., IRB Chairman, Golden Guard UAC, Triune Winged Helmet Cal Club Zeta Psi TRIPLETT, ARLENE Delano Business Administration Blue and Gold Kappa Delta WANK, RICHARD Catholic City Finance Assis Yell Leader Jr. Class veep Californians Gavel and Quill Megaphone Pi Lambda Phi WINGER, FAY Modesto Accounting Christian Science Org. Freeborn Hall TROCKEY, MICHAEL Walnut Creek Accounting WAY, MEDA-LOU Berkeley Finance Collegians, YWCA Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma Zeta Tau Alpha WOOD, EDWIN Berkeley Finance Boxing, Intramurals Delta Kappa Epsilon ULSH, STEVE Berkeley Business Administration Golden Guard Theta Delta Chi WESSEL, LAWRENCE Burbank Business Administration Acacia YOUNG, KAREN Glendale Business Administration AWS, Phi Chi Theta Tower and Flame Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma Alpha Xi Delta WAKABAYASHI, TOMOTADA Shinagawa, Tokyo Business Administration WHARTON, E. S. Arcadia Business Administration Spring Sing Delta Tau Delta YOUNG, PATRICIA Salinas Business Administration Intramurals Phi Chi Theta Beta Gamma Sigma Elizabeth Barrett 1900’s BENJAMIN IDE WHEELER President, 1899-1919 The STUDENT UNION was built in 1961 and was com pletely financed by private gifts and student fees. A wide range of activities are centered in this building: student lectures, dances, banquets and Various types of recreation are of fered on the lower floors as well as a meditation room off the roof garden. UNIVERSITY HOUSE, built in 1906, is the official guest house of the President and Chancellors for entertaining distinguished guests. From 1911 to 1958 it was the President ' s residence. " No, let ' s do it this way.” " But the answer ' s got to be in here . . .” Polka time??? " Abolish class government! " Debates for and against the class government sy stem, with arguments against gaining most of the publicity, are 1962-63 ' s prevalent of the importance of classes in life. In past years, however, one ' s class could the kind of clothes to be worn on Once, senior men reminded their of senior maturity and significance by wearing tall black hats. Juniors, who were much more carefree, wore hats by their girlfriends, while sophomores were allowed small blue caps. At one time, freshman status was shown by lack of a hat; at another time, the freshman beanie was worn, because, as the sophomores, juniors and seniors claimed, it best set off the freshman face. Sophomore canes, with California golden bears on the handle, were once evidences of the class rivalry. And freshmen, who are now courteously helped to become acquainted with Cal, were once greeted with huge posters, at all entrances to campus, warning them to watch their step or suffer dire consequences. we still have vestiges of the once class rivalry. Freshmen are still to " bring more wood " for the rally bonfires. They still paint the big " C " green. And, an annual Soph-Frosh Brawl is battled out each year. In the past, as now, the pride was in finally becoming a senior, and the greatest rivalry was between the class which had most recently vacated the lowliest of lowly stations and the incoming, freshmen. The Windy City holds nothing on Berkeley. CLASS OFFICERS BOARD — Row One: Bonnie Blue, Rowland Stanley, Suzy Shadinger, Tom Shelton, Andy Capestro, Katy Holcombe, Doris Hawks. Row Two: Syd Henshaw, John Perlin, Mike Kahan, Dick Meadows, Charles Powell, Jim Roberts, Cheryl Pugh, Bob O ' Donnell. “Let ' s see, bishop takes knight, bishop takes bishop . . . " Class Officers Board Representatives on the Class Officers Board include the four officers from each class council. It is their job to coordinate functions and activities which the classes plan throughout the year. In addition to promoting interest in student government, they sponsor such activities as after-game dances, picnics, and the annual Santa Claus Contest. The council also discusses problems raised by the students, or by the ASUC Executive Board. This year, an important topic was the purpose of class government at Cal. The president of Class Officers Board has a non-voting seat on the Executive The board is also represented on the Activities Planning Coordinating Committee. Santa Claus Jay Crane Santa Claus Who was Cal ' s Santa Claus this year? Jay Crane, noted for his dark glasses and friendly personality, was elected to this title by the Associated Students of the University. Interested in promoting Cal spirit, Jay was also busy as chairman of the Men ' s Rally Committee, and a of the Californians and the Men ' s Board. Candidates are nominated by various women ' s living groups, and balloting consists of a penny per vote. The Santa Claus Contest, which is by the Class Officers Board, is held in order to raise funds for Cal Camp. This camp, staffed by University students, is maintained for the benefit of children. Mike Kahan President Freshman Class Council Freshman Class The Freshman Class unlike its predecessors started the year off with a bang by winning the annual Frosh-Soph Brawl. Among their other activities were the traditional painting of the Big " C, " regular class council meetings, and many speeches and discussions on the controversial Honor Code. They also sponsored the Big " C " Dance, and held a Frosh " Twist " Contest. An old fashioned sack race highlights the Frosh-Soph brawl. Linda Jo Brown Secretary-Treasurer John Perlin Yell Leader Mike Adams Vice-President Cheryl Pugh Vice-President Charlie Powell President Jim Roberts Secretary-Treasurer Bob O ' Donnell Yell Leader Sophomore Class This year the Sophomore Class in a wave of continued the annual Blood Bank Drive which was to provide blood for any student in the University. Among their social activities were a soph picnic and five or six Big " C " painting parties. The traditional. Soph Week climaxed their activities with a Soph Doll Contest, a Green Tuesday Court, a concert by Vince Guaraldi, a skate board obstacle contest, and the final event of the week, the Coronation Dance. The Big " C " Circus dance was also sponsored by these sophomores. Soph Week Activities Sophomore Class Council Kappa Alpha Theta Nancy Mangan reigned as Soph Doll in 1962. Nancy also served as Princess Athena, Greek Week Queen, in 1962, and was Alpha Phi Omega Miss Beauty in 1961. A favorite pastime of Nancy ' s is to attend Cal athletic events. Her hobbies include waterskiing, and volleyball. A Junior Dental Hygiene major, Nancy has recently transferred to U.C.L.A. The girls get into the act. Miss Nancy Mangan Soph Doll Free publicity Soph Doll Apr.1 3 Soph Jazz Concert WED.NITE Junior Class The Junior Class again showed the terrific spirit and energy which had so characterized its activities in the two years before. They sponsored the Santa Claus Contest for WUS and Cal Camp, ushered for the Kingston Trio Concert, and worked with the Alumni Association in with summer orientation programs. They had a Frog Jump Booth in Big " C " Circus, and held their usual spaghetti dinner. Last but not least the Junior Dance brought in $150.00 Sydney Henshaw President Bonnie Blue Secretary-Treasurer Rowland Stanley Yell Leader That sure looks good! Warren Coats Vice-President Junior Class Council Tom Shelton President Katy Holcombe Vice-President Suzy Shadinger Secretary-Treasurer Andy Capestro Yell Leader Senior Class The Senior Class under the guidance of Tom Shelton completed its fourth year of activities with even more spirit than in the past. Partly their ambition was enhanced by the Senior Class meetings held at La Val ' s with an average of 175 per meeting. Along this line was a wine tour of Napa Valley which proved to be both educational and social. During Big Game Week the class had a exchange meeting, and in all U Weekend the Senior classes from all the Universities met. Their final Senior Week held a Senior Day at races in Bay Meadow. Perhaps of their many contributions the following classes will most remember their initiation of the Cal Chug-Mug Contest. Sproul Awards Senior Class Council Roger Morgan Pat Farr CENTENNIAL COMMENCEMENT JUNE 6-8, 1963 UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA " The University has sought to prepare you well.” Senior Farewell The commencement of the Class of 1963 marks a significant anniversary in the history of the University of California and it is only proper that its Senior Week should be equally significant. The Senior Week did a remarkable job in consolidating so many memorable events into a three day period. Thursday afternoon the traditional pilgrimage started from Sather Gate and the itinerary included many familiar places. Afterwards the class met at La Val ' s for its last and most memorable Senior Class Meeting. Baccalaureate was held in Hertz Hall on Friday afternoon and was followed by the President ' s and Chancellor ' s Reception. In the evening the Grand Ball Room of San Francisco ' s Sheraton-Palace was the scene of gay festivities as the class danced to the music of Ray Hackett. At midnight the Senior Sweetheart was crowned. Saturday morning saw the Centennial Commencement, the completion of their undergraduate days at Cal. SENIOR WEEK COMMITTEE—Row One: Claire Hirsch, Eden Zidell, Kay Goddard, Chairman; Toni Hatch, Bert Carner. Row Two: Craig Beckstead, Barbara Beard, Advisor; Barbara Cherry, Doris Hawks, Dave Hakman. Row Three: Bonnie McCaughan, Pat Farr, Martha Cummings, Tom Shelton. Alison Armstrong ALISON claims she enjoys spending spare minutes reading magazines, but it must be rare for her to have the chance, between working as secretary for Prytanean and holding the position of Assistant Manager on the Blue and Gold. Her home town is Oakland, but her residence is Gamma Phi Beta where she served as President last year. Majoring in English, Alison is preparing to become an elementary school teacher. Senior Hall of Fame Anderson The person mainly responsible for the supervision of the many and varied of the Cal Band is its Senior This year the position was ably held by JERRY ANDERSON. Jerry, a Engineering major from Antioch, also played in the Straw Hat Band. This active senior resided in Griffiths Hall and was a member of Californians and Golden Guard. Outstanding quarterback and Varsity football captain, LARRY BALLIETT, was one of the highest in the league in pass completions. He participated in the East-West Shrine Game and the Hula Bowl in Hawaii. Larry is a man and lists his hobbies and as " golf, water skiing, and televsion. " A member of Cal Club and a Business Administration major, Larry plans to do industrial relations work. Judy Binsacca JUDY, an independent who comes from San Mateo, is a Political Science major. Membership in Mortar Board and keep her busy, while activity in Theta Sigma Phi, a journalistic honor society, anticipates her desired future. contributions to her ambition to be a journalist include an unending supply of corny remarks and a love for Larry Balliett Sandra Boles Prytanean ' s president SANDY BOLES is a Sigma Kappa, who comes from San Carlos. Besides her activities in Prytanean, she has served on Women ' s Judicial and Cal Prep Executive Sandy also had the fun and work of being a Cal Prep Counselor. Sandy wintertime, as she is a ski fan. A humanities major, Sandy wants to teach elementary school. Andy Capestro Senior Class Yell Leader ANDY CAPESTRO says his pastime is leading yells in front of Bowles when band stops by after football games. As Assistant of Rally Committee and as a hasher for Stern Hall, claims he is too busy to have any hobbies. He is for telling the girls at Stern to " stop bothering the A Social Sciences Field Major, Andy ' s ambition to be a " noted " lawyer. Noel Castleman NOEL, whose home town is Mountain View, is a member of Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity. He keeps himself busy as a member of Cal Club, Order of the Golden Bear, and the Advertising Club, Alpha Delta Sigma. In between activities he enjoys skiing, football, and photography. His plans for after graduation include the Air Force and then going into business with his father. For the latter he has prepared by majoring in marketing. Tom Dunlap Hailing from Oakland TOM DUNLAP is an Industrial Engineering major at Cal. This Alpha Delta Phi has been kept busy this year as Treasurer of IFC and Warden of the Order of the Golden Bear. Tom ' s activities on Men ' s Executive Board, University Affairs Board and Big " C " Society have given him little time for his hobby of rowing, but he manages! After Tom plans to go into Production Management. Pat Farr PAT says her major is history, but from the list of her activities, it is a wonder she has time to devote to her studies. This year, Second Vice-President of the ASUC, her memberships on Affairs Committee, Cal Club, Mortar Board, and have filled her time. Pa t was honored with the Sproul Award this year. In the past, among other activities, Pat was President of Panile, head Pompon girl, and Secretary of Rally and Games Committee. Don Frank This year ' s Blue Gold editor, DON FRANK, was the first male to assume the post in seven years. Always busy at ten past the hour, he rarely made his classes on time. An electrical major, Don ' s ambition is to become in charge of Engineering at IBM. His home is Orland and his campus address is Oxford Hall, which he served as Vice-President. His other activities included UCSEE, AIEE and Newman Club. His favorite pastime is Julie and he can be forever seen staring at the pile of work on his desk and muttering, " We ' ve got to get organized. " Pam Gartshore Alpha Phi PAM GARTSHORE has been an active member of Prytanean, Panile and Cal Club. She was President of Board, and served Oski Dolls as last year. Pam ' s favorite pastime is bicycle riding, and she says her hobby is traveling. An English major, Pam ' s ambition is to become a school marm. A familiar figure to Cal football fans is RANDALL GOLD. Randy was starting quarterback since his sophomore year until an injury forced him out of play this year. A psychology major, he comes from Ontario and his residence is the Pi K A house. He is also Vice-President of Big " C " Society and enjoys horse races and golf. Randy Gold Lynn Gentner Sigma Kappa President LYNN GENTNER is known for her organization. " She has been a member of Prytanean, Treasurer of Mortar Board, IAWS AWS Vice-Chairman and on the ASUC cabinet. Lynn was also a member of the Chancellors Committee on Classroom Ethics. Lynn studied in Vienna as a sophomore, and hopes to travel and work in Europe in the future. Sigma Alpha Mu ED GERMAIN served the ASUC this year as President. He was previously a Lower Division Rep, Senior Rep, and Rep-at-Large. Ed has been a member of Cal Club, the University Affairs Committee, the Student Committee on Educational Policy, and the Finance Committee. A Political Science major, Ed plans to go into government work, law or politics. Ed Germain Kay Goddard KAY GODDARD, an A Chi O says she is noted for advice, even when it isn ' t requested. Kay ' s ambition to avoid a dull life has certainly been fulfilled this year . . . she has been WAA President, Chairman of Senior Week, and member of Women ' s " C " Society and AWS Board. She has also worked at Cowell Hospital, and was chairman of the Public Affairs Committee of Union Program Board. Public Health major DORIS HAWKS claims that she ' s too busy back and forth to Warren Hall to have any hobbies . . . she has filled her time with activities instead. KD Doris was Advisor to Junior Treasurer of Gavel and Quill, and was on the Daily Cal Board. She has been active in the Senior Class, on the Committee as Publicity Chairman, and as Senior Week Publicity Chairman. Doris is noted for her smile, which figures, for she plans to attend the Dental Hygiene School at the San Francisco Med Center after graduation. Doris Hawks Nancy Horikoshi NANCY HORIKOSHI has kept busy this year as Associate Senior Manager of Treble Clef. She has also been a member of Mortar Board. A Social Welfare major, Nancy ' s ambitions are to be a probation to do graduate work in social welfare, and to work with adoles- cents as a social worker. BONNIE McCAUGHAN is a Sigma Kappa who gets her nickname from her hometown, Gridley. An English major, Bonnie enjoys going to the zoo and eating cotton candy. She has served on Rally Committee for three years and was a Cal Prep counselor and Recording Secretary of Prytanean this year. Bonnie McCaughan Fall Rep-at-Large, HUGH is noted for being a However, not everyone rides his motor scooter up the elevator and into the ASUC Senate meeting on the fourth floor of the Student Union. And Barry Goldwater would never have thought of entering the Miss Beauty Contest in the Spring of 1962. Order of the Golden Bear, and Californians are his more activities. An Economics major Hugh ' s ambition is law school. Hugh Johnson Roger Morgan Gamma Phi Beta KATY HOLCOMBE says her favorite pastime is going to Senior Class meetings at La Val ' s. In addition to being Senior Class Vice-President, Katy was member of Angel Flight and Gavel and Quill. An English major, her ambition is to be a teacher. Jim Naify JIM, a philosophy major from Sacramento, has had a full year. Besides carrying 19 units, he has been President of Californians, an officer of Cal Club, and Activities Planning Coordinating Committee, Special Events Chairman. Also he is a member of University Affairs Committee and Rally and Games Committee, as well as of United Crusade. ROGER " VOICE " MORGAN, Head Yell Leader, describes his ambition to be educator and a painter of abstract art. " Roger, who comes from Sacramento, lives in Deutsch Hall. His major is art, and he enjoys camping, traveling, and chess. He is chairman of Rally and Games Council, Member of Californians, Cal Club, Men ' s Executive Board, Order of the Golden Bear, and University Committee. Roger is also a 1962 Sproul Award Winner. Jack Merritt ASUC Rep-at-Large JACK MERRITT claims he is noted for being a " perennial campus candidate. " He has run for Frosh President, ASUC President, has served as Lower Division Rep for one semester and for three. He has also been kept busy as of Theta Chi, and a member of Cal Club and Californians. Jack, who comes from Fresno, is engaged to Lynn Stewart of Delta Zeta. His hope for the future is to become a successful lawyer. A Gamma Phi Beta, whose hometown is Berkeley, CAROL PARSONS has been president of YWCA. Political Science is her major, and she plans to go to graduate school in the East. Carol, who enjoys skiing as well as " people-watching in Dwinelle Plaza, " has served on AWS Board and been a member of Prytanean and Mortar Board. Carol Parsons Noel Nellis IFC President NOEL NELLIS is a Kappa Delta Rho from Pittsburg, California. Noel, who says his favorite pastime is " getting organized, " has had much of it to do with his activities on Cal Club, University Affairs Committe, Californians, and Order of the Golden Bear. He has also served on the Chancellor ' s Committee on Housing and on Discrimination. An Economics major Noel plans to attend law school. A music major, RAMONA SHADI has been accompanist for Treble Clef. She enjoys playing classical piano and has been it since the age of 6. She has also studied violin. Ramona hopes to become a choral conductor in secondary schools. In April, 1962, Ramona was Registration Chairman for the Intercollegiate Women Students Region I Convention. This year she has been Secretary for Mortar Board and Ritter Rep for Prytanean. Ramona belongs to Beaudelaire Club and comes from El Cerrito. San Franciscan, KAREN makes her campus home Ritter Hall. A Social Science major, Karen plans to become an school teacher. Karen likes swimming, skiing and picnics. She has filled her time by being of Prytanean, President of Life Guard Corps, President of " C " Society, Vice-President of Panel of Americans and member of Mortar Board. Suzy Shadinger Karen Shain Tom Shelton Senior Class President TOM SHELTON is a Business Administration major. He comes from Hanford, making his Berkeley home at Bowles Hall. Notorious for " having so many Senior Class meetings, " Tom has also worked on the ASUC Cabinet, on Men ' s Executive Board, and has been Chairman of Class Officers Board. and Order of the Golden Bear add to the list of his activities. Tom says his ambition is " to graduate. " " Good luck " and " Congratulations, " Tom. Alpha Omicron Pi SUZY is a Political Science major from Kensington, Besides working toward her goal to go to law school, Suzy has squeezed in quite a few activities. She has been chairman for Prytanean, a member of Cal Club, and All-U Weekend Chairman. Suzy was also COB secretary and Secretary for her Senior class. Coming from El Paso, Texas, KAREN SHAIN is an Alpha Phi. She is majoring in Communications and Public Policy, and enjoys listening to music, dancing and water skiing. Her list of activities is a long one: Little Sister of Cal Club, Special Projects Chairman, Prytanean, and Pelican model. Karen also worked hard as one of the choreographers for the opening and closing numbers in Axe Review. Karen Pastorino Ramona Shadi Dennis Tavernetti WENDY SLATTEBO, whose is to teach elementary school for the Peace Corps, is a Psychology major. She enjoys sports, listening to classical music, and bicycle riding. She has been busy as Chairman of Campus Tours and working on Publicity and Public Relations. In addition she was a member of Honor Students ' Society and served as Secretary for the Cal Camp Board. Wendy Slattebo Proud of coming from Salinas and over eager to tell people about it, DENNIS TAVERNETTI has done much work with the high school model UN. He was youngest General of the High School Model UN in the history of the and was featured speaker of last year ' s conference which was by over 1000 high school students. On the college level, has been chairman of Cal Club, member of Winged Helmet, Affairs Committee, Golden Guard, and Treasurer of He also enjoys " playing back room politics with the ASUC. " A Zeta Psi, he is majoring in Business Adminstration. Helle Stueland HELLE STUELAND, Panhellenic Girl of the Year, is a Pi Beta Phi whose home is in Oslo, Norway. As President of Oski Dolls, a member of Cal Club and Prytanean, and Vice President of Mortar Board, Helle has been very active on She has also been on Rally and Games Council and AWS Board. A Literature major Helle plans to become a librarian. Sally Wade SALLY WADE is a Kappa Alpha Theta who comes from Atherton, California. Chairman of Women ' s Rally Committee, Sally has also served on AWS Board and Rally and Games Council. Membership in Prytanean and Torch and Shield are also to her credit. A History major Sally plans to work in some field of personnel and public Margaret Weatherhead President of College Panhellenic Association, MARGIE WEATHERHEAD is a Sigma her hometown is Sacramento, and she is a History major. Her hobby, which she writes as going to meetings can be understood from the list of her activities: Mortar Board, Prytanean, Torch and Shield, Cal Club, University Committee, and AWS Board. Oh well, if I flunk out, at least I ' ll have a trade. With our future in such hands, how can we fail? As a center for student life in the midst of a busy, hurrying campus, the Student Union provides facilities which range from a bowling alley in the basement to a meditation room on the roof. The Union houses the ASUC offices as well as as a home on campus for commuters. The ASUC maintains a complete staff to manage and direct such activities as government functions, musical lectures, films, dances, recreation programs,banquets, and conferences. The building was financed completely by private gifts and student fees. Work on the site for the student office building, to house facilities for organized activity groups, was begun this In the future, an auditorium-theater will be built, completing the plans for the Center. Ludwig uses Tide in his automatic, do you? The line-up of activities Activities Fair More than forty-five groups participated in this year ' s Activities Fair, including, for the first time, off-campus organizations such as Slate, Young Americans for Freedom, and Americans for Democratic Action. Manning the exhibit booths were representatives from each activity group, who explained organizational structure, membership, and activities to interested students. The ASUC Reps-At-Large and Living Group Reps also occupied a table, where they discussed their duties with passers-by and answered questions about the ASUC ' s governmental structure. The Fair is held at the beginning of each semester to help reduce campus apathy by informing students of the wide variety of activities offered on campus. The Hiking Club display Folk dancers draw attention from activity goers. “Should we or shouldn ' t we join?” ASUC Organizational Structure ASUC CABINET VOTING MEMBERS ASUC President — Chairman 1st Vice-President 2nd Vice-President FSB Chairman IRB Chairman AWS Chairman MEB Chairman SSB Chairman UPB Chairman Pub. Bd. Chairman P PR Chairman D. C. Rep. Class Presidents NON VOTING MEMBERS NSA Ex. Dir. ASUC SENATE VOTING MEMBERS ASUC President — Chairman 1st Vice-President 2nd Seven ASUC Representatives-At-Large Sorority Rep. Fraternity Rep. Men ' s Residence Rep. Women ' s Residence Rep. Men ' s Co-op Rep. Women ' s Co-op Rep. Two Commuters Rep. Faculty Rep. Chancellor Rep. Alumni Rep. NON VOTING MEMBERS NSA Rep. D. C. Rep. Ex. Dir. Ed Germain President The President Holding the highest office in the ASUC government this year was Edward He was elected to the presidency in the spring semester of 1962 by a majority vote of the members of the association and served for an academic year. Because of the large and complex layout of Cal ' s student government, the is faced with many responsibilities. He is the chief executive officer of the and presides over all meetings of the ASUC Cabinet and Senate. He appoints members to the various organizations after receiving the approval of the Senate. In addition to supervising the programs of the ASUC, the president represents Cal at various off-campus functions, and he has the opportunity of meeting important dignitaries and acting as their host. Pat Farr Second Vice-President The Vice Presidents The ASUC Constitution provides for two vice-presidents, one position to be held by a man, and the other by a woman. The First Vice-President this year is Bill Storey. He assumes the President ' s duties during his absence, and serves as a voting member of the Senate, and the Finance Committee. The responsibilities of Pat Farr, this year ' s Second Vice-President, include voting membership in the Senate, chairing the Activities Planning Coordinating Committee, acting as the Associated Students ' official hostess, and furthering good relations between the students, faculty, and administration. Both vice-presidents are elected in the Spring for a term of two semesters. Bill Storey First Vice-President Steve Millich, Mike Gold. Representatives - At- Large This year the ASUC has incorporated eight new area representatives ' positions into the governmental structure, in addition to the offices. The area representatives for Fall 1962 included: Chris fraternities; Marylee Taylor, sororities; Barbara Cherry, women ' s residence halls; Keith Axtell, men ' s residence halls; Pat Iiyama, women ' s cooperatives; Dave Sakai, men ' s cooperatives; and Jerry Miller and Mike Travis, Filling the positions of representative-at-large were Ken Cloke, Ray Sweet, Mel Levine, Jeff Kessler, Bob Draper, Hugh Johnson and Jack Merritt. The election in Spring 1963 brought several changes in these offices. Keith Axtell, Marylee Taylor, and Vic Campos became replacing Ray Sweet, Hugh Johnson, and Jack Merritt. Michael Gold won the men ' s residence position. Harold Stevens became representative for men ' s cooperatives. Steve Millich took over the commuter-independents held by Tom Schulz, and Pam Newmark was elected sorority These students carry out all legislation for the members of the ASUC. They have initiated numerous reforms which include a faculty and course evaluation, revisions of many ASUC boar ds and committees, and the of more study rooms for the students. Jeff Kessler, Keith Axtell, Barbara Cherry. Bob Draper Vic Campos, Mel Levine Harold Stevens, Pam Newmark Permanent Personnel One of the aims of the ASUC is to provide various goods and services for the students. In order to do this effectively, the ASUC employs professional personnel to its enterprises and services. The businesses operated by these ASUC employees include the store, the bowling lanes, the games room, Cal Lodge, Graphic Arts, and Cap and Gown. The Cashier Service, Office, Accounting Office, and Purchasing and Personnel Office are the four services provided. The heads of each of these concerns, with the Executive Director and the Controller, compose the Auxiliary Enterprises Board. The ASUC also hires permanent whose concern is management of the day to day affairs of the student activities. These employees include the Band and Choral Directors, the Publications Manager, the Activities Advisor and the Executive Director. Forrest Tregea Executive Director AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES—Row One: Ruth DuFrane, Garth Blier, Leland Cooper. Row Two: Tregea, Charles Moos, Andrew Dorsey, Floyd Stone, Ed Kirwan. Forrest Tregea, who holds the title of Executive Director, is the head of the ASUC. Before he this position in 1960, Mr. Tregea worked as Business Manager for the Berkeley campus of the As controller, Garth Blier is for the business and finance functions of the ASUC: accounting, cashiering, purchasing, budgeting, and personnel. Also an employee of the ASUC since 1960, Mr. Blier previously worked as a Certified Public Garth Blier Controller ASUC DEPARTMENT HEADS — Robert Commanday, Charles Moos, Forrest Tregea, Kay Trousdale, Floyd Stone, Garth Blier, Ed Kirwan, Barbara Beard, James Berdahl. SENATE — Mike Travis, Jeff Segal, Ken Cloke, Jerry Miller, Jeff Kessler, Keith Axtell, Pat liyama, Mel Levine, Hugh Johnson, Ray Sweet, Chris Carpenter, Bill Storey, Ed Germain, Pat Farr, Virginia Furtney, Geraldine Becker, Marylee Taylor, Barbara Cherry, L. W. Porter, Dave Sakai, Arleigh Williams, Jack Merritt. Not Pictured: Bob Draper. CABINET — Row One: Katy Holcombe, Pat Farr, Ed Germain, Bill Storey, Lynn Gentner. Row Two: Diane Sandoval, Barbara Beard, Harvey Williams, Tom Shelton, Bob Landers, Jon Shawl, Jeff Segal. Row Three: Charlie Powell, Dick Meadows, Stan Farrar, Rich Arthur. Senate The SENATE is the legislative and final administrative authority of the ASUC. It is responsible for the appointment of all executives, officials, and employees of the ASUC, for the supervision and direction of policies and properties of the administration, and for approving the by-laws of all subordinate of the Associated Students. Representatives - at - Large, living group representatives, area the ASUC President, the First and Second Vice-Presidents, and the Chancellor ' s, Faculty, and Alumni representatives constitute the Senate ' s voting members. Cabinet The CABINET, the executive branch of the ASUC, is made up of the various board chairmen. It is responsible for the coordination of the boards and class councils. Chaired by the president of the Asosciated Students, the organization ' s members include chairmen of: Services Board, International Relations Board, Publicity and Public Relations Board, Publications Board, Men ' s Board, Associated Women Students, Student Services Board, Union Program Board, the four class presidents, and the First and Second Vice-Presidents of the ASUC. The non-voting members are the NSA Coordinator, the Editor of the Daily Californian, and the Executive Director. FINANCE COMMITTEE—Row One: Jerry Miller, Lawrence Canning, Bill Storey, Chairman; Arleigh Williams, Jon Shawl, Garth Blier, Lawrence Woodward. Row Two: Bob Draper, Kathy Blackman, Jeff Kessler. Finance Committee The FINANCE COMMITTEE of the ASUC is the chief advisory body to the ASUC Senate on matters. Every spring it the budgets of all the groups of the association and works out the final budget summary for approval by the Senate. During the fall and first part of the spring it goes over additional requests by groups for extra funds to supplement their programs and for this purpose keeps an operating reserve. Judicial Committees STUDENT JUDICIAL Sokol , William Barbee, Paul Hofmann, Bruce Moseley, Nancy Terry, Tei Iki, Clyde Izant, Susie Marquart. The WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE consists of seven upper division women students, four seniors and three junio rs, who are appointed by the Chancellor. Members are appointed at the beginning of their junior year, or whenever vacancies arise, and serve until their graduation. The Committee has jurisdiction over theft cases, cheating cases, plagiarism, and lock-out violations. Disciplinary actions are then recommended to the Chancellor, who then decides the action to be placed upon the individual. WOMEN ' S JUDICIAL Sanborn, Lani Ingham, Patricia O ' Toole, Marilyn Sue Hester, Susan Wilder, Adele Hansen, Ellaine Quaschnick. The STUDENT JUDICIAL is composed of members from the Men ' s and Women ' s Committees. Its main are to try violators of election rules and to hear Constitutional cases. In the past few years, the Committee has been content to its power only in these cases. However, this year, a more actively interested committee, has been to offer increased assistance and guidance in University affairs. The honor code was one new problem brought to the Committee. It was felt that SJC should be the body to try cases and have overall control of the system. A second problem was that of off-campus It was believed that the SJC could and should be the one to rule on these cases rather than an Administration representative. The MEN ' S JUDICIAL is comprised of seven undergraduate men, four seniors and three juniors, appointed by the Chancellor to assist him in dealing with of male, undergraduate students. The Committee hears of cheating, plagiarism, book theft, malicious mischief, and offenses and recommends disciplinary measures to the Chancellor. Sanctions, if any are employed, range from a Dean ' s Office to expulsion. MEN ' S JUDICIAL COMMITTEE — Dean Stuart S. Myers, Ridgeway Whittemore, Chips Wilde, Irving Zaretsky, Chairman; Barry McGough, Dean William McCormack, Rick McMichael, Bob Sadler. Not Pictured: Robert Gordon. Men ' s Executive Board Bill Storey Chairman MEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD — Clockwise Around Table: Robert Brady, Andy Malone, Ronald Maxwell, Lanny Hernandez, Rowland Stanley, Charles Powell, Bill Ellsworth, Advisor; Tom Dunlap, Bob Knight, Jay Crane, Don Johnson, Michael Gold, Bob Liden. Standing: Irving Zaretsky, Bill McAdam, Bob Haas, Jim McNamara, Bill Storey, Chairman; Stan Farrar, Tom Shelton, Larry Mason. The MEN ' S EXECUTIVE BOARD, chaired by the first is responsible for the opinions and execution of men ' s activities on campus. The group also serves as a sounding board for the and presents productions of general interest to all students, with particular emphasis towards the men. The opinions expressed by the Board are communicated to the Senate by the first and to the Cabinet by the Vice-Chairman of the Board, who serves as the chief administrative officer. The members of the Board include class presidents, living group representatives, and from men ' s honor and spirit groups. This year the Men ' s Board undertook an orientation program for foreign students. Stiles Hall STILES HALL is the headquarters of the University YMCA. Its is to help students to grow in spiritual maturity and to participate in building a society in which justice and magnanimity prevail and in which all men possess adequate opportunity to live the " good life. " This purpose is manifest through policies and programs in the field of freedom of speech; racial justice; international, intercultural and interpersonal communication and understanding; religion and the arts; service and citizenship. Specific projects include urban and rural work camps, interracial retreats, student-faculty conferences, coffee hours with distinguished faculty and community leaders, work with Berkeley youth at several levels, other service projects, and student Y conferences and projects. Participation is open to all members of the University community. Additional information can be obtained by visiting Stiles Hall. STILES HALL — Row One: Fred Branstetter, Coffee Hour Chairman; Tony Scarr Area Representative; Geoff Chandler, President; Dave Reister, Social Action Chairman; Kit Ratcliff, Secretary. Row Two: Bob Wasley, Building Use Kent Redford, Conversations Chairman; Dennis Stewart, Operation Chairman; Peter Lathrop, Historian; Walter Crawford, Man and Arts Co-Chairman; Dave Wasley, Work Camp Chairman; William J. Davis, General Secretary. Row Three: Warren Robinson, Staff; John Martin, Staff; Ed Warren Staff; Bill Sommervile, Staff; Ron Broglio, Evaluations Committee Chairman; Gerald Goodman, Interpersonal Relations Project Director. Not Pictured: John Maynard, Representative-At-Large; Malcolm Thornley, Secretary; Al Retreat Program Chairman; Ross Quan, Man and Arts Co-Chairman; Barry Lewis, Interpersonal Relations Project Cabinet Representative; Dick Stone, Big Brother Program Cabinet Representative; Glen Takagi, Vice-President; Mike Collins, Retreat Program Representative; Al Alberts, Retreat Progran Representative. Associated Women Students Pat Farr Chairman The ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS BOARD is composed of members representing each of the various women ' s groups on campus. Its purpose is to represent women to policy-making bodies, to plan programs for women students, and to promote their intellectual pursuits, welfare, and activities. To these ends, its activities include the AWS Handbook, the Big and Little Sister Program, Women ' s Week, fashion shows, and other programs of interest to women students. The meetings of the AWS Board are at noon and are open to all campus women. The AWS on this campus is also a member of the Inter-Collegiate Associated Women Students, and to each of the meetings of this group it sends a the Vice Chairman of the committee. ASSOCIATED WOMEN STUDENTS BOARD — Row One: Barbara Frost, Missy Michaels, Pam Peterson, Barbara Cherry, Mary Jo Durham. Row Two: Luzanne Guidici, Marcia Green, Patti Faye, Lynn Gentner, Pat Farr, Janet Primm, Mrs. Betty Neely, Advisor; Barbie Soehrens, Marylee Taylor. Row Three: Marilyn Hester, Helle Stueland, Katy Holcombe, Margie Weatherhead, Pam Newmark, Sydney Henshaw, Mrs. Jill Porter, Advisor. Row Four: Mrs. Stephanie Heimann, Advisor; Kay Goddard, Sally Wade, Cheryl Pugh, Ginger McCauley. YWCA — Row One: Brunetta Wolfmann, Staff; Linda Jankowski, Leslie Kelly, Carol Parsons, President; Katherine Schenck, Ellen Davenport, Robin Dunn. Row Two: Kathy Wilkinson, Trixie Roost, Susan Smith, Staff; Jane Lindsay, Margaret Simpson, Loene Terry, Susan Kappelhof, Dorothy Kubota, Anne Kern, Staff; Helen Howe, Staff. YWCA The YWCA provides a meeting place for all women in the and the opportunity to serve through groups such as Girl Scouts, schools, and hospitals. It is also a center for fun, study, projects, and study seminars. The purpose of this organization states: " We unite in the desire to realize full and creative life through a growing knowledge of God. We determine to have a part in making this life possible for all people. In this task we seek to understand Jesus and follow Him. " Women in the YWCA find making a conscious effort to understand their culture and those of others. In addition, they learn about current issues in the United States and throughout the world. AWS . . . . . . . . PRESENTS Women’s Week May 13-17 The purpose of this week is to specially honor the women on this campus. A varied program is provided by AWS in order to meet the needs and interests of a great diversity of women students. Tuesday, May 14th: Bridesmaid dresses, bridal gowns and a trousseau were at the Bridal Fashion Show sponsored by the City of Paris. The Show was held in Pauley Ballroom during the noon hour. Wednesday, May 15th: Women ' s Day in the Games Room and Bowling Alley provided an opportunity for the women to use these facilities without charge. Folksinger Jean Ball was featured at a " coffee-hour " in Heller Lounge in the afternoon. Thursday, May 16th: A Tea was held in the late afternoon honoring senior women who have made meaningful contributions to the through achievement in academic, social and extra-curricular areas. Friday, May 17th: The activities of the week were highlighted by University of Oregon ' s Lester Kirkendall who spoke at noon in Pauley Ballroom on " College Women and Their Dilemma of Values " . Lynn Smoot models a cocktail dress at the Bridal Fashion Show sponsored by the City of Paris. Modelling trousseau dresses are: Ginger McCauley, Activities Chairman; Carol Clough, Social Chairman; and Pam Peterson, Publicity Chairman. FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD — Row One: Paul Smith, Mary Royce Spitzer, Karen Blank, Stephanie Heimann, Advisor; Marshall Perry. Row Two: Dick Dunham, Andy Malone, Jon Shawl, Chairman; Bill Maddigan. Not P ictured: Bob O ' Donnell. Functional Services Board The purpose of the FUNCTIONAL SERVICES BOARD is to facilitate and expedite governmental functions and services of the ASUC, and to supervise and direct the operations of the activity groups represented. Members of the Board include the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, and the Secretary, as well as the Chairman of the Auxiliary Board, Constitutions Council, Orientations Council, and Polls Council. This year, under the leadership of Chairman Jon Shawl, the FSB executed several projects other than its regular duties. Among these were the painting and re-decorating of Room 405 in the Student Union, the establishment of lattice signs pointing towards the of campus buildings and identifying campus and the institution of the language tables in the Student Union Cafeteria, which have proved to be very stimulating and beneficial. AUXILIARY ENTERPRISES BOARD—Mary Royce Spitzer, Kathy Speth, Ronald Fenolio, Carolyn Libby, George Weathersby, Jason Reed, George Bliss. CONSTITUTIONS COUNCIL — Tom Shelton, Dick Dunham, Mike Dunham, Jackie Thiessen, Phyllis Carollo, Nancy Spencer. The primary function of the ENTERPRISES BOARD is information on methods and the feasibility of projects for the ASUC. Members of the board collect information about the enterprises to submit to the ASUC and meet weekly to make to the Executive Committee on policies for such enterprises. The Board is composed of nine students, a faculty advisor, and the ASUC Business Work on the committee involves approximately three hours each week. The CONSTITUTIONS COUNCIL, another committee of FSB, is organized for the purpose of aiding groups which desire to be sponsored by the ASUC in preparing their constitutions and by-laws in accordance with the policies of the Senate. This committee is also responsible for the codification of ASUC policies and procedures passed by the Executive Committee. Any member of the ASUC may apply for membership on this which is composed of nine ELECTIONS Saldamando, Carolyn Owens, Stephen Johnson, Ardis Blackburne, Jean Lippett, Bob O ' Donnell, Spring Chairman; Carolyn Morledge, Barbara Jane Griffin, Jerry Dodson, Pete Haley, Claudia Lee, Lynn Mark Sims, Barbara Heyns, Christine Heidbrink, Walt Buck, Julie Chargin, Paul Smith, Fall Chairman. Functional Services The ELECTIONS COUNCIL, a of FSB, conducts all ASUC elections, approves campaign posters and leaflets, offers instruction and guidance to candidates, and recruits and organizes poll workers to man the booths during election week. Any Cal student who is willing to spend four or five hours weekly in December and May just prior to and during each election period, carrying out these duties, may become a member of the council. Members of ORIENTATIONS COUNCIL seek to welcome new students to Cal and introduce them to the various phases of campus life by sponsoring welcome coffee hours, special lunches, and by issuing informative bulletins. Any sophomore, junior or senior is eligible to join this FSB committee. ORIENTATIONS COUNCIL — Cathy Jackson, Frank Curcio, Andy Malone, Jim Litsinger. Board The SECRETARIAT is a group of whose job is to type and provide service, take minutes, and handle correspondence for the officers and offices of the ASUC. The POLLS COUNCIL student opinion surveys and takes charge of polls upon the request of the ASUC Senate and other ASUC groups. The work of this council also includes tabulating the results of elections, compiling the polls, and addressing postcards when necessary. Through this committee, the ASUC officers are made aware of current student SECRETARIAT — Joan Paulson, Susan Lippett, Kathryn Trousdale, Katherine Weinstein, Carol Parsons. POLLS COUNCIL — Row One: Anne Lamb, Belinda Gray, Vicky Tankersley. Row Two: David Stahl, Bill Maddigan, Phil Daro, Chairman. To function is such a strain. International Relations Board INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD—Row One: Leslie Gottlieb, Chairman; Harvey Williams, Mrs. Clara Martin, Advisor; Kyoja Tabata; Becky O ' Brien. Row Two: Dee Collis, Peter Madian, Mary Plancherel, Jim Baylor, Marsha Bratten, Mike Armstrong, Avis Kuwahara, Phil Harrison. TRAVEL COUNCIL — Row One: Mary Plancherel, Donna Wolden, Chairman. Row Two: Pat Hull, Ellen Kritzman. The INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS BOARD is an organization designed to promote and coordinate all campus of an international nature. It is of the chairmen and vice-chairmen of the various member councils: High School Model United Nations, College Model United Nations, Travel Council, World University Service, Peace Corps, and Operation Understanding. The board seeks to promote an interest in and knowledge of international affairs through a program of seminars, correspondence and cultural activities sponsored by the individual groups under its jurisdiction. Members of the TRAVEL work to promote study and travel abroad, and to provide on these fields. They gain practical experience in making itineraries by planning trips for other students. The WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE, through weekly discussion groups, and fund raising projects, seeks to make students aware of the need for improved university development throughout the world. WORLD UNIVERSITY SERVICE — Row One: Ron Roth, Antoinette Blum, Avis Kuwahara, Susan Mustain, Harud Yoshida. Row Two: Kyoji Tabata, Janet Rogers, Harvey Williams. Not Pictured: Rob Albritton, Joan Stanley, Linda Padou, Linda Carter, Anne-Marie Ferraris, Carolyn Pecoraro, Marylou Goldsmith, Tish Weager, Marcie Delaney. PEACE CORPS — Seated: Susan Grimes, Mimi Armstrong, Ann Killebrew, Adrienne Gerhardt. Standing: Jim Baylor, Chairman; Carolyn Brady. " The Importance of skilled United States citizens learning about the problems and needs of nations, the necessity for the United States to identify itself with the ' revolution of rising and the abundance of skilled students at the University of California combine to make the job of the ASUC PEACE CORPS (here at Berkeley) vital and interesting, " according to Chairman Jim Baylor. The Peace Corps Committee, under the supervision of IRB, has the main goal of keeping Berkeley students informed of the Peace Corps opportunities for service abroad. The committee holds daily office hours in room 104 Eshleman. They also sponsor speeches and distribute informative current In addition to this, they have produced radio programs and a film which will be shown at living group meetings, and interest group COLLEGE MODEL UNITED NATIONS — Row One: Nancy Lederer, Carol Schwartz, Jeanne Mike Armstrong, Chairman; Diana Darnall, Judy H. Rosen. Row Two: Ernest Baker, Edward Levine, David Duke, Joel Fisher, Alan Avilla. Not Pictured: Marian Shokouh, Phil Brown, Bob Wersen. HIGH SCHOOL MODEL UNITED NATIONS —Row One: George Sloan, Marsha Chairman; Gail Glasner, Nancy Stock, Kathleen Levy, Margaret Duncan. Row Two: Masahisa Kudamatsu, Neil Hoffman. Not Pictured: Wendel Brunner, Carolyn Ferris, Ralph Haight, Anne Kennedy. The COLLEGE MODEL UNITED NATIONS is composed of students who are interested in acquainting the campus and community with the work of the United Nations. Each year a model session is held, and at this time member students from nine states present debates and duplicating actual UN In preparation for this session, the students do outside reading, and hold discussions and mock debates, in which each participant represents a particular country ' s viewpoint. The HIGH SCHOOL MODEL UNITED enables high school students to participate in a similar model Each high school delegation represents a different UN member. The students submit resolutions on four or five stated topics of current international importance, which are then discussed in separate committees and finally in General Assembly International Fair The third annual International Week, sponsored by the International Relations Board, was held during the week of March 25 - 30. The Union was the center of activities featuring exhibits from sixteen different countries. The countries participating were: Finland, Korea, the Arab countries, Indonesia, Pakistan, Thailand, Peru, China, Turkey, the Philippines, India, Sweden, Israel, Greece, the Netherlands, and Iran. Students were lured into the Student Union to see the exhibits, by a ricksha which cruised up and down the plaza, Thursday. Many of the groups showed movies about their particular country and its art, architecture, sports, travel attractions, and special events. The Polish Students Association sponsored a display of Polish art, which was in the exhibit area next to Heller Lounge all week. Two speeches were given, one on disarmament and the United Nations, and the other about Algeria. During the exhibits, programs of dancing were presented in the Pauly Ballroom. The YWCA sponsored an Indonesian dinner in with International Week, and of course International House held their show on Friday and Saturday nights. International Week was planned and organized by a committee under IRB. Leslie Gottlieb was the overall chairman. Assisting her were Ma ' Lis Walton, exhibits and program chairman, and Peggy Coyne, publicity chairman. with the other committee they worked closely with House and the Student Union staff in setting up International Week. The committee was primarily responsible for the of the week ' s events. The various student groups themselves planned the exhibits, dances, and movies. REPUBLIC OF CHINA Visit TAIWAN the Beautiful Island CAL COUNCIL — Keith Liberman. Student Services Board CAL COUNCIL is a spirit group whose main activity is the organization of the Activities Fair, a semesterly event which displays the activities of all campus groups. The Fair provides the student with an opportunity to see firsthand what fields are open to him. The Council ' s primary purpose is to fight apathy among Cal students. Students wait in line at the Ushering Booth. STUDENT SERVICES BOARD — Row One: Keith Liberman, Katy Wickes, Ellen Elber, Rich Arthur, Chairman; Barbara Beard, Dave Walls, Cathy Evans. Row Two: Luzanne Guidici, Mike Klein. SPECIAL PROJECTS COUNCIL organizes activities for which there is no special The Council has been specially in organizing student bus tours to local places of interest and arranging shuttle buses to various parts of California during the holidays. SPECIAL PROJECTS COUNCIL — Katy Wickes. The STUDENT SERVICES BOARD, under the chairmanship of Rich Arthur, is one of the most complicated organizations correlating activities. The Board is comprised of Cal Council, which planned and directed the Activities Fair; Special Projects Council, which planned bus tours of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area; and the Student Community Relations Council, which the Fair Bear Wage Contract and the Placement Center. Commuters-Independents Council is also under the jurisdiction of Services Board and serves the commuters in an effort to form them into a more unified group on campus. To determine and make known the role of the C-I student and to him into the community are the avowed purposes of the COUNCIL. In keeping with them, the group provides such services as car pools, lockers, social activities, and in handles those problems of the and Commuting students not dealt with by other organizations. Membership is open to any interested student. COMMUTER-INDEPENDENT COUNCIL — Row One: Winkie Campbell, Ann Killebrew, Julie O ' Donnell, Luzanne Guidici, Sarwan S. Gill, Linda Gianella. Row Two: Terri Corbelli, Elaine Fossati, Dagny Kleiven, Sylvia Vrecko. The UNIVERSITY COUNCIL acts as a coordinating body between the faculty members and Administration, and the students and student administration. the Fall, this group, aided by the Dean of Students Office investigated the of maintaining study tables around campus in addition to those at the Library. The council also submitted reports the extension of library hours on weekends. Both projects were successfully put into effect. UNIVERSITY Coverly, John Gage, Cathy Evans, Chairman; Jan Gimpo, Sue Myers, Marty Blank, Barry Silver, Linda Olsen, Stephanie Dillon. All students at the University are eligible to major performances in the Bay Area in for working as an usher for a few minutes before the show. Tickets which allow students to exchange their services for admission to operas, Broadway plays, symphonies, ballet and many other performances are available daily at the booth in Eshleman Court, where members of the U.C. USHERING COUNCIL are on duty. USHERING COUNCIL — Row One: Mrs. G. Roche, Norm Ford, Gary Larson, Manfred Schultz, Harvey Gould, Tom Schmugge, Mahmood A Zaidi. ART COMMITTEE — Row One: Bailey, Marcia Carole Hunt, Chairman; Bill Withuhn. Row Two: Sarah Cunningham, Domie Garat. The ART COMMITTEE ' S purpose is to bring all types of artistic to the student population, by maximizing all of the facilities of the Student Union. Exhibits this year have included oil paintings, primitive sculpture, photographs, and traveling exhibits, with emphasis on the importance of the local artist. The LITERATURE COMMITTEE has a variety of speeches, readings, seminars, coffee hours, debates, panels, and harangues featuring renowned authors, poets, and critics. It also revitalized the magazine program in the Student Union. Union Program Board LITERATURE COMMITTEE — Row One: Denis Eymil, Karen Primm, Beth Bauman, Phil Daro, Chairman. Row Two: Andi Rosanoff, Val Smith, Pat Solan, Anne Skillion, Linda Allenstein. Row Three: Kathleen Jackson, Don Lauro, Vice Thomas Luddy, Robert Freidin, Frank Curcio. Row Four: Steve Millich, Terry Jackson, Jim Litsinger. The UNION PROGRAM BOARD has completed its third year as a board under the Associated Students of the University of California. Its purpose is to develop and supervise an activities program for the Student Union, which helps to satisfy the cultural, recreational, educational, and needs of the campus. The board does this by coordinating the activities of its member committees. Membership on any of these committees is open to all students. UNION PROGRAM BOARD — Row One: Farrel Baum, Cece Jenkins, Jeannie Gail Lopin. Row Two: Carol Hunt, Mary Kinnick, Benette Kuper, Sue Ross, Jan Siemans, Mrs. Stefanie Heimann, Advisor. Not Pictured: Phil Duro, Ann Perins, Diane Sandoval. The RECREATION COMMITTEE provides for the recreational needs of the campus not met in other areas, and for the utilization of the in the Student Union. Its programs include bowling leagues, bridge and billiard lessons. The MUSIC COMMITTEE sponsors a varied of musical events. Besides arranging noon band and chorale concerts and folk song coffee hours, the committee provided the Student Union with a new assortment of records and tapes. MUSIC COMMITTEE — Row One: Hornosty, Edy Bass, Elizabeth Christine Ronay, Gail Lopin, Row Two: Sam Sirkin, Rober Nicholson. Not Pictured: Alice Singer James Traweek. RECREATION COMMITTEE — Row One: Marilyn Neuton, Jane Lon, Sue Ross, Chairman; Steve Goodman, Stefanie Weisberg, Dave Dowling. Not Pictured: Jean-Francois Caillebotte, Mark Dale, Coleen Morris, Roger Romero, Ann Stevens. MOVIES COMMITTEE — Row One: Ann Killebrew, Art Loya, Jan Siemans, Chairman; Trixie Farrar. SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Alice Reynolds, Bettykay McClard, Farrel Baum, Chairman; Linda Lindsay, Marsha Hail. The MOVIES COMMITTEE provides the students with a of oustanding films, selected for their educational and value. The purpose of the SOCIAL COMMITTEE is to plan and supervise activities which satisfy the social needs of the campus. This group is responsible for all University dances, Union parties, Cabaret programs, faculty coffee hours and social dancing classes. The PUBLICITY COMMITTEE is responsible for providing publicity for all events scheduled by the various member committees of the Union Program Board. Posters, flyers, banners, Daily Cal, and gimmicks are the usual media employed. Two sub-groups of the committee divide the tasks of designing posters and mailing flyers. PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE — Row One: Kathy Porter. Barbara Heyns, Cecelia Jenkins, Susanne Siefert, Wendy Regent. Row Two: Pat Maharg, Bill Miller, Charlene Hallaian, Elaine Camisa, Bob Conheim, Jane Alsobrook, Shari Keusel, Dennis Pollet. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE — Row One: Benette Kuper, Janie Hiner, Kathy Okelberry, Marjorie Coverly, Diane Linder, Annaliesa Zach, Doyle Gibson, Cynthia Smith. SPECIAL EVENTS COMMITTEE — Row One: Jessie Cotkin, Pat Lathrop, Janie Humphreys, Kathy Tinker, Martha Eleanor Hetzel. Row Two: Marilyn Ageno, Duff Wright, John Stark, Dave Peter son, Chet Shifflett, Geoffrey Rothman, Anne Perkins. Not Pictured: Vicki Backsbury, Kim Brubaker, Dottie Bush, Myra Gould, Fred Kalina, Barbara Riley, George Weathersby. The PUBLIC AFFAIRS COMMITTEE presents programs of campus interest in the areas of politics and current trends. The programs are usually in the form of a debate, single lecture, or lecture series. The purpose of the SPECIAL EVENTS is to provide programs of particular interest in the Student Union. Among the events scheduled by this committee were a Folk Song Concert in Faculty Glade and the traditional Union Christmas events, including a tree-trimming party and Garff Wilson ' s reading of The Christmas Carol. The committee also maintains an ASUC talent file open to groups desiring student Cal Camp CAL CAMP BOARD — Eleanor Alpert, Jeannie Lippett, Catherine Reeks, Ann Pattison, Carol Shay, Helen Lofgren, Jerri Marchetti, John Bianucci, Rich Arthur, Bill True, Paul Lin, Larry Akey, Norriss Hetherington, Claude Bowen. CAL CAMP is a summer camping program for East Bay underprivileged children. It is completely sponsored and staffed by the students of the University. Each summer about 200 children spend their vacation at Camp Alpine in the High Sierras, participating in a varied program of water activities, sports, crafts, and nature study. Cal Camp is administered by a group of twenty students. It is supervised by fifty counselors who undergo orientation during the spring. Projects such as the Ugly Man Contest, the Santa Claus Contest, and the Big C Circus help to raise funds for Cal Camp. Operation Understanding Operations Understanding is a program which attempts to promote better relations between Americans and foreign exchange students. The organization was founded two years ago by Stiles Hall, the University Y.M.C.A., with the support of the University Administration. In an effort to interest Cal students in overseas activities, Operation Understanding offers seminars, involving students and led by persons drawn mainly from the campus; coffee hours for visitors; work camps set up in rural and urban areas; and celebrations of special dates of international significance, like Gandhi ' s birthday. Operation Understanding also an orientation program for persons to work, study, or travel abroad, which will heighten their awareness of other cultures. The project places students in foreign countries through various national and international agencies. During the past two years, Operation Understanding has helped a number of find positions in Africa. Latin America, the Operation Understanding work camp at Big Valley Rancheria (Indian Reservation), Lakeport, California, Spring 1962. Middle East, Asia, and Africa are the centers of summer travel and study opportunities sponsored by the group. In the future, Stiles Hall and the ASUC hope to create an increasing number of situations whereby dialogues between people of different cultures can take place. EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE: Jim McNamara, Pat Smith, Evie Nakamura, Clif Rhodes, Karen Blank, Julie Sperr, Miss Beard, Larry Briggs. Cal Prep " Welcome to Cal! " is the familiar cry during Cal Prep. Initiated in the Fall of 1961, Cal Prep zooms through a bevy of orientation activities in the three days prior to RegistrationWeek of the Fall semester. Focused on incoming Freshmen, Cal Prep ' s aims are to acquaint the with all available academic and student services in and around campus, to arouse an active interest in campus activities, and to initiate the student ' s integration with fellow students through discussion, introductions, and formal and get-togethers. Programming for Cal Prep lies in the hands of the seven member Executive Besides shaping the three-day agenda, Ex Com planned the held in December, and the many prospective in the Spring. Bill Ellsworth explains Cal activities at the Freshman Welcome Rally. " Shall we dance? " Vice-Chancellor Constance addresses a group of incoming Freshmen at an orientation meeting. Cal Prep counselors The STUDENT COMMITTEE ON POLICY has proved to be a valuable agency for research and the initiation of potential legislation in the Senate. Established in 1959 as a fact-finding committee, it broadened its scope to evaluation of subjects such as breadth the honor system, and dead week; it serves as a liaison between the ASUC and the Academic the Chancellor, and related student activities on other campuses; it is also a source of intelligent on student matters. Its membership is composed of eleven department representatives, five members, and three Senate members. STUDENT COMMITTEE ON EDUCATIONAL POLICY — Row One: Allan Stone, Richard McKirahan, Bob Joehnck. Row Two: Susan Frieder, John Grissim, Marilyn Barkin, Marilyn Daniels. Row Three: Ethelred Greenburg, Mike Marcus, Corbett Donohue, Richard Haney, Ethel Lichtenstein, Terry Trosper, Robert A. Prichard. The ACTIVITIES PLANNING COMMITTEE, under the of the second vice-president, is for coordinating all of the within the ASUC. These include special events such as " All-U " week-end, Big Game Week, and others designated by the Senate. The membership consists of the second a Dean ' s Office representative, a faculty representative, a and seven other members selected by the Executive Committee. Members are chosen by interviews in the fall. ACTIVITIES PLANNING COORDINATION COMMITTEE Row O ne: Kathy Okelberry, Pat Farr. Row Two: Mr. J. Q. Porter, Marcia Coates, Mary Peters, Pattianne Nagle, Mollie Paul, Peggy Tarr, Penny Kossoris, Judy Booth. Row Three: Jim Naify, David Horwitz, Robert Draper, Barbara Beard, Mots Sutcliffe, George Weathersby, Anne Kennedy. STUDENT HEALTH SERVICES COMMITTEE — Row One: J. David Hakman, Dr. Henry B. Bruyn, Paul Hofmann, Chairman; Adele Katz, Byron Fischer, Steve Kay. The UNION ADVISORY BOARD is the body responsible for policy in the Student Union. It reviews and complaints which have been brought to it and makes recommendations to the ASUC Senate and to the Chancellor. Its membership is composed of the ASUC first two students, two administrators, one faculty member, three alumni, and the ASUC executive The ASUC president serves in an ex-officio The main purpose of the STUDENT HEALTH COMMITTEE is to serve as a liaison between Memorial Hospital, one of two hospitals in the country connected with a university solely for the benefit of the students, and the ASUC. It also, however, has studied student health insurance, initiated action on the Blood Bank, advised the KO Polio campaign, and the first student volunteer program at Cowell. The committee is composed of a chairman, three students, a Daily Cal staff member, and an ASUC UNION ADVISORY BOARD — Row One: Bill Storey, chairman; Mrs. Norma Cantin, Ann Ferrias. Row Two: Dean Milton Chernin, Mr. Forrest Tregea, Tom Schulz. Publications PUBLICATIONS OFFICE — Connie Johnson, Diana Bradley, Raymonde Adams, June Geyer. Walter Frederick Director of Publications Dede Lyman Eshleman Librarian Whenever someone has a problem relating to one of Cal ' s publications, he gets in touch with Mr. Walter Frederick, Publications Manager. Mr. Frederick ' s primary job is to give counseling to the various staffs and to maintain contacts wtih business concerns such as printing houses and news agencies. He work on the various is a definite part of college life and an important factor in the educational process. The Publications Office, ready to meet the needs of the five student publications – Daily Cal, Blue and Gold, Occident, Cal Engineer, Pelican — serves as a business management office and acts as a liason between the publishers and student staff members. This office supervises the Publications Library, the office staff, and any problems of the Publications Building. With a profit of a quarter of a million dollars, this ASUC office has been used as a model by other colleges and in organizing similar departments. The Publications staff office is primarily concerned with the efficient continuity and long-term planning of the publications. The editors and staff of the five have obligations to the Pub. Office to meet their deadlines. If problems arise with late copy or pictures, this department helps the staff and makes it possible for the publication to go to press. They also constantly investigate new publishing practices and handle work carried on with the various agencies and journalism societies which might prove useful to the publications. Publications Board FALL PUB BOARD — Alex Stevens, Karen Grove, Don Frank, Jim Kaye, Jerry Kallan, Dick Corten, Chairman; Mr. Nicosia, Joel Rosenberg, Connie Johnson, Mr. Frederick, Leon Weiner. Serenity produces fresh thoughts for the publications retreat. SPRING PUB BOARD — Steve Fabricant, Mr. Frederick, Mr. Steffens, Karen Grove, Dick Corten, Chairman; Don Frank, Cebe Wallace, Jim Kaye. The Publications Board, known to many Cal students as " Pub Board, " is the body for the University ' s five publications. This board is composed of the editors and managers of Daily Cal, Blue and Gold, Pelican, Occident, and Cal Engineer. The ASUC Senate, the Chancellor ' s Office, the Department of Journalism, and the School of Business Administration are also represented on the board. The Director of Publications, Mr. Walter Frederick, is a non-voting member and his secretary serves as to the board. One of the main of Pub Board is to arbitrate among the publications themselves, and also to settle problems between a and private interests. Originally, the board determined the salary structure of each publication and approved the appointments of staff members. However, the complete control of the newspaper has been transferred to the newly-formed Daily Californian Board. This year, the annual Publications Board retreat was held during the Spring semester. It afforded the members of the board a chance to review their past accomplishments and plan their future goals in a setting away from the busy activities of school life. The topics discussed this year at the retreat were continuations of the subjects on previous Pub Board agendas. Publications members also had an opportunity to learn what the other groups were doing, what problems they had encountered, and how they solved them. Student Publicity and Public Relations In order for people of the community to become better acquainted with Cal, good public relations are necessary. This job is handled by the and PUBLIC RELATIONS BOARD. One very important section of the board includes of CAMPUS TOURS. This group is of sixty student guides who show high school students and other visitors around the The tour includes a visit to the Greek International House, Kroeber Museum, Wheeler Auditorium, the Library, and the Union. Membership is open to any student with at least a 2.0 grade point average. CAMPUS Pattison, Jeannie Holloway, Jody Gorin, Sharon Wendy Slattebo, Chairman; Susan Dewar, Kathy Tinker, Emily Stoebe. Alex Stevens Director PUBLICITY and PUBLIC RELATIONS BOARD — Row One: Liliana Fujimoto, Wendy Slattebo. Row Two: Jack Lundgren, Alex Stevens. Students at Cal are aware of the many activities of the campus through the work of the ART BUREAU. This committee is composed of members who spend several hours each week designing, printing, and distributing post- ers for the ASUC and other campus functions. This mittee also offers advice on exhibit displays and handles the job of designing pamphlets for many campus zations. Membership recruitment, which takes place at the beginning of each semester, is open to any student with artistic talent. ART BUREAU — Gwynne Evans, Sally Griffin, Chairman; Kathy Porter. UNIVERSITY DAY — Row One: Linda Platte, Patti Kaufman, Nancy Stocker. Row Two: Sharon Esterley, Chairman. Row Three: Jack Lundgren, Loretta Reed, Rowland Stanley. BULLETIN BOARD Petersen, Chairman; Linda SPEAKER ' S BUREAU — Linda Porlette, Tom Solinsky, Chairman; Dorothy Morris, Craig Stocker, Carol Chapnick, Rex Jones. Problem: How to publicize this. The purpose of the BULLETIN BOARD COMMITEE is to provide a way for students and to obtain information about events during the year. Activities publicized include sports events, concerts, club meetings, and special functions like Big Game Week. Another very important part of Cal publicity is to interest high school students in the varied aspects of the University. This job is supervised by members of the SPEAKER ' S who talk to seniors of the Bay Area high schools. The UNIVERSITY DAY COMMITTEE is also instrumental in acquainting high school students with Cal. During the fall and spring visiting students are given tours of the campus and are able to hear lectures by Cal Don Frank Editor Betsy Rogers Associate Editor Blue and Gold The biggest problem in editing this year ' s Blue and Gold was creating a book which would top last year ' s award-winning publication. Don Frank, who handled the job of editor, was faced with many challenges as he and his art staff began to design page lay-outs last summer. Out of hours of work and much intricate planning, a rough draft of the 1963 Blue and Gold emerged. The lay-outs were only blueprints, but the yearbook was gradually developing into a noteworthy piece of work. Several new ideas were incorporated into this year ' s book. Among them are a sixteen color page spread of the campus, the theme centered around the centennial of graduation exercises, and a reorganization of the staff. Freshmen members are now assigned to a particular section of the book, such as sports, copy, or activities. ACTIVITIES STAFF — Karen Primm, Katie Wuertele, editor; Art Loya, Irene Hartung PHOTOGRAPHY Branch, Harry Meyer, Mary Frost, editor; Steve Ken Cox. COPY STAFF — Judy Fox, Roberta Hawk, editor; Meg Olsen. CLUBS SOCIETIES STAFF — Barbara Roberts, Pauline Reed, JoAllyn Archambault, editor. INDEX STAFF — Don Westergren, editor; Sally Fry, Janis Anderson, Sandy Nixon. CLASSES STAFF—Linda Christie, editor; Sterling Hilleary, Dathel DeMaria. Standing: Norma Hardin. LIVING GROUP EDITORS — Mary Packard, Ellen Norton, men ' s. SPORTS STAFF — George Dutton, Paul Keith, Pat Stumpf, LeRoy Shiraishi, editor; Bob Newman. ART STAFF — Crodd Chin, Diana Bradley, advisor. Blue and Gold Julie Land Associate Manager Sandy Glooschenko Promotion Manager Alison Armstrong Assistant Manager Karen Grove Manager Activity in the managerial department of the Blue and Gold office began in September, when promotion ideas and a sales campaign were Staff members sold " the biggest and best Blue and Gold ever " at the registration lines. Activity then shifted to 110 Eshleman, where the staff began the tedious task of organizing their files and preparing for November and March deadlines. In spare moments, they found time to help the staff assemble the book. Although plagued by the perennial lack of salesgirls, a small group of dependable people donated their ideas and to insure that the 1963 Blue and Gold would be available to everyone. The Spring semester was climaxed by the annual appointments the arrival of the manager ' s much publicized " bundle of joy, " and most important, the distribution of the 1963 Blue and Gold. To heck with the seniors! Hello. " Honest, I ' m working! " UPPER STAFF — Evie Ashcroft, Joyce Bailey, Marilyn Foree, Margaret Borba, Carol MacGregor, Carol Crossman, Barbara Lewis, Lana Kravetsky, Pam Clark. Not Pictured: Joan MacGregor. FROSH STAFF — Stephanie Kaiser, Nanette Barron, Kenna Howell. The DAILY CALIFORNIAN Monarch of The College Dailies Editorial Pat Mar Fall City Editor Spring City Editor Susan Johnson Fall Assistant City Editor Spring Assistant City Editor Elliott Steinberg Fall Editor If a Cal student were asked how he begins his day, his reply would probably be, " By reading the Daily Cal. " This newspaper with a circulation of over 20,000 people, is one of the major aspects of campus life. Containing letters to the editor, complete sports articles on current University issues, a calendar of lectures and activities, and local movie theater ' s listings, The Daily Californian appeals to the varied interests of the students, faculty, members, and University The Daily Cal is run by the associated students of the University. By having a student-run publication, the staff members are able to be in close contact with many ASUC activities. During the Fall semester, the job of editor was handled by Elliot Steinberg. Sandie North was appointed to this for the Spring semester. The staff is composed of editors of the various sections, managers, photographers, and reporters. These students are daily news, writing articles, and demanding deadlines. Staff who number over 200, are at the beginning o f each Mary McGowan Fall Assistant City Editor Spring News Editor Steve Zorn Fall News Editor Sandie North Fall Managing Editor Spring Editor FALL REPORTERS — Row One: Susan Klein, Jean Z. Gross, Barbara Scherr. Row Two: Michael Schutz, Larry Scanlan, Larry Anderson, Len Margolis, Len Goodwin, Michael Fischer, Justin A. Roberts, Barry Lewis, Bill Marquardt. One of the oldest features of the University of California, is its newspaper. In 1868 the Californian was a four page monthly. By 1898 it had progressed to a regularly published student ' s news- paper. When the Associated Press Service was added in 1922, the Daily Cal began to develop along the lines of a daily metropolitan newspaper. Today, the " Monarch of the College Dailies " is an eight to sixteen page periodical with a circulation of over 23,000. Len Goodwin Spring Assistant City Editor Sandy Sprang Fall Assistant City Editor SPRING REPORTERS — Row One: Justin Roberts, Len Margolis, Mike Fischer, Alex Stevens, Nancy Tolbert, Barbara Scherr. Row Two: Don Bloom, Judy Binsacca, Molly Siple, Adrienne Gerhardt, Carl Wittnebert. Blaine Newnham Fall Sports Editor Spring Managing Editor SPORTS STAFF — Row One: L. A. Bricker, Howie Bronstein, Dave Kayfes, Marylinda Morrison, Pete Martinson. Row Two: Bill Rowen, Akin Adubifa, Lowell Hickey, Al Weisberg. The organization of the SPORTS STAFF provides for a progression in jobs from cub reporter to Sports Editor. These students are for covering all of the Fall and Spring athletic events of the Listing game scores and lineups, attending and writing up intramural games, and reporting on inter-collegiate competitive events are routine assignments. The staff tries to give Cal students an opportunity to learn more about the many teams and their members through occasional articles featuring lesser-known players. Dave Kayfes Fall Assistant Sports Editor Spring Sports Editor Lowell Hickey Spring Assistant Sports Editor PHOTOGRAPHERS — Eddy Lau, Bill Nelson, Ron Enfield. The PHOTOGRAPHERS of the Daily Cal may be called the staff ' s " unsung heroes. " Their job keeps them busy night and day, shooting pictures of football games and other athletic events, covering an ASUC dance, catching the surprised look of a newly chosen beauty queen, or getting a shot of a flooded area on the campus. Like the reporters, Daily Cal ' s photographers have deadlines to meet. Their job is demanding but filled with interesting experiences. Managerial Grace Corse Fall Business Maanger Cebe Wallace Fall Advertising Manager Spring Business Manager Sami Arifuku Fall Office Manager Spring Production Manager Wayne Osborn Fall Promotions Manager Spring Promotions Manager Money is the key word for the Staff, whose main concern is selling enough advertisements to finance the paper ' s printing costs. Staff members are required to sell the ads, collect bills, and serve once a week on the night staff. However this work has financial since a commission is received by the seller each time his ad in the Daily Cal. Each at the promotions banquet, awards are presented to the student who sold the most ads, and to the staff member with the highest grade point average for that semester. A friendly rivalry exists between the Editorial and Managerial staffs, as evidenced by this sign on the window overlooking the office, " Do not feed the in the pit. " Jenny Wenk Fall Production Manager Spring Advertising Manager MANAGERIAL STAFF — Row One: John Gueldner, Larry Ludwig, Janie Coolig, Alice Wong, Faith Hom, Ted Fujita. Row Two: Ginny Nash, Judy Baston, Diane Davidson, Sue Hill, Michelle Mora. Row Three: Lamont Mitchell, Andy Kaldor, Jo Roth, Bud Banker, Walter Crawford, Glenn Jones, Pete Stagg. Faith Horn Spring Office Manager Pelican Editorial Dick Corten Editor Mitch Chefitz Fall Contributing Editor Spring Associate Editor Dexter Waugh Associate Editor The California Pelican was founded on a bet in 1903 by Earle C. Anthony, the late Packard dealer. Since its humble but raucous inception, the magazine has risen steadily on the national scene, until recently it was ranked in the top ten college humor magazines by the New York Times. Last April the Pelican celebrated its sixtieth anniversary. In an issue devoted to this jubilee, the editorial staff delved back through hundreds of issues to find some of the best representative humor of each of the past six decades. This was a relatively easy task, for the Pelican has served as a training ground for many noted humorists, such as Ted Key and Rube Goldberg. Over the last year, the staff of " tomorrow ' s humorists today, " as they like to call themselves, has devoted issues to the Cuban crisis, sex, and parody. Members of the editorial staff consider the work they do good experience for later journalistic endeavors, and " one hell of a lot of fun! " Pelican staff members arrange to buy old jokes from the Stanford humor magazine, at midnight meeting. PELICAN STAFF — Row One: Mitch Chefitz, Ted Russell, Carol Jalonen, Dick Corten, Jerry KaIlan, Dave Cowee. Row Two: Pete Greenough, Sandra Southwell, Barbara Maynard, Taffy Jones, Anne Rosenwald, Diane Derre, Jeff Cook. Row Three: Will Randolph, Greg Ervice, Craig Beckstead, Steve Kan, Steve Connett, Bob Wieder, Tom Fall, Les Karr, Byron Chong. Preparations for fall rushing parties include making door decs. Miss Martha Keith Pelican Maid of Cotton The Pelican staff honored Miss Martha Keith as the University of California entrant in the Maid of Cotton contest. Marty is a junior who comes from San Jose, but while on campus, she resides at the Kappa Delta house. Since she plans a dental hygiene major, Marty will complete three years on the Berkeley campus before transferring to Dental School. Despite a heavy academic schedule, she sandwiches in a few activities of which Sorority Representative to the Y.MC.A. and work on the A.W.S. publicity committee are most recent. Like most skiers this year, Marty was disappointed in the meager snowfall in the Sierras, which cut considerably her ski weekends. In addition to these activities, she works a few hours each week at the California School for the Deaf. Martie cuts her cake at a surprise party given by her Kappa Delta sisters. Managerial WOMEN ' S STAFF — Row One: Carol Jalonen, Jennifer Peak, Diane Derre, Dana Henry, Taffy Jones, Louise Goodman, Roberta Tennant. Row Two: Jackie Kling, Robin Kragen, Mary Malmberg, Leslye Miller, Helen Miller, Liz Freund, Gladie Moellerick. Row Three: Jan Spenser, Jan Horn, Meg Olsen, Barbara Maynard, Anne Rosenwald, Sandra Southwell. Jerry Kallan Fall Manager Carol Jalonen Women ' s Director Ted Russell Fall Advertising Manager Ted Harris Fall Art Director Spring Manager Grace Corse Spring Advertising Manager The Pelican managerial staff is what keeps the magazine from financial ruin and thus certain death. If the budget is not met, the magazine would cease to exist much more quickly than as a result of any controversy stirred up by the editorial staff. The main components of the managerial section are the advertising and womens staffs. The advertising staff sells the ads which appear in the Pelican, and each solicitor receives a twenty per cent commission on whatever he sells. The women ' s staff has several functions, including selling the magazine itsefl on Sales Day, and modelling in a number of fashion shows and for the fashion section of the magazine, " Vanity Fair " STAFF — Bill Kleeman, Arlene West, Jim Kaye, Bruce Wonder, Donna Darby, Sandy Mautz, John Johnson. December • 1962 • 25c California Engineer Cal Engineer The California Engineer, the University ' s only engineering magazine, is published eight times each year by the Associated Students of the University of California. It is completely student operated and student authored. This year, the Engineer has felt the wide-spread existance of apathy toward extra-curricular activities in the engineering disciplines. The Engineer contains valuable articles and news of recent engineering developments, most of which have gone unread by the majority of engineering students. Perhaps the engineering curriculum of the future will hold the key, giving students an awareness of recent developments of vital importance, rather than a basic apathy toward the world outside their scientific cliques. Should this day come, the California Engineer will, as now, stand ready to supply interesting, informative, and much needed knowledge of modern advances in all scientific fields. Jim Doub Fall Editor Steve Fabricant Spring Editor Jim Kaye Manager Occident FALL 1962 FIFTY CENTS STAFF — Around the table (left to right): Vicki Nelson, Bill Searle, John Paul, John Steiner, Joel Rosenberg, Ted Chase, Karen Siudmak, Marilyn Reynolds, Mary Ann Baskin, David Parks. " What is Occident? " In reply to frequent queries, it is the literary magazine of the Berkeley campus. Occident, published since 1881, comes out twice an academic year. It features poetry, prose, drama, art, and photography, contributed by the students and faculty. The staff, through written criticism and discussions, serve the general aim of keeping writers on their toes. Fortunate indeed, is the story or poem that is hailed unanimously by the staff as a " work of art. " In the Fall, Leon Weiner worked as Editor, and Joel Rosenberg, as Manager. In the Spring, Joel Rosenberg held the Editor ' s position, while Tom David served as Manager, and Leon Weiner, as Associate Editor. Joel Rosenberg Fall Manager Spring Editor Leon Weiner Fall Editor Tom David Spring Manager ASUC Radio - TV Theater Jim Francis President Two members monitor the transmitting equipment while " on the air. " Live broadcasts are made in an isolation room equipped wtih sound proofed wads. The ASUC RADIO-TV THEATER is a student operated radio station whose sole purpose is to give students experience in all of the facets of radio and television production: radio engineering, producing, directing, acting, announcing, and interviewing. The organization broadcasts through stations KRE in Berkeley, KBCO in San Francisco, and KBCA in Hollywood. At present, two radio series are being produced: the " University of California Hour, " and the " Golden Bear Review. " The radio station also informs the general public about current events around the campus. Vicki Odenweller types out one of the many " idiot sheets " used in broadcasts. STAFF — Row One: Roger Baron, Jim Francis, Mark Berger. Row Two: Andy Belling, Pierre Roubaud, Al Tompkins, Rick Chace. Not Pictured: Steve Orland, Tom Barron, Chuck Levy, Charlotte De Hay, Bob Kennedy, Dick Hustvedt, Vicky Odenweller, Nancy Sandack, Bob Berger, Phil Brown, Carole Schwartz. Treble Clef CYGNETTES — Sue Rolapp, Diane Johnson, Lois Dreschler, Carolyn Libbey Treble Clef, a girls ' chorus, selects its members on the basis of auditions held annually during fall registration week. This year Treble Clef has been performing at concerts and various programs to raise money for a trip to Hawaii. During their week-long stay there, TC performed nine concerts on the isle of Oahu and gave a special benefit for a blind girl. The profits from the concerts helped to pay the girls ' expences while in Hawaii. Other appearances this year included the annual Fall and Spring concerts given by Treble Clef and the Glee Club, performances with the Glee Club on campus and in San Francisco during the Christmas season, and an appearance on stage with blues singer Ella Fitzgerald. In addition, this versatile organization was seen on television Easter Sunday together with the Glee Club, singing Easter music, and participated in the dedication of Tolman Hall. SENIOR MANAGERS: Nancy Horikoshi, Nancy Hall. Robert Commanday Director MADRIGALS — Row One: Ellen Wedum, Lois Dreschler, Kathleen Willis, Catherine Brill, Dorothy Pease, Suzy Norton, Ronni Kordell, Madelyn Gale, Manager. Row Two: Steve Marmer, Nick Tennent, Don Vance, Jerry Maloney, John Boros, Nick Ursin. MANAGERS — Nancy Horikoshi, Sue Rolapp, Alma Toroian, Candy Smith, Linda Gittings, Marie Anderson, Dorothy Kubota, Nancy Hall, Kathy Jennings. Glee Club JUNIOR MANAGERS — Steve Marmer, Bruce Barbee, Barry Mendelsohn. SENIOR MANAGERS — Steve Schoenfield, Rich Desser. Glee Club Touring Chorus Members of the Glee Club, oldest male college chorus in the West, represent the University musically with their singing tours each year. In 1957 the group traveled to Japan. Last year they toured the United States. This summer ' s itinerary will take them through Europe, where the Clubbers will perform in several town concerts. The Senior Men ' s Octet and the Sea Shanteers, as well as the Glee Club itself, gave special performances all year to raise money for the trip. SENIOR MEN ' S OCTET — Row One: Jerry Bucy, John Lundgren. Row Two: Jack Arnold, Paul Combs. Row Three: Rick Egusa, Gary Baldwin. Row Four: Mal Murray, Chris Kane. GLEE CLUB COMMITTEE HEADS — Doug Raymond, Rick Egusa, Nick Tennant, Dana Chase, Rich Pratt, Rio Iwanaga, Dave Simons, Gary Baldwin, Rich McMichael. " mi mi mii... " Collegians The Collegian Singers, directed by Naomi Christensen, is a mixed group that was created several years ago to supplement the Glee Club and Treble Clef in fulfilling the vocal musical needs of the University community. Collegians provide those students who cannot afford the time the other singing groups demand, with an opportunity for musical expression. Performances this year included several concerts for local organizations and living groups, as well as Christmas caroling and other informal serenades. Music in the Collegians ' repetoire ranges from madrigals and spirituals, to folk songs and selections from Broadway musicals. COLLEGIAN SINGERS MANAGERS — Barry Siders, Naomi Christensen, Allen Fong. In a Phi Beta Kappa address in 1909, President Woodrow Wilson stated, " The real intellectual life of a body of undergraduates, if there be any, manifests itself, not in the classroom, but in what they do and talk of and set before themselves as their favorite objects between classes and lectures. " Clubs and societies are illustrations of student activities and concerns outside of the lecture hall. Scholastic honor societies, national and professional as well as departmental, offer invitational membership to students whose scholastic attainment qualifies them. There are also societies which recognize merit in extracurricular activities as well as scholarship. Many clubs and student chapters of professional organizations offer programs which are built upon student interests. The varieties of activities provided act to further interest in academic and professional fields. An art exhibit in the Student Union Fence painting is a great sport Folk dancers entertain on Friday afternoon. The Photo Club ' s contest draws many critics. The University Affairs Committee operates mainly as a means of communication and information for the ASUC, the Alumni, and the Administration. The Committee draws its membership from faculty, five members; administration, four representatives; alumni, two members; students, twenty-six members; and two ASUC staff representatives. Serving as an advisory committee for the Chancellor, under the chairmanship of ASUC president, Ed Germain, the group discusses important campus issues. This year, topics included the honor code, the trimester prog ram, the Daily Californian, and the International Students Program. UNIVERSITY AFFAIRS COMMITTEE — Row One: Rich Arthur, Connie Perlman, Elliot Steinberg, Charlie Powell, Paul Hoffmann, Ed Germain, Geraldine Becker, Bob Draper, Alex Sherriffs, Mary-Jo Durham, Julia Chang. Row Two: Dean Katherine Towle, W. B. Fretter, L. W. Porter, Jon Shawl, Susie Sokol, Sandie North, Pat Farr, Margaret Weatherhead, Jim Naify, Dean Betty H. Neely, Bob Phillips, Irving Zaretsky, Barbara Beard, Bob Lander. Row Three: Chips Wilde, Luzanne Guidici, Barbara Cherry, Bill Storey, Mel Levine, Roger Morgan, Vic Campos, Alex Stevens. Soon to be completed Steve Bradley Jeff Carmel Ross Edwards Bob O ' Donnell Richard Hungerford Steve Johnson Gerry Martin Alex Saldamando John Shawl Lynn Sims Steve Bradley Jeff Carmel Ross Edwards Bob O ' Donnell Mel Brodie Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega, a national service fraternity, is the largest fraternity in the country with well over three hundred chapters. Founded in 1925 at Lafayette College in Easton, Pennsylvania, the cardinal principles of the fraternity are leadership, friendship, and service. Although the Gamma Gamma Chapter at the University takes part in many campus projects, it has undoubtedly had its greatest success with its UGLY MAN and MISS BEAUTY Contest for WUS. Membership is by invitation. Their headquarters are in Eshleman basement. Walter Buck Al Carey Dave Dorinson George Dutton Chuck Myers Paul Smith Charles Sismondo Chris Stromsness George Boa draws a big crowd. Walter Buck Al Carey Dave Dorinson George Dutton Chuck Myers Gerry Martin George Boa draws a big crowd. Alex Saldamando Paul Smith Richard Hungerford Steve Johnson John Shawl Charles Sismondo Lynn Sims Chris Stromsness Steve Johnson, sponsored by Delta Zeta, won this year ' s Ugly Man Contest. An Alpha Delta Phi from Berkeley, Steve is majoring in engineering hoping to go to law school in the future. An invaluable member of the Cal Varsity Crew, Steve is also in Honor Society and Big " C " Society. When Steve found out he was Ugly Man, he couldn ' t believe it, although he had helped his own cause by taking people for boat rides on the estuary, himself at the helm. Also it ' s not every sponsor that will take a tour of a crematorium to help their candidate win! Steve Johnson Ugly Man Miss Barbara Riley Miss Beauty Barbara Riley, an Alpha Delta Pi from Ontario, was chosen Miss Beauty this year. She is majoring in criminology, planning to become a legal for a criminal lawyer. In her spare time she likes playing bridge and sleeping on the beach Among her other activities were Little Sisters of Minerva, and being an attendant in the Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl Contest. Spending her first year at UCLA, Barbara says she prefers Cal of the " interesting people. " Kathie Blackman Patty Chapman Darlene deManincor Claudia Ching Jane Downer Oski Dolls The Oski Dolls, the official of the University of California, not only have the fun of greeting visiting athletic teams at the airport, but also are responsible for such activities as greeting dignitaries, foreign students, and speakers. The Oski Dolls comprise forty women with at least a 2.00 grade average. ten from each class and not more than three girls from each group are selected. Sue Herney Ann Howell Linda LaRue Paula Loffler Kit Howard Vicki Keller Diane Linder Marilyn McClintock Susie Marquart Penny Merritt Carolyn Molfino Linda Padou Pam Palmer Anne Perkins Connie Perlman Carolyn Price Julie Anderson Kackie Barta Bonnie Blue Pamela Clark Miki Forte Susan Frieder Jeannette Helm Cheryl Pugh Nanci Reginelli Sue Springer Pat Stanford Helle Stueland Barbara Thomson Cab Tuck Sheri Vetter Jill Weatherhead Bettye Wilson Joan Wilson Sabra Worswick Jerry Anderson Harlan Bagaus Clark Burnham Vic Campos Jeff Carmel Noel Castleman Jay Crane Dick Dophins Stan Farrar Darrell Friedman Ed Germain Bob Haas David Hafleigh Bob Joehnck Hugh Johnson Ron Jurgensen Jeff Kessler Jack Lundgren Jim McNamara Steve Millich Roger Morgan Jim Naify Noel Nellis Marv Langsam Mel Levine Pete Marx Jack Merritt FALL OFFICERS SPRING OFFICERS Harlan Naify Jim Samuelson Dennis Farrar The Californians, an honorary dedicated to the principle of service to the University, was established by the Executive Committee in 1956. This year, Jim Naify and Harlan Bagaus headed this organization. This group has been very active in promoting spirit and traditions. The major projects of the year were the participation in the Frosh-Soph Brawl, Big Game Week, The Basketball Awards Assembly, the Spring Sports Assembly, Sport-of-the-Week, and the publication of the Freshman Traditions pamphlet and of the Cal Song sheets. The thirty to forty Junior and Senior men who are members of the Californians are chosen by Men ' s Executive Board. Dennis Pollet Al Puckett Phil Shuper Dennis Smith Paul Smith Larry Sonsini Rowland Stanley Bill Storey Dennis Tavernetti Jim Thrash William Thurlow Joe Samuel Scott Samuelson Tom Shelton Tom Tusher Rich Wank Frank Welsh Bill Williams Art Wong Doug Wynne Steve Zalkind Dennis Tavernetti Chairman ADVISORS Larry Stewart Garff Wilson Cal Club Cal Club, the spirit organization of all seven University campuses, works to unity and harmonious relations all branches of the college While each campus has a chapter of Cal Club, there is a meeting each year during which all the branches are by interested and active students who discuss their mutual problems and interests. At this convention new policies are considered and attempts at solving problems are made. All-U Weekend is the primary activity of this board. Cal Club is an important part of University life, as through its discussions and close intercampus relations are strengthened despite the growing size of our expanding University. Dennis was chairman of Cal Club this year. Garff Wilson and Larry Stewart served as advisors. Larry Balliett Sandy Balliett Kathy Blackman Betsy Bright Chris Carpenter Noel Castleman Pat Farr Pam Gartshore Ed Germain Bob Haas Mel Levine Jack Merritt Jim McNamara Roger Morgan Jim Naify Noel Nellis Sandie North Ed Rucker Scott Samuelson Nickie Severance Suzy Shadinger Karen Shain Elliott Steinberg Bill Storey Helle Stueland Peggy Tarr Mary Lee Taylor Terry Timmins Margie Weatherhead SENIORS Alison Armstrong Judy Binsacca Sandy Boles Julia Chang Barbara Cherry Patricia Farr Pamela Gartshore Lynn Gentner Nancy Hall Antoinette Hatch Doris Hawks Marilyn Sue Hester Diane Krohn Deanna Lynn Bonnie McCaughan Prytanean Barbara Majesky Penelope Merritt Sharon Moses Judy Nierenberg Carol Parsons Karen Pastorino Margaret Poynter Betsy Rogers Madelyn Sanborn Ramona Shadi Suzy Shadinger Karen Shain Helle Stueland Peggy Tarr Barbara Thomson Sally Wade Margaret Weatherhead JUNIORS Jeanette Helm Sue Herney Lani Ingham Carol Jalonen Vicki Keller Marylee Taylor ADVISOR Dean Betty Neely Prytanean, commonly abbreviated to Pryt is the oldest women ' s activity and scholarship honor organization in the nation. Founded at UC in 1900, membership is extended to those Junior and women who are outstanding in scholarship and campus activities. Its purpose is to serve the University by special philanthropic projects and by discussion of important issues, and also to maintain high scholarship and code of conduct among the women students of the University. Chapters of Prytanean also exist at UCLA, Davis, and Riverside. Honor Students Society The Honor Students Society is the upper division and graduate scholastic honor society of the University. Membership is by election, which is based on high scholastic attainment (at least a 3.0 overall). Each year the Society, through its Student Advisory Bureau, provides several thousand hours of free, individual tutoring in over 70 courses. Election to membership and the awarding of the scroll and keys is not only to signify high scholastic attainment. The is also provided with an active intellectual and social forum, lectures, receptions, field trips (Lick Observatory and the Lawrence Radiation Laboratory were visited last beach parties, bay cruises, dances and parties, and always the traditional semi-annual banquet and theater night. TOWER AND FLAME — Row One: Jay Draller, William Dienapp, Margery Schact, Sylvia Vredo, Betty Parsons, Irene Hartung. Row Two: Ronald Max Shen, Barbara Randall, Katie Wuertele, Rose Anizoba, Cathy Cline, Ronni Sims. Row Three: Tony Wasserman, Carol Melnik, Linda Sanchez, Cecilia Campbell, Bernard Lilly, Keith Dunler, Richard Rosenfeld, Alan TOWER AND FLAME — Row One: Elaine Fossati, Council; Kathy Fitch, Charles Coker, President; Jo Freeman, Council. Row Two: Chao Wing-Tao, Ethel Lichtenstein, Suzanne Gaskill, Jean Kalbach, Dan Bertozzi, Michael Strader, Brian Boas. Row Three: Gene Capella, Kay Polivka, Jaryl Lane, Trish Doyle, Linda Jo Brown, Ed Schaffer. Row Four: Randall Kirschman, Linda Beber, Robert Bush, Elizabeth Ann Britt, Robert Jackson, Bill McCalla, Tony Shen. Tower and Flame Tower and Flame is the lower division counterpart of Honor Students ' Society. Students are eligible for if they have an over-all 3.00. Entering freshman with CSF life membership may also become a part of the organization. In addition to the monthly meetings Tower and Flame members held, they took several field trips, held lectures, and had a banquet which included a German dinner and the musical comedy, Little Mary Sunshine. Judy Binsacca Patricia Farr Karen Fowler Pamela Gartshore Lynn Genter Nancy Horikoshi Marilyn Hester Mortar Board Founded at Syracuse, New York in 1918 and later established at the University of California in 1925, Mortar Board is a senior women ' s honor society. Membership is invitational to senior who have made outstanding contributions to the University in service, scholarship, and As stated in the preamble to Mortar Board ' s Constitution, its purpose is: " To provide between societies, to promote college loyalty, to advance the spirit of service and fellowship among University women, to maintain a high standard of scholarship, to recognize and leadership, and to stimulate and develop a finer type of college woman. " Linda Lincoln Arlene McLaughlin Ruth Ann Pattison President Pamela Gartshore Vice-President Helle Stueland Secretary Ramona Shadi Treasurer Lynn Gentner Margaret Weatherhead Helle Stueland Michelle Padams Madelyn Sanborn Ramona Shadi Carol Parsons Karen Pastorino WINGED HELMET — Row One: Steve Thompson, Rex Jones, Tim Ryan, Mike Neal, Roger Poppet, Gregg Avilla. Row Two: Tom Campbell, Mal Leiser, Chips Wilde, Bob Rosson, Ed Brown, Bob Penn. Row Three: John Stuart, Mike Smith, Clarke Astle, Tom Kruse, Tom Mayer, Max Gray, Bill Bowley, Larry Colton, Tom Markham, Bill Barbee, Denny Johnson, Clint Day, Dennis Tavernetti, Pete Weber, Jerry Riggs, Bruce Mosely, Ridge Whittemore. Winged Helmet FALL SPRING Charles Wilde... President.......... Rex Jones Jim Bonney...... Dolan Bill Staats........ Secretary......... Jim Harington Tom Campbell... Treasurer.......... Mal Leiser Winged Helmet Society is one of the oldest on the University of California at Berkeley campus. Founded by Benjamin Ide Wheeler, it has been a tradition at Cal since 1901. Being an honor society for junior men, Winged Helmet endeavors to spirit and friendliness among Cal students. Panile Founded at the University in 1939 Panile is the sophomore women ' s society. Membership is and is based on outstanding to the University and on a 2.4 grade average. President Trixie Roost Vice-President Barbara Soehrens Service Chairman Diane Jelcick Recording Secretary Vicki Keller Corresponding Secretary Diane Sandoval Treasurer Mary Jo Durham Membership Chairman Linda Caruth Historian Peggy Exter Diane Sandoval Barbara Soehrens Betsy Bright Trish Doyle Emilie Codoner Kim Brubaker Linda Caruth Peggy Exter Jane Downer Mary Jo Durham Diane Jelcick Vicki Keller Karen Metzger Jean Lippett Melissa Michaels Trixie Roost Connie Perlman Cheryl Pugh Kathleen Ryan Janet Primm Pat Smith NSC FALL CABINET — Ed Takahashi, Dick Sasaki, Irene Yoshikawa, Mike Ekinaka, Michele Sanda, Steve Okamoto. Nisei Students ' Club The Nisei Students ' Club was formed in 1950 by Japanese students who had recently returned from the many relocation camps. They realized a glaring necessity for a social organization for the many Japanese students on campus. Thus the NSC was born. Today the NSC is open, not only to Nisei, but to any student duly enrolled in the " Big U. " Not only is it a social organization where students have the opportunity to meet one another, but it has expanded to become a service and cultural club. Each semester a scholarship is awarded to a deserving Freshman and lectures are presented on subjects which are of interest to the club members. Also at the annual ball, a " Nisei Coed Queen " is chosen to reign over all activities. The NSC will continue to be in the future a vital link in the social and cultural life of the student. NSC SPRING CABINET — Steve Okamoto, Darlene Yamamura, Paul Kageyama. TORCH AND SHIELD — Deanna Lynn, Nan Konig, Penny Wayte, Laurie Hand, Margaret Weatherhead, Lori Heatley, Sally Wade, Peggy Tarr. Lower Corner: Diane Krohn. Torch and Shield Torch and Shield is the Senior women ' s social organization. It was founded at U.C. in 1906 and its activities are traditionally kept secret. So. . . Masonic Club Founded in 1923, the Masonic Club is open to blood relatives of Masons, Rainbow Girls, De and Job ' s Daughters who are enrolled in the University. Located across the street from the Hearst Gymnasium, the club building is spacious and provides such features as study rooms, a dark room, and a large ballroom. The Masonic Club, a coeducational center, is provided and maintained by the Masons of California. It offers social activities such as dances, hayrides, and folksinging. Order of the Golden Bear UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES Albert M. Becker Eric C. Bellquist James E. Berdahl Robert H. Blake Ernest H. Burness James Cason, Jr. Milton Chernin Robert A. Cockrell Robert P. Commanday James H. Corley Richard H. Costello James H. Cullom Charles C. Cushing William H. Davis William J. Davis Malcolm M. Davisson William R. Dennes Clifford L. Dochterman William L. Ellsworth Richard E. Erickson W. W. Ferrier, Jr. Walter Frederick William B. Fretter Varden Fuller Warren H. Geidt Phillip F. Griffin Charles A. Gulick Jerry Berman Larry S. Beyersdorf Morris Bobrow Robert E. Bosso Burton Davies William J. Dickinson Dick Dwane James M. Elden James E. Ferguson John M. Hobbie Jeffrey Horner Michael K. Inglis Harlan L. Bagaus John Bebelaar Stephen R. Brandt Albert L. Bridgewater, Jr. Bert M. Carner Christopher G. Carpenter Noel A. Castleman Geoffrey Chandler Kun C. Choo Richard H. Cobden Philip M. Condit Joseph C. Conrad Woodrow Covington Jay Crane Thomas F. Dunlap John W. Erby, Jr. Richard J. Fallenbaum Edward Faridany Richard P. Hafner Brutus Hamilton James T. Harkness Lawrence A. Harper Jack Hart James D. Hart Rene Herrerias Joseph L. Hodges, Jr. Miles R. Hudson Richard K. Kelly Van Dusen Kennedy Thomas J. Kent, Jr. Clark Kerr Frank L. Kidner Elmo J. Koll Adrian A. Kragen John E. Landon G. James Lemmon Donald McLaughlin Gerald E. Marsh Woodrow Middlekauf Ralfe D. Miller William H. Monohan Norris Nash Peter Newell Harold C. Norton Peter H. Odegard GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert L. Knight Paul M. Little William C. Lockett Charles Lucas Paul L. McKasle Kenneth Meade Donald R. Newell Brian Payne William Petrocelli William R. Quigley John J. Quinn UNDERGRADUATES David Favro Edward A. Germain Paul Hoffmann Clyde Izant Albert Kramer Donald Lauer David J. Mandel Ronald K. Maxwell Gerald F. Miller Roger Morgan James F. Naify Kenneth K. Nakamura Noel Nellis Blaine R. Newnham Peter A. Olson Joseph E. Paff Bruce L. Payne William Porter George Pettitt Richard E. Powell Alva W. Ragan Armin Rappaport Warren Robinson William Shepard Alex C. Sherriffs William Somerville Robert G. Sproul Verne Stadtman Wendell Stanley Robert Steiner Larry Stewart Fred E. Stripp Edward W. Strong Jacobusten Broek Forrest Tregea Ian G. Turner Peter S. Van Houten William Wadman Michael K. White Arleigh Williams Jack Williamson Garff B. Wilson George Wolfman Frank Woodward Henry S. Yee J. Roger Samuelson Claude Schultz Jerome Siebert Sanford Skaggs Jeffrey Snow Tom Trutner Brian Van Camp Gordon Van Kessel Dave Williams Cameron Wolfe David Yamakawa P. Anthony Price David B. Reister Cedric Robinson Gary Rogers Timothy G. Scofield Tom Shelton Elliot V. Smith Paul F. Smith Larry W. Sonsini Neil A. Sorensen Peter E. Steiner Richard C. Stone William L. Storey Glen Takagi Dennis R. Tavernetti James E. Thrash Terrence Timmins Harvey R. Williams Chairman of Military Science Milton H. Price Lt. Colonel, Artillery ROTC Military training at the University is offered in three departments: Air Science, Military Science and Naval Science. It is as old as the University itself, having been specified in the provisions of the Morrill Act of 1862 under which the University was chartered. Formerly two years of military training were required of all male undergraduates. However, increased pressure from many sides and a re-evaluation of the ROTC program by the Department of led to the Regents ' decision of May 1962, to re-establish training on a voluntary basis. This provides a better program by training only persons who show an interest in the program and allows junior college transfers, a large percentage of upper division males, to participate in the program. Students in the Army and Air Force programs attend a summer camp between their and junior years, at which they receive the training that was previously given to them in lower division. The Navy ' s program has always been highly competitive and selective and run on a voluntary basis. Although the number enrolled in ROTC has drastically dropped, the change is for the better because it allows the departments to concentrate their training on those people who are interested and will make the best contribution to the services. FALLPUT SHELTER Our Only Shelter is PEACE! Chairman of Naval Science James D. Reilly Captain, USN Chairman of Air Science William J. Davitt Colonel, USAF The Army Drill Team Golden Guard GOLDEN GUARD — Row One: Gary Rogers, Ed Laufenberg, Rich Myer, Clyde Izant, Ronald Stefani, Marshall Perry, Bill Marr, Rich Conway, Nick Byong, Ned Wood, Jack Arnold, Hal Gregerson, Parkes Harris, Jerome Sapiro, Steve Ulsh, Pavle Sjeklocha, Steve Ricketts, Kurt Buckley, Major Elliott. Row Two: Eric Cowing, Pete Applegate, Tom Palmer, Steve Cox, Bill Morris, Frank Ferris, John Eddy, Jim Naman, Art Rubin, Eric Carlson, Jere Melo, Ed Stabb, Deni Aramayo, Doug Champlin, Jafilam dela Cruz, Ross Hempstead, Anthony Hamm. Row Three: Richard Wank, Perry Nissler, Byron Buck, Fred Branstetler, Edward Simon, Austin Miller, Michael Hemovich, Harry Schroeter, Pete Zimmerman, Jim Fetterman, Ted Papenfuss, Robert Durham, John Hwang, Milton Boyd, Dennis Tavernetti. Row Four: Robert Pomeroy, Myron Sugarman, Clark Burnham, Al Nawata, David Smith, Mark Robinson, James Baird, Steve Voss, Jay Crane, Jim Nixon, Mark Gentry, Randal Cruikshanks, William McCarty, Woodrow Covington, Ridgway Whittemore. Row Five: Dick Iglehart, Martin Harband, Paul Accampo, Ronald Gherlone, J. Loving, Hugh Gweenie, Byron Smith, David Dunlap, Michael Hahn, Ross Hambly, Leigh Gaba, Douglas Hall, Milton Redford, Richard Stenton Row Six: Harold Yeaman, Clint Day, Robert Redfield, David Steinel, Barry Siders, Alan Lindman, Tom Holland, Lou Cosso, Reg Watt, Don Dean, Hobart Dewey, Ronn Kaiser, Dennis Schmitz, Robert Fitz, George Robertson. Row Seven: Andrew Kritscher, Gerald Haight, Charles Bricker, Charles Kavanagh, Joseph Conrad, James Perkins, William Avecorn, Tom Hobday, Robert Mathiesen, Brian Leonard, Tom Sargent, Michael Pritchard, Allan Eubank, George Rathman. Row Eight: James Cobb, M. K. Fox, Howard Sanger, C. A. Palm, Peter Michael, Thomas Geoffrey Anderson, Rostyslav Balah, Michael Hendinger, John Banks. Row Nine: Ron Cecchettini, Thurman Doman, Lawrence Taggart, Donald Helmich, Lauren Bock, Phillip Adler, Thomas Hanley, Jerry Williams, Eric Sinicer, Darryl Thomas, John Deus, Russ Wisler. Row Ten: Bruce Easley, Arthur Dolan, Lawrence McCune, Stuart White, Jon Schroeder, Walter Bank, John Hodge, Leonard Felix, Greg Tolson, David McCrary, Stephen Rush, Thomas Herget, Stephen Lyon, Jerry Duncan. Miss Caroline Woolworth Military Ball Queen Patti Kaufman Diane Rees Joanne Corday Jan Culver Miss Caroline Woolworth of Delta Delta Delta was selected queen of the Military Ball by the Golden Guard. Caroline is a local girl, from El Cerrito, and lists her favorite hobbies as skiing and taking walks. Majoring in Political Science, she plans to go into foreign service. Caroline was also a Pelican and model this semester. She says her favorite expression is " Are you kidding me? " BATTALION STAFF — Row One: Jerry Connell, Commanding Officer. Row Two: William Thompson, Executive Officer; Don Miller, Operations; Robert Mayne, Supplies; William Silveria, Adjutant; Frank Bodie, Mustering Chief Petty Officer. Quarterdeck Society The Quarterdeck Society is a voluntary club within the Naval ROTC. It not only offers a social program, but also enables students and officers to get acquainted in an less formal than that which exists in the Quarterdeck sponsors a wide range of activities which include monthly meetings, informal dances, and a date cruise. The highlight of the social is the annual Ring Dance which is sponsored by the society in honor of the junior class. A Company B Company The Naval R.O.T.C. is made up of two types of students: contract and regular students. for enrollment in the contract program are selected locally by the Chairman of the of Naval Science from voluntary applicants at the beginning of the fall semester within a quota established by the Navy Department. N.R.O.T.C. students are selected by the Navy Department on the basis of a nationwide examination. Successful candidates have their tuition, books, and certain other fees paid for by the Navy. Regular students take the same naval science courses as the contract students except that they must complete three summer whereas contract students complete only one summer cruise. Upon successful completion of twenty-four units of naval science courses and earning a bachelor ' s degree from the University, regular students are commissioned Ensign, U.S.N., or Second Lieutenant, U.S.M.C., and students are commissioned Ensign, U.S.N.R., or Second Lieutenant, U.S.M.C.R. Students an upper division Supply Officers ' course are commissioned as Ensign, Supply Corps, upon graduation. Qualified engineering students may apply for commissions in the Navy Civil Corps. After graduation, contract students are required to serve three years on active duty and regular students to serve four years on active duty. C Company C Company, Third Platoon Close order drill is a basic part of every cadet ' s training. Arnold Air Society Arnold Air Society is an honorary organization for Air Science cadets, and is open to all cadets enrolled in division AFROTC. The society is a nation-wide organization with affiliated chapters at many colleges and universities. The chapter here at Berkeley is officially known as the Colonel George H. Steel Squadron. It was first organized in 1952, shortly after the Department of Air Science was established on this campus. The society is instrumental in aiding AFROTC cadets to become better with Air Force customs and traditions. Together with the invaluable assistance of the Angel Flight, the society organizes informal discussion sessions as well as ca rrying out a full social program. It is hoped that with this experience, cadets will participate more fully in the customs and ceremonies of the United States Air Force as commissioned ARNOLD AIR SOCIETY — Row One: Lothar Vollar, Joseph Hastings, William McCain, Harold Reynolds, Ray Amsinger, Kent Meyer, Vincent Morris, Gary Thomsen, Ronald Smith, David Bruce, Rich Power, George Clifford, Roger Rogers, Bill Hetzel. Row Two: Robert Smith, James Marrett, Zell Cantrell, Douglas Patterson, Paul Kough, Richard Leifer, Gary Berman, Bill Wright, Bill Cooper, Joseph Clark, Rowland Stanley, Joseph Falkinham, Robert Reed, Richard Cutler, Klaus Krause, Warren Jue, Steve Davee, Oren Fletcher, Jim Ballentine, Ken Shiroishi. Row Three: Joseph Ortiz, Tobey Cornsweet, Willie Thurlow, Gary Cummins, Richard Rose, Willy Wafford, Brian Peach, Bill Withun, Dennis Johnson, Bill Long, Albert Lumas, Richard Holmes, Neil Stephen Johnson, Chuck Martin, Chuck Minning, Glen Miller, Jim Cox, Noel Castleman. Not Pictured: Gerry Nash, Dave Mattei, Stanley Rhodes, Charles Aparice, Brian Wiersema, Charles Bumside, Edgar Bailey, Morris Barr, Thomas Bruno, Ronald Sellers, Clinton Jurgens, John Stark, Fred Staeder, John Cotcher, Richard Davis, William Farthing, Dave O ' Brien, Niilo Lund, Ron Grand, Bill Waid, Don Dye, Jim Frye, John Sullivan, Jay Kahn, Nick Van Valkenburgh. Angel Flight Angel Flight is an organization of university women who serve as the official hostesses for the University ' s Air Force detachment. The group is sponsored by the Arnold Air Society and works closely with it. This year ' s calendar of events included hostessing at upper and lower division AFROTC events, having social parties and dances with Arnold Air Society, taking field trips to nearby Air Force bases, and working on a project. In the past the group has also greeted the Air Force Academy football team and marched in the Chancellor ' s Review. Members are chosen once each Spring at which time a girl can submit an if she is a high freshman, sophomore, or junior and has at least an academic grade of C. She is then interviewed by a member of Angel Flight and Arnold Air Society, and by an Air Science instructor. In this way, approximately 20 new " Angels " are chosen each year. ANGEL FLIGHT — Row One: Ann Conner, Lynda Stone, Janice Blakiston, Carol Davis, Patricia Smith, Stephanie Genter. Row Two: Ann Benninghoven, Bobbie Stiles, Kathy Quinn, Linda Meredy McDaniel, Jean Etcheverry, Marilyn Morris. Row Three: Nan Chalberg, Judy Blower, Sue Herney, Captain Stanley Grogan, Advisor; Nancy Randall, Kaydi la Guardia, Susan Scheble. AFROTC CADET GROUP STAFF — Ken Shiroishi, Steve Davee, Noel Castleman, Joseph Clark, Brian Peach, William Withun, Dennis Johnson, Gary Cummins, Lothar Vollar, Jim Ballentine. 1910’s BENJAMIN IDE WHEELER President 1899-1919 Benjamin Ide Wheeler was educated at Brown University and the Universities of Leipzig, Jena, Berlin and Heidelberg. He was of Greek language and literature at Cornell before coming to California. DURANT HALL, built in 1912, honors one of the Founders of the University, Rev. Henry Durant. Now that the school of Law no longer occupies the building, it is the center for Oriential Studies. CAMPANILE or SATHER TOWER is the University’s best known landmark. It is modeled St. Mark ' s Campanile of Venice and was the gift of Mrs. Jane K. Sather in 1914 memory of her husband, Peder Sather. Its 12 bells, cast in England, sailed safely the submarine infested waters to in Berkeley in 1917, on October 12, 1917. WHEELER HALL was built in 1918 and named for the acting President. Seniors will always remember their days in the old Freshman Chem Lab. Old Chem Building The acts passed by the State regarding the formation of the University of California provided for the advanced of chemistry as a specific function of the University. For this purpose the of Chemistry was established in The College of Letters and Science also offers a major in chemistry which combines a moderate specialization in the field with a more extensive program in the humanities and social sciences. Past problems of insufficient equipment and floor space were alleviated by the completion last year of the first unit of the planned new construction of the of Chemistry. The new structure, named for the late Wendell M. Latimer, dean of the College of Chemistry from 1941-1947, houses administrative offices, laboratories for freshman chemistry and organic chemistry, as well as the Library. The plans include two more units, one to be a partially underground structure additional shops and laboratories. The third unit will be the Physical Lecture Hall which will have a large amphitheater and equipment for close circuit television. The already existing Lewis Hall, Gilman Hall and the Low Temperature Laboratory will be retained and the new building will be situated so as to create a well organized " campus " for the College of Chemistry. Latimer Hall is helping to solve a shortage of floor space in the existing Old Chem Building. Robert E. Connick Dean College of Chemistry The curriculum is basic chemistry, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science, is designed to give a broad foundation upon which to buid a professional career in chemistry, either in research or in the application of chemistry to technological problems. The is prepared directly for industrial employment in laboratory synthesis, quality control, research on physical and chemical of material and product development. The four year in chemical engineering includes extensive study of the theory of the operations of chemical engineering and the fundamentals of chemical processes. A five-year program is provided for students who wish to include further electives in the humanities or social sciences in addition to more advanced work in chemistry. The court between Lewis and Latimer Halls Drip, drip, drip . . . A.I.Ch.E. — Row One: A. M. Parekh, Lawrence Carlson, Seymour Cherney, John Dietzman. Row Two: Keith Kersch, Richard Allen, Chuck Weinberger, President; Gary Davis, Brant Miller. The American Institute of Chemical Engineers is the engineering society for the chemical engineering students. Similar to the other engineering societies, its purposes are to stimulate a faculty-student and to present a program of speakers and field trips that relate to the chemical engineering profession. Student affiliates of the American Society began the year with speakers such as Dr. Koch, speaking on Dr. Powell, on chemistry with household equipment for a TV class for Berkeley Junior Highs. After a small with ASUC over who should get the profits from the coke machine in Old Chem Building, the treasury started The club is working again to send representatives to the annual held this year at UOP in May. S.A.A.C.S. — Row One: Jane Shaw, Barbara Beck, Betsy Rogers, Christine Feay, Linsen Hsia, Bill Miller. Row Two: Cliff Luengo, Steven Gutman, Bill Stetson, Joe Edwards, Doug Williams, Mal Johnson, David Johnson. Row Three: Sheldon Schaffer, Joel Rosenthal, Dan Manka, Steve Pulver, Preston Ritter, Mike Cummings, Dr. Philip T. S. Lau, Alfred Lee. Row Four: John Rapp, F. R. Jensen, C. W. Koch, Richard Clodfelter, Cline Tincher, Louis Scenbo, Vic Wroobel, Gilbert Kong, Y. Tana. Not Pictured: Art Loya. ALLEN, RICHARD Long Beach Chemical Engineering Smyth Hall BECK, BARBARA Berkeley Chemistry SAACS Tower and Flame Blue and Gold Honor Students Phi Beta Kappa CHERNEY, SEYMOUR Chemical Engineering San Francisco AIChE Bowles Hall CHIN, BOIHON Guam Chemistry SAACS Chinese Students Assoc. CHONG, RONALD Sacramento Chemical Engineering Euclid Hall COOPER, HAL Pasadena Chemical Engineering AIChE CRANE, JAY Los Angeles Chemistry Rally Comm. MEB, Order of the Golden Bear Californians CULLEN, DAVIS Gilroy Chemistry DAM, HONG Vietnam Chemical Engineering College of Chemistry Seniors DAVIS, GARY Auburn Chemical Engineering Varsity, frosh crew AIChE Varsity Rowing Club SAACS Tower and Flame Bowles Hall DEHN, ROBERT Albany Chemistry SAACS Tower and Flame Alpha Chi Sigma DENICKE, MARTIN Ross Chemical Engineering Zeta Psi ELLISON, DAVID Los Angeles Chemistry Frosh Track, SAACS ASUC Bowling Tower and Flame Honor Society FOSSELIUS, GEORGE Albany Chemistry Drum Major, Cal Band Arnold Air Society Tower and Flame Honor Society Alpha Chi Sigma FOX, CARY La Jolla Chemical Eingineering Cloyne Court FREELAND, RICHARD Bakersfield Civil Engineering ASCE Sigma Alpha Epsilon GREENFIELD, STANLEY Omaha, Nebr. Chemistry HILE, LLOYD San Bernardino Chemical Engineering Tau Beta Pi, AIChE Honor Students Society Chem. Co. Scholarship Award Deutsch Hall HSIA, LINSEN San Francisco Chemistry SAACS Tower and Flame Honor Society Iota Sigma Pi Sherman Hall HSU, IRENE Berkeley Chemistry IVANETICH, RICHARD San Francisco Chemistry SAACS, Tower and Flame Alpha Chi Epsilon JOHNSON, DON W. Pleasant Hill Chemistry M.E.B. Putnam Hall KREUTZEN, RICHARD Richmond Chemical Engineering Rugby Phi Sigma KWOK, HON-KONG San Francisco Chemical Engineering LEE, ALFRED San Francisco Chemistry LOGSDON, JOAN Sacramento Chemistry Davidson Hall MALIN, JOHN M. Merced Chemistry SAACS Smyth Hall MILLER, WILLIAM Oakland Chemistry PAN, FRANK YU-FANG Taiwan, China Chemical Engineering AIChE Tau Beta Pi Cloyne Court PETERSON, FREDERICK M. Glendale Chemical Engineering Rugby Varsity Football Skull and Keys Triune Quarterdeck Soc. AIChE Tower and Flame Psi Upsilon SELBY, FRED Torrance Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma An early morning walk familiar to many Chem students. SMILLIE, W. BAXTER Berkeley Chemistry SAACS Vice President U.C. Honor Soc. SONODA, THOMAS Elk Grove Chemical Engineering Euclid Hall SPRING, ANITA Berkeley Chemistry VI NSON, JOE San Rafael Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma VOLT, ROBERT Chemistry SAACS Bowles Hall WANG, WIN C. Be rkeley Chemistry Honor Society Pi Alpha Phi WEBER, BRIAN Fullerton Chemical Engineering AIChE WEINBERGER, CHARLES Fresno Chemical Engineering AIChE Tau Beta Pi Acacia WONG, GILBERT Modesto Chemistry CSA YUNG, HEI K. Placerville Chemical Engineering AIChE 1920 ' s David Barrows served as director in the Philippines before joining the University faculty and assuming the Presidency. William Wallace Campbell left his post of director of Lick Observatory, which he held from 1901-1923, to succeed President DAVID P. BARROWS President 1919-1923 WILLIAM WALLACE CAMPBELL President 1923-1930 Stutz Bearcat " plus fours " STEPHENS MEMORIAL HALL dates from 1921 and is a memorial to Henry Morse Stephens, a Professor of History at the University for 20 years! The Building served as the student center until 1961 when the New Union was completed. Going to China, the hard way! Forestry is the art and science of the millions of acres of forest lands which provide wood, water, wildlife, and recreation for the continuous production of goods and services for mankind. In 1914 the University ' s School of was begun; it is the only institution in the state offering programs leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Master of Forestry, Master of Science, and Doctor of Philosophy. In the nation there are only 26 such professionally accredited forestry schools. Before the school came into existence, the Forestry Club began in January, 1912, made up of men with similar ideas and interests in forestry. The California was published by the club beginning in 1917. After World War I the magazine Axe Chips was published; a yearbook, Timber, makes notes of the year ' s events and honors graduating Seniors. The School of Forestry donated a forty foot tree to the University for the Yuletide season. School of Forestry Henry J. Vaux Dean One of the leading schools of its kind in the nation and the only accredited one in California, Cal ' s School of Forestry makes its home in Mulford Hall on the northeast corner of campus. Mulford Hall was designed and built for the School of Forestry and features walls paneled with woods from all over the world. The programs of the School of Forestry provide education that qualifies men to manage forests and related wildlands to produce up to their full capacity of wood, water, forage, wildlife, recreational benefits and other goods and services desired by man. They also provide for the study of such closely related fields as range management, forest entomology, forest pathology, and wood technology. After two years of students are eligible to enter this school. A second prerequisite is the ten-week summer camp held at Meadow Vally in Plumas National Forest. In addition to providing academic background essential to professional forestry courses, the camp gives the student a broad picture of forestry practices and activities and often enables him to find out if his choice of forestry as a is a wise one. The last two undergraduate years must be spent at Berkeley in the forestry curriculum, which provides the basic core of subject matter needed to insure thorough grounding in the principles of forestry and are culminated by the award of a degree of Bachelor of Science. Forestry Club Over ninty-five percent of the forestry majors at Cal belong to the Forestry Club. Despite its size the group is drawn close together because of interests. Meetings are held monthly at which outside speakers discuss various aspects of Typical subjects are forestry in Alaska, range management in other parts of the world, and the differences between foresters and the Sierra Club. Last fall a beer bust was held and the social calendar was highlighted by the Gypo Ball. The Big Tree trip was an expeditio n to obtain the Christmas tree which was donated to the ASUC and placed beside the Student Union. The club also sponsored a Little Trees trip to Hobart Mills where many small trees were cut for sale to living groups and donation to Uni versity The spring semester was the time of the clam bake at Bodega Bay and later on a picnic. The year ended with the Forestry Club ' s exhibit at the Conclave of Western Foresters held at Humboldt State College. FORESTRY CLUB — Row One: Jim Beck, Pete Smouse, Andy Benson, Phil Branch, Lloyd Caudle, Ed Chatfield, Mike McChesney, Dennis Tavares, Dennis Lund, Kit Perlee, Cliff Grimmell, Row Two: Lee Oelke, John Hodge, Carl Graves, Tim Lee, Dick Goings, Birdie Weissbrod, Len Theiss, Phil White, Dale Carnegie, Don Lauer. Row Three: Gordon Beach, Rick Rust, Ray Chaffee, Bill Draeger, Jon Colombano, Don Brown, Charles Spinetta, Roy Mannion, Gerry Conley, Steve Holland. Row Four: John Ryan, Allan Batchelder, Ken Fowler, Bob Kinzy, Bill McArthur, Dennis Tompkins, Ben Alona, Leif Hatlen, Bob Burf, Rai Clary. Row Five: Ernie DeGraff, Jim Fleming, Jim Zander, Bob Keefe, Leonard Felix, Elliot Graham, Mike Sudborough, Bob Lee, Ben Bascom. Row Six: Ken Dunn, Bill Berry, Jerry Ranger, John Dalton, Ray Gosden, Charles Wolfe, Jim Grey, Ron Cecchetini. Row Seven: Roger Rogers, Jack Crumm, Steve Cafferata, Norm Johnson, Charles Shoemaker, Row Eight: Dr. John Zivnuska, Dr. Edward Stone, Dr. Paul Casamajor, Dr. Detrich Muelder, Fred Batchelor, Steve Birge, Steve Kling. School of Forestry Seniors BEACH, GORDON Berkeley Forestry Forestry Club BECK, JAMES Carmel Forestry Forestry Club Golden Guard Acacia BROWN, DONALD Berkeley Forestry Forestry Club Soph Basketball Mgr. Xi Sigma Pi CHAFFEE, RAY Berkeley Forestry Forestry Club Xi Sigma Pi CUMMINGS, GARY Berkeley Forestry Sigma Phi FOWLER, KENNETH Berkeley Forestry Frosh Track Forestry C lub Bowles Hall HATLEN, LEIF San Francisco Forestry Forestry Club LAUER, DON Berkeley Forestry Varsity Basketball Big " C " Golden Bear Forestry Club Beta Theta Pi LUND, DENNIS Lynwood Forestry Forestry Club Bowles Hall ROSE, RICH Walnut Creek Forestry Del Rey SKENFIELD, MICHAEL Wildomar Forestry Forestry Club AWFC Xi Sigma Pi SUTER, ROBERT Oakland Forestry Basketball, Rugby Sigma Chi WEISS, PHILIP Modesto Forestry Forestry Club " Where ' s that good ole mountain brew? " They play by mountain rules . . . 1930 ' s Dr. Sproul has held a series of University Administrative posts in addition to the longest term of any president to date. ROBERT GORDON SPROUL President 1930-1958 HARMON GYMNASIUM FOR MEN was built in 1933 and named for A. K. P. Harmon who contributed to the first gymnasium on campus. It seats 7000 for basketball, has two pools and special gymnasia for other sports. It has also been used for dances, meetings and concerts. Packard CALIFORNIA MEMORIAL STADIUM was in time for the 1923 " Big Game " with Stanford, a rivalry that dates from 1892. It ' s part of the sport. A winner! Price (40) gets dropped by Duke tackler after short gain., Little recognition was given to California sports until the year 1895 when the Bear track team cycloned through the East, leaving a string of victories in its wake. Since then, California ' s impact on athletics has been felt nationally and internationally, and one of its biggest traditions has become its athletic teams. To nostalgic alums the memory of 1898-99 stands out, when the intense Cal-Stanford rivalry produced its first lasting trophy, the Phelan Football Statue which now stands next to the Life Sciences Building. Football then was more brawn and less tactics than today, and produced such nicknames as " Locomotive " Smith and " Kangaroo " Kaarsberg. But though games were well attended, baseball remained the most important sport at the turn of the century, as Cal teams turned back Stanford for six consecutive years. Athletics was not confined to the superior sex, either, as many an old Blue will note with a twinkle in his eye. Bloomer-garbed coeds had no qualms about hurdling down a cinder track or straining at an oarlock, to the probable amusement of many an inhibited male. In the prosperous years of the ' 20 ' s football surged ahead as a major sport, due mainly to the efforts of Andy Smith and his Wonder Teams. Future of Californians will not soon forget Andy ' s contributions nor his fatherly that it is better to fight to live and to win than to die for the University. Stadium, built in 1922, stands not only as a tribute to heroic Californians who made the supreme sacrifice in the Great War, but also as a remembrance to the man who brought gridiron to thousands. A great athletic awaits future Californians. For them, however, no memory will have more meaning than that which they themselves will carry away through the arms of Gate. To win or to lose will not as much as to have participated. Steve Zahm performs at basketball halftime. Don Lauer lets loose. Athletic Administration Under the supervision of its director, Pete the Department of Athletics engages in the many " behind the scene " activities that insure the smooth functioning of California sports. Scheduling games and meets, purchasing arranging travel for the teams, selling and dispensing public information are but some of the administrative details that must be met. In addition, the department has the responsibility of attracting top athletes to the University, and of aiding and guiding them to future successes. Jim Cullom is the Assistant Director of Athletics He is best remembered as an outstanding on Pappy Waldorf ' s Rose Bowl teams. Wiles Hallock, Pat Gordon, and Bob Steiner comprise the Sports Information Office. They insure that sufficient news of the various athletic events is given to the public. Pete Newell, Director of Athletics, supervises the department ' s many activities. As a former basketball coach here at Cal, he acquired a reputation as one of the greatest of all time. Harry Davis, Business Manager, has charge of departmental purchasing, travel arrangements, and game management. He is culminating 35 years of service to University athletics. Outstanding in Sports Dick Smith Basketball Captain Dick Smith led his teammates through a rugged basketball season with his deadeye shooting and The leading scorer of the team, he averaged 17 points per game, and because of his accuracy from the outside, was a constant threat to opponents. " Dead-eye " Dick, as he is known to friends, hails from Gilroy and majored in Business Administration. Ron Vaughn Football Ron Vaughan, number 88 on Cal ' s Varsity football team, distinguished himself by being eleventh in pass in California football. Ron, an architecture major, kept himself busy as a Pi Kappa Alpha, a football and rugby player, and a houseboy at Kappa Alpha Theta. What does Ron see for the future: " To live a good life! " Best remembered for bloc king the punt that led to the 1961 win over Washington, John Erby has been a consistently fine performer for Marv Levy ' s troops. Popular off the field as well as on, " Big John " is a of the Order of the Golden Bear and Big C Society, and has served as president of his fraternity. of a keen interest in people, he has majored in criminology and hopes to become a parole officer or an investigator for the FBI. John Erby Football Kun Choo Soccer California ' s first All-American interestingly enough, comes from the Republic of Korea. Political Science major Kun Choo was twice selected to West Coast all-conference teams, and is a member of Big C Society. Sports, public meetings, and travel are favorites of his and will be helpful in launching him into his intended careers of and politics in his country. Jim McManus Tennis Jim McManus is the number one man on the California tennis team and one of the nation ' s best players. Art major Jim and his partner Bill Hoogs are currently rated as the best doubles team in the nation, and are the hopes of the United States in the coming championship matches at Wimbledon. To see the world is one of Jim ' s ambitions, a desire which he has already partially satisfied while touring the national tennis circuit. Competitors 1962-63 Larry Balliett Football Pass defense specialist Larry Balliett was called upon on several occasions to lead the Bear ' s passing attack, and ironically became the fifth passer in California football. His outstanding performance was when he was selected to play in both the East-West Shrine Game and the Hula Bowl. Roger Stull Football A guard on last year ' s football team, Roger Stull played center this season, as well as performing punting duties. In three years of varsity play he started in 29 games, winning the Andy Smith Trophy for most time played and the Roos Atkins Trophy for punting. Roger is a speech major and a proud and dedicated family man. Dave Loskutoff Gymnastics Trampoline specialist Dave Loskutoff this season ' s gymnastics team. A Physical Education major, he hopes to teach and eventually to coach athletics, both careers for which he has adequately prepared. Marriage has brought changes in his life as evidenced by his preferences for lazing in the sun and playing cards. Randy Gold Football Although injuries during his junior and senior years prevented him from developing his fullest potentials, Randy Gold nonetheless became the third all-time passer for California. Despite his injuries, he continued to attend football practices in order to assist Marv Levy in developing the eager sophomores. Don Lauer Basketball Basketball forward Don Lauer saw two seasons of competition with the varsity squad. At he was one of the smaller members of the team, but made up for it by demonstrating skill and aggressiveness on the court, and by being one of the leading scorers. Personable Don hopes to a forester, a profession for which he has disciplined himself here at the University. Bill Turner Football Three years of varsity play have earned Bill Turner third place on California ' s list of pass receivers. His performance this season ranked him second in the AAWU and eighth nationally in number of receptions. Bill, who majored in Physical hopes to obtain an advanced degree in entomology and eventually return to the University in order to teach or to do research. Big C Society OFFICERS Jim McManus President Randy Gold Vice-President Matt Baggett Secretary BIG C SOCIETY — Row One: Bob Brady, Rick Sylvester, Jide Ogunlana, Bill McAdam, Sam Dolman, Rick Jordan Dick Abramson, Jerry Walter, Ron Calegari, Mike Gridley, Dennis Abreu, Crodd Chin, Joe Slusky, Lothaire Voegele, Andy Shields, Phil Goode, Allen Chen, Jim McManus. Row Two: Steve Tien-Pei Chen, Ron Mazik, Enrique Suarez DecSolar, Edgie Scott, John Owens, Rowland Stanley, Barry Baskin, Jim Phillips, Jim Pedgrift, Kun Choo, Ron Vaughn, Paul Nebel, Tom Fashinell, Dick Golden, Bill Lascurettes. Row Three: Kent Fleming, Bill Barreda, Jim Whitmore, Bill Sprague, Dick Harding, Chuck Rowing, Frank Millman, Jim Pinson, Roger Olson, Dennis Treadway, Melvin Piestrup, Craig Morton, Mike Epstien, Don Lauer, Jim Smith, Manuel Penaflor. Row Four: Bill Krum, Don Wiesner, Martin Ziebarth, Dan Lufkin, Gary Ingebretson, Dan Barney, Tom Weisenburger, Max Levine, Dave Favro, Larry Lowell, Dave Dowling, Bill Turner, Bill Morning, Rich Myer, Bill Barbee, Pete Applegate, Bob Synder. UNIVERSITY ASSOCIATES AND HONORARY MEMBERS BASEBALL Richard Alton Daniel Barney William Bowley Douglas Burnett Lawrence Colton Michael Donovan David Dowling Charles Hewitt Gary Ingebretson Robert Ingebretson Michael Jauregui Gerald King Daniel Lufkin Charles McFerrin Alan Mindell David Myers John Rebelo Stanley Roden Robert Traun BASKETBALL Bruce Ballmer Christopher Carpenter Joseph Davies Arthur Dolan Donald Lauer Dennis Lewis Albert Becker Bob Blake James Corley Harry Davis Bob DiGrazia Thomas Dutton Richard Erickson Harold Frey William McClintock Eddy Rucker James Smith Richard Smith John Weld Robert Wueste BOXING Lawrence Costa William McAdam Dennis Natali Clifford Surko Dennis Treadway David Weiner CREW Roger Adams Stephen Brandt Richard Costello Thomas Dunlap Edward Faridany Joe Newman Stephen Johnson Thomas Rogers August Schilling Timothy Scofield William Stein Donald Wiesner FOOTBALL Dennis Abreu James Anderson Brutus Hamilton James Harkness Jack Hart Rene Herrerias Miles Hudson Robert Johnson Charles Keeney Clark Kerr Matthew Baggett Larry Balliett John B ebelaar James Blakeney Thomas Blanchfield Lauren Bock Tommie Brown Thomas Burke Ronald Calegari Rudolph Carvajal Robert Currie Richard Curtis Samuel Dolman Michael Epstein John Erby Randall Gold Michael Gridley Harold Hawley William Krum Laurence Lowell Thomas Lutes Donal Macadam Jon Mason Ronald Mazik Norman McLean Thomas Meshack L. Craig Morton Alan Nelson Peter Olson John Papini Stanley Parkinson Larry Parque Jose Manuel Penaflor James Phillips Melvin Piestrup James Pinson Jess Pittore Tyron Price Mike Koll Adrian Kragen James Landon James Lemmon Marv Levy Ralph Miller William Monohan Chet Murphy Clark Ransome Robert Rohwer Kenji Sasaki Jerrold Scattini Sam Stassi Roger Stull John Trumbo William Turner David Urrea Ronald Vaughn Gerald Walter Richard Weil GYMNASTICS William Borden Robert Brady Crodd Chin Paul Davis James Fairchild Thomas Fashinell Jahan Fouladi Richard Golden Jeffrey Grant Ronald Herman David Loskutoff Michael Nelson James Pedrift Richard Schmidt Joseph Slusky Ross Sutherland Stephen Zahm SOCCER William Barreda Edgar Nemir Peter Newell Bill Phillips Alva Ragan Stan Shawl Robert Sproul Peter Van Houten William Behnke Marcel Boyreau Tien-Pei Chen Kun Choo Eric Holtsmark William Moring Paul Nebel Moses Ogunlana Victor Pinzon Alexander Selvin Enrique Suarez Del Solar Lothaire Voegele Peter Weber Thomas Weisenburger James Whitmore SWIMMING Peter Applegate Rae Archibald Armin Arndt Jim Baird Thomas Beckinridge Bruce Boyer Phillip Goode Phillip Knight David Loskutoff John Montgomery John Owens Rowland Stanley Burton Voorhess TENNIS Richard Abramson William Hoogs Mike White Arleigh Williams Jack Williamson George Wolfman Henry Yee Thomas Jordan James McManus P. Anthony Price Edgerton Scott TRACK William Barbee Barry Baskin Woodrow Covington Todd Gaskill Richard Harding John Hatton Dave Maggard Richard Myer Roger Olson Andrew Shileds William Sprague Denis Vollom Gordon Whitehead WRESTLING Kokichi Abe Thompson Burnett Allen Chen William Lascurettes Max Levine Franklin Millman David Parkard Robert Snyder Frederick Sylester Donald Tayloe The Cuban crisis. Megaphone Society Varsity Yell Leaders, and men aspiring to their positions, or interested in spirit and yell leading activities in general, compose the membership of the MEGAPHONE SOCIETY. Among the duties of this active group, are leading the class rooting at rallies, and the informal cheering of visiting student groups and organizations. The society, which has weekly meetings, is open to all interested male students. Recruitment of new members at the beginning of each semester. MEGAPHONE SOCIETY — Hanging: Bill Ellsworth. Row One: Frank Zvonek, Keith Sours, Randy Gaines, Terry DeMaria, Lanny Hernandez, President; Dan Devoto, Lynn Sims, John Hoehn. Row Two: Rip Bliss, Rich Strangio, Phil Litts, Al Bierce, Jim McGrew. Oski Committee The OSKI COMMITTEE is composed of ten men who see to it that OSKI, our real live bear, is properly cared for. Oski ' s name was originated in the " Oski yell which was first presented the Saint Mary ' s - Cal football game back in 1910. The University had a live bear cub for a mascot, in 1890, but he had neither the appeal nor the of today ' s Oski. During University events, rallies, athletic competitions, and various other student gatherings, Oski comes down from his secret lair in Canyon to help promote spirit and enthusiasm. However, he can usually be found harassing the Pom Pom girls and other University coeds. Throughout the year Oski is on the watch for the wearing of red. " Take off that red skirt, " is the familiar cry heard by all. During the Christmas season, Oski represents the University spirit by visiting local hospitals to help cheer up the children at such a festive time. This year marks Oski ' s twenty-first birthday. So for such spirit and enthusiasm, the Blue Gold wishes Oski a " Happy Birthday. " Oski is now a full fledged adult California Bear. Grrrrrr. OSKI COMMITTEE — Phil Swigard, Ted Mitchell, Clark Chairman; Brian Cunningham, Ed Azlant, Bert Corner, Bob Friend. RALLY and GAMES COUNCIL — Row One: Pinki Wong, Pam Kimball, Roger Morgan, Helle Stueland, Jackie Mills. Row Two: Jay Crane, Jerry Anderson, Lanny Hernandez, Clark Burnham, Phil Swigard, Sally Wade, Marty Harband. Row Three: Neil Sorensen, Bill Ellsworth, Mike Brooks, Bob Haas, Jim McNamara, Dean Van Houten. Rally and Games Council The GAMES AND RALLY COUNCIL is composed of the chairmen of all the spirit groups on campus. The purpose of the council is to plan noon rallies, team send-offs, pre-game and half-time activ- ities, and other activities for all major ath- letic events. Coordination of spirit activ- ities, current problems, and future im- provement, are topics discussed by the council. " Where the hell is Oski? " Card Stunts Committee As in the past, the CARD STUNTS COMMITTEE has tried to provide colorful and interesting card stunt at half time for all home games and the Big Game. Committee members trudge up to the stadium early Saturday mornings to tack up the instruction sheets and to see that everything is in readiness for the afternoon game. This year the main objective of the committee was to stop the and wasteful habit of card throwing. This goal was achieved by making it fun for the students to execute the card stunts. Blue and Gold balloons were used as the final stunt. The balloon stunt will probably become a tradition in the half-time card stunts. Cal has maintained its leadership in the field of card stunts and is constantly striving for new and original ideas. CARD STUNTS COMMITTEE—Row One: Pam Kimball, Chairman; Sally Hall, Betsy Bidart, Stevie Gagnon, Mots Sutcliffe, Ann Curran, Cindy Sutcliffe, Janet Primm. Row Two: Toni Hatch, unidentified, Nancy Woodward, Molly Paul, Mary Shirley, Sally Gessler, unidentified, Talie Bigelow, Marsha Chudacoff, unidentified, Ann Nelson, Penny Heara. Row Three: Patty McGettigan, Sandy Kusson, Wendy Phillips, Kay Sutton, Janet King, Sandy Roth, Lynn Haigh, Maureen Doughty, Whitney Smith, Jan Zealear. Yell Leaders The University of California rooting section underwent a rejuvenation this year, due to a good football team and a determined spirit fireball named Roger Morgan. Students, for the first time in a long while, enjoyed football games and rallies even though the team didn ' t always win. The " Mouth " was ably assisted by Jim Hal Levin, Marty Harband, and Rich Wank. In gratitude to Roger for bringing real spirit back to Cal, the ASUC presented him with a special plaque. YELL LEADERS—Row One: Roger Morgan. Row Two: Hal Levin, Jim McNamara, Marty Harband, Richard Wank. Pom Pon Girls The Yell Leaders ' efforts were augmented quite admirably this year by the five Pom Pon Girls, Jackie Mills, Sue Ann Wineman, Barbara Nawman, Judy Johnson, and Emilie Codoner. These " Spirits of UC " accompanied the Straw Hat Band , Yell Leaders, and Oski on all of their tours. They also helped liven up rallies, football, and basketball games. Under Jackie Mills ' able leadership, the girls initiated many new routines. POM PON GIRLS — Row One: Joan Abramson, Gayle Frost, Meredy McDaniel. alternates. Row Two: Sue Wineman, Barbara Nawman, Jackie Mills, Judy Johnson, Emilie Codoner. What, no flying cards? Women ' s Rally Committee Sally Wade Chairman The Women ' s Rally Committee is a spirit organization under the of the ASUC. During the season, the members mark card stunt instruction sheets and tack the cards used in stunts to the stadium seats in the rooting section on mornings before each game. Basketball and other Spring sports are also supported by the group ' s activities. Although there are some seniors and juniors, the committee is predominantly composed of women, who are chosen on the basis of attendance and at preliminary meetings. Besides having a lot of fun, the members have an opportunity to serve the University and participate in some of its most colorful activities. Judy Primm Brooke Skinner Marjorie Yelton Andra Savage Linda Yap Julie Young SENIORS Nan Konig Bonnie McCaughan Peggy Tarr JUNIORS Karen Blank Sarah Cunningham Mary Jo Durham Jean Hassard Marsha McRae Lydia Perlman Nancy Randall Mary Ware SOPHOMORES Joyce Bailey Jean Baxter Carole Bender Leslie Bennett Janet Brown Dottie Bryson Cathy Coltrin Cindy Coltrin Marion Cutler Connie Cutter Paula Daly Judy Dysinger Nancy Erickson Pat Fink Sally Hall Joanne Harbour Adrianne Holmer Sandy Hoos Marilyn Hughes Lana Kravetsky Diane McCloskey Kathy McMurry Marcia MacDougall Sue Miles Kay Modaff Barbara Myers Pattianne Nagle Christine Nelson Patsy Nicolaus Diane Openshaw Barbara Pape Diane Phillips Diane Piskulic Pam Preuss Big Game Committee The BIG GAME WEEK COMMITTEE highlights the Cal-Stanford rivalry and builds spirit to a fever pitch by planning and supervising a series of events held the week prior to the annual Cal-Stanford football game. This committee also coordinates the activities of the Queen Contest, Spirit Days, House Decorations, and Axe Revue committees. BIG GAME WEEK COMMITTEE — Betsy Bright, Benette Kuper, Susan Sprankle, Linda LaRue, Steve Zalkind, Darrell Friedman, Dennis Pollet, David Hafleigh, Clayton Spessard, Bob Joehnck, Rowland Stanley, Jack Lundgren, Scott Samuelsen, Stan Farrar. ADVISOR Bill Ellsworth Andy Capestro Chris Conrad Glenn Cunningham Ernest Fretter Randy Gaines Dick Kleiman Lee Lei sz Mike Leite Mike Manetas John Nicoles Doug Patterson Gil Preston Craig Raymond Charles Sonntag Walt Unger Mike Warner Bob Walsh Dennis Washburn George Weathersby Alon Yu Don Zinn RALLY COMMITTEE, an organization of male students founded over 60 years ago, can look back on 1962-63 as another active year. The responsibilities of the group include: preparation of the rallies guardianship of the Banner and Axe, formation of rooting sections, and safeguarding Cal ' s traditions. One major project was the repair of the Big C, which was broken up by evil Stanford students last year. an old Cal tradition, the Big C was lit every night and an all night guard was posted. A two year search ended this year, when the Rally Committee secured a bear for the Bear ' s Lair, adding to its atmosphere. They also promoted balloon stunts, an innovation in half-time activities. These stunts followed the traditional card stunts and culminated in a burst of color and spirit, as the blue and gold balloons were released into the air over the rooting section. Men ' s Rally Committee Jay Crane Chairman Traditional Script Cal George Fosselius Drum Major California Marching Band James Berdahl BAND EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE—Row One: Gary Massey, Rep-at-Large; Jerry Anderson, Senior Manager; George Fosselius, Drum Major; Neil Sorensen, Student Director. Row Two: John Ozanich, Secretary; Jack Ghisell, Productions Associate Manager; James Berdahl, Director; Robert Traum, High School Band Day Manager; Martin Parker, Activities Associate Manager. Born in the garland days of the Cal Wonder Teams, the Cal Band has remained a custodian of that period ' s spirit. Through its performances from Berkeley to Brussells, the Band galvanizes its audiences and infuses its spirit into generations of students, distinguishing them as a part of the University of California. It is fitting that the Band is entirely supported by the students as an of the A.S.U.C. This unique quality of student with its well-spring of enthusiasm and has propelled the Cal Band into national prominence. This year, students ' most vivid memories include the sounds of " Fight for Cal " echoing through San Francisco on " Big Game " night; and the comedy of a forced march when the Band was stranded sans buses in Berkeley. The football stadium is the traditional showcase for a Marching Band. The strategy in 1962 combined crowd pleasing flair and showmanship with the added precision usually found only in drill units. Onlookers at Memorial Stadium watched the Cal Band maintain its half-time supremacy over other West Coast musical aggregations, including an especially gratifying performance against the Bruin Band. Neil Sorensen Student Director Straw Hat Band It has been called " obnoxious " and " obstreperous. " But whatever the controversy, everyone agrees — the Straw Hat Band is unique. Composed of volunteers from the Cal Marching Band, the group is dedicated chiefly to the preservation of an exuberant courtside for the benefit of the Varisty Basketball squad, through roof-raising renditions of Cal fight songs and by leather-lunged vocalism. This sturdy crew has crisscrossed the country, often at their own expense, and exploded the confines of sports arenas from Seattle to Los Angeles. Following them, there have appeared magazines and news articles proclaiming the public amazement at the dedicated support which the Straw Hat Band has shown for University of California athletics. The Straw Hatted musicians gained a set of friends through its performances in the Plaza at the Seattle World ' s Fair. In a less publicized manner, the Straw Hatters have continued to support other campus events, including their traditional in Friday noon raliles. Rich Kirchner Drum Major Through Sather Gate In Memoriam Dr. Harold Powers Muller " The Brick " cocks his arm to throw the famous pass that thrilled thousands. No greater athlete of the University passed the outstretched arms of Sather Gate than Harold Powers (Brick) Muller. And no greater Californian contributed to his country and his community than the World War II medical officer and orthopedic surgeon from Oakland. For four years as an undergraduate at the he participated in football, track, and baseball, acquiring his greatest fame as an end on Andy Smith ' s " Wonder Team. " His stalwart blocking earned him the nickname " The Brick, " although he was equally well-known for his long passes and his ability in high jumping. In 1920 the Brick came home from the Olympics with the silver medal in the high jump, and the next year he became the West ' s first when he was selected to the Walter Camp football team. A year of professional football his graduation in 1923, and four years later he was awarded a medical degree with distinction from the Medical center in San Francisco. During the war the Brick went overseas as a doctor in the Medical Corps and in 1956 he again went to the Olympics, but as head physician for the American team. When the National Football Hall of Fame was organized, one of the first selections for immortality was Brick Muller. Always an enthusiastic follower of California Brick returned to his alma mater as team physician. His death in May left a void which will never be completely filled. But his dedication to the University, his community and country an inspiration to future generations of who will pass beneath the arch of Sather Gate. Fall Sports Varsity Football The history of California football is an interesting and colorful one. No less is its future as the Golden Bears prepare to rebound from their downward spiral with a newly initiated sophomore squad. 1877 — football comes to the University when the Class of ' 80 defeats the Class of ' 81. 1892 — the first Big Game ends in a Stanford victory despite an hour ' s delay because Stanford manager Herbert Hoover forgot to bring a football. 1906-14 — rugby substituted for football. 1916 — the beginning of Andy Smith ' s reign which reached its zenith in the Wonder Teams of the early ' 20 ' s. 1923 — Memorial Stadium, dedicated to Californians who fought in World War I, completed in time for the Big Game. 1933 — the Axe becomes the symbol of California-Stanford rivalry after lying for 31 years in a Berkeley vault. 1947 — California becomes a grid power under the coaching of Pappy Waldorf. 1959 — the underdog Golden Bears win the Big Game despite the shattering of two NCAA records by Stanford ' s Dick Norman. 1960 — Marv Levy comes to Cal to direct the future of California football. Levy Head Coach ASSISTANT COACHES — Kneeling: Mike White, Carzo, Jack Hart. Standing: John Neumann, Bill Walsh, Lou Cullen. TEAM PHYSICIANS — Dr. Raymond Rapp, Dr. Jerome Patmont, Dr. Harold Lambert, Dr. Charles Hudson, Dr. Ernest laconetti. FOOTBALL MANAGERS — Kneeling: Bob Rohwer. Standing: Mel Brodie, Joe Donovan, Mike Goodwin, Dave Carr, Jim Danow, Bob Wright. Byrne; Larry Gardner; Jim Van Deusen; Jack Williamson, Head Trainer. FOOTBALL TEAM — Row One: Mike Gridley, Ron Vaughn, Roger Stull, Bill Turner, Rudy Carvajal, Alan Nelson, Bill Newsom, Tyrone Price, Dale Rubin, Ron Mazik. Row Two: Jerry Walter, Tom Blanchfield, Dave Urrea, Jim Anderson, Dennis Abreu, Ron Calegari, Greg Palamountain, Jack Schraub, Loyce Singleton. Row Three: Lauren Bock, Larry Balliett, Terry Wolf, Ken Moulton, Steve Bollinger, Rick Weil, Bob Winter, Jim Norwood, Jim Blakeney, Craig Morton. Row Four: Tom Hornaday, Orlando Mike Epstein, Jim Heidner, Ross Welch, Carl Larsen, Bill Krum, Bruce MacDonald, Jim Phillips. Row Five: Dave Favro, Mel Piestrup, Jim Pinson, Sam Dolman, Sheldon Moomaw, Tom Brown, John Erby, Dave Thompson, Ron Goldman, Mike Hoffman. Miss Susie Marquart Football Festival Hostess During the seventeenth Annual Football Festival, Susie Marquart, as Hostess, welcomed to California the visiting football queens. Susie, who explains that she is " noted for worn-out sandles, knee highs and headache bands " is called a gremlin, " because I ' m so short. " She is a social welfare major, planning a career as an educational counselor. Her campus address is the Tri Delt house, but home is Minneapolis, Minnesota. Hobbies and pastime favorites of the Hostess include listening to music, reading poetry, horseback riding and skiing. Those who know Susie well will recognize the following quotation and will note that even the spelling belongs especially to her: " That ' s abserd! " Sophomore Jerry Walter punts on a third down behind the blocking of another sophomore, Mike Epstein. The Bears had to resort to this play often during the season and thanks to Walter, they were saved from many a tight situation. Senior end Bill Turner snags a pass and runs into the clutches of Duke ' s Bill Baird. Turner was top man in number of pass receptions, eight of which were touchdowns. Though some critics would deny it, California football is on a definite as highlights of the ' 62 season demonstrate. Potential best described the young, brash, and inexperienced team of sophomores that Coach Marv Levy fielded against formidable foes, six of whom were ranked in the top ten sometime during the season. In the opening game the eager held Missouri to one touchdown, while scoring one themselves, during a thrilling first half. Only the breakaways by Missou ' s Johnny Roland marred Cal ' s new passing attack as Randy Gold hit his receivers again and again. At game ' s end, the Bears were on the short end of a 21-10 score. California, in a show of strength, scored in every way against San Jose State. Gold and team captain Larry Balliett hit Senior end Bill Turner for two touchdowns; Junior Alan Nelson ran one in; and Sophomore Tom kicked for two points and a field goal. With an additional safety, the Bears posted their only victory, 25-8. Against Pittsburgh the Bears a tremendous offensive drive that brought them within three points of an upset. Despite the loss of Randy Gold who concluded his short career as California ' s third leading passer, the Berkeleyans rallied around Balliett for a second half effort that made the score 26-24. Team captain Larry Balliett steps into the path of Bruin fullback Warren Jackson to prevent his moving into the Bear secondary. Balliett proved himself indispensable both in his safety position and on the unit where he was often needed. With Balliett the only available quarterback, California entered the campaign against Duke at a considerable The weakening of the defense by Balliett ' s transfer to the offensive unit became a gaping hole as the Blue Devils rolled over the Bears. Hopes were raised in the second half as Cal passed for its lone touchdown; and again in the waning minutes of the game, when the Bears passed to the Duke four. An even more determined Duke squad, however, stopped the drive and fixed the score at a decisive 21-7. Craig Morton, in his debut against Penn State gets excellent blocking from his teammates. The quarterback, in only half a se ason, climbed to second place in the AAWU in pass completions. Southern nation ' s number one football team — overwhelmed the luckless California squad in a brutal drive that cost the Bears two of their quarterbacks for the remainder of the game. With Balliett and Jerry Walters sidelined, the Bear attack depended upon the ability of sophomore Dave Thompson who responded well by passing 5 for 9 for 42 yards. Defensively the Bears were completely overrun as Trojan aces Bedsole, and Brown led their team to a 31-6 victory. Junior Alan Nelson bulldozes his way through the Missouri defense. Nelson was Cal ' s leading ground gainer and will be essential to next season ' s squad. Craig Morton, California ' s mystery sophomore quarterback, debuted against Penn State, and before the afternoon was over, Bear fans were treated to a brand of football unseen in Memorial Stadium in many years. In one game the upstart sophomore set a new Cal record by passing for 274 yards and running an additional 11. It was the day of the sophomores with Morton passing, and Tom Blanchfield and Mike Gridley receiving and running. A last-minute attempt to score on a long pass failed, and the Californians succumbed 23-21. Against the clamor of All U-Weekend and the expectation of a Morton-strengthened California passing attack, the Bears took on their little brother of the southland in a contest that was not settled until the final period. Disappointing no one, Morton passed for 236 yards while carrying one into the end zone himself in a third quarter drive that put Cal in front 16-13. But the UCLA Bruins turned red-hot behind the fine running of Kermit Alexander, and the Berkeley were humiliated 26-16. The combined effects of rain and a Huskie team shooting for an inside bid to the Rose Bowl was too much for California as the Bears were held to their only shutout of the season. An improved defense kept Washington scoreless for two quarters but it fell apart in the second half as the Huskies trampled past Cal to a final score of 27-0. The Bear passing attack was effectively neutralized by the pilfering of six Morton passes and once again the taste of victory eluded the hungry Bear. Recalling their shellacking by Kansas in the previous season ' s tussel, California opened the campaign against the looking for retribution. But it was not to come as the Bear defense yielded again and again to their opponents, especially in the critical third-down plays. A 24 yard dash by Kansas ' Gale Sayer sealed the Bear ' s fate as they bowed 33-21. Only the aerial antics of Craig Morton, who passed for 170 yards before being sidelined with a recurring knee injury, kept the Bears from complete humiliation. The Big Game Sophomore Mike Epstein hauls in a pass from Morton only to look straight in the face of Stanford ' s Colbey. The young sophomore fullback was a great help to the Bear ' s little used rushing attack. Junior Rudy Carvajal takes a hand-off from Morton on a sweep around right end. Carvajal ' s spunky running placed him high in Bear statistics. California Big Game fans were treated to a thrilling first half as the Bears rolled over the Stanford to lead at half-time 13-3. Though the Indians drew first blood on a field goal, Cal quickly it with two touchdown passes from M orton to Turner and to Nelson. The second half could have been another game played in stadium, as a new Big Game hero jumped off the Stanford reserve bench to lead the Indians to one of the greatest comebacks ever staged. Quarterback Clark Weaver the playing field with his wobbly passes, and the inspired brought the Bears the " axe " 30-13. Miss Rae Demler Big Game Queen The honor of reigning as Big Game Queen, 1962, belonged to Rae Demler. Rae is a Delta Gamma, whose home is in Long Beach. She counts golf and swimming among her hobbies. A history major, Rae intends to go into work. As one of twenty students, along with a professor from Columbia, Rae toured Russia last summer. She said that they found poor living conditions, with few consumer goods, except television sets. " However, the people are happy and hospitable; much of the countryside is quite beautiful, especially near Kieve in the Ukraine. " Frosh Football FROSH FOOTBALL TEAM — Row One: Marty Sengo, Paul Abdallah, Dan Neal, Lyle Tweet, Stan Inkelis, Tom Alfred, Don Keldsen, John Bennett, Jeff Palmer, Dick Williams, Jim Wisner, Wolf Schilling, Dennis Harrington, Jerry Mosher, Perry Conner. Row Two: Tim Hibbard, John Valenzuela, Jim O ' Rourke, Randy Schneider, Larry Gabie, Tim Berrey, Wes Duncan, Buck Kingman, Bill Clark, Jack McDonald, Andy Efstratis, Gary Bystrom, Dan Sincla ir, Skip Smart, Terry McDonell, Don Anderson, Bob Gilmore, Ass ' t. Coach; Lloyd Torchio, Ass ' t. Coach. Row Three: Bob Green, Ass ' t Coach; Mike White, Coach; Roy Lowry, Mike Redman, Steve Radich, Kent Tiernan, Randy Edwards, Kent Jeffrey, Bruce Townsend, Rich Stamper, Don Anderson, Dave Scheiber, Roger Foster, Bob Brinkworth, Jim Hunt, John Ruser, Bill Proffit, John Coramendi, Brian Parks, Gary Wakefield, Carl Van Heuit, Ass ' t. Trainer; Larry Gardner, Trainer. Cal ' s frosh football team battled through a rugged 1962 schedule, displaying fine passing, brilliant running, and fierce blocking. Coached by the personable Mike White who in his undergraduate years lettered at Cal in football, track, rugby, and JV basketball, the Bear Cubs struggled to a 3-2 season record. With the opening game against Fresno State rained out their first encounter was against the Trobabes of Southern California. The Cubs dropped this game on a single as the SC frosh shut them out 6-0. At San Jose State the freshmen, obviously influenced by their big brothers of the Varsity, nearly duplicated the Varsity score by keeping the Spartan frosh to seven points, and getting 25 themselves. The Bear Cubs completely dominated the game by San Jose 450 to 91 yards. As though portending the results of the Big Game, the Cal frosh dropped a win to Stanford on a single field goal. Both teams could not move the ball against the other ' s defenses, and the three point bonus proved fatal for the Cubs as they were handed their second shutout of the season. The next week the Bears determined to make up for their loss as they pasted the UCLA Brubabes 41-6. Two Jims, Hunt and Wisner, sparked the Cal offense while a stingy Cal defense pinched Mike White Frosh Coach Graduate of Cal where he lettered in track, rugby, and JV basketball. the fire out of the Brubabes. Defeating San Francisco State proved a bit harder as the Cubs could only manage a two touchdown margin over their opponents. A beautiful aerial display combined with fine defensive footwork gave the frosh 28 points to State ' s 14. Like last year ' s frosh squad, this year ' s Cubs were laden with talent. Though not many will be fortunate to make the Varsity first team, most will prove to the Golden Bears, especially in the defense where the babes showed themselves to be very capable. UCLA frosh are everywhere as they converge on a Bear Cub to prevent him from gaining the secondary. Bear Cub Terry McDonnell is hauled down by a determined Roger Sherman in the Frosh ' s 41-6 routing of the Brubabes. Soccer Though exiled to the seclusion of Strawberry Field, soccer team rolled to an impressive season record within kicking distance of Memorial Stadium. Plagued at the start of the season by injuries and inexperience, the Bears nonetheless managed to overtake the Alumni, San Francisco Olympic Club, San Jose State and San Francisco State before being edged by the conference champion, Stanford. Victories over USF and the Air Force Academy followed, but the season ended on a dismal note when a 6-0 decision was dropped to the University of British Columbia. Although not the league leader, California might as well have been as Bear soccermen dominated the All-Conference team selections. Forward Kun Choo won his second straight selection to the team, and Alex Selvin and Marcel Boyreau were also elected. The second team had Victor Pinzon, Paul Nebel, Jim Whitmore and Pete Weber, clear testimony of the coaching of Bob and George Roussakis, and of the earnestness of the soccermen. Bob DiGrazia Soccer Coach In his tenth year of coaching, he has one of his most successful seasons. Confidence in the performance of his team is expressed by Coach Bob DiGrazia. His squad finished third in the league, although they dominated the All-Conference team selections. SOCCER TEAM — Row One: George Roussakis; Ass ' t Coach, Bill Morring, Lothaire Voegele, Tom Weisenberger, Victor Pinzon, Paul Nebel, Randy Thaman, Bart Cardon, Bob Coach. Row Two: Bill Barreda; Frosh Coach, Akin Adubifa, Joe Toff, James Whitmore, Peter Weber, Kun Choo, Tom Chen, Chung-I Tan, Tom Roehr, John Stanley. Row Three: Surgit Bains, John Hutchinson, Ken Gray, Terry Broderick, Marcel Boyreau, Finley Gibbs, Spyros Camateros, Manuel Belos. Paul Weber blocks an Air Force Academy player so that teammate Victor Pinzon can move the leather into Bear territory. Kun Choo, twice selected for the All-Conference team, gives a strong boot to the ball on a pass to his teammates. Brutus Hamilton Coach CROSS COUNTRY—Standing: Bill Edmonds, Manager; Richard Bennett, Richard Byers, John Hatton, Art Heinemann. Kneeling: Bruce Rogers, Jim Weil. Cross Country Heavy October rains washed mud slides over Strawberry Canyon cross country course and forced the 1962 Harriers to improvise with the use of Edwards Track Stadium. Although a greatly improved squad with three returning lettermen, Cal runners were over-matched by NCAA champs, San Jose State and powerful Coach Brutus Hamilton praised team additions, transfer Dick Byers and freshman Jay Lathrop, as they broke into the starting seven. Steady Art Heinemann paced the thinclads in wins over San Francisco State and Santa Barbara, while veteran John Hatton and newcomer Jay Lathrop led the Cal marathoners to a 28-28 tie with their Southland rivals, UCLA. John Hatton takes an early season workout on the Strawberry Canyon course, prior to the big rain. Jim Weil and Bruce Rogers limber up before the start. Bill Phillips Coach All-coast Water Poloist at Cal, 1950 Water Polo Plagued by inexperience and lack of second half stamina, the 1962 California water poloists slid to the AAWU cellar with a 6-8 record. Coach Bill Phillips employed frequent substitution and a partial fast-break offense to bolster the Bear s ' attack. Aggressive offense, most often initiated by scoring ace Bill Harlan, brought the Aquabears upset victories in double over-time over highly-tauted Long Beach City College and University of Pacific. Goalie Ed Bradbury starred defensively in the 9-8 contest with Foothill College; while team co-ordination brought the 9-3 of San Francisco College. Nationally rated Stanford overwhelmed the 8-1 as they out-swam and out-shot the Bears in the final contest of the season. WATER POLO — Standing: Phil Darney, Jeff McCreary, Ed Kennedy, Bruce Hargrove, Steve Finger, Rick Cronk, Steve Beilock, Ed Bradbury, Bruce Cowger, Gary Sallee, Coach Bill Phillips. Kneeling: Bob Burt, Bill Harlan, Al Miner, Larry Dean, Lee Harmon, Jim Baird, Spencer Kagan, John Owens. Winter Sports Rene Herrerias Coach Varsity Basketball SEASON ' S RECORD California Opponent 83 Alumni 51 72 Utah 66 77 St. Mary ' s 63 62 USF 57 61 Oregon State 59 60 Oregon State 70 70 Texas 62 60 Wyoming 55 85 Seattle 77 50 Oregon State 58 78 Oregon 46 72 Southern Cal 65 78 Southern Cal 69 68 Stanford 70 58 UCLA 63 55 Oregon 60 79 Oregon 58 62 Washington 64 58 Washington 65 61 Stanford 60 58 Stanford 68 57 UCLA 64 50 Washington 45 63 Southern Cal 77 52 UCLA 72 Bob Blake Assistant Coach Frosh Coach Oski gets a worm ' s view of the pretty California pompon girls. It was anybody ' s title this year in the AAWU basketball loop, and California could have just as likely emerged the top team in the league instead of occupying the cellar. In 24 games the Bears were victorious 13 times, numbering among their victims four teams, Seattle, Oregon State, USF, and Texas, that played in the NCAA regional tournaments. Team captain Dick Smith, center Camden Wall and guard Don Lauer sparked the squad in its vain efforts to gain the title by their aggressive playing and deadly shooting. In the traditional opener against the Alumni, the Cal cagers racked up a " Big Ten " score of 83-51 over the hapless " used-to-be ' s " of Berkeley. Again and again the Bears hit the backboards and averaged an outstanding 47 per cent in shooting. The next night, against Utah, the Bears proved that their good shooting was no fluke by again hitting 47 per cent and defeating the Redskins 72-66. When St. Mary ' s ventured to Berkeley, the Bear team lay waiting and sent the Gaels and their all-American forward Steve Gray scurrying back to Orinda. Victory was not sweet, however, for the cagers lost the services of their big Camden Wall who suffered a knee injury. But even this setback had little effect as USF and then eight-ranked State were turned away 62-57 and 61-59. Coach Rene Herrerrias had found a strong reserve center in the person of junior Bob Wueste. Then in the second game with the Beavers, the Bears were burned with a 60-70 loss. VARSITY BASKETBALL TEAM — Kneeling: Bob Blake, Assistant Coach; Dick Smith, Rene Herrerias, Coach. Standing: Jim Ashcraft, Howard Holt, Sheldon Buch, Don Lauer, John Weld, Jim Smith, Dan Wolthers, Mike Henderson, Bob Wueste, Chris Carpenter, Camden Wall, Steve Belser, Ed Rucker, Roger Olsen, Bill Carter, Bob Tanenbaum, Dennis Vollom, Bruce Ballmer, Dan Lufkin, Doug Hall. Captain Dick Smith tries to get around a Huskie guard in the last home game of the season. Dick was the leading scorer of the team, placing seventh on the all-time California list. The following weekend saw Texas and Wyoming in town to try to corral a win or two. Texas fell first, and the next night Wyoming also bit the dust. Dick Smith garnered 41 points over the two schools. Over the Christmas holidays the Bears journeyed to Portland for the annual Classic. Against some stiff the cagers gave a good account of themselves, downing Seattle in overtime, and Oregon. Their luck ran out, when Oregon State again trounced them to shatter their hopes for the crown. Despite their third place finish the Bears garnered one honor when Dick Smith was named to the all-star team. Another piece of good news was the of Cam Wall to action. With a 10-2 pre-conference record them, the Bears opened the big race for the AAWU crown with a pair of wins over USC. The highly touted found California too m uch for them as they bent to the Bears ' defense. In a later game, however, the southerners from this humiliation to trounce the Bears 63-77. Junior Camden Wall, who led his teammates in rebounds, declares, " This one ' s mine fellows! " in the revenge-sweetened victory over Washington. Senior Don Lauer lays one up on a fast break, as Uclan Fred Goss vainly to halt him. Jim Smith (32) and Bob Wueste (42) anticipate the rebound that never came off Dan Wolthers ' lay-up. Sophomore Dan Wolthers blocks the shot of Stanford ' s Hollis Moore. UCLA proved to be a tougher opponent as the Bears gave up all three games to their little brothers. Paced by the brilliant performance of Walt Hazzard, the Bruins ran over California and made their way up the league ladder to finally wrest the title from Stanford. Against Washington the story was the same two, won one. California never seemed to be able to achieve the playing brilliance that characterized their earlier games. At season ' s end, despite a win-lost record, the Bears found themselves in the AAWU cellar. The series with Stanford saw California courageously battling to regain their lost standing in the league. In a thriller that produced two overtimes, home fans were treated to some of the best basketball played during the season. Despite losing this one to Stanford, and also a later game, California retrieved some of its lost face by squeaking past the Indians in yet a third game to throw the league in complete turmoil. Uclan All-American Walt Hazzard finds himself out-rebounded by the Bears ' Jim Smith, in the season ' s final tilt in Los Angeles. Making it look easy, Howie Holt takes his lay-up. Burton Davies Assistant Frosh Coach Frosh Basketball Displaying superb playing right up to the last, the Cal Frosh ended their season by defeating Modesto JC, thus establishing a 10-5 overall record. The impressive Cubs scored victories over the likes of Santa Clara, the UC Medical Center and former varsity star Earl Schultz, and swept their three game series with the Stanford Frosh. Outstanding in their performance were forward Myron and guards Robby Olson and Steve Smith. Both Erickson and Olson were selected to the all-Northern California freshman team, while Smith made it to the second team. All three will be good prospects for next year ' s varsity squad, adding depth to it. Up and over his guard, Roger Olson tries for two. FROSH BASKETBALL TEAM — Row One: Dan Ready, Walt Altorfer, Stuart Benson, Jim Hunt, Jim Rhodes, Robby Olsen, Jerry Mosher, Paul Pulati. Row Two: Burt Davies, coach; Jim Poshard, Erickson, Richard Vortmann, Jim Arack, Howard Elliott, Doug Hudson, Steve Hooper, Bob Blake, coach. Davey Williams and Stan Morrison were this year ' s Blues coaches. Steve Belser lets one fly from the corner, as Denny Lewis watches. Ed Rucker gets his shot despite Stanfard ' s guards. Blues Basketball Not quite as successful as their younger brothers of the Frosh, the Blues team rounded out their season with a 4-4 record. As the junior varsity team, the Blues comprised an important bench reserve for varsity coach Rene Herrerias, while at the same time gaining added in competition. Mike Ed Rucker, and Steve Belser were the sparks of the squad and turned in performances in the scoring Belser, in the final game against SF State, poured 32 points through the hoop to establish a new JV single game scoring record. As the leading contenders for slots on next year ' s varsity team, these JV ' ers will give added stimulus to this season ' s sagging record. BLUES BASKETBALL TEAM — Row One: Jim Ashcroft, Sheldon Buch, Dennis Vollum, Howard Holt, John Weld. Row Two: Stan Morrison, coach; Bill Carter, Ed Rucker, Steve Belser, Mike Henderson, Roger Olsen. Ed Nemir Coach Former 129-lb. Pacific Coast champion; Olympic silver medal wrestler. BOXING TEAM — Row One: Dave Licata, Brian Loveman, Bill Corrigan, Steve Ricketts, Josh To- field, Jim Moore, Paul Alpert, Dennis Treadway. Row Two: Ed Nemir, Coach; Terry Timmins, Max Levine, Frank Welsh, Tom Drewek, Rod Marraccini, Tom Gioseffi, Paul Rein. Boxing Ed Nemir ' s Bear battlers wound up the 1963 season with a very satisfactory defeating all their opponents except Nevada in dual meets. Since the CCBA forbids competition by men with previous boxing experience, the Bears were not at a disadvantage to other schools in the league. Stanford and Chico State fell to the Californians twice, while Nevada swept the league undefeated. in competition were Dennis Treadway, who remained undefeated for the season, and Tom Gioseffi whose only non-wins came at the hands of Nevada ' s Skip Houk in a draw and a TKO. later had the satisfaction of Houk and was chosen the outstanding boxer of the league. Max Levine gets the victory sign in the heavyweight division. Dennis Treadway throws a left at Stanford ' s Roger Smith. Dennis went undefeated this season in the 139-lb. division. What ' s the matter, Mike? Flunk a mid-term? Hal Frey Coach Boasts a 39-3 won-lost record; has produced 5 NCAA champions. GYMNASTICS TEAM — Row One: Joe Slusky, Steve Zahm, Paul Newman, Lloyd Davidson, Lew Nelson, Hal Frey, Coach. Row Two: Mac Sutherland, Crodd Chin, Peter Lathrop, Keith Markolf, Dick Golden, Dave Loskutoff, Doug Bernink. The gymnastics team, sparked by some outstanding turned in a credible ' 63 season by going in five consecuti ve dual meets. In the big ones, however, the Bears came in second at the Western and third in the AAWU finals. Steve Zahm on the still rings and Crodd Chin in the all-around events gave consistently fine performances, as did also Rich Golden and Paul Newman. All four represented the at the NCAA finals in Pittsburgh. Despite their fine performances, the defending champion Bears could not muster up enough team points to retain their AAWU title. Nonetheless, Coach Hal Frey was generous in the praise of his squad and their achievments during the And some people can ' t even walk on their feet! Giving a sterling performance on the sidehorse is junior Crodd Chin. Chin was Cal ' s all-around man, and also went to the NCAA championships. Steve Zahm, on the still rings, performs under the sweltering lights of Harmon gym. Zahm was Cal ' s representative to the NCAA championships, and is one of the best still ring men in the nation. Earl Pogue grapples with Leon Przybyla in an effort to pin him to the mat. Wrestling Lacking in experience, coach George Uchida ' s Bear matmen courageously fought their way through the season to finally win seven of thirteen dual meets. Competition proved tough and the Bears, especially weak in the heavy weight divisions, lost many points through defeats or through forfeitures due to injuries. Gaining experience for his grapplers was one of the objectives of Uchida, as evidenced by his selection of three sophomores to compete in the Pacific Coast Earl Pogue turned in a fine performance in a fifth place. In the AAWU finals, the team placed fourth with junior Rick Sylvester winning in the 130 pound class. Other Cal men who placed, included Bill Lascurettes, Earl Pogue, Haruki Takemoto, John Harder, and Bruce Jones. Two frosh team members engage in a friendly brawl. Coach George Uchida gives a few pointers to Bruce Jones and Dave Kuhlman. Uchida is starting his third season at Cal, and is a 4th degree black belt holder. WRESTLING TEAM — Row One: Bill Clay, Allen Chen, Rich Sylvester, Bill Lascurettes, Alex Kren. Row Two: Tom Drewek, Orlando Michelon, Paul Row Three: Barry Burlingame, James Barker, Bruce Jones, Dave Earl Pogue, Jim Likens, Haruki Takemoto, John Harder, George coach. RIFLE TEAM — Row One: Jean Romey, Dave Weiner, Roland Thom, Roger Rogers, Lee Surh. Row Two: Albert Hubbard, Robert Hickerson, Don Sutherland, Vince Howes, Lloyd O ' Sullivan, Bob Wight, John Davis, Coach. M Sgt. John Davis Coach Roger Rogers and Don Sutherland draw a bead on the infinitestimal bulls-eye from their comfortable prone position. Breathlessly this Cal marksman sights down the barrel of his rifle. Riflery California ' s rifle team walked off with a string of trophies this season, and nearly made off with the national title. In league competition, the Bear sharpshooters had an 8-1 record, thus winning their 15th straight Northern California Rifle League title. In the NIR held on the Hearst Gymnasium rifle range, the Bear squad won first place with a team score of 1142. High scorers for the season were Dave Weiner, Bob Hickerson, and Bobby Wight. Needless to say, the team ' s coach, M Sgt. John Davis, was very proud of his squad. Breath-Relax-Aim-Sight-Squeeze. Fundamentals helped Lee Surh to become one of Cal ' s top shooters. Mike Foley won this sl alom race at the Donner Ski Ranch. Paul Duncan Ward Noble John Erbes Bruno Richter Coach Team captain Paul Duncan speeds down the slalom course. Men ' s Skiing The Cal Ski team, plagued by a lack of snow and insufficient funds, had a short season. The team was forced to travel to Utah in order to train where the snow was adequate. Thus the team entered the Reno Winter Carnival in early February with very little practice. Captain Paul Duncan placed second in the jumping, with the team placing fifth overall. Following Reno was the FWII in which the Bears finished second behind Sierra College in the Alpine Combined. Veteran Mike Foley led the Bears with a third place win in the slalom and the downhill. Two week ' s later the Bears again traveled to Reno for the Governor ' s Cup. Foley was lost for the of the season when he hit a tree in practice, and the next day Duncan captured the men ' s slalom. Skiing for the team this year were Paul Duncan, Mike Foley, and Ward Noble, all seniors, along with juniors Jay Erbes and Pete Hacker. Next year the team will be short-handed but under the coaching of Bruno Richter, the Bears will again build back into a strong west coast ski team. Golf In four years of coaching the golf team Coach Kooman Boycheff has yet to come up with a league winning team. This year it looks like he has finally hit upon the right combination as the Bears enter into league play with a 6-1 record for the season. Defeated at the hands of the Bear marauders were Alameda State, Sacramento State, Cal Aggies, San Jose State, Los Angeles State, and San Francisco State. Rematches with these same teams are yet to come before the golf squad takes on the members of the AAWU. Outlook for the season is extremely good with Tom Luddy leading the team with a one over par 72, and team Larry Edwards, Dave Newsom, and Dave Steiner providing good depth. GOLF TEAM — Kneeling: Kooman Boycheff, Coach; Larry Edwards, Tom Luddy, Tom Cowell. Standing: Keith Whiting, Dave Newsom, John Paulson, John Einhorn, Dave Steiner, Rikk Alderman, Assistant Coach Team captain Larry Edwards heavily on sinking this put in the match against Sacramento State. Kooman Boscheff Coach One of the golf team ' s home meet locations is this beautiful Orinda Country Club course. Who needs a backboard? Oski gives his autograph to some of his fans. Practice makes perfect. Coach Uchida gives a few pointers. Spring Sports Brutus Hamilton Coach Viewing the field events from the stands at the Fourth Annual Stanford Relays. Track and Field With only youth on its side, the track team opened its season on a note, losing to Stanford and San Jose in the Stanford Relays. The Bears, sufficient depth, bowed to their in every running event but showed strength in the field contests. In a dual meet against Oregon, the cindermen a close defeat and were also given a tragic setback when vaulter Dennis and high jumper Roger Olsen injured in competition. Rain a scheduled four-way meet at Stadium and may have been a blessing in disguise for the Bears who started the season rather slowly. Showing some strength for the first time, the Cal club paced a non-scoring triangular meet with Sacramento State and the Santa Clara Youth Center. Individual Dave Archibald, Dave Fishback, and John Hatton and highly touted Forrest Beaty of the frosh team thrilled the home crowd with their speed and raised hopes for a grand season finale. Al Ragan Assistant Coach TRACK MANAGERS — Matt Laky, Bill Edmonds, Sr. Mgr.; Dave Baldwin. Henry Weinstein. FROSH TRACK TEAM — Row One: Paul Pulati, Jim Holl, Jay Lathrop, Jervis Smith, Tim Lyons, Dave Olds, Bill Spencer. Row Two: Roger Jim McCake, Warren Wood, Gary Finkel, Jerry Hatfield, Clint Schock, Mike Ackley, Row Three: Forrest Beaty, Harry Cross, Allan Spinett, John Reinsch, Dave Way, Lee Schwartz. Row Four: Randy Schneider, Ron Gould, Bob Archibald, Bob Brinkworth, Wolfgang Schilling. Row Five: Steve Adams, Daryl Zapata, Roger Foster, Gary Bystrom, John Rusev. VARSITY TRACK TEAM — Row One: Larry Baack, Larry Richertsen, Dennis Peacocke, Jim Clardy, Bill French, Richard Myer, Todd Gaskill, Jack Schraub, Lionel Chan. Row Two: Bill Edmonds, Rich Harding, Bill Sprague, Dale Rubin, Roger Olsen, Jim Blakeney, Bill Carter, Ed Mendonca, Bruce Ballmer. Row Three: Jim Weil, Jerry Sapiro, Rich Malmgren, Bill Caldwell, Dave Fishback, John Hatton, Yasuto Tana, George Prime, Dave McCarthy, William Demsey, Howie Holt. Row Four: Marshall Edelman, Dave Kampert, Gary Lemen, Richard Bennett, Todd Ragodale, Al Courchesne, Jack Selman, Kent Brewer, Bob Sanderson. Row Five: Art Heineman, Neil Schmidt, Gary Walton, Steve Hynding, Matt Baggett, Don Schmidt, Mike Gridley, Dave Archibald, Bruce Rogers, Dave Baldwin, Mgr. With several meets remaining, including the Northern California Invitationals and the AAWU finals, both held at Edwards Stadium, the Bears stood a good chance of finishing out the season in strong contention. Sophomore Dave Archibald, considered one of the nation ' s best quarter milers, was a constant Bear favorite in that event. With teammate Gene Johnson for the season, Roger Olsen moved into the Bear number one spot in the high jump. Olsen was a surprise winner in last year ' s NCAA after finishing five times behind seven foot stylist Johnson. Dennis Peacocke in the pole vault was another man whom Bear fans watched. Peacocke cleared 14 feet early in the season, and could well have become one of the Bear ' s all-time greats. In the distance races, the Bears were for points, but the early season results showed that Dave Fishback and John Hatton were the standouts. Although young in experience, coach Brutus Hamilton ' s squad proved hard to beat. Scrappiness, if anything, enabled the Bears to successfully complete the season. Al Courchesne hands the baton to Dave Fishback to start him on his leg of the mile relay. A mighty turn and Steve Hynding is ready to launch the discus on its 160 foot trajectory. Counting his strides, Dennis Peacocks approaches the 14 foot bar of the pole vault. Double entry man Roger Olsen gives a mighty heave to the javelin. The 1962 NCAA high jump champion, he also held down the number one spot in that event on this season ' s squad. Bill Carter kicks high to clear the high jump bar at 6 ' 8 " . Jim Blakeney makes a two-point landing in the broad jump pit. Bill Sprague is the first to hit the hurdles in the 120-highs, while Jack Schraub and the rest of the field are not far behind. Harry Cross to Jim — a beautiful pass! Frosh standout Forrest Beaty bursts from the starting block to begin the distance medley relay. Frosh Track Stronger than any other freshman team. since 1957, the Cal Frosh got off to a slow start against San Jose State, Stanford, and Foothill College at the Stanford Relays. Although relay team efforts were not individual performances showed that the Cubs would be a hard team to beat as the season progressed and that next year ' s varsity squad will receive much of the added depth that it lacks this year. The Cubs are strongest in the sprint where they have Forrest Beaty, Bob Brinkworth, and Bob Archibald. Beaty, the national high school record holder in the 220, has moved into the gruelling 440 because of the strong in the sprints, and has already begun to push the time of varsity letter holder, Dave Archibald. The Frosh mile relay team of Brinkworth, Archibald, Harry Cross, and Beaty is the third fastest in the UC freshman history. In the distance runs, the Cubs have two fine representat ives in Cross and Jay Lathrop, but the team lacks any outstanding performer in the field events. Bob Archibald takes the baton from Bob Brinkworth to start his lap of the one mile relay. Jim Holl paces himself past the officials in the half-mile lap of the distance medley relay. Dr. Miles Hudson Coach 24 years as Cal ' s Rugby coach; Won 8 World Cups; 5 undefeated seasons; Cal rugger 1933-35. Enthusiastic rugby fans risk catching pneumonia to help the Strawhatters and the pompon girls cheer the team to victory. Rugby Once again the Cal ruggers " brought home the bacon " by defeating the University of British Columbia three games to one in the World Cup series. Before the start of the season Cal was acknowledged to have one of its best-ever teams. New Zealanders Warren Moyes, Bill Olsen, and Steve Nesbit, a former member of the New Zealand national All-Black team were listed on the roster along with South African Stan Geel and former Canadian national team member Doug Muir. With this nucleus of foreign talent coupled with returning competitors such as Dave Favro, Jim Anderson, and Rudy Carvajal, big things were expected. Despite the abundance of raw material the team just could not seem to jell and lost 5 of their first 7 matches. Then, all at once, the passing got sharper, the tackling harder, and the forward play more aggressive and the rugby Bears began to win. They closed out the season with eight straight wins for an overall record of ten wins against five losses. RUGBY TEAM — Row One: Jim Thompson, Bill Yeager, mgr.; Dave Favro, Rudy Carvajal, John Barrovetto, Jim Anderson, Jim Mikacich, Lyman Rust, Bob Holmon, Loren Hawley. Row Two: Tom Brown, Tom Burke, Bill Olsen, Brian Gilbert, Paul Lerch, Don Anderson, Bob Hudson, John Shenk, Jim Phillips, Sheldon Moomaw, Jim Pinson, Tom Hornaday, Steve Nesbit, Steve Cox, Larry Lowell, Bruce MacDonald, Warren Moyes, Miles Hudson, coach. Row Three: Jerry Walter, Mike Hoffman, Brian Reid, Bob Lyle, Bill Bob McLeod, Sam Dolman, Mike Chase, Jim Hutchinson, Steve Bley, John Hanson, Bob Day, Bill Worthington, Nelson Gurll, Manual Pinaflor, Jack Mathias, Jim Furgeson. Fullback John Shenk provided the toe in the Cal attack. Jim Mikacich sets up a passing rush during the first match of the World Cup competition. Elusive Rudy Carvajal often left would-be tacklers sprawling on the turf. Jim Pinson passes to Stan Geel to initiate a passing rush. Geel in turn will pass to Rudy Carvajal who is moving into position down the line. Lorren Hawley goes high in the air to control the ball during a Stanford line-out. Forwards Jim Pinson, Tom Hornaday, and Warren Moyes charge a loose ball. Jim Anderson ' s bull-like charges provided much of Cal ' s impetus. Crew THE ' 62 SEASON Although faced with the task of rebuilding its squad, the California crew team turned in a 25-7 record against more experienced The close third place finish of the varsity boat in the IRA championships at Syracuse attested to the determination of the oarsmen and the coaching of Jim Lemmon, who in one season brought the team from inexperience to third best in the country. In meets up and down the Pacific coast, the Bears competed against a field of eight western schools, including the University of British Columbia, and managed to take all but three to task. At home on the Oakland Estuary, wins were recorded against USC and San Diego State, but against Long Beach State and Washington, California was no match. Although other victories came at UCLA ' s Ballona Creek and at Stanford ' s course in Redwood City, the Bear oarsmen could do no better than third Jim Lemmon Coach Phi Beta Kappa in Criminology; Varsity Crew at Cal in ' 41, ' 42, and ' 46. behind Washington and UBC at the Western Intercollegiate Sprint Championships in Long Beach. The dismal record caused experts to predict that California would be an also-ran in the IRA championships against the nation ' s leading crew teams, but the fired up Bears would have none of it as they nearly upset their arch rivals, the Washington Huskies, for second place. Headquarters for the crew team is the Ky Ebright Boathouse, dedicated to the Cal mentor who coached two winning shells in the 1928 and 1932 Olympics. An unexpected dunking in the Oakland Estuary is the winner ' s reward. CREW MANAGERS—Row One: Tom Trower, Colin Johnson, Tom Rinn, Bill Stein, Ken Bertran. Row Two: Bill Wright, Paul Fry, Phil Pierpont. FROSH CREW TEAM—Row One: Ken Burbeck, Llew Dougherty, Rick Karon, Tom Ikeda, John Groper. Row Two: Rick Costello, coach; Mike Adams, Ken Robillard, Jay Jacobus, Mike Page, Bob Cross, Jeff Brennan, Russ Fisher, Jack Reding, Buck Kingman, George Roth, Fred Ybarra, Al Stahnke, Tim Scotield, assistant coach. Row Three: Hal Eastman, Gordon Williams, Hilman Walker, Rick Tietz, Ken Halcrow, Gary Craycraft, Ray Warden, Rich Horning, Gary Martone, Scott Gregg, Ted LeMunyon, John Edwards, Jim van Hoften, Tom Davenport, Alan Mooers. 1962 Crew Results OPPONENTS DEFEATED ( twice or more) VARSITY 16 Brown, Columbia, Dartmouth, Long Beach State, Loyola, MIT, Navy, Penn, Princeton, Stanford, Syracuse, UCLA, USC, Rutgers, San Diego, Wisconsin. VARSITY 4 Long Beach State, UBC, Cornell, Washington JUNIOR VARSITY 5 Long Beach State, Loyola, UCLA, USC, Stanford. DEFEATED BY JUNIOR VARSITY 2 Washington, UBC FRESHMEN 4 Long Beach State, USC, San Diego, Stanford. FRESHMEN 1 Washington VARSITY CREW TEAM—Row One: Bob Shimasaki, Russ Porter, Gary Orton, Jim Libien. Row Two: Warren Simandle, Tom Tobin, Ed Bradbury, Knut Dale, Don Berger, Russ Medevic, Pete Pfaelzer, Ronn Kaiser, Cliff Rhodes, John Sellers, Frank Brown, Gus Schilling. Row Three: Tom Palmer, Ed Faridany, Don Weisner, Buzz Schulte, Steve Johnson, Steve Brandt, Walt Brown, John McConnell, John Gregory, Malcolm Thornley, Dick Griffen, Scott Anderson, Kent Fleming, Dick Rosett, Gary Rogers, Eric Van de Water. Racing past two of the Coast Guard ' s cutters is the Varsity senior boat. Varsity This season the Bears will not be set back by inexperience as they were in 1962. Although their big losses in manpower come from the varsity first boat, it can be recouped from the lower boats and the JV. The added maturity of last season could well launch the oarsmen into the IRA Competition will be especially sharp this year as Washington retains intact its ' 62 varsity boat and Cornell has half of its championship crew returning. The season, too, may well be a prelude to the coming Olympics, and it is no wonder that the Bear oarsmen are working hard to once again assert California ' s place in championship rowing. Aloofness in tying into position can be disastrous in heated competition. Without their boatman and rigger, Matt Franich, the Crew team could race in only one direction — vertically! The Oakland Hills provide a natural backdrop to the Bears ' home course on the Estuary. Pushing off the side of the dock is the JV boat on a leisurely row to the beginning of the course. Frosh The Frosh squad is being coached this year by Rich Costello who held the two slot in last year ' s varsity first boat. Rich has a fine turnout of eager freshmen who fill four frosh boats. Mastering basics is the biggest achievement of the team, while finesse and racing experience will come in meets against Washington, Stanford, American River JC, and other crews. For the first time, the frosh will row in the Western Intercollegiate Sprint Championships, giving each an opportunity to show his ability in major competition. Rich Costello Frosh Coach Getting the shell into the water is maneuver; it takes teamwork all around. Harnessed people-power propels this shell over nature ' s nautical racetrack. Shortstop Jerry McCarn takes the throw to second, while Craig Morton backs up the play. Baseball George Wolfman, now in his eighth year as head coach, has once again come up with a treasurehouse of pitchers. Wolfman ' s record at Cal is 213 wins to 106 losses for a percentage of .667. The Bears present has been at his post since he succeeded Clint Evans after the 1954 season. This year ' s squad has the ingredients to be a — good hurling, sound defense, power, and speed. With three valuable sophs in Dick Hoover, Craig Morton, and Mike Epstein, plus junior college transfer Jerry McCarn, the material for an improved performance seems indicated. The Bears will have to score runs to win in the tough CIBA, and the strength of the overall staff must still be assessed. But chances seem good for an improvement over last year ' s performance. George Wolfman Coach Bill Bowley at first base snags the toss just as a Giant rookie streams across the bag. Dick Alton easily makes it to the base as the USF baseman vainly reaches out for the ball. VARSITY BASEBALL TEAM — Row One: Rich Wolfman, John Sullivan, Lou Cosso, Bob Smith, Larry Colton, Jerry McCarn, Craig Morton, Tom Cooper, Dan Barney, Al Diamond, Dick Bruce. Row Two: Dick Hoover, Ron Parsons, Bil Bowley, Jon Epps, Jerry King, Dick Alton, Mike Epstein, Gary lngebretson, Ray Evans, George Wolfman, coach. Row Three: Bob Milano, Dave Myers, Dave Dowling, Bill Harrison, Steve Laird, Steve Sternberg, Mike Jauregui John Lovett, Mike Kritscher, Eddie Allen, assistant coach. Larry Colton takes a hard swat at the ball on his trip to the plate. The pick-off attempt against this Oregonian just fell short by inches. Dick Alton attempts to beat out a bunt. Will he or won ' t he make it? After setting a brilliant early season pace, the Bear cooled off some but looked ready to enter the CIBA campaign with a good chance for the crown. The Bears were victorious in ten of their first twelve games, then ran into three tight contests and were defeated in each. The early games pointed out that Coach George Wolfman ' s crew was rich in the pitching department. Dave Dowling, hard throwing left hander, was the ace of the staff and performed well in the early season games. The only loss attributed to the flame-throwing portsider was one in which the Bears suffered a shutout. In the early part of the season Dowling ' s record of strikeouts per innings pitched ratio was well over one, and the number of walks given up by him averaged less than two a game. Bill Harrison, Dave Myers, and Mike Jauregui also proved to be very effective in the early going, with a combined record of 7-3. Larry Colton, seeing mound duty for the first time, was particularly impressive with his SO totals. In the hitting department the Bears showed good potential. Big stickers were Jerry King, catcher, Jerry McCarn, Craig Morton, leftfielder, and Mike Epstein, first base and left field. Powermen, in the early season, were Dick Hoover, third baseman, McCarn and Epstein. Although Hoover ' s batting average wasn ' t the team ' s highest, he led the team in HR ' s, RBI ' s, and TB ' s. Other regulars include Bill Bowley, first base, Dick Alton, second base, Al Mindell, center field, and Larry Colton right field. reserves were powerhitting Lou Cosso, catcher Jerry Ingebretson, and infielder John Epps. Third baseman Dick Hoover hurls the ball across the infield in order to beat out the runner at first. Umpire Joe Gagerro knows this one is going to be close, as he watches catcher Dan Barney try to keep this USF player from scoring. Catcher Jerry King leaps into the air to get the ball as this Giant rookie slides in to score. Mike Taylor tags this runner out at second base. Al Mathews Frosh Coach Frosh Baseball Coming on strong this season was the California frosh baseball team who, by the end of March, had compiled a brilliant 15-1 record. Their only loss came at the hands of Bellarmine High School, 4-2. The Cubs were deficient in neither the nor the batting department in their sweep of the season. Hurler Rick Nye had already chalked up a fine 4-1 record and had pitched a perfect seven inning game against South San Francisco High School. First baseman Steve Smith ' s solid hitting had earned him a .575 batting average in 21 trips to the plate. With three more years of collegiate playing to go, the freshmen have adequate time to show on the varsity level the style that has made them freshmen stars. This frosh runner is nothing but a blur as he streaks toward first base. FROSH BASEBALL TEAM—Row One: Buddy Beemer, Richard Weinstock, Bill Archer, Bob Gellaham, Greg Bertagnolli. Row Two: Dave Wise, Don Larson, Steve Drumon, Jeff King, Hangy, Craig Thomas, Steve Smith. Row Three: Doug Luskeutof, George McLeon, Rick Ralph, Bryan Allen, Todd Gregory. CINNAMON BEARS — Row One: Dick Mortola, Kent Scott, Dick LaFrenz, Mike Taylor, Steve Laird, Steve Sternberg. Row Two: Gene Matzkin, Craig DeForest, Frank Petri, Morgan Roth, Cayman Job, Jerry Olson, John Mogel. Row Three: Dave Van Hoorebeke, coach; Jerry Rekers, Tim Tarpley, Hal Levin, Val Lewis, Brian Herman, Roger Guichard, Robert Ingebretson, coach. Bob Morris slides in safe in a pick-off attempt. Cinnamon Bears The Cinnamon Bears showed a balanced squad at the start of the 1963 season. The slate began on two winning notes before the team encountered Sacramento City College and suffered its first Considering the calibre of the competition, the early record was a very respectable 5-5. moundsmen were Joe Mogel, Mike Kritcher, Joe Wierzbowski, Ray Evans, Steve Sternberg, Jerry Rekers, and Bob Smith, a who was the first pitcher to throw a complete game. Bryan Herman and Tim Tarpley were the chief power men. Bob Morris was also an man at the dish. Clark Ransome lines himself up with the ball on a fly to right field. Dave Van Hoorebeke and Robert Ingebretson coached this year ' s Cinnamon Bears team. Varsity Swimming Competition seemed to be almost futile this season as the Bear swim team broke school record after school record, only to lose to their opponents score-wise. Against the big names of Stanford and USC, the mermen put up valiant efforts, but could not break into the big time. In individual scoring, however, the Bears had several standouts. Burton Voorhees swam his best time in the 100 backstroke; John Gage swam his way to the NCAA in the 100 breaststroke; and Jay Rodrigo was a consistent first in the diving events. But in the AAWU finals, the Bears could garner only a fifth. John Gage was Cal ' s lone representative to the NCAA, and against Big Ten competition, placed a fast fourth. With several returning letter- men, the squad will be stronger next season and could be a surprise in competition. In the Oakland City College dual meet, swimmers thrust into the backstroke, as timers catch the start. Bill Phillips Coach VARSITY SWIMMING TEAM — Row One: Lloyd Davidson, Jan Ferril, Jim Roumassett, Al Miner, Vic Jeasen, Jim Harris, Jim Baird. Row Two: Bill Phillips, coach; Al Carter, Glen Cunningham, Phil Darney, Phil Goody, Spencer Kagen, Jay Rodrigo, Steve Smith, Al Cohen, mgr. Row Three: Burton Voohrees, Jeff McCreary, Bruce Cowger, Rowland Stanley, John Owens, Phil Knight, Steve Beilock, John Gage. At the start of a freestyle event, racers plunge into Harmon pool. Jim Marett Coach Concluding a late afternoon meet, a Cal diver holds perfect form in his one and a half back flip. Frosh Swimming Strong in everything but experience, the Cal Frosh swim team nevertheless came through a tough season on the positive side, defeating such competition as City College, Vallejo JC, and High School. Coached by the affable Jim Marett, the frosh mermen splashed their way to new records and performed almost as well as their varsity counterparts. Butterfly specialist, Ed Duncan, recorded surprise marks in the 500 and 200 butterfly events. Fred Watt in the 200 freestyle also clocked a new frosh record. In the diving competition, Del Pletcher was a consistent winner and eventually edged out his varsity in points scored. FROSH SWIMMI NG TEAM — Row One: Freddie Watt, Mark Rodebaugh, Bob Marak, Del Pletcher. Row Two: Jim Marett, coach; Chuck Weitz, Carl Mortenson, Marty Durham, Ed Duncan, Paul Foster. Row Three: Dick Slater, Robbie Olson, Mike Collins, Marc Lun, Jim Pierog, John Teele, George Viguie. Chet Murphy Coach Former Big Ten doubles champion; and in the NCAA Barry Baskin unleases his fury at the ball and his opponent. Varsity Tennis Although rain slowed the momentum of the tennis season, the California tennis team did not let it dampen their preleague record, as the netters swamped the Northern California Intercollegiate Invitationals and scored wins over USF and San Jose State. In their first game against an AAWU opponent, the Bears cleansweeped Washington, taking all of the doubles matches and four of the singles. With the rest of the AAWU yet to be played the stand a chance of winning the league championships. UCLA and Southern Cal, however, are the biggest threats to the Bears ' title hopes, and a victory over either one will boost California into national ranking as a collegiate tennis team. Standouts on coach Chet Murphy ' s squad have been Jim McManus, Doug Sykes, and Barry Baskin. McManus boasts national ranking, both as a singles and a doubles player, and his teaming up with Sykes has brought victories for the Bears in several doubles matches. Playing in the number two singles spot, sophomore Doug Sykes through on his backhand return from the back court. VARSITY TENNIS TEAM — Row One: Jim McManus, Roy Gesley, Kent Olsen. Row Two: Rich Abrahamson, Tony Price, Larry Doug Sykes, Barry Baskin, Chet Murphy, Coach. Jim McManus lashes one of his power serves. Jim is currently one-half of the nation ' s number two doubles team. Frosh Tennis Not to be outdone by their big brothers of the Varsity, the Cal Frosh team to compile a commendable record for themselves by downing CCSF, High School, and Oakland City College. Plagued by the temperamental weather, the Cubs lost much practice time and were forced to be on their toes because of the rescheduling of several matches. Outstanding performer for the Frosh was Jan Kucera, who was seeded third in the Orinda Junior Invitational Tennis Championships. Others were Scott Cauchois, Don Adolphson, and Jerry Peterson, all of whom will be repla cements on next year ' s varsity squad. FRESHMEN TENNIS TEAM — Row One: Jan Kucera, Jerry Peterson, John Anderson, Tom Barwick, Don Adolphson, Ed Wilson. Row Two: Scott Cauchois, Tom Toon, Gene Cantin, Bob McGuire, Dave Campbell, Don Baker, Gary Lutes, Chet Murphy, Coach. Second year letter winner, junior Barry Baskin chases the ball for a low backhand return. A little intra-squad volley practice. Matt Baggett puts the shot. Perfect form Crew practice on the Estuary Intramurals Men ' s Intramurals Kooman Boycheff Director of Intramural Athletics Chuck Donaldson Senior Head Official A pressing problem of many large universities is the providing of suitable outlets for the activities of its students. Cal faced up to this problem several years ago by reorganizing and redirecting its intramural program. The success is apparent; each successive year finds more contests being held and more students taking part. Dr. Boycheff and his assistants, notably senior officials Chuck Donaldson, Dave Ellison, and Gerry Nash, now supervise a of 16 team sports. Also included in the program are several open t ournaments for sports such as badminton and bowling. This year ' s events have been rescheduled so that Cal can send its intramural champs to the new sports day at Santa Barbara. The student advisory board, a panel of of all groups taking part in intramurals, has suggested that lights be added to Field so that night games can be held. Plans are being worked out with the hope of having these improvements completed by next fall. STUDENT INTRAMURAL ADVISORY BOARD — Row One: Joel Levin, David Hoffman, Kooman Boycheff, Director. Row Two: Robert Brady, Dennis Neufeld, Duane Edmonds, Tom Lagomarsino, Bruce Corbett. ALL-U VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONS — Dale Williams, Tom Wolver, John Wright, Phil Marsh, Jack Trumbo, Roger Popper. The 25 per cent rise in this year ' s intramural sports activity was due, in part, to greater participation in the minor sports. The volleyball season saw a large field of contestants whittled down until Sigma Chi finally emerged N.L. champ and the 21-Club finished tops in the A.L. Sigma Chi later fell to the 21-Club two games to one, in a tight struggle for the All-U crown. In tennis and table tennis I-House dominated the field and took both All-U titles. Deutsch proved to be master of the A.L. bowling lanes as they squeezed to a victory over Bowles Hall. At the same time, Pi Alpha Phi swept to an easy 1071-989 win over Theta Xi to take top spot in the N.L. ZBT came from behind to defeat Sigma Chi 16-15 to take the first slow-pitch softball title and earn the right to represent the campus in the all-University tourney at Santa Barbara. This year ' s intramural football season moved into its final rounds with the Navy meeting Boalt Hall to determine the American League champion and Alpha Epsilon playing Phi Delta Theta for the National League crown. In an upset victory the Navymen blanked the Lawyers of Boalt Hall 12-0 while SAE whipped the Phi Delts 38-12. These league champions then battled it out for the All-U Intramural football title. Size and speed made the difference as SAE sank the Navy 36-12 and took its first All-U crown in five years. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON, ALL-U FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS — Row One: Jim Mills, Walter Hartwell, Terry Tanner, Bob Matiasevich, Bill Rodgers, John Sullivan, Randy Litzenberg. Row Two: Dave Myers, Mike Criqui, Dave Marshall, Jim Giacomazzi, Bob Bradley, Fred Walston. Pyush Vakil All-U Table Tennis Champion Jack Wanaanen All-U Bowling Champion PI LAMBDA PHI, A.L. GOLF CHAMPIONS — Art Berliner, Dave Levitas, Steve Sachs, Bob Grossman. INTRAMURAL BOXING CHAMPIONS — Kneeling: Donn Weipe rt, Gary Olsen, Steve Ricketts, John Barnard. Standing: Pete Olsen, Louis Bernheim, Paul Alpert, Mike Taylor, Tim Tarpley, Doug Southworth, Brian Loveman, John Moore. Herb Riedel All-U Handball Champion SIGMA CHI, ALL-U BOXING CHAMPIONS — Steve Ricketts, Norm McLean, Bob Areval, Frank Welsh, Jim Phillips. Bill Harris pushes home another run for his Oxford Hall softball team. Harold Hutchings All-U Horseshoes Champion Chaiphorn Kamolnetr All-U Badminton Champion Alright now, who threw me in the pool? Make that spare! Women ' s C Society The purpose of Women ' s C Society is to give recognition to outstanding girls in the Women ' s Athletic Association, to further an interest in sports, and to give service to Women ' s Athletic Association. Girls are elected into the Society bi-annually on the basis of their " B " skill which is the attainment of a certain level of athletic ability in various sports, their interest and their service to the W.A.A. program. Activities of C Society include sponsoring campus speakers, lunches for sports days, organizing alumnae activities, ushering for W.A.A. presentations and social activities within the group. WOMEN ' S C SOCIETY — Row One: Karen Hart, Roberta Lowe, Karen Pastorino, Schlegel, Dorothy Wendt, Advisor. Row Two: Jean Diel, Janet Newman, Susan Greendorfer, Marilyn Sprague, Judy Rains. Athletic Association " Fun and Friendship through Sports " is attained by the Women ' s Athletic Association through its sports clubs, intramurals and the newly organized co-recreational program. Introduced last winer, the WAA-sponsored program offers mixed table tennis and volleyball teams which compete for six weeks in addition to a final tournament. At the annual Women ' s Field Day Dessert in May, outstanding are honored and the winners trophy is presented. The Physical Education awards the " All Cal " honor on the basis of skill and Invitation to Women ' s an honorary created to give service to W.A.A. is given to skill, and grades. WAA COUNCIL — Roberta Park, advisor; Bonnie Macgregor, Lori Heatley, Fran Bishopric, Kay Goodard, Marsha Bratten, Anne Lamb, Roberta Lowe. WAA SPORTS CLUB — JoAnn Wilder, Judy Schlegel, Bonnie Macgregor, chairman; Lovell Welsh, Sandra Waller, Catherine Reeks, Pam Thomson, Donna Gliebe, Miriam Easton, Alice Moses. WAA INTRAMURALS — Row One: Pat Diehl, Roberta Lowe, Marsha Bratten, Jean Rigden. Row Two: Karen Hart, Shelley Nix, Patricia Smith, Martha Dixon, Marlene Depper, Carol Ball, Sis Campion, Peggy Rodi. Women ' s Intramurals Women ' s Hockey on North Field. Table Tennis finals were played in Hearst Gym. WAA Volleyball championship Andy Dorsey does a booming business Co-Rec Co-Rec, an intramural program sponsored by the Women ' s Athletic Association, completed a very successful year with several hundred students part. The main feature of the Sunday evening program was the participation of both men and women in such neutral sports as table tennis, volleyball, and badminton. Under the chairmanship of Linda Parlett the program steered toward its goal of providing a common ground for the cooperation of the two sexes. participants entered the competition or by living groups, very few left the same way. Fencing Club The Fencing Club consisted of a men ' s and a women ' s team under the coaching and sponsorship of Julius Alpar, maitre d ' arms. in two intercollegiate meets, both teams performed against fencers from other schools. In the meet held at San Francisco City College on December 8, the men ' s team placed fourth and the women ' s team, second. At the only meet held here on March 9, the men ' s team was considerably improved, placing first in competition, while the women ' s placed second. Women ' s team captain, Virginia Smith, won the individu al award. FENCING CLUB—Row One: Mark Gentry, Richard Copeland, Coiln Wing. Row Two: Janet Breger, Virginia Smith, Martha Fansler, David Hoffman, Julius Alpar, advisor; Greg Ptitsin, Nickie Nixon, Leslie Bennett, Patricia Cochran, Jerrie Marchetti. Ski Club The UC Ski Club is one of the many student run special interest groups on campus. It is a social gathering place for students with an interest in skiing, and as such, its members cooperate in planning many activities. Highlight of the past season was the first annual Winter Carnival held at Squaw Valley in January. Light snowfall did not stop 600 students from in slalom races, obstacle races, a beer slalom and broom hockey. Evenings were occupied with dancing to the " Brothers Four " or group discussions before a warm fireplace. A lack of snow limited the club ' s plans for " Learn to Ski " weekends, but the annual spring steak feed turned out to be a big success. In the queen contest held during the Fall semester, the club ' s own queen, Katrina Siewart, placed second. Katrina Siewart Ski Queen SKI CLUB — Sitting on Hood: Mary Martin, Katrina Siewart, Taffy Jones, Hellen Miller. Inside: Linda Little, Paul Duncan. Kneeling: John Bingham. On Trunk: Tom Hobday, Gary Anderson. WEIGHTLIFTING CLUB — Row One: Dave Hammer, Larry Pete Carleton. Row Two: Tom Koon, Dave Arnold, Rollen Welber, Ken Budman. Not Pictured: Robert Morford, Advisor; Mike Foley, Jack Fujii, George Mahley, Bill Norman, Don Schmidt, Paul Williams. Weightlifting Club Highlighting the year ' s activities were the meet with San Quentin Prison in the fall and the Third Annual U.C. Invitational Championships in the spring. Held in Wheeler Auditorium, the Invitational Championships attracted some of the top lifters in the state, representing eight California colleges and also the University of Arizona. Pete Carleton, Pacific Coast champion in his weight class, easily took the best lifter trophy at the meet. Tom Koon exhibits good form as he concentrates on lifting the mighty bar. S0000 Sorry Not two games, just practice Even Dave Archibald started with the Cal Frosh The action got a little rough. New kind of golf — two balls ROBERT GORDON SPROUL President 1930-1958 ESHLEMAN HALL is named for John Morton Eshleman, class of 1902, who was active in student publications and later served as lieutenant-governor of California. Since its construction in 1930, Eshleman has been the noisy, bustling home for publications and several activities " Chevy " SPROUL HALL formerly called the Administration Building, was built in 1941 as the administrative and business center for the campus. In 1958, the building was renamed in honor of Dr. Robert G. Sproul upon his retirement after 28 years a President. The curriculum now offered in the School of Optometry was at first a part of the Department of Physics. It was established with the support of the California Association, with some individual members also contributing, to finance the first year of the program, beginning in August, 1923. The Association also worked to amend the state laws to aid in support of the program. The law now provides that from the annual license fee which registered optometrists must pay, eight dollars shall be paid to the of California " . . . solely for the of optometrical research and the maintenance and support of the at the university in which the science of optometry is taught. " In July, 1940, a separate Department of Optometry was established in the College of Letters and Science. A year later, the School of Optometry was established. At first, there was a two-year curriculum, which was to follow completion of requirements for the College of Letters and Science Associate of Arts degree. Successfull completion of the curriculum was rewarded with a Bachelor of Science degree and the Certificate in Optometry. A change was made in January, 1948, which was in effect when the September, 1948 class entered the School of Optometry. The new regulations called for a five-year program, with the final three years in the optometry curriculum. The Bachelor of Science degree is still awarded at the end of the fourth year, but the Certificate in Optometry, together with the Master of Optometry degree, are given after of the fifth year. CHARTERS, DOUGLAS Oakland Optometry Rifle Team UCSOS COA, AOA DANESH, FERESHTEH Iran Optometry Iranian Students Assoc. COA, AOA EDGE, RICHARD Chula Vista Optometry COA, AOA FINKLER, FRED Lakehead Optometry COA, AOA FONG, JOYCE Berkeley Optometry CSC, COA, AOA Sigma Omicron Pi HAYWARD, MICHAEL Lafayette Optometry Tower and Flame COA, AOA Meredith W. Morgan Dean School of Optometry The School of Optometry, which had its beginning in the Department of Physics, is located in its own building opposite Ernest V. Cowell Memorial Hospital. completing his freshman and years in the College of Letters and Science, the Optometry student enters the School of Optometry, where he has ahead of him a three year program of training in his chosen field. Part of this training takes place in the optometry clinic. Since there is usually a long list of patients wishing the services of the clinic, the optometry students can receive wide experience in examining eyes, dispensing glasses, fitting contact lenses, and other work, with all that the student does re-checked by the instructor. KAMENA, MARSHALL Oakland Optometry YR, COA, AOA Tower and Flame Alpha Kappa Lambda KELLER, JEFFREY Great Falls, Montana Optometry COA, AOA LELINWALLA, ADI Berkeley Optometry AOA, COA ASUC Dance Class LOMBARDI, JERRY San Francisco Optometry COA, AOA OW YOUNG, SANDRA Oakland Optometry COA, AOA TONSALL, WILLIAM Oakland Optometry COA, AOA TSUJIMOTO, EUGENE Berkeley Optometry COA, AOA School of Optometry Classes GRADUATE CLASS — First Row: Frank Howell, Charmaine Eng, Harold Woron, Darrel Fullbright. Second Row: Dan Sanders, Willie Kelley, Phillip Shletter, Robert Sachs. Third Row: Roger Beals, Peter Krupocki, Robert Greenwood, James Hicks. SENIOR CLASS — First Row: Richard Edge, Joyce Fong, Adi Lelinwalla, Kazuko Kikuchi, Fereshteh Danesh, William Tonsall, Sandra Ow Young, Keiko Takahashi, Michihiro Kono. Second Row: George Symes, Finkler, Richard Beck, Raymond Gottlieb, Douglas Charters, Marshall Kamena, Francis Tomosawa. Third Row: Len Shenkin, Rolf Lorenz, Michael Jauregui, Michael Hayward, Jerry Lombardi, Eugene Fourth Row: Jeffrey Braff, P atrick Rowan, Henry Rudd, Jeffrey Keller, Donald Sample. JUNIOR CLASS — First Row: Weylin Eng, Marylinda Morrison, Edwin Takahashi, Irwin Dodow. Second Row: Lawrence Harada, Joseph Pompura, Donald Schmidt, Lynn Elliot. Third Row: Ira Pollack, Michael Harris, Robert John, Sheldon Berlant, Joseph Young. Fourth Row: Gar May, Archie Ackroyd, John Wing, Charles Bateman. " Let the cube melt in your mouth. " The interest of the Board of Regents of the University of California in teaching public health goes back to 1873 with its appointment of Dr. Thomas M. Logan, secretary of the newly-formed State Board of Health, to a professorship in sanitary science " so that every graduating class can go out properly informed in the great art of preserving the individual and the public health. " Throughout the history of public health at the University of there has continued this close with the State Health Department. Through its Department of Hygiene, the University of California at Berkeley has exercised leadership in public health through the influe nce of such men as Drs. Robert T. Legge, John Nivison Force, George F. Feinhardt, and Frank L. Kelly. In 1936, continuing through 1939, the University of California, with of Stanford University, authorized Dr. Karl F. Meyer to conduct a in Public Health " on the Berkeley and San Francisco campuses, but few, if any, University funds were provided. It subsisted almost entirely on federal funds and on an astonishing amount of work. Dr. Meyer was ably assisted by Dr. Milton Rose, the late Dr. Victor Professor Charles G. Hyde, and Professor Walter S. Mangold; and many of California ' s outstanding leaders in health were prepared then. By 1942, the greatest migration in history had begun, eventually moving ten million newcomers to the West Coast. The need for well-trained public health personnel was never so urgent. A movement to University facilities to meet this need was initiated. The Sabin oral polio vaccine, Type I, was distributed at the end of the Fall reg lines as part of the Bay Area K.O. polio campaign. Charles E. Smith Dean School of Public Health By the concerted efforts of the leaders of medicine and public health in the West, Assembly Bill 515 was introduced into the 1943 State Legislature, providing an appropriation to the University for the purpose of a school of public health. Governor Earl Warren, now Chief Justice of the United States, signed this bill into law in June 1943, and in 1944, the Regents established a new School of Public Health on the Berkeley, San Francisco, and Los Angeles campuses, merging it into the Department of Hygiene. The new school soon qualified for accredation and rapidly moved into a position of leadership with the top schools of public health. In 1960, the statewide school was separated into two independent schools: Berkeley and San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The Berkeley-San Francisco School is housed in Earl Warren Hall directly across the street from the Building of the California State Department of Public Health with which its programs are closely linked. It continues in its role as one of the world ' s outstanding schools of public health. This year 12 per cent of its 270 member student body are international students. ...a thorough knowledge of basic chemistry,... Success in Public Health requires good equipment, ... School of Public Health Seniors DER, SANDRA San Francisco Public Health Public Health Assoc. FEIRER, LIZ Berkeley Public Health Public Health Assoc. Zeta Tau Alpha FESTER, JAMES San Bruno Sanitary Science Public Health Assoc. Honor Society Deutsch Hall FONG, BEATA Berkeley Public Health GOODART, SALLY Roswell, New Mexico Public Health WDA Chalet Annex BURKE, SHARON La Cresenta Medical Technology Newman Club Zeta Tau Alpha CHING, ROGER San Francisco Public Health Public Health Assoc. NESTOR, JANE Seaside Medical Laboratory GRIFFIN, DICK Newport Beach Public Health Men ' s Rally Comm. Crew, Card Stunts Public Health Assoc. Triune Kappa Sigma NOLLER, JANICE Walnut Creek Public Health Special Events Comm. Calvin Club Blue and Gold Public Health Assoc. Kappa Delta . . . a good laboratory technique, . . . HAWKS, DORIS Los Altos Public Health Panhellenic Officer Gavel and Quill Tower and Flame Kappa Delta HOFMANN, PAUL Belvedere Hospital Administration Order of the Golden Bear Zeta Beta Tau LIU, MARGARET Hong Kong Chemistry NAGURA, YASUKA San Francisco Public Health OW YOUNG, MAXINE Oakland Public Health Lab. Public Assoc. PILLARD, PATRICIA San Mateo Public Lab. Public Health Assoc. Wesley Foundation Inter Christian Council SMITH, LESTER Stockton Public Health Putnam Hall TOOMER, JOHN Berkeley Public Health UYEYAMA, LENORE Berkeley Public Health Lab. Honor Society WONG, JUDY Berkeley Public Health Lab. WONG, MAN-YOZN Hong Kong Public Health WOOD, MARCIA El Cerrito Public Health Masonic Club Public Women ' s Assoc. College Women ' s Club YUKI, PENNY Los Gatos Public Health Lab. Public Health Assoc. ... and a critical analysis and report of results. CLARK KERR President 1958 ROBERT GORDON SPROUL President 1930 - 1958 ALFRED HERTZ MEMORIAL HALL OF MUSIC was built in 1957 substantially by funds from Dr. Hertz who conducted the San Francisco Symphony from 1915 - 1930. The 2,997 pipe organ was also a gift, provided by the bequest of Professor and Mrs. Edmond O ' Neill. The Professor retired in 1925 after teaching at the University for 54 years. Gee Whiz, a real human hair. The School of Criminology had its in a summer session program which was first offered in 1916 and which with the exception of 1927, until 1931. The program was originated by August Vollmer, then Chief of Police at Berkeley, and Alexander M. Kidd, Josselyn Boalt, Professor of Law. In 1931, three years after Chief Vollmer and Professor Kidd first proposed it, funds were made available for a program in criminology in regular session. An Illinois State Criminologist, Dr. Herman M was appointed to the faculty to help establish the program. A committee was formed, with Chief Vollmer to advise in the social aspects, Professor Kidd in the legal aspects, and Dr. Adler and Carl Schmidt in the technical aspects. In 1933, an approved curriculum of as a group major was set up. By 1947, it was possible to obtain the degree of Master of Criminology. The Bureau of Criminology, established in the department of Political Science in 1939, was replaced on July 1, 1950, by the School of Criminology. Under the program, there were three main branches of instruction: law enforcement, corrections, and criminalistics. In 1961, a change was made to provide two a major in criminalistics and a major in general criminology. Also, the graduate program has been expanded to include research in the area of crime causation, delinquency prediction, and corrections. Criminalistics requires a thorough knowledge of Chemistry. Use Ajax the foaming cleanser ... Joseph D. Lohman Dean Lambda Alpha Epsilon School of Criminology Because of the belief that undergraduate training should be broad and fundamental, the School of Criminology does not admit lower division students. Before specializing in criminology, the student must first obtain a wide background in such fields as linguistics and history, with cultural aspects and elementary technical training included. In addition to the broad lower division studies, a more specialized upper division program is planned to develop an understanding of the general historical, legal, biological, psychological, medical, and political environment of criminology. LAMBDA ALPHA EPSILON — Row One: Paul Spencer, Julie Leffler, Barbara Brinton, Penny Dinkler, Sandra Marts. Row Two: Robert Shaheen, Larry Olson, Joanmarie Derenzo, Susan Usrey. Row Three: Jim Willson, Neil Ross, Warren Jue, Dennis Usrey. Row Four: Mickey Friedman, Dick Simpson, Bob Valencia, Tom Sutak. Lambda Alpha Epsilon is composed of students majoring in some phase of criminology, either law enforcement, corrections, or criminalistics. There are also chapters composed of those professionals presently in the field. The fraternity meets with officials from all phases of criminology careers, thus fostering greater un derstanding and interest between those concerned with specific aspects of the administration of criminal justics. Activities of the fraternity included visits to the C.I.I. I. laboratory in Sacramento, Santa Rita County Jail Honor Farm, San Quentin, and Alcatraz. Faculty Advisors: Capt. John Lindquist, Berkeley Police Dept., and lecturer in Chiminology, and Dr. LaMont Smith, Lecturer in Criminology. Officers were: Roger Schrimp, Pres.; Jim Lansing, Vice-Pres.; Marcia Coates, Sec.; Bob Covey, Treas.; Dennis Usrey, Publicity Chmn.; and Penny Dinkier, Assistant Publicity Chairman. School of Criminology Seniors APPLEQUIST, SUE Long Beach Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Zeta Tau Alpha BRINTON, BARBARA Red Bluff Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon CARTER, THOMAS Berkeley Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon COATES, MARCIA Hillsborough Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Sigma Kappa CRIST, MARGIE Piedmont Criminology Women ' s Rally Comm. Delta Delta Delta DERENZO, JOANMARIE San Francisco Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Honor Society Lantana Lodge DINKLER, PENELOPE Anaheim Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Honor Society Cunningham Hall DONNELL, SUSETTE Stockton Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Freeborn Hall EFFENBECK, PAM Bakersfield Criminology GRANGER, WILLIAMS Fremont Criminology Delta Kappa Epsilon KRITSCHER, ANDREW Los Angeles Criminology Phi Kappa Tau MARTS, SANDRA Berkeley Criminology Angel Flight WAA, Lambda Alpha Epsilon Phi Mu MORGAN, PATTI Davis Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Ritter Hall SCHEIBER, JOAN Sacramento Criminology Sigma Kappa WILLSON, JAMES Beverly Hills Criminology Lambda Alpha Epsilon Griffiths Hall Chemistry is a powerful tool of criminologists. Happy Birthday, Al Faculty Glade at night Autumn leaves turn the campus a golden brown. To the girls at Stern, that fairy castle doesn ' t exist. 1960 ' s CLARK KERR President 1958- From 1952 to 1958 he served as the first Chancellor of the University BOWLES HALL Residence hall for men students was donated to the University in 1930 by Mrs. Mary A. Bowles in memory of her husband, Phillip E. Bowles, formerly a Regeant of the University. HEARST GREEK THEATRE presented in 1903, as a gift by William Randolph Hearst and recently renovated with funds provided by the Hearst Foundation. It is patterned after the Greek theater at Epidaurus. Army Jupiter " Charm School! " The first fraternity established on the Berkeley campus was Zeta Psi in 1871. Within the next nine years, other national Greek organizations were founded here. These included Phi Delta Theta, Chi Phi, Delta Kappa Epsilon, and Beta Theta Pi. The fraternity system has grown extensively from this time and presently there are over forty-five groups. Sororities were begun a few years later with Kappa Kappa Gamma receiving its charter in 1880. Kappa Alpha Theta, Gamma Phi Beta, and Alpha Omicron Pi were the next three to come into existence at Cal. Others were begun on the campus in the 1900 ' s. These Greek organizations, exhibiting service, leadership, and enthusiasm on campus and in the community, hold a prominent position in the campus life. Social events are an integral part in the lives of fraternity and sorority members. In addition to holding formals and casual parties throughout the year, they participate in Spring Sing, Axe Review, and House Decs. The fraternities and sororities not only provide attractive student residencies, but they also try to teach each person the importance of high scholarship, social responsibility, and service to people who are less fortunate than themselves. By striving for similar goals and ideals these young people develop close friendships which they will keep beyond their college years. Some dog dish Don ' t just stand there! Help me! Let ' s twist again . . . GREEK WEEK ATO ' s version of the Companile Greek Week has become an annual event held in the late spring of each year. to familiarize non-Greeks with the world of brotherhoods and sisterhoods, the fraternities and sororities use elaborate displays and open houses to accomplish their purpose. Nancy Mangan, a member of Kappa Alpha Theta, reigned over Greek Week 1962. Her highness was crowned at the I.F.C. Ball held at the Village Motel in San Panhellenic and the I.F.C. co-sponsored a dinner during this time to outstanding actives and pledges of the current year. This Week ' s greatest attraction has become the annual pushcart race. The brother ' s work for weeks on the basically simple contraptions, then time runners to find the best combination of speed and light weight. The track was Galey Road; Theta Xis were the judges; the spectators had the enthusiasm of a " 500 " day crowd; Delta Sigma Phi whizzed past, as the finish judge leaped, to snare the first place trophy. No wonder they have no energy left for study! Sororities " Next we ' ll try the Laundromat. " Panhellenic Council President Margaret Weatherhead Vice-President Susan Herney Secretary-Treasurer Regina Gray Activities Chairman Judith MacLean Corresponding Secretary Paula Conser Junior Panhellenic Doris Hawks Scholarship Chairman Mary Frances Timboe Social Chairman Joan Siemens ASUC Sorority Representative Marylee Taylor Helle Stueland Panhellenic Girl of the Year PRESIDENTS Cornelia Rempel Barbara Williams Marilyn Daniels Arlene McLaughlin Deanna Lynn Cab Tuck Bonnie Utterback Jerilyn Giannoni Helen Thormann Barbara Hobin Judy Mierenberg Anne Deming Alison Armstrong Barbara Majesky Marijean Stephens Martha Cummings Karen Gale Claire Hirsch Nicola Severance Lynn Gentner Sonja Spreiter SORORITIES ALPHA CHI OMEGA ALPHA DELTA PI ALPHA EPSILON PHI ALPHA GAMMA DELTA ALPHA OMICRON PI ALPHA PHI ALPHA XI DELTA CHI OMEGA DELTA DELTA DELTA DELTA GAMMA DELTA PHI EPSILON DELTA ZETA GAMMA PHI BETA KAPPA ALPHA THETA KAPPA DELTA KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA PHI MU PHI SIGMA SIGMA PI BETA PHI SIGMA KAPPA ZETA TAU ALPHA DELEGATES Patricia Gallis Nanci Heist Lani Landis Patricia Pendergast Margaret Ferguson Sally Jones Karen Young Sandra McDonald Pamela Newmark Meg Bell Karen Ross Patricia Giarratana Cookie Kaupp Sally Wade Carol Ripley Pamela Palmer Diane Erickson Marsha Franks Nancy Nicolaus Judith Wallis Sue Vineys Margaret Weatherhead Susan Herney Regina Gray Judith MacLean Paula Conser Doris Hawks Mary Francis Timboe Joan Siemens Marylee Taylor Alpha Chi Omega 2313 Warring St. FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1885 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 NINETY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Virginia Bell Carol Campbell Mary Carpenter Catherine Coleman Denise de Kat Darlene DeManicor Patricia Gallis Kay Goddard Mary Ann Linxwiler Sue McFadden Sharon Miner Judy Partland Vickie Peterson Cornelia Rempel Carolin Skarsten Lois Talbott Donna Jean Wolden JUNIORS Jeanne Ashcroft Barbara Becker Ann Benninghoven Sally Cochran Joyce Crinklaw Peg Driscoll Christie Gubbins Margaret Hargreaves Jeanette Helm Susan Jensen Pamela Lee Diane Linder Suzanne Lindsay Patricia O ' Toole Ann Pflueger Judith Salmon Molly Siple Barbara Soehrens Linda Swanson Margaret Thompson Norene Anne Willers SOPHOMORES Jean Ackerman Carole Bender Jane Crocker Robin Dunn Gayle Everly Janis Grieve Sally Griffin Carol Hempel Carolyn lusi Barbie Kitchen Lana Kravetsky Cindy Lee Joan Livingston Rosemary Lucier Nancy Wells Annaliesa Zach FRESHMEN Carole Adamowicz Diane Derre Gwynne Evans Carolyn Ann Goddard Sigrid Helgren Linda Lindsay Mary Malmberg Barbara Norton Kathy Okelberry Mary Joan Schminke Diana Wells Alpha Delta Pi 2400 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1851 PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Bonnie Belhumeur Linda DeLeon Nancy Heist Marilyn Hester Marilyn Sue Hester Karen Jossis Carolyn Kroll Susan Leslie Judy Ann MacLean Carole Malone Catherine Marshall Carol Nicolaisen Joan Parker Bonnie Rae Jane Rockford Carol Roland Christine Sanford Barbara Thomson Wanda Willis JUNIORS Peggy Burnham Jane Cameron Mary Dunn Rita Enright Janis Fiehn Gayle Frost Judy Johnson Vicki Keller Carolyn Molfino Patricia Pepi JaneIle Reiring Nan Rewoldt Barbara Riley Patti Rimpau Christine Schirmer Jeanne Schroeder Barbara Sciutto Mary Stevenson Sue Stoddard Tracey Tighe Jane Williams Sue Wineman SOPHOMORES Vickie Backeberg Sally Beougher Diane Clevenger Joan Davis Gerry Donati Judy Elmore Annette Frost Jacquelyn Kling Marlyne Kockos Marsha McPhate Judi Mayfield Mary Poston Judi Solloway Susan Sommer Susan Sprankle Kathleen Ryan Emily Teale Sandy Brooks Dianne Thibault FRESHMAN Elizabeth Bishop Mary Brady Glennis Campbell Cathie Cryer Valerie Enright Stephanie Hamlin Dianne Hill Martha McEwen Bonnie Mackenzie Char Norris Jennifer Peak Sally Porter Linda Schacht Dana Sutton Anne Tollefson Dianne Upton Alpha Epsilon Phi 2401 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1909 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Kathy Anixter Jeri Cytron Marilyn Daniels Wendy Hoffman Sandy Jacobson Sharon Lapid Lorrie Levin Jan Mendelsohn Joanne Reckler Joanne Schlesinger Carole Schwartz Karen Shain JUNIORS Bonnie Blue Mona Friedman Judy Glassman Joan Gordon Louise Horwitz Barbara Isenberg Judy Kaplan Marion Kaplan Linda Kolker Robin Kragen Leni Landis Judy Ludwig Marilee Michael Gladie Moellerich Joan Rubens Judy Rubens Randy Shafton DeDe Sirota Sandy Weinstein Sharon Whitman SOPHOMORES Joan Abramson Shelly Barlas Heidi Barnett Sheryl Blumenthal Brenda Brown Marsha Chudacoff Karen Davis Rayna Davis Sallie Freilich Susan Frieder Terry Gillman Jean Gorshow Terry Hillman Sheila Hirson Susan Kollman Alpha Epsilon Phi Ina Levin Sharon Marks Melinda Mathes Linda Meyrowitz Nancy Milch Jane Miley Nancy Novack Connie Perlman Anne Rosenwald Joanne Rothenberg Ronni Schnider Carolyn Scherman Marilyn Shain Mariam Shokouh Nancy Silverberg Sheila Smith Melanie Stoff Gay Strom Daine Wayne Pam Zekman FRESHMEN Jenny Bernstein Marti Blumberg Judy Burns Joanne Corday Beth Fain Randie Feldman Elizabeth Freund Dale Frucht Jane Gale Louise Goodman Esther Heifetz Lori Jacobs Jackie Key Joyce Liberman Susan Meyers Lynne Monkarsh Barbara Raisin Bobbie Rubens Lynn Schwartz Alpha Delta Chi 2726 Channing Way FOUNDED AT U.C.L.A., 1925 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FOUR CHAPTERS We . . . passed some candles . . . regressed (pledge party: " Remember When You Were 6 and There Wasn ' t Any Yet? " ) . . . had open houses . . . guarded Hope, our mascot . . . goiinng ( " just our dinner gong, dearie " ) . . . made treks to Cowell (8-day confinement?!?) . . . were sportsy in intramurals . . . to the beach for a weekend .. . and grew more aware of Christian ity ' s importance — here and now. Seniors Sandra Gloeckner Lois Hale Carole Hunt Linda Larson Linda Mathison Judith Robson Betty Stenson Linda Swanson Janice Swift JUNIORS Judy Almlie Connie Burris Meg Gilbert Karen Kennedy Carol Nelson Kay Reasbeck SOPHOMORES Martha Dixon Judy Fox Linda Garnier Gerry Gibbons Marilyn Harder Genny Hoyle Lianne Trudeau Diane Webber Alpha Gamma Delta 2424 Warring St. FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1904 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 NINETY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Carine Archer Carolyn Burne Shelley Byer Judy Kaufman Arlene McLaughlin Carol Fay Marliave Carolyn Morledge Patricia Pendergast Kathy Speth Lynn Theriot JUNIORS Sharon Acton Linda Adams Karen Anderson Lynda Barr Nancy Cebull Jodi Gorin Karen Helfer Gayle Huff Ginger McCauley Carol McCullough Lynne Moses Trish Nielson Heather Norman Vicki Odenweller Lynne Peterson Carol Russell Carol Schmidt Ann Schoales SPPHOMORES Joyce Bailey Virginia Beane Leslie Bennett Pat Brown Mary Jane Cooke Lynn Creighton Joannie Fagergren Patty Ferris Jan Horn Meredyth Palik Susie Raymond Sue Ryan Chris Vetter Barbara Williams FRESHMEN Dorothy Carter Claudia Conner Carolyn Ferris Sharon Hamm Jaynee Hammell Narda Kaiser Natalie Knauth Leanne McWaters Gerda Packard Kathy Porter Jeannie Richardson Barbara Roberts Sherry Thayer Gail Wilson Alpha Omicron Pi 2301 Prospect St. FOUNDED AT BARNARD COLLEGE, 1897 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 SIXTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Janice Blakiston Susan Campbell Cathy Conlin Beth De Land Nancy Flood Toni Hatch Sherry Hudson Deanna Lynn Susan Shadinger Sally Shepard Jan Siemens Kay Zimmer JUNIORS Jill Brady Linda Carruth Margy Ellis Maggie Ferguson Sandy Glooschenko Lynn Grosser Nancy Haberman Jo Anne Hallberg Marilyn Hamilton Karna Meek Anita Musgrave Dian Oldemeyer Nanci Reginelli Diane Sandoval Sue Spencer Darrin Tollin Susie Wickersham SOPHOMORES SOPHOMORES Linda Blumer Kim Brubaker Elaine Camisa Christi Camp Emilie Codoner Mimi Culbertson Marcy McGowan Susan Mondon Carole Nordeen Anne Perkins Linda Shogren Sally Sorensen Kathy Taylor Katy Wickes FRESHMEN Helen Ainslow Mary Ellen Bell Loralee Campbell Jan Ferguson Susie Frost Pat Hamilton Ann Lamson Pat Lathrop Linda Morgan Suan Pezzaglia Diane Schroder Alpha Phi 2830 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 SEVENTY-THREE CHAPTERS Francie Eisele Clare Etienne Sue Fleury Carol Franchini Cathy Gartshore Kathy Graham Jean Hassard Lani Ingham Margie Johnson Eloise Jonas Sally Jones Sylvia Kassebohm Janey Knecht Sherie Laird Ann McKinnis Anne Macey Sheila Morshead Willa Myers Audie Nigh Mary Nock Pinky Pomeroy SENIORS Julie De Roos Pamela Gartshore Penny Holland Shirley Hyink Ellen Noble Kathy Wall JUNIORS Kackie Barta Katie Bonnel Nan Brooke Debby Campbell Peggy Donoghue Peggy Tarr Mary Fran Timboe Cab Tuck Polly Whittell Judy Wood SOPHOMORES Louise Campion Millicent Clute Georgiann Eagen Miki Forte Pam Horton Sandy Kierulff Lucia Lagomarsino Tina Nelson Karen Parshall Robin Smith Charlotte Ashby Peggy Coyne Baba Polland Joan Saxe Brooke Skinner Jane Tetley Margie Yelton FRESHMEN Christy Allen Joyce Bartlett Mimi Blower Pattie Charlton Lynne Eddy Lynn Haigler Sandy Hall Mary Higgins Peggy Hill Heidi Johnson Anne Kennedy Jean McCarthy Pat Rane Mandy Sartain Kathy Scott Buzzy Selfridge Nancy Vail Mary Helen Wharton Alpha Xi Delta 2833 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT LOMBARD COLLEGE, 1893 OMICRON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Stephanie Genter Marianne Giberti Bette Kankkonen Bernice Miller Judy Simmons Kathy Strange Bonnie Utterback Karen Young JUNIORS Vicki Blaettler Jeannine Blazzard Sandra Cook Genie Deimel Susan Herney Deanna Hiatt Sandra Longmore Joyce Minor Daphne Monroe Jeannie Moore Teresa Smith Marylee Taylor SOPHOMORES Kathy Baum Joan Blanchard Barbara Ciucci Colleen Clabby Pamela Glines Marcia Hail Leslie Jones Vanna Ketterman Pat Kniseley Ceila Koch Betty Peters Carol Price Cheryl Pugh Emily Stoebe Lovell Welsh Jane Wilson Peggy Young FRESHMEN Marilyn Blanchard Sharon Cropsey Ginny Delanty Barbara Ewing Susan Fahs Susan Frazell Chris Gilroy Linda Hauldren Susan Jones Toni Rommel Sandra Sarvas Janet Spencer Chris Utterback Jane Wiley Emily Williams Chi Omega 2421 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS, 1895 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Celebrating her 60th anniversary, Mu chapter held an open house honoring alumni in October. Helping in the celebration were 28 new pledges. A father-daughter banquet, a Christmas party for underprivileged children, a winter formal in the city, and recognition of members in U.C. honor clubs rounded out Chi O activities. SENIORS Jean Beggs Ardis Blackburne Anne Boyd Paula Elsner Joyce Golden Linda Harrison Judy Kindig Sandra McDonald Judy Madfes Carol Millinich Leslie Pierce Jennifer Rollar Karen Rudge JUNIORS Betsy Bidart Carolyn Cavalero Betty Edlund Geri Giannoni Geri Graham Eleanor Hetzel Diane Jelcick Katy McQuaid Gig Manske Margaret Matthews Joan Nelson Susan Ports Virginia Smedburg Sheri Smith Ann Stevens Nancy Warren SOPHOMORES Laraine Axelson Rosalie Baca Judy Booth Dorie Darrow Patricia Doyle Anne Ferraris Stephanie Gagnon Jana Hackman Kathleen Hopper Jane Humphreys Jeanne Nolan Paula Palmquist FRESHMEN Linda Booth Linda Jo Brown Karen Carjola Bobbie Pape Leah Pedersen Diane Rees Nancy Simpson Mary Ann Stone Margaret Donati Alice Frank Dee Hawk Stephanie Kaiser Charisse Kellogg Pamela Kitto Suzanne Koolen Dinah Lewis Karen Madfes Sandra Persson Sue Rau Claire Rescei Hazel Schroeter Jan Zealear Lois Quontamatteo Marilyn Ageno Dorothy Diehl Delta Delta Delta 2300 Warring St. FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1888 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Suzanne Barnes Margie Crist Linda Erhart Anne Fischer Phoebe Jenks Jackie Johnson Marcy McCracken Ginny Nash Stephanie Rank Helen Thormann JUNIORS Kathleen Asaro Ginger Bohannon Barbara Bosl Mary Ann Buxton Peggy Exter Karen Hawkins Nancy Jurden Susie Kane Linda Lindgren Linda Little Susie Marquart Mary Martin Pam Newmark Cindy Rossi Ginny Salo Joan Siemens Slater Sydene Wallace Wendy Weir SOPHOMORES Adele Brodginski Sharon Bromley Jane Casagrande Sue Goodwin Diane Greer Marilyn Hughes Gay Kimball Sheila Kinnear Sheila North Gwaine Nuest Allison Oakley Sue Ohlson Diane Piskulic Pam Preuss Sue Smith Cherri White Paula Williams FRESHMEN Pat Baird Josslyn Boothby Joan Eggleton Jo Ellen Hart Jill Jenkinson Aileen Kennedy Marie Kennedy Heidi Ledford Maureen Mann Ann Skillion Delta Gamma 2710 Channing Way FOUNDED AT LEWIS INSTITUTE FOR YOUNG WOMEN, 1873 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1907 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Nancy Antola Meg Bell Rae Demler Karen Eklund Sally George Julie Hendren Barbata Hobin Kit Howard Sue Jelavich Lolly Laube Margie Montiero Karen Sommarstrom Wendy Spencer Sue Wiley JUNIORS Fran Bishopric Carolyn Campbell Joyce Haswell Gail MacFarland Susan Moscrip Janice Olsen Janna Osmond Sharon Scott Ginger Veirs Gene Weltner SOPHOMORES Shirley Abney Ginny Baldwin Jody Cavanaugh Ann Costello Margie Coverley Diana Dexter Andi Dorn Sue Farley Pat Fink Robin Gray Jane Healey Sandy Hodgson Judy Luckey Candy Riddell Sue Rolapp Candy Smith Bonny Stewart Julie Young FRESHMEN Peggy Browne Jan Culver Marty Dickson Pat Dolan Jean Kalbach Midge Lindsay Vicki Lott Patty Patterson Michele Peter Charlene Preszler Kathy Rhoda Linda Shuck Binkie Thompson Lynne Van Swearingen Nancy Wheeler SENIORS Judi Edelstein Diane Livchitz Judy Nierenberg Judy Pilger Marcia Ruskin Kathryne Suson Delta Phi Epsilon 2455 Prospect St. FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON SQUARE COLLEGE, 1917 DELTA ZETA ESTABLISHED 1947 TWENTY FOUR CHAPTERS Interest, Enthusiam, and Work led to one of the best years we have had: Activities: Fire sides 38 great pledges Swim party Spring formal Pledge dance and ski party Pinnings and engagements Exchanges Axe Review JUNIORS Mickey Berk Gad Golstein Carol Gumprich Stefi Kaufman Maxine Kurtz Sheila Landy Lee Levinger Debbie Nemetz Madeline Rood Sue Rosenthal Sue Ross Marilyn Silver Eileen Spielman Beverlee Tauber SOPHOMORES Gail Achtenberg Linda Allenstein Sue Alpert Zandy Cohen Ruthellen Cohn Bobbi Crane Kathy Erlich Sue Frager Marilyn Frieman Louise Gandin Jackie Goldberg Myra Gould Reggie Gray Bonnie Hearsh Eileen Jacobs Leslie Levy Kathi Loew Lee Ann Nahman Dana Pearl Frieda Plotkin Judy Rosenthal Karen Ross Judy Schwartz Roberta Shuchat Karen Titelman Stefanie Wiesberg FRESHMEN Louise Anapolsky Diane Berman Diana Bleiberg Linda Bloch Susan Brudno Patti Camras Carol Geller Carole Gerwin Laurie Gorby Peggy Heller Brooke Hyland Laury Jaspovice Fredi Kalina Julianne Kruger Rona Landy Susan Madfes Claudia Miller Shirley Moose Joan Rummelsburg Ellen Schlachter Dion Schwartz Ethlyne Shatsky Diane Wolf Susan Caplan Bonnie Cohen Helene Cohen Susan Eiseberg Barbara Feinstein Donna Friedman Janet Cowen Susan Friedman Susan Hechtlinger Delta Zeta 2728 Durant Ave. FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1902 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Happiness is just ... a spirited pledge class ... a house surrounded by fraternities ... a good grade ... an intramural trophy ... a Winter Ball ... a guitar before a warm fire ... patio barbeques in the Spring ... a little wine ... a true friendship. SENIORS Barbara Buckholtz Anne Deming Maralyn Gregory Sharon Hayes Wendy Livesay Nancy Louargand Denise Mezek Coralie Moffitt Alice Russell Lynn Stewart JUNIORS India Bauer Claire Buletti Ceci Caswell Marilyn Cook Marlene Depper Karon Duncan Pat Giarratana Loretta Hagopian Marci Hammer Pat Klein Julie Land Judy Podesta Mary Post Lynn Solomon Gail Telischak Billi Woolley Ann Young SOPHOMORES Sally Anderson Sue Aumiller Carol Ball Kathleen Borla Dorothy Bryson Carol Crossman Nancy Erickson Barbara Griffin Jacquelyn Holt Leslie Kelly Karen Lautrup Karen Morrell Jane Nelson Vicki Newton Sandra Nielson Mary Packard Elaine Scheer Mary Sevall Janell Shepard Carol Wallner Mary Wright FRESHMEN Carol Allroggen Rosemary Bell Alice Buckles Barbara Cosgriff Kenna Howell Millicent Jacobsen Claudia Lee Cynthia Petrelli Carol Wickwire Harriet Willis Jean Ziegler Gamma Phi Beta 2732 Channing Way FOUNDED AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1874 ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS Eta Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta was founded on April 29, 1894, twenty years after the founding of the national Gamma Phi Beta organization. It was the third sorority founded on the Cal campus. The Gamma Phi house, 2732 Channing Way, was built in 1937 and still stands today. National Gamma Phi Beta was founded November 11, 1874 at Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York. The word sorority will not be found in very old dictionaries, because it was coined especially for Gamma Phi Beta in 1882. Gamma Phi Beta ' s most important service project is that of providing summer camps for underprivileged girls in Colorado and British Columbia. There are 82 Gamma Phi Beta chapters in the United States and Canada. This year Eta of Gamma Phi Beta has 64 members. SENIORS Alison Armstrong Paula Conser Sue Frisou Eunice Hansen Katy Holcombe Sharon Hunt Diane King Carol Parsons Pat Quinn Nancy St. Clair Diane Steele Kit Stoffel Pat Sullivan Penny Wayte JUNIORS Sylvia Bolman Julie Chargin Susan Dangberg Jill Fritschi Suzanne Girot Sydney Henshaw Cookie Kaupp Jane Lindsey Marsha McRae Joan Macgregor Sally Mauser Hilde Pechanec Melinda Phillips Wende Ronzone Mayann Salamid Susan Smith Patricia Stanford SOPHOMORES Barbara Beach Cathy Coltrin Cindy Coltrin Sue Cooper Vicki Ford Sally Hall Andrea Martin Marilyn Morris Diana Olander Rosemary Shelton Susanne Sprague Sheri Vetter Jill Weatherhead Beth Williams FRESHMEN Beverly Allen Lynne Dilloway Trixie Farrar Marlene Groezinger Barbara Joy Martha Minor Liz Newman Vickie Rader Martha Rees Linda Rygel Margie Schacht Patti Wilkinson SENIORS Margaret Carmichael Patti Fay Kappa Alpha Theta 2723 Durant Ave. FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY, 1870 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1890 EIGHTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Karyn Gautier Cynthia Henderson Barbara Majesky Marie Mosely Pam Peterson Madelyn Sanborn Dottie Sayward Diana Sherman Becky Shields Susie Sokol Sally Wade Nancy Woodard JUNIORS Kathryn Baker Barbara Collinge Daphne Craige Lynn Haigh Judy Knapp Adelaide Lutz Judy McNamara Nancy Mangan Ann Nelson Linda Parlette Jan Paschal Trish Reilly Sue Schwarka Valerie Slasor Suzanne Springer Nancy Terry Diane Traverso Mary Ware Bonnie Westberg Sukey Wilder SOPHOMORES Judy Alexander Elizabeth Borden Pam Clark Marcia MacDougall Diane Openshaw Diane Phillips Rosanne Hastings Lindee Hoffland Karen Justema Susan Lamberson Marjorie Fay Margaret Fuller Penny Hearn Janet King Joan McArthur Janice MacDougall Susan Merritt Elizabeth Moran Shirley Newhall Linda Olsen Elizabeth Parrish Claudia Reay Jean Scully Katarina Siewert Whitney Smith Joan Van Horn Barbara Walsh Shirley Baugh Ellie Elrod Sterling Hilleary Mary Lee Ullner FRESHMEN Clara Althin Linda Baker Kathy Bryan Pat Burton Valarie Dawn SENIORS Ann Brewer Judy Clapham Diane de Kirby Kappa Delta 2461 Warring St. FOUNDED AT LONGWOOD COLLEGE, 1897 PHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1917 ONE HUNDRED CHAPTERS Diane Gribble Doris Hawks Barbara Nielsen Marijean Stephens Judy Wessing Sandy Winsby JUNIORS Mary Lou Behrman Nancy Berner Judy Blower Carolina Clare Janice Noller Mollie O ' Neil Carol Ripley Marilyn Schowengerdt Dani Cuckovich Jean Etcheverry Betsy Fair Dale Gorman Nadine Iwasko Jackie Johnson Kathie Keck Marty Keith Marie Keppel Sue Kiernan Melinda Kutch Meredy McDaniel Linda Markarian Jackie Mills Colleen Morris Sandy Nixon Kathie O ' Niel Mary Riemer Trish Royce Marcia Slocum Vicky Tankersley Donna Trinchero Linda Jo Weeks SOPHOMORES Marcia Ahnstedt Julie Anderson Beverly Bates Carolyn Beach Mary Caye Brown Sue George Carol Hoefer Irene Keck Doris Porch Suzanne Siefert Pat Wondra Wini Camp Patsy Coffee Terry Duffy Vicki Ehritt Diane Kessler Barbara Lewis Janis Medbery Patty Poucher Nancy Puckett Gayle Rohwedder Dianne Whelan Jane Wilbur Deanne Wilson FRESHMEN Carole Alvesrad Lina Bilbao Dottie Bush Carolyn Clement Belinda Gray Chris Gryson Jan Keyes Helen Miller Lesley Miller Janis Molen Nancy Parker Jean Retter Jean Sompson Rita Wells Not Pictured Marian Starr Kappa Kappa Gamma 2328 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1870 PI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1883 EIGHTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS Martha Cummings Mary Foster Mercedes Foster SENIORS I ' Lee Bailey Linda Bradford Jill Kelly Anne Lamb Sally Anne Lorimer Penny Merritt Joan Payne Pris Pillsbury Kathleen Regan Mary Steiner Dana Tolles JUNIORS Sarah Cunningham Domie Garat Nadine Garibaldi Sharon Gilberd Anne Hallett Terry Henshaw Debbie Knapp Tora Newcomer Cathy O ' Hara Mon Orth Pam Palmer Ann Sherwood Marcia Sutcliffe Joan Von Schlegell Anne Williams SOPHOMORES Susan Abbott Susie Allen Diane Bouhaben Mary Campion Toni Clark Ann Curran Margaret Durbrow Marcia Green Sharon Greiner Jo Anne Harbour Dana Henry Sally Holabird Ann Howell Sherry McMurtry Sue Moore Katherine Hanks Mary Hills Martha Howard Barbara Myers Mollie Paul Margaret Rodi Kay Sutton FRESHMEN Victoria Brant Shelly Brush Ann Chickering Jean Kirkwood Sally Leahy Kate Luppen Jane McCarthy Sandra McCarthy Beatrice Nyburg Jane Railton Barbara Reichmuth Barbara Roth Maryly Snow Marilyn Steele Carol Sweeney Lesley Tannahill Constance Wilhelm Phi Mu 2545 Prospect St. FOUNDED AT WESLEYAN COLLEGE, 1852 ETA ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1916 EIGHTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS Edna Anderson Virginia Degenkolb Diane Erickson Karen Gale Nan Konig Kay Leppert Marilyn McClintock Sandra Marts Helga Moeller Barbara Rhodes Glenda Spivey Carol West JUNIORS Paula Akemann Carol Clough Mary Frost Jean Genetti Linda Gittings Mary Ellen Gorman Roberta Hawk Joan Hoyer Mary Jo Kropf Judy Kuns Karen Madsen Julie Petersen Peggy Sands And Schoonmaker Signe Shambaugh Clarie Smart Janet Taylor Claudia Avitabile Kathie Barnes Cynthia Erickson Roberta Tennant SOPHOMORES Linda Agnone Marilynn Foree Gayle Gibson Adrianne Holmer Sandra Hoos Bonnie Kramer Bonnie Langford Pam Matsen Diane McCloskey Sue Monroe Shelley Nix Sally Reynolds Pat Rager Connie Ruben Ann Simonsen Leslie Williamson Terrie Worth FRESHMEN Kathi Abbott Lani Atkinson Joan Baldwin Sue Barry Susie Behrens Jo Ann Biasotti Rheta Christensen Valerie Gamenara Irene Hartung Fella Hirschman Sallie McKesson Vickie Moser Chris Rakestraw Lynne Smoot Dea Waters Sue Wiggins Pi Beta Phi 2325 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE, 1867 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Laurie Bischoff Lynn Bush Louise Cianciarulo Nancy Hayhurst Pam Kimball Beth Marsteller Melinda Menzies Terrie Mills Nancy Nicolaus Susie Otto Nickie Severance Harriet Stark Helle Stueland JUNIORS E. B. Blanchard Betsy Bright Bonnie Drewes Marcia Finch Pat Hickman Dyanne Ladine Julie Perkins Wendy Phillips Linda Schwartz Sue Singer SOPHOMORES Barbara Adams Parry Chapman Paula Daly Anne Farnsworth Wendy Finkenbinder Diana Gregory Bobbie Hamberg Georgia Kraus Jane Logan Terry Lowe Carolyn Morrow Judi Musto Patsy Nicolaus Lynn Demarest Jane Downer Megan Dryden Cass Pettefer Janet Primm Judy Primm Joan Radonich FRESHMEN Talie Bigelow Jean Blair Maureen Doughty Maureen Duffy Betsy Emery Ann French Sallie Gessler Vickie Graham Sally Hall Cassie Harbaugh Pam Harvey Bobbie Quaintance Sigma Kappa 2409 Warring St. FOUNDED AT COLBY COLLEGE, 1874 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED AND ONE CHAPTERS Laurie Fleming Lynn Gentner Marcia Hege Carolyn Macintosh Judy Manning Barbara Maynard Bonnie McCaughan Barbara Miranda Claudia Rees SENIORS Sandra Madeleine Joanne Campbell Marcia Coates Carol Davis Nancy Fevereiro Joan Pat Judy Margaret Weatherhead JUNIORS Kathleen Karen Paula Calderhead Margery Cockrill Carole Crandall Susan Dole Betty Francis Carolyn Gaba Jean Giorgi Nancy Grant Carol Carol Susan Gretchen Patricia Sue Kathryn Misch Margaret Morrison Marcie Odell Cecilia Pilone Connie Prescott Claudia Read Dianne Richardson Roberta Rutherford Christine Sipila Pamela Steiner Mary Stiles Suzanne Triebel SOPHOMORES Evie Ashcroft Janet Brown Marion Cutler Linda Dravenstadt Marilyn Fazio Kathleen Gray Virginia Harper Penny Humphreys Robin McConahy Missy Michiels Partianne Nagle Roberta Peters Chris Ronay Sue Scheble Judy Sullivan June Sutherlin Aime Teder FRESHMEN Madly Allen Janis Anderson Sharon Bachman Mary Bennion Marcia Boland Andree Bruzzone Judith Coates Melinda Corneille Diana Delucchi Barbara Frost Charlene Hallaian Lynne Holley Marian Jones Betsy Karrer Bonnie List Cherie Mannerstedt Nanci Nelson Karen Primm Wendy Turner Zeta Tau Alpha 2310 Prospect St. FOUNDED AT LONGWOOD COLLEGE, 1898 UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 ONE HUNDRED AND NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Sue Applequist Sharon Burke Sue Burton Ann Conner Karen Doyle Helen Evans Sherry Lindbergh Carole Mejia Marjie Quinn Judy Shannon Sonja Spreiter Petie Way JUNIORS Peggy Bauman Carlee Benteen Meg Borba Dee Callis Diane Cherry Romaine Clerou Shelley Hamm Marion Henning Vikki Kaste Dorothy Pease Nancy Randall Trixie Roost Ryan Pat Smith Bobbie Stiles Pat Templeton Mary Walford SOPHOMORES Mary Allen Karen Boyd Linda Brown Terry Chaplin Eileen Costales Donna Darby Vonnie Dunk Anne Haggard Jane Hamilron Pat Haven Lynne Hongola Ann Hutchinson Leslie Mecum Barbara Nawman Cheryl Plummer Kathy Quinn Sue Read Betty Richardson Sheri Sawtell Dannelle Smith Cece Stephens Diane Thomas Pat Wolfe FRESHMEN Jane Alton Karen Brundage Carol Childs Peggy Harlow Jeanne Holbrook Carol Lyons Cammie Rosson Chris Shores Sue Snedecor Kathy Thompson Delta Sigma Theta FOUNDED AT HOWARD UNIVERSITY, 1913 KAPPA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 TWO-HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE CHAPTERS Delta ' s Five Point Project Program provides a means of coordinating local chapter activities. Each project expresses itself through service at home and abroad. Through these media the members of Delta Sigma Theta are meeting the educational, welfare and cultural needs of the communities. SENIORS Marcia Martin Juanita Smith Sylvia Stovall JUNIORS Fern Bennett Marilyn Handis SOPHOMORES Lynette Carter Wilson Sigma Omicron Pi FOUNDED AT SAN FRANCISCO STATE COLLEGE, 1930 U. C. CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1946 ONE CHAPTER SENIOR Joyce Fong JUNIOR Victoria Wong SOPHOMORES Flora Fong Gerlene Fong Annie Tom FRESHMEN Janice Chong Hazel Chu Barbara Kong Phi Sigma Sigma 2728 Channing Way FOUNDED AT HUNTER COLLEGE, 1913 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1926 TWENTY-FOUR ACTIVE CHAPTERS Dana Martin Eden Zidell JUNIORS Edy Bass Bunnie Blatt SENIORS Diana Dwane Karen Goldman Claire Hirsch Sue Dalton Marsha Franks Helen Goldby Irma Gruen Michele Hymann Barbara Levin Lydia Perlman Carol Ann Potter Beverly Schwartz Judy Stanton Mimi Stern Marsha Wolfe SOPHOMORES Judith Allen Esther Bauman Trudy Chudner Tina Dwane Marilyn Kading Abby Korchek Andi Savage Mary Spitzer Susan Suplin FRESHMEN Phyllis Berger Barbara Kanter Joan Kuris Sandy Olson Betty Pick Diane Schulman Iris Sperber Nancy Stock Esther Veedell Fraternities Of all the inconsiderate times for the car to cause trouble! Interpretive dance on the gridiron Lynda Shuck makes her royal debut at Acacia House. Cram time Miss Nancy Mangan Greek Week Queen Lengthening her list of royal honors, which already Soph Doll 1962 and Miss Beauty 1961, Nancy Mangan reigned over the 1962 Greek Week festivities. A member of Kappa Alpha Theta, she makes her home in Newport Beach. Since she is a native of Southern California, she " naturally has an affinity to water sports. " Should a drought occur, Nancy is also proficient in golf and tennis. However, this sociology major is not only sports-oriented. She would like to circle the globe she is " basically curious about people and the way they live. " Interfraternity Council Noel Nellis President Larry Miller Ad . Vice President FALL OFFICERS Chris Kane Exec. Vice President Don Canavan Secretary Tom Dunlap Treasurer Richard Cobden Representative Jack Overall Representative Roy Rocca Representative Dennie Smith Representative Noel Nellis President Richard Cobden Ad. Vice President FALL PRESIDENTS James Ellman Howard Wade Carl Formoso William Loomis Barry Regar George Lewis James Hagemann John Erby Paul Beal Norman Anda Ridgway Whittemore Kenneth Stenlund Robert Whitley John Bianucci Dorman Smith William Granger Charles Jones Gerald Riggs Dennis Johnson Gregory Antipa Jeff Ward Lyman Rust James Larson Jon Hakman Darrell Friedman Robert Schlieman Herbert Archibald Larry Sonsini Charles Ogburn Jerry Duncan Manuel Don Brian Herman Alan Certik Bart Epstein Milton Redford William Grieg Jon Vogel Gerry McManigal Jeffrey Grant Robert Harshberger Thomas Hobday Michael Dean Jack Overall John Merritt Chris Orman Allen Puckett Charles Kodimar Richard Stenton FRATERNITIES Acacia Alpha Chi Rho Alpha Chi Sigma Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Epsilon Pi Alpha Gamma Omega Alpha Kappa Lambda Alpha Phi Alpha Alpha Sigma Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi Chi Psi Del Rey Delta Chi Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Sigma Phi Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon Kappa Alpha Kappa Delta Rho Kappa Sigma Lambda Chi Alpha Phi Delta Theta Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi Phi Kappa Sigma Phi Kappa Tau Phi Sigma Kappa Pi Alpha Phi Pi Kappa Alpha Pi Kappa Phi Pi Lambda Phi Psi Upsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi Sigma Nu Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Pi Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi Theta Delta Chi Theta Xi Zeta Beta Tau Zeta Psi SPRING PRESIDENTS James Ellman Melvin Buderer Fred Selby William Crawford Jay Hurwitz Rodney Robinson R. E. Conway John Erby Harmon Bennett Norman Anda William Barbee Donald Wiesner Stuart Proffitt John Bianucci Paul Lin Paul Yost William Silveira David Phillips William Staats Gregory Antipa Don Hiddleson Peter Carter Duff Danilovich Lothaire Voegele Barry Harlan Robert Schlieman Jon Schroeder Thomas Mayer Charles Rowins Tom Fogarty Art Wong John Stuart Alan Certik George Caplan George Rathman William Harrison Dennis Cohen Stanley Mehlhoff David Barnett William Evans Alan Lindman D. Ross White James Sherk John Bennett John Orman Barrett Woodruff William Ginsburg James Bonney SPRING OFFICERS Peter Wong Secretary Buzz Schulte Treasurer Tom Hobday Representative Dick Iglehart Representative Jack Overall Representative Roy Rocca Representative Terry Timmins Representative David Dail Larry Epperson David Behnke President During the recent academic year, the Scholastic Honor Society underwent change. Previously membership was bestowed bi-annually. Under the revised membership in the society has been limited to thirty fellows, who are selected in May. Since members are chosen late in the year, only last year ' s non-graduating members are presented. In the early spring, applications for membership are sent to fraternity members who have achieved at least the minimum scholastic requirement of 3.0. Participation in fraternity functions and other campus activities is also considered. The replies are reviewed by the president of the society and by representatives from the Office of the Dean of Men and the Alumni Association before invitations are extended. Paul Lin Robert Joehnick Interfraternity Scholastic Honor Society Richard Seibert David Leppaluoto Myron Sugarman Robert Knight Clifford Surko Harold Teasdale Eric Van de Water Charles Weinberger Thomas Whelan Byron Wood Acacia 2340 Piedmont St. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF M ICHIGAN, 1904 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1905 FORTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Oren Fletcher Larry Galer Ron Grand Barry Haskell Charles Weinberger Lawrence Wessel JUNIORS Richard Collins SENIORS James Beck Terrance Elliott Jim Ellman Roger Knacke Marty Seffens Jack Issaacs Joe Moaveni Marvin Neill Waldemar Radtke Tom Roberts Robert Watch SOPHOMORES Daniel Allen Richard Carsner Michael Collins Jim Dandridge Frank Hollister Wayne Kirk Jim May Darien Roseen FRESHMEN Tom Damask High Ellis Robert Jacobsen Andrew Leggitt Duncan MacPherson Ray Sattler Gustav Miss Linda Shuck Sweetheart of Acacia Acacia bestowed royal honors this year on Linda Shuck. An English major from Atherton, she at the Delta Gamma house. The Ski Club found an ardent skier in Linda, who also enjoys swimming and playing the piano. Linda has traveled extensively throughout the United States. A tour of the Orient in 1961 proved to be a stimulating and unforgetable In fact, she hopes to fulfill an ambition to return to Japan as an elementary school teacher. Alpha Chi Rho 2311 Le Conte Ave. FOUNDED AT TRINITY COLLEGE, 1895 PHI RHO BACHELORDAN CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1923 TWENTY-THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Mike Beck Melven Buderer David Chanbers Bob Moren Ed Romascan Stephen Rush Bernard Savant Clifford Surko Robert Turner JUNIORS Lance Anderson George Dutton Cliff Estabrook James Hunt Rich Ivey Bob Lamb Ben MacMillan Chris Stromsness Edward Wade SOPHOMORES Ed Schranko Dich Whittaker FRESHMEN Richard Hunter Dan Peletz Alpha Chi Sigma 2627 Virginia St. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN, 1902 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS GRADUATES John Berg Jim Bordner Dave Ellis Carl Formoso Bill Kenney Quentin Looney Frank Miles William Scott Todd Wipke SENIORS Robert Dehn George Fosselius Richard Ivanetich Fred Selby Jo Vinson JUNIORS Bob Dearstyne Selden Hall Michael Henderson Pat Hoggard Robert Liden SOPHOMORES Thomas Fall Bernard Lilly Darryl Ting Alpha Delta Phi 2401 Ridge Rd. FOUNDED AT HAMILTON COLLEGE, 1832 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1908 TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Phil Condit Bill Crawford James Detling Thomas Dunlap Paul Fry William Loomis Tony Price JUNIORS Bill Berry George Duff Skip Frank Bob Fuller Hearn Les Herold Tal Jones Johnson Tom McGowan Mark Robinson Ken Toy SOPHOMORES Don Fry Bernard Schulte Tom Trower Keith von Borstel FRESHMEN Mike Bradley Peter Goodwin Scott Herold Trey Hoagland Fred Imhoff Jack Munson Alpha Gamma Omega 2713 Haste St. FOUNDED AT UCLA, 1928 BETA CHAPTERS ESTABLISHED 1939 THREE CHAPTERS SENIORS Richard Henke George Lewis Thomas Peacock Rod Robinson JUNIORS Vic Campos Robert Draper Rudolph Johnson Stephen Lim Roger Litwin SOPHOMORES Dennis Byrnes Paul Deker Michael Durkin John Gustafson Arthur Heineman Elton Nelson Dan Neufeld Dennis Neufeld FRESHMEN John Hoehn Rich Hyslop David Klint Ken Kolberg Ervin Nelson Alpha Epsilon Pi 2327 Warring St. FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1913 CHI ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1949 SENIORS Pete Abram Warren Arnoff Howard Borer Roger Franklin Bob Levy Ronald Rabin Barry Regar Michael Scholar JUNIORS Barry Benioff Michael Golden William Gombert Randall Hartmann Eric Homberger Jay Kahn Foster Kivel Kenneth Krichman Gene Matzkin The Ape House Ronald Mermel Steven Silberstein David Smith Sidney Winicki SOPHOMORES Robert Belzer Ronald Colburn Gerald Heeger Jay Hurwitz Richard Inlander George Kornbluth Robert Lyons Michael Young FRESHMEN Stuart Baron Bob Block Don Britt Michael Dicker Sanford Fox Benjamin Kaster Hardey Kayne David Sucher Wazu Delta Sigma Phi 2415 Prospect St. FOUNDED AT THE CITY COLLEGE OF NEW YORK, 1899 HILGARD CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1915 NINETY-FIVE CHAPTERS SENIORS Ed Barnett Clinton Bidwell Ado Braun Peter Campbell Bob Dennison Dave Greiner Tom Hakanson Allan Jones Robert Kappmayer Jack Lundgren Stephen Moody Tracy Mordock Bill Speake JUNIORS Henry Herrera Les Jacobs Eric Lundstrom Ed Mendonce Bill Mitchell Larry Palm Jason Reed Bill Safarjan Summers find Gwaine a hostess on the Rocket to the Moon at Disneyland. Miss Gwaine Nuest Delta Sigma Phi Dream Girl The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi selected Gwaine Nuest as their 1963 Dream Girl. A Humanities major, she aims for a career in educational While on campus the Tri-Delt house is home, though she comes from Garden City, California. This avid Bear-Backer seldom misses a Cal basketball or football game; while her active sports life centers on swimming, AWS used Gwaine ' s modeling talents in the Big and Little Sister Fashion Show in the fall and her smile brightened the runways again in April for the Panhellenic Style Show. Her active campus life was recently augmented by selection to membership in Oski Dolls. Even at three, she was a princess. Delta Sigma Phi Bill Silveira John Stark Stephen Suess Phil Swigard FRESHMEN Merle Ake Mike Bixler Charles Haug George Jansen Mike Karsh Cliff Luengo Jim McLaughlin Farrell Sutton Richard Vargus Bob Vernon Duff Wright Cassie Jack Underwood Stuart White SOPHOMORES Jim Ashbrook Keith Dunker Bob Frank Igor MacKay Dean Owens Cher Shifflett Charles Suits Delta Kappa Epsilon 2302 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT YALE COLLEGE, 1844 THETA ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1876 FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Eric Cowing William Granger Gerald Morrow Stephen Shirley Edwin Wood Paul Yost Gery Zacher JUNIORS John Bigelow Robert Boyd Charles Boyle Frank Frates Peter Michael Mike O ' Neil SOPHOMORES Howard Beeman John Berg Tom Davis William Hunter Charles Moody J. Sweet Terry Viele Hugh Wallenfels FRESHMAN Tom Berrey James Cameron Robert Durkin Russel Fisher Steve Hornby William Uren William Vaughn Mike Whitman Robert Wright Alpha Kappa Lambda 2701 Hearst Ave. FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1914 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1914 NINETEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Harold Caplenet Ronald Cassano Richard Conway Dennis Escola Tom Mapes Wiliam Meierding Dick Moriarty Michael Pritchard Jeffrey Totten JUNIORS Merrick Cheney Bob Duarte John Dunlap Edwin Gunn Lawrence Hull Philip Lyons Richard Mitchelon Peter Miller Jim Oaklund William Porter Robert Nicholson FRESHMEN Stephen Aker Robert Foster Donald Ross Richard Seibert SOPHOMORES William Avery Robert Hickerson Doug Mapes Bruce Turner Alpha Sigma Phi 2739 Channing Way FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1845 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Paul Beal Bob Bennett Zell Cantrell Richard Cobden Bill McNally John Proffett JUNIORS Chuck Donaldson Ted Edwards Gerry Flinn Alan Johnson Paul Jones Herb Klein Steve Lundgren Gerald Maloney Bob Massey Bill Peregoy Jim Vechten SOPHOMORES Dave Brown Daniel Cohn Paul Keith Dick LaFrenz Gary Sciutto FRESHMEN Chuck Bale Gary Bowe Fred Flinn Alan Hill Rich Riemke Rich Vivrette Bob Weider Alpha Tau Omega 2465 Le Conte Ave. FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1865 GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Dave Enfield Frank Ducote Chuck Martin Gino Scatena Paul Smith Carv Zwingle JUNIORS Norm Anda Steve Bradley Warren Coats Brian Cunningham Dave Fox Mike Fraser Clay Henley Bill Hulsy Larry Jackson Roger Labataille Ron Obert Gene O ' Neill Bob Scott Dick Soderholm Bill Thurlow SOPHOMORES John Beck Bruce Bennett Paul Carroll Al Crittenden Jerry Dodson Randy Gaines Steve Paliwoda Mike Plunkett Doug Snyder Skip Swaney Steve Tate FRESHMEN Doug Edwards John Garmus Lance George Mike Kahan Nick Knueppel Ken Lammi Jack Mattis Dave Meister Marty Sengo George Boa Beta Theta Pi 2607 Hearst Ave. FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1879 NINETY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Pete Applegate Clark Astle Bill Barbee Don Lauer Hank Muston Dick Railton Jim Smith Ridge Whittmore JUNIORS John Hughes Dick Iglehart Bruce Meyer Mike Neal Bill Quine John Shenk Tom Stanton Larry Taggart Bob The el Bob Towne Eric Van de Water Jim Whitaker SOPHOMORES Bob Beim Bill Burrows John Clarke Bob Graham Ned Griffith Frank Hayman Mike Henderson Bob Holman Hank Huff Hank Hunte Ross MacKay Pete Peracca Mike Spencer Dick Terry FRESHMEN Walt Altorfer Dave Callow Tim Cameron Scott Chauchois Jeff Davis Doug Hudson George Peterson Marshall Rose Kip Seefield Chi Psi 2311 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, SCHENECTADY, N.Y., 1841 ALPHA DELTA DELTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 TWENTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Dave Hudspeth and Dale Hukari take advantage of a band break. SENIORS Richard Cairns George Goerl George Hunt Robert McDougall Stuart Proffitt Robert Whitley JUNIORS Igbal Ahmed John Barneich Steve Carr Donald Dalke Robert Pomeroy SOPHOMORES William Chew Roger Chretien Richard Dietz John Harper Kendrick Miller Arnold Moss FRESHMEN Jefferey Parrish John Reinsch Thomas Strong Chi Phi 2722 Durant Ave. FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF NEW JERSEY, 1854 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1875 THIRTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Gene Burns J.B. Davis Peter Fraser Timothy Higgins Ed Laufenberg Steve Norwood Ken Stenlund JUNIORS Tom Cooper Michael Fox Ron Gardner Steven Ipson Chuck Jensen Bill Long Don Wiesner SOPHOMORES Fred Burrell Thomas Herget Frank Murnane Larry Sand Barden Wilmar Roger Young FRESHMEN Crandall Bay Terance Busch Peyton Carr IV Gary Craycroft Jim Cumming Tod Gregory John Hutchinson John Matthias Ellison Meier Michael Mellon Mark Rodebaugh Kim Street Scott Wild Del Rey 1727 Euclid Ave. FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, 1903 ONE CHAPTER Merle Poole Robert Reed Frank Stephenson SOPHOMORES Dan Appleton Marshall Munt FRESHMEN Mike Bianucci Richard Brannin Richard Brush Robert Cross John Koble FACULTY FELLOW John Dorn COOK Mae Ecklund SENIORS John Bianucci Jafilam dela Cruz Rich Rose Ronald Rose JUNIORS John Durein GRADUATE William Hudson SENIORS Joel Brush Jay Flachsenhar Dorman Smith JUNIORS Ray Grinsell Delta Chi 1756 LeRoy Ave. FOUNDED AT CORNELL UNIVERSITY, 1890 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER FOUNDED 1910 FORTY EIGHT CHAPTERS Leon Kaufman Paul Lin Michael Milner John Moir John Russell Peter Thaten Scott Tolman James White SOPHOMORES Thomas Alexander Brian Austin Christopher Cleland Richard Fitz David Kriedt Robert Munoz James Olson Gene Petrocelli Gregory Small T. Fitzgerald Smith Wayne Spruce FRESHMEN Donald Bloom Paul Dubois George Dicochea John O ' Connor Mark Sario Delta Tau Delta 2425 Hillside Way FOUNDED AT BETHANY COLLEGE, 1858 BETA OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1898 NINETY-ONE CHAPTERS " Hard students are commonly troubled with gowts, catarrhs, rheums, cachexia, bradypepsia, bad eyes, stone, and collick, crudities, oppilations, vertigo, winds, and all such diseases as come by over-much sitting: they are most part lean, dry, ill-coloured . . . and all through immoderate pains and extraordinary If you will not believe the truth of this, look upon great Tostatus, and Thomas Aquainas ' works; and tell me whether those men took pains. " — Burton ' s Anatomy of Melancholy. SENIORS Joel Fadem Tom Fanning Max Gray Nick Goyak Hugh Johnson Art Layne Jack McKeown Peter MacVean Bill Mott Barry Patton David Phillips Larry Prudhomme Jerry Riggs Jim Schnabel Craig Stalker Brian Tanner E. S. Wharton JUNIORS Ron Angel Gary Baker Franklin Banker Ed Boyle Larry Francis Lee Harmon Jim Harrington Michael Henninger Gary Kilpatric Tom Markham William Moss Ross Ritter Jim Thompson Steve Voss Bill Yeager Stuart White SOPHOMORES Steve Beilock Mike Crawford Jerry Eggers Bob Koehler Fred Riedel Greg Palamountain Jamie Sutton John Ueberroth FRESHMEN Rick Barron Tom Exter Chip Gillette Steve Hughes John Konrady Marc Lorenzen Bill Putnam Skip Smart Bill Worthington Delta Upsilon 2425 Warring St. FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834 CALIFORNIA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1896 EIGHTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Bruce Allbin Win Hoyt Denny Johnson Randy Mundt Stephen Small Bill Staats JUNIORS Michael Anderson Jim Baird Kent Brewer Bruno Thomas Mike Chase Kendal Collins Bill Cooper Steve Cuthbert Sam Dolman Don Francis Larry Haines Charles Kavanagh Norbert Murray Dick Rudloff Don Solem Tom Sturges Peter Weber Bruce Weiss Dean Wilen SOPHOMORES Darian Dawson Don Fendon Tom Harris John Morgal Charles Peckham Jay Rodrigo Ted Temple FRESHMEN Doug Allen James Gordon Bill Graham Marty Klitten Bill Maybeck Leland Scott Herbert Tully Kappa Alpha 2425 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND LEE COLLEGE, 1865 ALPHA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1895 EIGHTY-ONE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Ronnie Gallagher SENIORS Greg Antipa Larry Campbell Lee Jebian John Komer Ben McMakin Charles MacQuiddy John Rodriquez Steve Johnson Tom Lagamarsino Steve Patten John Robbins Jack Scranton Jerry Wallace FRESHMEN Richard Foulkes Richard McKee Jordan Neri Bill O ' Neill John Stoner Gary Wellman Cliff Schulz Walt Vortmann JUNIORS Dale Debold Phil Goode Charlie Moll Burton Voorhees SOPHOMORES Phil Eckert John Flynn This year ' s Kappa Alpha Rose Queen, Sterling Hilleary, can often be found sitting in the Student Union writing poetry; Sterling ' s ambition is to become a writer, an ambition which she has through her work as Commissioner of and Senior Editor of her High School yearbook, professional writer for Quest ' s Ronald Kaiser, and recently Frosh staff member of the Blue and Gold. But let no one think Sterling ' s interests are one-sided. She is also an active member of Oski Dolls, belongs to Kappa Alpha Theta, is a football enthusiast, and was, two summers ago, an American Field Service exchange student in Turkey. Friends point out that her favorite is a frustrated, " Well, what am I going to do? " Needless to say, if she keeps on working as creatively as she has in the past, she won ' t have to worry. Miss Sterling Hilleary Kappa Alpha Rose Queen FINALISTS FOR KAPPA ALPHA ROSE CONTEST — Leslie Tannahill, Linda Schackt, Sterling Hilleary, Marty Dixon, Noreen Williers. Kappa Delta Rho 2601 Le Conte Ave. FOUNDED AT MIDDLEBURY, VERMONT, 1905 LAMBDA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1924 TWENTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS George Cooke David de Carion Robert Foster Don Hiddleson Clyde Izant Doug McLaughlin Dave Mattek Bill Morgan Richard Myer Noel Nellis JUNIORS Dick Davis Jim Duerr John Ellis Eric Johnson Orville Morrow Wayne O ' Connell Frank Pierson Dennis Pollet Doy le Wiseman Hugh Ward Don Zwakenberg SOPHOMORES Robin Bollinger John Hendricks Sam Merrell Asa Meudell Dennis Mulhall Tom Pallas Ted Pelletier Ned Ryan Guy Saperstein Raleigh Steinbach Jim Sundal Ken Truitt FRESHMEN James Beschel Edward Chapla Tom Davoli Tom Gregg William Fine Rick Horning Allen Sterbenz SENIORS Edward Baker Howard Bertenthal Michael Fallon Julius Kahn Samuel Lewis Dennis Natali Mark Susnow JUNIORS Mark Berman Kenneth Budman Martin Ebur Darrell Friedman Phi Epsilon Pi 2412 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ROCHESTER, 1911 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 SIXTEEN CHAPTERS Martin Harband Bar ry Harlan Jay Garfinkle John Gilman Richard Glazer Michael Harris Herbert Levy Fred Rothman Edward Simon Paul Steiner Michael Ullman SOPHOMORES David Adler Paul Alpert Glenn Braunstein Barry Burnstein Stephen Burton Barry Fisher Gary Garfinkle Charles Goldman Paul Kahn William Levin FRESHMEN Andrew Belling Bryan Gerstel Bud Mushkin Art Schumann John Steiner Ronald Stolwitz SENIORS Dick Griffin George Jardim Richard Keller Dale Morgan Perry Nissler Lyman Rust JUNIORS Peter Carter Wait Griswold Richard Hartje Bob Isaacson David Johnson Ron Mettler Mike Rothschild SOPHOMORES George Bate Tom Childress Jim Heidner Dan Kendall Jim Orton Kappa Sigma 2400 Warring St. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1869 BETA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1901 ONE HUND RED TWENTY-FIVE CHAPTERS Phil Stevens Jeff Stubbs Jon Wilson FRESHMEN Steve Brinck Tom Curry Kip Douglas Marry Durham John Farella Mike Lipelt John Nystrom John Rogers Darrol Stanley Miss Linda Erhart Kappa Sigma Sweetheart As Sweetheart of Kappa Sigma, Linda Erhart the fraternity ' s hostess. A graduating senior, who majored in psychology, Linda hopes to a school psychologist. Non-academic time is often spent in gab-fests, but opportunities to or swim are seldom turned down. Linda comes from the capitol city and lives at the Tri-Delt house when on campus. Linda makes her selection at the Fruit-O-Matic in the old Stephen ' s Union. SENIORS Nicholas Bizony Bob Cresap Richard Dale Tom Kruse Malcolm Leiser Stephen Lyon Phi Gamma Delta 2395 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848 DELTA XI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880 EIGHTY-TWO CHAPTERS JUNIORS Arthur Amos Stephen Booth Mike Cottrell Philip Durbrow Peter Edelen Doren Hoffner William McCarty Bob Schlieman Bob Urrea Tony Ivelich Rex Jones John Philips Jerry Rekers Tim Sloat Gary Stoecker Jim Toni SOPHOMORES Michael Durney Jeff Glass John Griesser Russ Pitto Steve Robertson James Schmuck David Urrea John Webber FRESHMEN Craig Clifford Pete Cowan Bill Kadell Pete Michaud Michael Moore Rod Sievers Jerry Hunt Robert Joehnck William Lieser Gary Seden Gary Walton JUNIOR George Cook Dave Cowee Lowell Cummings Duff Danilovich Bob Duncan Gregory Ervice Jerry Kallan Mike Leary Patrick McCarthy Lee Maples Dick Meadows Bill Moring GRADUATES Robert Knight John Newmeyer SENIORS Craig Beckstead Noel Castleman Hal Cooper David Dowell Robert Forrar Lambda Chi Alpha 1755 Le Roy Ave. FOUNDED AT BOSTON UNIVERSITY, 1909 MU ZETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED FORTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Miss Barbara Soehrens Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen Lambda Chi Alpha ' s Daffodil Queen is Junior Barbara Soehrens. Barbie, as her Alpha Chi Omega sorority sisters call her, is a biological sciences major who hails from An honor student, she also finds time for university activities, and is vice president of Panile and art coordinator of Associated Women Students. Although her academic is to become a dental hygienist, Barbie ' s extra-curricular activities and hobbies reflect her ambition to have a home and large family. Skiing, knitting and art layout work rank among her favorite interests, as do dancing, sewing, and shopping. Lambda Chi Alpha ' s Daffodil Queen has traveled through the midwestern U.S. and hopes after graduation to spend several months touring Europe. Ed Sweeney Bill Woodward SOPHOMORES Larry Banducci Bill Callaway Peter Chernik Jeff Kuck Donald Milliken Dave Peterson Glenn Robak Ted Russell Paul Schwabe FRESHMEN John Anderson Richard Cunningham Richard Dowell Pete Greenough Joel Grey Ron Melton Del Pletcher Tony Rairden William Randolph Bill Wagstaff Phi Delta Theta 2717 Hearst Avenue FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1848 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1873 ONE HUNDRED FIFTEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Douglas Champlin Allen Cox William Dempsey Brian Dodd Arlen Feldman John Graham Harold Gregerson David Hakman Adolph Martinelli John Parsons Allen Peters Dennis Smith Ralph Swearingen JUNIORS Mike Byrne Ron Mayo Cary Meyer Tim Mossteller John Schmidt Tom Seed Lothaire Voegele SOPHOMORES Hans Albeck Patrick Bixby Lawrence Briggs Steven Brodrick Jack Fox, Jr. Russ Moore Joseph Townsend Bob Travaille Timothy Ward Philip Whiteborn FRESHMEN Larry Bernheim Jeff Brennan Gary Cling Steve Colliau John Cox Geoffrey Cutler Edward Flynn Munn Hinds Larry Lawrence Brian Prinn Kirk Workman Phi Kappa Sigma 2320 Warring St. FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY CHAPTERS JUNIORS Mel Anderson David Badovinac Thomas Breckenridge Herbert Blanks Steve Calegari Bob Camp Donald Canavan Leroy Carlenzoli Michael Cook Mick Darlington Richard Dopkins Richard Downs GRADUATES John Quinn SENIORS Randal Bill Dowdall Philip Dunn Dick Kreutzer John Schmiedel Larry Sonsini Russell Wisler FAMACS barbara adams charlotte ashby katy baker sue barnes katie bonnell sharon bromley maryann buxton jane casagrande pat doherty mary dunn karen hawkins dana henry pat hickman marilyn hughes diane ladine sheri laird marsha mcrae gi manske betsy moran gretchen olson pam palmer julie perkins pam peterson pam pfitzer jane preston carolyn scarsten diane schroder chris sipila maryly snow harriet stark nancy terry diane traverso John Erbes Niilo Lund James Mack, Jr. Ed Musante Mike Vaughn SOPHOMORES Walter Buck Jeff Demetrescu Tim Hogan Steve Howell R. O ' Donnell Fess Sawyer Jim Siegfried FRESHMEN Dave Burks Barry Drogmund Charles Menoher Stephen Prevost Lou Riley Franz Schwarm David Van Atta Warren Wood Phi Kappa Tau 2335 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1906 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1921 SIXTY-SEVEN CHAPTERS Charles Ogburn Russell Porter Charles Rowins Lawrence Weeshoff JUNIORS Louis Cosso Richard Coulter Gerald Davis Richard Harding Daniel Hernandez Harold McKeen Jim McNally Richard Mortola SENIORS Roger Carons Richard Hutchinson Larry Jessie Tom Koon Andrew Kritscher Joe O ' Brien Peter Pettler James Prola Craig Robbins Bill Rosecrans Dennis Schmitz William Sloane Bob Smith SOPHOMORES Dave Berg Vic Chiarolla Dave Fishback Fred Hall Donald Harding Woody McCann Russell Medevic Richard Moran John Moriarty Louis Rohlicek Nicholas Sokol John Trouton FRESHMEN Jeff Berg Les Blankenship Kenneth Paige Donald Stewart Miss Sue Sprague Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl PHI SIGMA KAPPA MOONLIGHT GIRL FINALISTS — Pam Preuss, Anne Kennedy, Diane Davidson, Sharon Greiner, Sue Sprague, Dorie Darrow. Should you hear someone singing in the laundry room over at Gamma Phi Beta, it ' s probably Phi Sigma Kappa ' s Girl, Sue Sprague. An out-going girl, Sue likes music — she plays the — art, tennis, swimming, hiking, and playing rugby with the hashers. Her range far and wide; a few summers ago she worked in a bullet factory, and she now states one of her ambitions as going for a swim " in the outdoor pool at Hearst ' s San Simeon. " Sue ' s attitude life can be summed up neatly in her most often repeated expression, " It ' s beautimus. " Phi Sigma Kappa 2312 Warring St. FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MASSACHUSETTS, 1873 OMEGA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1909 SEVENTY CHAPTERS SENIORS Joe Clark Chuck Di Bari John Drobny Frank Ferris Dan Green Jim Harshbarger Gary Kalback Tom Klein Rich Loverde Mike Pachoud Harry Stewart Bob Wheeler JUNIORS Rick Beeman Steve Chapman Tom Cummings Myrkle Deaton Jerry Duncan Toby Edson Tom Fogarty Heinz Freymann Lee Holden Roland Iverson Steve Kellogg Geoff Kessler Art Mecklenburg Rich Meier Jerry Ongerth Phi Sigma Kappa Rowland Stanley Jim Teuscher Jerry Waugh Marshall Perry Wayne Skinner SOPHOMORES Jim Ashcraft Larry Cook Bill Kolbe Dick Little Tony Schaurer Robert Sneed Mike Walker FRESHMEN Grant Armstrong Chuck Cabrera Dennis Fleming Russ Hedrick Buddy Martin Shaun Sullivan Dick Vortmann SENIORS Herb Archibald Larry Brookes Dennis Slavich Phi Kappa Psi 2625 Hearst Ave. FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852 GAMMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 SIXTY-ONE CHAPTERS JUNIORS Geoff Anderson Wally Bank Roger Consani Dennis Crowley Bill Failing Carl Hovland Jon Krischer Ted Kruttschnitt Bob McDowell Phil Mortenson Asger Nielsen Jon Schroeder Ed Sisola Bob Sullivan Mike Tuft Hank Williams SOPHOMORES Mike Bell John Calmer Jules Gilbert Steve Gruner Doug Whaley George Williamson FRESHMEN Stan Bachtold Mick Collins Linn Roth Peter Smoot Ernie Washington SENIORS Doug Dang Joe Gee Harry Lim Win Wang Pi Alpha Phi 2534 Warring St. FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, BERKELEY, 1925 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1925 ONE CHAPTER Art Wong Dennis Wong Richard Young JUNIORS Tom Chow Manuel Don James Fong Wing Gee Peter Wong Rodney Wong SOPHOMORES Michael Chang Wendell Chun Randall Fong Dave Inouye Don Kumata James Leong Dennis Low FRESHMEN Michael Chen Ron Jan Pi Kappa Alpha 2324 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA, 1868 ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1912 ONE HUNDRED AND SEVENTEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Alan Nelson Roger Popper Jack Trumbo Ron Vaughn JUNIORS Gregg Avilla Vic Baldi Bill Bowley Larry Colton David Dowling Russ Godt Bill Harrison William Newsom Tony Oberholtz Timothy Ryan SOPHOMORES Jam Barker William Caldwell George Duff Kermit Good Glenn Jelks Ken Moulton Robert Steinberg FRESHMEN Don Cobleigh Ralph Dickinson Bill Proffit Steve Radich James Van Hoften Pi Lambda Phi 2727 Channing Way FOUNDED AT YALE UNIVERSITY, 1895 TAU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1922 FORTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Al Brodovsky Linsey Freeman Harry Hamovitch Bennett Hornstein Gary Morris Harold Pearson Fred Schlachter Richard Wank JUNIORS Michael Berk Tons Dawers Barton Epstein Stan Genser Bob Keilly Rick Leifer David Levitas Dennis Parsons Myron Sugarman SOPHOMORES Michael Attie Bill Berland Art Berliner Steve Bisgeier George Caplan Harvey Clewans Harry Cozen Randy Even Steven Flasjer Bruce Flushman Bob Frend Robert Grossman Douglas Herst Dennis Jaffe Robert Kagan Gene Kaufman Douglas Key Bob Klass Mark Lachtman Michael Rothberg Jerry Shluker Michael Steinberg Sid Zisook FRESHMEN Richard Bloom Jerome Lipnick Steven Sachs Roy Ulrich Psi Upsilon 1815 Highland Place FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833 EPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1902 THIRTY-ONE CHAPTERS SENIORS John Austin William Brown Tom Campbell Stacy Keach William McAdam Thomas Palmer Fred Peterson George Rathman Buzz Redford Gary Rogers James Taggart JUNIORS Ed Bradbury Bob Collins Rick Cronk James Hillman Robert McLeod Zeb Stewart SOPHOMORES John Alshuler Bill Clayton Rich Gary Rich Gattis Barry Horney Frank Huffman Paul Lerch Steve Onderdonk Rich Rankin Dieter Scholz Greg Spreen Tom Thomas Kenneth Tietz FRESHMEN Bill Archer Stuart Benson Bart Butler Robert Campbell Steve Drummond Terry Holberton Robert Ingham Steve Laird Bob Lane Larry Logan John Teele Kent Tiernan Sigma Alpha Epsilon 2722 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA, 1856 BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1894 ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-ONE CHAPTERS All-University Football Champions. SENIORS Joel Butler Tom Carter Peter Dezzani James Frank Richard Freeland Bill Greig David Hafleigh Robert Hammer Bill Harrison Perry Haviland James Mills Arthur Mingst Ken Niederhaus Phil Richards JUNIORS Robert Bradley Glenn Ellingson Joseph Falkinham Steve Fleming James Giacomazzi Bruce Grube Walt Hartwell Randy Litzenberg William Paulin William Rodgers Stanley Smith Donald White Robert Williams Walter Zech SOPHOMORES Klaus Barre Michael Criqui William Hosmer David Letlow Robert Matiasevich Michael Morgenroth Charles Pinkham Robert Smith John Sullivan Edward Whipple Chris Wilson FRESHMEN Richard Cullen Steven Hall Robert Hanson David Johns Terry Moreland John Snyder LITTLE SISTERS OF MINERVA Linda Benson E. B. Blanchard Betsy Bright Ann Comer Cynthia Coltrin Doris Darrow Alba DeZan Susan Frieder Patricia Gallis Vicki Keller Bonnie Langford Joan Nelson Joan Parker Dottie Sayward Karen Shain Sheri Smith NOT PICTURED Kathryn Britton Kathleen Dykstra Jan Edwards Pam Manuel Clau dia Owen Ann Steiner Diann White SENIORS Edward Germain Dave Horowitz Steve Marpet Sigma Alpha Mu 1735 LeRoy Ave. FOUNDED AT THE COLLEGE OF THE CITY OF NEW YORK, 1909 SIGMA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FIFTY-ONE CHAPTERS Larry Miller Nick Newmark Joe Samuel Phil Shuper Marty Stein Elliot Steinberg Kyoji Tabata Art Vatz Jon Vogel JUNIORS Richard Abramson Phillip Adler Roger Burten Alan Cohen Dennis Cohen Jarin Feldstein Jerry Green Dick Golden Alan Goldstein Mike Haimovitz Jeff Kauffman Larry Lorberbaum Mike Lyon J. R. McMichael Joe Slusky David Steiner Ken Waldeck Michael Weiss SOPHOMORES Arlen Andelson Ed Azlant Robert Baum Dan Berman Mike Fein Al Harris Mike Nisenson David Bordon Dennis Caspe Ben Feiles Bill Finkle Jan Freed David Goldstein Spencer Kagan Joel Kaye Mark Nadel Michael Rips Geoffrey Rothman Alan Sandler Roger Shulman Sheldon Winnick Steve Zahm Jim Zimring FRESHMEN Don Baker Rich Friedlander Ron Kaldor Barry Kauffman Robert Lander Brian Sax Rick Sukov Sigma Phi 07 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1827 ALPHA OF CALIFORNIA ESTABL ISHED 1912 ELEVEN CHAPTERS Robert Penn John Phelan Clark Ransome JUNIORS Bill Arrillaga Jim Boscoe Clint Day GRADUATE Gary Cummins SENIORS Bill Evans Bob Harshberger John Martin Leigh Gaba Rod Marraccini Bill Pfann Bill Reichert Roy Rocca Jim Stuart SOPHOMORES Tom Alamano Tom Alexander Russell Burbank Mike Cheney Bill O ' Brian Gene Sbarbaro Steve Tapson Mike Woodward FRESHMEN Rob Bittmann Rick Bowles Alan Chesrerman Bob Gillham Dick Holland Jay Jacobus " Sig " Sigma Phi Delta FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA, 19 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1952 THIRTEEN CHAPTERS SENIORS Dennis Bosler William Desjarin Edward Lampo Bill Lewis JUNIORS Fred Burke Bart Ellison James Gaskill Coleman Johnson SOPHOMORES Lawrence Howorth James Longwell Bob Renof FRESHMEN Roger Fontes Jim Frierson Mike Lane Mike Lewis Dick Morisky Bill Nutting Fred Rhyne Charles Sontaag Norm Thompson Bob Wadell Jack Windeler Sigma Chi 2345 College Ave. FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855 ALPHA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1836 ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY-FOUR CHAPTERS SENIORS Wayne Fingerson James Hollister Andy Jurgens Harry Lake Norm McLean Gerry McManigal Raymond Owens Robert Peppin Steven Ricketts Daniel Stucka Robert Suter Frank Welsh Larry Wentzel Pete Zimmerman JUNIORS Robert Areualo Kit Christiansen Steve Daily Hal Davis Dan Devoto Duane Edmonds Michael Ericson Harry Histen Miss Jean Kalbach Sweetheart of Sigma Chi One of several freshmen fraternity queens, Jean Kalbach was honored in February as the Sweet-heart of Sigma Chi. An honor student of Tower and Flame, " Bucky ' plans a history major, but has no after-graduation plans. Jean ' s Christmas holidays at home in Altadena, California, were interrupted; she was Cal ' s queen representative in the Western Basketball classic. Between beauty honors and books, this queen enjoys a brisk swim or a run down the ski slopes. Sigma Chi Chuck Hutten Dale Luomala Jim McNamara Stan Mehlhoff Walt Mollison Scott Muller Harry Osborne Peter Scalia Byron Smith Ross Sutherland Craig Thomas Joel Tomei SOPHOMORES George Foster George Girot Jerry Knapp George McKibbin John Paulson James Phillips Sid Smith Jeff Thompson Don Worden FRESHMEN Mart Bosschart Dale Chamblin Mike Deeter William Moores Nick Panzer Hilman Walker SENIORS David Barnett Sean Fitzgerald Harold Geiogue Jeff Grant Al Knudson Gary Mauser Robert Metzger Gary Meyers David Van Hoorebeke Sigma Nu 2710 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE, 1869 BETA PSI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1892 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS JUNIORS Gordon Baechtel Doug Beernink Terry Clarke Phillip Darney Terry Davis Alan Fowler James Hodgen Nick Lammerman Dave O ' Brian Jon Shoenberger SOPHOMORES Ken Crandall Robert Dietz John Einhorn Ruel Johnson Pete Pike Alex Popov Charles Smith Peter Vander Naillen FRESHMEN Marvin Baecker Daniel Crain Raleigh Griffiths Richard Knight Ed Lebb Steve Miller John Padley Milt Price John Teel James Warren Bill Maddigan Fred Merriam Steve Millich Howard Schirmer Jeff Smith JUNIORS John Baarts Michael Cook Stan Farrar Ronald Fenolio Gene Galster Tom Hobday Harold Hutchings Sigma Phi Epsilon 2316 Bowditch FOUNDED AT RICHMOND COLLEGE, 1901 ALPHA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY-NINE CHAPTERS GRADUATE Jim Peirce SENIORS Robert Christiansen Frank Curcio Denis Eymil David Hammer Jim Litsinger Miss Sandy Brooks Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Heart Queen Queen of Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sandy Brooks, is a member of Alpha Delta Pi. She comes from Los Altos and naturally enjoys the out-of-doors. Sandy tees off well down the fairways, though she ' s the first to take any pointers. A freshman, who will major in sociology, she hopes to enter elementary teaching. Through the Y.W.C.A. she is receiving some training for such a career, as she is a teacher assistant in the Student Research Program. Sigma Phi Epsilon Bill White Don Williams SOPHOMORES Philip Daro Forrest Gagnon Jim Jackl Terry Jackson Dick Johnson Don Lauro Bob Duc Robert Phillips FRESHMEN James Traweek Steve Woodcock A. Lindman Frank Malone Gary Robinson Rick Rust Gerald Steel Bill Storey Sigma Pi 1816 Scenic Ave. FOUNDED AT VINCENNES UNIVERSITY, 1897 IOTA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 FIFTY-TWO CHAPTERS SENIORS Mike Doan Lee Escajeda Ross White JUNIORS Jesse Oahoa James Swenson SOPHOMORES Alan Adams Ralph Anthenien Jim Dyer Richard Glasspool Anthony Granucci Martin Larsen Richard Maxwell Richard Tone Bill Wilcock FRESHMEN Thomas Davenport Jack Ellis David Steegen Tau Kappa Epsilon 2725 Channing Way FOUNDED AT ILLINOIS WESLEYAN UNIVERSITY, 1899 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1919 ONE HUNDRED AND SIXTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Robert Bergh Gary Code Bijan Fouladi Gar May JUNIORS Gary Andres Hank Brainerd Ken Casaday James Chamberlain Tim Clune Ross Curtis Jim Mott Dale Olson Jack Overall William Poulton George Prime William Rosentreter James Sherk SOPHOMORES Ugo Baldassari Jim Clardy Fred Conrad Bruce Cowger Miss Linda Lee Johnson Tau Kappa Epsilon Red Carnation Queen Hailing from the Sunshine state, Linda Lee Johnson traversed the country to a new home in Alameda as one of her numerous trips. The Teke ' s queen began her traveling as an American Field Service Exchange Student, having spent a summer in Greece. Working on a in Florida, Linda Lee fostered her ambition to do magazine articles for a return trip to Europe. That voice heard round the world belonged to Miss who was honored with the selection of her voice to be transmitted from the Navy ' s Telestar satellite. Linda Lee awaits the signal to transmit her voice from Telstar. Tau Kappa Epsilon John Gosline George Gracis Gary Hall Vincent Howes Lance Johnson Mark Johnson Phil Keeffe Raymond Mitchell Ralph Morgan Michael Peterson Jon Pollon Michael Doyle Lee Hugdal Randy Morgan Howard Reedy Marty Reutinger FRESHMEN Russell Buss Rey Sanchez Bill Schmohl Alan Shirek ΘΞ PIRATE PARTY 1961 Theta Xi 1730 LaLoma Ave. FOUNDED AT RENSSELAER POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE, 1864 NU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1910 FORTY-SIX CHAPTERS SENIORS Ralph Hilzer John Horgan Allen Puckett Richard Rowe Leland Smith Barry Woodruff JUNIORS John Barnard Salen Christer Michael Gallagher Dixon Hill Stephen Leask Michael McElroy J. Morgan Leland Oelke John Osborn SOPHOMORES Ronald D ' Aloisio William Scheel FRESHMEN Dave Bonino Ronald Covey Charles Grace Eric Hocykman John Kroes William MacReynolds David Newhouse Doug Southworth Theta Chi 2499 Piedmont Ave. FOUNDED AT NORWICH UNIVERSITY, 1856 MU CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1913 ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY-FOUR CHAPTERS Paul Grace Woody Gregory Gerry Martin Jack Merritt John Poore Joseph Ramus Harry Schroeter Bill Withuhn JUNIORS Paul Accampo SENIORS John Bennett Steve Bennett Bob Dale Mel Brodie Chris Chadbourne Richard Cutler Fred de Grosz Orland Gallegos Bennett Gleason Mikel Goodwin Lowell Hickey James Needham Richard Nightingale Donald Wehe Gordon West SOPHOMORES Gunther Boccius Robert Bush Greg Moore Jon Woolery FRESHMEN Lawrence Donovan James Poore Darrell Sooy Bob Wright Sam ΘX Theta Delta Chi 2637 Durant Ave. FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1847 DELTA DEUTERON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1900 TWENTY-NINE CHAPTERS SENIORS Frank Bodie Walt Brown Terry Carr Paul Ehrich Merlyn Lausten Jorge Morales John Orman Thomas Tusher Steve Ulsh XΔΘ JUNIORS Ron Briggs Doug Brown Iver Bruflat Michael Collins Pete Dutton Hale Frather Larry Kennings Roger Kosel Al McBride G. Samuelsen Robert Stricklin David Wasserman NO YOU CAN’T TAKE HIS BLANKET-YOU’VE GOT EVERYTHING ELSE Steve Zalkind SOPHOMORES Samuel Johnson Patrick Maharg Daniel Miller Jim Olson Don Orosco Henry Richmond,IlI James Roberts Ralph Roberts Charles Schad Roger Swanson Cary Swoveland William Zimmermann FRESHMEN Robert Archibald Don Beeson John Fuller Steve Henrioulle James Jorgensen Phillip Neely Thomas Nixon Zeta Beta Tau 1712 Euclid Ave. FOUNDED IN NEW YORK CITY, 1898 ALPHA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1929 FORTY-EIGHT CHAPTERS SENIORS Martin Blank Stephen Bley Richard Fischer Jim Gidlow Robert Gordon Jim Harris Lenny Heumann Paul Hofmann Steve Kay Charles Kodimer Ron Levant Frank Nillman Michael Wolf JUNIORS Don Bell Paul Bilovsky Justy Frank William Ginsburg David Hofmann Robert Jacobs John Michel Stephen Moress Daniel Phillips Bruce Polichar Stephen Scheinman Andy Spilker Rick Sylvester SOPHOMORES Roger Cherniss Mike Epstein Sol Frydman Floyd Hoffman Larry Hornick Rick Jacobs Keith Liberman Thomas Linton Elliot Mercer Bruce Parker Jerry Rosen Harvey Saferstein Greg Sarna John Spilker FRESHMEN Bradley Bank Joel Banowit Marty Cooper Michael Greene Samuel Guttman Les Harrison Andrew Hoffman Ronald Rosen Joseph Schwab James Waldman SENIORS Anthony Andrews James Bonney E dward Bowen Vic Manuelli Thomas Solinsky Richard Stenton Zeta Psi 2728 Bancroft Way FOUNDED AT NEW YORK UNIVERSITY, 1847 CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1870 THIRTY-FIVE CHARTERS Dennis Tavernetti Allen Test JUNIORS Geoffrey Bill Ross Hambly Ron Jurgensen Robert Kresser Tom Pattinson August Schilling Edgie Scott Jeff Skinner John Smith SOPHOMORES Steve Harper Thomas Meyer James Moore John Rinne Mike Scullion Joel Witkin FRESHMAN Martin Denicke Peter Dorinson Paul Foster Steve Green Bill Gunnell E. Laire Landon Pete Snowden Sam Stevens Robert Tocchini Page van Loben Sels George Viguie " Where will I live? " is an obstacle made surmountable for hundreds of students by the numerous residence halls. There are choices among the three-year-old " new dorms ' and the other dormitories, the cooperatives, and many boarding houses. Except for Bowles, the residence halls have not been on campus as long as fraternities and but this has not prevented them from developing distinct personalities and building their own traditions. Friendly rivalry exists between the residence halls and the entire campus and among the halls themselves. In 1961, Deutsch Hall described itself as " Perennially superior —quite better than the average dorm. " Since then, the other residence halls do not overlook opportunities to disprove the claim. Residence hall members are participants in campus activities. As units, they enter, compete, and win honors in campus-wide contests. For example, Deutsch and Cheney have, for two years in a row, carried home the Spring Sing Sweepstakes trophy. This year, ‘Calpatch, U. S. A., " the creation of Putnam and Freeborn, walked off with top honors in house-dec competition. CHENEY HALL NUNNERY Residence Halls Barrington Hall 2315 Dwight Way BARRINGTON HALL — Row One: Frank Mendels, Jules Lichtenstein, Mike Goldstein, James Starkovich, Daniel Chan, John Maynard, Rich McGinnis, David Stein, Sandy Fuchs. Row Two: David Florio, Rich Marshall, Ron Wilbur, Gary Fretter, Tony Finizza, Robert Hole, David Berge, Frank Strehlitz, Edwin Oliveira, David Williams. Row Three: Dale Chatham, Joe Surf, David Stone, Bob Holmstrom, Gordon Gray, Larry Minter, Edmund Dela Rosa, Dick Chogyoji, John Perlin, Bob Dahla. Row Four: Barry Winograd, Jack Waananen, Joseph Allen, Tom Sutak, Steve Smith, Bob Lewis, Dave Barnhart, Jeffery McCreary, Gerald Smith. BARRINGTON HALL — Row One: Gerald Matsumoto, Bob Houstin, George Crozier, Jerry Griffin, Charles Clay, Fred Bogott, Tom Hirata, Bill Rinamen, Barry Fishman, Rich Row Two: Ken Wagstaff, Dick Campbell, Ron Roger Phillips, Mike Fink, Gerald Crichton, Rodney Sharp, Joe Jurick, Byong Ahn, John Bayes, Paul Duncan, John Burnside. Row Three: Walter Blume, Corey Chapman, Wayne Luney, Dave Adams, Bill Pfeil, Terry Coddington, Mike Morony, Tom Dean, Tom Foster, Brian Rea, Mike Tompkins, Stan Woodman. Row Four: Bob Boyer, Chuck Flynn, James Normandin, Dennis Wolff, John Gueldner, Richard Shogren, Roger Smith, Eugene Bennett, Kenneth Robillard, Dennis Mumaugh. Bay View Terrace 2335 Warring St. SENIORS Charleen Barrett Yvonne Galipeaux Lessell Hans JUNIORS Rita Der Vartanian Pat Gorman Melinda Laykin SOPHOMORES Julie Cooke Patricia Crowley Sue Grover Joanne Horii Mary Peters Judy Wong FRESHMEN Judy Edson Penny Guy Myna Hastings Marsha Maier Sherman Hall 2250 Prospect St. Sherman Hall was established in 1942. It was named after Lillie Margaret a YWCA secretary and a faithful friend of the Co-operative movement. Sherman houses 47 girls and until 1954 had an annex on Prospect St. which housed some 26 more girls. In 1956, two years after the annex had been sold, male students were first allowed to board here. Originally there were only 4 boarders, but gradually the number increased to the present forty. With the addition of male boarders the character of Sherman Hall became unique. Her uniqueness is apparent in all the activities of the house. Most meal crews have boys and girls on shift. Sherman ' s greatest achievement came last spring, when all the house members united to raise enough money to win the campus Ugly Man Contest. SENIORS Vera Foote Susan Heichel Linsen Hsia Evelyn Tom Karen Wigand JUNIORS Karen Abdallah Roberta Christy Li-Chiang Chu Judy Lanen Sandie Leidecker Barbara Merat SOPHOMORES Luceen LaTorre FRESHMEN Carolyn Charlton Karen Clark Peggy Duncanson Beatrice Moule Beaudelaire Club 2347 Prospect St. SENIORS Rosanne Cunningham Pat Hart Kathleen Horan Wendy Rebscher Marti Roehr Ramona Sadi Better grades Evening snacks Angels and cherubs Up the hill Dances and parties Engagements Last one in takes lock-out! Amiable girls Inevitable finals Remember Pinafore Eventful year. Valerie Dupre Lynda Fall Gale Howard Marsha Studebaker SOPHOMORES Clyanne Briggs Lita Goroza Carino Betty Hobby Dennie Kington Sandy Moore Buttons Tobey FRESHMEN Linda Billings Pam Ensunsa Mary Thamann JUNIORS Bobbie Apau Cloyne Court 2600 Ridge Rd. David Hon Mike Mohaghegh John Ruzek Harold Yeaman SOPHOMORES Siang- Ping Kwok Greg Plant John Swarbrick FRESHMEN Dan Bertozzi Donald Bloodworth Gary Griffith John Mulhern Jim Pierog Warren Sabak William Whitmore SENIORS Rae Archibald Dave Barrish Jacob Fan Cary Fox Robert George Barry Korn Richard Palmer Frank Pan Jerry Reynolds David Sakai Chung-I Tan Edward Trujillo Gordon Whitehead JUNIORS Chuck Bennett Robert Byer William Grant Bowles Hall Campus GRADUATE RESIDENT James McCabe SENIORS Deni Aramayo Richard Ballard Led by mighty Bert Carner, the men of Bowles achieved new heights this year. Eight fantastic dances, highlighted by our Fall Informal at the Hamilton Air Force Base Officer ' s Club, added greatly to our social calendar. Traditional activities including the J. P. Erdman Memorial Picnic, i.e. beerbust, and Whaleboat Race (won by the Seniors of course) kept the Hall so busy that we did not take part in our annual Social Probation. As usual Bowles took an active part in campus activities, particularly our boycott of the ASUC elections. Last year ' s American League Champions fought vigorously to once again gain this honor. Numerous volleyball practices kept the men in good shape, and off the wagon. Housedecks, Takes It in the Short-Ribs, " with AGD earned second place in our division. And our Annual Party for underprivileged children provided a good time for everyone. As in every year since 1928, Bowles tried to carry on in the highest tradition of the Golden Bear, except for our grade points. Kent Benedict Jonathan Benjamin Robert Brady John Broderick Andy Capestro Bert Carner Pictiaw Chen Seymour Cherney Gary Davis Noel DeDora Ken Fowler Thomas Glau Neil Goldfarb Don Goldstein Stephen Halpern Donald Hampton Daniel Lee Darrel Lum Dennis Lund Leland McElhaney Larry Mason Milo Popovich Tom Shelton Dennis Slaughter Ed Stabb Robert Vold JUNIORS Gary Bacher Ken Barter Bruce Bedig Richard Bennett John Burnham John Crawford Ron Denend Peter Dixon Mike Graham John Hargrove Michael Harris Richard Hoffpauir Eddy Lau Michael Leite Don MacKenzie James Mullen George Nagle Dave Perry Robert Piziali John Rasmussen Howard Robbins Tom Roehr Steve Shawl Clayton Spessard ATTENTION Grand Opening Of The West’s Newest Saloon The CRYSTAL PALACE Bowles Man and Cal Coed Are Cordially Invited To The Grand Opening, Saturday, October 13, 1962 Be Sure And Be There For All The Gambling, Dancing, Free Eats And Drinks See You There Terence Tao Baldwin Tom Greg Zwillinger SOPHOMORES David Bradshaw David Brewster Wyman Chan Fred Danner Paul Dorroh Hittelman Karl Hohengarten Knute Miller Gary Nakamura Jim Salerno Bill Stewart Tim Tarpley Bennett Tom Tom Weisenburger William Williams FRESHMEN Don Adolphson Robert Bulwa Richard Citron Norman Cook Thomas Donnelly Mike Duffy Rierson Forbes Armand Gambera David Hodges John Jensen John Jones Joel Klevens Trent MacKay Andre Marchenko Bill McCalla Ken Mettler Ken Moon Dan Paik Jeff Palmer Earl Preshaw Joseph Riley Marlin Wallach Ray Worden Bart Robertson Reid Sherwin Randolph Shipley Wyn Tunnicliff Cheney Hall 2650 Durant St. SENIORS Babette Andre Ruth Burns Adeline Cheng Sheri Ciminu Susan Craig Linda DeJong Debbie Derieux Margaret Doidge Laurette Faoro Bernice Kawamura Barbara LaMonte Helen Lee Nancy Leonard Carol Lewis Jean McMillan Helen Meyer Dolores Nearhood Madelyn Seats Helen Shiromizu Rosetta Tang Tullia Tesauro Nancy Warmer Joanne Watkins Sharon Yandell Barbara Zazzi JUNIORS Barbara Applegate Carol Bear Fern Bennett June Chisholm Fansler Diana Franke Susan Ganty Mary Lou Goldsmith Carolyn Herrick Kathleen Kish Nancy Lockwood Kathleen Morgan Judy Myers Mary Ann Purvis Joyce Shatafian Geraldine Smith Lorraine Sullivan Janet Sumasaki Jane Trummel Karren Ulyatt Ulvatt Nancy Walthew Elaine Waidhofer SOPHOMORES Carolyn Barr Beverle Bava Cheryl Carl Wendy Castleman Susan Clark Sheri Cummings Alice Dunn Jaye Fletcher Fern Fujii Shirley Gin Paula Landers Carla McCabe Margaret Mulholland Kathy Piccini Lynne Raider Pearl Seidman Kathie Shelton Marilyn Shreiber Susan Smith Carole Sterni Kathleen Sunada Carolyn Syphers Sue Templeton Laura Thomas Michele Toone Linda van Tonningen Sandy Waller FRESHMEN Christiana Brodie Linda Coon Linda Magnani Janet Meier Gerry Nagare Jane Presser Shirley Sherwood Pat Wong Cunningham Hall 2650 Haste St. SENIORS Laura Christopher Croskey Marjorie Daniels Penny Dinkler Alice Forrester Joyce Griffin Carol Hartogian Sheila Hui Carolyn Huskey Adele Katz Nancy Lestrede Madeline McCauley Joan Singleton JUNIORS Denise Andreuccetti Patricia Cochran Madelyn Gale Nancy George Carol Harp Barbara Peterson Carol Seitz Dorothy Tanner Susan Thompson Diana Walter Joanalee White Ann Wilkins Sylvia Wong Susan Wood Irene Yoshikawa SOPHOMORES Mary Alves Carol Bertram Margaret Brown Catherine Cline Patricia Cosgrove Mary Gorman Marilyn Harris Maureen Kwok Charlotte Lemmon Diane Matsuda Karen Melgaard Joanne Nagatani Judy Rowland Nadin Schindell Judy Sheretz Helen Smookler Martha Strauss Regina Tyson Ginger Wong FRESHMEN Marjorie Ashe Barbara Baron Melinda Doi Joan Dubman Linda Endacott Leslie Howell Lucy Olsen Heidi Ruehle Ellen Ruja Doris Wootton Davidson Hall 2650 Haste St. Lynn Jacobs Inara Karlsbergs Roseann Lavelle Joan Logsdon Kathleen McClay Kimi Nakawatase Dianne Reimer Margaret Rufer Sharon Saxton Joan Schwartz Henrianne Wong Jo Wright JUNIORS Dinah Bowen Shirley Brash Robin Craig Bonnie Friedland Judy Hughes Carolyn Jue Carol Krissman Gail Kungel Marilyn Lavezzo SENIORS Barbara Cherry Lynn Chiapella Rae Chong Jewel Davis Barbara Desrosier Frances Hardin Paula Loffler Roberta Lowe Nancy Naftel Marlene Nakamura Michele Sanda Tabor Stephanie White Marian Woelz Karen Woo Pam Young SOPHOMORES Wendy Barrett Sandra Bressler Lynette Carter Leslie Coffmann Jianne Gimian Pat Hashimoto Barbara Henderson Rosemarie Hineser Carol Melnik Linda Nurnberg Karen Paperno Catherine Holmes Margaret Howerton Susan Koetke Marianne Parker Charlotte Sain Virginia Smith Davidson Hall 2650 Haste St. Marian Williams Barbara Waksman Kimiko Watanabe Linda Yap Jackie Zeller FRESHMEN Deborah Bartlett Patricia Considine Nancy Davis Melissa Eisenberg Anne Parke Linda Reiss Anne Showstack Susan Swift Terri Taylor Joan Winston Suzanne Sobel Louise Stolback Penelope Swain Linda Michelotti Katherine Mico Jan Milford Marjorie Felmus Ronnie Fishman Carol Gilbert Mary Glen Vicki Longacre Judy Lowy Elizabeth Barrett Hall 2438 Warring St. SENIORS Linda Bridgman Susan Crocker Carol Graham Louanne Heinecke Julie Maracini Patti Young JUNIORS Barbara Bradbury Annette Cadosi Allison Kime Pat King Gale Migliavacca Marie Mizelle Pat Preshaw Loretta Reed Lynda Stone Pauline Vignolo Penny Warren SOPHOMORES Mary Kaye Conwell Sharon Esterly Sandra Fredrick Genie Iverson Bonnie MacGregor Nancy Stocker FRESHMEN Susan Frank Suzanne Gaskill Melinda Jensen Brenda Manning JoAnne Schwartz Deutsch Hall 2650 Durant Ave. HEAD RESIDENT Ruth File GRADUATES Charles Ford Andrew Gianulias SENIORS John Bayless Rich Bubar Alan Chan Jerry Connell Gary Delson James Fester Phil Fong Skip Funk Mark Gentry Gary Giddings William Goldsmith Bruce Haas Lloyd Hile Paul Hom Bruce Jamison Ted Kamins Darryl Korn Harvey McCown Edward Maker Richard Mau Clanton Mancill Lee Mitchell Neal Morgan Roger Morgan Joe Morris Steve Okamoto Fred Prydz Bob Rassa Scott Rhyner Robert Saunders Mike Thomas Jim Thrash Fritz Tietze Tom Tobin Bruce Tsurutani John West Ray Westergard Wardon Wong JUNIORS Jerry Beckman Vutthi Bhanthumnavin Dale Borglum Mike Brooks Ron Caruso Irwin Dudow Cass Friedberg Bill George Bob Haas Bob Howey Gary Kane John Lovett Eric Mische Bob Okamura Ed Olsen Bob Ritchey Gary Solberg Joe Sortais Dean St. Clair Les Thurman Neil Tuholski Richard Tully James Vaupel Dennis Washburn George Wasleski Gary Woods SOPHOMORES Doug Brown Arthur Fleming Phil Holtzman Richard Hungerford Sid Israels John Lappen Charles Powell Channing Robertson Chris Thompson Mike Zabaro FRESHMEN Buzz Boschken John Dilworth Bill Dorris Randall Evans Bill Gibson Bill Hauswirth Herb Howe Harold Lind Mike McGinnis Howard Menashe Bill Nachbaur Tom Quontamatteo John Reding Steve Smith Harry Yoshikawa Ehrman Hall FIRST SECOND FLOORS — Row One: Ray Lim, Norton Brilliant, Ronald Nagata, Ronald Young, Stan Inkelis, Louis Broline, Barry Beget, Ross Jerry Gibson, Curtis McMillin. Row Two: Kazu Takaki, Juan Kohn, Gary Rodriguez, Dennis Treadway, James Stosick, Dennis Carney, Jim Baumgartner, Rich Skolnick, David Bergman. Row Three: Alan Sheng, Norman Hong, Dennis Barry Baskin, Jonathan King, David Cook, Neil Hoffman. THIRD FOURTH FLOORS — Row One: Burton Rein, Jeffrey Brand, Lloyd Maeda, Douglas Shirachi, Bill Houchin, Bob Cragun, Dick Ferse, Tom Sourisseau, Randy Poik. Row Two: William Dorrance, Brooks Reid, Jim Nobilione, Richard Chapman, John Simmons, Chris Hair, Larry Goeltz, James McKinney, Ed McKinley, Jerry Burchfield, Sheldon Schaffer, Mike Paciotti, Paul Guttman, Terry Smith, Bob Johns, Wynn Matsymura. Row Three: Jim Brock, Allan Mord, Jim Leney, Jerry Carson, Art Falconer, Tom Hodder, Paul Farel, Jim Lindquist, Terry Coe, Peter Alexander, Ken Heller. FIFTH SIXTH FLOORS — Row One: Dennis Carney, Rain Schelp, Bob Slaughter, Craig Thomas, Ivan Fears, John Dobson, Jim Masuda, Mike Lee, Dudley Duncan, Steve Chipman, Tom Harper, Anthony Thiebaud, Carl Chatfield. Row Two: Tobey Cornsweet, Dave Schieber, Dave Mann, Jerry Sapiro, George Pezet, Larry Weaver, Rich Loman, Bob Giddings, Bob Showen, Paul Carter, Don Hall, Ed Levine, Mike MacFareline, Al Morris. Row Three: James Lathrop, Tom Edwards, Wyatt Eustis, Jon Bloom, Roy Romey, Dave Dorinson, Jon Cress, Charlie Morgan, Lui Bookbinder, Henry Weinstein, Bob Schindler. SEVENTH EIGHTH FLOORS — Row One: Bernard Lefson, Michael Goldberg, Ronald Stefani, William Severson, Allen Kent, Richard Goldberg, Dale Sayers, Rendon Yee, Michael Richards, Row Two: Ross Tye, Michael Saphier, Larry Krumland, Larry Allard, Norman Simoes, Paul Bell, Hall Terry, Arthur Hull, Stephen Album, John Shaffer, Marvin Fletcher, Bernard Lewinsky. Row Three: Sherwood Frey, Mike Allen, Jim McCabe, Cary Dolinko, Howard Toole, Hal Phipps, Richard Gearhart, Ray Kobsseus, Burt Calson, John Parks. Epworth Hall 2521 Channing Way SENIORS Linda Jones Lisa Krantz Carol Trager JUNIORS Joan Anderson Carol Banks Joanne Barkley Linda Bowen Judy Brigham Leslie Gottlieb Norma Johnson Louisa Lawton Judie Mathers Karen Melikian Karen Newel Karen Peterson Elizabeth Porter Susi Schlesinger Judy Williams SOPHOMORES Marva Bledsoe Diane Gateson Sue Helyer Diane Johnson Fay Muira Donna Parsons Jerry Plunkett Jill Tucker FRESHMEN Mella Dees Beryt Fricke Sue Himmel Barbara Kaehler Peggy Krauss Barbara Kuhan Marsha Lane Mary Lane Gwen Langdoc Carole Lindell Mary Jane Richards GRADUATES Cal Kado Euclid Hall 1777 Euclid St. Bob Wong SENIORS Ron Chong Tets Kashima Seiso Kawasaki Bob Matsui Don Munakata Mas Shimada Susumu Takabayashi Anthony Yuba JUNIORS Allen Chen Kanji Ehira Mike Ekinaka Sunny Kubose Keith Lee Ray Maekawa Rich Oda Tom Sonoda Mitch Yamaguchi Vic Yamato SOPHOMORES Warren Harada Takeshi Kagawa FRESHMEN Ernie Kawasaki Mike Ito Ken Nitta Milt Oda Don Takeda Art Esuchiya Gary Yamada Gerald Yamada Freeborn Hall 2650 Durant Ave. Margaret Macpherson Susanna Niem Judy Ott Linda Phillips Veronica Polich Ellaine Quaschnick Meredith Reddall Ann Rutherford Judi Sakimoto Marilyn Snaider Ella Tom Annette Verner Fay Winger JUNIORS Susan Aplin Cheska Callow Helen Chester Joan Cole Mary Jo Durham Jan Evans Megs Hallett Julie Jedeka SENIORS Barbara Binns Jeanne Browne Susette Donnell Kathy Hallen Jane Hallock Pamela Hansen Pauahi Judd Andrea Kaciff Lois Lehman Carolyn Jones Elaine Leblang Duangduen Lekhyananda Suzanne Lomnes Gail Lopin Sylvia Marcellini Linda Reynolds Pat Seeley Connie Steinkuller Lily Tamura Terry Tanaka Vickie Wong Laurene Wu SOPHOMORES Debby Brown Pat Brugman Judy Dysinger Gail Emmerich Susan Gillett Colette Granlund Diane Griggs Susan Hart Carol Henderson Kathleen Kingston Sandy Kussow Claudia Larson Donna Kaye Lew Andriette Lommell Bonnie McDonald Virginia Mathews La Vella Matye Karen Metzger Diana Miller Pam Nestingen Hannah Oto Freeborn Hall Margaret Schneider Margaret Scott Joanne Stuehler Barbara Tapper Pat Tong FRESHMEN Nancy Bubar Bonnie Campbell Suzanne Davis Claudia Ebert Joanne Edelman Gloria Ferrero Susan Frazer Catherine Gaines Donna Heibel G ail Heller Eileen Keller Evelyn Lichtenstein Nan Palmer Nancy Petersen Joan Rappaport Judi Reich Jill Solomon Marilyn Stein Barbara Stradcutter Annie Tom Betsy Walkover Joyce Ward Elizabeth Wilson Rosemary Zumwalt Griffiths Hall 2650 Haste St. SENIORS Gary Anderson Jerry Anderson Ronald Anderson William Brailey Walter Cole Jack Fujji William Gallaway Richard Kirchner John Koskinsen Marv Langsam J. E. Lowder Lloyd Morinaga John Owens William Parker Gary Sallee Robert Tousey James Willson David Yorston JUNIORS Michael Gold Brook Houghton Don Litvak Mel Mendelson Chuck Minning Ernest Romine Victor Yamoto SOPHOMORES Don Baker Robert Brown Richard Brumund Tory Ceschi David Childers Gary Fong Harold Forbes F. L. Fox Ronald Tsunehara Howard VauTrease FRESHMEN William Belding Stan Holcenberg Jerry Mosher David Perkiss David Smith Joaquin Hall 2430 Piedmont Ave SENIORS Sidney Boyce Linda Pucci JUNIORS Linda Arnold Terry Doell Tony Doidge Margaret Horne Linda James Sandra Pucci Spraker SOPHOMORES Sally Bogle Mary Dellinger Duncan Hendricks Sue Jacquot Maureen Maloney Dana Sanders Sandra Selders Sharon Smothermon Fran Territo FRESHMEN Catherine Anderson Jane Cox Leslie Kasper Yarka Prec Wylda Vold Paula Westbury JUNIORS Mary Butler Elaine Higgins Mitchell Hall 2939 Dwight Way Susan Pratt Linda Trabert SOPHOMORES Marilyn Bacci Jeanne Hodson Carolyn Vlymen FRESHMEN Lynda Kungel Elaine Macdonald Florence Mitchell Virginia Mitchell Putnam Hall 2650 Durant Ave. Don Johnson Joseph Ku Tenny Lam John Liebenberg Stephen Lomnes Sonny Low Donald Miller Steve Monson Bill Morris Dexter Roberts Gary Roberts S herwood Samm SENIORS Frank Andrews Fred Barnard Ken Berner William Bowen George Chaffey Bob Chapman Tracy Friedman David Goorvitch Russell Hardy Roy Ikegami Richard Stephens JUNIORS Keith Axtell William Baker Robert Banque Clark Burnham Harry Campbell Steve Carman Roger Froslie Seldon Hall James Lamm Mel Levine Bob Liden Bruce Maclin Tom Miyashiro, Sr. Richard Morse Bob Strand Don Weipert SOPHOMORES Jim Atwood D. Beasley Chris Bluemle Glenn Cunningham Dennis Fried John Gregory Charles Grimm Ed Noda Gary Rieben Richard Rouda Putnam Hall Ken Gay Gary Glaser Collin Leong Jim Meyer Norman Olafson John Sgheiza George Simpson Dennis Solomon Daniel Victor Gary Wakefield Fred Watt Anthony Wight Mike Silverstone FRESHMEN Mark Asronson Tom Allred Brian Bochner Bill Bowers Stan Clark Robert Conheim Henry Delp Dave Differding Richard Evidon Peixotto Hall 2939 Dwight Way JUNIORS Peggy Beaver Julie Evanson Anajane Gey Charlotte Hansen Florence Haseltine Susan Klein Marjorie Lamb Marjorie Merrill Sandra Schwartz Ann Smith Marilyn Lee Smith SOPHOMORES Bev Ballou Claudia Byrum Cathy Evans Sheila Houlihan Lynn Leibensperger Barbara Owens Grace Sturm FRESHMEN Marian Alquist Catherine Arrequy Lisa Bradbury Vicki Danon Ellen Elber Ellen Guisti Sheila McCrary Pat Muszynski Oxford Hall 2140 Oxford St. OXFORD HALL — First Row: Jim McGrew, Harry Delmer, Ted Duffield, Don Frank. Second Row: JWKoon, Ian Lanouette, Bill Rogers, John Kuo, Rich Strangio, Wyatt Eustis, Dave Reynolds, John Fox, Bill Busacca, Aaron Gallup. Third Row: Brent Hubbard, Geoff Fernald, Mayer Lechowitzky, Steve Al Bierce, Tom Woolley, Doug Wade, Bill Popendorf, Don Westergren, Mike Wilson, Gary Taplin, Doug Bowen, Roger Lee. Fourth Row: Mike Klein, Walt Prouty, Bill Stetson, Roy Whalen, Frank Zvonek, Norm Hallquist, Sze-Ming Suen, Brad Southworth, George Ishiguro, Rhys Williams, Bill Deck, Al Howard, Paul Quintana. GRADUATE Cynthia Speed SENIORS Miyoko Abey Marjorie Braunewell Ritter Hall 2422 Prospect St. Julia Chang Connie Hiraoka Patte Morgan Sue Neubauer Karen Pastorino Linda Yatabe JUNIORS Nancy Arnold Mary Budlong Susan Dill Karen Ellard Julie Inuka Jane Richards SOPHOMORES Doris Allison Mira Epstein Marilyn Hooper Alora Johnson Margaret Kai Judy Mathews Carole Takagaki Patricia Takei Carol Toriumi Susan Yamaguchi FRESHMEN Susanne Ethridge Diane Griffiths Margaret Ann Pierce Eileen Stringer Young Richards - Oldenberg 2939 Dwight Way JUNIORS Mary Anderson Eileen Hales Diana Bishof Jean Brown Carol Carbone Carolyn Carmick Betty Carstens Kay Chrisman JoAnn Clawson Edna Cole Anne Damon Carolyn Duane Jeanne Goforth Carolyn Huston Kris Isacson Mary Johnson Marsha Kuehn Louise Lyon Carol Moore Karen Moore June Schildhauer Lin Simmons Delynn Smith Martha Wakefield Aileen Yee SOPHOMORES Susan Abbott Rogelia Bigornia Liz Brady Rochelle Burns Alexandria Chastain Ferne Cherne Velma Choury Janet Cooke Karen Kriete Gloria Lum Kathy McOmie Melinda Miller Marietta Nelson Eileen Taylor Amy Tsuji Gail VanWinke FRESHMEN Helene Freedman Mary Hufnagel JoAnne Geuertz Kathy Greenbaum Beverly Kushnick Susan Lassen Mara Larson Doris Okada Mary O ' Malley Jan Peterson Kathleen Roe Suzan Thompson Silvija Vikmanis Marilla Whitney Smyth Hall 2939 Dwight Way GRADS Donald Johnson SENIORS Rich Allen Larry Bagnall Len Bunyan Larry Carlson Jerry Edelstein John Egbert Eric Luker John Malin Paul Nibarger Mike Selser Bill Sprague James Weathers Brandt Whipple JUNIORS Dick Ackerman Jack Barrett John Boss Lorence Carr Keith Conning Michael Friedman John Lacy Bill Morton John Nidecker Donald Poole Bill Skeehan Jerry Smith Brian Thompson Nick Van Valkenburgh Willy Wafford Dwight Warren SOPHOMORES Paul Boothe Alexander Brown James Hayashi Danny Olson Ron Reuss Toru Sasaki Sal Spinella Mike Vogan William Waddel Bob Whyte Fred Ybarra FRESHMEN Roger Andrews Bud Branstetter Robert Chong William Evans Stanley Ferber William Lyon Paul Macy William Precise Stern Hall U. C. Campus HOUSEMOTHER Mrs. Ruth Watson GRADUATE RESIDENTS Karen Krestic Sharie Stys SENIORS Phyllis Carollo Linda D ' Ari Susan Dinsmore Nancy Ellis Renee Haim Adele Hansen Zoanne Harris Marian Jackson Diane Krohn Miillicent Lee Helen Lofgren Charlayne Mattingly Sandra Plate Betsy Rogers Let ' s do the Limbo. " Begin at the beginning, " said the White Rabbit . . . the new hairdryers on first floor wouldn ' t have anything to do with the fire drill that wasn ' t. The second floor has mice (or had), a dyke of logs and towels when it rained (and Stern flooded . . . we almost had the Rad Lab on second) and wet girls (sans towels . . . obviously). Third floor has a mouse, planaria, a cat (or had . . . it went) and an overcrowded trunk room. Fourth has an alligator (or had) which was too much (for Mabel There are reindeer on all four. The dining room has conversation: " We are still missing two bedpans from Axe Review. " " Send me a self-addressed postcard with Yes: No: Sex —. " " J. Comm meets tonight; see your for invitations. " " Knock-knock — Who ' s there? — Mabel? " The first L. D. Boone Award for the Spring Semester was given to a nimble hasher named Karl who dropped his tray of dishes on the first night of served meals. Volleyball games started before dinner and lasted until it was too dark to see . . . then daylight savings time ended and we started studying. Our new outdoor light will fix that problem! (Which problem?) (What light?) Proposing amendments to the Stern Association bylaws was the fad, and Social Minutes made their appearance with comments on unraveling sweaters and knitting baby blankets. Through it all . . . ' High above the rounded hillside proudly stands Stern Hall " . . . STILL! Barbara Schneider Lynne Schrumpf Margaret Simpson Lexy Storm Jacqueline Thiessen Susan Upshaw Diane Weizer Laura Zeller JUNIORS Sandra Breaum Cathy Briggs Harrie-Ellen Bush Linda Christie Vickie Daly Dathel DeMaria Norma Hardin Gabrielle Lapachet Santa and the Reindeer. This was the year for floods. Nancy Mostin Lorraine Shapeero Johanna Shuey Nancy Spencer Susan Swain Nancy Witte Barbara Woolery Karen Zeller SOPHOMORES Lenore Abramson Jane Alsobrook Mei-Ling Bauer Maureen Bocian Sandra Brown Louise Buck Cala Chilton Carol Cleone Sylvia Duran Sue Fick Ann Greenwood Carla Harden Caren Harris Vicki Harrison Kathryn Hill Martha Hogan Bonnie Kaplan Sharon Lake Jean Lippett Joan Merle Joyce Muskat Karen Nelson Mary Ann Paradise Jean Petty Wendy Ragent Carole Ruegg Susan Fitch Ruth Friedman Jean Halpern Judy Hamermesh Louise Kai Bunnie Matz Barbara Miller Sheryl Morgan Paulette Post Diana Rossetti Natalie Tanner Sonda Ware Bobbo, the 4-C mascot. Marilyn Talken FRESHMEN Sharon Bard Linda Beber Julia Bolla Helen Bollman Lisa Broady Patricia Canary Christine Feay Ruth Enstein SENIORS Gary Massey JUNIORS William Allcorn Tellefsen Hall 2421 Prospect St. Chris Tellefsen is remembered as the founder of the present California Band; so in Chris ' s honor was founded Tellefsen Hall, as a home for Cal Bandsmen. A full social program plus the fellowship from the Marching Band and Straw Hat Band makes Tellefsen Hall a uniquely rewarding living experience. Now in its third year of operation, this is the first successful activity-centered living group in the Community. Douglas Barskey David Bruce Michael Cummings Donald Dean Larry Farnsley Thomas Green Lloyd Amborn Peter Kimball Joseph Muno Martin Parker SOPHOMORES Richard Case William Dal Porto George Hicks James Moore Chuck Schaupp Alden Spafford Richard Stanley Robert Warren FRESHMEN Michael Anzis Ceil Howe David Johnson Ron Jones Robert Moon Douglas Parr Michael Spencer Nick Stimbaugh Tom Tracy John Upton Women ' s Dormitory Association Board Officers Mary-Jo Durham President Carolyn Huskey First Vice-President Nancy Lestrade Second Vice-Pres. Sandra Moore Secretary Janet Willner Treasurer Representatives Shirley Brash Julia Chang Rosanne Cunningham Lynda Fall Karen Melikian Joanalee White Board Chairmen Karen Metzger Constitution Chrmn Pat Alves Gen. Publicity Chrmn Kathleen Horan Spec. Publicity Chrmn Veronica Polichi Scholarship Chrmn Karen Ellar d Service Chairman Council FALL PRESIDENTS Patricia Gorman Martha Roehr Mary Frances Reed Sally Goodart Diana Broden Karen Ulyatt Cathryn Hinchey Madelyn Gale Nancy Naftel Loretta Reed Karen Newell Pauahi Judd Susan Wells Linda Pucci Jeanette Hodson Margaret Beaver June Schildhauer Marjorie Braunewell Susan Heichel Patricia Boster Adele Hansen DORMITORIES Bay View Terrace Beaudelaire Club The Chalet The Chalet Annex Chateau de Longpre Cheney Hall Colonial Hall Cunningham Hall Davidson Hall Elizabeth Barrett Epworth Hall Freeborn Hall Hoyt Hall Joaquin Hall Mitchell Hall Piexotto Hall Richards-Oldenberg Hall Ritter Hall Sherman Hall Stebbins Hall Stern Hall SPRING PRESIDENTS Carolyn Buriani Lynda Fall Susan Treatt Susan Lichteman Betty Gernberling Carolyn Henick Patricia Taylor Jane Altose Robin Craig Elaine King Patricia Giertz Gail Lopin Carolyn Skinner Ethel Prowell Elaine Huggins Sara Julie Evanson Jean Suzanne Brown Marjorie Braunewell Doreen Der Carol Swift Diane Krohn Is that one piece or two? VARSITY The majority of students at Cal are Their choice not to affiliate with any living group affords them many advantages. There are no required meetings or compulsory social events, no points to earn. The advantages can turn into disadvantages, however. In most cases, a " compulsory " social event is more fun than none at all. Not being to join an activity, many neglect this phase of campus life, not realizing that they are ignoring possible enjoyment and many Those who commute have special To find a parking space closer than halfway to Oakland, it is wise to arrive before eight o ' clock. Arrangements with car pools and worries about heavy make it hard to participate in campus activities. Commuters come to view the Student Union as a second home. The Council was last year, along with the office of Commuter-Independent Representative. The Council works to solve problems and to organize social affairs, best known of which are dances and folk songs. program for independents " social memberships " in the dorms. Independents GRADUATES Don Hendon Raymond Halfaker SENIORS Alice Abeghian John Abramson Aaron Allen Eleanor Alpert Diane Amano Janet Amick Pat Anderson Susan Anderson Linda Antonio Dan Arthofer Lois Armstrong Jane Asari Independents Jean Azen Patricia Bagley James Ballentine Arlene Balsham Bruce Barbee Richard Bass William Bauer Gordon Beach Frances Beavers Barbara Beck Gerald Bender Carol Benson Ross Bendon George Bergman Catherine Berman Juliann Berman William Bican Judy Binsacca Ardis Blackburne Betty Blak Judith Blythe Claire Bohn Eileen Borg Corinne Bowin Stephen Brandt Janet Breger Shiela Bressler Albert Bridgewater Ken Briggs Barbara Brill Barbara Brinton Donald Brown Sandra Brown Sally Bruhns Susan Buescher Carol Chamberlain Doug Charters Raymond Cheung Boihon Chin Roger Chin Wayne Chin Lester Chuck Toni Clark Gail Clement David Cheng Edward Christensen Gloria Burke Frances Carlson Timothy Carlson Jan Carpenter Blythe Carver Robert Carver Nan Chalberg Cindy Chu Robert Coffer Beverly Cohen Jane Colwell Elizabeth Corbett David Cornwell Dan Cochran Beverly Crandell Jay Crane Adolfo Cruz David Cullen Jackie Dahllof Michael Daillak Cathleen Daily Elizabeth Dalziel Marilyn Damon Donald Darby Nance De Natale Dolores Denison Sandra Der Joanmarie Derenzo James Detling Edward Dickson John Dietzman Sue Dirksen Steven Dobson Thomas Drewek David Du Bois Sandra Dwelle Richard Edge Pam Effenbeck Lonnie Elgart Judith Eliason Yvonne Endo Paul Duncan Venora Duncan Robert Dunham Paul Fagan Diane Falk Pat Farr Marcia Fisher Donna Flint Judy Flood Sunnysue Faust Marianne Faveluke Ted Finkler Allena Fong Beata Fong Bucky Fong Joyce Fong Lincoln Fong Farel Footman Karen Fowler Don Frank Cathy Franklin John French Robert Friis George Chaffey Glen Fuller John Furtado Lyle Gabrielson Cathie Gagel Sherrie Gandin Jeffrey Gardner Nancy Garwood Philip Gash Margaret Geoffrey Mary Kate Gill Victoria Gillmeister Jane Gillmore Richard Gilmour Lowell Gomes Michael Goodman Zara Graham Barbara Grant George Gravlee Stanley Greenfield Hope Greenhill Judith Griffiths Luzanne Guidici Martha Hall Nancy Hall Joseph Halpin Arlene Hamstad Marvin Hamstad Tom Ha rps Cecelia Harris Linda Hartmann Hardy Hasenfuss Leif Hatlen Linda Hayward Michael Hayward Juli ann Hector Gail Henderson Nancy Herr Leonard Heumann Ann Hiramatsu Connie Hiraoka Larry Heibert Lynette Hiebert Judith Hixson Jeannie Holloway Mehdi Hoodei Nancy Horikoshi June Hose Joseph Howard Irene Hsu Patricia Hunt Kristin Hyde George Ishiguro Robert Iwasaki Bettie Jackson John Johnson Linda Kahan Marshall Kamena Katherine Karau Ilene Katz Charles Keller Daniel Keller Jeff Keller Mary Anne Kennedy Leilani Ketlinski Gale Kenney Graciela Kennedy Doug Kim Joyce Kimura Michael King Marilyn Knock Nancy Kobayashi Jane Krubiner Yumiko Kubota Peter Lai Peter Langhoff Peter LaTorre Thomas Laycook Alfred Lee Doris Lee Fay Lee Mary Louise Lee Sharon Lee Susan Lemon Robert Levine Louise Lew Karin Lewis Susan Lichterman Linda Lincoln Jerry Lombardi Valerie Long Joann Lopez Gerald Lucas Brenda Luten Ronald Lyon Barry McGough Michele McKeegan William McNally J. Fred MacDonald Karen MacKenzie Byron McCulley Jim McManus Roger Macray Alex Malinowski Janice Maneki Leila Manson Suzanne Marcus Marilyn Mardoff Cindy Margolin Pat Markovich Reena Marksity Barry Mendelsohn Frank Mijatovich William Miller John Millsap Kevin Miu Sharon Moses Pete Marx Paul Matheson Paul Matsui John Maxwell Bruce Meier Miyuki Motoyoshi Judith Murphy Susan Mustain Yasuko Nagura Pat Nakano Marcia Neal Arne Nerem Jane Nestor Blaine Newnham Mike Nichols Norm Nilsen Jane Nishikawa Audrey Nishimoto Stephen Oas Terrence O ' Brien Robert Olden Eleanor Olney Carolyn Olsen Pat O ' Reilly Carolyn Ortegren Kathleen Owens Maxine Ow Young Sandra Ow Young Hinda Ozan Terese Ozanick Michelle Padams Audrey Parks Kathy Parrott Earle Partington Ruth Ann Pattison Joan Paulsen Lowell Paulsen Carolyn Pecoraro Paul Pierson Patricia Pillard Carl Piluso Steve Pinney Edward Pinoni Colleen Poindexter Dan Posin Jean Poy Margaret Poynter Richard Pratt Cynthia Preston James Radford Lesley Rahm Judy Rains Omer Rains Sharon Pugh Robert Quartarela Evangeline Ramirez Betty Rasmussen Barbara Ray Richard Redner Muriel Renouf Janis Richards Carol Ridker Diana Riese Monica Robinson Barr Rosenberg Steven Rosenberg Ellen Ross Cathy Roumasset Jim Richards Judy Rosen Susan Ruddy Richard Rush Delcia Rusk Dianna Russell Paula Sam Pat Samways Flora Sato Dale Schauer Dick Schmidt Judy Schmidt Pat Schroeder Glenn Secor Par Selsor Ronald Serrano Susan Seymour John Shaffer Perry Shers Virginia Siemer Nina Silverman Irene Simon Charles Sismondo Wendy Slattebo Baxter Smillie Camm Smith Lester Smith Lloyd Smith Louise Smith Rayelyn Smith Ronald Smith Carol Snell Richard Snow David Snyder Warren Solt Eileen Sperry Anita Spring Andrea Stapel Alfred Stehli Michael Stewart Martha Stites James Stout Suzanne Sturch Par Taber Laura Tackett George Takata Yasuto Tana Ilene Tanenbaum Aimy Taniguchi Jo Anne Tanita James Taylor Loren Terzich Charles Thompson William Thompson Ann Tolchin William Tonsall John Toomer Mike Trockey Eugene Tsujimoto Sandra Tsukamoto Loretta Tuck Ray Tyson Emiko Umawatari Lenore Uyeyama Sondra Von Pinnon Joe Wakefield Sharon Walenta Ann Wallace Linda Wallace Marianne Walsh Valerie Weaver Helen Weber Mary Weisiger Mark Welden Kathleen Wells Joanalee White Kathleen White Wade White Lila Whyte Charles Wilde Kirk Willard Harvey Williams Jay Wilson Linda Wilson Larry Wittnebert Phil Wondra Gilbert Wong Judy Wong Winifred Wong Marcia Wood Constance Yamamoto Peni Arthur Yun Hei Yung Irving Rita Joanne John Zey JUNIORS Julie Ager Jo Allyn Archambault Peggy Archibald Farrel Baum Carolyn Belly Martin Bettenhausen Bob Bronzam Phyllis Gress Stephen Johnson Steve McKnight Linda La Rue Thomas Lovejoy Robert Luten Gay Fremier Lillian Fujimoto Jill Glassman Peter Haley Richard Hammond Sherry Heller Don Castle Joan Christensen Bill Corrigan Francisco Covarrubius Nancy Davison Ross Edwards Charles Fowler Carol McGregor Mike Marcus Gordon Milldrum Laurie Mullally Robert Oberg Douglas Paul Cindy Quick Alex Saldamando Jon Shawl Cynthia Smith Jim Sterling Jean Stewart Sue Stoddard Arthur Sugden Gary Bruton Tom Copley Robert William Dupuy Flora Fong Elaine Fossati Theodore Paul Furukawa Linda Lee Gianella Carol Harmon Ann Henry Grace Howker Dagney Kleiven Peter Lathrop Kathy McMurry Michael J. Manetas Sue Miles Kay Modaff Pamela Oakley Jean Peterson Florence Pierce Sharon Pierce Ralph Shanks Joel Slagg Nancy Jane Smith Julie Sperr George Weathersby Irene Wherritt Sharon Wickliffe Bettye Wilson Frances Takaki Gary Thomsen Anthony Tomasello Janet Willner SOPHOMORES Linda Alcorn Nanette Barron Joan Wilson FRESHMEN Anne Ageson Barbara Bachman Doris Balaban Donna Basini Lynne Belardi Joan Briscoe Alan Carey Nancy Clendenen Don Dietz Jeff Dozier Diane Fester Elizabeth Fowler Norma Franzia Mary Gebhart Lynne Handler Elaine Haritos Lois Harris Nancy Hoffman Eileen Jenkins Kathy Keers Brian Lampert Buzz McConnell Harry Miller Margaret Mongan June Moyer Mary Beth Mulvey Chuck Myers Marian Neff Paul Rachich Diane Robinson Charles Sanford Verena Scott Julie Shaw Robert Shepard Mary Joan Stusiak Leah Vining Arlene West Judy Wood Tom Zavattero Claudia Zeilee Soccer, an international game, is rapidly growing in popularity. Students from over ninety countries come to the Berkeley Campus, composing an exchange program which is a practical and effective step towards international understanding. The University has the largest number of foreign students of any school in the U.S., with over 2,000 students, about fifty per cent of which are from the nations of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa. Through programs and social activities centered at International House on Piedmont Avenue, students can become familiar with many cultures. Of the 500 students who live at I House, half of them are foreign. There are also about 400 non-resident members who participate in the activities. Through programs foreign students can observe and if they choose participate in customs and the tradition and of the University. Their views and impressions of American life are valuable. They may join together with other from their home country. And, finally, foreign students are encouraged to describe and explain their own cultures, customs, and beliefs. Through these much is gained by all participants and by the University community as a whole. Foreign Students Hosan Agam Senior Hillah, Iraq Akin Adubifa Junior Lagos, Nigeria Byong Ahn Senior Seoul, Korea Ilma Ruth Aho Graduate Helsinki, Finland Yoshiaki Ajari Graduate Japan Hanan Altschuler Junior Haifa, Israel Manish Bhattacharjee Graduate Calcutta, India Jagdish Bhobe Graduate Bombay, India Thep Himathongkham Senior Thailand Cyrus Hui Senior Hong Kong Dora Hung Senior Hong Kong The CHINESE STUDENTS ' CLUB, which was founded on February 13, 1913, is 50 years old this year. It is a social, educational, and organization whose several hundred come from all parts of the world. Its functions include raising funds for scholarships and maintaining a residence and social center for members at 2600 Etna Street. Helen Bollman Freshman Australia Kenneth Chew Senior San Francisco Thomas Chineme Sophomore Awila, Nigeria Tsi-Ping Chow Graduate Taiwan, China Hong Dam Senior Viet Nam Fereshten Danesh Senior Iran CHINESE STUDENTS ' CLUB CABINET — Row One: Patricia Tong, Donna Kaye Lew, Victoria Wong, Gloria Lum. Row Two: Edwin Eng, Howard Chang, Karen Woo, Joseph Ku, Cyrus Hui. Not Pictured: Alon Yu; Fan, House Manager. Yahya Eskandari Senior Tabriz, Iran Andrew Fok Senior Hong Kong Zakarin Gani Freshman Pakistan Anand Garde Senior Jodhpur, India AFM Ghani Graduate Dacca, Pakistan Jenny Hung Senior Hong Kong Poong Kim Ik Junior Seoul, Korea Dominic Kam Senior Hong Kong Wing Kwan Senior San Francisco Hassan Khayambashi Graduate Iran Hong-Kong Kwok Senior Hong Kong Dagny Kleiven Sophomore Norway Adi Lelinwalla Senior Bombay, India Roberto Kong Senior Guatamala Margaret Liu Senior Hong Kong Osao Kono Graduate Brazil Reginald Mak Senior Hong Kong Since its establishment in 1950, when it was to serve some forty Iranian students on this the IRANIAN STUDENTS ' of the UNIVERSITY of CALIFORNIA has grown to meet the needs of over 100 Iranian students currently registered at the Its membership is open to Iranian and their friends of any other nationality. Though the official representative of Iranian students, ISAUC functions mainly as a service club, in which capacity it directs or supervises a variety of activities ranging from orientation of new Iranian students and promoting better understanding between Iranian and American students to book drives and parties. By merit of active membership and responsible leadership, this association now boasts ranking among the most active student organizations on the JAPAN – 1710 Rochelle Tepper Senior Caracas, Venezuela C. K. Wong Junior Hong Kong Veronica Wu Senior Hong Kong Tomotada Wakabayashi Senior Berkeley Nan Yoen Wong Senior Hong Kong Lucy Yang Senior Hong Kong Felix Malu Graduate Leopoldville, Congo Jacob Mati Freshman Kenya Mehrdad Mehrain Senior Iran Marino Pizarro Graduate Santiago, Chile K. R. Swaminathan Graduate India Jean Poy Senior Canada Tan Chung Senior Taiwan, China Douglas Sanders Graduate Alberta, Canada Chinin Tana Junior Paruaruto, Japan Kiet Srichomkuan Senior Thailand Hugo Tarazona Junior Lima, Peru Mary T-M Sun Junior Hong Kong Zaven Tashjian Junior Zerka, Jordan Rao Sundar Graduate India Martin Tannenbaum Graduate Canada Hinrich Menge Graduate Dusseldorf, Germany Ejike Neefo Sophomore Awila, Nigeria Asghar Nowroozi Graduate Teran, Iran Richard Pearce Sophomore London, England Mohsen Pazirandeh Graduate Iran Hans Pensel Graduate Stockholm, Sweden IRANIAN STUDENTS ASSOCIATION — Row One: Ali Nowroozi, Iraj Mansoori, Hassan Khayambashi, Mansour Niazi, Yahya Eskandari, Fereshteh Danesh, Mitra Partovi, Jamshid Gharachehdaghi. Row Two: Kija Tabari, Mohsen Pazirandeh, Lili Mostafavi, Marie Holliday, Mehrdad Mehrain. Because the University is a nonsectarian institution, there is no chapel or religious activity on campus. But the University cooperates with the many off-campus religious groups. The Interfaith Council is formed by from all faiths and denominations who wish to participate. Religious groups have long been a part of the community, for the YWCA, students of all faiths, was founded in 1889. Newman Club, for Catholics, began in 1899. Westminister Foundation, from the Presbyterian church, has done work on the campus since 1916. There are groups from almost all faiths and Examples are the B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation representing the Jewish faith, the Lutheran Student the Episcopal Canterbury House, the Methodist Wesley Foundation, the Science Organization, Campus for Christ, and the Baha ' i Club. The many groups give lectures and offer courses for interested students. projects are organized. Social events are also a part of the activities. Religious Groups Rev. Joseph L. Quinn Newman Club In 1899, the Newman Club was organized to bring the Catholic students of the University of California into closer fellowship. The chapel at 2630 Ridge Road is at the present time undersized for the 4,000 Catholic students attending UC. by Mario J. Caimpi of San Francisco, the new chapel will be located at the corner of College Avenue and Dwight Way. This structure will include an building, information center, classrooms, and meeting hall facilities. The Newman Club sponsors a great variety of activities. Among the social events, there is an annual Yosemite snow trip, and weekly Friday night dances and luncheons. Religious activities include pilgrimages to the California missions, semesterly retreats and frequent seminars on the Catholic Faith. Rev. James F. Fisher Rev. Joseph M. O ' Looney Construction is due to begin soon. Tuesday luncheons are always delicious. Every Tuesday evening at 7:30 the Christian Science Organization at the University holds testimonial meetings. At these meetings, college students tell of physical and problems solved through the application of Christian Science. Readings from the Bible and " Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures " by Mary Baker Eddy precede these testimonies. Located at 2601 Durant Avenue, the Christian Science Organization maintains its own building where college students may study the Bible and Christian Science literature in a peaceful atmosphere. Christian Science Organization Located at 2736 Bancroft Way, the B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation functions as the Jewish Community on campus. Membership is open to all students. Their program includes religious services, lectures, concerts, sportnights, Sunday suppers and other social events which enable students to express themselves within the framework of the Jewish tradition. Hillel Foundation HILLEL FOUNDATION — Row One: Mayer Lechowitzky, Elli Burstein, Shapiro, Michele Hyman, David Weinstein. Row Two: Dwight Freund, Rabbi Joseph Gumbiner, Harvey Index ACTIVITIES _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 536 PERSONAL NAMES _ _ _ 538 Activities Index ASUC ACTIVITIES Activities Fair 151 Activities Planning Committee 175 Art Committee 170 Associated Women Students 159 Auxiliary Enterprise Board 161 Big Game Committee 243 Cabinet 156 Cal Council 168 Cal Prep 174 Californians 203 Cal Camp Board 172 Card Stunts 240 Class Officers Board 135 College Model UN 164 Constitution Council 161 Debate 87 Department Heads 155 Education Policy Committee 175 Elections Council 161 Financial Committee 156 Functional Services Board 161 High School Model UN 164 Independent-Commuters Council 168 International Relations Board 164 International Week 166 Literature Committee 170 Megaphone Society 239 Men ' s Executive Board 158 Men ' s Judicial Committee 157 Men ' s Rally Committee 243 Movies Committee 170 Operation Understanding 173 Organization Chart 152 Oski Committee 239 Oski Dolls 202 Peace Corps 164 Permanent Personnel 155 Polls Council 161 Pom Pon Girls 241 President 153 Public Affairs 170 Publicity and Public Relations 178 Publications Board 177 Rally and Games Committee 240 Recreation 170 Repres entatives-at-Large 154 Secretariat 161 Senate 156 Social Committee 170 Special Events 170 Special Projects 168 Student Community Relations 168 Student Health Service 175 Student Judicial Committee 157 Student Services Board 168 Travel Council 164 Union Advisory Board 175 Union Programs Board 170 University Affairs Committee 198 University Council 168 Ushering Council 168 Vice-Presidents 153 Women ' s Athletic Association 309 Women ' s Judicial Committee 157 Women ' s Rally Committee 242 Women ' s Week 160 World University Service 164 Yell Leaders 241 ATHLETICS Athletics Administration 235 Baseball 292 Basketball 266 Boxing 272 Crew 288 Cross-Country 262 Football 250 Golf 277 Gymnastics 273 Intramurals 304 Memorium to Brick Muller 248 Men ' s Skiing 276 Outstanding Competitors 236 Riflery 275 Rugby 285 Soccer 260 Swimming 298 Tennis 300 Track 280 Water Polo 263 Wrestling 274 CLASSES Freshmen 137 Sophomores 138 Juniors 140 Seniors 141 CLUBS AND SOCIETIES AIChE 224 AIIE 109 Alpha Kappa Psi 128 Alpha Mu Gamma 98 Alpha Phi Omega 199 Alpha Pi Mu 109 Angel Flight 219 Arnold Air Society 218 ASCE 105 ASME 111 Big " C " Society 238 Chi Epsilon 105 Chinese Students Club 528 Christian Science Organization 533 Engineer ' s Joint Council 113 Eta Kappa Nu 107 Fencing Club 311 Forestry Club 230 Golden Guard 214 Hillel 533 Honor Students Society 206 Lambda Alpha Epsilon 325 Masonic Club 211 Mortar Board 207 Newman Club 532 Nisei Students Club 210 Nutritional Sciences Students ' Club 57 Order of the Golden Bear 212 Panile 209 Phi Chi Theta 128 Pi Lambda Theta 99 Pi Tau Sigma 111 Prytanean 205 SAACS 224 Sigma Delta Chi 98 Stiles Hall 158 Tau Beta Pi 112 Theta Sigma Phi 98 Torch and Shield 211 Tower and Flame 206 UC Iranian Students Association 529 Weightlifting Club 312 Winged Helmet 208 Women ' s " C " Society 308 YWCA 159 DORMITORIES AND RESIDENCES Barrington Hall 462 Bay View Terrace 463 Beaudelaire Club 464 Bowles Hall 466 Cheney Hall 470 Cloyne Court 465 Cunningham Hall 472 Davidson Hall 474 Deutsch Hall 478 Ehrman Hall 480 Elizabeth Barrett 477 Epworth Hall 482 Euclid Hall 483 Freeborn Hall 484 Griffiths Hall 487 Joaquin Hall 488 Mitchell Hall 489 Oxford Hall 494 Peixotto Hall 493 Putnam Hall 490 Richards-Oldenberg 496 Activities Index Ritter Hall 495 Sherman Hall 463 Smyth Hall 498 Stern Hall 500 Tellefson Hall 503 FOREIGN STUDENTS 524 -FRATERNITIES Acacia 382 Alpha Chi Rho 384 Alpha Chi Sigma 385 Alpha Delta Phi 386 Alpha Epsilon Pi 388 Alpha Gamma Omega 387 Alpha Kappa Lambda 394 Alpha Sigma Phi 395 Alpha Tau Omega 396 Beta Theta Pi 398 Chi Phi 401 Chi Psi 400 Del Rey 402 Delta Chi 403 Delta Kappa Epsilon 393 Delta Sigma Phi 390 Delta Tau Delta 404 Delta Upsilon 406 Inter Fraternity Council 380 Inter Fraternity Scholastic Honorary 381 Kappa Alpha 408 Kappa Delta Rho 410 Kappa Sigma 412 Lambda Chi Alpha 415 Phi Epsilon Pi 411 Phi Delta Theta 418 Phi Gamma Delta 414 Phi Kappa Psi 427 Phi Kappa Sigma 420 Phi Kappa Tau 422 Phi Sigma Kappa 425 Pi Alpha Phi 428 Pi Kappa Alpha 429 Pi Lambda Phi 430 Psi Upsilon 432 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 434 Sigma Alpha Mu 436 Sigma Chi 440 Sigma Nu 443 Sigma Phi 438 Sigma Phi Delta 439 Sigma Phi Epsilon 444 Sigma Pi 447 Tau Kappa Epsilon 448 Theta Chi 452 Theta Delta Chi 454 Theta Xi 451 Zeta Beta Tau 456 Zeta Psi 458 INDEPENDENTS 508 MUSIC AND DRAMA ASUC Radio-TV Theater 193 California Marching Band 244 Collegians 196 Collegium Musicum 89 Concert Band 91 Glee Club 195 Repertory Chorus 92 Straw Hat Band 246 Treble Clef 194 University Chorus 88 University Symphony Orchestra 90 University Theater 93 PUBLICATIONS Blue Gold 180 California Engineer 191 Daily Californian 184 Occident 192 Pelican 188 Publications Office 176 ROYALTY Big Game Queen 257 Delta Sigma Phi Dreamgirl 391 Football Festival Hostess 252 Greek Week Queen 379 Kappa Alpha Rose Queen 409 Kappa Sigma Queen 413 Lambda Chi Alpha Daffodil Queen 416 Maid of Cotton 189 Military Ball Queen 215 Miss Beauty 201 Phi Sigma Kappa Moonlight Girl 424 Santa Claus 136 Sigma Phi Epsilon Golden Heart Queen 445 Soph Doll 139 Sweetheart of Acacia 383 Sweetheart of Sigma Chi 441 Tau Kappa Epsilon Carnation Queen 449 Ugly Man 200 SORORITIES Alpha Chi Omega 334 Alpha Delta Chi 341 Alpha Delta Pi 336 Alpha Epsilon Phi 338 Alpha Gamma Delta 342 Alpha Omicron Pi 344 Alpha Phi 346 Alpha Xi Delta, 348 Chi Omega 350 Delta Delta Delta 352 Delta Gamma 354 Delta Phi Epsilon 356 Delta Sigma Theta 376 Delta Zeta 358 Gamma Phi Beta 360 Kappa Alpha Theta 362 Kappa Delta 364 Kappa Kappa Gamma 366 Panhellenic Council 333 Phi Mu 368 Phi Sigma Sigma 377 Pi Beta Phi 370 Sigma Kappa 372 Sigma Omicron Pi 376 Zeta Tau Alpha 374 TRADITIONS All-U Weekend 26 Axe Revue 28 Big C Circus 30 Big Game Week 27 Charter Day 38 Graduation 34 Greek Week 331 President ' s Reception 25 Spring Sing 32 University Meetings 36 UNIVERSITY DIVISION Alumni Association 35 Cal Club 204 Campuses 40 Chancellor Strong 45 College of Agriculture 54 College of Chemistry 222 College of Engineering 102 College of Environmental Design 120 College of Letters and Science 58 Deans of Students 47 Governor Brown 42 Placement Center 33 President Kerr 44 Regents 43 Retiring Professors 50 ROTC 213 School of Business Administration 126 School of Criminology 324 School of Forestry 228 School of Optometry 316 School of Public Health 319 Vice-Chancellors 46 Personal Name Index A Aaronson, Mark 490 Abbot, Susan 366 Abbott, Kathleen 368 Abbott, Susan 496 Abdallah, Karen 463 Abdallah, Paul 258 Abeghian, Alice 72, 508 Abersold, Vance 105 Abey, Miyoko 60, 495 Abney, Shirley 354 Abram, Pete 72, 338 Abramson, Joan 241, 338 Abramson, John 128, 508 Abramson, Lenore 500 Abramson, Richard 238, 300, 436 Abreu, Dennis 238, 251 Accampo, Paul 214, 452 Ackerman, Dick 498 Ackerman, Jean 334 Ackley, Mike 281 Ackroyd, Archie 318 Acton, Sharon 342 Adamowicz, Carole 334 Adams, Alan 447 Adams, Barbara 370 Adams, Dave 462 Adams, Linda 342 Adams, Mike 137, 289 Adams, Raymonde 176 Adams, Steve 281 Adler, David 411 Adler, Phillip 214, 436 Adolphson, Don 301, 466 Adubifa, Akin 185, 260, 526 Ageno, Marilyn 170, 350 Ager, Julie 521 Ageson, Anne 523 Aggam, Hassan 122, 526 Agnone, Linda 178, 368 Ahmed, Iqbal 400 Ahn, Byong 85, 462, 526 Ahnstedt, Marcy 364 Aho, Ilma 526 Ainslow, Helen 344 Ajari, Yoshiaki 527 Ajodile, Eleuzar 111 Ake, Merle 390 Akemann, Paula 368 Aker, Stephen 394 Akey, Larry 172 Alamano, Tom 438 Al-Asfoor, Khalid 113 Albeck, Hans 454 Albin, Bruce 60 Album, Stephen 480 Alcorn, Linda 522 Alderman, Rikk 277 Alexander, Judy 362 Alexander, Peter T. 480 Alexander, Tom 403 Alexander, Tom F 128, 438 Alfred, Tom 258 Allard, Larry 480 Allbin, Bruce 406 Allcorn, William 214, 503 Allen, Aaron 85, 508 Allen, Beverly 360 Allen, Bryan 296 Allen, Christy 346 Allen, Daniel 382 Allen, Doug 406 Allen, Eddie 293 Allen, Joseph 462 Allen, Judith 377 Allen, Marily 372 Allen, Marry 374 Allen, Mike 480 Allen, Rich 224, 498 Allen, Susie 366 Allenstein, Linda 170, 356 Allison, Doris 495 Allrad, Tom 490 Allroggen, Carol 358 Almlie, Judy Ann 341 Alona, Ben 230 Alpar, Julius 311 Alpert, Eleanor 72, 172, 508 Alpert, Paul 274, 306, 411 Alshuler, John 432 Alsobrook, Jane A 170, 500 Althin, Clara 362 Alton, Jane 374 Alton, Dick 293 Altorfer, Walt 270, 398 Altose, Jane 504 Altschuler, Hanan 527 Alves, Pat 472, 504 Alvestad, Carole 364 Amano, Diane 56, 508 Amborn, Lloyd 503 Ames, Karol 72 Amick, Janet 60, 508 Amos, Arthur 414 Amsinger, Ray 218 Anapolsky, Louise 356 Anda, Norm 396 Andelson, Arlen 436 Andersen, Pat 72 Anderson, Cathy 488 Anderson, Daren 342 Anderson, Don F. 258 Anderson, Don G 258 Anderson, Edna 60, 368 Anderson, Gary 85, 312, 487 Anderson, Geoffrey 214, 427 Anderson, Glemm 43 Anderson, Janis 180, 372 Anderson, Jerry . .113, 143, 203, 240, 244, 487 Anderson, Jim 251, 285 Anderson, Joan 482 Anderson, John 301 Anderson, Julie 202 Anderson, Lance 384 Anderson, Larry 184 Anderson, Marie 194 Anderson, Mary 496 Anderson, Mel 420 Anderson, Michael 406 Anderson, Ronald 113, 487 Anderson, Sally 358 Anderson, Scott 289 Anderson, Sheila 477 Anderson, Susan 72, 508 Andre, Babette 72, 470 Andres, Gary 448 Andreucetti, Denise 472 Andrews, Anthony 113, 458 Andrews, Frank 113, 490 Andrews, Roger 498 Angell, Ron 404 Anixter, Katherine 72, 338 Anshen, Frank 87 Ansis, Michael 503 Anthanien, Ralph 447 Antipa, Greg 83, 408 Antola, Nancy 60, 354 Antonio, Linda 72, 508 Apau, Robert 464 Aplan, Susan 484 Applegate, Barbara 470 Applegate, Peter. .128, 214, 238, 398 Applequist, Susan 326, 374 Appleton, Daniel 402 Arack, Jim 270 Arakawa, Richard 318 Aramayo, Deni 113, 214, 466 Archambault, Jo Allyn . .180, 521 Archer, Bill 296, 432 Archer, Carine 60, 246, 342 Archer, James 43 Archibald, Dave 281 Archibald, Herbert 72, 427 Archibald, Peggy 521 Archibald, Rae 465 Archibald, Robert 281, 454 Arevalo, Bob 307, 440 Arifuka, Sarni 187 Arizoba, Rose 206 Armstrong, Alison 60, 143, 205, 360 Armstrong, Grant 425 Armstrong, Lois 60, 508 Armstrong, Mike 164 Armstrong, Mimi 164 Arnoff, Warren 83 Arnold, Davie 312 Arnold, Jack 214, 195 Arnold, Linda 488 Arnold, Nancy 495 Amoff, Warren 83, 388 Arreguy, Catherine 493 Arrillaga, Bill 438 Arthofer, Dan 72, 508 Arthur, Gary 410 Arthur, Richard 156, 168, 172, 198 Asari, Jane 60, 508 Asaro, Kathleen 352 Ashbrook, Jim 390 Ashby, Charlotte 346 Ashcraft, Jim 267, 271, 425 Ashcroft, Evie 183, 372 Ashe, Marjorie 472 Astle, Clarke 208, 398 Atkinson, Lani 368 Attie, Michael 430 Atwood, Jim 490 Azlant, Ed 436 Aulla, Greg 208 Aumiller, Susan 358 Austin, Brian 403 Auston, John 128, 432 Avery, William Jr 394 Amilla, Alan 164 Avilla, Gregg 408 Avitabile, Claudia 368 Axelson, Larain e 350 Axtell, Keith 154, 156, 490 Azen, Jeanne 128, 508 Azlant, Ed 231 B Baack, Larry 281 Baarts, John 444 Baca, Rosalie 350 Bacci, Marilyn 489 Bacher, Gary 466 Bachman, Barbara 523 Bachman, Sharon 372 Bachtold, Stanley 427 Backeberg, Vickie 336 Bacovinac, Dave 420 Baechtel, Gordon 443 Baecker, Marvin 443 Bagaus, Harlan 203, 385 Baggett, Mat 281 Baggett, Sharon 178 Bagley, Patricia 60, 98, 508 Bagnall, Larry 128, 498 Bailey, I ' lee 60, 170, 366 Bailey, Joyce 138, 182, .242, 342 Bains, Surgit 260 Baird, Jim 214, 263, 298, 406 Baird, Patricia Anne 352 Baker, Don 301, 436 Baker, Donald 487 Baker, Edward 118, 411 Baker, Ernest 164 Baker, Gary 404 Baker, Kathryn 362 Baker, Linda 362 Baker, William 490 Balaban, Doris 523 Balah, Rostyslar 214 Baldassari, Ugo 448 Bladi, Vic 429 Baldwin, Dave 281 Baldwin, Bary 195 Baldwin, Joan 368 Baldwin, Virginia 664 Bale, Charles 390 Bales, Eileen 496 Ball, Carol 309, 358 Ballard, Richard 85, 466 Ballentine, James 128, 218, 219, 508 Balliett, Larry 143, 204, 251, 254 Balliett, Sandy 204 Ballmer, Bruce 267, 281 Ballou, Beverly 493 Balsham, Arlene 72, 508 Bammond, Dick 390 Banducci, Larry 415 Banducci, Ronald 206 Bank, Brad 374 Bank, Carol 482 Bank, Walter 214, 427 Banker, Bud 187 Banker, Franklin 186, 404 Banks, John 214 Banowit, Joel 456 Banque, Robert 490 Barbee, Bruce 73, 508 Barbee, William 208, 221, 238, 398 Barbieri, Pina 99 Bard, Sharon 500 Bardbury, Barbara 477 Barish, David 85, 465 Barker, Jim 274, 429 Barkin, Marilyn 175 Barkley, Joanne 482 Barlas, Shelley 350 Barnard, Fred 85, 490 Barnard, John 306, 451 Barneich, John 400 Barnes, Katherine 368 Barnes, Suzy 60, 352 Barnett, David 60, 443 Barnett, Ed 85, 390 Barnett, Heidi 338 Barney, Dan 113, 238, 293, 480 Barnhart, Dave 462 Barnovetto, John 285 Baron, Barbara 472 Baron, Roger 193 Baron, Stuart 388 Barr, Carolyn 138, 470 Barr, Lynda 342 Barre, Klaus 434 Barreda, Bill 238, 260 Barrett, Charleen 60, 463 Barrett, Jack 498 Barrett, Kim 432 Barrett, Wendy 474 Barron, Nanette 183, 522 Barron, Rick 404 Barry, Jonathan 83 Barry, Sue 368 Barskey, Douglas 503 Barta, Kackie 202, 346 Barter, Ken 466 Bartlett, Deborah 474 Bartlett, Joyce 346 Barwick, Tom 301 Bascom, Ben 230 Basin, Donna 523 Baskin, Barry 238, 300, 480 Baskin, Mary 192 Bass, Edy 170, 377 Bass, Richard 112, 113, 508 Basset, Robert 318 Baston, Judy 187 Batchelder, Allan 230 Batchelor, Fred 230 Bate, George 412 Bates, Beverly 364 Bates, John 111 Bates, Steve 318 Bauer, India 358 Bauer, Mel-Ling 500 Bauer, William 122, 508 Baugh, Shirley 362 Bauhaben, Diane 366 Baum, Farrel 170, 521 Baun, Kathy 348 Baum, Robert 436 Bauman, Beth 170 Bauman, Esther 377 Bauman, Peggy 374 Baungartner, Jim 480 Bava, Beverly 470 Baxter, Jean 242 Bay, Crandall 401 Bayes, John 462 Bayless, John 112, 121, 478 Baylor, Jim 164 Beach, Barbara 360 Beach, Carolyn 138, 364 Beach, Gordon 230, 231, 508 Beak, Roger 318 Beal, Paul 128, 390 Beane, Virginia 342 Bear, Carol 470 Beard, Barbara. 142, 155, 156, 168, 174, 175, 198 Beasley, Raymond 490 Beaty, Forrest 281 Beauchamp, George 203 Beaver, Margaret 504 Beaver, Peggy 490 Beavers, Frances 60, 508 Beber, Linda 206, 500 Beck, Barbara 224, 508 Beck, James 230, 231, 382 Beck, John 396 Beck, Mike 60, 384 Beck, Richard 318 Becker, Barbara 334 Becker, Geraldine 156, 198 Beckman, Jerry 478 Beckstead, Craig 128, 142, 188, 415 Bedig, Bruce 466 Beeman, Howard 393 Beeman, Rick 425 Beemer, Buddy 296 Beernink, Doug 273, 443 Beeson, Don 454 Beget, Barry 450 Beggs, Jean Elizabeth 73, 350 Behnke, David 381 Behrens, Susan 368 Behrman, Mary 364 Beilock, Steve 263, 398, 404 Beim, Robert 398 Belardi, Lynne 523 Belding, William 487 Belhumeur, Bonnie 60, 336 Bell, Don 456 Bell, Margaret 73, 354 Bell, Mary Ellen 344 Bell, Michael 427 Bell, Paul 480 Bell, Rosemary 358 Bell, Virginia 60, 334 Belling, Andrew 193, 411 Bellquist, Eric 48 Belly, C 521 Belos, Manuel 260 Belser, Steve 267, 271 Belzer, Robert 388 Bender, Carole 242, 334 Bender, Gerald 122, 508 Bendon, Ross 73, 508 Benedict, Kent 73, 466 Benioff, Barry 388 Benjamin, Jonathan 113, 466 Bennett, Bruce 396 Bennett, Chuck 465 Bennett, Eugene 462 Bennett, Fern 470 Bennett, John 105, 113, 258, 452 Bennett, Leslie 242, 311, 342 Bennett, Richard 262, 281, 466 Bennett, Robert 60, 98, 395 Bennett, Steve 105, 113, 452 Bennett, Tom 466 Benninghoven, Ann 219, 334 Bennion, Mary 372 Benson, Andy 230 Benson, Carol 60, 508 Benson, Stuart 270, 433 Benteen, Carolee 374 Boegher, Sally 336 Berdahl, James 91, 155, 244 Berg, Dave 422 Berg, Jeff 422 Berg, John 385 Berg, Jonathan 393 Berge, David 462 Berger, Don 289 Berger, Phyllis 377 Berger, Mark 193 Bergh, Robert 73, 448 Bergman, David 480 Bergman, George 60, 508 Berk, Michael 430 Berk, Mickey 356 Berkowitz, Sue 470 Berland, Bill 430 Berliner, Art 306, 430 Berman, Bernard 109 Berman, Catherine 60, 508 Berman, Dan 436 Berman, Diane 356 Berman, Gary 218 Berman, Juliann 73, 508 Berman, Mark 411 Berner, Ken 490 Berner, Nancy 364 Bernhard, Frederica 50 Bernheim, Larry 306, 418 Bernmein, Louis ' 306 Bernstein, Janelle 338 Berrey, Timothy 258, 393 Berry, Bill 230, 386 Bertenthal, Howeard 128, 411 Bertozzi, Dan 206, 465 Bertram, Carol 472 Beschel, James 410 Bettenhausen, Martin 521 Bhanthumnavin, Vutthi 478 Bhattacharjee, Manish 572 Bhobe, Jagdish 109, 527 Bianucci, John .. 109, 112, 172, 402 Bianucci, Mike 402 Masotti, JoAnn 368 Bican, William 60, 508 Bidart, Betsy 240, 350 Bidwell, Clinton 60, 395 Biegelow, John 393 Bierce, Allan 239, 494 Bierman, Helen 48 Bigelow, Talie 240, 370 Bigornia, Rogelia 496 Bilbao, Lina 364 Billings, Linda Kay 464 Bilovsky, Paul 456 Bingham, John 312 Binns, Barbara 60, 484 Binsacca, Judy 73, 143, 184, 205, 207, 508 Birge, Steve 230 Bischoff, Diana 496 Bischoff, Laurie 60, 370 Bisgeier, Steve 430 Bishop, Elinore 336 Bishopric, Frances 309, 354 Bittmann, Rob 438 Bixby, Patrick 418 Bixler, Mike 390 Bizony, Nicholas 128, 214, 414 Blackburne, Ardis .. 73, 161, 508 Blackman, Kathleen 156, 202, 204, 372 Blaettler, Vicki 348 Blair, Jean 60, 370 538 Blaisdell, Thomas 50 Blak, Betty 50, 508 Blake, Bob 266, 267, 270 Blakeney, Jim 251, 281 Blakeston, Janice 73, 219, 344 Blanchfield, Tom 251 Blanchard, Elizabeth 344 Blanchard, Joan 348 Blanchard, Marilyn 348 Blank, Karen 161, 174, 242, 372 Blank, Marty 73, 168, 374 Blankenship, Les 422 Blanks, Bert 420 Blatt, Bernice 377 Blazzard, Jeanine 348 Bledsoe, Marva 482 Bleiberg, Diana 356 Bley, Carol 73 Bley, Stephen 60, 285, 456 Blier, Garth 155, 156 Bliss, Rip 161, 239 Block, Bob 388 Block, Linda 356 Bloodworth, Donald 465 Bloom, Donald 184, 403 Bloom, Jon 480 Bloom, Richard 430 Blower, Judy 219, 364 Blower, Marilyn 346 Blue, Bonnie 135, 140, 202, 338 Bluemle, Chris 490 Blum, Antoinette 164 Blumberg, Mattie 338 Blume, Walter 462 Blumenthal, Sharon 470 Blumenthal, Sheryl 338 Blumer, Linda 344 Blythe, Judith 508 Boccius, Gunther 452 Bochner, Brian 490 Bocian, Maureen 500 Bock, Lauren 214, 251 Bodie, Frank 128, 216, 454 Bookbinder, Lui 480 Booth, Stephen 414 Bogard, Travis 93 Bogle, Sara 488 Bogott, Fred 462 Bohannon, Ginger Bohn, Claire 60, 508 Boland, Marcia 170, 372 Boles, Sandy 60, 143, 205, 372 Bolla, Julia 500 Bollinger, Steve 251 Bollman, Helen 500, 528 Bolman, Sylvia 360 Bonino, Dave 451 Bonneau, Rich 462 Bonnell, Katie 346 Bonney, James 129, 458 Boos, Brian 206 Booth, Judy 175, 350 Booth, Linda 350 Boothby, Jossekyn 352 Boothe, Paul N 498 Borba, Margaret 183, 374 Borden, Elizabeth 170, 362 Bordon, David 436 Bordner, Jon 385 Borer, Howard 60, 388 Borg, Eileen 129, 508 Borglum, Dale 478 Borla, Kathleen 358 Boros, John 194 Boscoe, Jim 447 Boscom, Ben 230 Boschken, Buzz 478 Bosl, Barbara 352 Bosler, Dennis 113, 439 Boss, John F. 498 Bosschart, Mark 440 Boster, Patricia 209, 504 Botwin, Kimberly 73 Bowe, Gary 390 Bowen, Claude 172 Bowen, Doug 494 Bowen, Dinah 474 Bowen, Edward 73, 208, 458 Bowen, Linda 482 Bowen, William 73, 490 Bowers, Bill 490 Bowin, Corinne 61, 508 Bowles, Rick 438 Bowley, Bill 208, 293, 429 Bowman, Gary 199 Boyce, Sydney 83, 488 Boycheff, Kooman 277, 304 Boyd, Anne 61, 350 Boyd, Karen 374 Boyd, Philip 43 Boyd, Robert 393 Boyer, Bob 462 Boyle, Charles E 393 Boyle, Ed 404 Boyreau, Marcel 260 Bradbury, Edward 263, 289, 432 Bradbury, Lisa 493 Bradford, Linda 61, 366 Bradley, Diana 176, 180 Bradley, Mike 386 Bradley, Robert 305, 434 Bradley, Steve 199, 396 Bradshaw, Dave 466 Brady, Jill 164, 344 Brady, Kathy 336 Brady, Liz 496 Brady, Mary 336 Brady, Robert 61, 158, 238, 304, 466 Braff, Jeffrey 318 Brailey, William 113, 487 Brainerd, Hank 448 Branch, Phil 180, 230 Brand, Jeffrey 480 Brandt, Stephen 113, 289, 508 Brannin, Richard 402 Branstetter, Bud 158, 498 Branstetter, Fred 214 Brandt, Victoria 366 Branzan, Robert 521 Brash, Shirley 474, 504 Bratten, Marsha 164, 309 Braun, Arle 122,390 Braunewell, Marjorie 73, 499, 504 Braunstein, Glenn 411 Breaum, Sandra 500 Breckenridge, Thomas 425 Breger, Janet 61, 311, 508 Brennan, Jeff 289, 418 Bressler, Ray 46, 203 Bressler, Sandra 474 Bressler, Sheila 73, 507 Brett, Joan 61 Brewer, Ann 83, 364 Brewer, Kent 281, 406 Brewster, David 466 Bricker, C. A 185 Bridgewater, Albert 85, 508 Bridgman, Linda 61, 98, 477 Briggeman, Kenneth 147 Briggs, Cathy 500 Briggs, Clyonne 464 Briggs, Ken 128, 129, 509 Briggs, Lawrence 138, 174, 418 Briggs, Ron 454 Brigham, Judy 482 Bright, Betsy 204, 209, 243, 370 Brill, Barbara 73, 509 Brill, Catherine 194 Brink, Steve 412 Brinkworth, Bob 258, 281 Brinton, Barbara 325, 326, 509 Briscoe, Joan 523 Britt, Don 388 Britt, Elizabeth 206 Broady, Lisa 500 Brock, Jim 480 Broden, Diana 504 Broderick, John 73, 260, 466 Brodie, Chris 470 Brodie, Mel 30, 199, 251, 452 Brodginski, Adele 352 Brodovsky, Al 73, 430 Brodrick, Steven 418 Broglio, Ron 158 Broline, Louis 480 Bromley, Sharon 352 Bronstein, Howie 185 Bronzon, Bob 98 Brooke, Anna 346 Brooks, Larry 73, 427 Brooks, Mike 240, 474 Brooks, Sandy 336, 445 Broron, Jean 504 Brown, Alexander 498 Brown, Brenda 338 Brown, Deborah 500 Brown, Donald 230, 231, 509 Brown, Doug 478 Brown, Doug 454 Brown, Edmund 42, 43 Brown, Frank 289 Brown, Janet 133, 242, 372 Brown, Jean 496 Brown, Linda 374 Brown, Linda Jo 137, 206, 350 Brown, Margaret 472 Brown, Mary Caye 364 Brown, Patricia 342 Brown, Robert 487 Brown, Sandra 61, 509 Brown, Sandra 500 Brown, Tom 285 Brown, Walt 61, 289, 454 Brown, William 432 Browne, Jeanne 61, 484 Browne, Margaret 354 Brubaker, Kim 209, 344 Bruce, David 218, 503 Bruce, Dick 293 Brudno, Suzy 356 Bruflat, Iver 454 Brugman, Patricia 484 Bruhns, Sally 61, 509 Brumund, Richard 487 Brundage, Karen 374 Brunken, Ronald 113 Bruno, Thomas 406 Brush, Joel 114, 403 Brush, Richard 402 Brush, Shelly 366 Bruton, Gary 522 Bruyn, Dr. Henry 175 Bruzzone, Andree 372 Bryan, Kathy 362 Bryant, Madeleine 73, 372 Bryne, Ed 243 Bryson, Dottie 242, 358 Bubar, Nancy 484 Bubar, Rich 83, 478 Buch, Sheldon 267, 271 Buck, Bryon 175, 214 Buck, Louise 500 Buck, Walt 138, 161, 199, 425 Buckholtz, Barbara 73, 358 Buckles, Alice 358 Buckley, Kurt 214 Bucy, Jerry 195 Buderer, Melvin 83, 384 Budlong, Mary 495 Budman, Kenneth 312, 411 Buescher, Susan 509 Buletti, Claire 358 Bulwa, Bob 366 Bunyan, Len 114, 498 Burbank, Russell 447 Burbeck, Ken 289 Burchfield, Jerry 138, 480 Buriani, Carolyn 504 Burke, Fred 439 Burke, Gloria 509 Burke, Sharon 321, 374 Burke, Tom 285 Burks, Dave 420 Burlingame, Barry 274 Burne, Carolyn 61, 342 Burnes, Connie Kay 341 Burnham, Clark 203, 214, 231, 240, 490 Burnham, John 366 Burnham, Peggy 336 Burns, Arthur 114, 401 Burns, Judy Karen 338 Burns, Rochelle 496 Burns, Ruth 56, 470 Burnside, John 462 Burnstein, Barry 411 Burr, Kathy 477 Burrell, Fred 401 Burrows. Bill 398 Burstein, Elli 533 Burt, Bob 230, 263 Burten, Roger 436 Burton, Patricia 362 Burton, Stephen 411 Burton, Sue 61, 374 Busacca, Bill 494 Busch, Niven 401 Bush, Dottie 364 Bush, Harrie 500 Bush, Lynn 61, 370 Bush, Robert A., Jr. 206, 452 Buss, Robert 448 Butler, Bart 432 Butler, Joel 129, 434 Butler, Mary Beth 489 Butler, Pamela Jane 342 Buxton, Mary Ann 98, 352 Byer, Robert L. 465 Byer, Shelley 61, 342 Byers, Richard 262 Byrne, Ed 251 Byrne, Mike 418 Byrnes, Dennis 387 Byrun, Claudia 493 Bystrom, Gary 258, 281 C Cabrera, Charles 425 Cadosi, Annette 477 Cafferato, Steve 230 Caillebotte, Jean-Francois 170 Cairns, Richard 73, 400 Calderhead, Paula 372 Caldwell, William 281, 429 Calegari, Ron 238, 251 Calegari, Steve 420 Callaway, Bill 415 Callis, Deanna 164, 374 Callow, Cheska 484 Callow, Dave 398 Calmer, John 427 Calson, Bort 480 Camateros, Spyros 260 Cameron, James 393 Cameron, Jane Elliott 336 Cameron, Tim 398 Camisa, Elaine Cecilia 170 Camp, Christi Lee 344 Camp, Rob 420 Camp, Wini 364 Campbell, Bob 432 Campbell, Bonnie 484 Campbell, Carol Dale 73, 334 Campbell, Carolyn Jane 354 Campbell, Cecilia 206 Campbell, Dave 281 Campbell, Deborah 346 Campbell, Dick 462 Campbell, Glenni 336 Campbell, Harry 490 Campbell, Joanne 61, 372 Campbell, Lawrence W. 129, 408 Campbell, Loralee Rose 344 Campbell, Peter 73, 390 Campbell, Susan Prentice 61, 344 Campbell, Thomas 73, 204, 432 Campbell, Winkie 168 Campion, Louise 346 Campion, Sis 309, 366 Campos, Vic 154, 198, 203, 387 Camras, Patti 356 Canaday, John 43 Canary, Patricia 500 Canavan, Don 380, 420 Canchois, Scott 301 Canilovich, Duff 415 Canning, Lewrance F 156 Cantin, Gene 301 Cantin, Mrs. Norma 175 Cantrell, Zell 114, 218, 390 Canty, Susan Rae 470 Capelle, Gene 206 Capestro, Andy 73, 135, 141, 144, 243, 466 Caplan, George 430 Caplan, Sui 356 Caplener, Dwane 114, 394 Carbone, Carol 496 Cardon, Bart 260 Carey, Alan 199,523 Carino, Lita 98, 464 Carjola, Karen A 350 Carl, Cheryl 470 Carlenzoli, Leroy 425 Carleton, Pete 312 Carlson, Eric 214 Carlson, Frances 61, 509 Carlson, J. Allan 111, 112, 113 Carlson, Larry 114, 224, 498 Carlson, Timothy 129, 509 Carlton, Carolyn 463 Carman, Steve 111,490 Carmel, Jeffrey 61, 199, 203, 480 Carmichael, Margaret Ann 61, 362 Carmick, Carolyn 496 Carnegie, Dale 230 Carner, Bert 114, 142, 231, 466 Carney, Dennis 480 Carollo, Phyllis 73, 422 Carpenter, Chris 156, 204, 267 Carpenter, Jan 61, 509 Carpenter, Mary Alice 61, 334 Carr, Dave 250 Carr, Lorence 498 Carr, Peyton 401 Carr, Steve 400 Carroll, Paul 396 Carroll, Terry 112 Carruth, Londa 219, 344 Carsner, Richard 382 Carson, Jerry 480 Carstens, Betty 496 Carter, Al 298 Carter, Bill 267, 271, 281 Carter, Dorothy E 342 Carter, Edward 43 Carter, Lynette 474 Carter, Paul 480 Carter, Peter 412 Carter, Tom 326, 434 Caruse, Ron 478 Caruth, Linda 209 Carvajal, Rudy 251, 256, 285 Carver, Blythe 73, 509 Carver, Robert 114, 509 Carzo, Rocco 250 Casagrande, Jane E 352 Casamajor, Paul 230 Casas, Jesus 98 Case, Richard 503 Caspe, Dennis 436 Cassno, Ronald 394 Castle, Don 425, 521 Castleman, Noel 129, 144, 203, 204, 218, 219, 415 Castleman, Wendy 470 Caswell, Ceci 458 Catelli, Joan 98 Caudle, Lloyd 230 Cavalero, Carolyn M. 350 Cavanaugh, Jody 354 Cawer, Robert 109 Cazden, Burton 318 Cebull, Nancy 342 Ceccehettini, Ron 214, 230 Ceschi, Tory 487 Chace, Rick 193 Chadbourne, Chris 452 Chaffee, Ray H 230, 231 Chaffey, George 73, 490, 511 Chalberg, Nan 73, 219, 509 Chamberlain, Carol 61, 509 Chamberlain, James B 448 Chambers, David 129, 384 Chamblin, Dale 440 Champlin, Douglas 73, 214, 418 Chan, Alan 111, 112 114, 478 Chan, Daniel 462 Chan, Jonathan 112 Chan, Lionel 281 Chan, Wyman 466 Chandler, Dorothy 43 Chandler, Geoff 158 Chang, Howard 528 Chang, Julia 73, 198, 205, 495, 504 Chang, Michael 428 Change, Julia 495 Chaplin, Terry 374 Chapman, Bob 105, 114, 490 Chapman, Corey 462 Chapman, John S 425 Chapman, Patty 202 Chapman, Richard 480 Chargin, Julie 161, 360 Charlton, Pattie 346 Charman, Patricia 370 Charters, Doug 317, 318, 509 Chase, Dana 195 Chase, Lee 112 Chase, Mike 285, 406 Chase, Ted 192 Chastain, Alexander 496 Chatfield, Carl 61,480 Chatfield, Ed 230 Chatham, Dale 462 Chauchois, Scott 398 Chefitz, Mitch 188 Chegyoji, Richard 462 Chen, Alexander 107 Chen, Allen 238, 274 Chen, Michael 428 Chen, Pictiaw 111, 112, 114, 466 Chen, Tien-Pei 238 Chen, Tom 260 Cheney, Merrick 394 Cheney, Mike 447 Cheng, Adeline 56, 470 Cheng, David 85, 509 Cherne, Ferne 496 Cherney, Seymour 224, 466 Chernik, Peter 415 Chernin, Dean Milton 175 Cherniss, Roger 456 Cherry, Barbara 73, 142, 154, 156, 159, 198, 205, 474 Cherry, Diane 374 Chester, Helen 484 Chesterman, Alan 438 Cheung, Raymond 114, 509 Chew, Kenneth 528 Chew, William 400 Chiapella, Lynn 61, 474 Chiarolla, Vic 422 Chickering, Ann 366 Childers, David 487 Chldress, Rom 412 Childs, Carol 374 Chilton, Cala 500 Chilton, Elizabeth 48 Chilton, Lee 109 Chin, Boihon 224, 509 Chin, Crodd 180, 238, 273 Chin, Roger 321, 509 Chin, Wayne 83 Chineme, Thomas 528 Ching, Claudia 202 Chipman, Steve 480 Chisholm, June 470 Chison, Susan 352 Chogyoji, Richard 111, 114, 462 Choo, Kun 238, 252 Chon, Allen 485 Chong, Byron 188 Chong, Janice 376 Chong, Rae 61, 474 Chong, Robert 498 Chong, Ronald 224, 485 Choo, Kun 260, 261 Choury, Velma 496 Chow, Tom 428 Chow, Tsi-Ping 114, 528 Chretien, Roger 400 Chris 235 Chrisman, Kay 496 Christensen, Edward 61, 509 Christensen, Joan 521 Christensen, Naomi 196 Christensen, Rheta 368 Christer, Salen 451 Christiansen, Kit 440 Christianson, Bob 444 Christie, Linda 180, 500 Christopher, Laura 73, 472 Christy, Roberta 463 Chu, Cindy 509 Chu, Hazel 376 Chu, Li-chang 463 Chuck, Lester 114, 509 Chudacoff, Marsha 240, 338 Chudner, Trudy 377 Chun, Wendell 428 Cianciararule, Louise 61, 370 Cimino, Sheri 56, 470 Citron, Richard 366 Ciucci, Barbara 348 Clabby, Colleen 348 Clapham, Judy 61, 364 Clardy, Jim 281, 448 Clare, Calornia 364 Clark, Bill 258 Clark, John 398 Clark, Joseph 73, 218, 219, 425 Clark, Karen 463 Clark, Pamela 183, 202, 362 Clark, Stan 490 Clark, Susan 470 Clark, Toni 509 Clark, Toni 61, 366 Clarke, Terry 443 Clary, Rai 230 Clay, Bill 274 Clay, Charles 462 Clayton, William 432 Cleland, Kit 403 Clement, Carolyn 364 Clement, Gail 61, 509 Clendensen, Nancy 523 Cleone, Carol 500 Clerou, Romaine 374 Clevenger, Diane 336 Clewans, Harvey 430 Clewsons, JoAnn 496 Clifford, Craig 414 Clifford, George 218 Cline, Catherine 206, 472 Cling, Gary 418 Clodfelter, Richard 224 Cloke, Ken 156 Clough, Carol 160, 368 Chine, Tim 448 Clute, Millicent 346 Coates, Judy 372 Coates, Marcia 175, 326, 372 Coats, Warren 140, 396 Cobb, James 214 Cobden, Richard 83, 380, 390 Cobleigh, Don 429 Cochran, Dan 509 Cochran, Patricia 311, 472 Cochran, Sally 334 Cockrill, Margery 372 Coddington, Terry 462 Code, Gary 129, 448 Codoner, Emilie 209, 241, 344 Coe, Terry 480 Coffe, Patsy 364 Coffer, Robert 114, 509 Coffey, Georgianne 372 Coffman, Leslie 474 Cohen, Alan 298, 436 Cohen, Beverly 73, 509 Cohen, Bonnie 356 Cohen, Dennis 436 Cohen, Zandy 356 Cohn, Daniel 395 Cohn, Ruthelon 356 Cohne, Helen 356 Coker, Charles 113, 206 Colburn, Ronald 338 Cole, Edna Marie 496 Cole, Joan 484 Cole, Walter 114, 487 Coleman, Cathe rine 334 Colliau, Steve 418 Collig, Julie 186 Collin, Mick 427 Collinge, Barbara 362 Collins, Kendal 406 Collins, Michael 382 Collins, Michael 299, 454 Collins, Richard 382 Collins, Robert 432 Colombana, Jon 230 Colton, Larry 208, 293, 429 Coltrin, Cathy 242, 360 Coltrin, Cindy 242, 360 Colwell, Jane 83, 509 Combs, Paul 195 Commanday, Robert 155 Condit, Phil 111, 112, 114, 386 Conheim, Robert 170, 490 Conley, Gerry 230 Conlin, Catherine 73, 344 Connell, Jerry 83, 216, 478 Conner, Ann 73, 219, 374 Conner, Czsufis 342 Conner, Perry 258 Connick, Robert 223 Conning, Keith 498 Conrad, Chris 243 Conrad, Fred 448 Consani, Roger 427 Conser, Paula 73, 330, 360 Considine, Paula 474 Constance, Lincoln 46 Conway, Richard 114, 214, 394 Conwell, Mary Kay 477 Cook, David 480 Cook, George 415 Cook, Jeff 188 Cook, Larry 425 Cook, Marilyn 98, 358 Cook, Richard 420 Cook, Michael 444 Cook, Norman 466 Cook, Sandy 348 Cooke, George 114, 410 Cooke, Janet 496 Cooke, Mary Jane 342 Coolig, Janie 187 Coombs, Rose Ann 122 Coon, Linda 470 Cooper, Bill 218, 406 Cooper, Hal 224, 415 Cooper, Leland 155 Cooper, Marty 456 Cooper, Tom 293, 401 Copeland, Richard 311 Copley, Tom 396, 522 Coramendi, John 258 Corbelli, Terri 168 Corbett, Bruce 304 Corbett, Elizabeth 61, 509 Corday, Joanne 215, 338 Corneille, Lindy 372 Cornett, Steve 188 Cornsweet, Tobey 218, 480 Cornwell, David 114, 509 Corrigan, Bill 274, 440, 521 Corse, Grace 187 Corten, Dick 98, 177, 188 Cosgriff, Barbara 358 Cosgrove, Patricia 472 Cosso, Lou 214, 293 Costales, Eileen 374 Costello, Anne 354 Costello, Rick 289, 291 Cothran, Dan 61 Cotkin, Jessie 170 Cottrell, Mike 414 Coulter, Richard 422 Courchesne, Al 281 Covarrubias, Francisco 521 Coverly, Margie 168, 170, 354 Covington, Woodrow 214 Cowan, Barbara 129 Cowan, Pete 414 Cowee, Dave 188, 415 Cowee, John 127 Cowell, Tom 277 Cowen, Janet 356 Cowger, Bruce 263, 298, 448 Cowing, Eric 129, 214, 393 Cox, Allen 129, 418 Cox, Jim 218 Cox, John 418 Cox, Ken 180 Cox, Steve 214, 285 Coyne, Peggy 346 Cozen, Harry 430 Cragun, Bob 480 Craig, Robin 128, 474, 504 Craig, Susan 56, 57, 470 Craige, Daphne 362 Crain, Daniel 443 Cramm, Jack 230 Crandall, Carole 372 Crandall, Ken 443 Crandell, Beverly 73, 509 Crane, Barbara 356 Crane, Jay 136, 158, 203, 214, 224, 240, 243, 509 Crawford, Bill 73, 386 Crawford, John 466 Crawford, Mike 404 Crawford, Walter 158, 187 Craycroft, Gary 289, 401 Creighton, Lynn 342 Cresap, Bob 61, 414 Cress, Jon 480 Crichton, Gerald 462 Criedt, David 403 Crinklaw, Joyce 334 Criqui, Mike 305, 434 Crist, Margie 326, 352 Crittenden, Al 396 Crocker, Jane 334 Crocker, Susan 74, 477 Cron, Harry 281 Cronk, Rick 263 Cronk, William 432 Cropsey, Sharon 348 Croskey, Joy 74, 472 Cross, Robert 289, 402 Crossman, Carol 183, 358 Crowley, Dennis 30, 427 Crowley, Patricia 463 Crozier, George 462 Cruikshanks, Randal 74, 214, 420 Cruz, Adolfo 122, 509 Cryer, Cathie 336 Cuckovich, Dani 364 Culbertson, Mimi 344 Cullen, David 224, 509 Cullen, Lou 250 Cullen, Richard 434 Culver, Jan 215, 354 Cumming, James 401 Cummings, Gary 219, 231 Cummings, Lowell 415 Cummings, Martha 74, 142, 170, 366 Cummings, Michael 224, 503 Cummings, Sheri 138, 470 Cummings, Tom 425 Cummins, Gary 218, 438 Cunningham, Brien 231, 396 Cunningham, Glen 243, 298, 490 Cunningham, Richard 415 Cunningham, Rosanne 61, 464, 504 Cunningham, Sarah 170, 242, 366 Curcio, Frank 161, 170, 444 Curran, Ann 240, 366 Curry, Tom 412 Curtis, Alan 89 Curtis, Ross 448 Cuthbert, Steve 406 Cutler, Geoffrey 418 Cutler, Marion 242, 372 Cutler, Richard 218, 452 Cutter, Connie 242 Cytron, Jeri 62, 338 D Dahla, Bob 462 Dahllof, Jackie 74, 509 Dail, David 381 Daillak, Michael 129, 509 Daily, Cathleen 63, 509 Daily, Steve 440 Dale, Bob 74, 452 Dale, Kent 289 Dale, Mark 170 Dale, Richard 414 Dalke, Donald 400 D ' Aloisio, Ronald 451 Dal Porto, William 503 Dalton, John 230 Dalton, Sue 377 Daly, Paula 242, 370 Daly, Vickie 500 Dalziel, Elizabeth 74, 510 Dam, Hong 224, 528 Damask, Tom 382 Damon, Anne 496 Damon, Marilyn 62, 510 Damstra, Kenneth 319 Dana, Pearl 356 Dandridge, Jim 382 Danesh, Fereshteh 317, 318, Dang, Douglas 74, 428 Dangberg, Susan 360 Daniels, Marilyn 74, 175, 338 Daniels, Marjorie 74, 472 Danner, Fred 466 Danon, Vicki 493 Danow, Jim 250 Darby, Donald 62, 510 Darby, Donna 191, 374 D ' Ari , Linda 85, 500 Darlington, Mick 420 Darnall, Diana 164 Darney, Phillip 263, 298, 443 Daro, Philip 161, 170, 444 Darrow, Dorie 350, 424 Dasaday, Ken 448 Davee, Steve 218, 219 Davenport, Ellen 159 Davenport, Thomas 289, 447 David, Tom 187, 424 Davidson, Lee 422 Davidson, Lloyd 273, 298 Davies, Burt 270 Davis, Carol 62, 219, 372 Davis, Dick 410 Davis, Gary 224, 225, 466 Davis, Gerald 422 Davis, Jeffrey 398 Davis, Jewell 62, 474 Davis, John 336 Davis, John 275 Davis, Karen 338 Davis, Hal 440 Davis, Nancy 474 Davis, Raymond 112, 107 Davis, Rayna 338 Davis, Samuel 74, 401 Davis, Stanley 107 Davis, Suzanne 484 Davis, Terry 443 Davis, Thomas 393 Davis, William 158 Davison, Nancy 521 Davitt, William 213 Davoli, Rom 410 Dawers, Tom 430 Dawn, Valarie 362 Dawson, Darian 406 Day, Bob 285 Day, Clint 208, 214, 438 Dean, Donald 214, 503 Dean, Larry 263 Dean, Tom 462 Dearnstyne, Bob 385 Deaton, Myrkle 425 Debold, Dale 408 DeCarion, David 83, 410 Deck, Bill 494 Decker, Paul 387 Dedora, Noel 83, 466 Dees, Mella 482 Deeter, Mike 440 DeForest, Graig 297 DeFrane, Ruth 155 De Garmo, Paul 109 Degenkolb, Giner 62, 368 DeGraff, Ernie 230 DeGross, Fred 452 Dehn, Robert 225, 385 Deidge, Margaret 470 Deimel, Virginia 348 DeJong, Linda 62, 470 DeKat, Denize 62, 334 De Kirby, Diane 129, 364 Dela Cruz, Jafilam 107, 112, 114, 214, 402 De la Guardia, Kay 62, 219, 370 Deland, Beth 74, 344 Delanty 348 Dela Rosa, Edmond 462 De Leon, Linda 62, 336 Dellinger, Mary 488 Delmer, Harry 199, 494 Delp, Henry 490 Delson, Gary 129, 478 Delucchi, Diana 372 De Manincor, Darlene 83, 202, 334 Demarest, Mary 370 DeMaria, Dathel 180, 500 Demetrescu, Jeff 420 Deming, Ann 83, 358 Demler, Rae 62, 257, 354 Dempsey, William 83, 281, 418 DeNatale, Nance 74, 510 Denend, Ron 466 Denicke, Martin 225, 458 Denison, Dolores 62, 510 Dennison, Bob 114, 390 Depper, Marlene 98, 309, 358 Der, Doreen 504 Der, Sandra 321, 510 Derenzo, Joanmarie 325, 326, 510 Derieux, Debbie 83, 470 de Roos, Julie 62, 346 Derre, Diane 188, 190, 334 Der Vartanian, Rita 463 Desjardin, William 114, 439 Desrosier, Barbara 62, 474 Detling, James 83, 510 Deus, John 214 Devoto, Dan 239, 440 Dewey, Hobart 214 Dexter, Diana 354 Dezzani, Peter 114, 434 Diamond, Al 293 Di Bari, Chudk 74, 425 Dibson, Laurence 111 Dicker, Michael 338 Dickinson, Bill 285 Dickinson, Ralph 429 Dickson, Edward 85, 510 Dickson, Martha 354 Dicuchea, George 403 Diehl, Dorothy 350 Diehl, Pat 309 Diel, Jean 308 Dielschneider, James 111, 113 Dietz, Don 523 Dietz, Richard 400 Dietz, Robert 443 Dietzman, John 114, 224, 510 Differding, Dave 490 DiGrazia, Bob 260 DiGrazia, James 83 Dill, Susan 495 Dillan, Stephanie 168 Dilloway, Lynne 360 Dilworth, John 478 Dinkler, Penelope 325, 326, 472 Dinsmore, Susan 62, 500 Dirksen, Sue 62, 510 Dix, Gary 111, 112 Dixon, Martha 309, 341, 409 Dixon, Peter 466 Djea, Eugene 122 Doan, Mike 62, 98, 447 Dobson, Steve 129, 510 Dodd, Brian 129, 418 Dodson, Jerry 161, 396 Doell, Terry 488 Doherty, Patricia 352 Doi, Melinda 472 Doidge, Margaret 83 Doige, Tony 488 Doile, Karen 374 Dolan, Arthur 214 Dolan, Patricia 170, 354 Dole, Susan 372 Dolinko, Gary 480 Dolman, Sam 238, 251, 285, 406 Doman, Thurman 214 Don, Manuel 428 Donance, William 480 Donati, Geraldine 336 Donati, Margaret 350 Donnell, Suzette 326, 488 Dozier, Jeff 523 Draeger, Bill 230 Draller, Joy 206 Draper, Robert 154, 156, 175, 198, 387 Dravenstadt, Linda 372 Dreschler, Lois 194 Drewek, Thomas 129, 274, 510 Drewes, Bonnie 370 Driscoll, Margaret 334 Drobny, John 126, 425 Drogmund, Barry 420 Drown, Frandy 370 Drummond, Steve 432 Dryden, Megan 370 Duand, Carolyn 496 Duarte, Bob 394 Dubman, Joan 472 DuBois, David R 114, 510 Dubois, Paul 403 Ducote, Frank 396 Dudow, Irwin 318, 478 Duerr, Jim 410 Duff, George 386 Duff, George 429 Duffield, Ted 494 Duffy, Maureen 370 Duffy, Mike 466 Duffy, Terry 364 Duffy, David 364 Duke, David 164 Duncan, Bob 415 Duncan, Dudley 480 Duncan, Ed 499 Duncan, Jerry 214, 425 Duncan, Karen 358 Duncan, Margaret 164, 488 Duncan, Paul 276, 312, 462, 510 Duncan, Verora 74, 510 Duncan, Wes 258 Dunham, Dick 161 Dunham, Robert 105, 114, 214, 510 Dunk, Yvonne 374 Dunker, Keith 206, 390 Dunlap, David 214 Dunlap, John 394 Dunlap, Thomas 114, 144, 158, 380, 386 Dunn, Alice 470 Dunn, Ken 230 Dunn, Mary 336 Dunn, Philip 74, 420 Dunn, Robin Harriet 159, 334 Dupres, Valerie 464 Dupuy, Robert 522 Duran, Sylvia 500 Durbin, Thomas E 214 Durbrow, Margaret 366 Durbrow, Philip 414 Durein, John 402 Durham, Marty 299, 412 Durham, Mary Jo 159, 198, 209, 242, 484, 504 Durham, Mike 161 Durkin, Michael 387 Durkin, Robert 393 Durney, Michael 414 Durrwachter, Carol 368 Dutton, Fredrick 43 Dutton, George 180, 199, 384 Dutton, Pete 454 Dwane, Diana 74, 377 Dwane, Tina 377 Dwelle, Sandra 74, 510 Dyer, Jim 447 Dysinger, Judy 242, 484 E Easley, Bruce H. 214 Easton, Miriam 309 Ebert, Claudia 484 Eastman, Hal 289 Eagan, Georgiana 346 Ebur, Martin 411 Eckert, Laura Lee 348 Eckert, Philip 408 Ecklund, Mae 402 Eddy, John 214 Eddy, Lunne Marie 346 Edelen, Peter 414 Edelman, Ilene 57 Edelman, Joanne 484 Edelman, Marshall 281 Edelstein, Jerry 129, 498 Edelstein, Judi 129, 356 Edge, Richard 317, 318, 510 Edlund, Betty Jean 350 Edmonds, Bill 62, 440 Edmonds, Duane 304, 440 Edson, Toby 425 Edwards, Douglas 396 Edwards, Joe 224 Edwards John 289 Edwards, Larry 277 Edwards, Randy 258 Edwards, Ross 199, 521 Edwards, Ted 395 Edwards Tom 480 Effenbeck, Pem 326, 510 Efstratis, Andy 258 Egbert, John 114, 498 Eggers, Jerry 404 Eggleton, Joan 352 Egulsa, Richard 195 Eherhart, Howard 104 Ehira, Kenji 485 Ehrich, Paul 83, 454 Ehritt, Vicki 364 Einhorn, John 277, 443 Eisele, Francie 346 Eisenberg, Melissa 474 Eisenberg, Susan 356 Eisner, Paula 128 Ekinaka, Mike 210, 485 Eklund, Karin 62, 406 Elber, Ellen 168 Elgart, Lonnie 62, 510 Eliason, Judith 56, 510 Ellard, Karen 495, 504 Ellingson, Glenn 434 Elliott, Edward 318 Elliott, Howard 270 Elliott, Maj 214 Elliott, Terrance 114, 382 Ellis, Dave 385 Ellis, Hugh 382 Ellis, Jack 447 Ellis, John 410 Ellis, Margaret 344 Ellis, Nancy 62, 500 Ellison, Bart 439 Ellison, David 225 Ellman, Jim 382 Ellsworth, Bill 158, 239, 240, 243 Elmore, Judy 336 Elrod, Eleanor 362 Elsner, Paula 129, 350 Elzey, Jane 98, 342 Emery, Betsy 370 Emmerick, Gail 484 Endacott, Linda 472 Endo, Yvonne 74, 510 Enfield, David 396 Enfield, Ron 184 Eng, Charmaine 318 Eng, Ed 528 Eng, Weylin Gay 318 Enright, Valarie Eleanore 336 Ensunsa, Pam 464 Epperson, Larry D 381 Epps, Jon 293 Epstein, Barton 430 Epstein, Mike 238, 251, 253, 256, 293, 456 Epstein, Mira 495 Epstein, Ruth 500 Erbes, Jay 420 Erbes, John 276 Erby, John 251 Erhart, Linda Joan 74, 352, 413 Erickson, Cynthia 368 Erickson, Diane 83, 368 Erickson, Nancy 358 Erickson, Mike 440 Erickson, Myron 270 Erickson, Nancy 242 Erickson, Richard 35 Erilck, Kathy 356 Ervice, Gregory 188, 415 Escajeda, Lee 129, 447 Escola, Dennis 114, 394 Eskandari, Yahya 115, 529 Estabrook, Cliff 384 Esterley, Sharon 168, 178, 477 Etcheverry, Jean 219, 364 Ethridge, Susanne 495 Etienne, Claire 346 Eustis, Wyatt 480, 484 Eubank, Allan L. 214 Eutter, Claudia 470 Evans, Bill 438 Evans, Cathy 168 Evans, Helen 62, 98, 374 Evans, Janice 484 Evans, Kathy 493 Evans, Margaret 178, 334 Evans, Ray 293 Evans, Randall 478 Evans, William 129 Evans, Wil liam 498 Evanson, Julie 493, 504 Even, Randy 430 Everly, Gayle 334 Evidon, Richard 490 Exter, Peggy 209, 352 Exter, Tom 404 Eymil, Denis 74, 170, 144 Ewing, Barbara 348 F Fabricant, Steve 180, 191, 494 Facro, Laurette 470 Fadem, Joel 74, 404 Fagan, Paul 393, 510 Fagergren, Joanna 342 Fahs, Susan 348 Failing, William 62, 427 Fain, Beth 31, 338 Fair, Betsy 364 Falconer, Art 480 Falk, Diane 62, 510 Falkinham, Joseph 218, 436 Fall, Linda 464, 504 Fall, Thomas 188, 385 Fallon, Michael 85, 411 Falstrom, Robert 112 Fan, Jacob 465 Fanning, Tom 404 Fansler, Martha 311, 470 Faoro, Laurette 62 Farel, Paul 480 Farella, John 412 Faridany, Ed 289 Farley, Eloise 62 Farley, Susan 354 Farnsley, Larry 503 Farr, Pat 62, 142, 144, 153, 156, 159, 175, 198, 204, 205, 207, 510 Farrar, Stan 156, 158, 203, 243, 444 Farrar, Trixie 170, 360 Fashinell, Tom 238 Faust, Sunny 74, 510 Faveluke, Marianne 62, 510 Favro, Dave 238, 251, 285 Fay, Marj 362 Faye, Patti 62, 159, 362 Fazio, Marilyn 372 Fears, Ivan 480 Feay, Christine 224, 500 Feiles, Ben 436 Fein, Mike 436 Feinstein, Barbara 356 Feirer, Elizabeth 321 Feldman, Arlen 115, 418 Feld, Randie 31, 338 Feldstein, Jarin 436 Felix, Leonard 214 Feller, Gary 462 Felmus, Marjorie 474 Fendon, Don 406 Fenolio, Donald 161 Fenwick, Kay 62 Ferber, Stanley 498 Ferguson, Jan 344 Ferguson, Margaret 344 Fernald, Geoff 494 Ferraris, Anne 350 Ferrero, Gloria 484 Ferril, Jan 298 Ferris, Carolyn 342 Ferris, Frank 214, 425 Ferris, Patricia 342 Ferrius, Ann 175 Ferse, Dick 480 Fester, Diane 523 Fester, James 321, 478 Fevereiro, Nancy 62, 372 Fick, Betty 377 Fick, Sue 500 Fiehn, Janie 336 Fields, Sandra 74 File, Ruth 478 Finch, Marcia 370 Fine, William 410 Finger, Steve 263 Fingerson, Wayne 111, 112, 115, 440 Finizza, Tony 462 Fink, Mike 462 Fink, Patricia 242, 354 Finkel, Garry 281 Finkenbinder, Wendy 370 Finkle, Bill 436 Finkler, Fred 317, 318, 510 Fischer, Ann 62, 352 Fischer, Dick 74, 456 Fischer, Michael 184 Fishback, Dave 281, 422 Fisher, Barry 411 Fisher, James 532 Fisher, Joel 164 Fisher, Kathleen 342 Fisher, Marcia 62, 510 Fisher, Russell 289, 393 Fishman, Barry 462 Fishman, Ronnie 474 Fitch, Susan 500 Fitch, Kathy 206 Fitz. Dick 403 Fitz, Robert 214 Fitzgerald, Sean 443 Flachsenhar, John 115, 403 Flajser, Steven 430 Fleming, Dennis 425 Fleming, Jay 440 Fleming, Jim 230 Fleming, Kent 238, 289 Fleming, Laurie 63, 372 Fleming, Steve 434 Flemming, Arthur 478 Fletcher, Jaye 470 Fletcher, Marvin 63, 480 Fletcher, Oren 218, 382 Fleury, Sue 346 Flinn, Frederick 390 Flinn, Gerald 390 Flint, Donna 74, 510 Flood, Judy 63, 366, 510 Flood, Nancy 63, 344 Flushman, Bruce 430 Flynn, Chuck 462 Flynn, Edward 418 Flynn, John 408 Fogarty, Tom 425 Foley, Mike 312 Fok, Andrew 115, 528 Fong, Allena 63, 196, 510 Fong, Beata 321, 510 Fong, Bucky 122, 510 Fong, Flora 376, 522 Fong, Gary 487 Fong, Gerlene 376 Fong, James 428 Fong, Joyce 317, 318, 376, 511 Fong, Lincoln 122, 511 Fong, Phil 115, 478 Fong, Randall 428 Fontas, Roger 439 Foote, Vera 63, 463 Footman, Farel 74, 511 Forbes, Harold 487 Forbes, Pierson 466 Forbes, William 43 Ford, Becky 346 Ford, Charles 478 Ford, Vicki 360 Ford, Norma 168 Foree, Marilynn 183, 368 Foreman, Dona 470 Formoso, Carl 385 Forrar, Robert 83, 415 Forrester, Alice 74, 472 Forte, Michele 202, 346 Fossati, Elaine 168, 206, 522 Fosselius, George 225, 236, 244, 385 Foster, Allen 107 Foster, George 440 Foster, Gladys 99 Foster, Mary 63, 366 Foster, Mercedes 83, 366 Foster, Paul 299, 458 Foster, Robert 74, 410 Foster, Robert 394 Foster, Roger 258, 281 Foster, Tom 462 Fouladi, Binjan 122, 448 Foulkes, Richard 408 Fowler, Alan 443 Fowler, Betsy 523 Fowler, Charles 521 Fowler, Karen 63, 207, 511 Fowler, Kenneth 230, 231, 466 Folwer, Kinton 128 Fox, Cary 113, 225, 465 Fox, David 396 Fox, F. L 487 Fox, Jack 418 Fox, John 494 Fox, Judith 180, 341 Fox, Mike 214, 401 Fox, Snaford 388 Frager, Sue 356 Franchini, Carol 346 Francis, Betty 372 Francis, Don 406 Francis, Jim 193 Francis, Larry 404 Frank, Alice 350 Frank, Bob 390 Frank, Don 115, 144, 177, 180, 494, 511 Frank, James 74, 434 Frank, Justy 456 Frank, Skip 386 Frank, Susan Elizabeth 477 Franke, Diana 470 Frankie, Gordon W 56 Franklin, Cathy 63, 511 Franklin, Roger 63, 388 Franks, Marsha 377 Franzia, Norma 523 Fraser, Peter M. 129, 401 Fraser, Robert 396 Frates, Edward Frank 393 Frather, Hale 454 Frazer, Susan 484 Frazil, Susan 348 Frederick, Walter 176, 177 Frederick, Sandra 477 Freed, Jan 436 Freedman, Helene 496 Freeland, Richard 225, 434 Freeman, Jo 206 Freeman, Linsey 74, 430 Freidin, Robert 170 Freilich, Sallie Kay 338 Fremier, Gay 521 French, Ann 370 French, Bill 281 French, John 115, 511 Frend, Bob 430 Fretter, Ernest 243 Fretter, William 59, 198 Freund, Dwight 533 Freund, Elizabeth Ann 190, 338 Frey, Hal 273 Frey, Sherwood 480 Freymann, Heinz 425 Fricke, Beryt 482 Fried, Dennis 490 Frieder, Susan 202 Frieder, Susan Teri 175, 338 Friedlander, Rich 436 Friedman, Darrell 87, 203, 243, 411 Freidman, Bonnie 356 Friedman, Michael 325, 498 Friedman, Mona Belle 338 Friedman, Ruth 500 Friedman, Susan 356 Friedman, Tracy 490 Frieeberg, Cass 478 Frieman, Marilyn 356 Friend, Robert 231 Frierson, Jim 439 Friis, Robert 511 Frisou, Suzanne 360 Fritschi, Jill 360 Froslie, Roger 490 Frost, Annette 336 Frost, Barbara 159, 372 Frost, Gayle 241, 336 Frost, Jack 107, 112 Frost, Mary 180, 368 Frost, Roger 98 Frost, Susan 180, 344 Frucht, Dale 338 Frumkin, Al 31 Fry, Don 386 Fry, Paul 115, 386 Fry, Sally 180 Frydman, Sol 456 Fuchs, James 115, 462, 511 Fujii, Fern 470 Fujii, Jack 56, 312, 487 Fujimoto, Lillian 178, 521 Fujita, Ted 187 Fullbright, Drew 318 Fuller, Bob 386 Fuller, Glen 115, 511 Fuller, John 454 Fuller, Peggy 362 Funk, Skip 83, 478 Furgeson, Jim 285 Furtado, John 83, 122, 511 Furtney, Virginia 156 Furukawa, Theodore 522 G Gaba, Carolyn 372 Gaba, Leigh 214, 438 Gabie, Larry 258 Gabrielson, Lyle 105, 115, 511 Gage, John 168, 298 Gagel, Cathie 362, 511 Gagnon, Forrest 444 Gagnon, Stephanie 240, 350 Gaines, Cathy 484 Gaines, Randy 239, 243, 396 Gale, Jane 338 Gale, Karen 74, 368 Gal e, Madelyn 194, 504, 472 Galer, Larry 382 Galipeaux, Yvonne 63, 463 Gallagher, Michael 451 Gallagher, Ronnie 408 Gallaway, Bill 115, 487 Gallegos, Orland 452 Gallis, Patricia 63, 334 Gallup, Aaron 494 Galster, Gene 444 Gambera, Armand 466 Gamenara, Valerie 368 Gandin, Louise 336 Gandin, Sherrie 83, 511 Gani, Zakaria 528 Garat, Domie 170, 366 Garde, Anand 528 Gardiner, Jeffery 129, 511 Gardner, Barbara 63 Gardner, Larry 251, 258 Gardner, Ronald 401 Garfinkle, Gary 411 Garfinkle, Jay 411 Garibaldi, Nadine 366 Garmus, John 396 Garnier, Linda 336 Garrett, Dale 109 Gartshore, Catherine 346 Gartshore, Pamela 63, 145, 204, 205, 207, 346 Garwood, Nancy 75, 511 Gary, Richard 432 Gash, Philip 86, 511 Gaskill, James 107, 112, 113 Gaskill, Suzanne 206, 477 Gaskill, Todd 281 Gates, Diane 482 Gattis, Rick 432 Gautier, Karyn 75, 362 Gay, Ken 490 Gearhart, Richard 129, 480 Gebhart, Mary 523 Gee, Joe 83, 428 Gee, Wing 428 Geiogue, Harold 75, 443 Gellham, Bob 296 Geller, Carol 356 Gemberling, Elizabeth 504 Genetti, Jean 368 Genser, Stan 430 Genter, Stephanie 75, 219, 348 Gentner, Lynn 63, 145, 156, 159, 205, 207, 372 Gentry, Mark 83, 214, 311, 478 Geoffey, Margrit 63, 511 Geoffrey, Bill 458 George, Bill 478 George, Lance 396 George, Nancy 472 George, Sally 75, 354 Gerhardt, Adrienne 164, 184 Germain, Edward 75, 145, 153, 156, 198, 203, 204, 436 Gerstel, Bryan 411 Gerwin, Carol 356 Gesley, Roy 300 Gessler, Sallie 240, 370 Gevertz, Joann 496 Gey, AnnaJane 493 Geyer, June 176 Ghani, A. F. M. R. A 528 Gharachehdaghi, Jamshid 529 Gherlone, Ronald 214 Ghiselli, Jack 244 Ghraham, Kathie Mary 346 Giachomazzi, James 305, 434 Gianella, Linda 168, 522 Giannoni, Geri Ann 501 Gianulias, Andrew 478 Giarratana, Pat 358 Gibbons, Gerry Lee 341 Gibbs, Finley 260 Giberti, Marianne 63 Gibson, Bill 478 Gibson, Gayle 170, 368 Gibson, Jerry 480 Gibson, Lawrence 111, 112 Giddings, Bob 480 Giddings, Gary 107, 112, 115, 478 Gidlow, James 456 Giertz, Patricia 504 Gilberd, Sharon 366 Gilbert, Brian 285 Gilbert, Carol 474 Gilbert, Jules 427 Gilbert, Margaret 336 Gilberti, Marianne 348 Gill, Mary Kate 511 Gill, Sarwan 168 Gillett, Susan 484 Gillette, Chip 404 Gillham, Bob 438 Gillman, Terry Ann 338 Gillmeister, Victoria 56, 57, 511 Gillmore, Jane 63, 511 Gilman, John 411 Gilmore, Bob 250, 258 Gilmour, Richard 63, 511 Gilroy, Christine 348 Gimian, Jianne 474 Gimpo, Jan 168 Gin, Shirley 470 Ginoux, Marilyn 63, 370 Ginsberg, William 456 Giorgi, Jean 372 Gioseffi, Tom 274 Gipson, Elsie 99 Girot, George 440 Girot, Susan 360 Gittings, Linda 194, 368 Giusti, Ellen 493 Glaser, Gary 490 Glaser, Richard 411 Glasner, Gail 164 Glassman, Jill 521 Glassman, Judy 338 Glasspool, Richard 447 Glau, Thomas 75, 466 Gleason, Bennett 452 Glen, Mary 474 Gliebe, Donna 309 Glines, Pamela 348 Gloeckner, Sandra 75, 341 Glooschenko, Sandy 182, 344 Goddard, Carolyn 30, 31, 344 Goddard, Kathryn 75, 142, 145, 159, 309, 334 Godt, Russ 429 Goeltz, Larry 480 Goerl, Rick 75, 400 Goings, Dick 230 Gold, Mike 154, 487 Gold, Randy 145 Goldberg, Jackie 356 Goldberg, Janet 84 Goldberg, Michael 480 Goldberg, Richard W 480 Goldby, Helen 377 Golden, Dick 238, 273, 436 Golden, Joyce 63, 350 Golden, Michael S 388 Goldfarb, Neil E 63, 466 Goldman, Charles 411 Goldman, Karen 60, 377 Goldman, Ron 251 Goldsmith, Mary Lou 470 Goldsmith, William 115, 478 Goldstein, Alan 436 Goldstein, David 436 Goldstein, Don 75, 466 Goldstein, Mike 462 Goldstein, Gail 356 Gombert, William 388 Gomes, Lowell 75, 511 Goo, Kenneth 105 Good, Kermit 429 Good, Vicky 57 Goodart, Sally 321, 504 Goode, Philip 238, 408 Goodman, Gerrald 158 Goodman Louise M 190, 338 Goodman, Michael A 75, 511 Goodman, Steve 170 Goodrich, Elizabeth 63, 484 Goodwin, Len 98, 184, 185 Goodwin, Mike 250, 452 Goodwin, Peter 386 Goodwin, Susan 352 Goody, Phil 298 Goorvitch, David 86 Gorby, Laurie 356 Gordon, Arthur E. 98 Gordon, James 406 Gordon, Joan 338 Gordon, Robert 75, 456 Gordon, Ross C 129 Gorham, Mary 472 Gorin, Jody 178 Gorin, Joanne Carole 342 Gorman, Dale 364 Gorman, Mary Ellen 368 Gorman, Pat 463, 504 Gorshow, Jean Ann 338 Gorvitch, David 490 Gosden, Ray 230 Gosline, John 448 Gottlieb, Leslie 164, 482 Gottlieb, Raymond 318 Gould, Harvey 168 Gould, Myra 356 Gould, Ron 281 Goyak, Nick 75, 404 Grace, Charles 451 Grace, Paul 84, 452 Gracis, George 448 Graham, Bill 406 Graham, Carol 63, 477 Graham, Elliot 230 Graham, Geri 350 Graham, John 418 Graham, Mike 466 Graham, Robert 398 Graham, Vickie 370 Graham, Zara 63, 511 Grand, Ron 382 Granger, Wiliam 326, 393 Granlund, Colette 484 Grant, Barbara 84, 511 Grant, Jeff 443 Grant, Nancy 372 Grant, William 465 Granucci, Anthony 447 Gravlee, George 115, 511 Gray, Belinda 161, 364 Gray, Gordon 462 Gray, Kathy 372 Gray, Ken 260 Gray, Max 129, 208, 404 Gray, Regina 330, 356 Gray, Robin 354 Green, Bob 258 Green, Dan 84, 425 Green, Jerry 436 Green, Marcia 159, 366 Green, Steve 458 Green, Thomas 503 Greendorfer, Susan 308 Greene, Michael 456 Greenebaum, Kathy 496 Greenburg, Ethelred 175 Greenfield, Stanley 225, 511 Greenhill, Hope 63, 511 Greeneich, Edwin 107, 112 Greenough, Pete 188, 415 Greenwood, Ann 500 Greenwood, Jerry 318 Greenwood, Robert 318 Greer, Diane 352 Gregerson, Harold 63, 214, 418 Gregg, Scott 289 Gregg, Tom 410 Gregory, Diana 370 Gregory, John 289, 490 Gregory, Maralyn 63, 358 Gregory, Todd 296, 401 Gregory, Woody 115, 452 Greig, Bill 129, 434 Greiner, Dave 115, 390 Greiner, Sharon 366, 424 Gress, Phyllis 521 Grey, Jim 230 Grey, Joel 415 Gribble, Diane 63, 364 Gridley, Mike 238, 251, 281 Griesser, John 414 Grieve, Janis 334 Griffin, Barbara 161, 358 Griffin, Dick 289, 321, 412 Griffin, Jerry 462 Griffin, Joyce 75, 472 Griffin, Sarah 178, 334 Griffith, Edwin 398 Griffith, Gary 465 Griffith, Paul 107, 112 Griffiths, Diane 495 Griffiths, Judith 75, 511 Griffiths, Raleigh 443 Griggs, Diane 484 Grimes, Susan 164 Grimm, Charles 490 Grimmell, C liff 230 Grinsell, Ray 403 Grissim, John 175 Griswold, Walt 412 Groezinger, Marlene 360 Grogan, Stanley 219 Groper, John 289 Gross, Jean 184 Grosser, Lynn 344 Grossman, Robert 306, 430 Grove, Karen 177, 182 Grover, Sue 463 Groves, Carl 230 Grube, Bruce 434 Gruen, Irma 377 Gruner, Stephen 427 Gryson, Chris 364 Gubbins, Christie 334 Gucksberg, Nancy 209 Guelder, John 187, 462 Guichard, Roger 297 Guidici, Luzanne 75, 159, 168, 198, 511 Gulick, Charles 50 Gumbiner, Joseph 533 Gumprich, Carol 356 Gum, Loid 98 Gunn, Ted 394 Gunnell, Bill 458 Gurll, Nelson 285 Gurman, Harvey 533 Gustafson, John 387 Gustav 382 Gutman, Steven 224 Guttman, Paul 480 Guttman, Samuel 456 Guy, Penny 463 Gwennie, High 214 H Haas, Bob 158, 203, 204, 478 Haberman, Nancy 344 Hackman, Jana 350 Hafleigh, Dave 203, 243, 434 Hagar, Gerald 43 Haggard, Anne 374 Haggerty, Cornelius 43 Hagopian, Loretta 358 Hahn, Michael 214 Haigh, Lynn 240, 362 Haight, Gerald 214 Haigler, Lynn 346 Hail, Marcia 138, 170, 348 Hailstone, Joseph 318 Haim, Renee 63, 500 Haimovitz, Mike 436 Haines, Larry 406 Hair, Chris 480 Hakanson, Tom 390 Hakman, David 75, 142, 175, 203, 418 Halcrow, Ken 289 Haley, Peter 161, 396, 521 Halfaker, Raymond 508 Hall, Don 480 Hall, Douglas 214, 267 Hall, Fred 422 Hall, Gary 138, 448 Hall, Martha 63, 512 Hall, Nancy 75, 194, 205, 512 Hall, Sally 240, 242, 360 Hall, Sally 138, 370 Hall, Sandy 346 Hall, Selden 385, 490 Hall, Steve 434 Hall, Terry 480 Hallaian, Charlene 170, 372 Hallberg, Ross 480 Hallberg, JoAnn 344 Hallen, Kathryn 63, 484 Hallett, Anne 366 Hallett, Margaret 484 Hallock, Jane 75, 484 Halpern, Jean 500 Halpern, Steve 75, 466 Hallquist, Norm 98, 494 Halpin, Joseph 82, 512 Hamberg, Barbara 370 Hambly, Ross 214, 458 Hamermesh, Judy 500 Hamilton, Brutus 48, 262, 280 Hamilton, Jane 374 Hamilton, Louis 111, 112 Hamilton, Marilyn 344 Hamilton, Patricia 344 Hamlin, Stephanie 366 Hamm, Anthony 214 Hamm, Sharon 342 Hamm, Shelley 374 Hammell, Jayne 342 Hammer, David 129, 312, 444 Hammer, Marcia 358 Hammer, Robert 84, 434 Hammond, Dick 521 Hamovitch, Harry 430 Hampton, Donald 75, 466 Hamstad, Arlene 75, 512 Hamstad, Marvin 115, 512 Hand, Laurie 211 Handis, Marilyn 376 Handler, Lynne 523 Haney, Richard 175 Hangy, Dennis 296 Hanks, Kathy 366 Hanley, Thomas 214 Hans, Lessel 64, 463 Hansen, Adele 64, 157, 500, 504 Hansen, Charlotte 493 Hansen, Eunice 64, 360 Hansen, Pamela 86, 484 Hanson, John 285 Hanson, Robert 434 Hapleigh, David 64 Harada, Larry 318 Harada, Warren 483 Harband, Marty 203, 214, 240, 241, 411 Harbough, Cassie 370 Harbour, JoAnne 242, 366 Harden, Carla 98, 500 Harder, John 274 Harder, Marilyn 341 Hardin, Frances 75, 474 Hardin, Norma 180, 500 Harding, Donald 422 Harding, Richard 238, 281, 422 Hardy, Russell 115, 490 Hargreaves, Margaret 334 Hargrove, Bruce 263 Hargrove, John 107,466 Haritos, Elaine 523 Harlan, Barry 411 Harlan, Bill 255, 263 Harlow, Peggy 374 Harman, Carol 522 Harmon, Lee 263, 404 Harp, Carol 472 Harper, Ginny 372 Harper, John 400 Harper, Steve 358 Harper, Thomas 138, 480 Harps, Tom 129, 512 Harrington, Dennis 258 Harrington, Jim 404 Harris, Al 436 Harris, Caren 500 Harris, Cecelia 75, 512 Harris, Ian 122 Harris, James 298, 456 Harris, Joseph 50 Harris, Lois 523 Harris, Marilyn 472 Harris, Michael 318, 411 Harris, Michael 466 Harris, Parkes 190, 214 Harris, Tim 406 Harris, Joanne 75, 500 Harrison, Bill 293, 429 Harrison, Lee 456 Harrison, Linda 64, 350 Harrison, Vicki 500 Harrison, William 129, 318 Harshbarger, Jim 115, 129, 425 Harshberger, Bob 115, 438 Hart, Jack 250 Hart, Karen 308, 309 Hart, JoEllen 352 Hart, Patricia 84, 464 Hart, Susan 484 Hartogian, Carol 64, 462 Hartje, Richard 412 Hartman, Linda 64, 78, 512 Hartmann, Randall 388 Hartung, Irene 180, 206, 3 68 Hartwell, Walter 305, 434 Harvey, Pamela 370 Haseltine, Florence 493 Hasenfuss, Hardy 129, 512 Hashimoto, Pat 474 Hass, Bruce 128, 129, 478 Hassard, Jean Frances 242, 346 Hastings, Joseph 218 Hastings, Myna 463 Hastings, Rosanne 362 Haswell, Joyce Ann 354 Hatch, Toni 64, 142, 205, 240, 344 Hatfield, Jerry 281 Hatlen, Leif 230, 231, 512 Hatton, John 260, 281 Haug, Charles 390 Hauldren, Linda M 348 Hauswirth, Bill 478 Haviland, Perry 434 Hawk, Dee 350 Hawk, Roberta 180, 368 Hawkins, Karen 352 Hawks, Doris 135, 142, 146, 205, 321, 330, 364 Hawley, Loren 285 Hayashi, James 498 Hayes, Sharon 64, 358 Hayhurst, Nancy 64, 370 Hayman, Frank 398 Hayward, Linda 64, 512 Hayward, Michael 317, 318, 512 Head, Kristin 75 Healey, Jane 354 Hearn, Mike 386 Hearn, Penny 240, 362 Hearsh, Bonnie 356 Hearst, Mrs. Randolph 43 Heatley, Lori 211, 309 Hechtlinger, Susan 352 Hector, Juliann 64, 512 Hedrick, Russ 425 Heeger, Gerald 388 Hege, Marty 75, 372 Heger, Carol 372 Heichel, Susan 75, 463, 504 Heidbrink, Christine 161 Heidner, Jim 251, 412 Heifetz, Esther 338 Heimann, Stefanie 159, 161, 170 Heinecke, Louann 63, 477 Heinemann, Arthur 262, 281, 387 Heist, Nanci 76, 336 Heivel, Donna 484 Helfer, Karen 342 Helgren, Sigrid 334 Heller, Mrs. Edward 43 Heller, Gail 484 Heller, Ken 480 Heller, Peggy 356 Heller, Sherry 521 Helm, Jeanette 202, 205, 334 Helmich, Donald 214 Helyar, Susan 482 Hempel, Carol 334 Hemovich, Michael 214 Hempstead, Ross 214 Henderson, Barbara 474 Henderson, Carol 484 Henderson, Cynthia 76, 362 Henderson, Gail 56, 512 Henderson, Michael 385 Henderson, Michael 267, 271, 398 Hendon, D on 508 Hendren, Julie 64, 354 Hendricks, John 138, 410 Hendricks, Sharol 488 Henke, Richard 86, 387 Henley, Clay 396 Hennessey, Betty 348 Henning, Marion 374 Henninger, Michael 214, 404 Henrioulle, Steve 454 Henry, Ann 522 Henry, Dana 138, 190, 366 Henshaw, Sydney 30, 135, 140, 159, 360 Henshaw, Terry 366 Herget, Thomas 214, 401 Herman, Brian 297 Hermannad, Rolf 112 Hernandez, Daniel 422 Hernandez, Lanny 158, 203, 239, 240 Herney, Sue 205, 219, 330, 348 Herold, Philip 386 Herold, Scott 386 Herr, Nancy 512 Herrera, Henry 390 Herrerias, Rene 266, 267 Herrick, Carolyn 470, 504 Herst, Douglas 138, 430 Hester, Marilyn 76, 205, 207 Hester, Marilyn Sue 76, 157, 159, 336 Hetherington, Norriss 172 Hetzel, Bill 218 Hetzel, Eleanor 170, 350 Heumann, Leonar d 512 Heyns, Barbara 161,170 Hiatt, Deanna 348 Hibbard, Dick 111 Hibbard, Tim 258 Hickerson, Robert 275 Hickey, Lowell 185, 186, 452 Hickman, Pat 370 Hicks, Gary 112 Hicks, George 503 Hicks, James 318 Hiddleson, Don 84, 410 Hiebert, Larry 86, 512 Hiebert, Lynette 64, 512 Higgins, Elaine 98, 489 Higgins, Mary Kate 346 Higgins, Tim 401 Hile, Lloyd 112, 225, 478 Hill, Alan 395 Hill, Diane 336 Hill, Dixon 451 Hill, Dathryn 500 Hill, Peggy 346 Hill, Sue 187 Hilleary, Sterling 180, 362, 409 Hilliard, Mort 105 Hillman, James 432 Hillman, Terri 338 Hills, Mary 366 Hilzer, Ralph 64, 451 Himathongkham, Thep 84, 528 Himmel, Susan 482 Hinchey, Cathryn 504 Hinds, Munn 418 Hiner, Janie 170 Hineser, Rosemarie 474 Hiramatsu, Ann 76, 512 Hiraoka, Connie 128, 129, 512 Hirata, Tom 462 Hirsch, Claire 76, 142, 377 Hirschman, Rafaella 368 Hirson, Sheila 338 Histen, Harry 440 Hittleman, Walter 466 Hixson, Judith 64, 512 Hoagland, Trey 386 Hobday, Tom 214, 312, 380, 444 Hobdin, Barbara 634 Hockel, Mary Beth 98 Hodder, Tom 480 Hodge, John 214, 230 Hodges, Dave 466 Hodgson, Sandy 354 Hodson, Jeanette 489, 504 Hoefer, Carol 364 Hoehn, John 239, 387 Hoffland, Linda 362 Hoffman, Andy 456 Hoffman, David 304, 311 Hoffman, Floyd 456 Hoffman, Mike 251, 285 Hoffman, Nancy 523 Hoffman, Neil 164, 480 Hoffman, Wendy 64, 338 Hoffpauir, Dick 466 Hofmann, Dave 456 Hofmann, Paul 175, 198, 274, 221, 321, 456 Hiffner, Dorell 414 Hogan, Martha 500 Hogan, Tim 138, 420 Hoggard, Pat 385 Hohengarten, John 64 Hohengarten, Karl 466 Holabird, Sally 366 Holbetson, Terry 432 Holbrook, Jeanne 374 Holcenberg, Stan 487 Holcombe, Katy 64, 135, 140, 146, 158, 159, 360 Hole, Robert 462 Holl, Jim 281 Holland, Dick 438 Holland, Penny 64, 346 Holland, Steve 230 Holland, Tom 214 Holley, Lynne 372 Hollick, Ann 64 Holliday, Marie 529 Hollister, Frank 382 Hollister, James 129, 440 Holloway, Jeannie 64, 178, 512 Holman, Bob 285, 398 Holmer, Adrianne 242, 368 Holmes, Catherine 474 Holmes, Richard 218 Holmstrom, Bob 462 Holt, Howard 267, 271, 281 Holt, Jacquelyn 358 Holtzman, Phil 478 Hom, Faith 187 Hom, Paul 64, 478 Homberger, Eric 388 Hon, David 465 Hong, Norman 480 Hongola, Lynne 374 Hoodei, Mehdi 111, 115, 512 Hooper, Marilyn 495 Hooper, Steve 270 Hoos, Sandra 138, 240, 242, 366 Hoover, Dick 293 Hooykaan, Eric 452 Hopper, Kathleen 138, 350 Horah, Kathleen 64, 464, 504 Horgan, John 451 Horii, JoAnne 463 Horikoshi, Nancy 76, 146, 194, 207, 512 Horio, David 462 Horn, Janice 138, 190, 342 Hornaday, Tom 251, 285 Hornby, Stephen 393 Horne, Margaret 488 Horner, Jeff 87 Horney, Barrett 432 Hornick, Larry 456 Horning, Rick 289, 410 Hornosty, Jennie 170 Hornstein, Bennett 430 Horowitz, Dave 76, 175, 436 Horowitz, Louise 338 Horton, Pamela 346 Hose, June 64, 512 Hoskins, William 50 Hosmer, William 434 Houchin, Bill 480 Houck, Jim 98 Houghton, Brooks 487 Houlihan, Sheila 493 Houstin, Bob 462 Hovland, Carl 427 Howard, Al 494 Howard, Gale 464 Howard, Joseph 76,512 Howard, Kit 76, 202, 355 Howard, Martha 366 Howarton, Margaret 474 Howe, Ceil 503 Howe, Helen 159 Howe, Herb 478 Howell, Ann 202, 366 Howell, Frank 318 Howell, Kenna 183, 358 Howell, Leslie 472 Howell, Steve 420 Howes, Vincent 275, 448 Howey, Bob 478 Howker, Grace 522 Howorth, Lawrence 439 Hoyer, Joan 64, 368 Hoyle, Genevieve 341 Hoyt, Win 406 Hsia, Linsen 224, 225, 463 Hsu, Irene 225, 512 Hu, Henriette 76 Hubbard, Albert 275 Hubbard, Brentley 494 Hubbard, George 107,112 Hudsoh, Bill 403 Hudson, Bob 285 Husdon, Dr. Charles 250 Hudson, Douglas 270, 398 Hudson, Miles 285 Huff, Gayle 76, 342 Huff, Henry 398 Huffman, Frank 432 Hugdal, Lee 448 Huggins, Elaine 504 Hughes, Judy 474 Hughes, Marilyn 242, 352 Hughes, Steve 404 Hugnagel, Mary 496 Hui, Cyrus 84, 528 Hui, Sheila 64 Hull, Arthur 480 Hull, Lawrence 394 Hull, Pat 164 Hulstrom, Bob 312 Hulsy, Bill 396 Hulten, Chuck 440 Humphereys, Veru 128 Humphreys, Jane 170, 350 Humphreys, Penny 372 Hung, Dora 56, 528 Hung, Jenny 84, 528 Hungerford, Richard 199, 478 Hunt, Carole 65, 170, 341 Hunt, George 400 Hunt, James 258, 270, 384 Hunt, Jerry 130, 415 Hunt, Patricia 76, 360, 512 Hunt, Sharon 76, 360 Hunte, Henry 398 Hunter, Richard 384 Hunter, William 393 Hurwitz, Jay 388 Huskey, Carolyn 65, 472, 504 Huston, Carolyn 496 Hutchings, Harold 307 Hutchinson, Ann 374 Hutchinson, Jim 285 Hutchinson, John 260, 401 Hutchinson, Richard 84, 422 Hutson, Sharron 65 Hwang, John 214 Hyde, Kristin 512 Hyink, Shirley 84, 346 Hyland, Brooke 356 Hyland, John 109 Hyman, Michele 377, 533 Hynding, Steve 281 Hyslop, Rich 387 I Iaconetti, Earnest 250 Iglehart, Richard 214, 380, 398 Iiyama, Pat 156, 209 Ik, Poong 528 Ikeda, Tom 289 Ikegami, Roy 111, 115, 490 Iki, Tei 221 Imhoff, Fred 386 Ingebretson, Robert 297 Ingebretson, Gary 238, 293 Ingham, Bob 432 Ingham, Lani 157, 205, 346 Inkelis, Stan 258, 480 Inlander, Richard 388 Inouye, David 428 Inuzuka, Julie 495 Ipson, Steven 401 Isaacs, Jack 382 Isaacson, Bob 412 Isacson, Kris 496 Isbelle, Ted 480 Isenberg, Barbara 338 Ishiguro, George 115, 494, 512 Israels, Sid 478 Ito, Michael 483 Iusi, Carolyn 334 Ivanetich, Richard 225, 385 Ivelich, Tony 414 Iverson, Genie 477 Iversen, Harold 111 Iverson, Roland 425 Iwanaga, Rio 195, 318 Iwasaki, Robert 76, 512 Iwasko, Nadine 364 Ivey, Rich 384 Izant, Clyde 78,214,221,410 J Jackl, Jim 444 Jackson, Bettie 65, 170, 344, 513 Jackson, Cathy 161 Jackson, Larry 396 Jackson, Marian 84, 500 Jackson, Robert 206 Jackson, Terry 170, 444 Jacobs, Eileen 356 Jacobs, Les 390 Jacobs, Lori 338 Jacobs, Lynn 76, 474 Jacobs, Rick 456 Jacobs, Robert 456 Jacobsen, Millicent 358 Jacobson, Robert 382 Jacobson, Sandra 76, 338 Jacobus, Jay 289, 438 Jacquot, Suzanne 488 Jaffe, Dennis 430 Jalonen, Carlo 57, 188, 190, 205, 372 James, Linda 488 Jamison, Bruce 76, 478 Jan, Ronald 428 Jankowski, Linda 159 Jansen, George 390 Januta, Donatas 107, 112 Jardim, George 105, 115, 412 Jaspovice, Laury 356 Jauregui, Michael 293, 328 Jeasen, Vic 298 Jebian, Lee 408 Jedeka, Julie 484 Jeffrey, Kent 258 Jekman, Pam 338 Jelavich, Susan 65, 354 Jelcick, Diane 209, 350 Jelks, Glenn 429 Jenkins, Cecelia 170, 344 Jenkins, Eileen 523 Jenkinson, Jill 532 Jenks, Phoebe 65, 352 Jennings, Anita 128 Jennings, Kathy 194 Jensen, Charles 401 Jensen, F. 224 Jensen, John 466 Jensen, Melinda 477 Jensen, Susan 334 Jesfield, Carol 84 Jessen, Fred 111, 112 Jessie, Larry 115, 422 Job, Cayman 297 Joehnck, Robert 76, 175, 203, 243, 381, 415 Johns, Bob 318, 480 Johns, David 434 Johnson, Alan 395 Johnson, Alora 495 Johnson, Coleman 439 Johnson, Connie 176, 177 Johnson, David 412 Johnson, David 224, 503 Johnson, Denny 130, 200, 218, 219, 406 Johnson, Diane 194, 482 Johnson, Dick 444 Johnson, Don 158, 225, 490 Johnson, Donald 130,498 Johnson, Eric 410 Johnson, Heidi 346 Johnson, Hugh 76, 146, 156, 203, 404 Johnson, Jackie 364 Johnson, Jackie Ann 65, 352 Johnson, John 65, 191, 513 Johnson, Judy 241, 336 Johnson, Kenneth 130 Johnson, Lance 448 Johnson, Linda 448 Johnson, Marjie 346 Johnson, Mac 224 Johnson, Mark 448 Johnson, Mary 496 Johnson, Norma 230 Johnson, Norma 482 Johnson, Rudolph 387 Johnson, Ruel 493 Johnson, Samuel 454 Johnson, Stephen 161, 199, 200, 298, 386 Johnson, Stephen 218,521 Johnson, Steven 30, 238, 408 Johnson, Susan 184 Jonas, Eloise 346 Joncich, Geraldine 99 Jones, Bruce 274 Jones, Carolyn 484 Jones, Charles 86, 390 Jones, Glenn 187 Jones, John 466 Jones, Leslie 348 Jones, Linda 76, 482 Jones, Marion 372 Jones, Paul 395 Jones, Rex 208, 414 Jones, Ron 503 Jones, Sally 346 Jones, Susan 348 Jones, Taffy 188, 190, 312 Jones, Tal 386 Jordan, Rich 238 Jorgensen, James 454 Joseph, Marjorie 99 Jossis, Karen 76,336 Jourigseau, Tom 480 Joy, Barbara 360 Judd, Pauahi 76, 484, 504 Jue, Carolyn 474 Jue, Warren 218, 325 Jurden, Nancy 352 Jurgens, Andy 115, 440 Jurgensen, Ron 203, 458 Jurick, Joe 462 Justema, Karen 362 K Kaciff, Andrea 65, 484 Kadell, Bill 414 Kading, Marilyn 377 Kado, Clarence 483 Kagan, Robert 430 Kagan, Spencer 263, 298, 436 Kagawa, Takeshi 483 Kageyama, Paul 210 Kahan, Linda 84, 513 Kahan, Mike 135, 137, 396 Kahn, Jay 388 Kahn, Julius 411 Kahn, Paul 411 Kai, Margaret 495 Kaiser, Narda 342 Kaiser, Ronn 214, 289 Kaiser, Stephanie 183, 350 Kalbach, Gary 130, 425 Kalbach, Jean 206 , 354, 441 Kaldor, Andy 186 Kaldor, Ron 187, 436 Kalina, Fredi 356 Kallan, Jerry 177, 188, 190, 415 Kam, Dominic 84, 528 Kamena, Marshall 317, 318, 394, 513 Kamins, Ted 107, 112, 115, 478 Kamolnety, Chaiphorn 307 Kampert, Dave 281 Kan, Steve 188 Kane, Christopher 161, 380 Kane, Gary 478 Kane, Susie 352 Kankonen, Bette 65, 348 Kanter, Barbara 377 Kaplan, Bonnie 500 Kaplan, Judy 338 Kaplan, Marion 338 Kappelhof, Susan 159 Kappmeyer, Robert 65, 395 Karau, Katherine 65, 513 Karfman, Leon 403 Karlsbergs, Inara 65, 474 Karmer, Bonnie 368 Karon, Rick 289 Karr, Les 188 Karrer, Elizabeth 372 Kashima, Tetsuden 76, 483 Kasper, Leslie 488 Kassebohm, Sylvia 346 Kaste, Vikki 374 Kaster, Benjamin 388 Katz, Adele 76, 175, 472 Katz, Ilene 76, 513 Kauffman, Barry 436 Kauffman, Jeff 436 Kaufman, Gene 430 Kaufman, Judy 84, 342 Kaufman, Leon 112 Kaufman, Patti 168, 178, 215 Kaufman, Stephanie 356 Kaupp, Cookie 360 Kavanagh, Charles 214, 406 Kawamura, Bernice 56, 470 Kawasaki, Ernest 483 Kawasaki, Seiso 130, 483 Kay, Steven 84,456 Kaye, Jim 191 Kaye, Joel 436 Kayfes, Dave 185, 186 Kayne, Hardey 388 Kazarian, Mel 111, 112 Keach, Stacy 65, 432 Keachie, E C 109 Keck, Katherine 364 Keck, Trene 364 Keefe, Bob 230 Keeffe, Phil 448 Keers, Kathy 523 Keilly, Bob 430 Keith, Martha 189, 364 Keith, Paul 138, 180, 390 Keldson, Don 258 Keller, Chares 76, 513 Keller, Daniel 65, 513 Keller, Eileen 484 Keller, Jeff 317, 318, 513 Keller, Richard 412 Keller, Vicki 202, 205, 209, 336 Kelley, Willie 318 Kellogg, Charisse 350 Kellog, Steve 425 Kelly, Jill 76, 366 Kelly, Leslie 159, 358 Kendall, Dan 412 Kennedy, Aileen 352 Kennedy, Anne 175, 346, 424 Kennedy, Ed 263 Kennedy, Graciela 65,513 Kennedy, Karen 341 Kennedy, Marie 352 Kennedy, Mary 65, 98, 513 Kennedy, Bill 385 Kenney, Gale 76, 513 Kennings, Larry 354 Kent, Allen 480 Keppel, Marie 364 Kern, Anne 159 Kerr, Clark 43, 44 Kersch, Keith 224 Kessler, Diane 364 Ketlinski, Leilani 128, 130, 513 Ketterman, Vanna 348 Key, Douglas 430 Key, Jacquelyn 31, 338 Keyes, Jan 364 Khayambashi, Hassan 529 Kiernan, Susan 364 Kierulff, Sandra 346 Kikuchi, Kazuko 318 Killibrew, Ann 164, 168, 170 Kilpatric, Gary 404 Kim, Doug 65, 98, 513 Kimball, Pam 240, 270, 370 Kimball, Gayle 352 Kimball, Peter 503 Kime, Alison 477 Kimes, Walter 130 Kimura, Joyce 65, 513 Kindig, Judy 65, 350 King, Diane 65, 360 King, Elaine 504 King, Janet 240, 362 King, Jeff 296 King, Jerry 293 King, Jonathan 480 King, Michael 105, 112, 115, 513 King, Pat 477 Kingman, Buck 258, 289 Kingston, Kathleen 484 Kingston, Mary 464 Kinnear, Sheila 352 Kinnick, Mary 170 Kinzy, Bob 230 Kirchner, Richard 115, 487 Kirk, Wayne 382 Kirkwood, Jean 366 Kirschman, Randall 206 Kirwan, Edward 155 Kish, Kathleen 98, 470 Kitchen, Barbara 334 Kitto, Pamela 350 Kivel, Foster 388 Klass, Bob 430 Kleeman, Bill 191 Kleiman, Dick 199, 243 Klein, Herbert 395 Klein, Mike 168, 494 Klein, Patricia 358 Kleni, Susan 184, 493 Klein, Thomas 84, 425 Kleiven, Dagny 168, 522 Klevens, Joel 466 Kling, Jacquelyn 190, 336 Kling, Steve 230 Klint, David 387 Klitten, Marty 406 Knacke, Roger 86, 382 Knapp, Debbie 366 Knapp, Jerry 440 Knapp, Judy 362 Knauth, Natalie 342 Knecht, Janey 346 Knight, Phil 298 Knight, Richard 443 Knight, Robert 115, 415, 381, 158 Kniseley, Patricia 348 Knock, Marilyn 76, 513 Knockos, Marlyne 336 Knox, Hank 293 Knudson, Al 443 Knueppel, Nicolas 396 Kobayashi, Nancy 65, 513 Koble, John 402 Koblik, Steven 65, 411 Koch, Celi a 348 Koch, C. W 224 Kochergin, Alexander 107, 112 Kodimer, Charles 456 Koehler, Bob 404 Koestke, Susan 474 Kohn, Juan 480 Kolbe, Bill 425 Kolberg, Ken 387 Kolker, Linda 338 Kollman, Susan 338 Kollman, Judy 65 Kolosseus, Ray 480 Komer, John 76, 408 Kong, Barbara 376 Kong, Gilbert 224 Kong, Roberto 122, 528 Konig, Nan 65, 368 Kono, Michihiro 318 Kono, Osao 528 Konrady, John 404 Koolen, Suzanne 350 Koon, JW 494 Koon, Tom 312, 422 Korchek, Abby 377 Kordell, Ronni 194 Korn, Barry 76, 465 Korn, Darryl 115, 478 Kornbluth, George 388 Korutz, Gretchen 65 Kosek, Roger 454 Koskinen, John 86, 487 Kosso, Louis 422 Kossoris, Penny 175 Kough, Paul 218 Kouner, Lynn 87 Kozai, Ken 425 Kragen, Adrian 46 Kragen, Robin 190, 395 Krantz, Lisa 65, 482 K raus, Georgia 370 Krause, Klaus 218 Krause, Margaret 482 Kravetsky, Lana 183, 242, 334 Kresser, Robert 458 Krester, Karen 500 Kren, Alex 274 Kreutzen, Richard 225, 420 Krevoy, Susan 472 Krichman, Kenneth 388 Kriete, Karen 496 Krischer, John 427 Krisman, Dennis 480 Krissman, Carol 474 Kritscher, Andrew 214, 326, 422 Kritscher, Mike 293 Kritzman, Ellen 164 Kroes, John 451 Krohn, Diane 84, 205, 211, 500, 504 Kroll, Carolyn 76, 336 Kropf, Merry 368 Krubiner, Jane 84,513 Kruger, Julianne 356 Krum, Bill 238 Krumland, Larry 111,480 Krupocki, Peter 318 Kruse, Tom 115, 208, 414 Kruttschnitt, Ted 427 Ku, Joseph 111, 112, 115, 490, 528 Kubose, Sunnan 483 Kubota, Dorothy 159, 194 Kubota, Yumiko 513 Kuck, Jeff 415 Kucera, Jan 301 Kudamatsu, Masahisa 164 Kuehn, Marsha 496 Kuesel, Shari 170 Kuhlman, Dave 274 Kuhn, Barbara 482 Kunata, Donald 428 Kungel, Gail 474 Kungel, Lynda 489 Kuns, Judy 368 Kuo, John 494 Kuper, Benette 30, 31, 170, 243 Kuris, Joan 377 Kurtz, Maxine 356 Kushnick, Beverly 496 Kussow, Sandy 484 Kutch, Melinda 364 Kuwamara, Avis 164 Kwan, Wing 115, 528 Kwok, Hon-Kong 225, 528 Kwok, Maureen 472 L Labataille, Roger 396 Lachtman, Mark 430 Lacy, John 498 Ladine, Dyanne 370 LaFrenz, Richard 293, 297, 395 Lagomarsino, Lucia 346 Lagomarsino, Tom 408 Lai, Peter 107, 112, 115, 513 Laird, Sherie 346 Laird, Steve 293, 297, 432 Lake, Harry 130, 440 Lake, Sharon 500 Lam, Tenny 105, 115, 490 Lamb, Anne 76, 161, 309, 366 Lamb, Bob 384 Lamb, Susan 372 Lamb, Marjorie 493 Lamberson, Susan 362 Lambert, Brian 523 Lambert, Dr. Harold 250 Lamm, 490 Lammerman, Nick 443 Lammi, Kenneth 503 La Monte, Barbara 77, 470 Lampo, Edward 115, 439 Lampo, Lee 128 Lamson, Ann 344 Land, Julie 182, 358 Lander, Robert 156, 198, 436 Landers, Paula 470 Landes, Carolen 338 Landon, El Laire 458 Landy, Rona 356 Landy, Sheila 356 Lane, Bob 432 Lane, Jaryl 206 Lane, Marsha 482 Lane, Mary 482 Lane, Mike 439 Lanen, Judith 463 Langdoc, Virginia 482 Lange, Anna 77 Langford, Bonnie 368 Langhoff, Peter 513 Langland, Robert 112, 113 Langsam, Marv 65, 203, 487 Lanouette, Ian 494 Lapachet, Gabrielle 500 Lapid, Sharon 77, 338 Lappen, John 478 Larsen, Carl 251 Larsen, Gina 372 Larsen, Martin 447 Larson, Don 296 Larson, Gary 158 Larson, Linda 77, 341 Larson, Mary 496 Larson, Claudia 484 LaRue, Linda 202, 243, 521, 235 Lascurettes, William 115, 238, 274 Lassen, Susan 496 Lathrop, Joy 281 Lathrop, James 480 Lathrop, Patricia 170, 344 Lathrop, Peter 158, 273, 521 LaTorre, Luceen 463, 513 LaTorre, Peter 84 Lau, Eddy 184, 466 Law, Dr. Philip 224 Laube, Lolly 77, 354 Lauer, Don 230, 231, 267, 398 Laufenberg, Ed 130, 214, 401 Lauro, Don 170, 444 Lausten, Merlyn 115, 454 Lautrup, Karen 358 Lavelle, Roseann 65, 474 Lawrence, Larry 452 Lawton, Edward 88 Lawton, Louisa 482 Laycook, Thomas 115, 513 Laykin, Melinda 463 Layne, Art 404 Lazier, Edgar 51 Leahy, Sally 366 Leary, Mike 415 Leask, Stephen 451 Lebb, Ed 443 Leblang, Elaine 484 Lechowitzky, Mayer 494, 533 Lederer, Nancy 164 Ledford, Heidi 352 Le Duc, Bob 444 Lee, Alfred 224, 225, 513 Lee, Bob 230 Lee, Cindy 334 Lee, Claudia 31, 161, 358 Lee, Daniel 115, 466 Lee, Doris 65, 513 Lee, Fay 130, 514 Lee, Gin 318 Lee, Helen 65, 470 Lee, Keith 483 Lee, Mary 65, 514 Lee, Mike 480 Lee, Millicent 65, 500 Lee, Pamela 334 Lee, Roger 494 Lee, Sharon 77, 514 Lee, Tim 230 Leffler, Julie 325 Lefson, Bernard 77, 480 Leggitt, John 382 Lehman, Lois 65, 484 Leibensberger, Lynn 493 Leidecker, Sandi 463 Leifer, Rich 218, 430 Leisz, Lee 243 Leite, Michael 105, 243, 466 Lekhyananda, Dusangduez 484 Lelinwalla, Adi 317, 318, 528 Lemen, Gary 281 Lemmon, Charlotte 472 Lemmno, George 48 Lemmon, Jim 288 Lemon, Susan 65, 362, 314 LeMunyon, Ted 289 Leney, Jim 480 Leonard, Brian 214 Leonard, Nancy 65, 470 Leong, Collin 470 Leong, James 428 Leppaluoto, David 381 Leppert, Kay 84, 368 Lerch, Paul 285, 432 Lesch, Stephani 31 Leslie, Susan 77, 336 Lestrede, Nancy 66, 472, 504 Letlow, David 434 Levant, Ron 456 Levezzo, Marilyn 474 Levin, Barbara 377 Levin, Betsy 338 Levin, Hal 203, 241, 297 Levin, Ina 338 Levin, Joel 304 Levin, Lorrie 77, 338 Levin, William 411 Levine, Ed 164, 480 Levine, Max 238, 274 Levine, Mel 154, 156, 198, 203, 204, 490 Levine, Robert 66, 514 Levinger, Lee 356 Levitas, David 306, 430 Levy, Bob 77, 388 Levy, Herbert 411 Levy, Kathleen 164 Levy, Leslie 356 Levy, Mary 250 Lew, Donna 484, 528 Lew, Louise 514 Lewinsky, Bernard 480 Lewis, Barry 184 Lewis, Barbara 183, 364 Lewis, Bill 116 Lewis, Bob 462 Lewis, Carol 66, 470 Lewis, Dinah 350 Lewis, George 116, 387 Lewis, Karin 66, 514 Lewis, Mike 439 Lewis, Samuel 77, 411 Lewis, Val 297 Lewis, Wilham 116, 439 Lhuker, Eric 116, 490, 498 Libby, Carolyn 161, 194 Liberman, Joyce 338 Liberman, Keith 168, 456 Libien, James 214, 289 Licata, David 274, 478 Lichtenstein, Ethel 206 Lichtenstein, Evelyn 175, 484 Jules 462 Lichterman, Susan 66, 504, 514 Liden, Bob 158,490 Liebenberg, John 111, 112, 116, 490 Lieberman, Keith 168 Lieser, William 77, 415 Lilly, Bernard 206, 385 Likens, Jim 274 Lim, Harry 430 Lim, Ray 430 Lim, Stephen 87, 487 Lin, Paul 107, 112, 172, 381, 403 Lincoln, Linda 84, 207, 514 Lind, Harold 478 Lindberg, Sherry 66, 374 Lindell, Carole 402 Lindenberg, Arthur 77 Linder, Diane 170, 202, 334 Lindgren, Linda 352 Lindquist, Jim 430 Lindman, A. 214, 444 Lindsay, Jane 159, 360 Lindsay, Linda 170, 334 Lindsay, Midge 354 Lindsay, Suzanne 334 Lindsey, E. 55 Lingawl, Saud 122 Linton, Tom 456 Linxwiler, Mary 77, 334 Lipelt, Mike 412 Lipnick, Jerome 430 Lippett, Jean 138, 161, 170, 172, 209, 500 List, Bonnie 472 List, Pat 472 Litsinger, Jim 84, 161, 170, 444 Little, Dick 425 Little, Linda 312, 352 Litts, Phil 239 Litvak, Donald 487 Litwin, Roger 387 Litzenberg, Randy 305, 434 Liu, Margaret 321, 528 Livchitz, Diane 66, 356 Livesay, Wendy 66, 358 Livingston, Joan 344 Lo, Catherine 493 Lockett, Susan 372 Lockwood, Nancy 470 Loew, Kathi 356 Loffler, Paula 202 Lofgren, Helen 66, 172, 500 Logan, Jane 370 Logan, Lawrence 432 Long, Valerie 77 Logsdon, Joan 225, 474 Lohman, Joseph 325 Lohman, Richard 112, 113, 116, 480 Lombard, Jerry 317, 318, 514 Lomnes, Stephen 490 Lommel, Andritette 484 Lommes, Suzanne 484 Lon, Jane 170 Long, Bill 218, 410 Long, Valerie 514 Longacre, Vicki 474 Longmore, Sandra 348 Longwell, James 439 Loomis, William 130, 368 Looney, Quentin 385 Lopez, Alfredo 112 Lopez, JoAnn 66, 514 Lopin, Gail 170, 484, 504 Lorberbaum, Larry 312, 436 Lorenz, Ralf 318 Lorenzen, Marc 404 Lorimer, Sally 66, 366 Loskutoff, Dave 273 Lot, Vicki 354 Louargand, Nancy 77, 358 Louie, Donald 318 Lovejoy, Thomas 521 Loveman, Brian 274, 306 Loverde, Rich 122, 425 Lovett, John 293, 478 Loving, J. 214 Low, Dennis 428 Love, Roberts 474 Low, Sonny 128, 130, 490 Lowder, J 116, 487 Lowe, Roberta 309 Lowe, Terry 370 Lowell, Larry 238, 285 Lowry, Ron 258 Lowy, Judy 474 Loya, Art 170, 180 Lucas, Gerald 514 Lucas, Geraldine 116 Lucier, Rosemary 334 Luckey, Judy 354 Luddy, Thomas 170, 277 Ludwig, Larry 187 Luengo, Cliff 224, 390 Lufkin, Dan 238, 267 Lum, Darrel 84, 466 Lum, Gloria 496, 528 Lumbs, Albert 218 Lun, Marc 299 Lund, Dennis 230, 231, 466 Lund, Niilo 425 Lundberg, Dave 203 Lundgren, Jack 66, 168, 178, 203, 243, 399 Lundgren, John 195 Lundgren, Steve 395 Lundstrom, Eric 390 Luney, Wayne 462 Luomala, Dale 440 Luppen, Kathy 366 Luskentof, Doug 296 Luten, Brenda 66, 98, 514 Luten, Robert 521 Lutes, Gary 301 Lutz, Adelaide 362 Lyle, Bo 285 Lyman, Dede 176 Lynn, Deanne 66, 205, 211, 344 Lyon, Louise 396 Lyon, Mike 436 Lyon, Ronald 514 Lyon, Stephen 77, 414 Lyon, William 498 Lyons, Carl 374 Lyons, Philip 128, 394 Lyons, Robert 388 Lyons, Tim 281 Mc McAdam, Willia 77, 158, 238, 432 McArthur, Bill 230 McArthur, Joan 362 McBride, Al 454 McCabe, James 466, 480 McCade, Carla 476 McCain, William 112, 218 McCake, Jim 281 McCalla, Bill 206 McCann, Woody 422 McCarn, Jerry 293 McCarthy, Dave 281 McCarthy, Jane 366 McCarthy, Jeanie 346 McCarthy, Patrick 415 McCarthy, Sandra 366 McCarty, William 66, 214, 414 McCaughan, Bonnie 66, 142, 146, 205, 372 McCauley, Ginger 159, 160, 342 McCauley, Madeline 77, 472 McChesney, Mike 230 McCland, Betty 170 McClay, A. Kathleen 66, 474 McClintock, Marilyn 66, 202, 368 McCloskey, Biane 242, 268 McClusky, Edith 48 McConahy, Robin 372 McConnell, Buzz 384, 523 McConnell, John 289 McCormack, Dean 49, 157 McCoughan, Bonnie 242 McCown, Harvey 130, 478 McCoy, Robert 123, 454 McCracken, Marcy 66, 352 McCrary, Sheila 493 McCreary, Jeff 263, 298, 462 McCrory, David 214 McCulley, E. Byron 123, 514 McCullough, Carol 342 McCune, Lawrence 214 McDaniel, Meredy 219, 241, 364 McDonald, Bonnie 484 McDonald, Jack 258 McDonald, Sandra 77, 350 McDonnell, Terry 258, 259 McDougall, Robert 130, 400 McDowell, Robert 427 McElhaney, Leland 77, 466 McElroy 351 McEwan, Martha 336 McFadden, Sue 77, 334 McGettigan, Patty 240 McGinnis, Mike 478 McGinnis, Rich 462 McGlibery, Colin 105 McGough, Barry 77, 87, 157, 514 McGowan, Marcy 98, 184, 344 McGowan, Tom 386 McGrew, Jim 239, 494 McGuire, Bob 301 McKay, Ross 398 McKeegan, Michele 66, 514 McKeen, Harold 422 McKeown, John 123, 404 McKesson, Sallie 368 McKibbin, George 440 McKinley, Ed 480 McKinley, James 66, 462 McKinney, James 480 McKinnis, Ann 346 McKirahan, Richard 175 McKnight, Steve 521 McLaughlin, Arlene 77, 207 McLaughlin, Arlene 342 McLaughlin, Donald 43 McLaughlin, Jim 390 McLead, Bob 285 McLean, Norm 77, 84, 440, 307 McLeod, Robert 432 McLean, George 296 McMakin, Ben 408 McManigal, Gerry 77, 440 McManus, Jim 66, 238, 300, 514 McMichael, J. R. 157, 195, 436 McMillan, Jean 66, 470 McMillin, Curtis 480 McMurry, Kathy 242, 522 McMurtry, Sherry 366 McNally, Bill 390, 514 McNally, Jim 422 McNally, William 130, 390 McNamara, Jim 158, 174, 203, 204, 240, 241, 440 McNamara, Judy 362 McOmie, Kathy 496 McPhate, Marsha 336 McQuaid, Katy 350 McRae, Marsha 242, 360 McVean, Peter 404 McWaters, Leanne 342 McWilliam, Carolyn 372 M MacDonald, Bruce 251, 285 MacDonald, Elizabeth 489 MacDonald, J. Frederick 66, 514 MacDougall, Jan 362 MacDougall, Marcia 242, 362 MacFarlane, Mike 480 MacFarland, Gail 354 Macgregor, Bonnie 309, 477 Macgregor, Carol 521 Macgregor, Joan 360 MacIntosh, Carolyn 66, 372 Mack, Jim 420 Mack, Thomas 111, 112 MacKay, Igor 390 MacKay, Trent 466 MacKenzie, Bonnie 336 MacKenzie, Don 466 MacKenzie, Karen 66, 514 MacLachlan, Doug 86, 410 MacLean, Judy 66, 330, 336 Maclin, Bruce 490 MacMillan, Ben 384 MacPherson, Duncan 382 Macpherson, Margaret 84 MacQuiddy, Charles 116, 408 Macray, Roger 77, 514 MacReynolds, William 451 Macey, Anne 346 Macey, Cathy 30 Macy, Paul 496 Maddigan, Bill 161, 444 Madfes, Judy 66, 350 Madfes, Karen 350 Madfes, Susan 356 Madian, Peter 164 Madsen, Karen 368 Maeda, Lloyd 480 Maekawa, Ray 483 Magnani, Linda 470 Maharg, Patrick 170, 454 Maier, Marsha 463 Majesky, Barbara 66, 205, 362 Mak, Reginald 66, 528 Maker, Edward 116, 478 Malerstein, Sharon 77 Malhall, Dennis 410 Malin, John 225, 496 Malinowski, Alex 123, 514 Malmberg, Mary 190, 334 Malmgren, Rich 281 Malone, Andy 158, 161 Malone, Carole 66, 336 Malone, Frank 444 Maloney, Jerry 194 Maloney, Maureen 488 Malu, Felix 529 Man, Richard 66 Mancill, Clanton 86, 478 Maneki, Janice 67, 514 Manetas, Michael 243, 522 Mangan, Nancy 139, 362, 379 Manka, Don 224 Mankin, Roxanne 344 Mann, Dave 480 Mann, Maureen 352 Mannerstedt, Cherie 372 Manning, Brenda 477 Manning, Judith 67, 372 Mannion, Roy 230 Manny, Don 87 Mansoori, Iraj 529 Manske, Gig 350 Manson, Leila 67, 514 Mantz, Sandy 191 Manuelli, Vic 67, 458 Mapes, Doug 394 Mapes, Tom 394 Maples, Lee 415 Mar, Pat 184, 209 Maracini, Julie 67, 477 Marak, Bob 299 Marcellini, Sylvia 484 Marchenko, Andre 466 Marchetti, Jerri 164, 172, 311 Marcus, Mike 175, 521 Marcus, Susanne 67, 514 Mardoff, Marilyn 514 Marett, Jim 218, 299 Margolin, Cindy 18 4 Markarian, Linda 364 Markahm, Tom 208, 404 Markolf, Dave 273 Markovich, Patricia 77, 514 Marks, Sharon 338 Marksity, Reena 514 Marliare, Carol 67, 342 Marksity, Reena 67 Marmer, Steve 194 Marliave, Carol 77 Marpet, Steve 130, 436 Marquardt, Bill 184 Marquardt, Susan 202, 221, 252, 352 Marr, Bill 214 Marracci, Lou 116 Marraccini, Rod 274, 438 Marsh, Mike 390 Marsh, Phil 305 Marshall, Catherine 77, 336 Marshall, James 107 Marshall, Rich 462 Marsteller, Elizabeth 67, 370 Martin, Andrea 360 Martin, Chuck 116, 218, 396 Martin, Mrs. Clara 164 Martin, Dana 67, 377 Martin, Gerry 130, 199, 452 Martin, John 77, 158, 438 Martin, Maria 78, 496 Martin, Mary Ann 312, 352 Martin, Wallace 425 Martinelli, Adolph 123, 418 Martinson, Pete 185 Martone, Gary 289 Marts, Sandra 325, 326, 368 Marx, Pete 78, 203, 515 Mason, Larry 158, 466 Massey, Gary 244, 503 Massey, Robert 395 Masuda, Jim 480 Mathers, Judy 482 Mathes, Melinda 388 Matheson, Paul 78, 515 Mathiesen, Robert 214 Mathison, Linda 128, 130, 341 Mati, Jacob 529 Matiasevich, Robert 305, 434 Matsen, Pamela 360 Matsuda, Diane 472 Matsui, Paul 116, 515 Matsui, Robert 78, 485 Matsui, Paul 116 Matsumoto, Gerald 462 Matsumura, Wynn 480 Mattek, Dave 78, 410 Matthews, Judy 495 Matthews, Margaret 350 Matthews, Virginia 484 Matthias, John 401 Mattingly, Charlayne 78, 500 Mattis, John 396 Matye, LaVella 484 Matz, Bunnie 500 Matzkin, Gene 297, 338 Mau, Richard 116, 478 Mauser, Gary 443 Mauser, Sally 360 Maxwell, John 116, 515 Maxwell, Richard 447 Maxwell, Ronald 67, 158, 462 May, Gar 318, 448 May, Jim 382 Maybeck, Bill 406 Mayer, Tom 408 Mayfield, Judi 336 Maynard, Barbara 67, 188, 190, 372 Maynard, John 462 Mayne, Robert 216 Mayo, Ron 112, 418 Mazik, Ron 238, 251 Meadows, Dick 135, 156, 415 Meckleburg, Art 415 Mecum, Leslie 374 Medbery, Janis 364 Medevic, Russell 289, 422 Meek, Karna 344 Mehlhoff, Stan 440 Mehrain, Mehrdad 116, 529 Meier, Bruce 67, 515 Meier, Ellison 401 Meier, Janet 470 Meier, Richard 425 Meierding, William 67, 394 Meister, David 396 Mejia, Carole 67, 374 Melgaard, Karen 472 Melikian, Karen 482, 504 Mellon, Michael 401 Melnik, Carol 206, 474 Melo, Jere 214 Menashe, Howard 478 Mendell, Asa 138 Mendels, Frank 462 Mendelsohn, Barry 78, 515 Mendelsohn, Jan 67, 338 Mendelson, Mel 487 Mendonca, Ed 281, 390 Menge, Hinrich 528 Menoher, Charles 420 Menzies, Melinda 67, 370 Merat, Barbara 463 Mercer, Elliott 456 Merle, Joan 500 Mermel, Ronald 388 Merrell, Sam 410 Merriam, Fred 444 Merrill, Marjorie 493 Merritt, Jack 78, 147, 156, 203, 204, 452 Merritt, Penny 130, 202, 366 Merritt, Sue 362 Mettler, Kenneth 466 Mettler, Ron 412 Metzger, Karen 209, 484, 504 Metzger, Robert 130, 443 Mendell, Asa 138, 410 Meulder, Detrich 230 Meunier, Judy 59, 172 Meyer, Bonnie 374 Meyer, Bruce 130, 398 Meyer, Cary 418 Meyer, Gwendolyn 164 Meyer, Harry 180 Meyer, Helen 67, 470 Meyer, Jim 490 Meyer, Kent 218 Meyer, Thomas 458 Meyers, Gary 443 Meyers, Susan 168, 338 Mezek, Denise 67, 358 Michael, Marilee 338 Michael, Peter 214, 393 Michaeloff, Dennis 318 Michaels, Missy 159 Michaud, Pete 414 Michel, John 456 Michelon, Orlando 251, 274 Michelon, Richard 394 Michelotti, Linda 474 Michiels, Melissa 209, 372 Mico, Kathryn 474 Migliavacca, Gale 477 Mijatovich, Frank 67, 515 Mikacich, Jim 285 Milano, Bob 293 Milch, Nancy 338 Miles, Frand 385 Miles, Sue 242, 522 Miley, Jane 338 Milford, Jan 474 Milldrum, Gordon 521 Miller, Barbara 500 Miller, Bernice 67, 348 Miller, Bill 170, 224 Miller, Brant 224 Miller, Claudia 356 Miller, Daniel 454 Miller, Diana 484 Miller, Don 216, 490 Miller, Dustin 214 Miller, Glen 218 Miller, Harry 523 Miller, Helen 190, 312, 364 Miller, Jerry 156 Miller, Kendrick 400 Miller, Knute 466 Miller, Larry 130, 380, 436 Miller, Leslie 67 Miller, Lesley 190, 364 Miller, Melinda 496 Miller, Peter 394 Miller, Steve 443 Miller, William 225, 515 Millich, Steve 67, 154, 170, 203, 444 Milliken, Donald 138, 415 Millinich, Carol 78, 350 Millman, Frank 86, 238 Mills, Jackie 240, 241, 364 Mills, James 130, 305, 434 Mills, Terrie 78, 370 Millsap, John 123, 515 Milner, Mike 403 Miner, Al 263, 298 Miner, Sharon 334 Mingst, Arthur 116, 434 Minning, Chuck 218, 487 Minor, Joyce 348 Minor, Martha 360 Minter, Larry 462 Miranda, Barbara 78, 372 Misch, Kathryn 372 Mische, Eric 478 Mitchell, Bill 390 Mitchell, Florence 489 Mitchell, La Mont 187 Mitchell, Lee 128, 130, 478 Mitchell, Raymond 448 Mitchel, Ted 231 Mitchell, Virginia 489 Miu, Kevin 84, 515 Miura, Fay 482 Miyashiro, Tom 490 Miyamoto, Ken 318 Mizelle, Marie 477 Moaveni, Shalrokh 107, 382 Modaff, Kay 242 Moe, Lawrence 92 Moeller, Helga 78, 368 Moellerich, Gadie 190, 338 Moffitt, Coralie 78, 358 Mogel, John 297 Mohaghech, Mike 116, 465 Moir, John 403 Molen, Janis 364 Molfino, Carolyn 202, 336 Moll, Charlie 408 Mollison, Wallya 440 Moloner, Gerald 395 Mondon, Susan 344 Mongan, Margaret 31, 523 Monkarsh, Lynne 338 Monroe, Daphne 348 Monroe, Elizabeth 78 Monroe, Herbert 318 Monroe, Susan 368 Monson, Steve 490 Monteiro, Margaret 78, 354 Moody, Charles 393 Moody, Stephen 396 Mooers, Alan 289 Moomaw, Sheldon 251, 285 Moon, Ken 466 Moon, Robert 503 Moore, Carol 496 Moore, Greg 452 Moore, James 458, 306 Moore, James 274, 503 Moore, Jeannie 348 Moore, Karen 496 Moore, Michael 414 Moore, Sandra 477, 504 Moore, Sue 366 Moores, Bill 440 Moos, Charles 155 Moose, Shirley 356 Mora, Michelle 187 Morales, Jorge 122, 454 Moran, Elizabeth 362 Mord, Allan 480 Mordock, Tracy 390 Moreland, Terry 434 Moren, Bob 130, 384 Moress, Stephen 456 Morgal, John 406 Morgan, Bill 410 Morgan, Charlie 480 Morgan, Dale 67, 412 Morgan, J. D 451 Morgan, Kathy 470 Morgan, Lynda 344 Morgan, Meredith 317 Morgan, Neal 86, 478 Morgan, Patte 326, 495 Morgan, Ralph 448 Morgan, Randy 448 Morgan, Roger 67, 203, 204, 147, 198, 240, 241, 478 Morgan, Sheryl 500 Morenroth, Mike 434 Moriarty, Dick 116, 394 Moriarty, John 422 Morinaga, Lloyd 107, 116, 487 Moring, Bill 238, 415 Morisky, Dick 439 Morledge, Carolynn 161, 342 Mora, Richard 422 Morong, Mike 462 Morre, Russ 418 Morrell, Karen 358 Morring, Bill 260 Morris, Allan 86, 480 Morris, Bill 67, 214, 252, 490 Morris, Colleen 170, 364 Morris, Gary ' 430 Morris, Joseph 78, 478 Morris, Marilyn 219, 360 Morris, Vincent 218 Morrison, Angus 116, 410 Morrison, Margaret 372 Morrison, Marylinda 185, 318 Morrison, Stan 271 Morrow, Carolyn 372 Morrow, Gerald 116, 393 Morrow, Arville 410 Morse, Richard 490 Morshead, Sheila 346 Mortenson, Carl 299 Mortenson, Phillip 427 Mortola, Richard 297, 422 Morton, Bill 128, 498 Morton, Craig 238, 251, 254, 293 Moscrip, Susan 354 Moseley, Bruce 221 Moseley, Marie 67, 362 Moser, Vicki 368 Moses, Alice 309 Moses, Lynne 342 Moses, Sharon 78, 205, 515 Mosher, Jerry 258, 270, 487 Mosher, Samuel 43 Moss, Arnold 400 Moss, William 404 Mossteller, Tim 418 Mostafaui, Lili 529 Mostin, Nancy 500 Motoyoshi, Miyuki 78, 515 Mott, Bill 67, 404 Mott, Jim 448 Moulton, Ken 251, 429 Moyer, June 523 Moyer, Warren 285 Mulhall, Dennis 138 Mulhern, John 465 Mulholland, Margaret 470 Mull, Gary 111 Mullally, Laurie 521 Muller, Harold 248 Muller, Scott 440 Mulvey, Mary 523 Mumaugh, Dennis 462 Munakata, Donald 483 Mundt, Randy 406 Mungai, Jerrold 447 Munoz, Bob 403 Munoz, Joseph 503 Munson, Jack 386 Munt, Marshall 402 Murdoff, Marilyn 56 Murnane, Frank 401 Murphy, Chet 300, 301 Murphy, Judith 84, 362, 515 Murray, Norbert 195, 406 Musante, Ed 420 Musgrave, Anita 344 Mushkin, Bud 411 Muskat, Joyce 500 Mustain, Susan 78, 164, 515 Musto, Henry 130, 398 Musto, Judi 370 Muszynski, Patricia 493 Myer, Richard 214, 238, 281, 410 Myers, Barbara 242, 366 Myers, Chuck 199, 523 Myers, Dave 293 Myers, Dean 157 Myers, Judy 470 Myers, Stuart 49 Myers, Willa 346 N Nachbaur, Bill 478 Nadel, Mark 436 Naftel, Nancy 474, 504 Nagare, Gerry 470 Nagata, Ronald 480 Nagatani, Jeanne 472 Nagle, George 466 Nagle, Pattianne 175, 242, 372 Nagura, Yasuko 321,515 Nahman, Lee 356 Naify, Jim 147, 175, 198, 203, 204 Nakamura, Evie 174 Nakamura, Gary 466 Nakamura, Julia 67 Nakamura, Marlene 57, 474 Nakano, Patricia 67, 515 Nakawatase, Kimi 84, 474 Nash, Ginny 78, 187, 352 Nash, Norris 35 Nassir, James 112 Nassiri, Manucher 116 Natali, Dennis 68, 411 Nawata, Al 214 Newman, Barbara 241, 374 Ndefo, Ejike 529 Neal, Dan 258 Neal, Marcia 78, 515 Neal, Richard 208, 398 Nearhood, Dolores 130, 470 Nebel, Paul 112, 238, 260 Needham, James 252 Neely, Betty 47, 159, 198 Neely, Phillip 454 Neff, Marian 523 Neill, Marvin 382 Neilsen, Barbara 84 Nellis, Noel 78, 147, 203, 204, 380, 410 Nelsen, Karen 500 Nelson, Alan 250, 255, 429 Nelson, Bill 184, 186 Nelson, Carol 341 Nelson, Christine 242 Nelson, Elton 387 Nelson, Ervin 387 Nelson, Flora 240, 362 Nelson, James 128 Nelson, Jane 358 Nelson, Joan 350 Nelson, Lew 273 Nelson, Marietta 496 Nelson, Nanci 372 Nelson, Tina 346 Nelson, Vicki 192 Nemetz, Debbie 356 Nemir, Ed 274 Nerem, Arne 116, 515 Neri, Jordan 408 Nesbit, Steve 285 Nestingen, Pam 484 Nestor, Jane 321, 515 Neubauer, Sue 84, 495 Neufeld, Dan 387 Neufeld, Dennis 304, 387 Neumann, John 250 Neuton, Marilyn 170 Newcomer, Tora 366 Newell, Karen 382, 504 Newhall, Shirley 362 Newhouse, David 451 Newman, Bob 180 Newman, Elizabeth 360 Newman, Janet 308 Newman, Paul 273 Newmark, Nick 436 Newmark, Pam 154, 159, 352 Newmeyer, John 415 Newnham, Blaine 68, 186, 515 Newsom, Bill 251 Newsome, David 277 Newsome, William 429 Newton, Vicki 358 Niazi, Mansour 529 Niberger, Paul 105, 116, 498 Nichols, Mike 408, 515 Nicholson, Robert 170, 394 Nickel, Robert 112 Nicolaisen, Carol 78, 336 Nicolaus, Nancy 68, 370 Nicolaus, Patsy 242, 370 Nicoles, John 243 Nicosia, Fracesco 325 Nidecker, John 116, 498 Niederhaus, Ken 130, 434 Nielsen, Asger 427 Nielson, Barbara 84, 364 Nielson, Patriia 342 Nielson, Sandy 358 Niem, Susanna 128, 130, 484 Nienaber, Jeanne 164 Nierenberg, Judy 78, 205, 356 Nign, Audie 346 Nightengale, Richard 452 Nillman, Frank 456 Nilsen, Norm 515 Nisenson, Mike 436 Nishikawa, Jane 84, 515 Nishikawa, Philip 116, 483 Nishimoto, Audrey 84, 515 Nissler, Perry 120, 214, 412 Nitta, Kenneth 483 Nix, Shelley 309, 368 Nixon, Jim 214 Nixon, Nickie 311 Nixon, Sandy 180, 364 Nixon, Thomas 454 Nobilione, Jim 480 Noble, Ellen 68, 346 Noble, Ward 276 Nock, Mary 346 Noda, Ed 490 Nolan, Jeanne 350 Noller, Janice 321, 364 Nora, Yuris 112 Nordeen, Caroe 344 Norman, Heather 342 Normandin, James 462 Norris, Charlene 336 North, Sandra 184, 198, 204 North, Sheila 352 Norton, Barbara 334 Norton, Brilliant 480 Norton, Ellen 180 Norton, Suzy 194 Norwood, Jim 251 Norwood, Stephen A. 130, 404 Nouby, Bruce 208 Novack, Nancy 338 Nowroozi, Ali 529 Nuest, Gwaine 352, 391 Nunan, Jim 214 Nurnberg, Linda 474 Nutting, Bill 439 Nyburg, Beatrice 366 Nystrom, John 412 O Oakley, Allison 352 Oakey, Pamela 522 Oaklund, Jim 394 Oas, Stephen 515 Oberg Robert 521 Oberholtz, Tony 429 Obert, Ron 396 O ' Brian, Bill 438 O ' Brian, Dave 443 O ' Brien, Becky 164 O ' Brien, Joe 422 O ' Brien, Terrence 78, 515 Ochoa, Jesse 447 O ' Connell, Wayne 410 O ' Connor, John 403 Oda, Milt 483 Oda, Richard 483 O ' Dell, Martha 472 Odenweller, Vicki 31, 342 Odo, Carol 31, 342 O ' Donnell, Bob 135, 138, 161, 199, 425 O ' Donnell, Julie 168 Oelke, Lelland 230, 451 Ogburn, Charles 130, 422 Ogunlana, Jide 238 O ' Hara, Cathy 170 Okada, Doris 496 Okamoto, Steve 130, 210, 478 Okamura, Bob 478 Okelberry, Kathy 170, 175, 334 Olafson, Norman 490 Olader, Diana 360 Olden, Robert 116, 515 Oldenmeyer, Dian 344 Olds, Dave 281 Oliveira, Edwin 462 Olney, Eleanor 78, 515 O ' Looney, Rev 532 Olouist, Marian 493 Olsen, Bill 285 Olsen, Carolyn 78, 515 Olsen, Ed 478 Olsen, Janice 354 Olsen, Kent 300 Olsen, Linda 168, 362 Olsen, Meg 180, 190 Olsen, Peter 306 Olsen, Roger 238, 267, 271, 281 Olson, Dale 448 Olson, Danny 498 Olson, Jerry 297 Olson, Jim 403 Olson, Jim 454 Olson, Larry 325 Olson, Lucy 472 Olson, Robbie 270, 299 Olson, Sandy 377 O ' Malley, Mary 496 Onderdoak, Stephen 432 Ongerth, Jerry 425 O ' Neil, Kathi 364 O ' Neil, Mike 393 O ' Neil, Mollie 68, 364 O ' Neill, Bill 408 O ' Neill, Gene 396 Openshaw, Diane 138, 242, 362 O ' Reilly, Patricia 68, 515 Orlob, G. T. 105 Orman, Chris 105 Orman, John 116, 454 Orosco, Don 454 O ' Rourke, Jim 258 Ortegren, Carolyn 68, 515 Orth, Maureen 366 Ortiz, Erlin 57 Ortiz, Joseph 218 Orton, Gary 289 Orton, Jim 412 Osborn, John 451 Osborn, Wayne 187 Osborne, Harry 440 Osmond, Janet 354 O ' Sullivan, Lloyd 275 Oto, Hannah 484 O ' Toole, Patricia 157, 334 Ott, Judy 68, 484 Otto, Susan 68, 370 Overall, Jack 380, 448 Owens, Barbara 493 Owens, Carolyn 161 Owens, Dean 390 Owens, John 107, 112, 116, 238, 263, 298, 487 Owens, Kathleen 68, Owens, Ray 116, 440 Ow Young, Maxine 321, 516 Ow Young, Sandra 317, 516 Ozanich, John 79, 516 Ozanich, John 244,516 Ozanick, Terese 68, 516 P Paciotti, Mike 480 Packard, Gerda 342 Packard, Mary 180, 358 Padams, Michelle 68, 87, 207, 516 Padden, Robert 128 Padley, John 443 Padou, Linda 164, 202 Page, Mike 289 Paige, Kenneth 422 Paik, Dan 466 Paik, Randy 480 Palamountain, Greg 251, 404 Palik, Meredyth 342 Palmer, Jeff 250 Palmer, Pam 202 Palmer, Tom 289 Paliwoda, Steve 148, 396 Pallas, Tom 410 Palm, Larry 214, 393 Palmer, Jeff 258, 466 Palmer, Nan 484 Palmer, Pam 366 Palmer, Richard 123, 465 Palmer, Thomas 79, 214, 432 Palmquist, Paula 350 Pan, Frank 112, 225, 465 Panzer, Nick 440 Pape, Barbara 242 Paperno, Karen 474 Pape, Bobbie 350 Papenfuss, Ted 214 Paradise, Mary-Anne 500 Parekh, A. M 224 Park, Roberta 309 Parke, Anne 474 Parker, Bill 79, 487 Parker, Bruce 456 Parker, Joan 68, 336 Parker, Marianne 474 Parker, Martin 244, 503 Parker, Nancy 364 Parks, Audrey 79, 516 Parks, Brian 258 Parks, David 192 Parks, John 79, 480 Parlette, Linda 362 Parr, Douglas 503 Parrish, Elizabeth 362 Parrish, Jeffery 400 Parrott, Kathy 68, 516 Parshall, Karen 346 Parson, Dennis 430 Parsons, Betty 206 Parsons, Carol 79, 159, 147, 161, 205, 207, 360 Parsons, Donna 482 Parsons, John 116, 418 Parsons, Ron 293 Partington, Earle 79, 516 Partovi, Mitra 529 Partland, Judy 68, 334 Paschal, Jan 362 Paschoud, Michael 425 Pastorino, Karen 79, 148, 205, 207, 309, 495 Paterson, Judy 368 Patmont, Dr. Jerome 250 Patten, Stephen 408 Patterson, Doug 218, 243 Patterson, Patti 354 Pattison, Ruth Ann 68, 172, 178, 207, 516 Patton, Barry 404 Pattonson, Tom 458 Paul, Douglas 521 Paul, John 192 Paul, Mollie 175, 240, 366 Pauey, Edwin 43 Paulin, William 434 Paulsen, Lowell 68, 514 Paulson, Joan 68, 161, 516 Paulson, John 277, 440 Payne, Joan 68,366 Pazirandeh, Mohsen 529 Peach, Brian 218, 219 Peacock, Thomas 116, 387 Peacocke, Dennis 281 Peak, Jennifer 190, 336 Pearce, Richard 529 Pearson, George 86, 466 Pearson, Harold 79, 430 Pearson, Paul 68 Pease, Dorothy 194, 374 Pease, Katie 98 Pechanec, Hilde 360 Packman, Charles 406 Pecoraro, Carolyn 68, 98, 164, 516 Pedersen, Leah 350 Pedgrift, Jim 238 Peirce, Jim 444 Peletz, Dan 384 Pelletier, Ted 138, 410 Penaflor, Manuel 238 Penn, Robert 130, 208, 438 Penolio, Ronald 444 Pensel, Hans 529 Pepi, Patricia 336 Peppin, Bob 130, 440 Peracca, Peter 398 Peregoy, William 395 Perkins, Anne 138, 170, 344 Perkins, David 487 Perkins, James 214 Perkins, Julie 370 Perlee, Kit 230 Perlin, John 135, 137, 462 Perlman, Connie 198, 202, 209 Perlman, Lydia 242, 377 Perron, John 98 Perry, Dave 466 Perry, Marshall 161, 214, 425 Persson, Sandra 350 Peter, Michele 354 Peters, Allen 418 Peters, Betty 348 Peters, Jean 522 Peters, Mary 175, 463 Peters, Roberta 372 Petersen, George 398 Petersen, Isabel 342 Petersen, Julie 178 Petersen, Nancy 484 Peterson, Barbara 472 Peterson, Clifford 318 Peterson, Dave 138, 170, 415 Peterson, Frederick 225, 432 Peterson, Jan 496 Peterson, Jerry 301 Peterson, Karen 482 Peterson, Michael 448 Peterson, Pam 68, 159, 160, 362 Peterson, Vicky 68, 334 Petrelli, Cindy 358 Petri, Frank 297 Petrocelli, Gene 403 Pettefer, Cass 370 Pettier, Peter 422 Petty, Jean 500 Pezet, George 480 Pezzaglia, Susan 344 Pfaelzer, Pete 289 Pfann, Bill 438 Pfeil, Bill 462 Pflueger, Ann 334 Phelan, John 116, 438 Philips, John 414 Philips, Melinda 360 Phillips, Bill 263, 298 Phillips, Daniel 374 Phillips, David 131, 404 Phillips, Diane 242, 362 Phillips, James 238, 257, 285, 307, 440 Phillips, Linda 68, 484 Phillips, Robert 198, 444 Phillips, Roger 462 Phillips, Wendy 240, 370 Phipps, Harold 79, 480 Piccinini, Kathy 470 Pickerson, Robert 394 Pierce, Florence 522 Pierce, Jim 465 Pierce, Joy 68 Pierce, Leslie 68, 350 Pierce, Margaret 495 Pierce, Sharon 522 Pierog, Jim 299 Pierson, Frank 410 Pierson, Joan 79 Pierson, Paul 519 Piestrup, Mel 112, 238, 251 Pike, Pete 443 Pilger, Judy 79, 356 Pillard, Patricia 321, 519 Pillsbury, Priscilla 79, 366 Pilone, Cecelia 372 Piluso, Carl 86, 516 Pinalore, Manuel 285 Pinkham, Charles 434 Pinney, Steve 109, 112, 113, 116, 516 Pinoni, Edward 123,516 Pinson, Jim 238, 251, 285 Pinson, Victor 260 Piskulic, Diane 242, 352 Pitto, Russ 414 Pizarro, Marino 529 Piziali, Bob 107, 466 Plancherel, Mary 164 Plant, Greg 465 Plate, Sandra 79, 500 Platte, Linda 168, 178 Pletcher, Del 299, 415 Ploeger, W. Michael 111 Plotkin, Freda 356 Plummer, Cheryl 374 Plunkett, Jerry 482 Plunkett, Michael 396 Podesta, Judy 358 Pogue, Earl 274 Poindexter, Colleen 68, 516 Polich, Veronica 79, 484, 504 Polishar, Bruce 456 Polivka, Kay 206 Pollack, Ira 318 Polland, Baba 346 Pollet, Dennis 170, 203, 243, 410 Pollon, Jon 448 Polse, Kenneth 318 Pomeroy, Robert 214, 400 Pomoroy, Pinkie 346 Pompura, Joseph 318 Poole, Donald 398 Poole, Merle 402 Poore, John 105, 116, 452 Poore, James 452 Popendorf, Bill 494 Popov, Alex 493 Popovich, Milo 68, 466 Popper, Roger 79, 208, 305, 429 Porch, Dorris 364 Porter, Elizabeth 482 Porter, Mrs. J. Q 49, 159, 175 Porter, Katherine 170, 178, 342 Porter, L. W 156, 198 Porter, Russell 79, 289, 427 Porter, Sally 336 Porter, William 394 Ports, Susan 350 Poshard, Jim 270 Posin, Dan 79, 516 Post, Mary 358 Post, Parlette 500 Poston, Mary 336 Potter, Carol 377 Poucher, Patty 364 Poulton, Penny 342 Poulton, William 448 Powell, Charlie 138, 156, 158, 198, 478 Power, Rich 218 Poy, Jean 79, 516, 529 Poynter, Margaret 68, 205, 516 Pratt, Richard 130, 195, 516 Pratt, Susan 489 Prec, Yarmila 488 Precise, William 498 Prescott, Connie 472 Preshaw, Earl 466 Presser, Jane 470 Preston, Cynthia 79, 516 Preston, Gil 243 Prezzler, Charlene 354 Preuss, Pam 242, 352, 424 Prevost, Steve 420 Price, Carol 348 Price, Carolyn 68, 202 Price, Milt 213, 443 Price, Tony 116, 300, 386 Price, Tyrone 251 Prichard, Robert 175 Prime, George 281, 448 Primm, Janet 159, 209, 240, 370 Primm, Judy 242, 370 Primm, Karen 170, 180, 372 Prinn, Brian 418 Pritchard, Michael 68, 214, 394 Proffett, John 86 Proffitt, Bill 258, 429 Proffitt, Stuard 131, 400 Prola, James 422 Protpett, John 395 Prouty, Walt 494 Prowell, Ethel 504 Prudhomme, Larry 79, 404 Prydz, Fred 128, 131, 478 Pryor, Jacqueline 84 Ptitsin, Greg 311 Pucci, Linda 488, 504 Pucci, Sandra 488 Puckett, Allen 131, 203, 451 Puckett, Nancy 364 Pugh, Cheryl 130, 135, 138, 159, 202, 209, 348 Pugh, Sharon 68, 516 Pulati, Paul 270, 281 Pulido, Flor 99 Pulver, Steve 224 Purvia, Mary Ann 470 Putman, Bill 404 Q Quaintance, Barbara 370 Quaschnick, Ellaine 79 157, 484 Quartarela, Robert 68, 516 Quick, Cindy 521 Quine, Bill 398 Quinn, John 420 Quinn, Kathleen 219, 374 Quinn, Margie 79, 374 Quinn, Patricia 360 Quinn, Rev. Joseph 532 Quintana, Paul 494 Quontamatteo, Lois 350 Quontamatteo, Tom 478 R Rabin, Ronald 69, 388 Racich, Paul 523 Rader, Vicki 360 Radford, James 112, 116, 516 Radich, Steve 258 Radonich, Joan 370 Radtke, Waldemar 382 Rae, Bonnie 79, 336 Rae, Iris 79 Ragan, Al 280 Ragent, Wendy 500 Rager, Patricia 368 Ragsdale, Todd 281 Rahimi, Abdul 123 Rahm, Lesley 79, 516 Raider, Lynne 470 Railton, Dick 398 Railton, Jane 366 Rains, Judy 69, 516 Rains, Omar 79, 308, 516 Raisin, Barbara 338 Rakestrau, Chris 368 Ralph, Rick 296 Ramirez, Evangeline 68, 517 Ramus, Joseph 84, 452 Randall, Barbara 206 Randall, Nancy 219, 242, 374 Randolph, William 188, 415 Rane, Patricia 346 Ranger, Jerry 230 Rank, Stephanie 68, 352 Rankin, Rick 432 Ransome, Clark 69, 438 Rapp, John 224 Rapp, Dr. Raymond 250 Rappaport, Armin 49 Rappaport, Joan 484 Rasmussen, Betty 79, 517 Rasmussen, John 466 Rassa, Bob 116, 478 Ratcliff, Kit 158 Rathman, George 117, 214, 432 Ravenscroft, Dewey 111, 112, 113 Rauk, Stephanie 68 Rau, Sue 350 Ray, Barbara 79, 87, 517 Raymond, Craig 243 Raymond, Doug 195 Raymond, Susan 338 Rea, David 462 Read, Claudia 372 Read, Suzanne 98, 374 Ready, Dan 270 Reasbeck, Kay 341 Reay, Claudia 362 Rebscher, Wendy 79, 464 Reckler, Joanne 69, 338 Reddall, Meredith 69, 484 Redfield, Robert 214 Redford, Kent 158 Redford, Milton 79, 214, 432 Reding, John 289, 478 Redman, Mike 258 Redner, Richard 131, 517 Reed, Emily 49 Reed, Jason 161, 390 Reed, Loretta 68, 178, 477, 504 Reed, Mary 504 Reed, Pauline 180 Reed, Robert 218, 402 Reedy, Howard 448 Reeks, Catherine 172, 309 Rees, Claudia 69, 372 Rees, Martha 360 Rees, Diane 215, 350 Regan, Kathleen 366 Regar, Barry 79, 388 Regent, Wendy 170 Reginelli, Nanci 202, 344 Reich, Judy 484 Reid, Brian 285 Reid, Brooks 199 Reilly, James 213 Reimers, Dianne 68, 474 Rein, Burton 480 Rein, Paul 274 Reinsch, John 281, 400 Reiss, Linda 474 Reichert, Bill 438 Reichmuth, Barbara 366 Reilly, Patricia 362 Reiring, Janelle 336 Reister, David 112, 158 Rekers, Jerry 297, 414 Rempel, Cornelia 56, 334 Renne, John 458 Renof, Bob 439 Renouf, Muriel 68, 517 Renright, Rita 336 Rescei, Claire 350 Reuss, Ron 498 Reutinger, Marty 448 Rewoldt, Nan 336 Reynolds, Alice 170 Reynolds, Harold 218 Reynolds, Dave 494 Reynolds, Jerry 69, 465 Reynolds, Linda 484 Reynolds, Marilyn 192 Reynolds, Sally 368 Rhamm, Mervin 98 Rhinehart, Derrell 318 Rhoda, Kathy 354 Rhodes, Barbara 69, 368 Rhodes, Cliff 174, 289 Rhodes, Jim 270 Rhyne, Fred 439 Rhyner, Scott 117, 478 Rice, Louis 49 Richards, Jane 495 Richards, Janis 79, 517 Richards, James 131, 517 Richards, Mary Jane 482 Richards, Michael 480 Richards, Phil 131, 434 Richardson, Betty 374 Richardson, Diane 372 Richardson, Jacqueline 342 Richardson, Ruth 342 Richertson, Larry 281 Richmond, Henry 454 Richter, Bruno 276 Ricketts, Steve 79, 214, 274, 306, 307, 440 Riddell, Candace 354 Ridker, Carol 79, 517 Rieben, Gary 490 Rieber, Eva 87 Riedel, Fred 404 Riedel, Herb 307 Riemer, Mary 364 Riemke, Richard 395 Riese, Diana 79, 517 Rigden, Jean 309 Riggs, Gerald 79, 208, 414 Riley, Barbara 201, 336 Riley, Joe 466 Riley, Lou 420 Rimpau, Patti 336 Rindmen, Bill 462 Ripley, Carol 80, 364 Rips, Michael 436 Ritchey, Bob 478 Ritter, Ross 404 Ritter, Preston 224 Robak, Glen 415 Robbins, Craig 422 Robbins, Howard 466 Robbins, John 408 Robby, Betty 464 Roberts, Barbara 180, 342 Roberts, Dexter 80, 490 Roberts, Gary 490 Roberts, James 135, 138, 454 Roberts, Jim 138 Roberts, Justin 184 Roberts, Ralph 454 Roberts, Tom 382 Robertson, Bart 466 Robertson, Channig 478 Robertson, George 214 Robertson, Steve 414 Robertson, Sydney 105 Robillard, Ken 189, 462 Robinson, Diane 523 Robinson, Gary 444 Robinson, Mark 87, 214, 386 Robinson, Monica 80, 517 Robinson, Rod 80, 487 Robinson, Warren 158 Robson, Judith 80, 341 Rocca, Roy 380, 438 Roche, Mrs. G 168 Rockford, Jane 80, 336 Rodebaugh, Mark 299, 401 Rodgers, Bill 305, 434 Rodi, Peggy 309, 366 Rodich, Steve 429 Rodrigo, Jay 298, 406 Rodrigues, Gary 480 Rodriguez, John 80, 408 Roe, Kathleen 496 Roehr, Martha 69, 464, 504 Roehr, Thomas 260, 466 Roelof, Jay 69 Rogers, Betsy 84, 180, 205, 224, 500 Rodgers, Bill 494 Rogers, Bruce 262, 281 Rogers, Gary 214, 289 Rogers, Janet 164 Rogers, John 412 Rogers, Roger 218, 230, 275 Rogers, Thomas 117, 432 Rohwer, Bob 251 Rolapp, Susan 194, 354 Rohlicek, Louis 422 Rohwedder, Gayle 364 Rohwer, Bob 243 Roland, Carol 69, 336 Rolapp, Susan 194 Rollar, Jennifer 69, 350 Roller, Paul 98 Romascan, Ed 85, 384 Romero, Roger 170 Romey, Jean 275 Romey, Roy 480 Rommel, Antoinette 348 Romie, Ernie 487 Ronay, Christine 472 Ronzone, Wende 360 Rood, Madeline 356 Roost, Trixie 159, 209, 374 Rosanoff, Andi 170 Rose, Marshall 398 Rose, Muriel 99 Rose, Rich 218, 231, 402 Rose, Ronald 402 Roneen, Darien 382 Rosehill, Dave 87 Rosen, Jerry 456 Rosen, Judy 80, 164, 517 Rosen, Ron 456 Rosenberg, Barr 280, 517 Rosenberg, Joel 177, 192 Rosenberg, Steven 85, 517 Rosenfield, Richard 206 Rosenstein, Alan 206 Rosenthal, Joel 224 Rosenthal, Judy 356 Rosenthal, Susan 356 Rosentreter, William 448 Rosenwald, Anne 338, 190, 188 Rosett, Dick 289 Ross, Donald 112, 394 Ross, Ellen 69, 517 Ross, Neil 325 Ross, Robert 107 Ross, Ronald 112 Ross, Sue 170, 356 Rossecrans, Bill 422 Rossetti, Diana 500 Rossi, Cindy 352 Rosson, Bob 208 Rosson, Cammie 374 Roth, George 289, 427 Roth, Jo 187 Roth, Morgan 297 Roth, Ron 164 Roth, Sandy 240, 366 Roth, William 43 Rothberg, Michael 430 Rothenberg, Joanne 338 Rothman, Fred 411 Rothman, Geoffrey 170 Rothschild, Mike 412 Rothman, Geoffrey 436 Roubaud, Pierre 193 Rouds, Richard 490 Roumasset, Cathy 69, 517 Roumassett, Jim 298 Roussakis, George 260 Rowan, Patrick 80, 451 Rowe, Richard 80, 451 Rowen, Bill 185 Rowins, Charles 80, 238, 422 Rowland, Judy 472 Rowley, Gerald 318 Royce, Trish 364 Ruben, Connie 368 Rubens, Judi 338 Rubens, Joan 338 Rubens, Roberta 338 Rubin, Dale 214, 251, 281 Rucker, Ed 267, 271, 204 Rudd, Susan 80, 517 Rudge, Karen 69, 350 Rudloff, Dick 406 Ruegg, Carole 500 Ruehle, Heidi 472 Rufer, Margaret 69, 474 Ruja, Ellen 472 Rumelt, Richard 107, 113, 117, 480 Rummelsburg, Joan 356 Ruser, John 258, 281 Rush, Richard 80, 517 Rush, Stephen 69, 214, 384 Rusk, Delcia 69, 517 Ruskink, Marcia 80, 356 Russell, Alice 85, 358 Russell, Carol Ann 342 Russell, Dianna 80, 517 Russell, John 403 Russell, Ted 190, 415 Rust, Lyman 85, 285, 412 Rust, Rick 230, 444 Rutherford, Ann 80, 484 Rutherford, Roberta 372 Ruzek, John 465 Ryan, John 230 Ryan, Kathleen 209, 336 Ryan, Ned 138, 410 Ryan, Patricia 374 Ryan, Susanne 342 Ryan, Timothy 208, 429 Rygel, Linda 360 Ryther, Darline 164 S Sabak, Warren 465 Sachs, Robert 318 Sachs, Steven 306, 430 Sadler, Robert 105, 112, 157 Safarjan, Bill 390 Saferstein, Harvey 456 Sain, Charlotte 474 Sakai, David 131, 156, 465 Sakimoto, Judi 56, 484 Salamid, Mayann 360 Saldamando, Alex 161, 199, 521 Salerno, Jim 466 Sallee, Gary 117, 263, 487 Salmon, Judith 334 Sale, Ginny 352 Saltzman, Gloria 80 Sam 452 Sam, Paula 69, 517 Samm, Sherwood 69, 86, 490 Sample, Donald 318 Samuel, Joe 203, 436 Samuelson, G. Scott 203, 204, 243, 454 Samways, Pat 80, 517 Sanborn, Madelyn 69, 157, 205, 207, 362 Sanchez, Linda 206 Sanchez, Rey 448 Sand, Lawrence 401 Sanda, Bernice 57 Sanda, Michele 57, 210 Sanders, Dan 318 Sanders, Dana 488 Sanders, Douglas 529 Sanderson, Bob 281 Sandler, Alan 436 Sandoval, Diane 156, 209, 344 Sandra, Michele 474 Sands, Margaret 368 Sands, Peggy 98 Sanford, Christine 69, 336 Sanford, Chuck 523 Sanger, Howard 214 Saperstein, Guy 410 Saphier, Michael 480 Sapiro, Jerry 214, 281, 480 Sargent, Tom 214 Sario, Mark 403 Sarna, Greg 456 Sartain, Amanda 346 Sarvas, Sandra 348 Sasaki, Dennis 111 Sasaki, Dick 210 Sasaki, Toru 498 Sato, Flora 80,517 Sattler, Ray 382 Saunders, Robert 106, 478 Savage, Andi 242, 377 Savant, Bernard 123, 384 Sawtell, Sheri 374 Sawyer, Fess 420 Sax, Brian 436 Saxe, Joan 346 Saxton, Sharon 80,474 Sayers, Dale 480 Sayward, Dorothy 80, 362 Sbarbaro, Gene 438 Scalia, Peter 440 Scanlan, Larry 184 Scantena, Gino 117, 396 Scarr, Tony 158 Schaaf, Samuel 110 Schact, Margie 360, 206 Schact, Linda Joan 336, 409 Schad, Charles 454 Schoffer, Ed 206 Schaffer, Sheldon 224, 480 Schauer, Dale 111, 117, 517 Schauer, Tony 425 Schaupp, Chuck 503 Scheble, Sue 219, 372 Scheel, William C 451 Scheer, Elaine 358 Scheffey, C. F 105 Scheiber, Dave 258, 480 Scheiber, Joan 326, 372 Scheinman, Stephen 456 Scheitz, Michael 184 Scheep, Rain 480 Schenck, Katherine 159 Scherm, Carolyn 338 Scherr, Barbara 184 Schildhauer, June 496, 504 Schilling, August 289, 458 Schilling, Wolfgang 258, 281 Schindler, Bob 480 Schirmer, Christine 336 Schirmer, Howard 113, 444 Schlacter, Ellen 356 Schlacter, Fred 86, 430 Schlegel, Judy 309 Schletter, Philip 318 Schlesinger, Joanne 69, 338 Schlesinger, Susan 482 Schlieman, Bob 131, 414 Schmidt, Carol 342 Schmidt, Dick 69, 517 Schmidt, Donald 318, 281, 312 Schmidt, John 418 Schmidt, Judy 80, 517 Schmidt, Neil 281 Schmiedel, John 123, 420 Schmidtz, Dennis 214, 422 Schminke, Mary Joan 334 Schmohl, Bill 448 Schmuck, James 414 Schmugge, Tom 168 Schnabel, Carl James 80, 404 Schneider, Barbara 85, 500 Schneider, Margaret 484 Schneider, Randy 258, 281 Schnider, Ronni Sue 338 Schneiderman, Emily 80 Schoales, Ann Louise 342 Schock, Clint 281 Scholar, Michael 80, 388 Scholz, Dieter 432 Schoomaker, Ann 368 Schorr, Ida 31 Schowengert, Marilyn 69, 364 Schramko, Ed 384 Schraub, Jack 251, 281 Schroeder, Diane Lynn 344 Schroeder, Jeanne Laura 336 Schroeder, Jon 214, 427 Schroeder, Pat 80, 517 Schroeter, Harry 112, 113, 117, 214, 452 Schrumpf, Lynne 85, 500 Schuller, Susan 80 Schulman, Diane 377 Schultze, Bernard 289, 380, 386 Schulz, Clifford 80, 408 Schulz, Manfred 168 Schulz, Tom 175 Schumann, Art 411 Schwab, Joe 456 Schwarm, Franz 420 Schwartz, Bev 377 Schwartz, Carole 69, 164, 338 Schwartz, Dion 356 Schwartz, Joan 69, 474 Schwartz, Joann 477 Schwartz, Judy Lynn 356 Schwartz, Linda Lee 370 Schwartz, Marilyn 338 Schwartz, Sandra 493 Schwatka, Sue 362 Sciutto, Barbara 336 Sciutto, Gary 395 Scofield, Tim 289 Scott, Edgie 238, 458 Scott, Kathy 346 Scott, Kent 293, 297 Scott, Margaret 484 Scott, Robert 396 Scott, Scott 406 Scott, Sharon 354 Scott, William 385 Scott, Verana 523 Scranton, Jack 408 Scullion, Mike 458 Scully, Jean 362 Searle, Bill 192 Sears, Madelyn 70, 470 Sebastian, John 113 Secor, Glenn 117, 517 Seed, Tom 418 Seefield, Kim 398 Seeley, Pat 484 Seffens, Marty 382 Segal, Eileen 242 Segal, Jeff 156 Seibert, Richard 381, 394 Seidman, Pearl 470 Seitz, Carol 472 Selby, Fred 225, 385 Selders, Sandy 488 Selfridge, Buzzie 346 Sellers, John 289 Selman, Jack 281 Selser, Mike 117, 498 Selsor, Pat 81, 517 Sengo, Marty 258, 396 Senturia, Michael 90 Serrano, Ronald 117, 517 Sevall, Mary 358 Severance, Nicola 81, 204, 370 Seymour, Susan 70, 517 Sgheiza, John 490 Shadi, Ramona 70, 148, 205, 207, 464 Shadinger, Susan 81, 135, 141, 148, 204, 205, 344 Shaffer, John 131, 480, 517 Shaffner, James 111 Shafton, Randy 338 Shaheen, Robert 325 Shain, Karen 204. 205, 338 Shain, Marilyn 338 Shambough, Signe 368 Shane, C. Donald 51 Shanks, Ralph 415, 522 Shannon, Judith 81, 374 Shapeero, Lorraine 500 Shapiro, Bernard 533 Sharp, Rodney 462 Sharp, Steven 128 Shatafian, Joyce 470 Shatsky, Ethlyne 356 Shaw, Jane 224 Shaw, Julie 523 Shawl, Jon 156, 161, 198, 199, 521 Shawl, Stephen 466 Shawter, Bruce 111 Shay, Carol 172 Shegren, Linda 344 Shelton, Kathleen 470 Shelton, Rosemary 360 Shelton, Tom 131, 135, 141, 142, 148, 156, 158, 161, 203, 466 Shen, Max 206 Shen, Tony 206 Sheng, Alan 480 Shenk, John 285, 398 Shepard, Janell 358 Shepard, Richard 108 Shepard, Robert 523 Shepard, Sally 81, 344 Sheret, Judy 472 Sherk, James 448 Sherman, Clermont 109 Sherman, Diana 70, 362 Sherman, F. S 111 Sherriffs, Alex 46, 198 Shers, Perry 86, 517 Sherwin, Reid 466 Sherwood, Anne 366 Sherwood, Shirley 470 Shields, Andy 238 Shields, Becky 131, 362 Shifflett, Chet 170, 390 Shimada, Mas 483 Shimasaki, Bob 289 Shimasaki, Janet 470 Shipley, Randolph 466 Shirachi, Douglas 480 Shiraishi, LeRoy 180 Shirek, Alan 448 Shirley, Mary 240, 370 Shirley, Stephen 131, 393 Shiroishi, Ken 218, 219 Shiromizu, Helen 85, 470 Shluker, Jerry 430 Shoemaker, Charles 230 Shoenberger, Jon 443 Shogren, Richard 462 Shokouh, Mariam 338 Shores, Christina 374 Showen, Bob 480 Showstack, Anne 474 Shreiber, Marilyn 470 Shroeter, Hazel 350 Shuchet, Roberta 356 Shuck, Linda 354, 383 Shuey, Johanna 500 Shulman, Roger 436 Shuper, Phil 203, 436 Siders, Barry 196, 214 Siefert, Susanne 170, 364 Siegfried, Jim 420 Sieler, Jan 350 Siemens, Joan 170, 330, 352 Siemer, Virginia 81, 517 Siemons, Janet 81, 344 Sienapp, William 206 Sievers, Rod 414 Siewart, Kathrina 312 Sig 438 Silberstein, Steven 388 Silveira, Bill 390 Silver, Barry 168 Silver, Marilyn 356 Silverberg, Nancy 338 Silveria, William 216 Silverman, Nina 81, 517 Silverstone, Mike 490 Sinico, Eric 214 Simandle, Warren 289 Simeons, Derryl 128 Simmons, John 480 Simmons, Judy 348 Simmons, Lin 496 Simoes, Norman 117, 480 Simon, Edward 214, 411 Simon, Irene 128, 131, 517 Simon, Norton 43 Simons, Dave 195 Simonsen, Ann 358 Simpson, Dick 325 Simpson, George 490 Simpson, Margaret 70, 159, 500 Simpson, Nancy 350 Sims, Lynn 138, 161, 199, 239 Sims, Ronnie 206 Sinclair, Dan 258 Singer, Alice 170 Singer, Susan 370 Singleton, Joan 70, 472 Singleton, Loyce 251 Sipila, Chris 372 Siple, Molly 184, 334 Sirkin, Sam 170 Sirota, Diane 338 Sismondo, Charles 70, 199, 517 Sisola, Edward 428 Siudmak, Karen 192 Sjeklocha, Pavle 214 Skarsten, Carolin Rebecca 70, 334 Skeehan, Bill 498 Skenfield, Michael W 231 Skillion, Ann H 170, 352 Skinner, Brooke 242, 346 Skinner, Carolyn 504 Skinner, Jeff 458 Skinner, Wayne 425 Skolnick, Rich 480 Slabich, Dennis 427 Slagg, Joel 522 Slasor, Valerie 362 Slater Dick 299 Slater, Patricia Ann 352 Slattebo, Wendy 81, 149, 178, 518 Slaughter, Bob 480 Slaughter, Dennis 117, 466 Sloan, George 164 Sloane, William 422 Sloat, Tim 414 Sloccum, Marcia 364 Slusky, Joe 238, 273, 436 Small, Gregory 403 Small, Stephen 85, 406 Smart, Claire 368 Smart, Skip 258, 404 Smedburg, Virginia 350 Smillie, Baxter 225, 518 Smith, Ann 493 Smith, Bob 293, 422 Smith, Byron 214, 440 Smith, Candy 194, 354 Smith, Charles 320, 443 Smith, Cynthia 54, 170 Smith, Danelle 374 Smith, David 214 Smith, David 487 Smith, David 388 Smith, Dick 267 Smith, Delynn 496 Smith, Dennis 131, 203, 380, 418 Smith, Dorman 70, 403 Smith, Gerald 462 Smith, Geraldine 470 Smith, Gregory 86, 487 Smith, James 85, 238, 267, 398 Smith, Juanita 81, 376 Smith, Jeff 81, 444 Smith, Jerry 498 Smith, Jervis 281 Smith, John 458 Smith, Leland 81, 451 Smith, Lester 321, 518 Smith, Lloyd 111, 117, 518 Smith, Louise 70, 518 Smith, Marilyn 493 Smith, Mike 208 Smith, Nancy 522 Smith, Patricia 174, 208, 219, 309 Smith, Patricia 174, 208, 219, 309, 374 Smith, Paul 131, 161, 199, 203, 396 Smith, Rayelyn 81, 518 Smith, Robert 218 Smith, Robin 346 Smith, Roger 462 Smith, Ronald 85, 218, 518 Smith, Sheila 338 Smith, Sheri 350 Smith, Sid 440 Smith, Stanley 434 Smith, Steve 462 Smith, Steve 296, 298, 478 Smith, Susan 159, 360 Smith, Susan 470 Smith, Susan 352 Smith, Fitzgerald 403 Smith, Teresa 348 Smith, Terry 480 Smith, Val 138, 170 Smith, Virginia 311, 474 Smith, Whitney 240, 362 Smookler, Helene 472 Smoot, Lyne 160, 368 Smoot, Peter 427 Smothermon, Sharon 57, 488 Smouse, Pete 230 Snaider, Marilyn 70, 484 Snake 396 Snell, Carol 70, 518 Snevecor, Susan 374 Snow, Maryly 366 Snow, Richard 81, 518 Snowden, Pete 458 Snyder, Bob 238 Snyder, David 117, 518 Snyder, Douglas 396 Snyder, Dudley 434 Snyder, Lorraine 81 Sobel, Suzanne 474 Soden, Gary 117, 415 Soderholm, Richard 396 Soehrens, Barbara 159, 209, 334, 416 Schindell, Nadine 472 Sokol, Nicholas 422 Sokol, Susan 81, 198,221, 362 Solberg, Gary 478 Sold, Michael 158 Solem, Don 406 Solinsky, Thomas 81, 458 Solloway, Judy 336 Solomon, Dennis 490 Solomon, Jill 484 Solomon, Lynn 358 Solt, Warren 131,518 Sommarstrom, Karen 70, 354 Sommer, Susan 336 Sommervile, Bill 158 Somsen, Jeanie 364 Sonoda, Tom 225, 483 Sonsini, Larry 81, 203, 420 Sontaag, Charles 243, 439 Sooy, Darrell 452 Sorensen, Neil 218, 238, 240, 244 Sorensen, Sally 344 Sortais, Joe 478 Soules, Jim 203 Sours, Keith 239 Southwell, Sandra 188, 190 Southworth, Brad 494 Southworth, Doug 306, 451 Spafford, Alden 503 Speake, Bill 81, 390 Speed, Cynthia 495 Spencer, Bill 281 Spencer, Janet 348 Spencer, Michael 398 Spencer, Michael 503 Spencer, Mike 87 Spencer, Nancy 161, 500 Spencer, Paul 325 Spencer, Susan 344 Spencer, Wendy 70,354 Spenser, Jan 190 Sperber, Iris 377 Sperr, Julie 174, 522 Sperry, Eileen 81, 518 Spessard, Clayton 243, 466 Speth, Kathy 70, 161, 342 Spielman, Eileen 356 Spilker, Andrew 456 Spilker, John 456 Spillner, Wanda 81 Spinella, Sal 498 Spinett, Allan 281 Spinetta, Charles 230 Spitzer, Mary 161, 377 Spivey, Glenda 368 Sprague, Bill 238, 281, 498 Sprague, Marilyn 308 Sprague, Sue 360, 424 Spraker, Lana 488 Sprang, Sandy 185 Sprankle, Susan 243, 336 Spreen, Gregory 432 Spreiter, Sonja 81, 374 Spring, Anita 225, 518 Springer, Suzanne 202, 362 Spruce, Wayne 403 Srichomkuan, Kiet 131, 529 Staats, Bill 406 Stabb, Edward 105, 117, 214, 466 Stadt, Marshall 318 Stagg, Pete 187 Stahl, David 161 Stahnke, Al 289 Stalker, Craig 81, 404 Stamper, Rich 258 Stanford, Patricia 202, 360 Stanley, Darrol 412 Stanley, Joan 164 Stanley, John 260 Stanley, Richard 503 Stanley, Rowland 135, 140, 158, 168, 178, 203, 218, 238, 243, 298, 425 Stanton, Judy 377 Stanton, Thomas 398 Stapel, Anrdea 70, 518 Stark, Harriet 81, 370 Stark, John 170,390 Starkovich, James 460 St. Clair, Dean 478 St. Clair, Nancy 70, 360 Steegen, David 447 Steel, Gerald 444 Steele, Diane 81, 360 Steele, Marilyn 366 Stefani, Ronald 81, 214, 480 Steffens, Peter 177 Stehli, Alfred 70, 518 Steidel, R 111 Stein, David 462 Stein, Marilyn 484 Stein, Marty 436 Steinbach, Raleigh 158, 410 Steinburg, Bob 429 Steinberg, Elliot 70, 184, 198, 204, 436 Steinburg, Michael 430 Steinburg, Robert 429 Steinel, David 214 Steiner, David 192, 277, 436 Steiner, John 192, 411 Steiner, Mary 70 Steiner, Pam 372 Steiner, Paul 411 Steinke, Frederic 109 Steinkuller, Constance 484 Stenlund, Ken 70, 401 Stenson, Betty 70, 341 Stanton, Richard 81, 214, 458 Stephens, Cece 374 Stephens, Frank 402 Stephens, Marijean 70, 364 Stephens, Richards 81, 490 Sterbenz, Allen 410 Sterling, James 521 Stern, Mimi 377 Sternberg, Steve 293, 297 Sterni, Carole 470 Stetson, Bill 224, 494 Stevens, Alex 177, 178, 184, 198 Stevens, Ann 170, 350 Stevens, Howard 87, 154 Stevens, Phil 412 Stevens, Sam 458 Stevens, Sara 489 Stevens, Vicki 209 Stevenson, Mary 336 Stewart, Bill 466 Stewart, Bonnie 354 Stewart, Dennis 158 Stewart, Donald 422 Stewart, Harry 81, 425 Stewart, Jean 521 Stewart, Larry 204 Stewart, Lynn 81, 358 Stewart, Michael 81, 518 Stiles, Barbara 219, 374 Stiles, Mary 372 Stimbaugh, Nick 503 Stites, Martha 81, 518 Stock, Nancy 211, 377 Stock, William 128 Stocker, Nancy 168, 178, 477 Stockton, Richard 107 Stoddard, Susan 336, 521 Stoebe, Emily 178, 348 Stoecker, Gary 414 Stoff, Melanie 338 Stoffel, Kit 70, 360 Stolback, Louise 474 Stolwitz, Ronald 411 Stone, Allan 175 Stone, Edward 230 Stone, Floyd 155 Stone, Lynda 219, 477 Stone, Mary 350 Stoner, John 408 Storey, Bill 153, 156, 158, 175, 198, 203, 203, 444 Storm, Lexy 81, 500 Stosick, James 480 Stout, James 86, 518 Stovall, Sylvia 81, 376 Stradcutter, Barbara 484 Strader, Michael 206 Strand, Bob 490 Strange, Kathie 81, 348 Strangio, Rich 239, 494 Strauss, Marta 472 Strax, Rita 131 Street, Kim 401 Strehlitz, Frank M Stricklin, Robert 454 Stringer, Jane 495 Stripp, Dr. Fred 87 Strom, Gay 338 Stromsness, Chris 199, 384 Strong, Edward 6 45 Strong, Tom 400 Stuart, Jim 438 Stuart, John 208 Stubbs, Jeff 412 Stucka, Dan 85, 440 Studebaker, Marsha 464 Stuehler, Joanne 484 Stueland, Helle 70, 149, 159, 204, 205, 240, 267, 370 Stull, Roger 70, 251 Stumpf, Pat 180 Sturch, Suzanne 81, 518 Sturgeon, Roger 281 Sturges, Tom 406 Sturm, Grace 493 Stusiak, Mary 523 Stys, Shorie 500 Suarez, Enrique 238 Sucher, David 388 Sudborough, Mike 230 Suen, Sze-Ming 494 Suess, Steve 390 Sugarman, Myron 214, 381, 430 Sugden, Arthur 521 Suits, Charles 390 Sukov, Rick 436 Sullivan, Bob 30, 427 Sullivan, Jerd 43 Sullivan, John 293, 305, 434 Sullivan, Judy 372 Sullivan, Lorraine 470 Sullivan, Patricia 360 Sullivan, Shaun 425 Sun, Mary T-M 529 Sunada, Kathleen 470 Sundal, Jim 410 Sundar, Rae 529 Suplin, Susan 377 Surbo, Louis 224 Surf, Joe 462 Surh, Lee 275 Surko, Clifford 86, 381, 384 Susnow, Mark 81, 411 Suson, Kathryne 81, 356 Sutak, Tom 325, 462 Sutcliffe, Cindy 240 Sutcliffe, Mots 30, 175, 240, 366 Suter, Robert 231, 440 Sutherland, Don 275 Sutherland, Mac 273 Sutherland, Ross 440 Sutherlin, June 372 Sutton, Dana 336 Sutton, Farrell 390 Sutton, Jamie 404 Sutton, Kay 240, 366 Swain, Penelope 474 Swain, Susan 500 Swaminathan, K. 529 Swanson, Linda D 70, 98, 341 Swanson, Linda M 334 Swanson, Roger 454 Swany, Skip 396 Swarbrick, John 465 Swearingen, Ralph W 131, 418 Sweed, Robert 425 Sweeney, Carol 366 Sweeney, Ed 415 Sweet, J 393 Sweet, Ray 156 Swenson, James 447 Swift, Camm 85, 518 Swift, Carol 504 Swift, Janice 131, 341 Swift, Susan 474 Swigard, Phil 231, 240, 390 Swope, Malin 128, 131, 480 Swoveland, Cary 454 Sykes, Doug 300 Sylvester, Rick 238, 274, 456 Symes, George 318 Syphers, Carolyn 470 T Tabari, Kija 529 Tabata, Kyoji 81, 164, 436 Taber, Patricia Ann 71, 518 Tabor, Margaret 474 Tackett, Laura 71, 519 Taggart, Jim 81, 432 Taggart, Larry 214, :198 Takabayashi, Susumu 117, 483 Takagaki, Carol 495 Takahashi, Ed 210, 318 Takahashi, Keiko 318 Takahashi, Masakazu 318 Takaki, Frances 522 Takaki, Kazu 480 Takata, George 131, 519 Takeda, Don 483 Takei, Patty 495 Takefuji, Kathy 57 Takemoto, Haruki 274 Talbott, Lois Ellen 85, 334 Talken, Marilyn 500 Tamura, Lily 484 Tan, Chung-I 86, 260, 465 Tana, Chinin 519, 529 Tana, Yasuto 117, 224, 281 Tanaka, Terry 484 Tanenbaum, Bob 267 Tanenbaum, Ilene 71, 519 Tang, Rosetta 470 Taniguchi, Aimy G 85, 519 Tanita, Jo Anne 56, 519 Tankersley, Victoria 161, 364 Tannahill, Lesley 366, 409 Tanner, Brian 81, 404 Tanner, Dorothy 472 Tanner, Natalie 500 Tanner, Terry 305 Tany, Rosetta 81 Tao, Terry 466 Taplin, Gary 494 Tapper, Barbara 484 Tapson, Steve 438 Tarazona, Hugo 529 Tarpley, Tim 297, 306, 466 Tarr, Margaret 205 Tarr, Peggy 175, 204, 211, 242, 346 Tashjian, Zaben 529 Tatte, Pat 71, 372 Tate, Stephen 396 Tauber, Bererlee 356 Tavernetti, Dennis 131, 203, 204, 208, 214, 149, 458 Tavares, Dennis 230 Taylor, Eileen 496 Taylor, James 107, 112, 117, 519 Taylor, Janet 368 Taylor, Jerry 474 Taylor, Kathy 344 Taylor, Marylee 156, 159, 204, 205, 330, 348 Taylor, Mike 293, 297, 306 Taylor, Patricia 504 Teale, Emily 386 Teasdale, Harold 381 Teder, Aime 372 Teel, John 443 Teele, John 299, 432 Telischak, Gail 358 Temple, Ted 406 Templeton, Pat 374 Templeton, Susan 470 Tennant, Nick 194, 195 Tennant, Roberta 190, 368 Tennenbaum, Martin 529 Tepper, Rochelle 529 Territo, Francine 488 Terry, Dick 398 Terry, Leone 159 Terry, Nancy 221, 362 Terzich, Loren 117, 5 19 Tesauro, Tullia 81, 470 Test, Allen 81, 458 Tetley, Jane 138, 346 Teuscher, Jim 425 Thaman, Randy 260 Thamann, Mary 464 Thaten, Peter 403 Thayer, Sherry 342 Theel, Robert 398 Theiss, Len 230 Theriot, Lynn 342 Thibault, Dianne 336 Thiebaud, Anthony 480 Thiessen, Jacquelyn 71, 500, 161 Thom, Roland 275 Thomas, Craig 296, 440, 480 Thomas, Darryl 214 Thomas, Diane 374 Thomas, Laura 470 Thomas, Tom 432 Thomas, Mike 478 Thompson, Brian 109, 112, 498 Thompson, Charles 107, 112, 117, 519 Thompson, Chris 478 Thompson, Dave 251 Thompson, Jeff 440 Thompson, Jim 285, 404 Thompson, Kathryn 374 Thompson, Mada 354 Thompson, Margaret 334 Thompson, Norm 439 Thompson, Steve 208 Thompson, Susan 472 Thompson, Suzan 496 Thompson, William 70, 216, 519 Thomsen, Gary 218, 522 Thomson, Barbara 82, 202, 205, 336 Thomson, Pam 309 Thormann, Helen 71, 352 Thornley, Malcolm 289 Thrash, Jim 117, 203, 478 Thruman, Lee 478 Trujillo, Edward 117, 465 Thurlow, Willy 203, 218, 396 Thylin, Roy 128 Tierman, Kent 258, 432 Tietz, Kenneth 432 Teitz, Rick 289 Tietz, Fritz 71, 478 Tighe, Tracy 336 Timboe, Mary 330, 346 Timmins, Terry 204, 274, 380 Tincher, Cline 224 Ting, Darryl 385 Tinker, Kathy 170 Titelman, Cookie 356 Tobey, Buttons 464 Tobin, Tim 289, 478 Toochini, Robert 458 Todd, Prof. David 113 Tofield, Josh 274 Toft, Joe 260 Tolbert, Nancy 184 Tolchin, Ann 71, 519 Tollefson, Anne 336 Tolles, Dana 71, 366 Tollin, Darrin 344 Tolman, Scott 403 Tolson, Greg 214 Tom, Annie 376, 484 Tom, Ella 71, 484 Tom, Evelyn 82, 463 Tomasello, Anthony 522 Tomei, Joel 440 Tomosawa, Francis 318 Tompkins, Al 193 Tompkins, Dennis 230 Tompkins, Mike 462 Tone, Richard 447 Tong, Gabrielle 71 Tong, Patricia 484, 528 Toni, Jim 414 Tonsall, William 317, 318, 519 Toole, Howard 480 Toomer, John 321, 519 Toon, Tom 301 Toone, Michele 470 Torchio, Lloyd 258 Toriumi, Carol 495 Toroian, Alma 194 Totten, Jeffrey 394 Tousey, Robert 86, 487 Towle, Katherine 47, 198 Towne, Robert 398 Townsend, Bruce 258 Townsend, James 480 Townsend, Joseph 418 Toy, Ken 386 Trabert, Linda 289 Tracy, Tom 503 Trager, Carol 82, 482 Traum, Robert 244 Travaille, Bob 138, 418 Traverso, Diane 362 Travis, Mike 156 Traweek, James 170, 444 Treadway, Dennis 70, 238, 274, 480 Treatt, Susan 504 Tregea, Forrest 155, 175 Triebel, Sue 372 Trinchero, Donna 364 Triplett, Arlene 131 Trockey, Mike 131, 519 Trosper, Terry 175 Trousdale, Kathryn 161 Trouton, John 422 Trower, Tom 386 Troxell, George 51 Trudeau, Lianne 341 True, Bill 172 Truitt, Ken 410 Trujillo, Edward 117, 465 Trumbo, Jack 123, 305, 429 Trummel, Jane 470 Tsien, Frank 112 Tsuchiya, Arthur Seigo 485 Tsujimoto, Eugene 317, 318, 519 Tsuji, Amy 496 Tsukamoto, Sandra 71, 519 Tsunehara, Ronald 487 Tsurutani, Bruce 86, 478 Tuck, Cab 202, 346 Tuck, Loretta 71, 519 Tucker, David 105 Tucker, Jill 482 Tuft, Michael 427 Tuholski, Neil 478 Tully, Herbert 406 Tully, Richard 478 Tunnicliff, Win 466 Turner, Bill 238, 251, 253 Turner, Bruce 394 Turner, Robert 117, 384 Turner, Wendy 372 Tusher, Thomas 82, 203, 454 Tweet, Lyle 258 Tye, Ross 480 Tyson, Ray 111, 117, 519 Tyson, Regina 472 U Ueberroth, John 404 Ullman, Michael 411 Ullner, Mary Lee 462 Ulrich, Roy 430 Ulsh, Steve 131, 214, 454 Ulyatt, Karren 470, 504 Umawatari, Emiko 82, 519 Underwood, Jack 390 Unger, Watt 243 Unno, Lazuo 318 Unruh, Jesse 43 Upshaw, Susan 71, 500 Upton, Dianne 336 Upton, John 503 Uren, William 393 Urrea, Bob 85, 414 Urrea, David 251, 414 Ursin, Nick 194 Usrey, Dennis 325 Usrey, Susan 325 Utterback, Bonnie 82, 348 Utterback, Christine 348 Uyeyama, Lenore 321, 519 V Vaatueit, St ephen 112 Vaidyanathan, Chathapurem 109 Vail, Nancy 346 Vakil, Pyush 306 Valencia, Bob 325 Valenzuela, John 258 Van Atta, David 420 Vance, Don 194 Van De Water, Eric 289, 381, 398 Vander Naillen, Peter 443 Van Deusen, Jim 251 Van Heuit, Carl 258 Van Hoften, James 289, 429 Van Hoorebeke, David 71, 297, 443 VanHorn, Joan 362 Van Hueten, Dean 49, 240 Van Loben Sels, Page 458 Van Swearingen, Lynn 354 Van Tonningen, Linda 470 Van Trease, Howard 487 Van Tuyl, Robert 107, 112 Van Valkenburgh, Nick 498 Van Vechten, James 395 Van Winkle, Gail 496 Vargus, Richard 390 Vatz, Art 82, 436 Vaughan, Bill 401 Vaughan, George 401 Vaughan, William 393 Vaughn, Mike 420 Vaughn, Ron 123, 238, 251, 429 Vaupel, James 478 Veedell, Esther 377 Veirs, Ginger 354 Verner, Annette 71, 484 Vernon, Bob 390 Vetter, Christine 342 Vetter, Sheri 202, 360 Victor, Daniel 490 Viele, Terry 393 Vignole, Pauline LaVerne 477 Viguie, George 299, 458 Vikmanis, Silvija 496 Vining, Leah 523 Vinson, Joe 225, 385 Vivrette, Richard 395 Vlymen, Carolyn 489 Voegele, Dieter 238 Voegele, Lothaire 260, 418 Vogan, Mike 498 V ogel, Jon 82, 436 Vold, Robert 225, 466 Vold, Wylda 488 Voller, Lother 218, 219 Vollom, Dennis 267, 271 Von Vorstel, Keith 386 Voorhees, Burton 298, 408 Von Pinnon, Sondra 82, 519 Van Schlegell, Joan 366 Vortmann, Dick 270, 425 Vortmann, Walt 408 Voss, Steve 214, 404 Vaux, Henry 229 Vrecko, Sylvia 168, 206 W Waananen, Jack 462 Waddel, William 498 Wade, Doug 494 Wade, Howard 384 Wade, Sally 71, 149, 159, 205, 211, 240, 242, 362 Wadell, Bob 439 Wafford, Willy 218, 498 Wagner, Mike 243 Wagstaff, Bill 415 Wagstaff, Ken 462 Waidofer, Elaine 470 Wakabayashi, Tomotada 131, 529 Wakefield, Gary 258, 490 Wakefield, Joe 82, 519 Wakefield, Martha 496 Wakeman, Barbara 474 Walch, Robert 243, 382 Waldeck, Ken 436 Waldman, James 456 Walenta, Sharon 519 Walford, Mary 374 Walker, Hilman 289, 440 Walker, Mike 425 Walkover, Elizabeth 484 Wall, Camden 267 Wall, Kathy 346 Wallace, Ann 519 Wallace, Cebe 177,187 Wallace, Jerry 408 Wallace, Linda 82, 519 Wallace, Sydene 352 Wallach, Marlin 466 Wallenfels, Hugh 393 Waller, Sandra 309, 470 Wallis, Judith 82, 372 Wallner, Carol 358 Walls, David 168 Walsh, Bill 250 Walsh, Marianne 519 Walston, Fred 305 Walter, Diana 472 Walter, Jerry 238, 251, 253, 285 Walters, Lilly 318 Walther, Judy 71 Walthew, Nancy 470 Walton, Gary 82, 281 Wanaanen, Jack 306 Wang, Win 225 Wank, Richard 131, 203, 214, 241, 430 Ward, Hugh 410 Ward, Joyce 484 Ward, Timothy 418 Warden, Ray 289 Ware, Mary 242, 362 Ware, Sandra 500 Warmer, Nancy 71, 470 Warmsworth, Anne 370 Warren, Dwight 498 Warren, Ed 158 Warren, James 443 Warren, Nancy 350 Warren, Penny Ann 477 Warren, Robert 503 Washburn, Dennis 243, 478 Washington, Ernie 427 Wasleski, George 478 Wasley, Bob 158 Wasley, Dave 158 Wasserman, David 454 Wasserman. Tony 206 Watanabe, Kimiko 474 Watanabe, Peggy 82 Waters, Deanne 368 Watkins, Joanne 71, 470 Watson, John 43 Watson, Ruth 500 Watt, Fred 299, 490 Watt, Reg 214 Waugh, Dexter 188 Waugh, Jerry 425 Way, David 281 Way, Meda-Lou 131, 374 Waymann, Brunetta 159 Wayne, Diane Lynn 338 Wayte, Penny 71, 211, 360 Wazu 388 Weager, Tish 164 Weatherhead, Jill 202, 360 Weatherhead, Margaret 71, 149, 159, 198, 204, 159, 198, 204, 205, 207, 211, 330, 372 Weathers, Jack 285 Weathers, James 82, 498 Weathersby, George 161, 175, 243, 522 Weaver, Larry 480 Weaver, Valerie 71, 519 Weber, Brian 225 Weber, Diane 82, 341 Weber, Helen 82, 519 Weber, John 414 Weber, Patricia 82, 342 Weber, Peter 208, 260, 261, 406 Wedum, Ellen 194 Weeks, Linda Jo 364 Weeshoff, Lawrence 300, 422 Wehe, Donald 452 Weil, Jim 251, 262, 281 Weil, Rick 243 Weinberger, Charles. 117, 224, 225, 381, 382 Weiner, Dave 275 Weiner, Leon 192, 325 Weinstein, David 533 Weinstein, Henry 480 Weinstein, Katherine 161 Weinstein, Sandra 338 Weinstock, Richard 296 Weipert, Don 306, 490 Weir, Wendy 352 Weisberg, Al 185 Weisberg, Stephanie 170, 356 Weisenburger, Tom 238, 260, 466 Weisiger, Mary 71, 519 Weisner, Don 289 Weiss, Bruce 406 Weiss, Michael 87, 436 Weiss, Phillip 231 Weissbrod, Birdie 230 Weitz, Chuck 299 Weizer, Diane 82, 500 Welber, Rollen 312 Welch, Ross 251 Weld, John 267, 271 Welden, Mark 82, 519 Wells, Diana 334 Wells, Kathleen 71, 519 Wells, Nancy 334 Wells, Rita 364 Wells, Susan 85, 504 Welsh, Frank 82, 203, 274, 306, 307, 440 Welsh, Lovell 309, 348 Weltner, Genie 354 Wendt, Dorothy 308 Wenk, Jenny 187 Wentzel, Larry 440 Wessel, Lawrence 131, 382 Wessels, Glenn 51 Wessing, Judy 82, 364 West, Arlene 191, 523 West, Carol 8 2, 368 West, Gordon 452 West, John 85, 478 Westberg, Bonnie 362 Westbury, Paula 488 Westergard, Ray 71, 478 Westergren, Don 180, 494 Westfall, Wayne 105 Whalen, Roy 494 Whaley, Douglas 427 Wharton, E. S 131, 404 Wharton, Mary 346 Wheeler, Bob 82, 425 Wheeler, Nancy 354 Whelan, Dianne 364 Whelan, Thomas 381 Wherritt, Irene 522 Whinnery, John 103, 107 Whipple, Brandt 82, 498 Whipple, Edward 434 Whitaker, James 398 White, Bill 444 White, Cherri 352 White, Don 434 White, James 403 White, Joanalee 472, 504, 519 White, Kathleen 82, 519 White, Mike 250, 258 White, Phil 230 White, Ross 71, 447 White, Stephanie 474 White, Stuart 404 White, Stuart 241, 390 White, Sue 209 White, Wade 117, 519 Whitehead, Gordon 71, 46 5 Whitehorn, Phil 138, 418 Whiting, Keith 277 Whitley, Robert 117, 400 Whitman, Sharon 338 Whitmore, James 238, 260 Whitmore, William 465 Whitmey, Marilla 496 Whittaker, Dick 384 Whittell, Polly 346 Whittemore, Ridge 82, 157, 208, 214, 398 Whyte, Bob 498 Whyte, Lila 71, 519 Wickersham, Susan Jane 344 Wickes, Katy 160, 168, 344 Wickliffe, Sharon 522 Wickshire, Carol 388 Wieder, Robert 188, 338 Wienkers, Charles 318 Wiesner, Donald 238, 401 Wigand, Karen 463 Wiggins, Susan 368 Wight, Anthony 490 Wight, Bob 275 Wilber, Rollen 312 Wilber, Ron 462 Wilbur, Jane 364 Wilcook, Bill 447 Wilcox, Thomas 112 Wild, Prescott 401 Wilde, Charles 71, 157, 198, 208, 520 Wilder, Jo Ann 309 Wilder, Susan 157, 362 Wilen, Dean 406 Wiley, Jane 348 Wiley, Susan 71, 354 Wilhander, Christie 350 Wilhelm, Connie 366 Wilkins, Ann 472 Wilkins, Arthur 43 Wilkinson, Kathy 159 Wilkinson, Pat 360 Willard, Hillman 117, 520 Willers, Norene 334 Williams, Anne 366 Williams, Arleigh 47, 156 William, Barbara 342 Williams, Beth 360 Williams, Bill 203 William s, Dale 305 Williams, Dave 462 Williams, Dick 258 Williams, Don 444 Williams, Doug 224 Williams, Emily 348 Williams, Gordon 289 Williams, Harvey 82, 156, 164, 520 Williams, Henry 427 Williams, Jane 336 Williams, Jerry 214 Williams, Judy 482 Williams, Linda 370 Williams, Marian 474 Williams, Paul 312 Williams, Paula 352 Williams, Rhys 494 Williams, Robert 434 Williams, William 105, 466 Wiliamson, George 427 Williamson, Jack 251 Williamson, Leslie 368 Williers, Noreen 409 Willis, Harriet 358 Willis, Kathleen 194 Willis, Wanda 71, 336 Willman, Garry 408 Willner, Janet 504, 522 Willson, Jim 325, 326, 487 Wilmar, Frederick 401 Wilson, Bettye 202, 376, 522 Wilson, Chris 434 Wilson, Deanne 364 Wilson, Ed 301 Wilson, Elizabeth 484 Wilson, Gail 342 Wilson, Garff 204 Wilson, Gertrude 51 Wilson, Jane 348 Wilson, Jay 520 Wilson, Joan 202, 523 Wilson, Jon 412 Wilson, Linda 82, 520 Wilson, Mike 98, 494 Windeler, Jack 439 Wineman, Sue 241, 336 Wing, Colin 311 Wing, Jerry 318 Winger, Fay 131, 484 Wing-Tao, Chao 206 Winicki, Sidney 388 Winkler, William 128 Winnick, Sheldon 436 Winograd, Barry 462 Winsby, Sandra 82, 364 Winston, Joan 474 Winter, Bob 251 Wipke, Todd 385 Wise, Donald 296 Wiseman, Doyle 410 Wisler, Russell 214, 420 Wisner, Jim 258 Withuhn, Bill 82, 170, 218, 219, 452 Witkin, Joel 458 Witte, Nancy 500 Wittnebert, Carl 184 Wittnebert, Larry 71, 520 Wolff, Dennis 462 Wolfman, George 293 Wolden, Donna 71, 164, 334 Wolf, Diane 356 Wolf, Mike 71, 456 Wolf, Terry 251 Wolfe, Charles 230 Wolfe, Marsha 377 Wolfe, Patricia 374 Wolfman, Rich 293 Wolthers, Dan 267 Wolver, Tom 305 Wolz, Marian 474 Wonder, Bruce 191 Wondra, Patricia 364 Wondra, Phil 111, 117, 526 Wong, Alice 187 Wong, Art 72, 203, 428 Wong, C. K 529 Wong, Dennis . 107, 112, 117, 428 Wong, Fay 85 Wong, Gilbert 225, 520 Wong, Ginger 472 Wong, Henrianne 82, 474 Wong, Judy 321, 520 Wong, Judy 463 Wong, Man 321, 529 Wong, Pat 470 Wong, Peter 380, 428 Wong, Pinki 420 Wong, Robert 485 Wong, Roberta 57 Wong, Rodney 428 Wong, Sylvia 472 Wong, Victoria 376, 484, 528 Wong, Wardon 85, 478 Wong, Win 428 Wong, Winifred 72, 117, 520 Woo, Karen 474, 528 Wood, Byron 381 Wood, Edwin 131, 393 Wood, James 82 Wood, Judy 523 Wood, Judy 346 Wood, Marcia 321, 520 Wood, Ned 214 Wood, Susan 472 Wood, Warren 281, 420 Woodard, Bill 415 Woodard, Nancy 72, 240, 362 Woodcock, Steve 444 Woodman, Stan 462 Woodruff, Barry 451 Woods, Gary 478 Woodward, Lawrence 156 Woodward, Mike 438 Woolery, Barbara 500 Woolery, Jon 452 Woolley, Billi 358 Woolley, Tom 494 Woolworth, Caroline 215, 352 Wootton, Doris 472 Worden, Don 440 Wrden, Ray 466 Workman, Kirk 418 Woron, Harold 318 Worswick, Sabra 202 Worth, Terrie 368 Worthington, Bill 404 Wright, Bill 218 Wright, Bob 243, 452 Wright, Duff 170, 390 Wright, John 305 Wright, Josephine 85, 474 Wright, Mary 358 Wright, Robert 251, 393 Wroobel, Vic 224 Wu, Laurene 484 Wu, Veronica 72, 529 Wuertele, Katie 185, 206 Wueste, Bob 267 Wurster, William 51, 121 Wynne, Douglas 263 Y Yamada, Gary 483 Yamada, Gerald 483 Yamaguchi, Mickio 483 Yamaguchi, Susan 495 Yamamoto, Constance 82, 520 Yamamto, Emiko 85 Yamamura, Darlene 210 Yamato, Vic 487 Yandell, Sharon 85, 470 Yang, Lucy 82, 529 Yap, Linda 242, 474 Yatabe, Linda 72, 495 Ybarra, Fred 289, 498 Yeager, Bill 285, 404 Yeaman, Harold 214, 465 Yee, Aileen 496 Yee, Renoon 480 Yelton, Marjorie 242, 346 Yorston, David 123, 487 Yoshida, Harud 164 Yoskikawa, Harry 478 Yoshikawa, Irene 210, 472 Yost, Paul 72, 393 Young, Ann 358 Young, Elizabeth 495 Young, Joseph 318 Young, Julie 242, 354 Young, Karen 128, 131, 348 Young, Michael 388 Young, Pam 474 Young, Patricia 128, 131, 477 Young, Peggy 348 Young, Richard 117, 420 Young, Roger 401 Young, Ronald 480 Young, Sandra 318 Yourick, George 49 Yu, Alon 243 Yuba, Anthony 82, 483 Yuki, Peni 321, 520 Yumiko, Jane 72 Yun, Arthur 122, 520 Yung, Hei 225, 520 Z Zabaro, Mike 478 Zach, Annaliesa 170, 334 Zacher, Gary 82, 393 Zahm, Steve 436 Zaidi, Mahmood 168 Zaks, Stan 87 Zalkind, Steve 203, 243, 454 Zander, Tim 230 Zapata, Daryl 281 Zaretsky, Irving 82, 157, 158, 198, 520 Zavatoero, Tom 438, 523 Zazzi, Barbara 72, 470 Zealear, Janet 240 Zech, Walter 434 Zeigerson, Rita 82, 520 Zeiler, Claudia 523 Zeller, Jackie 474 Zeller, Karen 500 Zeller, Laura 85, 500 Zerolis, James 82, 520 Zey, John 85, 520 Zidell, Eden 72, 142, 377 Ziebarth, Martin 238 Ziegler, Jean 358 Zimmer, Kay 72, 344 Zimmerman, Pete 214, 438 Zimmermann, William 454 Zimring, Jim 436 Zinn, Don 243 Zisook, Sid 430 Zivnvska, John 230 Zorn, Steve 184 Zunwalt, Rosemary 484 Zvonek, Frank 239, 494 Zkakenberg, Don 410 Zwillinger, Greg 466 Zwingle, Carol 82, 334 Zyon, Stephen G. 214 Editor ' s Letter Well, it ' s over. Another year, another book. But to those of us who have shared in the creation of these pages it is not just another book. In later years we will pull this timeworn volume off of the shelf, dust it off, and revive the memories which held us together this year. Though we may each go his separate way, the 1963 Blue and Gold will keep us all together. I remember the banquet in April, 1962 and Diana ' s and my trip to Wheelwright in Salt Lake City. The book was nothing more then than about 550 pages that were to be. We had an idea but nothing more. This was the centennial commencement year and we wanted to build around that as a theme. We also felt so proud of our beautiful campus that we wanted to show it to everyone. Color offered the best solution to that problem. Gradually the other parts fell into place like pieces in a jigsaw puzzle. September saw the staff begin work; thirty dedicated people filled with enthusiasm. And through the year despite midterms, sickness, and days when it was just too nice to work we kept our goal before us — To produce a yearbook that would be, to our minds, the clearest picture of life at Cal. Many seemingly countless obstacles loomed before us, but one by one they were met and overcome, and now the book is here. I remember, perhaps even more, the many wonderful people I had occasion to work with this year. To Mr. Wheelwright, our printer, whose inspiring words kept us all going, and to Norma Burnham, his assistant, who didn ' t get angry when we missed our deadlines; to Diana Bradley, my advisor, who was always there with the answers when we didn ' t know what to do next; to Wally and Pub Office, who helped us keep the money straight; to my staff, LeRoy, Roberta, Frostie, Ellen, and Don, who were a big help; to Katie, Mary and Pat, who put in much more time over and above that was required of them; to managerial, Karen, Alison, Carol, Evie, Margaret, Marilyn, and Kenna, who spent more time on our side of the office than on their own; to all the girls at Delta Zeta, who helped type the index; to countless other people, who gave freely of their time to help; and lastly, and most important, to Julie, who was my personal inspiration and who, by her example, kept me going when even I thought it was hopeless; I can only say, simply and sincerely, thank you. Don Frank Editor

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